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Edward Drummond Libbey High School - Edelian Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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THE EDELIAIXI 4 CDE LIDBEV PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF EDWARD DIQUIVIIVICND LIBBEV HIGH SCHOCDI. I 9 3 8 PQRHXXCDRD Jubilance, laughter, vivacity, and speed, the attendants ol youth, rellect our happy school days. The responsibility ol years is inevitable, yet is is possible to catch and to hold these moments ol happiness, these briel interludes ol friend- ship, these llashes ol joy and ambition. As We add one more year bool: to our store of treasures, we do so in the hope that this, the Edelian ol 1938, will be to us a joyful and constant reminder ol our lile and activities at Libbey. CGNTEINITS Cover Design Dedication in Memoriam Sciwooi Vievvs Mr. Bovvsner Mr. Wiiiiams Faculty . . Classes Activities . Atiiietics . Scnooi Song Advertisements Autographs Kari Boeifik . 8-9 . 'iO-'Vi . 'iQ-'I3 . 14 . 15 . 16 . Q6 . 76 . 106 . 'IQ6 . 133 . 143 7 MARY ELIZABETH MCGUIRE A Fine little lady is she vvith her lightsome heart, her l4indly eyes, and her merry smile for everyone. She has served the schools of Toledo a longtime indeed as a teacher in both the elementary and high schools, and all of her life she has been a resident of the South Side. ln her vvitty and interesting vvay she has talcen her friends and students on many a ioyous trip around the vvorld, for she has combined her teaching subject, Commercial Geog- raphy, with her hobby of travel, and delightful are the tales that she can tell of Wandering here and there. Now as the Senior Class departs, its members loolc vvith respect and atiection at Miss Mary McGuire, as they sincerely dedicate to her this Edelian of 1938 and vvish for her every happiness and blessing that life can bring to one vvith such a vvarm and generous heart. The l.al4es of Killarney and the Wishing Well of lreland HARRY STAPLETCDN lvlindlul ol tlie splendid services tlwat lie lwad rendered to tl'ie sclwool tliat was so dear to lnim, tlwe students ol Libbey, only a year ago, lovingly dedi- cated tlwe Edelian to one of tlmeir teacliers, vvislwing lwim prosperity and joy. And novv vvitlw lwearts tliat are saddened vvitlw loss, but still vvitlw a feeling of love, tliese students are again paying tribute to tlwe same teaclwer. But vvitlw vvlwat ditlerencel For deatlw lwas talcen l-larry Stapleton trom us and the joy tlwat We vvislwed l'1im is luis in a riclier, luller sense, and tlme prosperity vve lioped lor lwim is not trauglnt vvitlw materialism, but transformed into an influence tlwat will be treasured in our scliool forever. We need not recount luis deeds of service, for vve remember tlwem every one. We need not remind ourselves tlwat lie vvas a part of Libbey from tlwe very year tlmat it vvas opened, and tlwat every position lwe lwad earned vvitlw diligence and ettort lie Filled vvitlw great efficiency. We do not dare even to grieve too muclw tlwat lwe is gone, lest by our seltislw vvisli to lwave lwim lwere, vve mar tlie deep serenity of peace tlwat novv is luis. We slwall remember lwim, and as tlwe years go on, tlne image and tlie tlwouglwt ol lwim slwall be a strengtli tlwat slwall not die. MEMCDRIAM Elusive things are these: E C I-I Q E S 0 O The memory of ez dream, The daylighfs sudden leave, The sweet farewell of youth. 1Q A' There,s e lilt to e comer as it hurries out of sight C5 L- I M P S E 5 Q O 0 That teeses you and tempts you till you dare To hope that it you follow it, you'H find a great delight But there's just another comer waiting there. 'I3 EDWARD L. BOWSI-IER SLJPERINTENDENT At the end ol his lirst year ol leadership in the schools ol Toledo, Libbey is happy to congratulate our superintendent, lVlr. Bovvsher, upon the results that he has so successfully achieved. Because vve believe in his ability as an administrator and have faith in his judgment and vvisdom, we extend to him our pledge of co-operation and loyalty in any project that he may enter upon to improve the social and educational status ol our city, and we hope sincerely that he may enjoy continued success and happiness in every vvay. I-IARQLD E. WILLIAMS PIQIIXI To dispense l4indness, fairness, and patience in tlmeir proper allotments to all time people Wlwo come under lmis guidance and to control Witlm a steady mind and lsmand time constantly increasing problems tlmat confront lmim are time tasl4s so ably performed by our principal, Mr. Williams. Regardless oi ditticulty, lsme lmas carried time program For Libbey into splendid execution upon every occasion, inspiring botlm students and faculty by lmis entlmusiasm and interest. For lmis constancy and goodness lwe deeply merits our loyalty and our love. CIPAL X FA C ULTV R. Dusha M. Brown G. De Lisle W. Everhart M. Gosline G. lrvvin B. Krueger A. Leiser T. Coehrs A. Costigan A. Lok V. May G, Payne M. Russell Z. Scott l-l. Swanson HQGLHPI F. Gerdes Burton Mills Holland LANC RU-II-I A. DUSI-IA: English, I-lead ol Department, Qhio State University, A. B., Columbia University, M. A., Rericlean Adviser, Edelian Director. MAUDE G. BROWN: English, University ol Ioledo, B. S., M. A., Dean ol Sophomore Cnirls, Adviser ol Junior Friendship Club. GRACE M. DeLISLE: English, University ol -Ioledo, B. S., M. A., Zetalethean Adviser. WILLIAM EVERI-IARI: English, Michigan State Normal, B. S., Forum Adviser, Iraclc Coach. FLQRENCE GERDES: English, University ol Michigan, A. B., Columbia University, M. A., Philalethean Adviser, Crystal Adviser. MARII-IA GQSLINE: English, University ol Toledo, A. B., Columbia University, M. A., Adviser ol Sophomore Friendship Club, Rhilalethean Adviser. GRACE IRWIN: English, Qhio Wesleyan, A. B., Adviser ol Sophomore Friendship Club. BERNICE KRUEGER: French, University ol Michigan, A. B., French Club Adviser. ANDREW LEISER: English, Wittenberg College, A. B., George Washington University, M. A., Adviser ol Sophomore I-li-V. RAULINE E. BURTON: Latin and l'Iistory, University ol Michigan A. B., American Academy in Rome, Latin I-Ionor Society Adviser. Tl-IERESA M. COEI-IRS: English and Spanish, University ol loledo, A. B. ANGELA CGS-IIGAN: Latin and I-Iistory, Qhio State University, B. S., M. A., Dramatics Club Adviser. ALMA LOK: German and English, University ol Toledo, A. B., University ol Michigan, M. A., German Club Adviser, Rericlean Adviser. VIRGINIA C. MAY: English, College ol New Rochelle, A. B. DORQTI-IV -I-I-IQMAS MILLS: English, University ol Toledo, M. A., University ol Michigan, A. B., Music Club Adviser. GER-I-RUDE L. IDAYNE: English and Commercial, University ol Ioledo, B. S., Adviser ol Senior Friendship Club, Loyal Libbey Lavvsonite Adviser. MARY E. RUSSELL: Spanish, Qberlin College, A. B., Spanish Club Adviser. ZOE G. SCC-I--I: English, Qhio Wesleyan University, A. B. I-IELEN E. SWANSQN: English, Qberlin College, A. B., University ol Michigan, M. A. KENNE-Il-I EIQLLAND: Music, Qtterbein College, B. I3. S. M., Peabody Conservatory ol Music, Balti- more, Maryland, Diploma in Violin. ,IAGES MUSIC HISTCDRV FINEA Ba R. C. BAKER: Social Studies, l'lead ol Department, Qlwio Nortliern University, B. S., Wisconsin University, M. A., Q-D Adviser. ROLAND F. CONV: Social Studies, University of Maine, A. B., Junior Class Dean, Q-D Adviser. QILEXEN B. EBERTH: Social Studies, Columbia University, B. S., ELLA FELLER: Social Studies, University of Toledo, B. S., M. A. GRACE L. HENDERSQN: Social Studies, Qlwio State University, B. S. in Ed., Zetaletlwean Adviser. ISLOXENCE LUTTON: Social Studies, University of Toledo, A. B., BlfRlfNlClf RAlRDON: Social Studies, University of Toledo, B. S. in Ed., Columbia University, M. A. LAWRENCE L. VANDER: Social Studies, University ol Toledo, A. B., M. A. IAAAEQGARET A. WAITE: Social Studies, University of Toledo, B. S., JAMES 0RWlG: Social Studies, University of Micliigan, B. S. in Ed., Football Coaclw, Baslcetball Coaclw. HAZEI. lf. BARTLEV: Fine Arts, Columbia University, B. S., Utamara Adviser. QNot in Ricturey. Qt ker R. Cony fgulfgrth E. Feller G H cl Lutton B. Rairdon - . Vander M. Waite CGMMERCIAL CARL TGEREER: Commercial, l-lead ol Department, University ol Clwicago, A. B., University olMicl'1igan, M. A., Commercial Club Adviser. l-lAZEL D. ELATZ: Commercial, Qliio State University, A. B., M. A., B. S. MARY Q. HOUSER: Commercial, l-liram College, A. B., Commercial Club Adviser. MARY E. McGUlRE: Commercial, Univer- sity ol Toledo, A. B. CHARLES R. MARTIN: Commercial, Uni- versity ot Toledo, B. S., Adviser ol Junior Hi-Y. .lQl'lN QSCJQQD: Commercial, Clwio State University, B. S. in Ed. JQSEH-l W. SMlTl-lx Commercial, Univer- sity oi Toledo, A. B., Dean ol Sopliomore Boys, Commercial Club Adviser. ETl-lEL M. SNQW: Commercial, Qliio University, B. S. in Ed. HARRY E. STARLETCN: Commercial, Uni- versity ol Toledo, B. S. in Ed., University ol Clwicago, l3l'i. in Bus., Columbia University, M. A., Activities Director, Atliletic Direc- tor, Business Director ol tlwe Edelian. C. Toepfer H. Flatz M. Houser M. McGuire C. Martin J. Osgood J. Smith E. Snow H. Stapleton HERMAN A. HARDIINIG: Matlwematics, l-lead ol Depart ment, l-leidelberg University, B. S.,University olMicliigan M. A., Assistant Eootball Coaclw, C. E. l-lQUSER:Matl1ematics,Heidelberg College, B. S. l-lead Eootball Coacli. EUGENE R. l-lUNT: Matlwematics, University ol Toledo, A. B., National l-lonor Society Adviser,Senior Class Dean H Harding C. Houser E. Hunt WALTER B. LYNN: Matlwematics, l-leidelberg, B. S. Cl1ess Club Adviser. ELZA SPACKEY: Matlwematics. ELOlSE B. VO0Rl-lElS: Matlwematics, University ol To ledo, A. B., M. S., University ol Micliigan, M. A., Rliila leilwean Adviser, Testing Qtlicer, Dean ol Ereslwman Girls W. Lynn E. Spaclcey E. Voorli scitisict FLQRENCE A. GATES: Science, l-lead ol Department, Purdue University, B. S., M. S., University ol Toledo, M. A. FRANK C. Al2Cl-lAlVlBO: Science, University ol loledo, A. B., M. A. FRANCIS D. BQYLE: Chemistry, Marietta College, A. B. LVDIA FIEDLER: Science, Grinnell College, B. S., Biology Club Adviser. AMFL R. l-IGTCI-IKISS: Science, Denison University, Forum Adviser. l-l. W. LINCKE: Science and Mathematics, University ol Toledo, B. S. in Ed., M. A. LOV l3USlE: Science, Wabash College, A. B., Dean ol Sophomore Girls, Biology Club Adviser. OUVE E. Sl-lAFFlfl2: Science, Wittenberg College, A. B., Cornell University, M. S. FREDERICK VOSSLER: Chemistry, University ol Rochester, B. S., Alchemist Adviser. Cl-lAl2LlfS W. WElNSl0CK: Science, Marietta College, A. B., Athletic Equip- ment Manager. F. Gates F. Archambo F. B L. Fiedler A. Hotchkiss l-l. L lc L. Rusie O. Shatter F. Vossler C. W t lc l i l - Ill: -I K TR?- a' -HH H- , JAMES lvl. STERLING: Industrial, I"Iead ol Departmentf Engineering Society Adviser. WILLIAM R. ALEXANDER: Industrial. PAUL E. DIPMAN1 Industrial. Edelian Snap-sI1ot Adviser. JCI-IN W. EAS-I: Industrial, Qlwio University, B. S. in Ed. STEPHEN LOCKWQOD: Industrial. EDWARD C. PACKER: Industrial, Architectural Club Adviser. JOI-IN Id. PLQUGI-I: Industrial, Electricity Club Adviser. C. T, RQSENBLIRG: Industrial. FRED VOGLER: Industrial. terling W. Alexander P. Dipman J East S. Lockwood E. Packer J Plough C. Rosenburg F. Vogler INDUSTRY 23 HGMEECCNQMKX ii i M, Kelso R. Lloyd l. Owen H. Wyl MARY M. KELSO: Home Nursing, Wilmington College, A. B., Qliio State University, B. S. in Ecl., University of Cincinnati, R. N. RUTH LLQYD: Home Economics, Columbia University, A. B., lovva State College, M. A., Home Economics Club Adviser. lSLA B. OWEN: Home Economics, Hillsdale, A. B., Home Economics Club Aclviser. HELEN E. WYLIE: Home Economics, Qliio State University, B. S., Home Economics Club LJBRARY x DORCAS KRUSE: Librarian, University ol Michigan, A. B., M. A. MRS. DQRIS SULLIVAN: Sclwool Treasurer l Q4 D. Kruse Mrs. Sulliv PHYSICAL EDUCATICDIXI N. Clayton A. Jetfery K. Maher C. Robinson NE-l-'l'lE BELLE CLAVTCDN: Physical Education, Qhio State University, B. S. in Ed., Girls, Athletic Association Adviser. ALBERT JEFFERY: Rhysical Education, Qhio State University, B. S. in Ed., Reserve Football Coach, Reserve Baslcetball Coach. KAll'lRYlNl MAl-lER: Physical Education, Michigan State Normal, B. S., Girls' Athletic Association Adviser. CHARLES R0BlNSQlXl: physical Education, Miami Llniversity, B, S. in Ed. OFFICE MRS. LlLLlAlXl l-lARlMAN: Manager ol Book Department. GlfRALDllXllf l-IOLTZ: Attendance Department. Mrs. Hartman G. l-loltz Q5 CLA SSES . 1 W B. Abbe V. Adams M. Aemmer P. Albrecht K. Alberti G. Allen Q. Allen B. Ammann CLASS QE NINETE BETTE J. ABBE: 'lAlvvays pleasant and full of fun, not a better friend underthe sun," Jones Jr. 'l, Friendship 3, Athl. Assoc. Q. VIRGINIA ADAMS: "A piano she gaily likes to play, a success in life she'll be someday." Zets 3, 4, Friendship Q, Bios 3, 4, Edelian 4. MARGE AEMMER: 'lm Looking at the World through Rose-Colored Glasses," Friendship Q,German1, Q, Glee Club 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q, 3, 4. PI-IVLLIS ALBRECHT: 'Rhythm is My Businessfi Robinson Jr. 'I, Friendship Q, l-lome Ec. Q, 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. Q. KENNETH ALBERTI: i'Everyone knows this cheerful lad, one of the best that Libbey's hadf' Jones Jr. 'l, Alchemist 3, 4, Spanish Pres. 4, Natil l-lonor 4. GQRDQN ALLEN: ul-lere is a big lndian chief. l-le'll lead in life is our belief." QUENTIN ALLEN: 'Through many troubles he has been, but heis never lost his cheerful grin. BILL AMMANN: 'Basketball is his greatest joy, studies also appeal to this boy." QD. Q, 3, 4, Res. Football 'l, Eresh. Basketball, Res. Basketball Q, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, J-l-lop Com- ELAINE ANDERSON: "Elaine will go to AsburyCollege,to gain a lot of further knowledge." Friendship Q, Alchemist 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l. JACK ANDERSON: uln his joyous, happy-go-lucky mood, Andy says, 'ilt's fun to be fooedli' QD. 4, I-li-Y1, Q, 3, 4, Football Mgr. 3, 4, Activities 3, 4. RICHARD ANDRZEJCZUK: 'five-foot seven in his stocking feet, a nicer boy you'll never meet." Natil l-lonor 3, 4, l'li-Y 3, 4. DONALD ANNEN: "First he plans a college life, then maybe he'll catch a wife." l-larding l-ligh School, Marion 'l, Q, 3, I-ii-Y 4, Dramatic Club 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Nat'l l-lonor 4. MARY ARET: HTo be a stenographer is her goal, and vve all know she fits the role." Friend- ship Q, 3, 4, Com'l Club V. Pres. 4, Natil l'lonor 4. ELIZABETH ARMENTROUT: "Still water runs deep." VlRGlNlA ARMSTRONG: 'Vfinning friends in her ovvn coy vvay, when in your heart, she's there to stay." DeVilbiss 'l, Q, 3, Glee Club 4. JANE ARNQT: Ulnsects are her greatest delight, kinds that put most girls to flight." Chilli- cothe l-ligh School 'l, Q, Friendship 4. lE:lFlEEN ARTZ: "Big things come in little packagesf, German Q, Athl, Assoc. 'l, Com'l u 4. MARYBETH AUMAUGHER: Hl'ler red hair lends her sophistication and charmf, LQVA AUSTIN: "Pleasant and fair, she goes through life with an air." DESDEMONA BALLARD: Hl"lonest, svveet, and quite petite, a nicer girl you'll never meet.H E. Anderson J. Anderson R. Andrzejzuk D. Annen M. Ari V. Armstrong J. Arnot l-l, Artz M. Aumaugher L. Austi N Tl-lIl2TY- EIGI-IT DQNALD BAKER: HHis Friends call him Kflarki, he's sure to make his markfi WALTER BALDWIN: Hfhemistry is his greatest joyf, Alchemist 3, 4, Sr. Banquet Com. VALE BARNES: uVariety is the spice of liief, Jones Jr. 1,Utamara Q, Cross Country Q, 3, lrack Q, 3. IVIELVIN BARTELHEIIVI: mlrue and strong, a smiling lad is iBart'." Baseball Q, 3, 4. FRED BATEIVIAN: "Happy, smiling, with eyes oi blue, he towers, six loot-two." Q. D. 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Engineering 4, Res. Football 3. BOB BATES: "Already he is a snappy drug store clerk." Jones Jr. 'l, Lltamara Q. IRENE BAUER: HShe'll study as hard as ever she can, the career of an artist is her plan." Friendship Q, Utamara 'l, Q, 3, 4, Chess 3, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q. RGBER-I BAUIVIAN: HHis hobbyis sports, they catch his eye.H Arch. Club 4, VIRGINIA BAY: HA sweet and charming miss." Jones Jr. 'l, Friendship Q. ROBERT BELL: Ufapable and energetic is our Bob, his merits are sure to get him a jobf' l-li-Y 3, 4, Bios. Q. ROBERT BERTCH: i'An honest lad and true, always glad, never blue." RUTH BILINSKI: UA true business womanf' Memorial Jr. 'l, Phoenixville, Pa. Q. BASIL BINIKER: :Basil plans to be a newspaper man, and by his ability he surely canf' FRANK BLACK: uBlackie's a leader in every way, he's on top and he's there to stay." Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Latin Honor Q, lreas. 3, 4, Hi-Y 'l, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Bios Q, Alchemist 3, 4, Jr. Class lreas., Sr. Class lreas. VERA ANN BLAIR: HA pleasant girl,sweet and charming, her personality's disarmingf, Friendship 3, 4, Com'l Club 3, Pres. 4, Athl. Assoc. Q, Nat'l Honor 4. BETTE BOCK: USophisticated, charming, petite." Jones Jr. 'l, Nat'l Honor 3, Sec'y-lreas. 4, Reries 3, V. Pres. 4, Bios 3, Alchemist 3, 4, Crystal 3, News Ed. 4, Sr. Prom Com. ELIVIER BOEHK: HElmer, we hope and expect, will become a leading architect." Arch. Club 4, Edelian, Cover Design 3 and 4. WALTER BOGUSZ: H Bugs, oi basketball lame gets his studies just the same." Natil Honor 3, 4, Forum Q, 3, 4, Hi-Y Q, lreas. 3, 4, Engineering Pres. 4, Baseball 3, 4, Res. Basketball 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Sr. Class Sec'y. OTIQ BQLLENBACHER: i'He'll go to T. Ll. to take an accounting course." German 3, Comll Club 4, Natil Honor 4. JAIVIES BOLTQN: t'Dancing is iun says iEgg', for Benny Goodman he does begf' D Baker W. Bald V. Barnes M. Bartelh F. Bateman B. Baie l. Bau R. Bau . dC V. Bay R. Bell R. Bertcl-I R. Bilinslci B. Biniker F Bl lc V. Blair B, Bock E. Boehlc W. Bogusz O. Bollenbacher J B l . OtOl'! CLASS CDF NINETE JANE BQNQWICZ: "Very neatly does she sevv." Athl. Assoc. Q. ROSE BONOWICZ: HQbedience is akin to successln Athl. Assoc. Q. ROBERT BOOTH: HBob's Friendship is valued Wherever he goes." Fresh. Basketballi, Res. Basketball Q, 3. IJIILDA BORN: 'She likes sports oi every kind lor a sturdy body and a healthy mindf' Jones r. 'l. PAUL BOWES: USports have added to Pauls renovvnf, Res. Basketball 'l, Q, Vars. Basketball 3, 4, Vars. Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. MILTON BRACHT: HJoe has chosen For his career to be an electrical engineer." Alchemist 3, 4, Nat'l l-lonor 4. EVELVN BRACKHEIMER: Hlfvy will keep a house neat and clean." Com'l Club 3, 4. RUTH BREITSCHMID: "Always wear a smile ii you vvant to be worth vvhilef' Jones Jr. 'l. DQN BRIDENBAUGH: "l-lis face with gladness is overspread, hereis a boy vvith a level head." Forum 1, Q, Pres. 3, Pres. 4, I-ii-V Serg't-at-Arms Q, 3, 4, Res. Football Q, Vars. Foot- ball 3, 4, Ch. Sr. Prom Com., Jr. Class Pres., Nat'l l-lonor 4. VIRGINIA BRIDGEWATER: Hpretty to Walk with and Witty to talk vvithf' Zets 3, 4, Friend- ship 3, Sec'y 4, Alchemists 4, Sr. Banquet Com., Nat'l l-lonor 4. PHVLLIS BROWN: Ugheis a charming girl vvho knows howto laughfi Jones Jr. 'I. MARJQRIE BRQWNMILLER: HCheeriul and gay, at work or at playf' Chess Club 4. EARL BRUBAKER: HLaugh, clown, laughin Arch. Club V. Pres. 4, Football 'l, Q, Fresh. Basketball 1. CHARLES BRUNNER: ul'lere's a boy vvho likes to skatef' Engineering Club 'l. BGB BUCK: 'KWith a song in my heart.'gCom'l Club 4. RITA BUELL: "Red likes to teach history, just vvhy remains a mysteryf, Friendship 4, Spanish Q, 3, Athl. Assoc. 'i, Q. AWANA BURGESS: 'KAvvana is planning a singing career, that she'll succeed vve have no fear." Robinson Jr. 'l. BARBARA BURKARD: ul-lere is a friend who is staunch and truef' EVELYN BURTQN: "We canit get enough of you," Robinson Jr. 'l, Nat'l l-lonor 3, 4, Friendship Q, 3, 4, Sr. Picnic Com. JAMES BYRNE: Hlhis boy will travel farf' Bios 'l, Vars. Football 3. d b h V B dg water P. Brown M. Brownmiiler E. Brubaker C. Brunner BBI4 RBII AB BBkd EBt JB . LIYSZSS . UI' df' . Llf on . YYFIZ N THIRTY- EIGHT GRREN CARLSON: HAs large as lile and twice as naturalf' BETTY CLARRER: Hilo play the Fiddle with all her might is this girlis great delight." Jones JOE CLARK: "A nicer lad can't be ioundf' Jones Jr. l. RALPH CLARK: i'l:riendship is supremef' BETTY CQBB: 'iKind, generous, and sinceref, Friendship 4. EVELYN COFFEN: 'iFive-loot-three-and-a-hali in height, Smithie will get along all rightfi MARIE COLE: HA friend in need is a iriend indeed." Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q. DONNA COLLINS: Nl-lappy and gay in all she doesfi JACK CQMER: HNot bashiul, not shy, hels a regular guyf, Q. D. 3, lreas. 4, l'li-Y Q, 3, 4, Spanish Q, 3, 4, Alchemist 3, Cross Country Q, 3, 4, lraclc Q, 3, Co-Captain 4. ALICE JANE CQNNQRS: "We have a true confession, that youlre the one vve love." Phils Q, 3, Pres. 4, Friendship Q, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4. FLORENCE CQQVER: 'il:ond of sports, especially svvimming, success this girl is sure of winningd' Peries Q, 3, 4, French Club 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q, 3, 4. HAROLD CGRCORAN: HA traveling salesman is his ambition, he'll malce good under any conditionf' Spanish Club Q. DORIS CORWlN: 'iSvveet and demure, honest and sincerefi Friendship 4. CLYDE CQX: mlhe Gentleman Qbviously Doesn't Believe in Love." Spanish Club 4. EDDIE CQYLE: Ulhe music goes round 'n round, on the dance Floor Eddie vvas Found." Jones Jr. i, Q, D. 3, V. Pres. 4, Res. Football 3. LILA COZZENS: "Skating is the sport oi many, bet she'll be a Sonja Henie HELEN CRANDALL: HA steadfast Friendfi Com'l Club 4, Friendship 3, 4. DOROTHY CROLL: Hgincere and likeable." Com'l Club 4. BETTE CURTIS: 'iWe can't Find a substitute for you." Friendship Q, 3, Com'l Club 4. SHIRLEY DAGUE: Hplenty oi Money and You." Com'l Club 4, O. Carlson B. Clapp J. Clark R. Clar B. Cobb E. Coff M. Cole D. Coll J. Comer A. Connors F. Coover H. orcoran orwin ox C D. C C. C E. Coyle L. Cozzens H. Crandall D. Croll B. Curtis S. DaGue J. Dahlmeyer R. Dalrymple L. Davidson I D ' L. Davis P D M. Deca L. Dick CLASS CDE NINET JQVCE DAHLMEYER: Hgusie wants to be a nurse." Jones Jr. 'I. RICHARD DALRVMRLE: "Heill conquer lileis problems." Woodward High Q, New Balti- more, Mich. 3. LQRNE DAVIDSQN: "When you need a little lun, here's the lad to whom you'll come H Robinson Jr. 'l. IRENE DAVIS: HA sweet little gal, a loyal Libbey pal." LLOYD DAVIS: HLile needs a little spice." RALILINE DAVIS: "Jolly and gay, sheis always that wayf' Comil Club 4. MELVIN DECA: "Happy-go-lucky me." ETLXVIZENCE DICKSON: HA good worlcer and Iriendln Monclova High 'l, Engineering JANE DIENSI: "A sense of humor very rare, weid copy it but we don't darefi Jr. Ring Com., Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Latin Honor 4, Rhils 'l, Q, 3, 4, French Club Q, Censor 3, Pres. 4, Crystal Q, 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q, 3, 4, Sr. Announcement Com. KATHERINE DIPMAN: "A good worker, a loyal friend." VIRGINIA DI TERLIZZI: Hlhis Libbey lass so very smart is one with whom we hate to part." Friendship Q, Athl. Assoc. Q. VINCENT DODD: HLibbey's l:red Astairef' ETHEL DQRCLIS: HWith hair ol brown and eyes ol blue, Ethel will attend T. Ll." Jones Jr. 'l, Friendship Q, 3, 4, French 3, 4. JOHN DORN: "John has a lolty aspiration, you see, it's learning aviation." HAROLD DREEZE: HA civil engineer Harold hopes to be." Engineering 4. DRIVER: "Give Howdy a car and a baseball bat, and he'll be contented with on yt at. RICHARD DROWN: HA happy lellow is this lad Drown, worries never get him down.'I Jones Jr. 'l, Engineering V. Pres. 4. MARGIE DRLIBE: "li you have never a worry nor care, Margie would say, iYou've got something there., H Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Rhils. Q, 3, Treas. 4, Friendship Q, 3, 4, Spanish 'l, Q, 3, 4, Chess Club Sec'y 3, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q, Crystal Q, Sr. Rrom Com, Class Will. FRANKLIN DLIFFEY: "The way may be rough and the obstacles tough, but Franklin will succeed, that's obvious enough." MARGARET DIJFEEY: HWhen Margaret teaches, the name ol Dutley, may be great some day, lilce that ol McGully." Friendship Q, 4, Edelian 4. ..,. ,. if 3' A . ipman . i Terlizzi V. Dodd E. Dorcus J. Dorn JD KD VD HD HD RD YCCZZ ' A .... .R ....,i Q. I . ienst 32 . river . rown M. Drube F. D Fl y M. Duifey THIRTY- EIGI-IT DON DlJREl.l.: "Wise-crackers are not always dropped in the soupfi Q. D. 3, 4, lrack Q, 3, 4, Res. Football 3, Vars. Football 4, Sr. prom Com. DUANE DWlGHl: 'Speedy and gay and just serious enoughf, Q. D. 3, 4, Track Q, 3, 4, Res. Football 3, Vars. Football 4, Sr. Prom. Com. VELMA EBERTS: i'When you ask about her hair of auburn hue, she answers with her Famous jliooi. H Carl Schurz l'ligh, Chicago, III. 3, Friendship Q, Edelian Circ. 