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Time seeks new dimensions 1971 Flight Edsel Ford High School 20601 Rotunda Drive Dearborn, Michigan Volume XVI Published by Modern Yearbook Company2henry fo,d!«ntenniuibiaiyA time to gaze into the vast realities of the unknown in exploration of knowledge to satisfy the mind. 78Table of Contents STAFF AND ACADEMICS ACTIVITIES 42-43 SPORTS 80-81 UNDERCLASSMEN 106-107 SENIORS 130-139ACADEMIC LIFE A time for guidance, a helping hand, a realm to explore, a path to follow, a direction to turn in getting it straight, getting it together. 10Getting out in the hall and observing classes was one of Mr. John Romanow's main goals this year. Here he observes Mr. Machak's English Humanities 3 class. Mr. John Romanow Mr. Ross J. Slabaugh Mr. Robert Young Diversified job responsibilities make it difficult to find Mr. Robert Young, Mr. John Romanow, and Mr. Ross Slabaugh. together at one time, but yearbook pictures are an exception. ADMINISTRATION One comes, stays, returns Mrs. Wanda Huska Mrs. Dorothy Kurtz Mrs. Jean Weaver Mrs. Loraine Young Not pictured: Mrs. Anne Bavier Mrs. Vera Bogosi 12 With two secretaries in the student office the job of taking attendance calls and checking the student's counselors be- comes more efficient and less frustrating.to meet difficulties of a record enrollment Mrs Dorthy Kurtz was a great asset to Mr. Romanow this past year. After being at Edsel Ford for nine years, she is familiar with the various procedures for the running of our large and complex school. "We're out to be number one.” Edsel Ford’s new principal John Romanow spoke these words to the student body at the fall assemblies. Romanow encouraged a more active expression of school spirit this year and tried to make himself known to the students by spending part of his day observing class activities. Mr. Ross Slabaugh. Edsel Ford’s as- sistant principal remains steadfast in his duties of scheduling almost 2,000 students, the largest school population in Edsel Ford’s history. Another administrative change brings Mr. Robert Young back. He has resumed his duties as assistant principal. Mr. Young returned with knowledge gained and new ideas. During his year-long sab- batical he worked towards his doctorate in general school administration. All ad- ministrators concerned themselves with creating an atmosphere for education. 13An teacher Mr. Robert Leveque demonstrates to senior Pam Caverne the importance of follow through motion in creating neat and clear letters. In lettering, hand control and concentration are of prime importance. 14art Expanded materials Color-aid and aluminum paper are just two of the new materials to be found in Edsel Ford’s art courses this year. These and other materials have helped to expand ihe student’s individual creativity in Art 3’s lettering course or Art 4-6 s advertising course. Students venturing into Art 1 and 2 find the most traditional materials of Edscl’s “art world” equally challenging. These include charcoal, paint, india ink. watercolor. wood, and clay. Semester changes expose students to a facet of Edsel’s art curriculum — knowl- edge of varied art techniques. extend creativity Miss Marion Carson Mr. Ralph Hashoian Mr. Robert LeVeque Not pictured: Mr. Grant MacKenzie Junior John Klonowski displays his talents at one of the worlds oldest forms of art pottery. Working in clay gives the art student a chance to indent a part of himself into Ihe slab of clay 15New people and new ideas join the Business de- partment. Three new, willing, and eager minds plus Edsel’s six other department teachers make up the staff for students taking business courses this year. Miss Susan Field has just transferred from Fordson, and will be teaching the skills of typing and shorthand. Mr. Charles Lacey, a gradu- ate of Wayne State will be co-sponsor of DECA this year, and Mr. Harvey Cosgrove left the man- agement world to join the business staff at Edsel. Mr. Cosgrove together with Mr. Lacey will be the sponsors of The Other Place. They are plan- ning a calendar of special days to honor each in- dividual class or club, in which items in the store will be discounted for that specific group. The Computer Program is continually being ex- panded and improved since the advent of the use of computer in the 1969-70 year. Realization of a three year curriculum in this area is hoped for by 1971. Miss Susan Field, new to the business department, instructs her all fe- male class in the techniques of shorthand. The ability to listen carefully is a prerequisite for success in shorthand. Senior Marilyn Vincent relaxes for a moment from the strenuous chore of transcribing familiar shorthand phrases, one of the skills needed for any career in the business world. BUSINESS Three-year computer program foreseen at EdselMr. Harvey Cosgrove Mrs. Lois Denton Mr. Richard Feusse Miss Susan Field Mr. Charles Lacey Miss Chris Majstoravich Miss Shirley Pituch Mr. Charles Steen Mr. Charles Lacey comes to the rescue of Philippa Coates exchange student from New Zealand. While teaching is new to Mr. Lacey, typing is even newer to Philippa.Top Row: Mr. John Adams. Mrs. Carol Barker. Mr. Neil Brown. Mrs. Carole Cluney. Mr. Ed Fryzel. Miss Anne Gautreau. Second Row: Mr. Martin Holtgrieve. Mrs. Muriel Hunt. Miss Grace Kovatch. Mr. Donald Lynch. Mr. Duane Machak. Mrs. Lee Mc- Farlin. Third Row: Mrs. Helen Moga. Mr. Robert Morency. Mrs. Elinor Patouhas. Mr. Donald Patrick. Miss Evelyn Pugh. Mr. Ronald Stuart. Last Row: Mr. Stephen Vafeas. Adjusting to the need for English classes to meet in the Art Lab when an art project is assigned are Mr. Duane Machak and his English Humanities 3 class. 18Desired effects are achieved by Mrs. Muriel Hunt in photography with time and patience. The results of her labors are evident in this collection. ENGLISH Program’s not stifled despite crowded classes With a capacity enrollment reached, the English Hu- manities department is assuming the great task of schedul- ing approximately 2,000 creative and diverse individuals and contending with the overwhelming task of having to reschedule classes when an Art Humanities project is as- signed. Yet, new and continuing programs, creative writing, film study, dramatics, speech, journalism, forensics, and debate encourage the outward expression of knowledge gained in the Humanities. Teachers contribute not only by conducting their respective classes, but also by sharing special interests and talents with the student body. Even though the increased enrollment has posed some problems, the learning experience has not been sacrificed. 19HUMAN RELATIONS All-level curriculum changes involve a new tenth Virtually every instructor at Edsel Ford makes use of the excellent audio-visual equipment available. In this case, Mr. Joseph DiFranco hopes to illustrate a psycho- logical concept through use of a movie. Miss Mary Franzen, a new addition to E.F.’s counseling staff, finds the task of correcting junior Alice Miarka’s schedule somewhat amusing. Miss Franzen is replacing Mr. AI Dawson who is on sabbatical leave. 20grade program, a shift to senior-group sessions Top: Mr. Harry Adams, Mr. Arthur Bourassa. Bottom: Mrs. Ian Dawson. The emphasis on knowing yourself or finding yourself is not a new concept here at Edsel Ford. The eleventh grade Human Relation psychology course was designed to aid students in self-discovery. The emphasis is still there, but it will now be geared toward the sophomores, who the counselors feel are now more mature to make decisions concerning their own identity. Also included in the sophomore curriculum is a program concerning dating, marriage, and family living, which was previously reserved for seniors. The seniors felt, because they had been dating for several years, that it would have been more appro- priate sooner in the program. The hope is that this will help students find themselves by filtering ap- propriate information at opportune times. Mr. Joseph DiFranco Mr. Addison Dixon Mr. Ronald Doherty Mrs. Sydney Dotson Miss Mary Franzen Mr. Ford Haskins Mr. James Irwin Miss Bernice Knight Mr. Ronald Monson Mr. Rudolph Skodack Mrs. Victoria Stock Mr. Matthew Zipple 21FOREIGN LANGUAGES Interest in exchange counter to nationwide The emphasis on oral work done in French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Latin enables suc- cessful foreign exchange. The foreign exchange of students is an insight into the living patterns and customs of people associated with the program. Exchange enables all involved to benefit not only academically but socially as well. Exchange is becoming a habit at Edsel Ford. This Easter, Mr. Horst Zimmerman, the German exchange teacher of last year, brought a group of 35 high school students from Wuppertal, Germany to visit Dearborn. The German students lived in Edsel Ford students’ homes during their stay. In June, Mrs. Leslie and her husband will in turn sponsor 30-35 Edsel Ford students going to Germany for four weeks. The students will go to school for two weeks in Wuppertal and will then tour southern Germany for the remaining two weeks. Mr. Edward Skendzel sings Oh Kapetan. Oh Kapetan a Russian peasant work song. This singing prompts his Russian students Janet Nagy, Mark Bores and Mary Seale in doing and understanding their work. 22The headphones, a part of the listening laboratory, are used extensively in the language classes. French student Robin Curiak uses the headphones to listen to correct French pronunciations. Mr. James Ankcnbrandt Mrs. Jan Leslie Miss Rose Romanow Mr. Edward Skendzel Miss Virginia Waldinger Miss Virginia Waldinger. depart- ment chairman, demonstrates the effective use of the listening lab.Denise Kolts and library aide Pearl Venti make the necessary adjustments to keep the library’s listening equip- ment operational. 24LIBRARY New staff changes add to efficiency College catologs are kepi in the library to help students make decisions concerning their futures. Mrs. Adelaide Proctor makes sure they are kept in proper order. With the amount of knowledge on file in today’s libraries, an able and willing staff is needed to help pass information to students. This year, two library aides, in- stead of one as in the past, will be on the staff in addition to two librarians. On the job experience is an aide’s training, as compared to the college degree needed by the librarian. In a trial period of ninety days, she becomes familiar with all facets of library work. Hopefully, this new system will relieve the problem of too much work for a small number of people. A librarian's work is often interrupted by a student that few moments are wasted in the library. Aiding in need of assistance. Here Jim Sherlock confers students and keeping the system in operation take with Miss Betty Lee. while her desk gives evidence up much of the library staff’s lime.26 A new privilege for sophomores this year is working on the computer. Steve Tanner punches his program out on tape, while Bettijo Elton is “running” her program.MATHEMATICS Students are prepared for computerized society This year the computer is being used even more than last year. In addition to outside assignments on the computer for the tenth and eleventh grade classes, the computer is an integral part of the twelfth grade math classes. This year there are two terminals which are used by about 450 students, and it is hoped that Edsel will obtain at least another by next year. The math department sees three reasons for the use of the computers: I) it is expected to be an im- portant part of the future, 2) it provides experience with the computer as a potential occupation, and 3) it provides experience with a computer as it could possibly relate to occupations in corresponding fields where computers may be used. The math department hopes to offer a formal course in computer programming next year. It will be opened to all students who have completed Geometry I. Mr. Richard AJverson Mr. Richard Backensto Senior David Spanburg purs the finishing touches on just one of many oulletin boards intended to present interesting and always baffling math situations. 27The Edsel Ford hand performs before a large crowd of anxious students and parents awaiting the start of the T-Bird-Fordson game. Kathy Schwarzofj, who plays the unusual instrument the glockenspiel, is waiting for her cue while Ron Cseke. and Dan Dennis perform. Hand Day at Fdsel is always a thrill for the junior high hands, Edison, Stout, and Smith. Shown here is Edsel’s hand director Mr. Eldon Scott conducting all four hands from the stands. 28INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Annual event draws future Edsel bandmen The band, which is led on the field this year by drum major David Bye, is present at all home football games to help firc-up the crowd. The band’s spirit does not stop after the football season though. The pep band performs at all home bas- ketball games and pep assemblies. This year the pep band is led by Jim Repa, who arranges most of the music played. In addition to supporting the athletic teams, many other students practice for the Solo Ensemble Concert held annually. This concert gives the mu- sicians a chance to compare their musical talents with other musicians. The majorettes are always ail attraction during half-time entertainment. Above, senior Debbie Gallagher salutes, while the band plays Edscis alma matter. The hand finds constant practice necessary to maintain readiness for their many year-round activities. Mr. Eldon Scott prepares the group for seasonal and miscellaneous events. 29VOCAL MUSIC Enthusiasm grows in performing arts Miss Eileen Kelly Mrs. Ruth Stolfo Mr. Jesse Young With a larger choir this year, Mr. Jesse Young has had a harder time getting voices to blend. Yet, successful concerts are evidence of Mr. Young’s, as well as Miss Eileen Kelley's and Mrs. Ruth Stolfa's, patience and experience in directing. More students are now participating in Vocal Music Department programs. With new people come new ideas, and one which has developed is working with contemporary music. In this year’s Christmas program, the senior members of the music depart- ment used contemporary music in their presentation of American Christmas — Past, Present and Future. Another new idea the music teachers are en- couraging is a more creative approach by the stu- dents, such as composing, arranging, and performing a fight song. By using contemporary music and en- couraging students to compose, the Vocal Music Department has provided some unique ways of self- expression for students. Under the direction of Miss Eileen Kelly, the sophomore chorus excels with superb voice quality and control.In addition to practicing sophomore chorus selections, seven members of a newly formed octet rehearse for Edsel’s fall concert. 