Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH)

 - Class of 1984

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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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1984 EDELIAN EDWARD DRUMMOND LIBBEY HIGH SCHOOL 1250 Western Avenue Toledo, OH 43609 August 1985 6 1 fe e e, e JJ as Z JO J9 O JJ,l2 JU J 14 15 1 Jia JHQ Js2o J 1 l A 5 ' 21 J JQ4 J25 126 127 J 28 J po Jew Ji J Ji J TABLE OF CONTENTS S ors .... .................................... 1 6 Juniors ....... .............................. 3 6 Sophomores ........... 48 Freshmen ................... 60 Administration, Faculty, 8 Staff . 72 Sp rt ..... ............ 8 2 O g nizations . ...... 110 Ad rt' ments and Pt 134 Cl g ...... 144 W J f-tw L91 in P 51,31 ' A ffm 4 V IS 'X X wr I gg: l -90' 4 w -Q2-if I ,Wil 4 in is ' 5, E1 EY! 4 my ' .1 -nf QU! W1 ."'g'L' Y Xb 1 1' Y J q A 4 I 9 'v M M Q, :X nh: ,Q W5 W' if M fi ' W M r I my 9 nh, Q vu I 51 N., 4 4-f I if A Since The Beginning of Senior Cente stops at attention. s sam Mr. Hayton shows Aaron Laramore how to set up his term paper. Libbey Junior Varsity Cheerleaders 4 cheer on Our Cowboys. Senior Ceente dances during pep assembly. ft lf . i A' tj A.. , L., ...,. .K f' 11. Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Lewinski watch the Cowboys with attention Q 42. Q Libbey Band and leader Darrell 7 fu ' Perkins get ready to begin i" M 1 marching. Pam Weideman cheers for a good football play. i 'Z Ji. f , . s Q Mr. Wiczynski bumps to Mr. Hayton for a set during the Varsity!Faculty volleyball game. Linda Ruiz starts out a cheer. w Valerie Young, Angie Abbott and Diane Lautzenheiser get ready for a spike from Mr. Galernik. 5 Spirit Week . . . Sophomores express their sentiments on this bulletin board. Juniors, Fr giving that Mr. McKee, Tom Berman, and Teresa Christian working on the Toledo skyline. The senior float - a 6 foot ram. Seniors, Chris Hitt, Angela Abbott, Ken Crowell, John Caulton, Terry Roberson, Ben Turner, Stacey Jones, Nina King and Mr. Wojo and Mrs. Lewinski. 6 id Perryman, Michelle Moore, Tom Berman, and Ted Bey xtra pull. James Easter, Kevin Butts, and Tom Floyd - reserve cheerleaders. Marvin Jones on Hat Day The EDELIAN staff putting their best foot forward on Shoe Day 1: w ' M: yi. .-iv.. , pg KF VQ li r,fa f l t 3 . W , - will i W'-'ffwll' gli' 'U -,iiws " W FEVER 451 2 ,pam it 'f , in i f vo 45 a f:. , Q. ww 1 ,F K. QT 5' fi - , , , Q9 UATCH ll Mrs. McDonald, Beth Guest, and Ben Turner work on the Senior float while Shannon McDonald looks on. Crown Bearer, Michelle Smith Reserve Cheerleaders Kevin Butts, Tom Floyd, Trevor Goodwin, Jim Brown, and James Easter pnspvwf ii 'P If ,' A, Rudy Sifuentez Mark Belche sale Rieginald R Dianne Lau ai '- 2 F' L 1 'le C :A ur H Ji :D 4. ., .Qu 2-A-.WA HW, N Q 5' Lathea Jones getting books before going to class 8 The Juniors show their homecoming sp irit r purchasing goodies from the Dental Assistants bake ndall, Rodney MCAllisters, Beth Guest, Pam Roberts, tzenheiser at the senior car wash -. 'QD Beth Guest and Mr. Cunningham are looking through a photographic book Mr. Wiitala and Freshmen struggle against the Juniors in the tug of war Tommy Butts, Tony Bobbitt and Beth Guest L. Eugene King, Michael Greenlee and Larry Jones are ready to play football A A K -xylluulvll A-ere. ' sn.. N. r s -.... ig .t ,' I J' , ,X ff ,x f ' . ' L ,fe I ff' ,...1 l -we ' k.':.+"".m.t.,.,,,,.,M,..t,M.w fx Angie Abbott is very enthusiastic during the senior car wash 9 .ag -ug, Mark Kulwicki and Valerie Young '63 X t. -iT -J ' . Rosalyn Barnes and Dwayne Macklin, Junior Court Freshmen Court Lester Guest and Sabina Elizondo V I.. 1 ' W. "' ' 3 "' 'fries -, .- gg, I 1 4" "' 'A N O- ' ' 15 ,. , ...-. . N' -lv "' lg ,. - ,, ,ls AA 4 "gv-"""':g,L -ima: 13, ""lfE ' iw v5!gQ:.,.-ri. -. My , "mfS,,+ww""f' Wm- 'I ' :tts--it-i,-gr. X HN '1iilHl f. 4' Q J X 'fil'?tf-' 'APQCQ bww- 3 ' , . 'gg 5 r f X Q A f'3-7 4 f .4-",4s..' . ' :'l1'-irrif-4-I-2-sing I 1 1 Q f f ?,.if",Q 3:15 ' um 'W T P J A .W ff"gm rf 41 ffR' .et .. M '1'x.5f'-'ft. 'fr' 1 6, , . wJgF.,.Q-V .wivvayftgi , " 4. .e,,l,:a,,1..W-.gm r :fur-u?likv51' 1 Ktftl'-'?r.!:s:6i4"'l3l'V'w"lll""1 "L we -l' .P 'aft"f'4LQ5-rw fwfr-I-it i'f?'?"'f ' QHfQ4w'Wl'fwf":g. " J. '-'yr ii- llizyfffge N '- -f .' '-u '4n5 .1 ea-in V l'.,,,w'I.."nF:Q. ...Sip ' -i i -:Ar sl' gt , ' za, ' 1-,a'fY,v-.rygywg f' K' .t " r, V, Q-c.-i'?Qv,. Wm: "L, ","f'fqir'f4' 'fx-WT' 'N ""Wf"13f ff w-1-21' . 1-4-' " ,' ' ff" g ic- , i. -f N 'Z straw .A-se ft, - as , 'P "xi :I - ,I-Aemievmfi' .Li-aizk' -J ' 41 X -fx 'i Homecoming King Jeff Summers crowns Queen West, while Vicki Farrell prepares for the king a Brown and Hal Holland fire Fragoso and Michael Greenlee Q 'E Dianne Lautzenheiser and James Borders, Senior Court Rochelle Griswold and Russell Wells, Senior Court ----r""' 'r " ' Us 1982 Homecoming Queen Vicki Farrell crowns King Tony Bobbitt while Dwayne Macklin and Sabina Elizondo look on The Libbey Flag Corp form an arch as Tommy Butts and Amy Russell walk onto the field at halftime. gzggsw ' U Im-we i983 King and Queen with their court, Lester Guest, Sabina Elizondo, Rosalyn Barnes, Dwayne Macklin, Dianne Lautzenheiser, James Borders, King Tony Bobbit, Queen Robin West, Rochelle Griswold, Russell Wells, Beth Guest, Tommy Butts, and Amy Russell 11 i l. Michael Reynolds, Lucy Diaz, Steve Sanchez 2. Pat Evans Brett Syph mlnwx 1. Carol Brown, Carter Guadalupe lbarra, 2. Tracy Ballard Rosalyn Barnes Trina Carrmgton Pamela . K 1 .af 44.4173 M TT'.EQfZ,g,5g,fQ.:::g3f...g--Q--Y-.Lri .,-wr. . rflazfirr. .. ' 5 .. - -Q " ' B Q-ww ,. B f.v'f-?'5.?W,41X. TA B-:J . ff 1-Q-iwini r. S as 'A+ --r + . 1.4 3- ffwigewfsf' ' 3 5. as A . 'L,j:t"-W ' ' l9:,.m,iiNf - r ...yf'. . i l k.. . . is ,ig 5. . M .jwcwfgr tvgwk . .. 'B .. I ,.-.f ' . --.4Q,,..,Q-r-f - QQ - ' -- - - ' .f a ' r - 'APM B a , 'W 5 . fr'-" 2 L . - l -G. '. ,. 1 Q - . l Le xi - xg! 4...""f?i,g' f-'PQ 1. ' . fe, X :W ' ra' V, "M . Tai: he .vb 4'.: "'1' 1. ffaf, A 1.4 ' -f qw .Q .sz B ref' Swv We Q 'L H' '41 ' 1,5 ff. ' 'L 1 'V .5 . v f yr' 'l A lp 1 - . K' . ' rg wdfr- f f sf X , .X. . ,.,. , S ' 1 we . aj,-Q, - V li-ax .l , ,Y 2 ,,. 1 . ' Af' ' Q, WNQQ355 'L ,-Sink w ' t l B K . al .: - - .Q 1. ' s The Game - Libbey Rogers . . Carlos Fragoso and other cowboys block for Derrick Rayford. Rogers Rams stop Marvin Jones at the 35 yard line. Mark White blocks for Marvin Jones as he picks up 5 yards. Horace Oates knocks down a Rogers pass ri-I , .FT 'Q' ' " AJ -.-.44 - vj A - U" . Al-VM .-2"-:q5f"' afar-X M .. ,133 A- 41 I B . fm A , A S' ..., ....x' --.f gg N -F55 l, A an N vi if 5 Q , L54 I. il ll I n A '-P 94'- 1' :Q 1 "5 . it 4, 5 4. 