'l, Q, 3, 4, Activ- ities 'l, Q, 3, 4. ROBERT EDWARDS: Nl-le must be a gentleman, he prefers blonclsf' Jones Jr. 1,Q.D. 3. 4, Res. Football Q, Vars. Football 3, 4. BERENICE EIBEN: Hcheeriulness iinds no heartachef' Jones Jr. 'l. ELBERT El.l.lQl-lr "For hobbies, he preiers hunting and iishin ,.', Jones Jr. 'l, Alchemist 3, 4. VIRGINIA ELSPERMAN: Nl-ler dark-haired beauty is accented by a charming personality." Jones Jr. 1, Friendship Q, Home lfc. Q. DOROTHY EMERSON: mln a store she'd like to work, from her duties she'll never shirkf' Athl. Assoc. 'l. RlCl'lARD ERDMAN: Niall, industrious, his aim is high." ROBERT ERKERT: Hihis happy-go-lucky, ambitious young man, has made more than one girl a Football ianf' l-li-Y Q, 3, 4, Engineering lreas. 4, Res. Football 'l, Q, Vars. Football 3, 4, Sr. picnic Com., Nat'l Honor 4. CHARLOTTE ESCHEDOR: Hcollecting souvenirs is Charlottels hobbyf' Woodward 'l. EDDIE EVANS: it 'Gomer Jonesi, the master-mind of criminology." Forum 'l, Q, 3, Treas. 4, i-li-Y Q, 3, 4, Res. Football 'l, Q, Vars. Football 3, 4, Jr. Ring Com., Sr. Prom Com. ERNEST FACEY: Hphotography is lfrnest's delight, he devotes his time to it day and night." GERALDINE l:AlR: HJerry likes almost everything, that has to do with sports and swing." Comll Club 4, Athl. Assoc. Q. OWEN FAHRER: Hlhe essence of vim and vigor." JOY FEEMSTER: HAmbition, we Find, goes a long, long way.H Friendship Q, Dramatics V. pres. 4, Nat'l l-lonor 4, Crystal 3, Cir. and Exchange Ed. 4. ROBERT FENSTEMAKER: UDiesel engineering and forestry are his dishf, BILL FETTERS: Hlhe perfect 'Beau Brummelifi Q. D. Q, 3, 4, Res. Football 3, Vars. Football 4. JAMES FINGER: Hli brunettes and architects donit mix, Jim will be in an awful Fix." Arch. Drawing 'l, Q, 3, lreas. 4. ALBERT FINNEV: 'il-leill get a job, and then a wile, an lrish coleen to be his for liief' Jones Jr. 1,Glee Club 4, Bios Q. D. Durell D V. Eberts . R Edw d B. Eiben E. Ell V. Elsperm D. E I fs-H Ai R. Erdman R. Erkert C. Eschedor E E E F G. Fair . GCZY O. Fahrer J. Feemster R. Fenstemaker B F t J. Fing A. Finney .DW P F h L. Forquer M F lc V. Franklin P F J. French R. Gadt CLASS CDF NINETE PAUL FQRCHE: Hpaulis going to be an agriculturistf' Jones Jr. 'l, Elec. Club Q, Chess 4 LOIS FORQUER: "A good dancer, and can she sl4atel" Natyl Honor 3, 4, Zets Q, 3, Sergit- at-Arms 4, Friendship lreas. Q, V. Rres. 3, lreas. 4, French Q, Cens, 3, Announcement Com MARGARET FRANK: HHere's a girl vvith humor supreme. Journalism is her fondest dream., Reries 'l, Q, 3, 4, Latin Honor Q, 3, 4, Crystal Q, Edelian 3, Ed.-in-Chiel 4, Jr. Ring Com., Senior Ricnic Com., Riding Club Q, Nat'l Honor 4, Sr. Class Speaker. VlRCulNlA FRANKLIN: mln Virginia is a Friend true bluef' Friendship 4, Music Club, lreas. 4. RHVLISS FREEMAN: "lo all vvho come or go, she'll lend a helping handfi JACK FRENCH: l'Jacl4 will join the navy and see the vvorldf, lraclq 'l. DORIS FULLER: Hlall, calm, capable, too, For any kind oi work, she'll do." RUTH GAD-l': Hlhere's no svveller girl to have around," Friendship Q, Bios Q, 3, Sec'y 4. DORIS GAMBY: "Her mathematical mind has inspired great Work." German 3, Dramatics 4. LUCILLE GAVIN: HA prominent place in the business vvorld Lucille vvill Findf, Rhils Q, 3, Rec. Sec'y 4, Friendship Q, 3, 4, lreas. 3, J-Hop Com. RCSEMARV GAVNQR: K'Rosemary's hobbies are Far apart, one is sports, and the other, artfi Jones Jr. 'l, Friendship Q, 3, 4, Comil Club 4. MYRTLE ANN GILMAN: uLight musical shows suit Myrtle bestf' Comil Club 4. LESLIE GLANZMAN: HA business magnate he will bef' Sylvania High 1,Com'l Club 4. GERALD GODDARD: "A C. P. A. will our Gerald become." LAVERN G0RS:HSvvimming and dancing are her delight." Jones Jr. 'l, Friendship Q, 3, Comll Club 4. RUTH GQRS: Hlhe essence of charm and aiiabilityln Utamara Q, 3, 4. NEAL GRABACH: HNealys sure to succeed For helll never shirlcn Waite 'l, DeVilbiss Q, Bios 3, 4. EARL GRASER: Hlo build model boats is his favorite hobbyf, l-li-V 3, 4, Utamara, Sergit- at-Arms Q, 3, 4, Spanish, Serg't-at-Arms 4, Natil Honor 4. JQHN GRAU: "John is popular vvith many a girl, at chemical engineering he'll soon talqe a vvhirlf, Hi-V 'l, Q, 3, 4, Spanish Q, Sergit-at-Arms 3, Natll Honor 4. HQBRMA GRAVES: "Quiet, honest and sincere, as a stenographer she'll appearfi Com'l u 4. , J Vdkjtrj D G y L. Gavin R. Gaynor M. Gilman L. Glanzman G. Goddard R Gors N Grabach E. Graser J. Grau N. Graves s N Tl-IIIQTY-EIGHT KATHELEEN GRAY: "Here's a Friend that's really true." Com'l Club 4, Athl. Assoc. Q. gflRGlNlA GRAY: "Artistic ability accentuates this charming girlf' Utamara 1, Q, V. res. 3, 4. FAV GRICE: "Sewing will be her hobby lor evermoref' Com'l Club 4, Athl. Assoc. 'I. EDNA GRQQM: Hgcottyis a pal if there ever was one, for sheis always happy and lull ol fun." Jones Jr. 1,AthI. Assoc. Q, 4. JANE HAERTEL: "With her beautiful hair and sunny lace, sheill get places at a rapid pace." Zets 3, 4, Home Ec. Q, 3, 4. NQRMA HALL: 'sincerity is a virtuef' MANNING HANLINE: 'K 'l am no twerp, you can be sure,' says popular Khflani, 'lill be a journalist ora big business many. "Cowboy Roundup Com., Latin Honor Q, I-ii-Y1, Q, 3, Seciy 4, Crystal 3, 4, Alchemist 3, 4, Natil Honor 4, Class Prophet. FRANK HARDESTY: "Here is a lad whois hard to resist, and one whom Libbey is sure to missfi Forum 3, 4, Res. Football Q, Vars. Football 3, 4. FRANCIS HARMAN: Hl:rancis is fun in every way, with interest in both worlc and play." ELAINE HARPER: 'Success will be hers in all she doesf, Home Ec. 3, 4, Natil Honor 4. FLOYD HARPER: UA future electrical geniusf, Elec. Club pres. 4. DOROTHY HARRlS: UA credit to Libbey." Jones Jr. 'l, Latin Honor 3, 4, Bios Q, 3. RQBERT HARRlS: 'ilhe master of math." Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Math. Club Pres. 4. KARL HART: HLots ol fun and very gayf, Forum 3, Sergit-at-Arms 4, Spanish Q, Vars. Golf 3, 4. RICHARD HARTMAN: uHereis a boy thatis pretty lceenf' CLIFFORD HATFIELD: "Clif and his girl get along right 'pertf so he'll get a job and For her heill worlcf, Com'l Club Sergit-at-Arms 4. JACK HAWKlNS: H 'Hawlci lilces to swim in a nice deep pool, someday he'll go away to school." Hi-Y 3, Serg't-at-Arms 4, Forum Q, 3, 4, Res. Football Q, Res. Baslcetball Q, 3. NQRMA HEATH: HA First-class librarian she plans to be." Friendship 4, Spanish Q, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Crystal 3, 4, Natil Honor 4. VIRGINIA HECK: H 'Hecldei plays the piano exceedingly well.'i Friendship Q, Home Ec. 3, 4. HERBERT HEINLEIN: "All you want to do is dancefi Jones Jr. 'l, Q. D. 3, Sec'y 4, Res. Football Q, Vars. Football 3. J F. Harman E. Harper F. Harper D. Harris R R. Hartman C. Hatfield J. Hawkins N. Heath V H lc R Heiptman R. H A R Helmick J. H E Henrick H H D Hickey C H gg CLASS CDF IXIINETE PHEA HEIPTMAN: HDouble or nothingf' Jones Jr, i, Zets 3, 4, Friendship Q, 3, Serg't- at-Arms 4, Crystal 3, 4, Natll Honor 4. RUTH Hlflp-llVlAN: HJust the two oius.HJones Jr. 'i, Friendship Q, 3, 4, Comil Club 4. EUPT HELMICK: HLoyal and true he's proved to be, he'll carry on very successtullyf, . . .4. g?lglN i-IENDRICKS: 'iWe lil4e him 'cause heis so much lunf, Jones Jr. 'l, Hi-V 3, 4, Com'l u , 4. ELEANOR l'lENl2lCKS: Hbleanoris full oi vigor and pepf' Jones Jr. 'l, Friendship Q. HAROLD HEVNEMAN: HHarold's wishes are very few, with the exception of going to T. Uf, Jones Jr. 'i, Golf 3. DONALD HICKEV: i'Qur 'ace oi mischief' is this boy, but nevertheless our pride and joy," Elec. Club Q. CAl2l2lE HlGGlNS: Ulf ever there is a friend you need, youill Find her very ready indeedfi Jones Jr. 'l. GEQRGE i-IILL: HGeorge is most alert and activef' Jones Jr. 'L HELENE HILL: UShe's small, ambitious and very sweet." Waite 'l, Q, Friendship 3, 4, Natil Honor 4. CARL HOFFMAN: Hl:ishing is 'Hotiyisi greatest joyf, Jones Jr. 'l, Sr. picnic Com. VIRGINIA HOCPES: "Ginny with her calm supreme is destined to be some manls dreamf, Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Latin Honor Q, 3, pres. 4, Peries 'l, Q, ireas. 3, Cor. Sec'y 4, Friendship 3, 4, Alchemists 3, J-Hop Com., Sr. Mem. Com. , EQXELVN HQPING: "She plays the saxaphone with remarlcable sl4ill.H Jones Jr. 'i, Friend- s ip 4. VIRGINIA HGPPE: 'Silence is golden." Friendship Q. IRENE I-iLlDANSKl: HLaugh and the world laughs with youd, Com'l Club 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q. PALQL HU-lcl-llSSON: HHe'll get places by and by, and catch more than one personls eye. ElVllLlA ISETTA: ul-lere's a girl who rates, because oi her lilceable traitsf, Athl. Assoc. 'L FRANCIS lWlNSKl: Ulhis boy Finds great joy in livingf, Engineering Club 4, Track 'l, Q, 3, 4, Tumbling 'i, Q, Bowling Q, 3, 4, Cross Country 'l, Q, 3. BILLY JACQBSON: "No matter the weather, he's always merry." Jones Jr. 1, Chess Club 3, 4, Baslcetball Mgr. 4, L. L. L. 4. lVlAl2VlN JAECK: 'Libbey students, all tal4e heedl Here's a lad who will succeedlu G. Hill H. Hill C. HoFfman V. Hoopes E. Hoping V. Hoppe I H d k' P. Hutchisson E lsetta F lwinski B Jacobson M Jaeck . Udhil N THIRTY- EIGI-IT VIRGINIA JANICKI: "From her collection ol stamps, Ginny wonlt be parted, her future, in cosmetology, already has startedf' Athl. Assoc. 'l, Friendship Q, Glee Club Q, Seciy 3, 4. BETTY JAQUEIIE: "Betty hopes to study nursing." l'lome Ec. 3. I-IELEN JARZYNSKI: 'ilnto secretarial worlc she plans to go, her collection ol photos she's proud to showf' Athl. Assoc. 'l, Friendship Q, Glee Club Q, 3. MARGARET JASIER: Hhlereis a girl with lots ol vim, and ohl how she does lil4e to swimf' Friendship Q, 3, 4, German Q. GEORGANA JENSEN: "Your charming loolcs and sweet expression, have made an ever- lasting impressionfi Nat'l l'lonor 3, 4, Zets 'l, Q, 3, pres. 4, French Club Q, 3, Friendship Q, Sec'y 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q, Cowboy Round-up Com. HERBERT JOHNSGN: "This is my last alllairfi Jones Jr. 'l. ARI' JUREK: U-lhis lad certainly is a good sport, he lil4es ball games ol any sort." Robinson Jr. 'l, L. L. L. 4, Cheerleaders Q, 3. EVELYN JUREK: mlroubles won't ever get her downf, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Com'l Club 4. IVIELVIN KACHENMEISIER: "Good things come in small paclcagesf' I-li-Y Q, Sec'y 3, 4, Natil I-lonor 3, 4. DORIS KAMM: "Your combination ol blond and blue has made us all very Fond ol you." Jones Jr. 'l, Com'l Club 4. ROY KAIVIPER: "When we see you our laces beam, because we hold you in high esteem." Com'l Club Serg't-at-Arms 4. ,i RLITI-I KAMPER: i'Ruth plans to enter the business world." Comil Club 4. WARREN KARCI-INER: Ul'le made the halls ring with merry laughterfi I-li-Y 3, 4, -l'racl4 Mgr. 3, 4, Engineering 4. EUGENE KAUCKI: "Ambition has no rest." l'racl4 'l, Q, Cross Country 'l, Q, Alchemists 3, 4, l-li-Y 3, V. Pres. 4, Nat'l l'lonor 4. MELVA KECK: 'KWith a nurse lil4e you 'twould be a thrill and surely worth-while being ill." Jones Jr. 'l, BOB KEIER: "No oneis enemy, everyone's lriendf' BETTY KELL: HA combination of wit and laughterf' Utamara 3, 4, Friendship 4. GILBERT KENCSEWICZ: HA second Bobby Jones." Engineering 4. KENNEII-I KESSLER: "Women will be the death ol me yetf' DeVilbiss 'l, Bios. Q, 3, 4, Vars. Football 3, 4. HELEN KILLIAN: HA lovely example ol a Libbey girl, with pretty brown eyes and a natural curlf, Comll Club Q, Friendship Q, 4. AJlc EJk M. Kachenmeister D. Kamm R. Kemper R. Kemper W. Karchner E K If M. Keck B. Keier B. Kell G. Kencsevvicz K. Kessler . au H. Kill CLASS CDF NINETE AMANDA KIME: Nl:un, Fair, and fetching." Home Ec. 3, Dramatic 4. JACK KING: "You always have a lot of fun, but yet you get the right things done." Tum- bling 'l, Q, Lltamara 'I, Q, Ireas. 3. LAURIN KlNG:. "A ilcing' in every sense of the Word." German 'I, Q, Ireas. 3, French 4, Hi-Y 'I, Q, 3, 4, Nat,l Honor 3, 4, Edelian Athl. Ed. 4, Sr. Announcement Com. INIS KlNZEL:UHer sense of humor is outstanding." BETTY KIRBY: UA brand nevv Libbeyite vvhois loads ol lun, our highest esteem she's already vvonfl Findlay 'l, Point Place Q, 3, Friendship 4, Natil Honor 4. CHARLES KIRCHENBAUER: UHoId itl There, I got your mug, l'm Libbey's candid camera buglu Hi-Y 'I, Q, 3, 4, Sr. Banquet Com., Stage Manager 3, 4, Nat'l Honor 4. ALICE KNORR: Kilo happiness youill hilce your way." Band 'I, Q, Sec'y 3, 4, German Club 3, Cor. Secly. PAMELA KOCH: UHer demureness has never failed to pleasef, Robinson Jr. 'I, Friendship Q. JIM KOPKE: 'lJim,s atilicted with Wanderlust, he'll settle down only when he mustf, L. L. L. 4. DICK KRABILL: HDicl4,s happy-go-Iucl4y, never shy, a friend indeed, a regular guy." ILIELEN KRAMER: HA collector of match box covers." Jones Jr. 'I, Athl. Assoc. Q, Friend- s ip 4. MARY JANE KRAMER: HShe talces the cal4e.', Jones Jr. 'l, Friendship Q, 4, Athl. Assoc. Q. HQWARD KRANIZ: "Inspiration leads to success." Elec. 3, Chess Club 3, Pres. 4, Spanish Club 4, Dramatic 4, Nat'l Honor 4. if RUTH KREFT: "All ol Ruthis Friends unanimously agree, a charming lilceable personality has she." Athl. Assoc. Q, Friendship Sec'y Q, 4, Rhils Q, 3, Chaplain 4, Com'l Club 4. FANCHQN KREPS: mlhe theme that she so long has sung is 'CaIifornia, here I comefl' Athl. Assoc. 'I, Q, Friendship Q, 3, Chaplain 4. HAZEL KRIZON: HAS svveet as a song." Athl. Assoc. 'l, Friendship Q, 3, Zets 3, 4. ELEANQR KRUSE: :Sweet Varsity Suef' Jones Jr. 'I, Friendship 3, Athl. Assoc. Q, 3, 4, Sr. Mem. Com., Glee Club Treas. 4. VIRGINIA KLIHRT: "You,re a svveetheartf, Scott 'l, Q, Dramatic Club 4. RITA KUJAWA: "A true Friend like you is the exception not the rule." Friendship Q, 3, 4, Com'l Club 2. DALE KULQW: "A good industrious vvorI4er.H J K lc K bill H. Kramer M. Kramer H. Krantz R. Kreft K zon E. Kruse V. Kuhrt R. Kujawa D. Kulow 38 I N TI-IIRTY-EIGHT HQWARD KLJMMERO: HLadies7 man.H Hi-Y 3, 4, German 3, Crystal 4. RICHARD LANG: HA line young man who's bound to rate is worthy of a splendid matef, ELICJENE LANGEL: 'iVou catch our eye as you stride by, and needless it is to inquire why." Culee Club Sergit-at-Arms 4, Reserve Football 1,Q,Vars. Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4. HARQLD LANGHAM: 'iNever will you shirk from any kind of work.'i Robinson Jr. I AGNES LAUX: HShe wants to work in a beauty shop, and we all know she'll reach the topf, DQROTI-IV LEA: UMusic hath charmf, Band 1, Q. DORQTHY LECK: i'Everything you do is done so well, is there anything in which you don't excel?" Jones Jr. 'l, Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Rhils 4, Friendship Q, 3, 4, Alchemist 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. Q, Crystal 3, 4, Dramatic Club Seciy 4. MADELINE LECK: UMaddie's laughing eyes make a good impression." Jones Jr. 'l, Bios Q. BILL LENGEL: Hlall, dark 'n handsomef, Glee Club 4, Forum Q, 3, 4, Hi-V 3, 4, Music Club 4, Dramatic Club 4, Chess Club 4. BILL LERQLIX: mln every sense of the word, you're one swell boy." H-iY 'l, Q, 3, 4, Uta- mara 'l, Q. ELLEN LEWIS: 'il like the likes olyouf' Com'l Club 4, Natll Honor 4. ELVA LEWIS: HShe,d like to swim both day and nightf, Activities Dept, 'l. MARTHA LEWIS: HAkron,s loss is Libbey's gainf' S. High, Akron, 'l, Q, 3, Natll Honor 3, 4, Edelian 4, Reries 4, Qrch. 4. VERDINE LEWIS: upetite and sweet." Rhils 3, Cor. Sec'y 4, Friendship Q, Home Ec. Q, Activities Depit I, Q, 3, Ticket Manager 4, Natll Honor 4, Edelian Ass't Circ. Manager 4. DANIEL LIBERKCWSKI: "At baseball, law, or criminology, a success you're bound to be." ' Crystal 4. MARY LINDRQ-IH: HDe-lightful, de-lovely.H Jones Jr. 'l, Reries 3, 4, Home Ec. 3, 4, Band Q. ROSE LININGER: "Worth her weight in goldf' Home Ec. Q, Athl. Assoc. Q, Jones Jr. I WALTER LQK: HI live the life l lovef' Spanish Club 3, Seoy 4. DOUGLAS LUNG: HC1ood looks and manners go a long way, as you are, please always stay. KENNETH LUNG: HHis hobbies: music and sports." Utamara 'l, Q,Band1, Q, 3, 4, Track 'l, Q, 3, 4, Cross Country 'l, Q, 3, 4, Res. Football 'l, Q, 'Er . d HK RLg ELI HL gh AL DL DLk MLk 3 . 3.4 'L B. Lengel B. Leroux E. Lewis E. Lewis M. Lewis l V. Lewis D. Liberkowski M. Lindroth R. Lininger W. Lok D. Long K L 5 J. Love I. Lowe S. Lung R. McEwen R. McLennan J. McNab D. Macieiewski W. Maciejews CLASS CDF NINET JENNIE LQVE: Hiops in everythingf' Jones Jr. 'I, Natil Honor 3, 4, Friendship Q, Cowboy Round-up Com. ISABELLE LQWE: uHer voice will be missed in Libbeyls haIIs,H CJOII Memorial High 'I. STANLEY LUNG: uFirst he'II Iearn to earn some wampum, then a squaw he'II sure be wantinfu RICHARD MCEWEN: HYou have everythingf' Q D's 3, 4, Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, Band 'I, Q, Qrch. EA 4, Athi. Dept. Q, 3, 4, Activities Dept. Q, 3, 4, Publicity Mgr. 3, 4, Edelian Q, Adver. gr. 3 an 4. EPB MCLENNAN: "Libbey Ioses her 'mold oi iashionf H Jones Jr. 'I, Iraclc Q, 4, Tum- ing Q. JIM MCNAB: HI:ine things done by a very Iine boy have given Libbey lots of joyf, Cuya- hoga Falls 'I, Q, Hi-Y 4. DANIEL MACIEJEWSKI: HHe'II be a star in the baseball gamefi Vars. Baseball 3, 4. WILLIAM MACIEJEWSKI: UA Fine bowlerfi Central Catholic 'I, Cross Country Q, 3, Track Q, 3, 4, Bowling Q, 3, 4, Vars. Baseball 4. RAY MAGEE: "Laughing, gay, and always witty." Jones Jr. 1, Q. D. 3, 4, Res. Football Q, Vars. Football 3, 4. TI-IELMA MALQII: USome girls are Fine, others liner, Ior the Finest IiI4e you weid go to Chinirfi Athi. Assoc. 'I, 3, 4. RICHARD MANN: 'mln Libbey youive done splendid world, Hi-Y 'I, Q, 3, 4, German 3, 4, Football Mgr. Q, 3, 4, Activities Dept. 3, 4. ELMER MARQHN: '4Your name will be Famous." Jones Jr, I. LAVCNA MARQUIS: "With a home and Iamily she'II be content." Jones Jr. 'I, Friendship 4, Athl. Assoc. 'I. JULIA MARSH: Upretty as a picture and sweII to Icnowfl Peries 'I, Q, 3, Ireas. 4, Friend- ship 3, Ifdelian 3, Sr. Editor 4. WILLIAM MARTIN: UAS an engineer a success he'II befi Forum 4, Hi-Y 3, Ireas. 4. LAURA MASCDN: Hpetite, dark-eyed, quiet beautyf, Friendship Q, 3, 4. JAMES MAULI: UWhy Soup, the Fifth?" Cross Country Q, 3, 4, IracI4 Q, 3, 4. FLQRENCE MEEK: UYour sincerity is very charmingf' Friendship 'I. JUNE MEEKER: UA smile is ever on your lips and in your eyes.H Friendship Q, 3, Chaplain 4, Activities Dept. Q, 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. 'I, Q, Edelian, Circ. 4. BEVERLY MEHRLING: UGne of the ten pretty girlsf' Jones Jr. 'I, Friendship Q, Bios Q, Glee Club, Athl. Assoc. 'I, Crystal 4. R. Magee T. Malott R. Mann E. Marohn L. Marquis J. Marsh IW. Martin L. Mason J. Mault F. Meek J. Meeker B. Mehriing 40 THIRTY- EIGI-IT CQRRINE MEISTER: "Your high scholarship has set an example." Jones Jr, 1,Nat'l Honor H 3, 4, German Q, 3, Pres. 4, Sr. Mem. Com. GEORGE METZGER: uGeorge is quite an artist, you lcnowfi Engineering Q, 3, 4. NORMAN MEYER: i'We're going to miss you, Normanfi b DONALD Mll.l.ER: "With his dominant ambition, he'll rise to a high positionf, Hi-Y 'l, Q, 3 4 I MARGUERITE MlNNlCK: HMiss Marguerite, with her eyes oi blue, will be a success in whatever she'll do." ROBERTA MOON: upost cards and match boxes are her hobbyfi FRANCIS MQRLEY: H 'Ginny' is to Frank, what money's to a banlcn l.atin Honor Q, 3, 4, A Natil Honor 3, 4, Q. D. Q, Seciy 3, pres, 4, French 3, Crystal Q, 3, Ch. Jr. Ring Com., Ch. Announcement Com. Mll.DRED MORRIS: "Her greatest pleasure is riding horsesf' Bios Q, 3, Spanish 4, Athl. Q' Assoc. 'l, Natll Honor 4. HAROLD MQSS: .Remember those touchdownsln Jones Jr. 'l, Vars. Football 4, Vars. A Basketball Q, 3, 4. JEAN MOULTON: "For Jean, Weather thatls crispy and cold means joy on sl4ates.H Zets - 'l, Q, 3, Treas. 4, Home Ec. 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l. DELORES MOUNGIE: HHappiness ahead." Jones Jr. l. l:RANClS MOUNGIE: "She has always Wanted to be a modelf' Jones Jr. 'l, Glee Club 4. VIRGINIA MUCCl: 'igheis as l4ind as she is iairf' Reries 'l. HOWARD MUNSON: HHe plans to be a railway clerk." Hi-Y 1, Q, 3, 4. RQLAND MURPHY: U-lo construct a model plane for Flight seems to be this ladis delightfi Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, Alchemist lreas. 4, Cross Country Q, 3, 4, lraclc Q, 3, 4, Nat'l Honor 4. l.UClLl.E MUSCH: Hl.ucy is a girl vvhoill be a good stenographer For you or me.H QRVEL MYERS: iiwhen your radiois on the bum, this lad can surely malce ,er humf' Engi- neering 4. l3HYl.l.lS MYERS: "Shes such a charming little Missfi Zets 3, Cor. Seciy 4, Home Ec. 'l, Y Natil Honor 4. KERN NElSWANDER: 'KA help to any Firm would be l.ibbey's great big Kern." lceys. El.Al,Nlf NESS: UAny employer shels bound to please, the Way her lingers dance on the ,A C. Meister G. Metz N. Meyer D. Mill M. Minnick R. Moo F. Morley M. Mor H.Moss JMI DM RMI1 LMh . urpy . outon . oungie . usc O. Myers VM HM K. Newman W. Nieswander W. Norris H. N C. Nowicki R. Nunn J. Old l". Oliszewslci CLASS CDF NINET KATHERINE NEWMAN: i'Quite smart, quite wise, and oh-those eyeslu Natil Honor 3, 4, Phils 3, 4, Cens. 4, Eriendship Q, Activities Q, lVlgr. 3, Assit Mgr. 4, Edelian Q, 3, Circ. Mgr. 4. WARREN NIESWANDER: HJust watch Warren go to town." WANDA NCRRIS: Hltis a great life, if you don't weal4en.i' Scott 'l, l-lome Ec. 3, 4. HELEN NOSTRANT: 'ilfeep up the good worlc in the years to comef' Jones Jr. 'l, Zets Q, 3, 4, Friendship Q, German 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. Q, 3, lreas. 4. CASllVllR NCWlCKl: ulhe answer to any maiden's dream is this handsome star on our iootball teamf' Q. D. 3, 4, Engineering Seciy 4, Aviation Q, Vers. Eootball 3, 4, lVlem. Com. Ch., Natil Honor 4. RUSSEL NUNN: HGood luclc, Rus, while attending li. U.lN Eorum 4, Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, Crystal Q, 3, 4. JAMES OLD: i'l.iie will be Filled with lots oi joy for l.ibbeyis little curly-headed boy.H HENRY OLISZEWSKI: "Ole's future will bring him lame." Res. Football Q, Vars. Foot- ball 3, 4. RONALD OFFER: HJudging from his model planes, in life heis due to mal4e great gainsf, Engineering 4. ' GUY 0,RlVlSBY: UAS a pleasant fellow, he's topsfi Eresh. Eootball. ELNQRA OSTMAN: "A master when she balces, you ought to taste her cakes." Jones Jr. 'l. Al.lCE PAPENEUS: Hgheill become an expert beauticianf' Athl. Assoc. 'l. JERRY PARlflNSON: "Who doesnit l4now l.ibbey's Jerry, always smiling, always merryf?n Eriendship Q, 3, 4, Comil Club 'l, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q, 3. 0RRlN PERU: HPush that squeeze box, Orrin, old boy, for all your notes bring lots oi joyf, ANNETTE PERSONS: HPardon my southern accentf' Sandersville High, Georgia 'l, Phils. 4, Friendship 4, Spanish 4. lNIilARGAREl PETERS: i'With her hair oi red, sheill get aheadf' Ursuline Acad. 'l, Eriend- s ip 3, 4. lVlARlQN PETRECCA: HYou,re darn tootin', sheis swell, asl4 Max, he l4nows wellfi Phils 'l, Q, 3, 4, Eriendship Pres. Q, Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Alchemist 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. i, Q, 3, Jr. Class V. Pres., Sr. Class V. Pres., Nat'l Honor 4. EVELYN PEllll': ultis been a pleasure to lcnow youd' Zets Q, 3, 4, Home Ec. 'l, Q, Seciy 3, Pres. 4, Athl. Assoc. Q. ELIZABETH PlZZA: HQi'iice worlc is her ambitionf' CARQUNE PLCNTZ: Hlhe thing that iPlontzie' wants the 'mostesti is to be an airline hostess." Jones Jr. l, Eriendship Q, 3, 4, Alchemist 3, Seciy 4, Athl. Assoc. Q, Crystal 4. R. Opfer G. Ormsby E. Ostman A. Papenfus J. Parkinson O. Pero A Persons M. Peters M. Petrecca E. Pettit E. Pizza C. Plontz I .J THIRTY-EIGHT FRANK POLESOVSKV: "Four years Frank has worked and workedfi VIRGINIA ROLLEX: MA great big heart, eyes beguiling, wherever she goes, she's always smiling." DeVilbiss 'i, Q. BETTY RQSILEV: K'XX!ith a song in my heartf, Jones Jr. 'l, Friendship Q, 3, 4, German 3, Athl. Assoc. Q, Crystal 3, News Ed. 4, Natil Honor 4. RUTH PRIEST: i'Retite is Ruth, but oh so wiseln Zets Q, 3, Rec. Seciy 4, Home Ec. Q, 3, Com'l Club 4, lfdelian Sr. Ed. 4, Jr. Ring Com., Natil Honor 4. RAY RRQSCHEK: Ullancing is Rayws profound delight." Forum Q, 3, V. Rres. 4, Res. Foot- ball 'i,,Q, Vars. Football 3, 4, Res. Basketball 3, Baseball 3, 4. ERNIE QUETSCHKE: HHe hopes to get a job soon so that he can make some doughf, DGRIS QUIGGLE: mln good Friendship she comes up to them allf, Jones Jr. 'i,Athl. Assoc. Q. RICHARD QUIGLEY: UA hearty friend, a comrade true, it he has faults, then they are fewf' PAUL RACHEIER: Hpaul has a job awaiting him, he'll start at the bottom to get in trim." Jones Jr. 'l, Res. Football Q. GERTRUDE RADDE: 'Bei Mir l3ist du Schoenf' Jones Jr. 'i, German 3, V. Rres. 4. ELAINE RADUNZ: "Elaine has been a success in schoolfi LAWSQN RAIVISDELL: UAbove all else he's always Frank." Glee Club Q, 3, Cross Country Q, 3, 4, Capt. 3, Track Q, 3, 4. ALICE RATH: UQuiet and demure is Alice Rath, to a course in teaching she'll lollow Fateis pathfi Friendship Q, 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q, French 3, 4, Nat'l Honor 4. WILBERT RECKNAGEL: "Willie,s a cheerleader ol great renownf, Jones Jr. 'l, Cheer- leader Q, 3, 4. ALBERT REDMAN: uHe wants to work in a bank." Elec. Club 'l, Tumbling Q. BETTY REHBERG: UHer Friends, they are many, her loes, are there any?', Zets Q, 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q. BETTE RICHTER: "l3etteis hobbies surely vary." Robinson Jr. 