31OPERATIONAL STAFF Labor divisions help solve numerous problems of ABOVE: Patience and care aid in the nightly cleaning of classrooms. Mr. Emil Genke demonstrates those ideas while washing the chalkboards in D-7. RIGHT: Helen Trill, Josephine Shevock, June Blosser, and Mabel Andersen deserve much credit for fifteen years of work on the custodial staff at Edsel. 32peak enrollment Food service continues to be rapid and ef- ficient as shown by these ladies during last hour lunch. Standing left to right, are Mrs. Ann Wyne, Mrs. Mildred Burnick, and Mrs. Iva McLean. Flora Corl Charles Mun catchy Not pictured: A1 Snabes 3 Additional jobs such as maintenance of school grounds and the cleaning of halls take extra time and work. Labor divisions aid efficiency to school cleanliness. Mr. Adolph Villet devotes time to the cleaning of the stairway.Making a good attempt for the ball set up by official Miss Irma Calvisi are two energetic girls. Linn Spooner (12) seems to have the advantage over Karen Williams. 34PHYSICAL EDUCATION Variety of activities challenges students Edsel Ford’s Physical Education pro- gram provides a variety of activities, such as team sports, individual sports, and aquatics. Within the swimming program, one participates in racing, div ing, and snork- ling. Other innovations in the program in- clude the use of audio-visual aids, parti- cularly slides and film strips. The film strips help to demonstrate and clearly de- fine the techniques of many stunts which are required for the various activities. Miss Irma Calvisi A necessary requirement for the President's Physical Fitness Award is sit ups. Mark Nad as assists Mike Rodriquez as he completes his hundredth. Miss Connie Charles Mr. John Davis Mr. Arnold Domke Miss Carol Gates Miss Mary Nieport Mr. Norman Shultz Mr. Pat Wyka When engaging in strenuous fall activities, the boys warm up by doing several exercises, including jumping jacks, before going outside.SCIENCE Basic principles unify universe Science goes deeper than the study of matter and energy, the solution of intri- cate math problems, or a probe into the life patterns of living organisms. Edsel’s Science Department attempts to arouse individual curiosity in an attempt to find a system of unifying principles that will order an otherwise seemingly disordered universe. New equipment added this year in- cluded a laser used for precise measure- ment. A new linear air table was also added as a visual aid in the physic courses; it demonstrates collision prop- erties. Bufford, the squirrel monkey, a four-year native to B-ha Ford, performs his usual high finks for Mr. Herman Boai science classes. at Edsel and his 36Mr. Lee Bartlett Mr. John Bridges Mr. Herman Boatin Mr. Mark Boersma Mr. Ralph Cornell Mr. Alan Drake Miss Margaret Eckman Mr. Richard Hough Mr. Donald Keiffer Mr. Joseph Maquire Mr. Joseph Mottillo Mr. Stanley Smith Mr. Eugene Wozniak ABOVE: Rising and descending levels caused by air pressure within a mercury manometer are demonstrated by Mr. Joe McGuire during a chemistry class. LEFT: The greenhouse is a world of learning in itself. Horticulture lends experience to basic understanding of plant life as shown here by Kathy Beaudorn and Janet Hughes. 37Introducing a new policy in his Social Studies VII classes, Mr. Patrick Daly discusses one of the three options a student may choose rather than take the unit rest. Mr. Thomas Barrett Mr. Robert Brammer Mr. Robert Da]ton Mr. Patrick Daly Miss Sally Daniels Mr. Robert Dillingham Mrs. Lois Giamalva Mr. William Johnston Mr. Roland Mercier Miss Susan Nagy Mr. Nefille Walker Mr. Mike Zinn Not Pictured: Mr. Jon Davis Mr. Ronald Hipkiss Since the use of audio-visual materials is a vital part of the Social Studies program, the curriculum lab provides a chance for Mr. Ron- ald Mercier, Mr. Thomas Barrett, Mr. Ronald Hipkiss, and Mr. Mike Zinn to confer about materials for the current semester. Since the main concern of Social Studies V is the Industrial Revolution, Mr. Jon Davis discusses one of its contributing factors, rural development. 38SOCIAL STUDIES Curriculum changes highlight department Edsel Ford students may find themselves in a variety of Social Studies 8 classes in a period of one semester, if the new “mini courses” are in- troduced. Teachers of the department have dis- cussed splitting the senior elective into four separate courses lasting approximately four or five weeks. This change will enable students to place more emphasis on the analysis of the nature of the social sciences and the methods that are used in the work of a social scientist. In addition, total revision of the 10B course is also a possibility in the near future. Rather than studying more than one simple culture, students will study one complex culture in detail, paying particular attention to the role of the individual.VOCATIONAL ARTS Responsibilities now shared; Edsel adds new Helping to alleviate the homemaking work load is a new and permanent member in the department. Mrs. Carol Bocskay, a graduate of Central Michigan Univer- sity, minored in art and taught elementary art before coming to Edsel. She is mainly concerned with handling the foods program, including the elective offered to male students, and four advanced sewing students. Enthusiasm has spread throughout the shop areas because of the formation of two mock corporations, an electronics-sponsored activity. The two corporations are SWIG (Students Working in Groups) and SEX (Student Electronic Associations). The X stands for a secret name. The project was created by Mr Connors first and Zero hour periods. The printing and drafting classes help pro- mote the success of the corporations by contributing their services. Patience and perfection enable senior Kurt Eckert to develop the ability to draw fine lines and straight edges. Such skills are attained by completing a series of assign- ments that progressively become more complex. 40homemaking teacher Improving his skills on the linotype machine, Rick Yuskowatz works attentively to finish his assignments. The Industrial Department offers Advanced Printing to seniors who wish to continue the course. Twenty-five students from the Dearborn area participated in a fall preview of fashions held at Jacobson’s Fabric Center. Seniors Cindy Gimple and Pat Thomas were Edsel's two models for the evening's performance. Mrs. Carol Bocskay Mr. Robert Connors Mr. Paul Griggs Mrs. Joanne McConkey Mr. Robert Nicholas Mr. James Scott Mr. Leonard Stolfo Mr. James Vanlandegend42AVI - ELECTRONICS FILM Mock corporations stimulate school-wide interest “By the time the average high school student graduates he has watched 15.000 hours of television and over 500 motion pictures.” said Father John Culkin at a film conference. Such a concern suggests not only an interest in the media but also the need to include it in a curriculum. At Edscl Ford fifty students are now enrolled and are learning about film movement, the composition of shots, editing, and sound. Each semester the class writes, produces, and films a motion picture. In a related area, the advance electronics classes have formed two corporations. SWIG and SEX. SWIG produced a FM receiver and SEX made a transceiver. This type of learning has given the stu- dents experience in all aspects of organization needed to operate a corporation. One of the elements learned was the legal aspects of a strike. The boys put their knowledge to use by organizing and conducting one earlier this year. Audio-Visual tried something new this year by having two boys work on Co-Op in the A.V.I. room instead of having a club. The boys not only show films but maintain and repair the equipment. Last spring film courses were initialed at Edsel. This year the program was expanded to include an advance course. Instructors. Mr Donald Lynch and Miss Anne Gautreau. discuss a film for class use. A new !2B Music Humanities assignment not only involved writ- mg a chant hut also pulling i, on tape. Pat Thomas sings her chant as AVI students Tom Verla and Tim Rice record it 44Chris Georgiou. Chris Moehs. and Jerry Buscetta discover that there is just as much mental effort as physical work involved in film making. Choosing the good shots and organizing them in sequence are thought provoking. Also the splicing process requires concentration and dexterity. “More Pay" and “On Strike” were a few of the signs seen dur- ing the SWIG Corporation strike. Joe Lepkowski and Mike Barron talk over their demands for a settlement. 45BOOSTER CLUB Club colorfully previews coming sports events Putting up the first spirit sign for the 70-71 winter sports are four active members of the Booster Club; Linda Huskey, Phyllis Cathy. Jean Wit field, and Pat Cyers.The Booster Club combines humor with school spirit to come up with catchy phrases. The crowd shows their enthusiasm during the 1970 Homecoming game. Booster Club. Front Row: Cathy Mielnik, Sandy Machak. Philippa Coates, Barb Peers. Chris Luchscheiter, Wendy Darbe. Margaret Longshore, and Mary Bremer. Second Row: Carol Zimnicki. Pam George, Debby Bialczyk. Annette Errante, Linda Kreigbaum. and Carol Jushkewich. Third Row: Kathy Pohlman. Nora Cherry, Sandra Bak. Cindy Drozd, Michelle Peiper, and Linn Spooner. Booster Club. Front Row: Cathy Russo, Jean Whitfield. Jan Bell. Phyllis Cathey. Sandy Stetler. Claudia Hoskin- son. Laura Nalli, Nancy Vincent. Nancy Crawford, and Kathy Picklesimer. Second Row: Marsha Sandie. Carole Gunther. Barb West. Vickie Sandie. Pat Ball. Robin Curiak. Ellen Kaczanowski. Joyce Adamczak, Sandy Sneller. and Linda Silvonen. Third Row: Brenda Bazzell. Carol Miller. Mary Anne Pietraniec. Merribeth Gingrich. Carol Siciliano. Jeanne Strahota. Tanya Reese. Sue Chev- alier. Debbie Shema. and Lisa Irvine. Booster Club. Front Row: Jolynn Errante. Denise Gall- inat, Janice Gauthier, Cindy Thomas. Sandy Strobel. Becky McMahon. Sandie Munro. Sue Earle. Pam Conrad, and Pam Nowakowski. Second Row: Marilyn Wayne. Rene Maltese. Cheryl Kozma. Linda DeRouchie. Judy Kennedy. Denise Gimple. Mary Ann Raymond. Mary Nystie, Corey Larson, and Gail Newcomer. Third Row: Marilyn Vincent. Susan Smoly, Donna Tifrea, Jennefer Endres. Kathy Paddy, Margaret Anderson, Mary Stanesa. Barb Cundy, Sharon Burek, and Sue Ellerbrake. 47This year’s football cheerleading squad was sponsored hy Miss Mary Nie- porte. The enthusiastic girls spirited the crowds which helped lead their team to many victories, both home and away. The basketball cheerleaders sponsored by Miss Anne Gautreau are Cindy Gill. Nancy Bcrnardin, Juanita Nieves. Vicki Sandie. Sandy Stroebel. Debbie Ward. Brenda Bazzell. and Ellen Kaczanowski. CHEERLEADING I wo special squads Adding spirit to all home swim meets is the responsibility of the football cheerleaders. Leading the crowd in a cheer are Judy McPhce. Sue Romas. Carol Miller, Terri Golles, and Mary Anne Pietraniec. 48 Firing the crowd up with a pre-game cheer are senior cheerleaders Sandy Stroebel, Debbie Ward. Ellen Kaczanowski. and Brenda Bazzell.share spirit in various sports The majorettes. Marsha Adams. Chris Luck- scheiter (head majorette). Debbie Gallagher, and Julie Skorich, performed skillful routines during halftime at home football games. 49 CHESS - MORE Literary, chess clubs encourage thought More, defined by Webster, is “something addi- tional or further.” MORE, defined by Miss Grace Kovatch, is additional reading of literary pieces for purposes of discussion. Such pieces as the ancient Greek play "Oedipus Rex” and Shake- speare’s “Othello” were discussed by student members of MORE with a faculty guest. Each guest chooses some literary piece for the mem- bers to read and then prepares a discussion of it. More is also “something of greater import- ance." Mr. William Johnston. Chess Club spon- sor. moved on to just that when elected head of the Dearborn Federation of Teachers. Dormant, the club now seeks a replacement, and only dreams of days when cries of “checkmate” will again ring throughout the halls. Members of MORE pictured here discussing Shakespeare’s tragedy "Othello" are Mr. Martin Holtgrieve, Chris Vadino, Mike Paddy. Mary Beth Goebel. Betty Ambrose. Nancy Reese, and Miss Kovatch. 50Juniors Dave Cyburl and Greg Veith pon- der over the situation presented on the chessboard before them.Good hand movement along with eye contact and voice projection are essential aspects of forensic style. Former dehator, Steve Walberg practices his hand gestures, knowing they will create greater emphasis on key words. 52 Mrs. Lee McFarlin, forensic coach, offers sug- gestions concerning voice control before the first forensic competition.FORENSICS Verbal fluency, body control insure competitive awards FORF.NSICS. Front Row: Jean Whitfield, Phyllis Cathey. Kathy Mielnik, Linda Puroff. Andrea Swiger. Linda Watts. Carole Gunther, and Kathy Taylor. Second Row: Janet Park. Sandy Machck. Larry Duneske. Al Ruprecht. Mary Comer. Jack Penwardcn. Robert Roock. Mark Janek. and Mark Sidge. Cuttings from novels, ploys, and essays along with original works are used in forensics competition. Linda Watts. Tony Zipple, Pete Muriaugh and Bob Cerrito review a cutting from the widely acclaimed novel Love Story. 53When the cast of Arsenic and Old Lace gets together, one is sure to find a wide range of characters. They include both policemen and murder- ers, old women and young, and the sane and insane. DRAMA - THESPIANS New members help Edsel’s troupe grow in size, The lighting crew of a stage production can make or break a show. Seeing that the job is done cor- rectly is senior Chris Ebling. 54aid in production DRAMA CLUB. Front Row: Theresa Darany, Nancy McCann, Jolynn Errante. Linda Watts. Marsha Adams. Katrinka Burrows, and Gary Tun- stall. Second Row: Duane Wiseley. Marilyn Wayne. Julie Wolin. Mary Anne Pietraniec, Chris Vadino. Richard Mousigian. and Theresa Beddoes. Third Row: Rick Rice. Nancy Iacuzzi. Peggy Ziaja. Diana Marley. Jan Kerstein, and Annette Zipple. THESPIANS. Front Row: Jody Pipkens. Nancy McCann. Katrinka Bur- rows, Marilyn Wayne. Diana Marley. and Mr. Neil Brown. Second Row: Greg Veith. Richard Mousigian. Rick Rice, and Annette Zipple. The Drama Club opens its membership every fall to those students at Edsel Ford who are interested in acting, directing, pro- duction, and all other aspects of the theater. From this club, when one has earned enough points through working backstage, acting, and working on the various committees connect- ed with producing a play, he moves to the Thespian Troupe. Edsel’s Ford Troupe is part of the International Thespian Society. This year, seven people have accumulated the hundred hours of work needed to become a Thespian. They are Kathy Evans. Mary Ann Fawk. Linda Hall. Kathy Hill. Diane Marley. Greg Veith. and Annette Zipple. They have worked many long and hard hours to achieve this honor. Once one becomes a Thespian, he holds that title for the rest of his life. The make-up crew is a necessity for any stage pro- duction. Here. Debby Collingwood is in the act of transforming Bob Kovar into Police Chief Rooney. 