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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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EDELIAN Volume 63 Edward Drummond Libbey High School 1250 Western Avenue Toledo, Ohio 43609 'F 385-5341 1 Student Population 1,105 .INSIDE tudeflt Llfe ................................ 2 ors ........................... ........ 1 6 ' uniors ............... ....... 3 6 phomores ............................ 46 reshmen .................................. 58 ation, Faculty, Staff .. 70 ports ......................................... 77 ganizations ........................ 1 06 rtlslng ........ ......... 1 33 OSIHQ .................................... 139 FACES IN THE cRowD V 'nf-f:r::: '5 n Q -44-rifbvw ' ., , V ,- 11 I -5151.1 . K I 2 lfgilsvsgicl' , .rf'Fif'::',3 F5 P ...M 1215, 2 King Wayne Oliver and Queen 5Valerie Young First Attendants: Dennard Summers and Tamara Menchaca f N1 W gg.. ,. 41 .,' , n .ig , I 5' 57 A' A s ii'u 1 t i if ' cfm--4. Second Attendants: Dorothea Thomas and William Besancon . umq 41 ., it B94 Juflin Attendants: Michael Martin and Honey Speelman Q -..,, 4 i 4 l I 1 l f l i I 5 i Erickka Jones, Ladeune Womack 3 miling Faces .,,--X 'sv A Clark Dennard Summers Sa was Q, QQ. - e - ' ' e T - Dee Dee Johns, Linda Gardner, Tammy Coogler, Sherri Streeter, Sonya Coogler, Trisha Fench and LaJeune Womack Crysthl Warner uae. Reynolds as the monk of Canterbury ales. .N dx -S , 'I Ill I arol Watkins as the miller in Canterbury ales. ...Z ja - 1, 1 Y, .I . v fl 0 'to f Lontina Mathis and Nicole Gibson. li V I l Rick Hadley, Robert Lllis, an NX ,. l S d Dave Langston. rf , YYY l l Precious Times i' WM l i F X l 5 ii li Jubilation when Valerie Young was ,named queen. l Crown Bearers: Joanna Trinidad and James Ulis ' 1 if? .....a..... l 2 J' Q -. 1984-85 Queen Robin Reeves bein escorted by her brother-iwlawl 9 Ron Ball, Danny Jones, Brenda Bumpus in the spirit of things on nerd day. mfg., P 4 Ar -I The nineteen 1985-86 Homecoming Queen candidates included: Cindy Arredondo, Nikki Boykin, Esther Carter, Kerri Casillas, Katherina Cousin, Monica Derden, Cinnamon Frieson, Becky Henneman, Artie Johns, Pamela Keefe, Tamara Menchaca. s Erickka Jones, Shellisa Jones, Nicole Dixon P- '4n,- -4'-.1 K Wayne Oliver Ethaniel Chatman 'T .--Q. Karan Gilsdorf lgatriga Hood, Leyton Hill, Darrell Vercher, Myron Payne, Mahlon Washington, and Raymond mit 'I 'X. '7 queen candidates also included: Gia Parker, Angie Slack, Ann Thielen, Thomas, Belinda Thompson, Joanna Trinidad, Pamela Weideman, and Valerie 7 'x Martin Elizondo Raymond Smith looking suprised. 8 :ng . 'Ns Qkmwgga hangs fn--...Q 'Nigg- Hariy Slaughter gets into his John Salazar and Rachel Menchacal Libbey students dancing up a storrn. so Leon Frost helps Daphne Jones. Kristine Deluna enjoying lunch Michael Parcher Jenkins going to class. V U, Tamara Menchaca and Kelly Williams. I Nikki Garza lv l l Libbey Defeats Rogers . . . 6-3 ...sg Ib Www i nl . My 31 'K pi-5:f:I'f1 :ull-lg 'i A uf -in-L? wl- wxxal 3 Q v ar 1 z.. A .. Quarter Back Willie Besancon hands off to David Nunn while Paul blocks. ' ' I' H QW' f - Q IES?-ui. FE mf KET!!-Ai-e2'g'i'f' ' far Elliott Chaney waiting on the sidelines. l ' 1. Q - I l ' .,,-. - 1 V , iw-' 1 ii ,, N, i 1 ' 'J ' , i,-wq.gu. -i.i H W..-V i - 'X' I 1 l Willie Besancon steps back for a pass to Tony Frost. l '..-u H O :'.i.Qf' wal 'E ' 'Y l'. at A Al ',-Q'-s GFX X gf,-, w-Q1 k. 5 ' ffl vans. A Q. Coach Foster signals defense. E' 'Q 1, if V . Libbey offense dives for and recovers fumble. Punter, Hob Head. i BlKE ' 4 IO . H---0 -'- Q 'V 4, D And Celebrates Precious Times u x'5 s ff may 'lx fYbx A A Court: Erickka Jones, LaJeune Womack, Dennard Summers, Tamara , , 4 1 Oliver, Valerie Young, Wiliie Besancon, Dorothea Thomas, Honey Chf'SUne OWWQ and l-amor Washmglon Martin. ,Q Sadowski and Rhonda Kopietz. Homecoming Court leading the dance, Al !9x....i. Kim Pritchett and Frank Garrett. Troy Johnnson, Myron Smith, Lester Guest. SEE WHAT WE ARE LEA .fl , 59 X M, z td p 'B 1 A zymanek is typing a story for tlfe Crysta E Z King works on the awl in Mr. Ewig's Mr. Cunningham shows a picture to Willie Rios, Karmen Glaspie, Anthony Arthur, and Donella Washington. Mr. Ewig shows work to his class. ony Duran, Mia Gilmore, and Pat Evans check to see if their teeth molds are ok. V., . l ' l ey re ere, James have you heard the NN'N 'TT' J, latest? Noi What? 1 Everybody's talking about ,. them. What? They're all P ' over Libbey! What? The computers of course! Libbey has indeed entered the high tech era. Computers are everywhere. lf you peek in the guidance coun- selors office, you're likely to see someone at the IBM computer doing scheduling, or updating grades. The guidance area has been utilizing computers for about eight years. The business department has been using computers for some time. This is the fourth year that they are being used in the Data Accounting programs. The Executive Secretary and COE programs are using them for the first time this year. The students in the business department use the Radio Shack TRS 80 computers for reviewing the typing keyboard, word processing, and accounting applications. An Intro- duction to Microcomputers course is also taught where students have hands-on experience on the computers. Taking a look in the Math lab you'll see the Math teachers working on Apple 2E computers. They have utilized them for about a year to assist them in their recordkeeping. IBM computers are used in the publication of the school newspaper, the Crystal. This is the first year that the newspaper staff has had equip- ment available to assist in editing and justifying margins. As you pass the field house you may see students waiting for a teacher so they can go into the computer lab. This area is available to all students through their teachers. The teachers may select lessons appropriate to their subject area, and, with the assis- tance of Mr. Paul Czerwinski the computer lab teacher, the Control Data computers make it possible for all students to have experience with computers. Last year a pilot course called . F Ton a Rodri uez Mr. McKee and ll.isa Klostermeier l rv Dee Dee Johns and Willie Besancon. 1' 0 'gh e Y 9 y , prepare the Crystal. l l 1 l Mr. Bryan Reamsnyder and Mrs. Applied Economics was Libbey. With the introductioh of this Junior Achievement prograifn came an Apple computer. The stutients in this course get the opportunity to use the computer for economic applica- tions. j Yes, they have truly arrived. enter student data. Whether you are in the Skill C walking past the field house, near offices on the first floor, up in Math Department or working on newspaper, you'll see comput High technology has invaded Lil: High School. The Computers .,,,..n-nv' .w.....nu-u-uid ss MQ Tami Rhodes building data entry speed in Executive Secretary class. 5 fa Washington working in the computer lab. Pat Commander completing a project in Data Accounting 8 Computing I. 15 .A .AV4 AAVVI x M l'AVV .lkfy ,AX. W- f ,.., we: -1- ..., .1 k 1,1 gg QW- .ht gi' . - . .,.. . W i ' ' 3 5: ,, ,,,. ,, ' I L-'murmur-, - 1 .N 4' .J4nusr A-W- W fqv. Maw hi m ,W...fi .1 'f'..'!'.E l S E IDRS Chatman in Industrial Robotics ll Bumpus Waking up at 6:00 a.m., Brenda Bumpus starts her day. She arrives at school at 7:50 a.m. Brenda's class schedule includes German IV, Physics Honors, Senior Math, and American Government. After lunch, Brenda goes to English IV Honors and her last class is Lifetime Sports. After a busy day at school, she goes to baskednall practice. Brenda is one of the top players on the girls' varsity baskednall team. Getting home late, Brenda still does her homework. Brenda is a member of the National Honor Society. Ethaniel Chatman begins his morning at 6:00 a.m. He then catches the bus and arrives at school at 7:15 a.m. He has break- fast, then begins his classes with his skill center class, Industrial Automation Robotics ll. He has this block for three hours. After this class he goes to lunch. His schedule continues with American Government, a furniture-making class, and his last hour class is Sociology. ln Ethaniel's furniture- making class, he acts as toolroom clerk for the day. His job is to give people the tools for the week. Ethaniel is a linebacker on the varsity football team and is involved in other activities. FACES IN THE CROWD ,.,. 