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edward drummond libbey high school toledo, ohio fat tliJLUfra, 4 ■■ ■■■ - ua i - A foeauw cs)- 1 - 1955 edelian presented by the senior class of edward drummond libbey high school toledo, ohio Edelian editors: Nancy Miller, Shirley Wilson, Dave Gillmore, Nancy Ohler, Fred Starner, Esther Fleming, and Warren Huff. Edelian editorial staff. Edelian advisers: Mr. Charles Martin, Mrs. Jane Roberts, and Principal Loy W. Rusie. Edelian circulation staff. 1 1 b b e y the blue and gold ... 4 della williams paine 6 aides 7 iib.bey field house 8 here and there 9 they lead us . . . 12 mr. bowsher 1 4 mr. rusie 15 dedication 16 assistant principals 18 department heads 19 faculty 20 they fill our hearts ... 26 seniors 28 juniors 56 sophomores 64 freshmen 72 19 5 5 19 5 5 emblems that we love . . . 84 national honor 86 publications 88 student council 90 literary societies 91 study clubs 96 on to victory . . . 112 coaches 114 football 116 basketball 120 bowling, golf, tennis 124 track 125 intramurals 126 in paths of truth and right 128 patrons 130 advertisements 131 autographs 154 e d e 1 l a n th e bl u e an d gold Our Libbey colors blue and gold, Are emblems that we love; They fill our hearts with joy and pride, As they proudly wave above. The blue ever like the sky so fair, The gold like the sun shining bright, Will lead us on to victory, In paths of truth and right. — Mrs. Delia Williams Paine Edward Drummond Libbey High School is more than the fine building on Western Avenue in Toledo, Ohio. It is its leaders, students, and traditions interacting. It is the silent moment that instills peace and courage for the day and years ahead; the big dance we antici- pate for weeks (everyone will be there); the friendly greeting we exchange in the hall with a classmate, or a teacher, or Mr. Rusie,- the non-denominational services we reverently attend; the camaraderie of the Rhythm Roundup and our class plays; the loyalty we give our teams in victory or defeat; the blue of the sky and the sun shining on the towers when we enter in the morning; the special feeling within when we sing our song; the joy and pride we take in the achievements of any one of us; the learning and the sharing— the Blue and Gold. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Delia Williams Paine, sister of Libbey ' s first principal, Harold E. Williams,- for echoing in the heart of every Libbeyite is the song which she composed — " The Blue and Gold. " Since her song is Libbey, we have taken it as the theme of the 1 955 Edelian. mrs. della williams paine -• O ft r Miss Kelso and her nursing aides. Mr. Lincke and his projection class. The cafeteria helpers. The mimeographing aides. Mrs. Kruse and her library aides. The main office girls are always helpful. The testing aides and Miss Foster. Assistant Principals Kanney and Osgood and their aides. The mimeographing aides. ■ W, M ■ ■■■ l ' - — - ssss j g ' - t l M» .3 - ' ,iV r , i a: the libbey field house in the process of building J ' i: Nancy Hunt and Darrilyn Schluter, attendants, and Football Queen, Jeri Armbrust, at the Thanksgiving Game. We ' re always hungry. Top salesmen in the Magazine Drive— Pat Sanderson, Loretta Lewis, Larry Dennis, Barbara Myers, and Zinneb Kilell. We ' re hungry at dances, too. Loyalty to Libbey measured by Student Council in Sportsmanship Contest. Jean Kerns, Dave Gillmore, and Esther Fleming, senior mem- bers of Student Council, examine Magazine Drive prizes. Cheerleaders and Mr. Martin spark Phil Pep Meeting. Coach Harding and graduating members of the Varsity Football Team are honored at Peri Pep Rally. i Refreshment car on the Springfield train trip. Majorettes and cheerleaders give retiring conductor, Mr. Robinson, an ovation. " Are My Ears on Straight? " ask Judy VanKoughnet and Kathy Reece. Springfield stadium here we come! Carolyn Gordon plays piano miniature style. Clever Clarks perform for Rhythm Roundup audience. Nancy Ohler gives her solo a splitting finish. " Smile, Darn Ya, Smile " " All aboard for Springfield! " 10 Chess brains assembled. The Crystal deadline draws near. Mix-up for the Roundup. Eighth-grade teachers dine. We ' re city champs! Stanley Kanarowski and Walter Brown discuss West Point appointments. Dr. L. M. Charles Edwards of St. Mar- tin ' s in the Fields, London, England, addressing a Lenten Assembly. Handyman Tom Szymanski. they lead u s The caliber of a school and its students is largely determined by its leaders. We of Libbey have been fortunate in having leaders of superior ability who have served us well over a long period. They have set the pattern. Libbey is the school of which we are proud, because they have so carefully nurtured its best traditions— merging the best of the present with the best of the past. We come and go. They remain, molding our minds and hearts as we appear succes- sively. It is their wisdom and understanding which develops in us the strength to cope with the prob- lems of the adult world. If we become leaders, it is because they have been leaders. The needed encour- agement and the fine example have come from them. For the inspirational guidance they have given us in our time at Libbey, we who are the seniors of 1955 wish to express our gratitude. 13 MEMBERS OF BOARD OF EDUCATION: Left to right, seated, Mr. Thomas Bretherton, Edwin D. Dodd, Grant Murray, vice president. Standing, Mr. Wayne Shawaker, presi- dent, and Raymond D. Baldwin. Initiating the policies which will guide all Toledo schools is the tre- mendous responsibility of Superin- tendent E. L. Bowsher. He must decide how best to resolve the many problems resulting from the increasing need for education with- in Toledo. We of Libbey derived two outstanding benefits from his decisions this year — reorganization of our administrative forces and our fine new field house. In thus expanding our school facilities, he has again demonstrated the fore- sightedness of his leadership. superintendent e. 1. bowsher STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Left to right, seated, Bob Fearnside, Mr. Rusie, Dave Gillmore. Standing, Jean Kerns, Al Jamison, Tom Smith. m Our principal, Loy W. Rusie, is a part of Libbey that we will never forget; for it is from his geniality that the friendly spirit of Libbey stems. Though his administrative duties are many, he is never too busy to share in our aspirations or problems. His counsel is ever ready to meet our young needs. For the wisdom and kindliness of his lead- ership during our four years at Libbey, we seniors of 1955 fondly thank him. principal loy w. rusie dedication It is leaders like Miss Florence Lutton who justify spelling with capitals such attributes as Versatility, Loyalty, and Worth. We are familiar with her understanding of current events, but few of us know that her hobby is an eighty-acre farm near Delta, Ohio. She has traveled, too —from Delta west to the Rose Bowl, from Toledo east to the Bridge of Sighs. Preparation for her life work has taken her from the public schools of Delta to Ohio Northern University, Ypsilanti Teachers Col- lege, Ohio State University, the University of Wisconsin, and the Uni- versity of Toledo where she received her M.A. But for the past thirty 16 years, her life has centered around Libbey High School. " Yeah! Libbey! " Miss Lutton cheered, as she flourished the first season football ticket purchased by a teacher to support the stadium drive. Well or ill, she has been at her post regularly, exerting incalculable influence for good upon incalculable numbers of young people. Who can say that such an influence ends or that such a teacher ever retires? It is with respect and affection that we of the Senior Class of 1955 dedicate this volume of the Edelian to a leader who can never retire— Miss Florence Lutton. florence lutton JOHN OSGOOD Assistant Principal General Administration and Counseling Ohio State University, B. S. University of Michigan, M.A. True leadership is a matter of progressing as well as retaining the best of what is passing. In 1955 there was a realignment of administra- tive responsibilities at Libbey. Mr. Osgood and Miss Kanney, formerly deans, were appointed assistant principals in charge of counseling. Mr. Osgood, in addition, became responsible for the general administration of the school. Mr. Harding, former head of the Mathematics De- partment, resigned these duties to become as- sistant principal in charge of instruction. Mr. Martin became assistant principal in charge of activities. We congratulate our administrators on the splendid work they are doing in their new positions. We know that under their direc- tion, Libbey will continue to be the school of which we are proud. assistant principals HERMAN HARDING Assistant Principal Instruction Heidelberg University, B.S. University of Michigan, M.A. GERTRUDE KANNEY Assistant Principal Counseling University of Toledo, B.A. University of Michigan, M.A. CHARLES MARTIN Assistant Principal Activities University of Toledo, B.S. 18 department chairmen ■? i) HAZEL D. FLATZ WILLIAM E. EVERHART JOHN W. FAST Business Education English Industrial Arts Ohio State University, A.B., B.S., M.A. Michigan State Normal, B.S. Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. GRACE E. IRWIN Orientation Ohio Wesleyan, A.B. FREDERICK VOSSLER Science University of Rochester, B.S. ROSCOE C. BAKER Social Studies Ohio Northern University, B.S. Wisconsin University, M.A. 19 RUTH ALLEN MRS. BEATRICE BAIRD R. C. BAKER HENRY BRUNS MRS. PAULINE BURTON MRS. PAULINE BLACK FRANCIS D. BOYL JM Li £f7oW LEO CAMPEY ANGELA M. COSTIGAN RUTH ALLEN- English; University of Toledo, B.S., M.A.; Senior Y-Teens Adviser; Honorary Philalethean Adviser. MRS. BEATRICE BAIRD: Business; University of Toledo, B.S. in Ed.; F.N. A. Adviser; F.B.L.A. Adviser; Chess Club Adviser. R. C. BAKER: Social Studies, Department Chairman; Ohio Northern University, B.S.; Wisconsin University, M.A.; Debate Club Adviser; U.N. Club Adviser. HAZEL E. BARTLEY: Fine Arts; Columbia University, B.S.; Diploma in Art Supervision; University of Toledo, M.A. in Art Research; " Lib " Adviser. (Not in Illustration.) MRS. PAULINE BLACK: English and Orientation; University of Toledo, B.A. FRANCIS D. BOYLE: Science; Marietta College, A.B.; University of Toledo, M.A. HENRY BRUNS: Mathematics; Defiance College, B.A.; Bowling Green State University, M.A. MRS. PAULINE BURTON: Latin; University of Michigan, A.B., M.A.; American Academy in Rome; Classical Honor Society Adviser; Junior Classical League Adviser; College Counselor. LEO CAMPEY: Industrial Arts; Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Ed.; Assistant Basketball Coach. ANGELA M. COSTIGAN: Social Studies and Radio Education; Ohio State University, B.S., M.A.; Dramatics Club Adviser. GRACE M. DeLISLE: English; University of Toledo, B.S., M.A.; Zetalethean Adviser. MRS. ELEANORE DZIALOK: Home Economics and Orientation; Ohio State University, B.A.; Columbia University, M.A.; Zeta- lethean Adviser. AILEEN B. EBERTH: Social Studies; Columbia University, B.S., M.A.; Zetalethean Adviser. WILLIAM E. EVERHART: English, Department Chairman; Speech; Michigan State Normal, B.S. JOHN W. FAST: Industrial Arts, Department Chairman; Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. 4r 1 3 GRACE M. DeLISLE MRS. E. DZIALOK AILEEN B. EBERTH WILLIAM E. EVERHART JOHN W. FAST 20 LYDIA FIEDLER DONALD FISHER MRS. HAZEL D. FLATZ IRENE FOSTER FLORENCE GERDES LYDIA FIEDLER: Science; Grinnell College, B.S.; Michigan Uni- versity, M.S.; Biology Club Adviser. DONALD FISHER: Physical Education; Ohio Wesleyan, A.B.; Tennis Coach. MRS. HAZEL D FLATZ: Business, Department Chairman; Ohio State University, A.B., B.S., M.A.; F.B.L.A. Adviser. IRENE FOSTER: Mathematics; Ohio Wesleyan, B.A.; F.T.A. Ad- viser; Testing Officer. FLORENCE GERDES: English; University of Michigan, A.B.; Columbia University, M.A.; Crystal Adviser. JEAN GILBERT: English; Ohio State University, B.S.; Junior Class Adviser; National Honor Society Adviser. SHIRLEY HANEY: Business; University of Toledo, B.S. in Ed.; F.B.L.A. Adviser; Sophomore Y-Teens Adviser. DON HARRIS: Science and Driver Education; Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Ed.; Assistant Football Coach. GRACE L. HENDERSON: Social Studies; Ohio State University, B.S.; Senior Class Adviser; Student Council Adviser. CLINTON F. HOUSER: Mathematics; Heidelberg University, B.S. MRS. MARY O. HOUSER: Business; Hiram College, B.A.; Uni- versity of Cincinnati, M. of Ed.; Gregg College; F.B.L.A. Ad- viser. GRACE IRWIN: English; Orientation, Department Chairman; Ohio Wesleyan, A.B.; U.N. Club Adviser. ALBERT JEFFERY: Physical Education; Ohio University, B.S. in Ed.; Varsity Basketball Coach; Baseball Coach. MARY KELSO: Home Nursing; Wilmington College, A.B.; Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed.; University of Cincinnati, R.N.; Vassar Training Camp for Nurses; F.N. A. Adviser. JEAN GILBERT SHIRLEY HANEY •mr- DON HARRIS GRACE L. HENDERSON CLINTON F. HOUSER MRS. MARY O. HOUSER GRACE IRWIN ALBERT JEFFERY MARY KELSO 21 GEORGE L. KIEFER CAROL KINNEY MARY E. KIRK VICTOR KLEIN BERNICE KRUEGER MRS. DORCAS KRUSE LEO KUBACKI HENRY W. LINCKE MARY ANN LOUY -Oj£ (a? C7) GEORGE L. KIEFER: Business and Science; Illinois State Normal University, B.E.; St. Louis University, A.M.; Junior Hi-Y Adviser. CAROL KINNEY: Home Economics and Orientation; Bob Jones University, B.S.; University of Toledo, B. of Ed. MARY E. KIRK: English; University of Toledo, A.B., M.A.; Uni- versity of Besancon, France; Philalethean Adviser. VICTOR KLEIN: Mathematics; Miami University, B.S.; Ohio State University, M.A. BERNICE KRUEGER: French and Orientation; University of Michigan, B.A., M.A.; University of Paris. MRS. DORCAS KRUSE: Librarian; University of Michigan, A.B., M.A. LEO KUBACKI: Industrial Arts; Bowling Coach. HENRY W. LINCKE: Science and Projection; University of To- ledo, B.S. in Ed., M.A. MARY ANN LOUY: Mathematics and Orientation; DeSales College, B.S.; University of Toledo, M.S. FLORENCE LUTTON: Social Studies; University of Toledo, B.A., M.A. HAROLD McCLURE: Music; Indiana State Teachers ' College, B.S. in Musical Ed., M.S. in Ed., I.S.T.C. KATHERINE MAHER: Physical Education; Michigan State Normal College, B.S. VIRGINIA MAY: English and Orientation; College of New Rochelle, A.B.; Columbia University, M.A.; Red Cross Adviser. MRS. LOUISE MEFFLEY: Social Studies; University of Michigan, B.A., M.A. FLORENCE LUTTON HAROLD McCLURE KATHERINE MAHER VIRGINIA MAY MRS. LOUISE MEFFLEY 22 ♦ GEORGE MILEY MRS. JULIA MOODY MELVIN MORTIMER GEORGE MILEY: Science and Orientation; University of Toledo, B.S. in Ed.; Assistant Football and Basketball Coach. MRS. JULIA MOODY: Business; University of Toledo, B.A.; F.B.L.A. Adviser. MELVIN MORTIMER: Mathematics and Industrial Arts; Univer- sity of Toledo, B.S. in Engineering, B. of Ed. JANE MYERS: Physical Education; University of Toledo, B. of Ed.; University of Michigan, M.A.; Leaders Club Adviser. JOHN NEEDLES: Business; Bowling Green State University, B.S.; Columbia University, M.A.; Senior Hi-Y Adviser; F.B.L.A. Adviser; Golf Coach. ISLA B. OWEN: Home Economics; Hillsdale College, A.B. EDWARD E PACKER: Industrial Arts; University of Toledo, B.S.; Ohio State University, M.A. MRS. HARRIETT PHEATT: English; University of Toledo, B.A. in Ed.; Periclean Adviser. LASETTA PICKARD: Science; University of Michigan, A.B., M.A.; Biology Club Adviser. MRS. JO ANN PIERCE: English and Orientation; Baylor Uni- versity, B.A.; University of Missouri, M.A.; Crystal Adviser; Junior Y-Teens Adviser. MRS. LOIS ANN POPPE: Physical Education and English; Bowl- ing Green State University, B.S. in Ed. MRS. JANE ROBERTS: English; University of Toledo, B.A. in Ed.; RadclifFe College, M.A.; Edelian Adviser. CHARLES ROBINSON: Science; Miami University, B.S. in Ed.; Athletic Manager; Football Line Coach; Honorary Q.D. Adviser. MARY E. RUSSELL: Spanish; Oberlin College, A.B.; Universidad Nacional de Mexico, M.A. JANE MYERS JOHN NEEDLES ISLA B. OWEN EDWARD E. PACKER MRS. HARRIETT PHEATT LASETTA PICKARD MRS. JO ANN PIERCE MRS. LOIS ANN POPPE MRS. JANE ROBERTS CHARLES ROBINSON MARY E. RUSSELL 23 •pm rt£ ZOE G. SCOTT f CARL STERLING LAWRENCE L. VANDER FREDERICK VOSSLER MARGARET A. WAITE CHARLES WEINSTOCK WILLIAM WIRICK r m?m HELEN E. WYLIE LOIS BLACK ZOE G. SCOTT: English; Ohio Wesleyan University, A.B. CARL STERLING: Industrial Arts and Mathematics. LAWRENCE L. VANDER: Social Studies; University of Toledo, A.B., M.A. FREDERICK VOSSLER: Science, Department Chairman; Univer- sity of Rochester, B.S.; University of Toledo; University of Michigan. MARGARET A. WAITE: Social Studies and Orientation; Uni- versity of Toledo, B.S., A.B. CHARLES WEINSTOCK: Science and Mathematics; Marietta College, A.B.; University of Michigan, M.A. in Ed. WILLIAM WIRICK: Science; Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Ed.; Columbia University, M.A.; Forum Adviser; Track Coach; Lightweight Football Coach. HELEN E. WYLIE: Home Economics and Orientation; Ohio State University, B.S. LOIS BLACK: Library Clerk MRS. MARY CAMP: Attendance Clerk CAROL HEPNER: Secretary MRS. LAURA RAMSDELL: Record Clerk MRS. MAY JASTRZEMSKI: Book Clerk RUTH ROADWILER: Senior Clerk and Treasurer MRS. MARY CAMP CAROL HEPNER MRS. LAURA RAMSDELL MRS. MAY JASTRZEMSKI RUTH ROADWILER 24 Mrs. Burton and Mr. Rusie converse at a faculty tea. The teachers ' cafeteria provides good food and a pleasant atmosphere. Assistant Principal Osgood and his aides. Mr. Robinson, Athletic Manager, escorts his daughter at the Cowboy Roundup. Mr. Kramer, our engineer, inspects the heating plant. A friendly call from Mrs. Camp, our attendance clerk. Mr. Harding, assistant principal, advises a student as to his course of study. Behind the scenes with the Cafeteria Manager, Mrs. Elwing. Miss Kanney, Assistant Principal, and her aides. they fill our " fiBABY ■ §■ ■ ' %L»il f L% « V A j ii - a EF Li ' J HI 1 ; ' ;r « J N % H ■J I hearts We who thronged the halls and classrooms of Libbey in 1955 had much to accomplish before the accolade of commencement. When we ourselves were not busy achieving, we were taking joy and pride in the achievements of others who were Libbey, too. Those of us who were freshmen watched so that we might manage Libbey affairs well when our turn came; for out of us would emerge the Senior Class of 1 958. We who were sophomores were sure of ourselves and of our school. Awe was as far away as our freshman year. We who were juniors were exhilarated by class activities which distinguished us as upperclassmen— we had arrived. Those of us who were seniors found fulfillment in assuming the responsibilities of school leadership. After four years of vying and sharing, we felt very close to our classmates. We did not worry that we would forget them-or be forgotten-after graduation. For though our lives were now to follow divergent paths which properly might not merge again, we knew that the heart has its own way of remembering. And they fill our hearts. 27 seniors Events which made our senior year memorable were the Cowboy Roundup, the senior play, " Father was a Housewife, " the Junior-Senior Prom, the senior trip to Washington and New York, the senior banquet, Baccalaureate, and the culmination of our four years— Commencement. Responsible for organizing these many senior activities were the class officers: president, Larry McCormack; vice president, Ann Ramseur; first and second semester recording secretary-treasurers, Nancy Hunt and Rosemary Baranek; and sergeant-at-arms, Tony Bachman. Senior members of Student Council who assisted in planning our final year were Dave Gillmore, Esther Fleming, Al Jamison, and Jean Kerns. Our special thanks go to Miss Grace Henderson, adviser to Student Council and the senior class, who gave so unstintingly of her time that we might take happy memories with us. 1955 Left to right: Jean Kerns, Al Jamison, Esther Fleming, and Dave Gillmore. Left to right: row 1— Nancy Hunt, Rosemary Baranek, Ann Ramseur; row 2— Tony Bach- man, Miss Henderson, Larry McCormack. 