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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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fu. '15, 4.7 -42-Q, cfcfn.. i - ' ual' .9 1, '41 i Ld ,f ' z'::7 a.fQ,Z4O ff ff AKAI.,-I A fl' 'W ..,.-.., W ,. 'U W' W, -f 1 Il -P -4. , L1 1 W ,f F ' wx. . 5'- P 2 5 'ji- iff . P+ QT Q--L. mv i 3, , if Q! N ,J- fn 's 1 I: I4 f! 5 Y, HL 55' gi i ,, :I 'VI ' i fp E?- 2 Ni .x 4 . 1 1 I gif Ja v -s.. . iw EJ 4' Iv-.:' -' ' " Table of Contents Superintendent of Toledo Schools --- 4 Principal of Libbey High School --- 5 Dedication ........ 5-7 Miss Gertrude Payne -- 3 Mr. Charles Martin --- 9 IO Deans ............ Faculty --- I5 Seniors -- 28 MISS RUTH DUSHA fi lg' il ds. L Ei:- lil.: ,, n s: ,IJ E'-I 5 Q- a gs , M '-IJ lu 1 1 . g f- , f-gf ' 17 , A ls J S l ' W if r ii' , 5 fl : itil, , -ls X Ji ln l wi, SHI ,L Qi, . Qi, lr- i , I TIS' l .-.Ly ,'- 5 I , W-x LU 1 i X , -Li . L' rr if L, il L44 .31 Z Director 'll 1 C' l i sg' R iii ' Wil I ' ,, il la 5 I ' Y- l I 5 .7 ' x I 3 I 1 , q ? 1: 5 if L 11 QI . gl 's lx BARBARA WALKER Co-Editor in Chief COLLINS O- 1tO1' in Chief w ms l 1 , I G Table of Contents ' Jumors 52 Sophomores 58 Freshmen 66 Clubs 76 Athletlcs ..... 102 Ads and Snaps --, 120 Autographs --- 148 MR. CHARLES MARTIN Business Director SUZANNE JORDAN JEANNE POMMERANZ Circulation Manager Advertising Manager The M.C. of the Fresh- man Tea, John Wommer. Miss Wylie is assisted at the Freshman Tea. The Five-Lit Dance Committee. 'hm , 1 Mrs. Rusie presides at the Zet Tea. llll - Ulu 1, , llllg , - llllq ' Hill! ' EIS' ' I-.II y ls. ll!!! lil 1 II H1 X x . 5 NA YR X. fs Ax , .x . MN K ' s . X N , Q, XX' X' Q is ' Q y xxg .L Q. X .xi X Ns XXN N N Ill -ni ill H3 ,. 1 ,. E n X ' 1 5, ti .ni Q in A - i-,. 'I iuunf :rf I 'QE J' :: K ll ll I! 1 ii ' ll :: 2 I: II B ii i Ill 4-an X xxx X ff X I if K 7, -fy . 9 'Z E. IU n :ui ll ll I!! ll 5: : -E ll 'E ll :E : 1 '51 I1 -I I I I U I I I I, 5 I : I 1 : I :I - ll se as Y I I I ll 's ll 1 I I ' i I ' I I : R El Y' f' I If '5 ': ll II -I ' II ll A55 E I: ll li 15 ,N : I - I I I I I I , I a ll 1 I I I I I 1 I 1 '4 'ii Il hu ll In 'I ll ll III' ur 'S- lu. ll- ll! llf ll: Ill' llr un lit Ill IIE ,Ill 1 lu ll: - -'--El Ill ll' :II ll lv IIL ell' ll Ill ll -vi Sui: ' sg.. FUI! digg fllll mfs! 'Twill xiii I l , I lull! A llllll I :::::g5:g ' ll' l llliii' all lqil Flin I iiiiii '- 'ill ik 'Ei---ir nn!! Will!!! mqlglli "2 52:55 S .E 1 I' F 6 2 1 mo' 1 Our kindly engineer, Mr. Harris, IS appreciated by all Tommy Osgood and his Dad enjoy refreshments at any time. Marcia Bruggeman, queen of Libbey A Q Mm .ff- IQ emily' WILLIAM EVERHART ROSCOE C. BAKER Englfsh History DEPARTME T CHAIRME JOHN W- FAST MRS. HAZEL D. FLATZ Commercial Industry 16 HERMAN HARDING GRACE IRWIN ' Mathematics A Orientation ' n Q 5 N 4 r ' 1 r - 1 ii 1 ' MRS. PAULINE BURTON -, Languages A P gl '---aniW- HELEN WYLIE FREDERICK VOSSLER Home Economics Science RUTH ALLEN ENGLISH AND LANGUAGES MRS. P. BLACK MRS. P. BURTON GRACE M. DeLISLE X RUTH A. DUSHA: English, Ohi St t U ' ' - A.Bc.sg Columbia University, M.A.? Peariilegdvgslgil ef? .Ede11an,' Adviser, Future Teachers of America Adviser. ' WILLIAM E. EVERHART: En 1' h' Ch ' Department: Speech, Michigan Szclialcse IN0ff1?1i1Ilm:Elg,of RUTH ALLEN: English and Orientation, Univer. sity of Toledo, B.S., M.A.g Senior Y-Teens Adviser, Freshman Y-Teen Adviser, Honorary Adviser of Philaletheans. MRS. PAULINE BLACK: English and Orientation, University of Toledo, B.A. MRS. PAULINE BURTON: Latin, University of Michigan, A.B., M.A.g American Academy in Rome, Classical Honor Society Adviser, Junior Classical League Adviser, Academic Counselor. GRACE M. DeLISLE: English, University of Tole- do, B.S., M.S.g Zetalethean Adviser. FLORENCE GERDES: English, University of Michigan, A.B., Columbia University, M.A.g "Crys- tal" Adviser. JEAN GILBERT: Englishg Ohio State University, B.S., Junior Class Adviserg National Honor Society Adviser. RUTH A. DUS 18 HA WM. E. EVERHAR? FLORENCE GERDES JEAN GILBERT ENGLISH AND LANGUAGES GRACE IRWIN: Englishg Orientation, Chairman of Department, Ohio Wesleyan, A.B., United Nations Club Adviser. MARY E. KIRK: Englishg University of Toledo, A.B., M.A.g University of Besancon, Franceg Phila- lethean Adviser. BERNICE KRUEGER: French, Orientationg Chairman Modern Language Departmentg Univer- sity of Michigan, B.A., M.A.g University of Paris. VIRGINIA MAY: English and Orientation, College of New Rochelle, A.B., Columbia University, M.A.g Red Cross Adviser. GERTRUDE I. PAYNE: English and Commercial, University of Toledo, B.S.g Honorary Adviser of Commercial Club. GERTRUDE I. PAYNE GRACE IRWIN MARY E. KIRK BERNICE KRUEGER VIRGINIA MAY MARY E. RUSSELL: Spanishg Oberlin College, A.B., Universidad Nacional Di Mexico, M.A.g Junior Y-Teens Adviser. ZOE S. SCOTT: Englishg Ohio Wesleyan Univer- sity, A.B. MARY E. RUSSELL ZOE S. SCOTT 19 . - '- S-v-"-221. 'Q .11:3uf' f'- 'ifrtf me H 'ff T - .. Ygfimggix-tier' A ' ' SQCIAL STUDIES R. C. BAKER A. M. COSTIGAN AILEEN B. EBERTH GRACE HENDERSO ELLA FELLER N: Social Studies, Ohio State Universit B.S in Ed., Senior Class Adviser, Stu- Y, - dent Council Adviser. FLORENCE LUTTO of Toledo, A.B., M.A. W., ,V V., I 2 . GRACE HENDERSON N: Social Studies, University R- C, BAKER: Social Studies, .Chairman of Depart- rnentg Ohio Northern University, B.S., Wisconsin University, M.A., Debate. Club Adviser, United Na- tions Club Associate Advlser. ANGELA M. COSTIGAN: Social Studies and Speech, Ohio State University, B.S., M.A.g Dramatic Club Adviser. AILEEN B. EBERTH: Social Studiesg Columbia Un-iversity, B.S., M.A.: Zetalethean Adviser, Super- visor of Cafeteria Student Service. ELLA FELLER: Social Studies, University of To- ledo, B.S., M.A. LAWRENCE L. VANDER: Social Studies, Univer- sity of Toledo, A.B., M.A. MARGARET WAITE: Social Studies and Orienta- tiong University of Toledo, B.S., A.B. l 1 FLORENCE LUTTON l 3' , .Ns . . ' 3553 L L VANDER MARGARET WAITE: SCIENCE FRANCIS BOYLE LYDIA FIEDLER DON HARRIS: Science and Driver Education, Bowling Green University, B.S. in Ed., Assistant Football Coach. DON HARRIS HENRY W. LINCKE CHARLES ROBINSON: Scienceg Miami Univer- sity B.S. in Ed., Football Line Coach, Cross Country Coach, Track Coach, Q.D. Adviser. FREDERICK VOSSLER: Science, Chairman of De- partment, University of Rochester, B.S. K je, . 'tolli' .. 3 A i. . A , A , .A 45151551-six' jf I X . .QsQ?:.'I'5' ' I CHARLES ROBINSON F. VOSSLER FRANCIS D. BOYLE: Science, Marietta College, A.B. LYDIA FIEDLER: Science, Grinell College, B.S., Michigan University, M.S.g Biology Club Adviser. HENRY W. LINCKE: Science and Projection, Uni- versity of Toledo, B.S. in Ed., M.A. LASETTA PICKARD: Scienceg University of Michigan, A.B., M.A., Biology Club Adviser. Of? ,Quinlan LASETTA PICKARD CHARLES WEINSTOCK: Science, Marietta Col- lege, A.B., University of Michigan, M.A. in Ed. WILLIAM WIRICK: Bowling Green University, B.S. in Ed.g Columbia University, M.A.g Forum Ad- viser, Track Coach, Freshman Football Coach. ds!-"""' 'Briar' C. WEINSTOCK WM. WIRICK Z1 COMMERCIAL, AND . www, f ,. 5. --', ' SS.. . gv,w f , y r 7 15 -142- ,9 , .:.,::::: X R ex X S S W ifk , X eg? 1 QW S 1 X Q X 3 w f '9 29 Q S ggi uv . I , N ..,,::. L ESEI g A A. W VWX-asf 1 X ' . .fs ? V X S , . Sv . X ,-S538 i 25215 N .- S ' R X - S1 - 'Q 'X M" ,-"-Q i . . - EMM' S ', .ri 1, MRS. B. BAIRD MRS. H. D. FLATZ SHIRLEY J. HANEY MRS. M. O. HOUSER GEORGE L. KIEFER MRS. JULIA Moopy 'W ,QW ,,.,..w,.....,.,..,..,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,f. ,fy 7.1 V, , ,3,,.h3 ...,. Q, .. ,.. ,, , ff f f I gf ,airy , . I WLCW 7 ' 0 I . ' ,,f5, 1 .. I . HOME ECONOMICS MRS. BEATRICE BAIRD: Commercial, Univer- sity of Toledo, B.S. in Ed., Future Nurses of Amer- ' l Cl b Adviser. ica Adviser, Cornmercia u MRS. HAZEL D. FLATZ: Commercial, Chairman of Department, Ohio State University, A.B., B,S,3 M.A., Commercial Club Adviser. SHIRLEY HANEY: English and Commercial, Uni- versity of Toledo, B.S. in Ed., Future Business Lead- ers of America Adviser, Sophomore Y-Teen Adviser, MRS. MARY O. HOUSER: Commercial, Hiram College, B.A., University of Cincinnati, M. of Ed., Gregg College, Commercial Club Adviser. GEORGE L. KIEFER: Commercial and Science, Il- linois State Normal University, B.E., St. Louis Uni- versity, A.M., Freshmen Hi-Y Adviser. MRS. JULIA MOODY: Commercial, Toledo Uni- versity, B.A., Commercial Club Adviser. JOHN NEEDLES: Commercial, Bowling Green University, B.S., Columbia University, M.A., Junior Hi-Y Adviser, Commercial Club Adviser, Golf Coach. MRS. ELEANORE DZIALOK: Home Economics, Ohio State University, B.A., Columbia University, M.A., Zetalethean Adviser. MRS. VIVIAN MILLER: Home Economics, Mich- igan State College, B.S., Merrill-Palmer School, To- ledo University, M.A. in Ed ISLA B. OWEN: Home Economics, Hillsdale Col- lege, A.B. HELEN E. WYLIE: Home Economics, Chairman of Department, Ohio State University, B.S. JOHN NEEDLES ,vm f y ,, , . X swf' W -'fcfif ' 9 ff f Vg, f ,.., ff 4, .R . yf .J ' fif -1' , IR., ' ' Wy f.,f,.1 , 1. --5 . 7 f f f My . 2,2 v f,,r 9.4: . . I 5 , ,, Af MRS. E. DZ 'L I' IALOK MRS. VIVIAN MILLER 22 ISLA B- OWEN HELEN E. WYLIE ,.-::, -.. .,,.-,.':,, gg I Lib. 1 1,i::,L..,.f :gay ,iv Xin,-N, 3 , - . .v , INDUSTRIAL ARTS SL PHYSICAL EDUCATION LEO CAMPEY: Machine Shop and Math., Bowling Green University, B.S. in Ed., Assistant Basketball Coach. LEO KUBACKI: Foundry. JOHN W. FAST: Wood Shop, Chairman of Depart- ment, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. MELVIN MORTIMER: Electricity, University of Toledo, B.S. Engineering, B. of Ed. EDWARD E. PACKER: Architecture, University of Toledo, B.S., Ohio State University, M.A., Archi- tectural Club Adviser. CARL STERLING: Machine Drafting. C. T. ROSENBERG: Foundry. CNot in illustrationj DONALD FISHER: Physical Education, Ohio Wesleyan, A.B. MRS. CAROL FITZPATRICK: Physical Educa- tion, DePaul University, B.A., Junior Y-Teen Ad- viser. ALBERT JEFFERY: Physical Education, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., Varsity Basketball Coach. KATHERINE MAHER: Physical Education, Mich- igan State Normal College, B.S. JANE MYERS: Physical Education, University of Toledo, B. in Ed., Univer- sity of Michigan, M.A., Girls' Athletic Association Adviser. EDWARD E. PACKER CARL STERLING MRS, C, F11-ZPATRICK ALBERT JEFFERY KATHERINE MAHER I X . R Z V , El?-A5 ,-, .1 .:f. . 09 .pn H uv fl " " J nv' ..-'.1 "L ft 34. H if-V-Libliin J ' I 4' K 5 all-gl' . lf. l,',I+,I,, 5 Q ilgr L -.1 I I I if 3 ,, I ' a MUSIC AND FINE ARTS HAROLD MCCLURE: Musicg Indiana State Teachers' College, B.S. in Musical Education, M.S. in Ed-, I-D-T'C' HAZEL E BARTLEY: Fine Artsg Columbia University, B.S.g Toledo U ' it M,A,- "Lib" Adviser. CNot in Illustrat1on.j HAROLD MCCLURE Hlvefs Y IRENE FOSTER: Mathematicsg Ohio Wesleyan, B.A.g Future Teachers of America Adviserg Testing Officer. HERMAN A. HARDING: Mathematics, Chairman of Departmentg Heidelberg University, B.S.lg Univer- MATHEMATICS sity of Michigan, M.A.g Varsity Football Coach. IRENE FOSTER WALTER B LYNN 24 verslty, B,S, HERMAN A. HARDING WALTER B. LYNN: Mathematicsg Heidelberg Uni- CLINTON CLINTON F HOUSER Mathematics Heidelberg F HOUSER University B S 0 ' . . . - ' . ' y 9 . . I' """""" ' ' ' ' ' 'N' -H I , . , A , , . , ,. ., i:.',,g ., .,- , . .,.,,,,,,,, W, - , AMW I f " 1 - 'N'ww.mw-'V' H 1 mr i . .:.. ,-5 ,My J. f . ' gq.54M,5f-. 1 4 , L' -,zj1Tg' HEALTH DEPARTMENT MARY .KELSO: Home Nursingg Wilmington College, A.B.g Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed.g University of Cincinnati, R.N.g Vassar Training 'May Camp for Nurses. MARY KELSO LIBRARY .MRS. DORCAS KRUSE: Librariang University of Michigan, A.B., M.A. MRS. DORCAS KRUSE Lols BLACK LOIS BLACK2 Llbfafy Clerk- MAY RQADVVILER: Book Clerk. LAURA MENTZER: Attendance Clerk. RUTH ROADWILER: Senior Clerk and Treasurer. CAROL HEPNER: School Secretary. Qi 'hy MAY RQADWILER RUTH ROADWILER LAURA MENTZER CAROL HEPNER 25 Q ,IE1 , X vi a. + .f?z: f " ' W r m Y 33 V Z jg ,Q , X, YK V W e- ' f r f , , X9 , ,Q f-QX V! kkry ' !f .." W , M 1 u ve, 5 .. 4 rue' ,. Z5 W The committee for the junior play did a fine 'ob J . A11 aboard for the senior trip! The planners for a wonderful senior banquet are to The juniors who chose their beautiful rings. be congratulated. . h C - Who could forget the Junior-Senior Prom? bo I-lgcxllori' for the Senior football players at t e OW The members of the bowling team work for that y n up' perfect 300. Coach Needles supervises the golf team praCtiCC- l....,,.,.e, Y Y fs-Y ---'- i!'k3 .. b.9'lU . 1.5,' ,.'.,,-' nee!--.' 'q,- 'My 1 - ,g I :I 1-L , V ,- ., . , .-- r - k V , - will play. Meet the cast of the junior play, "Henrietta VIII". The senior announcements are an important part of Behind the scenes at the senior play. graduation' Though the seniors have graduated, their memorial An important part of the senior play, "I Remember be a permanent part of Libbey. Mama", the publicity. Congratulations for an excellent job in the senior I ."There's no business like show business", says the Junior play committee. Y AKERS WALTER ABELE BEULAH ADAMS BETT DORIS BATCH DONALD ANDERSON WILLIAM ANDERSON SE 1oR CLASS or LIBBE .1 chi., XV? A Ng' gf Q ff A W 'fig ,W KAYE BACHE MARY BALDWIN NANCY BARTZ M 5? ,., Q Z A . lowers 5 4? wx if JAMES ARMBRUST WALTER ABELE: He's sure to find success in life. BEULAH ADAMS: Her work is clone without delay, Beulah's sure to win her way. Jr. Classical League 4Q G.A.A. 1. BETTY AKERS: This sweet girl is capable of doing much. DONALD ANDERSON: We would walk a mile just to see Donald's smile. WILLIAM ANDERSON: Never a greeting without a grin, whatever Bill does he's sure to win. JAMES ARMBRUST: A likeable lad, we all agree, Jim likes to have fun as you can see. Cowboy Roundup 4, Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 4, Football 1, 2, Manager 3, 41 Basketball 1. KAYE BACHE: Ability, beauty, personality galore, Kaye is a girl we all adore. National Honor 3, 45 Peries I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens Sec. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4, jr. Classical League 1, 2Q U.N. Club 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4j French Club 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Crystal 3, Co-Editor 45 Jr. Play Com., Junior-Senior Prom 4Q Choir 3, 4, Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3, 4. MARY BALDWIN: In the business world she's sure to win, with her friendly ways and pleasing - grin F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Treas. 45 Sr. Banquet Com., Gym Office 2. NANCY BARTZ: Charm and intellect are not hard to find, for in this girl they're both combined. National Honor 3, 43 Zets 3, 42 F.B.L.A. Soph. Rep. 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Jr. Ring Com., Sr. Banquet Com., Main Office 2, Gym Office 3. DORIS BATCH: Some day if you should be very ill, Dr. Doris will give you a pill. Zets 3, 4, Y-Teens SQ French Club 32 Home Ec. Club 1, 2, Dramatics 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 43 Edelian Layout Ed. 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Rhythm Round-Up 3, 4. DONNA BAUMGARTNER: Her pleasing smile and hair of gold, here in our hearts we shall ever hold. Peries 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, F.B.L.A. IQ F.T.A. IQ Rhythm Round-Up 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA BAYLES: Her skin 'll 1 d 11 1 th 1 s Y-T - F.B.LA LUTHER BEBLEY1 Let fate degifie iii? futi-re.o e op eens I' ' ' 2' 3' 4' RUTH BENDER5 Peries I- 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Round-Up 2, junior-Senior Prom 4. . . A1 f' ix.. - S -f DONNA BAUMGARTNER PATRICIA BAYLES LUTHER BEBLEY RUTH BENDER RUTH BENSON EARL BILOW DONALD BOGGS TED BONNOUGH DONALD BORN '1"' E 1 ,,A:L N V A . ,E J y ' 0 X! X 1 7 A f f W W fs . ' N Q f 4 f SENIOR CLASS OF LIBBEY EUGENE BOURN VICTORIA BOWES JAMES BOWLES JOSEPH BOYD RUTH BENSON: A teacher Ruth wishes to beg and we say, "A good one she will be!" National Honor 43 Phils 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Chaplain 4g Biology Club 3, Secy. 4Q U.N. Club V. Pres. 45 Dramatics 4Q Sr. Announcement Com., jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Round-Up 4. EARL BILOW: I'll join the Navy and see the world. . DONALD BOGGS: His sense of humor is known to all. Football Manager 4. TED BONNOUGH: Here's a fellow with lots of pep, wherever he goes he's right in step. Bedford High IQ Football 2. DONALD BORN: Tall brown-haired Don seen in Libbey's hall has always been a pal to all. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3- EUGENE BOURN: In college he hopes to be next fall, an ambition like this is admired by all. VICTDORIA BOWES: In life she will be a great success in whatever she may do. National Honor 45 P11115 I, 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4g Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4Q French Club 2, Secy. 31 U.N. Club 2, 3, Secy. 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Secy. 4Q Crystal 4. JAMES BOWLES: We will always remember Jim for his quiet unassuming way. Macomber 1. JOSEPH BOYD: A life of ease in sailing the seas. WILLIAM BOYD: Both basketball and football were his aim, and in them both he played a top game. Football I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. EVELYN BOYKIN: A friendly miss whO's blythe and gay. G.A.A. 42 Y-Teens 4. PHYLLIS BRADFORD: Serene and calm, she enjoys each day. BARBARA BROEDOW: To Barb we wish the best of luck in whatever she may do. JOSEPH BROWN: I-le's full of vigor, full of vim, throughout his life he will wear a grin. Hi-Y 2. 1 BROEDOW JOSEPH BROWN WILLIA BOYD EVELYN BOYKIN PHYLLIS BRADFORD BARBA l 29 SANDRA BROWN SHIRLEY BROWNING MARCIA JOHN CHARLES ROBERT CHRISTIAN JOETTE C BRUGGEMAN E N A it ' ' S N V SE IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY ww, WILLIAM BUSH LYLLUS BUSICK SYLVIA CAMPBELL ANNA MAY CARPENTER SANDRA BROWN: Vivacity plus, she makes friends as she goes, this lass who is really light on her toes. National Honor 4Q Peries 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 42 Rhythm Round-Up 1, 2, Student Dance Director 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 3, Sr. Play Com., Sr. Trip Com., French Club 3, Debate I1 Band Majorette 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Edelian Faculty Ed. 4. SHIRLEY BROWNING: Shirleyis great love is to be in the swim, all through life she's sure to win. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Classical League 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 41 Gym Office 4L MARCIA BRUGGEMAN: She's pleasant, versatile, and sweet. Cincinnati 1, 22 National Honor 3, Secy. 42 Crystal Co-Editor 42 Jr. Play Com., Cowboy Round-Up Com. 4. SPENCER BURGESS: Another "Pancho" in the making-we hope Spencer will keep up his tennis playing. National Honor 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Crystal 41 Dramatic Club 3, 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Tennis IQ Cross Country 4, Bowling 4. SHIRLEY BURKHART: She wins our admiration by her friendliness and charm. Fostoria 1, 2, Na- tional Honor 3, 4, Zets 3, 4. WILLIAM BUSH: To Willie's church someday we'll go. LYLLUS BUSICK: Her cheery laugh and pleasing way has brightened every gloomy day. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. IQ F.B.L.A. 2, Debate IQ G.A.A. 1, 2. SYLVIA CAMPBELL: A registered nurse she plans to be. She'll get her wish just wait and see. ANNA MAY CARPENTER: "Annie's" future will be exactly what she makes it. Y-Teens 1, 2, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Dramatics 3, Band 2, 3, Jr. Play. JOHN CHARLES: This good-looking guy, with a way carefree, always to us a friend will be. ROBERT CHRISTIAN: Off to college he hopes to go, success for him is due we know. Parker High School, Birmingham, Ala. IQ Basketball 2. JOETTE CLARK: To her we wish much, much happiness in whatever her chosen career. National Honor 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 41 Biology Club 4, F.N.A.4, G.A.A. 3, Sr. Announcement Com. JACKIE COFER: On the switchboard she will shine. Here's one girl that will have a "line," Sear- cy, Arkansas I, 2, 3. GEORGE COKER: In reading and singing Ray finds pleasure. Track 1. SPENCER BURGESS SHI LEY BURKHART LARK JACKIE COEER GEORGE COKER ALICE COLE JANN COLE MAROLYN COLLINS DALE CONWAY SENIOR CLASS OF LIBBEY CAROL COR ER JAMES COYLE JOYCE CRITZER BEVERLY CRUNKILTON ALICE COLE: Strike or a spare, which will it be? A score of 300 she hopes to see. IANN COLE: We wish her happiness in whatever she may do. Y-Teens IQ F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. MAROLYN COLLINS: "An apple for the teacher!" some little boy will say: for Marolyn plans to teach small fry their ABC's some day. National Honor 4j Home Ee. Club 1, Secy. 2g Jr. Play Prcagptierg Sr. Play Prompter, Cowboy Round-Up Com. 4Q Testing 3, 4: Zets 3, 4: Edelian Co-Editor- m- 16 4. EALE CONWAY: He'l1 study pharmacy at T.U.g we wish him luck in all he'll do. Jr. Classical eague 3. CAROLYN COOPER: To Bowling Green our "Red" is bound where success and fame will surely be found. Phils 2, 3, 4Q Y-Teens IQ French Club 33 Dramatics 3, Corr. Secy. 43 G.A.A. IQ jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com. CAROL CORDNER: Her amiability attracts us all. Y-Teens 2, 3,1 French Club I, Censor ZQ U.N. Club 2, Chaplain 3, 4, Library 2, 3, 4. JAMES COYLE: "jumbo's" hobby is having fun: come on, gang, let's help him some. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2: Track 1, 2. JOYCE CRITZER: Sweet and coy is the girl we call Joy. Y-Teens 1, 2, Treas. 