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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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,W J-iqmww FKWFV Y Wgwffafffef ' '4Nf9 Q1 ,,AfQQfQ'Q , yfxytgjgf 'YV A BMX Gp I - Z KKFI' ' A 4 fl f?'X,L'f,Q,1 l:2jJTP'L'V If A vugizyjl ' 6 ' 5 ,7:12!1Q 4113 HL! 'ith fa' Y A 3 - C-lffi., . L J-"xy M Q Zig, " 3 ul Qwm DAMN gk e W' Wm 1 QU, 0 UVM 3 ' erm 'f ' O Q- l,93LJ l,9TQ,Z,1,,rf-f yy. Zjcfidwbrv ,Y LfQ.7Q Aj P! f'UJ--Mfr -NFL- 4 I 52" ,f.- -c.J-fix ,V ,Ayfi A .- ,V 4 0 ,AM - AI if L - ,K L , , L, Q. ff f Lhhdff , A A-f 4, ,1f -f -fw W WV .5 4 f' , fy' ff" , Q. 'X X jyylf' If y A NY Xxx, H Xing! '. P, QQ! V 'fy ,W WX M fx 5 4 7 3 1 "'A ff Y ,jf 1 ,fkf DKK L J ,fm ff'MW MMM "D,m.'f 0 4 ,A QQ , , l,i , 4 A g f ' ffr 0 C' h b.,Aq - qb f 2 I Exam MJ Jugxklwd Ji -MQW mm, lim Lg ww Q21 mug, biuwx wi my cg? QM Ml Qilww ff UM, QAM - UQM U1 U3 WL WW www Mwvgwwg w 504 MW , M if M Wi M W W www W , I? , V L I L ,--1 ,t If ,A,g , 4,.b , N UV H , -1 H I V 3 g,.A ,A V . ,.. ' M" ' J 1 I J l , J . 1 J I i 'Q I ,if ' ,I s 1 s ' 1 I ix A 57 I I I 1 . ' :YE I , 1 . ,Q 5 ' U I . ' 1 O 0.1 THE 1952 bm., 'E Awliifig. I f Qlwywxwz F QM of IL' Aww AMMVD QW!! X - 7M mb-5' Qjfify egfvw' MADE w""'oif VW cj- k 1 M ,J W0!,,,f TU., IG' - Q Lyla! OX W , fb Djiflfft Pb WMU ' ,NW 13-ft fir.,- EDELIA 401- 74-A 7,4,.M4-.f.A.,,u.. Toledo, Uhio Zi y --li V233 - x .. K 'Q 4232, - Xx.,5 X4 f f W2 M., "jd, P ' 'BT gif S-fetge A ff, Yi- N - 51 QE. 1 Eb K il, V , 1' Q .lf 7 NP T512 QQQMQ,-LJxPub1ished by the 1+ - ,Z 'fs 15' C' ,- CKDX .o G-4 XV -if Senior Class I We Libbey High School DW IMM wglfifff if 173' wwfjjyf W- MQW' g",,,,,7z'.fA.W.?f Superintendent E. L. Bowsher In the ever broadening vista of educational expansion and development that is stretching ahead in our Toledo area, We are fortunate in having as our chief, Superintendent E. L. Bowsher. His past efficiency is a signal pledge of his future accomplishments. As Seniors of the Class of Nine- teen Fifty-TWO, we wish him the greatest fortune and the greatest success in keeping our schools outstanding in the state and in the nation. 4 Principal Loy W. Rusie Wisdom in adjustment, fairness in administration, and vision in planning are prime requisites of a good principal. When these qualities are combined with kindness and a sympathetic interest in every person in school, a harmonious atmosphere is assured. In our principal, Mr. Loy W. Rusie, we recognize all these attributes and wish to congratulate him for his fine work and thank him for his guidance and counsel during our four years at Libbey High School, 5 MR. JOHN E. OSGOOD DEDICATIO To be consecrated to a pattern of living that is based upon integrity, ag sense of responsibility, and the desire to serve others is indeed conducive to satisfaction and success. From his childhood in Manila in the Philip- pines, where his father was superintendent of schools, to his being awarded the degree of Master of Arts by the University of Michigan, Mr. John Os- good seemed always to be preparing for the position he holds so success- fully at Libbey. He received his elementary training in Cleveland and in the Cathedral Chapel School in Toledo, later graduating from Central Catho- lic High. At St. John's College and at Ohio State University he was pre- pared for his Bachelor of Arts Degree. His teaching career found him at his alma mater, Central Highg at Fort Jennings, Ohio, where he was su- perintendent of schools, and at Libbey since 1936. Not only has he been active in teaching and counseling, but Mr. Os- good has served efficiently in educational and community activities. For fif- teen years he has been on the Board of Directors of the Toledo Teachers' Association, he is a member of the planning committee of B. I. E. Day, he aids as a director in the Toledo Citizens' Committee for Family Life Edu- cation, on four occasions he has traveled to Washington to represent To- ledo in school legislation. Mr. Osgoodls very happy family consists of his wife, two daughters both attending college, and one very important son. His hobby is sailing his eighteen foot "Sea Gull" and enjoying his membership in the Toledo Yacht Club. Since his appointment as Dean of Boys at Libbey in 1945 he has been striving, with his fine background of academic, religious and community experiences, to counsel and help the boys of Libbey by his sincerity, kind- liness, and friendship. Thus it is with great respect and admiration that the Senior Class of IQ52 affectionally dedicates this Edelian to a very fine man, Dean john E. Osgood. 7 JOANNE COLLINS SUE STOLDT Co-Editor C o-Editor SANDRA LEWIS A dvertising Manager JOHNNIE LEWIS BEVERLY RICKARD Co-Circulation Manager Co-Circulation Manager TABLE OF CONTENTS Superintendent E. L. Bowsher .... Principal Loy W. Rusie ........ Mr. Osgood ............ Dedication .... Edellan Heads ............. Snaps ....................... Office Personnel and Deans .... Department Heads .......... Faculty ................... Celebrities at Libbey --- Seniors .............. Valedictory --- Juniors ...... Sophomores --- Snaps ----.--- Freshman --- Clubs ......, Snaps ........... Libbey Sports --- Ads and Snaps .... Autographs --- 4 5 6 7 8-9 10-13 14-15 16-17 18-25 26-27 28-53 53 54-59 60-66 67 68-75 76-102 103 104-119 120-155 156-159 MISS RUTH DUSHA MR. CHARLES R MARTIN Director Business Director 7 ,, ,,,, A refreshing pause for the Zets at the Woman's Building. Meet smiling Bob, the stationer. Money pours into the Activities Office. Library Aids examine new books. The happy recipients of the American Legion Contest prizes The Peri dance chairman and her escort. ' For joanne, Muffy, the white rat, proves the value of a scientific diet. The Peri dance committee smile successfully. Gtaciously, Mrs. Rusie' presides at the Phil tea table. Miss Kanney serves the happy Phils. Mr. McGiIIicuddy Dusha. Taking off for a lesson in auto driving Mr Martzn fashzons zz number for the Rhythm Roundup the faculty dmzng room Mrs Przest 1S gayfully ready Beginning to create a salad, Mrs. Elwing? The Autocrats of the luncheon table. Mr. Osgood beams in delight Our jovial principal, Mr. Rusie. What's nicer in an office than two blonds, a red head, and brownette? CHARLES R. MARTIN Director of Activities University of Toledo B.S. D E A N S DIRECTOR OF ACTIVITIES Wifi GERTRUDE KANNEY Dean of Girls University of Toledo B.A. University of Michigan M.A. JOHN OSGOOD Dean of Boys Ohio State University B.S. University of Michigan M.A. 15 ROSCOE BAKER WILLIAM EVERHART History English DEP RTMENT CHAIRME JOHN W. FAST MRS. HAZEL D. FLATZ Industry Commercial HERMAN HARDING E E A GRACE IRWIN Mathematics ' M EVefYd3Y Llvmg BERNICE KRUEGER ' Modern Language ' HELEN WYLIE FREDERICK VOSSLER Home Economics Science ENGLISH AND LANGUAGES RUTH ALLEN: English and Orientationg Uni- versity of Toledo, B.S., M.A.g Senior Y-Teens Ad- viserg Freshman Y-Teens Adviser, Honorary Ad- viser of Philalethean Society. MRS. PAULINE BLACK: English and Orienta- RUTH ALLEN MRS' pg BLACK tiong UniVeI'Sity of Toledo, B.A. l MRS. PAULINE BURTON: Lating University of Michigan, A.B., M.A.g American Academy in Rome: Classical Honor Society Adviserg Junior Classical League Adviser, Academic Counselor. GRACE M. DeLISLE: Englishg University of To- - ledo, B.S., M.S.g Zetalethean Adviser. MRS' P, BURTON GRACE M. DeLISLE RUTH A. DUSHA: Englishg Ohio State Univer- FLORENCE GERDES: English, University of sity, A.B.g Columbia University, M.A.g Periclean Michigan, A.B.g Columbia University, M.A.g "Crys- Adviserg "Edelian" Adviser, Future Teachers of tal" Adviser. America Adviser. JEAN GILBERT: English, Ohio State Universi- WILLIAM E. EVERHART: English, Chairman ty, B.S., Junior Class Adviserg National Honor So- of Department, Speech, Michigan State Normal B.S. ciety Adviser. N l L RUTH A. DUSHA WM. E. EVERHART FLORENCE GERDES JEAN GILBERT 18 ENGLISH AND LANGUAGES GRACE IRWIN: Englishg Orientation, Chairman of Departmentg Ohio Wesleyan, A.B.g United Na- tions Club Adviser. MARY E. KIRK: Englishg University of Toledo, A.B., M.A.g University of Besancon, Franceg Phila- lethean Adviser. BERNICE KRUEGER VIRGINIA MAY GERTRUDE I. PAYNE: English and Commer- cialg University of Toledo, B.S.g Honorary Adviser of Commercial Club. V .,.,.f:irg-gaggggggisgvas Fifi Q ,- , ' K... 9gu5ifskvwi he m H ,I 4 MSig.',,Q.h.wfym- EYSRZLLMZNQ' or A ,. ' ' P ' i ne w , i if5Ef?5'fi' :f-'..E'5-1 ,.,, i ,..., E: :xv iggzrg' seepage 5i'1' 'm ise ' ' RW? ' ---- 1-1 : -'-' A ', M f Q : A Q if 3 , 52'if5E?E2E'1 1' Q74 T 1 .Q , Q . k , -,:1w 4 .iigifwi . gg 'Wi WFSSSZPQ GERTRUDE I. PAYNE GRACE IRWIN MARY E. KIRK BERNICE KRUEGER: Frenchg Orientation Chairman Modern Language Departmentg Univer- sity of Michigan, B.A., M.A.g University of Parisg French Club Adviser. VIRGINIA MAY: English and Orientationg Col- lege of New Rochelle, A.B.g Columbia University M.A.g Red Cross Adviser. MARY E. RUSSELL: Spanishg Oberlin College, A.B.g Universidad Nacional Di Mexico, M.A.g jun- ior Y-Teens Adviser. ZOE S. SCOTT: Englishg Ohio Wesleyan Univer- sity, A.B. MARY E. RUSSELL ZOE S. SCOTT 19 SOCIAL STUDIES R. C. BAKER A. M. COSTIGAN AILEEN B. EBERTH: Social Studiesg Columbia University, B.S., M.A., Zetalethean Adviser, Su- pervisor of Cafeteria Student Service. ELLA FELLER: Social Studies, University of Toledo, B.S., M.A. GRACE HENDERSON: Social Studies, Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed.g Senior Class Adviser, Student Council Adviser. FLORENCE LUTTON: Social Studies, Universi- ty of Toledo, A.B., M.A. 5 31 f 'i.,, 5: ' , if: 2315552 GRACE HENDERSON FLORENCE LUTTON zo R. C. BAKER: Social Studies, Chairman of De- partment, Ohio Northern University, B.S., Wiscon- sin University, M.A.g Debate Club Adviser, United Nations Club Associate Adviser. ANGELA M. COSTIGAN: Social Studies and Speech, Ohio State University, B.S., M.A., Drama- tic Club Adviser. AILEEN B. EBERTH ELLA FELLER LAURENCE L. VANDER: Social Studies, Uni- versity of Toledo, A.B., M.A. MARGARET WAITE: Social Studies and Orien- tation, University of Toledo, B.S., A.B. l l, L. L. VANDER MARGARET WAITE SCIENCE FRANCIS D. BOYLE: Science, Marietta College, A.B. LYDIA FIEDLER: Science, Grinell College, B.S., Michigan University, M.S.g Biology Club Adviser. DON HARRIS: Science and Driver Educationg Bowling Green University, B.S. in Ed.g Assistant Football Coach. MRS. FRANCES LADNER: Science, Toledo Uni- versity, A.B.g University of Michigan, M.S. CNot in Illustrationj. FRANCIS D. BOYLE A HENRY W. LINCKE: Science and Projection, Uni- versity of Toledo, B.S. in Ed. M.A. GEORGE MILEY: Science, University of Toledo, B. of Ed. DON HARRIS HENRY W. LINCKE LASETTA PICKARD: Scienceg University of Michigan, A.B., M.A., Biology Club Adviser. CHARLES ROBINSON: Scienceg Miami Univer- sity B.S. in Ed., Football Line Coach, Cross Coun- try Coachg Track Coachg Q. D. Adviser. LASETTA PICKARD CHARLES ROBINSON GEORGE MILEY FREDERICK VOSSLER: Science, Chairman of Department, University of Rochester, B.S. CHARLES WEINSTOCK: Science, Marietta Col- lege, A.B., University of Michigan, M.A. in Ed. Commercial and Home Economics F. VOSSLER C. WEINSTOCK 1 I COMMERCIAL MRS. B. BAIRD MRS. M. O. HOUSER MRS. JULIA MOODY MRS. E. DZIALOK 22 --as . Ee . , ZE, 5':Q.'f'E"':" -if :. ., ,, 'Qffi 2. '2 .5 igi.:Z' , Q ... Q l Bi . ff W . ee at M . . 3 fzz. :i g , ,. .,.. .,.,, , -.: : - 1,-: ,fx - ,552 MRS. H. D. FLATZ GEORGE L. KIEFER J o H N N E E D L E S 29552222 Q-'1jg5i2"' w3?4523L'3N5S ixil-SSA F3123 55953 3555 I A t " H -"-' 1513--mfs'::2:-Q -asszzggw-w?ags , wzsggggr-fa -x 5i2?S2,.':Ql2E. 4 .:j.. L t"i2252..?53::f:5f125if:g 1 1 . fjiiif . .Q . .5555-3?.,3g::,l Z31'31n.g 71:52 Himsa .E-.-. 's1:.I.:I:,I -ve .... T' , 'af rf:-:wt l sw. :I-:g:,,, -I ww. , 5 . 'Ffh - if Qwiiiiiiiieiiiii f-322. . g 535353 2:-EESEEIZEF.. fi-E55 f sim A "-:'.':'::--s:-I 2:.:2':2-2:-:- - A f - -2: 1-1:15-W2-1 -: s1.-:-2E5:522I2.'.E2E: 1' ff ':'SZf"'C gg iiwili 3342 iz 14 7 5 HS if :::qf if-ffizfi Asa-.m i Q- gm-1 -ll fxf-gwtztigw .Le i 335353 2653 3:,::12'rM,mziffL:v:2-221:-'fe . -"Si - . 1. X., Mfg, s5.3nm.g.5Wm,533-c.3g,j' - 5555 .t f .' g5:...:f sw-8.4.5511--.. f.-Q Q 7 ig - MRS. VIVIAN MILLER AND HOME ECONOMICS MRS. BEATRICE BAIRD: Commercial, Univer- sity of Toledo, B.S. in Ed., Future Nurses of Amer- ica Adviser, Commercial Club Adviser. MRS. HAZEL D. FLATZ: Commercial, Chairman of Department, Ohio State University, A.B., B.S., M.A., Commercial Club Adviser. MRS. MARY O. HOUSER: Commercial, Hiram College, B.A., University of Cincinnati, M. of Ed., Gregg College, Commercial Club Adviser. GEORGE L. KIEFER: Commercial and Science, Illinois State Normal University, B.E., St. Louis University, A.M., Junior and Senior Hi-Y Adviser. MRS. JULIA MOODY: Commercial, Toledo Uni- versity, B.A., Commercial Club Adviser. JOHN NEEDLES: Commercial, Bowling Green University, B.S., Columbia University, M.A., Senior Hi-Y Adviser, Commercial Club Adviser, Golf Coach. MRS. ELEANORE DZIALOK: Home Econo- mics, Ohio State University, B.A., Columbia Univer- sity, M.A., Zetalethean Adviser. MRS. VIVIAN MILLER: Home Economics, Michigan State College, B.S., Merrill-Palmer School, Toledo University, M.A. in Ed. ISLA B. OWEN: Home Economics, Hillsdale Col- lege, A.B. HELEN E. WYLIE: Home Economics, Chairman of Department, Ohio State University, B.S. .ISLA B. OWEN HELEN E. WYLIE INDUSTRIAL ARTS SL PHYSICAL EDUCATION LEO CAMPEY: Machine Shop and Math, Bowl- ing Green University, B.S. in Ed., Assistant Basket- ball Coach. JOHN W. FAST: Wood Shop, Chairman of De- partment, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. MELVIN MORTIMER: Electricity, University of Toledo, B. S. Engineering, B. of Ed. EDWARD E. PACKER: Architecture, Universi- ty of Toledo, B.S., Ohio State University, M.A., Architectural Club Adviser. CARL STERLING: Machine Drafting. O CA Y LE MPE JOHN W. FAST C. T. ROSENBERG: Foundry. DONALD FISHER: Physical Education, Ohio V Wesleyan, A.B. H MRS. CAROL FITZPATRICK: Physical Edu- cation, DePauw University, B.A. MRS. PHYLLIS HAFFELDER: Physical Educa- tion, University of Toledo, B. of Ed. ALBERT JEFFERY: Physical Education, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., Varsity Basketball Coach. . KATHERINE MAHER: Physical Education, Michigan State Normal College, B.S. . JANE MYERS: Physical Education, University of Toledo, B. in Ed., University of Michigan, M.A., A Y . Girls Athletic Association Adviser. MELVIN MORTIMER EDWARD E, PACKER CARL STERLING C. T. ROSENBERG DONALD FISHER MRS. FITZPATRI K l MRS. P. HAFFELDER ALBERT JEFFERY KATHERINE MA .JANE MYERS Sitxulwfxx WWW MUSIC I HAROLD MCCLURE: Music, Indiana State Teacher College, B.S. in Musical Education, M.S. in Ed., I.D.T.C. FINE ARTS HAZEL E. BARTLEY: Fine Artsg Columbia University, B.S., Toledo HAROLD McCLURE University, M.A.g "Lib" Adviser. CNot in Illustrationj. MATHEMATICS IRENE FOSTER: Mathematicsg Ohio Wesleyan, B.A.g Future Teachers of America Adviser, Testing Officer. HERMAN A. HARDING: Mathematics, Chairman of Department, Heidelberg University, B.S.g Uni- versity of Michigan, M.A.g Varsity Football Coach. WALTER B. LYNN CLINTIN F. HOUSER Z4 IRENE FOSTER CLINTON University, WALTER University, HERMAN A. HARDING F. HOUSER: Mathematics, Heidelberg B.S. B. LYNN: Mathematics, Heidelberg B.S. QW' HEALTH DEPARTMENT 44 MARY KELSO: Home Nursingg Wilmington College, A.B.g Ohio State My University, B.S. in Ed.g University of Cincinnati, R.N.g Vassar Training ""' ' Camp for Nurses. MARY KELS0 LIBRARY MRS. DORCAS KRUSE: Librariang University of Michigan, A.B., M.A. Lois BLACK: Library clerk. MAY ROADWILER: Book Clerk. RUTH ROADWILER: Senior Clerk and Treas- urer. LAURA MENTZER: Attendance Clerk. MRS. DORCAS KRUSE LOIS BLACK CAROL HEPNER: School Secretary. OFFICE MAY ROADWILER RUTH ROADWILER LAURA MENTZER CAROL HEPNER Well done! Greg, Mary June, Barton and Mary Ann, You chose beautiful announcements. our senior year was wonderful. A wonderful play was planned by the Senior Play A night to be remembered was planned by Committee Chairman. the Prom Committee. "What memorial shall we leave?" Our Cowboy Round-up Committee did a fine job. the Memorial Committee asks. Important Libbey Leaders - iw- Libbey Always They planned a wonderful Junior Play. Another successful year for the juniors with June Wayne, Johnniehand Don as their officers. Three cheers of the Banquet! Oh! What beautiful Junior Rings. , 7. ELIZABETH ADAMS BARBARA ALTENBAUGH NANCY LEE AMES RICHARD ANDERSON IORS ELIZABETH ADAMS: May her life be joyous! TED ADAMS: CNot in Illustrationj "I'l1 wait and see what the future brings to me." Jones Jr. IQ Football 25 Track 2. BARBARA ANN ALTENBAUGH: Gracious, charming, and so sweet, Barbara is a girl you like to meet. Zets I, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, 35 Sr. Play: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4Q Commercial Club 2, 3: Jr. Play Com.: Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 4. NANCY AMES: One who is always welcome near because she is so full of cheer. Commercial Club 2. RICHARD ANDERSON: This fellow is really Very wiseg he captures the girls by that look in his eyes. Hi-Y I, 23 Biology 2, Dramatics 1, 2, 3: Football 2. . ROGER ARCHAMBEAU: Just come to me, I'1l fix your car up to a "T", Jones Ir. 1. DOROTHY ARMSTRONG: A smile is forever on her face: this lends to her delightful grace. MIKE ARNER: In this ladls smile there is charm and strength. Forum 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, Pres. 2, Treas. 3: Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 35 French Club Censor 2, V. Pres. 3: Football 1, 2: Golf 3: Track 2, 3g Cross Country 2, 3Q Stationer's Desk 2, 3. PAUL ATKINSON: Paul makes a joke of all his troubles. Football Mgr. I, 2: Baseball Mgr. I, 2. EVELYN AWE: Witty and wise, she has prettv brown eyes. Phils 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Cor. Secy. 41 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate Club 2, 3g Dean's Office I, 2, 3, 4: Nat'l Honor 4. DOROTHY BAIRD: Pretty blonde hair, gay blue eyes, and a "knack" for writing will win a prize. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4Q Home Ec. I, 2, 3. PATSY BAKER: She'll answer your telephone call, then retire and get married next fall. Biology Club 2, 3, 43 Red Cross 3: G.A.A. I. MARY ELLEN BALL: Sincere, friendly, with a brilliant mind, this lass will happiness find. Central 1, 2Q F.T.A. 3, V. Pres. 4Q Commercial Club 3: Debate Club 3, 41 Y-Teens 3, 45 Ir. and Sr. Play Com., Edelian 4. EVELYN AWE DOROTHY BAIRD PAT BAKER MARY ELLEN BALL sw " ROGER ARCHAMBEAU MICHAEL ARNER DOROTHY ARM STRONG PAUL ATKINSON STEVE BANCER: "Dutch" is handy with his carving, his work never ceases to keep us marveling. HARRIET BARLOWE: Cute and peppyg neat and nice. Scott rg Bi- ology Club 2. ' BARTON BAY: A friend to many, foe to fewg on top of that he's hand- some, too. Forum 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Biology Club 23 Football Varsity 3, 4g jr. Ring Com., Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Nat'l Honor 4. CHARLES BEAR: Always Chuck is certain to wing filled with vitality, vigor, and vim. Dramatics 4, Hi-Y IQ Stadium Mgr. 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 2, Student Director 3, V. Pres. 4, Sr. Play, Rhythm Round-up I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3. DICK BEARD: His friendship is not to be sought in vain. Jones Jr. IQ Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Chap 1, Pres. 2, 3. MARCIA BEIER: Friendly and helpful in every way, she is in our hearts to stay. Peries 1, 2, 3, Pres. 45 Y-Teens 1, Chaplain 2, 3, 4, French Club I, 2, 3, Treas. 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Jr. Class V. Pres., Main Office 3, 45 Library 35 Nat'l Honor 45 Edelian Sr. Editor 4. LAVERNE BELLAIR: Click, click! This little miss is pretty slick. Robinson jr. rg Y-Teens 35 French Club 3. CHARLES BERNING: On the football field he made his nameg interior decorating will bring him fame. Forum 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. AL BERSTICKER: "Bertie" is a friend to all: rich or poor, great or small. Nat'l Honor 3, 43 Q.D.'s 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 41 Biology Club, 2, Jr. Classical League 2, 35 Cowboy Round-up Com. BARRY BIGELOW: When your auto needs repair, come to Barryg he'll treat you fair. Q.D.'s 3, 43 Football Reserve 2, Varsity 3, 4, Projection Club 1. PAT BILIUS: Her motto is "To get ahead." Y-Teens 4. CLARENCE BIRR: Navy-bound he soon will beg his only desire is to sail the sea. STEVE BANCER HARRIET BARLOWE BARTON BAY CHUCK BEAR 1952 DICK BEARD MARCIA BEIER LAVERNE BELLAIR CHARLES BERNING AL. BERSTICKER PAT BILIUS BARRY BIGELOW CLARENCE BIRR LILA BLAESING JEANINE BLUHM RICHARD BOGGS JOHN BOGLE IOR LILA BLAESING: A friendlier girl cannot be found. Summerfield High 1, 2. JEANINE BLUHM: To know her is to like her. Phils 4j Y-Teens 2, 3, 4g Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Sr. Play Com. RICHARD BOGGS: Here is a friend, who is staunch and true. Pro- jection Club I, 32 Jones Jr. rg Cross Country 43 Track 2, 3, 4. JOHN BOGLE: As a chemist heis really a whiz, for intelligence is sure- ly his. Nat'l Honor 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3Q Jr. Classical League 2 35 Projection Club 1. BEN BOOTH: A little guy with a big smile, he goes through life happy all the while. Forum 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y IQ Federation Basketball 4. JIM BORN: Jim's happy-go-lucky, never shy, a friend indeed, a regular guy. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4Q Hi-Y 1, Secy. 2, 33 Chess 4Q Dramatics 43 Jr. Play Com.g Sr. Play Com. MOLLY BOYER: With a swell personality far will Molly go, winning many friends but never a foe. Peries 1, 2, 3, Rec. Secy. 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 French Club 25 Dramatics IQ Gym Office 2, 3, 4, Jr. and Sr. Play Com.g Rhythm Round-up Com. 2, 3, 4, Edelian Advertising Editor 4. IOANNE BOTTLES: Lively, good-natured, not a care has she. Com- mercial Club 2. VELMA BRANDON: Velma's future holds happiness in store. Merril High School 1, 2. RONALD BRASSELL: Ron is always fair and square. Bedford Rural Agriculture IQ Hi-Y 3, 4. MARY BRAZEAU: She wins friends easily with her charming manner. Jones Ir. High rg Y-Teens 1. DONNA BREWER: Work and then marriage are Donna's plansg with her personality, she has many fans. Jones jr. 1. VELMA BRANDON RONALD BRASSELL MARY ANN BRAZEAU DONNA BREWER BEN BOOTH MOLLY BOYER JIM BORN ,IOANNE BOTTLES BARBARA BRINER: Here is Barbara having fun, always cheering everyone. Jones Jr. IQ Choir 35 Red Cross 2. PEGGY BROADWAY: Gentle and sweet, she's one you should meet. Jones Jr. IQ Phils 2, 3, Pres. 4j Y-Teens 3, 4g Commercial Club 3, 45 Dra- matics Club 3, 42 Crystal 35 Jr. Ring Com.5 Jr. and Sr. Play Com.5 Dean's Office 45 Secy. Chapter Wide Red Cross 25 Nat'l Honor 4. BILL BROWN: A whiz on the gridiron, a whiz at his studies! Q.D.'s 2, 3, V. Pres. 41 Hi-Y IQ Football Reserves 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4Q Basketball Reserve 25 Sr. Play Com.5 jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms. NANCY JO BROWN: An efficient secretary she will be, brimful of en- ergy and efficiency. Natil Honor 3, 45 Zets I, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens, Pres. 1, 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Jr. and Sr. Play Com.5 Main Office 25 Dramatics I, 2. HELEN BROWNING: To all who know her, she is a true friend. Y- Teens IQ Commercial Club 2. ROBERT BRYAN: Tall and silent, this lad is quite reticent. DERITH BUNGE: Quiet, gracious, and college-bound, here is a girl who is true and sound. Peries 1, 2, 3, Censor 41 Y-Teens 1, 2, Rec. Secy. 3, 4Q French Club 2, V. Pres. 3, 4Q G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Jr. and Sr. Play Com.5 Gym Leader 3, 4Q Natll Honor 4Q Edelian Advertising Co-Editor 4. BOB CHAMBERS: Bob stands six feet one, a friend who is always loads of fun. Band 3. NANCY CLARK: She's short, she's sweet5 she's the kind you like to meet. Jones jr. IQ Phils 2, jr. Censor 3, Sr. Censor 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4Q F.T.A. 2, Secy. 3, 45 Dramatics 3, V. Pres. 4g Jr. Classical League 4: G.A.A. 3g Jr. Play5 Sr. Play5 Edelian Faculty Editorg Sr. Memorial Com. TOM CLARK: Happy-go-lucky, easy to please, he's amiable, kind and always at ease. PAT CLINTON: Kitten's smile is her great asset. Jones Ir. IQ Nurses Aide 3, 4. NANCY CLUFF: Nancy will be long-remembered for her friendly way. Y-Teens 4. HELEN BROWNING ROBERT E. BRYAN DERITH BUNGE BOB CHAMBERS BARBARA BRINER PEGGY BROADWAY BILL BROWN NANCY JO BROWN 1952 NANCY ANN CLARK PATRICIA CLINTON TOM CLARK NANCY ANN CLUFF JOYCE COCHRAN CORAL COLE FREIDA COLLINS JOANNE K. COLLINS SE IORS JOYCE COCHRAN: This little lady is packed full of charm. Jones Jr. IQ Commercial Club IQ G.A.A. 3. CORAL COLE: Dodie would like to become a saleswoman. Y-Teens IQ Debate Club 3, Secy.-Treas. 4j Red Cross 35 Biology Club 3, 45 Gym Office 2, 3, 4. FREIDA COLLINS: Quiet, sweet, and full of fun, this little gal is sec- ond to none. Jones Jr. IQ Crystal Advertising Manager 4Q Sr. Play Com. JOANNE K. COLLINS: The presence of one who is so sweet really makes the day complete. Zets 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, Rec. Secy. 45 Biology Club 2, Pres. 3, 4Q Debate Club 3, 45 U.N. Club 3, 4g Jr. Play Com.5 F.N.A. 1, 2, 3, Reporter 4Q Nurses Aide 1, 25 Y.O.B. 3, 45 Nat'l Honor 42 Sr. Banquet Com.5 Edelian Co-Editor in Chief. MAUDIE COLLINS: Her fingers sew a fine seam. b'Y-Teens 2. MARY ANN CONOLD: Gay, blonde, blue-green eyed, she has all the boys starry-eyed. Peries 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4Q Y-Teens 2, 35 Dramatics 1, 2, 35 Rhythm Round-up 3, 45 Jr. and Sr. Play Com.5 Sr. Class Secy.-Treas.5 Dean's Aide 31 Edelian Club Editor 4. JACK COREY: Jack's hobbies and interests are many, which makes him an altogether fun-loving companion. Jones Jr. IQ Hi-Y IQ Federation Basketball 45 Sr. Play Com. MONA DE COURTAD: Light brown hair with gray-green eyes makes a combination that is surely a prize. Zets 1, 2, Historian 3, Pres. 4g Y- Teens 3, 4j Dramatics 1, 21 Crystal 3, Co-Editor 45 Jr. Play Com.5 Stu- dent Council 3, V. Pres. 45 Nat'l Honor 4. FRANK COVEY: A nice guy, in a quiet way, he plans to go to T.U. some day. Nat'l Honor 4. CHARLES CRAIG: On the football field, Chuck is a starg with his per- sonality he'll surely go far. Football 2, 3, 45 Track 35 Basketball 2, 3. EMMA DEAN DECKARD: Deanie will dance her way through life. Gamalill High I. MARY DELAPLANE: A girl who is so nice and bright will surely reach some very great height. Nat'l Honor 3, 45 Zets 1, 2, 3, Treas. 45 Y-Teens 1, Rec. Secy. 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 2, 3, 4j F.T.A. 3, Treas. 45 Dramatics Club 45 G.A.A. 25 Jr. and Sr. Play Com.5 Library 31 Sr. Ban- quet Com.5 Edelian Sr. Editor 45 Jr. Classical League 2, 3, 45 Classical Honor 2, Secy. 3, 4. FRANK COVEY CHARLES CRAIG EMMA DEAN DECKARD MARY DELAPLANE 32 MAUDIE COLLINS JACK COREY MARY ANN CONOLD MONA DE COURTAD BRIAN DENMAN: A nicer guy you'll never meetg we're glad to admit, he's hard to beat. Hi-Y 1, 2. HAROLD DENNIS: Life's path may be hard and steep, but a strong will can never be beaten. MARIE DENNEY: An all-round girl, full of fun, she is a pal to every- one. Franklin County High School 1, 2, 3j F.T.A. 4. BETTY DEVERS: She brightens our everyday with a smile so sweet and gay. Y-Teens SQ Home Ec. 2, 3, 43 Debate 3. LOIS DICKSON: Quick of wit and pleasant to the eye, she'll be fam- ous by and by. DONNA LEE DISMUKE: Shorty is still having trouble convincing peo- ple she is a senior. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Biology 3, V. Pres. 43 Y.O.B. 3, Reporter 43 F.N.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. VIC DOMHOFF: Our hats go off to you for keeping up your end of the line. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 43 jr. Play Com.3 Chair- man Sr. Prom Com.3 Nat'l Honor 4. JOHN DOWDS: To the U. of Cincinnati John will go to study auto mechanics we know. Stephan F. Austin 33 Band Sgt.-at-Arms. 43 Sr. Play Com. JO ANN DUSSEAU: She's known as "Dot" by quite a few, and with that smile, she'll never be blue. Y-Teens IQ Commercial Club 2, 3. NORM DYMARKOWSKI: "Duke" is out to see the world, and we hope it brings him every success. VERNE EDEN: He makes us glad, he's a personable lad. Q.D.'s 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, Cor. Secy. 3, 43 Ir. Classical League 2, 3, 4j Dramatics Club 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Cross Country 43 Basketball 3, 45 Sr. Announcement Com.3 Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Natfl Honor 4. DELORES ELLIS: We know that she will always be a friend to you and a friend to me. . LOIS DICKSON DONNA LEE DISMUKE VIC DOMHOFF JOHN DOWDS BRIAN DENMAN HAROLD DENNIS MARIE DENNY BETTY DEVERS 1952 JO ANN DUSSEAU VERNE EDEN NORM DYMARKOWSKI DELORES ELLIS RICHARD ELY BARBARA ENCK MARGARET ENDSLEY JOYCE ENTENMANN IOR Sli RICHARD ELY: He'll make his mark with ease, this boy who aims to please. BARBARA ENCK: Cute and sweet and very gay, Barbara makes friends with her extra nice way. Peries 2, 3, Y-Teens Secy. 1, 2, 3, 4g Home Ec. 2, 3, Dramatics 2, 3g Jr.-Sr. Prom. Com. 3, Rhythm Round-up 1, 2. MARGARET ENDSLEY: If something is to be done, Migs is not to be outdone. Phils 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4, Y-Teens Cor. Secy. 1, V. Pres. 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 2, V. Pres. 3, 42 Classical Honor 2, F.T.A. 4, Crystal Ex- change Editor 3, 4, Dean's Office 3, 4, Nat'l Honor 4. JOYCE ENTENMANN: What will we do in June, when we don't have Joyce anymore? DeVilbiss 1, 2, Zets 3, 4, French Club 3, Pres. 4, Dramatics 3, Cor. Secy. 4, Rhythm Round-up Com. 3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Nat'1 Honor 4. THELMA ETHRIDGE: Pleasure is the sweetest to those who earn it. Scott 2. JOANNE EYMAN: With Jo's looks, personality, and wit, at college she's sure to make a hit. Peries 1, 2, 4, French Club 2, Dramatics Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 2, Rhythm Round-up 2, Senior Announcement Com., Dean's Aide 2, 4, Edelian Faculty Editor 4. JERRY FARBER: Jerry's many a girl's ideal, more than one heart he will steal. Hi-Y I, 2, Fed. Basketball 4, Sr. Play Com. PAT FEATHERINGILL: A pleasing way, nice to know any day. Zets 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4g Biology Club 2, Secy. 3, 4, Dramatics I, 2, Secy. 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Crystal Exchange Editor 3, 4, Nat'1 Honor 4. DONNA FIKES: Gay and full of zest, Donna is never depressed. G.A.A. IQ Jr. Classical League IQ Nat'1 Honor 4. ANNE FOSTER: CNot in Illustrationj Into the future with optimism in each step. BERNADINE FOSTER: Attending a music conservatory will pave the way to Bernadine's success. Y-Teens 41 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. BILL FRANK: On the field or in the hall, Bill's the one who is liked by all. Q.D.'s 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Hi-Y 1, Football 1, Varsity 2, 3, Co- Cap. 4, Basketball IQ Track 2, 3, 4g Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 4, jr. Ring Com., Student Council 1, 2, Rhythm Round-up 4. NANCY FREEMAN: Her cheerfulness is catching, her smile is really grand, Y-Teens IQ Commercial Club 2, 3, 4Q Red Cross ZQ Choir 42 Main Office 2, 3, 4. DONNA FIKES BERNADINE FOSTER BILL FRANK NANCY FREEMAN l . THELMA ETHRIDGE JERRY FARBER JOANNE EYMAN PATRICIA FEATHERINGILL I l MARTIN FRITTS: Marty is a guy of whom you'1l never tireg to be a carpenter is his desire. JOANN FROSH: Quite the lass is she with her grand personality. Rob- inson Jr. IQ Commercial Club 2, 3, 4Q Choir 31 Library 4. RUTH GABLE: An efficient and friendly business woman she will be. Commercial Club 1, 2. MARGARET GANNON: Friends galore, who could want more? CHARLES GANT: CNot in Illustrationj Shy is his manner, willing, his smile. JEAN GARY: Her ladder of success will never fall, for Jean's a friend to one and all. Y-Teens 42 G.A.A. 4Q Gym Helper ZQ Jr. Play Com.g Sr. Announcement Com.g Jr. Classical League 2, 3, 4. SHARON GEHRING: This lass is a heaven-sent gift. Commercial Club 2. DIANE GEIS: Her fondest dream is to study artg then she'll paint love- ly pictures right from the heart. Jones Jr. I. ELVENA GERALDO: A serious gal with a pleasant way. Jones Jr. I. DARLENE GIBSON: Darlene's charm is known to all. F.N.A. Treas. 2, 3, Pres. 4Q Nat'l Honor 4. SUSAN GIBSON: The thought for the day: "She's in our hearts to stay." JAMES GLUNTZ: Intelligent, pleasant, and acquainted with all, Jim is as nice as he is tall. Nat'l Honor 3, 4Q Hi-Y Chaplain 1, 2, 3, 4, U.N. 4Q Debate 4Q Sr. Memorial Com. ANNABEL GOOCH: Dancing and sports are Dutch's pleasuresg her friendship is among our treasures. JEAN GARY SHARON GEHRING DIANE GEIS ELVENA GERALDO DARLENE GIBSON JAMES GLUNTZ SUSAN ANN GIBSON ANNABEL GOOCH MARTIN FRITTS JO ANN FROSH RUTH GABLE MARGARET GANNON 1952 lr 1 4 A .MEREDITH Goon iAL1cE GREYER . 1 PAUL GOSDA BARBARA GUHL IOR 36 3 HARRY GUNN DARLENE HACKETT MARILYN GURGIN DAVE HADLEY MEREDITH GOOD: A lass whose pleasure is to dance5 into mar- riage she soon will prance. Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Biology 25 Crystal 3, Club Editor 4. PAUL GOSDA: Of his name in the future we'1l always hear, for he's going to wander far and near. ALICE GREYER: A small girl with a large future. Duffield High 4. BARBARA GUHL: She's neat and nice, all virtue, no vice. Jones jr. IQ Library 1, 2, 35 Sr. Play Com. HARRY GUNN: He'll be known throughout the land, as a drummer in some big name band. MARILYN GURGIN: The Spars or the Waves will be her career. DARLENE HACKETT: A fine girl indeed, she is sure to succeed. DAVE HADLEY: Serious, but pleasant too, dreaming of great deeds to do. JEANINE HALE: Always laughing and full of fun, many a friend has she won. Zets 3, 4. MARY HAMILTON: Quiet, discreet, petite, and so sweet. Robinson jr. IQ Nat'l Honor 3, 41 Phils 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4g Y-Teens 3, Pres, 45 Dramatics Club 45 G.A.A. 3, 45 jr. and Sr. Prom Com. 3, 45 Jr. and Sr. Play Com., Testing Aide 35 Gym Leader 2, 3, 4. x BEVERLY HANSEN: Bev to business college will go, where she'll be a success as we already know. RONALD HANSEN: Have your picture taken by Ron, for photography is his great skill. jr.-Sr. Play Com. JEANINE HALE MARY HAMILTON BEVERLY HANSEN RONOLD HANSEN JOHN HARDING: A regular lad who is liked by all. Forum 2, 3, 42 Football 2, 3, Varsity 4, Jr. Ring Com., Sr. Announcement Com., Nat'l Honor 4. MARILYN HARRIS: We know that she will always be a friend to you and me. Jones Jr. IQ Y-Teens 3, Sr. Play, Dramatics 4. MARY LOU HARRISON: This little girl likes to skate. Commercial Club 2. TOM HASSELSCHWERT: CNot in Illustrationj Tom is liked by every- one, he is always full of fun. Hi-Y 2, 3, Projection 3, 4. BETTY HATTON: Her charming way, her friendly smile will last in our memory for quite a while. Phils 1, 2, Student Council 1, 21 Secy.- Treas. 3, Lib 1, 2, 3, Dramatics I. BOB HAVERMAN: Our carrot-top has won our hearts, he knows ath- letics in all its parts. Forum 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Varsity 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Ir. Play Com. GERALD HAWLEY: Quiet, handsome, discreet. Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Clas- sical Honor r, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4, Q.D.,s 3, 4, Hi-Y Pres. 1, Secy. 2, V. Pres. 3, Band 1, 2, 4, Debate 31 Dramatics Pres. 4, Football IQ Track 2, 3, 43 Cross Country 3, 4, jr. Play, Sr. Play, Cowboy Round-up Chairman. ALINE HEARD: No matter what profession she chooses, here's hoping she never loses. Scott IQ Home Ec. 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2. RONALD HECKART: Girls and football plus ambition will make Ron's name a school tradition. Q.D.'s 3, 4, Hi-Y IQ, Architects 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Sr. Announcement Com. JON HELMS: A better student could not be found. Nat'l Honor 3, 42 Classical Honor 1, Pres. 2, 3, 4, Forum 4, Chess Club 41 Crystal Asso- ciate Editor 4, Rhythm Round-up 2, 3, 4, Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir Qpianistj 4, Sr. Memorial Com., Co-Valedictorian. JESTON HELTON: QNot in Illustrationj To everyone a friend, our luck to him we send. Basketball 1. CAROL HEPNER: With Carolls intelligence and charm she's sure to succeed as a stenographer. Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Zets 2, 3, Chaplain 4i Com- mercial Club 2, 3, 4, jr. and Sr. Representative, Main Office 1, 2, 3, 4. ESTHER HERNANDEZ: Quiet and reserved, but as sweet as can be, Esther is lovely we all agree. F.T.A. 3, Secy. 4, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4. EUGENE HESHLEY: A swell guy who is bound to go far. Football 2. BOB HAVERMAN GERALD HAWLEY ALINE HEARD RONALD HECKART , , ,ION HELMS 1 ESTHER HERNANDEZ CAROL JEAN HEPNER EUGENE HESHLEY JOHN HARDING MARY LOU HARRISON BETTY HATTON MARILYN HARRIS 195Z HOWARD HICKS RONALD HILFINGER JAMES HILLS KAY HOFFMAN IORS HOWARD HICKS: Whether hunting for game or for the foe, Howard will do his best. RON HILFINGER: "Meatball" is in our hearts to stay, we'll remember him for many a day. Q.D.'s 2, 3, Secy. 45 Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4: Golf 3, 4: Bowling 3, 45 Crystal 3, Sports Editor 4, Jr. and Sr. Prom Com. Co-Chairman 3g Student Council 3, Pres. 4, Rhythm Round-up 3, 4j Nat'l Honor 4. JIM HILLS: What the future holds for him, we'll just have to wait and see. KAY HOFFMAN: Our Kay has a lot of class, she's the envy of many a lass. Phils 1, 2, 3, Chaplain 4: Y-Teens I, 2, V. Pres. 3, 4Q Biology Club 2, 3,4Q F.T.A. 2, Treas. 3, 4j Dramatics 3, 41 G.A.A. 2: Sr. Announcement Com.: Jr. Play, Sr. Play: Nat'1 Honor 42 Edelian Senior Editor 4. DOLORES HOWE: Her hands at sewing will be well known. Nat'l Hon- or 3, 4. DON HUGHES: A true Sportsman. Jones Jr. 1. DUANE HULL: On the stage he is a whiz, who could it be but our own little Diz? Dramatics Club 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Biology Club 45 Sr. Play. DICK HULL: "Smokey" with his eyes of blue is a friend who is tried and true. Q.D.'s 3, 4: Edelian Athletics Editor 4. CAROL JACOBS: Personality, intelligence, and charm, with Carol seem to go arm in arm. Jones Jr. IQ Natil Honor 3, 4, Zets 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, Treas. 3, 4Q F.T.A. 25 Classical Honor 2, Testing ZQ Libbey Scrapbook 4. GLENN T. JACKSON: His interests in fun and girls and cars, we read his future in the stars. Forum 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y 1, ZQ Biology Club ZQ French Club 35 Football 1, 2, 3. E STEVE JADLOCKI: 'Tis wonderful to be merry and wise. Jones Jr. IQ Band 2, 3, 45 Choir 3, 4. ROBERT JAFFKE: Always seen, but seldom heard. CAROL JACOBS TOM JACKSON STEVEN JADLOCKI ROBERT JAFFKE DOLORES HOWE DUANE HULL DON HUGHES RICHARD HULL LOIS JAMESON: A sweet little lass with plenty of class. Scott 1, zg Sr. Play Com. RACHEL IANNEY: As an operator she will be transferring calls for you and me. BOB JAQUES: fNot in Illustrationj. Happy am Ig from care I am free. MARIANNE JEAKLE: This charming lass is pert and sweet. A per- sonality like hers is hard to beat. Y-Teens 3, 43 Commercial Club 2, 3g Debate 3, 4g F.T.A. 3, Pres. 4Q Edelian Snapshot and Class Editor 45 Sr. Play Com.g Chorus 2, 3. MARION JONES: Retiring, but very friendly. JOE KANTHAK: A G.I. Joe he'11 be. CAROL KAYSER: One who is always fair and square and never with- out a friend. Zets IQ Home Ec. 2. KARL KAZMAIER: A handsome lad and a friend that is true, he'll be a success in whatever he may do. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Edelian Snapshot and Class Editor 49 Sr. Play Com.g Cowboy Roundup! Com. HARRY KEDRIE: A somewhat shy and bashful boy, he has brought all of us a lot of joy. U.N. Club 3, 4. EVELYN KELLEY: No doubt Evelyn will be a seamstress one day. LARRY KELLEY: Those knocks on the football field made Larry popu- lar, but they haven't swelled his head. Q.D. 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 41 Basket- ball I, 2, 3g Football 1, ZQ Varsity 3, 4. BARBARA KERSCHNER: A Wave someday this girl may beg all the world she wants to see. Home Ec, 3, 4g Gym Office 4Q Dean's Office 4Q Library I, 2. CHARLES KESLING: Cheerful Charlie enjoys living. Lake High IQ Forum 43 Hi-Y 41 Biology Club 2j jr. Play Com. JOSEPH KANTHAK CAROL MARIE KAYSER KARL KAZMAIER HARRY KEDRIE EVELYN KELLEY BARBARA KERSCHNER I ,,, LARRY KELLEY CHARLES KESLING LOIS JAMESON RACHEL JANNY MARIANNE JEAKLE MARION JONES 1952 V ANN KILLIAN FRED KIRSCHNER JOAN KOLODZAIKE NATALIE KOTULA SE IORS ANN KILLIAN: Sharp and neat with plenty of knowg she will have fun wherever she may go. Rhythm Roundup 25 Dramatics 1. FRED E. KIRSCHNER: A famous doctor Fred will beg how proud of him we hope to be. Hi-Y 2, 35 Chess Club 42 Baseball and Golf 4g Ac- tivities Office 2. JOAN KOLODZAIKE: She has a gleam in her hazel eyes. If she gets married it will be no surprise. NATALIE KOTULA: A business career is her plan of life, but she may become a lovely wife. BARBARA KOWALSKI: A sense of humor she does possessg her per- sonality is limitless. Nat'l Honor 3, 4j Zets 2, 3, Corr. Secy. 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4Q G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Jr. Ring Com.g Sr. Play Com.5 Library 2, 32 Dramatics Club 4. MARY LOU KRAUSE: Here's one of the reasons why gentlemen prefer blondes. Phils IQ Dramatics I, 2Q Activities Office 2Q Rhythm Roundup 25 Cowboy Roundup 4. BILL KUNKEL: Mention shyness and modesty and you think right away of Bill. Macomber 2Q Football 3. TOM KUNKEL: He'll join the Navy to see the world. Macomber I, 2. DICK KUTZ: fNot in Illustrationj. From Libbey shall he go to use all that he may know. VAUGHN LADD: The sparkle in his eye makes all the girls sigh. MARION LANGE: Likeable and gay, Marion will find her way. X DORIS LAYNE: A true and loyal friend indeed, in life we're sure that she'll succeed. Whitney 25 Y-Teens 3, 4Q Commercial Club 3, Reporter 45 G.A.A. 1. JOHN LEONARD: fNot in Illustrationb. A foe to noneg to everyone, a pal. HEDY LEU: A friendlier girl you'll never meetg she has intellect galore and she's very sweet. Nat'l Honor 3, Secy. 4g Classical Honor I, Secy. 2, 3, Pres. 41 Zets 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, Chaplain 3,.45 Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4Q French Club 3, 41 Sr. Banquet Com. VAUGHN LADD MARION LANGE DORIS LAYNE HEDY LEU BARBARA KOWALSKI BILL KUNKEL MARY LOU KRAUSE TOM KUNKEL REVA LETT: Reva's the girl whom everyone knows for her charming poise on her twinkling toes. Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3. JULIA LEU: Merry and glad, never sad. Jones Jr. IQ Zets 2, 3, 45 Y- Teens 4Q Commercial Club 2, 3g Dean's Office IQ Testing Aide 2, 3. JOHNNIE RHEA LEWIS: She's sweet and demureg of her friendship we are sure. Jones Jr. IQ Phils 2, 3, 4g Athletics Office 2, 3, 43 Rhythm Roundup SQ Edelian Circulation Manager 4. SANDRA LEWIS: From her lips harsh words never fall. Sandra's a girl remembered by all. ones r 1- Y Teens ' Commercial Club J J - s ' 3: 41 22 3, Secy. 4Q U.N. Club 45 G.A.A. 3, 41 Activities Office 3, 45 Rhythm Roundup 3, 41 Assistant Advertising Manager 35 Advertising Manager 4. CAROL LINDSEY: A wonderful girl who loves to skate. G.A.A. 2. HAL LINEBACK: Hal will swim his way to be the first in every com- petition. Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY LISKA: Quiet and sincere, her climb to success is drawing near. Biology Club 2j F.N.A. 4. EDWARD LOGAN: May he have the latch-key to success. Jones Jr. IQ Hi-Y Chaplain 1, Secy. 25 Biology Club 2. HAROLD LUTCHEY: We may dance to his music in future years. Robinson jr. IQ Track 25 Band 2, 3, 4. CONNIE MCCARTHY: To the golden-throated miss we wish the best of bliss. Rhythm Roundup 3, 4. JAMES McCARTY: Jim is a fellow that's liked by all5 he's tall and handsome and plays football. Q.D. 2, 3, Pres. 45 Hi-Y IQ Football 1, Varsity 2, 3, 45 Basketball IQ Track 2, 3, 45 jr. Class Pres.5 Natll Hon- or 4. BOB MCCLAIN: fNot in Illustrationj. In his future life we hope with sincerity that "Pete" will succeed. ALICE MCFARLAND: A pleasing face5 a pleasing manner. JULIA LEU REVA LETT JOHNNIE LEWIS SANDRA LEWIS 1952 CAROL LINDSEY HAL LINEBACK BEVERLY LISKA EDWARD LOGAN HAL LUTCHEY JAMES McCARTY CONNIE MCCARTHY ALICE MCFARLAND 41 PAT McGRAW SHIRLEY MCILRATH EARL MCILVAIN JO ANN MCKINNEY SE IORS PAT McGRAW: Wedding bells will serenade Pat someday! SHIRLEY MCILRATH: As a secretary, she will make her success. Y-Teens 1. EARL McILVAIN: Because of his weight, he practices being an art- ful dodger. Q.D. 41 Football 2, Varsity 45 Track 3. JO ANN McKINNEY: Charming personality with delightful grace is shown in JoAnn's pleasant face. Nat'l Honor 3, V. Pres. 45 Zets I, 2, 3, Rec. Secy. 45 Y-Teens V. Pres. 1, 25 French Club Censor 2, Pres. 3, 42 Crystal 3, News Editor 45 Jr. Ring Com.5 Announcement Com.g Libbey Scrapbook 4. MALCOLM MCPHIAL: A grand guy is what they sayg he's off to see the world on Navy pay. ELEANOR MACIEJEWSKI: Everybody welcomes a good sport. JULIA MAJEWSKI: To an office she will gog then to find a trusting beau. Home Ec. 2, 3, 4. AL MANZEY: In football he just can't be beat! Q.D. 45 Football I, 2, Varsity 3, 45 Federation Basketball 45 Sr. Play Com.5 Jr. Red Cross 2. BEVERLY MARQUARDT: Full of jests and youthful jollity. ALLAN MARTELL: Tall and neatg for a friend he can't be "beat," Dra- matics Club 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Projection 1, 21 Jr. Play Com.5 Sr. Play Com.5 Roundup Com. 4. BOB MARTIN: The energetic man is never a faultfinder. BILL MATZINGER: An orator, an actor, he has qualities to spareg in radio we're sure right well he'll fare. Dramatics 3, 45 Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Projection Club I, 25 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 W.T.D.S. 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY MARQUARDT ALLEN MARTELL BOB MARTAIN WILLIAM MATZINGER MALCOLM MCPHAIL JULIA MAJEWSKI ELEANOR MACIEJEWSKI AL MANSEY l . , SHIRLEY MAULT: For this young lass studies are no chore: and as for personality who could ask for more? Woodward 1, Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, Chaplain 4, Debate Club Pres. 3, 43 Rhythm Roundup 3, 41 Dean's Aide 3, 4, Sr. Memorial, Co-Valedictorian. JACK MEINERT: Tall, dark, handsome, he excels in everything he does. Nat'l Honor 3, Treas. 4Q Classical Honor I, 2, 3, 4g Forum 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 Hi-Y Secy. 4g Edelian Club Editor 4, Jr. and Sr. Prom Com. 3g Sr. Banquet Com. ROMAINE MELCHIOR: As she passes us smiling, her charm is be- guiling. Y-Teens IQ Commercial Club 2, 3. BERNARD MEYERS: fNot in Illustrationj. A boy like Bernard is bound to succeed. LARRY MICHELIS: "Off we go into the wild blue yonder" will soon be a familiar phrase to Larry. Jones Jr. 1. DONALD MICHEL: He is joyous wherever he goes, for he never both- ers with worries or woes. ALICE MIKOLAJCZYK: Into the cogs of business Alice will fit ex- pertly. Horne Ec. 3Q Y-Teens 4. ASTER L. MILLER: Work and Aster go hand in hand, which makes her future life look grand. DONNA MAY MILLER: An all around girl, full of fun, she's just a pal to everyone. Home Ec. 1, 2. BARBARA MITCHELL: Skating and dancing is her hobby, a friendly girl is our Bobby. Scott IQ Commercial Club 2. MARVIN MONTAGUE: Though quiet and somewhat shy, Marvin is a terrific guy. Hi-Y Secy. 1, 2, 33 Jr. Classical League r, 2. BARBARA JEAN MOODY: Her favorite color may be blue, but her mind and dreams are of a golden hue. Lincoln High IQ Y-Teens 4g Choir 1. JOYCE MOORE: Ambitious, friendly, and nice to know, she'll make a hit wherever she may go. Zets 3, 42 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Home Ec. 2, 3g G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 43 Lib. Staff 2, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Gym Leader 2, 3, 4. . SHIRLEY MAULT JACK MEINERT ROMAINE MELCHIOR LARRY MICHELIS 1952 W DONALD MICHEL ALICE MIKOLAJCZYK ASTER MILLER DONNA MAY MILLER A l BARBARA MITCHELL BARBARA JEAN MOODY MARVIN MONTAGUE JOYCE MOORE VIRGINIA MORGAN ' JOYCE MORITZ JO ANN MORRIS 'TOM MOSER IORS VIRGINIA MORGAN: We hope that she will never lose that sparkling something in her friendly green eyes. JOYCE MORITZ: An airwoman of great renown, Joyce will liven up any town. JOANN MORRIS: Her smile will win her many friends. Y-Teens 2, 35 Commercial Club 2, 3, 45 Red Cross 2. TOM MOSER: This boy with dark brown hair never has a single care. Hi-Y 1, Chaplain 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 42 Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com. MARELEN MURPHY: She'll make an all around office girl, with all her wealth of common sense and efficiency. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, Cheer leader 3g G.A.A. 3, 4. RONNIE MURRAY: A lad well-liked by everyone, Ron is found wher- ever there's fun. Jones Jr. IQ Hi-Y Pres. IQ Football I, 2. RAE MYERS: Willing and eager, she does more than her part. Jones Jr. IQ Peries 2, 3, Chaplain 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 45 Majorette 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. ZQ Rhythm Roundup 3, 4, Jr. and Sr. Play Com. RONALD NAGUCKI: Ron should enjoy hunting, his hobby is guns. MARCELLA NAPIERALA: Sally is full of pep and loads of fun. CNot in illustrationj JOHN ORTMANN: Some men are born great, others work their way to great heights. Architects 3. SHIRLEY OSBURN: It is her integrity and sincerity that will lead her to success. Grand Blanc. High 1, 2, Zets 3, 4Q Y-Teens 3, 4, French Club Censor 45 Dramatics 4Q Jr. Classical League 3, Sr. Play, Dean's Aide 4. ROSEMARIE PARKER: With her nice smile and her pleasant way she makes a lasting impression. MARGUERITE PEMBERTON: Lovely to look at, delightful to know. Jones Jr. IQ Gym Leader 3, 4. JOHN ORTMANN SHIRLEY OSBURN ROSEMARIE PARKER MARGUERITA PEMBERTOI MARELEN MURPHY RAE MYERS RONNIE MURRAY RONALD NAGUCKI SALLY PETERS: That "china doll" look and sweet smile will make Sally remembered for quite a while. Zets 1, 2, 3, 4j Crystal Typing Edi- tor 43 Cowboy Roundup Com. 4. RUSSELL PHEILS: When he enters the busy world, a successful car- eer will be unfurled. Maumee 1, 21 Nat'l Honor 3, 43 Track IQ Basketball 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 23 Chess Team 43 Choir 1, 23 Dramatics 1, 23 Sr. Me- morial. HELEN PILCHER: Short and sweet, Kitty is planning to knock on the door of the business world. Jones Jr. IQ Nat'l Honor 3, 4g Zets 3, 41 Com- mercial Club 3, Treas. 43 Main Office 2, 3, 4. CONRAD PIRNER: He'll be a man of great renowng his outlook on life is without a frown. Hi-Y V. Pres. 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 4Q Sr. Play Stage Crew. MARJORIE PIZZA: She is as exquisite as a Florentine painting. Zets 1, 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Biology Club 23 Jr. Classical League 23 Testing Aide 23 Gym Office 3, 4Q Jr. and Sr. Play Com.: Nat'l Honor 4. WILLIAM POHLMAN: They say gentlemen prefer blondes and he's a gentleman. Track 2, 3, 4Q Football 2, 33 Basketball I, 2. CONSTANCE PORTER: Her smile will win her many friends. Jr. Play Com.: Biology 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA POWELL: Lovely to look at and nice to know. Sr. Me- morial Com. NANCY POWERS: The stage is a lovely world of make-believe. Dra- matics Club 43 Jones Jr. IQ Sr. Play Com. ESTHER PRUETER: She need only smile and we love her. Y-Teens 2, Pres. 3, 43 Jr. Classical League 1, Rec. Secy. 2, 3, Pres. 43 Rhythm Roundup 3, 43 Dean's Office 43 Sr. Play Com.: Jr. Class Secy.-Treas.3 Nat'1 Honor 4. PENNY PURSE: Short, petite, and very neat, to many a friend Penny is sweet. DeVilbiss 1. NORMA RAITZ: Vivacious, charming and capable. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Lib Staff 1, 2. MARJORIE PIZZA WILLIAM POHLMAN CONNIE PORTER VIRGINIA POWELL SALLY PETERS RUSSELL PHEILS HELEN PILCHER CONRAD PIRNER 0 I ,Q ,l NANCY POWERS PENNY PURSE ESTHER PRUETER NORMA RAITZ JAMES RAMSEY MARILYN REED SE IO REED JAMES RAMSEY: Always carrying part of his load, walking life's ad- venturous road. Cowboy Roundup 4. MARION RANDOLPH: Politeness adds more charm to an already gracious girl. MARILYN REED: She meets the world with a pleasant way. Central IQ Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4g Lib I, 23 Jr. and Sr. Play Com. GERALD REED: Wherever there's joy to be had, Jerry is the famous lad. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 41 Biology Club 2, 3g Dramatics 4, Football 1, 2g Jr. and Sr. Play Com. DON RETTIG: Tall and blonde, of studies he's fond. Biology Club 2g Jr. Classical League 3, 4Q Crystal Advertising Mgr. 4Q Sr. Banquet Com., Nat'l Honor 4. EVERLY RICKARD: Where there is fun to be had, "Peppy Bev" is lways there. Jones Jr. IQ Commercial Club 2, 4Q G.A.A. 2, 3, Athletics ffice 3, 4j Rhythm Roundup 3, 4j Band 43 Edelian Co-Circulation Mgr. , 4- . EVERLY RIECK: A songstress she might beg we'll just have to wait a d see. Y-Teens 1, 4Q Commercial Club 2, 3, 45 Choir 2, 3, 4, Jr. Play C m. JI RITZENTHALER: This lad makes jokes of all troubles and strife, and thus will be happy throughout a long life. Q.D.'s IQ Hi-Y 45 Jr. Clas- sical League IQ Cross Country I. FATE ROBERTS: What will Fate do for others? ALVIN ROWE: A smiling lad is he all dayg he'll be remembered for his nice way. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4Q Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4- JANET ROYER: Nimbly she walks and sweetly she talks. Waite, Jack- son High. ' EVELYN RUFENACHT: Friendly and sweet, Eve's sure to succeed. FATE ROBERTS ALVIN ROWE JANET ROYER EVELYN RUFENACHT DON RETTIG BEVERLY RIECK BEVERLY RICKARD JIM RITZENTHALER JOHN RUMMELL: Tall and nice, who could ask for anything more. Jones Jr. I. JESSE RUSSELL: Jesse's future includes a college career and then the Marines. 1 WILLIE RUSSELL: fNot in Illustrationj. Sports will claim him as a "Pro," Football I, 2, Varsity 3, 45 Basketball, 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4g Track I7 27 37 4' PAUL RYNN: Paul is a guy who is quiet and sincere, when he talks, everyone strains to hear. Q.D.'s z,'3, 49 Hi-Y 1, 2j Dramatics Club 4Q Track 1, 25 Football I, 2g Sr. Play. TOM SALSBERRY: Tom is a guy who is loyal and trueg when heis around, no one is blue. Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Biology 2, 3, Hockey 45 Jr. Play. BARBARA SAUER: Not a sweeter voice than Barb's will be found any- where. Jones. Jr. IQ Y-Teens 4. LAMAR SAWYER: A fellow who shall go far, from him progress can't be barred. Classical Honor I, V. Pres. 2, Nat'1 Honor 3, Pres. 43 Forum 3, Treas. 41 Hi-Y 1, 45 Football 1, 2, Crystal 2, Sports Editor 3, Editor- in-Chief 4, Jr. Play Com.g Student Council 4. LEOTIA SAYRE: What a cheery secretary she will make. Jones Jr. I. CAROLYNSCHENK: Nice things come in small packages. Jones Jr. IQ Phils 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, U.N. Club 4j Dramatics Club 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Sr. Play. JAMES SCHNABEL: Quiet and shy, a reserved kind of guy. Biology Club 2, 3, Pres. 4Q Stadium Mgr. 1, 2, 3, 45 Nat'l Honor 4. . JOE SCHRAMEK: Enthusiasm is his magic key. Architects 2, 3g Hock- EY 21 31 4- ' , CARL SCHWARTZ: Though not very tall, he is friendly and nice and liked by all. Hi-Y Secy. 25 Architects Club 3, 4, Projection I. CARYL JEAN SCHWARTZ: Cute and mischievous-oh, so very nice in every way. Y-Teens 1, 2, 43 Commercial Club .25 Cowboy Roundup Com. 4. JOHN RUMMELL JESSE RUSSELL PAUL RYNN TOM SALSBERRY v 952 BARBARA SAUER LAMAR SAWYER LEOTIA SAYRE . CAROLYN SCHENK 1 JAMES SCHNABEL CARL SCHWARTZ JOE SCHRAMEK CARYL SCHWARTZ NANCY SEVRENCE ROBERT SHANK JACK SHARP BOB SHAW IORS NANCY SEVRENCE: Attractive and neat5 Nancy will dance her way into matrimony. Phils 25 Main Office 1, 25 Dean's Office 45 Jr. and Sr. Play Com.5 Rhythm Roundup Com. 3, 4. ROBERT SHANK: Bob is blonde, Bob is tallg Bob is really on the ball. Dramatics IQ Jr. and Sr. Play Com. JACK SHARP: A job or college which shall be itg we'll just have to wait and see. Q.D.'s 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, Chaplain 3. BOB SHAW: Although art may be his hobby, chemical engineering will claim him. Jones Jr. 1. SUSAN SHEPHERD: This cutie plans to get married and be a good wife5 we wish her happiness throughout her life. Dramatics I, ZQ Rhy- thm Roundup 22 Sr. Memorial. GLEN SHIRK: A college-bound lad with loads of ambition will be known in the world by his high position. Hi-Y V. Pres. I, 25 Architect Club 3, 42 Projection Club 1. JAMES SHORTER: An engineer Jim will be, making things for you and me. Basketball 2, 3, 4. HAROLD SHUNCK: This good looking lad is thought of by all as a very swell "feller." Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4j Hi-Y 1, Treas. 2, 3, 45 Biology Club ZQ Reserve Football 2, 35 Cross Country 4Q Jr. Play Com. RAYMOND SHUNCK: An adventurous fellow who'll get a lot out of life. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4Q Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 42 Cross Country 45 Golf 43 Football 3. DOLORES SHOECRAFT: Light of heart and busy of mind. MARY JUNE SHOEMAKER: Known and liked by one and all. Peries 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4j Dramatics Club 1, ZQ Jr. Ring Com.5 Sr. Class V. Pres.5 Main Office 3, 45 Nat'1 Honor 4. VIOLA SHOEMAKER: In life she will find joy and fun. Majorette 2, 3, 41 Zets 2, Historian 3. Chaplain 4. RAYMOND Sl-IUNCK DELORES SHOECRAFT MARY SHOEMAKER VIOLA SHOEMAKER SUSAN SHEPHERD JAMES SHORTER GLEN SHIRK HAROLD SHUNCK MILLIE SIERRA: CNot in Illustrationj. This maiden with pretty raven hair would like to see the world. RICHARD SIMMERMAN: "Zip" plans to become a chemical en- gineer and really see how the world's made. Robinson jr. 1. RUSSELL SIMPSON: He dreams of a wonderful world. SUZANNE SMILAX: A true friend in every sense of the word always around to lend a helping hand. Phils 1, 2, 3, Treas. 41 Y-Teens 1, Pres. 2, 3, 42 French Club 2Q Projection Club Secy. IQ Choir 2, 3, 43 Assistant Accompanist 3, 4Q G.A.A. 21 Edelian 45 jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 35 Student Council Secy.-Treas. 41 Dean's Office I, 2, 3, 4Q Activities Office 45 Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 45 Nat'l Honor 4. BEVERLY JUNE SMITH: In nursing Bev is bound to find success. Y-Teens 35 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 2, 3. BILL SMITH: Always ready with a smile, Smitty's a friend who's worth your while. Jones Jr. IQ Football I, ZQ Basketball IQ Federation Bas- ketball 4. GRETCHEN SMITH: Never a dull moment when Gretchen is around5 onuher face a smile and never a frown. THOMAS SMITH: Endeavoring always to do his best, Tom will suc- ceed in every quest. Classical Honor 1, 25 jr. Classical League 1, 25 Forum 2, 3, Pres. 4Q Hi-Y 1, 45 Football Reserves I, 2, Varsity 3, 4: Ir. and Sr. Prom Com. 32 Nat'l Honor 4. WILLIE SMITH: He likes his friends and they like him. Ironton High 1. GEORGE SNYDER: To see the world in the Navy is George's aim. JAMES SPEEGLE: A nice quiet lad with a happy way. Jones Jr. IQ Nat'l Honor 3, 4. RICHARD SIMMERMAN RUSSELL SIMPSON BARBARA STAUNTON: Such a beautiful voice has she that a singer SUZANNE SMILAX BEVERLY SMITH "Jean" will someday be. CAROL STEIN: Quiet with a happy way, Carol will be remembered for many a day. 1952 BILL SMITH GRETCHEN SMITH THOMAS SMITH WILLIE SMITH GEORGE SNYDER BARBARA STAUNTON JAMES SPEEGLE CAROL STEIN Q 7 Y -I 0 SUE STOLDT CAROLYN STONE DICK STRAHM DONNA SUGG SE IOR SUE STOLDT: With eyes that sparkle and a smile so shy, this little lass causes many a sigh. Clay 1, 22 Y-Teens 43 F.T.A. 3, V. Pres. 43 Ede- lian Co-Editor-in-Chief 4. CAROLYN STONE: The goal for which she is aiming is to enter nurse's training. Biology Club 2, 3, 43 F.N.A. Secy. 3, 4. DICK STRAHM: In athletics Dick does excelg in all things he does quite well. Forum 2, 3, Secy. 4Q Hi-Y 1, 4j Dramatics I, 25 Football Re- serve 1, 2, Varsity 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Track 1, 2, 3, 4Q jr. Play Com. DONNA SUGG: A typist she will be, a fine one too-just wait and see. Jones jr. 1. If MARY LOUISE TANALSKI: A wonderful friend, tried and true, is our own little Mary Lou. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4g Commercial Club 2, 3. WILLIAM TARVER: A small guy with a big future. Jones Ir. IQ Hi- Y 1. JOSEPH TATE: A friend to all, a foe to none, Joe's a lad who'l1 not be outdone. Central Catholic 1, 2, 3. A VERLEAN TATUM: A cosmotologist she wishes to becomeg in that field she'l1 not be outdone. Y-Teens 3g G.A.A. 3. LARRY TAYLOR: Success to Larry will surely come, for he's a friend to everyone. Eaton High 1, 23 Baseball 1, 2. GORDON THOMAS: Gordon's decision to be an M.D. will be aided much by his personality. Jr. Classical League 33 Football I, 23 Basket- ball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 41 jr. and Sr. Prom Com. 4. JOAN THOMAS: Neat and sweet with flaming hair, Joan will be a success anywhere. Jones Jr. IQ Nat'l Honor 3, 4Q Phils 3, 4g Y-Teens 2, 3, Treas. 43 Dramatics 42 U.N. Secy.-Treas. 43 G.A.A. 2, 33 Sr. Play3 Rhythm Roundup Com. 31 Dean's Aide 2, 3, 4. PAT THOMAS: A little girl with loads of pep, when it comes to Style she is right in step. Y-Teens 1, 23 Jr. Play3 Red Cross 25 Commercial Club 2, 3. MARY LOUISE TANALSKI JOE TATE WILLIAM TARVER VERLEAN TATUM LARRY TAYLOR GORDON THOMAS JOAN THOMAS PAT THOMAS BILL THOMPSON: He brightens up classrooms and study hallg Big Bill is really a friend to all. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 1, 2Q Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4Q Baseball 3, 43 Sr. Play Com.g Nat'l Honor 4. ROWLAND TIMBROOK: This terrific little guy will be missed at Libbey. Hi-Y 4g Biology ZQ Cross Country 45 Track 4Q Sr. Play Com. JIM TUCHOLSKI: Tracer will always do "all right." Sports are his big highlight. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 43 Architects 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4: Golf 2, 3, 4Q Bowling 3, 4. LOIS UPTON: Another Libbey graduate of high caliber. Jones Jr. IQ G.A.A. 2. MARY E. VAULX: To a college bound girl, our best of luck is wished. Sumner High 1, 2. CARL VEITH: A smile on his face, a twinkle in his eyeg we all know him when he walks by. Projection Club 1, 2, 3. GENE WAGNER: His future has success in store. Architects Club SQ Lib Staff I. MARY WALCH: Reserved in her way, Mary knows just what to say. Nat'1 Honor 3, 4Q Dean's Aide 3, 4. DON WALKER: With Donls personality and wit, at college he's sure to be a hit. Hi-Y 3, Biology Club 2, 3g Chess Club 32 U.N. Club 2, 35 Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 3j Football Mgr. 2. JIM WALTER: A quiet guy with a nice way. SHIRLEE WATTS: A friendly girl with a pleasing way. Royal Center High, 1, 25 Y-Teens 4. NANCY WEIDEMAN: Although she doesn't have much to say, Nancy's tops in everv wav. Y-Teens 4. MARY VAULX CARL VEITH GENE WAGNER MARY LOU WALCH BILL THOMPSON ROWLAND TIMBROOK JIM TUCHOLSKI LOIS KATHRYN UPTON 1952 ll Ill F . DONALD WALKER SHIRLEE WATTS JIM WALTER NANCY WEIDEMAN DONALD WENZ SHIRLEY WHITE JANET WHITEHEAD JIM WILLEY IOR ESSIE BELLE WILLIAMS RUTH WILLIAMSON EVERETT WILLIAMSON DORANANCY WILLINGHAM DONALD WENZ: With Don's willingness and skill, as a farmer he'll excel. f SHIRLEY ELAINE WHITE: Ohio University will be graced with Shirley's presence. Dramatics 45 Dean's Aide 45 Phils 3, Secy. 4g Y-Teens 2, 3, 4Q French Club 3g Jr. Classical League 1, 2, 3, 43 Classical Honor IQ G.A.A. 3Q Crystal Exchange Editor 4Q Sr. Play Com.3 Band 1. JANET YVONNE WHITEHEAD: Intelligent with poise and sophisti- cation, Janet creates quite a sensation. Nat'1 Honor 3, 43 Zets 1, 2, Cour- ier 3, V. Pres. 41 Y-Teens 1, Corr. Secy. 2, 3, 4Q Crystal Club Editor 3g Jr. and Sr. Playg Jr. and Sr. Prom Com. 41 Dean's Aide 41 Rhythm Round- up 3, 4Q Edelian Sr. Editor 4. JIM WILLEY: Whatever Jim does he'll be a hitg he's pleasant and friendly we must admit. Forum 4j Hi-Y 43 Dramatics Club 43 Projection Club 1, 23 Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 43 Sr. Play Com. ESSIE BELL WILLIAMS: The door of success will give her the key, for a doctor someday she'll be. Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Gym Office 35 G.A.A. I, 2, 3: 4- EVERETT WILLIAMSON: Endeavoring always to do best, he'll sure- ly succeed in every quest. Projection Club 3. RUTH WILLIAMSON: As a traveling saleswoman, she'll really suc- ceed. Cafeteria Club 4. DORANANCY WILLINGHAM: This lass plans to go to college to have some fun and gain some knowledge. Jones Jr. IQ U.N. Club 4. BARBARA WILSON: A typist or singer someday she'll be. PAUL WIRICK: To California I will go. GREGORY WOLF: A swell guy, a good friend, a person on whom you may depend. Football Mgr. 1, 23 Q.D.'s 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, Treas. 43 Hi-Y I, 2, 33 Jr. Play, Sr. Play3 Hockey 2, 3, 4Q Sr. Class Pres.3 Edelian Athletic Editor 4. MARY WOOLLEY: To be her friend is worth your while. Lib 1, 2, 3. BARBARA WILSON PAUL WIRICK GREGORY WOLF MARY WOOLLEY GERALDINE WRIGHT: A smile is always on her face. NANCY YATES: A cute girl who is full of fun, with a friendly word for everyone. Peries 1, 2, 3, Corr. Secy. 45 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, French Club 1, ZQ Dramatics IQ Edelian Advertising Editor 4j Jr. and Sr. Prom Com. 4. RUTH YEACK: With her charm and smile so rare, Ruth is liked every- where. Y-Teens IQ F.N.A. 3, V. Pres. 4Q Commercial Club 35 G.A.A. I. ARLENE YOSSES: Arlene is cute, Arlene is nice, Arlene is as sweet as sugar and spice. Jones jr. IQ Y-Teens 41 Commercial Club 2, 3, 4Q Main Office 1. ROBERT ZEDLITZ: Going to school just wait and see, a photographer he'll surely be. Baseball 2, 3, 4j Basketball 3, 4. JANET ZEITER: Janet is so sweet and sincere she'll gain great fame it is clear. Camden Frontier 1, 2, Home Ec. 3, Pres. 45 Band 3, 4. RICHARD ZEIGLER: With mischief glowing in his eyes, he can do whatever he tries. CONSTANCE ZELT: On the campus or in teaching, for a high goal she'll always be reaching. Jones Jr. rg Phils 2, 3, Rec. Secy. 4, Dean's Aide 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. ROBERT ZEDLITZ JANET ZEITER RICHARD ZEIGLER CONNIE ZELT GERALDINE WRIGHT NANCY YATES RUTH YEACK ARLENE YOSSES 1952 FAREWELL Today, we find ourselves blessed with a collection of treasures more priceless than material possessions could ever be. Happy hours of gay companionship, memories of unforgettable friends, all have been indeliblv carved in our hearts. As we turn our thoughts to the challenging, but all too brief years of the future, we pause a moment to marvel at the pa- tience, consideration, and wisdom our teachers, par- ents, and friends have shown us. Our sincere appre- ciation for their efforts is redoubled as we grow more mature, and realize our dreamed-of ambitions. Be- ginning the weary climb up the ladder of success, we shall find that no obstacle is too great to be overcome if met with unshakable courage and happiness. Hap- piness is the essence of success, courage, the life- blood of achievement. May all of us truly enjoy a rich and peaceful life in the future. J ON HELMS After four years of comparable security, we are taking the step that plunges us into the stream of life. Whether we sail or sink depends upon us. At Libbey we have acquired the rudimentary materials for our oars, sails, and steering wheels, for which we sincerely thank our able teachers and our friend Mr. Rusieg but it is up to each individual to build a strong craft from these foundations. Storm warnings have been posted, and the growls of thunder can be heard all over the world. This tempest threatens to capsize many ships of state. Upon our shoulders and those of the other Students who are graduating rests the responsibility for future peace. Who knows, from this Class of 1952 may come a great leader or a great scientist or a great musician. But all this lies in the vague, nebulous, mysterious future. So, farewell to the old and hail to the new! May our course be smooth and our prow pointed due west. May we al- ways have cause to say, "It's a great life. Calm or stormy, it's a great life." SHIRLEY ANNE MAULT 53 JU IOR Row 1: Paul Williams, Willey Bush, Addison Forrest, Dan Gale, Douglas Howe, Fred Pero, Paul Trevor, Earl Bilow, Donald Thompson, Larry Curtis. Row 2: John Florence, Joe Boyd, William Forney, William Anderson, George Coker, Darrell Shar- rock, Eddie Taylor, Jack Steiner, Dick Eldridge, Spencer Burgess, James Haltiman, Dan Peters. Row 3: William Navarro, Eugene Esterline, Norman Yager, john Charles, Larry Herold, jack Heath, Alonzo White, Robert Whitefield, Dick Henningsen, Rowland Thompson, Bernard Heller, Dick Szymczak. Row 1: Dick Stainbrook, Mickey Thomas, Ernie Sears, William Russell, Luther Bebley, Maurice Royce, Rocca Pizza, Clifford Bordner, Bill Rusch, Donald Osborne, Jim Fisher, Don Garner. Row 2: Dick Simmons, William jordan, Charles Brown, David Wilmarth, Dick Miley, Joe Harris, Fred Adams, Ted Bonnough, Leo Denomy, Pete Finch, jim Armbrust. Row 3: Tom Funka, Don Born, Fred Schneiter, Don Boggs, Henry Mathias, J. B. Goins, Robert Roesler, Kenny Myers, Wayne Kakela, Malcolm McPhai1, Ron Long. Row 1: Albert Kuebler, Tom Kazmierczak, Phil Hawley, Bill Feltz, Charles Cooper, Joe Brown, Harry Daunhauer, Richard Vorbau, Kenneth Steinke, Tom Dixon, Richard Woods. Row 2: John Haynes, Casper Boles, William Van Koughnet, Jim Puszczewicz, Jack Ward, Dan Ptaszynski, Bob Herwat, Jim Bowles, Robert Swartz, Jay Woodrich, Bill Magginnis. Row 3: Jerry Sommers, Frank Nowakowski, Clifford Peth, John T. Haynes, Burchard Elzy, Ron- ald Malczewski, Richard Nehring, Bill Findley, Jerry Wagner, Richard Timbers. Row 1: Lawrence Wellington, Roger Marckel, Deede Huff, Paul Leininger, James Thomas, Jim Reardon, Ronnie Walton, Gary Lather, Donald Montgomery, Bob Sly, James Loyer, Tom Mc- Cormick. , Row 2: Dale Conway, David Deal, Arthur Walker, Clifford Wellington, Richard Cunningham, Kenneth Dickey, Ralph Moore, Walt Able, Herb Harding, Ron Kutzke, Elden Eckhart. Row 3: Robert Mentzer, Ron Gibson, Dwight Dinkins, Dave Frayer, Jim Rohrbacher, Jim Jen- ' sen, Robert Hilfinger, Carl Krueger, Bob Darley, Tim Witcher, Jim Coyle. UNICR UNIOR Row 1: Charlotte Kempfer, Doris Dixon, Yvonne Hoodlet, Darleen Shepard, Phyllis Fairchild, Teresa Filipovich, Ann Kloeppel, Phyllis Foley, Shirley Smith. Row 2: Rose Mary Lazar, Sandra Wilson, Beverly Bell, Delores Roe, Janet Schultz, Beverly Johnson, Marcella Mockensturm, Shirley Loggins, Delores Wilkins. Row 3: Pat White, Ann Ingold, Shirley Swank, Beverly Crunkilton, Barbara Schoettley, Carol Raitz, Barbara Higgins, Shirley Browning, Janice Dybala, Romane Sullivan. Row 1: Eloris Webb, Mary Hawkins, Shirley Scouten, Merlie Micheal, Margaret Stewart, Ma- donna Fair, Ann McKitrick, Joanne Eubank, Joyce Jackson. Row 2: Mary Flack, Evelyn Haughton, Beulah Adams, Betty Elliot, Norma Ledyard, Rosemary Golembiewski, Lucille Swartz, Rose Marie Solarek, Ozzie Wormely. Row 3: Verneda Richardson, Edythe Davis, Darlene Woodcock, Nelda Orange, Nancy Fisher, Alice Cole, Betty Sekulski, Alice Hill, Joanne Osthimer, Beverly Owens. U Row 1: Janet DeMars, Miriam Mix, Barbara Walker, jackie Noss, Ruth Bender, LuAnn Moyer, Mildred Waite, Bernice Russell, Ethel Cosper. Row 2: Joey Greenwade, Elena Goodwin, Louise Thomas, Flora Bell Hague, Barbara Marshall, Pat Mallory, Ruth Benson, June Shepler, Flora Bell Wiggins. Row 3: Bessie Jean Wormely, Ruby Horton, June Falkenberg, Doris Batch, Bonnie Terrell, Johnnie McClaren, Sharon Fauble, Sharon O'Donnell, Ann Redfern, Leothe Stockard. Row Ii Joe Harrison, Henry Macklin, Johnie Finney, Don Hales, Bill Rosselit, Pat Lockett, Jack Macklenar, Dick Schnapp, Ralph Kohring, Paul Wineke, Len Rusch. Row 2: Richard Recht, Robert Rose, Elmer Brown, Larry Georgia, Frank Yager, Irving Stone, Michel Arner, Dick Kutz, Bernie Wineland, James Wassmund, George Streepey. Row 3: Merle Dixon, Donald Anderson, Ned Warren, Kenneth Marney, Richard Slicker, Law- rence Reeves, Bill Swanson, Dale Spratt, Jerry Hill, Tom Graf, Ervin Stone. JU IDR Row 1: Sarah Lawrence, Margaret O'Connel1, Nancy Martin, Carol Speelman, Shirley Chamber- lain, Barbara Hayton, Shirley Standish, Pat Bayles, Gerrie Weideman. Row 2: Jann Cole, Nancy Hurd, Barbara Woodbury, Joann Shafer, Jackie Dusseau, Nancy Thomas, Bernice Lamarr, Sylvia Campbell, Shirley Burkhart, Muriel Paeplow. Row 3: Barbara Broedow, Mary Rier, Betty Sharp, Katherine Ebright, Katherine Casburne, Ro- berta Jefferds, Beverly Eden, Donna McCormick, Becky Hunt, Sue Kabel. Row 1: Mary Baldwin, Gladys Jeakle, Pat Thornton, Arlene Lugabihl, Carole Falk, Shirley Keis- er, Janet Raitz, Carole Morgan, Beverly Heising. Row 2: Jae Ann Newton, Shirley Mallory, Donna Baumgartner, Shirley Ann Koebrich, Barbara Wendt, Jean Willey, Emma Jane Fox, Margie Rossbach, Marlene Mickens, Bonnie Sutton. Row 3: Jackie Wolever, Beverly Schnabel, Marian Hussey, Mitzi Kohring, Jeanne Pommeranz, Lyllus Busick, Joyce Critzer, Faye Schiller, Gerrie Deal, Jean Straw. Row 1: Mary Hazelbaker, Evelyn Boydin, Phyllis Jean Bradford, Diana Mosley, Juanita Minor, Rosemary McE1ya, Marcia Bruggeman, Donna Logan, Sue McLaughlin, Row 2: Joette Clark, Susan Double, Vicky Bowes, Phyllis Settles, Carol Hischka, Clarine Van Dame, Nancy Pasche, Carole Falk, Shirley Keiser, Susie Miller. Row 3: Jae Ann Newton, Marian Hussey, Kaye Bache, Nola Vanyo, Bobbie Simons, Sue Jordan, Carolyn McClure, Barbara Mclntire, Sandra Brown, Phyl Joan Orbesen. Row 1: Joan Lukert, Roberta Simon, Mary Gwen Reed, Carol Cordner, Pat Beck, Barbara Rosz- kowski, Betty Rybka, Marcella Smigielski, Marolyn Collins. Row 2: Shirley Ann Paluch, Margie Gable, Juanita Schroeder, Kaye Bache, Sandra Fich,. Marie Swiatek, Josephine Morowski, Gloria Maciejewska, Gloria DeCesare. Row 3: LaDonna Taylor, Shirley Thomas, Imogene Lane, Frances Palmer, Zora Green, Cleo Sperber, Jane Hintz, Dorothy Teal, Erlene Roberts. JU ICR V l UPHO CRES Row 1: Ned Neal, Karl Fink, Dick Howland, Jim Leonard, Herbert Mackin, Chester Williams, Bob Johnson, Wheeler Smith. Row 2: Darryl Hawn, Daniel Kiefer, Wallace Thomas, Delbert Moman, Jerry Campbell, Bob Young, Bill Fiander, Ernie Neitzke. W- ' L Row 3: Russell Carmony, Larry Johnson, Brian Nyquist, Dick Billian, Jon Haverman, Jim Thomp- son, Bill Huepenbecker, Gordon Felgner, George Turner. Row 1: Howard Stewart, David Taraschke, Iohnie McClellan, Ron Elliot, Ronnie Thomas, Kent Graves, Bill Winter, Leroy Dantzler, Bob Baccus. Row 2i Charles Walters, Paul Anderson, Bill Schroeder, Norman Eck, Robert Scheffert, Dan Lowry, jack Linville, Leonard Fikes, Samuel Lyons. Row 3: James Wahl, Jim Smith, Clifton Browning, Robert Hasking, Henry Beryl, Allison San- ders, Larry Weaver, Robert Mcllvain, Don Liebherr. OPHCMCRE Row 1: Dale Schweinhagen, Garry Knopf, Terry Day, Ed. Langendorfer, Richard Perry, Richard Bailey, Richard Seitz, Phillip Miller, Edward Elwing. Row 2: Eugene Slack, Don Lukert, Donald King, Philip Fisher, Eddie Byrne, Jerry Craig, Don Vernon, Kenny Gallock, Fred Robinson. Row 3: James Sheehan, Jim Wenclawski, Robert Charles, Dick Stader, Norman Brown, Evan Rice, Dale Errington, Ted Wahlgren, Douglas Meek. Row 1: George Zervas, Karl Fink, Jack Arias, George Muraski, Jerry Hassen, James Mugler, Pete Stroup. Row 2: Gary Liebnau, Eddie Isaacson, Richard Camp, Dick Fritts, Bob Weick, Ed. Petrie, Ken- neth Moore, Art Just, Durwood Smart. Row 3: Ray Hubert, Robert Burkard, Frank Pauly, Ed. Mauntler, Dick Gardner, Jim Thompson, Jon Haverman, Bill Huepenbecker, Richard Schaub. OPHGMGRE Row Ii Teddy Overy, Don Donahue, Donald Nagucki, Maynard Babcock, Jim Branch, Phillip Pearson, Dave Ball, Don Turner, Robert Sorgenfrei. Row 2: James Valentine, Irving Meyers, Tom Donahue, Don Johns, Tom Coleman, Ed Searcy, Herman Reed, Paul Clapp, Richard Balk. Row 3: Victor Young, David Summers, Paul Teopas, Duard Farquhar, Steve Rodriquez, Don Bol- lenbacher, Dale Davenport, Dick Atkinson, Clifford Warren. Row Ii Willie Boyd, John Stockard, Arnold Horn, Roy Kelly, Bernard Daley, Samuel Finch, Paul Yoh, Bill Cross. Row 2: Frank Schramak, Ronald Miller, Dann Nelson, James Russell, Melvin Williams, James Leary, George Norwood, Delbert Duckins, Jerry Harley. Row 3: Dick Watts, Franklin Jackson, Robert Willey, Dick Beach, Kenneth Battig, Don Heinz, Bob Rummell, Ronald Kross, Jim Kistner. l 1 SUPHOMGRE Row 1: Bob Henricks, Bill Penn, Dennis Mahoney, Bill Keim, Edwin Sommers, Jim Eaton, Ernie Lange, Ray Kramp. Row 2: David Waterfield, Jim Murray, Richard Sandys, Bob Hulse, Kenneth Below, Kenneth Samson, Harold Putman, Richard Camp. Row 3: Dave Wyland, Bob Marohn, Frank Pauly, Frank Reece, Ed. Mauntler, Dick Gardner, John Nofziger, Dick Hartsfeld, Donald McLean. Row 1: Peggy Marks, Donna Swartz, Pat Moore, Jean Miller, Janet Cumming, Ethel Mason, Janice Bilow, Shirley Chalet, Patty Frybarger, june Babcock. Row 2: Sallie Dicken, Shirley Robbing, Joanne Wilson, Arley McFadden, Donna Rhodes, Mar- garet Powell, Nancy Rubadeux, JoAnn Kennedy, Virginia Wodtke, Annie Carpenter. Row 3: Joyce Snyder, Marilyn Cooper, Sandra Sanderson, Judy Oakes, Donna Coleman, Peggy Stewart, Annie Harris, Pat Burkhart, Virginia Potter, Anita White. UPHQMGRE Row 1: Marilyn Sanzenbacher, Catherine Hernandez, Virginia Sierra, Mary Morgan, Nancy Lee, Shirley Tressler, Pat Romp, Sharon Cupp, Theresa Szymanowska. Row 2: Susan Key, Carole Hamilton, Norine Latta, Janice Gibson, Sherri LeGron, Sally Kirschner, Josephine Korczynski, Patricia Sobczak, Sally Shepherd, Peggy Brown. Row 3: Helen Case, Berna Rae Leaf, Josephine Krueger, Judy Denzig, Carolyn Wendel, Janet Becker, Janie Fenner, Anita Thompson, Christine Koralewski, Sydneyetta Craig. Row 1: Evelyn Rossbach, Delores Becker, Barbara Battig, Shirley Gerschultz, Mary Louise Asel- tyne, Norma Jean Duffeck, Carol Peters, Bonnie White, Yvonne Griffith. Row 2: Donna Fifer, Nancy Moreland, Barbara McNam.ee, Anne Fanaff, Carolyn Gorden, Joyce Frank, Susan Schnell, Mary Hoover, Rita Richardson, Barbara Palma. Row 3: Darla Kreps, Joanne Hiatt, Carole Coulson, Betty Schultz, Sheila Baublitz, June Blatt- ner, Beverly Buckingham, Eleanor Ferguson, Carolyn Collins, Drusilla Emch. GPHGMGRES Row 1: Marge Featheringill, Carol McConaughey, Geneva Norwood, Martha McNeal, Josephine Estridge, Marcia Garner, Betty Hoag, Marilyn Hartzell, Carol Damschroder. Row 2: Beverly Lalonde, Margaret Eppard, Marilyn Dodge, Virginia Ladd, Joyce Nieft, Dawn Duffey, Beverly Ramsey, Norma Archer, Barbara Miles, Verdell Lindsey. Row 3: Joan Block, Marilyn Holtfreter, Delores Garner, Nell Heard, Merlinda Lucas, Clara Bush, Pat Fearnside, Shirley Eisenmann, Joan Layne. 3 v ,w""'W-. Saw: ,x Row 1: Carol Kahn, Connie White, Barbara Buchana ri-1 aiggaret Bester, Marian Reid, Marion Redfern, Carole Kordell, Jean Dresch, Carolyn Igne i- ' wr' v lprifif Row 2: Pat Koepke, Barbara Jackson, Ruth Bey, Leat' i 5i'7""Legree,' Anna Craig, Pearl Johnson, Roberta Boyd, Suzanne Reetz, joan Heiden, Marilyn Emch. Row 3: Kathy McCarthy, Pat Lauer, Elizabeth Clifton, Mary Ann Hill, Mary Jane McGraw, Ja- net Kayser, Geraldine Hyttenhove, Colleen Barry, Marilyn Rosa, Carolyn King. SOPHGMURES Row 1: Jeanne Ricker, Mona Mantz, Ruby Browning, Connie Shaw, Carole Ruckman, Helen Miller Janet Noss, Jackie Shepler, Rosemarie Hohenstein. Row 2: Margherita Saccucci, Rhea Altenbaugh, Galvena Webster, Sharon Goeckerman, Sue Schlag- heck, Nancy Clark, Dolores Martin, Renee Strobel, Barbara Keller, Joyce Maness. Row 3: Anne Schlicher, Nancy Reuter, Susan Coulter, Barbara Pelton, Debbie Hill, Diana Senff Carolyn Tarsek, Mary Peters, Wendy Kuebler, Nancy Van Tassel. Row 1: Beverly Davo, Mitzi Lo Turco, Mary Akins, Norma Toney, Janie Scott, Marlene Mason Marlene Menendez, Sharon Meier, Clara Belle Beauch. Row 2: Rose Marie Martin, Carma May, Sally Schoolenberg, Darlin Minich, Nancy Fritch, Hes- ter Goodloe, Ynestria Emery, Shirley Emery, jewel Armour, Barbara Whitmer. Row 3: Arlene Baird, Nancy Hagedon, Louise Speegle, Joyce Coger, Gloria Bosewell, Susie Coop- er, Nancy Harley, Laverne Jones, Virginia Henry. The ambitious stage crew Working on the scenery May I have this dance please? for the Junior play. Have a Coke? Another murder at Hangman's Noose! . O f th s o le is vicious murderer. Zet Dance Comm1ttee at Work. ne O e e pe P 1 A I FRE HME Row 1: David Zoll, Richard Damschroeder, Richard Falkenberg, Arthur Funka, Bookert McQueen, Richard Didion, Willie Respress, Brent Lewis, Ronald Hartenfeld, Gerald Olszewski, Row 2: Kenneth Eaton, Dick Eubank, joseph Cousino, Jesse Cervantez, Gerald Jones, Larry Haase, Richard jackson, Paul Mercurio, Norm Sutton, Ralph Yelesias. Row 3: Joe Turenbaugh, Bill Walters, Wayne Oestreich, Joe Miller, Alan Keller, Al Jamison, Pat La Clair, jim Tucker, Fred Starner, jerry Davis. Row 1: Ralph Beilharz, Tom Rollins, John Wommer, Wayne Smith, Alfred Sanders, Edward Cole- man, Wilbur Bening, David Deppen, Howard Mallory, Gerald Gillespie, James Craig. Row 2: John Treuschel, Tom Pitchford, Ronald Hadley, Richard Szymanski, George Halliday, Dave Gillmore, Tom Culver, Wayne Meadows, Billie Nutt, Leslie Case, Ted Koupal. Row 3: Elsworth Bigsby, Ronald Dunson, Frank Miles, james Wheatly, Ronald Tesch, Bruce Mallory, Charles Prestin, jim Marsh, Artie Mitchell, Ron Onnenga, Randolph Kapela. Row 1: Jim Zielinski, Earl Blake, Bob Price, Larry McCormack, Walter Brown, Charles Cald- well, Jimmy Nutter, James Reichler, Ray Harper, john Vorbau. Row 2: Don Crosby, Terry Mallett, John Mysko, Dave Gable, Jack Wahl, Donald Deakin, Lloyd Cupp, Glenn Curtis, Gerald Domshot, Gerald Budy. Row 3: Tom Leppert, Thomas Szymanski, Lyn Oberdier, Donald Ireland, Wilbert Taraschke, Donald Ward, Mark Simmons, Bob Wynn, James Shannie, George Rodriquez, David Broni- kowski. Row 1: George Nickey, Bob Meiring, David Wetcher, Edward Moore, Paul Armstrong, Leonard Graham, Estil Hurst, Bill Harler, Bob Leonhardt, Roger Kronmann, Frank Martinez. Row 2: Sammy Hall, Clyde Englehardt, Henry Goodwin, James Mosley, Orval Cumming, Ronald Carnes, Jim Morris, Melvin Reid, Charles Lucas, Marion Cunningham, Fred Rickes, Jim Clark. Row 3: Jan Haas, Mike Morse, Albert Stanton, Ronald Ward, Newell Jones, Doug Campbell, Ru- ben Bumpus, Don Fogelsanger, Jim Featzko, Norman Forbush, Arthur Weilich, Daniel New- bury. FRE HMB FRE 'HME Row 1: Beverly Work, Shelly Putman, Geraldine Zielinski, Frances Mucci, Carol Pegish, Barbara Hojnacki, Jimmie Dixon, Demetra Sheffield, Roberta Williams. Row 2: Carolyn Hoerig, Katherine Schafer, Mary Osborn, Robertine Bolander, Erma Brown, Norma Burkhart, Barb Parker, Ruby jackson, Bernadine Hunt, Loretta Lewis. Row 3: Grace Borton, La Donna Shanteau, Janet Field, Carol Tomaszewski, Doris Vogelbacher, Rita Thompson, Rosetta Byrd, Ioan Field, Ann Ramseur, Lucille Wilson. Row 1: Barbara Kubiak, Susie Coy, Roberta Button, Donna Cousino, Naomi Stone, Mary Mierz- wiak, Virginia Stolarski, Melva Bening, Sandra Stemmermann. Row 2: Dena Lasko, Sharon Franklin, Helen Janowiecki, Janet Fifer, Shirley Konopinska, Ann Bialorucka, Margaret Roginski, Pat Janiszewski, Bennie jackson, Carol Marlowe. Row 3: Norma Dopfer, Sue Baertschi, Patricia Hebel, Beatrice Maples, Joyce Potter, Barbara Kakela, janet Ritzenthaler, Barbara Miller, Barbara Bodi, Virginia Althoff. Row 1: Janet Esterline, Lila Sookey, Janice Odom, Janet Shepler, Erma Allison, Nancy Foster, Annie Hartfield, Pauline Garcia, Shirley Rose., 1 ' ' Row 2: Ina Johnson, Lucille Adams, Nina Johnson, Janice Bowman, Carole Martz, Eloise Wash- burn, Delores Huckley, Etta Harris, Bonnie Rochte, Norma Tucker. Row 3: Betty Flowers, Catherine Williams, Madelyn jarsek, Glenela Oatman, Beverly Segan, Marcia Walter, Sandy Johnson, Sandra Davenport, Donna Deakin, Marva Smith, Nancy Pro- basco. Row 1: Joyce Anderson, Margaret Garland, Lucille Harris, Jo Berndt, Barbara Bogle, Mary Estes, Bobbie Ackley, Patricia Gibson, Dixie Kelly, Laura Vallade. Row 2: Marilee Able, Suzanne Wall, Helen Tucker, Barbara Carter, Ernestine Braswell, Joan Gwozdz, Eleanor Bade, Sandra Keller, Marguerite Hueston, Annie Robinson. Row 3: Lorene Lincoln, Mary Aufderheide, Leah Walker, Karen Brown, Carol Born, Mildred Thorton, Nancy Walker, jacquelyn Koepfler, Ann Cameron, Esther Fleming. FRE v W FRE HME Row 1: Joan Eldridge, Carol Vanderluit, Laverne Sutton, Constance Chambers, Betty Huntley, Veatrice Cooper, Margaret Webb, Joan Pulaski, Carol Cumming. Row 2: Myrtle Lane, Clara Bowes, Nancy Palmer, Betty Johnson, Mary Patricia, Cecille Eckel, Jean Heiden, Sharon Evearitt, Carol Szczepankiewicz, Mary Jackson, Shirley Carter. Row 3: Grace Jenkins, Kathleen Maciejewski, Mary Kalucki, Loraine Grandpair, Mary Kesling, Janice Cully, Laura McDougel, Willa Young, Jackie Watson, Joyce Heiden. Row 1: Charlene Eaton, June Simmons, Joyce Panchot, Eleanor Claussen, Barbara Wilen, Neva