55Enjoying cider and donuts are SharUyn Piepers, Yvonne Krolik. and Miss Chris Zimmel. Chris is in her senior year of nursing at Mercy College and came to talk to the club about the four-year nursing program at Mercy. Future Nurses. Front Row: Linda Hollister. Janey Trudell. Denise Austin. Michele Demers, Stella Nault, Karen Lapenta. Barb Newman, and Mary Miller. Second Row: Jody Raus. Linda Lloyd. Peggy Ziaja. Karen Tschir- hart, Judy Artman. Jane Miller. Barb Cundy. and Irene I ennon. FUTURE TEACHERS. Front Row: Nancy Reese. Mary Zimmerman. Katrinka Burrows. Margaret Anderson, Janet Wallace. Evie Niczgoda, Paula Jeannin. Second Row: Mr. Adams. Cindy Guffy. Sandra Bak, Joan Dytyniak. Theresa Darany. Mrs. Sydney Dotson. Third Row: Julie Wolin, Linda Lennox. Shirley Bugg. Sharon Edwards. Thelma Sauchak, Linda Bigos. 56 FUTURE TEACHERS-NURSES Guest speakers,charitable projects highlight activities While assisting in the initiation of future teachers. Mrs. Sidney Dotson. Nancy Reese, and Mr. John Adams natch with delight as Erie Niezgoda and Joan Dytyniak apply lipstick to each other. Medicine is expanding so much that pro- grams must be started to encourage young peo- ple to enter this field. A new program. “Medi- cal Careers,” has begun at Oakland Hospital with Dr. Wakeman as sponsor. The group hears speakers on various aspects of the medi- cal field, views slides and films, and visits different medical facilities. It not only provides an educational experience but also a chance to see what medicine is all about. The Future Teachers Club also meets the goals of people going into the teaching pro- fession. Guest speakers from different univer- sities are invited to relate their experiences to the group. Field trips are arranged to visit many learning institutions. Both clubs provide numerous outlets for interested students. Licking Christmas lags and stuffing cardboard rolls with candy are sopho- more Jane Miller and senior Karen Lapenta. The Future Nurses club filled and wrapped 130 favors, which will be delivered during the Christmas holi- days to the children at Plymouth State Home. 57G.A.A. Members reach out, help others; at the Service to the community is becoming an in- creasingly important aspect of the G.A.A. Before Thanksgiving, the members of the club generously donated canned foods which provided Thanks- giving dinners for five needy, area families. Later in the year some of the members served at various banquets held in T-Bird Hall. The club provides the opportunity for serving the community; how- ever, it is the individual members who donate their time to make these events successful. 'S Fierce and hectic competition between fathers and their daughters is not unusual when it comes to G.A.A. Playnight. Here the two generations test their skills in a volleyball match. G.A.A. Senior Members. Front Row: Vice President Jean Whitfield, Treas- urer Phyllis Cathey, President Dari Buelow, Secretary Andrea Swiger. Mary Beth Goebel, Nancy McCann. Janet Artman. Linda Gancarz. Robin Curiak, and Pat Ball. Second Row: Nancy Reese, Mary Anne Pietraniec, Ellen Kaczanowski. Brenda Bazzell, Kathy Cody, Marilyn Wayne, Sandy Machak, Pauleve Benio. Carole Gunther, Sharon Coghill, and Chris Vadino. Third Row: Marilyn Vincent, Linda Brown, Nancy Wendlowsky, Carol Miller, Cindy Gimpel, Barb Peers, Chris Luckscheiter, Karola Klutke, Debbie Priest, Sally Matthewson, and Diane Metro. G.A.A. Senior Members. Front Row: Sue Stetler. Cathy Russo, Cathy Mielnik, Jan Bell, Janice Gauthier, Nancy Crawford, Rosemary Del Grosso. Sandie Munro, and Sue Earle. Second Row: Marsha Sandie, Debbie John- son. Cindy Russell. Betty Ambrose. Kathy Picklesimer. Linda Bigos. Sue Michaluk. Cindy Gill, and Sandy Strobel. Third Row: Cindy Thomas, Marsha Adams, Gail Newcomer, Vickie Sandie. Mary Kaye Luoma, Linda Watts, Mary Zimmerman. Linda Huskey, Sue Lane, and Georgia-Ann Klutke. 58same time enrich their personal lives LEFT: President Darlene Buelow, sponsor Miss Irma Calvisi, Secretary Andrea Swiger, Treasurer Phyllis Cathey, and Vice-President Jean Whitfield discuss future plans. ABOVE: Cindy Russell and her dad en- joy playnight. 59HI-Y - Y-TEENS Service clubs both President Barb Newman hands out brochures which give information concerning the UNICEF campaign for 1970. The members collected $136.50 at Halloween by going from house to house in their neighborhoods. HI-Y. Front Row: Richard Hogue, Charlie Boren. Stan Anderson, and Jim Bremer. Second Row: Matt Leon. Greg Remmy. and Bob Szczechura. Y-TEENS. Front Row: Sandie Munro. Sue Earle. Judy Beatty, Janice Gauthier. Elaine George. Gwen Brown. Ann Marie Sanak. Maryloii Brandt. Michele Demers, and Robin Curiak. Second Row: Pat Ball. Wendy Bloess. Barb Newman. Merribeth Gingrich. Carole Gunther, Mary Anne Pietraniec. Cindy Thomas. Gail Newcomer. Marilyn Vincent. Denise Draftz, and Carol Jushkewich Third Row: Mary Seale. Sue Lane. Philippa Coates. Barb Peers. Chris Luckscheiter. Jane Lawton. Kathy Taylor. Judy Artman. Sandi Lenardon. Polly Olson, and Mary Stanesa. 60curtail, expand their civic activities The service clubs, Hi-Y and Y-Teens sponsored by Mr. Herman Boatin and Mrs. Carol Cluney respec- tively, continue to include many worthwhile projects in their yearly activities. However, this year Y-Teens has expanded many of their activities, while Hi-Y has curtailed some of theirs. However, Hi-Y did co- sponsor a Christmas dance with Future Teachers. Y-Teen projects this year included several humani- tarian gestures involving Halloween gifts for handi- capped children in the Plymouth State Home, collect- ing for NICEF, and hosting a Christmas party for the underprivileged children in the Salina area. Social activities included in the program were a coed pajama party and a trip to New York in the spring. Y-Teens' sponsor, Mrs. Carol Cluney. discusses plans with officers Judy Arlman, Karen Ponstien, Sue Earle, and Barb Newman concerning the annual UNICEF campaign. UNICEF is a world-wide organization which donates food and medical aid to underdeveloped countries. 61INTRAMURALS Athletic program expansion Basketball, a game usually associated with tall boys, has become one of the favorite sports in the girls intramural program. Boy’s touch football may not be as arduous as tackle, but it is played just as hard and with as much enthusiasm as tackle is. In touch football, in fact, one’s body rather than his padding absorbs the contact. 62 Being alert is not only necessary, but an essential in playing girls’ field hockey. Comprised of one ball and twenty-two sticks pursuing it, the game presents a challenge to all involved.encourages active participation in various sports After a strenuous swimming practice, swimmers are able to use volleyball facilities set up for the intra- mural program. 63LANGUAGES International flavor enhances club events, sponsored activities The Spanish Club, with the help of its spon- sor. Mr. Edward Skendzal, held a clothing drive which was successful in collecting 645 lbs. of clothes to send to various countries. By helping those of other nations, the members of the Span- ish Club have also helped themselves. Edsel Ford teaches one classical language. Latin. The Classical League, better known as the Latin Club, has been established by Edsel’s Latin students and sponsor. Mr. James Ankcn- brandt. They hold their annual Roman banquet outside in spring for all of its members. Edsel Ford’s Russian Club concerns itself with the true life style of the Russian people. Both its members and sponsor. Mr. Edward Skendzal, enjoy watching and taking part in performances and musical presentations depict- ing Russian life. SPANISH CLUB. From Row: Martha Coppo. Marian Coppo. Marsha Adams. Merribeth Gingrich. Dan Rataj, Timmy Loula. Phil Thomas, and Paul Horvath. Second Row: Carol Jushkewich, Margaret Anderson. Dianne Bessler, Nancy Wendlowsky, Greg Veith. Linda Hall. Barb Peers, and Chris Ebling. Third Row: Chris Vadino. Diane Metro, Pauleve Benio. Jennefer Endres. Jim Baranowski. Dean Bury, Wendy Darbe. and Mike Graham. 64RUSSIAN CLUB. Front Row: Gail Smoly, Linda Huskey. Tanya Reese. Mary Seale. Laura Broda. and Mary Anne Pietraniec. Second Row: Janet Nagy. Charlotte Curiston, Mark Sidgc. Barry Pine. Doug Keller. Lawrence Duneske. and Susan Smoly. SPANISH CLUB. Front Row: Theresa Darany. Phyllis Cathey, Linda Puroff. Janice Gauthier. Jody Pipkens. Elaine George. Denise Nalli, and Gail Smoly. Second Row: Joan Dytyniak, Terry Summers. Donna Schaupp- ner, Joyce Adamczak. Carol Siciliano, Mary Ann Raymond. Judy Kennedy, and Liz. Heydc. Third Row: Evie Niezgoda. Pat Ball. Cindy Thomas. Carole Gunther, Janet Park. Mary Nystie. Nick Banda, and Ken Rogers. CLASSICAL LEAGUE. Front Row: Betty Ambrose. Sandy Sharpies, and Kathy Holden. Second Row: Theresa Beddoes. Maureen Denning. Janet Kronberg. and Linda Hall. 65FRENCH CLUB. Front Row: Sue Stetler. Phyllis Cathey. Sandy Stetler. Judy Beatty. Janice Gauthier. Nancy Crawford. Laura Nalli. Nancy Vin- cent, and Mary Beth Goebel. Second Row: Debbie Johnson, Kip Garwood, Laura Hall. Kathy Picklesimer. Larry Machacek. Nancy McCann, Linda Bigos, and Michele Demers. Third Row: Sue Michaluk, Mary Stanesa, Donna Tifrea, Tanya Reese. Robin Curiak. Cheryl Kozma. and Sue Chevalier. GERMAN CLUB. Front Row: Delphine Lesperance. Janet Artman. Linda Brown, Kirk Donaldson. Linda Watts, Debbie Shema, Jolynn Errante, Sue Mosher, Marylou Brandt. Debby Lebeck, and Kathy Paddy. Second Row: Lori Rodammer. Sally Waite, Georgia-Ann Klutkc. Laura Novak, Chris Luckscheiter, Philippa Coates, Armin Manis, Rick Schubatis, Jim Bremer, and Gary Tunstall. Third Row: Barry Pine. Ken DaRos, David Lloyd, Mike Paddy. Wally Lis. Doug Keller. Janet Nagy, Larry Schonofen. Tony Zipple. Terry Schley, and Michael Guido. FRENCH CLUB. Front Row: Andrea Swiger. Linda Smoly, Mary Zim- merman. Pat Ball. Sharon Coghill, Sue Lane, Gabriela Gubariu, Evie Niezgoda, Chuck Hayse, and Christa Coleman. Second Row: Denise Gim- pel. Julie Hopwood. Nancy Reese, Tom Yaksich, Debbie Priest, Wendy Bloess. Virginia Russell, Susan Smoly. Philippa Coates, and Sandi Lenardon. Third Row: Tim Skupinski. Annette Zipple. Janet Nagy. Jane Lawton, Armin Manis, Bill Prain. Gary Niemczak. Jack Kosztowny. Lawrence Duneske. and Brent Holland. 66 While French Club members listen, Jack Kosztowny discusses the possibilities of eating at the French restaurant, Le Bourdeaux.LANGUAGES Participating in an annual event of the German Club. Darlene Mauer attempts to interest Robin Pitts into buying an Advent Calendar for her Christmas decor. Edsel students simulate Old World cultures The French Club was set up so that students of the French language might learn about the culture, customs, and traditions of France. The club aims to create a scene totally set in France, using movies, slides, and various types of activities to achieve a realistic view of France. Many of these activities include strolling through the halls singing French Christmas carols, eating out at Le Bourdeaux, a French res- taurant, and taking part in the Olympic Games. The German Club is actively involved in bringing a little of the German culture and tradition into the homes of its members throughout the year. Through the sale of Advent Calendars during the Christmas season, anyone who wishes to do so may enjoy the spirit of a German yuletide season. Using their knowledge of the language, the members of the club endeavor to understand Germany and the ways of its people and make German life a part of their own. 67errors BOLT Check points, concern of staff eliminate With last year’s graduation, the Boh lost almost all of its reporters. This year, an al- most entirely new staff, along with the three holdovers from last year, have taken over the chore of putting out the bi-weekly school paper. New features in the Boll this year are the sports column, that Kathy Cody and Steve Bosze take turns writing, Mary Seale’s Trivia, and Strawberry Fields, a rock music column by Cindy Collingwood. There are also the regular jobs of getting stories, copyreading, writing headlines, and page make-ups. Through five check points, the Boll strives for a perfect copy and an errorless issue. A vital part of Edsel's bi-weekly newspaper is Brad McFarlin, who photographs, develops, and prints many of the pictures seen in the Bolt. Jerry Feislel. a regular on the sports page, types out last-minute copy. Sports writers have different deadlines, because the Bolt attempts to cover sports as currently as possible. In this case the event covered occurred the night before copy was due. Busily at work, the Bolt Staff prepares to meet their next deadline. Courses likejournal,sm depend on informality. The atmosphere is one in which each student works independently. 68 After a page is completed, the tedious fob of paste-up begins. Kathy Cody, Mary Seale, Linda Kreighbaum and Jack Deo plan their respective pages for the next issue.69Members of the curriculum study committee, Dan Rataj and chairman Bill Collins, discuss new ideas, as Mr. John Romanow looks on in quiet contemplation. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. Front Row: Betty Ambrose. Marsha Sandie. Robin Curiak. Barb West, and Sandy Strobel. Second Row: Dan Rataj. Mary Anne Pietraniec. Mike Paddy. Barry Pine, and Gary Edson 70EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Council looks to future; establishes Kaufman Memorial This year, one of the most outstanding efforts of the Execu- tive Council has been the formation of a curriculum study com- mittee. This committee has expanded and has come to include interested students at Edsel. The purpose of the committee is to study the present curriculum and compare it with its original goals. The aim of the students is not to completely obliterate the current curriculum. On the contrary, their aim is to update the curriculum so that each student can relate to the various subjects. The com- mittee plans to meet with administrators, who like themselves, recognize the need for change and are willing to work at obtain- ing change. Another accomplishment by the council was the establish- ment of a memorial fund in honor of the late counselor, Mrs. Almerene Kaufman. This memorial was combined with the exist- ing memorials for Doris Doolittle and Helen Wilson, former teach- ers at Edsel. Plaques bearing the names of each of the teachers will be placed outside of the school library, and bookplates bear- ing their names will be placed on the materials purchased by the fund. Executive Council officers, president Dan Ratal, secretary Mary Anne Pietraniec. treasurer Maura McCartcn and vice-president Mike Paddy, pose for a quick "mug shot' before returning to council matters. A fund raising activity has the full attention of Student Assembly president Mike Paddy, as he looks over the week’s agenda. 