33 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, De- bate 2g G.A.A. I, 25 Gym Office 2. BEVERLY CRUNKILTON: Through wit and personality this girl has gained popularity. Y-Teens I, 2, VICE Pres. 3, 45 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. LARRY. CURTIS: More education is his desire, what fame and fortune does he aspire? ROBERT DAILEY: Tall and handsome with a smile that's winning. Q.D.'s 42 Dramatics 4Q Hi-Y 43 U.N. Club Pres. 4Q Golf 3, 4, Sr. Play 4. HARRY DAUNHAUER: His height of hilarity makes Harry a hit. Hi-Y 2: Jr. Play. EDYTHE DAVIS: She's off to college to gain some knowledge. DAVID DEAL: It's the quiet people who accomplish much. Dramatics 4: Bowling 4. LARRY CURTIS ROBERT DAILEY HARRY DAUNHAUER EDYTHE DAVIS CAROLYN COOPER 'B'-.."' 1 DAVID DEAL 31 GLORIA DE CESARE ,'-2 LEO DENOMY KENNETH DICKEY DWIGHT DINKINS JANET DE MARS JANICE DYBALA S 1oR CLASS or LIBBEY DORIS DIXON MERLE DIXON SUSAN DOUBLE J GLORIA DeCESARE: Always laughing and full of fun, many are the friends Gloria has won. JANET DeMARS: Singing her hobby, enthusiasm her passkey. Peries 4j Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Choir 2, Treas. 3, 4Q Home Ec. Club Treas. 3Q G.A.A. 2, 3. LEO DENOMY: There is never a dull moment when Leo's around. Football 1, 2, 4g Forum 4. KENNETH DICKEY: Air Force or college is his aim, in either, Kenny will gain fame. Jr. Play, Dramatics 4j Gym Office 2, 3, 4. DWIGHT DINKINS: As pleasant as he is tall, this boy is liked by all. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Play Com. DORIS ELAINE DIXON: Look for fun and you'll find "Dixie." MERLE DIXON: With his black hair and eyes of brown, "Big Dix" is quite a man about town. SUSA.N DOUBLE: Quiet and sweet, Sue is really hard to beat. National Honor 43 Classical Honor IQ Phils 2, 3, Rec. Secy. 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, Secy. 3, V. Pres. 49 Biology Club 2, Secy. 3, U.N. Club 3, 42 Jr. Classical League If Crystal 3, Assoc. Editor 4. JACQUELIN DUSSEAU: Always smiling, alwaysgayg Jackie's tops in every way. Olney IQ F.B.L.A. 4g Dramatics 4Q Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3, 4. ,LABNIIICZE DYBALA: Good luck, Jan, in whatever you dog your charm will always see you through. . . . .3, 4. KATHERINE EBRIGHT: Her future lies in that walk down the aisle. Jones Jr. 1. ELDON ECKHART: An All-Ohio Tackle, and All-American guy. Forum 4Q Hi-Y V. Pres. 4, Foot- ball I, 2, Vafslfy 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 41 Baseball 4g Choir 4. BEVERLY EDEN: Bev's quite an aquatic star. Zet 3 ' Y-T ' G Off' 3 43 Dramatics 3, 43 JF- Play: Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Round-Up Cdmjgil eens I, 4, ym me RICHARD ELDRIDGE: At T.U. Dick will lay the foundation for a life of success. Track 3, 4. KATHERINE DUSSEAU EBRIGHT ELDON ECKHART BEVERLY EDEN RICHARD ELDRIDGE I i BETTY ELLIOTT BURCHARD ELZY EUGENE ESTERLINE JOANNE EUBANK MADONNA FAIR S NIOR CLASS OF LIBBEY BETTY ELLIOTT: W CAROLE FALK JUNE FALKENBERG SHARON FAUBLE ith her sparkling eyes and brown hair, Betty is welcomed everywhere. BURCHARD ELZY: "Happy" is such a friendly lad. Track 2, 3, 45 Football 2, Varsity 3, 4. EUGENE ESTERLINE: A more likeable lad cannot be found. Burnham 1, 2. JOANNE EUBANK: Sugar and spice and everything nice. Woodward IQ Y-Teens 43 F.N.A. 3, 4g Choir 2, 3, 4Q Jr. Classical League 2, Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3, 4. MADONNA FAIR: To work or get married-which shall it be? F.N.A. I, 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS FAIRCHILD: Phyllis is New York bound, where her future will be found. F.B.L.A. I. CAROLE FALK: So tiny, so cute, though her stature is small, Carole is a friend to one and all. Phils 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 42 French Club 3, Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 3g G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Gym Office 2, 3 4, Rhythm Round-Up 3, 4. JUNE FALKENBERG: On the tennis court June can be seeng off of it sheis quite a queen. National Honor 45 Phils 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens rg French Club 35 Dramatics 4, G.A.A. IQ Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Round-Up Com. 3, 4. SHARON FAUBLE: Blond, blue-eyed Sharon with personality plus, is certainly one who is envied by us. Zets 1, 2, 3, Rec. Secy. 4j Y-Teens 1, Secy. 2, 3, Treas. 45 Dramatics 45 Sr. Play Com. RICHARD FAUGHT: Dick's a boy with a friendly way, a pal of ours, we hope he'1l stay. WILLIAM FELTZ: The Navy will be his career. Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com. PETE FINCH: A scholar, a friend, a regular guy. National Honor 3, 4Q Q.D.'s 3, Treas. 4, Hi-Y 1, Pres. 2, Secy. 3, Secy. 45 Basketball 1, Fed. Basketball 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4g Jr. Play Com., Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. Co-Chairman 4. WILLIAM FINDLEY: A sense of humor, intelligence toog his friends are many, his foes are few. National Honor 3, 4, Forum 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 42 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Football Manager 3, 4, Jr. Ring Com., Cowboy Roundup Com.g Sr. Trip. Com. I-Ie'll take a wonderful picture of you, for that's what he likes most to do. JOHN FINNEY: RICHARD 14 UGHT Nami .- , . i is s. .. ' . Jig E . .Q 'S Y Q N .. E an , VVILLIAM FELTZ 'SRQVN 1 N PETE FINCH WILLIAM NDLEY JOHN FINNEY C 33 ml SANDRA FISH THOMAS FUNKA MARY FLACK JOHN FLORENCE NANCY FISHER , JAMES FISHER SE IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY E L 4 i PHYLLIS FOLEY EMMA FOX AVE FRAY CH LOTTE FULL R SANDRA FISH: An air of sophistication will help this charming lass through her chosen voca- tion. JAMES FISHER: On roller skates he'll work for fame, till all salute his well known name. Whit- mer I, 2. NANCY FISHER: A lovely maiden, never bold, Nancy is worth her weight in gold. Zets 3, Chap- lain 45 Home Ee. 2, 3, Lib 2, Crystal 4. MARY FLACK: Ambitious, friendly, and nice to know, "Flicker" will make a hit wherever she may go. National Honor 4: Peries 1, 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Classical League 1, ZQ French Club 3,2 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4Q Jr. Play Com., Sr. Announcement Com. JIOHN FLORENCE: When you want to buy a house, or a piece of ground, go to john for a bargaini t at's sound. PHYLLIS FOLEY: To be a secretary is her aim: in some big office she'll rise to fame. Y-Teens 1, 2, 4Q F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. EMMPI-IQFOX: These words fit Emma right to a "T": intelligence, charm, amiability. Woodward I, 2j 1 s 3, 4. DAVE -FRAYER: Tall and brawny, with a voice so strong, Dave will always get along. Q.D.'s 1, 31, 4gkH1-Y 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, Sgt.-at-Arms 2 and 3, Pres. 4, Football 1, zgl rac 1, 2. CHARLOTTE FULLER: She would like to go to beauty school, that's for sure: but married life also, for this maiden, has its allure, THOMAS FUNKA: Fast on his feet, Tom will never be beat. Q.D.'s 2, Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4, Hi-Y 2, 31 4,5 Football I, 2, Var- 3, 43 Basketball I3 Bowling 3, 42 Track 3, 42 Sr. Class V. Pres. 43 Junior- Hgilgzdlfiom 3,2 Edelian Athletics Ed. 4. GABLE: This cute lass is headed perhaps for a modeling class. Majorette 3, 4. EELORES GARNER: She has. singing for a hobby and college for a future. 1 QNALD GARNERQTTIOSC blg blue eyes make the gals look twice: a terrific guy with lots of SP1ce- Forum 3, 45 H1-Y I, 2, Pres. 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Var. Football 41 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Var. 4, Jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, National Honor 4 LARRY GEORGIA: Bound for the navy and the ocean blue, Larry will make his dream come truf- MARGIE GABLE DELORES GARNER h DONALD GARNER LARRY GEORGIA RONALD GIBSON J. B. GOINS ROSE MARY ooLEMB1Ewsx1 ELI-:NA GooDw1N pawn.. . ',,,,, Wk IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY ZORA GREEN JOEY GREENWADE' F ORA BELLE HAGUE DONALD HALES RONALD GIBSON: As a man of highest medical fame, we'll all have cause to remember his name. National Honor 41 Q.D.'s 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 1, 2, 41 Cross Country 4g Dramatic Club 3, Treas. 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Playg Stationer's Desk 3, 4. J. B. GOINS: Tall "B" is college bound. Football 1, 25 Track 3, 4. ROSE MARY GOLEMBIEWSKI: Here's a girl we all admireg may she get her heart's desire. Scott 1. ELENA GOODWIN: Charming, pretty, and quick of witg at T.U. she's sure to make a hit. Y-Teens 2Q French Club 22 Sr. Play. THOMAS GRAF: In radio work he will excel, for this we know he does quite well. Hi-Y 3, 4g Sr. Play Com. ZORA GREEN: A course in the serious study of law will bring her much pleasure though mingled with awe. Biology Club 23 G.A.A. 1, 25 Jr. Play Com., F.T.A. 1, 22 U.N. Club 2Q Jr. Classical League 4. ' JOEY GREENWADE: Joey's always smiling. FLORA BELLE HAGUE: Hope you find joy in whatever you do. Choir 4. DONALD HALES: A musical career is this lad's aim, we hope in this he'll gain great fame. Ma- comber 1, 2. JAMES HALTEMAN: Artistic ability, intelligence, toog this is a guy surpassed by few. National Honor 4g Jr. Classical League IQ Lib 2j Biology Club 3, 4g U.N. Club 43 Rhythm Round-Up 3Q Sr. Play 4. PATRICIA HAMMERSMITH: Only Pat knows what her future will be. F.N.A. 2, Reporter 3. HERBERT HARDING: Everyone's friend and no one's foeg with this thought in mind, off to col- lege he'1l go. Forum 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, Track 2, 3, 45 Football Manager 3, 4. PHILLIP HAWLEY: A nicer guy can't be found, there's always fun when Phil's around. JOHN WESLEY HAYNES: He's off to fly the Air Force Blue. THOMAS GRAF an gf" slin- JAMES HALTEMAN PATRICIA HAMMERSMITH HERBERT HARDING PHILLIP HAWLEY JOHN WESLEY HAYNES lg 35 1 BARBARA HAYTON JACK HEATH BEVERLY HEISING RICHARD HENNINGSEN 3 MARY HAZELBAKER 1 w l A I .GT N' W ' S NIOR CLASS OF LIBBEY Y Q a 'L , ,f pp f f f 2 ' ' gn? 2 - 2 J ' if I '7f5V,'7QJ!' f 6 ff' .fin .1 ff ' . ,403,?.45, f .- , , , ., , 3 3. . ' 7 . .. f f . WW!! -,,. -4 N? LARRY HEROLD ROBERT HERWAT BARBARA HIGGINS DONALD HIGGINS I BARBARA HAYTON: We have been told thaf "Babe', is entering a career of marriage. Y-Teens 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4g Dramatics 42 Edelian 4Q Sr. Play Com., Gym Office 4, Activities Office 42 Rhythm Round-Up 3, 4. MARY HAZELBAKER: A literary career may bring her greatness. Nat'l Honor 4, Zets 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 3, 45 French Club 3, Crystal 2, Co-Exchange Editor 3, News Editor 42 Ir. Play Com. JACK HEATH: Navy-bound Jack soon will be, his only desire is to sail the sea. Football 1. BEVERLY HEISING: This young maid with hair so red is looking forward to the day she'll be wed. Y-Teens 1, 2, Chaplain 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, F.T.A. 3, Debate Club 22 G.A.A. 1, 2. . RICHARD HENNINGSEN: Dick, so friendly and so tall, will soon be seen in some college hall. Forum 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4j Bowling 2, 3, 4, Jr. Play Com. B LARRY HEROLD: Intelligence plus sophistication makes a winning combination. Nat'l Honor 3, 42 Hi-Y IQ Dramatics Club 3, Pres. 4Q Bowling 4j Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Rhythm Round-Up 3, 4j Sr. Ban- quet Com., Edelian Layout Ed. 4. IROIBERT HERWAT: Never a worry, always a smile, we'l1 remember Bob for a long, long while. Foot- a 3. , BARBARA HIGGINS: A telephone operator I am going to be and I will serve you industriously. Y- 1' Teens 1, 2, 4Q F.B.L.A. IQ Sr. Play. DONALD HIGGINS: Happy go lucky Don will go far in his own way. Hi-Y 1, 2. ROBERT HILFINGER: No matter what he undertakes he is certain to be a success. lgoltgbicgyroqf 5li:E1itiEg4.and singing, we hope happiness her way will be GERALD HILL: His winning smile and carefree ways will carry him on for many days. Q-D-'S 2, 3, 45 Football I, 2 3 Var 4' Sr Announcement C B k , , . , . om., as etball 2. JANE HINTZ: In helping the sick and making them well, Jane is surely going to excel. Nat'l Hon- 01' 3, 45 C135-S1631 HOHOI' 2, SCCY.-Treas. 3, 4, Biology 2, 3, Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 3Q F.T.A. 1, 2. ICIAROL.HIS'CHKAI Truly H leader in every way, an efficient teacher shelll make some day. Nafil 350G'?IfI.4i135113K-,AIff,E,e1:Ofr.3R?nfeSC4:.Ygeens Chaplain 1, Pres. 2, 3, 4j Biology 2, 31 Debate 2 g om , esting 3, Choir 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. i l i l GERALD HILL JANE HINTZ CAROL HISCHKA YVONNE HOODLET ...-,i,..' .4 :-, 4 ' . 'i ' L::':,,:.m-1:Lge-.-. 4, ' RUBY HORTON EVELYN HOUGHTON DOUGLAS HOWE ,, ,WW SENIOR CLASS OF LIBBEY REBECCA H NT NANCY HURD RIAN HUSSEY ANN INGOLD YVONNE HOODLET: Quiet and reserved in her way, a fine secretary she'1l make some day. Nat'l Honor 43 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. RUBY HORTON: A nurse's cap is this girl's goal. Y-Teens 2Q G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Choir. EVELYN HOUGHTON: Little words cannot describe the joy she brings to all our lives. Zets 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4,1 Y-Teens 1, 2, 43'French Club 23 Choir 2, 3, 43 Deans' Office 1, 2, 3, 4. DOUGLAS HOWE: With "Muscles" as his nickname, in the Marines he'11 win his fame. Football Manager 23 Cross Country Manager 4g Track Manager 2, 3, 43 Track 1. ARTHUR HUFF: Our Deede is sure to please, when in the Navy he sails the seven seas. Hi-Y 5, zijig, 4Q Dramatics 3, 4Q Biology 43 Cross Country 4Q Band I, 2, Sgt.-at-Arms 3 and 42 Jr. Play3 L ay. REBECCA HUNT: Becky's future is in the business field3 help to others we're sure she'l1 wield. Zets 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 41 F.B.L.A. 23 Dramatics 4,1 Sr. Announcement Com.3 Sr. Play. NANCY HURD: Always winning with never strife, Nancy will work her way through life. F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 42 Testing 2. MARIAN HUSSEY: Here's a girl who's full of pepg she's sure of success in her future step. Peries 2, 3, 4Q Y-Teens I, 23 Dramatics 4Q Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. ANN INGOLD: In rollerskating and bowling she makes a fine showing. F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 43 Sr. Play Com. JOYCE JACKSON: Blond hair and blue eyes combine to make this girl a prize. Choir 4. GLADYS JEAKLE: With laughing face and twinkling eye, she smiles at life as it goes by. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4,2 F.T.A. 2, 3, Secy. 4Q Debate 2, 3, 43 Edelian Class Ed. 43 F.B.L.A. 2, 33 Projection 1, 2. ROBERTA JEFFERDS: Life's sure to greet her,with wonderful thingsg a sparking career, and all that it brings. National Honor 42 Peries I, 2, 3, 41 Y-Teens V. Pres. 1, 2, 3, 43 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Secy. 4Q Dramatics 4Q Jr. Play Com.3 Sr. Play3 Deans' Office 4. JAMES JENSON: Never a trouble or never a care for this guy with a smile. Choir 4. BEVERLY JOHNSON: Her kindness shows in her every deedg her future's undecided, but she'll suc- ceed. Y-TeensI,4. all-" :JN 45.1 1 K wwevrr' JOYCE JACKSON GLADYS JEAKLE ROBERTA JEFFERDS JAMES JENS - - 1-1 r3"33'33rw i2 gf l Ni 33", I . ARTHUR HUFF l , OS. 4 vi lj I. V i, E! lil lflie 'EW ill P5 VJ. I 1 1, l ,ll ,1 li X, l 1 I 1 l l 1, I 4 .E ti . l l, ll ll IU I v l l E I I Q , L wt: Ski E . 1 1 l . ,, ,, l ill 4 , . . .1 1 i 1 i ll U ll li lx 1 Y l P , W, l fe T H l M 1 ll . I E 'wwf' ' ' BEVERLY JOHNSON w L l 37 3 l l i l ill' LIAM J SUZANNE JORDAN WU' ORDAN SUZANNE KABEL WAYNE KAKELA MARJORIE JONAS ANN KLOEPPEL SE IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY SHIRLEY KEISER MARJORIE JONAS: The perfect harmony of intelligence and pleasing personality. Zets 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 45 Biology Club 2, 3, 45 Sr. Play Com.5Cho1r 3, 4. g . SUZANNE JORDAN: Sweet Sue is liked wherever she goes. National Honor 45 Perles 1, 2, 3, Rec. Secy. 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 42 French Club Treas. 35 F.T.A. 3, 4Q Edelian Senior Ed. 45 Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 45 Activities Office 45 Testing Office 22 Rhythm Round-Up 1, 2, Dance Director 3, 4. WILLIAM JORDAN: His voice will pave the way for his bright future. Robinson High IQ Red Cross 23 Choir 2, 3, 45 Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3. i , 0 SUZANNE KABEL: She's tall and slender with big brown eyes. What more .is there? Sue s a prize. National Honor 45 Phils 1, 2, 3, 41 Y-Teens 1, 3, Secy. 43 F.T.A. IQ Dramatics 45 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Sr. Rep. 42 G.A.A. I, 33 Gym Office 3, 4Q Jr. Play Com.5 Sr. Playg Rhythm Round-Up 4.. WAYNE KAKELA: Leadership and ability go with his name. Forum 2, 3, V. Pres. 45 H1-Y Treas. 2, Treas. 3, Treas. 45 Football 1, Varsity 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 41 Bowling 3, 45 Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. Co-Ch. 45 Jr. Class Pres. 35 Rhythm Round-Up 3, 45 Student Council 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 National Honor 4. SHIRLEY KEISER: Neat, Petite, but oh, so sweet. Peries 1, 2, 3, 41 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, Pres. 45 Majorette 2, 3, Secy. 45 Choir 4. CHARLOTTE KEMPFER: Nice to know. National Honor 3, 45 Zets 3, 42 Jr. Class League 1, Treas. 2. SHIRLEY KING: There's no friend any better. Biology 2Q F.T.A. 25 Testing 2. SALLY KIRSCHNER: This girl with hair of fire will be a nurse. F.N.A. 1, 2, Treas. 3. ANN KLOEPPEL: Always a smile and a pleasant word. SHIRLEY KOEBRICH: Her talent will lead to modeling school. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. 1, 2, 42 H0me EC- Club I, 2, 33 Debate Club 1, 25 Sr. Play Com.5 Dramatics 45 Rhythm Round-Up 1, 2, 4. MITZI KOHRING: Her energy. charm, and winning ways, will be remembered for many days. Na- tional Honor 4j Phils 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4Q Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 3g F.T.A. 2, 3, 4Q Jr. Classi- cal League 1, 25 G:A.A. 1, 25 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Crystal 32 Sr. Class Secy.-Treas.5 Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3, 41 Dean s Office 2, 3, 4Q Jr. Play5 Sr. Plav5 Dramatics 3, 45 Edelian Club Ed. 4. FAI-'RH KQHRING! PCD and humor from head to toe, there's not a dull moment when you're with Moe.' Senior Banquet Com.5 Forum 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Secy. 45 French Club 2, SQ jr. Classical League I3 Golf 3, 43 F00fDa11 Manager 2, 3, 43 Bowling 2, 3, 45 Fed. Basketball 43 National Honor 4. CARL KRUEGER: Carl 15 3 guy the girls admireg he frequently sets their hearts on fire. Hi-Y 1, 2. Vi SHIRLEY Koi-:BRICK MITZI K0 SHIRLEY KING SALLY KIRSCHNER X HRING RALPH KOHRING NCARL KRUEGER , RONALD KUTZKE SARAH LAWRENCE ROSE MARY LAZAR NORMA LEDYARD W iff? 714 J 0 I ff' S NIOR CLASS OF LIBBEY LARRY LINEBERGER PATRICK LOCKETT DONNA LOGAN LOCGINS RONALD KUTZKE: A friend to all, a foe to none, he never misses a chance for fun. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2. SARAH LAWRENCE: The best will come to this sweet girl, whose ideal is to see the world. ROSE MARY LAZAR: With eyes that shine and hair that's dark, this girl will make her successful mark. F.B.L.A. 3, 43 Home Ec. Club 2, Main Office 2. NORMA LEDYARD: Smiling and happy forever she'll be, and stay in the memory of you and me. Rhythm Round-Up 1, 2. PAUL LEININGER: For Paul, engineering success, wait and see, he's our guy, and will always be. i National Honor 3, 4, Q.D.'s 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 41 Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com. LARRY LINEBERGER: It soon will be Anchors Aweigh for Leo. West Middlesex High School, Penn. 1, 2. PATRICK LOCKETT: On the football field he can't be beat, a regular guy whom you should meet. Football 1, 2, Var. 3, 4, Basketball IQ Junior-Senior Prom 4, Red Cross 1. .4 DONNA LOGAN: In sports our Donna does excel, her friends all know this gal is swell. Phils 2, 3, l Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Biology 2, Jr. Classical League 2, G.A.A. 1, 2. SHIRLEY LOGGINS: To be a secretary is her desire. Y-Teens IQ F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4,2 Dramatics 42 Sr. Play Com., Gym Office 3, 4. RONALD LONG: This handsome lad with a winning way, is quite a charmer, so they say. Q.D.'s 2, 3, Pres. 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Var. 3, 41 Basketball 1, 2, Var. 3, 4, Junior-Senior Prom Co- Chairman 3, Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Bowling 3, 4, National Honor 4, Edelian Club Ed. 4. JAMES LOYER: A regular guy with a friendly way. Sr. Play Com. ARLENE LUGABIHL: With five foot two, eyes of blue, this sweet Miss will always do. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. JOAN LUKERT: Happy and gay, in her own sweet way. Band 1, 2, 3, 41 Rhythm Round-Up 2. THOMAS MCCALLY: Without an answer never, a lad who's really clever. Macomber 1. PAUL LEININGER I 'R+ .. X ' 15. ' . Q l i s Ji' RQNALD LONG JAMES Loves ARLENE LUGABIHL JOAN LUKERT THoMAs MCCALLY ' 39 CAROLYN MCCLURE DON NA MCCORMICK THOMAS MCCORMICK 1. S IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY BARBARA MCINTIRE ANNE MCKITRICK UE MCLAUGHLIN Jos , NE' Mcvl ER r . . ' a CAROLYN MCCLURE: A peppy blond, in sports she's keeng soon at college she'll be seen. Y-Teens 1, 2g Bible Club V. Pres. 2, 33 Chess Club 2, 3Q G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. DONNA MCCORMICK: Ever happy, ever gay, Donna is fine in every way. Central 1. THOMAS MCCORMICK: In the Armed Services he'11 do his part. TIMOTHY MCCORMICK: Eyes of blue, hair of brown. Here's a guy who loves to Clown. ROSEMARY MCELYA: Athletic, Charming, friendly too this combination is possessed bv few. G.A.A. 2, 3, 4- BARBARA McINTIRE: On the golf course, with very low par, this charming Miss will surely go far. National Honor 3, 43 Peries 1, 2, 3, 4,2 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. ANIINIEILMPCKITRICK: She'll follow the old tradition, to be a housewife is her ambition. Y-Teens 1, 2, .... 