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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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A M W' - 5 amp ' "fx X f- ' fi 1- W x -"s 'f mv. 0 ff fx ff f ' ,Xi I M 1 X r ,AM i x " ' A zf' 'X 1 5 lzfl N ff' ','- X f l 1 ,'1f'?t0!6Q1-. 1? 1' W f V M Rh N - - f 'f I J -xvhn f f ' Qs:- " ffjg K f QEZQNXQQ' ' , X jxg-4, f La Q, f ' "' '5 'ii , ' . "" ab 'Egg ' my I f' z N L U ,v .X X?" A - I VV 5 f , fm, 4 , ,X aiu, U - , ,f QI, ' Q K liijx Bl X I x 1 fl . f f - ig' 1 ' '. X7 - A " ' 'f , .-5 'fx '- su: v T-x 1 1.4. VJ F' X - 'X I U ' Q cb! 9 ' - "' C W my jj ' - Win' WQNQ., . I . 547 I ' .- x IH E IW' 4 W 5 - G7 - 1 gl . 2 ---, , , J , Q. s.,k gfgfgf Q ,Z Wu "df if. 6? L., , Q9 In fy 'W , - - ' - C7 Q , ' Qs. - V. - H , ,, , , ,,.-YYY . ,, Y Y 4. L-4 - f - J , Jw, W'!,W !wf Z W CfMJWfM!,WM J 0 WW Mfg! 'ff WZ f Wm!MU7Ww7 iW7QWf 7g 'Tw Q01 A 4424., fx Vkjffff ek ,FY Q1 3 is 3wigfWKNFQi Www X Wynn! U3 Gfgcfl gif-2 Cb gg it VMI' Axdffv JJ, A L ex. K ff QW A JS 113 QA Wckjifvfrm Q3 0293 S 4 , M' 5233 bfi W 52k Af Q1 - J J A 0!f W 33 2 i?X?Qff fgggigi QQWJ wwffgi Wx! 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V Underciassmen , , 46 X, .. - Activities . . 72 tm? Athletics. . 104 N KP' fi, s X39 Sponsors , 124 My Index. , , 3 fjffwigvzflf My QW .sfjysjofj QW . -wwwsyivya . . Gb DON JAcKsoN KENNETH GE s PATTIE GEIER JIM HoLLoPET U cl IJ clirerfimz of M S NANCY WENKER 2-4: 1 ,Fl 4a do ,wwijyj UW 51 OW rr ef WW FWF " wvd wliypffiaiplr D W rr N QW .bwnyffpquti rN,SW,U MMI jfjkf Ufffjfff My we MX wif my r 'V 1bdgi MMM WM! X Mjfmry M24 1 we at Riiieige Sir! W N CU in See . Si '5 a stage, and all the men and women layZ?h4gQ 4 . . . a comedy, a tragedy, a drama? filled with memories . . . 1 r ow yr WM d rr M if WMM Qgwwfim Miss Grace Irwin, English teacher who re- tired in 1957, continues her favorite pastime, reading. From her own extensive library, lit- erary masterpieces of the ages are available to her. Miss Irwin also maintains a beautiful flower garden every summer. NSW Mr. Edward Packer, former Libbey drafting teacher who retired in 1960, continues his travels to the distant corners of the world. He and Mrs. Packer are planning a trip next fall through the South Seas, stopping at New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, In- dia, and many other exotic ports. . I , 3 . I l Q V 1,3 Having retired last year, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton f"Chip"j I-Iouser are filling every moment with interesting activities. Here, Mr. Houser pursues one of his favorite hobbies, that of playing the Hammond organ, whil Mrs. Houser enjoys listening, Mr. House taught mathematics and was for many year Libbey's football coach. Mrs. Houser taugh English. ibecbcafion It is with sincere affection and deep respect that we, the Class of 1964, dedicate the Enlelimz to Miss Grace Henderson, a teacher with that rare combination of true dedication, un- usual ability, and sparkling personality. Former students re- member her with a vividness and high regard accorded to only the best teachers. Miss Henderson has lived most of her life in Toledo and was graduated from Scott High School. She received her B.S. in Ed. from Ohio State University and has done graduate work at the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado. Her first teaching position was at Pickett School. In 1927 she came to Libbey, where she has taught all types of history courses. In addition to her class duties, Miss Henderson has made a unique contribution to many Libbey student organizations. She was advisor to the Zetalethean Literary Society for many yearsg the Student Council was strong and active under her leadership for five years, and for ten years she guided the senior classes through many successful activities. She has served capably as advisor to the National Honor Society for the last two years. Her travels have been extensive in the United Statesg she has visited Hawaii, and she has toured Europe three times. She is an active member of many organizations, and her hob- bies include bridge, bowling, and swimming. Miss Henderson's plans for the future are indefinite, but they do include travel and more extensive club work. She has a really wonderful life ahead if there is truth in the following lines from a short poem by Mary Ainge DeVere: "Then give fa lhe world lhe liar! Ibn! you have Anal the ber! will mme bark to yon." Nale la Min f'l6'7ldL'7'JOIl2. If you are feeling a bit sad at the prospect Miss Grqce I-Ieudel-SOD of leaving Libbey, the pictures on the opposite page showing some C of the pleasures of retirement should make your spirits soar. Miss Henderson in two familiar poses . . . as she strides up the stairs and as she teaches one of her classes. , - is ' ig. ?f -S Y 'Gr 3, self - ' E ,vi wr, 'D -be 2 'tix fm slag 'ffgiffgi ' i 'Mir' if ., , N-1, N -M-yas, , M , ,Nfiafzq I c PHILO C. DUNSMCRE, Superintenclent I congratulate you seniors at Libbey for hav- ing recognized the importance of completing your high school work. If your theme, All the lV0l'!d'J fl Stage, has any special significance for 1964, it is that the scenes are changing with awesome rapidity, demanding that every person learn early in life that one's education must never stop. Completing high school is only an expression. Acting one's part calls for cyclonic adjustments. Security in routine and habit may be lost without warning. But the new vistas and opportunities created for the person who keeps himself prepared will make the loss of security something to be desired. I congratulate you on being catapulted onto the adult stage when so many changes are taking place. Every amazing accomplishment challenges you to believe, to have faith. It is not for you to say "it can't be done". Your generation will replace "cannot" with "Wl1en" and "how". It may mean but little to place a man upon the moon, but what such an act would foretell of events to come in your world defies the imagination. Yours is the privilege of acting a part exciting and creative in an im- petuous new world. -Philo C. Dunsmore 1 To the Senior Class of 1964-you are to be congratulated not only for successfully com- pleting four years of high school but also for your ability to adjust to changing conditions. After two years of extended schedule and one year of readjustment, you have finally had one year of nearly normal high school life. You are to be commended for your fine leadership and school loyalty. During this, your senior year, you have seen our country face a terrible real-life tragedy- the assassination of President Kennedy-and come through it with courage and a continuity in government that reassured the whole world. Soon it will be the privilege and duty of all of you as responsible citizens to help maintain the traditions and institutions that kept us on an even keel in this frightening time. We hope your training at Libbey has helped to prepare you for this role on the American stage. We are confident that you will play your part with honor. -Loy W. Rusie Libbey students are proud of Mr. Rusie's ortrait which hangs in the lobby. It was ainted by John Swalley, a Toledo artist, for the Senior Class of 1962 and presented to Mr. usie at their banquet. LOY W. RUSIE, Principal JOHN oscaoon AIN mm PMI Nj If Miss Kanrley, Mrs. Pheatt, and Mrs. Reeme serve refresh- - CHARLES MARTIN Gen Adminigtmtion lmidpfm 'tr Ido ments at Christmas time. Arfirlanl Prilzfilbal ' K 5 L I H Activities Ohio State University, B.S. University of Michigan, M.A. GERTRUDE KANNEY A.fJ'j,l'fd71f Prilzrijml Counseling University of Toledo, B.A. University of Michigan, MQA. University of Toledo, B.S Afiidfanf nincipa 6 ana! Comme om A-5 ' 'SSM eil, . X -,wi iw. r W G Ei its QQ? I' FETTERS HARRIET PHEATT VICTOR KLEIN Bgyf' Cpumglgr Girly' Colnzrefoi' Boyf' C0lHlAfL'f0" ',, -' v ' , , M. f Ed. U ' 'ft' f 'I' l l , B.A. ' Ed. Miami University. B.S. Unixcrsrty of 'Iolecl0, BS, o HIVCISMXI m0 ggidance in Ohio State University, MA I-gr,e'fQgg?,af' Xt.-.M ,Q , ii E1 - H ss: nga Q ,, . ,sg Eg Q E germ W , C, E tfasegru 1 tink HW K P5 1 ni ,,, 53 i BERYL EBNER WILLIAM EVERHART JOHN W. FAST Orientation Erzglirh Ifzzflulrifzl Arty Mary Manse College, B.A. Eastern Michigan College, B.S, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed, M.E, University of Michigan, M.A. eiaarfmenf CAairmen JOHN NEEDLES Burinery Edlzcaliofz Bowling Green State University, B.S Columbia University, M.A. FRANCES SCHERING CHARLES WEINSTOCK LAWRENCE VANDER S 1114112519 Science Social Slzzdier Radcliff College, B.A. Marietta College, B.A. University of Toledo, B.A., M.A. Boston University, M.A. University of Michigan, M.A. in Ed. ...Ill Q Y H77 fgacnlig And a man in his time plays many parts, 'CD' -LJ , JERRY BERNDT MRS. HARRIET BILLMAIER Their students might have difficulty identifying these Libbey teachers in a take-off on traditional barbershop harmony at the teachers' Christmas party. WILLIAM ADKINS: fnot picturedj Industrial Arts, Morehead State College, B.A. JERRY BERNDT: Science, Bowling Green State University, B.S.g Assistant Football Coach, Head Wrestling Coach. MRS. HARRIET BILLMAIER: Physical Educationg Eastern Michigan Uni- versity, B.S.g Libbey Leaders Co-Adviser. MRS. HELEN BOCKEY: Home Economics, University of Dayton, B.S. ANGELA COSTIGAN: Social Studiesg Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. JAQUELINE COUSINO: English, Our Lady of Cincinnati Collegeg University of Toledo, B. of Ed.g Tri-Lit Co-Adviser. R. WAYNE DAVIS: English, Dramaticsg 'University of Dayton, B.S.g Junior and Senior Play Adviser. JOHN DILLON: English and Latin, DeSales University, A.B.g Latin Club Adviser. WALTER DRAHEIM: Physical Educationg 'University of Toledo, B. of Ed., Freshman Basketball Coach, Cross Country Coach. GARY DUHAIME: Physical Education and Orientationg University of Toledo MRS. HELEN BOCKEY ANGELA COSTIGAN JAQUELINE COUSINO R. XVAYNE DAVIS .5 fa-we-P B. of Ed., M. of Ed.g Reserve Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach, Forum Adviser. JOHN DILLON WALTER DRAHEIM GARY DUHAIME F . E.:I-fi. " 1r1'1'l- "F2""" .- :ff-' 1 r - . " - -'V" 4 :1'::::fsis'1i::.'Q'.:: W 5 ' L 123232: .Q N ' 5 , ...1 I I: ..., . H ' fi rgiiii. -- .1 I are Et -Tw Q33 ma t 'if' 1: if K Ed A s 1 as is . 1. me S we Lia: rg 1' Q 4 Ex 'st-I F It if H 5 u msgs -" J mar: " 5 l I I Q if it 1 x , K I wa 1 Q1 ff ' N' Z2 9' new 'F' l 4 L aw K 7 ' 'Q I 3 gr, .st . E Q Q sm - 5 5 .. KATHY DUNN AILEEN EBERTH ATHY DUNN: Englishg Fisk University, University of Michigan, B.A. ILEEN EBERTH: Social Studies, Columbia University, B.S., M.A. ERYL EBNER: Orientation, Department Chairman, Mary Manse College, .A.g University of Michigan M.A.g Testing Officer, French Club Co-Adviser. ETTY EDWARDS: Business Education, Ohio State University, B.S., F.B.L.A. -0-Adviser. ILLIAM EVERHART: English, Department Chairman, Speech, Eastern icl'-ivan University, B.S. FAST: Industrial Arts, Department Chairman, Ohio University, B,S. Ed., M.E. FLATH: School-Work Experience Program, University of Toledo, FOSTER: Mathematics, Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. GALYAS: Business Education and Orientationg Bowling Green State B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed.g Assistant Football Coach, Head Tennis oach. 1 ligne? ri-:2:g:,ii-gs.: iw . . rf .. e:i.:' "-.-:" '-'-... ':,. , ...,... -. ,pg 4' YN! 44 H, 3 l . . I , 73? . sf I Wig? W BK EI 'X ': ""4 ' -Ii-ss" . . : . ,.,,,, , . .. -. gg, I ,.i. ,.,, up H . . BVI it BIERYL EBNER BETTY EDWARDS WILLIAM EVERHART jOI-IN FAST VICTOR FI ATI-I IRENE FOSTER fy,JOHN GALYAS ' 1 x-' L. I ,, Mrs. Wenker puts the final touches to the ani- mated Christmas display in the lobby. This inter- esting display was made by Mrs. Wenker's art classes and Mr. Zimmerman's electricity class. :15-: fm '- I si. .ali at I JEFFREY GYURKO DON HARRIS GRACE HENDERSON JAMES I-IILLES MRS. JEAN HUNSAKER ROBERT JAMES ,355 J 1 : M' I I 5 ,rr . ,gf 7 J.. .V.. sy .J xs. fi, . S. ,M .. wa .5 ,rv . H r V . . ----- . - - :-Z:-Z , Y. . ' ' " :fy ' . ...an -. , 'wr' 5 4. ffl 571 A i f .i ' .L -' MRS. MAXINE KAHN ALBERT JEFFERY Sf . sr. , , MRS. JAN E K ENNEY JEFFREY GYURKO: Social Studies, Capital University, B.S. in Ed., Assistan Football Coach. DON HARRIS: Science, Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Ed: Uni versity of Toledo, M.A. GRACE HENDERSON: Social Studies, Ohio State University, B.S., Nationa Honor Adviser. JAMES HILLES: Science and Driver Education, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. Forum Co-Adviser. MRS. JEAN HUNSAKER: Englishg Southern Illinois University, B. of Ed. EDELIAN Adviser. ROBERT JAMES: Science and Social Studies, Youngstown University, B.S. i Ed., Assistant Football Coach, Head Track Coach. ALBERT JEFFERY: Physical Education, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., Footba Trainer. MRS. MAXINE KAHN: Social Studies, Wittenberg University, B.S. in Ed University of Toledo, M.A., Junior Class Adviser. MRS. JANE KENNEY: Business Education, University of Toledo, B. of Ed F.B.L.A. Co-Adviser. , Mr. Needles, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Moody, and Mrs. Kenney caught by the photographer as they were discussing problems of the Business Department. Mr. Robinson and Mr. Kubacki come back for seconds. CAROL KINNEY: Home Economicsg Bob jones University, B.S.g University of Toledo, B. of Ed., M. of Ed.g F.T.A. Co-Adviser. WILLIAM KISTNER: Orientationg Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Ed.g Student Council Co-Adviser. PAUL KOESTER: Social Studiesg University of Toledo, B. of Ed., M.A. KRUGER: Frenchg University of Michigan, B.A.g The Sorbonne French Club Adviser. KUBACKI: Industrial Artsg Bowling Coach. La1FLECI-IE: Mathematicsg University of Toledo, B.B.A.g Hi-Y Co- AMES B. La NIER: fnot picturedj Art Departmentg Bowling Green State B.S. in Ed.g Art Club Co-Adviser. ELAINE LEECH: Englishg Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed. .' . i 7 .' . ' 5 'ers1ty, B.A.g Libbey Leaders Co-Adviserg Libbey Teen A RS GLORIA LINDEMAN Ph sical Education' Bo tate Uni. LOEI-IRKE: English and German Whkegdbe niversity, A.B.g Uni- - A of Toledo, M.A.g German iser V LEO KUBACKI RICHARD LaFLECHE MRS. ELAINE LEECH 'dw V E r iii , Y-', ig-2-,Q ,K : .a5Xghf " CAROL KINNEY WILLIAM KISTNTR PAUL KOESTER BERNICE KRUGER MRS. GLORIA LINDEMAN LOIS LOEHRKE Q' . ig . . Q85 HAROLD MCCLURE MRS. JULIA MOODY MRS. ANN MORGAN ,JOHN NEEDLES MARTIN PACHEY ANTHONY PAPPAS JOHN PFEIFER MRS. JEAN PRITCHARD JOHN RAY ' The sight of Mr. Jeffrey, Mr. Schira, and Mr. it Klein washing dishes after the Christmas dinner was Q sheer delight to the women at the party. HAROLD McCLURE: Music, Indiana State Teachers' College, B.S. in Musica Ed., M.S. in Ed. MRS. JULIA MOODY: Business Education, University of Toledo, B.A. F.B.L.A. Co-Adviser. MRS. ANN MORGAN: Business Education, University of Toledo, B. of Ed. F.B.L.A. Co-Adviser, Junior Y-Teen Adviser. JOHN NEEDLES: Business Education, Bowling Green State University, B.S. Columbia University, M.A,, F.B.L.A. Co-Adviser, Golf Coach, Assistant At letic Manager, Hi-Y Adviser. MARTIN PACHEY: Instrumental Music, Denver University, B.M. in Ed. ANTHONY PAPPAS: Mathematics, Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed. JOHN PFEIFER: Mathematics, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., Stude Council Adviser, Q.D. Co-Adviser. MRS. JEAN PRITCHARD: Orientation, University of Toledo, Ohio Sta University, B.S. in Ed., F.T.A. Co-Adviser. JOHN RAY: Science, Bowling Green State University, B.S., Freshman ball Coach. Qf mia, ff - KAW' I 1 . - ,Qt-Q. ' RALPH E. REVILL CHARLES ROBINSON RALPH E. REVILL: Mathematics, 'University of Toledo, B. of Ed., M. of Ed. CHARLES ROBINSON: Science, Miami University, B.S. in Ed., Director of Athletics. HAROLD SCI-IAFER: Mathematics, University of Toledo, B. in Ed., Q.D. C0-Adviser. MRS. FRANCES SCHERING: Spanish, Department Chairman, Radcliffe College, B.A., Boston University, M.A., Spanish Club Adviser. LOUIS SCHIRA: Industrial Arts, Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed. CAROL SHOUGH: Orientation, Projection, Miami University, Ohio State University, B.S., B.A. DOROTHY SMILAX: fnot picturedj English, Toledo University, B. of Ed. BONITA SMITH: Home Economics, University of Toledo, B.A. MRS. CATHERINE SNOW: English, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., Senior Class Adviser. BURTON SPICE: Business Edu tion, University of Toledo, B. of B.E., F.B.L.A. Co-Adviser, Head Basksftiilll Coach, Hi-Y Co-Adviser. Ci ,NJWQQZQEXQ 1. Riillvgglyfiifiittlixi X Miss VanDrew, Mr. LaNier, and Miss Smilax joined the faculty in January. MRS. FRANCES SCHERING CAROL SHOUGH MRS. CATHERINE SNOW LOUIS SCHIRA BONITA SMITH BURTON SPICE MRS. CAROL STATON MRS. GRACE VERMILLYA CHARLES XWEINSTOCK ., tg 1 ' f:..:f: i e , 'mga ' '-iw wow, 5' iff:lEIf25ZfZii:'?ir5:f1': V 3 ' if S' gg we-. . .. 