71TRI-M Edsel talents displayed in informal nite-club program TRI-M. Front Rem-: Nancy McCann. Stella Nault. Janet Artman. Nancy Reese. Katrinka Burrows, and Linda Gancarz. Second Row: Diane Marley. Tom Yaksich. Rick Rice. Bob Vogler, Nancy Wcndlowsky. Debbie Priest, and Sally Matthcwson. ABOVE: Sally Matt hew son contributed her talents to Nite Club Night by performing in a trio with two other vocally talented seniors. RIGHT: Organization is an important aspect in a successful production. Tri- M officers deserve credit for the vast amount of time and effort donated to arrangements. 72ABOVE: Understanding one another is the problem; accomplishing understanding through communication is a possible solution. Through the use of music, Jim Repa attempts to create a bond to bridge the gap. RIGHT: Unity among diverse individuals requires work and patience. Juniors Shirley Clyde. Kaye Nosworthy. Judy Kennedy, and Mary Stanesa donated much time and effort to the correlation of their voices. Senior Sue Mittermaier relates to friend Charlotte Curiston the events of the evening in which she took part by singing, accompanied by herself on the guitar, and by backing up a quartet. 73VARSITY CLUB Group sponsors Golden Gloves, maintains Many of the club members gave up some of their free time to put their muscle to work. Here Bill Suit, Mark Shooshanian, and John Rajda, set up the boxing ring. The major aim of Edsel Ford’s Varsity Club is to be of service to the school. They do so in many diverse ways. The members try to maintain a high level of school spirit at Edsel. They hold pep as- semblies and candy sales and each year donate some kind of equipment to the athletic department. The club, for the spectator’s convenience and to raise more money, also sells programs and refreshments. Again this year, the main event on the club’s agenda was the Golden Gloves Tournament. This year it had even more appeal for Edsel students, because fourteen of the boxers were from Edsel Ford. The highlights of the evening were Steve Per- uski’s technical knockout and Doug Hudson’s stun- ning decision over a worthy Southgate opponent. The comedy of the evening was a young Detroit boxer’s imitation of Mohammad Ali. Combining excitement, levity, and just good boxing, the event left with the people attending the knowledge that they had seen an outstanding athletic event. 74VARSITY (TUB Front Row: Norm Brchm. Al McPhcc. Tim Skupinski. Jack Beyronneau. Boh Currie. Phil Thomas. Boh Pettijohn. Gary Forsythe, and Joe Errante. Second Row: Boh Redinger. Dennis Gallinat. Timmy Loula. Rick Yuskowatz. Dennis Stevens. Tom Brown. Paul Cornell, and Keith McBain. Third Row Rob Berce. Mike Olszewski. Jack Kosztowny. Tom Haling. Matt Leon. Nick Marano. Bill Sutt. and Len Smolenski. Boxing is a sport where even a victory can he very painful. Here a young boxer from Southgate lands a right to the chin of Doug Hudson. Doug was able to counter this punch and go on to a decisive victory. high school spirit Mr Ralph Cornell, who announced he was ending 17 years of coaching the Edsel Ford football players, responds to the nostalgic applause of Mr. Bob Bram- mer and the crowd for the last time. Many awards are presented at a sports banquet. Bill Sutt. Mike Bodurka. Len Smolenski. and Tom Haling proudly display their respective awards. They huddle around Mr. Ralph Cornell, who coached the T-Birds to seven league crowns in the past ten years. 75YOUTH MOVEMENTS Concerned organizations stress student awareness P.C.C. Front Row: Stan Anderson. Maureen Denning. Kathy Hill, Sue Maciag. Becky McMahon. Katrinka Burrows. Julie Hopwood. Jane Jason, and Julie Wolin. Second Row: Tim Skupinski. Theresa Beddoes. Linda Hall. Susan Pagen. Donna Zanardelli. Linda Lennox. Mark Motyka, Chuck Hayse, and Mike Boutette. Third Row: Mike DeMara, Tony Zipple, Dan Dennis, Jim Carroll. Chris McMahon. Greg Harvey. Brion Hensley, and Chris Georgiou. A.C.T. N O W. Front Row: Mr. Mike Zinn. Larry Machacek. Sue Mitter- maier. Gabricla Gubariu. Sue Lane. Sue Michaluk, Maria Ronez. Dolores Brola. and Susan Pagen. Second Row: John Frank. Sue Ellerbrake. Bill Lesnock, Ruth Mittermaier. Julie Wolin. Linda Lennox, Jane Lawton, Janet Nagy, and Mr. Patrick Daly. 76Members of the Action Committee to Naturalize Our World are involved in varying aspects of saving the environment, including attendance at city council meetings and plans for the future. ABOVE: Engrossed in the ecological information offered in the A C T. N.O.W Information Booth are students Sue Pagen. Sue Frank, and Dave LaBarge. LEFT: Raising funds to donate to non- profit organizations, the purpose of the P.C.C. bagel sales, is a major part of the club’s activities. 77FLIGHT Underclassmen prepare for 72, learn journalistic Without a typist, a yearbook class could not survive. Charlotte Curiston is this year’s "jack-of-all-trades'’ for typing copy, filing, and typing dittos. These must be all finished in order for the staff to meet its designated deadlines. FLIGHT STAFF: Front Row: Mrs. Elinor Patouhas, Cheryl Kozma, Linda Chimes, Karen I apenta. Sandy Shank, Pat Masi. Vickie Gardner, Char- lotte Curiston, Katrinka Burrows, Dave LaBargc. Second Row: Chris Eb- ling. Barb Peers, Dave Cyburt, Mary Miller, Mary Anne Pietraniec, Ellen Kaczanowski. Pat Thomas, Kathy Hill, Dave Spanburg. Third Row: Bill Lesnock. Steve Bodszar, Liz Cantor, Jeff Merrell. Terri Golles, Mike Stewart, Robin Curiak. Chuck Sikora, Paul Horvath, Mr. Edward Fryzel. 78techniques after school with new sponsor Individual pictures and a new adviser were just a few of the changes in the Flight. The biggest change this year was the replacement of Mrs. Elinor Patouhas by Mr. Edward Fryzel. Before January, Mr. Fryzel advised an after school staff that assisted the regular class. In January he assumed the yearbook class as well as the after-school group. Another change in this year’s Flight was individual pictures. This addition came about through the efforts of Business manager Chuck Sikora and yearbook editor Karen Lapenta. As part of a “package deal” the photog- rapher taking the individual pictures also furnished identification cards for all the students. One of the most tedious, time-consuming tasks of a staff member is paste-up, particularly individual pictures. Pat Masi makes sure she is accurate, for mistakes delay production. Ine of the main duties of the adviser is to help solve layout problems. •mers to the staff this year, Jan Mizgala and Kathy Hill find out from Mrs. uouhas that there is more to planning a page than just taking pictures. 79Guest musician, Mr. Ross Slabaugh, and the Edsel Ford Pep Band attempt to arouse some enthusiastic “spirit’' among the crowd at the Edsel-Dear born pep assembly. An exciting aspect of the instrumental con- certs was the Sunday afternoon performance of the Winter Concert. Because concerts are on a Sunday, parents and guests have a better chance to attend. 80organization oversees band-orchestra activities An important group of students who help de- termine the activities of the orchestra and band is ADCO, the Instrumental Music Department Ad- visory Council. This group of elected representa- tives recommends to Mr. Eldon Scott and depart- ment members decisions concerning monthly ac- tivities. Entertaining students, parents, and guests at the Fall, Christmas, and Winter Concerts is the major concern of the musicians; however, a fall picnic, Halloween and Christmas parties, tobogganing and canoeing suggest musicians get along both on stage and off. Reviewing publicity plans for an upcoming concert, Nancy McCann, president of ADCO, foins members at a short after-school meeting.A time for perserverance of character in meeting the opposition, the pressure of conflict — paying the agony of defeat, reaping the glory of victory.FOOTBALL Sauk Trail football league dissolves with A receivers job is to catch the ball no matter where it is. Here wide receiver Rob Berce (88) hauls in an aerial strike for a first down. Many times a quarterback will drop back to pass but will be forced to run. Here senior quarterback Bill Sutt (22), seeing his end Jim Gordon (85) covered, runs up the middle. Junior halfback Craig Woolly (24) prepares to throw a block. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM. Front Row: Scott Turner, Rob Sankovic, Jim Gordon. Norm Brehm. Tom Brown, Paul Cornell, Bill Sutt (Co- captain) Mike Bodurka (Co-captain) Keith McBain. Dennis Stevens. Len Smolinski, Tom Haling. Second Row: Dan Edwards. Scott McDonald. Rick Yuskowatz, Nick Marano, Gary Luchonok, Greg Sasinowski, Jim Sherlock, Bob Redingcr. Joe Pytleski. Gary Forsythe, Tom Fleming, Rich Glover. Chuck Henson. Third Row: Jerry Ziaja, Ken Daros, Mike Sied. Sam Vuchent. Tony Dipollo. Rob Berce, Craig Woolly, Dave Penn. Greg Plichetski, Rick McNally, Gordon Ferris, Greg McKac. Fourth Row: Bill Zepp. Kim Bond, Mark Shoshanian. Rick Burgess. Mike Miller, Rick Konochuck. Mike Murphy, Jim Hamel. John Popp. Jim Hourian, Dale Hadden, Andy Popp Fifth Row. Mr. Davis. Mr. Cornell, Mr. Bridges, Mark Papineau. Wally Lis. Ron Glotzober. Mike Lupinski. Jim Taylor. Bill Cadwell. 84three-way tie for first place The gridders started the year with three impressive victories. First they upset the highly touted East Detroit team. Next they avenged last year’s loss to Fordson by a 14-0 score. In the offense’s best showing of the season. Edsel stopped the Dcnby unbeaten string at 40 with a 28-12 victory. Next Edsel traveled to Ypsilanti, a team which hadn’t beat Edsel in 12 years. Ypsi, behind strong running and tough defense, stopped the T-birds 17-7. In the season’s fifth game Edsel got back into its winning ways by defeating the Wayne Zebras, 14-8. Then Edsel played an uninspired game against Waterford Mott, losing 37-7. This was all forgotten the next Friday. On this day Edsel won it all. First, they defeated crosstown rival Dearborn by a 20-12 count. The T-birds also won the golden trophy, the city championship, and a share of the Sauk Trail title. In the season finale Edsel took a 13-0 halftime lead over a very fine Allen Park team. Then the Parkers stormed back to take a 14-13 lead. The T-birds couldn’t be denied as they scored in the waning moments of the game to take a 21-14 victory. This game was considered by many people as one of the most exciting games in the history of Edsel Ford football. The luckier isn't always the most important person on a play. Scott McDonald (80) slows the runner so Mike Bodurka (60) can make the tackle.FOOTBALL Coaches, undefeated reserves look forward to 86promising future 1970 FOOTBALL RECORD Edsel Ford Opponent 21 East Detroit 6 14 Fordson 0 28 Denby 12 7 Ypsilanti 17 14 Wayne 8 7 Waterford 37 20 Dearborn 12 21 Allen Park 14 Won 6 Lost 2 ♦Sauk Trail Members Junior Varsity Team. Front Row: Tom Wozniak. Rick Konopka. John Amici. Jeff Darwish. Jim Cameron. Steve Wahlberg. Matt Toje, Lou Hanoian. Second Row: Frank Guido. Kevin Martin. Bill Sclaff. Mark Bazzell. Tom Miller. Greg Gomolak. Bob Greenway. Don Ehehalt, Mike Booth Third Row: Tim Gusfa. Mark Rosier. Dave Nelson. John Geyer. Russ Vaughn. Kevin O'Grady. Bob Martin. Brad Lange. Dave Bazzy. Fourth Row: Ken Shields. Joe Kama. Mike Day. Barry Hawkins. Tom Heslet. Fred Stanton. Ted Chase. Randy Owens. Fifth Row: Mr. Hough. Rick Chapman. Steve Serecky, Gary McBain, Cliff Popkey, Keith Thiede. Bob Lesmeister. Mr. Sclieff. Gaining substantial yardage is Jeff Darwish (SO) while bypassing two flattened Ypsi defensemen. Ready to offer blocking if necessary are Da id Nelson (65), Joe Kama (76), and Ted Chase (80). 871970-71 BASKETBALL RECORD Isel Ford 65 Garden City East Opponent 89 59 Ann Arbor Pioneer 76 50 Livonia Bentley 55 58 Livonia Franklin 67 58 Grosse Ile 69 50 Monroe 51 61 Thurston 56 55 Fordson 69 57 Wayne 66 61 Thurston 56 46 Dearborn 42 49 Ypsilanti 92 44 Livonia Churchill 40 59 Birmingham Seaholm 79 60 Trenton 61 63 Wayne 52 52 Dearborn 62 42 Ypsilanti 71 Attempting to contribute to the tea.n't rally is senior Mark German. His shooting and rebounding were important factors in the team's successes. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: Mike Booth, Tom Gancarz, Tom Haling. Dennis Danielson. Craig Wooley, Rob Berce. Gary Isaacson! Carl Von Walthausen. Second Row: Mark Diroff. Jim Ellis. Bob Erakes, Jeff Bowman. Mark German. Dave Ruta, Mike Tschirhart, Coach Domke! 88BASKETBALL Upset, new uniforms start mid-season rally Following last year’s highly successful season, the Edsel Ford varsity basketball team found itself with the task of equaling one of the best records in the history of the school. Early in the season, however, it became apparent that the team was having some trouble in combining its parts into a winning team. Success finally came after six losses in defeating Thurston 61-56. With a team of only twelve players, including five seniors. Coach Arnold Domke was challenged with facing strong league opponents Ypsilanti and Dearborn. One satisfying aspect of the season was the upset T-Bird victory over Dearborn. This, along with strong support from the fans and a mid-season change of uniforms, started the team off on a more successful second half of the season. The fast break proves to be a potent weapon for senior Dennis Danielson as he outplays two opposing defensemen. Ball control was an important part of this year's team. 89BASKETBALL Season a testing for unproven underclassmen Extremely elated over Edsel's upset victory over Dearborn, Mr. Domke converses with Mrs. Me Farlin and other fans. JUNIOR VARSITY. Front Row: Lou Hanoian. Jim Domke. Ted Chase, Gary Roberts. Jim Cameron, Greg Gomolak, Mike Hansen. Joe Ulmstead. Second Row: Coach Norm Schultz, Kevin Graves, Tim Gusfa, Tom Miller, Doug Ellenbass, Mark Bores, Dave Sitarski, Bill Soens, Keith Obey, Manager Harry Tarrant. Returning for the second half, Mark s- I.......U.... I 3 German contemplates on how to put I more points on the scoreboard. 90Rebounding is as important as good shooting and Edsel sorely lacked this item this year. As the year progressed sophomore Tom Gancarz (44) became Edsel's stalwart in this category. 