3, 4. SUE MCLAUGHLIN: Singing and dancing with every step, Suzie's a cutie with plenty of pep. Y- Teens 2, 3, 4Q F.T.A. 3, Treas. 4, Dramatics Club 42 G.A.A. 2, SQ Majorette 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4Q Rhythm Round-Up 1, 2, 3 4g Sr. Play, Choir 4. JOSEPHINE MCVICKER: As merry and gay as a carrousel, this young lady will fare very well. Y- Teens IQ F.B.L.A. 3, 4. GLORIA MACIEJEWSKA: Nice and sweet, as you can see. A telephone operator she will be. JACK MACKLENAR: T.U. here I come, roll out the carpet, we'll have some fun. Hi-Y 1. HENRY MACKLIN: Quiet, but very nice. WILLIAM MAGGINIS: Full of fun is our pal "Mac," college will be his future task. SSIETALD MALCZEWSKI: "What does life have in store for me? I think it'll be great to watch and SRS GLORIA MACIEZEWSKA JACK MACKL AR I HENRY MACKLIN w1LL1AM M GGINIS RONALD MALCZEWSKI TIM MCCORMICK RosEMARY MCELYA . J. 1 f 'ff-In .' -11 . . - ' ' .5 3, .1 Wx... ......... . 1- 'N y, f X N v 5 s PM rr' Q11 Q22 gl Eli gig. PATRICIA MALLORY KENNETH MARNEY BARBARA MARSHALL NANCY MARTIN MARLENE MENENDEZ l. fi . 1 S 1oR CLASS or LIBBEY f 'ffl U 11 3 is 3! 1 lm ' H fil 1' all U 51 gil. 3 :lv . H, Ill El lf' A ' i I 1 3. l ' 1 i ROBERT MENTZER MARLENE MICKENS DICK MILEY MILLER 5 5 i I PATRICIA MALLORY: A loyal Libbeyite with a peppy way, "Pat', is in our hearts to stay. Nation- . al Honor 4j Student Council 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4j Zets 2, 3, Cor. Secy. 5 Y-Teens Treas. 1' Chess Club V l Tl 4 , - Pres. 3g Cheerleader 2, 3, 4Q jr. Play Com., Sr. Play, Rhythm Round-Up 1, 2, 45 Deans' Aid 2, 4g ly Edelian Class Ed. 4. li Vl K. KENNETH MARNEY: In football and basketball this boy has shone, his friendly nature is very H3 well known. Football 1, Varsity 3, 45 Track 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3, Varsity 4. ff BARBARA MARSHALL: Quiet, sincere and very sweet, Barbara is to her friends quite a treat. Cen- tral IQ Jr. Play Com. Us NANCY MARTIN: As to her career, she's undecided, this pretty Miss who won't be slighted. 4 MARLENE MENENDEZ: Butch hopes to be a secretary, in having fun she doesn't tarry. if A ROBERT MENTZER: Never a dull moment when Bob's around, for wit and wisdom he's won re- il nown. National Honor 3, V. Pres. 4Q Hi-Y Pres. I, 2, 3, 41 Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Coun- l try 3, 45 Fed. Basketball 4, Dramatics Club 4Q Sr. Memorial Com., Edelian Finance Ed. 4. ' ig MARLENE MICKENS: Where there's Marlene, there's certain to be fun. Peries 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 5 ,q 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4g G.A.A. 21 Crystal 42 Jr. Play Com.g Rhythm Round-Up 1, 2. . DICK MILEY: Uncertain as yet if the Navy he'1l take, we wish success and God-speed for his sake. i SUSAN MILLER: Though of stature she is small, this versatile Miss is loved by all. National Honor , il 43 Peries 2, 3, Chaplain 4Q Y-Teens 3g French Club 3, Rhythm Round-Up Com. 2, 3, Jr. Play, Crystal 5 Feature Editor 2, 3g Edelian Faculty Ed. 4Q Junior-Senior Prom 3Q Sr. Banquet Com. , , MIRIAM MIX: Her dark brown eyes and cheerful smile are sure to be remembered all the while. I 5 National Honor 3, 42 Phils 2, 3, 42 Classical Honor IQ Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 41 U.N. Club 3, 4. I MARCELLA MOCKENSTURM: Her pretty smile wins her many friends. Phils 42 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4Q U.N. Club 35 jr. Classical League 2. i RALPH MOORE: With a nickname like "Shot-Rod" and a hobby to match, attending a trade school, Iv there will be no catch. fl IOSEPHINE MORAWSKI: A friend to all is our sweet Jo. Home Ec. 1, ZQ Red Cross 1, 2. ,' CAROLE MORGAN: With hair and eyes so very dark, in a crowd she's a lively spark. Phils 2g Y- if I Teens 1, 2, 3, 42 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate IQ F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Dramatics 45 G.A.A. 1, 2. .nf , ll, . 1' l V l lil lil .3 uns, "MQ" 'fit 'J I V if V H ii l li . I ll MIRIAM Mix MARCELLA MOCKENSTURM RALPH Moores JOSEPHINE MORAWSK1 cARoLE MORGAN I . 1 11 41 - ,Q I ii LU ANNE MOYER EM? RICHARD NEHRING APIER KENNETH MYERS JOANNE N . " QI TW f If ,:,.x- Y S wie. .....-. xv S' r .. , . . if .,,, ,. ., .,,.. , A., ,V , , R9-'-' 3 ,V-J.. '. 153' V139 - ' ,f-:fy f , ,,,, ... ya, ,.,.,:.:g,f.4:.g,f.., WLM I - SLIZSV f ,.uff5?'52?W SE IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY JACQUELINE NOSS FRANCIS NOWAKOWSKI MARGARET O'CONNELL SHARON O'DONNELL LU ANNE MOYER: Sparkling eyes and loveliness too, belong to the one whom we call Lu. Peries 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 42 jr. Classical League IQ Bookroom 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Play Com., Sr. Banquet Com. KENNETH MYERS: Girls are his interest, he will admit, off to college, we hope he'll be a hit. Na- tional Honor 4, Forum 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 42 Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4Q Track 2, Basketball 1, 2, Var. 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, Golf 4Q Junior-Senior Prom 3, Sr. Play Com. JOANNE NAPIER: Jo's been here for only a while, but many friends sheis won with her brighten- ing smile. Oakland, Calif. 2, 3, Y-Teens 42 G.A.A. 4. RICHARD NEHRING: Such a friendly lad will never be sad. Cross Country 4, Sr. Play Corn., Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3, 4, Edelian 3, 4. JAE ANN NEWTON: Forever bubbling with laughter, always pleasant to be with. Zets 3, Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Jr. Classical League 1, 2, Classical Honor IQ Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3, 4. JACQUELINE NOSS: With her quiet manner and winning way, "Jackie's Tops!" we always say. National Honor 3, 4, Zets I, 2, 3, Pres. 4Q Y-Teens 1, Treas. 2, Pres. 3, 4j F.B.L.A. 3, 42 Edelian Club Ed. 4, Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play, Rhythm Round-Up 2. FRANCIS NOWAKOWSKI: With all Frank's class and wit, in college he's sure to make a hit. Golf team 3. MARGARET O'CONNELL: Peggy's her name, fashion will be her fame. SHARON O'DONNELL: O'D's her nickname, she can't be beat, try to find someone equally sweet. National Honor 4g Peries 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4, Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Gym Office 3, 4, Rhythm Round-Up 3, 43 Edelian Senior Ed. 4, jr. Ring Com., Sr. Play Com. NELDA Overghpe Xvires her voice will come, as a telephone operator for everyone. Y- eensr, .... 2,3,4Q ...1. PHYL JOANIORBESEN: In a manner all her own she forms bounds of golden friendship. National HOUOI' 43 PCYICS I, 2, 3, V. Pres. 42 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4Q Edelian Senior Ed. 4, Junior-Senior Prom 3, Cowboy Round-Up,4, Testing Office 2: Rhythm Round-Up 3, 4. 1S3'gtIgIrigJ15IiEll2: Shes always there to aid, her liveliness will never fade. Whitney 22 Y-Teens I1 DONALD OSBORNEI T0 get a job is this boy's aim. To "Shorty" we wish all kinds of fame. ,LOZJJATNE OSTHIMER: Jo's voice is really grand. To be a telephone operator is her plan. F.B.L.A. NELDA ORANGE PHYL JOAN ORBESEN RUTH ORNER JAE ANN NEWTON DONALD OSBORN ,IOANNE OSTHIMER J ...4,.. 2 V M 3 BEVERLY OWENS MURIEL PAEPLOW FRANCES PALMER SHIRLEY PAL UCH NANCY PASCHE SE IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY A .WX iz X X v,,:SfQ A 4 X " - 2 S 3 X X X X 1 ' . ,. f-'ill FRED PERO ARY PETER CLIFFORD PETH JEANNE POMMERANZ BEIYERLQI OWENS: Quiet and reserved in manner, Beverly's plans will take her places. Y-Teens 4Q ome c. 2. MURIEL PAEPLOW: Off to Cincinnati is Muriel's plan to study the Bible as well as she can. Na- tional Honor 45 Zets 2, 3, Treas. 45 Y-Teens IQ Dramatics 3, 4,2 Jr. Play Com.5 Sr. Playg Sr. Memor- ial Com. Choir 2, 3, Pianist 42 Rhythm Round-Up Com. 3. FRANCES PALMER: Roller skating and dancing are the hobbies of Frang going to college to study prharmacy is her plan. Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Biology Club 2, 3Q Jr. Classical League 2, 32 G.A.A. 1, 2 reas. 3, 4. SDIEIERLEY PALUCH: Sweet and Smiling, always gayg Shirlcy,s a friend with a winning way. Nurse's 1 ice 4. NANCY PASCHE: Dramatically she has combined a reserve of manner with a brilliant mind. Phils 2, 3, Chaplain 45 Y-Teens 1, 3, 4Q Jr. Classical League 2, 3, 4Q U.N. Club 2Q Dramatics 4Q Sr. Playg Deans' Aid 2. FRED PERO: This boy is happy when doing machine workg when given a duty he tries not to shirk. Football 1, 25 Red Cross 3. l MARY PETERS: Her eyes can make your heart skip a beatg that's because she is so sweet. Zets 1, 25 Y-Teens Secy. 1, 25 Jr. Classical League 1, 25 String Quartet 4. CLIFFORD PETH: To college for knowledge. Hi-Y 1. JEANNE POMMERANZ: Charming and sweet, Jean's quite a lass. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 41 Debate IQ F.B.L.A. 25 F.T.A. 3, 4Q Edelian Ad. Manager 4Q Activities Office 4Q Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3, 4. DANIEL PTASZYNSKI: He goes the even tenor of his way. JAMES PUSZCZEWICZ: A working man he plans to be, a regular guy we'll all agree. CAROLE RAITZ: This maid will not tarry for soon she will marry. Home Ec. Club I. JAMES REARDON: Very intelligent a trifle shy. Jim is known as a very nice guy. Oak Harbor IQ National Honor 3, Pres. 4: Forum 3, Secy. 41 Biology Club 2, Treas. 3, 4. I RICHARD RECHT: For even though vanquished, he could argue still. National Honor 42 Band 1. 2, 3, Student Director 45 Debate Club 3, Secy. 45 Hi-Y Secy. 1, Secy. 2, Secy. 3, 4Q Jr. Classical League 1, Secy. 22 Cross Country 42 Track 41 Golf 3, 45 Commencement Announcementsg Sr. Play l Com.5 Jr. Play Com.5 Chess Club 3, Pres. 4. L .3 , Q R -is-E X-Q .... DAN PTASZY SKI JAMES PUSZCZEWICZ CAROLE RAITZ JAMES REARDON RICHARD RECHT ,1 MARY GWEN REED EXSVRENCE REEVES VERNEDA RICHARDSON S IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY y w--4202.2 4 ls' - 5 N! is 34 ' .fflhi 5 44, f 5' DOLORES ROE ROBERT ROESLER ROBERT ROSE MARJORIE ROSSBACH MARY GWEN REED: Quiet, sweet, intelligent too, success for her is surely due. Peries 1, 2, 3, Censor 4, Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Sr. Play. LAWRENCE REEVES: He brightens up classrooms and study hall, our "Tiny,' is really a friend to all. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. VERNEDA RICHARDSON: Verneda's service has been fine, as a nurse she'll be a veritable gold mine. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. MARY ALICE RIER: Full of zest, a glowing ember, off to Miami she-'ll go in September. Peries 2, 3, 42 Y-Teens 41 Dramatics Club 4, Deanis Office 3, 4. ERLENE ROBERTS: A charming lass, as we have found, to the best of positions she is bound. U.N. Club 1, 2, 35 Biology Club 3, 4. DELORES ROE: Delores is attractive and ambitious - a hard combination to beat. Y-Teens IQ F.B.L.A. 3, 4, U.N. 3. ROBERT ROESLER: A little shy and rather tall, Bob's a guy who's liked by all. Choir 1, 2, 3. ROBERT ROSE: Where sports abound, there he'll be found. Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4Q Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4. MARJORIE ROSSBACH: Laughing and gay, she will surely make her way. Peries 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 3, 4. WILLIAM ROSSELIT: Bill is certain to accomplish his quest, in the field he will choose he'll be one of the best. Q.D.'s 3, 4Q Hi-Y 4Q Football 1, 2, Var. 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 4, Sr. Play Com., Nat'l Honor 4. MAURICE ROYCE: For those who wonder what I'll be, the Navy's the perfect career for me. LEONARD.RUSCH: just what he'1l be is not now known, wait a few years and it will be shown. Q-D-'S 43 H1'Y 31 Football 1, 3, Track 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM RUSSELL: Happy and gay, he whiles the hours away. BARBARA RUSZKOWSKI: Full of fun and mischief too, to Libbey Barbara has been true. WILLIAM ROSSELIT MAURICE ROYCE LEONARD RUSCH MARY ALICE RIER ERLENE ROBERTS WILLIAM RUSSELL BARBARA RUSZKOWSKI BARBARA SCHOETTLEY JUANITA SCHROEDER BETTY SEKULSK1 PHYLLIS SE TLES JOANN ,...n,v ..' 1, , T-, A U ,,,,,.., . . 1.-.. . . f,' cl- ,,- ., ,...,.... , , g- 4:T....2Q:n-gf 473.-, - BETTY RYBKA FAYE SCHILLER BEVERLY SCHNABEL RICHARD SCHNAIJP QW SENICR CLASS OF LIBBEY Qfvw f ,f wp Q ,f JANET SCHULTZ ERNEST SEARS BETTY RYBKA: Mischief shines in her bright eyes. Nurse's Office 4. FAYE SCHILLER: "joddy" is a pleasing soul, to be a secretary is her goal. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Red Cross 2. BEVERLY SCHNABEL' Actin for "Bev,, is reall no ain' future uccess she will surely gain - Z Y P , S - Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, V. Pres. 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Dramatics 3, 4, jr. Play, Sr. Play, Stu- dent Director Jr. Play 4, Rhythm Round-Up Com. 3, 4. RICHARD SCHNAPP: If you feel blue and need a lift, "Snapper's" the guy with the natural gift. Forum 2, 3, 4, Architects 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3Q Basketball IQ Track 1, 2. FRED SCHNIETER: As builder of model airplanes you see, great things someday he's bound to be. Macomber 1, 2. BARBARA SCHOETTLEY: With her pleasing ways it's a very sure bet that Barbls a girl we won't forget. Y-Teens IQ French Club 2, G.A.A. 2Q Cowboy Round-Up Com. 4, F.B.L.A. 3, 4. JUANITA SCHROEDER: Small, cute and rather shy, "Nita" is easy on every eye. JANET SCHULTZ: Over the keys her fingers will fly, in the business field success she will try. Y-Teens 1, 2, Sr. Play Com. ERNEST SEARS: A wonderful sense of humor, intelligent too, his friends are many, he has noth- ing to rue. National Honor 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3g Cross Country 1, 2, Track 1, 2. BETTY SEKULSKI: She's known as "Bets" by quite a few, and with that smile she'll never be blue. ,Projection Club 1, 2. PHYLLIS SETTLES: In ability she's never at a loss, she'll make a hit with any boss. Phils 35 Cor. Secy. 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. JOANN SHAFER: A likeable lass is our "Joe", to Michigan Normal she will go. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2. BETTY SHARP: A nicer girl you'll never see, a wonderful nurse she'll surely be. Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. IQ U.N. Club 4. DARRELL SHARROCK: For the time being his future's found, soon to service he'll be bound. FRED SCHNIETER 5-in-f 29" 'Sh let-fXf ,. BETTY SHARP DARRELL SHARROCK 4 DARLEEN SI-IEPERD JU DALE SPRATT RICHARD STAINBROOK SHIRL 2 ' ROBERTA SIMON KATHRYN SIMONS RD SIMMONS NE SHEPLER RICI-IA S IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY l 9 RICHARD SLICKER SHIRLEY SMITH CAROL SPEELMAN CLEO SPERBER DARLEEN SHEPERD: Always laughing, happy, gay, Darleen brightens eyery day. JUNE SHEPLER: "Poochie's" acting and singing has made her quite a hit, now as a future nurse she's sure to do her bit. National Honor 42 Zets I, 2, Historian 3, V. Pres. 4, Y-Teens Pres. I, 2, 3, 4, jr. Classical League I, 2, Dramatics 3, 4, Crystal 3, jr. Play, Sr. Play, Ir. Class V. Pres., Rhythm Round-Up 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Secy.-Treas. 43 Edel1an.Snapshot Ed. 4. RICHARD SIMMONS: A nicer guy you'll never meet with a disposition that canlt be-beat. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Choir Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Track I, 2, Jr. Play, Sr. Memorial Com. ROBERTA SIMON: With blue-gray eyes and hair of brown, she's one of the sweetest girls In town. Home Ec. Club 2, Sec. 32 Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3. U KATHRYN SIMONS: Plenty of ambition, intelligence too, here is a classmate with personality . true. National Honor 3, Treas. 43 Phils 2, 3, Treas. 43 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Jr. Classical League IQ Classi- cal Honor IQ French Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Gym Office 3, Jr. Ring Com., Sr. Banquet Com., Deans' Office 41 Sr. Play Com., Edelian Club Ed. 4. RICHARD SLICKER: In football "Slick" gained his renown. Q.D.'s 3, Sec. 4, Football I, 2, Var. 3, Co-Captain 4j Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Prom 4. SHIRLEY SMITH: A joyful life is in store for her. Scott 1. CAROL SPEELMAN: Good music with its swing and sway puts her in a dancing way. F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4- CLEO SPERBER: Energetic in outdoor sports, Cleo's bound for T.U., so she reports. Peries I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, U.N. Club 3, 42 Jr. Classical League 1, 2, Dramatics 4, G.A.A. IQ Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3. DALE SPRATT: It,s either work or college for sure, Welleston also has its lure. Q.D.'s 2, 3, Sgt.- at-Arms 4Q H1-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, Var. 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Var. 3, 4, Jr. Ring Com. RICHARD STAINBROOK: Into the field of work he'll appear, carrying with him a smile of good cheer. H1-Y 2, Track 3, Cross Country IQ Baseball 4. SHIRLEY STANISH: Working in an office is her desire, until her dream of wedding bells trans- pire. Whitney 2. JACK STEINER: His intelligence is his fortress. Cross Country 4,2 Track 4, Biology 3, 4, Dramat- ics 3, 4. KENNETH STEINKE: He'll hitch his ambition to a star. Track 4, Baseball 4, Band I, 2, 3, V. Pres. 41 Chess Club 3. 3 QW' ks EY STANDISH JACK STEINER KENNETH STEINKE . x ' . .S gt , S . + me . f X 5. S , , . MARIE SWIATEK JEANETTE TAPLEY g -. .4 .1-' X11-.:. ' l ul MARGARET STEWART LEOTHA STOCKARD EARL STONE ERVIN STONE IRVING STONE S NIOR CLASS or LIBBEY GEORGE STREEPEY BONNIE SUTTON SHIRLEY SWANK LUULLE SWARTZ MARGARET STEWART: Her pleasant ways make you want to know her. LEOTHA STOCKARD: May she have success in her future teaching. Band 4g Y-Teens 4. EARL STONE: Sailing! Sailing, over the bounding main. Central 1. ERVIN STONE: There's music, music for his every mood. Macomber 1, 2. ERVING STONE: His jokes and wit are quite a treat, a more friendly fellow you couldn't meet. entral 1. GEORGE STREEPEY: An all around guy with personality to spareg Georgels plans are free as the air. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Chaplain 1, 2, 3, 45 Football Manager 2, 3, 4. BONNIE SUTTON: She is known and liked by one and all. Peries 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, V. Pres. 3, 4Q F.T.A. Sgt.-at-Arms 3, V. Pres. 45 F.B.L.A. 1. SHIRLEY SWANK: "Blondie" plans marriage and to be a good wife, we wish her happiness throughout her life. Y-Teens 3, 4, Dramatics 4Q Jr. Play Com.g Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Round-Up 3, 4. LUCILLE SWARTZ: She may enter business with its stress and strife: or she may become a happy wife. MARIE SWIATEK: Attractive, neat, liked by all, she's got something on the ball. JEANNETTE TAPLEY: As a dietician Jeannette will be arranging diets for you and me. Peries 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 3, U.N. Club 2, 3, 45 Home Ec. Club 1, 2. EDGAR TAYLOR: The army will round out an education well begun. Football 1, 23 Track I, 2. LA DONNA TAYLOR: LaDonna is an athletic girl. At college she will be in a whirl. Y-Teens 1, Chaplain 2, 3, 43 Jr. Red Cross IQ F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Gym Office 3, 4. DOROTHY TEAL: A friendly girl with a pleasing way. 51 N fm-.i if-S ,135 7 fe -me--w Q . . . ....... EDGAR TAYLOR LA DONNA TAYLOR Y' DOROTHY TEAL BONNIE TERRELL KEY THOMAS JAMES THOMAS LOUISE THOMAS MIC SE IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY SHIRLEY THOMAS DONALD THOMPSON PATRICIA THORNTON RI ARD TIMBERS BONNIE TERRELL: This girl's choice is Ohio State, she wants to learn to educate. Y-Teens 4, Biology Club 2, G.A.A. 4. JAMES THOMAS: Quiet and sincere, Jim is liked by all. LOUISE THOMAS: A model she wishes to become. Along her line she'll not be outdone. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Sr. Play Com., Choir 4. MICKEY THOMAS: In Mickey's future lies a great career. He plans to be an engineer. Chess Club 3, Secy.-Treas. 4. NANCY THOMAS: As an airline hostess she'll serve us well. Y-Teens 1. SHIRLEY THOMAS: Personality plus, a gal who's liked by all of us. Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 F.N.A. 4, Choir 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Gym Office 3. DO1NbALD THOMPSON: For all his ability, he's known as "whiz." And after college, the world wi e his. PATRICIA THORNTON: A truer friend you couldn't meet, she's pretty, witty and oh, so Sweet. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3j F.T.A. 3, 42 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. RICHARD TIMBERS: "Watch the Birdie," says Richard D. "Now that's the kind of job for me." CLARENE VAN DAME: With stage or television work her aim let's wish Clarene both fun and fame. National Honor 4Q Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 4, Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3, 4Q Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play. WILLIAM VAN KOUGHNET: He'll serve his country as best he can. National Honor 4, Hi-Y 2, Chess Club 4Q Projection Club 2, 3. NOLA VANYO: Quiet and nice with a good sense of humor. National Honor 4, Zets 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, U.N: Club 23 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Red Cross IQ Gym Aid 2, Boys' Gym Office 3, 4Q Crystal 3, Co-Typing Editor 45 Sr. Memorial Com. CARMEN VELIZ: She has brought us a bit of Chile in exchange for memories of Libbey when she returns to South America. Phils 4, Y-Teens 4. RICHARD VORBAU: Hunting and fishing are hobbies of Dick, and then a college we hope he'll pick. Chess Club 3, 4. CLARENE VAN DAME WILLIAM VAN KOUGHNET NOLA VANYO NANCY THOMAS CARMEN VELIZ RICHARD VORBAU GERALD WAGNER MILDRED WAITE ARTHUR WALKER BARBARA WALKER RONALD WALTON S IOR CLASS OF LIBBEY NED WARREN JAMES WASSMUND CLI RD WELL GTON BARBARA WENDT GERALD WAGNER: In fixing cars he does excel, in future years he shall do well. Dundee, Mich. 1, 2, Jr. Classical League 3, Biology 3. MILDRED WAITE: Her charming personality will lead the way to a successful life. Y-Teens 1, 2, F.B.L.A. 2, Sr. Play Com. ARTHUR WALKER: Arthur has a future plan, he'l1 join the Service, and lend a hand. BARBARA WALKER: Her accomplishments have been of the higher degree, whatever her goal, she has the key. National Honor 4, Phils 1, 2, 3, Censor 41 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, Edelian Co-Editor-in-Chief 4, Rhythm Round-Up 2, 3, 4, Dean's Office 23 Jr. Play Com., Lib. 2. RONALD WALTON: An auto designer he'd like to be, for in art, he has ability. NED WARREN: In playing football he's found joy, we wish much luck to this swell boy. Var. Foot- ball 3, 4, Track 3, 4. JAMES WASSMUND: On the gridiron he causes quite a sensation. Leadership, personality-what a combination! National Honor 3, 4j Forum 2, 3, Pres. 45 Hi-Y 2, Pres. 3, 4g Football 1, Varsity 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Track 3, 4, jr. Ring Com., Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Pres., Student Council 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4. CLIFFORD 'WELLINGTON: The army life is the life for me, I'1l make my mark, just wait and see. Macomber IQ Choir 2, 3, 4. BARBARA WENDT: To work in an office is her desire, her friendliness is something all admire. Y-Teens 2, 3, F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. BESSIE WI-IYTE: Whatever her future, it's sure to be happy. DOLORES ELEANOR WILKINS: Ellie will write her way to fame, and she's just the girl to achieve her aim. National Honor 3, 4, Zets 3, 4, Y-Teens 4, Biology Club 2, Jr. Classical League 1, V. Pres. 2, Classical Honor 1, 2Q Crystal 4. JEAN WILLEY: With a smile on her lips for everyone, Wi1lie's hobby is having fun. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2. PAUL WILLIAMS: The field of medicine is- often the field of fame. Track 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. SANDRA WILSON: Sandy with her winning way has left her mark with us to stay. Y-Teens IQ F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4, Sr. Play Com. ' -gb' '! Nts' N ,,,:s 'B I issue' . Tix . 'i J H . , I 'x BESSIE WHYTE DOLORES WILKINS JEAN WILLEY PAUL WILLIAMS SAN RA WILSON DAVID WILLMARTH 5 IE WINELAND TIMOTHY WITCHER JACQUELINE WOLEVER BERN PAUL WINEKE S NIOR CLASS OF LIBBEY DARLENE wooDcocK JAY wooDR1cH ICHARD wooDs FRANK YAGER DAVID WILLMARTH: Dave has acquired many friends through his quiet, winning ways. Scott 1. PAUL WINEKE: Our capable manager is a friend to all and a foe to few. Football manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball manager 3, 4g Q.D.'s 3, 4. BERNIE WINELAND: Tall and mighty, personality plus, we're lucky to have him as one of us. For- um 2, 3, Treas. 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4j Edelian Athletics Ed. 41 Jr. Play, Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Round-Up Com., Hi-Y 4. ' TIMOTHY WITCHER: A nicer boy cannot be found, Timls a guy who's liked all around. JACQUELINE WOLEVER: Secretarial work is her ambition, with her personality she'll fill this position. National Honor 4'Q Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Rep. 4Q F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4Q Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Rhythm Round-Up 3, 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Dramatics 3, Rec. Secy. 4. DARLENE WOODCOCK: She enjoys laughing, for her life is merry, in achieving her goal she will not tarry. F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. JAY WOODRICH: He's full of vigor, full of vim, throughout his life he'll wear a grin. RICHARD WOODS: With serenity he'll accept, life's challenge. , FRANK YAGER: When he has finished his education the world will offer him commendation. Football 1, 2, Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. gg ' ffl W l l P i li Il as li is . ll I L3 1: l I l l .h. 'fi'-if:-,- 3 ."f. 1 f LA J W i v U I 'n 'B 1 I .Ji F Q.-,fb , ,W l.,,o,,,,, 'AR' sf,-1' Testing Aids L,-R.-Miss Foster, Melva Bening, Sandra Stemmermann, Judy Fahringer, Carol Peters, Renee Strobel, Marolyn Collins, Helen Culliver, Rosemary Bar- anek, Susan Schnell. Library Aids L.-R.-Carol Cordner, Ann Schlicher, Carol Cochran, Lois Black, Becky Hunt, Erma Lee Simmons, Ruth Wass- mund, Shirley Knerr, Dorothy Wittes, Joyce Brewer, Marilyn Hamlin, Ger- trude Case, Neva Clark. v . , , , L Nurses Aids L.-R.-Shirley Bailey, Mary Lou Bussdieker, Jean Campbell, Barbara Broedow, Nancy Gibson, Sandra Kel- ler, Janice Gibson, Beverly Johnson, Verbie Gibson, Ruth Klempner, Shir- ley Paluch, Dorothy Katschke. Vt -i N' ll 'l 1, ll all It nl, I l ll' in i l l 1 w l 1 l P w l x l i w L l I i i li 4 x 4 l l si w "i li it JU ICRS Row 1: Carolyn Igney, Rosemarie Martin, Sally McCarthy, Josephine Estridge, Barbara Palma, Jeannie Dresch, Pat Koepke, Betty Hoag, Barbara Buchanan. Row 2: Rosie Hohenstein, Virginia Sierra, Jewel Armour, Shirley Soriano, Pat Kerins, Louise ' Speegle, Dawn Duffy, janet Noss, Catherine Hernandez. Row 3: Hester Goodloe, Nancy Reuter, Helen Case, Shirley McClain, Ruth Williams, Johnnie V Owens, Peggy Stevxart, Donna Coleman, Rita Richardson. Row 1: James Wert, Jim Eaton, Pete Stroup, Melvin Williams, Bill Winters, Bob Mclllvain, David Taraschke, Karl Fink, Ed Langendorfer, Robert Sorgenfrei. Row 2: Jerry Harley, Art just, David Summers, Paul Teopas, Donald McLean, James Wahl, Larry Weaver, Dave Wyland, Don Fuller, George Turner, Darryl Hawn. Row 3: Herman Reed, Phil Fisher, Robert Charles, Earl Smith, Ray Huber, Don Bollenbacher, Dick Gardner, Bill Huepenbecker, Brian Nyquist, Dick Watts, Herb Bunge. l l , , l l l 5 ,. , I , f ggi, V X X if! f Q? Q f 3, .bssm,,,,,, Row 1: Marge Featheringill, Dolores Becker, Arlene Heft, Carol Peters, Darlene Ross, Joan Hei- den, Connie White, Carol Kahn, Yvonne Griffith. Row 2: Nancy Lee, Mary Morgan, Margaret Eppard, Joyce Frank, Theresa Cloyne, Marcia Mc- Elderry, Norma Jean Duffeck, Shirley Chamberlain, Joan Diamond. Row 3: Drusilla Emch, Joanne Hiatt, Sydneyetta Craig, Berna Rae Leaf, Jeannie Fuller, Janie Fenner, Joyce Coger, Darla Kreps, Janet Kayser. Row 1: Joe Harrison, Jim Leonard, Jack Moriarty, Ray Kramp, David Waterfield, Don Jahns, Bill Keim, Floyd Arnold, Ernie Lange, Ray Sparrow. Row 2: Ronald Horn, Samuel Lyons, Leonard Fikes, Jerry Hassen, Wallace Thomas, Bill Over- cashier, Jim Leary, Fritz Neubert, George Moore, Ken Graves. Row 3: Alonzo White, David Austin, Allison Sanders, Robert Williams, Bob Steiner, Beryl Henry, George Norwood, Bill Fiander, Evan Rice, Bob Young, Russell Carmony. U IOR f" ' 1 JU ICR Row 1: Betty Sue Edwards, Rita Fuller, Marilyn Dodge, Barbara Battig, Mary Hoover, Mona Mantz, Jeanne Ricker, Donna Callaghan. Row 2: Ruby Browning, Marlene Mason, Jane Scott, Sharon Mann, Pat Hatfield, Barbara Kel- lar, Renee Strobel, Suzie Reetz, Sandra Sanderson. Row 3: Peggy Brown, Nancy Hagedon, Shirley Robling, Anne Schlicher, Grace Akers, Nancy Harley, Betty Schultz, Judith Oakes, Sue Schlagheck. K ' k, Eddie Sommers, Phillip Miller, Dennis Row r: Edward Elwing, James Pirtle, Tom azmiercza Mahoney, Howard Stewart, Bill La Pountney, Bill Penn, Ned Neal. Hulse, Terry Day, Bill Schroeder, Robert Willey, Dick Beach, Richard Camp, Dick Row 2: Bob Howland, Kenneth Samson, Dale Schweinhagen, Paul Yohl. Row 3: Lyle Goodall, jim Smith, Dick Schaub, jim Schenck, Frank Reece, Don Heinz, John Nofziger, Robert Hoskins, Bob Rummell, William Anteau, Gary Henricks. 'Vx ' f ww fx! Row 1 Beverly Davo Mildred Hoak Peggy Marks Thersalean Duffy Pr1c11la Coleman Geneva Nor wood Ma lon Reed Jean Miller Evelyn Rossbach Row 2 Carolyn Kmt, Jacqueline Coulter Margie Hoak Marion Redfern Pat Gascon Clara Beauch Nancy Moreland Sharon Meier Row La Verne Emery Carma May Shirley Emery Anne Fanaff Joan De Mars Shirley Tress 3 ler Merlinda Lucas Geraldine Hyttenhove Elizabeth Clifton Row 1: Dick Bailey Lee Mitchell Albert Kuebler Maynard Babcoc ins Don Lukert Bill Selb Wm. H. Smith john Stockard Willie Boyd. R : B b Davis, Jerry Craig Ralph Wisniewski Bob Scheffert Richard Balk Cleo Shufeldt ow 2 o Dick Atkinson, Duard Farquhar, Don Kierstead Donald jackson Gary Liebnau. E ' t Ron Fuerst Bob Baccus Herbert Macklin, Bob Weick, Robert Burkard Row 3: Dale rring on, , , Don Boggs, Jim Sheehan, jim Kistner, Don Liebherr, Ted Wahlgreen. UNICRS t 1 k Ken Gallock Delbert Duck- JU 1oRs Row 1: Pat Moore, Sharon Cupp, Bonnie White, Donna Fifer, Carole Kordell, Roberta Boyd, Bev- erly La Londe, Donna Swartz. Row 2: Carol Damschroder, Jan Bilow, Ginny Ladd, Joyce Nieft, NanCy Clark, Carole Coulson, Carolyn Collins, Susanne Oates, Shirley Gerschultz. Row 3: Connie Shaw, Kathy McCarthy, Pat Lauer, Sharon Le Gron, June Blattner, Carolyn Wen- del, Janet Becker, Nancy Van Tassel, Marilyn Holtfreter. Row 1: Ronald Thomas, Roy Kelley, Ronald Miller, Harold Putnam, Charles Walters, Clifford War- ren, James Valentine, Richard Sandys, Garry Knopf, Emmitt Love, Le Roy Dantzler. Row 2: Durwood Smart, Eddie Byrne, Dick Howland, Edward Isaacson, Larry Johnson, Robert Lonas, Jim Cochran, Ron Kross, Ernie Nietzke, Kenneth Moore, Freddy Robinson. Row 3: Franklyn Jackson, Frank Pauly, Gordon Felgner, jon Haverman, Kenneth Battig, jim Thompson, Ralph Behrens, Ed Mauntler, jim Wenclawski, Bob Marohn, Clifton Browning. Q L- F' 'imma r , f - --------Y LL nl , , .-.Y .W , '--"-"-"'--'JM fe- . H---l.... ... L ':'4-..... . . -L r .4,,, ., ..,,., b 1 sl if: mi! V 2 'MU f Ax '7' E412 2 'M-vi' :J Row If Shirley Chalet, Marilyn Emch, Verdell Lindsey, Pearl Johnson, Susan Schnell, Susie Key, Barbara McNamee, Arlene Heft. Row 2: Patty Frybarger, Nancy Rubadeux, Sally Shepard, Maryann Hill, Mary McGraw, Carolyn Gordan, Anne Craig, Beverly Ramsey, Martha McNeal. Row jf Norma Archer, Pat Fernside, Colleen Barry, Nell Heard, Anita Thompson, Sheila Baublitz, Norine Latta, Joan Layne, Shirley Eisenmann. Row 1: Theresa Szymanowski, Patricia Sobczak., Shirley Nowakowski, Sally Schoolenberg, Darlin Minick, Nancy Fritch, Mary Zollner, Marilyn Hartzell. Row 2: Helen Miller, Margie Saccucci, Deede Martin, Arley McFadden, Virginia Potter, Arlene Baird, Rhea Altenbaugh, Marilyn Rosa. l Row 3: Pat Romp, Susan Coulter, Barbara Pelton, Debbie Hill, Diana Senff, Carolyn Hochstettler Beverly Buckingham, Anita White, Wendy Kuebler. JU ICR '7 , H' Nav KM S7 J I 1 5 1 ..- N, vw.. . if OPHUMCRES w 1 v I 1 l Row 1: Norma Sherman, Jerreve Kujda, Virginia Nowak, Carol Blochowski, Carol Nickelson, Tam Townsend, Jeriann Armbrust, Nancy Ohler, Carolyn Hoerig, Carol Stevens. Row 2: Margie Mehlman, Nancy Walker, Ann Taylor, Joanne Westrup, Sally Bartels, Alice Hiatt. Carol Kline, Lysbet Hoffman, Donna Glenn, Marilee Abel, Ann Pasche. ' , Row 3: Ann Cameron, Joan Gwozda, Delores Johnson, Beatrice Maples, Joan Kisseberth, Linda Crowl, Corleen Shuman, Donna Deakin, Glenda Oatman, Esther Fleming, Nancy Hunt. :li 1 f il if 5 I A 4 it is E! 1 I 4 1 Q 5 1 K 2 il :E L4 1 r ,fx ,M ' r,,..-ar' ,X ,fi if ii R J' z' 1 k ow 1: 1m ie ins i, David Zoll, Bob M ' ' Q , , Dave Wetcher, Arnold Coates, Lawreneiginsiugglgncggxgxrgxif1, ,Yohn Bilius, Richard Damschroderl 3 v SSS ef. Row 2: Ralph Schumann, Richard Falkenburg Gearld Zawodny R. h d B k ' IC , i Brown, Robert King, Wilbur Bening, Henry King David Dgp Hr a er, Ray Robie, Walter ,Q 1 perl. I Row ' ui 3-' .lim McGeary, Richard Bru K ry Wynn Ronald Ward Jack Fultogncxail enneth Norwood, Frank Miles, Donald Boxley, Bob ' ' , 1 ey Lambert, Harold Jay, V I 4 1 5 5 8 J n, CPHGMGRE Row 1: La Verne Sutton, Janet Esterline, Beverly Work, Joan Wirick, Geraldine Badenhop, Jan- et Shepler, Geraldine Zielinski, Lois Bocherding, Linda Salzwedel, Mary Smith. Row 2: Judy Sternett, Jaclyn Rippinger, Gail Poganitsch, Arleen Carson, Lucille Adams, Mary Ann Kramer, Barbara Jeakle, Grace Jenkins, June Simmons, Nancy Everhart. Row 3: La Donna Shanteau, Diane Overhulse, Christine Culliver, Janet Ritzenthaler, Mary Ann Bowling, Madelyn Tarsek, Harlene Hampton, Mary Lou Bussdieker, Janice Cully, Nancy Rich- ardson. Q3 R E Hoodlet Gordan Birkenkamp Tom Rollins, Wayne Smith' Martin Fisher' Gerald ow 1: u ene , ' . g . Budy, Tony Arias, Joe Leal, Charles Gibson, James Craig' R H d M llory Lawson Lundy Fred Riches, Virgil Oliver, Jffhfl Buck- Ronald Hadley' ow 2: owar a , ' Richard Fink, George Becker, Roger B-roman' Gene Lucas' Row 35 Dave Gable, David Plenzler, Jim Morris' Arthur Weiriflhv Artic Mitchell, D James Crist, Bud Brown, Mike Morse, Leslie Case, Ronald afnes' on Bonneru. L- 'u NH ,!- 'I Vi 1 11' I , i l 1 4 i l iz 1 1, l 1, ,, '1 l l l J , .U I -1 ,i if 6 is rl' 21 U 1 -i ir 1 . i 1 , 1 Y l u 4 1' S0111-ioMoREs Row 1: Bobbie Button, Judy Justine Hirauye, Margaret Halliday, Nancy Forbush, Carol Cummings, Patricia Johnson, July Porter, Lois Retzloff, Karleyne Schroeder, Betty Hurst. Row 2: Marilyn Frosch, Delores Bronson, Mary Dultmeyer, Pat Gibson, Carol Tucholski, Eleanor Bade, Joan Rogers, Judy Summers, Carole Marlowe, Pat Mooneyham. Row 3: Barbara McCall, Bonnie Rochte, Donna Hanna, Barbara Vogelpohl, Sandy Johnson, Rita Thompson, Margie Williams, Judy Fahringer, Nancy Miller, Jackie Koepfler. 63 Row 1: Eddie Klingelsmith Raymond Harper Ton . , , I ' , y Bachm , R ' h Richard Didion, Dick Zollars, Jim Nutter, Bob Recht, Russgl Ctciibi em let, Lenny Graham: ROW 2: Glenn Curtis Jesse Cervantez Burton Boileau D . ' , , onald Deak' , A1 D - ver, Dave Gillmore, Larry Osburn, Chuck Caldwell, Ron Dunson. m ex amalasi Tom Cul ROW 35 Lloyd CUPP Jerry Campbell Ronald Tesch Bruc ' , f , 6 Mallory, D F 1 Charles Preston, B111 Walters, Clyde Englehardt, Benjamin Halley? oge Sanger, Donald Ward, 4n..,......,., A ,,,.,A - - a AA' """ f---4---'L'-"ix -fs , ....-.i,.-..,.+. .... . . ..... , . ..,,',,g, ,..,. r- ' f-1 l ! V I DPHCMDRE Row 1: Roberta Williams, Nancy Clark, Stella Duenas, Lila Sookey, Sue Co , J B dt Sh y o ern , aron Evearztt, Joan Helden, Meda Vardamaskos, Charlene Eaton. Row 2: Joyce Heiden, Donna Hayton, Neva Noftz, Bennie Jackson, Laura McDouge1, Mary Jack- son, Lucille Easterl M G ' ' ' Q, y, ary omez, Pauline GSFCIH, Joyce Sines. ROW 35 Janet Kopfman, Nancy Chipman, Carol Hignite, Kathleen Perry, Shirley Kelly, Charlotte Brazier, Marguerite Hueston Judy Yeack, Joyce Panchot, Carolyn Mohler. 1 i ' Walker Arthur Funka ' . Stanton, Albert Jackson, Lleutenant . Row I: R1 hard Sz manskl, Kenneth C Y . P'tchford Dick Seitz, Warren Huff. Stevenson, Tom 1 , Dick Eubank, Larry McCormick, Tom . ' f ' bury, Lawrence Richardson - - Marion Cunningham' Ddvld New Row 2: Brent Lewis Richard J3Ck50n, s . D K l John Bacon, Neail Goodloe, Donald Hamilton, Don Robb, ave amin , . k F , Al Jamison, Pat La Clair Row 3: Fred Starner, Tom SzYm-anskli Wllbert Taraschke' Jac rayer ' k . Allen Williams, Bob Houck, Tom Leppert' Jim TUC er GPHGMGRES Row I: Betty Huntley, Annie Hartfield, Joyce Daniels, Lois Burkett, Janet Kollmeier, Gail Ells- worth, Naomi Stone, Laura Vallade, Jo Anne Loyer, Barbara Sprunk. Row 2: Sandra Keller, Ann Heslet, Lois Kerschbaum, Betty Edwards, Frances Mucci, Barbara Howland, Nancy Gibson, Ann Ramseur, Jackie Watson, Lorene Lincoln. Row 3: Irene Fink, Margie Kravetsky, Carolyn Christen, Doris Vogelbacher, Carol Mueller, Jac- quie Guhl, Jean Kerns, Ruth Dinkins, Rosetta Byrd, Jimmie Dixon, Marilyn Hall. Row 1: Alan Draheim Robert Price Duane Frey Fred Gr'ff' h T - , ' 3 J h Smith, Frank Martinez, John Vorbau, George Nicky. 1 m Jo n reuse el, Walter Zeck, James Row 2: Stanley Kanarowski Ellsworth Bigsby Willie Res ' ' , 3 , press, Melvin Re d, Cl d h Davis, Ron Onnenga, Estil Hurst, Bill Harler, Stanley Bussdicker. 1 y e Jo mon, Gary Row 3: Norm Sutton Jim Rickard Jack Wahl ' ' , 1 , , John Zimmerman, Quince J ' M h Oberdier, James Keenan, Jim Featzka, George Rodriguez, y Ones, Jim ars ' Lyn SGPHGMGRE Row 1: Loretta Lewis, Veatrice Cooper, Shirley Carter, Nancy Palmer, Erma Brown, Carol Van- derluit, Jacqueline Darr, Joan Eldridge, Mary Counts. Raw 2: Betty Shepler, Myrtle Lane, Joyce Birr, Shirley Wilson, Melva Bening, Sue Gordan, Dor- othy Schelling, Barbara Bodi, Barbara Wiler, Barbara Bogle, Mary Lou Estes. Row 3: Eleanor Claussen, Janet Fifer, Bobbie Ackley, Barbara Miller, Nancy Chamberlain, Jayne Sanzenbacher, Janice Bowman, Sarah Thomas, Carol Martin, Carol Peguish, Virginia Dominguez. . miyy I wswwf L l i 11 ,Alf d Sanders, Row 1: Ronald Hartenfeld, Edward Morre, Ffed Flack- Don Crosby, Terry Ma eff fe Charles Lucas, Edward Coleman, Lionel Hueston. . ' ' L C llins, Gerald Row 2: James Wheatley, Robert Harris, HCUTY Goodwin' Charles Phlulps' any O Domschot, Ken Eaton, Bob Litten, Billie Nutt' Lyle Swlhart' , - . ' h Kennelly, Alan RQW 3: Jim Joy, Larry Hasse, Sylvester Stanton, Mark Simmons, Joe Grier, Josep , P 1 Ritchie. Keller, Wayne Oestreich, Raymond Plumadore, Reuben Bumpus all GPHCMORES Row 1: Darlene Davidter, Betty Moritz, Joanne Brown, Dixie Kelly, Letitia Nowakowski, Lucille Harris, Nancy Foster, Ina Johnson, Constance Chambers, Margaret Webb. Row 2: Delores Huckleby, Nina Johnson, Betty Johnson, Etta Mae Harris, Bernadine Hunt, Marva Smith, Violet Relyea, Shirley Krueger, Helen Janowiechi, Norma Burkart, Ann Bialorucki, De- anna Jennings. Row 3: Jeanne Hards, Betty Enright, Judy Utz, Loraine Grandpair, Mary Kesling, Pat Janiszewski, Janet Ickes, Karen Brown, Mary Voegeli, Mary Ann Plewa, Claudette Bechtel. l Row 1: Margie Rodemich, Mary Mierzwiak, Dem t Sh f Ba b C 6 ra e field, Erma Allison, E t' B 11 r ara arter' Ruby Johnson, Mary Sue LONE, Joan McGranahan, Carol Hamixjmme raswe 1 Row 2: Judy Hawley Clare Bowes Sh . ' , 1 . . . , , Klinger, Virginia Althoff, Janet Field? i2no6se1:1Ig?5ei3?rr:cekBolgton, Virginia Meinardi, Linda Von hardt. ne v arlene Pacholski, Marilyn Will- Row 3: Sandra Stemmerman Na p J b ' Potter, Barbara Kakela, Car ncY ro asco, Joan Field, Betty Flowers, Cargl Tomaszewski, Joyce ol Born, Mary Jo Aufderheide, La Verne Swihardt. 5 MVK '55 az 5 I , a ,K 9 i 57 ILA , , , iff, ' , ' ',1,,.?,Q fs. W2 1 ' f s V 7 0 4. :7.- . V , A . ., f - , ., E ,f X f is , we f ff sf V ', QA f X f Y M fa 'Q is his f sw. 1 rm! is , 5,2 We. fs,-w sr - f, X 52 ?' ' Q wgfsfwiw, KX, Wray if ts, 4:,:5gg'f3gy 1 asv., 1, 2 A ,ff6Z'e1'N - . w .. . ' ' ' "' I ' 9 XP' ffmiqd 5 .,6s X51 Q- 1 L X ' ,QZEEMQQW x ff X' I ' . SQ I, N 9 cz 'fs I fr f WA i Q s M ff ff 4 A K 1, ,sf 1 ,ge X 7 i - sat., .:.:f-'-2:s.i::f'2- G - .7f...1lf , .J ., nh ,. , .':: N.: N KW .R lm 2, I 'X 9 Q- s h d nd Nancy accept a plaque for Libbey for Members of the advanced clothing class show the Burc af 3 the excellent posters done by the Art Department. products of their work. he cheerleaders provide the spirit at our football Libbey WHS proud of three winners in a poster con- T and basketball games. test. The Libbey cowgirls strut their stuff! Our smiling majorettes pose against the scoreboard. It s 3 W 1 l FRESHMEN Row 1: Charlotte Bowes, Jane Heiden, Nora Hernandez, Carol Cochran, Bonnie Wright, Beverly Saunders, Kathleen Reece, Carlotta Garcia. Row 2: Ruth Klempner, Alsa Barner, Janet Heiden, Karine Weil, Mary Eberlin, Darlene Snyder, Karen Gosda, Barbara Campbell, Linette Fetzer, Mary Posadny. Row 3: Norma Clum, Ann Slater, Pauline Goble, Barbara Peschel, Helen Perry, Pearlie Evans, An- nie Lampkin, Caroline Whitaker, Barbara Thomas, Jacquelyn Whitfield. Row 1: Tom Smith, Roy Bechtel, Roger Eckhart, Charles Fisher, Jim Sower, Jerome Czubachowski. Ronald Coleman, George Emery. Row 2.' Charles Dolt, Dean Nickel, John McDermott, John Tapley, Tom Blattner, Don Heffnen Jack Batdorf, Don Lewis. Row 3: Larry Robinson, Dick Carlston, Carl Hoschka, Bill Hoffman, Norris Denno, Harry Krabill. Don Fury, Chuck Jordan, Bob Batchman. Y? :it if iff? Av! ,,,,, 1 if 1 Q 4 f l P , , 5 Mir! 7 'a a Q , ei X 4 X jf! l 1" e -f A- 'A-' --, . --A- 4 M.. ,. -A - -- - f it f ffA 1 A - .Q fn ' Q4 .Q if fe 2- W Z' 'PSV Q fe .... , Q 4 f -'Vs , 1 ' 49 1' . 'l:' .. W . 5. . 4M Row 1: Mary Sprague, Nancy Nowicki Mary Tucker, Irene Dlugosielski, Lillian Neubert, Margar- et Young, Rosalie La Plante, Pat Sullivan, Carolyn Szul. Row 2: Gretchen Leupp, Ruthann Adams, Janet Swartz, Suzanne DeMott, Marilyn Knott, Margar- et Clarey, Maribelle Creswell, Shirley Hepner, Shirley Daley. Row 3: Janet Brunk, Mary Lou Miller, Louise Krueger, Sharon Barry, Geraldine Winn, Nancy Moehring, Eva Martin, Margaret Green, Luetta Smith. Row 1: Raymond Hoffman, Louis Lazar, Earl Nowak, Clifford Jeakle, Richard Royce, Clifton Mc- Corvey, William Johnson, Sidney Morre. Row 2: Milton Hens, Larry Deiger, Eugene Wolfe, Frank Langston, james Love, Gearld Harris, Charles Goings, Larry Smith. Row 3: Earl Fountain, Jonathan Thornton, Eddie Russell, Earl Flowers, Shelton Redden, Robert Rill, Jewel Mims, Roger Williams, Eddie Stanley. FRE HME FRE HME Row I: Sharon Lempke, Joyce Brewer, Shirley Knerr, Linda Green, Anna Hardman, Carol Huck- leby, Barbara Parkman, Florence Williams, Lois Squaire. Row 2: Paula Diemer, Margaret Fink, Virginia Gwinn, Delores Pattin, Mary Ellen Watts, Jean Burrs, Jean Campbell, Katherine Lutz, Carol Nusser, Alice Rosik. Row 3: Carole Shipman, Judy Hess, Diane Foster, Christine Miller, Mildred Ester, Marva Gray, Alma Mae Sutton, Sherry Wooten, Christine Goodlow. Row 1: Dale Keller, Thomas Buczkowski, Pete Segura, Allan Wolf, Jim Telb, Edward Reed, Alan Meek, Charles Delamotte. Row 2: Duane Langenderfer, Gerald Weills, Larry Vincent, Edward Harrigan, Jim Smith, Tom Shepherd, Bob Landis, William Kine, Jim Nungester. Row 3: Wayne Schutt, Harold Wagner, Earl Schmakel, Ben Long, William Dimke, Norman Law- niczak, Tom Case, Don Tschogl, Norman Proudfoot. as 'Gb' A-H' Wi. ,,,. WM! Q ,, W 3 ,xg 5 1 V Row 1: Shirley Schaffer, Rosalie Eppard, Chloe Ann Kramp, Beverly Schaffer, Carole Hirth, Mary Jo Bacon, Anita King, Dawn Overy, Joan Iagodzinski. Row 2: Barbara Blake, Willa Mae Kelly, Sue De Mars, Janet Pfeifer, Sharon Dusseau, Carol Ann Wert, Gloria Stoll, Judy Dunbar, Mary Manz. Row 3: Rose Koralewski, Marilyn Hogendobler. Pat Betts, Teresa Killian, Rose Krebel, Catherine Zambrowski, Barbara Wilson, Betty Reed, Lila Schweinhagen. Row I: Claude Harris, Ronald Brazier, Richard Anderson, Ronald Hughes, Tom Leffler, jack Pier- son, Gary Friend. Row 2: Tom Hoffman, Henry Kelb, Bernard Kujawa, Philip Walbolt, Satre Thomas, Johnnie Ray- ford, Ralph Kwiatkowski, David Pearson. Row 3: Terry O'Donnell, James Joy, Jay Vanderlip, Carl Turner, James Williams, Robert Maulsby, McDavid McCowey, Willie Floyd, Norman McCalibb. FRE HME JU 1 , v I f 1 r l i L , I 1 s l i 1 L 3 i1 i 5 n 3 1 1 ii limi il --., -C I FRESHME Row 1: Yvonne Talley, Emily Respress, Gloria Russell, Helen Dixon, Fay Hoover, Carol Ann My- ers, Barbara Long, Jean McNamee, Doris Altenbaugh. Row 2: 'Suzanne Klein, Pat Binkowski, Harriet King, Nancy Lindhurst, Judy Geis, Marcia Cas- burne, Delores Moore, Betty Macon, Donna Mosley. Row 3: Mary Jane Harrison, Erma Lee Simmons, Judy Van Koughnet, Joanne Ford, Beverly Mish- ka, Pat Gansmiller, Sharon Haas, Carol Dodge,La Verne Felser, Ruth Lange. Row If Eugene Sobczak, Russell Fisher, Bill Morris, Joe Price, Barton Welsh, John Fyock, Wil- liam Terrell, Chuck Hill. Row 2: Paul Kelsey, Bob Niezgoda, Tom Wynn, Patrick McCormick, Kenneth Jankowski, Russell Dejaiffe, Gary Good, Fred Collins. Darst Grund, Joe Haas, Tom King. 49995 2 Q 5 eg vs? ,Sf 7 6 e 4 f f ' x K J" 5 Row 3: Herb Schoenfelt, Carl Bradford, Tom Smith, Jim Mock, Jack Kennelly, Irvin Pommeranz, me K - . A 1 -we f C W if ,.A, , ff , if . 