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QI- 3: :SEA-V' ' :"T?1?sV.1,2 'J 'W .,-,-.1 'm.'1n-:-mW.h.i1n:!'?L .. . qs .. V.....,...w':aV.fg.,q V ' . -.. . - .. ' yi-1" ' , ' ' '. . ,' 'nl 'll' . V -. a-A , ' Ir-' ., Tax. "Y N .4-Q 1, 'J V 'iv' 'A V . V ' ' V A 4 A . V 1 . .I Q. . rf., is V.- V,!1'fwsf1 rw: -- 4- FM. a V sg, - A., if ,. vs-57 ave-.gl ., V: ' 'ifrffsfai V . 'JA 1 xx. N 4 I , . .L..:,,. .ns J V 1-ig ,',V. '-1 'af ' ' I ' V wg'-S.. A V. 7--?F,.""'f' P: mV qw. NV -. 1 1+ 'Q ' at " Y' V ..?3ww- .. - .5 ,V . . .. . A. . me , , . V QV--.VV -. , J' In Th e 9 1? Q 1- 1- 'if'-V '-'ii' ' -L1 5401 :ff -,A -:- -nfiggf, , 345-Qi' ' 1" Vi: 'Y' 7 A . - . Ng... 5 fl. 5 1. ,gg- "4 Q ff' ' 1.5. YA 5'-1',,5. A 5'.VfVVVVAV.V,. V " 31 "f. 'j ' -A, -gf' ' g. .- ...A ,N I. H 1-V.. t V ,5:'.f4 - ' , . in L., i ,QQ V V f.- - , MV: . - ,TV V. . 7. -. , :AV . 4-.. my .5 . -V. Q fgfeaji' -gf... ,V If . ' :kv ,V VU..- ra- ' V A , 4 ' 1' , .Q 'J' 4 " 1, .Uv , 1... - K h ' , - '- -.,g,- ,mf ' V - g'-.4-J ,"..' Q1-.,':.V54.,f EQ f. 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WMMWMWMQHN 111111111 111111 :1'1111' ' 1111 11 1 1111 .' 5 1,1 Q.. ,111g.1 1 1 '1111-11 111 1 11 11 1111.11 11 1111111111111111 1 111111 1 111 1111114111111' 111 1 1 11 1111111 111 111 1 1 1111 ,, 1111, 1 111111131 1111111 15 , 11111'11.1 11 11 11 1 1 111: 1 1 1111 1 1 v 1' 11111 1111 11 11 111111111114 1 1111111111w11 11111 ,11 11111111 -11-111 '11111 1 . '1 1 1- 11 11 111 ' 11 ' 1 1 11 1 1 ' " 1 I 1 ' -'v . -.1 1, 11,1 111111 - 1 111 11 1111111 11 ,1 1, 11111 11111111111111111111111 .11-11111111111 111,1,1,11,11,11 11 111 1 1 1111 1111111111111 111111-1m111 1 1 , 1 - Q , .,1, K 1 Uzimhr. I 1.1. 111 111111111111111111111f11:111111111111111 111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1111 . .. . 1.414111 .-.tl if 5, :in-J .- .I -,, 1- 1 . .1111 1 , , .. 1 1, 1 11 1 111111 1111 1111' 1 MMM 11 1 1 1 is 11 1111 1111111 11 FHUNQNQNMW 1 1, THE URACLE MXL FOR 'I 19311 PUBLISHED BY THE W SENIOR CLAISS EDWARD LITTLE II I G I-I SC H O OL AUBURN, MAINES S W. PAUL E. SULLIVAN, E J ES W. OLIVER M Th dY fPbl oeinoocfwoocboociboocpoocinoociaooci :oo-:g:ooci:ooc1:ooc1:ooc1:oocg:oocg:e -:-43:-sux.,z-5-zn:w:f.w:.+:w:'5-.zuanz3:ww:-fzgzwzwzwgzwzw:N:gs-.:wxMxg:-Qzwzw:gx-4:0aug-z-2-':ganzwzwzgzwzs-:O-:gs-f:-Ozwzgzwzu oc L :wc Lwocvoooctoooctbooctvooc :MCL :cog Doocuboocuvoocc ooo: L Dooct Jooctna ore orcl .... Oc i900Ci900Ci900Ci900Ci900Ci 900Ci 900Ci 9096 i 909i900C Q ,Nfl 90062 ,OOC j PWC 90, .cannonouonouononoNououououowosooooouowoooogcomoweno0.oMoweMoweweWeMowewowowowowowoweuouohoMonowvwowewowowewowowowowowowououqI 552202532i5Jr33i2i5eo2?SioLE330232oL33boLE3BoL?,3oLE33oLE3o?i33oLE35oL' 35 The 1931 ORACLE staff has dedicated its labor in the direcf tion of building a book by which it is possible to keep your class ever with you, to mirror accurately school life at Edward Little: to reflect through the medium of the printed word the accom' plishments of the various activities, athletic and nonfathleticg to recapture the occurrences of the year, to give compliments where they are meritedg and finally to present a picture of your class' mates, friends, teachers-a golden storehouse of memories. If we have succeeded in attaining our goal, we hope you will appreciate the value of this work as we appreciate the satis' faction aiforded by watching the book grow, the experience acquired, and the thrill of achievement. 0:1 :eoffwoci ococinooci ooofi :occ L Joocuzooci :ooci :occ i2oogi2oof4:cocQ:ooc1:o .g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..gagwgwgwzMgssw:-.zwzwg-szszwz-.awzuzwzwzwzuzwzwxuzwzwswz--:New:MawrQ-:-:-0zwswswzwzwzwzwzwzwzwz-Q:-40 Jocinoociaoocivoociwoclroociaoocc Doocgwociroocinooc i:oocT2ooc boociwoociw Qfzlrrcmgem ent . 0CT790Ci900CQ900Ci3WCl900Ci9WCY 900C j900Ci909C fD00C APWCQDWC 'DMC 790-DC i901 'ZPZ'QZWZNZWZHZMZWZN2"2"2"2"!HZwZefZWSWZ-N20Oivfeoivie'Ze'2+'3"Z"2"Z"2"'I"i"2"2"2"2"2"2"Z"Z"Z"2"Z"2'2"2"2"Z"!WZ"!"Z0'!N!"2"Z"2"2"3f 0ClD00CfD00CfD00Cl DOOCTPWCY 900Cl D09Ci900CQD00C i900C L 200612006 i9WC 12006 Y DQ DEDICATION ORGANIZATIONS FACULTY SPORTS CLASSES LITERARY SENIOR ALUMNI JUNIOR JOKES SOPHOMORE ADVERTISEMENTS ERESHMAN AUTGGRAPHS LORENZO EDWARD MOU LTON Erhiratiimn To the memory of Lorenzo Edward Moultoiiffwhose acquaint' ance we have cherishedgwhose skilled guidance and cooperation we have warmly rcceivediwhose sportsmanship and desire for a hard battle, courageously fought and fairly won, have impelled our admira- tion and respect---whose industry we have seen exempliied through the erection of the new building-whose perseverance and enthusiasm have spurred us on to achievement-and whose niche as an enerf getic manager, educator, counselor, and friend, we have unerringly acknowledged-we, the class of 1931, dedicate this ORACLE. numuuunmuu G 'p A 5 r v... uumuIIuuuunuuumuumu 1 rn' Fo THE 1931 ORACLE L , - ' ,,,' 3, x rn L, yall Q 1 'IN wi l' I Mmi- mg"'WH1L1UwiJ"3fkxaZiiYfn::E:1??1uim.-xWvwfw's.wzrl-- 21' K D H VJ ws Y-Ll if 'YQ o 2 no 3 U 3 X .Q VJ Z o U U .S ..- U F to 6. -C! 50 5 CQ in .Q 50 'E O the Showmg X x S' w ,C If i F +1 m EF rw n Hin f mf! 4,,,m --'---------'- fgnjkkfg' Las: 'F ffl W ,If nyhil V, M ,--1,-1 cum l'WI::F: I2 V11, W' . 1. kg , 'pn' Epllfff PM Q Q ! K illlln' FEI' WL-i-A! Ui...l-'I r W-Wvfyyl THE 1931 ORACLE '-'U . , , 4 'P GH W 9 iw lm ggi' 1 1' "ti V PU? 55, FFF i MV ?ET'4-f' aa.: 'R' . 'cm W: "wa .Z - '-iv W ' f Inn if Fir Em lf 'Linh FFF FI-I--, WJ-, F NN - ' ----'--'-'- 5 -'-----'--"---- QQ I ' fm 'uid-'MRLLQI' xl I I, 'wilful x m, , 4 A 1- Pugn- F ws 2 : O L GD U F O U-4 -E 9-U 2 D 3 lv Z .-E aa -- 3 u s 3 4-I u 3 :- Q VJ 4-A 2 vb U 5- Q-. '4-. O 3 U r..- 5 42 E rs F Q 2 cs D-4 uc : D 4.- U U 5 C z n -mmnuumnmnnm in-num. I A 4-. Q.. inanunuummummunum-m A THE 1931 ORACLE f 'm f ' Elflill E gli lll -.----- ----- 3 ---.-------.-...--- - r ff ' az Q" aa' L" ,r r iff, fr Hr: W r-in l'l'f1' i f In er rsr rt ' ' To EFF Fir FRF Htl- r ltr , M. ll ,If rf' I",v ' 1 I I l,nn.If A RTH UR Y EATON During the illness of the late Mr. Moulton and after his death until Mr. Taylors ar- rival, Mr. Yeaton carried on the principal's duties as well as his regular classes. VVe take this opportunity to thank Mr, Yeaton for his tireless and faithful service. XVe say, and in so saying we speak the mind of every student who knows .Xrthur Yeaton, that his acquaintance has had a momentous influence in making our high school life worth-while, and that his judicious advice, which he is never reluctant to share, shall always remain in our minds inseparable with Edward Little. lllil.l'lX MQxcFARl,ANlJ Miss MacFarland's duties were never so many and varied as they have been this last yearg and never have we been more appreciative in running from being information day's Work last one of us, stand and give three rousing cheers to HELEN MACIT,-XRIJXNIJ. Prim' .Y 111' of the essential part she plays E. L. smoothly. liverything' secretary of the school to an bureau for us all comes in a for Miss Blacliarland. livery THE 1931 ORACLE " ""' FCI El' F s li ,I EF: , I y ml Epi' ppp! f ,fl--M - I W- JI' 0 ,, ,,, , ., up C. HICRBIERT T,-XYLOR Mr. 'Faylm' assumed the principals oihce in March. In the short and pleasant association with Mr. Taylor that we have heen privileged to enjoy. we have come to regard him as Il skilled pilot, a man of his convictions, a keen promoter, a co-worker of under- standing, a rare good sport, and a true friend. Page Srifc' lb 1 1 wi Qgglqm ww FF 1F pr fu r 'rw M ,gi A , , -Hy". Q LH' LQ." gp YL .' Mm wr.-X -wr nr-r " ,ian - ' hm. ff EM rr h: I fl w FFF: Mir mnj F ' -'K' THE 1931 ORACLE M M fm-W w l T4 ,I 'wi lg 'T' - " ' 4 1 ,L " . H "lf, L rv 1, u 1 , N ,, - w . ' xy- -MJQ . H 1, g 4. THE 1931 ORACLE F rrr- l'I .nuuuunmunnm-mnuunnnv 1 ...uv , ' ,' Ian1unnuummmmm--1mm .1 , i 1 u- ' aaa.. i "'4" . i V Hy, 3' lr QQ FE' ' f EEF rrr :F iii i 'iii -if' is i , T I 1 lllilulf ' '- V .a:,4.1..,,--J' - - ,TESSIE ALLEY Our one and only Latin teacher, Jessie, has won our hearts during the three years we have labored with constructions and composition. Under her guiding hand we have come out on top of the heap of Virgil, Ovid. and other like collateral. And if you doubt Jessie's patience, wit and versatility, just ask the Girls' Council for unquestioned proof. HELEN BEBOUT - Miss Bebout is one-half of the "Home Ee." department. For those who have not made her acquaintance we say that it might not be a bad idea to do so between now and the end of the term, for she's well worth knowing. FREDERICK BRYANT Q "Brick" And who is there among us who would not speak a good word for Mr. Bryant? That genial gentleman is to be found at almost any hour of the day holding sway over a busy group of boys down in the manual training room. And where would we be when it came to dramas and operettas if it were not for Mr. Bryant's helping hand? ROBERT CHANDLER ClBObH Here is a teacher who can give lecture courses during his class periods on school spirit, world peace, intelligence standards, current sports, health rules-or what have you P-and still teach chemistry. If Colby were ever to offer a prize to the alumnus who best supports the dear "alma mater" we are sure "Bob" would get it. D EDNA coRNFoRTH Woiild someone please be so kind as to tell us what E. L. would be like without Miss Cornforth? From the kindergarten on, those pupils who had older brothers and sisters in high school were presented Miss Cornforth as an incentive to attain the glory of reaching E. L.'s portals. The marvelous part of it is. we've yet to End a student who's been disappointed. BERNICE DAVIS "Bernie" And who is the smiling young lady who keeps such good order down in the main corridor of the old building? It is none other than Bernice keeping a careful vigilance over "Min" and "Dem". Page Nine THE 1931 ORACLE .azz A ' aiiig ,..,.. i ... ,. - ,.,,, 7 U PI FH , F' l1,l1lI'll ,.--------.. i --....--.- ---,...-.. . fri" 7 ,V ' rl- I-wnrgq F ,I-li, 'WH ' ln is E r F El-F Fil ffl: Fllll- F itll m'J-I I 'wl d' M I ' lull' Lmwoon DWELLEY "Zeke" The addition of the E. L. H. S. Gym paved the way for a new faculty member. "Zeke" came down from Junior High to fill the position and has Htted in slick as a whistle. Whetlier it is football, basketball, rifiery, track, or what not, "Zeke" is an authority. SARAH ENWRIGHT 'fEnnie" Miss Enwright and the French course at Edward Little shall always remain synonymous in our minds. Her class periods are noted for their clock-work proficiency. MAUDFZLENA HUSKINS "Maud" As the conductor of orderly and efficient classes Miss Huskins stands second to none in old lf. L. VVe couldn't graduate without her. ELIZABETH JORDAN "Pretty" For the three years Betty has been with us in E. L. she has become as endeared to our hearts as her sister. One of the highest compliments a teacher can receive from a student is to be called a "perfect peach". and Betty certainly merits that title. MA R CAR FT bl ORDAN 1APeggy,!! How much less would these last two years have meant to us had we been denied the pleasure of knowing' our beloved Peggy! A fine teacher, a good sport. and most important of all a real friend, Margaret will long' be among our fondest remembrances of Edward Little. ANNA KENNEDY A newcomer to the portals of li. L., Mrs. Kennedy has already won a place in our hearts. Though we Seniors see too little of this interesting' person, she proved her worth as one ot the coaches of the Senior Drama. Page Ten 'THE 1931 ORACLE " l lil -S'f.L' ' I .11 "' I . fi "' "' i will " """'5' M7371 li pig 'ill I? if ,rl EE? 'Eli 'EE , 5 Eli, ffl fur, nil, f imp , JEANETTE LoR1NG Wlieii Miss Frost forsook her drawing classes early in the year, Jeanette stepped in and very capably took over the reins. Under her guidance even those who never before could be accused of being artistic are seen to cast sly, admiring glances at their work. JOHN MANNINC1 Hjohnnyl' They say when johnny went to high school it took over a half page in the Oracle to account for all the activities in which he took part. As a teacher he is equally as versatile--economics, physics, history, debating, hockey, agri- culture. and golf all coming in his line. RALPH MASTERMAN "Dave" We sure do like to hear Mr. Mastcrman speak in assemblies. His poetry is great! The .liuniors who have him for linglish are certainly fortunate. B .I Q1 . h A . 1 - . W eslt es Jeing a poct, Dave is a piohcient coach. The fellows have found him to be a real friend and a right good sport. ANNA MILLER If we were to run a superlative contest among the faculty, the title of Most Jolly would certainly go to Miss Miller. CHRISTINE NOR VVOOID Another recent addition to lf. L.'s teaching staff, Miss Norwood soon made many friends here, and she has extended her good work as faculty adviser on the Girls' Council. A good share of the success of the Mother's Tea belongs to you, Miss Norwood, FLORENCE PENNFLI. Fortunate are those who can boast of having Florence for a teacher. and those same students have certainly gained a friend in the bargain. Smiling and helpful always, she is our idea of a wonderful teacher. Pano Iilrrcn THE 1931 ORACLE ff ' ' K ,..... -' l I an " I 'CI ' ' ':'feH':: F Ai- 'Pr I pl EF FEI Ep f fr iff ill? ll f tml . mn-L-1 3 N H f w w n Hql ALMA PERKINS llperkyi! Our own "Perlcyl' turned high hat this year and established herself in a cute little office all her own on the mezzanine Hoor. It's never safe to direct anyone to the whereabouts of "Perky" for she may be teaching her youthful charges any one of ten different sports in ten different places. GERALDINE PIERCE Although this is Miss Pierce's first year in Edward Little she has certainly become a popular and successful teacher. She is the other half of the "Home Ec." department-the cheery pair you see about town. ELBRIDGE PITCHER Mr. Pitcher has put a lot of time and effort in the music clubs this year. We can't help admiring a man who can conduct four glee clubs, a band, orchestra, a music appreciation class, and a class in harmony, besides his regular duties as music supervisor of the Auburn schools. We shall never forget Mr. Pitcher-the man with the baton and the big bass voice. ANGIE PULSIFER More than many of todayis typists who matriculate around these here parts have been groomed under the guiding hand of firm, efficient, and business-like Miss Pulsifer. MIRIAM RICE We've always understood that Wzzterville wasn't half bad. Now that ,we've met Miss Rice we think it must be a pretty hue place. fVVe wonder if it is VVaterville's air that makes such blue eyesj ARTHUR TAY LOR CKRCC19? VVhen you see "Red" you're bound to see a bunch of his proteges grouped about, chewing over the latest in sports or sharing in "Red's" Fluent supply of witticisms. Page Twcl-vc THE 1931 ORACLE 1 w ill ll W r F W rr W F Figffa , ..,., vas- l l 14'4A' 1 qi" ' , lllvi lt. J' fl , ' ill ll we la 1 EF FC 1- 1 it .1 r B rr rtr rt ntl f it-I na I I J I ' I I' llllQl'I5g 1 s fx eniorsfv Luminaries of the Class of 1931 Scholastic Mlillard Higgins Florence Gervais Elsie Gervais Marguerite Arris Nelson Record Edna Canham Barbara Leadbetter Theresa Starbird Paul Sullivan Ruie Brooks Frances Ray -lune Sawyer Clarence Hebert Herman Dvorin -lean Murray Helen Richardson Evelyn Coding 'lames Oliver SlI1llt'lIl Council Paul Brogan Richard Childs Ray Magno Paul Sullivan Doris XYindle Girls' Council Dorothea Bailey VVinifred Coburn Barbara Leadbetter Drama Richard Barstow Helen Buker Harold Chaplin Malcolm Dunlap Wilbert Fiiield Betty Fosdick Clarence Hebert Elinor Kimball Charlotte McKenney june Sawyer Debate Clarence Hebert Bernard Mann jean Murray Paul Sullivan Football Lawrence Adams Manager Bean Paul Brogan Captain Daunis Donald Hubbard Fdgar Steward Btzxkctball Lawrence Adams Captain Brogan Maurice Cloutier Frank Daunis Manager Kaulakis Charles Wilkiiis H0cler'y Manager Chaplin Clayton Field Alonzo Garcelon Donald Hubbard Bernard Mann Station and Oracle' Webster Bean Betty Fosdick Betty Getchell Willai'cl Higgins Jean Murray James Oliver Paul Sullivan Execuiive Paul Brogan Frank Daunis .lean Murray Baselzall Lawrence Adams VVebster Bean Maurice Cloutier E C'o11z111fcr11ce11zt'11t Malcolm Dunlap CProphetj Ray Magno CGiftsj Paul Sullivan fToastmasterj Doris W'indle CProphetessJ Page Th,iMcen THE 1931 ORACLE gzfuw ' l iii- lun- --lil , 1 'll f of -r re 1' rt EE W WE 1' ,k,- Nl 1 Q12-Till LQ., Q' A -NI 3 Hr rrr' rr-I. HF: F ,.lj. i'1,'l4 ' l f n EF rt Ft 1 f fir' Hr tat ntl f rp -. . - Mi f- u, .W 3 I 3 ,f bn P E 1 Q l age Fourteen LAWRENCE ADAMS, "I.m111it"' April 3, 1912. Auburn 7 liCUf1'?1l3 l3HSkClball 2, 3, 45 Football Z, 3, 45 Baseball 1 Xie hear that Lonnie has a way of making money by selhnglmilk bottles for rt show. Lonnie is planning to be ll big business man in the milk bottle trade. ERNEST ARNOLD, "Ned" April 20, 1914. Auburn Commercial. "Red" is one of the business men of the school. He'll make some business woman a good Hstenogl' some day. lVlARGUlfRI'TE ARRIS December 6, 1912. Lewiston Cominercialg Fourth Honor. Between eoneocting tempting dishes at Downing's and possessing an A besprmkled report card Margue- rite is sure a hustler. We wonder how she does it. DOROTHEA BAILEY, "Dot" April 1, 1913. Auburn Commercial: Oracle Staff, Art Editor 4: Literary Society 33 Dramatic Club 43 Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 4g Archery 45 Girls' Council 4g Music Apprecia- tion 4g Glee Club 4g Library Proetors' Club 43 Outing Club 2. VVe miss our guess if Dot does not become a second l of Arthur XiVilliam Brown or John La Gatta. on y I course Dot is female. Witli her enthusiasm Dot is sure to get there. THE 1931 ORACLE ,. H , . B T -.-V M ,A l ! ilu' , , - 1 rt: F ,i, l1 . f:l" Zv ly Q' ,A A i-rw 1-ir Hrjffl F ,,'iI5 'l1."l - m.i.i 1 f . ,' .m1- ""'l"' LENA BAKER, "Iggy", "I.m"' April 19, 1914. Auhurn Commercial: Operella 4, Music ADlH"SCi91fiO11 45 Glee Clulm 4. Lena is one of the most agreeable girls at Edward I.ittle-always ready with a sinile for everyone. GRAC'E G. BARHEAULT, 'lffrczricl' ,lune 6, 1912. Brunswick Commercialg Girls' Basketball 4. It is said that good things come in small packages. VVe think Grace rather small and we are sure of the contents. Vic hear she's an ardent sport fan. RICHARD BARSTOVV, 'rliifku ,luue 13, 1913. Skowhegun College, Band 4g Glee Club 45 Basketball 43 Base- hall 3, 43 Dramatic Cluhg Senior Drama Committee: Senior Drama Cast. Dick is Z1 lively boy and likes something going on. His favorite color is "Gray". He is one of the firm of Bean, Barstow, and Bower, Inc. PAUL WEBSTER BEAN, "Benny" January 4, 1914. Orono Cqollegeg Dramatic Cluh 43 RiHe Club 4, Presidentg Fooilrall Manager 4, Assistant Manager 2, 3g Baseball 3. 43 Oracle Stall, Sports lfditor 4. "Beany" is a "sure nuff" sports critic and promoter. He can tell you how many innings the first baseball lasted. Another member of the B, B, 1-Vs-the one with the laugh. Page Fifteen TH E 1931 ORACLE g'7ii"" 5 ' ' Y UH I I ll kg' lhll 'iii r Il ' W W i 1 EFF FFF FEE Fi 1 if 1 ll DI reserve F' 5' fr re' an F 1' lr ?9." ' iii r P , , 1' fm ,, 'T :Ihr ,i., g-ff' "ll"l' '-"'f-'--'f"-'--' w . nn EE Fir E: lrlrl llrllll , f p Lil wr MSI-1 mu f rw , H -..-----... s ....... . IE I I '11 F - 'll 1 I I fllltjru PEARL CLYDE BERRY, "Cap" May lll, 1913. Auburn Commercialg Hockey 3. Page John Gilbert. Here-'s the boy whose eyes are more like h1lhert's than are Gilbert's own. AXIASA E. BISBEE, "Bi.v" July Z, 1913. Canton College, New England Orchestra 33 Orchestra 2. 3. 4 This boy 'is of the quiet type, but does he love to argue, especially in the Solid Class! "Bisy' can show us all tlungs about the fiddle-a regular Nero. lRVlNG BISHOP, "l?ud"' May 22, 1911. Mechanic Falls General: Library l'roetors' Club 43 l1arsd 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3. 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Music Apprecia- tion 4. Here is one Bishop who isn't a saint. Jolly, Witty, and carefree-that's lrviug. 1t's been rumored that lrving likes Cumberland Mills pretty well. VVe wou- der? ? ? RUSSELL A. BIXBY, "Iiix", "Rusty" September 16. 1914. Auburn Lommercialg Rifle Club 43 Football 45 Baseball 4. Russell is always plugging at something-he's a good worker. fl'!2ll 'THE 1931 ORACLE F'gZ"C:- 7 ' ,mn i 'i -""' fl I N. li l nl ca n it r af' an .. pi 'fir P -fs. l.l- . ff fF if nr nr cr ntl, f ,115 mul-i fl In lr. 1 'rluvlvt Hn CHESTER BOOTH, "Albie", "Squeak" September 9, 1914. Auburn Collegeg Football 3, 4. "Squeek" is one of thosc boys whom wefcan't help 1 liking. He always wears a sm1le, even after he has just arisen from one of lus own tacks. - PAUL E. BOOTHBY, "Oc" November 23. 1913. Auburn ' I Commercialg Baseball 35 Football 2, 3, 45 Dramatic ' Club 4. Paul is a sure cure for the blues. If you have ever heard his exclamation of surprise, you know his voice and vocabulary are O.K. IIENXIE BORXSTEIN, "Cl1irky" June 13, 1913. Auburn Commercial: Music Appreciation 3. We shall always remember Jennie hurrying down the corridor, deep in conversatlon with Simone-and then a last minute rush to get to her sent before the eight Y oclock bell. May you always make as good connec- tions, Jennie! ROBERT ISOVVER, "Bob" July 23, 1914. Auburn College, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3. "Bob", we hear is going to Northeastern. He's a good fellow, but it's hard to borrow a nickel from him. 4 Page Seventeen THE 1931 ORACLE UI 1,1 1 n ri. 1 e. YM.- unnnumnnmmnmunu I W 1 I1 E3 Fi . K nm I l Il I 1 e' .... , gl F 'Q- ll Q1 .,.......... H ..........,...,..... . .. as' 1 'FF 'Wa 'azz F ri f + w w! EFF' Fir Fm-1 mm- f if ' ' ' ll"-'1 MARGARET BONYIE. "Mag" ,Tune 16, 1912. Durham General: Music Appreciation 4: Glee Club 3. -lg Operelta 45 Dramatic Club 4. Vile ask you-erm you imagine "Mag" :is :1 teacher? XN'e shall ull want to he pupils again. ORLAND BRANDON November 27, 1911. Auburn Generalg Dramatic Club 43 Track 23 Glee Club 2. 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3. 4. A musical lad is our Orland. And besides he is religious i11 that he likes "Churches" and l'hills". He lixes on one and is very much interested in another. ERLAND BRIDGHAM. "I31'idg" june 10, 1913. Minut General. We think "Bridg" will be the outstanding farmer in a few years. The more you know "Bridg" the better you like him. LOUISE BROCKMAN, WLM' June 23, 1913. Farmingdale Commercial. Always quiet and sweet-a ffiend t0 all whom S116 may meet. 11' Eiglxtvrn ,mw- XWZV 'lqri' V l .- F in .:, ,,,, ,, ii Q J -L' at I4 F F THE 1931 ORACLE YM, C , . g . ..A, ' C Q-ef an ' . 'ci ':f": MEL.. .Ig ' 1-if '1"' --4 pi' in Fil it if EH' 111 ill- llI...l r 1' 'l H -1 1 1- I I 1 Ihr Q-DEQ pmt PAUL FRANCIS BROGAN, "Bronco" August 26, 1912. Lewiston Collegeg Literary Society 3: Art Club 3. 43 Dramatic Club, Vice-President 45 Student Council Z, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, President 45 President of Class 3, 45 Band 2g Glee Club Z, 3, 45 Athletic Advisory Board 45 ,lun- ior-Senior Committee, Chairman 35 Class Marshal 35 Edward Little Night Committee Z, 35 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Football 3. 45 Outing Club Z. VYe hear of Mussolini holding nine out of twelve important positions in Italy, but we don't have to read the papers about "Bronco". Read his record. RUIE BROOKS ,luly ll. 1914. Auburn College' Literwrv Societv 3' O eretta 4 Orl s , . , , , p 5 cieitra 3, 45 Harmony 35 Music Appreciation 45 Glee Club 45 Tenth Honor. The name Brooks suggests something musical. VVe'll all admit that it isu't wholly the name, but the "Pirates of Penzance" proves that Ruie herself is quite a musi- cian. DONALD HROVVN, "Don" ,lanuary 14. 1913. Boston, Mass. General: Track 2, 3. 45 Glee Club 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 4. That high-pitched laughter often heard in the old halls was merely lil' "Brownie" expressing his mirth. Neill never forget that chuckle, "Don". HARRY BRONVX, 'lB1'0'ZL'l!1-Ch, "Ben" September 14, 1913. Durham General: Art Club 2. 3. 45 Baseball 35 Rifle Club 4. Brownie knows his motors. VVe expect sometime to see Harry crossing the Atlantic in a plane of his own design. f ..,,1- ll Page Nineteen 'TH E 1931 ORACLE lffvfil ' 7 ll 1,---, --4 .'-' ,il' -ill' ln, ' I ' Q l Fil F A -lofi' ....,.. .................... .... . . . F, il.. -N W ,L' Q-ily uric F Vgl, ihli: I ' ' ln EF ri EE lil ly, IFF Fil' Fil: llll- F M. I I ,ig .J-" 1 In KI 'rf I ,,,lg.m BARBARA BUCHANAN, "Barbie" December 9, 1912. Auburn Gelneralg Girls' Athletic Association 45 Archery 4g Music Appreciation 33 Glee Club 3. Barbara certainly radiates her share of the world's sunshine. GRACE BUCKLEY, "Gracie" November 30, 1910. Auburn Commercialg Music Appreciation 4: Glee Club 4. Girls such as Grace are hard to End. She even dares to chew gum nl the Home Economics class. IOHN G. BUCKLEY, !'l3z4ck" December 10. 1912. Auburn General. , ,lohn loves the library. VVe wonder why? HELEN BUKER June 11, 1914. College: Dramatic Club 4: Art Club 3, 43 Girls' Council Z: Secretary-Treasurer of Class 2: Senior Drama Cast 45 Girls' Athletic Association 4. - Helen is svnonyrnous with Pep, Vim, and Vigor. A 'Frankncss is one of hcr most prominent qualities. She has tact and :1 gift of speech that would put a cannibal at ease. me Twenty THE 1931 ORACLE . I if -lllll ll ' gf'1'f::'17 " Y 4. L .----- -- '-" ' ii "'A" 5 ll ,ll 3 A "f"""'-'-"""'--'---"' "'-'-"" L ' lm F "'W" fn ff ll Hifi if-fe wt 1 it 1111 mu.ni nuuiumm-m an r l' .uvu W 1? 1" iw" I' I I I Els' r 5 , IIIIllIvlllsvlIlllllvvvfllv-llllll'' 1 W! 1 1 .. ,,.- ... - ' .Mui W w ww fm ,u5xv'lfv-- III I l ' EDNA C.-XXHAM, "Eddie"' July 2, 1914. Auburn ' Collegeg Opcrctta 4g Band 3, 43 Orchestra Z, 3, 43 Music Appreciation 3: G1ee,Club 3, 43 Sixth Honor. Here's to a good girl! ll Not too good, for the good die young and we d0n't like dead ones. Edna can cer- tainly beat a drum. VINCENT CAPANO, "Vinnie" july 16, 1911. Lewiston General. "Vinnie" doesn't believe in working so hard that he can't smile. ANNA CARTVVRIGHT December 16, 1914. Auburn p Collegeg Basketball 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball Z, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4: Archery 43 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3g Music Apprecia- tion 33 Literary Society 33 Oracle Stall 434RiFle Club 43 Captain of Basketball 2, 3. 4. VVho is this girl so fair and neat? This tall. well-built athlete? Wllio always has a smile so bright, Why, that's .-Xnna Cartwright. ELIZABETH CHANDLER, "BitftlPl", October 25. 1912. Lewiston GCllC1'3lQ Home Economics Club, President 43 Girls' Basketball 2, 43 Girls' Athletic Association 43 Music Appreciation 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. A man is frequently what his womenfolk unmake him. Hare a care, "Bidder", don't Kid-der. Pays' Trurnfy-one THE 1931 ORACLE I' 7 , il 'ill Tilt It .. ,. , . I 5,35 5" gf' Q" - FFF F11 Lili. nw: ' ,.:F. milf: it ' it EF rl FE I f :iff fir Pit nil F iii - WML' e' I ,A V 4. ' .