'I, Friendship Q, Glee Club Q, 3, 4. JEANNE RIDDLE: uGentleness, truth, and every grace are read distinctly in her lacef, Natil Honor 3, 4, Latin Honor 3, 4, Reries 'l, Q, Rec. Seciy 3, Rres. 4, Friendship 3, 4, Alchemist 3, Sr. Prom Com., Jr. Class Sec'y. HUGH RIFFNER: Hcat-calls in the hallsfi Arch. Club 'l, Q, 3, pres. 4, Edelian 3, 4, Crystal 4. GORDON RIKEMAN: mlhis staid young man lrom Norwalk High has come to Libbey, his talents to tryf, Norwalk High 'l, Q, Elec. Club 4. P. Racheter G. Radde E. Radunz L. Ramsdell A A. Redman B. Rehberg B. Richter J. Riddle H. R FF G R k - . Ritter K. Ritz Roberts J. Rodenhauser J Rogers V Rohrbac M. Rogers h C. Rolf CLASS CDF IXIINETE DQRIS RI,TTER: mlhis little miss whom you all l4now, to comptometer school is planning to go. Natl Honor 4, Rhils Q, 3, 4, Home Ec. 'l, Reporter Q, lreas. 3, V. Pres. 4, Sr. picnic om. i KARL Rllzz ulfarl lilces sports best oi allf, Elec. Club Q, 3. FERN RQBERTS: mln Libbey High Fern has made a place. She will leave behind an empty spacef' Zets Q, 3, Chaplain 4, Home Ec. 3, 4, Athl, Assoc. Q, Band 'l, Q. A JEANETTE RODENHAUSER: HA beauty course will make her wisef' Robinson Jr. 1,GIee Club 3, 4. JOHN ROGERS: HA serious-minded boy is John, he can always be depended upon," Natil Honor 4, Latin Honor 3, 4, German Club 4. MARIE ROGERS: mln art and music Marie will major." Maumee High 'l, Rhils 4, Friend- ship Q, 4, Home EC. 3, Spanish Club 4. V. EUGENE RQHRBACHER: mio Eugene everyone wishes much luck. He's been a good scholar, hels shown his pluck." Latin Honor Q, 3, 4, Natll Honor 3, 4, Hi-V 'l, Secly Q, 3, 4, Bios Q, Pres. 3, 4, Chess Club 3, Seciy-ireas. 4, Edelian Assoc.-Ed. 4, Sr. Announcement Com., Class Historian. CARQLVN RQLF: UNone have been iound more true." Jones Jr. 'l, BETTY RQLQFF: i'Give her a pencil and she will draw, any l4ind oi cartoon without a ilawf' Friendship Q, 4. ALlCE ROMINSKI: HHer happy smiles weill remember ioreverfi Friendship 4. ELSIE RQSlNSKl: HA witty girl is this lass, but sheis always quiet in the classf, Friendship 4. BILL RQWLAND: "Small, smart, and smilingfi ELLEN RUBLE: HHer very irowns are iairer lar, than smiles oi other young girls are." Natil Elonor 4, Zets Q, 3, V. Pres. 4, Friendship Q, 3, Comll Club 4, Edelian Club Ed. 4, J-Hop om. CLIFFORD RUDQLRH: URudyH is lilced by everyonef' Res, Football Q, 3, Vars. Football 4, Res, Baslcetball Q. LEONARD RUSSELL: Heill attend Knoxville College and be a radio technicianf' Robinson Jr. 'l, Res. Football Q, Vars. Football 3, 4. VIQLET SAMEK: iiwhat, oh what, can the power be, that draws so many iriends to thee?" Glee Club Q, 3. CHARLES SANDERS: Hpolitical science attracts this lad.H Newarlc High School 'i, Q, Hi-V 3, 4. EILEEN SAUER: HA popular girl in Libbey High, upon whom everyone can relyfi Jones Jr. Glee Club 3, 4, l3ios Q. RQGER SCHERER: uHappy is he, irom care he is ireefl ADELE SCHMID: 'iAdele has never tailed to please, although she is inclined to teased, Zets 'l, Q, 3, 4, Friendship Q. i B R I Fi A. Romlnslcl E. Rosinski W. Rowland E- Ruble C. RUd0lDl'l L R Ii V S lc C. Sanders E. Sauer R. SCl12f2l' A- SCllff1id . dme N TIJIIIQTY-EIGI-IT y 12,011-3 . DORIS SCHMIDT: UShe'll workin a library someday quite soonfi Friendship Q. MARJQRV ANN SCHMINCK: HShe has vvon many honors vvhich she deserved, this young lady, so calm and reserved." Natil Honor 3, V. Pres. 4, phils 'l, Q, 3, 4, Latin Honor 3, V. Pres. 4, French Club 'l, Q, Sec'y 3, V. pres. 4,Sr. Announcement Com., Valedictorian. ERTTNK SCHQCH: 'iWhistle While You Work.i' Q. D. 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Track 3, 4, Res. Basket- a Q. KENNETH SCHQENRGCK: Hlfennyis a lriend youill never iorgetfi Bios Q, 3, Serg't-at- rms 4. WlLMA SCHREIBER: UDancing and music are her joyfi Alton, lll. 'i, Chicago, III. Q. ANNABEL SCHRQEDER: 'Commercial work has caught her eye." Jones Jr. 'I, Comil Club 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. Q. CHARLOTTE SCHRQEDER: USparkling as champagne in a crystal glass." Home Ec. 'I, Q, 3, Athi. Assoc. 1,Glee Club 3. RALPH SCHROEDEP: 'Ralph is just a great big boy, as he brings us righteous joy." Lita mara 'l. SUZANNE SCHRQEDER: Hpersonality keeps her out oi the cornerfi peris 'l, Q, 3, Sergit- at-Arms 4, Friendship Q, V. Pres., Dramatics 4, Athl. Assoc. I, Q, Seciy 3, pres. 4. GERTRUDE SCHULIZ: "Gertrude's bound to end on topf' Glee Club 3. GERTRUDE SCHUSTEP: "Gay and gracious, vibrant, vivaciousf' KATHLEEN SCGUTEN: Hcommon sense spiced with humorf' Jones Jr. 'l, Alchemist 3, 4. CLAlR SEIPLE HAn undertaker he Wants to be, will he get any business from you or mef?H Hi-V 3, 4, Engineers 4. LEONARD SEMLER: i'His name is bound to bring him lame." Glee Club Pres. 'l, Track Q, Vars. Football Q, 3, 4. MARY SHEEHV: H 'Button-nose, is our Maryis nickname. Her Favorite coloris blue, her eyes, the same." Jones Jr. I, Bios Q, 3. REYNOLDS SHEPARD: UHe vvants to be a metallurgistf' Jones Jr. 'l. VIRGINIA SI-IREEVES: "Shes going to study library at T. LI." Cam'I Trees. Q. JL,lANlTA SCHULTZ: HShe vvants to let all men pass byf, Natil Honor 3, 4, Zets Q, 3, 4 Latin Honor Q, 3, 4, Friendship Q, 3, V. pres. 4, Alchemist 3, 4, Crystal Q, 3, Feature Ed, 4, Sr. Banquet Com. ELEANQR SHURTZ: Hifleanor is hard to beat vvhen it comes to clever ieetfi Friendship Q, 4, Spanish 4, Athl. Assoc. 'I, 4. BETTE SlBOLD: "Shelli read a book or see a shovvf' Friendship Q, 4, Comil Club 4. D. Schmidt M. Sch F. Schock K, Schoenrock W. Schreiber A, Schroeder C. Schroeder R. Schr d S. Schroeder G. Schultz G. Schuster K. Scouten C. Seiple L. Semler M. Sheehy R. Shepard V. Shreeves ' J. Shultz E. Shurtz B. Sibold ln CLASS CDF NINETE fl D. Sibold B. Siemon E. Siemon J. Signs L. Simpson V. Slcalski S. Skibinski J. Smith DOROTHY SIBOLD: 'Dot is only live loot two. Qttice worle is what she'll dof' Glenwood Jr. High, Findlay 'l, Com'l Club 4. BOB SHQMQN: H 'The King of Bums' he's determined to be, but we'll wait a few years and then weill seefi Engineers 4. ELEANOR SIEMQN: "Dont cross her or there'll be Friction." Friendship Q, 3, 4, French 3, 4. , JACK SIGNS: 'Collecting stamps from here and there is his hobby." Cross Country 3. ECU SIMPSON: UShe's going to business school some day.', Friendship Q, Lltamara 'l, Q, 3, res. 4. VAL SKALSKL HHe's not for blondes, he's for brunettes." Robinson Jr. 'l, Res. Football Q. STEPHEN SKIBINSKI: i'l:ootball and baseball he lilces to playf' Elec. Club Q, V. Pres. 4. JQHNNIE RUTH SMITH: "lo be a doctor is her ambitionf' Jones Jr. 'l, Friendship 3, 4, Alchemists 4, Athl. Assoc. Q. 3f2RAH SMITH: 'ilo any obstacle that she may ever meet, we lcnow that Sarah will not admit e eat. MARVlN SNVDER: HHold down the Fort, here l come." Vars. Football Q, 3, 4. MADQLIN SOMERS: "With eyes like hers, who could asle for more?" Central High, Sturgis, Mich. 'I. RQNALD SPALDING: "He lilces to play with radio, and otl to college he hopes to gof' Jones Jr. 'l, Elec. Club Q, 3, 4. EZRA SPEVAK: 'Diligence is his mottof' Forum 3, 4, Bios Q, 3, Serg't-at-Arms 4, Crystal 4. MARVLQQ SPQQNER: "Shes interested in movie stars, this girl whois destined to go larfi Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Rhils 4, Bios 3, 4, Math. Club Seciy 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l, 3. JACK SPRATT: HHe's not the Jacle who canit eat lat, his name is iChiclceni and that is thatf' Jones Jr. 'l, Arch. Club 3, Sergit-at-Arms 4. PAUL SPRUNK: HCall me 'Shortyf "Aviation Q. ROBERT STAHL: Niall, clarle, and always a gentleman." Nat'l Honor 3, 4, Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, Alchemist 3, 4, Res. Football 'l, Q, Vars. Football 3, 4, lfdelian 3, Athl. Ed. 4. VALERlA STEFFEN: "To see her show a lot of pep, start to teach her a new dance stepf' Friendship 4. NEVA STEINER: "Quiet but observing." Friendship Q, 4, Com'l Club lreas. 4. BlfAlRlCE STEPHENSQN: 'Libbey a real pearl." Friendship Q, Athl. Assoc. 1, Q. . itlvwfm M. Snyder M. Somers R. Spalding E. Spevak M. Spooner P. Sprunk R. Stahl V. Steffen N. Steiner B- Stephenson THIRTY- EIGHT BETTY STETLER: "A soul lull ol happinessf' Port Clinton High T, Comil Club Sec'y 4, Eriendship 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l. RUTH STEUSLOFF: A'The Golden Rule she follows discreetlyfi Friendship Q, 3, 4. VlRGllNllA STICKLEY: uVirginia, who lilces green, is as nice a girl as we've ever seen ' Jones Jr. 'l, Friendship Q, Com'l Club 3, 4. CARL STOLL: Hyou're just plain lToots' to him." Bios 3, Engineers 4. DORIS STREIB: UHer talent on the piano is something to be proud of." Jones Jr. 'l. ElLEEN STRUBLE: "The tops ol tops you,ll always bef' CARLETON STRUHSAKER: 1'White mice attract this boyf' Band T. CHARLES STUART: "Radio is his main interestf, Elec. Club 'l, Q, Sec'y 3, Vice-Pres. 4. ARLENE STLJRZIINIGER: UA popular girl, a pretty Phil, she's just the one to till the billf, Phils Q, 3, Reporter 4, Friendship Q, 3, 4, Erench 'l, Q, Alchemist 3, Natll Honor 4, Chess Club 3, Athl. Assoc. T, Q, Crystal Q. MARY ELLEN SUND: "Shes small, she's sweet, shels gay." Jones Jr. 'l, Home Ec. 3, 4, Natxl Honor 4. JOSEPE-UNE SUTER: HAn artist and an athlete too." Friendship 4, Utamara Sec'y 3, 4, Athl. . Assoc. V. Pres. 4. EDWARD SWACKE: HAn engineer-'twill be his aim, to build himself a bridge of lame." MARGE SWORD: "Without a worry, without a caref, LEiTE,R SWORDEN: K'We don't l4now what he thinlcs ol girls, but he certainly has a head ol cur s. JGANNA SYREK: "Business and pleasure mix well," ALICE SZCZEPANSKI: HCT dancing she is very Fond." DQRQTHV SZYMANIAK: "Shell always be sincere and truef' Athl. Assoc. 'l. MAX TADLOCK: K'What is this thing called love?" J-Hop Com., Nat'l Honor 3, Pres. 4, Eorum Q, Serg't-at-Arms 3, 4, Hi-Y T, Pres. Q, 3, 4, Bios Q, Alchemist 3, Pres. 4, Crystal 3, 4, Cowboy Round-up Com. NAQMI JUNE TANN: :'With her brown eyes and blonde hair, we would lcnow her anywhere." Eriendship Q, 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l. +JiO3l?IN TANSEY: "CET to college he will go, to learn how he can malcefsome dough." i- 'l, Q. Q31 128- ' 37 4 . ii.. . T ' T E ' f' ff- Q iq J B. Stetler I? S l H V. Stickley C S II D. Streib E S bl C. Struhsak C. S .JI 'Q' ww A. Sturzinger M. Sund J. Suter E. Swac e . wor J. Syrek A. Szczepanslci D. Szymaniak M. Tadloc . ann lc M S d L. Sworden k N T J. Tansey I D T I D. Taylor P. T r C Th R. Th e A T k V. Turn CLASS CDF NIIXIET DOROTHY JUNE TAVLQR: HA pretty, cheeriul miss is she, with a pleasing personalityd' Jones Jr. 1, Zets 3, 4. DOROTHY M, TAVLQR: "Saving old letters is her particular whim." Jones Jr. 'I, Bios Q, Glee Club 4. CLAUDIA TESLUK: H 'Tessiei has black hair and blue eyes, with which she will gain matri- monial ties." Rossiord High 'I, Q, Comll Club 4, Athl. Assoc. Q. PAUL TESTER1"IFa willing worker you should need, call on Raul, helll take heed." CHARLES THQRPIE: HHeill choose drawing at the U, because that's what he likes to do.H Hi-V 'I, Q, 3, 4, Engineering Seciy 4. ISJCILQIIZTRD THRQNE: 'Since its radio you like, will you stand behind the mike?" Elec. u . ADELE TOKARZ: "She works hard from sun to sun and is a Friend to everyonef, Friendship Q, Athl. Assoc. 'I. VIRGIL TURNER: HHere's a boy with a heart ol gold." Hi-V 'I, Q, Glee Club 4. RUTH TYHURST: Hpretty, amiable, and grand to know." Waite High School 'I, Q, Reries Q, 3, 4. MARY UNCLE: mln outdoor sports she 'Goes to Town., H Glee Club 3, Robinson Jr. High 'I. ALICE UNDERWQQD: "She likes to collect pictures and play ballf' Jones Jr. 'I, Glee Club 4, Friendship 'I. HELEN UTZ: H-Io business school she soon will go, and she'll succeed as we all know." Jones Jr. i, Zets Q, 3, Cens. 4, Nat'l Honor 4. JACK VANDERHQRST: HHeis on his way up the ladder oi success. FRANCES WAGNER: HDancing at the Trianon is Trans delightf, Jones Jr. 1,Com'l Club Q. 3. BOB WAGNER: uThe things he wants heis going to earn, by working up in a big concernf, Central High 'I, Band 'I, Q, 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4. GLADYS WAITE: 'ATO study voice is her aim, and then sheill sing her way to Iamef, DQROTHY WALCZAK: HShe's quiet, nice, and likes to sewfi JIMMY WALTERS: H 'Musclemen' are all girls, joy, and here's one thatis the real McCoyl" Jones Jr. 1, Forum 3, 4, Res. Football 3, Vars. Football 4. MARJORIE WARD: H0ur AMargie,, here, has eyes ol blue, and itis secretarial work she'll do.H Friendship 4, Comil Club 4. MILDRED WARNER: HA nicer girl youill never meet. We'lI have to admit, she's hard to beat." Jones Jr. 'I, Bios Secly 3, 4. R T I1 st M. Uncle A. Underwood H. Utz J. Vanderhorst F. Wagner W er G. Waite D. Walczak J. Walters M. Ward M. Warner N Tl-IIl2TY- EIGHT JAMES WARVEL: ul-lappy-go-lucl4y, easy to please, heis amiable, l4ind, and always at ease." Eootball Mgr. 1, Band 'l, Q, 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3. VIRGINIA WEAKS: Upersonality Plusln Jones Jr. T. BOB WEAVER: H 'Buclc' says heill always single be, because he loves to be so lreef, l'lyde Parlc l-ligh, Chicago, lll. 'l, Bios Q, 3, 4, Chess Club 3, Tennis Team 3, Capt. 4. GEORGE WEBB: UlQesearch engineering in electricity, radio, and drama all appeal to me." Eranldin l-ligh, Eranl4lin, Ohio 'l, Q, Dramatic Club pres. 4, Chess Club pres. 3, 4, Elec. Club 3, Orchestra 3, 4, Nat'l l-lonor 4, Sr. Class Spealcer. I MARY JG WEBB: UA dancing nurse you neier did see, but thatis what Mary Jo will bef, l gNbElDA WEBB: ughelll attend T. Ll. alter leaving schoolf, Garden Club pres. 3, Glee u 4. Dlclf WEBER: HNapoleon ol the Senior Classf' Eorum Q, 3, 4, I-li-Y Q, 3, 4, Res. Eootball Q, Vars. Eootball 3, Capt. 4, Jr. Serg't-at-Arms, Sr. Class pres. JACK WEECl-lr GTO one who of himself lreely gives, comes satisfaction, for he really livesf, Gibsonburg l-ligh School T, Lima South l-ligh School Q, 3, Dramatics Treas. 4, Nat'l l-lonor 4. GEORGE WEEDER: HAfcourse in drawing heill pursuef, CARL WEISS: HBecause he mal4es us all so glad, our 'Whitey' here is a well-ltnown ladf, Nat'l l'lonor 3, 4, Crystal 3, 4, Memorial Com. 4. l QINENA BELLE WEST: "Still she makes her tapping feet gof, l-lolland l'ligh School T, Comil u 4. LAURA Wl-llTE: HWho wouldnit mind being ill, il Nurse Laura gave us a pill'?H Phils. T, l-lome Ec. 'l, Q, 3, 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l. MINOR Wl-llTEl'lAll2: "This person here lil4es stamp collecting, ii we are right in our recol- lectingf, Vocational l'ligh 'l. DONALD WlELAND: HSl4ippy's his name, sleeping is his aimf, KENNETH WlLCQX: mln the die-mal4ing trade, his lame will be madef' I NAZAl2lNE WILLINGER: Ul'lis iriends are many, his foes are Few, this tall smiling lad with eyes so bluef' KATHRVN WQMMELDQREE: Ul2eady, willing, and always on the spot." GERALDINE WQOD: U 'Number, please', Gerry will say, as an operator some Future day." Athl., Assoc. 'l, Q, Activities 3, 4, Edelian 3, 4. PEARL WQOD: NA smile for all, a frown lor none.H Friendship 4, Comil Club 4, Athl. Assoc. 'l, Q. JOAN W'l2lGl'lTz Hyou appeal to usf, phils. Q, 3, Vice Pres. 4, Eriendship Q, French Q, Cens. 3, 4. J. Warvel V. W R. Weaver G. Webb l M. Webb O. W bb R. Weber J. We is G. Weeder C. Weiss A. West L. White M. Whitehair D. Wielandi K. Wilcox N. Willinger K. Wommeldorff G. Wood P, Wood J, Wright ii? Wright M. Wynn Young M. Young J Youngs C1.Zawod C Z k R Z' . ec . ieren J Zimmerma H. Zink CLASS CDF 1938 ug, EUSSELL WRlGHl: HSome day on a sign weill see, 'Dr. Russell Wright, M. D., H Bios 3, res. 4. MARGARET WYNN: "A prima donna of high degree." Robinson Jr. 'i, Glee Club 4. DOUGLAS YOUNG: HAS a cleric in a grocery store, heill aslc ii there is anything more MADELYNN YCDUNG: H 'Maybef she says, 'l'll be a veterinarian, and then maybe, too, I'II talce to marryin'. H Peries 'l, Q, Sergit-at-Arms 3, Rec.-Sec'y 4, Friendship 4, Alchemist 3, 4, Riding Club Q, Edelian Q, Cowboy Round-up Com., Natil Honor 4. JQHN YCUNGS: Mio go to college is Johnnieisiambishf "Robinson Jr. 1, Res. Football Q, Vars. Football 3, 4, Baseball 4. GERALDlNE ZAWODNI: HHow Qhio State will cheer, when Gerry enters there next year." St. Ursulais Academy 'l, Q. French 4. CARQLYN ZECK: i'Here,s a girl whois hard to beatf, Friendship Q, Bios Q, 3, ireas. 4. BGB ZIEREN: HBob,s a fellow with brown curls, which are an attraction ior all the girlsf' port Clinton High 'l, Q. JESSE ZlMMERMAN: "Whatever he starts he always does well." Com'l Club 4. HARCDLD ZINK: UA whiz on the gridiron, a whiz at his studies, in future years helll surpass all his buddies." Spanish 3, V. Pres. 4, Chess Treas. 3, Res. Football 3, Vars. Football 4, Sr. Memorial Committee, Natil Honor. SENIORS WIT!-IGUT PICTURES HELYN BEACH: UHere's a Beach that is a peachf, HELEN DIEBALL: :Success will be hers in all she does.H Jones Jr. 'l,Athl. Assoc. Q. AL FRANCIS: "Why he wants to advertise is a thing that mystiiiesf' Jones Jr. 'i, Glee Club Q, 3, 4, Res. Football Q, Res. Basketball Q. RUSSELL HAMANN: "Here's one boy whois no tool." BOB HAMP: 'Bob has brown eyes and hair and, also, Friends just everywhere." Central High, South Bend 'i,Q,3. CHARLES JACKSQN: HA course in chemical science is Chuclcs iuture aim." RQBERT JOHNSON: UYour personality is catchingf, DAVID NEARINCI: "An engineer he'll be, for it's me- chanics he lilces, you see." Chess 4. WlLLlAM NlCELY: HA nicer Nicely canit be ioundf' RUDOLPH PAPENFUS: UHe'll go along Success' roadln DEXTER l3HlLLll3S: HA gentleman with a smile, as ior money, he'll mal4e a pilefl Bios Q. HELEN RlLL: "Shes very sweet and, oh, so niceln Friendship 4. ISABELLE ROGINSKI: Hihough ilssy' now sets hair ior pleasure, someday she may Find it a treasuref' ROBERT SCQBLE: i'Bob lilces to ride horses since he has mastered gravityis iorcesf' Glee Club Q, 3, 4. RUSSELL THQRNTQN: HA youthful soul with a glad heartln JCDHN WURTZ: "A iunster at heartln PAUL ZINK: "His gay and laughing, jolly self will never put him on the shelf." We vvonder Whois behind that masl4 creating his ovvn lourth ol July . . , Cumbervvorth and Neal are practicing their favorite indoor sport. . , George Webb, vvith Mary l.ou, Jane, and Florence are already to burst into ii0ur Libbey Colors-i '.., Mr. Spackey promised us a party vvith his little, blue thermos bottle, but vve never got it ,... By Robert l-lill's and Melvin Decals serious expressions it must be interesting vvorlc theyire doing .... Students lil4e Marie Rogers and Dick Weber have been efficiently served through the year by supersalesmen Black and Anderson. . . .Marion must be quoting from a jol4e bool4 to get such interest as Frank, Bob, Walt and Diclc are giving her . . . lfnighthood reblossomed when l-lovvard assisted Margaret dovvn. But how did she get up? . . . Hlinyn alter being weighed and measured vvas declared Worth his weight in gold-and plenty oi it. FUTILITV Down through the ages to us comes The din of battle, roll of drums. Each age has risen to alarms And needlessly been called to arms The pomp and glory fade avvay Just as the light at close of day, And nations lail to understand, But simply seize what they demand. Lovv dies the tumult ol the Fight Stillness lollovvs as does the night. When all is quiet once again, lVlan little dreams it vvas in vain. Nor does he dream the glovv near by ls not the glory ol the slcy, But the poor earth, deep-stained and red, With lqindredls blood in battle shed. Dear God, the lather ol us all, Who lirst made man, then savv him fall, Because he tried vvith all his might, -lo mal4e great things with vvhich to Fight, Dear God, vvho died that vve might live, Watch over us and please forgive When vve, as men have done before, Delight in battle and in gore. CORINNE MEISTER VALEDICTCDIQY The time has come for us, the Class of Nineteen Thirty-Eight, to say farewell to Libbey l-ligh School. four years of stimulating intellectual contacts and precious social experiences are ended. With their termination, our hearts are filled with conflicting emotions. We are proud that we have conquered the many difficulties which have lurlced along the path to success. Yet this pride is slightly shadowed by a cloud of regret because we must leave familiar, beloved scenes and approach strange, new ones. fortunately, our enjoyable Libbey experiences never can be lost completely. It is true that we can live them again only in memory, but this impregnable stronghold will preserve everything from moment- ous athletic victories to bits of conversation which were part of our high school life. As the years go by, we shall realize more and more the true value of these memories. Now we are eagerly peering forward into a future that we hope will be as lovely as the past. Our destiny is still an unfathomable mystery. Shall we find our places in the complicated social system of our times? Have we the power to overcome sorrows and to find happiness in our every day routine? Shall we malce great contributions to art or science? Can we use our talents to their best advantage in the world? These are the questions we are aslcing ourselves. Time alone can answer them. How- ever, we may be fairly certain of success if our best efforts have been spent in developing the most valuable asset youth can acquire-strong and noble character. ln our tasl4s during the past four years, our principal and our teachers have furnished the incentive for our studies, they have directed our thoughts toward worthwhile things. Now it becomes our duty to strive by ourselves to reach the heights pointed out to us. We may not reach these ideals, but we may try to attain them. ln the words of Carl Schurz: uldeals are like stars, You will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but, like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you chase them as your guides, and, following them, you eventually reach your destiny." Undoubtedly the value of the efforts of those who have guided our scholastic careers in Libbey will make itself more manifest to us as we grow older. At this time all we can do is to express to them our deepest gratitude and to give them a promise that they shall not have toiled in vain. And now as we leave Libbey l-ligh School to devote our talents to new fields of lcnowleclge and industry, we depart with smiles on our lips, but with tears in our eyes-smiles in anticipation of what lies ahead of us, tears for the Hdays that are no more." Our past, our present, and our future will be a success, a glorious whole, if each one of us can put into practice the philosophy of Robert Browning, who said: mlhe common problem-yours, mine, everyoneis- ls not to fancy what were fair in life Provided it could be, but, finding first What may be, then find how to malce it fair Up to our means-a very different thinglu May the solution of this problem be the aim of every member of our classl MARJORIE SCHMINCK JUNIOR GIRLS ROW 'I-Elinor Melcher, Geraldine Wagner, Madonna Mitchell, Frances Borden, Janet French, Betty June Poole, Ralma Kiel, Virginia Chalet, Audrey I-luepenbeclcer, Mildred Gomer, Juanita Craylord. ROW Q-Dorothy Kruczkowslci, Elizabeth Mauser, Dorothy Lazette, Elizabeth Leonard, Naomi Gueldenzoph, Jean Rein, Maryellen Langenderier, Dorthy Laacl4, Dorothy Ansted, Martha Duriee, lla May Keiser, Ramona Knerr. ROW 3-Pauline Johnson, Beatrice Roepl4e, Thelma Wolfe, l-lelen Jalcubowsld, Jane Ramsdell, Annie Lee, Donna partridge, Marjorie pierce, Mary Lewis, Edith Boone, Shirley Boclr, Carolyn Miller. ROW 4-Shirley Drager, Genevieve Kuntz, Dorothy Conn, Delphine Lul4asiewicz, Mary I-larrison, lone Maclc, Donna Rennhaclc, Marilyn Douglas, Mary Becker, Elizabeth Coleman, Virginia l:igmal4a, Ernestine Small. JUNIOR BOYS ROW 'I-Fred Bernard, Robert Ballmer, Edward Leml4e, Charles Bishop, Leonard Komisarek, Joe Loselc, Teddy Derlatka, Norbert Konwinslci, Bernard Biclc, Richard Goddard. ROW Q-Donald Erdman, Qrville Bauer, Glenn England, Richard Arnholt, Richard l'luston, Alions Bachli, Bennie Garner, John lwinsl4i, Bobbie Kozbial, Martin Gibbons. ROW 3-Donald Davenport, Bob Chronister, Donald J. lfrdmann, Lloyd Baker, Vernon Klem, John DeWitt, Art Bordner, Joseph Cothern, Kenneth Bressler, Dan Jaroniewsld. ROW 4-I-larold Behrendt, Edward Byrnes, Barledulqe Jones, James Enyeart, Archie l-larris, Richard I-lansen, Raul Kinnear, Wayne Clark, Donald Bay, Louis Bradley, James Lee. CLASS OF IXIIIXIEI JUNIOR GIRLS RCW 'i-Betty Jane Leu, Kathryn Dreher, Bettye Faust, Maxine Densmore, Peggy Dibble, Arline Vaelcel, Francis Greiser, Virginia Buehrer, Marguerite Harrison, Martha Hasselschwert. RCW Q-Antoinette Diterlizzi, Blanche lsetta, Verol Barnes, Betty Gliclc, Helen Kostoti, Mary Christman, Marilyn Moss, Helen Kurschat, Violet Day, Mary Dolt. RQW 3-Dorothy Harrold, Emily Mocelc, lsabelle Lorenz, Mary Brown, Geneva Brunner, Virginia Holloway, Lorraine Bouts, Reggy Floyd, Virginia Ashford, Berdonna Boucher. RCW 4-Evelyn Glanzman, Evelyn Marquardt, Ruth Marquardt, Sudie Clark, Pauline Miller, Laverne Anderson, Marie