Noftz, Flo Czerniak, Margaret Halliday, Annette Sleighton, Dorothy Stivers. Row 2: Edna Snyder, Stella Duenas, Martha Floering, Imeeda Kaczmarek, Carolyn Mohler, Sally Bartels, Arlene Pacholski, Barbara Jeakle, Darla Frye, Pat Mooneyham, Jean Randall. Row 3: Carol Tucholski, LaVerne Swihart, Helen Culliver, Ruth Dinkins, Jean Kerns, Nancy Rich- ardson, Elaine Freitag, Judy Yeack, Janet Ickes, Jean Soules. Row 1: Gail Hart, Barbara Sprunk, Justine Hirauye, Alice Hiatt, Carol May Kline, Betty Shepler, Jackie Ogden, Janice Miller, Marjorie Rodemich, Neva Clark. Row 2: Joyce Daniels, Romona Nind, Norma Rehm, Judy Hawley, Dianne Overhulse, Blanche Schroeder, Weulthe Rateiff, Sue Gordon, Jane Fisher, Shelley Walker, Nancy Everhart. Row 3: Violet Relyea, Barbara Howland, Claudette Bechtel, Virginia Meinardi, Arlene William- son, Carolyn Christen, Shirley Kelly, Shirley Cross, Jeanne Hards, Sherlene Moore, Joanne Brown. Row 1. Karleyne Schroeder, Dolores Tressler, Carol Blockowski, Leona Horen, Lois Burkett, Leti- tla Nowakowski, Patricia Lukasik, Joan Wirick, Darlene Davidter, JoAnne Loyer. Row 2: Deanne Jennings, Joyce Birr, Marjorie Mehlman, Linda Von Klinger, Nancy Gibson, Marilyn Willhardt, Jayne Sanzenbacher, Mary Long, Ann Denny, Charlotte Brazier. Row 3: Betty Enright, Joanne Sieja, Mary Bowling, Nancy Miller, Betty Edwards, Jacqueline Guhl, Barbara McCall, Janet Kollmeier, Thelma Allison, Rosie Biddle. FRE HME 1 l -and FRESHME Row 1: Juanita Bell, Barbara Jaskowiak, Betty Hurst, Carolyn Chrisman, Betty Moritz, Jaclyn Rippinger, Arleen Carson, Mary Counts, Gail Poganitsch, Linda Salzewedel. Row 2: Mary Gomez, Elizabeth Robinson, Dorothy Fletcher, Judy Porter, Geraldine Badenhop, Jeriann Armbrust, Nancy Surtman, Letitia Gozdowski, Patti Brewer, Nancy Chamberlain, Aleta Bugg. Row 3: Kathleen Perry, Sarah Thomas, Judith Utz, Margaret Kravetsky, Irene Fink, Judy Sum- mers, Mary Samsey, Lois Kerschbaum, Ann Heslet, Donna Glenn. ' Row 1: Lucille Easterly, Veoria Johnson, Lysbet Hoffman, Carol Nickelson, Joan Rogers, Nan- cy Ohlers, Ann Pasche, Norma Sherman, Jacqueline Dorr, Patsy Kutz. Row 2: Jerreve Kujda, Tam Townsend, Ann Taylor, Ruth Gavins, Jessie Hawkins, Shirley Duck- ins, Shirley Krueger, Virginia Nowak, Nancy Hunt, Janet Kopfman. Row 3: Gail Ellsworth, Carol Martin, Mary Bussdieker, Mary Kramer, Barbara Vogelpohl, Linda Crowl, Helen Hopkins, Jean Kisseberth, Delores Johnson, Harlene Hampton. Row 1: Tony Bachman, Eddie Klingelsmith, Fred Flack, Tony Arias, Lieutenant Walker, Richard Fink, Richard Zollars, Martin Fisher, Larry Osburn, James Smith, Bob Recht, Warren Huff. Row 2: Kenneth Norwood, Fred King, Jerry Nadolny, Ray Robaszkiewicz, Clyde Johnson, Bob Corey, Chuck Fish, Lyle Swihart, Jimmy Wilhelm, Lawrence Richardson, james Jones, Lionel Hueston. Row 3: Neail Goodloe, Wiley Lambert, Donald Boxely, John Bacon, Donald Hamilton, Allen' Williams, Joseph Grier, David Hershey, Gerald Huston, John Zimmerman, Leon Witty, Freddie McQueen. Row 1: Charles Gibson, Alan Draheim, Gordon Birkenkamp, John Bilius, Walter Zeck, Gene Lu- cas, Gene Craig, Robert Moody, Duane Fray, Clyde Tressler, Duane Emahiser. Row 2: Richard Baker, Fred Griffins, Don Quisenberry, Gerald Zawodny, Gary Davis, Charles Phil- lips, Jerome King, Bill Robarge, George Becker, Tom Stevenson, Arnold Coates. Row 3: Ronald Teach, George Galloway, Walter Brown, Benjamin Halley, jack Burch, James Keenan, Jack Frayer, James Christ, Jack Fulton, Alex Damalas. FRE HME .-1, - Row 1: Marilyn Hartzell, Nancy Clark, Dolores Martin, Mr. Martin, Kay Hoffman, Ruby Browning, Suzanne Smi- lax, Johnnie Lewis, Joanne Collins. Row 2: Joanne Eyman, Nancy Yates, Mary Ann Conold, Janet Whitehead, Mr. Rusie, Miss Dusha, Beverly Rickard, Marianne Jeakle, Sue Stoldt. Row 3: Mary Delaplane, Sandra Lewis, Gre- gory Wolf, Dick Hull, Karl Kazmaier, jack Meinert, Dick Camp, Derith Bunge, Marcia Beier. EDELIAN The Senior Banquet! Edelian Day! The happy culmination of the year for seniors and underclassmen alike! And how the Edelian Staff have Worked to accomplish all of this. From the flashing of snaps last fall to the final approval of the last bit of printer's proof, everyone has been busy to produce what this staff believes is one of the finest of all yearbooks. Counseling, directing, and planning with the editors was Miss Ruth Dusha, who with Mr. Charles Martin, as business director, and Principal Loy W. Rusie, as adviser extraordinary, directed the Edelian activities. The Co-Editors for the year were Jo- anne Collins and Sue Stoldt. The faculty editors were Nancy Clark and Joanne Eymang the senior edi- tors included Mary Delaplane, Kay Hoffman, MarciaBeier, and Janet Whitehead. Classes and snapshots were cared for by Karl Kazmaier and Marianne Jaeckleg athletics, by Gregory Wolf and Dick Hull, and clubs by Mary Ann Conold and Jack Meinert. The advertising business and layouts in the editorial de- partment were handled by Derith Bunge, Molly Boyer, and Nancy Yates. In the business department were Sandra Lewis as advertising manager, Johnnie Lewis, and Beverly Rickard as co-circulation man- agers. Row 1: Mary Hazelbaker, Pat Featheringill, Susan Double, June Shepler, Kaye Bache, Mitzi Kohring, Sally Peters, Mona De Courtad, Susan Miller. Row 2: Nola Vanyo, Jo Ann McKinney, Jon Helms, Don Rettig, Miss Gerdes, Ron Hilfinger, Lamar Sawyer, Shirley White, Migs Endsley. CRYSTAL The "Crystal" staff has outdone itself again this year in gathering school news, editing it, and distribut- ing our high-ranking school paper. The enjoyment that the school derives from the paper makes the staff worthy of praise and exclamations for each monthly issue. Co-editors-in-chief, Mona Courtad and Lamar Sawyer, under the advisership of Miss Gerdes, have produced many fine articles of a wide variation. Much credit also goes to associate editor, Jon Helmsg news editor, Joanne McKinneyg feature editor, Suzie Miller, sports editor, Ronny Hilfingerg typing editor, Sally Peters, club editor, Meredith Good, exchange editor, Shirley Whiteg and advertising edi- tors, Frieda Collins and Don Rettig. Row 1: Miss Gilbert, Marian Mix, Charlotte Kempfer, Pat Featheringill, Delores Howe, Donna Fikes, Joan Thom- as, Mary Hamilton, Eleanor Wilkens, Kay Hoffman, Evelyn Awe, Jackie Noss, Mr. Rusie. Row 2: Pete Finch, Janet Whitehead, Carol Jacobs, Joyce Entenmann, Mary Delaplane, Barbara Kowalski, Mary June Shoemaker, Migs Endsley, Derith Bunge, Marcia Beier, Esther Prueter, Ernie Sears. Row 3: James Speegle, Bill Findley, Barton Bay, Frank Covey, Bill Thompson, Jim Gluntz, Jon Helms, John Bogle, Verne Eden, Robert Mentzer, Paul Leininger. SOPHOMORE HONOR STUDENTS Right to Left: Brian Nyquist, Dick Gardner, Bill Huepenbecker, Paul Teopas, Dick Atkinson, Duard Farquhar, Dar- ryl Hawn, Eddie Byrne, Josephine Krueger, Joyce Frank, Pat Fearnside, Arley McFadden, Bill Winters, James Wahl, Bob Mcllvain, Anita Thompson, Judy Denzig, Carole Coulson, Wendy Kuebler, Virginia Potter, Anne Schlicher. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The citadel, which every freshman who is an earnest and ambitious student endeavors to reach, is mem- bership in the National Honor Society. The chances against him are high, but the harder the fight, the greater the rewards. The requisites for membership in this club are scholarship, leadership, character, and service. To be eligible one must stand in the upper third of the Senior class or the top five percent of the Junior class. To belong to the National Honor Society is a decided asset in later life. Membership in this society permits you to wear a mark of distinction, a pin on which is engraved a keystone and torch, the symbols of the society. The keystone represents the base of all education, and the torch is an incentive to society members to light the way for others. 5 i... Row I: Shirley Burkhart, Mary Walch, Jane Hintz, Joanne Collins, Carol Hepner, Marjorie Pizza, Mona De Cour- tad, Darlene Gibson, Nancy Jo Brown, Suzanne Smilax, Peggy Broadway, Marcia Bruggeman, Helen Pilcher. Row 2: John Harding, Larry Harold, James Reardon, Jack Meinert, Lamar Sawyer, Jo Ann McKinney, Hedy Leu, Kath- ryn Simons, Barbara Mclntire, Kaye Bache, Nancy Bartz. Row 3: Russell Phiels, Gerald Hawley, James Schnabel, Donald Rettig, Al Bersticker, Jim Wassmund, Jim McCarty, Tom Smith, Ron Hilfinger. FRESHMAN HONOR STUDENTS Right to Left: Barbara Kakela, Carol Born, Esther Fleming, Carole Marlowe, Beverly Work, Virginia Stolar- ski, Mary Jo Aufderheide, Jean Soules, Dave Gillmore, Marilee Abel, Linda Von Klinger, Ruth Gavins, Jacquie Guhl, Ann Ramsuer, Carolyn Hoering, Ruth Dinkins, Suzanne Wall, Parmula Weidman Cnot in illustrationj. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Organization of the school's Christmas decorations was carried out very efficiently by the socie- ty, with the eighth grade visitation day fulfilling their obligation to Libbeyis future students. Along with these duties the club held a quiz show, "It's News to Me," in the auditorium in which the faculty and the students participated. This year's officers of the society--Lamar Sawyer, president, Joanne McKinney, vice-president, Hedy Lew, secretary, and Jack Meinert, treasurer--were ably guided by Miss Gilbert. l Row 1: Donna Callaghan, Mary Sue Long, Mary Gwen Reed, Margie Rossbach, Barbara Bodi, Nancy Rubadeux, Nancy Ohler, Marcia Bruggeman. Row 2: Ieriann Armbrust, Kaye Bache, Roberta Jefferds, Miss Dusha, Sue Jor- dan, Sharon O'Donnell, Mary Flack, Dolores Martin. Row 3: Marcia Beier, Rae Myers, Nancy Yates, Judy Denzig, Jean Kerns, Johnnie McClaran, Jean Tapley, Nancy Harley. Row 1: Susan Miller, Shirley Keiser, Marlene Mickens, Lu Anne Moyer, Ruth Bender, Marylin Rosa, Barbara Miller, Jeanne Ricker. Row 2: Phyl Joan Orbeson, Marion Hussey, Esther Fleming, Cleo Sperber, Miss Dusha, Janie Fenner, Mary Reir, Sandra Brown. Row 3: Donna Baumgartner, Anne Schlicher, Susie Cooper, Mary june Shoemaker, Derith Bunge, Mary Ann Conold, Joanne Eyman, Bonnie Sutton. PERICLEAN LITERARY SOCIETY A busy year for the Peries was started by the mass-meeting for the DeVilbiss Thanksgiving game. The theme of the peppy affair was a circus. Again the traditional horseshoe of flowers was presented to the team. The chairman of the mass meeting was Nancy Yates. Next on the list of activities for the year was the annual "Bake Salev at the Franklin Ice Cream store, which was capably arranged by jo- anne Eyman. The most important event of the yearwas the "Holiday Hop," held at Heatherdowns Coun- try Club on February 22 under the direction of Mary Shoemaker. The new members for the year enter- tained the other members by a play at one of the meetings, directed by Marcia Bruggeman. Events of the Spring were the Initiation Tea honoring the new members, the Mother-Daughter Tea, a roast, and a farewell banquet. Besides social activities, the Peries maintained a literary program, the subject of which was "The Story of Ohio." Each class conducted a meeting and the one that had the best program was later en- tertained by the others, the seniors and Miss Dusha judging the contest. "Nul1i Secundus", meaning "second to none," was kept in mind with the immensely helpful assistance of the Pericleans, adviser, Miss Ruth Anne Dusha, and the cabinet: Marcia Beier, presidentg Mary Shoemaker, vice-presidentg Mary Ann Conold, treasurerg Molly Boyer, recording secretaryg Nancy Yates, corresponding secretaryg and Rae Myers, chaplain. I Row 1: Peggy Broadway, Janet Noss, Helen Miller, Susie Reetz, Anita White, Clare Bowes, Carolyn Schenk, Nan- cy Clark. Row 2: Evelyn Awe, Carole Falk, Mary Hamilton, Miss Kirk, Wendy Kuebler, Carol Hischka, Sue Double, Jeanine Bluhm. Row 35 Shirley White, Bobbie Simons, Barbara Pelton, Diana Senff, Debbie Hill, Jackie Guhl, Sue Kabel, Carolyn Cooper. Row 1: Sue Smilax, Barbara Walker, Kay Hoffman, Vicky Bowes, Betsy Hoffman, Johnnie Lewis, Joanne Loyer. Row 2: Phyllis Settles, Virginia Potter, Kathy McCarthy, Miss Kirk, Joan Thomas, Barbara Howland, Marilee Abel, Rhea Altenbaugh. Row 3: Nancy Pache, Migs Endsley, Mitzi Kohring, Beverly Buckingham, Ruth Benson, June Falkenberg, Mary Jo Aufderheide, Nancy Walker. PHILALETHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY Striving in every way to live up to their purpose: to promote high standards of scholarship, leadership, literary interest, fellowship, consideration of others, reliability, co-operation and school spirit, the Phils and their very capable adviser, Miss Kirk, began another successful year. The Waite mass meeting with its theme of a bargain sale, planned by Kay Hoffman and Mary Hamilton, drove our team to a smashing victory. Evelyn Awe took charge of selling pencils with the season's football schedule print- ed on them. The Phils sponsored the "St, Nick's Strut" in the Woman's Building to the music of Jack Runyan. Migs Endsley and her committee deserved lots of credit for its success. The club sent a Christmas Basket to a needy family with the help of the chairman, Carolyn Schenk. In honor of their mothers and their teachers, the Phils presented their annual tea in April with Barbara Walker as chair- man. The senior Phils received their gifts at this time. A dance was held after a basketball game in January with Mitzi Kohring as chairman. A banquet in May at the Hillcrest saw the formal initiation of new members and the installation of new officers. Mitzi Kohring and Bobbie Simons served as co- chairmen. Under the direction of the officers - president, Peggy Broadway, vice-president, Migs Endsley, treasurer, Sue Smilaxg recording secretary, Connie Zeltg corresponding secretary, Shirley White, chap- lain, Kay Hoffman, sergeant-at-arms, Mary Hamilton, senior censor, Nancy Clark, and Junior censor, Carol Hischka-the Phil family closed the year. Row 1: Helen Pilcher, Jackie Noss, Joanne Collins, Eleanor Wilkins, Shirley Mault, Carol Hepner, Nancy Jo Brown, Barbara Altenbaugh, Pat Featheringill, Charlotte Kempfer. Row 2: Jeanine Hale, Muriel Paeplow, Hedy Leu, Sharon Fauble, Miss DeLisle, Miss Eberth, Beverly Eden, Pat Mallory, Evelyn Houghton, Sally Peters. Row 3: Mona De Courtad, Janet Whitehead, Doris Batch, Marjorie Pizza, Nola Vanyo, Barbara Kowalski, Mary Alyce Delaplane, Jo Ann McKinney, Joyce Entenmann, Shirley Osburn, Julia Leu. Row 1: Marv Hazelbaker, Pat Moore, Beverly Work, Tam Townsend, Margie Saccucci, La Donna Shanteau, Carole Marlowe, Jackie Shepler, Marilyn Collins, Marge Featheringill. Row 2: Ann Taylor, Nancy Bartz, Nancy Hunt, Becky Hunt, Mrs. Dzialok, Margie Jonas, Nancy Reuter, June Shepler, Shirley Burkhart, Margaret Eppard. Row 3: Carolyn Collins, Carole Coulson, Nancy Fisher, Janet Becker, Josephine Krueger, Mary Peters, Pat Fearnside, Nancy Gibson, Shirley Eisenmann, Ann Ramseur. ZETALETHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY Another school year has made the Zets proud indeed of their achievements. Again they were of great service to the senior class, when they assumed the responsibility of ordering and distributing the name cards used in the senior announcements. One and all enjoyed the social events of the year. A gay St. Patrick's Day theme was carried out in the annual dance, the "Shi1lelagh Shag," which was held at the Woman's Building, March 15. A dance was also held after a basketball game on January 18. A tea hon- oring the mothers and teachers was given in the Libbey Library on the afternoon of May 7. As the last social event of the year, the banquet was held at the Woman's Building, May 17. Memories of the past year were recalled. The programs at the meetings based upon the subject, "Personality Quotientsf' not only promoted the literary interests of the girls, but helped to teach good fellowship and consideration of others as well as the value of co-operation. The counsel of Miss Delisle, Miss Eberth, and Mrs. Dzialok, was appreciated as they guided the following officers: Mona De Courtad, presidentg Janet Whitehead, vice-presidentg Barbara Kowalski, corresponding secretaryg Jo Ann McKinney, recording secretaryg Mary Delaplane, treasurerg Margie Pizza, sergeant-at-armsg Carol Hepner, chaplaing and Shirley Mault, courier. The junior officers were Mary Hazelbaker, historian, and June Shepler, censor. Row 1: Clifton Browning, Tom Funka, Gregory Wolf, Paul Leininger, Pete Finch, Bill Rosselit, Jim Armbrust, Earl Mcllvain, Paul Wineke, Jack Sharp, Jim Ritzenthaler, Dick Simmons. Row 2: Harold Shunck, Ron Hilfinger, George Turner, Ron Long, Ron Kutzke, Dave Wyland, Mr. Robinson, Bob Marohn, Robert Mcllvain, Larry Kelly, Jim Tucholski, Robert Willey, Alvin Rowe. Row 3: Dick Hull, Barry Bigelow, Al Manzey, Bill Brown, Vic Domhoff, Ron Heckart, Jim McCarty, Bill Frank, Paul Rynn, Jerry Hawley, Ray Shunck, Jim Coyle, Verne Eden. Row 4: Bill Thompson, Richard Slicker, Dale Spratt, Jim Born, Dave Frayer, Al Bersticker, jerry Hill, Beryl Henry, George Streepey, Robert Mentzer. Row 1: Tom jackson, Dick Schnapp, Ralph Kohring, Dick Howland, john Harding, Dick Camp, Jim Reardon, Chuck Kesling, David Waterfield, Don Garner, Ned Neal. Row 2: Jon Helms, Jim Wassmund, Bernie Wineland, Lamar Sawyer, Jack Meinert, Barton Bay, Mr. Rusie, Torn Smith, Dick Strahm, Michel Arner, Gordon Felgner, Herb Har- ding. Row 3: jim Thompson, Ed Mauntler, Bill Findley, Wayne Kakela, Kenny Myers, Bob Haverman, Jon Haver- man, Frank Pauly, Charles Berning, Jim Willey, Bob McClain. QUILL AND DAGGER - FURUM The many activities and events this year for the Q.D.'s were successful. Mr. Robinson, as adviser, was helped greatly by the officers: Jim McCarty, president, Bill Brown, vice-president, Ron Hilfing- er, secretary, Tom Funka, treasurer, and Larry Kelly, sergeant-at-arms. Proposing "to discover and en- courage original talent, to promote enlightened leadership, and to generate a will to serve," the Q.D.,s opened the year with the annual "Q.D. Shindigf' which brings back memories of a traditionally outstand- ing school dance. In the spring the boys held their roast at which the officers for the coming year were elected. This brought to conclusion another very successful year. Again under the able supervision of their adviser, Mr. Earl Harris, the Forum has fulfilled its purpose, "to promote citizenship, leadership, and service to the school." An admirable new group was inducted in December with Tom Jackson serving as chairman of the initiation committee. The pro- gram included an ably planned roast by Bob Haverman in the fall at Farnsworth, appropriate Christ- mas decorations for the main office, a dance in the gym after the Libbey-Central basketball game in February, and, to round out the calendar, the annual dance in May. Serving as officers were Tom Smith, president, jack Meinert, vice-president, Dick Strahm, secretary, Lamar Sawyer, treasurer, and Bar- ton Bay, sergeant-at-arms. Row 1: Dick Strahm, Ronnie Brassell, jim Ritzenthaler, Tom Moser, Conrad Pirner, Chuck Kesling, Tom Smith. Row 2: jim Willey, Verne Eden, Gerald Reed, Mr. Needles, Michel Arner, Ray Shunck, Ron Hilfinger. Row 3: Lamar Sawyer, Jim Gluntz, Harold Shunck, Karl Kazmaier, Al Bersticker, Duane Hull, Jack Meinert. Row 1: Don Walker, Arthur Huff, Leonard Rusch, Paul Leininger, Pete Finch, Duke Garner. Row 2: Ron Long, Ron Kutzke, Mr. Needles, Jim Wassmund, Tom Funka, Don Born. Row 3: Dick Schnapp, Bob Mentzer, George Streepy, Dave Frayer, Ken Myers, Dwight Dinkins, Wayne Kakela, SENIUR AND JUNIOR HI-Y The Hi-Y movement, starting in 1889, is characterized by its slogan, "Clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living." Welcoming Mr. Needles in his initial year as adviser to the Senior Hi-Y at Libbey were the following officers: Ronny Hilfinger, presidentg Jim Ritzenthaler, vice presidentg jack Mein- ert, secretary, and Mike Arner, treasurer. The year started with a Winter weekend trip to Camp Storer, an event which proving successful was repeated in the spring. The group enjoyed the basketball and swimming facilities of the Central Y.M.C.A. Co-operating with the other Hi-Y clubs at Libbey, the Sen- iors were fortunate enough to be able to present George Campbell, speaker and song leader, for an au- ditorium program in April. Maintaining the fine traditions and ideals of all Hi-Y clubs throughout the nation is the Libbey Junior Hi-Y club. In the building of character and clean living few youth organizations have equalled the record of the Young Men's Christian Association which sponsors and Works closely with all Hi-Y clubs. In their social and educational events for the 1951-1952 season the Junior Hi-Y merited recogni- tion, including participation in the Mother and Son Banquet in May and the showing of the film "Dust or Destiny." Elected to lead the club were Jim Wassmund, president, Don Garner, vice presidentg Wayne Kakela, treasurer, and Pete Finch, secretary. Serving as competent adviser was Mr. Vander- wulp. Row 1: Ned Neal, David Wetcher, Walter Brown, Dick Howland, Ron Onnenga, John Wommer, Bob Recht. Row 2: John Bacon, Ken Bilon, Bill Schroeder, Mr. Kiefer, Dale Davenport, Charles Preston, Dave Wyland, Row 3: jim Marsh, Frank Pauly, Donald Ward, Ed Mautler, Frank Reece, Duke Taraschke, Newell Jones. Row 1: Barbara Wanner, Shirley Benge, La Verne Swihart, Theresa Cloyne, James Reichler, John Treuschel, Ro- bertine Bolander, Sharon Evearitt, Sallie Dicken, Row 2: Wilbur Bening, Tom Pitchford, Glenn Curtis, Brent Lewis, Mr. Lincke, James Nutter, Bob Hulse, Bill Keim, Bob Corey. Row 3: Richard Bailey, Alex Damalas, Carl Veith, William Van Koughnet, Clyde Englehardt, Mike Morse, Newell Jones, Ronald Kross, Jerry Craig, Doris Vogelbacker. SOPHUMORE, FRESHMAN HI-Y-PROJECTION CLUB Under the direction of Mr. Kiefer, the combined efforts of the Freshman and Sophomore Hi-Y has pro- duced a club that has prospered in many ways. The club had a community swim at the Central YMCA in january. 