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Text from Pages 1 - 78 of the 1984 volume:

4 COMMANDING OFFICER COMMANDER WELBOURNE F. BRONAUGH, JR. UNITED STATES NAVY Welbourne Frederick Bronaugh, Jr., is a 1965 graduate of Wake Forest College, attended Officer Candidate School in Newport, R.I., receiving his commission in April 1966. Cdr Bronaugh ' s first duty assignment was Damage Control Assistant aboard the USS MATTABESSET. His other duty assignments included Officer in Charge of HHMS ARGO, Operations Officer USS GLENNON, Commanding Officer USS ALACRITY and Executive Officer of the USS CONNOLE. He most recently commanded the destroyer USS BARRY before assuming command of the USS EDSON in September 1982. Cdr Bronaugh ' s personal decorations include the Navy Marine Corps Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star and the Navy Achievement Medal. EXECUTIVE LCDR DAVID C. CAHOON, USN A native of Massachusetts, LCdr Cahoon received his commission in the U.S. Navy through the NROTC Program at Villanova in 1972. LCdr Cahoon ' s first duty assignment was aboard USS WARRINGTON (DD-843), Special Administrative Assistant. His other assignments included, CIC Officer aboard the USS FISKE (DD-842), Operations Intelligence Officer attached to COM- MANDER DESTROYER SQUADRON TWO STAFF, Attended Naval Destroyer School in 1977, and Weapons Officer aboard USS SIMS (FF-1059), Chief Engineer aboard the USS SAGINAW (LST-1188), and has served as Intelligence Officer attached to Commander Naval Forces Southern Europe. LCDR Cahoon assumed his new role as USS EDSON ' s Executive Officer on 28 July 1984, relieving LCDR Disney. HAIL AND OFFICER LCDR DONALD B. DISNEY, JR., USN A native of Maryland and graduate of the U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY, class of 1971. LCDR Disney served as Supply Officer. Engineering Officer, Navigator, and Executive officer aboard the USS EXPLOIT (MSO 440). Lcdr Disney served as Assistant Weapons Officer aboard the USS BRANDY (DD-943) and attended Naval Destroyer School in September 1974. Other assignments have included, Operations Officer aboard the USS JOHNSTON (DD-821), and as First Lieutenant aboard the USS SPARTASBURGH COUNTY (LST-1192). Lcdr Disney has attended the U.S. Naval Graduate School at Montery, Ca., and has served as Middle East Plans Assistant to the CNO. LCDR Disney was relieved on 28 July 1984 by LCDR Cahoon. FAREWELL! " We ' re going where? " " Back to the Great Lakes. " " Who started that Rumor? " " No Rumor. We leave in two Months. " " Oh No! Not again! " " Sounds Great to me! " MAKING PREPS We were just settHng into Springtime Weather in Newport and the schedule looked good. Just a few small Operations here and there. Thoughts were of our Families and Friends and the things we could do at home this Summer in 1984. Then Rumors were heard. The Oliver Hazard Perry was having Engineering problems and might not be able to make the 1984 Great Lakes Cruise. Who would go in her place? The answer soon came. " EDSON. " PREPS CONTINUE Hey B.T.! Make it flat black — no — gloss — no — flat . . . Torpedoman ' s Mate (TM) STGC J. CARTER STGl NOVOSEL TM2 MARTIN STG2 HRABOSKY STG3 GARRARD MWB to the rescue TORPEDOE EXERCISE ' Have you got it Howland? " " Hell no! " Sonar Technician (ST) AMMUNITION OFFLOAD WEASPONS STA EARLE NEW JERSEY. V Gunner ' s Mate (GM) " Now all E-6 and below muster on ammo offload handling station. " THREE GUNS, NO BULLETS Mr. and Mrs. Mc Curdy Mr. and Mrs. Lyon SPOUSE NIGHT ' Preparation is the key " Deserving of rewards, praise, and admiration is the woman who waits at home for the return of her husband from the sea. Her strength and sacrifices are not always con- sidered. But tonight we honor her, well done! AWARDS CEREMONY AND INSPECTION NUSC GYM ' But sir! I shined by shoes last week! " " Supply, standing by " Hurry up and wait TRANSIT NORTH The Transit North started out a little rough, but improved as we Stanley Tostige We ' re always on the alert! Transitting into the straits could be hazardous if not for our Drake SEAWAY LOOKOUT Liberty call, Montreal! Tanner on the prowl! " h ' . . !