7 Q. f ir , 1 3 ff we Row 1: Joyce Johnson, Pauline Cunningham, Delores Bush, Carolyn Crosby, Virgie McAfee, Rose Ramsey, Marilyn Graybill, Sharon Shipman, Ann Kedrie. Row 2: Wilberta Cooley, Mary Edwards, Alfreda Coleman, Shirley Taylor, Lillie Johnson, Mary Johnson, Sandra Harrell, Nancy Tederson, Sandra Ulery. Row 3: Janet Courtad, Jo Ann Douglas, joy Smith, Donna Wagner, Margie Reynolds, Armida Clark, Nancy Czolgsz, Rose Nowaczyk, Zinneb Kilell, Joan Kennedy, Shirley Falk. G b r Eugene Krauzer, Art McDermott, Richard Foley Row 1: Charles Doneghy, William reen e g, , Roy Yates, Terry Shuman, John Reed. Row 2: Robert Babcock, Bob Fernside, Richard Dennis, Tom Boyd, Roland Dennis, William Ban- nister, Artis Watkins, Henry Mays. vid wanson Row jf Elza Fitch, James Earl, Henry Pattin, Edward Coleman, Theodore King, Da ' S , Jim Rogers, jim Keil, Paul Sheehan. 4 w JU! 2 r V t l J 1 r 1 rl ,t w 1 ,. wa ,K it ,v 1 I w P 1 ? 1 I ll' i 1 Il E ' 1 5 1 l 2 I l ,. i it l 41 i l 3. 1, l qi rl ll ri, lv at ' Sis! :lg x ET? 3, la if F , . ,,f ,N , li 'Ill I e L Y lil: A tl Y all .fx , , ll ll V ' 1 , is l I? l li , ,N dl' il IW 'xl ,il ill ,,. lr in 5 ', ,W ,A 'Q M H ll ll: l J, lil, Sk-.:-f-----....,.1 ,- AA , 4, A-gsvrakii-V A FRESHME Row If Midve Woodbury, Charlene Hayes, Judy Cox, Joyce Heslet, Judy Boone, CHTOI Thompson, Barbara l:llIcNeal, Verbie Gibson, Delores Richardson. Row 2: Nancy Polaski, Sally Kuebbler, Theodora DeCuis, Emily MacKenzie, Anita Bourquin, Betty Jones, JoAnn Hubner, Pat Roberts, Zoe Dell Johnson. Row 32 Gaile Meinka, Donna Thompson, Sharon Roberts, Nancy Ellinger, Brenda Boughton, Mary Hutton, Pati Penn, Patricia Orzehowski, Barbara Horanko, Patricia Horanko, Row 1: Jerry Hansen, George Louthan, Richard Koder, Jerry Porazinski, Paul Rahman, Robert Cordrey, Edward Kent, Gary Mallett. Row 2: Lawrence Hunter, Tom Kern, Donald Pimienta, Bill Jackson, Walter Burnham, Dave Drey- er, Alvin Eyre, John Veith, Don Surerus. Row 35 Bob Hockett, Howard DeTray, Bill Krueper, Johnny Nyquist, Herbert Westfall, Bill Dreyer, John Jackson, Terrence Cavanaugh, Terry MacDonald. 315-, M Row I: Patte Meier, Dorothy Katschke, Karen Clark, Judy Johnson, Beverly Baldwin, Pat Warn- ke, Rosemarie Pryka, Nancy Connell, Dixie Baugh. Row 2: Paula Davis, Carolyn Clark, Peggy Bryant, Bonnie Meyer, Beverly Falkenberg, Majul Skin- ner, janis Gee, Charlene Fisher, Mary Hartley. Row 3: Gloria Kubiak, Shirley Farmer, Carol Eggert, Laurel Schroeder, Carol Mead, Pat Merri man, Martha Ebright, Florence Kusz, Shirley Williams, Barbara Bogart. ROW 1: Dennis Griffith, Tom Tucker, Arthur Kelley, Floyd Kelley, Charles Lowry, Daniel Rejent Donald Keller, David Durfee. Row 2: Ronald Henneman, Tom Sandys, David Strelecki, Don Bottles, Don Ritson, Thomas Kurek Richard Barnaby, Bob Peneff, Ronald Howard. Row 3: Henry Williams, Glenn Hintz, James Myers, Philip McClain, John Maras, Ellsworth Hall Dave Borkowski, Ronald Bell, David Thompkins. FRESHME -nf' FRE HME Row 1: Joan Crist, Beverly Oates, Gloria VanDame, Della Carmony, M-HfCe1iI1e Beauflhi Pauline Rasey, Betty Senger, Rita Grycza. Row 2: Judy Niehous, Alice Cremean, Rhea Paukin, Sue Baumgartner, Joyce Furry, Judith Meyer. Jackie Mummert, Gertrude Case, Dorothy Buck, Jane1lMaeder. Row 3: Carol Boldt, Merle Gunn, Lois Hall, Alela Kutzke, Ruth Wassmund, Eileen Tabor, Jackie Nighswander, Myra Layne, Joann Wolfe, Dorothy Wittes. Row 1: Marilyn Hamlin, Jo Ann Davis, Jo Ann Noffke, Marlene Rintz, Darlene Bickelhaupt, Vy- vyan Hurst, Dixie Beeching, LaVerne Poucher, Marion Drath. Row 2: Gwendolyn Eichelberger, Carmelita Schmiel, Pat Swiatek, Alma Lane, Diane Paskawski Sandra Neill, Sue Collins, Darrilyn Schluter. Row 3: Marilyn Matzinger, Lanette Eisenhart, Nancy Pommeranz, Barbara Harbaugh, Carol Van- Karsen, Sandra Luhring, Jackie Endsley, Judy Reicher, Sally Bender, Roberta Hill. l l lr 2 ix. , Q 'A"", Y ffffff 'NS , il ff 111.-"And Would You Like to Swing on a Star?" l.l.-Oh, those "gorgeous" Hula Maids' U-F.-Grande Finale of the Rhythm Round-Up. l.r.-A coupllc of girls with lots of rhythm the talented Hay ton sisters. C'-Bart, Jim, Al, and Jim provide a little Hawaiian atmos- phere. Row 1: Marilyn Hartzel, Marolyn Collins, Barbara Walker, jackie Noss, Pat Mallory, Phyl Joan Orbesen, Sue Jor- dan, Jeanne Pommeranz, Gladys Jeakle, Sue Miller, Darleen Davidter. Row 2: Sandra Brown, June Shepler, Doris Batch, Barbara Hayton, Mitzi Kohring, Miss Ruth Dusha, Bobbie Simons, Sharon O'Donnell, Delores Martin, Nancy Reuter. Row 3: Mr. Loy Rusie, Larry Herold, Bernie Wineland, Richard Nehring, Bob Mentzer, Ron Long, Tom Funka, Mr. Charles Martin. EDELIAN There was no one at Libbey who was not concerned in some way with the 1953 edition of the Edelian. It is the yearly record of events and activities at Libbey. The cover was kept a secret until the senior banquet, when seniors received their books. The next day is officially known as Edelian Day, and everyone was busy receiving and signing books. The success of the Edelian was largely due to the ability of Miss Ruth Dusha, who directed the stu- dents, Mr. Charles Martin as business director, whose workers sold a record number of Edeliansg and Principal Loy W. Rusie, who advised and planned the Edelian activities for the year. The co-editors for the year were Marolyn Collins and Barbara Walker, faculty editors were Sue Miller and Sandra Brown, the senior editors included Sue Jordan, Phyl joan Orbesen, and Sharon O'Donne1lg and Bob Mentzer was financial editor. June Shepler edited the snapshotsg the clubs were edited by Mitzi Kohring, jackie Noss, Bobbie Simons, and Ronnie Longg and Doris Batch and Larry Herold were layout editors. Class editors were Pat Mallory and Gladys Jeakle, and Tom Funka and Bernie Wineland in charge of athletics. In the business department Jeanne Pommeranz was advertising manager, and Sue Jordan man- aged the circulation. if ,fi Row 1: Mary Hazelbaker Sue Double Arley McFadden Vick ' . . . , ' , , , y Bowes, Kaye Bache, M G rd , El W'1k' V1r inia Potter Marlene Mickens Marcia Bruggeman. Row 2: Nancy Fisher, Wendylssliueiibleeri Spgiaiggf Bulrgelsii 'g . 7 1 Brian Nyquist, Dick Gardner, Don Heinz, Frank Pauly, Paul Teopas, Debbie H1ll,Nola Vanyo. CRYSTAL Day after day Room 215 is filled with activity as the ever alert Crystal staff is on the job. Under the di- rection of Miss Florence Gerdes, the Crystal strives "to work for a more democratic paper which will t in our school paper, of which we are justly bershi in the National Scholastic be of interest and use to the whole school." Improvemen s proud, include Hbylinesf' the monthly inquiring reporter, and mem p Press Association. The Crystal staff includes, Kaye Bache, and Marcia Bruggeman, co-editors in chief: Sue Double. associate editorg Mary Hazelbaker, news editor, Frank Pauly, sports editor, Arley McFadden, editor- ial editorg Wendy Keubler, club editorg Paul Teopas, business and advertising editorg Marlene Mickens and Nola Vanyo, typing editorsg Dick Gardner, and Don Heinz, picture editors: Brian Nyquist, service editor: Vicky Bowes, Spenser Burgess, Nancy Fischer, Vi g r inia Potter, Eleanor Wilkins, staff members. Row I: Ned Neal, Shirley Burkhart, Arley McFadden, June Shepler, Carole Coulson, Ernie Sears, Vicky Bowes, Mir- iam Mix, Mary Hazelbaker. Row 2: Pat Fearnside, Jackie Wolever, Sharon O'Donnell, Miss Gilbert, Mr. Rusie, :Tim Wassmund, Bill Rosselit, Clarene Van Dame, Pat Mallory. Row 31 Larry Herold, Bill Winters, Bob Mentzer, Diana Senff, Kenny Myers, Paul Leininger, Ron Gibson, Eddie Byrne, Anita Thompson. Row 1: Marcia Bruggeman, Yvonne Hoodlit, Margaret Eppard, Jim Reardon, Sue Jordan, Jolette Clark, Elenor Wil- kins, Marolyn Collins, Susie Miller. Row 2: Kaye Bache, Sue Kabel, June Falkenburg, Miss Gilbert, Mr. Rusle, James Halteman, Wendy Kuebler, Mitzi Kohring, Mary Flack. Row 3: Josephine Krueger, Richard Recht, Paul Teo- pas, Bill Findley, Brian Nyquist, Wayne Kakela, Jim Wahl, Robert Mcllvain, Spencer Brugess. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the coveted desires of many a Libbey student. Di- rected by Miss Jean Gilbert, the officers--Jim Reardon, president, Bob Mentzer, vice presidentg Marcia Bruggeman, secretary, Bobbie Simons, treasurer-led the club through the months of 1952-53. The so- ciety's high ideals of scholarship, leadership, character, and service were before them at all times. During the year the National Honor Society sponsored many activities. To the students in the Lib- bey auditorium, Mr. joseph R. Scalzo, wrestling coach at Toledo University, gave a very interesting talk, while showing slides of the Olympics. A Christmas decoration contest proved to be a success. The members of the club helped with the balloting in the elections of the Junior and Senior Class officers, and the Student Council. Row I: Charlotte Kem fer Jackie Noss, Jane Hintz, Nancy Bartz, Pete Finch, Sandra Brown, Joyce Frank, Sue Dou- P , ble, Barbara Walker. Row 2: Carol Hischka, Bobbie Simons, Don Garner, Miss Gilbert, Mr. Rusie, Ralph Kohring, Ruth BCHSOI1, ROberta Jefferds Ann Schlicher. Row 3: Nola Vanyo, Darryl Hawn, Dick Atkinson, Duard Farquhar, ' d D nzi Dick Gardner, William Huepenbecker, Bill Van Koughnet, Ronnie Long, Ju y e g. Row 1: Beverly Work, Sharon Shipman, Carol Nickelson, Carolyn Clark, Marilee Abel, Shirley Heoner, Grace Borton, h C l n Hoering, Karen Clark. Row 2: Wil-liam Nancy Ohler, Carol Eggert, Laurel Schroder, La Verne Pouc er, aro y Greenburg, Barton Welsh, Rosemary Baranek, Mary jo Aufderheide, Carol Wert, Esther Fleming, Pati Penn, Shirley Falk, Karine Weil, Linda Von Klinger, Wilberta Cooley. Row 3: Barbara Kakela, Ruth Dinkins, Nancy Czolgosz. Tom Smith, Fred Starner, Don Robb, Dave Gillmore, James Earl, Jacquie Guhl, Jean Kerns, Carol Born, Ann Ram- Sellf. NATIGNAL HONOR SCCIETY held At this time recognition was made of the fresh- I11 March the induction of new members was . men and sophomores who were at the top of their classes. After the induction, everyone enjoyed the party sixth hour in the teachers' cafeteria. This social event was planned by Paul Leininger and his C0mmittee. At the eighth-grade visitation, the members conducted the prospective freshmen around Lib- bey- This year the society has initiated recognition notices of school services over the public address ' d't 'um. Thus it was that SYSfC1T1. At the end of the year the annual quiz-program was held 111 the au 1 OU Libbey's National Honor Society comple ted another wonderful year. , lin' V4- Kow I: Jeanne Ricker, Shirley Keiser, Marlene Mickens, Marilyn Rosa, Jeriann Armbrust, Mary Gwen Reed, Janet Courtad, Janet De Mars. Row 2: Barbara Bodi, Marjorie Rossbach, Sharon O'Donnel1, Sue Jordan, Mlss Dusha, Kaye Bache, Lu Ann Moyer, Sue Baumgartner, Barbara Miller. Row 33 Nancy Pommeranz, Mary Rier, Cleo Sperber, Jean Kerns, Roberta Jefferds, Nancy Harley, Esther Fleming, Dolores Martin, Teresa Killian. Row 1: Donna Callaghan, Marcia Bruggeman, Mona Mantz, Sharon Cupp, Mary Long, Nancy Rubadeux, Karen Clark, Susie Miller. Row 2: Barbara Bogart, Nancy Ohler, Sally Bender, Mary Flack, Miss .Dusha, Sandra Brown, Phyl Or- beson, Donna Baumgartner, Bonnie Sutton. Row 3: Shirley Falk Ann Ca ' M ' ' , melon, arxan Hussey, Janie Fenner, Judith Denzlg, Linda Von Klinger, Anne Schlicher, Joy Lea Smith, Carol Van Karsen. PERICLEAN LITERARY SOCIETY As an artist who views . . y began their activities with the Central mass meeting under the direction of co-ch ' K B a1rmen aye ache and Marlene MICKCHS. Farnsworth park was the scene of a fall roast, the chairman of which was Sue Jordan Th . .t. . . . . e 1n1 iates, under the direction of Janet DeMars, furmshed peppy entertamment for the Christmas party. This year the five literary societies joined hands to present "Blue Sophisticationn at the Woman's Buildin . Tho ' ' g se representing the Peries were Sandra Brown and Phyl Joan Orbesen, In March, fif- teen new members were installed at an initiation tea headed by Lu Anne Mo er T h h P y . o onor t e hils and the Zets, the Peries presented a variety show under the direction of Mary Flack and Sue Jordan. As S ri h . . . . . . . p ng approac ed, the girls paid tribute to their mothers with a tea given 1n the librar The s h ol y. c o year drew to a close with the installation of the junior officers at the annual banquet. a finished portrait, so too, the Peries look upon the past year with pride The Their adviser, Miss Ruth Dusha, gave her guidance and promotion to the year's activities. The of- ficers were Sandr B ' ' ' ' a rown, president, Phyl Joan Orbesen, vice president: Sharon O'Donnel1, treasurer: S d . l . . ue Jor an, recording secretary, Marc1a Bruggeman, corresponding secretary: Susan Miller, chaplain: and Mary Gwen Reed, censor. ll . L sbet Hoffman Barbara walker, iviainee ...,.,, Row 1: Doris Altenbaugh, Miriam Mix, Linda Grenn, y , U1HgS, Sharon Franklin, Darlene Davidter. Row 2: Phyllis Settles, Vicky Bowes, Sue Double, Marcella Mockensturm. ' ' ' C l Falk. Row 3: Nancy Pasche, Anita White, Susan Coul- Miss Kirk, Ruth Benson, Virginia Potter, Nancy Walker, aro e E1ZfghBo1bbie Simons, Sue Kabel, Diana Senff, Debbie Hill, Mitzi Kohring, Jackie Endsley, Carol Hischka, Mary Jo Auf- ei e. Row 1: Charlotte Bowes, Judy Johnson, Deanna Kay Lasko, Carol Nickelson, Darrilyn Schluter, Judy Dunbar, Clare Bowes, Helen Miller, Jo Ann Loyer. Row 2: Janet Noss, Arlene Baird, Rhea Altenbaugh, June Falkenburg, Miss 0' M C rth , Norma Dopfer, Judy Niehous. Row 3: Alice Cremean, Suzie Reetz, ' B bara Kakela, Wendy Kueb- Kirk, Beverly Falkenbur..,, Kathy c a y Barb PGVCOU, Margaret Kravetsky, Jacquie Guhl, Barbara Vogelpohl, Anita Thompson, ar lef, C21rOlyn Cooper. PHILALETHEAN LITERARY SGCIETY Literary Society and its work for the "Never a dull moment," could well be said about the Philalethean . , D ' f nd in the words: scholarship, leadership, fellowship. past year. With the purpose of the club being ou and school spirit, the end of the year found the record book of the Phils full of accomplishments. Coun- Seled by Miss Mark Kirk, the members proceeded to do a good job with every new event. The officers Who handled well the many activities, were as follows: Carol Hischka, Pfesidffml Mitzi Kohring, V.iC6 President, Bobbie Simons, treasurerg Sue Double, recording secretary, Phyllis Settles, corresponding secretary, Nancy Pasche, chaplain, Vicky Bowes, sergeant-at-arms, Barbara Walker, senior censor: and Rhea Altenbaugh, junior censor. , , , H The first event staged by the Phils was the Waite mass meeting in which the theme was l-leaven vs Hades." The social whirl started for the members in December with a skirt and sweater dance in the Lib- bey gym. Around Christmas time the girls collected money for a basket to begiven to a needy family in the area. Mitzi Kohring the representative of the club, worked on the Five Lit Dance, held at the Wom- anfs Building. To succeed in accomplishing their literary alrn, tW0.0f YDOTC .lumof glfls gave bffok fe' views at every meeting. At one of the meetings early this spring, Miss Fiedler told of her travels in Eur- the site for the roast, planned by Barbara Pelton. April found ev- ' ' f ia. The Banquet was the Ope. In March, Farnsworth Park was n . C Cfyone working on the Mother's Tea which was given. in the L1bb?Y 3 etef U 4 U , ll lanned by Virginia Potter, chairman. Thus it was that this society last event of the season and was we p ended one of its finest years. 5 4255 Hfgfiw W, . we Row 1: Pat Moore, Marolyn Collins, Barbara Long, Ann Taylor, Nancy Hunt, Arley McFadden, Carolyn King, Mary Manz, Beverly Work, Mary Hazelbaker. Row 2: Carol Coulson, Carolyn Collins, Grace Borton, Eleanor Wilkins, Miss Delisle, Miss Eberth, Nancy Bartz, Margaret Eppard, La Donna Shanteau, Sandra Neill, Shirley Hepner. Row 3: Marjorie Jonas, Beverly Eden, Eileen Tabor, Carol Born, Carolyn Wendel, Doris Batch, Nancy Fisher, Ann Ram- seur, June Shepler, Janet Kollmeier. Row 1: jackie Noss, Muriel Paeplow, Barbara McNamee, Evelyn Houghten, Barbara Kellar, Judy Hawley, Tam Townsend, Jean McNamee, Marge Featheringill, Charlotte Kempfer. Row 2: Becky Hunt, Pat Mallory, Pati Penn, Carole Marlowe, Mrs. Dzialok, Ginny Meinardi, Norma Burkardt, Merle Gunn, Shirley Burkardt, Margie Saccucci. Row 3: Nancy Reuter, Pat Fearnside, Nola Vanyo, Shirley Eisenmann, Janet Becker, Josephine Krueger, Mary Kes- ling, Ruth Dinkins, Nancy Gibson, Sharon Fauble. ZETALETHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY "Nihil sine labore" CNothing without Worklj is the motto of the Zets. Under the direction of their ad- visers, Miss Grace DeLisle, Miss Eileen Eberth, and Mrs. Eleanore Dzialok, the Zets have strived to carry out the purposes of their club: to teach good fellowship, consideration of others, the value of co-opera- tion, and commendable school spirit, to promote participation in literary meetings: and to develop lead- ership. The topic for the year was "Personality Quotientsf' The DeVilbiss mass meeting was the first project of the year with Pat Mallory and June Shepler co-chairmen. The theme was "Flapper-Time Football." Pat Fearnside and Margaret Eppard were in charge of the annual Mother's Tea in the Libbey library in February. Miss Payne gave a very enlighten- ing talk on people who had influenced her life. Jackie Noss and June Shepler represented the Zets on the committee for the Five-lit dance, "Blue Sophisticationf' June Shepler led a sock hop, "Hillbilly Hoedownf' in the Libbey gym in March. Rough initiation, under the direction of Beverly Eden and Shirley Burkhart, was held in the spring. The annual banquet in May concluded a worthwhile year. The following were the officers for the year: Jackie Noss, president, June Shepler, vice presidentg Sharon Fauble, record- ing secretary, Pat Mallory, corresponding secretary, Nancy Fisher, chaplain: Muriel Paeplow, Treasur- er, Evelyn Houghton, sergeant-at-arms, Pat Fearnside, historian, and Janet Becker, censor. , .. v ' Row 1: Dick Schnapp, Elden Eckhart, Gordan Felgner, ,Tim Thompson, Ken Myers, Ed Mauntler, Jon Haverman, Ralph Kohring, Don Garner. Row 2: Dick Henningsen, Herb Harding, Bernie Wineland, Wayne Kakela, Mr. Wirick. Bill Findlcy, James Wassmund, Jim Reardon, Frank Pauly, Leo Denomy. Row 1: David Waterfield Estil Hurst Ronald Hadle Dick Howland Mr. Wirick Terr Mallctt Walter Brown l , 1 7 ya v 1 , Larry McCormick, Howard Stewart, Ned Neal. Row 2: Richard Camp, Jim Marsh, Wilbcift Taraschke, Dick Beach, Don Heinz, Al Jamison, Donald Ward, Bob Houck, Ronald Ward, Fred Starner. FURUM "Over the top in everything" well describes the Forum's activities for the year. There were social events galore, starting with rough initiation of pledges in December. The committee for this was headed by Ken Myers and Jon Haverrnan. With the new members duly installed, the club got down to business. They then made plans for a dance in the gym on january 23, "The Semester Swing," with Don Garner as chairman. Bernie Wineland and Wayne Kakela represented the Forum on the Five Lit Dance Com- mittee. In May the boys innovated a dinner dance for the graduating seniors. Their spring roast and all-day outing was a big success, as was their fund raising project for selling tags at the Libbey-Waite football game. Although the Forum is a club which enjoys social events, its primary purpose is to benefit the school. The Forum has long promoted citizenship, leadership, and service to Libbey. Mr. William Wirick, The Forurn's new adviser, has done a splendid job in helping the club. The officers of the year were .lim Wassmund, president: Wayne Kakela, vice-president: Jim Reardon. secretary: Bernie Wine- land, treasurer, and Bill Findley, sergeant-at-arms. These officers and the members of the club have kept the name of the Forum high at Libbey. ww M2 R : B'll Rosselit, Ron Long, Ron Kutzke, Ron Gibson, Mr. Robinson, Tom Funka, Len Rusch, Jim Armbrust, Diflk Siefrlivmfans. 