'The committee chairman, Dave Wyland, worked diligently on this project and was reward- ed with full attendance. At the beginning of the year the members elected Ed Mauntler, president, Ron Onnenga, vice-president, Dave Wyland, secretaryg Robert Recht, treasurer, and Ned Neal, chaplain. The valuable experience that these members have gained this year will certainly be of great help to them in the future at Libbey. The purpose of the Projection Club is to promote visual education in Libbey High School in order to give the pupils in the classroom a better knowledge of the subjects they are studying. For the bene- fit of the group itself, the club has special projects whereby the members study a variety of films which they order for their classes. Relaxation and fun are also included in the clubs activities. In ad- dition to teaching the operation of films and slide projectors, the club taught its members how to use the catalogues in ordering films and the evaluation of pictures. The club adviser, Mr. Lincke, has been of much assistance to this group and the capable members added to the efficiency of the Projection Club. ' Q' 5 an , 'Lum-...a-aa.. Row 1: Peggy Broadway, Virginia Powell, Mary Hamilton, Joanne Collins, Mary Lou Tanalski, Evelyn Awe, Carol Schenck, Donna Lee Dismuke. Row 2: Norma Raitz, Dorothy Baird, Barbara Enck, Miss Allen, Dorothy Arm- strong, Janet Whitehead, Mona De Courtad, Susie Smilax.Row 3: Alice Mikolajizyk, Marcia Beier, Rae Myers, San- dra Lewis, Nancy Cluff, Migs Endsley, Doris Layne, Beverly Rieck. Row 1: Nancy Clark, Shirley Watts, Jeanine Bluhm, Kay Hoffman, Nancy Jo Brown, Barbara Altenbaugh, Pat Featheringill. Row 2: Mary Brazeau, Essie Belle Williams, Shirley Mault, Marianne Jeakle, Miss Allen, Arlene Yosses, Jean Gary, Hedy Leu. Row 3: Esther Prueter, Derith Bunge, Mary Delaplane, Shirley White, Barbara Kowalski, Shirley Osburn, Joan Thomas, julia Leu. I SENIOR Y-TEENS 1 The Senior Y-Teens have, as always, planned and carried out many worthwhile projects under the guid- ance of their capable adviser, Miss Allen. The officers of the club were Mary Hamilton, presidentg Barbara Kowalski, vice president, Joanne Collins, recording secretary, Evelyn Awe, corresponding sec- retary, and Joan Thomas, treasurer. To begin the year the girls sponsored the annual football ban- ' quet in honor of the varsity team and their parents. In February the members entertained their moth- ers and the faculty at the annual spring tea. The girls themselves enjoyed the Senior Y-Teen Banquet which was also held in the spring. To increase their treasury, they sold Christmas cards, candy, mistletoe, and at Thanksgiving time the traditional chrysanthemums. In December the club collected food for a basket which was given to a needy family. As has been the custom for several years, the club purchased and decorated the Christmas tree in the lobby which was enjoyed by all at Libbey during the holiday season. The Y- Teen members sponsored a book review which was given by Alice Huebner. As a climax of their num- erous activities, the girls contributed to the new YWCA building fund. This new building has since been erected and is now enjoyed and admired by all. Row 1: Susan Miller, Donna Logan, Beverly Bell, Gladys Jeakle, Shirley Mallory, Ruth Bender, Vicky Bowes, Mary Gwen Reed, Bonnie Sutton, Jackie Noss, Sue McLaughlin. Row 2: Arlene Lugabihl, Joanne Shaffer, Carol Cordner, Kaye Bache, Becky Hunt, Miss Russell, La Donna Taylor, Shirley Thomas, Joette Clark, Louise Thomas, Verneda Richardson. Row 3: Jackie Wolever, Clarene Van Dame, Ruth Benson, Shirley Swank, Beverly Crunkilton, Roberta Jefferds, Nola Vanyo, Doris Batch, Bobbie Simons, Mary Flack, Phyl Joan Orbeson. Row r: Shirley Keiser, Barbara Walker, Pat Thornton, Carole Falk, Marlene Mickens, Jeanne Willey, Nancy Pasche, Margie Rossbach, Lu Anne Moyer, Carole Morgan, Beverly Heising. Row 2: Betty Sharp, Marjorie Jonas, Donna Baumgartner, Marcella Mockensturn, Miss Russell, Beverly Schnabel, Faye Schiller, Carol Hishka, June Shepler, Phyllis Settles. Row 3: Jeanne Pommeranz, Mitzi Kohring, Joyce Critzer, Sharon Fauble, Sue Kabel, Jeanette Tapley, Shirley Browning, Johnnie McClaran, Sue Jordan, Sharon O'Donnell, Sandra Brown. UNIOR Y-TEENS The motto of the Junior Y-Teens is "to grow as a persong to grow in friendship with people of all races, creeds, and nationalities, to grow in the knowledge and love of God." This year the Junior Y- Teens have been unusually active. They had a very successful splash party at the new YWCA early in the year, with Kaye Bache serving as chairman of the committee. An after-game dance was held in the gym. Mitzi Kohring and Carol Hischka were capable co-chairmen. They, along with the other mem- bers of their committee, planned and made it one of the most well attended dances of the school year. For the Libbey-Woodward football game this active club put on a mass-meeting depicting a typi- cal slumber party which was well received by both the team and student body. The Junior Y-Teens has rendered several worthwhile services for thne school during the past year. Much credit goes to their very able adviser, Miss Russell, and to the capable leaders. The officers were Jackie Noss, president, Bonnie Sutton, vice president, Susan Double, secretaryg Joyce Critzer, treasurerg Beverly Heising, chap- laing Kaye Bache, program chairman, and Phyl Joan Orbeson, Hi-Y representative. Row 1: Donna Callagan, Jeanne Ricker, Mona Mantz, Pat Romp, Janet Noss, Jackie Shepler, Carol Peters, Carol Damschroder, Roberta Ann Boyd. Row 2: Susie Key, Margie Saccucci, Rhea Altenbaugh, Carole Coulson, Nancy Hagedon, Dolores Martin, Joyce Frank, Ann Carpenter, Ruby Browning. Row 3: Pat Fearnside, Joan Layne, Bev- erly Buckingham, Mary Peters, Josephine Krueger, Debbie Hill, Anne Schlicher, Shirley Eisenmann, Nancy Reuter. Row 1: Rita Richardson, Helen Miller, Barbara Ann McNamee, Virginia Potter, Arley McFadden, Sharon Cupp, Pat Moore, Connie White, Marge Featheringill. Row 2: Margaret Eppard, Ann Fanaff, Norma Jean Duffeck, Pat Lauer, Janie Fenner, Arlene Baird, Susan Schnell, Nancy Clark, Kathy McCarthy. Row 3: Anita White, Wendy Keubler, Janet Becker, Judy Denzig, Diana Senff, Carolyn Wendell, Barbara Pelton, Susie Cooper, Susan Coulter. SOPHOMGRE Y-TEENS The industrious Sophomore Y-Teens, with the assistance of their able adviser, Mrs. Haffelder, completed another successful year which has included many service projects and social activities. The girls are constantly striving to uphold the purpose of the club, which seeks to promote better understanding among the girls and attempts to do the most good where it is needed. The leaders of the club this year were Ann Schlicher, president, Jackie Shepler, vice president, Donna Callaghan, secretary, and Debbie Hill, treasurer. The girls, to begin the year, sent gifts to the children at the Maumee Orphanage. These gifts were a delightful surprise to the children. To add to the Christmas spirit and to brighten up the halls of Lib- bey, the Sophomore Y-Teens, like many other clubs, decorated a window in the building. Their efforts and the efforts of many clubs which participated in the project, were enjoyed by everyone. In Febru- ary, the members enjoyed a swimming party which was held in the new Y.W.C.A. pool. This completed another year which leaves behind many happy experiences and pleasant memories. Row 1: Ann Pasche, Suzanne Wall, Gail Ellsworth, La Donna Shanteau, Naomi Stone, Arlene Pacholski, Carolyn Mohler, Clarissa Bowes, Patricia Lukasik, Carolyn Hoerig. Row 2: Judy Hawley, Dianne Overhulse, Mary Ann Bowling, Mary Lu Samsey, Mary Hamilton, Miss Allen, Nancy Richardson, Doris Vogelbacker, Joan Rogers, Vir- ginia Meinard. Row 3: Irene Fink, Eleanor Bade, Charlotte Marie Ellsworth, Loraine Grandpair, Judy Utz, Nancy Probasco, Beverly Segan, Mary Kesling, Ruth Gavins, Nancy Walker, Betty Enright. Row 1: Marion Darden, Loretta Lewis, Margie Rodemich, Jackie Ogden, Nancy Ohler, Mary Sue Long, Linda von Klinger, Barbara Bodi, Lysbet Hoffman, Constance Chambers, Norma Sherman. Row 2: Lorene Lincoln, Janice Miller, Marjorie Mehlman, Nancy Hunt, Miss Allen, Tam Townsend, Barbara Howland, Virginia Althoff, Erma Al- lison, Charlotta Brazier, Jimmie Lee Dixon. Row 3: Ruby Johnson, Mildred Thornton, Betty Flowers, Ann Cam- eron, Carol Born, Jean Kerns, Marcia Walter, Joyce Potter, Jean Kisseberth, Ruth Dinkins, Esther Fleming. FRESHMAN Y-TEENS In the third year since its formation at Libbey the Freshman Y-Teens has grown in membership to be, by far, the largest club in school. "To grow as a persong to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities, and to grow in the knowledge and love of Godn is the purpose of the Freshmen Y-Teens. In the memory of all high school students is the first year in high school. At the start of one's freshman semester there is always a feeling of apprehension and fear of the unknown. Learning your way about the halls and from room to room, settling down to a serious interest in studies, and above all getting acquainted with your classmates-all this is wrapped up in the freshman year in high school. Helping to make this transition easier becomes one of the basic interests of any study or literary or- ganization. Such is the specific case of the Freshman Y-Teens, with the tangible result that in mem- bership-if not in activity-it exceeds any other of Libbey's Y-Teen Clubs. Row 1: Carolyn Chrisman, Linda Salzwedel, Gail Poganitsch, Lila Sookey, Jerry Badenhop, Nancy Surtman, Mary Lou Estes, Barbara Bogle, Shelby Waxler, Barbara Wanner. Row 2: Jeriann Armburst, Francis Mucci, Janet Shepler, Sherlene Moore, Miss Allen, Melva Bening, Sandra Stemmerman, Carol Kline, Barbara Wiler, Neva Noftz. Row 3: Sandra Keller, Betty Edwards, Janet Kollmeier, Mary Ann Kramer, Eleanor Claussen, Judy Yeack, Donna Deakin, Delores Johnson, Leah Walker, Nancy Miller, Eloise Washburn. Row 1: Laura Vallade, Jo Berndt, Lois Burkett, Joyce Panchot, Jean Heiden, Norma Tucker, Janet Kopfman, Dena Kay Lasko, Barbara Sprunk, Susie Coy. Row 2: Dixie Kelly, Sharon Evearitt, Jayne Sanzenbacher, Janet Fifer, Barbara Jeakle, Miss Allen, Lois Kerschbaum, Marilee Abel, Norma Dopfer, Karleyne Schroeder. Row 3: Bobbie Ackley, Sue Baertschi, Martha Floering, Margaret Kravetsky, Robertine Bolander, Ann Ramseur, Barbara Vogelpohl, Jackie Koepfler, Carole Marlowe, Mary Alice Osburn, Stella Duenas. FRESHMAN Y-TEENS The clubs most favorable social event, a tea, was held in the spring. Carrying out various service projects added further credit to this organization. One of these projects, helping in the Lenten Servic- es, was carried on in connection with the other Y-Teen clubs-especially the senior group. The responsibility of leadership was invested in the following elected officers: Judy Hawley, presi- dent, Janet Kollmeier, vice-president, Tam Townsend, secretary, Esther Fleming, treasurer, and Jean Kerns, Chaplain. Being fortunate enough to have Miss Allen as the club adviser, the girls wish to ex- tend their appreciation for her aid during the past year. Row 1: Nancy Clark, Carole Marlowe, Arley McFadden, Roger Kronmann, 'Nancy Gibson, Pat Moonevham, Larry Osburn, Bob Price. Row 2: Pat Romp, joan Layne, Pat Burkhart, Richard Balk, Darryl Hawn, Don Walker, Bar- bara Vogelpohl, Pat Fearnside. Row 3: Pat Moore, JaneHintz, Mary Delaplane, Jerry Hawley, Jack Meinert, Jon Helms, Hedy Leu, Margaret Eppard, Virginia Potter. Row Ii Carolyn Chrisman, Betty Hoag, Esther Prueter, Shirley White, Frances Palmer, Nancy Pasche, Pamela Weedman. Row 2: Esther Fleming, Janie Fenner, Shirley Browning, Carolyn Wendel, Joyce Potter, Mary Peters, Nancy Probasco, Beverly Buckingham. Row 3: Dale Conway, Michel Arner, Verne Eden, Don Bollenbacher, Bob Shaw, Duard Farquhar, Don Rettig, David Summers. CLASSICAL HONOR-JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE With Mrs. Pauline Burton as their adviser, the Classical Honor Society combined with the Junior Clas- sical League, has spent a very profitable year in the pursuit of their main objective-"Making the stu- dents of Libbey High School more familiar with Latin." Under the leadership of Hedy Leu as presi- dent, Jerry Hawley as vice president, and jane Hintz as secretary-treasurer, the club has had a fine year socially and intellectually. One of the vital programs of work was the sending of Care Packages for European countries. Also, in April, a delegation was selected to attend the state convention, repre- senting the Toledo Chapter of the Classical Honor Society. To promote interest in the classics and to further an appreciation of them is the aim of the Junior Classical League. Jane Hintz was chairman of the picnic which was held at Side-Cut Park in October. Latin Week was held March twenty-fourth to the twenty-eighth, with Shirley White acting as chair- man. Another of their social events was the c1ub's annual tour of Michigan University in April. For one of their work programs the Junior Classical League sent CARE Packages to Europe. Their State Convention was held April I8 in Columbus, Ohio. Officers of the club are as follows: president, Esther Prueterg vice president, Hedy Leug records, Margaret Eppardg finance, Shirley Browning, properties, Don Rettigg social welfare, Beverly Buckingham, membership, Frances Palmer, and communications, Jane Fenner. Row 1: Shirley Keiser, Esther Hernandez, Carole Morgan, Gladys Jeakle, Arlene Lugabihl, Pat Thorton. Bonnie Sutton, Donna Baumgartner, Mary Gwenn Reed, Sue McLaughlin. Row 2: Jane Scott, Sharon Mann, Sue Baertschi, Miss Dusha, Mr. Rusie, Miss Foster, Phyliss Settles, Carole Hischka, Kay Hoffman, Evelyn Awe. Row 3: Cecile Eckel, Kaye Bache, Sue Jordan, Jean Pommeranz, Mitzi Kohring, Sue Cooper, Mary Delaplane, Marianne Jeakle, Migs Endsley, Marcia Beier, Sue Stoldt. Row 1: Susan Miller, Carole Falk, Rhea Altenbaugh, Lorene Lincoln, Mary Samsey, Joan Rogers, Margie Saccuc- ci, Lysbet Hoffman, Vicky Bowes, Barbara Walker, Mary Hazelbaker. Row 2: Hedy Leu, Sandra Brown, Mary Flack, Sue Jordan, Mitzi Kohring, Miss Krueger, Bobbie Simons, Shirley Osburn, June Falkenberg, Kaye Bache, Susan Coulter, Anita White. Row 3: Doris Batch, Derith Bunge, Joyce Entenmann, Barbara Pelton, Jean Kerns, Debbie Hill, Diana Senff, Judy Denzig, Johnnie McClaran, Io Anne McKinney, Carolyn Cooper, Marcia Beier. F. T. A.-FRENCH CLUB The purpose of the Future Teachers of America is exploratory, pre-vocational, and character-forming. Members learn facts about, and opportunities in, the field of teaching. The organization has had many activities this year, its first being the selling of the Libbey bookcovers. They have served as teachers' aides, ushered at the Northwestern Ohio Teachers Convention, and represented Libbey at the various educational programs of other schools. The club honored the faculty with a party in the spring and ended their activities with a banquet for the members and the advisers. The officers were Marianne Jeakle, president, Sue Stoldt, vice president, Esther Hernandez, secretary, Mary Delaplane, treasurer, Gladys Ieakle, librarian, Mary Reed, historian, Shirley Keiser, parlimentariang Bonnie Sutton, serg- eant-at-armsg and Carole Morgan, song leader. The advisers are Mr. Rusie, Miss Dusha, and Miss Foster. To promote a greater interest in the study of the language, customs, geography and culture of France is the French Club's matter. The members corresponded with pupils in France and sent a Care box to a needy family. At Christmas they decorated two of .Libbey's windows and held their annual par- ty. Shirley Osburn was chairman of the Valentine Party and Hedy Leu of the banquet committee. A party was given the children at the Lucas County Children's Home. French songs, games, and films were enjoyed by the club. Guided by their efficient adviser, Miss Krueger, the officers of the club worked harmoniously and well. They included: Joyce Entenmann, president, Joanne McKinney, vice- presidentg Vicky Bowes, secretary, Anita White, treasurerg Shirley Osburn, Mary Hazelbaker, censors. Row 1: Carol McConoughey, Donna Dismuke, Susie Coy, Parmula Weidman, Beverly Work, Clara Beauch, Donna Fair. Row 2: Shirley Carter, Darlene Gibson, Nancy Palmer, Mrs. Baird, Miss Kelso, Joan Eubank, Joanne Col- lins, Lois Kerschbaum. Row 3: Judy Hawley, Marie Denney, Salley Kirschner, Carolyn Stone, Ruth Yeack, Janice Gibson, Sharon LeGron, Carolyn Tarsek, Nancy Gibson. K, , "-3 gggeg a. ' A i 5j li 1 j' 24 ' ,grin ' Row 1: Darlene Davidter, Mona Mantz, Bill Harler, Walter Brown, Bob Price, Joyce Panchot, Jeanne Ricker. Row 2: Shirley Paluch, Carol Nickelson, Josephine Marawski, Frank Schramek, Richard Perry, Fred Pero, Marguerite Hueston, Emery Loverne. Row 3: Kathleen McCarthy, Nancy Lee, Nancy Richardson, Donald McLean, Frank Reece, Wayne Oestrich, Clara Bush, Theresa Cloyne. ' F. N. A.-RED CROSS "To learn to be of service to others and to stimulate interest in nursing as a profession" is the aim of the F. N. A. In the fall Mr. George Abel gave a talk on flower arrangements which was informative as well as interesting. In February representatives from the Toledo hospitals spoke to the Libbey girls in the auditorium with a movie on nurses' training being shown. The members sent get-Well cards to teachers and students absent from school over long periods of time. Their spring tea was held in the school li- brary, the speaker being Miss Cartwright of the Child Welfare Bureau. The F. N. A.'s of other schools were guests. Miss Kelso and Mrs. Baird ably led the club this year with the help of the officers: Dar- lene Gibson, presidentg Ruth Yeack, vice president, Carolyn Stone, Secretary, Sharon Le Gron, treas- urerg and Joanne Collins, Reporter. To serve our fellowmen, locally, nationally and internationally is the purpose of the Junior Red Cross. 