1: -ew - -r - :.- lv... 51 - air-s- zm zsff -iz. - HEWQQ -54,5 : 5 - iiifgffw Y. I ,gi ' , , ' KW 6 tk'!H kg li K 2 , . . a:.L5.w rg5..i..'wEM. 3.1. 251. Q... -' 2 1 - . S A SHIRLEY STEWART MRS. FLORENCE TANNER LAWRENCE VANDER ALBIN VAZNELIS NANCY WARSELL MRS. NANCY XXVENKER MRS. CAROL STATON: Business Education, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., F.B.L.A. Co-Adviser. SHIRLEY STEWART: Librarian, University of Toledo, B.A., Western Reserve University, M.S.L.S. MRS, FLORENCE TANNER: Home Nursing, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., St. Luke's Hospital, R.N., F.N.A. Adviser. LAWRENCE VANDER: Social Studies, Department Chairman, University of Toledo, B.A., M.A. SANDY VAN DREW: fnot picturedj English, Ohio University, B.A., Tri- Lits Co-Adviser. ALBIN VAZNELIS: English, Morehead College, B.A., Springfield QMass.j College, M. of Ed. MRS. GRACE VERMILLYA: Science, University of Illinois, A.B., Michigan State College, M.S., Alchemist Cluh Adviser. NANCY WARSELL: English and Journalism, University of Minnesota, BA, B.S., CRYSTAL Adviser. CHARLES WEINSTOCK: Science, Department Chairman, Marietta College B.A., University of Michigan, M.A. in Ed. MRS. NANCY WENKER: Orientation and Visual Education, Central Mich igan University, B.S. Santa makes his annual visit to our faculty at the Christmas party. :20: fx ,f' I SARAH WIDMAN: Englishg Bowling Green State University, B.S.g Tri-Lit Adviser. JAMES ZIMMERMAN: Industrial Artsg Ohio University, B.S. in Ed.g Hi-Y Co-Adviserg Cross Country Coach. MRS. MARTHA BROWNE: Library Clerk. AROL HEPNER: Senior Clerk-Treasurer. SARAH WIDMAN JAMES ZIMMERIVIAN RS. JACQUELINE HUBBARD: Record Clerk. RS. SHIRLEY MILLER: Secretary. RS. JANE REEME: Girls' Attendance Clerk. RS. BETTY RYAN: Boys' Attendance Clerk. DIAN SHORT' Book Clerk MRS. MARTHA BROWNE CAROL HEPNER 'Tl 13 MRS. J. HUBBARD MRS. SHIRLEY MILLER MRS. JANE REEME MRS. BETTY RYAN DIAN SHORT -J 'YS' Ex? ,T f Our busy office staff take time out to open ,F if Christmas presents. E " M531 1 15,2 1'.:. lg F., W. :Y Q 8 .6 9 S ,Vp Eby Kia .. 4, ax, :Q km? W' Www frfemg M A E Q s ka" M 4 X , W' .sf SA AQ af K is 'WWM'?fQ ?E5v3:.g avi A , , , A K ,M . A 1 as 2 Aw, .Yvsm U ,Q f"-vwwgz N' S ,ggi kgjgggi ff .smp- " 3 ' xiwiif Q w 13 N -Q-, - 1 ' 5332 X. ,Nm 5+ Wifi, fix 1 'Q WE 2 3235 1 ,s xp 13:- ,il .ga K x X sf A . , ' 1 I", 4 YI ' 2 A 11, . 1' ,GL l Bl ' ,Ls'g'f?" ii -mls Q ,.-Q 4'1" nw filassms W If 1 f :- rf . f WJJ56, KXA WXN VA x U Nxxggg-7xJbf,gf9A3 QQJCZEELQJ Q X e -ww 8 N R " - kj Seniors . . 2643 juniors . . 46-54 Sophomores . . 55-61 Freshmen . . 6230 1 ,, a Q They havetheit exits and their entrances," am .,.,.,-ff-' We ""' :25: -we-wa-we ...ww ,N-,F as .-.f .M-.-..... ss QQ ss- ss 1 5 R K Q have EH,k gas ss if f lu E 1 3 H x-x HHHSH ml E QS sm: am swift Kevin m sf, .mme ss amz? S. S ss E Em n nm ss nm w m ms a w mags ma mm ms me a as H na ss an 'YH fs m Km E nm X a gn ms if msgs m aw -H ss an E xx SEQ mi as H ZR SV -B36 digg wa mm: ax egg ss an W wiki tgwefw age? ,Q Q53 xi H H' H ww Ex na mm ss H mtg? K B Q.. L2 sa E5 ,M .qwm H ge? A ss x ns- ss Bmw 88, wxw n W me Ht? wig 2 x-x V ,me aww 1 mi Eu .va Q-if Q K K-,Img mix x a K H we Se Nm na E use in ss 'F 'Bw me 52 Q ss ts Bs ww KS H Es 5 use nm wa gm ei -Q- E. Mu zu if '11 - ili- JAMES DORIS JUDITH EMMA DELORES ADKINS AGNEW BALL BARRINGER BEY ADKINS, JAMES AGNEW, DORIS Achievement 2, 3. : Tri-Lit 3, 4: Y-Teens 15 Junior ' BALL, JUDITH: McAuley High School 1, 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, Rhythm Round-Up Make-up Com., 4. BARRINGER, EMMA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Round-Up, 3. BOLLINGER, EDWARD BOOMER, DONALD BRADLEY, ESTHER: Y-Teens 2: Art Club 1. BRAUNSCHWEIGER, MARK: Waite High School 1: Q.D.'s 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Treas. 4: Alchemist Society 4, Foot- BEY, DELORES: Rhythm Round-Up 2, junior Achieve- ball 1, 2: Track 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, Co-captain 3, 4: ment 2, Sec, 5. Senior Play Com. Leading us in another successful year were the Senior Class Officers: Dave Flocring, EDNWARD DONALD Vice-Pres., Sandy Mercer, Secretary: Tom Schnetzler, Pres.: Carol Westfall, Treas. BOLLINGER BOOMER .,,, -3, is - A 5, ' - V 'K T, l l ' 'i' -'--. 1 - , . V. ,, .ki . -Q 1 ,JY . ,, , .. 'fE: gi ggling -:5 It-..5:e:: 11 4 ?-. ., W - 1 .. ' ,, ESTHER MARK BRADLEY BRAUNSCHVUEIGER W www ii i ,, - Egwgefei' pf, H i JOYCE MARY MARY RICHARD MARGARET BRIDENSTINE BROWN BROWNING BUCK BUEHRER BRIDENSTINE, JOYCE: F.N.A. 5: German Club Sec- BURFORD, LAURA: DeVilbiss High School lg Rossford retary. High School lg Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 F.B.L.A. 4: Counselor's Aide 15 Mimeographing 4: Girls Chorus. BROWN, MARY: Scott High School: Art Club 1, 25 Projection 1, 2. BURGESS, EVELYN BROWNING, MARY BUCK, RICHARD: Rogers High School. CANTY, JQHNZ 1:Ootba112g Track 1, 3. BUEHRER, MARGARET: Y-Teens 1: Dramatics 4: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4: junior Rep. 3: Cowboy Round-Up Com.g Mimeographing 4: National Honor Society 4. CARIENS, KATHLEEN: McAu1ey High School 1., 2, 5. LAURA EVIELYN The Senior Class of 1964 owes much of its success to the capable guidance of Mrs BURFORD BURGESS Catherine Snow, Senior Class Advisor. JOHN KATHLEEN CANTY CARENS SH ERYL HENRY RUTH REDMOND PATRICK CAROTHERS CARTER CARY CHAMBERS COCHRAN CAROTHERS, SHERYL: Tri-Lit 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 3, 4, Treas. 4, Cryrlal 3, 4, Business Manager, National Honor Society 4, CARTER, HENRY: Track 1. CARY, RUTH: National Honor Society 3, 4, Crysfal 3, Exchange Editor, Counselor's Aide 3. CHAMBERS, REDMOND: Football 1, 2, Football Man- ager 3, 4, Track 1, 2. COCHRAN, PATRICK: Hi-Y 4, Cross Country 3, Track 3, Wrestling 3, Art Club 4. COLEMAN, JOHN COLLINS, MIKE: Q.D.'s 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Var- sity 3, 4, Track 2, Baseball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, junior Achievement 3. COPE, RONN IE COSPER, CHARLES: Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, -4, Baseball 1, 2, Rhythm Round-up 2, 5, 4. I COSTELL, EDWAIKD COUSINO, EDWARD: Varsity Basketball 3. coUs1No, JERRY A COUSINO, LARRY: junior Achievement 2. CURTIS, IRIS: Y-Teens 1, 3, F.B.L.A. 4, Edelifzzz 4. DALY, CAROLINE: F.N.A. 4. JOHN MIKE RONNIE CHARLES EDWARD COLIEMAN COLLINS COPE COSPER COSTEI-L " ' B 3- ' W R 1 . r, v-.-. ni: R sa, EDWARD JERRY LARRY IRIS cARo1.1NE COUSINO COUSINO COUSINO CURTIS DALY :2g: nm ,XR My LORRENE DANIEL DANIEL, LORRENE: Spanish Club 1, 2. DAVENPORT, SHARON: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Round- up 1, 2, 3, 4, Horne Room Representative 4, Cowboy Round-up Com. 4. DEAN, JERILYN: Cryrfnl 3, 4, Photographer 3, 4, Sr. Memorial Com., National Honor Society 4. DEVALT, GLADYS: Y-Teens 1, Chorus 1. DICKEN, CHERYL: Y-Teens 2, 3, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Make-up Com., Rhythm Round-up Make-up Committee 3. DICKEN, DELORES JANE: Whitney Vocational High School 2, Y-Teens 1, Choir 3, 4, Junior Achievement 2. DILLARD, JOYCE: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. SHARON JERI LYN GLADYS DAVENPORT DEAN DEVALT Sm' CHERYL DICKEN DILLARD, LINTON: Central Catholic High School 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Baseball 3, 4. DISHER, JOE DIXON, TONI LYNNE: Y-Teens 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Senior Play Selection Com., Jr. Play Com. 3, Rhythm Round-up Make-up Com. 3. DODGE, JOAN DOWLING, BARBARA: Y-Teens 1, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Dramatics Club Pres. 4, Libbey Leaders 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Junior Play, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Round-up 1, 2, 4, Rhythm Round-up Make-up Com. Chair- man 3. DRAHEIM, GAYLE: Y-Teens 4, Art Club 3. DRAPER, SHARON DRENNER, DANIEL: Woodwzird High School 1, 2. DLLORES JANE JOYCE LINTON JOE TONI LYNNE DICKEN DILLARD DILLARD DISHER DIXON FAR . Wang JOAN BARBARA GAYLE SHARON DANIEL DODGE DOWLING DRAHEIM DRAPER DRENNER .1292 rx R R If ANDREW LEE MARILYN LARRY JAMES LANA DRIVER DRUCKEMILLER DUNQXVORTH FIBEN ELLIS DRIVER, ANDREW LEE ELRIGHT LLOYD DRUCKEMILLER MARILYN: F.N.A. 4g junior Red Cross 1. ELROD, JUDY DUNSWORTH, LARRY: Cross Country 3, 4, Track 2, I 3, 4g Junior play Coin' 33 Alchemist Society 3g Junior FIC, KATHY: Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2g French lachieveljnent 5. Club 3, 2, Cowboy ROUf1d'LlP Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, junior Achievement 2, Dramatics Club 4. EIBEN, JAMES FINESKE, GARY: Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Hi-Y 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 3, 4, junior Prom Com., Senior ELLIS, LANA: F.B.L.A. 45 Choir 4. Prom Com.g Home Room Representative 3, 4. The senior members of the Student Council have Worked extremely hard to make this year most successful. Left to Right-Mel Pnmmernnz, Betsy Hill, Maxine Porter, LLOYD JUDY Milt Pommeranz. ELRIGHT ELROD KATHY GARY FIC FINESKE T .i. 'Q-A-ii' CONI MARILYN DAVE SHARON ROBERT FINK FINK FLOERING FLOYD FLUNDER FINK, CONI: Dramatics Club 4, German Club 1, 2, Al- chemist Society 4, Sec. Treas. 4, Edelifm 4, Photographers assistant, Senior Banquet Committee, Homecoming Queen Attendant, junior Red Cross 15 Senior Playg Area Student Council Queen Candidate, National Honor Society 4, Home Room Representative 4. FINK, MARILYN: Peries 2, Tri-Lit 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 33 Freshman Teen Club 15 F.B.L.A. 2, 5, 4, Rhythm Round- up 1, 2, 4. FLOERING, DAVE: Rogers High School 1, National Honor Society 3, Service Chairman 4, Q.D.'s 3, Chaplain 4, Alchemist Society, Treasurer 3, Pres. 4, Dramatics Club 4, Tennis 3, 45 Iideljmz Co-editor 43 Senior Class Vice-Pres., Student Council, Vice-Pres. 3g junior Play, Senior Play, Buckeye Boys State 3, Valedictorian. ELIZABETH F OLSOM GROVER FRANKLIN FRANCINE WILLIAM GALLOWAY GARNER FLOYD, SHARON: German Club 3, Choir 5, 4. FLUNDER, ROBERT: Basketball 1, 2, 3. FOLSOM, ELIZABETH: Freshman Teen Club, F.N.A. 3, Treas. 4, Dramatics Club, Vice-Pres. 4, Rhythm Round-up Make-up Committee 3, Counselors Aide 4, junior Red Cross 1, Senior Banquet Committee, Senior Play Make-up Committee. FRANKLIN, GROVER: Baseball 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Rhythm Round-up 2, 34 Pep Band 1, 2, 5, 4. GALLOWAY, FRANCINE: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 5, 4. GARNER, WILLIAM Choosing the attractive announcements for the class of '64 was the duty ot the Senior Announcement Committee. KENNETH ROBERTA NORMAN CAROLYN BOB GEHRS GLENDENING GRAY GREAR GWOZDZ GEI-IRS, KENNETH: Hi-Y 39 junior Play Com., Art Club 3, 4, Rhythm Round-up 3. GLENDENIN G, ROBERTA GRAY, NORMAN GREAR, CAROLYN: Douglass High School, Okla. 1, Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4. GWOZDZ, BOB: Bowling 1, 2. HALLICK, EMMETT I-IANSLIK, PAUL HANSLIP, RICHARD EDWARD: DeVilbiss High School 1, Stan Commonwealth High School, Albion, Mich. 4. HARBERT, CHERYL: Y-Teens 1, 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Re- porter 4, Libbey Leaders 2, Sec. 3, Cryylnl 3, 4, Senior Play Com., junior Achievement 2, Rhythm Round-up 3, 4. HARGRAVE, CARLTON: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Football 1, Wrestling 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Activities 2, 3, 4, Round-up Prop. Com. 2, 3, 4. HARLER, DAVE: Track 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3. HARRIS, CHARLES: Scott High School 1, Hi-Y 4, Foot- ball 1, Varsity 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Cross Country 2. HARRIS, MIKE: Track 3, Band 3, 4. HARVEY, ROBERT: Hi-Y 1, 2. HAYES, BILL: Hi-Y 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4. EMMETT PAUL RICHARD EDWARD CHERYL CARLTON HALLICK HANSLI K, HANSLIP HARBERT HARGRAVF CHARLES MIKE ROBERT BILL HIRQQXIEIR HARRIS HARRIS HARVEY HAYES N- DAVID BETSY VIOLA ELLA SHIRLEY HAYXVARD HILL HOROSEWSKI HENDRIX HUEBNER HAYWARD, DAVID: Forum 3, 4, Hi-Y, Chaplain 3, President 4, Track 2, 3, Cross Country 3. HILL, BETSY:'National Honor 3, 4, Tri-Lit 3, 4, Treas- urer 4, Phils 4, F.T.A. 2, Spanish Club, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Cl'.J'J'fdl, editor-in-chief 4, Junior Prom Committee, Rhythm Round-up 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Student Council 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Librarian 4, Dra- matics Club 4, Senior Play. HOROSEWSKI, VIOLA: St. Joseph High School, Fre- mont, Ohio, l, National Honor Society 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Pep Band 3. HENDRIX, ELLA: Art Club 3, 4, Secretary 4. I-IUEBNER, SHIRLEY: Cowboy Roundaup Committee 4, Choir 3, 4, Counselors Aide 3, 4, Junior Achievement 2, 3. HUNTER, JERRY HYMORE, DAN: Q.D.'s 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball I , Tennis 3, Junior Prom Committee. IRWIN, NANCY: Peries 3, Tri-Lit 33 Chairman Peries 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Cryfml 3, 4, Sports editor 3, Co-editor 4, Junior Play Committee, Senior Banquet Committee, Counselor's Aide 2, Main Office Aide 3, 4, Choir 1, Rhythm Round-up 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. JACOBS, CAROL JOHNS, MARCIA: Y-Teens 1, 2, F.B.L.A. 3, 4, Cryrlal 3, 4, Junior Play Committee, Senior Play Committee, Junior Achievement 2, Rhythm Round-up 3. JOHNS, MELVIN JOHNSON, DELPHINE: Y-Teens 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, French Club 3, 4, Junior Play Make-up Com- mittee, F.T.A. 3, Treasurer 4, Rhythm Round-up 3, Junior Achievement 2, 3. JOHNSON, LINDA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Rhythm Round-up 3, F.T.A. 3. KIBLERE, HAZEL: Y-Teens 1, Art Club 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 1, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4. KIDD, KAROL: Notre Dame Academy 1, 2, Y-Teens 3, Junior Achievement 2, 3. JERRY DAN NANCY CAROL MARCIA HUNTER HYMORE IRWIN JACOBS JOHNS MELVIN DELPHINE LINDA HAZEL KAROL JOHNS JOHNSON JOHNSON KIBLERE KIDD I ED JAMES DAVE DONNA ROGER KILBRIDE KING KLEIN KOVACS KRANTZ KILBRIDE, ED: Football 1gTrack 3. KRUEGER, DORIS: Tri-Lit 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Make-up Com., Rhythm Round-up 4. KING, JAMES KLEIN, DAVE: Hi-Y 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Representative 3, junior Achievement 2. KOVACS, DONNA: Marine City High School, Marine City, Mich. lg Y-Teens 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 43 Senior Banquet Com.g Mimeographing 4, KRANTZ, ROGER: Cross Country 3, junior Play Com., junior Achievement 3. "The show must go on," say the members of the Senior Play Committee. KURSCI-IAT, KAREN: National Honor Society 3, 45 Tri- Lit 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Pres. 4, Junior Plilyj Art Club l 2 I 1 sh' LEACH, WESLEY: Scott High School I, 2. LEMAY, CURTIS: Chess Club I, 25 junior Achievement 2, 3, 4. DORIS KAREN KRUEGER KURSCHAT ' 0' NWESLIEY CURTIS LEACH LEMAY 'lf' ,,. , . sa ,, z A u .nt .J I.. CLIFFORD IVY DARRYL ,IANICE CAROLYN LEXXIIS LOPER LOTHERY LOVELL LULFS LEWIS, CLIFFORD: Band 2, 3, 45 Treas. 