- ' ,Il If limi Pain' 7":r'mzty-two HAROLD CI-IAPLIN, "Hal" February 5, 1913. Westlmrook Generalg Dramatic Club 45 Drama Cast 4: Football 33 Hockey. Manager 4. "'Ha1" is a friend to :illg but to him everyone is simply UIDCYIIICN. DORIS CHAPMAN, "Dot" June 17, 1914. Lewiston Collegeg Operetta 45 Girls' Athletic Association 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Doris is the kind of girl that our mothers want us to be-just sober enough to be a good studentg just Jolly enough to be a Iriend. RICHARD CHILDS, "Dick" March 27, 1913. Mount Vernon Commercialg Oracle Staff 4g Literary Society 35 Dramatic Club 4g Student Council 4. The good natured A 81 P man is the fellow with a smile for everyone. Those of us who went to the old swimming hole up to the cabin with "Dick" never will know what it is to be a Child Qsj. BARBARA CHURCHILL, "Bubby" March 12, 1914. Raymond Generalg Music Appreciation 33 Glee Club 35 Librarv Proctors' Club 4. Barbara is jolly and full of fun, She's a real sport and we think her grand. She will never "Brag" until her work is "don", But we wonder if her preference is Qtol see Or-land. Z3 Music Appreciation 4g Rifle Club 4g Outing Club 2. THE 1931 ORACLE tl: Q V. -A fr W r r:'.S5f.:. 1, Y .1 i i fair' ' s- im r c . 'Fi T ll sq: . 'U 'L' 135 Yi ivllli liilii' p, ,lai,!11g,ii.f .9 1d" ,EEV,FEf'E: f E111 iii will mm' f im MAURICE ll. CLOUTIER, "M0nk"' December 27. 1912. Auburn Generalg Basketball 2. 3, -45 Baseball 2, 3, -1. Captain 4' Rifle Club, Vice-President 4. 1 "Monk" has a peculiar technique in betting, but since he heard in Commercial Law that this is illegal he is to enter the brokerage business. JEAXETTR CLUFF, "Jake" February 23, 1914. Auburn College: Yolley Ball 3g Archery 33 Girls' Basketball Heard a little drawl? That's Jeanette. Seen some tlaxen hair? That's Jeanette. Met a pleasant smile? That's Jeanette. Know a girl worth while? That's Jeanette. RUTH CLUFF, "Cl11fHv" February 17, 1913. Auburn Collegeg Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 45 Volley Ball 25 Girls' Athletic Association 23 Archery 33 Rifle Club 45 Outing Club 25 Music Appreciation 4. Ruth is one of the high spots of E. L. It you haven't known her there's no hope for you. Ruth's favorite boy Cso we hearj is a Tedfdyj. VVINIFRED L. COBURN, "PVink.r","W'i1zuit"' May 23, 1913. Greene Generalg Home Economics Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 4g Glee Club 35 Girls' Council 45 Student Council 3. Can't quite imagine you as a Domestic Arts teacher, "VVinnie,'. Orono is rather far from Greene and we hear you have pretty good times in Greene. Taking "them" all with you? I Pll!l!' Tvctrfu-ty-three 'THE 1931 ORACLE -if-u"'? . e f i 1 4. - 1. 1 , A. Q 1 1 - 1 1 . +V, fn I U tl 13 W,-:! WFP: Film HI::F':1 ' 'IEE' 21,11 1 liao is ,Eff 11, r-rr 111, Fl--1, f ,, Page Twmiry-fain' HENRIETTA COX ROD October 26, 1912. Rumford Commercialg Music Appreciation 43 Glee Club 4. Here's a girl who knows what she wants. and when and how she Wants it. METHYL CROCKETT, "Mft" October 2. 1913. Durham Commercial: Music Appreciation 4. Methyl is an exception to the rule of red-headed girls. She cloesn't seem to possess a temper. ARTHUR S. CUMMINGS, "'A1't" July 14, 1914. Greenwood Collegeg Lilnrary Proctors' Club 43 Rifle Cluli, Sec- retary 4: 'Winter Sports Clulm 4. Your good nature, "Art", has won for you El place lu our esteem. HELEN CURTIS, "Giggles"' May 4, 1914. Oquossoc Cullegcg Operetta 43 Dramatic Club 45 Library Proc- tors' Club, Secretary 45 Glee Cluh 45 Music Apprecia- tion -1. Hcre's to one "Sunny Sidey' of the Class of '31. Helen is a member of the Poland 81 Curtis, luc. If you're ever sitting in a room when the two members have a coulerence, you'll know where the giggling is coming from. THE 1931 ORACLE . . f A 1 3311 rr -'fir -- 7-rf"1" - 4---4- '-"' """ 1 ii ,111 a ll af. , H16 if'-' 'rf' "tif: F I-in W' if EE fir EE ., full-1' snr Mir 111.1-I f fray . my-L-l 'r n-L-'I I I Q' ll ,I Ianni'-U-ll, ulvl In FRANK DAUNIS. "Fral1kiv". 'lllillxh March 11, 1911. Auburn Generalg Vice-President Class 45 Class Marshal 35 Basketball Z. 3. 4: Baseball Z, 3, 4g Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Rifle Club 45 Outing' Club Z5 Vice-Presb dent of Athletic Association 4. "Frankie" is going south in the watermelon business. He claims that he has to be "polished up" ou catching passes in football. so he can catch Hies on the Brook- lyn baseball team. MILDRED DELOCHE, "Milly" February 14, 1913. Auburn Commercialg Operetta 43 Music Appreciation -lg Glee Club -lg Library Proctors' Club 4, 1N'e will always remember you as an ollice assistant or as a librarian. XVe expect that you will have great success in one of these two llnes. LOUISE ARLINE DEVINE September 22, 1913. Norway College, Literary Society 3: Vollcy Ball 25 Music Appreciation 43 Outing Club 2. Louise would lit in anywhere, because she can see a joke-even in French. MALCOLM DUNLAP, "1lla1"',"A11dy" April 9, 1913. VVhiteHeld, N. H. College: Oracle Stalif 4, Station Stat? 2: Debating Society 2, 3. 43 Bates League Team 2, 33 Dramatic Club 43 Senior Drama Cast. The boy with the iron lungg "Mac" could talk a book agent into buying brass doorknobs for golf balls. In fact, it is said that he once got into an argument with Miss Cornfortli, and she had to use a dictionary, eu- cyclopedia, and "Alice in VVonderlaud" to find out what he was talking about. Page Twenty-J'i1'e . 4 THE 1931 ORACLE f- 4 1 . ..... . ...... il 'll"l'l'l'l"'U'l'""'U""'' A , .TI - V 3 ll! Fi ,il 1, 'I"""""""""""1 at 4 it if rm it -t M f 1 :FF FFI' Full HL!-I r W A 1 1 YW I I Ill V I 'III ll. ll Maul,-w lIl!l'lyl HERMAN DVORIN. "Himv" May 14, 1914. Bangor Collegeg Orchestra 25 Football 35 Fourteenth 1-lonor. Easy-going and rather docile by nature, Herman is a bear when involved 111 an argument. His passionate words can convince you that 2 and 2 are 5. BIARGUERITE ETHRIDGE, "Pvgg-iv" ,lune 19, 1912. Norway Commercialg Music Appreciation 3. W 1 If a cheerful smile gets you there-and believe you me it does-"Peggie" will be in the front row. WARREN L. EUGLEY, JR. February 15. 1913. Auburn Commercialg Rifle Club 4. Wanted! Some kind young lady to take this bash- ful adolescent in hand. As we like this fellow, no Happer with the "soul of a man eating shark" need apply. YVETTE FARRELL May 26, 1912. Sanford Commercial. We never saw her when she wasn't having a good time. Ancl when you see her you've sure to find Gertie Levesque. Ur Trwlztty-.vi.r THE 1931 ORACLE .. L A 1 o ,1A4,A if il lll itil' " t i l F ,ll ....... ..... I ..........,..,.... . fgfzwrlg-2' W H , N45 mtl, ner: F ,liz Wei . . .., . 4 . .l. E, FE Ep . . . fi if ii li . ii, I I , I Ill l-1-Lwllllil ' 'Il l li lltllqi CLAYTON O. FIELD, "IficId.vy" August 14, 1912. Auburn College: Literary Society 3, Dramatic Club 45 Band 2, 3, 43 Harmony 33 Glee Club 35 Library Proctors' Club 43 Hockey 3. 4, Understudy, Senior Drama. lf spirit will get you there, Clayton will never be far from the front. Hockey has given us an example of this. EVERETT FIELD August S, 1912. Minot General. Everett comes in from the country' in a Chevrolet. He and Bridgham seem to enjoy 'Miss Cornforth's stories. NYILHERT FIFIELD, nB1lCk1HIL"" March 30, 1913. Auburn CCollegeg Dramatic Club 45 Track 43 Senior Drama ast. Here's a fellow we all like, but watch out, while loolfing far off: he's apt to stick you with one of those devices made in Physics Lab. period. DONALD MELROSE FORD, "Don", "Fliv'Ucr'J February 13, 1913. Auburn Collegeg Dramatic Club 4, Library Proctors' Cluli 4: Tennis 4. Remember, "Don", "Cole" weather treats "Fords" none too well, .X eel Page Twvrzty-seven l , -,J I l X THE 1931 ORACLE ,. 5. -A 'f l ll fb.-K - , Ill! ly ' '1'c W MW EEF FEE F' M lfalfl .1..,.. ..... 5 ......... . et' 2'1" . .. 'Cl 'ff' 'H' Harm F -41' 'Pl nl it Fit Et .1 f Elf Fsr Frrrf ull- r fly . M. gi 1- - .- - I I ml Page 'I'1:'c:zty-viylit ELIZABETH FOSDICK, "Body" December 21, 1913. Somerville, Mass. College5 Press Association 45 Oracle Statt, Literary Editor 45 Station Staff, Literary Editor 45 Debating Society 3. 45 Literary Society, President 35 Prize Speaking Contest 35 Senior Drama Committee 45 Dramatic Club, President 45 Volley Ball Z, 35 Girls' Basketball 2, 35 Assistant Manager of Senior Drama5 Girls' Athletic Association Z, 3, 45 Archery 35 Girls' Council 2, 3, Vice-President 35 Secretary-Treasurer of Class 35 Music Appreciation 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Library Proctors' Club 45 Rifle Club 4: Senior Drama Cast. VVe dou't know what We'd do without "Bettyl'. She's our pal. our "Mother," and our chief adviser, all in one. Her ready smile has led us to believe that her motto may be, "Be glad, and your friends are mauyn. ALONZO GARCELON, "Lonnie" january 29, 1913. Lewiston College5 Art Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Student Coun- cil 25 Football 3, 45 Tennis 25 Hockey 3, 45 Outing Club 2. "Lonnie" is going to achieve great wonders in this world of ours, for like all great men he takes time off to dream. Confidentially speaking, we think "Lon- nie" would make a good understudy for Rudy Vallee. ELSIE MARION GERVAIS -lune 18, 1915. Westlmoro, Mass. College5 Harmony 45 Music Appreciation 45 Library Proctors' Club 45 Essay. VVe'ye all heard the saying "Clothes make the woman," but few of us realize that dress made a difference in rank. Ask Elsie! But we'l1 just bet it isn't all in the dress. FLORENCE GERVAIS March 5, 1914. Roxbury, Mass. College5 Library Proctors' Club 4: Salutatory. "Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you". This applies to Florence to a "T". THE 1931 ORACLE - 1 F-ur-I ' ,Qt r ,...., 1 InnuumlmllIHHMHHIIIIII 1 i- 'ut Nm ,pq I Y QE? i """"""i""""""'"""' :nj gif ' 1 lat: pp 1 "ws: '1"::n: F .,i 51- 'itig , I. 1, , H it if f mi Fm-1 mu f 1 hi - . , lim' I I ' s:.1 11.ff-1 -..t n..... I Mlm' BETTY BEARCE GETCHELL, "Getch" September 29, 1912. Auburn College, Press Association 4g Oracle Staff, ,loke Editor 45 Station Staff 4, Literary Society 35 Dramatic Club 45 Girls' Basketball 25 Girls' Athletic Association 45 Music Appreciation 4g Glee Club 3, 43 Library Proctors' Club 4. Not so many years hence we shall see Betty's name replacing Lynne Fontanne's in bright lights on Broad- way. We're all backing you, Betty, and even if they do charge a hundred per seat in the gallery youyll End us up there somewhere. EVELYN LOUISE GODING, "Effie" October 18, 1914. Auburn General, Oracle Staff 4, Operetta 4, Home Econ- omics Club 2, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 23 Dramatic Cl11b 43 Music Appreciation 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Seventeenth Honor. VVe surely can see you as a school marm, "Evie". And maybe we don't envy the lucky ones that are to have you, too! MABEL GODING June 1. 1913. Auburn Conimercialg Music Appreciation 35 Clee Club 3, 4. The gift of silence is golden. Mabel doesn't believe in advertising. IRVING GOLDBERG January 6, 1914. New York Commercial. Irving is one of those easy-going, quiet fellows. Page Tfvcrrlyvfzine muunmuumnnmn umm z -fglfu l Q ,M 1 L riff 1 giiiljl' f 41-an 'THE 1931 ORACLE 13 11 MJ.. r f 'lm in F H 411 .. .. ..... E .......... .., .... . .. -f gf' ,, C :LH 1 .rg p ,.:?. l,'f Fl f EFFF11 it f '- l A ' x i' V ' tlll N L lllllglwp. GEORGE HAIGH October 22, 1913. Sanford Gencralg Glee Club 3. Algebra Seems. to be a favorite study with George. He takes to it like a duck to water. RICHARD NELSON HALL, "Dick' October 13, 1913. Livermore Falls Collegeg Track 43 Football 4. He's a Ili-Y "Dick" is an all around good fellow. 111311. ROLAND STANLEY HALL, "R011iv" September 17, 1911. South Portland Collegeg Library Proctors' Club. President 45 Foot- ball 3. "Rolly" has been with us only two years, but we have found liim a clean friend. He's 111 the laundry every day. AXAST.-XSIA HAMILTON, ufillllfq October 19, 1912. Harpswell Collegeg Literary Society 35 Debating Society 3, 45 Debating Council 4g Dramatic Club 45 Glee Club 3. "Anne" is one of t11e best-natured girls we know. Sbe's quite an uutlioress and poetess, too. Page Th frty THE 1931 ORACLE waz U ' -- ,. ,Q-- il ll.. ig' " "L ' Ilill l If ill T 1 Ji lil """' Q.: " 'L' , .N f Pct, W: we Hutt. 1 -,-in lf 1 ..-4.. Q.-..1-l-.-,..- -. , H if Fil Et M f :lp rrrr will-ll l7lI...lfl r lm-m 'p A------'-'- ---- . MI ll fl H iz N , lwavil rw CLAYTON W. HANSON, "Juke" January 12, 1914. Auburn Gcueralg Track Z5 Rifle Club 4. Clayton is proud of his ancestors-and why shouldn't he be? He knows a lot about them too. Somehow or other, though, Clayton's ready smile doesn't seem to quite fit in with the Stern stoicism of liric the Red. lil.lZAl3ETH HARRINGTON. l'l?1'lty" May 19, 1914. Durham Collegeg Literary Society 3: Debating Society 3, 43 Dramatic Club 45 Girls' Athletic Association 35 Music , Appreciation 35 Glee Club 3, 4. Betty is a real plugger. "Dear me suz" but she's a gentle. mquisltlve miss. XYALLACE LEWIS HASKELL, "lVaIlir" June 4, 1912. Auburn Commercial. Wallace is one of those boys who manages to be . nonchalant without the conventional "Murad", This ability has saved him from many touchy situations in the class room. MORRIS HAYMAN May 21, 1913. Boise, Idaho Commercial. , Mechanic but not mechanical. . Page Thirty-our nun an ,Q 6 V to ummm t TH E 1931 ORACLE L rfzfiiz Lf' -:ff,. " ."' . Fl Eli itll, -- 553' 1 so 'tl Hill Mft EEE FFF pplu .M--v.---..--........ r 15W za.: er as-L ai' , tl tit, rw: ""ts"c:t F ,,-ir- Wig ' r - mm er rw rt f' 'P'A4i P CI-I" ttf FII!-4 HI...L r WMJ -------- -'-- A . , Mt 5 I ggi C l'l' ,W ' 4 lt I' lltltlm 5. l Page Tltiriy-two CLARENCE HEBERT February 6, 1912. Brunswick Collegeg Debating Society 4g Bates League Team 45 Dramatic Club 4g Senior Drama Cast 43 Band 45 Thirteenth Honor. You have been with us but a year, but you have a host of well-wishers. VYILLARD HIGGINS, "Hig" june 19, 1914. Lewiston Collegeg Press Association 45 Oracle Stan, ,lokc Editor 45 Station Staff, joke Editor 4, Literary Soci- ety Sg Debating Society 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 31 Dramatic Clubg Valedictory. "High is a good all around scout, especially in his studies. Will isn't particularly inclined toward the opposite sex, which is a good idea. BERNICE NOREXE HOWE. ulgCl'l1IIit'Nv, "Hl1!Hlj'n .Tune 26, 1914. Greene Commercial: Operetta 45 Dramatic Clubg Music Ap- preciation 4g Glee Club 3, 4. "Bunny" thought of being a school marm, but all of a sudden she changed her mind and' now she is going to be a nurse. Wliat a cheerful nurse she will make! DORIS L. HOXYE, "Dol" Klarch 31. 1913. Greene Commercial: Operetta 4: Music Appreciation 4: film- Club 3, 4, Library Proctors' Club 4. The three witches leave Macbeth for a moment :uul prophesy for "Dot's,' future: "DOY, Howe, au alt-rt. willing bookkeeper for some prosperous business man. i THE 1931 ORACLE ,. . 4 H ' - 1 1 flea - f- ll --'-: vhs ff, Y! '11, fx 1' . ei- "1 A 11-lf' 1 it I if FE Eg mr, CLF' rpr FITS' mtl' r ,li L ' P l i' '-ld-qqmBE.I ' K I , lll llll In DONALD HUBBARD, "Dun" X August 12. 1913. Lewiston Collegeg Track 2, Band 25 Basketball 23 Baseball, Assistant Manager 2, 33 Football 3, 45 Hockey 3, 4. There are many sports that "Don" likes. but hockey is his specialty. He likes the little things in life, because they are easier to take home. PETER ISAACSON, "Pete" October 13, 1913. Norway General. "Pete" has a "knack" for driving people home, es- pecially after school. His Ford can do almost anything but speak. RUTH ,l OH N SON, "Rutl1ia" ,lune 2, 19l0.. Strong Generalg Music Appreciation 45 Glee Club 3, 4. Ruth is. one of our quieter girls, so quiet that few of ns have had the honor of really knowing her. ALDON PETER KAULAIUS, ".7nl't"' February 24. 1913. Lewiston General, Oracle Stall 45 Dramatic Club 41 Athletic Advisory Board 41 Basketball, Assistant Manager 2, 3, Manager 4. ",lakie", as the name indicates is a generous, big- hearted boy-also big looted. 1-le stanrls out as an honest manager. Page T11 irty-three 'TH E 1931 ORACLE L' Q - Y A C ' ' it A as '-p "'1 l1 F,Qf'Fl t ml ., , an 'fa fr " -' at init. F ft. '-'I ,1 .' ...1. ii if ff. ff tttttt li all ll I'-'ll-A it F ii, 1 - 5- IE 1 fl li li .I l -I l I zlilllj I wc' Thirty-fain' VVILBUR KEITH, n1llllllCI1.S'lfj"n, "Fai" October 22, 1913. Auburn Generalg Literary Society 33 Dramatic Club 45 Music Appreciation 4. Keith is just what one would expect him to be by his buildg he's jolly, friendly and fond of folly. VVil- bur's specialty is playing the piano. HARRY A. KIDDER December 22, 1912. Madison College: Dramatic 45 Music Appreciation 45 Glee Club Z5 Edward Little Committee 2: Basketball 25 Football 2, 3. See Chandler. ELINOR HARMON KIMBALL. "Kim" December ZZ, 1912. Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Commercial5 Oracle Staff, Typist 45 Operetta 45 Dramatic Club 45 Volley Ball 2, 45 Girls' Basketball 4: Girls' Athletic Association Z. 3. 45 Archery 45 Senior Drama Castg Band 4: Harmony 45 Music Appreciation 35 Glee Club 3, 4. Everybody's pal, nobody's gal-tliat's Elinor. Good Friday is Elinor's favorite holiday5 she always does a rushing business in hot-cross buns then. MQADELINE FRANCES KIMBALL, "Maddie" ,lnne 27, 1912. Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Commercialg Operetta 45 Home Economics Club 35 Dramatic Club 45 Student Council 35 Harmony 45 Music Appreciation 35 Glce Club 3, 4. No matter where "Maddie" and Alvin roam tl1ey're sure to land in "Home Sweet Home." Madeline will soon understudy Amelita Galli Cnrci as the Pirate King in the Pirates of Penzance. TH E 1931 ORACLE 1 Fifi .. O . A as , . i 'm f' F FQ W li ll 1.----- ..... E ...................... . ?,fh:'fwI RI ,P ,,, ,F , ' ,- rx'-lr nm F Illia, Mus. 1 ln Ep Fl if A f rl Fir Fil mm, f ll . Ml I ' l ,. I W I' ' " I 1.11.1 2 ELMA KITTREDGE, "Kitty" February 15, 1914. Auburn p Commercialg Oracle Stal? 45 Volleyball 23 Girls' 1 Basketball 45 Girls' Athletic Association 49 Archery 4. An all around girl, day in, day out, A student, an athlete. and a darned good scout. CHARLES KRAPOVICKY, "Krnppo" December 17, 1913. Rochester, New York Generalg Oracle Staff 43 Rifle Club 4. He could act like Sancho: but he never does, NOELLA BLANCHE LAPL.-XNTE December 25, 1911. Auburn Commercial. Noella is one of the quiet easy-going members of our class. Yet she'1l do your office work carefully: SlNlONE LAVALLE, "Sally" June 14, 1911. Lewiston Generalg Music Appreciation 35 Glee Club 3. Simone is :mother of our shining liglits-always full of pep and spirit. Page Thirty-fiz'c THE 1931 ORACLE Fzsfvf 'Y l ' 'x t sf, a t IFF EEE FEP F in' ,, HL ff, , -A 'QPF I, HP.: F rlh f visl I .-.,,.-.-.--1--.--- Q t y gtjitnit ,w r I fl tr Fifi, HEL, ---f Thirty-ri r BARBARA LliAlJl3E'l"l'liR, "Barb" January 21, 1914. Lynn, Mass. Collegeg Literary Society 35 Operetta 43 Senior llrania Committee 43 Dramatic Club 4: Girls' Basket- ball .33 Girls' Athletic Association 3, 43 Student Coun- cil 3, Girls' Council, President 45 Glee Club 3, 43 Seventh Honor. B:1rbara's good nature lets her in anywhere. If Barbara undertakes to do anything sbe'll succeed. She can manage anything, even an operetta. AXNETTE ADA LELANSKY, "Ann" March 11, 1913. Auburn Collegeg Oracle Staff 45 Literary Society 35 Art Club 25 Dramatic Club 4, Girls' Basketball 2, 35 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3: Music Appreciation 3, 43 Glee Club 2. 3, 4. Annette is sure a good friend to have-especially when we want our Latin done. We'll never forget her good nature, her poise, and ber pleasant drawl. GERTRUDE GEORGETTE LEVESQUE, "Genie" May 9, 1913. Auburn Commercial. Yes, "G-ertief' you are "gentle and meek." It has been told, though, that those who know you do not find you so. Since you're another tiny member of the class, we expect great things from you. BARBARA Ll'I"l'l.liFIlil,D. "Bub.v"' November 13, 1913. Auburn College: Volleyball 23 Girls' Athletic Association 2. 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4. This winter Barbara became exceedingly interested in hockey, but onesidedly so. tor ber eyes kept in the direction of the goal. THE 1931 ORACLE . O , .L 1111 if ' ' C 'I U ' , F "'4 EFF F W i t' 4. ll, ff rg E., . 1 M56 :If pp-ly Hyip: "lg: 4:15. 3' Q f 4 ii' Et Ft rt m-r fir nt nn, F i,M EW I I il Q 1 I I1 -'I H U' .vulv- I ' MILDRLD LOTHROP, "Millie" April 19, 1915. Auburn Cornmcrcial5 Music Appreciation 4. If sparkling eyes and a smile are a help, we are sure that "Millie" will be most successful. RAYMOND MAGNO, "Ray", "Mt1g" May 22, 1910, Stonington Generalg Oracle Staff, Business Assistant 45 Track 25 Student Council 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 junior-Senior Committee 35 Football 2, 35 Chairman, Handbook Com- mittee 45 Senior Drama Com. Business is a great attraction for "Mag." He has demonstrated his ability time and again and has won a place in our esteem as a real live wire. BERNARD F. MANN, Jr., "Sl1rimfv" April 13, 1914. Auburn Collcgeg Debating Society 45 Bates League Team 45 Art Club 3. 45 Senior Drama Committee 45 Dramatic Club 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Student Coun- cil 25 Glee Club 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 2. On dark, dreary days when the corridors are dismal. and then suddenly they light up, donlt let anyone fool you5 it's Mann coming around the corner with his cheerful grin. There is no fear of being lost in the dark with Mann around. LAVVRENCE A. MARGOLIN, "Coop", "Larry" May 24, 1913. Lewiston College. "Larry" is the good natured and care-free chap with the piercing' eyes. 4 Page Th irty-.vez en 'THE 1931 ORACLE F1553 1 A - U Q3 5 "1 ' t i ll wr rx , 1 '11 rr' "ra .1. 1-11H'11"" 1 11 il ,FE FE , I 111, FV 1 1, Pl--I-, 1 1:151, ,, '.. -1 . I 1 ll l I I 1 1 1 Fil-l ml f -I-1 1lI1 , 5 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l P11110 T11 iffy-eight PHILIP L. MAXFIELD, "Phil" August 18. l9ll. Naples General. There's one quality, "Phil," that you will never have to be taught. 'lhat is the faculty of making friends. DOROTHY A. MCALLISTER, "Hot" September 23, 1914. Auburn Commercial5 Music Appreciation 4. "Lively and ardent, frank and kind." lf any of you fellows want to learn the old fashioned dances. ask "Dot" to teach you. DoRoT11Y MQKAY, "Dol" Apfii 11, 1913. Fort Faiffaeid Commercial5 Dramatic Club 45 Harmony 45 Music Appreciation 45 Glee Club 4. There are just too many nice things to be said about "Dot"! She claims that she is going to settle down to office work. CHARLOTTE MCKENNEY, "Sl1arkey" July 11, 1914, Auburn Collegeg Oracle Staff 45 Literary Society 35 Operetta 45 Art Club 4: Senior Drama Cast 45 Senior Drama Committee 45 Dramatic Club 45 Volley Ball Z, 3, 45 Girls, Basketball Z, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Tennis 2, 3, 4. When grins begin to come on "Sharkey's" face, ancl those bright ideas take form, then the rest of us sit up and take notice. THE 1931 ORACLE 5 - -M . F m y Fr: HW Fl li 1 54 ll 51 H EF fp n f C cr rsr IF nn m.L.' f ,. .A , WL." JANET MCQUARRIE, "Jw111ia"' May 17, 1913. Providence, R. 1. General. "Silent and meek in all her ways." We wish we knew more of you, janet, but we fear you are a bit hashful. SARA MELTZER, "Sahara" January 28, 1914. Lewiston Gcneralg Operetta 45 Library Proctors' Club, Treas- urer 45 Glee Club 2. 3, 45 Music Appreciation 4g Har- mony 25 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 45 Girls' Athletic Association 4. One of our dignified Seniors in every sense. Sara must be happy for she is on frlcndly terms with every- one. KENNETH MERROW, "Ken" April 28, 1913. Auburn Gencral5 Baseball 3, 45 Rifle Club 4. VVe expect to see "Ken" hovering over our heads in his own planeg and he can tell you all about motor- cycles. It seems that he and "Brownie" are incorpo- rated. ALFRED L. MITCHELL, "Freda March 28, 1914. Lowell Commercial5 Glee Club 45 Rifle Club 4. 'Lil' "Freddie" is the latest thing in the vest pocket sized Senior. We can't all be big-but then, Napoleon was no giant. TH E 1931 ORACLE 1 . 3 ff ii Cf-'LC A 1 .v---' " " "4' ' V Jil li , . ,,. '. :gina ' 'A Tw p: I ' W mm F "' M' .,..... ................... . .......... "' """"" ' "" ,jfgi 1' V ' ff f f ff "' 'gl . if.. t f at ff 'V it r . 'r Hunt. P 1-ill 'rr 3 . . 3.3, .. . . I 1 Ill, I l Al W sg' I1 K Illl'lll F1 JEAN MURRAY ,lanuary 12. 1913. Durham Collcgeg Press Association 3, 4: Oracle Staff, Assis- tant Editor-in-Chief 43 Station Stall, Local Editor 3. 4g Literary Society. Secretary 33 Debating' Society 2. 3. 4. Yice-President 33 Bates League Team 3. 43 Oper- ctta 43 Yolley Hall Z, 3, 43 Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association Z. 3. 43 Vice-l'resident 3: Archery 3: Girls' Council Z, 3. Secretary 2, Vice-Presi- dent 33 President of Class Z: Vice-President of Class 33 Secretary-T1'easurer of Class 43 Music Appreciation 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Tennis Z3 Junior Ring Committee 33 Fifteenth Honor. ,lean is the most versatile girl we know. She can do almost anything. There are very few activities in which -lean has not participated. Besides all this ,lean Finds time to keep up her studies well, and be one of the most popular girls in E. L. CHRISTINE MYRAND, "C'ri.v' October 10. 1913. Auburn Generalg Volley Ball Z, 3, 43 Girls' Basketball Z, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association Z, 3, 43 Archery 43 Orchestra Z. 'lCris" is one of the bright lights of the Senior bas- ketball team. She is not only a good athlete, but also an intelligent one, a rare combination in these days. eh? HARRIET l.ll.L1AN NASON October 14, 1911. Auburn COY'l'llllL'I'Cl2llQ Girls' Athletic Association 43 Girls' Basketball 43 Archery 4. Harriet is one of our athletic girls. Strong in life's dark, swirling wlnrls. FRANK NOLAND, "'RCd"' July 26, 1914. Dorchester, Mass. Collegc3 Football 3, 43 Hockey 3, 4. "Red" doesn't consider it worth the etlort to sit up during classes. He expeuds all his "vim and vigor trying to keep up with june and lrvma. journalistic Conference 4g Band 2, 3, 4, Student Leader 'THE 1931 ORACLE 1' f C I , ..,. 1 Y ii :iz H 'Q' -: "if itat F rl1"i5'El' . E, it if . ei Fil ti it f flll . A I an n I 1 ll I 'I 1 il Illliii JAMES NY. OLIVER. Hlilzirllii' October 9, 1913. 'Thomaston Collegeg Press Association 2, 3, 4: Oracle Stad. Business Manager 45 Station Staff, Assistant Manager 3, Manager 4: Literary Society 35 Debating Society 2. 33 45 Glee Club Z5 State of Maine Band 4: Eighteenth Honor. There are few things that James can't manage- even a Cornet and the school paper. Wait till he gets married. Maroon M. PARKS, "1w1f.fif'f . August 20. 