Evans, Ruby Kruse, Louise Harper, Virginia DeMoe, Rita Geis. JUNIOR BQVS RQW 'i-Roy Wittich, Warren Lewinslci, Edward Baker, Melvin Michalsld, Charles Stiles, Raymond Wilmer, John Spurgeon, lied Muszynsld, Alex Colquhoun, phil Morlan. RCW Q-Martin iopolslci, Norman Zantner, Roman Rywalslqi, Roy Vogelphol, George Sell4e, John Knorr, Harold Reters, Donald iibbits, Robert Sigg. ROW 3-Warren Schmal4el, Charles phillips, Richard Westhoven, Fred Wallington, Walter Gzilc, Bob Harrold, Royal Miller, Harry perrine, Wesley Schroder, Dale Brummitt. ROW 4-Joseph Douglass, Melvin Squire, Matthew Sobieszczanslci, Qrville Wolii, Melvin Fall, Adam Dzinglesld, Walter Pryor, Edward Jasinski, Norbert Snyder, Ray Rreslqi. N THIRTY-NINE JUNIOR GIRLS ROW 'I-IVIarceIIa ZinI4, Gladys Wagner, Virginia Wiese, Leah Walters, Iheodosia Van Iassel, Regina Iiadloclc, Geraldine Thomas, Frances Raberg, Rosemary Sehlmeyer, Judith Weir, Georgianna Schalier. ROW Q-Patricia Womeldori, Suzanne Schmitt, Jean Iallman, Kathryn Ulmer, Violet Rinniger, Annetta Schroeder, Betty Roshong, Virginia Wagner, Eileen Scott, Lucille Silliman, Dorothy Spraggins, Virginia Youngs. ROW 3-Margaret Wenzel, Florence Slowinslci, Alta Rerldns, Eleanore I3aIecI4i, Betty Newbirt, Jane RiotraschI4e, Donna Shultz, Velma Newbirt, Ruth Tomb, Betty -Iripp, Genevieve Wenzel, Clive Iimbroolc. ROW 4-Geraldine Thomas, Ruth Rupley, IVIadeIyn Reed, Barbara Young, Dorothy Irumbull, Betty Iietz, Louise Schmalcel, Margaret Newbury, Esther Winne, Evelyn Smith, Roberta Peters, Jennie Roach, Jeanne Warwiclc. JUNIOR BOYS ROW 'I-Jim Warnes, Donald Seitz, Frank Iunlqs, Willis Rasch, John Seibold, Richard Roberts, Roger Iornow, Don IVIeyer, Jaclcson Smith. ROW Q-Glen Swartzlander, I-Ioward Sommers, Joseph Scharer, Charles Richmond, Don Spahr, Bob Simonis, Roy RetzI4e, Bob Rollex, Robert Otey, Ralph Rieper. ROW 3-I:ranIc Sielken, Bob Shurtz, Phil Schmidt, Thomas Shockey, Joe Wilson, Arthur Weber, Iherbert Stange, Robert Stewart, Chester Stanley, Bob Steusloii. ROW 4-Richard WoII4ins, I-Iarold RicI4ard, I3arI4 IVIothershead, Jaclc Wagner, John Rerry, Robert Sinclair, Dick Rinney, Bob White, Robert Baldwin, Lawrence Muttart. CLASS OF IXIIIXIEi JUNIOR GIRLS - ROW 'I-Ann Van Rynen, Dorothy Woods, Rauline Studer, Marian Roloii, Virginia Southard, I.eoIa Shelton, Eileen Radie, Maggie Stallings, LaVern Sugg, Florence Rosadny, Evelyn Rarlcer. ROW Q-Gertrude Iraynum, Ramona Wade, Doris Peoples, Ruth I3arI4er, Rita Qiconnell, Anna Wenzel, Julia Oi- I-Ialloran, Wanda I3taI4, Virginia Roth, Rosemary Quinlivan, Betty Williams. ROW 3-Marian Will, Mary I"IeIen Welch, I-Ielen Willard, Mary Anne Watson, Marilyn Smith, Florence Ridenour, Virginia Ihaxton, Marjorie West, Winiired Wing, Irene Taylor, Betty Wallis, Thelma Stambaugh, Josephine Schlag- heck. ROW 4-I.ois Wieland, Marguerite Winzenried, Audrey Vail, Mary Sldnner, Marian Qyster, Ruth Schneider, Phyllis Wilcox, Doris Rirwitz, Betty Vail, Charlotte Roloii, Arlene Neitzlce, Marjorie Wolfe. JUNIOR BOYS ROW 'I-George Irout, Byron Vice, Bob Schneider, Fred Witte, Melvin Meyers, I.ee Burhans, I-Ioward Wampler, John Price, George Rolesovslcy. ROW Q-Elmer Schroeder, Chris Mccray, Kenneth Revard, I'IaroId Will, Weller Shaffer, Shelby Westbrook, Charles White, Ifarl Saunders, Burton Rogers, Nick Mcfavit. ROW 3-I.ee Mallendiclc, Ken Miller, Robert Iracy, JacI4 Trumbull, Donald Rydman, Ernest Gilbert, Raul Stubble- iield, William Wade, Billy Qlinger, Robert Vanderlip. ROW 4-John Maxiield, Raymond Roclcmire, Bob Woitzel, Bob Iurner, James Munsel, Buel Morley, Robert I3IancI4, I:redericIc Metzger, Jaclc Ridge, Marlin Momsen, NTHIRTY- IIXIE JUNIOR GIRLS ROW 'i-Anita Koester, Audrey Connors, Jane Loxley, Merry Messerly, Maryellen Lenahan, Norma Benning, Eileen Boehlq Mary Keller, Alice Larkins, Virginia Dybala. RQW Q-Eloise Green, Eileen Eggenton, Laverne Kirkman, Frances Fall, Georgeatta Freeman, Mildred Fox, Lucile Karovv, Mary Miller, Mary Mason, Virginia Bacon. ROW 3-Violet Jacoby, Marian Knierim, Wilma Basilius, Helen Facey, Ruth Bengson, Marie Heyman, Dorothy Brown, Eleanor Blalcely, Margie Kerschbaum, Mary Cox, Jean Middlebroolc, RCW 4-Anetta Ballard, Lillian Hardison, ltlorine Jones, Grace Kinzel, Delores Gregor, Virginia Drzewiecke, Beatrice Czolgosz, Lucille Hartman, Hilda Finan, Joan Laub, Mae La Payer. JUNIOR BOYS ROW 'I-Lawrence Althouse, Jacl4 Garver, Diclc Connin, Harry Ball, Rodney Glesser, Richard Hughes, Richard Huepenbecker, Eugene Furry, Jim Frank, Charles Benner. RCW Q-Bill Glime, Ray Krall, Harold Corum, Robert Goheen, Jerry Andrews, Richard Kurschat, Duaine Cameron, Earl Busch, Jaclc Bremer, Ben Hartman. RCW 3-John Carr, George France, Robert Hall, Louis Elmer, George Grube, Cleon Hannalord, William Day, Lorin Hardesty, Harry Loehrl4e, Dale Anderson. RQW 4-Fred Foshag, Joseph Deutschman, Melvin Mor, Eugene Gawronsld, Leonard Brzezinsld, John Colwell, Raul Campbell, Richard Gail, Charles Klippstein, Brenner Launder. CLASS CDF IXIINET JLINIOR GIRLS ROW 'I-Carol Locey, Firth Duiley, Marjorie Buehler, Geraldine Abele, LuciIIe I'IoIIaway, Catherine I-IoweII, Dorothy Fallcenberg, Lois I-Iatton, Evelyn Daley, Marian Gooding. ROW Q-I'IeIen Ignasialc, Evelyn McGowin, Virginia Desens, Kathleen Limburg, Iwila Lee, Ruth Brown, Meredith Becker, Eldora I-Iarp, Shirley Kroggel, Ethel Gors, Catherine Fournier. ROW 3-Louise Loebrich, Betty Kardatzlce, Dawn Baertschi, Lois I-Iemsoth, Ruth Kulow, Mary Curran, Annie Lee, I'IazeI I'Ieidt, Jean Craner, I-Ienrietta Metzger, Alice I-Iolst. ROW 4-Rosemary I'Iudson, Dorothy I-Iarris, Virginia Bollenbacher, Wilma Frosch, I-Ielen Eierwirth, Qllie I-lodges, Lucille Luginbuhl, Virginia Crowe, Lucille Emch, Frances Gildemeister, Audrey Fell. JUNIOR BOYS ROW 'I-Walter I-Iancoclc, Vaughn Langley, Leonard Fritts, Frank Callahan, George CIarI4, Robert Lawiclqi, Edwin Kopaniasz, Elvin Kemmerley, Art Garrison, Lloyd French. ROW Q-Jameson Lewis, LeRoy Brown, I-Ierb Kroniield, Claude Evans, Ralph Carr, Art Byrne, William Cucps, Edward Floering, Gordon I-Ioiiman, Walter Friend. ROW 3-Robert I-IiII, I'IaroId Keegan, Charles Loutzenhiser, Bob I-Iatch, Walter Kuohn, DicI4 French, Allred Linen- I4ugeI, Robert Kuhr, Keith I:enstemaI4er, Joe Chester. ROW 4-Robert Enyeart, Leonard I-IojnacI4i, James Beseslce, Robert Downing, JacI4 Berry, James Dominique, Zozislaus Domalslci, Lawrence Jameson, JacI4 I-Iepiinger, I-Iugh I-Iounshell. ' CLASS CDF ' SCPHGMORE GIRLS RCW 'l-lva Hildebrand, Betty Lee, Edna Lamb, Florence Grigore, Laverne Ellis, Norma Adams, Norma Maxson, Margie Hintz, Theresa Hauer, Wanda Miller, Eunice Gamby. RCW Q-Mary Furry, Jane Craig, Elizabeth Bohn, Bonnie Hays, Doris Jennings, Marjorie Kimball, Joy Chambers, Mary Kirltman, Thays Dow, Margie Lo Ree, Kathryn Miller, RCW 3-Mary Harris, Pauline Buehrer, Rita Konopinsld, Virginia Greenawalt, Ellen Meredith, Viola Geer, Dorothy Alspaugh, Verdie Fairchild, Gertrude Kataiiasz, Wilma Leininger, Leocadia Janowieclqi. RQW 4-Ruth Brown, Marceline Densmore, Evelyn Baker, Ruth Classen, Elizabeth Hahn, Helen Karczewski, Jane Berry, Cora Gray, Lisa Herrmann, Shirley Heinz, Ardis Leininger. SOPHOMORE BOYS RCW 'l-James Jacob, Carl Anderson, Conrad Jaeger, Deo Grose, William Byrnes, Donald Bower, Paul Bauer, Bill Carr, Robert Kachenmeister, John Hill. RCW Q-George Grau, Robert Hutt, Lowen Jones, Henry Holden, Russell Erdman, Delbert Husted, Carl Bruno, James Keyser, George Mealer, George Hotz. ROW 3-Ray Mason, Bill McCord, James Humphreys, Lynn Georgia, Charles Georgia, Robert Lane, Clifford Ferch, Howard Moccabee, Scotty Fitch, Don Brown. RQW 4-Frederick Meyers, Lawrence Martin, Marvin Dickson, Don Harris, Carl Behrens, Norman Eti, Donald Beatty, Charles Girau, Aurelius Lipowslci, Andrew Lewis, Ernest McCray. A SCDPHOMORE oiiats RCW 'I-Tillie Long, Kathryn Strahm, Margaret Wardlaw, Gertrude l-larris, l-lelen Thomas, Ruby Johnson, Eva l-larkins, Addie Minter, Evelyn Schmidt, lris McGregor, Betty McDowell, Kathleen Nash, Louise Stevens, Betty Roberts, RCW Q-Janet Walker, Ruth Waeller, Agnes Vanderhorst, Marilyn Shelton, Betty Dibble, Giga Shnir, Lois palm, Reggie Wilson, June Riotraschke, Lois Svvantusch, Beatrice Breitschmid, Betty Stevenson. RQW 3-Qrpha Sodd, Genevieve Stanko, Ethel Schneider, Evelyn Stygowski, Jean Schmidt, Libbey Simpson, Myrna Rieilin, Audrey Sprengel, Delores Rlewa, Betty Simon, l"larriet Qsiniski, Aluina Qzarzak. RCW 4-Lauretta Moungie, Madelyn Smith, Ruth Raitz, Dorothy Zeman, Charlotte Melchior, Lois Schlupp, Mary Rose, Alice McDowell, Marjorie Qstman, Jean Prentiss, Betty Thompson, Sara Rowers, Audrey Snyder. SOPHOMCDRE BUYS RQW 'l-Leland McAlary, Jack Riddle, Paul l-lardy, Tom Connin, Dick DeMars, l"lobart Byrne, Jay Mault, John Mclntosh, Phil Marquis, Rene Cochrane. RCW Q-Bob Jirinec, Raul Cherry, Donald Moylan, Donald Bauman, Donald Lampe, Robert Eick, Richard Manzey, Richard Warwick, Jack Wilson, Jerome Kopaniasz. ROW 3-Willard Jascob, Don Fellhauer, Edmund Krause, Robert Freeman, Elwood Muhn, Elwood Rowsey, l-loward Merzke, Glenn Meyer, Dick Marker, Leroy Knerr. RCW 4-Michael Kilcorse, Everett Marquart, Don Anderson, Erwin Luginbuhl, Bob Machlitt, Carl Leitner, James l-leltebrake, Ray Snitlen, Allred l-lyter, paul Maclnnes, John McGrane, Qrval Cawthorne. imiimtrtiinislsioiarv fo. CLASS CDF SOPHOMQRE GIRLS RCW 'l-Marjorie Kent, Virginia l-lull, Monica l-lill, Rosalie Kesler, Betty Mohan, Betty McDonald, Mary Kramer, Virginia Colvin, Rose Manbecl4, Shirley Carl, Glentie lftchen. ROW Q-Gwendolyn Moreland, Birdie Davis, Rauline l'lopings, Datha Galloway, Rosa Floyd, Doris Curran, Vera Allee, Dorothy Koszyclca, l-lelen Artz, Blanche Moore, Austina Campbell. RCW 3-Christina Chambers, Clara l-lubbell, Anna Goad, Geraldine Boehler, Anna Bracial4, Anna Jimison, Mary Lawrence, Elizabeth Berndt, Marguerite Ludwig, Hazel Coolc, Rhyllis Freeman. ROW 4-Marion Jaclcson, Evala Dais, Marie Martensen, June Milne, Joyce l'leureman, Louise Kurth, Charlotte Crooks, Lucille Eubanlc, Eleanor Klocheska, Margie Cressler, Mildred Duvall. SOPHOMORE BOYS RCW 'l-Donald Guhl, James Gall, Charles l'liser, William Eyre, Charles Abbot, Don McMannamy, Murray Garner, Donald Emahiser, Ray Matuszynslci, Bob Mercer. ROW Q-Royal Bradshaw, John Livingston, Virgil Denczewicz, Bernard Brunner, Anthony Duganiero, Clarence Fleclc, Robert Ernest, Ed Cumberworth, Barton Moss, Philip Luetlie. RCW 3-Roy Beitelschees, Carl l'liclcerson, Harold Moline, Melvin Jaclcson, Stanley lfwiatl4owsl4i, Robert lfosier, Alvin Ewald, Ford Kesler, William Myers, Wayne Amett. ROW 4-Bruce Meyers, George Chapman, Max Culver, George Artis, Dan l-lojnacki, Qliver Carman, Jim Forbush, Bill Armstrong, Albert Hyter, William Luecl4, Nelson Musch. SOP!-IOMORE GIRLS ROW 'l-Dorothy Brown, Virginia Kujawa, Delores Kujawa, Dorothea Kaminslti, Marie Martin, Helen Hawley, Jeanette Gauthia, Jennie Bieda, Thelma Ebert, Betty Gooding, Lois Carmean. RQW Q-lfarline Davis, Doris Lieblte, Virginia Ewald, Wilma Hamby, Ruby Healy, Rose Harger, Helen Hubbard, Kathryn Hahn, Betty Horton, Marion Hadorn, Barbara Emerson. RCW 3-Virginia Collins, Catherine Dazell, Marjorie Cordell, Gloria Brown, Vivian Holmes, Geraldine Krasny, Frances Corum, Lottie Kufel, Betty Bral4er, Betty Gongwer, Betty Colson. ROW 4-Harriett Cutway, Ruth Matzinger, Ruth McCormicl4, Betty Harrison, Beatrice Holowinslci, Marian Malohn, Naomi Malott, Dorothy Berry, Jeanette Mead, pearl Hiatt, Betty Elliott. SGPHOMCRE BOYS RCW 'I-Robert Marclcel, Robert Greene, Robert Grah, Bob Faist, Raul Frisch, Richard Dore, Marcus Lenix, Don Glanzman, William Ball, Bob Maginn. - RCW Q-William Kreit, William Heston, Bill Jones, Edward Draheim, Bob l:ral4es, Junior Butler, George Bonner, Leland Dimon, Don Damas, Bill Miller. ROW 3-Richard Friemarlt, Ralph Franks, Percy Anderson, Tom Arit, Richard Hansen, Don Arnot, Don Brubaker, James Callaghan, Don Leech, Freddie Hadorn, ROW 4-Bill Dentel, Bob La Rue, George Gevieny, led Doering, Bob Errington, Eugene Grose, Warren Heckrotte, Bob Bridenbaugh, Raul Bradiord, Diclc Dussia. INETEEINI FCDRTY CLASS CDF SCRHCMCRE GIRLS RCW 'I-Lois l-lawk, Jean Knott, Genevieve Franklin, Donna l-lersey, Florence Kory, Cora Lounsbrough, Doris Falkenberg, Robertha Jones, Dorothy Bottles, Rhyliss l-lutchisson, Mary Dotson, RCW Q-Betty Lou Leiiue, Miriam Mehrling, Beverly Georgia, Ruth Kramp, Dorothy Graves, Marjorie Bigelow, Lois Ashley, Mary Mixon, Evelyn McClelland, Dorothy Cates, Betty Blinn. RCW 3-La Verne Lindhorst, Mary Gartee, Dorothy Loehrke, Dorothy l-lenneman, Betty Becker, Bettie Woll, Joanne Lavine, Jeannette Bernard, Virginia Crim, Elise Koester, l-lelen Michaels. RCW 4-Carolyn Goodman, Jeanne Gambrill, Lillian Dexfall, Betty Johnston, Emerence Lupinske, Beatrice Jan- kowski, Jean Murray, Mary Ciubak, Marjorie Francis, Jean Lok, Stephanie Kozbial. SQPHOMORE BOYS RCW 'I-Raul Rirrwitz, Bob Smith, Jimmie Smith, Dick Shotwell, Marvin Schroeder, Bob Schutt, Richard Schmidt, Melvin Rapenius, Bill Reagan, Robert Schlagheck, Melvin Spence, Bob Whitney. RCW Q-Albert Clson, Crville Young, Eugene Szykowny, Lowell Runkle, Bud Roland, George Rrior, William priest, Donald Shepler, l-lugh iadlock, Neil Schmuhl, Roland Rero, Jim Voyles, John Snyder. RCW 3-Dick Wagner, Glenn Roberts, Jim Vounkman, Edward Weber, William lappen, Norm Steusloii, Carl Rieihcer, Anthony pizza, Bertram Ramlow, Donald Strohbeck, Thomas Walsh, Milo phillips, Edward Ritter. RCW 4-Melvin Retsch, Jack Pomeroy, Roy Roesch, Richard Snare, Robert Wiese, Alexander Richmond, Roy Sunday, Daniel Vogelback, Gerald Schmidt, James Ritzen, Bob Turner, Melvin Wallace. SQRHQMQRE GIRLS RCW 'I-Leona Bialecld, Ruby Kulow, Virginia Ammann, Muriel Gregor, Virginia Bronikowslci, Margaret Kitz- miller, Mary Bergman, Alice Genson, Elda Kimple, Thelma Loney, Dorothy Morgan. RCW Q-Mae Barrett, Ratricia Castle, Mary Boyer, Dona Klinepeter, Betty Badman, Evelyn Behrens, Mary Borgelt, Velma l-lehl, Lorraine Heath, Betty Bundt, Helen Campbell. Row 3-Dorothy Liebherr, Charlotte l-lerzberg, Eleanor l-lansen, Alice Banachowsld, Evelyn Moskala, Bernice Dzinglesld, Leila Gable, Margaret Diebert, Mary Dempsey, La Vona Kopl4e, Betty Carlton. RQW 4-Julia lfindle, Betty Bernath, Lois Little, Marian l-lelmicl4, Delores l-larp, Dorothy Broadway, Virginia Cobb, Nancy Barnes, Betty Bloomiield, Maryanne Folsom, Mildred Ballmer. SOPI-ICMORE BOYS ROW 'I-Virgil Retrie, Joe Sheehy, Marion Sobieszczansld, Qscar Raquin, Roy Timmons, Donald Stemew, Wayne West, Bob Rydman, Bob -lhrun, Jack Todd, Bob perse, Brandon Neal. RCW Q-Bill Robinson, Tom Quinlivan, Jacl4 Rohlman, Bill Wells, Robert -lraynum, Clarence Wallington, Bill Pollack, Dan Racynsld, William Schirr, John Woltl, Russell Schloti, John Rowell. RCW 3-Don Retrie, Leo Noel, James Rittenour, Robert Shallenbarger, Bob Stanton, Robert Scouten, Jaclq Sweet, Virgil Racheter, Edwin Swantacl4, Dave Werner, Bob Wiegand, Donald Race. RCW 4-John Wernert, Dick Trumbull, Don Wiese, Robert Talley, David Stewart, Robert Neely, Fred Westfall, Eddie Studer, Bob Wonnell, Marion Riclcett, Norman Sampson, Bernard Stone. NINETEEN FCDRTY CLASS CDF NIIXIETEEN FCDRTY SOPI-IQIVIORE GIRLS RCW 'I-pearl phillips, Iona Crmiston, Marie Crmiston, Marion Scharer, Aileen Simmons, Crystal Signs, Marguerite Pollex, Rose Piotrovvicz, Florence WandtI4e, Jean Walter, Alberta Noisinger, Velma Rueter, Irene Przygodzinsld. RCW Q-Irene Zieman, Ella Wagner, Betty WicI4erham, June Yeager, Maxine Weber, Evelyn Winter, Alice Sievv- insI4i, Sylvia WavvrzyniaI4, Margaret West, Jane Steiger, Adeline Noethen. RCW 3-Janet Scharer, Martha Sisson, Lois Wessendori, June plount, Evelyn peth, Esther Roiewslci, I-Ielen pisarsld, Mary Wilson, Myrene Williams, Jean Streicher, Mary Cifonnell, Alice McAlary, Betty Sexton. RCW 4-Betty Wieland, Betty Sprague, Rebecca Palmer, I-Ielen Schroeder, Virginia Stubbleiield, Katherine Price, Jestine Palmer, Jessamine Scroggins, I"IeIen Sanford, Bertha Thomas, I-Ielen Searles, Margaret Reddiclc, Juanita Wiley, Madaline Schmidt. SOPI-IOIVIGRE GIRLS RCW 'I-Jean Renshavv, Bessie Stager, Ilene Cstman, Marjorie Zender, Laura INIaI4agavva, Betty Stamm, Sally Schvvartz, I-Iarriet I3arI4er, Phyllis Petrecca, I-Ielen Ruch, Iheodora Schmitt, Sarah Ioney. RCW Q-Eleanor Ctt, Virginia Smith, Leona Roth, Betty Pratt, Virginia Nevvvine, Mary RuszI4ovvsI4i, Edvvina SzymanosI4a, Lucille Nytz, Anna Schroeder. RCW 3-Leola Rodenhauser, Irene RudzI4a, Rita SprunI4, Muriel Steiien, Vera RetzI4e, Nancy Spalding, Betty Snyder, Marcella Reichardt, Lucille Reinhert, Stella Ronda, Madaline Schmidt, Emma RosinsI4i. RCW 4-Bettie YeacI4, Virginia SoI4oIosI4a, Betty Neuman, Jean phillips, Nina -Iurner, Mary Rust, Elinor Retzlce, Betsy Saalfield, Katherine Retzlqe, Winiired Robinson, Charlotte Schovv, Jean Schroeder, Jeanne Stevens, I-Ielen Snyder. CLASS CDF NINETEEN FCDRTY-CNE FRESHMAN GIRLS RCW 1-Bernice Roman, Frances Tracy, Betty Patterson, Thelma Foster, Ruth Stritmatter, Richarda Szaiarowicz, Mary Nadolny, Norma Marshall, Vera Tharp, Ethel lnnes. RCW Q-June Petrecca, Ruth Schultz, Lova Steiner, Norma l'lemsoth, Gladys Dickes, Mary Masters, Dorothy l-lauser, Delores Blazej, Mary Kanthak, Arlene Moss. RCW 3-Dorothy Wilkinson, Mary Walker, Frances Coyle, Roberta Campbell, Charlotte Thomas, Bernice Proud- loot, Delores Zielinski, Mary Zidarin, l-lelen Rudzka, Marion Mclntosh. RCW 4-VioletScheiiert, Patricia Meyer, Lois Bluhm, Carole Venable, Doris Weitz, Mildred Willey, Rita Gora- jewski, Eleanor Bailey, lrene Mandry, June Bensom. . FRESHMAN BCVS RCW 'I-Daniel Malecki, Thaddeus Sobieszczanski, Clarence Wright, Ralph Mellerd, Milan Walter, Walter Pasiuk, John Zywiczynski, Donald Natal, Donald Norwood, Henry Ludwig, Leonard Tanalski. RCW Q-Florian Tarasewicz, Duane Warrick, Daniel Slomowiez, John Steinmiller, Dick Mickens, Robert Meek, Roger Schmidt, Dick Rimer, John Wisniewski, Daniel Zygela, Walter Rieger. RCW 3-Paul Woods, Stanley Golembiewski, Casimir Rudnicki, Edward Monahan, John Malaczewdski, Melvin Sobczak, Frank Llrbaniak, Edmund Moskwa, Jerry Mygatt, Edward Tomaszewdki, Florian Malewski. RCW 4-Clemens Spitulski, Norman Rill, Verne Wright, Ellsworth Schultz, George Taylor, Kenneth Ramsdell, Dick Shaw, Teddy Sowinski, Eugene Phillips, Everett Pheils, Daniel Jankowski. FRESHMAN GIRLS RCW 'I-La Verne Pommeranz, Viola Nicely, Ruth Thompson, Virginia Pomeroy, Virginia Crth, Willowdean Sawyer, Lucille Paulsen, Ruth Przybyiska, Thelma Mehling, Vera Lesh. RCW Q-Alma Stoiber, Doris Smith, lfleanore Slowinski, Ruth Larberg, Joyce Schlahc, Lucille Wenzel, Marciene Miller, Ellen Meyer, Margaret Cpfer. RCW 3-Betty Planck, Louise Pietrzak, Esther Szymanowka, Peggy Pettit, Juanita Ramsey, Maryellen Wilkinson, Evelyn Veitch, Virginia Woeller, Ruth Seibold, Jean Lionhardt. RCW 4-Dorothy Ludwig, Evelyn Simms, Mary Wittman, Mary Loveless, Dorothy Lewandowska, Florence Kwiat- kowski, Dorothy Szurminski, Alice Wilczynski, Rena Unger, Genevieve Wenclawski, Adelaide Mierzejewski. PRES!-IMAN BOYS RCW 'l-Gerald Wagner, George Pier, Jim Whitehead, Daniel Zawierucha, John Woitowicz, Melvin Zaborski, Charles McGee, Don Vliet, Walter Voyles, Zigmond Ronda, Donald l'leywood. RCW Q-Jack Lawrence, Robert Marquardt, Frank Mylek, Phillip Schliesser, Robert Sorrell, Leonard Stachura, Donald White, Melvin Zaciewski, Francis Binkowski, Delbert Wagner. RCW 3-Melvin Riebe, Bob Fenton, Mel Albrecht, Chester Rybarczyk, Stanley Cswanski, Donald Uerkwitz, Paul Lindsay, Melvin Konieczka, Albert l-larper, James l-lintz. RCW 4-Donald Cttens, Aloysius Szender, Alton Switzer, Edward Ransom, Chester Cwczarzak, Stanley Swan- tack, Ralph Reynolds, James Ruble, Leonard Matuszek, Robert Smith, Jim Simmons, Lowell Steusloii. .4 . ,4 .Q :ZQK r 1 K IMD? If-w..,,, ff'-r.., ' .,'-rg-, ww -A.. M-N, f -5' all 53s:g:'j:i12f:2::' X.. gg ,ff CLASS QF NINETEEN FQRTY-ONE FRESHMAN GIRLS ROW 'i-Mary Jane Sochacki, Betty Whitmore, Gloria Wisniewski, Marie Zlotniecka, Beatrice Rayne, Virginia Rosadny, Mary Louise Rowsey, Rose Rrzybylska, Delphine Olwick, Martha Szymcyak, Margaret McCormick. ROW Q-Anna Rolesovsky, lva Wolti, Jean Strieby, Mary Szymczak, Donna White, Dorothy Seeman, l-lelen Miller, Dorothy Schaiier, Geraldine Lowry, Mary Jane Thomas. ROW 3-l"lelen Skibinska, Beatrice Wesolowska, Dorothy Miller, Audrey Zinser, lrene Wagner, Bernadine Sterrett, Gertrude Rarker, Ruth Metzger, Violet Nowicki, Marguerite Peoples. ROW 4-Winana Roether, Verna Langham, Alma Pegorch, Barbara Lawrence, Catherine Wiley, Lenore Ward, Dorothy Zaborowski, Earlene Sword, Virginia Veley, Lois Myers, Catherine Sperber. FRESHMAN BOYS ROW 'l-Raymond Czerniakowski, Robert Szkutnik, Emil Kulmatycki, Jack Ziehr, Eugene Zientara, Henry Adamski, George Meyer, Ralph Pemberton, William Smith, ROW Q-Stanley Golembiewski, Edmund Kowalik, Kenneth Ray, Louis Kowalski, Preston Peck, Casimer Zielinski, Edward Polus, l"lenry Grzybowski, James Smithhisler. ROW 3-Casimir lruchan, Charles Gwirtz, Elizia Alums, Benjamin Jaskolski, James McDermott, Le Roy Roach, l-larold Dazell, John Terry, Raul Woods. ROW 4-John Bartkiewicz, Stanley Wieczorek, Zigmond Wielgopolski, phil Rawlowski, Francis Grycza, Daniel Jankowski, Louis Crippen, Earl Radtke, Robert Smith. PRES!-IMAN GIRLS ROW 'i-Cecilia Muszynska, l-lazel Thompson, Velma Langley, Dorothy Oswald, Margaret Snyder, Betty Yonkers, Ruth Roberts, Rose Sliwinska, Mildred Shaw, Betty Jane Seal. ROW Q-June Roberts, Jean Nichols, Georgianna Wernert, Marilyn Ruch, Virginia Sanders, Lenora Weber, Alice Wozniak, Elva Sheperd, Jane Noss, Miriam Ruoii. ROW 3--Virginia Travis, Louise Soncrant, Virginia Shipley, Betty Jean Turner, Clara Sniadecki, Sylvia Rrintke, l-iyacinth Marciniak, Norma Loiland, Jeannette Treter, Murva Williams. ROW 4-Betty Taylor, Lucille Rickard, Winiired Wendt, Sue Wilson, Alice Michalska, Dorothy Rilrose, Delores Rinehart, Dorothy Szmania, Loretta Rroshek, llene Mason. FRESHMAN BUYS ROW 'i-Daniel Rietrykowski, George Leonhardt, Duane Russell, Kenneth Pickl, Otto Martens, Carlton Stevens, Paul McConihay, Joseph Stanley, Lester Langhott, l-larry Parker, Edward lomaszewski, Daniel Wells. ROW Q-Jack Ringwood, Junior Wymer, William Wakefield, Ralph St. John, Roman Matuszak, Arthur MacRitchie, Charles Seitz, l-lobart Lea, Sidney Zander, Mervin Sobczak, Louis Zegarlowicz. ROW 3-George Thrasher, Walter Pileger, Walter Linenkugel, Richard Scholz, Warren Miller, Lester Schultz, Fred Phillips, Glen Schmakel, Daniel Nowicki, Ronald Reynolds, Wayne Wilmoth. ROW 4-Emanuel Riotrowicz, John Rrzybylski, Bill Mikesell, Robert Steele, Le Roy Uncle, Anthony Rizza, l-loward Schultz, l'larve Siegel, Carl Rileger, Donald White, William Momsen, Dallas Rahlman. W ,mag A. Jr , fy 2 u?lj.!f Rv' 'Kkf' I. W 5 -an A m mm up as my Q Q Zn 75 CLASS CDF IXIIIXIETEEIXI FCDRTV-CDINIE FRESI-IMAN GIRLS RCW 'I-Betty Mae Gilman, Marilyn Connors, Marjorie Connors, Marian Corvvin, Dorothy Bender, Betty Fall, Delores I'IeItman, Eunice Davenport, Betty Duseberg, Marjorie Knerr. RCW Q-Margery BuerI4, Leonora Ballreich, Lois Bearss, Rachel Duiiey, Janet Klinepeter, Margaret Frosch, Shirley Arit, Ruth Cobb, Lois Campbell, Ebba Dannenielser, RCW 3-Jean BIocI4y, Margie Gormley, Delorous Cole, Betty I'IiIding, Marjorie King, Delores King, Virginia Bangoii, Dorothy Mae I-Iart, Donna Cornell, Stella Gibovvslca, Steiine Gzilt. RCW 4-Delores Garn, Ifleanore KucharsI4i, Dorothy JozvviaI4, Donna I'IubaI4er, Rhyllis Bell, I:ae CIarI4, Genevieve Davis, Stella Glovvaclti, Elaine Javer, Beatrice Konczal, Florence Gilsdori. FRESI-IIVIAN GIRLS RCW 'I-Irene BroniI4ovvsIca, Sophia Czervvinslti, June Eldridge, Dorothy Fisher, Lucille Kamya, Alice BonI4ovvsI4i, Mary Kuohn, Eleanor Fisher, Ruth Enright, Ifveline Kujavva, RCW Q-Angeline Chmielevvslca, Florence Kocinslca, I'IeIen Green, Peggy Ifmans, Virginia Jones, Ruth Krouse, I-Ielen Janisyevvslci, Audrey Keilholty, Jeanne Berltebile, Irene ChoryeIeWsI4i. RCW 3-Lucy I'IoIIiger, Maxine Beecher, Deane I:uIIer, Doris Bunde, Eileen Armentrout, Dorothy Bailey, Dorothy I-Iarriman, Lorraine I-Iarriman, Virginia Kroggel, Gertrude Kubaclci, Mary Fratilla. RCW 4-I'IeIen Jaster, Clara Ciaciuch, Colleen Burlen, Virginia I'Iammann, Eileen Folsom, Marian Gilbert, Edna I-Iosmer, Della Furman, Norma I'Iudson, Verla Jean I'IempeI, Dorothy Berendt, Eileen Jensen. FRESI-IMAN GIRLS RCW 'I-Lois Farnsvvorth, Eloise Chalet, Dorothy Frosch, Jeanette Knerr, Ella Cochenour, Betty BaI4er, Rita Brad- ford, Jeanice Ifggert, Dorothy Buhler, Virginia Angelus, Alice Guziolelc. RCW Q-Carol Bremer, Irene Gavvronslci, Kathleen I-Iartman, Betty Brooks, Pearl Dunlap, Rita BogucI4i, Dolores Drzevvieclci, Eleanor Griiiith, I-Ielen Koszycld, Laura JabIonsI4i. RCW 3-Sylvia I-Iejniclci, Gertrude I:ranIc, Louise Crippen, Lillian Freeman, Ihelma Farrell, Betty I-Ierlein, Margarett I-Iarris, Pearl Anderson, Virginia BIaI4er, Bonnie Jean I-IeItebraI4e, Madelyn Drovvn. RCW 4-Yvonne Grossmann, Doloris KaczmareI4, Frances Burzynslti, Angeline Dobrzynslqi, Gertrude