28 MARILEE ABEL: National Honor 3, 4; Phils 1, 2, Jr. Cen- sor 3, Chaplain 4; Y-Teens 1, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, Jr. Rep. 3, Pres. 4; Dean ' s Aide 1, 2, 3, 4; Sr. Banquet Com.; Jr. Flay; Sr. Play. DOROTHY ADAMS LUCILLE ADAMS ERMA ALLISON: Y-Teens 1. VIRGINIA ALTHOFF: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Gym Office 2, 3; Dramatics Club 4; Sr. Play. PAUL ANDERSON JOHN ANTKOWIAK: Central 1, 2. JERI ARMBRUST: Peries 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4; Y-Teens 1, Rep. 2, Chaplain 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, Rec. Secy. 4; Majorettes 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Biology 2; Gym Leaders Club 3; Edelian Faculty Ed.; Jr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, Student Dance Director 3, 4; Football Queen. MARY JO AUFDERHEIDE: National Honor 3, 4; Classical Honor 2, 3, 4; Phils 1 , 2, 3, Pres. 4; Y-Teens 4; Jr. Clas- sical League 2, 3, 4; Crystal 4; Dean ' s Aide 3, 4; Jr. Class Secy. -Treas. ANTHONY BACHMAN: Q.D. ' s 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Sgt.-at- Arms 4; Biology Club 2; Band 1, 2, Treas. 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Rhythm Roundup 2, 4; Jr. Prom Com.; Sr. Class Sgt.- at-Arms. JOHN BACON: Football 2. ELEANOR BADE: National Honor 3, 4; Zets 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3; Sr. Play Com.; Choir 1 , 2, 4. GERALDINE BADENHOP: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. RICHARD BAKER: Q.D. ' s 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot- bali 1; Cross Country 3; Jr. Play Com. SHARON BALL: Central 1; Scott 2. MARILEE ABEL DOROTHY ADAMS ERMA ALLISON VIRGINIA ALTHOFF JOHN ANTKOWIAK JERI ARMBRUST NTHONY BACHMAN JOHN BACON 3ERALDINE BADENHOP RICHARD BAKER LUCILLE ADAMS PAUL ANDERSON MARY JO AUFDERHEIDE ELEANOR BADE SHARON BALL 29 ROSEMARY BARANEK: Central 1; Zets 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2; Cowboy Roundup Com. 4; Testing Aide 2, 3; Sr. Class Secy.-Treas.; National Honor 3, 4. SALLY BARTELS CLAUDETTE BECHTEL GEORGE BECKER: Hi-Y 2; Football 2. SHERRY BELLAIR: Phils 1 , 2, 3, Corres. Secy. 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Edelian Club Ed.; Sr. Banquet Com.; Sr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4. MELVA BENING: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play Com.; Test- ing Aide 2, 3; Leaders Club 3; Gym Office 4; National Honor 4. WILBUR BENING: Bowling 2. GORDEN BIRKENKAMP JOYCE BIRR WALTER BISHOP: New Kensington High School, Pennsyl- vania 1, 2, 3; Band 4. CAROL BLOCHOWSKI: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Edelian typist 4. BARBARA BODI. Peries 1, 2, 3, Corres. Secy. 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, V. Pres. 3, 4 ; Dramatics Club 4; Rhythm Roundup 4; Sr. Play. BARBARA BOGLE: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2; Dra- matics Club 3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4. ROBERTINE BOLANDER: Phils 3, Rec. Secy. 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; Jr. Prom Com. CAROL BORN: National Honor 3, 4; Zets 2, 3, Corres. Secy. 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 4; Crystal 3, Co-Editor 4; Drama- tics Club 3, 4; Dean ' s Aide 2, 4; Rhythm Roundup 2, 4; Jr. Play; Jr. Achievement 2, 3. ROSEMARY BARANEK SALLY BARTELS CLAUDETTE BECHTEL GEORGE BECKER SHERRY BELLAIR MELVA BENING WILBUR BENING GORDEN BIRKENKAMP JOYCE BIRR WALTER BISHOP CAROL BLOCHOWSKI BARBARA BODI BARBARA BOGLE ROBERTINE BOLANDER CAROL BORN 30 GRACE BORTON JANICE BOWMAN ERMA LOIS BROWN WALTER T. BROWN LOIS BURKETT CLARE BOWES DONALD BOXLEY JOANNE BROWN RICHARD BRUNNER NORMA BURKHART MARY ANN BOWLING CHARLOTTE BRAZIER WALTER E. BROWN JOHN BUCK STANLEY BUSSDIEKER GRACE BORTON: Zets 2, 3, Chaplain 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Edelian Copy Editor; Dean ' s Aide 2, 3, 4; National Honor 4. CLARE BOWES: Phils 1, 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Biolo- gy Club 2; U.N. Club 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3; Dean ' s Aide 3, 4. MARY ANN BOWLING: Y-Teens 1; Leaders Club 3. JANICE MARIE BOWMAN: Y-Teens 4; Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 1. DONALD BOXLEY: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4. CHARLOTTE BRAZIER: F.N. A. 4; Band 3; Debate Club 4; Jr. Play Com.; Sr. Prom Com.; National Honor 4. ERMA LOIS BROWN: Y-Teens 4; F.N. A. 4; Choir 3, 4. JOANNE BROWN: Y-Teens 2. WALTER E. BROWN: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4. WALTER T. BROWN: National Honor 3, Pres. 4; Forum 2, 3, 4; Golf 3, 4; Debate Club 4; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Jr. Red Cross Pres. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cowboy Roundup Com. RICHARD BRUNNER: Olney High School 1. JOHN BUCK: Macomber 1. LOIS BURKETT: Y-Teens 1, 2, Vice Pres. 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, Secy. 4; Rhythm Roundup Com. 3. NORMA BURKHART: Zets 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. STANLEY BUSSDIEKER 31 ANN CAMERON: Peries 2, 3, Sr. Censor 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, Secy.-Treas. 4; Cowboy Roundup Com.; Sr. Banquet Com.; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4; Na- tional Honor 4. DOUGLAS CAMPBELL: Jr. Play; Sr. Play. RONALD K. CARNES: Q.D. ' s 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, Var- sity 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Sr. Announcement Com. ARLEEN CARSON: F.B.L.A. 2. BARBARA CARTER: G.A.A. 1; Choir 2, 3, 4; Rhythm Roundup 2. LESLIE CASE RUSSELL CEDOZ: Band 2, 4. JESS CERVANTEZ NANCY CHAMBERLAIN CONSTANCE CHAMBERS: Y-Teens 1, 2; Debate Club 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3; U.N. Club 3, Treas. 4; G.A.A. 1; Band 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4. CAROLYN CHRISMAN: Jr. Classical League 1, 2; F.N. A. 4; Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4; Nurse ' s Aide 4. CAROLYN CHRISTEN: Dramatics 4; Choir 3 ; F.N. A. 4. NEVA CLARK: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Leaders Club 3; Library Aide 1, 2; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4; National Honor 4. ELEANOR CLAUSSEN: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. VEATRICE COOPER: F.N. A. 1 ; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. ANN CAMERON DOUGLAS CAMPBELL RONALD K. CARNES ARLEEN CARSON BARBARA CARTER LESLIE CASE RUSSELL CEDOZ JESS CERVANTEZ NANCY CHAMBERLAIN CONSTANCE CHAMBERS CAROLYN CHRISMAN CAROLYN CHRISTEN NEVA CLARK ELEANOR CLAUSSEN VEATRICE COOPER 32 k. . mi I r» - r ARNOLD COATES ROBERT COREY SUE COY HELEN CULLIVER ALEX DAMALAS EDWARD COLEMAN JAMES CRIST DONALD CROSBY JANICE CULLY LARRY COLLINS MARY COUNTS LINDA CROWL LLOYD CUPP ARNOLD COATES: Jr. Achievement 2. EDWARD COLEMAN LARRY COLLINS ROBERT COREY: Dramatics Club 4; Projection 1; Jr. Play; Sr. Play. JAMES CRIST MARY COUNTS: Y-Teens 2, 4; Jr. Classical League 3. SUE COY: Y-Teens 1. DONALD CROSBY: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. LINDA CROWL: Zets 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 2, 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 3; Jr. Play. HELEN CULLIVER: Testing Aide 2, 3, 4. JANICE CULLY: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. LLOYD CUPP: Hi-Y 2, 3; Sr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4. ALEX DAMALAS: Band 3, 4; Projection 1, 2, 4; Rhythm Roundup 3. RICHARD DAMSCHRODER JACQUELINE DARR: Y-Teens 3, 4; Biology Club 3; G.A.A. 2; Leaders Club 3, 4. RICHARD DAMSCHRODER JACQUELINE DARR 33 DARLENE DAVIDTER: Phils 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1; Major- ette 3, 4. GARY DAVIS: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Rhythm Roundup 3. DONNA DEAKIN: Y-Teens 1; F.B.L.A. 2. DAVE DEPPEN: Q.D. ' s 4; Chess Club 2, 3, Secy. 4; Sr. Prom Com.; National Honor 4. RUTH DINKINS: National Honor 3, 4; Zets 2, Jr. Censor 3, Pres. 4; Y-Teens 1; Crystal 3; Dean ' s Aide 2, 3, 4. GERALD DOMSCHOT NORMA DOPFER: Phils 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2; Rhythm Round- up 3; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. ALAN DRAHEIM: Biology Club 3, 4. RONALD DUNSON STELLA DUENAS: F.B.L.A. 2. MARY DULTMEYER: Maumee 1. CHARALENE EATON: Y-Teens 2, 3. KEN EATON: Q.D. ' s 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4; Foot- ball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Jr. Play. DUANE EMAHISER: Bowling 1. CLYDE ENGLEHARDT: French Club 1; Bowling 2, 3. f! f J A DARLENE DAVIDTER DAVE DEPPEN NORMA DOPFER STELLA DUENAS KEN EATON GARY DAVIS RUTH DINKINS ALAN DRAHEIM MARY DULTMEYER DUANE EMAHISER DONNA DEAKIN GERALD DOMSCHOT RONALD DUNSON CHARALENE EATON CLYDE ENGLEHARDT 34 BETTY ENRIGHT RICHARD EUBANK ALVIN EYRE JAMES FEATZKA RICHARD FINK JANET ESTERLINE SHARON EVEARITT JUDY FAHRINGER JANET FIFER CHARLES FISCHER MARY LOU ESTES NANCY EVERHART RICHARD FALKENBERG IRENE FINK MARTIN FISHER BETTY ENRIGHT-. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. JANET ESTERLINE MARY LOU ESTES: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. RICHARD EUBANK: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 1, 2, Treas. 3. SHARON EVEARITT: Y-Teens 1, 3, 4; F.N. A. 3, V. Pres. 4; Nurse ' s Aide 4; Projection 1; Gym Office 3, 4. NANCY EVERHART: Y-Teens 1 , 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; F.N.A. Reporter 4; G.A.A. 1. ALVIN EYRE: Q.D. ' s 2, 3; Hi-Y 1; Football Manager 1, U.N. Club 2; Sr. Play; Jr. Achievement 2, 3. JUDY FAHRINGER: Metuchen High School 1; Waite 1; Zets 3, 4; F.N.A. 4; Y-Teens 4; Testing Aide 3; Nurse ' s Aide 4; National Honor 4. RICHARD FALKENBERG JAMES FEATZKA: Q.D. ' s 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Track 3, 4. JANET FIFER: Phils 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4; F.B.L.A. 2; Dean ' s Aide 3, 4; Sr. Play; Rhythm Round- up 3, 4; National Honor 4. IRENE FINK: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. RICHARD FINK: Biology Club 2. CHARLES FISCHER: Macomber 1. MARTIN FISHER: Sr. Play Com. 35 CHARLES FISK: Q.D. ' s 4. ESTHER FLEMING: National Honor 3, 4; Peries 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4; Y. Teens Treas. 1, Treas. 2, Rep. 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 1; Classical Honor 1; Biology Club 2; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Crystal 3; Edelian Co-Editor-in- Chief; Jr. Ring Com.; Cowboy Roundup Com. Chrm.; Student Council 3, 4; Dean ' s Aide 1, 2. 3; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4; Valedictorian. DONALD FOGELSANGER: Forum 3, 4; Football 1; Jr. Ring Com.; Sr. Trip Com.; Dramatics Club 3, Pres. 4; Debate Club 4; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 4; National Honor 4. NANCY FOSTER: Y-Teens 4. SHARON FRANKLIN: Phils 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Edelian Faculty Ed.; Jr. Play Com. Chrm.; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; Nurse ' s Aide 4; Sr. Play. JACK FRAYER: Q.D. ' s 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Hi-Y Secy. 2, Secy. 3, 4; Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, Co-Captain 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. DWANE FREY MARILYN FROSCH: Scott 1. JACK FULTON: Football 1. ARTHUR FUNKA-. Q.D. ' s 2, 3, Chaplain 4 ; Hi-Y Chaplain 2, Chaplain 3, Pres. 4; Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Fed. Basketball 4; Bowling 3, 4; Edelian 3, Circulation 4; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; Activities Office 3, 4. DAVID GILLMORE: National Honor 3, 4; Q.D. ' s 2, 3, Pres. 4; Hi-Y 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4 ; Edelian Pictorial Ed.; Student Council 3, Pres. 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play. ROBERT GLASS DONNA GLENN MARY GOMEZ NEAIL GOODLOE: Basketball 2; Track 1, 2; Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4. CHARLES FISK NANCY FOSTER DWANE FREY ARTHUR FUNKA DONNA GLENN ESTHER FLEMING SHARON FRANKLIN MARILYN FROSCH DAVID GILLMORE MARY GOMEZ DONALD FOGELSANGER JACK FRAYER JACK FULTON ROBERT GLASS NEAIL GOODLOE 36 q ■ " HENRY GOODWIN SUE GORDON LORAINE GRANDPAIR ANNA GRANT SHIRLEY GREENWALT JOSEPH GRIER FRED GRIFFIN JACQUELINE GUHL JAN HAAS LARRY HAASE RONALD HADLEY CLAUDE HALL MARILYN HALL DONNA HANNA JEANNE HARDS HENRY GOODWIN SUE GORDON LORAINE GRANDPAIR: Zets 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 4; F.B.L.A. 3, 4. ANNA GRANT: Cusseta High School 1; Leaders Club 3, 4. SHIRLEY GREENWALT: Shelby High School 1, 2. JOSEPH GRIER: Scott 1; Basketball 2, Varsity 3, 4; Jr. Prom Com.; Sr. Play Com. FRED GRIFFIN: Football 1, 2; Basketball 1; Biology Club 4. JACQUELINE GUHL: National Honor 3, 4; Phils 1, 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 2, 3, Pres. 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Jr. Ring Com.; Jr. Play. JAN HAAS: Macomber 1; Forum 4; Track 4. LARRY HAASE: Band 1, 2, 3; Jr. Achievement 2. RONALD HADLEY: Forum 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Football 2, Varsity 3, 4. CLAUDE HALL: Indianapolis Tech. 1; Waterloo High School 2; Fort Wayne High School 3. MARILYN HALL DONNA HANNA: Y-Teens 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Rhythm Roundup 3. JEANNE HARDS: Zets 3, 4 ; Y-Teens 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Edelian staff. 37 WILLIAM HARLER: Football 1, 2; Band 4. RAYMOND HARPER: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Achievement 2. RONALD HARTENFELD ANNIE JOE HARTFIELD: Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4. JESSIE HAWKINS JUDITH HAWLEY: Zets 2, 3, Treas. 4; Y-Teens Pres. 1, Pres. 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Jr. Classical League 3, 4; F.N. A. 1; Rhythm Roundup 2; Jr. Play; Sr. Announcement Com.; National Honor 4. JEAN HEIDEN: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; F.N. A. 3, Pres. 4; Nurse ' s Aide 4. JOYCE HEIDEN: F.B.L.A. 2. ALICE HIATT: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. JUSTINE HIRAUYE CAROLYN HOERIG: National Honor 3, 4; Zets 3, 4; Y- Teens 1, 3, Secy. 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s Aide 2, 3, 4; Library 1; Edelian Club Ed.; Sr. Banquet Com. Chrm. LYSBET HOFFMAN: Phils 1, 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Rep. 4; French Club 1; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; Edelian Sr. Ed.; Jr. Play; Sr. Play. EUGENE HOODLET: Macomber 1; Edelian Athletic Ed. RONALD HORN ROBERT HOUCK: Forum 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Hi-Y Secy. 1, 2, 3, Rep. 4; Dramatics Club 4; Cross Country 2, 3; Track 2, 3; Basketball Mgr. 2; Fed. Basketball 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play. Mr Jli 1 WILLIAM HARLER RAYMOND HARPER ANNIE JOE HARTFIELD JESSIE HAWKINS JEAN HEIDEN JOYCE HEIDEN JUSTINE HIRAUYE CAROLYN HOERIG EUGENE HOODLET RONALD HORN RONALD HARTENFELD JUDITH HAWLEY ALICE HIATT LYSBET HOFFMAN ROBERT HOUCK 38 BARBARA HOWLAND MARQUERITE HUESTON NANCY HUNT ESTIL HURST AL JAMISON DELORES HUCKLEBY WARREN HUFF BETTY HUNTLEY JANET ICKES PAT JANISZEWSKI LIONEL HUESTON BERNADINE HUNT BETTY HURST BENNIE JACKSON HELEN JANOWIECKI BARBARA HOWLAND: Phils 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; U.N. Club Historian 2; Dramatics Club 4; Rhythm Round- up 2, 3, 4; Sr. Trip Com. DELORES HUCKLEBY LIONEL HUESTON MARQUERITE HUESTON WARREN HUFF: Q.D. ' s 4; Hi-Y 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Edelian Business Ed.; Cowboy Roundup Com.; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; National Honor 4. BERNADINE HUNT: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1. NANCY HUNT: Zets 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4; Student Council 2; Sr. Class Secy.-Treas.; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3; Jr. Play. BETTY HUNTLEY: Choir 2, 3, 4. BETTY HURST: F.B.L.A. 2. ESTIL HURST: Forum 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2; Football 2; Sr. Play Com.; F.T.A. 4. JANET ICKES BENNIE JACKSON: Biology Club 3, 4. AL JAMISON: Forum 2, 3, Pres. 4; Hi-Y 2; Football 1, Varsity 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, Varsity 3, 4; Baseball 2; Track 3, 4; Jr. Class Pres.; Student Council 1, 2, V. Pres. 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; National Honor 4. PAT JANISZEWSKI HELEN JANOWIECKI 39 BOB JANSEN: Central 1, 2, 3. BARBARA JEAKLE: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 3, 4; Bi- ology Club 2; Nurse ' s Aide 4. DEANNA JENNINGS: Phils 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2; Sr. Prom Com. Chrm.; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; National Honor 4. BETTY LORRAINE JOHNSON: Y-Teens 4; Band 3. CLYDE JOHNSON: Basketball 1; Baseball 2, 3. DOLORES JOHNSON INA JOHNSON SANDRA JOHNSON NEWELL JONES: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Projection 1. BARBARA KAKELA: National Honor 3, 4; Phils 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 1, 2; Dramatics Club 3, Corres. Secy. 4; Crystal 3; Edelian Layout Ed. 4; Sr. Play Com.; Dean ' s Aide 2, 4; Lib. 3. DAVE KAMINSKI: Q. D. ' s 2, 3, 4; Football 2, Varsity 3. STANLEY KANAROWSKI-. St. Joseph 1, 2; Q.D. ' s 4 ; Hi-Y 4; Golf 3; Crystal Business Mgr. 4; Jr. Ring Com.; Jr. U.N. Club 4; Chess Club 2, V. Pres. 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4; Sr. Play; National Honor 4. ANN L. KEDRIE JAMES KEENAN AL KELLER: Q.D. ' s 4; Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Foot- ball 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 1; Baseball 4. 44 BOB JANSEN BETTY L. JOHNSON INA JOHNSON BARBARA KAKELA ANN L. KEDRIE BARBARA JEAKLE CLYDE JOHNSON SANDRA JOHNSON DAVE KAMINSKI JAMES KEENAN DEANNA JENNINGS DOLORES JOHNSON NEWELL JONES STANLEY KANAROWSKI AL KELLER 40 SANDRA KELLER JAMES KELLEY DIXIE KELLY JOSEPH KENNELLY LOIS KERSCHBAUM MARY KESLING EDWARD KLINGELSMITH DELOIS KNIGHTEN JANET KOLLMEIER JANET KOPFMAN SHIRLEY KELLEY JEAN KERNS JEAN KISSEBERTH JACKIE KOEPFLER MARY ANN KRAMER SANDRA KELLER: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 4; F.B.L.A. 2; F.T.A. 4; Nurse ' s Aide 2. JAMES KELLEY: Macomber 1, 2. SHIRLEY KELLEY: Choir 1. DIXIE KELLY: Y-Teens 1; F.B.L.A. 3. JOSEPH KENNELLY: Central 1; Basketball, Varsity 3, 4; Baseball 4. JEAN KERNS: National Honor 3, 4; Peries 1 , 2, 3, Pres. 4; Y-Teens Chaplain 1; French Club 1; Student Council Secy.-Treas. 3, Clerk-of-Courts 4; Dean ' s Aide 1, 2, 3, 4. LOIS KERSCHBAUM: Y-Teens 1, 2; Jr. Classical League 2. MARY KESLING: Zets 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 4; Biology Club 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Leaders Club 1, 2, 3, Secy. 4; National Honor 4. JEAN KISSEBERTH: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3; Dramatics Club 3; Leaders Club 4; Jr. Achievement V. Pres. 1; Jr. Play. EDWARD KLINGELSMITH: Hi-Y Chaplain 4; Jr. Achieve- ment 3. DELOIS KNIGHTEN: Golden Gate High School 1, 2. JACKIE KOEPFLER: Zets 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4; F.B.L.A. 3, 4. JANET KOLLMEIER: Zets 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens V. Pres. 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; Sr. Banquet Com. JANET KOPFMAN: Y-Teens 1. MARY ANN KRAMER: Zets 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Bi- ology Club 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, Pres. 