1910. Pontiac, Michigan Generalg Dramatic Club 45 Music Appreciation 33 Glee Club 35 Understudy, Senior Drama 4. l So "Parksie" is going' to become a nurse! We really i don't know whether to say we think it's a Fine thing or not, because. you know, lots of people might just go 1 get hurt on purpose. But then no one could stay ill long with Marion's smile in evidence. LA REINE PENDLETON, "Lilly" September ll, 1912. Derry, N. H. Comniercialg Operetta 45 Glee Club 4. Le Reine can put her finger right on the weak link in a chain. EDGAR l.. PENNELL, "Teri" April S, 1014. Auburn Collegeg Oracle Staff 45 Band 3, 4g Orchestra 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. "Ted's" favorite sports are plaguing the teachers and cnfhng Stewards ears, but he has a sentimental side to him alsog he's fond of Baby Ruths, etc. "Ted" has the most original laugh in E. L. Page F offty-one THE 1 931 ORACLE -'xr ff':l?f..a m i 4 f-L A I wi H i n I E.. FEE F IWH1 ....W.. ..... E ..........,......... . . QW., ' TI , A Em rrrr' "Ik, milf. li ,lib 'll' nf EE! Fir EE it Lire nr PM-I lll...ll f im ' W ' ' 1' ' ' Nei, Page Forty-livu IDA MYRTLE PHILLIPS, "Imp" january 1, 1913. Lewiston Commercialg Operetta 43 Home Economics Club 35 grghcstra 2, 3, 45 Music Appreciation 33 Glee Club . H "YI'ni sometimes up and sometimes down, but always Jo y. EDITH PIKE, "l"ilzcy" June 12, 1911. Brockton, Mass. ' Commercialg Operetta 45 Glee Club 4. VVe "Grant" that Edith is another of our bashful members. CARLTON E. PLOUFF, "Cm'l1't"' August 25, 1912. Claremont, N. H. Generalg Baseball 3, 43 RiHe Club 43 VVinter Sports Club 4. Here is one for whom the song "For l1e's a jolly fellow" seems to have been written. JUNE PLUMMER, "f1mie" ' yum- 1, 1913. Lewiston General: Debating Society 3, 43 Art Club 3, 45 Har- mony 4g Music Appreciation 33 Glee Club 35 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3. Art for art's sake. June can draw any of us. Ask Joe. THE 1931 ORACLE QHSFCL V ffff 'U Y Q .lx 2+ Fl 1 I5 an " 'ir fi 'nz' P 1111 ' time pl gp F1555 f E11 Fil 111 111.15 f llc-5 , . ,EW I I H I f 'I H I I' I ' I 1 YIRABELLE POLAND, "Vi" January 6, 1914. Auburn College5 Operetta 45 Music Appreciation 45 Glee Club 45 Dramatic Club 4. A member of Poland and Curtis Inc., and is she dramatic! EYELYN POTTLE, "Eve" March 22, 1913. Lewiston Commercial5 Home Economics Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 Volley Ball 25 Girls' Basketball 2, 35 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 45 Archery 45 Harmony 45 Music Appreciation 45 Glee Club 3, 4. All the girls would like to know Evelyn's power over men. There are few girls who can get their man back again. Evelyn's loquacity and good nature make friends wherever she goes-and keep them. FRANCES RAY May 6. 1913. Somersworth, N. H. Collegeg Debating Society 2, 3, 45 Operetta 45 Music Appreciation 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Girls' RiHe Club 45 Eleventh Honor. One of the bright spots in the Class of 1931. She certainly knows her history5 and this isn't her only strong point-there are countless others. NELSON B. RECORD March 19, 1914. Auburn College: Dramatic Club 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Music Appreciation 45 Glee Club Z, 3, 45 New England Orchestra 35 Maine State Band 45 Oration. Here's one Hcldle player you don't have to look for -he.'s always around. We all hope to hear Record playing in fVVjenice or some other soft spot soon. Pagr For-ly-three 'fail ,U ' 4 ll l kx ,,..,. I . 1 t o i e., fic an ff, fv iii iw-1 wx. F i f pl' EET Fl EE ll-l"I Fir lil-3 PILL' r Paffr' Forty-four 'THE 1931 ORACLE if .5 , i xl' iuxil My ulnuvun uuunnnuuuun---uuu1--' nnuuun n 5.21 ' I '. ,,,, M m..L.o.t1.1....L.. il i" ii 'J am:-1 we ,1 1 ...A I.. ...4 - HELEN RICHARDSON October 5. 1913. Auburn College: Literziry Society 3: Operettzi 4, llramntic Club 45 Music Appreciation 393 Glee Club 3, 43 Six- teenth Honor. XYouldn't we be fortunate if we all had Helen's liter- ary ability? Her original themes, poems, and short stories make us green with C1lVy. Even though she is small Helen knows what she wants, when she wants lt, CECIL A. RIIJLEY, "Cy" December 19, 1913. NVayne General. This genial, nice looking fellow is a true exponent of the theory that "actions speak louder than words." Cecil has a good head and we hope that someday he will get ambition to use it. Yes, Cecil, y0n're O.K. ALVIN A. ROBERTS, "AI", "Apr" January 31, 1913. Auburn General: Dramatic Club 4, Basketball 2: Football 2, 3. This chap is the right hand man oi a pirate-chief. . ERNEST H. ROBERTSON, "Robbie" April 25, 1912. Auburn Commercialg Oracle Staff, Business Assistant 4: Drznnatic Club 4: Glee Club 2, 4. "Rob" likes Printing. Politics. and especially Pottle. THE 1931 ORACLE is M 7 Y U E -A1111 DI Gi f' at sw ap' at PM iff" "ia He: F -,rin "1t1,' 2l. I - Q it ,F if EI-f' nr 11:1 nu f if . I2 I J III I Lilian' I ' ll' I llltl' MARION ROSE, "Rosie" September 18, 1913. Lewiston Generalg Home Economics Club 3. She can dance, She can sing, And is she jolly? Oh! lloyl IRYIXA E. RUSS, "Vina", "Rustic" , December 21, 1912. Norway , General: Harmony 33 Dramatic Club 45 Music Ap- preciation 3g Glee Club 3. Irvina reminds us of-well. of june. Yes, the month and the girl. VVe really don't know what she would do without june, or Red either. But with that golden , hai? and baby pout we'll trust her to take care of her- 1 sel . DONALD RUSSELL, "Rustic" March 19, 1913. Auburn Collegeg Oracle Staff 4, Dramatic Club 43 Track 2, 3, 4: Baud 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Basketball 25 Rifle Club 43 Understudy, Senior Drama. "Rusty" is the tall Clark gentleman that comes into every girl's life. XX'e notice he prefers blondes. Be careful "Donf' thc-y're treacherous. JUNE SAXYYER, u.l1llIlC"' ,lune ll, 1913. Rosebud, Montana College, Literary Society, Yice-President 33 Art Club 2, 3. 45 Dramatic Club 4: Girls' Athletic Association 35 Girls' Council 35 Glee Club 33 Twelfth Honorg Senior Drama Cast. We often wonder if all Greene girls are blondes. June has been watching the calories and has actually lost one! ,1une's willingness to please draws a great ' many friends to her-even out in Kansas. Page .F0'7'fj'-fill? 'THE 1931 ORACLE Y . - .ab if -il 'ii Yffliw '11 l 'N "'- . 25- "Q", 1 i iii, .........,............., ........... fair' 1' 1 -1 iff 1 'mi ll. EFF FIJI? F il nii ....... ................. ....,,. . . HL , I- 1 ffl: j.,L,Q F Ilglj lqgsgl l A Ep fi it , f fi eff it it f if . Ml l 'I ,II I VWNN ,ll E' ' ,ll lluqiln RUTHE M. SHEPHERD, "RuItcf"' February 28, 1914. Hallowell Commercial. Ruthe is a quiet girl in school, but outside one might hear her merry laughter floating over the landscape. We don't know for sure, but we think "Ruthie" likes Lewiston. HELEN SHERMAN June 23, 1914. Lewiston Commercialg Library Proctors' Club 4. Helen believes in being seen and not heard-but still waters run deep and who knows what lurks behind that shyness? MORRIS SIEGEL September 30, 1912. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 Commercialg Music Appreciation 4. Arguments seem to be the favorite dish for Morris. He is inclined to act as an arbitrator, which almost gives away his ambition of being a lawyer. A EVELYN M. SIMPSON, "Eoin" April 2, 1914. Auburn Commercialg Dramatic Club 45 Understudy. Senior Drama 4. "Evie" is one reason why gentlemen prefer blondes. She tells us that she intends to brighten some of the - local offices. Payv Forty-.vi.r 'THE 1931 ORACLE ,. , 1 ll ll. -Sl., 11 5.221 ' Q' f ., 1 ,Ill 1 'tl ' I FFF F lAqil. i,l5ll 'y at sl' L" 1' , . ----- , l"'?'l12 'rf'-X "il: 1 1-'tgp' 1 ----.i'--- '----.- - tr ll it FEI Et it , wrt rt, wr lit, llll, f 1,455+ 1---- A M, I 1 In nc' l 'll hi L , Emwlv-illliatlg, THERESA STARBIRD, "Rob", "Terry" September 29, 1913. Danville College: Oracle Staff 43 Literary Society 3: Debat- ing Society Z, 3, 4, Vice-President 4g Music Apprecia- tion 3g Glee Clnbg Eighth Honor. "But thou dost make the very night itself, brighter than the dayvwin more ways than one. by thy men- tality, thy good-nature, and thy auburn hair! EDGAR STANLEY STEWARD, "SI1epid" May 15, 1913. Auburn Generalg Basketball 4: Baseball 2g Football 2, 3, 43 Hockey 3. If you are as plucky after school as you have been in school, nothing' can stop you. CARROLL SUDDS, "Sudd.fy,' May ZZ, 1912. Boothbay General. "Suddsy's" good nature and his care-free ways will make him a person respected by all 111s fX'1C1ldS. We have yet to see him impatient. - YIOLA SUDDS. "I'i"' July 24, 1914. Boothbay Generalg Operetta 43 Music Appreciation 43 Glee Club 2, 4. 4'Vi's" dimples are envied by many of the less fortunate individuals. VVe understand that the new combination is "Lax'endar-Sudds". Page Forty-smvcn THE 1931 ORACLE -Nil 1, '4-'vl :J--,PA ,,l.,x 5' 4 it to ni lit Stl WEE l l,,f -ll i i Q??', ?! 1 9' QF L" . ..,, iii 'fr "ft "": F -,-iil lllbg 2 1 il up it ri it it it 1 .ry :lf FFT Pct mtl r iii, . My I I lui igqdlglu ' UI l--llijltlim PAUL Ii. SULLIVAN, ".S'ully"', "Ed" March 11, 1914. Auburn Collegeg Press Association 3, 45 Oracle Staff, lidi- tor-in-cliief 45 Station Stall, Assistant Editor 5. Ecli- tor-in-chief 45 Literary Society, Treasurer 35 Debating Society Z, 3, 4, President 45 Bates League 'l'eam Z, 4, Debating Council 3, 45 journalistic Conference 45 Dramatic Club 45 Student Council, Secretary 45 Presi- dent of Athletic Association 45 Vice-President oi Class Z5 Ninth Honor. Silent, -swift, sleuth-like, his shrewd eyes piercing all comers for a "scoop" for his columns-liere we have a real newspaper man. Some day we shall see Paul editor of some great newspaper. CAROLL TABER February 19, 1914. Auburn Commercial. Caroll may be bashful, but not to the keys on a type- writer. Boy, can he tickle those ivories! You said it. GERTRUDE D. TEBBETS, "Dol" August 29, 1913. Loclies Mills General5 Operetta 45 Home Economics Club Z. 3, 45 Harmony 45 Music Appreciation 35 Glee Club 3, 4. "Dot" has decided to work this motto "Better late than never". We are all wislung you the best of luck in your Home Economics career. FTTA THORNE, "Ant" December 11, 1913. Auburn Commercial. 'rim you ever noticed that quiet little girl with a smile always ready for you when you meet her? Vivell. that's our cheerful sunny Etta-would that we might know her better. Forty-ciylit THE 1931 ORACLE FW", Q - ---'lr-ir"'-F' ' Y-V ...., - -- lim i an I . E1 FFF 5 ,ir ,vu x ign gig " A A 1 nw! Pri-i I'I'. fl i " f l. H it FE EE rlrir Fir rt lllll-I r ln, . M I 1 '15 n Il ' I llll 1 . . A GLEN XY. TORREY September 12. 1915. Lewiston Collegeg Dramatic Club 4. Glen ranks high: not only in scholarship, but also in the hearts of his classmates. EVELYN VERNEY, "Effie" December 17. 1914. Schenectady. N. Y. Commercialg Operetta 45 Glee Club 4. Qmall 'ollv and cute - - J .1 , In every way she'll just suit. Thafs Evelyn. CHESTER R. VERRILL August 26. 1912. Auburn Commercialg Music Appreciationg Glee Club 3, 4: Library Proetors' Club 4. Chester is a perfect example of the country gentle- man. Not only is he an gentlemang he is an excellent student. MARGARET VVALTON, 'iMGl'fj,l, "Peggy" April 1, 1912. Auburn Commereialg Home Economics Club 39 Harmony 43 Music Appreciation 35 Glee Club 3. VVe hear Margaret is going to Mann's Business Col- lege. Who would have thought a sweet kid like he: would fall for that private secretary stuff. Page Forty-11.1'v1e 'THE 1931 ORACLE FMC? 1 i f V- ..,ii1'r N I !IL 1 c fr if r FEE HE! F ,Ji ual. .............. .. 25.3541 Lv " "L . iii. 'Wt WH "I'E1'Z. 1 --iii lil!" ' nil ii: Fir Ii: Lil' H21 ill-'I 1-l...lI r im EYELYN NYH ITE. "E2"' February 6, 1012. Mount Vernon .1 Commercial. The only thing that we know about "EVN is her class room standing, and that is well worth knowing: "Efficiency Plus!" K HX X ETH NVHITMAN, "Ken" june 18, 1910. Phillips Generalg Station Staff 25 Dramatic Club 45 Student Council Zg Glee Club 35 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Football, Assistant Manager Z, 35 Tennis Z, 3, 4, Captain 45 Outing Club, Vice-President Z. It's time for a cheer, and "Ken" is right there on the spot with his megaphone, "Ken" is one of the jolli- est fellows in E. L. CHARLES O. XX'1LK1XS, JR.. "C'1iurlic" june 1, 1913. I,OflS1'l1OL1l1ll Commercialg Track Z, 3, 43 Band 25 Harmony 25 Music Appreciation 2, 33 Glce Club 35 Basketball Z, 3, 4: Football Z, 3. "Charlie" is the speed merchant of the school. Page Paddock, Wyckoff, et als. NORMAN S. VVILKINS, nA!'07'IlI,' February 17. 1913. Auburn Commercial. like a grangcr, but I'm :ii city slickcru. s l'1111z' I' :fly L'Norm" sez: "Looks are deceiving. I may look THE 1931 ORACLE FS". 'U I -. .A if W" 1 gre-'fir .. ., i, gat ',... ,L A - ::' , . . 4 1 In 'llmiiiiit .f El-FFFV num'-uunmn-.mI I-mmm' - .im , U! lu l I Iv - mul-H rl N MM V WN MARJORIIE WILLIAMS, "Marge" September 22, 1913. Tooksburir. Mass. General: Home Economics 25 Music Appreciation 3, Glee Club 2, 3. Here's 21 sweet and innocent classmate whom we have to ask our college brothers about-and they won't tell. GEORGE WILSON, "Red" April 16, 1912. Lewiston Commercial. George is plainly a ladies' man, girlsg but don't worry, it's Lewiston he is interested in. Although George is a rather quiet and reserved fellow, we End that he is an all around good pal, and we hope he stays away from Lewiston long enough to graduate with the rest of us. DORIS E. WINDLE, "Dui" June 4, 1914. Auburn Generalg Operetta 4g Dramatic Club 4g Girls' Athletic Association 45 Archery 43 Student Council 43 Harmony 4, Music Appreciation 4: Glee Club 4: Rifle Club 4. Doris is the personification of pep and school spirit. That is why she was chosen cheer leader. However, her rousing: voice fails sometimes, which hinders her operatic work a good deal. ALICE PEARL VVOOD, "Al" November 10, 1913. Auburn Commercial, Debating Society 45 Opcretta 43 Vol- ley Ball 45 Girls' Basketball 4, Girls, Athletic Associa- tion 4g Archery 45 Harmony 4, Music Appreciation 33 Glee Club 3. 4. She would-Alice Wood-succeed. She will-Alice VVill-succeed. ..,. N l F 'i,li lyili?li,il ll"I!' WF' ' ,.I1. 'Ill' Fri mir 1 ii --"f -- ll luxwfiw-lll'llll'n. Pugm Fifty-out 'THE 1931 ORACLE wal - ' --4- if li - 1 "M " - I FEE FEE ll Ip WH ,...... ..... 5 .........,,..,,...., . . gi ,, HL rr, 'I ,F I: P' Hr: F V::l :.:ill: H Er fi at uf Elf ref mi mi 1 li - nw 1 ',a',1,f ' 4' K' V " ' llllnlwfl Pam' Fifty-two BERNICE L. VVOODBURY, "Bobbie" January 22, 1913. Auburn Gena-ralg Art Club 4g Dramatic Club 4. This, gentle reader, is Miss Bernice Pola Xegri ,loan Crawford VVoodlury. Yes, the "eyes" have IT. We understand that Bernice, not satisfied with the town boys, has sought elsewhere and found a well diversi- fied list, as it were. CHARLES S. YEATON, "Sid", "Ska-.r" August 9, 1912. Lewiston Generalg Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3. 4: Harmony 33 Music Appreciation 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Here is a boy that can woo a clarinet or preach a sermon with success. HELLEN E. VVEBBER October 16, 1911. Auburn Generalg Music Appreciation 4. Hellen shows us what perseverance will do. There is an ellin-like quality in her that makes her so inter- Csting. THE 1931 ORACLE . , ,:V Y -f ii -vi, 1 2221 i ... .1 -"Q'4 , , iw v i r' r f M 'W i FFF i d i -1----------- --- 174. H V1 " "' 'rg' 1 L nlu' A H pm rMf'p" FI"l!' 1119914 v i tara EE F51 Ei, . :ire wr FEP mi f rt ' ' W -L, i ii. lwLw i I l III Iuunlvq- I n Memoriam i c:Ec-mGE RLCKEN XVe cannot praise too much George Rieker ii and his splendid character. George was a calm, cool chap whom we never saw in an impatient mood. As a friend George was a true pal. As a worker he was enthusias- tic, industrious, and thorough. JESSE TURNER jesse. being quiet and reserved hy nature. did not make himself conspicuous. Those of us who knew him highly respected his desire for fairness, his keen sense of humor, and the enthusiastic spirit with which he worked. l'uyr I7l'ft.x'-tlirw' THE 1931 ORACLE ,,,.,55i I4 f , - f ----'1 - -fM1'- 1 ,L 53 ' W cr C' J' LL L' Q" I A FF-F I-'u' Pwr ' "f" ' """"' ""' """" Y ' .n es rr M" :FF IFFILII 4 r ' ,I W , a I I I ' ' M n.,,1..,,,,,.,Af ..,. A ,., Fifty-four 'THE 1931 ORACLE Q P ,x Y Y .fu K, N J" ,. 11" gig ' .ll ,,-:- - "" I y W H' , A , f W E 933 LAI 'L' +"7W 'TW """f I. -.-12' 'Ff"f Qi Mn if Fif if f EW wr Frm mm, f my ' ' -ij mi I 1 In eu-LLMLWRII l'l V I" 15 suing, U J JUNIOR6 'gag JW 3. -,u CD UNSANE MSYILUM 15362 ""-:AA I A I X9 6 'W 1 L THE 1931 ORACLE -'-Lf' i,'51"" 1 ... ,A 1'Q X 9il in 'rl 5 VH W W FW F W ' . WYPA LLL si ii aa' if Wi W t:":'s mm 2 Wifi 3. -1 lp rc, rig nm F' ,EH FEV 1U-Ll--l HEL! P Iulpyfiyhnt ' K' 4'-1 gm 1 Y, .f1J,Jv..d.l.,,gW3m' Nh' W tml,-, w n THE 1931 ORACLE Ll ,mum- "-'AU',, ll li rrr Fra' PM P'l' mi .l , 5 E Nl , sr l as rt F ,,,i ,,l,5l,l ...A.. ..... , .......... lf ffl 3 f 1' 1 1 y ou f r 'A - , W fff eq : Q" LV 5" --- , ,J . f " . H -"--"-' - , l ln es rs Fl -'il - A Elhl - M - w....l...' H' ' 1' I N .- Adams, Kenneth Adams, Richard Akerley, Walter Albee, Lionel Albert, Gerard Allan, Iris Alpren, Bennie Anderson, Harmon Arnold, Ruth Austin, Elwood Bailey, Donald Bailey, Ralph, Jr. Bailey, True Baker, Dorothy Baltrus, Anna Barron, Olive Bean, Allan Bean, Pauline Beedy, Clara Berzin, Erna Bishop, Robert Bloom, Nathan Bolka, :Stephana Bouvier, Deaurel Bowie, Dorothy Bowie, Eugene Bradbury, Anna Bradford, Norma Bragdon, Helen Brazas, Lueienne Briggs, Ernest Briggs, Isabelle Brinck. Ruth Brown, Gerald Buchanan, Robert Burgess, Douglas Chalmers, Robert Cole, Barbara Conant, Alonzo Darling, Blaine Davis, Clifford Davis, Leonard Davis, Lewis Davis, Velma Dill. Ruth Doyle, Addie Drury, Marion Dubay, Woodrow Dunham, Christian Duran, Pauline Dyer. Aileen Ethridge, Donald Field, May Fields, Winnifred Fogg, Albert Foss, Willis Frost, Dorothy Gardner, Margaret Gatchell, Alfreda Gautier, Donald Gauthier, Leontine 2. juniors-Class of 1932 Gayton, Dorothy Gibbs, Charlotte Gillnan, Russell Gognon, Bella Graffman, Bennie Grant, William Gray, Hilda Guyer, David Hammons, Betty Havey, Harry llaseall, Lawrenee Holden, Elsie Hopkins, Alfred lloude, Albert Howard, Allen Isaacson, Esta Jackson, Virginia Johnson, Arthur Johnson, Olive Jones, Phyllis Jordan, Edith Jordan, Gerald Kaulakis, Alberna Kelleher, Mary Kenney, Ruth Keough. Bernard Kerr, Eugene Laldontaine, Edith Laird, Arthur Lancaster, Wesley Lawless, Sumner Lewis, Harry Libby, Florence Loehhead, Maleohn Lodge, Clarence Lord, Hartley Manter, Wayne Marcotte, Mariette Martel, Martha Martin, Kenneth MeCarthy, James Mf'Gibbon, lva Morrison, Ada Miller, Sophia Milliken, Vernon Mixer, Gwendolyn Morrill, Geraldine Morrell, Ruth Munro, Helen Murray, Mildred Myrand, Leona Nichols, Glendon Parker, Charlotte Parker, Herbert Parker, Hudson Parker, Leo Parmalee, Richard Peaehey, Victor Penley, Marian Perkins, Hadley Perkins, Thelma Phillips, James Phoenix, Adrienne Piper, Marcia Poirier, Lucien Powers, Dorothy Pratt, Eleanor Pray, Geneva Radomski, VValterlena, Raymond, Sylvia Reidman, Jennie Roberts, llelen Robinson, B. Elizabeth Robinson, Charles Robinson, Merle Robinson, Phyllis Rogers, Sidney Ryder, Emma Ryan, Roberts Sedgley, Blanche Shaekford, Clyde Sarauw, Nellie Shapiro, Selma Shulman, Morris Simmons, Pauline Skinner, Richard Smith, Frances Spear, Frederick Starbird, Holman Steele, Theodore Stone, Pauline Strout, Weston Swasey, Allen Sweeney, Alfred Taber, Donald - Taleott, Constanee Tame, Wendall Taylor. Elizabeth' Thorne, John Torsey, Kathleen Towle, William Tripp, Dorothy Turner, Myrtle Uff, Donald Urquhart, Byron Vaillancourt, Leo Vere, Thomas Vic-kery, Harriet Webster, Edwin P. White, Clifton White, Ernest Whitehouse, David Whitehouse, Harry Widrowitz, Jennie Wiener, Milton Winner. Joseph Wiswell, John Worthen, Harold Yakawonis, John Young, Frieda, Zallen, Morris Page Fifty-:cm n 'THE 1931 ORACLE MR' MVN hrs xoszmrb Iugn' Fifty-L'1'f1I1t ,- - ,,.. ., W ff"'Xf1f L+. s' L" aa' PEE ff? 'fm F , - Y p' gg! rff Ff EH" FEI Fl-lvl Hill-I F IMHIII' ' 5 'THE 1931 ORACLE Y i ' J' Y- "ur F T V' . H, a Wvxilx FLW? 4 . fu w W F! 'II Wm . -1 lvl! MWF F ,.ij, WW fir FET11' mir, f f 'D Wg1 f ' ' K' DI cr, L+: L FF pp , 4 AA . , 'r: r'. ft' i Q EF rn rr mg A I m I I JI 1 I I I I gl 5OPHO OR A r y ik , " F7 fav t 'Im --'ll X X N ml u,,mm,,ul1lN'. x X X-N , X K, X .1 a. ox v if I! .4 THE 1931 ORACLE f"11'iQ '51nf" ? ggi 4 SJ f ,gm ----- I A '1!U eIll'1N rr FFT 'El rllffullj If FEE rf W EA, , L-sr PF L" GF' 'Wu ws 'Iwi Wg ' -Aix 'r,':f' '33 U mm rm Fif md rlmlff FFF FM- HM- r 1354-THU lr' , Mx i Q Iwi lu-LLQQEQVI u .lu L Il. I EAM.-, L' W 1 V v r . L THE 1931 ORACLE .. C - j . .,,. il dm . E, -M is I rf, sz FFf F' a ll 1., ,rg i . fn H h bl!! I in fbi F r , -, "'C". ""' "' F: F 'iii 1" 'u I In EFI FE , r cw rr rt Har I , ' ' I' H' l ,' .,,.1,. rxlmotr, cm-1 Abbott, Cushman Adams, Marjorie Akerley, Basil Allen, Pauline Ames, Byron Anderson. Jeanette Andrews, Kenneth Apsega, Frank Arnold, Eldreth Ashton, Euroda Auger, Alma Ault, Jane Barton, Betty Basinet, Roger Bassett, Theresa Benoit. Wilfred Berry, Alberta Berry, Edith Berry, Freeman Bilodeau, Raymond Bisbee, Susan Bixby, Chester Blaisdell, Malcolm Bower, Philip Bowie. Evelyn , Brackett, Merrill Bragdou, Mildred Braley, Erwin Brown, Carleton Bubier, Carleton Budden. Dorothy Bunker, Walter Caldwell, Martha Capano, Pasquale Capano, Rocco Cartland, Frances Carver, Margaret Chaplin, Clifford, J Chicoine, Yvette Childs, Raechel Churchill, Marian Clough, Ruth CluE, Billy Clukey, Donald Cobb, Edward Cobb, Louise Cole, Clarence Cook, Irene Coombs, Fern Conway, Rita 1. Sophomores-Class of 1933 Voston, Etta Coston, Zetta, Crunk, Margaret Darling, Isabelle DeCoster, Eugene B. Deletetsky, Abraham Desjardins, Ida Dewhurst, Nellie Dorsay, Arietta Dow, Ruth Dunlop, 'William Dyer. Earl Eggert, Wendall Ellingwood, Irving Emerson, Leslie Emery, Priscilla. Enman, June Faunce Azel Finnegan, Donald Fisher, Helen Goldman, Myer Gould, Roscoe Gorman, Annette Green, Kenneth Greenleaf, John Hachey, George Harris, George, Jr. Harris, Ray Harrison, John Hartford, Edith Hatch, Elsie Hath orn e, Lawrence Hawkins, Marion Hebert, Katherine Hewison, George Hobbs. Lillian Howard, Elizabeth Hurley, Beatrice Hutchinson, Hope Irish, Erland Jewett, Mona Jones, Ruth Kenney, Barbara. Kenney, Mary Kornahrens, William Kurtz, Alice Labbe, Rose Lane, Doris Lavin, Annie Legendre, Jeanette Lelansky, Charles Lclansky, Esther Levasseur, Jeanette Libby, Charles Libby, Marjorie Libby, Milon Long, Caleb Longel, John Lothrop, Ethel Loubier, Camilla Lowell, Henry, Jr. Magno, Carol Magno, Cornelia Magno, Oren Maguire, Francis Maguire, Joe Martin, Clara McAllister, Mildred McGilvery, Gerald MeGlinchey, Florence McLearn, Sidney McMahon Ralph McNally, Everett McNally, Willlla Merrow, Evelyn Milliken, Ruth Mixer, Grover Mixer, Kathleen Morgan, Lucy Motyl, Anna Myrick, Harry Nason, Lewis Nichols, Duane O'Donnell, John Oleis, Wangelin Palmer, Corene Parker, Ralph Parmalee, Anne Parsons, Agnes Pearl, Norman Perkins. Forest Plante, Eva Pomeroy, Charles Pynes, Evelyn Redmun, Evelyn Reidman, Ernest Reny, Juliette Richards, William Rideout, Dwight Roberts, Louise Robinson, Marion Robinson, Niles Ryan, Gerald Sacre, Ralph Saindon, Yolande Sawyer, Helen Scribner, Robert Seymour, Elsie Seymour, Merwin Shaunesey. Charlie Shaw, Lloyd Simpson, Gerald Sleeper, Myrna Smith. Alfred Spaulding, Lawrence Spencer, Clarence Spencer, Flora, Spencer, Irma Spencer, Walter Spencer, Ralph C. Stacey, Charles Stelmok, Lydia Stevens, Dorothy Stockbridge, Gwendolyn Stoddard, Grace Stone, John Stone, Richard Strauss, Eleanor Taylor, Arlene Thomas, Zadie Thornton, Maxine Tilton, Grace Tourigny, Florence Trafton, Ruth Tukey, Orson Turner, Blaine Vcrrill, Helen Vickery, Alice Vincent, Albert Vining, Glen Walton, Orris White, Barbara White, Harriet Willey, Richard Wilson, Charles Wilson, Lillian Windle, Gordon Wing, Richard Winslow, Dean Woodbury, Richard Woodworth, William Page Sixty-o11c THE 1931 ORACLE ..U-'uf-if Q, N L gw,,,1,,e,J,,mml LHIIWL,-In .4 G n wi .Q a nu 1 L ' 'Vx :I Y K Ein r-EIEFF I Lv FII Pwr "MJ ' 7 V H H Efffcr- 1 """ I 4 ,Nl ' F . I M , EF .FREE x f EE5FEFrfrrfIn1LLl f QM ' THE 1931 ORACLE Q , ,HMV il? gm, U 1 my. PM Q ...M W F ,, W m r fren ,., ni M ,V ff' fn in Fm, N: F IIi:LlMHl:-1 . QHHHEFHFIEI ' Q lf 1CFf'Hf Mk Eh f mf v !"' - 1 m.,.L.' fs if u ,' WL.. W" JVBDZICSBHUFAXYQ L 7 ,iw X! V' , W I 4 . M fl X N J WM 'THE 1931 ORACLE vfffil qzffnff' 1 - 1 mx J ww FFF msn E M, p . H, 9, gp px 'cm rw 'cam ,-in X ' 2 In en rw :cd NEP? FFT FEL- L1I...I- r NM .'l' W 1 ' v .J.....f ', 1 ,.' A " ' +.w THE 1931 ORACLE V , llll, gfgiff. A ' ir"1f"-' pmt' t .---A- 5491: I A"" II it l 1 so E, P new -W-'---- l A A Fra- I-rw neg F ,ig "ith l f-r "1f--- , J Q V F1 ,rrrf rsr J nm, f ,hi 5-1 1-1'------- H '-'Q'-1'-- A re. g A W m WAY.. Hill Freshmen-Class of 1934 CWebsterj Abbott, Edmund Abbott, Jesse Abbott, Myrtle Adkins, Frances Alden, Alice Allan, Robert Allen, Viola Andrews, Ruth Austin, Arnold Bailey, Doris Bailey, Frederick Bailey, Martha Baker, Arnold Barboutis, Nickolas Barnes, Herbert Bassett, Lester Bean, Gerald Bearce, Lawrence Bedell, John Bennett, Beatrice Benson, Catherine Berry, Albert Berry, Louise Bickford, Anita Bickford, Phyllis Bilodeau, Irene Blaisdell, Bernice Blaisdell, Ervin Blanchard, Franklin Bowden, Donald Bowie, Lulu Bowie, Philip Bradbury, Isabel Braley, Verna Bridgham, Carolyn Bridgham, Harold Bridges, Thelma Briggs, Donald Brockman, Leila Brown, John Bryant, Lilla Buchanan, Marguerita Burgess, Virginia Bushey, Evelyne Bushey, Isabelle Cameron, Stanley Carver, Fernc Carvill, Raymond Chase, Mary Church, Ellison Cook, Osmond Crocker, Robert M. Hodsdon, Helen Hodsdon, Ruby Pitcher, Phyllis Plummer, Phyllis Cronk, Clarence Cummings, Irving Cunliffe, Priscilla Damon, Deane Davidson. Irene Davis, Lawrence Dege, Doris Dege, Dorothy Dick, Margaret Bingley, Leighton Doe, Laura Doe, Roger W. Downing, Frederick Dufresne, Barbara Dunham, Belle Duran, Fred Edwards, Almeda Elliott, Maxine Ellis, Hilda Estes. Margaret Estes, Wayne Fenderson, Nina Pickett, Evelyn Flaherty, George Fyfe, William Gagnon, Fernand Gammon, Marguerite Garcelon, Barbara. Gibbs, Norman Goding, Clarence Goodwin, Ralph Gough, Horace Gould, Carl Howell, George Green, Leon Ilall, Charles Hall, Franklin Hall, Geraldine Hall, Marcia Hanson, Marjorie Harlow, Louise B. Harper, Elinor Harris, Clinton Harris, Ford Harris, VVilliam Hartford, Victor Hebert, Fernand Hewison, Irene Hodsdon, Ruth Howard, Frances Howe, Marion Hoxie, Margaret Jacobs, Elizabeth Jacubouis, Frances Johnson, Marion Jordan, Arline Jordan, Barnard Jordan, Charles A. Judkins, Geraldine Kessell, Robert Knowles, Erwin Kolchakia Satanic ' h 5 Lachance, Armand Langley, Bernard Leadbetter, Edith Leblanc, Jeanne Leclair, Rudolphe Libby, Helen Lisbon, Lora Litchfield, John Littlefield, Lewis Long, Albion Lord, Frank Loubier, Jean Lunt, Ruth M. Marvis, Lilliette McAllister, Carlton McKinney, Richard Merrill. Virginia Miller, Elmer Miller, Estelle Miller, Kenneth Mott, Harold Muller, Arthur Muller, Charles Neil, Edna Nichols, George, Jr. Niles, Clifton' Norris, Cora Parker, Augustus Parsons, lone Patterson, Victor Pease. Alfred Perkins, Edwina Pierce, Albert Pike, Laurence Poland, Luella Pratt, Marjorie Pray, Charles Preble, Ruth Proctor, Edith Rand, Joyce Record, Arlyn Redinun, Muriel Ricker, Ralph Ryder, Harold Sacre, Margaret Saunders, Virginia Schoppe, Robert Scribner. Ernest Shaunesey, Irving Sherman, Marion Smith, Orald Spearin, Thelma Stacey, Madelyn Starkey, Lucille Stevens, Beverly , Stevens, Calvert Stevens, Eugene Stoddard, Louise Strout, Betty Strout, Kenneth Sylvester, Evelyn Talcotte, Janette Thurlow, Reginald Timpany, Jane Tracy, Justin Turgeon, Beatrice Turner, Edwin Vosmus, Ruth Vyc, Albert Walker, Eleanor Walsh, Eleanor Webster, Marguerite White, John Whitehouse, Clara Williams, Alfred Williams, Ruth Wright, Louise Yates, Forrest Yeaton, Ruth Zinkevich, Rosetta Page Sixty-fi'ue 'TH E 1931 ORACLE FN, p r,. , .fJ.f1 'f llli'irl5 , J at Q ee if Ei rss P ,, nl iii F' PF F" , U, ll """' ""' "IC F f,-lf Wil, : n EF TF FE f J. :nf nr I nu f H - l w...I.' -' ' 1' ' ' ' 'W' - .2-me me . ,ay V ! I l , , Freshmen-Class of 1934 C Lincoln J Arnold, Lloyd L. Ballard, Robert K. Berticellie, Albert J. Boisvert, Alida Brennan, John F. Brown, Esther M. Cloutier, Julien P. Davidson, Claude K. Deletetsky, Lawrence Dennison, Leonel Dupont, Claudette Gagnon, Jeannette M. Groves, Grace I. Groves, Howard E. Page Sixty-.si.1: Hayman, Samuel Hofman, Werner K. Lafleur, Henry A. Lawler, Joseph MacWi1liams, Philip McGrath, John A. Meltzer, Edmund Meltzer, Leonard Miller, Herbert A. Miller, Lewellyn C. Moskovitz, Michael Noel, Ralph L. Plante, Willie L. Raymond, Anita D. Reny, Alice M. J. Robinson, Edna M. L. M. Saindon, Georgette M. Painchand, Jeanne R. Phenix, Jeannette M. Siegel, Leah Shifter, Jacqueline J. Small, Bernice H. Stukas, Anthony, Jr. Thomas, Mary D. Thornton, Leroy H. Whitmore, Lilliette N. Zarkauskas, Nellie THE 1931 ORACLE . ' -. v i 'ck .. -m......... .m 1 l-il1p ,TQQE ffmqff HA' ..,A,,+- , r i i Q g fi ww i Eze i , Q1f,f ,.,,, f ffm MBU rm wr wiv mir f xref ' ' ...J W 1 L Ill WL-Llm4m.i.J4 -1. l 'l1'uJv-wlllxm f Qvci qmigafions f'tN ' Os-cvrn affc QL, B Sunhlov- M+2rar'-1 Cfuk Lib,,.,y.m1 Qocfovk Club Debahiv-1 Sogzehf GIS-BIC, owncfl Sfwles-1+ Comme-'I S9n1'0v-pb-T Cad' Hof'-x8 EQ. Ciub '1u3l'uxK IXQTEMHQS r lIEiT'1EIl,rirIEri L f irm THE 1931 ORACLE H cfs". L1 1' Wil Y 24+ """ yi -liiiiii " ' H ' in mwr F ,lLIlV+gf'l' .5 FEI? mmf f M ' ' .....,.,... I I lui I ii ' l .ll ' gal. F, ll I-4 M Wu. 