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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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' A jjj WZ' J, Kp ,',LlQv,ff Q ly f f yi! NK ,JN u MQ mf vw 4 fl s K ' ! 1 ' I If 4 , If I A K if W reaenia flfdf 1 ,ff ffm I ,f ,J 'A ' if ' f' ff' We f Lf. ff ,L ' f 4 viii, fl Q W EOVH MXDJ LU-4-jgt, fm MM W J wi' W wv 'EMC Q? ' ,JJ TP 1 - P I 'X P42 C Al V, V f ,R , , W Lf Ln A WML. ' 'X QQQLV wwf . -C9 ,IW , fp ,X LJJ W 1. ' K f A X1 zf,.f?'-.fl Q if f QM b fy , , LD, QQ f Q, 1 f 1 W , QV w QW "pf--4' 5 " my ff Q I N V F QM J MJ VM KSU ll fl' OA ff Q f fy A' X NX 5979 TZ f-' 77f f7 M J ff X. j U V81 xnfpf yQA,,j1.77,?,,fw 'VZM7 3 W-if!! 7f7,v. Y QI Nflfffg AvOlvOf'?' 'K ,Hai ,:?f?fi,AZJ!?", L..X,LNl?7.Zg! If vlffa A N . 74, Lf, f x , fy Q I AFKZQ' V ' Z jg! A197 WL ,f7!ffQ9"y'fy' yy O f j,i,7'7D'lEV?,f. xif, N,z9yf2'7'I9?Q Asiaxzglfxxf '31 lx 1,13-'Z, 1553 faffpfvfy , 7,1,5,4ji if f- vllf ij? I Ji' g,Jl1UCll"C! ll"l1ll'l'll'l'l0l'l6! 00! 304010, Ula, 1 I Edelimz advisors: Mr. Charles Martin, Mrs. Jean Hunsnker, and Principal, Loy W. Rusie. .xgclminiafrafion X .1-Ezbeahcafion acugg enioro ylnclercfcaridmen Skelrloer by ELWOOD MILLER PATTIE GEIER BERNARD QUINN Under llae flirefliozz of MRS. NANCY WENKER .fdcfiuifiea .fd faomiorri x9l'l6!2X Footsteps on the stairs-the quick, eager footsteps of students intent on the pursuit of academic excellence, the strong, vigorous footsteps of Libbey athletesg the quiet, deliberate footsteps of hundreds of teachers with a single purpose-all these, and more, have left their marks on the stairways of Libbey since her doors were opened forty years ago. During these forty years thousands of students have progressed, step by step, on the stairway of learning. For freshmen, the first steps were knowledge and friendship, for sophomores, they were knowledge, friendship, and loyalty to Libbey, for the juniors, they were knowledge, friendship, loyalty, and initiative, and for the seniors, they were all these things, plus maturity and judgment. Today's awed freshmen, confident sophomores, questioning juniors and mature seniors climb these stairways with the same goals in mind as did those first Libbey stu- dents in 1923. But these challenging times bring fresh realization that another, steeper stairway must be scaled before this year's graduates can make their full contributioius to society. In this Edelian of 1963, the Senior Class is happy to present pictorially the stairways of Libbey, not only as interesting architectural structures but also as symbols of important steps in the process of learning. 12452 :SZ aes WM.. . .552 att MET? 'Maw '- Q -- QQ asm - egglifzmaa -am, Ajax- : ,ar 7 . -NNE WM . ..,2efea-1'w Semi? imm- Mrs. Hazel D. Flatz .ibecbcafion Mrs. Hazel Flatz, a member of Libbey's faculty for thirty-eight years and chairman of the Business Education Department for twenty years, will be sadly missed by both the members of the faculty and the students of Libbey. Possessing exceptional organizational ability, Mrs. Flatz has helped her department to become one of the strongest in the city. Students from this department have been eagerly sought by industry in Toledo and surrounding areas, and many have been encouraged to further their education in this Held. A Libbey service club, the Future Business Leaders of America, has had a remarkable growth and has received many honors, both locally and nationally, under her leader- ship. Members of her department have had many reasons to feel her warmth and loyalty, and they have, in turn, freely given her their cooperation and respect. Always will- ing to take on extra responsibilities, she served for many years as chairman of the committee to plan the annual teachers' Christmas dinner, and she also handled the H' nances for the senior banquet. In addition to her duties here, Mrs. Flatz has taught in Toledo night school for ten years, in Toledo summer school for thirteen years, and has been a cooperating teacher for the University of Toledo for almost twenty years. Many successful teachers, some of whom have returned to Libbey for full-time teaching, received their training in her classes. Her travels have included points of interest in all states east of the Mississippi and in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada. She is a member of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Triune Chapter of Order of Eastern Star, Alpha Delta Pi Alumni Club, Ohio Business Teachers, Ohio Education Association, the Schoolwomen's Club, and she is currently chairman of the auditing committee of the Toledo Teachers Association. Her plans after retirement are indefinite at present, but they include the building of a new summer home in Le- land, Michigan. Whatever her future holds, Mrs. Flatz's life, we feel sure, will continue to be active and productive. N0 bubble i.r ro iriderrevzf 01' flonff longer than fha! blown by Ilae Jllffdlfflll l6!1Cl961'.U -Sir liyillifwz Oilei Mrs. Flatz talks with administrators . . . and with F.B.L.A. officers. Y ,rm A ,vw-v-if - W a ,, 1 . xg in - EH.. 2 is mira mcgyana isa is "sf Y 1 n ,, s ra is if ai , . 2 Q- H Sk H H yr. 'Ein . in-1 - l 1 Completing her fortieth year as a teacher at Libbey, Miss Virginia May has earned a place of honor in the 1963 Edeliaaz on this fortieth anniversary of Libbey High School. She began as a teacher of English but transferred later to the Orientation Department. Her interests and study have been wide. While com- pleting her studies for the M.A. degree in English at Colum- bia University, Miss May's attention was attracted to the counselling and guidance courses this university was pioneer- ing. Later on, she enrolled in the Guidance Department and was the first Toledo teacher to receive a Master of Arts Degree in Counselling and Guidance at Columbia Uni- versity. Miss May next attended the Graduate School of the Uni- versity of Michigan, specializing in Speech and Radio. She represented Libbey High School on The English Series of the Toledo School of the Air, speaking on the topic, "Com- mon Stumbling Blocks in English." As an extra-curricular activity, Miss May conducted, after school, educational tours, in order to train her stu- dents for better citizenship, by giving them first-hand information about some of our local institutions that are assisted by The United Appeal Fund. Among the many places the pupils visited were: homes for the aged, chil- dren's homes, Toledo Day Nursery, and the Toledo So- ciety for the Blind. For the past twenty years, Miss May has directed the junior Red Cross Society. The students annually made thousands of holiday tray favors for the Toledo Homes for the Aged, all the hospitals in Toledo, as Well as for Veterans Hospitals throughout the country. All departments at Libbey cooperated in the projects. Libbey High School art was sent to countries throughout the world. Recreational chests were made and filled for our soldiers overseas, hun- dreds of articles of costume jewelry were collected to cheer patients at Toledo State Hospital, and thousands of hand- made flowers were made for the patients' annual spring dance. In the course of the years, Miss May and Libbey students filled over two thousand junior Red Cross gift boxes for the needy children of the world. Having traveled throughout the United States and Cana- da, Miss May hopes, in the future, to visit many other countries. She thin 's that since God made such a marvelous world, we really ought to see it. Miss May epitomizes the following motto of the junior Red Cross: llVe serve. NHL. Miss Virginia May eibeobcafion Miss May supervises the filling of Red Cross boxes . . . and they are started on their way. .. L wi.: Mt. Clinton F. Houser rmecbcafion "Chip" Houser, as he is affectionately known, will not soon be forgotten by the many students who have been taught science and mathematics in his classes during the thirty-eight years he has been at Libbey. In no less degree will he be remembered as an unusually successful basket- ball and football coach. Last year he was honored for his contribution to sports in Toledo by a "Chip Houser Day." After receiving the B.S. degree at Heidelberg Univer- sity, Mr. Houser did graduate work at Ohio State University and the University of Illinois. Beginning his teaching career at Chillicothe High School, he not only taught chemistry and physics but also coached basketball and football. His basketball teams at Chillicothe reached state tournament play at Columbus twice in the four years he was there. In Toledo his accomplishments have been many. He started golf and boxing in the Toledo high schoolsg he coached many highly successful football teams for Libbey, even champion teams-it was under his leadership that Libbey had their golden yearsg he officiated at football and basketball games for twelve years, he has served as chair- man of the Mathematics Department at Libbey for seven years. In his private life, Mr. Houser has had numerous in- terests. After retiring from active coaching, he operated an Evergreen Nursery for ten yearsg in later years he trained Springer Spaniel dogs for field trial events. As a member of the Men's Garden Club, he raised daffodils and competed in flower shows. More recent hobbies are playing the Hammond organ and competing in trap and Skeet events. His travels have included most of the United States, parts of Mexico and Canada. After retirement, among other things, Mr. Houser plans to take a trip up the Amazon and hopes to bring back live anacondas to his grandchildren. Hflflflll if .ro 77llIlf6 ffm! he can mify had relaxa- tion from one kim! of labor by faking up azz- oliver." -AIIdf0fU FI'c1l7L'0 Houser gives individual help . . . and checks the answers. .cw XF ! f sg CA x , Although Mrs. Mary E. Houser has been with us only seven years, the students and faculty have come to love and respect her. Under her influence, junior and senior students have widened their acquaintance with great authors and have gained a new insight into the intricacies of the English language. Mrs. Houser received the B.A. degree from Dennison University and began her teaching career at Frankfort, and later taught at Chillicothe, Ohio. After her marriage to "Chip", she substituted in Toledo area schools while her children were young, when they were school age, she took them with her while she taught at clones Franklin, a private school, now Maumee Valley Country Day School. Her chil- dren grown, Mrs. I-louser returned to full-time teaching in Toledo schools, teaching ten years in the English Depart- ment at Macomber and seven years at Libbey. Teaching, housekeeping, and rearing three children did not prevent her participation in other activities. She is a member of Zion Methodist Church, Phi Beta Kappa, the American Association of University Woinen, and the Den- nison XWomen's Club. She has traveled in most of the United States, and parts of Mexico and Canada. Following her retirement, Mrs. Houser expects to keep an active interest in the schools by substitute teaching, she plans to resume some of the club activities which have been somewhat curtailed during recent years, and she hopes to travel-perhaps she may even help Mr. Houser with those anacondas. "The izflvale arf of fenrlaizzg if only Ibe arf of aizzfnkefzilzg the llcllilfzlf rzzriorify of ymnzg mimlr for fha ,D7lI'fI0.f6 of rafirfyizzg il fiflerwar:lJ." -Armlole France Mrs. Mary E. Houser tmechcafion Mrs. Houser with one of her English classes . . . and with Mrs. Schering. fa . '2 -'Lau sw" W fr "waste w2Mfffi?ig,.f"u'2"r 4 uiwigtf Q- as : For the last forty years students have been graduated from Libbey High School, These have achieved distinction in many activities. Thousands are better citizens of Toledo and other communities because of Libbey. I congratulate you seniors of Libbey High School who have had the courage and fore- sight to continue your work to graduation. NN There never was a time when a high school certificate meant more than it does today. In years to come it will be still more important. Since this is a memory book, you may read these lines many years from today. Each time that you do I predict that you will express the deepest appreciation that you had an oppor- tunity to attend Libbey High School and that your parents made it possible for you to com- plete your work in Libbey. -Philo C. Dunsmore 25611925 PHILO C. DUNSMORE up Superintendent i l Members of the Toledo Board of Education: left to right, Rabbi Morton Goldberg,-Presidentg Mr. J. Arch Andersong Dr. Frank Browng Mrs. Carol Pietrykowskig Mr. David Rittenhouse, Vice-President. :10: This year we have had many reorganization problems, both because of the change from the extended schedule to the normal school day and because of the loss of many students to the new school. To the entire student body and the faculty-Thank you for your wholehearted cooperation in making these necessary adjust- ments. May we now forge ahead with renewed enthusiasm! To the seniors who have reached the summit of this first stairway to success-My sincere best wishes go with you as you meet the inevitable challenges of a promising future. Your footsteps have left their mark on Libbeyg we hope that we at Libbey have had some part in implunting in each of you the desire for ever-increasing knowledge. -Loy W. Rusie rom .xdcfminidfrafion Mr. Rusie rings for the silent moment JOHN OSGOOD GERTRUDE KANNEY CHARLES MARTIN A.YJ'jIfdI7l Principal Arrirtalzt Prinripfzl Afrirtmzl Prilzcipfzl Instruction and General Counseling Activities ACl1'nlI1lSt1'atiOr1 University of Toledo, B.A, University of Toledo. B.S. Ohio State University, B5, University of Michigan, M.A. University of Michigan, M.A. aaiaianf rinciyaa 5 XWILLIAM FETTERS Bo s' Counselor Y University of Toledo, B.S., M of Ed. 0111152 0l"6 A11 , HARRIET PHEATT Girls' Counselor University of Toledo, B.A. in M.A. in Guidance :12: ,Q triggers 17- 1, in i VICTOR KLEIN Boys' Counselor Ed, Miami University, BS. Ohio State University, M.A sw , a-. BERYL EBNER Orientation Mary Manse College, B.A. University of Michigan, M.A. eiaar-fmenf Ckairmen 4 4 FRANCES SCHERING Spanish Radcliff College, B.A. Boston University, M.A. WILLIAM EVERHART English Eastern Michigan College, B.S. JOHN W. FAST Industrial Arts Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., HAZEL D. FLATZ Business Education CLINTON F. HOUSER Mathematics Ohio State University, B.A., B.S., M.A. Heidelberg University, B.S. CHARLES WEIN STOCK Science LAWRENCE VANDER Social Studies Marietta College, B.A. University of Toledo, B.A., M.A. University of Michigan, BLA. in Ed. ME Jw KY. Vx x K H 1 w ms na mu1M mfg Hamm Mums mmm za iw 93 Mimi? N., kiwi H mumigu K xigffgg Z iw?-ra ms -my cu A "' u mfg.: .Q W- +.g,,.1g. , 135335 ' if - - .xjfwnw ,xnumx ' A m 1, -xW..,X. -x:--- M - . QMQ W. '. we Lnw Qwxwaii' wx x ss X X N1 WYQWQ' X 9? -aw mx my-if M Q My ms r ms wh' T325 ann fy ff: - :WM M In M nSfrf5r7s'P?3i m Q-xnigng 1? , E cs ? Q-fy! g 5, H N sw Lfw msd m an v wx mn J s xl 3 vm af Qwfimii : ,swag rmww Zim xv: H , N543 ,.5'Sf.i,,Snmm W 'oe AH salma-mz wzfggw 3321 if 1' ix Q1 lv mxzijim M vlgi, Q2'7i?2.ijF2Mw KS 'MffA mfmfm-my L-w,LL'1QM,M,.B. .,1fQf2'22,,5f?sff5vwf1 iiix.5y5esuEguwHwfm,S Wagga-1:7-fs H, mm ' ,vgwg H ,Mum M x:Q5,M55kw-a E 'K --.D'?m1--EHR Qgfamggh R H ,W M-gm-:Siam S -ax E, x ,.,Q,.,.. bk., K . ,:.,. ,.i M,1.:5.L,M.. Mnnpqw ..M.-'Jigs 'H'.X...'-wif:-j:5W?,' Zia wx, K-Wmiur-: X huii-M-,Ax MQMQL-X:--Au -17:23.22-:Q -2'-an V. V, 4- K - X ,.,x,...p , ., M , W W . K My . M .M I M: X 4. Wxx: x Ki 1 -M- " S W M , M 1: x ..,.1 N f. x x, :' MHA 'ww -3- -,f.Ma ff-1-aw 1 -K iq: CHARLES BAECHLER MRS. HARRIET BILLMAIER WAYNE R. DAVIS CHARLES BAECHLER: Science, Ohio State University, B.S., Alchemist Club Co- Adviser. JEAN BECKER: English, Western Reserve University, B.S. IERRY BERNDT: Science, Bowling Green State University, B.S.g Assistant Football JEAN BECKER . Coach, Head Wrestling Coach. MRS. HARRIET BILLMAIER: Physical Education, Eastern Michigan University, B.S., Libbey Leaders Co-Adviser, Senior Y- Teens Co-Adviser. MRS. HELEN BOCKEY: Home Economicsg University of Dayton, B.S. MRS. HELEN BOCKEY JERRY BERNDT ANGELA COSTIGAN jCLClfl,Ay JOHN DILLON GARY DUHAIME ANGELA COSTIGAN: Social Studies, Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. WAYNE R. DAVIS. English, Dayton Uni versity, B.S. JOHN DILLON: English and Latin, De Sales University, A.B.g Latin Club Adviser. GARY DUHAIME: Physical Education and Orientation, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., M. of Ed., Reserve Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach, Forum Co-Adviser. RICHARD EARLS: Industrial Arts and Mathematics, Bowling Green State Univer- RICHARD EARLS sity, B.S., M. of Ed. Merry Christmas, Mr. Rusie! WW.. H Jw AILEEN EBERTH WILLIAM EVERHART IRENE FOSTER AILEEN EBERTH: Social Studies, Colum- bia University, B.S., M.A. BERYL EBNER: Orientation, Department Chairmang Mary Manse College, B.A.g Uni- versity of Michigan, M.A.g Testing Ofiicer, French Club Co-Adviser. BETTY EDWARDS: Business Education, Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. in Ed., F.B.L.A. Co-Adviser. WILLIAM EVERHART: English, Depart- ment Chairmang Speech, Eastern Michigan University, B.S. JOHN FAST: Industrial Arts, Department Chairman, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., IVLE. Cl,Cll,Eg BERYL EBNER BETTY EDWARDS M WS nw - ' if E. ,umm my is " . 254 Xa'if Y W. Us s . Kim - N it . yi . E . an if r wma 3 .r 7 is . .X t .iv-y, H, r if . .X i i..,av JOHN FAST MRS. HAZEL FLATZ in - , X - ag? 