'uw ,r 5 l , ,,' C' G91 .x -2 A o , L M AY' 3 fd AA 1 ix 5- ' 5 SQIOTQVVIUQV 198. ...................Jg...........J 25 26 27 ,., Hfidmg SGWAVJGLQ J .......m.......J.............J.........J E3 9 TO 25 Qa a 29 50 SENIORS f,,..,,,...7n ."'r"'v'- Dianne Lautzenheiser and Aaron Lara- TTIOFE Angela Abbott Richard of Renee Allen Jerry Q I I X sm 1 ,,, I K , r ,4 - x 'Q' l 'U' Kimberli Allan 'X ll Q Q Q, 5 it John Baker Robert Bauman Ralph Beltran I Q5 "l'f':'v Antonio Bobbitt James Borders Celeste Boskent Theresa Brown 45 i Q Tina Brown Gabe Calderon JA Karen Wilder Louis Carter John Caulton iw, Margaret Cavanaugh Tracie Chatman Tammy Clark 15N Kathy Connerton Debbie Joy Dangler , -'Q an 'fliwl' Rich Rochowiak s f Karen Duenas Roy Dutridge Debbie Fisher Carlos Fragoso ,.1 , . Daniel Garcia 'Um 'ff-'W' H! .a g l if Anna Geronimo Gary Gillespie Marvin Gingrich gm 1 Michael Gomez lrasema Gonzalez Rieginald Randall V if J Wilbur Gordon Earl Kevin Grimm Rochelle Griswold Beth ll i - ff, -, .,..i L- 5:-.S Pam Roberts Darren Bobby Hart , X ,W . fi' N ents' -av Trina Haynes .eggs-sin-vi WW' Lisa Hayton Carmen Heredia David Hill I 1' s James Hines Orrin Hitt Hans Holland ill Tim Honsberger Peggy Houghteling Angela Abbott La Reine Howie Eric Stacy Johnson Kenneth 4 ,, 4 . ' fb.-w g - 3 ,iifi f A ,,.v X Wd ,K , , 4 W-, W, L Q: 2,34 fx:-I 'z 'M ggflzwl K .,, 22 i ,. 1+ ri' ,xy f ur. iz 'xmik -1 w wiig' e 5 K ' gill Y V - w ifi! Y 1 Q 3 3 bi? if 5 Qu- Y ii xml in Roy Dutridge Stacy Shawn Jackson Michelle Jones Veronica Joshaway 7515 iii ' 'X Scott Joshua Rick Keener ed Amy Keith Aaron Laramore Dianne Lautzenheiser Richard Lautzenheiser l i Q Roberta Leverenz Robin Leverenz if Dianne Lautzenheiser and Beth Guest Diane Liebnau Leessa Judy Lizcano Ben Turner r,x i , 5 l Richard Lopez nr" Walter Mallett Tracey Martinez Kenneth X ali 22 Darrell McClellan J Treva McCluney Rodney McAllister Brenda McGee 1, N Q Marcos Munguia Donna Navarre Amy Oberhauser nag .Q -a ,gr Matt Parenteau 'Q-YI-f W 1 re ir Falicia Parker Roberta Leverenz , 3.1 .lyk 1 Darlene Pearson Darrell Deborah Pulley Anna Purtee Terrance Rieginald Randall Linda Ruiz Robin 2.5 Judy Rickard Lisa Rios Terrance Roberson Pamela Roberts ' . Ruth Rodriguez Linda Ruiz Jeffery Saar is Julie Sadowski David Sanders E 1 L, X , Ken Massie Tina Schiel Judieth Schwab Darryl Shade f' If Ina Sidney Christopher Simoni Carolyn Smeltzer Robin Rice Dale Smi h Rochelle Smith f 3... Duane Snodgrass Phyllis Spears Kellie Stark Q ,Km Kimberly Staton Kathleen Susanowiz Brett Syph Joe Taylor K Arthenia Temple Bob Mapes Benjamin Turner Shelly Llllery Michael Velez 5. Andre Walker Leo David Webb 'GPQVVP X gn Judith Schwab Russell Wells Robin West 4 .x ,O Walter White :Q-'Q ..., Adella Yglesias ? Christine Zeh .Q K Karen Wilder Stephanie Wootton Senior Class Officers: Thomas Mays, Treasurerg Roy Dutridge, Vice Presidentg Pam Roberts, Secretaryg Angela Abbott, President J You ve Got The Cutest 'Ngo-in Kimberli Allan Renee Allen Tracie Chatman Karen Duenas Earl Gregory Robin S Roberta Leverenz Judy Lizcano Amy Oberhauser lna Sidney Carolyn Smeltzer Ben Turner Diane 8 Richard Lautzenheiser Della Yglesias Karen Wilder SENIOR REGISTER Abbott, Angela Choir 3.4: DECA 3.4: VICA 3: French Club 1.2.3: Pep Club 2,3: Class Officer fPresldentl 2.3.4: Sr. Trip Committee 4: Graduation Committee 4: Home Coming Committee 4: Volleyball 2.3.4: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Allan, Klmberll VICA 3.4: Pep Club 1: Home Coming Committee 1: Future Plans: College, Work Allen. Renee C tal 4: VICA 4: OEA 3.4: Basketball - Glrls 3: Track 231: Future Plans: College, Work Boskent, Celeste Cheerleader 4: Choir 2.3: Afro-American Club 3.4: French Club 3.4: Pom Pom Girls 2,3.4: Pep Club 2.3.4: Student Council 4: Prom Committee 4: Sr. Trl Committee 4: Graduation Commlttee 4: Track 2.4: Fauture Plans: College. Work, Marriage Brown. Tina Cheerleader 3.4: German Club 123: NHS 4: Pep Club 3: Student Council 1,2.4: Sr. Trap Committee 4: Graduation Committee 4: Future Plans, ollege. Work, Marriage Carter, Louls OEA 3.4: Football 3.4: Basketball 1.2: Tennis 1: Wrestling 3.4: Cross Country 2: Future Plans: College, Work Caulton. John Basketball 1.2.3,4: Track 3.4: Cross Country 4: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Cavanaugh, Margaret Cheerleader 2: VlCA 3: Afro-Amer. Club l.2.3: FHA 3: Pom Pom Glrls 1: Pep Club 12: Prom Committee 4: Sr. Trip Committee 4: Graduation Committee 4: Future Plans: College. Work. Marriage Chatman. Tracie Bowling team 1: DECA 3: FHA 2: Volleyball 1.2,3.4: Dall, Debbie Jr. Steno Club 3: Home Coming Court 4: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Dangler, Joy Junlor Steno Club 3: COE 4: Future Plans: College, Work Dutrldge, Roy Bowling team 2.3,4: Cheerleader 2.3: Choir 4: Crystal 3: Edelian 3: French Club l.2.3: Pep Club l.2.3: Quiz Bowl Class Ofhcer 4: Baseball 1.2: Future Plans: College. Work. Marriage Geronimo, Anna Jr. Steno Club 3: COE 4: OEA 3: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Gregory, Earl Band 2.3.4: Cholr 1.2: French Club 3.4: Track 4: Wrestling 2: Future Plans: College. Work Griswold, Rochelle DECA 3.4: Afro'Amerlcan Club 3.4: FHA 1.2: Pom Pom Girls 1,2,3.4: Pep Club 1.2,3.4: Student Council 3.4: Class Officer 2: Home Coming Court 4: Future Plans: College. Work. Marr'lage Guest, Beth Cheerleader 3.4: French Club 1.2: Pep Club 1.2,3.4: Student Council 4: Prom Committee 3.4: Future Plans: College. Work. Marriage Heredla, Carmen Cheerleader 2.3: FHA 2: Pep Club 2, Jr. Steno Club 3: COE 4: OEA 3,4: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Jackson. Carrie Cheerleader 2: Pom Pom Girls 1.3: Pep Club l.2,3: Jr. Steno Club 3: COE 4: Volleyball 1.3: Future Plans: College, Work. Marriage Jackson, Modena FHA 1.2: COE 4: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Jones, Kenneth Afro-American Club 1: Football 1: Basketball l.2.3.4: Cross Country 1,2.3.4: Future Plans: College, Work, Marriage Jones, Michele Cheerleader 1.2: FHA 4: Jr. Steno Club 3: COE 4: Future Plans: Work Jones, Stacey Band 2: Cheerleader 1,2.3,4: VlCA 3.4: FHA 1: Pep Club l.2.3,4: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Laramore, Aaron Bowlincg team 2: Quiz Bowl 2. Track 2.3.4: Cross Country 2.3.4: hess Team 4: Lautzenhelser, Dianne Jr. Steno Club 3: Home Comin Court 4: COE 4: OEA 3: Basketball 1: Volleyball 1.2,3.4:q'rack 2.3: Future Plans. Work, Marriage Leverenz. Roberta DECA 4: VICA 3.4: NHS 3.4: Student Council 3: Volleyball 2.3: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Leverenz. Robin Edelian 3.4: French Club 1.2: Student Council 2: Class Oflicer 3: Jr. Steno Club 3: OEA 3.4: Volleyball 1.2,3: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Liebnau, Diane Edelian 3: Class Officer 2: Basketball 1: Volleyball l.2.3.4: Track 2: Future Plans: College. Work Llzcano. Judy OEA 4: Future Plan: College. Work. Marriage Mapes, Bob Cheerleader 4: Football 3: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage McAllister, Rodney VICA 3.4: French Club 1.2,3: Track 4: Future Plans: College. Work McC1uney, Treva Choir l.2.3: Afro-American Club 3.4: FHA 1.2,3: Munguia, Marcos Edelian 4: Future Plans: Work Oberhauser. Amy DECA 3.4: Edelian 4: NHS 3.4: Baseball manager 2,3: Future Plans: College. Worlc Marriage Perkins, Darrell Band 1.2,3,4: Pep Club 1: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Pulley. Deborah Cheerleader 2: French Club 1.2,3: Pep Club l.2.3.4: Student Council 1: Basketball 2: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Rice, Robin German Club 1.2: Hero Club 1: Jr. Steno 3: COE 4: Future Plans: Work. Marriage Rios, l.isa COE 4: Basketball 1.2: Track 1.2: Future Plans: College. Work Roberts. Pamela NHS 4: Class Officer 4: OEA 4: Future Plans: College: Work. Marriage Rodrlquez. Ruth DECA 4: Edelian 1: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Ruiz. l.1nda Cheerleader. Future Plans: College. Work. Marriage Saar. Jeff Football 4: Future Plans: College, Work, Marriage Sidney. ina Cheerleading 1: VICA 3.4: Pom Pom Girls 3: Basketball l.2.3,4: Volleyball 1.2.3,4: Track 1.2: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Smeltzer, Carolyn Edelian 4: Future Plans: Work, Marriage Smith. Dale Golf Team 2.3.4: Future Plans: Work Smith, Rochelle Afro-American Club l.2.3.4: Pep Club 2: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Spears. Phyllis OEA 3.4: Future Plans: College. Work. Marriage Susanowlz, Kathy Crystal 4: FHA 1.4: Jr. Steno Club 3: OEA 3: Future Plans: College, Work, Marriage Stark. Kellie DECA 3.4: FHA 3: Future Plans: Work. Marriage Tucker. Tammy Band 1: French Club 4: Student Council l.2.3: Volleyball 4: Future Plans: College. Work, Marriage Tumer, Ben Band 1: Cheerleader 4: VICA 4: Track 4: Future Plans: College. Work Undenuood, Percy OEA 4: Future Plans: College. Work Watkins, Leo French Club 3,4: OEA 3.4: Future Plans: College, Work. Marriage Wells, Russell Band 1,2.3,4: NHS 3.4: Quiz Bowl 1: Track 2.3.4. Cross Country 2.4: West, Robin Crystal 4: DECA 3.4: Baseball l.2.3: Volleyball l.2.3: Queen 4: Future Plans: College. Work. Marriage Wilder, Karen OEA 4: Volleyball 1.2: Future Plans: Work Williams, Paula VIGK 3.4: Pep Club 3.4: Volleyball 1: Track 1.2: Future Plans: College. Work Wootton, Stephanie DECA 3.4: French Club 1. NHS 4: Wrestling l.2.3: Future Plans: College, Work. Marriage Yglesias. Della VICA 3.4: FHA 2: Future Plans: College, Work. Marriage 35 ...............! 9 ,WU 11+ m n 16 Ocmbev 1983 Smvmdong J' MDVWOIGM 1' TmQ5d , 2 , Sr. Med. Asst. Sale Class Rlng VICA Meetln fvedmesdamg 2' TMS my 1 ....-.J ........J ......-.J....-.J QQ ml2OH1w 21M 222 y W .6 27 28 29 J UNIGRS Ronald Adams Juan Allen Gordon Anderson Velma Austin Kristen Baber Delana Ball Paul Ballard Tracy Ballard Karin Barkes Rosalyn Barnes Edwin Bell Gene Beltran Tom Berman Teddy Bey Lorie Black Bobby Brown Charlotte Brown Jim Brown Julie Brown Kathy Brown Lynn Brown Shelia Brown Lavelle Butler Coleena Butts Tony Canas Cathy Carrillo Terry Carter Chris Castillo Tony Castillo Teresa Christian 11 QQ I 7 f' 7 Y 'W f! 71 ts f gy ,gy . was vw K Q ,K 3 xv K T 1. X o gt 'Y I. Michael Miller 3 'ff' T' 9 A I I t I - ik C J.. I y f' r j1::.1f uf A cg.. Z f 2' I - ' rr J""4:,. , 1 .. XZ li 'V I . I, r 1 , I 5 1 II, x I r , 1 Q L , NN 4- . X ,..- v 4 X' 'K 21 l .5-1 e-'S-c Eugene Clark Robin Clark Wendy Clouse Patty Codner Roena Connolly Steve Cook Ronald Cooper Robert Crawford Robert Cunningham Emite Davis Michael Davis Rachel Diaz Donnie Dilbone Maria Dominguez David Dotson Carl Drake Elizabeth Duncan Jody Dunlap Juan Duran Paul Dye James Easter Shaun Edwards Sandra Elizondo Gene Ellison Octavio Estrada Robert Farrell Leisa Fessler Chris Fincher Jeannine Fisher Annalisa Flores Thomas Floyd Audrey Fobbs Shirley Ford Kimberly Foster Renee Franz Lisa Frost Shelly Galloway Annette Gehring Trevor Goodwin Pamela Graham . !,,,.,,-of N 4. ' f Shannah Jones Q sc, ,. , 35 at J fix 1 f fn I C F3 Lan, X ,W 3:5 :sn 4.. Wu Robin Graham Valencia Green Michael Greenlee Clifford Griffin Lori Grup Mary Goldi Albert Gutierrez Cassandra Hall Yolanda Harris Derek Hawkins Keith Heer Randy Hennessey Christina Hernandez David Hernandez Gary Hernandez Hal Holland Gina Hollinghead James Hovermale Guadalupe lbarra Robert Ingram Robert Jackson Tiny Jackson Kim Jefferson Andrea Jenkins Lorenzo Juarez Audra Johnson Brian Johnson Junior Johnson Lamar Johnson Kelvin Joiner Cloude Jones Jeff Jones Larry Jones Lathea Jones Marvin Jones Sonya .Jones Myra Jones Teresa Jones Yvonne Keefe Carlus King Eugene King Sonia King James Koch Ron Kopietz Jacqui Koskoski David Krupp Gary Kurtz Bob Laas Jamie Laidler Lou Ann Laidler Bi . Jason Thomas ff 2 ,,.2 if ii W i i i ,, ...N Crystal Lockwood William Lindhorst Gordon Latta Kimberly Langston John Laney Terri Mabrey Dwayne Macklin Walter Magrum Michelle Mapes Teriann Massie Wilbert McMullin Christopher Miller Mike Miller Robert Miller Dianne Mills Peggy Morgan Cin y Moore James Moore Barry Neal Wayne Neal Daniel Novy Wayne Oliver Zachery Oliver Checo O'Neal Kelvin Osby Jim Owens Thelma Peoples Bobby Perez Fredrick Perryman Janie Perryman Darren Peters Dawn Petoskey Ruell Pringle Phillip Ransey Robin Reeves Tom Roberts Tom Roberts Tom Rohrer Bill Rose Lupe Ruiz Rosalind Russell Peggy Salazar Virginia Salazar Lisa Sanchez Eric Schwab Gale Short Colleen Shipman Blong Siong Gerald Simon Marcia Quinn Coleena Butts I If K 5 law 41 ,S . A411 'Y' it .. ps 4 ft ,sv M .. ,- r -J" ,,,..f-"' -ff- N -,,..-- gi--'Z' .....2!.,- x-,,...f' an K' 3 1 1 Anne Siravo Charles Slaughter Dennis Smith James Smith David Snyder David Sours Dusty StackHouse Dawn Stevenson Kimberly Streeter Antonia Steward Dennard Summers Steve Summers Andy Szymanek Joseph Tagle David Taylor Robin Taylor Victor Terry Jason Thomas Sharon Thompson Jerome Thornton Rich Trevino DeAnna Turner Melissa Tucker Tony Turner Antonia Tyson Karen Lllis James Walker Jesse Ward Deborah White Mark White Carmen Williams Melvin Williams Richard Williams Anita Wormely Audra Wozniak N f ., , ,J Carlos Rios checking his temperature. The Quiz Bowl Team representing Libbey. 'eresa Christian and Tom Berman working on the floats. aff' xx Jr. Class officers: Robin Reeves, Vice Presidentg Tracy Austin, Secretary: Mike Miller, Presidentg Clifford Griffin, Treasurer 491- ,rf "" , XR MJ Heidi Zachel Jacquie Koskoski pf , , "' --7 November 198 Smwdaq 1' Mamdaw x -...Jg.......J Q...J-J 13 14 ........J....... 20 2 Wmmesdalp CDL Bice Sale ' Wmmvsolalg I ...J .......f........J 24 mm 25 W' 26 ..........J......J.........J SOPHGMORES Robert Adams Mike Alger Wendy Allan Cecilia Arevalo Michelle Armstrong James Arndt Cindy Arredondo Eric Baker James Baker Jimmy Baker Ron Ball Tracy Ballard Timothy Banks Mark Bates Tonya Bays Donnie Bean Sommer Beaty James Bell Robert Berman Paul Beltran William Besancon Dee Blankenship James Bolden Lisa Bolton Aric Brandon Ron Brock Bruce Brodbeck Charlene Brown Jeannie Brown Theresa Brown X if 1,5 f ,ern 0 A ' if , -Y 5 1 i -4. s if Q S, li? ,Ari s gm 6? 5 X Ana- A 5. A :J .s ., 4. w Q C. .. . ' it x it Y 3 X 1, Xe 'a f 1 A 1 Q it 2 Q g gg Q ll Y , .4 .49 if 'L 9 .-Q ' Mi ff for Kelly Williams Allyssa Bryant Gary Buczko Sylvia Buford Brenda Bumpus Jeff Burch Robyn Burner John Burton Danita Butts Tommy Butts Chuck Carper Michael Carter Necie Carter Kerri Casillas Michelle Castilleja Ethaniel Chatman Joel Cobble Christopher Coleman Wendy Connolly Sonya Coogler Steve Cortez Keith Cosper Wendy Costeil Katherine Cousin Wendy Daniels Brian Davis Cathy Davis Gregory Davis Eric Davis Monica Derden Amy Destazio Lucy Dias Don Diaz Kimberlyn Dowell Mary Duncan Lisa Ewing Matt Farren Tremont Fields Sue Ford Ron Foster Tony Franco mt Candace Garmon F ,.ii I ! it dan N E ,-43 ..- ,..."'.1"-Q A.