91SWIMMING Swimmachine places bid in State Senior standouts Mike Riker and Mike Stewart rest after a very physically demanding race. This year's seniors are Mr. Zinn's first grads. 1970-1971 SWIMMING RECORD Edsel Ford Opponent 70 Thurston 35 63 North Farmington 42 42 Ann Arbor Huron 63 61 Grand Blanc 44 55 Grosse Pointe South 50 63 Allen Park 42 63 Trenton 42 28 Dearborn 77 53 Birmingham Seaholm 52 52 Ypsilanti 53 63 Bloomfield Hills Andover 42 80 Wayne 21 Royal Oak Kimball Relays 5th Redford Union Relays 2nd Bowling Green University Relays 1st Sauk Trail League Meet 2nd State Championships 6th Won 9 Lost 3 92Championships with depth after strong season Is there a reward for spending seven months in cold water? The reward is par- ticipating in the state championships and the dictatorial man who puts you there is coach Mike Zinn. During a successful seven month season, Coach Zinn’s tankers qualified sixteen men to make the annual trip to Lansing to par- ticipate with some 90 schools in Class A Championships. After qualifying for the finals, Glen Leanardon and Mike Riker placed 8 and 9 respectively in the individual medley. Mike Riker came back two events later to capture 4th in the butterfly. Bob Currie pow- ered his way to 5th position in the back- stroke. The quartet of Glen Leanardon, Scott McDonald, Mike Stewart and Bob Currie finished the meet with a 3rd place in the 100 freestyle relay. Zinn’s swimmachine placed 6th overall. SWIMMING TEAM. Front Row: Larry Haggard, Rick Knight. Shawn O'Dell, Denny Novak, Kirk Donaldson, Glen Leanardon, Bob Pettijobn, Joe Errante, Gary Masouradeis. Jack Beyronneau. Second Row: Mike Guido, Tim Skupinski, Jeff Bigos, Kurt Eckert, Craig Lindsay, Doug Turner, Mike Sypec, Gary Mulvihill, Jeff Smith, Coach Ray Love. Third Row: Gary Sommers, Bob Lafayette, Tim Strutz, Tommy O'Dell, Bobby Currie, Phil Thomas, Mike Stewart, Scotty McDonald, Mike Kilpatrik. Fourth Row: Mike Riker, Todd Parkhurst, Tony Daley, Byron Baker. Don Thomas, Peter Koths, Jim Hermann. Head Coach Mike Zinn. t • The team coaches join the entire swimming machine in a victory bath after dumping Seaholm by one point. The team's victory was one step to the state championships. 93CROSS-COUNTRY Injuries, new squad 1970 CROSS-COUNTRY RECORD Edsel Ford Opponent 34 Cherry Hill 22 30 Trenton 25 55 Fordson 22 55 Livonia Bentley 47 35 Livonia Stevenson 24 29 J. F. Kennedy 28 32 Wayne Memorial 24 38 Yysilanti 20 46 Dearborn 15 32 Livonia Churchill 23 Won 0 Lost 10 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Front Row: Jim Procter. Jim Loudon, Jim Nagy, Dennis Gallanat, David Peters, Ray Spears, and Coach Bob Brammer. Second Row: Larry Schemanski, Ric Esper, Matt Leon, Casey Hamm, Byron Weston, Paul Sharkey, Bob Toje, and Pete Murtagh. Even though unsuccessful in the meet, Edsel Ford's harrier David Peters outstrides a Wayne runner as Coach Bob Brammer records the time. 94hamper Edsel’s chances for a successful season Team members Ric Esper. Casey Hamm, Bob Toje, Paul Sharkey, Mall Leon, and Dennis GallinaI cluster around Coach Bob Bram- mer and listen attentively to his suggestions. Coach Bob Brammer’s second year at Edsel was marked with many hardships. The first being the team’s captain Pete Murtagh. A pulled muscle at the beginning of the sea- son left Pete out of commission for the rest of the season. Consequently, Coach Brammer had to depend heavily on juniors, Casey Hamm, Paul Sharkey, and Matt Leon. These three harriers were backed up by an array of inexperienced sophomore runners. Mr. Brammer remarked that he needs more boys who will be hard working and will de- vote a lot of time to make Edsel’s team better next year. Edsel will have to better its record in the Suburban Eight, the new league.w ESTUKG Edsel Grapplers Sponsor, win their own Invitational With fantastic teamwork and the desire to show off their new mat, the Edsel Ford Grapplers were spurred on to a very successful season. Over one-half of the team was made up of seniors, each being on the team two to three years. They proved to be the powerhouse of the team. The Second Annual Edsel Ford Invitational, held in February, was won by the hosting team. Winning invitationals seemed to be what our wrestlers had a knack for. Including their own, they also won the Trenton Invitational along with several others. With the use of a closed-circuit television set-up at Ed- sel, Coach Pat Wyka, was able to tell and show his team what they were doing wrong. This created a more positive attitude and a better record. For the seventh year in a row the Edsel Ford Grapplers were also City Champions. Gelling his opponent into a pinning combination, Senior George Schauer, tried throughout the match and eventually pinned his opponent from Dearborn High. 96WRESTLING TEAM. Front Row: Mr. Sam Nastasc. assistant coach. Jack Deo. Grant Sandie. Jeff Olinik, Alan Taylor. Mark Nadas, Craig McBelh, Bob Dunn, Mark Alcamo, and Mr. Pat Wyka, coach. Second Row: Paul Cornell, Tom Brown, Dan Edwards, George Schauer, Martin Baity, Mike Olszewski, and Gary Cole. 1970-71 WRESTLING RECORD Opponent 21 Ann Arbor Pioneer Edsel Ford 25 13 Birmingham Seaholm 25 20 Ann Arbor Huron 22 9 Garden City West 37 25 Ypsilanti 14 21 Wayne Memorial 26 8 Dearborn 34 8 Fordson 37 Lost 1 Won 7 97 After a long and gruelling struggle defeating his opponent from Wayne Memorial High School, senior AI Taylor is proclaimed the winner by the referee.TRACK With many days of hard practice junior Tom Plachetzki has reached his goal of 48 yards. During this meet Tom put the shot far enough to aid the team in victory. Leaping over the high-hurdles to assure victory for the Edsel Ford harriers is junior Rick Kononchuk with help from senior Gary Edson and junior Rob Sandie as a challenging opponent makes a futile attempt to take over first place. Edsel With teeth clenched in all out effort. Rick Suarez tries to catch a fleet-footed opponent. Although Rick seems behind here, he has £ -- developed a quick start and strong finish which enables him to win many of his races.race, hurdle, and put to four impressive victories VARSITY TRACK TEAM. Front Row: Mark Diroff, Chuck Sikora, Jim Proctor. Casey Hamm. Rob Sandie. Pete Muntagh, Bob Korczk, Jim Nagy. Tom Wozniak. Matt Leon, and Gary Roberts. Second Row: Ric Esper. Mike Guido. Bob Amiot. Dave Peters. Chris Brockmiller. Rick Konochuk, Doug Gendjar. John Buslawski. Kevin O’Grady, and Lou Hanoian. Third Row: Tom Rich. Lawrence Schemansky. Paul Sharkey. Duane Gardner, Robert Brough. Kevin Tourneur, Barry Hawkins, Gary McBain. Bryan Weston. Richard Zuchowicz. Jim Holda, and Dennis Gallinat. Fourth Row: Bill Schlaff. Steve Oleksyn. Glenn Loudon, Byron Baker, John Popp. Brian Mikulec. Ken Norris, Mike Lupinski. Tom Plachetzki. Mark Kosier. and Bill Soens. 1970 TRACK RECORD Edscl Ford Opponent 59 Allen Park 59 72 Livonia Stevenson 42 84 Livonia Churchill 40 79 Taylor Center 45 78 Ypsilanti 44 43 Dearborn 77 42 Wayne 76 Won 4 Lost 2 Tied 1 99LEFT: A level head along with a level suing is a most essential part of this game. Realizing that practice makes a perfect hall-player, Jim Uehbing drills himself during a workout. RIGHT: In addition to the nine men on the field, seniors Jim Sherlock, Norm Gomolack, and Bill Suit concentrate on the play. 100 1970 BASEBALL RECORD Edsel Ford Opponent 2 Fordson 6 6 Allen Park 0 15 Trenton 8 9 Adrian 3 6 Belleville I 3 Dearborn 1 5 Livonia Stephenson 4 0 Ypsilanti 4 13 Wayne 2 3 Thurston 2 10 Dearborn 4 1 Ypsilanti 2 3 Sacred Heart 6 9 Wayne 1 9 Divine Child 4 0 Dearborn 1 Won 12 Second Place Lost 5 Despite Edsel's wide selection of bats, most players have their own favonie. Sentors Jim Uebbing and Mike Bodurka realize the importance of a good bat as they carefully choose their favorite "warclubs." BASEBALL Ypsilanti, localAn enthusiastic crowd of spectators always boosts the home team’s morale and keeps the players fired-up throughout the entire game. Here the crowd watches as starting catcher, Jim Sherlock, lakes a powerful wing. I t 4c .£• - rivals spoil otherwise fruitful season VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Front Row Mr. John Davis, Frank Han- son. Jim Cameron, Randy Owen, Craig Woolley, Norm Gomolak. Jim Uebbing. Mike Carson, Jim Houroian. Roger Wiedemann, and Rob Berce. Second Row: Terry Schley. Harry Bellenir. Jeff Bowman. Jim Sherlock. Gary Niemczak. Bill Suit, Rick Yuskowatz, Paul Gauger. Bill Morawa. Dave Ruta. and Carl VanWalthausen.GOLF Patience, practice improves season Discussing the results of the Jay with Coach Robert Brammer are junior Mike Kinnel and senior Gary Pikula. Golf is a sport where daily progress can easily be checked. % ''Hi Examining his score after a successful nine holes. Tom Haling checks to see if there are any mistakes in his addition. Like many others Tom will try to improve his score every time out on the course. 102Edsel Ford 1970 GOLF RECORD Opponent 185 Fordson 188 196 Allen Park 195 182 Divine Child 165 189 Dearborn 175 172 Taylor Center 197 178 Ypsilanti 163 176 Dearborn Invitational (18th place) Wayne 189 184 Ypsilanti 168 183 Dearborn 174 182 Wayne 196 180 Allen Park 190 174 Taylor Center 192 Won 6 Lost 6 Holding the pin us senior Gary Pikulu begins liis pull is senior Tom Drean. Whereas strength is important in approaching the green, finesse and control become the vital qualities of successful putting. The need for careful concentration and complete follow through are shown as Mike Kinnel tees off. 103TENNIS Returning netmen seek more productive season 1970 TENNIS RECORD Edsel Ford Opponent 7 Taylor Center 0 4 Riverside 3 7 Inkster 0 3 Cranbrook 4 6 Grosse Pointe I 6 Allen Park 1 0 Dearborn 7 3 Ypsilanti 4 5 Livonia Bendy 2 6 Wayne 1 0 Dearborn 7 4 Ypsilanti 3 3 Riverside 4 7 Wayne 0 Won 9 Lost 5 Awaiting your opponent's return plays an essential part in the game of tennis. With the speed at which the ball is hit around the court, careful preparation for the return can bring victory. 104Being in the right place at the right time is demonstrated by junior Tom Cibor in a match last spring. Long hours of practice prepare tennis players for such situations. Concentration and teamwork are essential for a successful doubles team. Partners must know each other's capabilities and limitations to be able to work together. Here Jack Kosztowny awaits the return of Tim Loula's serve. 105UNDERCLASSMEN LIFE A time to touch, to feel, to see a glimpse of shadow, a patch of darkness, a spark of grey matter exploding into a life-seeking form. 106Debbie Abraham Tom Ackley Larry Adams Janet Aden A1 Agosti Debbie Ahern Dale Ahern Mark Alcamo Steve Alverson John Amici Bob Amiot Miro Anderson Mark Anhut Pat Antko Judy Appleton Cathy Balogh Dennis Baran Craig Barbee Richard Barbee Mark Barich Cheryl Barron Dale Bauer John Bauer Bruce Bauley Mark Bazzell Ron Bazzy Wendy Beach Dolly Beaudoin Ken Beaver Carl Behrendt Rick Belkofer Mary Belle Timothy Belvitch Don Belzyt Betty Bennett Steve Berg Vic Berger John Berton Barb Bertouille Jeff Beyers Debby Bialczyk Jeff Bigos George Bittles Sandce Bixman Robert Black Beverly Blanding Judy Blevins Lynn Bock Denise Bodzsar Carol Boliver Cheryl Boore Mike Booth Mark Bores Janice Borio Sam Borugian Dennis Boudreau Joan Bower Deborah Boyd Rick Bradley John Bredow Mary Bremer Diana Brockmiller Dolores Brola Cheryl Brooks Brenda Brostean Fred Brown Jim Brown Lou Bruno Mike Buda Shirley Bugg Lisa Bullock Marian Burek 108SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Pre-election campaign highlights sophomores’ month of November The first major activity the sopho- more class faces is the election of its class officers in November. Coming out on top in their races were Dave Nelson, president; Debbie Shank, vice presi- dent; Laura Nalli, secretary; and Rob Gunther, treasurer. It is the opinion of everybody, ex- cept maybe the people running for office, that the best part of the election is the campaign. This year’s campaign ranks right up there with that of Rich- ard Nixon and Spiro Agnew with its original signs and slogans, and, uh, “brilliant” speeches. One problem that was encountered, which has also plagued national elec- tions, is that of a poor voter turnout. About 25% of the largest class ever at Edsel Ford voted. Officers expressed disappointment and hope to increase the turnout by next year. Gay Burlbaw Carole Burton Jill Bury John Buslawski Mark Bye Melody Cain Joyce Caldarea Arlene Calunas Bonnie Cameron Jim Cameron Chris Campise Sherry Candea Pete Cardinal Steven Carnevale Toni Caroll Jim Carrol Sue Caruana Terri Caruso Debi Cassar 109Joining the fun of a line dance are Mark Shooshanian, Greg Gomolak, Ruth Gulyas, Debbie Ward, Doug Turner, and Jackie Swank. Rick Chapman Ted Chase Sue Chevalier Joe Chiccarella Anita Chilcutt Bob Ciarelli Mark Cimarolli Marcia Cipko Dave Classon Ken Clem Nora Cleva Craig Clincher Tim Cloutier Garry Cole Peggy Cole Christa Coleman Connie Coles Debby Collingwood Marjorie Collins Sue Collins Mary Comer Pam Conrad Kathy Connors Bob Connors Carole Colley Gary Cox Kim Cotet Tim Cote Mike Corpolongo Coy Coon Pat Currie Lou Curio Tom Cummings Gordon Crumb Cathy Crider Wendy Darbe Theresa Darany Nancy Danis David Dallapc Tony Daley Dean Davidson Jeannenne Dave Pat Daugherty Jeff Darwish Cindy Darr 110WELCOME WIGGLE □ Many students could verify that The Thrust, the hand that formally initiated sophomores at the traditional Welcome Wiggle, put them- selves” into their music. Liberal dress code creates informal mood Mike Day Madelyn Dean Tony Decamillo Lilia Defelice Jim Dega Dan Dennis Patti Dehamer Nancy Davis Lin DeRouchie Denise Dickey Tim Diebolt Don Dixon Rick Dobryden John Dombeck Jim Domke Kirk Donaldson Doris Doornbos Denise Draftz Janis Drcan Cindy Drozdowski Diane Duda Janet Dudek Brian Dunn Jim Dunn Bob Dunn Bob Durling Joan Dytyniak Ken Dziuba Lyla Eastman Sharon Edwards Don Ehehalt Doug Elenbaas Dave Elies Bettijo Elton Annette Errante Jolynn Errante Sharon Erwin Rita Fader Nasrin Fard Richard Ferrcro 111EANIASI1CS Unusual format support successful musical effort Rehearsing a dance number for the musical "The Fantastics" are juniors Mary Ann Fawk, Nancy Bernardin, and Cindy Drozd. Such strenuous practice led to a successful show. Kirk Fiskc Marty Flanigan Pat Fleming Joe Flercher Tim Flood Cheryl Fluegge Debbie Foren Terry Forsythe Len Franchi John Frank Liz Freda Cathy Frost Denise Gallinat Tom Gancarz Duane Gardner Kip Garwood Ray Gauger Jeff Gauthier Debbie Gavura Sandy Gahringer 112Doug Gendjar John Gcycr Cindy Gianelli Don Gilbeau Paul Gilbert Denise Gimpel Dennis Glanert Claudia Goebel Gerard Golab Chris Golba Bill Golembieski Greg Gomolak Patrice Gonzales Dave Good Mike Goodman Sarah Gorman John Gourd Sharyl Gragg Kevin Graves Bob Greenway Jeff Greenwood Lynn Greenwood Chris Griffen Marge Grochow Michele Groves Sharon Grozenski Donald Grzebienik Janet Guerney Frank Guido Michael Guido Ruth Gulyas Bob Gunther Tim Gusfa Marcic Guth Artie Gutowski Linda Guzik Doug Hachem Ernie Hadaway Tom Hager Larry Haggard Gary Hall Laura Hall Tim Hamilton Leslie Hamm Gina Hanlin Lou Hanoian Mike Hanson Greg Harvey Sue Hasken Cheryl Hassien Barry Hawkins Chuck Hayse Mike Heincy Laura Hendricks Brian Hensley Jim Hermann Richard Herzfeld Tom Hcslet Donna Hilliard Al Hillman Fred Holbeck Kathy Holden Brent Holland Bruce Hollis Linda Hollister Sandy Holtgrave Claudia Hoskinson Bob Huard Jack Hughes Carol Huntting Dave Huskey Thelma Hutchings 113P.F.O OPEN HOUSE Parents support student sponsored events A peak enrollment drew one of the largest crowds ever to attend an Edsel Ford Open House. Extended communications between parents and faculty was stressed by the new Prin- cipal. John P. Romanow. He also mentioned that he is con- tinuing the morning breakfasts, a pre- cedent set by Mr. Schreiber. Here he meets informally with parents, facul- ty, and students. Parents who cannot attend either the breakfasts or regu- lar P.F.O. meetings still stay in- formed by the monthly newsletter. Parents have been asked to sup- port student-sponsored activities. They have responded by helping with the advertising campaign for this year’s Christmas Concert as well as other activities. Jim Hutchinson Nancy Iacuzzi Lisa Irvine Greg Jackman Carole Jackson Deborah Johnson Sue Johnson Nancy Jones Pat Jossey Michael Joyce Julie Jacobs Mark Janich Jane Jason Laura Jason Craig Jaynes Frank Julian Edward Kama Joe Kama Clieryl Kaminski Sandy Kampf Parents, wandering through the halls and retracing the steps of their chil- dren, find confusion unavoidable in the halls. 