'gi H . - N .. .. w ' i.: .:. . " H X as is E E,-2 S IOHN GALYAS Miss Krueger teaches French Christmas Carols. y .S , uusus MRS. HAZEL FLATZ: Business Education, Department Chairman, Ohio State Univer- sity, B.A., B.S., M.A.g F.B.L.A. Adviser. IRENE FOSTER: Mathematics, Ohio Wes- leyan, B.A. JOHN GALYAS: Business Education and Orientation, Bowling Green State Univer- sity, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed.g Assistant Football Coach, Head Tennis Coach. DAVID GILLMORE: English g Dramaticsg University of Toledo, B. of Ed., Q.D. Co- Adviser, junior and Senior Play Adviser. MARIAN GROVER: English and Journal- ism, Miami University, B.A.g Cryrlal Ad- viser, Tri-Lit Co-Adviser. :1-1: ans DAVID GILLMORE mr ,g, - Ex MARIAN GROVER Now the way I see it . . . JEFFREY GYURKO: Social Studiesg Capi- tal University, B.S. in Ed.g Assistant Foot- ball Coach. DON HARRIS: Science, Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Ed., University of Toledo, M.A. THOMAS C. HATTON: Art, Ohio State University, B.S., Utamara Adviser. GRACE HENDERSON: Social Studies, Ohio State University, B.S.g National Honor Society Adviser. JAMES HILLES: Science and Driver Educa- tion, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., Forum Co-Adviser. JEFFREY GYURKO THOMAS C. HATTON .. :. 'J-Jfw' ' r S - 55 lvl" l ,. I. ff? 1 L . N, A it tx ' ' 3' Q ,. ig . :f i 1 L W I F 1 asa , -- 4 H ig .hwy 'JAX . ' JAMES I-IILLES if T1 " ' MRS. JEAN HUNSAKER i ff , - f , it Ez , 5 , YJ ui ' 'W ia' f 'f gCl,CuEy CLINTON HOUSER: Mathematics, De- partment Chairman, Heidelberg University, B.S. MRS. MARY E. HOUSER: English, Denni- son University, B.A. MRS. JEAN HUNSAKER: English, South- ern Illinois University, B. of Ed., Edelimz Adviser. ROBERT JAMES: Science and Social Stu- dies, Youngstown University, B.S. in Ed., Assistant Football Coach, Head Track Coach. ALBERT JEFFERY: Physical Education, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., Football Trainer. :1g: DON HARRIS GRACE HENDERSON CLINTON HOUSER MRS. MARY E. HOUSER l A ROBERT jAMEs ALBERT JEFFERY MRS. MAXINE KAHN: Social versity of Toledo, M.A.g Senior Cl viser. Co-Adviser. MRS. MAXINE KAI-IN CAROL KINNEY: Home Economi Jones University, B.S.g University of ' B. of Ed., M. of Ed. L, nn ing Green State University, B.S. in PAUL KOESTER: Social Studiesg sity of Toledo, B. of Ed., M.A. MRS. JANE KENNEY CAROL KINNEY PAUL KO ESTER BERNI CE KRUEGER RICHARD LAFLECHE ' MRS. ELAINE LEECH Studies Wittenberg University, B.S. in Ed., ass Ad MRS. JANE KENNEY: Business Education University of Toledo, B. of Ed., F.B.L.A. csg Bob WILLIAM KISTNER: Orientation, Uni Toledo, Ed. Univer- CLCU BERNICE KRUEGER: French, University of Michigan, B.A., M.A.g The Sorbonne, Paris. LEO KUBACKI: Industrial Arts, Bowling Coach. RICHARD LAFLECHE: Mathematics, Uni- versity of Toledo, B.B.A. MRS. ELAINE LEECH: Englishg Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed. MRS. GLORIA LINDEMAN: Physical Ed- ucationg Bowling Green State University, B.A.g Libbey Leaders Co-Adviser, Libbey Teens Adviser. :IQZ Bowl, Wliy go to Grandm a's for turkey? VUILLIAM KISTNER LEO KUBACKI MRS, GLORIA LINDEMAN Y r 1 iilgtgsami LOIS LOEHRKE sh N . MRS. RUTH MCMILLAN MRS. ANN MORGAN MARTIN PACH EY ANTHONY PAPPAS DAVID LUNDBERG LOIS LOEHRKE: English and German, Wittenberg University, A.B,g University of Toledo, M.A.: German Club Adviser. DAVID LUNDBERG: Physical Education and Orientation, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., M. of Ed.: Head Football Coach. HAROLD McCI.URE: Music g Indiania State Teachers' College, B.S. in Musical Ed., M.S. in Ed. MRS. RUTH MCMILLAN: Librarian: Mary Manse College, B.S.g Rosary College School of Library Science, B.A. in L.S. VIRGINIA MAY: Orientation, College of New Rochelle, B.A.g Columbia University, E. ra" VIRGINIA MAY gflfukg MRS. JULIA MOODY: Business Education: University of Toledo, B.A.g F.B.L.A. C0- Adviser. MRS. ANN MORGAN: Business Educa- tiong University of Toledo, B. of Ed.: F.B.L.A. Co-Adviser, junior Y-Teen Ad- viser. JOHN NEEDLES: Business Education: Bowling Green State University, B.S.g Columbia University, M.A.g F.B.L.A. Co- Adviserg Golf Coach: Assistant Athletic Manager, Hi-Y Adviser. MARTIN PACHEY: Instrumental Music, Denver University, B.M. in Ed. ANTHONY PAPPAS: Mathematics: Ohio State University, B.S, in Ed., Alchemist Co- Adviser. XX'1tcl1 that warstlmc' 220 M.A.g jr Red Cross Adviser JOHN PFEIFER .556 CHARLES ROBINSON z f A 5 . . J J Q A' 3 LOUIS SCHIRA sm - M JOHN PFEIFER: Mathematicsg University of Toledo, B. of Ed., Student Council Ad- viser, Q.D. Co-Adviser. MRS. JEAN PRITCHARD: Orientationg University of Toleclog Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed.g Senior Y-Teen Co-Adviser. JOHN RAY: Scienceg Bowling Green State Universityg B.S., Freshman Football Coach. CHARLES ROBINSON: Scienceg Miami University, B.S. in Ed., Director of Ath- leticsj HAROLD SCHAFER: Mathematicsg Uni- versity of Toledo, B. in Ed. Cl,CbLAy MSR signs? sl eva Fw inns MRS. JEAN PRITCH ARD HAROLD SCI-IAFER That's a good question! MRS. FRANCES SCHERING: Spanishg De- partment Chairmang Radcliffe College, B.A.5 Boston University, M.A.g Spanish Club Adviser. LOUIS SCHIRA: Industrial Artsg Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed. MRS. CATHERINE SNOW: Englishg Uni- versity of Toledo, B. of Ed.g Junior Class Adviser. BURTON SPICE: Business Educationg Uni- versity of Toledo, B. of B.E.g F.B.L.A. Co- Adviser, Head Basketball Coach. MRS. FLORENCE TANNER: Home Nurs- ingg University of Toledo, B. of Ed.g St. Luke's Hospital, R.N.g F.N.A. Adviser. .1212 JOHN RAY 'v'fw.n...r ir- 1- ., -,wwsa-is MRsfirRANCEs SOIQERINCG -QR? MRS. CATHERINE SNOW BURTON SPICE s asf' sms R - emu is exam.. MRS. FLORENCE TANN ER ,,"N nf Miss Henderson checks for mail. GL n MRS. NANCY WENKER HUA! ANN WONZER 306115, LAWRENCE VANDER: Social Studies, Department Chairman, University of To- ledo, B.A., M.A. ALBIN VAZNELIS: Englishg Morehead College, B.A.g SpringHeld fMass.j College, M. of Ed. CHARLES WEINSTOCK: Science, Depart- ment Chairmang Marietta College, B.A.g University of Michigan, M.A. in Ed. MRS. NANCY WENKER: Orientation and Visual Education, Central Michigan University, B.S. MRS. GENEVIEVE WITHERS: Home Economics, Ohio State University, B.S. ANN WONZER: English, Western Re- serve University, B.A.g Tri-Lit Co-Adviser. JAMES ZIMMERMAN: Industrial Artsg Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., Hi-Y Co' Adviser, Cross Country Coach. 123: . LAWRENCE VANDER ff., ALBIN VAZNELIS CHARLES WEINSTOCK MRS. G. WITH ERS JAMES ZIMMERMAN MRS. MARTHA BROWNE CAROL HEPNER MRS. J. HUBBARD M R MRS. SHIRLEY MILLER MRS. BETTY RYAN Cl,Cl,l,Ay MRS. MARTHA BROWNE: Library Clerk CAROL HEPNER: Senior Clerk-Treasurer MRS. JACQUELINE HUBBARD: Record Clerk MRS. SHIRLEY MILLER: Secretary MRS. JANE REEME: Girls' Attendance Clerk MRS. BETTY RYAN: Boys' Attendance Clerk DIAN SHORT: Book Clerk R f . . And now a word from our sponsor." Wlmrm wears size 13? Custodians and engineers keep our school clean and warm. "Only her lmairdresser knows for sure Cafeteria workers could feed an army. jeff to the rescue! :24: fe E It R L. 5 qi FRN Inu. ,. Our helpful librarians, Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. Browne. I had it First! A teacher works diligently? It's that time again. :25: X X M .,M. WH, X Mr' Y 3545 M . X M535 5 -K Fi ' vs' , V MW , 2 x - ,Q .f u .... - .M I . 12 'f, agp-M-+2 M ,sf ffs, V- M 1 M f f fixafig Q M B ' - M fl 5 it 5-Q 1 ffgiks TK MFSEYQHW? W-5 ,M L LQ, if M ' Wai 54 M f ., M ,. , 1 W 1 ' .-l gia zih 1'2" H f-wx ,QM E.y.,.-iM M .r p Mu , f gM , ,, f, 1 E 1 Q, 4 M M, -:.:.:.:.:.:f M 5 . L 5, M U .W M u 22 M NgQ" 'LLjQM J 5 aww fi M 'M' 'fU2QMf-MMM 1 :H -IA 1,11-fg :aww 4' K ' i 2 " f. S ITS v M 5,5 -W V - .. K -A M , 4, . 1 . 1 , jr M W 'gqni S n, , ci, 4 X1 1 . 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'M?gL,.ibf1,'N",.'g":fQ,iuf,.q.-,H '.3.wi:5"'k:'wf,'A! i"V2Ug59":g',W'5g,'5Sf':g..fi."-'gEif'UQK'f kk N T Vi-5 - 3fiV-.iifV?:.1'f23?5f V - My eV- M, V .fp T.: VV ,ghfiu " ':pwQ'.,if-V ,3,.ng3?.f-,QZWf31Q?ggg:V?VK ,,:.,I'E1-V"fq,'ig?sw,. K M- . -E V.. ,, pox . V31 gag.. -1 .K ,WV ws-,..,g..,.w,m w..,fw an CHARLES ANN DONNA CHARLES GLORIA ABBOTT ALEXANDER AMOS ANDERSON ARMOUR ABBOTT, CHARLES: Basketball 1. ALEXANDER, ANN: Spanish Club 4. AMOS, DONNA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 3. ANDERSON, CHARLES: St. Francis cle Sales 1, 2, 35 Band 4, Pep Band 4. ARMOUR, GLORIA Cnpfflaly l'L'fl'UJ'!!lIfi77g our Senior Clam' wz Ike Slmleul COIIIIUI 'zvere ffme Stover, Dick VfIl?Dl'61l', Grelclaen Bmggefzzmz, and D411 Hznzl f W W LBERT SHARON COLETTE TOM CLAUDE I . AWLS BACCUS BARTON BLAIR BOEHK AWLS, CLAUDE: Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3. BACCUS, WILBERT: Forum fig Wrestling 3, National Honor 4. BARTON, SHARON: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. 2, 5, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 Deanls Aide 4. BLAIR, COLETTE: Y-Teens 1, 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms and Librarian 4, Pep Band 4, National Honor 4. BOEHK, TOM: Football 1, 25 Track 2. The .rzzcreyr of lhe many !Zl'ff1!ilfi6J' of the fwzior rim! The following offiferf lerl Ike Senior Clmgr of '63 Ilarozlgla nz Iilfftifjflll :md znemordble yawn' Dan Momrefl, Jergemzl-af-nrnlr,' fo AIZIYE Rmzdfzll, rec'i'elf11'y- lre11r1n'e1',' Bob Off, p1'eJide17t,' and Barb Sflanlz, 1fife-pzwizlefrl. Senior' clafrer war 11 rem!! of the mmbifzed efforlr nm! ,rzzperzfiriozz of Mfr. Cnflaerine Snow, fmzior Clary ml- uirar, and Mfr. flflfrxizze Kahn, Semor Clfm arlviror. ii ii mm 'F :29: bv .41 vi n MAN FORD GRETCHEN SYLVIA SHARON JANICE BROWN BRUGGEMAN BURGESS BURNS BURRS BROWN, MANFORD: Marietta, Ohio 1, Football Mgr. BUSICK, STEVE: Alchemist Society, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, 4, Hi-Y, 4. Edelian 4, Co-Editor 4, Track 1, National Honor 4. BRUGGEMAN, GRETCHEN: Phils 2, 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, Treas. 1, Spanish Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Rhythm Roundup 2, Crystal 3, Editor-in Chief 4, Cowboy Roundup Com. 4, Student Council 3, Pres. 4. BYRD, CLEOLA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, Art Club 4. CALIPETRO, RICHARD: Football 2. BURGESS, SYLVIA: Y-Teens 4. CAMPBELL, IOANNE: National Honor 3, 4, Dean's Aide 4. BURNS, SHARON: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Secy. 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 1, Dean's Aide 3, 4. CANNON, RUBY: Y-Teens 1 5 Alchemist Society 35 F.T.A. 4, Prom Com. 3, Cowboy Roundup Com. 4, Foot- BURRS, JANICE: Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 3. ball Queen Attendant, National Honor 4. STEVE CLEOLA RICHARD JOANNE RUBY BUSICK BYRD CALIPETRO CAMPBELL CANNON SANDRA CAROL GENEVA MARY PATSY CARLSON CARTER V CARTER CERVANTEZ CLAPP CARLSON, SANDRA: Y-Teens 1, 2, Secy. 33 F.B.L.A. 5, 4, Eclelian 4. CARTER, CAROL: Junior Achievement 2, 3: Choir 2, 3, 4. CARTER, GENEVA: Y-Teens 1. CERVANTEZ, MARY CLAPP, PATSY: Art Club 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 1. TIMOTHY CLARK s' CLARK, TIMOTHY: Perrysburg High 1: Hi-Y 3, 4-. COLLINS, ROBERT: Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4: Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Football 4. Dean's Aide 4, National Honor 4. CRABTREE, FRED: Hi-Y 4, Football 2, 4. DANIELS, PATRICIA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Art Club 2 ROBERT BECKY FRED PATRICIA COLLINS CORDER CRABTREE DANIELS :31: CORDER, BECKY: Peries 3, Tri-Lits 4, Y-Teens lg Crystal 4, Social Reporter, Junior Play Make-up Com., . ETHEL LESLIE EARLEEN ROBERTA ROBERT DAVIS DAVIS DEPPEN DIEBALL DONALDSON DAVIS, ETHEL: Y-Teens 1, junior Achievement 3, 4. DAVIS, LESLIE: Y-Teens 2, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, junior Achievement 2. DEPPEN, EARLEEN: Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 2, Dean's Aide 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, F.N.A. 4-, Band 2, 3, Pep Band 4, Memorial Com. 4, Senior Play Properties Com., National Honor 4. DIEBALL, ROBERTA DONALDSON, ROBERT DOREN, SUSAN: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Activities 4. DOTSON, TERRY: Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Senior Play Com. 4. Phils 2, 3, Tri-Lits 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Treas. 3, F.B.L.A. 2, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, Treas. 4, Dean's Aide 3, Activities 3 Edelian 4, Senior Editor, Senior Announcement Com. Rhythm Roundup 4-. DREYER, BARBARA: National Honor 3, Secretary 4 1 a DURKETT, STEPHEN: Forum 4, Alchemist Society 3 Vice Pres. 4, German Club 2, Edelian 4, Athletics Editor Senior Prom Com,, Buckeye Boys, State 3, Projection 1, 2 3, 4, junior Achievement 2, National Honor 4-. s 3 7 DYMARKOWSKI, SANDRA: Mimeographing 4. SUSAN TERRY BARBARA STEPHEN SANDRA DOREN DOTSON DREYER DURKETT DYMARKOWSKI ,zu slit? Mi Q H2555 vi M m E5 5 is is a RODNEY ROBERT SHARON MARVIN LARRY EASON EDMONDS ELLWOOD EMAHISER EMCH ENGLERT, PENNI: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Reporter 4, Mimeo- graphing 4, Dean's Aide 4. EASON, RODNEY: Basketball 1, 2. EULBERG, ROY: Forum 2, 3, Pres. 4, Football 1, 2, Var- EDMONDS, ROBERT: DeVilbiss 1, 2. sity 3, 4, Basketball lg Senior Banquet Com. EWEN, KAREN: Peries 2, 3, Tri-Lits, Pres. 4: Y-Teens 1, 25 Libbey Leaders 2, Secy. 3: Dean's Aide 1, 2, 3: Rhythm Roundup 1: Edelian 4, Senior Announcements Com.: Na- tional Honor 4. ELLWOOD, SHARON: Y-Teens 4, Edelinn 4, Under- classmen Editor: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. EMAHISER, MARVIN: Bowling 1, 2, 3. FINK, LYDIA: Choir 2. EMCH, LARRY: Basketball 1. PINK, TIM: Hi-Y 4. fa iviff H Q E Eveftif PENNI ROY KAREN LYDIA TIM ENGLERT EULBERG EWEN PINK FINK kiEgg,g?,wmgggiigygilm W, gywggwx K w:g1E??E?.fga ES3'?i2.4E.,.ife,gggg5?.,iB.g I W? EEK SSE Umm :33: mamma-rx PATRICIA DOROTHY LEE JOHN SANDRA FLINT FOSTER FOUGHT FRANKLIN FRANKLIN FLINT, PATRICIA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 3, Chap- lain 4. FOSTER, DOROTHY: F.T.A. 2. FOUGHT, LEEg Q.D.'S 4. FRANKLIN, JOHN: Forum 4, Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 2, 3g Football 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4, junior- Senior Prom Com. 3, 4, National Honor 4. FRANKLIN, SANDRA: National Honor 3, 4, Scholarship Chrm. 4, F.N.A. 2, 3, Reporter 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Edelian 4g Copy Editor, Senior Memorial Com. FRENCH, ARTHUR: Hi-Y 3, Secy. 4, Alchemist Society 4, Edelian 4, junior Play Scenery Com.g Senior An- nouncement Com.g National Honor 4. FRENCH, THOMAS: Hi-Y 3, Treas. 4, Alchemist So- ciety 4g Junior Play Scenery Com. ancl Prompterg Senior Play-Tech staff g French Club 4g National Honor 4. FRIES, ROBERT GANSS, DAVID: Q.D.'s 4, Hi-Y 3, Vice Pres. 4, Ger- man Club 4, Activities Office 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Eclelian Circulation 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior Banquet Com.g Bucl-:eye Boys' State 33 National Honor 4. lbe jiizfl big .mrinl even! of lbe year, lbe Cowboy Roundup, wal' plnmzed by llfltllllll Mm'Jb, Aflon Neal, Grelrbeu Bl'llgg6'1llIN2, Ruby Cmmon, nm! Bobbi ARTHUR THOMAS R0bf72J'07Z. FRENCH FRENCH ROBERT DAVID FRI ES GANSS ::34: JAMES MERRIE-SUE JUDITH SHARON PAULINE GEINER GETS GEINER, JAMES: Football 2, 3 GEIS, MERRIE-SUE: Y-Teens 4, Mimeographing 4. GI GAND ET GOLDSTEIN GYURAS HAHN, JUDITH: Phils 3: Tri-Lits 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Chaplain 3: F.N.A, 2, Vice Pres. 3, 4: Alchemists Society 3, 45 junior Red Cross lg Edelian 4, Copy Editorg junior Play Make-up Com.: Nurses' Aide 2: National Honor 4: Rhythm Roundup 4-g Senior Play Make-up Com.: Senior Banquet Com. GIGANDET, JUDITH: Y-Teens 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4g Mimeographiung 4. HALL, BETTY: Art Club 4, Y-Teens 43 junior Achieve- ment 4. GOLDSTEIN, SHARON: National Honor 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: F.B.L,A. 2, 3, 4: junior Achievement 2, 3, 4: HANNA' ANN Edelian 4, Co-Editor. GYURAS, PAULINE HARRIS, BEN: Band 4, Pep Band 4, Choir 2, Sgt.-nb Arms 3, Pres. 4: Track 2, 3, 4g Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3: Cross Country 2, 3. Hdlilflillg fhe lirefome delnilf llml gave the Senior Play rz profef,ri0m1l lolfrh were f R010 2x Terr ' Dolmzz D011 Holmer Geri" Mmzcini. UDITH BETTH J , f f 2 . JHAHN HALL R0-zu I .' Mary Ill01IIfhzN7, Carla Hfzyfzef, Zlflfrky Mzlde. ANN BEN HANNA HARRIS :35: HENRY DICK ELEANOR CARLA ROBERT HARRIS HAYDEN A HAYES HAYNES HEARD HARRIS, HENRY: Hi-Y 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 2. HAYDEN, DICK: Forum 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Prom Com. 3, 4, Junior Class Treas. HAYES, ELEANOR: Waite 1, Art Club 4, junior Achievement 4, Y-Teens 4. I-IAYNES, CARLA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Chaplain 4, junior Classical League 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 4, Play Properties Chrm. 3, 4. HEARD, ROBERT HENCK, BONITA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, President 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com- mittee 3, Rhythm Roundup 4, Junior Red Cross 1, Edelian 4. I-IICKS, ROBERT: Dramatics 4, Senior Play. HILL, DIANE HILLS, JOYCELYNN: Rhythm Roundup 2. HOLDREN, KAY: Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Dean's Aide 2, 4, Junior Play Make-up Com., Senior Banquet Com. 4, National Honor 4. BONITA ROBERT DIANE JOYCELYNN KAY HENCK HICKS HILL HILLS HOLDREN V . ,, aww- fe .. af . Ky LZ75t,,:Q,,iZ,S 235: ss- sara we as ia is :fs W was :ma ms is an is at 5 ., y um as sf DONALD DIANE MARGARET DAN NEVA HOLMES HUBBARD HUEBNER HUNT HURST HOLMES, DONALD: Forum 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Var- sity 3, 4, Track 2, 5, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Senior Play Com. HUBBARD, DIANE: Y-Teens 1, 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Mimeographing 4, Senior Play Properties Com. HUEBNER, MARGARET: F.B.L.A. 2, Junior Achieve- ment 1, 2, Mimeographing 4. HUNT, DAN: Q.D.'s 3, Pres. 