3, 4: Rhythm MCCAULEY, ANTHONY: Varsity Football 3, 45 Track Round-up 2. lg junior Achievement 2. LOPER, IVY: Freshman Teen Club lg junior Achieve- ment 2, 39 Rhythm Roundup 5. MCCOY, DOROTHY: Whitney Vocational High School 1. LOTHERY, DARRYL: Macomber Vocational High School lg Varsity Football 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4: junior Achievement 2, 3, 4: Cafeteria Helper 2, 3, 4. MCFARLAND, LENARD: Scott High School 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 4: Basketball 4. LOVELL1 JANICEI Wm High School 1' MCGRANAHAN, CATHYZ Libbey Leaders 2, 5, Pres. 4, Senior Play Make-up Com. Chrm.g junior Play: Choir 2, Roberian 3, Librarian 4g Dramatics Club 3, 43 National LULFS, CAROLYN: Y-Teens lg F.B.L.A. 3, 4. Honor Society 4. ANTHONY DOROTHY As the curtain falls, seniors will treasure the memories of Z1 delightful evening MCCAULEY MCCOY planned by the Senior Banquet Committee. LENARD CATHY MCFARLAND McGRANAHAN NANCY KEN JOHN MARTHA BETTY MCINTIRE MCINTOSH MCPHERSON MANN MATZIN GER MCINTIRE, NANCY: Phils 2: Tri-Lit 3, Secretary 4, Y- Teens 1, Libbey Leaders 2, 3, 4 3 Crymzl 3, 4, junior Prom Committee, Rhythm Round-up 2, 3, 4: Rhythmette 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. MCINTOSH, KEN: DeVilbiss High School 1, 2: Dramatics 4, junior Play, junior Achievement 3, 4, Senior Play. McPHERSON, JOHN MANN, MARTHA: Y-Teens 3: F.N.A. 3, 4, Nurse's Aide 4. MATZINGER, BETTY: Y-Teens 4, Senior Achievement Committee, Mimeographing 4. MERCER, SANDY: Tri-Lit 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, Alchemist, Secretary 3: Edeiimz, copy editor 4, junior Play Committee: Secretary Senior Classg Rhythm Round-up 2, 3, 4, junior Play: Choir 3, 4: Dramatics 4, Senior Play: National Honor Society 4. MERZKE, LINDA: Phils 23 Tri-Lit, Chaplain, Sgt.-ab Arms 3, President 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 45 Cheer- leader 2, 3, captain 4: junior Ring Committee, junior Class President: Rhythm Round-up 1, 2, 3, 4s National Honor Society 4. MEYER, MARILYN: Library Aide 3, 4. MILLER, BRENDA MOMAN, DARLENE: Y-Teens 3, 4, Art Club 2, 3, 4. MOODY, EDWARD MOORE, JERLINE: Y-Teens 1. MORSE, MIKE: Q.D.'s 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, junior Prom Committee. MYLEK, JOHN NEWCOMER, ROBERT: Q.D.'s 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 3. SANDY LINDA MARILYN BRENDA DARLENE MERCER MERZKE MEYER MILLER MOMAN EDWARD ERLINE MIKE JOHN ROBERT MooDY ivrooma MORSE MYLEK NEWCOMER HENRY CHARLES JOYCE NORMA JUDY NORWOOD NUNGESTER N UNLEY NUNLEY OESTREICH NORWOOD, HENRY: Q.D.'s 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, National Honor Society 4. NUNGESTER, CHARLES: French Club 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Tennis 3, 4, Edelimz Underclass Editor 4, Me- morial Committee, Junior Play, Chess Club 1, National Honor Society 4. NUNLEY, JOYCE: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Make- up Com., Rhythm Round-up 3, 4, Senior Make-up Com. NUNLEY, NORMA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 3, Vice- Pres. 4, Junior Play Make-up Com., Senior Play Make-up Com., Senior Announcement Com., Rhythm Round-up 2, 3, 4. OESTREICH, JUDY: Freshman Teen Club 1, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, 3, Senior Announcement Com- mittee, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4, Mimeographing 4. OLEJNICZAK, TOM O'NEILL, PAT: Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, F,B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Make-up Com. PATTON, MANZETTA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, Art Club 3. PARKER, CLARA PARKER, MONTRO PHELPS, JOSEPH: Football 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. PHENIZY, NELLIE POMMERANZ, MELVIN: Student Council Pres. 4, Al- chemist Club Vice-Pres. 4, Junior Class Vice President, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Dramatics Club 4, Senior Play, National Honor Society 4. POMMERANZ, MILTON: National Honor Society 3, Pres. 4, German Club 1, 2, 3, Alchemist 3, 4, Chess Club 1, 2, Tennis 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Junior Class Play, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Senior Play. PORTER, IDA MAXINE: Tri-Lit 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Ring Com., Chrm. F.T.A. 2, 4, Treas. 3, Junior Play, Student Council 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. TOM PAT M ANZETTA CLARA MONTRO OLEJN ICZAK O'N EI Ll. PATTON PARKER PARKER JOSEPH NELLIE MELVIN MILTON IDA MAXIN E PHELPS PHENIZY POMMERANZ POMMERAN Z PORTER :37: BERNARD FLORA MAE FRED -IOANNE TOM QUINN RAYFORD RECKNAGEL REITZ RICHMOND QUINN, BERNARD: Art Club 4, Junior Achievement. RAYFORD, FLORA MAE RECKNAGEL, FRED: junior Play Committee, Senior Playg National Honor Society 4. REITZ, JOANNE: Y-Teens 2, 4, Senior Play Committee, junior Achievement 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. RICHMOND, TOM: Hi-Y 4g Alchemist 4. RILL, IUDY: Y-Teens 1, 3, Secretary 45 Senior Play Com- mittee, Counselor's Aide 3, 4, Mirneographing 4. ROBINSON, EDNA: Y-Teens 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Alchem- ist Club 4g Senior Memorial Committee, junior Achieve- ment 2, 3. RODER, TOM: Hi-Y 3g Baseball 35 Football 1. ROLFES, ROBERT: Pep Band 2, 3g Rhythm Round-up 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Conductor 2, Secretary 3, Vice- President 45 Orchestra 1, 2, National Honor Society 4. JUDY EDNA We could have danced all night," say the members of the Senior Prom Committee. RILL ROBINSON TOM ROBERT RODER ROLFES :3g: JOHN ANITA GEORGE JUDY DAVE ROSI AK ROSPERT RUBEL SAMUDIO SANDYS ROSIAK, JOHN: Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Track 1, Junior Prom Com. ROSPERT, ANITA RUBEL, GEORGE: Football 2. SAMUDIO, JUDY: Y-Teens 1. SANDYS, DAVE: Alchemist Society 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Tennis 3, 4, Edelinzz Activities Editor 4, Senior Prom Com., Junior Play, Senior Play Stage Manager, National Honor Society fi. SCHMIDT, PATTI SCHNEIDER, JOHN: Football 2, 5, All-City 4, Basket- ball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Forum 3, Chaplain 4, Prom Committee, Memorial Committee. SCHNETZLER, TOM: Q.D.'S 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Senior Class President, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. SCHROPP, DIANA ROSE: Burnham Jr. High School 1, Junior Play, Rhythm Round-up 3, 4. PATTI JOHN The Seniors of Libbey will always remember the dance planned by the Cowboy SCHMIDT SCHNEIDER Round-up Committee. Jus '-3110i TOM DIANA ROSE SCHNETZLER SCHROPP +19 Fm ,A :B 3 fgf' ' , I I ' tr 1 j LQ-qHLE'?Z: ,, . I ,. CAROL SHERRYL VIRGINIA JANICE KATHLEEN A SCHULTZ SCH WANBECK SCOBY SCOTT SECREST SCHULTZ, CAROL: Y-Teens 1: Counse1or's Aid. SCHWANBECK, SI-IERRYL: Choir 2, 3, 4. SCOBY, VIRGINIA: Y-Teens 3, 4: Libbey Lfmders 2, 3, 4: Junior Red Cross 1: Dramatics 3: F.N.A, 4. SCOTT, JANICE: Y-Teens 1. SECREST, KATHLEEN A.: Zets 2, 4, Tri-Lits 3: Fresh- man Teen Club Chaplain: Art Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Junior Ring Com.: Band 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4: Maiorette 3, Drum Majorette 4: Rhythm Round-up 3: Student Council 35 Senior Prom Com. Chrm. 4: National Honor Society 4. SHAW, JUDY: National Honor 5, Vice-Pres. 4: F.N.A. 3, Pres. 4: Alchemist Society 4: Edelian Co-Editor 4: Cow- boy Round-up Com. Chrm.: Sr. Play Make-up Com.: Junior Red Cross 1: Junior Play: Choir 2, 3, Librarian 4: Rhythm Round-up 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 4. SHORES, LINDA: Scott High School 2. SHORTER, JIM: Q.D.'s 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee. SIEK, LINDA: Y-Teens 1: Edelirnz Sports Editor 4: Junior Play Make-up Com.: Junior Play: Senior Play: Rhythm Round-up 5, 4: Dramatics Club 4. SKENTROWICZ, HELGA: Y-Teens 1, 3, 4: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4: German Club 4: Junior Play Make-up Com. Chrm.: Sr. Prom Com.: Rhythm Round-up 2, 3, 4. SIMMONS, FRED LEE: Woodward High School 1: Track 2, 3: Football 3. SLAPPERY, BARBARA: Scott High School 1, 2: Y-Teens 3, 4. SMITH, BARBARA SNYDER, JAMES: Junior Ring Com.: National Honor Society 4. STAPLES, GUY: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. JUDY LINDA JIM LINDA HELGA SHAW SHORES Sl-IORTER SIEK SKENTROWICL FRED LEE BARBARA BARBARA JAMES GUY SIMMONS SLAPPERY SMITH SNYDER STAPLES :40: DONNA CHARLENE EVELYN MARY GARY STEFANSKI STEVENSON STEWART STEWART STOFAN STEFANSKI, DONNA: Y-Teens 3, Vice-President 4: Senior Announcement Committee: Counselor's Aide 4: Mimeographing 4: Rhythm Round-up 4: National Honor Society 4. STEVENSON, CHARLENE STEWART, EVELYN: Alchemist Club 3. STEWART, MARY: jefferson St. junior High School 1: South junior High School 1: Lima Senior High School 2: junior Ring Committee: Queen Candidate: National Honor Society 4. STOFAN, GARY: German Club 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4. STONE, KEITH: Chess Club 2: junior Achievement 2, 3, 4. SUMMERS, CHARLES: National Honor Society 3, 4: junior Ring Committee. SUTER, PAM: National Honor Society 3, Secretary 4: Tri- Lit 3, 4: Y-Teens 1: French Club 3, Secretary 4: F.N.A. 3. 4: junior Play Committee: Senior Play Committee: Choir 2: Counselor's Aide 1, 3, 4: Buckeye Girls' State: Dramatics Club 4: junior Red Cross 1. SZKATULSKI, GREGORY: Golf 3, 4: Bowling 3, 4. TALL, NATHANIAL TAMLYN, MIKE: St. Francis DeSales 1: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3, 4. TATE, OiNEIL: National Honor Society. TOTZKE, TERRY: Hi-Y 2, 3: Golf 3: Football 3, 4. TRAIL, MAXINE: Y-Teens 1: F.B.L.A. 2: Libbey Leaders 2, 3, 4. TUCKER, MIKE: DeVilbiss 1: Hi-Y 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Basketball 2. KEITH CHAR LES PAM GREGORY NATHANIEL STONE SUMMERS SUTER SZKATU LSKI TALL MIKE O'NEIL TERRY MAXINE MIKE TAM LYN TATE TOTZKE TRAIL TUCKER , H-4' SYLVIA JACKIE JOHN CONNIE CLIFFORD TYLER VEITH VICE VINCENT VINES TYLER, SYLVIA: Y-Teens 4, Choir 3, 4: Rhythm Round' WALKER, ERMA up 3, 4. VEITI-I, JACKIE: Peries 2: Tri-Lit 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2: Alchemist, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Edelimz Advertising Man- ager, junior Prom Committee, Senior Banquet Committee, Rhythm Round-up 1, 2, 3, 4. VICE, JOHN VINCENT, CONNIE: Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Senior Play Com- mittee, F.T.A. 3, 4, Alchemist 35 Rhythm Round-up 4. WALLINGTON, LINDA: National Honor 3, 4, Tri-Lit 3: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee: Counselor's Aide 2, 3, 4. WAREJKO, JOYCE: Y-Teens 1, 25 junior Class Secretary: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, Rhythm Round-up 3, 4. WELSH, DIANA: Waite 1, 2: Tri-Lit 4: F.B.L.A. 4. WELSH, MIKE VINES, CLIFFORD: I-li-Y 4, Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 2, 5, 4. WERNER, PATRICIA One of our brighter stars was Miss Teen-age Toledo ERMA LINDA JOYCE and Lbbey's Homecoming Queen-Miss Linda Merzke. WALKER WALLINGTON WAREJKO :air ING! x 'il rffif M, .N DIANA MIKE PATRICIA WELSH XWELSH WERNER CAROL PAULETTE GINGER XVEBSTER PATRICIA WESTFALL WESTRUP XWETZEL WHITE WIEGAND WESTFALL, CAROL: Phils 25 Tri-Lit 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, Publicity Chairman 45 Alchemist Society 45 Dramatics Club 45 Edeliafz Senior Editorg junior Class Treasurer5 Senior Class Treasurerg Rhythm Round-up 3, 45 Rhythm- ettes 3, 45 F.T.A. 45 National Honor Society 4. WESTRUP, PAULETTE: Y-Teens 15 Dramatics Club, Secretary-Treasurer 45 junior Play5 Rhythm Round-up 3, 45 Senior Play, National Honor Society 4. WETZEL, GINGER: National Honor 3, Scholarship Chairman 45 Peries 2 5 Tri-Lit 3, Vice-President 45 Y-Teens 1, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Secretary 35 Alchemist Society, Chaplain 45 Dramatics Club 45 Ezleliazz, Faculty Editor5 junior Prom Committee5 Cowboy Round-up Committeeg Rhythm Round-up 2, 3, 45 Main Office 1, 2, 3, 4. WHITE, WEBSTER: Classical Honor Society 25 National Honor Society 33 Q.D.'s 3, Vice-President 45 Hi-Y 45 WIEGAND, PATRICIA: Y-Teens 3, 45 Rhythm Round- up Make-up 3, 45 Senior Memorial Committee5 Counselor's Aide 3. WILLIAMS, BEVERLY: Y-Teens 1, 25 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Committeeg Rhythm Round-up 2, 3, 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Counselor's Aide 3, 45 junior Achievement 2. WILLIAMS, BRENDA WILLIAMS, JOHN: Q.D.'s 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3. WILLIAMS, NORMA: Y-Teens 2, 3. SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Anglin, Judith Avery, Jean Bannister, Gloria Bodette, Thomas Davis, john Finch, Dorothy Gonzalez, Gloria Hughes, Frannie Hunter, Fred Hunter, james Klem, John Newborn, jasper Quiroga, Louis Reyes, Criscelda Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 15 Track 1, 3. Hendershot, Robert Roman, Jerome BEVERLY BRENDA Leaving behind a suitable memento of the Class of 1964 was the responsibility f WILLIAMS NWILLIAMS the Senior Memorial Committee. .Z lr JOHN NORMA WILLIAMS WILLIAMS Z43: JMR Q On December 12, the Senior Class presented "The Wfhole Truth", a farce in three acts written hy William D. Fisher. The pro- duction was polished to the point of perfection under the direction of Mr. Vifuyne R. Davis. The lead roles were portrayed by Barb Dowling, Ken Mclntosh, Mel Pommeranz, and Paulette Westi'up. Backing the others with very fine performances were Coni Fink, Dave Floering, Betsy Hill, Karen Kurshat, Sandy Mercer, Milt Pommerunz, Fred Recknagel, and jim Snyder. :44:.- ' EE. 1 A Q'-1-H N....-'pw-a 1 .,. swim' gm, r f Z? t 1.1 5 4 Z 1-cw I 3 dff: f L ' PPE I if 551 . gm i,t W f,'+'5's1f?iQ'9' f ' , hp: , , Precision is our motto. Dig that style! Anyone seen my cane? Ooh, thut's corny! He went thflf-il-WHY! "Ring around the rosy . . . Step, shuffle, tap . . . "Gypsy" :45: uniom . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 'Shirleyl Ann Brown, Secretaryg Kay Braun, Treasurerg Craig Breitner, Vice-Presidentg John Markland, President. Mrs. Kahn enthusiastically directs the class of '65 with her JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE amiable personality and concern for its success. Row 1 -Dianne Christian, jill Knapp, Brenda Carter, Sharon Davis. Row 2-Ron Coleman, Greg Hansen, Don Isaacs. :46: Row 1 -Carol Horn, Christine Falkenberg, Sue Smith, Karen Leitner, Linda McClorrine, Ann Collins, Alma Lay, Dor- othy Mae Driver. Row 2-Frances Bacon, Treva Syph, Cynthia Franklin, Judy Tallman, Dyonne Smith, Sandra Sharp, Rosemary Foster Bobbie McGovern, Beverly Manz. Row 3 -Patricia Bollinger, Janice Jeakle, Rose Avery, Betty Kruse, Deborah Archie, Mildred Jones, Shirley Ann Brown Rosie Simmons. Row 1-Gary Ganchou, David Roberts, Jay Hoffman, Lee Garner, Michael Price, John Jones, Tom Waters, Terry Lincoln, Gary Eber. Row 2-Daryl Hirth, George Rios, Jeff McVickers, Harry Campbell, Craig Breitner, Michael Bartko, Bill Meyer, John Geach, Ralph Pruden, James Harriger. ' Row 3-Jeff Crawford, Ronald Ellis, Seaborn White, Adell Coley, James Armstrong, James Luginbuhl, Earl Johnson, Alan Schmude, Fred Carter. Z47: Z . . E X a fx E is H " , N fig: 5 Mia Row 1-Arether Fench, Sharon Binegar, Delois Carter, Carol Beasley, Lana Miller, JoAnn Childress, Janice Bagner, Mary Couturier. ' Row 2-Nadine Fields, Essie Dickerson, Natalie Gaisser, Kathey Reynolds, Dianne Baker, Betsy Avery, JoAnn Mon- ahan, Robin Pasch. Row 3-Fannie Hughes, Dorothy Brooks, Sharon Arnold, Earlene Thomas, Norma Esmond, Nancy Markley, Mary Hunt, Lula Byrd, Joyce Brumfield. 35,3 I I .. M EVA f R ' . f iii if, 1 ::: If-A , E, 5 -5 -,,. 'ti 5 Row 1-Casimir Drahan, David Dawson, Bernie Nagel, Mike Cannaley, Rick Bartley, Roy Bristow, john Locke-tt, Richard Swope. Row 2-Houston Garfield, Rolph Maddox, Donald Isaacs, Richard Kilisz, Alex McCrae, Greg Ball, Roosevelt Frank- lin, jesse Wormely, Bobby Goree, Cal Manning. Row 3-George Hochmuth, Phil Holst, Larry Loehrke, Rodney Gable, Donald Frey, james Dowling, Ronald Web- ster, john Markland, Michael Cox. :.48: 3, as Row 1 - Helen Polen, Eloise Blount, Johnnie Mae Davis, Barbara Hendrix, Teresa. Hardison, Delores Redfern, Diane Car- rothers, Ruth Harding. Row 2-Priscilla Parcels, Holley Stearn, Evelyn Green, Gloria Maxwell, Earlene Brown, Patricia Sandridge, Joyce Strickland, Roxie Moore. Row 3-Barbara Harrison, Sue Ellen Krueger, Linda Mayo, Janet Schmidt, Kay Braun, Sharon Ramsdell, Jean O'Neil, Carol Gere, Sue Brooks. wwf'-1 2 a , am-W - Mifffaf, - wa: fad. 'ffnaavg Row 1.