1 Row 2: Pete Finchfjerry Hill, Paul Leininger, Dale Spratt, Dave Frayer, Richard Slicker, Bob Dailey. George Streepey, Jim Coyle, Robert Mentzer. Row 1: Ken Eaton, Arthur Funka, Tom Szymanski, Robert Charles, Jack Frayer, George.Turner,'J1m Tucker, Jack Wahl. Row 2: Ron Onnenga, Robert Willey, Dave Wyland, Clifton Browning, Mf..ROb1HSOH, Dick Watts, Wayne Oestreich, Jim Kistner, Bob Mcllvain. Row 3: David Kaminski, Ronald Carnes, Dave Gillmore, Tom Leppert, Jim Feat- zka, Frank Reece, Bob Marohn, James Wahl, George Rodriguez. QUILL AND DAGGER "To generate the will to serve" is the motto of the Quill and Dagger Literary Society. The purpose of this organization is to discover and encourage original talent, as well as promoting an enlightened lead- ership. They sparked the season of Halloween by presenting the ever popular "QD Shindigf' Dave Frayer assisted with the lighting and decorating. In addition to the annual Shindig, they jointly spon- sored the Five Lit Dance at the Womanis Building. jack Runyan's orchestra furnished the music for 3 wonderful "Blue Sophisticationf' Tom Funka and Ron Long represented the QD's on the dance com- mittee. Christmas right around the corner, the club wished to continue its benevolence program to a needy family. With contributions from all, the basket was sent, conveying the joy and happiness of the Christmas season to eleven deserving people. With the new year came the pledging of new members. Dale Spratt was committee chairman for this event. Twenty-one new members were inducted after an interesting evening of initiation in the lower hall of Libbey. The annual roast was held at Farnsworth Park where much fun was had by all. During the course of the evening, the outcome of the election of next year's officers was announced. This year'S officers were: Ron Long, presidentg Tom Funka, vice presidentg Dick Slicker, secretary: Pete Finch, treasurer, and Dale Spratt, sergeant-at-arms. Mr. Charles Robinson, the jovial and understanding adviser, will long be remembered as another year of wonderful events turn into pleasant memories. l S Q 4.1 I I l R V ,,f'.!?y., Row 1:.Dick Simmons, Don Garner, Tom Funka, Ron Gibson, Bernie Wineland, Dick Hennigson, Ron Kutzke Ron Long, Jim Armbrust, Len Rusch. Row 2: Mr. Needles, Ralph Kohring, Wayne Kakela, Dave Frayer, Elden Eckhart. James Wassmund, Pete Finch, Dick Schnapp, Mr. Vanderwulp. Row 35 Robert Mentzer, Tom Graf, Bob Dailey Bill Findley, Ken Myers, Dale Spratt, Dwight Dinkins. i Row 1: Bill Selb, Durwood Smart, Richard Camp, Kenneth Moore, Ken Graves, Dick Howland, Ken Gallock, How- ard Stewart, Ned Neal. Row 2: Ed Mauntler, Frank Reece, Robert Charles, Brian Nyquist, Mr. Needles, Frank Pauly, Phil Fisher, Dave Wyland, Gordan Felgner, Bob Marohn. SENIOR AND JUNIOR HI-Y With the purpose of the Hi-Y clubs being, "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character," the groups at Libbey again had an excellent year. Their adviser, Mr. Hendricks, along with the officers: Dave Frayer, president, Elden Eckhart, vice pres- identg Pete Finch, secretary: Wayne Kakela, treasurer, led the club. In May, the Mother and Son Ban- quet was held at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church where Reverend Copeland was the speaker. Dick Recht and Kenny Myers were the senior delegates to the Youth Government Program held at Columbus. Along with the Senior Y-Teens the Hi-Y helped sponsor the Lenten Services. Dr. Nicolas T. Goncheroff spoke to the Libbey students interested in human relations. Some participated in the ground-breaking of the new South Side Y. They also raised money for the world service fund. Directed by Mr. Needles the Junior Hi-Y completed another year of accomplishments. The officers were: Frank Pauly, president, Ed Mauntler, vice president, Dave Wyland, secretary: Dick Howland, treasurerg and Ned Neal, chaplain. During the course of the year, the boys enjoyed nine swimming ses- sions at the Central Y. The weekend of February 7 and 8 found them at Camp Storer in Michigan. With 1Y's the s onsored Dr Goncheroff who spoke to the Libbey students The two junior the other H'- , Y P - v - representatives for the Youth Government Program were Frank Pauly and Ed Mauntler. My-5. , f 5 Izz --:-f II- V.Q, , , f 3 4 r i TI v E N ,:::. Mzix . ,N i is 1 ' I X- :sf-4" 1-M... 1' R : D 'd W t h r, J mes Reichler, Brent Lewis, Fred Riches, Lloyd Cupp, George Becker, Fred Flack, Estil Htflirvstf Ton2yV1Bach1f1a:n.e Rosv 2: Arthur Funka, Jim Tucker, Newell Jones, Bob Houck, Donald Ward, Jim Featzka, Ronald Ward, Jack Frayer, Wayne Oestreich, Terry Mallett, Mr. Vanderwulp. R : G M llett, Dave De Mars, Gary Good, Alvin Eyre, Mr. Keifer, Eddie Stanley, Floyd Kelley, Ronald Bgzigidr, Diiiliiis Griffith. Row 2: Philip Walbolt, Terry O'Donnel1, Johnny Ny.qu1st, Tom Case, Henry Williams, Lar- ry Deiger, Tom Smith, Bob Fearnside. SOPHOMORE AND FRESHMAN HI-Y Endeavoring to maintain their motto which is before them, the Sophomore Hi-Y completed a splendid year. Along with Mr. Vanderwulp, their adviser, the officers: Dave Wetcher, president, Wayne 0.65- trreich, vice president, Jack Frayer, secretary, Ronald Ward, treasurer, Art Funka chaplain, did a fine Job of directing this club. Besides enjoying a swim one evening the boys attended Open House at the Y. M. C. A. early this spring. With the help of the other Hi-Y groups they sponsored Dr. Nicolas Goncher- off, who spoke to the Libbey student body. An enjoyable time was spent at Camp Nelson Dodd, a training camp in southern Ohio. It can well be said that the purpose of this club has been followed this year. With the platform of "Clean living, clean athletics, clean speech, and scholarship," the Freshman Hi- Y has been able to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school, home and community, high stand- ards of Christian character. This new club has proved that they will be the leaders of Libbey tomorrow. Through their efforts a new skating pond was created and paid for at the Y site on the Anthony Wayne Trail. Under the supervision of their adviser, Mr. Keifer, the boys had a candy sale, selling one hundred and thirty pounds of Salt Water Taffy. Meetings were held twice monthly, alternately at Libbey and the Central Y. M. C. A. The officers of the club were: Terry MacDonald, president, Tom Smith, vice president, Wayne Schutt, secretary, Harold Wagner, treasurer, and Jim Telb, chaplain. nl 7 , , P10 Row 1: Ruby Browning, Nancy Rueter, Mr. Martin, Delores Martin, Barbara Hayt M 'l H t ll R - - ne Pommeranz, Ron Gibson, Ed Mauntler, Dick Nehring, Bob Mentzer, Sue Jordanen, an yn ar Ze i OW 2. Jean Row 1: Miriam Mix, Susie Key, Susan Schnell, Erlene Roberts, Carol Hischka, Kaye Bache, Arley McFadden Sue Double, Vicky Bowes, Mary Gwen Reed. Row 2: Miss Irwin, Ruth Benson, Arlene Baird, Susan Coulter Anita Thompson, Cleo Sperber, Jeannette Tapley, Nancy Clark, Wendy Kuebler, Betty Sharp, Mr. Baker. Row ig: Pete Stroup, Brian Nyquist, Bob Dailey, Dick Gardner, Diana Senff, Debbie Hill, Don Robb, Carolyn Hochstettler Jose- phine Krueger, James Halteman. ' ACTIVITIES-UNITED NATICNS The many activities that the student body attend throughout the year, must be supervised by someone, Mr. Martin has officiated in this capacity very successfully. Activities tickets under the direction of Delores Martin, were put on sale immediately after school began and, as usual, the athletic office "buzzed" with excitement. Those who assisted Mr. Martin sold tickets to the athletic events Libbey represented and they also sold coke and candy at the basketball games. Edelian sales began shortly after Christmas with Sue Jordan heading the Circulation. Marilyn Hartzell, Barbara Hayton and Nancy Rueter assisted her. Jeanne Pommeranz, helped by Nancy Rueter, took charge of the Advertising for the yearbook. The Rhythm Round-Up dominated the time of the activities workers toward the closing of the year. Anoth- er year of service for the name Libbey, and for the student body that makes up that name, had been completed. Keeping alive the motto, "Peace to the World," the, Libbey United Nations Club increased their activi- ties this year. These included participation in the Toledo United Nations Association, collection of money for food for students in Korea, movies on various phases of the U.N., the Armistice Day program. and the model UNESCO, held in April at the University of Toledo. As a contribution to the school they are making a continuing scrapbook on the U.N. and the U.N. club at Libbey. A banquet for all members M C -advisers Miss Grace Irwin and Mr. Roscoe Baker were assisted by Bob and advisers was held in ay. O a D ' Q Daile residentg Ruth Benson, vice president: Vicky Bowes, secretaryg Dick Gardner, treasurer, and Y- P , Pete Stroup, chaplain. I if 3 t 3 ' stud. ' i Xrm .wi It Q. Q W if Row 1: Evelyn Boykin, Barbara Walker, Ruth Bender, Darleen Shepard, Jackie Noss, Vicky Bowes, Shirley Koeb- rich, Jean Willey, Sue Double, Barbara Hoyton, Carole Falk, Miriam Mix. Row 2: Phyllis Settles, Phyl joan Orbe- sen, Jae Ann Newton, Eleanor Wilkins, Betty Sharp, Miss Allen, Marjorie Jonas, Sharon Fauble, Kaye Bache, june Shepler, Sandra Brown, Jeanne Pommeranz. Row 3: Shirley Thomas, Lu Ann Moyer, Marcella Mockensturm, Mitzi Kohring, Beverly Owens, Bonnie Terrell, Beverly Crunkilton, Sharon O'Donnell, Sue Jordan, Clarene Van Dame, Louise Thomas, Joette Clark. Row 1: Shirley Keiser, Sue McLaughlin, Carol Morgan, Gladys Jeakle, Bonnie Sutton, Lyllus Busick, Margie Ross- bach, Donna Baumgartner, Mary Gwen Reed, Donna Logan, Janet De Mars, Mary Hazelbaker. Row 2: Jackie Wol- ever, Pat Thornton, Carol Hischka, Arlen Lugabiehl, Faye Schiller, Miss Allen, Louise Thomas, Leatha Stockard, Bev- erly Schnabel, Mary Flack, Evelyn Houghton, Joanne Eubank. Row 3: Shirley Swank, Beverly Eden, Cleo Sperber, Sue Kabel, Shirley Browning, Nola Vanyo, Bobbie Simons, Ruth Benson, Roberta Jefferds, Mary Rier, Beverly John- son, La Donna Taylor. SENIDR Y-TEENS The Senior Y-Teens have again this year presented many worthwhile projects to Libbey and our com- munity with the assistance of their capable and friendly adviser, Miss Allen. The officers who also con- tributed much to the club's success were Kaye Bache, president, Sue Double, vice president: Sue Kabel and Louise Thomas, secretaries, Sharon Fauble, treasurer, Ruth Benson, chaplaing Jackie Wolever, rep- resentative, and Beverly Schnable, program chairman. The annual football banquet in honor of the var- sity team and their parents began the year for the girls. Following soon after was the Scott mass-meet- ing with a western theme. Mitzi Kohring and her committee arranged a splendid Christmas program with the Reverend Hackenberg of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church as the guest speaker. A successful basketball .dance was held in january with Mary Gwen Reed and La Donna Taylor serving as co-chair- men. Again this year, the Senior Y-Teens joined with the Senior Hi-Y in presenting seven Lenten pro- grams. Money-making projects included selling Christmas cards, mistletoe, candy, and the traditional chrys- anthemums at Thanksgiving, Thanks go to Louise Thomas, who contributed a poster to the City-Wide Poster Contest for the Y.W.C.A., and also decorated a window at Christmas. Boy-Girl Relations was the topic of a talk given by Mrs. Taylor, of the Y.W.C.A. at a spring meeting. ""'---1--' . L .LJ 'CQ' Row If Joan Helden, Peggy Marks, Donna Fifer, Bonnie White, Barbara McNamee, Susie Key, Barbara Palma, Pat Fearnside, Sharon Cupp, Norma Jean Duffeck, Connie White, Pat Moore, Marge Featheringill. Row 2: Mary Jane McGraw, Mary Ann Hill, Pat Romp, Wendy Kuebler, Anita White, Barbara Pelton, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Deede Mar- tin, Pat Lauer, Kathy McCarthy, Rhea Altenbaugh, Arlene Baird, Margie Saccucci, Helen Miller. Row 3: Nell Heard, Johnnie Owens, Susan Coulter, Betty Schultz, Judith Denzig, Carolyn Wendel, Diana Senff, Debbie Hill, Carolyn Hochstettler, Josephine Krueger, Anita Thompson, Janet Becker, Janie Fenner. Row If Jane Scott, Arley McFadden, Virginia Potter, Carol Peters, Carol Damschroder, Marilyn Dodge, Barbara Kel- lar, Jean Miller, Janet Noss, Mona Mantz, Nancy Rubadeux, Jeanne Ricker, Donna Callaghan. Row 2: Mary Hoover, Joyce Frank, Connie Shaw, Nancy Clark, Ginny Ladd, Tovce Nieft, Miss Russell, Carolyn Collins, Renee Strobel, Anne Fanoff, Sal Shepherd Nancy Moreland.. Row 3: Peg Brown, Carole Coulson, Judy Oakes, Shirley Eisenmann, Shir- ley McClain, Joan Layne, Ann Schlicher, Joan De Mars, Nancy Harley, Susie Reetz, Nancy Reuter, Nancy Hagedon, Susan Schnell, Margaret Eppard JUNIOR Y-TEENS Under the guidance of their advisers, Miss Russel and Mrs. Fitapatrick, the club has sought to keep in mind to "unite members in the spirit of friendliness and service' and."to be friends with all people of all races, religions, and nationalities." Orchids go to the capable officers who led the club to success: Janie Fenner, presidentg Nancy Reuter, vice presidntl Margle SaCUCC1, TFGSSUYCFZ Kathy MCC21ffhY, SCC- retaryg Margie Featheringill, chaplain, and Arlene Baird, sergeant-at-arms. The club began their Vear with a joint installation banquet which was held at Holy Trinity Luther- an Church for all the Y-Teen clubs at Libbey and the mothers of the members. A peppy mass meeting de ictin a ha ride, was presented for the benefit of the football team last fall. In November a .food bas- keig was iilledyto please some needy family on Thanksgiving. In April the club held a swimmingtparty and potluck dinner at the V.W.C.A. An educational tour through the downtown jail was made in the ' ' 11 ' l d d M s. Staebell, a representative from the Y.W.C.A., who ex- spring. Speakers during t e year mc u e f r d b this national Organization' and Miss Walters' an plained some of the duties and services per orme y is employee of the Florence Crittenden Home. P? l Row 1: Beverly Work, Geraldine Zielinski, Geraldine Badenhop, Barbara Miller, Viola Relyea, Barbara Bodi, Fran- ces Mucci, Nancy Ohler, Lysbet Hoffman, Grace Jenkins, Carol Nickelson, Barbara Sprunk, Norma Sherman. Row 2: Barbara Jeakle, Judy Summers, Janet Kopfman, Janet Fifer, Shirley Moore, Miss Haney, Joyce Panchot, Clare Bowes, Carole Marlowe, Pat Mooneyham, Bobbie Ackley, Dena Kay Lasco. Row 3: Robertine Bolander, Judy Utz June Fink, Jacquie Guhl, Linda Von Klinger, Barbara Vogelpohl, Jean Kisseberth, Judy Yeack, Carol Born, Betty Enright, Mary Kramer, Jeanne Hards, Ann Ramseur. Row 1: Mary Counts, Lois Burkett, Karleyne Schroeder, Joanne Brown, Nancy Everhart, Betty Edwards, Janet Kollmeier, Mary Osborn, Jeriann Armbrust, Melve Bening, Lila Sookey, Loretta Lewis. Row 2: Virginia Althoff. Ann Cameron, Nancy Walker, Judy Hawley, Margaret Kravatski, Miss Haney, Esther Fleming, Tam Townsend, Ginny Mienardi, Mary Lou Estes, Margie Mehlman, Mary Sue Long. Row 3: Deanna Jennings, Sandra Keller, Dorothy Schelling, Loraine Grandpair, Karen Brown, Nancy Probasco, Joyce Potter, Nancy Richardson, Janice Cully, Mary Kesling, Barbara Kakela, Nancy Hunt, Jackie Koepfler. SOPHCJMORE Y-TEENS "To grow as a persong to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalitiesg and to grow in the knowledge and love of God" is the purpose of the Sophomore Y-Teens. With the assistance of their adviser, Miss Haney, the capable leadership of the officers, and the co-operation of its members, the Sophomore Y-Teens have done a fine job of achieving their goal. The officers for the year were Judy Hawley, president, Margie Kravatsky. vice presidentg Tam Townsend, secretary, Esther Flem- ing, treasurerg Nancy Walker, chaplaing and Nancy Ohler, representative. The main social activities for the girls included a Christmas party at the new Y.W.C.A., with a pot- luck supper, splash party, and gift exchange, under the chairmanship of Nancy Hunt: a basketball dance after the Libbey-Woodward game, and a tea held April 30 under the chairmanship of Nancy Ohler, A joint splash party with the Sophomore Hi-Y was enjoyed. At Christmas the club collected food for a basket which was given to a needy family. Later in the year scrapbooks and fruit were taken to St. An- thony's Orphanage as a goodwill project. Two fudge sales were held during the year to increase the treasury. . .V 'gk 5-,ha---xl f, 'V M0 way, Row I: Joyce Johnson, Dixie Baugh, Joyce Brewer, Carol n Szul Mar Youn Anna getty Senger, Shirley .Carter,. Verbie Gibson, Beverly Oaiyes, Marilyn lgIamlin.g,Row 2:HSlliirleEynL1'2y1fdlimJoe1aie Gllziartl-ii Mafole Sah1?1Y, Joy Smith, Majul Skinner, .Barbara Bogart, Joanne Eubank, Beverly Johnson, Linette Fetzer. Row 35 Mary Hafrlson, Sally Kirschner, Nancy Lindhurst, Mary Ellen Watt, Eva Martain, Sydneyetta Craig, Berna Rae Leaf ary Lou Bussdieker, Sharon Le Gron, Sherry Wooten, Nancy Gibson, Joyce Furry. y ROW 1: Patte Meier Jaclyn Rippinger Carol Nickelsen Nancy Foster Pat Mooneyham Ph ' ' ' 1, , , , , yllis Fa h ld, D 1 Shepard, Dena Kay Lasko, Arleen Carson, Judy Sternett. Row 2: Janis Gee, Mary Jane Harrison, Riisszelll Cedozzi iff We Hiatt, Mary Osborn, Marcia McElderry, Joan Kennedy, Joe Price, Barton Welsh, George Emery. Row 3: Eugene Walfe, Eddie Isaacson, Don Liebherr, Dick Eubank, Richard Nehring, Rueben Bumpus, Eddie Russell, Walter Brown, Don Lukert, Merlinda Lucas, Eilien Tabor. F. N. A.-RED CRUSS "To learn to be of service to others and to stimulate interest in nursing as a profession" is the fitting theme which the Future Nurses abliy carried out. A very interesting and event filled year was planned by a group of officers: Sharon LeGron, president, Janice Gibson, vice president, Nancy Gibson, secre- ' ' ' ' d d M1 K l .S ll Kirsch- taryg Sally Kirschner, treasurer. Th.e1r excellent advisers were Mrs. Bair an iss e so a y ner was chairman for the faculty tea held in December. The girls visited several hospitals in Toledo. In March they attended the capping ceremonies at Toledo Hospital School of Nursing. Different speak- ers talked to the irls about their careersg among them were student nurses, an airline hostess, and Mrs. ES Carson who talked on "District Nursing." Mr. Abel gave his views on flower arranging. To make hs In other words these irls had money for scholarships the girls sold apples, cards, and scouring clot . . , g a busy year. Again this year the Junior Red Cross did a wonderful job of living up to their motto, "We serve." Di- ' 'ects. Serving locally, national- rected by Miss Virginia May, the society accomplished many service proj ' d h t hel the shut ins during the holiday season. They sent tray ly, and internationally, they di muc o p - ' ' l ' t'tutions. Puzzles in hand-decorated boxes were favors, candy, and good used magazines to the loca ins 1 - ' sent to the stricken children there. The officers who did an excellent Job this year were Walter Brown, presidentg Sue Gordan, vice-president: Carol Nickelson, secretary: Rosetta Byrd. treasurer. "To serve humanity everywhere" is certainly an appropriate purpose for this fine organization. 5 X Q0 AS? V37 , A 5 E-3 Row 1: Connie White, Barbara Jackson, Shirley Chalet, La Donna Shanteau, Jackie Noss, Ja Ann Cole, Annie Car- penter, Shirley Gerschultz, Mary Baldwin, Yvonne Griffin. Row 2: Susie Reetz, Betty Edwards, Mary McGraw, Renee Strobel, Miss Baird, Mrs. Moody, Joyce Frank, Barbara Keller, Anne Fanaff, Sandra Sanderson. Row 3: Dolores Roe, Nancy Bartz, Shirley Eisenmann, Janet Becker, Nancy Richardson, Joanne Osthimer, Janice Dybala, Beverly Crunk- ilton, Clarine Van Dame, Verneda Richardson, Rose Mary Lazar. Row 1: Barbara Sprunk, Justine Hirauye, Laura Vallade, Norma Burkhardt, Alice Hiatts, James Smith, Mary Hoov- er, Carol Vanderluit, Mary Long, Geraldine Badenhod. Row 2: Norma Dopfer, Barbara Bogel, Barbara Wiler, Grace Borton, Mr. Needles, Mrs. Flatz, Janice Bowman, Stella Duenas, Nancy Everhart, Lois Burkett. Row 3: Linda Von Klinger, Ann Taylor, Lo Verne Swihart, Donna Deakin, Corleene Shuman, Jean Kisseberth, Barbara Vogelpohl, Carol Tomaszewski, Jackie Koepfler, Janet Fifer, Joyce Panchot. CCMMERCIAL CLUB "He profits most who serves best." This is the motto of the Future Business Leaders of America. The purpose of the club is to bring about a better understanding and co-operation among the business stu- dents, and to help a person take responsibility for carrying out tasks that are a credit to his school and community. In order to provide money for their numerous social events and also to give them experi- ence in selling, the club sold candy, floor wax, cookies, pens, and shorthand dictionaries. A represen- tative from the Merle Norman Studio gave a cosmetic demonstration. At another meeting, the girls who work in the main office gave a report on their everyday duties. The state convention of the Future Business Leaders of America was held in Mansfield, Ohio. Eight girls, Mrs. Houser and Miss Haney attended. N.O.M.A. Educational Night Banquet was attended by Nancy Bartz, Roberta Jefferds, and Juanita Schoreder. Dr. Knepper, the state representative to national F.B.L.A., spoke at the initiation. ,rp ...S M1 V 4' f, ww iyf ,- -sa YW? 4 9 . I IA Row If Mary Gomez, Deanna Jennings, Carolyn Hoerig, Pat Gibson, Carol Blochowski, Arleen Carson, Marilyn Dodge, Dena Kay Lasko, Sharon Franklin, Betty Hurst. Row 2: Nancy Miller, Eleanor Claussen, Arlene Pacholski, Rose- mary Baranek, Mildred Thornton, Betty Flowers, Donna Hanna, Joyce Heiden. Row 3: Sandra Keller, Irene Fink, Margaret Kravetsky, Shelia Baublitz, Jacquie Guhl, Rita Thompson, Betty Enright, Judy Yeack, Ann Ramseur, jean- ne Hards. Row 1: Carolyn Igney, Carol Damschroder, Yvonne Hoodlet, Margaret Stewart, Barbara Hayton, Sandy Wilson, Dixie Kelly, Marilyn Owen, Pat Bayles, Virginia Sierra. Row 2: Dawn Duffey, Ginny Ladd, Joyce Nieft, Ann Heslet, Miss Haney, Mrs. Moody, Connie Shaw, Phyllis Settles, Marlene Mickens, Jane Bilow. Row 35 Jackie Wolever Nancy Hurd, Colleen Barry, Roberta Iefferds, Ann Ingold, June Blattner, Sue Kabel, Darle Krepps, Darlene Wood- cock, Shirley Loggins, Faye Schiller. COMMERCIAL CLUB The social events for the year started out with a Halloween party at the Scott Park shelter house. Next came an exciting trip through the Wonder Bread Bakery. On November 26, a party was held for the orphans at the Miami Children's Horne. The co-chairmen for this event were Joyce Frank and Ann Fanoff, This was followed by a Wonderful Christmas party in the Libbey cafeteria. Laterlthat month came the inevitablg initiation of new members. April 22 marked the date for the banquet which was held at HOly Trinity Lutheran Church. Renee Strobel was chairman. The season's events were concluded with the freshman roast at Walbridge Park. The officers for the year were Nancy Bartz, president: Renee Strobel, viCe-p1-esidentg Roberta Jefferds, secretary, Mary Baldwin, Treasurer. The adyisers for the year were Mfg Houser Mrs. Flatz Mrs. Moody, Mrs. Baird, Miss Haney, Mr. Needles, Miss Payne and Mr. Rusie. 