17 Cindy Arredondo Ron Ball James Baker Tim Banks Donnie Bean i Cherise Bell Jame S RObeI't BEITTIGI1 i Besancon l lla! ' X ,X Darlene Blankenship Nikki Boykin Ronald Brock xi! N-ur Bruce Brodbeck Gail Brown Theresa Brown 'f2P B ,fir N-we Tonya Brown Sylvia Buford Brenda Bumpus Danita Butts Tommy Butts l Charles Carper Esther Carter Kerri Casillas Elliott Chancey l l A 5 Ethaniel Chatrnan Joel Cobble Wendy Connolly l 20 1 if Sonya Coogler Katherina Cousin Dan DeBrosse U Monica Derden Rose Dusenberry Paul Dye Jim Elliott I Lisa Ewing i Leon Frost James Galloway ' Anthony Garcia 'Sf' ,::,i5.m ,jL A . 1 i i ,f ., 'I L , Linda Gardner Candace Garmon i Tracie Gibson i i 'EZTEY hw? Karan Gilsdorf Barbara Gooch i Ernestina Gonzalez 1 Calvin Gregory Becky Henneman Catherine Hitt Katrina Hood Patty Howe Fred Hunter tg i iA W c y Miifiiiiiiizzii Michele Hussing Denise Irwin Anthony Jackson Sandi James Dave Janovich J Artie Johns ess nss h f Latonya Johnson Carolyn Jone s Danny Jones J Daphne Jones Shavella Jone s J Stephanie Jones J N umfr' ti Pam Keefe Joe Kekes Lisa Klostermeier Robin Kopietz Jeannette Kreischer Earl Kynard 'il Q.-r X516 Tammy Laidler Aretha Lee Angelina Lopez L, K iv I Victor Lopez Rodney Mason i Raymond Martin .af Dawn McGovern Tamara Menchaca i Jennifer Merriweather i ',-r Qjyi K ' K Lupe Montez Elizabeth Mosby i Dwayne Oliver i wr Bennie O'Neal Tom O'Leary Virginia Paiva Mike Parcher Gia Parker Laurie Pence ju-li Brian Pringle Latonia Reid Dennis Roach i Seronda Robinson Marie Rodriguez r Tara Roundtree Q 5 zo. E Amy Russell Frank Sadowski Amy Sanchez 0-QP!! i r diff' R i au if e R David Schwieterman Dwight Sherwood r Christina Sifuentes i i i Ei ,f Ponda Simmons Angela Slack Larry Smith Raymond Smith Amy Sparks Shawn Swicegood E X S ,A Q W if K 'Q K V , Q , r 5- L M?- Diana Szymanek Ann Thielen Elaine Thieman 'M WI 'i'ff 3 I W . L si- or John Thieman Belinda Thompson Dorothea Thomas Michelle Tisdale Joanna Trinidad James Lllis R i xl 4 7, if Q. lib, . Robin Wallace 445 X1 ,lr XX 4 Q : . Dale Tunison N T li if -ff - 45 T T ls .Li lui: Valerie Walker me-wx A x .,TQ .Qs X 3 1 Carol Watkins Wesley Watson Crystal Warner . ssle eseee Pam Weideman Kelly Williams Rita Wodarski ix. j FX, Benn Yingling Valerie Young Debbie Ziemann Q 8 ,f 3 Class Ufflcers l Advisors Ms Keween Mrs Thomas Monica Derden-Pres., Nikki Boykin-Vice Pres.,l Darlene Blankenship-Treas., Sylvia Buford Sec y S l SHORTEST: Tony Garcia, Lisa Klostermeier. CLASS SPIRIT: Daphne Jones, Terry Fench. CLASS SWEETHEARTS: Harry Slaughter, Kim Gibson. Myron Payne, Crystal Warner BEST DANCERS: Jeff Jones, Tamara Menchaca QUIETEST Mike Reynolds, Cindy Arredondo. 33 leg, fi iw i BEST DRESSEDI Wayne Oliver and Cinnamon MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: William Besancon and Angela Slack Frieson 34 TALLEST: Dennard Summers and MOST ACTIVE: Earl Kynard and Valerie i Q Williams Youn MOST STUDIOUS: Terry Gamble and Butts I X BABY FACES ' Q43 gual -3 , 4 gp 6, J: 1 if lk ,X if-ff V 4 Q, .A S... ,ft ss - 17 Q 'x 8 ff. I X. 1 I o li' i X 2 .Ag 3- I VI. 3 Q- 'Q ,4v?'X ri -f-xa- S Do you know these faces? See page 132 for answers I., F-7 .P,-,B 4 N-www-. .M ff' vw:- I 1 D ,...-...--A 5 , -.M -... . vn A , . n 4 . , A , W,.,m,, ,, ....w,,,.A ,. . ,M L f- if'4-kX45t,A,1i.i.+ ,fr-'Tv ' ' ' ' t , , ... A. . ,J ri -Ag -1 ,Q .- Q ' 4 . J- 'N . I-5-A A - -4 ,-.ww ., -Ari ' Ui.. ..,..a xc .h. wan... xg,4.QJA, ..4....1aJ.g4'z.,m , X Y '- ' ' L ' , ,,,,.,..,,,,..,,M .. -, ,...,. C ur f is urs r., an an 'li V' W w 'ff' ' '41 -, mQzQ1 'L, P M . f' an F . n 14 ,..,,,g . . -.. 1 . ,gfsvl,y,, .. S win' x - x wh-Q41 Q- fvfxxfwvfg,-Q pg-4q.gA,f 1 .fWwp,'fw 'Q'-, ph I ' ' - 'f 'jf .25f:?f3:fg,w A If 5 W K 4, V, JUNIORS Davis Sheriece Davis, a junior, starts her with school. Her classes include History, English lll, Living oday ll fHome Economicsj, and Sheriece says she photography and it is her subject. After school Sheriece goes to work Chi-Chi's on Talmadge Road as a cook. When that work is done seems to follow . . .Homeworkl has played basketball for ree years, for two of which she was a ember of the varsity team. After high school she plans to ttend Ll.C.LA. and get a degree in usiness Administration. She says 'l'm ready to graduate! Sheriece Davis watches Greg Walton as he practices his photography skill A FACE IN THE CROWD Lois Alsept Robert Anderson Teddy Anderson Charles Austin Theresa Battle Robert Bensch Richard Berry Tom Bensch Willie Boone Tony Bremer Barbara Burford Zandra Campos Benny Carpenter Lisa Carver Craig Chalfant David Chambers Mary Chandler Stephanie Cherry Briana Clark Brenda Clay Pat Commander Matt Contos Shelly Cook Demetrius Covington Monica Cowson Robin Crawford Bryan Crosby Rick Crowell Mike Dangler Rana Daniels K t X , .,. i N ,-.- - Hi as 'H me A ! 5 Rig . W N. , I9 x,f e ax ,, vx ix X 'D ,Cx P I I 'F' , lu! t x I :italy ,C fi 'f 3c Fx 'QS' .Q .. v V. l li.'5', ...9 l wi ' 2.x Y' fi if 5 .ig ,S 2 R 3 ' QQ if R ff 'N --o 1 'N Eiig. l in , f i r 1 .-- Q I ' V I X 1 all G l 6 fin l X E lG Q WX X Angela Darrington Deanna Davis Michael Davis Sheriece Davis Yonnis Dixon Dorothy Douglas Bill Dunlap Bridgette Duszynski Kim Duszynski William Dye Robert Easter Geridine Edwards Sabina Elizondo Sophia Esquivel Patricia Evans Tamara Farnum Casey Fenter Joyce Fisher Danny Flores Bridgette Floyd Tyrone Floyd Natalie Furr Frank Garrett Angie Garza Bettina Gibbs Renee Gill Mia Gilmore Cassandra Gladwell Michael Glennon Shevella Glover Bob Goben Michael Gordon Jackie Green Lester Guest Mark Gunn Darian Hall Carl Ham Perry Hannah Tony Harkins Tyrone Harkins Luther Harris Shani Harris Tony Harvill Bob Head Zandra Heflin Michelle Hens Tony Hicks Leyton Hill Marvin Houston Ruth Hovermale Edward Howard Eric Johnson Howard Johnson Mark Johnson Barbara Jones Mark Jones Rochelle Jones Ansley Jordan Cassandra Joshaway Richard Keaton ww fn sf' NJ fg X' if f . 5 X I1 117 df V. 49. Q sm g' V , l IT Q-3' J N'-V XB.. 'V nl, I iq- X- -.,.I T 1 J 4 ink, 5 ,L S KN iii fs Qi .l QU fs X. 5 i 1 , Q l Carey King Roderick King Tina King Greg Koski Marla Kreischer Roger Larde Kim Lebowsky Pao Lee Cleetessa Long Christina Martinez Chuck Martinez Brent Madwews Lontina Mathis Corleatha Mays Rodney McClellan Renee McDaniel Cara McDonald Dave McDowell Rachel Menchaca Barb Middlebrooks Hillard Miller Mark Miller Becky Montez Devena Moody Pam Morris Eric Neal Felicia Neal Mike Neal Patrick Newton Mark Null Diane Ortloff Tammy Parcher Tim Patrick Stephanie Patterson Sherry Pippin Linda Pitts Harry Place Lonnie Place Tonetta Pryor Melissa Ramsey Wanda Randolph Sheryl Reaves Kip Reid Lisa Reynolds Heidi Rhodes Tami Rhodes Dave Robinson Mary Robinson Robert Rodriquez Nate Ross Steve Sanchez Heather Sasse Karen Schumann Dawn Simons Davm Smim Sandra Smith Scott Smith Stacy Smith Chris Solly Honey Speelman . sv- srt Q f 'fx i ,,, L ty, it l I 5'Yfl5ilf'f5f g 4 H 'Ya' Q 'n S ll J PHP ' vs . . wav plc. ffl' ,,,. lf! i t lil is 'liftillify l '15 ,-q, Alix, V ' , ' 13 gg ,, S, ' V95 J Ns. 5 W1 .3 . Q a Y f ai' 43 1 Lf, l Lf' we xr Q 1 ,Q 2 kt, n fx . . .J 'r I ri .Qt x w .t ,,. Herman Speigner William Speigner Lisa Stills Paul Summers Laura Tagle Bill Thieman Jeffrey Townsend Dawn Tremblay Sabrina Llrbina Ponce Viengmany Brenda Walker Felicia Walton Greg Walton Donella Washington Lamor Washington Aaron Wells Eileen Williams Derrick Wilson Tawana Woods Teresa Wright Don Yerg Joe Yglesias Jennifer Zeller Joe Zepeda Marjorie Ziemann 43 Cl Gfficers Cutest Couple: Cutest Smile: Best Dressed: Shortest Tallest: Most Athletic: Most Talkative: Quietest Most Studious: Funniest: Most Active: Best Dancer: Most Sophisticated: Most Class Spirit: Most Likely to Succeed 44 saw! Eileen Williams 1. Mrs. Lewinski, Mrs. McDonald, Lamor Washington-Treas., Chuck wHo's WHo Willie Spiegner Mark Jones Charles Austin Paul Summers Leo Hall Leyton Hill Howard Johnson Ponce Viengmany Charles Carlisle Mark Johnson Lester Guest Michael Gordon Michael Martin Brent Matthews Mark Miller 2. Tresser Boles-Vice Pres., L Donella Washington Linda Pitts Honey Speelman Theresa Battle Tina King Joyce Fisher Briana Clark Mia Gilmore Jennifer Zeller Mary Chandler Tresser Boles Jodie Pulley Sabrina Llrbina Lontina Mathis Nicole Gibson ff? I l K. Y 0 I , r. V' gf' 5. ester Guest-Pres - vs X .. x ,wk ' .JALWGQ tux 'ga yi K.: ii! W l Y '95 . S. Q3-55 2:1:ffra1sf9.ws. N ' 7-. 'W 4 '- f ' -ws' 1? 3 .f3..f.r- xsysiff'-.,.r--' - X ..- . 'z viii!! rc: ' ' f' .N 'lgff , ,f ' 'I' X-Q '3- A, A . Way- in .wi' f 4- x Qwgr3-- '-'w '.Uun,a ' ' 21 4 ' x 1 val' glans an I U I a ,,,1 if diff, aff? as 12 ..- n 1 4- V , A I 1-5 H if , 1 wr fa '10 7: . It 5 gi NK x A I f 'L-ug--H .