-"rm get Cx A 1 M1 x " , ., at-:feng W' A C Y 9 it if .JSF .gf 722691325 4 9335: 1--4 'i V Mlm i 1 X Ml' x ,., ik, Ja x X rv K- x 1 JW' r ,, it -1 3 If galil ' Qs ,.wl""', l , "A"' YW ,, Kenny French Cinnamon Frieson Leon Frost Darryl Fullwood James Galloway Terry Gamble Tony Garcia Candace Garmon Rosalyn Gary Vivian Garza Kim Gibson Kim Glaspie Ernestina Gonzalez Esther Gonzalez Barbara Gooch Calvin Gregory John Harrison Ray Hartranft Curtis Hassell John Hawkins Terry Haynes Darren Heminger Becky Hennemon Connie Henry Ronald Henson Angela Hernandez Chester Hill Catherine Hitt Rhonda Hitt Katrina Hood Keith Houghteling Robert Howie Fred Hunter, Jr. Shelly Hussing Bobby Hutchins Rosario Ibarra Denise Irwin Anthony Jackson Kevin Jacobs Dave Janovich Vince Jefferson Walter Jefferson Dee Dee Johns Danny Jones Jeff Jones Michael Jones Shavella Jones James Joshua Pam Keefe Joe Kekes Carl Kelly Yarra King Lisa Klostermeier Robin Kopietz Jeni Kreischer Earl Kynard Aretha Lee Melissa Lee Tammy Legree Angie Lopez A Ka s 1 I ' I C!! x X sr a u ' . Elf ' 'f Q I r ,ii L l l i l 2 l Z Tracy Ballard 9 9 N iw 1 ll. John Maiden Walter Mangrum Leticia Martinez Ruben Martinez Rodney Mason James Mays Faith McGreary Kenneth McDonald Dawn McGovern Angie McKown Priscilla McNeal Jennifer Merriweather Niki Mierzejewski Jodi Miller Rich Miller Lupe Montez Jim Montie Errol Moore Peggy Morgan Joe Muniz Rita Nunceo David Nunn Kim Oberhauser Tommy O'leary Clarence Oliver Wayne Oliver Ramon Ortega Mike Parcher Gia Parker Marwin Payne Myron Payne Frederick Perry Kevin Peurie Brian Pringle Ed Radtke Raymond Regent Michael Reynolds James Richardson Sherrie Riley Terrie Riley 5. s A Q - if 5 1 -. 1 'W ,,. 4, 1 .,. - as b 4 ,M q, . , .,,, V 155- 4 glfzLlu51j gf -like K gn I emu f Felicia Neal ' UW .vy-X., c xi X ci , K X X li, N V-,A 'ww Nw X. N X' , ,J 'VP 3 .Q 4. nf' ' -. Q u' X n Q yi N- . C018 'M X Seronda Robinson Marie Rodriguez Marlinda Rodriguez Jackie Romero Tim Ropp Greg Rose Amy Russell Frank Sadowski Shakur Sanders David Schwieterman Dwight Sherwood Chris Sifuentes Rudy Sifuentez Angela Slack Harry Slaughter Glenn Smith Larry Smith Myron Smith Amy Sparks Ronnie Spence Robert Sweeney Shawn Swicegood Nikki Syph Diana Szymanek Anne Thielen Elaine Thieman John Thieman Dorothea Thomas Belinda Thompson Tammy Thompson Etrice Thorne Joanna Trinidad Richard Turk Tamara Turner Lawrence Tunison John Tuttle Solomon Tyson Timothy Tyson James Lllis Keith Vore Valeria Walker Robin Wallace Crystal Warner Carol Watkins Mark Weatherly Alonzo Webb Pam Weideman Carla White David White Therese White Kelly Williams Will Williams Bobby Wilson Letitia Wilson Rita Wodarski f. iv ,J 1 ' Q 'I -Q ta, N f by ff' I his .. 4' ' -Q , - -f . 4- 4' mf 5 ' X , KX - ii 5 X f N E f N K 'x ,ff Sud' Chrs Wootton Valerie Young If If N .M Q. r .X X' f Q f ff -5 'N 'yl,'. X fl -. fly- I xi l - r X X 1 'l xv V Nw-is Sophomore Class Officers: l. Monica Durden, VP: Valerie Young, Pres.g 2. Tonya Rodriguez, D I Sec.g Marlinda Rodriguez, Treas.g Mrs. Keween Omn Hm 'l fl 'Lf' 1. Carmen Heredia James Borders with a pneumatic electrical sequencing board designed to run a robot Angela Garza I 1 self ? I Xl .Z 6.2 an il IQQCQVLALQQV' 198 Smwdaq 1' Monday 71 -......J.........J........... Dent. Asst. Sale thru 19th Faculty Mtg. ....-..J.........J.......... 11 12 15 19 .---- TV! J ..-...J 23 Z4 5m Vaga 29m BCM 31 FRESHMEN Wade Abbott Lois Alsept Robert Anderson Cynthia Arent Charles B. Austin Charles D. Austin Vonya Bates Terri Battle Tina Bean Richard Bennett Tom Bertsch Michelle Bey Terry Boyer Darrick Boykin Tony Bremer Patricia Brennan Carol Brown Joel Brown Rhonda Brown Barb Burford Ruth Hovermale 'YP' f ,ff pr , X an I . L 0 iv' Q. ,. 5, Q. 'Z -4 -.. f 3 i l If-Q A f--.....".3X A 4 .illildild '3 we 4: 1 Qfzm . SP5 sf - as J 4 . f -xv . A V, 5 SX, If 3 ri 1 ,Q .J ,Q , Q ..,.t Ny. W, - . . ,Q , C. cs' M: Q .Tie - M x 4 if. 41' Q., Chavise Burnion Zandra Campos Zayne Carlson Benny Carpenter Lisa Carrer Karen Carson Mario Carter Craig Chalfant Mary Chandler Briana Clark John Clarke Brenda Clay Jodie Conine Matt Contos Shelly Cook James Cooper Scotty Cooper Demetrius Covington Erie Cowson Monica Cowson Bryan Crosby Ricky Crowell Anita Dangler Angie Darrington Consuelo Davis Deanna Davis DeJuan Davis L.B. Davis Michael Davis Sheriece Davis Peggy Dixon Rosa Dominguez Dorothy Douglas Marsicia Dowell William Dunlap Bridgette Duszynski Kim Duszynski Bill Dye Robert Easter Geridine Edwards Sabina Elizondo Sophie Esquivel Patricia Evans Tamara Farnum Casey Fenter Joyce Fisher Armando Flores Danny Flores Bridgette Floyd Tyrone Floyd 'lf fi Y at , Paul Summers 1 -iff grew rrr fyily., .V V L K1 C 1 1 , ,rg , 1.,..,,, 6 4 if R' X Vi' s 43 J 3 ,,..aw R 55? -,J 3' W 25:91 -1- vu'-F . .m ir ' mia: i I 'L ' . ii fo r If A2 2? " ,ef 5 ' ' fs mi Q 5 , 'H' wif ' 'K j ly. Q 'E or T' w AL Q , 1 5, 'Y . , N X, " 2165 - S ' x ig A X is l s f 0 xr: 11' ' " Q 'Q rr - J. J H ' ,,. use M, ...J A .1 N . 4 ,Q- a .lf , s fi K 'flu- 'Yi' aff' I 'xiii 3 Byran Foster Lisa Fuller Tracy Fuller Natalie Furr Angela Garza Bettina Gibbs Karan Gilsdorf Pamelle Gipson Cassie Gladwell Karmen Glaspie Paul Gomez Robert Gonzales Michael Gordon Rhonda Gorham Tammy Graham Kris Graybill David Guerin Lester Guest Mark Gunn Leo Hall Carl Ham Perry Hannah Brenda Hanner Robert Hansen Anthony Harkins Luther Harris Tony Harvill Zandra Helfin Michelle Hens Stephanie Herrick Anthony Hicks Leyton Hill Karen Hines Kim Hogan Corey Holmes Troy Honsberger Marvin Houston Ruth Hovermale Eddie Howard Ondre Howard Myron James Church John Eric Johnnson Jared Johnston Barbara Jones Mark Jones Yolanda Jones Ansley Jordon Sandra Joshaway Richard Keaton Floyd Kemp Tina King Toinette Knighten Richard Kohli Gregory Koski Maria Kreischer Cheryl Laas Roger Larde Kimberly Lebowsky Danny Lee , 44 if 1 I , . 5 ' Q kg ,QA ., J Q P if J ef f 'IL .. vb :r"" .J ...,-g- Xikxlii Hillard Miller f"V! 1' , ,J lxl ,x.'.f Mark Leonard Arthur Lewis Cleetessa Long Theresa Lopez Michael Martin Charles Martinez Christina Martinez Brent Mathis Lontina Mathis Corleatha Mays Renee McDaniel Cara McDonald Dave McDowell Harry McKinney Mike McNeil Hillard Miller Mark Miller Darrell Millhoan Rebecca Montez Michael Morgan Brian Muniz Christine Neal Eric Neal Felicia Neal Jim Neve Andy Newman Pam Oberdier David Oliver Ronald Osenbaugh Tammy Parcher Phil Parenteau Timothy Patrick Stephanie Patterson Phillip Pelton John Pensalon Dennis Peters Randy Pettaway Sherri Pippin Linda Pitts Tracy Pritchett 3' , il .. , Q55 as 55. 1-gift ' .Q .. f , 5 4 , XV a, '1' 5 A ' " 5 5 , l z -ff, I 3: Hfzx St X T Teresa Wright l i XX 4' fx. 'I W f r 'N K ' 1 J' i. .555 -Q - ' 5.5 Y . L f Q X ,. l y ' . as 3 .X- rx J f f X ,-. 'Ii 1 if' he sw 4 QS we kk 6 X 5 J f x .X ,, 2. .J rrrrflrzv., Joangela Pulley Misty Ramos Denice Randall Wanda Randolph Sheryl Reaves Lisa Reynolds Heidi Rhodes Tami Rhodes Barbara Richard Gina Rios Guillermo Rios Willie Rios Bob Robin Nathaniel Ross Steve Sanchez Debbie Sandmann Michael Sattler Bernice Saunders Lowen Scurles Chris Sexton Sid Shabaa Dawn Simons Beth Siraro Reggie Smith Sandra Smith Scott Smith Michael Snyder Honeg Speelman Lisa taton Jason Stewart Rodney Stewart Lisa Stills Paul Summers Corey Swift Laurie Tagle Thomas Teneyck Bill Thieman Jeffrey Townsend Tim Trumbull Kathy Tuttle Sabrina Llrbina Richard Vance Darrell Vercher Rudy Walls Felicia Walton Donella Washington Lamor Washington Fran Weaver Aaron Wells Randy White Eileen Williams Teresa Wright Carol Ybarra Don Yerg Ken Yerg Joe Yglesias Joe Zepeda Marjorie Ziemann Teresa Zimmerman Todd Zitzman ff it I X 'Q' gf Misty Ramos Belinda Thompson Thought of a Linda Pitts, a new student at Libbey this year, thinks very highly of the school. She considers it to be fun and lively. Before coming to Libbey, Linda had considered attend- ing Scott, or Macomber because they were closer to home. She finally decided on Libbey, though, and she really enjoys it. Basketball and running track, are two things which Linda enjoys doing. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Flores and Mrs. Cameron, because she thinks they are very understanding. Her favorite subjects are Math and Span- ish. She enjoys Spanish because she had already taken it previously, and she appreciates learning more. ln the future, she plans to join the Pep Club, and the Wade Abbott Anita Dangler New Student Afro-American Club. She likes the Afro-American Club, because they show a lot of pride in Libbey. One thing which Linda is in favor of is a girl's softball team. When asked what she thought about it, she replied, "lf boys can have one, so can the girls!" The first impression Linda had of Libbey was a lot of homework. And now she realizes that this is very true! The only unusual thing which happened to Linda, was that she got lost, which normally happens with new stu- dents. Students like Linda give Libbey a good name. People like her, who show pride in their school, make Libbey what it should be. 71 Jonflmam 1984 Smwdalg 1 MOVIUGM 1' TlAQ5d0l ..........J..........J.......... ......J....-J... 15 16mm V .........J wsolalg I IA AutIsdcBakeSale ......J 21 27 28 ....,..Ji.J.........J ADMINISTRATION, STAFF, FACULTY U Hugh Caumartin has been Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools since May of 1981. He began in the school system in 1978 as Assistant to the Superinten- dent for Management Coordination and Quality Control, and in 1981 was appointed Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services. Mr. Caumartin came to Toledo from Saginaw, Michi- gan, where he had been an elementary and secondary teacher, an elementary school principal, and Director of the Saginaw County Comprehensive Special Education Center. The Superintendent earned undergraduate and grad- uate degrees from Central Michigan University. He was a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps and served as an infantry company commander in Viet Nam. Mr. Caumartin is active in numerous professional and civic organizations, including: the American Association of School Administratorsg Buckeye Association of School Administrators. v. i . l Bunk Adams Principal Hugh T. C u Superintendent John Maxey Tyronne Robertson Patricia Scharf Asst, Princ. - Activities Asst Princ. - Student Affairs Asst Princ Instruction he in Margaret Fields Diane Pauken Patricia Pickett Susie Price Coordinator Cnslg Serv. Counselor Counselor Student Coordinator 74 John Smilo Ruby Allison Tom Cantor Martha Cotton Student Coordinator PASS Program DH Work Coordinator Visiting Teacher .... VN. at QW f , , f 4 3.5 in L Lynda Semrock David Thornhill Mary Ann Brzuchalski Mary Czerniakowski Nurse Librarian Secretary - Main Office Secretary - Inst. Guid. Jacqueline Gerding Theresa Madden Secretary - Library Treasurer Beverly Masiker Nancy Tomaszewski Nurse's Assistant Substitute Secretary f .4 I ' ff " " 1 V .ff A 'ff Betty Ryan Head Secretary - Records Bill Adkins Ted Arvanitis Metals Occupational Work Exper. N. x v. N r L ,pawns l f .KRW 4, ' 5 ,V 1 A. k . ,, if 4 - ' .z wi V Ranciiiy Asendorf Janet Beening nglish Mathematics l. S! pg 13,1 Kevin Ackerman Woods fm. Michele Bobo Dave Bourland English, Math, Soc. Stud. Science Browning Virginia Church Social Studies Occupational Work Exper Mark Coe Spencer Cunningham English Commercial Photography 1 ,N fy Dorothy Day Barbara DeMars Business Mathematics rU"' Thomas Denman Karen Diehl Science Jr. Computer Data Acctg. , xg li f X I 1 .s Ll Albert Flores Janet Foltz Spanish String Ensemble F A 9 Robert Galernik Eunice Griswold Social Studies Reading Ruby Grolle Robert Hayton Health Social Studies tl' Marsha Dunaway Gerald Ewig Social Studies Industrial Machine Tech. Barbara Ford Gayanne Ford Reading Dental Assistant Q ,ff Cathy Cameron Science i 1 , 93 I' 1 t weft 1 fe as 5 I. 5 '41 450 'er I gf 8 , W , - 63 r..4r,.9 ,f,,,R, Donald Henry Juanita Hill Wilma Hoch Ronald Hudson GermanlFrench Social Studies English Physical Education v f Keith Huizenga Andy Kandik Janet Keween Yvonne King Science Occupational Work Exper. Education Sr. Computer Data Acctg ,-Q, "' .1 Sharon Kohler Joseph Lenga Patricia Lewinski Sharon McDonald Dietetic Assistant Science Mathematics Mathematics Clotee McGee John McKee Gerald McLemore David Merritt Home Economics English Occupational Work Adjust. Mathematics Xin '41 s Nancy Miller Reading Joan Reasonover Social Studies Pamela Oliver Joyce Pendleton Judy Pfaffenberger Jazz Band Cooperative Office Educ. English ll Deborah Rivers Ellen Rubin Sharon Rutkowski Jr. Executive Secretary Science Medical Lab Technician Deborah Sehlmeyer Marion Scott Jacqueline Sloan Susan Stewart Eng. as a Second Lang. Physical Education Mathematics Lab Art I A, 49 3447- J, T 6 Q." fe ., P 'T ,, X A . la ... QV James Summers, Jr. William Taborn Lucretia Thomas Ruth Thompson Electronics DraftinglPower Mechanics Home Economics English ru-' Fred Wesolowski Jeri Wiitala Matt Wiitala Deborah Wilhelms Physical Education English!Math Retail Merchandising Social Studies I W4 E v g ,, I - 5 , Mu! W , el Bryan Williams Greg Wojciechowski Occupational Work Exper. Occupational Work Adjust. '1 Nan Zawisza English Connie Ahumada English as a Second Lang. Gwendolyn Jones Emmer Prater Hall Monitor Hall Monitor Ellen Young Diane Youngston Medical Assistant English Donald Wiczynski Health Q Annelle Donaldson - Choir x - i but j S , s l John Sharkey Darnell Harris Adrian McWilliams Joseph Saflan Maude Reese Hall Monitor Thelma Roberts Hall Monitor FQDVMWI4 Smwdag ,f German G French Club Sale Thru 17th .............J ' cm my 1' 12 15 Jr. Med. Asst. Sale Thru 27th I J LQ ' Thursday 1 BakeSale , , 18 24? 25 ..,...J.......J.........J SPORTS Sports Banquet in-ng 1-if-f -1- -v -V..-.....f , ff' 4 Z I LLL' v L1 1 A B 4k ' A Q.. iq' K A W v ,N 10 Q W i f ,1fM'3, NN' ' td sl N Qyyx X X X Q2 0 i 4 dh ' ,zur xv S Q" f..,no M .uma l. Patrick Johnson, Cliff Yarbough, Bob Crawford, Louis Carter, Jim Brown, Jim Borders, Kevin Butts, Trevor Goodwin, Larry Jones, Juan Allen, Phil Ransey, Eu ene Clark. 2. Emite Davis, Jackie Davis, Mawin Jones, Myron Payne, Derrick Rayford, Don Dilbone, Wilbur May, Mike Greenlee, Mike Miller, aim Carman, Jeff Saar, Sam Brown, Harly Slaughter. 3. Coach Merritt, David Nunn, Calvin Gregory, Brian Pringle, Cliff Griffin, James Easter, Gene Ellison, Willie Besancon, Ethaniel Chatrnan, Carlos Fragoso, Eugene King, Vince Jefferson, Shawn Oates, Steve Summers, Terry Haynes, Wa Vue, Coach Wesolowski. i J Rx 'lug' Gene Ellison gets ready to return another kick. Kevin Butts hands off to Marvin Jones as Cliff Griffin leads blocks -r ! gt: Football 85 Juan Allen returns a kick and gets a block from Gabe Calderon .1 , - li A K' I x' U I , 4 Q , - . u . 