1 I R i 65' Row 1: Jeriann Armbrust, Nancy Ohler, Sandra Brown, Margie Gable, John Nofziger, Letitia Nowakowski, Peggy Brown, Sue McLaughlin, Shirley Keiser. Row 2: Joan Lukert, Ann Caigpenter, Majul Skinner, Raymond Harper, Mr. McClure, Paul Williams, Mary Kramer, Ken Steinke, Russell Cedoz, Ca Cole Kordell. Row 3: Doris Batch, Sharon Le Gron, Dick Faught, James Williams, Garry Davis, Don Bonneru, Evan Rice, James Pirtle, Dennis Mahoney, Don Crosby. Row 1: Jeriann Armbrust, Nancy Ohler, Sandra Brown, Margie Gable, John Nofziger, Letitia Nowakowski, Peggy Brown, Sue McLaughlin, Shirley Keiser. Row 2: Pearl Johnson, Leotha Stockard, john Wommer, Tony Bachman, joe Price, Mr. McClure, Bob Recht, Janell Maeder, Constance Chambers, David Durfee. Row 3: Don Lukert, Dick Carlston, Jim Smith, Newell Jones, Larry Haase, Don Foglesanger, Richard Recht, Janet Becker, Carolyn Gordon, Donna Wagner, Judy Hawley. BAND Strike up the band! A fast moving, high stepping band is enjoyed by all. Libbey's spirited band stim- ulated those whose hearts beat high at the sight of the flashing blue and gold. Our band, of which we are justly proud, has been an asset to Libbey in many ways. Providing music at mass meetings, football games, and activity programs in the auditorium, the musical members were busy throughout the year. The band also accompanied the student body on the excursion to Cleveland Shaw, and under the able and un- derstanding direction of Mr. Harold McClure, raised the spirits of the team in spite of defeat. Officers for the year included: John Nofzinger, president, Kenny Steinke, vice presidentg Shirley Kaiser, secretary, Dick Fought, treasurer, Arthur Huff, sergeant-at-armsg and Richard Recht, student director. ig, 9 b' sf N 'V , I I I I , ,X I ,A 'tr 1 B J , cf -,fair A 2 l 5 ,lx it iq V 3 XV , V! . -N rl f QQ if ,,. F so if Q l ,WV 7 , Q X , X , -1 -U ,. fp Q , , fi il 9 if f . 2 ' Q g ' sf of W 5 ,Y as J - M1 2, i J f L Row 1: Delores Becker, Marjorie Rodemick, Judy Porter, Anne Fanaff, Mary Gwen Reed, Marcia McElderry Lou- ise Thomas, Shirley Thomas, Flora Hague, Norma Sherman, Karleyne Schroeder, Donna Swartz. Row 2: Judy Sum- mers, Evelyn Houghton, Marjorie Jonas, Carolyn Collins, Carol Hischka, Mr. McClure, Muriel Paeplow, Frances Muc- c1, Joanne Eubank, Mary Leu Samsey, Darla Kreps, Pat Keirns. Row 3: Luther Bebley, Clifford Wellington, Bever- ly Owens, Alice Hill, John Nofziger, Don Bonneru, Don McLean, Wallace Thomas, Lloyd Cupp, Don Lukert Dave Waterfield, Dick Simmons. 1 Row 1: Arleen Carson, Nancy Lee, Sally Shepherd, Nina Johnson, Shirley Emery, Betty Huntly, Shirley Carter, Vea- trice Cooper, Sue McLaughlin, -Janet De Mars, Shirley Keiser. Row 2: Violet Relyea, Mary Jane McGraw, Mary Ann Hill, Carolyn McClure, Stanley Bussdieker, Ann Cameron, Mr. McClure, Betty Edwards, William Jordan, Wil- liam Bush, Joyce Jackson, William Russell. Row 3: Dianne Overhulse, Mary Kesling, Joan DeMars, Edward Cole- man, Robert Roesler, James Jensen, Dave Frayer, Don Bollenbacher, Dick Watts, Elden Eckhart, Larry Johnson, William Russell. CHGIR Of Libbey's many organizations, one of the best known to both teachers and students is the Choir. The purpose of the Choir is "to perform for school and civic functions, to give students a chance to sing with proper techniques, and to acquire skill in the reading of music." The Choir had over seventy members this year, and among them were many with fine solo voices. Mr. Harold McClure directed and conduct- ed the Choir, and the officers for the year were Dave Frayer, president, William Bush, vice presidentg Carol Hischka, secretary-treasurer, Richard Simmons, sergeant-at-armsg and assistant director, William Bush. The annual roast was planned by a committee headed by Don Lukert. Ever one looked forward especially to the Choir's beautiful contributions to our Lenten services, held everiy Friday during Lent, and their fine work brought many compliments from our speafcefa alth- er activities included participation in the annual Choir Festival held at the Peristyle of the o e o u- f A h n e concert with Waite High School' and a special program for the eighth grade seum o rtg an exc a g 1 , , , , visitation day. The active and interesting program of the Choir this year and every year has inspired many to join it not only to enjoy its opportunities for a musical education. but to sing with many others who find it a thrilling experience. Row 1: Jo Ann Loyer, Jeriann Armbrust, Tam Townsend, Pat Mooneyham, Judy Hawley, Carol Nickelson, Nancy Ohler, Susie Key, Beverly Work, Loretta Lewis. Row 2: Miss Pickard, Lorene Lincoln, Mary Kramer, Ann Cameron, Joan Rogers, Nell Heard, Jimmie Dixon, Robertine Bolander, Barbara Jeakle, Esther Fleming, Joette Clark. Row 3: Kar- en Brown, Susan Coulter, Paul Teopas, Dick Atkinson, Debbie Hill, Diana Senff, Dick Henningsen, Dave Gillmore, Jack Steiner, Larry Osburn, Breny Lewis. Row 1: Janet Esterline, Judy Porter, Sue Double, Joyce Daniels, Susan Schnell, Pat Romp, Frances Mucci, Margie Mehlman, Carol Peters, Gwen Eichelberger, Karleyne Schroeder. Row 2: Miss Fiedler, Par Kerins, Marjorie Jonas, Carolyn Collins, Ruth Benson, Mary Kesling, Shirley Browning, Carole Coulson, Judy Summers, Betty Sharp, Bev- erly Schnabel. Row 3: Fred Flack, Richard Fink, Dick Eubank, Fred Starner, Bruce Mallory, Bob Weick, Josephine Krueger, Anita Thompson, James Halteman, Jim Reardon, Tony Bachman. BIOLGGY "To strive for a wider knowledge and a great appreciation of all natural life": this is the purpose of the Biology Club. The ,many activities of the club not only fulfill this purpose, but include service proj- ects and social events. During the year the club donated a tree to Lincolnshire Park, and sent a Care package to a needy family in Hellsinki, Finland. At one of the meetings Miss Pickard spoke about Bi- ology Club Field Day, and a movie was shown. The officers for the year were Dick Atkinson, presidentg Beverly Schnabel, vice president, Ruth Benson, secretary, and Anita Thompson, treasurer. Miss Lasetta Pickard and Miss Lydia Fiedler ad- vised the club in its many successful projects. The first social event was a roast at Walbridge Park in October. There was a Christmas party in December, and the club sponsored a dance after the Scott bas- ketball game. In February the club held a fudge sale as a money making project, and everyone enjoyed a splash party held at the Y.W.C.A. in April. The final event was the banquet on May 22, and advisers, officers, and members agreed that the Biology Club had had an interesting and progressive year. 5.-fax Row 1: Margaret Eppard, Rhea Altenbaugh, Pat Mallory, Nancy Hunt, Ju Sh l V H R - B Fearnside, Wayne Kakela, Al Jamison, Dick Gardner, james Wassmund, lrllfiiss Hinedersosiiiyan ursti OW 2' ob Row 1: Carole Morgan, Ruby Browning, Gladys jeakle, Arlene Lugabihl, Pat Thornton, Janet Noss, Sue McLaugh- lin, Rosie Hohenstein, Shirley Keiser, Janet De Mars. Row 2: Lila Schweinhagen, Barbara Bodi, Shirley Koebrich. Sue Baertschi, Miss Dusha, Mr. Rusie, Miss Foster, Donna Baumgartner, Bonnie Sutton, Jane Scott, Peggy Brown. Row 3: Phyllis Settles, Carol Hischka, Nancy Hagedon, Nancy Reuter, Sue jordan, Judith Oakes, Kaye Bache, Donna Wagner, Jeanne Pommeranz, Sharon Mann, Pat Hatfield. STUDENT COUNCIL-F. T. A. The Student Council's main objective is to be of service to Libbey. Problems of all kinds are brought to the attention of the council, and, if possible, settled. This year the council sponsored the Community Chest drive and the "Good Sportsmanship Weekll as well as the magazine drive in which the goal was exceeded. It helped manage the freshman Student Council elections, and the election of a Thanksgiv- ing Day queen. The council also helped with the eighth grade visitation, and guarded the stairways be- fore school. Among their social functions were the dance after the Libbey-Central game, the dinner after the successful magazine drive, the Area Student Council dance "Rhapsody in Rhythm," and the spring roast. The officers for the year were: Pat Mallory, presidentg Jim Wassmund, vice president: June Shepler, secretary-treasurerg and Wayne Kakela,sergeant-at-arms. Miss Henderson, adviser of the Student Council, deserves commendation for her capable assistance. The year's activities for the Future Teachers of America were begun by a successful sale of Libbey Cow- boy bookcovers. The members represented Libbey in several educational functions and entertained the faculty at one of their meetings. The three advisers, Miss Dusha, Miss Foster, and Mr. Rusie, set an inspirational example for the members and were honored at the annual banquet held at the Delft House on March 26, under the supervision of Gladys -leakle. A splash party was held on April 18 with Janet De- Mars as chairman. The officers were: Shirley Kaiser, president: Bonnie Sutton, vice presidentg Gladys Jeakle, secretary, Sue McLaughlin, treasurer, Pat Thornton, historian and librarian: Sharon Mann, par- liamentarian: Janet DeMars, song leader. , QI . M , C 1 M d, B da Boughton, Tom Smith, Barton Welsh, Laurel Schroder, Carol gcailivnlilgcxv 1!IPt2laefo1l,y?inChri2,l1iiZn, Rx Moiaaimeyhziriii Mary Jo Aufderheide, Bob Price, Mrs. Burton, Virginia Potter, .1 Jane 'Hintz, Shirley Falk. Row 3: Pat Fearnside, Barbara Kakela, Larry Osburn, Darryl Hawn, Don Robb, Barb Vo- i gelpohl, Pati Penn, Carole Marlowe. 5 'l H 1' , C l S 1, Jud Cox, Joyce Daniels, Anita Bourquin, Beulah Adams, Arley McFadden, ?dWAnl1 I.1yd?fe1ry1Patt?nMlenier. arlgoyvlvl 2:ZL,ludy Dyimbar, Lois Kerschbaum, Bob Bruce, Dick Zollars, Mrs.. Burton, Darryl Hawn Nancy,Lindhurst, Nancy Ellinger, Pat Romp, Marilyn Matzinger. Row 31 Nancy Probasco, Linda Crowl, Ter- x ry McDonald, Lyn Oberdier, William Dimke, Carolyn Wendel, Shirley Browning, Jim Nutter, Roger Kronmann. i CLASSICAL HGNOR-JUNICR CLASSICAL LEAGUE The Classical Honor Society, along with the Junior Classical League is directed by Mrs. Pauline Burton. The purpose of the Classical Honor is to give students r ' ' ecognition for excellence in Latin. Led by.their officers, Donald Robb, president, and Virginia Potter, secretary-treasurer, the club again kept their ideals before them. Last fall, Mr. Packer gave an illustrated lecture to th b I e mem ers. Again this year, both or- ganizations combined their acivities for successful accomplishments. . S "Scientia arx saeculorumv: "Knowledge, a Citadel of the Ages" is the motto of the Junior ClaSS1C-H1 League. The officers of the past year wer D ' e arryl Hawn, presidentg Robert Price, vice president! and Barbara Vogelpohl, records. The year started with a picnic ' h ' . in t e fall. Later there was a ChristmaS party, and in the early spring, the annual induction banquet when all those attending wear Roman cos- tumes. Care packages contributions to th M . I . , . I e arch of Dimes and Crusade for Freedom, were among tke service proJects which this group carried out Some ed ' . u . ' n . ucational trips were taken in Toledo besides the annual Jaunt to the University of Michigan T d . u . wo elegates were sent to the annual convention in Ohio of the Junior Classical League. All f h ' ' ' ' o t e members helped in publicizing Latin Week by making charts, writing letters to the Toledo Blade putting model ' I , s in the trophy case, and wearing red ties during the celebration. A I ...Z --.-zu ,, -1. 36 Row 1: Marge Featheringill, Mary Gwen Reed, Sally She hard, Kath McCarth , Donna Coleman ' ' Joanne Wilson, Rhea Altenbaugh, Margaret Eppard, Susile Key, Gail Iigoganitschy Row 2: Jackie Diissilaililgilaiiiiicggllraii Dame, Mary Lu Samsey, Becky Hunt, Sue Kabel, Miss Costigan, Ann Ingold, Sharon Fauble, June Shepler Ruth Ben- son, La Donna Shanteau. Row 3: Art Huff, Jack Steiner, Ed Petrie, Kenneth Dickey, Ron Gibson, Dave Frayer Tom Graf, Debbie Hill, Nancy Harley, Roberta Jefferds. i Row i: Jeanne Ricker, Barbara Hayton, Anne Fanaff, Shirley Koebrich, Jackie Wolever, Beverly Schnabel Francis Mucci, Muriel Paeplow, Ann Carpenter, Susan Schnell, Donna Callaghan. Row 2: Susan Coulter, Carolyn, Cooper. Cleo Sperber, Doris Batch, Miss Costigan, Wendy Kuebler, Marian Hussey, June Falkenberg, Mary Rier, Beverly Eden. Row 3: Larry Herold, Spencer Burgess, Dave Deal, Robert Mentzer, Don Robb, Bob Dailey, Diana Senff, Bar- bara Pelton, Arlene Baird, Margie Saccucci. DRAMATICS Seldom do students have the opportunity to display and develop their dramatic abilities. However, with the ur ose of giving its members practical experience in the interpreting and producing cf plays, and P P to promote interest in the dramatic activities of the school, the Dramatics Club tends to develop these tal- ' ' ' h' m lished this ear. Il- ents. Miss Costigan, the adviser of the club, was proud of the ac ievements acco p y luminated before the footlights of Libbey's stage were the one act plays "Ghost In The House" follow- ed in February by "Jinx from Alabama." With a well experienced cast, the Senior play, "I Remember Mama," was so well performed that it will long live in the memories of those who saw it. This and the Junior play, "Henrietta the ' the club. VIIII' which also deserves high acknowledgement, were both sponsored by Commencing the social year with a combination roast and hayride at Side-Cut Park, the club got off to a smooth start. At Christmas, the members took the task of decorating a window to heighten the holi- day spirit. The most outstanding achievement by the Dramatics Club of IQ53 was the purchase of a new rug for the school stage. A new policy granting a scholarship to a deserving member' who plans to study dramatics was adopted by the club. The annual banquet was held April 25 at Will1amsen's in Mau- mee, Ohio. Afterwards, everyone attended a play presented at Bowling Green University. Presiding at the meetings and functions were the officers: Larry Herold, president, Janet Noss, vice president: ' ' - C s onding secretary: and Ron Gibson, treas- Jackie Wolever, recording secretary, Carolyn ooper, corre p urer. Row I: Carol Kahn, Pat Moore, Carol n H ' M E y oerig, argaret ppard, Joyce Frank, Ann Taylor, Grace Borton, Nancy Ellinger, Brenda Boughton, Barbara Battig, Marilyn Rosa, Miriam Mix. Row 2: Mr. Rusie, Donna Coleman, Evelyn Houghton, Sharon Fauble, Esther Fleming, Carol Van Karsen, Miss Kanney, Judy Hess, Jeanne .Hards,-Jae Ann Newton, Mr. Osgood. Row 35 Susie Reetz, Anita Thompson, Jackie Endsley, Pat Mallory, Mitzi Kohring, Ruth Dinkins, Roberta Jefferds, Jean Kerns, Carol Born, Bobbie Simons, Barbara Kakela, Mary Rier. Row 1: Eugene Sobczak, Pete Segura, Marg Young, Pauline Rasey, Shirley Nowakowski, Margaret Green, Della Carmony, Lillian Neubert, Beverly Davo Barbara Wanner Row 2 Th S , . : eresa zymanowski, Clara Beauch, Myrtle Lane, Patricia Sobczak, Mrs. Elwing, Miss Eberth, Sherline Moore, Joyce Birr, Shirley Krueger, Carol Hamilton..Row 35 Carol Kline, Janet Field, Helen Perry, Bill Harber, Lyn Oberdier, Tim Witcher, Joan Field, Carolyn Christen, Alice Hiatt, Jackie Watson. DEANS AIDES-CAFETERIA ChOSCr1 fo , , y, e o ice helpers and the deans' aides carry out a vital part of the school's business Th ff' h . e o ice elpers are selected by the principal because they have shown proficiency in business skills. Their assistance is valuable to the school and in turn they receive practical experience in office procedure Th h . e ot er group continually helped the deans Mr OS- good and Miss Kaney in collectin attend n , g ance, recording absences, filing excuses, phoning to homes of absentees, and running errands to the classrooms. The year was concluded effectively by the deans and their helpers getting together for a social ath ' ' ' g ering in the spring. Both groups have functioned very well during the past. r their scholarship dependability and efficienc th ff' "Anything worth doing is worth. doing well," is the appropriate motto by which the Cafeteria Student Service operates. Under the guidance of Mrs. Elizabeth Elwing, Cafeteria Managerg and Miss Aileen Eberth, Supervisor of Cafeteria Student Service th . , e students perform duties which help make the lunch hour a time of pleasure for all Th ' ' u i V . oe organization proposes to show that real school spirit is a daily ac- tivity of co-operation, good fellowship and pride in . I . , accomplishment. Students participating in this serv- ice receive daily a warm student lunch as a token of appreciation, Row 1: Patte Meier, Kathleen Reece, Jacquiline Darr, Gloria Van Dame Mary Bacon Hel D' M t W bb Loretta Lewis. Row 2: Margie Mehlman, Sue Collins, Frances Mucci, Betty Edwaids, lsflriss llillogyersjarggigle Siip: man, Dorothy Buck, Joyce Furry, Della Carmony. Row 3: Jackie Mummert, Beverly Falkenburg, Glenda Oafman Bernadine Hunt, Christine Miller, Geraldine Winn, Mary Kesling, Nancy Richardson, Jimmie Dixon. i Row If Carole. Falk, Vicky Bowes, Nancy Bartz, Mary Jane McGraw, Mary Ann Hill, Beverly Ramsey, La Donna Taylor, Josephine Estridge, Rosemary McElya, Evelyn Boykin. Row 2: Barbara Jackson, Mary Morgan, Nancy Moreland, Susan Schnell, Mary Flack, Miss Meyers, Carolyn McClure, Verneda Richardson, Arlene Baird, Anne F-anaff, Clarme Van Dame. Row 3: Frances Palmer, Kaye Bache, Shirley Browning, Bobbie Simons, Diana Senff, Bon- nie Terrell, Nell Heard, Johnnie Owens, Ruby Horton, Shirley Thomas. G. A. A. To give girls an opportunity to participate in intramural games is the purpose of the Girls' Athletic As- sociation, and certainly, those girls who participate have a wonderful time playing "the game." Their capable adviser, Miss Meyers, not only directs but plays as well. The officers who led the club through- out a splendid year were Mary Flack, president: Bobbie Simons, vice president: and Vickie Bowes, sec- retary-treasurer. In January many of the girls enjoyed a volleyball playday sponsored by the girls at Woodward High School. On April 25, a number of the members attended the Bowling Green Sports Day at Bowling Green University. Softball, swimming, volleyball were on the agenda for the day. In May, the annual spring roast was held. The season started for the girls when they played volleyball and conducted a tournament. Then came basketball, a game at which many of the girls became proficient. After this tournament ended, a lit- tle bit of volleyball was played until the weather permitted recreation outside. Then the girls played softball till the end of the year. Thus a sport-filled year was completed by the members of G.A.A. 10 Lightweight Football Coach 102 E, S75 t.,, , K ,xg m,HtW,. , k-wiM lwwQVMewwa,n- w - sewn i MQ? Hf'VwQ4wWQwwm NWwWWm+H . . w,, N.gmNM,vAb .at .M, , Q X X Qgis ms, I... X , o r The difficult task of arranging game schedules and ' F conducting the financial business pertaining to the man-' Q agement of the athletic and activities department .has ew ag ? ggi Q been worked out effectfully through the past year by , , Mr. Charles Martin. His position requires skill and tact, g, as well as ability, and as he has progressed from one important project to another, he has deserved much grat- itude from all at Libbey. Assisting him in bookkeep- ing, Mr. Orville Henrion has also spent much time in the care of equipment. X t -Q s 'B EHARLE? AR. MAIRTIN Constantly alert and enthusiastic in his position as assistant football coach, Mr. Robinson did much through- out the season to encourage the team and stimulate them to successful efforts. The difficult job of training the undergraduates for the final entrance into the varsity squad was ably performed by A1 Jeffery and Don Har- ris, coaches of the Lightweight Squadg and Bill Wirick and Phil Moses, coaches of the Freshmen Squads. CHUCK ROBINSON Assistant Varsity Football Coach DON HARRIS LEO CAMPEY BILL WIRICK Track and Cross County Coach Freshman Football Coach Reserve Basketball Coach .Al -8- A A Y Y Y ' . V 0 - P - Y Y FA- YV A Q..---- A F' iii'-iv-v-v ,, . .. -V 0 ' . , .....L..- ,.---,... .1,.-.. . .,,, .. -............. - .--..... .., - .. ..-ML ,W - .... .,,. ...- .,L,..-- - ,.--...... .- . . 4... V , ,, K, ,. ...,, . .f L -1 .'....-,,..f- -fr - .