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This page TOP LEFT- Seniors Paul Stag, Traci Hutchlngon and Chuck Fay ham it up for a FLIGHT photographer. MIDDLE LEFT- Seniors Beth Hamilton, Jodi Ponsteln, Carolyn Schroeder and Janet Hudgon hang out in the courtyard. MIDDLE- Kristin Sayer, 12, makes an interesting point to Arlck Rushing, 12, while fellow senior Mike Vasllnek contemplates life. MIDDLE RIGHT- Shannon Jamieson, 10, studies for her art humanities mid-term. LOWER RIGHT- Ann Kitchen, 12, Danielle Franchl, 11, and Darlene Scanlon, 12, are caught in the act of sorting underclass pictures. Opposite page UPPER LEFT- Seniors enjoying their lounge. UPPER RIGHT- Anngle Prysak, 12, showing off that Hollywood smile. CENTER LEFT- The yearbook staff as they really look. CENTER RIGHT- Jennifer Roulo, 11, and Ron Wyka, 10, fighting over a pencil. LOWER LEFT- Seniors Maryann Mllczuk and Martha Saillant being productive in art lab. LOWER RIGHT- Sam Torrlce, 12, Jodi Ryder, 12, and Lisa Holman, 12, show off college sweats of their prospective favorite colleges. 2 rr) This page TOP HALF- The nerds of second lunch. CENTER LEFT- Seniors show their spirit on Senior Pride Day. CENTER RIGHT- Julie Hellsek, 9, loves Michigan State. LOWER LEFT- Seniors Debbie Rousseau, Elayna Alabakoff, and Carmen King look cool with their hats and shades. Opposite page CENTER LEFT- Maureen O’Donnell, 10 smiles for the camera. CENTER RIGHT- Mark Stewart, 12, Craig McCardell, 10, and Sean Kane, 9, advertise their favorite colleges. LOWER RIGHT- The nerds gather for a photo during first lunch. LOWER LEFT- Seniors Rob Fryz, Von Walter and Rich Firth looking good. 6Nerds Dominate Spirit Week Monday, October 14, kicked off the fifth annual Spirit Week. This day was Nerd Day. The students had the opportunity to dress as nerds. They wore colors that clashed, unmatched socks, plaids that didn’t match, bell bottoms, shirts that were too small, shirts with large pointed collars, clogs, and sandals with socks. They wore Grandma’s reading glasses on the ends of their noses, covered themselves with band-aids, and stuck calculators and pens in their shirt pockets. The most popular day was College Day. Students donned sweatshirts with their favorite colleges printed on them. Michigan State and the University of Michigan were the colleges seen the most. Another popular day was Hat and Shades Day. Cowboy hats, shower caps, baseball caps, Mickey Mouse ears, hard hats, and baseball caps with animals on the front were worn by students. Sunglasses ranged from punk to 50’s style. Senior Pride Day Underclass Sweats Day was Thursday, Oct. 17. Seniors showed their pride and spirit by dressing up in their best dresses and suits. Underclassmen wore their most comfortable sweats, new or old. In honor of the Homecoming football game, Friday was Black and White Day. Many dressed in the school’s colors and bought spirit towels. The Homecoming Dance followed the football game. Ann and Susan Kitchen 7This page TOP- Mike Reyes, 12, Kevin Ramsdell, 12, Dave Chase, 11, and Lee Hunt, 11, help senior Dan Pllnka practice for Big Time Wrestling. UPPER RIGHT- Senior Cheryl Baker likes her sushi medium-rare. MIDDLE RIGHT- Matt Cross, 10, frequents Mel Far Ford. LOWER RIGHT- Duane Smith, 12, wishes he could wait for his counselor all day. LOWER LEFT- Seniors Jill Mattem and Margaret McAvoy in a vain attempt to be modest. MIDDLE- Kris Lindner, 10, likes skipping lunch to do homework. Opposite page TOP LEFT- Seniors Katy McNaughton, Lisa Cameron, Rachel Reeves, and junior Laura McLean skip lunch to listen to a concerto grosso. TOP RIGHT- Seniors Lynne Roza and Cynthia Ouellette still wish they could do an art speech. UPPER RIGHT- JoAnn Serrapere, 12, enjoys Big Time Sumo Wrestling. LOWER RIGHT- Seniors Rahnl Cooper and Chris Holmes accepting an offer to listen to a concerto grosso. MIDDLE- Senior Anne Simpson wishing she could listen, too. BOTTOM RIGHT- Edsel students reading Ladies’ Home Journal. BOTTOM LEFT- Seniors Vince La Gosh and Mark Stewart wish they could wait in line longer. MIDDLE LEFT- Freshmen Kristen Sawlckl, Frances Duffy, Amy Parravano, Nicole Tlthof, and Mary Randlnltls discussing whole milk and Crunchberries as opposed to skim milk and Cap’n Crunch.T-Bird Triumph; Tithof Takes All Anniversary Court: Carol Goll, Marla Palmer, Beth Hamel, Ann Kitchen, and Queen Jaclde Tithof. The thirtieth anniversary T-Bird triumph on October 18 set the mood for announcing this year’s Homecoming queen. The ceremony took place in Thunderbird Hall during the Homecoming dance. Weather conditions forced half-time activities to be held later that evening. Even though the weather was unfavorable, cheerleaders and Edsel fans were still filled with Thunderbird spirit. Shelley Furgerson, the previous year’s queen, was honored to crown this year’s Homecoming queen, Jackie Tithof! Tithofs classmates, Carol Goll, Beth Hamel, Ann Kitchen, and Marla Palmer, fulfilled her court. Mark Grueber, Dan Duffy, Mark Stewart, Jeff Parker, and Danny Moss were escorts. “Straight from the Heart’’ was the theme of the dance. Da, Da, Da Productions supplied the entertainment. The Homecoming game continued the success of Edsel’s football team, as Edsel destroyed Taytor Truman 20 to 6. Nothing could stop the overpowering offense of T-Bird strategy, not even the downpours of rain throughout the game. Homecoming spirit was revealed through the time spent on class banners and the senior float. Gass banner parties involved more students with their class, and this resulted in more Edsel spirit. Queen Jackie Tithof humors her feelings of being Homecoming queen by stating, “It was a privilege and an honor that put me on ‘cloud nine’ for a night. The royal effects wore off when my dad made me rake the lawn on Sunday!”E0MSHES pi? agSS Oil J SENIORSOpposite page UPPER LEFT- Kristen Salt, 11, just can’t keep her mouth shut at lunch. UPPER RIGHT- Seniors Carolyn Schroeder and Jodi Ponstein share a friendly hug. CENTER- Chris Rlnna, 12, Rob Marano, 10, and Dan Enos, 12 converse during lunch. LOWER RIGHT- Juniors Maria Panaglotides, Lynda Fritz, Stacey Dickson and Anne Simpson, 12, pose for a FLIGHT photographer. LOWER LEFT- Seniors Lisa Cameron and Kyung Ja Llm face the fate of being cornered. This page UPPER LEFT- Dave Tulas, 12, doing the John Travolta strut. UPPER RIGHT- Sophomore Ron Wyka an f his dance partner, Marano, at the Welcome Wiggle. LOWER RIGHT- Seniors show their superiority. LOWER LEFT- Seniors Sharon Balazy and Kim Boyle flash their pretty smiles for the camera. CENTER- Seniors Mark Johnson and Jim Daoust show off their buzz hairdos.This Page UPPER LEFT- Cindy Ouelette, 12, and Jeff Parker, 12, doing the newest dance step. MIDDLE CENTER- Senior Elayna Alabakoff listen to the flowers. UPPER RIGHT- Sophomore Cindy Vroegop, junior Sabrina Gaddy, and Lisa Leight, 12, enjoying the wild plant life. FAR LEFT- Seniors Sharon Balazy, Diane Novak and Rachel Reeves looking great on Senior Pride Day. LOWER CENTER- Arick Rushing, 12, makes sure the tree is healthy. FAR RIGHT- Dave Damian, 9, and his loyal harem. LOWER RIGHT- Dawn Clark, 12, studies hard at lunch. Opposite page TOP- Senior and junior friends enjoying the rain at the Dearborn game. MIDDLE LEFT- Sophomores Debbie Grantham, Dawn Grau, Mary Furca, Julie Purvis-Smitb, Stacy Dulude pose with certain sex appeal. FAR RIGHT- Rowdy seniors playing games at lunch. LOWER LEFT- Seniors Sandy Mallia, Curt Wydendorf, Kim Boyle, and Wendy Hoffman playing the statue game. MIDDLE CENTER- Amy Wall, 12, enjoying school. LOWER RIGHT- Seniors Darlene Scanlon and Laura Trudear caught in the parking lot. 14eademics Academics academics academics academics academics academics academics acad academics acad academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academicsacaoemicsacaoemics acaoemic academics academics academics academics academic academics academics academic»; ACAftcmircThis Page UPPER LEFT- Mrs. Dorothy Kurtz busily at work in the main office. UPPER MIDDLE- Mrs. Beverly Bazzy puts her caller on hold to give a slight smile. UPPER RIGHT- Dr. Richard Seavitt looking regal. MIDDLE- Mrs. Sharon McIntosh is not too busy to put on a “happy face' for the Flight photographer. LOWER LEFT- Mrs. Margaret Gonzales always brightens everyone’s day with a bright grin. LOWER CENTER- Mrs. Eileen Prinsen is giving one of those looks that makes a cloudy day sunny. LOWER RIGHT- Mr. Graham Porter smiles because he knows he is one of the few original employees at Edsel. Opposite page UPPER LEFT- Mrs. Judith Coebly, the new assistant principal emits confidence. UPPER RIGHT- Mrs. Lorraine Young takes a break to pose for her picture. MIDDLE RIGHT- Mrs. Loretta Carmichael thumbs through the student index with a happy smile. 18Administration Edsel Ford High School is an educational institution. An important cog in the wheel of learning is a school’s administrative staff. It can make the difference between a strong, learning center or a place where young adults are simply forced to attend. At Edsel Ford High School most students believe they have an exceptional administration. Dr. Richard Seavitt, principal, supervises the personnel. He makes sure that students get the best teachers for a complete education. Mr. Graham Porter is an assistant principal. His area of expertise is class arrangements and scheduling of students. Mrs. Judith Coebly is also an assistant principal. She supervises the student office and deals with disciplinary actions. Behind every good administration is the helpful secretarial staff. They keep the offices in order. Mrs. Dorothy Kurtz is Dr. Seavitt’s secretary, and Mrs. Eileen Prinsen is Mr. Porter’s secretary. Mrs. Beverly Bazzy is the bookkeeper. Mrs. Mamie Buscetta, Mrs. Margaret Gonzalez, and Mrs. Sharon McIntosh also works in the office Assisting Mrs. Coebly in the student office are secretaries Mrs. Loraine Young and Mrs. Loretta Carmichael. Dr. Robert Young, new principal at Edsel Ford High School. The students and the faculty at Edsel Ford High School were sad to see one of Edsel’s most prominent administrators retire at the end of the first semester, January, 1986. Dr. Seavitt, principal at Edsel Ford, packed his bags and traveled with his wife, Pauline, to Florida, with their mobile home right behind. After Florida, the Seavitts’ journey plans will see them on their way throughout much of the Southwest. 19Industrial Arts Prepares Students There are ten different industrial art classes at Edsel Ford. One of the outstanding classes, graphic arts and printing, is taught by Mr. Robert Dietzler. It is involved in many publications at Edsel, such as the newsletters for parents and the programs for all the sports events and drama presentations. It is also involved in the printing of the school paper, the BOLT. Other teachers and their classes are: Mr. Stan Barnett, wood and construction; Mr. Robert Connors, drafting; Mr. Howard Gilmore, welding and machine shop; Mr. Max Reimer, auto service; Mr. Dan Turner, auto mechanics; and Mr. James VanLandegend, cooperative education coodinator. THIS PAGE: TOP- Mr. Robert Dietzler, Mr. Robert Conners, Mr. Howard Gilmore, Mr. Stan Barnett, Mr. Dan Turner, Mr. Max Reimer, Mr. James Vanlandegend. MIDDLE LEFT- Brian Baith, 11, wonders where the ON switch is. MIDDLE R1GHT- Kevin Roberts, 12, gets a hot tip. MIDDLE RIGHT- Sarah Shambleau, 11, and Jody Daoust 11, are happy to be in a class full of guys! OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP- The culinary gourmets of Edsel Ford High School. BOTTOM LEFT- Cook Juanita Wade is proud of her chilli. BOTTOM CENTER- Norma Turgeon is happy with her new cash register. BOTTOM RIGHT- The helpful locker room attendants: Claire Barry, Craig Cybert, and Rita Winkelbauer. 20Helpful People Serve Friendliness FRONT ROW: Juanita Wade, Dave Julian. MIDDLE ROW: Dolores Dahem. Wanda Bialczyk, Carol Ewing, Maria Cunningham, (substitute), Norma Turgeon, BACK ROW: Judi Baran, Amy Warren, Carol Natkowski, and Judy Canfield, (not pictured Rose Marie Spadafora). Without the aid of each of these fine people, from the “yummy” lunches to the fresh towels after swimming class, Edsel Ford would be at a loss. 21Communication: Focal Mr. Fred Chadwick Mr. Neil Brown Mr. Duane Machak Mrs. Maria Lindsay Mr. Martin Holtgrieve Mrs. Linda Kessler Mr. Patrick Daly Mr. James Ankenbrandt Mrs. Betty Letsche Edsel Ford is the only high school in Dearborn which conducts an English humanties program. Students learn about art and music as part of the English curricula. Each week, one day of art and day of music is taught, with three days for English. The humanities program begins in the sophomore year. Freshmen must pass two semesters of basic English before advancing to the humanities program. Requirements for graduation in English humanties are: 1. Passing six semesters of English humanities. 2. Six art projects, along with six art papers. 3. Music humanities understanding. 4. The reading and understanding of numerous books, such as Huckleberry Finn. 5. Grammar comprehension, including punctuation, capitaliza- tion and others areas. 6. Drama, for example Oedipus, Antigone, and also Shakespeare’s MacBeth. 7. Poetry. 8. Short Stories. Of course, these are just a few of the areas undertaken. THIS PAGE: MIDDLE RIGHT- A freshmen English class “pretends” to study the basics of English. BOTTOM RIGHT- Joelle Freas, 11, inconspicuously shows her feeling towards the English humanities program. OPPOSITE PAGE: MIDDLE LEFT- Ron Wyka.10, and Chris Bierman.il, strangle each other to relieve the pressures of English humanities. MIDDLE RIGHT- Cory Shafer,9, begs for mercy from Sharon Montanaro.10, for not using Downy when washing her pet duck! Jason Marion,9, and Jill Mattern,12, stand softner shocked! BOTTOM LEFT: Marina Reba.10, Gretchen LeFranc.10, Katie Hamel, 10, and Erica Brandt, 10, get ready to start their first art project. BOTTOM RIGHT- Kristen Sayer,12, and Dave Pikula,12, try to convince English teachers to read Tarzan in the humanities program. Better try a petition, Seniors! 22Point for Humanities Mr. Lynn Langley Mrs. Karen Clements Miss Grace Kovatch Mr. Ronald Stuart Mr. Robert Morency Mr. Gerald Zitny Mr. Donald Patrick Mrs. Belinda Fenby Mr. Steven Vafeas 23English Electives Fun and Educational Mr. Gary Weinsheimer Mrs. Lee McFarlin Mr. Allen Harris Mr. Lynn Langley Mrs. Maria Lindsay Mr. Duane Machak Mr. Ronald Stuart Mr. Neil Brown Miss Grace Kovatch Mr. Tom Barrett The Edsel Ford High School English Department offers many different electives in its curriculum, including Play Production, Leadership Training, Film Study, Reading Improvement, PACE, Speech, Forensics, Debate, Introduction to Journalism, Newstaff and Yearbook. These electives provide a more involved, educational experience. Mr. Neil Brown directs the plays and musicals at Edsel. He teaches students theatrical knowledge of performing, as well as stage direction. Mrs. Maria Lindsay introduces students to the wide world of journalism. Introduction to Journalism 1 and 2 offer students experience in newspaper writing styles in reporting, in headlining, in photography, and doing cutlines and page layout design. Students may then move on to either newstaff or yearbook production. Speech, Debate, Forensics and Leadership Training are instructed by Mrs. Lee McFarlin. In addition, Mr. Duane Machak also teaches speech. Speech, Debate and Forensics provide a variety of public speaking experiences for students. Leadership Training is available to all class officers and representatives. Miss Grace Kovatch teaches Film Study. Film Study educates students to observe different motion picture techniques. Mr. Gary Weinsheimer instructs the Reading Improvement class. The objective of this class is improvement in reading and comprehension. Mr. Allen Harris, Mr. Lynn Langley, Mr. Ronald Stuart and Mr. Tom Barrett teach PACE, an elective only available to a select group of students. The program consists of a two-hour block of time with team teaching in the areas of English and social studies. For a “FLIGHT Through Time”: Mr. Barrett started teaching at Edsel Ford in September of 1958. He has taught at Edsel Ford for 27 years. Mr. Barrett first went to Michigan State where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree. Then he went to Eastern Michigan, where he received his Master’s Degree. He enjoyed the field of social science and that is what motivated him to teach social studies. His favorite group of people to teach about are those from the late eighteenth and early ninteenth centuries. He also likes people from the early twentieth century. However, this distinguished teacher is not all work and no play. He enjoys hockey, football and swimming. In addition to sports, Mr. Barrett is fond of reading and traveling in his trailer. 24Foreign Languages Enlighten Students “We are proud to see more and more students taking a foreign language. With this increase taking place, we can possibly have all the advanced classes here instead of students transferring to other schools,” commented Miss Virginia Waldinger, Chairperson of the language department at Edsel Ford High School. When a student takes a foreign language at Edsel Ford, he not only learns about the language, but also about the country’s history and culture. An example of this learning experience was the trip to Spain which took place recently. “This way, students experience a country’s customs and traditions first hand,” stated Mrs. Jan Vandenberg. To help a student understand language better, each class sponsors its own language club. As a member, one goes to meetings, attends social activities, initiations and club field trips. Mr. Edward Skendzel commented on the Spanish Club. “Through the years, El Rancho Grande has become an institution at Edsel Ford. Everyone knows what El Rancho Grande means and is.” This page UPPER LEFT- The lovely “Frau” Vandenburg teaching a music class when she first arrived at Edsel Ford. MIDDLE- Mrs. Vandenburg is still a lovely lady. (UPPER LEFT) UPPER RIGHT- Mr. Edward Skendzel, affectionately known by students as Tio Lolitto. MIDDLE RIGHT- Miss Virginia Waldinger as seen in younger days displaying her beautiful smile. LOWER LEFT- Miss Virginia Waldinger still smiling as she hears one of her French classes finally roll R’s correctly. 