'Under the able advisership of Miss Virginia May, the club has contributed fifty dollars to the Children's Fund for relief of destitute children of the World, sent Care Boxes to many countries, and made thousands of tray favors for local hospitals and institutions. They have also supplied Veterans hospitals and remembered charitable institutions in Toledo with hundreds of used magazines and books. The officers of the club are Carol Nickelsen, president, Joyce Panchot, vice president, Walter Brown, secretaryg and Richard Perry, treasurer. ia, f ' .23 ,-.. Row 1: Mona De Courtad, Pat Mallory, Johnnie McClaran, Miss Henderson, Anne Schlicher, Ann Taylor, Susie Smilax. Row 2: Ron Hilfinger, Wayne Kakela, A1 Jamison, Dick Gardner, Jim Wassmund, Lamar Sawyer. Row 1: Jeanne Ricker, Carolyn Schenk, Peggy Broadway, Mary Hamilton, Kay Hoffman, Bill Matzinger, Barbara Altenbaugh, Rhea Altenbaugh, Janet Noss, Carol Morgan, Nancy Clark. Row 2: Jackie Wolever, Shirley Osburn Wendy Kuebler, Doris Batch, Carolyn Cooper, Miss Costigan, Joyce Entenmann, Rae Myers, Shirley White, Joan Thomas. Row 3: Jack Steiner, Conrad Pirner, Mary Delaplane, Debbie Hill, Barbara Kowalski, Gerald Reed Tom Frayer, Duane Hull, John Dowds, Karl Kazmaier, Allan Martell, Jerry Hawley, Paul Rynn, Jim Willey. STUDENT COUNCIL-DRAMATICS The Student Council's aim is to discuss problems pertaining to the school, to help settle them as ami cably as possible, and to be of service in the school whenever there is a need. This year the council handled the magazine drive, guarded the stairways before school, managed the freshman elections, and cleaned up the drinking fountains. Among their social functions were the dance after the Libbey-Cen tral football game, the bonfire and election of the queen at Thanksgiving time, and a spring roast. The officers for the year were as follows: Ronny Hilfinger, president, Mona De Courtad, vice president and Suzie Smilax, secretary-treasurer. The Student Council was ably assisted by Miss Henderson, their adviser. To develop the creative talent of its members and give them practical experience in the interpret ing and producing of plays is the principal purpose of the Libbey Dramatics Club. With the excellent cooperation of the members and the capable adviser, Miss Costigan, this organization has been able to promote outstanding dramatic activities for the school. When school opened, they began their work immediately, and in November they presented two one-act plays, "Grandma Old Stylei' and "Three's a Crowdf, Again the props went up and the club triumphed with "Married at Sunrisev and "Sugar and Spice." The Junior and Senior class plays were presented under the sponsorship of the Libbey Drama tics Club. Credit for the wonderful work of the club this year is due to Jerry Hawley, president, Nancy Clark, vice president, Janet Noss, recording secretary, Joyce Entenmann, corresponding secretary, and Greg Wolf, treasurer. Moser, Larry Herold, Chuck Bear, Ronnie Hansen, Gregory Wolf. Row 4: Jack Corey, Verne Eden, Jim Born: Dave Row 1: Nancy Rubadeux, Beverly Schnabel, Erlene Roberts, Ruth Bensen, Betty Sharp, Marjorie Jonas, Barbara Whitmer, Sue Double, Carol McConoughey. Row 2: Louise Thomas, Arlene Baird, Wendy Kuebler, Shirley Browning, Miss Fiedler, Janie Fenner, Nancy' Hagedon, Carole Coulson, Carolyn Collins. Row 3: Jim Reardon, James Halteman, Sharon LeGron, Janice Gibson, Josephine Krueger, Ray Huber, Phil Fisher, Jack Steiner, Bill Win- ter. Row 1: Jeanne Ricker, Donna Dismuke, Mona Mantz, Carol Peters, Kathy McCarthy, Susan Schnell, Sharon Cupp, Pat Featheringill, Pat Moore. Row 2: Rita Richardson, Joanne Collins, Kay Hoffman, Migs Endsley, Miss Pick- ard, Mary Alyce Delaplane, Carolyn Stone, Nancy Reuter, Norma Jean Duffeck. Row 3: Don Walker, Jerry Craig, Dick Atkinson, Paul Teopas, Duane Hull, James Schnabel, Richard Sandys, Howard Stewart. BIOLOGY One of the most interesting branches of knowledge which some of our students have delved into is that of biology. A theoretical study of this fascinating subject combined with practical experiences gained as a result of the club activities has proved of great value to its members. Programs to promote scien- tific interests were organized by the officers: James Schnabel, president, Donna Dismuke, vice presi- dent, Susan Double, secretary, and James Reardon, treasurer. The first event of the year was a pre- sentation of a movie of Florida plant life taken by Miss Pickard which was followed by an oral report from Dick Atkinson on his recent trip there. Several members participated in the annual Science Day held at Bowling Green State University, April 6. A roast and initiation opened the social activities of the season with Migs Endsley and Joanne Collins being chairmen respectively. Later in the year a splash party was held in the new YWCA. A banquet climaxed the events of the year. The club appreciated the guidance of their capable advisers, Miss Feidler and Miss Pickard. As a result of these shared experiences, much knowledge was gained as well as many lasting friendships. QQ Q ,3 QE ak Row 1: Pat Moore, Carolyn Schenk, Sharon Cupp, Carol Cordner, Connie Shaw, Arley McFadden, Rita Richardson, Mary Gwen Reed. Row 2: Nancy Bartz, Dolores Roe, Miss Irwin, Don Walker, Mr. Baker, Dick Gardner, Harry Kedrie, Joan Thomas. Row 3: Marcella Mockensturn, Nancy Clark, Barbara Schoettley, Sandra Lewis, Diana Senff, Jeannette Tapley, Wendy Kuebler, Doranancy Willingham, Carol Hischka. Row 1: Pat Gascon, Shirley Rose, Ronald Hartenfeld, Virgil Plinor, Theresa Cloyne, Ruth Orner, Shirley Scouten, Ethel Mason. Row 2: Patricia Solozak, Jackie Watson, Carolyn Christen, Mrs. Elwing, Miss Eberth, Nancy Miller, Eloise Washburn, Clara Belle Beauch. Row 3: Mary Kalucki, Joan Field, Katherine Elright, Dale Davenport, Gene Wagner, Geraldine Hyttenhove, Anna Craig. U. N. CLUB-CAFETERIA Peace must begin at home if it is to exist at all. This explains the significance of the Libbey United Nations Club motto: "Peace to the World." In its second year the group's activities have widened con- siderably to include attendance at the Toledo United Nations Association, a Care Box sent to Europe, and participation in the Armistice Day Program. At that time the club presented to the school a beau- tiful United Nations flag. In April they took an active part in United Nations Day at Toledo Univer- sity. As co-advisers Miss Irwin and Mr. Baker were fortunate in having Wendy Kuebler, presidentg Joanne Collins, vice-president, Joan Thomas, secretary-treasurer, and Carol Cordner, chaplain. In February the Cafeteria Club was organized by Mrs. Elizabeth Elvving, Cafeteria Manager, and Miss Aileen Eberth, Supervisor of Cafeteria Student Service. The club proposes to show that school spirit is a daily activity of cooperation, good fellowship, and pride in accomplishment. ' All classes are eligible to membership, and the requirements are based on personal appearance, honesty, amenability, and teacher recommendation. As a daily note of appreciation for their efforts to help the school, the members received gratis a warm lunch. A fitting motto inspired the new society: "Anything worth doing is worth doing well!" Row 1: Marilyn Hartzell, Johnnie Lewis, Dolores Martin, Ruby Browning, Sue Smilax. Row 2: Beverly Rick- ard, Sandra Lewis, Mr. Martin, Richard Nehring, Dick Camp. Row 1: Mary Hazelbaker, Carol Kahn, Beverly Marquardt, Pat Moore, Arley McFadden, Barbara Battig, Joanne Eyman, Donna Coleman, Marilyn Rosa, Susie Smilax, Peggy Broadway, Helen Pilcher. Row 2: Carol Hepner, Ruth Gavins, Nancy Freeman, Carole Coulson, Joan Thomas, Mr. Osgood, Miss Kanney, Shirley Osburn, Evelyn Hough- ton, Shirley Mault, Mary Walch, Joyce Frank. Row 3: Mary Shoemaker, Marcia Beier Shirley White Mitzi Kohr- ing, Janet Whitehead, Josephine Kruger, Diana Scnff, Beverly Buckingham, Migs Endsley, Wendy Ktiebler, Nancy Severence, Sharon Fauble. ACTIVITIES-DEAN'S AIDE AND MAIN OFFICE A group familiar to the student body of Libbey is the Activities Department, as it is essentially one of the most active. With Mr. Martin at its head, it takes care of the distribution of tickets, and of all the activities that constitute the financial backing of the school. This efficient department does its own mimeographing, in addition to keeping a record of school program sales during the entire year. Students holding activities tickets well realize the privilege and advantages they receive from purchas- ing one. In the previous years, as well as in the past, the department backed the management of the "Rhythm Roundup" to the extent that immeasurable success was the ultimate conclusion. Chosen for efficiency, dependability, and scholarship, the deans, aides and the office helpers are very important in carrying out a vital part of the school's business. The one group is continually helping the deans, Mr. Osgood and Miss Kanney, in collecting attendance, recording absences, filing excuses, phoning to homes of absentees, and running errands to the classrooms. The year was con- cluded effectively by the deans and their helpers getting together for a picnic in the spring. The of- fice helpers are selected by the principal because they have shown proficiency in business skills. Their assistance is valuable to the school and in turn they receive practical experience in office procedure. Both groups have functioned very well during the past year. 'x Row 1: Jaclyn Rippinger, Mary Gwen Reed, Shirley Burkhart, Nancy Lee, Mr. McClure, Sally Shepherd, Shirley Emery, Barbara Moody, Judy Porter. Row 2: Beverly Rieck, Shirley Kelley, Mary Kesling, Judy Denzig, Janice Dybala, Mary Lee Samsey, Nancy Freeman, Carolyn Collins. Row 3: David Waterfield, Dick Bellian, Don Bol- lenbacher, John Dowds, Robert Roesler, Jon Helms, Stephen Jadlocki, William Bush. Row Ii Evelyn Houghton, Carol Hischka, Joan Eubanks, Muriel Paeplow, Susie Smilax, Joyce Daniels, Arleen Car- son, Delores Becker. Row 2: Marcella Napierala, Carolyn Tarsek, Kaye Bache, Janet Kayser, Mr. McClure, Mary Jane McGraw, Marjorie Jonas, Darla Kreps, Anne Fanaff. Row 3: Donald McLean, Bob Martin, Lawrence John- son, Jim Rohrbacker, Dave Frayer, William Navarro, Clifford Wellington, Don Lukert, William Jordon. CHGIR "To perform for school and civic functions, to give students a chance to sing with proper vocal tech- niques and to acquire skill in the reading of music" is the admirable purpose of the Libbey Choir. The capable officers for the year were Jon Helms, president, Susie Smilax, vice president, Carol Hischka, treasurer, James Coyle, secretaryg Connie Zelt, sergeant-at-arms, and Barbara Staunton, assistant con- ductor. In the capacity as conductor and adviser, Mr. Harold McClure directed the Choir at Christ- mas time in many programs in the downtown stores. The Choir again presented some stimulating music in the spring. Another of the Choir,s most un- usual activities was to make a recording for the Red Cross. This year in order to perform a unique program, the Choir appeared on a television program. The most widely known school function that the Choir participates in was the Lenten services which were held every Friday during Lent. Their fine interpretations of the favorite hymns were a cause for many compliments from our Lenten speakers. Row 1: Shirley Keiser, Margie Gable, Sandra Brown, john Nofzinger, Mr. McClure, Rae Myers, Peggy Brown, Nancy Qhler, Sue McLaughlin. Row 2: Anne Carpenter, Ray Harper, Bob Recht, Roland Zeigler, Arthur Huff Paul Williams, Don Crosby, John Bacon, Tony Bachman, Joan Lukert. Row 3: Beverly Rickard, janet Beckerj Jim Walter, Harry Gunn, Jerry Hawley, Dann Nelson, Ronald Thomas, Dennis Mahoney, Evan Rice, Richard Camp. Row 1: Shirley Keiser, Margie Gable, Sandra Brown, John Nofzinger, Mr. McClure, Rae Myers, Peggy Brown, Nancy Ohler, Sue McLaughlin. Row 2: Jerianne Armbrust, Judy Hawley, Carolyn Gordon, Kenneth Stienke, Doris Batch, Mary Ann Kramer, Hal Lutchey, John Wommer, Mary Louise Aseltyne, Carole Kordell. Row 3: Gary Hen- ricks, lgichard Recht, Larry Hasse, Don Johnson, John Dowds, Don Fogelsanger, Gary Davis, Stephen Jadlocki, Chuck ear. BAND Everyone at Libbey is proud of the Band. As the group of blue and gold uniformed members of it march by, we raise our heads a little higher and our hearts are lifted with the feeling of school spirit. As always the Band played an important part during the football season. They provided the music for our songs and cheers at the games and also at the mass-meetings. Besides performing for Libbey's enthusiastic fans, they were included in holiday parades and appeared on Various other festive occa- sions. Among the group's social activities was the Band dance which was held in February at the Wal- bridge Park Shelter House. Concerts were presented in the spring resulting in the enjoyment of the many Who attended. Indeed it is no wonder that every Libbeyite is proud of the Band with its outstanding music, mem- bers, and director. The forty-nine members, though lacking in size and number as compared to other bands, labored zealously and excelled in spirit and co-operation besides lending color and zest to the school. The group was headed by the officers which were: Harry Gunn, president, Charles Bear, vice president: Sue McLaughlin, treasurerg Rae Myers, secretary, and Arthur Huff, sergeant-at-arms. Again the organization was fortunate to be under the able direction of Mr. McClure. 100 Row 1: Loretta Lewis, Shirley Carter, Mary Morgan, Connie White, Mary Hamilton, Francis Mucci, Carolyn Schenk, Peggy Broadway, Shirley Rose. Row 2: Jean Gary, Essie Bell Williams, Shirley Thomas, Bernadine Fos- ter, La Verne Jones, Beverly Ramsey, Jimmie Dixon, Susan Schnell, Ann Fanaff, Pat Featheringill. Row 3: Kath- leen McCarthy, Marva Smith, Mary Kesling, Johnnie Owens, Nell Heard, Barbara Kowalski, Diana Senff, Sandra Lewis, Susan Coulter, Nancy Richardson. Row 1: Eloris Webb, Arlene Lugabihl, Carole Falk, Carol Hischka, Mary Flack, Vicky Bowes, Pat Thornton, Sue McLaughlin. Row 2: La Donna Taylor, Nancy Bartz, Kaye Bache, Jackie Wolever, Joette Clark, Verneda Richard- son, Rosemary McElya. Row 3: Beverly Schnabel, Ruby Norton, Frances Palmer, Bobbie Simons, Sue Kabel, Caro- lyn McClure, Louise Thomas, Faye Schiller. G. A. A. Here is a club which all girls from green freshmen to dignified seniors can enjoy, for it gives them an opportunity to participate in after school athletic competition in a great variety of sports. In the be- ginning of the year the girls played tennis, volleyball, and badminton until they began their annual basketball tournament late in the fall. Then in the spring a volleyball tournament was held. The year ended with the annual roast at Walbridge Park. The girls were efficiently aided through this 'very ac- tive year with the aid of Miss Myers, adviser, and the officers: Joyce Moore, president, Jean Gary, vice president, Derith Bunge, secretary, and Frances Palmer, treasurer. This year the group had many outside activities, too. In January, the club sponsored a volleyball play day to which all city high school G. A. A.'s sent teams. Refreshments were served following the games. This very successful event was led by the co-chairmen, Carole Falk and Shirley Thomas. Then in the spring, groups of juniors and seniors attended play days in Bowling Green University and in Ypsi- lanti, Michigan, at Ypsilanti State Normal College. COMMERCIAL CLUB Row 1: Yvonne Griffith, Virginia Sierra, Esther Hernandez, Nancy jo Brown, La Donna Taylor, Verneda Rich- ardson, Carolyn Beverly Rieck, Row 3: Darla Jefferds, Carol Row 1: Carol Foley, Carolyn Duffey, Connie King, Jeanine Bluhm, Peggy Broadway, Connie White. Row z: Anne Fanaff, Clarine Van Dame, Nancy Freeman, Mr. Needles, Shirley Eisenmann, Joyce Frank, Shirley Gerschultz, Phyllis Settles. Kreps, Susie Reetz, Nola Vanyo, Janet Becker, June Blattner, Sandra Lewis, Sue Kabel, Roberta Hepner, Mary jane McGraw. ' i Damschroder, Pat Koepke, Barbara Keller, Sandra Sanderson, Pat Thornton, Jean Dresch, Phyllis Igney. Row 2: Sharon Meier, Marlene Mickens, Carole Morgan, Jan Bilow, Mrs. Flatz, Dawn Shaw, Marilyn Emch, Patty Frybarger, Margaret Stewart. Row 3: Darlene Woodcock, Nelda Orange, Jo Anne Morris, Virginia Wodtke, Colleen Barry, Beverly Crunkilton, Faye Schiller, Joyce Nieft, Virginia Ladd, Annie Carpenter, Shirley Chalet. The purpose of the Commercial Club is to develop competent business leadership and to understand, intelligently, the choice of business occupations. Because they are a chapter in the Future Business Leaders of America they can better fulfill their motto, "To be honest, courteous, and efficient." Under the combined leadership of Mr. Flatz and Mrs. Houser the club has been extremely prosperous and, therefore, has had to add new advisers, Mrs. Moody, Mr. Needles, and Miss Payne, honorary adviser. The type of work to be done and what materials are to be used are all a large part in the efficiency of a business office. The advisers are of great assistance in helping the girls gain this knowledge. The officers for the year were Nancy Jo Brown, president, Nancy Bartz, vice president, Sandra Lewis, secretary, Helen Pilcher, treasurer, Doris Layne, reporter, Carol Hepner, Sr. Representative, and Roberta Jefferds, jr. Representative. The club activities started off the year by holding their annual Halloween Party at Highland Park Shelter House. The chairman of the committee was Peggy Broadway. A Mother's Tea was also held in the school library, and an excellent chairman, Carol Hep- ner, made things move with dispatch. 101 ,V vb fa f , r .eg ,sk as 17 w, f J ft' . ras. -ga, 5 j p r, .. ,. .ab , ,gg 3 k...,-...ac Row 1: Pat Bayles, Barbara Jackson, Renee Strobel, JoAnne Frosch, Juanita Schroeder, Barbara Hayton, Mary Baldwin, Carol Speelman, Helen Pilcher. Row 2: Yvonne Hoodlet, Jackie Noss, Joann Shafer, Rose Mary Lazar, Mrs. Moody, Nancy Bartz, Sandra Wilson, Joyce Cochran, Shirley Loggins, Jo Anne Cole. Row 3: Dolores Roe, Arlene Yosses, Barbara Schoettley, Ann Ingold, Beverly Rickard, Joanne Osthirner, Ruth Yeack, Janice Dybala, Doris Layne, Jackie Wolever. COMMERCIAL CLUB Keeping daily records is an important job. Senior girls prepare booklets for 8th grade Visitation Day. Miss Kelso shows her girls the proper first Keeping good test records, is the job aid methods. of the Testing Aides. 102 Isn't Mack cute. A championship team deserves this Wonderful Jeanine and Mary chat with their mothers at the Banquet' Phil tea. Another Cup please. A wonderful guy and his car carry the Edelian Class to the Printers and Engravers. Guests of honor at the South Side Football Banquet Outstanding in his efforts to promote the name and fame of Libbey High School, Mr. Charles Martin has served us wisely and efficiently as Director of Athletics during the past year. His has been the task of arranging the schedule of games and activities in the various sports as well as handling the financial part of the projects. In industry and zeal he has been untiring. Assisting him in bookkeeping and care of equipment, Mr. , Orville Henrion has worked effectively also. A fine group of doctors have represented our com- munity in taking care of the health of our athletes during the year. These men include Dr. R. C. Young, Dr. Wilmarth Paine, Dr. C. Lewis Stev- ers, and Dr. H. R. Carbin. MR. CHARLES R. MARTIN Director of Activities LIBBEY Coach Harding, a wonderful coach and true friend, has done a splendid job with the Libbey Team. His constant work and endless efforts have inspired the Cowboys to great victories. This past year he led the boys to the City Co-Cham- pionship with Central. And so, to you Coach Harding, we, the Senior Class, wish continued suc- cess and happiness. We know, "You've done it before, and you'l1 do it again." MR. HERMAN HARDING Varsity Football Coach 104 CHUCK ROBINSON Assistant Varsity Football Coach Track and Cross Country Coach SPORTS A x JEFFERY ORVILLE HENRION Varsigzsigilfleilz-Jsgafoach Assistant to Mr. Martin AL Continued success is wished to a fine group of Libbey Coaches. We hope you will continue to "push" the teams and Set even higher records. Our complete and capable staff is made up of Mr. Her- man Harding, Varsity Football Coachg Mr. Chuck Robin- ' son, assistant football coach, and track coachg Mr. Al Jef- fery, head basketball and baseball coach, and freshmen footballg Mr. Don Harris, lightweight footballg and,Mr. Leo Campey, reserve basketball coach. DON HARRIS Lightweight Football Coach Reserve Basketball Coach LEO CAMPEY DR. CARBIN Reserve Basketball Team P'WS'C'a'1 Freshmen Football F 105 if-' , ii Q 5 K 1 5 s E 5 5 S 2 5 I N s 4 Y 1 3' if 'ki ,P 9 1 e Q A 9 Sz S E s E 2 5 3 E 5 3 5 5 S 2 1 1 1 1 1 A 9 5 2 1 i S 5 5 1 Charles Berning Barton Bay Bob Haverman Charles Berning Willie Russell Alvin Rowe Vic Domhoff Barry Bigelow john Harding A1 Manzey 109 VARSITY FOOTBALL Row 1: Jack Meinert, George Streepy, Bill Findly, Dick Simmons, Leonard Rush, Dick Schnapp, Ken Morney, Dick Slicker, Jerry Hill, Ron Long, Bill Rosselet, Lamar Sawyer, Ralph Kohring, Paul Winecke. Row 2: Coach Harding, Casper Bales, Jim Wassmond, Bob Rose, Willy Russell, Chuck Berning, Ken Meyers, Bob Haverman, Jim Tucholski, Ron Hilfinger, Elden Eckart, Dale Spratt, Ned Warrenck. Row 3: Coach Robinson, Wayne Kakela, Berny Wineland, Barry Bigelow, Al Manzy, Bill Brown, Tom Smith, Bill Frank, jim McCarty, Ron Heckert, Vic Domhoff, Burchard Elzy, Barton Bay. Row 4: Tom Funka, john Harding, Willie Boyd, Earl Mcllvain, Pat Locket, Jim Willey, Bob Herwatt, Chuck Craig, Dick Strahm, Alvin Rowe, Larry Kelly, Coach Miley. MANAGERS jack Meinert Bill Findly Jim Armbrust George Streepy John Boggs Lamar Sawyer Jerry Mallet "Jumbo" Reichler Joe Harrison Ralph Kohring Paul Winecke Howard Stewart 110 FRESHMEN Row 1: Bill Harler, Art Funka, Charles Caldwell, Tom Leppert, Ken Eaton, Marion Cummingham, Terry Mallett, Dick Baker, Don Crosby, jim Zielinski-Mgr. Row 2: joe Harrison-Mgr., Ray Plumadore, jim Featzka, Don Fogelsanger, Pat La Clair, jeck Frayer, Bruce Mallory, Neail Goodloe, Don Hamilton, Fred Starner, Brent Lewis- Mgr. Row 3: Mr. Jeffery, Tom Stevenson, George Galloway, Jack Wahl, Norman Sutton, Ronnie Carnes, jim Morris, Don Boxley, Mark Simmons, Jack Fulton, Paul Armstrong, George Rodraquez, Don Boggs-Mgr., Mr. Cam- pey. RESERVES Row 1: Frank Reys, Jerry Harley, Clifford Browning, John Stockard, Willie Boyd, Dave Waterfield, Bill Schroeder, Beryl Henry. Row 2: Mr. Moses, jim Armburst-Mgr., Al Jamison, Dick Beach, Dan Lowry, Bob Marohn, Dick Holland, Ernert McGee, Bob Willey, Frank Pauly, Howard Stewart-Mgr., Mr. Harris. Row 3: Dick Henshaw, Gordon Felgner, Jon Haverman, Don Heinz, Bob Mcllvain, Jim Wahl, George Tucker, Jim Kistner, Frank Jackson. 