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3; Choir 4; Sr. Play; National Honor 4. 41 MARGARET KRAVETSKY: Phils 2, 3, Sr. Censor 4; Y-Teens 1, V. Pres. 2, Treas. 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Treas. 4; Jr. Class V. Pres.; National Honor 4. ROGER KRONMANN: Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Chess Club 3, 4; U.N. Club 3, Chaplain 4; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; Sr. Banquet Com.; Jr. Play Com.; Sr. Play. SHIRLEY KRUEGER JERREVE KUJDA PATRICK LaCLAIR: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Track 3, 4. WILLIAM LaPOUNTNEY MYRTLE LANE DENA KAY LASKO: Phils 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 4; Dra- matics Club 3, 4; Biology Club 3; F.T.A. 4; Jr. Play ; Sr. Play; Sr. Memorial Com.; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4. JOSEPH LEAL: Macomber 1; Projection 2; Jr. Achieve- ment 2. THOMAS LEPPERT: Q.D. ' s 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Edelian Athletic Ed. BRENT LEWIS: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3; Projec- tion 1, 2; Football 1; Golf 4; Fed. Baskeiball 4; Edelian Sr. Ed.; Sr. Prom Com.; Rhythm Roundup 4; Sr. Play. LORETTA LEWIS: Y-Teens 1, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 4; G.A.A. 1; Choir 2, 4; Cowboy Roundup Com. 4; Jr. Ring Com. 3. LORENE LINCOLN: Y-Teens 1; French Club 1; Biology Club 2. ROBERT LITTEN: Forum 3, 4. MARY SUE LONG: Peries 1 , 2, 3, Chaplain 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Crystal 4; Jr. Prom Com.; Jr. Play Com.; National Honor 4. MARGARET KRAVETSKY ROGER KRONMANN JERREVE KUJDA PATRICK LaCLAIR MYRTLE LANE DENA KAY LASKO THOMAS LEPPERT BRENT LEWIS LORENE LINCOLN ROBERT LITTEN SHIRLEY KRUEGER WILLIAM LaPOUNTNEY JOSEPH LEAL LORETTA LEWIS MARY SUE LONG 42 Joanne loyer katherine lutz terry mallett carol marlowe GENE LUCAS LARRY McCORMACK HOWARD MALLORY JAMES MARSH LAWSON LUNDY JAMES McGEARY BEATRICE MAPLES OBED MARTIN JoANNE LOYER: Phils 1, 2, 3; Biology Club 2; Dramatics Club 4; Jr. Classical League 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play Com.; Sr. Play. GENE LUCAS LAWSON LUNDY: Woodward 1; Biology Club 2. KATHERINE LUTZ: Y-Teens 2; F.B.L.A. 2, 3. LARRY McCORMACK: Nalional Honor 3, Treas. 4; Forum 2, 3, V. Pres. 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Ring Com.; Sr. Class Pres. JAMES McGEARY: Hi-Y 3, 4; Football 2; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Dramatics Club 3, 4. TERRY MALLETT: Forum 3, Treas. 4; Hi-Y Pres. 3, 4; Foot- ball 1 , 2, Varsity 3, 4; Track 1 , 2; Golf 3, 4; Sr. Prom Com. HOWARD MALLORY BEATRICE MAPLES CAROL MARLOWE: National Honor 3, 4; Zets 1, 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Y-Teens 1, V. Pres. 2, 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4; Jr. Play Com.; Dramatics Club 3. JAMES MARSH: Forum 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 3, 4; Jr. Play. OBED MARTIN: Macomber 1. FRANK MARTINEZ: Track 1, 2. MARJORIE MEHLMAN: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; U.N. Club 3, V. Pres. 4; Biology Club 2, 3; Dramatics Club 4; Debate Club 4; G.A.A. 2; Leaders Club 3; Sr. Play Com.; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3. VIRGINIA MEINARDI: Zets 2, 3, V. Pres. 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, Secy. 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Sr. Play Com.; Jr. Achievement 2, 3; National Honor 4. FRANK MARTINEZ MARJORIE MEHLMAN VIRGINIA MEINARDI 43 FRANK MILES BARBARA MILLER: Peries 1 , 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; Jr. Achievement 2. NANCY MILLER: Y-Teens 1; Edelian Circulation 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Activities Office 3, 4; National Honor 4. ARTHUR MITCHELL EDWARD MODLINSKI: Macomber 1, 2. CAROLYN MOHLER: Y-Teens 1; Lib 3. PATRICIA MOONEYHAM: Phils 4; Y-Teens 2, 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 3, Rec. Secy. 4; Crystal 4; Jr. Red Cross 2; Rhythm Roundup 1; Biology Club 2; Testing Aide 2; National Honor 4. EDWARD MOORE SHERLENE MOORE: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. JAMES MORRIS: Q.D. ' s 3, 4 ; Hi-Y 3, 4; Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Jr. Prom Com. FRANCES MUCCI: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; U.N. Club 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1; Leaders Club 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4; Jr. Red Cross 4; Edelian Sr. Ed.; Jr. Achievement Treas. 2; Jr. Play; Sr. Play. CAROL MUELLER: Central 1; Y-Teens 3, 4 ; Crystal 4; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4. JOHN MYSKO CHARLES NAITZKA: Macomber 1, 2; Jr. Play. DAVID NEWBURY y ' -■» p to FRANK MILES BARBARA MILLER ARTHUR MITCHELL EDWARD MODLINSKI PATRICIA MOONEYHAM EDWARD MOORE JAMES MORRIS FRANCES MUCCI JOHN MYSKO CHARLES NAITZKA NANCY MILLER CAROLYN MOHLER SHERLENE MOORE CAROL MUELLER DAVID NEWBURY 44 i £ ■M te v CAROL NICKELSEN VIRGINIA NOWAK JAMES NUTTER WA YNE OESTREICH GEORGE NICKEY NEVA NOFTZ LETITIA NOWAKOWSKI WILLIAM NUTT GLENDA OATMAN LYN OBERDIER NANCY OHLER VIRGIL OLIVER CAROL NICKELSEN: National Honor 3, Secy. 4; Phils 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, Secy. 3; Drama- tics Club 3, 4; Edelian Layout Ed.; Sr. Announcement Com.; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Jr. Red Cross Pres. 1, Secy. 2, 3; Main Office 3. GEORGE NICKEY NEVA NOFTZ: Y-Teens 3, 4. VIRGINIA NOWAK LETITIA NOWAKOWSKI: Y-Teens 3; Majorette 2, 3, 4; Rhythm Roundup 2. WILLIAM NUTT JAMES NUTTER: Jr. Classical League 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 4; Cowboy Roundup Com. 4. GLENDA OATMAN: Waite 1. LYN OBERDIER: Jr. Classical League 2, 3; Chess Club 1, 3, 4; Debate Club 4; Edelian Athletic Ed.; National Honor 4. WAYNE OESTREICH: Q.D. ' s 3, V. Pres. 4; Hi-Y V. Pres. 2, 4; Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. NANCY OHLER: National Honor 3, V. Pres. 4; Peries 1, 2, 3, Rec. Secy. 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 3; Majorette 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Crystal 3; Edelian Copy Ed.; Dean ' s Aide 3; Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, Student Dance Director 3, 4; Sr. Trip Com. Chrm.; Jr. Play; Sr. Play. VIRGIL OLIVER RONALD ONNENGA: Q.D. ' s 2, 3, Secy. 4; Hi-Y V. Pres. 1, V. Pres. 2, 3, 4; Football 2, Mgr. 3.. 4; Edelian Circu- lation 3, 4; Activities Office 3, 4; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4. LAWRENCE OSBURN: Forum 4. MARY ALICE OSBORN: Choir 3, 4. RONALD ONNENGA LAWRENCE OSBURN MARY ALICE OSBORN 4 DAWN OVERY: Projection 1, 2. DARLENE PACHOLSKI: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s Aide 4; Sr. Memorial Com. 4. MILTON PALENSKE BARBARA PARKER: Y-Teens 4. ANN PASCHE: Y-Teens 1, 2; Dramatics Club 2, 3; Jr. Classical League 2. CHARLES PHILLIPS: Football 1, 2. THOMAS PITCHFORD RAYMOND PLUMADORE: Q.D. ' s 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4. GAIL POGANITSCH: Y-Teens 1, 2, 4; Dramatics Club 2; Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4. NANCY POMMERANZ: Peries 1, 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; U.N. Club 2; Choir 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4; Sr. Announcement Com.; Student Council 3; Rhythm Roundup 4; National Honor 4. JUDITH PORTER: Zets 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Choir 1, 2, 3; National Honor 4. JOYCE POTTER: Y-Teens 1 , 2, 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 1; Memorial Com. 4; Dramatics Club 4; Sr. Play; Na- tional Honor 4. MARGARET POWELL CHARLES PRESTIN: Hi-Y 1, 3, 4; Biology Club 3, 4; Chess Club 1; Jr. Achievement 2, 4. ROBERT PRICE: National Honor 3, 4; Forum 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 1, V. Pres. 2, 3, 4; Classical Honor 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Red Cross 1, V. Pres. 2, 3, 4; Crystal 4; Jr. Play Com.; Sr. Memorial Com. m sikft DAWN OVERY DARLENE PACHOLSKI MILTON PALENSKE BARBARA PARKER ANN PASCHE CHARLES PHILLIPS THOMAS PITCHFORD RAYMOND PLUMADORE GAIL POGANITSCH NANCY POMMERANZ JUDITH PORTER JOYCE POTTER MARGARET POWELL CHARLES PRESTIN ROBERT PRICE •46 JiMA NANCY PROBASCO WEULTHA RATLIFF MELVIN REID FRED RICHES JANET RITZENTHALER JOHN RAMBUS ROBERT RECHT VIOLET RELYEA DONALD RICHMOND DONALD ROBB ANN RAMSEUR JAMES REICHLER NANCY RICHARDSON JACLYN RIPPINGER RAYMOND ROBIE NANCY PROBASCO: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 1, 2; Edelian Staff; Sr. Play. JOHN RAMBUS: Gentry High School 1. ANN RAMSEUR: National Honor 3, 4; Zets 1, 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Sr. Class V. Pres. WEULTHA RATLIFF ROBERT RECHT: Hi-Y 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES REICHLER: Hi-Y 2; Football 1, 2; Basketball Mgr. 1. MELVIN REID VIOLET RELYEA: Y-Teens 2, 4; Rhythm Roundup 4. NANCY RICHARDSON: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2; Jr. Red Cross 1. FRED RICHES: Forum 3, 4. DONALD RICHMOND: Greenbrier Military School, Lewis- burg, W. Va. 1; West High School, Minneapolis, Minn. 2; Band 3, 4. JACLYN RIPPINGER: F.B.L.A. 3, 4; Jr. Red Cross 2; Choir 1. JANET RITZENTHALER DONALD ROBB: National Honor 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2, Pres. 3, 4; U.N. Club 2, 3, Pres. 4; Crystal 3, Co-Editor 4; Jr. Prom Com.; Sr. Banquet Com.; Jr. Classical League 2, 3, Secy. 4; Classical Honor Pres. 2, Treas. 3, 4; Chess Club 2; Debate Club 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Rhythm Round- up 3. RAYMOND ROBIE 47 ROBERT ROBINETTE: Salem High, Salem, Indiana 1, 2. GEORGE RODRIGUEZ: Q.D. ' s 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Basketball 1; Track 3, 4. JOAN ROGERS: Joan of Arc High School, Sarasota, Flor- ida 3; Y-Teens 1, 2, 4; French Club 1; Biology Club 2. LINDA SALZWEDEL: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4. JERRY SAMPLES: Buckbannon-Upshor, W. Va. 1, 2, 3. MARY SAMSEY: Y-Teens 1 , 3, 4; French Club 1; Drama- tics Club 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4; National Honor 4. JAYNE SANZENBACHER: Y-Teens 1, 4. DOROTHY SCHELLING: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. DARRILYN SCHLUTER: Phils 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4; Y-Teens 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4; Leaders Club 2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Sr. Memorial Com.; Sr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor 4. WILLIAM SCHULTZ: Macomber 2; Projection 1; Jr. Achievement 3. RALPH SCHUMANN LaDONNA SHANTEAU: Zets 1, 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4; Sr. Banquet Com.; Library Aide 1; National Honor 4. DEMETRA SHEFFIELD: Y-Teens 4; Sr. Announcement Com.; Choir 3, 4; Lib. 3. BETTY SHEPLER: Moore Haven High, Florida 1; Y-Teens 4. JANET SHEPLER: Y-Teens 1, 2, 4. ROBERT ROBINETTE GEORGE RODRIGUEZ JOAN ROGERS LINDA SALZWEDEL JERRY SAMPLES MARY SAMSEY JAYNE SANZENBACHER DOROTHY SCHELLING DARRILYN SCHLUTER WILLIAM SCHULTZ RALPH SCHUMANN LaDONNA SHANTEAU DEMETRA SHEFFIELD BETTY SHEPLER JANET SHEPLER 48 NORMA J. SHERMAN MARK SIMMONS GEORGE SMITH LILA SOOKEY CORLEEN SCHUMAN JUNE SIMMONS JOYCE SINES JAMES SMITH BARBARA SPRUNK MAJUL SKINNER MARY SMITH FRED STARNER NORMA JEAN SHERMAN: Phils 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; Choir Accompanist 2, 3, 4, Student Director 3, V. Pres. 4; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4; National Honor 4. CORLEEN SCHUMAN JUNE SIMMONS: Y-Teens 3. MARK SIMMONS: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Baseball 4. JOYCE SINES: Waite 1. MAJUL SKINNER: Y-Teens 2, 4; U.N. Club 1, 2, 4; Dra- matics Club 4; F.N. A. 1, 2; Biology Club 2; Sr. Play. GEORGE SMITH: Scott 1, 3. JAMES SMITH: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. MARY SMITH LILA SOOKEY: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA SPRUNK: Zets 3, 4; Y-Teens 1 , 2, 3, Treas. 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Sr. Play Com. FRED STARNER: National Honor 3, 4; Forum 2, 3, Secy. 4; Hi-Y 3, V. Pres. 4; Dramatics Club 3, Treas. 4; Debate Club V. Chrm. 4; Cowboy Roundup Com.; Edelian Co- Editor-in-Chief. SANDRA STEMMERMANN: Y-Teens 1, 3, 4; Testing Aide 2, 3. CAROLINE STEPHENS: Leaders Club 3. THOMAS STEVENSON: Football 1, 2. SANDRA STEMMERMANN CAROLINE STEPHENS THOMAS STEVENSON 49 NAOMI STONE: Y-Teens 1; Biology Club 2, 3. JUDITH SUMMERS: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 2; Leaders Club 2, 3. NORMAN SUTTON LaVERNE SWIHART: Y-Teens 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Projec- tion 1 . LYLH SWIHART THOMAS SZYMANSKh Q.D. ' s 2, 3, Treas. 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Edelian Circulation 3, 4; Ac- tivities Office 3, 4; Rhythm Roundup 3, 4. EILEEN TABOR: Zets 1, 2, 4; Y-Teens 2; Biology Club 2. ANN TAYLOR: Zets 1, 2, Historian 3, 4; Y-Teens 4; F.B.L.A. 2, V. Pres. 3, Sr. Rep. 4; Sr. Banquet Com.; Student Coun- cil 1; Dramatics Club 4; Sr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 2; National Honor 4. SARAH THOMAS: Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4. RITA THOMPSON: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; National Honor 4. JAMES THORPE: Lutheran Ministerial School 1, 2, 3. TERRY THURSTIN: Ursuline Academy 2; Y-Teens 1, 3. CAROL TOMASZEWSKI: F.B.L.A. 2. TAM TOWNSEND: Zets 1, 2, 3, Secy. 4; Y-Teens Secy. 1, Secy. 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Cheer- leader 4; Edelian Faculty Ed.; Jr. Prom Com. Chrm.; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor 4. CLYDE TRESSLER: Track 1. NAOMI STONE LaVERNE SWIHART EILEEN TABOR RITA THOMPSON JUDITH SUMMERS LYLE SWIHART ANN TAYLOR JAMES THORPE CAROL TOMASZEWSKI TAM TOWNSEND NORMAN SUTTON THOMAS SZYMANSKI SARAH THOMAS TERRY THURSTIN CLYDE TRESSLER 50 JOHN TREUSCHEL JAMES TUCKER LAURA VALLADE BARBARA VOGELPOHL JACK WAHL CAROL TUCHOLSKI RONNA TURNER CAROL VANDERLUIT LINDA VON KLINGER LIEUTENANT WALKER HELEN TUCKER JUDY UTZ MARY VOEGELI JOHN VORBAU NANCY WALKER JOHN TREUSCHEL CAROL TUCHOLSKI: Y-Teens 3; Majorette 3, 4. HELEN TUCKER JAMES TUCKER: Q.D. ' s 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Basketball 2. RONNA TURNER: Scott 1; Ursuline Academy 2; Y-Teens 3. JUDY UTZ LAURA VALLADE CAROL VANDERLUIT: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. MARY VOEGELI: Central 1. BARBARA VOGELPOHL: Phils 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 1, Recorder 2; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. LINDA VON KLINGER: National Honor 3, 4; Peries 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Crystal Typing Ed. 4; Prom Com. 4. JOHN VORBAU: Q.D. ' s 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4; National Honor 4; Jr. Play; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Classical League 3; Sr. Trip Com.; Prom Com. 4. JACK WAHL: National Honor 4; Q.D. ' s 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Lib 3; Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Bowling 3, 4; Sr. Announcement Com.; Jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms; Jr. Achievement. LIEUTENANT WALKER NANCY WALKER: National Honor 3, 4; Phils 1 , 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, Chaplain 2, 3, V. Pres. 4; U.N. Club 3, 4; Debate Club 4; Edelian Class Ed. 4; Jr. Play Com. 51 WILLIAM WALTERS: Basketball 1; Dramatics Club. DONALD WARD: Forum 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD WARD: Forum 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, Treas. 2, 3, 4; Football 2; Sr. Announcement Com. MARGARETE WEBB: Y-Teens 4; G.A.A. 1; Nurse ' s Aide 1, 4; Rhythm Roundup 1, 3. KARINE WEIL ARTHUR WEIRICH JOANNE WESTRUP: Y-Teens 4; Biology Club 3, 4; Edelian Class Ed. 4. DAVID WETCHER: Forum 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, Pres. 2, 3, 4. JAMES WHEATLEY: Football 2. JAMES WHITE: Howard High School 1, 2; Rhythm Round- up 3. BARBARA WILER: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Play. MARILYN WILLHARDT ALLEN WILLIAMS: Rhythm Roundup 3, 4; Choir 4; Pro- jection 1, 2, 4. SHIRLEY WILSON: Y-Teens 1, 3; Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4. JOAN WIRICK WILLIAM WALTERS MARGARETE WEBB JOANNE WESTRUP JAMES WHITE ALLEN WILLIAMS DONALD WARD KARINE WEIL DAVID WETCHER BARBARA WILER SHIRLEY WILSON RONALD WARD ARTHUR WEIRICH JAMES WHEATLEY MARILYN WILLHARDT JOAN WIRICK 52 JOHN WOMMER: Hi-Y 1; Jr. Classical League 3; Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; W.T.D.S.; Na- tional Honor 4. ROBERT WYNN: Forum 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. JUDY YEACK: Y-Teens 1, 2; F.B.L.A. 2. WALTER ZECK JIM ZIELINSKI: Bowling Mgr. 1. JOHN ZIMMERMAN: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Secy. 4; Football 1; Basketball 1; Basebal 2, 3, 4; Fed. Basketball 4; W.T.D.S. 3, 4. DAVID ZOLL RICHARD ZOLLARS: Jr. Classical League 2, 3, 4. JOHN WOMMER JUDY YEACK JIM ZIELINSKI DAVID ZOLL ROBERT WYNN WALTER ZECK JOHN ZIMMERMAN RICHARD ZOLLARS Seniors buying their school supplies. SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES WILLIAM ANTEAU-. Central 1, 2; Chess Club 3, 4. CAROL CONAT: Mumford High School, Detroit 1; Royal Oak High School, Royal Oak, Mich. 2. GERALD LEMKE: Scott 1, 2 , 3. 53 cowboy roundup Fred Starner Walter T. Brown Esther Fleming, chairman Ann Cameron Warren Huff Rosemary Baranek Jim Nutter Loretta Lewis senior prom Deanna Jennings, chairman Charlotte Brazier Linda von Klinger Terry Mallett Dave Deppen Brent Lewis John Vorbau memorial committee Joyce Potter, chairman Bob Price Darlene Pacholski Wilbur Bening senior trip Don Fogelsanger John Vorbau Nancy Ohler, chairman Barbara Howland senior announcement Demetra Sheffield Ronnie Carnes Judy Hawley Fritz Ward Carol Nickelsen Jack Wahl Nancy Pommeranz senior banquet committee Don Robb LaDonna Shanteau John Wommer Ann Taylor Sherry Bellair Marilee Abel senior play: ' father was a housewife " p ay comm ittee pic y cast Eleanor Bade Estil Hurst Marilee Abel Frances Mucc! Barbara Sprunk Joe Grier Sherry Bellair Nancy Ohler Robertine Bolander Joyce Potter Ginny Meinardi Martin Fisher Ann Cameron Don Robb Barbara Kakela Margie Mehlman, chairman in picture) (not Bob Corey Esther Fleming Jim McGeary Darrilyn Schluter Fred Starner Student Council Representatives: Tom A. Smith, Shirley Folk, Judy Niehous, and Bob Fearnside. Junior Class Officers: Bob Fearnside, sgt.-at- arms; Carol Van Karsen, secy.-treas.; Pati Penn, vice pres.; and Jim Rogers, pres. The junior play, " Men Are Like Streetcars, " the Junior-Senior Prom, and our junior rings were the three class distinctions of which we juniors were very proud. Representing us were president, Jim Rogers,- vice president, Pati Penn; secretary-treasurer, Carol Van Karsen; sergeant-at-arms, Bob Fearnside,- and junior members of Student Council, Judy Niehous, Shirley Falk, Bob Fearnside, and Tom Smith. Miss Jean Gilbert, Junior Class Adviser, contributed the guidance necessary to make our year a success. juniors Junior Prom Committee: Gwen Eichelberger, Janell Maeder, Terry McDonald, Dixie Beeching, James Earl, Judy Niehous, and Wayne Shutt. Ring Committee: Judy Dunbar, Doris Altenbaugh, Hal Wagner, Roger Williams, Kathy Reece, Tom A. Smith, and Norma Raitz. 