25Human Relations The counselors at Edsel Ford High School have a difficult job. They have to counsel Edsel Ford High School students! Each counselor is understanding, friendly, and helpful. Each counselor must individualy meet with his counselee at least twice a year. Additionally, in the second semester of each school year, the student will have his or her counselor for a teacher on alternating days. During the freshmen school year, pupils discuss scheduling and the rules and regul- ations of Edsel Ford. Sophomores learn how to relate with other people as well as the world around them. Juniors discuss career plan- ning, college and different Fields of interest after high school. Seniors receive knowledge about taxes, college, marriage, and budget planning. Counselors make close bonds of friendship with their counselees that continue through the student’s adult life. Many graduated students in the working world come to give lectures to the future graduates. L JTURB THIS PAGE: Top- Counselors Mr. Carl Bartz, Dr. Joseph Mottillo, Dr. Allan Dawson, Mr. Richard Clements, Mrs. Jane Brown. MIDDLE RIGHT- Laura Trudeau, 12, Shawn McDonald, 12, and Amy Wall, 12, help each other through a great comic book. BOTTOM RIGHT- Mike Helisek, 12, and Jon Scott. 12. display brotherly love at Christmas while Jeff Parker, 12, does an ever-famous impersonation of a Christmas tree. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP- Counselors Mrs. Mary Nieporte, Mr. Rudolph Skodack, Mr. Robert Monson, Mr. Jim Irwin, Mrs. Jeanne Slaughter. MIDDLE LEFT- Mr. Irwin tries valiantly to help Sue McCune, 10, with an assignment. MIDDLE RIGHT- Stacey Dickson, 11, stops her perilous working for a moment to pose for a picture. BOTTOM LEFT: Sophomores Laura Squibbs, Marina Reba, and Deanna Lowe huddle for a photo. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kristie Neal, 10, Shanon Jamieson, 10, Loren Fisher, 10, and Mary Hanoian.10, pose at lunch. LEADERSHIP 26Teaches ValuesCreativity in Art at Edsel The an classes at Edsel Ford are very popular with the students. Young adults are enabled to express their creative abilities through painting, sculpture, drawing, pottery, and jewelry. Mr. Robert Leveque is the head of the art department. There are three other educators, Mrs. Carol Bocskay, Mr. Ralph Hashoian, and Mr. Grant MacKenzie .Each teacher spends a great amount of time with his students, helping them enhance their abilities and improving techniques. 28What’s Cooking at EF? A variety of Home Economic classes are offered at Edsel Ford: Child Development, Food Fundamentals, Home Crafts, Beginning Gourmet, Clothing Tailoring, and Housing Fumishing. Mrs. Carol Bocskay is the chairperson of the department. Mrs. Karen Clements and Mrs. E. Stewart also teach classes. Depending on which class the student takes, he or she will learn anything from how to raise a child by caring for an egg to how to furnish a house. THIS PAGE: Far Left, TOP- Sharon Stice ,11, tuning into another planet. Middle, TOP- “Nathan” clowns around at the Child Development class party. Far Right. TOP- Mrs. Carol Bocskay smiles at the tantalizing smells coming from the Beginning Gourmet class. Far Right, MIDDLE- Mrs. Karen Clements, always a joy to be taught by. Far Right, BOTTOM- Miss E. Stewart, the new home economics teacher. Left, BOTTOM- Ann Marvin.ll, Christi Nagy.ll, and Kelly Carroll,11, and “Tiffany” exclaim. “I want my bottle!” OPPOSITE PAGE: Far Left, TOP- Mr. Grant MacKenzie, teacher of Art 1, jewelry, painting, and clay. Far Left, CENTER- Mr. Ralph Hashoian looks devastated as the art class puts a “jinx” on him. Far Left. MIDDLE- Mr. Robert LeVeque, chairperson of the art department. Middle, LEFT- Angie Prysak,12, snickering as she puts blue on the green spot in Toni Haan’s,12, paint-by-numbers. Middle, RIGHT- Audra Lousias.10, Mindy Vollmer.lO, and Karen Freeman, 10, heartily trying to decide which brush to use. BOTTOM- Mr. Ralph Hashoian being made to play the lead part of “Peter Cottontail” by Tom Stansell.il. 29ilT ? Business E lion: Courses to Emphasize Skills of Transaction V x v fv s Edsel Ford’s Business Educational Department offers a wide variety of classes to introduce students to the business field. Also, these classes teach students much-needed skills such as typing. Other classes offered are Introduction to Marketing, Record Keeping, Accounting, Data Processing, Notehand, and the Distributive Education Block (school store). Teachers involved in business education this year are department chairperson Robert Bergen, Gerald Kowalski, Christine Majstorovich, Laveme Motter and Shirley Shea. 30Math Education Multiplies Arithmatic Ability OPPOSITE PAGE: TEACHERS TOP TO BOTTOM- Robert Bergen, Gerald Kowalski, Shirley Shea, Laveme Motter and Christine Majstorovich. TOP- Freshman Susan Wimmer diligently types the day’s assignment, but is senior Brian Walden actually putting forth the effort? "Aaaah, I don’t know about that!” LOWER LEFT- Freshman Jenny Carson types eagerly while looking at the typewriter keysl LOWER RIGHT- Sophomores Angie Healy and Gayle Rusinowski wish recordkeeping could be a bit more boring. THIS PAGE: TOP ROW- Pat Major, Carole Fielek, Richard Alverson, Sandra Frank and Margaret Gnau. BOTTOM ROW- Lorraine Vandette, George Savatsky, Emilio Conti and David Harrison. MIDDLE LEFT- Mrs. Major assists a student in a 1967 yearbook picture. LOWER RIGHT- Freshmen Neil Armstrong, Pam Rey and Tim Owens understand the essence of true mathematical genius. There are many different classes to take for those students who want to continue their mathematic ex- perience at Edsel. Basic math, algebra, geometry and pre-calculus are some of the classes offered. Advanced scholars may enroll in college mathematics courses once they finish math in high school. Persons involved in teaching this year are math department chairperson Pat Major, Carole Fielek, Margaret Gnau, Sandra Frank, Lorraine Vandette. Richard Alverson, Emilio Conti, George Savatsky, and David Harrison.Musical Talent: Alive and Kicking This year’s instrumental program, led by Mr. Jack Pierson, consists of Symphonic Band, Concert Band and String Orchestra. These bands delight audiences at the many different concerts held each year. Every year the Symphonic Band travels on a band tour to different cities around the country. This year the band is traveling to Washington D.C. to perform and listen to other bands. Band Festival and the Solo and Ensemble Festival are held each year to rate the musical groups in their performances. Edsel is planning to regain its All-State rating. THIS PAGE: TOP LEFT- Seniors Laurie Schellenbcrg, Birgit Kuschnerus, Jill Mattern, and Cam Virga know how to play a really big instrument. MIDDLE LEFT- Edsel Ford Symphonic Band members wishing they knew how to play a really big instrument. MIDDLE FAR LEFT- “Wah! Hallelujah!” chants Mr. Jack Pierson, dreaming of following in Morris Day’s footsteps. MIDDLE RIGHT- Senior Carrie Smith estimates the diameter of her cymbals while sophomore Mike O’Droski dreams of Manwiches waiting at home. MIDDLE LOWER LEFT- An embarrassed Jazz Band discovers they all wore the same outfit to a small party in Thornley Court. LOWER RIGHT- Edsel Ford band members compete in the annual hog calling contest. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT- Vocal Ensemble members got a discount rate for buying one big dress. TOP RIGHT- The pleasant Concert Choir. MIDDLE LEFT- The pleasant Chorus. LOWER RIGHT- Seniors Arick Rushing, Rachel Long and Chris Rinna arc glad they used their Pearl Drops this morning. BOTTOM LEFT- Jeni Basierbe.10, and Janet Hudson,12, sneak a peek at Ladies Home Journal.Choral Music Institutes Vocal Skills FRONT ROW- S. Stice, L. Schellenberg, S. Beaudoin, P. Lucas, R. Long, J. Hudson, R. Mascot, N. Cicotte. BACK ROW- A. Rushing, A. Liljigren, C. Rinna, A. Farino, M. Maurier. FRONT ROW- A. Brooks, B. Madden, C. Thomas, M. O’Donnell, A. Bellew, S. Krupa, C. Robertson. MIDDLE ROW- S. Reed, D. Izworski, J. Bergherm, R. Dublois, D. Mallia, N. Andrews, M. Wargnier, S. Smith-Greeley. BACK ROW- T. Boda, S. Dulude, K. Aughton, A. Southworth, G. Williams, K. Richards. The vocal music department, led by Mrs. Faith Berg, includes Vocal Ensemble, Concert Choir and Chorus. Each year these vocal groups perform for audiences at seasonal concerts throughout the school year. Over Christmas vacation, the Vocal Ensemble performed for Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The group was caroling through the hotel halls when Mr. Mondale asked them to perform for him and his Japanese guests. The Vocal Ensemble also performed at District Solo and Ensemble Competition in February. FRONT ROW- P. Lucas, M. Farless, Mrs. F. Berg, D. Clark. BACK ROW- K. Williams, B. DeJohn, S. Rodriguez de Leon, H. Park, L. Ralph, L. Kujawa, F. Armstrong, K. Izworski, P. Dorosh, J. Basierbe, J. Hudson, M. Rubio. 33Science Seeks Out To live effectively in the modern world, all students should understand their en- vironment. The science courses Edsel Ford offers provide this knowledge and these are biology, chemistry, horticulture, and physics. This program allows students to learn through bookwork, labs, lectures, and films. Biology is conducted by Dr. H. Boatin. Mr. J. Bridges, Mr. A. Drake, and Mr. J. Risto. Dr. J. Motillo and Mr. R. Cornell, department chairman, complete the physics courses. Mr. R. Hough teaches the chemistry classes, and Mr. F. Chadwick teaches horticulture. Horticulture is an elective in which students learn both through class dis- cussion about plants and through cleaning E.F. court yards. The study of science has a great influence upon students at Edsel Ford. Many find science a fascinating subject and they become involved in the Ecology Club and Thornley Court, which is under the direction of Dr. Boatin. No matter what the objective the science student is trying to achieve, he obtains an awareness of the world around him. THIS PAGE: LOWER LEFT: Nancy Andrews.il, and Tracy Moses.il, finding out they just won the lotto. MIDDLE LEFT: Chuck Fay,12, pretending to be a student. TOP LEFT: Geoffrey Cotter. 12, trying to open his book with telekinetic power. TOP RIGHT: Aunt Jemima hoein’ down. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mike Wllkerson.12, just can’t live without those tulip bulbs. OPPOSITE PAGE: BOTTOM MIDDLE: Mr. Hough doing a “Mr. Wizard” experiment. TOP MIDDLE: Mr. Risto in his most natural state. TOP LEFT: Mr. Drake illustrates the dangers of acid spills on a former student. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Motillo looking for air molecules. TOP MIDDLE: Dr. Boatin helps Woodsie spread the word. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Mr. Bridges swatting flies in his grade book. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Chadwick's expression after returning from vacation to find out his plants were well attended to. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Cornell demonstrating bicep and tricep manliness. 34 Students Study Culture to Currency Mr. Allen Harris Mr. Lynn Langley Mr. Patrick Daly Mr. Robert Dillingham Mr. Tom Barrett Mr. Chase Harrison Mr. David Balfour Mr. Robert Dalton To graduate, a student must have successfully completed six semesters of social study courses. During that time, a student will have studied from the ancient Greek period to the current stock market era. During the first two semesters, freshmen and or sophomores learn about world history. As they reach their junior year, American history and U.S. government are required. Then in the senior year, students are required to take economics. Seniors may also take sociology, but it is not required. By taking these courses, students learn about various cultures. They learn how their country came about and how their government function; 36Co-op Students Catch Cash and Experience How can a student earn cash and credit? By participating in the Co-op program at Edsel Ford. Students not only obtain job experience, but also an entry into the working world. Mrs. Laverne Motter and Mr. James Vanlandegend give the student several “leads” to jobs in a field the young adult prefers. Then, the students proceed to an interview. As a result of the interview, many obtain positions. If a student is already employed and desires to work afternoons, he could be eligible for Co-op credit, also. This Page: Middle, FAR LEFT- Mr. A1 Harrison tries to teach his class and the FLIGHT photographer some American history. Middle, FAR LEFT- Paul Decamello, 9. gives up his concentration to get his picture taken. Lower, FAR LEFT- Kelly Egan, 11, and Danielle Hanolan, 9, wait for class to begin. LOWER CENTER- Brad Cronk, 12, works on his test with great effort. LOWER RIGHT- Mr. Robert Dillingham’s class gets a good laugh out of the test he is grading. Opposite Page: UPPER LEFT- Co-op coordinator, Mr. James Vanlandegend. UPPER RIGHT- Co-op coordinator, Mrs. Laverne Motter. Middle, FAR LEFT- Lynne Roza, 12, takes a break from her busy work schedule to get her picture taken. Middle, FAR RIGHT- Debble Rousseau, 12, shows how much she likes her co-op job. LOWER RIGHT- Samantha Torrlce, 12, and Mrs. Marie Papp work together to solve a problem. t Note- Only seniors are allowed to participate in the Co-op program. They may apply by visiting one of the co-op coordinators, Mrs. Laverne Motter or Mr. James Vanlandegend. 37Let’s Get Physical Let’s get physical appears to be the theme for the 80’s. Yet physical education has been a required class ever since Edsel Ford opened 30 years ago. The only difference between gym then and now is that in 1956 the classes weren’t co-educa- tional. The basic aim of the physical education program is developing and maintaining the health of the body through various activ- ities. To insure this well-rounded pro- gram, Edsel Ford rotates classes around a three year plan. For example, Edsel offers aerobics or wrestling, ping-pong, pickle- ball, volleyball, weight lifting, snorkling, survival swimming and basketball. “The dominant aim of our physical education program is physical fitness, and hopefully a positive attitude will carry over into later life,’’ stated Mr. Pat “Whizzer” Wyka, athletic director. Mrs. Irma Calvisi is the female athletic director, and Mrs. Barbara Palko is department chairman, taking care of scheduling. Mrs. Palko believes every student should benefit from physical education and states, “Pursuing physical education through later life, and by teaching students the importance of physical activity toward the goal of a healthy mind and body, is my desire.” THIS PAGE: UPPER RIGHT: Freshmen Mark Vanproeyen and Thomas Oschner participating in water ballet. TOP CEN- TER RIGHT: Robert Henwood.12, prac- ticing to be a lawn decoration. BOTTOM RIGHT: Scott Cronce.ll, looking out for Mr. Domke’s foot. BOTTOM LEFT: Tammv Phipps, 10, wondering where the ball went. BOTTOM CENTER LEFT: Man Lynn Balewskl.il, called for travel- ing because it seems the ball is glued to her hand. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP CENTER: Mrs. Calvisi exercising her authority towards freshman John Stempien. TOP CENTER RIGHT: Ms. Nieporte wishing they would use her to hold up the volleyball net more often. BOTTOM CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Clements demonstrating his sexy look. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Domke also wondering what’s going on. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Wyka giving Sarah Shambleau. 11, and Deltra Helka.12, one of those physical hugs. BOTTOM CENTER LEFT: You can tell Mr. Haas has his Pearl Drops this morning. TOP CENTER LEFT: Mr. Shultz is going to make it a Dinty Moore day!!!!!! 38 Special Education Makes the Grade The special education program at Edsel Ford not only aids those who are handicapped, but also those who need special attention for other reasons. Trainable Mentally Impaired, the Special Needs Classroom, the Special Education Department and the Physically or Otherwise Health Impaired program are all ways in which Edsel Ford enables those who need special help to make the grade. The Trainable Mentally Impaired program teaches both mentally and physically impaired students career education. Miss Sharon Williams aids these students and participates in extra activities such as selling cookies. Mr. Ronald Champine helps students who have difficulties in academic areas. A student could have one class, for example English, in the Special Needs Classroom and continue with a regular schedule for the remainder of the day. The Special Education Department has two divisions: Learning Disabilities and teacher consultants. Mrs. Debbie Arent, Mrs. Dorothy Bloom and Mrs. Beverly Gladd represent the consultant division. Finally, Mr. Robert Roemer directs the Physically and Otherwise Health Impaired program. As additional help for this area, a community service class is offered at Edsel Ford for students to assist the handicapped. A regular curriculum schedule is followed under the direction of Mr. Roemer and community service members. “We are a six hour day and a self-contained classroom. We have academics, cook once a week, have field trips twice a month, three days of adaptive physical education, and have art four days a week,” explains Mr. Roemer, when asked what kind of activities occur during the school year. THIS PAGE: TOP CENTER: Debra Everly smiles for a FLIGHT photographer. CENTER MIDDLE: Paul Morris hamming it up for the camera. BOTTOM CENTER: Miss Nancy Lawlor with students Melissa Olger, Mike Owen, Darnell Hall, A1 Bobosky, Julie Miller and Bruce Janus. CENTER LEFT: Natasha Villarreal listens carefully in class. FAR RIGHT TOP to BOTTOM: Mr. Ron Champine, Miss Nancy Lawlor, Mr. Robert Roemer, Mrs. Nadine Russell and Mrs. Dorothy Bloom. •ijgncH ,JW Z •JW n 'saSpHH '4M 01 oilPWi '4N '6 ‘4N '8 uosmbq JJN 'L 'ip BAO)j ssyw 9 soRpug 5 3A3u8l|OH 'JW ssij e m z «om h m t 40 cIubs and secvices clubs and scrviccs UBS and cpm irpg rl i me Anrt cm cLubs and s uBsandseRvn cLubs and s ices cLubs id sgrviccs ices cLubs 0 sgrviccs ubs and seRvices cLubs and seRvices cLubs cLubs and seRvices cLubs and seRvices ubs and seRvices cLubs and seRvices cLubsano seRvices clubs and scrviccscIubs anC cLubs and scrviccs cIubs and scrviccs and scrviccs c ue£ ClUBS cLubs anf and scrviccs luBsanC cIubs and scrviccs cLubs anC cIubs and scrviccs cLubs and scrviccsNewstaff Keeps Students Informed Advance journalism students get first hand experience in newspaper writing for the Bolt. Edsel’s weekly paper. Reporters meet last hour every day to conduct interviews, assign stories and take part in the process of a high school publication. The newspaper is a student project under the direction of senior editor Angela Prysak. The class is advised by Ms. Maria Lindsay. In addition to the Bolt, the newspaper staff presented the Focus and Monthly Review to the student population this year. The Monthly Review is a reinstated newspaper that was discontinued last year. Stories covered in the Monthly Review are mainly features on various subjects that one wouldn’t normally read in the Bolt. The Focus consists of stories on one subject of concern to both students and community. These stories are covered outside the school on the reporters’ time. Unlike the Focus and Monthly Review, Bolt stories are specifically on school events and school accomplishments. The focal point of the Bolt’s news is the school community. The Bolt is read by the school community, parents, other schools in Dearborn as well as in other cities and schools in other states This Page TOP RIGHT- The newpaper staff Back Row L to R: Matt Allen, Jaynn Truran, Jason Towe, Angela Prysak. Middle Row L to R: Karen Kobylasz, Carolyn Schroeder. Jim Lawrence, Steve Lysogorski, Tim Walega, Greg Kruszewski. Front Row L to R: Paula Miller, Tamara Reinhart, Tracy Acker, Missy Holman, Jackie Tithof, Kevin Kendziora. MIDDLE RIGHT- Editor Angela Prysak, 12. BOTTOM RIGHT- Senior Jackie Tithof proofs the paper while oblivious to the world. CENTER- Stall editors Back Row L to K: Jackie Tithof, Angela Prysak, Jaynn Truran, Missy Holman, Greg Kruszewski. Front Row L to R: Jim Lawrence, Carolyn Schroeder, Tracy Acker, Jason Towe. LEFT- Greg Kruszewski, 12, makes a break to escape from room A-22. 