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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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x -rf " v"P'V i f' 'z1f "" i7if5' :'5' -i:..GR44e3if'? 'cs1iQ new-:.:if UT .b 35553 Q' f 1 L. -. - H if , A f 4 'Q 1 1' P- ' 1 -17 ' ' ,r " 'A '- -g' Z .-1, -1. 2f."" 'Q -,:, 'A W 1' . ' ,' . . ff, 71 ffl- , F.-1' ig- - ,J ,l LL," X - , F .,, - LF! .-Lvl -ffl - , . .1171 , ' l f wi. , J LU! hi f JJHL h lb s nf , 6 1, A b . A 1- E7 ,V ,ff rw , X . J NU F s. I L QJLI, ch, r Q., P-rr g .I 1'- .1 x. ,..,. ' ,J-'V , r - ' W Q , Q35 ff gl . -, .V sy if F-' ri LL' ' WK XL :ll '..r"1 - rfb, x V 6 I 1:3 , .V . , ' A 1, I ' . g 4 If A . -3' ' K ' ' , Q 3 L ., I, ' JU- , Juq f 1' ' ff' ,QV . "hy ' ll ' I 2 - -1 1'1' ' ' I 'fi fd ' - Q5 b 1 E I . Ji K., -"Xb VILXL is . If . - - ,- -mxffigz. L HK ,J av el 2, an M w , W - f K' K" I U-1 1 I J N4 I WW Q A eff' Q , ,rf X 1 - 2-:iv ,,,v ,IV I . , ' '4 Lf M 15:11, 3 'V W, f , 1 . 'ihl ' A aw . , , '. . - f 4 gf f , l V . . 5x X , ' . ' ll ' I 19253. P I A7 fn L' k "" I 11' I - f 5.1-fr , , I , ' . , fx v 3 . 'PJ Y' ga Q.-xo .S X J' ff .r ii" G C I 3 I S Y .,, ' . fi-N M-7? 53 as Q41 , , J I 43 ,W : 31- I, lu,-,L . -H, Y ' so-H .7 ' Q? E A of -F ,, Q -'7 Q Q-f - my - -4 5' ff , ' A X -sv .s V 59 ' in 1 -' ' 4' -P' Q X,- j.jT'Iw' cj J-" QQ X, 5- 11 , . ,gf-, ,ff Q- .-'fy vo . -ME L :7 if ,- . ' 0 PS Q." -ff -, V - gi WV W: cw 0 ' + N QQ .af J if W M- .f Q' ' . Q f 1 'Q - ' of J- our H-ra V 0 X99 . 1, X ,H Q96 gl' i f 'l 'Z' A l ' J - 6? SEQ-5.' " ' - A . sb, -S9 ' 4' - 51-llf' ' Q' 9 fi di ., 31611 - - f A M "?'fEf:f ' ' if-'L , ' 1 V - I 'Jil . . , ' , , . if 14 X - 'i' 2 V f ' xp f 1 1 - - I -- ? ' ' N V . A . -- 1 5. . ,. ' ., - Ai ' i- ,! 'f-33-:, Q-Eff' .-,lr I1 A 'T V 1, V- .fiw'1"' - ' ' "'- -.7 N., 1 455L',-,-365, z., ,xg-,-gQr:,1z ...P :Q ,fgj . ,ggjg gf:-, if QQ! .,-- j .' -J' 1741? f'1j,'3.EEf1g"S54g1,.. .1 ,FP Ig":2'3j-Eff""j' ig: I' .MH -.-A 1, '- -f 11. '-fn-N' . C AV 6--f' '-I-5-Is, 7 ,-gf-11: '-.u'w.:113.L.-: er A' '.'-- -w'W?'-- -. '-2'-2 --Yi' -"fat .-L+"--F W."3-Qfv1T::fL i- f-w-14-ei'-ik' 1 ge" ..- '1'-. 5 f2Hrf?f 'R'1l'H5"ix,'?C" i3EQ'5'F:1:IZ-'3'f mf' L jf " H"L"' X E ,lf -W5 ' wif' - 3 " "l" viAZ:'f 1 if?-5'5?' 'r" ' ."'-' " ff ' ' ?L .q: 11" !- T5 - V f f " Wil W 4 3 ' :,. 5' Fggiggjf ,glaifmm A X-' 19 2-Il f.!. If Z -' g g-' H im. .L.1.1.'- ,, ,-M.-P ,pl W A ,, M ....4.. Nw ... M...-V... ,, , ..., -.......,...k.-:Q-v.......f Q .-g....s.-.p,.,,.,: , ., .J .,. 2 ,,:,, V . 1,,,,,,,A.,,f , 1" 2, . I rs- ' I VV- vitjff- . , Q trdilprfw A A fyvqfu 1 I -, I . 9' ,Q j A-55 rs Mfiifffa 1341 ,L,,vf,x'.Z7w1ffQ,A,,,, yeffwv, J 'W Mfr 'Wi 'AfW,myu,,, ' , - W-1 mf'f-Wx Q MYWMW ALM, fgwfv' , W QWHQ 2 , W "Mx ,af hwy 7 7775, W-QQ v- -,- . -1--.- -f-.- Y- --w-1 f,--1f- -1.-.1f--111-4-ug-.-Q -U -S ll --.:. ..,-an--1-4 - - vp ff V--- - ,igfd .,..,.....L?V- I L- sM, .Mm,, ajygellggy 0-.f'k.'fv-Q-',fua.,LEsaR ,bv-van! 44406 GWV- fC!"45"d QM: PMf,fMf,fw2W-ML , Q A I 1, V pegffyffa-042Gf4 fa1ff'f70, L?64WwVxk'QAvyiC07o" --Q1-"'71A7iZ-fu? 4.,Me.c,a--vmzx-Q, gig-.Q,l..,o-6a,r2,5d'-'A'2'0""""' ci'-.1-e.J . ,AID W,.w.f:fQ,1 W MW mf, A ,Gia ,fowfiwiwwybywm .. !,4g,t,,,,Jc-,., WfwT,QfiZ?Z?j5.'fzi"3l2ffwfff jafw ,,f.Z-Cff:fwff'ZHfWW7 Jf'17Q M7 ' .... fw My fffah gf M 5'fi ! ffm? V . Y . ,N , ' U -A 'I . H' Y ' 1 , . -- .. . , ,V , L' . W 1" ' 1- . . X -' v ' . 'X' " A 1.,A'.--' , .W-A M A A .H N, .,'if?.-e,..4,.',4.1,ggg.,Y,, J ,,,, . , , 1 :- W QL Jwbawbeq ' ffl WW ! wb AMw'ff -fJfL -4-J . 'f f gfWyffVc1 ,lf Oiwjfffjlfjdv 7 ff WW I J J? WJ wwmdw ddzfwf bw W W wwf Wiliam 1 U L' W WL' 4,,.1i.,4,,, .,,L,. vu. ,V P W 52" I , yffw' fffWgg !LfyfflL GJ- . 2,'jQ,fJ.ff'f1f'W ,,,,,w4fM"f""' MJ! .WM LWTLMAJQJ ,l,,.k Mfg? E - , Es M1 iM w'5SQS i aww Q Mi 5553 eu mi The ubkshed by the swden Q of L1 dmc Class 'bbeq Hxgb oi 19 SX Sched the Se . Superintendent E. L. Bowsher The graduating class of Libbey High School wishes to congratulate our Superintendent of Schools, Mr. E. L. Bow- sher, for his fine administration and wish him every success in the continuing years. 4 wf mm x si - f sn N .M 1-sufili ZX Ei fuss rss .MA gan 434 mf rxW.f'S,,? wwea was Q pn gyss :fn 41 for ai N Qfwi Principal Loy W. Rusie The Senior Class of 1951 feel that we are very close to our principal, Mr. Loy W. Rusie because we are the first group that has been under his guidance for four years. Dur- ing that time We have learned to know him as an adviser, a pal, and a friend. We wish him the best of luck for future years, as we gratefully acknowledge the encouragement and help he was never too busy to give us. 5 M 3 W yawn K gn m X if ss ss ss f E sw wk ss E H M W Mmm 2. aww H ss Ek ss 3 E Wm fm wx Sym,- E mn .mums ms mf- ms E5 ms was mx- H H . H 2 S8325 -ww V KL... gg W1 Hx Q We M Emma E ss L M mmm ss-. E Q ss ss SASL ram Wm my Tn Q ww- W bmw WMM MESS ES EXTERN Wm M W EEE an ss x-x NYS .wefm Wiimw 57538 WA M553 mf ms gs ms B x-x ss 515355525 SSE SSH H E W Www KNEW I E,-N-,,g N K H , Mmggzgsxxnaxl QW! M5 , wma iam H H gms gn 'nm Tm :Q M mm M H Jw 'gun BB E SS M W H as, EE E1 H H M M B 'S 'EEE K : 2 .M M H a . mwffsg mf-Fig SM H mx M H. 5. H mg mn Msgs CHARLES ROBINSON si mm DEDICATIO An excellent coach, teacher, and citizen, a man to whom all friends of Lib- bey point with pride, a favorite son is Charles Robinson. Spoken of more affectionately as "Robbie", he is another Libbey graduate who has gone forth, garnering many honors in college, returning later to give of his many talents and skills for the benefit and success of his school. Attending Miami University of Oxford, Ohio, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree, Mr. Robinson made a place for himself in colle- giate athletics with outstanding records in football and track. He was men- tioned on several all-Ohio teams while playing the position of half-back and his track achievements were spectacular. Running against such highly tout- ed individuals in the track world as Owens and Metcalfe, "Robbie" is said to have been one of the fleetest collegians on the cinder path. After teach- ing in Xenia, Ohio, Where he coached football and basketball, Mr. Robin- son returned to Toledo, to teach biology in Libbey. Very happily married, and the father of two children, Tommy and Nancy, he attends Park Congre- gational Church. In his leisure time, what little he has, "Robbie" enjoys doing leather tooling and has made beautiful articles. His summers are oc- cupied by his tasks at Scott Park swimming pool. "Robbie's" outstanding qualities - his sense of humor, determination, spirit, and his sincerity - are those which have made him the fine line coach that he is. He commands the respect and admiration of every one of his "boys" with whom he works, evening after evening. Probably the most fitting tribute to this personable friend is the humble, admiring sincerity in the eyes of team members when they speak of their beloved "Coach", To you, then, "Robbie", with the most heartfelt appreciation of all that you have done, we, the Senior Class of Libbey High School, dedicate this, the 1951 Edelian. 7 MISS RUTH DUSHA Director NANCY HIPP Co-Editor CONTENTS School View ................. -- 2-3 Superintendent E. L. Bowsher --- 4 Principal Loy W. Rusie ....... 5 Mr. Robinson ............... 6 Dedication ............ 7 Edelian Heads .......... - 8-9 Dr. Williams Memoriam --- --- Io-11 Office Personnel ......... -- I2 Deans ..... .. .... I3 Faculty --- -- 14-23 DOROTHY LEE Co-Editor CONTENTS Robert E. Leydorf Memoriam --- -- Celebrities at Libbey ......,.. --- Seniors .............. --- 24-25 26-27 28-47 Classes -- - .... 48-69 Snaps --- --- 7o-71 Clubs ..... --- 72-101 Athletics --- ..... IO2-II3 Snaps ........ ..... 1 14-117 School Song .... ..... 1 18-121 Ads and Snaps .... ..... I 22-147 Autographs .... ---148-159 MR. CHARLES MARTIN Business Director SUE KANNEY Circulation Manager HELYN RIGNEY A dvertising Manager Dr. Charles E. Williams ME DRIAM Libbey has lost a friend! In the passing of Dr. Charles H. Williams on March twenty-seventh, both the faculty and the students of our school ex- perienced a feeling of deep and sincere grief. Since the opening of Libbey, Dr. Williams, who was the physician brother of our first principal, Mr. Harold E. Williams, has felt an enthusiastic interest in all of us, which he manifested by his many visits and generous gifts. As a connoisseur of art, Dr. Williams was eager to beautify the new school and consequently se- lected many pictures for us which are still to be seen in our halls, office, apartment, library, auditorium, and in English and other class rooms. He helped arrange these pictures and gave many inspiring talks to help the pupils appreciate and interpret them. Later Dr. Williams established the trophies for the outstanding boy and girl in the senior class and also gave yearly trophies to the excellent player in football and in basketball. His work was ever for the advance- ment of Libbey and the perpetuating of high ideals among the students. We greatly mourn his passing because he was our beloved and revered friend. But we do not feel that he is gone from us, because his kindly in- fluence and benevolent graciousness will remain always as one of our rich- est traditions. 5 1 .Q 1-in RS' xii ix 'vm I- MISS GERTRUDE KANNEY University of Toledo A.B. University of Michigan M.A. MR. JOHN OSGOOD Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR DEANS OF BOYS AND GIRLS MR. CHARLES R. MARTIN Toledo University A.B. 13 J DEPARTME R. C. BAKER WILLIAM EVERHART QHistoryj fEng1ishj , NWS X JOHN W. FAST MRS. HAZEL D. FLATZ Clndustryj CCommerciaIj CHAIRME HERMAN R. HARDING GRACE IRWIN CM3ff16IHHfiCSb fOIf8Hf8t1'OHD MARY E. RUSSELL FREDERICK VOSSNER CModetn Languagej fSciencej ENGLISH AND LANGUAGES RUTH ALLEN 69 N69 MRS. P. BLACK RUTH ALLEN: English and Orientation, University of Toledo, B.S., M.A.3 Senior Y-Teens Adviser. MRS, PAULINE BLACK: English and Orientationg University of To- ledo, B.A.g Sophomore Y-Teen Adviser. MRS. PAULINE BURTON: Lating University of Michigan, A.B., M.A.g American Academy in Romeg Classical Honor Society Adviserg junior Classical League Adviser, Academic Counselor. GRACE M. DeLISLE: Englishg University of Toledo, B.S., M.S.3 Zeta- lethean Adviser. RUTH A. DUSHA: Englishg Ohio State University, A.B.g Columbia Uni- versity, M.A.g Periclean Adviser, "Edelian" Directorg Future Teachers of America Adviser. WILLIAM E. EVERHART: English, Chairman of Departmentg Speech, Michigan State Normal, B.S, FLORENCE GERDES: Englishg University of Michigan, A.B.g Colum- bia University, M.A.g Philalethean Adviser: "Crystal" Adviser. JEAN GILBERT: Englishg Ohio State University, B.S., Senior and Junior Class Co-Adviserg National Honor Society Co-Adviserg Student Council Co-Adviser. MRS. P. BURTON GRACE M. DeLISLE WM. E. EVERHART FLORENCE GERDES A ,l RUTH A. DUSHA Q In 1-18,14 'sv MZNMW., sa 41 ei , Wyaa XL, ,IL . ---,.1'i51+fS tif ff kifilgla z,'i.,'Q asia. , . We ,. 'mi gpg'-. 2 , 4 -. R N I ea' B Qs Aff-ifm' 4 L?-Y. W .. JEAN GILBERT ENGLISH AND LANGUAGES GRACE IRWIN: English: Orientation, Chairman of Department: Ohio Wesleyan, A.B.: United Nations Club Adviser. MARY E, KIRK: English: University of Toledo, A.B., M.A.: University of Besancon, France: Philalethean Adviser: Y. O. B. Adviser. BERNICE KRUEGER: French: Orientation: University of Michigan, B.A., M.A.: University of Paris: French Club Adviser. ALMA LOK: German and English: University of Toledo, A.B.: Univer- gg sity of Michigan, M.A.: University of Berlin. GRACE IRWIN VIRGINIA C. MAY: English and Orientation: College of New Rochelle A.B.: Columbia University, M.A.: Red Cross Adviser. GERTRUDE I. PAYNE: English and Commercial: University of Tole- T! do, B.S. MARY E. RUSSELL: Spanish: Chairman of Modern Language Depart- ment: Oberlin College, A.B.: Universidad Nacional di Mexico, M,A.g Jun- ior Y-Teen Adviser. ZOE G. SCOTT: English: Ohio Wesleyan University, A.B. MARY E. KIRK BERNICE KRUEGER ALMA LOK VIRGINIA C. MAY wise - sus 'Ts is iSwifQEQiH'rfe. 5:5:.i,,,kT,?g,,2d1,gf' A f-xfn--nQsL- , 1 1 14 fix' , N-A fa : .w V ---rel . ,,-wx-M -' '- 52 A V AT tg I H I.,.,'I- .A K' - Q' ,....,.s ' . MA, V- si 'I f 3 1 -Q ,,.:' K -4 ,, I ' f ' Akasa? 5.5: jfs- .. , k in .,. W gg? I 1 E... 1, Af-'Ti A'-I ss Q wsu, I .. I.. ei? . V E "if A :Q W A M L, su- -235:-I--zg. ,:iH,f'a. .kiqgj-f ,fy to if fx -. 4,1 gm- f - 114' , ,' f ,x -x we -K wif-J f...,.. GERTRUDE I. PAYNE MARY E. RUSSELL ZOE G. SCOTT R. C. BAKER s fr we if A. M. COSTIGAN. E GRACE HENDERSON 18 SOCIAL STUDIES R. C. BAKER: Social Studies, Chairman of Department, Ohio Northern University, B.S.g Wisconsin University, M.A., Debate Club Adviser, Unit- ed Nations Club Associate Adviser. ANGELA M. COSTIGAN: Social Studies and Speech, Ohio State Uni- versity, B.S., M.A., Dramatic Club Adviser. AILEEN B. EBERTH: Social Studiesg Columbia University, B.S., M.A.g Zetalethean Adviser. ELLA FELLER: Social Studies, University of Toledo, B.S., M.A. GRACE HENDERSON: Social Studiesg Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed.g Zetalethean Adviserg Senior and Junior Class Co-Adviser, Na- tional Honor Society Co-Adviserg Student Council Co-Adviser. FLORENCE LUTTON: Social Studies, University of Toledo, A.B., M.A. LAWRENCE L. VANDER: Social Studiesg University of Toledo, A.B., M.A. MARGARET WAITE: Social Studies and Orientation, University of Toledo, B.S., A.B. AILEEN B. EBERTH ELLA FELLER ,. W- -A sa-11.1, 3 n f 2 1 Jia at sais?i"'x gif' ' H X Q, as . 1.. . .. wr, ng:-' L. L. VANDER MARGARET WAITE FLORENCE LUTTON E .M A ., SCIENCE FRANCIS D. BOYLE: Scienceg Marietta College, A.B. STANFORD COHEN: Science and Auto Drivingg University of Toledo, B. in Ed. LYDIA FIEDLER: Scienceg Grinell College, B.S.g Michigan University, M.S.g Biology Club Adviser. DON HARRIS: Science and Auto Driving, Bowling Green University, B.S. in Ed.g Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach. HENRY W. LINCKE: Science and Projectiong University of Toledo, B.S. in Ed., M.A. LASETTA PICKARD: Scienceg University of Toledo, University of Michigan, A.B., M.A.3 Biology Club Adviser. CHARLES ROBINSON: Science, Miami University, B.S. in Ed.g Foot- ball line Coach, Cross Country Coachg Track Coachg Q. D. Adviser. FREDERICK VOSSLER: Science, Chairman of Departmentg University of Rochester, B.S. CHARLES WEINSTOCK: Scienceg Marietta College, A.B., University of Michigan, M.A. in Ed. FRANCIS D. BOYLE STANFORD COHEN LYDIA FIEDLER DON HARRIS l l LASETTA PICKARD CHAS. ROBINSON FRED. VOSSLER HENRY W. LINCKE CHAS. WEINSTOCK 19 COMMERCIAL AND HOME ECONOMICS MRS. B. BAIRD F. .W I --, . , gfn,--1 l 31.2, A, f. , .. 1. fi "AQ A , . ' al' X ,- 'Q' " ,- '11 sf J A me J- i X dis . ' f v -"5I.-wl'5.I522. 3' 'i' K as ls SHR 35? S3 :lg -. gk 1. i 215 t -ev 5' X i AQ W MRS. H. D. FLATZ GEORGE L. KIEFER ' -- . f I , gee: t -, tw, 'ri' 1. f Q . iii- l fisfw w i- , rf 1 I .L , .L QI ' :af 1 r It ,K ,, .4 V. t.?'ff.i. V. . 5' " gf. '92 .5 A Q, f .' ' J1?5n:" I-, 45554-X fffi m ' " .tiki M ' lg 1.-..2z :- it 5:5 -is -5, K' . 1 1 ,- f , . .., , I ., ' 5, .N -: ' -gr Q . , T .1 f se. 3-i'l?fm5s1u. 'iQ , A fi it , . V iv f . ffwe i kssi , .. k fy a Q fe ' .43 . f V 4 JH L . yin, ga, ,L 3 Q , f . MRS. V. M. MILLER 20 MARIAN COOPER MRS. M. O. HOUSER MRS. JULIA MOODY E. DZIALOK MRS, BEATRICE BAIRD: Commercialg Uni- versity of Toledo, B.S. in Ed.g Future Nurses of America Adviser. MARIAN COOPER: Commercial, University of Toledo, B.A.g University of Pittsburg, M.E.g Commercial Club affiliated with F. B. L. A. Ad- viser, MRS. HAZEL D. FLATZ: Commercial, Chair- man of Departmentg Ohio State University, A.B., M.A., B.S.g Commercial Club affiliated with F. B. L. A. Adviser, MRS. MARY O. HOUSER: Commercial, Hi- ram College, B.A.g University of Cincinnati, M. of Ed.g Gregg Collegeg Commercial Club affili- ated with F. B. L, A. Adviser. GEORGE L. KIEFER: Commercial and Science, Illinois State Normal University, B.E.3 St. Louis University, A.M.g Junior and Senior Hi-Y Adviser. MRS. JULIA MOODY: Commercial, Toledo University, B.A. MRS. V. M. MILLER: Home Economicsg Mich- igan State College, B.S.g Merrill-Palmer Schoolg Toledo University, M.A. in Ed., Home Econom- ics Club Adviser. MRS. ELEANORE DZIALOK: Home Eco- nomicsg Ohio State University, B.A.g Columbia University, M.A.g Zetalethean Adviser. ISLA B, OWEN: Home Economics, Chairman of Departmentg Hillsdale, A.B., Home Eco- nomics Club Adviser, HELEN E. WYLIE: Home Economics, Ohio State University, B.S., Home Economics Club Adviser. ISLA B, OWEN HELEN E. WYLIE INDUSTRIAL ARTS SL PHYSICAL EDUCATION LEO CAMPEY: Machine Shop and Math, Bowling Green University, B.S. in Ed., Assist- ant Basketball Coach. JOHN W. FAST: Wood Shop, Chairman of De- partment, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. MELVIN MORTIMER: Electricity, Univer- sity of Toledo, B.S., Engineering B. of Ed. EDWARD E. PACKER: Architecture, Uni- versity of Toledo, B.S., Ohio State University, M.A., Architectural Club Adviser. CARL STERLING: Machine Drafting. PAUL TESTER: Foundry. DONALD FISHER: Physical Education, Ohio Wesleyan, A.B. ALBERT JEFFERY: Physical Education, Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., Varsity Basket- ball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Baseball Coach. KATHERINE MAHER: Physical Education, Michigan State Normal College, B.S. JANE MYERS: Physical Education, Universi- ty of Toledo, B. in Ed., University of Michi- gan, M.A., Girls' Athletic Association Adviser. HARRIET SCHULTZ: Physical Education, Bowling Green University, B.S. in Ed., Fresh- men Y-Teen Adviser. LEO CAMPEY JOHN W. FAST 152 - as .- ..-ii .. 1 lt. , I -, 'L--ag s ' 1 HIM MELVIN MORTIMER EDWARD E. PACKER -, :-- ff? '. "1 ,, M . N V.. CARL STERLING ELK H. - H 2 M- . Q. . A ,. ' gl I .v - 7 .1 T .. V A .,A M Q , . "ug U-M l, , , li' ' TW . , 11 N .. yr A . PAUL TESTER DONALD FISHER ALBERT JEFFERY KATHERINE MAHER JANE MYERS HARRIET SCHULTZ Zl HAROLD L. MCCLURE MUSIC HAROLD L. MCCLURE: Music, Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. in Musical Education, M.S. in Ed., I. D. T. C. FINE ARTS HAZEL E. BARTLEY: Fine Artsg Columbia University, B.S., Toledo University, M.A.g "Lib" Adviser. QNot in illustrationj ff? MATHEMATICS IRENE FOSTER CLINTON F. HOUSER 22 IRENE FOSTER: Mathematicsg Ohio Wesley- an, B.A.g Future Teachers of America Adviserg Testing Officer. HERMAN A. HARDING: Mathematics, Chair- man of Department, Heidelberg University, B.S.: University of Michigan, M.A.g Varsity Football H. A. HARDING Coach. CLINTON F, HOUSER: Mathematicsg Heidel- berg University, B.S. T WALTER B. LYNN: Mathematics, Heidelberg WALTER B, LYNN University, B.S. -1 HEALTH DEPARTMENT MARY KELSO: Home Nursingg Wilmington College, A.B.g Ohio State My University, B.S. in Ed.g University of Cincinnati, R.N.g Vassar Training "" Camp for Nurses, MARY KELSO LIBRARY LOIS BLACK: Library Clerk. A ' MRS. DORCAS KRUSE: Librariang University of Michigan, A.B., M.A, MAY ROADWILER: Book Clerk 4 RUTH ROADWILER: Secretary LAURA MENTZER: Attendance Clerk MRS. CECILE SMITH: Senior Clerk and Treas- ufef LOIS BLACK MRS. DORCAS KRUSE OFFICE MAY ROADWILER RUTH ROADWILER LAURA MENTZER MRS. CECILE SMITH 23 Robert E. Leydorf MEMORI He came quietly into an always-widening circle of friends and of varied interests. just as quietly, he left us, deeply moved and saddened, though perhaps wiser in the knowledge that Life must always contain unforeseen sorrow and disappointment. With childlike simplicity we argued that he had only begun to receive the honors and successes which seemed destined to be his, always. We missed the friendly warmth of his smile, his wit. But we realized that in his short stay at Libbey Bob had successes which were his alone. His scholastic abilities had carried him, as one of three boys elected, into the National Honor Society in his junior year. He was a mem- ber of the Forum Literary Society and active in the Hi-Y and in his mem- bership at St. Lucas Lutheran Church. Gradually, we came to accept his leaving-but never to forget what his integrity and genuine friendship had meant to all who were acquainted with him. In this, the publication of his senior class, we want him to take the place which he shall always hold in our hearts. For, Bob Leydorf-an outstanding student, leader, worker, and, most important, a wonderful friend-was with us only briefly, but his memory is ours forever. VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE My, what beautiful junior rings! Harmony and hard work produced the Senior play "Domestic S ymphon y." They planned our Senior Memorial' Selling Announcements for the graduation. Waiting for the stage coach to the Cowboy Roundup. Thanks for a dreamy junior-Senior Prom. Planners of the Senior Banquet. Our efficient Senior Officers: Eleanor Peters Leaders of the junior Class: Marcia Beier, jim Pat Harding, Ken Crossman, jim Nye. McCarthy, Esther Prueter, Bill Brown. Unseen workers of the Senior Play. LIBBEY 1951 AND 1952 ROBERT ALDER DANIEL ALLEN MORELL ALLEN DAISY ALLISON FRANK BATCHELOR BONNIE BAUGH WANITA BEATTY NANCY BECHTEL ROBERT ALDER: To get a good job and buy a new car is this boy's ambition. Let's hope he goes far. Hardingsburg, Ind. IQ Burn- ham 2, Waterville 3. DANIEL ALLEN: Off to college to find his work in life. Jones jr. IQ Hi-Y IQ Track 2. MORELL ALLEN: This sweet-tempered girl deserves happiness. Jones Jr. IQ Choir 1, 4. DAISY ALLISON: Shy as a daisy. IACALYN ALTENBAUGH: To be a secretary is Jacky's aim. Her efficiency will bring her fame. Zets 2, 35 Y-Teens 3, 42 Commercial Club 2, 33 G.A.A. 2. JERRY ANDERSON: To ,Terry we would like to say, "You're a swell guy with your friendly way." Forum 2, 3, Pres. 4: Football, Re- serves I, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 41 Junior Class Pres.g Sr. Ban- quet Com. RUTH ASELTYNE: A finer worker could never be found if we were to travel the world around. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 2, Reporter 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 45 U.N. Club 45 Red Cross 23 Debate 4Q Nurse's Aide 2, 32 Dramatics 4Q jr. Play Com.: Sr. Play Com.g Nat'l Honor 4. JACALYN ALTENBAUGH JERRY ANDERSON RUTH ASELTYNE ZENIA BAK ELDEN BAKER FERN BAKER ZENIA BAK: To be a secretary someday is the dream of our "Susie." Y-Teens 4. ELDEN BAKER: He has laughing eyes and a friendly smile. Jr. K Play Com., Sr. Play Com. FERN BAKER: A sweet and charming girl is Fern. Phils 4Q Y- Teens 2, 3, 4g Lib SQ Gym Office 4. FRANK BATCHELOR: He'll play for the summer and then settle down. Windham High IQ Scott 2. BONNIE BAUGH: To work or get married-which shall it be? Woodward 1, 22 Y-Teens 42 Home Ec. 4. WANITA BEATTY: She has a heart of gold. Jones Jr. IQ Y-Teens 4Q Biology Club 2, 35 F.N.A. 3, Pres. 4Q Nurse's Aide 2, 3, 4. NANCY BECHTEL: Cute, pretty, and sweet is "Red." Jones Ir. IQ Y-Teens 3, 4j Commercial Club 2. GAVRONA BEY: CNot in Illustrationj Brevity is the soul of wit. Jones Jr. IQ Football 2, Track 2. ORVAL BICKEL: If you get in a pickle, just call on Bickel. Jones Jr. IQ Hi-Y V. Pres. IQ Dramatics 4, Hockey Capt. 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 3. EDWARD BIGGS: A hit with the girls is this great guy, a friend to all, Ed's never shy. Maumee High ZQ Forum 3, 4, Sr. Play Com., Cowboy Roundup 4. JACQUELYN BOMBRYS: I love to dance and sing and play, and live in my own happy way. Y-Teens 3, 4Q Home Ec. 3, 4, Nurse's Aide 2, 3. JEAN BOWLES: College is my destination. Y-Teens 4: Home Ec. 3, 4- BARBARA BOWMAN: There's always fun when Bobbie's- around, next year to college she'll be bound. Peries 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 42 Commercial Club 25 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4. HARRYETTE BRADLEY: A hard worker, a loyal friend. Phils 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. 21 G.A.A. 3, Rhythm Roundup 3, 43 W.T.D.S. 41 Library 2, 31 Projection IQ Nat'l Honor 4. DORIS BRAMLETT: A modest little maid. Home Ec. 3. BARBARA BOWMAN HARRYETTE BRADLEY DORIS BRAMLETT , -1 .. .. ..,.,, mg ,M , - Na-L-.. Y' 11: K 3 5 RITA BRENNER GLADYS BROOKS BENJAMIN BROWN RITA BRENNER: Rita is a pleasant, quiet soul, to be a telephone operator is her goal. Home Ec. IQ Y-Teens 31 Nurse's Aide 4g F.N.A. 4. GLADYS BROOKS: Unforgettable because of her sweet face and charming smile. Peries 2, 3Q Y-Teens Treas. 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Round- up 43 Sr. Play Com., Dramatics 2, 3, 4. BENJAMIN BROWN: A doctor Benny will be some day, he's- one swell guy in every way. Hi-Y IQ French Club 42 Biology Club 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football SQ Cross Country 45 Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 4. BARBARA BROWN: Full of laughter, fun, and pep. Central Cath- olic 1, 2, Y-Teens 4, Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Roundup 4. BETTY BROWN: A willing heart lightens all things. Y-Teens 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, Deans' Aide 3, Red Cross 1. JAMES BROWN: Jim is headed for T.U., finer guys are very few. Football 2, 3. DOMINIC BRUNO: To one of the best we'd like to say, "Good luck to you in work or play." Forum 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, Dramatics 3, 42 U.N. Club Pres. 4Q Ir. Play, Sr. Play, Sr. Memorial Com., Nat'l Hon- or 4. ORVAL BICKEL EDWARDS BIGGS JACQUELYN BOMBRYS JEAN BOWLES BARBARA BROWN BETTY BROWN JAMES BROWN DOMINIC BRUNO 1 rx, gf. 29 an -- '-"""s CAROLE BUCK DONALD BUCK BONNIE JEAN BUMPUS BEVERLY BURDO LOUISE CARSON GLEN CARTER SHIRLEY CHAMBERS ROBERTA CHANCY ,Ee:.,3,yf,f . CAROLE BUCK: For soft-spoken Carole it's on to collegeg to gain some fun, recreation, and knowledge. Y-Teens 3, 45 French Club 4. DONALD BUCK: A smile is always on his face. Hi-Y rg Archi- tects 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4. BONNIE JEAN BUMPUS: To be a lawyer is my aim, but profes- sional dancing may bring me fame. BEVERLY BURDO: Little Midge will always be full of life and pep and glee. Y-Teens 3, 4Q Jr. Play Com., Library 3, 4. ETHEL BUSH: Ethel would like to join Uncle Sam's force, and later on get married, of course. TED BUTLER: Ted is such a friendly lad, always smiling, never sad. RICHARD CAMPBELL: Dick is sure to accomplish his quest, in his field he'll be the best. Debate 45 Sr. Play Com. ETHEL BUSH TED BUTLER RICHARD CAMPBELL SALLY CARMEN JUANITA CARPENTER JAMES CARR SALLY CARMEN: Her future spells wedding bells.. Jones Jr. 15 Peries 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, 41 Commercial Club 25 Athletic Office 3, 4: Phythm Roundup 3, 4g Edelian 3, Circultion Mgr. 4. JUANITA CARPENTER: Nita's goal-3oo to bowl. Gym Office 4. JAMES CARR: His friendly smile and friendly way will bring "Shag" success. Hockey 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3. LOUISE CARSON: For a pal Louise is the oneg always smiling, al- ways fun. Y-Teens 42 Home Ec. 1, 2, 3, 4Q Deans' Aide 3, 4. GLEN CARTER: A swell guy who is really going places. Jones Jr. IQ Sr. Memorial Com. SHIRLEY CHAMBERS: Always happy, always gay- Peries 1, 22 Y-Teens 2, 3. ROBERTA CHANCY: Some very nice things her future will bring. Robinson jr. r. BARBARA CHEW: Happy-go-lucky and full of fun. Y-Teens 2. CARLETTA CHRISTMAN: Carletta's smile will brighten many a patient's day. Sr. Play. RICHARD CIESLA: His personality is reflected in his eyes. En- gineers I, 2, Sec'y 3. RONALD CLARK: Here's a boy who's sharp and ncat3 we hope some day success he'1l meet. Classical Honor Society 23 Ir. Classical League ZQ Hi-Y V. Pres. 1, 23 Debate Pres. 43 Dramatics 3, 43 F.T.A. 43 Cheerleader 4g Edelian 43 Jr. Play Com. BEN COCHRAN: Curiosity is my middle name. CLAIR CONGER: Clair can hold his own on the debate floor. Cross Country 2, 3, 43 Chess Club 1, 23 Band I, 2, 3, 4. NANCY CORBIN: Oh, you beautiful doll! Peries I, 2, 3, Treas. 43 Dramatics 43 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Crystal 2, 3, Editor 43 G.A.A. IQ Jr.- Sr. Prom Com.3 jr. Play Com.3 Sr. Play Com.3 Nat'1 Honor 4. ROBERT COUSINO: He played to win, what more could he do? A friend of many, foe of few. Forum 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Architects 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 41 Football 2, 3, 4g Bowling 4Q Track 3, 4. BEN COCHRAN CLAIR CONGE NANCY CORBIN -. swan . -f - 4 3 1 . . ROBERT COUSINO HARRIET COVODE VIRGINIA CRAIG HARRIET COVODE: A Libbey leader all the way3 she'll be re- membered for many a day. Zets 1, 2, Historian 3, Pres. 41 Student Council 2, 3, Pres. 42 Y-Teens12, Pres. 3, 43 U.N. Club V. Pres. 4Q Nat'l Honor 3, 4g jr. Play COITIIQ Sr. Banquet Com.3 Deans' Aide 3, 4g Edelian Senior Class Editor. , VIRGINIA CRAIG: jinnie is sweet and never blue3 a nurse she'll be to take care of you Y Teens 2 Biolog Club 2 FNA r. , -- ,4:' y :-.-4:.T Classical League 1, 2. TREVA CRITZER: A very lovely miss. Jones Jr. IQ Nat'l Honor 3, 43 Zets 2, 3, Cortes. Sec'y 43 Y-Teens 3, 42 Biology Club 23 Main Office IQ Testing Aide 23 Deans' Aide 3, 43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 3. KENNETH CROSSMAN: For Kenny, our handsome president, it's always been Libbey, all the way. Forum 2, 3, Sec'y 41 Hi-Y Pres. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 43 Student Council 42 Football 2, 3, 43 Track 21 Sr. Class Pres.3 Jr. Ring Com.3 Nat'l Honor 4. EMMA DAUSTER: This likeable girl is sweet and sincere. Jones Jr. IQ Phils 2, 3, Chaplain 42 Sr. Playg Choir 2, 3, Sec'y 43 Nurse's Office 23 Sr. Banquet Com. RICHARD DOMSCHOTT: "Rich" is soon to enter the service. jackson High I. BARBARA CHEW CARLETTA CHRISTMAN RICHARD CIESLA RONALD CLARK TREVA CRITZER KENNETH CROSSMAN EMMA DAUSTER RICHARD DOMSCHOTT QW 47' is . eg MARIORIE DORN: Wedding bells she soon will hear. Jones Ir. 1. SAMUAL DORSEY: Presently he'll be college bound: a better friend just can't found. Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4Q F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4j Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Co-Capt. 4Q Track 2, 3, 4Q Cheerleader 43 Debate 4Q Dramatics 4Q Jr.-Sr. Prom Com., Cowboy Roundup Com. 4. MARILYN DRAHEIM: Nice things come in small packages. Phils IQ Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Debate 2, 3Q F.T.A. ZQ Commercial Club 2, 33 Dra- matics I, 2, 3, 4Q Ir.-Sr. Prom Com. 3, Library 2, 35 Rhythm Roundup 3, 4- MARY LOU DRIANO: First in work, first in fun, first in the hearts of- everyone. Y-Teens 3, 41 Commercial Club 2, Ir. Rep. 3, Sr. Rep. 45 F.N.A. 2, Nurse's Aide 25 Nat'l Honor 4. HELEN DUNSON: A married life appeals to meg what the future holds, I'll wait and see. JAMES DURIVAGE: A pleasant smile, a winning way, we need his kind in the world today. Central Catholic IQ Q.D.'s 2, 3, Sec'y 42 Bowling 42 Baseball 3, 4. ROBERT DUSZYNSKI: "Duz" does everything. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 2, 3, Football I, 2, Varsity 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, Varsity 3, 4Q Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 31 Nat'l Honor 4. HELEN DUNSON I JAMES DURIVAGE ROBERT DUSZYNSK MARJORIE DORN SAMUEL DORSEY MARILYN DRAHEIM MARY LOU' DRIANO VERA ENGELHARDT PHYLLIS ERDMAN PATRICIA ERMAN FRANK FARIAS I M .Q . . 42 uv vw H-.. ..-......- ...--.-.--..- .....--.-........ -.-C ..... .., -...--.- LOWELL EILERT: Fame belongs to the quiet and the wise. Hi-Y 1, ZQ Engineers 3, 4Q Nat'l Honor 4. BARBARA ELDRIDGE: Barbarais small, and light, and neat, in bowling she just can't be beat. Y-Teens 2, 3g Biology Club 21 Drama- tics 4Q jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com. RICHARD EMERSON: With this lovable lad no girl could be sad. DeVilbiss ZQ Forum 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, Varsity 43 Cowboy Roundup 41 Sr. Play Com.g Edelian Athletic Editor. VERA ENGELHARDT: Poise, beauty, intelligence, personalityg even these words fail to describe her. Nat'l Honor 3, V. Pres. 45 Clas- sical Honor 1, 2, 3, 41 Peries I, 2, 3, Censor 49 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4g.U.N. Club Chaplain 43 Jr. Classical League 2Q Deans' Aide IQ Dramatics 4: Lib 1, 2, 31 jr. Play Com.: Sr. Banquet Com. PHYLLIS ERDMAN: It's matrimony for me. Jones Ir. I. PATRICIA ERMAN: Quiet, patient, and demure. Home Ec. 2, 3, 4. FRANK FARIAS: A friendly smile makes the W01'1d S0 afmmd Jones. Jr. IQ Hi-Y xg French Club 4. JASPER FLOWERS PATSY FAIR: My goal is set extremely highg I'll sing in the opera by and by. Jones Jr. IQ G.A.A. 2, 33 Library 2. EILEEN FELSER: What sweet delight a quiet life affords. Com- mercial 2, 3, Treas. 4. MARILYN FELSER: A quiet engaging personality. Y-Teens 4: Deans' Aide 3, 4. JAMES FLACK: A comedian and good friend too, we wish the best of luck to you. Hi-Y 1, 2, Sec'y 3, 41 Football Mgr. 3. JASPER FLOWERS: His life will be full of joy and happiness. Chicago 1. JANICE FOSBENDER: The key to success shall be personality. Phils 1, 2, 3, Record. Sec'y 4Q Y-Teens 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 French Club 2, Treas. 3, 4Q Dramatics 3, 4g Jr. Play Com.3 Sr. Announcement Com.3 Nat'l Honor 4. ANNE FOSTER: A pleasing way and a winning smile. JANICE FOSBENDER ANNE FOSTER FOSTER CHARLES FRITTS PHILLIP FRY ROSEMARIE FOSTER: Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Springfield, Mass. I. CHARLES FRITTS: Handsome is as handsome does. Football 1, 25 Architects 3, Treas. 4. PHILLIP FRY: Diplomatic and friendly, Phil will go far. Ir. Clas- sical League 2, 3, 43 Sr. Play Com. LESTER FULFORD: Always willing to lend a helping hand. Biol- ogy Club 3, Treas. 45 Jr. Play Com.3 Sr. Play Com.3 Rhythm Round- up 31 Choir 3, 43 Engineers I, 3, Band 2, 3, 4. MARY FUREY: Those who respect others are respected by them. Y-Teens 3, 45 Commercial Club 2, 32 G.A.A. 2. RONALD GAMBLE: With the girls Ron has- a knackg charming dates he'll never lack. Forum 3, Treas. 4j Hi-Y 1, Football, Reserves 2, 3, Varsity 4Q Jr.-Sr. Prom Com., Jr. Play Com.3 Biology 2, 33 Dra- matics, 3, 43 Sr. Announcement Com. ROBERT GANSS: Rather quiet but really swell: with us Bob sure rings the bell. Forum 4Q Hi-Y 3, 43 Football 2. PATSY FAIR MARILYN FELSER SE LESTER FULFORD RONALD GAMBLE EILEEN FELSER JAMES FLACK IORS MARY FUREY ROBERT GANSS MARY GARCIA SELMA GARDNER JOANNE GAWRONSKI WALTER GERDING JANICE GOODWIN BETTY GRANDPAIR ROSS GRAVES WILLIAM GREGORY MARY GARCIA: Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. SELMA GARDNER: In sports she excels. Biology Club 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 4- JOANNE GAWRONSKI: In life she will find joy and fun. WALTER GERDING: Success will come to Walt. NAVARRO GIBSON: With the girls he's a hit. Jones Jr. IQ Hi-Y I. JANET GIFFIN: Sweet as sugar. Jones Jr. IQ Zets 2, 3, Treas. 4Q Y-Teens 3g Commercial Club 23 Dramatics 2, 3, V. Pres. 41 Jr. Play Com.g Rhythm Roundup 3, 41 Sr. Announcement Com.g Sr. Play Com..g Nat'1 Honor 4. JOYCE GIFFIN: One of the nicest persons you'll. ever meet. Jones Jr. rg Phils 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4Q Y-Teens 4g Dramatics 2, 3, 4Q Deans' Aide 2, 3, 4g Rhythm Roundup 49 Sr. Memorial Com. NAVARRO GIBSON JANET GIFFIN JOYCE GIFFIN XJ ii I l CAROL GLADE JOYCE GOGGANS EDWARD GOMER x CAROL GLADE: Her voice will bring her fame. Maumee I, 2Q Choir 4. JOYCE GOGGANS: Sophisticated but unaffected. Zets 1, ZQ Y- Teens 41 Commercial 35 Dramatics, 42 Gym Office 4. EDWARD GOMER: He'll work hard for any fee, a carpenter he hopes to be. JANICE GOODWIN: Nice as a girl can be. Y-Teens 2, 4Q French Club I. BETTY GRANDPAIR: Quiet and friendly and liked by all. Y- Teens 42 Commercial 2. ROSS GRAVES: Not a care in the world. Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Football 2, 3. WILLIAM GREGORY: A great musician he hopes to be. Band I, 2, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, 42 Basketball 1, 2. LARRY GRIFFITH: A whiz on the dance floor and also in track. Q.D.'s 3, 4g U.N. Club 42 Track 2, 3, 4g Cross Country 2, 3. MARK HAAS: Here's a boy we all adrnireg may he get his heart's desire. Debate Club 45 Projection Club IQ Edelian Faculty Editor. JANE HALL: Sweetness, style, sincerityg a friend to all is she. Jones jr. IQ Nat'l Honor 3, Sec'y-Treas. 45 Peries 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, Sec'y 42 Commercial Club 25 Testing 25 Deans' Aide 3, 45 Jr. Ring Com.5 Sr. Play Com.5 Sr. Memorial Com. FRANCIS HAMILTON: CNot in Illus-trationj A little guy with a swell personality. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 41 Football Mgr. I, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH HARBERSON: Always a smile on his face. Jones Jr. IQ Hi-Y I, 21 Football 2. PATRICIA HARDING: Best in sports, best in personality. Phils 2, Censor 3, Treas. 45 Y-Teens 2, 42 Home Ec. I, 2, Treas. 3, 43 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, V. Pres. 45 Sec'y-Treas. of Sr. Class5 Edelian Club Editor5 Nat'l Honor 4. HAROLD HARVEY: Not too short, not too tall. Q.D.'s 4Q Hi-Y 1, 25 Basketball IQ Sr. Play5 Dramatics 45 Architects 4. ATRICIA HARDING HAROLD HARVEY LARRY HAYES YMOND HELMINIAK DORIS HERINGHAUSEN NANCY HIPP LARRY HAYES: Someday he'11 find great success. RAYMOND HELMINIAK: He will find his career in hockey. Q.D.'-s- 45 Hockey 4. DORIS HERINGHAUSEN: A friend to one and all. Y-Teens 3g Commercial Club 25 G.A.A. 1. NANCY HIPP: She's sweet5 she's 1ovely5 she's simply grand. Peries 2, 3, Record, Sec'y 4Q Y-Teens 2, Corres. Sec'y 3, 42 Biology Club, 2, 3, 45 Deans' Aide 25 Jr. Play Com.5 Sr. Play Com.5 Ir.-Sr. Prom Com.5 Edelian Co-Editor in Chief5 Nat'l Honor 4. ROBERT I-IIPP: Bob will be successful in any career he may enter. Hi-Y 2, Treas. 3, 4. NANCY HOWE: The commercial field will have a shining new- comer. Commercial Club 2, 3. MARLENE HUEBNER: Here's "Her Nihs", little Miss "Mibs". Phils 2, 35 Y-Teens 3, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Rhythm Roundup 3, 4. JEANNETTE HUMES: Full of fun, so light and gay5 jea.n's the one to brighten your day. Robinson Jr. IQ Jr. Classical League 25 Commercial Club 2, 35 G.A.A, 2. LARRY GRIFFITH MARK HAAS JANE HALL KENNETH HARBERSON ROBERT HIPP NANCY HOWE MARLENE HUEBNER JEANETTE HUMES 'A 1 rf' feat. JOAN HUNDLEY JOAN HUTCHINSON KENNETH JACKSON RICHARD JACKSON ETHEL JOY HELEN KACHENMEISTER DON KACZALA ROSE MARIE KAMZA JOAN HUNDLEY: These words fit Joan right to a "T", intelli- gence, charm, personality. Jones IQ Nat'l Honor 3, 45 Biology Club 2, V. Pres. 3, 45 G.A.A. 2, 3, 41 Crystal News Editor 45 Jr. Play Com.5 Sr. Play5 Dramatics 4Q Rhythm Roundup 3, 4g Red Cross I, 2, 32 Gym Office 3, 45 Choir 2, 3, 41 Sr. Memorial Com.5 Valedictorian. JOAN HUTCHINSON: Her beautiful big brown eyes really attract the guys. Jones Jr. IQ Y-Teens 41 G.A.A. 2, 35 Gym Office 3. KENNETH JACKSON: A swell guy all the time. Forum 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 45 Basketball 1. RICHARD JACKSON: A friend to everyone5 with Dick we've had the best of fun. JEROME JANOWIECKI: Quiet but with a heart of gold. EUGENE JANOWSKI: Big and tall5 he's the best of them all. Q.D.'s 3, 4g Football 1, 2, 3, 4. HOWARD JOHNSON: Quiet and sincere. JEROME JANOWIECKE EUGENE JANOWSKI HOWARD JOHNSON MARTIN JOHNSON CHANCEY JONES CHARLES JONES MARTIN JOHNSON: Not many are both shrewd and likeable, too! Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Projection 1. CHANCEY JONES: In science I may win great fame. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 41 Projection 25 Track 3, 45 Basketball Reserves 2, 3, VarsitY 43 Sr. Banquet Com. 45 Edelian Athletic Editor 4. CHARLES JONES: Sincere, dependable, willing is he, excelling in studies and sports. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4j Projection I, 25 Basketball Re- serves 2, 3, Varsity 4Q Cross County 45 Track 3, 41 Cowboy Roundup Com. 45 Edelian Athletic Editor. ETHEL JOY: Joy is her name and joyous, her nature. HELEN KACHENMEISTER: Brains- and personality seldom meet5 in Helen they just can't be beat. Zets 1, 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 Y-Teens 4Q Deans' Aide 2, 3, 45 Nat'l Honor 4. DON KACZALA: "Duck's" contagious smile will never meet a frown. Q.D.'s 2, 3, 41 Cowboy Roundup Com. 4Q Fed. Basketball 3, 4. ROSEMARIE KAMZA: A sweet girl with a sweet smile. SUE KANNEY: Ambitious-, friendly, and nice to knowg she'1l make a hit wherever she may go. Nat'l Honor 3, 49 Peries 1, 2, 3, 4Q Y- Teens 2, 3, 49 Dramatics 3, 49 U.N. Club 49 Athletic Office 2, 3, Ac- tivities Mgr. 41 Jr. Play Com.9 Sr. Play Com.9 Rhythm Roundup 3, 42 Edelian 2, 3, Activities Manager 4. ART KAPLAN: The life of the party! Jones Jr. IQ Hi-Y IQ Dra- matics 49 Football 29 Lib 3, Co-Editor 42 jr. Playg Sr. Play Corn. MARADELL KARCHNER: Lively and gay, she calls no one her enemy. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4Q Commercial Club 2, 3, 49 Dramatics 2, Treas. 3, 42 G.A.A. 2, 39 Jr. Play Com.9 Library 2, 3, 4. ANDREW KASSAY: Andy's pep and acting ability are sure to win him fame. Projection Pres. 29 Dramatics 3, Pres. 49 Tennis IQ Cheer- leader 49 Crystal Photographer 49 Jr. Play9 Sr. Play9 Nat'l Honor 4. JOAN KEISER: Friendly and pleasant, a good friend to have. Phils 49 Y-Teens 2, 3, 42 Gym Office 4. SHIRLEY KELLER: Shirley's future plans lie in a certain some- one's hands. Y-Teens 3, 49 Home Ec. 2, 3, Sec'y 41 G.A.A. 3, 49 Gym Office 49 Lib 42 Cowboy Roundup 49 Sr. Playg Choir 3, 4. MARGIE KILLIAN: She really makes a hit with the fellows and girls alike. Y-Teens 49 Library 29 Red Cross 29 Home Ec. IQ Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4. JOAN KEISER SHIRLEY KELLER MARGIE KILLIAN BUD KLINE RAMONA KNOPF CAROL KNOTT BUD KLINE: "Windy" will take an extended vacation and plan his future occupation. Jones Jr. IQ Hi-Y IQ Dramatics 49 Lib Editor 3, 49 Jr. Play, Sr. Play. RAMONA KNOPF: As instigator of lots of fun, none can beat her9 Rae's the one. Peries 2, 3, Corres. Sec'y 49 Y-Teens 3, 49 Dramatics 42 Crystal 2, 3, Co-Exchange Editor 49 Jr. Play Com.9 G.A.A. IQ U.N. Club 4. CAROL KNOTT: Quiet in manner but full of fun. Peries 1, 21 Y-Teens Record. Sec'y 2. THOMAS KOWALSKI: KoKo is a friend to a1l9 to O.S.U. he'1l journey next fall. Hi-Y IQ Engineers 2, 3. RICHARD KOZBIAL: Music, Maestro, please! Architects 2, 3, 49 French Club 49 F.T.A. 4. MARILYN KRUEGER: Always sweet and full of fun, she's a friend to everyone. Choir 2, 3, 42 Commercial Club 2, 3, 4. JAMES KREUTZFELD: A whiz on the dance floor, Jim will never lack a partner. Jr. Classical League 2, 3, 49 Hi-Y 21 Chaplain 39 Dra- matics 3, 49 Jr. PISYQ Sr. P1ay9 Stationer's Desk 49 Edelian Facul- ty Editor. SUE KANNEY ART KAPLAN MARADELL KARCHNER ANDREW KASSAY THOMAS KOWALSKI RICHARD KOZBIAL MARILYN KRUEGER JAMES KREUTZFELD fl f. LEONARD KUTZKE EILEEN LAMBERT ROSALIE LAWNICZAK DOROTHY LEE TED LONG CAROLYN LOWRY MARJORIE LOWRY MARLENE LUETTKE LEONARD KUTZKE: Where could you find more joviality? Jones IQ Nat'1 Honor 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4Q Classical League 3, Q.D.'s 3, 41 Hi-Y Pres. 1, V. Pres. 2, 3, Sec'y 43 Football 3, 4, Co-Chairman Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 4. EILEEN LAMBERT: Quiet and sweet. Jones jr. IQ Library 4. ROSALIE LAWNICZAK: Eyes of hazel, hair of brown, this sweet lass deserves a crown. DOROTHY LEE: With beauty and brains she'll go far, always re- membered as a shining star. Nat'l Honor 3, 4j Phils 3, 4, Y-Teens Cortes. Sec'y 2, V. Pres. 3, Treas. 