I-Iupp, Mary DicI4, I-Ielen Crippen, Florence DzingIesI4i, Esther BresesI4e, Evelyn French, I'IeIen I:isI4. r I 73 CLASS CDF NINETEEN FQIQTY-CNE FRESHMAN BOYS RCW 'I-Victor House, George Jaeger, Cren Green, Teddy Kowalski, Joseph Garch, Edmund Kurdziel, Donald Beach, Bill Cox, Charles Castleman, Robert Heer. RCW Q-Carter Boehm, Ray Johnson, James Becker, James Koohoothe, Edward Keyer, Frank Kaczala, Raul Harrold, Jim Haertel, Roland Farnsworth, James Erkert. RCW 3-Robert Carnell, Donald Cook, William King, Harry Fasnaugh, Eugene Kennedy, Robert Knierim, Robert Carrithers, Henry Culanzman, George Poor, Jack Bricker. RCW 4-Newsom Clark, Donald Buell, Billy Jamison, Robert Graves, Arthur Kanthak, Robert Dickey, James Koester, Bland Kerstetter, Legarthus Garn, Hayland Cnannon, Ray Kwiatkowski, Earl Brunner, Sigismund Kleparek. FRESI-IMAN BUYS RCW i-Ralph Gates, Ralph Ballmer, Dick Collingwood, Donald Hatfield, Leroy Bauer, Russell Bartolett, Robert French, Benson Bernath, Donald Jackson, Lawrence Harrison. RCW Q-Wilfred Jimison, Henry Gould, Bill Bartley, lvan Harvey, Donald Haight, Wayne Howe, Robert Bauman Robinson Cope, Robert Frank, Robert Krause, Tom Heiner. RCW 3-William Ferguson, Deane Hemsoth, Anthony Jagoclzinski, John Burroughs, Jay Brink, Donald Gors, Arthur Cuorr, Morris Esmond, Russell Englehart, Karlton Bishop, RCW 4-Gene Fleck, Jack Evans, Bill Black, John Hersland, Chester Dunham, Robert Bugaj, Charles Dybala, Harold Gable, Charles Kasten, Robert Bricker, Theophilus Albrecht, Clarence Graser. FRESHMAN BCDYS RCW 'l-Anthony Krall, Leonard Bagrowski, Albin Jasinski, Rat Dilerlizzi, Andrew Bachli, Leonard Ciesielzyk, Kenneth Huebner, Wilfred Baumgartner, Edward Hartman, Milton Bahnsen, Edward Chlebowski. RCW Q-Frederick Geier, Raul Evans, Karl Kochan, Julius Grabowski, John Beckwith, Kenneth Frantz, Edmund Adamski, Joseph Kozlowski, James Furman, Charles Kieier, Donald Ballert. RCW 3-Chester Hicks, William Barnard, Melvin Kells, Kyle Baker, Roy Calabrese, Wesley Holbry, Norman Krum, Frank Hotnacki, John Kramer, Ray Bugaj. RCW 4-Elmer Blakeman, Lester Archer, Robert Bollenbacher, Clyde Ash, James Burwell, Kenneth Kroggel, Robert Hersch, Floyd Knudel, James Blair, Henry Goclowski, Charles Coder. ACTIVI 3 TIES RCW 'I-Ellen Ruble, Mary Anne Watson, Arline Vaekel, Ruth Priest, June Meeker, Velma Eberts, Margaret Frank, Ramona Knerr. ROW Q-Jane Ramsdell, Julia Marsh, Virginia Adams, Martha Lewis, Miss Dusha, Lois l-lemsoth, Katherine Newman, Verdine Lewis, Geraldine Wood, ROW 3-Mr. Martin, Eugene Rohrbacher, Dick McEwen, Violet Jacoby, Mary Becker, Howard Kummero, Laurin King, Robert Stahl. EDELIAINI A bit trite to call a year book a book ol memories, you may say. Vet a book oi memories it truly is, And to the stahf that moaned and groaned, walked, talked, and played a bit in its preparation the memories ol the Edelian of 1938 will be unusually dear lor they carelully watched it grow from a blank dummy to the crown- ing event of the Senior Banquet when its cover, designed by Elmer Boehk, was admired and its contents eagerly scanned. The advertising and circulation was supervised by Mr. Martin and his statl. Dick McEwen managed the ads, while the circulation was led by Katherine Newman and Verdine Lewis, aided by Lois l-lemsoth, Violet Jacoby, and Geraldine Wood. -lhe Fine drawings in the opening section were done by l-lugh Ritiner, Elmer Boehk, and Earl Brubaker in the classes ol Mr. Racker. Mr. Dipman patiently took all the snaps used in the book, walking miles and continuing in a good humor. Elliciency and dependability won top places lor Margaret Frank and Eugene Rohrbacher for they were editor and associate editor, respectively. Julia Marsh and Ruth Rriest were senior editors, Ellen Ruble and Martha Lewis, clubs, Bob Stahl and Laurin King, sports, snaps, Arline Yaekel, Faculty, Virginia Adams, and classes, Margaret Dutiey, Junior assistants were Mary Becker, Mary Ann Watson, and Ramona Knerr, As usual Miss Dusha directed the Edelian, while the position oi counsellor-in-chief was held by our principal, Mr. Williams. i i i ROW1-Marjorie Pierce, Kathryn Dreher, Marian Will, Bettie Bundt, Norma l-leath, Caroline Plontz, Miss Gerdes, Juanita Schultz, Mary Keller, Virginia Youngs, Ruth Gors, Betty Postley, Ethel Cvors. ROW 2-Thelma Stambaugh, Betty Wallis, Betsy Saalfield, Martha Sisson, Rhea l-leiptman, Orville Wolff, Frederick Metzger, Joy Feemster, Bette Bock, Dorothy Leck, Mary Welch, Corrine Meister. ROW 3-Billy Olinger, James Enyeart, Dan Liberkowski, Howard Kummero, Max Tadlock, Manning l-lanline, Russell Nunn, Weller Schaffer, Richard l-lansen, l-lenry Oliszewski, Carl Weiss. CRYSTAL follow us into Room Q'l5. l-lere we find the Crystal staff, as hard a gang of newspaper men and women as you'll find in the racket. Go up and look in the door. Yes, there you see, sitting in stern and business-like atti- tudes,aIl engaged in the absorbing iob of putting out a newspaper, the future Winchells, Brisbanes,and foreign correspondents of the world. futhermore, we know theyire one of the best looking staffs welve ever had. from this group has come a corking-good publication, brimming with news to interest both students and teachers, and in getting the news they cover every angle of the schoolis functions and activities. They eke out news from both pupils and the faculty, but in doing so, treat every subject with fairness and consideration. The staff includes, Betty Rostley and Betty Bock, news editors, Joy feemster, circulation and exchange editor, Manning l-lanline, sports editor, and Juanita Schultz, feature editor, all of whom served under their advisers, Mr. Williams and Miss Gerdes. The staff members include, Norma l-leath, Rhea l"leiptman, Dorothy Leck, Caroline Rlontz, Virginia Youngs, Richard l-lansen, Russell Nunn, Weller Schaffer, Max Tadlock, and Carl Weiss. The Crystal, in its eighth year as a newspaper, has been successful both financially and literarily. It has brought us all the news and happenings in and about our school, and has helped us to keep in contact more easily with social events and with the pupils who make up Libbey. The final issues of the year were especially dedicated to the seniors, containing the class will and the prophecy. PICTURE l-CRow 'ID Doris Ritter, Betty Postley, Ramona Knerr, Verdine Lewis, Elaine l-larper, Mary Sund, Marian Will, Phyllis Myers, Arline Yaekel, Dorothy Ansted. CRow QD Marian Petrecca, Betty Kirby, Betty Kardatzke, Mildred Morris, Joan Laub, Rhea l-leiptman, Vera Blair, Virginia Bridgewater, Alice Rath, Madelynn Young, Mary Becker. CRow 3D Richard l-lughes, Howard Krantz, George Webb, Manning l-lanline, Charles Phillips, John Grau, Paul Campbell, John Colwell, George Grube, John Rogers, Jack Weech. PICTURE ll- CRow 'lj l-lelene l-lill, Norma l-leath, Evelyn Burton, Carolyn Plontz, Margaret Frank, Jeanne Riddle, Bette Bock, Lois Forquer, Margie Drube, Arline Sturzinger. CRow QD Jane Dienst, Virginia l-loopes, Dorothy Leck, Katherine Newman, Joy Feemster, Corinne Meister, Juanita Schultz, Marjory Schminck, Jennie Love, Cueorgana Jensen, Maryloo Spooner. CRow 3D Melvin Kachenmeister, Carl Weiss, Eugene Rohrbacher, Frank Black, Laurin King, Frank Morley, Robert Stahl, Max Tadlock, Richard Andrzejczuk, Walter Bogusz, Mr. l-lunt. NATICDNAI. HTo be elected to the National l'lonor Society is to show special achievements in Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. No greater honor can come to a highschool pupil." This statement made at the annual induction oi new members in February, sums up the ideal for which every student should strive. Taking into consideration the iour requisites oi membership, the faculty takes the list oi eligibles from the junior and senior classes and carefully weighs the qualities oi each pupil. After long and careful deliberation, each member of the faculty votes for the ones he believes to be most deserving oi membership in the society. According to the charter regulated by the national organization, only a very small percent oi the pupils may be bestowed with the much coveted honor. And an honor it is, ior the National l-lonor Society in high schools corresponds to the Phi Beta Kappa in college. Not only is this organization a society in name, but in action also. There is a program which it carries out during the PICTURE l-CROW 'lj Lois Hatton, Ellen Lewis, Ruth Priest, Helen Utz, Jeanne Warwiclc, Otto Bollenbacher, Harold Will. CROW QD Eugene Kauclci, Carl Hottman, Kenneth Alberti, Charles Kirchenbauer, James Tracy, Harold Zink, Casimir Nowicki, John Perry. PICTURE ll-CRow 'lj Margaret Wenzel, Mary Artt, Ellen Ruble, Violet Jacoby, Genevieve Wenzel, Lois Hemsoth, Mary Cox, Margie Kerschbaum. l CRow QD Roland Murphy, Harry Loehrlce, Dale Anderson, Fred Metzger, Robert Erkert, Milton Bracht, Earl Graser, Donald Annen, Don Bridenbaugh. HCDIXICDR SQCIETV year, influencing directly or indirectly the entire student body. Since many colleges and universities oiler opportuni- ties ior scholarships, the honor society endeavors to help anyone interested to obtain one ol these by securing all necessary inlormation concerning them, loo, Dr. Nash, ol lhe University oi the City oi loledo, was asl4ed to give an address to the students concerning what they are planning on doing upon leaving school. He discussed the many opportunities lor students to continue with college worl4 and also ohered a bit oi advice to those who l4now that they will not be able to continue their education. ln addition to these activities, the members have social times, A brealciast was held as soon as the weather was permissible so that the new members and old could become better acquainted. Upon returning to school aiter the Easter holidays, a committee headed by Bette Bock had arranged a bacl4-to-school dance held in the gymnasium. With Mr. Hunt as adviser, Rresident Max -ladlocl4 presided over the meetings ol the last year. Lending their assistance were Marjorie Schminclc, vice president, Bette Bock, secretary-treasurer, and the many able and willing committees. PICTURE l-CRow 'lj Virginia Franklin, Valerie Stetfen, Eleanor Siemon, Betty Stetler, Alice Rath, Margaret Jester, Betty Siebold, Ethel Dorcus, Rita Buell, Elsie Rosinski. CRoe QD Jane Arnot, Eleanor Shurtz, LaVona Marquis, Helen Kramer, Mary Jane Kramer, Miss Payne, Margaret Peters, Neva Steiner, Alice Rominski, Roberta Moon. QRow 35 l-lelen Rill, Pearl Wood, Johnnie Ruth Smith, Virginia Bridge- water, Rosemary Gaynor, Ruth l-leiptman, Rhea l-leiptman, Jerry Parkinson, l-lelen Crandall, Jo Suter, Laura Mason. PICTURE ll-CRow 'lj Doris Corwin, Evelyn Burton, Betty Anne Kirby, Margaret Duttey, Annette Persons, Vera Ann Blair, Naomi June Tann, Beverly Mehrling, Katherine Dipman, Ruth Kreft, Betty Rolotl, Norma l-leath, l-lelene l-lill. CRow QD Claudia Tesluk, Caroline Plontz, Dorothy Leck, Mary Arft, Betty Postley, Betty Lou Kell, Miss Payne, Fanchon Kreps, Marie Rogers, Marion Petrecca, Margie Drube, June Meeker. CRow 35 Arlene Sturzinger, Betty Cobb, Marjorie Ward, Lois Forciuer, Georgana Jensen, Marjorie Brownmiller, Virginia l-loopes, Medelyn Young, Jeanne Riddle, Lucille Gavin, Alice Connors, Juanita Shultz. SENICDR FRIENDSHIP Wearing bright green sweaterettes and having an ever present smile on their faces, the Senior Friendship girls may be seen around Libbey halls at any time, ready and willing to help. As it is the last of the Friendship clubs, it holds the leadership and distinction ol the series. lhe group is under the direction ol Miss Payne, whose novel ideas together with the aid ol the members presented much entertainment and pleasure to the group and others outside the club. -lihey chose Marion Petrecca to be their president and Juanita Schultz, who directed the program which had to do with the Japanese situation, as vice-president. Aiding in the general administration ol the club attairs were the other otlicers: Virginia Bridgewater, secretary, Lois Forquer, treasurer, Eanchon Kreps, chaplain, and Rhea l"leiptman, hostess. ln accordance with custom, the group conducted the Waite mass meeting, Followed by a luncheon in the cafeteria lor the lootball players and their mothers, lheir social programs were varied by a talk on child labor, ideas surrendered by the l-li-Y boys on the Hldeal Girln, which proved both distracting and interesting, and a special subject, 'Pictures that Preechf' lhey also sent a tully equipped suitcase to a needy Spanish child, corresponded with children at the Miami Childrenis l-lome, attempting to bring happiness to the less fortunate. PlC'l'LlRE l-CROW 'ID Manning l-lanline, Lawrence Althouse, Russell Nunn, Charles Sanders, Eddie Evans, Melvin Kachenmiester, Richard Lang, Jack Anderson. CRovv QD Walter Bogusz, Richard Andrzejczuk, Robert Bell, Ivan Smith, Charles Kirchenbauer, l-lovvard Kummero, Charles Thorpe. CRow 35 Clair Seiple, Laurin King, Val Skalski, Bob l-larris, Bob Erkert, Frank Morley, John Hendricks. PICTURE ll- CRovv 'lj Eugene Rohrbacher, f-lovvard Munson, Bill Leroux, Frank Black, Max Tadlock, Dick Mann, William Martin. CRovv QD Karl Hart, Billy Lengel, Jack Comer, Mr. Williams, Warren Karchner, Earl Graser, Eugene Kaucki. CRovv 3D Don Bridenbaugh, Dick McEwen, Jim McNab, Jack l-lavvkins, John Grau, Robert Stahl, Dick Weber, Donald Annen. SEIXIIQR I-ll With the Christian ideal still before them the senior l-li-V boys began their last year at Libbey. To aid the adviser, Principal l-larold E. Williams, came lvan Smith, a great leader of boys, who took over Chal Dyer's vvork vvhen he left a year ago. Reelecting Frank Black as president, the club chose Eugene Kaucki, vice-president, Manning l-lanline, secretary, William Martin, treasurer, and Jack l-lavvkins, sergeant-at-arms. Many were the groupfs activities for the year. Among the most outstanding vvas the vocational guidance program vvhich made it possible for every boy in the senior class to have the aid of an expert to aid him in selecting his life's vvork. Joining with the Friendship clubs and the other I-li-Y clubs of the city, a series of forums were held during the winter months at the main Y's. There were provided many outstanding speakers vvho spoke on problems vital to the youth of today. ln addition to these, there were parties, some of vvhich vvere held vvith the Friendship club, skating parties, and picnics. Closing forever the I-li-V activities of these boys at Libbey vvas the annual Mothers, and Sons, banquet honoring the boys, mothers. May these boys leave our school never forgetting the challenge put before them here, 'Ito create, maintain, and extend the highest standards of Christian character throughout the school and communitynl I JLIIXIICDR FRIENDSHIP By sponsoring the Coed Ball, a Irolic lor the ieminine students oi Libbey, the Junior Friendship girls established their reputation as Hthen party-givers oi the school. -Fhis, their lirst ettort, a highly successful costume ball, brolte precedent by permitting the attendance oi two boys, l4ing and queen oi the event. Ar Christmas time, the members served as hostesses to the Junior l'li-D' Club at the Y. W. C. A. In the intervening period they had assisted the athletic depart- ment by selling iootball pins, buttons, and ieathers. In the remembrance ol their duties and pledges the club has conducted a program to aid the needy or uniortunate. lo do this, the members collected two cases ot toys and clothing for the children of war-torn Spain, Filled basltets lor needy families at Christmas, and purchased boolcs for the Miami Childrenis I-Iome and for the Day Nursery. At the orphans' home they gave a party, and they visited the nursery to acquaint themselves with the worl4 carried on there. In February, they assisted the other Friendship Clubs and the I-ii-V Clubs oi Libbey in conducting the First I'li-D! -Friendship Forum at the Y. M. C. A. -lihe otiicers oi the society, Lois l'Iemsoth, president, Betty Kardatzlte, vice-president, Shirley Kroggel, secretary, Eldora I-Iarp, treasurer, and Firth Dutiey, chaplain, together with Miss Brown, the adviser, planned the yearis activities ior the group. PICTURE l-CROW 'ID Dawn Baertschi, Ruth Rupley, Ruth Kulow, Madelyn Reed, Irene Taylor, Ruth Tomb, Edith Boone, lla Mae Keiser, Suzanne Schmitt, Martha Durtee, Ramona Knerr, Jean lallman, Evelyn Parlter. CRow QD Donna Lou Shultz, Virginia Bollenbacher, Marion Roloti, Rosemary l-ludson, Mary Welch, Miss Brown, Helen Willard, Jeanne Aldrich, Louise Loebrich, Alice Larlcins, Mary Anne Watson, Virginia Wagner. CRow 3D Merry Messerly, Donna Rennhack, lone Maclc, Florence Ridenour, Marillyn Douglas, Charlotte Rolott, Mar- jorie Wolfe, Marie Evans, Marian Oyster, Pauline Miller, Dorothy Ansted, Lillian I-lardison, Audrey Fell. PICTURE ll-CRow 'ID Marian Will, Norma Benning, Bonnie Klein, Anita Koester, Regina ladloclc, Mary Keller, Margret Wenzel, Mary Mason, Lois I-latton, Marian Gooding. CRow QD Firth Dutfey, Shirley Kroggel, Eldora I-larp, Anetta Ballard, Betty Kardatzlce, Miss Brown, Lois I-lemsoth, Kathryn Dreher, Marjorie Pierce, Bettye Faust. CRow 3D Arline Yaelcel, Rita Geis, Eleanore Paleclti, Emily Mocek, Isabelle Lorenz, Mary Brown, Kathryn Ulmer, Rosemary Quinlivan, Eileen Scott, Geraldine Thomas, Eileen Radie. mir Aiigw . JUNIGR I-Il ldeals of the highest calibre are upheld by the forty-nine members of the Junior Hi-Y, Their activities for the year have been many, but the one which was probably most enjoyed was the Qhio Hi-V Conference for Which the Toledo chapter was host this year. Another very worthwhile activity enjoyed throughout the entire year by city-Wide members were the forums conducted by Hi-V organizations of different schools and held on Sunday at the Y. lvl. C. A. or the Y. W. C. A. The Junior Hi-Yiers, however, were not content with these few major activities, consequently, they had a supper party early in the year at Side Cut Park and a very successful skating party late in February. ln addition to the activities already mentioned the Junior Hi-V boys held camp at Napoleon, Michigan, they had con- ferences with the Friendship Clubs, and they entertained at a dance for the Senior Hi-Y and Junior and Senior Friendship Clubs. These boys were not only leaders spiritually, mentally, and morally, but they also excelled in their athletic ability. lo prove this ability they Won the basketball championship of the city Junior Hi-V Clubs, Advised by Mr. Williams, lVlr. Spackey, and Mr. lvan Smith, the T937-'38 chapter of the Junior Hi-V Was lead by Dale Anderson, president, Richard Gail, vice-president, Roy Retzke, secretary, and Harold Will, treasurer. We are sure that next year as Senior Hi-Y members these boys Will continue their good work. PICTURE l-CRoW 'ID Jim Frank, Ben Hartman, Jerry Andrews, Bob Schneider, Charles Phillips, Jack Bremer, John Spurgeon, Harold Will. CRoW QD Roy Retzke, Edward Floreing, Robert Enyeart, Mr, Spackey, Mr. Smith, Walter Friend, Gordon Hoffmann, Bob Stewart. CROW 35 George Grube, Cleon Hannaford, Warren Schmakel, Richard Wolkins, Lee Mallendick, Bob Steusloff, James Tracy, Nevin Roeck, Robert Hall. PlCl'L,lRE ll-CRoW 'ID Roger Tornow, Harry Perrine, Arthur Weber, Brenner Launder, Elmer Louis, Harry Loehrke, Dale Anderson, Harold Rickard. CRoW QD Joseph Schafer, Eguene Gawronski, James Enyeart, Richard Hansen, Mr. Williams, Frederick Metzger, Robert Baldwin, Donald Bay, CRoW 3D Robert Planck, Charles Klippstein, Jack Berry, Richard Gail, Bob White, Raymond Preski, Buel Morley, Therbert Stange, John Colwell, John Perry. PlCTURE l-CRow 'ID Thelma Ebert, LaVerne Lindhorst, lona Ormiston, Florence Grigore, Miss Gosline, Marian Helmick, Marguerite Pollex, Bonny Harp, Betty Sexton, Doris Liebke. CRow QD Lois Palm, Peggie Wilson, Wanda Miller, Thays Daw, Helen Snyder, Bettie Yeack, Mary Kirkman, Betty McDowell, Mary Jane Rose, lris McGregor, CRow 3D Olga Schnir, Alice McDowell, Lisa Herrmann, Martha Sisson, Jean Prentiss, Jean Milne, Audrey Sprengel, Genevieve Franklin. PlCTURE ll-CRow 'lD Jeanette Gauthia, Marion Scharer, Jean Walter, Betty Gongwer, Phyllis Petrecca, Sally Schwartz, Phyllis Hutchisson, Monica Hill, Virginia Collins, Elda Mae Kimple. QRow QD Lois Wessendort, Ella Wagner, Mary Rose, Jane Steiger, Harriet Parker, Aileen Simmons, Florence Wandtke. CRow 3D Elizabeth Powers, Delores Harp, Vera Retzke, Katherine Retzke, Naomi Malott, Elinor Retzke, Marjorie Ostman, Charlotte Milchior, Hazel Cook, Mary Kramer, Marie Martensen. SCDPHGMGRE FRIENDSHIP The youngest among the Friendship clubs, this sophomore group lollows the slogan HHelp Qthersn with as great ardor as ever the seniors exhibit. As always, designing the yearls activities to teach, to learn, and to aid, the members have been conducted through the Day Nursery, where small children are boarded and kept while their parents work, they visited the oFlices and departments ol the Telephone Company, and they viewed the Federal Housing projects where homes are being built under the auspices ol the National Government. Further in this way, they listened to an address by Miss Kelso, the school nurse. Nor did the club lack in social programs. At Highland Park they enjoyed a roast, at the Y. W. C. A., they held a skating party which was lollowed by a pot luck supper, there, also their members participated in a splash party. At the orphans, home they entertained with a roast, and later they gave another at Highland Park lor the members ol the Sophomore Hi-V club. As chiel hostesses ol the city-wide Friend- ship Girls Mothers, and Daughters' Tea, they presented a line dramatic performance, The work ol preparing their schedule ol activities Fell to Miss Gosline, adviser ol the club, and to the otlicers Martha Sisson, president, Phyllis Petrecca, vice-president, Marion Scharer, secretary, Katherine Retzke, treasurer, and Sally Schwartz, chaplain, Because ol the benelicial work accomplished in this, their First year as Friendship Club girls, we can expect even greater achievements in the luture two years. 