44FLIGHT Celebrates 30th Anniversary The year 1986 marks the thirtieth anniver- sary of Edsel’s annual yearbook publication, FLIGHT. The first edition of the FLIGHT was published in 1956, the first year of Edsel's existence. At that time the initial yearbook was given the name FLIGHT because it symbolized the flight of the Thunderbird through the past year’s happenings, and the name was accepted by the school com- munity. Through time Edsel has changed: the inhabitants are no longer the same, the students never stop growing (if not in body, then in mind), and the community has become technologically advanced. The yearbook, too, has changed. The staff decided to call the theme of the 1986 ‘FLIGHT Through Time’ because times have changed, and for seniors the year 1985-86 marks a special time they won’t forget. From the first year through this, a flight through time is recorded in these TOP LEFT- FLIGHT staff Far Back Row L to R: Dave Pikula, Carolyn Schroeder, Kevin Walsh. Back Row: Sharon Balazy, Kristin Sayer, Beth Hamilton, Audra Lousias. Middle Row: Cheryl Morton, JoAnn Serrapere, LeeAnn Hanoian, Julie Woods, Tracy Gregory, Danielle Franchi, Ann Kitchen. Front Row L to R: Jeff Delguidice, Kristi Farkas, Kathy Karbowski, Liz Dawson. MIDDLE RIGHT- Beth Hamilton, 12, contemplating life. BOTTOM LEFT- Students sorting underclass pictures. CENTER LEFT- Bolt and FLIGHT advisor Ms. Maria Lindsay and yearbook editor Trace Gregory, 11. 45Student Council Demonstrates Order The Student Coordinating Council meets every day fourth hour to discuss current issues that involve the student body as well as the community. Seniors Craig Foster, pres- ident; Ann Kitchen, vice- president; Elayna Alabakoff, secretary; and Maureen Buck, treasurer, are respon- sible for activities which involve the entire student body. Class officers are responsible for the activities of each individual class. The Student Council con- fronted the smoking issue this year, and they made an attempt to get the student community involved. Polls were conducted, lavatories painted and the issue of having a smoking lounge was discussed. This page BOTTOM LEFT- Seniors pin flowers on fellow classmates. TOP LEFT- Senior class sponsor Ms. Lee McFarlin. TOP RIGHT- Student Coordinating Council Far Back Row L to R: Carolyn Schroeder, Jodi Ponstein, Maureen Buck, Craig Foster, Ann Kitchen, Elayna Alabakoff. Back Row L to R: Kelly Grant, Marla Palmer, Jackie Tithof, Doug Baltz. Middle Row L to R: Tracy Turgeon, Kim Carter, Barb Gould, Sue Kitchen, Jeff Aughton, Marlene Martel. Front Row L to R: Kelly Evans, Dean Blanchard, Lisa McDonald, Jim Lawrence. MIDDLE RIGHT- Jeff Aughton, 11, and Maureen Buck, 12, display their pearly whites. BOTTOM RIGHT- Underclass serve seniors on Senior Pride Day. Opposite page TOP LEFT- NHS officers Arick Rushing, Carol Goll, Kyung Ja Lim, Elizabeth Peters. TOP RIGHT- NHS Homecoming nominee Michele Terranova, 12. 46NHS Recognized Nation Wide The National Honor Society is an extra-curricular activity in which only students who have received academic excellence can take part. Seniors maintaining a 3.00 average with no grade less than a C throughout their high school years are eligible to join. Interested students must also have participated in a sport, service and or club. Th l985-8 officer areseniors Carol Goll, pres- ident; Arlck Rushing, vice president; Elizabeth Peters, secretary, and Kyung Ja Lim, treasurer. Mr. Martin Holgrieve is the sponsor. NHS Back Row L to R: Curt Wydendorf, Shana Milkie, Maureen Buck, Lisa Cameron, Kimberly Coudret, Brad Cronk, Beth Hamilton, Craig Foster, Alex Farino, Cheryl Zalenski. Middle Row L to R: Birgit Kuschuerus, Marla Palmer, Pamela Morrison, John Flynn, Beth Hamel, Doug Baltz, Michelle Terranova, Jill Mattem, Rachel Reeves, JoAnn Serrapere. Front Row L to R: Kyung Ja Lim, Elizabeth Peters, Carol Goll, Arick Rushing. 47Debate, Forensics, Speech Create Opinions Mrs. Lee McFarlin and student teacher Mr. Matt Merta held the reins of this year’s Debate, Forensics, and Speech classes. Debate class consists of timed arguments. A topic is picked and a team of two is told if they are ‘for’ or ‘against’ it. After researching the topic and finding evidence to support their position, the teams argue the subject in two rounds. Judges determine the winner. Another class under the leadership of this teaching duo is Forensics. Forensics is the art of interpretive reading. Participants must establish interesting characters with limited motions and no props. The Forensics team took its annual trip to Macinac Island to compete against other Michigan schools in May. Traveling via chartered bus, students not only competed but also had time for hiking, bike and horseback riding, and intra-group dynamics. The fundamentals of speech presentations is taught to students enrolled in Speech. Several speeches must be made each semester including informative, persuasive, humorous, how-to, and sales. UPPER RIGHT: Pam Sharrow,10, Sauncle Whitcomb,! 1, and Maml Sandcrs.il, discover Dave Tulas,12, and Dave Sierota,ll, in a compromising position. MIDDLE LEFT: The debate club. Front row: Klcrstln Gibson,9, Steve Andrews, 10, Todd Barron.U, Jeff Aughton,ll, Pam Sharrow, and Janet McGurk,12. Middle row: Amy Cunningham,9, Karen Hebets,9, Denise Hammerberg,10, Leigh Bennett, 10, Loren Fisher,10, and Lee Ann Hanoian,ll. Back row: Jack Cryslar,9, Andy Etchen,ll, John Barrett,ll, John Bean, 12, Scott McEvoy,12, Brad Cronk,12, Jim Westbrook, 12, and Brad Bennett, 12. MIDDLE RIGHT: Jeff Aughton goes into shock after using his psychic abilities to read the mind of Mrs. Lee McFarlin. LOWER LEFT: Regional winner of the “Voice of Democracy’’ speech, Steve Andrew's exclaims “I get very emotional when I think of how great you are.’’ LOWER CENTER: Homecoming nominee Janet McGurk often dreams of a starring role on Love Boat. LOWER RIGHT: John Bean...?!? RIGHT: Bill Salisbury,12, and Corey Shaffer,9, are amazed at how far Jackie McNeIght,9, can drive her hand into the stomach of Deanna Lowe,10. Musical Performed "Upon A Mattress" The fall play, “A Murder Is Announced,” and the spring musical “Once Upon a Mattress,” were sponsored by Edsel’s Thespian Troupe, chapter 1408. To be considered for initiation to the nationally recognized club, one must gain 10 points by doing 100 hours of work, (10 hours equal 1 point) either through a role in a production or on the stage crew, making scenery for the plays. “A Murder Is Announced” was written by Agatha Christie and tells the story of Miss Letty Blacklock, and how a man was killed in her house. The part of Miss Blacklock was played by senior Beth Hamilton. “Once Upon a Mattress” is the story of the Princess and the Pea. This version, however, is slightly different than the fairy tale version. The Princess Winnifred was played by senior Rachel Reeves. UPPER LEFT: Homecoming nominee Amy Wall, 12, smiles and mutters, “Go ahead, make my day!” UPPER MIDDLE: Thespian sponsor Mr. Neil Brown is obviously not threatened bv Amy. UPPER RIGHT: Thespian hopefuls. Front row: Debbie Izworski,10, Monica McLaurin,10, Doreen Rousseau, 10, Gayle Ruselowskl,10, and Jennifer Monroe, 10. Back row: Michelle Broughton, 10, Mindy Vollmer,10, Shannon Duff, 10, Jack Fougerousse,10, Todd Barron,11, and Paula Ambrose,10. ABOVE: Honorary Thespians. Front row: Jon Domke,12, treasurer; Steve Andrews, 10, secretary; Curt Wydendorf,12, president Alex Farino,12; vice-president Amy Wall,12; clerk Jon Swift, 10; and Michele Gross,ll. Middle row: Debbie Korte,ll, Melinda Wrosch,10, Karen Freeman, 10, Aric LUjegren.l 1, Beth Hamilton, 12, Rachel Reeves, 12, and Missy Farless,10. Back Sandee Rager,10, Kevin Walsh, 11, sponsor Mr. Neil Brown, and Bekkie O’Shesky,10. RIGHT: Steven Andrews and Jon Swift use their own methods to get to the top.Students View Washington Close-Up March 16-23 Edsel Ford students traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in conferences, panel discussions, workshops, and a day on Capitol Hill. This was all possible because of the Close-Up program. Close-Up consists of more than 18,000 students interested in the issues, institutions and personalities of contemporary American Government. All students are eligible to join Close-Up and get involved. Close-Up sponsor Mr. David Balfour guided students in fund-raising activities. These candy bar and Christmas ornament sales helped to reduce the cost of the trio. Opposite Page: Upper Left:A T-Bird studies dilligently. Upper Right: Librar- ians Miss Betty Lee, Mrs. Chris Vogel and Mrs. Marie Papp. This Page: Top Center: Close-Up Homecoming nominee Jackie Tithof. Upper Right: Close-Up sponsor Mr. David Balfour. Close-Up Back Row L to R: Jim Westbrook, Missy Holman, Ryan Ambrozaitis, Kristi Potochick, Carolyn Schroeder, Cheryl Zalenski. Front Row: Lee Ann Hanoian, Leah Anger, Elizabeth Dawson, Nancy Long, JoAnn Allen, Craig Foster, Jackie Tithof.Library Offers Quiet Study The Edsel Ford Library opens at 7:30 a.m. each morning offering quiet study for students to finish homework, research papers, or prepare for tests. Librarians Miss Betty Lee, Mrs. Chris Vogel and Mrs. Marie Papp keep order among the less quiet and guide scholars in their quest for knowledge. The library itself contains reference materials, magazines, fiction and non-fiction books, records, films and microfiche, in order to cater to the needs of all. Computer Club Programs the Future The Computer Club may be small but their projects are no small deed. Sponsored by Ms. Carol Fielek, students meet to construct pro- grams to further develop skills learned in Edsel’s academic classes. Since Edsel has enough computers for each student in the club, students are allotted time to practice with their own materials on the computers. “Their is no requirement to be in this club. Students just get together to improve their skills and also have a little fun,” commented Ms. Fielek. Computer Club Back Row L to R: Todd Barron, Sandee Rager, Ching Yao-Yu, Paula Ambrose, Kristen Cox. Front Row: Doreen Rousseau. 51Wyka's Whizzers Support Wrestling Did you ever notice the people working on the concession stands at wrestling meets? Did you ever notice who was helping at the scoring tables? It was probably Wyka’s Whizzers. Wyka’s Whizzers is comprised of Edsel Ford girls working to encourage school spirit for wrestling meets. This year’s head Whizzers are seniors Elizabeth Peters and Marla Palmer. On the days of meets, the group wears Whizzer shirts to advertise and promote particpation. Wyka’s Whizzers cheer on the EF wrestling team and show the team that they are behind them one hundred per cent. Wyka’s Whizzers. Front row: Pauline Calleja, Michelle Terranova, Marla Palmer, Carol Goll, Mr. Pat Wyka, Elizabeth Peters, Beth Hamel, Jill Mattern, Kim Carter. Second row: Leslie Rutchik, Terese Duda, Eileen Hamm, Tracy Treiber, Heather Caurdy, Kristen Cox, Debbie Turley, Christine Ashcraft, Michelle Goll. Back row: Elayna Alabakoff, Kristin Armstrong, Gwen Worth, Jackie Fidge, Beth Barton. ABOVE- Mr. Wyka and his head Whizzers, Elizabeth Peters and Marla Palmer, discussing ’their “double” date for Saturday night. CENTER RIGHT- Frank “Cheech” Aloisio tells his opponent, “Say uncle.” RIGHT- Homecoming nominee Jill Mattern smiles knowingly as she thinks about what she would rather be doing. FAR RIGHT- A future wrestler shows which high school he wants to attend. 52Booster Club Gives Athletic Support The group which supports the entire school ath- letic department is the Booster Club. This club, which is sponsored by Mr. Gary Weinsheimer, allows students who are unable to drive to the games to travel to the activities at a very low cost by char- tering buses to various night games in which Edsel teams are participating. Therefore, there can be more fans at the games showing the school spirit for which the T-Birds are known. This year’s club officers are Cindy Ouellette, pres- ident; Kyung Ja Lim, vice president; Missy Farless, secretary; Bekkie O’Shesky, treasurer. The Adult Booster Club is headed by Mr. Wyka and consists of parents and friends of Edsel Ford students. This club also supports Edsel’s sports teams throughout the year. TOP LEFT- Booster Club. Back row: Carol Goll, Jennifer Monroe, Kyung Ja Lim, Cindy Ouellette, Marlene Ordway, Missy Farless, Daphne Gambel, Mr. Gary Weinsheimer, sponsor. Front row: Renata Ratnikas, Lisa Jackson, Bekkie O’Shesky, Nora Rodden, Terese Duda, Danielle Goldberg. MIDDLE LEFT- ...and some of Edsel’s Booster parents realize how they got front row seats...a friend in high places MIDDLE RIGHT- Booster Club Homecoming nominee, Cindy Ouellette, is caught watching a questionable movie. LOWER LEFT- Booster Club officers: Missy Farless, secretary; Cindy Ouellette, president; Kyung Ja Lim, vice-president; Bekkie O’Shesky, treasurer; Mr. Gary Weinsheimer, sponsor. 53AFS Foreign Students Visit EF AFS, the American Field Service, is a flub designed to bring foreign exchange students to the community to make new friends and learn about a different culture. AFS is sponsored by Mr. Allen Harris, who organizes and oversees the process of welcoming and introducing the new students to the school. OPPOSITE PAGE: Not pic- tured: French Club Homecoming nominee Jody Ryder. Top Right: Spanish Club nominee Suzanne Salisbury. Center: German Club nominee Kelly Grant. Bottom Right: AFS nom- inee Ann Kitchen. THIS PAGE: Left: Exchange students Serrana Santana and Katia Carvalho. Top Right: Silvia Rodriguez and Kohtaro Sugimoto, also foreign exchange guests. AFS Back Row L to R: Jody Ryder, Cheryl Morton, Sharon Balazy, Kim Coudret, Jodi Ponstein, Kelly Dugan, Bill Zalenski, Doug Galante. Middle Row: Monica Acevedo, Mary Jo Usher, Kristi Potochick, Pam Morrison, Karen Ascensio, Cheryl Zalenski, Ann Kitchen, Marlene Ordway, Salina Greeley, Rachel Reeves, Renata Ratnikas. Bottom Row: Susan Kitchen, Leah Anger, Serrana Sentana, Diane Novak, Katia Carvalho. 