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Senior Prom Com., Student Council 3, 4, National Honor 4. HURST, NEVA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Rhythm Roundup 3, 4. JENKINS, GEORGE: Metamore High 1, Choir 4, Edelian 4. JENNE, PEGGI: Y-Teens 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Second Vice Pres. 4, Edelian 4, Advertising Editor, Memorial Com. 4, Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 3. JOHNSON, CONSTANCE: Junior Achievement 3, 4. JONES, BARBARA: Y-Teens 1. JONES, EDNA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, L.C.Y. 2, Band 4, Junior Play Com., Senior Play Properties Com., Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 3. GEORGE PEGGI CONSTANCE BARBARA EDNA JENKINS JENNE JOHNSON JONES JONES S :37: ROOSEVELT ROSELLA BEVERLY SHARON TOM JONES KEATON KELLEY KELLUM KENNELLY JONES, ROOSEVELT: Scott 1, 2g Football 2. KNAPP, CAROL: National Honor 3, 4g Eclelian 43 F.B.L.A. 2, 5, 4. KEATON, ROSELLA: Y-Teens lg Mimeographing 4. KOVACS, JANET: Marine City High School 1, 2: F.N.A. 5, Treas. 4. KELLEY, BEVERLY: Libbey Leaders 2, 3, 4. KUEBBELER, FRITZ: Hi-Y 3, 4: Art Club 3, Pres. 4. KELLUM, SHARON KWIATKOWSKI, JUDY: Notre Dame Academy 1. KENNELLY, TOM: Macomber 1: Basketball 2: Football 2. LAY, SARAH CAROL JANET FRITZ JUDY SARAH KNAPP KOVACS KUEBBELER KXWIATKOXVSKI LAY KAY JUNE FRANCES SHARON GERALDINI: LEAGUE LECK LIPKE LUNDY MALLORY LEAGUE, KAY LECK JUNE: National Honor 3, Pres. 4, German Club 2, F.T.A. 3, Secy. 4, Dean's Aide 4g junior Play Com.: Senior Playg Senior Memorial Com.: Buckeye Girls' State 3. LIPKE, FRANCES: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, F.B.I..A. 2, 3, 4: F.N.A. 2. LUNDY, SHARON: junior Red Cross 13 F.N.A. 3, 4: Y-Teens 1: Choir 4. MALLORY, GERALDINE MANCINI, GERALDINE: Y-Teens 1: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Mimeographing 45 Dean's Aide 45 Senior Play Com.g Na- tional Honor 4. MARSH, MARTIN: Forum 45 Baseball 4, Cowboy Roundup Com. 4 g National Honor 4. MARTIN, DAVID MASON, WILLA MAE: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 43 E.T.A. 2, 3, 4. MATZ, MARY: Y-Teens 1. GERALDINE MARTIN DAVID WILLA MAE MARY MANCINI MARSH MARTIN MASON MATZ by +1-an 3 JAMES GLEN SUE MICAELA GEORGE MATZINGER MAXWELL MEEKER MILDE MILLER MATZINGER, JAMES: German Club 4. MILLER, MILDRED MINNICK, HERBERT: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Senior Announce- MAXWELL, GLEN: Football 1. ment Com- MITCHELL, PATRICIA: Classical Honor 2, 3, National MEEKER, SUE: Yifeens 2. Honor 3, Project Chrm. 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Alchemist Society 5, Chaplain 4, French Club 4, junior Classical League 3, 4, Dean's Aide 4, Senior Play Properties Com., junior Achievement 3. MILDE, MICAELA: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 5, 4, German Club 2, Secy. 4, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Senior Play Com., Football MOMSEN, DAN: Forum 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Base- Queen. ball 1, Track 2, Wrestling 2, 4, Golf 5, 4, Senior Class Sgt.-at-Arms. MILLER, GEORGE MONAI-IAN, MARY: Y-Teens 3, Senior Play Com. MILDRED HERBERT PATRICIA DAN MARY MILLER MINNICK MITCHELL MOMSEN MONAI-IAN LEATI-IA MURRIE MURRIE, LEATHA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, F.T,A. 2, 3, Art Club 1, German Club 1, junior Achievement 4. NEAL, ALTON: Forum 5, 4, Hi-Y, Pres. 45 Cross Country 4, Golf 4, Cowboy Roundup Com. 4, Senior Class Play. NEELEY, CHARLOTTE NOYES, LARRY OLVERA, DANIEL ALTON CHARLOTTE LARRY DANIEL NEAL NEELEY NOYES OLVERA OSWALD, MARIE: Woodward 1, Scott 2, Whitrner 2. OTT, ROBERT: Forum Z, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 4, Secy. 3, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, -45 Baseball 4, Junior Com., Senior Class Pres., National Honor 4. OVERSTREET, BRENDA: Y-Teens 1. PARKER, DOUGLAS PAULY, HAROLD: Q.D.'s 2, 5, Vice-Pres. 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2, Senior Play, Senior Commencement Com. MARIE ROBERT BRENDA DOUGLAS HAROLD OSWALD OTT OVERSTREET PARKER PAULY :41: BEVERLY FRANCES DARLENE SYLVIA FREDERICK PEARCE PIERCE PONTI OUS POWELL POVUERS PEARCE, BEVERLY: Y-Teens lg Senior Announcement RAMSEY, IOHN: Choir 4-. Com., Senior Play Make-up Com. PIERCE, FRANCES RANDALL, JO ANNE: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Mimeographing 4, F.B.L.A. 2, Reporter 3, Senior Representative 4: Senior Class Secy, PONTIOUS, DARLENE: Y-Teens 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4, Mirneographing 4. REED, MARY: Y-Teens 1. POWELL, SYLVIA: Y-Teens 45 Junior Achievement 2. IJOWERS, FREDERICK: Track 1, 2, 3. REMIAS, MARILYN The .rzfcrefr of om' prom, the biggeyl forinl event of llae year, war made poffible flu-angb the efforlf of Kfzlby Veith, Steve Dnrketf, Malin Wagner, john Fl'd71kfi7Z, JOHN JO ANNE Dave Spilmmr, Dirk Hayden, Pat Richardy, Peggy Srlnwanilz, and Pnl II7elker. RAMSEY RANDALL MARY MARILYNN REED REMIAS :42:.- CANDACE PATRICIA A. PATRICIA E. OPAL CARLOS RICE RICHARDS RICHARDS RIFE RIOS RICE, CANDACE: F.B.L.A. 2, Athletic's Office 3, 4, Choir 1. RICHARDS, PATRICIA A.: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom Com., Scott 1. RICHARDS, PATRICIA E. RIFE, OPAL: Y-Teens 1, 2, German Club 2, 4, Rhythm Roundup 3, 4, Choir 4. RIOS, CARLOS: Cross Country 2. ROBERTA MARY JANE ROBINSON, ROBERTA: National Honor 3, 4, Peries 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, Second Vice Pres. 3, Secy. 4, Dean's Aide 4, Mimeographing 4, Football Attendant, Cowboy Roundup Com. 4. RODRIGUEZ, MARY JANE: Y-Teens 3, Sgt.-at-arms 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 4, Spanish Club 3, Pres. 4, Library Aide 4, Edelian 4, Faculty Editor, National Honor 4. ROTHLISBERGER, DARLENE: Edelian Circulation 1, 2, 3, 4, Activities Ofiice 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, National Honor 4. ROWE, JOHN: Q.D.'s 3, Secy.-Treas. 4, Football Mgr. 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Mgr. 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Mgr. 3, 4, National Honor 4. Selecting the darigfz for lhe J'L'7Ii01' tl71770I!llt'6l716'IZli.l' uf'ere.' Grave lVhiIe, Beuelly ROBINSON RQDRIGUEZ Pearce, H erb ilflillllifku. AN French, and Karen Ewen. DAR LENE JOHN ROTHLISBERGER ROWE : 43 : DARLENE JEAN BARBARA PEGGY JANE M SAUNDERS SCHULTZ SCHULZ SCHWANITZ SCOBY SAUNDERS, DARLEN E SCHULTZ, JEAN SCHULZ, BARBARA: Zets 1, 2, junior Censor 3g Tri- Lits, Vice Pres. 4, Y-Teens, Chaplain 1, Alchemist Society 5, Edelian 4, Photographers Aide, Prom Com. 39 junior Play Properties Com., Senior Class Vice Pres.g Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4, Majorette 2, 5, Drum Majorette 43 National Honor 4. SCHWANITZ, PEGGY: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Chaplain 515 Mimeographing 43 Prom Com. 4, Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 3. SCOBY, JANE M.: Edelian 4, Dean's Aide 2, 3g Spanish Club 1, 2. SCOTT, WANDA SHAWLEY, PAMELA: junior Achievement 1, 2, 5, 4 F.N.A. 45 junior Red Cross 1. SHIELDS, SHARON SIDERS, SYLVIA SIEK, ANITA: Y-Teens 1, 2, NWANDA PAMELA SHARON SYLVIA SCOTT SHAWLEY SHIELDS SIDERS 5, Treas. 4. .Q ANITA SIEK .1 ,.,.-.W.r..., , , , 244: -r is an n is "Q!fw, DON DEL PATRICIA DAVID ANNETTE SIMMONS SKENTROWICZ SNUGGS SPI LMAN SPITULOSKI SIMMONS, DON SKENTROWICZ, DEL: National Honor 3, 4, Edelian 4 Q.D.'s 4. SNUGGS, PATRICIA SPILMAN, DAVID: Hi-Y 3, 4, Alchemist Society 3, Pres. 4, Edelian Circulation 1, 2, 3, 4, junior Play, Senior Play Activities Office 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 4, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Com. 4, junior Play Properties Com. 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Properities Com. 2, 3, National Honor 4. SPITULOSKI, ANNETTE SPRUNK, DAVID: Hi-Y 2, Junior Achievement 3, 4, junior Play, Senior Play STARNER, THOMAS: Saint Francis de Sales 1, Art Club 4, Track 2, Wrestling 5. STEWART, JAMES STEWART, OADIS STINE, SUSAN: National Honor 3, 4, Peries 2, 3, Tri- Lits 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, German Club 4, Dean's Aide 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, Pres. 4, Crystal 4, Business Editor 4, Junior Class Play, Senior Banquet Com., Student Council 1, 2. DAVID THOMAS JAMES OADIS SUSAN SPRUNK STARN ER STEWART STEWART STIN E mmm in n em is if MARK JUDY JANE WILLIE CHRISTINE STOLL STONE STOVER SULLIVAN SUMMERS STOLL, MARK: Hi-Y 4: Football Mgr. 4. SWANINGER, DUANE STONE, JUDY: Junior Achievement 2. TARQUINTO, GERALD: Central Catholic 1. STOVER, JANE: National Honor 3, 4, Service Chrm.g Zets 2, 3: Tri-Lits 4, Treas.: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. TAYLOR PAM: Y-Teens 2 4. RNA. 2 3 Pres. 4' 3, 43 Dean's Aide 1, 4, Crystal 4, Second Page Editorg i ' l ' i i junior Play: Senior Play Prompterg Student Council 4, Secy.-Treas. Nurses Aide 3, 4. THOLL, KAREN: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, junior Achievement 2, SULLIVAN, WILLIE: Senior Play. 3, 4, SUMMERS, CHRISTINE: National Honor 3, Vice Pres. 4g Classical Honor Society 3: junior Classical League 3, THOMPSON, GLENDA: Rogers High 1, 2: Y-Teens 2: Secy. 4. Spanish Club 2. DUANE GERALD PAM KAREN GLENDA SWANINGER TARQUINTO TAYLOR THOLL THOMPSON T452 DONNA RAMON DARRELL CAROLYN SHARON THORPE TIGGS TOPEL TRAIL TUBBS THORPE, DONNA: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 3, 4, Library Aide 1. TIGGS, RAMON: Forum 4, Wrestling 2, 3. TOPEL, DARRELL: National Honor 3, Treas. 4, Q.D.'s 4. TRAIL, CAROLYN: Y-Teens 1, 2, Junior Achievement 1. TUBBS, SHARON: Phils 2, 3, Tri-Lits 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 3, Dean's Aide 3, Edelian 4, Activities Editor, junior Play Com., Senior Play Make-up Com. Chrm. 4, Rhythm Roundup 4, National Honor 4. TUCKER, PATRICIA VAN DREW, DICK: Forum 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Track 2, junior Play Com., National Honor 4-. VEITH, KATHY: Central Catholic 1, Y-Teens 3, 4, F.N.A. 2, Chaplain 3, Secy. 4, junior Red Cross 2, 3, Nurse's Aide 4, Prom Com. 4, Senior Play, National Honor 4. VINSON, ARYL-JEANNE: Y-Teens 1, 3, 4. WAGNER, MALIN: Forum 3, Chaplain 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Football 1, 2, Cross Country 3, Prom Com. 4. PATRICIA DICK KATHY ARYL-JEANNE MALIN TUCKER VANDREW VEITH VINSON WAGNER ,IOYCE PATRICIA GRACE LILLIAN WATERS WEIKER XVI-IITE XVI-IITE WATERS, JOYCE: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 1, 2 Pres. 3, Secy. 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, fig German Club 4, Al chemist Society 3. WELKER, PATRICIA: National Honor 5, 4, Y-Teens 3 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, Sgt.-at-Arms 3 Treas. -4, Mimeogmphing 4, Ir.-Sr. Prom Com. 4. Claoaring Ll loken of om' clflff loynfly wax the lark of Hoe Senior .Memorial Committee, muzpmezz' of Peggi femze, Dan Hzml, Ezzrleezz Deppeu, lime Leak, Sandy Fmfzklizz, ami Larry Emch. 1 s WHITE, GRACE: Y-Teens 4, Choir 5, Announcements Com. WHITE, LILLIAN: Choir 4, Vice Pres. "...e NORA NW I-IITTLE Pres. 45 Senior WHITTLE, NORA: Buxton High, Jamica, B.W.I. 1, Y-Teens 4. The 122el11ber.i' Ulfllkjllg up Ike Sefzivr C017H778l7CC'1l7677f COIIHIIIHEE were Bob HfCkJ', Barb Dreyer, Harold Pauly, Clarif 571771127675 am! jane Stover. DAVID PATRICIA JACKIE DOUGLAS MARY WINSTED WISE XXIOODS ZAPER ZITZELBERGER WINSTED, DAVID: Q.D.'s 2, 33 Cross Country 2, Track 1, 4, Wrestling 2, 4. WISE, PATRICIA: Libbey Leaders 2, 3, 4. WOODS, JACKIE ZAPER, DOUGLAS: Cross Country 2, Truck 1, 2. ZITZELBERGER, MARY The derorrzfiom' om! the prognzuz for om' Senior BtNIqll6'f were effirienrly hozullezl hy Bohhy Collinr, Roy Ezflherg, jmly Hahn, Size Sfine, mul Dove Gczmr. SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES ADAMS, RAY: Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3. ALLEN, LARRY: Basketball 1: Bowling 3. BALL, EDWARD BANNISTER, JENKINS: Basketball 2, Varsity 3, 4. BRAGG, JOSEPH: Scott lg Basketball 2, Varsity 4. EWALD, DENNIS GAMBRELL, JAMES: Choir 3, 4. KEIL, JERRY: Football 1, Varsity 3, 4. MASON, CAROL SLIWINSKI, AGNES TAYLOR, EDWARD VICE, JAMES WINTERHALTER, CAROLE: German Club 2. YAVORSKY, JOAN: McAuley 1, 2, 3. ZANTER, THOMAS The Amerirmz Legion Armrd 'lUf77lZc'7'.I for the olfmmndifzg .renioz girl and hay for 1965 were Bnrh Srhnlz and john Rowe. F Those family reunions! Gesundheit! Wlmat committee are ou on? Don't look at me! Y It's for me! WI1at's going on? L2 :ff .. 11. 1 if -M -t XSJ i +1 - , r, 5 ,'vk'..V.4" 5lL.?f'fvg?i?Ez3-, ,Legg Q- . if 1-W - ' "' ' , X32 I V ,S Q Junior Class Olicers Junior Ring Committee Joyce Warejko, Secretaryg Linda Merzke, Presidentg Melvin Pommeranz, Jimmy Eiben, James Snyder, Mary Stewart. Maxine Porter, Chairman Vice Presiclentg Carol Westfall, Treasurer Kathy Secrest, Charles Summers earring flee folo . . . aaa of 1964 Row 3-Judy Rill, Gloria Bannister, Laurie Burford, Sue Dolby, Judy Shaw, Ruth Cary, Kathy Waite, Sharon Draper. Row 2-Norma Nunley, Donna Kovacs, Karen Kurchat, Carol Jacobs, Evelyn Burgess, Lana Ellis, Pam Suter, Jerline Moore. Row 1-Judy Samudio, Gayle Draheim, Paulette Westrup, Hazel Kibler, Helga Skentrowicz, Judy Elrod, Carol Schultz, Barbara McBride. :52: , , , 5 , ww , , A S gk, ., .... ei. B13 ., E VE. Q-, Si -'E K 1 i .J , B vu '05 "5" my 'SSN M833-. Fa' 0, r-srwmfad' m 3. A5 7. 5" 3 ls if 'H 7F 4 J m mv ' if sa? we -e ve-422, gmkaa wa we if .mek a :HE E me iw? uniorri Row 3-Dianne Beauregard, Carole Krechman, jean Avery, Kathy Fic, Matilda Williams, Virginia Scoby, Marilyn Druckemiller, Brenda Anne Snyder. Row 2-Cloddic jones, Brenda Miller, Joyce Bridenstine, Maxine Trail, Edna Robinson, Iris Curtis, joan Dodge, Irma Cook. Row 1-Betsy Hill, Lorreue Daniel, Charlene Stevenson, Betty Matzinger, Nelgene Brown, Donna Stefanski, Sylvia Tyler, Sheryl Carothers. Row 3-George Rubel, Gary Fineske, Carlton Hargrave, Michael English, Robert Rolfes, jim Elben, Ross John McPher- son, William Hayes, Henry Norwood. Row 2-john D. Vice, Dave Harler, Terry Totzke, Edward Moody, Donald Boomer, Bob Gwozoz, John Rosiak, Frank Williams, Robert Harvey. Row 1-john Calopietro, Mike Tucker, Fred Simmons, Mike Tamlyn, Mark Braunschweiger, Emmett Hallick, Gregory Szkatulski. :.53: , Q 1 l. Age unions Row 3-Flora M. Rayford, Martha Mann, Nita Rospert, Nellie Phenizy, Norma Jean Williarns, Bobbie Glendening, Linda A. Shores, Nancy Mclntire. Row 2-Criscelda Reyes, Pat Wiegand, Judy Ball, Corliss Annette Randall, Sue Gloulette, Mary Browning, Evelyn Stewart, Marcia Medon. Row 1-Gloria Gonzales, Pam Cisterino, Floy Mitchell, Toni Lynne Dixon, Joyce Warejko, Janice Scott, Virginia McFeters, Sue Versansky. Row 3-Jerry Hunter, Edward Ball, Robert L. Newcomer, John Schneider, Mike Collins, Andrew Driver, Larry Stefanski, John L. Williarns, Carl F. Cook. A Row 2-Randall Schimmel, Ed Bollinger, Micheal A. Morse, Vincent Mills, Roosevelt Franklin, John Mylek, Michael Coffey, Patrick Cochran, Norman Gray. Row 1-Joe Disher, Robert Heard, John G. Whitzel, Larry Cousino, Wesley Leach, Ralph Pruden, Curtis E. Lemay, Tom Richmond. 154: I 74 ggi ff E ,Eg I aff . . W W. W . Kamik ss xx 522 aaa 1 2 L, 1 gig S3925 W ligiagf Q? 1 i ' ' I ,. -.: 27 : A Q t- ' bl li P' iw Q -E E 6.91 'E uniom Row 3-Susie johnson, Cynthia Houston, jean Walker, Carol Westfall, Beverly Williams, LeVeda Scott, Joanne Reitz, Cheryl Harbert. Row 2-Mary Stewart, jackie Veith, Marcia johns, Marilyn Meyer, Sherryl Schwanbeck, jerilyn Dean, Nancy Irwin, Mari- lyn Fink. Row 1-Mary jane Schwanitz, Brenda Joyce Williams, Patricia Werner, Sharon Davenport, Delores Bey, Genette Files, Barbara Smith, Marilyn Strohl. Row 5-Charles Harris, james King, Fred Recknagel, Melvin johns, David Floering, Linton Dillard, jimmy Adkins, Milton Pommeranz, Robert McMillian. Row 2-Ron Leeper, Oliver Smith, Johnny Lyons, Anthony McCauley, Larry Dunsworth, Redmond Chambers, Don jackson, Mel Pommeranz, John Coleman. Row 1-David Page, Daniel Drenner, Ed Kilbride, David Sandys, Robert Lewis, Roger Krantz, Joseph A. Phelps, james Snyder. -use-2 Fi wig, as y a villa union! Row 3-Linda Siek, Ella Hendrix, Judy Oestreich, Maxine Porter, Doris Krueger, Barbara Dowling, Linda johnson, Gladys Devalt. Row 2-Mary Hankins, Mona Morrison, Betsy Avery, Diana Schropp, Joyce Dillard, Emma Barringer, Delphine johnson. Row 1-Manzetta Patton, Franccine Galloway, Sandy Mercer, Joyce Nunley, Darlene Moman, Lydia jones, jo Ann Gam- brell. Row 3-Dennis Douglas, joe Nathan Webb, Lee Hendershot, Maurice Arvell Clemous, Butch Cousino, Charley Cosper, james Veler, Edward Costell, Albert Carter. Row 2-Clifford Lewis, Tellus Ed johnson, David Hayward, Lloyd Ebright, Ronnie Cope, Tom Olejniczak, john Davis, Fred Hunter, Dan Grochowski. Row 1-Charles Nungester, Jim Shorter, Clifford Vines, Gary Stofan, Michael Harris, Richard Buck, Bobby Flunder, Raymond White. - 'afi'5"' 3 , .. unions Row 3-Clara Parker, Kay Kramer, Linda Wallington, Carolyn Grear, Sharon Floyd, Beth Folsom, Vi Horosewski, Ivy Loper. Row 2-Pat O'Neill, Connie Fink, Cathy McGranahan, Connie Vincent, Dorothy Finch, Linda Jean Merzke, Kathy Secrest, Mary Jakab. Row 1-Doris Agnew, Barbara Slappery, Cheryl Dicken, Ginger Wetzel, Caroline Daly, Juanita Carter, Margaret Buehrer, Patricia Mynhier. Row 5-Kenneth Romer, Ken Gehrs, Leonard McFarland, Robert E. Miller, john McKay Williams, Dave Klein, Charles Summers, William Bowie, Robert G. Miller. Row 2-Bob Richardson, Fred Schmidt, john Ihnot, Bernard Quinn, Webster White, Grover Franklin, Terry Durham, Alvin Love, Chuck Flowers. Row 1-Nathaniel Tall, Mike Welsh, Paul Hanslik, john Canty, Keith Stone, Dick Benson, Dave Emline, Frank Yunker. .911 emoriam The memory of William Boones warm personality and cheerful smile lingers in the hearts of his many friends, teachers, and associates. His ability to make and keep friends accounted for his ever-widening circle of acquaintances. To the family and friends of William, we express our deepest sympathy. Deflthir but one more iolzzorrow. -Silas Weir Mitchell The untimely death of Kenneth Matney brought sadness to all who knew him, for his friendly personality had won him many friends. Kenneth was active in Western Avenue Methodist Church and belonged to its youth group. Our condolences are extended to Kenneth's friends and family. He whom ilae goclr far-fain' flier in youth. -Bacchides The junior Prom Committee who worked hard to make this yesu"s prom, "An Evening in Paris," a success. Row 2-jim Shorter, john Rosiak, Dam Hymorc, Gary Fineske, Tony Morse. Row 1-Mary Hankins, Betsy Hill, jackie Veith, Mona Morrison, Ginger Wetzel, Nancy Mclntire. The efficient members of the jr. Play Committee are: Back row-Robert Lewis, Sandy Mercer, Marcia johns, Mary Schwanitz Kenneth Gehrs. Front row-Pam Suter, Nancy Irwin, Roger Krantz, Fred Recknagel L... :53: r .sieacbfg C5141 ing . . . add 0 f965 Row 3-Bernice Wiggiiis, Christinne DeCius, Jacqueline Luckett, Sandy Filipovich, Kay Clapp, Bonnie Schnieder, Rose Montelongo, Lupe Pena. Row 2-Linda Harcourt, Alma Lay, Gloria Maxwell, Pat Kelly, Joyce Dominiak, Sylvia Loper, Ronita Graves, Cathy Jeziorowsl-zi, Sandra Daniels. Row 1-Roberta Howard, Rosario Reyes, Sandi Burner, Susan Smith, Patricia Cathey, Nora Radtke, Eva Davila, Rose- mary Taylor, janet jarzeboski. ill- -f , av Row 3-Wilbizr Rippey, jr., Alex McCrae, Rod Troy Gable, Dennis Donelly, john Knox, Vernon Thomas, Paul Cham- bers, Neal Warner, Andrew Bazrowski, Robert Rose. Row 2-Kenneth Bostic, Danny Brown, Bob Doyle, Bernie Stone, Michael Fuehr, Ronald Coleman, Cal Manning, Ronald Forney, Morris Stackhouse. Row 1-Lee Garner, Charles Daniel, Larry Houston, Robert Howard, Rich Ramirez, Bobby Smith, jim Hann, johnny Locketh, Richard Brown, Jr., Tony Martinez. 