42 Dramatics 4, jr. Ring Com., Cow- lacy gloundup 4Q jr. Play, Deans' Aide 2, 3, 45 Edelian Co-Editor in hie . RAMONA LEININGER: Witty and pretty, full of fun, Mona's one who can't be outdone. Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Peries 2, 3, 4g Y-Teens 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 42 Dramatics 3, 4Q U.N. Club 4, Rhythm Roundup, Edelian Class Editor, Edelian Adv. Layout Editor, jr. Play Com., Sec'y-Treas. of jr. Class, Cowboy Roundup 4, Lib 1, Assoc. Editor 2, 3- MARY ANN LENDECKER: Her voice will be heard throughout the land, with the telephone company sl'1e'll take her stand. RAMONA LEININGER MARY ANN LENDECKER LILLIAN LEWIS GENE LINVILLE MANNY LITTEN CHESTER LOEW LILLIAN LEWIS: So sweet, so neat, her smile no one can beat. Nat'1 Honor 3, 43 Y-Teens 4Q Classical Honor 2, 3g F.T.A. 2, 3, Par- limentarian 4Q G.A.A. 2, 3, Pres. 4Q Cowboy Roundup 4. GENE LINVILLE: Where there's fun, look for Gene. MANNY LITTIN: Big and blonde and full of fun, Manny has a smile for everyone. Jones Jr. IQ Q.D.'s 2, 3, Pres. 43 Hi-Y 1, Sgt.-at-Arms 2, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, V. Pres. 41 Football 2, Varsity 3, 4, Tennis 41 Jr.- Sr. Prom Com. Co-Chairman 3, Nat'l Honor 4. CHESTER LOEWE: Witty and handsome-who could ask for more? Hi-Y 1, 2, French Club IQ Sr. Play. TED LONG: A quiet guy with many friends. I CAROLYN LOWRY: She is sweet and fair beyond compare. Y- Teens 21 G.A.A. 2g Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Roundup 3, 4- MARJORIE LOWRY: A business career awaits her. Y-Teens 2, 3, Commercial Club 2. MARLENE LUETTKE: Serenity and charm are her chief assets. Phils 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 42 Commercial Club 2, 3, 4g Deans' Aide 3, 42 Nat'1 Honor 4. WILLIAM LUTCHEY: A friend to allg a foe to none--with Bill we've had a lot of fun, Track 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 4g Choir 3, 4. FRANCES MCAFEE: Palette and brush and dreams! Robinson Jr. IQ G.A.A. 4. JOYCE MCCLARAN: A swell girl who's really fine, Joyce is one of the best of our time. Peries I, 2, Corres. Sec'y 3, Pres. 41 Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Y-Teens V. Pres. 2, 3, 4j French Club 2, 3, 42 U.N. Club 4Q Dramatics 41 Lib 1, Assoc. Editor 25 Jr. Play, Sr. Playg Rhythm Roundup 3, 4Q Jr. Class V. Pres., Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 4Q Edelian Senior Class Editor. ULYSSES MCKELVIN: Education first, then try to stop me on my way to success. Jones Jr. IQ Hi-Y 1. RICHARD MCMORGAN: Short and mighty, never flighty. Waite 1, 2Q Q.D.'s 43 Basketball Reserves 3, Varsity 4j Cross Country 3, 41 Track 3, 4. RICHARD McNUTT: In many a person's estimation he's tops. Hi- Y 21 Football 1, 2, 3Q Hockey 3, 4. ICHARD MCMORGAN RICHARD MCNUTT JOHN MACKSEY ARBARA MALLETT CAROL MANNEBACH GORDON MEEK FRANK MACINO: CNot in illustrationj Determination will guide him thru life. JOHN MACKSEY: And even when vanquished, he could argue still. Redford High IQ Football 3. BARBARA MALLETT: In her pattern of life will be woven good luck and happiness. Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 31 F.N.A. 2, V. Pres. 3Q Nurse's Aide 2, 3Q Choir 4Q Dramatics 3, 4Q Jr. Play Com. CAROL MANNEBACH: Big plans for this little girl. Commercial Club 2, 3, 4g Sr. Play Corn. GORDON MEEK: Sincerity and a sense of humor make him a per- sonable lad. Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH MERCURIO: To Joe, our pal, we'd like to say, "Good luck to you in every way." Hi-Y 1, 2, Football 2, 3. FRANKLIN MERRITT: Frank is one swell guy. Scott High I, 2. BARBARA MERSING: Barbara's motto is "I like to please." Com- mercial Club 2, 3, 4. JANET METZGER: Little Jan with her carefree smile will soon adorn the business world. Y-Teens ZQ Commercial Club 2, 3. WILLIAM LUTCHEY FRANCES McAFEE JOYCE MCCLARAN ULYSSES MCKELVIN JOSEPH MERCURIO FRANKLIN MERRITT BARBARA MERSING JANET METZGER LARRY METZGER SHARON METZGER JACKIE MEYER BARBARA MICHALSKI JACK MORITZ BENNY MORSE JACK MOUNGER DONALD MULKEY LARRY METZGER: Known and liked by one and al15 "Murph" made his fame in football. Nat'1 Honor 3, Pres. 4Q Forum 2, 3, V. Pres. 4Q Dramatics 35 Student Council I, 2, 3, V. Pres. 42 Football, Reserves 2, Varsity 3, 4j Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4g Baseball 3, 41 Jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 4. SHARON METZGER: A friendly smile for everyone. JACKIE MEYER: Tiny in stature but ever so nice. Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Home Ec. IQ Biology 2, 3g Dramatics- 41 Jr. Play Com.: Sr. Play Com. BARBARA MICHALSKI: Retiring, but, oh, so friendly. CAROL MIELCAREK: Whatever her goal may be we wish her all the luck in the world. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. MIRIAM MILLER: Her melodious voice is no richer than her charm. DeVilbiss IQ Y-Teens 3, 4Q Choir 2, 3, Treas. 4. CAROL MIELCAREK MIRIAM MILLER DOROTHY MISIEWIC GET' HARLEY MITCHELL KENNETH MOORE GILBERT MOORMAI DOROTHY MISIEWICZ: Little Doddie and her merry smile brightens many days. Y-Teens 4. HARLEY MITCHELL: We wish Harley success in life. Jones Jr. 1. KENNETH MOORE: A happy guy, he has lots of fun. Track 3, 45 Choir 3, 4. GILBERT MOORMAN: "Skeets" is great5 a friend of all. Jones Jr. IQ Q.D.'s 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 43 Fed. Basketball 45 Sr. Announcement Com. JACK MORITZ: Jack someday hopes to be a Marine. Wauseon High 21 Hi-Y 1. BENNY MORSE: His mind hungers for knowledge. Projection 2Q Edelian Faculty Editor. JACK MOUNGER: A gentleman in every way. Forum 41 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Jr. Classical League. DONALD MULKEY: The shy type. Cross Country 4. PAUL MEYERS: Toledo U. is beckoning him. Q.D.'s 4Q Baseball 3, 4j Bowling 41 Fed. Basketball 4. MARTHA NAPIERALA: A fine girl indeed, she is sure to suc- ceed. Home Ec. 3, 4. JAMES NEAL: With his aptitude for friendship, his success as a dentist is assured. Forum 3, 4, Hi-Y Treas. I, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 41 Cross Country 3j Tennis 4Q Cowboy Roundup Com. 4, Edelian Class Editor. DOLORES NIJAKOWSKI: "Dee" loves all sports and excels in them. G.A.A. 3, 4. JOAN NORRIS: From here to Bowling Green where we wish her the best of luck. Phils 2, 3, Corres. Sec'y 41 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 French Club Censor 3, 43 Home Ec. 1, Reporter 2, Dramatics. 43 G.A.A. IQ Deans' Aide 2, 3, 4, Jr. Ring Com.g Jr. Play Com.g Sr. Playg Sr. Ban- quet Com. , JOAN NOWAK: This quiet girl takes life as it is. JOAN NORRIS JOAN NOWAK JAMES NYE . H PAT O"CONNELL BARBARA OWENS FRANK PACHOLSKI JAMES NYE: I'1l take life seriously but I'l1 have fun. Q.D.'s 2, 3. 4g Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Varsity 4Q Jr. Play Com.: Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Armsg Nat'l Honor 4. PAT O'CONNELL: May she attain her goal in life. BARBARA OWENS: A true friend to all. Jones Jr. IQ G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. FRANK PACHOLSKI: Whatever the future brings to me, I'1l do my tasks quite willingly. Cross Country 4Q Bowling 4. WILLIAM PAEPLOW: He will spend his days guiding men to goodness. REED PAETH: A swell guy who's sure to go far. Jones Jr. IQ For- um 4g Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 41 Biology 22 Cross Country 2, 35 Sr. Banquet Com. CAROL PALICKI: I'll follow in the path of Florence Nightingale. Commercial Club 2, 31 Dramatics 1, 22 G.A.A. 21 Rhythm Roundup 3, 42 Choir 1, 2, Library 2. PAT PAPPAS: This neat little miss with eyes of brown will soon be Miami bound. St. Ursula Academy rg Peries 3, 41 Y-Teens 4. PAUL MEYERS MARTHA NAPIERALA JAMES NEAL DoLoREs NIJAKOWSKI w11.1.rA1v1 PAEPLOW W-REED PAE1-H' . cARoL PALICKI ,f' 3, f"i1AT EPAPPAS V . - .' lf" ,. I ff -. ,f I A A f, 1 GARY PARKER GERALDINE PARKER JOANNE PERRY RICHARD PETE JEAN POMEROY BETTY ANN POTTS SUE PRITTS SHIRLEY PROBASCO f. GARY PARKER: Quiet but mighty. Engineers 3. GERALDINE PARKER: A home and a family are in store for Ger- ry. Jones Ir. IQ Y-Teens 45 Dramatics 4Q Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com.5 Rhythm Roundup Com. JOANNE PERRY: To Michigan she will go where medicine will be her goal. Woodward 1, 2j F.N.A. V. Pres. 4Q Nurse's Aide 3g jr. Classical League. DICK PETE: We all know Pete, a friend to us5 a happy guy, no "Gloomy Gus." BARBARA PETERS: Maybe a nurse and maybe not-whatever her choice we wish her luck. Y-Teens 25 Biology 2. ELEANOR PETERS: Truly a leader-friendly and true5 Ellie is the pride of her class. Nat'l Honor 3, 45 Zets 1, 2, Censor 3, V. Pres-. 4g Y-Teens 3, 41 G.A.A. IQ Student Council IQ Jr. Play Com.5 V. Pres. of Sr. Class, Book Room r, 2, 3, 4. , X ga.. , , - 1' SHIRLEY, 17Fai13pii"-'V' ELEANOR PIASECKI FRANK PLEWA I ,X I' REYNOLD PETERSON: Maybe a banker, who can tell5 whatever his job, he'll do it well. SHIRLEY PFEIFER: She'll get a good job and make millions. Home Ec. IQ G.A.A. 1, 21 Gym Office 3, 4. ELEANOR PIASECKI: She'll be a wonderful secretary. Y-Teens 2. FRANK PLEWA: In bowling he is sure to make his name famous. Bowling 1, 2, 3, 41 Engineers 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 42 Cross Country 4. JEAN POMEROY: First a job and then to matrimony. BETTY ANN POTTS: A good sport in every way. Nat'l Honor 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 32 Biology 2, 35 Debate 32 Crystal Typing Editor 45 Main Office 1, 2, 3, 4. SUE PRITTS: Great joy is sure to come Sue's way. Peries I, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 25 G.A.A. IQ Deans' Aide 2, 3, 4Q Crystal 2. SHIRLEY PROBASCO: Tall, neat, possessor-of class5 this lovely miss is hard to surpass. Y-Teens 35 G.A.A. rg Lib 3, 4. JACQUELYN RABY: I like people and hope they like rne. Y-Teens 3, 42 Biology 2, Dramatics 4Q Ir. Play Com., Sr. Play Com., Li- brary 3. BARBARA RADY: First to T. U., then to work. DeVilbiss I, 2, Y-Teens 4. DELORES RAMSEY: Public speaking will be her career. MARIAN RANDOLPH: QNot in Illustrationj Her pleasing smile will pave her way. River Rough, Mich. 1, 2, 3. NEAL RAY: A guy with few worries. FRANCES REECE: With personality plus, here's a girl we can trust. Jones Jr. IQ Phils 4Q Y-Teens 3, 4Q Commercial Club 2, Sr. Play Com. BARBARA REECK: Likeable and gay, Barb will find her way. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, Corres. Sec'y 3, 4Q Main Office IQ Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. PATRICIA REINER: May Pat always be happy, content, and care- free. Y-Teens 2, Commercial Club 2, 3j Deans? Aide 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA RICHARD: Fair and square, she'll take a dare. Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, French Club Censor IQ Choir 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 42 Crystal 3, Co-Exchange Editor 4g Rhythm Roundup Com. BARBARA RIEHLE: Her quiet ways hide many a merry thought. FRANCES REECE BARBARA REECK PATRICIA REINER PATRICIA RICHARD BARBARA RIEHLE HELYN RIGNEY HELYN RIGNEY: Loyal to her class and to her school. Phils 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4Q Commercial Club 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Dramatics 3, 42 U.N. Club 4, Band 2, Sec'y 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, 4, Athletic Office 2, 3, 4j Edelian Co-Circulation Mgr. 2, Asst. Adv. Mgr. 3, Adv. Mgr, 4, Jr. Play Corn., Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 3, 4Q Nat'l Honor 4. RICHARD ROESLER: Whatever he does we know he'll succeed. Robinson Ir. IQ Lib 4. DONNA ROSSBACH: Donna's charm and laughing eyes all add up to quite a prize. Peries 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Dramatics 4, G.A.A. IQ Crystal 2, 3, Feature Editor 4, Jr. Play Com., Sr. An- nouncement Com. LOUISE RUPERT: fNot in Illusitration.J Hair of gold, eyes of blue, a nurse she will be to take care of you. VIRGINIA RUSSELL: fNot in Illustrationj It's lovely to be jolly. Jones Jr. 1. SALLY RUSSELL: She's tops especially as a majorette. Grand Rapids, Ohio I, 2, 3, Majorette 4. PHYLLIS RYBKA: To business college She will go, dancing all the way, you know. Y-Teens 22 Home Ec. I. JACQUELYN RABY BARBARA RADY DELORES RAMSEY NEAL RAY RICHARD ROESLER DONNA ROSSBACH SALLY RUSSELL PHYLLIS RYBKA DOROTHY SANKIEWICZ GEORGE SANZENBACKER RICHARD SCHERER MARIANNA SCHNEIDER JO ANN SHAW JEAN SHEPLER ,IEANNE SHIER DOROTHY SIEFKE DOROTHY SANKIEWICZ: Her eyes are green with a sparkling sheen, Sankie's. personality is really keen. Phils 4, U.N. Club 4, French Club 2, 4, Debate Sec'y 42 F.T.A. 1, 2, Historian 3, Pres. 41 Cheer- leader 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 42 Gym Office 4, Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 4, Li- brary 3, Dramatics 4j Edelian Adv. Layout Editor, Lib I, 2, Editor 3, 42 Sr. Play Com., Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Honor 4. GEORGE SANZENBACKER: Ambition drives this boy to fame. Biology 2. RICHARD SCHERER: A great guy, he's one of the crowd, all who know him can be proud. Forum 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 42 Dramatics 3, 42 Football Reserves 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Play Com- mittees, Cowboy Roundup Com. 43 Choir 4. MARIANNA SCHNEIDER: A just fortune awaits the deserver. Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Classical Honor IQ Peries 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Biology 3, 4, F.T.A. Treas. 2, 3, V. Pres. 4j Debate 3, 4j Testing Of- fice 2, 3, U.N. Club 41 Crystal 2, Edelian Club Editor, Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Promptor. RICHARD SCHROEDER: Dick can wow them when he sings, practically a second Bing. Jones Jr. IQ Track 3, 4, Sr. Play, Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 42 Red Cross 2. RICHARD SCHROEDER HUBERT SCHWEINHAGEN MARGIE SCHULTZ BARBARA SHAFER ELEANOR SHANTEAU FRANCINE SHARROC HUBERT SCHWEINHAGEN: Tall and blonde with eyes of blue: Hubert is always nice to you. Engineers 1, 2, Bowling 1, 2. MARGIE SCHULTZ: A pleasing face, a pleasing manner. BARBARA SHAFER: Dancing this gal loves to do, her bright eyes often shine at you. Y-Teens 22 Home Ec. 2, 3, Treas. 4. ELEANOR SHATEAU: Short and sweet, cute and neat. Whitney 2, Zets 3, 41 Y-Teens 3, 41 Dramatics 3, Treas. 4, French Club IQ Cheerleader 4, jr. Play, Sr. Play, Nat'1 Honor 4. FRANCINE SHARROCK: 'Tm happy, peppy, full of glee." Y- Teens 3, 4, Commercial Club 2. JO ANN SHAW: Lovely to look at and nice to know. Jones jr. IQ Lib 2, Gym Office 3, Rhythm Roundup 3. JEAN SHEPLER: Quiet and nice, her friends are many. Zets 2, 3, 4, Commercial 2, Reporter 3, 4, Dramatics Sec'y 4, G.A.A. 2, 32 Deans' Office 2, 3, 4, Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Honor 4. JEANNE SHIER: Her future is sure to be bright. Jones Jr. IQ Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4. DOROTHY SIEFKE: All sweetness, all gladness, all goodness, no badness. Sr. Play Com. MILLIE SIERRA: Dark and mysterious as the smile of Mona Lisa. JANET SMALTZ: Cute and small as a sigh, her heart is taken by a guy. Zets 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 31 Biology 2, Home Ec. 3, V. Pres. 43 Deans' Office 2, 3, 45 Nat'1 Honor 4. JANE SMILAX: A winning smile, a pleasing way, Janie's a treat to know any day. Nat'l Honor 3, 41 Phils 2, 3, V. Pres. 4, Y-Teens Pres. 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, Sec'y 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, U.N. Club 4, Lib I., Assoc. Editor 2, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Rhythm Roundup 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. 4. BARBARA SOULE: A congenial disposition and a fine personality. Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Classical Honor 1, 2, Zets 2, 3, Record. Sec'y 42 Y-Teens Chaplain 2, 3, 4, Jr. Class-ical League 1, 22 Dramatics 3, 42 Choir 3, ISt Pianist 41 Deans' Aide 2, 3, 4, Crystal 3, Assoc. Editor 4, Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com., Rhythm Roundup 3, 4. NORMA STEUSLOFF: Everybody welcomes a good sport. Com- mercial Club IQ F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Nurse's Aide 4. PHYLLIS STRAHLEY: Good nature and good sense go well with her gentle manners. Y-Teens 2, 3, Home Ec. 2, Reporter 3, Pres. 41 Choir 2, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Gym Leader 4. NORMA STEUSLOFF PHYLLIS STRAHLEY NANNETTE STRIGGOW ,faux-. M. HARRIET SWABY DARRELL SWANSON FAY SZEVE NANNETTE STRIGGOW: A beautiful girl with a winning way. Peries 2, 3, Chaplain 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Corres. Sec'y 4, Dramatics 3, 42 Classical League 3, 41 Biology 2, 4, Gym Office 41 Crystal 2, 3, Assoc. Editor 4, Jr. Ring Com., Jr. Play Com. HARRIET SWABY: Her serenity is as soothing as the cool waters of a quiet lake. Phils 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, Band 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 22 Deans' Office 2, Nat'l Hon- or 4. DARRELL SWANSON: "Swede" can really send the gals, he rates "OK" among his pals. Q.D.'s 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Var. 4, Bowling 4, Tennis 4, Golf 3, 45 Sr. Play Com. FAY SZEVE: This cute majorette has got what it takes. RICHARD SZYMANSKI: We owe a vote of thanks to you, in many a way you've put Libbey through. Q.D.'s 2, 3, V. Pres. 4, Dra- matics 2, 3 4, Football I, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 41 Jr. Ring Com., Sr. Memorial Corn., Nat'l Honor 4. ROGER TAPLEY: As an architect he'll build his dreams. Forum 4, Architects 1, 2, Pres. 3, V. Pres. 4. GLENDA THOMPSON: This intelligent girl will go far in the world. Nat'l Honor 3, 42 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Jr. Play Com. CAROLYN TOBIN: As a secretary she'll keep in step. MILLIE SIERRA JANET SMALTZ JANE SMILAX BARBARA SOULE RICHARD SZYMANSKI ROGER TAPLEY GLENDA THOMPSON CAROLYN TOBIN JOHN TOEPFER WADE TOPSIL JACK TRESSLER BARBARA TRIPP EDWARD WILLHARDT EMMA WILLIAMS MARY ELLEN WILGUS ,IERRYJEAN WILKINSON HE wifi! JOHN TOEPFER: Leading the best band in the land will for "Toef" be perfectly grand. Band I, Sgt.-at-Arms 2, 3, V. Pres. 4. WADE TOPSIL: Off to college this boy is headed. Hi-Y 1, 25 Pro- jection 2. JACK TRESSLER: He'll roam the wide, wide sea. BARBARA TRIPP: Her heart is full of good will for others. Jones jr. IQ Nat'l Honor 3, 41 Phils 2, 3, Pres. 42 Y-Teens 3, 42 U.N. Club Sec'y-Treas. 