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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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GW TL OROSEWSK1 3 .P FOR if 'S""+---'-"-'-'-'-"""""""- Qa, .f..fil5..3 l4D5 NT ELL Qc I Q in i 'J a-22 IL V 1 ff, 3 Q M Ti 51 M 5709 1 Sfqis 'Y U12 H l 9 l-E 4, n 1 UN 1' V955 jk I V. f aw of A, 1k Laffy A59 44 SA fb 94 7 DC-D 13EA.M,' fs.. 'me f ' l i fQgs?.'iX' ! i W .. 69 E .gfmw Qjg, E PM pmt- gti PM H-5 CAN 7 Y' FILL T G H5 B11-. NFQCMS' L' ,5"Ay fiom mv EAZQI MCNKUP V015 ' FOR WWE 0, SHIRLEY BROWN W f .,.,. ,LL 429 CQIQCIQX DEDICATION 7 ADMINISTRATION S FACULTY 12 SENIORS 24- UNDERCLASSMEN 54 ACTIVITIES 76 ATHLETICS 108 SPONSORS 1 24 All Skeifbef by Eflelifzzz Eclilor, Limifz Mayo 71,5 Sgfv fo RESNTCLHSS 5 M745 EMO My 5 Q 1- v I ,, W x , ., F? 11. , ,V , 'Y RL, 7' MATONQ OLQOO LIGB OHIO sy HIGH SCHOOL v.- we X , . , x-3 xhix - My . ' 'sk ' 1 . mega?-4 ' .V planks in the platform . . signatures on petitions . . . candidates . . . impassioned speeches . . . vigorous campaigns complete with slogans posters and tags - ELECTION DAY, and the counting of votes! Yes, Libbey has elections too! Someone losesg someone wins. When the tears have been shed and the cheers have subsided, losers and win- ners work together for Libbey. Democracy in action! 4 N -T C06 'S N' . WY' C - Q ma ,,, J Q 0 - f M -N 4 e,,"ff y ' X Q ' ,- ,f ' L"NfJ+ Q gf , K f l l 1 ff 3 H, ,J my 5 6 'L XX 1:5 X X 'ff-: Cys 4 1g , 42, C P W 'x 1 'F f 1 I' K , 64901, -S PL-Aww 'f X W7 45' 25 YA LIDBKY 12 X A -J X fiafwjw Q ., Q .Ai NJ14, 14 - x 1 N .W V X r- T P' 2,9 ' -.v ww 'W '. , ' A v A t-'SCHO 4 P Q 1' llllUlHlll!fIll'll?y fx- , U In any WD 5- r ' ' 1' xx 0- , ,' Xxx ,-I will 4 ' U 5 The Edelian class seeks inspiration from the great outdoors. Editor-in Chief .. Faculty Editor .. Senior Editor . . junior Editor . . . Sophomore Editor . , Freshmen Editor . . Activities Editors , . Sports Editor . . . . . Advertising Editor .... Photographers Assistant " is Qgjiie 9 A inf X- in Three unsung heros steer another yearbook into successful publication. The circulation staff capably handles the ordering and distribution of Edelians. . - v H as , A 'E R 'L N .ii tile. . 5 s E N555 as iii ,W X s n E Linda May Anna May Edwards Frances Horvath . . Barbara Brian T . . Royine Chun . Stan , . . Dorothy . . Dianne Lynn . . Terry ,. Sandra . . janet E Qfoffl 2 jo Wir- guerharf, Ll fwenfy-one gun Jafllffef It is with deep respect that the Class of 1965 dedicates the Ecle.'in17 to Mr. Wfilliam Everhart, for twenty years head of the English Department and a Libbey teacher for thirty years. An excellent teacher in all areas of English, perhaps Mr. Everhart has made his greatest contribution to education at Libbey in the fields of speech and creative writing. Having received his early education in Pennsyl- vania and Michigan public schools, Mr. Everhart received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Edu- cation from Eastern Michigan Universityg he has done graduate work at Wayne University, Pennsyl- vania State College, Detroit Teachers College, Lock Haven Teachers College, and Toledo University. In addition to his duties in the English Depart- ment, Mr. Everhart has served Libbey in other ways, having been at various times track coach, cross- country coach, freshman basketball coach, and equip- ment manager. For many years he has been em- ployed by the Toledo Summer Recreation Division, where he is now holding the position of District Supervisor. He is a member of Grace Lutheran Church and belongs to the fraternal order of Masons. While Mr. Everhart is retiring from teaching in the schools of Ohio, he will continue to give stu- dents the benefit of his education and experience in the Michigan school system. ". . . Bn! .renrch of deep philosophy, Wit, eloquence, and poetry,- Arzfr which I Zoifd, for they, my friend, were thine." -Abraham Cowley Mr. William Everhart i 'sg age? 5 W gl grew i if i' ' , 1 i f ilgiwgggzifi.-V11 , -.1 .- '. . i Q 2,221 if I' it-,L A , ' Lx ,AZ ' ni 'iQ5,2'53iQ - vi H 1 J Mk ek 5,4 f ,. f Q35 V A I 4 X 2 A ', ' K Mr. Everhart encourages a lively discussion in fiflgwsitltfflgf I l l ,i - :T tm i -up a ' 'J f' the speech class symposium. img 3 J 'fn-I i' ' 'W' H E i. ,x , i..-we V, I f . , - , fern 3 .L . A I. A i X75 W sh, ,.,, lil 5 at A big smile for the students of - ,I . A- A , -1' af, pei naval' Pl., ff a t A 4 V. 3115! X L LLAJ57 FTE Ii " K L, We salute you, Mr. E! 27: .mecbcafion i , l I PHILO C. DUNSMQRE, Superintendent Mr. Philo C. Dunsmore serves Toledo well as Superintendent of Schools. Citing his long and distinguished service to Toledo schools, the University of Toledo last spring conferred on Mr. Dunsmore an honorary Doctor of Laws Degree. He was subse- quently honored at a reception attended by hundreds of well-wishers. Under Mr. Duns- more's leadership, the Toledo schools have accomplished a most ambitious building pro- gram, and many instructional advances have been made. On behalf of all the students at Libbey, the Seniors of 1965 extend congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Dunsmore. bil" 'd W'll' N Tl masg David R. Rittenhouse1 Dr. Morton Goldbergg Mrs. Members of the Board of Education: j. Arch Anderson, Presi entg i iam . 10 Carol A. Pietrvkowski, Vice-President. l l fi ,X I 1 1 KW.. Mw,.,m,M,,,,V ,A , fs: "Libbey likes 1oyalty"l Our beloved prin- cipal, Mr. Loy W. Rusie, is a living ex- ample of this, Libbey's slogan. Certain it is that no one could be more loyal to a school or more sincerely interested in the welfare of all its students. His fervent de- sire is to maintain the high standards of a school that has given Toledo some of its finest citizens. He voices often his pride in Libbey students and their responsible atti- tudes. His office door is always open, and many students and teachers have had good reason to appreciate his kind and under- standing nature. Mr. Rusie, as a final gesture of our high regard for you, we, the Class of 1965, salute you! .fdclminidfrafion Mr. Rusie strikes 1 f'lII1lll'll pose as he cnthusrlsticllly kicks off 1 pcp rally i l l 9 Q-amz 3. JOHN OSGOQD Mrs. Reem, Mr. Klein, and Mrs. Ryan can still smile as they GERTRUDE KANNEY A5515taUt Pf1nC1P21l meet the problems of the day. Assistant Prirldpal Gen. Administration and Instruction COLm5e1ing Ohio State Uf1iVCf5itY, B-S Co-orclinator of Testing and Guidance University of Michigan, M.A. CHARLES MARTIN Assistant Principal Activities University of Toledo, B.S. ,AE is is sts Brisas WVQEQW' istgnsijf QsW2Q,1 'HKMYN Z . -in N-' 'I 1 WILLIAM FETTERS Boys' Counselor University of Toledo, B.S., M, of Ed. University of Toledo, B.A. University of Michigan, M.A. ULCM, Olga 6lf':5 l iT Afiifilfanf lqincilaa 5 an ounde om IEE: Sena I kwrm E is . as gi. 5533 'XQQHYQ 9 . LOUISE WHITE VICTOR KLEIN Girls' Counselor Boys' Counselor Wittenberg University, A.B. Miami University, B.S. University of Toledo, M, of Ed. Ohio State University, M.A. :10: BERYL EBNER Orientation Mary Manse College, B.A. University of Michigan, M.A. elaarfmenf 6Aairmen FRANCES SCI-IERING Foreign Language Radcliffe College, B.A. Boston University, M.A. WILLIAM EVERHART English Eastern Michigan College, B.S. ,S , '-s i J? i' IRENE FOSTER Mathematics Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. LEC KUBACKI Industrial Arts Acting Chairman AIOI-IN NEEDLES Business Education Bowling Green State University, B.S. LAWRENCE VANDER Social Studies University of Toledo, B.A., M.A. :11: ,p-4 CHARLES WEINSTOCK Science Marietta College, B.A. University of Michigan, M.A. in Ed. MMMMMMR? Q 0 ilu .. xo cf e, ,. D , -fl.-ba- D I 17 gd ad 5 u . 0 Udginn . Q U 0 Un P Una O 0 van nov " on D fi x 'Y5' U , D kJ U 61 J :13: I I I A Da WILLIAM ADKINS JERRY BERNDT MRS. HARRIET BILLMAIER MRS. HELEN BOCKEY ANGELA COSTIGAN is Sm lx, lr in is JACQUELINE coUs1No ss" WILLIAM ADKINS Industrial Arts, Morehead State College, B.A. JERRY BERNDT Scienceg Bowling Green State University, B.S.g As- sistant Football Coach, Head Wrestling Coach. MRS. HARRIET BILLMAIER Physical Education, Eastern Michigan University, B.S.g Libbey Leaders Co-Advisor. MRS. HELEN BOCKEY Home Economics, University of Dayton, B.S. DONALD BROWN English, University of California at Berkeley, B.A. ANGELA COSTIGAN Social Studies, Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. JACQUELINE COUSINO English, Our Lady of Cincinnati College, University of Toledo, B. of Ed. R. WAYNE DAVIS English and Dramaticsg University of Dayton, B.S.g Junior and Senior Play Director, Dramatics Club Ad- visor, Q.D. Co-Advisor. JOHN DILLON English and Latin, DeSales University, B.A., Latin Club Advisor. WALTER DRAHEIM Physical Education, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., Reserve Basketball Coach, Cross Country Coach, Head Track Coach. 6lCbLAg R. WAYNE DAVIS !"l-Q JOHN DILLON .. 'A .sf 5 1-is WALTER DRAHEIM Has my educational material arrived yet? I ordered ten Romper Room Doo Bee puppets, and my class wants them. :14: r all AILEEN EBERTH BERYL BENER BETTY EDWARDS DARRELL DUNLAP Qnot picturedj Art, Indiana State College, Indiana Pa., B.S. in Art Ed, Utamaro Advisor. AILEEN EBERTH Social Studies, Columbia University, B.S., M.A. BERYL BENER Orientation, Department Chairman, Mary Manse College, B.A., University of Michigan, M.A., Test- ing Officer, French Club Co-Advisor. BETTY EDWARDS Business Education, Ohio State University, B.S., M.A., F.B.L.A. Co-Advisor. WILLIAM EVERHART English, Department Chairman, Speech, Eastern Michigan University, B.S, RICHARD EWEN Wor'ld History, Ohio Wesleyan University, B.A. Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach, Q.D. Advisor. JAMES FETTERMAN Wood and Cabinet Shop, Bowling Green State Uni- versity, B.S. IRENE FOSTER Mathematics, Department Chairman, Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. JOHN GALYAS Business Education and Orientation, Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., Assistant Football Coach, Head Tennis Coach. JAMES I-IILLES Science and Driver Education, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., Forum Co-Advisor DONALD HUMMEL Science, Bowling Green State University, B.S., M.S.g Freshman Basketball Coach, Varsity Baseball Coach. gCl,CuEy I 'aww' iiiiii I ef 1 . il I. ,, .-.1 ,... .Q , -sE+,.::5ww. ' fr .. :raw 1 T.. , A V 4. 53, ' ,"'3'f2'tf-N.,....,,, ff' A 'J ..,::-:W-, ,ss ' ,..-,..,., cw. .V nm WILLIAM EVERHART JAMES FETTERMAN RICHARD EWEN 6 IRENE FOSTER s. lu gf ,..'A JOHN GALYAS ,I I... , A , ' , Y ,ii 52' :5: r I ,,,,,,, 222 .,., Eg ' -.... 2 '."""' ii I s FAME HILLES Yecch! Why didnt you tell mc that you had lard your Tootsie Roll Pop on flmf Chilli? DONALD HUMMEL Miss Cousino, Mr. Koester, and Miss Smilax seek 21 warm spot on the 5rd Floor. MRS. JEAN HUNSAKER ROBERT JAMES ALBERT JBFFERY 6lCbl,Ag MRS. JEAN HUNSAKER Englishg Southern Illinois University, B. of Ed. EDELIAN Advisor. ROBERT JAMES Science and Health, Youngstown University, B.S. in Ed., Head Football Coach. ALBERT JEFFERY Physical Education, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. Football Trainer and Equipment Manager. JOHN JONES Scliool-Work Experience Program, University of Toledo, B. of Ed. MRS. MAXINE KAHN Social Studies, Witterlberg University, B.S. in Ed., University of Toledo, M.A., Senior Class Advisor. MRS. JEAN KENNEY Business Education, University of Toledo, B. of Ed.g F.B.L.A. Co-Advisor. WILLIAM KISTNER Orientation, Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Ed.g Student Council Co-Advisor. CAROL KINNEY Home Economics, Bob Jones University, B.S.g Uni- versity of Toledo, B. of Ed., M. of Ed.g F.T.A. Co- Advisor. PAUL KOESTER Social Studiesg University of Toledo, B. of Ed., M.A. BERNICE KRUEGER French, University of Michigan, B.A., M.A., The Sorbonne, French Club Advisor. JOHN JONES , if 3. 1,32 ' ' . M ' ' - 4 - 1, Q M ,Z Q- ,. . ., ., I' " 2 jj-3' ,aj 1 an ",2f.:, gfffttw. , I-N' I Q .5 A-5:5 ,135 V My 3,1 3 " ' if . ,..i. , .1 f.. 'T' A M ' .:. E: s ii 7? I 1-. if I if Q . M , .c,,, .. .. s, 13, an 35 3 az x i 5 -,si Q1 , .. is ff 5 1- s aff. MRS. MAXINE KAHN as A i MRS, JANE KENNEY .4-my XVILLIAM KISTNER ' I 'i-: Q 4 I Y. . . .f is .af ,es s I CAROL KINNEY PAUL KOESTER BERNICE KRUEGER LEO KUBACKI RICHARD LaFLECl-IE MRS. GLORIA LINDEMAN ' '-Q.. A LOIS LOEHRKE HAROLD MCCLURE :-was t 1 ' pi? , 1 I i R I e-3' Q K i ,Q , E i 5 V . 9 Jf'j'ga:t't ffiftr, K., 'jf PDT " -, . 1 tu IOHN MCQUILKIN x fo- , it MRS. JULIA MOODY Either sing softer or sing something besides "Tipperary", Clbllky LEO KUBACKI Industrial Arts, Acting Chairman, Bowling Coach. RICHARD LaFLECHE Mathematics, University of Toledo, B.B.A.g Hi-Y ' CO-Advisor MRS. ANN MORGAN MRS. GLORIA LINDEMAN ,gf,,, -V Physical Education, Bowling Green State University, B.A.g Libbey Leaders Co-Advisor, Libbey Teens Ad- visor. ag LOIS LOEHRKE English and German, Witteiiberg University, A.B.g University of Toledo, M.A.g German Club Advisor, National Honor Society Advisor. HAROLD MCCLURE Musicg Indiana State College, B.S. in Musical Ed., M.S. in Ed. JOHN MCQUILKIN Industrial Arts, Ohio State University, BS. JOHN NEEDLES 24-1-an-Q. MRS. JULIA MOODY -. -W .v.., , Business Education, University of Toledo, B.A.g F.B.L.A. Co-Advisor. y ik MRS. ANN MORGAN y' A Business Education, University of Toledo, B. of Ed.g F.B.L.A. Co-Advisor. 'A' IOHN NEEDLES Business Education, Department Chairman, Bowling Green State University, M.A., F.B.L.A. Co-Advisor, Golf Coach, Assistant Athletic Manager. MARTIN PACHEY Instrumental Music, Denver University, B.M. in Ed., M.A. Arts in Musicg Band Club Advisor. MARTIN PACHEY :17: ANTHONY PAPPAS JOHN PFEIF ER l I 'mf JOHN PERRY 5,2 SUSIE PRICE T . E ,wa 1 MRS. JEAN PRITCHARD Cf' Vat. 99x 'Iii A JOHN RAY RALPH E. REVI LL ANTHONY PAPPAS Mathematics, Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed. JOHN PFEIFER Mathematics, University of Toledo, B. in Ed., Stu- dent Council Advisor. JOHN PERRY Geography and American History, University of Toledo, B.E. SUSIE PRICE Special Education, Alabama State College, B.S. MRS. JEAN PRITCHARD Health, University of Toledo, Ohio State Univer- sity, B.S., R.N., F.T.A. Co-Advisor. JOHN RAY Science, Bowling Green State University, B.S., As- sistant Football Coach. RALPH E. REVILL Mathematics, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., M. of Ed. CHARLES ROBINSON Science, Miami University, B.S. in Ed., Director of Athletics. MRS. FRANCES SCHERING Spanish, Department Chairmen, Radcliffe College, B.A., Boston University, M.A., Spanish Club Ad- visor. CAROL SHOUGH Orientation, Projection, Miami University, Ohio State University, B.S., B.A. Cl,CbLAy gn if 'SESS R.. M Ea EE is 59m IE M l CHARLES ROBINSON an MRS FRANCES is CAROL SHOUGH Stick 'em up . . . your jelly beans or your life! zlg: is E: DOROTHY SMILAX ,,,,,...mY QM. . , na v w BONITA SMITH Mmm CATHERINE SNOW M H. DOROTHY SMILAX English, Toledo University, B. of Ed., Y-Teen Ad- visor, Phil Advisor. BONITA SMITH Home Economics, University of Toledo, B.A., Zet Advisor. MRS. CATHERINE SNOW English, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., junior Class Advisor. BURTON SPICE Business Education, University of Toledo, B.B.A., B.E., F.B.L.A. Co-Advisor, I-lead Basketball Coach, Hi-Y Co-Advisor. MRS. CAROL STATON Business Education, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., F.B.L.A. Co-Advisor, Peri Advisor. SHIRLEY STEWART Librarian, University of Toledo, B.A., Western Reserve University, M.S.L.S. Bible Club Advisor. MRS. FLORENCE TANNER Home Nursing, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., St. Luke's Hospital, R.N.g F.N.A. Advisor. LAWRENCE VANDER Social Studies, Department Chairman, University of Toledo, B.A., M.A. ALBIN VAZNELIS English, Morehead College, B.A., S P r i n g field CMass.j College, M. of Ed. MRS. GRACE VERMILYA Science, University of Illinois, A.B., Michigan State College, M.S., Alchemist Club Advisor. Cl,Cbl,Ay BURTON SPICE fake wi MRS. CAROL STATON SHIRLEY STEWART ,.,.h-.,x.. f. ...Q - ,.,..wE w- .mimi . Ls W eww. K. . MRS. FLORENCE TANNER w .WE f-.1-:L I ir ,-.