56 juniors ROW 1— Floyd Kelley, Sidney Moore, William Johnson, Byron Thomas, Howard Henderson, Joe W. Price, Bob Sopher, Richard Foley, Tom D. Smith ROW 2— Clifton McCowey, Paul McKinzey, Spike Yates, Dave Tompkins, Bob Batchman, Walt Burnham, Hal Wagner, Robert Landis, Larry Smith, James Love ROW 3 — Don HefFner, Roger Williams, John S. Jackson, Eddie Russell, Herb Schoenfelt, Rich- ard Baker, Jim Joy, Dave Charnas, Jay Vanderlip, John Tapley ROW 1— Joan Crist, Kathy Reece, Pat Sullivan, Mary Jo Bacon, Darlene Bickelhaupt, Carol Van Karsen, Marilyn Matzinger, Chloe Ann Kramp, Pat Meier, Marilyn Hamlin ROW 2— Karen Clark, Beverly Oates, Carol Cochran, Jean McNamee, Barbara Bogart, Carol Mead, Shirley Falk, Pati Penn, Carol Myers, Gwenn Eichelberger, Janet Courtad ROW 3— Marilyn Graybill, Ann Hardman, Judy Niehous, Sharon Roberts, Carol Sohnly, Ruth Wassmund, Mary Hutton, Nancy Czolgosz, Nancy Lindhurst, Bobbie Hill, Gloria Van Dame 57 juniors ROW 1— William Griffin, Michael Douglas, Ray Hoffman, Alfred Saam, Eugene Krauzer, John Rayford, James Maxwell, Claude Harris, Tom Kynard ROW 2— Melvin Emahiser, Ed Harrigan, Tom Sandys, Don Ritson, Don Bottles, Denny DeViney, Jim Staff, Dick McCoffrey, Jack Batdorf, Al Eyre ROW 3 — Bill Terrell, Ronald Brazier, Henry Mays, Charles Goings, Carl Hischka, Bill Dreyer, Artis Evans, Lafayette Summers, John Maras, Harry K ra bill ROW 1— Dixie Baugh, Gretchen Leupp, Rose Koralewski, Glorianita Russell, Carole Crosby, Nancy Tedersen, Barbara Campbell, Elizabeth Reed, LaVerne Poucher, Nancy Whetton ROW 2 — Laurel Schroder, Donna StarklofF, Gertrude Case, Mary Jane Harrison, Vyvyan Hurst, Bonnie Meyer, Beverly Falkenberg, Carole Shipman, Judy Geis, Lanette Eisenhart, Arlene Horen ROW 3— Pauline Goble, Sandra Luhring, LaVerne Felser, Barbara Thomas, Patsy Allen, Mar- garet Hudson, Sharon Haas, Betty Partin, Carol Dodge, Judy Hess, Judy Reichler o iH ? fl W1- mi. ' I- x iU«it : juniors ROW 1 —Charles Delamotte, Eugene Sobezak, Thomas Buczkowski, Duane Langenderfer, John Veith, Larry Deiger, Richard Dennis, Edward Kent, Tom Lau, Tom Tucker ROW 2-Dave DeMars, Fred Kelley, Chuck Jordan, Allan Wolf, Wayne Schutt, Bob Hockett, Gary Good, LeRoy Lloyd, James Thomas ROW 3 — Irvin Pommeranz, Terry Lindemann, Darst Grund, John Nyquist, Norman Proudfoot, Herb Westfall, Paul Slate, Tom Wynn, Earl Schmakel, Jim Telb ROW 1— Carol Boldt, Janell Maeder, Sally Bender, Alice Cremean, Beverly Grimes, Sally Kueb- beler, Dixie Beeching, Dorothy Buck, Betty Irwin, Linda Green ROW 2 — Joyce Johnson, Mary Fisher, Carol Huckleby, Josephine Armour, Sue Baumgartner, Teresa Killian, Norma Raitz, Carolyn Clark, Linette Fetzer, Marilyn Knott, Margaret Fink ROW 3 — Barbara Wilson, Alela Kutzke, Eva Martin, Virginia Gwinn, Delores Pattin, Betty Reed, Carol Wert, Darlene Sites, Carol Fitzgerald, Joan Kennedy, Sandra Ulery 59 juniors ROW 1— Charles Doneghy, Earl Nowak, Bill Morris, Richard Royce, Tom Woods, Jim Sower, Tom Hoffman, John Fyock, Jack Pierson, Dale Keller ROW 2 — Russell Fisher, Bernard Kujawa, Paul Kelsey, Louie Lazar, Edward Reed, Russell De- jaifFe, Dan Regent, David Burzynski, Kenneth Jankowski, Howard DeTray ROW 3— Arthur Zielinski, William Reichler, Glenn Hintz, Norman Walczak, Robert Rill, Ted King, Vincent Hills, Al Boerst, Dick Henton, Richard Barnaby ROW 1 —Dorothy Katschke, Doris Altenbaugh, Mary Posadny, Gloria Stoll, Janice Gee, Paula Davis, Barbara Dickey, Shirley Knerr, Nora Hernandez ROW 2— Mary Ann Muraski, Sue DeMars, Mary Manz, Judy Boone, Rhua Liska, Myra Layne, Patt Betts, Sandra Neill, Judy Dunbar, Sharon Dusseau, Zoe-Del Johnson ROW 3 — Lillian Neubert, Mary Hartley, Joan Kurek, Margaret Green, Audru Fleck, Barbara Harbaugh, Judy Van Koughnet, Katherine Lutz, Lois Hall, Charlene Fisher, Merle Gunn 60 juniors ROW 1-Dennis Griffith, George Louthan, Melvin Schreiner, Richard Koder, Phil Walbolt, Don- ald Keller, John Reed ROW 2-Henry Williams, Jerry Porazinski, Don Surerus, Tom Blattner, Terry MacDonald, Wil- liam Hoffman, Terry Cavanaugh, Larry Hunter, Tom King ROW 3-Ronald Howard, James Earl, Calvin Coleman, Norris Denno, Jim Myers, Warren Per- nell, Edward Coleman, McDavid McCorvey, John Russell, Willie Floyd ROW 1-Judy Johnson, Barbara Long, Sharon Shipman, Sue DeMott, Jo Ann Huebner, Joyce Heslet, Ruthann Adams, Janet Swartz, Janet Wilson ROW 2-Beverly Baldwin, Ann Slater, Martha Ebright, Emily Respress, Barbara McNeal, Willia Kelly, Marva Gray, Mary Eberlin, Jackie Endsley, Jean Burrs, Jean Campbell ROW 3-Betty Macon, Dorothy Wittes, Erma Simmons, Bonnie Wright, Marcia Casburne, Pat Merriman, Geraldine Winn, Louise Krueger, Kathie Harris, Shirley Hepner, Pat Roberts 61 juniors ROW 1— Barton Welsh, Dennis Geraldo, Terry Shuman, David Smith, Jerry Hansen, Ronald Coleman, Larry Robinson, Gary Mallett, David Durfee ROW 2 — Benjamin Garcia, Chuck Lowry, Arthur Kelley, Tom Shepherd, Pat McCormick, Jim Keil, Donald Pimenta, Larry Vincent, Charles Tackeft, Jim Ramirez ROW 3 — Ed Stanley, Ben Long, Bob Fearnside, Artis Watkins, Dave Swanson, Jim Rogers, Tom Case, William Dimke, Charles Dolt, Bob Cordrey ROW 1— Jane Heiden, Mary Lynn Spaulding, Carolyn Szul, Carol Thompson, Donna Thomp- son, Suzie Klein, Charlotte Bowes, Deloris Bush, Carlotta Garcia, Carolyn Snyder ROW 2— Sue Collins, Shirley Williams, Jo Ann Noffke, Brenda Boughton, Nancy Ellinger, Lynne Bourquin, Joyce McGhee, Carol Hignite, Jannette Heiden, Alva Barner, Pauline Rasey ROW 3— Jan Pfeifer, Donna Wagner, Diane Foster, Zinneb Kilell, Mary Watts, Armida Clark, Sherry Wooted, Betty Jones, Erma Goodlou, Mary Lee Johnson, Barbara Washington 62 junior play: " men are like streetcars ' ' junior play committee Bob Landis Sally Bender, chairman Barton Welsh, chairman Bill Morris Linda Green John Nyquist Judy Van Koughnet Tom Case r K- I - ! £ J r ' rs ■ 1 F f3 5 ars " junior pic y cast Pat Betts Carol Mead Carol Boldt Sandra Neill Bill Dimke Pati Penn Gwen Eichelberger Kathy Reece Tom Hoffman Gloria Stoll Ruha Liska John Vieth Jean McNamee Dorothy Wittes Marilyn Matzinger Alan Wolf Terry McDonc Id sophomores ROW 1— Judy McConoughey, Nancy Fuerst, Elaine Deck, Dorothy Kirby, Bertha Brown, Joan Garner, Janice Garner, Judy Miller, Marjorie Gockerman ROW 2— Colleen Blair, Pauline Piddock, Terry Taylor, Nancy Mock, Liz Meyer, Jo Ann Stickle, Donna Fisher, Elaine Draheim, Charlene Scheil, Wendy Smith ROW 3— Joyce Mock, Vicki Jaques, Sue Sayre, Norma Davis, Jean Snell, Vicki Doner, Janice Roesler, Barbara Meeker, Sharon Hoist, Beverly Flint ROW 1— Bob Braunschweiger, Rick Jasinski, Clifford Falkenberg, Bob Weideman, Ken SchefFert, Jack Fellhauer, Edwin Leupp, Sam Sookey ROW 2— Charles Montgomery, Donald McElya, William DeSana, Dick Heaton, Henry Koepfer, John Mann, John Kolodraike, Rodger Skilliter, Howard Fish ROW 3— Loren Stewart, Lee Rambo, Joe Inman, L. J. Cleveland, Calvin Landis, Dick Heinz, Richard Mann, Grant Ray, Dan Thomas 64 ROW 1-Bernie Kunkel, Terry Keller, Larry Burnett, Jerry Waganfeald, Jerry Jones, Eddie Squaire, Paul Byer- smith, Tom Hollopeter, Denny Huff ROW 2-Bob Oates, Bill Warner, Stuart Hall, Tom Atkinson, John Mason, Ronald Bryant, Ned Bordner, Jim Kravetsky, Bill Lange ROW 3-John Kulczak, Mel Bialorucki, Denny Barney, Bob Fox, Frank Winterhalter, Howard Kreutzfeld, Bob Mercurio, Jim Johnson, Allen Fanaff ROW 1-Lula Boyd, Suzanne Below, Bonnie Thacker, Joan RufFier, Linda Graybill. Barbara Kravetsky, Layne Curtis, Nancy Corner, Sandra Lasko ROW 2-Sharon Reed, Wanda Burgard, Lynn Gerhauser, Margie Matecki, Pauline Lamb, Joyce Osterud, Mar- garet Grindle, Margie Ellis, Barbara Long, Pat Sanderson ROW 3-Jodey Smith, Judy Tripp, Sharon Jones, Judy Korb, Marilyn Leibius, Katherine Holmes, Judy Jackson, Jo Ann Palenske, Emagean Adams, Mildred Wells sophomores 65 sophomores ROW 1— Yvonne Kujda, Hettie Digby, Margaret Kelley, Carol Ladd, Annette Antoine, Sandra Woodbury, Nancy Stevenson, Jean Russell, Mary Ann Posadny ROW 2— Shirley Braun, Barbara Dorn, Mary Love, Maxine Russell, Dorothy Williams, Rosalind Cedoz, Elaine Ramseur, Jo Ann dinger, Sandra Hartley ROW 3— Jean Dickerson, Manira Saide, Rosemary Wolfert, Mary Williams, Joyce Ervin, Bettye Johnson, Wil- lena Miller, Marcia Nehring, Barbara Geiner, Linda Greenwalt L £ ROW 1— William Griffin, Oliver Brown, Bill Schurtz, Jim Sterling, John Shugar, Ronald Owens, Robert Neal, Kenny Coomes, Tom Gale ROW 2— Arnold Galloway, Bob Lockett, David Woodcock, Rodney Clevenger, Jim Davis, Carl Becker, Larry Mallory, Robert Reynolds, Pete Legura ROW 3 — Lawson Burrow, Bill Selvey, Leonard Mason, Calvin King, James Watkins, Stan Burden, Tom High- tower, Chuck Hopkins, Ronnie Kilell 66 ROW 1-Chuck Crisman, Larry Barnett. Skip Johnson, Gerald Zedlitz, Charles Kunstbeck, John Oberle, Lauren Kreps, Dave Schwartz, Tom Williams ROW 2-Edward Thompson, Jim Bettridge, Bill Smaltz, Gary Mallory, Larry Tubbs, Larry McCabe, Quitmon Lipkins, Tom Johns, Jim Bowles ROW 3-Dennis Walterreit, Lawrence Roberts, Terry Runge, Clifford Rippke, Jerry Mix, Jon Patton, Ronald Reinhart, Hubert Clifford, David Wobser ROW 1— Sally Taylor, Barbara Bruggeman, Deanna Harvey, Mary Lutz, Barbara Thomas, Ella Swain, June Sass, Donna Hollers, Ann Luscombe ROW 2-Judy Roush, Marilyn Moyer, Judy Harris, Valerie Loos, Barbara Saunders, Virginia Teal, Carol DuBry, Sharon Schroeder, Bonnie Osborne ROW 3-Judy Schnell, Liz Kohring, Linda Blander, Marilyn Miller, Dawn Henderson, Rhoda Jackson, Bettie Dowell, Joyce Rehm, Deanna Hochstettler, Sue Krohn sophomores 67 sophomores ROW 1— Ceylon Clark, Sally Huebner, Mary Ellen Fulford, Gladys Bronson, Judy Brunner, Charlesena Harrison, Dorothy Price, Maxine Hughes, Geraldine Scott ROW 2 — Pat Nino, Charlotte Keel, Bonnie Borchardt, Jackie Fuller, Pat Schneider, Nancy Poloski, Lillian Earl, Jessie Trail, Joan Glesmer, Alice Stang ROW 3— Mildred White, Diane Leal, Minnie Lee Brenson, Marva Cooper, Voncile McCowey, Doris Hayne, Audrey Sturdivant, Barbara Heller, Mary Lou Anderson, Carol Zaborowski ROW 1-Matt Kolb, George Litten, Paul Taraschke, Jerry Koepfler, Bill Kistner, Bill Alder, Ronald Salzwedel, Victor Stubblefield, Dale Stone ROW 2— James Collins, Jim Dultmeyer, Don Strayer, James Williams, Leo Kennedy, Robert Huntley, Dick Ship- man, Herbert Pope, Larry Dennis ROW 3— Spencer Page, David Bigelow, Ken Stemmermann, Harvey Mattier, Harold Hecklinger, Phil Harris, Brad- ford Albain, Don Smith, Ray Stevens 68 ROW 1— Ronald Riopelle, Dennie Heft, George Stockman, Jerry Booher, David Paszpo, Myron Bohnert, Robert Morey, Terry Bossert, Dave Schatz ROW 2 — Bill McClure, Frank Spaulding, Jed Duty, Bill Hallowell, Jim Lere, Ernie Hartman, Ron Rectenwald, Michael Cordner, Floyd Bell ROW 3 — Stanley Williams, Lawerence Wanner, Ronald Pilcher, Paul Schultz, John Schmidt, Bill Stine, Barry Bunting, Ken Black, George Stanley, Don Wisniewski o Q r o r a p 4 PfPkp ' WV« ; ROW 1— Karen Walker, Carol Meyers, Eleanor Wallbank, Beverly Wagner, Marcia Westrup, Barbara Mossman, Lillian Meyers, Modene Johnson, Nancy Hallowell, Joyce Prentice ROW 2 — Nancy Harper, Gerry O ' Neill, Linda Marckel, Diana Bey, Betty Casey, Doris Kirian, Sindy Makowski, Judy Starner, Sandra Greeley, Lorene LaBeau, Carol Graff ROW 3— Sharon Slicker, Shirley Openshaw, Marlene Tarsek, Sharon Fisher, Judie Ecker, Sarah Smith, Mary Alice Butler, Maureen O ' Rourke, Elaine Carter, Betty Watson, LaDonna Jacobs sophomores 69 sophomores ROW 1— Judy Johnson, Shirley Voyles, Barbara Stults, Elaine Leon, Emily Sanderson, Pat Stackhouse, Dorothy Adams, Gwendolyn Williams, Hester Langston ROW 2 — Roberta Boyd, lola Scisum, Shirley Anderson, Charlott Whitaker, Barbara Shuman, Phyllis Lincoln, Joan Meister, Beverly Smith, Mary Lou Toppins, Judith Barber ROW 3— Bonnie Panning, Isabelle Beauch, Shirley Dunning, Sandy Enright, Rosemary Jones, Barbara Hosking, Mary Ammons, Carol Madden, Marilou Eubank, Jo Ann Schmakel ROW 1— Tim Cross, John Fellhauer, Michael Thompson, Jerry Hirth, Larry Matzinger, Robert Nagucki, Larry Forderer, Bill Shank, Bob Harrigan, David Strahley ROW 2 — Dea Wiseley, Ronald Lingel, Bill Hurst, Dick Waterman, Ronald Martin, Bill Bettridge, Dick RufRer, Richard Achor, Charles Parkman ROW 3 — Richard Bester, James Strange, Clay White, Melvin Jones, Mike McGee, Mike Hubbard, Ward Wil- liams, Ray Hehl 70 4 ' » ■ . Mr. McClure directs the chorus class. Static electricity is examined by Mr. Miley ' s physics class. Mr. Houser explains an algebra equation. These girls practice homemaking. Mr. Vossler ' s experiments make chemistry fun. Typing requires concentration. Right, Mr. Needles? The Crystal class hard at work. Mr. Baker assigns his economics questions. 71 freshmen ROW 1— Barbara Tesluk, Linda Lemay, Martha Stone, Ernestine Brown, Shirley Daniels, Katie Bacon, Shirley Smith, Dorothy Hire, Joyce Fletchen, Zuleika Brant Bey ROW 2— Hettie Digby, Erdine Laman, Carolyn Blum, Rosalie Petrulak, Jeraldine Carmony, Pat Fink, Judy Calo- pietro, .Judy Irons, Gitta Hahne, Mary Lou Kreps ROW 3— Stella Casburne, Patricia Harris, Evelyn Stukey, Carol McCarthy, Nadine Andryc, Dessie Davenport, Karen Hanna, Bernice Hoffman, Sue Francis, Judy Day, Jill Riches ROW 1— Robert Wyatt, Luther Tate, Paul Garland, Richard Leal, Richard Dangler, Bill Mitchell, Patrick Steiner, Larry LaBeau, James Palmer ROW 2— James McGrath, Fred Frye, Clinton Howard, Joe Grant, Herman Hodnett, James Ester, Ken Barnaby, Dennis Minnick, Gene Hendon, Jim Dauer ROW 3 — Richard Draheim, David Barnes, John Terrell, Spike Quinn, Warren Huguley, Clemitee Casey, Ru- dolphus Simpson, Howard Brewer, John Harrison, Mauric Reardon f A lift ( » A 72 mo n a ROW 1— Marie Gaynor, Rose Marie Thompson, Elaine Houston, Jane Schlicher, Sue Fournier, Jo Ann Spaulding, Joyce Artz, Judy Evearitt, Marlene Nouicki, Jan Kleis ROW 2— Vonnie Gurgin, Rosemary Kwiatkowski, Peggy Gubanski, Daphne Blevins, Nancy Missler, Kathy Werning, Irene White, Joan Cook, Pauline Jensen, Vicki Prosser ROW 3— Joyce Ball, Harriette McColough, Barbara Geiner, Jane Putnam, Judy Frayer, Betty Nutt, Barbara Zaborowski, Phyllis Strzelecki, Bonnie Bartlett, Melva Jay, Sh aron Adams ROW 1— Jim Harris, Dennie Rodriguez, Tom Hill, Philip Layne, Dave Antolini, Carl Mericle, Dave Witmer, Fred Haas, Clifford Matz, Willis Coleman ROW 2 — Dennie Fox, David Burgin, Charles Weills, Frank Calipetro, Leo Rymers, Bill Dukes, Jack Maples, Robert LaClair, Gene Meek, Jim Ammon ROW 3— Douglas Laugerman, Dale Adams, Larry Hardy, Joel Sondys, Jerry Brown, Edwin Borton, Don Shafer, Jim Gebhart, James Batema, Bill Garbe freshmen 73 ROW 1— Charlotte King, Barbara Keiser, Beatrice Brown, Joann Ritson, Sedaleyer Houston, Nancy Kersch- baum, Judy Minnick, Shirley Sheets, Catherine Foster, Marilyn Sliwinski ROW 2— Joan Harris, Ellaweza Brownlee, Julia Price, Sylvia Sims, Ann Grunst, Teri Lynn Shook, Annie Lutchey, Barbara Lundy, Sue Schmidt, Donna Hawkins ROW 3— Merian Grant, Patricia Strange, Mary Mathews, Katierine Lucas, Sharon Turner, Edith Palmer, Erma Culliver, Carol Knott, Sadie Fleming, Karen Lemke, Martha Vance ROW 1— Mitchell Hills, Bill Nelson, Paul Person, James McNeal, James Krueger, McKinley Williams, Daniel Kulczak, Charles Sleet, Felton Washington ROW 2— John McDougel, Ira Peery, Sidney Richards, Billy Goings, Kenneth Paszko, Miles Hartfield, Dave Kerschner, Oren Beck ROW 3— Willie Kynard, John Mathews, Noel Powers, John Partin, Joe McLeod, ClifF Walls, John Melnyk, La- Fayett Williams freshmen 74 freshmen ROW 1 —Janice Groah, Marlene Betts, Mae Lois Moore, Nancy Weaver, Ann Lindsay, Evelyn Olmstead, Sharon Vea, Marietta Young, Jane Schwan, Bonnie Wagner, Janet McVicker ROW 2— Diana LaForge, Marcia Smith, Ruth Watters, Darla Sleighton, Suzanne Myers, Judith Funk, Joyce Curtis, Patricia Travis, Jessie Jones, Mary Lou Hodges, Julie Snyder ROW 3— Marilyn Sowry, Brenda Greer, LuAnn O ' Brien, Joann Graham, Luanne Helman, Arlene Harbaugh, Le- nett Poitras, Carol Hessman, Nancy Gerschultz, Judith Collins, Sandra Schroader ROW 1— Gary Sprague, Tom L. Smith, Charles Abernathy, Joe Talamantez, Frank Ramirez, Ross Mize, David Neiman, Jerry Speelman, Rolland Stevens ROW 2 — Ray Wyatt, Douglas Beehler, Edward Schoch, William Elfering, James Shelton, Larry Baker, Arthur Rios, Roy Kennedy, Robert Palm, Dennis Haas ROW 3— Willie Johnson, Charles Howard, Edward Abernathy, Woodrow McCreary, Henry King, Clarence Harper, John Simon, Rowland Buta, Bob Hochmuth A CiO A 75 freshmen ROW 1— Zunilda Rodriguez, Penny Anderson, Rita Hill, Barbara Walters, Beverly Stevenson, Judy White, Mary Disher, Karen Beamer, Mary Shepler, Ruth Watkins ROW 2— Linda Gearhart, Darlene Beaupry, Patricia Harrison, Sharon Putman, Sharon Schoettley, Joan Haber- stich, Marion Roe, Nancy Kordell, Shirley Lindhurst, Sharon Dean ROW 3— Lois Yok, Nancy Kornath, Bonnie Lamb, Pat Dankert, Joan Weigel, Rosalie O ' Rourke, Barbara Haney, Bonnie Morse, Louise Yok, Geraldine Hamilton, Margie Mason ROW 1— Bill Knack, Jim Driano, Robert Maidlou, Art Dodge, Tony Tuckolski, Leon Russell, Lee Mayer, William Trimmer, Ray Gall, Ronnie Bock ROW 2 — Keith Raitz, Ronald Macheinski, Glen Schroder, Tom Green, Joe Blochowski, George Mummert, Dan Bechtol, Jim Clark, Tom Robinson ROW 3-Dennis Klein, Johnny Brewer, Gene Paskiet, Larry Bartels, Richard Golembiewski, Mike Konczal, David Suzor, Tom Hauman, Richard Rhosehouse 76 ROW 1— Diane Pauken, Judy Hauser, Daisy Crosby, Flossie Moore, Wilma Smith, Carolyn Jones, Audrey Smith, Joanne Henry, Lena Horton, Pat Gray, Vernelle Walker ROW 2 — Evelyn Henton, Elester Langston, Sandra Miller, Judith Albert, Diena Ramsey, Janice Green, Jean Hues- ton, Carol Warnecke, Karen Weirick, Melva Meyer, Barbara Lee ROW 3— JoAnne Van Steenburgh, Christina Colyer, Charlotte Salazar, Joyce Meyers, Barbara Renner, Patricia Wallace, Carol Boswell, Barbara Spangler, Emma Moore, Billie Elfering ROW 1— Paul Strabley, John Luscombe, John Cotter, Bob Myers, Jesse Carmony, Fred Smith, Andrew Benson, Tino Mendoza ROW 2 — Bob Porter, Harold Dawson, Larry Merkel, Ted Fuchs, John Hull, Jim Nickelsen, Phil Weaver, John Matzinger ROW 3 — David Sitzenstock, Joe Szlamer, Jerry Walterreit, Dave Potter, Joseph Rogacki, Charles Holtfreter, Jack Robinson, Godfrey Rodriguez freshmen 77 f £ Afc p ?,l n o ROW 1— Virginia Geronimo, Judy Bittikofer, Janet Artz, Carol Beringer, Virginia Schlegel, Ellen Smith, Sharon Miley, Mary Houser, Chris Ganzert, Bonnie Fryman ROW 2— Glennie Skinner, Blaise Rodriguez, Bonnie West, Florence Sandford, Mary Ann Crofoot, Carol Laipply, Carol Matzinger, Sue Peters, Terrie Fitzgerald, Sue Booher, Carol Micham ROW 3— Shirleyann Satterfield, Norma Madden, Barbara Myers, Virginia Garn, Sandra Jones, Ruth Dreyer, Beverly Linden, Jaeann Lacy, Carolyn Collins, Octavia Sleeper, Marie Hoile ROW 1— Adrian Vinson, Richard Lowe, Robert Dlugosielski, Charles Babcock, Jim Andros, Dick Fulton, Charles Thetford, James Bulharz ROW 2— Tom Disalle, Bob Meinardi, George Krueger, Jim Busick, Mike Moeller, Dave Woolford, Larry Kern, Gary Eaton, Don Perry, Sterling Frizzell ROW 3 — Burton Cousino, Richard Evick, Raymond Brooks, Arnold Jackson, Jim Burgess, James Hall, James Perry, Tom Merritt, Dean Smith, Jim Batch freshmen 78 freshmen ROW 1 -Barbara Bedra, Rosemary Parker, Nancy Hulbert, Judi Swartz, Joyce Hatfield, Beverly Schmidt, Sandra Senkel, Barbara Hoot, Donna Posadny, Mary Huckleby, Emma Murrie ROW 2-Joyce Taylor, Betty Reynolds, Judy Reitz, Nancy Yunker, Sandy Moore, Carmen Gray, Shirley Kisse- berth, Jettie Brown, Kathryn Warren, Mary Halley, Sharon Whitmill ROW 3-Sharon Manz, Judy Shovar, Sandra Gibson, Patty Fels, Brenda Cunningham, Rosanne Harrison, Kay Robison, Judy Gallagher, Donna Cash, Faith Sours, Katie Moore ROW 1-Jack Riches, Richard Lewis, John Laugerman, Joe Higgens, Lorin Subatt, David Jenssen, Michael Mc- Clure, Laurence Witt, Alan Vinson ROW 2-Felton Jackson, Ceaser Walker, Edward Soriano, Tom Olah, Jalan Aufderheide, Albach Manfred, Dan Smith, Dennis Kohn, Lyle Woolley ROW 3-George Wise, Stanley Schurtz, Chuck Hatfield, Ronald Puszczewicz, Jim Heller, Jerry Moore, G. A. McGranahan, Buzzy