4Q Commercial Club 25 Deans' Office 2, 3, 41 Sr. Play Com.5 Sr. Banquet Com. MAXINE WEBB: College-career-contentment. Jones Jr. IQ G.A.A. 2. RUTH WEBER: Her personality is the charm that makes everyone love her. Y-Teens 2, Chaplain 3, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, Corres. Sec'y 45 Classical League 3, 41 Biology 2, 3, 4Q G.A.A. 3, 45 Jr. Play Com.5 Sr. Play Com. BETTY WEIDMAN: Betty's wish is to go to work. Commercial Club 2, 35 Rhythm Roundup 3. MIRIAM WEISS: "Mickey" is very quiet but really and truly she is a sweet girl. F.N.A. 42 Nurse's Aide 3. JAMES WESTLICK: The Air Force is to be his goalg he surely will succeed. MAXINE WEBB RUTH WEBER BETTY WEIDMAN MIRIAM WEISS JAMES WESTLICK FORREST WILCOX FORREST WILCOX: Strike up the band! Band I, 2, 3, Treas 41 Drum Major 4g Choir 4. EDWARD WILLHARDT: A friend in need is a friend indeed. EMMA WILLIAMS: Intelligent and friendly. Jones Jr. IQ Y-Teens 45 F.N.A. 22 G.A.A. 2, 3, 42 Sr. Memorial Com. BONNIE WILLEY MARY ELLEN WILGUS: A fine singer you'l1 all agreeg we hope someday the top she'll see. Phils 3, 42 Y-Teens Chaplain 2, V 3, 41 French Club 1, Censor 25 Dramatics 3, 43 Cheerleader 45 Jr. Play, Sr. Play5 Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Rhythm Roundup 2, 3, 4Q Red Cross ZQ F.N.A. 25 Nat'l Honor 4. JERRYJEAN WILKINSON: This Shy little lady wants to go to college. Nat'l Hon- or 3, 4j Phils 3, 42 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Biology 2, 33 Debate 31 Gym Office 35 Deans' Aide 4. BONNIE WILLEY: Her smile is her key to success. Zets 2, 3, Chaplain 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Home Ec. IQ Commercial Club 2, 3, 41 G.A.A. IQ Crystal 2, 35 Deans' Aide 2, 3, 4. FRANKLIN WILLIAMS: To him the sky holds. no limit. Macom- ber 23 Track 1, 4Q JOHN WIRTZ: Jack has a way that will pave his road to achieve- ment. Jones Jr. rg Hi-Y 1, 3, 4g Biology Club 2Q Band 2, 3, Pres. 42 Crystal 3. ALPHONSE WISNIEWSKI: Al is quiet with a friendly smile. DONALD WOERNER: He smiles his way into your heart. LORRINE WOLEVER: She knows what she wants and gets it. Y- Teens 3, 4Q Commercial Club 25 G.A.A. 2. MARY WOODARD: The world of literature is a vast treasure house for me. Y-Teens 1, V. Pres. ZQ Bruce Jr. 1, 2g Mary Holms 3. RICHARD WOODS: Woody has a smile that will never fade. BARBARA YAGER: Full of jestsl and youthful jollity. Y-Teens 25 Home Ec. 4Q Jr. Classical League 3, 45 G.A.A. 2. IRVING YOUNG: "Tarheel" came from the South to show us a care- free happy way. R. J. Reynolds High 1, 2Q Hi-Y 4. ORRINE WOLEVER MARY WOODARD RICHARD WOODS B lm A is w FRANKLIN WILLIAMS JOHN WIRTZ ALPHONSE WISNIEWSKI DONALD WOERNER ROBERT ZIELINSKI STANLEY ZIELINSKI kCLOYD ZEITER FRANK ZIELINSKI f Y, M sinh E a.r1"'waa an BARBARA YAGER IRVING YOUNG HELEN ZACK HELEN ZACK: Business will never be slack when run by a Zack. Y-Teens 2, Commercial Club 2. sn was was s .x r ' ni, as B Q . BOB ZIELINSKI: I'l1 dreamg I'll schemeg I'll find success su- preme. JEROME ZDAWCZYK STANLEY ZIELINSKI: "Stan" is known for his fun-loving ways. Hi-Y IQ Bowling 3, 41 Golf 3, 41 Nat'1 Honor 4. JEROME ZDAWCZYK: Rough and rugged and handsome toog Jerry's topped by very few. Q.D.'s 3, Treas. 45 Football 2, 3, Var- sity 4. CLOYD ZEITER: "Red" is gay and fancy free. Camden High 1, 25 Band 3, 4. FRANK ZIELINSKI: There's always a laugh when Frank's around. Row If Helen Pilcher, Joann Bottles, Sharon Gehring, Shirley Watts, Beverly Marquardt, Shirley jen- sen, Barbara Kerschner, Jo Anne Frosch, Romaine Melchior. Row 2: Mary Lou Krause, Freida Collins, Connie Porter, Eleanor Maciejewski, Pat Bilius, Alice Mikolajczyk, Lois Upton, Joan Kolodzaike, Mary Brazeau, Beverly Rieck. Row 3: Susan Shepherd, Diane Geis, Ann Killian, Laverne Bellair, Nancy Freeman, Carolyn Stone, Barbara Sauer, Harriet Barlow, Dorothy Armstrong, Joyce Moore. Row 1: Jack Sharp, George Snyder, Everett Williamson, Carl Veith, Martin Fritts, John Szych, Steve Bancer, Ted Burks, Melvin Galloway. Row 2: Tom McCormick, Roger Archambeau, Harold Dennis, Bob Shank, Robert Zedlitz, Paul Goz- da, Richard Drzewiecke, Willie Russell, Chuck Craig, Teddy Adams. Row 3: James Shorter, Charles Grant,-Charles Berning, John Rummell, Tom Hasselschwert, joe Kanthak, Bob Martin, Ronald Coles, James Hills, Bob Shaw. JU IORS :aware M' New ' . UNICRS Row 1: Jean Ann Gary, Velma Branton, Donna Lee Dismuke, Carol Stein, Genevieve Knerr, Bar- bara Moody, Lovie Lee, Marelen Murphy. Row 2: Lillian Roberts, Essie Belle Williams, Beverly Ann Adams, Daisy Allison, Aline Heard, Mary Louise Tanalski, Barbara Enck, Carol Kayser, Nancy Ames. Row 3: Delores Shoecroft, Donna Fikes, Nancy Weideman, Arlene Yosses, Sophie Rosinski, Sue Stoldt, Marilyn Gurgin, Dona Wagner, Ruth Yeack. Row 1: Willie Smith, Robert Snerd, Carl Schwartz, Ben Booth, Kenneth Mummert, Jack Corey, Hal Lineback, Earl Mcllvain, Marvin Montague, Norm Dymarkowski. Row 2i Jerry Farber, Bill Pohlman, Raymand Shunck, Glen Shirk, Brian Denman, Frank Covey, Bill Kisseberth, Carl Masters, Richard Anderson, Bill Smith. Row 3: Earl Bryan, Russell Simpson, Dick Hull, Jerry Reed, Ron Heckart, Jim McCarty, Bill Frank, Bob McClain, Jim Tucholski, Bob Chambers. .Wag avmgii -2 s ,, Q 1 K 4 ww. E V S V. ei W W., , fax-sr ?zxz,1 H' xw'-ss wx ss Row 1: Bonnie Crunkilton, Elvena Geraldo, Carolyn Schenck, Alice Christine McFarland, Evelyn Awe, Barbara Wilson, Pat McGraw, Annabelle Gooch. Row 2: Johnnie Lewis, Darlene Agnes Hackett, Jeanine Bluhm, Mary Hamilton, Joanne Collins, Joan Ann Thomas, Connie Jean Zelt, Shirley Mault. Row 3: Pat Baker, Coral Cole, Carol Hepner, Rae Myers, Sandra Lewis, Ruth Elenora Williamson, Shirley Osburn, Janet Lee Zeiter. Row 1: Richard Zeigler, Don Hughes, Rowland Timbrook, Conrad Pirner, Verne Eden, Dick Beard, Tom Moser, Novy Kissling, Ronnie Hansen, N ate Huntley. Row 2: Clarence Birr, Larry Kelley, David Lee Hadley, Don Rittig, James Ramsey, James Gluntz, Donald Wenz, Jim Liten, Bill Thompson. Row 3: Jesse Russell, Bill Jaques, Paul Atkinson, Barry Bigelow, Paul Rynn, Bill Thompson, Rich- ard Boggs, Duane Hull, Dick Eller, Richard Simmerman. JU IOR lead UNICRS Row 1: Shirley Mcllrath, Lois Jameson, Virginia Powell, Early Mae Farris, Josephine Simmons, Pearl Douglass, Virginia Morgan, Lois Dickson, Caryl Jean Schwartz. Row 2: Mamie Darden, Marian Jones, Mona De Courtad, Mary Ann Conald, Meridith Good, Esther Montz, Suzie Smilax, Sally Peters. Row 3: Joan Moreland, Dorothy Mastropere, Gretchen Smith, Nancy Sevrence, Janet Whitehead, Marilyn Reed, Donna Sugg, Norma Connell. Row 1: Bernard Meyers, Tom Kunkel, Harold Lutchey, James Schnabel, James Speegle, Fred Kirschner, Jon Helms, Chuck Kesling, Ronald Brassell. Row 2: Harry Gunn, Steven Jadlocki, Jim Walter, Nelson Fraval, Paul Wirick, Joe Schramek, Ralph Fry, Vaughn Ladd, Jim Ritzenthaler. Row 3: Harold Shunck, Karl Kazmier, Jerry Hawley, Russell Pheils, Gene Wagner, Al Bersticker, Richard Ely, John Ortmann, Bob Jaffke, Don Michel, Joe Bodi. ,g. Y? . -L X' ' . 5' - 1 F 'mf , ,. Q'V N3 ' E is ii' Row 1: Thelma Ethridge, Evelyn Kelley, Dolores Ellis, Evelyn Rufenact, Betty Devers, Rachel Jan- ney, Ruth Gable, Jane Ellen Hickman. . ' Row 2: Dolores Howe, Beverly Hansen, Barbara Mitchell, Bernadine Foster, Susan Ann Gibson, Carol Lindsey, Aletha Donald, Verlean Tatum. Row 3: Barbara Staunton, Beverly Smith, Leothia Sayre, Helen Browning, Nancy Cluff, Beverly Lis- ka, Jo Ann Morris, Barbara Briner. Row Ii John Harding, Tom Jackson, Dick Strahm, Larry Michaelis, jack Meinert, Jim Willey, Jim Waterfield, Willie Saunders, Leon Minor. Row 2: Bob Haverman, Ronny Hilfinger, Lamar Sawyer, Tom Smith, Bill Brown, Barton Bay, Alvin Rowe, Bill Kunkel, Bernard Heller, Jack Logan. Row 3: Jim Born, Allan Martell, Don Johnson, Bob Wofford, Howard Hicks, Vic Domoff, A1 Man- zey, Gordon Thomas, Tom Clark, John Bogle. ' JU IOR it UNIORS Row 1: Betty Hatton, Peggy Broadway, Joyce Cochran, Pat Featheringill, Kay Hoffman, Emma Dean Deckard, Mary Ellen Ball, Barbara Altenbaugh, Nancy Clark. Row 2: Frances Davenport, Marianne Jeakle, Mary Lou Harrison, Donna May Miller, Nancy Hopkins, Rosemarie Parker, Norma Raitz, Donna Brewer, Hedy Leu. Row 3: Jackie Canty, Beverly Richard, Migs Endsley, Natalie Kotula, Barbara Guhl, Barbara Kowal- ski, Joyce Entenmann, Marjorie Pizza, JoAnn McKinney, Carol Jacobs. Row 1: Pat Clinton, Genevieve Rodriquez, Jeanine Hale, Marguerithe Pemberton, Elaine Maher, Mar- garet Anne Gannon, Marian Lange, Pat Thomas, Darlene Gibson, Esther Hernandez. Row 2: Doris Layne, Mary Louise Hamilton, Joyce Moritz, Dorothy Baird, Esther Prueter, Connie McCarthy, Shirley White, Molly Boyer, Derith Bunge, Marcia Beier. Row 3: Doranancy Willingham, Jo Ann Dusseau, Nancy Powers, Nancy Yates, Julia Leu, Marilyn Harris, Mona Holmes, Mary Delaplane, Mary Shoemaker. E' away: C-v S' .LL , i SOPHOMORES Row 1: Josephine McVicker, Bev Heising, Shirley Koebrich, Nancy Pasche, Shirley Loggins, Dolores Eleanor Wilkins, Betty Sharp, Lyllus Busick, Donna Baumgartner, Ruth Bender, Lu Anne Moyer. Row 2: Jean Willey, Joette Clark, Barbara Walker, Marjorie Rossbach, Marlene Mickens, Bonnie Sut- ton, Beverly Johnson, Bev Masiker, Mary Alice Rier, Faye Schiller, Phyllis Settles, Kaye Bache. Row 3: Mitzi Kohring, joy Critzer, Jeanne Pommeranz, Sandra Brown, Phyl Joan Orbeson, Carol Hishka, Barbara Mclntire, Sharon O'Donnell, Sue Jordan, Johnnie McC1aren, Pat Mallory, Bever- ly Crunkilton. Row 1: Georgie Zervas, William Russell, Herb Harding, Johnie Finney, Pat Lockett, Kenneth Stein- ke, Larry Curtis, Mickey Thomas. Row 2: John Chaney, William jordan, Clifford Wellington, Rodney Miller, Fred Adams, Arthur Walk- er, Dale R. Conway, James Reardon, James Puszczewicz. Row 3: Frank Nowakowski, Tom Graf, Bill Findley, Robert Mentzer, Ronnie Gibson, Robert Hilfing- er, Eugene Bourn, Walter Lucas, John Haynes. .f' SGPHUMORE Row 1: Mary Louise Hawkins, Sarah Lawrence, Margaret O'Connell, Marie Taylor, Beulah Adams, Madonna Fair, Betty Rybka, Marcella Smigielski, Gerry Weideman. . Row 2: Rose Mary Lazar, Virginia Speer, Yvonne Hoodlet, Anna Teresa Redfern, Ardith Clauson, Maureen Higgins, Carol Cordner, Patricia Wentz, jane Hintz, Jackie Dusseau. Row 3: Maudie Collins, Nancy Fisher, Shirley Browning, Jeannette Tapley, Edythe Davis, Shirley Swank, Pat Higgins, Katherine Ebright, Dolly Choumont, Marcella Napierala. Row Ii John Florence, Clarence Griffin, Joe Boyd, Donald Montgomery, Bob Smith, Pete Finch, Rich- ard Witaszek, Richard Clark. Row 2: Bob Sly, Irving Stone, Earl Stone, Maurice Royce, Don Garner, David Deal, Leo Denorny, Huey C. Frye. - Row 3: Nick Chalet, Dick Harbert, George Coker, Lawrence Reeves, J. B. Goins, James Wassmund, Merle Dixon, Jack Gamble. SOPHOMORES Row 1: Kathryn McGaughey, Bessa Litt, Pat Boyles, Marolyn Collins, Jann Cole, Anne McKitrick, Margaret Stewart, Donna Wilhelm, Victoria Piddock, Carol Fritch. Row 2: Carole Morgan, Carol Speelman, Joann Shafer, Arlene Lugabihl, Pat Thornton, Gladys Jeak- le, Shirley Ann Paluck, Marjorie Gable, Gloria Maciejewska, Marie Swiatek, Nancy Hurd. Row 3: Joyce jackson, Sandra Wilson, Pat White, Anne Ingold, Nelda Orange, Shirley Tremmel, Lu- ella Cole, Barbara Marshall, Rosemarie Solarek, Donna McCormick, Celice Cole. ss w wrswi y, r Y- . JSR? 'fra-Q5 X Row Ii Richard Woods, Richard Vorbau, Phil Hawley, Bill Mogginis, Donald Osborne, Roger Marc- kel, John Wesley Haynes, Luther Bebley. ' Row 2: Ogden A. Davo, Earl Silow, Jack Macklenar, Bob Barbour, Jack Heath, Henry Keener, James. Thomas, Dick Faught. Row 3: Robert Rose, Arthur Irving, L. I. Ryan, James Loyer, John Charles, Cecil Whitfield, Tim Witcher, Clifford Peth, Rowland Thompson. SOPHOMORE Row 1: Elona Wible, Shirley Thomas, Mildred Waite, Barbara Hayton, Gerrie Deal, Corsealean Whickum, LaDonna Taylor, Phyliss Fairchild, Charlotte Kempfer. Row 2: Barbara Wendt, Beverly Schnabel, Nancy Thomas, Betty Akers, Jane Halleday, Marcella Mackensturm, Ruby Harton, Erlene Roberts, Pat Beck, Dorothy Teal. Row 3: Norma Ledyard, Lucille Schwartz, Jackie Walever, Elizabeth Adams, Janice Dybala, Daldres Kennelly, Beverly Queens, Madelyn Bester, Bessie Whyte, Bernice Russell. Row 1: Harry Daunhauer, Don Peters, William Woodward, Joseph Perry, Carl Krueger, Robert Swartz, Eddie Hoffman, Tom McCal1y. Row 2: Jim Ward, Charles Cooper, Leonard Rusch, Richard Simmons, Bill Feltz, Richard Eldridge, William Van Koughnet, Donald Thompson, James Halteman. Row 3: Jay Wodrich, Jerry Ebert, Don Boggs, Jerry Wagner, Jim Rohrbacher, Bill Swanson, Rich- ard Timbers, Robert Roesler, Richard Nehring. GPHOMORES Row I: Evelyn Boykin, Rosemary McElya, Marjorie Watson, Bernise Horton, Juanita Minor, Shirley Darden, Diana Mosley, Phyllis Bradford, Verneda Richardson, Doris Dixon. Row 2: Susie Thornton, Lovie Lee Glenn, Flora Belle Wiggins, Gwendolyn Christen, Teresa Filipo- vick, Carolyn McClure, Vickey Bowes, Gloria Chance, Bernice Lamar, June Davis. Row 3: Ella Mae McCalibb, Mary Lou Easley, Imogene Lane, Barbara Machcinska, Josephine Mor- awski, Barbara Ruszkewski, Frances Palmer, Zora Green, Katherine Casburne, Bonnie Terrell. Row I: Ernie Sears, Tom Dixon, Ray Dominiak, Jim Cai-one, Ronald Woods, Richard Recht, Dick Stainbrook, Lawrence Wellington. Row 2: Richard Cunningham, Kenneth Dickey, Ronnie Walton, Dick Kutz, Fred Pero, Daniel Thomas, Rocco Pizza, William Navarro, James Morris. Row 3: Paul Prevor, Ralph Moore, Don Born, Gordon Latta, Jim Burkard, Frank Yager, James Casey, Chuck Kennedy, Dale Spratt. CPHGMORE Row 1: Ethel Stephens, Shirley Smith, Darlean Shepard, Susan Double, Jackie Noss, June Shepler, Donna Logan, Miriam Mix. Row 2: Jane Ann Newton, Muriel Paeplow, Mary Reed, Shirley Mallory, Nancy Martin, Mary Flack, Kathryn Simons, Sharon Fauble, Becky Hunt, Janet Schultz. Row 3: Evelyn Houghton, Marian Hussey, Betty Sekulski, June Falkenberg, Cleo Sperber, Marjorie Jonas, Roberta Jefferds, Barbara Higgins, Carol Raitz, Nola Vanyo, Sue Kabel. Row 1: Maxine Goble, Juanita Schroeder, Gloria DeCesare, Janet DeMars, Mary Baldwin, Sue Mc- Laughlin, Shirley Keiser, Mary Hazelbaker, Susan Miller. Row 2: Jean Straw, Darlene Woodcock, Barbara Broedow, Hazel Finch, Ruth Budy, Alice Greyer, Leotha Stockard, Sylvia Campbell, Nancy Bartz. Row 3: Rosetta Garth, Louise Thomas, Elena Goodwin, Dolores Roe, Barbara Schoettley, Carolyn Cooper, Beverly Eden, Doris Batch, Janet Raitz. SOPHOMORES Row 1: Deede Huff, Paul Leininger, Ted Bonnough, Ronald Nagucki, Michael McCormick, George Bonta, Thomas! Kazmierczak. Row z: Jim Armbrust, Richard Schnapp, Bill Rosselit, Ron Kutzke, Ronald Malczewski, Ron Long, Bernie Wineland, Dick Szymczak. Row 3: Ralph Kohring, George Streepey, Wayne Kakela, Ken Myers, Dave Frayer, Bob Diley, Richard Slicker, jim Coyle, Tom Funka. J , , , EQ - . , ' M? ik 'IEW fwig r 1 y F, tom. Row 1: Clifford Bordner, Darrell Cunningham, William Bush, Donald Anderson, William Anderson, Jack Steiner, Harry Kedrie. Row 2: Don Person, Bob Peace, Don Washburn, Jerome Sommers, Dick Miley, R. Spencer Bur- gess, Bill Rusch, Casper Boles. Row 3: Larry Herold, Dick Henningsen, Dwight Dinkens, Tim McCormick, Elden Eckhart, James jen- sen, Bernard Weiss, Jerry Hill, Burchard Elzy. FRESHME Row 1: Mary Akin, Barbara Buchanan, Margaret Bester, Ruth Bey, Josephine Estridge, Sally Shep- herd, Sharon Goeckerman, Peggy Marks, JoAnn Kennedy, Carol McConougl1ey. Row 2: Marion Redfern, Barbara Bentley, Rebecca Reid, Marilyn Haltfreter, Colleen Barry, Louise Speegle, Bonnie Sauer, Connie Shaw, Carolyn King, Janice Below. Row 3: Darla Kreps, Joyce Gregory, Peggy Stewart, Jo Ann Burton, Virginia Wodtke, Anita Thomp- son, Eleanor Ferguson, Marilyn Cooper, Nancy Babos, Judy Oakes. Row Ii Howard Stewart, John Donahue, john Yglesias, Charles Carmony, Jim Winter, Sam Finch, Bill Winters. Row 2: William Fiander, Richard Camp, Don Vernon, Jack Ward, Frank Rerucha, Edwin Petrie, Tom Donahue, Ernie Nietzke. Row 3: Dave Wyland, James Tressler, Robert Charles, Herbert Bunge, Ralph Behrins, Steve Rodri- guez, Dick Stader, Robert Young. Row I: Rose Ann Kusz, Marilyn Hartzell, Barbara Kukla, Betty Jane Hoag, Stella Darmfal, Carol Damschroder, Carolyn Igney. Row 2: Shirley Gerschultz, Marcella Janowiecka, Marcia Garner, Leatha Legree, Donna Orthner, Ann Fanoff, Doris Bussing, Joan Heiden, Carole Kordell. Row 3: Helen Case, Shirley Eisenmann, Betty Wilkes, Elaine Zielinski, Donna Orthner, Shirley Mc- Clain, Pat Fearnside, Carol Hamilton. Row 1: Paul Yok, Karl Fink, Robert Sorgenfrei, Pete Stroup, jerry Hassen, Frank Schramek, Don- ald Kierstead, Gary Henricks, Dale Schweinhagen. Row 2i Terry Wear, Ernie Lange, Darryl Hawn, Ronald Schoedel, Ronald Kross, Fritz Neubert, Bob Rummell, David Summers, Frank Reyes, Ronald Elliott. Row 3: Edward Searcy, Warren Watts, Donald McLean, Dick Schaub, Donald Bollenbacher, Frank Reece, Donald Sass, William Huepenbecker, Bob Marohn, Paul Teopas. FRESHME FRESHME Row 1: Barbara Beck, Pat Moore, Bonnie White, Mary Aseltyne, Carol Broadway, Marilyn Sanzen- bacher, Donna Fifer, Joan Diamond, Caroline Dominiak. Row 2: Mary Jane Kalisz, Joyce Taylor, Margaret Powell, Ada Belle Rayford, LaVerne Jones, Betty Smith, Geraldine Hyttenhove, Carolyn Gordon, Sharon Mann. Row 3: Theresa Cloyne, Margaret Eppard, Sarah Vassar, Virginia Henry, Beverly Buckingham, Nor- ine Latta, Agnes Gamble, Joanne Hiatt, Drusilla Emch. Row 1: Edward Elwing, Daniel Andrzejewski, Tony Clark, Paul Anderson, Robert Johnson, Otis Stan- ton, John C. Stockard, Willie Boyd, Robert Forrest. Row 2: Eddie Byrne, Eugene Slack, Larry Weaver, Jerry Harley, Dan Lowry, Douglas Meek, Richard Sandys, Gary Liebnau, Jesse Cervantez, Kent Graves. Row 3: Robert Busick, Brian Nyquist, Herbert Macklin, Carl Harris, Ernest McGee, Leon Crosby, Beryl Henry, Jr., George Turner, Phillip Pearson, William Johnson. Row 1: Donna Callaghan, Connie White, janet Cummings, Barbara Kellar, Clara Beauch, Dona Swartz, Delphine Filas, Sallie Dicken. Row z: Mary Flooring, Geraldine Gryxza, Dawn Duffey, Renee Strauble, Joyce Nieft, Anne Schlich- er, Mary Fleming, Yvonne Cook, Doris Forrest. Row 3: Barbara Jagodzinski, Gracie Akers, Sally Kirschner, Virginia Ladd, Shirley Soriano, Susan Cooper, Mary Peters, Dolores Piasecki, Nancy Van Tassel. Row Ii Paul Williams, Terry Day, Garry Knopf, Kenneth Gallock, Philip Fisher, Jack Linville, Fred- erick Bryan, Ronald Thomas, David Ball. . Row 2: Dick Atkinson, Jim Kern, George W. Grabach, Evan Rice, Wheeler Smith, Harold Putnam, Ray Huber, james Wahl, John Klinger, Trino Salazar. Row 3: Robert Mcllvain, Clifton Browning, Dick Warnecke, Don Boggs, Jerry Wagner, Charles Pet- ers, John Tofziger, Bob Weick, Jim Kistner, George Coleman. FRESHME Row I: Rose Hohenstein, Barbara Jackson, Suzanne Rietz, Susan Schnell, Shirley Nowaczyk, Mona Mantz, Patsy Koepke, Rita jean Fuller. Row 2: LaVerne Emery, Hennie Mae Roziew, Sadie Wilder, Annie Harris, Livvie Peters, Anita White, Darlene Fritz, Shirley Jenne, Shirley Bailey. Row 3: Delores Garner, Lucille Czerniakowski, Sheila Baublitz, Carolyn Hochstettler, Debbie Hill, Diana Senff, Judy Denzig, Lucille Schmidt, Joyce Coger, Gloria Peters. Row I: Robert Boyd, James, LaFountain, Dennis Mahoney, Raymond Pryka, Richard Bailey, Glenn Curtis, Bob Binkowski, Bill Keim, Jim Eaton. Row 2: Russell Carmony, Roland Zeigler, James Murray, James Leary, Tom Bodi, James Dickson, Stanley Bussdicker, Larry Tofelski, Melvin Williams, David Waterfield. Row 3: Jerry Wahlgren, Larry Johnson, Wallace Thomas, Delbert Moman, James, Wenclawski, Rich- ard Gardner, Robert Burkard, Dick Pritts, Dick Hartsfedl, Dale Errington. Row 1: June Babcock, Yvonne Griffith, Verdell Lindsey, Beverly Ramsey, Norma Archer, Christine Bourn, Marilyn Dodge, Gloria Duenas. Row z: Rosaline Jagodzinski, Barbara Palma, Delores Becker, Beverly Barkheimer, Nancy Rubadeux, Marlene Mason, Nancy Schutt, Kathleen McCarthy, Barbara Battig. Row 3: Mary Grace Hoover, Nancy Hagedon, Arlene Baird, Janet Kayser, Nancy Harley, Carolyn Tarsek, Nell Heard, Betty Schultz, Pat Lauer, Janice Bailey. Row I: Ronald Horn, James Mugler, Leonard Fikes, Emmitt Love, Charles Wallers, Fred Robinson, Dick Dresch, Arthur Just, Phillip Miller. Row 2: Douglas Howe, Clifford Warren, john Love, Irving Meyers, Bill Schroeder, Ray Cline, Dur- wood Smart, Bruce Birkenkamp, Robert Buchhop. Row 3: Chester Williams, James! Russell, George Norwood, Allison Sanders, Franklyn Jackson, George Bates, Nathaniel Fisher, Nick Charles, Orval Cumming, Gene Drath. FRESHME FRESHME Row Ii Marian Reid, Marilyn Lincke, Jean Scott, Katherine Quisenberry, Shirley Robling, Dorothy Roberts, Evelyn Rossbach, Patricia Romp, Margie Featheringill. A Row 2: Virginia Sierra, Shirley Ann Chalet, Nancey Stulb, Shirley Emery, Zella Mae Sinclair, Patricia Sobczak, Janie Scott, Sharon Lee Cupp, Joanne Nelson, Donna Coleman. Row 3: Sandra Sanderson, Rita Richardson, Joan Black, Mary Vykopal, Nancey Fritch, Sally School- enberg, Rosemary Watson, Sue Schlagheck, Nancy Renter, Marilyn Rosa. Row 1: Roy Kelley, Don Weaver, David Taraschke, Henry King, Bill Penn, Donald Quisenberry, Ed- ward Langendorfer, Donald Nagucki, Ray Kramp. Row 2: Donald Turner, Ed Isaacson, Dann Nelson, Donald Liebherr, Kenneth Samson, Kenneth Below, Robert Adair, Leroy Dantzler, Rodney Hehl, Bob Hulse. Row 3: Ron Lewandowski, Earl Hargrow, Frederick Adams, Emery Baccus, Dale Davenport, Al Dix- on, Jerome Pruss, Don Koperski, Kenneth Moore, Edwin Sommers. , or Row I: Barbara Senger, Carol Kahn, Ruth Hood, Catherine Hernandiz, Helen Miller, Darlene Ross, Joyce Snyder, Beverly Davo, Jeanne Ricker. Row 2: Rhea Altenbaugh, Dolores Martin, Myrna Cobbs, Ethel Mason, Mary Morgan, Frances Brew- er, Nancy Lee, Norma Duffeck, Dolores Caswell, Margherita Saccucci. Row 3: Barbara McNamee, Joanne Carnes, Christine Koralewska, Gloria Brunk, June Blattner, Carolyn Wendel, Jane Fenner, Irene Culler, Shirley Tressler, Arley McFadden. Row 1: Ned Neal, Tom Bradford, Ronald Miller, Richard Balk, Don Lukert, James Valentine, Philip Smaw, William Smith, Bernard Daley. Row 2: Victor Young, Dick Howland, Don Heinz, Joe Slaspie, Robert Willey, Jon Haverman, Gordon Felgner, Herman Reed, Robert Scheffert. Row 3: Duard Farguhar, Frank Pauly, Dick Billion, Richard Black, Kenneth Battig, Ed Mauntler, Jim Thompson, Arthur Ver Straete, Clarence Roosevelt, Lewis Shoemake. FRESI-IME FRESHME Row 1: Carol Peters, Jackie Shepler, Ruby Browning, Marilyn Emch, Arlene Marie Polcyn, Sharon Meier, Janet Noss, Louise Hitchner, Jean Dresch. Row 2: Patricia Mannebach, Joan Podgorski, Barbara Whitmer, Shirley Nowakowski, Carolyn Musch, Mae Carpenter, Darleen Bown, Mary Jane Kiericki, Phyllis Smith, Beverly Blockowska. Row 3: Darlyn Minich, Carole Coulson, Joan Layne, Nancy Clark, Janice Gibson, Josephine Krue- ger, Phyllis Kovach, Sharon LeGron, Carolyn Collins, Darlin Minich. Row Ii Betty Sue Edwards, Theresa Szymanowska, Louise Mocniak, Peggy Brown, Lunora Bowen, Geneva Norwood, Roberta Boyd, Thersalean Duffey, Delores Saunders. Row 2: Tryfelia Mays, Marie Perry, Anna Craig, Hester Goodloe, Johnnie Owens, Pearl Johnson, Carma May, Barbara Miles, Rose Martin. Row 3: Marjorie Fleming, Roberta Stockard, Mary Jane McGraw, Sydneyetta Craig, Wendy Kuebler, Barbara Pelton, Clara Bush, Janet Becker, Susan Coulter, Mary Ann Hill. Q w 'ff 6 Behind the scenes of the Phil tea. Marianna and Dorothy plan the F.T.A. party Primping takes place at the Zet dance. Tea and Cake Isajfgqzjgfgeiy pledges as well Come On! Let's hear that cheer. The smiling Phils enjoy their tea. fi' " N W ' 3 rwwfnf: . M -- 4 - - we -- v Y - H- N S W T at M -- . . 