-:5'i 'QQ V .. wi e 52:7 5a.:.:,: .:- is .fff:i:i:i:,.. Y s 1, .- .,.,.,. , ,s f HW - WF... 3 E ,Q E in f 2222312 232 ll I M .1 fin K N . 'e be sz RK Hs.. M R5 95. vm .A gi I Q I .5 ,Q ,wg -V: f .M g es ww 5 if site mi if-the - 'MQ ,,,.,K,.7- vw stef . LAWRENCE VANDER he H5- 'SE 5 T Q " is ' ' ,.. - M 2 ,' Q 12:21 ,' . . :- 5 . E .:. :.!: il Q 'I ALBIN VAZNELIS , .,4 h ,gf ,..5g.,, . .L V - :.: ,wi . . ,S .E , ,.,..,. , - r. .' -,: wi. :. .:. .55 5.1 :.. -' -f shew V e yi . . N - . X 5 W i , W L ,., E., . I : l '.' g 3. - ..- M A Z N . 'S ....-E., I C., A - 3 -s .. . e e f .3 : - EEE it Y K M Irs-get , ...Sp-zerr:- 'iii EEE I W ., 3 E g E B ,. .I . I I7 :i 5:531- : e 2 2 as H f lf wg. EQ tt in- 1 - M - an X ' - -::- 1- 5 W: a. 5 5 ri -ning lg Q 5 5 is ' gem :Q s E E 5.1-5--fiyzif ' sw ar ms! 235.---:X--.si we-semi Q-mm 'W 555.1 t. -' ' eil' ,gf j j 53 Potluck? MRS. GRACE VERMILYA I 1 ,ai 1 All WH OUR group had 23W fewer. . .ha ha . . . teeth! NANCY WARSELL CHARLES WEINSTOCK 6LCll,kg NANCY WARSELL English and Journalism, University of Minnesota B.A., B.S.g CRYSTAL Advisor. CHARLES WEINSTOCK Science, Department Chairman, Marietta College, B.A.g University of Michigan, M.A. in Ed. SARAH WIDMAN English, Bowling Green State University, B.S. JAMES ZIMMERMAN Industrial Arts, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. CAROL HEPNER Senior Clerk-Treasurer. MRS. JACQUELYN HUBBARD Record Clerk MRS. SHIRLEY MILLER Secretary -39- 1 H ,E P 33.535 Q. .1 .rems-iixmv.. SARAH XWIDMAN JAMES ZIMMERMAN CAROL HEPNER I E, 521522 22 A Fw S :rg- H if Us me BEEN 518515 K ei tis lips jj j ,, .:.Qf:.:.: .:. '- ef MRS. JACQUELYIN F HUBBARD MRS. SHIRLEY MILLER A ma E H, sus MRS. TANE REEME mxw- X me R, rl fm -- -an vw-pam mm simmwm 53555 as rx 'slams s an sassy MRS. BETTY RYAN 'Z ms as a B -wnwfn ss- ws Q4 sm mms 1-Ann nm' Q n x X N mg? E M mm mn E me emma a nw a ss a mn pw a x 5 ms x a mn mum ma mn w ms .w 5 mu DIAN SHORT is um mam me xmzm mms mn ms ws ma CHAR ms ummm mammal: mamma lm gmmmsmw B mama mm sm mammal: any Kgms! HIRE EH GENE :im mwmmwm E mrammmsxxm, wWm LOTTE TOBIAS gm-1. WH ing nmnms wwn mmm H Western Avenue Stockbrokefs Association? Ctlilftgy MRS. JANE REEME Girls' Attendance Clerk MRS. BETTY RYAN Boys' Attendance Clerk DIAN SHORT Book Clerk MRS. CHARLOTTE TOBIAS Library Clerk 'Y ,Ps 5 l ln , W View 1. gm, .fm Ewa' M Yi K U l2::-:-:-.- X E 2 ::::::: :Z 5. H 2 'aj 5: -.a:f:wgg'gx5 1 I 5:5 :: ...- Miss Kanney, the counselor, always ready with a bit of good advice. Here, Larry, I smuggled out a roll for Fido. Now, class, start reading "The Cat Chefs of the haute cuisine-fourth floor! in the Hat" and I'll be right back. Ooh, goodie! Mr. Pfeifer is gonna Bravo, Miss Henderson! Now pull out a S20 for the tip. play musical chairs with us! :zzz ,AAR pagan!!! get your elevator tickets from any of these gentlemen. Behind every spotless school are two little women. you have it done in time for Prince Cl1arming's ball? This is what you would call a captive audience, Be careful, Mrs. B., these dark old buildings Now, boys, y0u're not getting out of here until Memorize the Koran backwards and Beowulf in have all sorts of ghosties and ghoulies in 'em. you clean off ALL the bubble gum. its orignal form and you're sure to pass my test. :23: MMAES Z- If 2255 W J f is I X an 0 X W44 M - xm w y f,x.Ai5'f,'Eb Svc, Q eb: mga- fb Ml:fxGW1' f My. .--0151651 -vmaQ gQ1l . N V L ,..fe lm f 'IL' pl- gi-.llgx ,P -ny. ! -' . VI ni th " 'W f f'.:M"" , A ' X .gl gifs' 24 V l SENIORS JUNIORS .,.. SOPHOMORES .. FRESHMEN . . . 7 F D I ' ,- 3' 7 W LR ' ' v 'X ' c , 55 oF Q ftj 5 Lass 'L 'ii x Of C I - 47 - -' L"55of 465 5433 Nga ' It W 4' an V 6 06 it ' H-5GA'rco Q ELEG4 4 3V 033027 W i N 7+ Wg- "mv V' 5' LHS I D 11 oogbgs R555 D e El- 5 A 9 U , V' in 5 B 'Q :Fan ugh W ION I :I 1: 0 I ' 4 ' . ' 5 x fvzua Q11 0 rj 4, M' ' ,HMO QV on V, 5 1 , 0 5 Ui V , 11 Xl. mi 'U 'I 0 fi-fi, - , 1 lm, lid I Q B B . . 33x 7 A 0 x Q -.4 . 1'.,:,:' nn I: A D 0 "v1a:': a ffiwm QD' xi A ' ff.. jiggughr - 3 V3,'g'?5 I n pw uw.. - 4 . rf. . , ,, wg 0 0 vw n ga 1592, 52? MG i , Q2 L --,I lg 4- 1' 1, - - T., V1 , 1 'QB v4 4 4 1,""2'9i M1 I 'R J 11, ' 1'--pagklglggmlg . U -V .J v Ml. 4' 'fa 95115 x 'IE' .. . 'nf -.z2+fLf:f5f. ,f-' B -ro'nw1gg fy- fix ,A 9 , ' " 41 lb , 'F lj' I M . F""ll,'ln ' -5,3i'fiiiim!?"+ R1l'a4'H.--.HA . ' 51:1 " Nw Q. 1f!1fT"' WU' in Trax? 'flllfgui f' 4' l'!1!Il77: --x- :M un-1' .n -, 'xx .-.'..L was ,fu--' N- '- ' --MA' vu 1 0 IIUIIIVIIUIHM 'VM W B K 4 1 sw, :X V, K- , - ' 1, -V .- .H U RW J ww: ,M L .um M 115 iw!-Jw uf! ,rn I.. ,, fum 1 lm I - 'ff B? an I J 10' ., , ' Vlx. I4 0 MF - MX 1' 1 fc M p 4 ff N' W fn ff K I i kai, I 1' g - A 1 U -D . v ' ljmf I, 0 V V :va JL., A, V 1. 1- - ' 1 ij. , . V ' ' . ,ei I LoL: .. . 5- Q ,, 962350, -xiga-fmX ft-1 , 0 A 11 'rx 0 :Z-g: NANCY ACHOR: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Phils 4, Vice-Pres. 4: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4: Junior Ring Commg Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4g Senior Announcement Ccmm.g National Honor 4. RON ALBRIGHT: Wrestling lg junior Achievement 2: Band 1, 2, 3. 4. TOM ALLEY: Wrestling 2. DEBORAH ANN ARCHIE: Teen Club 1: Y-Teens 5, 44 Choir 2, 3, 4: junior Play Comm. SHARON ARNOLD: FRANCES BACON: Y-Teens 2, 3. JANICE BAGNER: Cheerleader 2, 5, 4, co-captain 4: Rythmn Round- up 1, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross: Choir 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2, Sec. 4: Teen Club: Homeroom Rep: Girls' Intramurals. DIANNE BAKER: GREG BALL: JAMES BALL: eniord Libbeyl' M6l6l'fff1Il yearn began wifh zwling llaefe azpable .ftndentf 21710 office: jim Milfloell, Vife-Pre5.,' Phil HOI'0I8ZUJkj, PreJ.,' Royirze Campbell, Secyf Trefz.r.,' Phil Holrl, Sgi.-al-Armr. - A - k- - U " W HFS: LARRY BANKER: Track 2, 5, 4. JAMES BARKER: HifY 2, 4. MARGARET BARKHIMER: Teen Club ROSIE BARKHIINIER: Teen Club 2. MIKE BARTKO: Football 33 Baseball 5, RICHARD BARTLEY: CAROL BEASLEY: Girls' Intramurals. DICK BENSON: ERNIE BERNATH: SHARON BINEGAR: eniom 2. Jlflrx. Kahn, om' affviior, willy NIV. Rzf.fiel.f he! year of elerliom am! fzflizfifief. Liga TQ 5512: mpably guided III ll7!'0llgh .ez 5 Malia 553 65 45 .2 ,. xr .7-fwfr -1 mfs xr 195 wxff4,x,1 H I.-,185 fy., M2 mm. wx ,- LINDA BLACKFORD: Spanish Club 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, 4, Bancl 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, Lib. 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, National Honor 4. SKI-BARON BLISS: Teen Club lg Y-Teens 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, 3, Library i e 1. ELOISE BLOUNT: PATRICIA BOLLINGER: Y-Teens 2, Libbey Leaders 2. CATHY BORTON: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Library Aide 3, 4, National Honor 4. LESLIE BOTHAST: National Honor 3, 4, Pres. 4, German Club 2, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 3. KAY BRAUN: National Honor 3, 4, Tri-Lits 3, Peris 4, Sec. 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, junior Rep., Pres. 4, State Sec. 4, Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Rep. 2, 3, Athletic Office 4, junior Class Treas, Buckeye Girls' State. CRAIG BREITNER: Q.D,'s 2, 3, 4, Sgt-at-Arms 2, 4, Sec. 35 junior Class Vice-Pres.g Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Homeroom Rep. 2g Iunior Classical League 2, Sgt.-at-Arms 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY BROOKS: Scott lg Utamaro 2. RICHARD BROWN: Football 1, 2, junior Play, Senior Play. SHIRLEY BROWN: Tri-Lits 23 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, Girls' Intramuralsg junior Class Sec. u SUSAN BROWN: eniorri :ZS TI-IERESA BROWN: Libbey Leaders 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Girls' Intramurals. MELVIN BROWNING: LOIS BURGESS: Y-Teens 1, Mimeographing 4, Girls' Intramurals. DOROTHY BYLOW: Tri-Lits 2, F.B.L.A. 3, 4, Office Aide 3, Rythmn Roundup 3, Mimeographing 4, National Honor 4. LULA BYRD: RITA CALLAHAN: Utamaro 1, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Aide 1, 2, 3, 4, Mimeographing 4, junior Achievement 2, 3, 4. HARRY CAMPBELL: Football 3, Baseball 3, 4, Track 2. LINDA CAMPBELL: Teen Club 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, Rythmn Roundup Makeup Comm. 3, Counselors Aide 4. ROYINE CAMPBELL: Tri-Lits 3, Phils 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Sec. 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals, Eclelinn 4, Junior Class Editor, Junior Play Comm. Chr., Library Aide 35 Rythmn Roundup Makeup Comm. 3, Senior Class Sec.- Treas., National Honor 4. BRENDA CARTER: Teen Club 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Speaker 3, Sec. 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Treas 4, Junior Play, junior Prom Comm., junior Achievement 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Senior Ban- quet Comm. PATRICIA CATI-IEY: Y-Teens 2, 3, Girls' Intramurals, Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4. PAUL CHAMBERS: Football 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 3. eniora 29? .IO ANN CHILDRESS: DIANNE CHRISTIAN: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Phils 4: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Intramurals 2: Edelinn 4, Activities Ed.: Junior Prom Comm. Chr.: Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Comm. Chr.: National Honor 4. PAT CISTERINO: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Rythmn Roundup 3: Alt. Cheer- leader 2. RON COLEMAN: Forum 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Captain 4: Wrestling 1: junior Prom Comm.: Senior Banquet Comm. ALAN COLWELL: Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4. JIM COOK: SHARON COUSINO: MIKE COX: Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4: junior Ring Comm. JEFFERY CRAWFORD: NOEL CURTIS: Choir: Girls' Intramurals 2: Teen Club 2. CHARLES DANIEL: Wrestling 3. EVANGELINE DAVILA: Y-Teens 2. eniom :SO ...ffl av"'l"" JOHNNIE MAY DAVIS: SHARON DAVIS: Junior Prom Comm. JAMES DEC: Football 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4. SHERRIE DECIUS: F.B.L.A. 2, 3g Dramatics Club 3, 4, Rythmn Roundup 3g junior Play Makeup Comm., Senior Play. VIRGINIA DELAROSA: ESSIE DICKERSON: Broad St. H.S. 1, 2, National Honor 3, 4, Tri-Lits 3, Zets 4, Sgt-at-Arms 4, French Club 3, 4, Reporter, F.T.A. 3, 4, Rythmn Roundup 3, Senior Prom Comm., Homecoming Queen Attendant, Buckeye Girls' State. MARGARET DILLS JUDY DISMUKE: Teen Club 1, Crymzl 2, 3, 4, Managing Ed. 4, Nurses' Aide 3, Senior Announcement Comm., National Honor 4. DAVE DOBRZYNSKI: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, Football 2, junior Play Stage Manager. BARBARA DOUTHETT: Tri-Lits 3, Phils 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Senior Memorial Comm. JAMES DOWLING: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Senior Prom Comm. BILLY DOYLE: en iam BOB DOYLE: Band 2, 5, 4. CASIMIR DRAHAN: Cryflal 4, junior Classical League 4, Histor- ian 4. DOROTHY DRIVER: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Zets 4g Teen Club 2, Edelirzn 4, Freshman Ed., junior Ring Comm., Choir 2, 3, Rythmn Roundup Makeup Comm. 1, 35 Homeroom Rep. 45 Alchemists 4, Buckeye Girls' State, F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Reporter 5, Pres. 4g National Honor 4. NANCY DROSS: Teen Club 2. ,IO ANN DURBAN: Teen Club lg Nurses' Aide 4. RICHARD DURYEA: Spanish Club lg French Club 4. LYNN DUSSEAU: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Phils -4g F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals 2, Edelimi 4, Office Aide 5, National Honor 4. CAROL DYLEWSKI: Teen Club 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 45 Mimeographing 4, Dramatics Club 4, Y-Teens 3, 4. CHRISTINE DYLEWSKI: F.B.L.A. 3, 4, Teen Club 25 Mimeo- graphing 4, Dramatics Club 4, Y-Teens 3, 4. ANNA MAY EDWARDS: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Zets 4, Treas. 4, F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 33 Dramatics Club 5, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, Libbey Leaders 2, Ezleliml 4, Faculty Ed., Junior Playg Senior Play, Library Aide 2, 5, 4, Homeroom Rep. 4, National Honor 4. eniom After ,flI'87Zl.'0llJ' mmpnigm, lbe following Jefzimir were elected lo the Slilffenl Comrrilz Tram 5'y,I7la,' Libby Loehrkeg Larry Laelarke. RONALD ELLIS: Basketball 1, 2. KAREN EMAHISER: TOM FALK: Football 3. MARY FALKENBERG: LORAINE FELTNER: Libbey Leadersg Girls' Intramurals 2, 4g Choir 2, 4g F.B.L,A, 2, 4g National Honor 4. ARETHER FENCH: SANDY FILIPOVICH: Teen Club Zg Y-Teens 5, 44 junior Classical League 3, 45 Counselors, Aide 4g Senior Play Makeup Coming Jr. Play Makeup Comm. BILL FORREY: Forum 3, dig National Honor 4. ROSEMARY FOSTER: Utamaro 1, 2, 4g Treas. 25 Cryrrlal 3, 4, Artists 4g Library Aide 3, 4g National Honor 4. CHERYL FRANKLIN: Teen Club 2g Y-Teens 5, 4. eniorfi The Cowboy Ramzdffp C0lllllljU6B plmmezl lhe fin! big dmzfe of fha year, The rommilwe romiflezl of Bob Reilzbnflg R011 HfI7f1i7lldlI,' Indy Meade. Clozzg Bren- da Pear.f01z,' Bobbie MrGo1fw'11,' Lfzllreen U7-?fIlf9El'f0l'If. -aaa: CYNTHIA FRANKLIN: Tri-Lits 5, Zets 4, Teen Club 2, Y-Teens 5, French Club 2, 5, 4, F.T.A. 2, 5, 4, Projection 5, Girls' Intra- murals 5, Choir 2, 5, Senior Announcement Comm. RUBY FRANKLIN: Scott 1. TERRY FRATILLA: DON FREY: Hi-Y 4. RICHARD FREY: JAMES FRIEMARK: Spanish Club 2, 5, 4, Vice-Pres, 4, Orchestra 2, 5, 4, Pres. 4, F.T.A. 5, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Band 4, Language Lab Ass't 2, 5, 4, Stage Band 2, 5, 4, Senior Memorial Comm., Na- tional Honor 4. MARY FRIES: National Honor 5, 4, Tri-Lits 2, 5, Zets 4, F.T.A. 2, 5, 4-, Pres. 5, Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Librarian 2, 5, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 5, Pres. 4, Pep Band 2, 5, 4, Orchestra 2 ,5, 4, Stage Band 2 5, 4. MICHAEL FUEHR: Football 2, 5. RODNEY GABLE: NATALIE GAISSER: Teen Club 2, Y-Teens 5, 4, Dramatics Club 4, junior Play Prompter, Rythmn Roundup 2, 5, 4, Senior Play. GARY GANCHOU: Wrestliiig 2, 4. SUE GANTZ: Y-Teens 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 5, 4, Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Majorette 2, 5, 4, Co- captain. eniord -34 THERESA GEDEON: Defiance H.S. 1, Tri-Lits 3, Peris 4, Teen Club 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 4. PAT GEIER: National Honor 3, 4, Tri-Lits 2, 3, Zets 4, Pres, 4, Teen Club 2, Utamaro 2, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, French Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, Treas. 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Office Aide 3, 4, Senior Prom Comm., Senior Play, Dramatics Club 3, 4. A CAROL GERE: National Honor 3, 4, junior Classical League 1, 3, Zets 55 Orchestra 1, 5. SYLVIA GOLDSTEIN: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Library Aide 3, Mimeographing 4, junior Achievement. EVELYN GREEN: Libbey Leaders 2. DAN GRIBBLE: Utamaro 3, 4, Cross Country 2. WILLIAM GRIMM: STEVE GRISHAM: Basketball 1, 2, Football 2, junior Play. GREG HANSEN: Q.D.'s 3, 4, Pres. 4, Hi-Y 2, 5, 4, Dramatics Club 4, junior Prom Comm., Homeroom Rep 3, Basketball 3, 4-, Senior Prom Comm. RUTH HARDING: Tri-Lits 2, Y-Teens 2, Sec. 2, Junior Classical League 2, F.T.A. 2, Libbey Leaders 2, 3. IEANETTE HARLOW: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Zets 4, Rec. Sec. 4, Y-Teens 2, Band 3, 4. JIM HARRIGER: F.B.L.A. 2, 5, 4. eniord 35: BARBARA HARRISON: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Phils 4, Teen Club 2, Utamaro 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3, Pres. 