Jameson, Stephen Paluck 79 freshmen ROW 1— Mary Ann Keim, Ivana Montrie, Irene Kamza, Margaret Loyer, June Drudzinski, Joan Wadsworth, Sandra Jimison, Joan Johnson, Miriam Williams, Nancy Stahl ROW 2— Mary Ann Howe, Nata Lucas, Judy Wintersteen, Sandra Graham, Barbara Peterson, Carol McMor- gan, lona Walters, Joyce Kamza, Jeanie Coleman ROW 3— Carol Probert, Mary Ann Nietz, Natalie Hill, Janice Toney, Nancy Fritz, Ann Janowiecki, Sandra Toolooze, Mary Kay Hoffman, Margie Yutzy, Cynthia Harris ROW 1— Dick Hartman, Bill Dietsch, Ronald Lowe, Jerry Williams, John McClure, Ronald Burton, Larry Chap- man, Bill Logan, Harvey Browning ROW 2-Norman Dabney, James Rill, Richard Kandik, Grover Lowe, Richard West, Jack Stein, John Bartell, Daniel Perry, Michael Baranek ROW 3-Don Hill, Henry Pauly, Claude Banks, Beotis Middlebroops, Rick Witcher, Peter Kakela, Charles Burrs, Bill Marohn, Richard Leary, Larry DeCius 80 Lj £ - 1IR F s i J r- l •I ROW 1— Julie Wetcher, Joan Fournier, Suzanne Vogelpohl, Barbara Kothe, Pat Kothe, Pat Woods, Gloria Warej- ko, Gerry Pacholski, Maureen Moersch, Sally Saide ROW 2— Mary Gillmore, Sharon Wenger, Care. 1 Hulbert, Barbara Counts, Georlene Adkins, Judy Eisenmann, Mary Loos, Judy Knapp, Susan Van Tassel, Roberta Manecke ROW 3— Joan Norton, Ruth Thompson, Joyce Thompson, Donna Whitmer, Carol Bay, Jess Keller, Marilyn Senflf, Phyllis Strzelecki, Sue Dashner, Sue Laycock, Linda Unger ROW 1— Clyde Diebert, Willard Hill, Frank Belle, Ernest Hall, Donald Hahn, Tyrone Schumann, Norman Miller, Ronald Smith, Carl Thomas ROW 2— Julius Sheffield, Calvin Webster, Tom Earp, Richard Willmarth, Jack Heywood, Tom Bowlin, Charles McGraw, Edward Pruss, Clyde Jeakle, Douglas LaClair ROW 3— Robert Schroder, Bill Holley, Charles Baldwin, Charles Knolley, Tom Johnson, Lawrence Palmerton, Bud Auth, Jim Hemple, John Redfern, Mayo Witty freshmen 81 ROW 1— Judy Diebert, Bernardene Henry, Sharon Heising, Audrey Pearson, Barbara Jean Cary, Corneiia Rice, Betty Lathan, Arbara Carey, Dorothy Oliszewski, Juanita Craig ROW 2— Johnnie Johnson, Delores Morgan, Sue Gartz, Shirley Williams, Roberta Parkman, Annie Mae Brown, Rosalee Clifford, Shirley Cossins, Marilyn Campbell, Shirley Luce ROW 3— Ann Reuman, Flossie McFarland, Susie Settles, Ruth Gerding, Joanne Harris, Gudrum Lucks, Patricia Lange, Ida Gill, Donna Moore, Harriett Ramsey, Delores Owens ROW 1— Donald Scott, Duane Fink, Clarence Borchardt, Donald Lydey, Stearling Barnett, Charles Kellar, Jon Willinger, Harold Stange, Dave Tipping ROW 2 — Bernard Gokey, Jim Lee Goeckerman, Larry Towne, Dick Wagner, Jerry Perry, James Shugar, War- ren Lawson, David Vines, Richard Billups ROW 3 — Kenny Mason, Larry Mueller, Melvin Dotson, Car! Johnson, L. C. Banks, Eugene Patterson, Lee Katz, Don Bope, Ronnie Krerowicz, Anthony Pawlicki freshmen 82 Barbara Malohn, Sue Booher, Sandra Neill, and Sue Gordon assist in the gym office. Mrs. Pierce and Don Robb snap basketball action shots for the Crystal. Who needs escalators? A chemistry class hard at work among the test tubes and Bunsen burners. We throng the halls between classes. Hostesses Sandra Greeley, Valerie Loos, and Pat Mooneyham at the Phil Tea. Hollywood ' s Bob Wagner and Libbey ' s Bob Fearnside. ' Srife Magazine Drive high salesmen display their certificates. em bl ems that we 1 ove Life at Libbey is not all study. There are emblems that we love — the blue and gold— figuratively, if not liter- ally, coloring a bevy of activities which command our loyalties. A duly elected few represent us all as mem- bers of our Student Council governing body— a group that consistently strives to make Libbey a strong school community. A select few outstanding in schol- arship, leadership, character, and service attain the highest honor Libbey can bestow— membership in the National Honor Society. All of us enjoy the many schoolwide affairs sponsored by the various Libbey organizations, and many of us, the challenge and fun of sponsoring them. For whatever our interests (and they are diversified), there are emblems that we love through which we may serve and grow. K 85 national honor The purpose of the National Honor Society is ever to hold erect the flaming light of truth, to lead that others may follow in the light, to keep burning in our school a high ambition, to approach the highest ideals of life and to recognize its greatest values, and to serve loyally, faithfully, and unselfishly. Guiding the society in holding to its purpose this year were Miss Jean Gilbert, adviser; Walter Brown, president; Nancy Ohler, vice president; Carol Nickelsen, secretary; and Larry McCormack, treasurer. Sixty-six juniors and seniors, elected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, were inducted into the group in March. In order to promote scholarship among underclassmen, the Society also awarded certificates to the top three per cent of the freshman class and honor pins to the top four per cent of the sophomore class at the Induction. Social events of the year, directed by Ann Ramseur, included a Halloween Masquerade Party at the home ROW 1— Carole Marlowe, Rosemary Baranek, Linda von Klinger, Eleanor Bade, Nancy Walker, Nancy Ohler, Marilee Abel. Carol Nickelsen ROW 2— Carolyn Hoerig, Ann Ramseur, Barbara Kakela, Ruth Dinkins, Miss Jean Gilbert, Carol Born, Esther Fleming, Mary Jo Aufderheide ROW 3— Walter T. Brown, Bob Price, Don Robb, Fred Starner, Jacqueline Guhl, Jean Kerns, Dave Gillmore, tarry McCormack ROW 1— Neva Clark, LaVern Poucher, Shirley Hepner, Brenda Boughton, Darrilyn Schluter, Grace Borton, Laurel Schroder, Melva Bening, Judy Porter, Norma Sherman ROW 2— Ann Cameron, Ann Taylor, Carol Van Karsen, Carol Mead, Pati Penn, Miss Jean Gilbert, Russell Dejaiffe, Harold Wagner, John Wommer, Warren Huff ROW 3 — John Vorbau, Tom Smith, Jim Rogers, Darst Grund, Rita Thompson, N ancy Czolgosz, Judy Fahringer, Mary Samsey, Nancy Pommeranz ■I 86 national honor of Carole Marlowe, a spring roast to which the Maumee National Honor was invited, a faculty tea in Novem- ber arranged by Nancy Walker and Jackie Guhl, and an Induction Party planned by Eleanor Bade, Dave Gill more, Carolyn Hoerig, and Fred Starner. Bob Price, activities chairman, supervised the arrangements for two auditorium programs which presented Robert Wagner, movie star, and Clark Olsen, exchange student to Russia now studying at Oberlin. The proceeds from these programs furnished the money for scholarships awarded by the society. Carol Born, scholarship chairman, sent a letter inquiring about available scholar- ships to every Ohio college and a number of out-of-state colleges. The Libbey Chapter was also instrumental in developing the new Area National Honor Society. ROW 1 -Mary Spaulding, Charlotte Brazier, Pat Mooneyham, Mary Sue Long, Sharon Shipman, Sandra Luhring, Tarn Town send, Deanna Jennings, Mary Jo Bacon, Karen Clark ROW 2— Nancy Miller, Shirlee Falk, Margie Kravetsky, Mary Ann Kramer, Mary Kesling, Miss Jean Gilbert, Joyce Potter, Ginny Meinardi, Janet Fifer, Judy Hawley, LaDonna Shanetau ROW 3 — Barton Welsh, Jack Wahl, Stan Kanarowski, William Dimke, Al Jamison, Don Fogelsanger, Lyn Oberdier, James Earl, Richard Dennis, Dave Deppen Honor Group: ROW 1 — Donna Posadny, Jennie Johnson, Mary Nietz, Judith Funk, Ellen Smith, Christina Colyer, Linda Gearhart, Joanne Henry, Git to Hahne, Mary Kreps ROW 2— Lu Ann O ' Brien, Judy Eisenmann, Carol Probert, Judy Knapp, Ruth Dreyer, Kay Ro bison. Sue Gartz, Barbara Long, Barbara Myers, Carol Hulbert ROW 3— Linda Graybill, Jerry Booher, J.Alan Aufderheide, Judy Jackson, Sharon Jones, Joyce Osterud, Lillian Earl, Barbara Born, Marilyn Moyer, JoAnn Clinger ROW 4 — Ted Duty, Richard Heaton, Ronald Reinhart, Bob Fax, Jim Lere, Stan Burden, Dick Heinz, Ernie Hart man, Bill Dedanar, David Jenssen £ § : f Oi ' • mi f [k if 87 :deli lan Producing a 1955 Edelian which would truly reflect Libbey 1955 was the chief concern of Edelian editors and advisers this year. There were various crises, but all were forgotten as successive deadlines were met. In the flurry of planning layouts, taking pictures, selling advertisements, securing patrons, writing copy, checking galleys, and selling Edelians, the staff was steadied by advisers, Principal Loy W. Rusie, Business Director, Mr. Charles Martin, and Mrs. Jane Roberts. Staff members also profited from attending the Ohio University Jour- nalism Workshop in Athens and the annual meeting of the Journalism Association of Ohio Schools in Columbus. Editors for the year were Esther Fleming and Fred Starner, co-editors; pictorial editor, Dave Gillmore; advertising editor, Warren Huff; copy editors, Grace Borton and Nancy Ohler; layout editors, Barbara Kakela and Carol Nickelsen; faculty editors, Jeriann Armbrust, Sharon Franklin, and Tcm Townsend; senior editors, Lysbet Hoff- man, Frances Mucci, and Brent Lewis; class editors, Nancy Walker and Joanne Westrup; club editors, Sherry Bellair and Carolyn Hoerig; and athletic editors, Eugene Hoodlet, Tom Leppert, and Lyn Oberdier. Nancy Miller and Shirley Wilson were circulation managers. ROW 1— Fran Mucci, Betsy Hoffman, Nancy Ohler, Jeriann Armbrust, Nancy Miller, Mrs. Roberts, Tarn Townsend, Sharon Franklin, Carol Nick- elsen, Carolyn Hoerig ROW 2— Norma Raitz, Nancy Walker, Joanne Westrup, Grace Borton, Esther Fleming, Mr. Rusie, Barbara Kakela, Pat Fels, Sally Kuebbeler, Sherry Bellair ROW 3— Eugene Hoodlet, Ron Onnenga, Dave Gillmore, Brent Lewis, Tom Leppert, Fred Starner, Mr. Martin, Tom Szymanski, Art Funka, War- ren Huff 88 crystal The staff and advisers of the Crystal have performed their usual vital service for Libbey in recording and in- terpreting all aspects of school life. This fall the group decided to streamline the paper. The success of this modernization was proved by the first place ratings which the paper received from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. Journalism conventions attended by staff mem- bers included the Ohio University Journalism Workshop in Athens, the Columbia Scholastic Press Conference in New York, the annual meeting of the Journalism Association of Ohio Schools in Columbus, and the North- western Ohio District Journalism Association Conference in Bowling Green. On the staff were Carol Born and Don Robb, co-editors; Mary Jo Aufderheide, Mary Sue Long, and Pat Mooneyham, news staff; Pati Penn and Carol Van Karsen, feature staff; Hal Wagner, Bob Price, and Carol Mueller, sports staff; Linda von Klinger, typing editor; and Stanley Kanarowski, business manager. Miss Florence Gerdes and Mrs. Jo Ann Pierce served as co-advisers. Advisers and staff are to be congratulated on their topflight publication. ROW 1— Pati Penn, Carol Van Karsen, Pat Mooneyham, Mary Jo Aufderheide, Mary Sue Long, Linda von Klinger, Carol Mueller ROW 2— Bob Price, Don Robb, Mrs. Pierce, Carol Born, Miss Gerdes, Stanley Kanarowski, Harold Wagner 89 student council The main objective of the Student Council is service to Libbey through the promotion of good citizenship. Among the projects which the council supervised this year were the Community Chest Drive, the Area Sportsmanship Contest, the Magazine Drive, the Thanksgiving Day Queen Campaign and Election, and the Freshman Stu- dent Council Elections. Council members also headed the Morning Hall Patrol and helped with the Eighth- Grade Visitation. But it was not " all work and no play " for our active Student Council. Council opened the Libbey social season by sponsoring a football dance following the Libbey-Central Game, and the success of the Area Student Council Dance was due in large part to the efforts cf Libbey ' s Tom Smith who was chairman of the Queen Contest held in conjunction with the dance. Other affairs enjoyed by Council were its annual spring roast and a Magazine Drive Banquet. Capably leading the group were Dave Gillmore, president; Bob Fearnside, vice president; Tom Smith, secretary-treasurer; Al Jamison, sergeant-at-arms; Jean Kerns, clerk of courts; and Miss Grace Henderson, adviser. ROW 1— Tom Smith, Dave Gillmore, Bob Fearnside, Miss Henderson, Al Jamison, Jean Kerns ROW 2 — Pete Kakela, Judy Niehous, Chuck Chrisman, Shirley Folk, Marilyn Moyer, Judy Eisenmann, Esther Fleming 90 the periclean literary society The Periclean Literary Society again was justified in having as its motto, " Second to None " ; for the Peries sparked many activities around Libbey this year. In November, they displayed their talents by presenting a pep rally for the DeVilbiss-Libbey Thanksgiving Day Game. Preceding the Tri-Lit Dance at the South Side Y, they enjoyed a Senior Banquet at the Hillcrest Hotel. To earn money, they sold shakers, baked goods, and candy. They also collected the traditional Christmas toys for underprivileged children and contributed to the Red Cross. Their initiation tea was given at the home of their adviser, Mrs. Harriett Pheatt, with Miss Aileen Eberth as guest. Officers for the year were Jean Kerns, president; Esther Fleming, vice president; Nancy Ohler, recording secretary; Jeriann Armbrust, treasurer; Barbara Bodi, corresponding secretary; Ann Cameron, cen- sor; and Mary Sue Long, chaplain. ROW 1— Karen Clark, Laurel Schroder, Mrs. Pheatt, Barbara Miller, Judy Starrier ROW 2— Norma Raitz, Marilyn Moyer, Sarah Smith, Carol Van Karsen, Sally Bender, Linda von Klinger ROW 3— Rosalind Cedoz, Shirlee May Falk, Carol Fitzgerald, Judy Jenks, Sharon Jones, Carol Mead, Sandra Ulery ROW 1— Judy Schnell, Barbara Bruggeman, Mrs. Pheatt, Janet Courtad, Ann Luscombe ROW 2— Carol Boldt, Barbara Bogart, Marilyn Leibius, Nancy Ohler, Barbara Bodi, Teresa Killian ROW 3— Jeriann Armbrust, Mary Sue Long, Sue Baumgartner, Jean Kerns, Esther Fleming, Ann Cameron, Nancy Pommeranz ■ ftjft , 4 91 philalethean literary society In 1955 the Philalethean Literary Society once more observed its purpose of promoting scholarship, leadership and fellowship. The many social events which the Phils organized during the year included the Waite Pep Rally, a Christmas party, a basketball dance in January following the DeVilbiss-Libbey Game, a Mother and Daughter Tea in March, the " Krazy Kapers, " a dance on April Fool ' s Day, and the annual banquet in May. Monthly literary meetings, in which all Phils participated, centered about various topics. In November, the interest was " Famous Women " ; in December, " Christmas in Other Lands " ; in March, " Authors and Poets " ; in April, " Famous Men " ; and in May, " Famous Mothers. " Helpfully guiding the group were Miss Mary Kirk, adviser; Mary Jo Aufderheide, president; Darrilyn Schluter, vice president; Robertine Bolander, recording secretary; Sherry Bel- lair, corresponding secretary; Barbara Kakela, treasurer; Marilee Abel, chaplain; Margie Kravetsky, senior censor; Judy Niehous, junior censor; and Lysbet Hoffman, sergeant-at-arms. ROW 1 —Marilee Abel, Darrilyn Schluter, Lysbet Hoffman, Margie Kravetsky, Barbara Kakela, Sherry Be Hair, Judy Niehous, Eleanor Wallbank, Marilyn Hamlin ROW 2 — Judy Roush, Jo Ann CMnger, Barbara Howland, Mary Jo Aufderheide, Miss Kirk, Bobbie Bolander, Janet Fifer, Sandy Greeley, Barbara Kravetsky ROW 3— Bonnie Osborne, Brenda Boughton, Ann Slater, Zinneb Kilell, Jacquie Guhl, Marilyn Miller, Jackie Endsley, Judy Tripp, Sharon Schroeder ROW 1— Karen Walker, Jo Anne Loyer, Charlotte Bowes, Dena Lasko, Deanna Jennings, Linda Green, Sharon Franklin, Norma Sherman, Dar- lene Davidter ROW 2— Carol Nickelsen, Linda Graybill, Judy Dunbar, Judy Harris, Miss Kirk, Elaine Carter, Alice Cremean, Marilyn Matzinger, Judy Johnson ROW 3 — Clare Bowes, Valerie Loos, Margie Matecki, Ruth Wassmund, Barbara Vogelpohl, Mary Eberlin, Nancy Walker, Shirley Openshaw, Pat Mooneyham 92 zetalethean literary society The enthusiastic Zets began their program for the year with a pep rally for the first Central Game. Their social calendar included a Mother and Daughter Tea in April and a colorful banquet in May before the second annual Tri-lit Dance. Literary meetings which developed the theme, " Around the World with the Zets, " successfully fulfilled the motto of the Zetalethean Society, " Nihil sine labore. " Presiding were officers: Ruth Dinkins, president; Virginia Meinardi, vice president; Judy Hawley, treasurer; Tarn Townsend, recording secretary; Carol Born, corresponding secretary; Grace Borton, chaplain; Carole Marlowe, sergeant-at-arms; Pati Penn, censor; and Car- ol Cochran, historian. Miss Grace DeLisle, Mrs. Eleanore Dzialok, and Miss Aileen Eberth advised the group. ROW 1— LaDonna Shanteou, Jodey Smith, Eleanor Bade, Merle Gunn, Ann Taylor, Elaine Leon, Judy Porter ROW 2— Carol Cochran, Judy Jackson, Eileen Tabor, Miss DeLisle, Miss Eberth, Louise Krueger, Dorothy Buck ROW 3— Judy Hawley, Ginny Meinardi, Grace Borton, Carol Born, Ruth Dinkins, Pati Penn. Carole Marlowe, Tarn Townsend ROW 1— Carol Meyers, Kathy Reece, Barbara Sprunk, Elaine Ramseur, Carolyn Hoerig, Judy Johnson ROW 2— Barbara Long, Carol Myers, Janet Kollmeier, Mrs. Dzialok, Shirley Williams, Jeanne McNamee, Sally Taylor ROW 3— Shirley Hepner, Ann Ramseur, Judy Fahringer, Linda Crowl, Mary Kesling, Mary Ann Kramer, Judy Van Koughnet, Rosemary Baranek 93 foru m The annual spring roast held in conjunction with the Q.D. ' s concluded another productive year for the Forum Literary Society. In observance of its purpose— to benefit Libbey by promoting citizenship, leadership, and service— the Forum gave gift baskets of food to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas time and also awarded a seventy-five dollar scholarship. Reviving an old tradition, underclassmen proudly wore white Forum sweaters with the blue Forum emblem. A dance held on January 8, at the South Side Y.M.C.A. was the out- standing social occasion of the year. Terry Mallett, Jerry Mix, Dennis Walterreit, and Harold Hecklinger arranged this gala affair. Responsibility for the success of the Forum program was shared by: Mr. William Wirick, adviser; Al Jamison, president; Larry McCormack, vice president; Fred Starner, secretary; Terry Mallett, treasurer; and Robert Houck, sergeant-at-arms. ROW 1— Tom Williams, Gary Mallett, Gerald Zedlitz, Ed Thompson, Rodger Skilliter, Dea Wiseley, Dennis Griffith ROW 2— Jim Bettridge, Dennis Walterreit, Bob Fox, Jon Patron, Mr. Wirick, Harold Hecklinger, Tom Johns, David Wobser, Allan Fanaflf ROW 3— Terry MacDonald, Bill Hoffman, Stan Burden, Ronald Reinhart, Wilmer Frank, Jerry Mix, Dick Heinz, Bill Stine, Hubert Clifford ROW 1— Dave Wetcher, Jerry Hansen, Walter T. Brown, Gary Good, Estil Hurst, Allan Wolf, Terry Shuman ROW 2— Barton Welsh, Larry McCormack, Al Jamison, Mr. Wirick, Bob Houck, Fred Starner, Terry Mallett ROW 3— Bob Price, Ron Ward, Herb Westfall, Don Ward, Don Fogelsanger, Bob Wynn, Ron Hadley 94 quill and dagger The Quill and Dagger Literary Society again proved to be one of the more active clubs around Libbey. High- light of the group ' s busy social season was the annual Q.D. Shindig, which was held in the new South Toledo Y.M.C.A. and featured a Halloween motif. December found the Q.D. ' s enjoying a rather chilly hayride to Side Cut Park. The Forum merged with the orange-cnd-black sweatered Q.D. crew at a May beach party at Warren Huff ' s cottage on Lake Erie. A banquet honoring the senior members was also on the May agenda, as was the annual roast at Farnsworth Park. In the way of service projects, the club presented a Christmas basket to a needy Toledo family and sponsored a tag sale for the Central football game. The society also participated in the football queen election by nominating and campaigning for the eventual winner, Jeriann Armbrust. Arranging