1952 LIBBEY KETB LL Ed Mautler James Shorter Willy Russell Bob Zedlitz Bill Thompson Coach Jeffery, Bill Thompson, Gordon Thomas, Ed Mautler, jim Shorter, Paul Winecke. Herb Maclin, Willie Boyd, Dale Spratt, Ken Meyers, Bob Zedlitz, Ron Long. ... ' T Y ' . ,V , l 1 1 V 1 ,-J - , 4 . .smiffhii ' 1 J 'W K CROSS COUNTRY A Row 1: Herbie Harding, Dick Boggs, Karl Kazemier, Allan Keller, Jerry Hawley, Raymond Shunck, Bob Mentzer, jim Ritzenthaler. Row 2i Lamar Sawyer, Bill Pohlman, Vern Eden, Harold Shunck, Ronald Kross, Mike Arner, Rowland Tim- brook. TRACK Row 1: Donald Anderson, Don Heinz, Ken Myers, Dale Spratt, jerry Hills, Jim Turner, Wayne Oestreich, Mark Simmons. Row 2: John Bacon, Jack Frayer, Cliff Browning, jon Haverman, Dick Beach, Elden Eckart, Bob Willey. Row 3: Gor- don Felgner, Tom Funka, Jim Tucker, Dick Camp, Bob Mahron, Jim Wall, Paul Williams. Row 4: Paul Winecke, Bob Carmes, Dick Schnapp, Derwood Smart, Dick Holland, Terry Mallet, Doug Hall. Row 1: Dick Slicker, Ned Warren, jr., Bill Frank, Allan Keller, jim Wassmond, Ronald Kross, Bob Muntzer. Row 2: Wayne Kakela, Ken Marney, Larry Reeves, Durchard Elzy, Bob Haverman, Willy Russell, Frank Pauly. Row 3: Berny Wineland, Bob Rose, J. B. Goines, Vern Eden, Coach Robinson, Dick Boggs, Chuck Berning, Jim McCarty, Jerry Hawley. Row 4: Bill Rosselet, James Ramsey, Dick Strahm, Leonard Rush, Herb Harding, Bill Pohlman, Mike Arner, K'Boomer" Rowe, Rowland Timbrook. GOLF Jon Haverman Frank Yaeger Jim Tucholski Ben Booth Ron Hilfinger Frank Novakolski Bob Haverman BOWLING Roland Ziegler, Dick Gardner, Dick Henningsen, Tom Funka, Ken Myers, Wayne Kakela, Ralph Kohring, Ron Long, Ron Hilfinger, Jim Tucholski. f tam 'X A A X fi .. K K I f - - 1 A 1 wwmdmwmmwf:M,yy ,... .. Wmine ALGEO BARBER SHUP 144 North St. Clair Street Baumgartner and Gargac Builders 947 Geneva Street WA. 5575 Bobb's Cleaners 2389 Wayne Toledo, Ohio Baumberger's Potato Chips and Pretzels 3540 Wayne St. at Byrne Road Phone WA. 7231 POLLMAN HOMES IN MODULAR DESIGN by The Thyer Manufacturing Corporation 2857 Wayne St. Toledo, Ohio A Toledo Product Known Nationwide PEOPLE ARE Tvs-f -Umvv 'fp Ya I-r V5 Tlersticker Funeral Hume 137-139 Maumee Toledo, Ohio Carey's Restaurant 1429 Broadway For Food At Its Best Try Our Beef Stroganoff HARTMAN'S SHELL SERVICE Anthony Wayne at Western Atcessories - Tires A to I lubrication - Tubes Tire Repairing - Batteries MA. 0347 H, H. BIRKENKAMP 1F TUNIERAIL HUME llno. 6J77ZZ1.b!b ffl 011, fu!ZT'i7ffz, 93 Years of Personal Serfvice Same Location 6 7447 ..z,cffLf'5'5 14' Phones ADams 2183-2184 1003 to 1011 Broadway Toledo, Ohio Trilby Branch Tremainsville and Alexis Road Kingswood 3772 ffl, . EIIIU 'VM f"15'3M H2175 asnnH qaueld s6l1nsg.I.IHH on dm D mln: pun dn 19 9511314 Kpnq parmag slvaw snogogpq Heine's Fish and Chips I-'or line Foods 516 Spencer WA. 9871 HEATIJN PARK TRAILER SALES Trailer Parking Est. Toledo 20 Years Byrne Rd. - So. Detroit Compliments Of ELMER DRUG STORE 1917 Wayne at Fearing WA. 2911 A Registered Pharmacist on duty at all times Compliments of BROWN MOTOR SALES - Pontiac - 90 1 FRONT STREET F. G. Gempel Buy I-1utn and Son Hnspltal Sherwin-Williams Paints 1546 Western Hardware wA. asm 1609 Broadway Wm. L. Gempel Un cler New Management John Jiskra McINTlRE'S Furniture, Appliances, Television Sales and Service 32 Years on Broadway AD. 7161 1120 BROADWAY .7oAcJo eyeighd !9Aarmacg 1528 Western Avenue Phone WAlbridge 4766 Toledo, Ohio WALTER FUNERAL HUME 1221 Broadway Phone ADams 4105 A. C. Walter D. C. Walter ERIKSEN'S, INC. Toledo fs largest Typewriter 5 tore PORTABLE 81 STANDARD MODELS ALL MAKES PEN AND PENCIL SETS SCHOOL SUPPLIES 325 Erie Street MAin 1193 GIBBONEY Plumbing and Heating Co. New and Modernization Plumbing and Heating 1430 BROADWAY ADams 3910 Toledo 9, Ohio Heinemann Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Serving South Toledo Since 1936 Phone MAin 7621 2120 Broadway Toledo, Ohio Wynn Bros. 1541-45 Wayne St. Wholesale Distributors Toledo 9, Ohio '- WAlbridge 5145 The South Side Lumber Co. Superior lumber-Millwork 2 Yards 425 Earl Street 1307 Prouty Avenue TAylor 1401 ADams 7168 WHITNEY'S DEPARTMENT STCRE 1625-1627 Broadway Viking Temple Bldg. South Side's New Modern Department Store Phone EMerson 0961 For Complete Drugs 8. Prescriptions Servire Drug Sundries Fountain Refreshments - School Supplies Stop At SEEllG'S DRUG STORE 1732 Arlington A libbey Booster Compliments To The Libbey Senior Class Ui? 1952 LEYDORF'S SUPER MARKET Quality Foods - Reasonably Priced 1949 BROADWAY We Deliver AD. 8234 Our Buns Used Exclusively In This Stadium FElllIIlilll,S Bakeries 1905 Canton Avenue MA. 3525 SWAN CREEK LUMBER COMPANY Quality Millwork Lumber and Hardware MAin 1211 226 City Park GLATUSIERSS YouNG's MARKET FLUWERS 876 Geneva St. "Greenhouse F resh" We telegraph flowers anywhere City-Wide Delivery COMPLETE GROCERY' MEATS AND Wooclville Rd. 2V2 mi. from City Limits FROZEN FOODS -I-Aylor 4684 SAVING WILL WGRK SAVING CAN WORK SAVING DGES WGRK SAVE AT THE HOME "Where Your Savings Grow In Safety, J The Home Building SL Savings Co. 902 Broadway I AD. 5192 -V Horn Hardware 1224 Broadway AD. 2281 Dealer In Hardware, Gifts and House Wares Electrical Supplies Sporting Goods Toys All Year Croft Careful Cleaners 320 So. Detroit WA. 9821 All Dry Cleaning Service Free Pick Up and Delivery Service "We Brush Pockets and Cuffs" DAVIS BUSINESS . COLLEGE Charles Petrle 339 HURON ST' MA' 7274 Hardware-Plumbing Train Efficiently, .Economically FURNACES INSTALLED and Prachcally at Roofing Applied Toledo's Mosf Oufsfanding Commercial School WA. 5380 1541 WESTERN AVE 29 YEARS OF RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE! COLLINS and PARKER, INC. DRUG STORES 445 Sou1'I1 IAT Maumee Ave.I 1347 E. Broadway IAT Alberfl A Registered Pharmacist Always AI Your CaII the worId's Q9 QMMZW QM? your oyster f A A - inatelephone +0 L , N If f f I ' I T-:Eau-A DVANCENIENT I Xkiiuflral K ' W W A ...I THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY L lf KUEIlMANN'S ORIGINAL America's Quality PIDTATO CHIPS SERVING SINCE 1899 Popcorn Pretzels Shoestrings Compliments of Ulympi:-1 Bnwlinq I-llley 1728 Broadway Toledo, Ohio Phone MA. 2257 SZYMANSKI 51 SONS Collision Experts Complete Automobile Repairs Body and Fender Work 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Corner Buckingham and Hoag Streets TOLEDO, OHIO SPANGLER CANDY wishes your school success The finest in cancly! 313 MONROE ToLEDo, OHIO Ted's Sohio Service For Sefrfvice at it's Best Western and Hawley COM PLIMENTS OF St. John Coal Company 875 Spencer Street COMPLIMENTS OF WAYNE Lumber Company COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND lf? S' ja lx 128 To Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Duffey noon is an exciting Careful daily reckoning is required of Mrs. Meyer and time of day. Mrs. Sander. A good time was had by all at the Perie dance. Mrs. Elwing capably manages our cafeteria. "Feeding children is a serious job," says Miss Mackin. Joanne and her prize-winning experiment. "Really, Grampa?" A dummy on the Streetcar track? Christmas in the Home Economics apartment. Wou1dn't you rather shake hands with her? Another first run picture at Libbey. "NoeI! Noel! the angels did sayf' We Are Tailors Why not let "From A to Z" us serve you? , SPENCER DRY CLEANERS, DYERS 81 TAILORS pl'0S8llfS DRUBE, PROPFIIETO 626 Sp Phone WA. 3689 flpg latest in WHITNEY ELECTRIC C0. Sales Service Installation 2105 Monroe St. AD.' 5136 the world of sports over WTOD and WTRT-FM COM PLINIENTS OF FRANK A. RINE Hi-Speed Station Complete Lubrication WAYNE AND FEARING LEIT5 IJELIIIIITESSEN 1883 WAYN E ST. WARREN GONGWER, PROP. "Good Food and Good Service" ZIMMERMAN SHELL SERVICE KERMIT ZIIVIMERIVIAN, PROP. 2o6oB d y tStbb NIA0344 TId9Oh COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF The Sewing Shop 1326 DORR STREET TOLEDO OHIO Two Loyal Libbeyites 0 Arlington Flower Shop Mary Helen Johnson - '38 and Opposite Maumee Valley Hospital Margaret Richards .- '32 Flowers for all Occasions coiviPLnvlENTs OF ABLINE BEAUTY BURNER We Deliver 2110 Arlington Toledo 9, Ohio COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF url Xi Chick's Barber Shop 506 SPENCER STREET CONIPLIIVIENTS OF Carlton Market 556 CARLTON Cliff Nelson Fuel Co. To Heat Your Home 1336 SOUTH ST. Trade your old car as down payment on a better one. Crego Motor Sales 5401 Monroe COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Conold Pharmacy 629 CHERRY ST. lVlA. 0204 E. J. FRIES and SONS Quality Groceries and Market 1553 WESTERN AVE. WA. 5621 COMPLIMENTS OF' Augie Volk and Bob Tripp will fill your hunting and fishing needs! A. L. Simnnds 8 Sun DETROIT AND GLENDALE anoss Pnoro sumv F. S. MYERS 8: SCN Quality Furniture and Home Appliances Famous Makes of Dependable Home Furnishings I since 1926! Main at Fourth East Toledo TA. 2473 ACHIC PhH1'maCV Martins Market 1401 SOUTH ST. Complete Line of l Rexall Store . Reliable Prescription Service Grocenes' Meals and Frozen Foods aul F. Rupp Earl A h WA. 1434 EM 0566 1218 B d y Since 1863 As The W. T. HUBBARD LUMBEB C0 HARDWOOD LUMBER Serving All Industries INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL Basswood Beech Birch Butternut Cherry Chestnut Cottonwood Elm Blackgum Wholesale Lots ALL FINEST QUALITY HARDWOODS Toledo Owned 6? Operated Red Gum Sap Gum Hackberry Hickory Magnolia Hard Maple Soft Maple Red Oak White Oak Pattern Pine Poplar Sycamore Tupelo Walnut Willow White Pine Yellow Pine Cypress Canadian Spruce Boat Lumber and Greenhouse Lumber - We Buy Native Standing Timber One Piece or a Carload for Immediate Delivery Anywhere 666-676 Western at Anthony Wayne Trail Allams 9621 Compliments Ot N' R' , REALTY CO In 0 w N S B U R Y Everything In Real Estate C H E v R 0 I- E Located on the South Side of Toledo for 35 years aol mom smm ,027 Broadway Toledo, Ohio ADams 3878 Toledo, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF ERNST Rexall DRUGS sl, l x. ,1 1639 BROADWAY W CONIPLINIENTS OF Geneva Market 501 GENEVA WA. 5516 leon's Super Market Full Line Of GROCERIES - MEATS - VEGETABLES BAKED GOODS 81 FROZEN FOODS Open Every clay excepi Monday 8 a.m. fo 7 p.m. 846 Western Ave. AD. 3549 COM PLIMENTS OF The Frank Cartage Co. General Trucking 1114 Washingto AD 6 821 Gable llry Cleaners "Our Work Speaks For Itself" 1782 Wayne St. WA. 8 O71 Estelle 1F lowers 1 We Telegraph Flowers 737 W. CENTRAL GA. 3074 The Gift rhavs a Tribute fx f"7N, F ,. '. U :MQ W X Felgner's Clothingl SL Shoe Store 2234 Wayne St t S tn Tol d Oh Vx l I Telephone ADams 2030 Genrqe M. flhel ' Flnrist Flowers for Every Qccasion Member F. T. D. 1528 B dway Tol do 9, Ohio COIVIPLIMENTS OF Maumee The Roth Motor Sales Frozen Food Your Pontiac Dealer 1217 CHERRY ST. 306 West Wayne Maumee, Ohio COME TO US FOR MA 4214 Walbridge Cleaners 2616 BROADWAY Save With THE BEST IN Cash and Carry FROZEN FOODS 81 GROCERIES WA. 2314 HAUGHTON Arthur W. Toepfer ELEVATOR Dea er In ' coMPANY Groceries and Meats 2067 WAYNE ST. WA. 1034 Freight and Passenger Elevators Toledo, Ohio Wall's Drug Store 1132 Broadway at Western Toledo 9, Ohio WADE'S SHOE SERVICE 1426 SOUTH ST. T Iedo 9, Ohio W Hull and Meinert are proud of Libbey"s contribution to Sending Christmas help to needy families. the Community Chest. . . ' h ' h . Tom Graf under the careful supervision of Mr. Vossler. Clearing the way for t eu teac ers The beauty of the Edelian Class surrounds the world. joAnn, Marcia, and Nancy marvel at Miss Payne's record A 00 To Glendale Super Market Krempds Market For the Best in I-'ood 1001 Kng St. MAil 2332 2006 - 2010 Glendale O p l ervice b place t p h y ur' d ugs, groceries, d ats. 186 WA. 3467 WA. 3466 These Careful Cleaners Shirts Beautifully Launclerecl Glendale Cleaners WE PICK UP AND DELIVER WA. 0842 2007 GI d I GULF SERVICE W. G. WILSON Wayne and Fe ' g BI d WA. 0126 For Office Supplies and Furniture D ,zkeif I fini ..... .,., 2Lc.71ff'Ul MA 8114 C A Z L AAUVKMXY X If 'ml fi The Newell Il. Newton Company 1010 Jackson St, Hawley Cut Rate 205-9 N. HAWLEY ST. Where You Get The Best For Your Money PRICE-QUALITY-SERVICE COIVIPLIMENTS OF TeIIa's Sunoco Service Arlington and Woodsdale 'Tor Better Service " Sheperd's SOHIO STATION Atlas Tires--Batteries and Accessories Phone WA. 0173 FEARING AND DUNHAM Diamonds Watches Birthstone Rings Watch Bands Silverware Costume Jewelry Clocks Compacts SHER-G0 CREDIT JEWELERS 1532 Broadway at South FA. 5491 Qfkey C:!IlfLiA8l'6Ll'l CZWCA REV. ALTHAUS TORONTO AND NELSON TOLEDO, OHIO Fnrmal Wear Fm' Hunt Full Dress Suits, Tuxedos, Cutaways Our Suits Are New 6. Latest Styles Open Evenings Until 9:30 O'clock Rl.lSSEll'S DRY CLEANING AND CLOTHING C0. 405 Broadway at Knapp MA. 0380 CONIPLIMENTS OF s. M. JONES COM PLIIVIENTS OF Ray Shunck .IAEGEIYS . Qualzty BUWVLING ALLEYS Used Cars 3439 COLLINGWOOD 937 Western at Mozart FA 0330 IVIA 0019 COMPLIMENTS OF Rowe Industries Direct From Our Nets To You RILEY FISH MARKET Oysters Seafoods 1702 WAYNE WA. 5666 1638 Broadway FA 7668 Compliment of . RED Grace E. Smlth's Restaurant CAB Service and Cafeteria Madison and Erie "Nationally known for good food" CC. MA. 1234 213 14th Street D. A. DUFFEY 81 SDN Builrfng fontractors 824 Geneva Ave. WA. 2165 Milo Bowling Lanes 1341 South St. Bowl Here For Fun CONIPLIMENTS OF KLEAR and KOPANKO Auditors and Tax Consultants TOLEDO, OHIO Juris Barber Sllnp HAWLEY HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE Pittsburgh and Arvin Texture Paints Electrical Supplies American Kitchens 946 BUCKINGHAIVI STREET MA. 2017 320 No. Hawley St. JAX SERVICES INC. Formerly R. St W. Motorcraft Service South and Wendell WA. 9211 Toledo 9, Ohio james Coyle and Son Funeral Directors 539 Broadway 2475 Collingwood National Cement Products Co. 2930 Wayne Street COIVIPLIMENTS OF MELLEQS WA. 3477 Mel Durfey Cement and Cinder Block Servlce Steel Casement Sash 206 Fearing at Airline Builders Suppnes WA. 8961 Toledo 9 Oh Niitafs Beauty Shop Permanent Wave Centre WA. 0916 2015 Glendal S t Nu-EH Hifi Shop Religious Articles and Repair Work Hobby Kits Notions 1778 Wayne WA. 3134 OHIO SOUND And TELEVISION CO. Antenna Installations Ratio and T V Repair 229 Dorr St. MA. 5827 W. C. Gase, Mgr. Broadway Bnntery 1502 Broadway Toledo, Ohio Mrs. Balcluf Says Hi Seniors! Let Us Make Your Wedding Cake prices are very reasonable -- free help on menus and wedding plans AD. 1022 AD. 4711 BALDUF'S South and Broadway CARL R ALDUF PROP. Best PWSIIES of RADIO STATION WSPD SERVING TOLEDO WITH AM FM TELEVISION NeaI's Drug Stores We tiII your neighbor's prescriptions. Do we fill yours? T wo Convenient locations 1051 WESTERN 2596 BROADWAY WALBRIDGE PARK REFRESHMENT CO. 2701 Broadway "fine for fun" We Congratulate Libbey Seniors STAUTZENBERGER sEcnE1'AmAl. scl-lool. 120 Erie Street Complete Courses in Accounting and Secretarial Over thirty years' experience HENRY HIRSCHMAN J. w. SELFE Two big drips in the Senior Play. The Edelian class is busy at work. Barbara and Ronny have fun at the Zet dance. Unexpected Hospitality Seniors display their cooking ability. The Libbey typists help with the freshmen X-ray Files , The tremendous cast of the Senior Play. . Fournier's Meat Block COMPLIMENTS OF Fresh and Smoked Meats Day 1776 Arlington Ave. WA. 3224 108 WASHINGTON WA' 0292 Kopfman Bakery AL LITTLE Your Sohio Dealer WAYNE 84 SOUTH Atlas Tires 6? Batteries 1940 WAYN E WA. 0627 For The Best ln Bake Goods COIVIPLIMENTS OF 'I'nm's Barber Shnp 760 NICHOLAS AVENUE BEVERLY PHARMACY 3670 Rugby Dr. Chas. L. Hoffman, Prop. Phone ADams 1153 Res. Phone WA. 2182 CARL MAZZURCO CO. You've Tried the Rest.. . ...Now Try the Best WIXEY BAKERY IMPORTERS OF 2011 Glendale WA. 6684 Food Products 513 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio Toledo, Ohio SPECIALIZE IN Birthday and Wedding Cakes 146 Jim and Tom Frank TRIANGLE SALES AND SERVICE 1631 BROADWAY Toledo, Ohio ADams 6512 COMPLIMENTS OF SHORTY'S Hamburgers and Hotdogs DETROIT AT BUCKINGHAM COMPLIMENTS OF WAYNE Super Market Home of Quality Fresh Dressed Meats and Home Made Sausages A Complete Food Market COMPLINIENTS COlVlPLIMENTS OF OF MURPHY-lumen Scannell Electric DIUHITUAIIY 1855 COLLINGWOOD BLVD. Mrs. Corinne Brown Cinderella Shop Mr. and Mrs. Harold Batch Mr. and Mrs. E. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hepner Jamra's Market Patrons Toledo Heights Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Fred Limoges Joseph F. Limoges Bremer's Market Mrs. R. W. Sass Earl's Sohio I4 THE SENIOR CLASS WISH TO EXPRESS THEIR APPRECIATION TO LASALLE'S PHOTOREFLEX STUDIO FOR THEIR CO-OPERATION IN TAKING THE SENIOR CLASS PICTURES. "Hello . . . Coke I" 149 A Q X IOYYLID UND!! AUTMOIIIY OF UNE COCA-COLA COMPANY IV JOSTEN'S Treasure . . . Craft Jewelers CLASS RINGS - CLASS PINS Commencement Announcements Designers and Manufacturers of the World's Finest School Jewelery Main Office and Plant - Owatonna, Minnesota Eastern Division Headquarters - 627 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio "Our Mission In life ls To Serve You Well " TOLEDO BLUE PRINT sl PAPER co. rom s. sou MORTUARY SU,,pL,ES 60 Years of Service Engineerg Architect: Artist: Draftsman 2310 Jefferson Ave. Near Collingwood 316 SUPERIOR ST. TOLEDO, OHIO Toledo, Ohio Member Floral Telegraph Delivery you Are Corwully fnvited. . . Maybe it's a progressive dinner, a th t P rt ' ht- ' t - h t th Mafy Ao WHTHHUQ 52515 ozisihzrilg dseemiiceoviiill mildatevth pl fth g t Exp ive? No, 1ndeed. On the cont y you will find that compared with other forms of tra- vel, chartered service is very reasonable. For suggestions and quotations, call 1217-1219 Broadway AD- 1241. ,Min 623, THE CDMMUNITY TRACTION co. 'iff Xxx Compfomefef -l!iresl1ffMilk Students Wanted 0 Builds Strong, Comptometer School Graduates Are In Constant Demand High School Graduates and College Students are invited to visit our school. To take a short, inexpensive Comptometer Course offered by the manufacturer, enroll at any time. Morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Instruction given on the latest model Comptometer by qualified instructors. Many positions available in the Toledo area for our graduates. Comptometer School 17th 84 Monroe l.0.0.F. Bldg. MAin 8421 Healthy Bodies Makes Alert Minds The Doctors Say: "Drink a Quart of Fresh Milk Every Day." 50 QOKCIQIT, ecard 0 .szruice The Tnledn Printing En. Incorporated October 2, 1902 - and Still Serving You 512-514 Erin St. Ml-L E229-2220 Il ix given in only tl feu' fo me Ibeir life .rpan I0 bene- fiz all genemfirfm 10 mme ufler Ibeuz . . . Such zzm' the gif! of Tbollzul' Alm Ediron. pioneer in applying elerlririty 10 belief lbe lot of mankind. . i X be We are proud to bear his name Only a holder of the original Edison license may use the name "Edison" as part of its corporation title. It is the mark of a pio- neer. The Toledo Edison Company, a busi- ness-managed, tax-paying, self-supporting electric power company, is so proud to be so honored . . . In this our 50th Anniversary Year we renew our pledge to serve our cus- tomers to the very best of our ability. THE TOLEDO M WW 150 M3 f If-1 I I IM cfffw OWENS ILLINOIS GLASS COMPANY TOLEDO 1,01-no 52 HT VE ETIZI ELI ll SEHVIEE NEW VENETIAN BLINDS V COMPLETE REPAIR AND CLEANING SERVICE 9 it . if fl. A Qayiffffff . I . - , ,- , U v WWW? . " J f V y CT 'Z p GARFIELD 1144 Ea, ALQO c F if WMQQM 754 WESTERN AVE. . 'f l TOLEDO 9, oH1o HOMER SCHROEDER AFTER GRADUATION ..... ? ? ? ? Suppose you are postponing further academic learning and are going to work. Have you chosen your field of endeavor? Are you considering the places where you will look for work? Have you considered L-O-F? What do those letters mean? stands for Libbey in the corporate name Libbey-Owens-Ford. But "LU in L-O-F also stands for Loyalty. The company recognizes this by annually paying honor to scores of people with more than 25 years of company service. stands for Owens. But "O" in L-O-F also stands for Opportunity. There are many versions of opportunity in L-O-F. A former mailboy is a traffic executive, another is high on the ladder in the purchasing department. A former accountant has become an officer of the company. stands for Ford. In L-O-F, this letter also can stand for "Friends,' because you have many friends when you work in L-O-F. It also can identify two of the company's products-flat glass and Fiber-Glass. LIBBEY' OWENS ' FORD g 4 GLASS 153 Compliments of Wessenclori Gull Service Wayne Arlington 81 Wooclsclale Restaurant WA. 0171 Toledo, Ohio 1883 Wayne Street Toledo, Ohio Compliments of llilfingol' Corporation 1800 Westwood Ave. Die Castings Metal Fabricating Electro-Plating NEIHOUS AGENCY General Insurance , i ae! lnsure Today - Save Loss 555 T0m0I'rOW American Alliance Insurance Company A - T l h : EM. 8016 1137 So H1 venu p one T l d 9 Oh ,, W ,YW BEVERLY MARKET QUALITY FOODS 81 MEAT Delivery .Service 3664 Rugby Dr. WA. 3469 ARLINGTGN DRY CLEANERS Arlington at Woodsdale VVA. 0526 We Deliver ioolr . . . CHRISCRAFT LYMAN - PENN YAN SHELL LAKE DINGHYS - CANOES - SAILBCATS YACHTS MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS GRAY MARINE MOTORS B O D E T TE MARINE suPPLlEs A Complete Murine Hardware T-3-5 So. Summit St. Toledo, Ohio Compliments of MUUNTAIN5 BAKERY 1410 South Street Compliments of Broadway Hardware Gm Appliance Co. 1905-O7 Broadway coMPLuMENTs or THE CLASSES L., ?J to if ,, 3 I , I Q. . Distinctwe and Floral Creations from JOE I. CUCPER, Florist "For those who want the bestl' Phone ADams 5139 1633-35 Broadway Toledo, Ohio Qi me wg wif Q x X N We - PN 3 g AUILZZRAPHS H 1 J ff W 1 J-34 ef? . . Q if EQ 6 Q93 025.5-f V if 5 M Sy JYJQ Jyjf My 54 Q W wiv Q? 1' g J' - ,yfufwa L 5 .,kl ll X 1 gl A 10 N fa, 'U q vWV,5vC aj MLM 5J5,wEJx:J6?J,J' M ,wif . bi JQYIJCWV JMVJL ,jf A-1 I J A M qw NM Lt Vglwvcy, ply, ,Q fd f O vcwfwgifw C , ffv . A AQ,fXf'2' b l'xfXOjx X . NLMB ' 'Jbff R 1 1 ' . ' Y ' Q,-E113-gin-0-41M V L 'fy . 6 ulailu-ful ,tm 159-I on I wtf Auf , bf ' , 5 AJIW My r ' L N' M 3 . f H 3-jwbgl Qfgwfwx JCM fzdw 3 qw' Mmm JM ' 330523 Wx L- Q S Gmc 7 J A W Q 5 ' if Wy W Q ,LS N is xg? N X K 3 A W ,, ix XX QU t x:l7f,i,AQ,f r J'5'4U' V X N l ga , Xi V . , dy- -P NN jx Si, U? Wg. Y xg V ,a -Jo ' ff gs! Q2 8 3 M x. by : N -CV Q f A X T N , ' .V r , su moi . C? X' 7 ,JV 'IQ' 5 .57 'W ,X Q, N 9 fi, Y , X , 'N A A , Fx .W X E f -.N li W Q x 'V ff . 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Suggestions in the Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) collection:

Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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