'Iv ,. Student Council UF1"ICliRS I'r'fxw'z1'm1t, ll,XL'L HRCPKLXN Virz'-l'1'a'.s'i1la'11i, Li-in VAlLL.XNL'O1'R'l' Serratary-Trva.mri'1'. PAUL SULLIVAN MEMBERS Richzircl Childs Mililri-sl Nlnrray .luseph Maguire- Ray Muslim Alfred Sweeney Charles l'onirrm Doris NVinrll:: Carl Allluolt Pzmlim- 'l'u1'ne1 Willis Foss William Clull' Bennie Gmriinzm lflsie Hziicli There are sixteen home-rooms in the present institution, each presided river hy a icacller, and frmn twenty to forty students in each room. Each room, without regard to size, is entitled to one representative in the Council. The student clmsen as El representative for this body is, usually, one whose qunliliczilion makes it possible for him or her to best voice the wishes of that group. Such meinher may lie conspicuous he-cause of high rank ur some other xittziinnient. The elections are held in thc several rooms at Stated periods early in the fall seniesler. The candidates' nziines :ire presented hy mnnimition from the tiuor :ind the election is usually hy hzillot :Liter the numi- nzitions have ceased. This group has clmrgc uf the piihlicatiuii of the li. L. liziiicllmok. :L coin- pendium which serves :is zi guide tu the inembcrs of the incoining class. The Council considers any ur all matters pertaining' to the hest interest of lfdward Little. including' the promotion of dances and other events. The ZLilT'l of the Council is to ever he El source of inspiration and guidance to all activities. Puyi' ,X'i.1'ty-Mglht THE 1931 ORACLE . s 'i'1I"'U iii g i ffffiw nncffi its -. if .M tg, Qi tip, ' W Eli glliiiigi -'-----" i -------- - -- ' ' "--"" " tid l Jiii in Fir Em I lllil' FFF Fifi Fill? F itll - ' f-f----'-' --4 m..l..L.i..LLV..i.1..t....,,,,H4.i.' In W' 'mf'-lihfuii Girls' Council OFFICERS P1'e.ria'c'1zf, BARBARA l,lf5AD1sr:'1"1'E1z Vice-P1'c.ri11m1t, Ixus ALLEN Sm'1'z'i11ry-T7'ea.ru7'e1', RUTH CLOUGH MEMBERS Dorothea Bailey Hilda Grey Irene Cook VVinifred Coburn Helen Munroe Mary Kenney Council of VVomen Kliss Jessie Alley. Miss Christine Yorwood, Miss Miriam Rice The accomplishments of the Girls' Council this year have been numerous. ln carrying out its program the Council has been kept busy preparing' for speakers, assemblies. teas, and entertainments. The first of the year started with a bang with the annual picnic at Thorncrag when all the girls of the school filled themselves with hot-dogs. apples, ginger ale, etc. ln November the Council secured Mrs. Clifton ll. Gray, wife of the Bates president, to speak before the Edward Little girls on "College Life". In conjunction with the Student Council the Girls' Council staged a Football Dance for the pur- pose of raising funds for the rewards presented the football men. As a spe- cial feature a Mothers' Tea was held in the gym and a pleasant evening was enjoyed by those in attendance. To top off all this thc Council is anticipating the May Masque. which is yearly sponsored by this group. Page .Sll,ffj'-'IIIAPIL' TH E 1931 ORACLE I Q J i i , , AA v-,- in 4. VVQQEV 11- ,dll lil. W fl ,. ll . .. , 1.. it P' - it A L 5" "lf F in . lzxy H I . I Q 2 i l n w n il' F hum "'l m.,,,,,.,... The Oracle STAFF Editor-in-Clzivf, 'PAUL SULLIVAN BllJli1I6'SS jWIH1IIgl?7', JAMES OLlVlfR Faculty fldzfisor, Miss EDNA CORNFORTH Assislant Editor, JEAN Mvxkin' Join' Editors, Literary Editor, BE'r'rv Fosmcx BETH GETCHELL, XYILLARII Ilmmxs Slwff Ed1'f0", VVEBSTER BEAN Ifu.vl'mxv.v .-l.r.rl'.rfu11f.r. Art Editor, Ilonornm BULEY ERNEST ROBERTSON, RAY MAKSNO Typist, Emwox KIMBAI.l. PERSONALS Richard Childs Elma Kittreclge Malcolm Dunlap lidgar Penne-ll Theresa Starhird Donald Russell Aldon Kanlakis Charlotte Mclienncy Charles Krapovieky lin-lyn Gosling Anna Cartwright Annette Lelansky The original Oracle was a monthly magazine serving as a newspaper, literary magazine, and yearbook all in one. ln the year l926-l927 this arrangement was changed. That year saw the incoming of the Station as the newspaper, and the establishing of the Oracle as the Yearbook. The school does not support a literary publication, but a smattering of literary work is to be found in each the Oracle and Station. From the time the Oracle became a yearbook each step in its growth has been marked by strenuous effort and failure. These failures have pointed out the rnts to be avoided, and the high standards set by previous staffs have served as goals to be surpassed. 'llhe work of the staff is in the direction of building a book that shall pre- sent a picture of school life as it is at Edward Little. that shall record on paper the accomplishments of the year. and that shall act as a reminder to you of your high school career. 1711 111' SI"Zf'1'11f'V THE 1931 ORACLE l"l un?" F A A iv ryyg itll ,wil e - T Q-Q1 24 i ll . i lm 1 ft We 5 ,f'i'bf77' W -' Vip ri- wir are ' ,tg MQ' at it ,Fir if ,utr fir it ri, f it T VET' a.x.f ..e...,,..., Front Row, left to right: Bernard Mann, Charles Pomeroy. Jean Murray. Paul Sullivan. Rear: Clarence Hebert. Coach john Manning, Frederick Spear. Debating lidward Little achieved its primary aim in the debating held in l93O-l93l. The season was a success. Not, perhaps, in the number of interscholastic victories, for there were noneg but in the development of real debaters that are, and in future years will be. a credit to lfdward Little. The question for debate was, Resolved that: "The chain store is detrimental to the best interests of the ,Xmerican public." This chain store problem proved to be an interesting subject, both from an economical and social standpoint. .lean Murray and liernard Mann, with Frederick Spear as alternate, did fine work for the affirmative while Charles Pomeroy, l'aul Sullivan, and alternate, Clarence Hehert, did equally as well for the negative. Coach john Manning arranged the work that interest would be high until the last moment, lly his unfailing energy and abundance oi good humor. Mr. Man- ning kept the old pep and fire among the workers and became admired by every member of the debating teams. Three interscholastic debates were held, the opposing schools being Lewiston, Huckheld, and Deering. In the preliminary round of the Hates League the jordan lligh negative team defeated the lf. L. allirmative 2-l in a close battle, which took place in Moulton Hall. On the same night liuckfield High School gained a 3-O decision over the lfdvvard Little negative team. ln this debate llaul Sullivan was adjudged best speaker. The hnal tilt saw the li. L. negative team meeting Deer- ing lligh at Deering in a no-decision debate. 1511111 .h41"Z'l'llfj'-Olllf' TH E 193 I ORACLE , lfif-A' f'TFfTU" 'U I 'P ff 1 f 'FF 5 W WP' .um 1 ' mnnuunumum gfujggg g jr!! 9 XWWTX W Sim' FMW MIJHL f' X X X EL vi L k A 7 Y 2 ix My iv M R 1 pl-PM Fmwlw Wulf'-l -mix ununuul umnulmnmuuun Krvmge-3 A 'mini HJ mln 4 U ri N J' ww FCM WV mutt! M nj: W xl -ir " y M - , '1 P., -,. v. I w' ,, ' 'J , x xl p Ji Vx 1 W I N N 1 I I W xjm 93.1-L-.J--1.-0--J-2-x--qwmuhil I"'a'.EjK,l!nm H! I, g, A Warn' .N'1'7w'1ztvv ITU Q - 'TJ 'Q 5 3 an ,- E 9 Z l T5 - 545 CII-1,2 ..-, EDT 75 .E L-'ff 1171 31" .EJ 22.42 5:6 .::4.. Z ":1':, m'33 :FC .2 Z y,.J- QU 3-v-:' 1252 El' ,gwl 15.5- o .E 'i 'T -:L Ei: QE: au-1 7i'f,f 17:5 Alfa.: 'Zigi' UE? E57 QE Er-Gif? E 'S -Z L? A THE 1931 ORACLE . . - .U i fu' g:'ffC.- 1 I ' '-'Y " """ v li l 1 -- I -'Q rs . r iii F- Hi F I H yllsl , lm .la in ml I as an F ,lr lil . . . M-,J-1 J' 1' I L 9' 'mira Hn Vf"'Ti" ' W Aunt Millie. CHARLOTTE MCKEN mar . . ,, "Sk1dd1ng CAST COMMITTEES H Chairman, BARBARA LEADBIZTTIER MALCOLM DUNLAP Barry Fosmcx RICHARD BAns'row Juni: SAWYER CLARENCE HEBERT HEI.EN Bunn WII.BI:Iz'r FIFIELD HAROl.D CHAPLIN ELINQR KIMBALL MISS Doius GRANT Mrss MAncAnE'r Jammu Andy Hardy. Mrs. Hardy, judge Hardy. Estelle Hardy Campbell, Grampa Hardy, Marion Hardy, Oscar Stubbins, VVayne Trenton III. Myra Hardy VVilcox, Coarlzcr, Assistantr, CHARLOTTE Mclisxxl-tv, Blarrx' Fosmcx BERNARD IWANN, RICHARD BARSTOW Prom-arh, ' RAY BIAGNO Arszfvtanzt Program, GI-:okcza HAIGII, Doius WINDLE Jos WINNER Propcrfy Man, DONALD RUSSELL Elerh'ir1'm1, PHILIP BIAXFIELD Stage Carpmi-ter, PAUL Boorruw Our Senior Drama, "Skidding", scored a big hit before the enthusiastic audi- ences that witnessed it April 23-24 in Moulton Hall. The success of the produc- tion demonstrated the ability and hard-work of the cast, committees, and coaches. "Skidding" is a take-off on the modern life of an Idaho family. Judge Hardy is up for renomination to the bench. When his married daughters, Estelle and Myra, leave their husbands and come home, Mrs. Hardy walks out on them all. Marion Hardy, just home from an eastern college, campaigns for her father unsuccessfully and ends up in becoming a candidate for the legislature. When Wayne Trenton Ill, a young engineer to whom she is engaged, objects to her political career, they quarrel and many amusing situations follow. The leading male role, that of Wayne Trenton III, was commendably acted by Harold Chaplin. His part was a difficult one and did not afford ample oppor- tunity for his obvious dramatic ability. Helen Buker displayed unusual talent as Marion Hardy. Her role had many long and sometimes emotional lines that she executed in such a manner that made you feel it was the real thing. Malcolm Dunlap had the house roaring with the antics of Andy Hardy. On several occasions during the performance the rest of the cast would have to pause until the laughter died down, because of some remark or caper sprung by Andy. Pa and Ma was well done by Richard Barstow and Betty Fosdick. It is not known yet whether Pa has impressed it upon Ma's mind that an election and nomination are not one and the same. Charlotte McKenney, as outspoken Aunt Millie, cleverly played her part. Estelle and Myra, the two married daughters of the Hardy family who changed their minds and changed them again and still some more, were none other than June Sawyer and Elinor Kimball. WVilbert Filield is well fitted for the role of Oscar Stubbins, the political schemer. Boy, how that fellow muzzles his Blackstone! Grampa Hardy, a right spry gent of the old school, was admirably played by Clarence Hebert. Page 5'r"z'r'n-fy-tlu'ec THE 1931 ORACLE i , ". .AH gen' J' - i 1 II 'llv ......, N! W-- V , A FFF I-rf F .'-51' 'wins' : A L fi . L F A A+ - f A-LH Second Place Winner 'SNOW LS O Q D .V S and Behind S 1 o ire Mo o ihf Ofaflff vnu. v. No. 7 AL'Bl'RN, MAINE. wrzlrxssxmv, JAN, 1. 1931 10 CEN-13 -mg Copy G. Herbert Taylor oi Mass. ARAGING REDS COLLIDE WITH Appo1ntedE. L. Principalk MULVANEYS QUEEN CITY FIVE Brookline Suhmaster Succceds Thu Late Dr, 1GHOSTS SEEK FOURTH STRAIGHT SCALP--UP- Moulton, Qnnouncgmenr of School Board STATE QL'INTl-LT ACID TEST OF EDDIES7 e Mm' 2 i s'l'RuNc.'rH-HARD GAME CRIMSON GHOSTS SHACKLE SPEEDY MEXICAN PINTOS Mexico Fail: to Score Floor Gall Before Fourth Period-Eddles Play Great Defensive Gun: VAILLANCOURT FLASHES haw:-yum L n-my, nccnnu -any me I mum, lmmnmm mann. nn. mm funk-A or un nm. bow mr. turned mx A -needy bun um- .A-Sua umm nunnuu 26-12 hr me .L mr-u-mmm -nan-In or mm n-'mem rm. 'ni' opening wmmu mme me mn- xn. E. 1. lmfup ul D. Num: me Mmm em-nm on mn mu nu, cn mn "own-o' Ina: u nm nu. wma no vm-umm ml rr-nu mum. In me mmla w nm ol mu .mm-n ammo.. qcmmn-Q4 4- pn mul 1L,T Puck Candidates Goingyu Paces Six Hadley Tllts Amumneed By Mulger Chaplin-Gila With Cony And Lewiston muh .nmnny Mu-mln! In lm mm. mg mn A ummm. -mmm: um: :mn n new nr nnplnnu mcluaml nm vm nr mn yen-n u-mme, 'rue annul -un-mf is an mr .un-my nn-nmm-. m-Kuhn mm today Luau nm' .1-:mn iunmn qv- mf annum: wanmmq-n nn p-ge nun-J . --oi . Three Vets 0n Hand 1 For Dwng Teams Jean Murray. Malcolm Dunlap. Selmi Shapiro Avlilable From Last Susan wm. num mmm' nf nn yur'- num nennun: 1.em-Q mum -mn, me mn 1 www. or .mm-u mmm: -.nf rm mmwnmn the mmm as mning campaign mm. nn :mum-me 1.-.emu rw- Hulwud um., ,um-.1 mwef. mv nm mmm I wnnr wg nn r: I. lorefnnlc mmnu, 1. uw my mmm-r ur me mn vmny mm nm wn mn via xuduntlonvy 'nw ...ner mm members. Jun nun! ny '11, mr-mm mm-n '51, .na Selml Shapiro '12, are IH lm dlcl lm' Khll- muw wmv-munn. In nnuummn Dx me mmm for uw :fm an rn mm m me nm mmf. mummueu nn page u-mp K E Pzwr ,S.l'1'!'l1fAV-flllff' Mr. C, Herbert Taylor, Sub- w master of Brookline High Q School, Brookline, Massachu- setts has been appnlnted Princi-N pnl of the Edward Lillle High. School. A letter was received at the Office of lhe Supf. of Schools Monday morning conirming Mr. Tnylor's lccephnce of the Ed- ward Little Principalship. It is expected that Mr. Taylor will as- sume his duties the secuml of Much. when school reopens af- ter the February vacation. annum. nf M. I. 1'. A Mr. 'rmar wan mm m num-.1 Mum-num-: nn mauled umm nlgh mm: mm -mi were-1 md lunnmnuu mmuu af1'm-mlogy I un nu-in-nn an 191: mm me uf-UNL nfnurnelur ul sm...-Q In Enqrnur-r has Aamm-malon. He nn nnny cvmvluled nn umm for nm Denee nr num or ummm -1 me mums uruuxe scum. Aman: ms mmm- nn an nun one I- rnmpm ol Bmmanry Eduutton me nnolhur In school Am-lnmnun. nfalnnn c-mr Mr. 'rum nm unlhl In me mm -ra High sumo: -1 wus Brian-fuer. Munennmu, mer-eng munemuxu md wunlu Immun ma mum: He ul Mn nnwlmnd u Bubmuler nr mg Hmxhlm, ran.-gnumu Hmm scam: 'mn nu mn num mnlho- muu me enema me .hmm nuf- oan -mx mmm: cum.. In :nu-ry. ms he vu .ppolnma an A mum nr 4cu-mmm: on nm rom Going Great Guns c-,mn rm m-qu IEETIIIG F011 SEIIIDR CLASS FRIDAY HGRIIIG Arlnnumumlnl from lhl IVlnelf pw. .fun 'mm-y mu za nn -1- fln! Khll I ltllinr cllll llllililtj wsu u. new may .n mu, In can-.mfm Wm. nn mv nu- nnu. A pn-nl -nmsly n an nu hlld Yhllrllly Mlrnill' In IIUGA- pmm .1 nn num:-nwlfn lu. m pm.. ORAGLE MAY BE GOMPELLED T0 SUSPEND Unless Subscription Book Will No Animated Assembly Held In Moulton Hall .Innnny Sun. nm Uuvulnr. nrmnu- ly um ur-leur mn ur mo, and u ummm A ummm u I-my emu. ra- mmed lm 'rn-many more-lu lo na. av-un me rzdurq Linn uunm may on bn-num! mpwu Mr sim vu nr my npmum nm u ma nm puv. nm nm- me nm In menannyu were manly mx-.mm -nn mlm nn- ma not num: wen my me mm! nn wma mn wmnnunn nm me ummm .annum nl me Rea' I-:nam ln un hen -snr-mum nm nn been In neu .nn wmv- n-new my num nm. c-num mm mann ummm avr' me muy. wmfn wu umaueml In muuon u-ll. 1 PUBLICATION Goal Reached Year- t Be Published Tn rn. M mn lu np, mn mx cfm.: -rr.. mm-me uf um a-mmm m-gn on lh! Fllelll Ulll Ill! KllldC'lIll Dill'- wu uf nu-u me pmym, my. mm., Paul smnvu- .nn M-msn :mu Oliver. umm 9 out ur 1-vm no sw. im, and -4 mn wo lower-aluamon luhtrribl lu llle Almllll. lh! IHA om-me vm be L nu-mu --ml-nlxlnp, The editor mum .um nm fx- mmive nfevnmnm nm! nm been lll Wulf!!! on malls!! K'nlllle1'l0d WND mn vualn-man, nr s-.neun .ml mn earns uf fammu mm-mn wlu num work an me :rn nr me yurwnu an snun nn the amnnm of ul- xmnum- u mmm. Amnnmm, mf L se-nm cllkl IIIPHLIXK tire lllldvr Wly- nl whlvh llml' ll will bk derldvd wllal rullrse 01 -1-mm 1-ul be mm.. ncmmnuea on page mm Arthur "Swede" Mulvaney brings his Bangor crew of bu- kvteers no town Thursday night to lock hornn with Red TayIur's gang of scintillating cohorts. With lha! 7-0 yridiron plaslelv ing lingering in their minds the upstaters will put forth their All in avenge matters by making it an awry evening for the Edward Litile tribe. Big Turnout Expected nf. .nn ur-. aumuu rn, -ma, nn of mn this mum :na nu-nun. www. me nw -mm ol me cfm non lm y-r an um .un-um nm, vm Ink In hilllllffdl Illlifl lllllll Il. wmmnm on mn Llano ?f- IISS LUCK, PURIEI l. L FACULTY IEIBBR, Death Lu! 11llnhy Follows Lal! llllm-Adnlnl ul Active Calwell-Retired In 1929 mu F-lxlvq um u nu Nu rm- mnn. lor .lun run 1 -nu' ol mu new-ra Lam. mum. me lm rumour ann- 1 mu lun- mm mum-1 :mm A :mmm nnumnr. .uumn um um r-mea an-an mn nm w-un ul nn mum. nur wmv mm nm mn mum rm- an ml. mu Luc. vu - rr-num ol nm- mm-. Nm-ml senwx, na ann. 1. mu.. -na um-vnnmu muon nw umm mm' nm. mn- me alum: ol 'men vm mm -1 laura umm any or nn mmm lenlon. -..- mu vm noun-mmf, nm lm Luce ln ummm In mnnnn, -na m n-.nm an lnrl nr ur umm. 'rmmn mm: vm-n u. -1 ul nun hor mmf: mnmmum. lu Luee fauna uma w nnnmpm In wm- nunny md mmm ummm. su rn lunged no ma Hun sum courq., umm cn-mn. an :uma mummy, .na nm no vnrlmn mfr.-n' on:-nur zlou. ,, -0- Enwm mme lm Pmmvsg-nwmm Rzceived Set'Back Al Home of- Websler .lunlor Hlgll Flve In Navel Bulmethall Fny The wmnnml m-le mmm: or un 1-1. 1.. H, s. -nn r:. 1.. J, H mum -umm n new -mn nm nm um un mann nl nun-umm. memmv... nur :mlm mm-mmly. mmm: mmel- un nun- mu, mmm. nr mg fx-.mmm nn-1 A mnmy mm. mmm me mm--Inman crew nl lm, Uinnllnuzd on pin mreep PLANS RAPIDLY FORAIING, ALL- GIRL 0PBRE'l'1'A Conduction u Well al Acting In llmda of Girb-February Nlnlh Date ol Prssmtatlon B. LEADBETFER MANAGER Extensive nruvnmlouc are under vu lar :hu vrewnmlnn nl "Hum al Fauna" by an clru' mee clubs. 'rn urn clubs mn bun pnencxng nn :mann numbers. and num ol no lrlndvlln nn: llnmy been frm' ,, um nm.,-N 1-0 mmm- wry mn mn. --.n1m-- menu. nw umm. ul mn mmm lCillllIlOl UI D451 ffm!! L+ DRAIATIG CLUB IN "A IAD BREAKFAST" i.T To lc Prnellol Heian 'Ilalhn Cllb ml later ll Meeting nf Saninr Dnmltle Society 'rn se-Aw nn-.uf cm lu unl- nu nrenmu rm- mn vmennmn nl 1 one m mommy ummm -'A mn m-um." 'rue nl-1. no be nn-enml lar mn um um nm many mm an funn chu of me I-nga mmm. 1- nn uprolrlmn nn.-4 mms my an nun nu. nn mm nun mma- nm noun un. -ru vm u mama u A nnmced tcuunum on use mn ..,,.... mum Little Wintm' spom tH0rganized Orglnintlon Formed By Coach Dwdky Tu Foster Outdoor Short And Competition WILLIS FOSS. PRESIDENT wnu- nu 1- vvuhiem und rm- mn Berry umm of me scum Lu la wlmr ewm cm, -. . man ur un ,lemon or mmm ma .1 nm nm mmm: nl ma rum mn mn-y :mmm-. mum up me mm M 0: num- ne. mam. Pm-er, vnu.,f-- num: .mm smlammn, S..-fu-fy n-enum: um Byron Am., -mm.: rlllllll. mum nn. an-mum nr com. '-zen Dwellcy me wxmer Bporn vm ww ICUIAKIDUEII Oil PIX? lnllil TH E 1931 ORACLE u' , , i . .,.. -' 'uilili 1 i , . . i ..+ .......... 'T L L. M W L P ,i,f .pl.l ....... ..,.. , ... .... .... A.... . i ?-' P La. 5' 5" oi. iii " ' " ""'C F wi' 'iii' I2 I 1 3 I ,I I' I' ' il ml Station E. L. H. S. STAFF Editor-in-Chief, PAUL SULLIVAN Business Mamiger, JAMES OLIVER Faculty Ad2'i.r0r, Miss EDNA CORNFORTH Loral Editor, JEAN MURRAY Joke Editors, Sport Editor, Ai.oNzo CONAN1- W1LLAnn H1cc1Ns, BETTY GETCHELL l.iterary Editor, BETTY FOSDICK .4s.v0riatc Editors, Biisimnvs A.m'szan.t, ITOLMAN S1-.ummm Davin XvHlTEH0l'SE, Tmziuzsa Bassm-T, SELMA SNAPIRO Back in '27 a group of students decided that it was not fitting for five or six hundred students to be in such close association together without a news- paper and a record of the current news of the day. Station E. L, H, S. was the result. The five years of the paper's existence has been a period of continual development. This year the Station has reached its peak, and the staff has placed in circulation editions of a newspaper that vies with those of any sec- ondary school in the state. The chief objective of the staff is perhaps the rewards received from the journalistic Conference, which is annually sponsored by the University of Maine. The Station won second place honors in state-wide competition. The South Portland High Echo was adjudged First place winner. Manager Oliver and Ifditor Sullivan represented the Station at the Orono convention. This marks the third time out of a possible five that the Station has placed in the newspaper contest. Pngr .Srivrvity-fiiir THE 1931 ORACLE 'lu 'xf1i'U l wig . 1 ig .e l M l l lt! r' ri wrt Nfl F WF Et FEE tt! l l la sr L? LL' ltr rr' ""'f: 'tit F .lil lit' ' illll El fi tt. f D rr, rr tr mul, f . l ' Q I ' I 'W t ' uywl--.l li 'Hip M..,..l..f-L... Floor. left to right: Doris Wfinille, Helen Buker, Dorothy McKay. Bernice VVo0dbury. Evelyn Simpson, Helen Richardson. Annette Lelansky. First Row: Lawrence tlarcelou, Barbara Leaclbetter, Paul Brogan. Betty Fosdick. Donald Russell, Evelyn l'0ttle, Vllillard Higgins. Seeoiul Row: Virabelle Poland. Miss Mar::ari-t jordan. Margaret Howie, Iryina Russ, Madeline Kimball. Anastasia Hamilton. Mrs. Anna Kennedy, Marion Parks. Third Row: Clarence llclu-rt. Wilbur Keith, Nelson Record, Paul Sullivan. VVL-bster Bean. Helen Curtis, Fourth Row: Malcolm Dunlap. Bernice Howe. June Sawyer. Dorothea Bailey. Charlotte Nlelienney. Beth tletchell. lilinor Kimball, Betty Harrington. Fifth Row: Harold Chaplin, Glen Torrey, XVilbert Fifield, Orland Bragdon, Ernest Robertson. Donald Ford, lffllll Boo-thby, Richard Barstow. Rt-ar: Richard Childs. Clavton Field. Bernard Mann, Alvin Roberts, Kenneth hvllllllli-Ill, Sidney Yeaton. Senior Dramatic Club Im-.vifil-nit, Iii-:'rTv .lfosDICK I'1'rc-l'rvsifIv11z', PAUL l3Roo.xN .S'rc1'vz'u1'y. BARBARA l.12ADBE'r'r1iR Trmsurm', DONALIJ RL'ssiiLL Fllflllf-X' .-la'1'i.m1'.v, Bliss M,xRo.xR1c'1' joRn.xN4, Mas. ANNA KICNNIIIJY For seven years the Senior Dramatic Club has been the chief stimulus behind Edward Little dramatic activity. This organization gives the student not only an opportunity to display his dramatic talent, but also a chance to develop his ability. Members serve as coaches. stage managers, etc., as well as actors. During the course of the year plays and playets are staged by this group. ,Xs a rule these productions are put on at the monthly meetings of the club. but occa- sionally they appear before assemblies or even before organizations not connected with the school. 'Ilhe programs this year included an address by Professor Robin- son of Bates College, a skit entitled "The Ghost Story", and other presentations. ,Xn idea of the important place the Dramatic Club holds in li. L. dramatics may be gleaned by considering its association with the Senior Drama. lt is a significant fact that every member of the cast for "Skidding" is also a member of the clubi ljlljll' .S'l'1'clrty-.rf.1' 'THE 1931 ORACLE . C C as to is l ll riff' U . Ns ' b F M l. l --- ..-. i f 5, FE rr FFF :rl in f ffll i ' A-1-------- 2 --1--1- , 1 3 In I' I ,I I dll Library Proctors' Club Pl'0SI.dFlIf, ROLAND H ALL Marguerite Arris Jane Ault Dorothea Bailey Richard Barstow Clyde Berry Irving Bishop Lucienne Brazas Barbara Churchill Ruth Clough Helen Curtis Arthur Cummings Secretary, l'lIiLlCN CURTIS Farulty Adzimr, EDNA CORNFORTH Mildred Deloche Addie Doyle Marion Drury Clayton Field VVilbert Fifield Donald Ford Elizabeth Fosdick Dorothy Gayton Betty Getchell Roland Hall Alfred Hopkins Hartley Lord, Jr. Sara Meltzer Helen Munro Eleanor Strauss Alfred Sweeney Constance Talcott Dorothy Tripp Chester Verrill David XVhitehouse XVith the addition of the East Unit Edward Little for the first time betame the possessor of a complete library. The general run of the library has been placed under the supervision of the newly formed Library Proctors, Club. This organ- ization is a pioneer in its field and its purpose is a clear and definite one. Besides attending to the business of the library the club assists in the manage- ment and promotes interest among the student body. It has the power to enforce any necessary fit. rules and regulations relative to conducting the library that it sees V' rt 1 he chief duty of the members is to be in charge of the desk. lhe work is so divided that each member holds the fort at sometime or other. Even before school sessions begin in the morning a student may be seen in Charge. Not only must he have a knowledge of the library but also he must be a disciplinarian. As well as aiding in carrying on the library, the members are afforded excellent experience through their service. Page .S'c:'011ty-,reven THE 1931 ORACLE A., s e y f ll i f W " 'L' . in -:ii in F .-in rr i if. ii ef. f Eire, it iii, iii, f .Mi ,i , e 'wg-mgWQ.', but L, Iris Allen Dorothy Baker Anna llaltrus Clara Beedy Dorothy Bowie Donald Gauthier Betty l lammons Phyllis Jones Martha Martel llelen Munro Charlotte Parker lista Isaacson Waterlena Radomski Phyllis Robinson Emma Ryder Frederick Spear junior Literary Society President. lJ.XVID VVIIITICIIUUSE I'1're-Pre.vidmif, DoNALD GAL"rH1iiR S'errefa-ry-7'rca,tio'cr, Pauline Stone Alfred Sweeney Kathleen Torsay Norma Bradford Alonzo Conant Barbara Cole Vt'init'red Fields Margaret Gardner Hilda Grey Allen Howard Edith Jordan Ruth Morrell Mildred Murray Eleanor Pratt Helen Roberts Merle Robinson H IQLEN MUNRU R obcrta Ryan Selina Shapiro Frances Smith Allen Swasey Elizabeth Taylor David Whitehouse At the beginning of the 1929-1930 school year a group of students felt the necessity for a literary organization, the result being the junior Literary Society. The personnel of the club was restricted to the junior class alone. .