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Edelimz 4, Senior Co-Ed., Rythmn Roundup Makeup Comm. 2, Senior Ban- quet Comm., Senior Play Makeup Comm., National Honor 4. CHARLES HARRISON: Football 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Pro- jection 2, 3, 4. BARBARA HENDRIX: Choir 2, 3, 4. DON HENSLEY: Q.D.'s 4, Football 4. RICHARD HERNANDEZ: LARRY HESLET: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4. RONALD HINDMAN: Forum 3, 4, junior Classical League, Foot- ball Manager 1, Bowling 3, 4, Cowboy Roundup Comm. JUDY HITCHNER: National Honor 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, German Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Stage Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Comm. GEORGE HOCHMUTH: Q.D.'s 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, fi, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 4, junior Prom Comm., Senior Prom Comm. Co-Chr. KAREN HOCHMUTH: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Chaplain 3, Peris 4, Pres. 4, Teen Club 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Pres. 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Vice' Pres. 3, Senior Prom Comm., Homeroom Rep. 2, 3, German Club 3, 4, Sec. 4, National Honor 4. JAMES HOCHENBERGER: Dramatics Club 4, Bowling 3, 4, junior Play, Al- chemists 4, Senior Play. JAY HOFFMAN: eniorri '-236 an in H: fa if .. BH' . . mai new .sms wan nn' am EE PHILLIP HOLST: Forum 3, 4, Football 1, junior Prom Comm., Senior Class Sgt.-at-Arms. PATRICIA HOLTFRETTER: Tri-Lits 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Rythmn Roundup 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Orchestra 2, Office Aide 1. CAROL HORN: Feilbach 1, 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, F.N.A. 4, Senior Announcement Comm. PHILLIP HOROSEWSKI: National Honor 3, 4, Treas. 4, junior Classical League 1, 2, 3, Football 3, 4, Cryftal 4, Second Page Ed., Forum 4, Senior Class Pres. FRANCES HORVATH: National Honor 3, 4, Tri-Lits 2, 3, Phils 4, Pres. 4, French Club 2, Sgt.-at-Arms 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 3, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Speaker 4, Junior Play Student Director, Girls' Intramurals Z, Office Aide 3, Edelimz 4, Senior Banquet Comm. GARFIELD HOUSTON: Utamaro 2, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Football 1, 2, Vfrestling 2, Projection 3, 4. LARRY HOUSTON: Basketball 1, 2, Track 2, 3. ROBERTA HOWARD: Teen Club 2, Utamaro 2, 4. FRANNIE HUGHES: MARY HUNT: AL HUTCHINSON: H Golf 2, 3, junior Prom Comm. ggi , I Q55 eruom 37: DONALD ISSACS: Forum 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 1, 2' 1 DON JACKSON: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Junior Classical League lg Spanish Club 2: Basketball 1, 2g Cross Country 25 Track 1, 2: Choir 2, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Armsg Rythmn Roundup 3, 4: Homeroom Rep.: Senior Play Comm. JANET JARZEBOSKI: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4g Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4g Rythmn Roundup Makeup Comm. 3g Counselors' Aide 3, 4g Senior Memorial Comm. JANICE JEAKLE1 Y-Teens. WILLIE JOHNSON: RITA KAY JOLLEY: Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Junior Play: Rythmn Roundup Makeup Comm. DOROTHY JONES: Y-Teens 3, 4. JANICE JONES: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Peris 4g Teen Club 2: Y-Teens 3, 4: Junior Ring Comm.g F.T.A. 2, 3: Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 25 Choir 3, 4g Counselors' Aide 3, 4. MILDRED JONES: Junior Achievement 4. GLORIA KASTEN: Alchemists 3, 4. PATRICIA KELLY: Y-Teens 4. eniom Afriifilzg the my! ami zlirerlor of NG1'6Z1IlEI'L'Qf Gboff' were wleffzbenf of lhe Senior Play Commitleez Cheryl Millfg Jfrffy Tibbiify Indy HffChi70I',' Dimme Chfilljtlil, Ching Tfewz Syphg Jim S'rl91zefzler,' Don Jarflarolz. :3g: JAMES KILIS: Bowling 2, 4. FRANK KINDER: RAYMOND KLEKAMP: JILL KNAPP: National Honor 3, 4, Tri-Lits 2, 3, Phils 4, Y-Teens 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Utamaro lg Girls' Intramurals 2, Cfyflal 3, 4, Third Page Co-Ed., Blade Reporter 3, 4, Junior Prom Comm., Homeroom Rep. 3, Rythmn Roundup 3, Senior Prom Comm. Co- Chr. JOHN KNOX: Football 2, 3, 4. SUE KRUEGER: Y-Teens 2, F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Roharian 3, 4, Rythmn Roundup 2, National Honor 4. BETTY KRUSE: French Club 2, 3, 4. SANDY KUHN: Tri-Lits 3, Phils 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, French Club 2, Chaplain 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Counselors' Aide 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor 4. GERALDINE KYNARD: Y-Teens 2, 4, F.B.L.A. 5, 4. ALMA LAY: eniorri The effirienry of the Senior Bmzqllef Comnzilfee zum u!6U10lIJ'fl'c1f66Il by the 171111 qllfllij' nzllflnzzdilzg .r11rre.r.r. Menzbe1'.f wwe: Cecil Smilbg Linda Mfzyoj Bmbma H!1ll'f.f0l2,' Jenn O'Nei!, Cl9r.,' Bremffl Cm'fe1',' F1'z1l7fE.f Hm'wrlla,' R022 Colemzm f gfff 3' '57 A L3 W . :,,f'--.,, X K' Wm. :39: KAREN LEITER: Y-Teens 2, F.B.L.A. 4, Rythmn Roundup 3, 4. BARBARA LENNON: F.B.L.A. 2, Homeroom Rep. 3. JIM LEONARD: STAN LEWANDOWSKI: Dramatics Club 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, junior Play, junior Play Scenery Comm., Senior Play, Senior Play Student Director, Edeliavz 4, Sophomore Ed., Alchemists 4, Senior Memorial Comm. Chr., National Honor 4. D. LIMPF: Junior Classical League 1, 2, Alchemists 3, 4, Wrest- ling 1, 2, Cross Country 1, 2. JOHN LOCKETT: Hi-Y 5, 4, Football 1, 2, 5, 4, Track 2, 5, 4. LARRY LOEHRKE: Forum 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, F.B.L.A. 2, Football Manager 1, Track 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Crymzl 4, Fourth Page Ed., Student Council 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, National Honor 4. LIBBY LOEHRKE: National Honor 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Tri-Lits 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, Phils 4, Treas. 4, Utamaro 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2, 4, Cryrfal 3, 4, Ed. in Chief, Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom Comm., Homecoming Queen Atten- dant. GREG LONGBRAKE: Forum 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Senior Play Scenery Comm., Senior Announcement Comm. SYLVIA LOPER: Y-Teens 1, 2, Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, junior Play Makeup Comm., Libbey Leaders 3, Vice-Pres. 3, Senior Play Makeup Comm., National Honor 4. JACQUELINE LUCKETT: Y-Teens 3, 4, junior Prom Comm., Homeroom Rep. JAMES LUGINBUI-IL: Spanish Club 2, Wrestling 2, Football Manager 3, 4, Bas- ketball Manager 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Senior Announcement Comm. eniord :4o LINDA MCCLORRINE: Y-Teens 3, French Club 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 33 Buckeye Girl's State, National Honor 4. GARY MCCOURT: Forum 3, 4, German Club 4g Utamaro 1, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Wrestlirlg 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 4, National Honor 4. ALEX MCCRAE: Alchemists 3, 45 Sgt.-at-Arms 43 German Club 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4g National Honor 4. DAVE MCEWEN: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Track 1. BOBBIE MCGOVERN: Utamaro 2, 4, Counselors' Aide 2, 3, 45 Girls' Intramurals 35 Cowboy Roundup Comm., National Honor 4. JEFF MCVICKER: Q.D.'s 4g Hi-Y 4, Football 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 3, 4, Rythmn Roundup 3, 4. JO ANN MADDEN: Washiilgton Jr. High 1g Y-Teens 7. 3, 4: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 41 Rythmn Roundup Makeup Comm. 2, 3g Cap and Gown Comm. Chr. JANE MANN: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Achievement 1, 2, BEVERLY MANZ: National Honor 3, 4, Sec. 4g French Club 2, 3, Treas. 2, Office Aide 2, 3, 4. JOHN MARKLANDt Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, Vice-Pres. 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Pres. 43 Band 1, 2g Orchestra 2, Sgt.-ab Arms 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, Junior Class Pres. NANCY MARKLEY: CHARLES MARSHALL: eniom 41: DENNIS MARTIN: BARBARA MASON: Junior Classical League, Libbey Leaders, Al- chemists, F.N.A. 2, Treas. CATHERINE MASON: LINDA MAYO: French Club 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Edelipzn 4, Ed.- in-Chief, Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4, Tri-Lits 2, 3, Zets 4, Corr. Sec. 4, Senior Banquet Comm., Speech Contest Winner, Senior Play Makeup Comm., National Honor 4. JUDY MEADE: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Peris 4, Teen Club 1, 2, Pres. 2, Y- Teens 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Senior Rep., Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4-, Treas. 4, Cowboy Roundup Comm. Co-Chr., Homecoming Queen, Na- tional Honor 4. ELOISE MENDEZ: RONALD MERCER: Forum 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4, Wrestling 2, Track 2, 3, 4. BILL MEYER: Forum 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 4, Baseball 3, 4. ELWOOD MILLER: Track 1, 2, 4, Cafeteria Aide 3, Rythmn Roundup Scenery 2. a CHERYL MILLS: French Club 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Senior Play Comm., Alchemists. JAMES MITCHELL: Woodward 1, 2, Speech Club fWoodwardj , Junior Classical League, Sgt.-at-Arms, Dramatics Club 4, junior Play, Senior Play, Senior Class Vice- Pres., National Honor 4. ROSE ANN MOLINEZ eniord :42 'IQJWW uzgmm ,msgs EP 1 Mini . 23-5 'Z L .ie . 4 Q 'GMS are-fps -.-:.1, , f ri Q? ii I. is JO ANN MONAHAN: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 1, junior Play Makeup Comm., Homeroom Rep. RAUL MONTERRUBIO: ROXIE MOORE: Girls' Intramurals 2, Rythmn Roundup. GERALDINE MYERS: MYRTIS PATRICIA NEELY: PAT NEWMAN: Whitmer 1. JEAN O,NEAL: National Honor 3, 4, Tri-Lits 2, 3, Zets 4, Vice- Pres. 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Crymzl 3, 4, First Page Ed., Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4, Office Aide 4, Junior Play, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Senior Banquet Comm. Chr., Senior Play. DAVID OSTMAN: Alchemists 3, 4, Pres. 4, Spanish Club 3, Tennis 3, 4, Cap and Gown Comm., Senior Play Scenery Comm. LARRY PACE: St. Francis de Sales 1, 2, Senior Play Scenery Comm. PRISCILLA PARCELS: RONALD PARSELLS: Olney 1, Genoa and Bowsher 2. JAMES PASCH: eniord :43:.- ROBIN PASCH: Y-Teens 2, F.N.A. 3, 4, Sec. 45 Choir 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 43 Nurses' Aide 3, 4. BRENDA PEARSON: Tri-Lits 2, 3, Peris 4, Teen Club 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4g junior Classical League 2, 3, Pres. 23 Alchemists 4, Rythmn Roundup Makeup Comm. 35 Cl'.jl.l'l':1f 4, Third Page Co-Ed., Cowboy Roundup Comm.g National Honor 4. ROBERT PETERSON: Hi-Y 3, 4. HELEN POLEN: Eria H.S. Hawaii lg Wfashington Park 2, Utamaro 3. RICHARD PONTIOUS: MICHAEL PRICE: WALTER RALPH: German Club SHARON RAMSDELL: Y-Teens 2, 45 Libbey Leaders 3, 4g Junior Play Makeup Comm., Choir 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4, Rythmn Roundup 3. ROBERT REINBOLT: Bowling 2, Cowboy Roundup Comm., Na- tional Honor 4. MARY REITZ: Teen Club 2. eniord Fbe plenmlzl chore of .referring gnzzlmzlimz f111110111zre1ne11l.r fell 10 zflezlllzefpr 0 fha Azzlmmzremefzf Commiffee, whirl: v011.s'iJ'fezZ of Ike foll0'zzfiHg: fini Lffgzu bzrlalg Greg Lofzgbrakeg Nfmry Arbor, C1711-,' Dyomze Slllilbj frilly Dimmke wa- - ... .-I.. A 'nfs l"'wmaa is 4 r Q E E 1 ::44: DIEBETH RESPRESS: KATHLEEN REYNOLDS: Senior Play Makeup Comm.: Rythmn Roundup 4. SANDRA REYNOLDS: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: junior Achievement 1, 2, 3: Homeroom Rep. 2. LINDA RICE: F.B.L.A. 2: Counselors' Aide 2, 3, 4. CINDY RICHMOND: Y-Teens 2. DAVID ROBERTS: ARNEY ROBINSON: Basketball 1: Track 4: Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4. FRANK ROCHOWIAK: Bowling 2, 4. AIIMMIE RODGERS: I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Cross Country 5, 4. ROBERT ROSE: Hi-Y 3, 4: Drarnatics Club 4: Basketball Manager 3, 4: Football Manager 4: junior Play: Senior Play. eniorri The Senior Memorial Commillee zmrhecl zliligeufly I0 leave mmelhizzg uforfh while fo Libbey High School. lll!3'1IlbC'l'.l' are jim Friellmrhg Shirley B1'01L'l7 Chr.: Slam Lezm1zfl0w.rhi,' Rim Vrzlzlerg Barhrzm Donfhefl: jane! jfzrzehoxhl Stan LEZL'tZ7Zd0'LUJ'kl 1'E1'7lllCEZl Shirley Bl'0'Ll!lZ ax chairnmfz. :45: SUE ROSEBROCK: Tri-Lits 3, Peris 4, Treas. 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, Choir 2, 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4, Counselors' Aide 3, 4, Mimeographing 4, National Honor 4. JOE ROSIAK: CONNIE ROUNDELL: St. Euphrasia 1, 2. FRANCIS SCHLAGHECK: Utamaro 1, 2, 3, Projection 2, 3, Band 3, 4, Drum Major 4, Junior Play, Senior Play. JANET SCHMIDT: Tri-Lits 3, Zets 4, Historian 4, Teen Club 2, Junior Classical League 2, Treas. 2, German Club 3, 4, Historian 4, F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Edelimz 4, Photographers Aide. ALAN SCHMUDE: Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, Football 2, 3, 4. JIM SCHNETZLER: Hi-Y 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Senior Play Comm. SANDY SHARP: National Honor 3, 4, Tri-Lits 2, 3, Peris 4, German Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals 2, Efleli.-111 4, Advertising Ed., F.T.A. 2, Senior Play Prompter, Homeroom Rep. 4. GENERAL FRANK SHERMAN: Choir 3, 4. WALTER SHUMAN: Lakota 1, Junior Achievement 3, 4. DANNY SIEMINSKI: Waite 1, Macom- ber 2, Football 4. FRANK SIFUENTES: Band 1, 2, 3. eniom 246 MIKE SIFUENTES: Cross Country 1, Band 1, 2, 3. ROSIE SIMMONS: Utarnora 2, 4, Projection 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals. MARTIN SIWAJEK: EDDIE SMALL: Emerson 1, Utamaro 2. CECIL SMITH: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Utamaro 2, 3, 4, Projection 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Rythmn Roundup, Senior Banquet Comm. DAVID SMITH: Hi-Y 3, 4, Dramatics Club 45 junior Play Scenery, Senior Play Scenery. DYONNE SMITH: Woodward 1, Y-Teens 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, jun- ior Classical League 1, 2, Senior Announcement Comm. ROBERT SMITH: Hi-Y 4. SHARON SMITH: National Honor 3, 43 Tri-Lits 2, 3, Peris 4, Vice- Pres. 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Historian 4, Ezlelimz Circ. 3, 4, Circ. Manager 4, Rythmn Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Activities Office 2, 3, 4, junior Play Makeup Comm. Chr., Senior Prom Comm., Rythmn Roundup Prop. Comm. 3, 4. SUSAN SMITH: RONALD SPITULSKI: Football 1, 2. LARRY SPOORES: Macomber 1, 2, 3. eniorri 47:- JUDITH STINE: BERNARD STONE: Hi-Y, Football 1, 2. JOYCE STRICKLAND: Choir, Teen Club 2. TYRONNE STURDIVANT: CHARLES SUTER: Forum 2, 5, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 5, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. TREVA SYPH: National Honor 5, 4, Tri-Lits 2, 3, Phils 4, French Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3, F.T.A. 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, Red Cross 1., Student Council 5, 4, Sec.-Tre-as. 4, Rythmn Roundup Makeup Comm. 3, Senior Play Comm., Buckeye Girls' State. IUDY TALLMAN: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Nurses' Aide 3, Homeroom Rep. 2, Rythmn Roundup Makeup Comm. 5, Cap and Gown Comm., National Honor 4. BRIAN TAYLOR: National Honor 3, 4, German Club 3, Edelinzz 4. Senior Co-Ed., junior Ring Comm. ROSEMARY TAYLOR: VERNON THOMAS: Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3. enior-A New lbir year, the Cap and Gown Committee Jeleflerl royal blue cap.: and gowlzf for Cofmziememefzl exe1'ciJe.r. Memberr were Dave Orfmmzg Cloarlef Tb0llZpJ'07Z,' Indy Tfzllmazzg fo Amr Maden, Chr., Frank Smitlo. 