4 W W Row 1: Ramona Leininger, Sally Carmen, Dorothy Sankiewicz, Helen Rigney, Dolores Martin, Johnnie Lewis, Marian- na Schneider, Pat Harding, Nancy Hipp. Row 2: Mark Haas, Sandra Lewis, Beverly Rickard, Sue Kanney, Miss Dusha, Dorothy Lee, Joyce McClaran, Harriet Covode, Dick Camp. Row 3: Mr. Rusie, Charles Jones, Chancey Jones, Benny Morse, Jim Kreutzfeld, Dick Emerson, Jim Neal, Mr. Martin. EDELIAN Everyone at Libbey loves and treasures his year-books as a storehouse of all the activities he has en- joyed, but this year we'd like to remind you of the derivation of the Word EDELIAN. It is composed of the name of Edmund Drummond Libbey: E and D, plus L for euphony and, of course, Libbey. As in other years the Edelian staff was in a state of constant concern over the ads, senior group and athletic pictures, and the snapshots, which form an excellent part of the book. The business of the Edelian was ably managed by Mr. Martin and his staff, which include Helyn Rigney, advertising managerg Sue Kanney, activities managerg Sandra Lewis, assistant advertising man- agerg Sally Carmen, circulation managerg and Dolores Martin, Johnnie Lewis, Beverly Richard, and Dick Camp, circulation. The enthusiastic and enterprising editorial staff was led by the co-editors- in-chief, Dorothy Lee and Nancy Hipp. Harriet Covode and Joyce McClaran edited the senior sec- tion, Jim Neal and Ramona Leininger, the classes sections. Clubs were reported by Pat Harding and Marianna Schneider and Jim Kreutzfeld, Ben Morse, and Mark Haas arranged the faculty pages. Sports were covered by Charles and Chancy Jones and Dick Emerson. Ramona Leininger and Dorothy Sankiewicz prepared the advertising layouts. Over all these performances Miss Ruth Dusha, as direc- tor, tried to keep peace in a troubled activity, gaining strength and courage from Principal Loy W. Rusie when the going became especially rough. 72 Row I: Susie Miller, Peggy Broadway, Meredith Good, Ramona Knopf, Mona Courtad, Pat Featheringill, Mary Hazel- baker. Row 2: Pat Richard, Nannette Striggow, Donna Rossbach, Miss Gerdes, Janet Whitehead, Joanne McKinney, Margaret Endsley. Row 3: Andrew Kassay, Robert Bryan, Nancy Corbin, Barbara Soule, Joan Hundley, Mr. Martin, Ronnie Hilfinger, Lamar Sawyer. CRYSTAL From Miss Gerdes' room, humming with activity, emanates one of Toledo's top high school newspa- pers, Libbey's own K'Crysta1." Reporters, photographers, editors, managers, and adviser have co-oper- ated in the true spirit of the journalism field to produce a paper which, with its clever jokes, good edi- torials, and outstanding photographs, is eagerly awaited by the student body. In order that "Crystal" Work, however, might not be "all work and no play," the annual banquet ended a busy season. Much credit should go to Miss Gerdes, the adviser, as well as staff members, Nancy Corbin, editor- in-chiefg Barbara Soule and Nannette Striggow, associate co-editors, Donna Rossbach, feature editor, Joan Hundley, news editorg Betty Potts, typing editor, Pat Richard and Ramona Knopf, co-exchange editorsg Lamar Sawyer, sports editor, Janet Whitehead, club editorg Andrew Kassay, photographerg Ronny Hilfinger and Bob Bryan, advertising managers. 73 Row 1: Len Kutzke, Larry Metzger, Vera Engelhardt, jane Hall, Barbara Tripp, Sue Kanney, Joan Hundley, Ra- mona Leininger, Eleanor Peters, Jane Smilax, Joyce McClaren, Row 2: Harriet Covode, Dorothy Lee, Treva Crit- zer, Marianna Schneider, Lillian Lewis, Glenda Thompson, Jerry Wilkinson, Betty Ann Potts, Barbara Soule, Miss Henderson, Miss Gilbert. Left to Right: Kenny Crossman, Benny Morse, Ruth Aseltyne, Vera Engelhardt, Joan Hundley, Len Kutzke, Ra- mona Leininger, Mr. Rusie, Lillian Lewis, Barbara Soule, Marianna Schneider. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The senior members of National Honor eagerly watch the induction of the juniors and seniors who will be a willing addition to the club. These twenty second-year members were chosen as juniors, on their scholastic records achieved their first three years at Libbey. Hard working seniors are given awards for placement in senior scholarship tests! Certificates were awarded these smiling students for placing in the city or state ranks of the Ohio Senior Scholarship Tests. 74 Row 1: Dorothy Lee, Eleanor Peters, Mary Ellen Wilgus, Harryette Bradley, Janet Smaltz, Hedy Leu, Barbara Tripp, Glenda Thompson, Shirley Mault, Nancy Jo Brown, Ruth Aseltyne, Marianna Schneider, Eleanor Shanteau, Helen Pilcher. Row 2: Joyce McClaran, Harriet Covode, Carol Jacobs, JoAnn McKinney, Barbara Kowalski, Miss Gilbert, Jean Shepler, Mary Lou Driano, Mary Walch, Dorothy Sankiewicz, Helen Kachenmeister, Janice Fosbender. Rowg: Al Bersticker, James Speegle, Manny Litten, Jim Nye, Leonard Kutzke, Kenny Crossman, Dominic Bruno, Andrew Kassay, James Gluntz, Jerry Hawley, Stanley Zielinski. Row 1: Jerryjean Wilkinson, Betty Ann Potts, Marlene Luettke, Jane Smilax, Lillian Lewis, Dolores Howe, Janet Whitehead, Pat Harding, Nancy Hipp, Jane Hall, I-Ielyn Rigney, Treva Critzer, Janet Giffin. Row 2: Joan Hund- ley, Barbara Soule, Vera Engelhardt, Nancy Corbin, Ramona Leininger, Miss Henderson, Sue Kanney, Mary Dela- plane, Carol Hepner, Harriet Swaby, Joan Thomas, Mary Louise Hamilton. Row 3: Jon Helms, Lamar Sawyer, Rus- sell Pheils, Jack Meinert, Lowell Eilert, Dick Szymanski, Frank Covey, John Bogle, Bob Duszynski, Larry Metzger. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The induction of new members, an impressive ceremony held in March, rewarded the efforts of outstanding juniors and seniors with membership in this fine organization. The officers for the year, president, Larry Metzger, vice-president, Vera Engelhardtg secretary-treasurer, Jane Hallg and ser- geant-at-arms, Leonard Kutzke. Members of this group wish to extend their grateful thanks to Mr. Lynn, who has guided, patiently, the organization for many years. A welcome for the new advisers, Miss Gilbert and Miss Henderson, is also sincerely extended. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a de- sire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students of Libbey High School. With these aims, the group began their service activities by manag- ing the elections of junior and senior class officers.The Antlers Quartet was presented by the group to obtain money for scholarship purposes. On Friday, April 13, the society presented a "Beat the Clock" stunt show with John Saunders as master of ceremonies. Student participation contributed to a thor- oughly enjoyable show. 75 'V' E f Row 1: Nancy Hipp, Marilyn Rosa, Janet Raitz, Lu Anne Moyer, Dolores Martin, Donna Baumgartner, Jane Hall, Shirley Keiser, Susan Miller. Row 2: Sandra Brown, Marcia Beier, Molly Boyer, Jane Fenner, Miss Dusha, Mary Ellen Flack, Sally Carmen, Barbara Bowman, Nannette Striggow. Row 3: Judy Denzig, Joyce McClaran, Ramona Icsegiingefi Mary Shoemaker, Sue Kanney, Nancy Harley, Johnnie McC1aran, Sue Jordan, Barbara Mclntire, Sharon ' onne . Row Ii Bonnie Sutton, Margie Ross-bach, Ruth Bender, Marianna Schneider, Nancy Schutt, Nancy Rubadeux, Mary Gwen Reed, Jeanne Ricker. Row 2: Nancy Yates, Mary Ann Conold, Marian Hussey, Ramona Knopf, Miss Dusha, Kay Bache, Susan Cooper, Anne Schlicher, Phyl-Joan Orbesen. Row 3: Nancy Corbin, Donna Rossbach, Roberta Jef- ferds, Derith Bunge, Vera Engelhardt, Rae Myers, Jeanette Tapley, Cleo Sperber, Mary Rier, Connie McCarthy. PERICLEAN LITERARY SOCIETY Fulfilling our motto "Second to None," the Peries started a tremendous year with the presentation of the DeVilbiss mass meeting under the direction of Ramona Leininger and Sue Kanney. Following this, the annual fall roast was held at Fort Meigs with Barbara Bowman as chairman. Donna Rossbach was chairman of our successful annual dance entitled, "The Holly Hop" and held in December at the Wo- man's Building. In March, sixteen new members were installed at an initiation tea, headed by Nancy Hipp, Again as spring approached, the Peries honored their mothers at a tea given in their honor. Much success and credit is due to Marcia Beier for the outcome of this event. The Peries closed the year's activities with the Spring Banquet at which the senior members were bidden a sad adieu, as the junior officers were installed. Many thanks to our adviser, Miss Dusha, for the promoting of our year's activities, The officers were Joyce McClaran, president, Donna Rossbach, vice president, Nancy Corbin, treasurerg Vera En- gelhardt, censor, Nancy Hipp, recording secretaryg Ramona Knopf, corresponding secretaryg Nannette Striggow, chaplain. 76 E . .Mff Y .4 .4 JM., seq PNB Row 1: Evelyn Awe, Mary Harnilton, Pat Harding, Sue Double, Carolyn Schenk, Joyce Giffin, Nancy Clark, Donna Logan, Miriam Mix. Row 2: June Falkenberg, Marlene Luettke, Joan Thomas, Constance Zelt, Miss Kirk, Helyn Rigney, Fern Baker, Joan Keiser, Johnnie Lewis. Row 3: Frances Reece, Barbara Tripp, Dorothy Sankiewicz, Joan Hundley, Janice Fosbender, Harriet Swaby, Ruth Benson, Shirley White, Migs. Endsley. Row 1: Nancy Pasche, Suzanne Reetz, Vicky Bowes, Kay Hoffman, Suzie Smilax, Carole Falk, Barbara Walker, Carol Morgan, Peggy Broadway. Row 2: Harryette Bradley, Emma Dauster, Bobbie Simons, Wendy Kuebler, Miss Gerdes, Carol Hischka, Anita White, Mary Ellen Wilgus, Jerry Wilkinson. Row 3: Sue Kabel, Beverly Buckingham, Mitzi Kohring, Barbara Pelton, Debbie Hill, Carolyn Cooper, Joan Norris, Jane Smilax, Dorothy Lee. PHILALETHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY The Philalethean Literary Society began an eventful year with the Central Mass Meeting, HW. L. H. S. vs. Central," directed by Dorothy Lee and Joan Hundley. Then amidst selling pencils and fudge, the annual roast was held, led by Harryette Bradley and Pat Harding. In partnership with the Forum, the "Snowball" was presented in the Secor Ballroom directed by Jane Smilax and Larry Metzger and their committee. Margaret Endsley and Sue Smilax planned the spring banquet. The club officers under the direction of Miss Kirk and Miss Gerdes, our advisers, were Barbara Tripp, presidentg Jane Smilax, vice president, JoanNorris, corresponding secretaryg Janice Fosbender, recording secretaryg Pat Harding, treasurer, EmrnaDauster, chaplaing Joan Hundley, senior censorg Nancy Clark, junior censor, Joyce Giffin, sergeant-at-arms. 77 Row 1: Helen Pilcher, Jackie Shepler, Janet Giffin, Nancy Jo Brown, Pat Featheringill, Bonnie Willey, Eleanor Shan- teau. Row 2: Jeanine Hale, Sally Peters, Pat Fearnside, Miss Henderson, Nancy Reuter, Muriel Paeplow, Elaine Mah- er, Janet Smaltz. Row 3: Shirley Osburn, Jo McKinney, Mary Delaplane, Joyce Entenmann, Harriet Covode, Janet Whitehead, Eleanor Peters, Mona De Courtad. Row I: Jackie Noss, Marjorie Jonas, Margherita Saccucci, Doris Jean Bussing, Viola Shoemaker, Marge Featheringill, Mary Hazelbaker. Row 2: Joanne Collins, Carolyn Collins, June Shepler, Mrs. Dzialok, Miss DeLisle, Carol Hepner, Shirley Mault, Becky Hunt. Row 3: Joyce Moore, Marjorie Pizza, Helen Kachenmeister, Barbara Kowalski, Janet Becker, Barbara Soule, Jean Shepler, Carol Jacobs. ZETALETHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY The dual purpose of the Zets is to promote the literary interests of the members and to teach good fel- lowship, consideration of others, value of cooperation and commendable school spirit. With their motto, "Nihil sine labore," the Zets culminated their year in accomplishing this purpose. In Octo- ber Treva Critzer emceed the Waite Mass Meeting. "The Tri-Lit Dance" in October, the dance after the Woodward-Libbey game in February and the "Sophisticated Swing" at the Toledo Yacht Club in Feb- ruary with Eleanor Peters as chairman were three gala events. The annual banquet initiation, and the mother's tea, all in May, completed the year. The Zets thank their efficient advisers: Miss Aileen Eberth, Miss Grace Henderson, Miss Grace DeLisle and Mrs. Eleanor Dzialok and their ambitious officers: Harriet Covode, president, Eleanor Peters, vice president, Treva Critzer, corresponding secretary, Barbara Soule, recording secretary, Janet Giffin, treasurer, Bonnie Willey, chaplain, Helen Kachenmeister, sergeant-at-arms, Mona De Courtad, censor, Viola Shoemaker, historian, and Janet Whitehead, courier. 78 Anderson, Mr. Rusie, Robert Cousino, Larry Metzger, Ron Gamble. Row 3: Roger Tapley, BKenny ye , Jack ., ff , Row 1: Tom Smith, Bob Ganss, Dick Schnapp, John Harding, Jim Neal, Tom jackson, Row 2: ,Ken Cr silriaizgtlgdfyc Mounger, Barton Bay, Wayne Kakala, Charles Berning, Bernie Wineland. ff Row 1: Dick Strahm, Harold Lamarr Sawyer, Herb Harding, Ken Jackson, Ben Booth, Reed Paeth. Row 2: Bill Find- ley, jack Meinert, Michael Arner, Mr. Rusie, james Wassmund, Ralph Kohring. Row 3: Bob McClain, Bob Haverman, Dick Emerson, Dick Scherer, Eddy Biggs, Dominic Bruno. FDRUM LITERARY SOCIETY Once again the Forum maintained their high standing among Libbey's literary societies, through the combined effort of the officers-Jerry Anderson, president, Larry Metzger, vice president, Ken Cross- man, secretaryg Ron Gamble, treasurer, Bob Cousino, sergeant-at-arms-and hard working members, The events of the year were begun with rough initiation of pledges which was planned by a commit- tee consisting of Jim Neal, John Harding, and Dick Strahm, The chairmen were Dick Emerson and Ed Biggs. Next on the calendar was the annual Forum dance, the "Snow Ball" held on January 13, at the Secor Hotel. A Snow Queen was elected. The committee, headed by Larry Metzger, who was assisted by Ron Gamble, Ed Biggs, Dick Emerson, Jim Neal, Dick Strahm, and Tom Smith, collaborated with the Phils in presenting the dance. The committee for the annual spring roast was headed by Ron Gamble. His assistants were Ken Crossman, Tom jackson, Bob Ganss, and Jack Mounger. The Forum was very grateful for the assistance and encouragement given the club by their adviser, Mr. E. W. Harris, who is now teaching at Parkwood School. 79 Row 1: Paul Myers-, Bob Duszynski, James Nye, Skeets Moorman, Alvin Rowe, Don Kaczala, Jim Durivage, Harold Harvey. Row 2: Jim McCarty, Jerry Hawley, Eugene janowski, Jerome Zdawczyk, Mr. Robinson, Manny Littin, Raymond Helminiak, Jim Tucholski, Dick McMorgan, Row 3: Jim Born, Darrell Swanson, Dick Szymanski, Len Kut zke, Al Bersticker, Vic Domhoff, Bill Frank, Bill Brown,Ronald Heckart. Row 1: Paul Leininger, Richard Simmons, Gregory Wolf, Larry Kelley, Jim Waterfield, Jim Armbrust, Paul Wineke, Jack Sharp. Row 2: George Streepey, Verne Eden, Raymond Shunck, Jim Coyle, Mr. Robinson, Robert Mentzer, Ron Kutzke, Ron Long, Tom Funka. Row 3: Dale Spratt, Bill Thompson, Dave Frayer, jerry Hill, Dick Hull, Barry Bige- low, Paul Rynn, Harold Shunck, Ronny Hilfinger. QUILL AND DAGGER LITERARY SOCIETY The Q. D.'s started the year in December by pledging new members who served their pre-initiation days by acting as Squires to the teachers each morning for a week. In charge of initiating these well- groomed pledges were Darrell Swanson, Bill Brown, and Ronnie Hilfinger. To fulfill their motto, "To generate a will to serve," the Q. D.'s annual dance was planned by Dick Szymanski, Bob Duszynski, Don Kazala, Ron Hilfinger and Bill Brown. Vic Domhoff, Leonard Kutzke, and Al Bersticker arranged the spring roast. A happy year was made possible by adviser Mr.Charles Robinson and the following officers: Manny Littin, presidentg Dick Szymanski, vice president, jim Durivage, secretary, jerry Zdawczyk, treas- urerg Bill Frank, sergeant-at-arms. 80 Row 1: john Bogle, Gregory Wolf, Fred Kirschner, Gerald Reed, Conrad Pirner, Harold Shunck. Tom Moser, Dick Beard, Bill Matzinger, Verne Eden, Ronnie Brassell, Jack Sharp. Row 2: Skeets Moorman, Reed Paeth, Gordon Meek, Al Bersticker, Jerry Hawley, Duane Hull, Mr. Kiefer, Bob Ganss, Jim Nye, Karl Kazmaier, Jim Born, Raymond Shunck. Row 3: Charles Jones, Darrell Swanson, Manny Litten, Ken Crossman, jack Mounger, Leonard Kutzke, Irving Young, Dick Pete, Chancey Jones, Jim Neal. Row Ii Charles Cooper, Paul Leininger, William Woodward, William Van Koughnet, Pete Finch, Dick Schnapp, Deede Huff, Don Garner, Richard Recht, Joe Brown, Harry Daunhauer. Row 2: Dick Henningsen, Dwight Dulcins, Ralph Kohring, Michael Arner, Tom Funka, Mr. Vanderwulp, Ron Kutzke, Herb Harding, R. Spencer Burgess, Jim Amburst. Row 3: Dale Spratt, Bill Findlay, Wayne Kakela, Jim Wassmund, George Streepy, Kenny Myers, Jim Coyle, Robert Mentzer, Don Born, Larry Herold, Ron Long. SENIOR, JUNIDR, AND SOPHGMORE HI-Y Under the guidance of their energetic officers, president, Ken Crossmang vice president, Leonard Kutz- keg treasurer, Jim Nyeg and chaplain, Reed Paeth, the members of the Senior Hi-Y successfully corn- bined their program with that of the Junior Hi-Y under the direction of Mr. Keifer. The junior lead- ers were Dick Beard, president, Jerry Hawley, vice president, Marvin Montigue, secretaryg Vern Eden, treasurer, and Jack Sharpe, chaplain. Guest speakers, Barney Frances and Reverend Fry, spoke on such topics as good sportsmanship and the alcohol problem. The main social event of the year, the Mother and Son Banquet, held in May, was planned also in collaboration with the Sophomore Hi-Y. The committee included Darrell Swanson, Jack Mounger, Dick Meek, Vern Eden, and Wayne Kakela. The sophomore officers, Mike Arner, president, Dwight Dinkins, vice presidentg Richard Recht, secretarygand Wayne Kakela, treasurer, carried their club through an active program which included two paper sales. Contributions to World Service Fund and the Hi-Y training camp were rnade with some ofthe earnings from these projects. 81 Row 1: Ted Walgreen, Darryl Hawn, George Turner, Tom Coleman, Kenneth Moore, Bill Schroeder, Dick Howland, Ned Neal. Row 2: Mr. Aseltyne, Frank Reece, Don Bollenbacher, Jim Thompson, Ralph Behrens, Franklin Pauly, Dale Davenport, Paul Teopos. Row Ii Marilyn Lincke, Virginia Sierra, Virginia Ladd, joan Heiden, Marlene Mason, Helen Miller, Darlene Ross, Janet Noss, Carolyn Igney, Jeanne Ricker. Row 2: Ann Fanoff, Pat Lauer, Marilyn Rosa, Arlene Polcyn, Ruby Browning, Mrs. Schultz, Nancy Hagedon, Anna Mae Carpenter, Darlene Brown, Doris Jean Bussing. Row 3: Jose- phine Krueger, Anita Thompson, Wendy Kuebler, Joan Layne, Barbara Pelton, Debbie Hill, Carole Coulson, Nancy Harley, Nancy Babos, Darlin Minich, FRESHMEN HI-Y AND Y-TEENS Continuing in the ideals of their older Hi-Y friends, the freshman boys were organized and directed un- der the watchful guidance of Mr. Francis Aseltyne. The purpose of this group has been "To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the school and the community, high standards of living." An out- standing program was given by the Reverend Fry on the "Evils of Alcoholism." The year's officers were James Thompson, president, Ralph Behrens, vice president, Tom Coleman, secretary, Dick Hol- land, treasurer, and Ned Neal, chaplain. One of the most ambitious groups in Libbey this past year has been the Freshman Y-Teens Whose membership exceeded that of other years by a wide margin, The success of this enterprise may be ac- credited to Mrs. Harriet Schultz, whose care and leadership made the group possible. 