54Linguists Speak Eloquently There are three languages offered at Edsel Ford: Spanish, German and French. The Spanish club is sponsored by Mr. Eduard Skendzel, the German club’s sponsor is Frau Vandenburg, and Mile. Waldinger sponsors the French club. The high point for the language clubs from Edsel, Dearborn High and Fordson this year is the trip to France, which advanced French students from the three schools are planning for early summer. Spanish Club Back Row L to R: L.Canty, D.Jarew, J.Johnson, M.Adams, K.Lim, L.Coon, S.Zbikowski, K.Karbowski, L.Dawson, L.Anger, S.Ambrozaitis, D.Suich, D.Rousseau, J.Bowen. Middle Row: K.Weaver, T.Acker, K.Dapprich, M.Reba, J.Kentala, H.Cummings, A.Parravano, M.Holman, J.Anger, S.Salisbury, L.Larry, S.Zelenski. Front Row: C.Jamieson, R.Haffey, J.Sullivan. D.Sierota, L.Motowski. German Club Far Back Row L to R: N.Cicotte, S.Rager, P.Ambrose, J.Gawura, D.Hawkins, E.Brandt, A.Rushing, C.Wydendorf, A.Lousias. Back Row: C.Smith, L.Roza, M.Smith, M.Furca, K.Carter. R.Firth. L.Kujawa, S.Smith, A.Factor, B.Cameon. Middle Row: J.Sas, M.Brown, M.Mueller, J.Spisz, J.Jackson. Front Row: K.Lim, A.Wall, A.Core, B.Walker, B.Cronk. French Club Back Row Lto R: M.Wingart, G. Worth, K.Lim, C.Pietrzen, R.Alviani, C.Ouellette, M.Allen, D.Pikula, S.Kitchen, D.Novak, P.Morrison, J.Ryder. Front Row: J.Fidge, P.McDermott, S.Milkie. B.Kushnerus, J.Allen, L.Stus. 55Ecologists Beautify Edsel's Environment The Ecology Club is comprised of students who get together to clean-up Edsel’s Thornley Court and to participate in outdoor activities;such adventures were a winter ski trip and then a visit to the Detroit Zoo in the spring. Another one of the club’s activities is the poinsettia sale just before Christmas. The proceeds from this activity go to the purchase of bird feed. Individual sales also raises money toward a fund for one’s own participation in the club’s activites. In order for club members to participate in Ecology Club trips, each was first required to do a community service project. TOP RIGHT- Martha Salliant, Ecology Club Homecoming nominee. TOP LEFT- Court Guides Back Row: S.Ciaramitaro, J.Fougerousse, S.Royer, K. Weaver, Dr. Herman Boatin, sponsor. Middle Row: C.Hebets, H.Ferns, S.Palmeter, P.Ambrose, L.Shevock. Front Row: C.Virga, R.Menning, A.Cunningham, K.Egan. BOTTOM- Ecology Club Back Row: J.Fougerousse, G.Opiteck, S.Palmeter, M.Terri, M.Arens, K.Egan, D.Hanoian, M.Ordway, A.Cunningham. Middle Row: J.Suarez, C.Hebets, R.Ratnikas, N.Rodden, K.Farkas, T.Gregory. Front: H.Ferns, Dr. Herman Boatin, sponsor, L.Cameron, S.Royer, 56 K.Weaver.TOP LEFT- Students gather on school bus for an outing. TOP RIGHT- Mr. Max Reimer. sponsor. BOTTOM- Ski Club Back Row: E.Lowery, N.Weber, A.Wolfe. F.Sohm. S.Beller. C.Koitek. B.Kendall, D.Laporte, S.Scott, J.Fisher. F.Hashioan. E.Brandt. D.Hawkins, M.Burke. Middle Row: A.Ahluwalia, K.Robertson, K.Neubecker. D.Deckelt, B.Barnett. S.Shambleau. J.Stempien, K.Kreuter. T.Parravano. Front Row: B.Rijnovean. J.Trapp, J.Flack. E.Hammerburg. D.Hammerburg. S.Valentini, K.Wilkins. L.Rutchik, R.Stempien. Students Show Comradery on the Slopes The 1985-86 ski club could be considered the largest club at Edsel Ford. Students turn out in handfuls with their skis and down jackets ready for the slopes. Mr. Max Reimer, sponsor, also participates on the slopes as well as acting as an in- structor and guide. Due to the fact that Mich- igan was without snow for the majority of the winter, the club was only able to participate in one activity this year. Stu- dents gathered on a school bus and traveled to Riverview to hit the slopes for fun and exercise. “These expeditions allow students to make new friends and have a good time at the same time,” commented Mr. Reimer.Art Club Creates Contrast Edsel’s art club was sponsored by Mr. Ralph Hashoian this year. The idea behind the art club is for people who couldn’t fit an art class into their schedules to be involved in art through the club. This year the group participated in the annual Homecoming banner contest. A trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts was made. The group also helped Mr. Neil Brown and the Thespians with their set for the spring musical, “Once Upon a Mattress.” UPPER LEFT- Homecoming nominee Carol Goll,12, waiting in line for Sumo wrestling tickets. ABOVE- Mr. Ralph Hashoian often likes to show off his cult following. BOTTOM ROW- Nancy Long,ll, Katie McNaughton,12, Craig Foster, 12, Carol GolI,12, and Brad Cronk,12. TOP ROW: Sean Kane,9, Donna Manser,9, Faith Ki jawa,9, and Suglmoto Kohtaro.il. RIGHT- Mr. Ralph Hashoian wondering if Carol Goll has some extra Sumo wrestling tickets to scalp. 58Bon Appetite Stirs Up Interest in Cooking This year’s Bon Appetite Club, under the close guidance of Mrs. Karen Clements, had an active year. In the early fall, the club took a trip to Franklin Cider Mill for the traditional cider and doughnuts. “I really was proud of our banner. I thought it looked great. I was really impressed when I found out that it won third place, because we were the only club that placed. All the others were classes,” commented the banner designer Kristie Farkas.ll. Around the Christmas season, the group learned the proper way to make a gingerbread house. “I had a lot of fun making the gingerbread houses. When- ever I tried to put mine together, it fell apart on me! It was really funny!” quoted Bon Appetite member, Cheryl Morton, 12. The group helped the student council in its annual Christmas food baskets project for needy families by baking cakes for the baskets. TOP: The Bon Appetite Homecoming Banner. MIDDLE LEFT: Back Row: Tracy Gregory, 11, club sponsor Mrs. Karen Clements, Kristie Farkas, 11, and Cheryl Morton, 12. Middle Row: Kristin Trapp, 11, Marla Palmer, 12, Ann Marie Kuhlman, 12, Katie McNaughton, 12, and Sharon Balazy, 12. Bottom Row: Debbie Ross, 10, Jody Ryder, 12, Jodi Ponstein, 12, Lydia OlJvera, 12, and Angela Healy, 10, all wishing they had a guy in their club. UPPER RIGHT: Mrs.Clements singing, ”1 am a woman, hear me roar...” LOWER RIGHT: Homecoming nominee Marla Palmer cracking bad jokes about “What’s cooking? RIGHT: former president Marla Palmer, secretary Ann Marie Kuhlman, treasurer and current president Jodi Ponstein.SADD, BABES Support a Cause SADD member Kelly Egan. 11. designed and painted this year’s Christmas window, which warned of what could happen if Santa’s reindeers attempted to drink and drive on Christmas Eve. SADD. or Students Against Drunk Driving, is one of Edsel Ford’s clubs which are beneficial not only to the student body, but also to the community. SADD’s sponsors this year are Mrs. Jean Slaughter and Mrs. Jane Brown, who oversee club activities such as painting Christmas windows proclaiming the evils of driving drunk, and club programs such as “Safe ride.’’ Safe Ride is a city-wide program which consists of volunteer parents who offer their time and their cars to help students in need of a safe ride home when dates or friends have been drinking. As Stevie Wonder says, “Before I’ll drive with a drunk, I’ll drive myself.’ A popular and useful program. Safe Ride is just one aspect of a new and growing awareness about the danger of drinking and driving. The SADD club takes a positive attitude toward solving problems of this kind. Another helpful group of students belong to a club which is just beginning to take shape at Edsel. BABES. BABES consists of juniors and seniors who use puppets and skits to promote understanding among elementary students about alcohol and drug abuse. Dr. Allan Dawson sponsors this club and helps EF students to prepare for their teaching and traveling. “I think BABES is a great idea for a club because it is important that children become aware of temptations they will come across as they grow older. I’m thinking about joining BABES next year and getting involved,” expressed Kathy Karbowski.il. SADD Back Row L to R: Mrs. Jane Brown. Jackie Fidge. Karen Freeman, Mindy Vollmer, Sandee Rager, Paula Ambrose, Elizabeth Melton, Mrs. Jean Slaughter. Middle Row: Celeste Raines, Gwen Fisher. Kelly Egan, Melinda Wrosch. Jill Kirks. Kris Lindner. Bekkie 0 Shesky, Melissa Olger. Front Row: Shannon Duff, Lisa Ralph, Missy Farless. Wendy Foulke, JoAnn Fong. Brenda Gehringer. 60Tri-M Students Make Music Together This year’s Modern Music Master (Tri-M) officers are: Carolyn Ford, president; Rachel Long, vice-president; Mrs. Faith Berg, club sponsor; Jill Mattem, secretary; Kim Lowe, treasurer; Katy McNaughton, historian (not oictured). Tri-M. Front Row: Jill Mattern, Rachel Long. Carolyn Ford, Kim Lowe. Second Row: Erin Ford, Birgit Kuschnerus, Laurie Schellenberg. Lisa Ralph, Cam Virga, Carrie Smith. Third Row: Arick Rushing. Alex Farino, Beth Hamilton, Renee DuBois, Wendy Ottlinger, Barb Kelly. Aric Liljegren. Back Row: Mrs. Faith Berg, Shana Milkie, Craig Foster, Lisa Cameron, Lori Croope, Mike Ciavaglia. Lauar Drapeau. TOP LEFT- Homecoming nominee, Shana Milkie shows her best side for her fellow musicians.EF Instrumentalists Make Music Earn Honors V V V V V V V V ♦ CONCERT BAND. FRONT ROW: C.Gray, A.Lanam, P.Painter, E.Smoots, J.Holmes, S.McNamara, L.Shevock, J.Trapp, A.Walsh, H.Rosenkranz, J.Carson, M.Seiwell, A.Alexander. SECOND ROW: G.Opiteck, M.Balazy, K.Weaver, S.Herm, D.Kahl, S.Dean, R.DeBene, J.Pio, J.Drapeau, N.Lau, J.Swanger, C.Foster. THIRD ROW: Mr. Jack Pierson, E.Gillespie, M.Beardslee, A.Fredrick, J.Paddock, D.Whitacre, C.Virga, M.Bretsik, G.Wyscaver. M.Terry, C.Barhorst, J.Robinson, M.Price, J.DuBois. This Page. ABOVE: EF twirler, Mary Prohm ,10, does her Statue of Liberty imitation. LOWER RIGHT: The Edsei Ford marching band kneels during the halftime show that honors graduating seniors. Last year, the Edsei Ford Instru- mental Music Department added a- nother group to its list of outstanding ensembles. Since then, the Concert Band has been growing in size and ability. Mainly composed of freshmen, the Concert Band is determined to join the ranks of its State-ranked counter- parts, Symphonic Band. Symphonic Band is holding its own against Concert Band musicians. With the help of several outstanding seniors and underclassmen, this group had its eyes set on going to state festival again this year. They also planned to go on their annual tour to the capital in Washington D.C. SYMPHONIC BAND. FRONT ROW: E.Ford, J.Pope, P.Jaros, D.Turley, P.Bylica, D.Lucas, C.Dempsey, S.Montanaro, L.Thackery, W.Ottlinger, C.Mott, K.Masty, C.Virga, J.Mattem, B. Kuschnerus, L.Schellenberg. SECOND ROW: M.Maurier, S.Fortin, J.Suarez, M.Balazy. M.Coudret, S.Milkie, K.Ascencio, L.Cameron, B.Hamilton, H.Patterson, C.Laubscher, C. Goll, K.Lowe, D.Hammerberg, K.McNaughton, C.McCardell. THIRD ROW: R.McCallum, R.Duchene, S.Wiseman, G.Przywara, M.Odroski, R.Gies, C.Smith, Mr. Jack Pierson, D.Spratling, L.Motowski, D.Gehringer, D.Waskiewicz, B.Doner, B.Kelly, E.Masson, L.Drapeau, C.Ford, J.Conflitti, A.Buck, D.Coppo, K.Robertson, S.Purvis-Smith, T. Reinhart, P.Miller, K.Haddad, D.Rozumniak, R.Dubois, D.Hawkins, J.Hartline, R.Mascot, P.Linske. BACK ROW: D.Hogan, M.Ciavaglia, J.King, J.Kwaitkowski, C.Foster, J.Swift, M.Balewski, L.Croooe.Extra Credit Groups Create Quality Once again, the Edsel Ford Jazz Ensemble held up the long standing :radition of award winning performances. One of the most prestigious events the group attended was the Second Annual Jazz Workshop in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. The Edsel Ford Orchestra is achieving well also. Earlier this year, along with several other groups, the Orchestra played a concert at both Smith and Stout Junior Highs to receptive, interested audiences. In addition, this year’s Flag Corps has been busy perfecting their talents. The squad attended symposiums at Central Michigan University under the supervisior of their coach, Mrs. Chris Hogan. This Page. TOP LEFT: Jazz Band. FRONT ROW: B.Kuschnerus, S.Purvis-Smith, C.McCardell, D.Spratling, L.Schellenberg, K. Lowe, K.McNaughton, S.Milkie. SECOND ROW: A.Buck, R.McCallum, G.Opiteck, R.Duchene, M.Maurier, J.Suarez, Mr. Pierson. BACK ROW: M.Ciavaglia, J.King, C.Foster, J.Kwaitkowski. D.Hogan. MIDDLE. FULL ORCHESTRA. FRONT ROW: J.Gawura, C.Harper, M.Kittle, L.Croope, D.Suich, D.Gehringer, S.Sample, J.Jackson, J.Spisz, L.Ralph, D. Buchholz. K.Izworski. SECOND ROW: K.Ascencio, L. Cameron, S.Milkie, C.Ford, L.Drapeau, K.Scott, C.McCardell, D.Hammerberg, K.McNaughton, A.Liljegren, E. Ford, L.Schellenberg, B.Kuschnerus, C.Virga, W.Ottlinger. THIRD ROW: D.Rozumniak, P.Miller, K.Robertson, S.Purvis- Smith, C.Smith, S.Fortin, S.Herm, J.Suarez, M.Maurier, J.Swift, D.Hogan, J.Kwaitkowski, C.Foster, R.McCallum, B. Mitchell, Mr. Jack Pierson, R.Duchene, R.Gies, D.Borsodi, A.Doner. RIGHT: The Edsel Ford Marching Band enjoying pleasant weather. LOWER LEFT. FLAG CORPS. FRONT ROW: E.Ford, W.Ottlinger, J.Purvis-Smith, B.Hamilton, co-cap’t; C. Ford, captain; M.Wrosch, co-cap’t; L.Drapeau. L.Ralph. BACK ROW: R.DuBois, B.Kelly, K.Remily, S.Rodrigues- DeLeon, S.Fortin, M.Vollmer, A.Wlodarczyk, S.Dulude, Mrs. Chris Hogan, coach. 63;niORS senioRS seniORs seniORs senioRS seniORs btiiors seniORs seniORs seniORs seniORs seniORs seniORs 5T1IORS SC seniORs emoRS seniORs seniORs seniORs seniORs seniops seniORs pmopg gpninpg ggnmoc ggnmpg seniORs ORSbfcllious-----SbNIURS-------Sbl IIURS-----sOiToi senioRS senioRS seniORS senioRS senioRS seniop senioRS semoK senioRS senioRS senioRS senioR senioRS senioRS senioRS gpninpg gpnmpc gpninpg Ck tBaU jbougtai Haltz M «an ffficlta Halazy Htian Hutch •r A W Jk Htayna 4tahaLo f t ohmrt Harton HraJ HunnuttPatrici. PLcU urn Din. 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Joseph Stempien. John Stempicn. Ronald Stratton. John 119Smwd Smart. Socc Sore;- Jeff S» aS.-tri Jaw® S»ir.fr J«sk Williams. Rhonda Wimmer. Suzanne Woldanski. Adam Wolf. Brian Scon Woods. Stacey 120Woods. Stephen Worth. Jamrs Wjwiw. (Wvwgcrtf YooR All an 7ak-n«.lt William 7u hike. Vk tartan . OntM MT Boat. Cathy Ha mod. Tara Hdka. Fliraboth PaAkK i itlftry lowhuw. Mtchad Ohm, Patricia Runnski, l)ar lc Sad. Oavn Mumpo. Joseph Johnson. Jodv penFLIGHT 1986 30th AnniversaryIPORIS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS PORTS SPORTS SpORtS SpORtS SPORTS SpORtS SpORtS PORTS SPORTS SpORtS SpORtS SPORTS SPORtS SPORtS■SPORfs SPORtS SP0RtS SPORtS SPORtS SPORtS SPORtS SPORtS SPORW SPORtS SPORtS SPORtS SPORtS SPORtS SPORtS SPORtS SPORtS SPORtSInjuries Give Grief to Gridders BOTTOM ROW: Mgr. Dietra Helka. Dave Julian. Dave Tulas, Doug Baltz, Mike Papier, Dan Enos, Jeff Gee, Rick Chambers, Dave Jeter, Mike Vasilnick, Mgr. John McDonald. SECOND ROW: Mgr. Stephanie Raymond, Brian Belcher, Jeff Fisher, Chris Rinna. Jim Corona, Mark Johnson, Mike Helsek, Jeff Bossio, Rob Dapprich, Rob Fryz, Jim Daoust, Mgr. Christina Sanderson, Coach Duane Machak. THIRD ROW: Head Coach Jack Bridges, Daniel Greenwell, Mark Andrew, Eddie Pierce, Eric Steiger, Christopher Bierman, Michael Wilkerson. Robert Marano, Brian Wingart, Maynard Coudret, David Chase, Kevin Kaier. FOURTH ROW: Dave Bandula, Dave Centala, Rick Danes, Dennis Plunkett, Chris Lanam, Tim Wyman, Chuck Shaw, Vito Trimer, Jerry Meltzer, Jim 126Coming into the 1985 season, Edsel’s head football coach, Jack Bridges, knew his T-Birds would be hard pressed to match the incredible success that Thunderbird teams of the past had. Little did the veteran Bridges realize that this ‘85 squad would do something that hasn’t happened since 1956. What EF did was finish the season with a losing record, 4-5, breaking an almost thirty-year tradition of winning football teams. With senior Dan Enos back for his third year as quarterback and assisted by many • returning varsity players, why did the T-Birds falter? No doubt the answer to that question is injuries. Edsel started off the season in strong fashion by beating Bishop Borgess and Pontiac Northern, but after several games a few players went down and that number of injuries only increased as the season progressed. Due to injuries only, almost half of the T-Birds had to miss games. This in turn caused them to win only two of their last seven games, with one of those losses at the hands of rival Dearborn High. Despite the disappointments, EF football was graced with many outstanding performances. Leading the list was Enos. In his three vears as starting quarterback he broke nearly every passing record ever set and he topped his career by throwing for just under 2000 yards while completing 55 percent of his passes. In addition, this certain All-State selection rushed for 500 yards while scoring twelve touchdowns. Receivers for the Enos’ aerials were seniors Doug Baltz, Jim Daouit, and Dave Jeter. Baltz served as the Black and White’s tight end and despite being injured, he finished with 19 receptions for 323 yards. Daoust, a two-year starter, led the city in passing for most of the year and finished as Edsel’s top receiver by catching 31 passes for 445 yards. Jeter will be best remembered for his spectacular 85 yard touchdown reception in the Fordson game, but the six foot,one-inch receiver also hauled in 26 passes for 439 yards. OPPOSITE PAGE: Edsel’s Varsity football sit-in. LOWER RIGHT: Edsel and Dearborn performing the Jane Fonda workout. THIS PAGE. UPPER RIGHT: Dan Enos. 12, “What?! You mean I have to throw the ball? CENTER LEFT: “Right foot BLUE.” LOWER LEFT: Mike Papier, 12, Jeff Gee, 12, Dan Enos, 12, Coaches: Gary Shleiff, Duane Machak, Jack Bridges. “Are these guys studly or what?”Season Improves for Lady Cagers Coached by Mr. Carmine Morga, the EF girls’ basketball team ended its season with a record of 9-10. The team was young and inexperienced with only two returning varsity players, seniors Deborah Sanson and Kim Coudret. Captain Sanson, juniors Tracy Acker, Kim Dapprich, and Pam Lucas, and sophomore Maureen O’Donnell started most of the games. They worked well together, scoring an average 40 points per game. “I love basketball,” stated Karen Bean,ll. ‘‘I had a lot of fun this year, and I’m looking forward to next year.” Opposite page UPPER LEFT: Bev DeJohn.10, eludes an opponent from Ypsilanti. This Page UPPER RIGHT: Marina Reba.10, sinks 2 points. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tracy Acker.ll, signals for a pass. LOWER LEFT: Varsity girls after a big win. UPPER LEFT: Maureen O'Donnell. 10,disgusted after a loss. Mr. Carmine MorgaFIRST ROW: Bev DeJohn, 10. Marina Reba. 10. Debra Sanson. 12, Tracy Acker. 11. and Pam Lucas, 11. SECOND ROW: Maureen O Donnel, 10, Karen Bean, 11, Lori Cubr, 11, Kim Dapprich, 11, Lisa Haan, 10, Kim Coudret, 12, Deanna Lowe, 10, and Coach Carmine Morga. 129Fourth Year Kickers Kick Off a Winning Season UPPER LEFT: “O.k. everybody, look sexy!” UPPER RIGHT: Dan Moss, 12, challenging the skill of the opponents goalie. MIDDLE RIGHT: Scott Moss, 11, and Louie Motowskl,10, keeping the bench warm. LOWER LEFT: Trl Thai,12, breaking through for a goal. MIDDLE LEFT: Dan Moss,12, in a battle of the fittest. BOTTOM ROW: Jason Alabakoff. SECOND ROW: Mgr. Amy Donor, Lee Hunt, Daniel Moss, Mark Gruber, Mgr. Mary Hanoian. THIRD ROW: Scott Moss, Tri Thai, Mark Leskun, Tod Hunt, Tim Paravano, Mike Ciavaglia, Steve Cojei, Joe Messiler. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Majetic, Rob Haffey, Stephen Wiseman, Brad Cronk, Louie Motowski, Mark Lypeckj, Scott Cojei, Coach Mr. McGinty. SA'.wuu Mb v I» ut« - n“At the start of the season we came on strong and played as a team. We won our first tournament and received a trophy at Royal Oak Kimball. Our team ended the season on a high notefbeating Dearborn 2-0. Joe Messier. 