248: i- CHARLES THOMPSON: Gap and Gown Comm JUDY TIBBITS: National Honor 4. THOMAS TIGGS: LAUREL TINSLEY: ROBERT TRIBBLE: Forum 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3 4 Basketball 1 WALTER TUCKER: F.B.L.A. 3g Alchemists 3, 4 lc1lb1ch 1 RITA VALDES: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3 4 Sec 4 Libbey Leaders 2, 3, -43 junior Play Comm., junior Play Mflkeup Comm Rythmn Roundup 3, 4, Senior Memorial Comm., Senior Play Makeup Comm. Chr. RUDOLPH VALDES: Basketball 1. EILEEN VINSON: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 51 Rythmn Roundup 2, 3, 4. DAVID VORBA: Bowling 2. eniom UWM! .renior mfllcl forge! fha zzfomlerfnl flfelljllg plmzmd by the 5612101 P10111 Commilree? The f0U01l'ilZg Jefziory were wwzlbelifz Karan Hochlmflh Gcoigr Horlomlflfo, C0-Clar.,' Greg Hmzfezzg Libbey Loelorkeg jim Dowlnzg 1111 Knapp C0-Cl9r.,' Effie Dickerxozzg Partie Geierf Slmrozz Snzilla eff? vm. -is ,im W,m Q. Em wm- QQ JOANNE WARE: TERRY WALDRON: Tennis 2, Efieliruz 4, Sports Ed. TOM WATERS: Scott: Woodward, Wrestling. LAUREEN VUEATHERFORD: Y-Teens 5, 4: Utamaro 3, 4, Sec. 45 Dramatics Club 3, 4: Junior Play: Projection 3, 4, Cowboy Roundup Comm. JUDITI-I WEBSTER: RONALD WEBSTER: Basketball lg junior Ring Comm.: Homeroom Rep. MARILYN WIBBERLY: JEAN WILSON: Scott ANTHONY ZDYBEK: Cryfffil 4, Exchange Ed. eniord ROSEANN AVERY ANDREW BAGROWSKI ADELL COLEY LEROY COLEY JERRY COUSINO MARY COUTOURIER JOHN DAVIS DAVID DAWSON KENNETH DURHAM GERALD FOSTER ROOSEVELT FRANKLIN RICHARD GERSCHULTZ WILBUR RIPPEY SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES DARYL HIRTH WILLIAM HOLDSWORTH EARL JOHNSON ED KILBRIDE JEFF KNIGHT RONNIE LEEPER CURTIS LEMAY CALVIN MANNING TONY MARTINEZ GLORIA MAXWELL LONA MILLER IANICE OVERSTREET ,gn Wemoriam RALPH PRUDEN RUDY RUIZ PAT SANDRIDGE JAMES SCHECH ELMER SCOTT BOBBY SEXTON FRANK SMITH OLIVER SMITH ROBERT SMITH CRAIG WALTER GEORGE FRANKLIN Tbe zmlimely zlefzlfaf of Uyilbzn' Rippey and George FIYIIIEHIZ .fI,90L',eElf am! mdrleued fEz1fl176I'.f nm! .rlnclwzlf alike. Bollv boyf had earned az plare of regrpeci al Libbey, and PfllI1fll.i',J' line, HE IVHOM THE GODS FAVOR DIES IN YOUTH, ,remix pmliczflfzrly LIPlD1'0flI'it7f6. To their fmniliw' nm! fl"i6'I7Ll.l', lbs Erfelifm .rlaff exlemf .rJ'1f1f14!lvy. :51: x W y mf , W nm .R mu my wr- U wa wa ma ' X.. ' mr Sy ff, 1 ,aw flilui 23255. -:ggi - X wr.-.' KW. ff 3 . J' Q., f. , x ra ,A hw- g ,I ss,-Ages. M T NEW 1? if T llgg?3Q 1 enior pina? I'll tell you one thing - and that's not two things . . . You're daffy as il ding-a-ling, denrie. I clonlt see any mam w It's right here on paper. You're going on an all-expense paid trip to the Booby Hatch. Pedabpushers and kneesocks' Say, whatsa matter with you guys? You look as though you've seen a ghost! Stick with me, babY: and F11 keeP You in IOMPOPS- The whole motley crew who brought you "Gramercy Ghost". Awwwww, look, Ossie, hc rolled right over that poor lil' bug. :52: 446 X ga tic wx 4 .w --sw vv K? Rf ,- Q, J, wi" g wg I ,, HW 1' -X My 1, r x -A Q 5 I ::.v, x i i .an- H525 in ,NEW Ei 1 -Miki 'WN E E '- as unior Row 1-Carolyn Allen, Merrilee Anclree, Karen Armstrong, Cynthia Baker, Carol Bail, Rosemary Ball, Hazel Beauch, Janice Blechinger Row 2-Mary Boomer, Mary Bridge, Marcie Brown, Juanita Bruton, Vickie Burgess, Susan Byrnes, Mary Caldwell, Becky Ca- rothers Row 3-Concha Castro, Estella Cherry, Brenda Coleman, Millie Coleman, Sue Collins, Karen Cothren, Bonnie Cousino, Laurette Daniel Row 4-Hollie Decius, Kathy Decker, Donna Denker, Ethel Devalt, Nancy Dills, Eva Drake, Ruth Early, Marine Edwards Row 5-Anna Ely, Ruth Emch, Nancy Fellhauer, Bonita Franklin, Linda Fuehr, Maxine Garner, Pearla Gary, Patricia Gibson :54: n unior Qld 5 Row 1-Billie Glendening, Julia Gambrell, Jo Ann Green, Kathy Greene, Shirley Grow, Carol Haberlancl, Charlotte Harriger, Ilene Harris Row 2-Darlene Heckart, Connie Henry, Carol Hollar, Pamela Hopings, Cheryl Howe, Beverly Hutson, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Keier Row 3-Jo Ann Klein, Marsha Klostermeier, Shirley Kreft, Luana Kurschat, Beth La Vrar, Brenda Lawson, Carolyn Lay, Su- zanne Leary Row 4-Lee Ann Liggett, Charlene MacFarlane, Diane McClain, Kathleen McDonagh, Linda Mason, Kathleen Medere, Mary Medon, jean Meier Row 5-Judith Meyer, Betty Miller, Sharon Miller, Linda Moore, Laura Morrin, Pamela Never, Judith Newcomer, Nancy Newman unior Q10 5 Row 1-Berteriece Nicholas, Patricia Noyes, Bonita Palmer, Deborah Panning, Donna Petoskey, Mary Price, LeAnn Rader, Lupe Ramos Row 2-Althea Ray, Eddye Ray, Levon Rayford, Charlotte Reeves, Nancy Reynolds, Mary Richards, Joyce Rosebrock, Vivian Rossvanes Row 5-Gene Schaefer, Mitzie Schlapman, Charlene Scott, Johnetta Scott, Margie Shorter, Oetta Shropshire, Iris Smith, Judith Smith Row 4-Ruth Staples, Mary Staton, Annie Mae Steward, Judith Stewart, Peggy Stivenson, Paula Stoker, Sue Strasel, Bonnie Strickstein ,QM gulf.. an-N a ,. unior QP 5 NX'itl1 the capable guidance of Mrs. Snow, the junior Class has gained much experience and is looking forward to next year. Row 1-Paula Stubblefield, Paulette Stubblefielcl, joan Swicegood, Susan Terrill, Zeima Terry, Cheryl Tibbits, Cynthia Turner, Lorraine Vernaz Row 2-Rebecca Vogelbacher, Jane Wagoner, Karletta Waldron, Barbara Walker, Loretta Walker, Annette White, Ingrid Whitfield, jo Ann Willard Row 5-Azzie Williams, Mary Williams, Evelyn Willis, Linda Wright, Sandra Young Row 4-Sharon Young, Christine Zak, Barbara Zaper, Sandra Zdybek, Antonia Zielinski Dianne Baker Carrie Bates Betty Beckler Vallencia Bost Marcie Brown Joyce Brumfield JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES QGIRLSJ Patrica Cisterino Johnnie Davis Norma Esmond Cheryl Franklin Elaine Grambrell Ronita Graves Sheila Miller Delores Reclfern Marilyn Riley Ardella Root Shirley Smith Earle-an Thomas KEN - fy? at n 15 if F vi M -an K. am an ri : nm 4 ,f m MQ x 5 5-x x i E me ea 5 V H .,.,. gg: i f Q , - :,, z A...: , I i n :ummm E 4 1 mnwnw 4 The junior class had its first taste of Libbey politics with the election of these leaders. jesse Phifer, Pres., Karen Cothren, Secy.g Terry Hopkins, Sgt-at-Arms, Eddye Ray, Vice-Pres., Maxine Garner, Treas. unior oya Row 1-Sammy Adams, Williain Albert, David Albrecht Row 2-jeff Armstrong, Ronald Ballard, Raymond Barboza Row 3-Ruben Batey, Rickey Berkey, Amos Bostic, Ronald Bourn, Stephen Bourn, Leonard Branford, Bruce Breitner, Ozell Brown Row 4-Robert Bunny, Ricardo Canas, Tyrone Coker, Sterling Coogler, Edward Cook, joseph Cooke, Alexander Cortez, Wiley Cox Row 5-Michael Cunningham, Henry Davis, Williain Dombrowsky, Carl Drake,.Larry Draper, Gary Durham, Mike Durham, Daniel Durliat wwf i : n Q , rw .uk unior' ogd Row l-Larry Farren, Howard Filipovich, Jerry Fink, John Folsom, Stephen Ford, johnny Foster, Ralph Fuehr, Wilham Furfaro Row 2-Leonard Garrett, joseph Green, Tommy Gunn, Dale Heckerman David Holman joseph Heer, Douglas Heuer, james Hollopeter, Row 3-William Holmes, Donald Hopings, Terrence Hopkins, Owen Hoskins, Glenn Ingersoll, james Johnson, Mike Kacz- marek, Craig Killy Row 4-Timothy Kruse, joseph Kruszewski, Michael La Beau, Albert Latimer, Michael La Vrar, Daniel Lee, Paul Lewis, Phillip Lopez Row 5-Earl Lubahn, Michael McClain, Gerald McLemore, john McVicker, Charles Marshall, john Matecki, James Mathis, Raymond Mercurio :59: A5332 ei-fggnf E 5 A., M M E E-ed Q wnqwg 35 Z3 58 it .r U E E is E 2 'QQQAC in 'E E34 as 2.. M MSS QSN ami unior ogd Row 1-Leonard Monahan, Carlos Monterrubio, Robert Montgomery, Larry Moore, james Morris, Greg Myers, Bernard Nagel, john Norwood Row 2-Harold Petoskey, jesse Phifer, William Plontz, Robert Powers, Edward Ramm, William Ramsdell, Robert Reeves, juan Reyes Row 3-David Ross, Mangle Sanders, William Saunders, Charles Sherwood, George Shields, Wallace Siler, David Smith, Ronald Smith Row 4-Patrick Stack, Fred Stanton, Terry Starkloff, Samuel Stover, William Strickland, Leroy Sullivan, Frederick Sutton, john Thompson :6Q: -a xx' K aqua These juniors Combined their efforts with the Sr. Prom Committee to make this year's dance a memorable event. Row 1-Pat Noyes, Bonnie Strickstein, David Holman, Ardella Root, Becky Vogelbacher Row 2-Luana Kurschat, Sue Terrill, Mary Staton, Joyce Rosebrock Row 2-David Weber james Armstrong Michael Belcher Ernie Bernath De Wayne Black Kenneth Bostic Dennis Boyle Dawson Coker Eric Cowson Mike Drlik Dennis Erdman Terrance Fitzsimmons Richard Forrey Charles Gaglione Louis Gardner unior oyd Row 1-Earl Thorn, Thomas Tooson, Albert Townsend, Thomas Turner, john Waite, Duane Walton, Jewell Waters , Bob West, Edwin Westmeyer, Michael Wiegand, Gary Winger, john Zielinski, Thomas Zitzelberger JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES QBOYSJ john Geach William Green Guy Harding Harry Hite Andrew johnson Harold Kemp james Leonard Terry Lincoln james MacAllister Ralph Maddox Harry Marsh Pete Mendez George Nagy Ray Quinone Willianm Richardson ZG1: Grady Riley George Rios Michael Schlapman Eddie Small Dusty Stackhousc james Strickland Floyd Swope Richard Swope David Tharp Kenneth Tressler Charles Walker jack Walters johnny Washington Frank Williams E288 WEEE an -sr mn ra me f wg . i t W -1- E A Duggan mm ,Hmmm ,mm ma mms E E3 Wi was mx .mg aww ' 1 ', '52 495: 5 t 5 :ew QE . 2 ,g . or .... 1 H Q, ill' H , ir? 1 pr n Q V I , i.: 1 153 ..:.:., ,S .,.,::':.:- it ,X .:. .. 3 . .. as no H- of ea rr ga an ss fi x ri rr E ' . :., . Q Lg gg :.: an Qa g F lk at M a r 1 2 l fx N 1 R i H dk H SZ!! 3 -.,..,. 2 L 52,9 0I'l'l0l'e Oyrf ROW 1--Herman Abbott, Kenneth Adams, Allen Ball, Paul Bagrowski, Dale Barnhill. ROW 2-Pat Barrett, Paul Batey, Jerry Birr, Ron Braziel, Ray- mond Brown ROW 3-Joe Bruton, Dale Buehrer, Elbert Burgess, Bayne Byrd, Randy Carter. ROW 4--Roger Christoff, Bill Coley, Nicholas Daly, Lester Darrington, Dick Decoster. ROW 5-Richard Delaroia, john Dixon, Edward Dotson, Lothar Drosd, Timothy Durham. ROW 6-Gary Eber, Lewis Ellis, Leland Emery, Patrick Fair, Gerald Fellhauer. ROW 7-Ross Fields, jim Foster, Dennis Franks, Jimmie Gaines, Mack Garner. ROW 8--Nathan Gartee. Michael Geiner, Dale Gilreath, Orlando Graves, Art Green. ROW 9-james Green, Mike Gregory, Robert Griffin, Craven Ham, Bill Hawkins. 5:5932 .SZIQAOHQOFQ ogzi Row 1-James Hawkins, Donald Hayden, john Heard, Randy Heidt, Charles Hightower. Row 2-Randy Hoffman. Franklin Hovermale, Thomas Hutton. Edward jaynes, Douglas jones. Row 5-Robert Keatley, Dennis Kennelly, Bob Klostermeir, Rich- ard Kurchat, Leonard Kynard. Row 4-Don Lancaster, Bill Lane, james Laney, Melvin Lewis, Richard Lockear. Row 5-Bob McConoughey, Ronnie Mclntire, Reginald McGee, Doug Mclntosh, Harold McLennon. Row 6-Dennis Madrzykowski, Harry Marsh, Bob Nfasters, Curl Mikolajczuk, Jim Momsen. Row 7-Eddie Moore, Tom Moran, joe Morse, Dennis Neal, Bill Owens. Row S-Robert Parsley, Danny Patterson, Eugene Peppers, jimmy Phenizy, Robert Pine. Row 9-John Pruss, Tom Pruss, Marion Pruszynski, james Rag- land, Tim Recknagel. :63:: 3 ge' Q Bazzell, Carl Martinez, john ,Sap 0l'l'l0l"8 0g6 Row I-Richard Reinbolt, John Reynolds, William Rios, Arthur Robbins. Row 2--Mike Rochowiak. Archie Rogers, Joe Ryan, Michael Ryan. Row 3-Mike Sato, Karv Sauers, James Schmidt, Bill Scott. Row 4-Arley Shope, Lanny Sidel, Ray Sifuentes, Larry Smith. Row 5--Dan Smith, Mike Smith, Willie Smith, Robert Staples. Row 6-Bill Stokes, Archie Stollar, Dale Switzer, Robert Tara- schke. Row 7-John Tharp, Dave Thompson, Henry Vaughns, Charles Walters, Row 8-Harold Waters, Steve Xlifestmeyer, Lavernior White, La- vern Wigfall. Row 9-Steve Willets, Ken Wfilson, Oley Wo1'km:i11, Alvin Wormely. Row 10-Ken XY'right, Tom Wysocki, Larry Zeimann, Pat Zinn. SOPHOMORE BOYS WITHOUT PICTURES Berning, William Bolinger, Tim Brooks, Harry Cook, Larry Crabtree, Ralph Emch, james Evans, Charles Falk, Ed Fisher, Dick Foster, Charles Francis, james Gillard, Darrell Graves, Ron Hague, Dick Hamernik, Tom Hawkins, jim Hobbs, Phillip Huebner, Alfred Isaacs, William Jimmison, Ed Johnson, Nate jones, jeff Kaczmarek, john Lewandowski, Dave Long, Walt McElya, jim :64: Mendez, Richard Miles, Boh Momsen, james Moore, Kelsie Myers, Brown Nirschl, Dave Pacholski, Norm Popovich, Harvey Pozniak, Ray Prysiazny, john Ragland, Ken Ramos, Guy Ramsey, George Soto, Mike Spilman, Dan Spoores, john Steinwedel, Corilandt Swope, Robert Tate, Leonard Temple, Oney Vines. Gregory Washington, Carl Willford, Dave Wilson, John Vfoodcock, Don Wr'ay, joe 5821040141 0l"e Qing ow 1-Devra Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, Beverly Andrews, inda Angell, Delores Archie, Linda Armstrong. ow 2-Joyce Awls, Vernice Baccus, Diane Baker, Susan Banker, dna Bean, Vicky Beck. OW 3--Sheila Belcher, Darla Benson, Sandra Bliss, Sue Boomer, harlotte Brooks, Teresa Buck. ow 4-Viqui Burford, Loretta Burk, Charlene Burnley, Gwen -oley, Lillie Coley, Annie Collins. ow 5-Calhey Corder. Wendy Daniel, Theresa Daniels, La- 'crne Davis, Yvonne Dec, Linda Dodge. tow 6-Joyce Dominiak, Ellen Douglass, Karen Druckemiller, uli Fic, Heide Frye, Linda Frye. ow 7--Elise Gable, Barbara Gary, Alicesteen Giles, Nancy illen, Patsy Glover, Sandra Glover. ow 8-Donna Glynn, Yolanda Hargrave, Linda Hedges, Linda icks, Margaret Hoskins, Lois Huebner. ow 9-Kathie Hunt, Shirley Hunter, Evelyn Hutchinson, Vicki ackson, Deborah johnson, Mamie jones. ow 10-Sheila Jones, Diane Justus, Kathy Kennelly, Kathy ing, Pat King, Sherry King. cr fx, T ' W4 if t 5 il. sg 3' F 3 S, If N.. :55: X Sopdomore ir J Row 1-Jean Klein, Jacki Koder, Karen Korcsog, Charli Krantz Gerrie Kurtz, Elaine Kyle. Row 2-Ginny Laster, Margaret Leonard, Marva Lewis, Dian Liebich, Shirley Loper, Patti Lowrie. Row 3-Lathena Lyons, Linda McCarthy, Joyce McGrail, Sandr. McKinney, Loretta McNeil, Virginia Major. Row 4-Michalina Makowski, Frances Mallory, Carol Martin Judith Martinez, Jo Ann Mason, Priscilla Mathews. Row 5-Beverly Mercer. Dorothy Meyer, Joyce Miller, Marily Mitchell, Marlene Moody, Carol Morris. Row 6-Sunday Morse, Brenda Myers, Rose Olvera, Jean Ostman Carol Palmer, Kathy Pasch. Row 7-Marjorie Patterson, Sandra Perry, Anna Phifer, Virgini Polen, Ernestine Pringle, Helen Reihing. Row 8-Ruth Reynolds, Margaret Rodriquez. Nancy Rolf, Jane Rospert, Sue Rozanski, Linda Rudd. Row 9--Diana Saar, Sandra Schermheck, Sharon Siler, Marlen Smith, Sharon Stephens, Aleta Stokes. Row 10-Darlene Strange, Gwen Stubblefield, Mary Sullivan Lunette Summers, Lynn Suter, Constance Swope. gSzJlaA0m0re ir' 6 Row 1-Sandra Szymkowiak, Charlene Toblin, Robbie Tucker. Row 2-Mary Valdes, Sharon Wagner, Joan Wallace. Row 3-Janet W'are, Suzann Warns, Cynthia Weatlmerford. Row 4-Linda Weddle, Pattie Welshams, Pam Xvilliams. Row 5-Anna Viforden, Gloria Vlforkman, Marilyn York. Terry McDonald SOPI-IOMORE Abbott, Brenda Albright, Geraldine Baccus, Ruby Baker, Nitin Ballard, Paula Bird, Suzzane Brown, Clara Burmeister, Sally Coley, Pearlie Coogler, jacquelyn Cooke, Sharon Dangler, Donna Danhauer, Norma Enis, Karen Erwin, Beverly Findley, Monique Fonder, Gertrude Franklin, Yvonne Grant, Pamela Graves, Marlene Green, Sharon Gross, Wilma Hanks, Sheila Harkins, Gloria Heckman, Diane Henneman, Mary Hernandez, Angela I-Ietzer, Karen jeziorowski, Donna A sophomore class in action GIRLS WITHOUT PICTURES Kitchen, Linda Klein, Linda Lan, 1VIary Lockett, Linda Luna, Guadalupe Lopez, Pat McDowell, Mary McElya, Shirley Mack, Earlene May, Clara May, Sharon Musch, Lauretta Polen, Vivian Peek, Janie Reichart, Paula Riddle, Rita Roberts, Mary Robinson, Betty Sherman, Ruth Shock, Sharon Stephens, Dianne Stephens, Stephanie Taylor, Audrey Tolen, Priscilla Watkins, Jenny Welshans, Pat Williams, Jeannie Windsor, Elizabeth Zanter, Debra :57: .. r Xx Q vs 'w '. 'Fi ' . .. 