114John Kampf Rick Karabon Karen Karakula Craig Karavas Darlene Karchefski Mike Kilpatrick Diane Kinnell Rick Knight Dale Knot Alan Kobasiar Chris Koppin Steve Koppinger Gregory Kosch Carol Kosch Mark Kosier Betty Kreighbaum Mark Krench Teresa Krizmanich Don Kroeyr Yvonne Krolik Bob Lafayette Brad Lange James Lapenta Jeff Lapinski Edward Latva Tom Lehman Glenn Lenardon Bob Lesmeister Steve Levesseur Debbie Lewis Phyllis Kecskemety Yvonne Kellog Pat Kennedy David Keranen Carol Kilgore Kevin Koch Bob Kochan Linda Koester Denise Kdts Rich Konopka Pete Koths Jim Kough Terry Koze Cheryl Kozma Cathy Kratky Carole Krueger Chris Krueger Cindy Krystyniak George Kuhary Pamela Lafeve Steve Lawver Jill Lazar Bruce Leblanc Sue Leblanc Brian Lutz Kris Lewis Nancy Likeric Nan Linder David Lloyd John Lobdell Open House provides ideal conditions for students to re- late craft techniques to interested parents. Here Steve Kurhel explains print shop techniques to his mother. 115JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT Useful experience 'learned by doing’ in business Even with competition from other activities as strong as ever. Junior Achievement continues to draw a large number of Edsel Ford students each year. These students find enjoy- ment in experiencing the details of business life combined with a pleasant social experience. Practical knowledge at J.A. comes with the organiza- tion of mock companies which produce items such as stuffed animals and cutting boards. The management, labor, produc- tion, and sale of these products are handled by the members. In addition to these activities, scholarships are available to more promising members. With all this in mind, most J.A. members find working a good way of learning. Claudette Loiselle Margaret Longshore Liz Lonner Mike Lorcncc Glenn Loudon Gerald Ludwig Ellen Lyon Stephen Maccanon Larry Machacek Sam Mallad Tony Manino Nancy Manoogian Kevin Martin Patricia Martin Bob Martin Sam Martino Dave Mason Gary Masouredis Lee Masty Rick Masty Jayne Malalavagc Don Matchctt Wayne Mattern Darlene Matter Claudia Maxfield Debbie Maxwell Jim Maxwell David Mayhew Mary Mcavoy Gary McBain Randy McConnell Hope McDaniel Sue McEvoy Jeff McKac Keith McKowen 116Working on their latest project are Debbie Sel- five of Junior Achievement for over fifty years, lar, Marsha Brown, Jean Strahota, and Nancy Many Edsel students enjoy this activity. Nagy. "Learning by doing" has been the objec- Dianc Mcdos Donald Merrick Jeff Merrel! Suzanne Mick Brian Mikulec Barb Miller Dave Miller Jane Miller Bob Miller Tom Miller Ted Minnie Ron Misiak Arlene Mitchell Tom Mitchell Ruth Mittermaier Steve Moebs Fran Molnar Linda Monberg Dan Moon Carol Moore Janet Morell Jeanette Morell Mark Motyka Mike Mousigian Mike Mueth Sue Murdoch Peggy Murphy Sharon Musial Alan Muskett Frank Musto Junior Achievers learn all aspects of business in mock companies. Part of this learning includes cleaning up after the day's work, as sophomore Pat Denyer finds out. 117DRESS CODE Administration views minis, midis, maxis, jeans Relenting to the incessant demands of the students, the administration abolished the out-dated dress code regulations. Af- ter successfully completing a trial period, the students were then officially allowed to wear virtually any type of attire pro- viding it was not indecent. To an observer the general attitude toward clothing is “anything goes.” The students now wear whatever they look best or feel most comfortable in. The un- written rules concerning socially accept- able dress no longer adhere. Edsel’s halls teem with vibrant colors, exotic prints, faded jeans as well as the lates styles, gaucho pants, midi boots, and ruffled shirts. Along with a variety of clothing a more pronounced array of hair styles, including longer sideburns and mous- taches. can be found on the male stu- dents. The new dress code found special favor among girls like Georgann Gartner, who wore a pantsuit to fight the cold of a February morning. Tom McLean Keith McNally Dave Nadolski Frank Nagy Joann Nagy Nancy Nagy Nancy Nagy Paul Nalezyty Laura Nalli Stella Naull Dave Nelson Tim Ncwbrander Anita Newman Anne Nicholas Louise Nicholas Bruce Nichols Kay Nickel Candy Niedson Mark Nini Nancy Nitz Cheryl Noce Craig Norris Michael Nowak Pam Nowakowski Tom Nyman 118Mark Hathaway and Tom Mitchell show that guys can he just as daring and hold as the girls in the clothes that they choose to wear. Photographed unexpectedly between classes. Judy Plonka wears a stylish pant and dress combination as another example of the new dress code. Mary Nystic Wendy Oass Keith Obey Kathleen O'Brien Paulette O'Brien Gail Ochs Shawn Odell Steve Oflferman Kevin O'Grady Bridget O’Grady Daniel Oldham Mark Olds Mark Olszewski Cecilia O'Neil Patricia O’Neil Amy Osborn Carol Osborn Tom Osborn Kathy Ossenmacher Randy Owen Carol Oz Jim Oz Joy Pacesky Pat Painter John Palmer Ted Palmer Barb Panzoff Jim Parker Dave Parsons Vaughn Pask Bob Paulsen Diane Pearl Sandy Petroff Dave Phillips Debby Phillips Tom Philo Sharilyn Pieper Cathy Pierce Sheryl Pikula Sandy Pilch Gregg Pio Robin Pitts Lynn Piachetzki Carol Plante Judy Plonka Barbara Ponagai Cliff Popkcy Chuck Portelli Cliff Poynter Robin Price Jim Proctor Denise Pulice John Purcell Barb Pursifull Mike Pusquiluan Melissa Putnik Cliff Quinn Polly Quick Dale Radomski Tony Rathwell 119DRIVERS EDUCATION Successful summer program continues With seat belts fastened and both hands on the wheel, Edsel Ford senior Janet Nagy is ready for her first drive on the range. Road work is a "trying experience” for the beginning driver. Calming her nerves before the first of four road trips is senior Pam Cave me. Roxann Radtke Jody Raus Mary Ann Raymond Kym Reaume Tanya Reese Timothy Reilly Vicki Rcnda Craig Rice Debby Rice Laura Rice Tom Rich Allan Rigley Michael Riley Sandy Rivard Gary Roberts Gordon Rocholl Michelle Rochon Edwin Rock hey Brian Rodak Lori Rodammer Kathy Roell Janet Rogan Anne Rogers Maria Ronez Debbie Rosiu 120Curt Rousse David Russell Ginny Russell Gary Roeslcr Ray Sabon John Saimon Kirk Sample Mel Samowsky Vickie Savas Barbara Schang Donna Schauppner Lisa Schcuner William Schlaff Terry Schley Janice Schroeder Jim Schumacher Dana Schwartz David Schwartz Lynne Schwesinger John Seever Rich Sequin Kathi Sennett Steve Serecky Debbi Shank Debbie Shema Neal Sheramn Roxann Sherman Ken Shields Debbie Shipp Keith Shunkwiler Carol Siciliano Jim Sikora Linda Silvoncn Dave Sitarski Lloyd Skinner Julie Skorich Debbie Slavin Dave Sledz Steven Smigulec Dave Smith Jeff Smith Ann Smith Robert Smith Linda Smith Sandra Sneller Bill Soens Gail Soper Deborah Sphinx 121Early morning departure times fail to discourage theatre enthusiasts, Mar- tin Flanigan, John Kosztowny. Mr. Neil Brown, Nicholas Stanessa, Rich- ard Mousigian, Bill Lesnock, Tom Korany and Steve Moebs. STRATFORD Question, answer session with cast as delightful as Lea Sponncr Shannon Staggs Fred Stanton Sandra Stapula Sandra Stetler Bill Stetz Carol Stiver Jeanne Strahota Kenny Sulla Terry Summers Veronica Susalla Dale Swintek Mark St. Charles Karen Stefaniak Bob Stephens Debbie Sterioff Nancy Stroinski Joy Stronski Timothy Strutz Steve Suich Cheryl Swope Kathy Sylvester Richard Synowiec Mike Syper The Festival Theatre in Stratford, Ontario, is internationally reknown for its presentation of Shakespearean plays. This year, students viewed the comedy, Merchant of Venice. 122Mike Szabo John Szakal Becky Talbert IJz Taliaferro Steve Tanner Cheryl Tarlowicz Harry Tarrant Cindy Taylor Rebecca Tat lor Mic Telfer Dave Tepcr Margaret Theofanis Keith Thiede Don Thomas Louise Thomas Tim Thompson Donna Tifrea Matthew Toje Sharon Tomczak Gary Tonilas Dort Trim per Janey Trudell Dianne Tylka Marcia Tyson Joseph Umstead Sue Vallancourt Debbie Van Arsdale Kevin Van Dyke Dirk Vanosdol Paul Vanvalin Tim Varga Steve Vasko Dor thy Vassel Russ Vaughn Marie Vella Linda Velliky Nancy Vincent Bob Volland Jill VanGunten Vicki Waddell Steve Wahlberg Sally Waite Terri Walton Denise Wancha Denise Warholak Leanne Watson Sarah Watson Bryan Werth Bryan Weston Steve Westray Dave Wilinski Heather Wilkes Wayne Wilkins Kim Williams Laurie Williams Rich Wilson Nancy Winters Leonard Winter Larry Wisniewski Discussing student attendance lists. Mr. Neil Brown and Miss Grace Kovatch. Stratford co-sponsors, prepare for a three-hour bus trip.JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Postponement of elections brings out self-identity Incoming students are bom- barded with new ideas in a new learning situation. Many students have trouble identifying themselves in the early months of their soph- omore year. This self-identity is necessary when elections of class officers are held early in the year. Many sophomore classes believe in getting an early start so that they can begin their activities. Last year’s sophomore class, however, held their elections in February. This delay gave students an opportunity to assimilate the complex culture of Edsel Ford. Also the students had more time to identify themselves with the school and people within. Sue Cook, Judy McPhee, Nancy Bernardin, Sue Romas, and Mr. Rudy Skodack meet in the relaxed atmosphere of the Home Economics living room. Bill Wisniewski Ken Wolf Diane Woloszyk Jim Woodcock Glenn Woolum Gary Woronchak Tom Wozniak Jeff Wright Kevin Wright Mike Wszola Linda Wygonik Rich Wygonik Dennis Young Myrna Zaparanuk Alan Zeglen Peggy Ziaja Jeanne Zigman Nancy Zimmerman Annette Zipple Robert Zuchowicz Gordon Zuehlke Corey Larsen Ray Metzger Karla Richards Sue Smoley Sheri Sourbeck Donna Aboud Joyce Adamczak Val Adams Connie Alarie Stan Anderson Margaret Anderson Neil Anderson Alice Anglin Rick Apple Mike Arcello 124unity within junior class Three junior class officers meet hurriedly between classes to make imperative decisions concerning the pre-sale of tickets for the junior prom. The price and theme had to be determined at an earlier date than expected. Sue Archer Marie Arth Judy Atrman Gary Ash Denny Austin Jeannie Baier Marilyn Bailey Martin Baity Bob Bailey Sandie Bak Byron Baker Rick Bandy Jay Baratelli Karen Barbee Pam Bartholomew Joanne Bart os Linda Basala Christopher Bay Sharon Beattie Karen Bell Debbie Bellenir Robert Bern ben Tom Bennett Jim Benson Rob Berce Gayle Berkebile Margie Bernard in Nancy Bemardin Claudette Bernier Pete Berton Desire Bertouille Diane Bessler Connie Biestek Leslie Blair Jim Blesener Barb Blevins Wendy B loess Lois Bock Kim Bond Sheri Booth Mike Boudreau Brad Bower Jeff Bowman Mike Bozyk Marylou Brandt Barb Bratus Nancy Breeze Jim Bremer PfiAf. niff 125Patrick Brennan Randy Brewer Chris Brockniiller Laura Broda Charles Brooks George Brooks Carol Brostean Bob Brough Gwen Brown Kevin Brown Marsha Brown Sue Buchner Joseph Bunetto Sharon Burek Debra Burger Richard Burgess Craig Burnett Allen Burtya Jim Cairns Gail Cairnic Debbie Canon April Cardinal Cathy Caruana Lynn Cathey Bob Cerrito Ronald Champagne Marcia Chase Nora Cherry Lisa Chiasson Linda Chimes Tom C'hrapkiewicz Tom Cibor Cindy Cloutier Shirley Clyde Claudia Colvin ABOVE: The Werks, the house hand at the Rooxtertail, was featured at this year's Tn-School Dance at the Youth Center. RIGHT: The dance provided an opportunity for students from Dearborn's three high schools to meet some of their cross-town counterparts. Here two Fordson girls enjoy the music, while others content themselves with mingling with the crowd. TRI-SCHOOL DANCE Students attentmulti-school event Michele C onrad Judy Conrad Teresa Conti John Conti Susan Cook Sheila Cooper Marian Coppo Martha Coppo Neva Coriz Pat Cronk Ron Csckc Phyllis Culpepper Barbara Cundy James Cuningham Bob Currie David Cyburt Pat Cyers Gloria Dahmen Celeste Dailey Michael Daley Debbie Dallape Elaine Danowski Allan Darsish Ken DaRos Ralph DelVecchio Michele Demers Judi Denyer Jack Deydell Annette Dicriscio Anthony Dipalo Mark Diroff Kris Dittberner Thomas Donnell Karen Donnelly Debra Downing Cindy Drozd David DuChene Charleen Dukes Dianne Dumas Mark Durbal Alan Duszkiewicz Sue Ellerbrake Jennifer Fndres Nancy Ensinger A1 Esch Ric Esper Kathie Evans Heather Fader Denise Falandysz Anne Falkiewicz Brad Farrant Mary Ann Fawk Joan Ferris Gordon Ferris Paul Figurel Ann Filer David Fillion Barry Finnegan Tom Finnegan Robert Fiolek 127AFS Successful Love is International Week AFS. Front Row: Wendy Oass. Pippa Coates. Judy Beatty. Sally Mathewson. Katie Burrows, Mary Beth Goebel. Mary Miller. Karen Lapenta. Kathy Hamlin. Jean Whit- field. Second Row: Sandee Bixman. Armin Manis, Dave Bye. Steve Bosze. Linda Huskey. Linda Bigos. Phyllis Cathey. Gail Newcomer. Georgia-Ann Klutke. Jim Bremer, Dave LaBarge, Bill Lcsnock. Don Fisher Judy Fitzpatrick Lisa Fodor Bob Forristel Todd Fowler Bob Frakes Suzanne Frank Sue Frazier Tom Gabrielse Dennis Gallinat Gary Galusky Denise Gapczynski Greg Gardner Glen Gauthier Joanne Gentile Elaine George Pam George Randy German Carol