10, was named Honorable Mention for All-State team, ’ said Dan Moss,12. The 1985 season for the kickers finished with a 17-4 record and placed them second in the city. Returning for his fourth consecutive year, Moss was captain and also was named Most Valuable Player. He was assisted by co-captains, Mark Greuber.12, and Lee Hunt.ll, to lead the team to a successful winning record. The girls team started off last year’s season with a grueling game against Fordson. The result was a victory! “We have great all-around talent. It was just the task of putting it all together. We had a hard time doing that. Our star players were Elayna Alabakoff, 12, Leigh Bennet, 10 and Eb Peters, 12. Elayna was given the title of Most Valuable Player, and it was a title well-deserved,” said captain fill All in all, the 1985 Kickers had a very successful year. The hard work and effort rfa really paid off. With the return of many x», advanced Kickers who were on the team • to the needed. Next should bring a very promising team the help former UPPER RIGHT: Rachel Long, 12 w ready to show her skills. MIDDLE RIGHT: Maureen Buck, 12, moving in for the kill. LOWER LEFT: Marni Sanders.il, about to outwit her opponent. MIDDLE LEFT: Sara Brassel,12, showing her opponent who’s boss. 131Golfers Putt to Fourth in Regionals The boys’ golf team began its season with a great start. They won many of their matches, and at the Regional meet they putted their way to fourth place. However, the season didn’t end quite as well as it started. Despite the gallant efforts of seniors Dan Duffy and Jeff Parker and junior Norm Lee, the golfers placed 24th in the State Meet. “All of the boys played well, but the competition was just too much for them,’ explained Coach Pat Wyka. FIRST ROW: Norm Lee, 11, Brian Stuk, 11, Dan Duffy, 12, and Tom Stansell. SECOND ROW: Coach Pat Wyka, Chuck Fay, 12, Jeff Parker, 12. and Jeff Baron, 10. This page UPPER LEFT: Tom Stansell.il, keeps his head down and his eyes on the ball. BOTTOM CENTER: Senior Jeff Parker lines himself up for a putt. LOWER LEFT: Senior captain Dan Duffy. — Tough Season for Field Hockey FIRST ROW: Kelly Aughton, 10, Caryn Hebits. 9, Amy Cunningham. 9, Diane Novak. 12. Tracy Mbses, 11, Kyung Ja Lim, 12. and Danielle Hanoian. 9. SECOND ROW: Coach Ms. Irma Calvisi, Ann Marie Kuhlman. 12, Tamnrv Phipps. 10. Rachel Reeves 12, Katie McNaughton,12, Mary Rubio.10. Mary Randinitis,9. and Debbie Clos.ll. THIRD ROW: Cory Shafer,9. Pauline Howell.10, Maureen Buck,12, Lisa Cameron,12, Sue Wimmer,9, Tisha Montanaro, 11, Trisha Ozvpko.9. and Coach Jonnie Terry.EF Tankers Shine With Success! The 1985-86 girls’ swimming team had a fairly successful season while putting forth a lot of effort. Coached by Mr. Bob Knepper and Asst. Coach Patricia Rines. the girls had a 9-5 record. The strokers were led by Kelly Egan,ll, sophomore Sara Hall, and senior Sheila Ushman. Egan and Ushman were this year’s captains. “The swim team was pretty good this year but next year we’re going to be even better!” exclaimed a confident Sara Hall. The 200 1M relay was very successful consisting of Hall. Katie Hamel. 10, Patty McDermott, 10, and Angie Factor,9. Egan accelerated in the 100 fly, 200 IM, and the 400 relay. FRED W. EVANS MEMORIAL POOL Sara Hall. 10, shows off her massive deltoids. 5'6" ’ BOTTOM ROW: Kelly Egan, Sheila Ushman. SECOND ROW: Sara Hall, Dena Sitarski, Denise Hammerberg, Celeste Raines, Dorothy Stratford, Mgr. Jessica Roberts. THIRD ROW: Asst. Coach Patricia Raines, Dawn Bucholtz, Serrana Sentana, Carrie Hane, Patty McDermott, Kara Davis, Monique Arens, Angie Factor, Coach Bob Knepper. 134135 THIS PAGE: UPPER RIGHT: Martha Saillant,12, prepares to trip her opponent. MIDDLE RIGHT: Now here is a rowdy crowd! LOWER LEFT: Thunderettes performing at halftime. MIDDLE LEFT: Head Whizzer Mr. Pat Wyka, Whizzer president E.B. Peters, and wrestling captain Don Griswold. TOP LEFT: Rob Marano.10. makes the cut.Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis A Smashing Success The 1986 boys’ tennis team had many returning players. The loss of three seniors did not appear to hurt the team. Mr. Skip Domke was the new coach. He was looking forward to his first year of coaching the tennis team. Senior Brad Bennett and junior Dave Sierota were co-captains. Some returning players were Jim Westbrook, 12, Mike Maurino,ll, John Fiaschetti.il, Craig Pugh.ll, and Brian LeFranc.10. Mr. Domke commented on the team’s performance. “We had a lot of experience. All the boys were good players. This was a good year for us.” Opposite page TOP LEFT: Coach Palko at her best. CENTER RIGHT: Sharon Hogg. 10, watches Heather Caurdy.10, smash the ball cross court. LOWER RIGHT: The J.V . tennis team. LOWER CENTER: Sophomore Leigh Bennett serves an ace. LOWER LEFT: Junior Missy Holman has an awesome backhand. This Page UPPER RIGHT: Brian LeFranc,10, always aces his opponents with his serve. LOWER RIGHT: Junior Mike Maurino has perfect forehand form. UPPER LEFT: The hazards of being a doubles partner. 136LeFranc,12, Birgit Kushnerus,12, Tammy Reinhart,10, Kim Lowe,12, and Pam Morrison, 12. Second Row: Kyung ae Lim,9, Kathy Karbowski.il, Heather Caurdy.10, Cecily Thornton, 10, Tracy Treiber.10, Sharon Hogg, 10, Leigh Rennett.10, and Coach Barbara Palko. The Edsel Ford girls’ tennis team ended its season with a record of 6-5. The netters came in second in their League behind Dearborn, and they placed third in Regionals behind Dearborn and Trenton. Leigh Bennett. 10, led the team in First singles. Senior co-cap- tains Dawn LeFranc and Birgit Kushnerus played second and third singles,respectively. At four singles was sophomore Sharon Hogg. Juniors Kathy Karbowski and Missy Holman played one doubles together. Sophomores Heather Caurdy and Cecily Thornton played two doubles. Other team members rotated for positions at three doubles. J.V. First Row: Joanne Fong,9, Kelly Donovan,9, Michelle GolI,9, Maggie Terry,9, Holly Ferns,9, Heather Cummings.9, and Rachel Dickson, 10. Second Row: Stacy Kruppa,9, Nicole Tithof,9, Paula Ambrose, 10, Coach Richard Haas, Julie Miller, 10, and Marla Lucas,9. 137Boys EFCC Wins Region Place Fourth in StateOPPOSITE PAGE CENTER: Edsel Ford Boys’ Cross Country Team after winning the regionals. From left to right: Coach Skip Domke, Eric Hammerberg, Steve Zibikowski, Craig McCardell, Mark Stewart and the trophy, Francis Palardy, Chris Koitek, and Doug Langley. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Coach Skip Domke is a proud man after regional win. THIS PAGE TOP: Junior Doug Langley gives it all he has at Regionals. THIS PAGE RIGHT: Senior Steve Zblkowsld, junior Craig McCardell, and senior Mark Stewart staying with the pack at Regionals. Also helping the Cross Country Team but not pictured are Sean Kane,9, Richard Hanks,10, Mike Shaw,10, BUI Lenhart,10, Russ Duchene,10, Mark Bjertnes8,ll, Todd Barron,11, and senior Joe Walters. Helping the team very much is freshman manager Dear. Langley. These runners are well on their way to having great running careers at Edsel Ford. The Edsel Ford Boys’ Cross Country Team finished off its season as giants. First, they came in 1 in the regionals and then the next week they ran great on the way to placing fourth in State. EFCC ran well all year and coasted to a 9-1 record behind the efforts of sophomore Eric Hammerberg and senior Mark Stewart. EFCC also won the City and League meets. In the League Meet, Hammerberg led the way with a second place finish, Stewart came in fifth. Chris Koitek, 12, came in fourth place, Craig McCardeU, 11, sixth, Steve Zblkowskl, 12, ninth, and Francis Palardy, 11, sixteenth. Again in State, All-State runner Hammerberg led the team by finishing at 16:23, which was good for a twelfth place. Koitek followed with a 16:40 time for twenty-sixth place. Other top finishers from EF were in thirtieth place, Stewart with a time of 16:45; McCardell with a time of 16:54 for a finish of forty-fourth; Zibikowski came in eightieth at 17:11; Palardy, at 17:35 for one hundred twenty«first; and Doug Langley , 11, with a time of 17:56. Hammerberg commented, “We started off well and the Regional and State were run great. We ran much better this year than expected and this was a pleasant surprise. Winning the League and City Meets helped our confidence when we went to both State and Regional.” “Mr. Domke is a great coach!” exclaimed Stewart. “In my opinion, he is one of the best cross country coaches in the state. His greatest attribute is that he can get us to run our best at most key matches.” Graduating this year are tri-captain Stewart, tri-captain Zbikowski, and stand-out Koitek. Returnees are Hammerberg, tri-captain McCardell, Palardy, and Langley.Ninth in State; Salt State Champ The 1985 girls’ cross country team filled it s expectations of having another great season such as last year. Ending with a record of 6-2, the girls headed for the State Finals. Junior captain Kris Salt ran away with the state champ title. Her final time was 18:32. Salt finished third in the State last year. Jill Rothert, 10, did an outstanding job. She placed fourth, finishing in 19:00. Rothert improved greatly over last season. Freshman Meredith Saillant ran in her first state meet and finished eleventh with a final time of 19:20. Saillant has a bright future ahead of her with three more years left to run. Other runners in the State Finals were freshman Selena Greeley, 21:17; sophomore Laura Squlbbs, 22:21; junior Sauncle Whitcomb, 22:36; and junior Stephanie Danes, 22:40. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: Junior Stephanie Danes gives everything she has to try to move up in the race. THIS PAGE: TOP: The ninth place girls’ cross country team in the State: Katia Carvalho, Sauncie Whitcomb, Stephie Danes, Meredith Saillant, Jill Rothert, Laura Squibbs, Kris Salt, Kristin Trapp, Selena Greeley, and Coach Ron Champine. CENTER RIGHT: Kris Salt, 11, goes onto her state championship. CENTER LEFT: Laura Squlbbs, 10, tries to move ahead of the pack. RIGHT: Junior captain Kris Salt. 140 6First Row: Selena Greeley,9, Sauncie Whitcomb.il, Kristin Trapp.ll, Meredith Saillant,9, and Jill Rothert.lO. Second Row: Coach Ron Champine, Katia Carvalho,12, Stephanie Danes,11, Laura Squibbs.lO, and Kris Salt,11.J.V.jSports Carry On the Tradition BOTTOM ROW: Jennifer Spisz, Jennifer Trapp, Julie Helisek, Renee Righetti. TOP ROW: Coach Debbie Albrect, Charlene Oslanci, Shannon Jamieson, Jennifer Jackson, Heather Proctor, Stacey Woods, Frances Duffy, Margaret Osborne. OPPOSITE PAGE, UPPER RIGHT: “Perfect form is so important,” thinks sophomore Jim Cummins. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sophomore John Radakovlch collects his thoughts after a strenu- ous game. LOWER RIGHT: Junior varsity basketball team. LOWER LEFT: Ron Wyka.10, goes in for a touchdown after a great catch. THIS PAGE, UPPER RIGHT: Deanna Lowe, 10, jump- ing high for the spike and another team point. LOWER RIGHT: Junior varsity volleyball team. LOWER LEFT: J.V. volleyball team going over new plans of attack. UPPER LEFT: Junior varsity basketball team. 142 BOTTOM ROW: Beverly DeJohn, Mary Hanoian, Gretchen LeFranc, Charlene Oslanci. TOP ROW: Coach Carmine Morga, Marina Reba, Janene Wichorek, Laura Squibbs, Maureen O’Donnell, Christine Visel.J.V. sports served as the stepping stone to varsity sports for 30 years. Its purpose has been to give players that little extra experience, endurance and knowledge required to participate in varsity sports. Because captain duties are often rotated each week, junior varsity sports also give participants a chance to prove themselves in leadership responsibilities. J.V. teams have had a very successful season in 1985-86. One of the most outstanding efforts was taken by the boys’ basketball team. John Tobin, 9, Jerry Meltzer, 10, and Joe Messier, 10, led the team to a 14-4 record. The girls’ volleyball team finished with a record of 23-5. A good assumption of the team’s hard work and effort was given by sophomore Bev DeJohn. “We worked well as a team,which I believe is very important. I was very surprised that we won two tournaments this year. I knew- we had the talent; it was just a matter of putting it all together.” With their outstanding efforts, these athletes produce remarkable results. BOTTOM ROW: Dairen Mucha, John Miller, James Lawrence, Dean Blanchard, Michael Polydoras, Matthew Allen, Eric Yunker. SECOND ROW: Paul Corcoran, Kelly Betz, John Wszolek, Joseph Wittenberg, Matthew Huber, Robert Rankin, Scott Rynaert. THIRD ROW: Cameron Lange, George Betsistas, Jeffrey Lawson, Bruce Krot, Scott Mattieson, Anthony Tenorio. TOP ROW: Coach Jamie Grigno, Lisa McDonald, Christina Sanderson, Kelly Evans, Tony Nicholas. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Fougerousse, Joe Messier, Gary Pryzwara, John Tobin, Ron Wyka, Paul Corcoran, Jerry Meltzer, Tim Walega, Matt Huber, Kelly Betz, Matt Allen, Brian Wingart, Coach Jamie Grigno. 143Freshmen A thietes A equire Skill The freshman sports of Edsel Ford High School enhance the quality of the junior varsity and varsity teams in later years. The freshman volleyball, football, and basketball teams all had successful seasons in 1985-86. In addition, the best season of basketball ever experienced at Edsel Ford was played by this year’s team. The hoopsters were 14-1 on the year, and their only loss came from the undefeated Monroe Patriots, whose season ended at 15-0. The T-Birds took the city championship by defeating Fordson and Dearborn twice each. The team was led by the two co-captains, Jason Swafford and Tim Owens. The Most Valuable Player Award was presented to Shawn Cameron, who was the team’s leading scorer for the season. Freshman Shawn Cameron goes up for another two points It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a basketball! Jason Swafford, 9, goes for the jump shot. 144 BOTTOM ROW: Rick Markley, Tom Oschner, Dave Damian, Steve Szabo, Jason Swafford, Rick Gostenick. TOP ROW: Ted Grignon, Ed Priestaf.ShawnCameron. Tony Dicriscio, Tim Owens, James Frazier, Joe Crill.BOTTOM ROW: James Fraser. Frank “Cheech” Aloisio, Jason Hill, Mark Maness, Todd Morgan, Mark VanProeyen, Derrick Mitchell, John Stratton. SECOND ROW: Matt Serrico, Dion Currie, Bill O’Neill, David Murrell, Neil Armstrong, Shawn Cameron, Chris Hanks, Tom Ochsner, Doug Chubb. THIRD ROW: Jim Worth, Tim Owens. Todd Hoyer, John Paxton, George Gallagher. Greg Patterson. Dave Damian. LAST ROW: Tom Kerr, Coach Richard Angelo, Mgr. Kelly Evans, Chris Matigian, Steve Woods, Mgr. Lisa McDonald, Mgr. Christina Sanderson, John Tobin, Jason Marion, Coach James Wimshurst. FRONT ROW: Caryn Hebets, Kyung-Ae Lim, Lesley Vanderwill, Julie Helisak, Chris Sanderson, Kim Kruse. BACK ROW: Mr. JamesWimshurst, Lisa Motowski, Stacey Woods, Donna Linske, Georgette Wiscaver, Marla Lucas, Patricia Olson. Freshman football coaches James Wimshurst and Richard Angelo. 145T-Bird Tankers Take Second in League 146 THIS PAGE: TOP: The 1985-86 boys’ swim team. BOTTOM ROW: Rich BarkJev-Carter, Darryl Miller, Wally Radu, Brian Savalox, Eric Chemberlin, Matt Smith, Mike Balazy, Andy Etchen, Tim Burke, John Randinitis, mgr. Jessica Roberts, mgr. Dean Sitarski. TOP ROW: Randy Major, Randy Fryz, Eric Knepper, Jason Greizis, Pat Egan. Steven Warden, Jim Kress, Jason Paoletti, Jason Rose, Eric Gillespie, Assistant Coach Peti Raines. BOTTOM LEFT Coach Mr. Bob Knepper. BOTTOM CENTER: This year’s co- captains, seniors Mike Balazy and Matt Smith. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT: Swimmers getting ready for the start. TOP RIGHT: The EF swimmers watch and cheer their teammate on. CENTER LEFT: Freshman Mark Balazy hurries to the finish. CENTER MIDDLE: EF diver with style. CENTER RIGHT: ON YOUR MARK! GET SET! GO!! BOT- TOM RIGHT: Junior Randy Fryz listens to the Blues Brothers while Mr. Knepper watches his swimmers.It was another winning season for head coach Robert Knepper and the EF tankers. In his second year as head coach, they posted an 8-4 record. This year’s captains Mike Balazy and Matt Smith were pleased with their team. The season started out strongly with a 4-1 record. They did better than expected for a young and inexperienced team. The EF team finished a strong second at their league championships. The medley relay consisting of Balazy,12, Fryz.ll, Kress,10, and Burke,10, is one of the four swimming events that qualified for the state swim meet. The others included Balazy in the 50-yard and 100-yard freestyle and Kress in the 100-yard backstroke. “This year’s team did really well and the future looks very promising with all the young talent it has,’’ said Balazy. Among these hopefuls are: Randy Fryz.ll, Andy Etchen.ll, Tim Burke. 10, Jim Kress, 10, Eric Knepper, 10, Jason Greizis,10, and Pat Egan,9.FRONT ROW: Amy Core, Jill Mattern, Beth Hamel, E.B. Peters, Marla Palmer, Trisha Leedy. BACK ROW: Jill Siwarski, Amy Agius, Sara Brassell, Roosevelt Barnes, Celeste Molinari, Leah Captains Beth Hamel and Marla Palmer THIS PAGE: UPPER RIGHT: Sara Brassell, 12, and Jill Siwarski,ll, are all soaked up. LOWER RIGHT: J.V. Cheerleaders showing their enthusi- asm. OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER RIGHT: Thunderettes perform the “Wave”! MIDDLE RIGHT: Juniors Tracy Gregory and Kristie Farkas showing off their uniforms. Football cheerleaders having a good old time. Celeste Molinari.il.They’ve Got The Spirit!! Do you need something to pep you up? Listen to the EF cheerleaders or watch the Thunderettes. The EF Varsity cheerleaders, coached by Mrs. Lee McFarlin, consist of 10 hard- working girls. The EF cheerleaders had an extra treat this year cheerleading for the Detroit Lions at the Silverdome. The Thunderettes, also coached by Mrs. McFarlin, consist of 24 talented juniors and seniors. The Thunderettes dance at halftime at Varsity basketball games. Cheerleaders and Thunderettes liven up any crowd. best. do FRONT ROW: MaryAnn Milczuk, Jodi Ponstein, Janet Hudson, Trisha Leedy, Theresa Byron, Marla Palmer, Julie Woods, Beth Hamel, E.B. Peters, Jackie Tithof, Carrie Smith, Melanie Brown, Maureen Buck. BACK ROW: Kristie Farkas, Leah Anger, Nikki Florence, Amy Aguis, Tracy Gregory, Kelly Masty, Susan Weldon, Jennifer Roulo, Beth Schneider, Lee Ann Hanoian, Michelle Mastrantonio (not pictured.) 149Slow Start; Shaky Season for EF Spikers The 1985-86 Varsity volleyball perfor- mance was a small step above last year. Instructed by Mr. Richard Clements, the squad pulled together, finishing with a 22-18 season. Senior captain Debbie Sanson took All-City and First Team All-League with her natural ability and advanced skill. Sophomore Lisa Haan also received high honors making Second Team All-League for the season. 