86 PICTURE I-CRoW 'ID Bob Rydman, George Grau, Bill I-leston, EdWard Weber, Lynn Georgia, Elwood RoWsey. CRoW QD Bertram RamIoW, William Lappen, Bill Dentel, Mr. Leiser, Eddie Studer, Bill McCord, Anthony Pizza. CRoW 3D Culenn Meyer, Dick Trumbull, Charles Cneorgia, Max Culver, Ivan Smith, Bob Bridenbaugh, Charles Grau. PICTURE II-CRoW 15 Bob Maginn, Robert Kachenmeister, Brandon Neal, Philip Luetlce, Mr. Williams, Paul Frisch, Jaclc Riddle, Bob Grah. CROW QD Tom Connin, Donald Lampe, Bill Robinson, Mr. Martin, Dick Shotwell, Conrad Jaeger, Hugh Tadloclc. CROW 3D Donald Strohbeck, William Lueclc, Norman Steuslolsl, Ivan Smith, Tom Arit, Robert Ernest, Donald Bauman. SCDPI-IOMCDRE HI From the second year boys oi the school has been selected a group destined to become leaders. Early in the year ol 1938 they Were initiated into the rites oi the I-li-Y organization and iound themselves under the guidance oi Mr. Williams Who, With Mr. I.eiser and Mr. Martin, has instilled in them the prime objective oi the clubls charter, the ideal of creating, maintaining, and extending throughout the school and the community high standards of Christian character. Aiter the induction services by the Junior I-ii-Y oiiicers I-Iugh TadIocI4 Was elected president, JacI4 Riddle, vice-president, William McCord, secretary, and ElWood RoWsey, treasurer. Although neW at the game and a bit timid, the sophomores soon shoWed their spirit and launched out into a program varied and interesting. AS the semester advanced they gave a slcating party, several picnics, and iniormal parties, and joined their upper class members in the annual Mothers' and Sons' Banquet in May. They also participated With the Friendship Clubs and other I-Ii-Vis oi the city in the Sunday iorums conducted at the V, M. C. A. and V. W. C. A. In every event by their interest and peppy cooperation they added to the development oi the projects led by their seniors, learning as they Went the traditions that they Will carry on ior the next tWo years, They are a valuable asset to our school, these Fine youngsters, and Will continue to develop a great deal as members oi one of Libbeyls most beneficial clubs. i I -V 87 PICTURE l-CROW 'ID Suzanne Schroeder, Margaret Kitzmiller, Dorothy Ansted, Ramona Knerr, Martha Durtee, Bettie Bundt, Jeanne Riddle, Virginia l-loopes, Betty Gongwer. CROW QD Margaret Frank, Mary Lindroth, Joan Laub, Jeanne Stevens, Miss Dusha, Jean Lok, Charlotte Crooks, Betsy Saaltield, Mary Becker. CROW 35 Marjorie Francis, Florence Coover, Jean Murray, Madelyn Young, Bette Bock, lla May Keiser, Jean Tallman, Edith Boone, Barbara Young. PICTURE ll-CRoW 'ID Theodora Schmitt, Evelyn Parker, Suzanne Schmitt, Ebba Dan- nenlelser, Lois Bearss, Mary Louise RoWsey, Frances Tracy, Martha LeWis. CRoW QD Julia Marsh, Marilyn Shelton, Sally SchWartz, Madelyn Reed, Miss Lok, Lois l-lemsoth, Norma l'-lemsoth, Betty Stamm, Mary Anne Watson. CROW 3D Charlotte Schow, Charlotte Herzberg, Shirley Bock, Irene Taylor, Ruth Tyhurst, Peggy Pettit, Mary Masters, Mary E. LeWis. THE PERIES A Greek emblem on Chinese redl Well, Why not in these days ot cosmopolitanism and international-mindedness? The Peries With their annual boast Hgecond to noneln have gained distinction not only by their gay insignia but also by their club achievements and their service to the school. The girls resumed their social pace at a roast held in the early Tall at the Edison Club. Later they romped and cheered through a mass-meeting Which they conducted just before the Scott game. ln December they sponsored a program honoring the Centennial ot Toledo, carrying along during the entire period their Fine programs. The very successful tenth annual Peri Prom at the l-leather DoWns Country Club Was soon iolloWed by the initiation party. A beautifully appointed tea to honor the cabinet members ol the other Periclean groups oi the city Was an event ot March, The conclusion oi the activities came With the iareWell banquet in May, at Which the seniors With Wistiul thanks accepted their lovely lockets. Constantly aiding the club in each enterprise Were Miss Dusha and Miss Lok, the advisers. The officers included Jeanne Riddle, president, Bette Bock, vice-president, Madelyn Young, recording secretary, Virginia l-loopes, cor- responding secretary, Julia Marsh, treasurer, Suzanne Schroeder, sergeant-at-arms, Mary Anne Watson, chaplain, and Ramona Knerr, censor, Tl-IE Pl-lll.S A classier group ol girls we havenit seen lor a long time, A scene lamiliar to us is President Alice Jane Connors strolling down the hall accompanied by Secretaries Arlene Sturzinger and Verdine Lewis on her lelt and on her right Vice-President Joan Wright and Treasurer Marjorie Drube. Qn one particular day, we remember, these girls came to school especially jubilant, Well, why shouldnit they be alter giving such a grand dance? But this wansit the only reason, lor unexpectedly Santa Claus had stopped in at the dance as he was making his annual yuletide rounds, and generously hauled out his gilts, The dance was called uSt. Niclcs Swingii and St. Nicl4 really did swing-his bag. Qi course, this aliair gave a great deal ol pleasure but then there came into sight a beautilully laid table which could mean nothing else but a tea-a tea it was-and a very lovely one given at the Tally-l-lo in honor ol graduate members. There were a Salamagundy Party, a Mothers' tea, and Finally the annual banquet which, in addition to the literary programs based on the customs oi European countries, made a year rich in lun and seriousness, The clubis advisers are Miss Gerdes, Miss Voorheis, and Miss Gosline. PICTURE l-CROW 'ID Phyliss l-lutchisson, Jean Middlebrook, Katherine Newman, Verdine Lewis, Alice Jane Connors, Miss Gerdes, Lucille Gavin, John Wright, Jean Knott, Dona Klinepeter. CRow QD Dorothy Lecl4, Ruth Kreft, Margie Drube, Helen Ruch, Dorothy Spraggins, Norma Benning, Audrey Connors, Jeanne Warwick, Joanne Lavine, Dorothy Bottles. CRow 3D Maryellen Lenahan, Merry Messerly, Maryloo Spooner, Arline Sturziner, Marjory Schminclc, Jane Dienst, Marion Petrecca, Marie Rogers, Annette Persons, Doris Ritter, PICTURE ll-CRow 'ID Dorothy Laaclc, Marilyn Ruch, Kathleen l-lartman, Betty Blinn, Miss Voorheis, Marion Scharer, Phyllis Petrecca, Marilyn Connors, Marjorie Connors, Virginia Collins. CRow QD Jane Steiger, Mary Curran, Carol Locey, Betty Plauck, Juanita Ramsey, Miss Gosline, Lucille Riclcarcl, June Petrecca, Virginia Sanders, Donna Cornell, Jane Loxley. CRow 3D Maxine Beecher, Lucy l-lollinger, Mary Wittman, Maryellen Langenderfer, Lisa l-lerrneanu, Martha Sisson, l-lelen Michaels, Virginia Crim, Ardis Leininger, Janet Scharer, Dorothy Bailey, FCDRUM AND Q.D,'S Blue and orange sweaters Flash pastl Who are they? Why, the Forum and Q. Dfs, oi course. Each club, a iriendly rival oi the other, lives up to its fundamental purpose: to iurther literary ideals and promote harmony among its members. The Forum, led by Mr. Hotchkiss and Mr, Weinstock had as oiiicersz Don Bridenbaugh, president, Ray Proschek, vice-president, Eddie Evans, treasurer, Buel Morley, secretary, and Karl l-lart, sergeant-at-arms. lncluded among their many social activities were a successful roast at Side Cut Park, a hilarious skating party at Memorial l-lall, and a wet splash party. The Forum dance in May and the annual spring banquet climaxed their social season. The Q. Dis, under the critical eye ol their advisers, Mr. Baker and Mr. Cony, have gained distinction not only in literary lines but in social activities. l.ed by their officers, Frank Morley, president, Edward Coyle, vice-president, l-lerbert l'leinlein, secretary, Jack Comer, treasurer, and Don Durell, sergeant-at-arms, they have given us a taste oi true sportsmanship and service. Among many oi their social accomplishments was the roast held at Ft. Meigs, which was followed bya splash party atthe K. oi C. ln March camethe annual Q. D. Shindig, and later the farewell banquet. PlCTURE lACRow 'ID Bill Lengel, Eddie Evans, Jim Walters, William Martin, Ray Proschek, Anthony Pizza, Richard l-lughes, l-larold Will, John Spurgeon. CRow QD Karl l-lart, Russell Nunn, Richard Gail, Howard Sommers, Mr. Weinstock, Frank l-lardesty, Don Briclenbaugh, Lorin l-lardesty, Dick Weber. CRow 31 Buel Morley, Max Tadlock, l-larry Loehrke, George Grube, Edward Weber, Jack l-lawkins, Robert Planck, Frederick Metzger, Walter Bogusz, Robert Tracy, PICTURE llwCRow 'ID Bob Edwards, Cleon l-lannaiord, Eddie Coyle, Dick Trumbull, Bill Fetters, Bob Stewart, Gordon l-loFFman, Jack Anderson, Jack Comer. CRow QD Ben l-lartman, Dale Anderson, Kenneth Bressler, Dick McEwen, Mr. Cony, Mr. Baker, Lynn Georgia, Martin Topolski, Jerry Andrews. CRow 3D Ray Magee, Fred Bateman, Duane Dwight, Casimir Nowicki, Frank Morley, l-lerbert l-leinlein, Don Durell, Bill Ammann, Jack Berry. ZETS Did you say UWorl4H? Yes, We said Worlq, and the Zets have gone larther and said Hhlothing Without World, This being their motto, the members have established themselves in Libbeyfs limelight because oi the many activities Which they have presented for the enjoyment and betterment ol the group. Miss DeLisle and Miss l-lenderson, Who served as conselors and advisers to the girls, Were aided by the cabinet oi Which Georgana Jensen Was presi- dent, Ellen Ruble, vice-president, Ruth Priest, recording secretary, Phyliss Myers, corresponding secretary, Eern Roberts, chaplain, and Lois Eorquer, sergeant-at-arms. Besides the literary programs Which Were given monthly, the activities included: A mass meeting dealing With "The Signing ol The Gonstitutionfi a city-Wide tea lor Zets, several doughnut sales, and a lareWell banquet Tor the graduating members. Their annual dance, The Zet Shag, Which Was held March Q5 at Trilby Log Cabin and arranged by Ellen Ruble, chairman, Ruth Priest, Lois Eorciuer, Eern Roberts, Jane l-laertel, Violet Jacoby, and Betty lfardatzlce again rellecteol the ability ol the club. Judging by the rapid speed at Which the Zets traveled during the past year and the progress that they made, their next year is one to be anticipated, PICTURE l-CROW 'lj Betty Rehberg, Phyliss Myers, Ruth Priest, Margaret Wenzel, Jane l-laertel, Evelyn Pettit, Mary Dotson. CRoW QD Palma Kiel, Eloise Green, Firth Duttey, Miss DeLisle, l-lelen Green, Ellen Ruble, Hazel Krizon. CROW 3D Rhea l-leipmtan, Violet Jacoby, Ruth KuloW, l-lelen Nostrant, l'lelen Lltz, Geraldine Thomas, Eldora l-larp, Jean Moulton. PlCTURE ll-CRoW ij Virginia Youngs, Betty Kardatzlce, Adele Schmid, Fern Roberts, Maryellen Willcinson, Virginia Adams. CRoW QD Donna Shultz, Dorothy Trumbull, Mary Jane Cox, Miss l-lenderson, Georgana Jensen, Lois Forquer, Shirley Heinz. CROW 3D Phyllis Bell, Marjorie Cordell, Delores l-larp, Doris Weitz, Virginia BridgeWater, Juanita Shultz, Dorothy Taylor. RCW 'l-Joanne Lavine, Alice Connors, Joan Wright, Betty Blinn, Jane Loxley, Kathryn l-lamill, Ethel Dorcus, Dorothy Spraggins, Norma Benning, Gerrie Zavvodni. RCW Q-Marjorie Schminck, Jane Dienst, Alice Rath, Joan Laub, Ruth Bengson, Miss Krueger, Arline Vaekel, Eleanor Siemon, Ann Van Rynen, Marjorie Pierce, Regina ladlock. RCW 3-John Perry, Richard l-lughes, Florence Coover, Barbara Young, Mary Becker, Georgana Jensen, Jean Middlebrook, Betsy Saaltielcl, Cueorge Grau, Charles Grau, Ray Wilmer. FRENCH CLUB Did you ever try to explain a roller skating party or the sale oi candy bars in French? lry it some time and youill catch the spirit ol the French Club members as they chat or sing or dramatize their eilorts at their bi-monthly meetings. French is the constant theme ol this groupis activities--mais naturellementl Yet there were parties held in the lall and at Christmas and a joint skating party given with the Spanish Club. The proceeds ol the candy sale in March helped, no doubt, to prepare For the annual banquet in May. The yearis oiiicers vvere Jane Dienst, president, Mariory Schminck, vice-president, Dorothy Spraggins, secretary, John Rerry, treasurer, Mary Becker, George Grau, Joan Laub, and Arline Vaekel, censors, all ol whom were capably advised by Miss Krueger, Spain and Mexico lurnished the theme For the Spanish Clubis activities during the past year. At alternate meetings the members vvere regaled vvith accounts oi Mexican lore, learning some ol the native songs and dances, or they interested themselves in the history oi some Latin-American country. Further diversion vvas given by the advisers Miss Russell and Miss Coehrs as they related their travel experiences in a vivid and lascinating vvay. A skating party helped the clubis budget, vvhile the initiation added new members to its roster. The oliicers vvho aided the advisers and mem- bers in maintaining the standards ol the organization were Kenneth Alberti, president, l-larold Zink, vice-president, Walter Lok, secretary, Ratricia Womeldorii, treasurer, and Earl Graser, sergeant-atfarms. SPANISH CLUB RCW l-Margie Drube, Patricia Womeldortl, Maryellen Langenderier, Harriet Parker, Marie Rogers, Annette Persons. RCW Q-Alice' McDowell, Margaret Newbury, Martha l-lasselschvvert, Theresa Coehrs, Mary E. Russell, Annetta Ballard, Mildred Morris. RCW 3- Walter Lok, Lee Mallendick, Earl Graser, Kenneth Alberti, Clyde Cox, l-larold Zink, l-lovvard Krantz, Warren Schmakel. . ' -EEL x . Q ' - ROW 'l-Audrey Zinser, Dorothy Miller, Marjorie King, Ruth Schultz, Virginia Woeller, Eileen Radie, Marian Will, Eileen Boehl4, Bettie Vaeck, Doris Lieblce, Gertrude Radcle. ROW Q-l-lelen Facey, Marilyn Smith, Ella Wagner, Janet Scharer, l-lelen Nostrant, Miss Lok, Vera Retzlce, Marjorie Buehler, Corrine Meister, Audrey Vail, Lisa l-lerrmann. ROW 3-Joseph Scharer, Jamison Lewis, Robert Baldwin, John Rogers, Frank Sielken, Charles Bishop, Chester Dunham, Buel Morley, William l-leston. GERMAN CLUB lhe land ol the Nibelungs with its music, romance, and lairy tales provides richness always lor the programs ol the German Club. lts members have been lree throughout the year to invite their lriends to participate in the songs, dances, and discussions which lormed a part ol the group's activities. Under the leadership ol Miss Lol4, the adviser, Corinne Meister, president, Gertrude Radde, vice-president, Lisa l-lerrmann, recording secretary, Alice Knorr, cor- responding secretary, ancl Marian Will, treasurer, the club enjoyed a splendid year. ln continuation ol a tradition to leave a litting gilt as a tribute ol their interest, the members this year have presented to the German classroom a map ol Germany. -lhe club completed its social activities with its annual banquet in the late spring. Rurely a honorary organization, the Latin l-lonor Society consists ol students who have had the required qualilications: an "An grade lor two consecutive semesters ol Latin study and thereafter at least a lo spread interest in Latin, each year the club sponsors an exhibition ol notebooks, charts, and models pertaining to Roman lore. Medals are presented in each class. At Commencement the Latin l-lonor Society awards the Eta Sigma Phi medals to outstanding lour-year students. Members may wear the insignia consisting ol an ULU, a laurel wreathe proclaiming excellence, and a scroll lor the study ol a classical language. lhis yearls register was headed by Virginia l'loopes, president, Marjorie Schmincl4, vice-president, and George Grube, secretary-treasurer. Miss Rauline E. Burton is the adviser. LATIN HONOR ROW 'l-Betty Jo Wiclcerham CQD, Virginia lmloopes C42 Wilma Leiniger CQD, Jeanne Riddle C4D, Eloise Green CQD, Jean Lolc CQD, Jennie Bieda CQD, Dorothy Ansted CQD, Marjory Schminck GD, Ramona Knerr CQD. ROW Q-Jeanne Stevens CQD, Katherine Retzlce CQD, Mary Becker CED, Dorothy l-larris CSD, Mrs. Burton, Elinor Retzlce CQD, Juanita Shultz CIO, MargaretFranlcC4D, Jane DienstCQD. ROW 3-George Grube C32 Eugene Rohrbacher 145, John Rogers CQ WD, Eranlc Morley QU, Anthony Rizza CQD, Frank Black C42 Robert Freeman CQD, Donald Lampe CQD. Note: The numbers alter the names indicate the number ol years the students have been members. ROW 'I-Mary Kirkman, Libby Simpson, Marie Ormiston, Phyllis Bell, Lucille Rickard, Jeannette Treter, Gladys Wagner, Margaret Frosch, Virginia Angelus, Jeanette Knerr. ROW Q-Wilma Frosch, Virginia Ciray, Mary Loveless, Lou Simpson, Irene Bauer, Jeanne Warwick, Alice Larkins, Betty Kell, Sally Schwartz, Ruth Gors. ROW 3-l-lazel Cook, Beatrice Brietschmid, Betty Lee, Mary Fury, Charlotte Melchoir, Marjorie Francis, Josephine Suter, Madelyn Reed, Jeanette Bernard, Charlotte Schow. UTANMHRA Budding artists Find their lellowship in the Lltamara where Libbeyls art students gather to study commercial ways and means oi painting. During the past year, the club has been busy promoting and extending knowledge oi their own Field among themselves. ln this line several tours have been taken to the l-loly Rosary Cathedral, to the Edison Building, where murals were viewed, and to the Libbey Owens Glass Company, where examples oi art-glass ware were studied. ln addition to the educational program the members have conducted a series of social events. Among the latter were skating and splash parties. lhe oiiicers for the past year were Lou Simpson, president, Virginia Gray, vice-president, Marjorie Francis, secretary, and Madelyn Reed, treasurer. Miss l-lazel Bartley is the adviser. lo win almost all the places in the Ohio State Fair Competition is more than any one schoolis share. But this is exactly what Libbeyis architectural students have done, ln addition to entering this competition, the club acts as a place- ment bureau lor the employment ol graduate industrial arts students. With Mr. Racker, adviser, l-lugh Rihfner, presi- dent, Earl Brubaker, vice-president, John Spurgeon, secretary, Jim Finger, treasurer, and Jack Spratt, sergeant-at-arms, as their leaders, these boys have carried out their series oi social events and business activities in the last year. The architectural members have attained the happy medium oi mixing business with pleasure, which is probably the prime reason lor their interesting club work. lo this club goes well-deserved praise lor to Libbey they are, an asset. ARCHITECTURAL CLUB ROW 'l-John Seibold, Edward Ritter, John Spurgeon, Edward Cumberworth, Bill Glime, William Baker, Neal Schmuhl, Brandon Neal. ROW 2-James Finger, Lorin l-lardesty, Elmer Boehk, Earl Brubaker, Mr. Packer, l-lugh Riiiner, Nelson Musch, Bill Jones. ROW 3- Bob Bridenbaugh, Orville Bauer, Jack Spratt, Robert Bauman, Bob Shurtz, Roy Retzke, Parks Mothershead, Evert Rheils. A ROW 'I-Margaret Wenzel, Virginia Ammann, Mildred Gomer, Phyllis Albrecht, Ruth Cobb, Phyliss Petrecca, Jane l-laertel, Evelyn Pettit, Evelyn Parker, Ruth Enright. ROW E2-Suzanne Schmitt, Ardis Leininger, Mary Sund, Elaine l-larper, Ruth Seibold, Miss Owen, Betty l-lilding, Shirley Arft, Geraldine Thomas, Ellen Cochrane. ROW 3-Marilyn Douglas, Virginia Heck, Fern Roberts, Eances Coyle, Laura White, Ruth Rupley, Jeanne Moulton, Dorothy Woods, Genevieve Wenzel, Mary Lindroth. HQME ECQNQMICS CLUB lomorrowys most capable homemakers are todayls Home Economic Club members. The expert advice oi the advisers, the Misses Gwen, Wylie, and Lloyd, has helped to train the girls so they may better meet their social and health problems, as well as to Fit them to successfully adjust themselves in later liie. The theme this year was HLiving Home Economics" and each program was looked forward to by the members because they knew something interesting and instructive would be offered For them to absorb and add to their store of knowledge. The girls Found that part oi the lun oi having a party is the planning ol it and the many charming hostesses arranged a Mothers' tea, an initiation banquet, and a Washingtonis Birthday party. Each girl in the sewing classes took pride in making part oi her own Easter outtit and modeled it at the Style Show. The annual Spring banquet concluded the social ahfairs. Part of the success oi the club was due to the eliicient management of the cabinet: Evelyn Pettit, president, Doris Ritter,vice- president, Genevieve Wenzel, secretary, Margaret Wenzel, treasurer, and Florence Meek, reporter. lhis year the members were distinguished by little black barrel sweaters with a black-and-white emblem in the shape ol a Betty Lamp, which is the Spirit ol l-lome Economics. l-IQME ECCDNCDMICS CLUB ROW1-Alice Banachowski, Jeanette Gauthia, Betty l-lorton, Delores Kujawa, Edna Lamb, Ruth Shovar, Kathleen Nash, Lois Carmean, Doris Ritter, ROW Q-Florence Meek, Velma Pueter, Meredith Becker, Virginia Kujawa, Miss Wylie, Frances Greiser, Naomi Guelden- zoph, Bonnie Klein, Anita Koester. ROW 3-Donna Pennhack, Louise Schmakel, Marjorie Wolfe, Virginia Cobb, LaVerne Anderson, Wanda Norris, Marian Malohn, Ruth Kulow, Esther Rojewslci, Rosemary l-ludson. B A ROW 'I-Mary Welch, Jean Milne, Mildred Warner, Ethel Gors, Winilred Wing, Miss Fiedler, Thays Dow, Tvvila Lee, Janet Walker, Virginia Colvin, Margie LaRu, Jane Steiger. ROW Q-Betty Simon, Charlotte RoloFf, Virginia Adams, Carolyn Zeclc, Ruth Gadt, Jean Schroeder, Thelma Stambaugh, Betty Wallis, Virginia Thomas, Jeanne Aldrich, l-lelen Willard, Jean Knott. ROW 3-Marcus Lenix, James l-leltebralce, Charles Klippstein, Kenneth Schoenroclc, Mr. Rusie, Neal Grabach, Kenneth Kessler, Robert Freeman, Eugene Rohr- bacher, Wayne West. OLOGY Rlanning a program vvhich would act as a stimulus to the nature-loving and scientiFic instincts ol Libbeyites, the advisers, Miss Fiedler and Mr. Rusie, with the cooperation oi the cabinet, Russel Wright, president, l"lelen Willard, vice- president, Ruth Oaclt, secretary, Carolyn Zeclq, treasurer, and Kenneth Schoenroclq sergeant-at-arms, arranged lor movies, lectures, and trips. The bird seed campaign, one ol the Finest activities conducted at Libbey this year, vvas sponsored by the Biology Club in compliance vvith the Zoological Society. All the students vvere called upon to donate seed lor the reliei ol the birds. On the social side, the members held a successful slcating party. ln our modern vvorld chemistry plays an important part. To see the many beneFits and uses of chemical equipment the Alchemists toured the Filtration Rlant. Their next interesting project vvas the visitation ol the Libbey Glass Com- pany vvhich provided a good time as vvell as a good education. A tallting picture produced by the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation vvas shovvn to the members. The Alchemists also savv experiments vvith liquid air, given by a man lrom the Air Reduction Company. Tvvo initiations vvere held at vvhich time the old members enjoyed Watching the pledges receive many tortures and physical discomiorts. The ollicers were Max Tadlocl4, president, Robert Schneider, vice-president, Caroline Rlontz, secretary, and Roland Murphy, treasurer. The clubys adviser is Mr. Vossler. LCHEMISTS ROW 1--Johnnie Ruth Smith, Virginia Bridgewater, Elaine Anderson, Dorothy Leclc, lla May Keiser, Caroline Rlontz, Ramona Knerr, Kathleen Scouten, Eugene Kauclci. ROW Q-Walter Baldvvin, Elbert Elliott, Roland Murphy, Edith Boone, Shirley Anne Bock, Mr. Vossler, Manning l-lanline, Bette Bock, Marion Petrecca, Kenneth Alberti. ROW 3-Bob Schneider, Frederick Metzger, Robert Stahl, Madelyn Young, Juanita Schultz, Ben l-lartman, Franlc Blaclc, Max Tadlock, Milton Bracht. ROW 1-Leslie Otey, Bob Chronister, Robert Marckel, Howard Munson, Gilbert Kenczwicz, Charles Brunner, Bob Siemon, Richard Drown, Francis lwinski, Joseph Cothern, Warren Karchner. ROW Q-Glenn Meyers, Bill Wells, Rodney Glesser, Roy Sunday, Lawrence Dickson, Mr. Sterling, Edward Weber, Robert Erkert, Harry Perrine, Ray Krall, John lwinski, Martin Topolski. ROW 3- Orvel Myers, Roy Beitelichess, Arthur Weber, Harold Dreeze, Walter Bogusz, Clair Seiple, George Metzger, Carl Stoll, Fred Bateman, Casimer Nowicki, Charles Thorpe, Ronald Qpfer. ENGINEERING lhey dream ol vast skyscrapers and giant bridges, for they are the engineers ol tomorrow. Led by Walter Bogusz, president, Richard Drown, vice-president, Charles Thorpe, secretary, Robert Erkert, treasurer, and Howard Munson, sergeant-at-arms, the Engineering Club has worked to teach and inspire the members ol the club. Capably advised by Mr. Sterling, the club has made many plant trips to observe the machinery which the members have discussed in actual motion. ln addition, various interesting speakers have been provided who lectured on the engineering Fields which interested most the group. But all the interest oi these young engineers have not been serious, For they have enjoyed social Functions which included dances, roasts, and several parties. Hereis a peppy club with an equally peppy adviser, Miss Gertrude Rayne. It was formed this year in memory oiand as a tribute to Mr. George Lawson, one ol our best-loved teachers, who has passed lrom us. ln order to give more oi the members oi the club a chance at leadership, Miss Rayne used this year the plan oi electing oliicers each semester. They include, First Semester: Richard Gail, president, Ray Krall, vice-president, Lorin Hardesty, secretary, Ben Hartman, treasurer, and John lwinski, sergeant-at-arms. Second Semester: Warren Schmakel, president, Richard Connin, vice-president, Raul Campbell, secretary, Jack Berry, treasurer, and Leonard Rominsarek, sergeant-at-arms. With their idol, 'Smokey Stoveri' and their password UFoo,H they come to us brand new this year, LQYAL LIBBEV LAWSCDNITES ROW 'I-Dick Connin, Jack Garver, Robert Hill, Herbert Krontield, Leonard Komisarek, Bob SteusloFl, John Wernert, Jack Bremer, Joe Losek, Norbert Knowinski, Bill Jacobson. ROW Q-Art Jurek, Robert Hall, Charles Klippstein, Joe Chester, Lorin Hardesty, Miss Payne, Warren Schmakel, John lwinski, Ray Krall, Ben Hartman, Melvin Deca. RO'W 3-Raul Campbell, Richard Gail, Keith Fenstemaker, Art Byrne, Charles Phillips, Rudy Helmick, Jack Berry, Jim Kopke, Zdzislaus Domalski, Robert Baldwin, Richard Hobbs. PlCTURE l-CRow 'ID Florence Posadny, Blanche lsetta, Winifred Robinson, Ruth Kamper, l-lelen Crandall, Pauline Miller, lrene Rudzka, Jerry Fair, Katheleen Gray, Delores Gregor. CRow QD Marion Gooding, Leah Belle Walters, Anna Belle West, Norma Graves, Vera Blair, Mrs. l-louser, Annabel Schroeder, Dorothy Croll, Ellen Lewis, Beatrice Czolgosz. CRow 3D Ethel Schneider, Betty Colson, Virginia Figmaka, Eunice Strabley, Betty Thompson, Shirley l-leinz, Marcella Reichart, Joy Chambers, Evelyn Glanzman, Catherine Fournier. PIC- TURE ll-CRow 'ij Sarah Toney, Maxine Densmore, Fay Grice, l-lelen Campbell, Ruth Bilinski, Claudia Tesluk, lrene l-ludanski, Evelyn Jurek, Olga Shnir. CRow QD Lois Hawk, l-lelen Artz, Shirley Da Gue, Myrna Rieflin, Virginia Drzeurecki, Mr. Toepier, Mary Arlt, Eldora l-larp. CRow 3D John l-lendricks, Billy Olinger, Bob Downing, Elizabeth Coleman, Dorothy l-larrold, Jerry Parkinson, Donald Spahr, Leslie Glanzman, Bob Buck, Roy Kafnper. CCDMMERCIAL Theory and practice are well combined in two ol our groups atLibbey, lor the members ol the activities department carry on the actual administration ol a great number ol actual school atlairs, while the commercial club studies business methods but also has a goodly share ol social activity. This year the Commercial Club is proud ol its reorganization and also ol its many members, who will be tomorrowis business men and women. Undoubtedly one ol Libbeyis most active societies the Commercial Club does much to spread interest in the operations ol business and to increase the knowledge ol its own members concerning the practices oi commerce and industry. Their program lor the year attempted to lamiliarize the members with local companies by means ol trips to plants and guest speakers who could explain the workings ol large organizations. ln accordance with their plan, during the year