-Frank Rochowiak, Terry Waldron, Dan McCraw, Dave McEwen, Frank Sherman, DeWayne Black, Harold Wilson, Jack Walters, Richard Brown. Row 2-Charles Walker, Thomas Tiggs, Brian Taylor, David Ostman, Mike Espinosa, Rudolph Valdes, Frank Sifu- entes, Walter Tucker, Fran Schlagheck, Michael Potter. Row 3-Bob Reinbolt, Larry Pace, Kenneth Durham, Vincent Sowinski, Jerry Foster, Robert Smith, Wilbur Rippey, Jerome Hassell, Dave Dobrzynski. :49v: 5' 4. "?",.3g,f Row 1 -Roberta Howard, Dorothy jones, Sharon Davis, Barbara Bennett, Gloria Kasten, Rosario Reyes, Virginia Del- arosa. Row 2 - Anna Mae Edwards, Ronita Graves, jo Anne Ware, Beth Respress, Sylvia Loper, Patti Geier, Lois Burgess, Cathy Ieziorowski, Christine DeCius. Row 3 - Sandy Reynolds, Barbara Douthett, Jacqueline Luckett, Barbara Mason, Rose Montelongo, Gloria Nerlich, jane Mann, Brenda Carter. rw Row 1 - Ernie Bernath, William Richardson, Tony Martinez, Leslie Bothast, Daniel Gribble, Elmer Scott, Ronnie Leeper. Row 2-Robert Harvey, Bill Forrey, john Calopietro, Bernard Stone, Leonard Cousino, jim Pasch, Raul Monterrubio, James Dec. Row 3 -Larry Banker, Ken Romer, Al Hutchinson, john Knox, Vernon Thomas, Bob Peterson, James Kilisz, Phil Hor- osewski. : 5 0: Row 1-Noel Curtis, Eleanor Branford, Mary Fries, Sharon Cousino, Linda Evener, Mary Reitz, Cindy Richmond, Linda Rice. Row 2-Rita Valdes, Janice Overstreet, jo Ann Madden, Patsy Kelly, Kay Jolley, Sherrie Tressler, Linda Campbell Gloria Wigfall. Row 3-Karen Emahiser, Sharon Bliss, Brenda Pearson, Rita Callahan, Linda Blackford, Sharon Smith, Royine Camp- bell, Linda Wertz. Row 1 - Steve Grishan, Rudy Ruiz, Walter Schuman, Bob Taraschke, Bob Doyle, Mike Sifuentes, john Houston, Phillip Lopez. - Row 2-Elwood Miller, Jim Mann, William Holdsworth, Ronald Hindman, Mike England, Dave Vorba, Danny Sieminski, Leroy Coley. Row 3 - Robert Tribble, Ken Bostic, George Nagy, Craig Walters, Dick Frey, Eddie Small, Chuck Suter, Richard Pon- tious. :-51: 7 Row 1 -Chris Dylewski, Carol Dylewski, janet Jarzeboski, Judy Stine, Cheryl Mills, Rosemary Taylor, Theresa Brown, Barbara Lennon. Row 2 -Dianne Christian, Karen Hochmuth, Nancy Achor, Lynn Dusseau, Laureen Weatherford, Patricia Neeley, Susan Rosebrock, Theresa Gedeon. Row 5-Rose Ann Moline, Janice jones, Frani Horvath, Libby Loehrke, Sandra Filipovich, Sandra Machcinski, jill Knapp, Dorothy Bylow. Row 1 - Charles Daniel, Johnny Washington, Oliver Smith, Michael Fuehr, joe Rosiak, Ronald Spitulski, john Prysiazny. Row 2 -Billy Doyle, Robert Rose, Alan Colwell, Willie Coley, Ray Strohl, Arney Robinson, Frank Smith, joseph Phelps. Row 5-Charles Thompson, Tyrone Sturdivant, Paul Chambers, Gary McCourt, Guy Hadley, Andrew Bagrowski, Ron- ald Parseils, James King. :-52: Row 1-Rosie Barkhimer, Pat Newman, Eileen Vinson, Janet Price, Judy Meade, LeVeda Martin, Jo Anne Durban Nancy Dross. Row 2-Sue Brown, Catherine Mason, Kathy Haberland, Geraldine Myers, Judy Hitchner, Sherrie DeCius, Pat Holt- freter, Shirley Hoskins. H Row 3-Judy Tibbits, Jeanette Harlow, Cathy Borton, Sue Gantz, Margaret Barkhimer, Judy Dismuke, Sandy Kuhn Cheryl Ann Franklin. . ,. Q Q 5 ," 1 DQR l ' 2,325 Row 1-Richard Gerschultz, Frank Kinder, Richard Duryea, James Ball, John Neal, James Friemark. Row 2-Dave Smith, Jim Hockenberger, Larry Heslet, Den Martin, Ron Coleman, Mike Durham, Tellus Johnson, Darryl Limpf. Row 3-Fred Schmidt, Don Hensley, Tom Alley, Robert Miller, James Scheck, Greg Hansen, Mike Schlapman, Jim Leonard. Z53: JUNIOR PLAY COMMITTEE RING COMMITTEE Row 1-Holley Stearn, Royine Campbell, Deborah Archie. Row 1-Dorothy Driver, Janice jones, Rita Valdes. Row 2-Brian Tiyloi Row 2-John Calopietro, Willnur Rippey, Dan McGraw. Michael Cox, Ronald Webster, Nancy Achor, l Row 1-Ronnie Mercer, Raymond White, Melvin Browning, Erie Cowson, Bill Grimm, Stan Lewandowski, Bob Sexton, Sterling Coogler, Ron Albright, Richard Hernandez. Row 2-Ronald Forney, Don jackson, Martain Siwajek, James Cook, Bobby Smith, Walter Ralph, jim Schnetzler, jim- mie Rodgers, jim Mitchell, Gene Branford. Row 3 - Cecil Smith, Greg Longbrake, Tom Falk, Tom Zitzelberger, Neal Warner, jim Barker. Henry Davis, Charles Harrison, Chuck Gaglione 254: Mrs. Hunsaker's class gives their undivided attention to a lesson in English. 0l'l'l 0l"Q6 Row 1- Connie Henry, Berteriece Nicholas, Carol Bail, Sue Collins, jane Wagoner, Donna Denker, Becky Carothers, Patsy Glover, Novella Walker. Row 2 - Charlene Tomblin, Pam Never, Maxine Garner, Kathy Wegner, Alicesteine Giles, Mary Staton, Judith Stewart, Lorraine Vernaz, Evelyn Willis. Row 3WAnnie Steward, Geraldine Kynard, Millie Coleman, Barbara Clark, Mary Richards, Estella Cherry, Cherie Howe, Linda Keier, Betty Miller. i . 3553- K- iw ti '-3 :5-5: Row 1 -Mack Garner, Joseph Heer, Lanny Liggett, jim Morris, William Holmes, Ronald Ballard, William Lane, Ed- ward Cook, Michael Cunningham. Row 2-Jerome Bragg, Robert Reeves, Mike Kaczmarek, Donald Hopings, William Albert, Patrick Ferguson, Michael Upchurch, Mike Hiser, Terry Starkloff. Row 3 - Glenn Ingersoll, Ronald Bourn, Terry Hopkins, Edward jaynes, Tim Bollinger, jimmy Phenizy, William Rams- dell, Carlton Pheils, Edwin Westmeyer. Row 1 -Carol Betts, Marsha Klostermeier, Sandra Keller, Karletta Waldron, Patti Hiser, Sue Urbina, Paula Stoken, Velma Bush, Sandi Oxner. Row 2-Sue Terrill, Cheryl Tibbits, Ruth Early, Mary Sullivan, Bertha Wormely, Vickie jackson, Nancy Reynolds, Mary Bridge, Ruth Staples. Row 3 - Suzanne Leary, Bonnie Strickstein, Kathleen Daly, Margie Patterson, Ardella Root, Johnetta Scott, Mary Boomer, Vivian Rossvanes, Lisbeth LaVrar. SOFA Olflfl 0l"Q5 1 . :56: Row 1 -David Smith, Ricardo Canas, David Holman, Carlos Monterrulio, Paul Lewis, Leonard Garrett, Ruben Batey, Craig Killy, Robert Perkins. Row 2 - Gary Hinger, Raymond Mercurio, William Green, Bob West, Mike Mann, David Bowling, john Folsom, Kenny Tressler, Robert Russell. Row 5 -johnny Foster, George Shields, Larry Sykes, Mike McClain, Gearld McLemore, Kenneth Adams, Andrew jack- son, Tim Kruse, Charles Marshall. Row 1 -Brenda Coleman, Judy Meyer, Ilene Harris, Marlene Day, Mary jane jones, Annette White, Barbara Walker, Carol Palmer, Pam Hopings. Row 2-Karen Armstrong, Ruth Emch, Darlene Heckart, Vikie Burgess, Diana Roberts, Sandra Young, Mitzie Schlap- man, Elaine james, Brenda Lawson. Row 3-Joan Swicegood, Mary Williarns, Diane McClain, Shirley Kreft, Bonita Palmer, Marine Edwards, Billie Glen- dening, Ingrid Whitfield, Sue Strasel. SOFA 0I'l'I, 0l"8f5 5-...Ji .Lau l fa w an ia w m Qs BTW E mai ss as Er! S mn Rl? E r ss ,I,!!.,2: . Row 1-Williain Saunders, Eddie Moore, Ross Fields, Jesse Phifer, Mike Hiser, Robert Howard, Mike Wiegand john Zielinski. Row 2-Leland Emery, Dan4Shue, Tom Gunn, Fred Stanton, Edward Ramm, Robert Powers, Lavern Wigfall, Ray- mond Barboza, Gary Durham. Row 3-Tom Sanchez, Robert Bunny, Daniel Lee, Archie Rogers, Bill Strictland, Calin Sharp, Floyd Swope, Tim Stack, Larry Matecke, Tom Tooson. Row 1-Azzie Williams, Carrie Bates, Paulette Stubblefield, Paula Stubblefield, Laurette Daniel, Pearlie Gary, Sherry Laberdee, Laurie Moorin, Zelma Terry. Row 2-Sheri Miller, Barbie Zaper, joyce Rosebrock, Carolyn Allen, Vallencia Bost, Sandra McKinney, Heide Frye, Margie Shorter, Patricia Gibson. Row 3-Violet Moore, Rosie Ball, Mary Medon, Judie Newcomer, Levon Rayford, Kathie Stuart, Joanne Klein, Lynn Butler, Carolyn Lay. Olflfl, 0l"86 358: 7 Row 1 -Edward Jimmison, John Johnson, Anthony Heard, Tom Turner, Ralph Fuehr, Bill Plantz, Rickey Berkey, John McVicker. Row 2 - Orlando Graves, Dorson Bacon, Arthur Eugene Green, Fred Sutton, William Goree, Stephen Ford, Dave Lew- andowski, John Wilson, Wallace Siler. Row 3 -Charles Hogan, Tom Hamernik, Ronnie Firsdan, Laney Sidel, Sam Stover, John Borzymowski, Bill Parker, Joe Cooke, Joe Morse. Row 1 -Irma Menchaca, Margaret Martinez, Concha Castro, Oetta Shropshire, Linda Bellair, Judith Price, Sharon Young, Anna Phifer, Le-Ann Rader. Row 2-LaVerne Davis, Mary Spearman, Florence Workman, Christine Zak, Cynthia Baker, Diane Olszewski, Linda Mason, Dianne Meyer, Eddye Ray. Row 3 -Joanne Allen, Karen Cothren, Pat McKenzie, Becky Vogelbacher, Jan Blechinger, Landra Zdybek, Kathy Decker, Althea Ray, Virginia Madden. SOFA Olflfl OPQJ Row 1-Michael Malkuian, Greg Furry, Edward Lammon, Harold Petoskey, Oley Worklnan, David Ross, Mangle San- ders, joseph Kruszewski. Row 2-Charles Hightower, Steve Bourn, Alvin Wormely, jim MacAllister, Glen Akers, Gary Kaczala, Ronald Smith, Harold LaVrar, Carl Drake. Row 3-Michael johnson, Lester Darrington, joe Fulton, jim Hollopeter, Ozell Brown, Ken Wilson, Bruce Breitner, john Reid, juan Reyes. Row 1-Luana Kurchat, Shirley Grow, Charlene MacFarlane, Donna Petoskey, Donna Wagner, Peggy Bcaty, judith Smith, jody Lay. Row 2 -Bobbie Flournoy, Peggy Stivenson, Toni Zielinski, joyce Dominiak, judi Youngs, Hollie DeCius, Kathleen Me- dere, Carol Haberland, Nancy Newman. Row 3-Kathy McDonagh, Deborah Kay Panning, Hazel Beauch, Bonita Franklin, Kathryn King, Mary james, Mary Caldwell, Charlotte Harriger, Bonnie Cousino. 0l'l'1,0l"85, ,M Q Q -----f---f Row 1 -Owen Hoskins, Earl Bostic, Earl Lubahn, Robert Klostermeier, David Albrecht, Bob Harding, Harvey Popo- vich, Dale Heckerman, Bill Dombrowsky. Row 2-Earl Thorn, james johnson, Leonard Monahan, Eugene Haney, john Porter, Mike LaBeau, jim Hawkins, Ty- rone Coker, Wiley Cox. Row 3-Duane Walton, Dawson Coker, Harold Kemp, john Norwood, Asley Shope, LeRoy Sullivan, Pete Mendez, Bob Floering, Meredith Whaley. Row 1--Lupe Ramos, Jacqueline Koder, Marcia Brown, Linda Fuehr, Mary Mack, Eva Drake, Gene Schaefer, Elain Gramling. Row 2-JoAnn Green, Loraine Feltner, Joann Willard, Pat Noyes, Pamela jones, Dora Gambrell, Iris Smith, Mar- garet Hoskins, jean Meier. Row 3-- Elaine Bialecki, Sharon Howard, Rosemary Huggins, Annamarie Ely, Carol Hollar, Yvonne McLendon, Merri- lee Andree, Charlene Ann Scott, Alice jordan. :SOFA 0I'l'I, Olned :51: f 0 r Y SE fig X is 41 5 Q13 , A ,QQ Mr. Kistner inspects his students' work in government. jI'8:5Al'i'lQl'l Row 1-Roger Christoff, Alex Miles, Tom Finks, Ernest Davis, Bob Keatley, David Krieger, Randy Hoffman, Wil- liam Berning, Grover jones. Row 2-john Dixon, Eddie Sumrow, james Schmidt, Ray Pozniak, Dan Spilman, Dale Switzer, Don Woocicock, james Taylor, Charles Huff. i Row 3-Bill Owens, Randy Carter, Carl Mikolajczyk, Cortlandt Steinwedel, Gary Nadean, Tom Pruss, Clarence Ther- iac, Lawrence James. sf N -ef? Iii? -QE.. Row 1-Patricia King, Aurora Vasquez, Frances Kusz, Darla Benson, Linda Branford, joan Wallace, Annie Gannon, Janie Peek, Guadalupe De LaRosa. Row 2 -Vicky Beck, Pearlie Coley, Diane McKinney, Patricia Branford, june Abernathy, Judy Massey, Verna Mae Davis, Linda MCCz1rtl1y. Row 3-Susan McCourt, Dorothy Meyer, Sharon Field, Sandra Perry, Kathy Kennelly, Joanne Mason, Joyce McGrail, Guadalupe Luna. gl"25Al'l'L2I'L Row 1-Robert Mills, Jerry Miles, james Valentine, Ross Fields, Dale Buehrer, Russell Worden, Harold McLennan, Tom Moran. Row 2-Doug McIntosh, Walt Long, Lavernior White, Robert Griffin, Charles Burns, Richard Fisher, Jerry Fellhauer, Raymond Rogers, james Bacon. Row 3-Lothar Drosd, David Snyder, Herman Abbott, Tim Posadny, Nick Daly, David Willford, Marion Pruszynski, Charles Foster, Garrett Elkins. ., f , - a- .. . . ,HMI .,..Q2g,P,, . . . . . - ,M W . . -W Me-1 . .,,.,. -Q? 'Ile wavy , jl"e5Al'l'lQl'l Row 1-Diana Saar, Rita Riddle, Rose Lora, Patti Lowrie, Linda Hicks, Lunette Summers, Rose Lombrana, Cynthia Weatlrerford, Michalina Makowski. Row 2 - Gerri Albright, Priscilla Tolen, Loretta McNeal, Jacqueline Sidel, Joyce Schnieder, Diane Bojarski, Lynette Drabik, Judy Martinez, Row 3 - Sue Sheets, Aleta Stokes, Darlene Strange, Barbara Squire, Mary McDowell, Karen Enis, Linda Pegorch, Joann Rios. Row 1 -Doug McEwen, Gregory Ramos, Larry Disher, Daniel Knapp, Kenneth Wright,!Natl1an Gartee, Richard Rein- bolt, Bayne Byrd. A Row 2 - Eric Riley, Charles Hogan, Paul Bagiowski, Archie Stollar, George Ramsey, Ronald Krauzer, Edmond Falk, Bill Scott, Larry Cook. Row 3-Bernie Ellis, Dave Thompson, Carl Beatz, James Emch, Richard Mendez, Pat Barrett, Steve Westmeyer, Harry Brooks, Jimmie Gaines. ' :64: r '-a Q 1 H in W is. ai.: ,S EEE? iw .Q W-im 'iii E ' a Q , - ma 1-HN - a amz I' " mea 1 many "FJ H aff, . H x-ia as y , A ,3 W a . ,. ,M Q .E Y, 2- xv.,- Q 5?,,w,.i H at ,. E, iffflfif-5 gI"e5Al'l'lQl'L Row 1 -Maria Almanza, Cindy Keller, Betty Jean Dotson, Paula Ballard, Linda Angell, Belita Cottrell, Rose Olvera, Angela Hernandez, Linda Armstrong. Row 2 -Sue Wilkinson, Donna Dangler, Sally Duby, Sunday Morse, Marilyn Mitchell, Priscilla Mathews, Betty Robin- son, Dorothy Anderson. Row 3 QLinda Middlebrooks, Clara May, Anna Worden, Doris Tillman, janet Ware, Carol Martin, Earlean Mack, Mary Ann Neitling. Row 1-Julius Gilmore, Elbert Burgess, Danny Patterson, Charles Evans, Alfred Huebner, Bill Isaacs, Michael Geiner, Craven Ham. Row 2 -Michael Soto, Thomas Claybourne, Randy Heidt, Nathaniel Johnson, Kary Sauers, Tom Recknagel, Joe Wray, Norman Pacholski. Row 3 -jimmy Ragland, Williain Rios, Melvin Dent, Billy Young, Mike Gregory, Don Hayden, Bennie O'Neal, Ralph Crabtree, Billie Lewis. :6-5: jl"85Al'l'l8l'l Row 1 - Sandra Szymkowiak, Priscilla Bruney, Rebecca Westmeyer, jan Rospert, Kathie Hunt, Brenda Fink, Lynn Suter, Lou Ann Burgy. Row 2-Joyce Miller, Carrie Coley, Kathy Pasch, Sherry King, Cathy Corder, Diane Kelly, Kendra Boerst, Judith Syph. Row 3 -Margaret Henson, Betty Lou Urbina, Charlene Harris, Karen Brumfield, Edna Bean, Mable Wormely, Mildred McDade, Lillian Worden, Georgianne Butler. Row 1-Thaddius johnson, Lewis Ellis, David Nirschl, Kynard Ernest, Edward Walker, Tom Hutton, Robert Staples, Dennis Porter, john Taraschke. Row 2-Robert Neal, Paul Cluff, Larry Dey, Robert Breidling, Robert Anderson, Steven Hampton Bey, Paul Taylor, james Bogle. Row 3-john Tharp, Robert Anthony, Henry Vaughns, jim Momsen, Dennis Kennelly, Dale Gilreath, Larry Berry, Eugene Peppers, jim Higley. jl"e5AI'l'l,Ql'l Row 1 -Wendy Daniel, Mary Roberts, Mollie Winsted, Lillie Coley, Nitja Baker, Rosa Willis, Gwendolyn Stubblefield, Gertrude Fonder. Row 2-Sharon Shock, Sharon Wagner, Patricia Thomas, Ellen Douglass, Vernice Baccus, Deborah Harris, Iacquelyn Coogler, Gale Potter, Loretta Burk. Row 5 -Mamie jones, Diane Justus, Nancy jagodzinski, Frances Mallory, juli Fic, Monique Findley, Norma Danhauer, Mary Henneman. Row 1 -Frederick Jones, Edward Dotson, Ray Quinones, Curtis Tarrie, Gerald Jenkins, Danny Smith, Arthur Robbins, Richard Delarosa, Douglas jones. Row 2 - Ray Sifuentes, john Benson, Dennis Neal, Chuck jordan, Oney Temple, jack Sheets, Kenneth Ragland, Leonard Kynard. Row 5 -jeff jones, Arthur Houston, Robert Lee Pine, John Myers, Tom Braun, Tom Wysocki, Harold Waters, Wood- row Tracy, Charles Waters. :67: jl"Q6Al'l'L2l'L Row 1 --Carol Morris, Leora Ramsey, Dorothy Pryor, Brenda Abbott, Dorene Heckerman, Yvonne Dec, Pat Welshans, Cherie Dorcas. Row 2-Linda Awls, Carol Greenlee, Althea Stanfield, DeLayne Wilson, Cecelia Bradley, Yolanda Hargrave, Sherry Lyons, Dolores Archie. Row 3-Beverly Andrews, Clara Henson, Candice Sylak, Brenda Myers, Sally Burrneister, Pamela Williams, Barbara Mallory, Geraldine Kurtz, Ruth Reynolds. Row 1 -Sammy Barnes, Bob Masters, Darrell Gillard, James Green, Willie Beene, james Manning, Dennis Madrzykow- ski, Walter Flowers, john Kaczmarek. Row 2-Frank johnson, Phillip Hobbs, Mike Smith, john Pruss, Gerald Birr, Richard Holloway, Dennis Franks, Bob Parsley, Eric Riley. Row 3-Leonard Tate, Melvin Lewis, Brown Myers, John Spoores, Richard Hague, Donald Lancaster, Larry Ziemann, Johnnie Bell, john Reynolds. :5g: ,Q , Yi Yi ,W Mal f rn." 'HQ:f"51AfEa??aaBt'fwfm QQ 5 9 ..,, i- :ai :' , ' . . 3 , gg, i 1 1 . 1 - , ,P Q-.L - U 1, A - , . ,.A ,, ,. if Q 1 . ' - '- te H ' X ' . 'in ' ' ii' if :, . 