'Ia . M U P. ,Q A ar ze-32. . . at an 1? D 5 A ff if -: fag :-: ::- 3 rt-- Qs 'i X is M X 5 X jreahmen ir 5 Row 1-june Abernathyg Sandra Albrechtg Barbara Alexanderg Vivian Anayag Bobbie Awlsg Linda Awlsg Diane Bachlerg Janet Bacong Jeanette Bailg Carolyn Baileyg Deborah Ballg Diane Ballg Reva Banksg Kathy Barnes. Row Z-Muriel Barnhillg Linda Bazzelg Shirley Beeneg Peggy Berryg Theodorsia Beyg Lillie Blyg Rosette Bolesg Karen Booherg Linda Boornerg Barbara Bourng Charlotte Boyking Kathleen Boyking Beverly Boyerg Bette Bridge. Row 3- Betty Browng Donice Browng Karen Brumfieldg Sheila Brumfieldg janet Burnleyg Brenda Byrrlg Jacqueline Caldwellg Mary Callahang Stephanie Cargileg Elia Carog Brenda Carterg Linda Carterg Myra Carterg Ortencia Castro. Row 4-Mary Chambersg Sally Championg Diane Charlesg Betty jean Clappg Susan Clarkg Frances Clayborng Freddie Clemonsg Carolyn Cliftong Marlene Cluckeyg Josephine Coleyg Pamela Connellg Jacqueline Cookg Molly Cookg Cassandre Cooke. Row 5-Deborah Cookeg Sally Cooperg Karen Cornwellg Christine Curtisg Linda Dahlkeg Doris Davisg Sandra Daviclsong Lupe DeLaRosag Sally Dubyg Mary Durhamg Charlotte Easterlyg Nancy Ehmang Linda Ellisg Karen Fahle. Row 6-Sharon Fahleg Janet Feltnerg Karen Ficg Earlene Fielclsg Janet Fisherg Olga Floresg Dorothy Fontlerg Gloria Fosterg Donita Gaaschg Connie Garciag Mary Garteeg Sylvia Garzag Michele Gastong Diane Greener. jl"e6Al'YLeI'l GPA Row 1-Thomiasina Grimesg Juanita Growg Frankie Hamiltong Mary Hammg Sandra Harmong Denise Harperg Angela Harrisg Linda Harrison Ellen Hayesg Pat Hayesg Sandra Hensleyg Gloria Hernandezg Frances Hessg Anita Hetzer. Row 2-Julie Hillsg Phyllis Hortong Maxine Howardg Lillian Howieg Sheila Hutsong Sheila Hymoreg Sherry Jacksong Patricia Jagodzinski Evonne Jaynesg Sally Jirinecg Janzara Keatleyg Judy Kerstetterg Karen Kingg Joanne Klein. Row 3-Cheryl Kollerg Frances Kolodziejskig Bonnie Kranzg Christine Kunikowskig Judy Lawson: Betty Layg Jacqueline Lealg Deborah Lemmons Dorothy Lewisg Rose Loperg Sherry Lyonsg Priscilla McCorveyg Patricia McCourtg Deborah McDaniels. Row 4-Molly McKenzieg Pat McKenzieg Karen Mackg Frances Madisong Barbara Malloryg Joan Marie-ag Patricia Masikerg Betty Meadors Norma Menchacag Andrea Mendozag Kathleen Merrittg Margaret Meyerg Roselyn Meyerg Mary Miller. Row 5-Cynthia Mizerg Alice Molineg Karen Moinseng Kathryn Mooreg Margaret Mooreg Linda Morrisg Sherhonda Morrisg Kathleen Murphy Sharon Mylekg Charlene Neitlingg Hazel Nettersg Rosie Norwooclg Merleann Nunleyg Cathy Oliver. Row 6-Gloria Olverag Janet Oppermang Hope Ortegag Barbara Parkerg Cathy Parrag Leona Peekg Margaret Pembertong Deloris Penag Mildred Phenizyg Kathy Phillipsg Vivian Pilcherg Jeanne Porterg Gayle Potterg Donna Preston. :69: s jre5Amen ir A Row 1-Kathryn Priceg Lela Priceg Dorothy Pryorg Sandy Ream, Mary Sue Reynoldsg Ida Yvonne Richardsg Bonnie Richmondg Debbie Richmond, Deborah Rinehart, Mamie Riosg Paula Robertsg Arman Robinsong Cheryl Robinson, Clementine Rogers, Row 2-Kathy Roleng Janis Rominskig Debbie Russellg Barbara Sander, Peggy Sayeng Sally Schmidt, Shirley Schuman1 Beverley Scott, Patti Scottg Betty Sextong Cora Sherwood, Yvonne Shorterg Anna Shumang Edith Shuman. Row 3-Patricia Silerg Kathryn Slusherg Alma Smithg Brenda Snellg Judy Snyderg Charlene Souleg Evelyn Spearmang Frances Speelman, Linda Speelmang Debbie Stanley, Ludie Staples, Kathleen Stine, Gayle Stockclaleg Ruth Stone. Row 4-Patricia Stuartg Mavis Stubblefieldg Linda Suterg Lorraine Switzerg Elaine Tallg Marilyn Tatumg Sharon Theriacg Patricia Thomasg Deborah Thornhillg Pamela Tibbitsg Jacqueline Tramillg Patricia Turnerg Karen Unuck. Row 5-Bettie Urbinag Pamela Valladeg Belinda Vanlerg Deborah Venzkeg Patricia Walker: Cnrine Waters, Deborah Watkinsg Helen Watters, Cheryl Welshg Christina Wertz, Pamela Whiteg Toyce Whiteg Rochelle Wliitfieldg Cennie Wfiggins. Row 6-Sue Wilkinsong Sandra Wfilliamsg Ginnie Wfilliamsong Rosa Willisg Patricia Winterg Antoinette Woodmancyg Lanette Woodyardg Bar- bara Wordlawg Aleta Wor'kmang Joan Yorkeg Sharon Youngg Josephine Zakg Penny Zeiterg Betty Zinn. FRESHMAN GIRLS WITHOUT PICTURES Bliss, Beverley Bost, Cozzetta Carter, Sharon Castro, Caroline Chambers, Kathleen Clemons, Annetta Coley, Carrie Cook, Mary Day, Linda DeCant, Doris Dotson, Betty Dugger, Shirley Fink, Brenda Fortney, Sandra Erick, Sharon Garmon, Annie Garrett, I.aVonne Greenlee, Carol Harris, Charlene Hayden, Pat Hedges, Beverley Hensley, Cynthia I.ockett, Aclelle Massey, Delores :70: Matthews. Helena Moore, Linda Morrow, Linda Nietling, Mary Niezgoda, Christine Oliver, Qureda Russ, Gloria Sharp, Lanetha Stokes, Linda Syph, Judy Urbania, Sue Wilson, Delayne Wormely, Annie Worinely, Mable Zaborski, Betty ff I ...r - 1. -. :fa e- , .wr ' 'H ".. t -1, -'1-- vs::si..5 :f-' 5..1,,S, ,,-. , l. . ...., 1 A ,Li.A: ,.A.. , . r waist ... i Jr ,s.,r:- . : - 5 .yr , , 1 ---'- " QQ Q " ,,.,. ,- . V- - me 1 r V W - - A . . mm A, J - - ,. mi 5:53--lg.: ' r - r r 1 .A Q, , 7 ,, . i r - 3 . ', V iew -' 'E , : , - N 1 , . L 3 54 - .azrmereffgf . iff .V ' -, ' i . 1 f,g.i- A. 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Row 2-Thomas Bennettg john Bensong Steven Beyg Robert Billisg Bill Blackg Michael Boldeng Tyrone Brockg Charles Browng Eugene Browng Rickey Browng Dennis Buckg Charles Burnsg Richard Calopietrog Sam Carman. Row 5-Wai'ren Carverg Paul Chapmang Ted Childressg james Clarkg Thomas Clayborneg Blake Cluckeyg Paul Cluffg Jerome Colemang Cymel Coleyg Wfarren Collumg Michael Connertong Robert Connertong Robert Copeg Larry Cornwell. Row 4-James Cousinog Terry Cousinog Charles Cousinsg jerry Coxg Albert Daltong Mel Davilag Ernest Davisg Herman Davisg Jesse Davisg Kenneth Davisg Steve Demecsg Melvin Dentg Larry Deyg Henry Dixon. Row 5-Joseph Drahang jerry Dunlapg Kenneth Dunlapg Patrick Durhamg Garrett Elkinsg Donald Elliotg Willizlni Ellis: Bruce Ernchg Bernard Esmondg Michael Farnsworthg Ronald Filipovichg Mark Finkg Tom Fisclierg Joseph Fisher. Row 6-james Fletcherg Walter Flowersg james Flunderg Gerald Fosterg Cedric Frankling Elliot Frankling Gary Fryeg Craig Geraldg Mark Gerbeckg James Grayg john Hagueg Jerome Hamiltong Douglas I-Iancockg Ronald Hanicq. jI"e6Al'l'Lel'l 0g6 Row 1--Clifton Hanksg john Hannumg David Hardisong Donnell Harrisg Wayne Heardg James Henleyg jamie Hicksg Russell Hobbsg Armand Holmesg George Horng John Hoskinsg Arthur I-Ioustong Willie Hunterg john Hyter. Row 2-James Ingersollg Ted Isaacsg Arnold jacksong Nicholas Jeffniesg Willie jenningsg Frank johnsong Robert johnsong Roy johnson- Thaddeus johnsong Frederick jonesg Charles jordang Thomas Kasprezykg Dennis Keyserg jack Knotts. r Row 3--David Knuthg Ronald Krauserg Richard Krerowiczg David Kreigerg Terry Kuhng james LeBeaug David LaPlanteg Guann LaTimer' Ronald Learyg john LeMayg George Lewisg Dennis Liehichg Rickey Linclsayg Ulyses Lockheart. a Row 4-Robert McClorrine3 Richard McClourlg Edward McGeeg Ronald McGranahang james McLendong Jim McVickerg Ronnie McVicker' Edward Madisong james Manningg Robin Pat Marklanclg Terry Martellg Wallace Massengillg Bruce Maxwellg Roy Meade. 1 Row 5-jack Millerg Frank Montog john Mooreg Ronald Mooreg David Mowkag Reginald Murphyg John Myersg Gary Nadeaug Darrell Neal' james Nealg john Nollg Dana Noyesg Robert Olverag jerry O'Neil. a Row 6-Danny Orzechowskig james Overtong Nearis Parkerg Marlin Pattersong Melvin Pegorchg Robert Perkinsg Sam Pezzinog Stephen Pheilsg Victor johnsong Frank Pimientag Donald Plumadoreg Michael Pommeranzg Timothy Posaclnyg Joseph Powers. :-12: - fe- if in fa gl"2JLl'l'l2l'l 0y6 Row 1-Wesley Proshek, james Randles, Phillip Rayfordg Tim Redtoxg Ray Reitzg Terry Reynoldsg DeWayne Riley, Donald Roberts, Louis Robbins, Gordon Rolfesg Todd Rose, Robert Russellg Danny Saarg Rodney Schneider. Row 2-Keith Schultzg Gerald Sherman, Robert Shorterg Robert Silerg Gerald Silong Calvin Smith, Kenneth Smith, Scottie Smith, Mike Soncrantg Eugene Spearman, Ron Spearman, Richard Stacy, Mike Stineg Ray Stivenson. Row 3-Phillip Stubblefieldg john Taraschkeg Curtis Tarrieg Richard Terrillg Clarence Theriacg james Thomassong Gary Tillmang Willie Tisclaleg Woodrow Tracyg Robert Tuckerg Floyd Turley, jack Turleyg Cusenio Vasquez, Rito Vribes. Row 4-Scott Walter, William Washer, Larry Wellsg Larry Whaley, Mike XY'hitmerg Roy Wiegandg Terrence Vfilliams, Robert Willisg Anthony Wlilloughbyg Leon Wilson, Edward Winfreeg Albert Woodardg Russell Wordeng Michael Zielinski. Adkins, Glenn Anthony, Robert Baker, Randy Beene, Willie Berry, Rickie Black, Kenneth Blevins, John Bliss, Robert Borzymonski, John Braun, Tom Brock, Westley Brown, Robert Broxton, Reginald Buck, Tom Burgess, james Burns, Roger Byrnes, Mike Cherry, Frank Cherry, Ron Cunningham, Raymond Davis, Leon Davis, Roger Easterly, Edwin Easterwood, Richard Ellis, Bernie Gaudette, Ronald Geer, Richard Giles, Larry Gilcs, Clarence Goree, Robert Gorsuch, Steve Harp, Don Harp, Williain FRESHMAN BOYS WITHOUT 'PICTURES Hart, james Hazard, Tom Hicks, Don Hogan, Charles Holloway, Richard jackson, Raymond jackson, Sammie jahns, Victor james, Lawrence Jeffries, Cornell jenkins, Gerald Jones, john Lammon, Edward Lancaster, Donald McEwen, Douglas Mclntire, Ronald Mack, Herman Mathis, Dennis Martinez, Henry Mathis, Dennis Morrison, XX'illiam O'Neal, Bernie Porter, Dennis Pribe, Duane Quinney, Keith Rodriquez, Oscar Schott, Paul Russell, Larry Scicere, Don Scott, Michael Smith, Richard Soto, Michael Spearman, Don Spearman, Laville Stallworth, Cleveland Stovall, Robert Struck, John Taylor, james Taylor, Robert Townsend, james Townsend, Lester Valentine, james Washington, Oscar Wilcox, john Williams, Bernnie Wills, Richard Winter, Michael Woodniore, Mike 45 -fi 1 i I I 1 1 an A if , A: u 1 is F .1 I I 1-.- I ' me Quick! Someone-fi bowling ball! "A vun and a too und a tree . . Under the direction of Mary Fries, our hard-working pep band starts off Our majorettes foopsl and drum majorj strike rr salute. another game with the national anthem. Mr. Rusie thoughtfully takes in the action. Necessary rabble-rousing equipment. Even mujorettes have to "take five". :74-3 MMTMMMTMEE Q o 0 I. - 11 'fx 3 ,,l I ff. : Y 1 , . grin :' 'f 3 4 WALL 5, 5.0 J Qs Q!! 5 I 7' 545 -. Twig eg, I W W 15 I Y ' ' 3' Lvfgiiis-I' dig- , 'Mg 'Tm :WEEE fix fdggli, I?" Ia!-1' 325 I: f' 1 'u .11 Q5 I . STUDENT COUNCIL NATIONAL HONOR PUBLICATIONS LITERARY SOCIETIES SERVICE CLUBS STUDY CLUBS f" GQ.. nwloun I i nnlok llfllhl rf 4 P C I W V I, 'J I 4, , x Aa A Q 12151 ' ,f X, 1' TKIQQQI :I 6 Q , . ' Q liifw' as L " ,gift . ' 1 -f A 1' I s 'J , if 1 I ' . 'Nj 9, M I 5- .3 ' 3 ' I-I .1 ' a www!! qv' II , . 'I 'f', ' 'i M iw-u111llWi ,f , I I I , K il I: I Y E O X Q .- . -tg: f I 15x 1 ,fx , 1 V . , fa 7 FF T... 1, A . A I ffl-tix JM., f I ' . I . is glfqxl 3 fa-ff ,. I 1 ' ,' - U 1, Q' -LWJ-sb 'gg'-fnaerjil' . J-mug! ,, -I ll ah, 3:-113-2 li-ggyluw .I , --,4 If -1.5 .. ' K ffm' ' ' 4 'I ,V Wig' 4 -.- if xy? I "ff 3" J I A ' A ' fy ' .2 :77: as ...au E Q YK S S aa 5 5 i wen- JN 'sr - air. , is mf v-f sr W? vm iam - fri., Tr 1 P ,. X ,, ,Q .fa lf it '1' y.W.,, 5. , N 7 A 5 i is Q mm---in ROW 1-Robert Shorter, Karen Booher, Mr. Jack Pfeifer, Suzanne ROXV 2-Treva Syph, Sam Stover, Larry Loehrke, Libby Loehrl-ce, Leary, Diane Baker. Althea Ray, Edward Cook. Libby Loehrke, Pres.g Sam Stover, Vice Pres.g Treva Syph, Sec.-Treas. in Sgt.-at-Armsg Edward Cook, .gluclenf Counci Mr. Pfeifer inspired members of the Student Council to foster school spirit and to encourage good citizenship among Libbey students. Among many other activities, the Student Coun- cil sponsored a rousing football mass meeting, the annual spring clean-up campaign, and the Home- coming Queen election. The annual spring roast completed the year. Q And whom are you taking to the dance, Mr. Pfeifer? HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES 1 'X' """ ' 'W ' M" N " "' ' M M B251-"DE ROW 1-Mary Fries, Jane Wagoner, Eddye Ray, Joyce Rosebrock, Judy Hitchner, Sandra Sharp, Treva Syph, Leslie Bothast, David Holman, Ruth Emch, Carol Bail. ROW 2-Darlene Heckart, Althea Ray, Susan Terrill, Essie Dickerson, Deborah Panning, Miss Loehrke, Pattie Geier, Billie Glendening. Sharon Smith, Jill Knapp, Carol Gere. ROW 3-Frances Horvath, Beverly Manz, Ardella Root, Libby Lochrke, Glenn Ingersoll, Phil Horosewslci, Tim Kruse, Jan Blechinger, Jean O'Neil, Brian Taylor, Kay Braun, Dave Weber. Wafiona onor ociefy ROW 1-Leslie Bothast, President. ROW 2-Phil Horosewski, Treas.g Pattie Geier, Prog. Chairman, Judy Hitchner, Vice-Pres. ROW 5-Jean O'Neil, Scholarship Chairman. ROW 1-Loraine Feltner, Susan Rosebrock, Royine Campbell, Barbara Harrison, Sylvia Loper, Rosemary Foster, Sandy Kuhn, Linda Mc- Clorrine, Dianne Christian, Judy Meade, Dorothy Driver. ROW 2-James Friemark, Bill Forrey, Anna May Edwards, Judy Dismuke, Linda Mayo, Cathey Borton, Judy Tibbits, Karen Hochmuth. Brenda Pearson, Sue Krueger, Janice Jones. ROW 3-Nancy Achor, Linda Blackford, Jim Mitchell, Bob Reinbolt, Gary McCourt, Larry Loehrke, Alex McCrae, Stan Lewandowski, Judy Tallman, Dorothy Bylow, Lynn Dusseau. - --Y- -I - ,NU V- ----f N ummm:-T-yr-W rs, , ,jew ' ,Qi 'I is 5, 7 ROXW 1-Brenda Byrd, Patricia McCourt, Evonne jaynes, Rosie Norwood, Myricks McGee, Karen Booher, Joe Fisher. ROW 2-Bill Xllfasher, jerry O'Neil, Dave Knuth, Richard Krerowicz, Janet Opperman, Michael Pommeranz, Margaret Meyer, Joan Yorke. The National Honor Society, under the guidance of Miss Lois Loehrke, strived throughout the year to be worthy of its purpose: to develop personal characterg encourage leadership and service to the schoolg and promote the scholarship of Libbey students. To carry out these aims, the Scholarship Program was presented in january. The speakers were jean O'Neil, a Libbey senior, Betsy Hill and Milton Pommeranz, Libbey graduates now enrolled at the University of Toledo, and Mr. Pfeifer, a faculty member who is a former Libbey and University of Toledo graduate. Among the Honor Society's services to the school was the responsibility of supervising the class elections, The club members put on Il program for the student body in February entitled, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad School" with members of the faculty starring as "students" spoofing classroom routine. This huge success raised money for a scholarship to a deserving senior. The induction of new members was held in Marchg outstanding freshmen and sophomores were recognized and awarded certificates or pins. ROW 1-Randy Hoffman, Randy Carter. ROW 2-Nancy Rolf, Jean Ostman, Diane Baker, Marilyn Mitchell. ROW 3-Dale Switzer, Patti Lowrie, Sharon Siler, Jerry Birr. - iiliwwaxgifwww 5 " ' Another Edelian is being hatched Getting the Edelian ready for the press has kept the staff busy. Write-ups, layouts, typing, name checking, getting advertisements, picture-taking, and the effort to keep the theme a secret, all contributed to a very exciting year. In October, Mrs. Hunsaker and five members of the Edelimz staff attended a yearbook work- shop at Bowling Green State University. The presentation of the Edelian to the seniors at the Senior Banquet, and the distribution of the yearbook to the underclassmen the following day completed a busy year for the hardkworking staff. Row 1-Dorothy Driver, Donna Denker, Richard Kurschat, jr., Anna May Edwards, Royine Campbell, Barbara Harrison, Linda Bazzell Row 2-Dianne Christian, Linda Mayo, Mr. Martin, Advisor, Mrs. I-Iunsaker, Advisor, Mr. Rusie, Advisor, Sharon Smith, Terry Waldron Row 5-janet Schmidt, Lynn Dusseau, Ginny Laster, Brian Taylor, Bob Smith, Dan Spilman, Stan Lewandowski, Fran Horvath , ,. , Y , , ,... , ,,,, ...,.- .,... ,.. ,...,,., , ..,..,.. , ., The Crystal staff proudly survey the fruits of their labor The second runner-up for the best printed paper in Northwestern Ohio last year, The Cryylal continues to bring Libbey honors. The staff was composed of five boys and nine girls, who provided news and entertainment to the school all year. The staff had a Christmas party, attended a journalism workshop at Bowling Green State University, and went to an awards dinner in April. Row 1--Casimir Drahiem, Susan Terrill, Brenda Pearson, Mrs. Wfarsell, Advisor, Rosemary Foster, Judy Dismulce, Darlene Heckart Row 2-Billie Glendening, Libby Loehrke, Phil Horosewski, Larry Loehrke, Anthony Zdybek, Jean O'Nei1, jill Knapp ' Qui! ana! :bugger ogferarg ociefy Sam Stover, Chap.g james Hollopeter, Tre:1s.g Craig Breitner, Sgt.-an Armsg Greg Hansen, Pres.g Alan Schmude, Sec., john Markland, Vice Pres. Posters and banners for athletic games provided an introduction to Libbey's Quill and Dagger Society. Mr. Davis and Mr. Ewen, the club's advisors, have stimulated a greater interest in Q.D.'s among the club'S members. Service projects such as the donation of tt Christmas basket were part of the program. A mid-term dance and ll dinner were highlights of the club's social activities. ROW 1-Kary Sauers, George Hochmuth, John Markland, Harold Hoffman, Bill Plontz. ROW 2-Jim Emch, Pat Barrett, Mr. Davis, Bruce Breitner, Craig Breitner. ROW 3-Alan Colwell, Cortlandt Steinwedel, Mike LaBeau, Greg Hansen, Alan Schmude, jim Hollopeter. .. or.. . .,.e.,.. , ,. . , MW, :84: orum ogferarg ociefg Row 1-Don Isaacs, Secy.g Larry Loehrke, Pres., Chuck Suter, Vice Pres., Gary McCourt, Treas.g Phil Holst, Sgt.