150 TOP LEFT: Junior Pam Lucas praises Allah. TOP RIGHT- Senior Debbie Sanson and Lucas aren’t aware of all the uses for rubber cement. MIDDLE RIGHT- Sophomore Lisa Haan gives Dr. J five. BOTTOM RIGHT- Sanson prepares to give five to an opposing team member. MIDDLE LEFT- The whole game stops when the Good Witch of the North pays a visit.Injuries Slow Down Gymnastics Season BACK ROW: Assistant coach Jack Jaroh, Manager Carolyn Ford, Amy Core, Laura Vanderwill, Kristi Neal, Erin Ford, JoAnn Serrapere, Coach Ellen O’Droski. FRONT ROW: Jamie Grisham, Kristina Welsh, Laurie Abel, Kelly Donovan, Tracy McEachren. FRONT: Co-Captain Michele Dillon. The Edsel Ford gymnastics team had a rough but rewarding year. In the last two weeks of the season, senior co-captains Michele Dillon, Sue Salisbury and freshman Kristina Welsh, all Regional qualifiers, suffered serious injuries. However, the team managed to pull together during the final week before Regionals and placed well in the final team scores. Regional competitors this year were seniors Dillon, Salisbury, JoAnn Serrapere, juniors Amy Core, Laura Vanderwill, sophomore Erin Ford, and freshmen Laurie Abel, Kelly Donovan and Welsh. The team did not finish as well as last year, winning only six of the eleven meets. However, a major accomplishment occured during the season when Edsel beat Dearborn High, a first in the eight years gymnastics has existed at Edsel Ford. J TOP LEFT- The team would be happy if senior Michelle Dillon was just a little more flexible. RIGHT- Freshman Kelly Donovan would have an easier time if only she had two legs. BOTTOM LEFT- When Donovan grew another leg, her performance really improved. MIDDLE LEFT- Senior JoAnn Serrapere stars in “Surfin’ U.S.A.’’ I 151Swishers Season Sees Some Success The 1985-86 Edsel Ford basketball team saw success. Considering the new system brought in by first year head coach Richard Angelo, the team adapted well. Although the season started slowly for the T-Birds. the apex came when they won back-to-back games against cross-town rivals. Dearborn and Fordson. After a loss earlier in the season to Dearborn, 55-50, the T-Birds were determined to take revenge. The EF swishers beat the foul-troubled Pioneers, 66-47. The game immediately after, EF took to the court against Fordson. The Thunderbirds preceded to maul the Tractors, 71-52. This season, the swishers were led by seven graduating seniors: co-captain John Bowen, co-captain Dave Green, Mike Papier, Dan Enos, Dave Jeter, Greg Kruszewski, and Rob Henwood. Next season the Thunderbird swishers will be led by Maynard Coudret, Jason Sullivan, Tim Wyman Frank Ahnert, and Jason Towe.THIS PAGE: Top Left: Senior Dave Jeter calls a play. Top Center: Team co-captains, Dave Green,12, and John Bowen,12. Center Left: Senior Dan Enos throwing a pass. Above: This year’s varsity coach, Mr. Richard Angelo. Above Left: Senior guard Dave Green. Above Center: Jason Sullivan,ll, wide open for the lay-in as Rob Henwood,12, watches. OPPOSITE PAGE: Top: The 1985-86 boys’ basketball team. Bottom Row: Dave Green, John Bowen. Second Row: Rob Henwood, Greg Kruszewski, Dave Jeter, Dan Enos, Mike Papier. Top Row: Jason Towe, Maynard Coudret, Jason Sullivan, Tim Wyman, Frank Ahnert. and Coach Richard Angelo. Bottom: Senior Mike Papier pulls down the rebound as Greg Kruszewski, 12, and John Bowen watch. Center: John Bowen goes up for the tip in the Brighton game. 153Crapplers Win Area and League Titles THIS PAGE: Top Left: Frank “Cheech” Alolslo.9, tries to hook an opponent’s leg. Top Right: Don Griswold, 12, looks up in astonishment. Center Left: Griswold tries to take his man over later in the same match. Center Right: Junior Brian Szor readies for the whistle for the start of their match. Right: Chock Shaw. 11, goes for the pullover. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: The 1985-86 boys’ wrestling team. Bottom Row: Frank “Cheech” Aloisio, Mike Petix, Dairen Mucha, Matt Chubb, Mgr. Michelle Hammerberg, Coach Mr. Pat “Whizzer” Wyka, Mgr. Carol Goll, Brian Szor. Top Row: Mgr. Chris Cox, Don Griswold, Chuck Shaw, John Flynn, Mark Andrew, Rob Dapprich, Scott Mattieson, assistant coach Mr. Dan Smith, Mgr. Michelle Goll. Bottom Row: Junior Sean Ennis makes a move on his opponent.It was another great year for Mr. Pat Wyka and his Edsel Ford wrestling team. The grapplers finished with an 8-2 record and won both the area and Northwest Surburban League champion- ships. There were any individual winners again this year. Junior Sean Ennis won the area and league championships at 141 pounds. He was also a regional qualifier. Senior Rob Dapprich also won area and league. In addition, he qualified for Regionals. Chuck Shaw, 11, won the area championship at his weight of 158 pounds. Also, at 98 pounds. Frank “Cheech” Alolslo became the first freshman in history to win a league championship. The leader of the team was senior captain Don Griswold. Griswold became the first wrestler ever to win four varsity letters. He also won the Edsel Ford Invitational at the weight of 148. Under Mr. Wyka. EF grapplers have won 18 out of 21 city championships. Mr. Wyks also has beaten Dearborn every year since he has been head wrestling coach. He commented on how he thinks the team will do next year, “We have 10 out of 13 returnees. This should provide a good nucleus for next year.”Softball, Baseball Seasons Swing Back The 1985-86 Varsity softball team, led by head coach Robert Roemer, proved suc- cessful. a large step above last year’s performance. Inexperience once again hindered the T-Birds as underclassmen dominated the team. As explained by senior pitcher Debbie Sanson. “By the look of our first game, I knew that this season would be a good year. BACK ROW: Carol Linderman, Joyce Lukomski, Laura Mamroctski. Toni Haan, Dianne Jamgochian, Carrie Detavemier, Debbie Sanson. FRONT ROW: Marylynn Balewski. Tracy Moses, Alanna Williams, Bobbie Mitchell, Beth Hamel. TOP LEFT- There’s more than one use for rubber cement. Top Right- One wouldn’t want to meet this bunch in a dark alley. BOTTOM RIGHT- Senior Debbie Sanson wishes her bat would turn invisible. BOTTOM MIDDLE- Senior Beth Hamel still hasn’t learned to use her glove. Center- The team isn’t usually this excited. MIDDLE LEFT- Sanson in scenes from “I Was a Softball Woman.” 156into Action; Sluggers Hit Hard in ‘86 BACK ROW: Tom Popovics, Mike Helisek, Dave Wilke, Tim Bierman, Mike Gildersleeve, Todd Bone, Bill Sweet, Dan Enos, Chuck Fay, Mr. Schultz. FRONT ROW: Paulette Wojewuczki, Dave Julian, Dave Lindlbauer, Greg Hernandez, Tom Blatterlein, Adam Marion, Brian Colter, Dave Helisek, Glen Perkins, Stephanie Raymond. The spring of 1986 should be a great time for Mr. Norm Schultz. The baseball season should bring many joys to him because of the experience this team will have. Returning letterman for the EF sluggers are as follows: Senior Dave Jeter, pitcher: Dan Enos, 12, who catches; senior Tom Blatterlein, outfield; Qiuck Fay, 12, first base; Mike Helikek, 12, who plays third base; senior Greg Hernandez, pitcher; and Dave Wilke, 12, outfield. Other upcoming stars are Mike Dorosh, 11, Kent Hutchens, 11, Jeff Jernigan, 11, and Joel Scott, 11. Mr. Schultz said that the team will be working hard to improve on last year’s record. He also commented, “Working with this year’s seniors has been a joy and.a revelation. This is an outstanding group of individuals.” TOP LEFT- One might want to meet this bunch in a dark alley. MIDDLE RIGHT- Umpires have recently started riding bicycles during games to relieve back pain. BOTTOM CENTER- Coach Norm Schultz is usually this happy. BOTTOM LEFT- Senior Dave Wilke forgot to spit out that chewing tobacco. CENTER LEFT- Senior Greg Hernandez realizes he forgot his chewing tobacco at home. 157Track Hppefuls Project Successful Season The 1985-86 girls’ track team was experienced this year. The team was led by co-captains Kelly Dugan. 12, and Maria Palmer. 12, who ran sprints. Another sprinter that did well this year was sophomore Gretchen LeFranc. In the hurdles, Lisa Haan,10, led the pack. The distance runners this year were directed by the cross country champ, Kris Salt, 11. The high jump was controlled by Deanna Lowe, 10, and Marina Reba.10, dominated long jump. Jody Daoust.ll, threw both the shot put and discus. The 1985-86 boys’ track team was led by its two junior captains: Craig McCardell and Steve Beller. Other tracksters were seniors Mark Greuber, Mark Stewart, and Gary Blackburn. Other hopefuls who were young but still more experienced were sophomores Eric Hammerberg, Rob Marano, Jim Lawrence, and Jerry Meltzer.THIS PAGE: MIDDLE LEFT- Senior Chris Koitek wishing he had four legs like senior Mark Grueber. TOP LEFT- Sophomore Dairen Mucha wishing he would just trip and die. TOP CENTER- Junior Frances Palardy running from the Cavity Creeps. UPPER RIGHT- Students do fall from the sky on occasion. BOTTOM RIGHT- Junior Dave Chase just knowing it’s gonna be a Golden Graham day. BOTTOM LEFT- Sophomore George Betsistas enjoys inhaling flies as he runs. FACING PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT- Sophomore Lisa Haan likes Kix for what Kix has got. TOP LEFT- Junior Kris Salt practicing for a mannequin audition. TOP RIGHT- Sophomore Marina Reba is steamin’ mad at dirt. BOTTOM RIGHT- Senior Shana Milkie after watching too many Hefty commercials.Intramurals Strengthen Edsel Intramurals at Edsel Ford is a very important and fun part of the athletic program. Many students participate in this extra-curricular activity. The sports include volleyball, basketball, weightlifting, floor hockey and bowling. “It’s a good way to keep in shape and it brings friends together to have some good competition,” commented Jeff Parker, 12. Intramurals keeps you in shape, and gives you time to have fun with your friends. The intramural program at Edsel is a very well liked activity by all students. Hoop Time Volleyball THIS PAGE: UPPER RIGHT: Maynard Coudret.ll, goes up for the dunk! LOWER LEFT: EF volleyball teams in action. MIDDLE LEFT: John Scott, 12, and Joey Szalay.ll, go one on one. TOP RIGHT: Steve Woods, 9, pumps some iron. OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER RIGHT: MVP Debra Sanson, 12, and Coach Carmine Morga. LOWER RIGHT: Football captains Michael Papier, Jeff Gee, and Dan Enos pose for mug shots. LOWER LEFT: EB Peters. 12, enjoying her new found hernia from the last Thunderette routine.Varsity Club Honors Athletes Varsity Club is a club for all athletes who have earned a Varsity letter. This club participates in many functions such as dances, assisting in sports events, and holding fundraisers. The long time advisor of the Varsity Club is Pat “Whizzer” Wyka. Varsity club is by far one of the largest clubs at Edsel Ford. The officers of the club are John Flynn, 12, as president, vice-president Mark Grueber, 12, treasurer Eileen Hamm, 10, and Heather Caurdy, 10, is secretary. Flynn is in wrestling. Grueber is on soccer, Hamm plays tennis, and Caurdy also plays tennis. “The leaders of our club are very capable, so this club runs very smoothly,M commented junior Kathy Karbowskl. FRONT ROW: Heather Caurdy, Mark Grueber, Pat “Whizzer” Wyka, John Flynn, Eileen Hamm. SECOND ROW: Missy Holman, Mike Helisek, Marla Palmer, Elayna Alabakoff, Carol Goll, Karen Mora, Laura Squibbs, Kristin Trapp, Mark Stewart. THIRD ROW: Jeff Bossio, Tracy Acker, Tracey Treiber, Marina Reba, Lisa Haan, Amy Doner, Gretchen LeFranc, Kelly Clark, Jill Rothert, Kelly Williams. FOURTH ROW: Craig McCardell, Kathy Karbowski, Sharon Hogg, Patty McDermott, Katy McNaughton, Doug Baltz, Jill Mattern, Jennifer Smith, Mike Ciavaglia, Lee Hunt. LAST ROW: Russ Duchene, EB Peters, Jerry Phillips, Chris Koitek, Brad Cronk, Mike Balazy, Matt Smith, Katie Hamel, Sara Hall.Senior Index A = Adams. Pamela 3412 McKinley Drama Gub 66 Alabakoff, Play na 3132 Raymond Varsity Soccer. Student Council. Varsity Gub 6. 14. 46. 52. 66. 87. 161 Arneson. Lincoln Harry 7 Amherst Lane 66 Ascendo. Karen 1772 Sherwood Ct. Band, A.F.S.. Close-Up 62. 63. 66 B = Bailey. Dave 20005 Audette 66 Baker. Cheryl 1431 Hollywood 8. 66. 75 Balazy. Michael 24909 Penn Swimming. Band 62. 66. 76. 84. 146. 147. 161 Balazy. Sharon 24904 Penn FLIGHT. Bon Appetite 13. 14. 45. 54. 59. 66 Baltz. Douglas 23 Snow Ct. Football. Student Council. N.H.S. 46. 47. 66. 76. 82. 126. 161 Baran. Tony 23845 Princeton 66 Barton. Robert 3213 McKinley 66 Beams. Dave 20553 Carlyslc Bean. John 3150 Woodside Dr. Forensics. German Gub. Debate 66 Belcher. Brian 24610 Penn Football. Baseball 66 Beltowski. Judy 18216 Audette Bennett. Brad 3730 Eastham Tennis. Debate Club 66. 122 Beyer. Deborah 24737 Penn Bitel. Pat 22763 Audette Blackbum,Gary Patrick 2941 Grindley Pk. Football, Track. Ski Club 67. 122 Blackburn. Tim 24068 New York Ski Club 67 Blaetterlein. Thomas 22224 Tennv Baseball 67 Blanchard. Wendy 22223 Military Soccer Mgr. 67. 68 Boettgcr. Eddie 3434 Willow Baseball 67 Bossio. Jeffrey 3513 Raymond Football. German Gub 67. 123. 126, 161 Bowen. John 24350 Notre Dame Basketball. Spanish Club 55. 67, 152. 153 Boyle. Kimberly 22713 Nowlin Spanish Gub 13. 15. 67. 84..87 Bozich Jim 3545 Gertrude Braden. Anna 24501 Notre Dame 67 Bradley. Amy 24806 Cooke' Brassell. Sara 2050 Edgcwood Cheerleading. Soccer, Varsity Gub 67. 131. 148 Broderick. Jackie 18038 Audette Co-op 67 Brostean. Shirley 24920 Carlyslc Brown. Daren 2722 Banner 67 Brown. Melanie 3028 Katherine Thunderettes, Qerman Club. Booster Club 67. 149 Brown. Michael 3730 Hipp 67 Brown. Rob 2722 Queen 67. 74 Buck. Maureen 21212 W. Outer Dr. Soccer. Field Hockey. N.H.S. 46. 47. 68. 87. 131. 133. 149 Buck. Robert 20841 Outer Dr. 68 Bullis. Robert 23873 Harvard Baseball 68 Bullock. Joe 2061 Syracuse Burke. Michael 3105 Chestnut 3. 57. 68 Bush. Michael 3156 Katherine Buxton. Mark Byron. Theresa 3336 Williams Thunderettes. Forensics C Cameon. Robert 1942 Woodside German Club 68. 76 Cameron, Lisa 1655 Venice Band. N.H.S., Field Hockey 9. 47. 56. 61. 62. 63. 68 Campbell. Susan 2815 Bold! 68 Carlin. Deborah 3850 Academy 14. 68. 87 Caruana. Michael 2434 Academy 68 Ceresa, Patty 24915 Ross Chambers. Rick 3406 Cornell Football. Weightlifting 68. 126 Cicsla. J.D. 22230 Audette Clark. Dawn 2250 Home Place Thespians, Concert Choir. Close-Up 14. 68 Cojei. Scott 3111 Monroe Soccer 68. 86 Colby. Stacey 25649 Eton 68 Con tardi. Sue 1530 Birchcrest 69 Cook. Kellie 1810 N. Mildred 69 Cook. Tammy 24810 Calvin Cooper. Rahni 24514 Carlysle SADD 9. 69. 77 Corona. James 1847 Venice Football. Spanish Gub 69. 88. 126 Cotter. Geoffrey 20760 Audette 34. 69. 74. 82 Coudret. Kimberly 3421 Campbell Volleyball. N.H.S., Basketball 47. 54. 69. 75. 123. 129 Criscenti. Frank 24426 Union 69,84 Cronk. Bradley 6 Windham Ln. N.H.S.. Soccer. German Club 36. 47. 55. 58. 69. 88. 130. 161 Croope. Lori 8 Windham LN. Band. Orchestra. Tri-M 61. 63. 69 Croskey. Scott 24344 Calvin 69 Senior = v — Daoust. Jim 3005 Cornell Football. Weightlifting. Baseball 13. 69. 83. 126 Dapprich. Robert 3344 Edgcwood Football. Wrestling. Spanish 69. 126. 154 162Day, Stacy 24434 Calvin Cross Country. Track. Varsity Club 69 Dean. Robin 3753 Jackson BABES 69 DeMeerleer. Roc heal 21727 Francis 69. 123 DePaulis. Chris 2900 Katherine Dillon, Michele 3534 Syracuse Gymnastics. Track 68. 88. 151 Domke, Jon 24421 Ross Thespian Club. Russ Gibb Video 68 Ducharmc. Dennis 21556 Military 68 Duffy. Dan 3360 Campbell Golf 11. 68 Dugan. Kelly 3349 Dallas' Volleyball. Track. Varsity Club 54. 68 Durham. Timothy 3355 Middlcburv Dr. Edmundson. William 3140 Venice 68. 74 Ehmann. Andrea 23950 Lloyd Ct. Elkins. David 24162 Dartmouth Swimming. Stage Crew Emery. Melanie 22051 Cleveland Wyka’s Whizzers 68’ Enos. Daniel 2620 Venice Football. Basketball. Baseball 12. 68. 82. 126. 127. 152. 153. 160 Erf Missy 3535 Greenfield 68 Estes. Lee 3621 Williams 68. 74 = F = Farino. Alex 3850 Bcnnct N.H.S.. Vocal Ensemble. Thespians 9. 33. 47. 61. 68. 73 Earless. Kevin 1950 Chestnut Ignite 68 Fay. Chuck 1768 Walnut Baseball. Golf 2. 34. 68. 132 Felker. Darleen 3437 Cornell Gymnastics 68 Feltz. Kirk 1405 Sherwood Firth. Rich 3640 Eastham Debate. German Gub 7. 55 Fisher. Jeff 2224 N. Franklin Football. Track. Ski Gub 57. 69. 87. 126 Flynn. John 2101 Geneva NHS. Wrestling. Varsity Club 47. 69. 154. 161 Ford. Carolyn 24737 Calvin Tri-M. Band. Flags 52. 61. 63. 69. 151 Foster. Craig 22592 Outer Dr. Jazz Band. Art Club. Tri-M 32. 46. 47. 50. 58. 61. 62. 63. 69. 72 Fox. Christina 24529 New York German Club. Booster Club. Wyka’s Whizzcrs 69 Gillespie. Julie 20929 Carlvsle 69 Gimson. Marian 24120 Scott 69 Glance. Nicole 2615 Grindlev 69 Goll. Carol 3320 Polk N.H.S.. Varsity Track. Symphonic Band 53.58. 62. 68. 86. 154. 161 Gordon, Danny 23867 Lloyd Ct. 69 Gomo. Tom 24500 Calvin Grant. Kelly 17 Snow Ct. Student Council. BABES. N.H.S. 3. 42. 46. 47. 55. 66. 69. 76. 82. 86 Green. David 1944 Culver Basketball 69. 152. 153 Green. Rhonda 2760 Grindlev Pk. 69. 72 Greizis. Lisa 2660 Detroit Vollcvball. Varsitv Club 72 Griswold. Donald 3335 Parker Wrestling. Weight Lifting 72. 76. 81. 154. 155 Gross. Michael 3261 Roosevelt Symphonic Band. N.H.S.. Thespians 2. 43. 45. 57. 61. 62. 63. 72. 80. 82. 121 Hammerberg. Michelle 24069 Princeton Wrestling Mgr.. Wyka’s Whizzers 72 Hannah. John 2813 Banner Apt. 5 Harris. Dennis 2666 Willow- 72 Hebert. Greg 2028 Detroit St. Golf. Skiing 72 Helisek. Michael 3804 Zcigler Football. Baseball. Varsity Gub 26. 38. 69. 72. 122. 126. 161 Helka. Deitra 2843 Parker Football Mgr. 3. 39. 72 . 83. 86. 126 Hen wood. Robert 24423 Chicago Basketball 38. 72. 152. 153 Hernandez. Greg 24622 Dartmouth Baseball 72. 77 Herrmann. Timothy 3213 Monroe 73 Fricke. Patrick 3356 Wcstpoint Fry. Mary 23200 Cleveland 69 Grueber. Mark 7 Nowlin Court Soccer. Track. Varsity Gub 11. 72. 123. 130. 161 Gubka. Julie Fryz. Robert 3629 Dudley Football. Weight Lifting. Basketball 7. 69. 77. 126 Guzik. Scott 20924 Outer Dr. Weightlifting 72 Hill. Lisa 2805 Banner 73. 84 Hoffman. Wendy 2819 Bennet 15. 73. 84 Holman. Lisa 1452 Hollywood A.F.S.. Intramurals 3. 73 Garris. Sue 23311 Columbia Garrison. Christine 23020 Donaldson Gee. Jeffrey 22901 oimstcad Football. School Store Mgr. 68. 126. 127. 160 = = Haan Antoinette 2905 Grindley Pk. Softball 15. 28. 72. 78 Hamel. Beth 3122 Campbell N.H.S. Chcerlcading. Varsitv Club 10. 11. 47. 52. 72. 148. 