they visited the Driggs Dairy Company to view the machinery and methods used in preparing milk lor human consumption. Not only did the club view this plant, but they were also treated to the actual products ol the dairy plant. The club was also conducted through the bakeries ol the Lakeside Biscuit Company, where each member received a box ol cookies. Qne interesting speaker was Mr. Ross Billet, personnel director ol the Toledo Scales Company, who explained how the employer handles working conditions and endeavors to aid his employees by placing them in positions more nearly in line with their interests, capacities, and PICTURE I-CROW 'ID Frances Fall, Bette Sibold, Doris Kamm, Barbara Burlcard, Neva Stiener, Bette Curtis, Bettie Yeack, Ruth Priest, Ellen Ruble, Dorothy Sibold, CROW QD Pearl Wood, Marjorie Ward, Emily Mocek, Isabelle Lorenz, Ruth I-leiptman, Mr. Smith, Ruth Kreft, Lois Palm, Delores I-larp, Marion Scharer. CRoW 3D Robert Lawicki, Otto Bollenbacher, Jesse Zimmerman, Myrtle Gilman, Rosemary Gaynor, Virginia Stickly, Virgil Racheter, James Callaghan, Clitlord I-Iatlield, James Jacob, PICTURE ll-CRoW 'ID Velma Eberts, Verdine Lewis, Katherine Newman, Mr. Williams, Lois l-lemsoth, Violet Jacoby, CROW QD Herbert Ramsdell, Jane Ramsdell, June Meeker, Jerry I-loltz, Geraldine Wood, Dick Mann, Mr. Martin. CROW 3D Herbert Kronfield, Ben I-Iartman, Dick McEwen, James Enyeart, Jack Ander- son, Mr. I-lubbell. ACTIVITIES abilities. A second speaker Was Mr. A, J. I-lorn, Secretary ol the Chamber ol Commerce, Who told ol the Work ol the Chamber ol Commerce and its service to the community. Even though many educational activities Were enjoyed the club also enjoyed themselves by means ol roasts, parties and a spring skate. The success OI this year's club is due to the carelul planning and cooperation ol the Iollowing advisers: Mrs. I-louser, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Toepler. The olticers Who served Well throughout the year Were Vera Blair, president, Mary Arlt, vice-presi- dent, Betty Stetler, secretary, Neva Steiner, treasurer, and Roy lfamper, sergeant-at-arms. They have all been deserving OI the thanks ol the other members and oI Libbey I-ligh lor the services that they rendered during this last year. The hub OI activity is Room 'IOQ Where one can Iind anything Irom athletic scores to paper-cutting machines to postage stamps. To this group ol real Libbey workers Iall many ol the tasks, both big and small Which the smooth and ellicient running ol our school necessitates. A scene common to us Was Dick McEwen Ilitting about through the building publicising this dance or that show lor Dick has the title OI publicity manager. Katherine Newman competently IulIiIIed her job as circulation manager Ior the Edelian. Then, too, there Was that almost endless Work ol activities tickets payments, records, and distribution, which became the chiel concern OI Verdine Lewis. To Mr. Martin, and his splendid group we say, "Thanks loads Ior all you've doneln GLEE CLUB OO PICTURE lfCRoW 'ID Betty Helding, Virginia Franklin, Genevieve Franklin, Lucille Wenzel, Eileen Sauer, Willowdean Sawyer, Hazel Thompson, Velma Langley, Maxine Weber, Wanda Miller, Lois Farnsworth. CRoW QD Martin lopolski, Virginia Wagner, Dawn Baertschi, Francis Harman, Betty Kardatzlce, Francis lwinslci, Mr. Holland, Lettie Benedict, Ruth Cobb, Bob McLennan, Dorothy M. Taylor. CROW 35 Jimmie Walters, Marge Aemmer, Marguerite Winzenried, Royal Miller, Virgil Turner, Albert Finney, Kathleen Scouten, Evelyn Moslcala, Frances Moungie, Marian Mclntosh, Eugene Gavvronski. CRow 45 Eleanor Kruse, Myrtle Ann Gilman, Jeanette Rodenhauser, Marjorie Brownmiller, AI Francis, Robert Johnson, Bob Hamp, John Young, Leonard Semler, Wayne Clark, James Munsel, PICTURE ll CRoW 'ID Margaret Reddiclc, Gertrude Harris, Ruby Johnson, Gwendolyn Moreland, Addie Minter, Ellen Meyer, Eleanor Fisher, Ella Mae Cochenour, Alice Underwood, Ruth Enright. CRovv QD Sophia Czerwinski, Jack French, Albert l-larper, Jean Renshaw, Helen Hubbard, Marilyn Ruch, Sylvia Printlce, Peggie Wilson, June Yeager, Beverly Mehrling. CRow 3D Dorothy Walczalc, Claudia Tesluk, James Mault, Thelma Wolfe, Beatrice Roepke, Howard Krantz, Pauline Johnson, Elizabeth Mauser, Awana Burgess, Margaret Wynn, Dorothy LaZette. CRow 45 Vincent Dodd, Albert Redman, Eugene Langel, Nazarine Willinger, Donald Annen, Robert Scoble, Billy Lengel, Mary Dick, Virginia Janiclci, Eleanor Shurtz, Helen Dieball, Virginia Armstrong. HDO, re, mi, ia, sol, la, ti, do.H What better way is there to start the day than by exercising your music-making muscles? lhis must be the theory oi our Glee,Club, ior every day they have gone through the routine guided by Mr. l-lollandis baton. During the Christmas season the Libbey students and faculty enjoyed listening to the songsters harmonize to the beautiful strains oi the Well-loved carols. lhe Qrchestra and Glee Club combined their etiorts in the pro- duction of an evening concert given in March at the Libbey auditorium. Cn April First the chorus sang at Jones Junior l-ligh School. As a later activity the club participated in the annual May Festival. ln their musical achieve- ments the Usong birdsu were tremendously aided by their otiicers: Leonard Semler, president, Martin lopolsld, vice- president, John Young, secretary, Eleanor Kruse, treasurer, and Eugene Langel, sergeant-at-arms. The inspirations we have received from their music showed us that this yearis organization has been a very worthwhile and creditable lactor in our school. BAND AND QRCHESTRA l3lCTURE lfCRow 'lj Marjorie Cordell, Virginia Greenawalt, June Petrecca, Betty Clapper, Firth Dul'ley, Anna Polesavsky, June Eldridge. CRow QD William Day, George II H ld Wll R IIE l h t Owen Green CRow 3D Mr Holland Dick M'Ewen Bob Wagner John DeWitt, Webb, Richard Lang, Edwin Kopaniasz, John Powe , aro i , usse ng e ar, . , , - , , Erwin Lugenbuhl, Don Anderson, John Tansey, PICTURE ll4QRow 'lj William Meyers, Helen Bierwirth, Glenn Swartzlander, Kyle Baker, Elwood Muhn, Robert Wagner, Marion Will, Dick Warwick, Marcus Lenox, Daniel Milecki, Donald Glansman, Melvin Michalski, CRow QD Robert Harold, Betty Faust, Genevieve Franklin, Helen Jaster, Betty Taylor, George Jaeger, Lee Burhans, Harold Will, Elbert Elliot Mary Keller, Robert Scouten. QRow 3D Lucille Lugenbuhl, Virginia Smith, Marjorie Francis, Jean Murray, Dorothy Pxspaugh, Frank Tunks, Norman Steuslofl, James Warvill, Alice Knorr, John Knorr, John Spurgeon, Mr. Holland. CRow 4D Richard Wolkins, Kenneth Long, Jack Weech, David Steward, Robert Baldwin, Kenneth Kroggel, Paul Stewart, Harold Rickard, John Tansey, Edward Jasinksi, Gilbert Ernest. Hlhe Swing Bug, has caught us and we must watch out,H says Mr. Kenneth Holland who recently joined the Libbey faculty, Hand so l shall attempt to instill into the hearts oi the Libbey students a greater knowledge oi the Finer style oi music." And how well he has, ior it truly can be said that this yearjs orchestra and band are the most splendid which Libbey has ever had. The band, as always, lent its color and harmony to the Football and basketball games, thus increasing the enthusiasm oi the crowds. Beside this they gave several concerts during school hours for the students, one large evening concert For the enjoyment ol the public was presented, and they participated in the May Festival. The oiiicers were Jack Weech, president, John Knorr, business manager, and Alice Knorr, secretary. The or- chestra, during the year, provided a Fitting background for the historical programs given by the literary societies, and made several visits to nearby schools during the Christmas season. Mr. Holland was overheard one day making the following remark: Nl have been very much surprised. Generally, alter the Football season, the band decreases in number, but this year its membership was increased by five." This proves that his aim has been accomplished, that is, the Libbey students have become more music-conscious. OQ PICTURE I-CROW 'ID Audrey Fall, Thelma Malott, Marge Aemmer, Eleanor Kruse, I-Ielen Nostrant, Miss Clayton, Jane Dienst, Suzanne Schroeder, Ethel Gors. CRoW QD Virginia Ashford, Virginia Bollenbacher, Mary I-larrison, Eldora I-Iarp, Ruby Kruse, Roberta Moon, Eleanor Shurtz, Pauline Studer, Marjorie Pierce, Miss Maher. CROW 3D Betty Roshong, Mary Becker, Florence Coover, Emily Mocek, Isabelle Lorenz, Eleanor Palecki, Violet Pinniger, Janet French, Dorothy Woods, Josephine Suter, Betty Wallis. PICTURE II-CRoW 'ID Betty Baker, Betty Stamm, Norma Adams, Alice Gencon, Marian Corwin, Elva Sheperd, Elda Kimple, Eunice Gamby. CROW QD Mary Loveless, Marie Martensen, Jean Milne, Virginia I-Iamann, Josephine Schlagheck, Mary Dotson, Betty Taylor, June Petrecca. CRoW 3D Betty I-Iarrison, Betty Wickerham, Miriam Mehrling, Alice Papenfuse, LaVona Kopke, Leola Rodenhauser, Bonnie Jaehn, Kathryn Miller, Irene Wagner. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ,Member hoW the DeViIbiss mass meeting put the gang into,that Thanksgiving Day spirit? That Was just one oi the many rollicking activities sponsored by Sue Schroederis Hsports-loving gaIs.,' Not only did the members have activities for themselves, but they shared their lun With the rest of the Iun-loving Libbeyites by sponsoring skating parties and aiter school dances. I-loWever, Ior their oWn entertainment, the members gave a roast at 0ttaWa Park Wearing their bright blue sWeaters With the dazzling yeIIoW UL'sH. And the smell oi those Weiners Would make anyoneis mouth Water, Unable to Wait Ior Warm summer months, What could be more iun than Iooling the Weatherman and going sWimming in March? In betWeen their special activities, the girls have enjoyed themselves by playing volley ball, basketball and baseball tWice a Week alter school. QI course, this Wouldnit have anything to do With Hkeeping that trim Waist- linenl To climax the good times had during the year, the Athletic Association held its annual banquet. Ar this lovely aiiair, the girls received aWards Ior their Fine Work and cooperation in the gym and at home. Not only Were aWards such as numerals, letters, and chevrons given, but also several seniors Were honored by receiving special gifts. As the members oi this organization realize, lair play and good sportsmanship mean much more than athletic skill. From this standpoint, one can readily see that sports, along with developing the body also develop the mind, Fine characteristics are what ellect promotions and success in later lile. A strong body and character indeed are worth much more than gold and silver ever could buy. The advisers, Miss Maher and Miss Clayton, have proved the worth ol athletics in their Fine methods ol supervising the girls. ln realizing that the girls who would come down after school lor gym were interested enough to spend two alternoons a week lor school athletics, these two supervisers have put lorth a great ellort to organize the teams so that the girls might participate in tournaments. Of course, there are always some people-boys, perhaps-who think that girls know so little about basketball and other sports that it is, indeed, a shame to 'iwaste the gym on them." It might be added that these young men should take a little trip down to the gym to have those "she" athletes show them how to play. Perhaps an explanation is needed to explain the fact that some young ladies were seen playing tennis on the outside courts when there was snow on the ground. Well, no matter what the circumstances were, the Girls' Athletic Association was sponsoring a Hhoti' tennis tournament, which was being Hcoolecl oiln in the month ol November. The lollowing ollicers have elliciently assisted Miss Maher and Miss Clayton during the past year: Sue Schroeder, president, Josephine Suter, vice-president, Mary Becker, secretary, and ldlelen Nostrant, treasurer. ASSCDCIATICDN PICTURE l-CRow 'lb Mary Nadolny, Sylvia Mynicki, Jean Knott, Dona Klinepeter, Gertrude Parker, Phyllis Bell, Margaret Opfer, Phyliss l-lutchison, Norma Lolland. CRow QD Earlene Sword, Dean Fuller, Velma Langley, Mary Ruszkowski, Peggy Emans, l-lelen Green, Mary Wittman, Lisa l-lerrmann, Lois Bearss. CRow 3D Ruth Siebold, Eileen Folsom, Lois Wessendort, June Plount, Alma Pegorch, Jean Schroeder, Ellen Meridith, Richarda Szafarowecz, Bonnie l-letlebrake, Joyce Schlatl. PICTURE ll-fRow 'ID Sally Schwartz, Pearl Anderson, Virginia Ammann, Joy Chambers, Marjorie Knerr, Kathleen l-lartman, l-larriet Parker, Thays Dow. CRow QD Lucy l-lolliger, Gladys Dickis, Carol Venable, Dorothy l-lenneman, l-lelen Michaels, Norma l-lemsoth, Jane Steiger, Jeannette Treter, June Benson. CROW 3D Carolyn Good- man, l-lelen Snyder, Katherine Retzka, Marian l-lelmick, Delores l-larp, Naomi Malott, Elinor Retzke, Helen Jaster, Maxine Weber. .alfk-"ii,s 'H' Tffc. ,BE J 11H!Yte,'.k41 f '1 .1 ROW 'l-Annie Lee, Kathryn Dreher, Miriam Mahrling, Amanda Kime, Jean Renshaw, Caroline Rlontz, Dorothy Brown, Judith Weier, Dorothy Ansted, Dona Klinepeter, Margaret Kitzmiller. ROW Q-Donald Rydman, Cliltord Ferch, Fred Witte, Jeanne Gambrill, Suzanne Schroeder, Miss Costigan, Virginia Kuhrt, Jeannette Bernard, Joy Feemster, Doris Gamby, Dorothy Leck. ROW 3-Howard Krantz, John Eolwell, Jack Berry, Raymond Preski, Richard Gail, Bill Lengel, George Webb, Weller Shatter, Max Culver, Bill McCord, Roy Wittic . DRAMATICS CLUB HOuiet, everybodyl Curtainln With this admonition began each ot the year's three successful dramas. With HCab- bagesn, we were amused not only by the excellent comedy presented, but by the novel advertising which, in the form ot a picket line, greeted us in Front ol the school. At Christmas time, ulhe Empty Roomn, a performance otlered to spread the real spirit ol Christmas, Filled out the winter schedule ol activities. ln springtime our thespasians enacted a three-act drama, Hlhe Bishop Misbehavesf, Since Libbey has had but lew regular stage shows in the past years, students and teachers welcomed the members, otticers: George Webb, president, Joy Feemster, vice-president, Dorothy Leck,secretary,Annie Lee,corresponding secretary, and Jack Weech,treasurer, and the adviser,Miss Costigan. Welcome Music Clubl One ot the newest of Libbeyis many organizations, the Music Club, formed by thirteen followers ot the Muse lerpsichore last October, under the direction ot Mrs. Mills, is devoted to extending the appre- ciation ol music throughout the student body. The otticers For the tirst year were Dawn Baertschi, president, Audrey Connors, secretary, Virginia Franklin, treasurer, and Betty l-lilding, recorder. At its regular meetings, the club received entertainment and instruction from performances by guest artists, speakers, or some of its own talented mem- bers who Find in music an enjoyment. At other times they visited churches, homes, or attended concerts to gain further musical experience. -lhe founding ol this club has brought to Libbey a treasure that will never be surpassed. LJSIC CLUB ROW 'l-Betty Kardatzke, Jean Walter, Peggy Emans, June Eldridge, Donna Cornell, Doris Smith, lva l-lildebrand, Virginia Franklin, Betty l-lilding, ROW Q-Peggy Pettit, Winona Roether, Leona Roth, Norma Totland, Mrs. Mills, Marjorie Cordell, Gloria Brown, Dawn Baertschi, Genevieve Franklin, ROW 3-Robert Bauman, George Morley, Jim Simmons, John Burroughs, Edward Jasinski, James Munsel, Dick Rimer, Richard Cook, Billy Lengel. Sue Schroeder, George Webb, and Dick Gail, with a Fine supporting cast, enriched our Christmas season with their dramatization oi Uihe Empty Room., '... Miss Eberthis room is literally covered with great and iamous personages .. . The following scenes represent the historical productions oi the year. Bill Lengel, Frank Schoch, Margaret Frank, Betsy Saaliield, and Florence Coovertaught us to Hlfnow Qur Cityii in Miss Dushais Toledo Centennial play.. . . What had this to do with the making oi the Constitution? The Zets gave us the answer . . . As they awaited the news in the old Blade office, Mr. Berdan bids the Blade Editor farewell . . . indians are certainly civilized now, They no longer wear their enemies' scalps on their belt-notice the trophies behind them . . . Bob Cpeter Navarrej l-larris, Arthur QAnthony Waynej Weber, Lloyd Ccommodore Perryj l'larris, and Gordon Qlecumsehl Allen made their lives an open book in the Centennial play, 'IO ATH L si sf 1 .1 4 i mace 5 5 3 2 2 .i SE 5 9 I 435-f 'arm . L ,gs m...3,.g,,g,qi91f:N - '?' fW55TT9!f? ' fs 35 ' 2 2322 , MTLMM. ,,,, ,Am 'ixixxggi 1!2ffffp N V? ,. , -. - 1 - --- A JP 7 ,. ,.,, WY vs:-77'?'1X9'Q2' U -x.,-A "' 'igi' I lg li ,Z " -wg, .WY - mv - - X LMwr:,'.nf'f'vw'ff 8 wx lAZI . V ,., If .vwwmg ix we gf' N1 ,I , ' ' A 155,657-lgixg ,W 'NY' Add dh I-IU O8 RRY! I-IUR 39 7:3 ,uk 's f 9s GUI T PUB!-II NG! N -K R+- GI-I SMR. I BUY! 109 PPIINI' HI P f 4 7: h 'Rfk' ""f: J H, f. K.-Q Q S G PM QM ae Yi f i DICK WEBER MARVIN SNYDER BGB STA!-lL RAY MAGEE LEONARD SEMLER EUGENE LANGEL BGB EDWARDS JO!-IN YOUNG A thrilling moment in the Waite-Libbey strug- - gle in the Waite stadium.. Dick Weber is being swarmed upon by a mass of Waite players, as he attempts a l4icl4 from lar within the Cowboy's territory. 114 yf-xiQsiTy "Team Rahl, Team Rah!" comes the shout from the stands as the blue-clad Libbey Cowboys run single File around the edges of the gridiron. Cn the far end ol the stadium they quiclcly get into formation and run signals up and down the Field. Then punting practice begins, with the long spiral ldclcs going far into the end zone. The captains come to the center of the Field and in a moment the game begins. ln their First battle the Cowboys met Maumee in a thrilling game in which Libbey defeated the smaller team 32-O. Coach Houser sent the boys into the Woodward game in perfect condition, and, because of this, Libbey managed to come through with a hard fought Q0--6 victory. Training methods adopted by Coach l'louser from university and professional football teams were responsible for this superior physical condition. Following gruelling, hot-weather practice and expert coaching by Bill Orwig, line coach, and 'KBus" Harding, baclctield coach, the Cowboys met their greatest test, the encounter with the Fighting lrish of 4-....., Q I FRANK I-TARDESTY LEONARD RUSSELL CLIFFORD RUDOLRI-I DICK I-IUSTON RAY RROSO-IEK CASIMIR NOWICKI DON BRIDENBAUOH HENRY OLISZEWSKI FOOTBALL Central. ln a see-saw game in which no team seemed to have an advantage, the Cowboys managed to push one touchdown across the goal. This came about through a Central Fumble, which was recovered by Honorary Captain Dick Weber. When the smoke of battle cleared, the score was a 7-O victory for the Cowboys. ln a fast game with the eleven from East Chicago, the Cowboys won a victory by a large margin. The score was Q6-7. This game was a preparation forthe big Scott game. On Scotts Field an unexpected jinx came over the Cowboys' play and they were badly beaten 'IQ-O. This was the low point of the season, but with remarkable Fight, the team sprang back from what seemed like utter demoralization. Coming back with renewed courage, the team scored an impressive '19-O victory over Dayton Roose- velt. Although postponed by the stadium Fire, which will hinder the athletic system For some time, the Lima Central game was played and Libbey turned in another victory, the score being Q4-7. On the .-,-Q-.-! The longest run ol the Waite-Libbey game was the end sweep made by Ritzenthaler of A Waite. Ray Magee, Eugene Langel, and CliFlord Rudolph are shown pursuing the Fleeing Waite player. CliFFord Rudolph Finally made the tackle. 'l'i5 'Wins HAROLD MOSS KENNETH KESSLER EDDIE EVANS ROBERT ERKERT PAUL BOWES HAROLD ZINK MARTIN TOROLSKI IVIELVIN IVIOR VARSITY next week-end Libbey rose to the heights, aimost defeating the powerfuI Waite team on their own fieId. Libbey made the first score, with I'Iuston speeding over the goaI Iine untouched. With a Iong pass Waite scored at the beginning of the second haIf. After this score the battIe waxed hot, for Libbey still heId a 7-6 lead. With each team heId to a standstill by its opponent, Waite aided by one Iong run rushed through the Iine for the winning score 'I3-7. In this game, remarkabie performances were turned in by the two steIIar tackies, Snyder and Weber. The Iast and most important game was the annual Turkey Day struggie in our own stadium. The onIy score of the game came in the firstfew minutes of pIay when DeViIbiss scored from mid-field. The rest of the game was hotly waged, but no team came within striking distance of the goaI. The Cow- boys' Iast futiIe effort was a Iong pass which tipped the fingers of the receiver who stood in the end zone. Although they Iost, the team can pride themselves on the creditable showing they made against DeViIbiss. Giving unstintingiy of their time and efforts, the managers are deserving of our recognition. They spend Iong hours caring for equipment and aiding IVIr. IVIartin in various necessary tasks about the stadium, gym, and athletic fieId. Managers: Herb Kronfield, Dick Mann, Dick McEwen, James Enyeart, Ben I-Iartman,Jack Anderson. 'I16 NORMAN ZANTER RAY KRALL WARREN SCHMAKEL DALE ANDERSON HARRY' PERRINE CHARLES PHILLIPS NORBERT SNYDER LYNN GEGRGIA ECDQTBALL On the whole, the 1937 season was successful, six games being won and three lost to nationally recognized teams, Scott, Waite and DeVilbiss. Besides being successful financially, there was a great lesson in sportsmanship learned by both players and spectators. The T937 letter men are Captain Weber, Snyder, Semler, Russell, Magee, Stahl, Langel, l3roschel4, l'lardesty, Young, Edwards, Nowiclci, Kessler, Evans, Bridenbaugh, Qlisyewski, Erl4ert, Zink, Rudolph, Moss, and Bowes. Marvin Snyder attained high honors when he was placed on the All-City team and then on the All-State team. Bob Edwards and Bob Stahl were placed on the second All-City team. Playing a full schedule the reserve football team under the tutelage of lVlr. Jeffery and lVlr. Robinson, finished its season with but two defeats and five victories to their credit. The reserves are the boys who will fill the varsity positions next fall. Under careful coaching the players' abilities are brought out to the best advantage in preparation for a berth on the varsity. Always ready to aid, Doctor Ladd and Doctor Young are responsible for the very fine physi- cal condition of the many participitants of Libbeyis various sports. We all owe our hearty thanlcs to them for their time and un- tiring efforts. DR. YCUNG DR. LADD -11 7 VARSITY EGG-l-BALL-CROW iD Robert EdWards, John Youngs, Eranl4 l-lardesty, Ray Rroschelc Leonard Semler, Marvin Snyder, Ray Magee, Don Bridenbaugh, Robert Stahl, Richard Weber, Leonard Russell. CROW QD Bill Eetters, l-larold Moss, Jimmy Walters, Cliiiord Rudolph, l'larOld Zinl4, Robert Erl4ert, l-lenry QliszeWslci, Eugene Langel, Eddie Evans, Kenneth Kessler, Casimir NoWicl4i. CROW 35 Martin lopolsld, Norman Zanter, Ray Kroll, Lynn Georgia, Melvin Mor, Archie l-larris, Charles Phillips, Dale Anderson, Warren Schmalcel, Norbert Snyder, Harry Rerrine. CROW 4D Richard Mann, Jack Anderson, Raul BoWes, Dan JaronieWsl4i, Richard l"luston, Eranl4 Schoch, Richard Burzynsld, Coach QrWig, Coach l-louser, Coach l-larding. VARSITY ,, RESERVES LlGl-lTWElGl-ll EQOTBALL-CROW 'ID l-lerb Kronlield, Mgr,, Ed, Eloering, Bob Enyeart, Don Tibbits, Morse Esmond, Eugene Gawronslci, Bland Kerstetter, Ray Rresld, John Livingston, Richard Snare, Cleon l-lannaiord, Richard Gail. CROW QD Ben Hartman, Mgr., William Dental, Dick Trumbull, George Grube, Walter Reiger, EdWard Weber, James Koester, William Schirr, Fred l-ladorn, Don l-larris, Bob Turner, l-layland Gannon, AI Jeliery, Coach. CROW 35 James Enyeart, Mgr., William Glime, Ray Mason, Delbert l'lusted, Carl Berhrens, Charles Georgia, Bill Armstrong, EdWard SWantacl4, Melvin Squire, LaWrence Jamison, William lappen, Leonard Berzezinsld, EdWard Studer, Charles Robinson, Coach. l CDFFICIALS A group can never rise higher than its leaders. ln the athletic organization, Libbey has been fortunate in having as capable and efficient leaders as Mr. Stapleton, Mr. Martin, and Mr. l-lenrion. Until his very untimely death in December, Mr. Stapleton, as director of athletics, scheduled, arranged, and administered to all the athletics of the school. Under his direction, Mr. Martin was stadium and equipment manager, while Mr. l-lenrion, a former Libbey student, had charge of the financial affairs of the organization. ln addition to their other duties, these men arranged advertising for the athletic department. Because of their work, Libbeyis games always have had large crowds, which are essential to success in an athletic program, To succeed Mr. Stapleton, Mr. Martin was appointed athletic director. With his knowledge of the situation, Mr. Martin has followed the course set by Mr. Stapleton, thus insuring