82 Row 1: Dawn Duffey, Joyce Nieft, Norma Jean Duffeck, Nancy Moreland, Nancy Rubadeux, Carol Broadway, Marge Featheringill, Carol Damschroder, Pat Moore. Row 2: Bonnie White, Margherita Saccucci, Dolores Martin, Rhea Altenbaugh, Rita Richardson, Mrs. Schultz, Sharon Mann, Jane Scott, Sharon Cupp, Catherine Hernandez. Row 3: Judy Denzig, Carolyn Wendle, Mary Peters, Shirley McClain, Beverly Buckingham, Carolyn Collins, Joyce Frank, Mary Jane McGraw, Nancy Reuter, Theresa Cloyne. Row 1: Margaret Eppard, Pat Romp, Clare Beauch, Nancy Schutt, Roberta Boyd, Mary Aseltyne, Marilyn Sanzen- bacher, Jackie Shepler, Donna Callaghan, Marilyn Hartzell. Row 2: Darlyn Minich, Suzanne Reetz, Kathleen McCar- thy, Patsy Mannebach, Mrs. Schultz, Donna Fifer, Arley McFadden, Susan Schnell, Connie Shaw. Row 3: Arlene Baird, Susan Cooper, Jane Fenner, Janet Becker, Diane Senff, Carolyn Hochstetler, Susan Coulter, Phyllis Kovach, Anita White, Anne Schlicher. FRESHMEN Y-TEENS "To grow as a persong to grow in friendship with people ofn all races, religions, and nationalitiesg to grow in the knowledge and love of God"-this is the purpose of the Freshman Y-Teens. Their main project was the collection of books for a library in Hoonah, Alaska. Also Miss Betty Acker, adviser of the Y.W.C.A. spoke on the responsibility of membership in an international organization. Social events included a splash party at the "Y" in March with Pat Rornp as chairman and the Y- Teen Carnival, also in March at the "Y", at which Wendy Kuebler was a representative. The club's officers were, president, Wendy Kueblerg vice president, Jane Scott, secretary, Mary Peters: treasurer, Marlene Mason: and chaplain, Arley McFadden. ' ' f - 83 Row 1: Jean Willey, La Donna Taylor, Shirley Koebrick, Pat Thornton, Lu Anne Moyer, Ruth Bender, Barbara Walk- er, Beverly Heising, Shirley Keiser, Janet DeMars. Row 2: Elena Goodwin, Maudie Collins, Ruth Benson, Janet Schultz, Jackie Noss, Mrs. Black, Marlene Mickens, Joyce Critzer, Kaye Bache, Carolyn McClure, Ruby Horton. Row 3: Zora Green, Sandra Brown, Jeanne Pommeranz, Clarine Van Dame, Barbara Mclntire, June Shepler, Johnnie McC1aran, Roberta Jefferds, Sue Jordan, Becky Hunt, Phyl-Joan Orbeson. Row 1: Vicky Bowes, Carole Falk, Donna Logan, Arlene Lugabihl, Phyllis Foley, Gladys Jeakle, Carole Morgan, Sue McLaughlin, Miriam Mix, Eloris Webb. Row 2: Barbara Higgins, Carol Hischka, Phyllis Sutton, Lyllusi Busick, Mrs. Black, Bonnie Sutton, Susan Double, Evelyn Houghton, Mary Flack, Marian Hussey. Row 3: Verneda Richardson, Frances Palmer, Bobbie Simons, Mitzi Kohring, Beverly Schnabel, Jackie Wolever, Faye Schiller, Nola Vanyo, Mar- cella Mockesturn, Shirley Browning, Beverly Crunkilton. SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS In addition to discussions and movies on such things as manners and boy-girl relations, the Sophomore Y-Teens have engaged in such Worthwhile projects as sending food baskets at Thanksgiving, and send- ing magazines to nearby hospitals. The members attended the Y-Teen carnival in March and also the Hi-Y-Teen splash party last fall, Much credit for the success of the peppy group should be given to their capable adviser, Mrs. Pau- line Black. Officers for the year were president, Carol Hischkag vice president, Beverly Crunkiltong secretary, Sharon Faubleg treasurer, Jackie Nossg and chaplain, LaDonna Taylor. 84 Row 1: Carolyn Schenk, Betty Devers, Jeanine Bluhm, Joyce Moore, Mary Hamilton, Nancy Brown, Evelyn Awe, Pat Featheringill, Virginia Powell, Viola Shoemaker. Row 2: Essie Williams, Susan Gibson, LaVerne Bellair, Doris Payne, Miss Russell, Mary Tanalski, Shirley Mault, JoAnn Collins, Verlean Tatum, Marlene Murphy. Row 3: Rae Myers, Marilyn Harris, Mary Delaplane, Derith Bunge, Sandra Lewis, Marcia Beier, Nancy Yates, Migs Endsley, Connie McCarthy, Molly Boyer. Row 1: Kay Hoffman, Esther Preuter, Suzie Smilax, Elaine Maher, Mary Ellen Ball, Barbara Altenbaugh, Nancy Clark, Peggy Broadway, Caryl Swartz, Betty Hatton. Row 2: Barbara Enck, Norma Raitz, Janet Whitehead, Mona De Cour- tad, Marilyn Reed, Mary Ann Conold, Meredith Good, Lillian Roberts, Constance Zelt, Hedy Leu. Row 3: Marjorie Pizza, Dorothy Armstrong, Barbara Kowalski, Carol Jacobs, Jo Ann Morris, Shirley Osburn, Shirley White, Joan Thom- as, Marianne Jeakle, Rosemary Parker. JUNIOR Y-TEENS The activities of the Junior Y-Teens were begun impressively with a beautiful candlelight induction service for new members, under the direction of Kay Hoffman. As a second activity, the pre-Wood- ward game mass meeting was presented by this energetic junior group. The officers for the year were president, Esther Prueterg vice president, Kay Hoffman, recording secretary, Derith Bungeg corresponding secretary, Margie Pizza, treasurer, Carol Jacobs, and chap- lain, Hedy Leu. These girls were responsible for the strides toward the goals of the club, to grow in friendship with people of all races, nationalities, and creeds. The group was faithfully guided through- out the year by Miss Mary Russell. 85 Row I: Marlene Luettke, Joan Keiser, Emma Williams, Marianna Schneider, Nancy Bechtel, Louise Carson, Bonnie Baugh, Barbara Reeck, Jackie Raby, Eleanor Shanteau, Margie Killian, Marilyn Draheim, Dorothy Misiewicz. Row 2: Joan Norris, Janice Fosbender, Ramona Leininger, Dorothy Lee, Eleanor Peters, Miss Allen, Gerry Parker, Joan Hutchinson, Lillian Lewis-, Jean Bowles, Jackie Bombrys, Pat Richard. Row 3: Marilyn Felser, Joan Hundley, Har- riet Covode, Joyce McClaran, Vera Engelhardt, Wanita Beatty, Ruth Weber, Jane Smilax, Glenda Thompson, Jackie Altenbaugh, Miriam Miller, Barbara Mallett, Mary Furey. Row Ii Fern Baker, Ramona Knopf, Nannette Striggow, Jane Hall, Nancy Hipp, Jerry Wilkinson, Bonnie Willey, Joyce Giffin, Laureen Wolever, Betty Brown, Janice Goodwin, Jackie Meyer, Beverly Burdo. Row 2: Jeanne Shier, Mary Lou Driano, Shirley Keller, Joyce Goggans, Barbara Bowman, Miss Allen, Barbara Brown, Gladys Brooks, Ruth Aseltyne, Harryette Bradley, Mary Ellen Wilgus, Pat Harding. Row 3: Donna Rossbach, Nancy Corbin, Barbara Soule, Maradell Karchner, Sally Carman, Frances Reece, Sue Kanney, Dorothy Sankiewicz, Barbara Tripp, Helyn Rigney, Helen Kachenmeis-ter, Jean Shepler, Virginia Craig. SENIOR Y-TEENS Guided through another busy year by their capable adviser, Miss Allen, the members of the Senior Y- Teens have engaged in many worthwhile activities and projects. Beginning the year with the annual football dinner in the cafeteria during October, the girls also participated in the Scott mass meeting and later gave a tea for all senior girls and their mothers. Among the other service projects was a book review given in the auditorium by Mrs. Huebner. This year's able officers were president, Ramona Leiningerg vice president, Janice Fosbenderg re- cording secretary, Jane Hallg corresponding secretary, Nannette Striggowg treasurer, Dorothy Lee, and chaplain, Ruth Weber, ' B6 Row 1: Margaret Eppard, Jane Hintz, Vera Engelhardt, Jon Helms, Jerry Hawley, Jack Meinert, Jack Gamble, Mary Delaplane, Hedy Leu, Eleanor Wilkins. Row 2: Shirley Browning, Joanne Eubank, June Shepler, Beverly Bucking- ham, Mrs. Burton, Ruth Weber, Nannette Striggow, Nancy Pasche, Jane Ann Newton. Row 3: Michael Arner, Len Kutzke, Bob Shaw, Gorden Thomas, Jim Kreutzfeld, Phillip Fry, Dave Wyland, Jerry Wagner, Richard Recht. Row Ii Donald Walker, Pete Struop, Barbara Yager, KayeBache, Jean Gray, Carole Falk, Donna Logan, Pat Moore, Patricia Craig. Row 2: Frances Palmer, Shirley Osburn,Shirley White, Esther Prueter, Mrs. Burton, Joanne Perry, Virginia Potter, Marcella Mockensturn, Mary Flack, Charlotte Kempfer. Row 3: Mary Peters, Cleo Sperber, Don Rettig, John Bogle, Al Bersticker, Verne Eden, Mitzi Kohring, Carolyn Wendel, Jane Fenner. CLASSICAL HONOR -JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE With their belief in their motto, "Scientia. Arx. Saeculorum," the Classical Honor Society, a chapter of the Junior Classical League of America, unites with the associate members of the J. C. L. to promote the interest of Latin at Libbey. In May, Hedy Leu acted as delegate to the Ohio State convention of the J. C. L. held in Toledo. At this time the Libbey chapter furnished a program of a one-act play and Latin songs. ' The Libbey chapter of the J. C, L. actively supported Ohio Latin Week, and many educational trips. Picnics, parties, and an annual Induction Banquet helped to fill a busy year. The officers of the Classical Honor Society were, president, Jack Gambleg vice president, Eleanor Wilkins, secretary-treas- urer, Mary Delaplane. The Junior Classical League was headed by Charlotte Kempfer, financeg Hedy Leu, socialg Esther Prueter, records, Patricia Craig, propertiesg organization, Richard Rechtg and Phil- lip Fry, programs. The adviser for these organizations is Mrs. Pauline E. Burton. 87 Row 1: Laverne Bellair, Evelyn Houghton, Anita White, Sandra Fish, Elena Goodwin, Constance Zelt, Connie Mc- Carthy, Carol Cordner, Hedy Leu, Vicky Bowes. Row 2: Bobbie Simons, Johnnie McClaran, Marcia Beier, Derith Bunge, Miss Kreuger, Dot Sankiewicz, Barbara Schoettley, Janice Fosbender, Joyce McClaran, Jane Smilax. Row 3: Richard Kozbial, Daniel Allen, Frank Farias, Jo Ann McKinney, Joyce Entenmann, Shirley White, Gloria Chance, Michael Arner, Ralph Kohring, Benjamin Brown. Row 1: Betty Hatton, Mona De Courtad, Vera Engelhardt, Miss Gilbert, Miss Henderson, Harriet Covode, Pat Mal- lory, Arley McFadden. Row 2: Larry Metzger, Ronnie Hilfinger, Jack Meinert, Mr. Rusie, Ken Crossman, Gordon Felgner, Jim Wassmund. FRENCH CLUB - STUDENT COUNCIL The French Club had numerous projects during theyear. A "Care" box was sent to a needy French family, letters were exchanged with French students, and a study was made of old French provinces. Social activities included a Christmas Party, with Carol Cordner as chairman, and the annual banquet in the Madison Tea Room, under the direction of Derith Bunge. Officers were Jo Ann McKinney, president, Derith Bunge, vice president, Johnnie McClaran, secretary, Marcia Beier, treasurer: Carol Cordner, Mike Arner and Bobbie Simons, censors. Miss Krueger was the helpful adviser, Libbey's active Student Council began their season with participation in Toledo's first Youth Day, which was held in conjunction with the dedication of the new Union Station. The members then spon- sored the magazine drive, and visited other high schools to discover possible methods for improve- ment of Libbey's library, cafeteria, and halls. Among the lighter activities were the dance after the Libbey-Woodward football game and a roast in the spring. The officers, Harriet Covode, president, Larry Metzger, vice president, and Betty Hatton, secretary-treasurer, were successful in accomplish- ing the purpose of the council. Much credit also is given the new advisers, Miss Gilbert and Miss Hen- derson, as well as thanks to Mr. Lynn, who has done such a fine job in the past. ss Row 1: Ruth Aseltyne, Joanne Collins, Gladys Jeakle, Mary Ellen Ball, Bette Devers, Evelyn Awe, Marianna Schneider, Coral Cole. Row 2: Richard Campbell, Mark Haas, Marianne Jeakle, Shirley Mault, Mr. Baker, Dorothy Sankiewicz, Carol Hischka, Jerry Hawley, Samuel Dorsey. Row 1: Carol Hischka, Barbara Tripp, Helyn Rigney, Mary Ellen Wilgus, Kay Bache, Joanne Collins, Ruth Aseltyne, Carol Cordner, Vickey Bowes, Marilyn Lincke. Row 2: Dot Sankiewicz, Joyce McClaran, Donna Rossbach, Miss Ir- win, Mr. Baker, Sue Kanney, Ramona Leininger, Harriet Covode, Marianna Schneider, Nancy Pasche, Eleanor Shan- teau. Row 3: Don Walker, Harry Kedric, Jeannette Tapley, Nola Vanyo, Vera Engelhardt, Zora Green, Lillian Lewis, Nannette Striggow, Ramona Knopf, Andrew Kassay, Dominic Bruno. DEBATE CLUB - UNITED NATIONS CLUB Each Wednesday morning the Debate Club meets with its adviser, Mr. Baker, to discuss social and po- litical events. Included in the program have been talks on high school sororities and fraternities, com- pulsory military training, and sex education in the public schools. The group enjoyed a spaghetti sup- per at Carol Hischka's and a roast in the spring. The officers were Ronnie Clark, presidentg Shirley Mault, vice president, Dorothy Sankiewicz, secretaryg Dick Campbell, treasurer. The motto of the Libbey United Nations Club is"Peace to the World." The advisers of this new club-Miss Grace Irwin and Mr, R. C. Baker, assistant-have helped the officers: president, Dominic Brunog Vice president, Harriet Covode, secretary-treasurer, Barbara Trippg chaplain, Vera Engelhardt to have a profitable year. Their program included: attending meetings of Toledo United Nations As- sociationg hearing such speakers as Norman Thomas, Owen Lattimore, Dr. Daniel Polins, Marquis Childs, Dr. Spaak, and Dr, Ralph Bunche and seeing films: "Clearing the Way" and "Carry the News for U.N." 89 Row 1: Richard Kozbial, Joe Schramek, Bob Marohn, Richard Schnapp, Jim Tucholski, Leonard Rusch, Harold Har- vey, Jack Macklenar, Bill Feltz. Row 2: Bill Seanson, Bob Shaw, Robert Cousino, Mr. Packer, Don Buck, Roger Tapley, Ronald Heckart, Charles Fritts, Gene Wagner, John Ortmann. Row Ii Bill Kime, Bill Penn, Theresa Cloyne, Darlene Brown, Gladys Jeakle, Darlene Ross, Sallie Dicken, Paul Wil- liams, William Smith. Row 2: Gary Henricks, Kenneth Samson, Bob Hulse, Betty Sekulski, Mr. Lincke, Joyce Con- ger, Everett Williamson, Charles Cooper, Dick Baily. Row 3: Dick Boggs, Bill Findley, Duard Farquhar, Beryl Henry, Dwight Dinkins, Dan Lowery, Eddie Isaacson, Bill Rosselit, Martin Fritts, William Van Koughnet. ARCHITECTS - PROJECTION CLUB U The purpose of the Architects Club as before is to promote the interest and study of architecture in the minds of its members and to search for new things in the building world." This was achieved un- der the able guidance of Mr. Packer, its adviser, and the club officers, Don Buck, president, Roger Tapley, vice president, Ronald Heckart, secretaryg Charles Fritts, treasurer, and Bob Cousino, ser- geant-at-arms. In addition to roasts and a banquet, the group visited the new Holy Lutheran Church, the modern home of Frank Sohn and listened to eminent speakers in the building trades. The Projection Department's main function is to promote Visual Education for the students of Lib- bey. The teacher who is in charge of this department is Mr. Lincke. Assisting him in the manage- ment of' this department are Bill Findley, first hourg Eddie Isaacson, second hourg Richard Boggs, third hour, Martin Fritts, fourth hourg Charles Cooper, fifth hourg and Dwight Dinkens, sixth hour. The school participation in this field is very high as is the enjoyment and interest. 90 Row 1: Peggy Broadway, Pat Featheringill, Nancy Clark, Pat Harding, Phyllis Strahley, Mary Hamilton, Joyce Moore, Elaine Maher, jean Gary, Barbara Altenbaugh, Carolyn Shenck. Row 2: Frances McAfee, Lillian Roberts, Ruth Web- er, Shirley Keller, Dot Sankiewicz, Miss Myers, Sandra Lewis, Lois Upton, Bernadine Foster, Irmalee Nichols, Joyce Cochran, Delores Nijakowski. Row 3: Barbara Kowalski, Derith Bunge, Shirley White, Joan Thomas, Beverly Rick- ard, Barbara Owens, Susan Gibson, Verlean Tatum, Lillian Lewis, Emma Williams, Essie Williams, Marelen Murphy. Row 1: Eloris Webb, Verneda Richardson, Rosemary McElya, Nancy Marlow, Mary Morgan, Carol S. Morgan, Nancy Lee, Susan Schnell, Sharon Cupp, Ann Fanoff, Jackie Shepler, Marlene Mickens, Donna Logan. Row 2: Arlene Lugabihl, Pat Thornton, Carole Falk, Sue McLaughlin, janet DeMars, janet Noss, Miss Myers, Wendy Kuebler, Vickie Bowes, La Donna Taylor, Shirley Thomas, Ruby Horton, Frances Palmer. Row 3: Clarine Van Dame, Barbara Schoettley, Bobbie Simons, Mary Flack, Mitzi Kohring, Carol Hischka, Kaye Bache, Diane Senff, Nancy Rueter, Jacky Wolever, Faye Schiller, Debbie Hill, Zora Green. G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association gives the opportunity to every girl in Libbey to participate in intra- mural sports and develop leadership and good sportsmanship. Some of the junior and senior members participated in playdays at both Woodward High School and Bowling Green State University. They ended their events with a roast at Walbridge Park in May. Great interest was shown by the girls in their teams representing basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, and badminton. The officers of the year were Lillian Lewis, president, Pat Harding, vice pres- identg Peggy Broadway, treasurer, Miss Myers, adviser. 91 s it ' ff' Row 1: Jean Pomeroy, Evelyn Houghton, Muriel Paeplow, Sue Smilax, Harriet Swaby, Carol Glade, Marilyn Krueger, Jackie Raby, Barbara Eldredge, Virginia Russell. Row 2: Alice Hill, Morrell Allen, Barbara Soule, Jeanne Shier, Mr. McClure, Shirley Keller, Rose Marie Foster, Ernestine Huntley, Joanne Eubank, Beverly Rieck. Row 3: Jim Rohr- bacher, Robert Roesler, Jim Coyle, Andrew Kassay, Kenneth Moore, Steven Jadlocki, Lester Fulford, Ronald Gam- ble, Forrest Wilcox. Row 1: Carol Mielcarek, Sylvia Lindner, Janet Raitz, Virginia Morgan, Joanne Frosch, Ann McKitrick, Barbara Brin- er, Jackie Meyer, Janet DeMars. Row 2: Barbara Owens, Miriam Miller, Barbara Mallett, Joan Hundley, Mr. Mc- Clure, Emma Dauster, Pat Richard, Barbara Staunton, Carol Hischka, Mary Ellen Wilgus. Row 3: Dick Scherer, gip1hgrdhEly, Dave Frayer, Jack Wirtz, Samuel Dorsey, Chuck Bear, William Navarro, Dick Schroeder, Reed Paeth, 1 us . CHOIR Every fourth hour students crowd into room 103 M. B. to learn more about music. This includes not only singing, but also the studying of music appreciation-that is, the study of music and its compos- ers. Mr. Harold McClure directs the choir through its various activities. Included in its yearly pro- gram was participation in the Concert of High Schools at the Peristyle and in the Lenten services at St. Paul's Lutheran Church during the weeks preceding Easter. On Good Friday, the Choir sang in the Paramount Theater. It visited the Junior High Schools also during the year, presenting various choral programs. In May, an evening concert was presented for the pub1ic's pleasure. The choir is more, however, than just a class, it is a friendly cooperative group led by capable officers. They are, Sam Dorsey, presidentg Forrest Wilcox, vice presidentg Emma Dauster, secretary, Miriam Miller, treasurer, and Dave Fryer and Pat Richards, sergeant-at-arms. 92 Row 1: Doris Batch, Harriet Swaby, Helyn Rigney, Forrest Wilcox, Viola Shoemaker, Marjorie Gable, Mary Louise Aseltyne. Row 2i Dick Camp, Dann Nelson, Selma Gardner, Gene Linville, Mr. McClure, Arthur Huff, Ronny Thom- as, Dennis Mahoney, Paul Williams. Row 3: Evan Rice, Harry Gunn, John Wirtz, Bill Gregory, Jim Thompson, Cloyd Zeiter, Steven Jadlocki, Dick Faught. Row 1: Shirley Keiser, Sue McLaughlin, Sandra Brown, Rae Myers, Peggy Brown, Sally Russell. Row 2: Don Lu- kert, Roland Zeigler, Richard Recht, Janet Raitz, Mr. McClure, Kenneth Steinke, Ruth Aseltyne, Carolyn Gordon, Hal Lutchey, Joan Lukert. Row 3: Janet Zeiter, Janet Becker, Don Heinz, John Nofziger, Robert Chambers, John Toep- fer, Harold Putnam, Lester Fulford, Jim Walter, Charles Bear. BAND With their colorful regalia and their zestful enthusiasm, the members of Libbey's band have contri- buted much to the school, presenting a concert at Macomber High School for the Foreman's Club, a money-raising concert at Libbey, and several concerts in the Junior High Schools constituted part of their program. Socially the club enjoyed a roast at Side-Cut Parkg a trip to Michigan, sponsored by the Band Boosters, and "The Shillalah Swing," in the Libbey Gym. Much credit is due to Mr. Harold McClure for the excellent work of the band. In addition to all the hard working members of the group, Libbey is grateful to the fine officers of the Band who were Jack Wirtz, president, John Toepfer, vice president, Helyn Rigney, secretary, Forrest Wilcox, treas- urerg Chuck Bear, student directorg Harry Gunn, sergeant-at-arms. 93 Row 1: Pat Baker, Coral Cole, Marianna Schneider, Joanne Collins-, Nancy Hipp, Jean Willey, Donna Lee Dismuke. Row 2: Jane Hintz, Selma Gardner, Shirley Browning, Nannette Striggow, Miss Pickard, Marjorie Jonas, Pat Beck, Er- lene Roberts. Row 3: James Reardon, Dick Henningsen, James Schnabel, Jim Jensen, Jerry Wagner, Zora Green, Patsy White, Shirley King. Row 1: Pat Featheringill, Susan Double, Betty Sharp, Eleanor Wilkins, Connie Porter, Kay Hoffman, Donna Logan. Row 2: Frances Palmer, Louise Thomas, Migs Endsley, Miss Fiedler, Carol Hischka, Sue Smilax, Ruth Aseltyne, Bev- erly Schnabel. Row 3: Don Walker, Lester Fulford, Robert Bryan, Gerald Reed, Samuel Dorsey, Carolyn Stone, Mary Delaplane, Joan Hundley. BIOLOGY CLUB The interesting program of study carried on in this organization's bi-monthly meetings included talks by Miss Fiedler, Miss Pickard, and Miss Hirschy on such topics as field trips, new science literature, and science day at Bowling Green. Among the year's social events were a fall roast and a dance after a basketball game. Christmas baskets were sent and a hospital tour was made in February. Officers for the year were president, Jeanne Collins: vice president, Margaret Endsleyg secretary, Pat Featheringillg and treasurer, Jim Reardon. These people together with their advisers are responsible for the studies made toward their goal which is to create an interest in the biological side of life. 94 Row 1: Pat Higgins, Ruth Yeack, Miriam Weiss, Joanne Collins, Joanne Perry, Donna Fair, Ruth Aseltyne, Darlene Gibson, Carolyn King. Row 2: Beverly Liska, Sally Kierschner, Sydney Craig, Carolyn Tarsek, Miss Kelso, Mrs. Baird, Wanita Beatty, Sharon LeGron, Carolyn Stone. Row Ii Barbara Ruszkowski, Barbara Shafer, Barbara Yager, Janet Raitz, Betty Devers, Pat Erman, Marilyn Col- lins, Barbara Kerschner, Louise Carson, Jane Hickman, Janet De Mars, Carol Stein, Eloris Webb. Row 2: Darlene Gibson, Julia Majeski, Josephine Morawski, Rose Mary Lazar, Dorothy Baird, Shirley Keller, Miss Owen, Miss Wylie, Pat Harding, Phyllis Strahley, Jean Pomeroy, Mary Louise Hamilton, Roberta Simon. Row 3: Jeannette Tap- ley, Martha Napierala, Nancy Fisher, Carol Raitz, Janet Zeiter, Beverly Owens, Doris Batch, Arline Heard, Barbara Enck, Joyce Moore, Jean Bowles, Bonnie Baugh. F. N. A. - HOME ECONOMICS The Future Nurses of America, a comparatively new organization, has had an active season under the guidance of our school nurse, Miss Kelso, and Mrs. Beatrice Baird. Among their numerous activities was "The Barn Yard Capers," a square dance ably planned by Virginia Craig and Norma Steusloff, co- chairmen. In the spring, a tea for the sponsors and officers of the F. N. A. clubs of the various Toledo high schools was held. The committee was headed by Joanne Collins. Speakers who entertained the F.N.A. were Miss Wauters of the Florence Crittenden Home and Mrs. Spears of the Red Cross. The president of the Club is Wanita Beattyg vice president, Joanne Perryg secretary, Donna Fairy treas- urer, Darlene Gibson, reporter, Pat Higgins. During a progressive year of the Home Economics Club, the theme of "Friendship" was used to form a link between the home and the school. Socially the girls enjoyed a Halloween and a Christmas party as well as the annual Mothers-Daughters Tea. A spring banquet given by the juniors to honor the seniors was planned by Janet Zeiter and Jane Ellen Hickman. The clubs advisers were Miss Owen, Miss Wylieg Mrs. Millerg and the officers were Phyllis Strahley, presidentg Janet Smaltz, vice-presi- dent, Shirley Keller, secretary, Barbara Shafer, treasurerg and Barbara Enck, reporter. 