149 Holmes. Christine 3737 Jackson Wyka’s Whizzers 9. 73 Holstein, David 3761 Zcigler Holstein. Keith 3761 Zeiglcr 78 163Hos how ski. Fred 24621 Carlysle Ski Club 73 Hudson. Janet 24150 New York Thundercttes. Vocal Ensemble 2. 9. 33. 73. 80. 149 Hullgrcn. Bill 1405 Sherwood Ct. 73 Hutchinson Traci 21755 Garrison 2 = Izworski. Karen 22291 W. Outer Dr. Orchestra. Concert Choir 63. 73 — 3 — Janowski. Vikki 17707 Oakwood Bon Appetite 73 Janus. Bruce 2205 Hubbell 40. 73 Jarvis. David 22507 Olmstead Photography, A.F.S. Club 73 Jaseck. Laurie 834 N. York Jeter. David 1954 Detroit Football. Basketball. Baseball 73. 126. 152. 153 Johnson. Mark 13. 126 Julian. David 1855 Linden Football 21. 68. 73. 76. 82. 126 = = Kajoian. Kristen 6 Carlysle Ct. Track 68. 73 Kalat. Eric Kanclerz. David 1455 Sherwood Ct. King. Mike 1829 Walnut 74 Kitchen. Ann 19000 Carlysle Student Council. A.F.S., FLIGHT 2. 7. 10. 11 45. 46. 54. 55. 74. 87 Kmet, Jeffrey 1 Nowlin Ct. Ski Club. Baseball. Art Gub 74. 88 Kncppcr. Robert 24644 Oxford Swimming 74 Koitek. Chris 3734 McKinley Cross Country. N.H.S., Varsity Gub Kondziela. Kelly 3022 Alice Tri-M, Concert Choir 74 Kondziela. Kim 3022 Alice Co-op 74 Kratt. Donald 2625 Stephens Kreuter. Michelle Kruszewski. Gregory 22231 Edison Basketball. BOLT. Baseball 44. 74. 152 Kuhlmann. AnnMarie 24927 Cherry Field Hockey, Bon Appetit, Spanish Club 3. 59. 74. 86 Kulesza. Michele 3527 Greenfield 74. 75. 123 Kulikowski. Dennis 24342 Scott Ski Gub 74. 82 Kuschnerus. Birgit 4 Brook wood Ln. Tennis. N.H.S.. Jazz 32. 47. 55. 61. 62. 63. 74. 137 Kwiatkowski. John 24323 Carlysle Band, Jazz. Tennis 32. 62. 63. 72. 74 — V — LaBelle. Todd 20944 Carlysle 74 LaGrandeur. Jill 22241 Olmstead Gymnastics. Art Gub 75. 121 LaJoice. Steve 24431 New York Football 74. 75. 87 Leedy. Trisha 3036 Syracuse Chcerleading. Thundercttes, Wyka s Whizzers 75. 148. 149 LeFranc. Dawn 1956 Chestnut Tennis. French Club 75. 137 Leight. Lisa 24835 New York 14. 75. 77 Leverenz. Kristen 2751 Grindley Pk. 15. 68. 75 Lewis. David Lim. Kyung Ja 2S37 Pardee N.H.S.. German. Booster Club 12. 47. 53. 55. 75 Lincoln. Kim 24535 Chicago 75 Long. Rachel 3828 Campbell Basketball. Volleyball. Soccer 9. 33. 61. 75. 131 Lowe. Kimberly 3420 Pardee Jazz Ensemble. Tennis. Tri-M 32. 61. 62. 63. 75. 77 Lucas. John 22540 Olmstead Lyons. Kevin 3655 Cornell Wrestling. Skiing. Cross Country Mack. Kim 24835 Oxford Track 75 Madsen. Delbert 7444 Steadman 75 Majeska. Deborah 20553 W. Outer Dr. SADD, Bon Appetite 75 Kinard. Kathi 22209 Francis 73 King. Carmen 3178 Lindcnwood Dr. BABES, Wyka’s Whizzers 6. 74 LaGosh. Vince 3312 Chestnut 9. 75 Major. Randy 24637 Union Swimming 75 Major. Tim 3768 Detroit Skiing. Weightlifting. Wrestling 45 Mallia. Sandra 3645 Roosevelt Chorus. Basketball. Baseball 15. 76 Marion. Chris 22248 Tenny 76 Mascot. Renee 3413 Walnut Jazz Ensemble. Vocal Ensemble, Tri-M 33 . 62 . 73. 76 Mastrantionio. Michelle 3517 Cornell Thunderettes 76. 149 Mattern. Jill 3530 Merrick Cheerleading. Tri-M. N.H.S. 8. 23. 32. 47. 52. 61.62. 76. 82. 148. 161 Maurier. Michael 3429 Croissant Band. Jazz. Vocal Ensemble 3. 9. 32. 33. 62. 63. 76. 86 May. Rick 3437 Bennet Swimming 76 May hew, Jim 18901 Carlysle 76 McAvoy. Margaret 3322 Linden St. Bon Appetite, A.F.S., Wyka’s Whizzers 8. 72. 76 McDonald. John 22355 Francis Football Mgr. 76 McDonald. Shawn 24845 Notre Dame Gymnastics 27. 76 McEachren. Thomas 3612 Parker Football. Tennis. Baseball 76 McEvoy. Scott 24138 Penn Forensics. Debate 68. 76 McGurk. Janet 2930 Geneva N.H.S.. Debate. Forensics 76 McKinney. Lynn 3835 Roosevelt 76 164McNaughton. Kathryn 3433 Woodside Band-Jazz, Gymnastics, Field Hockey 9, 32. 58. 59. 62. 63. 77. 161 Milczuk. Maryann 1770 Culver N.H.S.. Thunderettes. Wyka’s Whizzers 3. 69. 77. 149 Milkie. Shana 11 Berwick Band. Track. French Club 32. 47. 55. 61. 62. 63. 77 Miller. Michael 22320 Madison 77 Mitchell. Donald Moore, Janellc 24808 Chicago 77 Mora. Karen 22694 W. Outer Dr. 68. 77. 161 Morrison. Pamela 20637 Donaldson N.H.S.. Tennis. A.F.S. 47. 77 Morton. Cheryl 22416 Gregory FLIGHT. Bon Appetite, A.F.S. 15. 54. 59. 77. 78 Moss. Daniel 1484 Sherwood Ct. Soccer. Varsity Club. Ski Gub 11. 84. 130 Mulligan. Colleen 24421 Princeton 77 Neely. Lisa 24100 Scott Ngu. Simon Novack. Diane 2615 Carlysle Field Hockey, French Gub 14. 54. 77 Novrocki, Daniel = O = O'Leary. Marty 3525 Katherine 77 Olinik. Hob 3831 Hipp 77 Olive. Deanne 27 Snow Court Art Club. Softball 77. 82 Olivcra. Lydia 3004 Queen SADD, Bon Appetite 59. 77 Ordway, Marlene 3159 Edgewood A.F.S.. Booster. Ecology 53. 56. 77 Ouellette. Cynthia 2905 Queen Booster. N.H.S.. French Gub 9. 14. 53. 55. 78 Owen. Mike 40. 78 Page. Bob Palmer. Marla 24829 Chicago Cheerlcading. Student Council, N.H.S. 66. 78. 82. 86. 148. 161 Papier. Michael 3337 Cornell Football. Basketball. School Store 78. 126. 127. 152. 160 Parker. Jeffrey 3404 Raymond Golf. Swim Team. School Store 11. 14. 26. 76. 78. 82. 132 Patrias. Matt Peters. Elizabeth 16051 Middlcbury Dr. Cheerleading. Soccer. Thunderettes 47. 52. 78. 148. 149. 160. 161 Piasecki. Michelle 3753 Wcddcl Pikula. David 1440 Culver FLIGHT. Ski Gub. French Club 23. 45. 55. 78 Pitts. Steven 23061 Columbia Ski Club. BABES 78 Plinka. Daniel 24437 Boston Football. Varsity Club 8. 78. 87 Port stein. Jodi 22417 Nowlin Thunderettes. Student Council. Bon Appetite 2. 12. 15. 46. 54. 67. 73. 78. 149 Potochick. Kristy 8 Snow Court Close-Up. A.F.S.. Ecologv Gub 50. 54. 78 Prysak. Angela 3340 Grindlcy Pk. Bolt. Chorus 3. 4. 28. 76. 78. 123 Purdy. Debbie 3309'Westwood 78 = = Ralph. Lisa 22501 W. Outer Dr. Orchestra. Flags. Art Gub 33. 60. 61. 63. 78 Ramsdeli Kevin 1911 Culver Tactical Games. GermarvGub. Swim Team 8. 79. 87 Ratnikas. Renata 1531 May 53. 54. 56. 79 Raymond. Stephanie 3731 Merrick Football Mgr. 79. 83. 126 Reeves. Rachel 21735 Edsion Field Hockey, A.F.S.. Drama 9. 14. 47. 54 . 79. 121 Reyes. Mike 3803 Bennet 8. 79. 87 Riggio. Andy 18047 Audctte 79 Riley. Tom 22117 Tenny 79. 123 Rinna. Christopher 22242 Edison Football. Weight Lifting. Baseball 9. 12. 78. 83. 126 Roberts. Kevin 3851 Syracuse Ski Gub 20. 79 Robertson. Kenneth 24049 Ross Music. Tennis 57. 62. 63. 78. 79 Roddcn. Nora 3612 Merrick Booster. A.F.S. Ecology Club 53. 56 Rodrignez de Icon. Silvia 24737 Calvin Tri-M. Flags. A.F.S. 33. 63. 79. 91 Rogulski. Gary 2150 Grindlcy Pk. Rose. Michele 1831 Detroit 79 Rousseau. Debbie 3000 Cornell Varsity Club. Swimming. Bon Appetite 37. 68. 69. 79 Roussey. Tracey 1959 Chestnut 79 Royer. Daniel 23125 Columbia 78. 79 Royer. Steven 22463 Gregory Ecology Club. Thornley Court Guides 56. 80 Roza. Lynne 22424 Outer Dr. German Gub. Booster Gub 9. 37. 55. 75. 80 Rubus. Joseph 2747 Burns 80. 91. 122 Rudolph. Jon 3035 Alice 68. 80 Rushing. A rick 2215 Queen Tennis. N.H.S.. Drama 2. 9. 14. 33. 47. 55. 61. 69. 73. 80 Rusinowski. David Russell. Kenith Ryder. Jody 2727 Geneva French Gub. Bon Appetite. Booster 3. 54. 55. 59. 80. 84 $ — Saillant. Martha 6 Ginton Ln. Bon Appetite. Ecology. Soccer 3. 80 Salisbury. Suzanne 3013 Katherine Gymnastics. Spanish Club. Varsity Club 54. 80 Salisbury. William 3013 Katherine 80 Salla. Robert Samhat. Danya 3189 Lindcnwood 80. 82 Samples. John 3439 Monroe Bolt. Baseball 80 Sanderson. Barry 3520 Madison 80 Sanson. Deborah 10 Snow Ct. Basketball. Volleyball. Softball 80. 129. 160 Santana. Serrana 3626 Walnut Ave. A.F.S 80 165Saycr, Kristin 22270 Outer Dr. German Club. FLIGHT 2. 23. 45. 80 Scala, Donna Scanlon, Darlene 1936 Linden 2. 15. 45. 81 Schellenberg. Laurie 3359 Dudley Jazz Ensemble. Vocal Ensemble. Tri-M 9. 32. 33. 61. 62. 63. 81 Schlaf. Rick 2959 Roosevelt Schroeder. Carolyn 3303 Katherine Student Council. FLIGHT. Close-Up 2. 12. 15. 44. 45. 46. 50. 67. 68 . 80. 81. 82 Scott, Jonathan 3012 Syracuse Basketball. FLIGHT photographer. Spanish Cub 26. 81. 160 Serrapere, JoAnn 1330 Hollywood Gymnastics. N.H.S., FLIGHT 9. 45. 47. 75. 81. 151 Sheko. Matthew 21321 Carlysle Thespians. Video Prod.. Stage Crew Shot well. Greg 21513 Carlysle 81 Shuman. Savanna 2435 Parker 81 Simon. Paula 2636 Carlysle Photography. Wyka’s Whizzers. Softball Simpson. Anne 3059 Lindenwood Stage Crew 9. 12 Sims. Presley 3713 McKinley Tennis 81 Smith. Carrie 3451 Westwood Thunderettes. Band. Orchestra 32. 61. 62, 63. 73. 81. 149 Smith. Duane 24736 Calvin 8. 75. 81 Smith. Jerry Smith. Matthew 22531 Gregory Swimming. Varsity Gub 81. 146. 161 Smith. Michelle 3450 Campbell Bon Appetite, German Club. Ecology Club 55. 81 Snider. Rodney Tulas. David Wilke. David 24331 Chicago 22253 Edison 18901 Audettc 81 Football. Weightlifting. Baseball Baseball Sparks. Alan 13. 82. 126 83. 87 24730 Cooke Wilkerson. Michael 81 3705 Syracuse V) Football Stewart. Mark 22344 Gregory 34. 81. 83. 126 Cross-Country. Track. Varsitv Club Vshman. Shelia Williams. Bireta 9. 82. 11. 121. 138, 139 1537 Geneva 2733 Banner N.H.S. Stus. Paul Swimming. Band. Boys’ Swimming 33. 83 9 Doutcr Lane Mgr. 2. 82 3. 83. 86. 122 Wilson. Robert 3725 Parker Suich. Dale 3415 W. Point Orchestra. Spanish Gub 55. 63. 82. 86 83 Winstrand. Jessica 21565 Francis Sullivan. Steve 2245 Academy Tennis 82 Szabo. Stacy SzalairCraig = f — Tailford. Dan 2660 Queen 74. 82 Taylor. Jerome 3445 Merrick Terranova. Michelle 3420 Eastham N.H.S.. Wyka’s Whizzers. Spanish Club 47. 52. 82 Thai. Tri 21321 Audettc N.H.S., Soccer, Wrestling 82. 154 Thomson, Bradley 5165 Dallas 69. 82 Tithof, Jacqueline 19224 Audettc NHS. Close-Up. Thunderettes 3. 10. 11. 44. 46. 50. 66. 72. 82. 86. 149 Torrance. Lisa 3621 Syracuse 82 Torrice. Samantha 22150 Nowlin French Club. 1SE. Intramural Bowling 3. 37, 82 Towery. Cheryl Anne 20035 Audette Spanish Club, Bon Appetite 82 Trifan. Garrett 24809 Cherry Trudeau. Laura 3007 Geneva German Club. BABES 15. 27. 82. 84 Valentini, Silvio 3435 Walnut Football. Swimming 57. 83 Vanproeyen. David Vasilnek. Michael 2635 Grindley Pk. Football. Spanish Club 81. 83. 126 Vauris. Mike 3626 W. Point 83 Virga. Cam 24344 Boston Tri-M 32. 61. 62, 63. 83 Walden. Brian 22701 Oxford 83 Wall. Amy 22933 Audette German Club. Thespians, Art Gub 15. 27. 55. 83 Walsh. Chris Walter. Lon 3003 Dudley 7.81.83 Walters. Joseph 26272 Oakland Cross Country, Track 83. 139 Waskiewicz. David 1906 Houston 83 Wendlowsky. Gary 3316 Dallas 81. 83 Wenzel Carrie 7531 Williamson Westbrook. Jim 21501 Gregory Tennis. Close-Up 50. 74. 83 Wojewuczki. Paulette 3315 Roosevelt Football Mgr. 3 . 83 . 84 . 88 Woldanski. Patrick 24840 Carlysle 84 Wolfe. Gerald 3402 Alice Woods. Julie 3500 Roosevelt FLIGHT. Thunderettes 45. 69. 72. 83. 84. 149 Wydendorf. Curt 24841 Oxford N.H.S.. Thespians. German Gub 15. 47. 55. 80. 84 . 88 'I = Zalenski. Cheryl 3163 Hollywood A.F.S.. N.H.S.. Close-Up 47. 50 54. 55. 84 Zbikowski. Stephen 18945 Audette Cross Country. Track 55. 84. 138. 139 Zielinski. Stacey 24908 Penn 84 Ziembowicz. Ron 23144 Geveland 84 Zimmerman, Terri 24935 Boston Wvka’s Whizzers 84'. 87. 121 Zywicki. Mike 2633 Culver 84 Juniors -A- Abbamonte, Lisa 92 Acevedo. Monica 92 166Acker. Tracy 44. 55. 92. 128. 129. 191 Agius. Amy 92. 148. 149 Ahnert. Frank 58. 92. 152 Allen. Joanne 50. 92 Alien. Melissa 92 Aloe. Renee 92 Alviani. Rebecca 55. 92 Ambrozaitis. Ryan 92 Andrew. Mark 92. 126. 154 Andrews. Nancy 33. 34. 92 Andrews. Sara 92 Anger. Leah S. 54. 55. 92. 148, 149 Antal. Jeffrey 92 Armstrong. Kristin 52. 100 Ascencio. James 92 Aughton. Jeffery 46. 48. 92. 123 Augustyn, Edward 92 Baith, Brion 92 Balewski. Marylynn 38. 62. 92. 94 Ballard. Lisa 92 Bandula. David 126 Barkley. James 92 Barnett. Brian 92. 123 Barrett. John D. 48. 92 Barron. Todd 48. 49. 92. 139 Barton. Beth 52. 92. 100 Baruzzini. Val 92 Bates. Thomas 92. 94 Beams. Gary 92 Bean. Karen 92. 129 Beane. Pam 92 Beaudoin. Suzanne 9. 33. 92 Beller. Steven 57. 92 Bergherm. Julie 33. 93 Bernick. Darrow 93 Bierman. Christopher 23. 93. 96. 122. 126 Bjertness. Mark 91. 93. 139 Blackburn. David 93 Blum. Julie 93 Boda. Theresa 33. 93 Bossio. Andrea 93 Brackett. William 93 Brooks. Antonio 100 Brown. Ronald 93 Bur. Laura 93. 94 JCr Carlin. Michelle 93 Carroll. Kelli 29. 93 Carson. Jeffery 93 Carter. Kimberly 17. 46. 52. 55. 92. 93 Centala. David 93. 126 Chamia. Lila 93 Chany. Michael 93 Chase. David 8. 93. 126 Chlebek. Jeffrey 93 Christie. Sherry Ann 93 Chubb. Matthew 93. 154 Cicotte. Nicole 9. 33. 55. 93 Clos. Deborah 93 Colombus. Leonard 93 Coon. Lisa 55. 93 Cope. Kelly 93 Core. Amy 55. 93. 148. 151 Cote. Kimberly 93 Coudret. Maynard 38. 62. 93. 122. 126. 152. 160 Cox. Randal! 100 Crawford. Jill 93 Crill. Lisa 93 Cronce. Scott 15. 38. 93 Cseke. L eland 93 Cubr. Lori 94. 129 .IV Danes. Richard 94. 126 Danes. Stephanie 94. 121. 125. 141 Daoust. Jody 94 Dapprich. Kimberly 55. 94. 129 Datema. Kirk 94 Dawson. Elizabeth 45. 49. 50. 54. 55. 94. 99 Dela Cruz. Paul 94 Dickson. Stacey 12. 94 Diebolt. Jason 94 Donner. Bradley 38. 62. 94 Dwyer. Carrie 94 Egan. Kelly 36. 56. 60. 94 Ennis. Sean 92. 94. 154 Etchen. Andrew 48. 94. 146 Ettinger. Steven 94 Farkas. Kristie 45. 56. 59. 94. 149 Falkiewicz. Gerard 94 Farino. Angela 94 Fiaschetti. John 94. 98 Fidge. Jacqueline 52. 60. 94 Flack. Jeffery 57. 94 Flatt. Brian 94 Florence. Nicole 94. 122. 149 Fong. Eugene 94 Fortin. Susan 62. 63. 94 Foulke. Wendy 60. 94 Franchi. Danielle 2. 45, 94. 97. 100. 122 Freas. Joelle 22. 94 Frick e. Ronald 94 Fritz. Lynda 12. 94 Fryz. Randy 100. 146. 147 Kaier. Keven 95. 126 Kaniowski. Donald 96 Karbowski, Kathleen 46. 55. 96. 137 Karshneski. Michelle 96 Kelly. Barbara 61. 62. 63. 96 Kendall. Brian 57. 96 Kenny. Sandra 96 Kettner. Mark 96 King. Joseph 32. 62. 63. 96 Kinzel. Kimberly 96 Kitchen. Susan 7. 54. 92. 96. 123. 146 Konczal. Jerry 96 Korte. Debra 96. 99 Kujawa. Lynn 33. 55. 96. 100 Kulikowski. John 96 Kutkus. Liama 96 .V Lafleur. Lisa 96 Lanam. Christopher 96. 126 Langley. Douglas 96. 138. 139 Laporte. Dante 57. 96 Latimour. Dwight 96 Law. Angela 96 Lee. Norman 91, 96. 132 Lemanek. John 96 Lemaster. Billy 96 Lester. Timothy % Lewis. David 96 Liljegren. Aric 9. 33. 49. 61. 63. 96 Lim. Kyung Mi 55. 96 Linderman. Carol 95. 96 Lindlbauer. Kenneth 96 Linske. Pamela 62. 96 Lohner. Jodi 96 Long. Nancy 58. 97 Lowery. Eric 57. 91. 97 Lucas. Pamela 33, 97. 129 Lukomski. Joyce 97 Lypeckyj. Mark 97, 130 •M Maertens. Marian Arthur 97 jG Gaddy. Sabrina 14. 94 Gawura. Jill 55. 63. 94 Gehringer. Donna 62. 63. 94 Gill. Tamara 94 Gorelick. Jeffery 95 Gould. Barbara 46. 92. 95. 123 Green. Christopher 95 Grcenwell. Daniel 95, 126 Gregory Tracy Ann 45. 56. 59. 95. 100. 149 Gross. Michele 95. 99. 100 Guerin. Diane 95 Haffey, Robert 55. 95. 130 Hampton. Abigail 95 Hanoian. Elena 45. 48. 50. 93. 95. 100. 149 Harper. Cristie 63. 95 Harper, Jennie Lyn 95 Hawkins. David 55. 57. 62. 95 Haynes. David 95 Haynes. Lisa 95 Hen wood. Karen 95 Herrmann. Came 95 Hill. Jean 95 Hill. Karen 95 Himmel. Jodee 95 Hogan. Daniel 32. 62. 63. 95. 121 Holman. Melissa 44. 55. 95. 137. 161 Howe. James 95 Hoyer. Richard 95 Hutchens. Kent 95. 98. 122 Hutchings. Teresa 95. 100 Hunt. Lee 8. 95. 130. 161 Maciag. Anthony 97 Mamroctski. Laura 97 Manzo, Joseph 94 Marvin. Ann 29. 97 Mascot. Gary 97 Musty. Kelly 62. 97. 148 Maurino. Michael 97. 136 Maxficld. Ted 97 McCardell. Crain 7. 32. 62. 63. 138. 139. 161 McKenna. Robert 97 McLean, Laura 9 McNeight. William 97 Meldrum. Jacqueline 97 Melton. Elizabeth 97 Michie. Marc 94. 97 Miller. Kenneth 97 Molinari. Celeste 97. 148 Molitor. Edward 97 Montanaro. Tisha Mae 95. 97 Morand. Thomas 97 Morrison. George 97 Moses. Tracy 34. 97 Moss. Scott Allen 97. 130 Mundo. Jennifer 97. 123 Murray. Daniel 97 Nagy. Christina 29. 97 Neubecker. Kelly 57. 94. 97 Nichols. Scott 20. 97 JO- Olive. Yasmine 43. 97 Olson. Gary 97 Osborne. Tonya 97 Poison. Thomas 98 Palardy. Francis 98. 138 Panagiotides. Maria 12. 97. 98. 121 Paoletti. Jason 98. 146 Patterson, Heather 62. 98 Peer. Glen 98 Pham. Xuan 98 Phillips. Gerald 91. 95. 98. 99. 161 Pierce. Edwin 34. 98. 126 Pietrzen. Cheryl Ann 55. 98 Plunkett. Dennis 98. 126 Polydoras Kelly 98 Prokopp. Lynn 98 Prosser. Eric 98 Psik. Brian 92. 98. 154 Pugh, Craig 98 Puma. Pietro 98. 100 Purvis-Smith. Steven 32. 62. 63. 98 . ■ Radakovich. Milan 98 Rakowski. Gregory 98 Raleigh. David 98 Ravens. Bod 98 Rcdpath. Donna 98 Rettig. Heather 98 Rice. Kevin 38. 98 Rimmel. Mark 98 Roland. Michele 93. 98 Roman. Alex 100 Rosbury. Brian 98 Roulo. Jennifer 100. 121. 149 Roussey. Tracey 98 Ruselowski. Gayle 49. 98 Rutchick. AI 91. 98 -S- Sabuda. Dawn 98 Salt. Kristen 12. 15. 98. 125. 141 Sample. Sherrie 63. 98 Sanders. Mami 98 Schneider. Elizabeth 98. 99 Scott. Joel 98. 123 Shambleau. Sarah 39. 57. 98 Sharkey. Theresa 98 Sharkey. Tracey 99 Shaw. Charles 96. 99. 126. 154. 155 Shevock. Daniel 99 Siano. Shelly 99 Sierota. David 55. 99 Si war ski. Jill 99. 148 Smith. Jennifer 99. 161 Smith. Renee 96. 99 Sohm. Frederick 57. 100 Spratling. Dylan 32. 62. 63. 99- Squibbs. Jeffrey 99. 122 Stansell. Thomas 100. 132 Steenhuizen. James 99 Steiger. Eric 38. 99. 126 Stencel. Linda 99 Stice. Sharon 29. 33. 99 Stroud. Janetta 99 Stuk. Brian 99 Stus. Paul 99 Stus. Laura Lynn 55. 96. 99 Sugimoto. Koh taro 58. 99 Sutton. Michael 99 Sullivan, Jason 55. 99. 152. 153 Szalay. Daniel 99 Szor. Brian 99. 154. 155 Teper. Karen 100 Thomas. Kimberly 99 Thomas. Patrick 99 Thomasen. Carl 99 Towe. Jason 44. 99. 152 Trapp. Kristin 59. 99. 141. 161 Traxler. William 99 Trimer. Vitold 99. 126 Truex. James 99 Tyl. Douglas 99 167M- Usher. Mary Jo 99 X- Van Pelt. Deidre 100 Vanderwill. Laura Ann 100. 151 Van Dyke. Cameron WO Vasilnek. Lori 100. 121 Xi- Wadley. Lisa 100 Walsh. Kevin 45. 99. 100 Waskiewicz. Deanna 62. 95. 100 Weber. Neill 57. 91. 96. 100 Weldon. Susan 100. 149 Wharton. Kerry 100 Whitcomb. Sauncie 100. 125 Williams. Kelly Lynne 33. 100. 101 Wingart. Michael 55. 100. 122 Wins!rand. James 100 Wlodarczyk. Ann Marie 63. 100 Worth. Gwen 52. 55. 100 Wreford. William 100 Wyman. Timothy 100. 122. 126. 152 X- Yu Ching- Yao 51, 100 Of y.hikowski. Suzanne 100 Zureki. John 94 Sophomores •P Ahluwalia. Amrita 57. 101 Alabakoff. Jason 100. 130 Allen. Matthew 44. 55. 101. 143 Allore. Colleen 101 Ambrose. Paula 49. 51. 56. 60, 101. 137 Ambrozaitis. Stase 55. 101 Andrews. Steven 49. 101 Antal. Jerel 101 Armstrong. Fred 33. 101 Ashcraft. Christine 52. 101 Aughton. Kelly 33. 101. 123 S' Buchert. Jeffrey 101 Badgley. Jeffrey 101 Baker. Jayne 101 Barden. David 101 Barkley. Dan 101 Barkley-Carter. Richard 101. 146 Baron. Jeffrey 101. 