359: S19 0l'll0l'05 Row 3-Pam Favro, Marilyn Riley, Cathy Duquette, jane Mann, Beth Respress, Earlene Brown, Judy Meade, Dianne Baker. Row 2-Gloria Kasten, Susan Rosebrock, Mary Reitz, Sharon Cousino, Florence Workman, Sherrie Tressler, Cheri Frank- lin, Natalie Gaisser. Row 1-Virginia Delgrosa, Eloise Blount, Frances F. Bacon, Dyonne A. Smith, Mildred Purifoy, Sharon Davis, Mary Rollins, Nancy Najero. 2 ,A E D11-'ff Row 5-Ken Snyder, William Holdsworth, jim Leonard, jerry Foster, Don Hansley, Thomas II. Strasbourg, Charles Suter, Dave Dobrzynski, Pat Salazar, Bruce Romer. Row 2-Ronald Spitulski, LeRoy Scott, Ralph Maddox, jr., Don Isaacs, Frank Sifuentes, Larry Heslet, Dick Pontious, James Dec, Stanley Lewandowslci. Row 1-Leo Garcia, jr., Manuel Menchaca, Mike Sifuentes, Kenney Tressler, jeff McVicker, Arthur Hart, jose Sifuentes, Rudy Ruiz, Phillip Lopez. Sopgomored Row 3-Jacqueline Pickens, Brenda Pearson, Sharon Smith, Sharon Montry, Norma jean Williams, Gladys Greenlee, Mary Hunt, Georgia Crawford, Sandy Sharp. Row 2-Betty Beckler, Sherri DeCius, Lolly Weatherford, Linda McKenzie, Marsha Mason, Kay Jolley, Theresa Gedeon, DeLoris Carter. Row 1-Mary Falkenberg, Judy Stine, Rosie Barkhimer, Pat Newman, Nancy Dross, Sue Brown, Shirley Smith, Carol Beasley. ,mf . W Row 3-James Harriger, Willie Coley, Tyrone Sturdivant, Daryl I-Iirth, Garfield Houston, Terry Fratilla, Tom Falk, Eddie Small, Jerry McIntosh, Richard Batley. Row 2-Robert Talmadge, jim MacAllister, Raul Monterrubio, Terrence Hopkins, Walter Tucker, Kenneth Ray, Dave Smith, Dan McGraw, Greg Ball, Walter Shuman. Row 1-james McElsa, Melvin Browning, Mike Price, Willie Bell, james jones, johnny Washington, john jones, Arthur Valentin, Richard Gerschultz, Leslie Bothast. SPLOMOPBJ Row 3-Rita Callahan, Linda Blackford, Sharon Arnold, Sandra Machcinski, Betty Kruse, Janice Jeakle, Barbara Douthett, Brenda Creamer, Brenda Carter. Row 2-Janet Price, Sandra Reynolds, Rose Simmons, Judy Hitchner, Jo Ann Madden, Cheryl Mills, Jo Anne Ware, Karen Emahiser, Judy Dismuke, Row 1-Dolores Corbin, Lona Miller, Patricia Bollinger, Diane Carrothers, Judie Darling Rapp, DoAnne Durban, Mary Fries, Barbara Lennon. gn, W1 . Row 3-Bill Moskwa, Alan Colwell, Greg Longbrake, James Kilis, Charles Harrison, Buddy White, Robert Peterson, Alan Schmude, Bob Reinbolt, Denny Martin. Row 2-Walter Ralph, David Ostman, Dave Vorba, James Ball, Martin Siwasek, Thomas Tiggs, Leroy Coley, Jr., Kenneth Durham, Jeff Knight. , Row 1-Terry Lincoln, Ron Albright, Bob Taraschke, Jack Walters, Brian Taylor, Bobby Sexton, David Dawson, Elmer Scott, Ronnie Mercer. .QIQLOIROFQJ Row 3-Patricia Sandridge, Sue Ellen Krueger, Brenda Hines, Rose Ann Avery, Sharon Ramsdell, Beverly Manz, Gloria Nellich, Deidre Leek, Sue Brooks. Row 2-Eloise Merdez, Margaret Barkhimer, Anna May Edwards, Bobbie McGovern, Rosemary Foster, Cathey Borton, Linda Wertz, Nadine Fields, Judy Webster. Row 1-Carol Dylewski, Linda Rice, Dorothy Driver, Fannie Henderson, Janie Laughlin, Rita Valdes, Janice Bagner, Chris Dylewski. 4 1 Row 3-Chipper Morse, Michael Cox, Dick Frey, Philip Horosewski, Henry Davis, Dennis Boyle, James W. Dowling, Don Frey, Jim Baker, James E. Luginbuhl. Row 2-Robert Tribble, Mike Espinoza, William Boone, Gary McCourt, Larry Banker, Fran Schlagel, Craig Breitner, Ronald Webster, John Markland. Row 1-Bernard Nagel, John Prysiazny, Dave McEwen, Leonard Cousino, Duane Peneff, Ray Bristow, Grady Riley, Harold Wilson, DeWayne Black, Terry Fitzsimmons. .SZIOLOIGQOPQJ Row 3-Pattie Geier, Margaret Dills, Shirley Brown, jean O'Neil, Kayellen Braun, Lois Burgess, Sylvia Goldstein, Sue Gantz, Julie Smith. Row 2-Barbara Harrison, Ann Collins, Sharon Brown, Evelyn Green, Sharon Bliss, Sandy Kuhn, Treva Syph, Alice Kelley, Pat Holtfreter. Row 1-Eileen Vinson, Dorothy jones, Mildred Vaughn, Holley Steam, Linda McClorrine, Patti Cisterino, Kathie Haber- land, Robin Pasch. Row 5-Ausby Oliver, Fred Carter, Jimmie Rodgers, Ronald Ellis, james Armstrong, james Schech, Kenneth Donnelly, Chuck Gaglione, Ronald Hindman, George Rios. Row 2-D. Limpf, james R. Friemark, Daniel Gribhle, Richard Dureja, Jerome Hassell, Michael Wallace, Mike Eng- land, Kenny Arnold, Ronald Parsells, Row 1-Ernie Bernath, Erie Cowson, Billy Doyle, Paul Limongi, james Cook, Arney Robinson, jim Hockenberger, john Tennant, jr., jerry Cousino. .QIOAOFIZOPQJ Row 3-Dianne Christian, Nancy Achor, Earlene Thomas, Janet Schmidt, Libby Loehrke, Barbara Mason, Jill Knapp, Karen Hochmuth, Janice Jones, Penny Dusseau. Row 2-Ruth Harding, Barbara Hendrix, Barbara Bennett, Frances Horvath, Judy Tallman, Cynthia M. Franklin, Dorthy Bylow, Gloria Wigfall, Arether Fench. Row 1-Noel Curtis, Mattie Page, Cindy Richmond, Theresa Brown, Eleanor Branford, Delores Redfern, Le Ann Rader, Janice Overstreet, Mitzi Reeves. - alum 1 ' 'Mm -fi Y . asses? EE :.:.:.: Gr L 1. am 5' , f W i , ..,, . 1, Ting, sr f .1-fmgzeww ., ,AW mmm I-Q, " 221, 1 H24 1 ' . "il X 5 V is -L .N 1. 2 J' ,L Row 3-Gary Kaczala, Tom Alley, Adell Coley, Arthur Gene Smith, Frank Michaels, Guy Hadley, Arclouis Turner, Walter Lee French, Jesse Wormely, Dennis Huepenbecker. Row 2-Cecil Smith, Fred Sutton, Dawson Coker, Charles Thompson, Michael Durham, Samuel Fallon, Frank Belcher, Mike Bartko, Harry Campbell, Robert Tuttle. Row 1-Casimir Drahan, Richard Swope, Frank Sherman, Victor Escobar, Larry Harris, Jim Pasch, Bill Forrey, Willie Johnson, William Richardson, Steve Grisham. :65: .5210 0l'l'LOI'e6 Row 3-Georgia Waganfeald, Patricia Neeley, Lula Byrd, Mildred jones, Deborah Archie, julia Gambrell, Nancy Markley, Joyce Strickland, Cindy Richmond. Row 2-JoAnn Monahan, Royine Campbell, Dorothy Brooks, Patricia Streeter, Joyce Brumfield, Catherine Mason, Rose Ann Moline, Lynda Mayo, Linda Campbell. Row 1-Kathy Hornyak, JoAnn Childress, Alice Sanchez, Shirley Foster, Sue Erwin, Kathy Westmeyer, Shirley Hoskins, Ruby Franklin, Vicki Carey. f ... Row 3-Jack Whitzel, jeff Crawford, Phil Holst, Robert Smith, Al Hutchinson, Greg Hansen, Larry Loehrke, Vince E Sowinski, Tate O'Neil, Tom Zitzelberger. Row 2-Elwood A. Miller, Frank Smith, Rudolph Valdes, Bill Meyer, Michael Schlapman, Donald jackson, Michael Paszczykowski, Ray Strohl, Frank Kinder, David Roberts. Row 1-Richard Hernandez, Terry Waldron, jay Hoffman, Bill Grimm, O. B. Buck, jim Schnetzler, George Hochmuth, Joe Rosiak, Gary Ganchou, Frank Rochowiak. -,vt V 2 A ,- Z :F I if mf.. 1 ,i as -ir , ara: em, aa. 535,55 -:' , W: rf.. - iz -- S8 Bi H owing new afeloa . . . arid 0 f 966 Row 3-Linda Cobb, Kathy McDonagh, Frankie Hamilton, Carol Hollar, Estella Cherry, Terry McDonald, Helen McMil- lian, Mary Mack, Paula Stubblefield. Row 2-Alice Zmyewski, Sue Terrill, Antonia Ziflinski, Caolyn Lay, Sandra Young, Linda Mason, Donna Cichy, Lor- raine Vernaz, Mary Spearmen. Row 1-Martha Blake, Lupe Ramos, Paula Stoker, Loretta Walker, Joyce Rosebrock, Lea Ann Liggett, Evelyn Willis, Brenda Coleman. Row 5-Thornell Wiggins, Arthur Geithmann, Edgor Finn, Gerald McLemore, Jewell Waters, Lee Madison, Laney Sidel, jim Hollopeter, james McKenzie. Row 2-Donald Hopings, Lester Darrington, Richard Locklear, Stephen Ford, Lee Andrew Gray, Archie Rogers, Larry Woodmore, Mike Mann, Donald Murphy. 2, Row 1-David Smith, Roger Drake, William Green, Michael LaVrar, David Ross, Bob West, Leonard Monahan, Ron- ald Ballard. es H55 aferffkigii 5 5 ww ggga as Hiwmi tri . 7 . V,.7 .U i,,,v ,r ,f , WM if W IH.. 1 A- x.,.K11 ,, - , -V xr Wm N ,p-K . r , . U, ., ar . :if L - l was gsm, W H - Row 3-Edith johnson, Mary Staton, Irma Hernandez, Stephanie Rosinski, Marine Edwards, Janice Malohn, Lynnette Kanipe, Judi Newcomer, Mary Lou Medon. Row 2-Donna Petoskey, Dianne Meyer, Margaret Hoskins, Mary lane Pietrzak, Sue Haberland, Cynthia Baker, Donna lean Denker, Dianna Miller. Row 1-Kathy Bartlett, Sandra Wilson, Tanya McCoats, Mitzie Schlapman, Peggy Stivenson, Teresa Flores, Azzie Wil- liams, Judith Smith. Row 3-Lavern Wigfall, Anthony Zdybek, Gary Durham, joe Morse, William Ramsdell, George Shields, Glenn Ingersoll, Juan Reyes, Raymond Barboza. Row 2-Earl Lubahn, Edward T, Cook, Alexander Cortez, Michael Malkmian, Carl Drake, Daniel Rozek, Raymond Mer- Curio, Bill Lane, John Zielinski. Row 1-Earl Bostic, Jerry L. Miles, Carl Thord, jim Francis, Bob Garza, Ruben Batey, Bill Dombrowsky, Robert Mont- gomery. jl'eJLl'Ylel'L buf -'SS :63: ..-F-sei! i , Q51 9 Row 5-Bonita Franklin, Charlotte M. Harriger, Deborah K. Panning, Billie Glendening, Margie Patterson, jan Blechinger, Becky Vogelbacher, Kathy Wride, Maeoni Pryor. Row 2-Heide Frye, Virginia Madden, Regina Clifton, Barbara Pezzino, Lena Mae Fowler, Hollie DeCius, Luana Kur- chat, Mary Bridge, Annette White. Row 1-Nancy Newman, Carolyn Landrum, Sue Urbina, Patricia Hiser, Marcia Stanley, Jane Wagoner, Sue Collins, Eva Drake. Row 3-Aliesteen Giles, judith Price, Kathleen Medere, Cheryl Thompson, Celia Turner, Ingrid Whitneld, Kathleen Daly, Bonnie Strickstein, Mary Caldwell. Row 2-jean Williams, Ruth Emch, Carolyn Allen, Jo Ann Green, Elaine james, Judith Stewart, Ilene Harris, Zelma J. Terry. Row 1-Lotus Harris, Marcia Brown, Charlene Tomblin, Anna Phifer, Donna Osborne, Karen Armstrong, Carol Kelly, Connie Henry. .UVQJAWLQI1 Row 5-Sheila jones, Barbara Galant, Johnetta Scott, AnnaMarie Ely, Nancy Ray, Kathryn King, Virginia Higgins, Betty Hill, Levon Rayford. Row 2-Marcia Cash, Emely Worden, Iris Smith, Harriett Wagner, Sue Rozanski, Mary Williams, Vicki Burgess, Rosemary Ball, Brenda Lawson. Row 1-Linda Tressler, Josephine Gonzales, Laurette Daniel, Sharon Laberdee, Nancy Dills, Patsy Glover, Sharon Bunts, LaVerne Davis. Row 5-Willie Smith, james Townsend, Russ Alfonza, Ruben Ruiz, Tim Bolinger, Ray Brown, johnny Ray Foster, James Ray Thomas. Row 2-Orlando Graves, Dorson Bacon, Arthur Eugene Green, Lonnie Awls, Bobby Bell, Tyrone Dent, Robert Goree, Wiley Walker. Row 1-Bob Kostermeier, james Bacon, Edward jimmison, Leonard Branford, Edward Lammon, Gary B. Eber, Craig Killy, Mack Garner. jl'25Ll'l'leI'l 1 +' 5 :dw n 5' A. Ai Row 3-Louise Arce, Patricia Brawn, Mary jane Boomer, Kathy Decker, Shirley Kreft, janet Brawn, Mary Tarini, Karen Cothren, Diane Roberts. Row 2-Suzanne Leary, Ruth Early, Emma Ware, Ethel M. Devalt, Rosemary Huggins, Bobbie Lou Flourney, Barbara Col- lum, Kathy Wegner, Sharon Anthony. - Row 1-Freeda Stone, Mazine Garner, Paulette Stubblefield, Susan Hamm, Vickie Jackson, Regina Barnes, Linda A. Heap, Berteriecc Nicholas. Row 3-Steve Bourn, Donald Place, Pete Mendez, Gary Russell, joe Fulton, Bruce Breitner, Mike Hiser, Charles Walker. Row 2-Paul Taylor, Robert Powers, Robert Bunny, Albert Dalton, Mike Kaczmarek, Dennis Bliss, William Goree, Douglas Heuer. Row 1-joseph Heer, William Holmes, james Taylor, Harvey Popovich, Leland Emery, Tom Pinks, Bill Hamilton, Charles Hightower, jimmy Hawkins. jl'e5Al4'leI'l VNS' BU"-'ins ii ' 2 -2559455 agua as .., 3: M as ' W W r, A it la? B 'ggqgl f A ' ' few-3 ' f - ' ' 1 . if z f' Q , . X la. 1 vi: we is as i -'iz 4 Row 5-Linda Keier, Kathy Stuart, Rebecca Bowens, Yvonne McLendon, Luarn Bragg, Alice Smith, Cherie Howe, Bonnie Cousino, Patricia Gibson. Row 2-Pam Never, Marilyn Carswell, Sue Donovan, Patricia McKenzie, Maureen Sherwin, Merrilee Andree, Sharon L. Cranon, Pamela Hopings, Barbara Walker. Row 1-Sheila Sund, Barbara Zaper, Lathena Lyons, Sharon Miller, Noami R. Staples, Betty Jean Miller, Linda Frye, Novella Walker. Row 3-Fred Stanton, joseph Cooke, Le Roy Sullivan, Kenneth L. Adams, Tom Hamernik, Harold E. Kemp, Arley Shope, David Lewandowski. Row 2-Sammy Adams, Sterling Coogler, Tom Hazlett, Duane Walton, jerry Lee Johnson, Greg Furry, jesse Phifer, Rufus Batey. Row 1-Ervin Bost, William Saunders, Howard Filipovich, Allen Ball, Wiley Cox, Dale Heckerman, Albert Townsend, Robert Perkins. jI'05Ll'l'lel'L K I F, V K . 7, fl' S. ' '- if-S .f,. ' -. "F " 22 5 ' ff -i 7 al 'W ,i 2. , I - , .wg-.. . , is .r A -I - N-ai "5?. Em rw- gi, aLLH......:..a, ' '- AGN . , air?-bv -W' A-mfr, 'f emaili- fr mi 7,,m:,, swag' A 5. ,:.. -', ,X iigffwj K , ,C flgggaw-. in fr' HH gn 5.-aaa 5- ' ',a1:'. Us gg 1 -- 1- er S L ' " 3 Hara K. ' 4 :aw mf- 4245 B . 'W -255557 ,mag If - f 'ii - M B M -A , '-1 1: 31 ,afij 41,3 5 I '- we ei 'I A A " jg T ' H 93, , .'.:s, .5 x. E T- W 2 gm ::: 1.: ' ' Q -'4.::::-as :-: I Y - .H ..,.. .,.,.,. ,.,. a if . ax ,, ,. I .,,,1E,,,... -tg, E , E AV A , ' ir 2- .f if' :-12: Row 3-Marlene Day, Sandra Zdybek, Diane McClain, Hazel C. Beauch, Bonita Palmer, Joann Klein, Vivian Rossvanis, Ardella Root, Judy Youngs. Row 2-Joann Allen, Cheryl Gannon, Nancy Reynolds, Linda Grzechowiak, Carol Gere, Terry Vallade, Elaine Gramling, Violet Moore, Linda Kaucher. Row 1-Carrie D. Bates, Marsha Klostermeier, Rebecca Carothers, Judy Stevens, Donna Parsley, Barbara Couturier, Mary L. Banda, Jacqueline Koder. Row 3-Alvin Wormely, John Reid, Robert Dennis, Sam Stover, Ozell Brown, Jimmy Phenizy, Michael McClain, Robert Floering, Raymond Bradford. Row 2-Jerry Fink, Meredith Whaley, David Bowling, Bill Flontz, John Folsom, Michael La Beau, Edward Ramm, Eugene Haney, Tom Sanchez. Row 1-Ricardo Ganas, Carlos Monterrubio, Edwin Westineyer, Charles Savory, Carlos Jelks, Jerome Bragg, James Hol- stein, Michael Cunningham. jl'25Ll'i'Lel'L W Tetra.: ' i i-J' fn' 'S J' ei Row 3-Joyce Mocek, Yvonne Sullivan, Millie Coleman, janet Smith, Mary Richards, Barbara Burkhardt, Linda Staton Geraldine Kynard, Annie Steward. Row 2-Mary Ann Machcinski, Althea E. Ray, Jean Meier, Suzanne Ritter, Mary Jane Price, Darlene Heckart, Judith Meyer Dolores Rywalski, Diane Olszewski. Row 1-Lola Swope, Charlene MacFarlane, Mamie Morris, Linda Fuehr, Ella Wiggins, Rosebud Files, Eddye D. Ray Suzanne Zolciak. Row 3-Daniel Lee, Tim Stack, William Edward Coley, Ed Winter, Bill Chamberlain, Larry Sheets, Terry Hopkins, Carlton Pheils, Bill Albert. " Row 2-Eddie Moore, john Norwood, Paul Lewis, Leonard Garrett, Michael Upchurch, Bucky Latimer, Thomas Tooson, james johnson, Edward Flores. Row 1-David Holman, jim Morris, joe Kruszewski, Carl Bazzell, john McVicker, Gary Winger, Tyrone Coker, Ross Fields. jfedklflen ,him- X .nw ii B718 :74: 1 7 1 x, Row 3-Sharon Young, Shirley Cartmill, Margie Shorter, Vallencia Bost, Dora Gambrell, Charlene Scott, Sheila Belcher, Bertha Wormely, Pamela jones. Row 2-Elaine Bialecki, Loraine Feltner, Shirley Grow, Joann Willard, Pat Noyes, Sue Ann Strasel, Della Hood, Pat Bennett, Linda Bellair. Row I-Irma Menchaca, Concha Castro, Linda Geis, Karletta Waldron, Linda Butler, Shirley Temple, Laura Morrin, janet Briscoe. Row 3-Tim Kruse, Edward jaynes, Robert Streets, Bill Parker, Ken Wilson, Dennis Erdman, Marshall Heap, Charles Marshall, Tommy Gunn. Row 2-Bob Harding, john Matecki, Harold Petoskey, Carl Franklin, Lewis Vargo, Fred Tucker, Donald Leslie, Bill Hawkins, Rickey Berkey. Row 1-Michael johnson, Terry Starkloff, Lloyd Cary, Richard Decoster, Ralph Fuehr, Oley Workman, Dan Durliat, David Weber. gferfklfliefl ' A if ,V ,iv i is , gy 'iallfxl im I C E344 , 4 EW eeeaam X in aria if r Q Rf' M f '11 , - ,.., , i. ., D wg ,W Fr, ' aa c Q "H ..- slag , l F. 4754 "I'll never drink water again." Oh! Look at that bubble! Our Taystee Breadman. "You load 16 tons" I wanted to see Bugs Bunny! Do you have to make it that much bigger? Wfhat did you say we are reaching for, Mr. Gillmore 7 A X NX S .' .Y , fi "W L- is I ' Ef ikiiflif' ' The dl'1lIUXltiCS dugg at work, The girls who mimeogrnpli those delightful tests! LilubCy's prizcwinning artists "20 questions" Libbey pin-up girls? Any candy in the pitmta? :77: l . ICQ' 1 x x x ., QQ -,-x Af, D as 'X Q WW..,,,,,L 4, in T J vdn M1 -A- was Enix , wif Zfngfm wi me QQ Qld! M 1' said Ax aux? v 'ELI wwgsfw O QJU' 1, .,, .. , ,pw , N ., 'Qi . -f M . . ,. , k, ,. Mx.. M .,. H, ., ,M . J., yig hiwi -1 -'Q :M .W -f .Jn ,n MX, nw 2 X W K w,i?M-,tg-xj.,.-we wan : :J-.f . we.-f ww 'x M Lggjjx . gy ,W.,..M,?i v.,?f,.m . 5.5, H W., 1 ni 9 - ' L ,1 1 T ,QW 1 Y , if 1 ' zgwa Lg , T-is . Mag-..G1Mx Mp. vu - MXN w.:,- - , X if-5-2 , . vi'uM1, ' . ' -fa, -Z-. ., ,I fw My X ,W , ,X ., , ,,,., W W. I. 9 ww-- X K K K Z.. .A .M l .x lx x Ffa , .- sf last-- lf, .. ,AM- Hifi, LMA .,. z - x - if in. g: .J . M ug- .M N TY,-.ff .- W ? 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M?,.f-'--Mer, -1 - Q 5.35 . 3 5,31 ' ' ,?1T, X'WfM?'L UFS. -M -Hx B. ,.M M .M.M ' ., M W X' , ,H ., M , M M, M MM. -KMM W ,X i if V, i Y - .---. la- .. M-as ,L.?Z?