-at-Arms, Ron Coleman, Chap. After some organizational difficulties at the beginning of this year, the members of the Forum Literary Society have now shown a renewed interest in the club. Together with the Q.D.'s, the Forum has planned a post-examination dance for Libbey students, The year will end with a spring roast. Row 1-Ron Mercer, Ronald Ballard, Mike Wiegand, Bill Forrey, Chuck Marshall, Donald Hopings, Edward Cook, David Holman Row 2-Donald Isaacs, Glenn Ingersoll, Robert Tribble, Mr. Hilles, Advisor, Harold Vifaters, Chuck Suter, Michael Rose, Randy Carter Row 3-Terry Hopkins, Greg Longbrake, Michael McClain, Larry Loehrke, Gary McCourt, Ron Coleman, Phil Horosewski, Phil Holst :35: pkifakfkean oliferarg ociefy Row 1-Becky Carothers, Hist.g Frances Horvath, Pres., Pamela Hopings, Sec. Row 2-Ardella Root, Chap.g Libby Loehrke, Treats., Nancy Achor, Vice Pres. The purpose of the Philalethean Literary Society is to promote scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and school spirit. This purpose was successfully promoted under the leadership of their new advisor, Miss Dorothy Smilax. As part of their service program, Phils decorated the cafeteria at Christmas and sponsored an Easter egg hunt for orphaned children, Social highlights of the year were the Sadie Hawkins Dance and the annual spring banquet. Row 1-Audrey Taylor, Pamela Hopings, Sharon Siler, Sandy Kuhn, Sherry King, Treva Syph, Eddye Ray, Becky Carothers Row 2-Dianne Christian, Althea Ray, Jill Knapp, Ginny Laster, Miss Smilax, juli Fic, Nancy Achor, Royine Campbell, Barbara Harrison Row 3-Barbara Douthett, Mary Boomer, Fran Horvath, Darlene Strange, Libby Loehrke, Lynn Dusseau, Ardella Root, Pam Williams eric ean e oliferarg ociefg ROW 1-Karen Hochmuth, Pres., Sharon Smith, Vice Pres. ROW 2-Joyce Rosebrock, Chap., Kay Braun, Sec.g Janice Jones, Sgt at-Armsg Sue Rosebrock, Treas. Under the leadership of their new advisor, Mrs. Carol Staton, the Periclean Literary Society endeavored to realize their motto, Nulli Sermzdur, Second la None. Throughout the year, Peris participated in such Tri-Lit activities as the roast, banquet, and dance. Their annual cherry pie sale in honor of Washington's birthday was a successful endeavor. Two service projects. a Christmas basket, and the decorating of study halls for Christmas, enabled the Peris to do their part for Libbey. ROW 1-Karen Druckemiller, Cathy Corder, Joyce Rosebrock, Barbara Zaper, Judy Meade, Karen Korcsog, Cheryl Tibbets, Ruth Emch. ROW 2-Susan Rosebrock, Gerrie Kurtz, Karen Cothren, Mrs. Carol Staton, Advisor, Janice Jones, Sandra Sharp, Peggy Stivenson, Theresa Gedeon. ROW 3-Mary Jean Klein, Brenda Pearson, Billie Glendening, Mary Richards, Kay Braun, Brenda Myers, Millie Coleman, Sharon Smith, Karen Hochmuth. :S-1: Zfaifkean Jiferarg ociefg ROW 1-janet Schmidt, Hist.g Pattie Geier, Pres., Jean O'Neil, Vice Pres., Anna May Edwards, Treas. ROW 2-Jeanette Harlow, Rec. Sec., Linda Mayo, Corr. Sec. ROW 3-Essie Dickerson, Sgt,-at-Arms, Suzanne Leary, Censor: Bon- nie Strickstein, Chap. The Zetalethean Literary Society, under the supervision of Mrs. Bonita Smith, advisor, and the leadership of Pattie Geier, president, partici- pated in a year of whirlwind activities. Among these many activities were the annual banquet, the Zet tea, the adoption of a cottage of orphans from the Miami Children's Home, and the selling of Senior name cards. The Zets also helped to plan the Tri-Lit Roast and the Tri-Lit Dance. Throughout the year the club invited various guests to speak to the girls. Among these guests were, Mr. Charles Martin, activities director, and Miss Shirley Stewart, the librarian. Members also made a study of contemporary American poetry. ROW 1-Lynn Suter, Dorothy Driver, Marlene Moody, Jeanette Harlow, Betty Miller, jane Wagoner, Diane Baker, Mary Fries, ROW 2-Suzanne Leary, Susan Terrill, Nancy Rolf, Kathy Pasch, Mrs. Bonnie Smith, Advisor, Pattie Geier, Anna May Edwards, Darlene Heckart, Maxine Garner. ROW 5-Sharlene Krantz, Cherie Howe, Essie Dickerson, janet Schmidt, jean O'Neil, Jan Blechinger, Becky Vogelhacher, Linda Mayo, Bonnie Strickstein. EQ.-'EQ 4' ZH Y JL. 4 ma:,..,,, :win Row 1-Karen Druckemiller, Lynn Suter, Brenda Pearson, Judy Hitchner, Marlene Moody, Diane Baker Row 2-Cynthia M. Franklin, Essie Dickerson, Miss Kinney, Advisor, Mrs. Pritchard, Advisor, Pattie Geier, Dianne Christian Row 5-Barbara Douthett, Mary Boomer, Darlene Strange, Brenda Myers, jean O'Neil, Lynn Dusseau, Billie Glendening gufure lac em of America The Future Teachers Association, under the direction of co-advisors Mrs. Jean Pritchard and Miss Carol Kinney, continues to instill in its members the ideals and responsibilities involved with a teaching career. The Libbey chapter of F.T.A. headed a most successful joint meeting of the Northwestern Ohio Future Teachers Association at the T.U. Student Union in October. One of the most enjoyable projects of the year was making stuffed toys as Christmas gifts for the children at Maumee Valley hospital, The spring banquet completed another successful year. Row 1-Betti Miller, jill Knapp, james Friemark, Linda Blackford, Sharon Smith, Susan Terrill, Royine L. Campbell Row 2-Judy Tibbits, Nancy Rolf, Mrs. Pritchard, Miss Kinney, Wfendy Daniel, jane Wfagoner, Ruth Emch Row 3-Nancy Achor, Karen Hochmuth, George Shields, Sally Burmeister, Judy Tallman, Darlene Heckart, Mary Fries m Row 1-Gloria Workman, Margaret Moore, Robin Pasch, Loraine Feltner, Betti Miller, Judith Stewart, Maxine Garner, Paula Stubblefield, Janet Feltner, Eddye Ray Row 2-Loretta Walker, Charlene Harris, Ilene Harris, Jacquelyn Cook, Geraldine Kynard, Darlene Heckart, Susan Terrill, Althea Ray, Deborah Panning, Kathleen Medere Row 3-Billie Glendening, Edward Cook, Levon Rayford, David Nirschl, joseph Green, James Luginbuhl, Westly Brock, Annamaric Ely, Essie Dickersen, Cynthia Franklin, Sue Strasel Row 1-james Luginbuhl, Pres.g Betti Miller, Vice Pres.g Ilene Harris, Sec. Row 2-Edward Cook, Sgt.-at-Arms, Susan Terrill, Chap.g Billie Glendening, Treas. ELL CPM Newly organized this year, the Bible Club has had a good start and seems likely to become an important addition to Libbey activities, Under the direction of Miss Shirley Stewart, the club participated in all Lenten Services. A bake sale provided money for expenses, and a picnic in May completed a successful first year. jufure ameri o!.x4merica "Service to others and the stimulation of interest in nursing as a profes- sion" is the motto proudly upheld by the Future Nurses of America. An induction tea was held in November to welcome new members. Throughout the year, Mrs. Tanner, the advisor, related to the members of F.N.A. the fundamentals of nursing and gave demonstrations of various tech- niques. ROW 1-Connie Henry, janet jarzehoski, Paula Stoker, Robin Pasch, Brenda Coleman ROW 2-Linda Wright, Ingrid Whitfield, Mrs. Tanner, Advisor, Judith Stewart, Dorothy Driver ROW 3-jo Anne Durban, Sue Ellen Krueger, janet Schmidt, Becky Vogelbacher, Margaret Dills, Bonita Franklin E ' f"N ROW 1-Diana Saar, Brenda Lawson, Vivian Palm, Mrs. Carol Staton, Dorothy Meyer, Mary Roberts, Rita Valdez. ROW 2-Joyce Rosebrock, Barbara Zaper, Suzanne Leary, Miss Kenney, Advisor, Judy Meade, Geraldine Kynard, Sandy Kuhn. ROW 3-Judy Newcomer, Ardella Root, Shirley Kreft, Mr. Needles, Advisor, Brenda Carter, Jo Anne Madden, Susan Rosebrock. gufure ufiineaa Oda era 0 merica I, Conventions and state honors were highlights for F.B.L.A.'s club year. The scrapbook which was presented at the State Convention took top honors. Serving at open house, the annual candy sale, and a Christmas basket, were a few of their services. During the club year, the business teachers of Libbey gave their all in promoting more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of busi- ness occupations. Joyce Rosebrock, Vice Pres.: Judy Meade, Sr Rep.g Rita Valdes, Sec., Maxine Garner, Chap. Suzanne Leary, Jr. Rep., Brenda Carter, Treas. Theresa Gedeon, Sgt.-at-Arms, Kay Braun, Pres. Barbara Zaper, Reporter. ROW 1-Chris Dylewski, Maxine Garner, Loraine Feltner, Pat Holtfreter, Mrs. Moody, Advisor, Sue Haberland, Theresa Gedeon, Carol Dylewski ROW 2-Diane Heckerman, Cathey Borton, Sylvia Goldstein, Mrs. Morgan, Advisor, Miss Edwards, Advisor, Rita Callahan, Hollie DeCius Sharon Cook, Sherry King. - ROW 5-Fran Horvath, Sue Gantz, Julie Fic, Mr. Spice, Advisor. Kathey Kennelly, Kay Braun, Theresa Daniels, Kathy Decker. :91: Lber ribeufdcAe urein Janet Schmidt, Hist.g Dale Switzer, Sgt.-at.armsg Susan Terrill, Corr. sec.g Sandy Sharp, Pres.g Judy Hitchner, V. Pres,g Karen Hochmuth, Sec., Jeanette Harlow, Treas. Der Deutsche Verein was organized to provide a more cultural background and as an exciting stimulus for those students interested in the German language. Many activities highlighted the year for the members of the German Club. Induction proved to be a highspot this year when thirteen new members boosted the total membership to a record high. The third annual caroling party again proved rewarding to all, and members climaxed the evening with barbecues, chips, and pop at Sandy Sharp's home. Cultural benefits were acquired by way of another gratifying trip to the Toledo Art Museum and by numerous German movies. A first for the club this year was a banquet, Der Deutsche Verein has high hopes that this will become an annual event. The close of another year was happily concluded among the sights of Side Cut Park where members enjoyed a true German "Wander'ung" with all the American conveniences of Coke and hotdogs. ROW 1-Carol Bail, Brenda Snell, Loretta Burk, Patti Scott, David Holman, Leslie R. Bothast, Fran Hess, Karen Booher, Gloria Workiiian. ROW 24-Judy Hitchner, Sandy Sharp, Karen Hochmuth, Janet Schmidt, Miss Loehrke, advisor, Michael Pommeranz, Jim Thomusson, Susan Terrill, Jeanette Harlow. ROW 3-David Wfeber, Jerry O'Neil, Ken Davis, Doug Hancock, Alex McCrae, Gary McCourt, Larry Bazzell, John Hyter, Jerry Birr, Dale Switzer. 1 2 , Q - , . , - H irq -Z 5 k U Ml Eql 'T W .,. , . Ez' .-E Q. , I zlug in .I 4192'-' W, as i , - ,,.,,, s. ,,..,,, .,,,.,, ,.,4,.,...,...,,,., . ,.MM. ,,., . ., nl ' l ecrci grancaifi Royine Campbell, Sec.g Linda Mayo, V. Pres., Ed Cook, Sgtfat-armsg Jean O'Neil, Pres., Lynn Suter, Chap,g Pattie Geier, Treas.g Essie Dickerson, Reporter. In an effort to fulfill the purpose of stimulating interest in French and France, Le Carrie Fmnrfzir has had two meetings a month, one for business and the other for a program. The club has been very successful in varying the programs, from reports on famous French people and skits in French to color slides of France. The members also had the opportunity to go to the Toledo Art Museum as a group to see the special exhibit from the Louvre Museum in Paris. Another program of study was the exchange of letters between club members and students in France. The French Club has quite a reputation around Libbey for having highly profitable fudge and brownie sales. The success of these sales and other projects is the result of guidance and help from the advisors of the club, Miss Bernice Krueger and Miss Beryl Ebner. In support of Libbey's activities, the club was a sponsor of the Edelirm and the junior and senior class plays. The annual banquet took place at the end of the year. At this festive climax to the activities of Le Cercle Fmrzrfzir. the officers for 1965-66 were installed. The French Club moto is: E11 forgemzf 011 derierzz fm',germz-in other words, Prrrrfice :nuker perferl. ROW 1-Cheryl Robinson, Jeanette Bail, Eddye Ray, Evonne jaynes, Lincla McClorrine, Miss Beryl Ebner, advisor, jacquelyn Cook, Barbara Harrison, Myricks McGee, Sandy Albrecht, Diane Baker, Penny Zeiter. ROW 2-Maxine Garner, Kathleen Medere, Sharlene Krantz, Nancy Rolf, Cynthia Franklin, Miss Bernice Krueger, Yolanda Hargrave, Jeanne Porter, Gerrie Kurtz, Althea Ray, Betty Miller, Lynette Summers. ROW 3-Pam Williams. Donald Hopings, janet Opperman, Betty Kruse, joseph Green, Dick Duryea, Brenda Myers, Darlene Strange, Mary Richards, Mary Boomer, Sharon Smith, Barb Sander. cc ianza :ilaano cz Row 1-james Friemark, Vice Pres.g Berteriece Nicholas, Sec.-Treas.g Bar- bara Douthett, President Mrs. Schering has guided her club through another active and successful year. They have continued their traditional study of the cul- ture of Spanish-speaking peoples all over the world. A few of the club's activities have been an October tea, a visit to the Art Museum, and the annual banquet. Row 1- Theresa Brown, Nancy Newman, Pam I-Iopings, jean Ostman, Elaine Kyle, Lupe Luna, Donna Glynn, Diane Liebich, Berteriece Nicholas Row 2-Linda Wlright, Judy Tibbits, Elise Karen Gable, james Friemark, Mrs. Schering, Advisor, Percy Mathews, Mary Caldwell, Donna Denker, Donita Gaasch Row 3-Cherie Howe, Mary Richards, Estella Cherry, Bernard Stone, George Shields, David Ostman, Robbie Tucker, Barbara Douthett, Shirley Loper Q ---6 avr: 'is' 0 1 unior Cfafiziica eague Casimir Drahan, Hist.g jan Blechinger, Sgt.-at-Armsg Terry Hopkins, Treas Barbara jean Mason, Sec,g jane XXfagoner, Pres. Under the skillful guidance of Mr. Dillon, Libbey's junior Classical League has instilled in its members an interest in the classics and ancient history, Visits to the Art Museum added emphasis to the study of the classics. The club participated in such social events as a picnic, bowling party, and the Latin banquet. Row 1-Janet jarzebowski, Ruth Emch, Sharon Siler, Joyce Miller, jane Wagoner, Casimir Drahan, Karen Hetzer, Robert Siler, Margaret Rodriquez Row 2-Darlene Heckart, Janice jones, Geraldine Kynard, Terry Kuhn, Mr. john Dillon, advisor, Ginny Laster, Carol Gere, Bonnie Strickstein, Linda Wright, Marilyn Mitchell Row 3-Katy Sauers, D. J. Limpf, Barbara Jean Mason, Sandra Filipovich, Terry Hopkins, jan Blechinger, Vivian Rossvanes, Theresa Daniels, Billie Glendening 74 04 K -Ein: - 'Vw :95: Row 1-Natalie Gaisser, James Hockenberger, Brenda Pearson, Anna May Edwards, Cathey Borton, Sherrie DeCius Row 2-Bonnie Strickstein, Sharon Smith, Fran Horvath, Mr, Davis, Advisor, Janet Schmidt, Pattie Geier, Ingrid Vlfhitfield Row 3-Leonard Garrett, Greg Longbrake, Larry Pace, Robert Reinbolt, Jean O'Neil, Dave Ostman ramaficd The Dramatic:-Q Club, under the supervision of Mr. R. W. Davis, strives to instill in its members an interest in all phases of drama. Members participated in both the junior and senior class plays as well as the Rhythm Roundup. The club also had a full calendar of social events including parties, a formal induction, stage plays, and a spring banquet. Stan Lewandowski, Pres.: Brenda Carter, Sec., Fran Hor- vath, Speaker, Sue Terrill, Vice Pres., Linda Mayo, Sgt.- at-Armsg Judy Meade, Treas. Row 1-Connie Henry, Nancy Newman, Joyce Rose-brock, Pat Noyes, Carol Dylewski, Christine Dylewski Row 2-Kay Jolley, Judy Meade, Susan Rosebrock, Mr. R. Wayne Davis, Advisor, Susan Terrill, Sue Strasel, Darlene Heckart Row 3-Linda Mayo, Jim Mitchell, Michael Rose, Jan Blechinger, Stan Lewandowski, Brenda Carter, Billie Glendening we .xg cdemidf Sociefg Cheryl Mills, Treas.g Maxine Garner, Sec.g Alex McCrae, Sgt.