-Xt the end of last year these members, cognizant of the fate of all past attempts to establish a literary society at E. L.. drafted some twenty-live or thirty Sophomores to con- tinue the good work. These latter students have carried on in an excellent manner. making the foundation sound as Gibraltar, as it is sometimes put. During the course of the year the members of the society submit reports and criticisms of books which they have read. and often open forums on literature and authors are on the club's calendar. Dramatics also comes in for its share of con- sideration, These last few months of the year have been devoted to studying plays and staging two or three short dramas, Miss Pennell, under whose supervision the club was founded and is now con- ducted, is fZlCL1lly advisor. The work accomplished by the society has proved to be of great value in English courses and it also is an aid to students who are interested in pursuing the study of English farther than the high school course affords. Puyc ,S'c'1,'N1iy-r'i'!lIlt THE 1931 ORACLE - Fi ' ' ' V . :Wil fm EW - 7 ---Q fx 'S rg , ttf i m r in . E., FFF i ,lilly ..., . time: F xg " lm, 4 'mfr r-rw wg :H ,itz ,L M --'-'1"- ----"'-- ' 4 iq, in fir .- w if ill? FFF FW lllfl F "3 -X' '-'-"' H-3 --'--'----"-"- 1 -J. N I, I,, fl 1,ll. I 1 I IM. vii ' Home Economics Club I,7'6'.S'fdPlIf, l2LxzAB1t'r11 CIIANIJLICR Vice-I'r0.vic1m1ij, LUCIENNE BRAZAS Semfcfairy-fl'rcas1n'v1', GRACE STODDARD Faculty Advisory, Miss Gi1:RA1,mN1a PIERCE, Miss l-l'1tL1cN BEBoUT Lueienne Brazas Raechel Childs Marion Hawkins Evelyn Pottle Dorothy Tebbets Alice Buchanan Winifred Coburn Elsie Holden Evelyn Pynes Zadie Thomas Elizabeth Chandler Nellie Dewhurst Beatrice Hurley Helen Sawyer Yvette Chicoine Evelyn Goding Rose Labbe Grace Stoddard The Home Economics Club is one of the distinctive organizations of Edward Little and fast becoming more prominent in school life. The pur- pose of the club is to interest the girls in Home Economics work and to give them advantages in a social way. This year the club has accomplished a number of notable things. doing good for others. A drive was held to sell E. L. pins for the express pur- pose of promoting school spirit: books were attractively wrapped and given to the hospital at Christmasg scrap books were also made and sent to the hospital: the club sold wreaths at Christmas time to make lidward Little appear festive. A lecture was sponsored with Dean Wallace of Nasson Insti- tute as speaker. Under the auspices of this organization a tea was given to members of the faculty preceding their meeting. and members gave papers at the XYomen's Literary Lnion, The club also sent XYinifred Coburn and Dorothy Tebbets as delegates to the State Home Economics Convention held in Augusta in May. One important feature of the club calendar was the securing of a club room in the high school. This is the first time that an organization has been so honored. Patil' Smfcmy-11,1'11e THE 1931 ORACLE fir 4 ?'11'fa i fL'T'.f. 4 in '44' i l '- '--- -'-"--" tb' - lil! Erllrrrjc 1 lfllll FFF tiff' till, r im! p ii ra M i ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, t , Q ur, r rr Ft' I r i "P" 'lr' mil? Milli F Wmmmiimmm V m....i. ..a.....l,f,siWt ,,,.,t,.. ' it H1-Y Some two years ago. about eight high school boys assembled at the .-Xuburn Y. Bl. C. A.. with llireetor S. Arnold Calahan to eonsider the formation of a boys' club. Upon deciding to form a elub for high school boys, this handful of youths met every Xlondav evening during the sehool session. .Xt hrst no name was given to the elub. but finally, as they had planned it, it became one of the hundreds of Hi-Y Clubs thruout the United States, The first year these charter members laid out their plans as best they could, drew up a constitution, and took in a few carefully selected members. The tirst president was Albert Oliver, lf. l.,, TSO, and viee-president, James Oliver, E. lv., '3l. 'llo arouse enthusiasm and provide entertainment, speakers were secured for at least one meeting' a month. ln September. 1030. the boys met, after their summer vacation, to elect new ollieers, bring in new members. and make plans for the coming year. David XYhitehouse was elected president and james Oliver was re-elected viee-president. .-X dehnite initiation was adopted and several meetings were devoted to bring- ing in new members. ln less than a year and a half. the club jumped from eight members to forty. Now it was one of the outstanding Clubs in the Y. M. C. .'X. and high school. .Xt the Boys' Conference of 1030, it was found that the Auburn Ili-Y was the largest and most progressive club in the state. A deputation team of about ii ve boys was formed which went' about to different churches putting on Sunday serviees. This team has also appeared before the Kiwanis and Lions Clubs. During this past winter. the elnb has become well known thru its successful basketball team. 'Ilhe lli-Y'ers are now planning to bring a boy from some foreign eountrv to the lYorld lioys' Conferenee in Canada this summer. farm- lfigrlify THE 1931 ORACLE . r a A ll ll 5115: A 1' " 'U H we i X ' X , ll T' 11 WQ fFI e i f 55,1 EEE? i it will f lf - --I-- r T at 5, it if f :rr wr Full mltr f ill 1 W l 1 I . 'Q' li ll I 'I ' lull' Concert Orchestra Ruie Brooks Marion Drury Donald Russell Anna Baltrus Roscoe Gould Pauline Simmons Amasa Bisbee Lawrence Hascall Frances Smith Irving Bishop Allen Howard Grace Tilton Orland Bragdon Barbara Littlefield Thomas Vere lidna Canham Martha Martel Frieda Young Marion Churchill Sara Meltzer Charles Yeaton Ruth Clult Evelyn Merrow . Crissie Dunham Nelson Record The Edward Little Orchestra has held a prominent place in the scheme of musical instruction for many years. Participation in the activities of the orchestra is elective, and credits are given to deserving members. This year has produced a fine group, which has an enrollment of twenty-Eve members. The orchestra has a policy similar to that of the band in regard to public appearances. On several occasions select groups of the orchestra play on 501116 school or even some outside program. At the joint musicale of jordan High and Edward Little music clubs. the E. L. orchestra in its entirety made an excellent appearance and received generous praise for its work. Pane Efglify-one THE 1931 ORACLE , , ., 9. ' " ir llll -1"f'i..A 'DLI' ' 'li i QA! f"' . , I i lr 44 Qslglfbj 5 1 3 1 mi FEE f iii iii fi fl . :iz 4' V' L: . n.-- , ffl" "if Hfzc l,-in 'W' l im if fir in ii, Ft Elf, Fir Fill, Mm, f , wli ir . bla K h , lv' E. L. H. S. Band Carl Abbott Clarence Cole John Greenleaf Donald Bailey XYillard Drake Clarence Hebert Richard Barstow Marion Drury Allen Howard Irving Bishop Earl Dyer Elinor Kimball Orland Bragdon Irving Ellingwood Barbara Littletield Edna Cnnham Clayton Field James Oliver Marion Churchill Russell Gilman Edgar Pennell Ruth Cluff Roscoe Gould Nelson Record Donald Russell Clyde Shackford Frances Smith Holman Starbird Eleanor Strauss Thomas Vere Charles Yeaton The E. L. H. S. Band of 1930-1931 has maintained the standard set by Edward l.ittle bands of the past. 'Ilhe group is composed of some 30 members and meets an hour each week for rehearsal. Both boys and girls take part in the activities of the band. Most of them furnish their own instruments with the exception of the usual ones which are provided by the school. Besides giving its members a chance to get together the band plays in public II good deal. This past year it has furnished football games with that 'Lcolor" that is so desired, and it has played for assemblies on numerous occasions. ln May it was one of the music clubs to appear in the Jordan High-Edward Little joint musicale. Last fall the band sent three of its number, James Oliver, Nelson Record, and Russell Gilman, to llangor to play in the State of Maine Band before the assembly of the teaeher's convention. l'ugn' Eiylrfy-In-0 'THE 1931 ORACLE I, , - mfr .1 We all 1-ff., r"i1 1 l V kp ,.,. .,I W Xu 4 N if' y "M 'mWi FFF, FFF F gig lily -.--.-- ----- I ..-. 1 r .. rf, rn 1 'Emi rzrln 'Mgr F lip: linlfl-4 i ni' if Fil EER it Ei Fir iii ini f ri t r . Ml I l lui 1 ll U ll L' It U' I ii' lll'i'l1l Sophomore Girls' Glee Club Jeanette Anderson ,lane Ault Betty Barton Theresa Bassett Betty Brown Dorothy Budden Frances Cartland Yvette Chicoine Ruth Clough Louise Cobb Irene Cook Fern Coombs Etta Coston Zetta Coston Nellie Dewhurst Arietta Dorsay Leslie Emerson Priscilla Emery June Enman Edith Hartford Elsie Hatch Hope Hutchinson Mona ,lewett Ruth Jones Barbara Kenney Mary Kenney Rose Labbe Doris Lane Annie Lavin Esther Lelansky Marion Hawkins Marjorie Libby Elizabeth Howard Mildred McAllister Beatrice Hurley VVilma McNally Cornelia Magno Clara Martin Evelyn Merrow Lucy Morgan Anna Parmalee Agnes Parson liva Plante Evelyn Pyne Evelyn Redman Juliette Reny lrma Shapiro Flora Spencer Gwenclolyn Stockbridge Grace Stoddard Zadie Thomas Maxine Thornton Grace Tilton Ruth Trafton Helen Verrill Mabel Verrill Glen Vining Orris VValton Barbara VVhite Ffdward Little's Glee Clubs have established an enviable record this year, and have merited a place among the cream of Glee Clubs of Maine secondary schools. The Consolidated Girls' Glee Club consisting of sixty-two voices won the sectional contest at Augusta and then the finals at VVaterville sym- bolic of the State Championship. This group made a fine appearance and greatly impressed those who heard it. The up and coming' Sophomore class has reason to be proud of its Girls' Glee Club. The club did a lion's share, as the saving' goes, of the work in the "Pirates ol' Penzance" production-and did it well. lieingf in trim by their recent training' in junior High, the Sophomores sailed into this new enterprise and came through with colors flying. Louise Cobb was a delightful surprise as Mabel, the youngest of General Stanley? daughters. Having many solos and a large number of spoken parts, the role was a difficult one. However, she played her part laudably and impressed everyone with her sweet voice. A large part of the choruses was made up from this club. The Sopho- mores held up the tradition set by last year's club through their strong support. Pago' lfiglllly-fl1i'r'i' 'THE 1931 ORACLE . .ill Ht 'w ild it f i . L ...W T Qfilff' 34, " ,2" li fi 'rr HPQQ F lilhi r i Ei Fir if lcii Fir Fir iii- f vii . M I I fl I ,II ' ' ' ilililwig Ruth Arnold Dorothy Baker Anna Baltrus Erna Berzin Dorothy Bowie Norma Bradford Lucienne Brazas Isabel Briggs Barbara Cole Addie Doyle junior Girls' Glee Club Christiana Dunham Marion Drury May Field XYinit'red Field Alfreda Gatchell Bella Gagnon Margaret Gardner Dorothy Gayton llilda Grey Hazel Grover Hefty liammons Esther Isaacson Phyllis Jones lfdith jordan Alberna Kaulakis Edith l,aFontaine Florence Libby Martha Martel Ruth Morrell Ilelen Munro Mildred Murray Leona Myrand Charlotte Parker Marion Peuley Dorothy Powers Geneva Pray Elinor Pratt Waterlena Radm ,lenny Reidman Helen Roberts nski Phyllis Robinson Roberta Ryan Emma Ryder Pauline Simmons Pauline Stone Selma Shapiro Frances Smith Elizabeth Taylor The present .lunior class was the first to have the privilege of having a separate Glee Club when they were Sophomores. Last year the number enrolled for tllee Club membership was so large that it was found necessary to make a separate group of the Sophomores while the Juniors and Seniors remained in the original organization. This year the enrollment exceeded that of all previous years. making the formation of still a third girls' club imperative. The same talent that showed up so well last year again came to the front for the opera. Barbara Cole was very captivating as Frederick. the young pirate apprentice. She did very fine work in her acting as well as her singing. Phyllis Robinson as Ruth was also an outstanding character and showed great ability in portraying a difficult role. Selma Shapiro and Florence Libby figured as two of the fiCl1Cl'3l,S many daughters. Hilda Gray certainly looked a most formidable character as the leading pirate. The Juniors also had their quota in the choruses. VVe hear that the junior Club is a group of fine musicians. At least, so Mr. Pitcher tells the Senior girls. Page Eigllify-four THE 1931 ORACLE ,. . 4 H , l ill yff gf." 'U l' vi ii- V I 5 it . i .ri1 it '--------- -ar' 1 4 f r i CFP Elt EEE F Wil Jf----- --.-.----.--- - - la ai sp' at A , it iii cf-" "ia 'azz P lil. "1-'ij I r ln, EF,1fFl at t w irl! A Elk' FFF Film' llI...l, F ill A N, l VI 'li It L , rmwlv-llllg il, Dorothy Bailey Lena Baker Grace Baribault Margaret Bowie Ruie Brooks Grace Buckley Edna Canham Doris Chapman Henrietta Conrod llelen Curtis Mildred Deloche Betty Fosdick Betty Getchell Evelyn Goding Elizabeth Chandler Mildred Goding Senior Girls' Glee Club Elizabeth Harrington Dorothy McKay Bernice Howe Doris Howe Ruth Johnson Elinor Kimball Madeline Kimball Barbara Leadbetter Annette Lelansky Charlotte M cKenney Sara Meltzer Jean Murray LaReine Pendleton Myrtle Phillips Edith Pike Virabelle Poland Evelyn Pottle Frances Ray Helen Richardson Viola Sudds Dorothy Teblxetts Evelyn Verney Doris Windle Alice VVood Since "Chorus" has been removed from the Edward Little curricula the afternoon music activities have become all the more popular. The Senior girls meet once a week for an hour to participate in the activity of their Glee Club. The Senior girls made a line showing in the opera and displayed unusually fine talent. Five of the leading roles in "The Pirates of Penzance" were taken by members of this club. The dramatic ability as well as the quality of voice displayed by Madeline Kimball, the Pirate King, was certainly excel- lent for high school talent. Doris Windle was also effective as the Major General. Her imitation of a pompous Englishman was humorous indeed. Mildred Deloche showed extraordinary skill both in her interpretation of her role as Sergeant of Police and as a poet. Her witty recital of a basketball game was well fitted to her song entitled "A Policeman's lot is not a happy one". The other characters, Doris Howe and Dorothy McKay, played the parts of Samuel and Isabelle commendably. The work of Ruie Brooks as pianist aroused the admiration of all those who heard her exceptional playing. Most of the members of this Senior club were in one of the three choruses and should be congratulated on their splendid showing and cooperation. Page E1'gIity-fi-t'r.' THE 1931 ORACLE . , e - T ill ll fffiw -- 'ifdlid il , Ui.. l ,ll u it 1 f f FFF Es, FFF l ,l,l ill :iz " 'L' , l 'Ei 'ft '-'If 'ic F --in "ill l- --'--f-" -'------ i it FE Ep Ftr Flfli mtl r fri . ' n - l IB' I I HI l-i-'WHHLL'-.IU l ll l llllll' llonnld Hailey Riclmril Barstow Urlnnil Brzigclnn Irving Bishop R0hert Bishop Merrill Brnckett Paul Brugzm llnnzilzl Brown Russell Gilman Boys' Glee Club Harry Iluvey ,Xlrlnn Kzuilakis llernaril Mann lfreil Mitchell lirluzir Pennell Norman Pearl Yclson Record Ernest Rnhertson Clyde Slizickfuiwl Frederick Spear Thomas Vere Clwsti-r Verrill Jost-ph Vlfinner Charles Wilson David XVhitehouse Charles Yeaton Until this year there have lmeen no glee cluh contests in Maine. This Spring saw the introduction of such :L contest, all glee Clulms of the state being eligible to compete. ln the preliminary round for the lmoys' Cluhs held at Augusta the lidwzird Little group won first place, mainly because we were the only clulm entered in Class A cmnpetitinn. ln the linzils in VVnterville our huys hnished a shade lmehinfl llangur High, the winner. Once a week these tvventy-Five Carusos gather in the music room for an hour's practice nl clzissiczll works. During this hour a loiterer outside the room is reminrlecl uf Seth Pzirker and his 'Ionesport friends enjoying a good old song-fest. Pam' lil!-jlllfj'-.YI-.l' Music Appreciation 'TH E 1931 ORACLE . s " llll Tift' ' .ta 4 "'A" n r l . l . it . l it t. 5 lf ll-it .. . .W .. ,E in 3,33 'f I U . wr- r-rr . , ,-ji' 'ill i i r '11 P gi 55 LIFF FFF at ini r 'jj 1-1------'- lip ,?v, , I j V ' l l ljlllllii V s. .u .ww ti ..- in ... Donald Bailey Dorothea Bailey Dorothy Baker Lena Baker Anna Baltrus Irving Bishop Margaret Bowie Norma Bradford Lucienne Brazas Ruie Brooks Grace Buckley Jeanette Cluti' Ruth Clnff Henrietta Conrod Methyl Crockett Helen Curtis Mildred Deloche Louise Devine Ruth Dill Addie Doyle Marion Drury Christiana Dunham Dorothy Frost Bella Gagnon Dorothy Gayton Elsie Gervais Betty Getchell Evelyn Goding Betty Hammons Bernice Howe Doris Howe Ruth Johnson Edith Jordan XVilbur Keith llarry Kidder Mildred Lothrop Martha Martel Dorothy McAllister Dorothy McKay Ruth Morrell Mildred Murray Leona Myrand Marion Penley Virabelle Poland Evelyn Pottle Pauline Robinson Emma Ryder Viola Sudds Morris Siegel Chester Verrill Hellen VVebber Doris VVindle Jennie XYidr0witz Charles Yeaton Frieda Young The Music Appreciation Class is all that the name implies, for the objective of the organization is to create or to develop, as the case may be, an appreciation of music-good music-among those students who weekly participate in the meetings of this class, For years Music Appreciation has been a popular elective course with Edward Little students, not only for the credits gained but for the musical knowledge derived from the classes. , Under the guiding baton of Mr. Pitcher the members take up the noted operas and classical airs, and the maestros of the cult who composed them. As in all of Mr. Pitcher's classes the old pep and fire is ever present. The large numbers who yearly come out for the class are proof enough, it it were needed, of the popularity of Mr. Pitcherls classes. The Music Appreciation Class is accomplishing a great thing. lt gets us away from the jazzy stutt that the so-called modern crop of musicians seems content to play. This jazz element has its injurious effects, which we can, in part, erase, by instilling in our minds an appreciation of the classical. Page E igzlity-sczfeu 'THE 1931 ORACLE - m 1 N i , ir .ll ilyll. gi'-SP, ,r 11 .. -fd a ""' ' li ,ll 5 , , r., r ' I ,..,5., s N rr ,fr rr r 4' ,nv 1 gg rr. ff fn r W M MW Fry, HM: I ,il hull' I ................... "" 'N' r rr F f' -'-N 1 " r " ' "-l H l U 1 H I EF rm PE ., IU , HF' f' lm' W . ' Ml I I' ' ' f l l I ' il - -ff ' '.S.1-,' 1- ...A H, r '...- . ff ' ll Pzrates of Penzance CAST Richard. al Pirate King, lhlAilll2LINE ISIMBALL Isabel, -Kate, Edith, daughters of General Stanley. Frederick, a Pirate Apprentice, BARBARA COLE DOROTHY MCKAY, SELMA Snrxvino, Samuel. Il Pirate Lieutenant, DORIS HOWE , FLORENCE Lmnr Ruth, Maid-of-all-work, Pnvtms Rosmsox Sergeant of Police, MILDRED DELOCHE Major General Stanley, DORIS WINIJLE Choruses, Major Stanley's daughters, the pirates, Mabel, the GCllCl'Ell'S youngest daughter, a squad of policemen. LOUISE COBB V For the iirst time in the history of Edward Little an opera was staged with an all-girl cast. The Work chosen for reproduction by Mr. Pitcher was Gil- bert and Sullivan's noted "Pirates of Penzance". The score was arranged by Miss Gladys Pitcher, daughter .of Mr. Et S. Pitcher, our music director. Mr. Pitcher spent considerable time and labor in the rehearsals, making the production a great success. The leading characters were exceptionally well portrayed and those playing them deserve every bit of praise they received. ' The stage was attractively arranged with charming scenery that furnished a fitting background for the brilliant costumes. In addition to this, the light- ing eifects, the orchestra, the acting, and singing--all in all, combined to make the presentation sparkling in every sense of the word. Not only was the actual participating done by girls, but also the managing. With the assistance of Mr. Pitcher, Miss Pennell, Miss Huskins, Miss Pierce, Mr. Yeaton, and Mr. Bryant, several committees of girls carried on the busi- ness end of the production. Barbara Leadbetter with Frances Cartland and Margaret Gardner as aides was manager. The costumes were under the charge of Edna Canham, Phyllis jones, and Beatrice Hurley, while Dorothy Tebbets and Edith jordan made arrangements for scenery and stage decora- tions. Jean Murray was publicity director. The performance was greatly enjoyed by those taking part and those who were spectators. A great deal of credit is due Mr. Pitcher for his untiring work in every phase of the production of this well known opera. Page E iglz fy-right THE 1931 ORACLE I1 , .l I PN v,.q. Y UM '""U""'5""UN"l""""""'"V I i V F fx WE F i n e?.EiNf?3 f a+: pa as as 'A IPM? 'EHS Wi Merc P I , xp ECM I'Ff FL, wr wr FLI' mm f , -31 ,A ,' Wi.. H SPORTS . ' V A '1 . QE ff cis' Q X 'I r Q5 A K Q f gf if 1 THE 1931 ORACLE fr-Mil L"1ffJ1"' x f 51 fx "" N w, HU fx 5 mn rw sf, ESQ F , ,+ M HI f 4: rf 2 .' + Hee Hfzc P mf? I ''"""""""""""""'""""""' ' ' H EF I'Ff FE 4 I 1 F F H P 13 """""""""" M I 1 in . Will ' I ,llfurfu l'ugfr .Y111rl,x' ru E o cu m vf 1. E Vw .X an 1, E ii .1 Ly E 11 E P E Eu E 4: N --a '-711+ J: J. rl , Q an ". ,-I .12 ci, OF S15 C4 ,,- U Eb, qw mi -CI C-:rv EN A JSE: E6 ' Q- 9 E43 QE 3, .. , -5,525 :El ' ,,.. .451 'H FJ 2 E-' QE- DME IZ-ggi HW 3.4512 THE 1931 ORACLE .. W.. 4 --ees -s nif f g:'1'?,. ' ' u' im --'--- N ' , ' yi UI fx " ff -F' as: Ph- ' Hr-P F il' "1l'i'.'l' fb , p A , , ' . .5 K ' gi 5, F, f fir rn ct nm f ing A lim 'I 1 It Q A 4 , M 1 ' V ' i llll' Football Captain, FRANK DAUNIS Manager, PAUL BEAN C 0a-ch, LINWOOD DWELLEY Adams Gauthier Spencer Bn-,gan Graffman Steward Capano Hubbard Vaillancourt Darling Jordan Wiswell Daunis Richards Yakawanis For the third successive season Edward Little was represented on the gridiron by a winning cluster of football men. The Red Eddies copped five tilts, dropped two, and tied one, for the year's work. The Ghosts opened the schedule with Lawrence High of Fairfield at Triple A Park. In a listless game the Eds rolled over Lawrence 19-0. The following week VVilton was humbled 26-7 by the Red squadron. Coach Dwelley gave the second string men a chance in this game, keeping them in action more than half of the playing time. Thornton Academy of Saco was the next to take it on the chin from the Dwelleymen. Captain Daunis snared a pass intended for a Thorn- ton receiver, and galloped 75 yards for an E. L. touchdown to aid his team turn back the Sacoites 9-6. T his victory marked the seventeenth straight grid romp for dear old E. L. Waltzing through these three opponents on the long en-d of the score in each encounter, the Raging Reds took the field against the Blue Devils in quest of the third straight inter-city championship and their eighteenth straight scalp. After a terrific battle the Vaillancourt-Daunis forward passing combination again came to the fore to salt a 6-0 victory in the closing minutes of play. What was perhaps the greatest of surges that Edward Little grid teams had ever staged was dramatically capped when Cony of Augusta tripped up the Red machine by a 12-0 score. The Red Ghosts put up a brave defense, but were forced to succumb under a more powerful, shifting attack of the Augustans. Time and again the Red Eddie forward line held like a stone wall, but Cony had the scoring punch to push two touchdown over the stripe and thus carry away the most bitter classic that Triple A Park has seen for many a moon. Next on the docket the Eds dropped a mud battle to Deering 12-6. The team put up a rugged fight against the Purple warriors, but it just wasn't in the cards for them to win. The Dwelleymen next stacked up with Bangor High, coached by our former mentor, "Swede" Mulvaney. The verdict was never in doubt, as the Red Eddies constantly penetrated Bangor territory and held their adversaries well in check. The final score was E. L. 7g Bangor 0. The team wound up the season in a blaze of glory, fighting the Lewiston Blue Devils to a 0-0 tie before a throng of 3,000 at A.A.A. Park. However, the Ghosts clinched the twin-city crown by virtue of that 6-0 scrap earlier in the season. At the conclusion of the schedule letters were awarded the following men: Captain Daunis, Brogan, Vaillancourt, Steward, Hubbard, Captain-elect Jordan, Spencer, Yakawanis, Richards, Shulman, R. Capano, Gauthier, lfViswell, Adams, Darling, Graffman, and Manager Bean. These men elect Jerry Jordan to captain the 1931 Red Ghosts and Leo Vaillan- court as honorary captain. Vaillancourt will have passed the age limit by next fall, so his team mates, wishing to respect his stellar work in the backfield. created this new captaincy. Page Ninety-of e THE 1931 ORACLE ffvfiQ Mano? X '-fN , l mlllld i 1' 5 ji ri 1 Mil V llll ll, FEE Mi' ...... W ................. ------...-----.... M 1111 f- ff ri f ' W EEF Elie: fill: 1 W - ....,... 'l lplll ill Ml 1 rim- g --- li 1 . , sw ! lu H li 1 lilllw KIKLJ ml I ,ultiviw 4 Basketball The 1930-1931 basketball season will go down in history as one of Edward Little's best. ln regular season play the Red Eds won ten and lost four. In tournament competition the Ghosts played six out of a possible six games. Four were E. L. victories. VVith only a few experienced vets back from the 1929-30 team Head Coach Taylor and Assistant Coach Masterman started grooming the basketball quintet for the 1930-1931 schedule. After a week's practice the first game was on tap. The Eddies sunk the scrappy Jay team by the score of 46-27. During Christmas week the team rolled over the favored Alumni team 38-18. The fans then began to sit up and take notice of the Raging Reds who gave promise of going places. The gym was well filled at the next tilt, which saw the Mexico Pintos as the invad- ing aggregation. The Auburn quintet developed into a defensive club and held the up-river squad to 12 points while they were garnering 25 for them- selves. Next on the docket Swede 1Vlulvaney's Bangor live visited the E. L. to combat the Taylormen. After a thrilling duel the Eddies were nosed out 23-20. The Blue Devils from Lewiston then marched into the shoe city confident of victory. After three sizzling hot periods the Red five cut loose to come out on the long end of a 24-16 sqre and a good start on the twin-city Hag, The next week found the lfddies in Bath for the first out-of-town scrap. Our boys came back with another scalp tied to their belts. This to the tune of 25-20. The Taylormen then proceeded to administer a 27-22 lacing onto the Stephens High Panthers of Rumford. Pllfll' .xii-Ilffj'-f'Ii'U THE 1931 ORACLE - - , , . ll 2- A V: " , 1, i1'E"I. "ff '.1. 