Q.D. activities were Mr. George Miley, adviser; Dave Gillmore, president; Wayne Oestreich, vice president; Ron Onnenga, secretary; Tom Szymanski, treasurer; Jack Frayer, sergeant-at-arms; and Art Funka, chaplain. ROW 1- Terry Keller, Mike Thompson, George Litten, Bob Sopher, Jim Sower, Bob Hockett, John Kulczak, David Smith, Tom Tucker, John Fyock, Sill Morris, Chuck Chrisman ROW 2— Hal Wagner, Dick Waterman, Ray Stevens, John Shugar, Jim Telb, Jim Davis, Rodney Clevenger, Bill Kistner, Dave Tompkins, Bob Batchman, Wayne Schutt ROW 3— Jim Keil, Barry Bunting, Earl Schmakel, Jim Rogers, John Nyquist, Tom Case, Mike McGee, Bob Fearnside, Don Bottles, Tom Smith, Darst Grund, Don Smith ROW 1— Dave Kaminski, Jack Wahl, Stan Kanarowski, Jim Tucker, Chuck Fisk, Dick Baker, Tony Bachman, Ronald Carnes, Ken Eaton ROW 2— Alvin Eyre, Wayne Schutt, Bob Hockett, Russell Dejaiffe, George Rodriguez, Al Keller, Jim Morris, Tom Leppert, Henry Williams, Fred Collins. ROW 3— Dave Deppen, John Vorbau, Art Funka, Tom Szymanski, Jack Frayer, Wayne Oestreich, Dave Gillmore, Ron Onnenga, Skip Johnson, Warren HufF f p fs n 9 WYIW x L 95 senior y-teens The purpose of the Senior Y-Teens of Libbey is to promote service to the school in keeping with the principles of the Y. W. C. A. An important activity of the Senior Y-Teens in line with this objective was the sponsoring of the Lenten Services in collaboration with the Senior Hi-Y. On the social agenda of the Senior Y-Teens were a football banquet with the Athletic Association in October and a dinner at First English Lutheran Church in November. The sale of mums for the Thanksgiving Day Game and a candy sale were the money-making projects for the year. Aiding the Senior Y-Teens in carrying out their full program were Miss Ruth Allen, adviser; Jacquie Guhl, president; Nancy Walker, vice president; Carolyn Hoe rig, secretary; Barbara Sprunk, treasurer; La Donna Shanteau, devotional chairman; and Mary Ann Kramer, service chairman. ROW 1 —Carolyn Hoerig, Lois Burkett, Mary Sue Long, Melva Bening, Judy Hawley, Gail Poganitsch, Linda Salzwedel, Dena Lasko, Sharon Franklin, Deanna Jennings. ROW 2— Mary Osborn, Majul Skinner, Marilee Abel, Joanne Westrup, Miss Allen, Nancy Walker, Margie Mehlman, Ann Taylor, Nancy Pommeranz ROW 3— Jacqueline Dorr, Judy Summers, Darlene Pacholski, Sharon Evearitt, Sherry Bel lair, Frances Mucci, Barbara Bogle, Janet Fifer, Ber- nadine Hunt, Lois Brown ROW 4— Janet Kollmeier, Barb Bodi, Janice Cully, Barb Vogelpohl, Nancy Probasco, Jean Kisseberth, Joyce Potter, Carol Born, Barbara Kakela, Mary Ann Kramer, Sandra Keller ROW 1— Barbara Parker, Betty Shepler, Darrilyn Schluter, Tarn Townsend, Carol Nickelsen, Barbara Sprunk, Margarete Webb, Demetra Shef- field, Loretta Lewis ROW 2— Janet Shepler, Ann Cameron, Esther Fleming, Ginny Meinardi, Eleanor Bade, Miss Allen, Clare Bowes, Pat Mooneyham, Carole Marlowe, LaDonna Shanteau ROW 3 — Nancy Foster, Janice Bowman, Betty Johnson, Linda von Klinger, Mary Jo Aufderheide, LaVerne Swihart, Mary Lu Samsey, Irene Fink, Jayne Sanzenbacher, Virginia Althoff, Lysbet Hoffman ROW 4— Sandra Stemmermann, Judy Fahringer, Carol Mueller, Mary Kesling, Jacquie Guhl, Nancy Richardson, Margie Kravetsky, Donna Hanna, Joan Rogers, Ann Ramseur, Violet Relyea 96 junior y-teens " To grow as a person; to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities; and to grow in the knowledge and love of God " is the purpose of the Junior Y-Teens. Activities which furthered this purpose were a splash party at the Central Y. W. C. A. in October, the Annual Y-Teens Banquet in November, " Snow- flake Fantasy, " a dance at the South Side Y in December, and the presentation of a Christmas basket to a needy Toledo family. Directing the active group were Mrs. Jo Ann Pierce, adviser; Judy Niehous, president; Judy Boone, vice president; Doris Altenbaugh, secretary; Sue Baumgartner, treasurer; Linda Green, chaplain; Shir lee Fa Ik and Norma Raitz, representatives; and Judy Van Koughnet, reporter. ROW 1 - Marilyn Hamlin, Dorothy Katschke, Chloe Ann Kramp, Karen Clark, Gwenn Eichelberger, Darlene Bickelhaupt, Charlotte Bowes, Kathy Reece, Judy Cox, Joan Crist, Pat Meier ROW 2 — Marilyn Knott, Laurel Schroder, Janell Meade r, Alice Cremean, Mrs. Pierce, Sally Bender, Dixie Beech ing, Vyvyan Hurst, Suzie Klein, Gretchen Leupp ROW 3— Janice Gee, Brenda Bo ugh ton. Sue Collins, Jo Ann Noffke, Marilyn Matzinger, Carol Mead, Darlene Sites, Carol Fitzgerald, Teresa Killian, Carol Van Karsen, Carol Boldt ROW 4— Judy Johnson, Martha E bright. Donna Wagner, Carole Shipman, Jackie Endsley, Nancy Ellinger, Nancy Czolgosz, Ruth Wassmund, Mary Eberlin, Judy Hess ROW 1 — Mary Lynn Spaulding, Sharon Shipman, Norma Raitz, Judy Niehous, Shirlee Falk, Judy Van Koughnet, Sue Baumgartner, Linda Green, Judy Boone, Doris Altenbaugh ROW 2— Dorothy Wittes, Carol Myers, Barb Bogart, Jean McNamee, Ann Slater, Mrs Pierce, Zoe Dell Johnson, Janet Courtad, Carolyn Szul, Gloria Van Dame, Marilyn GraybMI ROW 3— La Verne Poucher, Gloria Stoll, Pat Betts, Joan Kennedy, Sandra Neil I, Myra Layne, Beverly Falkenberg, Bonnie Meyer, Sue de Mars, Mary Manz, Sandra Ulery ROW 4— Sandra Luhnng, Judy Reichler, Betty Reed, Margaret Hudson, Rhua Liska, Pati Penn, Mary Ellen Watts, Jan Pfeifer, Shirley Williams, Judy Dunbar f S r n ■ (5 n r 97 sophomore y-teens Uniting sophomore girls for social and service reasons is the aim of the Libbey Sophomore Y-Teens. To ac- complish this goal a very comprehensive program was undertaken this year. Y-Teens collected money for the City of Hope, made toys for an orphanage, played an active part in the Central Y ' s Centennial Celebration, participated in the City Y Dance on February 12, and helped with the Fortune Telling Booth at the City Y Carnival. Among the inviting social events on the club ' s schedule were the Installation Banquet at First English Lutheran Church in November, a splash party at the Central Y. W. C. A. in October, a Christmas Party in De- cember, and the cutting of the Centennial Cake in January. In charge of the lively Sophomore Y-Teens were Miss Shirley Haney and Miss Mary Ann Louy, advisers; Judy Roush, president; Marilyn Moyer, vice president; Joyce Ervin, secretary; Elaine Leon, treasurer; Elaine Ramseur, worship; Judy Harris, sergeant-at-arms; Sarah Smith, publicity chairman; Judy Johnson and Elaine Carter, Hi-Y-Teens representatives; and Judy Roush and Marilyn Moyer, inter-club council representatives. ROW 1— Theresia Taylor, Lynn Gerhauser, Barbara Long, Shirley Openshaw, Lorene LaBeau, Bonnie Osborne, Rosalind Cedoz, Sharon Schroeder, Beverly Flint, Bertha Brown ROW 2— Emily Sanderson, Susie Below, Bonnie Thacker, Charlesena Harrison, Dorothy Price, Miss Haney, Sally Taylor, Judy Schnell, Barbara Bruggeman, Sandra Greeley, Judy Roush ROW 3— Lillian Earl, Sharon Jones, Janice Roesler, Vicki Jaques, Virginia Teal, Sharon Slicker, Sandra Enright, Marilyn Miller, Valerie Loos, Mary Alice Butler, Elaine Carter, Linda Greenwalt ROW 4— Joyce Ervin, Rhoda Jackson, Willena Miller, Judy Korb, Marilyn Leibius, Marilu Eubank, Doris Kirian, Joyce Rehm, Audrey Sturdivant, Voncile McCorvey, Ermajean Adams, Marva Cooper ROW 1— Nancy Smith, Borbara Kravetsky, Eleanor Wallbank, Ann Luscombe, Elaine Romseur, Sandra Lasko, Carol Meyers, Joyce Prentice, Judy Johnson, Karen Walker ROW 2— Gerry O ' Neill, Elaine Leon, Pat Sanderson, Jean Dickerson, Layne Curtis, Barbara Stults, Miss Haney, Joan Garner, Mary Lou Toppins, Elaine Draheim, Sharon Reed, Janice Garner ROW 3— Judy Harris, Sue Krohn, Jodey Smith, Judy Tripp, Dorothy Kirby, Judie Ecker, Barbara Shuman, JoAnn dinger, Marilyn Moyer, Margie Matecki, Shirley Voyles ROW 4— JoAnn Schmakel, Barbara Hosking, Sarah Smith, Rosemary Jones, Linda Blanden, Kathy Holmes, Barbara Heller, Liz Kohring, JoAnn Palenske, Shirley Dunning, Mary Ammons, Doris Haynes 98 freshman y-teens The Freshmen Y-Teens organized in the second semester with Miss Mary Ann Louy as adviser. Their first official act was the election of the following officers: Mary Gillmore, president; Margie Yutzy, vice president; Donna Posadny, secretary; Julie Wetcher, treasurer; Judy Knapp, chaplain; Bonnie Bartlett, sergeant-at-arms; Mary Loos, publicity chairman; and Joan Johnson and Kay Robinson, club representatives. Among their accomplish- ments, members of the fledgling group listed a cooky sale in April, a spring splash party, and the serving of refreshments to Libbey teachers before the faculty meeting on May 2. ROW 1 — Ruth Watkine, Jane Schwan, Rosemary Parker, Sharon Heising, Vonnie Gurgin, Margaret Loyer, Barbara Bedra, Sandra Senkel, Gerry Pacholski, Mirian Williams, Chris Sanzert, Carolyn Blum, Joan Johnson ROW 2— Mary Gillmore, Karen Hanna, Carol Hessman, Marilyn Lowry, Bonnie Lamb, Judy Wintersteen, Joyce Thompson, Bonnie Bartlett, San- dra Jimison, June Drudzinskr, Sharon Wenger ROW 3— Jane Schlicher, Judy Shovar, Mary Loos, Donna Cash, Carol Probert, Janice Toney, Georlene Adkins, Mary Hoffman, Judy Day, Lenett Poitras, Sandra Graham, Barbara Myers, Carol McMorgan ROW 4— Judy Minnick, Barbara Peterson, Marie Hoile, Sue Peters, Sandra Gibson, Rosanne Harrison, Sharon Turner, Rossalie O ' Rourke, Bonnie Morse, Judy Gallagher, Sue Laycscke, Beverly Linden, Sharon Manz ROW 1— Judy Bittikofer, Gloria Warejko, Barbara Tesluk, Beverly Stevenson, Gitta Hahne, Evelyn Stukey, Mary Lou Kreps, Sue Vogelpohl, Donna Posadny, Sharon Miley, Mary Houser, Julie Wetcher ROW 2— Sharon Whitmill, Linda Gearhart, Nancy Missler, Lu Ann O ' Brien, Ruth Thompson, Joan Weigel, Sue Dashner, Judi Swartz, Cynthia Harris, Janice Green, Evelyn Henton ROW 3— Nancy Kornath, Sue Schmidt, Judy Knapp, Natalie Hill, Rosile Peters, Barbara Counts, Margie Yutzy, Linda Unger, Judy Eisenmann, Roberta Monecke, Sue Booher, Terrie Fitzgerald, Mary Ann Crofoot ROW 4— Jean Norton, Karen Lemke, Erma Culliver, Carol Bay, JaeAnn Lucy, Jess Keller, Edith Palmer, Marilyn Senff, Susan Van Tassel, Martha Vance, Kay Robinson, Maryann Nietz, Joan Wadsworth } Titer r f ( . y nswmsQ 99 senior, junior, and sophomore hi-y The Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Hi-Y Clubs combined for many programs and activities this year. Guiding the three clubs was their joint purpose of creating, maintaining, and extending throughout the home, school, and community the high standards of Christian character. Social events sponsored by the groups were the " Snow Ball, " a dance held December 29 at the South Side Y. M. C. A., monthly swims at the Central Y. M. C. A., and weekly basketball games. Speakers for the year were Al Wilson, Matt Kloeb, Bill Kuntz, and Bernard von Nickoi. The program of the Junior Hi-Y further included inducting the Anthony Wayne Hi-Y Club, helping with B.I.E. day at Libbey, and distributing materials for the Community Chest. Representing the seniors were Art Funka, president; Fred Starner, vice president; John Zimmerman, secretary; Ken Eaton, treasurer; Eddie Klinglesmith, chaplain; Tony Bachman, sergeant-at-arms; and Mr. Needles, adviser. Junior leaders were Terry MacDonald, president; Tom A. Smith, vice president; Barton Welsh, secretary; Allan Wolf, treasurer; Phil Walbolt, chaplain; Wayne Schutt, sergeant-at-arms; and Mr. Kiefer, adviser. ROW 1— Dave Wetcher, Warren Huff, Art Funka, Tony Bachman, Brent Lewis, Mr. Needles, Ron Onnenga, Stan Kanarowski, Jack Wahl, Ken Eaton, Eddie Klingelsmith ROW 2 — Larry McCormack, Ron Hadley, Dave Gtllmore, George Rodriquez, Tom Szymanski, Wayne Oestreich, Dick Eubank, John Zimmerman, Jim Tucker, Terry Mallett ROW 3— Bob Wynn, Fred Starner, Charles Prestin, Don Fogelsanger, Al Keller, Don Ward, Bob Houck, Jack Frayer, Ron Ward, Jim Morris ROW 1— Terry Keller, Bill Kistner, Ed Thompson, Lawrence Roberts, Harold Hecklinger, Dennis Walterreit, David Wobser, Rodney Clevenger, Allan Fanaff, Bill Morris ROW 2— Terry Shuman, Jerry Hansen, Allen Wolf, Wayne Schutt, Mr. Kiefer, Stan Burden, Phil Walbolt, Terry MacDonald, Barton Welsh, Dea Wiseley ROW 3— Fred Collins, Jim Telb, Hal Wagner, Tom Case, Dick Heinz, Bill Hoffman, Bob Fox, Gary Good, Henry Williams, Bob Hockett 100 i. n. a. — f. t. a. The objective of the Libbey Chapter of the Future Nurses of America is to acquaint interested girls with nursing as a career. In accordance with this purpose, the group visited the Toledo Health Department and several Toledo hospitals. To finance the scholarships which it gives annually to worthy girls who choose the nursing profes- sion, the F. N. A. sold apples and Christmas cards. A tea in May concluded the year ' s work. Miss Mary Kelso and Mrs. Beatrice Baird advised the organization and its officers: Jean Heiden, president; Sharon Evearitt, vice president; Barbara Bogart, secretary; Mary Ellen Watts, treasurer; and Carolyn Christen and Nancy Stahl, reporters. " To encourage young people to become teachers " is the motto of the Future Teachers of America. A full agenda included a membership drive early in the year followed by induction of new members, a tea for the teachers in April, attendance at the city-wide F. T. A. meeting, ushering for B. I. E. Day, and selling Libbey bookcovers to earn money for the F. T. A. scholarship. For diversion the group scheduled a Christmas party in the teachers ' cafeteria and a banquet and induction of new officers in May. Activities were capably directed by Miss Irene Foster and Mrs. Louise Meffley, advisers; Mary Ann Kramer, president; Karen Clark, vice president; Carol Mead, secretary; Elaine Leon, treasurer; Judy Niehous, chaplain; Mary Manz, historian; Carol Myers, song leader; and Pat Sullivan, librarian. ROW 1 Mary Ann Keim, Nancy Stcthl, Erdine Laman, Jane Heiden, Marietta Young, Carolyn Chrisman, Jeraldine Carmony, Judy Johnson, Carolyn Snyder ROW 2 — Natalie Hill, Melva Meyer, Mary Ann Nietz, Mrs. Baird, Margie Matecki, Miss Kelso, Layne Curtis, Beverly Schmidt, Barbara Lee, Pat Sanderson ROW 3 — Daisy Crosby, Lois Brown, Joyce McGhee, Betty Watson, Maureen O ' Rourke, Jettie Brown, Diane Ramsey, Kathryn Warren, Charlotte Brazier, Harriet Ramsey ROW 4— Laurel Schroder, Ruth Dreyer, Judy Fahringer, Judy Jackson, Jean Snell, Judy Korb, Margaret Hudson, Mary Ellen Watts, Carolyn Christen, Jean Heiden, Sharon Evearitt ROW 1 — Pat Sullivan, Eleanor Wallbank, Gloria Van Dame, Mary Manz, Carol Mead, Mrs. Meffley, Mary Ann Kramer, Miss Foster, Judy Niehous, Carol Myers, Karen Clark, Carol Meyers, Joan Crist ROW 2 — Judy Roush, Jean McNamee, Carolyn Szul, Sue Collins, Corolefay Crosby, Barbara Campbell, Mr. Rusie, Dorothy Buck, Lorene La- Beau, Shirley Voyles, Sally Taylor, Janice Gee, Gwenn Eichelberger ROW 3 — Tom Williams, JoAnn Schmakel, Skip Johnson, Sandra Luhring, Donna Wagner, Jacquie Guhl, Barry Bunting, Estil Hurst, Carol Wert, Ginny Meinardi, Dena Lasko, Janet Kollmeier, Sandra KeMer n o " c illlillH 101 debate club — junior red cross This year the Debate Club became a worthy addition to the roll of organizations at Libbey. Having a common interest in debate and prompted by an opportunity to form, the ten members asked Mr. R. C. Baker to be their adviser and selected the following officers: Karen Clark and Fred Starner, co-chairmen; Pati Penn, secre- tary; Don Fogelsanger, treasurer; and Don Robb, program chairman. Regular sessions were held every Tuesday before school, and an impromptu debate was scheduled once a month. Topics debated were such current world, national, and local problems as " Recognition of Red China by the U.N., " " The Eighteen-Year-Old Vote, " " The Bricker Amendment, " " Going Steady, " and a " New Baseball Stadium for Toledo. " 1955 was a busy year for members of the Libbey Junior Red Cross. The purpose of the organization— to help humanity locally, nationally, and internationally— was fully realized with the aid of capable adviser, Miss Virginia C. May, and officers: Walter T. Brown, president; Robert Price, vice president; and Nancy Czolgosz, secretary-treasurer. Members sent a hundred gift boxes to needy children overseas and hundreds of holiday tray favors to local institutions on Christmas, Valentine ' s Day, St. Patrick ' s Day, and Easter. They also collected hundreds of pieces of beautiful costume jewelry for Toledo State Hospital patients, decorated the Mess Hall for the Coast Guard at Christmas, and served as ushers and color bearers at the annual adult membership meeting at the Peristyle. Some of the many services performed by the Red Cross were shown on television February 28, when the extra-curricular activities of the Toledo high schools were portrayed. ROW t— Karen Clark, Pati Penn, Marilyn Matzinger, Margie Mehlman, Eleanor Wallbank, Nancy Czolgosz, Janis Kieis ROW 2 — Mr. Baker, Fred Starner, Don Fogelsanger, Stan Kanarowski, Don Robb, Jerry Booher, Ben Long, Walter T. Brown, Michael McClure, Carol Wert ROW 1 — Rita Hill, Jane Schlicher, Mary Halley, Vicki Prosser, Frances Mucci, Miss May, Gwenn Eichelberger, Delores Pattin, Frederick Haas, Christina Colyer, Dick Fulton ROW 2 — Jerry Koepfler, Jed Duty, Nancy Czolgosz, LaFayette Williams, Bob Price, Walter T. Brown, Rosanne Harrison, Carol Bay, Jane Putnam, Liz Kohring, Diane Leal, Linda Graybill I f f ft fe ' r- " iC%K ' .. 