-1 ,- M, Ain 1 U ' 4 ' x . K W, , 4 wi- A ., ... ., ,J . .. .... -,.-, ,.. .. , .,,,,,,, ,,,,, A s 'F 'I' 'YF' ffv wr - u uv -.Q an , ' ' N . ' 1- 2 ' '- rg-:':rafmfvf:::vr K mr '- W 14-Lg, -fmt 5. f L-'firing-.ww 7911! A WA Lf Af -L, ,A -1 A ..-.Q A.,,,..K , - .......,-,.,.,, , ' -l lrw Q V Y 'Y .nl 'Qvf' wif : H A 'fwij? ,. 3 ,V ,,, - Y -, , I ,, , ' g-.' 1 .Ljizsi Mm, . L' an E vs - J twkW 57v' W' 25: fwfr' M, sits... ,J ' ff ' 65, 11 L 5 '-' ' I . - L 'K , L,,, n-:FU 2 ,V :WI ' 'v ' Y , A as V- , 1 . . , - -V 'V vu'L:2:.'f'f' - nsha Fench Johnson SCPHCJMORES Trisha Fench gets up at 6:00, and the first thing she does is curl her hair. She is able to get to school by riding the TARTA bus. Her favorite subject and teacher are math and Mrs. Scott. Trisha participates in many activi- ties including the Afro-American Club, basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and bowling. These activities help her maintain her grades. After school she goes to basketball practice. ln her spare time, Trisha talks to her friends on the phone. Sophomore, Keith Johnson, starts a school day by waking up at 6:00 a.m. and taking the TARTA bus, which brings him to school. Keith enjoys school, especially his English class. After school, Keith gets prepared for basketball practice. He also enjoys running Cross Country and Track for Libbey. When practice is over, Keith goes home for dinner. He lives with his mother and two sisters. ln his spare time, Keith enjoys run- ning, playing basketball, and just plain hanging out. He likes to talk to girls and rap on the microphone. His favorite T.V. show is Miami Vice. Keith plans to further his education and be- come an electrical engineer in the fu- ture. FACES IN THE CRCDWD 47 Rosalia Ahedo Jenny Akeman David Allen Valerie Allen Julie Allred Carmela Armstrong Letricia Armstrong William Bacon Robert Baker Gracie Barber Fannie Barnes William Barnes Albert Barnett Cory Barnett Dionne Barringer Mark Bell Rick Berry Michelle Bigelow Lesa Black Sheryl Black Michelle Blakely Shannon Bogle Liuie Boone Theresa Bowman Larry Boyd Vanessa Branch Mike Brandberry Tom Braatz Fred Brown 48 Trevia Brown QA owl' rv 4. x X. fb 'i ,girl gil , xl in 5 'Y . ur 5 R i V l sr W3 Waking 1.1 MQ Di! ,M gg. ' 4 lk ' -. 'x .U -- 'w. . 1-A T - N S Q- ii Sylvia Burkes Jenny Burns Raymond Campbell Andrew Carlisle Marlene Carper Brian Carr Charlie Carter Maria Casiano Michelle Chambers Bai Chanthakham Todd Cole George Coleman Pam Coleman Coretta Corley Joe Cruz Karlyn Cuniss Cynthia Daniel Leo Darrington Dejuan Davis Kim Davis Nina Davis Patrick Davis Laurie Delaplane Jocelyn Deluca Kristine Deluna James Desandro Eddie Dias Nicole Dixon Juan Dominguez Elliot Dotson Sonja Duran Brian Dye Cynthia Easter David Ervin Robert Escobar Aubrey Evans Mike Fairchild Roslyn Fambro Tamara Farnsworth Keith Fell KenneU1 Fell Trisha Fench James Foreman Taft Franklin Theresa Franklin Debbie Funk Vickie Frederick Linda Gamble Art Garza Nicole Garza Mary Lou Gonzalez Tim Grable Carlos Graves Shawn Gribble Roy Griggs Arthur Griswald Todd Guest Don Guhl Chris Guth David Gutierrez Ifh lil 17' ' 'lk A.. 'T'7 J ' I , ' .il 4.-J wi .4 ..,, X ' 'tx X, ,si ,L F I gk 0 Q Qs. fxA ' K Nr' it ch' v ln l X , Q. Rick Hadley Tyrone Harkins Elizabeth Harris John Harris Letcher Harris Jason Hart Keith Hartranft Kathy Head Scott Henneman Jamie Hens Ben Henson Pedro Hernandez Jackie Hindall Sonja Hollins Anthony Huggins Lantre Hunter Keith Jackson Tyson Jackson Patty Jaso Tiffany Jenkins John Johnson Keith Johnson Troy Johnson Camille Jones Darryin Jones Shellisa Jones Dan Kekes Bert Kelley Bret Kelley Tina Kiger 51 Toni Kiger Felissa King Fleurette King Robert Klostermeier Rhonda Kopietz Barb Kunz Tom Lather Dawn Leduc Tamarah Lee Kelley Leichty Nate Lewis Joe Lopez Tammie Luce Gilbert Madrigal Nettie Martinez Carlton Mathis Ann Matthews Beth Meade Dawn Mercer Doris Merriweather Greg Meyer Shelley Meyers Aaron Miles Debbie Miller Jodi Miller .. ,X ,f mllffm 1 xx' , 4 . f , K ,... s ,Hi l it Mx ' nv 1 it Ci 1 l I . '53 1.4L LV Q9 ' 6:39 Us A 40' ,- X A Dave Mills M A M ' David Moore asf! S Connie Moyer 1 Neil Neukam 6 L J' Andy Newman or tg, S pam M' l f K ye Us ,ps-, s -1? l we rw . X . w. 'X P fwsww X A K B.. vi ,147 n 4, vw, W,: 'Q' gi. Q J fywxgwv V Ya A K . . 'Skirts' gf mm ' 'gina vii e x QL sf .... 12,4 i , ,Swat . . W, r, -Q.. 'fm 1 -n, V vp. ,-.qi 1 A. .t 410. wa X., ' ji S R. A me S fd 4-.-N wr-' Dale Newman Darlene Nunn Joe O'Leary Jaye Olejniczak Cassandria Parker Anita Pate Theresa Pate Melissa Patterson Robert Peace Carl Penzinski Sherrai Peppers Dennis Peters Susan Philquist Catherine Pickett Robin Pickle Ronda Polk Annette Presley James Proffitt Randy Radtke Arnold Ramos Jennifer Rangel Rozlyn Rayford James Reinhart Terry Reynolds Steve Rinker Lloyd Ritenour Yvonne Ritenour Yolanda Riven Neauma Rodriguez Eddie Rodriguez Jodie Sadowski Joe Schulte Nancy Schutt Glen Short David Shuman Cedrick Smith Laura Smith Pricilla Smith Tenna Smith Tim Smith Tracy Smoot Robert Snyder Christopher Speigner Melinda Speiker Missy Spence Julie Staton Lisa Stickles Jesse Streeter Sherri Streeter Eddie Stuart Sharon Syph Tabatha Thomas Chantelle Thompson Paggy Tolles Maria Trinidad Chris Tucker Traci Turner Robert Lllis Randy Valle Ruben Vasquez 'I 1 Li , c., XTX F Cs fi l It l tx. wig S , S -Q. K ,xc ' f'-lm .W M 4 Q. ' an s 1 'P' if l Q-its MA -it V , t x 'cb'-is x ask' X i sg 5 J q M . 2 'Q' an i ,,,k A i f A Q Q h. ill, is 1 -V., Q .. 9 - u 1 M. . gi e W 13 'V A ' , - ,.,. K l . Rv -4 j ,igysc w sae. ,s.cf.-- :ws X ogg: - t 5 as .l KN tl it A Q LS. 465. W Q 1 31 4 '-'Q G' w Fx xx- K 41' '.'5r Y. N - l LA, X L X i -.-.Q .xx -5. ,W dt, lt F..- as. ,gg- J.- 1 ,i x .Q t sv: ., I I Darrell Vercher Dorothy Waggoner Connie Ware Charles Washington Anthony Watkins Laura Watson Gene Webb Louis Webb Gordon Wells Lisa White Clawzelle Wiggins Viva Wilcox Vincent Wilkinson Lynn Williams Robert Williams Angela Wilson Sonja Wilson Nicole Witcher James Wolff LaJeune Womack Robin Wormley Kelly Wozniak Jodi Zettner Jeff Zimmerman Laurie Zitzman 55 Class Officers LaJeune Womack-Pres., Jodi Zettner-Vice Pres., Toni Kiger-Treas., Not Present: Mike Fairchild-Sec'y -W., 4 1 1 4 his-is -... Q' sw S Melissa i i sl , K W 5 Q A - .. 'Q isa Stickles studying about Microcomputers gm -'lfi---My W - , x , v' Campbell Q ,.,,,.,, Mike Fairchild shows his school spirit Shelley Meyers ,. RESHMAN s si Erickka Jones Erickka Jones gets up early and walks to school every morning. Her school schedule includes Geog- raphy, History, Algebra, Choir, Bi- ology, and English. After school she stays to practice Basketball. Erickka feels that basketball does affect her school work a little but she does her best for both. Erickka lives with her mother, Sarah, and her brother, Dariyin, who is a sophomore here at Libbey. ln her spare time Erickka listens to music by Whitney Houston, New Edition, Wham, and Ready for the World. She also likes to talk on the phone and read. Erickka was Freshman Attendant and said lt was a great way to meet new people and get involved in school activities. Her plans for the fu- ture include being a model and possibly a singer. She would like to travel to California, New York and Africa. A FACE l THE CRCDWD 59 Mark Allen Steve Anderson Kimberley Babcock Mark Barker Ramon Blackman Montrice Boykin Dewin Bradley Marchelle Brown Mary Buford Teresa Burger Kory Byrd Rick Calopietro Cindy Campos Rose Carmona Mike Carter Stac Case Danny Castillo Jennifer Cherry Charles Clendenin Edie Christian Frances Clay Paula Cole Delisha Coleman Larry Cook Myla Counterman Rhonda Dangler Sheri Davis Jennifer Deluca Troy Easterly Martin Elizondo , U 4,f--rv. 5 fs L.. r s, '-5 ZEN! W fc 1 hwy ff f l K 'C X l , s fi -Sify, . 7 er ,vrfpa 5 l 1 X , I 1 -1 W sf 1 I 1' Ns ,e- x Y' X A ll! I e ,El fr , Nr 2 xt. 'ff . .. S? ., . V ,, N fv 1- 1 'T' ' ' 'Pa-9 D - 1 1 K K . Uv 9 Q' J l A .s , V 4- ,rr -Qi X ,cl X -4 'vt as 5 if aw. . as ,it 1 Zia ew. uses- '... X s Al 'Dv .-'Y ' s- Tzetzangari Estrada Kim Evans Sherry Ferguson Fred Fields Martin Flores Sherry Flowers Angie Forwerck Constina Francis Pamala Fullwood Nate Gartee Amelia Gibbs Kris Gill Manno Gilmore Rachel Gipson Lisa Gonzales Tim Gonzales Maria Gonzalez James Goodwin Mona Grainger Moses Gray Mykarsha Gray Robert Gross Scott Gross Sean Grup Debbie Gutierrez Denise Hall Shannon Harmon Todd Harper Shayla Harris Chris Hartranft Laurie Hartsock David Hawkins Terry Hayes Kevin Heflin Sheila Henson Juana Hernandez Pedro Hernandez Carmen Hicks Lisa Higgins Amy Hilt Lamont Hollins Leon Hughes Shawn Hughes Shara Hussing Brett Ireland Sue Isaacs Donnita Jackson Juan Jasso Terry Johns Laura Johnson Lonnie Johnson Richard Johnson Troy Johnson Erickka Jones Lisa Jones Myesha Jones Precious Jones Marcus Jordan Michael Justice Jacqueline Kenney M IV ..., 'QS v f 1 Y B? I i si. ,Q- ' v-,V -. . r es -s. , 'mr 5 Q l .. 