1-EI, lt' 1 r p Ep FF in in Ip Elf ll llI...l- r Fly . ML-L-I In H N M m I. MiA !1'vfM W I My ll' l' The following night an old feud was revived when the Fitzpatrick-coached machine of Portland and the Raging Reds clashed at the Portland High "cheese-box". VVhen the smoke of battle had cleared the Blue cluster was ahead by the slim margin of one point, the score being 29-28. The condition of the players at the conclusion of this tussle brought to light the often expressed fact that two games' in as many nights is too great a tax on the strength of a team. The attention of fans was next focused on the second Edward Little- Iordan High fracas. VVith the Eddies conceded favorites to win, a handicap in itself, the Blue of Lewiston emerged victorious in the last few seconds of play 21-19. Morse paid a return visit to Auburn, but were dumped by the score of 30-19. The following week the Eds were "snowed under" 33-20 at the hands of Mulvaney's crew after an eventful trip to the Queen City. Three days later the Hnal inter-city skirmish was staged to decide the Calumet Trophy winner. The Eddies displayed plenty of punch in turning back the Blue horde 25-23 in a spectacular game that kept the fans on edge the entire four periods. The schedule was brought to a close as the Raging Reds set back Rumford 40-26 at the Panther den. Eddies in Bates and New England Tourneys Clicking perfectly the Auburn delegation lambasted the Deering High troupe 29-18 in the first game of the tournament. In the semi-final round the Ghosts were stacked against Cheverus, an undefeated team. Playing stellar basketball that bordered on the sensational the Eddies set back the Fighting Irish 29-23. Then came the finals---Auburn vs. South Portland. A good Caper team came out on top 34-25 after a bitter struggle. The Eddies did not go clown in vain. A beautiful trophy symbolic of second place was won as well as the respect of everyone who saw the Eds play. Edward Little was invited to send the team to the New England Tourney at Newport. Rhode Island. Here the Ghosts exhibited a marvelous display of basketball and upset the dope bucket in the first encounter by downing Ringe Tech of Cambridge 25-18. They almost gave Mr. Fuller Dope another jolt but Hnally lost out 18-16 to the tourney favorites in a heart-break- ing semi-final game. The "Fighting Eddies", as they were dubbed by Rhode lsland sport writ- ers, closed the year by trimming Northampton. champs of VVestern Massa- chusetts, 20-18 in a thrilling battle. This victory assured Auburn of third place and a huge cup for the school. Captain Paul Brogan and Leo Vaillancourt were the outstanding players of the season. Both made the All-Bates-Tourney team. Bronco's high spot was grabbing the ball from the back-board and slapping it through the strings. Vaillancourt's specialties were long shots. dribbling, and advancing the ball up the court. Frankie Daunis rose to great heights in the New England Tourney, holding his man well in check. Monk Cloutier gave a real showing of the E. L. fight in each game he plaved. Charlie Wilkizis has not met his superior when it comes to speed on the polished court. Duane Nichols cer- tainly filled in well at either forward or center. He played a steady game all season and was elected to captain the Red and Wliite forces next season. Lonnie Adams was the understudy at guard and he lived up to his reputation in great style. McCarthy saw some action at forward as did Gauthier at center and VViswell at guard. Page Ninety-three 'THE 1931 ORACLE Ygvtil A-.U .l rl ya iru' V kg . ,,., I Y , w e YN. ,.........A............1. .,........ aaa' t - ' - 'N fri r tri tit FEE F tiyvli ,,,,,,,,,,, A,,..,.,pv E l . ,,,- frf ffr rff 'I ,,,.il trzailtf' Liz 9" LF LF fc: f'f": ""f3 'CIE F V-414 ' t t H EF FF pi. ,Wfo :ii tif itll-A mil f. it f M I 'I M , I 1lLIu All 1. 1,1 g I Illilnlyltij, Hockey Despite reports at the opening of the season to the effect that Edward l,ittle would not be represented by a sextet in the puck sport, the Athletic Advisory Board, prompted by agitation aroused by li. l.. student hockey enthusiasts. voted to revive the popular ice sport. .ln the games Coach Manning followed the plan of the late Knute Rockne by starting his shock troops. 'llhis idea was carried out throughout the entire season and worked very well. In the major conflict the Red Ghosts and Blue Devils collided at the A. S. ID. Arena. ln a sizzling game the Red lcebirds were finally nosed out 3-2 after two overtime periods had been played. The team wound up the season with tive victories and three defeats. Coach Manning deserves a lot of credit for moulding such a Fine team out of the few but promising candidates who reported for practice. The team certainly reflects a great deal of credit on his untiring efforts. Chuck Poirier was the outstanding scorer of the Red Eds. He chalked up 12 goals and made 2 assists, which was more points than any other twin-city high school player scored. liilodeau and Hachey teamed up well with Poirier to con- stitute the first front line. Myrick starred for the second line with "XYhata" Mann and Daly the other two members of the shock troops. Un the defense Don Hubbard and Lonnie Garcelon did most of the work. lt sure was some iob for the opposition. to get around or by this pair. YVhen this did happen they ran into another stumbling block, and this was in the person of Cliff lfields, erstwhile goalie. XN'hen a goal was registered against the liddies you can bet your last dime that it was an earned score. Cush Abbott and XYindle saw some action on the defense, as did Duke Abbott. Field's understudy. Page Niv11'fy-four THE 1931 ORACLE safer' tif , ff? -A lf w il l ll l F' M ill .,,,, ,,,, 3 .,,l.,. . F 14.9 ii' AF .'+' 1 " "' "'l'l 'lil F -,iz """"""""""' ll-Illl HH I'Fl PM .W fl Q I l IM ht l,"""""'3'F" . h N M, I Iv Iii 'wwe-Laing, M l'. It 'lr Iiltllll Boys' Rifle Club Front, sitting. left to right: Allen Howard, Richard VVing. Arthur Cummings, Presidentg Paul Bean, Secre- taryg David Whitehouse, Treasurer: Hartley Lord, John Greenleaf. Second Row: Richard Whitehouse, Linwood Dwelley, Executive Ohicerg Alfred Mitchell, True Bailey, Ralph VK'a5:g, Instructor: Deaurel Houvier. ' Third Row: Clayton Hanson. .lohn 0'Donnell. Warren Engley. Russell Bixby. Kenneth llerrow. Fourth Row: Lloyd Shaw. Harry llrown. Byron Ames, Donald Ethridxze, Charles VVilson. Rear: Ray Harris, Arthur Laird, Charles Krapovicky, Ralph Parker, Kenneth Martin. Remarkable progress is being made by the members of the Boys' Rifle Club. a new li. l.. sports organization introduced this year. .Xt the hrst call about sixty hoys reported to lixecutiye tltlicer llwelley and Instructor Ralph Wagg. An election of officers resulted in the following' selections: President, Paul XYebster lleang Secretary. .Xrthur Cummingsg Treasurer. David XYhitehouse. The boys studied "dry shooting" during the first three Weeks. Then the Lewiston Armory was offered to the cluh for practice. Every Tuesday night the members meet at the .'Xrmory. Targets are being shot and qualifications for rank as Pro-marksman, Klarksman. Sharpshooter, and degrees for lfxpert Marks- man are being' sent in to the National Rifle Association offices as rapidly as pos- sible. livery week finds at least one lf. l.. rifler qualifying for one of these ranks. .Xt this writing Donald Gauthier has already qualified as a sharpshooterg six members as lfirst class marksmeng l5 as marksmeng and 20 as pro-marksmen. ,Ns yet two matches have been held with Yarmouth, the champions of the Portland district. 'l'he Ecldies haye copped both matches, the hrst by Z1 score of 223-201. and the second by 243-190. 'llhe club is arranging for shoot-offs with such schools as Cony, llangor, and l"ortlancl. The boys are shooting in Class ll and in their first shoot placed about fifteenth. Since then they have crept gradually up the ladder and in the fourth match they were only four points behind the leaders. The Eds registered a classy 478 out of a possible 500 in this last shoot-oft. Pam' .Yzlirfy-ji:'c' 'THE 1931 ORACLE . - . 9- ' if l -mfs - W. - -- , ., t 1 tq ' lI3'l i 'w FEL V' M illi :Lf-f-.2 la' H ff. ff, ,. Li.. f I-E F 'liil lqhlll l lp Ep FE E. t. Kill eff FFF' ll, F W .WML-1 '11 A ' II K I ' MAF.. llg Front, left to right: Don Russell. llanagerg Swnsey, Drake, Foss. Nichols. WVilkins, NVindle. Linwood D ll C h. we ey, oac Second Row: Turner. Hall, Fifielrl, Yakawanis, Richards, Hopkins, Winner, Shulman. Rear: 'Bowen Berry. Scribner, Lochhead, Ames, Long, Nason. Track As we go to press the E. L. track team piles up 575 points to cop a four cornered meet held in Brunswick. The three other schools competing are Stephens High of Rumford, Brunswick. and Morse of Bath. Charlie Wlilkins hogs the limelight, scoring 23 of Edward Little's points. The Eddies are best fortified in the running events with several fine prospects including XYilkins. Drake. Foss, Nichols, XVindle, and Hall. In the New Hamp- shire games Wilkiiis did the 100 in 10 l-10 seconds, which is going some for a high school spiked shoe artist. Drake won both the half and mile in the Bruns- wick meet. VVill Foss specializes in the 440, while "Spook', VVindle and Dick Hall figure in either the 880 or mile. In the jumps VVilkins and Scribner have shown the best to date. "Brute" Yakawanis and Morris Shulman do the bulk of the point garnering in the weights, but VVilkins can heave the javelin. shot. and discus with no mean ability. Again in the pole vault Charlie is Dwclley's best bet. The Eddies placed fourth in the New Hampshire games, but its l0 points were all the result of one man--Charlie Wilkiiis. QSay, how this boy does ratelj "Zeke" is now grooming his charges daily with the Maine and Bates inter- scholastic meets right around the corner. Page Ninety-sl'.r THE 1931 ORACLE .- e - ' ,..A -'--, i' T T T tt.. " ., 'lt I' 'r'fo'f:': P vl1"'l'i' ll ! Ep! '55, 'ff 'Eli' lil ict, lllll f 'Mm l J Front, sitting: Captain Kenneth Whitman. U Standing. left to right: Eddie Abbott, Cush Abbott, Jimmie Phillips, Chester Bixby. Tennis The Crimson and White tennis season opened with about twenty candidates reporting to Captain Ken VVhitman. After a hard scrap for positions it was announced that Capt. Xlhitman, Cush Abbott, a veteran of last year, Eddie Abbott, a find from Xllebster, Jimmie Phillips, and Chet Bixby had made the regular team. VVith only three days of practice under their belts the Eds entertained Cony High of Augusta. Although we lost by a 2-1 score the new men showed much promise of developing into a dangerous quintet that will bear watching. The schedule includes games with Cony, Farmington Normal. Skowhegan, and Vllilton. Games with Deering and Portland are pending. Tennis is not recognized as a major sport at Edward Little. However, the racquet wielders practice hard and long, and deserve some insignia for their ser- vices. The boys have laid their cards on the table, and it has been decided that letters will be awarded to the winner of a stated quota of matches. Page Nifzcty-:mfen 'THE 1931 ORACLE nf- A Y. w l iw! iii i .l.. .. .. .. ...... i gsafy. :A ,, ,,. W ffrf ", ,PL HH: F 'Qt' ,uni y H, E., ,Fl ni , si, if it it f -1 .. , ,., . ..,,,,,,,. .W I First Row, left to right: Coach Dave Masterman. Poirier, Vaillancourt, Cloutier, Adams, Hachey, Myrick, Conant, Assistant Manager. Second Row: Bilodeau, Gauthier, Arnold, McCarthy, Goldman. Third Row: 0. Magno, Houde, Reidman, Capano, Akerley, Towle. Rear: Barstow, Grant, Austin, M. Magna, Boothby. Baseball Captain, ll'lAURICE "MoNK" CLOUTIER Coach. DAVE lXLxs'1'ERM.xN Manager, DONALD HUBBrXRD At this writing the E. L. pastimers are hitting a fast pace and bode no good to the opponents who are unfortunate enough to be on the remaining part of the schedule. Coach Dave Masterman has whipped a great nine into shape from the three lettermen available from last yearg a team that has won six of its first seven tilts. Victories include wins over Livermore Falls. Berlin High, Hebron Reserves, and Farmington. The one defeat was at the hands of Lisbon Falls when the Eds apparently had an off-day from their usual stride. Dave's main task was to develop a pitching staff to fill the shoes vacated by Johnny Clements and Pat Wfhirley. This he did in grooming Chuck Poirier and Jimmie McCarthy, two mound artists who will toe the slab next year as well as this. These boys have something in common as both are adept in the science of striking out opposing batsmen. Chuck whiffed fifteen in a single game, while seventeen Farmington sluggers took the count against Jimmie's smoke. Don Gauthier holds down first base, Lonnie Adams the keystone sack, Leo Vaillancourt the shortstop post, and Bilodeau third. Red Arnold, Hachey, and Reidman cavort in the outfield. Art Shires, alias Captain Monk Cloutier, is behind the bat for his third season. Page .Yirmfy-r:'g1l1t THE 1931 ORACLE Wig mf.. 1 'V ,.. A .,,., 1 1111 M :QV I 'n "" "" Ilfl l WWCFFF F g.'1'?lf ------1-- 5 -------- - - " 'P 1: Pit fn: '.:':'i in P --iw "Wt ' 1- H -'-'-- -' i lim Ei Fly Epi ' +' e lm- llr IWLI-1 I-ll...In r rm .1 -------- Mu I 1 Ill I-L-mliwiill t'l L '11 I 1111111 On floor, left to right: Leontine Gauthier, Bella Gognon, Pauline Bean, Dorothy Baker. Ruth Morell. First Row: Helen Buker, Charlotte McKenney. Barbara Leadbetter, Secretary-Treasurerg Anna Cartwright, President: Hilda Grey, Vice-Presidentg Evelyn Pottle, Elizabeth Chandler. Second Row: Betty Getchell, Alice Wood, Doris Chapman, Christine Myrand, Jean Murray, Dorothea Bailey, Doris Winflle, Harriet Nason, Elma Kittredge. Third Row: Iris Allen, Blanche Serhlley, Eleanor Pratt. Elinor Kimball, Coach Miss Perkins. Emma Rider, Dorothy Powers, Leona Myrand. Fourth Row: Maxine Thornton, Esther Lelansky, Barbara White, Grace Stoddard, Cornelia Magno, Annie Lavin. Rear: Beatrice Hurley, Yvette Chicoine, Rose Labbe. Rachel Childs. Betty Brown, Flora Spencer, Margaret Gardner. Mildred Murray. Girls' Athletic Association A reign of terror held sway in that right-hand courtyard during the months of October and November when the new and popular sport of archery made its large dent upon the athletic field of E. L. H. S. In the final contest Elinor Strauss was acclaimed the girl Robin Hood with high score of 19. Rose Labbe won second place honors with a score of 11. ln the annual interclass basketball play the Senior girls sprung a surprise by copping the championship. The first tilt of the season found the Juniors and Sophs stacking against each other. The Juniors pulled through on the long end of a 17-10 score. Next the Sophs were lined up with the Seniors and danced to the tune of a 13-8 loss. Then came the game! The Seniors vs. the Juniors. Comparative scores pointed to a toss-up game with the Juniors. if anyone, conceded a slight victory. But the old dope bucket took a sky ride. Before a packed gym the Seniors mauled the Juniors by the one-sided score of 34-12. The class teams were captained by Ann Cartwright fSeniorsj, Hilda Grey Cjuniorsj and Maxine Thornton CSOphomoresl. It is planned to carry on speed-ball, track, field hockey, tennis, and out- door bascball for spring' activities. Page X1'm'Iy-iii'lIL THE 1931 ORACLE I 9:1 fwib, :rr rrr 'r PVP ummm: m 1 rfayif M l 1 """ . Y , .li t' it ffl ,m f r it W Q at r -- --'----' ---1f--- H Mi", EFVFE 'Ep l .1 first, FFf Pctl mtv. f Im Front. left to right: Barbara Churchill and Dorothy Bowie. First Row: Jeanette Cluff. Iris Allen. Secretary: Hilda Grey. Treasurer: Barbara Leadbetier. l'resiclentg Elinor Kimball. Yiee-President: Ruth Clutl, Dorothy Baker. Seeoml Row: Betty Getehell. Marion Churchill, l,t-ontine Gauthier. Evelyn Merrow. Ruth Clough, Velma Davis, Norma Bradford. Third Row: Miss Alma Perkins. Executive Officer: Barbara Buchanan, Eleanor Pratt, Frances Ray, Con- stance Taleott, Emma Ryder. Ralph Wage. Instructor. Fourth Row: Esther Lefansky. Harriet Nason. Sara hleltzer. Doris Chapman. Pauline Bean, Clara Beecly, Phyllis Robinson. Fifth Row: Rose Lalnbe. Beatrice Hurley, Eleanor Strauss, Alice XYoo4l, Christine Blyranfl. Doris lViu1lle. Anna liradhury. Rear: Olive Barron, ,lane Ault, Betty llammonzls, Helen Buker, Charlotte MeKenney. Girls' RiHe Club Undaunted by the forming of the Boys' Rifle Club, the girls of Edward Little were caught by the rifle fever and so appropriately formed a elub of their own. known as the E. L. Girls' .lunior Rifle Club. Although this club is one of the newest of our organizations, it has made rapid headway and is proving unusually popular among' the marlcsladies of the school. The club is one of over two thousand active shooting organizations of the National Rifle Association. Membership pins have been received by the Fifty odd charter members. The club was organized by Ralph Wagg, an Edward Little alumnus, who serves as rifle instructor. Emphasis has been laid on the safe and sane handling of Fire arms. the girls not being allowed to handle loaded rides until they have passed through a routine of so-called "dry-shooting". The Girls, Qlunior Rifle Club has the makings of a hne organization. It is hoped that the good work will eontiuue and an .Xl club developed that will put Edward Little on the map, riilery speaking. Pam' Om' Hirlzrlrmf THE 1931 ORACLE . ft' 'U MU ,it il cf-ac. U1 KT eet . ll M. i at 1' I bmi. :Hr "tt 'EIC 1.41. ll-'21 llitl iii Fil Em in wr ttf-T mtl f tty ...L W. I it i 6 I r"i'Lu XIV! ll ,II 'wi'-ml illll, junior High Basketeers Captain, PAUL THIBOIJEAU Baker llerlell Cartland Gallagher With onlv .llamigmx ROBERT Scnorma Coach, JERRY RE.xRDoN Hayman Scribner Kidder Thibodeau Leclair Thurlow Martin Vye three defeats in twelve games. one by one. another by two. and the other by four points, the Auburn junior High Five went through a very success- ful basketball season. piling up a total of 296 points against 246 for their oppon- ents. They have the best claim in this section of Maine for the State junior H igh Championship. The Auburn claim to the championship looks particularly strong. The team split with the strong Waterville H. S. aggregation. winning at home and losing in the Elm City. Attempts were made to arrange a rubber game to be staged on a neutral Hoot, but Waterville couldn't see their way clear to play. The team's 'I record includes victories over Norway, South Paris, South Portland, XYaterville, Auburn Hi-Y. St. Pats. and the E. L. Faculty. After the at XVebster. conclusion of the schedule an inter-mural tournament was staged The varsity men refereed these tilts. This not only aided Coach Reardon but also provided invaluable experience for the boys. Jerry Reardon has turned in an enviable record coaching his first year at VVebster. His teams, football and basketball alike, have been complimented time and again for their sportsmanship and the hard. clean, heads-up competition they otfered opponents. Page Our HllJltiI't'Ll One THE 1931 ORACLE tt" li 4 dl - . , -.A lf lll l i. 1 ............,............ .......... if Bill- 'Q F111 lil l li lllilill ,...... .... . ...... . .. at ll ln ll rm im re list FFI' lil lllll-I r llli . M: I 1 ,I l El 1 Ii t'l I I' llllltlhi Ctlfftll-11, lhiv Catherine Benson Anita llickiorcl Leila llrnckinan 'llhe XYehster -luni Championsliip. lhey emergerl victorious in Coafh Doris liitz Webster Girls' Basketball iciuaiv S'ri2vliNs Jlltlllllfjff, MARjoR11Q llRA'l'T Foaflz, Doms Frrz Muriel Redman Beverly Stevens Louise Storldarrl Ruluy llmlsflfm Nlary Maguire Nlariorie l'ratt or lligh girls have a Clear claim on the mythical State Hoop took part in ten games with other junior high quintets and all of them. huilt a great team from the material at hand, and unearthed several Blinds." The teams work was featured hy the sensational all arouncl playing of Captain Stevens. She was aecorclecl nigh flawless support from her teammates. Gracluation takes a heavy toll on XYehster's hopes for next season. Unly one ol this year's agg'reg'atiou, Mary Maguire. will he availahle for the 1931-1932 team. However, each year hncls a new crop of stars Coming from the grades to holster up those alreacly in junior high. lf lirlwartl l,ittle sponsors a girls' team, as it is plannecl, there will he plenty of promising material coming up from XYehster, for the Misses Stevens. lirock- man, as well as others. are line girl athletes. lhign' Um' Ilzflzilrwd True THE 1931 ORACLE 1- ,,,,,fff mul. l ,c-1if,,,3 l 'Lum L ,iw 'X 6-AI H I X V! ,UQ Q - - up i N W . "jg i l 5,1 i U X: 1 Q ,, ,fr I Li-lf lff. W fn ' , '.2,.l ' .1 ny IH' J ,", 552,439.1 'l vw P F ' Il" , ,H 'H 'ri' 1, i , , . . ,, . ....,., I ..,,, R I I W 1. Y 1 7 'liW ,l F - X f i -A rl my r im: :wir rr F ll lllll .................... .. Q l in N ll! lrlllg FII Illll' f tlilll llm' 4 nn! ful rw rm W. 'alll FFV FFF, llllfl F W - or '-'---""' ""-' , W1 1 1 ll Mil gg uid' liiljal l l'lI I 'I 7-K' -1 Lettermen FoOT1a,fx LL Lawrence Adams Paul lirogan Rocco Capano Clayton Darling Frank llaunis, Captain Donald Gauthier Bennie Graifman Donald Hubbard Gerald Jordan XVillia1n Richards Clarence Spencer Edgar Steward Leo Vaillancourt .lolin VViswell john Yakawanis Wlelister Bean, Manager BA SKETBA LL Lawrence ,Xclams Paul Brogan, Captain Maurice Cloutier Frank Daunis Duane Nichols Leo Vaillancourt Charles Vllilkins Aldon Kaulakis, Manager HOCKEY Clayton Field Donald Hulmlmard iLawrence Garcelou ,Bernard Mann 'Lucien Poirier' George llacliey Raymond Bilodeau Harry Myrick Harold Chaplin, Manager ljtlgl' Om' Ilizzldrr rl' THE 1931 ORACLE Ei d, I ,. e .b 1 illlllll :J rx . 1 :cn cf' "2 'Z ' --rf: '11""' f -"5 nm is Fir if if lr Lll' I'F1 FEI-A Fllfll F lb , nw I 1 ln 1 E 1112 I M ' I 'u-1.111 lllql' H, The 1930-1931 Year of Sport Athletically speaking. the school year of 1930-1931 has been prolific for Edward Little. The realm of E. L. sport has made a big jump this past year and has placed the Edward Little scheme of athletics on par with that of any school in the state. During the year two sports, riflery and golf. have been introduced to E. L. sportdom. Besides these two we have football, basketball, hockey, tennis, track and baseball. Eight sports constitute a full program for any high school to promote. In each of these sports Edward Little has been represented by a success- ful team. For the third consecutive season the Red Eddies of the gridiron put a dynamic aggregation on the field that annexed its third straight inter- city championship. The basketball quintet mowed down thirteen of its eighteen opponents including four teams in the Bates and New England Tournaments. In hockey the Eds came out on the right side of the ledger, the pucksters copping live and losing three encounters. The Riiie Club in its first season produced several marksmen of high caliber and backed a varsity team that cleaned up every shoot-off on its schedule. Dave Master- man's horsehide swatters have tripped up seven of their first nine opponents. The tennis and golf teams got off to slow starts, but at this writing they shape up as two fighting competitors worthy of the steel of any adversary they may oppose. The Red and Wihite of the cinders placed fourth in the New Hampshire meet and won a four cornered meet against Brunswick, Bath, and Rumford. The tracksters are due to place well up in the Bates and Maine games. This spring between 150 and 200 boys were actively engaged in some form of sport. This figure comprises about of all the boys enrolled in the school. Such support points in the direction of policies similar to the widely broadcast Pennsylvania Plan. Athletics for all is the watchword of such schemes. These plans are generally restricted to colleges and uni- versities. But Edward Little, in broadening the scope of its sport curricula and developing the present status of athletics, is accomplishing this very motive. There are those who say that Edward Little is trying to do too much and that the present program of sport will go askew. We hold no brief for such criticism. When a school can extend competitive athletics to H3 of its num- ber-for the extension of athletics is the primary purpose of sport-and still remain financially solvent, that school is doing the right thing. High school sport should never be a get-rich "racket", but it should be an activity of the school supported by the students and for the students. Pam? Om' Hundred Four THE 1931 ORACLE dw. . fa 1LVk,QLg l ':1n'flViT ,A 1 111 ! Mf L , ,r if if WW V FEff? F'Flf W F Milf, ...... E ....... c?ifiVf?? A wa H 'aka ww?-q ' I W? W' "wt W: F '. J?, fW1' "'-""---" 551 Fir! 5:1 FlI, flH PPV VL!-f HM- r - IBM 1 n fa z'.,4,3, 1 ' L,gW,g Us ' fslhw T 42- fd Xxx Ni LITERARY Page' Om' Humirmd F THE 1931 ORACLE ggi P""" EI-F F V Fifi Q g , . i tull pl :SPCA ff I l "1 ""A' ,ll v i , Ll: sa LV LL' , Mfr". 'fr rr HPI: F rib fb u Dissertation on Chewing Gum CEd. Note: After extended dickering the ORACLE has prevailed upon Miss June Sawyer to divulge her extra secret process for the benefit of her public. In the following expose Miss Sawyer unravels her Wriglev's and tells those would-be's how to get that way.D Perhaps the best thing about chewing gum is that it requires no practice, skill, or training whatsoever. You simply take a stick of this sugared delicacy between the thumb and forelinger. eye it longingly until your mouth reaches the watery stage, then unclamp your jaws and take a bite. Some prefer the pleasant sensa- tion of poking the entire stick in the mouth at once, as the feeling of such a large amount satisfies some animal instinct embedded deep within us. I myself prefer the biting method-ah, what bliss it is to take one morsel of- say "VVrigley's Doublemintl'-so tender-if the stuff is fresh-and let your eager teeth close upon it once, twice, and then again, until its size and sweetness are reduced somewhat. Now is the time to open your mouth again, leaving only half the stick, say, after this biteg and continue thus, until you have safely corralled it all and are ready to truly begin. Roll the tangy little cud into a new position-perhaps on the other side of the mouth-and squeeze through it with your uppers and lowers until they meet. Do this again-perhaps a dozen times, when you are ready for another shift-did you ever have such a pleasurable feeling of satisfaction? Keep this up until the whole process becomes automatic-you are sure to be a confirmed gum-hound by now. One of the beauties of the practice is the charming effect it has on one's looks and personal appearance. All of you, my dear readers, have at some time or other in your lives, and probably frequently, seen one girl, or a group of two or three young damsels, opening and closing their mouths, with a jerking, rolling move- ment. You can't believe they are chewing-but, yes! on closer observance you see that they are merely yanking gum. An understanding smile comes over your face, and if perchance, you have put your inoffensive little cud under the last table at which you sat, and-oh, horror of horrors-forgotten it-now is the time to delve into your pocket and draw forth a new stick-square, sturdy little fellow in his bright, shiny wrapper! If you are in any doubt as to the htness of this practice, just go to any theatre-preferable one of the lowest-priced ones-and in the midst of some exciting scene, just glance around you. VVhy, it is astounding. Eight pairs of jaws out of ten-who knows, perhaps even more will be working vigorously, as if their life depended upon it-all this in the owner's supreme unconsciousness, for his eyes are riveted on the silver screen. There are some unfortunate souls-poor creatures of mankind-whose great loss it is to be sadly hindered from chewing our precious gum. It seems that they are weakened by it-feel deplorably empty around the region of the stomach- especially near mealtime-if they indulge. Oh, Fate! Why dost thou wish such wretchedness upon poor mortals? ,lust a word to students and job-hunters: If a student, never forget to take your gum along with you to school, and be sure to save a stick for Teacher every morning-yould be surprised at the drag it will give you with her! Nothing below "Ns" from thence on! As for job-hunters, never leave your gum at home either, for don't forget, the best thing you can do when ushered into the big bossis presence is to yank at the old gum for all you're worth-you'll land a job before he even says a word and he's sure to ask for a stick-so have one ready. It never fails! This is from one who knows! Pflglf' Our' Hzmdrcil Six 'THE 1931 ORACLE I, gg . ep T g 1,,,,, 'V it Nfl " " , , iii T 'mc F ,'i2H '1lf1' ' f l iF rw E: f T :ir Fir HLI- f 'fy 1 am f- - , , M, Wf- Virgil-Shines As The Sun I Under the tawny light of Italian skies VVhere the calm river Mincio slowly flows Lies Mantua, a peaceful little town, XV hose verdant fields slope gently up and down. As morning's Hrst gleaming ray Spreads like molten gold over land and sea lVe1come day! Then, a spontaneous light, it bursts and beams, Lifting the world from dark thoughts and sullen dreams. Here, on this day, was born one whose deeds ' Were destined to endure throughout all time, Defied through ages to a height sublime! His words spelled destiny to countless men Until at last The Renaissance brought dark ages to an end. Apollo has driven his chariot to the topmost crescent of the sky Blazing in noontide glory on all the earth To comfort all whose true souls yearn and cry For an invisible, sanctified knowledge of worth. Queen Elizabeth's reign, in gorgeous array, Moulded the classics with the English tongue to stay Marlowe, Shakespeare, and Beacon only can go down As having gained their knowledge from the ancient writers of renown. As the glowing dawn still comes from age to age So appears his reflections of life -to awaken youth, Console white hairs, and make wise many a sage. Like the noon day sun they reign supreme, Never shall a sunset glow rest upon his immortal dream. XXNNE HAMILTON, '31 On Swimming the First of june The winter finds us looking with longing to the time when again we may take a swim. No matter how cold the March day may be we still can feel the delicious, cool, soothing water splash about our warm bodies. The first of June Ends us bordering on a serious mental condition. We must have a swim! Wheii we can stand it no longer we hint around until some kind soul, pestered to death, cranks up the old Ford and carries us to some neighboring pond. But a strange thing has happened. The nearer we approach our destination, the more the fun of swimming depreciates. The day seems suddenly bitter, the wind chills us to the marrow. If it were not for being ridiculed, we would be weakly tempted to turn back and wait a week or so more. But this never happens. VVith our sinking Page Om' Hundred Seven THE 1931 ORACLE Mx ggi to i .V h ,,4,,, if li ll! f 'A W - ill l Eff fl!!