95 Row Ii Marianna Schneider, Kay Hoffman, Evelyn Awe, Mary Ellen Ball, Jane Hintz, Gladys Jeakle, Shirley Koe- brick, Nancy Clark, Esther Hernandez. Row 2: Mitzi Kohring, Carol Hischka, Miss Dusha, Mr. Rusie, Miss Foster, Lillian Lewis, Marianne Jeakle, Sue Stoldt. Row 3: Dorothy Sankiewicz, Kaye Bache, Samuel Dorsey, Richard Koz- bial, Shirley King, Virginia Wodtke, Mary Delaplane, Marcia Beier, Janet Schultz. Row 1: Betty Akers, Donna Fair, Joyce Frank, Phyllis Foley, Pat Baker, Barbara Kerschner, Shirley Ann Koebrich, Carol Morgan, Shirley Ann Paluch. Row 2i Donna McCormick, Josephine Morawski, Janice Dybala, Anne Ingold, Miss May, Faye Schiller, Gloria Chance, Coral Cole. Row 3: Norman Robarge, Pat Lockett, Jim Coyle, Jim Jensen, Jim Rohrbacher, Dave Frayer, George Streepey, Paul Wineke. F. T. A. - RED CROSS The title of the club, Future Teachers of America, needs no explantion. A member of the state and na- tional organizations of the F.T.A., each member of Libbey also holds an honorary membership in the Toledo Teachers Association. The group honored the faculty of Libbey in the fall with a Canasta Tea. Later the group enjoyed a banquet at the Madison Tea Room followed by a studio party at the J. W. Greene Building. The work project included school visitations, meetings with Teachers of Ex- ceptional Children, and multifold aids to teachers at Libbey. The clubs officers were president, Dor- othy Sankievviczg vice president, Marianna Schneiderg secretary, Nancy Clark, treasurer, Kay Hoffman, parlimentarian, Lillian Lewis: librarian, Jane Hintzg music director, Sam Dorsey: and historian, Carol Hischka. The advisers are Principal Rusie, Miss Dusha, and Miss Foster. The Junior Red Cross has this year again provided happiness for hospital patients by surprising them with clever holiday tray favors. This service takes an added meaning when it is carried to the veterans' hospitals. Gift boxes have been sent to children of war torn countries, as well as the "Care" boxes which have been Sent all over the world. The art students of Libbey have aided the Junior Red Cross by sending some of their best work to bring beauty into the lives of other nations. With the help of Miss May, the officers, Gloria Chance, president, Betty Akers, vice president, Shirley Paluch, secretary: and Shirley Koebrich, treasurer: have been successful in leading their organization. 96 me M lose Q ff.-IJ .L-J Row I: Nancy Schutt, Johnnie Lewis, Donna Coleman, Nancy Rubadeux, Beverly Marquardt, Margaret Stewart, Hel- en Pilcher. Row 2: Sally Carmen, Carol Hepner, Nancy Freeman, Dolores Martin, Helyn Rigney, Rosemary Lazar, Nancy Bartz. Row 3: Mr. Rusie, Sandra Lewis, Sue Kanney, Beverly Rickard, Dick Camp, Mr. Martin. Row 1: Suzanne Smilax, Louise Carson, jerry Wilkinson, Janet Smaltz, Jane Hall, Joyce Giffin, Pat Reiner, Bonnie Willey, Barbara Walker. Row 2: Evelyn Houghton, Nancy Pasche, Pat Mallory, Harriet Covode, Miss Kanney, Mr. Osgood, Treva Critzer, Shirley Mault, Connie Zelt. Row 3: Barbara Tripp, Joan Thomas, Jean Shepler, Barbara Soule, Helen Kachenmeister, Migs Endsley, Dorothy Lee, June Falkenberg, Marlene Luettke, Evelyn Awe. MAIN OFFICE - ACTIVITIES - DEANS' OFFICE Of great value to the regular main office workers, are the efforts of the group of office aides who spend at least one hour per day in the office, operating the switchboard, running errands, filing, and stamping. This group plays an important part in maintaining the cheerful and pleasant atmosphere of our school. Other helpful aides are the workers in the Athletic Office. Under the helpful direction of Mr. Charles Martin, this group has sold Activities tickets, pop and candy at basketball games, and advertised the Edelian, pushing sales. Capably filling offices were Helyn Rigney, advertising manager, Sue Kan- ney, activities manager, Sandra Lewis, assistant advertising managerg Sally Carmen, circulation man- ager, and Dolores Martin, Johnnie Lewis, Beverly Richard, and Dick Camp, circulation. The Deans' Aides have done a great deal to maintain order in the deans' office. They assist Miss Kanney and Mr. Osgood by taking attendance, filing excuses, checking absences, plus helping with things in general. The girls are chosen for their scholarship efficiency. The year is brought to a gay ending by a picnic held in the late spring at Walbridge Park. 97 Row 1: Susie Miller, Jackie Raby, Janet Noss, Dot Sankiewicz, Barbara TriPP1 Mary Ellen Wilgus, Pat Featheringill, Joyce Giffin. Row 2: Janice Fosbender, Ramona Leininger, Joyce McClaran, Ruth Weber, Miss Costigan, Jane Smilax, Barbara Soule, Jean Shepler, Joyce Entenmann. Row 3: Andrew Kassay, Jim Kreutzfeld, Chet Loewe, Samuel Dor- sey, Dominic Bruno, Don Kaczala, Harold Harvey, Lester Fulford. Row 1: Eleanor Shanteau, Janet Giffin, Gladys Brooks, Ruth Aselytne, Barbara Reeck, Jackie Meyer, Marilyn Dra- heim. Row z: Dorothy Lee, Barbara Mallett, Sue Kanney, Miss Costigan, Shirley Keller, Ramona Knopf, Nannette Striggow, Donna Rossbach. Row 3: Jim Nye, Dominic Bruno, Bud Kline, Joan Hundley, Helyn Rigney, Vera Engel- hardt, Nancy Corbin, Orval Bickel, Art Kaplan. DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club, organized to give members practical experience in the interpreting and producing of plays, has had an active season sponsoring three one-act plays. A Halloween play, "Bewitched and Bewilderedf' opened the season and was followed later by two successes, "The Wedding" and "The Balcony Scene." The year was ended with a banquet at the Cupboard. Officers for the year were Andrew Kassay, president: Janet Giffin, vice presidentg Pat Feather- ingill, recording secretary: Eleanor Shanteau, treasurer, and Ruth Weber, corresponding secretary. Miss Costigan, director of Libbey's dramatic endeavors, is the energetic adviser of the group. CI 8 Row 1: Bonnie Sutton, Jeannine Bluhm, Nancy Jo Brown, Mildred Waite, Esther Hernandez, Barbara Mersing, Phyl- lis Fairchild, Anne McKitrick, Helen Pilcher. Row 2: Mary Louise Tanalski, Arlene Yosses, Phyllis Settles, Jean Straw, Miss Cooper, Shirley Loggins, Sandra Wilson, Phyllis Foley, Beverly Masiker. Row 3: Beverly Crunkilton, Carol Hepner, Mary Lou Driano, Jeanne Shier, Alice Hill, Anne Ingold, Nelda Orange, Dorothy Lee, Nancy Freeman. Row 1: Verneda Richardson, La Donna Taylor, Pat Thornton, Carole Morgan, Romaine Melchoir, Carol Mannebach, Darleen Shephard, Peggy Broadway, Mary Baldwin. Row 2: Jeanne Pommeranz, Lyllus Busick, Marlene Mickens, Jackie Wolever, Mrs. Flatz, Clarine Van Dame, Beverly Rieck, Barbara Wendt, Yvonne Hoodlet. Row 3: Joann Shafer, Sandra Lewis, Sue Kabel, Roberta Jefferds, Faye Schiller, Nola Vanyo, Gerrie Deal, Glenda Thompson, Julia Leu. COMMERCIAL CLUB "The first perfection is good thoughts, the second good woods, and the third good deeds." So runs the motto of the Commercial Club. The purpose is to interest the members in business and to get them better acquainted with the duties they will meet in an office, the type of work to be done and material to be used. Mrs. Morrison of the Welfare Department gave an interesting speech on "Secretarial Suc- cess," Mr. Lemorand Tanalski spoke on Court Reporting and Mr. Joschen Schermacker spoke on his life in Germany and his future plans. The officers of the year were Helyn Rigney, president, Nancy Jo Brown, vice-president, Jean Shepler, secretary, Eileen Felser, treasurer, Helen Pelcher, reporter, Sophomore representative, Nancy Bartz, Junior representative, Carol Hepner, Senior representative, Mary Lou Driano. The advisers were Mrs. Flatz, Miss Cooper, Mrs. Houser. Mr. Rusie was honorary adviser. 99 Row 1: Marilyn Krueger, Gladys Jeakle, Mary Ellen Ball, Carol Speelman, Jo Anne Frosch, Barbara Hayton, Margar- et Stewart, Beverly Heising, Josephine McVicker. Row 2: Nancy Hurd, Becky Hunt, Marianne Jeakle, Darlene Wood- cock, Mrs. Houser, Helyn Rigney, Donna Baumgartner, Joyce Critzer, Juanita Schroeder. Rowg: Ruth Yeack, Doris Layne, Jo Ann Morris, Jo Ann Dusseau, Joanne Osthimer, Jean Shepler, Dorothy Armstrong, Marlene Luettke, Bar- bara Higgins, Eileen Felser. Row 1: Nancy Harley, Shirley Keller, Dorothy Sankiewicz, Mary Woolley, Barbara Walker, Marlene Mason. Row 2: Nancy Fisher, Bud Kline, Burchard Elzy, Navarro Gibson, James Halteman, Shirley Probasco. COMMERCIAL CLUB -- LIB In social activities the club was very busy with a program from October to May. The first event was an open house program for visitors from other city high schools. A Halloween party at Highland Park with Jean Shepler as chairman, a party at the Miami Orphanage, planned by Dorothy Leeg and a Christmas party constituted the first part of the program. The Mother's Tea was arranged by Mary Lou Driano and presented in the Libbey Auditorium. The group participated in the installation of the DeVi1biss Chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America. The Broadway Methodist Church was the scene of the spring banquet with Nancy Jo Brown chairman. The club also assisted in the Educa- tion Business and Industry day in April. ' V I Providing an opportunity for students to work on the production of an outstanding cartoon and gossip magazine, is the "Lib", The work is entirely done by students with the help of Libbey's art teacher, Miss Bartley, who gives technical advice. 100 i NURSES AIDES Shining lights of Libbey's health center, Miss Kelso's room, are instructed in the proper techniques of many phases of nursing and first aid. Their training is of great value to the students of Libbey as well as to the aides, since this work may lead into a nursing career or may provide practical health knowledge useful in any family. The presence of these aides provides an atmosphere which is cheer- ful, though quiet and restful. LIBRARY AIDES Of great assistance to students who assemble in the library in quest of knowledge, or at least reading material, are the library workers. The seemingly never-ending task of replacing and checking books is ably performed by these smiling aides. Keeping the peace, without the benefits of badges and billy- clubs, another service of the library aides, is the basis for their nomination as future Peace Prize Win- ners. Thanks are in order for services performed! TESTING AIDES Keepers of the records are the efficient Libbey helpers known as the testing aides. Their service in- cludes tabulating results of tests, as well as maintaining records which each student acquires early in his high school year. 101 DR. WILLIAMS Above the crashing smashing bodies of a scrimmage on the practice field can be heard the correcting, but never harsh voice of Mr. Harding saying, "Keep your head up!" or, "Cut inside the hole!" as he in- spires the team to keep up the hard work. It is this hard work that wins games and, under such a coach as Bus Harding, there is always the willingness of the team to cooperate. This is why Libbey 'always has fine teams and will continue to have such as long as Mr. Harding is at the reins. The Senior Class sa- lutes you, Mr. Harding, for a job well done and wishes you the best of luck in producing the cham- pionship teams of tomorrow. 102 l Throughout the years Dr. Williams has followed the activities of Libbey, not only as a brother to Mr. Har- old Williams, our former principal, but as a true friend. He has done many things for Libbey as well as giving gifts to the school. Dr. Williams has in the past given trophies to the outstanding football and basketball players as voted by the students. He also has awarded trophies to the outstanding girl and boy of the Senior Class. Thus it was with great sad- ness and regret that the students and faculty of Lib- bey heard the news of Dr. Williams' death during Spring vacation. Our generous friend will never be forgotten and his spirit will ever be present in the halls of Libbey. MR. HARDIN G LIBBEY ATHLETICS Team Makers Mr. Charles Martin, director of athletics and activi- ties, is the backbone of getting all jobs done before the actual contests and programs begin. He has charge of making our football programs and has made them colorful and interesting. As in years past, Mr. Martin has been assisted by Mr. Orville Henrion, CHARLES R' MARTIN and together these men have kept the books and su- Director of Activities pervised the equipment. All injuries to this year's teams have been taken care of by a fine group of doc- tors. These men include Dr. Carbin, Dr. R. C. Young, Dr. Stevers, and Dr. Paine. We wish more success to the coaches of Cowboy teams in the future and hope they may keep up the fine record. The well- rounded athletic staff at Libbey is made up of Mr. Harding, head football coachg Mr. Robinson, assistant varsity football coach, and track coachg Mr. Jeffery, head basketball and baseball coach, and freshman footballg Mr. Harris, lightweight footballg and Mr. Leo Campey, reserve basketball coach. CHUCK ROBINSON Assistant Football Coach Track and Cross Country Coach r -- 'uae-1 "K" lf- 'ate N W '. DON HARRIS AL JEFFERY Lightweight Football Coach ZRYELJQEID V31'Sff.V Basketball C0305 Reserve Basketball Coach S515 a Baseball Coach A Tense Momenf Coaches Harding and Robinson Libbey Roofers af DeVilbiss on Thanksgiving QL 5' I0 VARSITY Row 1: George Edwards, Vic Domhoff, Ronny Hilfinger, Bill Brown, Tom Smith, Larry Kelly, Ron Heckart, Barry Bigelow, Jim Wassrnund. Row 2: Ron Gamble, jerry Zdawczyk, Jim McCarty, Leonard Kutzke, Darrell Swanson, Dick Szymanski, Bill Frank, Manny Litten, Bob Cousino, Al Manzey, Willie Russell. Row 3: Kenny Jackson, Chuck Craig, Dick Emerson, jim Waterfield, Jim Nye, Ken Crossman, Eugene Janowski, Jim Tucholski, Jerry Anderson, Bob Duszynski, Larry Metzger, Dick Strahm, Chuck Berning. Row 4: Paul Wineke, Alvin Rowe, Ted Adams, Bill Kunkel, Bob Haverman, Richard Ely, Bob McClain, jack Minert, Jim Willey, Lamar Sawyer. RESERVES Row 1: Bob Rose, Ed Taylor, Bill Johnson, Bernie Wineland, Dick Slicker, J. B. Goins, Frank Yager, Mike Arner, Ted Bonna, Leo Demny, Fred Pero. Row 2: Casper Boles, Jim Armbrest, Willy Boyd, Ronnie Long, Tom Funka, Jim Coyle, Dick Simmons-, Pat Locket, Andy Bonna, Dick Snapp, Kenny Meyers, Tim Witcher. Row 3: Ralph Kohr- ing, George Streepey, Ron Kutyke, Cliff Peth, Elzy Burchard, Bill Rosslet, Jerry Hill, Dale Spratt, Mr. Harris. FRESHMEN , ...,-L , -,J ,. , Row Ii Leon Crosby, Richard Beach, Don Lowery, Dick Henshaw, Clarence Roosevelt, Ernst McGee, Jl6linlfBti'e, Willy Boyd. Row 2: Bob Willey, Dick Schaub, Bob Young, Charles Carmony, Steve Rodriquez, Dave Water-field, James Russell, Dick Howland, Bob Morahm, Beryl Henry. Row 3: John Stockard, Gordon Felgner, Frank Reyes, Bill Keim, Cliff Browning, Dick Roe, James Rerucha, Bruce Birkenkamp, Jim Eaton, George Tunner, Glenn Curtiss. Row 4: Mr. Jefferys, Don Walker, Bill Penn, Richard Stader, James Kistner, Tony Clark, Jon Haverman, Robert Forrest, Douglas Howe, Harry Broadway. Willy Russell on a long iauni' Russell ready io block Anderson up the middle 106 . ..--- ........ .........,... .,......,-... ..-..,,......,...,....w....--....M.......-..7..m.yf. ..-...LQm.- .Y . mgn-.4 -- . ..m.-L.mf.m-m NN- J... Mn, .L 1 ,. nhl M.g...f.4uuw.f.m.mf.:mw.mufnwnvw Q ,U ',r...aaa-nm,-mmm' W- . A x vm: .fm-wsu, fx --- -M-A 1--mwwvma m-,- ,Maw-wk ' ss wan' b',fi14y X1 Bm :.: ,. .4 H54 S 15? 1, gf. in A . . 15556 1840, 4 f s 33ml-3 9,5 1 55 '43 E"??x3 'J , 'Hn-in B Lasik? Q wg :Q ui, E Q2 A , 1 EN". QQ " 552- - ESF, , a f Meir X Q 5 wma? t W, .:53i55M s gm NMNX, 1' .V ... -N, A ,Vg 7 W ,W Nl M rig? W KW Gym ,, X AMN 4' K 3 UAW ,Q-mfg? l f? 2: VK A QW . ., N. ' .. ,: :- ,M- I fl Y 11' f in y 1 gun J M . . 'L :,., - ..' ' , 4-fi W 7 " 5 K . , Q, iQium?Hv?W, x Qs- ,WA way' mx my BASKETBALL This year our team was as fine and scrappy bunch of boys as could be found anywhere. The team, under the leadership of A1 Jeffery, had a combined record of eleven wins and nine losses, including the tournament. The leaders were "Peaches," who was top scorer and Richard McMorgan, who was sharp in ball handling and play making. This resulted in the election of "Peaches" to the first all-city team and of "Mads" getting a berth on the second team. At the end of the season the stu- dent body chose "Peaches" as the most valuable player, while the team selected "Mac" honorary captain and Bob Zedlitz the most valuable substitute. Next year's prospects look very good with the return of four boys from the varsity, as well as boys up from the reserve team who won the championship. The reserve team under Mr. Campey, a new mentor, won the crown with a record of nine wins and three setbacks. This team was led by freshman Ed Maulter. The freshman team, under the supervision of Mr. Moses, also had a fine team and tied with Central for the crown with a record of ten wins and two losses. Bill Thompson Charles ,Tones Bob Zedlitz Chancey Jones Ron Gamble Peron Dubard Willie Russell Row 1: Paul Wineke, Bob Duszynski, Ron Gamble, Larry Metzger, Willie Russell, Mr. Jeffery. Row 2: Richard McMorgan, Chancey Jones, Dick Szymanski, Bob Zedlitz. Row 3: Gordon Thomas, Bill Thompson, Peron Dubard, Charles Jones. y, Varsity Nik xmmaf. 'DEN f 5: eats Q , ki V f ,ff N'-.. X X 11 fm! , W fi . i f A Mya ' :-M? LL ' ka 555 -ii - T: .f L2 im 4 , zzz 'n I .' X -:-.:,.,. V1 'f XF ,Y '1'- If: F fi if? xg gi - -- ga wggm .-:"' --Z,AQ izi ,,' J W ga ubzn ' .L :,: . 'L T5 5 "': " ., A E if A g ,.,.- - 1 BB , 1 - ' fi QS ff' Q2 x1S55a m33, -4 f 4 ,. LV F ., ,eqikipz-N J b . PEfYi? imi Wnxaiiff N gf 5 Xu' V ,, 11: P. M 'gm , hmm , A, W J 1,55 lm 5,7 .YE ' ' f' .. J Q-QM W-, Us 51 g Aaagg 52 gs, 3251 ,ju ss, Q' WF ' W X mm," 'JAMA , A, .f ,W H J l Q u 41 J 'v"' if '- gh. 'f,c-E:"' :::'.' " A api: F , M Wm .. F, W? VX k fi kiwi? 5' ' 553 2.-up .win 9 ,N ,gi IW wg-, r- ,f 5 WM 53 4.4 a CROSS CO - TRY Row If Paul Wineke, Sam Dorsey, Clair Conger, Benny Brown. Row 2: Charles Jones, Jerry Hawley, Mr. Robin- son, Richard McMorgan, Frank Pacholski. TRACK C 112 Row 1: Paul Wineke, Sam Dorsey, Norm Pollman, Charlesjones, Don Boggs, Dave Frayer, Jerry Anderson, Bernie Wineland, Charles Craig, William Johnson. Row 2: Chancey Jones, Jerry Hawley, Charles Berning, Ben Brown, Mr. Robinson, Willie Russell, Alvin Rowe, Larry Griffith, Harold Lutchey. Row 3: Dick Strahm, Jim Coyle, Ron Gib- son, Peron Dubard, Jim Rohrbacher, Jim McCarty, Kenny Moore, Dick Schroeder, Casper Boles. BO Lle Row 1: Frank Pacholski, Dick Szymazak, Don Hilfinger, Dick Henningson, Frank Zielinski, Dick Emerson, Frank Plewa. Row 2: Darrell Swanson, Jim Tucholski, Bob Cousino, Stanley Zielinski, Jim Durivage, Ralph Kohring, Paul Meyers. Q Xb Qutographs of My Favorite Athletes 'LMQW 0.-1, W ra D' JL 'M K .,,, 'JU if-9 rr JI , J Q ' JT g M + 9 A .fa TN N 'J ' k Q- f n 113 114 fi? if A peek at the Senior Bowling class. What! A new type volleyball? Up and over. With the greatest of ease. Ready, Aim, Fire. Spike that ball! Mary sure can kick high. A, J Twin. Q 1 -xp ,e ,KM , hip ,QF-, v mf. f 5 fu -2 as , M WM ,AM x , T ,ziurn Wu .. 5,3 . -Q 'im H ss: sis N X WW mf, 'B-:WF Q f 116 ShuffIeboard's a great game. What'II it be, a strike? A jump ball. Right on the target. Pat won't fail you girls. S-T-R-E-T-C-H. High and mighty. Is this a new game? Fighting Libbey spirit. Let's have some action. Over the net with that ball. How about a little help. 117 l The Blue And Gold Words and Music by DELLA WILLIAMS PAINE Tempo di Marcia 1 J i lei J, 7 7 A - I 7 7 7 7 E 7 ? 7 M D 7 L f , ? 