-+Z?Mf.5gM4:az1.5iET'u U ' ma-- ' t"s-.1':m--ev--MV "M rx-t .xr-Mig'-xV.x-gag- MMMMK MM., .. ,H ..:m 3 .w gs. all ' s ii. miss , N' m A s ge ss., K' ' m a U-J Ev Row 1-Betty Miller, Ecl Cook, Dan McGraw, Maxine Porter, Kathy Secrest, Gretchen Bruggemnn, jane Stover. Row 2-Mr. Pfeifer, advisory Milton Pommeranz, Libby Loehrke, Dave Floering, Dan Hunt, Dick VanDrew. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Gretchen Bruggeman, pres.g Dick Van Drew, sgt.-at-armsg Dave Floering, vice-pres.g and Mr, Pfeifer, aclvisorg Janie Stover, absent. zgg: aszwlenf gounci Again the Libbey Student Council put forth its best efforts to improve student citizenship and to serve their school and community. Members of the Student Council sponsored and took part in many service projects. They sponsored the annual Sportsmanship Drive to promote better sportsmanship at Libbey sports events, a Clean-up Campaign, and a school safety campaign. On Memorial Day the Student Council placed wreaths on the graves of Edward Drummond Libbey, Harold Williams, and in the Civic Center Mall in remem- brance of the Libbey boys who died in World War H. 3-gmskgwfet 'TJ' 2 5 . U 2 . 4 In F, :- Q F r" U7 .-f Q 7-1 Cf UZ' U 2 . 4 fl? 73 :: Q.. :- f'D .- to CD Q. 2' R. F -A-MJF' mkifl-vu WZ ,Z 17 X The Student Council supported the community S it 'L if ference held in Toledo. In March, Student Council homeroom representa- tives were elected for the first time in four years. The first project for the new representatives was a cafeteria clean-up campaign. Senior members of Student Council confer with Mr. Rusie HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES the Saint jude's Hospital Drive, sponsored by Danny so Thomas. They also participated in the Area-Witle Q Student Council Dance, "Enchanted is the Night," ,J X cg, s 2 ,Q and were on the Hospitality :md Greeting Committee A ls it for the Ohio Association of Student Councils Con- . V Row 1-Sandra Franklin, Bobbi Robinson, Ginger Wetzel, Patricia Mitchell, Christine Summers, Karen Kurschat. Carol Knapp, Pat Welkel', Betsy Hill. Row 2-Joanne Campbell, Barbara Dreyer, Viola Horosewski, Ruth Cary, Jane Stover, June Leck, Pam Suter, Sharon Goldstein. Row 3-Robert Lewis, Webster Wfhite, Dave Floering, Milton Pommeranz, Linda W2llliHgfOH, Judy Shaw, James Eiben, Charles Sum- mers, Del Skentrowicz, Darrel H. Topel. Zyl june Leck, Pres.g Barb Dreyer, Secy.g Darrell Topel, Treas.g Christine Summers, V. Pres. -' . Wafiona The purpose of the National Honor Society is to improve the scholarship of Libbey students. To carry out this aim, in their Scholar- ship Program, they featured speakers from the University of Toledo who were former members of National Honor at Libbey. The National Honor Society has made every effort to be worthy of leadership and to render service when needed. Miss Henderson, with her boundless energy and her stimulating personality, brought to the society a new spirit of enthusiasm. The Libbey chapter inducted and installed the senior members of the National Honor Society at Bowsher High School in February and sponsored a "Truth or Consequencesu Quiz Show. Row I-jean O'Neil, Kay Braun, Treva Syph, Beverly Manz. Row 2-Leslie Bothast, Philip Horosewski, Pat Geier, jill Knapp. Row 3-Sandra Sharp, Mary Fries, Sharon Smith, Judy Hitchner, Frances Horvath. Row 1-NX'ilbert Baccus, Tom French, Art French, Dave Ganss, John Rowe, Becky Corder, Colette Blair, Kathy Veilh. Row 2-Kay Holdren, Darlene Rothlisberger, Sharon Tubbs, Karen Ewen, Judy Hahn, Geraldine Mancini, Mary jane Rodriguez, Ruby Cannon. Row 3-Barb Schulz, Dave Spilman, Steve Busick, Dick VanDrew, john Franklin, Steve Durkett, Dan Hunt, Martin Marsh, Bob Ott, Earleen Deppen. onor ociefg In March, juniors in the top Hfth of their class and seniors who were selected by the faculty for scholarship, leadership, character, and service, were inducted into the National Honor Society. After the induction a reception for the inductees was given by the members. At this reception Cokes and chips were served, and free Cryrlnlf were distributed. The new members of the society gave a variety show, "This is Television UQ," on May 8, spoofing television shows and commer- cials. The money from this show and the quiz show is being used for a scholarship for a senior member. They ended their active year with a spring roast. Row 1-Eddye Ray, Maxine Garner, Althea Ray, Glenn Ingersoll. March induction of the new members of the National Honor Society. Row 2dMillie Coleman, jane Wziginner, Billie Glendening, Joyce Rosebrock, David Weiner. Row 5-Darlene Heckart, Ruth Emch, Ardella Root, Carol Gere, Deborah Panning. 233: :., , .. gg- Us rat f Row 1-Carol Knapp, Sharon Ellwood, Cheryl Howe, Karen Ewen, Mrs. jean Hunsaker, advisor, Sharon Goldstein, Sandy Franklin, jane Scoby. Row 2-Donna Denker, Karen Kurschat, Darlene Rothlisberger, Judy Hahn, Sandy Carlson, Mary Rodriguez, Barb Dreyer, Sharon Tubbs, Peggi jenne. Row 3-Art French, Dave Ganss, Dave Spilman, Tim Bolinger, Steve Durkett, Barb Schulz, Steve Busick, Del Skentrowicz, George jenkins. 35 A typical scene in Room 217. 'lx at 5 In as ., :84: EJQAGJL The Edelian Class began the year with a new ad- visor, Mrs. jean Hunsaker, and the able assistance of the two co-advisors, Mr. Rusie and Mr. Martin. In October Mrs. Hunsaker and Hve members of the Eclelimz staff attended a yearbook workshop spon- sored by the School of Journalism at Bowling Green State University. Covers, layouts, themes, and the newest styles in yearbooks, were discussed by repre- sentatives of Northwestern Ohio high schools. Getting the Edelimz ready for the press has kept the staff busy. Write-ups, layouts, typing, name- checking, solicitation for advertisements, picture-tak- ing, and the effort to keep the theme a secret, all contributed to a very exciting year. The Eclelimz staff hopes that these pages will re- call many pleasant memories. Q'-We wtf area' . . - i .'.',.2f. . ' Nuff," , WM., Q - ur, i - - ,. W ,.. . .. .4 M 41 E, ,, ., M, ., . , .. ,. .. M , . V .fir . if X. K- is.. ul f.. .., Row 1--Ruth Cary, Janie Stover, Miss Marian Grover, Advisor, Sheryl Harbert, Gretchen Bruggeman. Row 2-Sheryl Carrothers, Marcia johns, Nancy Mclntire, jerilyn Dean, Nancy Irwin, Becky Corder. gyda! Upon entering Room 215, the oflicial headquarters for the Cl'j'.I'fdl staff, one may find nine girls writing, typing, interviewing, correcting, pasting, cutting, and questioning Miss Marian Grover, the C1'yf!a! adviser, all at once. These nine compose both the literary and busi- ness staffs for the school paper. They are eternally busy making plans in an effort to meet the ever- approaching deadlines and scheming new ways to sell their product. Although limited in size, the staff has had a re- warding year. The Cryrlfzl received a first place rat- ing in both the Northwestern Ohio District journal- ism Association and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association press competitions. In january, four members of the staff appeared on WSPD-TV's "Under Twenty-One" program to dis- cuss some of the problems of publishing the school newspaper. The program received commendation from the Toledo Board of Education. The Cvjnrml staff admire the results of their hard work 5,7 ,f ef' Nz! xxfwf' Row 1-Betsy Hill, Ginger Wetzel, Nancy Irwin, Barbara Dreyer, Pam Suter, Karen Kurschat, Kathy Secrest, Mary Schwanitz. Row Q-Sandy Sharp, Dorothy Bylow, Dianne Christian, Nancy Achor, Miss Marian Grover, Co-Advisor, Nancy Mclntire, Jackie Veith, Linda-Jean Merzke, Sandy Mercer. ROW 3-Sharon Tubbs, Judy Hahn, Janie Stover, Jill Knapp, Libby Loehrke, Maxine Porter, Linda Wallington, Barb Schulz, Karen Ewen, Frances Horvath. T T ri-elif Sociefg This year the three literary societies, Periclean, Philalathean and Zetalethean combined to form the Tri-Lit Society. Two new advisors, Miss Ann Wonzer and Miss Marian Grover, kept the members of the society busy with many social and service activities. Social highlights in- cluded the induction of new members, a spaghetti supper, a Mothers' Tea, and the annual Tri-Lit Banquet and Dance. The l'Lit" members carried out their tradition of service by serving for open house, giving a Thanksgiving food basket to a needy family, and sponsoring many school activities. Literary interest was maintained by skits, a visit to the Village Players Theater, Bowsher literary meeting, a city-wide literary meet- ing, and a city-wide theater night which Libbey Tri-Lit sponsored. A Washington's birthday cherry pie sale, the sale of senior name cards, the sale of fruitcakes, and the Sadie Hawkins Dance provided ,md Barb Schulz, Vicgpres. the hnances for the year's activities. TRI-LIT OFFICERS Karen Ewen, pres., Jane Stover, Il'C2lS.Q Linda Merzke, Chap.: Row 1-Doris Agnew, Becky Corder, Dorothy Driver, Treva Syph, Janice Jones, Linda Mayo, Bobbi Robinson. Barbara Harrison. Row 2--Judy Meade, Anna May Edwards, Jeanette Harlow, Pat Holtfreter, Miss Ann Wonzer, Co-Advisor, Brenda Pearson, Corliss Ran- dall, Sheryl Carothers, Mary Fries. Row 5-Sharon Smith, Beverly Manz, Kay Braun, Doris Krueger, Jean O'Neil, Sharon Montry, Pat Geier, Karen Hochmuth. .ti , . '-Q,-if YM :564 M: waw.w,:,, Nix, ,, 5: etffmfissi skim:-ti 3sgV:,..v, at :NTT- a..eu1.fr-ii sw, N 1 niwawii. - Wy ,., .Mia 7: I ' X. 5. 1 Y I f' A Q1 .. we ,,,,,iy , ,. ,. ... , -I W3 1555555 ,: va'-,ET .. .A .."" ' J r, ,au - H AK 'f K , I M I M mil :' mf r --tw.. fgf - 5 2 VV - si .. 7 -lull' .is- 'X Wink ,fsiigfx -Y f ye- - s,.,m:,zr l t itstb -sam W i-,fx A- . ,gh D 9 1 is W ni-mfr. sa Emi. , .. Row 1-Bonita Henck, Colette Blair, Judy Tallman, Carla Haynes, Edna Robinson, Delphine Johnson, Ruth Harding. Row 2-Sandy Sharp, Janice Jones, Sharon Bliss, Miss Vfithers, Rogine Campbell, Edna Jones, Corliss Randall, Micky Milde. Row 3-Linda Blackford, Cynthia Franklin, Sharon Smith, Shari MOHUY, Joyce Waters, Willa Mae Mason, Janie Stover, Jlll KMPP- jufure .Zac era of America J The Future Teachers of America, with their advisor Mrs. Genevieve Withers, carried out a recruitment program for students interested in teaching. A speaker, Mr. Charles Rob- inson, a Libbey teacher, addressed the group on their pros- pective careers. In May a pot-luck supper was the last social event of the club's year. June Leck, Secy.g Edna Jones, Pres.g Maxine Porter, Treas.g Sharon Barton, Sgt.-nt-arms. Row 1--Dorothy Jones, Cheryl Mills, Patricia Mitchell, Treva Syph, Ruby Cannon, Sharon Burns, Mary Fries. Row 2-Brenda Pearson, Karen Hochmuth, Nancy Achor, Linda Mayo, Miss Withers, Dianne Christian, Connie Vincent, Judy Hitchner. Row 3-Linda Johnson, June Leck, Barbara Douthett, Maxine Porter, Kathy Fic, Jean O'Neil, Sharon Barton, Shirley Brown. 6 Row 1-Wilbert Baccus, Don Isaacs, Dan Momsen, David Hayward, Ramon Tiggs, Ronnie Mercer. Row 2-Alton Neal, Charles Suter, Ron Coleman, Mr. jim Hillis, Advisor, Malin Wagner, Martin Marsh, Bob Ott. Row 5-Dick Hayden, Dick VanDrew, Roy Eulberg, Steve Durkett, Don Holmes, john Franklin, Larry Loehrke, john Schneider. .5.n-.Gif 'I .1. .71 'K Li J ll ,. ,A M . . E? F ' Q f V-53:4 is is ' ' N Malin Wagner, Chaplaing Dick Hayden, Eulberg, Pres. V. Pres., Dave Holmes, Secy.g Roy orum ogferarg ociefg Although Forum was late in getting organized this year, the club gathered momentum as the year progressed. For money-making projects the mem- bers sold Christmas paper and cards, held a bake sale in Decemberg and sponsored the annual Forum Spaghetti Supper in February. Mr. james Hillis and Mr. Gary Duhaime were co- advisors of the society. The year ended with a spring Bi-Lit roast. Mr. David Gilmore, the Q. D. advisor, worked to carry out the purpose of his club: To promote leader- ship among its members. Among the c1ub's service projects was the giving of a basket to a needy family at Christmas. To help build school spirit and their treasury, the D.'s sold hats for the Central basket- ball game. dance and a spring roast. Dm Hunt Pres Harold Pauly V Pres john Markland, Chaplaing Craig The year was successfully ended with a Bi-Lit 1 Breitner, Sgt.-at-Hrmsg john Rowe, Secy.-Treas. Qui! ana! Jagger ogferarg ociefy . ,Ui fr l IQ A . an D ll Row 1--jim Shorter, Darrell Topel, David Ganss, Danny Hymore, Tom Schnetzler, john Rowe. Row 2-john Rosiak, Webster Wlmite, Dave Floering, Mike Collins, Del Skentrowicz, john B. Markland. Row 3-Craig Breitner, Alan Schmude, Dan Hunt, john Williams, Harold Pauly, Gary Fineske, Michael Cox. Row 1-Dorothy Driver, Robin Pasch, jesse Phyler, Edward Cook, Joyce Warejko, Sandra Franklin, Sylvia Tyler, Dolores Dicken, Shirley Huebner. Row P2-Iipanccine Galloway, Sue Brooks, Sharon Lundy, Sherryl Schwanbeck, Opal Rife, George jenkins, Ray Barboza, David Dawson, Joe owe . RnwR3-gon hjackson, jean Avery, Kathy Fic, Kenneth Ray, Judy Shaw, Sharon Ramsdell, Roosevelt jones, Len Pruss, Lillian VC'hite, on mit . By bringing music to the faculty and students of Libbey, the choir carried out their purpose of sharing the joys of music with others. Under the direction of Mr. Harold McClure, the choir gave performances at Open House, Thanksgiving and Christmas programs, a Spring Concert, Lenten Services, and at P.T.A. meetings. They also repre- sented Libbey at the Annual Choral Festival held at the Art Museum Peristyle. Near the end of the year, the choir held their annual . "Af E 1 " ' ' . Row 1-Betsy Hill, Secy.-Treas.g Robin Pasch, Librariang ter ,mm Picnic Joyce Warejkcn, Librarian, Cathy McGranahan, Robarian. Row 2-Sue Krueger, Robariang Beverly XX'illiams, Pianist. Row 3-Lillian Wliite, V. Pres., Grace Wliite, Prcs.g Terry Durham, Sgt.-at-Arms, Row 1-Delores Redfern, john McVicker, Hazel Kibler, Lana Ellis, Judy Meade, Mary jakab, Lona Miller, Sandy Mercer, Betsy Hill. Row 2-Susan Rosebroclc, Cynthia Franklin, Patricia Wise, johnny Heard, Perry Helms, Charles Harris, Barbara Dowling, Guy Staples, Sharon Smith, Sue Krueger. D D Row 3-Tellus johnson, Gary Durham, Terry Durham, Grace White, Sharon Lloyd, Glen Maxwell, Charles Harrison, Deborah Archie, Vincent Mills, Beverly Williaiiis. L X, I r. weak' A ' - 590: CZ oir Nr vv:::::.. what am, ,Sa Row 1-Leo Garcia, Mary Fries, Ron Albright, jane Wfagoner, Tom Finks, David Smith, Connie Henry. Row 2-jose Sifuentes, Mike Sifuentes, Raymond Mercuria, Linda Blackford, Cherie Howe, Virginia Higgins, Judy Hitchner, Betty Miller. Row 5-Linda Keier, Shirley Cartmill, Frank Sifuentes, Bob Doyle, johnny Markland, john Tennant, Estelln Cherry, Barbara Douthet. ZZMJ The Libbey Band, under the competent direction of Mr. Martin Pachey, has been a welcome sight at football games, mass meetings, and other athletic events. The stirring march- ing formation of the band did much to raise the morale of the Libbey student body. Band projects in 1962-1963 were school concerts, assem- blies, public concerts, parades and dedications. They also had a band tag day. Their favorite social activity seemed to be roasts! Row 1-Sharon Davenport, Kathy Secrest, Sue Ganss, janet Price, Pat Holtfreter. Colette Blair, Sgt.-at-Arms, Cliff Lewis, Treas.g Robert Rolfes. Secy.g john Franklin, Pres.g Barb Schulz, V. Pres. Row 2-Colette Blair, Edna Jones, Barb Schulz, Mr. Pachey, Cliff Lewis, Viola Horosewski, Carla Haynes. Row 3-Earleen Deppen. Carlton Hargrave, Robert Smith, Robert Rolfes, Grover Franklin, Carolyn Gehrs, Mike Harris. M.. A-,ku 291: Row 1-Kathleen Medere, Mike Sifuentes, Mary Richards, Ron Albright, james R. Friemark. Row 2-Pat Holtfreter, Cliff Lewis, Linda Blackford, john Bruce Markland, Mary Fries. Row 3-Dan Durliat, Karen Hockmuth, Sandra Machinski, Deborah Panning, Carol Gere, Bonita Franklin. OI"CAeI'tI"6L "Tune up!" was the motto of the orchestra this year. Their purpose, "to play and enjoy good music," was carried out in various ways. They participated in the All-City Or- chestra's Spring Concert, gave a Christmas program, and took part in the Spring Concert with the band to hnish the year on a melodious note. 2,0 The rousing music heard by Libbey students at all of the home basketball games was supplied by the Libbey Pep Band. The band was organized by the musicians themselves, under the direction of Colette Blair. Members practiced after school to be prepared for the games. Many players in the Pep Band have become members of the Stage Band. Row 1-Carla Haynes, Earleen Deppen, Colette Blair, Robert Folfes, Ray Mercurio, Mike Harris. Row 2-Linda Keir, jane Wagner, Barb Douthutt, Viola Horosewski, Mary Fries, Linda Blackford, Judy I-litchner. Row 3-Dave Smith, Tom Finks, Charles Anderson, Grover Franklin, Ron Albright, Carlton I-Iargrave, ff? Zac Row 1-Bonita Henck, Kathy Veith, Pat Welker', Mary jane Rodriguez, Merrie-Sue Geis, Patricia Mitchell, Anita Sick, Nora Wlmittle. Row 2--Donna Amos, Betty Hall, Pat Richards, Sharon Lundy, Margaret Schwanitz, Micky Milde. Row 3-Sharon Ellwood, Barbara Dreyer, Sharon Barton, Grace Wlmite, Willa Mae Mason, Janie Stover, Judy Hahn, Edna Jones. enior -.Zena Under the enthusiastic leadership ot' Mrs. Harriet Bill- maier and Mrs. jean Pritchard, the Senior Y-Teens carried out their aim of service to Libbey. Furthering this purpose, the girls contributed food for a Christmas basket for a needy family, served at the annual football banquet in honor of the senior football players and coaches, manned the ticket booth at the World Fellowship Carnival, and sponsored a queen candidate for the Y-Teen Formal. Social activities included an ice skating party at the Sports Arena and a Co-Ed Fun Night. 1 Money for activities was obtained from dues, the sale of mums before the Thanksgiving Day game and a success- Pres.g Willa Mae Mason, V. Pres.g Sharon Burns, Secy., ful bake sale. Mary Rodriguez, Sgt.-at-Arms. Carla Haynes, Chaplain, Anita Siek, Treas.g Bonita Henck, Row 1-Mary Reed, Geneva Carter, Leatha Murrie, Sharon Burns, Sandy Carlson, Bobbi Robinson, Aryl-Jeanne Vinson. Row 2-Darlene Pontious, Eleanor Hayes, Cleola Byrd, Mrs. Pritchard, JoAnne Randall, Kay League, Ruby Cannon. Row 3-Mary Monahan, Carla Haynes, Sharon Tubbs, Earlene Deppen, Joyce Writers, Sylvia Burgess, Pam Taylor, Sharon Goldstein. 