'f-9 '4'5' i. 'v .A , 4 -i-if Z -ff X 1 I, 4' as wwf' f X l v ix M Pu' - is L? .. Q Nd, 8 'D J rv R x N, 2 Ii o X 15' -S3 ,L ,, mimi 3 ,ia-.f ' A. fi JI! x V Maurice Kenney Frank Kiss Lori Klekamp Shellly Klostermeier Tangela Knighten Catherine Krauzer Chris Krauzer Lisa Kruzel Victor Kynard Angel Lacourse Dawn Laforge Harold Laney Dave Langston Forrest Lawrence Yolanda Leeper Renee Legree Earnest Lewis David Lopez Jesse Lopez John Luce Erin Luckey David Lynch Larry Lynch Anthony Mack Lamont Mallett Heather Mann Angela Mapes Marjorie Marshall Lynette Martin Nick Martinez Sharmann McClair Bryan McCoy Yancy McCullough Roxanne McDaniel Temeaka McKind Albert McLennan Sebrina McMullin Laura McNeal Rachel Meidt Lori Meyers Aaron Miles Ervin Mitchell Gina Mitchell Angie Montes Lisa Munoz Lisa Murphy Charles Neal Eugenio Negrin Jamie Neubert Christine Orwig Marcus Page Dionne Parker Donald Parks John Pearles Shanita Peppers Selina Perryman Stephen Phenizy Harry Pitts Gerry Place 64 Terry Place fir SEAS' is r 'U' ,. -?. Ax .hr Q .lu ' n a 1 ..e li Gig: ' '11 1 2... '-sb if ol X . 0 Y rlll 1 f, '-ur , , - Awe., ,..,.z P W.,-J -f.,-- - X,-,2 1, : fx x vs ,A v - 1 ni- x 5 Kim Pritchett Richard Ramos Liz Redic Toyia Reid Richard Reinhart Jeff Reynolds Tiffany Reynolds Crystal Robinson Darrell Robinson Larry Robinson Gilbert Rodriguez Leigh Roemelen Jim Romine Claude Rosemond Vangela Ruffin Raquel Ruiz Pam Sabol Augusta Sailes Tyrone Scott Denice Sheahan Jose Sifuentes Al Sifuentez Tony Simon Nancy Simpkins Emily Siravo Renee Smith Tracy Smith Terri Solly Jennifer Soncrant Jenny Sosbe Mark Sparks Regina Spearman Grant Sprague Kevin Steward Kevin Stewart Tom Strably Kathleen Streeter Shawn Sutherland Lee Tabb Tina Tagle Nicki Tandler Robert Taylor Alayne Thames Dan Thompson Shannon Thompson Tammy Thompson Kim Tisdale Tony Tomarazzo Shawn Townsend Eric Tracy Darnita Turner Eric Lllis Naomi Llrbina Santy Viengmany Gerald Wagner Fred Walden John Walker Lonnell Walker Sheriss Wallace David Ward fn i A, O. J-4. l we ,.,,. x f glg Xi . lx N I. K 'fo .fn --4 63 N nr l X Kenneth Warren Willis Washington Roger Waters Lewis Watkins Bill Webb Mark Webb Westley Webb Dawn Weed Brenda Wheeler Charles Whickum Lucretia Wiggins Betty Wilcox Felessia Williams Tonya Wilson Lajay Womack Jamal Woodley Candice Wormely Renee Wyatt Robert Zepeda Jenny Egede 67 Jennifer Soncrant apnnnw if 'pal' Raquel Ruiz 68 S E uegvai Julia Brown Tzetzangari Estrada . Q f Q lfxmafgr Griswald and Laurie Hartsock Wormely Heather Mann and David Lynch Administration, Staff, Faculty THE GGDMOTHER of LIBBEY from was high school and being able to make her own decisions. Mrs. Ryan hdd been away from Libbey High Scholz! for 21 years. During that time, she ,dopted a boy named Jim. When Mils. Ryan came back to work at Libbey, .llim was 5 years old, and he helped chaperone at basketall games. E This is Mrs. Ryan's 25th ,year at Libbey. During her first 9 years she worked in room 109. i Over the past 25 years, Mrs. Ryan has worked with six different princi- pals, and has gotten to knowl almost all the students. She speaks highly on how well the racial mixture works together on different projects and in different situations. The 'Libbey faculty gets along better ttlan any other faculty l know of' says Mrs. Ryan. That's why l really enjoy being a part of the Libbey Faculty.' When asked how the kids if today differ from the students of yesterday, Mrs. Ryan answered students of When Mrs. Ryan Libbey High School in 1940, very excited about being i l today are more open, it's hard generalize but students today more effective and are allowed to more involved with thei surroundings. Mrs. Ryan's specific job title is He Clerk, and her duty is to see that secretarial areas are running smoo ly and efficiently. As of January, 1986, Mrs. Ryan i be retired. She plans to spend a f weeks in California and Florida, w friends, and to help her brother w his business, then do volunteer wc for her church and the hospital. plan to enjoy spending time with i family and friends. Mrs. Ryan says she's going to rea miss all of the daily activities, and of the Libbey people more than s cares to think about. She's also goi to miss hearing all about t students' problems and their go times. By listening to and counseli students, she has become known THE GODMOTHER OF LIBBEY. Mrs. Ryan will be missed, and wish her the best in her retirement FACE WE ILL MISS l 70 ADMINISTRATIG ff? Ruth Scott Bill J. Shafer Superintendent Principal John Maxey Asst. Prin. Activities fir l Bryan Reamsnyder Asst. Prin. Instruction Tyrone Robertson Asst. Prin. Student Aff. Auxiliary Services Allison Ruby PA.S.S. Program K in X x ovv J Cathy Case Martha Cotton Nan Cunningham Mary Czerniakowski Margaret Fields Treasurer Visiting Teacher Student Coordinator Sec'y. lnst. 6 Guid. Coordinator-Cnslg. Jacqueline Gerding Sec'y.-Library 3 A ig A -. . L i '-A :, .-,T r I i Diane Pauken Counselor David Thornhill Librarian 72 J. . ..VL ,K.L . -A . . fm in N! L 0 r. P- , 0 ,, . .f C - - R N F ,if e, s o g f 'fwlf' X A Al l ., . - Paula Gregory Johhnie Gulley Mary Ann Henry Gwen Jones Beverly Massiker Math Aid Hall Monitor Secretary Hall Monitor Nurse's Aid , PJ' 'iii i' xv skits 1 if V fs if X Q Qi? get 54, 5 Q l e l ' l Patricia Pickett Patricia Roby Betty Ryan Lynda Semrock John Sharkey Counselor Hall Monitor Head Sec'y-Records School Nurse Building Supervisor l Sharon Bremer Maude Reese Thelma Roberts Secretary Hall Monitor Hall Monitor ACLILTY 'Q William Adkins Ted Awanitis Randy Asendorf Metals O.W.E. I W , 3 NOX N. 'iv f, Q I l I A Q P David Bourland Cathy Cameron Science Science English P Q1 A ' Y f Michele Bobo English Kristi Ballard Janet Beening Math Math Virginia Church O.W.E. ara DeMars Thomas Denman Karen Diehl Math Science Data Acctg. I sw li tm- , 'Q' 'el ,X .l ., W f Spencer Cunningham Paul Czerwinski Dorothy Day Photography Computer Lab Typ. l, Gen. Bus 4151 -X Y-'Y Q i L x 17.4 Wt-, ll Annelle Donaldson Marsha Dunaway Jerry Ewig Choir Social Studies Ind. Robotics 411 Albert Flores Janet Foltz Spanish Orchestra -'7 r Barbara Ford Reading it Q, .4 '-pq Robert Galernik Eunice Griswold Ruby Grolle History Reading Lab Health ef' ,F Robert Hayton History .t I ' E. rg.. i l S S J Andy Kandik O.W.E. i Don Henry Wilma Hoch Ronald Hudson Keith Huizenga Nancy Johnson German, French English Phys. Educ. Science English , - 1. if tg ' - vii ,A r f w ' -flt X. .s . 5 EPR- J N' if Yi ' 1 i it M .sfl 3- hr X A ff fi Janet Keween Yvonne King Paul Klafter Sharon Kohler Joseph Lenga English Data Acct. Il Science Dietetic Aid Science i Patricia Lewinski Math David Merritt Math 74 I John McClure Sharon McDonald Clotee McGee John McKee Danny McLemore English Math Home Econ. English O.W.A. Q Nancy Miller Pamela Oliver Joyce Pendleton Judith Pfaffenberger Cheryl Renard Reading Ja71 Band C.O.E. English D.E.C.A. H9 eborah Rivers Sharon Rutkowski Marion Scott Jacqueline Sloan Barbara Selvey Susan Stewart Sec'y. Medical Lab Asst. Phys. Educ. Math Art Commercial Art 'N Jn A 'rift r -in 1 ' Bill Taborn Lucretia Thomas Ruth Thompson Arnethia Tooson Fred Wesolowski Donald Wiczynski Director Home Econ. English Science Phys. Educ. Science Jeri Wiitala Deborah Wilhelms Bryan Williams Greg Wojciechowski Ellen Young Diane Youngston Math, Eng. English O.W.E. O.W.A. Medical Asst. English Sworag Band Director Harvey Browningg American Government Qlllll XE ft 1 f' 4 s' if at 4 ' Adrian McWilliams - Custodian I mfs yt 5, ...su- Gayanne Ford - Dental Assistant Gerry Daiber - Secretary Darnell Harris - Custodian e -me rm: ,1 -K Nzvw. lf - tfffili. Y' ,945 ,gg A A ls: i 4 Q Q 6 v' '.Mf- -T' F l Theodore Jobe - American History hi Tom Vermett - Social Studies l X.. -- . Lv s. V l c. c J 4 M SPCDRTS ouTsTAND1 G THLETES Lllis Oliver This year Libbey was fortunate to have two of its best ever cross country runners. The first of the two is James Lllis. James made first team all city, all district, all regional and advanced into state competition and finished 67th out of 186 runners. Throughout the year James received medals and trophies for his achievements in meets. The second of the two is Wayne Oliver. Wayne made second team all city, first team all district, and all regional, and advanced into state competition and finished 124 out of 186 runners. Throughout the year, Wayne received medals and trophies for his achievements in meets. Wayne Oliver and James Lllis are the first two Libbey runners to go to state competition in cross country in the same year. A 4 1 + '3 YlX M W lm 6' n g 4vig gi kj,.g4fkf'b- Q M' x N 3,gg4g7M,,,x1 ig ,x ,,5 ffS3H i3mx 1iA L U K-u-'gg Q1 if W4 'r-jp Q' g .A X X ,D .X I Ilfzx Q f X Q A 1 ' ir . ff f xi ,Xi L V k 5' ,'V, , , ,, I f Q f ,, I,3 1 - . L., V 7f'7YflE 14 is YQ 4 x .. s ? xf'Q y . Q r 1 i ' 'S N Q S 5-msgs A Mx Q X ,,,SDw-A . s . -K x .QM Q... ' X X. , K . . . ff- X .gg N x N X 9 W M .FNS x S , 3 ? 