86 IG Ray Smith, Eugene King, Ethanie Chatman. 2. Frank Sadowski, Tremont Fields, David unn. if A M,..,f""N Mfb ' . 5 ' My , f . wg ,ff ,f Q N X v 3 M- rf f- X A- ,... , 'Y' 1 ' wr 4 -4 p. 3 IQ? ee I 'of 'JN 1. A, Nfl - Q ,.,W i '-,Q 1983 l. Gary Kurtz, Jeff Schultz, Doug Campbell, Rich Lopez, Gilbert Akeman Chris Roberson, Doug Fox, Kevin Llllery, John Madden, Coach Wiitala. -.A mv' "' . Marvin Jones. 2. Steve Casillas, James Borders, Terry Marvin Jones ..wr"" lf Q C . , , C Gilbert Akeman 88 ' A I ,,,,,l-'Nl AJ Shelly Robinson, Steve Casillas, Coach Wiitala, Rich Lopez, John Madden. Jeff Schultz 'Q .. ,f,+ 1,:r"' .4553 Y Coach Wiitala all-rf A fx ' Tim Honsberger, Todd Farrell, Dale Smith 90 Golf Tim Honsberger, Dale Smith, Todd V90 Farrell, Bob Farrell, Bill Dunlap Bob Farrell, Bill Dunlap Tim Honsberger N x-K,-..., sr.--. X"-1542 4 1 , ,,f...,, K W ,f ,. V N Q K .x 3 v 3- .- v ' .aa , A A'P5"5."'g. 1 mf . , affxizgpqg H gif., 4 -Q44 Y .. , .. x. . y-. . L ' .., E' ,hw ff Aww ..- num mv ,w,v2'+.-- Q' .., ' 1 ,YA ,Q .. 4, -v .-wsu'-sf ,,, . . , nw- . . v A - ' 'vt , A A 4. 1- ' L. ww' " . . ' ' 9'-X01 .ps Af'-N vi -N , . , - .. . fx-us. H.. x S" 0 W g I R- 'Ax tvf- .. QM 'Q ' -ifos- ' "hd-N" ,.. . - x- mr' yyy.-V5 K -Q . ' y-' . M is Nm 0 . ,, A -W JACK Q .- is 44. V, Q ' Am", 'W' 'HWQ f Bob Farrell Dale Smith YQ 3 'wf?'fV?W' Boys Cross C untry fivgsvjfg A .-A15 ,SRM ,M .. - ' a 1. Rosalyn Barnes, Nila Hines, Pamel Carter, Guadalupe lbarra. 2. James Hines, Wayne Oliver, Lamar Johnson, Tom Butts, Coach Dan McLemore. lgen Jones, Russell Wells, Robert Paris, Tim Parcher, Ns. ,Y . 5 . .. wx,-.r 4-.v X . Lamar Johnson 92 we-fs - ' ,Q xg x ,. ' -. - Na- .. , ., 'in a-'gf 1 'Z 'N Ken Jones Aaron Laramore, Timothy Parcher, and Lamar Johnson all made 2nd Team All-City. The Boys' Cross Country team worked very hard from August to the end of the Cross Coun- try season in November. For the most part this was one of the best Cross Country teams in several seasons for Libbey High School. They will have an outstanding team in the future. Hard work and dedication are the key for a championship cross country team. The Girls' Cross Country team worked very hard throughout the year. lt really paid off for all of them. This was the first year for the girls' cross country team. They had an out- standing season. The future looks good for the girls' cross country team. Girls Cross Country fa ,. - '4 .stir q ., . Mg ' - -Q. klfiz, ..- '5 4' ,vw Q R., .gpm rf: x .. . M Q . ,, 3 N. , ,Y p if .. 'K 15 a -. ,, .. -. , 7 , ,warg - .. 34. 3 .-au'-fl' e -,.?,f,l"y '1'3",em:'.t ,.h wgfiw T - 'any Avg.. 'A . u warn A N V v" Guadalupe lbarra Aarron Laramore, Lamar Johnson, James Hines, Ken Jones, Wayne Oliver ', ,. 9 an Guadalupe Ibarra, Nila Himes, Tina Carrington, Pamela Carter Carol Brown Nila Hines Varsity Voll l. Trina Haynes, Audra Liebnau, Angela Abbott, Robin Robin Reeves X Ina Sidney 94 sv f' Q? sum. Diane Lautzenheiser, Robin Reeves, all Lautzenheiser, Traci Chatman, lna Sidney. 2. Diane Brenda Bumpus, Valerie Young, Tammy Tucker. Johnson, Diane Liebnau 5 J -- . ff, ffli ' 5 X xx QR X n -Ju 5l.5g"f t ly X 5 -:Q 2- Q! :if 1 ,me gas-I gk K Y ' 0 gals has sq' ' X55 wx 1 2 'Q Q.. - - fi N Z F 5 Xi g x 6 X 2 Fi A .fm f ,,, X 1 SX Ev? ' sB, Q I jfl is J.V. Volle I Kerri Casillas Monica Derden Coach Johnson, Tye Calloway Tonya Rodriguez. all 1 Rodriguez, Belinda Thompson, Joangela Pulley. 2 Barbara Jones, Candace Garmon, Sonya Coogler, Kerri Casillas makes the hit. Tonya Rodriguez digging the ball. Joangela Pulley 96 Sonya Coogler 6 Kerri Casillas. Sonya Coogler Marlinda Rodriguez, Kerri Casillas, Sonya Coogler. 1 .1 Belinda Thompson gg si- 'g ,...... J Q 4 x -Www T 3 ' v if ' 'N Wx, W tg A W Q "l .www . - . QV xx ' , i i s sa. -iS E in Mmig 2 f .Rv ' qfm?V iZV1' M xx gg EJ -9- ,, I r, 2 X 4,43 i Coach Williams 8 Coach Buckingham talk to Terry Roberson during time-Out. Kenny Jones dribbling from behind. Kevin Butts making a lay-up. Jim Brown saves ball from going out of Lou Turner shoots for 2 points bounds. J .V. Boy's Basketba -4-us-v 1 Dwa e Oliver Tim Parcher Lan James Lllis going after a loose ball. Bobby Brown? Tommy Butts' Coac Ruen Pringle Shoom for 2 points' Larry Jones reaches for a rebound. . yn , , lar Johnson, Myron Payne, James Lllis, Mark Galloway 2 Earl Kenard - Mgr., Lar Jones, Iennis Roach, Prentice Beverl , Tony Frost, Ruell Pringle uc ng am. ry B ki h y Dwayne Oliver makes 2 points Prentice Beverly shoots from the ine. reshman Boy's Basketball XMBD will wsu QJQABUY 5 4 Floyd Kemp, Marvin Houston, Leyton Hill, Leo Hall, Wade Abbott, Tim Patrick. h f p T y B hooting for 2 p Kelvin Joiner 8 Dennis Roach block Scott Larry Jones searc es or an o en man. omm utts s S: 4 I f' ir S. Kim Langston dribbling to Waites' defense. Robin Reeves makes 2 points from the Brenda Bumpus makes a lay-up corner. 104 J .V. Girls Basketball Sheriece Davis shoots a foul shot. Darnella Washington jumps for Libbey. Waite player blocks Kelly's shot. , Q 5 ' S NN.. X R 1 X Rudy Sifuentez takes down his Woodward opponent. Rudy taking his victory. 106 Wrestlin 1. Chester Hill, Ray Hartranft, John Lfney, Mike Gonzales Rudy Sifuentez Keith Heer 2 Robert Berman, Chuck Martinez, Ro ald Henson, Clifford Griffin James Hovermale Derrie King, Coach Wojciechowski. Q dpi- .--- Av' Y E . Q . t- -. - - J- iii? W 1 P ' ,Cain 45'- s A N ' 5 'fi' v A I W' ....:.... . C I' A ' On the sidelines. Ray Hartranft sprawling. f-. 4.2: Jim Hovermale, Derrie King, Horace Oates, i Chuck Martinez. Mike Gonzales scooping a knee and stepping through we QQ! Perm? Hannah, Coach Wojciechowski, Cliff Gflf 'n' Lavelle Butler applying chest pressure. Rudy Sifuentez forcing due issue. Bowlin Richard Trevino Coach Merritt, Dwight Sherwood, T fi . .U Roberson, Gordon Latta, Jerry Arredondo, Gary Kurtz NVE, 4- Ethaniel Chatman, Coach Merritt, Richard Trevino, Robert Miller, Roy Dutridge, Tracie Chatman. Tracie Chatman Ethaniel Chatman Roy Dutridge 108 Chess Team .-:sq Mark Gunn Bob Hanson fBest Freshman Jan. Tournamentj, Coach Steve Peterson Marla Kreischer, Mike Reynolds Clst Place Class C, lst Libbey Person to make over 13005 Bob Farrell, Bob Hanson .........! March 14 eww , Mmm, ,L-IL-E 5 6 i..,......,-. 11 12 Q fvQdmQ5da14 1' Tmvsdalg J ..-.J 2 1 ,M in-522 25 24 QQ-Q29 30 31 GRGANIZATIONS Varsity Cheerleaders l: Celeste Boskent, 2: Tina Brown, Bob Mapes, Stacey Jones, Ben Turner, TeriAnn Massie, Eric Gordon, Linda Ruiz Beth Guest. 1: Lester Guest: 2: Carol Watkins: 3: Kerri Casillas, Tracy Ballard, Darlene Blankenship e Angie Slack, Angie Lopez: 4: Th resa Brown, Joanna Trinidad, Pam Weideman. f J DECA A '01 e..f5av:e:z. . u 1: Gina Hollinghead, Guadalupe lbarra, Ruth Rodriguez, Delores LeGree, Roberta Leverenz, Daniel Garcia. Tracie Chatman, Velma Austin, Cynthia Popovichg 2: Armando Ruiz, Anita Wormely, Kellie Stark, Chris Zeh, Amy Oberhauser, Angela Abbott, Jeff Ramirez, Carlos Fragoso, Rosalyn Barnes, 3: Mr. Wiitala, Michael Velez, Stephanie Wootton, Robin West, Phillip Llrbina, Rochelle Griswold, Robert Montez, Tracy Austin, Chris Hitt. Gina Hollinghead and Robert Montez lend a helping hand in me Cowboy Round-Llp. Tracie Chatman - Vice Pres., Robin West - Pres., Kellie Stark - Treas., Rochelle Griswold - Sec. 1 ' I. E A lk f' ' M W Q W, 'E I l , , A 1' ,Q Q 2 Open wide Robin West! ' ' . fl.. ini, V l A ' ti hd . e ma uslm Colm ng mug reps Tracy Austin, Gina Hollinghead, 6 Amy Oberhauser are busy at Santas Workshop. 