-I F' l ll! ! In g5f" ' ?,Z-1 Q" ,Q Fir! rlriai llfllli nr"r' F ,!l!. lqlllli . 5 F FC 2 T m f mi rn Pnl lllfllfl f W rr ,., if ,I H I ,I I Illqil' courage. our mettle rises. lVe will have that swim if we are carried home a cold, stiff corpse. In fact we can almost see weeping friends and relatives lament- ing over our untimely death. Putting aside such gloomy thoughts we strive to reach a cheerful state of mind as We struggle into our bathing suits. faded from last summer's suns. At length we are ready for the stupendous, yet longed for, event. As we approach the shore perhaps some kind observer will look at us as if we were mentally defi- cient and say, "What! Going swimming this weather?" Now the approved way of entering the water for the first time is to plunge in all over. Yet, somehow we can not bring ourselves to do this. Suppose such a sudden change should affect the heart? Such a way would never do. So we stand there shivering and cautiously test the temperature by dabbling with our toe. Heavens! It's even icier than we imagined! VVe thrust our foot in a little farther and hastily withdraw it. At length. remembering that our ancestors came over in the Mayflower. our great grandfather in the Civil War, we plunge in heroically in the name of the family honor. It's great! Really warmer in than out. .Xll former fears forgotten. we splash about, and try our favorite dive. We are loath to leave it now. At length, laughing gleefully, we patter up the beach to our bath house, extremely proud of ourselves and of the fact that we can say to our friends the next day, "Haven't been in swimming yet? I have. It's not cold at all." HELEN RICHARDSON "The Sea" Oh! for the wild, yet peaceful sea! Down to the shore it's calling me! The roaring surf, The booming tide, Flashing and foaming in ev'ry side! VVould that I were so strong and free! Out on the cold and solemn bay, XVhite masted yachts sail on their way, The ceaseless splash Of ev'ry Wave Roaring and humming as on the wave, Seem but a laugh in every spray. Ever and e'er shall the lonely sea, Be as a close, close friend to me. Its lonesome 'tone E'er haunts my mind, Nowhere a sweeter song can one find, Than that of the wild, yet peaceful seal RITA CONWAY, '33 Page One Hundred Eight 'THE 1931 ORACLE .- . F ,, A, c ,4..., " llll , 1 qi? H 1 'F' Pia' 51" 'l:lP'i' F ll i"llfi I K in n are rr 'FIT . ,EFF FFF EF, HEI-I r :mm , f -t:, ,,, J... ar...- The Race As I went out of the Hall the other day, I saw a Mann with Brown over- alls and a VVhite coat Filling his Ford with Kenney gasoline at a Booth just back of the Baker shop. He told me he was a Plummer from Poland, and had just come from the Haigh where he had been sent to study the Rose Thorne of the Parks by the Bishop of Brockman. He told me Howe he had crossed the Brooks in the Littleheld, and by using his Bean had beaten the Cartwright of Pendleton, who by his short Cummings had brought along his Child. He got lost in the Wood and was found later by a Shepherd who lived in a field by the jordan. He came sadly down the Churchill and found that he was the Winner of the Pike's Peak Marathon. The Hayman, by getting Sudds in his eye while Miliken, fell and tripped the Steward. A Ray of thought finally came to him that everything was Devine and that he had broken the Record with McKay Brogans on his feet. DON RUSSELL, '31, Ode of the Class of '31 Tune: "To Thee, O Country!" O thou dear high school of our choice, To thee our praise we sing. Thou'll e'er remain in fond memory Whatever life may bring. CHORUS For Edward Little still will be The "conqueror, leader of the way" And though we leave our school tonight Our hearts with her will stay. 5 7 So now our thanks we give to thee, For all that thou hast taught, That thou hast placed within our hands The prize that We have sought. CHORUS For Edward Little still will he The "conqueror, leader of the way", And though we leave our school tonight Our hearts with her will stay. Page One Hundred Niue THE 1931 ORACLE Q5 .I , gi gfftji , fi ,271 Q: ,L,Lf F 1.15141 """' ""' i """"""" ' . I f 4 f ll' IN xl ,I' I Illlqlini "The Edward Little Way" in Debating lt has been found in the past that training' in debating has proved a most valuable asset to students after they leave high school. Of course, the success of numerous graduates cannot be wholly attributed to debating, but it is signifi- cant that many of those who were successful debaters in high school continued their forensic activities after entering institutions of higher education. Looking back in the debating annals of classes in the early nineteen-hundreds we find the names of Henry Woodbury, '1.7, Howard .Bartlett, '19, Charles Star- bird, '17, Philip Stevens, '18, Frances Field, '19, and Elton Young, '17. Henry Woodbury and Elton Young were together on the Edward Little team that won the Bowdoin League cup back in '17. Young now has a responsible position as a teacher in Vermont. Howard Bartlett, who was a prominent figure in debating circles, went through Dartmouth and is now an instructor in history in the Institute of Technology. Charles Starbird was selected, while at Bates, as a member of the first American team to travel through Europe on a debating tour. Among the stars of the '2O's, Erwin Canham, '21, is perhaps the most brilliant, having as one of his latest achievements, the position as representative of the Christian Science Monitor at the London Naval Conference. Mr. Canham and Arthur Pollister, '20, while attending Bates, were both members of the inter- national championship team in 1923. Several other E. L. debaters of that period attained note-worthy success after graduating. Ethel Manning, '22, was a member of the Bates International women's team. Paul Williams, '21, was prominent in debating at Harvard and is now a very successful lawyer in New York. Kenneth Field, '22, graduated from U. of M. and now holds a responsible position as instructor in the University of Illinois. Theodore Field, '25, his brother, had a brilliant career at john Hop- kins University. Ralph Blagdon, '24, and Walter Hodsdon, '24, were prominent figures in Bates debating. Besides these there are the more recent, and perhaps better-known graduates who took part in debating activities while at Edward Little. john Manning, '26, has certainly done credit both to Bates and to Edward Little. Frank Murray, '27, Lawrence Parker, '27, and Harrison Greenleaf, '28, have participated in several inter-collegiate contests while at Bates. Helen Shapiro, '29, participated in the Freshman Prize Debates. Albert Oliver, '30, is a member of the debating squad at Bates, while Vincent Belleau, '28, is doing commendable work as a member of the Student staff. Clayton Gray, '28, is attending Gordon Training School in Massachusetts. While not all of these students have actually continued debating after leaving high school, the greater part of them have entered upon some held in which their learning in debating has been a distinct advantage. Twice has Bates College. famed for its debaters, received a commendatory write-up in first class current magazines, and twice have at least two of the debaters mentioned been Edward Little men. This is no small honor, considering the fact that these magazines were none other than the Literary Digest and the American. Edward Little has cause to be proud of the debaters. ' I ' . Debating, as some people think, is not merely arguingg it is the art of setting forth in a clear, adroit, and convincing manner the points which one has to prove. From this process the debater receives excellent practice in quick-thinking, exact- ness, and originality of expression, not to mention the wealth of knowledge on national subjects which is acquired. Page Out' Hundred Ten THE 1931 ORACLE fk ,. fc, L mi 4f U Pf w 1 ww Y4'1'L..q ' f1.V7U'1 i Wx 1 f? MMF? '11 'W "w'ul1f1'xi 4 W ww lf Hw i w' 'IW W1 W1 W W W W ------ 1--H '--- -- I : J W aaa am ang 12 H. 1-A ' -,H eww pzwr, wa? maj P, w 1f:f g, , QL --------'- Ei-11 fm rs: ::,, .,, i,,,,,N I.,:M rFf fiwi- , I-M, r ------- n I 5 q V1 H u. 9, M! If JOKE W Jim 7 XX fX N P OIIIIEI D THE 1931 ORACLE .. . at to ,.. ,4 V fjlll Gi ' 2'1" , . viii "P" f"- "IC F --U lf' f ii' W' I I El-fi FFF lfli lllll- F alll , ' . limi 1 i i l'l' In ' I l llllql' sr,1,,,,,,,,.,,. Mi mmf Winners of Senior Superlative Contest To that busy. efficient leader, Betty Fosdick, goes the title of Miss 1931. Betty proved that work wins a front seat in the end. Miss "IT", our cheerful cheerleader and one certainly worthy of her title is Dot VVindle. Ask Monk. Annette Lelansky is the Venus of 1931. A slight defect in the application of lipstick disqualified Betty Getchell and Myrtle Phillips, runners-up. Our "leading lady". Helen Buker, is Most Popular. Girls, if you can't heave your own rolling pins, ask Anna Cartwright, our Best Athlete. Elsie Gervais is the Class Baby: but who can say she has a baby mind? No girl ever looked down on Barbara Leadbetter. so she is the Tallest without question. Helen XYebber and Helen Richardson battled for the honor of shortest. Nobody felt like using a yardstick on them, so Miss VVebber won. Florence Gervais had no challengers as Class Grind. although we don't think studying is classed as indecent. Ruth Johnson is Most Bashful, with Mabel Goding among the also rans. lt's all right, girls. XYe are glad to know two women who don't talk too much. The style show was run with Betty Getchell and Louise Devine as models. Betty won the title of Best Dressed. Not even Miss Cornforth could conquer in a battle of the wits. Charlotte Mclienney was proclaimed our VVittiest. The Ballot-Box sez: Dorothea Bailey and Jean Murray are iirst and second Best Pals. Bernice NVoodbury vamped one man before Doris VVindle had a chance. so Bobbie is Class Vamp. Those who did not see the movie of a woman talking in Physics class cannot realize the action taking place, when Evelyn Pottle out-talked June Sawyer by two votes. That cheerful grin gave Betty Fosdick the title of Best Natured. A close follower up was that insoluble problem, Dot Windle. VVhen in doubt. see Barbara Leadbetter or Florence Gervais, close and worthy contestants for Most Brilliant girl. GENTLEMEN THIS WAY Two noble sons of Erin contested for the title of Mr. 1931. Paul Brogan won, but the day would have been lost without considering Paul Sullivan as second. Vile have yet to see Ray Magno in a grouch, so we confer on him the degree of Best Natured. Wliat on earth did Lonnie Adams get peeved over? That big' strong Norseman from the South QNew Auburnj, Frankie Daunis, is the Best Athlete. Those No. 9 mitts sure are winners. Glen Torrey is the Baby, but Fred Mitchell questions this. If they will tell us their ages. we'll settle it. We will satisfy if we look anything like Lonnie Adams, Best Looking, or the runner-up, George Haigh. I 711118 Orin I-I1M1,d1'ed Twelve THE 1931 ORACLE E7-55:1 7 i ----'f - '-4-- ""4' lil wi! l Ill e v at il as 5 ' PM tif 5" it: F lil "lil ' It t it ff pt T71 1 ly :sr rrr FIS mm- f 'Hi - . wen' f ,,,, 'HW Kenneth Merrow is looked up to as the Tallest. We would be more at peace if the yardstick was brought into play on Warren Eugley and Don Russell. As for the Shortest, it is probably a matter of heels between Fred Mitchell and Ray Magno. The problem of teachers and the resort of exhausted joke editors is Berg nard Mann, the Wittiest. If you can't find him, see Mac Dunlap or Charlie Krapovicky. Caroll Taber seldom speaks, and Webster Bean speaks a little more. Therefore Taber is Most Bashful. Willard Higgins was hotly challenged by Paul Sullivan for the title of Brightest. Hig wears silver glasses which shine more than those of the tor- toise shell variety. Mann out-gabbed Morris Siegel by two votes to be proclaimed Most Talkative. Long may he rave! It must be that George Haigh has enough ambition to press his own pants. Anyway. he's the Best Dressed. Vv'hat better pals, we ask you, than Ray Magno and Lonnie Adams? VVell. maybe Ray is the Best of all. Higgins copped the title of Class Grind from Nelson Record. Again comes Paul Brogan, president and captain of this and that, as Most Popular. Last but not least comes the object of admiration of all members of the weaker sexg son of the dance, Kenneth NVhitman, only claimant for the name of Class Sheik. Looking Back flfsually this isn't a good plang you might run into somebodyj S'f'fvfc111I1r1'-Vfe returned to the old shin-dig, stately Seniors Chluniors and Sophs includedj. One and all we patted ourselves on the back, marvelling that such shallow craniums could circumscribe all we knew. October-By this time we discovered that there was much empty space in our small headsg plenty of room for cramming. Certain mouths received close contacts in Room NS, and there wasn't any muggin' either. .Yotclrzlzcr-Utir popular poker coach issued an early call for candidates and told the aspirants of the disappointments of golf in the hereafter. Hot dogs were placed on sale on a much larger scale. Dcccuzbm'-Alcloii ,lake Peditus Kaulakis delivered a speech entitled "Your Money's XYorth". His eloquence was dubbed as "epic making" by experts of the rostrum. The speaker was accorded an unprecedented round of applause fiapple saucel. Hubbard was left heartbroken after his first quarrel with Juliette, but no one else got any breaks. Juzzuary-A lot of New Years Resolutions made, and a lot more forgotten. Bernard Mann. Esq., finally solved the mystery of the "Midnight Fire Alarm". Page One Hundred Tlzirtrmr. THE 1931 ORACLE A ,, '- ,l1 lll fwnlllfmvw'IH-wuwullwu I i i mm Fl l' 'i lil ,,,,,,,,,,,,m,,,m A, 4 lgl fp! 'fF f M ri ml Fpr FCI-,I mul f .. He was assisted in the dastardly deed by a Dramatic gang of adolescents. From the debris "The joke's on me" was the only thing rescued that had not been lacerated beyond recognition. February-Johnny Manning continued his release from pedagogical ponder- ings to allow a few polysyllables to emanate from his euphemistic vocal cords, as he told of one tragic wreck on a trip to Portland of the good ship "SunHower", or was it "Skunk Cabbageu? M arch-A number of adherents to the basketball team adhered in an adherent bus to the adherent snow, somewhere north of VVaterville. The respective rooters of jordan High and E. L. buried the hatchet as it were and yelled side by side. One for the book. April-If February don't March, April May. This calendar is cut short because the editor, not being profligated and not wishing to prevaricate, does not choose to prognosticate. The Dying Call The Amalgamated Bachelors' Union. Limited, Cto adolescents who have not yet taken the leapl breathed a final dying' gasp sometime between the 1.930 junior-Senior and the closing oi the forms of the 1931 Oracle. The pass- ing of the Union marks the beginning' of a new era at E. L., testing whether that guy or this guy can long stand the gaff. President Kenneth X. XVhitxnan was reticent when approached for a state- ment by the Oracle reporter. So were all the Bachelors, from whose optics aqua streamed by the buckets full. Not one of that bawling bunch of bachelors could pull themselves together. until Aldon "Pete" Kaulakis stepped forth from the gathering, and, dishing out a line of eloquence for which he is renowned, said: "l5awl all you want to, you chicken-hearted numskulls. It's .lake with me. I've reached the stage when I Kaul-a-kis a kiss and a spade a spade. Down with the idea that 'to be a Bachelor is to be everything'. Give me he-men who will gird their loins and sally forth to the frav". Swayed by the sheer eloquence of Brother Kaulakis, the Bachelors in attendance voted unanimously to abandon the good ship, The Bachelors' Union. The administrators of the estate. Brogan, Daunis, Sullivan, Cloutier, etc.. announce a very select library for sale. The proceeds from this sale will be used to remove chewing gum from the bottom of desks and to buy lunches for 'Radiator Yamps with deflated pocketbooks. These books may be obtained for the ridiculously low price of two bits a volume. A partial list of the books for sale and their authors follows: "How to Overcome Bashfulness and Acquire 'Personal Magnetism" - Yakawonis. "Correct litiouette for Bachelors'-Vvhitman. "You Can't Get 'Mad' "-Roberts. "Alarming Noises"-Mann. Famous XYOITICII of Last Saturday Night"-Daunis. Dangers Near Lunch-Room Radiators"-VVinner. Six volumes of "True Romances". "Love. But No Moneyi'-X'aillancourt. KA liflgll' Our l1'm1dr'cd FOI!l'fl'l'Yl I THE 1931 ORACLE K wr ww I E TFFE F glr llfiii' f-- 1- --'.. , -1.f-.---- --f --- - - :Qs-A It rl ,, nf fn IA 'Fl 'Tp IPL' HP:PL F vt: mil' p if Fir En , f Eff fir tr Hu f 'tit - - ML..L.' f ...T .A "H" Latest Songs Ragmuflin Romeo",-"Bronco" Brogan Those Little White Lies",-"Eve,' Pottle I VVant To Come Back and Start Over Again"-Earnest Robertson High Up On a Hill Top",-"Al" Roberts Together VVe Twou,-l'Lizzie,' Chandler and Harry Kidder Side By Side",-June Plummer and Elinor Kimball Don't VVake Me Up, Let Me Dream",-"Ting" Adams You Find the Time-I'll Find the Place",-"Mitts" Daunis Them There Eyes",-Helen Buker Bashful Baby",-John Yakawanis My Mad Moment",-"Ken" Wliitinaii The Peanut Vender",-"Ray" Magno You Made Me VVhat I Am",-Morris Siegel h'Oll,l'6 Driving Me Crazy",-"Monk', Cloutier It Goes Like This",-"Vinnie" Capano Ro-Ro-Rollin, Along",-"Mac" Dunlap Believe It or Not-I'm Learning a Lot From You,',-Leo Vaillancourt Nobodfs Fault But Your Own",-"Dave" Masterman , Latest Movies cn Half Shot at Sunrise",-Charley Krapovicky Gorilla",-Bernard Mann Our Gang",-G. B's Hook. Line, and SinkerQ',-"Mitts" Daunis The Man XVho Came Back".-Earnest Robertson Follow Through",-Seniors to Juniors "Taming of the Shrew".-Anna Cartwright "Inspiration",-"Char" McKenny "Trespasser",-Elinor Kimball "Unholy Three",-Betty Getchell, Iva Mcilibbon, Maxine Thornton "Feet First",-"Don" Russell "Campus Sweetheartsl',-Madeline Kimball, "Al" Roberts "XYl1oopie",-"Dot" Nlfindle "Revenge",-Dorothy McKay "Cock-Eyed VVorld",--jake Kaulakis Heads Up",--Faculty "Lightnin' ",--Edna Cornforth "Hell's Angels",-Basketball Squad Secret Hour",-"Red" Taylor tc H H it H n ic Page One Hundred Fiftee THE 1931 ORACLE l'lri l I' i 1 ., -Yi Milli ,f - 'M ii jlk ifli ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , an t t a . as an F : ls Q .larry rsr Fur, mtl, f tjjm, E. l.. H. S. FORD Body, Willnui' Keith Cushions, Record and Conant Top, Mr. Chandler Spring, Bernard 'Mann Fenders, Parmalee, Brown, Hatch, Vining Headlights Q.-Xlways outj, Elinor Kimball and Anna Bradbury Horn, Evelyn Pottle Brakes, Adams and Kidder Exhaust, Margolin Gas Tank. "Krappo" Shock Absorbers, Richards, VVeiner, Shulman Bumpers, Russell and Pennell VVheels, Barstow, Bean, Dunlap, Childs Mirror, "Bidder" Chandler Flat Tire, Kenneth VVhitman Spare Tire. Hubbard Spark Plugs, Dot NVindle and june Sawyer Nuts, "U" ALL-TIME ALL-AMERICAN FOOTBALL TEAM Left End. One-eyed Connolly Center, Vaillancourt Right End. Ophelia Pulz Quarterback, Daunis Left Tackle, Al Capone Left Halfback, Yaillancourt Right Tackle, E. Z. Corsus Right Halfback, Yaillancourt Left Guard. Vaillancourt Fullback, Daunis Right Guard, Yaillancourt just think! Most of you rarely do, you lazy bunch of jellyfish. VVe have in our midst a critic of the gridiron's best. Said critic has graciously agreed to step forth and give his selections for The All-Time All American Football Team, provided his name is not disclosed. tThis is done in order to avoid the probable volley of over-ripe fruit-eggs. tomatoes. etc.J. The above eleven is based on Mr. Blank's suggestions, He wished to make it plain beyond a whisker of a doubt that he has judged not only by the dimensions and reputations of the players but also a little on their ability. In every case the choices were close because of the excellent mater- ial to be found in this school. He also picked second, third, and fourth teams, as well as the best organized group of water-boys you ever set your eyes on. These are not printed for a good reason, but tl1at's not saying they wouldn't bathe the best collegiate teams in this or any country. The arguments for the selections are many. but as they would undoubtedly wear you to a frazzle, we shall not start any argument. You are asked to take the team for granted. And while on the subject of the team The Gracle has the following to say: VVe'ye patted you on the back each year, but just for now we're going to tell you where you get off. How many of you have contributed one little drop to this football team? About Five percent. maybe. Maybe moreg maybe less. Anyway it's a dern small number. The team gets licked all fall. and what do you do but sit back and hee-haw. And what does the team do but sit back, twiddle its thumbs, and get trampled in the mud. Page Ona Hundred Si,Yfl'Cll' n u s W A it-. 5 A.. mn THE 1931 ORACLE W im F HE H w ml' ul" 1 A V' ll ., I I ,,..., 41 91111 67311253 If 1 1,1 n A '11 21,5 F M 11 ....... ..... I ..........,....... . ,,,.1. ,H nf U F211 was F 'Ii::'111I11l4 h it 11 111 '-1 F11 Em ' 111 -r 111-1 mr, f 1111 1 . L 'II-I 1'L,l ' 1 WJ'-.11111r1'111: : :: : : : : : : :occ : : : : ::o: : eo: :: :o::oo::oo-oo-----Q-oof Q5-Acknowledgment The management of the 1931 ORACLE wishes to take this opportunity to express its sincere appreciation to our advertisers who have made this ORACLE possible. We also wish to thank those who have been instrumental in the actual publication: 1 Ubfferrill C7 Webber Gompany Qoornbs Engraving Gompany CG7l1e 'Uarious 'Photographers CGhe Gracie ,Staff and again Qur Qdvertisers ------------------,--,,,------------ ..... --------, 5 11 1 11 0 O 1 11 0 0 O 1 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 K : :oe : :o0: : : ::: :oo: :oo: :ooo:::::oooo::ooo::oooo: :oo Qoooo Nferrill Suwebber Company RINTERS PAPER RULERS BOOKBINDERS .. ...l Nos. 95-99 Main Street Entrance Number 99 AUBURN fr MAINE Page 0110 H1lIldI'Fd Scvenie -ooQ.gooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ- N 11 11 11 11 11 1 11 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 0 1 1 1 1 1 I er 1 1 1 I 1 5 1 1 1 1 1, THE 1931 ORACLE . I , W il lll r 15231 42 za.: " . , NEW. 'Wt :""5 'tim F I-,i1M'f1'I" . , I 1 fl n I'1',u I' l I' ' lllglm, 5---------------------------------------..--..--------...- 9 PUT YOUR SAVINGS IN A SAVINGS BANK They are conducted on the mutual plan and you will receive full value for your money in security, dividends, and service. Start an account at once in this strong and progressive institution. QAndroscoggin County' Savings Bank AT THE HEAD OF LISBON STREET ::::::::::::::::::::s::::::3q g::::::::::::::::::::: .,,.. 0 o E. ARNOLD CO. I I AUBURN HIIGIIIS MlllllIlfI C. C. ARNOLD, Mgr. 3 S A. L. NEWMAN, Prop. P L U M B I N G I I Groceries, e7l'Ceatsf HEATING 3 I and Trovisions SHEET METAL wokx i Tenpimne 436 TPISDIIOUP 1752 369 Court Street 73 Main Street Auburn, Maine : z AUBURN MAINE ..... ..... ..---.-.. ........ Ty g4--::-::--:::-::,-,,:-,,-- ::::::::::::::::: .::..::.. -gg gg.::-::--,,-,,,,:,,::::::,:: FRANCIS EIECIRICAI 00. ...goo auburn Lunch 0.0.9000 HAS THE BEST OF 2 EVERYTHING I I ELECTRIC FIXTURES 0 ALL KINDS OF I nu-nys fuezmme l I I ELECTRICAL WORK 'T' A I 3 Tvle'-phone 4643 Court Street Auburn, Maine E 3 74 Main su-get Auburn, Maine -..-.... ........... ,:::::,-y g::::-::::: ..... ........... vo SPORTING GOODS FOR ALL SPORTS BASEBALL DISTRIBUTORS FOOTBALL TENNIS FOR BASKETBALL GOLF A. J. REACH-WRIGHT sf mTsoN co. HOCKEY SHAW-KITTREDGE, TINC. 65 Lisbon Street Phone 177 Lewiston gr' Um' l1u1zdrmiE1r1I:fm'n THE 1931 ORACLE 44 4 4 4 . 1 A 44 444 -. 4 - 4 IMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH4KIIIIIHHI 4 V-'E 'I 4 44 Er, mm: F 44 444 """' """"""""""' ' """" DI , 44. 44 ar aa' , . 4444 444: '44 'cnc F 4,414 44435 2 ll .1f1 v-'-'--1.--"------ 44 4 44 EF, 444 FE 4 .14 444 444 W44- 444.4 4 444 44. -----1- "'-- , nw I 4 fl 4 lm ll ' 4 4 4IH4M """""""""""""?f 'E::::':::::::::::::'x:Inu? I Q 44 SMART SHOES FOR YOUNG MEN 4 1' Prices from 52.95 to 57.00 8 IMPORTED c. H. EAss TAN Lorus, WHOLEEAIQE "nfl RETAIL If A s9.oo SHOE Fox . ea Us m I 4. 