| - i r- " -1 • HM ▼ 1 THOUSAND ISLAND IP - ■»- - ■ ' " 7 j ' f t " TIGHT SQUEEZE " DETROIT m Montreal Cathedral The setting sun SPECIAL FAVORITES The photographers took special pride in capturing these scenes and as such deserve a spot all their own Look out! We ' re backing in. GMGC Clancy ESCANABA, MICH. EDSON RAIDERS Break time for Bescript RAIDERS ROLL CALL LT. QUISSENBERRY ETSN HOWLAND IC2 CONNER MSCS FARMER RM3 MANNING SMS NICHOLSON QMSA PETERSON LT. WINSPER FTG2 BESCRIPT LT. HOUDON SMS DRAKE GMG2 JOHNSON RMS LEIGHTON BMS WARD MM2 TANNER GMG2 PITTMAN SN TOSTIGE Says here, mail in Bolivia Can ' t fire-Clean iti It it ice, Ronny? vmm The scenery was great, the beer cold, and the visitors waiting. MILWAUKEE, WISC. SN WYNN r •■. The Windy City Do we still have a screw? CHICAGO Liberty at Chic Beach ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT M-DIVISION MM3 Petrie, MM2 Starnes, MMFN Mellegaard, MM2 McCurdy, MM3 Corbin, MM2 Wade, MMFN Kilburn, MM3 Thomas MM2 Lyons, MM2 Ortel MM3 Foreman, MMl Kizer, MMl Acker, MM3 Kent, MM2 Brady, MMFN Early, MM3 Ryan, MMl Kerchner, MM2 Lyon MM2 Reed MM2 Mayes MMC Foster and sons Petrie and Ortel Qk lT i. 4 t Aston and McCurdy BT2 Cannon, BT3 Kingsley, BT2 Shupe, BTl Leighton, BT3 Nolan, BT2 White B-DIVISION BT3 Anderson, BT2 Harty, BT3 Davis, BTl Porter, BT2 Shupe, BT3 Stanion, BTFN Buffington, BT3 Nolan, BTC Hensley, BTFN Jones, BT2 Horton, BT3 Colliano, BT3 Budihas, BT3 Vergason, BT3 Kingsley, BT3 Jordan, BT2 Hastings, BT2 Rosarbo, BTl Wakeman, BTFN Woodard Raebel and Striker Rayzor and BTC Ed Hensley EMC Drumm, EMI Burdo, ENl Bouttlette, ENS Shutta, ICl Myers, IC3 Parker, EM3 Wilson, ENS Bell, MMl Dumas, EN Bruemmer, EMS Guglielarmo, EMS Kosman, MM2 Tanner, MM2 Hayward, EMS Kegg, MMC Hensley A and E DIVISION The CHT Patrol HT3 Maloney, HTl Purcell, HTC Fusco, EW2 Villafane, IC2 Connor, HT2 Reuker, HT3 Murdo, GMG3 Pittman, SKSN Mears, HTl Friedel, HT2 Weaver, MRl Lezon R-DIVISION Willett at work OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT OI-DIVISION LTJG Petteys, 0S2 Hijos, 0S2 Midura, 0S2 Brunson, 083 Betz, OSl Taldot, 0S2 Poore, EW2 Thornhill, 0S2 Bryant, OSl Potter, EW2 Ellis SMSN Randall, RM2 Leighton, RMl Burge, RM3 Weller, RM3 Manning, SM3 Drake, SM2 Fraser, RM3 Marsicano, RM3 Ken! RMl Ezell Hardly at work OC-DIVISION I OE-DIVISION Mr. P. R. - ETl Guidry OPS DEPARTMENT WORKS HARD PLAYS HARD WEAPONS DEPARTMENT IST-DIVISION BMl Benz, BMSN Olson, BM3 McNay, BMSN Williams, BM3 Ward, BMSN Tostiage, BM3 Judge, BMSN Voyles, BMSN McKinley, BM2 Banks, BMSN Kormos, BMSN Wynn, SA Ortez, BMSN Struthers, BMl Theweissen GMGC Taylor, GMG3 Thompson, GMGC Clancy, FTG2 Pena, FTG2 Bescript, GMG2 Johnson, GMG3 Pittman, FTG2 Gilbert, FTC Burnett, LT. Hodun, GMCS Guzman »0- ' G-DIVISIO N -I J. yW f W.P E 1--- iL r - Jl " P J i... H ' Rl fiiK A S DIVISION I STGC Carter STG3 Garrard, STG2 Haabosky, TM2 Martin, STGSN Rodelius, LT. Strait SUPPLY DEPARTMENT SHSN Harrell such a deal for you SKC Buffington, MSI Magno, MSI Fisette, DKl Kimball, MS2 Ramirez, SH2 Andrews, SH2 Cummings, DK3 Hughley, MS3 Stevens, SHI Chestney, MS3 Coburn, SKI Schroeder, MS3 Smith, SH3 Stanley. Loading stores NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT NAV AD DIVISION QM3 Masse, QMl Tidd, SN Titsworth, QMSA Peterson, QMS Egan, YNSN Williams, PNC McGinnis, PN3 Fruit, QM2 Clausen, YN3 Morand, YN2 Morningstar, LTJG Bolick, YNl O ' Rourke, MAC Gallagher. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Maxson LT Bender, HM3 McNeil, HM2 Maxson, HMC Cantlin. HMC on liberty again EDSON ' S OFFICERS LTJG Schouten - 1ST Lieutenant LCDR Cahoon, LT Bender, LT Bolick, LT Hodun, LCDR Morgan, LTJG Schouten, ENS Kane, LT Quissenberry, LTJG Petteys, LTJG McCarthy, LTJG Strait, LTJG Held, LT Tremain, LT Johnson, LT Ashmore, Captain Bronaugh LT Strait - ever vigilante LTJG McCarthy LCDR Morgan CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS f»f? A ' . fti :«» itt ?. . ' ! ' ■ ' ' . i «L ♦ ♦ MMCS Tyler, ETC Ravnikar, BTC Hensley, FTCS Burnett, OSC Mulder, PNC McGin nis, STGC Carter, HMC Cantlin, GMGC Clance, GMCS Guzman, BMC Siegler, BTCS Jackson, SKC Buffington, HTC Fusco, MMC Foster, MSCS Farmer, EMC Drumm, MMC Hensley FTCS Burnett, STGC Carter, OSC Mulder Action Jackson MOORED HOUGHTON How embarassing! J F We ' ve done this before The friendly native ' s appreciation f Otxiw from fia om m SiL . i l eam-s ' We were not the only heavy guns WELCOME ' AT THE INVITATION OF THE COMMANDING OFFICER. WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE YOU ABOARD FOR A VISIT. WE ASK THAT THE FOLLOWING " HOUSE RULES " BE OBSERVED: • PLEASE BE CAREFUL TRANSITING TVE SHP • PLEASE DO NOT LITTER • ALL WCKAGES WILL BE CHECKED AS YOU CO E ABOARD. AND CAN BE EASILY CLAINED AS YOU DEPART • NO POJnCAL ACTIVITIES SPEECHES BATIERS. ETC. ARE AaOWED o ' Jl9 i! OFFTCERS Tl aEQLUTON . PLWSHABLE 797 BY d A WARM WELCOME TO DULUTH Miss Minnesota - Lookin ' Good Kool and the gang The hardest team we had to play A time for all to relax But it ' s only my first drink w w H O O N CLEVELAND m SWIM CALL ERIE But Dear, I ' ve got to stay 5 more minutes How did we get off this time? Church, a qualified tour guide A time for learning Always time for a game Look Ma! I ' m getting this much this week. I ' m lost A Sunday cruise What are we doing out here? Stroke McNay and Rhodes BUFFALO Buffalo Jills visit the big Ed PORT COLBURN Free beer and food Betsy gets a private tour Skid row Imagine that Smile if your drunk The gangs all here OS 2 Betz OSWEGO Larry - hard at work? Some of us really enjoyed the speedway whether we saw it or not 7 MONTREAL " ' T • ' ' K- l ? - ¥!iii£ . The city of Montreal The people Downtown CRUISE TRIVIA OF 1984 GREAT LAKES TOUR Fuel - inport steaming we used 403,356 gallons at the rate of 403.8 gallons per hour with the total of 999 hours Underway steaming was 546 hours, used 411,464 gallons at the rate of 753.6 gallons per hour We received a total of 816,419 gallons of fuel and at the average cost of $1.00 per gallon it cost us $816,419.00. We used 814,820 gallons in all. Our average was 71.6 gallons per mile underway. Total steaming time was 1545 plus hours From Newport to Newport it is 5750 nautical miles Revolutions on 1 and 2 shafts combined was 6,864,258 turns Received over 110,000 visitors 1ST naval ship in history to get a parking ticket - in Escanaba We have two distilling plants onboard and they made 147,825 gallons of fresh drinking water and 778, 710 gallons of feed water for our 1200 lbs. boilers The supply department sold 24,000 cans of soda at .35(t: a can it amounts to $8,400.00 Other items sold were: 1,000 white hats 4,000 Edson ball caps 1,500 Edson adult T-shirts 1,500 Edson youths T-shirts 1,000 Edson towels 1,000 Edson patches 400 Edson lighters 500 Edson pictures 300 Edson mugs 100 Edson Belt buckles 50 Edson clocks The cooks also had their hands full by serving a little over 50,000 meals including crew and guests 64 ALMOST HOME NEED I SAY MORE 67 MM2 Ray Lyon CRUISE BOOK STAFF MM2 John McCurdy, MM3 Rick Petrie, MM2 Larry Brown RMl Ottis Burge and BTl Edgar Wakeman CREDITS OIC: LT. Robert E. Held EDITOR: MMC(SW) W. M. Hensley ASST. EDITOR: MM2 Ray Lyon MM2 John McCurdy ART WORK: QM2 Claude Masse PHOTOGRAPHERS MMC W. Hensley MM2 J. McCurdy EN3 A. Shutta MM2 L. Brown MM3 R. Petrie BTl E. Wakeman MM2 R. Lyon MMFA A. Daher HTl W. Friedel HT3 P. Maloney RMl O. Burge Editor ' s Note It is with the sincerest appreciation that I thank all of those who contributed so much of their time and effort to putting this cruise book together. It took time, sacrifice, and hard work to collect the materials, plan the layouts, type the copy, and produce a cruise book that we could be proud of. To the crew, I thank you for your contributions and patience. Enjoy. - Qi C j yrp cQsuj) WALSWORTHyWy CRUISE BOOK OFFICE PUBLISHING III ' 203 West Little Creek Road COMPANY AAA Norfolk. Virginia 23505 Mtroline. Mo. U.S. . i f H • - I)- «— ■ T c 1 r x. - .y

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