-at-Armsg David Ostman, Presidentg Tim Kruse, Vice-Pres.g Walter' Tucker, Chaplain. To further stimulate the interest of students in chemistry and its rewards is the aim of the Alchemist Society. Witlu the help of Mrs. Grace Vermilya, advisor, the Alchemists had another successful year. The intellectual activities included an interesting field trip to the Allied Chemical Co., and in March, a guest speaker talked on new products being born through chemical research. An annual Christmas party and a breakfast held in the laboratory were among the social events that highlighted this year's activities of the Alchemists. Row 1-Jesse Phifer, Dyonne Smith, Dorothy Driver, Cheryl Mills, Sue Strasel, Maxine Garner, Judith Stewart, David Holman, Gloria Kasten Row 2-Ruth Emch, Susan Terrill, Deborah Panning, Carol Gere, Wziltei' Tucker. Mrs. Vermilya, james Hockcnberger, Billie Glendening, Bon- nie Strickstein, Darlene Heckart Row 5-D. J. Limpf, David Ostman, Terry Hopkins, Alex McCrae, Tim Kruse. Bernard Stone, Cecil Smith, Stan Lewandowski, Donald Hop- ings, Ronald Ballard I i :97: Row 1--Paula Stoker, Brenda Lawson, Cheryl Tibbits, Sandy Kuhn, Pat, Holtfreter, Elaine Gramling, Frances F. Bacon, Marsha Klostermeier Row Z-Theresa Gedeon, JoAnn Willard, Janice Jones, Karen Cothren, Miss Dorothy Smilax, Advisor, Sharon Bliss, Sylvia Loper, Mary Cald- well, Linda Wright Row 3-Judi Newcomer, Ardella Root, Vivian Rossvanes, Sandra Filipovich, Sharon Ramsdell, Becky Vogelbacher, Kathy Decker, Lula Mae Byrd Beth LaVrar -lem Y-Teen Club has always been one of Libbey's strongest organizations. Its success is reflected in its motto, to build fellowship among the members, thus fostering the ideals of personal and social living. Miss Smilax, their new advisor, has led the club through another success- ful year. Among activities were the city-wide Y-Teen Harvest Hop and an "Ugly Man Dance". Y-Teens. candidate, Miss Judy Meade, was the successful candidate for Homecoming Queen and with her court, was honored at the Homecoming game with DeVilbiss. Dyonne Smith, V. Pres.g Sandy Kuhn, Sec.g Sue Gantz, Treas.g Judy Meade, Pres. Row 1-Carol Horn, Azzie Lee Williams, Rosie Barkhimer, Nancy Dross, Ruth Emch, Judith Stine, Nancy Newman, Berteriece Nicholas Row 2-Dyonne A. Smith, Barbara Walker, Betty Miller, Susan Terrill, Miss Dorothy Smilax, Advisor, Dorothy Brooks, Paula Stubblefield Maxine Garner, Eddye Ray, Pam Hopings P"", 7 ' , Row 3-Althea Ray, Geraldine Kynard, Mary Richards, Bonita Palmer, Deborah Ann Archie, Levon Rayford, Jacqueline Luckett, Essie Dicker son, Margaret Barkhimer zgg: Row 1-Connie Henry, Janet Jarzeboski, Rita Valdes, Suzanne Leary, Joyce Rosebrock, Sue I-Iaberland, Eilleen Vinson, Christine Dylewski, Carol Dylewski Row 2-Natalie Gaisser, Judy Meade, Barbara Zaper, JoAnn Madden, Miss Dorothy Smilax, Advisor, Susan Rosebrock, Sandy Reynolds, Linda Campbell, Kay Jolley, Karen Leiter Row 3-Royine L, Campbell, Bonnie Strickstein, Sue Gantz, Lois Burgess, Sharon Smith, Brenda Carter, Hazel Beauch, Rita Callahan, Peggy Stivenson, Kathy Reynolds Zena l olzggeg 05261 el":i Under the fine sponsorship of Mrs, Harriet Billmaier and Mrs. Gloria Lindeman, Libbey Leaders has lived up to the motto "Be a good sport, win or lose". They enjoyed participating in the Archery Sports Day Intramuralsg a picnic in May ended the year. Row 1-Berteriece Nicholas, Gloria NXlorkman, Jean Meier, Elaine Gramling, Ruth Emch, Nancy Newman, Theresa Brown Row 2-Pamela Hopings, JoAnn Willard, Sharon Young, Mrs. Billmaier, Advisor, Mrs. Lindeman, Advisor, Pearlie Coley, Judith Stewart, Karen Korcsog Row 3-Loraine Feltner, Annie Steward, Susan Terrill, Billie Glendening, Sharon Ramsdell, Sandra Perry, Geraldine Kynard, Shirley Hunter 'ef' :gg-: av Row 1-Cassandre Cooke, Mary Hamm, Robert Shorter, Charles Hightower, Evelyn Spearman, Marlene Moody, Barbara Harrison, Carol Martin, Mary Cook, Luana Kurschat, Audrey Taylor, Roberta Howard Row 2-Sue Strasel, Rosemary Foster, Richard Reinbolt, Nathaniel Johnson, Bobbie McGovern, Pattie Geier, Mr. Dunlap, Advisor, Rochelle Whitfield, Daniel Gribble, Ingrid Whitfield, Anita Hetzer, Nitja Baker, Donna Jeziorowski Row 3-Linda Lockett, Fred Stanton, Willie Jean Vffilson, Richard Hague, Deborah Archie, Joe Cooke, Garfield Houston, Jimmy Ragland, Roy Meade, Rita Callahan, Kathy Pasch, Rosie Simmons Luana Kurschat, Treas.g Sue Strasel, Corr. Sec.g g Nitja Baker, Activity Chm.g Bobbie McGovern, Organization Chin., Audrey Taylor, Sec. Row 1-Diana Saar, Andrea Mendoza, Wendy Daniel, Linda Sheila Hymore paiffe an Graf guifo! Newly founded in February, the organization has some growing to do. It has a unique administration of three chairmen instead of the usual offices held. Common interests and creative minds are the bonds of this organization which hopes to become outstanding in activities for its members, honors ac- quired, and services to the school. It will present annually in the spring an exhibit of student art work and looks forward to sponsoring other art activities for the school throughout the year. orare, The Libbey Teen Club, under the direction of Mrs, Gloria Lindernan, fosters fellowship between girls with common ideals of personal and social living to which they are committed by their faith as Christians. Morris, Priscilla Tolen, Elaine Kyle, Lunette Summers, Sunday Morse, Ruth Stone, Row 2-Dorothy Meyer, Mary Sue Reynolds, Margaret Leonard, Robbie Tucker, Mrs. Lindernan, Advisor, Kathy Pasch, Sandi Hensley, Bonnie Kranz, Pat Winter Row 3-Janis Rominski, Nancy Ehman, Virginia Williamson, ze. l Ellen Hayes, Jeanne Porter, Barb Sander, Karen Fic, Judy Lawson Sharon Young :100: ,,s , Q l fax. L .- iffiitir Row 1-Mike LaVrar, Oney Temple, John Markland, Mr. Spice, Advisor, john Norwood, Craig Breitner, George Hochmuth, David Smith Row 2-Leonard Garrett, jim Dowling, Jewell Wfaters, Danny McLemore, Greg Hansen, Donald Frey, Bernard Stone, Bobby Smith f-U Our Hi-Y contributed to the success of the Old Newsboy's annual Christ- mas Charity project by selling newspapers, they also had an Easter service project. Some of the club's social events were a fall and spring roast and a trip to Camp Storer during Christmas vacation. Members of the club appreciate the interest and leadership of their ad- visor, Mr. Burt Spice. 8011 Not only did the club enjoy such social activities as a Christmas party and picnic, but they presented a Christmas basket and an Easter basket to needy families. The Teen Club rounded out the year by rounding out stu- dent's waistlines with a bake sale. George Hochmuth, Sec.: john Markland, Pres., Danny McLemore, Chap., jim Dowling, Treas.g Jimmie Rodgers, Vice Pres. Row 1-Diane Liebich, Diane Baker, Marlene Moody, Audrey Taylor, Helen Reihing, Vivian Palm, Patti NXfelshans, Sharon Siler, Teresa Buck, Lynn Suter, Gloria Worklniln Row 2-Sherry King, Nitja Baker, Mary jean Klein, Percy Mathews, Clara May, ikirs. Lindeman, Advisor, Elise Gable, Sharon Cooke, Sandra Bliss, Virginia Polen Row 3-Gerrie Kurtz, Viqui Burford, Maralene Smith, Mary jo Valdes, Muriel Barnhill, Brenda Myers, Kathy Keimelly, Theresa Daniels, juli Fic, Shirley Loper, Yolanda Hargrave M 1 5 Q A 'T' 2101: Mr. Pachey, Directorg jane Wagoner, Vice Presg Linda Blackford, Treas.g Row 1-Connie Henry, Linda Keier, Pat Holtfreter, Fran Schlagheck, Dan Spilman, Sgt.-at-Armsg Mary Fries, Pres.g Betty Miller, Sec. Sue Gantz, Cherie Howe, Betty Miller Our motto in Marching Band - "Guide Right!" The Libbey High "Cowboy Marching Band" opened the school year early - 2 weeks of pre-school training in August. Majorettes attended summer camps. New uniforms utilizing the cowboy motif were bought for the Marching Band. Highlights of the football season: wonderful trip to Sandusky with the teamg jazz and dance steps used by the marching band in many of their halftime showsg the traditional "long line" and "script L". Mr. Pachey considers this year's marching band the best so far. In the spring, the band and orchestra displayed their talents with a series of concerts. Students and parents who attended will agree that they were a great success. The band will perform again in the Memorial Day Parade in May. Social events included a roast at Pearson Park, an ice-skating party at Scott park, and a band banquet. Q"CAe5fl"Cl, Row 1-Bonita Franklin, Deborah Panning, Dan Durlait, Kathleen Medere, Mary Richards, Phillip Stubblefield Row 2-Cherie Howe, Cheryl Robinson, Betty Brown, Mr. Pachey, Director, james Friemark :102: ' l kf d . Wa oner, Estella Cherry, Judy Lawson, Mary Henneman, Helen Retiring, Row 1-Mary Fries, Jerry ONeil, Dave Smith, Linda B ac or , Jane g Sharon Xlifagner, Connie Henry Row 2-Gordon Rolfes, Terry Kuhn, Millie Coleman, Arnold Sackson, Barbara Douthett, Linda Keier, Ronnie McVicker Row 3-Cherie Howe, Diane Justus, Sally Champion, Loretta Burk, Charles Ballard, John Hytcr, Paul Lewis, Bob Doyle, Dale Gilreath, James Fricmarlc, Donita Gaasch, Leonard Garrett, Judy I-Iitchner Patricia McCourt, David Weber, Pat Holtfreter, Betty Miller, Sue Gantz, Ken Davis, Jim Loreau, Doug Mclntosh, Sheila Hymore, Tim Redfox, Dan Spilman, Joe Wlray, Roger Christoff, Tim Kruse, Fran Schlagheck, Row 4-George Shields, Larry Dey, David Holman, Ted lssacs, Ray Reitz, David Nirschl, Robert Keatley, Jimmy Gaines, Oney Temple, Larry Cornwell, Raymond Mcrcurio, Sue Collins, Jeanette Harlow L.H.S. MARCHING BAND , . W-.-.-.-Q --..- -- Y ,W .L im, Y ,A - K Vhlvf K :103: Row 1-Linda Armstrong, Debbie Stanley, Theresa Gedeon, Linda Miller, Sally Schmidt, Mary Medon, David Dawson, Joyce Strickland, Jo Ann Green, Ruth Staples, Annette Vfhite, Carolyn Allen, Karen Druckemiller Row 2-Anthony Heard, Nancy Rolf, Bonnie Cousino, Constance Swope, Frances Mallory, Earlene Thomas, Arney Robinson, Harold McClure Vivian Rossvanes, Sally Burmeister, Gloria Maxwell, Myra Carter, Frank Sherman, Walter Long Row 3-Don Jackson, Henry Dixon, Erie Cowson, Tom Pruss, Gary Durham, Deborah Archie, Sharon Ramsdell, Joe Morse, Marion Pruszynski William Rios, Lothar Drosd, Rose Ann Avery, Johnny Washington 64000 The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Lenten programs were highlighted by the anthems performed by our Libbey Choir. On March 28, they participated in the annual choir festival at the Toledo Peristyle. Libbey owes a debt of thanks to the able director, Mr. Harold McClure, for his work with this outstanding choir. Row 1-Don Jackson, Sgt.-at-Arms, Mack bariang Lynn Suter, Pianist, Sue Krueger, Robariang Ramsdell, Choir Librarian, Nancy Rolf, Pianistg Bagner, Secy.g Robin Pasch, Vice Pres., Charles Hai P1'es. Row 1EAngela Hernandez, Patricia Cathey, Linda Fuehr, Barbara Hendrix, Vickie Burgess, Elbert Burgess, Nancy Dills, Karen Hetzer, Lorainc Feltner, Lynn Suter, Noel Curtis, Robin Pasch, Janice Bagner Row 2-Mack Garner, Ed Cook, Janice Jones, Sharon Smith, Sue Krueger, Pam Williams, Raymond Barboza, Harold McClure, Charlotte Hai riger, Virginia W'illiams, Karen Cothren, Ingrid Whitfield, Mary Caldwell, John McVicker Row 3-James Harriger, John Jones, Reginald McGee, Ronald Bourn, Robert Powers, Ron Coleman, Charles Harrison, Eugene Peppers, B Ramsdell, Carol Hollar, Glenn Ingersoll, Anna Marie Ely, Charles Waters, Bill Doyle 2104: i 9 1 .- l 1"7 mX5wvfy5't' V 'f 5, Row 1-Richard Kurchat, Glenn Ingersoll, Mr. Martin, Dan Spilman, Linda Bazzel Row 2-Donna Denker, Larry Bazzell, Bobby Smith, Ginny Laster, Sharon Smith This year the Edelian recognizes a well-known group of students who spend much time in the service of the school. Mr. Martins "little helpers" are seen daily scattered about the halls busily engaged in duties that range from taking Edelifm orders to running the auditorium smooth- ly. The activities office is kept going efficiently by these people. Gee, Maxine, I know it's awful Mm Ve .I 11.5 6th h , D Mr. Vander and Miss Eberth: They really know their stuff. late to ask . . . but would you go " rmr: Slim 1 ETH Plepares to the Cowboy Roundup with me? ' I C srhc ' :105: J is l l , X x X E lf, wwf 1 l n EEQJ' L XB .Q P me 4 4 g mi ,.,..f1 1 B mn is em- wfy: Wfell, not every play has three happy inzlrriages. Look, boss! Look what I found flying around the porch light! These little lnclies are the ones who take your tooth from under N V I H U D the Pillow and leave just H measly 01' dime. bo thats why Air. Davis looks up to his students! Look, Sidney, we KNOXV you went lion-hunting in Africa, but MUST U I - you carry that smelly thing around constantly? lxhlfll 1135 the M 'R M Ch0f0lf1f95f H fig RT ka kx.f ' ' ' 0 Zi' W AT 'X' J7 iw- X' J 5-mr f-" PHML I is-S 'v WE .17 ?0":UYou.U.uJ 3 'K 5' ' , ' N 4' 1 - E Q37 ads" and "V WS ' ZEY Q4 GWB A5955-Rem . g- b , 3 W 5 F A M N L-Q Q 'nl M ' 'Eg I , AMX' 'Ag' Vx' V .wi 'f" 1 j V815 1 if -9 M" -mu . ,lngrqr QE un N, xv 1' N245 fx Iii? X" ,iff . 'ff '3f" 4' m W gtg.-, :?i,vW:5?I 1 is 3. 64? AQ QIFK 0 41? O 41 ' If .Lk wwmlmzw V: X E l I- M- -. f 2 il I '.ffffLkIm.u' 4 MIX IL! .. .. E . H 1. MJ , - . Q1 Q I -V V t , ... I4 vw ' nl .4 6 'I-:I Q 21081 COACHES ..... -.--- FOOTBALL .... ....- BASKETBALL .... .-... SPRING SPORTS ..... ..... x 110 112 116 120 53 G ff -'Y s J' A 2 MARC! Mb Jj 1. W S . ' X6 ER omvmflu 4, A 'D U4 L f' 6 P Aff 1' ' M ff LHS H C 21 ' 4 Sr A, V W D ' V ,A vt " T 5 X ff Nfxfx ?Ef11J1 4 ww of Sf 42 2 . . 1 1- . . f' ' . 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Q H 3 W 1-N if nw Q 4 as ww N E Aw HH N .:., Z, :,:...: , :.: I f' 2:2 - W .if-We M- . fn Q . U E- fi . Stagg? V iii... EM i WW : ' 'Q P' M -'ERN-R .. ' - -. f' ' 'ji-2, . ff W ' Qfkwfffffw aw ng.. .. .L W rg. ,. B L- NV F " ' " :z .-SEQ .. we O -,SH k - , ' A . A . . . I- 5 1 . W., . .gm F'mjQ ' 'Z H 351 2 Sw-.gs m- ' .5 4,5 - - A K-av'W '- ig. 4 . -' . - ' '- . P 5135 ... .. .-mu: 54 , ' w5'-mf2Tif-'QmS? Ef- Wig' il i Z yi' 'F V.. QL if .. - . W M H Q. 4 flgffgi 'H Agp DAWSON COKER 3113: PHIL HOROSEWSKI GARY MCCOURT .gn K R :lf A G DON HENSLEY " A . 25332 - DON ISAACS Okay, Craig, Show'em How It's Done! Team Bowsher Sandusky Rogers Central Scott Waite St. Francis DeVilbiss Macomber amifg goofgaf .SJCOPZAOCLPCJ RECORD 1964 SEASON We 38 8 24 O 26 12 16 8 0 3 Wins, 5 Losses, 1 Tie They 20 16 12 8 20 14 16 18 40 Row 1-Craig Walter, Craig Breitner, unnamed, Gary McCourt, Chuck Suter, john Markland, Ronald Coleman, Phil Horosewski, jim Dowling, Calvin Manning, Bob Tribble. Row 2-Dan Sieminski, Tom Turner, john Lockett, Adell Coley, Jeff McVicker, Laney Sidel, jim Hollopeter, john Knox, Carl Drake, Mike LaVrar, Ozell Brown. Row 3-Don Hayden, Bruce Breitner, Bill Meyer, Cort Steinwedel, john Foster, Bill Plontz, Mike LeBeau, Don Isaacs, Herman Abbott, George Hochmuth, Larry Matecki, Art Robbins, Dawson Coker, Larry Heslet, Don Hensley, Curtis Tarri, unnamed, Ray Sifuentes, Bob Smith. vi - '7 llc l ia , if H lf ' . LA i 1 x , in :I 14 EE i. R f , Row 1-Art Robbins, Cort Steinwedel, john Thorp, Don Smith, Ray Sifuentes, Don Hayden, Leroy Sullivan, Bruce Breitner, Harry Heidt. Row 2-Randy Heidt, Tom Clayborne, Randy Carter, Tom Hutton, Marion Puesynski, Ray Pozniak, Dennis Franks, Mike Gregory, jim Reeves, Herman Abbott. Row 3-Bob Staples, Bob Parsley, Mike Kaczmarek, Eugene Brown, Phil Stubblefielcl, Mike McClain, Ed XX!estmeyer, Mike Wiegarnrl, Ralph Crabtree, Bill Isaacs, Mel Lewis, Bill Rios, Norman Pacbolski, Steve Beg, Art De Larosa, oligdfweigdf joofdaff jI"2JAl'l'lal'l j00fL6l!! Row 1-Craig Gerald, jim McVicker, Sam Carmen, Dan Orzechowski, Bob Shorter, Ray Stivenson, Richard Stacey, Mike Soncrant. Row 2-Jerome Hamilton, Roy johnson, Jack Miller, jim Ingersol, Scottie Smith, Armond Holmes, Charles Brown, XXfilIie Tiesclale, Ken Black, Harold Wfaters - mgr. Row 3-Coach Ewen. Wlillie Jennings, Rick Calipetro, Bob McClorine, Bruce Emch, Pat Markland, Dick Smith, Sam jackson, Elliot Franklin, jim Henley, Frank Cherry. ,, 5 - A A, 'K ,,., W i . A . , . ii, if i, OZELL BROWN JOE COOKE amifg GEORGE RIOS LARRY LOEHRKE GREG HANSEN ED JAYNES :1I6: JEWELL WATERS DAN MCLEMORE BOB SMITH gCL.'5Lel66L! JIM RODGERS TOM TURNER CRAIG WALTERS Row 1-Bob Rose, George Rios, Larry Loehrke, Bob Smith, Dan McLemore, Greg Hansen, Ozell Brown, Jewell Waters, Craig Walters joe Cooke, Ed juynes, Tom Turner, james Luginbulil. amify Zbyadgefgaf Mr. Spice and Co-Capt. jim Rogers and George Rios usa- .gC0l'2L06l.I' J RECORD 1964-65 SEASON Team Rogers Bowsher Macomber DeVilbiss St. Francis Waite Central Start Elyria Scott Woodward Bowsher Macombcr Dayton Belmont DeVi1biss St. Francis Sylvania Bowling Green Tournament DeVilbiss We They 48 51 62 59 55 60 65 37 41 54 66 52 67 44 87 68 57 43 67 5l 64- 51 74 46 59 49 69 62 68 63 39 43 64 49 54 62 61 68 rf' A A 3 11 cial Row 1-Walter' Long, Brown Myers, Melvin Lewis, jeff jones, Jim Ragland, Lewis Ellis, Leonard Kynard, Danny Patterson. ROW 2--Nick Daly, Cort Steinwedel, Harold Waters, Robert Pine, Dannel Bell, Coach Draheim, Denny Canelli, Carl Madrzykowski, john Reynolds Robert Griffin. oGgAfweigAf gadltefgaf jl"e5A-l'l'l6ll'l Row 1-Cedric Franklin, jim Ingersoll, Tod Rose. Richard Terrill, Dennis Allison, Scottie Smith, Herman Davis. Row 2-David La Plante, Reginald Murphy, Philip Rayford, Billy Black, James Fletcher, Patrick Durham, Ricky Brown, Rodney Schneider. Row 3-Cleveland Stalworth, Terry Cousino, james Barker, Ron Battle, Coach Hummel, Richard Smith, Charles Brown, Elliot Franklin. 