57,00 CJu'rn1tu'renQJa'rpet4ngs if and fD'raperies .I Cl I-H Q HOTEL FURNISHINGS A SPECIALTY Z6-30 Bates Street Lewiston 199 and 203 Lisbon Street LEWISTON ::::::::::::::::::00:::::: 39:55:93 3:3 :0::::::::::: 53:5 :::::::::2:::::::22:22:22: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::'n 44 J. P. HUTCHINSON V81 CO. dl LS d ' Telephone 310 :I y U4 IOJD REAL ESTATE-SURETY nouns 4, R. HOWARD RAY, Prop. Insurance AIS, WQQII ., , - Amount 46 Llsbon Street LOANS NEGOTIATED 4 LEWISTON MAINE REAL ESTATE AND RENTS PROPERLY 4' Y Y YY CARED FOR-AUCTIONEERING 44 Phone 4498 for an Appointment 83 IW-Win Street Auburn, Blaine I I -- I I ---I-------------,-- ::::::::::::::::::o: : ::: :: ------ -----------------:-g f0G4I'S LEATHER STURE Largest and Most Up-to-Dale Stock East of Boston LEATHER MAKES A FINE GRADUATION GIFT 123 Blain Street LEWISTON Q- --,----,-,------,------- ----------,-------------:--pg ELM HOUSE The Most Likable Hotel In Maine Noted for its excellent table, fine service, cleanlinessg where your business is appreciated. Tiable a la Carte Rooms from 51.50 to 53. per day, single W. E. LAWLESS o:::-::::::::Q:::::::::::: vv,-,vv-------vvoooo-- WILLS Sv. HICKS l jewelers 1 Agents for GRUEN WATCHES 94 Court Street Auburn. Maine BOSTON TEA STORE Chi Eighteen Lisbon Street LEWISTON, MAINE Page Om' Hzmrlred Niuctr ..o- -ooo- 00.4 4 4 4 4 44 44 4 4 4 44 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 44 44 4 4 4 5 L' N 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 4 5 H. 0.00 THE 1931 ORACLE cr nf - ' it Y" TJ . .AV ll l , gin.,-K v Q pn. 1 5- Eh-0 .I 1 M I All M C?E'li H , . ffl, 'IW' "Ti MW: V fl' lil' -2 4 aj it ,Elf Et Ll-ll 1-ir ll-ll llllfl f :M V 1 l . V 1 I I I K I 1 I I I I Ip X ::":::':::'::x::m"x:if ?":::'::m:"::"x':tx: z l MELLEN T. DOWNING McKenney: "Have you u emi' E E Coonfedioner and Glawrer taken M1ltlJ11,S "ll Penserobo 'T E 5 LUNCHEONETTE Devine: "Noi ls it any- 3 l V thing like cod liver oil?" l S We Make Oufown 0 0 Ice Cream 3 Opposite Auburn Hall 2: f::f:-::f--2:---es A--22:-:Q-:::-::f:::::-:xc YOU'LL LCOK YOUR BEST in one of our BLUE CHEVIOT SUITS. Tailored with individuality. Wliite and Gray Flannel Trousers are very popular for Graduation. iritgftiyiioiitgim 00000000000- A 0 A - - 00000000000- A00A -0- - -00 ,,,--,---------- A-- ---- -A ---v--v---00---0---- -- -- 0---0000::::::0::::::: ::: -::: ::: .. Gompliments of THE LEWISTON BUICK CGMPANY ,,::- ::::::-:::-::::::::zex 3Es-::::: ::::-::: ::: ::: Q z R . H ANI E L 3 E 3 Betty jordan: "Wl1o brought The .lewelef 5 2 the first drop in the market F" DIAMONDSMWATCHES JEWELRY 252 Lisbon Street Lewiston, Maine A------------A----,------- M 000000000 5"" Brogan: "The Smith Broth- ers." fr' Um' H1t1lUi1'l'd 717i ,ty THE 1931 ORACLE tl I 0 0 117'-'fel 'LV A -I n! Er 2-+ "A" iz fl ' " 1 I EI ' I '. FFF F M Irfgf ,QI ,,,,,,,... .3 ..........,....... IT! .ff ff, .-rf ld n plugs F lik: 1551511 t ur EE rr as I er FEI rr 1.1 F my . I . WL.-1-I H' l l , M A' M M M ' M' Hr Ill 5' In T""""""""""""""'3 :T me xx : Tx at :""': : c O 0 E "QI Cyomplete f,Bankmg SCTUICQJ " 5, A CN W se 0 0 0 0 4' In I LE W ISTON 3 0 0 O ll P TRUST CUMPANY if E 5: 3 Qfficers il 1: 1: GEORGE W. LANE, President 5, E HENRY W. OAKES, VicefPreside'nt 1: I GEORGE J. WALLINGFORD, Treasurer H CHARLES O. NORMAND, Assistant Treasurer 'I 5 RALPH H. TUTTLE, Assistant Treasurer 1' 3 EARL B. AUSTIN, Assistant Treasurer :I 3 .. ae- -.----'-- M. '-'- - ---.- O- --'---- 2:-x-2:-0::f:--cacxzxen Z?"""""""""'T:unc T: x"'x::: : :Z : :""T:"':: t 2? E E. L. I-I. S. STUDENTS ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO VISIT E I Tfihe Ukw . E E 'Photographic J5 2 -an as O 0 4 125 MAIN STREET rr g DQRA CLARK TASH LEWISTON, ME. if Q a wax ..-- 2021:-0-::::ax:-::::-:::f::-: 2-:::::::::::::::-as soz:::::-::::-:: --.- :c-:xxscs aes-::::::::::::::::::::: --.- as o I 3 5 HAMMOND BROS. E Gomplirnents of , rPh0f08mPheT5 f g l. . 2 . . ' I U4 Qrrend gzxfszicizfqsxlzsd 5 0 mateur inis ing E ' E E 138 Lisbon street LEWISTON accccxx:-222: vac:-fx: fxwz a::::::::::: t::::-::::::as P ge One Hundred Tzuerrty-or 19 O 11 1 1 THE 1931 ORACLE 1 LFP FFP Fri R ' I 1, , ,...,, : lllll-1l , im 1 1 ,1 14 lllllli .1 . . 1 .. ,, I gh 11' ' ' ' f PM P15 FI-if H1 ' 11111151 I 1 .1 1 1 111. F111 1111, 11115, 1 1f111M 'i1 V: : 2 : cooo: : : :QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ WEE T 1 Qi r rr r ' - ln E1 FFT FI . M I I 1 I l u----Q-MNH -.---- xx : :c sa 1 1 1 Home Furnishing Specialists 1 1 since 1900 1 1 1 1 -l- o T' o 1 11 1 1 1 0 5 FURNITURE 1 1 11 11 11 1 -Honestly Built 1 1 -Honestly Priced .1 11 1 1' -Honestly Sold 1 1 1 1 A h ' 1 ,, t erton s 3 11 1 Lewiston, Maine ..... as-Q-:::-,:::::::::::::::::-an 1 1 1 ociwocivoociaooc Tboocboo-11211 11 1 11 4 1 1 YNTHIA SWEETS Q1 1 AND DURAND'S 11 1 FINE CANDIES 1 11 1 oc4:ooci:ooc1:ooc:Dooc boocgno 1 1 1 1 AT 11 1 11 1 11 1 PACKARUS 11 1 66116: 1 'IQMLII 11 .Store 1 1 1 Q -------------..-..-..-..---zes PurO 'H li iT:"v '-1' Eraeburn C10fhCS Like SHOES and HATS SPORT CLOTHES 'XJ GUBB - MUHHIS GU. AUBURN, MAINE AUBURN FREE PRESS PROMPT PRINTING SERVICE 109 Main Street AUBURN - f MAINE PIIOHQ 1180 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ o .Q 'THE 1931 ORACLE I I I 7 17 H guix I Y' I I. "'- 2' It ,IU VI It ' I F' MHU ....... ...................... . f-5 , UFUFI PIILIU I-111 H1111 F .I5:,'U'f1' ' gf gi pg gf -- W g b 511 ppf ppp ppl. I gui . Ml I I 1' -I -.1-11' ' 'wwf IUIIIIIII yux: .... :: .... ::-:::::---aes -:::::::::::::::::::::--,Q v 4' Q 0 ' , . . Im 1: AUBURN FRUIT 81 CUNI. 00. I Sawyer- con t Y a 1 UU 'D , ' Lunch Connected Home Made Candies I W 11 C Y e IS the 'S t a tl on I 20 Court Street, Auburn 2 bought ?" :I Tel. mv-W , I I Sedate Gentleinanz "H o w 2 AUBURN SHOE SHINE PARLOR S should I know? IIIH not the AND BILLIARD ROOM z manager of the road." E Cfggfa g2f:5:"" S 11 ss MAIN STREET, AUBURN, MAINE 32-:::::::::f":::::::::::::'V """""""""' ""' "' wi--Q-O-' "-'-""' """"" 305 '-""" NN00 ' """"' 2 II ' 41 Q The Perryv111e 3 U 0 Daums: "How can you say Drug Store that history is an electrifying U subject?" 178 TURNER STREET I I CAUBURN, JVIAINE Brogan: "Because we have I v 3 current topics." 11 U Telephone 408-XV U A:::::::2::::::::C::::000::'Q .-ooooooooooooooooooooooooo ?::'::::::x::'x: ::::x'3?f 'ex:"':::::::::::"::" ' Q RUBBER AND ou. CLOTHING E mt VVindle: -'what did I gg TENNIS SHOES, RACQUETS . say about your smoking when 3 AND BALLS, BASEBALL E you escort me home P" z XYIIIUIIZIHI "I've forgotten. V 5 Do you want to smoke. too 7' CO. 2 3 LIQWISTON, MAINE Q ll 5'::":: "" :::::::':::::'::3S -::::::::::::::-:::::::::: I """""' """' """"'Q --:::-::: --::: --:::-::::-- T 1 I LUCIEN LEBEL il I Cgrumpet Cfffeaclter 2 S Tel' 7674 3 Iirappo: "Have N' o11 had 3 2 Newman Street Lewiston :I vom, pictureg tqkeupfv , 1 , . . In , Q IQEIIIIZIICISZ "No I keep 'em 2 watch Repairing 2 hidden from the wo111e11." g A SPECIALTY 3 z 56 H:1m1Isl1ire Street Auburn U H m NM -.--..-.- M.. ......... Q - ..... .. ................ -- Page Out' HIIIIIIWII Tiuclxty-f W FLFFFFFFCEWTF ll THE 1931 ORACLE nib Msgs' Eise- l' f' ' f f M FT ' V' , ul 5 l mm' 'EK lvl f w lull' F u' LHLJ-.f..4.....,,,...,R ,,,,.,L,.. .F , ig f:w.z,l-.f - I:pr milf F ,lil llllllll E y' ri,l: rri i wlmmlflvw . I ' 'l Il ' I rlllllli, PECK' 40 SMART SHOPS UNDER ONE ROOF , Featuring new, youthful fashion in a new, attractive and thoroughly urban atmosphere. Youth finds at Peelis all those little subtleties of fashion and fabric so necessary to the well dressed f f and at prices which do not strain the family budget unduly. Peckls and Value have been synonymous for over half a century Coombs Engraving Co. 'Photo Engravers 2228 Main Street LEWISTON, MAINE ::::::::::::-----A----:::oo::::-:::::::::o g O H d dTfvc11!v-fam' l f """ I ll l lil 11 fllJF if ' :9"?:.3J' qvsggw 4.5. if?-E2 ,If ':-11.3 3' '-11-I vi pq r'3 : -TM' U1 j n In ggji-ner. : K YL O -QQEETS-II? 'PU F ""I11wfv1'. 5 - IAQ If Q I 1122232 rn -Tradi- ll-' 1 -5-54255 li -1-re 135. gl lg 09' WE SELL and SERVICE FOUNTAIN PENS BERRY PAPER CO. ,Stationers to ffentml e9I'faine 49 Lisbon Street LICNNIISTON 55 Court Street AUBURN 00:::::::::::::::::::::0: :- ::::::0::0::00::::::::0000 C. H. CLEMENT, N.D.D.C. Naruropath SPECIALIST FOR CI-IRONICAL DISEASES 255 Lisbon Street LEVVISTON, MAINE :0::::::::::::::::00000::0 ::::0::: ::::000::00::::::0 DIIANGELIS FRUIT STORE qancy Q3-2ImeIiccm and Italian Groceries T' 34 Ash Street LEXVISTON MAINE :::::::::0::::::::::::::00- : :::0: : :::000:: : :0: :000000 Do you understzmd th e nature of an oath? Yes. my father plays golf and :00::0 . gg ::--:::::::: -:::--::pg 0::::::::: Q. ------------ 5 00 00 5 --- ..---..--..g II II E II "1 II ... , V II 3 II 3, II -' II 2 Il II LT' II If-J II A II pa II II "" I S II .p. II II 'TI II O II Z2 II Z- II II II 5- --- II II II II I Z1 I I T' I TL II '-4 so II O 1- I m : I Z I :I II U7 :, II Q Y 0 A LU II A 3 II I-U Q 1 . I: 3 j I F2 E I: 2 I 7' II A II 0 I , I 00--0-vvvvvvvvv-v ..... v .... Visitor: "Does the class usu:IIIy run in this III3gYlIIC1'?H Miss Cornforth: "No, they :Ire good about staying in their seatsf -0000--0------------------- 000000000000000000000000000 Qompliments of TI-IE I-IASKELL IMPLEMENT AND SEED CO. 000000000000000000000000000 ::0::::0::::::::::::0::::00 "If you get it at Kennegfs itfs Tight" KENNEY PHARMACY Opposite Manufacturers National Bank 156 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine 00000000000000000000000000a FOR PLEASURE AND EXERCISE coME TO THE AUBURN BOWLING AIIEYS Page One Hundrvd Twmiy-fi 0000 00000000000000000-000 THE 1931 ORACLE 1 : I 1 1: 1: Anmmcmz mrummous THE MAGNET THAT DRAWS ULD AND YOUNG ALIKE Good Qfood ---::::::-3?g y::::::-Q? g::::-,--p E 1 1: 1: 1: b 1: 1: 11 1: 1: E 2 C 1: 1: 1: 1: 5 1: w-1:-H11 Q-1 " 1 1 E ? E I Q 1: 1: r-I 2 1:8 ,-12 O Z 1' 1: 1' 'PU O1:"' O0 522 5 1: if U9 1 1: 5 cn I IZSC5 S 1: 1: '-1 3 118' 77 1: "55'vjg2'. rn 2' b I 1: 1: 11 1: :n 1: .iv Sm Q 1: 1: Z 1: 1: :D 9 V 1, cn z 1 Q 1: 1: Q 1: ,.,. 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AUBURN ELECTRIC SH0P,I:1c. --g g.:::::: S O O z 1: 11 xv 0 O '- 3 1: " O O 1 1: 1: Q 1: 21 H 0 1: U, 2 0 ll rv-I 2 1 1: 3 , 3 1 S1 S 0 1: 'U 1: -, - x 1: " 95' 9 1: G Q 1: C3 0 1: C1 8 1: 75 1: 1 1: Z 1 O 0 1: A 1: --g g-..... O 1: - 0 1: O 1: S 1: 1: 0 1: P 0 1: cj 1 ': W 1 N 0 1: Q C X' 0 1: ': PU Q 0 1: -6 Z c: 0 1: E' : 3 1: 5 21 1 3 1: ro ff 1: 3 3 3 1 11 5 :D 9: O 1: 1-1 0 1: Z 1 1: rr: I 1: O 1I O 1: O 1: QQQQQQQQQQ DeRosay SL Barrett e9YCusical Insiruments 'TJ B ' R 1 erry S CSt3.UI'al'1t 43 Im-nfl Street 88 Court Street Auburn, Maine 2 AUBURN MAINE as--M ---.--. Q.----0-.----N sos-Qz:-:xx .---- ::::::::::: 59933393993 3333333339339333333?C93393333333933393 593333333 3 S Compliments of f WELLS SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 112--:-:::::-:::::-::::::::::::::::::x::::::::: .... xxx ................. .. .............. .. ........... ....---...- I 2 Compliments of 1 HARRY PLUMMER, Thotographer 0 q--- ------------------ ---- Pam' Om' Hu1:11:'ed 717UE'I1fN' n f. -. A e ,H Q. nmnuuuuuum-mm 1 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ0000000-00000QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ THE 1931 ORACLE xivlil if will L f s -V, 1 in I it ig FF, if il ll I IWW Fas! if 025: Eu FEI lr FFF lilfll Ill ,WW . A M. i 1 ,Ig fvj Q' 'wlikiqwmimll J' wal'-su' I - -- --- .A... ----- -- ------- -- ----- ---Q v,--,,---,,---, ,--,---, ,--Q--o-------oe--a-ooo-----ooo Wbeii in cloubt-SEND FLOWERS Not Expensive, Always Pleasing For that BIRTHDAY - EASTER - MOTHER'S DAY A Price for EVERY Purse - OEO. M. ROAK COMPANY 80 Court Street Auburn, Maine :o-::::::o-Q: :::o::o-::::::::o::::ooo::o::Q-:::---::: ::.- CYQZOJQDWQL, THE FIVE PASSENGER VICTORIA You have bcard references in the past to aeroplane lines and performances, but never before. wc believe. bus a motor cur so brilliantly expressed tlic swzltness and power of flight. DARLING AUTOMOBILE COMPANY, Inc. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ -Q 0000-09.09QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ- ooo---Q-Q---QQ-Q-QQ---QQ---QQQQQ--QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ EQEQLEEOETI Golvurrfs EEUEEJEEPU lllii..-.1 We offer a substantial saving on GRADUATION BOUQUETS ASK ABOUT OUR CLUB PLAN Marian W. Coburn Robert S. Coburn, ELHS '18 40 COURT STREET Phone 2460 AUBURN -----0-0-----------------------------..-----------..---.. Pain' Om' Ilumirril Tzu-vlify-.'r'r'v1 M fu ill 2 .r.i.. .. O----Q THE 1931 ORACLE pE--..--..-..--...---g ..-----..--..g g--...--...--- --g gg- -- .....---g 2 : ' 1 1 2 1 2 S 2 3 .1 2 11 it U7 'o 1 Q 'ggi' 1 1: 3, Z 1 2 I 1 2 5 5 'FU 3 3 N ff' :sign 3 11 C 3 :N O 51: Zz: 0535 523811: ESD: 1: E 2. E . 1: E E ' g 0 Z b 12753-4: 0 3 73 V-4 2 in fl O 3 m 2 If E T QQ ,..1 3 1: 9, E 51,5302 3 1 1 ,, Z Z 1 ' E?4Q'21f,,1if 1 2 sr O 1 1 3 N 1 1: Q2 U 225912 1 1 2155: I-U Il :L 5 ? 2 1 O 4 S-3 cn 1 1: gg 5, 931113521 2 1: gnupg g.3a:g51:E' 1: U1 O ' Z N 3, na gv ' ""rv-:Q - ,, H U. 'V "' c 99 0 " ' U- Cn. . 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I 8 2 Z 'Q N Q 3 , D1 g 5 Q7 . " '3-S2 1: g:Ef:+, if -1 Q . U 4 Q-I ff ll NTS ,U 1, - -R4 -74,4 " 2 ea 0 " 1 m 4, ff Q ,-4 EL , 1: -QM 4 Thai? 0 z 013 . 0 3 . 3 'I Cf? O 1: :J 'TS O : 51. -: 14 1 1: gg . Q 1: - 0 1: Z :: arp- O U1 ' , 45-- 1' D' 11 U' ' 1: T 2 :P " 12 C: 2 1: 5 2 : "' 1 -1 ,., 5 5 1.zf-P112 'o:J:--Z 11 1-P0132 1: rr! '19 9 1: ,TZ r-Q 0 1: rf-1 ,U 0 3, G g 1: L. : 1: 5 O 1 1 :I 1 1 2 1 1: 011: 5011: ffm: Um12Q 4' . U A ll, Q :I 'I E E g - ..-...--.....-g 595 - -- --....-- gg 5 -...---...---..----g5 y-...---...--....---g , , P-am' Om- I-Iu1m'red Twenty-eight THE 1931 ORACLE , L , ,Q M F'1'?Cf 2 f' " W l. "ff-, I Q Q Q i .u.i..n.W.-I.-.1 mm --1- l ph an l F W F QQ' WINE---K -"-'------ ' ,--J-. f. , Y rff "' , 1, 'lug' Q?,o ' f w Q' Q' I I rr-:rl Frm' ""- 'FC F .-Q5 ' .-I ---- -' -'--f-- I lm Q EF QF ' IQ I F L --'-----'- M I 1 'ln E H ll ' ' l I,Q.iQl'ig, 3 5 E Q Geo. V. Turgeon CO. Q 61555 Of 1931 Q Agents for the Famous Q 0 0 0 Save a Little, Spend a Little 3 GRUEN WATCHES 2 8 Less is "THE ORACLE'S" Q f'5'fff1'w H Gfddwffvn Q Q Formula for Success. 'Z o Q DIAMONDS WATCHES Q THE NATIONAL SHOE Q Q AND LEATHER BANK Q so Lisbon su-get LEWISTON Q AUBURN. MAME 0 ,3:,,--: 3 ,--::-:,:::::: :ct f--.gg 35-----...,.-.............---ng as-Q-0-an-M-'M'----0'---SQ as--:::::::2:-::f:::::--'vi 0 O o 6 O I O 0 Q Mrs. Kennedy: "M agnn. Q Q Q Q give me an example of onoma- Q Q Q ropoeiaf' Qounsellor at Law - 0 l Rayz "What-er-e1'? QS1t- Q Q - yn ' f ' ' Q ,Img on tacky OW-OW-0000! Q lxresge Block, 64 Lisbon Street Q Q Mrs. Kennedy: "Very good. Q Q LEWISTONA MAINE Q Q A plllSlu Q Q Telephones I Office 2040 Q Q Q Q IHomo 2041 Q Q . as-::::::::::::::::::::::-uf aa:--::-x::::::::::--::::::::Aaez ss'---------w--------Q----M as nz,--------A-------M--------0 as Q o Q Q Manning: "Well. it'S :Ln Q 190 T S t A b XI . Q overt assertion that Field scin- Q umm tree ' A U um' A Ame Q Q tillated in the encounter." Q 0 0 0 , , O Q Our Desks and Book Q Q liilrlbara lslttlehelfl Q OV C Y- Q Q ggiisosriaififytglifacg Q Q liearingj: "And to think my Q Q atwholesale prices' Q Q Clayton would do Such :1 0 il' ff, SPECIAL DEsKs AND cAsEs MADE T0 olwsn Q Q Img 0 0 ,--m:m----xx,--m,L,s,, ,gE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ?"""""""""""""' if ?"x:'x::'::x:'::::::':: Y Q COME TO Q Q Q O O Q 0 5 THE LAUREL SHOP ' ' Cal' 4040 ' Q Q For Prompt, Courleous 0 Q01 your Qlfancy GTOCCTICS Q Taxi Semin Q 'Qine Gonfectionery Q Q Q Ice Cofeam-A Q Q lllllllll SQUARE TAXI UU. Q GEORGE W. BARROWCLOUGH Q Q 171 Main Street LEWISTON Q 297 Main Street Open Evenings Q Q 24 HOUR SERVICE Q n:::::::: 2 -tx----::::::-ae: we--::::::::::::::::::::xxx Page One f'f141l!1"l'I'l1 Twenty-1MT1m TH E 1931 ORACLE -ur" Y Y i will V !-A.- , ,..., ,f ry ll HfvllrlnillllufIIHIIHH x Q lam p... ' Fi 1, F xi Fm, WE Fl II' Il ,..J.,4,, H ' nr rrf I I ,Q fi ggi: l3,ff ff: f' 'P' FP 1 Iam! 1 pq: Trp lima HEI: P 'qw Mun L ------- -f----f-1---Af------ -f s o n 5' EF Fir FC it + f i f f :ire wr Fur- nm f rl, v . M. I1 w , -If H 'mf Ilfmi 5333333321 3333 2222222222 SSSQSSSC 2222222222222 li n U Q GUCGIN FUEL CQMPANY ll n::f:::::::::::2:::::::::0::::::::::::::::::::::::::2 3 2331233333332 2 22222222222222222222222 222222222222 51 0 n if L. O. MERCIER :L AUBURN, MAINE ,2g--........---.... .......... ... ...... ...... ........ -- gr0::::::: ooooo ::::::::ooo:: oooooooo ooooooo ooooo oooooo u lr s lv Q ff :lj an . oumgeous oyagers 3 0 In 1492Awhen Christopher Columbus embarked from Spain in the good : ship "Santa Maria" to End a new and shorter route to IndiaAhe set sail 2 on the most adventurous voyage ever recorded in history. Little did he 0 dream that he was to discover the vast new world which was to be the future home of so many millions of people Likewise in 1872, Montgome1'y Ward-when starting the first mail order businessAembarked on an uncharted route in the world of commerce. He did not foresee that the business he so modestly created would grow to such great proportions: serving more than ten million families-one . family out of every three in the entire United States-as z Montgomery Ward E9 Co. does today. 0 0 2 MQNTGQMERY W ARD SL C0 0 2 Phone 2870 0 179483 Lisbon Street - - Lewiston, Maine Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQA A A A Aooo A A oo A A A A K 9-09.00400-000-200-0000-50.20.00000-909200000000020 WALTON'S BAKERY O 3 AUBURN. MAINE 0 A.,.. UQ ......... U-- 5 - ------ A --AA AAAA - AA-- Q-Y-Y-v--vv-,,,-,,,,---- ....... -v------ ----oQ:::::: 5, -'f- f -,v,,, ,- .,,.... vvv-- .--.. o---v ..... ---oo::::: O Gompliments of a Cgriend Q----- ---A -A-- AA---A ------ ---- ---- A-A---A -,v v,,,v- ---, .,,, , ,,,, - ooo---vv--oooo::o:: Page OlIC'H1f7lffYPd Thirty THE 1931 ORACLE Q ,, Ji, . - . 15, ' " il l 2-1'f'C.f ' LV Q 54,24 l "" . fir "Ai l li HI if it if X A i img V x WE FFF H-E F ii iv ...... ,..,. ggimi. - 1 Img M ,g,L,' QQQ F lil megl n K fs.. ,r r mi r. rr nf- N .1 ,, ' .. "rp "Q ,......................................... ,4 ,p x in Im! PM X W If ' L' F in hint mlmugmmuummmN ' m I 1' I ' W l I I 'lil -----------------------...- gg g..-----.. .... ----..-----..-- 5 1 nu ll mf uma moon snovvf Q ' SfAVfY'S 30911 3H0p fl Incorporated O S ni O ' 0 0 g Exclusive eybffoclels Mllufays 3 z ffihe fljopular ,Storey IC 2 ciffoderately Cljriced z 9 on the corner Q Ti-le-phone 1T33 Q z ' no slain sum LRWISTON ' 240 Court Street gg Opposite Empire Theatre li "The Little Shop with the Green Doorl' AUBURN ' MAINE ll g..........-..--...- .... ...-y Q::----::::-----:::-----::--.y 5:::-::::::----::::---:::::---::::---:::::---:::::--.---:C-, , if ll z All Men who have made a Success of themselves in the Business and Pro- z fessional Vvforld, can trace their first successful move to the buying of Life Insurance, both for Savings and Future Collateral.. . :i Let this office, which probably acted as Advisor to your Father, give 'YOU :J suggestions for an Insurance Program. :N . ' ll AGENTS FOR FORTY-ONE YEARS 1 :si c'uru'r S'1'l!I'IlC'l'. ,xU1n'uN. BIAINE " 0 i geeee2:2232:,,:,:::::::::::-::,::::::::::::::::::---::::::-g gg...-----..-------..------------------------------------..-- ' ' i? ll ll I l Student las graduation nears! 1 "I regret leaving you. You've O taught me all I know about this subject." If ll 2 Teacher: "OIL tlmt's all right 1 a mere trifle." ll ll ll li li ge:::::::2:----::::----::::-:::::::--:::::---:::::-,:-::::-.g ?:::-::::,:--::::::---:::::-? g?::-::,:::::::::::::::::::::g 0 . O Q XVe Give Service and Value Q Q 4 : to Every Customer 2 2 CO' O 5 --..--- 'wholesale Grocers and iBottlers of Qoca-Cola and Qrange Crush VllRNEY'S SHOE Sl0RE lr ll ll ll ll 1: Zu l :: 51 W il Ci O il O ll Z gg ll "1 0 ' "' 0 gr: IC Z a 0 js Q, ll P-1 0 Z ll U1 ll in 0 ma Q g-----......... g----.......... ll in II l in fp 0 ., g V, ll to if C' n PU Z-,U lu ,- my Z +I 0 X Q ll U2 II Z 2: 0 5 Q ll 1-4 4-r 0 Z ll U1 in ll u li ll K Page One Himdred Thirty'0ne m....m.m.. Q ,I , E 6 W I I. .-.-.....-II...-.............. THE 1931 ORACLE , I A , , ,,,,,,,,., In .Q I FI M IA-fgf -1 ' 1 L+: I" as-' , 52:1 "rs 'Iam F ' 1 I In as E :I ' +4'4 W - K I LII FIV Fl-I-f MINI r VH " . Ml il ,I MLNWQL-,H Ill. 'IKEWL--fII1.!' IRSTIXAUBURN TRUST Co. Y 2 76 :years of ,Safe fBanking .Servico Y , Q54 'Dependable iBank with a I E3 long enviable record. BANK BY THE FALLS Branch in New Auburn K 2:---::::::::::::::::::,::::::::::-::::: -:::::::::::::fg O 0 tl tl ' tl wing L, .... v:::::::::::,i,,,,-::::::---,-,,,,,vv,,--,,- ---v QQ.QQooooooooooogooooaoooooo - -oooo- - ooo - - - oooo- - - - - - - - "Mother--Why are those MEN with the BOXES RUNNING?" :I asked little Babette. J: "THEY are in a HURRY to PUT ON the NEW PREP II HALL SUITS they have just 0 0 0 bought at BENOIT'S," answer- ed the wise mother. I 2 Trouser Prep Hall Suits-825. U tl 'Qing V 0 0 In nu U o T-f ll I d3mozIf5' fJ!54YlU'Jem .fling Corner of Lisbon and Ash Sts. ll Il ll ll N IEIDIDIIDIIEIQQ GIIIIIRIEE CX, JD? 0 QQQQQQQQQQQQ: : 0-00: : ego-: :---: :-o-o: : :Qo: : : :QQQQQQ ao: : : 1 Cfghe 'ZQ?o'rld's Winest Cizlutomobile Cfivires 'a ll TWIN CITY TIRE COMPANY :E 118 Main Street AUBURN, MAINE One Hundred Tlnrfy-It' U 26 THE 1931 ORACLE 1 I gf E. SARAUW .... nu O I . . 6 ig Llght GTOCCTICS cmd g g 0 . U 0 C 5 Gonfectzonery 3 S I 1: 186 Turner Street Z II Auburn, Maine z 322222-2222---22-22222222222n n--222222222 --.- 2222 -22- 22-- K ::::::3333:33339 33:3-:::::::3::zi:::::::12:::::::::::t 0 41 lb lb 1 it TURNER CENTRE SYSTEM DISTRIBUTORS OF lb lb E PERFECTLY PASTEURIZED MILK E AND ICE CREAM 55 Phone Lew. 3830 E AUBURN - MAINE 0 0 ..,, ?2222-:::22--222 -2.2 222-2222u 52222222-22222--22222222222- 5: of I ESUMMERSTREETCASHSTURE E NQRRISJ-IAYDEN g E Gfffeats and Groceries E LAUNDRY E E MEMBER or 1. G. A. QE UI! ,Pays to Keep eleann S 222 Summer Srreet L . S Auburn, Mame ..........-----......-..---.g 5 ::----::::::::::::::: : ::-- '5 5 " E E 'V E E lb 2 E 0 g O 5 U 5 E 0 5 ll Eg-'w 5 11 ' : F5 11' II L Qqsfg 0 -ui? 4 -u gg F ff: Pig I n 2 u 2 0 - Q ,325 : il 0 ,.,,., , . 0 .- 11 '1 :il 0 --11 H AQ - 0 1-111 TI' j . - 1 0 E! 2-.2 0 1 , 1 n Q ,F rl 2 il- E322 ,Q ,A Al- gasp., - --. -ms. -Di Q . ,Qin-:Ji 0 ' '11 , . I, 221-222 2 . 125: I 'P ET' 11 TQ nl - ', 0 :i-1 fi 1 ' 0 A o .:' 2-1 0 :Eval 0 ?- I' 1:-Ez' 1+ 0 a 5 11 5 E U EI Di 0 5 5 0 ,5 0 g 0 E 5 gg , 5 -- --o- .. 5- 'K -----o--- ---..- -..----- Q y-.... ------ y- Pam' Om' Hzmdrrd TI ty-tlnrrc THE 1931 ORACLE . - - ' ' f YIII II' Ffflif e To I I I I I' fri. Q I "1 , . I'1'Z"FI. f:f": :III "Elf: I III munuvuunn um nuuuvr n I .iid , ""' """"' ' I II LMI F I"'lwIu- mlmlu I f' Ilw, X Inn1nulnnnnannlunnm.. I ,MI I II 'I I N I I I I I N ' I I I IIlI'lII :::::::::: :::::::---::::::y y:::::::::: 3 : eecze: :::::::: I I When it comes to Clothes, S I . smfrt DNN" there's Nothing too good for you. Q Damn' 5'lk Undefthing' i Standard Brands of Silk Hosiery THERE'S CERTAlNl.Y NOTHING Bass. Beldif Toilet G00dS, elic- HNER THAN OUR 540. VALUE S l Latest Styles Always on Display 8 3 -Prices are Right- I I V A. L. p1p1IjR L. C. NU'1 PER Gustom cgailoy- 46-48 Court Street AUBURN, MAINE ::-:::::::::::: :::::::::::au aasxxxc: : :-Q-:::::-::::::: :::: ::::::::--::::::::::::g g-,::::,:,:,-:,,,:,:: , v,::: 8 I SMlTl'l GARAGE CO. , lnc. I KDO you want General A uto I 11-1 I Your Kindergarten or Primary Repairing l l Pictures when You were a 9 I Little Kid ? Think it over and u. s. mass WILLAKD sroncz BA1'l'ERlES l l Telephone 10794 l 0 WRECKING SERVICE I , . Phone 1706 Auburn Maine 3 5 S :::::: ::::::: :::: :::::::::35 g:::::::::::::::::::::::::: W ANTED New members to the Baclielofs Club. Turn in your applications immediately to Alphonso Hoscotoscotf sitzenheimer, president. Initiation will he held at the high school helfry july 4, 1931 at midnight. fNote: All present members bring their clubs and paddles: also be ready to administer ye royal bath of tar and fcathers.I -AA ...... -A--,---,,,---- Compliments of fZOJeiner's 5,8145 I 0 ' Om' Hundrrd Thirty-follf -vvovvo .Q ...Q QQQQQQQQQQQ oo N I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I H I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l Q H 0.0 ...Q ooo 5, -::::::--::oQ::Q:::: :oQ::: WISEMAN FARMS Ice Clream "THE OLD FASHIONED KINDU o::::::::::--:::::::---::: THE 1931 ORACLE I-I' - Im..L. ..L....l,.g . S f e I I II ,gifiw 11' vu I .QI ffm mu, II , I IIIIII " I "I IF' I I III F III LI: 'I' 'F-' . . I"'I'I11 'Z"" "E" ""i1'1 ' -,-I, III' -I '-.f1---------- 'Ig' EIHFEI EI I ' " M F EI-I' Irfr I-I III..I-I I Imm ll ------- I-2 ------------------- Oliver: "Madeline, may I walk home with you ?" Enter-Roberts. Crash! Bang! Darkness! ...... Roberts: "Madeline, may I walk home with you P" :: ::o::::o::::: DIEGES SL CLUST "If we made ir, ir's right" CLASS RINGS FRATERNITY PINS CHARMS AND MEDALS FOR EVERY SPORT PRIZE CUPS AND PLAQUES 73 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. ::::--o::oo::::- --::::o::: ----,, .... --- ------ Compliments of Qflmlvufrn CQYCOCOT Sales, Inc. ----oo----ovv,--o .... ----ovv--- -- ..-. ---,,--,,, Page One Hundrrd Tlrfrtv-fiz'c II II II II K II II II II I I II I I II II I II II II II II II II BS K II II II II II II II I II II I I II II II I II II II II II II II O I II II II II II II II K H 5- , ' l, U f H TE Hr: F1 !l. q'f7 . F 152: i ff' rrf rsr c If WM A-1.--1 ---------.4..-1f,1 1 uf'-'NJN -' qhlouv 4.1 eQ-5i3- W WW 'JB' awww IlQQ1i? JW W 'QWWWWMOA P QQWQYR THE 1931 ORACLE F1551 wma' ' nf A.-4-. ...... . .....1 l ,L k 'fl IH 5, 5, .. Qi j a, ,, ,, V, I I A R, ,.,.,. 'npr I- ,,, f ' I ' 1' ' ' C. I -,Se vw acaw- 'l ,WMM ,WJ ,IQ uh f"'y6,,r,'iZ..QffW"f QF 73"H2.daJ!'f. efgcg 4? 'B f?7if'lCW" Ufffig fffwfl . MMM gwjiffiu .saggy VWKQWEM A, in sw fff5?fw2WgWJ fray if-, W MQ q,,wg,,, maxi Mgr?-2 W MMM? Qwfgfdgi ' vfxfwiffmyf fag, MM 'CQ-Z Q' " T .. ' V- . ,mf - - W mi - 16 mg' JQQQ 'fab 4p+wu:Zg6b??WTWAQ-,ij QMS? awww ""f6W7"7ffJ'0L5' Dfifiyijjmk K mW M,'JuW 0 7'e"2""4'W o?'f'v-14162244-4, 21" W2 I I MCL! Wg-T' 1' Om' Hun 'Ilnrty-sz,r THE 1931 ORACLE 1: ' - if if ' AW W UW F' W HQ . - . . 1-S ,Cf ff 39,2 ,LW I-1, url: F wif: qui 3' Y A FE 1 rim, Fir Fcrlml f In-M .--MQ AUTOGRAPHS Page One I-Ifmdred Thirty-seven unmmnmumunu Q V' .. 15-uw 1- -- v . I . c."h , y. 4 ' jf. fu.. ' nm-ummmummu I .nu Q THE 1931 ORACLE , ' X' 1 Y 'J' Y ' LY- 1",, Q :xl ' , .I Y New- Nrun Nh It ME' , N ffr fr f r v: 'Z' I i Y.. .,. , . ,P I, Q -,A rr' FFP' , I ,412 . b I ,, Q U Y' W F mm :rv me W Fl ww M I H nn nr M I 3' ' ' f +m1fff . 'IFF rrr :I nh' F ,M AUTOGRAPHS One Hxnrdrcd Thirty-eight s 2 1 X 3 3 9 N Z, E w E n hi 4 4 :4 lv s 1 I Q 1 K 1 L 5 r J . 5 3 1 i -z Q ., E E

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Edward Little High School - Oracle Yearbook (Auburn, ME) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


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