193: Row 1-Manzetta Patton, Sheryl Carothers, Ginger Wetzel, Franccine Galloway, Toni Moman, Delphine Jol1nson, Joyce Nunley. Dixon, Mary Schwanitz, Iris Curtis, Darlene Row 2-Sharon Davenport, Pat Wfiegand, Norma Nunley, Corliss Randall, Juditl1 Ball, Mary Hamlcins. Edna Robinson, Marilyn Fink, Donna Stefzmski. Row 3-Criscelda Reyes, 1211111121 Barringer, Judy Rill, Esther Bradley, Kathy Fic, Maxine Porter, Virginia Scoby, Laurie Burfoise, Dianne Beauregard, Linda Johnson. - es., .,i',y,ri x . if zzmw'-Q gf- W 1 - i Q ' si H - W 5 as .. - . H H y saw ,.-L..",, s . xi H SEE lm .. .Q .' .' 221, - -v M x HHH Sf 1 H' - if 5 --gf 1 is r I, i if , , qw ? -- um -'M ew, H . ' it im, may ,W - .M ,1 ,- M3 sus.rrm f E MWB s me i , -3, W ,ffm-gg., ...isi wfe-iff... a- I -453,1 ,gc -rt -1 'Q rrgggg eggs ,fg.Fx.?15 1 '-L "7 w-- ' ' '-'avliw mx , gs-Ar ! ms ,gig W 3 1. -1-I ll Il mu'-nu is-aug! V Ginger Wetzel, Secy.g Delphine Johnson, V. Pres.g Mary Schwanitz, Pres.g Linda Johnson, Treas. ' :94 -sin. . P Qs .ww 'ZH- unior - eemi Again this year the Junior Y-Teens gave generously of their time in helping others. They made up Christmas and Thanksgiving food baskets for needy families, helped with the Saturday activities at the downtown Y.W.C.A.g and participated in many school activities. The Y-Teens also had an ice-skating party, an area- wide Y-Teen Formal, and a Co-ed Fun Night. Row 1-Tom French, Art French, George Hochmuth, Tim Fink, Paul Limongi, Alton Neal, Dave Ganss, jim McAllister, Murk Stoll, jim Shorter, john Whitzel, Ronnie Mercer. Row 2-Fred Crabtree, Mike Tnmlyn, Mike Tucker, Mark Braunschweger, Don jackson, Carlton Hargrave, Manford Brown, Tim Clark, john Markland, David Hayward, Don Boomer. Row 3-jim Baker, Craig Breitner, jim Dowling, Dennis Huepenbecker, john Schneider, Malin Wfagner, Dave Spilman, Larry Loehrke, Ken Gehrs, Hank Harris, Greg Hanson, Roosevelt jones, Fritz Kuebbeler. Furthering the purpose of service, the Hi-Y gave its utmost to the school and community. Displaying their helpful attitudes, HI-Y members served at open house, parked cars at the football banquet, and pre- sented a Christmas basket to a needy family. The main social events of the club were a swim and special meetings presenting several interesting films. Art French, Secy.g Dave Ganss, V. Pres.g Alton Neal, Pre-s.g Dave Hayward Chaplaing Tom French, Treas. my f M W .W if .Ianni i - an Row 1-Nancy Dross, Dorothy Jones, Holley Stearn, Theresa Gedeon, Dianne Baker, Kay Jolley, Linda McClorrine, Dorothy Driver, Rosie Barkhimer, Frances F. Bacon. Row 2-Sandy Kuhn, Sylvia Loper, Earlene Brown, Pattie Geier, Sharon Bliss, Jeanette Harlow, Pam Favro, JoAnn Monahan, Nadine Fielas, Sandy Reynolds. Row 3-Jacqueline Luckett, Sherry Smith, Janet Schmidt, Margaret Barkhimer, Shirley Brown, Deborah Ann Archie, Sandy Filipovich, Joyce Brumheld, Earlene Thomas, Janice Jones, Sharon Montry, Brenda Pearson. een LLL A new edition to the service clubs at Libbey this year is the Libbey Teen Club. Mrs. Gloria Lindeman directed the group in their social and service functions throughout the year. To be of service to their community, the girls gave a party for the Lucas County Orphanage and made tray favors for Huenefeld Rest Home. To round out their year socially, they gave a picnic for the Junior and Senior Y-Teens and sponsored a splash party, Row 1-Becky Carothers, Regina Clifton, Linda Fuehr, Barbara Couturier, Barbara Zaper, Sue Collins, Linda Kaucher, Ruth Emch, Sheila Sund. Row 2-Connie Henry, Paula Stoker, Cheryl Gannon, Parnella Hopings, Judy Youngs, Cynthia Baker, Sue Terrill, Lorraine Vernaz, Judy Stevens, Joyce Rosebrock. Row 5?-Nancy Dills, Suzanne Leary, I-Iollie DeCuis, Terry Vallade, Cherie Howe, Vivien Rossvanes, Barbara Burkhardt, Ardella Root, Diane Roberts, Bonnie Strickstein, Pat Noyes. ' PQ if 3' N W 3 H. EV i'rl,1-:Q sis M at , 'G--an B yiaxxx ' 'fs ft in a .V ,,..::. r , f 1 5 Q if . B B SEER? ."' f A , may E we K 4 WE E Si! has W ,,.w. M J, mae e N MW em :Mig3iwm sm E V M wa:-V a in H S sr ,mn 1: Row 1-Cindy Richmond, Janice Bagner, Rosario Reyes, Eva Davila, Ruth Harding, Patricia Ann Cathey, Noel Curtis, Chris Dylewski, Carol Dylewski. Eileen Clinson, Rita Valdes, Row 2-Patricia Bollinger, Linda Campbell, Natalie Gaisser, JoAnn Madden, Linda Wfertz, Anna May Edwards, Sherrie Tressler, Chyrl Franklin, Barbara Harrison, Mary Reitz. Row 3-Mattie Page-, Dorothy Brooks, Lannaire Amos, Nancy Markley, Jane Mann, Brenda Carter, Janice Jeakle, Gloria Nerlich, Lois Bur- gess, Cynthia Franklin, Joyce Ann Strickland, Susan Rosebrock. OFFICERS Pl'6J'id6I2l .... Vice Prerirlefzl . Sefreta'ry . . T7'6d5IlI"E7A . Chaplain . . . . . Judy Meade Joyce Rosebrock . . .Ruth Harding Linda Kaucher . Diane Roberts Row 1-Janet Jarzeboski, Letty XWaIdron, Judy Dismuke, Joann Willard, Joanne Durban, Kathie I-laberland, Pat Holtfreter, Robin Pasch, Pat Cisterino, Mildred Vaughn. Row 2-Beth I.aVrar, Janet Price, Mary Bridge, Marlene Day, Beth Respress, Sue Donovan, Marsha Mason, Sharon Young, Judy Meade, Karen Hochmuth. Row 3-Darlene Heel-fart, Sue Ellen Krueger, Barbara Galant, Hazel Beauch, Margie Patterson, Libby Loehrke, Sharon Ramsdell, Sue Gantz, Jill Knapp, Sylvia Goldstein, Mary Jane Boomer, Sue Brooks. s .!- ,-:K-Jlii I :gm J' K lf , Egg Y Q 1 ,- , E . -- V Mia Ser .lm lax lggagaaff K' Q s Z if I :97: .35 ,f Row 1-Linda Rice, Sheryl Carothers, Bobbi Robinson, Mary Jane Rodriquez, Nancy Irwin, Judy Meade, Sheryl DeCuis, Marilyn Fink Darlene Pontrous, Mary Schwanitz, Cheryl Dickens, Rita Valdes. Row 2-Donna Kovacs, Pat Holtfreter, JoAnne Randall, Sylvia Goldstein, Miss Edwards, Mr. Needles, Mr. Spice, Mrs. Morgan Leslie Davis, Sandy Kuhn, Barbara Dowling, Sharon Davenport. Row 3-Donna Thorpe, Rita Callahan, Geraldine Mancini, Francis Horvath, Linda Wallingtcwri, Wesley' Wrrtsrmn, Beverly Wfilliams Mucra Johns, Brenda Carter, Barbara Dreyer, Sharon Tubbs. Margaret Buehrer. Jr. Rep.g Margaret Schwanitz, Sgt-at-armsg Mary Schwanitz, Chaplain, Barb Dreyer, Treas.g Peggi Jenne, 2nd V. Pres., Sharon Tubbs, Pres.: Karen Kurschat, lst V. Pres., Roberta Robinson, Secy.g Penni Englert, Reporter, JoAnne Randall, Sr. Rep. If anyone has asked you to buy something this year, it's fairly certain you've met a member of the F.B.L.A. Carrying out their motto, "Actions speak louder than words," the F.B.L.A. has engaged in many service, social, and money- making projects. Mrs. Hazel Flatz, with the help of all the teachers in the business department, shared the burden and the joy of advising the group. Throughout the years, F.B.L.A. has brought honors to Libbey, and this year was no exception. Members of the club who represented Libbey at the F.B.L.A. State Conven- tion ranked high in the various competitions, and Karen Kurschat was elected Northwest region vice president. F.B.L.A. plans to have representatives at the national convention at Dallas to be held after the close of the school year. Row 1-Barbara Lennon, Penni Englert, Pat Welker, Peggi Jenne, Sandy Carlson, Margaret Schwanitz, Linda-Jean Merzke, Kathie Haber land, Carol Knapp, Mildred Vaughn, Margaret Buehrer, Carol Dylewski. 1 Row 2-Kay I-loldren, Frances Lipke, Judy Gigandet, Susan Rosebrock, Karen Kurschat, Lana Ellis, Theresa Gedeon, Marsha Mason Row 3-Sharon Ellwood, Cathey Borton, Carole Krechman, Judy Oestreich, Diane Hubbard, Kay Braun, Sue Gantz, James Harriger Cheryl I-larbert, Sharon Goldstein, Jo Ann Madden. L :98: gufure Judineda can em ofydmerica ac T Row 1-Dorothy Driver, Geneva Carter, Kathy Veith, Norma Nunley, Sandra Franklin, Joyce Bridenstine, Donna Amos. Row 2-Judy Hahn, Anna May Edwards, Janet Kovacs, Pam Suter, Sue Ellen Krueger, Martha Mann, Pam Taylor. Row 3-Sharon Lundy, Julie Smith, Sue Meeker, Judy Shaw, liarleen Deppen, Liz Folsom, Barbara Mason, Janet Schmidt. gufure urded of .America The purpose of F.N.A. is "to learn to be of service to others and to stimulate interest in nursing as a profession." This purpose has been well carried out during this year. Several speakers including the advisor, Mrs. Tanner, have spoken to the group on various careers in medicine. Some of the social events during the year were the induc- tion teag the mother and daughter pot-luck, and the banquet at the end of the year. A scholarship was awarded to a senior girl to further her study in the Held of nursing. The spirit of Florence Nightingale watches over aspiring nurses. Sandy Franklin, lst Reporter, Kathy Veith, Secy.g Judy Hahn, V. Pres., Pam Taylor, Pres., Janet Kovacs, Treas.g Elizabeth Folsom, 2nd V. Pres. Mrs. Tanner and Kathy give First aid. f-991 Dave Floering Treas.g Pat Mitchell, Chaplaing Larry Dunsworth, Money- The Alchemist Society, a recently re-activated Study making, Committee Chrm.g Steve Durkett, V. Pres.g Sandy Mercer, Secy.g Dave Spilm Pies 'Steve Busick, Sgt.-at-Arms. Leatha Murrie, Patricia Mitchell, Judy Hahn, Connie Vincent, Ruby Cannon. Tom French, Art French, Robert Louis, Tom Schnetzler, Dave Sandys. Dave Spillman, Milton Pommeranz, Steve Busick, Steve Durkett, Dave Floering, Larry Dunsworth. - - fa , .,M.,M,,,,,,,f -- - .. 7 5 af jgpsa-gan z - A is - if B , 1 EE 55? - , : f,, - 'S Egisgifggmiiggg -1. M ,T 2 5f.'! I A -la lg? - M -f M fix. :Tii5:N W Q:-mirth umm' if M . , . . Auf ' 1,4 E uf- . .- if it i 51 . . E L au? get is 1 M .Q - -:rw-,g s A su-A-:stu W . iafaci MQ an .... Lgyvdg ,. . V ,, I we .14 ckemidf Sociefy club at Libbey, hopes to stimulate the interest of its members in scientific careers. Among their activities to acquaint the more aspiring students with voca- -- tions in the Held was an address by Mr. Lou Thomas, a chemical engineer with the Sun Oil Company, on the subject of "Petro Chemicals." ........,.,.-A Y. Mr. Charles Baechler and Mr. Anthony Pappas are ' co-advisors of the society. :100: X if .1f Um -but ff. E M fcamara .Aff Sociefy "Have brush-will paint" was the unofficial slogan of the Utamara Art Society this year. Mr. Thomas Hatton, through his enthusiasm, generated a greater interest in art. A Christmas party in December, an art show in January, and a profitable bake sale were on their list of memorable activities for the year. Fritz Kuebbler, Pres.g Rosemary Foster, Treas.g Libby Loehrke, V. Pres.g Grace Waters, Secy.g Ken Gehrs, Sgt.-at-Arms. ff: el in-4 '. "ks Row 1-Charles Hightower, Darlene Moman, john Zielinski, Lathina Lyons, Gayle Draheim, john Lockett, Linda Keier, Pat Noyes, Donna Amos, Betty Hall, Kathy Hornyak. Row 2-Sue Ann Strasel, Barbara Harrison, Bobbie McGovern, Rosemary Foster, Kathy Secrest, Leatha Murrie, Cleola Byrd, Rosie Sim- moms, Dorothy Brooks, Cynthia Houston. Row 5-Barbara Jacobs, Esther Patter, Mary Brown, Dianne Beauregard, Libby Loehrke, Ken Gehrs, Rodney Eason, Fritz Kuebbeler, Kippy Wilson, Willa Mae Mason, Grace Waters, Deidre Leck. 1101: 1, 'fa x-,,. Row 1-Janet Jarzebowski, Howard Filipovich, Ruth- Harding, Dianne Smith, David Weber, Carla Haynes, Patricia Mitchell. Row 2-Ruth Bmch, Sue Anne Strasee, Deborah Panning, Janet Schmidt, Carol Gere, Brenda Pearson, Janice Jones. Row 3-Christine Summers, Bonnie Strickstein, Mike LaBeau, Bill Moskwa, Craig Breitner, Philip Horosewski, O'Neil Tate, Jim Hollo- peter, D. J. Limpf. Janet Schmidt, Treas.g Christine Summers, Secy., Brenda Pearson, Pres.g Janice Jones, V. Pres., Craig Breitner, Sgt.-at-Armsg Phil I-lorosewski, Historian. unior Cfaddica Q:-league In promoting an interest in the classics, the fine arts, and ancient history, the Junior Classical League has had a year of work and study. The annual Roman banquet was held in February, there was a Latin Day at the Art Museum, and some of the members attended the Junior Classical League Convention in Columbus, Ohio. "Strike!" was probably heard several times at the bowling party, which was held at Highland Lanes. The annual picnic concluded an unforgettable year. Mr. Dillon is to be commended for his diligent work with the JCL. e and jrancaifi Miss Bernice Krueger reorganized the French Club new members busy with interesting projects. Before their Christmas party, members of the club mas and New Year's customs and gave a report on them sang French Christmas carols. After visiting the Palace the Toledo Art Museum, some of the French enthusiasts gave reports on their impressions of the paintings. Many of the members correspond with French students. The Lord's Prayer, a few of the Psalms and the Beatitudes were trans- lated into French and given as choral readings. Pins showing the Eiffel Tower were selected as the emblem of the club. this year and kept the studied French Christ- at the party. They also of Versaille exhibit at Row 1-Charles Nungester, Delphine Johnson, Linda McClorrine, Mary 1-lankins, Althea Ray, Marsha Mason, Cheryl Mills, Patricia Mitchell, Eddye Ray. Row 2-Betty Miller, Cynthia Franklin, Sandy Kuhn, Sue Brooks, Pat Geier, Frances Horvath, Treva Syph, Pam Suter, Tom French. Row 5-Royine Campbell, Mary Jane Boomer, Beverly Manz, Jean O'Neil, Sherry Smith. Duane Walton, Linda Mayo, Kathleen Daly, Mary Richards, Oadis Stewart, Kathy Fic., Ns Fix 3 ,U I in Q f. 3 xy- N if 21022 im 3 5 cami' N, , ww 4,-'W' MN. Row 1-Joyce Bridenstine, Holley Stearn, Jeanette Harlow, Micky Milde, Sue Terrill, Leatha Murrie. Row 2-Sandra Sharp, Sharon Montry, Dave Ganss, Judy Hitchner, James Matzinger, Leslie Bothast. Row 3-Opal Rife, Joyce Waters, Sharon Floyd, Alex McCrae, Milton Pommeranz, Anthony Zdybek, Gary Stofan. er ibeufdcke urein Members of the German club fulfilled the club's purpose this year by learning to understand better the German people and their culture. Traditional folk songs were learned, and members learned more of the cities and the beautiful geographical characteristics of Germany through oral reports and film strips. A trip to the Toledo Museum of Art strengthened what they had learned about some of Germany's greatest artists. Aside from their study sessions, members also served German Kaffeekuchen to the teachers at the January faculty meeting. A Christ- mas party was given after the group sang Christmas carols at Toledo State Hospital. a ianza :ilaano cc Mrs. Frances Schering, advisor of the Spanish Club, planned the club's activities to give the members a cultural and social background in Spanish. A trip to the movie El Cid, a Christmas party, and a spring banquet featuring Spanish dishes were a few of their activities. A bake sale was sponsored by the club and everyone enjoyed their pastries "con mucho gusto." Mickey Milde, Secy.g Sharon Montry, Pres.g Holley Stearn, Treas.g Sandy Sharp, V. Pres. Row 1-Pam Taylor, Ann Alexander, James R. Friemark, James Luginbuhl, Barbara Douthett, Sandra Machinski. Row 2--Rosario Reyes, Lorrene Daniel, Criscelda Reyes, Cherie Howe, Edna Jones, Linda Blackford, Mary Jane Rodriguez, Betsy Hill. es f- ff., 21031 wr' llgvJ-DQ' Q r .- . ei' te 3' 1 ,,, , W. if M3 , C3 C iv-N ,,- 'is ,. E'-J - A A-ia .W TELAQW-.,f rr 'iv MM ,il ff.. 17'Mti.w4P"5pM4fx 3. Row 1-Berteriece Nicholas, Beverly Kelley, Joyce Rosebrock, Darlene Pontious, Terry Vallade, Patricia Bollinger, Ruth Harding, Maxine Garner, Judy Meade, Pat Wfelker. Row 2-Rita Valdes, Anna May Edwards, Sherrie DeCuis, Susan Rosebrock, Treva Syph, Sylvia Loper, Diane Roberts, Pam Hopings. Row 3-Maxine Trail, Pam Favro, Evelyn Green, Virginia Scoby, Doris Krueger, Judy Oestreich, Patricia Wise, Cheryl Hnrbert, Nancy Mclntire. c:!zKE1gdgt?gf. c::zKZ?6l. QZIE5 "Be a good sport, win or lose," was the motto carried out by the Libbey Lenders Club this year. The purpose of this club, made up of sophomore, junior, and senior girls, is to develop wholesome attitudes in skills and play. Led by Mrs. Gloria Lindeman and Mrs. Harriet Billmaier, the club had a course of study of rules and regulations of games played, season-wise. Some of their activities were a Christmas party and induction in December, a Volleyball Playday in March, an Easter food basket for a needy family, and a roast in May. vm fe, fimteteee r Tig CRYSTAL mf 'Nblfiwsf :104: , V Visitors at "Dogpatcli Shantyn Wl1at's in the jug, Dan? Can you End yourself in this one? Who is dancing with whom? We-all don't like rcvenuorsf Yifas she worth only two bits, Roy? 1105: I .1 0-f x -W 'W M" www I EYES f' v fn tx N .gem my in W mga new H mf T 7 M W N Tr X ., X ,X X X X XX X -XX X X X XXX XX X X gi X 1 V X K SL KX X X X X X X XX K X Y X X XXXXXXX X , RX.-K X W Y ZX XX K- K X X-NX -M. ,. WH X X X2 X X X f X X XX X K Q ss K XX. X XX X ln 2 KU SS! Y K X 5 X X X X X XX is X " X X X K' s pf XXX X '1 XX I XX X. E XX XX XX Xfk X,- NW is -XXX X X XXX Eg TSE wi X X rw X XX eww XXXX -X W XXX-X KMXX-XX-.Xi S1 HHH-B-hm X . 'TER Q X3 E .J Xf SS ,X.X.XX XX E X-XAXX XX 'rigs XXW HMB-XXXX M, H ,,... XX - X X, .,.. 