5 52 Q ,, U Et... Q. we fa 1 - . N W Q - 2 alafil H Ni- " p gs A - rua :5 jmlmrm-5-1 ii ' 'Z -:-":-:--:- - as gr ' se ra .umm Mmgm Q - ia Y Q H Q I ,, Q X X B - V, 1 2 QQ F 11 Z - Q , Q ' if - 5 1: Q A H Q A B Q ,Q X 'I E? ,- - rx r li Ql H - is .:, 1-I H wa , r Q a Q , 5 E K B SX -- , ".,-' Q g. I , 5 if H 1 -QM55 , l aa Z -. g. Q: Q am K . i-i a Q if-xi z me ts ir as si Qar:ga.mQw mem--1 M, gI"86Al'I'L6l'l Row 1-Gloria Harkins, Susanne Bird, Betty Dixon, Charlotte Easterly, Rose Kovach, Mary Klein, Marlene Moody, Margaret Rodriquez, Nancy Gillen. Row 2-Karen Korcsog, Loretta Musch, Connie Swope, Cheryl Peurie, Deborah Anderson, Carol Wood, Margaret Leonard, Carol Kuhn. Row 3-Sharlene Krantz, Hazel Netters, Clementine Rogers, Susan Boomer, Sue Crawford, Nancy Wallington, Betty Dennis, Gloria Betancourt. Row 1-Pat Kovack, Linda Day, Marlene Graves, Nancy Ralph, Vivian Palm, Karen Kurtolik, Helen Watters, Karen Drucl-zemiller. Row 2 -Theodorsia Bey, Cynthia Gambrell, Ernestine Pringle, Ruby Baccus, Sharon Green, Deborah Johnson, Janice Moore, Sharon Cooke, Barbara johnson. Row 3 - Bev Scott, Helen Reihing, Debbie Zanter, Sandi Wilson, Annie Wormely, Linda Lockett, Merilyn Yorke, Karen Hetzer. :6g: jl"Q:5Al'l'L2l'l Row 1-Patti Lopez, Linda Kitchen, Sharon Siler, Linda Weddle, jean Ostman, Sandra Bliss, Diane Baker, Janice Sochack. Row 2-Elaine Kyle, Lorana Wilson, Dianne Taylor, Nancy Rolf, Ruth Sherwood, Susan Banker, Virgle Mayes, joy Secord. Row 5-Sandra Dills, Linda Docle, Theresa Daniels, Mary Jo Valdes, Phyllis Cunningham, Maraline Smith, Shirley Hunter, Shirley Loper. Row 1 - Beverly Mercer, Diane Liebich, Mickie Collins, Kathy Garcsynski, Gloria Workinan, Donna Jeziorowski, Yvonne Franklin, Sandra Schermbeck. Row 2-Barbara Foster, Quereda Oliver, Teresa Buck, Beverly Hedges, Beverly Erwin, Charlotte Brooks, Brenda Carr, Sharon Stephens. Row 3- Shirley Powell, Viqui Burford, Ginny Laster, Charlene Burnley, Robbie Tucker, Gwendolyn Coley, Marita Hor- vat, Lois Huebner. :7Q: m W x 'Y' me m st an xxx mn a ss mn Q, 53 :S fc E E ss an tw mn B E nm nm the mi mx wa mm -m-W2':2'SIef'M'bS1 K, 1: an we a Libbey sets the stage for a wide variety of interests and occupations: Future homenmkers Amo, amass amat - - - M W k b , I I . Tomorrow's radio repairmen? It Cn U HUM out H U1 fd mt m Mt Enghsh becomes fascmatmg under M155 Smtlax Future Hemingwuys, perhaps? German culture in large doses me 1 ss 2 E K xx W 1 xwxv :wwf Q zu Activities Student Council .... Page 74 National Honor Society . Page 76 Publications ...... Page 78 Literary Societies . . . Page SO Service Clubs . . . Page S4 Language Clubs . . . Page 90 Stucly Clubs . . Page 94 66 And so he plays his part." ss is X 1 :fi pq x 'fisif 1 , L is E U 5 , A 5 L H 5 X of H-'A .my-ggi Q - 41,4 H TM' , fi- ,5::f'ia1'?m W X mx -I Z fl , -1 QF? 5 igj'?-by-QQ??fE'gM : f f -- - f , k Q, A wie- - Wm- if Mi p f: --Ww.w-I .-NWS :73: Row 1-Betsy Hill, Trevzt Syph, Ecl Cook, Mr. William Kistner, Co-Advisor, jimmy Ragland, Betty Miller, Diane Baker. Row 2 -Mel Pommeranz, Maxine Porter, Milton Pommeranz, Mr. john Pfeifer, Co-Advisor, Larry Loehrke, jim Dowling, Libby Loehrke, Leading the Student Council were the following officers: Melvin Pommeranz, Presidentg Betty Miller, Sgt.-at4Armsg Maxine Porter, Secretary-Treasurerg Libby Loehrke, Vice-Pres. :74: .giuclenf Counci One of the greatest honors that can be bc on a Libbey student is election to the Student cil. In turn, members of this Council realize that with the honor goes the responsibility for good citizenship and loyalty among all the Members of the 1964 Student Council have tried to live up to their motto, "Service to ' They supervised the football queen election, sored the safety program, and handled the clean-up campaign. A sad duty performed in behalf of the entire student body was the preparation of a letter of con- dolence sent to Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy after the assassination of President Kennedy. Among their social activities were the Area Stu- dent Council Dance and a spring roast. Much credit must go to Mr. Pfeifer and Mr. Kistner, Co-Advisors, for the high-caliber leadership they have given to a Student Council of whom Libbey can well be proud. Betty Miller makes an announcement for the Student Council Homeroom Representatives :75: Row 1-Betsy Hill, Sandy Mercer, Sheryl Carothers, Nancy Irwin, Coni Fink, Donna Stefanski, Ginger Wetzel, Margaret Buehrer. Row 2 -Linda Merzke, Jerilyn Dean, Karen Kurschat, Viola Horosewski, Tom Schnetzler, Linda Wallington, Pam Suter, Kathy Secrebt Row 3 -Carol Westfall, Ruth Cary, Webster White, Charles Summers, Lee Hendershot, Dave Floering, Milton Pommeranz, Melvin Pom meranz, Judy Shaw. National Honor Society Officers: Pam Suter, Sec.g Judy Shaw, Vice-Pres,g Karen Kursclmt, Treas.g Milton Pom- meranz, Pres. Row l-Carol Bail, jane Wi1gcvr1e1', Sue Tcrrill, Darlene Heckart, Eddye Ray, Row 2-Althea Ray, Tim Kruse, Joyce Rosebruck, David Weber, Ruth Emch, Billie Glendening. Wafiona Row 1-Mary Fries, Paulette Westrup, Treva Syph, Nancy Mclntire, Judy Hitchner, Cathy McGranahan, Joanne Reitz, Leslie Bothast, jim Snyder. Row 2-jill Knapp, Frances Horvath, Carol Gere, Pattie Geier, David Sandys, Mr. Rusie, Co-Advisor, Gary Stofan, Sharon Smith, Essie Dickerson, Sandy Sharp. Row 3-Kay Braun, jean O'Neil, Henry Norwood, O'Neil Tate, Maxine Porter, Phil Horosewski,i Libby Loehrke, Beverly Manz, Brian Taylor. The four ideals of the National Honor Society-scholarship, leadership, char- acter, and service-have certainly been upheld this year under the very capable guidance of Miss Grace Henderson, the advisor. One of the club's responsibilities was the supervision of the freshman, junior, and senior elections. In january, they gave a "Beat the Clock" audience-participation 0 show, and in February they presented a scholarship program. Among the speakers 011,010 Ucletg at this program were Mr. Victor Klein, a Libbey counselor, Mr. David Gilmore, a former Libbey student and teacher, Miss Barbara Dreyer, a recent Libbey graduate who now attends the University of Toledo, and Webster White, a senior. The induction of new members was held in March, outstanding freshmen were honored with certificates, and sophomores were presented pins. Profit from various projects was used for ti scholarship to a deserving senior member of the club. Row 1-Nancy Rolf, jean Ostman, Ginny Laster, Rebecca Wfestmeyer, Lynette Drabik, Row 2-Harold Hoffman, Marlene Moody, Sharon Siler, Maria Alnamza, Patti Lowrie, Diane Baker. :77i Row 1-Richard Kurschat, Sandy Mercer, Iris Curtis, Coni Fink, Ginger Wfetzel, Charles Nungester. Row 2-jackie Veith, Linda Siek, Mr. Martin, Co-Advisor, Mrs. jean Hunsaker, Co-Advisor, Karen Kurschat, Dan Spilman. Row 3-Ginny Laster, Sharon Smith, Dave Sandys, Carlton Hargrave, Dave Floering, Judy Shaw, Carol Westfall, Cherie Howe. 616!2ALll'l The Edelfzln staff try to decide On zl layout. Staffing the gchogl ygaf eleven PQOPIQ, th staff. Co-Editors . . Faculty ..... Seniors ..... Underclassmen Activities . . . Athletics .... Advertising . . :78: Edelimz staff have literally been as "busy as bees' Every sixth hour has found Room 217 buzzing wit activity, a theme to be decided, photographs to taken, layouts to be made, write-ups to be penne names to be checked, and deadlines to be met co bined to keep the class working at top speed. A yea book workshop at Bowling Green was attended Mrs, Hunsaker, Co-Advisor, and five members of tl Mr. Rusie and Mr. Martin, Co-Advisors, agai gave much needed assistance. .Judy Shaw, Dave Floeri . . . . .Ginger Wetzel, jackie Vei ..Carol Vfestfall. Iris Cur Charles Nungester, Coni Fi ..Dave Sandys, Sandy Merc ................,LindaSi . . . .jackie Vei fa Q S A Row 1-Betsy Hill, Holley Steam, Nancy Mclntire, Mrs. Nancy Wa1'sell, Advisor, Marcia johns, Nancy Irwin, Sheryl Carothers. Row 2 -jill Knapp, Rosemary Foster, Libby Loehrke, jean O'Neil, Larry Loehrke, Cheryl Harbert, Judy Dismuke, Jerilyn Dean. gyda! Diligently working to publish The Crystal each ionth are thirteen females headed by their advisor, rs. Nancy Warsell. These girls, who make up the urnalistic and business staffs, have provided news d entertainment to the school all year. With this usy schedule, the class still found time to attend e Bowling Green Journalism Day and to have a int Christmas party with the Edeliazz staff. itor-in-Chief . .... Betsy Hill ssistant Editor ........................., Nancy Irwin ige Editors. . . . . .One, Nancy Mclntire and jean O'Neil Two, Marcia johns and Holly Stearn Three, Cheryl Harbert, jerilyn Dean and jill Knapp Four, Libby Loehrke siness and Publicity ............,... Sheryl Carothers and Rosemary Foster iotographer .... . . . ........ jerilyn Dean fist -.-.,. .... N ancy Mclntire 'change .... .... J udy Dismuke The efficient Cryrml staff meets that deadline Ummm Row 1-Doris Agnew, Ginger Wetzel, Ruth Emch, Theresa Gedeon, Judy Meade, Susan Rosebrock, Delphine johnson, Sheryl Carothers. Row 2-Joyce Rosebrock, Barbara Zaper, jackie Veith, Marilyn Fink, Miss Jacqueline Cousino, Co-Advisor, Karen Hockmuth, Sandy Sharp, Nancy Irwin, Holley Stearn. I Row 3 --Janice jones, Brenda Pearson, Billie Glendening, Mary Richards, Ida Maxine Porter, Kay Braun, Nellie Coleman, Sharon Smith. eric eau The Tri-Lits, composed of the Periclean, Phil' lathean, and Zetalethean Societies, have complet another year of challenge. C Among activities to maintain and encourage li erary interest was a visit to a Village Players Theat production. Social events included the Sadie Hawkins D dance, an exhilerating roast at Asbury Park, indu tion parties, and the highlight of the year- the T Lit banquet and dance. o mlkkfkean Row 1-Eddye Ray, Becky Carothers, Barbara Harrison, Nancy Achor, Frances Horvath, Pam Hoping, Sandy Mercer, Betsy Hill. Row 2-Sandy Kuhn, Nancy Mclntire, Linda Merzke, Royine Campbell, Miss Jacqueline Cousino, Co-Advisor, Lynne Dusseau, Dianne Christian, Treva Syph, Karen Kurschat. Row 5 -jill Knapp, Mary Boomer, Barbara Douthett, Carol Westfall, Libby Loehrke, Ardella Root, Doris Krueger, Althea Ray. U wa fx R -- ,ri ' sg: rx , : V ,. ' Z1 v W , , ,M , i5f,ff.Z.,.w1 1+ if H an -W a in .ww if ,if 'H 3 2- W .,, a ,f.,W ku . I 3' W, M . .si L XL r " f Q1 e 1 v-- xa . ' 23. -' . a,,ayf.'i, aa - M L g M . 4 ,K eg . . ,Q ,.,, W3 . ,EM ii, M -:- K a .i ..., ,H 1 ,S . . .,::. sr a ia- ,. no -- fi fav: . awww a Q- mvzg -'12 :,, gg j 1' zgo: Finances were provided from the proceeds of the adie Hawkins Day dance, the sale of senior name ards, and a bake sale. One of the advisors, Mrs. Elaine Leech who re- 'igned in Ianuary, was replaced by Miss Sandra Van rew. They, together with the other two advisors, Miss Jacqueline Cousino and Miss Sarah Widman, wave given invaluable assistance to the Tri-Lits. Terrill, Jeanette Harlow. Tri-Lit officers: Karen Hockmuth, Chaplaing Libby Loehrke, Sgt.-at-Armsg Nancy Mclntire, Sec.g Linda Merzke, Presidentg Betsy Hill, Treas.g Ginger Wetzel, Vice-Pres. Zfaiflwan Row 1-jane Wagoner, Betty Miller, Anna May Edwards, Pam Suter, Darlene Heckart, Maxine Garner, Mary Fries. Row 2-Suzanne Leary, Kathy Secrest, Essie Dickerson, Miss Jacqueline Cousino, Co-Advisor, Bonnie Strickstein, Cynthia Franklin, Sue Row 5-Patti Geier, janet Schmidt, Kathleen Daly, jean O'Neil, Cherie Howe, Linda Mayo, Carol Gere. K. , 5,- 'f-'h'w- . ' mmf.- .fa P il., ,.,, Row 1-Ed Cook, Dave Hayward, Charles Suter, Mr. james Hilles, Co-Advisor, Robert Tribble, Glenn Ingersoll, Michael Cunningham. Row 2-Terry Hopkins, joe Cooke, Larry Loehrke, Mr. Gary Duhaime, Co-Advisor, John Schneider, Ron Coleman, Phil I-lolst. Forum officers: John Schneider, Chaplain, Larry Loehrke, Pres.g Don Isaacs, Secy.-Treas.g Charles Suter, Vice-Pres. 41-14- :32: orum ogferarg ociefg The Forum now has Co-Advisors, Mr. jam Hilles and Mr. Gary Duhaime. As usual, the highlight of the year for the cli was the annual spaghetti dinner, and many peop can now attest to the culinary accomplishments of t Forum. Christmas greeting cards were sold to provi additional financing. End-of-the-year social activities were 21 roast ar a beach party. The Quill and Dagger, under the supervision of Mr. Harold Schafer, played a prominent role in Lib- bey tradition. The Society has attracted many out- standing Libbey men, and in turn, it encourages its members to broaden their education by participating in school activities. The bake sale and car wash were carried on with the usual zeal, and the induction of new members challenged both the new and the old. After exams, the club sponsored the first school dance, The Midterm Hop, in the field house. Q.D.'s candidate, Linda Merzke, reigned as queen at the Homecoming game and dance. QD. officers: Dave Floering, Chaplain, Gary Fineske, Pres.g Webster White Vice-Pres.g John Williams, Sgt.-at-Arms, Mike Morse, Treas.g Craig Breitner Sec. Qui! ann! Jagger oflferarg Sociefy Row 1--Mike Morse, Mark Braunschweiger, Alan Colwell, Anthony Zdybek, Tom Schnetzler, james Shorter. Row 2 -Henry Norwood, Webster White, Bruce Breitner, Mr. Harold Schafer, Advisor, Dan Hymore, Craig Breitner, john Huey Mark- land. Row 5-Bob Newcomer, Dave Floering, Jim Hollopeter, Greg Hansen, john Willia1i11s, Sam Stover, Alan Schmude. :83: Row 1- Carol Horn, Roberta Howard, Delphine Johnson, Sheryl Carothers, Janice Scott, Evelyn Stewart, Darline Moman, Manzetta Patton. Row 2-Sylvia Tyler, Eileen Vinson, Gayle Draheim, Susan Rosebrock, Mrs. Ann Morgan, Advisor, Judith Meade, Donna Stefanski, Pat Wiegand, Pat O'Neill, Diana Wfelsh. Row 3-Donna Kovacs, Judith Rill, Royine Campbell, Laura Burford, Virginia Scoby, Kathy Fic, Linda Johnson, Connie Vincent, Betty Matzinger. 2 2 Y-Teen Officers: Judy Rill, Sec., Donna Stefanski, Vice- Pres.g Judy Meade, Treas., Delphine Johnson, Pres. -flaw Y-Teens, consisting of junior and senior girls, has traditionall been one of the most active Libbey organizations. Better understandin among people is a prime objective. A splash party and potluck at the "YH in October began the year' social activities. This was followed by a roast and skating patty a Ottawa Park in December and a banquet at the "Y" in April. The girls sold mums for the Homecoming football game, the "manned" a booth at Open House, and they sold baked goods an Christmas cookies. Mrs. Morgan is to be commended for her part in the success o Y-Teens. Row 1-Janet Jarzebowski, Mildred Dawson, Rita Valdes, Sharon Bliss, Sandy Kuhn, Edna Robinson, Charlene Stevenson, Carol Dylewski, Cris Dylewski. Row 2-Francine Gallaway, lvlary Stewart, Cynthia Franklin, Laufeen NX1eatherford, Emma Barringer, Mrs. Ann Morgan, Advisor, JoAnn Monahan, Natalie Gaisser, Linda Campbell, Judith A. Ball. Row 3 -Sandy Reynolds, Jane Mann, Brenda Carter, Shirley Ann Brown, Deborah Ann Archie, Maxine Porter, Sandy Filipovish, Sharon Smith, Janice Jones, Theresa Gedeon. Row 1-james Shorter, Tom Richmond, John Calipietro, Mike Tamlyn, Mark Braunschwerger, Craig Brertner, Robert Rose, Dave Smith, Mangle Sanders. Row 2-john Markland, Cliff Vines, Bernard Stone, jim Dowling, Mr, Burton Spice, Co-Advisor, Mr. Richard LaFleche, Co-Advisor, Terry Totzke, John Schneider, Dave McEwen, George Hockmuth. Row 3-Wilbtrr Rippey, Dan Hymore, Carlton Hargrave, john Williariis, Linton Dillard, Greg Hansen, Dave Klein, Bob Peterson, Dave Hayward, Jimmie Rodgers. The purpose of the Hi-Y is "to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the l1ome, school, and community". Their busy year included parking cars for B,I.E. Day, assisting in the sale of newspapers for the Old Newsboys, decorating the South Side Y.M.C.A for the football banquet, sponsoring a basketball team, and the formal induction of new members. The boys have appreciated the time and effort given to this club by the advisors, Mr. Burton Spice and Mr. Richard LaFleche. :85: Elf iriwa E i Row 1-Becky Carothers, Jane Wfagoner, Edna Robinson, Treva Syph, Delphiue Johnson, Joyce Rosebrock, Mary Fries. Row 2-Susan Rosebrock, James Friemark, Howard Filopovich, Mrs. Jean Pritchard, Co-Advisor, Essie Dickerson, Judy Hitchner, Judy Tibbits, Royine Campbell. Row 3-Shirley Brown, Patti Geier, Linda Blackford, Sharon Smith, Jean O'Neil, Kathleen Daly, Nellie Coleman, Linda Mayo. F.T.A. officers: Delphine Johnson, Treas.g Karen Hock- muth, Vice-Pres.g Linda Blackford, Sec'y.g Mary Fries, Pres. jufure Zac em ofjmerica The Future Teachers of America have a dual purpose- develo ing the interest of good students in the teaching field and givin service to school and community. A useful service to Libbey is performed in the sale of book cove and folios and at the same time provides a source of income to t club. Movies about teaching were the feature at a November meetin and the club heard a guest speaker at the February induction of ne members. Libbey's chapter of F.T.A. has become active in the Metropolita F.T.A., which encompasses all of the Toledo chapters. Social events included a tea for new members in February. Mrs. Pritchard and Miss Kinney, Co-Advisors, have been instr mental in keeping this organization one of the strongest clubs at Libbe Row 1-Eddye Ray, Betty Miller, Sue Terrill, Darlene l-Ieckart, Judy Tallman, Judy Meade, Ruth Emch. Row 2-Karen Hockmuth, Brenda Pearson, Dianne Christian, Miss Carol Kinney, Co-Advisor, Nancy Achor, Althea Ray, Cynthia Franklin, Connie Vincent. Row 3-Jill Knapp, Linda Johnson, Barbara Douthett, Carol Westfzlll, Maxine Porter, Lynne Dusseau, Mary Boomer, Billie Glendening. Q-.1 marie. 