5 if Q i 3. awe: .SYM - Q 3:55, .X Q. .. Q? ...fix Q. .EWR NA I. as ww 'S' -nm an v..-wav... .N ...Aa ..a....'f Q ff A 1 - x I, :X ' S 4' , ,,s1, I .-ng. .iw K M ,levy N, - . .. 4 K. .. ' Q A ' i A -- X K .X kskxgfeiswx .. 5 , x 3.2.21 gg. A ' Q J' sf 1 . I Q , ,.. .., yi? axx Q 1 . ,X X x Q ,, Q. .. X. . ff L., as N X w.,.+ M , ANAWK 1 Ns . .wjy .. 1 I J.V. F00 l l Robert Easter is kicking off. Raymond Bundy catches a difficult pass. Jeff Townsend is attended to by me trainer. 80 ALL defense. Raymond Campbell playing David Langston throws a pass under pressure. gm' 411 l l l 1 .. 1 1 1 r FRESHMEN I! 2 ' Q r- r. un 1 , r, - 1 , Y. 5 1 1 , Wagner blocks for John Perales. Coach Ackerman talks to Harry Pitts Y 1 v 1 , , , 1 or .1 Pitts runs to Lhe outside. Libbey offense huddles. 'IH xl'i ,img :buf Ye... -. r ,, ... John Perales runs for a big gain. l Cross Country 1. Captains James Lllis and Wayne Oliver. 2. Danny Jones, Keith Johnson, Tomm Butts, Tom Butts Tim Banks, Gordon Wells, Terry Reynolds, Aubrey Evans, Frank Garrett, James Ma s. The Boys' Cross Country team participated with twelve other high schools at the Qity Championship meet. l l Tom Butts, James Mays, Keith Johnson, and Tim Banks L, Keith Johnson 'WV' 9 ' L: K 1. '!. Danny Jones 'N I s Ulis YS Dwayne Oliver and James Lllis lst team All-City, District, Regional, and State Qualiners tw E ps ig tg I A I' .4 , 1 A i-Kjfafwm X! .?g:1-f.,- f' lf Gordon Wells Dwayne Oliver ll Girls' ss Country 1. LaJeune Womack, Trisha Laurie Zitzman. Sheri Davis, Trisha Fench, Laurie Zitzman, LaJeune Womack, Tammy Tal 84' 1 2. Coach Bob Hayton, Shen Davis, Tammy Thompson N MHSXY' n 32 si ,X I ' .wh .Q ,. Q Q x fit, f fm , -. , ,. , Qs K - e A . ,N M, ,.-. -. av - Qglwfgv ' ,Hs x vs , mga W A Q' L-'bqki E -'X .K K kg. J . K r i 'iQ. -V as K . U. , - . .5 ' gf. W .1-'Q v- KW X QQ., -.. il 5 Lal. hw AA 4, xW:-34r fr i 4 , , . 44 -a it -LU? V '49 1 - 3 31 K Q, , ,df ya. 3 f 5 - 'Ax i , f X' mf., ' , ' M ig Z' - . ,. wj L QR! ,N v -f 9 Qi: ' Q V ww-'if 'IV 4 H'- fe lf. ' rv? 4. S 4 5 l GOLF -Hg Bill Dunlap Ruth Thompson-Coach, Bill E Todd Zltzman Robbie Klostermeler Terry Reynolds X . l l l 1 Robbie K ostermeier Todd Zitzman as l l l -J Cf ,,. ur, . -A M. A L , V . L, 'W 4 LALL3, --,pig ,, 4 6 x , k L .WW ,.' , 7,1 K. L L L' . L'.'u. , ,-v5'll L , rf '- fffi-gX':Lff55:L'i',L'X is' A, , ,QQQQ x ',iL 5V L AL L L L f.fLLLLM,E,L,,k MM, . L W , F5-wi -i,Lf'iff fini M , 2 L - - P f ',l,j all W Lf L X 'lgQ31-'H'--+A.5 ,i, f'f,QypW2 ffH.Y, A-rf , A w 59m-f.:.-WL L -f -gLil'34f'Qv1Qif'1ffi5f if-2111! , i ' X 'Q'i.,s1'3w . - - I ff' W fgfffi L -3.34 w. h'Tf-Ls-riff-1 ,.L-IW , ig v ' ' ,x L HL il - L .V+ ' . s 1' .L N x- Lf, LM'xf5 I,,.vwY1f4m fgf ,Lg ' ' L- , g ' 4 i .. v . i K V -Ka K J -, t .5 Ly, jkj 1, Lg fikfg., . VNV, ,Ly . f-Lvngxg - 4- e L QL 'A -tj 'f 1 4 M , vwrgerfig LQ ,,4'i'-gi if ff , f H : . 1 -Aw-QL WA., yi A X- if -'gi 13-544 -, ww. Mg, my 1 Ll x if.. . -f' V' 4.5, - I , , 2 'X X vi' P' .L,Qu:,.f, 'L51L1q,,s-w1ffWf'sf,3,A'Ei42- Ffaz 2g15'f' y f4 'Z R ,..,:sfQ,' gym, f 'Q' .E .1 SQL - -s 1. , ., ' -nw L, f- ,-'vig mL Q vnQ,.f1fiqL 'y?5','25:L15lif.5 3',f QLqi,',,f,'-w,f fffvf 6 J' wx- -f, v . . -fr 'L gs.. , L fmt' -M--iw s . X L Q. ,,,f ,Lf f- fi-f ,, 7 S' lw1i'Qffh,,,'x VH, -I 1L'4-rw LJ 'uf fv9a'9f i1,+ifQ' fI1L:4Vf'i 'P ' L ,. f .ff '?li1??s',w ,-,www gJ'f'LLw,'.f,:zf'iiff4fagsq 1g,,,rWW',y'gsg-Viwgfv f LL , - A N- H. -as-.N W- v-pw-fWiiL,s'+'L5:xffew1 ,L J Thompson looks on as Teny Reynolds sinks the ball. odd Zitzman Bill Dunlap Robbie Klostermeier Em A y 'N 0, X 9 'K' - O ' s V ' Y . pr ,5 I W .Y all for the Cow W lA , g 2 E ll 'J 4 L 's A , 5 V ,hyd VL-wmbggfa A 1 jf' st J :l M V,31 K L X .- mm 4aswr QM 1 8 ff F C' V 55123 n, Eric N 'iii 5 f Q, 431' Q I , X ZQQ fri' 95.04 is 1 Q . T: r s F90 'A fl'-'W ' . i L '45 ,L fi 5. .Nui fghmyi q 8 film ,i . ,fn ,A A2 .1 -- N . ,5 I WE: ff 2 ' . 'a ' .. X V Q I4 ,fi H '.V' :,, Q- TW, - 6 'V , Y ,Q 515 if A v Z mf. V., 'W 'x Q le . , 'lf Q H , f ' ' 1:4510 '7 ffl- lik' 1 .4 'W v '!, 'lv' f , A fifl ' N'-- ----+....4 I if Q O ' A naw fag ,QS 3 1,, Il BE - 887: -2 Q QQ! . QQQ ' E v Xl Y ni 'S N B3 1 A Y X Ll.,-f s Eggs. I a 'I ee- if 'H XXI, 9251 x Sn 9 .VX 1 it xr-, I as Y' Q, fl A il! Q f 1 GETTI G A PIN f -.3 'Ne 0-.Yun ' i-v--....., , ., Chester Hill gets a victory in me Libbey Wrestling Tourney. 'ws :Ss ,, W g Nick Martinez goes after his opponent. 92 ...f j . It .KN A r f N 'iv' l. Nick Martinez, Fank Sadowski,lJames Rollins, Al Barnett. 2. Coach Wojciechowski, John Johnson,'Nate Lewis, Lupe Montez, Frank Sadowski shakes hands after his victory. ,w I Mffgx-, 17' -f I Q if Jul J A-.H fa ol ' , 2 xii lm IN Q !,P I I I Un the A ck! James Ulis drives in for two points, as St. Danny Jones goes high for 0 Francis defenders watch. M M Coach Bryan Williams, Wayne Oliver, James Lllis, Tom Butts, Danny Jones, Tony Frost, Dennis Roach, Mark Jones, Coach Steve Robinson. l 94 l l l Jack Green dribbles past St. Francis player r W Q . ' X . k'f af9 1? ' .0 F 'gy f51 ' Q li nw, 'rf rg emi! -Q. MFA, 5 'sqft tix ' v 0 1 Y vu' ....1A,... X 'f J ,,, Zim 1 N 1. A xifsyflll .H . f If , Yx 1k'!.', . i mg 5. 1. E900 J. 1. IHS JUS Nfl ill' I X 1 Di Tfyg 1? iv , Au x x K si W I - x J N 'xiqifi J, vf- X A ' Q. ,AT ,. il , .. 15 Y 5 , . Afff 1 . 1 w J xgxa B U5 i ui VIE Xxx V 3 U ,. V' , f ! 9 , 'f' Q .1 ,Z ff X fs f ,f X Yi' K Nj X .1 ' F v p 1, Gig: X fi f , f' A' f RA T, ri , Wflbv. A., Waters rebounds as Harry Pitts looks Danny Sanders attempts a lay-up. Pitts rebounds as Tom Strabley and Roger Waters crash the boards. - G3 Roger Waters puts one up in the Knights' face. 99 ...Q-4 :iv . . A-.pl fu: A1 F f s. , L . ' X E5 3 . .A E 3 .wr 5 .2 :KQW V X u!! J 'L' K I 5 , , L J UI.. ill Ill ff' li l 1 J.V. Faces a Challenge Coach Eldridge Johnson shows Laleune Womack how the other team is set up, while Stacy Jones listens. Betty Garrett getting ready to catch the rebound. lO2 Karmen Glaspie catches a pass from one of the lady Cowgirls. Stacy Jones dribbles down court to pass the ball to Latleune Womack. Q , 1 W? 4 . 'nies 4Ly.. ,Wa v K x!',,,, ,.-.qi-. -.-1'-..-. ..-.. T-- , I -.-. V xxx. ff' 3 n x' 'Sf 'C ALITGGRAPHS GRGANIZATICDNS 6 my K. -ref- in -s.. '- te Katrina Hood looks over notes in preparation for convention in which she was elected Vice-President of Region 6 of the Office Education Association. James Lllis was named to Who's Who Among American High School Students and is the outstanding student in Data Accounting and Computing ll. , A... I . ax!-'VV' .. 4 Robin Wallace placed sixth in Data Entry ll. Several students participated in Region 6 OEA contests. Faith McCreary placed third in Typing lll and Related and will enter state competition. Amy Russell placed sixth in Records Management ll and Pam Keele placed fourth in Word Processing ll. CDLITSTANDI Joyce Fisher was awarded a I fhighest possiblel at me Ohio Music Education Associ- ation music competition. 