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Bll.l'l71C',l',Y Mmmger I - if m -vm A Q, im sv- E 515 N -Rf -rwg, wang-- af 2110+ BURTON SPICE GARY DUHAIME NWALTER DRAHEIM Head BlI.l'f?6ll7ilU Comb Ligblwrfigbl Bmrkellnzll, Bnfeball Comb F1'E',l'l7lll6'I1 BlIJ'kE'lbIlU Coufb OULC Q5 DR. HISS Team Pby,firi.1n JAMES ZIMMERMAN LEO KUBACKI AL JEFFERY Cfon' Caznzlry C'm1cla Bowling Comb T1'Hf7161' zllli 4 'Nu- 0- Wg' Q in ...,., X ,Q ' f '11 fx ,. Q5 ' -if N . In .1 5 f Q JE, is . A K 5 g R! in yn WM 1 IHS? 5593! Q, V. xff'X X C G - ? ff' Q I nr 4 y....S"' WW. if 'fflliilsff' 'r,.,ffm,ff. .... . .. , ,- ,I ...V , . A .., , rind -'L 'fn' . . : :I A H ,... .... WYLK. I W Fu I. A -.R :.:.:. I - yn., MQ' ' s' r -v' En Row 1-Bob Ott, jerry Keil, Bob Newcomer, Dan Hunt Row 2-Roy Eulberg, Harold Pauly, Iohn Vfilliams, Dave Holmes Uaraify SCORES We K They 0 Lorain 14 28 Whitmer 20 6 Woodward 13 6 Macomber 1 2 14 Scott 14 O Central 58 8 Waite 8 14 Cleveland Garfield 50 6 Mansfield 42 0 DeVilbiss 58 Won 1 - Tied 2 - Lost 7 Row 1-Roy Eulberg, Dan Hunt, Webster XX'hite, jerry Keil, Bob Ott, Dick Hayden, john Xllfilliarns, Gary Fineske, Bill Garner, Harold Pauly, Bob Newcomer, Dave Holmes Row 2--Paul Chambers, Henry Harris, Bill Bowie, Ron Coleman, Dan Momsen, Mike Collins, james King, Chuck Suter, Bobby Collins, Bill Hayes, john Markland, john Phelps Row 3-jim Shorter, Mike Morse, Fred Crabtree, Dan Hymore, Craig Breitner, john Schneider. Adell Coley, Tony McCauley, Chuck Harris, Dave Harler, Larry Heslet, john Lockett :l14: Row 1-Darryl Lothery, Henry Norwood, Danny Brown, Mike Espinoza, Vern Thomas, Alan Schmucle Row 2-Bernard Stone, Don Isaacs, jim Dowling, Andy Bagrowski, john Knox, Mike Fuehr, jim Dec WON 5 LOST 4 TIED O rea men WON 2 LOST 4 TIED 1 Row I-Mike Cunningham, jerome Bragg, jim Hawkins, Ralph Fuehr, jim Thomas, john Ray-Coach, james Bacon, Mike LaVrar, Bill Plontz, jesse Phifer, Dave Albrecht, Bill Saunders Row 2-Mike Wiegand, Lewis Vargo, Carl Drake, Ed Lammon, john Foster, jim Townsend, Thornell Wfiggins, jim Tooson, Thomas Turner, Steve Bourn, Robert Bunny Row 3-john Reed, Arthur Geithmann, Sam Stover, Leroy Sullivan, jewell Waters, Ozell Brown, Danny McLemore, Nellis Sidel, jim Hollopeter, Ed Winter, Willy Smith ., .. , , .. X , . U NYVQ, M ww ki ., Qs. . apo 11151 BOBBY FLUNDER JENKINS BANNISTER LINTON DILLARD V A R S I T Y ED COUSINO H' IASPER NIEXVBORN CHARLES COSPER, JR. .IOHN XVILLIAMS :Hof 1 ' +1-.J 9 E , i ,037 C . ., ., . f T 2 TERRY DOTSON BOBBY COLLINS COACH SPICE B A S K E T B A L LEE HENDERSHOT , LN I It - I , . I 1, P w r ' - A JOHN FRANKLIN DARRYL LOTHERY JOE BRAGG :I l 7: Left to right-Bobby Collins, Jenkins Bannister, Darryl Lothery, Jasper Newborn, john Williams, john Franklin, Lee I-Iendershot, Charles Cosper, Ed Cousino, joe Bragg, Linton Dillard, Terry Dotson, Bobby Flunder. 2l18' Basketball Scores We They 43 Rogers 58 5 7 Scott 56 5 I Whitmer 46 27 Central 36 49 Woodward 54 66 Bowling Green 54 54 DeVilbiss 49 62 Macomber 46 55 Walnut Ridge 41 49 Belmont 50 31 Waite 37 39 Central 46 64 Scott 45 45 Woodward 58 47 DeVilbiss 54 59 Macomber 39 60 Waite 54 56 Akron Springfield 42 TOURNAMENTS 44 Rossford 37 44 Fostoria 55 Row 3-Asst. Coach Mike Duhane, Larry Loehrke, Buddy Wliite, Vernon Thomas, Linton Dillard, Bob Tribble, Coach Duhaime Row 2-Don jackson, Ron Ellis, Fred Carter, Bob Smith, jim Rogers, George Rios, Larry Huston Row 1-Sam Stover, Charles Andersen, john Rowe, Lee Butte Absent from picture-Bob Sexton, Craig Breitner, Craig Walters oligkfweiglzb Kai? Clamlaa WON17 LOST 3 .71-eAAmen Kai? Ckamlm WON 16 LOST 2 Row 2-Bill Ramsdell, jimmy Phenizy, Jewell Wilters, Ozell Brown, Coach Draheim, Danny Mclemore, Laney Sidel, joe Cook, Eddy jaynes Row 1-Glen Ingresol, Tom Turner, Eddy Cook, Terry Hopkins, Robert Reeves, Ruben Batey, Robert Powers, Amos Bostic Absent from picture-Steve Bourn, Gary Durham , W ffwlwxf '- ' J, ff -. 1,21 Z' A221-whiz A A , T1 ,. . i , i ,ww 'ij all :119: Row 1-Coach Wirick, Dave Wfinstel, Gene Poston, Dean Dashner, Ben Harris, jim Goings, Bill Moll, Chester Hardy, Mike Sommerville, Larry Styles, Coach Schlievert Row 2-George Leaf, Dave Dawson, jim King, Arthur Miller, Fred Summons, joe Phelps, Mike Harris, Mike Timeny, Bob Weber, Ron Stough, Roger Spielman Row 3-Rick Wallis, john Morrison, Bill Kepp, Paul Chambers, Charles Harris, John Franklin, George Hockmuth, john Barber, Harold Pauly, Dave I-larler, jim Metropulos Row 4-jim Dec, Rick Willinger, Neil Bersticlcer, Tim Duffey, Phil Williams, Denny Dixon, unidentified, Mike Mulvaney, Mike Morse, Dave Gallagher, unidentified, Mark Braunschweiger, Glenn Moulton, Arnie Robinson EMA F055 C0lll'lfl'y Row 3-Ken Wilson, Harold Pauly, Coach Zimmerman, Larry Loehrke Row 2-Don jackson, Alan Caldwell, Larry Dunsworth, Alton Neal, Dave Hayward, Wilbur Rippey Row 1-Ron Mercer, Roger Krantz, Dave Dawson, Pat Cochran, Arnie Robinson 2120-: Row 3-Mike Cunningham, Garfield Houston, jim Luginbuhl, Gary McCourt, John Markland, john Tennant, Don jackson, Coach Bernclt Row 2-Larry Heslet, Pat Cochran, jesse Pheiffer, Mike Tamlyn, Mark Braunschweiger, Bill Plontz, Dave Dawson Row 1-Mike LaVrar, Gary Ganchou, Charles Daniels, Manuel Menchaca, Wilbert Baccus, Ron Mercer, Leo Garcia Wfeofgng Olllkflg Row 1-Gregory Szkatulski, Eugene Haney, Duane Wfalton, James Kilis, Tom Schnetzler, John Zielinski Row 2-Dan Isaacs, Bob Reinbolt, Mike England, Bill Moskwa, Dave Vorba, Frank Rochowiak Anakin 4 .,. s - - ' M 1121-1 'Yr r if 32 nk ,gf .. f an K3 A 4 2 Row 2-Coach Draheim, Tom Roush, Malin Whgner, Jim Ellinger, Coach Zimmerman Row 1-Dave Zimmerman, jim Shorter, jim Scvrence, Denny Watkins, Bill Mazur Absent from picture-Chet Trail, Ed Taylor, john Schneider, Bill Schwanitz, Herb Minnick Baaebaf 122 CITY CHAMPIONS DISTRICT CHAMPIONS SECTIONAL CHAMPIONS REGIONAL FINALS 21f4 RECORD Get those - uh - legs up! No, it's not jane. Is this artificial respiration? What happens when I move my foot? You'rw: too lute for worms :124: R1 'X , A ww e A W E Nu wonder they always win, Wl1ere'd that hole come from? w Use the pegs, not the wall! Going down? Hey you, wake up! Xfifhoopsl Wfe forgot the lnlucks. A record-breaking 2 feet 3 inches! 21125: 4 A f A1 A- if Q, 5 Q 6 Q. . .Q ., lf' Y 'KT' ,, Alva QI --, gfwsma L' : ,, . .,,. W Z gs . in 34 I I 'X Q: 1 'Q X ig is 1 e 1 1 ,-wa - , A ,Y , xx f ,1Q1e'f ,, ii w?.g.r . . Fi .jx :W A1w I Vi .V f A 5,3 M vw , 02551 QQ, , Q W'-SQ A , ,. ' ,mu 3 wg ld, ,! , 4 :Y Q , ,Jyz vi v. jug fbi igsm' N ' 5 W M 577 snr W , ,sf x'bF.m-vw Ev' Q . W ,, ol? pa fI"0l'l:5 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Barton Mr. and Mrs. Williani Burns Mr. and Mrs. Walter' Carlson City Park A-r11letic Club Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Earle T. Deppen Mrs. Helene Doren Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dreyer Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Durkett, Sr Future Teachers of America Mrs. Luella R. Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Hahn Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haynes Mr. and Mrs. John Holdren Mrs. Mary E. Houser 128 Miss Ruby .lackson Mr. and Mrs. David Jackson Mr. George R. Jenkins Mr. Paul Koester Mr. and Mrs. Linville Meade Mr. and Mrs. Irving Mitchell Mrs. Leonard Nippe Potockyis Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rodriguez Mr. Harold Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Saunders Beth and Danny Schira Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Schulz Senior Y-Teens Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sprunk Mrs. Karen Strohscher W g Q6f 1953 awfjwfw OWENS-CORNING F1 BERGLAS worId's largest producer of fibrous glass and fibrous glass products SIGNIFIES QUALITY and DIVERSITY INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC BUILDING I . -- 'TTIBLE G Glass Block 3 U a oratnry lassware X 1 KIMAXP 1 ,gg l Q l class Pipe J 5 X ' ' TOPLITE - , KIMBLE Afl Z H Root Panels f S Q All-Glass Television Bulbs J lj' 25' . - 4 1 ' u i.- K MBLE J l l'nEull1grllEM'NGMY GIHSSI-alwrawry E KIMBLE minute Pi ' , - Al-lP3f3llIS Pharmaceutical Glassware Curtain Wall Panels ' g f f CONTAINERS lg I ! . ',Vh l KX! Glass Pressure F5250 Plastic , 2' of Cf Packa es Bottles 0 ,A - I Gllass Tubing 3 V ,- Q' an mass M Closure and Plastic 9 5 Specialties I TA B I. E WA R E 2 L All 95 --P is ef 1113 1 , 1 nunneuls it 3 gi X7 p X f .... 1 i ,,,,,, Containers 'i ' 1 X ef i Plastic Dinnerware T , 5 X l 1 1.1 ,VN - N.. T' 1 ' syfi' X ' S- '. ' 1 K, 'I' b j - Paperboard E' 1 I Q gf' 1 ' , f ' ..f"" f Multiwall Paper Bags ' ' Pai l ' 1 ll Ik' 0 ,.,.. l I - Heavy Duty Plastic Shipping Sacks l 1 i n 1 5 l I - Corrugated Shipping Boxes "' K -it Q , P5 -.54 - UBBEY G'm"'a'e MAKERS OF Q PRODUCTS OWEN5' ILLINOI S cENm1AL onrrcas - Tomaso 1, omo ELMER DRUGS Free Parking Prescriptions Delivered - No Charge 2029 Byrne Rd. Toledo, Ohio Phone 382-9011 Free Parking COMPLINIENTS International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite and Paper Mill Workers Ruby Jackson, International Representative L L N Compliments I 0 ll E5 of sou'rH s. sPENcen - EV 2-2131 6009 HEALTH TOWU FROM CLEAN SPORT llABOLD'S "LA'i1i1fi?5DT5f3f1'liLLE' N2Mf12fl2l2lfQ1e BARBER Sll0P 1611 BROADWAY MIIXLSQKNN ' Harold Busick :wo- fs ll Hmmm! Libbey sophomores are impressed by the Versailles Exhibit I still think yours is best, Beverly. I still think Napoleon looks just like Marlon Brando! Wrmxmder whos getting her vote? Wl1ere's the spaghetti? :IBIS Best Wislles to the Class of 1963 V gklllel' 0116! Q'eenLouJe 2615 Glendale Toledo 14, Ohio J 0 T E N 9 S TREASURE-CRAFT JEWELERS Class Rings - Class Pins Commencement Announcements Designers ancl Manufacturers of the Worlcl's Finest School Jewelry Main Office and Plant OWATONNA, MINNESOTA Eastern Division Headquarters 627 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio 382-3465 CROMLY Rexall DRUG CORSAGES 1917 Wayne Tel. 382-2911 Ken and June Fineske Tcledof Ohio Class of '43 coivlPLnviEN'rs OF y ATLAS sl-los REPAIR A A ' "FOR THOSE WHO CARE in V ENOUGH TO WANT THE BEST" ' 'f 716 sou'rH STREET fill gg all 4,5 l X? BHUAHWHY .IEWELEHS Trophies 8 Engravings DIAMONDS Columbia - Feature L ck Look into the many advantages of a job with the Telephone Company WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE WATCHES H milton- Long'n -Bul a complete commumcatwns for home - bmriness - community GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 1526 Broadway at South 242-5491 132 I Congratulations to the 1963 Seniors STAUTZENBERGER BUSINESS COLLEGE Northwestern Ohio's Largest Business College Your are Cordially Invited to Visit Us at Our New, Completely Air-conditioned Location at 224 SUPERIOR STREET CONGRATULATIONS Gene's susan snop 2017 Glendale GENE l-l. GABLE Toledo 14, Ohio MADE IN U.S.A. Tl-lla QUALITY MARK TO LOOK EOR l l l.lBBEY'0WENS'FORDi I I wGlztd6lVanwlz2oQQ4-La l TOLEDO 2, OHIOI X 1 What a wonderful Open World Have you noticed schools like this on your travels? Probably, because new buildings are springing up everywhere. They are beautiful and functional structures with large glass areas to create an "open-world" atmosphere to Wherever you live, work, shop or travel, you'll find L'O'F Glass making it more enjoy- able. In homes, motels, schools and stores. In offices and fac- tories. In hospitals and church- es. In cars, buses, trains and planes. There's an L'O'F Glass that insulates windows. It's called ThermopaneQ insulating glass. Another subdues sun heat and glare. L'O'F Glass that makes automobiles safer. L'O'F Glass to do a thousand things. And when anyone needs glass, there's an authority on it nearby-your local indepen- dent L'O'F Glass Distributor or Dealer. His name is in the telephone book Yellow Pages under "Glass". Call him. eliminate the feeling of being boxed in. Laboratories, shops and studyrooms are separated from twin classroom buildings by a broad, central court, Ithaca Senior High School, Ithaca, N .Y. Architects: Perkins 8: Will, White Plains, N.Y. COIVIPLIIVIENTS A Name to Remember- OF For Lovely Flowers and Beautiful Gifts HILLEBRAND BROS. Established February 12th, 1890 ' Joe I. Cooper Florist 1635 Broadway 635 so. sl. Clair sl. 243-5138 1135: ACME PHARMACY Comp,imemS of 1401 South Street REXALL STORE Reliable Prescription Service A P IF Rupp EarIA R h Wayne 8K South 382-1434 Champion Cleaners and Formal Wear Rentals 1542 South 1164 Sylvania 382-7131 472-5567 Open Evenings Until 8 p.m. Barbara and Don Lueftke Classes of '48 and '46 Walter Funeral Hume C""g'm"m"S The DiSalle Plating and Die 1221 Broadway casting co Im I' O 343-4105 Die Casting aml Flectraplating Weber N. Oreenwalt Leelan d E L b 2851 South Avenue 382-3473 tfsnit L fx QS National Honor inductees take the N. H. S. oath. I wish that photographer would hurry. I'm hungry! Not that door! 'I'hz1t's somcone's locker! Wfho has prettier cl1eerlf:a11.lers than Libbey? Fo Elwood, Bernard, and Pat, and Mrs. Wfinkerv-I Our sincere thanks for the sketches! Our Pep Band director. 21371 4 .. 5sf:,:1xs1:t'f' N:3:Y:13'f2 ffqeecrrevrf --" 2 2:55 55.1.2122-1-'-r .. .. mafia av:-e1.r::.-: aa-::::.:.:1: wma-ai aerza: You Can't Go Wrong... . . ' l 1 42- K :Eel xiii s.- C9 Nobody should ever consider his educa- tion complete. You can't go wrong by getting as much schooling as possible. So strongly does Toledo Edison feel about this that we finance three scholarships a year at the University of Toledo. Lots of college graduates find Toledo Edison a good place to work. Investor- owned electric companies oiTer interesting careers in many fields. You might want to look into this. TOLEDO EDISON - . . an Investor-owned electric light and power company serving Northwestern Ohio Wall's Drug Store 1132. Broadway Toledo, Ohio FLAT TIRE? DEAD BATTERY? Don't Be Late Call JAX SUNOCO SERVICE WE GIVE TV STAMPS 1620 Broadway 1460 South 241-2431 382-9211 SPANGLER CANDY Wishes your school success The Finest in Candy 28 North St. Clair Toledo, Ohio TYPEWRITER SALES and RENTALS Zan Kew Za germ Qld-464 Ge , en'5 .Z 241 1193 323 Erie Street ll-ll. ll-ll. BIRKENKAMP Funeral Home line. 104 Years of Personal Service Same Location Phones: 243-2183, 243-2184 1003 to 1011 Broadway Toledo, Ohio Only One Branch Tremainsville and Alexis Trilby, Ohio 479-5377 139 CONIPLIMENTS OF National Cement Products 2930 Wayne Street 7 Smifk 5 Fine Foods since 1916 Suburban SECOR AT CENTRAL Downtown MADISON AT ERIE THE MILLER 0ll CO. 1033 South Toledo 9, Ohio DISTRIBUTORS OF HY-FLASH GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL STATIONS 1033 South at Anthony Wayne Trail 4654 Detroit 1920 Fearing Chicago Pike at Crissey Woodville at Rt. 199 McCord at Nebraska Dorr at Crissey Rds. FOR HOME FUEL oII. DELIVERY can 243-8111 Day or Night Gempel-Stone Hdwe, Inc. 1609 Broadway Near South CH 3-2923 YOUR SOUTH TOLEDO COIVIPLETE HARDWARE CENTER Finest Gift Center Including Electric Appliances Remember-Shop Us First WE DELIVER Compliments of Heatherilowns Car Wash The best in washing and polishing Byrne at Tedrow 382-3901 GLENDALE PHARMACY QWALGREEN AGENCYJ 2014 GLENDALE AVENUE Free Prescription Delivery Feature Leading Brand Cosmetics LUNCHEONETTE SERVICE 382-3463 140 WESTERN APPAREL FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN 0 SHIRTS O PANTS I BOOTS 0 DRESSES O HATS Square Dance Records Newcomb Amplifiers F Gu. S WESTERN SHOP 1557 WESTERN AVE. O TOLEDO 9, O. 0 EV 5-4741 Ray's Sohio Service Chicago Pike SL Byrne 382-0125 Electronic Motor Tune Up ff' JW! coli, f M 0. LM f 'WL riff! 'Mil 'fic V j ,, jgL,x'U1 fur JW , ff Mjjwfi 1' fl 15,43 6 I !,,, ' lv , 1 - 4 ,if if . I , 1'LL?L' f7V,f'y 7512! fy! Lf , 9 f X ' ,, if ,,f Com limenls of 1 A Trail Medical Center Pharmacy 2060 GLENDALE ,E V lc. ., i -ff ,gyig T' V"'fr'? 4 ,, .V 5 V- ,B TOLEDO 14, OHlOn A X, J a CT7 .Lf I N ,fjfv A yu, .J Y-'gif 'V ,' 1, -T ' ,ell-1fj7,, 'E r E, W for QI? E' f'f'!1"A T fr' f -, , ,rw , 1 . -- X X1 ,' ff! fx ,'.' ,ffl ,iff-f,,f f ,flL,L,' If v ' Clf7,i1f1,' I i""f!.Pf lyc' , ,rj ,' ArL,4h" J Q XL ,' ,riff rrrr 'f f were L l ' , I I,-V -' I .,- ,1 Y Y : 1 Y -'K A ,,'zA'-I, ' 1 ffzwrr ssefiesfier 4 ,T U ' ' "few ,fr 241-8153 Flowers Delivered Good Luck, Class of '63 S AV E -WAY COMPLIMENTS OF George M. Abel, Florist Nlrs. Geo. M. Abel 1528 Broadway Proprietor Toledo 9, Ohio 141 .1 7? fi mn S . 'a ss ms s p , , , 'Q M' ii at.. HV, .W .ml y QWHW., .Q 'H 'wx,""v5. ' : ,i1:?.f'f M" wiswffsj ,'i,..,sf.11?...g,',fEQ.L ' 3? N .- 4 n Y' N M pw - Jn, 2... .. f 5 X, .1 ', ...I Ka nv .:. 'N . ' ur K v If G' , rhyvn .E X H Q my M 53 W .K wk ,Yi W vw Q 715.1-1. fn- ...Q M , 1 QQ . 