'Q Liz Folsom, Treas.g Sue Krueger, Sec.g Judy Shaw, Pres.g Norma Nunley, Vice- Pres.g Dorothy Driver, Reporter. jufure ameri :Mociafion The purpose of the F.N.A. is to acquaint members with the field of nursing. They have completed another suc- cessful year in helping others and themselves. One of their many activities was making tray favors and colored eggs for patients at Toledo State Hospital and various veterans' hospitals. The officers held a bake sale in October to give their treasury a boost. The induction of new members was held in November. Row 1-Connie Henry, Dorothy Driver, Caroline Daly, Pat O'Neil, Robin Pasch. Row 2-Criscelda Reyes, Sue Krueger, Marilyn Druckemiller, Mrs. Tanner, Advisor, Becky Vogelbacker, Ingrid Wliitfield, Pam Suter. Row 5-Martha Mann, janet Schmidt, Liz Folsom, Judy Shaw, Virginia Scoby, Benita Franklin. 1-l ug W: :ff Row 1-Theresa Gedeon, Kathie Haberland, Sue Haberland, Miss Betty Edwards, Co-Advisor, Hollie DeCius, Pamela Hopings, Maxine Garner, Jean Meier. Row 2-Marilyn Fink, Linda Merzke, Sharon Davenport, Mrs. Julia Moody, Co-Advisor, Patricia Gibson, Barbara Flourney, Rita Cal- lahan, Geraldine Kynard. Row 3-Dorothy Bylow, Annamarie Ely, Kay Braun, Bonita Palmer, Frances Horvath, Sylvia Goldstein, Charlotte Harriger. K gzflfj f KJ-f r ,f f- S, Q Q C 0 U 442315 fbi? cg!-img! ' KC f X I - - f , ' I V7 A , Q if Lailw 3 cffiewf izfwqff 9 'ff' A I X X fi A4364 , t'Cir If I 1 WZ! jflf 7 - ,ff fa ff X- i XTX' 06.4-I. ,QM ,f.49f,,dffQ,f7c,F K i fr ' f , ,, , J, If ' 0,7255 Ogffgffii 'eg' , tx f ci J Pe 11610066 if A , " s fl 'Z jf fffefdcff X ffi, CTQKQ 5A4LizQe1 ff if , ,.,,,,,, 5,36 6,6542 C ,ggjag fiffffefa , Krfffffff , ,kg "fx If X! 4 .f ,, J .Cg" X J Q0 ff fi VL A .J f , M! 1 Ji , CyC,:7 Lyfyglarif af. . A ' V f LC zzafffgi 94201, C X Row 1-Carol Ann Dylewski, Concha Castro, Mildred Dawson, ieryl Carothers,XMargaret Buehrer, Chris Dylewski. Row 2 -Rita Valdez, Rosie Ball, Linda Fuehr, Mr. John Needles, Co-Advisor, Judy Meade, Barbara Zaper, Joyce Rosebrock, Iris Curtis. Row 5-JoAnne Madden, Cathey Borton, Walter' Tucker, Mr. Burton Spice, Co-Advisor, Brenda Carter, Judi Newcomber, Sandy Kuhn. Suzanne Leary. The F.B.L.A. have concluded another successful year of activities. Members are striving to develop competent aggressive business leadership, A Thanksgiving basket for a needy family, a :andy sale, a roller-skating party, and a spring ban- quet were among their successful activities. Several members of the organization attended the state convention in Cincinnati. Libbey received the first-place award for best scrapbook, the second-place award in the career competency contestg and Kay Braun, a Libbey junior, was elected state secretary. aaa em 0 .x4merica Nancy Irwin. F.B.L.A. officers: Karen Kurschat, Pres.g Frances Horvath, Vice-Pres.g Sheryl Carothers, Treas.g Kay Braun, Junior Rep.g Nancy Irwin, Sec'y.g Carol Dy- lewski, Chapl.g Barbara Dowling, Sgt.-at-Armsg Cheryl Harbert, Reporter. Row 1-Brenda Lawson, Karen Kurschat, Pat Holtfreter, Mrs. Carol Staton, Co-Advisor, Pat O'Neill, Donna Kovacs, Diana Welsli. Row 2-Loraine Feltner, Marcia johns, Cheryl Harbert, Mrs. Ann Morgan, C0-Advisor, Sue Gantz, Barbara Dowling, Susan Rosebrocl-c, Row 3-Kathy Decker, Laura Burford, Shirley Kreft, Ardella Root, Judy Oestreigh, Linda Walliiigton, Beverly Williams. M rags . .,., -, . Wi. W, H - .ara - :Ear A 5 I E---aaa.- .sw - - -I 1 ..,. '. , as i . F we rr is - Aawaagii ii - sn- 9'-5 4 .1 cf 55 W, B '- -I - Ja r-2:12252 - W- 4 -ww-aa,-far -af M- -i-. ii: . . Y :ggi 1 L . iw, Row 1-Gloria Wforkman, Joyce Bridenstine, Sue Terrill, Holley Steurn, Helga Skentrowicz, David Holman. Row 2-Leslie Bothast, Judy Hitchner, Karen Hockmuth, Janet Schmidt, Sandra Sharp, Jeanette Harlow. Row 3-Dale Switzee, Brian Taylor, Tim Kruse, Miss Lois Loehrke, Advisor, Alex McCrae, Tony Zdybek, Gary Stofan. er Qeufzicke urein Tony Zdybek, 1-listoriang Jeannette Harlow, Corr. Sec.g Judy Hitchner, Vice- Pres. Sandra Shar Pres: Leslie Bothast, Srt -at Arms' o ce Bridenstine, s 1 P, n , ' 5 .1 - , J V Sec.g Holley Stearn, Treas. Der Defzfrrhe V6l'6f1Z was formed to provide fe lowship among students of the German language an to stimulate an interest in German cultures. In November the club sponsored a social evenin with the German Club of Bowsher High School. presentation of "The Three Bears" in German was highlight of the evening. Singing Christmas Carols at the Toledo State Ho pital was a rewarding experience and added to t enjoyment of the Christmas party which followe at Sandy Sharp's home. Club members made another trip to the Toled Art Museum to see German art treasures that we not on display last year. An interest in German folk-songs came to a cl max with a spring roast at Side-cut Park where voic were lifted in true German "wandernvoegel" mann along the banks of the beautiful Maumee. Interest in the j.C.L. continues to grow under Mr. Dillon's excellent guidance. The Libbey chapter participated in the Spectacu- lum Lazlinzmz at the Art Museum in March, where they won one optimum, five HIEUZIJ, and one bomzm awards, j.C.L. gave a party in April for a cottage of children at the Lucas County Children's Home. A Latin banquet was enjoyed in December, a bowling party, in April, and picnics, in September and May. Officers of j.C.L.: Dave Weber, Treas.g jim Mitchell, Sgt.-at-Armsg Billie Glendening, Vice-Pres.g Howard Filipovich, Hist.g Ruth Emch, Pres. unior Cfaddicafoaague Row 1- Loraine Feltnar, Margaret Rodriguez, Marilyn Mitchell, Sharon Siler, Ellen Douglas, Linda Wright, Judith Stewart, Ruth Emch, Patti Lowrie, Joyce Miller, Jane Wagoner, Janet jarzebowki. Row 2-joy Secord, Howard Filipovich, Karen Cothren, Dave Weber, Janice jones, Mr. john Dillon, Advisor, Bonnie Strickstein, Kary Saucrs, Darlene Heckart, Deborah Panning, Leonard Monahan, Carol Gipe, Row 3-Williarn Albert, Becky Vogelbacher, Sandy Filipovich, Ron Hindman, O'Neil Tate, Philip Horosewski, jan Blechinger, Pam Willialns, Theresa Daniels, Barbara Mason, jim Mitchell, Billie Glendening. :91: Row 1- Lynn Suter, Linda McClorrine, Eddye Ray, Betty Miller, Miss Bernice Krueger, Advisor, Kathleen Medere, Diane Baker, Delphine johnson, Cynthia Vlfeatherforcl. Row 2-Sharlene Krantz, Essie Dickerson, Yolanda Hargrave, Cynthia Franklin, Patti Geier, Miss Berle Ebner, Co-Advisor, Mary Boomer, Barbara Harrison, Nancy Rolf, Edward Cook. Row 3-Darlene Strange, Mary Richards, Duane Walton, Sharon Smith, Kathy Vic, Brenda Myers, Betty Kruse, Millie Coleman, Kath- leen Daly, Beverly Manz. e CML jrancaia French Club Officers: jean O'NeiI. Treas.g Althea Ray, Vice-Pres.g Charles Nungester, Sgt.-at-Armsg Royine Campbell, Chaplaing Linda Mayo, Reporterg Pamela Suter, Sec'y.g Treva Syph, Pres. 192: To stimulate interest in the study of the language and of French civilization is the main pose of Le C errle Fmnmir. This purpose was ed by reports from the students on French noted French artists, scientists, musicians, and interesting phases of French civilization. "A Glimpse of Paris" could have been the propriate title given to the colorful bake sale was sponsored by the club. The committee c as artists from the Montmartre district of Paris made the sale one of the best as well as one of th most interesting this year. Miss Krueger and Miss Ebner, advisors, have in spired the members to develop their interest in Frenc to the fullest. Ln Alianzfz Erprzzzola strives to develop an appre- ciation of the differing ways of life of Spanish-spealo ing people throughout the world, and to better ac- quaint these students with the social, cultural, and historical customs of Spain. A bake sale, a theater party, and a picnic were some of the activities of the club. Mrs. Schering, with the aid of Criselda Reyes, President, and Barb Douthett, Vice-President, has once again brought the Spanish Club through a pro- gressive and successful year. Spanish Club Officers: Criscildu Reyes, Presidentg Barbara Douthett, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer. a ianza filaano a Row 1-Berteriece Nicholas, Dorothy McCoy, Diane Liebica, Lorrene Daniel, Nancy Newman, Connie Henry. Row' 2-Criscelda Reyes, Beth LaVrar, Ginny Laster, Mrs. Frances Schering, Advisor, James Friemark, jean Ostman. Row 5-Cherie Howe, Mary Ann Willirlms, David Ostman, Barbara Douthett, Judy Tibbits, Sandra Dills. Row 1-Lorrene Daniel, Gloria Kasten, Coni Fink, Jackie Veith, Edna Robinson, Charlene Stevenson, Ginger Wetzel. Row 2-Tom Richmond, Mark Braunschweiger, Wfalter Tucker, David Ostman, Mrs. Grace Vermilya, Advisor, Dave Sandys, Nancy Markley, D. J. Limpf. Row 3-Dave 1-larler, Barbara Mason, Dave Floering, Milton Pommerzrnz, O'Ncil Tate, Alex McCrue, Mel Pommerunz, Carol XXfc-stfall. "1 . Fl QD 1 -. 'DX NN . . ji - . N N X 1 ,T h . X W MJ Xin t"X-D"-'N DNSSN We , The Alchemist Society, under the direction of Mrs. Ve -c ,RQ X milya, strives to challenge its members and to encourage a Ski-.vt-lc sf'-2-JS' interest in a career in the scientific field. They have ha ' many speakers on scientific subjects such as the Petr igiws-Q-Wx ,S-n4.,Q 9 , N chemicals. ig U A Christmas party provided rr respite from intellectu t Q' -?s'GA9- - N pursuits. m?L:s x ' NN Alchemist officers: Coni Fink, Sec'y.-Treas.g Dave Floering, Pres.g Ginger Wetzel, Chaplaing Mel Pommeranz, Vice-Pres,g Jackie Veith, Sgt.-at-Arms. Lv ,M za ,...u V+ rr -h .a was 1 5,5 Row 1-Margaret Buehrer, Paulette Westrup, Steve Grisham, Natalie Gaisser, Judy Meade, Susan Rosebrock, Betsy I-Iill. Row 2-Coni Fink, Sue Terrill, Diana Schropp, Mr. R. W. Davis, Advisor, Linda Mayo, Patti Geier, Pam Suter, Nancy Irwin. Row 3 -Brenda Carter, Liz Folsom, Kathy Fic, Judy Shaw, Terry Hopkins, David Sandys, Barb Dowling, Linda Siek. ramaficri The newly formed Dramatics Club has made its first bold 'teps forward this year. Under the supervision of IvIr. R. W. Davis, he organization instills in its members an interest in the dramatic lrts. Eventually the club hopes to produce a play for presentation o the student body. They participated in both the junior and senior class plays nd presented a Christmas basket to a needy family. The Dramatics Club will very probably become one of the mportant Libbey organizations. DeCius. Row 3 -Stan Lewandowski, Carol Westfall, Mel Pommeranz, Milt Paulette Westrup, Secy.g Brenda Carter, Speakerg Stanley Lewuntlowski, Treas.g Barb Dowling, Pres.g Liz Folsom, Vice-Pres. Row 1-Manzetta Patton, Sandy Mercer, Ginger Wetzel, Mary Stewart, Charles Nungester, Toni Dixon. Row 2-Karen Kurschat, Kathi Haberland, Laureen Weatherford, Mr. R. W. Davis, Advisor, Billie Glendening, Frances Horvath, Sherrie Floering, jan Blechinger, Sherry Smith, Kay Jolley. irate ,amiga Lbdxxlv M me Q M as imma mx . S8 X if . 'las "9 . . , .m E K N W W 'T H ... if 4 5 ...Ea MSW.. mar- an as new B mum ur an aaa an mm a new X we xx l 1 ri Row 1 Helen Polen Hazel Kebler Barblra Harrison Charles Hightower Nitza Baker Marlene Moody Row 2 Kathy Secrest Plttr Geier Cynthia Houston Mr james LaNier Advisor Ingrid Wlirtfreld Llureen Wcitlierfrmid Pit Noyes Row 3 Iiul Stmton Garfield Houston Fi ln Sclrligheclt Ken Gehrs Wilbrlr Rrppey Libby Lochrltc Don jackson tCU'I'L6LI"0 oczefg The Utamaio Art Society has had 1 change in advisors this year. During the first semester, Mrs. Nancy Wenker very ably advised the club. The time and talents of the members were devoted mainly to ceramics. At Christmas time, beautiful winter centerpieces were made and offered for sale as a source of income Mr. ames LaNier art teacher who came to Libbey for the second semester, instituted an art services project and carried on the traditions of the club. Row 1-Berteriece Nicholas, Ruth Harding, Nancy Newman, Rita Valdes, Mrs. Harriet Emch, Joyce Rosebrock, Lupe Ramos, Theresa Brown. Row 2 -Patti Lowrie, Maxine Garner, Sue Terrill, Joann Willard, Mrs. Gloria Lindeman, Sylvia Loper, Beverly Erwin, Maxine Trail. Row 3-Nancy Mclntire, Barb Dowling, Mary Boomer, Doris Krueger, Barbara Mason Strange, Ginny Laster, Gerrie Kurtz, Susan Rosebrock. y olzd elnd Libbey Leaders seek to develop wholesome attitudes skills and play and have as their motto, Be a good spo win or lose Events of interest have included a Christmas party Volleyball Play Day fi picnic and a bake sale 1 I' Mrs. Gloria Lrndeman and Mrs. Harriet Brllmaier sha the advisor responsibilities. Billmaier Co-Advisor, Pamela Hopings, Ruth Co-Advisor, Diane Roberts, Sharlene Krantz, Sharon Ramsdell, Anna Marie Fly, Darlene "Ma 1961 1, Row 1-Becky Carothers, Ruth Emch, Brenda Fink, Sue Collins, Pat Welsliams, Pam Hopings, Maxine Garner, Cathie Corder, Eddye Ray, Lynn Suter, Diane Baker. Row 2-Sherry King, Betty Miller, Susan Terrill, Darlene Heckart, Bonnie Cousino, Mrs. Gloria Lindeman, Advisor, Mary Caldwell, Bonnie Strickstein, Suzanne Leary, Joyce Rosebrock, Joy Secor, Sharon Siler. Row 3-Juli Fic, Karen Cothren, Billie Glendening, Cherie Howe, Ardella Root, MaryJo Valdes, Hazel Beauch, Mary Richards, Kath- leen Daly, Mary Bloomer, Sharon Howard, Althea Ray. O52 .Zen The Libbey Teen Club, under the leadership of Mrs. Gloria Lindeman, fosters fellowship between girls with common ideals of personal and social living to which they are committed by their faith as Christians. A Christmas basket was presented to a needy family, and a bake sale proved a profitable enterprise. Coni Fink, a senior, presented a dance demonstration and speech at one of the regular meetings, and at another, Mrs. Jean Hunsaker spoke to the Club on the subject, "The Edelianf' A picnic, a Christmas party, and a splash party comprised the social activities. Row 1-Connie Henry, Beatriece Nicholas, Paula Stoker, Nitja Baker, Rosie Ball, Joann Wlillard, Pat Noyes, Lorraine Vernaz, Elaine Gramling, Pat Hiser, Maria Almanza. Row 2-Helen Reihing, Linda Fuehn, Linda Wriglit, Sandy Bliss, Cynthia Baker, Mrs. Gloria Lindeman, Advisor, Jacquelyn Coogler, Pris- cilla Mathew, Margaret Leonard, Nancy Dills, Brenda Lawson. Row 3-Annie Steward, Kathy Stuart, Beth LaVrar, Annamarie Ely, Margie Patterson, Bonita Palmer, Becky Vogelbacher, Judi New- comer, Geraldine Kynard, Yolanda Hargrave, Mary Ann Xwilliams, Jean Meier. If ,,MLf1Ll .,?i . ik Vri :9-7: Row 1fJanice Bagner, Delores Redfern, Lona Miller, JoAnn Green, Theresa Gedeon, Shirley Huebner, Barbara Hendrix, Violet Moore, Robin Pasch, Sylvia Tyler, Manzieta Patton. Row 2-Sherryl Schwanbeck, Karen Cothren, Janice Jones, Nancy Rolf, Suelillen Krueger, Vivian Rossvanes, Mr. Harold McClure, Di- rector, Ingrid Wfhitfield, Jeff McVicker, Joyce Cummings, Mary Caldwell, Loraine Feltner. Row 3-Cynthia Franklin, Jeanne Klein, Beverly Williams, Glenn Ingeknoll, Joe Morse, Charles Cosper, Sharon Ramsdell, Sharon Floyd, Don Jackson, Charles Harris, Charles Harriger, Barb Dowling. Choir officers: Janice Bagner, Vice-Pres.g Robin Pasch, Sec'y.-Treas.g Sue Krueger, Robariang Beverly Williams, Pianistg Judy Shaw, Co-Librarian, Betsy Hill, Co-Librarian, Guy Staples, Co-Sgt.-at-Arms, Charles Harris, Pres., Charles Cosper, Co-Sgt.-at-Arms. ' Clair Throughout the year these seventy students have joined thei voices to form the Libbey choir. To the Thanksgiving, Christmas, an Lenten services have been added a peaceful and reverent air throug the choir's lovely anthems. In February, our choir, under the direction of Mr. Harold Mc Clure, combined efforts with the other city high schools in the annua Choir Festival at the Toledo Peristyle. There, in an excellent per formance, they exemplified their true purpose, the desire to sing to gether harmoniously. Libbey's choir has long been a source of pride. Row 1-Betsy Hill, Sandy Mercer, Mack Garner, Naomi Staples, Jesse Phifer, Hazel Kibler, Judy Meade, Franceine Galloway, Noel Curtis. Row Z-David Dawson, Williani Goree, Frank Sherman, Guy Staples, James Harriger, Mr. Harold McClure, Director, Mary Medon, Walter Lon ohn McVicker Susan Rosebrock Row 3-Lotharbbihrsd, Jean Avery, Sharon Marie Smith, Vincent Mills, Bill Ramsdell, Deborah Ann Archie, Charles Harrison, Judy Shaw, Gary Durham, Kathy Fic. gl? 11.1, -9 we Row 1-Grover jones, David Smith, Helen Reihing, jane Wagoner, Sue Collins, Mary Fries, Sharon Wagner, Paula Ballard. Row 2-Raymond Mercurio, Ron Albright, Ray Sifuentes, Dave Weber, Mr. Martin Pachey, Director, Bob Keatley, Linda Blackford, Barbara Douthett, Paul Lewis, Leonard Garrett. Row 3- Larry Dey, Bob Doyle, johnny Ray, Grover Franklin, Dale Gilreath, Tim Kruse, Dan Spilman, Fran Schlagheck, Frank Sifu- entes, Cliff Lewis. Z?W! A certain phrase is becoming increasingly familiar around Libbey: a wonderful band!" From a pitifully small group of mostly material two years ago, Mr. Pachey has built the band into a group of student musicians, the pride of Libbey. The band participated in the Christmas parade and the Armed Day parade, they presented a pops concert in March and a concert in May, and, of course, they provided entertainment at football games. Band Officers: Mary Fries, Sgt.