113 Q , vgsffi' ,X via, ff'-is ,MQ Michelle Jones E: Joy Dangler Lisa Rios S Carmen Heredia. 'vi' Eilllllli lil 114 C.0.E. 1. Anna Geronimo, Dianne Lautzenjueiser - Pres., Debbie Dail - Sec., Robin Rice, Joy Dangler. 2. Modena Jackson, Bren a McGee, Carmen Heredia - VP, Michelle Jones, Lisa Rios, Mrs. Pendleton. Anna Geronimo 6 Dianne Lautzenh eiser. Q-W' X1 Robin Rice S Brenda McGee. Debbie Dail Q , -.ce .f in ...amen Executlve Secretary Treas Shella Brown 3 Roben Cunnlngham Reteper Brown Jacque Koskoskl Held: Zachel Robert Qunmngham V 'wwig W4 M 15 , an-'I 3? . S 555' 5 2 5 ' ' . ,AEA Ak' N 4 ,.Jfi"' " J T "wr: 'er A rf1g5ij.-- 3 ' rf,-5 if:2ff'ff?I Ku - .ff-fb?i'LQ,z 'M "- UI :ITS V .'.'?,f-af gg P Ht? N SQL' ,, ,.,k ,. lik .l Cheryl Riley Lisa Sanchez and Antonia Steward Jr. Data Acc ting l: Virginia Salazar, Cindy Moore, Hernandez, Audrey Fobbs, Vickie Mrs. Diehl, 3: Cassandra McBride, Rochelle Perry, Michelle Roundtree i I . ' , l Williams, Delana Ball, Mary Goldi - Pres., 2: Gary Teresa Christian - VP, Tammy Laidler, Gwen Long, Thomas - Secy., Anthony Turner - Hist., 7 Virginia Salazar Jackie Thomas, Delana Ball I 16 Cassandra McBride Rochelle Perry and Prentice Beverly -Milla. Sr. Data Accounting "7"'Y l. Phyllis Spears, Judy Llzcano, Rick Lopez, Pam Roberts - Pres., Robin Leverenz - Secy,, Karen Wilder - Treasg 2: Mrs. King, Louis Carter, Percy Underwood, Renee Allen - VP, Leo Pam Roberts and Robin Leverem Watkins. P-Wm l f , . i Renee Allen Leo Watkins and Phyllis Spears pdl B' , X . Z '25 ' Percy Underwood and Louis Carter Mrs. King and Percy Underwood All A ji f X Cowboy C LUV Roland McNeal fag 4 1 A My Tony Garmon and Darren Hawkins 118 1: Terese Jones, Theresa Brovim, Tom Romine, Jerry Cole, Charles Tye Galloway, Orrin Hitt, Antonio Macklin, Terry Ramey. e l A . 1: Antonio Garmon - VP, Tracy Cla Ramey - Hist., Kevin Butts - Pres., rral Pearson, Tracy Clay, Sharon Phillips, Eric Gordong 2 ta ' ' - Butts, Lou Turner, Larry Jones, Dwayne y - Secy., Dwayne Macklin - Sgt. Arms, 2: Terry Larry Jones - Treas. Mrs. Beening, Orrin Hitt, Mrs. av asf-+9-+2 ,R Q yi ,'ff1!.r5f-, 7 . F 7 Y il S llron Brown, R.C. McNeal, Darren Hawkins, 3: n Commercial Photography . . . Seniors 'S l: Rick Keener, Karen Duenas, Bobbie Hart, Mr. Cunningham, 2: Trina Haynes, Lisa Pointinger, Lorna McDonald, Beth Guest, Sara Wilcox, Marcos Mungia, Anna Purtee, Horace Oates, Gary Schutt, Mary Matney. . . . Juniors 1 a i l l 4 l Q 1: Paula Billings, David Dominguez, Sonya Jones, Albert Ramos, 2: Peggy Houghteling, Donna Francis, Wilbur May, Eugene King, 3: Jerome Prather, Sonja King, Mr. Cunningham, 119 Ben Turner, Shelly Galloway, Miguel Cosme, Gregg Hart, Anthony Kyser, Hal Holland, Ronald Cooper, Dawna Gladwell. Edeli 9 X A X -75-4 1. Robin Leverenz, Paul Ballard 2. Maria Robin Leverenz - Editor Carolyn Smeltzer :nuns fur y .XX M W'-NA Maria Dominguez 120 Dominguez, Carolyn Smeltzer, Amy Oberhauser 3. Mrs. Diehl, Chris Hitt Myra Jones Marcos Munguia Wt, ,,,, ' - Y J . 'C+ 1 X Af'-,-' AS' mar' X Y Crystal l. Leisa Fessler, Dawn Petoskey, Karen Duenas, Rachel Diaz, Mrs. Thompson. 2. Kathy Susanowiz, Robin West, Lorna McDonald, Mike Miller, Renee Allen. ,Z " ,,.4 i L . Y Mike Miller S Dawn Petoskey i V s,ff cf, Robin West 6 Leisa Fessler Lb. Q f . i ' iw. National Honor Society E 1: Pam Roberts - Sec., Tina Brown - Treas., Amy Oberhauser - Pres., Roberta Wells, Todd Farrell, Angie Abbott, Diane Liebnau - Vice Pres., James Borders. Quiz Bo M Roy Dutridge, Mrs. Pfaffenberger, Mike Miller, Dennard Summersp 2: Fredrick abrey. 122 iz, Mrs. Beeningg 2: Stephanie Wootton, Russell , Antonio Tyson, Eugene Clark, Carlus King, Terri Languages . . . French X V is -rl l 1: Tracy Ballard, Kimberly Streeter, Trina McCluney, Darlene Blankenship, Nikki Syph, Annie Thielen, Audra Wozniakg 2: Mr. Henry, Leon Frost, Treva McCluney, Paul Ballard, Tammy Tucker, Ron Black, Maria Dominguez, Antonia Tyson. . . . German fl t f '5"" I ' , V ' is- - v 1: Valerie Youn , Catherine Hitt - VP., Danita Butts - Pres., Dorothea Thomas - Treas., Amy DeStazia, Pam Carter, Pam Weideman, Lisa Fuller, Deanna Turner, Honey Speelman, Bettina Gibbs, Mia Gilmore, 2: Mr. Henry, Shelia Brown, Earl Kynard - Sgt. At Arms, Jason Thomas, Terri Mabrey, Dawn Wri ht, Karen Carson, Robin Wallace, Rosalind Russell, Briana Clark, 3: Mark Weatherly, Tony Bobbitt, Barbara Richard, Richard Williams, Trina garrington, Todd Farrell, Brenda Bumpus, Carol Watkins, Fredrick Perryman, Hans Holland, 4: Larry Smith, Robert Bauman, Timothy Tyson, Eugene Clark, James Borders, Marcus White, Jim Brown, Juan Allen, Thomas Floyd Jr., James D. Baker, James Mays. FHA 1: Shavella Jones, Marry Robinson, Tracy Ballard, Audra Johnson, Vonya Bates, 2: T Holmes. .gg ll 1: Edna Frazier, Peggy Houghteling, Donna Navarre, Monica Derden, Lisa Klostermeierg Michelle Jones, Tonya Rodriguez, Marlinda Rodriguez, Karen Gilsdorfg 3: Robert Esparz Cousin, Kellie Williams, Cynthia Popovich. Nail cGee Chapter Fuller, Lisa Reynolds, David Nunn, Tracy Taylor, Koree o m as C h apte r k l 2: Kathy Susanowiz, Lori Grup, Judy Richard, a, Connie Henry, Chris Zeh, Darlene Pearson, Kat Sr. Medical Lab Assistant 'Ns' v 'X 1 if at ' i .v . . all Q. C. V 4 Q f sq i RQ ft? . Q mg, 1 L S '1 K X ' l: Rodney McAllister, Elliott Sanders, Linda Ruiz, Brenda Reasonover, LaReine Howie, Mrs. Rutkowskig 2: Jim Szych, Randy Wallace, Ronnie Harris, Derick Garraway, Irasema Gonzales, Michaele Kalell. Student Council x- l: Dorothea Thomas, Tracy Ballard, Jeni Kreischer, Esther Carter: 2: Paul Ballard, Eugene Clark - VP, Maria Dominguez, Mr. Ackerman: 3 Tina Brown - Treas., Beth Guest, Celeste Boskent - Sec., Rochelle Griswold - Pres. Orche-D+' . X B 1. Theresa Brown, Carol Watkins, Armstrong. 2. Jeni Kreischer, Nell Foltz. Not Pictured: Michelle Hens Blankenship, Jennifer Merriweadwer, Michelle James Easter, Charles Austin, Donnie Bean, Miss Ziemann, Lisa Carver. Jeni Kreischer P ll F Theresa Brown 8 Michelle fl Donnie Bean Jennifer Merriweather 126 James Easter Band 1. Angie Darrington, Pam Weidiman, Zandra Heilin, John Guest, Don Yerg, Robert Pekez, David Hernandez, Marvin Jones. 2. Esther Carter, Jeannine Fisher, Becky Henneman, Roslyn Barnes, Tracy Austin, Cindy Arredondo, Mike Reynolds, Allyssa Bryant, Seronda Robinson, Zandra Campos, Angie Garza, Lontina Mathis, Brent Matthews. 3. Earl Gregory, Hans Holland, Mike Martin, DeJuan Davis, Clifford Yarbrough, David Oliver, Richard Vance, Corey Swift, James Lllis, Lavelle Butler, Bill Dunlap, Mike Gordon, Darrell Perkins, Joyce Fisher. Qui X If-, -f - if ss, gt Q I " 'N I .in , Darrell Perkins Michael Martin 6 Hans Holland. 127 1+ g X WEN: ,. . I S' Joel Cobble Annette Gehring David Hernandez Jazz Ba d 1. Bob Perez, David Hernandez, Annitte Gehring, Darrell Perkins, Joel Cobble. 2. Hans Holland, Earl Gregory, Michael Marti , Mrs. Oliver. Not Pictured: Randius McGlown, Richard Adams, Phillip Urbina. All City Jazz Band Members: Earl Gregory, Mr. Gary Wagner - Director, Darrell Perkins. Michael Martin 8 Hans Holland Choir '91 1. Beth Siravo, Matt Farren, Heidi Rhodes. 