-'nwwff,r,-w-f - - 1 1 - - - V ------'N " J - -- H " ' ' " """"""""""""'f' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'K ' ' Again to Coach Harding go our congratulations for a champion football team for Libbe , However Y , to the squad members has come much more than the winning of games. From Mr. Harding they have received train- ing in good sportsmanship and in the development of moral stamina that will influence them throughout their lives. The Senior Class extends to Mr. Harding their thanks and best wishes. and Coaches HERMAN Much care was given to our athletes during the year by a fine group of doctors which included Dr. R. C. Youngg Dr. Wilmarth Paineg Dr. C. Lewis Stevensg and Dr. H. R. Corbin. The basketball season is a strenuous time at Libbey for Coach Al Jeffery who spends many hours and much energy with the varsity squad. Coaching the Reserves was Leo Campey. Phil Moses managed the new recruits on the Freshman team. All of the men do a splendid job in training their young charges. If X 1' ,fm- K M. ,.. am- I' s PHIL MOSES DR CARBIN NRION ' ORVILLE HE Freshman Basketball Coalph Team PIWSICIHH Assistant to Mr Martin Freshman Football Coac 1 K fill' ' I gl r l r l l I I I 1 Wi. SENIOR LINEMEN Bill Rosselit, Dale Spratt, Ken Myers, Burchard Elzy, Dick Slicker, Wayne Kakela, Jim Wassmurxd, Elden Eckhart, Bernie Wine land, Ken Marney, Leo Denomy, Jerry Hill. Football They Carry Robbie to Victory Frank Pauly, R011 Leng, Tiny Reeves, Coach Robinson, Elden Eckhart, Tom Funka Leo Denomy, lllwllw lvnl 106 -c".:..fI: .F-ia-L A- -- -iff--M V--A '--' ' - -R' - """ ,x HB. A xr, N 3, A b"."1 ' s ,X f ' 3 SENIGR BACKS Willie Boyd, Tom Funka, Ned Warren, Tiny Reeves, Ron Long, Bob Rose Don Garner hampion Senior Backs V., QB W-f , B . , B f fvlfig' BBf.W,fi,' iilmfm 'f B X B gifs- 9 3 ,NB ,, Bf B , B, I X ,, B- fy BMBB 2 no . i, f f- 2 Hi- f W- , B i B B B. JBB, A x - Ash, xB Bw! B: ., ww M f fB Q 1 ff 1- 1 , Wg- ww gs B B X- fs ,Q B i B ,B B , BBB B '1 R lit Don Garner Leo Denomy. B k : D1 B l , , ac row a e Spratt, I 'osse ' R eves, Jerry Hill, Elden Eckhart, Dick Slicker. Ken Marney, Wayne Kakela, jim Wassmund, Tiny e .S 107 VARSITY FOOTBALL Row If Dick Howland, George Turner, Bill Rosselit, Bob Willey, Bob McIlwain, Paul Wineke, Don Garner, Willie Boyd, John Stockard, Dick Camp. Row 2: Coach Robinson, Dale Spratt, Tom Funka, Burchard Elzy, Dick Slicker, Wayne Kakela, Ken Meyers, Jim Wassmund, Elden Eckhart, Bernie Wineland, Coach Harding. Row 3: Ned Warren, Bob Rose, Willie B. Boyd, jim Kistner, Beryl Henry, Larry Reeves, Bob Marohn, Frank Pauly, Jon Haverman, Ken Marney, Gordon Felgner. Row 4: Ralph Kohring, George Streepey, Don Heinz, Leo Denomy, Jack Wahl, Jerry Hill, Al Jamison, Dick Beach, Frank Jackson, Cliff Browning, Ron Long, Bill Findley, Herb Harding. RESERVE EGGTBALL Row 1: Marion Cunningham, Fred Giffen, Tom Stevenson, Ken Eaton Bill H 1 G B k ' Terry Mallett. Row 2, Coach Harris, Wiley Lambert, Bud Brown, Jim Featzka, ?i-rrirllllortisctgzrglgzat Eg Clllaiiiaggi gsiilisgerkoirgnigglggy Ron Hadley, Cgacfa Jeffeiy. Row 3: Wilbur Taraschke, Dick jackson, George Rodriquez ,John Bacon ,Neai1 Goodlioe Mark Sim, mons, eorge a oway, stil Hurst. Row 4: Dave Kaminsk', W lt B W i ' ' -' - Russell, Jack Frayer, Tom Szymanski, Don Hamilton. 1 a er town, ayne Oestrelch' Ray Plumadofe' Frltz Ward' Ed 108 f- - .' " " ..v' ,, fu I .f ' '- 1, I-.',1. V 7MwW',M"7' A was W T C it , , 5, y K, M, .pg-af ,, , ,nqlwyv Z' mm 'Lv ,I QQ Q9 Row 1: Dennis Griffith, Tom King, Bob Fearnside, Paul Kelsey George Mickey, Dick Foley Barton Welsh Ronald Coleman' Terr 3 7 3 7 y Shuman, Manager. Row 2: Coach Moses, Russell Dejaiffe, Wayne Schutt, Tom Smith, Bob Batchman, Fred Hampton, Jim Sowers, Earl Schmakel, James Telb, T M D ld. - ' ' ' errence ac ona Row 3. Harold Wagner, Norman Lawniczak, Henry Williams, Ben Long, Don Bot- tles, Charles Jordan, Dave Tompkins, Dean Nickel, Coach Wirick. Row 4: John Nyquist, Terrence O'Donnell, James Keil, jim Meyers, Roger Williams, Jim Williams, Dave Swanson, Eddie Stanley, Fred Collins. VARSITY FGOTBALL MANAGERS S Ralph Kohring Paul Wineke, Herb Harding, Bill Findley. George treePY, ' 109 VARSITY PLAYERS Ken Myers, Jon Haverman, Ed Mauntler, Joe Grier, Dale Spratt. 195 110 A tense moment as Willie Boyd poses a shot. A fine aerial movement for Marney .. .-V, ,,,-,,,.,, .,. .. , .,, ,,. 1, ,. , 4,.. , , -,, I l r fiikv VARSITY BASKETBALL fi Q!! CMS ,il Row 1: Manager Bob Houck, Don Garner, Willie Boyd, Dale Spratt, Herb Macklin, Coach Jeffery. Row 2: Ed Russel, Kenny Marney, Ion Haverman, Ed Mauntler, Kenny Myers, Ralph Behrens, Joe Grier. RESERVE BASKETBALL Tim NIeCC6ga1EEkj.6E!Ei1...I:,e5-Ezlmgggouiow, uon Hamilton, Fred Starner, Al Keller, Herbert Westfall, Cliff Browning, Odell Arnold, 112 FRE HME BA KETBALL Row 1: Bob Fearnside Roger William C D ' G -ff ' . ,Sy 03Ch Moses, Earl Schmakel, James L , Edd' . ennis fl eth, Tom Smith, Glenn Hintz, Don R1tSOH, James Williams, Dave giifanson, 1li3a1?ltalil'?Ji1exi,fainRfllLen1?y Williams. TRACK ff ,Q ,naw xr fr , rriixrqy L. I , . is vs E-:r 1 lm - - an WSF NNYS xg, if N be 2' fi ifgf' f uri: NL! xagfy U C ' www X' , V -4 HD r 9 , ,A Q M id t -gx,?1l'Y'i V 'sw xvaHf,, 935,-if Q X 1, , ,, , wily BBE x EE ' X i gBEyf A ., V K V T P 0955 ' ' Y5 Ui GUYS t.rw.., is wwmvg SGWBG '3 N raw Cuwams cuwnnvs h d Elz J B Goins Herb Harding Cliff Brown- Row 1: Coach Robinson, Bob Rose, Bob Mentzer, jerry Hill, Burc ar y, , , , V ing, Wayne Kakela, Bernie Wineland, Bill Rosselit. Row 2: Jim Tucker, Ken Eaton, Ron Carnes, Dick Howland, Wallace Thomas, Neail Goodloe, Ned Warren, Dick Slicker, Dick Camp, Mark Simmons, Manager Douglas Howe. T r Bob Marohn, Lawrence Reeves, jack Frayer, Row 3: Dick Eldridge, John Bacon, Larry Johnson, George urne , Wayne Oestrreich, Len Rusch. Dave Waterfield, Paul Williams. 113 I . -B ' k Henningsen, Ralph Kohring, Tom Funka. Row 2: Clyde R . : F k Pauly, Wilbur Benmg, Spencer Burgess, Dave Deal, DIC , Eggellardaaxiarry Herold, Dick Sucker, Jerry Hill, Ken Myers, D1Ck Gardner, Bryon Nyqulst, Wayne Kakela. BQWLING GOLF Coach Needles, Frank Nowakowski, Jon Haverman, Phil Hawley, Larry Georgia, Bob Dailey, Dick Henningsen, Ralph Kohring. CROSS CCUNTRY V . 'Lf ' ' A .,,Ai.2:g:g'y , 1 l ,,.. Row 1: jack Steiner, Ernie Nietzke Manager Douglas Howe R-Ch d R DD llll DDDDDDDDDD Phil Fisher, Dick Nehring, Coach Wkrick, Ray Hubert, Ron GibS10narBObelcllhetlatiglencer Burgess, Earl Nowak. Row 2: Bob Weick ' .. f-1 , ,, , .--.-..,....A ., ........-,.......,..-.,..., . ..1.,. . .. . ff.-A i i i w 2f A 1.11. GIRLS' INTRAMURALS Ann Fanaff hits the ball as Bobbie and Ruby watch closel Y- Who got the Bu11's-eye, girls? Getting in some target practice are Kaye, LaDonna, Vicky, Shirley keeps her figure in trim and Bobbie. ' 'O ' . . . "I h ' f' !" ' ' . It's good for the Walstlmes, girls. ad It lrst Warns Vlcky 116 l. ,... n l w i V I u 9- Q. I ...rn ,Q rf? 4 4' . i 12,45 i l .. ff N 1 3-I 'V L Touch your toes on "two," boys. his anybodyls ball in this game' Calisthenics helps to keep you trim. Stretching their legs are Henningsen, Wagner, and Florence. D 1 H f oug as owe loat th Oh th ' 'th h f , It's Armbrust in the lead with Wagner, McCal1y, and Van S rout' E an W1 t C greatest O ease Koughnet C1059 behmd- Grappling for the ball are Howe and Florence. 117 S '4 sf 7491, -Q , X 4 m 2 XA? i GIRLS' INTRAMURALS 118 Standing on their heads are Carolyn, BCV, and Clafine- It's Nancy Moreland in the lead! Watch the birdie, Mary! Frances Palmer takes the plate for a possible home run. Nice one, "Flicker," Two "punchy" gals: Bev Eden and Carole Falk. -1.g.l.....L , , ' V011 BUYS' INTRAMURALS Jordan ducks as Wellington lands a left to the midsection. Cedoz smacks a hard one as Ken, Milton, and Alex watch. Doing a handstand is Jim Bowles. Practicing a tough hold on Dick Woods is Ted Bonnough "Hey! What's the big idea?" says Dick. Steinger ought to be a good fireman. 117 ACME PHARMACY 1401 SOUTH ST. Rexall Store R I bl Prescription Service PAUL F RUPP EARL A. RENSHAW WA. 1434 CONIPLIIVIENTS OF Anderson's Bakery 1534 Western Ave. IIIITTEIYS SUPER SEHVIIII2 STATIUN Mnhllqas and Mnhilnil Telephone WA. 0105 2485 Broadway at F oraker National Cement Products Company 2930 WAYNE ST. WA. 3477 CEMENT 8: CINDER BLOCK STEEL CASEMENT SASH BUILDERS SUPPLIES COIVIPLIMENTS OF Carlton Market 556 Carlton FAirfax 7152 CENTRAL FLOOR COVERINGS Linoleum - Linoleum Tile - Asphalt Tile Carpet - Installation Supplies Al minum and Plastic Wall Tile - Glidd Sp d 814 West Central Avenue PM ,,,,MfQlQ, ,,.-QLQAffUfQn.A-.-.-.-. ..-WH - ..--..- -- . . . ---e-f--- -I s 5 aiiivflf A ' . ,,, . . V , . . vi I A 'O' 'T' ""' ',"4'.A 'I '.'f., "1-s..-1 "1-' --- - I . , T ' ---4'-'---' -- -J ' .I - . , . - I , A, -, ...,,.s: , ww q-- ,--: - 'pf ',.,. Lz. , -wg ..3:, : Y. "3 - ' " ' . 'A ' - ' -'. 'nf '- . ' P' 1 , ' ' I .- . ,"" -,. 1 '- '4' ' ,,. !vr.- I, X , vw., A-1 4. - - .. ,, ,P ,.7- . ., .....,. -- .. , ..,,, , Y X- Compllments of Phone: AD. 4628 ECONOMY Furniture KI Stove Exchange Awe? SADF New Q Used Furniture 737 Hampton WA 4620 705 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio H. D. Garbers, Manager Since 1863 The W. T. HUBBARD LUMBEB C0 HARDWOOD LUMBER Serfving All Industries INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL Wholesale Lots ALL FINEST QUALITY HARDWQODS Toledo Owned 6? Operated ASH RED CUM PATTERN PINE BASSWOOD SAP CUM POPLAR BEECH HACKBERRY SYCAMORE BIRCH HICKORY TUPELO BUTTERNUT MAGNOLIA WALNUT CHERRY HARD MAPLE WILLOW CHESTNUT SOFT MAPLE WHITE PINE COTTONWOOD RED OAK YELLOW PINE ELM WHITE OAK CYPRESS BLACKGUM CANADIAN SPRUCE Boat Lumber and Greenhouse Lumber - We Buy Native Standing Timber One Piece or a Carload for Immediate Delivery Anywhere 3566-876 Western at Anthony Way'ne Trail Allams 2152! Television 8 Radio Service CITY LICENSE Authorized Automotlve Sales TOLEDUS FIRST 81 Service TELEVISION REPAIR SHOP Telephone TAylor 6387 Toledo 2 Ohio 1310 Monroe St. 1709 Nevada St. Union Shop 12 BOB SIMONDS Standard Oil Products Hi. HC. BIRKIENKAMP Used Tires, Batteries Lubrication BROADWAY AT ST. JAMES COURT IIIIARCQ WAlbridge 0183' . I ' 94 Years of Personal Service J lVlcLaughIin, Manag Same Location Phones ADams 2183-2184 WA. 3421 E H. I win, Sal Mg 1003 to 1011 Broadway T I d , Oh' BETTER HOMES APPLIANCE O e 0 'O Television - Complete Kitchens Trilby Branch Washers - Dryers - lroners Tremainsville and Alexis Road Refrigerators - Ranges - Freezers Kingswood 3772 1438 South, Near Spencer Compliments of 'zu CHAMPION CLEANERS 1596 SOUTH at CHAMPION D011 I-Ueitkef PYOPQ DELIVERY SERVICE Class of 46" Phone: WA 7131 - - -V, ,, ' A -1:-4 ,-J. , , . ,. ,.- . . L, , 1 A - -P P -- ef'-.. -, ,,.-..,, V - I .Uv , .. .-,.. , .. N . A , -.-',f.. .... .. -.. - ,- . . . - ' 4 , W V .'-4,,5y,9.,--- ,,T.:, J' E, ,pf .-E - .1,-,,.,.,A,,.l ,v , it ,-- -Er-gf ... - , 'L-i"'- --4-U, , . - 1. 1 .2 .- - , . , f - nz--n..r-,,. H ' V U k M . -, . 7 . ...,.- ,... ,f..,,, V .W , .... ,....,,p R 8: J SUPPLY CO. 1815 Sylvania Avenue Open Till 9:00 P. NI. KLondikel 2201 TELEVISION -APPLIANCES HONIE FURNISHINGS Complimenls of - BURL 8: CIIICK'S BARBER SHOP 506 SPENCER STREET Complimenls of . Tom's Barber Shop SPENCER 81 NICHOLAS FUlton 1362 TOLEDO WOOLEN 81 SILK CO. Woolens, Dressmaker and Bridal Supplies 620 Madison Avenue 1 Toledo 4, Ohio Telephone TAyIor 5767 .IoIIn Naumann 81 Sons General Builfng Contrartors 364 Parker Avenue Toledo, Ohio BERSTICKER Funeral Home 137-139 NIAUMEE TOLEDO, OHIO Shepherd SOHIO STATION ATLAS TIRES - BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES Phone WA. 0173 FEARING AND DUNHAM gzleddlfl pCLfI"0I'l6 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Batch Mr. and Mrs. William Batch, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bennett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Burtscher Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Burtscher Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Burtscher Mr. and Mrs. Earl Collins lMr. and Mrs. Earl Farnham Mr. Sam Flack Mr. Nelson Fravel Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jeakle Mr. and Mrs. James E. Koester Mr. Jack Waldron Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Wassmund Cinderella Shop Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Funka Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Inks Dr. and Mrs. J. Kenson Simons ,AALA4 ... -, .. A 4 Mi.,,,, , -f'P',1-L. 4 TOLEDO ENR I CAA A ..WHERE GQOD NEIGHBURS 0 -the employees of Owens-Illinois mm' its subsidiaries 5 1 Aim Q .I Q Qfmwwgfm QQ, contributing to your greater 5 7i'.JQ 11, QE M. eo 72 11 e zz ie n ee, co 112 fo rt iii! E2f L i PUfgj1iUfffcf1'f3Es and enjoyment. Fi? ,. Fefe' Jai- ly sgyjci f I 'i" fx fi Ji? Q 5ECTR'CAL 1- -an TABLE GLASSWAREVAE? if X l I ' ego INSULATORS 3 i rsuavusuon auuss lf, l l BLOCK A mo g l ?UILDlNG ANDMY 4 - , gg " " l NSU -- A ' 1 ff L J M 1,5 is LABORATORY 5 U fx cLAsswARs -,M PHARMACEUTICAL 21' 'vis GLASSWARE --'fs f Motive X GLASSWARE 125 , . E S ? V1 ff 3. 9 fi fl Z. 4 1 I s 1 1 ,4 1 1-v-ti-vi MCLEAN Cleaning and Dyeing Felgner s Clothing 8m Shoe Store 81 D I EM 1671 2234W y Expert Tallormg 1045 W d Bachtel Hardware ARLINGTON DRY CLEANERS t dd I S s s on WAIb dg 0526 W DI Ph AD 9303 COIVIPLIMENTS OF llilfinger Corporation 1300 Westwood Avenue Due Castings Metal Fabricating Electro-Plating SPANGLER CANDY wishes your school SUCCESS C O U The finest in candy! O Q O 313 MONRCE TGLEDG, oH1o Sher-Ho Credit Jewelers Diamonds Watches B' thstone Rings - Watch Band KOPFMAN BAKERY 1940 Wayne WALBRIDGE 0627 For The Best In Baked Goods Toledo Camera Shop Everything In Photo .Supplies O I I 6 HOUR PHOTO FINISHING I I I 225 Huron Street S I - Costume Jewelry 4 I Clocks - Compacts Next to Gus Uffice 1532 Broadway at South FII 5491 Ted's Sohio Service For Service at its Best Western and Hawley Make A Date To Meet Your Friends fo Coke" or a Complete D e at the Tick Took Restaurant 307 St. Clair St. Near All Theatres NEW TAKE OUT BAR .. I -es-see. - . -.51 I -I 3 1 - .1 . .Y , ., ,. Q... 4' , fl'-"" '--'xv "ef I- f--" -- ij' .5 , 1. -'f 5-7" : Y Formal Wear For Rent Full Dress Suits, Tuxedos, Cutaways Our Suits Are New 84 Latest Styles Open Evenings Until 9:30 O'cIock RUSSELL'S DRY CLEANING AND CLOTHING CO. KESSLER'S MARKET GROCERIES AND NIEATS 2068 WAYNE 405 Broadway at Knapp MA, 0380 WALBRIDGE 1103 Compliments Baumgartner and Gargac of BUILDERS W T 0 L 947 GENEVA STREET WA. 5575 TOLEDO'S FRIENDLY STATION E. J. Fries Gr. Son QUALITY GROCERIES and MEATS 1553 WESTERN AVE. WALBRIDGE 5621 Compliments of WAYNE DRY GOODS 1887 Wayne St. WA- 2405 TOLEDO, OHIO WESSENDORF'S GULF SERVICE Arlington 81 Woodsdale WAIbridge 0171 Toledo, Ohio DON WESS 8 "Hello . . . Coke i" Q lornin uunn Aurnoun or me cocA-con comnnv I7 When you're thinking of a career . . . Think of Ohio Bell . . 0 A iobl with a fufure 0 A good salary 0 A friendly place To work THE ol-no BELL TEl.EPHoNE coMPANY .,.4R'E . , - V I. H , QA 1 , id - an V4 -A-..:..J,,:M nv ,!A,..w. 7v-13,13 rn! ld Z,-:LAM A ,uhm .,4 . , : M... , . .1 . A .. V in -' LQ 'Fix 671- .'Qt,':gf '. -' V, 1 ' -f 1- L "p" 'f-, "' '12 ..j1--.5 ":- - - 1 . - --H- , ' v -- , s',,f GABLE DRY CLEANERS C"mP'i"'e'm of "0ur Work Speaks For Itself" Day 1782 WUYIIG 51- WA. 8071 108 Washington Compliments of THE FRANK CARTAGE COMPANY GENERAL TRUCKING 1114 Washington AD. 6821 Compliments of Good Luck, Seniors HOFFMANS DRUG Cliff Nelson Fuel Co. STORE To Heat Your Home 3670 RUGBY DR. 1336 South Sf. Compliments of PATCHEN ELECTRIC Co. 501 ST. CLAIB NIA M37 u.1.-Peries give out with some music-Dogpatch style. u r -..Wa,a1 I was the eldest of eigl t hen my pappy ' ' a ' -,.1 sons W c.1.-There'11 be a hot time in the old town to ' ht .. . mg ' C-f-- NOW, S0 mta yore corners an' come out fightin'!" 1.1.-Swing, that purty gal arourf! 1 .r.-A colorful mass meeting-well done, Peries. 134 . - V . A V . A ' j"1,.'g'.vv:-.-5. . - 1-f,.'.-, . .-, ,V,f,'!,. 7 sl in ..g 1. , ,fic . Q. . , . . 1 .. ,. V . ' '-254 "' ,. , f . .-',9I'1'n- . ' ly' ' 1 , ,,,,,v ,U ,-N, . l 1 - . . .--. ' V- - v Uv.--.iasaaa W 'T"""" ' """' "'i"i-i CONIPLIMENTS OF ERNST Rexall DRUGS GLAUSER'S FLOWERS "Greenhouse F resh" We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere City-Wide Delivery 4510 Woodville Rd. TAyIor 4684 Distinctive and Floral Creations from JOE I. CUOPER, Florist "For those who want the best" Phone ADams 5139 1633-35 Broadway Toledo, Ohio I I You Are Conhally Invited . .. . Maybe it's a progressive dinner, a theater party or a sightseeing tour-whatever the oc casion chartered service will add to the pleas ure of the guests. Expensive? No, indeed. On the contrary you will find that compared with other forms of tra- vel, chartered service is very reasonable. For suggestions and quotations, call AD. 1241. THE COMMUNITY TRACTION CO. Our Buns Used Exclusively In This Stadium lfeldmalfs Bakeries 1905 Canton Avenue NIA. 3525 ERIKSEN'S, INC. T oleclofs largest Typewriter 5 tore PORTABLE 84 STANDARD MODELS ALL MAKES PEN AND PENCIL SETS SCHOOL SUPPLIES 325 Erie Street MAIN 1193 "Our Mission In life ls To Serve You Well " FOTH 8. SON MORTUARY 60 Years of Servire 2310 Jefferson Ave. Near Collingwood Toledo, Ohio GIBBONEY Plumbing and Heating Co. New and Modernization Plumbing and Heating 1430 BROADWAY ADamS 3910 Toledo 9, Ohio 135 J 0 T E N 9 S Treasure . . . Craft Jewelers CLASS RINGS - CLASS PINS Commencement Announcements Designers and Manufacturers of the World's Finest School .lewelry Main Office and Plant - Owatonna, Minnesota Eastern Division Headquarters - 627 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio Horn Hardware 1224 Broadway AD. 2281 Dealer In Hardware, Gifts and House Wares Electrical Supplies Sporting Goods Toys All Year McINTIRE'S Furniture, Appliances, Television Sales and Service 33 Years on Broadway AD. 7161 1120 BROADWAY LEYDORF'S SUPER MARKET Quality Foods - Reasonably Priced 1949 BROADWAY We Deliver AD, 8234 Wynn Bros. 1541-45 Wayne St. Wholesale Distributors T Oledo 9, Ohio WA1bridge 5145 T sai . ' A ., - L1 K- azv+f1wsww1+5fiw'1e: ' - THE SENIOR CLASS WISH TO EXPRESS THEIR APPRECIATION TO LASALLE'S PHOTOREFLEX STUDIO FOR THEIR COOPERATION IN TAKING THE sENioR CLASS PICTURES. WALTER FUNEH!-IL HIJME Member Floral Telegraph Delivery Mary A. Warning 1221 Broadway Flowers Phone ADams 4105 1217-1219 Broadway A. C. Walter D. C. Walter WHITNEY'S SWAN CREEK DEPARTMENT stone LUMBER COMPANY Quality Millwork Lumber and Hardware MAin 1211 226 City Park 1625-1627 Broadway Viking Temple Bldg. South Side's New Modern Department Store Phone EMerson 0961 For complete Drugs 81 Prescription Service Charles Petrie "wg 5"""""S A Fountain Refreshments - School Supplies Hardware-Plumbing Stop Af FURNACES INSTALLED SEE'-IGS DRUG STORE Roofing Applied 1732 Arlington WA. 5380 1541 WESTERN AVE. A l'l'l'eV Baum' The South Side lumber Co. Superior i f CA! Lumber-Millwork 1516 BROADWAY 2 Yards TOLEDO, OHIO 425 Earl Street T307 Prouty Avenue TAylor 1401 Aliams 7163 It if given to only iz few to is we their life Jpan to bene- fit all genemtionf to rome F I R S T F E D E R A L Effie- lbefn . . . Surly me me 5 Q1 gif! of Tbonmf Alva Edimn, SPV X pioneer in applying electricity to belief' the lot of mankind. 'Q ASSOCIATION We 'fe ,P"""' to bear his name Only a holder of the original Edison license may use the name "Edison" as part of its corporation title. lt is the mark of a pio- neer. The Toledo Edison Company, a busi- ness-managed, tax-paying, self-supporting electric power company, is so proud to be so honored . . . In this our 50th Anniversary Year We renew our pledge to serve our cus- 'tomers to the very best of our ability. HAMPTON PARK OFFICE MONROE AT MAXWELL ROAD 'HE 'Olivo Sem new 138 f--- '- '4----A-4-H- +-----h---L---- 1 - -1 --1-.-.--...i...1..4......iL1':'.::'1f ,.p. - 11 .E ,... . ..,l-.. ,.,l..f.. -Y ..---.,. ,- I W , A ' . -.. -1 .. -- .. ---'Y --1:- Y .. . '- - ff .., . WE, - 5 ' '-,L - -. 'fi " 1 .' ' ,9 ...:-.u.'-1---- f- 7 - H -e -'L' -1' "'-"""' ' " ' ' ' "' A A H mum- ., .. - . .-1vfwe1wff2ee'Hf,1 I ' M - E W "' .an-.44f:f,.'.,4.4 .P - . l , . A., ...ne AY sn 1.-...... A-...........-...Qi ' " 'Y Y F- .za ' -"MY u.r.--Zets Present g0UU-ww U W Q t"u"'V""""' u.1.-High-stepping cowgirls. C r -The warm, twenties are here again! Libbey's George Jacoby, O.S.U. co-captam, mtfoduced by ' , .. N 1 f .-"Charleston, Ch3116StOI'1- ploud coach. - - "F1appertime Football !" To Mr. Lynn, the teacher with the best magazine Sales' men, goes a prize of SIC. 139 The B. ll. Broer Co. Jewelers Phone WA. 2970 1921 WAYNE ST. Television-Appliances Steaks Sf. Chops Home Cooked Meals EARL'S RESTAURANT 910 West Delaware Avenue Toledo 10, Ohio 6:30 a. m. to 7:30 p. m. E IT y MA 0927 Roofing Furnaces Spouting EMIL VOEGEll 620 So. St. Clair Toledo, Ohio Phone: NIA. 1191 COMPLIMENTS OF WALBRIDGE PARK REFRESHMENT CO. Mrs. Harry Covode, Prop. Auto Repairs and Accessories R E C SERVICE STATION 1 "Sinclair Dealer" Broadway 81. Colburn Toledo, Ohio ADams 0231 Nita's Beauty Shep Permanent Waving A Specialty 2015 Glendale Avenue Phone WA. 0916 ROGERS, APPLIANCE CENTER "ll1e Complete Appliance S tore " 314 Conant Street Maumee, Ohio Phones: 32440-32512 Service Dept. 32409 Congratulations to the Class of l953 COMPLIMENTS or LOYER'S SUPER M S . ARKET ervlng the Same Community for 23 Years Member A-G 6OI-605 So. SI. Clair EM 7894 Telephone MAin 8153 WAI-BRIDGE 0292 George M. Abel-Florist AL LITTLE Flowers far Every Uccasion Your Sohio Dealer WAYNE 8. SOUTH EMBER OF F.'r.D. Atlas Fres cf: Batteries 1528 B CI y T I CI 9, Oh ART VENETIAN BLIND SERVICE NEW VENETIAN BLINDS COMPLETE REPAIR AND CLEANING SERVICE GARFIELD 1144 754 wesrsm Ave. TOLEDQ 9, OHIO HOMER scl-lnosnsn POWER MOWER HEADQUARTERS John Reclit Supply Co. 235 First St. TA 2808 Own a TORO power mower We Specialize in Servicing All Makers of Power Mowers Jim and Tom Frank TRIANGLE SALES AND SERVICE 1631 BROADWAY Toledo, Ohio AD. 6512. Good Luck To The Senior Class TOM'S FRUIT MARKET Western and Hawley Toledo, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF LUTTENBERGER 81 CO. Automatic Heating 826 Broadway AD. 8413 MAUMEE FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS 306 West Wayne St. Maumee, Ohio The best in meats and frozen foods for lockers, patrons, and owners of home freezers. Complete Processing Service Haines Fish and Chips For Fine Foods 515 SPENCER WA. 9871 KEllER'S TEfS'?!?0N SERVICE Television . . . Radios . . . Records Refrigerators . . . Appliances Phone ADams 8994 904 W. DELAWARE Toledo, Ohio WAGENER'S SUNOCO Mllo's Bowling lanes Woodsdale at Arlington WA 0169 Toledo, S9W!J. IIV lv Kmq ug 1sgo'eu.ueqd peualsgieg V ll6Z 'VM Bugxeed .le euAeM Ll6l EIHULS Elflllll lElElIfll'IEl :IO SlLlXlHlAlI"ICUAlOO ARJUINGTCON FLOWER SHOP Opposite Maumee Valley Hospital Flowers for all Occasions WE DELIVER Th W Y 2110 Arlington -rolodo 9, Oh o J W S 2 ,, 5. Ninn? 575, A u.1.-GirgISc12L1tg, and U.N. Club representatives leave for New u.r.-"And they made me eat the 'gosh-awfulest' stuff!" or rlp. CJ.-HHOW about another piece of cake, girls? c.-Two graclous ladles-Jack1e and her mother. 1.1.-Miss Paine, speaker at Zet tea, and teachers enjoy re- 1'r'-Mothers like to eat, too' freshments. 145

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