-at-Arms, Cliff Lewis, Treas.g Kathy Secrest, Se-c'y.g Robert Rolfes, Vice-Pres., Grover Franklin, Pres., Mr. Martin Pachey, Director. ' Row 1-Pat Holtfreter, Betty jean Miller, Linda Keier, Sue Gantz, Kathy Secrest, Cherie Howe, Sharon Davenport, janet Price, Con- nie Henry, Mr. Martin Pachey, Director. Row 2 -David Holman, Edward Dotson, Reynaldo Quinones, Joe Wray, Jimmy Gaines, Michael Sifuentes, Diane Justus, Judy Hitchner, Jeannette Harlow, Doug Mclntosh, David Nirschl. Row 5-Vi I-Iorosewski, Estella Cherry, George Shields, Carlton Hargrave, Robert Rolfes, Bobby Joe Smith, Carolyn Grear, Millie Cole- man, Mike Smith, Oney Temple. lgg.. Row 1-Cliff Lewis, Raymond Mercurio, Mary Richards, Kathy Medere, James Friemark. Row 2-Deborah Panning, Karen Hockmuth, Bonita Franklin, Dan Durliat. Row 3-Carol Gere, Dan Spilman, Dale Gilreath, Robert Rolfes, Judy Hitchner, Linda Blackford, jane Wagoner, Mary Fries. OFCAQJ ffa "Tune up!" And what delightful music emanates from this small group as a result! Under Mr. Pachey's direction, Libbey's orchestra has performed for our school's Open House, at the dedication of Marshall School, at a PTA meeting, and at Libbey's Christmas program. In the spring, they participated in the All-City Orchestra. fa, ana "Pep" music is provided at basketball games by xolun teer students from the Libbey band. The group is student directed and is most appreciated by the basketball fans Row 1-Reynaldo Quinones, joe Wray, Judy Hitchner, jane Wagonerr, Sue Collins, Mary Fries, David Smith. Row 2-Linda Blackford, Barbara Douthett, Cherie Howe, Millie Coleman, Carolyn Grear, Vi Horosewski, Frank Sifuentes, Fran Schlag- heck, Mike Sifuentes. Row 3-Bob Doyle, Grover Franklin, Robert Rolfes, Dale Gilreath, Carlton Hargrave, :100: Dan Spilman, Raymond Mercurio. A - 1 ii wh- i if mmm 1 1 1 1 is ,.r 5 1 Q I B r. i 1 N ' Him 1 M mx X' new gr sa gsm mnxmem n new ,V ,S 1 . sv ms ii H 5 H M W'-as Libbey's Homecoming game with St. Francis on November 9 ended in ll tie, 50-30, after a lmrd-fought battle. During the half-time, spectators saw Linda Merzke crowned the 1964 football queen in an impressive ceremony. ' The queen and her court reigned at the annual Cowboy Round'Up on Friday evening, November 15. :IOIZ f 5 1 vs' gbiv dy xg M2 A Af Sf f ,af . Q 1 1 X it .. Qlf in ,Q E? I sf' we' ws 5 .1 ' -SEQ? is 2 S gigs , x ek QF, wiv' ff f ,, N, a'N ,, ,ina U, , Q-. S A .5 alfa' 1,5-fi .r 25,4 - 4 wa fm. a W-an as H. up Av -wi-vm lwvflji .. 'aw ' w i A Wi -- wi f . we is YES Jfxkgml Hz 5355 Spa 11 Coaches. . . 106 Football. . . . 108 Basketball . . . . 1 12 Spring Sports . . . 1 16 Sports Snaps . . . 1 19 "VVS few, We band of brothers. I . 41" 3 'nx- xlllfhn w E I 3? - , " 2? ,-,pf , :105: JOHN NEEDLES AL JEFFERY Bll.fi7Z!?J'.f Manager Equipmenz Mamzgea' BURTON SPICE K .N-xsveff -Nga, mf L Q 74, :aw H earl Bnflzelbflll C ozzcb CHARLES ROBINSON Alblelir .Manager GARY DUHAIME HAROLD SHAFFER LEO KUBACKI BLU-917,411 Cgdfb, Ligbfwgighg B,g5,bg1b,1l1 Tmfla Comb, Vd1'Jilj'FOUl!7cllZ Bowling Conch 2106: s .. rm m W: rw mmm Q na ,FT7'fQQS 'fl mimi: ss H 1- H ,..,. sf . .wfu .W.,, DA. H: ' ami. , 5 . , J, . E. , -:mm HJ, A 5555, , ,,,V..., 3 I 5 T , ,A .H -xx' -S BHK M xx-?"?"i T Wgro - xnuixcn -4 K , .y. Q OMC 86 L: -. '21 EES Ek may JERRY BERNDT lVreJIli1zg, Ligblu-'eigbl Fooibnll BOB JAMES DR. FRED HISS Tefzm Pbyficinn 1 nu mm S8931 w an M E .Q H M. QHEMMH MM H Tgimsm E 1 En: Q X-'M au H n B mx-x 5 Q ss Q 9 JEFF GYURKO Vmzrily Foolbnll, Frerbmerz Fooloall H and Foolbull Comb 5 WALTER DRAHEIM JOHN RAY JOHN GALYAS Crum' Collfzlrgf, Frc'.fbfl1en Bzukelball Vfzryjly Fogzbull 2 I O71 Vm'.ri1fJf Foollnzll, Temzix Jw ,va Ugg IJQXCEES, ' X N ,gp of f Q -35-4 A ' 19 Oli x -Afs J BILL HAYES RON COLEMAN GARY IIINESKE MIKE COLLINS MIKE ESPINOSA CALVIN MANNING MIKE MORSE 108 Four seniors whose pictures do not appear in the hud dle: Henr Norwood Charles Harris, james Shorter Y I and Tony McCauley. , IE' A m 'S wlw mx, nw H tm nw five managers were 21 valuable asset to Lib- s football team. To Row: Bill Saunders, Mr. , equipment managerg james Luginbuhl. Bot- m Kina H m gm aw Sn m gn EE ,gm aan mms m a EEE S5259 as Qgs mgm KKK ig, , L Kr x 'Va 2 , am, I Row 1-Bill Garner, john Williams, Mike Espinoza, Charles Suter, Mike Collins, Ron Coleman, Gary Fineske, Linton Dillard, Webster White, John Schneider, Calvin Manning. Row 2-Bob Tribble, Bob Newcomer, Mike Morse, Gary McCourt, jeff McVicker, John Markland, Mike Lavrar, Bill Hayes, Paul Chambers, John Lockett, Craig Breitner, Jim Dowling. Row 3-john Knox, Phil Norosewski, Bill Plontz, Dan Hymore, jim Shorter, Alan Schmude, George I-Iochmuth, Lanep Siclel, Larry Heslet, jim Hollopeter, Larry Matecki, Sam Stover, Carl Drake, Henry Norwood, Tom Turner, Don Isaacs. amify COACHING STAFF First Row: jerry Berndt, Bob James, john Ray. Second Row: Al Jeffery, john Galyas. Harold Schafer, jeff Gyurko. :110: Worm Lost 6 Z SCORES We 26 Lorain 14 DeVilbiss 1 2 Bowsher 14 Macomber 1 2 Start 6 Scott 28 Woodward 6 Rogers 30 St. Francis Tied 1 The Row 1-Vernon Thomas, Rod Gable, john Knox, Mike Harris, Carl Drake, Alan Schmude, Mike Lavrar, Andy Bagronski, Sam Stover. Row 2-jim Towsend, john McVicker, Ralph Fuehr, Jesse Phifer, Laney Sidel, Bill Plontz, George Hochmuth, Phil Horozewski, Mike Fuehr, Harry Cambell. Row 3-Bruce Breitner, john Reid, Herman Abbott, Larry Matecki, Stive Bouen, Tom Turner, jim Hollopeter, Phil Holst, Mike McLain, Tom Falk. oligifweigkffi jreaLmen Row 1-Rick Cannas, Mgr., jim Ragland, Tom Moore, john Tharp, Dan Smith, Mike Gregory, Ralph Crabtree, Arthur Houston, Her- man Abbott, Curtis Tarrie, Ken Ragland. Row 2-Robert Griffin, Paul Bagrowski, Tom Clayborne, Norman Pacholski, Randy Heidt, Ray Pozniak, Bill Isaacs, Bob Staples, Dale Switzer, Randy Carter, Ray Sifuenm 15 n I' I I1 I 11,1 T1 m 1 lf 1111 ,n ,, TY fi nn TS 1'i,ln, Y, 1' III 1'X'l TN I Y! A .I Ti IIA 2111: . 1 W , , M. awofpka . M vw 4 ,,..w V ,W x, , W Y 'i QT- TN 511 .L QT "fwfr 54 M, 'WEKYWE M - .1 as ,eg M :rms ii? 155 gn -gs . Q' M . 3 Y ,,,, ,.,,.3,,,,, was ff, , JOE COOKE CHARLES .COSPER JIMMY RODGERS Sophomore Semor Junior f a LARRY LOEHRKE OZELL BROVUN CRAIG NVALTFRS Junior Sophomore Junior Mr. Spices face reflects the tension in this time-out during the Mucomber game. Charles Cosper gets Libbey off to a good start 112 Sophomore Danny McI.emore shows promise. Ozell Brown gives Charlie an encouraging pat on the arm 499.3 GREG HANSEN BOBBY FLUNDERS BOBBY SEXTON Junior Senior junior GEORGE RIOS LINTON DILLARD DANNY MCLEMORE junior Senior Sophomore :1l3i . a.., Co-Captains Charles Cosper and Linton Dillard with Coach Spice. SCORES We They 57 Rogers 34 46 Ashland 48 48 Bowsher 28 52 Macomber 54 54 Dc-Vilbiss 5 2 61 St. Francis 5 5 42 Woodward 5 3 66 Bowling Green 60 39 Wzlite 4 3 54 Central 49 70 Start 54 59 Scott 47 60 Alumni 54 47 Bowsher 48 5 5 Macomber 44 65 DeVilbiss 65 65 St. Francis 57 64 Belmont 85 TOURNAMENT 42 Scott 54 Cllultg 'U ' Bobby Sexton, jimmy Rodgers, Larry Loehrke, Danny McLemore, Ozell Brown, Charlie Cosper, Linton Dillard, Greg Hansen, joe Cooke Bob Flunders, George Rios. 2114: Row 1-Tony McCauley, Bobby Sexton, Terry Hopkins, Bill Runsdell, Steve Bourn, Gary Durham. Row 2 - Bob Black, Craig Vifalters, Greg Hansen, Jewell Walters, Jim Pheniezy, Couch Dulmime. Q!igLfweigLf5 WON16 LOST 4 gre5Amen WON 15 LOST Z City Co-Champs Row 1--Lewis Ellis, jimmy Ragland, Jeff jones, Craven Ham, James Schmidt, Melvin Lewis, johnny Bell, johnny Reynolds, Harods Waters. Row 2-Pat Barrett, Brown Myers, Richard Hague, Dennis Kennelly, Tom Wysocki, Cortlandt Stienwedel, Robert Pine, Coach Draheim. 2:1152 ' fl ' - , . FL , 4.1 C , 1. :,,: ,YA ', J"',J L' ' YU," V7"","'i' 'Anil fi 'V' "'J"'T-x " , 'JY' ' i U: 2+ X " MH' ECW-i' ax . , X A M.. M .' ,gms - ,ti .. , ' .1 r K V ' ., , V Y a -e f wma , ff, si , ,, ., ,,, fi- ., i , . it 1' f ' Vgw., hge 2 ,v N , .-... MM ,W .Num ,. ,f N 1 my a . :mf ' - 'e', , 4. W - so , ,.,Wa nh, WJ , . , ,,,,, ,. , ,f 1.6 , HZ, wfiraa ,. ,ff feyagyr-. a g. i.,,5,.,,'a .i 1 fmyga ,Mia ww .-X ,, R , , A - I ,riff Y.. ska., J, :,,f,L,1,yvV5a J, My .5 ,ffi-gg, Q "L .fa 'X My! Q s ' I if'f'-'Kip fir ,SW Q'-A ff , . , A ' 1 ' 2 i ' L M , ,,,,f,, - rw 4 Row 1-Jim Dec, Calvin Manning, Carl Drake, joe Phelph, Fred Simmons, Paul Chambers, Bill Saunders, Elwood Miller. Row 2 -Coach Zimmerman, Ronnie Mercer, Wilbur Rippey, Steve Bourn, John Locket, Charles Harris, john Franklin, jim Dowling, Mike Harris, Ray Adams, Coach James. Row 5 -Harry Campbell, john Washington, Dave Dawson, Cecil Smith, Larry Dunsworth, Arnie Robinson, Steve Grisham, Larry Huston, Charlie Cosper, jim Luganbuel, jim Leonard, Mike Cunningham, Lee Garner, Ray Quinones. Row 4-Ed Kilbricle, Danny Brown, Dave Kline, Mike Morse, George Hochmuth, Harold Pauley, Bob Ott, Dan Hunt, Jerry Kyle, Charles Suter, Dave Holmes, Webster White, john Knox. flag road Oulltfy - Row 1-Tom Sanchez, Arnie Robinson, Dave Dawson, Ronnie Mercer, james johnson. Row 2-jimmy Rodgers, John Norwood, Richard Hague, joe Cooke, Larry Loehrke, Jim Leonard, Coach Draheim. , -. in . il A g - Je, 1. i " EEL: if N . ,is f. -2116: ri 'fir , me . ii?" ,fa Row 1-Coach Berndt, Reynolds Quinones, Tom Sanchez, Mark Braunschweiger, Patrick Dochran, Mike LnVrar, jesse Phifer. Row 2 -Ronnie Mercer, Don jackson, Gary McCourt, David Dawson, jeff McVicker, Larry Heslet, Edward Ramm. Row 3 -Adell Coley, john McVicker, Charles Daniel, Rudy Ruiz, Mike Cunningham, jim Schnetzler. Row 1-Greg Szkatulski, Duane Walton, Cortlandt Steinwedel, Jim Dec, Mike Welslm, Dennis Maclrzykowski. Row 2-Mr. Kubacki, james Hockenberger, Harold Petoskey, Ron Hindman, Edward Ramm, jim Francis. .5 ,.... W'26fAl'lg :117: I :swf 2553? QBBF,1q 099555 MFE l Q l Q ,an , li Sir 'Q' iEl' Row 1-Craig Breitner, Cliff Vines, Martin Marsh, jim Shorter, Bob Sexton, Bill Furfaro, Tom Schnetzler. Row 2-Mr. Earls, Glenn Ingersoll, Linton Dillard, john Williziins, Malin Wagner, Bob Ott, John Schneider, Herb Minnick, Dick Van Drew, Coach Duhaime. Kuala! QW Andy Bagrowski, Terry Totzke, Dan Momsen, Alton Neal, Dave Dobrzynski, Don Isaacs, Gregory Szkatulski. ermia Row 1-Dave Sandys, Charles Robinson, Terry Walden, Doug Holstein, Charles Nungester, Donald Hopings. Row 2-Ken McIntosh, Milt Pommeranz, Dave Floering, Bobby Smith, Alex McCrae, George Rios, Dan Hymore. nr?- :11B: W, 55-. . Ea QQ! i , ta-Q' af , 5 251-5:1 My " 2'2g'5'- ' X f:1'-a:as2i5,.. K 3 ig 3 ,,.5: 11af:::':f-:-Yi: - 94,9 1: " 1, - 'li .7 B .,..p.f-155 . at ' Q 'E wliihf? 1 519' if ' ,L ,azfigfgk as w W A x ' 'Q jx M F, r KM Wi' 'Sw , ,M 9? 9 4. 4 Q .. . ' . , '- 1-H ff, K' -f'f'1'3. ' A V .2 5- ' ? 152 Nyffxgk , xjff S-,SU V' sd ,.a?,fw A ,MV V gf be my ,- wg A Wffciksg 15:54 ,gm K Faffwi-'1.3, ' ggi' : 1' Q 'V Y---1 f-1'-A :imc aw, ' N A' 38 s 'sig EE J' iw , ,S si ' V wr 5 iii ,N 15235 3 X 4 r M. gk ' f i ' ,Eh W :XV W- ? , . 2 4 fi? ef? M an -N.-f' C. K1 W .gf-Q we , 5 E -:-:::::,1f:a:- y 5 As. il NK -.. .311 'Y J A x f' UQ ins "iqg?W fy 4 Y e 1 ww A W Z M ma W Wfbz xfiiwxl -, in ry. 53 4 QW' .v L . vi' N fs 4 e The many talents of at football player are displayed as an enthusiastic crowd looks on. Together, wherever we go Go in there and fight! Mr. Rusie shows his fine school spirit on the sidelines. I'm not "it"g he is! Wfill the real Mr. X please stand up? 2120: .Q-of A WMK if I A ig Q -li -- . .4-p john would like to slauglmtei' them. How did you see it? . . . Anil 1lWrly WC 1.203 Don't run over our bull! Liblwy likes l0y2llty. The football banquet was a memorable evening. Bob Newcomer was elected most valuable football player by Libbey students. :1211 Someone stole my tennis shoes! ! ! "I um the greatest!" Charge! I said to use your own rest-mal. How many miles to the gallon do you get? :12Z: Twist and shout! Dribble, dribble, dribble Perfect form is the essence of u good swimmer. Gung Hu! Sharks! Gutter-ball ! The alleycats. -1123: Teryl Lea Barnes Mr. and Mrs. John Butts Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Carman City Park Athletic Cluh Cinderella Shop Dramatics Club Ernest Drugs Mr. and Mrs. Roland Fink Mr. and Mrs. Edward Floering Mrs. Sam Freelon Harold's Barher Shop Haughton Elevator Company Mrs. Rose McDaniels National Cleaners and Dyers 124 fgah-ana Willialn C. Neal Mr. Waymen Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Milton Pommeranz Linda M. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Howard Siek Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Thompson Tri-Lits Mr. and Mrs. Richard Veith Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walli.ngton Mr. and Mrs. Guy Walters, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Westfall Mr. Kenneth F. Wetzel Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Williams Quill and Dagger Literary Society WW 7954 WW Mjw OWENS-CORNING F1 BERGLAS world's largest producer of fibrous glass and fibrous glass products SIGNIFIES QUALITY and DIVERSITY INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC BUILDING -- Glass Block 2 1 ' S Glassware 4 ff P KIMAXQ l ? l ll! Glass Pi e . G F 'liz . Q ij f ' arf. s KIMBLE Y , - 00 HMS X 1 All-Glass Television Bulbs J 2' . me 1 'I Q , 2 a KIMBLE ll HEMINGRAY KIMBLE JX E ' A , ' Glass lnsu1:tors Glass Laboratory F KIMBLE THINUTE Fi ' GX Apparatus Pharmaceutical Glassware Curtain Wall Panels 2 if 1? gg p CONTAINERS ! I f Glass Pressure Rigid glaalic A I- YW P' Glass Tubing Packages 0 es F 1 H " . E, L Qi and Glass Rod ,K Closure and Plastic I 5 5 Specialties l I I TABLEWARE , as sw pm W MQD ll ' 1 1 2' 4 W ll , e, on amers L . X N in ll L Q fl Plastic Dinnerware , l Xlgglptsh ' KO ,, .. K K ,vi N 3- ,. 4 L lx , 2 , I l. 1- er..-Q pf' Q X Q -"' " I, - Paperboard 4 'X 3 EE ja Nl ' R , , -V f is - Multiwall Paper Bags F' :ill l H ' , ' l , F .s-. ! - Heavy Duty Plastic Shipping Sacks -ll ,. X - A 'I' ' 0 h' ' B ' ' l X A is Corrugated S rpplng oxes Q L'BBEYG'a5swa'e MAKERS OF Q PRODUCTS OWENS'ILLIN0IS GENERAL OFFICES - TOLEDO 1, omo Ray's Sohio Service Chicago Pike SL Byrne 382-0125 Electronic Motor Tune Up Saaliifs nfllll Stare 1732 Arlington 385-0885 Complete Prescription and Drug Service Free, Rapid Delivery Service-Anytime Fountain Refreshments, Sundries and Revlon and Max Factor Cosmetics Plus S8eH Green Stamps Haifa your doflor phone 1l.l' your Pl'E,l'fl'fpli07I.l' FILYO Gm HEER, INC. Brunswick Bowling Supplies 1907 BROADWAY Ph. 244-8891 TOLEDO 9, OHIO Walter Funeral Hume 1221 Broadway 243-41115 Weber N. Greenwalt Leeland E. Lamb 1 6 Wluen dues the movie Sturt, Mr. Hillis? Sindy lmll? Now, plug it in. Don't forget the butter! "Zzzzzz You loud sixteen tons and what do you get? ! ? f-127' You Can't Go Wron . Q Q on 1 1. .. .. of Q C? Nobody should ever consider his educa- tion complete. You can't go wrong by getting as much schooling as possible. So strongly does Toledo Edison feel about this that we finance three scholarships a year at the University of Toledo. Lots of college graduates find Toledo Edison a good place to work. Investor- owned electric companies offer interesting careers in many fields. You might want to look into this. TOLEDO EDISON - . . an Investor-owned electric light and power company serving Northwestern Ohio Courtesy Cleaners Cleaning - Showerproofing - Dyeing Reweaving - Tailoring 1226 Broadway - 968 South CH 1-3835 CROMLY DRUG FAIR 1917 Wayne Tel. 382-2911 Toledo, Ohio Blllll-ll1WllY .IEWELEHS Trophies 8 Engravings DIAMONDS Columbia - Feature-Lock WATCHES Hamilton - Longines - Bulova GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 1526 Broadway at South 242-5491 Good Luck, Class of '64 S AV E -WAY VV V Making plans for the future? lt'S YOUR future, so plan it well! Look into the many fine opportunities in the telephone business. WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE OHIO BELL ' complete commumcatwns fin' home - business - commumty all qualified applicanfs will be considered for employment without regard to race, creed, color or national origin. 