2. Paul Ballard, Todd Farrell, Wayne Oliver, Lester Guest. O Afro American C lub . ,,-Q.. 2:25 if iv l. Ruby Allison, Leessa Lightner - Pres., Junior Jackson - VP, Celeste Boskent - Sec., Coleena Butts - Sgt at Arms. 2. Dennard 129 Summers - Asst. to Advisor, Rochelle Griswold, Eric Gordon - Tres., David Dominguez. Apvil 1984 l.,.,....,..... E?..,.9....,..... ..........J......J1. W1 dw! . . -J 27 Z8 ........f......J.....J DVERTISING, PATRONS ll + F N ucated men are as much superior to uneducated men as the living H Hare to the deadllfistoue, 3. liUlS.1?3wenS-lllinoisp A Toledo based, multmauonal, Your bithon- dollar manuiaclurer of packagmg matenabs mn glass. plastwc, paper and metai as well dy TY ' D K Q Q I 1 d ted kt t k th DD I1 WI D DD H1 Ci I df in y g d n II k 1 1 ra Int Dt ben th r day OWENS-ILLINOIS jo g-1 K J SERVING THE MIDWEST IN MANY WAYS O Guin Mnrldlng Soods homl uln Elevators Farm Supplies N' A"'ml' UU MW- Glnofal Sloru Funllln M . Tlrn Shops Comco using Gurdon Conlon 'AEZEEJ . FiSr.i32 1110 aa' D -.-NMA Andersons THE KEYSTONE PRESS, INC. 1801 Broadway 243-7326 oFF-smear PARKING o Amcomomoweo CHAPFL y 1 y m I House of DA Y Funeral Serwces DOROTHY E. DAY Funeral Directress 1325 Nebraska Ave. 0 Toledo, Ohio 43607 PHONE 243- DRIVE-lN VIEWING AFTER NINE K Jkt J f w 4, y 3 N oo o a 4 .EB1 7 I : 1 - .RANn'--- y 3428 Airport Highway kivh JUI-9143 Q-9 SPICERE PERFECT CIRCLE G K X VICTOR G Satellite Refreshment Services Support WEATHERHEAD0 The Libbey Cowboys WIXG X jk J 133 N Gempel-Stone Pro Hardware 1609 Broadway 241 -4249 Your Quality Hardware and Service Store Courtesy of EMPIRE PETROLELIM, INC. BERNIE'S CARRY OLIT 1019 South Beverages, Ice-Block 8 Cube Ohio Lottery W f N Have we got a future for you! Think about this. . .Fiberglas is the new basic material, used in over 40,000 products from sports equipment to tires to draperies. And Owens-Corning is the worId's leading maker of Fiberglas materials. There could be a great future for you - growing with us. Think Fiberglas, think Owens-Corning. Equal Opportunity Employer OWENS CORNING FIBERGITAS BROADWAY TAX SERVICE 801 Prouty Toledo, Ohio 241-661 1 Western Market The Number Cold Beer, Wine 1049 Western Avenue 241-8085 John P. Musteric: it Wm I f i in-rx - f N SOUTH SIDE PHYSICIAN CENTER 732 South Avenue 248-2429 David P. Bennet, D.O. Lawrence J. Fanelly, JR., D.O. Michael L. Scheer, D.O. Oflice Hours: Monday thru Saturday BROADWAY PRODUCE The Neighborhood Garden Patch Wishes Libbey's Class of '84 A Fruitful Future 255-3166 BEST WISHES To the Class of '84 MAIN OFFICE SECRETARIES Mary Ann Brzuchalski Jackie Gerding Terri Madden Betty Ryan jk Nf f PATRONS Mr. Dave Bourland Harvey Browning Mary Ann Czerniakowski Virginia Church, OWE and French ll Karen Diehl J. Ewig Gayanne B. Ford, CDA. Margaret Fields Good Luck Seniors! Barbara Ford Eunice Griswold, Reading Specialist Ruby Grolle Good Luck! Class of '86 E1 Advisors Class of '84 Do Us Proud! Mr. Huizenga Congratulations Seniors! Yvonne King All the Best Class of '84! Patricia Pickett Good Luck Seniors! Diane Pauken Tyronne Robertson Best Wishes! James Summers, Jr. Lynda Semrock Greg Wojciechowski Mr. 8 Mrs. Donald Wiczynski Matt and Jeri Wiitala Norton S Ellen Young Mrs. Judy Pfaffenberger M.. X K 4 fl AUTOGRAPHS ALITCDGRAPHS . -- -- - -vv- Mg-44 1954 Smvwdong I Mowdaw J 6 7 13 14 ..........J...........J,. ........J ' TV1w5oIm4 J 5 4 18 25 22,21 , , 3251 , ..........J ....-.J Z6 ...........J CLOSING There's More To Soho l Than Books Stephanie Wootton, Velma Austin, The Air Force Band in Concert. Workshop' lbarra, Tracy Hollinghead at work in Santas Pam Roberts, Karen Wilder, Tina Schiel at an OEA meeting at the Zoo. Gabe Calderon receiving a Singing Valentine. .. Wk . sv" Angie Abbott, Celeste Baskent, Arthenia Temple delivering Singing Valentine. .. . ' r , 3 Q , f' 'g zu . I "" V reer T . , I il 13,1 .. A W -- 'www H? l W F VA ev A, , . A .av Mrs. Cotton 8 Mr. Robertson ,ff- Louis Carter Charles Austin, Donnie Bean. 1 " Kg. i if Fred Perry 8 Perry Hannah 'A Sn meg, ,iwq fi Kun NNW David Taylor, Ray Hartranft. James Borders, Rieginald Randall, Rick Rochowiak, Ken Massie. Todd Farrell, Donna Navarre, Mrs. Pickett, John Caulton, Mr. Hudson, Audra King, Aarron Laramore, Reggie Randall, Robin Leverenz, Della Yglesias, Bobby Sidney, Modena Jackson, Brett Syph. Derrie lna Sandra Joshaway 6 Aretha Lee Danny Garcia, Robin Leverenz, Audra Johnson, Donna Navarre, Ina Sidney, Della Aarron Laramore, Modena Jackson, Reggie Randall, Mr. Hudson, Bobby Wilson, Jeff Saar. l42 King, Turner Donna Navarre Kim Earl Scott Woods Willie Woods Robert Esparza When I Must Leave You When l must leave you for a little while. Please do not grieve and shed wild tears And hug your sorrow to you through the years, But start out bravely with a gallant smile, And for my sake and in my name Live on and do all things the same, Feed not your loneliness on empty days. But fill each waking hour in useful ways, Reach out your hand in comfort and in cheer And I in turn will comfort you and hold you nearg And never, never be afraid to dieg For I am waiting for you in the sky! Unknown I Jl!lVlQ 1984 K. cim.,gll,ls1 j Mr',wllf1al J iw wr J wffwfl wglnblj W,fl'ililm J lwilflilp j f,w',lllfll'ZQlLll4j J iD ll l2 lg? i5 i6 ly W 11. W WW HW j J J J J 24 2 29 ao gg J 144 GRADUATION Gra uation is the time Wh n fellow classmates stand in line. Gla to know we've earned our way To e in line this special day. We'l miss the years of work and fun But lad to know it's almost done. Wonaering where the four years went And all the precious time we spent. Doing work and passing tests Trying to do our very best. When the graduation's through We'll say good-bye to those we knew. Going in our separate ways We'll always remember high school days Deborah Pulley Class of 1984 l , 4 . V W' -1 ' rw- 4.-WWW-Y,--1' Q 1 . . -ilu 1 -i 1 l -l -i -3 -tn -3 -xn- is l 1, - - ...-. ,-P.....,.. A- - L . . I. ,T Y .. -f-- , f - , - 11 -.... :. ' iii' ., , ,l . x ' if -Fiff' V' '- 'Lgiai - . -,J 6,591 f f f V ' ' . .2 - , .'f,,1f,' 2 g -mfs? 2555 ' " - ' - A 'A i' ' " '- ' ' " 5 " " ' ' f 1 972 -f .Q .3347 - . +- 5 dv 1- .. - 1 I-5 ' -,Tn 'QW -"rf '11 I ,, -'13 ,- " f if FS , L ' V ,.-. V 2' . ,lg-' 'E 1 - ' 1 X 1, 'es-1 5 V 'jfs 253' ' 95' W 4? ,M W J: 1 . ,A 5. .J ' . - -E. 'ZWT' . Q ' 1... H5 Y 1 1 Us N ,' 19. '55 tr? . T-15 -g 5: Q. EF' - . 1 N? ,Vx , b' ' nfl.. 2? , .wt X . i ff. Y X, 1 2:1 . v" 45 , .34 .Q . .xg I ' 6 ,sf ' . . 3,3 ,Y wwf If , K L'V .Lf 'Iv 3 114' ' . X f :VV 1-3 Q: ffl Q2 ' uf Q- Q15 4, - . 1 , 'Q '1 1 L- A 1 -4, ,I-.. 4 Y 'Jw ." ' fx-mf-z - A t ' , - is 1 1 D: -,.-Agvl' ., - L 1 - L M .x 0,3 perch! , ss , D A V- -!":1':f2i.' awtfaf f M- - ' -. ' ' ,.f. 'i4'!n.f5 Y aw, ,215 . , " Llc. , . 1 4, ,.. f .-,nf , ' fr -f 'L , 5 A V , V-IK . , A . ,. lg '56f3E'Q1- ' '- , L. A ' ' "' ' " '1?l!"-l1. w ,:. fvPL - ' - - K : 3 4- , -' ' :Q r- . "lf f. . ,:. -. ,.,,5,.,.,.... .:U,. 4.k,...-,a..:. - -M YW A I -:. ,- -,,. , 1' 1. .,.-. : P . .,, Li.-42,-:.e,.f.a1 -A f5Q4.21.ccf ' '-rig!-.. 4 dx-K. . g - f. ,R "P" 'L si

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