102 united nations — libbey leaders The Libbey United Nations Club has as its purpose acquainting students of Libbey with the work of the United Nations and developing interest in world affairs. This year the group participated in the annual Mock Gen- eral Assembly at the University of Toledo and worked in co-ordination with representatives from other area schools in attending meetings of the Toledo Council on World Affairs. Capably supervising activities were Miss Grace Irwin and Mr. R. C. Baker, advisers; Don Robb, president; Stanley Kanarowski, secretary; Constance Chambers, treasurer; and Roger Kronmann, chaplain. Members of the Libbey Leaders Club are afforded an opportunity to develop skills in leadership and additional skills in games and sports not possible in regular physical education classes. Every Monday afternoon the Lib- bey Leaders gather in the gym to play volley ball and basketball and to learn to assist, referee, and manage the regular classes during the school day. On their calendar this term were a play-day at Woodward High School in January and a district play-day at Bowling Green. Club activities were planned by committees which were appointed throughout the year under the direction of Miss Jane Myers, faculty adviser. ROW 1 — Jan Kleis, Gitta Hahne, Constance Chambers, Majul Skinner, Terry Bossert, Charlene Scheil, Sandra Hartley ROW 2— Margie Mehiman, Frances Mucci, Stan Kanarowski, Miss Grace Irwin, Don Robb, Rosemary Woltert, Joyce Rehm ROW 3 — Nancy Walker, Roger Kronmann, Manira Saide, Geidrum Lucks, Michael Coroner, Nick Ruggiero, Nancy Czolgosz, Duane Langenderfer ROW 1 — Judy Johnson, Lillian Earl, Emily Sanderson, Barbara Campbell, Miss Jane Myers, Mary Manz, Delia Carmony, Sharon Shipman, Jacqueline Darr ROW 2— Linda Greenwalt, Darlene Sites, Carole Shipman, Ruth Wassmund, Mary Kesling, Ermajean Adams, Barbara Shuman, Nancy Ellinger, Judy Jackson, Sue Collins O ' $. $ 103 classical honor — junior classical league The Classical Honor Society, which is advised by Mrs. Pauline Burton, bestows honor on those students who have done outstanding work in the study of Latin. Members of this honorary must maintain an " A " or " B " average in Latin. Tom A. Smith had the distinction of serving as president this year. The purpose of the Junior Classical League is to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. The league and the Classical Honor Society observe the same motto, " Scientia Arx Saeculorum, " " Knowledge, the Citadel of the Ages, " and also collaborate on work and social programs. The first study program was an educational trip to Rosary Cathedral where members studied the architecture and the art in the cathedral. Later in the year Mrs. Pauline Burton gave a lecture accompanied by slides on the architecture of Greece, Rome, and Pompeii. In the spring a group of selected students took a trip to the University of Michigan where they were taken on a guided tour through the university. Several of the students also attended the state convention of the Junior Classical League. Social events of the year included the fall picnic at Walbridge Park in September and a post-holiday party in January, with Marilyn Matzinger, chairman. The officers for the year were Roger Kron- mann, president; Marilyn Moyer, vice president; and Tom Smith, secretary-treasurer. The advisers of the Jun- ior Classical League are Mrs. Pauline Burton and Miss Aileen Eberth. Classical Honor Society: ROW 1— JoAnn dinger, Jo Anna Spaulding, Ruth Dreyer, Mary Jo Aufderheide, Shirley Folk, Marilyn Moyer ROW 2 — Sue Gartz, Jed Duty, Jim Leu, Mrs. Burton, Richard Heaton, Howard Fish, Brendo Boughton ROW 3— Ernie Hartmon, Bob Price, Don Robb, William Dimke, Tom Smith, Darst Grund, William DeSana, Barton Welsh Junior Classical League: ROW 1— Harvey Browning, Marilyn Hamlin, Barbara Long, Carol Hulbert, Fred Smith, Marilyn Matzinger, Dick Zollars, Nancy Hulbert, Mary Jo Bacon, Wendy Smith, Jo Anne Loyer, Marie Gaynor ROW 2 — Bob Oates, Carol Bay, Jane Putnam, Ann Slater, Carol Mead, Pati Penn, Mrs. Burton, Judy Hawley, Carole Marlowe, Pat Mooneyham, Carolyn Clark, Kathryn Warren ROW 3 — Donna Moore, Marilyn Miller, Katherine Holmes, Terry Lindemann, Robert Fox, Terry MacDonald, Tom Merritt, Robert Landis, Roger Kronmann, Patty Fels, Rosanne Harrison 104 biology club With its annual banquet in May, the Biology Club brought to a close another profitable year of service and activities. A visit to the Toledo Zoo and a roast in early fall were followed later in the year by the induction of new members, the annual Christmas Party, and preparation of a Christmas basket. Club programs fea- tured a film on medical technology presented by two medical technicians and a talk on birds by Charles Prestin of the Naturalist Society. Instrumental in achieving the purpose of the club, " to arouse interest in biology and to create social events for those interested in biology, " were Miss Lydia Fiedler and Miss Lasetta Pickard, advisers; Mary Kesling, president; Erma Lee Simmons, secretary; and Dennis Griffith, treasurer. ROW 1— Carolyn Szul, Loretta Lewis, Dennis Griffith, Dorothy Buck, Mary Kesling, Dave Schatz, Charlotte Bowes, LaVerne Poucher ROW 2— Bennie Jackson, Sharon Hoist, Liz Kohring, Robert Morey, Miss Fiedler, Jerry Booher, Shirley Openshaw, Sandra Keller, Fran Mucci ROW 3— Isabelle Beauch, Sarah Smith, Dick Shipman, Ken Stemmermann, Charles Prestin, Vicky Doner, Charles Kunstbeck, Donald Hahn, Susan Sayre ROW 1 — Karen Walker, Carol Meyers, Tom Williams, Linda Graybill, Judy Roush, Eleanor Wallbank, Joyce Prentice, Judy Johnson ROW 2— Terry Bossert, Lynn Gerhauser, Judy Summers, Miss Pickard, Joanne Westrup, Margie Matecki, Judy Schnell, Gloria Van Dame ROW 3— Sandra Luhring, Mary Ann Kramer, Duane Langenderfer, Lawrence Roberts, Ted King, Michael Cordner, Judy Jenks, Judy Jackson, Alan Draheim 105 f . b. 1. a. One of the active organizations in Libbey High School is the Future Business Leaders of America Club. It strives constantly to promote activities among the students of the Business Department and to serve the school. That its members observe the club motto, " Learn to Serve, and Serve to Learn, " is indicated by the many projects they completed during the year. Money-making ventures included the sale of such diverse articles as savings stamps, pens, Gregg Shorthand Dictionaries, copies of Twenty Thousand Words, candy, potato chips, and salt and pepper shakers. Stimulating guest speakers highlighted club meetings. Miss Gertrude Payne, a former Libbey teacher, showed the members of the club slides that she took on her trip out West. Mr. Bill Robinson of Auto- ROW 1 —Mary Ann Posadny, Carolyn Hoe rig, Barbara Long, Delia Carmony, Norma Burkhart, Carol Vanderluit, Jean McNamee, Judy Mc- Conoughey, Judy Miller ROW 2— Marilyn Graybill, Mary Sue Long, Grace Borton, Liz Meyer, Miss Allen, Mrs. Moody, Nancy Moch, Vyvyan Hurst, Donna Thompson, Carol Blochowski ROW 3— Barbara Harbaugh, Merle Gunn, Nancy Miller, Doris Kirian, Rita Thompson, Geraldine Winn, Donna Hanna, Bonnie Wright, Sally Kuebbeler, Lois Hall, Gertrude Case ROW 1— Jaclyn Rippinger, Barbara Dickey, Ruthann Adams, Donna Starkloff, Linda Green, Judy Brunner, Carol Thompson, Sharon Shipmon, Colleen Blair, Dorothy Katschke ROW 2— Charlene Scheil, Shirley Williams, Donna Fisher, Ann Taylor, Mrs. Houser, Miss Haney, Marilee Abel, Charlene Fisher, Darlene Bickel- haupt, Dixie Beeching ROW 3— Linda von Klinger, Marcia Nehring, Bonnie Panning, Marlene Tarsek, Jacquie Guhl, Jean Kisseberth, Barbara Vogelpohl, Judy Van Koughnet, Sharon Slicker, Katherine Lutz, Mary Alice Butler f T) © i ft. % n n $ » , V . f . a r Jp " " " - IM «..«» 106 f. b. 1. a. Lite spoke on " What is to be Expected in Office Jobs. " Dr. Stutsman of Bowling Green State University led a panel discussion to which all the business students in the Toledo area were invited. A representative of the Patricia Stevens Modeling School gave a demonstration on modeling. The preparation of a Christmas basket and a visit to the Old Folks Home were on the program of work. Members also attended the State Convention at Indian Hills, Cincinnati, in October, and the National Convention at Chicago, in June. Social events sparking the year were the Halloween Party in October, the Christmas Porty in December, the Mothers ' Tea in February planned by Margie Kravetsky, the Banquet in March arranged by Sharon Shipman, and the Freshman Roast in May. ROW 1— Kathy Reece, Barbara Kravetsky, Doris Altenbaugh, Elaine Ramseur, Judy Starner, Lois Burkett, Bonnie Thacker, Nancy Garner, Neva Clark ROW 2— Pat Nino, Joan Garner, Jessie Trail, Charles Doneghy, Alice Hiatt, Mr. Needles, Jean Dickerson, Nancy Stevenson, Barbara Stults, Pat Roberts, Bonnie Borchardt ROW 3— Joyce Mock, Marilyn Miller, Linda Blanden, Margie Kravetsky, Judy Korb, Rhoda Jackson, Irene Fink, Darlene Pacholski, Barbara Shuman, Linda Greenwalt, Shirley Hepner ROW 1— Marjorie Gockerman, Sharon Reed, Joyce Heslet, Dixie Kelly, Lillian Earl, Janice Garner, Nancy Smith, Suzanne Below, Sharon Franklin, Barbara Sptunk ROW 2— Bonnie Osborne, Jodey Smith, Sharon Schroeder, Judy Harris, Mrs. Flatz, Mrs. Baird, Jackie Fuller, Gerry O ' Neill, Pat Sanderson, Beverly Wagner ROW 3— Marilou Eubank, Louise Krueger, Valerie Loos, LaVerne Swihart, Judy Tripp, Rosemary Jones, Mary Ammons, Judie Ecker, Joyce Osterud, Suzie Klein n a o o P ft n O 6 107 dramatics club The Dramatics Club endeavors to promote honor for Thespians. This year the club sponsored the Senior Play, " Father Was a Housewife, " on December 9, and the Junior Play, " Men Are Like Streetcars, " on March 16. Darrilyn Schluter and Fred Starner served as co-chairmen for a splash party at the Catholic Club in April. Officers for the year were Don Fogelsanger, president; Mary Lou Samsey, vice president; Pat Mooneyham, secretary; Barbara Kakela, corresponding secretary; and Fred Starner, treasurer. Miss Angela Costigan advised the group. ROW 1 — Pat Meier, Doris Altenbaugh, Tarn Townsend, Pat Betts, Sandra Neill, Gloria Stoll, Marilee Abel, Kathy Reece ROW 2 — Majul Skinner, Frances Mucci, Mary Lu Samsey, Carolyn Christen, Miss Costigan, Virginia Althoff, Margie Mehlman, LaDonna Shanteau ROW 3 — Warren Huff, John Veith, Carol Born, Pati Penn, Don Robb, Stanley Kanarowski, Nancy Czolgosz, John Vorbau, Roger Kronmann ROW 1— Sharon Franklin, Carol Nickelsen, Pat Mooneyham, Nancy Pommeranz, Barbara Bodi, Jeriann Armbrust, Dorothy Wittes, Dena Lasko ROW 2— Nancy Ohler, Darrilyn Schluter, Ann Taylor, Miss Costigan, Bobbie Bolander, Sherry Bellair, Janet Fifer, Barbara Bogle ROW 3— Ann Cameron, Barbara Kakela, Joyce Potter, Fred Starner, Bob Houck, Don Fogelsanger, Jim McGeary, Margie Kravetsky, Esther Fleming 108 choi oir In 1955 the Libbey Choir under the direction of Harold McClure successfully filled many singing engagements. At Christmas time the choir sang for the Women ' s Educational Club and over W.T.D.S. In February the group participated in the annual choir festival of the Toledo high schools which was presented at the Peristyle. The Libbey organization also sang at Trinity Church and the State Hospital in March, enriched our non-denomina- tional Lenten services, and gave a concert for the school in May. Officers for the year were William Dimke, president; Norma Sherman, vice president and pianist; Barbara Thomas, secretary-treasurer; Bill Hoffman, sergeant-at-arms; Mary Osborn, student director; and Erma Brown and Mary Lou Samsey, librarians. ROW 1— Loretta Lewis, Demetra Sheffield, Norma Madden, Erma Brown, Suzie Klein, Larry Barnett, Tim Cross, Sharon Shipman, Linda Graybill ROW 2— Mary Eberlin, Howard Henderson, Al Eyre, Julius Sheffield, Mr. McClure, Bill Kistner, Janice Zilba, Margaret Grindle, Barbarajeanne Thomas, Betty Huntley ROW 3-Mary Kesling, Judy Korb, Jim Johnson, Lawrence Roberts, Harvey Mattier, Lloyd Cupp, Bill Selvey, Barry Bunting, Phil Walbolt, Dave Tompkins ROW 1— Norma Sherman, Martha Ebright, Judith Barber, Sue De Mott, Janet Swartz, Sandra Luhring, Darrilyn Schluter, Nancy Pommeranz, Mary Osborn, Veatrice Cooper ROW 2— Gerda Preissendoesfer, Eleanor Bade, Ann Cameron, Mary Lu Samsey, Mr. McClure, Audru Fleck, Mary Ann Kramer, Jessie Hawkins, Betty Reed, Barbara Carter ROW 3-Chuck Phillips, Edward Coleman, Nolan Swanigan, Allen Williams, James Williams, William Dimke, Bill Hoffman, Jim Leu, Gudrun Lucks, Betty Johnson ft © £ £ J? fl M 1 r » T- -rffi:.! 109 band The Libbey Band has added spirit and color to football games for many years. For those who support the teams, the band with its precision marching and musical quality is an essential part of an athletic contest. Traveling to the Springfield football game with the student body and marching in the Toledo Memorial Day Parade were important band activities this year. The band also performed superbly at pep rallies and put on its annual concert. Mr. Harold McClure, conductor, was assisted by the following officers: Charles Hopkins, president; William Selvey, vice president; Jeriann Armbrust, recording secretary, Letitia Nowakowski, corre- sponding secretary; Ronnie Kilell, treasurer; and Tony Bachman, sergeant-at-arms. A roast held in the spring was the band ' s main social event. Bill Selvey, a sophomore, was chosen as the new drum major this year. ROW 1— Darlene Davidter, Carol Tucholski, Letitia Nowakowski, Marilyn Leibius, Bill Selvey, Jackie Endsley, Nancy Oh!er, Jeriann Armbrust, Barb Bruggeman ROW 2— Beverly Wagner, Constance Chambers, Maureen Moersch, Judy Collins, Joan Norton, Barbarajeanne Thomas, Mr. McClure, Diane Foster, Clifton McCorvey, Victor Stubblefield, Philip Layne, Dave Witmer ROW 3— Dave Kerschner, Douglas Laugerman, Lawson Burrow, Ray Harper, Edwin Borton, Newell Jones, Alex Damalas, Gary Davis, Ronald Kilell, Tony Bachman, Paul McKinzey ROW 1— Darlene Davidter, Carol Tucholski, Letitia Nowakowski, Marilyn Leibius, Bill Selvey, Jackie Endsley, Nancy Ohler, Jeriann Armbrust, Barb Bruggeman ROW 2— Rosalee Clifford, Carol Boldt, Nancy Polaski, Donna Wagner, Bonnie Bartlett, Ron Salzwedel, Joseph Price, David Durfee, Janell Maeder, Dave Antolini, Dale Stone ROW 3— Russell Cedoz, Bob Recht, Walter Bishop, Don Richmond, James Williams, Jim Myers, Darst Grund, Andrew Quinn, Loren Stewart, Chuck Hopkins, Robert Huntley fe ft r n DO. ! - ' %h, o at l S ' V V 1F ml m ml w £ a « fS C a Ii r, 3 9 • • • activities Certainly a valuable asset to the extra-curricular functions of Libbey are the activities workers under the direc- tion of Mr. Charles Martin. These students ably assist Mr. Martin in selling activities tickets and Edelian orders. One of the biggest jobs they undertake is the distribution of the yearbook, and they do this task systematically and efficiently. Another important service performed by these aides is the selling of the Crystal once a month. Senior advisers in 1955 were Nancy Miller and Shirley Wilson; stage activities workers, Tom Szymanski, Ron Onnenga, and Art Funka; assistants, Sally Kuebbeler, Norma Raitz, Marcia Nehring, and Pat Fels. iA i ROW 1— Shirley Wilson, Nancy Miller, Marcia Nehring, Patty Fels, Norma Raitz, and Sally Kuebbeler ROW 2— Ron Onnenga, Mr. Martin, Art Funka, and Tom Szymanski Darrilyn Schluter, Sherry Bellair, and Ruth Wassmund assist Mrs. Rusie at the Phil Tea. Mrs. Dinkins serves tea to daughter Ruth and her Zets. The F.B.L.A. is served tea by president, Marilee Abel. Mrs. Osgood serves as a hostess at the Zet Tea. Mrs. Aufderheide confers with daughter, Mary Jo; Darrilyn serves herself; and Mrs. Rusie watches at the Phil Tea. Ill on to vie t o r y Whether on the gridiron, basketball court, or other field of athletic endeavor, Libbey athletes are noted for being worthy contenders. Win or lose, they go on to victory— to the victory of playing their hearts out and displaying good sportsmanship. We in the crowd share in the victory. We are always there cheering our hearts out— striving to be fair-minded fans. This year we knew heartbursting jubilation when Coach Al Jeffery and his cagers came out on top in the city, sectional, and district basketball tournaments. Our joy and pride was as much in the cleanness of the victory as in the winning. Even after the regional defeat, we felt victorious. For we were convinced that win or lose, Libbey teams would always fight on to victory in paths of truth and right. 113 libbey Herman Harding Chuck Robinson Al JefFery 114 ■ I V 4 h Ik Dr. H. R. Cai-bin Leo Campey Don Harris A group of talented, hard working men have consistently developed Libbey athletes of whom we can be proud. After many years of service to Libbey, three of these men— Varsity Football Coaches Mr. Harding and Mr. Robinson and team physician Dr. Carbin— have decided to retire. Henceforth, Coach Harding will devote full time to his duties as assistant principal in charge of instruction, and Coach Robinson will act exclusively as Athletic Manager. We congratulate these men on the large part they have played in advancing Libbey athletics. Another Libbey coach deserving of plaudits is Varsity Basketball Coach Al Jeffery. His champions advanced triumphantly through the city, sectional, and district tour- naments with twenty-two wins. Producing a stellar basketball team was only part of Coach Jeffery ' s job, however. He also coached football and baseball. The coaches in charge of building the varsity stars of tomorrow again spent many hours on the practice field. Leo Campey was Reserve Basketball Coach; Don Harris, Assistant Football Coach; George Miley, Assistant Football, Freshman Basketball, and Freshman Track Coach; Bill Wirick, Assistant Football and Var- sity Track Coach; and Orville Henrion, Graduate Manager. coaches George Miley Bill Wirick Orville Henrion 115 Al Jamison Ray Plumadore Jack Wahl Ken Eaton Ron Hadley i C J Jim Featzka Terry Mallett senior Mark Simmons 116 ( Bud Brown Naail Goodloe Tom Szymanski Jim Morris squad Pat LaClair Art Funka Wayne Oestreich Lionel Hueston George Rodriguez 117 ROW 1— Bill Hoffman, Fred Collins, Bob Batchman, Don Bottles, Hal Wagner, Ken Eaton, Gary Good, John Fyock, John Tapley, Terry McDonald. Tom Smith ROW 2— Jim Telb, Jon Patton, Jim Featzka, Jim Morris, Art Funka, Wayne Oestreich, Jack Frayer, Ron Hadley, George Rodriguez, Tom Szy- manski, Terry Mallett, Walter E. Brown, Jim Rogers, Coach Harding ROW 3— Jim Keil, Russell DeJaiffe, Bar ry Bunting, John Nyquist, Clay White, Ray Plumadore, Roger Williams, Dave Swanson, Don Boxley, Tom Case, Bill Stine, Melvin Schreiner, Coach Robinson. ROW 4— Lionel Hueston, John Kulczak, John Jackson, Earl Schmakel, Bob Fearnside, Al Jamison, Eddie Russell, Wayne Schutt, Mark Simmons, Jack Wahl, Neail Goodloe varsity varsity football scores ROW 1, left to right, Terry Shuman, Gary Mallett, Dave Smith, Wilmer Frank, and Mr. Miley. ROW 2, Don Smith, George Litten, Bill Morris, Ronald Onnenga, and Allan Wolf Libbey 6 at Hamilton 6 Libbey 20 Central 19 Libbey 18 at Waite 33 Libbey 6 Woodward Libbey 19 Parma 6 Libbey 14 Macomber 28 Libbey 21 Central 14 Libbey 6 at Springfield 52 Libbey 19 Scott 19 Libbey 6 at DeVilbiss 14 Won Lost Tied 4 4 2 lightwe ght football Won Lost Tied 3 2 1 freshman football Won Lost Tied 1 4 1 managers 118 MB m Bob Lockett, Bill McClure, Alan Fanaff ROW 1-Hal Hecklinger, Dick Waterman, Jim Culbertson. Tany Gonzales, Arnold Galloway ROW 2-Ed Thompson, Dick Aiker, Rodney Clevenger, Dennis Wal.erreit, Tom Johns, Dale Cook, Don Remhart, Hubert C I fford ROW 3 Joach Harris. Bil, Aider, Bob Oa.es, John Shugar, Larry Tubbs, Bob Pox, Melvin Jones, Mike McGhee Bob Neal, Jame: ROW 4-Don Wisniewski, Myron Bohnart, Dennie Carney, Chuck Hatfield. Lawrence Wanner, J,m Dav.s. Ray Stevens, Bill Kistner reserves ROW 1-John Cotter, Jim McGrcf, Don Perry, Larry Kern, Tom Robinson, Clinton Howard, John McClure, Phil Layne ROW 2— Bill Marohn, Dave Woolford, Don Hill, John Harrison, Dick Leary, John McDonald, James Perry, R.chard Wagner ROW 3-Bob Hochmuth, Larry Baker, David Si.zenstock, Lee Katz, Tom Hauman, Jim Batch, Henry Pauly, D.ck Kand.k ROW 4-Coach Miley, Bob Meinardi, Tom Merrett, Garry Eaton, Bill Nelson, Jerry Wal.erreit, Steve Poluck, Joe H.gg.ns, John Potter OW -Jim Shugcr Dennis Kohn, Keith Raitz, Fe.ton Jackson, Dick Witcher, LaFayette Williams, Peter Kakela, Noel Powers, J,m Burgess freshmen 119 Ed Ri Al Kelley Al Jamison Joe Grier Joe Kennelly Larry McCormack victors Herb Westfall Bob Fearnside Don Ritson Dave Swanson Carl Schmakel 1955 ROW 1— Eddie Russell, Terry Keller, Mgr., Coach Al Jeffery, Wilmer Frank, Mgr., Dave Tipping, Mgr., Don Ritson ROW 2 — Earl Schmakel, Dave Swanson, Al Keller, Herb Westfall, Joe Kennelly Al Jamison, Joe Grier, Bob Fearnside, Larry McCormack basketball varsity varsity Napoleon 56 Delphos St. John 52 Central 54 Macomber 45 Bryan 33 DeVilbiss 59 Scott 42 Woodward 50 Waite 58 Maumee 34 Central 49 Mansfield Madison 57 Macomber 49 DeVilbiss 59 Scott 53 Woodward 67 Waite 32 Sandusky 55 Woodward 48 Waite 42 Macomber 46 Woodward 72 St. Mary ' s 49 Columbus East 66 ROW ]— Gerald Zedlitz, Charles Hatfield, Coach Campey, Bob Fox, Tom Johns, Sam Sookey ROW 2— Dennis Walterreit, Harold Hecklinger, Dick Heinz, Jerry Mix, Bill Stein, Barry Bunting tiimttitiliitti ROW 1— Phil Layne, Tom Robinson, Keith Rattz, Bob Palm, Mr. Miley, Jim Clark, Dick Kandik, John Harrison, Lee Mayer, Jim Harris ROW 2— Dave Woolford, Tom Hauman, Tom Merrett, Don Bope, Ed Bor- ton. Ken Stills, Jim Burgess, Dean Smith, Henry Pauly, Ed Shoch reserves freshmen bowling — golf — tennis ROW 1 — Jerry Koephler, Melvin Emahiser, Daniel Regent, Mr. Kubacki, Gary Mallory, Duane Emahiser, Don Perry ROW 2-Bill Hurst, Fred Kelly, Ron Kilell, Richard Baker, Jack Wahl, Art Funka Walter Brown, Brent Lewis, Norris Denno, Mr. Needles, Pat McCormick, Tom Smith, Terry Mallett ROW 1— Wilbur Bening, John Vorbau, Dennis Griffith, Tom Rier ROW 2 — Estil Hurst, Ron Lingel, Dave Deppen, Ben Long ROW 3— Herb Pope, Mike McClure, Mr. Fisher, Bob Litten, Don Bope 124 track e a i «co 80ks 1 i::w6 1 rj -4 r- A I ROW 1— Gerald Zedlitz, Myron Bohnart, Bill Coker, Bob Neal, Rodney Clevengsr, Harold Heclclinger, Alan Fanaff, Bill Alden, Ray Stevens, Ed Thompson, Dave Wobser ROW 2— Eddie Squaire, Bob Lockett, John Jackson, Lawrence Wanner, Dennis Walterreit, Ron Kilell, Coach Wirick, Ron Reinhart, Jim Davis, Tom Johns, Hubert Clifford, Roger Williams ROW 3— Lionel Hueston, Jim Keil, Jim Featzka, Melvin Jones, Pat LaClair, Jerry Mix, Herb Westfall, Bob Houck, Bill Stein, Jim Rogers, Tom Smith, Jack Wahl, Dale Cook Jack Frayer, Neail Goodloe, Al Jamison, Terry Mallett, and Ken Eaton display their football trophies. Jack Frayer, Neail Goodloe, and Terry Mallett receive awards at the football banquet. Ken Eaton was voted most valuable football substitute. Majorettes — Darlene Davidter, Jeri Armbrust, Nancy Ohler, Marilyn Leibius, Jackie Endsley, Letitia Nowa- kowski, Carol Tucholski, Barb Bruggeman — support the Cowboys in appropriate costume. Cheerleaders make a throne for our championship basketball coach. Watch that left! Bob ' s in the lead! A fast soccer game. How are things up-side-down? That ' s a homer! Put it up and over! Come on! Basket that ball! Stretch, Jeff! 126 Volleyball in good form. The winners! Watch the birdie! You ' re out! Target practice. What? No bull ' s-eyes? That " nets " the period. 