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Our second team! 2144: Name Page Page Name Page Achor, Nancy Agnew, Doris Allen, Carolyn Allen, Joann Andree, Merrilee Anthony, Sharon Arce, Louise Archie, Deborah Armstrong, Karen Anrold, Sharon Avery, Betsy Avery, Jean Avery, Rose Ann Bacon, Frances Bagner, Janice Baker, Dianne Baker, Susan Ball, Judy Ball, Rosemary Banda, Mary Lou Bannister, Gloria Barkhimer, Margaret Barkhimer, Rosemary Barnes, Regina Barringer, Emma Bartlett, Kathy Bates, Carrie Beasley, Carol Beauch, Hazel Beauregard, Dianne Beckler, Betty Belcher, Sheila Bellair, Linda gennett, Barbara ' ennett, Pat Bey, Delores Bialecki, Elaine Blackford, Linda Blake, Martha Blechinger, Jan Bliss, Sharon Blount, Eloise Bollinger, Patricia Boomer, Mary Jane Borton, Cathey Bost, Vallencia Bowens, Rebecca Bragg, Luarn Branford, Eleanor Braun, Janet Braun, Kayellen Brawn, Patricia Bridenstine, Joyce Bridge, Mary Briscoe, Janet Brooks, Dorothy Brooks, Suzanne Brown, Earlene Brown, Marcia Brown, Nelgene Brown, Sharon Brown, Shirley Brown, Susan Brown, Theresa Browning, Mary Brumtield, Joyce Buehrer, Margaret Bunts, Sharon L. Burford, Laurie Burgess, Evelyn Burgess, Lois Burgess, Vickie Burkhardt, Barbara Burner, Sandi Butler, Linda Bylow, Dorthy Byrd, Luia Caldwell, Mary Callahan, Rita Campbell, Linda Campbell, Royine Carey, Vicki Carothers, Rebecca Carothers, Sheryl Carrothers, Diane Carswell, Marilyn Carter, Brenda 65 57 69 73 72 71 71 66 69 62 56 53 63 60 63 60 68 54 70 73 52 63 61 71 56 68 73 61 73 53 61 75 75 65 75 55 75 62 67 68 64 60 62 71 63 75 72 72 65 71 64 71 53 69 75 66 63 60 69 53 64 64 61 65 54 66 57 70 52 52 64 70 74 59 75 65 66 69 62 66 66 66 73 53 62 72 62 Name Carter, Deloris Carter, Juanita Cartmill, Shirley Cary, Ruth Cash, Marcia Castro, Concha Cathey, Patricia Cherry, Estella Childress, Jo Ann Christian, Dianne Cichy, Donna Cisterino, Pamela Cisterino, Patricia Clapp, Kay Clifton, Regina Cobb, Linda Coleman, Brenda Coleman, Millie Collins, Ann Collins, Sue Collum, Barbara Cook, Irma Corbin, Dolores Cothren, Karen Cousino, Bonnie Cousino, Sharon Couturier, Barbara Crannon, Sharon Crawford, Georgia Creamer, Brenda Curtis, Iris Curtis, Noel Daly, Carolyn Daly, Kathleen Daniel, Layrette Daniel, Lorrene Daniels, Sandra Davenport, Sharon Davilla, Eva Davis, Laverne Davis, Sharon Day, Marlene Dean, Jerilyn DeCius, Christinne DeCius, Hollie DeCius, Sherrie Decker, Kathy Delgrosa, Virginia Denker, Donna Devalt, Ethel Devalt, Gladys Dicken, Cheryl Dillard, Joyce Dills, Margaret Dills, Nancy Dismuke, Judy Dixon, Toni Dodge, Joan Dolby, Sue Dominiak, Joyce Donovan, Sue Douthett, Barbara Dowling, Barbara Draheim, Gayle Drake, Eva Draper, Sharon Driver, Dorothy Dross, Nancy Druckemiller, Marilyn Duquette, Cathy Durban, Joanne Dusseau, Lynn Dylewski, Carol Dylewski, Chris Early, Ruth Edwards, Anna May Edwards, Marine Ellis, Lana Elrod, Judy Ely, Annamarie Emahiser, Karen Emch, Ruth Erwin, Sue Falkenberg, Mary Favro, Pam Feltner, Loraine Fench, Arether Yflnclercfaria QI' 5 61 57 75 52 70 75 59 67 66 65 67 54 64 59 69 67 67 74 64 69 7 1 53 62 71 72 60 73 72 61 62 53 65 57 69 70 53 59 55 59 70 60 73 55 59 69 61 71 60 68 71 56 57 56 64 70 62 54 53 52 59 72 62 56 52 69 52 63 61 53 60 62 65 63 63 71 63 68 52 52 70 62 69 66 61 60 75 65 145 Fic, Kathy Fields, Nadine Files, Genette Files, Rosebud Filipovich, Sandra Finch, Dorothy Fink, Connie Fink, Marilyn Flores, Teresa Flourney, Bobbi Lou Floyd, Sharon Folsom, Elizabeth Foster, Rosemary Foster, Shirley Fowler, Lena Franklin, Bonita Franklin, Cheri Franklin, Cynthia Franklin, Ruby Fries, Mary Frye, Heide Frye, Linda Fruehr, Linda Gaisser, Natalie Galant, Barbara Galloway, Francine Gambrell, Dora Gambrell, Jo Ann Gambrell, Julia Gannon, Cheryl Gantz, Suzanne Garner, Maxine Gedeon, Theresa Geier, Pattie Geis, Linda Gere, Carol Gibson, Patricia Giles, Alicesteen Glendening, Billie Glendening, Bobbie Gloulette, Sue Glover, Patsy Goldstein, Sylvia Gonzales, Josephine Gonzalez, Gloria Grambling, Elaine Graves, Ronita Grear, Carolyn Green, Evelyn Green, Jo Ann Greenlee, Gladys Grow, Shirley Grzechowiak, Linda Haberland, Kathie Haberland, Sue Hamilton, Frankie Hamm, Susan Hankins, Mary Harbert, Cheryl Harcourt, Linda Harding, Ruth Harriger, Charlotte Harris, Ilene Harris, Lotus T. Harrison, Barbara Heap, Linda Heckart, Darlene Henderson, Fannie Hendrix, Barbara Hendrix, Ella Henry, Connie Hernandez, Irma Higgins, Virginia Hill, Betsy Hill, Betty Hines, Brenda Hiser, Pat A. Hitchner, Judith Hockmuth, Karen Hollar, Carol Holtfreter, Patricia Hood, Della J. Hopings, Pamela Hornyak, Kathleen Horosewski, Vi Horvath, Frances Hoskins, Margaret Page 53 63 55 74 59 57 57 55 68 71 57 57 63 66 69 69 60 65 66 62 69 72 74 60 70 56 75 56 66 73 64 71 61 64 75 73 72 69 69 54 54 70 64 70 54 73 59 57 64 69 61 75 73 64 68 67 71 56 55 59 65 59 69 69 64 71 74 63 65 56 69 68 70 53 70 63 69 62 65 67 64 75 72 66 57 65 68 Name Hoskins, Shirley Houston, Cynthia Howard, Roberta Howe, Cheryl Huggins, Rosemary Hunt, Mary Irwin, Nancy Jackson, Vickie Jacobs, Carol Jakab, Mary James, Elaine Jarzebowski, Janet Jeakle, Janice Jeziorowski, Cathy Johns, Marcia Johnson, Delphine Johnson, Edith Johnson, Linda Johnson, Susie Jolley, Rita Jones, Cloddie Jones, Dorothy Jones, Janice Jones, Lydia Jones, Mildred Jones, Pamela Jones, Sheila Kanipe, Lynnette Kasten, Gloria Kaucher, Linda Keier, Linda Kelley, Alice Kelly, Kelly, Carol Pat Kibler, Hazel King, Katherine Klein, Jo Ann M. Klostermeier, Marsha Knapp, Jill Koder, Jacquiline Kovacs, Donna Kramer, Kay Krechman, Carole Krett, Shirley Krueger, Doris Krueger, Sue Ellen Kruse, Betty Kuhn, Sandy Kurschat, Karen Kurschat, Luana Kynard, Geraldine Laberdee, Sharon Landrum, Carolyn Laughlin, Janie Lawson, Brenda Lay, Alma Lay, Caolyn Leary, Suzanne Leck, Deidre Lennon, Barbara Liggett, Lea Ann Loehrke, Libby Loper, Ivy Loper, Sylvia Luckett, Jacqueline Lyons, Lathena Mac Farlane, Charlene McBride, Barbara McClain, Diane McClorrine, Linda McCoats, Tanya McDonagh, Kathy McDonald, Terry McFeters, Virginia McGovern, Bobby McGranahan, Cathy Mclntire, Nancy McKenzie, Linda McKenzie, Patricia McLendon, Yvonne McMilliam, Helen Machcinski, Mary Ann Machcinski, Sandra Mack, Mary 66 55 59 72 71 61 55 71 52 57 61 59 62 59 55 56 68 56 55 61 53 64 65 56 66 75 70 68 60 73 72 64 69 59 52 70 73 73 65 73 52 57 53 71 56 63 62 64 52 69 74 70 69 63 70 59 67 71 63 62 67 65 57 59 P9 72 74 52 73 64 68 67 67 54 63 57 54 61 72 V 72 67 74 62 67 63 66 Vallade, Name Madden, Jo Anne Madden, Virginia Malohn, Janice Mann, Jane Mann, Martha Manz, Beverly Markley, Nancy Matzin 53 Mason, Barbara Mason, Catherine Mason, Linda Mason, Marsha Mason, Willa Mae ger, Betty Snyde Maxwell, Gloria Mayo, Linda Meade, Judy Meclere, Kathleen Medon, Marcia Medon, Mary Meier, Jean Menchaca, Irma Mendez, Elosie Mercer, Sandra Merzke, Linda Jean Meyer, Dianne Meyer, Judith Meyer, Marilyn Miller, Betty Miller, Brenda Miller, Dianna Miller, Lona NX'illis, E Miller, Sharon Mills, Cheryl Mitchell, Floy Mocek, Joyce Moline, Rose Ann Moman, Darlene Monahan, JoAnn Montelongo, Rose Montry, Sharon 1 Moore, Jerline Moore, Violet Morrin, Laura Morris. Mamie Morrison, Mona Mynhier, Patricia Naiero, Nancy Neely, Patricia Nellich, Gloria Never, Pam ' Newcomer, Judith Newman, Nancy Newman, Pat Nicholas. Berteriece Noyes, Pat Nunley, Joyce Nunley, Norma Oestreich, Judy Olszewski, Diane O'Neil, Jean O'Neil, Patricia Osborne, Donna Overstreet, Janice Page, Mattie Palmer. Bonita Panning, Deborah 4k yr. ,W X A in 4. 99 A! Page 62 69 68 60 54 65 66 6-7 si 87 59 66 60 69 5 4 68 74 75 63 56 57 68 74 55 77 53 68 62 72 62 54 74 66 56 66 59 61 sz 75 vs 74 56 57 60 66 65 72 68 69 61 71 75 S6 52 56 74 64 57 69 65 65 73 60 0 . .070 , 4 IZ, f. P00 Name Parker, Clara Parsley, Donna Pasch, Robin Patterson, Marjorie Patton, Manzetta Pearson, Brenda Pena, Lupe Petoskey, Donna Pezzino, Barbara Phenizy, Nellie Phiefer, Anna Pickens, Jaqueline Pietrzak, Mary Jane Porter, Maxine Price, Janet Price, Judith Price, Mary Pryor, Maeoni Purifoy, Mildred Rader, LeAnne Radtke, Nora Ramos, Lupe Ramsdell, Sharon Randall, Corliss Rapp, Judy Ray, Althea Ray, Eddye Ray, Nancy Rayford, Flora - Rayford, Levon Redfern, Delores Reeves, Mitzi Reitz, Joanne Reitz, Mary Respress, Beth Reyes, Criscelda Reyes, Rosario I Reynolds, Nancy Reynolds, ,Sandra Rice. Linda Richards, Mary Richmond, Cindy Richmond, Cindy Riley, Marilyn Rill, Judy Ritter, Suzanne Roberts, Diane Robinson, Edna Rollins, Mary Root, Ardella Rosebrock, Joyce Rosebrock, Susan Rosinski, Stephanie Rospert. Nita Rossvanis. Vivian Rozandki, Sue Rywalski, Delores Samudio, Judy Sanchez, Alice Sandridge. Patricia Schlapman, Mitzie Schmidt, Janet Schnieder, Bonnie Schropp, Diana Schultz, Carol Schwanbeck. Sherryl Schwanitz, Mary ,J4 V , 5 il 07 1 tl Us Ky WUXBUPV03, Wi ft' Q M Tp! I NAV ff H Ugly, 006' Dflxjr iii! 0 ta, r ,xi Page 5 7 73 64 69 56 61 59 68 64 5-4 69 61 68 56 62 69 74 69 60 65 59 67 63 54 62 74 74 70 54 70 65 65 55 60 60 54 59 73 62 63 74 65 66 60 52 74 71 53 60 73 67 60 68 54 73 70 74 52 66 63 68 65 59 56 52 55 55 l46" Name Scoby, Virginia Scott, Charlene Scott, Janice Scott, Johnetta Scott, Laveda Secrest, Kathleen Sharp, Sandra Shaw, Judy Sherwin, Maureen Shores, Linda Shorter, Margie Siek, Linda Simmons, Rosie Skentrowicz, Helga Slappery, Barbara Smith, Alice Smith, Barbara Smith, Dyonne Smith, Iris Smith, Janet Smith, Judy Smith, Julie Smith, Sharon Smith Shirley Smithi Susan r, Brenda Anne Spearman, Mary Stanley, Marcia Staples, Noami Staton. Linda Staton, Mary Stearn, Holley Stefanski, Donna Stevens, Judy Stevenson, Charlene Steward, Annie Stewart, Evelyn Stewart, Judith Stewart, Mary Stine, Judy Stivenson, Peggy Stoker, Paula Stone, Freeda Strasel, Sue Streeter, Patricia Strickland, Joyce Ann Strickstein, Bonnie Strohl, Marilyn Stuart, Kathleen Stubblelield, Paula Stubblefield, Paulette Sullivan, Yvonne Sund, Sheila Suter, Pam Swope, Lola Syph, Treva Tallman, Judy Tarini, Mary Taylor, Rosemary Temple, Shirley Terrill, Sue Terry, Zelma Thomas, Earline Thompson, Cheryl Tomblin, Charlene Trail, Maxine Tressler, Linda Tressler, Sharon Page 53 75 54 70 55 57 61 52 72 54 75 56 62 52 57 72 55 60 70 74 68 64 61 61 59 53 67 69 72 74 68 64 53 73 53 74 54 69 65 61 68 67 71 75 66 66 69 55 72 67 71 74 72 52 74 64 65 71 59 75 67 69 65 69 69 5 5 70 60 Name Turner, Celia Tyler, Sylvia Urbina, Susan Valdes, Rita Terry Vaughn, Mildred Veith, Jackie Vernaz, Lorraine Versansky, Sue Vincent, Connie Vinson, Eileen Vogelbacher, Becky Waite, Kathy Waganfeald, Georgia Wagner, Harriet Wagoner, Jane Waldron, Karletta Walker, Barbara Walker, Jean Walker, Loretta Walker, Novella Wallington, Linda Ware, Emma Wfare, JoAnne Warejko, Joyce Weatherford, Laureen Webster, Judy Wegner, Kathleen Werner, Patricia Wertz, Linda Westfall, Carol Westmeyer, Kathleen Westrup, Paulette Wetzel, Ginger XX'hite, Annette Whitfield, Ingrid Wfiegand, Pat Wigfall, Gloria Wiggins, Bernice Wiggins, Ella Willard, Joann Williams, Azzie Williams Beverly l Williams, Brenda Williams, Jean Williams, Mary XX'illiams, Matilda Williams, Norma Jean velyn Wilson, Sandra XX'orden, Emely XXforlcman, Florence Viformely, Bertha NX'ride, Kathy Young, Sandra Young. Sharon Youngs, Judy Zaper, Barbara Zdybek, Sandra Zillinski, Antonia Zolciak, Suzanne ' Zmyewski, Alice Page' 69 53 69 63 73 64 5 5 67 54 57 64 68 52 66 70 69 75 72 55 67 72 57 71 62 54 61 63 71 55 63 55 66 52 57 69 69 54 65 59 74 75 68 55 55 69 70 53 54 67 68 70 60 75 69 67 75 73 72 73 67 74 67 Name Adams, Kenneth Adams, Sammy Adkins, James Albert, William Albright, Ronald Alfonza, Russ Alley, Thomas Armstrong, james Arnold, Kenneth Awls, Lonnie Bacon, Dorson Bacon, James Baker, Jim Ball, Allen Ball, Edward Ball, Greg Ball, james Ballard, Ronald Banker, Larry Barboza, Raymond Bartko, Michael Batey, Ruben Batey, Rufus Batley, Richard Bazrowski, Andrew Bazzell, Carl Belcher, Frank Bell, Robert Bell, Willie Benson, Richard Berkey, Rickey Bernath, Ernie Black, DeWayne Bliss, Dennis Bolinger, Tim Bollinger, Edward Boomer, Donald Boone, Bill Bost, Ervin Bostic, Earl Bostic, Kenneth Bothast, Leslie Bourn, Steve Bowie, William Bowling, David Boyle, Dennis Bradford, Leonard Bradford, Raymond Bragg, Jerome Braunschweiger, Mark Breitner, Bruce Breitner, Craig Bristow, Roy Brown, Danny Brown, Ozell Brown, Ray Brown, Richard Browning, Melvin Buck, O. B. Buck, Richard Bunny, Robert Calipietro, john Campbell, Harry Canty, john Carter, Albert Carter, Frederick Cary, Lloyd Chamberlain, Bill Chambers, Paul Chambers, Redmond Clemous, Maurice Cochran, Patrick Coffey, Michael Coker, Dawson Coker, Tyrone Coleman, John Coleman, Ronald Colwell, Alan Coley, Adell Coley, LeRoy Coley, William Collins, Michael Coogler, Sterling Cook, Carl Cook, Edward Cook, james Cooke, joseph Page 72 72 55 74 62 70 65 64 64 70 70 70 63 72 54 61 62 67 64 68 65 68 72 61 59 74 65 70 61 57 75 64 63 71 70 54 53 63 72 68 59 61 71 57 73 63 70 73 73 53 71 63 63 59 73 70 59 61 66 56 71 53 65 57 56 64 75 74 59 55 56 54 54 65 74 55 59 62 65 62 74 54 72 5 4 68 64 72 Name Cope, Ronnie Cortez, Alexander Cosper, Charles Costell, Edward Cousino, Butch Cousino, jerry Cousino, Larry Cousino, Leonard Cowson, Erie Cox, Michael Cox, Wiley Crawford, jeff Cunningham, Michael Dalton, Albert Daniel, Charles Darrington, Lester Davis, Henry Davis, john Dawson, David Dec, james Decoster, Richard Dennis, Robert Dent, Tyrone Dillard, Linton Disher, joe Dobrzynski, Dave Dombrowsky, Bill Donnelly, Dennis Donnelly, Kenneth Douglas, Dennis Dowling, james Doyle, Billy Doyle, Bob Drahan, Casimir Drake, -Carl Drake, Roger Drenner, Daniel Driver, Andrew Dureja, Richard Dunsworth, Larry Durham Gary Durham Kenneth Durham, Michael Durham, Terry Durliat, Daniel Eber, Gary Ebright, Lloyd Eiben, jim Ellis, Ronald Emery, Leland Emline, David England, Michael English, Michael Erdman, Dennis Escobar. Victor Espinoza, Michael Falk, Tom Fallon, Samuel Fields, Ross Filopovich, Howard Fineske, Gary Fink, jerry Finks, Tom Finn, Edgar Fitzsimmons, Terry Floering. David Floering, Robert Flontz, Bill Flores, Edward Flowers, Chuck Flunder, Robert Folsom, john Ford, Stephan Forney, Ronald Forrey, Bill Foster, Jerry Foster, johnny Francis, James Franklin, Carl Franklin, Grover Franklin, Roosevelt Fratilla, Terry French, Walter Frey, Dick Frey, Don Friemark, james Mnalercfaaa gow Page 56 68 56 56 56 64 54 63 64 63 72 66 73 71 59 67 63 56 62 60 75 73 70 55 54 60 68 59 64 56 63 64 59 65 68 67 55 54 64 55 68 62 65 57 75 70 56 53 64 71 57 64 53 75 65 63 61 65 74 72 53 73 71 67 63 55 73 73 74 57 56 73 67 59 65 60 70 68 75 57 54 61 65 63 63 64 147-1 N maze Fuehr, Michael Fuehr, Ralph Fulton, Joe Furry, Greg Gable, Rod Gablione, Chuck Ganas, Ricardo Ganchou, Gary Garcia, Leo Garner, Lee Garner, McClelan Garrett, Leonard Garza, Bob Gehrs, Kenneth Geithmann, Arthur Gerschultz, Richard Goree, Robert Goree, William Graves, Orlando Gray, Lee Gray, Norman Green, Arthur Green, William Gribble, Daniel Grimm, William Grisham, Steve Grochowski, Dan Gunn, Tommy Gwozoz, Bob Hadley, Guy Hallick, Emmett Hamernick, Tom Hamilton, Bill Haney, Eugene Hann, jim Hansen, Greg Hansley, Donald Hanslik, Paul Harding, Robert Hargrave, Carlton Harler, Dave Harringer, James Harris, Charles Harris, Larry Harris, Michael Harrison, Charles Hart, Arthur Harvey, Robert Hassell, jerone Hawkins, jimmy Hawkins, William Hayes, William Hayward, David Hazlett, Tom Heap, Marshall Heard, Robert Heckerman, Dale Heer, joseph Hendershot, Lee Hernadez, Richard Heslet, Larry Heyer, Douglas Hightower, Charles Hindman, Ronald Hirth, Daryl Hiser, Mike I-lockmuth, George Hockenberger, James Hoffman, jay Holdsworth, William Hollopeter, james Holman, David Homes, William Holst, Philip Holstein, james Hopings, Donald Hopkins, Terry Horosewski, Phil Houston, Garfield Houston, Larry Howard, Robert Huepenbecker, Dennis Hunter, Fred Hunter, jerry Hutchinson, Al Ihnot, John Page 59 75 71 72 59 64 73 66 60 59 70 74 68 57 67 61 70 71 70 67 54 70 67 64 66 65 5:6 75 53 65 53 72 71 73 59 66 60 57 75 53 53 61 55 65 56 62 60 53 64 71 75 53 56 72 75 54 72 71 56 66 60 71 71 64 61 71 66 64 66 60 67 74 71 66 73 67 74 63 61 59 59 65 56 54 66 57 Name Ingersoll, Glenn Isaacs, Donald jackson, Don jackson, Donald jaynes, Edward jelks, Carlos jimmison, Edward Johns, Melvin Johnson, james johnson, Jerry L. johnson, Michael johnson, Tellus Ed johnson, Willie jones, james jones, john Kaczala, Gary Kaczmarck, Mike Kemp, Harold Kilbride, Edward Kilis, james Killy, Craig Kinder, Frank King, james Klein, Dave Klostermier, Robert Knight, jeff Knox, john Krantz, Roger Kruse, Tim Kruszewski, joe La Beau, Michael Lammon, Edward Lane, William Latimer, Bucky LaVrar, Mike Leach, Wesley Lee, Daniel Leeper, Ronald Lemay, Curtis Leonard, jim Leslie, Don Lewandowski, David Lewandowski, Stanley Lewis, Clifford Lewis, Paul Lewis, Robert Limongi, Paul Limpf, Darryl Lincoln, Terry Locketh, john Locklear, Richard Loehrke, Larry Longbrake, Greg Lopez, Phil Love, Alvin Lubalm, Earl Luginbuhl, James Lyons, John Mac Allister, jim McCauley, Anthony McClain, Michael McCourt, Gary McCrae, Alex McElza, james McEwen, Dave McFarland, Leonard McGraw, Dan McIntosh, jerry McKenzie, james McLemore, Gerald McMillian, Robert McPherson, john Ross McVicker, Jett McVicker, john Maddox, Ralph Madison, Lee Malkmian, Mike Mann, Mike Manning, Cal Markland, john Marshall, Charles Martin, Dennis Martinez, Tony Matecki, john Menchaca, Manuel Page 68 60 66 55 75 73 70 55 74 72 75 56 65 61 61 65 71 72 55 62 70 66 55 57 70 62 59 55 75 74 73 70 68 74 67 54 74 55 54 60 75 72 60 56 74 55 64 64 62 59 67 66 62 60 57 68 63 55 61 55 73 63 59 61 63 57 61 61 67 67 55 53 60 74 60 67 68 67 59 63 75 62 59 75 60 Name Page Name Page Name Page Name Page Mendez, Pete 71 Quinn, Bernard 57 Sifuentes, Frank 60 Tucker, Fred 75 Mercer, Ron 62 Sifuentes, jose 60 Tucker, Mike 53 Mercurio, Ramond 68 Ralph, Walter 62 Sifuentes, Mike 60 Tucker, Walter 61 Meyer, Bill 66 Ramirez, Rich 59 Simmons, Fred 53 Turner, Arclouis 65 Michaels, Frank 65 Ramm, Edward 73 Siwasex, Martin 62 Tuttle, Robert 65 Miles, jerry 68 Ramsdell, William 68 Small, Eddie 61 ' Miller, Elwood 66 Ray, Kenneth 61 Smith, Arthur 65 Upchurch, Michael 74 Miller, Robert E. 57 Recknagel, Fred 55 Smith, Bobby 59 V ld R d I h 66 Miller, Robert G. 57 Reid, john 73 Smith, Cecil 65 21 CS, U 0 P Mills, Vincent 54 Reinbolt, Robert 62 Smith, David 61 Valentine, Arthur 61 Monahan, Leonard 67 Reyes, juan 68 Smith, David 67 Vargo, Lewis 75 Monterrubio, Carlos 73 Richardson, Robert 57 Smith, Frank 66 Veler, james 56 Monterrubio, Raul 61 Richardson, William 65 Smith, Oliver 55 VQCE, John 55 Moody, Edward 53 Richmond, Tom 54 Smith, Robert 66 VIHCS, Cllflflffl 5? Montgomery, Robert 68 Riley, Grady 63 Smith, Willie 70 Vorba, David 6- lkiifooqei icldle 72 5505, Gezggib gnyger, glues Wlldron Terry 66 orris, im 7 ippey, 1 ur ny er, en J 2 , ' Morse, joe 68 Roberts, David 66 Sowinski, Vincent 66 Walker, Charles 7l Morse, Mike 54 Robinson, Arney 64 Spitulski, Ronald 60 Walker, Willie 70 Morice, Philcigllh lliimcihcvwial-cf, Frank Stacllsil Tim M I 3k::l255,Jl-:Elie os wa, 1 iam - o gers, immie tac ouse, orris 1 , - Murphy, Donald 67 Rogers, Archie 67 Stanton, Fred 72 yflluffln, Duaiw 72 Mylek, john 54 Romer, Bruce 60 Starkloff. Terry 75 alnfff, Nea 59 Romer, Kenneth 57 Stefanski, Larry 54 Wa5l1IHgl0U, J0lmllY 61 Nagel, Bernard 63 Rolfes, Robert 53 Stofan, Gary 56 Waters, Jewell 67 Newcomer, Robert 54 Rose, Robert 59 Stone, Bernie 59 yfflEb,JfEN2gl111H Norwood, Henry 53 Rosiak, Joe 66 Stone, Keith 57 C ef, HVI Norwood, john 74 ,Rosiak, john 53 Stover, Silmllel 75 Webster, Ronald 65 Nungester, Charles 56 Ross, Dave 67 gfr21SbOl1rgE J0l1I1 60 l6elilliBMgke Rozek, Daniel 68 treet, Ro ert 75 C5 , 0 I 1 Olejniczak, Thomas 56 Rubel, George 53 Strohl, Raymond 66 XWCSUHCYCF, EdYVlfl 73 Oliver, Ausby 64 Ruiz, Ruben 70 Sturdivant, Tyrone 61 Wl1?lfY, Mel'edlfh 75 O'Neil, Tate 66 Ruiz, Rudy 60 Sullivan, Lee 72 Wlllfe, Buddy 62 Ostman, David 62 Russell, Gary 71 guinmegl, Cil'I21l'l6S gcj13'lg2?e':d uer, 1ar es 5 V I t Page, David 55 Salazar, Pat 60 Sutton, Fred 65 Wllllzeli .lack 66 Parker, Bill 75 Sanchez, Thomas 73 SWOPG, Blfllflffl 65 Whltzel' John 54 Parsells, Ronald 64 Sandys, David 55 52lfHfUl5lC1, GVCSOYY 53 Wlgfqll' Lavem 68 Pacsh, lim 65 Saunders, William 72 . 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Suggestions in the Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) collection:

Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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