Libbey of continued success in athletics. Year after year Hchipii l-louser, through hard work and knowledge of the game, turns out power- ful football teams. Pxiding him are Mr. Qrwig, the line coach, and Mr. l-larding, the backfield coach. Through their united efforts these three men have developed a football team that is well coached in every sense. Beside being football line coach, Bill Crwig is head basketball coach. l-lere for only his second year, Coach Qrwig has caused Libbey to be a real basketball threat. Through careful coaching his team placed third in the city, which is no mean accomplishment. Mr. f-lardirmg has had charge of the reserve basketball team. With equal success, Mr. lfverhart's track and cross country teams have earned high ratings. Through his thorough understanding of every phase of track and cross country, Coach Everhart developed teams worthy of any high school. Along with track and cross country he also coaches the freshman basketball squad. Through the efforts of Mr. Jeffery and Mr. Robinson, the varsity berths are always kept full with new football talent from the reserve squad. The main task of Coaches Jeffery and Robinson is to teach the rudiments of the game to untrained freshmen and sophomores. Last but not least, Mr. Spackey, with his careful training, coaches the golf and tennis teams and has led his boys to top places in the city and state. Cn the whole Libbey is fortunate to have this group of expert coaches, MR. STARLETON MR, MARTIN MR. HENRION 2 MR. I-IOUSER MR. ORWIG MR. EVERHART MR. I-IARDING MR. SRACKEY MR, JEFFERY MR. RCDBINSON 119 CAPT AMMANN MOCDRE BOGUSZ BOWES MOSS BASKET Flashing bright new blue and gold uniforms, the Cowboy cagers whirled into action this year winning sixteen of their twenty-two games. Coach Bill Orwig, by long hours of drill, developed a marvelous defensive club, which no team could effectively penetrate. But for ill luclc in hitting the baslcet, Libbey would have stood first in the city league. Although they had a bad start, the Cowboys managed to place third in the city standings. Qpening their season with the Wayne quintet, the team, already showing their strong defense, defeated Wayne by a 35-Q5 score. With equally deliberate play the Cowboys defeated Tiffin Junior Qrder and Niles, Michigan, in turn by 34-30 and 31-Q5 scores. playing next the plucl4y Rossford five, Libbey managed to win a thrilling game Q0-'l8. Traveling to Bryan meant two more impressive victories, These pre-season games helped prepare the players for the more powerful city teams. With a startling defense, the Cowboy quintet held Woodward to the lowest score of any city game this year, The Varsity and faculty teams in a thrill paclqed battle. but because the ball rolled out of the hoop so often, Woodward el4ed out a 14-'Io victory. This defeat was the beginning of a three-game losing streal4, which left the Cowboys far down on the city list. The two other defeats came from the hands of the city-champion Waite team, by an 'I3-QQ score, and from the large DeVilbiss team, by an T8-Q7 score. After these defeats the team, showing dogged courage, came bacl4 into the win column by defeating the fast Scott team on our own floor. The Cowboys, led by Wendell Moore and Bill Ammann, scored a Q4-T9 upset against Scott. The team seemed to be hitting the basl4et more regu- larly now, but the sparkling defense was still their strongest factor, as the team continued with excellent play to win all their remaining games except the two last ones to the powerful Waite and Central teams. With their newly instilled fight, the Cowboys beat Vocational in an exciting 36-T9 game. ln a real 'IQO 'IQ1 ANNEN i-TUSTON STEWART i-IQFFMAN BRUNO thrill raiser, the team was victorious over the last breaking Central team by a close Q0-T9 score. The win- ning basket came in the last few seconds oi play to end one oi the most exciting tilts oi the season. Meeting their second loss at the hands of Waite indians, the Cowboys, although they played well, did not shoot accurately enough and ended up at the short end oi a T3-Q5 score. The team still smarting from the Waite defeat, took revenge upon the DeVilbiss Tigers in a close 34-30 tilt. Qpening up a brilliant otiensive, the Blue and Gold won a decisive 37-Q9 victory over the Scott quintet, in a keenly waged battle on the Bulldogs Floor. ln quick succession Coach Qrwigs boys then deieated Vocational and port l'luron by 44-QQ and Q7-'TB scores respectively. A Q6-35 defeat by the Fighting irish oi Central ended the Cowboys' iour-game winning streak and blighted their chances oi second place in the city standings, ln the last city game, the Cowboys clinched third place in the city league by a stirring Q3-'16 victory over the Woodward Polar Bears. l-laving been a strong tournament team always, the Cowboys were a real treat to the other teams oi the district. Luckily in the First round the team drew a HLJYQU and in ill? Second round the COWLPOY5 met It looks as ii the Varsity has made another basket and defeated the weaker Vocational team by a 39- 'I3 score, Then came the high point oi the season, ior by unexcelled team play the Cowboys upset the city-champion Waite team Q3-QO, when Boguszis ioul clinched the game in the last seconds play. ln the Finals the Cowboys were eked out oi the state tournament by Woodward. ln a hotly-waged battle Woodward managed to win Q0-QQ. The T937 players: Bill Ammann,Wendel lVloore, paul Bowes, Dick i-luston, Walter Bogusz, l-larold Moss, Don Annen, Bob Stewart, and Gordon l'loiiman, through the capable aid oi iVlr. Qrwig, who is at Libbey ior only his second year, managed to develop a basketball team worthy oi Libbey, aiter a period oi basketball depression. ERESI-IMAN BASKETBALL RESERVE BASKETBALL TOP RCW-Gors, Schmalcel, Ramsdell, Dybala, Ruble, TGP RCW-Coach Jeffery, l-lolerman, Lewis, Kerstetter, Berry Jaeger BOTTOM RQW-Pier, Bollenbacher, Eenton, Chicolini,Enyeart,lVlgr.Bruno. MIDDLE RCW-Topolsl4i,Schmal4el Geler Esmond, Eloering,Tibbits, Steusloff,Tappen. FRONT RQW-Eriend l'lolden, Jacob, Rydman, Eaist, Cumberworth, Gardner. RESERVE BASKETBALL s BASEBALL s BQWLING Down the floor they go, through the other team's defense, and the goal is goodl Thus does Libbeyis reserve basket- ball team show the effects of its diligent training under Mr. Jeffery. Starting with raw material, Mr. Jeffery has cheerfully tal4en these eager, fighting boys and trained them so that Libbey might have a bigger and better varsity next year. Equally as hard is the job of Mr. Everhart. It is he who coaches the freshman basketball squad. l-le talces a bunch of green, enthusiastic freshmen and instructs them in the rudiments of baslcetball. Some of them will go on to the reserves and perhaps the varsity. As soon as baslcetball time is past, one can hear sharp Hcracksn reverberating through the air and the roar of a multitude of howling voices. Yes, baseball, the most popular of spring sports, is in season again. Mr. Jeffery tool: his material and built one of the finest school teams in the city, a team that provided plenty of exciting entertainment for the onlool4ers. After a fairly good season, Libbey went into the district tourna- ment with a spirit that meant fight. Winning two games, the team lost out in a close defeat from Vocational. With a number of men returning, perhaps we can have a championship team next year. Less heard of, but none the less active in upholding Libbeyfs name, were Mr. l3lough,s bowling teams. The American League team held particular honors, for it not only won the league championship, but also had the highest three game scorer, Matthew Sobies- zczanslti, with a total score of 696 points. The National League team didnit do quite so well, placing directly behind Scott in third place. ln addition, Libbey stands next to highest in team scoring, trailing Waite, and has the best com- posite standing in the city. BOWLING RQWT Esmond,Jaeger,Muszynsl4i,Twinslqi, lwinsla Baker, Davenport. RQW Q-Weber, BACK ROW-Mgr. Eaist, Rerse, Maciejewsld, Cumberworth, Coach Sobieszczanslqi, Liberl4owsl4i, Brzezinslti, Dyba- Jeffery, Bogusz, Bartelheim, Rhoades, Mgr. Jacobson. FRONT ROW la lvlaciejewsld. Bowes, Auer, l-loclcmuth, l-loffman, Eloering, Rroschelc, Rogers, Schmitt CROSS COUNTRY TOP RCW-Karchner, Wernert, Kruger, Muttart, Spahr, Simonis, iz. lwinsl4i, J. lwinsl4i, Colwell, Rurwitz MIDDLE RCW-Baker, Qwczarzalc, Campbell, Mault, Comer, Leml4e, Ramsdell, Murphy, Long. BOTTOM RCW Dazell Douglas, Bauman, Mcconihay, l-leywood, Riddle, Kurdziel, Chronister, Mr. Everhart. CROSS COUNTRY ss GOLF s TENNIS ,, FACULTY BASKETBALL Flashing by its opponents, Libbey's Cross Country team defeated all its rivals but one, the mighty Scott team. Great credit is due to Mr. Everhart, Leml4e, Comer, Murphy, Ramsdell, Mault, Wernert, and Simonis for the way in which they strove to uphold Libbeyis name. Determined to win, they fought on to place second in the district, going into the state tournament with new zip and being barely nosed out of first place by the powerful Alcron East team. Both the golf and tennis teams had good seasons. Johnson, Durfee, Hennessey, l'losl4inson, Kaighen, Sweyer, and l-leiner swatted their way through in good shape. The golf team, also under Mr. Spacl4ey's supervision, was well above par, too. Dannenfelser, Pollex, Conrad, Hall, Morley, and Topolsld came out with only one defeat. After again capturing the district tournament they went to the state match where they fell to fourth place, Again faculty basketball had a bang-up teaml Everyone enjoyed watching his teachers win fifteen of their seventeen games, losing only to the Monroe faculty and our own varsity. Mr. Spaclceys boys really went to town against some pretty snappy teams, including Monroe, Sandusky, the News Bee, and our own varsity, who gave them their two toughest battles of the season. Our sincerest congratulations should go to Qrwig, i-louser, Rusie, Jeffery, Everhart, Robinson, l-lolland, and Martin, the players, and to Mr. Spaclcey, coach, manager, and consumer of much coffee! FACULTY BASKETBALL GOLF SITTING Mr. Jeffery, Mr. Robinson, STANDING-Coach Spacl4ey, Robert Rollex, Buel Morley, Bob l-lall Martin Mr l-lardlng Mr. l-louser, Mr. Qrwig, Mr. Rusie, Mr. Everhart. Topolsld. AJLQLQ S9-,, vii Y .'+f""' N, Mx, 1 nf' s.i Ai 'fV . wi! Sl! lil Q6 MRS. DELLA WILLIAMS PAINE Devoted and loyal to Libbey, Mrs. Della Paine has continued tlwrouglwout tlwe year to lend ner gracuousness and lwelpvylweneveryye lwave lwad need of lmer or lwertalent The Blue And Gold Words and Music by DELLA VVILLIAMS PAINE Tempo di Marcia, I I i 5 ,, 4-3 S JP, I I - I 'M . I 3 I ' 7 7 E 7? 7 E 'I ? 7 M 7 f II I I I I ' 4 ? f ' E QI J ig I IE I I I ' H J IJ J IJ 5 I D Lib - bey School, our Lib bey School, may Lib - bey T am,we'l1 ,5 .fo I I J "I1L.f IE' ,D 'I J J IMI I J J I I l O I I Wrgsflllrsfsa I Z hearts are true, As we sing' our praise of thee.-,,,...,., neier a cloud Be - dim thy gl rious riame.---1. fight for you As you con - quer - 'ry foe.,1.1......-. I I ff ,I I dy I. ,I I I. J' YI' JI, IME I We +5 -If I Q8 'G ,W I 3 i 'l l n I e Vll- Q I-'e ' E' gl' of A Dear Lib - bey School, thru all the years, May 4 But thru the years may glo - ry come And ... Our che ers, our smiles, will le ad you on As J 7 i s ' I l Q J J .1 JL 4 g -5 J f 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 F' 7 7 - 1 .J l 4 f ref gl 'V 4 l l 1 j H -3 -,L 5,5 gg 4 Q4 Jr r Q r 5 e 7 r gf it truth thy mot - to be. ,.,,.,,,.-.ll We are thy lead thee on to fame,i,,-.1 May love for our you to vie - tory go.,.,,,-,l Should ev - er de- fi J J 7 l J ' ri 7 p '7 7 7' S22 VH 5 M - i , .fi qi J. I , ti. vi hi Q X .L ' f x l Q g V if U r if 5 5 'V NPL' '55 sons and thy daugh - ters,i,, Sing-ing ev - er thy prais es so Al - ma Ma - ter,-,,-,, In - Spire usgreat lead ers to feat ov- er take us..,.,....,.. We will still be both loy al and T fi 1 fx 7 5 J 1, XJ 4 ' J H J 1 7 7 7 7 " 'ft 7 'f WSJ l I we ' A -4 5 7 ' , V 4 1 4+ -L 'i' L if 7 J LJ J I -J J E' Q I true,,-1-..1. Dear Lib - bey School, our pride and be, VVe pledge our hearts, our strength, our true,-1,l,,.--,. Our hearts will al - ways beat with J' ' J S ' J J J 7' 7 o 7 7 7 'LJ 7 Ll'-U' 7 Ei U52 3 J H j it i P' i xx f i L 1 1 ,, fn X-X - 7 V 9 5 FV 5, lf 7 .544 lil 7 H joy, We will al - ways fight for you. 1.,...,....,.- all , Dea,r,- Lib - bey School, to thee. ,i-1. -Boy Hoo - ray, Hoo - ray, for you.-,l,,l !.f ' . P. P P fi: 1 ig 7 7 7 7 'I PP PP P D ss j Q I y lg U ., ii ! s CHORUS I fx fsmerwllarl Our Lib- bey col- ors blue and gold, Are em-blems that we it L : J J J 7 EJ! L E 4 i F F !:3 f x '-xx ffxbailll J E' r E' ME' sf' lOV83.i....i.. They fill our hearts with joy and pride, As they 1 ,--1 P 'X :JE J' x lxi' 7 L ll J 3 7 "7 H i l F 3 l 129 1 fa1r,.......i T I p 5 'I I 'L' I b P P b 1... 1l J V Q' V EKU 7? IV roud - ly Wave a - bove.........-.1 The blue ev-er like the sky so J J .B 3.1 -, M FM 7 . , 'f 'F 1' 'b 3 J E Jx 13? r EV fig I F535 .511 ' he gold likethe sun s in-ing bright,,.,......,Will1ea,d us Egifhigf ll' d L . 7X5-Il .fl 3 lg., i i iii, Eg,,E71Ei,m i2' 1 3 MQLETU ww F r'Xa.rJ1Q ww 6 F j - 'ff vf 7? .--vi lvluiscleigglfncli SfZ1NdVf struts luis sturi belore time aclmiring Hlemsf '... It must lwave been time spirit ol l-lallovveien tlwat lured Ellen Ruble, Ruth Priest, and Laura White into tlie corn lielcls . . . Noi Your eyes arenit deceiving you. You're seeing l.ibbeyis double features. ine Graus, l-leiptmans, Hardestys, and Retzkes say, 'Double or Nothing!! .. . Come out lrom belwind tlwose masl4sl We can't even tell vvluo you are. l-lereis one male vvlio got into tl'1e Coedis Ball, ancl it lool4s as tlwouglm tlwat nose nas lwim too vvell concealed to ever Fincl outvvlwolwe is. . in tlne spring Setty postley and Caroline plontz turn to bicycling. Q The heads oi Elwood Rowsey, Manning l-lanline, and Joe Scharer lorm the I-ii-V triangles Get it? . . . lya l-lilde- brand spends many hours with the royalty in her Fine scrap hooks . . . It must he a world cruise theyire planning, ... ln the spring Laurin Kingis iancy surely did turn to something . . . John Rogers and Charles Klippstein have spent many companionable hours studying . . . l.ee compingthose curly loclcs? Somethingis up . . . The donning oi halters and shorts means old Sol has to get pusy . . , Alter malcing all oi you lool4 at the birdie, the Edelian Class Finally had the tables turned on them . . . lmlereis proof that Ruth Priestand Ellen Ruble enjoy lunch. Well, who doesnit? ERIKSEIXIS IIXIC. Headquarters for portabIe and standard typevvriters new and used, saIe or rent. STUDENTS' PRICES HOLST BUILDERS' SUPPLY TOLEDO, ol-no Let Us Furnish Your BuiIder's Supplies Phone MAin 2271 424 S. Erie St. 319 Erie Street PHONES. ADams ESTABLISHED 1858 Monrumzv 2183-2184 S L f CHAPEL The C. R. Bundt Co. Prescrzllltion Laboratory Toledo Medical Bldg. 314 MICHIGAN ST. 119. Zia. Eirkenixamp jfuneral iianme, Zhu. AMBULANCE SERVICE V . 1003 to 1011 BROADWAY Trilby Branch ADams 5 141 Toledo, Ohxo Comer Jervis SYLVANIA And ALExls ROAD TOLEDO, OHIO ' ' Kingswood 3772 I-Ine S. IVI. Jones Co. is a true admirer oI our spirit. ACE FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings HIGHEST QUALITY LOWEST PRICES W Broadway at Western MAin 6320 IUDD RH HARDSON D. F RICHARDSON I d nt 5 ESTABLISHED 1866 The Judd Richardson Co. INSURANCE - Real Estate MAIN 7326 136 HURON ST. "Better Be Safe Than Sorry - Insure with Us" BROADWAY BARBEQUE SOUPS ' SANDWICHES - DINNERS Home-Made Pies It's the Food that Counts CORNER KNOWER AND BROADWAY Harold Ramisch Bernard Friclc Edfgfi I, Q PRODUCED UNDER First ICE CREAM Approved by the Wim" 'Roll Good Housekeeping Bureau NOW IN EFFECT A Personality Beauty Shoppe C. V. Modern Slioe Repair 1516 WESTERN AVE. o Best Ouality .om . Reasonable price Open Tuefday and Friday Evening .4 WORK DONE Wl-lll.E YOU WAIT Q 4300. Broadway at Western FANNIE LOFLAND BETTY PHILLIPS 7 Kodak Films plfiotos Developed LLOYD TOMPKINS Gulf Gasoline Station Western 8K Anthony Wayne Blvd. TOLEDO, OHIO p MAIN 0033 1051 Western Ave. P. O. Sub-station lVlfAxin 4029 Candies Sodas Member Floral Telegraph Delivery Mary A. Warning FLOWERS 1217-1219 Broadway MAin 6231 lVIcINTIRE'S Electrical Household Appliances Tire, Battery and Appliance Service 1010 Broadway Phone ADams 7161 Toledo, Ohio GLENDALE MARKET SUPER STORE 2002 Glendale Avenue For Drugs Call WAll1ridge 0186 For Groceries and Meats Call WAll1ridge 3466 or 3467 FREE DELIVERY ST. JOHN COAL CO. 875 SPENCER STREET JULE ST. JOHN, Manager 0 BLUE RIBBON POCAHONTAS COALS 0 TOLEDO HEIGHTS Shop and Save PHARMACY , AT 1528 WESTERN AVENUE SOU.tl'12l1TCl S DCPK. Store v CORNER SOUTH and SPENCER Phone FOrest 0571 Toledo, Ohio 3 2 YEARS of HONEST MERCHANDISING FOTH 81 SON Mortuary '60ur Mission in Life is to Serve Wellv y 2310 Jefferson Avenue TOLEDO, OHIO ADai s 2814 CHAMBERS SERVICE STATIUN Sunoco Gas : Oils : Greases SPENCER AND ARLINGTON RIED CHAMBERS, Proprietor Telephone WA. 0127 Il WARNER COLLEGE of BEAUTY CULTURE Northwestern 0hio's Largest School of COSEMETOLOGY Donit be unemployed! Take up beauty culture and have a ucareern. Write for our new catalogue. YOU CAN PAY WEEKLY Day and Evening Classes 22lf H S reel ne. L' mson's MAin 0125 F. C. YAEKEL Q HANDY SERVICE FOOD MARKET 702 Wfestern Avenue ADams 5425 6 Libbey Appliance Company QUALITY MERCHANDISE - - SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 1241 Western Avenue Visit Our , , , Across from Refrigeration Service Show Room Phone M Ain 7921 Libbey High School RAYMOND M. SHELTON Summer School Opens June 6th and 20th Fall Term Tuesday, Sept. 6th. New Classes will be formed for Beginners and P for those who have had Commercial Work in High School. V Member F' T' D' Associauon ' Our New Building at Adams and Huron will be ready July Ist. . . ,mis Phone WAlbridge 0089 1405 So. Detroit Avenue Businessdcollege an Private Secretarial School MAR-VAL DRESS SHOP 1315 DORR STREET Wall's Drug Store Prescriptions Filled at Low Cost ' ADams 1788 1152 Broadway resh Milk BUILDS STRONG, HEALTHY BODIES MAKES ALERT MINDS The Doctors say: "Drink a Quart of Fresh Milk Every Day" If you don't know Coal know your Dealer I-larry Titgemeier COAL AND COKE V 701 Western Ave. ADams 3731 EOR BETTER HEALTH use PAGES CREAMERY BUTTER HDEMANDED EOR IT'S QUALITY" GEORGE F. BRUSS Cash Grocer V 1540 Broadway Toledo, Ohio WA L T E R FUNERAL PARLORS Electrically washed and cooled air PIPE QRGAIJ' . 1221 Broadway A. C. Walter Ph D. C. Walter AD 4105 WE TRAIN SECRETARIES and ACCOUNTANTS We assist with employment Typewriter Inspection Company INCORPORATED DISTRIBUTORS Fully acredited by National Association L C Smith and Corona Typewriters of Accredited Commercial Schools. Q ' ALL MAKES Sold - Exchanged - Rented - Repaired Open I D v Y ar ' and . A d E Phone 510 Madison Avenue mm My g MAin 2417 Toledo, ohio Mvfvf,-'esfrxq ffvc. 617 619 Adams ADam 8244 PETTIT'S GAS STATION Sohio Gas, Oils and Accessories D P lt I 0 Phone WA. 1673 THE ROULET CC. Manufacture jewelers METALS b PINS - TROPHIES 319 Superior Street I-I. R. TERRYBERRY CO. MANUFACTURING Fraternity Jewelery GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN O Hlllanufocturers of your Class Rings and Pins for 1939" LIBBEY Students and Faculty Patronize EMCH PHARMACY SOUTH and SPENCER Libbey Students Like to Make Ernch Pharmacy Their Drug Headquarters. QUALITY MERCHANDISE LOWEST PRICES THOSE DELICIOUS "Fried Cakes" and "Donuts" COME FROM STALL'S DONUT COMPANY 1108 Broadway ADams 6720 Acme White Lead and ColorWorks 146 SUMMIT STREET TOLEDO, OHIO ADams 31 15 Manhattan Potato Chips Krisp and Delicious V 2116 Monroe S ADams 2423 for 1938 "BETTER BUY BUICK" tl! DAVIS MOTOR SALES Buick Since 1915 MAin 3165 1211 Monroe St. S C I E N T I F I C EABQIQATQIQV EOLIIPIVIEIXIT FOR SCI-IOOLS, COLLEGES, INDUSTRIES THE RUPP 8m BOWMAN SCIENTIFIC DEPARTMENT 315-19 SUPERIOR STREET SECOND FLOOR GOOD FOR EVERY NEED MARLEAU-HERCULES FENCE CO. Manufacturers and Erectors of WIRE and IRON FENCE Detroit near Collingwood DICKINSON SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Individual All Business Instructions Subjects Day school for young Women, though we gladly welcome young men to our evening classes. 313 Ohio Bldg. Ad. 7310 I DIAMONDS Phone ADams 8331 O WATCHES 0 JEWELRY SENN Sz NEUER Jewelers vvv All Worlc Done in Our Own Shop 338 SUPERIOR ST., COR. ADAMS 2nd Floor Over Woolworth Enjoy the finest foods Patronize your Neighborhood RED E99 WHITE FOOD STORE Where quality is always high prices reasonable The Bartley Company WHOLESALE GROCERS Sponsors Red and White Foodstores Toledo, Ohio Toledo Blue Print 8. Paper Co. SUPPLIES Engineer - Architect - Artist and Draftsman 316 Superior St. HARRY J. DETZER TOLEDO, OHIO A Convenient and Safe Place to Park An Ideal Place for Night Parking While Attending the Show The Richardson Garage INCORPORATED 410 JEFFERSON AVENUE Across from the Secor Hotel 39 O SOFT DRINKS SUNDAES SWEYER'S Sweet Shop Formerly called "The Cooler" We Make Oar Own Ice Cream Fresh Daily Your Patronage Appreciated I 1444 SOUTH STREET WAlbridge 0249 t'Meet me after the Game at the Cooler" TOLEDO ARTCRAFT COMPANY Master Printers O at 129 North Erie Street GERTRUDE C. DUNN . 1,1 G ,1 1 H O' iff' rv a f' X .-Q? I ll ffl! 9 J ug! E1-16 C , HYOUR Big Paracle is juststarting . . . your march through lile. Ancl here is a little "tip" worth remembering: the correct light lor anything you do will add greatly to your elliciency, your health and your happi- Il ness. REDDY KILOWATT your Electrical Servant THRIFT Individually Owned and Operated DRUG STORES DOWNTOWN AND ALL OVER TOLEDO I There is One in Your Neighborhood EARL'S AUTO SERVICE 618 SPENCER at PROUTY O Sinclair Gas and Oil FULL LINE OF ACCESSORIES O Phone WAlbridge 2432 TOLEDO, OHIO STAUTZENBERGERS Private Secretarial School Inc. 317 HURON STREET MAin 3656 Day and Night Sessions Accounting v Bookkeeping v Comptometer Dictaphone v Shorthand v Typewriter' COMPETENT OFFICE HELP AVAILABLE THE B. H. BROER COQ Electric Refrigerators 0 Ranges Radios and Appliances 1921 WAYNE STREET Toledo, Ohio Phone WA1bridge 2970 STUDENTS forall UFFICIAL SCHUGL SUPPLIES Room141 FirstFloor Nnrthlanh Svtuhinz GECRGE WAKE, Proprietor Ojfcial Photographers for the EDELIAN 1938 Q 515 Madison Avenue MAin 1571 2 LIBBEY I-I1GH3 soHooLs CRYSTAL LAUNDRY CLEANING OO. Specialist in Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services Call Us For Prompt Delivery Service ADams 2188 TOLEDO, OHIO S38f4O'42 Broadway FAUST'WHITE ACCORDIAN CO. 711 ADAMS STREET MAin 3520 BONDS Student Lane FOR REGULAR EELLERS Ages 15-22 O Corner Adams and Superior Streets Waltnridge Dry Cleaners The Velvet Oil Company - Toledo l-leights Market Modern Shoe Repair - I-I. R, Segan Orocery - Petite Beauty Shop Newman's Sc-S5 Store Whitney Department Store - Benedict Woodward, Printers Davids Shoe Repair - - - The Deacon Webb Optical Company Compliments of a Friend Oray Beauty Shop - Al 84 Earls lVlarlcet From a Friend - 2616 Broadway 902 Western Avenue - 1938 Wayne Street - 2236 Wayne Street - 2330 Wayne Street - 'l8'l6 Broadway - 1320 Dorr Street - 1625 Broadway 335 Erie Street - 1923 Wayne Street - 6'lO Edison Bldg. - 'I327 South Street - 2234 Wayne Street FACULTY AUTGGRAPHS 2M,wf., fQMJ4M l A Clg9JQ.L,?SL-wb . ff V WWW A , wwlvgjfa N5 sENK3Rfmfm3GRAPHs ,ff4 WM Q ff IWW M x uv ,S if , My W ZZ i, ? . 4 1 Q - ' 5 3? ' Uwawpl Qi 0' - it 3 Cilaff 4. A Q f 5 X 3 , x' N W3 3 4 . V I -JA is L 144 T-, - E W M WWJN fp, - !0fWu2vLffVL ff A OL, ff I V, N ' r Y. XZ. N R A TQGRAPI-IS N 53 X f ff' ,V JJ! L0 f K J M s Q A N ."? 5 ,5 QQ- , . , , . Q, 4 , V --Lago., 0, . J H x Ktxu . A T, WM J h, :S .U L f , w 1- -Q I 5 "W I , I V3 I , . J -5 x X X 50 E Lf' 3 3 S xy L . . , wg ,I wk . . f ' -g 1 M LQXJJ T x Q N . n t QM ig ,M ps , -I Xygfg-ffK'gJ ,f324fLf,4L4 AL' ' . QD M 1 A, f CL,-J My fl? fav E QwmwfWm Ww?"jQ"9QWj4ff"f1CjUBE QUT GRAD!-IS if MWWEMQWM WM, vid WWWW WM M W WiLL , Mg. MW C D wlivwifyk Zzfffgff 5 ffw QE M My WSW Es? is MfSiM Mw3X E Q if QWQQFQQK ?X' 'ZWVNMB ik f fm M 3 5? WQWWW QA WW EGM wifggwwyv fwiffff qw gl iwww PM Ma xD L rx , f ' - 1 v A, ' " 'Q' I 1 , f Q I 5 fQg.2ffQf bs ' JU 0 'J My QQ, 2 -' -X flu N Ks .'. JJ' P , in I ij 7 I 'W 1 ' R . vw-K J ll s q , 1, . .Q . ,A v -X , "N'l'Mw ' P 1 . fy H , ,fb ,in Q 5 b A Z 1 Kxv, ,,xX. Xia fjiifi wmwwfffo M lf Q97 N xi' A Q m r' , f - ,. - , -fn! 1 ' T-'T ,I .X f T ' f 3 Q , 3 " A QR K f , 'ff ,, 'QJ7 's PN X I K , ' f i57!.x,Y,q X, A ' - J -P - AV Q V L u V ya, 1. SS L44 '34 J X , N , A Q W, Qv ' . . .fx 1 '- in - l, J Q 'JJ A .QLQ nrcxgif' 14 il - I JM'.jXp PM ' njgc , Q - ' H x 5 r a 5 PRESHDM7-W5X'U?6GRApHS Q fx -- -. T? F , 3 Q Ei a 5 A 5 N C 5' .-.X 4 Q V CV 2 AA J ,fx ' , QF-W N ""-QM X' , X 2 K if f 'Q Xa. P x rx ' ' 3' f- ' . ' 'Q F" . K N ,-.gh XX. R EV. 5 42, E xx m X v... T 5 fi 'I47

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