132 Basier be. Jennifer 33. 101 Baylor. Dawn 101 Bearden. Christopher 101 Beattie, Peggy Ann 101 Belanger. Kevin 101 Bellew. Angela 33 Beltowski. Mark 101 Bennett. Leigh 101. 137 Betsistas. George 101. 143 Betz. Kelly 101. 143 Beyer. Dawn 101 Blanchard. Dean Bloomfield. Francis 101 Boda. Gabriel 101 Borowski. Brandon 101 Borsodi. Daniel 63. 101 Borsodi. John 101 Boyle. Danielle 101 Brandt. Erika 23. 55. 57. 102 Bradley. Denise 102 Brooks. Antonio 33. 102 Broughton. Michelle 102 Brown. Candi 102 Brown. Karen Sue 102 Brown. Robert 102 Buck. Andrew 32. 62. 63. 102 Burbank. Marc 102 Burger. Michael 102 Burke. Timothy 102. 116 Burris. Kyle 102 Bush. Joseph 102 Bylica. Pamela 62. 102. 137 A Cube. Carlo 102 Cagle. John 102 Campbell. Susan 102 Carpenter. Jeffrey 102 Canana. Charles 102 Caurdy. Heather 52. 102, 137, 161 Chakur. Anthony 102 Chambers. Patricia 102 Chubb. Michael 102 Ciaramitaro. Samual 56. 102 Ciavaglis. Michael 32. 61. 62. 63 102. 130. 161 Clark. Kelly 102. 161 Coffey. Michael 102 Coghill. Kevin 102 Cojei. Steven 102. 130 Colton. Walter 102 Conflitti. Joseph Don 62, 102 Cook. Jammy Lee 102 Corcoran. Paul 102. 143 Cox. Kristen 51. 52. 102. 154 Cox. Tracy Luise 102 Cullen. Andrew 103 Custer. Amy 103 Cummins. James 103. 143 .O- Dace. Bradley 103 Dahlka. Gerald 103 Danis. Marianne 103 DashieU. Jennifer 103 Dawson. Phyliss 103 DeJohn. Beverly 33. 103. 129. 142 DelGiudice. Jeffrey 45. 101. 103 Demninski. Karen 103 Demolen. David 103 Dempsey. Cheryl Anne 62. 103 Dickson. Rachael 103 Dihle. Kenneth 103 Doner. Amy 63. 103. 130. 161 Dorosh. Patricia 33. 103 Drapeau. Jeffrey 60. 103 Drapeau. Laura 61. 62. 63. 103 Dressier. Michael 103 Drinkert. Derrick 103 DuBois. Renee 33. 61. 62. 63. 103 Duchene. Russell 32. 61. 62. 63. 103 Duda. Terese 52. 53. 103 Dulude. Stacy 15. 33. 63. 103 Durbal. Christine 103 Evans. Kelly 101. 103. 110. 123. 143 Ewing. Sandra 103 X- Farless. Melissa 33. 49. 53. 103. 123 Farris. James 103 Fay. Rose 103 Fisher. Gwyneth 103 Fisher. Loren 103 Fitzgerald. Robert 103 Fleek. Tracey 103 Ford. Erin 61. 62. 63, 103. 151 Ford. James 104 Ford. Matthew 104 Forsythe. Heather 104 Fougerousse. Jack 49. 56. 104. 143 Franko. Danielle 104 Freas. Tracy Jo Freeman. Karen 28. 49. 60. 104 Furca. Mary 15. 55. 104 JCr Gagle. John 104 Gaiss. Stephen 104 Gentner. Jeffrey 104 Gcring. Tamra 104 Gies. Russell 62. 63. 104 Gillespie. Patrick 104 Goddard. Victoria 104 Golba. Amy Lynn 104 Grantham. Debra 15. 104 Graser. Mellissa 104 Grau. Dawn 15. 104 Gray. Douglas 104 Gray. Russell 104 Greizis. Jason 104. 146 Grisham. Jamie 104. 151 -H' Haan. Lisa 38. 104. 129. 161 Haddad. Kimberlee 62. 104 Hall. Darnell 40. 104 Hall. Sarah 104. 161 Hamel. Darcy 104 Hamel. Kathryn 23. 104. 161 Hamm. Eileen 52. 103. 104. 137. 161 Hammerberg. Eric Jr. 57. 104. 138 Hammerberg. Denise 57. 62. 63. 104 Hanks. Richard 104. 139 Hanoian. Mary 104. 130 142 Hart. Rex 104 Hartline. Jennifer 105 Healy. Angela 105 Heaiy. Philip 105 Hendrickson. Mary 105 Henninger. Kevin 101. 105 Hogg. Sharon 105. 137. 161 Houghton. Paulette 105 Howell. Pauline 105 Hubbard. Greg 105 Huber. Matthew 101. 105. 143 Hunt. Brenda Joy 105. 123. 148 •V Irwin. Joseph Haro 105 Izworski. Debra 33. 49. 105 •J- Jackson. Jennifer 55. 63. 105. 142 Jamieson. Shannon 2. 105. 142 Jaros. Pamela 62. 105 Javor. Brian 105 Kahl. Lisa 105 Kanlowski. Ann 105 Kapke. Scott 105 Karr. Candice 105 Kendziora. Kevin 44. 105 Kcntala. Janice 105 Kennedy. Saline 105 Kimmel. Shawn 105 King. Scott 105 Kittle. Michelle 63. 105 Knepper. Eric 105. 146 Knezek. Richard 105 Koehler. Clayton 105 Kress. James 105. 146 Kreute . Keith 57 Krot. Bruce 105. 143 Kubinski. Brian 105 •If Lange. Cameron 105. 143 Larry. Loretta 55 Lau. Johnny 106 Laubscher. Celeste 62. 106 Lauri. Christopher 106 Lawrence. James 44. 46. 101. 106. 143 Lawson. Jeffrey 106. 122. 143 Layman. Elise 106 LeFranc. Brian 106. 136 LeFranc. Gretchen 23. 106. 142. 161 Lenhart. William 106. 139 Lindner. Kristyn 8. 60. 106 Lousias. Audra 28. 45. 55. 106 Lowe. Catherine 106 Lowe. Deanna 106. 129. 142 Lowe. James 106 Lucas. Deana 62. 106 Lysogorski. Steven 44, 106 •M' Maceri. Diane 106 Madden. Bryan 33. 106 Majetic. Jerome 106. 130 Major. Eugene 106 Mallia. Debra 33. 106 Marano. Robert 13. 106. 126 Martel. Marlene 46. 101. 106 Martin. Lisa 106 Marx. Michelle 106 Masson. Edward 62. 106 Mathis. Michael 106 Mattie son. Scott 106. 143. 154 McCallum Robert 32. 62. 63. 106 McCune. Barbara 106 McDermott. Patricia 55. 106. 161 McDonald, Lisa 46. 101. 106. 110. 143 McEvoy. Stacey 106 McLaurin. Monica 49. 106 McLean. James 106 McNuughton. Elizabeth 107 Megregian. Matthew 107 Melton. Patrick 107 Meltzer. Gerald 107. 126. 143 Menning. Ruth 56. 107. 122 Messier. Albert 107. 130. 143 Michaud. Marv 107 Miller. John 107. 122. 143 Miller. Julie 40. 107. 137 Miller. Julie 107 Miller. Paula 44. 62. 63. 107 Miscavage. John Jr. 107 Mitchell. Rae 107 Mitchell. Suzanne 107 Mitchell. William 63. 107 Monroe. Jennifer 49. 53. 107. 144 Montanaro. Sharon 23. 62. 107 Mooney. Brian 107 Moore. Jonathon 107 Morris. Paul 40. 107 Morrison. Heather 107 Morton. Robert 107 Motowski. Louis 62. 107. 130 Mott. Carol 62. 107 My shock. Christopher 107 Mucha, Dairen Jr. 107. 143, 154 Mueth. Kathleen 107 Mulligan. Kathleen 107 Monroe. Shannon 107 Murdzia. Shannon 107. 123 Murray. Mark 107 -W- Neal Kristi 123. 151 Neill. Lance 107 Nettlou. Jessia 107 168Seville. Kim 107 Nicholas. Tony 143 -O- O’Connor. Colleen 108 O'Donnell. Maureen 7. 33. 108. 123. 128. 129. 142 0 'Droski. Michael 32. 52. 108 O'Halloran. Harvey 108 O'Leary Matthew 108 Olger. Melissa 40. 108 Ordway. Donald 108 Osborne, Katherine 102. Ill O Shesky. Rebecca 49. 53. 60. 108. 122 Oslanci. Charlene 108. 142 Oster. Stephen 108 Ottlinger. Wendy 61. 62. 63. 108 Paddock. Melissa 111 Palmeter. Steven 56. 108 Papier. Nicole 108 Park. Hae Yun 33. 108 Pate. Jason 108 Peck Bradford 108 Pete. Marcy 108 Peltolu. Erik 108 Pelukas. Joseph 108 Petix. Michael 108. 154 Phillips. Gregory 108 Phipps. Tammi 38. 108. 122 Polydoras. Michael 108. 143 Powers. Craig 108 Proctor. Heather 108. 142 Prohm. Mary 62. 108 Przywara. Gary 62. 108. 143 Psi'k. Michelle 108 Purvis-Smith. Julie 15. 63. 108 Radakovich. John 108. 122. 143 Rager. San dee 49. 108 Raines. Celeste 60. 108. 110 Rakowski. Leigh 108 Randinitis. John 108. 146 Rankin. Robert 108. 143 Ravens. Richard 108 Reha. Marina 23. 55. 109. 128. 129. 142. 161 Rehandorf. Gary 109 Reinhart. Tamara 44. 62. 109. 137 Reynaert. Scott 109, 143 Rijnovean. Brent 57, 109 Robertson. Catherine 33 Rodriguez. Jacqueline 109 Rodriguez. Sara marie 109 Roelofs. Darren 109 Rose. Jason 109. 146 Ross. Deborah 59. 109 Rothert. Jill 109. 125. 141. 161 Rousseau. Dorene 49. 55. 109 Rowland. Michael 109 Rozumniak. David 62. 63. 109 Rubio. Mary 33. 109 Rusinowski. Gayle 30 Sr Sage. Thomas 109 Said Kenneth 109 Sas. John 55. 109 Satawa. Thomas 109 Savalox. Todd 109 Schuett. Deborah 109 Schulte. John 109 Scott. Kelley 57. 63. 109. 123 Sharrow. Pamela III Shaw. Michael 109. 139 Sheko. Janet 109 Smith. Eric 109 Smith. James 109 Sovoda. Nikola 111 Spisz. Jennifer 55. 63. 109 Squibbs. Laura 109. 125. 141. 142. 161 Steele. Ronald 109 Stewart. Amy 109 Stigall. Kellie 109 Stratford. Dorothy 109 Swift. Jonathan 43. 49. 62. 63. 109 -T- Tabacci. Patrick 110. 121 Tenorio. Anthony 143 Thackery Laurie 62. 110. 121 Thomas. Corey 33. 110 Thompson. Kim 110 Thornton. Cecily 110. 137 Timmons. Curtis 110 Tinsley. Robert 101. 110 Tofflemire. Kathleen 110 Toyler. Robert 110 Towery. Craig 110 Tratar. James 110 Treiber. Tracey 52. 110. 123. 137. 148. 161 Truran. Jay 44. 110 Turgeon. Tracy 46. 101. 110 Turley. Deborah 52. 62. 110 -V' Vanderwill. Lynn 110 Villarreal. Natasha 40. 110 Vise!. Christina 110. 142 Vollmer. Mindy 28. 49. 60. 63. 110 Vrocgop. Cynthia 14. 110 Waitulionis. Steven 110 Walega. Timothy 44. 143 Walker. Elizabeth 110 Wallers. Kimberly 110 Wargnier. Maxine 33 Weideman. Kirk 110 Wencel, Mark 110 Welt stein. Dennis 110 Whitney. Mike 110 Wichorek. Janene M. 110 Wichorek. John G. 110 Wiebelhaus. Catherine 110 Wildauer. Linda 110 Wilkerson. Wendy 110 Williams. Mark 110 Wingart. Brian 101. J10. 126. 143 Wiseman. Stephen 62. HO. 130 Wittenberg. Joseph 111. 143 Worden. Steve HI Wright. Tracy 111 Wrttsch. Melinda 49. 60. 63. Ill Wszolek. John 111. 143 Wyka. Ronald 3. 13. 23. 111. 143 -Y- Yunker. Eric 102. HI. 143 'V Zelenski. Sue 111 Zonca. Julie 111 Freshmen Abel. Laurie 112. 151 Acevedo. Jason 112 Adams. John 112. 116 Adams. Mary 112. 55 Alexander. Amy 62 Aloisio. Frank 52. 112. 154. 155 Anger. Jodi 55. 112. 122. 148 Archer. Monica 112 Arens. Monique 56. 112 Armstrong. Neil 31. 112 Aston. Thomas 112 Azarowitz. Joseph 112 B' Bailey. John 112 Balazy. Mark 62. 112 Barhorst. Christopher 62. 112. 120 Barrows. Jeffrey 111. 112 Beams. Brian 112 Beardslee. Mark 62. 112 Bedard. Keith 112 Beller. David 112 Benson. Jeffrey 112 Berger. Kristin 112 Berry. David 112 Berry. Lisa 112 Blan. Roxanne 112 Blum. Anita 112 Bobosky. Alfred 112 Bowe. Cathy 120 Brackel. Amy 112 Brandt. Richard 112 Brassell. Jeffrey 112 Bretsik. Michael 62. 112 Brodd. Rebecca 112 Brooks. Robert 112 Brown. Jennifer 112 Buchholz. Dawn 63. 112 Cacciottolo. Margaret 112 Calderon. Connie 113 Cameron. Shawn 113 Cannizzaro. Raymond 113 Canty. Larry 113. 55 Carson. Jennifer 30. 62. 113 Carter. Crystal 113 Caruso. Anthony 113 C eresa. Aldo 113 Cheatham. Robin 113 Chemberlin. Eric 113. 146 Chrysler. John 113 Chubb. Douglas 113 Cicero. Philip 113 Cieslak. James 113 Clark. Abner 113. 116 Cleaveland. Angela 113 Coffey. Jonathon 113 Conrad. Monica 113 Cook. Jennifer 113 Cook. Kevin 111 Cook. Kimberly 113 Coppo. Donald 62 CrilL Richard 113. 120 Cronce. Kevin 113 Cross. Matthew 8. 113. 116 Cummings. Heather 112. 113. 137. 55 Cunliffe. Danyelle 113 Cunningham. Aimee 56. 113 Currie. Dion 113 -O' Damian. David 14. 113 Danes. Jessica 113 Dargan. Geoffrey 113 Datema. Jed 113. 116 Davis. Glenda 113 Davis. Kara 113 Dean. Scott 62. 114 Debene. Richard 62. 114 ?■ Decamillo. Paul 36. 114 Deckert. David 57. 114 Dicriscio. Anthony 114 Dillinder. Randy 114 Docherty. Dustin 114 Dockery. Dennis 114 Donaldson. Catherine 114 Donovan. Kelly 114. 137. 151 Dragan. Debra 114. 116 Dubois. Jon 62. 114 Duff Shannon 60. 114. 116 Duffy. Frances 9. 114. 142 Duncan. Tracy 114 Egan. Patrick 114. 146 Ellis. Robert Jr. Elmore. Renee 114 Emery. Melissa 112. 114 Erf. Kimberly 114 Ertell. Scott 114 El finger. Beth 14. 114 -F' Factor. Angela 114 Ferns. Holly 56. 114. 137 Flatt. Kimberly 114 Fong. Joanne 114. 137. 60 Foster. Colleen 62. 114 Fraser. James 114 Frederick. Albert 62. 114 Frentner. Brenda 114 Fricke. Gary 114 Fryz. Cynthia 114 -G- Calante. Douglas 114 Gallangher. George 114 Gambel. Daphne 53. 114 Gehringer. Brenda 60. 115 Geisler. Cynthia 115 Gibson. Kir stein 115 Gilbert. Robert 115 Gillespie. Eric 62. 115. 148 Goldberg. Danielle 53. 115 Goll. Michele 52. 112. 115. 137. 154 Gostenik. Rickey 115 Gray. Catherine 62. 115 Griswold. Kimberly 115 Gyor ‘ary. Sabrina 112 H flamed. Saad 115 Hamed. Tara 115. 120 Hane. Carrie 115 Hanks. Christopher 115 Hanoian. Danielle 36. 56. 112. 115 Harbin. Todd 115 Hebets. Caryn 56. 115. 145 Hegyi. Pamela 115 Heintz. Karol 115 Helisek. Julie 6. 115. 116. 142. 145 Helka. Elizabeth 120 169Herm. Stephanie 62. 63. 115 Hernandez. Jason 115 Hertza. Tina 115 Hildreth. Theresa 115 Hill. Jason 115 Hill. Mat tew 115 Hodder. Julie 115 Holmes. Jennifer 62. 112. 115 Houdeshell. Wendy 115 Howard. David 115 Howe. Michael 115 Hover. Todd 118 Hunt. Tod 115. 130 Hutching. Randolph 115 Hutchinson. Charlene 115 Hutchinson. Ronald 115 •J- Jackson. Lisa 53. 115 Johnson. Jody 55. 121 Jones. Michael 116 Jones. William 116 Juriew. Dana 116 Kahl. Donald 62. 116 Kane. Sean 7. 58. 116. 139 Kelly. Kathryn 14. 116 Kerr. Bradley 116 Kerr. Thomas 116 Kirks. Jill 60. 116 Kober. Aimee 116 Koitek. Catherine 116 Kornor. Todd 116 Kooi. Cathleen 116 Krupa. Kevin 116 Krupa. Stacie 33. 116. 137 Kruse. Kimberly 116. 145 Kujawa. Faith 58. 116 •Is LaBelle. Amy 116 LaBelle Paul 116 LaFollette. 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Betty Leveque. Robert 28 Lindsay. Maria 22. 24 Machak. Duane 22. 24. 126 Macintosh. Sharon 18 Mackenzie. Grant 28 Major. Pat 31 Majstorvich, C. Marcus. Catherine McFurlin. Lee 24. 46. 48. 67 Monson. Ronald 27 Morcncy. Robert Motter. Laveme 30. 37 MottUlo. Joseph 26. 35. 41 Muncatchy. Charles .n- Nalkowski. Carol 21 Nieporte. Mary 27. 39 X' Papp. Marie 37 Patrick. Donald Pierson. Jack 32. 62. 63 Porter. Graham 18 Prinsen. Eillen 18 Reimer. Max Risto. James 35 Roemer. Robert 40 Russell. Nadine 40 Savatski. George 31 Schultz. Norman 39 Seavitt. Richard 18. 19 Shea. Shirley 30 Skendzel. Eduard 25 Skodack. Rudy Slaughter. Jean 27 Snell. Joan Sowers. Arlene Stewart. E. 29 Stuart. Ronald 24 -T- Turgeon. Norma 21 Turner. Dan A) Lsher. Susan s- Vafeas. Steve Vandenburg. Jan 25 Vandette. L. 31 Vanlandegend. J. 27 Vogel. Chris .vr- Waldingcr. V. 25 Warren. Amy 2! Wcinsheimer. Gary 24. 53 Williams. Sharon X Wv tu. P, “I 154 Yorkie. Karl Young. Loraine 19 Young. Robert 19 4 ' Zitny. Gerald 23 Edsel Celebrates 30th Anniversary In honor of Edsel Ford High School's thirtieth anniversary, the FLIGHT staff has dedicated the entire 1985-86 yearbook to its commemoration. The theme of the annual this year is FLIGHT: Through Time, focusing on both the past and present. Many of the yearbook's pages have old as well as new pictures of administrators, staff and even students from the past. Many teachers may flash back A Special Thanks to: Ron Coebly Chuck Shaw David Jarvis Rachel Long to earlier days when they sec themselves in the 1985-86 year- book. The FLIGHT stafT also honors the staff that was at Edsel in the latter 50’s and earlier 60’s and still teach at Edsel. Some anniversaries go un- noticed. but not this one. On the cover of the '86 FLIGHT appears a seal dedicating the yearbook to the anniversary. Glancing through the index, one may notice the clip-art Any high school experience, with its hage conglomeration of classes, people, ideals, values, and divergent activities, is one vast mosaic. High school means not only academics, but also clubs, sports, other extra- curricular activities, friends and enemies. FLIGHT allows the memories of these various exper- iences to live in subsequent years. In this regard, any success achieved in this anniversary issue is due primarily to the contribu- tions put forth by my staff. This yearbook is produced through their efforts on layouts, type- setting. and paste-ups, and their creative skills may be witnessed in innovative changes within the book. Even though FLIGHT is a student-oriented, student- produced annual, without the assistance of Mrs. Maria Lindsay, our mosaic never could have completed its meaningful mes- sage. Also, under the direction of photo advisor Mr. Ron Coebly. students such as Rachel Long. arranged on some of the pages. This touch is in honor of numer- ous fads Edsel students experi- enced from 1956-86. Edsel has come a long way and so have the students who have walked through her halls at one time or another, proving Edsel only gets better with age. On behalf of the FLIGHT staff. Happy Birthday Edsel!! Chuck Shaw and David Jarvis, enabled us to work with photos that were nearly flawless. It must be remembered, however, that despite efforts to achieve perfec- tion. some errors or omissions may have occurcd due to to deadline pressures or for other unknown reasons. None were intended and the FLIGHT staff offers its apologies beforehand. Finally, my sincerest thanks and appreciation again to my staff is warranted. Working under constant and demanding pres- sure. this group of dedicated workers never faltered, although the desire to do so was ever present. Because of them, the experience of having been editor enriched my life, and I am grateful for having had this opportunity. Their efforts on Edsel Ford High School's behalf arc what made this annual possible. by Tracy Gregory Editor-in-chief................................................Tracy Gregory Financial Editor..................................................Liz Dawson Photo Editor.................................Kristin Sayer with Kristie Faikas Copysetting...........................................Carolyn Schroeder with Liz Dawson and Darlene Scanlon Layout and Design................................Liz Dawson and David Pikula Intro. Section........................................f Kathy Karbowsld with Kristin Saver. Tracy Gregory, Carolyn Schroeder. Darlene Scanlon. David Pikula Senior Section............................................. Julie Woods with Sharon Balazy. Cheryl Morton. JoAnn Scrraperc Clubs and Services................................... Carolyn Schroeder with Liz Dawson. Kevin Walsh. Beth Hamilton Underclass......................................f Danielle Franchi and Darlene Scanlon with Audra Louisas. David Pikula. Sharon Balazy-. Ann Kitchen Academics...........................................Lee Ann Hanoian with JoAnn Serra pere. Chery l Morton. Jracy Gregory Sports.................................................♦.Jeff DdGiudicc with Kristie Farkas. Kathv Karbowsld. Kristin Sayer. Julie Woods Advisors..................................................Mrs. Maria Lindsay, Mr. Ron Coebly Denotes Section Editors 171 Wade. Juanita 21 t Illustrations done by Kristin SayerLINDSAY,M GREGORY,T CONVICTION: GETTING ENGAGED DURING flight deadlines. CONVICTION: OVER-EDITING THE YEARBOOK. negatives VERSAET I BALAEV FRANcHi CO NVICJ.J FICTION YEAoERING YEAR WlHP. danson CONVICTION: EMERGING VEARBOOK -NDS delgiudice.j. CONVICTION: ATTEMPTED MURDER WITH AN X-ACTO. HAMILTON,B. illegal use conviction- trpE. oF border PICT’ ■ores • CO1 ,NVlO’ tioN’- 172kItchen,a- sniffing of me»»- SS?® ®"' CON' LOUSIAS,A. CONVICTION: DEFACING TABLES WITH A A GREASE PENCIL. MORTON,C. » UPPING PERFORATIONS CONVICTION: PAGES. ScANLON,d. conviction. SCHROEDER,C. CONVICTION: SABOTAGING THE TYPE- SETTING MACHINE. 9 I SERRAPERE,J. CONVICTION: EXPLOITING BUNNIES IN THE MATHEMATICS SECTION. rrrai» jin PIKOLA.D- YEARBOOK CLASS cornier»»’ si»® w"- ' s„„o CONVICTION. lICENSE. WALSH,K' REMOVING warranty tags CONVICTION: TTRESSES. WOODS,J. CONVICTION: ORDERING TOO MANY PERSONAL PICTURES.mmBest wishes to the class Of‘86

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