5 5 gl- 4 , 5 ' I A l ' H J l-3 J LJ J I Dear Lib - b y School, our D Lib - hey Sohool,may Dea Lib - bey Team,we'll J ,b Jffia .7 . I I J Wig YE ' fl 1 7 7 - J J Y, LLJ' Lf '45 EF X 7 5 . 1 A Xl W l 5 ,f""- W r gm U LJ T Q' I iff hearts are true, As we sing' p Of thee-.-.l--. ne'er an cloud Be - dim thy gl ous name. .ill fight for you As you con - q 'ry f0e...l..i- J' l l J ' E 3 F W 1 1 7 7 7 . 7 7 7 7 7 lx PE t ' ' I ' J si i 2 1 J R I I I . ' - ig 5 V J l J J I J 4 Q' 5 I J V Q Dear Lib b y School, thru all d the years, May , But thxu th years may glo ry come And ... Ou che ers , our smiles, will lead you As I . l ' J J J .J J 'E' J 7 5 7 E 7 If 7 E 7 f 7 '1 7 7 VE i at J 5 E E i 5 li I F V , f 7 W V E5 5 7 V E' -55 truth thy mot be. i, We are thy lead thee on farne,,.lT,, May love for our you to vic go.l ,, Should ev - er de - I J J ' E it 77 X, W 7 7 e , nm A -'Z ear UH ft tw PM 271 sons and thy daugh - ters, Sing-ing ev - er thy prais - es so Al - ma. Ma, ter,,-i, In - Spire usgreat - ers to feat ov- er tak .ii We will still be both loy - al and J' f J 5 tf?fl4?Tt3t C IEE! W AX Q V J LJ .2 :J J Q--Mfg-I true,..l..l Dear Lib - bey School, our pride and be,,1.il,- We pledge odr hearts, our strength, our true,l...,.,,,.,.. Our hearts w1l1 al - ways beat with I . Af ' .J .J ' ' ..,. 1.L-Q-TQ-Elfivivje gl J U32 X j e i Q . 2- f 4 - -1,2 AN fi . ' raw twill mln joy, We will al - ways fight for you....,,,,.,i-, all , Dear-,, Llb - hey School, to thee. joy Hoo - ray, Hoo - ray, for you. , -Ls A . . P P P . 5551 j :Ig 7 'I 7 7 F PP 7. Db P b 5 3:2 i Q i LJ' V 7 ll , : CHORUS i fx J5Jfla'rE'5eE'VE'-'la'r'I Our Lib- bey col- ors blue and gold, Are em-blems that we 3: : R J l al J I ll 'L E"f.Lf e " . 'P' Haag? f i E 3 3 l' F Y f Q fl IJ ME' sw Tliy fi11 Oil' its wEth qy afzldx pride, As they 1 5 F 5 1 3 Q 20 ' U -f- b J V Q V E6 LE 7 V I V l proud - ly wave an - bove..l....l The blue ev-er like the sky so 4 ? I z-f J u J 'ff-T35 Ju I ... Im Im . -""' m' 1 1 P 7 D b I 'mi I P X ' I' -tg r .! J 3 5 I' ijt I 1+ 'I 9 2 I L,LfwI1r ,mi Jawa Linh fair,,....-. The gold likethe sun shin-ing brig-ht,.1.i...Willlead us : I I , Xi lil: ii- G .iq 7 "I 'I : I I 4 .ig-J, bv lu - -1- .f5- I J Ia' I r 5 5 I I Q' I 5 I on to vie - to - 1'y,,-gi.,-, In pathS?.....- of 7 IIIJIIIQIQEQEEQIQLEI I II I III? + , ,X I1 II2 I V LPI J I J LP I H truth 1 and r1ght...l.,L.i. Our rlght ,.......i 5,4--U I il I'-5, -I .L 1 , 4 7 I! . R-" Q ru F i -i :! : 7 I I airy ueen "The Cone with the Curl on Top" ummmm good" 905 WESTERN AVE. Kopfman Bakery 1940 WAYN E WA. 0627 For The Besf In Bake Goods AL LITTLE Your Sollio Dealer WAYNE 81 SOUTH WA. 0292 Atlus Tires 6: Bul.i.el'i1 Phone AD. 2923 F. G. Gempel 8m Son Park Ennqreqatinnal Church HARDWARE HARVARD and GLENDALE 1609 Broadway Ellestnr F. llunham, Minister Wm. L. Gempel Toledo, Ohio Compliments of ERNST DRUGS 1639 Broadway MARTINS MARKET Complete Line of Groceries, Meats and Frozen Foods EM. 0566 1218 Broadway Acme Pharmacy 1401 Soulh sf. REXALL sions Reliable Prescription Service Paul F Rupp Earl A. Renshaw Phone WA. 1434 Compliments of Koral Hamlburg 1905 RIVER ROAD MAUMEE, OHIO "Drop in after the game, dance, or anytime." We Always Serfue the Best ..Xgl"Al'lgf0l'L jglwef Opposife Maumee Valley Hospifal FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS We Deliver 2110 Arlingfon Toledo 9, Ohio Compliments of Tom's Barber Shop 760 Nicholas Avenue MAUMEE FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS 306 WEST WAYNE MAUMEE, OHIO COME TO US FOR THE BEST IN FROZEN FOODS 81 GROCERIES Congratulations To the CLASS of '51 Walbridge Park Amusement Co. Mrs. Harry Covode I-lrlinqtnn Ury' Linnds, Inn. Men's, Women's, and Children's Ready-fo-Wear Dry Goods and Notions 1730 llrlinqtun Wil. lllilill C. R. Perry and A. J. Gipe, Props. 123 Driving Range-I8 Hole Golf Course PAB-3-GOLF CUUIISE Monroe Street 81 Talmadge Road Lessons - Len Wagner, Prof. Compliments of CLIFF NELSON FUEL CO. To Heat Your Home I336 SOUTH ST. Compliments of WAYNE Super Market HOME OF QUALITY Fresh Dressed Meats and Home Macle Sausages A COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Karl Wolferf, Prop. Fairmont Pharmacy Gilbert H. Siegel "The Prescription Drug Stores of Toledo" R No. I-1865 Dorr No. 2-T862 W. Bancroft GiIbert's 1860 Dorr Street Beverly Pharmacy 3670 RUGBY DR. Chas. L. Hoffman, Prop. WADE'S SHOE SERVICE 1426 soum sr. TOLEDO 9, OHIO If it's the Best in Entertainment or Sports You'll see it at the Sports Arena Compliments of jOE'S BARBER SHOP 946 Buckingham Street Z ly KZ: , GO TO KREMPA'S MARKET For the Best in Food 1001 King St. MAin 2332 I A.: 02 2 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '51 from ff 67 Stautzenbergefs X r'335ffsifi2i'ii'iiEf 5 ' ff Private 2 326 N. Hawley Ly !Z'?4f g Secretarial Siiegellgs Pharmacy School 901 Nebraska Toledo, Ohio AD. 5867 317 HURON STREET SCHOENKE'S DRY GOODS Now an 8-Hour Dry Cleaning Service Delivery Service - Berlou Moth Proofing PETERS SHOES - NOTIONS DRY GOODS BOOKMAN CLEANERS 735 N. Hawley MAin 1811 650 WESTERN ADams 7028 Q. ,W sw J va, ,P :Ji 9 r W -.-,F 5 L Q ,-Hifi fs W 1: 3 H051 K f Vgiggff , 'S .-: K M W' Q 5 1 Y -A K X 4 if A gf .J gi 'fx 3 'M f f 5 was' fy ' w ,.,..- Aww sg? ' gf? C '!:'5'?"f: fi ,L A 'f A, M ' X ff' J f L 4 You sure can strut, Sue. Dubard goes up and over. They prepare some of our healthful lunches. "You Cafff be fit gg 3 fiddle if y0u're tight as a drum." Edelian work looks like fun, doesn't it? 127 Compliments of McClARAN DISTRIBUTING SALES CO. 329 VINE STREET ARTHUR W. TOEPFER Dealer In GROCERIES and MEATS 2067 WAYNE ST. WA. 1034 p6l,fI'0l'L5 Beverly Hardware Jamra's Marker Belfer Home Appliance Co. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eilerf Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Kreulzfeld Mr. and Mrs. E. Kreutzfeld Frank L. Szkafulski Cinderella Shop Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Clark Bruno Shoe Repair Mr. E. M. Warder Gerwer Axel and Wheel Align Those Careful Cleaners Shirfs Beaufifully Laundered GLENDALE CLEANERS WE PICK UP AND DELIVER WA. 0842 2007 Glendale BEVERLY MARKET Quality Foods 6? Meat DELIVERY SERVICE 3664 Rugby Dr. WA. 3469 Complimenfs of LIL' and JOI-IN'S I-IAMBURGER SHOP Defroif af Buckingham GLENDALE SUPER MARKET 2006-2010 GLENDALE Our personal service makes if The besf place fo purchase your DRUGS, GROCERIES, AND MEATS WA.. 0186 WA. 3467 WA. 3466 28 Complimenfs of A. L. SIMONDS 81 SONS Sohio Service DETROIT 81 GLENDALE TOLEDO, OHIO WALL'S DRUG STORE 1132 BROADWAY af Wesfern TOLEDO 9, OHIO Cravemore Restaurant A "For Good Food and Prompt Service A 1536 Broadway EM. 5240 Park Barber Shop 1048 ST. JAMES WA. 0631 loolr . . . CHRISCRAFT ' LYMAN - PENN YAN SHELL LAKE DINGHYS - CANOES - SAILBOATS YACHTS MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS GRAY MARINE MOTORS B O D E T TE MARINESUPPLIES A fomplete Murine Hardware I-3-5 So. Summit St. Toledo, Ohio SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT HEADQUARTERS K. F. Mocek Studio 717 N. Detroit Ave. Milo Bowling Lanes 1341 SOUTH ST. Bowl Here For Fun EMEHSIIRVS PHARMACY Complete Drug Store Service 2235 MUNHLIE ST. M040 dfering . . . a fine Art, a skilled Craft f Free Estimates if Guaranteed Workmanship f' Free Pick Up SL Delivery 1' Pre-Styling at No Added Cost SCHRAMEK'S 143 ERIE AD. 1358 Near Jefferson We are Tailors Why not let us "From A to Z serve you? L-ompliments of SPENCER DRY CLEANERS, DYERS B I 8 ki B b 8: mmm ur IC s ar er op J. Drube, Proprietor 506 Spencer Street 526 Spencer Phone WA. 3689 Look Your Best You're Next, for the Best Haircut and Shave at the BEVERLY BARBER SHOP Two Barbers to Serfve You Al Tipton, proprietor 3668 RUGBY DRIVE Two Loyal Libbeyites MARY HELEN JOHNSON - '38 and MARGARET RICHARDS - '32 Compliments of ARLING BEAUTY CORNER 130 Telephone AD. 2030 EM. 47221 GEIJHEE M. I-IBEI. - Florist Flowers for Efvery Occasion Member F.T.D. 1528 Broadway Tnledn H, Uhin You've Tried The Res? . . . . . . Now Try The Bes'r WIXEY BAKERY 2011 GLENDALE -:- WA. 6684 TOLEDO, OHIO Specialize in Birthday and Wedding Cakes Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of REID CHAMBERS SERVICE STATION Spencer and Arlington Compliments of LIBERTY TRAILER COURT AND SALES 2510 NEBRASKA I0rdan 1759 Compliments of EIMER DRUG STORE 1917 WAYNE af FEARING WA. 2911 A REGISTERED PHARMICIST ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES fixfif 4 5 am. inf- NWQN View-j H x x x Wx 2 1 QE T 11 Ni E,., -,,. .... .:. , M . F , :-: Hg, la. 2 E l .:. Lqwwf 4' ' -Le. vp, TEQQ 'NLALEQ f ,.,,. if 2513? -,, gg ,vain-i QS A .Q F- M W ...ff .wg , 'TW x wa' f' vw .5 gm ,fag x ' my . 5 Q W ! M X , X ,K -M saw V MT' mm -rf 'M www, ,,wQ2Q1w'!N . mf, . ,, K w5fgW.53'1M" f ,.-v S QLL wzggm, g - win-A 1 A . , ' fsxriiia I wi 1 ,. A , K ' Kwai? - g , Um7fM'?g'shggm W-gg X V T A ,E Wm in 53.1 K f H pf' pw 1' Q ' ff A ,g, W, , gf 55.253 I 1 .,.,L , , f 5 '.5E'-15' W M zzz .. by Ha,- ww 'ek k 4 Q6 w W!" ,Aa xvf iw 5 My '.'f Iggy, ' ni SS", .wa W ,N 2 - bg v WW ' 'Q ., ,A fxj. ' LEE" .' if A- wi32'.p??:g wwf' Q: , 521 135 , ?5 3' ,fEg5F- . ' I- ,xi EMM- ,235 ,wfgmq g el gg 2 affPw.i'iSi5 J' .f ' if ' -c u siigeg Q' 2 'f H Q Q 5+ G-'A V 41 H' A Weis :::5:::- -W ' . g mga t : , V ..,,Mw7 r KW' '- - A and W M H X POLLMAN HOMES IN MODULAR DESIGN by Thyer Manufacturing Co 2857 Wayne Sf. Toledo 9, Ohio A Toledo Products Known Nationwide Compliments of THIE LUTHERAN BOOK SHOP 210 Summit St. FAirfax 1632 Toledo 4, Ohio Headquarters for Bibles, Prayer Books, Bible Story Books, Religious Pictures, Records, Greeting Cards, etc. NeaI's Drug Stores We fill your neighbo1r's prescriptions. Do we fill yours? Two Convenient locations 1051 WESTERN 2596 BROADWAY Best I'Wslres of RADIO STATION WSPD SERVING TOLEDO WITH AM FM TELEVISION I-lERE's THE FULL TEAM Quality Mirropane 9 Tuf-flex 49 Vitrolile 59 Tuf-flex 9 New Polished Window Transparent Tempered Structural Glass Electrapane Plate GI Mirrors Glass Glass D GI GI T I . II R S f GI ' GI BI ' cl Gnd W' LIBBEY ' OWENS ' FORD GLASS COMPANY TOLEDO 3, OHIO C I' f . amp 'men S Natlonal f 0 Cement Products Grace E. Smith's Co. Restaurant 2930 WAYNE STREET WA. 3477 SERVICE AND CAFETERIA CEMENT AND CINDER BLOCK STEEL CASEMENT SASH BUILDERS SUPPLIES Madison and Erie "Nationally Known for Good Food" Complimenfs of MUUNT!-1IN'5 E BAKERY 14111 South Street WALBRIDGE PARK REFRESHMENT CO. 2701 BROADWAY 'Fne For Fun" MANDEL'S CLEANERS and DYERS Special One Day Dry Cleaning Serfuice 1725 ARLINGTON WA. 7661 Complimenfs of GENEVA MARKET 501 Geneva WA. 5516 H. H. BIIRKENKAMP FUNERAL HOMIE D. A. Duffey 81 Son Inc. IIIC, 92 Years of Personal Service , , , Bullzhng Contractors Same Location Phones ADams 2183-2184 ... 1003 'ro 1011 Broadway Toledo, Ohio 824 GENEVA AVE. Trilby Branch Tremainsville and Alexis Road Klngswood 3772 WA' 2156 Mil 81 Factory Supply Co. Pumps - Tools - Supplies Toledo, Ohio 317 1Oth Street ADams 7232 Compliments of Rowe Industries 1702 WAYNE WA. 5666 Doug Tabner I-IAWLEY CUT RATE Presents 205-9 N. HAWLEY ST. The latest ln The World of Sports Where you get the best for your money over and PRICE-QUALITY-SERVICE I GIRLS- TOLEDO CAMERA SHOP 6 Hour Plloto Hnislling 225 HURON STREET TOLEDO 4, OHIO Next to Gas Office Get Into the Swing HAVE YOUR HAIR CUT By Miss Whitehead Price - S125 Ifrederilzl-isnn Beauty Shnp 10 sPlTzER ARCADE Main 8390 Toledo, Ohio Phone ADams 1153 Res. Phone WA. 2182 CARL MAZZURCO CO. Importers of FOOD PRODUCTS 513 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio Walhridqa Cleaners H AUGHTON 2515 Broadway E CASH and CARRY Freighf and Passenger Elevalors WA. 2314 TOLEDO, OHIO Since 1863 The W. T. HUBBARD LUMBER C0 HARDWOOD LUMBER . Serfving All Industries INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL Wholesale Lots ALL FINEST QUALITY HARDWOODS Toledo Owned 5 Operated Ash Red Gum P tt P B wood Sap Gum Popl B h H kberry Sycamore Bi h H k y Tupelo B rr r rv: g I walnut Cherry Hard M pl Willow Chestnut Soft M pl White Pi Cottonwood Red O k Yello 'Pi Elm White Oak Cyp BI kg C nad Sp Boar Lumber and Greenhouse Lumber We Buy Nafive Standing Timber One Piece or a Carloacl For Immediate Delivery Anywhere 666-676 Tvl'St0l'll at Anthony lvaync Trail Allams 2621 R 8: W M t ft Bob Simonds Service Standard 0il Products Broadway and South Broadway at St. James WA. 921 1 Toledo, Ohio Toledo 9, Ohio ARI-ING-I-GN GLAUSER'S FLOWERS DRY CLEANERS F'eS"" f We telegraph flowers anywhere Arlington at Woodsclale ClfY'Wide De'i"e'Y ak woodville Rd., zw ma. from ciiy Lamifs Walbridge 0526 We Deliver TMO, 4684 Compliments of The Roth Motor Sales Your Pontiac Dealer 1217 Cherry St. MA. 4214 For Complete Drugs 81 Prescriptions Service Drug Sundries Fountain Refreshments - School Supplies Stop At SEEllG'S DRUG STORE 1732 Arlington A LIBBEY BOOSTER I.EYllIJHF'S SUPER MARKET Quality Foods - Reasonably Priced 1949 Broadway We Deliver AD. 8234 Youngs Market 876 Geneva St.-Wa. 3538 Complete Grocery, Meats and Frozen Foods K U E H MAN N'S original Americafs Quality POTATO CHIPS Serfving Since 1899 POPCORN PRETZELS SHOESTRINGS McINTIRE'S Furnifure, Appliances, Television Sales and Service 30 Years on Broadway AD. 7161 1120 BROADWAY jodcfo azlvleighla l9Aarmacy 1528 Western Avenue Phone WAlbridge 4766 Toledo, Ohio Member Floral Telegraph Delivery MARY A. WARNING EBIKSENDS, IN C. Toledofs largest Typewriter S tore NEW PORTABLES ARE COMING IN PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW! PEN AND PENCIL SETS 1217-1219 BROADWAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES MMU 6231 325 Erie sffeef Mmm 1193 GIBBONEY Plumbing and Heating Co. New and Modernizafion Plumbing and Heafing 1430 BROADWAY ADams 3910 Toledo, 9, Ohio Heinemann Pharmacy Prescription Druggist Phone MAin 7621 2120 Broadway Toledo, Ohio THE SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. Distinctive Floral Creations Superior from lumber - Millwork Joe L Cooper Florist "For those who want the best" 2 Yards Phone ADams 5139 425 Earl Sfreef 1307 Proufy Avenue 0 .Mylor 1401 ADams 7168 1633-35 Broadway Toledo, Ohlo 140 QP! gl'G,Jll,Cl,te5 . . Before you decide on your B. G. C. fBusiness Girl Career to youj, be sure to "window shop" the wonderful variety of opportunities in the Tele- phone Company. You may find a job that's "just your size." Come in and talk it over. ll if given lo only rl few Io me XXX lbeir life .rpan la benefil all h XX genemtiom' lo came afler' lbem N310 . . . Snfb war the gif! of Thom- -i xiii-. nl' Alva Edison, pioneer in np- X4-'A plying 6'l6ClI'fL'fl-J' fo belief' Ibe X lol of mmzleind. We are proud to bear his name Only a holder of the original Edison li- cense may use the name "Edison" as part of its corporation title. lt is 'the mark of a pioneer. The Toledo Edison Company, a business-managed, tax-paying, self-support ing electric power company, is so proud to be so honored . . . In this our 50th Anniver- sary Year we renew our pledge to serve our customers to 'the very best of our ability. THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY ml misc , , Maw, Woman s Employment Office Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M You are corlnnlly invited . . . Maybe it's a progressive dinner, a theatre party or a sight-seeing tour-whatever the occasion chartered service will add to the pleasure of tl1e guests. Expensive? No, indeed. On the contrary you will find that conrpared with other forms of travel, chartered service is very reasonable. For suggestions and quotations, call AD. 1241. The Community Traction Company WYNN BROS. 1541-45 Wayne St. Wholesale Distributors Toledo 9, Ohio WA1bridge 5145 28 YEARS of Reliable Prescription Service! Collins and Parker, Inc. Drug Stores 445 South IA1: Maumee Ave., 1347 E. Broadway fAt Albertl A Registered Pharmacist always at your call 14 J 0 S T E N 9 S Treasure . . . Craft Jewelers CLASS RINGS - CLASS PINS Commencement Announcements Designers and Manufacturers of the World's Finest School Jewelry Main Office and Plant - Owatonna, Minnesota Eastern Division Headquarters - 627 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio "Our Mission In life Is To Serve You Well" FOTH 81 SON MORTUARY Over One Half Century of Service 2310 Jefferson Ave. Near Collingwood Toledo, Ohio TOLEDO BLUE PRINT 81 PAPER C0. SUPPLIES Engineer: Architect: Artist: Draftsman 316 SUPERIOR ST. TOLEDO, OHIO ' 9 VIC S DAIRY BAR me McMANUS-TROUP co. 1444 South Ave. WA. 8591 llF0rmerly The Cooler" Printers -:- Stationers We Feafure: Complete Office Outfitters Home-Made Ice Cream - Home-Made Soups Home-Made Bar-B-Q's and Sloppy Joe's jefferson Avenue Gilberts Chocolates Proprietor-Vic Lemle Toledo, Ohio A TRADITION OF NEW DEVELOPMENT Backed by a tradition of new development, the name Owens-Illinois today stands for quality products. The history of Owens-Illinois is highlighted by developments which have made material contributions to better living. The invention of the Owens bottle machine in 1904 by Michael J. Owens, one of the Company's founders, made it possible to mass produce low-cost glass containers. Glass tumblcrs and other tableware are plentiful and inexpensive today because in 1906 Libbey Glass developed techniques for making them auto- matieally. Kaylo calcium silicate building and insulating products, first introduced by Owens-Illinois in 194-3 make buildings warmer and more fireproof. Many people enjoy better television today because in 1949 Owens-Illinois developed the rectangular all-glass bulb which makes possible better television pictures and smaller cabinets. These are but a few of the developments which are reflected in products that the Company produces. More could be mentioned and there will be many more in the future. A continuous program of research and development benefits the public as well as Owens-Illinois a name that stands for quality products. UWENS-IllINOIS GLASS COMP NY, Toledo, Ohio Whitney's Dept. Store 1625-1627 B II ,V'k' T I Blrl . ma way I mg empe 9 Hr. Herbert J. Wnehrle, II.lfl. South Side's New, Modern Department Store Phone EMerson 0961 Enmlilimenls Tn The Lihhey Senior Blass Funeral Home uf 1221 Broadway A. C. WALTER D. C. WALTER Phone ADams 4105 143 If You Are At MONEY IS SOMETHING TO SAVE . You Save You Earn? Total CYou Will Havej 22 Years of Age S 1,300.00 S 65.75 551,365.75 27 Years of Age S2,600.00 S 274.40 352,874.40 32 Years of Age 33,900.00 S 640.89 54,540.89 17 Years Old Now, 3 7 Years of Age S5 Saved Weekly Grows and Grows 35,200.00 551,181.72 OF COURSE YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR DEPOSITS 'CURRENT INTEREST 270 PER YEAR The Home Building SL Savings Co "Where Your Safuings Grow In Safety" 556,381.72 902 Broadway At Segur ADams 5192 HUHN HARDWARE Dealer ln Hardware, Giffs, Toys and House Wares Elecfrical Supplies Sporfing Goods Croft Careful Cleaners 320 So. Detroit WA 9821 All Dry Cleaning Service Free Pick Up and Delivery "We Brush Pockets and Cuffs' DAVIS BUSINESS CHARLES PETBIE Hardware-Plumbing 339 HURON ST. MA. 7274 Train Efficiently, Economically, and Practically at Toledo's Most Outstanding Commercial School FURNACES INSTALLED Roofing Applied WA. 5380 1541 Wesfern Ave TOLEDO 9, OHIO Congrafufafiono fo we graJuafing 66465 of 7951 Lasalles Phntnreflex Studia Around the Corner from Anywhere "Hello . . . Coke I" Q A LASALLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF TOLEDO Inc. 1902 THE Tousoo G N I T N I R FRESH MILK Builds Strong, Healthy Bodies MAKES ALERT MINDS P C O M P A N Y The Doctors Say: "Drink a Quart of Fresh 512 ERIE EU6Ty DCly,, Our Buns Used Exclusively STUDENTS WVANTED "' This Sf"'i""' o FEl.DNlAN'S BAKERIES Comptometer School Graduates Are' in Constant Demand o High School Gradlwtes and College Sludents are invited to visit our school. To take a short, inexpensive Complomeler Course of- fered by the nlanufucturer, enroll at any lime. Morning, 1905 Canton Avenue MA. 3525 SWAN CREEK LUMBER COMPANY afternoon, and evening classes. Instruction given on tlle latest model Complomelcr by qualified instruct . G b Many positions available in the Toledo area for ou Quahty Mlllwvork graduates. Lumber and Hardware Comptolneter School 17th 31 Monroe I.0.0.F. Bldg. MAin 8421 MAin 1211 226 Cify Park 146 -'ga 'fb' w 1-w 2 5 Mi' :wi f E 2 -fi W, 1 i zz 12 xx x K, We ,N -. J QE Q? fm 1 .:. K w. 'Hs' 452 E A -E Wm-1 'Ei - ,:!'1a,f ' 5 ' Wm 'V '2:'f5f2,Q:Q,:T if . 5 if T122 rm? :Nw ,X ,X fywwz P, X R, L 1 bf ge my 6,42 ,.K.,5.,f-M ,K Q' .spy NA . 'sy fkaffgsff W Hand-Iwi.. ha Ax-gjmgf -"U My-my vs-,fx -L Rim' ,mg -jf Q Q W U X 4. . ,S - ' ' 1, g1'i"g.,,.,.-mvhf I Mi. A v, ,, ' QQ H' W ' M. N m Qw, - mx W ,,,,A:,5. Q "Bw-fm QS? Q.,-K1 "S, n JM, - Quai mhz A ln nm mmm .M 1:-kg w, M ,kiwi ,yan NX M V 'L w. ,?1'T,-'QWVA ,r lf' W,M.,ww,, 333.39 fi' QQ, . f NM? RV. 75,-'-5' :- ..Er .4535 A x '-vim A Ks Bi x, S A-' 24., H5 ig ? si at 5, 5555 , -,2 .."... H -...M .gg :,a:.. wa FACULTY AUTOGRAPHS 3-jmacfe 475,76 . 'fd' HAM, AW? 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Suggestions in the Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) collection:

Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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