106 l F i ACES Z4 xg A u If JU- l Among the Executive Secretary students participating in the OEA contests, Theresa Battle placed Umird in Receptionist, Esther Carter placed fourth in Banking Services, and Renee Gill placed second in Typing and Related I. Renee Gill will participate in the State competition. Chris Guth received a ll rating for his vio' solo of Bouree by J.S. Bach at the OMEA music contest. Joel Cobble was chosen, by audition from students from all me Toledo Public lSchools as drummer for the TPS Jazz Band. Kreischer and Jennifer Merriweather received a ll rating for their Viola Duet, Two 3 5 g 4 E 4 , ' 5 . f z Q ,Mi by Purcell!Applebaum, at the O.M.EA. Music Contest. i Danita Butts and Dorothea Thomas, members of the Ecology Club, have started , ' a service project for Libbey High School in which they tutor other students after school. , . .E X, ,f l f D -vfje' if lf? it Dorothea Thomas, President of Choir Council, and Jeni Kreischer, Secretary of Choir Council, have won numerous awards while participating in Choir. lncluded in these awards is District l Honors Choir. Lester Guest was named to the District l Honors Chorus. l07 Applied Economics l. Honey Speelman, Cinnamon Frieson, Diana Szymanek, Sylvia Buford, Denise Irwin, 2. Willie Besancon, Dee-Dee Johns, Lauri Sandrock Tim Tyson, Robin Wallace, 3. Charles Ruth-Adv. Owens Illinois, Lavander White, Joe Kekes, Kerri Casillas, Brenda Bumpus, M. Carter, Mr. Merritt-Adv. Calculus Club l. Danita Butts, Cinnamon Frieson, Mr. Merritt-Adv., 2. Carol Wadcins, Ramas Morrison, Willie Besancon I ART CLUB 1 v A , Wi.. D15 - , . .' . I ' , y. -2 Q , 2 X , H, .wg ,W 5, IF, , . llllill .Jodi Zettner, Rose Dusenberry, Ernestina Gonzalez, Jim Elliott. 2. Laurie Zitzman, Karlyn lurtis. 3. Rhonda Kopietz, Denise Irwin, Cindy Daniel, Donnie Bean. , EFDCSUDB Gonzalez. -114- C. f o. pan . REQ l 1 A Curtis. l. Mrs. Stewart. 2. Cindy Arredondo, Jim Anjsfjc Applications Elliott. 1. Karlyn Cunjs, Terry Place, Ernestina Gonzalez, Mrs. Stewart. 2. Cindy Arredondo, Jim Elliott. 1 4,470 ECOLGGY CLLIB l. Angie Mapes, Jodi Zettner, Danita Butts - Treas., Darnita Turner - Vice Pres., Theresa Franklin, Lontina Mathis, Erin Luckey, Richard Ramos. 2. Selina Perryman, Tonia Reid, Dorothea Thomas - Pres., Laurie Zitzmanl, Linda Pitts, David Lynch - Sgt. of Arms, Felessia Williams, Rhonda Dangler. 3. Donnie Bean - Vice Sec'y., Carmen Hicks, Earl Kynard - News Reporter, Tangela Knighten, Catherine Hitt, Brenda Bumpus, Erickka Jones, Sherry Ferguson, Jenny Egede. ' Y l. Danita Butts, Earl Kynard. 2. Mrs. Cameron, , V91 i N-4 Ni David Lynch, Dorothea Thomas, Darnita Tur- - Q ner Selina Perryman 2 x ...i 2. 1. Tangela Knighten, Felessia Williams, Carmen Hicks. I .Jodi Zettner, Erin Luckey. 2. Tangela Knight- en, Laurie Zitzman, David Lynch, Darnita Tur- ner, Earl Kynard. it i French Club . Davim Mercer, Teresa Burger, Theresa Battle, Toinette Knighten, Vangela Ruffin, Ricky Berry, 2. Michelle Hens, Stephanie Wyatt, Lontina athis, Toyia Reid, Lisa Murphy, Lisa Ewing, 3. Joyce Fisher, Valerie Young, Jenny Egede, Nicole Gibson, David Lynch, Dawn Weed, Debbie unk, 4. Tonya Reid, Harry Pitts, Carl Ham, Donnie Bean, Tom Lather, Temeaka McKind, Mr. Henry-Adv. German Club Med' 'V . Angie Forwerck, Lisa Ewing, Pam Weideman-Vice Pres., Lewis Watkins, Julia Brovim, 2. Shannon Bogie, Stephanie Jones-Pres., Jesse treeter, Karlyn Curtiss, Jimmy Anderson, Breon Davis, 3. Mark Barker, Laurie Zitzman-Sec'y, Brenda Bumpus, Valerie Young, Pat ommander, Richard Johnson, Bill Dunlap, 4. James Reinhart, Bert Kelly, Donnie Bean, George Coleman, Shawn Gribble, Tim Tyson, Sherry erguson, Mr. HenryAAdv., Not Present: Howard Johnson, Earl Kynard-Sgt.-of-Arms, Cadierine Hitt, Tina King-Treas., Pam Sabol il 1 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY T l 1. Pam Weideman, Nikki Boykin, Angie Slack, Danita Butts. 2. Cindy Arredondo, Cinnamon Frieson, Monica Derden, Pam Keele, Carol Watkins. 3. Valerie Young, Kerri Casillas, Brenda Bumpus, Mr. Henry. ' STUDENT COUNCIL l . l. Theresa Franklin, Neauma Rodriguez - Sgt. at Arms, Linda Pitts, Charles Austin - Treas. 2. Chris Guth - Sec'y,, Shawn Gribble, Frank Garrett - Vice Pres., Brent Mathews. 3. Valerie Young, Dennard Summers - Pres., 'Wayne Oliver. 112 l QUIZ BOWL .Jenny Egede, Shawn Gribble, Neil Neukam, Tim Tyson, Capt. Dennard Summers. 2. Michael Fairchild, Jeni Kriescher, Jodi Zettner, Selina erryman. 3. Charles Carlisle, Mrs. Pfaffenberger, Mike Brandeberry, Mr. Asendorf, Gordon Wells. ibbey's Team competing with Ottawa Hills at WTVG. The Cowboys lead l 10 to 90 at the alf, only to see a late surge by the green bears which resulted in the bears winning 200 to 70. Senior captain Dennard Summers scored 80 points and sophomore Michael Fairchild ored 50 points in a good effort. ll3 DECA T l. Lisa Klostermeier, Diana Szymanek-Sec'y., 2. Cherise Bell-Vice Pres., Sylvia Buford, Joanna Trinidad, Robin Kopietz, Shawn Swicegood, Jeni Kreischer, 3. Candace Garmon, Sonya Coogler, Crystal Warner, Carolyn Jones, Belinda Thompson, Terry Fench-Clerk, Dale Tunison-Treas., Chris Graves, James Baker, Dwight Sherwood, Cindy Calderon, Ndt Present: Becky Henneman, Chuck Carper, Tammy Laidler , 1. Laurie Tagle, Wanda Randolph, Paul Summers, 2. Sabrina Urbina, Angie Garza, 'Chris Martinez, Stephanie Cherry, Kim LeBowsky, Tina Greene, 3. Lester Guest, Chuck Niartinez, Joe Yglesias, Carl Ham, Troy Honsberger, Tina King , SENICJR I. Diana Szymanek-Sec'y., Jeannette Kreischer-Sub., 2. Becky Henneman-Pres., Dale Tunnison-Treas., Not Present: Cherise Bell-Vice Pres, JUNICDR Angie Garza-Vice Pres., Laurie Tagle-Tre Sabina Elizondo-Sec'y., Not Present: Chris Martinez-Pres. 1 4 .635 vi I JA' A A Sl: fl ua- ' PF. .- M -0 'r FUD. 5' ? ,f . 1 f Q . 0 4 ZS 7 4 'N A f E ivk Q-.., 3 D ' f F H P Y Q, L g v 5 u f Q f x Q 'i f O x 5, J ' x vc Q 5 1 3 . Q 5 A ... ' 2 pr S' xi 5 1 ? W A 5 E 5 x 'B f fi?-. . v... . 4 tiki., , ., A 1 'Q 5-13,421 'i -'f a' ls - LFJE' :LN 'I' 213. 2 f , Wg, -- D i vi!- ' f 0 6 ,af 4 5 J X '- 'X I fu 15 ,mai FHA McGee Chapter X 1. Lori Meyers, Maria Gonzalez, Taylor Alsept, Gina Mitchell. 2, Terrance Fench, Sonya Coogler, Kim Evans, Maria Gordon, Stacie Jones. 3. Jock Pritchett, James Desandro, Edie W b ook Ma 'a Gonzalez. . . . . Danna es r ' H Chnst1an,Const1na Francis. 4 Constina Francis, Heather Andrews, Stacie Jones, Lori Meyers, Edie Christian Clawzelle Wiggins, Troy Easterly. 3 I. Wanda Randolph, Stephanie Cherry, Myla , l Counterman. 2. Lisa Jones, Sheronda Brown, Mary i . . . . Buford. 3. Sheri Davis, Charles Neal, Kris Gill. i Kms Gill' Tern Sony' Zandra Campos' Slephame C l l. Joqie Sadowski, Liz Boone, Connie Moyer, 2. Sonya Coogler, Valarie Bumpus, Ruth Hovermale, 3. James Galloway, Marwin Payne, L.B. Davis, Not Present Monica Derden Rf ' 1. Karan Gilsdorf, Tonya Bradley, Toinette Knighten, 2. Marla Kreischer, Natalie Furr, Catherine Hitt, 3. Barbara Jones, Bettina Gibbs, Fred Hunter, Mrs. Thomas-Adv., 4. Tammy Laidler, Robert Howie, Bryan Crosby l I7 7 ' l l COWBOY CORRAL 1. Tammy Parcher, Shani Harris, Kim Duszynski, Michelle Tisdale, Brenda Clay, Michael Jones. 2. James Davis, Jeff Jones, James Mays, Tara Roundtree, Jim Elliott, Tracie Gibson, Anthony Harkins. 3. Danny Jones, Felicia Walton, Vince Jefferson, Perry Hannah, Michael McNeil, Shakur Sanders, Sidi Shabaa. , N 5? 1 ai, ff, X l 1. Shani Harris - Sec'y. 2. James Davis - Vice Pres., Jeff Jones - Sgt. of Arms, Danny Jones - Pres., Perry Hannah - Treas. Felicia Walton Sidi Shabaa, Anthony Harkins, Shani Harris K l ,ggimi U ,,, Anthony Hicks, Sidi Shabaa. .L qv 1 5 -A James Davis DATA ACCOUNTING AND COMPUTING I Vice Pres. 111 Patterson - Secy., Mary Chandler - Pres., Frank Garrett - Treas., Brent Bob Head, Shelly Cook, Mark Miller ll Rana Daniels, Ray Bundy. Stephanie Patterson, Cassie Gladwell. wasp ,ffpg 0, I2 Q.x-gtg? if W . ' 5- fe Mi? A A Ui VKX! s Mary Chandler, Stephanie Patterson, Shelly Cook, Robert Rodriquez. 2. Bob Head, Rana ,Dm1iels, Frank Garrett, Cassie Gladwell. 3. Brent Mathews, Pat Commander, Ray Bundv, Mark I er. , A - 'X Frank Garrett, Pat Commander DATA ACCOUNTING AND COMPUTING II 1 Xi. , xvwvn d Kelly Williams Kadwerina Cousin, James Ulis, Cindx Arredondo workin in the Data Accountin Lab. I' Q 9 l. Katrina Hood, Cindy Arredondo, Jennifer Merriweather, Katherina Cousin, Robin Wallace. 2. Mrs. Yvonne King, James Lllis, Kim Glaspie, Ron Brock, Kelly Williams, Tommy Bilitts. Katrina Hood at the Regional Convention. Denise Harris, Robin Wallace, Jennifer Merriweather. . is K? l. Kim Glaspie - Vice Pres., Robin Wallace - Sec'y, 2. Ron Brock - Treas., James LII? - I FCS. 120 ,. .. , 441 Y COCDPERATIVE Ol l lCli EDLICATIGN N sl gl. i Kr M t N x cs, Qs. Slack - Pres., Nikki Boykin, Ponda Simmons, Gia Parker Hlst., Seronda Pendleton. 1 3 A J 5 WA.,-QQ' Tammy Turner, Lavernoir White. 2. Pam Keefe, Sandi James, Angie Lopez, Chris Faith McCreary - Vice Pres., Monica Derden - Treas., Jodi Howe - Sec'y., Amy I I 1 1' I Robinson, Jodi Howe, Gia Parker. Nikki Boykin, Ponda Simmons, Tammy Turner. Sandi James, Angie Slack and Monica Derden at the word processor. 