Geschke Todd Geverink Dean Gherardini Denise Gherardini Shelly Gieske Greg Gifford Denise Gill Dave Girard Keith Girard Richard Glass Ron Glotzhober Jo Ann Glovier Gale Glowacki Gordon Golm Karen Gonzalez Brenda Gorby Tom Grabowski Alex Green Kim Green Lynn Gruska Jeanne Guerney Cindy Guffey 128iroinotes club activities This year, as in the past eleven years, Edsel Ford and this community have sponsored thirteen foreign exchange students through contributions to the American Field Service International Scholarship. As a member of the Senior class, Philippa Coates of Tauranga, New Zealand, attended Edsel with her American sister, Wendy Oass. This exchange was made possible through the efforts of a parent associ- ation and student members of the Edsel Ford AFS Chapter. Club supported activities included a Love is International Week to bring in needed funds and encourage student participation in AFS. Gary Guinan Debbie Gunnoe Kevin Gustafson Robert Guth Larry Haase James Hamel Julie Hamilton Casey Hamm Rick Hancbett Dan Hancock Richard Harlow Paula Harrier John Hasper Denise Hassan Julie Heagerty John Heagerty Kathy Healy Mark Helms Rose Heraty Denise Hermling Randy Hcssler Mark Heyniger Anne Hicks Lauryn Hild Kathy Hill Marie Hogan Richard Hogue Jim Holda Andy Hollis Ruth Hoppe Julie Hopwood Cathy Horrocks Jim Houroian Bill Hovatter Den Hudson Steve Hudson Doris Huebner Cathy Hughes Tom Hutchings Peter Iatzko 129JUNIOR PROM Tom Ingail Tom Jackson Sharon Jarvic Gary Jefferson Kris Jeppesen Mark Johnson Anita Johnson Karen Johnson Pam Johnson Valeric Johnson Bob Jones Ron Juergens Carol Jushkewich Ruthann Kaas Carolyn Karr Deneen Kastran Gene Kean Doug Keller Gerry Kcngcr Judy Kennedy Keith Kerr Jan Kerstein Randy Kessler Karen Kibit Ed Kiekens Gary Kilduff Nancy Kilmer Mike Kinnell Marc Kircos Pam Kitay Laurie Kitznian Thomas Klaukc Dave Klimbowski John Klonowski Cynthia Knoll Pam Knoll Dennis Kabasian Cindy Kocsis Helo Kolter Rick Kononchuk Linda Kreighbaum Larry Koppingcr Tom Korany Ilona Kosch Peggy Kosier Tim Kostaroff Bob Kovar Dean Koy Karen Krajewski Sharon Kratt Robert Kuhlman Robin Kuipers Steve Kurbel Stan Kurbel Len Kurdziel Al Kussy Dave LaBarge Katie Laiklam Gary Lamberg Judy Lambert Cancellation of dance al most becomes real ity: J despite the problems, everyone enjoysdance ISO Warm, pleasant weather prevailed while Sandy StrobeI and graduate Bob Johnson relaxed in Thunderbird Court during last May's Junior Prom.Cindy Langtry Gary Laniewicz Jerry Lapinski Alice Larkins Charles Latuvnik Jessie Lawhorn Dan LeBert Debby Lcbeck Sandra LeBlanc Garry Lee Sandi Lcnardon Irene Lennon Linda l-ennox Matt Leon Cathy Leone Choosing a place to eat after the dance is common topic of conversation among couples attending the Junior Prom. Pausing to listen to suggestion is often helpful to those still undecided. 131As sponsor of "Return of the Edsel” Miss Eileen Kelly finds it necessary to meet with student director Bob Kovar and co-ordinator Maura Mc- Carten over some production details. RETURN OF THE EDSEL Lively Arts’show hopefully to become a tradition Bill Lesnock Denise Levesseur Craig Lewandowski Karen Linderman Jeanine Linder William Lindsay Wally Lis Alan Lobdell Linda Logreco Lottie Lucas Mary Luberto Mike Lupinski Sue Maciag Katrina Maiale Mark Maibaum Kevin Maillard Chuck Major Linda Major Elaine Makas Kevin Malane Paul Malizia Shelli Mamroctski Brian Maningo Armin Manis This year with much enthusiasm from the faculty, students at Edsel Ford planned a new program combining various talents. Students from and outside the music de- partment put together their own ideas in- volving drama, dance, and music. The emphasis was on the talents of the students. The production and direction was done totally by students, although they had some help from their faculty adviser and sponsor Miss Eileen Kelly. The program was designed to be a “fes- tival of self-expression” involving the dif- ferent moods students may fall into. There was something for everyone, no matter what age, in the unique production. The “Return of the Edsel” is hopefully going to become a tradition at Edsel Ford.Tryouts for Edsel’s first “Return" were held before Christ- mas. but production took place the second week in Feb- ruary. Three successful tryouts. Sally Mathewson, Katrinka Rarrows, and Janet Artman. rehearse for the show. Diana Marlcy Ray Marlcy Ncola Martin Vaughn Masropian Robert Maurer Jennifer Maxwell Doug McEvoy Barbara MvEvoy Brad McFarlin Mike McGarvey Brian McKowen Kathy McKown Gordon McLeay Diane McMahon Becky McMahon Sandy McNabb Rich McNally Judy McPhce Mike McTaggert Mark Medos Francine Melotti Mary Mesner Nadine Messina Renee Metea Keith Metz Dave Meyers Alicia Miarka Anne Michon Diane Miedler Peggy Mikich Barb Milkiewicz Mike Miller Pam Miller Diane Mitchell Jan Mizgala Charles Molnar Ellen Molnar Gary Moltrup Donna Monroe Dean Moody Sue Mooney Michael Moosekian William Morawa Janet Morency Sandy Mort Sue Mosher Alan Motley Dave Mrozek Gary Mulvihill Cathy Murphy Nancic Murphy Mike Murphy Mary Murphy Mike Muskett Cheryl Musto Dale Myers Mark Nadas Rhonda Nading Gary Nalezyty Denise Nalli 133OTHER PLACE Gerald Nanninga Debbie Natkowski Dave Neitzer Nicolene Nicholas Gerald Niemi Sandy Niemi Juanita Nieves Ken Norris Kaye Nosworthy I.aura Novak Dennis Novack Glenn Nowicki Denise Nuttall Chuck Nystie Claudia Obey Kath O'Connell Thomas O'Dell Ann O'Donnell Peter O'Leary Drina Oliverio Polly Olson Cindy Olson Diane Olson Robert O’Neill Beth Ormandy Marjorie Ossenmachcr Arnold Oz Kathy Paddy Susan Pagcn Julie Palmer Mark Papineau Andy Papp Todd Parkhurst Debbie Paschali Rose Paul Dave Penn David Peters Ruth Philo Mike Pianga Michelle Pcipcr Jane Pierceall Kim Pierson John Piestrak Bill Pinch Barry Pine Jody Pipkens Thomas Plachetzki Clayton Pierce Wider variety of goods Music is heinfi incorporated at The Other Place with the selling of "The Greatest Hits." Sophomore Rick Scguin finds his favorite album and takes a second look at the "low, low prices" 134reates increased sales for student operated store This year the “Other Place” has not only expanded its merchandise but its sales as well. The store, which is located on the second floor of the school, is operated mainly by DECA (Distributive Education Club of America) mem- bers. The store carries various products ranging from clothing to candy. Albums, tape cartridges, radios and last but not least, panty hose are also sold. The store is open daily before school and again at 2:30 on certain days in order to accomodate the CO-OP and early dismissal students. Sophomore Boh Black takes time out to read some “Tender Reflectionsa new dis- play of greeting cards. Barb Plante Elaine Pletnik Ted Ploch Kathy Pohlman Pam Polcyn Paul Pomeroy Jeff Ponstein Bruce Popck Gary Popek Vicki Popoff John Popp Debbie Pozek Dave Price Richard Proctor Jeff Pugh Linda Puroff Keith Queen Dennis Queeneville Rosanne Raidl John Rajda Dan Rankin Mary Rebok Carol Rcichmuth Debbie Reimcr Kathy Reisinger Debbie Remillard Laura Remington Greg Remmy Maryellen Rice Alan Richards Paul Richards Bill Richardson Debbie Rickards Carmcla Ridolfi Dennis Rigicy Christine Rinn 135Hester Rizer Phil Roach Steve Rodegher Cheryl Rogers Sue Romas Robert Roock Tom Ross Marjorie Ross Linda Rudcki Dave Ruta Ron Ryniak Karin Salisbury Ann Marie Sanak Grant Sandie Rob Sandie Shelly Sauchak Carol Schauer Lawrence Schemansky Herb Schewe Linda Schmidt Jim Schneider Don Schollenberger Robert Schoreack Barb Schroeder Thom Schroer Rick Schubatis Lynne Schubert Kathy Schwarzhoff Pam Scott Mary Seale Phil Secan Teri Seguin Denise Shackelford Paul Sharkey Sandy Sharpies Denise Sheibels Marie Shemanski Deb Shollack Mark Shooshanian Sharon Sicilia Deborah Siders Mike Sied Ruth Sikora Larry Simi Mark Sitarski Nancy Skolmk Sharon Skorich Chris Skrock Tim Skupinski Vicki Smiley David Smith Jack Smith Sue Smith Sharon Smolensk i Gail Smoly Ted Snefkey John Snyder Michelle Soltz Gary Sommer Gary Soroka Bill Southall Deanna Spanburg Sandie Spear Ray Speirs Linn Sponner Mary Stanesa Algy Stanton Dennis Stephenson Angie Stover Norecn Strahota Bruce Stratton Sandy Stratychuck Suzanne Strong Jerry Stus Rick Suarez Marty Sulla Curtis Sullivan Jackie Swank Janet Swantko Shirley Swarthout Charlotte Sweet 136Joe Sylvester Mary Synowiec Cynthia Syper Bob Szczechura Dan Szekely Barb West Regan West Betty Whisman Roger Wiedemann John Tanner Dolly Tar John Taylor Kathy Taylor Jim Taylor Debbie Wilcox Wendy Wilkes Sandy Wilkinson Joseph Wilson Ted Tifrea Douglas Todd Robert Toje Glenn Tomaine Mark Topping Douglas Wineingcr Irmgard Winklcmeicr Debbie Wirth Kim Wisner Kevin Tourneur John Tripoli Karen Tschirhart Gary Tunstall Gale Turgeon Duane Wiseley Tim Wittershcim Julie Wolin Bob Wooden Greg Turner Doug Turner Mary Twiss Richard Ulrich Ruth Umstead Craig Woolley Mel Woollen Don Yancura Lyn Young Nancy VanVliet Jon Vanzo Greg Veith Ron Virga Debbie Vitale Fred Young Mitch Young Donna Zanardelli Phil Zavisa Tony Vittone Carl VonWaltheusen Sam Vukson Don Wade Nancy Waite Don Zdeba Stephen Zcbley Eddy Zaija Jim Zigman Lawrence Waligorski Jan Wallace Deb Wartman Mindy Wassum Dana Waxier Carol Zimnicki Fran Zimnicki Tony Zipple Rick Zuchowicz Ron Weclowski Dan Wendlowsky Don Wenskay Tony Werth Chip Wesley Ralph DelVecchio 137Time it was and what a time it was, it was. A time of innocence, a time of confidences. Long ago it must be, have a photograph, pressed in your memory, there all thats left you. (Paul Simon)Debbie Adray Marsha Adams Bruce Anderson Betty Ambrose Gregg Antko Gary Archie Janet Artman Jim Attard Betty Ascionc Pat Ball Jim Baranowski Nancy Barlow Mike Barron Vincent Barry Craig Bartoshuk Roger Baumann Shelley Beach Sue Baxter Brenda Bazzell Judy Beatty Kathy Beaudoin Terry Beddoes Al Bcems Janet Bell Harry Bcllcnir Paulevc Bcnio Jack Beyronncau Glen Berger 140SENIOR OFFICERS Spirited, Ever-Ready Class plans, earns, saves for prom Senior class officers; Richard Mousigian, vice-president. Merribeth Gingrich, secretary. Jim Ellis, president, and Carole Gunther, treasurer meet with advisor Mr. Harry Adams to discuss the sale of the Senior Spirit buttons. Testing her techniques of persuasive salesmanship on Senior class president. Jim Ellis, is Carole Gunther, class treasurer. Cindy Bcrncrth Kent Bianco Roxanne Bianchi Connie Black Linda Bigos Craig Bixman Howard Blaisdell Mike Bodurka Al Bloch 141HOMECOMING Warm, smiling faces brighten cold fall afternoon With the initial excitement over, Pete Murtagh, Sandy Strobel, Jim Ellis, Marsha Sandie, Mike Stewart, Ellen Kaczanowski, Dan Rataj, Queen Patti Grignon, Tom Drean, and Brenda Bazzell wait for the hand to finish before taking their places to watch the completion of the game. Ed Bertouille John Boliver Karen Bonzack Bev Boore Charlie Boren Nan Bourgeau Rick Borsos Jay Bos Diane Bower Steve Bosze Greg Brackett Lynn Bradley Norm Brehm Jim Brancheau Rick Brotherton Faye Brown Martha Brown Linda Brown 142Brenda Bazzell, Sandy Strobel, Queen Patti Grignon, Marsha Sandie, and Ellen Kaczanowski pose for a quick shot before being escorted back to the cars. Home coming Queen Patti Grignon and escort Scott McDonald enjoy a pleasant evening at the annual after-game Homecoming dance. Darlene Buelow Tom Brown Ranaye Bugg Pete Burkhardt Dean Bury Katrinka Burrows David Bye Denise Cadzow Jerry Buscetta Mike Campbell Diane Candea Liz Cantor Mike Carson Dave Cassar Phyllis Cathey Pam Caveme Jeff Chaisson Pat Chevalier Philippa Coates Doug Cobb Cornel Choskey 143Being “Ever ready and all charged up” for quite some time, the senior float, a battery, powered its way to a first place win over all floats. Kathy Cody Sharon Coghill Cindy Collingwood Paul Cornell Lois Courncya Dave Crawford Nancy Crawford Ron Croskey Ruth Cross Dave Crosslin Robin Curiak Pam Currie 144homecoming floats Windy day chills crowd; endangers float displays "We Can't Lose" came true when this float placed second in the competition. The roulette was a ‘’sure bet" for the class of '73. "We're Flying High" proved false when gusts of wind repeatedly knocked over the German Club's bottle of Rhine wine. With the help of some varsity men, the bottle stood and "flew high” once again. Charlotte Curiston Patricia Cyers Pat Damian Dennis Danielson Kenneth Daugherty Cindy Dave Rosemary Del Grosso Sally De Hamer Michael De Mara Maureen Denning Becky De Tar Jack Deo Carol Dick Stephanie Dimitroff Charley Dodge Mary Dolce Marrianne Domek David Dombrowski Mike Dubicki Debbie Drean Donna Drean Quentin Draft Mike Donohue Tom Drean 145FOREIGN EXCHANOF AFS sends Dan Dumas Dan Durante Maryann Dytyniak Lawrence Duneske Rick Dziengowski Debbie Eagan Susan Earle Chris Ebling Dave Ehehalt Kurt Eckert Mike Edge Gary Edson Dan Edwards Jim Ellis Mark Fmahiser Joe Errante Studying diligently to keep up with her language assignment is ex- change student Pippa Coates. Pippa takes German and French and speaks both fluently. 146Vew Zealander to Edsel v X? A.F.S. student Philippa (Pippa) Coates of New Zealand found something quite amusing during the exchange of classes. Steve Errante Tom Fleming Barry Fodor Colleen Ford Jeff Fostey Raymond Esper Nancy Eschelbach Marlene Evans Gary Forsythe Lou Facciuolo Ray Falkiewicz Richard Fanco Jerry Feistel Wayne Fent 147CO-OP Local businesses provide job opportunities to EF students Ranaye Bug , who works as a Co-Op student in the Main Office, has various jobs. Clerical work is only one of them. Others include answering telephone calls, running off dittos, and doing other odd jobs. Lori Fish Ray Fowler Bob Franchi Michael Gajewski Debbie Gallagher Bev Gallinat Linda Gancarz Vicki Gardiner Georgann Gartner 148 Co-Op students have a variety of jobs to choose from. During his Senior year, Dennis Varga worked as a stock boy at Farmer Jack's.Curt Gasser Russell Gasser Janice Gauthier Rae Ann Gauthier Joan Geams Debbie Gee Mark German Kathy Geasland Gordie Gersell George Gilbeau Cindy Gill Claudia Gill Jim Gillett Cindy Gimpel Merribeth Gingrich Dan Girolomo Richard Glover Diana Glovier Vanessa Godwin Marv Beth Goebel Frank Golich Nor man d Gomolak Phil Gonzalez Terri Golles James Gordon Bob Goodrich Bob Gorman Paul Gauger 149The N.FJ.S Bookstore provides a place for students to purchase supplementary materials for their classes. Discussing the addition of new hooks are officers: Betty Ambrose, secretary. Glenn Jensen, president. Mary Beth Goebel, vice-president, and Nancy Crawford, treasurer. N.H.S. Successful tutoring program continues Mike Graham Kerry Graves Cary Gray Linda Gregory Patti Grignon April Groves Jerry Gritter Gabriela Gubariu Cindy Guenther Carole Gunther Chris Gusfa Ann Guyot Sheila Hadaway Al Haglethorn Tom Haling Linda Hall Linda Hamel Kathy Hamlin Sally Hanlin Prank Hanson 150Bobby Harris Bill Harry Ron Hausch Denise Henrickson Bruce Heilbrun Charles Henson Susan Hire Barb Hoffman Vicki Holley Bob Hoover John Hovatter Paul Horvath Heidi Hoy Doug Hudson Janet Hughes Linda Huskey Janet Huchinson Pamela Hyry Terese Ireland Gary Isaacson NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Irani Raw: Mr. Martin Holtgricvc. Karen Trana. Linda Bigos. Betty Ambrose. Andrea Swiger. Mary Beth Goebel. Debbie Johnson. Nancy C rawford. Jean Whitfield, and Sue Steller. Second Raw: Janet Artman. Debbie Ward. I vie Nie goda. Marilyn Wayne. Molly Krajewski. Pat Ball. Robin Ouriak. Phyllis Cathey, and Nancy Reese. Third Row: Janice Gauthier. Cilcnn Jensen. Tom Haling. Craig Latham. Mary Zimmerman. Meribeth Gingrich. Carole Gunther. Joan Gcarns. Linda Brown, and Sharon Coghill. Fourth Raw: Gary Niemc ak. Larry Schonhofen. Jack Kosztowny. Mike Paddy. Jim Repa. Tom Yaksich. Sally Matthcwson. Dec Van Andcl. and Nancy Wendlowski. A tularing program established last year is now a vital part of N.II.S. services. Senior Erie Niezgoda assists French student. Carol Stiver. 