127 in pa th s o f tr -4 1 ;J " ' : f ■■ pp N J I th and right When buffeted by the winds of life, we will return to the serenity of the silent moment, to the light stream- ing through a Christmas window in Senior Study— to the shelter of the Blue and Gold— and be led on to victory in paths of truth and right. 129 edelian patrons Mrs. W. K. Borton Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fifer Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fox Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Franklin Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Gillmore Hillside Cafe Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. John Hoodlet Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Huff Jagels Food Fair Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Jamison Mrs. Wayne E. Kakela Mr. C. G. Leppert Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Lewis L. M. Market Maumee Frozen Food Lockers Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mucci Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Nickelsen Mr. and Mrs. Cecil R. Oberdier Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ohler Rec Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Shanteau Mr. and Mrs. James E. Starner Mr. and Mrs. Shell Swihart Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Townsend Mr. and Mrs. John von Klinger Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Presley Walker Mrs. Leighton C. Webber Mr. and Mrs. Fred V. Westrup 130 SEE EVANS for Complete Protection • including • AUTO FIRE LIFE ACCIDENT LIABILITY BURGLARY POLIO INSURANCE Personal and Commercial Representing The Travelers Insurance Co. and other leading companies 98 years insurance experience e tloAn ( I Crruti C ai iam. Jack Evans— Pres. Jim Evans— Assoc. Harvey S. Martin— Assoc. V 2924 Sylvania Avenue Toledo, Ohio Ki 5769 H. H. Birkenkamp Funeral Home Inc. 95 Years of Personal Service Same Location Phones ADAMS 2183-2184 1003 to 1011 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio Trilby Branch Tremainsville and Alexis Road Klngswood 3772 Your Future Loohs Good in a Telephone Career High School Girls will find— a good plate to work... good friends to work with ... good salaries with regular raises and good chances for advancement id THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 131 sawn ttv iv Aina no iSDVwavHd agagisioaa v L L6C VM Buuoaj 40 3uAo y 161 3J04S 6nj a J9LU|3 JO S4U9UJ||dLU03 AD. 6512 We Call For Deliver TRIANGLE SALES and SERVICE General Repairing BATTERIES Henry Frank, Prop. 1631 Broadwas Good Luck To The Senior Class Tom ' s Fruit Market Western and Hawley Toledo, Ohio Ted ' s Sohio Service FOR SERVICE AT ITS BEST Western and Hawley L. E. Gingrich Marathon Service Western Hawley Streets Complete Motor Tune-Up Toledo, Ohio THE KUHLMAN BUILDERS ' SUPPLY and BRICK CO. TRUK-MIXED Concrete TEXTOLITE Paints 91 4 Summit Street Toledo 4, Ohio ADams 4107 132 NATIONAL CEMENT PRODUCTS COMPANY 2930 WAYNE ST. WA. 3477 CEMENT CINDER BLOCK STEEL CASEMENT SASH BUILDERS SUPPLIES Neville Tree Expert Company 862 Woodsdale Avenue Toledo, Ohio Wm. Kistner WA. 2611 Phone ADams 1153 Res. Phone WA. 2182 Carl Mazzurco Co. IMPORTERS FOOD PRODUCTS 513 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio MAin 8153 Flowers Telegraphed George M. Abel — Florist FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION 1528 Broadway Toledo 9, Ohio Luttenberger Co. Warm Air Heating ADams 2532 ADams 8413 826 Broadway Toledo, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Courtesy Cleaners Quality Cleaning and Laundry 1226 BROADWAY MA. 3835 968 SOUT H IN BY 10 OUT BY 4 133 WA. 0916 SIMONDS SOHIO Nita ' s Beauty Shop C. JUANITA LARK SERVICE A. L. Simonds Son Al and Si If it is a Gasoline Station Item 2015 Glendale Ave. Toledo, Ohio " Our Mission In Life Is To Serve You Well " we have it F0TH SON MORTUARY 1502 S. Detroit Byrne Rd. Chicago Pike 62 Years of Service Toledo, Ohio 2310 Jefferson Ave. Near Collingwood WA. 0125 WA. 9271 WA. 0115 Toledo, Ohio John E. Foth Emery W. Dorfrueyer Glauser ' s Flowers Sher-Go Credit Jewelers " QieenAaude $iedJt " We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere Jewelry Repair of All Kinds City-Wide Delivery 4510 Woodville Rd. TAylor 4684 Costume Jewelry Birthstone Rings Watchbands Silverware Roo Fing Furnaces Spouting Engraving Diamonds Emil Voegeli Compacts Trophies 620 South St Clair Watches Toledo, Ohio Clocks Phone: MA. 1191 1526 Broadway at South FA. 5491 134 RAGER ' S APPLIANCES Your Headquarters For Appliances 41 7 Superior St. ROSSFORD Phone LE. 6518 Melle ' s Hardware Floor Coverings 1735 Arlington Ave. Toledo, Ohio " We give ' S H ' green stamps " Member Florists Telegraph Delivery Mary A. Warning Flowers 1217-1219 Broadway MAin 6231 Greggs Sunoco Woodsdale at Arlington WAIbridge 0169 Toledo, Ohio Toledo Woolen Silk Co. WOOLENS, DRESSMAKER and BRIDAL SUPPLIES 413 SUMMIT ST. Toledo, Ohio FUlton 1362 " The World In Your Home " WSPD WSPD-TV For 33 Years the Voice of Toledo 135 ANSWER: 4 ef MAKERS OF (f) PRODUCTS Owens-Illinois GENERAL OFFICES • TOLEDO 1, OHIO 136 I " 5JIS $j|8 CHAMPION CLEANERS FORMAL WEAR RENTALS 1596 SOUTH at CHAMPION Phone WA. 7131 iiie OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT Our compete line of newly styled suits and accessories are at all times available to you at a price that is surprisingly low, considering the quality of our stock. More important than this is our ever existing spirit of friendliness and sincere desire to make any formal occasion a beautiful and happy experience, whether it be your Senior Prom or your wedding. Barbara and Don Luettke Class of 48 46 137 HI-LEVEL CAR WASH OPEN 8-6 Daily 8-1 Sundays EXPERT WASHING POLISHING EMerson 2125 433 Broadway Toledo 4, O. NIEHOUS AGENCY General Insurance INSURE TODAY-SAVE LOSS $ $ $ $ TOMORROW 1 1 37 South Avenue Toledo 9, Ohio Phones: Office EM. 8016 - Residence WA. 6308 KUEHMANN ' S ORIGINAL America ' s Quality POTATO CHIPS SERVING SINCE 1899 POPCORN PRETZELS SHOESTRINGS Hawley Cut Rate 205-9 N. Hawley St. Where You Get The Best For Your Money PRICE - QUALITY — SERVICE COLLINS PARKER, INC. DRUG STORES 31 Years Of Reliable Prescription Service 445 South (at Maumee Ave. 1 347 E. Broadway (at Albert) Compliments of LENGEL ' S MEAT PACKERS, INC. OHIO STORE: 3211 GLANZMAN - WA. 7461 MICHIGAN STORE: 1623 STEARNS Temperance Mich. — (Toll Call) Temperance 251 138 COMPLIMENTS OF The Frank Cartage Company Qe+tesial nucJzUuj, 1114 Washington AD. 6821 Beverly Pharmacy and Gift Shop 3670 RUGBY DRIVE Good Luck Seniors! JOE I. COOPER, Florist Specialist in Original Designs — Unusual Presentations An expressive symbol of your love and devotion ... is a keepsake vase of flowers ... a container of plants ... a corsage she will wear proudly. 1635 Broadway Toledo, Ohio ADams 5139 WALTER FUNERAL HOME 1221 Broadway Phone ADams 4105 A. C. Walter D. C. Walter AL LITTLE Your Sohio Dealer WAYNE SOUTH ATLAS TIRES BATTERIES WA. 0174 Compliments of Grace E. Smith ' s Restaurant Service and Cafeteria Madison at Erie Nationally Known for Good Food 139 Compliments of Olympia Recreation 1728 Broadway FUlton 1332 Arthur W. Toepfer Dealer in GROCERIES and MEATS Phone WA. 1034 2067 Wayne St. Gable Dry Cleaners " Our Work Speaks For Itself " 1782 Wayne St. WA. 8071 Delicious Meals Served Daily Take a tip and take a trip to HARRISON ' S RANCH HOUSE 3428 Wayne WA. 0109 Robert G. Smith Co. Complete Insurance Service 740 Edison Bldg. FUlton 3724 BOB SMITH - BILL BAKER Agents — The Travelers Lusk Appliance Electrical Appliances 1408 South Ave. ELgin 2525 Compliments of Arlington Cleaners 1778 ARLINGTON WA. 0526 EDNA ' S MARKET GROCERIES - FRESH MEATS PRODUCE and CONFECTIONS 554 TORONTO WA. 8851 140 Compliments of Tom ' s Barber Shop SPENCER NICHOLAS Teen Town Music Shop Instructions in: Instrumental Music Dancing Singing Bands MUSIC IS EDUCATION EMerson 6541 139 Huron St. Compliments of National Dry Cleaners 925 Dorr St. Toledo ' s Leading Cleaners LLOYD TOMPKINS 1013 South St. Sohio Service TOLEDO, O. LeGron ' s Flower Shop 2615 Glendale Ave. Toledo, Ohio Phone WA. 0865 Member of Telegraph Delivery Assoc. Compliments of CITY MARKET 808 Western Ave. FAirfax 0662 BARGAIN CENTER 2229 South Street Floor Coverings Linoleums Plastic Tiles Free Estimates Edwin G. Reinhardt EL. 2771 THE SENIOR CLASS WISH TO EXPRESS THEIR APPRECIATION TO LASALLE ' S PHOTOREFLEX STUDIO FOR THEIR COOPERATION IN TAKING THE SENIOR CLASS PICTURES. Graduating Class of ' 55 141 Trail Medical Center Pharmacy 2060 Glendale Ave. At The Trail Pied iifitiosii. Out. Only QuAUieAA. WA. 331 1 TOLEDO, OHIO For Complete Drugs and Prescription Service Drug Sundries Fountain Refreshments — School Supplies Stop at Seelig ' s Drug Store 1732 Arlington A LI3BEY BOOSTER Ernst Rexall Drugs 1639 Broadway South Side ' s Prescription Center AD. 2835 Wall ' s Drug Store 1132 Broadway at Western Toledo, Ohio Geach ' s Pure Oil Service 2021 Glendale Avenue Tires — Battery Accessories Expert Lubrication Tune-up West End Sewer Contractors Cleaners A. A. BELLAIR - LICENSED BONDED INSURED LA. 8730 4101 LEWIS AVE. Sewers Cleaned By Electric Machine New Installations Repair Work 142 2537 Glendale Ave . ELgin 1441 GLENDALE- DETROIT HARDWARE COMPLIMENTS OF Pittsburgh Paints Beverly Hardware Super Kem-Tone Kem-Glo 3726 So. Detroit Scott ' s Lawn Products WAIbridge 5972 A Complete Line Of: Toys Tools Glass THE SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. Paints Brushes Superior Hardware Lumber Mi II work Housewares Sporting Goods 2 Yards Power Hand Mowers Plumbing Electrical Supplies 425 Earl Street 1307 Prouty Avenue TAylor 1401 ADams 7168 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS Hillebrand Bros. OF 635 So. St. Clair St. Established February 12th, 1890 The Lutheran Book Shop 210 SUMMIT ST. FA. 1632 TOLEDO, OHIO Kopfman Bakery 1940 WAYNE Headquarters for WALBRIDGE 0627 Bibles, Prayer Books, Bible Story Books For The Best In Baked Goods Religious Pictures, Records, Greetings Cards, etc. 143 TOLEDO CAMERA SHOP Everything In Photo Supplies ALBERTSON AUTOMOTIVE 225 HURON STREET 441 SPENCER STREET TOLEDO 4, OHIO Next to Gas Office Outboard Motor Repair Authorized 6 Hour Photo Finishing Schwinn Bicycle Sales Service Jax Services Inc. Sunoco Products WA 2201 Road Service AD. 0440 1620 Broadway at South WA. 921 1 1464 South Hawley Hardware and Appliance Pittsburgh and Arvon Texture Paints Since 1863 Hardware— Electrical Supplies Tools— Plumbing Supplies Home Utility Tools— Fishing Tackle W. T. HUBBARD LUMBER CO. CHESTER R. SZYMANSKI Boat Lumber and Greenhouse Lumber 320 No. Hawley St. MAin 2017 HARDWOOD LUMBER INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL WAIbridge 4111 ALL FINEST QUALITY HARDWOODS LINOLEUM ASPHALT TILE RUBBER TILE Immediate Delivery Anywhere PLASTIC WALL TILE Beverly Floor Coverings, Inc. 3678 Rugby Dr. UlUi-U 7 i Western ;ii Ant lion v Wavno Trail Toledo, Ohio Attain 24»2I H. F. (Bud) MILLER M. D. ROOSE BigSluff ...broadsides... multi-page catalogs ..big quantities... they ' re all naturals for the big cylinder presses at Blade Printing. But big or small, we da the i job from idea to finished piece. - Call MA. 6215 ' THE BLADE PRINTING AND PAPER COMPANY ? 3 J SUPE B 10 R S I 8 t t T IQlfDO 4. OHIO Mclntire ' s Furniture, Appliances, Television Sales and Service 35 Years on Broadway AD. 7161 1120 BROADWAY Wynn Bros. 1541-45 Wayne St. Wholesale Distributors Toledo 9, Ohio WAlbridge 5145 Gibboney Plumbing and Heating Co. New and Modernization Plumbing and Heating 1430 BROADWAY ADams 3910 Toledo 9, Ohio Eriksen ' s, Inc. Toledo ' s Largest Typewriter Store PORTABLE STANDARD MODELS ALL MAKES PEN AND PENCIL SETS SCHOOL SUPPLIES 325 Erie Street MAin 1193 on oo c 0) E ' 5 CO X Si 3 O O M- - O LU O W3 i- CO £ir o uj « U x c D I - LZ " £ LU - g ' c LU 145 COMPLIMENTS OF GORDON ELECTRIC SERVICE May this year be the stepping stone to happiness and success Electrical Contractors 1009 SOUTH AVE. 146 Hi Seniors: AUTO-LITE OFFERS YOU- k A secure future! Top working conditions! Growing opportunities ! If you have been wondering about your future— what you ' re going to do after graduation— check with Auto-Lite. Over the years we think you ' ll enjoy working with us for a lot of reasons, such as: Good Salary— Insurance— Hospitalization— Pension Benefits. Those are normal and good reasons, but Auto-Lite has more to offer. In Auto-Lite you ' ll have an employer big enough to assure steady employment— and an employer who is interested enough to see that those who contribute are rewarded and get ahead. Openings now exist for a lot of good jobs! Take a look at this list and see which one suits you best: STENOGRAPHERS BUSINESS MACHINE OPERATORS TYPISTS MAIL OR FILE CLERKS CLERICAL OFFICE TRAINEES TELEPHONE OPERATORS Your local Auto-Lite Personnel Employment Office is located at Champlain and Mulberry Streets and is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Make a date today to see about a job with a sound future. THE ELECTRIC AUTO-LITE COMPANY Toledo 1, Ohio 147 SPANGLER CANDY wishes your school success The finest in candy! 313 Monroe Toledo, Ohio Beverly Dairy Bar Sundaes Jumbo Hamburgs Home Made Pies Groceries and Milk Acme Pharmacy 1401 SOUTH ST. Rexall Store Reliable Prescription Service Paul F. Rupp Earl A. Rensha WA. 1434 The Glendale Super Market 2006-2010 Glendale Our Personal Service Makes It the Best Place to Purchase Your DRUGS, GROCERIES and MEATS WA. 9186 WA. 3467 WA. 3466 Try our delicious FRENCH FRIED HOT DOGS STEAKS-CHICKEN PORK CHOPS 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week 1516 BROADWAY FA. 3112 Li ' l Chef Compliments of PATCHEN ELECTRIC CO. 501 SOUTH ST. CLAIR MA. 3187 148 DORIOT BROS. HARDWARE B.P.S. Paints Supplies ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PLUMBING SUPPLIES EAVESTROUGH HOUSEWARES APPLIANCES GLASS WA. 8131 2712 Wayne St. Toledo 9, Ohio Phone ADams 4961 FAIR PIANO MOVERS MINNIE R. FAIR Been In Business 45 Years 432 BADEN ST. TOLEDO 9, OHIO Compliments of Shirks City Wide Television Service 1940 Arlington Ave. Wessendorf ' s Gulf Service Arlington Woodsdale WAlbridge 0171 Feigner ' s Department Store Clothing and Shoes 2231 SOUTH - CORNER WAYNE Toledo, Ohio D. A. DUFFY SON INC. CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS 824 GENEVA AVE. TOLEDO, OHIO 149 Ned ' s Drug Stores We fill your neighbor ' s prescriptions Do we fill yours? Two convenient locations 1051 Western 2596 Broadway Bobb ' s Cleaners SERVING SOUTH TOLEDO 4326 S. Detroit 2389 Wayne 323 Junction Ewalds Variety Stores 1049 Western Ave. GA. 3914 Toledo 9, Ohio Heine ' s Fish and Chips For Fine Foods 515 SPENCER WA. 9871 INFANTS CHILDREN TEENS JUNIOR and MISSES WEAR Tot and Teen Shoppe 3660 Rugby Drive Toledo 1 4, Ohio ELgin 1581 Russell ' s Formal Rental Service Special prices for students New Modern Store White Dinner Jackets Light Blue Dinner Jackets Dark Blue Trousers Complete Accessories Shoes Open Evenings Till 9:30 Near Union Station 405-407 Broadway FU. 6666 150 Good Luck, Seniors! Toledo Heights Pharmacy 1528 Western WA. 4766 Jim McLaughlin ' s SOHIO SERVICE Standard Oil Products Lubrication — Tires — Batteries BROADWAY ST. JAMES CT. WA. 0230 Leydorf ' s Super Market Quality Foods — Reasonably Priced 1949 BROADWAY We Deliver AD. 8234 Cinderella Shop 2015 GLENDALE Ladies Apparel WA. 9201 Swan Creek Lumber Company Quality Millwork Lumber and Hardware MAin 1211 226 City Park You ' re Living in a WONDERFUL AGE! • It ' s the exciting, amazing ELECTRICAL AGE ... an era of un- ceasing advancement in the use of cheap, dependable electric power — in the home, on the farm, in business and industry ... In living today, in planning your future, consider well this vital force — electricity! Qfl COMPANY SERVING NORTHWESTERN OHIO WITH ELECTRICITY for Belter living 151 F. D. Bolander Son Funeral Service 1422 Broadway ADams 2820 Compliments TOLEDO , s of FRIENDLY WTOL STATION LAKOt Rooms and Family Accommodations In The... New Deluxe SILVER BLUE MOTEL 8239 S. Telegraph Road Erie, Michigan Leo Sniadak On U. S. 24 152 JOSTEN ' S Treasure — Craft Jewelers CLASS RINGS - CLASS PINS Commencement Announcements Designers and Manufacturers of the Wo rld ' s Finest School Jewelry Main Office and Plant — Owatonna, Minnesota Eastern Division Headquarters — 627 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio Brakes • Clutches • Tires • Batteries Ituss Service Station Complete SOHIO Service 897 Spencer Street Toledo, Ohio WA. 3643 Harry B. Fisher 204 EDWARD LAMB BLDG. Disability income for life, Hospitalization for 100 days, Nurse at home for 100 days, Surgical expense to $300, Medical expense to $150, Fire and Extended, Automobile, Juvenile and Educational, Life Insur- ance, Retirement Plans, Business Insurance, Polio— Specific Diseases COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 153 Bring refreshment into play have a Coke " Cole " ii a registered trademark. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY The LaSalle Coca-Coca Bottling Co. of Toledo, Ohio The lessons you learn Will help you earn The money you make Will be your stake SAVE AT THE HOME " WHERE YOUR SAVINGS GROW IN SAFETY " Current Interest 2% THE iio ii: 902 Broadway at Segur IMIIIMM, AND SAVINGS €0. ADams 5191 154 AUTOGRAPHS M .u a ■ ■■ ' VSIJ QvXUftj U-rM UxTU » VjC UMJj ' » rr-v-. r H " Uow -»- ' V»JO-) -J y J V r (T y f p- I „ ■4i ft " ? V2V% %N r: s A 1 V » ' V fl aF P L. J 5 •o " AS fC , $ flP r A ,i t « " 1 P " GLW ©• 3 4 T f -- 2 $ L - M -d AUTOGRAPHS ffjW? g if-jV, VN A ' JJ w - Ul V r -J- f- ILLS O ex £ - , ;i ,w O ' J l c 7 o o ! t K t o 1 , 4 T t - nU V AUTOGRAPHS -cV- - €ru -iJbhA k: 0 . ' ■■ ■d L t Aju - -e e , .. ha. £ p A ' Xn Ui H sO Z i-uZd " ' $7Uy J 3 - . l ki u. jr ,«rt AUTOGRAPHS . . ' ? v Ar 3 AUTOGRAPHS ?.£- • -yyt- 1. dL -tt L- % L r Jz . -ca- f y ? V » , .if - : - ' ■ l J . c - ■;-■ ■ ■ S 7 6 f ' . LCAV n, ■% 0. i £- c 1 1 v: , (V w -t AUTOGRAPHS y j HJ M -A( X M y ' ' v 1 A- i l " 9 K V A h ■4, ,p ,v ; r :J r a. rb f X ,-o- 5r , W4 $ f )r° ), ' Ke renvoi fn$ iK.t i. y Wll % " •■ ' ■: % v . o -a - 2 Q, I V ? edward drummond libbey high school toledo, ohio

Suggestions in the Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) collection:

Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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