'ig 'si 'i gym! V il 1' S vii ..' rv, v I .,t.L v-u--'- is Pam Keefe, Angie Lopez, Chris Sifuentes. Amy Russell, Faith McCreary, Lavernoir White. Executive Secretary i l. Renee Gill-Sec'y, Cleetessa Long-Asst. Sec'y., Shevella Glover-Treas.., Esther Carter-Pres, Theresa Battle-Hist., Aimee Adcock, 2. Rhonda Gorham, Chris Solly, Tami Rhodes, Mrs. Rivers-Adv., 3. Sherri Pippin, Marla Kreischer Senior Medical Assistants I , i X i 5 V X is f l. Anne Thielen, Cassandra Thomas, Elaine Thieman, Tina Hughes, Mrs. Young-Adv., 2. Shavella Jones, Kimilisa Burnion, Linda Gardner, Amy Sparks, Tina Billings, 3. Kerri Casillas, Laurie Pence, Eric Casey, Risa McClellan, Susan Lawrence l22 Youth For Christ X. Kim Pritchett, Bridgette Floyd, Lontina Mathis, Gina Deluca, Mrs. Day-Adv., Laura Wates, 2. Stephanie Wyatt, Terry Fench, Lisa Murphy, Williams, Mia Gilmore-Treas., Debby Wilson, 3. Todd Guest, Tonya Reid, Donnie Bean, Fannie Barnes-Pres., Dionne Barringer-SeC'y., Cousin Afro-American Club Valerie Young, Lontjna Mathis, Lisa Ewing, Danita Butts, Linda Pitts, Stephanie Jones, Theresa Battle, Mrs. DayfAdv., 2. Kim Pritchett, Kat Tonva Reid-Treas., Sonya Coogler-Sec'y., Dorothea Thomas, Camille Jones, Rozlyn Rayford, Nicole Gibson, 3. Tony Frost, Cherise Bridgette Floyd, Terry Fench, Candace Garmon-Pres., Dee-Dee Johns, Carolyn Jones, Donnie Bean, Brenda Bumpus, Kelly WilIiams,l23 l Warner R. 1. CRYSTAL l. Jodi Zettner, Lisa Klostermeier, lfana Szymanek, Honey Speelman, Pam Weideman. 2. L. K' t . r Di a S anek - Jim Elliott, Jennifer Zeller, Earl Kyn rd, Michelle Hens, Kim Gibson, Barbara Gooch. 3. Mr. 'sa os ermele ' an Zym McKee, David Schwieterman, Dennard Summers, Crystal Warner, Neil Neukam, Chris Guth. Co-editors. Earl Kynard - Sports Jim Elliott - Gartoonist Kim Gibson - Business Editor l l i l l 1. Lisa Klostermeier, Pam Weideman, Speelman. 2. Michelle Hens, Jennifer Zel Barbara Gooch. 3. C stal Warner Neil fy , Neukam, Chris Guth, Dennard Summers Reporters. ler EDELIAN B!! S! ns Lisa Ewing, Stephanie Jones, Kim LeBowsky, Dennard Summers. 2. Laleune Womack, mmy Menchaca, Linda Pitts. 3. Kelly Williams, Kerri Casillas, James Ulis, Barbara Gooch. .S Ai. ffafiriwk U--..,. - i if .... E! James Ulis. 2. Kelly Williams, Kerri Casillas. .xg , .img i' M x- 'A .4 fs'-. Linda Pitts, Lisa Ewing, LaJeune Womack. Stephanie Jones, Tammy Menchaca. Barbara Gooch, Kim LeBowsky, Dennard Summers. 125 CHOIR DEPARTMENT ,t I I FEMALE CHORUS: l. Theresa CHOIR COUNCIL: 1. Stephanie Jones, Martin Elizondo, Daphne Jones. 2. Shawn Mykarsha Gray, Kim Pritchett Swicegood - Treas., Wayne Oliver, Vanessa Branch. 3. Jeni Kreischer - Sec'y., Dorothea Thomas - Pres., Carmaletha Griswold. Smith, Rhonda Polk, Angel I I I L , K lg I L I I MALE CHORUS: 1. Elliott Dotson, Tyrone Scott, Richard Reinhart. 2. Howard Baughman, Harold Laney, Jason Hart, Not Pictured: Nat Gartee, Chester Hill, Martin Elizondo, Myron Payne, Andiony Jackson. I I Frank Sadowski singing, Thanks Be To Jeni Kreischer singing, He Was Despisedu. God . i ti 3. 'TK 'L 6 -Ir. . 6' In D 45 R A ft , A ,. 'sf s 24 :bf is . I I Y 7' C 7 Kim Tisdale, Angela Hamilton, Vanessa Branch, Rozlyn Rayford. 2. Brenda Wheeler, Sandra Carmaletha Griswold, Angie Montes, Donnita Jackson 3. Sherry Flowers, Lisa Zarate, Latonya Johnson, Sue Isaacs, Sebrina McMullin, Kelly Harder Fran Furr. 4. Angie Forvverck, Alayne Thames, Regina Spearman, Denise Sheahan, Lori Meyers, Constina Francis, Sheri Davis, Jenny Egede. Choir performing at Christmas As Rodney Mason singing, The Lord's Prayer l: W. I i , R Chorus and Male Chorus performing at Christmas Assembly. Mellisa Ramsey singing, Old Mother Hubbard . f' : ti L5 5' 'fx F? T . 1' , 1 S 70 gg , A A 'L s A 1 1 ,lt 'el :Nf 5, 'K fx r W' l V 'M f C 77 fi f . L . .Tw MIXED CHORUS: l. Theresa Bowman, Kim Tisdale, Angela Hamilton, Vanessa Branch, Mykarsha Gray, Kim Pritchett, Kathleen Streeter, Rozlyn Rayford. 2. Tyrone Scott, Brenda Wheeler, Sandra Smith, Rhonda Polk, Angel Lacourse, Carmaletha Griswold, Angie Montes, Donnita Jackson, Elliott Dotson. 3. Harold Laney, Sherry Flowers, Lisa Zarate, Latonya Johnson, Sue Isaacs, Sebrina McMullin, Kelly Harder, Fran Furr, Richard Reinhart. 4. Howard Baughman, Angie Forwerck, Alayne Thames, Regina Spearman, Denise Sheahan, Lori Meyers, Constina Francis, Sheri Davis, Jenny Egeda, Jason Hart. CONCERT CHOIR: l. Sharon Syph, Karlyn Curtiss, Jodi Zettner, Doris Merriweadwer, Denise Pollick, Shani Harris, Pam Coleman. 2. Shellisa Jones, Selina Perryman, Jeni Kreischer, Stephanie Jones, Tina King, Valerie Allen. 3. Erickka Jones, Tammy Farnsworth, Shawn Swicegood, Nicole Dixon, Dorothea Thomas, Cherise Bell, Camille Jones, Daphne Jones. 4. Lester Guest, Dwayne Oliver, David Ervin, Frank Sadowski. Michael Fairchild, Todd Wilson, Todd Guest, Chris Guth, Scott Henneman, Randy Radtke. ORCHESTRA I. Susan Philips, Debbie Funk, Jennifer Merriweather, Michelle Hens, Doris Ramon Blackman. 2. Miss Foltz, Andre Nadon, Julie Staton, Jeni Kreischer, Chris Donnie Bean, Carol Watkins. Laura Johnson, Denise Hall. Miss Foltz conducting class. Debbie Funk Miss Foltz conducting Christmas program. Ramon Blackman 1- H- N-Q vw---w--Q--M f F---a ass-- 1- W -r u..v-sm-1 Jazz Band Michael Martin, Brian Pringle, Dave McDowell, Jack Hindall, Dave Oliver, 2. Tom Bertsch, Benn Yingling, Randy Radtke, Bruce Brodbeck, Cobble, Bill Dunlap, Absent: David Chambers, David Hernandez Band M ,hx .La . '. '. '. 'TQ 'XI' 1 I 1-'amsn'i:1n , r..,.,:L Z'+n-f . .. ,.. K 4- -' . . ,ni l. Joel Cobble, Tony Tomarazzo, Benn Yingling, Michael Gordon, 2. Tina Kiger, Julie Allred, Rhonda Dangler, Toni Kiger, Sabrina Angela Darrington, Heather Mann, 3. Robert Zepeda, Kevin Heflin, Nicole Gibson, Delisha Coleman, Angela Garza, Cindy Arredondo, Deluca, Raquel Ruiz, 4. Kelly Wozniak, David Hernandez, Dewin Bradley, James Rollins, Daniel Gonzales, Tim Smith, David Oliver, 5. Fisher, Randy Radtke, Jack Hindall, David McDowell, Connie Ware, Bill Dunlap, Majorettes and Flags: Nicki Tandler, Jenny Cherry, onya Wilson, Sonja Hollins, Tina Smith, Shani Harris, Rhonda Gibson, Vangela Ruffin, Edie Christian, Laurie Zitzman, Tina Tagle 129 .g,.l 1 KW, S 5:3 fiwq Q 1 . Q., , f V -: ' .. v ax-'SF x 1 xv .X If Q. f fs: Q' rv' N ' gi if - 1-QQ ' , A K' x f, 51 . i, y ff. , '. 1 L W K' ,- . 1, 4: -gg-ML: A . - Q CHEERLEADERS wsvfN X?'J -...i VN, 'x X E ' I I I X f- u if-ff' M V? Q . .- L .L . eat, . f VARSITY: Jami Hens, 2. Pam Weideman, Angie Slack, Kim LeBowsky. 3. Valerie Young, Monica Derden. 4 VARSITY: l. Erin Luckey, Sherri Streeter. 2, Laurie Delaplane, Melissa Ramsey, Head, Nicole Dixon, Temeaka McKind. igj ' J l. Lori Meyers. 2. Jodi Zettner POM PGM GIRLS 1. Kim Tisdale, Vangela Ruffin. 2. Lontina Mathis, Bridgette Floyd, Kathleen Streeter, Sherry Ferguson. Not Pictured: Michelle Tisdale, Anita Pate. BABY FACES DID YOU KNGW? 1. Ann Thielen, Tamara and Rachel Menchaca, Jeni Kreischer, Denise Irwin. 2. Robert Berman, Danita Butts, Lynda Gardner, Angela Slack, Becky Henneman. 3. Monica Derden, Pam Weideman, Ernestina Gonzalez, Kelly Williams, Chris Sifuentes. 4. Karan Gilsdorf, Cindy Arredondo, Kerri Casillas, Wendy Connolly, Amy Sparks. 5. Angie Lopez, Amy Russell, Barb Gooch, Robin Wallace. CBeginning with lower left cornerl. 132 In a recent survey of Libbey students, it was discovered that: 1. Last year 797, were absent less than 15 days, 1993 were, absent 15-45 days, and 2'Z, were absent more than 45 days. 2. 5073 were tardy less than 5 times, 2293 were tardy 5-10 times, and 1593 were tardy more than 15 times. 3. 34'73 of the students surveyed work after school. 4. Of the students working, 3073 spend most of their earnings and save very little, 2993 save rnost of theirearnings and 673 blow itallat once. 5. 482 feel that prayer should be allowed in school, 4193 say no and 11'73 are undecided. 6. Some of the things students would like to change are the dress code, amount of time between classes, smoking, lunch hours, 7. 8. 9. IO. 11. and attitudes. The radio stations most listened to are: WRQN, WJLB, WRIF, WMHE, and WIOT. Students' favorite TV shows are: Cosby Show, Miami Vice, Moonlighting, A-Team, and Amazing Stories. The favorite musical groups among Libbey Students are: Led Zepplin, Motley Crue, Ready for the World, Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew, Prince and the Revolution. The favorite vocalists are: Whitney Houston, Prince, Ronnie James Dio, Morris Day, and Freddie Jackson. The favorite albums are: Theater of Pain, Whitney Houston, Rock Me Tonight, Around the World in a Day, and Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew. FACES OF C0 ERCE Jodi li l 4.13-A Pulley Poses in photography class. Kerri C asillas, Anne Thielen, Shavella .Jones at work in Medical Assisting Il Class. f , C... N - A if' Cassandra Joshaway, Rochelle Jones, Lisa Stills in Medical Assisting I. Dennis Roach, Rita Wodarski, Wendy Connolly practicing their skills in Dental Assistant ll. Jennifer Merriweamer in Data Accounting and Computing Il. l33 i ucated men are as mucn superior to uneducated men as the living are to the deadlhsioiiei lo live 3 llUlS.?JwenS-iiiinoisi A Toledo based multinational, multi- billion dollar manufacturer and marketer of packaging materials, health care ser- vic tak he young men and e tomorrow just a day. W , O60 .ig L i , .xy 50 -' 5' .T XoxcxX09 I- x X5-QI'-5'ov X ' . O 505 , . '72, X' X05 N9 .X ' P5 N15 - - ff Q! C5926 5 Px.'S-'- 199 X0 A ' 5 665 , ix we 6 X500 Q0 ' . H ge. K . 