128 W 'rs Q SSL 'AH '25 1, si me 5 N , 'wwf GLENDALE DRUG FAIR fWALGREEN AOENCYJ 2014 GLENDALE AVENUE Free Prescription Delivery Feature Leading Brand Cosmetics LUNCHEONETTE SERVICE 382-3463 Congratulations to the 1964 Seniors STAUTZENBERGER BUSINESS COLLEGE Northwestern Ohio's Largest Business College Your are Cordially Invited to Visit Us at Our New, Completely Air-conditioned Location at 224 SUPERIOR STREET Compliments of HI-LEVEL CAR WASH Open 8-6 Daily-8-1 Sundays EXPERTS AT WASHING AND POLISHING CHerry 6-2125 433 Broadway Toledo 4, Ohio ll-IL II-II. IBIIIRIKIEINIKAMIP' Funeral Home liner. 104 Years of Personal Service Same Location Phones: 243-2183, 243-2184 1003 to 1011 Broadway Toledo, Ohio Only One Branch Tremainsville and Alexis Trilby, Ohio 479-5377 LASTER 8. MYLANDER HARDWARE 307 South Detroit Office: GR 2-3101 ANKNEY 8: RALSTON, Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS CONIMERCIAL- RESIDENTIAL REIVIODELING- NEW CONSTRUCTION Raymond Ralston 4239 Lewis Avenue Res: OR 5-2474 Toledo 12, Ohio 130 Projection aids. The orchestra performs for Open House "To Tell the Truth" panel in the Clllllefbllfjf Tfllfil' skit. The singing nuns, perhaps? Library aids. i The Choir performs for Open House. Main office aids. Counselor's aids. :131: BOBB'S CLEANERS 0ne Day .Service Alterations Hats Cleaned ancl Blocked 4338 S. Detroit - EV 2-5687 2389 Wayne St. - EV Z-9021 Under New Management FLAT TIRE? DEAD BATTERY? Don't Be Late Call JAX SUNOCO SERVICE Jack H. Williams, Prop. WE GIVE TV STAMPS 1620 Broadway 1460 South 241 -2431 382-9211 Congratulations to the 1964 Seniors Walter Hawkins and Combo HEIlllE'5 FISH 8. EHIP5 515 SPENCER EAHHY HUT UHIJEHS EV 2-9871 TYPEWRITER SAIES and RENTAIS Zoom Kew Za Zezftm Qmdee HOCKENBERGER'S House 0f Golf And Tennis Complete Line of Carts, Clubs, and Accessories Choose from Wilson, IVlacGregor, Spalding, Louisville, Burke, Northwest, Golf Craft Expert Tennis Restringing my 'QizIIi2?,e:Erik5en'5 776 Carlton Open 9-9 lVlonday thru Saturday EV 5-3050 41 1193 323 E 'ebster convinces Libbey students of the importance of good scholarship. Hurry! My mouth is watering! Another scene from C'a1z!e1'b1n'y Tfzlei skit. Libbey entertains at Open House. Activity aids. Magazine drive winners. Tri-Lits serve at Open House :133: . . .,i+-ee-ryifl. .,...., IW... iii MADE LIN 'U.5.A.? . i THE QUALITY MARK ' TO LOOK FOR I.IBBEY'OWENS'FORD a, Gfwdt 'rol.Eno 2,VOHlO What a wonderful Open World Have you noticed schools like this on your travels? Probably, because new buildings are springing up everywhere. They are beautiful and functional structures with large glass areas to create an "open-World" atmosphere to eliminate the feeling of being boxed in. Wherever you live, work, shop or travel, you'll find L'O'F g it more enjoy- Glass makin able. In homes, motels, schools and stores. In ofiices and fac- tories. In hospitals and church- es. In cars, buses, trains and planes. There's an L'O'F Glass that insulates windows. It's called Thermopanef? insulating glass. Another subdues sun heat and glare. L'O'F Glass that makes automobiles safer. L'O'F Glass to do a thousand things. And when anyone needs glass, authority on it there's an nearby-your local indepen- dent L'O'F Glass Distributor or Dealer. His name is in the telephone book Yellow Pages under "Glass". Call him. Laboratories, shops and studyrooms are separated from twin classroom buildings by a broad, central court, Ithaca Senior High School, Ithaca, N.Y. Architects: Perkins 8a Will, White Plains, N.Y. n, it XNN5JgQXP WFWWV R . ' lrnentsof My Med'hVga Center P armaoy 2060 GLENDALE TOLEDO 14, OHIO 1134: Champion Cleaners and Formal Wear Rentals 1542 South 382-7131 1164 Sylvania 472-5567 Open Evenings Until 8 p.m. Barbara ancl Dorn Luel'1'ke Classes of '48 and '46 B ll Vl l S to the Cl f 1964 COlVlPLllVlENTS OF v Glendale I-'lo wer Shop and Greenhouse HILLEBRAND BRCS CORSAGES Established February 12th,1890 2615 Glendale 382-3465 635 So. Sf. Clair Sl. HIGHLAND LANES 3835 Wayne St. ACME PHARMACY 1401 South Street REXALL STORE EV 2-2421 Miniature Golf - Billards - Bowling ReHal1Ie Prescrbtion Service Snack Bar Ball Drilling IF. Rupp Earl A. R Open 24 Hours Daily 382-1434 BANQUET ROOM Mrs. Wztt'sell's special reading class, both students and helpers. These are the students to whom we are indebted for the delightful sketches in the Edeliuu. Thcre's Kathy! You'd never know it wus cold that day! No wonder students are always wanting library passes! Mr. Flath and his experimental work-study class. Our six cheerful cheerleaders. Boom! Boom! Boom! 2136: Gempel-Stone Pro Hdwle, Inc 1609 Broadway Near South CH 3-2923 YOUR SOUTH TOLEDO COMPLETE HARDWARE CENTER Finest Gift Center Including Electric Appliances Remember-Shop Us First WE DELIVER mln lnllss souTH a. SPENCER EV 2 2131 6009 HEALTH 'rovou FROM CLEAIVSPOR1' smurirutw nsmonsttsn AMF AuToMA'ncs AIR conomouzo No Atcoi-ion. ssavzu AL HAUSMANN 1 ul Your Host ' V Buy Your Official School Supplies at the STATIONERS DESK THE MILLER OIL CO. 1033 South Toledo 9, Ohio Distributors of HY-FLASH GASOLINE AND FUEL on. Stations 1033 South, at Anthony Wayne Trail 4654 Detroit 1920 Fearing Chicago Pike at Crissey Woodville at Rt. 199 McCord at Nebraska Dorr at Crisvsey Rd. For Home Fuel Oil Delivery Call 243-8111-Day or Night Congratulations to the 1964 Graduates J 0 T E N 9 S TREASURE-CRAFT JEWELERS Class Rings - Class Pins Commencement Announcements Designers and Manufacturers of the Worlcl's Finest School .lewelry Nlain Office and Plant OWATONNA, MINNESOTA Eastern Division Headquarters 627 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio 137 Lay it in! Those "tigers" are publicity hounds. Speech contestants. Guess who got the jump ball! XX'here's the ball, boys? NX'l1icl1 way, coach? :138: I -- Name A Abbott, Brenda Abernathy, June Achor, Nancy Allbright, Gerri Allen, Carolyn Allen, Joann Almanza, Maria Anderson, Deborah Anderson, Dorothy Andree, Merrilee Andrews, Beverly Angell, Linda Archie, Deborah Archie, Dolores Armstrong, Karen Armstrong, Linda Arnold, Sharon 56 Avery, Betsy Avery, Roseann Awls, Linda B Baccus, Ruby Baccus, Vernice Bacon, Frances Bagner, Janice Bail, Carol Baker, Cynthia Baker, Diane Baker, Diane Baker, Nitja Ball, Rosemary Ballard, Paula Banker, Susan Barkhimer, Margaret Barkhimer, Rosemary Bates, Carrie Bean, Edna Beasley, Carol Beaty, Peggy Beauch, Hazel Beck, Vicky Bellair, Linda Bennett, Barbara Benson, Darla Betancourt, Gloria Betts, Carol Bey, Theodorsia Bialecki, Elaine Binegar, Sharon Bird, Susanne Blackford, Linda Blechinger, Janice Bliss, Sandra Bliss, Sharon Blount, Eloise Boerst, Kendra Bojarski, Diane Bollinger, Patricia Boomer, Mary Jane Boomer, Susan Borton, Cathey Bost, Vallencia Bradley, Cecelia Branford, Eleanor Branford, Linda Branford, Patricia Braun, Kay Bridge, Mary Brooks, Charlotte Brooks Dorothy Brooks Sue Brown, Marcia Lee Brown, Earlene Brown Shirley Ann Brown, Susan Brown, Theresa Brumfield, Joyce Brumfield, Joyce Brumfield, Karen Bruney, Priscilla Buck, Teresa Burford, Viqui Buress, Lois ' Burgess, Vickie Burgy, Lou Ann Burk, Loretta Burineister, Sally Burnley, Charlene Bush, Velma ' Page 68 63 52 64 58 59 65 69 65 61 68 65 47 68 57 65 48 48 47 68 69 67 47 48 55 59 48 70 67 58 65 70 53 53 58 66 48 60 60 63 59 50 63 69 56 69 61 48 69 51 59 70 51 49 66 64 47 56 69 53 58 68 51 63 63 49 70 48 49 61 49 47 53 52 48 48 66 66 70 70 50 57 66 67 68 70 56 Name Butler, Georgianne Butler, Linda Bylow, Dorothy Byrd, Lula C Caldwell, Mary Callahan, Rita Campbell, Linda Campbell, Royine Carothers, Rebecca Carr, Brenda Carrothers, Diane Carter, Brenda Carter, De Lois Castro, Concha Cherry, Estella Childress, JoAnn Christian, Dianne Clark, Barbara Coleman, Brenda Coleman, Millie Coley, Carrie Coley, Gwendolyn Coley, Lillie Coley, Pearlie Collins, Ann Collins, Michele Collins, Sue Coogler, Jacquelyn Cooke, Sharon Corder, Cathey Cothren, Karen Cottrell, Belita Cousino, Bonnie Cousino, Sharon Couturier, Mary Crawford, Sue Cunningham, Phyllis Curtis, Noel D Daly, Kathleen Dangler, Donna Danhauer, Norma Daniel, Laurette Daniel, Wendy Daniels, Theresa Davis, Johnnie Davis, LaVerne Davis, Sharon Davis, Verna Day, Linda Day, Marlene Dec. Yvonne DeCius, Christine DeCius, Hollie DeCius, Sherrie Decker, Kathy Delarosa, Guadalupe Delarosa, Virginia Denker, Donna Dennis, Betty Dickerson, Essie Dills, Sandra Dismuke, Judith Dixon, Betty Dodge, Linda Dominiak, Joyce Dorcas, Cherie Dotson, Betty Douglass, Ellen Douthett, Barbara Drabik, Lynette Drake, Eva Driver, Dorothy Dross, Nancy Druckemiller, Karen Duby, Sally Durban, Joanne Dusseau, Lynn Dylewski, Carol Dylewski, Chris E Early, Ruth Easterly, Charlotte Edwards, Anna May Edwards, Marine Ely, Annamarie Emahiser, Karen MnJercfa5A gl' 5 Page 66 58 52 48 60 51 51 51 55 70 49 50 48 59 55 48 52 55 57 55 66 70 67 63 47' 70 55 67 69 66 59 65 60 51' 48 69 70 5 1 56 65 67 58 67 70 49 59 50 63 69 57 68 50 60 53 59 63 50 55 69 48 70 53 69 70 60 68 65 67 50 64 61 47 53 69 65 53 52 52 52 56 69 50 57' 61 51 140 Name Emch, Ruth Enis, Karen Erwin, Beverly Esmond, Norma Evener, Linda F Falkenberg, Mary Feltner, Loraine Fench, Arether Fic, Julie Field, Sharon Fields, Nadine Filipovich, Sandra Findley, Monique Fink, Brenda Flournoy, Bobbie Fonder, Gertrude Foster, Barbara Foster, Rosemary Franklin, Bonita Franklin, Chyrl Franklin, Cinthia Franklin, Yvonne Fries, Mary Frye, Heide Fuehr, Linda G Gaisser, Natalie Gambrell, Cynthia Gambrell, Dora Gantz, Sue Garcsynski, Kathleen Garman, Annie Garner, Maxine Gary, Pearla Gedeon, Theresa Geier, Pattie Gere, Carol Gibson, Patricia Giles, Alicesteen Gillen, Nancy Glendening, Billie Glover, Patsy Gramling, Elaine Graves, Marlene Graves, Ronita Green, Evelyn Green, Jo Ann Green, Sharon Greenlee, Carol Grow, Shirley H Haberland, Carol Haberland, Kathie Hardison, Teresa Harding, Ruth Hargrave, Yolanda Harkins, Gloria Harlow, Jeanette Harriger, Charlotte Harris, Charlene Harris, Deborah Harris, Ilene Harrison, Barbara Heckart, Darlene Heckerman, Dorene Hedges, Beverly Hendrix, Barbara Henneman, Mary Henry, Connie Henson, Clara Henson, Margaret Hernandez, Angela Hetzler, Karen Hicks, Linda Hiser, Pat Hitchner, Judy Hochmuth, Karen Hollar, Carol Holtfreter, Pat Hopings, Pamela Horn, C Horvat, arol Marita Horvath, Frances Hoskins. Margaret Hoskins, Howard, Shirley Roberta Howard, Sharon Page 57 64 70 48 51 47 61 48 67 63 48 52 67 66 60 67 70 47 60 53 47 70 51 58 61 48 69 61 53 70 63 55 58 52 50 49 58 55 69 57 55 61 69 50 49 61 69 68 60 60 53 49 49 68 69 53 60 66 67 57 49 57 68 70 49 67 55 68 66 65 69 64 56 53 52 61 53 57 47 70 52 61 53 50 61 N nme Howe, Cheryl Huebner, Lois Huggins, Rosemary Hughes, Fannie Hunt, Kathleen Hunt, Mary Hunter, Shirley J Jackson, Vickie Jagodzinski, Nancy James, Elaine James, Mary Jarzeboski, Janet Jeakle, Janice Jeziorowski, Catherine Jeziorowski, Donna Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Deborah Jolley, Kay Jones, Dorothy Jones, Janice Jones, Mamie Jones, Mary Jane Jones, Mildred Jones, Pamela Justus, Diane K Kasten, Gloria Keier, Linda Keller, Cindy Keller, Sandra Kelly, Diane Kelly, Patricia Kennelly, Kathleen King, Kathryn King, Patricia King, Sherry Kitchen, Linda Klein, Joann Klein, Mary Klostermeier, Marsha Knapp, Jill Koder, Jackie Korcsog, Karen Kovach, Rose Kovach, Pat Krantz, Sharlene Kreft, Shirley Kreuger, Sue Kruse, Betty Kuhn, Carol Kuhn, Sandy Kurschat, Luana Kurtolik, Karen Kurtz, Geraldine Kusz, Frances Kyle, Elaine Kynard, Geraldine L Laberdee, Sharon Lara, Rose Laster, Virginia LaVrar, Lisbeth Lawson, Brenda Lay, Alma Lay, Carolyn Lay, Jody Leary, Suzanne Leiter, Karen Lennon, Barbara Leonard, Margaret Lieblich, Diane Lockett, Linda Loehrke, Libby Lombrana, Rose Loper, Shirley Loper, Sylvia Lopez, Patricia Lowrie, Patti Luckett, Jacqueline Luana, Guadalupe Lyons, Sherry M MacFarlane, Charlene McCarthy, Linda McClain, Diane McClorrine, Linda P age 55 70 61 48 66 48 70 56 67 57 60 52 47 50 70 69 69 51 50 52 67 57 47 61 67 50 55 65 56 66 51 63 60 63 66 70 58 69 56 52 61 69 69 69 69 57 49 47 69 53 Go 69 68 63 70 55 58 64 70 56 57 47 58 60 56 47 52 69 70 69 52 64 7 5 71 6 5 6 6 6 6. 5 4 Name McCourt, Susan McDade, Mable McDowell, Mary McDonach, Kathy McGovern, Bobbie McGrail, Joyce McKenzie, Patricia McKinney, Diane McKinney, Sandra McLendon, Yvonne McNeal, Loretta Mack, Earlene Mack, Mary Machcinski, Sandra Madden, Jo Ann Madden, Virginia Makowski, Michalina Mallory, Barbara Mallory, Frances Mann, Jane Manz, Beverly Markley, Nancy Martin, Carol Martin, LaVeda Martinez, Judy Martinez, Margaret Mason, Mason, Mason, Mason, Massey, Barbara Catherine Joanne Linda Judy Mathews, Priscilla Maxwell, Gloria May, Clara Mayes, Virgle Mayo, Linda Meade, Judy Medere, Kethleen Medon, Mary Meier, Jean Menchaca, Irma Mercer, Beverly Meyer, Dianne Meyer, Dorothy Meyer, Judy Middlebrook, Linda Miller, Betty Miller, Joyce Miller, Lona Miller, Sherryl Mills, Cheryl Mitchell, Marilyn Moline, Rose Ann Montelango, Rose Moody, Moore, Moore, Moore, lvlorrin, Morris, Morse, Musch, Myers, Myers, Neeley, Marlene Janice Roxie Violet Laura Carol Carol Loretta Brenda Geraldine N Patricia Neitling, Mary Ann Nerlich, Gloria Netters, Hazel Never, Pamela Newcomer, Judy I Page 63 66 64 60 47 63 59 63 58 61 64 65 61 52 51 59 64 68 67 50 47 48 65 53 64 59 50 53 63 59 63 65 49 65 70 49 53 60 58 61 59 70 59 63 57 65 55 66 48 58 52 65 52 50 69 69 49 58 58 65 65 69 68 53 52 65 50 69 55 58 Name Newman, Nancy Newman, Pat Nicholas, Berteriece Noyes, Pat O Oliver, Qureda Olszewski, Diane Olvera, Rose O'Neil, Jean Ostman, Jean Overstreet, Janice Oxner, Sandra P Palm, Vivian Palmer, Bonita Palmer, Carol Panning, Deborah Parcels, Priscilla Pasch, Kathy Pasch, Robin Patterson, Marjorie Pearson, Brenda Peek, Janice Pegorch, Linda Perry, Sandra Petoskey, Donna Peurie, Cheryl Phifer, Anna Polen, Helen Potter, Gale Powell, Shirley Price, Janet Price, Judith Price, Mary Pringle, Ernestine Pryor, Dorothy R Radar, LeAnn Ralph, Nancy Ramos, Lupe Ramsdell, Sharon Ramsey, Leora Ray, Althea Ray, Eddye Rayford, Levon Redford, Delores Reihling, Helen Reitz, Mary Respress, Beth Reyes, Rosario Reynolds, Kathleen Reynolds, Nancy Reynolds, Ruth Reynolds, Sandra Rice, Linda Richards, Mary Richmond, Cynthia Riddle, Rita Rios, JoAnn Roberts, Diane Roberts, Mary Robinson, Betty Rodriguez, Margaret Rogers, Clementine Rolf, Nancy Root, Ardella Rosebrock, Joyce Rosebrock, Susan Rospert, Janet V . Page 60 53 55 61 70 59 65 49 70 51 56 69 57 57 60 49 66 48 56 5 1 63 64 63 60 69 59 49 67 70 53 58 57 69 68 59 69 61 49 68 59 59 58 49 69 51 50 50 48 56 68 50 51 55 51 64 64 57 67 65 69 69 70 56 58 52 66 3 Name Rosvanes, Vivian S Saar, Diana Sandridge, Patricia Schaefer, Gene Schermbeck, Sandra Schlapman, Mitzie Schmidt, Janet Schnieder, Joyce Schropshire, Oetta Scott, Beverly Scott, Johnetta Scott, Charlene Secord, Joy Sharp, Sandra Sheets, Susan Sherwood, Ruth Shock, Sharon Shorter, Margie Sidel, Jacqueline Siler, Sharon Simmons, Rosie Smith, Dyonne Smith, Iris Smith, Judy Smith, Maralene Smith, Sharon Smith, Susan Sochack, Janice Spearman, Mary Squire, Barbara Stanfield, Althea Staples, Ruth Staton, Mary Steam, Holley Stephens, Sharon Steward, Annie Stewart, Judy Stine, Judy Stivenson, Peggy Stoker, Paula Stokes, Aleta Strange, Darlene Strasil, Sue Strickland, Joyce Strickstein, Bonnie Stuart, Kathy Stubblefield, Gwendolyn Stubblefield, Paula Stubblefield, Paulette Sullivan, Mary Summers, Lunette Suter, Lynn Swicegood, Joan Swope, Constance Sylak, Candice Syph, Judith Syph, Treva Szymkowiak, Sandra T Tallman, Judy Taylor, Dianne Taylor, Rosemary Terrill, Susan Terry, Zelma Thomas, Earlene Thomas, Patricia Tibbits, Cheryl Tibbits, Judy , wa KN C git ii,??553te 5 it - 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Suggestions in the Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) collection:

Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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