21191 Row 1-Coach Draheim. Ron Mercer, jim Leonard, jim Drake, jim Dec, Mike Harris, Charles Harris, John Williains, Paul Chambers, Steve Bourn, Dave Klein, Wfebster Wliite, Row 2--Coach Schafer, Mike Le Beau, Ray Quinones, David Rose, John Lockett, Arney Robinson, Jewell Wfaters, jimmy Rodgers, Jim johnson. Larry Houston, jim Ragland. 3 h Row 3-Jim Dowling, Dale Switzer, jim Luginbuh, Robert Rose, Bob Parsley, Fred Stanton, Richard Hague, Kippy Wilscan, Herman Abbott. Charles Suter. Row 4-Randy Heidt, unidentified, Kenny Wriglmt, Dave Smith, Melvin Lewis, Craven Ham, Williarn Rios, Walter Long, Bob Masters. Row 5-Harold Wfaters, Danny Patterson, Larry Banker, Nat johnson, Tom Hutton, Bill Saunders. flag r-ood Conair? Row 1-jim Leonard, Dave Dawson, Vlfilliarn Holmes, jim Rodgers, XWesley Brock. Row 2-Bob Masters, Ron Leary, Arnie Robinson, joe Cooke, Larry Loehrke, James johnson, Vfalter Long, Ron Mercer. Row 3-Robert Parsley, lim McClenden, Dan McLemore. John Norwood. Ken W1'igl1t, Leonard Kynard, Bayne Byrd. 112G: Row 1-Mike Cunningham, Dean Lockheart, Gary Ganchou, Jim IVIcVicker, Dave Dawson, Jim Leonard, Sam Carmen, Jesse Phifer, Harry Campbell, jeff McVicker. Gary McCourt, Row 2-jim McLinclon, Calvin Smith, Randy Heidt, john McVicker, Dale Switzer, jim Schnetzler, Bill Scott, Ray johnson, Bill Saunders, George Lewis, Steve Beg, Row 5-Ed Ramm-mgr., Pat Markland, jack Miller, Tom McDonagh, Ralph Crabtree, jim Henley, Gary Frye, john Martinez, Walt Schuman, jerry Dunlap. Row 4--Coach Berndt, Dave Holman, john Pruss, Carl Wasliington, Willie Jennings, Bruce Breitner, Dennis Buck, Bernard Stone. wdedfgng Magda! Row l-Tony McCauley, Cliff Vines, Silas XX'allis, jim Shorter, Mike Tucker, Bob Sexton, Don Isaacs. Row 2-Craig Breitner, john Norwood, joe Cooke, Bill Hayes, Mike Collins, Bill Meyer, Tom Yifvacslca, Tom Schnetzler. gV- CQ: l ,Q if ' JU, iff, any yh .-is ' . -W, f' . . V' az 1 e G S ,ala alll QXQBEV 1 Xggfi' 4121: Row 1-Wallis Siler, james Killes, Harold Petosky, james Pasch, Dennis Madrzykowski, Ronald Hindman. Coach Kubacki. Row 2-james Dec, Duane Walton, Randy Carter. Nwilliam Ramsdell, james Hoclcenberger, james Francis, james Clark, john Kaczmarek. 01,0609 ga-. Row 1-Milton Pommcranz, David Row 2-Mr. Galyus, David Wfelner. Floering, Randy QW ROXW 1-Gregg Szkatulski, Terry Totzkc, jolm Mylck, Dave Dobrzynski. ROXW 2-Andy Bagrowaki, Don Isaacs, Mike I.eBeau, jerry Fink, Coach Needles Melvin Pommeranz. David Sandys, Larry Lochrke Carter, David Ostman, Alex McCrae. Charles Nungestcr. 11222 ennio , ,.., ,A 1 Pardon me, old chap, but isn't that your knee in my tummy? Mother, PLEASE! I'd rather do it myself! !I!!???? XVhere'd it go? XVhere'cl it go? It's mine! It's mine! I'll tell my mommie on you! O.K., VC'ho's the wiseguy who put Pull up your socks, Larry! Now, guys, watch this fancy-loop helium in this ball? double-skip-hop-jump-tum-sink-it. 2123: ol? pd fl"0I'L6 Charles Achor Alchemist Club Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Althouse Art Club Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Roy Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Corbett Mr. R. Wayne Davis Dramatics Club Mr. and Mrs. Harold Edwards Ernest Rexall Drugs Mr. and Mrs. Walte1' Frey Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Fuehr Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Geier German Class Cisecond year? German Club Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hambleton Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hitchner 124 lru's Sohio Service Mrs. Kahnas lst hr. class Le Cercle Francais Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lewandowski Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Longbrake Mr. and M1's. Rhuel Martin Miss Beatrice Minni Mr. and Mrs. Earlyn O'Neil Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Ostrander Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Palm Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pasch Mr. and Mrs. Rixey San1's Cities Service Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Schlapman Mr. and Mrs. lohn E. Sharp Linda Siek Clem Sottek's Grill Mr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor Willnar' Sport Shop fi X A K' it 5, as sn an . , my 5 saws G Q ,. 2 .l i ,wfw,,.UE ,415 , My :mm l l l 4 af' -as My biology thesis is on the birds and the bees. First the bees Gee, teacher, to what do you attribute such a captive audience . slop their feet around on flowers all day . . . Duco Cement? Capital punishment in action! Cheerful office aids will always lend rx hand. Oh, well, Mike, its either that or 500 lines on the board. Hold the light a little closer . . . There! I knew she swallowed my fountain pen! "Uh, an' I promise that if . . . uh . . . I am elected, I'll pass out D? D? I don't remember giving this young lady any free Tootsie Roll Pops. -2125: Milo lllllis Skilled jobs can SOUTH a. SPENCER - EV 2-2131 I Goan HEALTH 'rovou mon CLEAN smnr r- aEAu'nruu.Y REMODELLED AMF AuToMA'rlcs .4 XQ . NR CONDWONSD N0 ALCOHOL smvso , workers - Q 3 mlrxazizn. A 'Am 13 ' 4 W EDucATloN ,F By Appointment B Q 9 Sandy s TOLEDO EDISON 5+ 9355512112222iiigizngzzz 55322252 BGSIIUIW SHUIODPG 1544 Western Ave. Toledo, Ohio Phone 382-8361 F 81 S Western Shop Western Apparel Ho Ho L For Men: gipxjn, 8. Children ? Pant Boot Funeral Home line. . gat Square Dance Rec d 106 Years of Personal Service sa:jI:50gbL:LThpifi2:lds Same Location Gen 8. John Fries 1553 Western Ave. Toledo 9, O. EV 5-4741 Phones: 243-2183, 243-2184 1003 to 1011 Broadway Toledo, Ohio Only One Branch Tremainsville and Alexis Trilby, Ohio 479-5377 Pnlatn Chips 8. Snacks 1:95 QP. ,, .W ,vm wr B rmg QPSK be rs ' 'fx 1fg"i "x"" ' vm vga! mi is su ' wp pq arm The counselors' busy helpers, For Slmkespeare or Dr, Seusst just ask the library aids. The projectionists . . . the kids who show us weekly cartoons. lx'll!Tl60gl'2lPl'llI1g . . . these "people" get Carried away with duplicating tests. On our way to the Libbey barbecue . . . were having roast RAMS. These students have fun while they learn under Mrs. Price. :127 Now, somebody yell "FIRE!" Waller Funeral Home Ray's Sohio Service Bfljadway Airport Hwy. SL Byrne 243-4105 3852772 Weber N. Greenwalt Leeland E. Lamb Electronic Mgfgr Tung Up leydorf's uper Market HIGHLAND LANES 3835 Wayne St. 1949 Broadway 382-2421 Miniature Golf - Billarcls - Bowling QUALITY Foons-REASONABLY PRICED Snack Bar Ba11D1-illing . Open 24 Hours Daily MhlMMwv BANQUET Room MADE in u.s.AQ THE MARK FOR LlBBEY'0WENS'FORD QGWNWMGM TOLEDO 2, or-no A What a wonderful Open World Have you noticed schools like this on your travels? Probably, because new buildings are springing up everywhere. They are beautiful and functional structures with large glass areas to create an "open-world" atmosphere to Wherever you live, work, shop or travel, you'l1 find L'O'F Glass making it more enjoy- able. In homes, motels, schools and stores. In oflices and fac- tories. In hospitals and church- es. In cars, buses, trains and planes. There's an L-O'F Glass that insulates windows. It's called ThermopaneC9 insulating glass. Another subdues sun heat and glare. L-O'F Glass that makes automobiles safer. L'0'F Glass to do a thousand things. And when anyone needs glass, there's an authority on it nearby-your local indepen- dent L'O'F Glass Distributor or Dealer. His name is in the telephone book Yellow Pages under "Glass", Call him. eliminate the feeling of being boxed in. Laboratories, shops and studyrooms are separated from twin classroom buildings by a broad, central court, Ithaca Senior High School, Ithaca, N .Y. Architects: Perkins Sc Will, White Plains, N .Y. 2128: Wluen we run out of toasts to make . . . THEN we start on the Stand back, kids- This is H molomv cocktail Wgre mixing' doughnuts. Howl ,bout it' Mr' leffrles' The Zet's wreath and the Phil's Santa say "Merry Christmas" L'bb'?Y 5-T1Ve5A fl Libbey Loyalty Award .ro Mr, chdnt the Pens do Z1 nice job A , Martin, After all, he should get something fur . . to thc passer-hy. D. . decorating the study halls? WC1lllI1gtl'li1fl3f.'L1D1E. Merry Christmas to our photographer. It's an honest-to4goodness Libl1ey's choir and orchestra provide joyous music for the Christmas giant cigar made of rolled cabbage leaves. Service. :129: Champion Cleaners and Formal Wear Rentals 1542 South 1164 Sylvania 382-7131 472-5567 Open Evenings Until 8 p.m. Barbara and Don Lueflke Classes of '48 ancl '46 Gempel-Stone Pro Hdwe, Inc. compnmenfs of 1609 Broadway Near South H L CH mm CAR WASH YOUR SOUTH TOLEDO COMPLETE Open 8-6 Daily-8-1 Sundays HARDWARE CENTER G d Supplies oth 8. Greef ld Q pl 1 EXPERTS AT WASHING AI F t84 F h tS d AND POLISHING F t Gft C 'l: I I d g EI t Appl CH y62125 R ember-Shop Us F t 433 B d y T I d 4 WE DELIVER 5 1 Q me W M . ig -1 ws 5, w,,g14.m w au Eg... ,' 3 5:55 . It - 'EE' ' ' W T vig, JPG L - 1 .. 2251.5 wif Q ,. . X - ' 3- 555.711 A Q3 f 'avid ,fx X fs, I Y -,.,,. M , . .La sf W :Q n f .Q :Z!f1:.:..::e:: ww .L - M 12? R X wgmw., 'Q - 4. 5 , 2 Ji wwgugql ..v.,.m 12 if as f We ,f -wifi 455:15 .Ji Q 5 . Q -fi Cromly Drug Store Acxf,'::f:':mQCY 1917 Airporl' Hwy. REXALL STORE phone: Reliable Pr escr i ption Service Paul F. Rupp Earl A. Rensh A leader Drug Store 382-1434 Complimenfs of Trail Nlecclliieall Center llmheurmaey 2060 GLENDALE TOLEDO 14, OHIO South Side Garage I Complete Garage 81. Collision Service Good Luck' Class of A Speciality Paul T. Slorer S E 1247 South Ave. 1936 BROADWAY Insurance Work Toledo 9, Ohio Phone: CH 4-7972 50' 9 sa w MW ZAN 1 rats:-vers , f -wtiim 2 Our adoring public hungrily looks for typographical errors "Ya gotta be ll football hero..." and other "booboos" of the Edelian staff. UEGCI1! OWCh! O0Cl1! The1'Q'5, fm wr CYHWUHS UP ml' ICS- The sound of thundering hoofs, a muffled roar, and lst hour passes to lunch. hang on Robin' quoth Sharlene. "Yay blue, yay gold! Yay team, let's go!" You get the turkish towel and I'1l sing car wash songs to it. :133: INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC BUILDING QQ 42 , S , g g-J X I -- NYIBLE Glass Block I Q a oratory Glassware X r KIMAXQ r 5 Z Z 4 I 1-4 Glass Pipe g G P l I ' f - toeure Krrvraus glgglg 4 4 Rm' "a"e'S Q All-Glass Television Bulbs ga g 5 ' e - 5 KIMBLE J ii -1' , gf:fffnEuTQg,r:iEM'NGRAY Glasmlwratvw E KIMBLE tr-nnure X 1 2 ADPHFBIUS Pharmaceutical Glassware Curtain Wall Panels Eg V, s CONTAINERS E- 9 jf' Glass Pressure Rigid Plastic -A I, ' 'I Glass Tubing Packages Homes I f Q H ' Q 'X X Q' and Glass Rod f Closure and Plastic ri E QM M Specialties I TABLEIRIARE as J, E U -H W U -- fr li U . fr i 3 DISRAGLAS if fi , K X ontainers P :- X X , ll ' -1 P"-0 l X 'L l A X -- i J Plastic Dinnenuare T L H X Xp- A FQ - 5 Q:- an, " P ' X . X ft V l i so- Qi V " ' P V i f Q1 P f I 1, - Paperboard 4 ' x gs- A ff X , j X 'J f - Multiwall Paper Bags :ill ,Q H Iggy X - Heavy Duty Plastic Shipping Sacks -, 4 rf r 'a - Corrugated Shipping Boxes ' 4 QQ LIBBEY Glassware MAKERS OF Q PRODUCTS GENERAL OFFICES - TOLEDO 1, OHIO Glendale leader Drug Rockman 8' South End zom GLENDALE AVENUE . 382-3463 -Cleaners and Furrlers- Shi,-f Laundry Complete Prescription Service 650-52 Western Ave. Free Delivery 243-7028 243-5714 Anywhere in South Toledo R. C. Jorris-Owner Congratulations Seniors! Compliments of Pasch Engraving Co. Steel Stamps 81 Name Plates Tom Crippens Gulf 2244 Dana 1401 Western Ave. 382'4218 134 ff- The Of3nB9'K!Ckef'5 Marathon Really, jeff, that fellow better not break any more bonesg Don't give me that look. We always kill 'em before we serve 'em. Im running out of bandmdsl Hee hee ha ha hoo! Wait 'til they bite into the one with the powdered NOW, Diane I know We have f0Y5 that we find hflfd fo PHY! alum instead of Sugm-, with, but PLEASE! Leave Bubble at home! Waiiina piece of gum? just feel under the desks in 116! Break the news gently, Mr. Hummel. :135: Congratulations Class of 1965 From Marian-Lee Hairstylists 826 Spencer Toledo 9, Ohio Phone: 385-3291 5 5 Marian Ondrus Janie Targunto Dorothy Sharp Delores Jefferson - B ABCOC-K Courtesy Cleaners ' Cl ' - Sh ' - ' Quality Chekd Dairy Products eanmg olwerproolhmgt Dyemg Reweavlng - Tallorrng 1226 Broadway - 968 South 945 Berclan Phone- 472-2114 c""m5 ' Rush Quality Cleaning P f't for your Club? , l ro I S Congratulatwns See Us 1 1 From KLOTZ DISTRIBUTING CO. 1532 wesfem Ave. Jim White Chevrolet 382-5601 n H 1301 Moreno: sr., . ! ,m, IKM! - ' ,. . fl , .i X M KW. A 5, j-g, 'X ' ' - 1 'il ' 'T 2 2:3 Q t . .. I '. . 4 H 'Pi ,ANN K ,Av Lt QV' .. 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Byrne Rd. 1628 P y St., P t CI t in Heatherdowns Village L ally Owned d Op t d 243-5138 F more tha 25 y Attention Students! CH 6 2552 Op H EV9n'n95 bv APP f f Special p Drawing Sets T q 7 Ti gi sldrzi Dusos Artist Supplies Haut? lounge Toledo Blue Print 1330 Broadway and Paper CQ, Complete Beauty Service 316 Superior CH 3 7225 L D au Sh K p Congratulations to the Class of 1965 from all the peaple at Fiberglas! World's largest producer of fibrous glass and fibrous glass products Congratulations to the 1965 Seniors Food...Friends...Fun.. 1 STAUTZENBERGER ,E ' was - u BUSINESS COLLEGE -ef 5 mg., Q beitel' h Dirk , Northwestern Ohio's Largest Business College 1' and School of Drafting .. e Your are Cordially Invited to Visit Us at Our New, ',,,f' X . . . . I, - , 5: ,, 3' Completely Air-conditioned Location at X 52D an 224 Superior Street ,-J, Q, E xi 'S , Q, ft, T af t - e X Tj X L iz, int f BE lf l I . -I :yi h X N Best wishes to the Class of 1965 it ,Q gs: v ' - A Glendale Flower Shop and Greenhouse X I X CORSAGES P Bottled Under Authority 01 the Coca-Cola Co. By 2515 Glendale 332-3455 The Coca-Cola Bottling Company f T I d Ken and June Fineske O 0 e O Class Of '43 3970 Catawba GR 4-5481 Hockenberger's House of Golf and Tennis Complete line of Carts, Clubs, and Accessories Choose from Wilson, MacGregor, Haines Spald- ing, Louisville, Burke, Northwest, Golf Craft, Dunlop, Gorman, Nlasters, Pennsylvania, United Pro, Pro-shu, and English Professional. Expert Tennis Restringing 776 Carlton - Open 9-9 Mon.-Sat. EV 5-3050 Rated 4th largest Bobb's South End Cleaners One Day Service Alterations Hats Cleaned and Blocked 4338 S. Detroit 382-5687 2389 Wayne St. 382-9021 Under New Management Compliments of THE MILLER OIL CO. 1033 South Toledo 9, Ohio Distributors of HY-FLASH GASOLINE AND FUEL on. Stations 1033 South, at Anthony Wayne Trail 4654 Detroit 1920 Fearing Chicago Pike at Crissey Woodville at Rt. 199 McCord at Nebraska Dorr at Crissey Rd. For Home Fuel Oil Delivery Call 243-8111-Day or Night 139 9 Josten S Treasure-Craft Jewelers CLASS RINGS CLASS PINS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Designers and Manufacturers of the World's Finest School Jewelry Main Offices and Planr Owafonna, Minnesofa Easfern Division Headquarters 627 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio ' Y Sm1th s Fine Food Since 1916 Suburban Secor at Central Downtown Madison at Erie Swan Creek Lumber Company Quality Millwork Lumber and Hardware CH. 1-1211 226 City Park Pofafo Chips Energy Snack in Efvery Pack Kuehmann Foods, Inc Toledo 7, Ohio .!4Llt0gl"a,l0A .X4lfl,f0gI"CLl0A .!4Ll,tO9I"CLl0A6 .14 lfLf0gl"6ll0A of 607' QAOSEWJSKI 'Pj Gly? 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