90566 I9 ' I' 'A 0 905 m - I K5 .xg , Q CPQQG5 Q X5 , f ' ' .ez , Q? -A ' A , GX5 W ' 1 G 411m Mrs. Thomas working on skins for Orchestra :, x::.- f . 4. -2?.g' l:w'-iii:--1 N ' fllhp . nc ,1 vrrmn A k un rsh msn rum sums, me CLIIV WT EIN 'EV' LARGEST 5 'twig mr..--u-u..u..v-ax-mug-4 wN0Lg5ALg nn--m-nsuumvfu RETAIL num-:nv--us.vnn.nv,-nn' ,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,-N r..,g.,--...uv-.nm un:-M 1-wx ' INS Broadwa Sl u u-vs-L:-yn ul SERVING THE MIDWEST IN MANY WAYS I:-.nn anal'-9 sua- A cumul- nmn :mum nm swun- nm-.I ru-1 Wu on-.I slam rnn... un. vu- nw. cu- no vm--.rw umm c-In 9 V V CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 86! MAIN OFFICE SECRETARIES e Mary Ann Henry A 5' Betty Ryan .5-5 Cathy Case .,...:rfAg..:2 -'hc an-5 'Ni C. BROWN 244 7682 Oh .H WE CA RE - Funeral Home M29 Nlchrlwka hrmn- s lolrdlr. in .MI7 K u V' I -. I f I COLLINS COMMODITIES OF TOLEDO, INC. COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING Financials - Metals - Currencies DOROTHY E. DAY Funeral Directress 1325 Nebraska Ave. ' Toledo, Ohio 43607 PHONE 243-7842 DRIVE-IN VIEWING AFTER NINE O -ri fn lil I :U Q, 2 W 5 -1 U3 'I CHQ U11- m U 32 005 mg 5 HB i?2:o SEN '22 mms O frpl-qi-2 395 QCD? U11 W So 2-Q2 C 8 mg: 2 2 cg 3 m U we cn 5 5 Y Q rn U U O ,L -3 -'gg nnc 31: ,C C an gg O- 1: 0 E .-T rw Q, O5 111' -in 359 ,. me. 1122 53 E59 ' gl 35 ' Q0 55 0 QE fi' 53 K3 BlLL'S NEW E3 USED SHOPPE 1538 Broadway Toledo, Ohio 43609 241-6902 May you have Enough happiness to keep you sweet, Enough trials to keep you strong, Enough sorrow to keep you human, Enough hope to keep you happy, Enough failure to keep you humble, Enough success to keep you eager, Enough friends to give you comfort, Enough faith and courage in yourself, your business, and your country to banish depression, Enough wealth to meet your needs, Enough determination to make each day a KAHLER QPHARMACY 1941 Airport Highway Toledo, Ohio 43609 better day than yesterday. , 382-291 l THE EDEI-IAN STAFF Brent R. Kahler Sandy Glzisson Mrs. Karen Diehl, Advisor Kerri Casillas Dennard Summers , Lisa Ewing Linda Pitts Barbara Gooch James Ulis Stephanie Jones Kelly Williams Kim LeBowsky LaJeune Womack Tamara Menchaca l 136 l Have we got a future tor you! Trunk about tm-, Ftbe1glQ5.5m,,-,,Q Exam: mater-ur 3 gl Dvoduclf lwuv 'O EJ O C wov :J s caumg ako: ol Fmt-vqla materials The outa nga wat Q lol you - gvow.ng wah u5 Thmx Fmt-ml us, mlm Owens Corn-vu: Equal Opportunity Employer owlus column om, Cammy FlBERGlAS ,gms --..,..-.- CONGRATULATIONS Class of '86l GOOD LUCK Classes of '87, '88, '89! LIBBEY ATHLETIC BOOSTERS To the Class of '86 May your life-long dreams be fulfilled. Good luck in the future! John Maxey PATRONS Good Luck Carey! Love, Grandma Congratulations '86 Graduates. Yvonne King Good Luck Jimbo! From your Family Love and the best for you Robin Wallace! Best Wishes Class of '86l Deborah Rivers Good Luck Carey! Love, Mom 8 Killer Lynette, you are special. l love you. Mom Congratulations Pam Weideman! Mom 8 Dad Gayanne B. Ford, C.D.A. Dental Mrs. Judy Pfaffenberger Good Luck Class of '86! Mr. Hudson Good Luck from the Cowboy Corral Mr. John McKee and Family Mr. Randy Asendorf Good Luck Graduates of '86! Karen Diehl W.T. HUBBARD LUMBER COMPANY WESTERN MARKET THE NUMBER 1049 Western OPEN 7 DAYS 1553 Western Ave ui A Lmm cmaf, Yzledfl, Onto 43609 50 DW 596955 5 Phone ses-47-an Wsjjfg Pam am PHS Western Shop Bm Authentic Western Apparel For Men. Women dc Children or TOLEDO, INC JACK DITTIAN :mann Cmiplalr World Wide 1VuwlSn-1.164-e A:+fSemll4md S 'YC' M31 uwlaowiai PRESS INC Toledo :sox aRoAnwAv M' PH' ' -I -as ,X '1--w...,NuvM-anus F-15311 Erickka Jones and Crystal Robinson smiling Tonya Reid says, Come and get it, Pretty- i Brenda Bumpus enjoying lunch. Libbey students enjoying the hop. U Q it - 11 -Qi-M, , 3----n l ,i , ,ffl '11, , ' 271 Q f J---'-.. . Pom-Pgm girls perfgrming at pep rally, W Faith MCCl'EaI'y takes dictation in C.O.E. - 1- f'.v-yr? Ehakur Sanders hanging out between lasses. Ron Brock and Tommy Butts working together. ,.X.., x 1--uv-L . , f cheerleaders showing their spirit. Students shooting the breeze in lunch. Carol Watkins getting her calcium. 139 Randy Radtke practicing his saxophone, Marcellus Perkins entertains Libbey students and faculty. 140 i Hll J ' 1 Q Brian Pringle, Tim Gonzales, and Connie Wear, practice their music. l I ' s A 14 21 ,gf ff ff' P' 1 2 H4 T N, 3 x. T 1 l I I ,, ..,, f l J 1, Through the grant from the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, Joyce Fisher creales her masterpiece. Vlia Gilmore, Todd Wilson, and Jennifer Zeller in Anatomy. 'rw' n Burger, a former Libbey student, plays a solo. 51' X gr' 'ln Marvin Johns in the nurse's office. Jay Humphrey, an Ottawa Hills student, visits Libbey as part of an exchange day for the Jr. Honors English class. 141 LIFE BEFO There is Life Before Libbey. Did you ever wonder what your teachers did before they came to Libbey? ln a recent survey it was discovered that some of Libbey's faculty participated in some very interesting activities. Two of the most intriguing are Mr. Donald Henry flanguagesl and Mr. Spencer Cunningham Cphotog- raphyj. Mr. Henry is a master of languages. He speaks German, French, Russian, Hungarian and is now studying Polish. His education includes: the U.S. Army Language School in California, B.A. from Indiana University, A.A. from Northwest Missouri State Universityg M.A. from University of Notre Dame. He also attended L'Universite Catholique De L'Ouest in Angers, France and Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Universitat in Frankfurt. Mr. Henry recently married Mary Ann Brzuchalski, and they honeymooned in Paris and northern France. Mr. Cunningham was employed by the State Highway Department, Libbey Owens Ford, and in a camera store. He has also worked as a campus life director, student minister, and he did free lance workin motion pictures and photography. Mr. Cunningham attended Adrian College, Moody Bible Institute, Bluffton College, and the Ohio State University. ln addition to a variety of jobs and schools, Mr. Cunningham has had other interesting ex- periences. He and his wife spent two summers touring Europe on a motorcycle, and he was also nearly killed in a canoe accident in Canada. There is, likewise, a controversial side to Mr. Cunningham. He walked to New Jersey with FLOC and was arrested and tried in an antinuclear weapons demonstration in Colorado. 142 l l Mrs. Jaqueline Sloan was a University of Toledo in the Physics Office. Mr. 6 Mrs. Donald Henry LIBBEY at the Mr. Dave Bourland worked as a petroleum geologist in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Clotee McGee was raiseclron a farm and worked in a cotton Held in , ennessee. l Mr. Keith Huizenga workecl as a trash collector and a grave digger. i l Mr. Spencer C Gallaway. xt . f I ai, s 'fi X lg x X t X c N ' Q 4 X 'e I ' sf... .Q kv, t ,, K mi S 1 unningham and Bennie O'Neal, John Hainston, Tremont Fields and Derric Mrs. Wilma Hoch coached a gymnastic team in Columbus University. ,,....f 'IA' and taught at Capitol ,.,.-iff? Ig,-,,.. ,,,,..n- X. 1 f 5 W 1 ff-A K QC 5,2 .lim Mr. Fred Wesolowski worked as a recreation instructor at Michigan Girls' Reformatory in Adrian, Michigan. ll Mr. Dave Merritt worked in concrete construction, sales, and as an assistant to a tool and die maker. He is pictured with his class: Willie Besancon, Carol Watkins, Cinnamon Frieson, Ramas Morrison, and Danita Butts. Mrs. Barbara DeMars was a teller at Toledo Trust. P 3 wzixm Q' x Q 4' .. X f i QM fx! X 1 I Q , -' -1 E172 A x . . K 4. ! M Bak A

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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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