151Dorinda Jackson John Itofc Jim Jackson Lynda Jason Ken Jar mow Bob Jean Paula Jeannin Glenn Jensen Debbie Johnson Jerry Johnson Lynn Johnson Camille Juozunas Fllen Kaczanowski Kathie Kaminski Joann Karbowski AI Kozlowski Linda Kott Sue Kindred Debi Klann Ray King 152COURT AREAS Additional walks add beauty, practicality Most birds fly south when the cold winds of Michigan set in. Yet the birds of Thornley Court survive by adapting to their unpredictable environment. « s' nkP The new sidewalks and ramps in A-Court not only add beauty to our already unique courts; they also eliminate the tracking in of dirt and leaves. Without the help of the horticulture class, court areas could not exist. Classes not only study various types of plants but maintain them as well. Theodore Kluges Gcorgia-Ann Klutkc Mark Kosbe Karola Klutke Joy Knox Chris Kopka Theresa Kosloskey Jack Kosztowny Mark Kozc Bcv Kraft Molly Krajewski Frank Kramarz 153SENIOR PICTURES Past friendships memories, recalled in Sandy Shank. Katrinka Burrows, and ' 91 Mary Anne Pictraniec enjoy tradi- tional senior picture folder. Kathy Kratt Bob Korczyk Susie Krystyniak Janet Kronberg Ken Kuzma Cheryl Kurasik As a recipient of humor and sincerity, senior pictures represent past years of work and friendship. Signing a picture for a friend. Senior Liz Cantor repeats an Edsel tradition. 154photographs Jane Ladzick Barb Kuhary Ron Landelius Debbi Lange Sue Lane Karen Lapenta Craig Latham Carol Laurie Jane Lawton Bill Lawhorn Jim Lazar Dave Le Blanc Dave Le Blanc Nick Le Blanc Dan Leighton Delphine l-esperance Margaret Le Veque Kathy Lichliter Ralph Lindsay Michelle Linder Timothy Loula Denise Lizura Linda Lloyd Chris Luckscheiter Gary Luchonok Mary Kaye Luoma Sandy Machak Lydia Major Pat Malane John Malone Vince Maltese James Mangan Ron Marks Linda Maples Dennis Marley 155SENIOR LOUNGE Special section enables seniors to escape from Pill Masi Brian Mattern Sally Matthewson Nancy McCann Linda Mayhcw Keith McBain Maura McCarten Mike McCutchcon Duncan McDonald Many people insist on studying while music is playing. Heidi Hoy finds that students using the senior lounge agree. 156he crowds Scoft McDonald Greg McKae Mike McLean Al McPhec Rick McQuaid Jim Melady Gregory Menhart Mike Mercurio Diane Metro Cheryl Metea Maureen Michon Sue Michaluk Cathy Mielnik Carol Mikulec Gloria Mikulinski Carol Miller Mary Miller Sue Mittermaier C hristopher Moebs Bert Moberg Craig Moore Nick Marano Tom Morgan Judy Morris I-orrie Motorojescu Nancy Morrison Richard Mousagian Sue Moxon 157CHRISTMAS Christmas trees, Santa Claus mark traditional Sandy Munro Susan Muskctt Pete Murtagh Jim Nagy Janet Nagy Bob Nagy Cindy Naumann Carol Natkowski Louise Nazelli Bruce Neubauer Barbara Newman Gail Newcomer Cyndi Nichols Gene Newman 158Mill' ■F season Gary Neimczak Bob Nicholson Evic Niezgoda Cindy Noe Denise Normandin Debbie Oelkers Steve Oleksyn Jeffrey Olinik Tom Olinik Mike Olszewski Rick Osborn Jeff Owens Ken Oz Mike Paddy Gloria Panzoff Richard Panzoff Janet Parks Fred Parkinson Theresa Patterson Catherine Parsons ABOVE: Reflecting the spirit of a German Christmas, the German classes have a Christmas tree which has little wooden Himmels. walnuts hanging from the limbs, and a little wooden train underneath. LEFT: Santa Mary Luberto tries to convince Kari Elmquist that she is really holding one of Santa’s reindeer. 159VOCAL ENSEMBLE Group sings at luncheons, festivals, concerts Sue Paynter Barb Peers John Pcnk Jack Penwarden Steve Peruski Dan Petrena Bob Pettijohn Ron Phillips Kathleen Picklesimcr Mary Anne Pietraniec Gary Pikula Karen Ponstein Phillip Porter Bill Prain Gary Price Debbie Priest Cathy Puffer Joe Pytleski Jim Quick Dan Rataj Nancy Ray Steve Ray Sharon Rayl Bob Redinger Dave Renshaw 160The Senior Vocal Ensemble is again under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Stolfo, who was on a sabbatical leave for one year. She returned with many new ideas, such as using instruments to create the mood of a song. In Guantanamera the bongos and maracas are two of the instru- ments used to create a Spanish effect. Nancy Reese Jim Repa Rick Rice Tim Rice Mike Riker Pat Riney Barbara Rishel Tai Rissman Dave Roberts Leah Rockncy Mike Rodriguez Pam RobertsonSENIOR PROM Purple and lavendar, Mancini theme set mood Nancy Rogers Ken Rogers Paul Rogers Jim Rosta Rhonda Rogers A1 Ruprecht Cindy Russell Catherine Russo John Rutherford Nick Russu Marsha Sandie Vickie Sandie Rob Sankovic Greg Sasinowski Proms usually express an atmosphere of grace and formality but the expressions of graduates Mary Ann Ryda and partner Brian Larsen belie this seriousness. 162As the evening at Lovette Hall draws to a close, some of the couples take time out to rest and socialize with many of their friends whom they won’t see all summer. After the excitement of graduation, Bill Meyers and Gordon Luchnonok talk before joining others at the commencement party. Thelma Sauchak George Schauer Betsy Scala Alan Sc hie if Jane Schauppner John Schiller Debbie Schneider Linda Schroeder Larry Schonoffen Karen Schuetze Lynne Schwendner Mark Schwarzhoff 163HONORS ASSEMBLY Assembly acknowledges students; endows scholarships to seniors At the 1970 Honors Assembly, Miss Jo Ann McConkey presents Claudia Reid an award from the Homemaking Department. Claudia was awarded for her outstanding ability in sewing. Steve Sebastian Sandy Shank Jim Sherlock Kathy Shevock Kathy Shields Robert Sharp 164 Graduation day is looked forward to with much anticipation by all seniors. The cap and gown, the traditional symbols of graduation worn by all the graduates, symbolizes a special memory.John Siciliano Mark Sidge Edward Sikora Charles Sikora Ellen Simo Sharon Slezinger Linda Silver Tom Slick Bruce Slykhouse Julie Smith Lem Smolenski Carol Solak Debbie Soper Herb Spletzer David Spanburg Julie Stahl Nicholas Stanesa John Spooner Claudia Stalbaum Sue Stetler Michael Stetz 165COMMENCEMENT 'A time for... humanitarian concern, peace, involvement’ Outstanding members of the 1970 senior class, Terry Mask, Marylynn Dmohomski, and Heidi Mellema, listen while June Sigman, valedictorian, presents her well-rehearsed narration at commencement exercises. Dennis Stevens Dennis Stiver Mike Stewart Kathleen Stover Richard Strand Robin Strachan Sandy Strobel Bill Suit Sandra Summers Mrs. Lee MacFarlin's exuberant personality matches the feelings of the seniors and the at- mosphere of the Edsel Ford commencement. 166Karen Swantko Andrea Swiger Sally Swintek Frank Sylvester Sue Sylvester Stephanie Szabo Mike Szczepanski Alan Taylor Debbie Taylor Jan Taylor Bob Taylor Larry Thisse Cindy Thomas Patricia Thomas Phil Thomas Gary Thompson Debra Tice Daniel Tillman John Timte Karen Trana Mike Tschirhart Jack Trudell Scott Turner Philip Turowski Mary 1'ynra Jim Uebbing Dennis Unser John Uebbing 167Senior memories are more obvious to the class that official- ly records them. But Flight has its special memories as well, one being the 3:30 bell. Chris Vadino Gary Unser Chuck Volland Dee Van Andel Kim Van Osdol Dennis Varga Gail Van Tubergen Tom Verla Robert Voglcr Marilyn Vincent Emma Wade Dave Wagner Preston Walker Steve Wancha Becky Ward Deborah Ward Sheri Warren Debbie Waslesky Linda Watts Marilyn Wayne Nancy Wendlowsky Gary Werth Laurie Wettstein Janine White Jean Whitfield Dennis Whitman Thomas Wieck David Wisniewski John Wittcrsheim Sue Wojewuczki 168SENIOR MEMORIES Final bells, Dearborn, Edsel games unforgettable What can you say? Dearborn 42. Edsel 46. Edsel pulled its team together and rallied to upset Dearborn's best. Patrick Wozniak Leri Wyderko Henry Wronkowicz Tom Yaksich David Young Holly Young Richard Yuskowatz Mary Zimmerman John ZombcckSophomore Index -A- Abraham. Debbie 106 Ackley. Too» 108 Adams, Larry 108 Aden. Janet 108.76 Agosti. A1 108 Ahern. Dale 108 Ahem. Debbie 108 Alcamo, Mark 95,106 Al verson, Steve 108 Amici. John 108 Amiot. Bob 99.108 Anderson. Miro 108 Anhut. Mark 108 Antko, Patricia 108 Appleton, Judy 108 -B- Balogh. Cathy 108 Bar an, Dennis 108 Barbee. Craig 108 Barbee, Richard 108 Barich, Mark 108 Barron, Cheryl 108 Bauer. Dole 108 Bauer. John 108 Bauley. Bruce 108 Bazzell, Mark 108 Barry, Ron 108 Beach. Wendy 108 Beaudoin. Dolly 108 Beaver. Ken 108 Behrendt, Carl 108 Belkofer, Rick 108 Belle. Mary 108 Belvitch. Chris 108 Behyt. Don 108 Bennett. Betty 108 Berg, Steve 108 Berger. Vic 108 Berton, John 108 Bertouillc, Barb 108 Beyers, Jeff 108 Bialczyk, Debby 108 Bigos. Jeff 93,108 Bittles, George 108 Bixman. Sendee 108.128 Black, Robert 108,135 Blending. Beverly 108 Blevins, Judy 108 Bock, Lynn 108 Bodzsar. Denise 108 Boliver, Carol 108 Boore, Cheryl 108 Booth. Mike 88.108 Bores, Mark 90,108 Bono, Janice 108 Borugian, Sam 108 Boudreau. Dennis 108 Boutette, Mike 76 Bower. Joan 108 Boyd, Debt 108 Bradley. Rick 108 Bredou, John 108 Bremer. Mary 47.108 Brockmiller. Dianna 106 Brola, Dolores 76,108 Brooks, Cheryl 108 Brostean, Brenda 108 Brown, Fred 108 Brown, Jim 108 Bruno. Lou 108 Buda, Mike 108 Bugg. Shirley 56,108 Bullock. Lisa 108 Burek, Marian 108 Burlbaw, Gay 109 Burton, Card 109 Bury, JU1 109 Buslawski, John 99,109 Bye. Mark 109 Cain, Melody 109 Caldarea, Joyce 109 Calumas. Arlene 109 170 Cameron, Bonnie 109 Cameron. Jim 101,90,109 Cam pise, Chris 109 Candea, Sherry 109 Cardinal. Pete 109 Camevale, Steve 109 Carol], Toni 109 Carroll, Jim 76,109 Cassar, Debt 109 Caruana, Sue 109 Caruso, Terri 109 Chapman, Rick 110 Chase. Ted 87,110 Chevalier. Sue 47,66,110 Chiccarella, Joe 110 Chilcutt. Anita 110 Ciarelli, Bob 110 Cimarolli, Mark 110 Cipko, Marcia 110 Classon, Dave 110 Clem, Ken 110 Oeva. Nora 110 Clincher, Craig 110 Cloutier. Tim 110 Cole, Garry 95,1 l k r'ole. Peggy 110 Coleman, Christa 66,110 Coles, Connie 110 Collingwood. Debby 55,110 Collins, Margie 110 Collins, Sue 110 Comer, Mary 53,110 Conrad, Pam 47,110 Connors, Bob 110 Connors, Kathy 110 Conrad, Pam 47,110 Colley. Carole 110 Coon, Coy 110 Corpolongo. Mike 110 Cote, Tim 110 Cotet, Kim 110 Cox, Gary 110 Crider, Cathy 110 Crumb, Gordon 110 Cummins, Tom 110 Curio, Lou 110 Currie, Patricia 110 -D- Daley, Tony 93,110 Dallape, David 110 Danis, Nancy 110 Darany, Theresa 55,56,65,110 Darbe, Wendy 47.64.110 Dart, Cindy 110 Darwish. Jeff 87,110 Daugherty, Pat 110 Dave, Jeaenne 110 Davidson. Dean 110 Davis, Nancie 111 Day. Mike 111 Dean, Madelyn 111 DeCamillo, Tony 111 DeFelice. Lilia 111 Dega, Jim 111 DcHamcr, Patti 111 Dennis, Dan 76,111 DeRouthie, Lin 47,111 Dickey, Denise 111 Diebolt, Tim 111 Dixon, Don 111 Dobtyden, Rick 111 Dombeck, John 111 Domkc, Jim 90,104,111 Donaldson, Kirk 66,111 Doombos, Doris 111 Draft . Denise 60,111 Drean, Jams 111 Drozdowtki. Cindy 111 Duda. Diane 111 Dudels. Janet 111 Dunn, Bob 95,111 Dunn, Brian 111 Dunn, Jim 111 Durling, Bob 111 Dytniak, Joan 56,57,65,111 Dziuba, Ken 111 -E- Eastman. Lyla 111 Edward. Sharon 56.111 Ehehalt, Don 111 Elenbaas. Dot 90.111 Elies, Dave 111 Elton, Bettijo 26,111 Errante, Annette 47,111 Errante, Jolynn 47,55,66,111 Erwin, Sharon 111 -F- Fader. Rita 111 Fard. Nasrin 111 Fenero, Richard 111 Fiske, Kirk 112 Flanigan. Marty 112 Fleming, Pat 112 Fletcher, Joe 112 Flood, Tim 112 Fluegge, Cheryl 112 Foren, Debbie 112 Forsythe, Terry 112 Franchi, Len 112 Frank, John 76.112 Freda, Liz 112 Frost. Cathy 112 -G- Gallinat, Denise 47,112 Gancarz, Tom 88,89,91,112 Garoner, Duane 99,112 Garwood, Kip 66,112 Gauger. Ray 112 Gauthier, Jeff 112 Gavura, Debbie 112 Gehringer, Sandy 112 Gedjar. Doug 99.113 Geyer, John 113 Gianelli. Cindy 113 Cilbeau, Don 113 Gilbert, Paul 113 Gimpel. Denise 47.66.113 Glanert, Dennis 113 Goebel. Claudia 113 Golab. Gerard 113 Golba, Chris 113 Golembieski, Bill 113 Gomolak. Greg 90,113 Gonzales, Patrice 113 Good, Dave 113 Goodman, Mike 113 Gorman, Sarah 113 Gourd, John 113 Gragg, Sharyl 113 Graves, Kevin 90,113 Greenway, Bob 113 Greenwood, Jeff 113 Greenwood. Lynn 113 Griffen, Chris 113 Grocbow, Marge 113 Groves. Michele 113 Grozemki. Sharon 113 Grzebienik. Donald 113 Guerney, Janet 113 Guido, Frank 66,93,113 Guido, Michael 99,113 Gulyas, Ruth 113 Gunther. Rob 109,113 Gusfa, Tim 90,113 Guth. Marrie 113 Cuzik, Linda 113 Gutowskr, Artie 113 -H- Hachem. Doug 113 Hadaway, Ernie 113 Hager, Tom 113 Haggard, Larry 113 Halts, Gina Hall. Gary 66,113 Hall. Laura 113 Hamilton, Tim 113 Hamm. Leslie 113 Hanlin, Gina 113 Hanoian, Lou 90,93,113 Hanson, Mike 90,113 Harvey. Greg 76,113 Haskin, Sue 113 Hassien, Cheryl 113 Hawkins, Barry 99,113 Hayte. Oiuch 66.76.113 Hcincy, Mike 113 Hendricks, I .aura 113 Hensley, Brian 76,113 Hermann, Jim 93,113 Herzfeld, Richard 113 Heslet, Tom 113 Heyde. Liz 65 Hilliard, Donna 113 Hillman. A1 113 Hoi beck, Fred 113 Holden. Kathy 65,113 Holland, Brent 66,104,113 Hollis, Bruce 113 Hollister, Linda 113 Holtgrave, Sandy 113 Hoskinson. Clauidia 47,113 Huard, Bob 113 Hughes. Jack 113 Hunt ting, Carol 113 Huskey. Dave 113 Hutching, Thelma 113 Hutchinson, Jim 114 -I- lacuzzi. Nancy 55,114 Itvine, Lisa 47,114 -J- Jackman, Greg 114 Jackson. Carole 114 Jacobs. Julie 114 Janich. Mark 53,114 ason, Jane 76,114 •son, Laura 114 Jaynes, Craig 114 Johnson, Deborah 114 Johnson, Sue 114 Jooes. Nancy 114 Jowey, Pat 114 Joyce, Michael 114 Julian. Frank 114 Kama. Edward 114 Kama, Joe 87,114 Kaminski, Cheryl 114 Kampf, Sandy 114 Kamph, John 115 Karabon, Rick 115 Karakula, Karen 115 Karauas, Craig 115 Karcbefski, Darlene 115 Kayganich, Dave 115 Kecskemety, Phyllis 115 Kellogg, Yvonne 115 Kennedy, Pat 115 Keranen, Dave 115 Kilgore, Carol 115 Kilpatrick, Mike 43.104,115 Kinnell, Diane 115 Knight. Rick 93,115 Knox, Dale 115 Kohasiar, Alan 115 Koch, Kevin 115 Koch an, Bob 115 Koester. