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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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1 ' H 1 yn ' V' f-.v J . V, V. 3 .T-pw., ,fr f-ya,ms,, --U 1-ww , .Hvfp -1?-7 1- -V ,.x.,.. "4 k w I 4 'x ,f , 4 Zh ,,. X, ,Z I xr X 1 1 XX Z l V X n iw 4, . :Q N 4 4 , A 3 I 4' Q: ,Q X 1 8 .3 4' 'SX , ks r Einar:-1 - "' i 'ig if V- s x w ' -' v 5 X ' Xxx: X -K, . iv ffl, , .. .wa 1. v v , 4. Q1 - X .wp M ' 1 af.. -. yea' '- A , .,., L M. ws- Y. - ww.. . - -.eg-.: ,,- -f ...W -,.q:1.E,, -, -1 gg:-5R52 ,ww ig:f:.1:Ef,p-lr. :QQ N454 Pt ' T' Y ' 3 21 f 4' . WM -"1v1:2f A -' ,Q . " V -ar . x iK:ff522Q3f ga, . r W' A :gina-ai mf ff ' ' , illiix if " 4' wk ' T: 'VZ ' -' J, fi ' . , . N -. . ,Q V A A , , gm ., 1 . - . ,wif -A -,fm 1- 1... Qigjffwigh if f S171 - - ' , if -4 W 1 X fx, - - ' ..1,w,:g, . mm: x ff , X V hx . P H111-. 1'-'Q w-.:- awf- - - lv f.. ff-, 3,751-s.. is 5 5.45525-,x '....,,3' . L 'wff W. if 1 I MQ, h W. In .V ws, 3 gm X 3 . -' ji-2 5 'Mf'-"'s VN i'f.. I 41 xg? W r Editorial Staff Row 1-Beverly Miller, Janet Pasch, Bonnie Upton, Barbara Jayne-s, Susan Rotert, Row 2-Joyce Long, Janice Ulery, Sharon McDonald, Pat Delker, Peggy Hess, Sandra Leitner, Elaine Garczynski, Gary Metz, janet Berry. Advisers Mr. Loy Rusie, Mr. Charles Martin, Mrs. Mary Miller. Circulation Staff Row 1-Sandra Myers, Mr. Martin, Betty Ann Smytheg Row 2-Karen Peth, Bill Fuller, Connie Wood, Ray Russell, Sandra Murphy, Bonnie Naylor. Edelian - 1959 presented by the Senior Class Of Edward Drummond Libbey High School Toledo, Ohio ll iw kiwi if X .sm. .XL Nml 2 N.. is ' 1- 8 ,x af 'iff-C' 3 M-fm a::fw"'fPf'ix .. , f. -...W 4,-.. 34522245 .,.. mg e Mk .x ,'-Hx . . J K, A , My N W wi 'rv' iz.. M35 , Q 'MQ 6-.NX ir' 'TSNQ' , ..-N 5-X x 5,4 Q 1 """' "" "" 7 7"'7'7 HXGUL W E B-nm C-has c:i'g :FEES M 9353! ""' ima , -11 ,TTA UE 12 EE! 'xfxjv' I-sn S43 E111 4 GN ie!" .lust as the cornerstone of an edifice supports its entirety our teachers and administrators uphold the academic principles for which Libbey must stand Our success in high school and in later life is dependent upon those who plan the curriculum co standing From our faculty we seek the preparation the educa tion and the wisdom that will determine our success in every walk of life SUPERINTENDEN1' AND BOARD OF EDUCATION Pa e 6 PRINCIPAL AND STUDENT COUNCIL Pane 7 DEDICATIDN Page 9 ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS Page DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Pace I FACULTY Page 12 ordinate our activities, and guide us with patience and under- . . . 9 - . D . , . . . f 5 0' V I fr T 0' 1 :Sz . I bVhi I r A R Members of Toledo Board of Education Left Standing Mr Wayne Sham aker and Mr Ray to right, seated, Mr. Thomas Bretherton Mrs mond D Baldwin President jane Kuebbeler, and Mr Grant Murray Guiding and directing the work of more than seventeen hundred teachers and guarding the welfare of all the public school pupils is the momentous task of our superintendent, Mr. Philo Dunsmore. His untiring energy, scholar- ly demeanor, and cooperation in all projects for the good of both the school and the community have already made him a revered administrator of our system. With his hearty handshake and responsive smile, Mr. Dunsmore is an imme- diate friend of all who meet him. We, of the Senior Class of Libbey High School, extend to him our best wishes for his continued success in the ensuing years. Superintendent Philo C, Dnnsiinnure Mr. Rusie discusses many of the school problems with thc Student Council officers: Tom Waterman, sergeant-at-armsg Sue Case, secretary-trcasurerg Gary Metz, presidentg and john Petterson, vice-president. Mr. Rusie, a man of high ideals and sterling character, has the rare qualities of both an able administrator and a kind, understanding friend. Despite his multitudinous responsibilities he is never too busy to address a friendly remark or to offer timely advice. Whether it be on the sidelines of a football game or at an essay award presentation, it is easily recognized that Mr. Rusie is one of Libbey's most loyal en- thusiasts. His understanding, tact, and wisdom will influence us in later life, for his cheerful attitude and ever-present smile have won both our admiration and our respect. Principal Loy W.. Riuisie ISLA OWEN lDlElD7lI X, The teachers who merit the respect and admiration of all HELEN WYLIE their students are those who have inspired, by example as well as by teaching, both fair-mindedness and integrity. We at Libbey are fortunate to possess three such teachers who have encouraged among the youth with whom they are in contact not only the growth of good character but also the desire for scholastic achievement. Since September, 1923, when Libbey first opened its doors, TIIO our retiring teachers, Miss Owen and Miss Wyilie, have tire- lessly and enthusiastically devoted their time and effort to the Home Economics Department, likewise, Mr. Vossler, our science chairman, had kept his department apace with our rapidly changing times. Indeed, their attitude of devotion to their profession could be a pattern for those of us who strive to emulate the best in the People with whom we come in con- tact. FREDERICK VOSSLER For our retiring teachers we wish many years of happiness as they pursue their hobbies of reading, photography, and travel, whether it be in the environs of Toledo or in the beautiful Rocky Mountains where Miss Wylie has a "dream" cottage overlooking Estes Park. In sincere gratitude to Miss Isla Owen, Miss Helen Wylie, and Mr. Frederick Vossler for their many years of service to the students of Libbey, the members of the Senior Class with respect and affection dedicate the Eclelimz of 1959. Vffilling to help the students with their problems and schedules are the counselors and their as- sistants. From left to right are Mrs. Reeme, Miss Kanney, Mr. Osgood, Mrs. Byrn, and Mrs. Upp. Assistant JOHN OSGOOD Arfirfmzt Prifzripal General Administration and Counseling Ohio State University, B.S. University of Michigan, M.A. GERTRUDE KANNEY AI.ffJld7If Principal CHARLES MARTIN Counseling Arfiijfdlll Prifzcipal University of Toledo, B.A. Activities University of Michigan, M.A. University of Toledo, B.S. rinoipallls L If 7 Dy y U "t' ' i 1 iff' EULA UPP A.f5fJfd7Zl Principal Instruction Ohio State University, B.A. University of Michigan, M.A WILLIAM E. EVERHART JOHN W. FAST English Industrial Arts Eastern Michigan College, B.S. Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. epaurtmenii CLINTON F. HOUSER Mathematics Heidelberg University, B.S. HARRIETT PHEATT University of Toledo, B.A. in Ed., Social Studies M.A. in Guidance University of Toledo, B.A., M.A. :11: D HAZEL D. FLATZ Business Education Ohio State University B.A., B.S., M.A. Chairmen FREDERICK VOSSLER Science University of Rochester, B.S. University of Toledo University of Michigan RUTH ALLEN MRS. HARRIET BILLMAIER MRS. PAULINE BLACK GLENN BLINN MRS. BETTY BOLGER MRS. OPAL BOW' ERS RUTH ALLEN: English, University of Toledo, B.S., M.A., Senior Y-Teen Adviser. HAZEL E. BARTLEY: Fine Arts, Columbia University, B.S.g Diploma in Art Supervision, University of Toledo, M.A. in Art Research, Advanced study in Europe fNot in illustrationj. MRS. HARRIET BILLMAIER: Physical Education, Michigan State Nor- mal, B.S. MRS, PAULINE BLACK: English, University of Toledo, B.A. GLENN BLINN: Scienceg Bowling Green State University, B.S., M.A. MRS. BETTY BOLGER: English and journalism, University of Toledo, B.A.g CfyJlal Adviser. Mr. Rusie makes the daily announcements after the silent moment. MRS. OPAL BOWERS: Scienceg Ohio State University, B.A.g University of Toledo, B. of Ed. HENRY BRUNS: Mathematics, Defiance College, B.A.g Bowling Green State University, M.A. WILLIAM BURNS: Electricity and Mathematics, Syracuse University, B.S.g New York State University. MRS. PAULINE BURTON: Lating University of Michigan, B.A., M.A., American Academy in Romeg Classical Honor Society Adviserg College Counselor. LEO CAMPEY: Industrial Arts, Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Ed., University of Toledo, M. of Ed. ' HENRY BRUNS 'WILLIAM BURNS MRS. PAULINE BURTON LEO CAMPEY zu: MRS. NANCY CARLSON: English, University of Minnesota, B.S., Fresh- man Y-Teen Adviser. ANGELA M. COSTIGAN: Social Studies and Radio Education, Ohio State University, B.S., M.A.g Dramatics Club Adviser. MRS. NANCY DAVIS: Physical Education, University of Toledo, B. of Ed.g Leaders Club Adviser. GRACE M. DE LISLE: English, University of Toledo, B.S., M.A. AILEEN B. EBERTH: Social Studies, Columbia University, B.S., M.A. MRS. NANCY CARLSON ANGELA M. COSTIGAN MRS. NANCY DAVIS Mr. Martin maintains his neat appearance with the assis- tance of Mr, Robinson. GRACE M. DE LISLE AILEEN B. EBERTH WILLIAM E. EVERHART: English, Department Chairman, Speech, East- ern Michigan College, B.S. JOHN W. FAST: Industrial Arts, Department Chairman, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. LYDIA FIEDLER: Science, Grinnell College, B.S., Michigan University, M.S.g Biology Club Adviser. DONALD FISHER: Physical Educationg Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. MRS. JANE FISHER: Physical Education, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., University of Michigan, M.A. VUILLIAM E. EVERHART JOHN XV. FAST LYDIA FIEDLER DONALD -I. FISHER MRS. JANE FISHER , LYYYYY 7 MRS. HAZEL D. FLATZ: Business, Department Chairman: Ohio State University, B.A., B.S., M.A.: F.B.L.A. Adviser. IRENE FOSTER: Mathematics: Ohio Wesleyan, B.A.: Testing Officer. MRS. MARCIA GARNER: English and journalism: University of Toledo, B. of Ed.: Periclean Co-Adviser: Cryxtal Adviser. JEAN GILBERT: English: Ohio State University, B.S.: Junior Class Ad- viser: National Honor Adviser. LAWRENCE GOOD: Business: University of Toledo, B. of Ed.: F.B.L.A. Adviser: Savings Stamp Chairman. MRS. HAZEL D. FLATZ IRENE FOSTER MRS. MARCIA GARNER Mr. Kubacki supervises his foundry class as they pour molds. JEAN GILBERT LAWRENCE GOOD JAMES GRABILL:Instrumental Music: Otterbein College: B.A.: Ohio State University, M.A. in Music. NANCY HADLEY: Spanish: Bowling Green State University, B.A., B.S. in Ed.: Philalethean Co-Adviser. MRS. DORIS HALL: Mathematics: Ohio State University, B. of Chemical Engineering: F.T.A. Adviser. SHIRLEY HANEY: Business: University of Toledo, B. of Ed., M. of Ed.: F.B.L.A. Adviser: Pep Club Adviser. HERMAN HARDING: Mathematics: Heidelberg University, B.S.: Uni- versity of Michigan, M.A. JAMES GRABILL I NANCY HADLEY MRS. DORIS HALL SHIRLEY HANEY HERMAN HARDING 1:14a DON HARRIS: Science and Driver Education, Bowling Green State Uni- f ' 1 versity, B.S. in Ed., University of Toledo, M.A. GRACE L. HENDERSON: Social Studies, Ohio State University, B.S.g , ' A Senior Class Adviser. A CLINTON F. HOUSER, Mathematics, Department Chairman, Heidelberg University, B.S. MRS. MARY E. HOUSER: English, Dennison University, B.A. ' MRS. MARY O. HOUSER: Business, Hiram College, B.A.g University of Cincinnati, M. of Ed., Gregg College, F.B.L.A. Adviser. A RALPH HOWER: English, University of Toledo, B. of Ed. ' DON HARRIS GRACE L. HENDERSON CLINTON F. HOUSER The men of the faculty demonstrate their ability in the culinary art at the annual fish fry at Pearson Park. MRS. MARY E. HOUSER MRS. MARY O. I-IOUSER MRS. IEAN I-IUNSAKER: English, Southern Illinois University, B. of Ed. g Zetalethean Adviser. ALBERT JEFFERY: Physical Education, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed.g Football Trainer. MRS. JANE JOHNSON: Physical Education 5 Bowling Green State Uni- versity, B.S. in Ed. MRS. MAXINE KAHN: History, Wittenberg College, B.S. of Ed., Uni- versity of Toledo, M.A. QNot in illustrationj. I GEORGE L. KIEFER: Business and Science, Illinois State Normal Uni- versity, B. of Ed., St. Louis University, M.A. RALPH HOWER MRS. JEAN HUNSAKER ALBERT JEFFERY MRS. JANE JOHNSON GEORGE L. KIEFER 215: CAROL KINNEY: Home Economics, Bob jones University, B.S.g Uni- versity of Toledo, B. of Ed., Y.F.C. Adviser. VICTOR KLEIN: Mathematics, Miami University, B.S.g Ohio State Uni- versity, M.A. JAMES KNIERIM: Orientationg Bowling Green State University, B.S. of Ed. PAUL KOESTER: Social Studies, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., U.N. Club Adviser. FRANK KRALIK: History, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., M.A.g Light- weight Football and Freshman Basketball Coach. CAROL KINNEY VICT LEIN JAMES KNIERIM Mrs. Pheatt and Mr. Fisher are discussing the trip which Mr. Kiefer has just related to the teachers at the Christmas party. PAUL KOESTER FRANK KRALIK 7,9 fl! --7L.. '-fCXfia7LgZ,, BERNICE KRUEGER: French and Spanishg University of Michigan, B.A., M.A.g University of Paris. LEO KUBACKI: Industrial Arts 5, Bowling Coach. HENRY W. LINCKE: Science and Projection, University of Toledo, B.S. in Ed., M.A. HAROLD MCCLURE: Music, Indiana State Teachers' College, B.S. in Musical Ed., M.S. in Ed., I.S.T.C. MRS. RUTH McMILLAN: Librariang Mary Manse College, B.A.g Rosary College, School of Library Science, B.A. in L.S. BERNICE KRUEGER LEO KUBACKI HENRY KW. LINCKE HAROLD McCLURE MRS. RUTH MCMILLAN S15: VIRGINIA MAY: Orientation, College of New Rochelle, B.A., Columbia University, M.A., Red Cross Adviser. MRS. LOUISE MEFFLEY: Social Studies, University of Toledo, B.A., Uni- versity of Michigan, M.A. GEORGE MILEY: Mathematics, University of Toledo, B.S. in Ed., Assis- tant Football Coach, QD. Adviser. MRS. MARY MILLER: English, University of Toledo, B.A. in Ed., M.A., University of Besancon, France, Philalethean Co-Adviser, Edelifm Adviser. ROBERT MOMSEN: Orientation, Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed., Graduate School, Head Football Coach. VIRGINIA MAY MRS. LOUISE MEFFLEY Mrs. McMillan and Mrs. Schira welcome guests to the library at Libbey Open House. MRS. JULIA MOODY: Business, University of Toledo, B.A., F.B.L.A. Adviser. MRS. ANN MORGAN: Business, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., F.B.L.A. Adviser, junior Y-Teen Adviser. MELVIN MORTIMER: Mathematics and Industrial Arts, University of Toledo, B.S. in Engineering, B. of Ed. JOHN NEEDLES: Business, Bowling Green State University, B.S., C0- lumbia University, M.A., F.B.L.A. Adviser, Golf Coach, Assistant Athletic Manager, Hi-Y Adviser. ISLA B. OWEN: Home Economics, Hillsdale College, B.A. MRS. ANN MORGAN MELVIN MORTIMER i :jfs GEORGE M'ILEY MRS. MARY MILLER ROBERT MOMSEN MRS. JULIA MooDY RWE use RM tiff ..-if .. - z- 'vf 2Jff?,,"2M?'ffw w ' fy X .wg f ,, l . , f I ' V 2. , ,,.V I4 ,,,, X . A . 51,2 W W Q ' I JOHN NEEDLES ISLA B. OWEN EDWARD E. PACKER LASETTA PICKARD CHARLES ROBINSON - ef ':"s.111zi-fr Z, .. . . ssc -esesgec. X ,X X W5 x .SL , S is . X t as It st . C . . , . l t LOUIS SCHIRA RICHARD STRAHM MRS. HARRIETT PHEATT MRS. MARY PINKAVA ROBERT RUPERT MRS. SUZANNE STEWART MRS. FLORENCE TANNER EDWARD E. PACKER: Industrial Arts, University of Toledo, B.S., Ohio State University, M.A. MRS. HARRIETT PHEATT: Orientation, Department Chairman, Uni- versity of Toledo, B.A. in Ed., M.A. in Guidance, Periclean Co-Adviser. LASETTA PICKARD: Science, University of Michigan, B. A., M.A., Biol- ogy Club Adviser. MRS. MARY PINKAVA: Englishg Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Ed. 5 Sophomore Y-Teen Adviser. CHARLES ROBINSON: Science, Miami University, B.S. in Ed., Athletic Manager. ROBERT RUPERT: Orientation, Ohio Northern, B.S. of Ed., Head Bas- ketball Coachg Tennis Coach. LOUIS SCHIRA: Industrial Arts and Mathematics, Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed. l Miss Hadley and Mr. Miley entertain the teachers by recalling memories of 1950. MRS. CATHERINE SNOW: English, University of Toledo, B. of Ed. fNot in illustrationj. MRS. SUZANNE STEWART: English, University of Toledo, B. of Ed. RICHARD STRAHM: Orientation, University of Toledo, B.S. in Ed., Fresh- man Football Coach, Wrestling Coach, Forum Adviser. MRS. FLORENCE TANNER: Home Nursing, University of Toledo, B. of Ed., St. Lul-:e's Hospital, R.N.g F.N.A. Adviser. MRS. FRIEDA ULLMAN: English, Pembrake College in Brown University, B.A., University of Toledo, Freshman Y-Teen Adviser. ' LAWRENCE L. VANDER: Social Studies, Department Chairman, Univer- sity of Toledo, B.A., M.A. , .- f ' ' 5, ' A 'I 'ft 1.2.5 -.--S is: i . .. . .,L:s:sc,s mike- 41- -. J v - t . 7 - .f o r i 1 - ' C' '-5 A V XI MR. FRIEDA ULLMAN LAXWRENCE L. VANDER 318: ALBIN VAZNELIS: Englishg Morehead College, B.A.g Springfield fMass.j L ' I . College, M. of Ed.g Assistant Football Coachg Lightweight Basketball Coachg Baseball Coach. I FREDERICK VOSSLER: Science, Department Chairmang University of 1 ' Rochester, B.S. 3 University of Toledog University of Michigan. ' CHARLES WEINSTOCK: Scienceg Marietta coiiege, B.A.g University of "gt Michigan, M.A. in Ed. iwfjg gggi .qgl WILLIAM WIRICK: scieiiteg Bowling Green state Uiiivefsiiy, B.s. in Ed.g Columbia University, M.A.g Track Coachg Lightweight Football Coach. s" -1 "' X HELEN B. WYLIE: Home Economics, oiiio stile Uiiiveisiry, Bs. MRS. Lois SCI-HRA: Library Clerk. 'sss L ALBIN VAZNELIS FREDERICK VOSSLER CHARLES WEINSTOCK WILLIAM WIRICK l lgzirnlgicegpprnves his youth and demonstrates his ability with HELEN E' VIYLIE MRS. LOIS 'CSCI-HRA JACQUELYN FULLER: Record Clerk. CAROL HEPNER: Treasurer. MRS. MAY JASTRZEMSKI: Senior Clerk and Book Clerk. JOYCE OSTERUD: Secretary, MRS. JANE REEME: Girls' Attendance Clerk. MRS. BYRN: Boys' AUIEIICIZIIICG Clerk. JACQUELXVN FULLER CAROL HEPNER MRS. MAY JASTRZEMSKI JOYCE OSTERUD MRS. JANE REEME MRS. GLADYS BYRN M-vnu-wwe s Obi' N , 1 1. After the monthly teachers' meetings the members of the fac- ulty enjoy delicious cake and coffee served by the various serv- ice clubs of the school. Mrs. Reemes and Mrs. Upp converse on a humorous topic. Before leaving Libbey, Mrs. Davis flashes her typical smile. All the girls in her gym classes regret that she moved to California at the end of the semester. Mrs. Garner, the former Cryrml adviser and English teacher of Libbey, displays her effervescent personality. The Peries and all her former pupils wish her good luck and success in her new home in Pennsylvania. Everyone apparently is enjoying "Chef" jeffery's cooking at the teachers' autumn fish fry. The Libbey chapter for the preservation of barbershop septets. A typical teachers' meeting. Mr. Kiefer shows interesting slides of Hawaii to the teachers. Mr. Rusie welcomes Mr. Mohrhardt and Mr. Sterling to Libbey Open House. The unexpected resignation of Miss Gerdes and Mrs, Kruse was regretted by both teachers and pupils alike. Miss Gerdes is now teaching at Ohio Northern Uni- versity, and Mrs. Kruse is enjoying her wellsearned leisure at home. Chef Rusie flashes a happy smile. Mr. Vossler and Mr, Lincke supervise in their respective clepartments. Christmas carols are enjoyed by all the faculty. :21:. l i- ""' GLASSES Common bond ts recogntzed as the pattern by whtch soltdzty LS assured thus the eombtned classes compose the unlfted student body Whtle sttttn tn study hall 116 wattmg for the 8 50 bell to rtng one can observe how the foul classes are untterl by a common semblance Here the venerable sentor jokes wtth the youthful freshman and the nawe sophomore convel ses wrath the sophtsttcated juntor Yet these foul facttons are brought together by a common bond the destre for educatton SENIORS Page PLAY PRODUCTIONS Page JUNIORS Page 52 SoPH0MoRES Page 62 FRESHMEN Page 73 STUDENT ACTIVITIES Page as Under the Jrrperwifiozi of Mix.: GQIZILU? Herzderrozz, clrzyr fzdzfifer, flae folfoufing nfficerf led flve Senior Clair of '59 through 11 .fm'ce5fj'nl and nlemorable year: Indy New- nmvz, .f6t'!'6fd!'y-f!'8CIJ'ilI'6l',' Bob Schroeder, preridefzlx San- die V rm Drew, Z'il'E-PI'6.l'jd6JIf,' and Andy Kmzdik, Jer- geazzt-zz!-zzrmr. :-'24-1 ACI-IOR, KAY, Phils 3, 4, Band 2, 3, National Hon- or 4. ADAMS, TYRONE: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Sr. Prom Com. ALTHAUS, DONALD: National Honor 3, 4. AMMANN, VUILLIAM: Forum 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y 2, Bas- ketball 1, Bowling 2, Sr. Memorial Com. ANDERSON, MARTHA: Zets 3, Treas. 43 Y-Teens 2, 5, 4, Mimeographing 4, Pep Club 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 3, Home Room Rep. 43 Sr. Play Prop. Com., Sr. Banquet Com. ANDERSON, ROGER: Q. D.'s 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Sr. Memorial Com. ,Na- tional Honor 4. ATKINS, CHARLES: Chess 2, Golf 5, 4. BACON, LEONA: Y-Teens 2, F.T.A. 2, National Hon- or 4. ' BANKS, MAUDE BARBOUR, LOUISE BARKER, PATRICIA: Y-Teens 3, 4, Biology Club 4, Rhythm Roundup Com. 3, Choir 4, jr. Achievement 35 jr. Play Prop. Com., Y.F.C. 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, F.N.A. 4. BARNES, MADELINE BARNES, SANDRA: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 3. BARRIE, ARTHUR: WTDS 2, 3, 4, Jr. and Sr. Play Lighting Com. 1, 2, 3, 4, One Act Play Lighting Com. 1, 2, 3, Cowboy Roundup Com. BARTH, JOANN: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 2, 3, 4. BEATTY, BARBARA: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com, 33 Jr. and Sr. Play, Pep Club 4, Dramatics Club 4. BEAUPRY, RICKY: National Honor 3, 4, U.N. Club, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, 3, Mimeographing 4, Sr. Banquet Com. BEECHING, JERRY: Bowling 1. BELOVV, RUTH: Zets 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 2, Make-up Com. 3: Pep Club 4. BENZINGER, JIM: Biology Club 2, 35 U.N. Club 2, 3, F.T.A. 3, Cryrlaf 3, 4, Jr. Achievement 3, 4, Sr. Trip Com., Sr. Play Scenery Com., National Honor 4. BERNDT, DAVE: Q.D.'s 2, 3, Secy. 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. BERNRITTER, DOROTHY: National Honor 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Mimeographing 4. BERRY, JANET: Peries 2, 3, Pres. 4, F.T.A. 2, Biology Club 2, Cheerleader 2, 3, Co-Capt. 4, Edelinn Underclass Editor, 4, Jr. and Sr. Play Make-up Com., Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Nurse's Aide 1, Student Council Rep. 1, Pep Club 4, Sr. Prom Com., Y-Teens 4, Pres. 2, 3, National Honor 4. BIGELOXV, DIANE: Library Aide 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 3, Pres. 4, National Honor Cafmbly reprexeulizlg om' Senior Clay.: 011 line Sflldellf Cwmcil uwe Tom ll?dfC'l'Il1f1Il, Peggy Leirler, Gary Metz nm! Sue Care. 1 - Y 'ff' BRISTOL, DEL: Bowling 3, 4, Classical Honor 1, 2g j.C.L. 1, 2. BROOKS, BARBARA: Y-Teens 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 35 F.B.L.A. 2, 5, 4. BROWN, NINA: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. BRYANT BEY, MATHENO BUMPUS, SANDRA BURNETT, ROGER: Dramatics Club 43 Sr. Play. BLAKELY, COLLEEN: St. Ursula 1, 2, 3. BOLANDER, BRENDA: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 3, jr. and Sr. Play Make-up Com., Dramatics Club 4. BOLDUAN, JACK: Biology Club 25 U.N. Club 3. BOWLES, GARY: Varsity Football Mgr. 3, 4. BOYD, PAUL: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4. BRAUN, SHARON 226: CARPENTER, CAROL: Y-Teens 43 F.B.L.A. 2: Y.F.C. 3, 4. CARY, LLOYD CASE, SUZANNE: Phils 2, 4, jr. Censor 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1, 2, Secy.-Treas. 3, 4, Drama- tics Club 3, 4: F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Cowboy Roundup Com. 43 National Honor 4. CLAPP, JOHN, jf. CLARK, CONNIE: Lake High 1, Biology Club 2, 5, 45 Choir 3. CLINGER, PHIL: Student Council Rep. 3. CONSTIBLE, ROY COOK, TOM: Projection 3, Choir 1, 2, 4, Y.F.C. 2, 3. CORDREY, KAREN: Y-Teens 2, 4, jr. Red Cross 2, Biology Club 2, 3g F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Jr. Achievement 2, 3, 4. COSSINS, PAULA COULSON, NORRIS: Forum 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, Vice- Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Play Com., jr. Class Play g Sr. Announcement Com. CRAMER, RAYMOND DASHNER, MAXINE: Peries 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, jr. Play Prop. Com., Band 2, 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, Co-Capt. 4, Freshman Open House, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, Vice-Pres. 2, Home Room. Rep. 3g National Honor 4. DAVIDSON, BARBARA DAVIS, JOHN DAVIS, LILLIE: Y-Teens 2, 4, Classical Honor Society 1, j.C.L. 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Sr. Memorial Com. . DeCHRISTOPHER, RAYMOND: U.N. Club 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, State Treas. 3, jr. Achievement 2, 3, 4. DELKER, PAT: Peries 2, 3, Censor 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Edelimz Underclass Editor 4, jr. Prom Com., Dramatics Club 3, 4, Dean's Aide 2, 3,45 Pep Club 4, Cowboy Roundup Com. 4, National Honor 4. CRUM, MITCHELL: Hi-Y 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 45 Bowling 2, 3, 4, jr. Achievement 3, 4. CUNNING, JERRY: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM: Football 1, 2, Track 2, Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2. CUPILARY, JOANNE: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Pep Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, 4. CURRIE, KENNETH DANFORD, JAMES . 4. f k 'W it BSN R X X g s, " s-asses-as Swwwlillls The firrf big Jofifzl ezfenl of lbe year, Ike C mvbny Round- up, war planned byS1ze Care, jnnife Ulery, Pat Delker, Bonnie U pfon from onej, and john Efzlrnz, Art Barrie, john Ell1li'lZI'd.f, Fred Rogge, and Fred Gmlop frow lwoj. 228 DIXON, JAMES DONOVAN, SUE ANN: Phils 2, 3, Cortes. Secy. 4g Y-Teens 2, 3, 44 F.N.A. 2, Secy. 3, 4, Nurses Aide 2, 3, 4, National Honor 4. DOWLING, SANDRA: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4g Choir 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 4. DRAHEIM, RICHARD DUKES JANICE Zets 3 Sgt at Arms 4 YTeens 2 3 4 Dramatrcs Club 3 4 I' TA 7 3 Rhythm Round up 2 5 4 Pep Club 4 DURLIAT JUDI Phils 2 3 Sgt at Arms 4 JCL 1 7 r Ring Com Band 1 2 Librarian 3 Vice Pres 4 Orchestra 1 4 Home Room Rep 1 National Honor 4 DUTY, JIM: jr. Play Com.g National Honor 4. EAKIN, JOHN: Forum 3, 4g Football 2, Varsity 35 Bas- ketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4s jr. Class Playg Cowboy Round- up Com. Chm.g Home Room Rep. 2, 4. EASLEY, ALLEN: scoff 1, 2. ECKMAN, BARBARA EDWARDS, JOHN: Cowboy Roundup Com. ELDRIDGE, PAT: Y-Teens 45 Libbey Leaders 3, F.T.A. 4, Chorus 15 Choir 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 45 National Hon- or, 4. ELLIS, BARBARA: Scott 1, 2. EMCH, SHARON: Y-Teens 4, jr. Achievement 2, 3, 4, Y.F.C. 3. ENGLEHARDT, LEE: Forum 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 35 Track 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3. 1 ENRIGHT, JOEL: Football lg Basketball 1, 2. ENSLEY, HENRY, III ERWIN, CAROL: Zets 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 2, 35 Pep Club 4. ESMOND, RONALD: Basketball I, 2, Football 1, 33 Track 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3. EWEN, BRUCE: Forum 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, Tri-Captain 4, Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Ring Com.: Sr. Prom. Com., National Hon- or 4. FAI-IRINGER, KAY: National Honor 3, 4: Zets 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Sr. Announcement Com. FAIR, GILBERT: National Honor 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Sr. Prom Com., Forum 4. FALKENBERG, DON FALKENBERG, PAT: Central Catholic 1. The PI'0gl'z1l1l.F mid Iickefr for om' .mcrerrfzzl play, "Broth- er Game," were lbe re.rp0n.ribilily of Barbrzra fayzzef, fn- di Telb, Cmmie 17l1i7Z77il'k Qrouf mzej, and foe Riopelle, Ed McNeal, Sie:-'e Roberfr, Lzffz Halme frow lwoj, and Pnfli P.1.n'lv fam! in fHll,fll'zIfi0II,. c ..,. ,. :, , fail. gs - s t -+-we :. sag-s AY' 4 .1292 mm -' 1, , FLORES, QIOSEPHINE FOSTER, DAVID FRANK, KATHLENE: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Treas. 4, Mimeographing 4, Pep Club 4. FRANKS, DAVID: j.C.L. 1, Freshman Open House, Rhythm Roundup 2, National Honor 4. FREEMAN, ROBERT: Forum 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Track 1 2- Sr. Announcement Com FREY, DARYL: Forum 3 4- Track 2 3 4 FANAFF, VIRGINIA: Phils 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Libbey Leaders 2, 3, 4, Sr. Banquet Com., F.N.A. 4, Pep Club, National Honor 4. FAVRO, SHARON: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup Com. 3. FINKS, PHYLLIS: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. FISCHER, GESINE: Peries 2, 3, Corres. Secy. 4, Y- Teens 4, Treas. 2, 3, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup Com. 3, jr. Play Com. 3, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Pep Club 4, jr. Red Cross 4. FITZSIMMONS, JOHN: Waite 1. FLEGLE, WILLARD: Rhythm Roundup 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3. FRIEND, LAWRENCE: Jr. Achievement 2, 3, 4. FRY, LEE ANN: Findlay Sr. High School 1, 2, Salem High, Oak Harbor, 3, Y-Teens 4. FULLER, TOM GARCZYNSKI, ELAINE: Zets 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, jr. Rep. 3, Secy. 4, jr. Play Com., Rhythm Roundup 2, Edelimz Layout Editor 4, National Honor 4. GEHM, KAREN: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2. GIBSON, NANCY GRAHAM, JIM: St. Francis de Sales lg Hi-Y 4, Biology 2, 3, Dramatics Club 4. GRATOP, FRED: Cowboy Roundup Com. GRAVES, TED: National Honor 3, Pres. 4: Forum 2, 3, 4: Classical Honor 2, Vice-Pres. 3: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4: Track 3, jr. Class Vice-Pres. GREEN, DOROTHY: Sisters of St. Francis Academy 1. GRIFFIN, LEMOYNE: Holland High 1, 2. GRINDLE, SHIRLEY: Y-Teens 4: Choir 2, 3, 4, jr. Achievement 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 3, 4: Cafeteria 1, 2, 3. GIFFIN, CAROL: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 3, 4: Rhythm Roundup 3: Chorus 1: Choir 2: Pep Club 4. GILES, LESLIE: Waite 1: Chess Club 2. GILL, HAZEL GLINSKI, BARBARA: Central 1, 2. GOMER, JAMES: Central 1, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Q.D.'s 3, Vice Pres. 4. GONIA, ROY: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2: Track 1, 2. GUERIN, SHARON: Waite 1, 2, 3: jr. Achievement 3. GWIN, JAMES: Track 1, 2, Forum 4. HAASE, ANN: Phils 2, 3, Pres. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 2, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4: Majorette 3, Co-Captain 45 Dean's Aide 4: Football Queen, National Honor 4. HAHNE, LUTZ: National Honor 3, 43 Basketball 13 Tennis 3, 4: Sr. Play Com. HAMILTON, TIM: Basketball 2: Baseball 2, 3, 4, jr. Play Com., Sr. Banquet Com. HAMLIN, SARA: National Honor 3, Secy. 4, Phils 2, 3, Sr. Censor 4, j.C.L. 1, 2. HARRIS, JUDY: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 4, Gym Office 2, Mimeographing 4. HEHL, EDWARD: Football 1. HEINEMANN, BOB HELLER, FRANCES: Y-Teens 4. HELLER, JERRY: Football 1, 2: Red Cross 1, 2, Home Room Rep. 2. HELMAN, SHARON HAMMOND, JUDY HANSEN, DARRELL: Q.D.'s 2, 3, Pres. 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Sr. Banquet Com. HARBAUGH, ARTHUR HARDISON, LILLIAN: Central 1. HARRER, JOHN HARRIS, BETTY: Swanton High School 1, 2, 3. HENCK, RONALD: Q.D.'s 3, 4, Track 1, Bowling 2. HENNESSY, DARLENE: National Honor 3, 45 Club 3, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Main Office 3, 4, Mimeo- graphing 4. - HERSCH, BOB: Track 2. HERSHEY, SONIA: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. HESHLEY, BARBARA: National Honor 3, 45 Phils 2, 3, 4g Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Sr. Rep. 4: Testing 1, jr. Play Make-up Com., Rhythm Roundup Make-up Com. 35 Dramatics Club 4. HESS, PEGGY: National Honor 3, 4, Zets 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, Vice-Pres, 3, Pres. 4, Edelifm Editor-in- chief 4, Main Office 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2. HIGHTOWER, ROBERT HILL, BETTY Jo HILL, JOYCE: F.B,L.A. 2, Bioiogy Club 2. HIMES, ELIZABETH: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 2, U.N. Club 2, 3, 4. HINMAN, SHARON: Libbey Leaders 2, 5, 4. HIRAUYE, SHIRLEY: Y-Teens 4, Projection 4. HUBBARD, SUSAN: National Honor 3, 4, Phils 2, 3, 4, J.C.L. 1, 2. HUBBELL, CORRINE HULL, DARLA: Phils 3, 4, Y-Teens 5, 4, Secy. 2, F.T.A. 2, 4, Treas. 3, Biology Club 2, Dramatics Club 3, Treas. 4, jr. Play, Freshman Open House, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Majorette 3, 4, Sr. Announcement Com. HULL, JOHN HUNT, MARGARET: Zets 2, 5, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, 3, 4, Gym Office 5, Vice-Pres. 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, jr. Play, Home Room Rep. 2, Pep Club 4. HURST, JOHN: Basketball 1. HOCKETT, JERRY: Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2. HOFFMAN, SHARON HOLEWINSKI, TOM HORTON, WARDELL HOSKING, DALE HOUSTON, ELAINE 3 I Tlaore rexporzrible for the relevtion of om' dl17IOIll2F2I7?0lIf.l were fill Vogel, Bob Freeman, Kaffe lffarbilzgfozi, Norris Coulson, Kay F6Ih7'ilZg6?!', Gary 015011, and Darla Hull. IRELAND, TOM , T 1RONs, JIM: Biology Club 2 , UN. Club 2, Jr. Prom Corn., Jr. Achievement 2, 5, 4, Home Room Rep. lg l Sr. Trip Com., Sr. Play Stage Com., National Honor 4. A JAGEL, JAMES: Central 1, 2, 3. JARZYNSKI, JOYCE, Y-Teefis 2, 3, 4, Testing 1, 2, 1 3, Mimeographing 45 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, National Hon- y or 4. JAYNES, BARBARA: National Honor 3, 45 Zets 2, 3, l 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 23 F.T.A. 3, Edelialz 4, Advertising Editor, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep i Club 4, Sr. Play Com. 1 JEFFREY, CHARLES: Forum 2, 5, 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 5, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, A 3, 4, Home Room Rep. 1. JOHNSON, VAL: Band 2, 5, 4. ' JONES, RUTH KAHL, DELORES1 Pep Club 4, Y-Teens 3, 4. KAI-IN, JEAN: Y-Teens 2, 4, F.N.A. 2g Nurse's Aide 2, Pep Club 4. ' KAMPER, TED: Hanover High, Hanover, Pa. 23 Cleve- land East Shaw 35 Hi-Y 3, 4, Basketball 1g Track 3. KANDIK, ANDY: Forum 2, 3, Treas. 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, J.C.L. 2, Football 1, 2, Varsity 5, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 jr. Ring Com., Rhythm Roundup 3, Wrestling 4, Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Armsg Na- tional Honor 4. KASTEN, DAVE KATZ, CAROL: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. KEIM, RUTH: Phils 2, 3, Chaplain 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 2nd Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, Vice- Pres. 3, 4, Dc-an's Aide 1, 2, Mimeographing 4, Pep Club 4, National Honor 4. KELLER, GEORGE: Basketball 2. KELLEY, PAT: Football 1, Varsity Football Mgr. 3, 4, Basketball Mgr. 1, 2, Home Room Rep. 2. KELSEY, CHARRON: Zets 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Dramntics Club 2, 3. KELTING, SANDRA: Zets 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Dramatics Club 2, Rec. Secy. 4, Cheer- leader 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, jr. Prom Com., Freshman Open House, One Act Plays 2, Choir 1, 2, 5, Home Room Rep. 3, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, Dance Instructor 5. KEMMERLEY, DAVE: Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Home Room Rep. 2, 3, Sr. Memorial Com. KEMMERLEY, RON: Central 1. KENNELLEY, TIM: Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4. KENOWER, JOE: Bowling 2, 3. KENT, JOYCE, Rogers 2. Delnilr for the .rprizzglime senior 11-ip lo New Yark City and ll7d.fbfl2gl0l7, D. C., were handled by jim Bezzzinger, Connie Wood, Sandie McN111f, and jim Irony. 9 15539 1 ' ' . - ' H ff , 'ffii 5.1 14.555 R X . 1 3 1 X ee X. A E Exim 1 V 1 .- . 5 X9 mi 'Q E WW- tr'-1-if.::f.f,2:f1fi? 'R ' g is e N ge' . QE K V f .3 3sS,,e,x,,,5f 3 , - .. gf N1 N 5 e - , fi 1 ' 1 .S f r 1' J KNEPPER, Band 1, 2, 3. KNIERIM CHARLES: D.'s 2 3 4 H'-Y 2 3 4 , Q- , , 5 1 , ., 5 Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Rep. 3, 4. KNIGHT, BOB KRAMP, JOHN: Band 1, 2. KRONFIELD, FRANK KUJAWA, JIM: Woodward High 1, Holland High 2. KIME, JEFFERY: U.N. Club 3, 4, Projection 1, 2, 3, 4. KIME, RUTH: Y-Teens 3, 4, Pep Club 4. KINDLE, FRED: Leipsic High, Leipsic, Ohio 15 Foot- ball 2, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. KING, ISAAC: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria 3, 4. KINKAID, JUDY: Phils 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4: Dramatics Club 3, 4, Gym Leader 3, Jr. and Sr. Play Make-up Com.: Freshmen Open House, Rhythm Roundup Com. 3: Athletic Office 2, Pep Club 4. KIRK, CAROLE: Phils 2, 3, Rec. Secy. 45 Y-Teens 2, Jr. Rep. 3, 4, F.N.A. 2: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4: Jr. Play. KUJAWA, RAYMOND: St. Francis de Sales 1, 2. KUPSKY, BRAD: Syracuse High, Syracuse, N. Y. 1, DeVilbiss 2, Forum 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 4: Football Varsity 3, Track 3, 4: Jr. Play Property Com., Dramatics Club 4. KUTZKE, MARVIN: Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4. KYER, JANET: Y-Teens A23 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. LAMP, MARVIN: National Honor 3, 4, J.C.L. 1, 25 Sr. Memorial Com. LANGENDERFER, SHELBY: Y-Teens 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. LAY, BILL: Vlloodville 1, 2, Sylvania Burnham 3: Foot- ball 4g Q.D.'s 4. LEARY, GLORIA: Y-Teens 4, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4. LEISTER, PEG: Student Council 4, Phils 2, 3, Vice- Pres. 4, Libbey Leaders, Vice-Pres. 2, 3, Pres. 4, Jr. Play Com.: Pep Club 4, Sr. Prom Com., National Honor 4. LEITNER, SANDRA: National Honor 3, 4g Classical Honor 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4, Phils 3, Treas. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4, Edelimz Assoc. Editor, Jr. Play Com., Orchestra 1, 3, Secy-Treas. 2, Pres. 4: Home Room Rep. 3g F.T.A. 2, 3, 4. LEMAY, CHARLES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 4. LENAI-IAN, JAMES LONG, JO ANNA: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Testing 1, 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4: Projection 4. LONG, JOYCE: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4: Library Aide 15 Boys' Gym Office 3, Pep Club 4, Edelifrn Underclass Editor 4. LUKERT, JANE: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. McCARTHY, ANN: Rhythm Roundup 1: Chorus 2, Choir 3, 4. McCARTHY, NORMA: Central 13 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4: Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Athletic Office 3, 4. McCLELLAN, SARAH: Y-Teens 2, 45 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. LENGEMAN, MARGARET: Weeks Jr. High School, Newton, Mass. 1, 2. LEWANDOWSKI, JAMES: St. Francis de Sales 1, 2, 3. LINDHORST, ROSEMARY: Holland Hlh 1, 2. LIN EBERGER, ETHYLE LINGEL, GARRY: Projection 1, 4, Edelimz Circulation 3, Rhythm Roundup 3. LININGER, JULIE: Ursuline 1, Biology Club 2, Libbey Leaders 3, F.T.A. 35 Dramatics Club 3, 4. MCINTYRE, FRED McKEE, HAROLD MCNEAL, EDWARD: Jr. Prom Com., Choir 2, 3, 4, Sr. Play Com. MCNUTT, SANDRA: Zets 2, 3, Rec. Secy. 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Sr. Trip Com. MACKLIN, HAROLD: Sr. Banquet Com. MARQUIS, WILLIAM: Bowling 5. MCCONVILLE, JIM MCCORMACK, SHARON: St. Mary's Academy, Monroe, Mich. 1, Taipei American School, Formosa 2. MCCORVEY, LEWIS MCCURDY, LUELLA: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Jr. Achievement Pres. 3, Sales Manager 2, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. MCDONALD, SHARON: Peries 3, 4, Y-Teens Rep. 1, 2, 3, Social Chrm. 4, F.B.L.A. 2, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, 4, Edelifzrz Copy Editor 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Freshman Open House, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Jr. Red Cross 4. MCGEE, PATRICIA: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 33 Librarian 4. MARTIN, JAMES: Scott 1, 2, 3. MARVIN, LYNN: Y-Teens 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Pep Club 4, F.N.A. 4. MATHER, JIM: Forum 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Football 1, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf 2, 4, Bowling 2, Jr. Play Prop. Com., Dramatics Club 3, 4. MAURER, TERRY: Biology Club 2, 3, Football 2. MEAD, MARILYN: Peries 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Pres. 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, J.C.L. 1, 2, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 4, Pep Club 4, Bookroom 1, Play Pro- duction 33 Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Home Room Rep. 1, Sr. Prom Com., National Honor 4. MEALS, WANDA: Libbey Leaders 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria 2, 4, National Honor 4. MEEHAN, JIM: St. Francis de Sales 1. MELLE, JUDY: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Sr. Play Com. 4, Home Room Rep. 4. MESCHKE, GEOGRE: jr. Prom Com., National Hon- or 4. METZ, GARY: Forum 2, Secy. 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, Corres. Secy. 3, 4, Basketball 1, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Play Com., Student Council 3, Pres. 4, Edeliazz Sports Editor 4, National Honor 4. MILLER, BEVERLY F.B.L.A. 3, 4. MILLER, BEVERLY R.: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, Librarian 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Freshman Open House, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Edelimz 4, Fac- ulty Editor, Sr. Play, Dramatics Club 4, National Hon- or 4. MOORE, CONNIE: Y-Teens 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. MOORE, JUDY: jackson High School 2, 3, Zets 4, Y- Teens 4, Nurse's Aide 1, Pep Club 4. MOREY, SUE: Peries 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Band 3, Secy. 4,,Majorette 3, 4. MUELLER, NANCY MURPHY, RONALD: Forum 3, 4, Football 3. MYERS, IREZETTA: North High School 1, 2. MILLER, SUSAN: Biology Club 2, Y.F.C. 2, Treas. 33 Girls' Gym Office 4. MILLS, CAROL , MINNICK, CONNIE: Phils 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, Vice- Pres. 3, Chaplain 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Red Cross 2, Freshman Open House, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Mimeographing 4, Pep Club 4, Sr. Play Com., Home Room Rep. 4, Dramatics Club 4, National Honor 4. MITCHELL, GLORIA MOLL, NORMA: National Honor 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Sr. Banquet Com. g MOORE, CHRISTINE The .Yllft'6,l'.l' of our prow, the biggest racial ezfenl of the year, may nmde ,horrible tlsrougla the efforfx of Gilbert Fair, Peggy Leixler, Tom W':1ter111mz, Janet Berry fron onej, and Tyrone Addlllf, Brave Ewen, and A'Id1'ilJf71 Mead from twoj. NAGY, JUDY: Y-Teens 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, National Hon- or 4. NAJERO, CHRISTINE NAVARRE, JOEL: Anthony Wayne 1, Rogers 2. NEELEY, SHIRLEY NEWCOMER, GEORGE: Football Ig Bowling 3. NEWMAN, JUDY: Zets 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, Treas. fig Sr. Class Secy.-Treas.g Rhythm Roundup Com. 3, 43 Home Room Rep. 3, 43 Pep Club 4: Football Queen Attend- ant 4. NICHOLSON, NORMAN NUNGESTER, BOB: Macomber 1, 2, 3. OLSON, GARY: Q.D.'s 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3g Track 1, 2, Sr. Announcement Com. OPPERMAN, JUDY: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 1, 2, Biology Club 2, F.T.A. 3, 4. OSTERUD, SHARON: Zets 2, Historian 3, Pres. fig Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4: Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Home Room Rep. 2, 3, 4, Jr. and Sr, Play, Sr. Memorial Com.: Cryfml Co-Editor 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Na- tional Honor 4. OTT, BILL OVERMYER, LYNNE: Anthony Wfayne 1, Y-Teens 4, One Act Plays 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. PAGE, FOREST: Scott 1. PALMER, CYNTHIA: Pep Club 4. PALUCK, JUDY: Y-Teens 3, Secy. 4, I.C.L. 1, 2, 4, Secy. 3, F.T.A. 3, 4, National Honor 4. PANNING, HENRY: National Honor 3, 4, Chess Club 1, 2. PARKER, RAYMOND: Biology Club 2, 3, Jr. Play, U.N. Club 3, 4, jr. Achievement 2, 3, 4, Debate Club 2, Dramatics Club 4, Sr. Play. PARROTT, BARBARA: Rossford High School 1, 2. PASCH, IANET: Phils 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Classical Honor 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 1, 2, Chaplain 3, Pres. 4, Pep Club 4, Freshman Open House, Sr. Play, Sr. Banquet Com., Dramatics Club 4: Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Classical League 2, Dean's Aide 4, Edelimz, Faculty Editor 4, National Honor 4. PASCH, PATRICIA: Zets 3, Chaplain 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Social Chrm. 4, F.B.L.A, 2, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Freshman Open House, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Home Room Rep. 1, Sr. Play Com. PEARSON, ELIZABETH: Y-Teens 1, 4, Pep Club 4. PERKINS, RAY: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. PETERS, CAROL: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2- Band 1, 2, 3, 4. x The dcmnzliom: and llae program: for our Senior Banque! were effii'ie11tlylam1dled by C ynlhin ll5'arren, janet Pnicb, Aflartlm Aliderfon, Ricky Bennpry, Darlene Hemzeyiy from 07185, and Norma Muff, Harold Mafklizz, Darrell Hmzien, Tim Hfznzjllozz, am! Virginia: Fmzaff fmw twoj. . POPE, TOM POPP, JUDY: Y-Teens 2. POTTER, JANET: Peries 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, Rep. 4, Biology Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Fresh- man Open House, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Jr. Play Prompterg Sr. Play Prompterg Pep Club 4. POZNIAR, ROBERT PRICE, CLIDA PRUE, ROBERT PETERS, MINNIE: Y-Teens 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, U.N. Club 2, Girls' Gym Office 1, 5, Jr. Play Com., Choir 3, 4, Chorus 1, Pep Club 43 Mimeograph- ing 4. PETERSON, STEVE PETRES, BRENDA: Phils 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 4, Sgt.- at-Arms 33 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 2, 3, Rhythm Roundup Com. 3, Home Room Rep. 1, Pep Club Pres. 45 Football Queen Attendant 4, Sr. Memorial Com. P1ERsoN, RUTH: Y-Teens 3, F.B.L.A. 2, 5. PIMIENTA, JANICE: Je. Achievement 5, 4, Y.F.c. 1. PITCHFORD, JAMES 2 PUENTE, ARACELIA: Y-Teens 4. PUND, NICK: Basketball 1, Bowling 1, 2. RACZKOWSKI, DALE: St. Francis de Sales 1, jr. Achievement 3, 4. RADKE, MARCIA: Phils 2, 5, 4, Yfreeee 2, 5, 4, 1 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 45 Mimeographing 4, Pep Club 4, Nation- l al Honor 4. l RAMBO, MAXINE: Whitney 2, Y-Teens 4, Pep Club 4, Biology Club 1, 2. ' RAMSEY, VICTOR: Band 2, 3, Projection 1, 2. RAYFORD, ELWOOD: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball 1, Track 1, 2, 3. REARDON, LARRY REICHERT, TOM REYNOLDS, BOB RICKARD, DELORES: Zets 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 4. RIECK, ROBERT ROBERTS, STEVE: Forum 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Treas. 4, J.C.L. 1, 2, Football Mgr. 3, 4-, Jr. Prom Com. Chrm., Home Room Rep. 1, 2, 3, Sr. Play Com. Chrm., Debate Club 2, National Honor 4. ROBINSON, BOB: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Football 1, Track 1, 2, Band 1, 2. ROGGE, FRED: Hi-Y 2, Basketball 1, Cowboy Round- up Com., Forum 4. RONFELDT, TED: WTDS 2, Projection 3, National Honor 4. ROTERT, SUE: Y-Teens 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Edelimz 4, Senior Editor 4. RUPLEY, BARBARA: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Round- up Make-up Com. 3. RIEKER, PAUL RILL, JAMES RIOPELLE, JOE: Biology Club 2, Sr. Play, National Honor 4. RITZMAN, JOHN: Band 1, 2, 3. ROBER, RUTHANN: Central 1, Y-Teens 2, 4, Secy. 3, Biology Club 2, Dramatics Club 3, Pres. 4, Jr. Class Treas., Home Room Rep, 3, Nurse's Aide 2, Rhythm Roundup Com. 3, Jr. Play Prop. Com., Pep Club 4. ROBERTS, DAVE: Band 1, 2, 3. SCHMITT, LINDA: Zets 3, Corres. Secy. 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Freshman Open House, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, F.N.A. 1, 2, 3, Nurse's Aide 2, 3, Biology Club 2, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, jr. Play Make-up Com., Sr. Play Make-up Com. SCHRODER, SUE: National Honor 3, Social Chrm. 4, Peries 2, 3, Chaplain 4, j.C.L. 1, 2, F.T.A. 4, Secy. 39 jr. Class Secy., Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4. SCHROEDER, ROBERT: National Honor 3, Treas. 4, Forum 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Secy. 4, Classical Honor 2, 3, Bowling 2, Baseball 3, 4, jr. Play Com., Sr. Class Pres. SCI-IULTZ, GRETCHEN: Zets 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 1, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, j.C.L. 1, 2, Libbey Leaders 2, 3. SCHULTZ, LARRY: Macomber 1, 2. SEVRENCE, TERRY: Forum 2, 3, Secy. 4, Hi-Y Sgt.- at-Arms 2, 3, Chaplain 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 3. SCARBROUGH, FRED: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. SCHAFFER, JAMES: Central 1. SCI-IEETZ, SUE: Ursuline Academy, 1, 2. SCHELL, BARTON: Projection 1, 2, 3. SCHELLHASE, JUDY: Peries 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Home Room Rep. 3, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. SCHLEOEL, IANICE: Y-Teens 2, 5, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, jr. Achievement 2, 3, Library Aide 1, 2, 3. 44: SHEA, SUE: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Girls' Gym Office 3. SHEPLER, EDWARD: Biology Club 2, 3, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Jr. Achievement, Spring Arbor junior College 2. SHERMAN, LARRY: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1. SHUMAN, GERRY: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, U.N. Club 5, 4, Football Mgr. 1, 2, 3, Head Mgr. 4, Rhythm Roundup Com. 3. SISCO, WILLIAM: National Honor 3, 4, Cafeteria Aide 1. SKENTROWICZ, HORST: Gibsonburg High 2, Bowl- ing 3. l l SMITH, GLORIA: Herrin, Ill. 1, Royalton, Ill. 2, Zeig- ler, Ill. 3. SMITH, LYNNE: Rogers High 2, Y-Teens 2, 4, Pep Club 4. SMITH, MALCOLM: Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 25 Biology Club 2: Football 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. SMITH, PETER: Q.D.'s 2, 3, Treas. 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, Track 1, 2, jr. Play Prop. Com., Sr. Play Prop. Com., Dramatics Club 4. SMITH, SAMUEL SMITH, SHIRLEY: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 , F.B.L.A. 2, 5, 4, F.T.A. 2, 5, 4. STEWART, PAULINE sT1CKLEY, KARLENE1 Y-Teens 3, 4, Pep Club 4. STOCKARD, HERBERT STRUBBE, BILL: Old Mission jr. High 1: Shawnee Million, Merriam, Kans. 2, 33 Forum 4, Hi-Y 4, Varsity Basketball 4. STUBBLEFIELD, PAUL, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir 2, 3, 4, Track 13 Football 1. STURDIVANT, JOHN: Track 3, 4. SNELL, PAT: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 23 Girls' Gym Office 35 F.N.A. 4, Pep Club 4. SPEEGLE, MARILYN: Whitney 2. STACKHOUSE, RICHARD STARNER, JACKIE: Phils 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4: Freshman Open House. STEPHENS, DONNA: Lima Senior High, Lima, Ohio 1. STEWART, MILTON: Basketball 1: Band 1, 2, 3. Choosing Il fokezz of our flair loyalfy uw lbe lark of the Senior Memorial Committee, rompored of Roger Ander- Joiz, Slmrozz Ofterizd, Lillian Dazfi.r, IMdl'l'lIl Lamp, Bren- da Pelrer, and Dave Kemmerly. SWANK, DIANE: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 3,3 Mimeographing 4, Pep Club 4. SWIHART, FREDRICK: Football 1, Choir 2, 3, 4. TATE, BARBARA: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, C1-yrml 4, Red Cross 1, 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 33 Sr. Play Prop. Com., Drama- tics Club 4, TAYLOR, MARY: Y-Teens 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. TELB, JUDI: Peries 3, Treas. 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Dramatics Club 3, Corres. Secy. 4, jr. Ring Com., jr. Play Prop. Com., Freshman Open House, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 45 Majorette 3, 4, Nurse's Aide 1, Home Room Rep. 2, Sr. Play Com., Na- tional Honor 4. TERRILL, ANN: J.C.I.. 1. 2, Choir 3, 4, THOM, JOANNE: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Mimeographing 4. THOMPSON, CRAIG: jr. Play Com., Dramatics Club 3, 4. THOMPSON, JUDY: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 2. THORNTON, WILLIAM: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, Tri- Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. TIMINEY, PAT: St. Francis de Sales 1, Track 2. TOUMA, GEORGE: Oriental High School, Zahle, Le- banon 1, 2, U.N. Club 3. TURPENING, ROBERT ULERY, JANICE: Zets 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Libbey Leaders 3, Edelimz Pictorial Editor 4, Drarnatics Club 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup Make- up Com. 3, jr. Play Make-up Com., Sr. Play Make-up Com., Pep Club 4, Cowboy Roundup Com. UPTON, BONNIE: Zets 2, jr. Censor 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, Dramatics Club 3, Rec. Secy. 4, Edelimz Club Editor 4, jr. Ring Com., Rhythm Roundup 3, 4, Dean's Aide 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. and Sr. Play, Cowboy Roundup Com, 4, Pep Club 4, National Hon- or 4. VAN DREW, SANDIE: National Honor 3, 4, Classical Honor 1, 2, 3, 4, Peries 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, j.C.L. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Cryxial 3, Co-Editor 4, jr. Play, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Home Room Rep. 2, Library 1, Sr. Class Vice-Pres. VETTER, MIRIAM, F.B.L.A. 2, National Honor 4. VOGEL, JILL: National Honor 3, Schol. Chrm. 4, Per- ies 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, j.C.L. 2, 3, 4, Cryffal 4, jr. Prom Com., Classical Honor 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, F.T.A. 2, jr. Play Prop. Com., Sr. Announcement Com. WAGANFEALD, KATHY WALES, JANICE: Peries 2, 3, Cortes. Secy. 4, Y-Teens Pub. Chm. 2, 3, 4, J.C.L. 2, F.T.A. 3, 4, Rhythm Round- up 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Dramatics Club 3, jr. Achievement 2, Pep Club 4. WALTER, BARBARA: National Honor 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, j.C.L. 1, 2, 3, 4, Classical Honor 1, 2, Sety. 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, Vice-Pres. 4, jr. Play Com., Rhythm Roundup 3, Home Room Rep. 1, Pep Club 4. WARD, RALPH: Biology 2, 3, Golf 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 5, 4. WAREJKO, DOROTHY: Y-Teens 3, 4, U.N. Club 3, 4, Y.F.C. 4, Red Cross 4. WARREN, CYNTHIA: Phils 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Sr. Rep. 4, F.N.A. 2, 3, Rhythm Roundup 3, Home Room Rep. 1, Pep Club 4, Dramatics Club 4. Cfilllflxfllg fam' yealxt of n.f.ri:l1101rJ .rfm1'y and of Jiraigbi "A" nz.'erageu', BlIl'bdI'1I llf'alter, Gilbert Fair, and Sandra Leimer ,ff961J'f3d the lffmmr nf 1,'f1ledirl0rin11 of lbeir grad- zmrizzg clam. WHITE, JAMES: Football 1, Baseball 4. WIGFALL, JESSIE: Pep Club 4. WILCOX, JOYCE: Y.F.c:. Secy. 1, 2, 5, 4, choir 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4. WILLIAMS, EARLENE: Y-Teens 3. WILLIAMS, JUNE WILLIAMS, LARRY WASHINGTON, KATIE: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, U.N. Club 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Crystal 4, Jr. Ring Com., Rhythm Roundup Com. 3, Sr. Announcement Com., Dramatics Club 4, National Honor 4. WATERMAN, TOM: Student Council 1, Sgt.-at-Arms 2, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Forum 2, 3, Pres. 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Track 2, Jr. Ring Com., Sr. Prom Com., Wrestling 4. WECHTEL, CAROL: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. WEIDEMAN, MARY ANN WESTGATE, JOAN: Peries 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens Rep. 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Jr. Play Prop. Com., Freshman Open House, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 3, 4. WHITE, GUSTER: National Honor 4. WILLIAMS, LLOYD :Q Football 2, Bowling 4. WILSON, JAMES: St. Francis de Sales 1, 2, 3. WITTY, MAYO: Football 1, 2, Biology 3, Band 2, 3, 4. WOOD, CONSTANCE: Peries 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 2, Corres. Secy. 3, Activities Office 2, 3, 4, Edelimz Circulation 2, 3, 4, Sr. Trip Com. 4, Freshman Open House, Rhythm Roundup 3, 4, Jr. Play, Pep Club 4, Cheerleader 3, 4. YOUNG, BARBARA: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. YOUNG, SANDRA: Y-Teens 4, Pep Club 4. YOUNGS, LARRY: Biology Club 2, 3, U.N. Club 2, 3, Chaplain 4. ZENO, DAVE: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4. ZIBBEL, BARBARA: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 3, 45 J.C.L. 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, National Hon- or 4. Seniors Without Pictures ANDERSON, JAMES JACKSON, ARNOLD ARDREY, PETER MARCKEL, ANNE CLARK, CARL REARDON, MAURIE FILES, HARRISON THORPE, JOHN IN MEMOR AM l ROGER DUFFEY PAULINE MURASKI Roger Duffey's warm personality, cheerful smile, and sense of humor are greatly missed by all his schoolmates, His ability to make and keep friends accounted for his ever-widening circle of friends and his varied interests. Roger's talents led him to many school activities including the band and the Dramatics Club. His success in school proved that he was a good student who was well liked by both his teachers and school- mates. The passing of Pauline Muraski left her classmates deeply saddened, for it seems tragic that the lives of young people should so suddenly fade and cease. We begin to realize that in life there are many circumstances which are beyond our comprehension and which we are forced to accept. To the famihf and friends of Roger and Pauline, we extend our sympathy for the loss of two persons who exemplified the true spirit of youth. H170 Live in liearfri one Lewes delzirwl is nof fo che" :49: i l l l i l l l l SENIOR PLAY: 66lB3r0rtllmer Goosew Slngr and ,H'l'llt'I'j' mnmziltee: Terry Kilpatrick, Ray DeChristopher, jim Irons, Barry Bashure, Nancy Gibson, Art Barrie, jim Benzinger, Bob Hersch, Bill Thornton, Sue Schroder. Make-Up rvnmziile: Barbara Heshley, Linda Schmitt, janet Berry, judy Kinkaicl, janice Ulery, Brenda Bolander. Properliixr mmmitfvc: Sue Morey, Maxine Dashner, Ruthzinn Robcr, Cynthia XVarren, Martha Anderson, Bob Freeman, Minnie Peters, Petr: Smith, jill Vogel, julie Lininger, Barbara Tate. Pf0llIIlfBI'J'C janet Potter, Barbara Zibbel. Smior play mul: joe Riopellc, Sharon Osterud, Ruger Burnett, janet Pasch, Barbara Beatty, Katie Wasllington, Darla Hull, Beverly Miller, Bonnie Upton, Marilyn Mead, jim Graham, Raymond Parker. Miss Hendrson, senior class adviser, and Miss Gilbert, iunior class adviser, confer with Miss Angela Costigan fcenrerj who capably directed Qthe plays for both classes Prope'rliv.r mnmiillerz Barbara Dalton, Roberta Patton, jnan Allen, Diane Crum, San- dra Ganrhnu, Sharon Hennessy, Diane Hcer, Sharon Horn, Leah Kronman, Lin- da Moffat, Mary Ann Waltei's, Ron Radke, jim Somerville, Marcia Stoll, Sarah jane Stutz, jane Suznr, Shirrel Van Tassel, Sue Wfillinger. Stage and Sreuvry l'0IlllI1iflf't'Z Bill Bradshaw, Kenneth Chambers, Ed Garrett, Gary Lewis, john Patterson, Terry Pintraschke. Dean Shock, Bill Ti1l'1lSCllllC, Ralph Wohser, janet O'Neil, joe Matherly, Nancy Sass. JI'LUNlIOlR PLAYS Marine Egg and 1199 Mime-lljv A'IHI1lII.illl'l'I Roberta Corwin, Marlene Hudanski, janet Ball, Student flirvrforfz Dick Barnum, Art Barrie, Barry Bashore. jmimr Play ruff: Oakie Favrn, Nancy Monger, Brenda Kurschat, Mary Shatz, Ken Boldt, Nancy Robinson, james Missler, Judy jones, Terry Flynn, Ronald Cham- pion john Clevenger, Dave Stead, Judy Bruno, Sue Suhneider, june Leibius, Elizabeth Terwiliger. Larry Farnham, Stuart Dungan, Ann Reiter, joan Capazo, jackie Schultz, Sue Braunsrhweigcr, janet Ball, janet Buehrer, Kay Xveaver. uniioirs The officers of the Junior Class were Barbara Dalton, treas- The Junior representatives to Student Council were Sue urerg Carl Schmidt, vice-president, Pat Jamison, secretaryg Van Karsen, Ken Najarian, Rita Neal, and John Petterson. and Pete Morrison, president. Row 1-Jackie Allison, Sharon Horn, Melanie Lee Given, Sandra Gzmchou, Eloise Coley, Patty Lehr, Linda Moffatt, Ter- esa Sleighton, Darlene Mills, Harriet M. Coleman. Row 2-Gloria Rife, Lorena Hargrave, Daletta Fuller, Margaret Harris, Marilyn E. McCloud, Twila Bechtel, Carol Rich- ards, Leah Kronmann, Sue Willinger, Cathy Cotter. Row 3-Delores Tarquinto, Sharon Hill, Sharon Steiger, Judy Bruno, Joan Korb, Janet Lee O'Neil, Judy Burmeister, San- dra Murphy, Carol Ann Eldredge, Joanne Hockmuth, Kay Knott. 252: Row 1-Marshal Bostic, Frank E. Brown, Owen Moore, Charles Harste, Wayne Reece, Ronald Burgess, Bobby Williams, Joe Ramirez, Don Benson. Row 2-George Edwards, Martin Brown, Tom Roman, Tom Schmidt, Garrel White, Tim Roose, Jim Browning, Fred Freeman, Sam Mason, Jim Szymczak, David Machcinski. Row Sw-Dan Haley, Bob McCarthy, Glen Mahan, Alfred Valentine Jr., Ulysses Allen, David Weilant, Stuart Dungan, Edward Powell, Charles Cornwell, Ray Bottles. Row 1-Betty Martin, Karen McGeary, Judy Frosch, Sandra Rawlings, Judy I-Iollers, Joyce Jameson, Jackie Socha, Nancy Robinson, Judy Leal, Sandra Gribble. Row 2-Bonnie Tullis, Alice Ann Grasser, Sue Witmer, Donna Vanderwulp, Joyce Ellwood, Shirley Hutchinson, Margaret Hall, Judy Kenower, Geraldine Ellsworth, Laurel King. Row 3-Helen Mummert, Carol Rapp, Linda Longebrake, Barbara Lindhurst, Sharon Hayden, Eleanor Steinwand, Bette Richardson, Barbara Wood, Darla Gerding, Joyce Suter. X, Row 1-Kenneth Burkey, George Kelley, Joe Matherly, James Missler, Bill Hubbell, Terry Piotraschke, Frank Laplante Carl Schmidt, Doug Becker, Jim Merritt, Row 2-Bill Herzig, Dave Osborn, John Petterson, Larry Kirian, Terry Schnell, John Rodemick, Bob Pfeifer, Jim Norris Steve Cox, Charles Bayless. Row 3-Pete Morrison, George Keller, Dennis Schorling, Bill Shepherd, Dennis Marvin, Jack O'Neil, Edward Garrett Dick Ewen, Gary Shinn, Dave Meyer. Row 1-Suzette Rayburn, Diana Heer, Roberta Patton, Charlene Stoll, Dorothy Smilax, Sharon Hennessey, Kathie Wetzel Brenda Sund, Judy Kopitke, Barbara Feehrmeyer. Row 2-RoVella Beauch, Marlene Hudanski, Sheri Court, Diane Crum, Betty Ann Smyth, Judy Bressler, Ruby Anderson Judy Stephenson, Carol Sue Woitzel, Sheri Sue West. A Row 3-Sue Boehk, Beverly Spratt, Judy Gantz, Carole Haase, Judy Clark, Judy Myers, Linda Miller, Terri Schumaker Janet Genung, Mary Beth Ganss. Row 1-Dan Mihalec, Jerry Snyder, John Groah, Terry Hartzell, Jim Hasenaur, Fred Race, Charlie Thompson, Martin Johnson, Richard Keim, Roger Broadway. Row 2-Robert Potter, Denny Murphy, Larry Steinbough, Warner Weil, Bill Boerst, Ronald Champion, Dan Pope, John Purcell, Nick Hazard, John Clinton. Row 3-Bruce Beckwith, Jim Garner, Carl Metoff, Bob Felser, William Taraschke, Larry Cook, James Beauregard, Marvin Balin, Joe Harris, Jim Somerville. Row 1--Donna Rupley, Mary Ann Walters, Sherry Miller, Kathi Vogtsberger, JoAnne Wilson, Willie Byrd, Sue Mc- Crary, Mary Lou Chambers, Grace Hamer, Marcia Shuster. Row 2-Nancy Groah, Carnella West, Patricia Amos, Helen Rogers, Rowena Williams, Grace Cunningham, Cecelia Cha- ney, Judy Harlow, Jo Ann Valind, Mary Anne Crable. Row 3-Mary Walling, Sue Luhring, Judy Meagher, Rae Lynn Garrison, Roberta Gutting, Sue Baars, Judy Rupp, Elizabeth Terwilliger, Brenda Dotson, Janice Livings. T .- X, .ic . L, ,g a, fi wfimn .-WU :55: 77,7M ie 'P' 'ai-if Row 1-Bruce Kern, Bob Ignatowski, Tom Johnston, Al Graham, Don Baumgartner, Michael Errington, Dave Fink, Kenny Morris, Robert Willard, Attison Digby. Row 2-Neil Cook, james Hartwig, Fred Grau, Ray Russell, john Zeno, Sylvester Hills, Bill Fuller, Dale Wilcox, Robert Harrison, Louis Hanf, john Clevenger. Row 3-Larry Stover, jim Borton, Mike McCown, Eric Schultz, Bill Weichel, Milton Stewart, Warren W. Leith, Bill Schaub, Glenn Browning, Richard Garner. Row 1-Ruth Ann Snyder, Roxie Ann Goon, Ruth Ann Wolfert, janet Ball, Evangeline Ulis, jane Rogers, Patsy Staples, Sharon Davo, Doris Dawson, Mona Brogan. Row 2-Ruby johnson, Barbara Rauschart, Susan Minnick, jean Lay, Mary Ann Osborn, Paulette Frederick, Sandie Ken- nedy, Gail Lohrman, JoAnn Szymanek, Roberta Barr. Row 3-Barbara Campbell, Rosetta Collins, jane Smith, Pattie Davis, Darlene DeCius, Beverly Wright, Judy Rennhack, Angie Owens, Bonnie Casburne, Hettie Merkel. , :56: at t Row 1-Ronald Blanchard, Dave Stead, Jim Roberts, Alvin Bialecki, Martin Greunke, Terry Hehl, Kenneth Chambers, Nelson Damschroder, Robert Schumann, Robert Clapp. Row 2-Wallace Melton, John Ball, Jerry Roepke, Virgil Carmony, Tom Roberts, Vincent Horosewski, Bob Harris, Bill Manning, Gary Schneider, Richard Elder, Jack Evearitt. Row 3-Calvin Banks, Tom Inman, Jim Malohn, Torn Vines, Robert Allison, Oakie Favro, John Hollopeter, Lawrence Farnham, James Brug, Ronald Walters. Row 1-Pat Kern, Barbara Czerniak, Barbara Dalton, Janet Buehrer, Brenda Kurschat, Pauline Ott, Judy Jones, Nancy Johnson, Barbara Julius, Joan Allen. Row 2-Linda St. John, Patty Ann LeGron, Judy Funka, Mary Sue Willinger, Joan Capazo, Henrietta Sutton, Marlene Bost, Becky Dauer, Margie Jacob, Josephine Smith. Row 3-Betty Wilkins. Patricia Reece, Nancy Lange, Marsha Dolby, Roberta Corwin, June Leibius, Pat Winn, Dorothy Pelton, Rita Jean Neal, Sally Gardner. f""" 'uf .:-57: QM 42 we Row 1-Bob Katschke, Dave McCawley, james Parker, Mike Fulton, Mil-ze Dunphy, Ron Fritch, Ken Najarian, Bob Lute, Kenneth Steinmiller, john Moran. Row 2-David Hehl, David Albain, Dean Myers, Walt Huebner, Dave Dittman Carey Ammons, Earl Burgess, Ralph Wobser, Ernie Frye, john DeMars. Row 5-jim Striggow, Terry Flynn, Larry Madden, Roger Newcomer, jim Wolleniifeber, Bob Mix, Larry jarrins, Tom Wiiiterhalter, jim Brockman, Bob Hayton, Pete Byersmith. Row 1-Teresa Fragoso, Shirley Ann Parrott. Eddie Mae Jenkins, Carol Kellar, Sandra Przeslawski, Cecilia Gonzales, Shirley Krueger, Ruby Reid, Elizabeth Evans, Sandy Pautz. Row 2wMitzi Klinger, Dawn George, Sandy Popp, PatriciaVoyles, Mary Day, Barbara I-Ialteman, Ann Reiter, Margo Moyer, Conchita Boyd, Doris Murria. Row 5-Sherri Szajkowski, Lonnie Pritchett, Joyce Overstreet, Barbara Curtiss, Marcia Hurley, Dorothy janiszewski, Bar- bara Haase, Bertha Perry, janet Pryor, Sharon Kiss. :5g: Row 1--Leo Talamantez, Ronnie Warns, Bob Fyock, Dale Willey, Don Morris, Charles Mugler, William Clapper, Bob Tal- amantez, jim Sloan, james Saunders. Row 2-Denny Garver, Tom Wirick. Barry Pratt, Gary Sliclcer, Bill Sterling, Nick Purse, Ken Boldt, Robert Czarneski, Stanley Schurtz, Tom Taylor. Row 3-Tom Ferguson, john Bremer, Bud Wicks, jim McGee, Dean Shock, james Ernest, Ron Radl-re, Ronald Putbrese, George Konczal, Bob Vea. Row 1-Mary Sue Shoviak, Sara jane Stutz, Carol Sue Ringel, Barbara Foley, Shirrel Van Tassel, Judy Rominski, Janice Grund, Karen Braun, Carol Falk, Elizabeth Paul-zen. Row 2-Peg Bower, janet Kellermann, Sue Wilson, Carolyn Moulton, Patti Bishop, Mary Whitfield, Carol Melcher, judy Campbell, Martha Bentley, Diane Holmes. Row 3-Sue VanKarsen, jane Suzor, Nicole Kendall, Sue Schneider, Pat Jamison, Annette Frank, Nancy Monger, Con- stance Powell, Nancy Lee Sass, Marcia Stoll. : r - ' i 7 ,O is Row 1MJohnny Staples, George Grier, Mike Overholt, Gary Lewis, Phil Robinson, Orlando Lucero, Donald Pohr, Ronald Stockman, Ray Geronimo, Clifton Gray. Row 2-Bill Rayford, Richard Danko, Herman Hendon, Marshall Bester, Vic Moline, Louis Dotson, Lorenzo Smith, Craig Dotson, Ken Miller, Dick Barnum, Charles McCauley. Row 3-Tom Beck, Barry Bashore, Jimmie Ellis, Vifnlter Holston, Dick Schroeder, Jerrry Sansing, Roger Sund, Douglas Osburn, Bill Sager, James Williams. Row 1-Carolyn Stuart, Sue Braunschweiger, Sandra Kay Meyers, Frances Douglas, Lorna Long. Karen Peth, Linda Ram- seur, Karen Wetzel, Mary Schatz, Jackie Shulze. Row 2-Mary McKitrick, Beatrice Delarosa, Mary McFarland, Kay Neely, Shirley Jones, Pat Fleck, Janice Webster, Kay Weaxrer, Margie Przepierski, Loretta Apodaca. Row 3-Barbara Resener, Susanne Woodcock, Sue Berry, Sandra Basilius, Mary Spangler, Judy Fineske, Helen Piasarski, Sharon Dungan, Wendie Sherrick, Carol Sarvis. :60: The credit for planning the details of the successful junior play, "The Egg and I" can be attributed to Carol Sue Ringel, Dave Osburn, Janice Grund, Lorena Hargrave, Robert Pfeifer, Pauline Ott, Ken Miller, Caroline Moul- ton, and Dick Ewen. The junior ring always reflects memories, but for Ralph Wobser, Betty Ann Smythe, Nicole Kendall, jim Somer- ville, Dave Meyer, Judy jones, and Sharon Hennessy, the memories will be particularly enjoyable ones because of their part in the selection of the rings. In cooperation with the senior committee, an all-important junior-Senior Prom was planned by the following jun- iors: Mary Schatz, janet Kellermann, Sue Willinger, john Clevenger, Bill Fuller, Larry Cook, and Victor Ramsey. All who attended the 1959 Cowboy Roundup will recall with fondness this memorable event. Pictured below are a few of the participants as they enjoyed a snack during intermission: Judy Rennheck, Garry Lingel, Sara Stutz, john Eakin, john Petterson, and Sharon Hennessy. Soplhomoires TOP LEFT-Much effort is required to sell enough magazines to become the top salesman of a class, this fact will be con- firmed by Garry Lingel, the leading senior, Charles Cornwell, the most ambitious juniorg Jerry Calkins, an aspiring sopho- moreg and Joe Moran, an undaunted freshman. To these students and their cooperative classmates we owe the success of our magazine drive. TOP RIGHT-Capably representing the Sophomores in the Student Council was the well-performed task of Ronald Cur- tis and Sue West. Row 1-Karen Bell, Patricia Sniegowski, Linda Cramer, Christina Navarro, Linda Sarvis, Jill Honeberger, Joyce Schubert, Shirley Dillon, Diane Bowling. Row 2-Joyce Reed, Phyllis Kwiatkowski, Millie Rohne, Pam Sun, Brenda Utz, Sandie Ritzman, Erika Bernath, Ellen Pi- mienta, Joyce Surtman. Row 3-Judy Cowley, Judi Koder, JoAnne Rogacki, Carol Randall, Marilyn Drake, Carol Husum, Mary West, Jackie Lis- ka, Anna Ruth Davis, Betty Jean Brown. c y f Row 1-Connie Herrold, Sue Gerhauser, Michael McCoy, Sharon Kurkencioll, Sharon Weaver, Sue DuShane, Carol Rucki, Gloria joyce Smith, Judy Bartley, joHanna Allison. , Row 2-Carolee Wallington, Mary Respress, Ann Huebner, Brenda Hargrave, LeAnne Tefft, Terryl Barnes, Rachel We- ber, jackie Erwin, Eve Lynne Martin, Sylvia Irwin. Row 3-Carol james, Sue Wachter, Kathe Schultz, Karan Walker, Marilyn jean Geyer, Effie Sue Lechner, Linda Roes- ler, Lynn Gail Walker, Charmaine jackson, Mitzi jones. Row 1--johnny Staples, Rick Hartley, Ron Olah, Leonard Klinck, Eugene jones, Martin Hosack, Thomas Nowak, William Bacon, Bernard Elfering, Leo Talamantez. Row 2-Stephen Schwab, Victor Webb, Larry jones, joe Straka, Dave Lechner, john Sturtz, Bob Page, Richard Batema, Doug Ellinger, joseph Palmerton. Row 3-Bob Cummings, james Cornelius, Mike Gallagher, Robert Haase, Bill Clemens, David Dusing, Bill Faneuff, john Wynn, Toby Sparks, james McBrayer. Row 1-Betty McConoughey, Victoria Olvera, judy Thorpe, Carol Patton, Edna Wigfall, Becky Findley, Margaret Hal lick, Ann Sandford, Sheila Robinson. Row 2-jean DeStazio, Aurora Salazar, Marilyn jones, Evelyn McCoats, Lanetter Brown, Virginia Ogle, Sharon McCloud Carolyn Giraudeau, Henrietta Reeves, june DeStazio. Row 3-Barbara Alexander, Sharon Scheffert, Linda Gray, janet Appleby, Nancy Stackhouse, Janice Schultz, Jill jen- nings, Carol Young, Linda Snapp, Rosie Galloway. Row 1-Tom Gramling, Herman Bruster, Nathaniel Vlhite, Dennis Bryant, Fred Wendel, Melvin Hueston, Douglas Fei- ock, Robert Stauffer, Marvin Vines, Andy Monger. Row 2-james Davis, john Miller, jim Hallick, jim Fleischmann, Bob Gwin, David Krantz, Dennis Newman, Bob Slick- er, Fred Kirk, George Myers. Row 3-Dan Lechner, Herbert Taylor, Eugene Easterwood, john Boehk, David Woggon, Bob Brazier, Bob Armstrong, Gary Wandtke, Bobby Williams, Larry Moyer. :G-1: ,jr Row 1-Barb Smith, Pat Lemons, Phyllis DeBolt, Sharon Perry, Rita Fink, Judy Enck, Joyce McCally, Linda Sund, Norma Kornett. Row 2SLinda Gillen, Donna Craig, Linda Fetzer, Jean Reed, Dianne Clark, Juanita Bennett, Joan Shepler, Jane Hall, Carolyn Pruden, Heddy Stine. Row 3-Hanna Kern, Ruth Nickey, Kathy Crippen, Jan Krabill, Sally Laney, Carol Dreyer, Donna Geldine, Joyce Gipe, Carol Bigley, Mary Ladd. Row 1-wTom Wetzel, Dennis Rober, Louis Peters, Roiland Griffin, Lee Irons, James Wright, Richard Metzger, Juan Flores, Terry Fleischman, Maurice McKitrick. Row 2-Jim Stutz, Lawrence Schultz, Edward Yoast, Joseph Grant, Edward Schultz, L. C. Edwards, Chuck Miller, Ebe- Albach, Bruce Denno, Sylvester Hills. Row 3-Daryl Hull, Jim Endsley, Clarence Dunlap, Robert White, Jerry Calkins, Fred Weiss, Larry Walton, Jim Warej- ko, Gene Stytle,.Henry Shermbeck. :65: Row 1-Sarah Anne James, Sally Dixon, Karan Keier, jean Miller, Georgia Stockarcl, Doris Keifer, Janice Strange, Peggi Warvel, Sharon Goecler. Row 2-Susie Fragoso, Melba Orlowski, Pat Glinski, jackie Corwin, Beverly Ammon, Paula Sharrock, Darlene Mclntire, Kathleen Jansen, Sharon johnson, Carol Sloan. Row 35-Marty Gennings, Linda Szalkay, Pam Palmer, Margo Semark, Barbara Ginther, Barbara Fanaff, Jenenn Snow, San- dy Hickerson, Barb Hatzidakis, Sally Rieker. Row 1-Chester Powell, Karl johnson, james Quinlivan, Ronald Ellis, Bob Luginbuhl, jim Young, Tom Welshans, jerry Woggon, john Rodriquez. Row 2-Kermit Zimmerman, Thomas White, Errol Collins, Robert Tressler, Tom Vernaz, Bob Waterman, jim Meyers, Dale Strahm, jerry Krueger, Cebron Allen. Row 3-Dale Woods, Bill McCue, Dave Wyper, Mike Koloclzaike, Hollis Eulberg, Bob Mallenclick, Nathaniel Wilson, Alfred Russ, Lee Wormely, Tom Chamberlain. V :55:. sa! 5 , E .r 'iff Row 1-Kathie Kerschner, Gloria Rechl, Ann White, Dixie Young, Kay Leak, Ardeth Pirtle, Sharon Schellhase, Pat Tay- lor, Anita Reyes. Row 2-Diane Parsil, Nancy Berkebile, Judy Williams, Diana Smith, Janet Breitner, Mildred Summers, Sue Taylor, Cherie Zolrs, Thelma Thomas, Yvon Edwards. , Row 3-Arlene Harper, Susan Bickelhaupt, Shirley Schmid, Edithann Fink, Barbara Taylor, Joan Bockbrader, Caroline Meyers, Jeanie Blazey, Sandy Pasch, Janice Dearing. Row 1-Melvin Sutton, Dave Delamotte, John Wormely, Don McCreary, Clifton Carter, Edward Ellis, Bruce Below, Tom Klostermeier, Charles Krueger, Robert Banks. Row 2--Ronald Ball, Bob Kesling, Bart Bunting, Ulysses Garland, Robert Berling, Jack Betts, John Colwell, James E. Owensby, Frank Ohler, David Dayne. Row 5-Sam Hearn, Jon Kerl, Vic Seelman, Leborn Franks, Harold Harrison, James Piotrowicz, Bill Dierksheide, Don Schermbeck, David LaForge, Charles Tubbs. K s Row 1-Mary Joyner, Roberta Lewis, Rita Barbour, Sharon Harrison, Marie jimmison, Karan Adams, Carolyn Beam, jer- lyn Buehrer, Barbara Gramling. Row 2-Linda Prendergast, Deloris Krueger,-Yvonne Gwin, Murriel Moore, Carolyn Walton, Beth Willinger, Shirley Polcyn, Sue Crites, Sandra Smith, Nancy Gomer. Row 3--Sharon Hull, janet Worline, Lynne Haberstich, Sue Pond, Diane Delker, Sue Metzger, Janice Place, Sandra Mn- son, Kathleen Mclnnis, Laura Hoskins. Row 1-Burt Baclenhop, jay Salhoff, Arnold Wyatt, Thomas McCreary, Dale Vogelbacher, Reuben Brown, Frank Zahrad- nik, jerry Cook, Coley Hudson, Richard Cox. Row 2-Don Thomson, Gary Higgins, Dennis Sherman, Richard Dusseau, Don Clarke, jerry Thomasson, Roger Wyman, Stan Needles, Edward Butler, Willie Loper. Row 3-james Moore, Bobby Williams, Johnnie Rayford, Henry Rayford, Garry Stricker, Warren Miller, Dean Thomp- son, Oakley Hopkins, Tom Goheen, Louis Phillips. Row 1-Theresa Mocek, Victoria Adkins, Sue Kaighin, Linda Heslet, Carol Beaupry, Pat Podgorski. Gerry Kothe, Carolyn Edclleman, Bette Hess. Row 2-Sandy Robinson, judy Reynolds, Sharron Allison, Toni Mendoza, Diane Roman, Carolynne Woods, Rosa Puente, Nina Deluna, Darlene Eckman, Linda LeMay. Row 3-Joyce Smith, Delores Myers, Sallie Atkinson, Christine Paskiet, Lenorah Edwards, Bridget Lyons, Judy Phillip- son, Sara Andrew, Donna Eck, Nancy Newbury. Row 1-Earl Betts, Bill Youngs, Dennis DiSalle, jasper Crawford, Donald Kohli, Bill Huber, Jay White, Fred Sumrow, Howard johnson, Paul V. DeLam:1ter. Row 2-Mike jones, Tom Wirick, Marlin Lloyd, Glen Washington, Bob Long, Ralph Horen, Jon Hersch, David Balsmey- er, Nelson Turner, Ken Schmidt. Row 3-john McElvene, Steve Moran, Norris Dumlap, Robert Beverly, David Spicer, Bill Endsley, Norman Falkenberg, Bob Pollock, Cyril Versanslcy, Tom Staton. if 'F K L a ' - l f L. Q Bl w Row 1-Kathleen Gaynor, Sharon Greunke, Karen Olson, Nina Atkin, Shirley Ellinger, Carolyn Draheim, Shirley Borders, Sheri Senkel, Linda Geraldo. Row 2-Barbara Grant, Karen Vorderburg, Sue West, Susan Erdmann, Valeria Bagner, Arvella Bagner, Verna Dean Brown, Laneta Chandler, Priscilla Morris, Bonnie Pitcher. Row 3-Pat Przybylski, Linda Shugar, Ingrid Franklin, Connie Heltebrake, Barbara Frey, Delores Sullivan, Luella Gow- er, Shirley Probert, Pam Lewis, Barbara Raetzke. Row 1-Dave Russell, Leroy Hooker, Angus Brown, Lee Raitz, jim Conrad, Dennis Richardson, Tom Williams, Mike Wood, Robert Huenefeld. Row 2-Eugene Butts, Glenn Stubblefield, Martin johnson, Oscar Winsted, Aaron Powell, Dick Heffner, Eddie Tilton, Dan Cunningham, Dale Meyer, Larry Burnett. Row 3-Bill Arps, jerry Dauer, George Banks, Douglas Riseborough, Charles Bryson, Thomas Green, joe Harris, David Curtis, jerry Eckel, Gary Hudson. :Q-0: ' I . f 1 sl 'Aa Row 1-Linda Papenfus, Karen Schultz, Toni Bartels, judy Mock, Sheila Coley, Marsha Morris, Sandra Warnke, Barbara Myerholtz, Noreen Engel, Row 2-Tonia Woelirle, Rita Stone, Patti Russell, Constance Wliitaker, Jane Lehman, Sandy Petoskey, Karen Starkloff, Donna LaClair, Carol Alldaffer, Sue Heinemann. Row 3-Meredyth Remias, judy Cairl, joan Tempe, Carole Peconge, Diana Horvath, Carol Moehring, Barb Livingston, Margretta Lee, janice Hovermale, Rebecca Parker. Row 1-Bob Henck, Kenneth Earl, Thomas Bialorucki, Elmer Krueger, Richard Gasiorowski, jim Thomas, Roosevelt McCoy, Paul Koder, David Kowalinski. Row 2wCarl Ralph, Ken Long, Benjamin Hicks, Melvin Williains, Bob McGhee, Dan Opperman, Bill Bauer, Richard Shelven, Charles Cordell, Douglas Kahn. Row 5-Gaylon Stafford, David Sheets, Ronnie Brim, jim Starner Dan Mikesell, Fred Lenz, jesse Lee Smith, Acquilla johnson, Donald Ware, Sanford Coley. :71: Q as it E' Q9 rr Me'-ew is aqui. . iw f -ai ff -"-.fp -'x,f"'I Row 1-Patricia Wilson, Jo Anne Iler, Nancy Youngs, Janice Mariea, Carol Rupley, Joyce DeMars, Sue Friend, Sue Bar- ret, Nilsa Gumban. Row 2-Barbara Shinauer, Susan Beachy, Janice Merzke, Kathy Dillon, Pat Meagher, Pat Grunst. Vera Glass, Joyce Hodges, Muriel Dotson, Sandra Hardcastle. Row 5-Linda Shaw, Kathleen Bayless, Miriam Bousonville, Susan Gehm, Karen Gehrs, Pat Kennelly, Lynne Kreutzfeld, Loretta Sturdivant, Beverly Boggs, Linda Williams. Row 1-Georgia Russell, Carolyn Schlegel, Janet Lethers, Carol Johnson, Mary Schultz, Barbara Bowes, Darlene Guz- iolek, Dianne Pasch, Dianna Moersch. Row 2-Judy Berndt, Judy Wolf, Karen Gunn, Jan Kierstead, Bonnie Naylor, Linda Reuter, Marcia Miller, Cheryl Krue- ger, Sue Stephens, Sharon Piotraschke. Row 3-Betty Bryant, Mary Hanak, Judy Shell, Darla Swanson, Marian Thomas, Sandy Guhl, Diane He-ring, Diana Gar- rett, Marcia Schmidt, Pat Stephens. Pres men Row 1-Thomas Tratter, Thomas Respress, James Olmstead, Michael Farmer, Leonard Zolciak, Carl Rodriguez. Don Wiese, Larry Stimoff, Thomas Snyder, Fred Beverly. Row 2-Ronald Morris, Daniel Keller, Ben Harris, Bill Duty, Mike Somerville, Chris Dreyer, Lester Higgins, Sam Dedes, Jerry McColough, Tom Van Tassel, Robert Hunt. Row 5-Ted Blanks, Lucious Watson, Lee Bill Taylor, Fred Foster, Chris Sherwin, Kenny Leith, Clifford Parker, Joseph Salazar, David Roepke, Donald Barnhard. Row 1--Lynda Chapman, Laura Stephens, Quintella Graves, Sharon Harbert, Rosemary Gerschultz, Darlene Kaucher, Jean Schlegel, Katie Welslians, Heather Blanks, Rhoda Smith. Row 2-Linda Hirst, Juanita Middlebrooks, Eileen Jones, Joyce McDaniel, Sharon Fournier, Darlene Hovermale, Sandra Hruska, Joyce Brown, Judy Morawski, Sharon Neitling. Row 5-Brenda Taylor, Joyce Mitchell, Darlene Westrtip, Barbara Dickerson, Glorya Johnson, Jean Hopkins, Kathleen Furry, Dorothy Leonhardt, Alice Vines, Donna Burnley. Tv S L... .- Row 1-Earl Williams, Jerry Czarnecki, Rick Dukes, Richard Vernaz, Rick Secrest, Eric Nagy, Bill Caton, Walter Bran- ham, Bill Price, Jim Loney. Row 2-Ronald Sepher, George Jeakle, Joe Russell, Randy Weil, Dave Miller, Bennie Vance, Jim Hazard, Don McGl1ee, Bob Tucker, Bill Schwanitz. Row 3-Williaili Crawford, Jr., Danny O'Neil, Dave Dombrowsky, Jack Korakas, Guy Warner, Frank Sliwinski, Fred West, Tom Hall, Phillip Klockowaki, James Miller. Row 1-Ruth Ann Wise, Leana Sumrow, Pat Holloway, Audrey Nino, Myrta Kay Moon, Sharon Howard, Terry Marvin, Sandra Moore, Sue Cook, Patricia Clark. Row 2-Pat Mullis, Carol Jean Sprauer, Sandy Keim, Joann O'Brien, Barbara Davis, Sandy Trout, Ellen Steiner, Judy Irwin, Judy McGranahan, Susan Heslet. Row 3-Sharon Wood, Karen Fair, Grace Fry, Judy Parker, Mary Beth Crookes, Linda Vogelbacher, Rosetta Woodley, Kathleen Weilant, Nancy Frisch, Lillian Kern, Kay Glenn. Row 1-Jesse Gomez, Michael Smith, Jerry Johnston, Arsenio Montelongo, John Madden, Bill Fetters, James E. Gam- brell, Jim Waganfeald, Robert O. Miller, Cleaster Williamson. Row 2--Daryl Lipp, John Fink, Bruce Robinson, Richard Gifford, Robert Nubert, Dick Rennhack, Jerry Tressler, Dale Brenner, Terry Teopas, Frederick Syph. Row 3-Ron Houk, James Collins, Duane C. Fisher, Tim Schneider, Robert Leathers, Darrell Roesler, Steve Chizmar, James Dolly, Tim Rohrbacker, Sam Duncan. Row 1-Amelda Delarosa, Karen Wyatt, Nellie Fae Black, Penny Beilharz, Mildred Miller, Virginia Kusz, Otilia Mon- telongo, Carol Ann Overmyer, Mary Burge, Gloria Pund. Row 2-Janet Fike, Mary Page, Jacqueline Rybarczyk, Carolyn Eckel, Lorraine Matlock, Jean Kelsey, Judy Gray, Joel C. Prendergast, Maryellen Butler, Rose Marie Lewandowski. Row 3-Susan Youngs, Joann Williams, Imogene Coley, Beverly Hunt, Florence E. White, Joann Gee, Donna Vail, Janet Albrecht, Joyce Walters, Juanita Jones. ld -H .. J' sum? i xsfg Y 4 Qs J Row 1-Gary Boehm, William McLennan, Charles Irons, John Duhart, Norman Fitzpatrick, james Goings, Bob Wfalker, Thomas Vance, Bill Frazier, Gary Lynd. Row 2-Virgil Wfilliam, James Snyder, jeffrey johnson, Glenn Thompson, jim McAuley, Lynn Smith, Gene Wodrich, Harold Smith, Sherrill Elliott, Verl Shuman. Row 3-Tom Roush, Alfonso Miles, Frank Wallace, George Bannister, Marc Pulley, Allen Bartlett, John Eggert, Alan Hendricks, Frank Nelson Mathes, Tom Bracken, Herb Milem. Row 1-Cynthia Holloway, Patricia Rosinski, Theotress Garner, Carol Poulson, jean Tucker, Mary Lou Mallendick, Dian Short, Kathleen Otto, Doris Koller, Billie joe Miles. Row 2-Cheri Carey, Ruthann Wollenschlager, Linda Smith, Carnell Easley, Yvonne Rosebrock, Paula Hadley, jean Van Camp, Sherianne Foster, Sandra Mallory, Karen Fausze. x Row 3-Alison Burlingame, Mona Kurschat, Ernstine Shropshire, Susan Fairchild, Karen Roberts, Brenda Duhart, Mar- jorie Ricketts, Connie Cook, Emma Stewart, jane Hightman. .1752-. Row 1-Archie Albright, Bill Price, Troy Seymore, jr., Bob Bates, Ted Bostwick, Robert Nickens, Ron Foley, jim Acker- man, Clifton Knaggs, Lee Waldron. Row 2-Charles Drake, David Perry, Daryl Henry, Larry Sayre, Charles Russell, Michael Gregory, Elliott Drake, Larry Tressler, Frederick Lane, Mike Bigelow. Row 3-Terry Carney, John Alderson, Winfor Tucker, john Searcy, Dean Dashner, William Klewer, Louis Davis, Larry Smith, jim L. Carter, Henry McXVhite, Edgar Mosley. Row 1-Cheryl Segan, Linda Althouse, Carmen Lars, Shirley Turpening, Earnestine Taylor, Lois Sower, Karen Britenbak- er, Bobbie Nell Flunder, Carol Gunner, Sue Holst. Row 2-Geraldine Reid, Sandra Amos, Sue Schroeder, Marsha Dobbs, judy McDonald, Gwen Walbolt, Dorothy King, Kathy Oberwegner, Nadine Dacholski, Sandra Bell. Row 3-Carrie johnson, Phyllis Lindsay, Betty Brown, Earlene Bostic, Eddie Lee Barnes, Sharon Gray, Ruth Orns, jean Blazey, Susan Golatka, Judith Rosinski. . ,kgtlbgf -.:77: Row 1-Bennie Scarherry, Frederick Atkins, Charles Johnson, Henry Ford, Charles Hills, Don Morse. Garry Bedra, Don Notzka, Edward Weber, Doug Lather. Row 2-John McCrary, Arthur Scott, Jim Smith, Lee Friend, Chester Trail, Eddie Taylor, Ralph Butts, Albert McCluster, Bill Brown, James Parker. Row 3-Gary Pundy, Conrad King, Carl Wootton, Michael O'Rourke, James Rayford, Jr., Warren Miller, Dave Wort- ketter, John Cook, Mike Warren, Jim Russell. Row 1-Judy Kelly, Esther Garcia, Cynthia Covington, Frances Bobroski, Nancy Mann, Bonita Julius, Janice Slasinski, Dianne Schnell, Judy Gubonski, Sandra Deck. Row 2-Lillie Langford, Patricia Daniel, Vera Marie Reddick, Sharon E. Holloway, Bernadette Green, Carol Lentz, Nor- ma Nino, Charlotte Mocek, Marie Wright, Beverly Feemster. Row 3-Ruth Weaver, Brenda Constible, Jean Cameron, Donna Vanderlip, Judy Mead, Jackie Lawrence, Linda Creech, Cheryl Shetlon, Pat Jacob, Carolyn Siler. :7g: Row 1-Gerald King, Ansel Davidson, William Disher, Robert Hernandoz, Dale Sass, Steve Packer, Klaus Kennedy, Robert McVicker, Daniel Olvera, Mike Donovan. Row 2-Dave Keebler, Robert A. Smith, Steve Worline, Larry Martin, Tom Ickes, Dick Bernath, Gene Steele, William Schmidt, Doug Briscoe, Cruz Moreno, Ray V. Rodriguez. Row 3-Ravanna Bryant, Othell Floyd, Ronald L. Wyatt, Arzo Lay, Ronald Wickert, Don Treter, Chester Hardy, Jr., David O'Neill, Thomas Richard, Mike Nickel. Row 1-Olivia Stubblefield, Jane Gaines, Donna Smith, Margaret Bialiecki, Judy Bock, Judy Smith, Phyllis Davis, Judy Richards, Nadine Reid, Barbara Trice. Row 2-Muriel Neely, Carol Hill, Carolyn M. A. Lee, June Robertson, Barbara Vogtsberger, Jane Roberts, Carole Kie- per, Gail Prickett, Alma Bland, Lynn Sherrick. Row 3-Sondra Fisher, Suzann Veith, Karen Wfollenweber, Sharon Hauser, Sue Spratt, Bessie Wiggins, Julie Schmidt, Nancy Reiter, Sharon Coe, Linda Case. .,. :7g: The bnml and loyal Libbey Jlrldefifr mee! in llve Union Station before lefwing for lbe Lima game. Row 1-Earline Sullivan, Maggie Huston, Virginia Plenzler, Karen Grindle, Sandra White, jean Ann Hardison, Barbara Braswell, Gertrude Love, Rose Marie Ellis. Row 2-Jeannette Beach, Sandra Newcomb, Judy Myers, Mary Worona, Leanne Forderer, Gretchen Hasselkus, Geraldine Roginski, Sally Vanderwulp, Vonda Carmony, Ann Krueger. Row 3-Nanette Schmitt, Shirley Smith, Mary Mock, Gail Sutton, janet Lothery, Arlene Dotson, Sandra Brumfield, Kathy Copeland, Iudie Loney, Barbara Russell. i Row 1-Edward Boyd, Gary Gratop, Dwight Osterud, Charles Abbott, Richard Fries, jerry Watson, Charles Files, john McClellan, Walter Adams, Owen Mitchell. Row 2-Dennie Watkins, William Reynolds, Charles Slaughter, Loman Howell, john Kummero, jim Elinger, Mike Le- winski, Ralph Campbell, Lloyd Ellwood, LeRoy Hooker, Sammie jones. Row 3-Charles Cunningham, Bob Black, John Bojanowski, Terry Kilpatrick, Ed Tamlyn, Richard Dail, Roy Hernandez, Gilbert Noel, Melvyn Douglas, Robert Pruss. Row 1-Eleanor Reed, Ula McCoy, Beulah Lewis, Janice Mason, Carolyn Berry, Sharon Taylor, Judy Eyre, Nancy La- zar, Zelpha Donald, Jessie Tillman. Row 2,-Doris Davis, Pat Boggess, Judith Hoag, Cheryl Auxter, Phyllis Elsea, Connie Dunsworth, Willie Mae Davis, Bev- erly Jackson, Andrea Charles, Charlotte Hyre. Row 3-Barbara Cathey, Nancy Morton, Rickie Ralph, Cheri Dolt, jacquelyn Galvin, Bonnie Baker, Dottie Barr, Dianne Foster, Sandi Buttner, Sharon Market, Carol Bork. :g1: Row 1-Lenora ski, Sherry Q Buser, Patti Huston, Carol Lennon, Carolyn Madden, Ocia Lee Wliite, Carlene Clough, Barbara Wiczyn- Fifer, Sandra Huston. Row 2-Anna Esparza, Diane Myers, Judy Ann Pope, Cheryl Fine, Pat Baars, Pat Cartwright, Trudy Riebe, Cindy Hehl, Pat Glines, Row 3-Althea Metz, Ruth How gay and fd are forgottezzf Agnes Skiwinski. jaffee, Gay Boerst, Barb Tornow, janet Smith, Barbara Helvoight, jackie Schooner, Frances Long, Carol Ann Eyrse, Sharon Sterling. refree we look at the Cowboy Romzdup on Friday nigh! affer the bookr and problemf of Ike .rrhool day V+ it r. 11 AN -if 5 5 J r ,p 'R Row 1-james Druckemiller, john Croston, Dennis Davies, Ronnie Lincoln, Harding Gregory, james Banks, james Wil- liams, Janes Marten, jim Berkey, Mike Scott. Row 2-Frank Bernath, Bob Sterling, Sylvester Hardy, Danny Barnes, Gary Franks, joe Moran, Bob Frisch, jerry Dukes, jim Sevrence, Bill Schmid. Row 3-Guy Denny, Robert Ramsey, Philip Greenwood, Gary Schultz, Tom Saules, Terry Wismer, Karl Ebright, Robert Payne, Robert Clifford, jim Hunclsrucker, Larry Durham. Row 1-Evelyn johnson, Angie Delarosa, Laraine Greunke, Nancy Ball, Carol Balk, Carol Kuclelka, Sally Fournier, jill Hazelbaker, Lila Beamer, Opal Lawson. Row 2-Loreice Hall, Deloris Hall, Jacqueline Garland, Barbara Harrison, Helen Allen, Carol Lynn McClure, Joyce Christy, Sandy Yeager, Pearlie johnson, Priscilla Speight. Row 3-Linda Vernaz, Marcia Kramp, joan Ogle, Patricia Speight, julia Kroos, Betty Short, Sharon McCurdy, Diane Pelton, Velma Wisniewski, Patti Rogers. C if ,fxfa-... X. Row 1-Edward Himes, Bill Kopitke, Tom Williams, Mike Smith, Tom Schwab, David King, Douglas Antolini, Den- nis Monger, Ronnie Kovacs, David Winsted. Row 2-Terry Austrew, Frank Balazs, Ray Feiock, David Gold, Marvin Crowl, Tom Fuschs, LeRoy Carpente, Gary Mc- Largin, jack Fink, Bill Clevenger. Row 3-Willard Thanasire, john Watson, Benford Hester, Tom Erdmann, Bill Buckingham, Pete Key, Sam Hazard, Bill Johnson, Keith Swihart, jim Smith. Row 1-Evelyn King, Sandra Bachler, Maria Elena Reyes, Darlene Coger, Betsey jane Spaulding, Mary Houston, Sharon Harding, Nancy Sheets, Anna Welker, Beatrice Ramirez. Row 2--Rosella Winterfeld, Lou Harper, Shirley Kutz, Norma Broedow, Helen Hornack, Rosie Wiggins, Marrianne Blackshear, Cynthia Howard, Joan Doneghy, Verdell Baccus. Row 3-Shelby Jean Evener, judity Huszar, Patricia Green, Karen Gerding, jill Bradford, Kathe Schultz, Carol Moyer, Carol Monahan, Heather Hazelwood, Tina Wallbank. fi ei :s4:-. R V I 0 V e e ' sf'1 Qi. N1 K XX x be - new 2 'Yak .N 5.7" 'rt ' A isr- Wfwi N., Ni? ' .X Our 1959 football queen, Ann Haase, reigns with her attendants, Brenda Petres and Judy Newman. Mis Bartley's students, Gary Metz, Barbara Wfnlter, Sue Schroeder, and George Meschke, display their art work. Judi Durliat, winner of the Armistice Day Speech Contest, is pictured here with her fellow-contestants, Marilyn Mead, Sandra Leitner, and Peg Lcister. :g5: , ,gr I2 .1..2 X I I N H P .i iw: N w -N-5 - .-iff. A A . ppp L -i2f- Q 3 Pete Morison, Carol James, and Nancy Lange are shown in their unique Latin costumes which they wore to interest the freshmen in Latin. Terry Sevrence works with the Peries to decorate for the Thanksgiving game. , ,,,,,, ,,, II 1 LIWITHWUTHES -is Q 1211: 23 I.-:Ii Q25 IZ! l 55 mc. T-321 '99 Z 'Il I: :Q .2 k rr. an 31:1 -. - - '- -W- Q 'tn :fi 5' in .Q 4 RW-.l":'..' f1:CJll I' :g5Q Extra curl Lcular actwtttes sponsored bv our school em lch the lwes of the students by of erm not only a dwergence rom every day routme but also entertamment combmed wtth tactful and constder ate lwtng Students learn cooperatton leadershtp and Good cmzenshtp by sharzng responstlnlltzes tn clubs of then chozce Actwmes tn addttzon to bemg a source of lnterest and enjoyment o fer tratnmg for adult parttctpatton Ln social and cwzc affazrs STUDENT COUNCIL PUBLICATIONS NATIONAL HONOR LITERARY SOCIETIES SERVICE CLUBS STUDY CLUBS 106 . A J, . g . I f - . I, I . . . . . . u I I I 88 . 90 92 94 99 :37: Sue Van Karsen, Gary McLargin, Rita Neal, john Petterson, Mr. Martin, Sue Case, Gary Metz, Mr. Rusie, Tom Waterman, Peg Leis- ter, Ron Curtis, Sue NX'est, Sandra Keim, Ken Najarian fnot in illustrationj. Capably representing the four classes of our school are Qrow lj Sandra Keim, Gary McLargin, Sue West, and frow 21 Rita Neal, Ron Curtis, john Petterson, Sue Van Karsen. Stu ent Coiuumeill Q tl A C ey .diff X ia l 1 - Endeavoring to create and maintain the best possible relationship between the administration and the student body, Libbey's Stu- dent Council has been very active in sponsoring and instigating various service projects concerned with every phase of school life. The Student Council, twelve members elected by their class- mates, has supported many worthwhile activities at Libbey. Co- ordinating the efforts of the various service clubs, the Council supervised the Magazine Drive, the Football Queen Campaign, the Clean-up Campaign, the election of home room representa- tives, and the promulgation of school events. Our members were working participants in the Area Sportsmanship Contest, the Area Student Council Dance, the Teen-Age Drive against Polio, and the Easter Lily Drive. Under the leadership of the Council, Libbey's student body gave a donation for a year's support and education of a Korean orphan. Another undertaking of the group was the successful homecoming dance held after the Lib- bey-St. Francis football game. The Council concluded their so- cial events for the year with their annual spring roast. A very important and essential division of the Libbey Student Council is the Home Room Representatives. Each first hour class elects one member in order to achieve a closer and more practical relationship with the Student Council. These -'representatives bring student ideas to the monthly meeting after encouraging student opinion and comments in each classroom. Under the guidance and counsel of Mr. Rusie and Mr. Martin, the Stu- dent Council concluded a successful year of co-ordinating all club activities and assisting with the solution of many student problems. Fagerly waiting to begin the annual Clean-up Campaign are Ken Najarian, Mike Gallagher fseatedj, and Sharon Os- terud, Carol Sue Ringel, Bill Schmid, Carol Youngs fstand- ingJ. ome Room Representatives Row l-Carol Sue Ringel, Jay Vfhite, Bill Schmid, Pauline Ott, Janes Suzor, Donna Stephens, Gilbert Fair, Joyce Mitchell, LeAnne Tefft, Terry Sevrence, Diana Heer, Shirley Hirauye. Row 2-Lillie Langford, Zelphia Donald, Martha Anderson, Sharon Osterud, Bill Johnson, Dave Roberts, Jerry Heller, Pete Smith, Ann I-laase, Ann McCarthy, Diane Bigelow, Dolores Rickard. ROW 3-Terry Flynn, Jim Somerville, Bruce Ewen, Bill Fuller, Mike Gallagher, Bob Hayton, Bill Thornton, John Eakin, Dave Berndt, Bill Dierksheide, Tim Hamilton. 34" Row 1-Judy Bartley, June DeStazio, Eileen Jones, Susan Erdmann, Judith Rosinski, Susan Youngs, Sandy Petosky, Sally Fournier, Carzel Felker, Carol Alldaffer, Lynn Sherrick, JoAnne Iler. Row Z-Dianne Pasch, Sue Vfillinger, Karen Fair, Linda Creech, Chuck Harste, Bill Schwanitz, Ronald Sopher, Sandy Trout, Kathie W'etzel, Pat Stephens, Sue Crites, Judy Myers. Row 3-Kathy Schultz, Carol Lynn McClure, Darla Swanson, Pete Morrison, Jim Brockman, Larry Cook, Chuck Knierim, Clifford Parker, Paul Sprunk, Janet Smith, Lois Sower. - '51-T X --T 5 E mu I ffxxf.-' Row 1-Sandra Meyers, Connie Vfood, Janice Ulery, janet Berry, Pat Delker, Karen Peth, Betty Smythe. Row 2-Sandra Murphy, Bonnie Naylor, Barbara Janes, Mr. Rusie, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Liartin, janet Pasch, Susan Rotert. Row 5-Elaine Garczynski, Peggy Hess. Sandra Leitner, Gary Metz, Ray Russell, Bill'Fuller, Bonnie Upton, Sharon McDonald. Peggy Hess .........,.. ........... E ditor-in-Chief Sandra Leitner . . . .......... Associate Editor Sharon McDonald ....... ...... C lub Section Barbara jaynes . . .... Advertising Gary Metz ..... .... A rt and Athletics Sue Rotert ..... .... S enior Section janet Pasch .... Faculty Section janet Berry . . . ....... Senior Section Beverly Miller . . .... Faculty Section Pat Delker . . . . . .Underclass Section Janice Ulery ...... .... S naps and Copy Bonnie Upton . . ..... Club Section Elaine Garczynski .. .,.Snaps and Copy Bonnie Upton, Peggy Hess, Gary Metz, Barbara jaynes, Sandra Leitner, and Sue Robert diligently check the copy. Edelian We, of the Edelifm staff, present to you the culmination of a frenzy of activity which began last September and ended as the final pages were sent to the printer. Although we sometimes wondered if we could ever finish this momentous task, at last the cover was selected, the write-ups were typed in final copy, and the en- graving plates were locked into place. Wie watched our book grow from blank pages to the object of suspense and admiration at the Senior Banquet when each of us eagerly awaited the distribution of the treasured record of our memorable years at Libbey. :9Q:. Row 1-Mrs. Bolger, Sue McCrary, Sue Braunschweiger, Sharon Hennessy, Jill Vogel, Sandie Van Drew, Dorothy Smilax, Kathie Wet- zel, Shirrel Van Tassel. Row 2-Katie Xifashington, Judy Fineske, Marsha Dolby, Ralph Vlfobser, Jim Benzinger, Judy Rennhack, Barbara Tate, Sharon Osterud. Co-Editors . . .Sandie Van Drew, Sharon Osterud Business and Advertising ............ Sue McCrary, Shirrel Van Tassel Page Editors . . . .......,,.,..... One, Jill Vogel Reporters - Jim Benzinger, Judy Fineske, Dorothy Smilax, Barbara Tate, Two, Kathie Wetzel Katie Wfashington Three, Sue Braunschweiger Photography ,....... ...,.... R alph XX'obser Four, Ralph Wobsei' Adviser ....,, .... lv Irs. Betty Bolger Crystal Clacking typewriters, harried reporters, and last minute news items combined efforts to maintain the top quality and excellence for which the monthly editions of the Crynal are well l-znown. Although the staff members were saddened that their adviser, Mrs. Marcia Garner, left at the end of the semester, they continued their publication under the capable guidance of Mrs. Betty Bolger. This year, as always, the staff and the advisers have performed their usual vital service for Libbey in recording and interpreting all aspects of school activities. Keeping astride the rapid pace of school life here at Libbey, the Ca-yrfal, under the leadership of their co- editors, Sandie Van Drew and Sharon Osterud, featured the lnquiring Reporter and the Senior Spotlight in addition to the customary news of classes, clubs, and sports. :91: Jill Vogel, Katie Wfashington, Jim Benzinger, Sandy Van Drew, and Sharon Osterud approve a new article for the Cflyrnll. Row 1-Darlene Hennessy, Sue Hubbard, Elaine Garczynski, Barbara jaynes, Miriam Vetter, Kay Fahringer, Barbara Heshley, jill Vogel, Pat Delker, Barbara Vifalter, Norma Moll. Row 2-Sandie Van Drew, janet Pasch, Gilbert Fair, Bill Sisco, Mr. Rusie, Miss Gilbert, Don Althaus, Katie Vfashington, Judith Nagy, Sue Schroder. Row 5-Peggy Hess, Peg Leister, Sue Case, Marilyn Mead, Lutz Hahne, Marvin Lamp, Henry Panning, Ted Graves, Bob Schroeder, Bruce Ewen, Gary Metz. jill Vogel, scholarship chrm.g Norma Moll, vice-pres., Sara Hamlin, secy.g Sue Schroder, social chrm.3 Ted Graves, pres., Gilbert Fair, activities chrm.g and Bob Schroeder, UCIIS. NATIONAL xxx 'f f w ill National One of the highest honors to be attained by Libbey students is selection for membership in the National Honor Society. Mem- bership is based on ratings of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Members of this group efficiently handled the de- tails for the National Merit Scholarship and the Senior State Scholarship Tests. Other activities for the year were many and varied. Under the auspices of this club, a panel discussion of college problems was presented to all interested underclassmen. Proceeds from their next club project, the "l've Got a Secret" show, were donated to the scholarship fund. Later during the year, the society was again triumphant when their panel, Gilbert Fair, Ted Graves, Sandra Leitner, and Bob Schroeder, beat Waite Row 1-Andy Kandik, Ted Ronfeldt, David Franks, George Meschke, jim Duty, Marcia Radke, Connie Minnick, Diane Bigelow, janet Berry, Pat Eldridge, Sue Anne Donovan. Row 2--Judy Paluck, XVanda Meals, Leona Bacon, Kay Achor, Joyce jarzynski, Miss Gilbert, Mr. Rusie, Barbara Zibbel, Sharon Osterud, Judi Durliat, Ruth Keim. Row 3-judi Telb, Beverly Miller, Bonnie Upton, jim Irons, jim Benzinger, Guster White, Steve Roberts, Roger Anderson, Virginia Fannaff, Ann I-laase, Maxine Dashner. Row 1-Marcia Shuster, Sandra Ganchou, Dorothy Smilax, Pauline Ott, Linda Longbrake, Barbara Julius, Peg Bower, Carol Sue Ringel. Row 2-Sue Braunschweiger, Sue Boehk, Mary Sue Willingei', Nancy Lange, Miss Gilbert, Mr. Rusie, Judy Rennhack, Kay Vlfeaver, Judy Stephenson, Carol Melcher. Row 3-Marsha Dolby, James Wfilliams, Ken Miller, Bob Pfeifer, David XVeilant, Jack O'Neil, James Brug, Peter Morrison, Dave Osborn, Carol Ann Eldredge. 01ll10ll" in the traditional "battle of brains." Under the direction of Gilbert Fair, activities chairman, a re-match quiz was sched- uled at White in April. During the Christmas season the Honor Society supported the "Toys for Tots" program which gives toys to unfortunate young- sters. At a business meeting following an informal social gather- ing in the home of Norma Moll, the group made plans for a May banquet, at which officers for the ensuing year were in- stalled. As social chairman, Sue Schroder made final arrange- ments for both the 'banquet and a post-induction roast. To inspire underclassmen to strive for scholastic achievement, the National Honor Society presented certificates to freshmen and gold pins to sophomores who ranked at the top of their re- spective classes. Sixty-seven seniors and twenty-five juniors were given the privilege of wearing the flaming torch, the emblem of the society. They pledged to hold aloft the flaming torch of truth, to lead that others might follow in the light, to keep burning in Libbey a high scholastic ambition, to approach the highest ideals of life, to recognize life's greatest values, and to serve loyally, faithfully, and unselfishly. Co-ordinating club projects for the year were Miss Jean Gilbert, adviser, Ted Graves, president, Norma Moll, vice-presidentg Sara Hamlin, secretary, and Bob Schroeder, treasurer. Row 1-Barbara Trice, Judy Richards, Joan Doneghy, Frances Bobroski, Cynthia Covington, Anna VC'elker, Linda Geraldo, Eileen Jones, Sally Vanderwulp, Karen Olson, Nadine Pacholski, Pat Taylor, Judy Bartley. Row 2-Sandra Warnke, Tom Wfilliams, Denny Davies, Carol James, LeAnne Tefft, Mr. Rusie, Sue Waclmter, Helen Hornaclc, Pam Sun, Marcia Miller, Marilyn Jones. Row 3-Rachel Vfeber, Tina Vlfallbank, Marsha Dodds, Michael Farmer, Lynn Gail Xlifalker, Margretta Lee, Judy Shell, Judy Mead, Kathe Schultz, Sandy Guhl, Tom Schwab. Row 4-Douglas Feiock, Glenn Thompson, John Colwell, Steve Moran, Jerry Calkins, Bill Clemens, Allen Bartlett, Ray Feiock, Guy Denny, Stephen Schwab. Row 1-Sara Jane Stutz, Diana Heer, Peg Bower, Sharon Hennessy, Connie M. XWood, Judy Schellhase, Gus Fischer. Row 2-Janet Berry, Pat Delker, Betty Ann Smythe, Mrs. Pheatt, Sandie Van Drew, Jill Vogel, Sue Morey. Row 3-Janice Wfales, Maxine M. Dashner, Joan L. Westgate, Janet Potter, Marilyn Mend, Sharon McDonald, Judi Telb. Janet Berry, pres.g Sandy Van Drew, vice-pres,g Pat Delker, censorg Gesine Fischer, rec. secy.3 Sue Schroder, chaplain, Judi Telb, treas.g and Janice Xwales, cor. secy. Periolean Literary Society XQOTOTOTOIOIOIOIQ 11 Again this year the Peri motto, "Secundus nulli," "Second to none,', proved to be very appropriate as they began their 1958-59 year with a swimming party at East Harbor. Almost immediately the entire club started working as a group on the traditional DeVilbiss mass meeting. In keeping with the Christ- mas spirit, the Peries sent a ham to a needy family, sponsored the Christmas program, graciously served a tea to the teachers, and willingly decorated study hall 116. Having fun while making money, the Peries sponsored a car wash, sold breakfast rolls, shakers, candy, and cherry pies. Throughout the year they co- operated whole-heartedly with the Phils and Zets on all Tri-Lit activities. The Peries wrote "finis" to a memorable year as they attended their annual spring banquet and the Tri-Lit Dance. Row 1-Carolyn Beam, Dianne Moersch, Dianne Delker, Susi Pond, Donna Craig, Bobbie Patton, Karen Xllfetzel. Row 2-Sue Kaighin, Kathi Wfetzel, Dorothy Smilax, Judy W'illiams, Mrs. Pheatt, Sue Wilson, Sue Crites, Beth XX'illinger, Sandra Smith. Row 3-Marcia Miller, Sue XX'est, Sue Van Karsen, Ann Reiter, Pat W'inn, Linda Ruter, Jane Suzor, Sue Willinger. :g4: Row 1-Ruth Keim, Diane Crum, Kay Achor, Sue Hubbard, JanetKellermann, Carolyn Moulton, Sue Anne Donovan. Row 2-Connie Minnick, Cynthia Wfarren, Janet Pasch, Mary Sue Willinger, Mrs. Miller, Sara Hamlin, Judy Kinkaicl, Carole Kirk. Row 5-Jackie Starner, Barbara Heshley, Ann Haase, Darla Hull, Sandra Leitner, Peg Leister, Dorothy Pelton, Marcia Radke, Judi Durliat. Philaletlhean Literary Society Many cherished memories of a happy and successful year will live on in the hearts of the Phils who in October were jubilant when their efforts on the homecoming mass meeting were amply rewarded by the selection of their president, Ann Haase, as foot- ball queen. As service projects for the year they con- tributed to the Community Chest, favored the teach- ers with a tea, gave a Christmas basket to a needy family in the area, and added a festive spirit to the school at Christmas time by cheerfully but labori- ously decorating the cafeteria. Again this year the vivacious Phils sponsored a de- lightful event for all who attended the annual Sadie Hawkins' Dance. Their various endeavors to raise money resulted in the presentation of scholarships to several deserving Phils at graduation. Festivities came to an end as the Phils joined the Peries and Zets for the Tri-Lit Dance following their respec- tive spring banquets. Sue Donovan, cor. secy.g Carole Kirk, rec. secy.g Judi Dur liat, sgt.-at-arms, Sandra Leitner, treas.g Ann Haase, pres. Peggy Leister, vice-pres.g Janet Kellermann, jr. censor Sara Hamlin, sr. censorg and Ruth Keim, chaplain. Row 1-Suzette Rayburn, Nancy Robinson, Karen Braun, Mary Shatz, Janice Grund, Sue Braunschweiger, Joan Allen, Connie Herrold. Row 2-Sherrie Zollars, Barbara Dalton, Brenda Kurschat, Ann XX'hite, Miss Hadley, Sue Stephens, Diana Smith, Pat Stephens, Jackie Corwin. Row 3-Twila Bechtel, Nancy Lange, Shirley Schmid, Carol Dreyer, Virginia Fanaff, Pat Jamison, Nancy Monger, Marcia Schmidt. s x Row 1-Carol Sue Ringel, Janie Ulery, Linda Schmitt, Carol Erwin, Dolores Rickard, Linda Ramseur, Patti Pasch. Row 2-Barbara Jaynes, Judy Moore, Sandra McNutt, Elaine Garczynski, Mrs. Hunsaker, Linda Longbrake, Ruthi Below, Mary Beth Ganss, Pauline Ott. Row 3-Sharon Osterud, Jani Dukes, Kay Fahringer, Margie Hunt, Janet Lee O'Neil, Martha Anderson, Bonnie Upton, Peggy Hess. Sandy McNutt, rec. secy.g Pauline Ott, censorg Linda Schmidt, cor. secy.g Patti Pasch, chaplaing Judy Moore, vice-pres.: Crow QJ Janet O'Neil, historiang Sharon Os- terud, pres.g Janice Dukes, sgt,-at-arms: and Martha An- derson, treas. Zeta etheain Literary Soeiiety The Zets, proudly displaying their navy blue sailor sweaters and white tams, busily attended to all the Zet business and assisted with the Tri-Lit affairs. In the fall the members worked diligently on the Waite mass meeting and later had a club roast at Farnsworth Park. The Yuletide season found the Zets hanging their traditional wreath in front of the school, having a combined induction and Christmas party, and sending a basket of food to a needy fam- ily. A very enjoyable splash party and a pot luck were held at the Y.W.C.A. during spring vacation. Truly the Zet motto, "Nihil sine labore," proved appropriate as money for scholarships and club ac- tivities was raised by vacation projects and by the sales of name cards, cookies, popcorn balls, and fudge. During the year the members were also work- ing participants in the Tri-Lit roast, tea, sox hop, and formal dance. At their annual banquet in the spring, the Zets installed their officers for the ensuing year and bade a fond but sad farewell to their former leaders. Row 1-Kathleen Gaynor, Karen Olson, Dianne Pasch, Barbara Bowes, Kathi Vogtsberger, Judy Enck, Kathy Kerschner, Sandy Pautz. Row 2-Barbara Julius, Shirley Ellinger, Linda Sarvis, Lynne Haberstich, Mrs. Hunsaker, Karen Vorderburg, Judy Jones, Pam Sun, live Lynne Martin. Row 5-Judy Funka, Carol Sarvis, Bonne Naylor, Diane Hering, Sue Schneider, Brenda Utz, Rita Jean Neal, Judy Stephenson, Ruby Anderson. Row 1-john Clevenger, Daryl Frey, Gilbert Fair, Paul Sprunk, Mr. Strahm, Dennis Newman, jim Steinhurst, Tom Waterman, Terry Sevrence. r Row 2-Charles Jeffery, jr., Fred Rogge, Pete Morrison, Bruce Ewen, Bill Ammann, Mike Crum, Bill Strubbe, Ron Iviurphy, Jim Gwin. Andy Kandik, Row 3-john Eakin, Bob Schroeder, Norris Coulson, Robert Freeman, Lee Englehardt, Ted Graves, Steve Roberts, James Mather, Brad Kupsky, Gary Metz. Forum "Many and varied" best describes the activities of the Forum members this year who sponsored the Central mass meeting which inspired our boys to defeat the formidable Central team. An unusual but delicious fund-raising project was the successful spa- ghetti dinner which was patronized and enjoyed by students and parents alike. During the Yuletide sea- son the Forum sent a basket of food to a needy fam- ily. Topping the social calendar for the year was the family night which featured a meeting and movie for all members and their families. They concluded their busy but successful year by a spring roast with the Q.D.'s and their annual banquet honoring senior members H 5 R S U Andy Kandik tiers Tom Waternian pres Terry Sevrence seq md Steve Roberts vice pres L Row 1-Frank Ohler, Leonard Klinck, Dale Strahm, Dennie Sherman, Mr. Strahni, Vic Seelman, Bill Herzig, Bob Gwin, jim Stutz, Tom Klostermeier. Row 2--Lee Irons, Ken Miller, Stan Needles, john Petterson, Terry Schnell, Ralph NX"obser, Dean Myers, Denny Mui-nlw Dave Os- born. Row 3-Bill Dierksheide, john XX'ynn, Dick Ewen, Bob Mix, Bill Taraschke, Bob McCarthy, Bruce Beckwith, Nick Hazard, Bob Pfeifer, Bob Xlifaterman. :97:. Row 1-Darrell Hansen, Ronnie Curtis, Ken Najarian, Pete Smith, Marvin Kutzke, Carl Row 2-Bill Lay, Malcolm Smith, Gary Olson, Mr. Miley, Larry jarrins, Gary Keller, Schmidt. Dave Berndt. Row 3-Chuck Knierim, Bill Shepherd, jerry Hockett, Tim Kennelly, Larry Cook, jim Xlifollenweber, Larry Stover. Darrell Hansen, pres., jim Gomer, vice-pres.g David Berndt, secy.g Pete Smith, treas.g Ken Najarian, sgt.-at- arms, and Larry Cook, chaplain. Row Row Row Q.. Dfs Again this year the Q.Dfs exhibited a will-to-serve and a desire to promote leadership among their mem- bers. Their distinctions, orange and black sweaters, were a familiar sight at all Libbey functions. In Oc- tober the Q.D.'s urged the team to victory at the long-remembered Scott mass meeting, and in De- cember they portrayed the true spirit of Christmas by giving a basket to a needy group of the city. Their money-making projects included a car wash, decale sale, and a dance after the DeVilbiss basketball game. To complete their year of work and pleasure, they enjoyed a spring roast and planned 11 memor- able formal banquet and dance for the seniors. f l it : 1-jim Gomer, Bob Katschke, Bart Bunting, Jim Young, jim Hallick, Bruce Kern. -Ron Olah, Neil Cook, james Hartwig, Mr. Miley, Jerry Thomasson, Stephen Cox, Dave Fink. 5-john Purcell, jim Kretzinger, Gary Slicker, Terry Flynn, Glenn Browning, Gary Shinn, Dave Meyer. :98: 'ASAE I Row 1-Gerry Shuman, jim Gomer, Andy Kandik, Tom Writermzin, Dick Elder, Robert Clapp, Mr. Needles, Charles jeffery, Frank Oh- ler, Carl Schmidt, Paul Sprunk, john Clevenger, Terry Sevrence. Row 2-Marvin Kutzke, Phil Clinger, Bob Robinson, Paul Rieker, Fred Scarbrough, Dale Strahm, Denny Murphy, Bill Ammann, Mike Crum, jim Somerville, jim Kretzinger, Ted Kamper, Pete Smith, Gary Olson. Row 5-john Purcell, Bill Strubbe, Terry Schnell, Robert Freeman, john Eakin, Norris Coulson, Steve Roberts, Chuck Knierim, jerry Hockett, Brad Kupsky, james Mather, Bruce Ewen, Bob Schroeder, Ken Boldt, joe Riopelle. ' o lHli1eY Every boy has an opportunity to join and participate in the projects and activities of this popular service club at Libbey, As members lived up to their pur- pose of "creating, maintaining, and extending high standards of Christian character throughout the home, school, and community," the Libbey Hi-Y distributed materials for the Community Chest, sold newspa- pers for the Old Newsboys, served at the South Side "Y" Membership Banquet, and gave a Halloween party to the children at the East Toledo Orphanage. Fund raising projects included the sale of Christmas trees and a dance at the South Side "Y" featuring the WOHO disc jockey, Bill Spenser. Together with the Senior Y-Teens this group spon- sored the Lenten services for the student body. The Mother and Sons' banquet held in the spring brought the activities of another worthwhile year to a close. I IZA Steve Roberts, treas,g Carl Schmidt, cor. se-cy., Bob Schro der, rec. secy.g Paul Sprunk, sgt.-at-armsg Ter1'y Sevrence Norris Coulson, pres., and john Petterson, vice-pres. Row 1-Tom Wetzel, Bruce Kern, jim Young, Tom Klostermeier, Bart Bunting, jim Thomas, Mr. Needles, Gary Lewis, Dave Mall, jim Stutz, Bill Herzig, Dave Stead. Rick Hartley, Dennis Rober. Row 2-joe Straka, Bob Gwin, Stephen Cox, john Petterson, Ken Miller, Nick Hazard, Ralph Xvobser, Bruce Beckwith, Bob McCar- thy, Gary Keller, Fred Freeman, jerry Dauer, Stan Needles, Ken Najarian. Row 3-Ron Champion, Bob Haase, Bill Faneuff, Dick Ewen, jim Wollenwebe1', Vfilliam Taraschke, Bob Mix, Dean Shock, Carey Ammons, Nick Purse, Terry Flynn, Dave Meyer, Dave Wyper. is it - 3 ' - . I :99: Row 1-Patricia Eldridge, Ruthann Rober, Linda Schmitt, Connie Moore, Janice XY-'ales, Janet Berry, Gesine Fischer, Janie Ulery, Patti Pasch. Row 2QPat Delker, Judy Kinkaid, Jill Vogel, Miss Allen, Connie Minnick, Cynthia XX"arren, Judy Moore, Carol Giffin. Row 3-Sandie Van Drew, Judi Telb, Sharon McDonald, Jani Dukes, Janet Potter, Bonnie Upton, Sharon Osterud, Barbara Brooks, Sharon Emch. Judy Newman, treasg Janice Ulery, sgt.-at-armsg Cynthia Vtfarren, rep.g Marilyn Mead, pres., and Janet Potter, rep. Senior "To grow as a person, to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities, and to grow in the knowledge and love of God" was the goal of the Senior Y-Teens. Under the capable ad- visorship of Miss Allen, the vivacious Y-Teens car- ried out many worthwhile projects for the school and for the community. In the fall they donated money for football equipment, and at the end of the season they busily served at the football banquet. The Macomber Mass Meeting proved to be a hi- larious success with an amusing skit in which the friendly rivalry between Mr. Grabill and Coach Momsen was depicted as they debated the import- ance of their respective jobs. To add to the Christmas spirit at Libbey, the Senior Row 1-Norma Moll, Shirley I-Iirauye, Joyce Jarzynski, Judy Harris, Jo Anna Long, Judith Thompson, Aracelia Puente, Cynthia Palmer. Row 2-Josephine Flores, Mary Taylor, Carol Carpenter, Miss Allen, Kathlene Frank, Sonia Hershey, Paula Cossins. Row 3-Sandy Dowling, Carol Peters, Karen Ge-hm, Patricia McGee, Barbara Beatty, Martha Anderson, Kay Fahringer, Elizabeth Pear- son, Jessie Wigfall. i .nf Row 1-Judy Opperman, Sarah McClellan, Janice Schlegel, Elizabeth I-limes, Leona Bacon, Carol Erwin, Carole Kirk, Lynne Overmyer. Row 2-Sue Rotert, Lynn Marvin, Phyllis, Finks, Miss Allen, Karlene Stickley, Brenda Bolander, Shirley Smith, Julie Lininger. Row 3-Lillie Davis, Barbara Tate, Virginia Fanaff, Pat Snell, Delores Kahl, Mickey McCarthy, Beverly R. Miller, Judith Nagy. Yfdfeens Y-Teens decorated their traditional tree for the main lobby and sponsored a party for the youngsters at the Childrens Home, who were elated to receive the toys which the Y-Teens donated. During the Lenten season they joined with the Hi-Y to sponsor the inspiring Lenten services each Friday morning. Although this is a club dedicated to service, fun was had by all who attended the November break- fast, the splash party, and the potluck held at the Y.VU.C.A. In co-operation with the other Y-Teen clubs in the city, the Senior Y-Teens participated in the World Friendship Fair, the Hi-Y-Teen Bermuda Hop, the Y-Teen Carnival, and the formal Y-Teen Dance. A spring tea, held in honor of their mothers, concluded a memorable year for the Senior Y-Teens. Minnie Peters, vice-pres., Judy Paluck, secy.g Connie Min- nick, chaplain, Sharon McDonald, social chrm. Row 1-Nina Brown, Barbara Xllfalter, Judy Paluck, Diane Swank, Ruth Keim, Ruthi Below, Barbara Young, Christine Najero. Row 2-Dolores Rickard, Sandra McNutt, Marcia Radke, Miss Allen, Katie Wfashington, Minnie Peters, Barbara Heshley, Lynne Smith. Row 3-Ruth Kime, Barbara Zibhel, Janet Pasch, Darla Hull, Sandra Leitner, Marilyn Mead, Peg Leister, Peggy Hess, Barbara Jaynes. vu' lv 2101:- Row 1-Joan Allen, Sue Braunschweiger, Mary Beth Ganss, Diane Crum, Mrs, Morgan, Pauline Ott, Barbara Julius, Nancy Johnson, Pat Kern. Row 2-Betty Ann Smyth, Carolyn Moulton, Judy Jones, Hettie Merkel, Patricia Shumate, Elizabeth Terwilliger, Kay Weaver, Twila Bechtel, Judy Stephenson, Judy Funka. Row 3-Rita Neal, Carole Haase, Judy Clark, Sue Schneider, Judy Rennhack, Judy Meagher, Nancy Lange, Roberta Corwin, Pat Winn. Kathy Votgsberger, secy.g Barbara Dalton, treats., Sue Xwil- son, pres.g and Mary Schatz, vice-pres. - , -I 'a :L JEEFEF 'I-iguvunv r 1 VJ Row 1-Diana I-leer, Peg Bower, Janet Kellermann, Sharon Hennessy, Mrs. Morgan, Carol Sue Ringel. tuuniionr Under the capable leadership of their adviser, Mrs. Ann Morgan, the Junior Y-Teens completed another successful year.-With their motto of "service and attainment of knowledge" as their guide, they com- pleted many projects and participated in many ac- tivities. These projects enabled the girls to fulfill their Y-Teen purpose which is "to grow as a person, to grow in friendship with people of all races, re- ligions, and nationalities, and to grow in the knowl- edge and love of God." A meeting that the girls will long remember was the one at which Miss Isa- belle Wfalter spoke about the Florence Crittenton Home, the talk proved to be very interesting as Margaret Hall, Brenda Kurschat, Sandra Ganchou, Row Q-Sara Jane Stutz, Royella Beauch, Carol Wcmitzel, Mary Day, Barbara Vlood, Barbara Halteman, Becky Dauer, Mary Sue XVil- hnger, Sheri Wfest, Patricia Anne Voyles. Row E5-Carol Sarvis, Marsha Dolby, Janet Lee O'Neil, Annette Frank, Marcia Hurley, June Leibius, Pat Jamison, Joan Korb, Nancy Monger. 2102: fake Row 1-Sharon Horn, Nancy Groah, Grace Hamer, Willena Byrd, Patricia Amos, Mrs. Morgan, Mary Ann Wfalters, Joyce Jameson, Melanie Lee Given, Judy Leal. Row 2-Mary Schatz, Linda Moffatt, Sue Boehk, Helen Mummert, Beverly Spratt, Linda Longbrake, Terri Schumaker, Barbara Rese- ner, Ruby Anderson. Row 3-Janet Genung, Sharon Hill, Sandy Geer, Judy Fineske, Roberta Gutting, Sue Baars, Barbara Haase, Eleanor Steinwand, Nicole Kendall, Sandra Murphy. YJlFeeims well as informative. The funds in the treasury were supplemented by a crisp brownie sale in February and the delicious cupcake sale in May. These proj- ects made it possible for the group to sponsor a splash party and a potluck at the Y.W.C.A. later in the year. The year's program came to a close with the Mother and Daughters' Tea held in May. The very able officers for the year were Sue Wilson, president, Mary Ellen Shatz, vice-president, Kathy Vogtsberger, secretaryg Barbara Dalton, treasurerg Barbara Haase, chaplain, and Annette Frank and Mary Sue Willinger, representatives. Annette Frank, rep.g Barbara Haase, chaplaing and Mary Sue Wfillinger, rep. Row 1-Sue McCrary, Barbara Feehrmeyer, Linda Crippen, Shirrel Van Tassel, Mrs. Morgan, Barbara Dalton, Bobbie Patton, Kathi Voztsberger, Sandra Pnutz. Row 2-Karen Wfetzle, Janice Gruncl, Dorothy Srnilax, Sue XVilson, Sue Van Karsen, Kathie Vifetzel, Sue Willinger, Pat LeGron, Ann Reiter, Karen Braun. Row 3-Sally Gardner, Dorothy Felton, Jane Suzor, Sue Berry, Patti Davis, Linda St. John, Linda Miller, Marcia Stoll, Nancy Sass, Judy Harlow. QW wi Row 1-Peggi Wiirxfel, Sandy Robinson, Sandra W'arnke, Linda Cramer, Karan Adams, Mrs. Pinkava, Sue DuShane, Linda Prender- gast, Gloria Reehl, Bonnie Pilcher, Linda Papenfus. Row 2-Carol Alldaffer. Tani Barrels, Sue XY'achter, Eve Lynne Martin, Jill Jennings, Carol Young, Judy Mock, Donna LaClair, Jane Lehman, Sharon McCloud, Melba Orlowski. Row 3-Nancy L. Newbury, Sara Andrew, Carol Randall, Janet Appleby, Sally Atkinson, Barbara Frey, Effie Sue Lechner, Linda Roeslcr, Judy Shell, LeAnne Tefft, Sue Heinemann. Ann Wliite, Beth Wfillinger, Diane Smith, Diane Morsch, Jackie Corwin, Sue Crites, and Kathleen Gaynor. Sophomore In accordance with their desire to serve both the school and the community, the Y-Teens received their greatest joy in helping others. Group activities, such as their spring splash party, potluck dinner, and their active participation in school affairs en- abled the girls to develop well-rounded personali- ties. Through their club activities the Y-Teens en- deavored to fulfill their purpose, "to build a fel- lowship of women and girls devoted to the task of personal and social living to which we are com- mitted by our faith as Christians." The possibilities are great where the potential is good, and the Y- Teens strove to prove this by encouraging girls to assume responsibility and develop good character through group participation. By becoming active in a club as large as the Y-Teens, each girl is given the Row 1-Carolyn Beam, Donna Craig, Dianne Moersch, Barbara Bowes, Millie Rohne, Mrs. Pinkava, Pat Meagher, Sharon Greunke, Kathy Kerschner, Rita Stone, Sarah Anne James. Row 2-Sally Dixon, Sue Taylor, Ann Wfhite, Diane Parsil, Shirley Ellinger, Jackie Erwin, Judi Xltfilliams, Susie Crites, Linda Reuter, Linda Fetzer, Sandra Smith. Row 3-Mary Anne Schultz, Sharron Piotraschke, Janet Breitner, Linda Snapp, Judy Phillipson, Joan Bockbrader, Karan Wfalker, Sandy Guhl, Shirley Schmid, Pam Lewis, Judy Koder. :104: ,W X, r ft, , swiss' I Row 1-Linda Geraldo, Carolyn Schlegel, Sharon Schellhase, Tonia Wfoehrle, judy Berndt, Mrs. Pinkava, Rita Fink, Susan Beachy, Karen Olson, Connie Herrold, Barb Smith, Row 2-Janice Merzke, Carol Ruply, Nancy Youngs, Sue Kaighin, Shirley Polcyn, Karen Vorderburg, Carol Dreyer, Marcia Schmidt, Mary Ladd, Susan Erdmann, Sharon Perry. Row 3-Sue Bickelhaupt, Carole Peconge, Susan Gehm, Shirley Probert, Marilyn Drake, Carol Husum, Barbara Fanaff, Karen K. Gehrs, Carol Moehring, Diana Horvath, Barbara Ginther, Susie Pond. Yellleeitiis opportunity to do her utmost to prepare for the greater responsibilities of later life. Endeavoring to bring to every sophomore girl the opportunity of participating in a club whose aim is to be of service to the school and to the community, the Sophomore Y-Teens enrolled 149 members this year. This club may well be proud of the fact that all sophomore girls are welcomed into the membership of their or- gamzatlon. Co-operation, too, was an accomplishment of the Sophomore Y-Teens as they worked together wash- ing cars and selling fudge to supplement the funds in their treasury. Service projects for the school in- cluded making posters for the bulletin boards, send- ing a Christmas basket to a needy family, and pre- senting a tea preceding the February teachers' meet- ing. Under the capable advisership of Mrs. Pinkava, the Sophomore Y-Teens completed a year which proved profitable to all. Sophomore Y-Teen Officers President , .................... Kathleen Gaynor Vice-President . . . . .Beth Willinger Secretary . . .... jackie Corwin Treasurer . . .... Diane Smith Chaplain . . . . . .Diane Moersch Representative . . . . .Ann Wlmite Representative . . . . .Sue Crites Row 1-Sharon Goeder, Sue McCoy, Nina Atkin, Judy Iinck, Doris Kiefer, Mrs. Pinkava, Susie Wkest, Barb Hatzidakis, Sally Rieker, Linda Szalkay, Pat Glinski, Row 2-Bertha Willinger, Christina Navarro, jackie Corwin, Linda Sarvis, Pat Stephens, Sue Stephens, joan Shepler, Sharron Allison, Linda Williaixis, Barbara Shinaver, Kathleen Gaynor, Dianne Pasch. Row 5-Marcia Ann Miller, Diana Smith, Sharon Scheffert, Pam Sun, Darla Swanson, Barbara Taylor, Diane Hering, Sandi Pasch, Bonnie Naylor, Brenda Utz, Sherrie Zollars, iF JP l'UJ'T1 Row 1-Carolyn Beam, Janice Mariea, Sandra Smith, Judy Williams, Shirley Krueger, Linda Heslet, Teresa Szymanski, Mrs. Flatz, Mary Hanak, Linda Prendergast, Judy Berndt, Carolee Wfallington, Judy Enck, Pat Taylor, Barb Smith. Row 2-Rita Fink, Sharon Perry, Susan Beachy, Marcia Radke, Diane Swank, Sandy Hickerson, Mr. Good, Linda Szalkay, Sally Rieker, Dolores Rickard, Sandra McNutt, Judy Harris, Barbara Young,Ruthi Below. Row 3-Janet Breitner, Sue Stephens, Sue Vfest, Marcia Schmidt, Carol Moehring, Darla Swanson, Sandy Guhl, Mrs. Moody, Lenorali Edwards, Janet Appleby, Diana Horvath, Linda Gray, Cheryl Krueger, Karen Vorderburg, Mary Anne Schultz. ..lB..lL..A M EM BER UTU RE U5 I N ESS EADE RS OF M ERICA -i 2 'R-roucn-ON-,N K With the annual roast at Walbridge Park, another successful year began for the Libbey chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America. Always striving to bring about a better understanding of business and a closer co-operation with industry, the active com- mittees of F.B.L.A. brought such speakers as Mr. Robert Pomeroy of Shaw-Walker Filing Company and Mr. Al Sautter of the Sautter Employment Agency to explain different phases of business to the group. The social events very successfully pre- sented included the roast in the fall, a Halloween Party at the Y.M.C.A., a Christmas Party, a Febru- ary Tea for Mothers and, of course, to climax the year, the banquet held at Faith Lutheran Church where newly elected officers were installed. Money- making projects were varied and included the sale of potato chips, candy bars, and candy Easter eggs. The funds obtained from these projects not only af- forded the year's social events but also provided a means to send four representatives, Doug Becker, Ray DeChristopher, Martha Anderson, and Peggy Hess, to the State Convention, which was held in Akron. State affiliations and those with the national organization, too, played a very important role in giv- ing new ideas and higher aims to all F.B.L.A. chap- ters. Many members also plan to attend the 1959 Row 1-Barbara Fox, Sharon Goeder, Barbara Shinaver, Beverly Miller, Lynne Overmyer, Ruby Anderson, Judy Funka, Mrs. Houser, Peggy Hess, Diane Crum, Janet Kellermann, Carol Giffin, Carol Sue Ringel, Judy Kopitke, Joan Allen. Row 2--Linda Longbrake, Beverly Spratt, Janet Genung, Doug Becker, Ray DeChristopher, Ray Perkins, Mr. Needles, Roberta Corwin, Carole Haase, Lorrine Helton, Kathlene Frank, Carol Erwin, Connie Moore, Sonia Hershey, Judy Schellhase. Row 3-Margaret Hall, Gus Fischer, Sharon McDonald, Connie Minnick, Barbara Brooks, Carol Weclitel, Carol Eldredge, Martha An- derson, Judy Burmeister, Mickey McCarthy, Janet Kyer, Patricia McGee, Joyce Long, Elaine Garczynski, Judy Kinkaid, Janie Ulery, Roxie Ann Goon. :106: Row 1-Mona Carol Brogan, Linda Geraldo, Gloria Reehl, Tonia Wfoehrle, Karen Peth, Carol Rupley, Sandra Throne, Linda Vfil- liams, Sue McCrary, Sherry Miller, Marcia Shuster, Cynthia Palmer, Betty McConoughey. Row 2-Doris Murria, Sharron Allison, Judy Mock, Sandra Ganchou, Brenda Kurschat, Carole Peconge, Diane Roman, Carol A. Rapp, Miss Haney, RoVella Beauch, Marlene Hudanski, Joyce DeMars, Sue Friend, Sandra Rawlings, Sharon Horn. Row 3-Margaret Hallick, Sharon Harrison, Sue Bickelhaupt, Jenean Snow, Sandra Murphy, Judith Myers, Sharon Steiger, Annette Frank, Barbara Haase, Judy Gantz, Virginia Ogle, Janice Dearing, Muriel Dotson, Jean Miller. National Convention which is to be held in Wash- ington, D.C. The numerous activities' of the F.B.L.A. this year -from the business meetings to the induction of new memberswwere well co-ordinated by both of- ficers and advisers. As always, a high tribute must be paid to all who worked so hard to make this year in F.B.L.A. an outstanding oneg and special ac- knowledgment must be expressed to Mrs. Flatz, the chief adviser, and to Mr. Rusie, as well as to the regular advisers, Mrs. Houser, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Moody, Miss Allen, Mr. Needles, Miss Haney, Mr. Good, and Mr. Kiefer. President ........ lst Vice-President . . . . . Znd Vice-President . . Senior Representative Junior Representative Treasurer . . . ....... . . Secretary . . . Reporter .... Sgt.-at-Arms . . . . . . . .Peggy Hess .Brenda Kurschat . . .Beverly Spratt .Barbara Heshley . . . . .Barbara Fox . .Kathleen Frank Elaine Garczynski .Linda Longbrake . . . .Judy Kinkaid Row 1-Carolyn Schlegel, Sandy Robinson, Brenda Sund, Ruth Keim, Sandi Ritzman, Barb Raetzkc, Mrs. Morgan, Mary Taylor, Suc Metz- ger, Charlene Stoll, Janet Lethers, Eve Lynne Martin, Karan Adams, Linda Sund. Row 2-Linda Cramer, Sharon Wfeaver, Becky Meinka, Pat Grunst, Barbara Rupley, Shirley Ann Smith, Barbara Heshley, Miss Allen, Shirley Probert, Sandy Barnes, Luella McCurdy, Barbara Resener, Sharon Piotraschke, Ricky Beaupry, Darlene Hennessy. Row 5-Peggi Wfarvel, Susan Erdmann, Joyce Jarzynski, Linda Shaw, Pam Lewis, Sharon Hill, Minnie Peters, Dorothy Janiszewski, Carol Randall, Nicole Kendall, Susanne Vlfoodcock, Sheri NXf'est, Judy Cowley, Millie Rohne. 107: Row 1-Suzette Rayburn, Pat Eldridge, Karen Wfetzel, Mary Sue Willinger, Donna Vanderwulp, Barbara Feehrmeyer, Melanie Given, Karen Braun. Row 2-Barbara Dalton, Peg Bower, Janice Grund, Mrs. Hall, Mr. Rusie, Dorothy Smilax, Barbara Beatty, Barbara Halteman, Sue W'ilson. Row 5-Sue Van Karsen, Sue Schroder, Janet Pasch, Judy Stephenson, Judy Rennhack. June Leibius, Sharon Favro, Marcia Stoll, Lillie Davis, Barbara Walter. Karen Braun, treasurer: Barbara Vfalter, vice-presidentg Roberta Patton, chaplain: Janet Pasch, presidentg and Janice Grund, secretary. lF..T.A In the interest of enlightening its members about the advantages of teaching as a career, the Future Teach- ers of America sponsored several significant projects such as lectures by Libbey faculty, college visitations, and the distribution of pertinent information con- cerning teaching. After a vigorous membership campaign, additional future teachers pledged to up- hold the purpose of the club, "to learn about the opportunities and responsibilities of the teaching profession and its important role in our communi- ty." Some of the members were selected to act as guides during Open House and at the Eighth-Grade Visitation while others gained firsthand experience as they substituted for several hours during the ab- sence of teachers. All members actively participated in the sale ot' bookcovers in order to supplement a scholarship fund for deserving seniors. At the tra- ditional spring banquet, officers for the ensuing year were inducted. Row 1-Sandra Pautz, Sandra Rawlings, Shirrel Van Tassel, Judy Paluck, Kathi Vogtsberger, Sharon Hennessy, Sue Braunschweiger, Joyce Jameson, Mary Schatz, Nona Gronau. Row 2-Mary Day, Kay Wfeaver, Mary Beth Ganss, Betty Ann Smyth, Mrs. Hall, Sandie Van Drew, Mr. Rusie, Katie Wrisliington, Hettie Merkel, Carolyn Moulton, Sue Wfillinger. Row 3-Sue Rotert, Becky Dauer, Shirley Ann Smith, Beverly Miller, Darla Hull, Pat Jamison, Nancy Monger, Nancy Lange, Judith Nagy, Barbara Zibbel, Dorothy Pelton. 2108: we-'N 3 t W is M, . XJR is ,xv it 1 Row 1-Peg Bower, Janice Grund, Marilyn Jones, Sue Wilcliter, Carol James, secy., Pam Sun, Rachel Weber, Linda Moffat, Karen Olson, Barbara W'alter. Row 2-Tina Xwallbank, LeAnne Tefft, Jill Vogel, Janet Pasch, Michael Farmer, Mrs. Burton, Lynn Gail Walker, Kathe Schultz, Judy Rennhack, Nancy Lange, pres.g Sandie Van Drew. Row 3-Marsha Dolby, Terry Piotraschke. Dave Osborn, Marlin Lloyd, James Vfilliams, Jack O'Neil, Eric Schultz, James Brug, Ken Miller, Sandra Leitner, Judy Meadg Peter Morrison, vice-pres. fnot in illustrationj. As indicated by their motto, "Srienfir1 Arx Saerulor- 0 0 nm,"' "Knowledge, Citadel of the Ages," the mem- H S bers of the Classical Honor Society believe that an acquaintance with the civilizations of Greece and Rome will help them to understand the world of to- I t day which is indebted to ancient culture for its back- ' x. ground in government, languages, and art. Member- 1 ship is merited by success in Latin and interest in X Under the able guidance of their adviser, Miss Vir- ginia May, the Junior Red Cross has renewed service locally, nationally and internationally. Their mem- bership campaign, in which each home room at Lib- bey was enrolled, provided money for the service projects and for the needy of Toledo and the United States. By sponsoring the overseas gift boxes for the underprivileged children in Europe, they have en- deavored to fulfill their motto, "We help others." I the classical era. Q n ' ll ' Q The Latin booth representing a Roman dining room Uri' 6 clrnrumj won special honorable mention at the Toledo Flower Show. Row 1"R05C M- Ellis, Eleflnflf Reed, Doris Kllllcr, Donna Burnley, Barbara Russell, Karen Fair, Ronald Eaton Gary Boehm Esther Garcia, Lee Waldron. ' ' i RUWIiEB5i1x11BSilfgSylml3tlth Ann Eyrse, Marcia Kramp, Marsha Dodds, Jill Jennings, Miss May, Janet Appleby, Carol Metz, Wil- RUW13"51Uli1l Kroos, Bill Schwanitz. John Alderson, Chester Hardy, Dorothy Janiszewski, Dan Haley, Tom Ickes, Marsha Dolby, Bonnie n erson. zgggg -hm. ,A , ,., ,. n.l Row 1-Nilsa Gumban, Judy Bartley, Nancy Robinson, Bill Bradshaw, Douglas Feiock, Donna Vanderwulp, Michael McCoy, Terry Fleischman. Row 2-Melda Jones, Sue Luhring, Susan Gehm, Miss Fiedler, Sally Atkinson, Marsha Dolby, Judy Rennhaclc, Barbara Zibbel. Row 3-David Krantz, Henry Schermbeclr, Marlin Lloyd, Larry Farnham, Xlifilliam Clemens, Barbara Fanaff, Janet O'Neil, Tom Mc- Donald. Nineteen fifty-nine has been a memorable year for this organization, for they became a chartered mem- ber of the National Organization of Biology Clubs on November 26. In order to carry out their purpose, "to encourage an interest in biology and to further the students' understanding of related sciences," they exchanged pamphlets and specimens with other clubs. Although their technical chapter name is Omi- rron, they are more frequently called the "Buckeyes" as the buckeye is the specimen that they have chosen to exchange with other clubs. On May 15th, 16th, and 17th, it was their pleasure to be hosts to the National Convention of Biology Clubs, represen- tatives from all states of the United States, including the distant state of Alaska, attended. The program Biology ,f-"Xxx ff'-K' if -B s included discussion groups, a trip to the zoo, and a visit to our majestic Museum of Art. By participat- ing in the national program they tried to follow their motto "5't'ientia Vitae, Dux Vimej' "Knowl- edge of life, leader of life." The varied program of the year was presented to the club under the capable guidance of Miss Lydia Fiedler and Miss Lasetta Pickard. The officers who directed their many worth-while projects were Ron- nie Champion, president, Nancy Robinson, vice- presidentg Donna Vanderwulp, secretary, Becky Dauer, treasurerg and Ed Garrett, reporter. At the end of the year all members enjoyed the picnic at which the seniors were presented with a graduation gift. Row 1-Paul V. Delamater, Joann Barth, Karen Olson, Cheryl Krueger, Virginia Ogle, Shirley Ellinger, Dorothy Smilax, Sandra Vlfarnke. Row 2-David Dayne, Barbara Vlfood, Joanne Hockmuth, Mary Spangler, Miss Pickard, Judy Shell, Lee Irons, Becky Dauer. Row 3-Sharon Hayden, Lynne Kreutzfeld, Jon Kerl, Bob Pollock, Ed Garrett, Ron Champion, Bob Cummings, John Sturtz. 2110: . 'N at . A.,i I ' ' i "K-is Row 1-Harriet M. Coleman, Sara Jane Stutz, Diana Heer, Shirley Ellinger, Lorna Long, Janet Buehrer, JoAnne Iler, Joann Barth. Row 2-Judy Harlow, Sue Luhring, Leah Kronmann, Elizabeth Terwilliger, Mrs. Tanner, Lynn Marvin, Sandra Popp, Pat Lehr. Row 3-Carol Sarvis, Sharon Hayden, Virginia Fanaff, Lynne Kreutzfeld, Barbara Fanaff, Pat Snell, Marsha Dolby, Janet O'Neil. In fulfillment of their purpose, "to learn to be of service to others and to stimulate interest in nursing as a profession," the members of the Future Nurses of America planned a very interesting and eventful year under the direction of their officers: Diane Bigelow, president, Mary Ann Walters, vice-presi- dent, Joyce Suter, secretary, Marsha Dolby, treasur- er, Barbara XY!ood, reporter, Shirley Grindle, co- reporterg and Sue Luhring, chaplain. As service proj- ects the members sent needed articles to the pa- tients of Toledo State Hospital and raised money for scholarships to be given at the end of the year. The social activities for the year included an induc- tion tea, at which twenty-five new members were added to the roster, an Inter-Council of Future Nur- lF.N.A ses' Tea at the Academy of Medicine last October, a Christmas party at Woodward High School, and a Mothers' Tea in May. At their meetings the girls endeavor to learn about the opportunities of nursing as a career and to discover the qualities and aptitudes essential to a good nurse. Several speakers, including their adviser, Mrs. Florence Tanner, related to them the funda- mentals of nursing and gave demonstrations of dif- ficult but useful techniques. In future years many girls will gratefully recall the inspiration and prac- tical experience given to them both at these meetings and during the day as they assisted Mrs, Tanner with the problems, emergencies, and duties of her office. Row 1-Sue Anne Donovan, Carolyn Stuart, Marilyn Jones, Gail Lohrman, Carol Rupley, MaryAnn Wlalters, Jackie Shulze. Row 2-Linda Moffat, Doris Kiefer, Carol Sue Wfoitzel, Diane Bigelow, Mrs. Tanner, Shirley Grindle, Barbara Wood, Joyce Suer. Row 3-Joyce Overstreet, Peg Leister, Pat Vfinn, Sally Laney, Sue Baars, Judy Fineske, Roberta Gutting, Rita Jean Neal. it . :IHS Row 1-Janice Ulery, janice Wales, Linda Schmitt, Jill Vogel, Sandie Van Drew, Maxine Dashner, Ann Haase, Brenda Kurschat, Sue Morey, Ruthann Rober, Gus Fischer, janet Berry. Row 2-julie Lininger, Connie Minnick, Judi Telb, Sharon Osterud, Barbara Beatty, Miss Costigan, Minnie Peters, Katie Washington, jani Dukes, Sharon McDonald, Judy Kinkaid, janet Pasch. Row 3-Barbara Tate, Beverly Miller, Bonnie Upton, Raymond Parker, Lawrence Farnham, jim Graham, james Mather, Craig Thomp- son, janet Potter. Marilyn Mead, joe Riopelle, Darla Hull. Dramaties .inda Schmitt, pres.g Bonnie Upton, rec. secy.g Judy Telb, cor. secy.g Barham Beatty, vice-pres.g Darla Hull, treas. -'N , A The members of the Dramatics Club, who are will- ing to perform all the arduous tasks involved in play production, combined promising talent and effective scenery to make their productions of Brallner Goose, The Egg and 1, and several one-act plays a success. At the annual May banquet these promising theatrical novices expressed their gratitude to their capable ad- viser, Miss Angela Costigan, who gave unstinting- ly of her time and effort. Numerous were the games and activities which the girls in the white gym suits supervised both during class time and after school under the supervision of Mrs. johnson, Mrs. Billmaier, and Mrs Fisher. Throughout the year the members managed a vol- leyball play day for eighth graders and took an ac- tive part in the intramural basketball and volleyball tournaments. To complete their year of fun, they participated in the Bowling Green Play Day and en- joyecl a roast in the spring. Libbey Lea ers Row 1-Kathleen Gaynor, Bette Hess. Pat Lemons, Donna Craig, Brenda Kurschat, Darlene Mills, Sue Taylor, Sue McCrary, Pat Eldridge. Row 2-Sharon Piotraschke, Ruth Keim, Martha Bentley, Mrs. Billmaier, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. johnson, Carnella j. VC'est, Muriel L. Dot- son, Nancy Youngs. Row 3-Millie Rohne, Wfanda Meals, Becky Dauer, Peg Leister, Judy Fineske, Virginia Fanaff, Sharon Hinman, julie Lininger, Virginia Ogle. l 'Ltr X W 1. . at .mf T5 x. 5 S Q -is H -E - . -- f 1' , T, it Y Fr? l Quai Q 2112: if 5 Row 1-Diane Short, Carolyn Giraudeau, Tom Vance, Mary Sue Vifillinger, Denny Davies, Harold Perry, Diane Bigelow, Rachel Wfeber, Diane Clark, Karen Olson. Row 2-Barbara Zibbel, Beverly Miller, Marilyn Drake, Jack Funk, David Krantz, Mr. Grabill, Kathe Schultz, Ingrid Franklin, Carol Eldredge, Judi Durliat. Row 3--Dick Barnum, Nancy Mueller, Sandra Leitner, jim Wfilliams, Sam Hazard, Paul Boyd, Tom Beck, Roger Anderson, Sally Laney. To stimulate public interest in symphony orchestras and cultural music, the orchestra, under the direction of Mr. james R. Grabill, participated in the Regional and All-State Orchestras, presented a program in February, performed at the Libbey Open House, and recruited new members by playing for the Eighth Grade Visitation. Between the last strains of "Okla- homa" and the downbeat of Schubert's Symphony, the musicians found time to sponsor a roast with the band and to attend a concert at Bowling Green Uni- versity. Some of the busiest students in our school are those who ably assist Mr. Martin in many of the time-con- suming activities such as selling activity tickets, staf- fing our stationer's desk, taking Edelinu orders, and distributing the yearbook, a task which they effi- ciently and systematically perform for the seniors at the banquet and for the underclassmen on Erlelimz day. By their cheerful performance of these duties, they have achieved their purpose which is "to pro- mote interest and participation in school events throughout the school yearfl Orrelhies ra jim Vffilliams, treas.g Mary Sue Willinger, vice-pres., Karen Olson, librarian, and Sandra Leitner, pres. 0 0 0 Row 1--Mr. Martin, Connie NX'ood, Carol Young. Row 2-Betty Ann Smyth, Sandra Myers, Raymond Russell. Row 3-Bonne Naylor, Sandra Murphy, Karen Peth, Bill Fuller. ...L 2113: Row 1-Shelby Langenderfer, .Suzanne Dushane, Linda Moffat, Connie Moore, joyce XWilcox, Shirley Grindle, Terry Barnes, Sonya Her- shey, Brenda Kurschat, Nina Brown, Pat Eldridge, Johanna Allison. Row 2-Charmaine Jackson, Patricia Reece, Marlene Bost, Judy Bruno, Sandra Dowling, Ronnie Fritch, Mr. McClure, Terry Teopas, Judy Burmeister, Minnie Peters, Sandra McNutt, Dolores Richard, Eve Martin. Row 3-Charles LeMay, Marilyn Geyer, Patricia McGee, Marilyn Mead, Dave Dusing, Edward McNeal, Robert Felser, Fred Swihardt, Richard Piddock, Paul Stubblefield, Bart Bunting. George Edwards, sgt.-at-armsg Nina Brown, pres.g joyce Wfilcox, vice-pres., Pat McGee, librarian, and Paul Stub- blefield, secy-treas. fnot in illustrationj Choir In their blue and gold robes, Libbey's choir helped to inspire the reverent attitude present at our Thanks- giving, Christmas, and Lenten church services. Many tireless hours of tedious practice were spent prepar- ing for the annual Spring Music Festival held at the Toledo Museum of Art. Through the efforts of Mr. Harold McClure, their director, members of the choir were taught to sing harmoniously together and to enjoy a feeling of musical accomplishment. In addition to performing for several P.T.A. meetings, the choir sang at the Baccalaureate and Commence- ment services. This year the group sponsored a sox-hop in March, entitled "Evening in Rhythm." A spring banquet held in honor of the senior choir members marked the finale of a year of musical study. Row 1--jackie Allison, Fred Kindle, Ann Terrill, Sylvia Irwin, jackie Erwin, Roberta Barr, Brenda Hargrave, Ann Huebner, Robert Huenefeld, Sue Gerhauser, Michael McCoy, Connie Herold. Row 2--Carol Richards, Patricia Barker, Lemoyne Griffin, Clifford Boykin, Larry Moyer, Linda Roesler, Mr. McClure, joan Korb, Henrietta Sutton McCarthy, jean Capazo, Sue Wachter, Lee Ann Teft. Row 3-james i, Bill Strubbe, Toby Sparks, Nathaniel Savage, Charles Cornwell, Tom Cook, Robert Hayton, Bill Thornton Effie Lechner, janet O'Neil. Row 1--Sue Morey, Joan Wfestgate, Maxine Dashner, Pat XVinn, Ken Miller, Darla Hull, Ann Haase, Judi Telb, Sheri Court. Row 2-Frank LaPlante, Dennis Sherman, Orlando Lucero, Tom McDonald, Mr. Grabill, Dan Opperman, Stan Needles, Dennis New- man, Gary Schneider, Mike Overholt. Row 3-Dick Barnum, Robert Ramsey, Larry Sherman, Val Johnson, John Rodemich, Barry Bashore, XVillard Flegle, Mayo Witty, Dale Wfilcox. Row 4-Tom Beck, Oakley Hopkins, Carey Ammons, Baum Adding spirit and vivacity to all Libbey mass meet- ings and athletic contests, the band faithfully per- formed under the direction of Mr. James Grabill. The superb playing of these members helped to raise the morale of both the team and the student body with their inspirational music. In addition to a ban- quet in December and one in May at which deserv- ing members were presented with awards for out- standing service, the band had two roasts which were enjoyed by all. Included on the year's agenda were concerts presented in February and May, a tag day in October, and a potluck for parents of the band members. A jubilant air was added to this organiza- tion when our majorettes returned with first prize from a drill contest in which they participated last summer. Paul Boyd, Ed Garrett, Dick Ewen, Dick Shroeder, Don Treter, Charles LeMay. Row 1-Cheryl Krueger, librariang Bruce Ewen, pres.: Kathy Kerschner, Librarian. Row 2-Ken Miller, drum majorg Sue Morey, secy.1 Ann Wfhite, librariang Joan Allen, treas.g Judy Durliat, vice- pres.g Denny Newman, student director. Row 1-Nancy Gerst, Maria Elena Reyes, Nancy Gomer, Kathy Kerschner, Diana Heer, Janet Lethers, Ann Wliite, Cheryl Krueger, Joan Allen, Joann Barth. Row 2-Bill Price, Sue Crites, Don Benson, Tom Willianis, Patti Rogers, Mr. Grabill, Kenneth Earl, Pat Fleck, Lynne Haberstich, Denny Monger, Karen Hubbard. Row 5-Janice XVebster, Sharon Market, Margo Semark, JoAnne Gee, Tim Schneider, Joyce Gipe, Carol Joy Katz, Jacquelyn Galvin, Judi Durliat, Linda Xwilliams. Row 4-Harold Perry, Sharon Mcflurdy, Jean Hopkins, Lynne Kreutzfeld, Carol Peters, Bruce Ewen, Phil Reuman, Owen Moore, Vic- tor Ramsey, Kenny Long. Row 1-Karan Keier, Grace Hamer, Willina Byrd, Sarah McClellan, Martha Bentley, Ruth Keim, Brenda Kurschat, Suzanna Crites, Judy Vfilliams, Sandra Smith, Kathleen Gaynor, Carolyn Beam. Row 2-Connie M. Wood, Dolores Rickard, Ruthi Below, Sandy Dowling, Ruth Kime, Sandra McNutt, Lynn Marvin, Sharon Steiger, Phyllis Finlcs, Karlene Stickley, Alfrieda Flanagan, Elizabeth Pearson. Row 3-Judy Kinkaid, Janet Pasch, Barbara Tate, Barbara Beatty, Pat Snell, Virginia Fanaff, Dolores Kahl, Martha Anderson, Judy Fineske, Sharon Osterud, Sharon McDonald, Janet Berry. Sandra Kelting, Connie Wocid, Janet Berry, Sharon Osterud, Sharon McDonald, and Carol Sue Ringel. "Let's go, Cowboys! We want some action!" was the cry commonly heard as the one hundred and twenty members of the Pep Club streamed into the football stadium to cheer the Libbey Cowboys on to victory. In order to accomplish their main purpose of promoting school spirit and encouraging good sports- manship at athletic functions, this newly organized group sat together at games and tried to urge all students to participate in organized school cheers. At their meetings the cheerleaders taught interested Libbeyites both the words and the actions of new cheers. Much pep and enthusiasm is displayed by this club not only at mass meetings but also at ath- letic meets where school spirit and vivacity may Pep Row 1mDianne Pasch, Linda Geraldo, Mary Anne Schultz, Sharon McCloud, Patty Meagher, Janet Ball, Sandra Ganchou, Diane Bowl- ing, Karen Bell, Cynthia Palmer, Sandra Rawlings. Row 2-Beth Willinger, Shirley Polcyn, Linda Fetzer, Susi Pond, Marcia Schmidt, Betty Ann Smyth, Pat Stephens, Diane Crum, Linda Sarvis, Bonne Naylor, Cathy Cotter. Row 3-Carol Young, Shirley Schmidt, Janice Schultz, Sandy Pasch, Barbara Taylor, Darla Swanson, Minnie Peters, Jill Jennings, Judy Meagher, Brenda Utz, Janet Breitner, Linda Reuter. 2116: Row 1-Joanne Iler, Mary Lou Chambers, Carol Sue Ringel, Sara Jane Stutz, Diana Heer, Janice Mariea, Christina Navarro, Sharon Goeder, Judy Leal, Jean DeStazio, June DeStazio. Row 2-Laraine Greunke, Nancy Johnson, Doris Kiefer, Pam Sun, Sue Wilson, Sue Vfillinger, Carolyn Moulton, Carol Metz, Shirley Ellinger, Sue Shroeder, Pat Kern. Row 3-Sandra Popp, Helen Mummert, Althea Jaffee, Marcia Kramp, Carole Haase, June Leibius, Eleanor Steinwand, Judy Clark, Roberta Corwin, Judy Mead, Rita Neal, Judy Rupp. Club mean the difference between victory and defeat. Under the capable guidance of Miss Shirley Haney, a very successful first year was enjoyed by this club. The officers for the year were Rita Neal, presidentg Katie Washington, vice-president, Marcia Miller, re- cording secretary, Dianne Pasch, corresponding sec- retary, Sara Jane Stutz, treasurer, Barbara Bowes, Sara McClellan, Ruthi Below, and JoAnn Cupilary, sergeants-at-arms, Linda Sarvis, chaplain, and Vir- ginia Fanaff, pep director. These girls in their white blouses could be easily distinguished at athletic meets by their enthusiasm and liveliness as their action ex- emplified their motto, "Libbey win, Libbey lose, Libbey alwaysln Row 1-Connie Herrold, Karen Olson, Bonnie Pilcher, Mary Day, Jackie Erwin, Rita Sarah James, Barbara Smith. Row 2-Kathy Kerschner, Jackie Corwin, Barbara Bowes, Cheryl Krueger, Sue Stephens, Miss Haney, Marcia Miller, Barbara Halteman, Ann Wlxite, Janice Wales, Dianne Moersch. Row 3--Barbara Ginther, Barbara Zibbel, Diane Hering, Carol Dreyer, Marilyn Mead, Pat Kennelly, Barbara Fanaff, Sandy Guhl, Karan Walker, Nicole Kendall, Katie Wfashington. Our enthusiastic cheerleaders sparked the lively school spirit shown at both the football and the basketball con- tests. Fink, Susan Beachy, Judy Berndt, Sue DuShane, 2117: ' Q DEANS' AIDES-The girls who assisted Miss Kanney and Mr. Osgood were Rowll-Sue Cook, Lynne Sherrick, Betsy Spaulding, Andrea Charles, Mary Schatz,.Peg Bowers, Carzel Felker, Pat Delker, Sally Vanderwulp, Vera Glass, Carolyn Eckel, Pat Cartwright, Judy Kelly, Linda Papenfus. Row 2-Linda Reuter Diane Smith Sue Taylor Dorothy Smilax, Sharon Henncssey, Linda Longlnrake, Beverly Spratt, Sue Willinger, Mary Beth Crnokes, Marcia Dodds, Susie Crites. Row 3-Shirley Schmid, Barbara Tornow, Carol Moy- er, Ann Haase, Ruth Orns, Marcia Radke, Bonnie Upton, Diane ljlerrng, janire Shultg, julia Kroos, Patty Davis, Sandy Guhl, Dorothy Pelton. , PROJECTION AIDES-Mr. Lincke, who is in charge of the prolectxon department, is assisted-by the following: Row 1-Gerald King, Leanna Sumrow, Eddie Jenkins, Shirley Hirauye, jo Anna Long, Loretta Sturdivant, jean Miller, Sandra Wllite, Carol Lennon, Christy, Charles Irons, Garry Lingel, james Miller, Norma Nino, Sandra Ford, Barbara Fisher, Bill Lindhorst, Ulysses Allen, Delores Sullivan, john Alderson, Fred Syph, Jerry CAFETERIA XVORKERS-The cheerful Cafeteria workers, who serve us with a smile, are Fuller, Ben Harris, Kenneth Chambers, Wanda Meals, Bob Bates: Row 2-Bill Thornton, XVilliam Crawford. NURSES Al'DES4Assisting Mrs. Tanner in problems of school health and emergencies Linda Gray, Barbara XVoods, Carol Rupley. Virginia Plenzler, James, Druckemiller. Row 2-Barbara Cathey, Barbara Campbell, Joyce Alexander, Lillie Langford. Row 3-Dick Renheck, Dennis Bryant, joe Kenower, Duane Roepke, Emma Stewart. Row 1--Pat Wilson, Mona Brogan, Terry Heibner, Sharon Emch, Carol Rapp, Daletta Elwood Rayford, Isaac King, joe Harris, Tom Vines, Bill Manning, Tyrone Adams, are Sue Baars, Mary Ann XValtcrs, Mrs. Tanner, Sue Donvan, Sue Braunschweiger, 2118: Giving the Round-up a touch of gay "Paris" is Sharon Osterud, Miriam Wfilliams, Pat Dankert, and joan Allen. "St. Theresa of the Roses" is sung by Donna Moore, Diane Ramsey, Nina Brown, and Harriet Ramsey. Swinging and swaying to the melodious tune, "Little Grass Shack," are Libbey'S Rhythmettes. Dancing in honor of "Chloe" was a very tuneful task to perform. 119 Our Oriental dolls-Linda Schmitt, Cynthia XVarren, Sandie Van Drew, and Barbara Walter-entertaiin us. Our fabulous precision dance line, the Libbey Rhythmettes, give an example of the skill that brought them fame. Maxine shows her style in "The Poor People of Paris." Our maiorettes Sue Morey, joan Wfestgale, Pat XVinn, Maxine Dzishner, Ann Hanse, Darla Hull, Judy Telb, and Sheri Court smile heguilingly for thc photographer. Everyone enioycd the delicious spixghetti dinner sponsored by the Forum :it the South Side YMCA. Gilbert Fair. Sandra Lcitner, Ted Graves, and Bob Schroeder ably represnted Libbey during the XVaitc-Libbey Quiz Show, sponsored by the National Honor Society. This year's lihrzlry aides were Row I-Ann Reitter, Sharon Harding, Row 2-judy Bartley, Sandy Popp, Karen Britcnbrlker, Karen Fair, Sue Luhring, Row 3APatty Bishop, Diane Bigelow, Helen Mummert, Prnt Jamison, Roberta Corwin, Rita Neal. 121: Carol Sue Ringcl and Sharon Horn help Miss Foster in the testing program. RVs :ire alwnys greeted by cheerful smiles from these helpers in thc miiin office: Marcia Miller, Kathi XVetzel, Sue Vain Karsen, Sue XViIson, B.ll'lWLll'2l juhus, 'Diane Pnsrh, Karen Wfetzel, Darlene Hennessy, and Peggy Hess. We all apprecinle the theerfulness and ability with which Mrs. McMillan supervises our library. Upperulassmen enjoy rct'reshmr:nls at the Cowboy Roundup. MXTHLETHGS 'vw av dx' Vf3A"woVs"W'J Sq 4. JWIISJJ I may VM' Y N v ' YV' f-fx. '.h'?"'1'Jl+' .VN1 W ' k""'J Jug'-x ' .. 1 'ff X V' ' ' U V J' - NN Nj ' V: F ' U IV' , K I," e 9,- . ' 'N-JV Q29 WV :lf 'IZ W 1" .- ,, J'-1... ZS H .-, - ill 5, I 1 -I3 -M - si5E:?5:Z'.Ul 'Aa 5 ?-1.25 , -- "' .---, E E531 E555-55:22:55 Ig S-::ETrHQ -"""" Eiiiiiiiiii-E ----., 12 :5 Elly, xi 555 I-IJ! Ili "'nl'.-n-gy 7-'N "gl W Q 5' 'f,.. vw - . P7-M:-'2NI""' M . W 'ol' ' .zfaf,,.2,,N.- mga w v . v :V ::,:., s:.,',NV VIIJN LA A Av., J ? I . f'.j'2.:::" pf' . S I .. H3 Npxg-J-,, We 'T A M- vg 14, LY V Q . -'w1w-f.- uf?" Sv A T '. LY' Z7'g,,h,?f"E,1s1v xf' x 44 'W 1- an ' L NN -ga 5. -' - Mn, 43.114 'QQ-:X.APv ,N 'Mun 0 , 'GI' ' 7 'Z ' 'flfai if-,fl'fn."1. . n'y2"f..'1' mf' "' Beneftctal competttton flourtshes tn the acttve School sports as the Ltbbey coaches strwe to buzld character and to lead then teams to vzctory Strongly fostered by those who sponsor these contests ts the thought that although the expertence of vtctory IS pleasant the fauness by whtch tt ts gatned ts far more conse quenttal Ltbbey teams wtll aluays ualk through that vzctory arch zutth a stncere belle tn the unportance of honesty and zntegrtty COACHES Page FOUTBALL ace 6 BASKETBALL Page SPRING SPORTS Page INTRAMUR ALS Pane 1211 4 P if 12 y 1 130 134 - ff 137 2123: GEORGE MILEY BILL WIRICK ALBIN VAZNELIS FRANK KRALIK Varsity Football Track Baseball and V. Football Lightweight Football CHARLES ROBINSON Athletic Director Libbey Coate es Too much recognitions can never be given to the coaches for the tremendous effort they put forth in order to train our teams and to build character and physical fit- ness. Therefore, the Edelinlz staff joins with the Libbey athletes in paying tribute to these "builders of men," our Libbey coaching staff. This group of conscientious hard working coaches, who have consistently devel- oped athletes of whom we may be proud, are headed by Mr. Robinson, our ath- letic director. "Robbie," as he is affectionately called by his friends, has handled with enthusiasm and ability all the intricacies of finance and schedulingg he has also co-orclinated the many functions that were held in the field house. We con- gratulate all our coaches on the large part they have played in advancing Libbey athletics and school sportsmanship, In addition to his many other football awards, Bill "Thunder" Thornton received the Most Val- uable Player Trophy from Coach Momsen, BOB MOMSEN Head Football Coach S1242 fy:.1.g V :A .Q 5 5 1'-Eg? -- ..k' RICHARD STRAHNI Vlfrestling and Freshman Football BOB RUPERT Head Basketball and Tennis Coach JOHN NEEDLES LEO KUBACKI AL JEFFERY Golf Bowling Trainer All Libbey athletes are very appreciative of the valuable services which Dr. L. A. Boehm, Dr. Fred Hiss, and Dr. Duane johnson have faithfully performed for them by treating the many sprains and bruises that have occurred in the course of a game or practice. The Most Valuable Player Tro- phy, which is awarded annually to the senior who is voted by the student body to have display- ed outstanding skill in basket- ball, is here presented to David Kemmerly by Coach Rupert. :125: , .A ig 3 gi I ,qixii I I , x'....z-.1 New A.e,g... L, L K V 1?- TYRONE ADAMS DAVE BERNDT NORRIS COULSON TRI-CAPTAIN BRUCE EVUEN END END CENTER QUARTERBACK TIME OUT! TOM VU ATE RMAN GUARD ISAAC KING CHARLES KNIERIM BILL LAY BILLY RAYFORD HALFBACK END GUARD HALFBACK 126: TED GRAVES DARRELL HANSEN CHARLES JEFFERY ANDY KANDIK TACKLE :QF TRI-CAPTAIN ELVUOOD RAYFORD END HALFBACK GUARD QUARTERBACK DAVE ZENO TACKLE fu SIDE LIN E SUSPENSE TERRY SEVRENCE SONNY SMITH TRI-CAPTAIN BILL THORNTON GUARD HALFBACK FULLBACK 2127: 1 W- -- Row 1-Coach Momsen, Duane Hoefner, Larry Cook, Dave Osborn, Bill Shepler, Terry Sevrence, Dave Berndt, Mal- colm Smith, Bruce Ewen, Charles Jeffery, Dick Ewen. Row 2-jim Wollenweber, james Hartwig, Ron Curtis, Glenn Browning, Bruce Beckwith, Dennis Murphy, Bruce Kern, Neil Cook, Lawrence jarrins, Norris Coulson, Coach Miley. Row 3-Coach Vaznelis, Ted Graves, Tyrone Adams, Elwood Rayford, Dave Zeno, Gary Shinn, Bill Taraschke, Darrell Hansen, Terry Schnell, john Petterson, Ken Stover. Row 4-Tom Waterman, Bill Thornton, Dick Garner, Bill Lay, Chuck Knierim, Ike King, Billy Rayford, Andy Kandik, Ken Najarian, Mr. Jeffery-trainer. 0 V aursiuty Football Managers Rowyl-john Clevenger, Rick Hartley, Doug Lather, Gary Shumann. Row 2-Pat Kelley, Steve Roberts, Gary Bowles, Frank Ohler. :ues 01 WE THEY 22 Lorain 14 22 East Liverpool 6 34 Cleveland-St. joseph 26 22 Scott 8 Lima 12 8 Waite 8 36 Woodward 6 20 St. Francis 6 8 Central 6 22 Macomber 8 0 DeVilbiss 16 WON S LOST 2 TIED 1 Lighrweighrs WON 4 LOST 4 TIED 0 Row 1-L. to R. fon the groundj-jay Wfhite, Mgr., Richard Dusseau Bobby Williarims Stanley Needles Sherrill Ylliot Dile Strrlhm Willie Loper, Louis Phillips, Angus Brown, Dennis DiSalle, Dennis Nevsmln Mgr Row 2-Michael Gregory, Jim Rayford, David Wyfper, Fred Kirk, Richard Batema Kermit Zimmerman Dennis Sherman Ronald Olah Leonard Klinck, Larry jones, Vic Seelman, jerry Eckel. Row 3-Coach Wlirick, Tom Vfilliams, Don Cunningham, jimmy Young Bill Dierksheide jim Stunei Jon Hersh Robert Wfaterman jim Steinhurst, Robert Mallendick, Mike Kolodzaike, jerry Dauei Bob Gvxin Mgr Coach Krlhk Row 4-Tom Chamberlain, jerry Thomasson, Jim I-lallick, Doug Kahn Lee Irons David Wfoggon john NX'ynn Micheal Gallighei Bob Beverly, Errol Collins. f Freshmen 4 City Champs Row Row Row Row WON 5 LOST 7 TIED O 1--Bill Schmid, Dave O'Neil, Wfillard Thanasiu, Charles Drake Phil Ixlockovsski Chuck ohnson Don Morse Bill Broun ohn Fink, Bill Coleman, Bill Schwanilz. 2-Lynn Smith, jim Smith, Larry Sayre, Bill johnson, jim Sevrence Bill Schmidt joe Russell Mike Biqelmx Harold Smith jim Goings, Ted Blanks, Dick Bernaih, Gary McLargin. 3-Coach Strahm, Dean Dashner, Bruce Robinson, Larry Durham Dick Rennheck Terry Carney Jim Russell Bob Tucker Fd Taylor, Bob Black, Dave Perry, Daryl Henry, Richard Dail, Doug Lather 4-Jack Cook, John Searcy, Bill Buckingham, Henry McXY!hite, Guy XYLIFHSI Tom Soules jim Colllns Sam Hazlrd Mike Vdlrren Roy Hernandez. 129 Row 1-George Grier, Bill Strubbe, lke King, Coach Rupert, john Eakin, Craig Dotson, Bill Hubbell-Manager. Row 2-Coach Kralik, Jim Rayford, Warren Miller, Bill Taraschke, Tim Kennelly, Terry Cook, Dave Kemmerly, Chuck Knierim, Coach Vaznelis. Coach Rupert congratulates Bill Strubbe, who won the honor of having the highest scholastic average, and Chuck Knierim, who attained the highest point percentage per game. :132: Varsity Bas otha ll LIBBEY OPPONENT 54 Napoleon 47 69 Waite 7 1 42 St. Francis 46 50 Whitmer 42 40 Central 50 36 Macomber 57 36 DeVilbiss 42 37 Scott 59 5 3 Central 56 5 1 Macomher 54 5 3 DeVilbiss 30 42 Scott 45 48 Woodward 40 52 St. Francis 62 51 Waite 55 82 Ottawa Hills 42 5 1 Clay 57 5 7 Woodward 52 46 St. Francis 64 WON 6 - LOST 13 lBEllSlk6ltlb31llll Won -41 lhosrt 13 Row 1-Dennis Richardson, Kermit Zimmerman, Angus Brown, Mr. Vaznelis, Larry jones, Dale Strahm, Ron Curtis. Row 2-Sam Hearn, Don Xlifare, Mike Gallagher, Billy XX"eichel, jerry Calkins, Bill Dierksheicle. Freshman Balslkextlball Won ll Lost 12 fm C B Row 1-jim Goings, john Fink, Tom Roush, Vfillard Thanasiu, Mr. Kralik, Eddie Taylor, Gary McLargin, Bob Black. Row 2-Sam Hazard, john Cook, Henry McVC'hite, Gary Schultz, Bill Klewer, Bill Buckingham, Guy Warner, Chester Trail. :133f TENNIS-Rcmw 1-Dale Vlfilcox, john Petterson, Owen Moore, Phil Clinger, Kenny Miller. Row 2-Mike Overholdt, jerry Cunning, Roger Anderson. Lutz Hulme, Dave Meyer. -Row 1-Don Meyers, Manager, Bob Hockmuth, Bill Marohn, Malcolm Smith, Coach XX'irick, Bill Goings, Bill Thorn- ton, Isaac King, Tom Hauman, Norris Coulson, Ron Olah, Manager. Row 2-Don Hill, Frank Brown, Dave Berndt, Tom Robinson, Daryl Frey, Ron Esmond, Tyrone Adams, Hank Pauly, Dick Leary, jim Ammons, Darrell Hansen. Row 3-Bill Taraschke, Joe Grant, Ron Burgess, Glen Browning, Chuck Knierim, Gary Metz, Brad Kupsky, Dave Vines, Ted Kamper, Dick Garner, Dave W'ool- ford. -Row 1-Tom Merritt, Bruce Denno, john Purcell, Mr. Needles, Ralph Wizard, Dale Wiley. :134: I-Row 1-Charles johnson, Tom Klostermeier, Bruce Kern, Andy Kandik, Tom Waterinan, Mr. Strahm, jim Sev- rence, Doug Antulini, Bill Schmid, Tom Wetzel, Archie Albright. Row 2-Lynn Smith, Frank Brown, Ron Fritch, Ken Najarian, john Petterson, Tom Bracken, Dick Rennhack, Terry Carney, jim Russell, Ron Olah, Jim Young. Row 3-Dennis Newman, Neil Cook, Bob Vlfrlterman, Pete Morrison, Earl Burgess, Dave Wyper, Jim Mather, jim Wolleimweber, Dave Dittman, Nick Hazard, Dave Osborn. Row 1-jim Merritt, Terry Schnell, Dick Kandik, Terry Sevrence, Larry Kern, Bill Herzig, Frank Calipetro, Carl Schmidt, r ' 7 1 4 r ' r' ' ' ' . Andy Kandik. Row 4-Lee Mayer, Bruce Evx en, Dave Suzor, jim Hartvug, Bob Schroeder, Mr. Vaznelis, Don La Framboise, Gil bert Fair, Tom Wzlterluunn. BU iIJiINGRow 1-Bruce Below, Bill Arps, Tom Holewinski, Bob Rieck, Douglas Osburn, Charles Miller, Row 2-Mr. Kubacki, jack Evearitt, jim Malohn, Tom Winter-halter, Ernie Frye, Chuck Harste, Dave Delamotte. Row 3-Gary McLargin, Del jon Bris- tol, Marvin Emahiser, Larry Kirian, Bill Marquis, Lloyd Williams. :135: Patrons Mr. and Mrs. William Berry Beverly Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Bowers Carl Mazzurco Co. Mrs. Charlotte Cook Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Dukes Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Eakin Ernst Rexall Drugs Mr. and Mrs. Melvin F. Graves Mr. end Mrs. james C. Hull Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jaynes Mr. and Mrs. L. 1. Kelsey Mr. and Mrs. C. E.. Leitner Mr. and Mrs. R. L. McDonald Mein Office Girls Rev. and Mrs. James C. Mead Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Miller R. B. Schlegel Addison Schmit .J. M. Telb Ralph E. Uiery . Thomas Upton Ralph Van Drew Robert W. Vogel . Clarke Wales B. E. Walter Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Warren Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Wiedemann Mrs. Neva Winpenny Periclean Literary Society Philalethean Literary Society Zetalethean Literary Society We, the members of the Edelian staff, wish to express our sincere appreciation to the many patrons and sponsors who have so graciously lent us their moral and financial support. Our hopes for an outstanding yearbook could not have materialized Without the liberal support which these public-minded citizens have given us. 139 Glass Has Made A Difference Now is the time to reflect upon the ugood ole' days" in school - the many friends, your favorite teachers, sports and dances and parties. But when looking at today's school architecture, we think you'll agree that glass has made a difference! Here's picture-proof that school corridors donit have to be dark and dreary tunnels. No longer must walls be solid and opaque. Today, more attention is being paid to daylight and view. Wliexi reflecting upon the advantages of 'this glass age., we think you'll agree that the 'cgood new days" are better. LIBBEY' CWENS ' FORD v a, Compliments of HI-LEVEL CAR WASH Open 8-6 Daily 8-1 Sundays Experts at Washing and Polishing CHerry 6-2125 433 Broadway Toledo 4, Ohio I--1412 F. D. Bolander Son FUNERAL SERVICE 1422 Broadway CI-Ierry 3-2820 SOUTH TOLEDO'S FINEST DELUXE BARBER sl-lop 506 SPENCER CNEAR SOUTHJ NIEHOUS AGENCY General Insurance INSURE TODAY-SAVE LOSS S S SS S TOMORROW 1137 South Avenue Toledo 9, Ohio CHICK CANON BURL BOLTON Ph Offce ci-1. 6-8016 Resiue EV zsaoa Complimenfs of Wall's Drug Store 1132 Broadway af Wesfern Toledo, Ohio Maumee Frozen Foods 306 W. Wayne Si. Maumee, Ohio Phones: LU. 3-2571, LU. 3-2512 fNow I'm on TOPJ Delicious Meals Served Daily Take a tip and take a trip to HARRISOWS RANCH HOUSE 3428 wayne ev. 2-0109 Compliments of Tnm's Barber Shnp Spencer and Nicholas AL LITTLE GLENDALE PHARMACY Your SOHIO Dealer WAYNE 8: SOUTH KWALGREEN AGENCYJ 2014 Gl.ENDAl.E AVE. Free Prescription Delivery 5lNCE 1931 Feature Leading Brand Cosmetics ATLAS TIRES 8: BATTERIES LUNCHEONETTE SERVICE EV R. H. Born 8. R. C. Jorris, Props. EV. 2-0471 Phones CHerry 3-2183-2184 Ha H0 1003 to 1011 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio Fnnneral Home line.. Only One Branch 100 Years of Personal Service Tremainsville and Alexis Road Same Location Trllby' Ohlc GR. 9-5377 U-Need-A Cleaners 81 Laundry 1512 DORR STREET Phone CH. 2-1886 512 SPENCER STREET Phone EV. 2-4343 SO. DETROIT AND ABERDEEN GUING 0RBl T? ,eff You bet! With a telephone job y . you're launched on a great career. 1' 'T 5 Varied work . . .good wages and l I ' Phone EV- 5-3531 . opportunities for advancement. In at 10---Out at 4 E . Come in and talk it over FAST SERVICE 0' the OHIO BELL telephone company 143 ACME PHARMACY 1401 South sr. R ex al I Sto re Reliable Prescription Service Paul F. Rupp Earl A. Renshaw EV. 2-1434 HeiI1e's Fish and Chips For Fine Foods 575 SPENCER Ev. 2-9871 TecI's Sohio Service FOR SERVICE AT ITS BEST Melle Floor Covering 1776 Arlington Ave. Toledo, Ohio CARPET-I-'URMICA -llN0ll-'UM Western 6. Hawley EV. 2-5461 RENT A TYPEWRITER For Your Son or Daughter We Will Furnish a Typing Instruction Book ERIKSEN'S Inc. Lusk Furniture and Appliance Open Mon., Tues., Thurs. 6. Sat. 9-5 Fri. 9-9 Closed Wed. Machines-Furniture-Supplies 1728 Broadway CH 1-1124 323 Erie CHerry 1-1193 For Complete Drugs and Prescription Service ' . Felgner s Department Store DNS Sundfe Fountain Refreshments - School Supplies Clothing and Shoes StopLAt 2231 SOUTH - CORNER WAYNE TOLEDO, OHIO SEELIG'S DRUG STORE 1732 Arlington A Lnassv BOOSTER COMPLIMENTS OF Hillebrand Bros. 635 So. St. Clair St. Established February 12l'h, 1890 LEYDORF'S SUPER MARKET Qualify Foods - Reasonably Priced 1949 BROADWAY We Deliver CHerry 3-8234 Waller Funeral Hume 1221 Broadway Phune Ilherry 3-41115 Weber N. Greenwalf Leland E. Lamb GLAUSER'S FLOWERS KCFHQIILOUJQ jl'9:5L n We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere City-Wide Delivery 4510 Woodville Road OXford 1-4684 DUNBAR Plumbing and Heating Co. Plumbing, Heating, Well Drilling and Pumps 1430 Broadway CHerry 8-3749 Toledo 9, Ohio SWAN CREEK LUMBER COMPANY Quality Millwork Lumber and Hardware CHerry l-1211 226 Cify Park K opfman Bakery 1940 Wayne EVergreen 2-0627 For The Best In Baked Goods CH. 3-6512 We Call For 81. Deliver Triangle Sales and Service General Repairing - Balleries . and Goodyear Tires 1631 Broadway Toledo, Ohio J F k T F k Golly, we were hungry! The art class seems to be following the lead of Lilly Dzlche . I I i I . Wie think they're pretty, too. Band members give a bit of friendly compeution to the maporettes. I , . , The Schmldt family enjoy one of our mass meetings. Mmm! They taste as good as they look. See the intelligent expression on Panda Pete's face! 2146: x A 6Qf',2fff-fr-j"""4,,,. Wi1fe 5 2 ee Keg H E3 fc Z,"fzf,,4,,,,wav-f xwgxbe C5152 Bring refresifment nto plclfggki 33 have ca Coke 5 R? iraq 515 BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA EP 111 1 , QQ 1 eff ii' iff iii a regisiered trade-mark. -COLA COMPANY BY The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Toledo, Ohio 'Ryde Heaiherdowns Sunoco Service 2115 Soufh Byrne Toledo 14, Ohio A To Z Lube Service Motor Tune-Ups EV 2-1771 gr Gm' Qs. V-UQ L ELMETR-C MIWL im REXALL DRUGS 1917 Wayne at Fearing EV 2-2911 A Registered Ph Duty A All T BOBB'S ,CLEANERS 9338 SOUTH DETROIT PhlkPp EV25689 PARK SHOP SAVE JAGEL'S FOOD FAIR We Have the Best Meats in Town COMPLIMENTS OF Hillebrand Bros. 635 So. St. Clair St. 2552 wayne st. Ev 2-761' Established February 12th, 1890 wyllll BIOS. "ii LOOK TQ Q ' ELECTRICITY! 1541-45 Wayne St. Wholesale Grocer Toledo 9, 0hio EV 2-5145 . . 1. Whatever career you choose, electricity will help you make a better product, perform a better service . . . live better. . . . Now and in the future, cheap, plentiful electricity will continue to be iust about your biggest value. - Low cost ' - ' E"Ec"uc ' snvlc: I . Beverly Downs Service 1455 BYRNE RD. at GLENDALE Tires, Batteries Accessories 81 Tune-Up Pick Up and Delivery EV. 2-4161 SPANGLER CANDY wishes your school success The finest in candy! 3 1 3 Monroe Toledo, Ohio 148 A name to remember - "Original Floral C1'eazfiom" for lovely flouferf, and beautiful gift: JoE 1. cooPER, Florist 1635 Broadway CI-Ierry 3-5138 gAnJaA jgzwer 34019 AND GREENHOUSES CORSAGES 2615 Glendale Ave. Ellergreen 2-3465 Toledo I4, Ohio D. A. DUFFEY 81 SON INC Contractors And Builders 623 BURBANK DR. TOLEDO, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF THE MILLER OIL COMPANY 1033 South Toledo 9, Ohio DISTRIBUTORS OF Hy-Flash Gasoline and Fuel Oil STATIONS 1033 South at Anthony Wayne Trail 4654 Detroit 1920 Fearing Chicago Pike at Crissey 7505 Central at King Woodville at Rt. 199 FOR HONIE FUEL OIL DELIVERY CALL CH. 3-8111 DAY OR NIGHT "ABOVE ALL - A GOOD ROOF" ENTERPRISE ROOFING 8: SHEET METAL CO. 2042 HAWTHORNE ST. CH. 8-3565 Repairs 8. Replacements H Reserved for AL E. NEWMAN By The HUNGRY MAN DRIVE-IN Woodsdale 81. Spencer - EV. 2-0461 Originators of Robotgirl Automatic Curb Service 149 CHerry 1-8153 Flowers Telegraphed STEEL STAMPS NAME PLATES Emaossmc. mes " SCH ul' U AVIN v .Asn-r I 1, GCG' FLowE sFoR EVERY o Aslom 1 Q' DANA TRFEET V 1 oqusoo -. o no fl ss N . 152 Broadw To Q10 . J. Paso Ev, 2.4213 gpg Q SQ QM 1 YZ '- nI?itE2'Q?H ,LW all K 1-l'S B.P.S. aiu ts Su i s ' K . do 'Q f f Sporting Goods f Electrical Supplies , YW PI . . CA TERA SERVICE m lngSu plies L R Ea strough C ffee Shop- 1ter and Tab e Q Ho e s K 11 adis n F m ID'nin Room Cl H S X For ecl artl - . y JD we-Q wb Qwmewg. E 2-8131 FEE: ilfr Qulgw i'5L1fQLgQ 4m MADISON AT sms :KPN c,7QdC'i-TF' 0043357 S Lkpgici i 2712 Wayne St. 'l'ol6Qol9fbhci9x 'WY' no eGr,3'2Ff0g52-','5l5'13'fJHf igigvvfgjfiigxmxi iw Q1,Sm1 4 ppqfl HJ Cad Sth 4-kj QQ:k'Lw5O,CAm,,l9 E PML' 1 Q! 'f BBOAIWVAY JEIVEL IIS COMPLIMENTS OF Columb?lTg?a?fre-Lo! ff "" A "" ,ff WATCHES f RANK CARTAGE COMPANY Hamilton-Longme-Bulov General Trucking GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Trophies 6. Engravings 1526 Broadway at South CH. 2-5491 1114 Washington CH. 8-6466 his Dwod xii Q-S0291 9 Cx 1'-Q cf-uw YH .fncsvrw Sjfeowqq Q ' :ISO-1 13 f Q, J ,Wow-X , NS: New members pledge to uphold the high standards of the Peries. Big sisters serve their little sisters a tasty snack after the Phil XVho's who? induction. Everyone is in at talkative mood after the Zet induction. Our foreign born students are very photogenic. Mrs. Hess and Mrs. Keim serve the F.B.L.A. officers. Sue rests her tired feet after the F.B.L.A. Tea. 1 I- if I MM! ar M reT n hi It City Wide sgf iessgf rx L JT Q v'sion Service Si5'lqPiI9M'ix'f S . . if - 1940A.II..g....A... f..I,MI'fLi0STEN9S 07 WLCSUFE - Craft Jewelers ,L YI U CLASS RINGS - CLASS PINS Commence-ment Announcements Designers and Manufacturers of the World's Finest School Jewelry Main Office and Plant - Owatonna, Minnesota Eastern Division Headquarters - 627 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio Compliments of Arlington Cleaners 1766 ARLINGTON EV. 2-0526 Ed Forrest Hardware Paints - Tools - Electrical Supplies Household Plumbing - Sporting Goods Eavestroughing SL Spouting 1406 SOUTH AVE. PH. EV. 2-7041 TOLEDO 9, OHIO J M , As V. j5Sf2?m gy CHAMPION CLEANERS ...Q 31 g'.f:3.:W.Z ronmm WEAR . f,QffW,4,iMjm RENrALs ff Ay 'QTLZZ-gcW154Z2 SOUTH at CHAMPION 'iffjf . 7f Phone EV 2-7131 gfijrffy , 'Q Opin Eve ' g By App 1' f E B b d D L Hke Classes of '48 and '46 COMMODORE PERRY gorge Meg jgwid "FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION" Lena McGrath, Mgr. 1528 Broadway Phone CH. 1-8153 T I d 9 Oh CH 1 2494 COMPLIMENTS OF STANLEY HUIIUH S. SUN Mary A. Warning SUHIU SERVICE STHTIUN For All Occasions DETROIT 81. VANCE 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. Mon thru Sat. CH 10212 CH 1 6231 1217 B d y fbi , ,Lf , -U fl bcllqslaufl Jong Luv!! M. Ig! l f,,,0'b0 il ,fe CV v nl , li W M il -' if SAVINGS lx., fd" ' lb l ,uw l b A 1 Jw fy Vvoun of-J' of .W L fp' L' ,.1..f V 6' Liz ,Jw we up' L Lf SCHRUEDER 81 SONS INC. w VL " ' L I D U! a, 5 ul .1 VENETIAN nLlNDs Silicon Cleaning AT V For Longer Life TOLEDO FEDERAL COMPLETE SAVINGS 81. LOAN ASSN. REPAIRWG SERWCE "Where Your Savings Grow in Safety" Pick-up 84 Delivery 902 Broadway 2202 W. Central Great Eastern Shopping Center Miracle Mile Shopping Center 754 WESTERN CH. 4-1144 Always A Leader D0RA,S MUSIC SHUP llriqqs Hairy Farms, Inn. Sheet Music - Records 1149 GRAND AvE. Record Players AT YOUR INDEPENDENT GROCER 714 SOUTH ST- on Fon Home DELIVERY CH' 69981 can CH. 4-3755 'sand Klf-ml -osqe swan lhgafxou .mo 40 auo aixgaoei mm elgqow -olma g175L sagem Kun go do1 am :Lueld .mo O1 Bug - '5U!-'Q Sluapnls OOI- 19-'U 9"I.L 283550 'lVIO3dS Beverly Pharmacy and Gift Shop , '0!LIO '17 0P9l0.L "JS J!9lO '18 2670 RUGBY DRIVE 'N 5 "aug '-og euueg .1a1sge'1 ann Kq spew asoqa, Jog Jageap mok also sliemle 'sleddnd aspdms ,io 'sxlooq awe? Kued 'swing ggi' Klgafxou sg! ,Ll Good luck, Seniors! ' ' ' .ll .LV X001 DOA ' :LVM Hou-IM uauvw ON :154: We're proqd to have pniiitod tlygiggf' x, " xf""'4,' QU x ' 'V . Vf ' ' ' . 'V ' 2 ' 1-3' ' my 4 jf? "' ' ' 'V ,-"' M 'F' e','g . K . XJ' Y- K l ly l ,' A .3 I H," V' f xjxv, 4N- X Irv U , r N b A KJ ' Xfix v -Atv, x14 I N . N Y 'wi' , 12-' N, - o I W 1? d I rx p N I . 2 . X ,. . f1L1BBEoY DELIA 12 X Q " L X Q " Ai.. . 7,1 Jgw .ark Aj . , 7 .. '-rx. xkf gn K w X- , Q it ,V A Q A 'KJ' 2 . 'Jig-. ' ' 1.-V Q kv- 1 I F 1' . ' II 0 . . X. 2-4' 25, I J J - I 'X' A ' W-" P af . - ' - x ' " ' X X' V 5 ' jf fy K 5 . W xlib ' Who' --1 .Q 5 2 W . I , ' ' A f A x ,' sv 'n I' 1 J , X ,sh X54 'r 'll ' 2 M L Q 2 D ., at , 'ni 1 - ,. - 5 ,, b 2 'Th T Xd P ' ' ff' ., f ey ole o rflntmg Company v-' ' f v s , .Jf :Q on ' f wh- V J 2 lt S,eJ,,,h K , , A J,v!At-I I .LE ai? I-,v I f '-,- ' Q: 'f - -' ' fk W1 idx.: QL "J -JV xp, f' 'ax .X J 54, -V , ,T , up A , Y kd 5 1106 DORR M- g ' X HJ +43 f ,Jw CH 1.2229 . k , .L M. 2 1 J i, x' x E 9 Ev BERNlE'S Congratulations SOH IO SERVICE tO 4' r Plcmc suppues 3'n'd"'the 1013 SOUTH CH 4.6091 E 0 Af Z5 for -cladr fine work this year I MZQZWZM - - fo a j LIBBEY STATIONERS DESK Quality Chekd munv PRonuc'rs 155 ' AUWUQTQPMS A QW C3100-f1fff'i dm 'Q-vtwlk '9fW"j3w-wclbi A M Q9 1 , JW? KMWWLWMFWJWMWL SJW, ' LLM! 'WW Mmjjfhifiigji fwWW0MwLmQ,L,m,,,m'7i?L 034W,0M5,QQMpQ1iwQ w QQWWMwWg at gvimwmga. WUA Mvwdwwwwi Ma ,"7ffM'? Q Tf..0f,o-L4-fvwyo , 'A 6Q'Lt246,w.1IL Q,Q,WQ,Q, b A' A- -, ,Mb n 1 Ps x 'til' Y wav' ww' . 1' ,ff J -Q---..........,... Almost everyone tried ll few intricate dance steps. The Grand March was the highlight of the evening. Several of the committee members pose with their dates. Bill Thornton leads the singing of the "Blue and Gold." 21572 Everybody dance! The girls' coats must be checked. Smile pretty! Our senior class president lends the Grand March. ' 'V ---- L, , , ,Y ' f Autograph S231 Qi? QNMQAI S Q A ..- WMV 5763-R50 15:62 EEWMQVW My QW 2! Qgaffffifjiffmywyy A Kai MPWWA 1 W jg! ,MS JM f A! P Q 65,205 M H 99 ffibffffvf ,W 36574 M522 0470 X JW QPBQ' 2 7,3 Vw? wf",ffQW i 0' ai53VffOvy,fyU70jJj I ' Yyfiwfw Q Wy? .W7 QM f MCWW W M HQ?-W ff ffqfffwlyff W , '- f J, ,Lv f . XQX' 5' RFQ . if x -fr xv . I Autwgraphs x ,fi,kQ22- V X ,, 2 x 5 fx Qy i5Q MY-fff L Qidimk 22 N,ffaf f, MIM 'xx Q JW ?f wwcwxmgb K w aff, Qi XC?-Sf gjfjfffw W if UN sy WWI v Cififfzy-95' 352139 if MW ,M W Wffaff WiQZffZC2 fv21 hgfw fwf QM W Jw CSWW jW1i4f?'1,iA?1ZLiN, 2 iQ5,fEf'f,Zk'iQ0Z,'Q Jfimziafmfffw qw-f-Q A.. Z 'ZlJfA,,.10leQL.,.pd, ZW , Xikutographs K A qv W' QW Mr 'W mf Wkiai Quia, My Aijfygf Ss-,Mjjl'?x,ffXQ dis 'W if QV, Q aqfffwggzsgfgf M as wfg T OW KW M my, 5V5v.J3 MAWQ' RDS K 1 i ' ay f 1QViQQfX Qaf my dvmwmwwfwiwfkjyw j.,,,wbp ZW if WQ1f1P Bw W ,fgj5Mfif'FL2?' Wfggld A MP W New QE EMQJ W WM MMM 5 W WWW QD 5, - .H .QQ ,M A my LE' QXZYWMQ QQ REQ ' 0 12.21 M 'Q . 55622 A WK if ,X FXS' A551 4 X Zz ,W N, any a ki f Xiiaii gd 0166+ L A ff fn X? 525 39 is 5.3jKi?32l ML QM Z if if gmail wwwf19k Mwiil 4' an ' R IN ' ,A ,A , ff CNN -' f . Z fc Q1 ALL-rvrv9,4f xx x W A OJ WW M X M ,W , M5 Y- em Q Y W ,Qf557Mfi6' lv . wf I . , v ' 1 . . V A , 1 I , ' I 7' - NL U, . ...L-.,c.. .af Illllh Lai... www.. M xJ v V 'QQ AVVA i , , g m YL L 5 A F gil' 2 i 1- W"

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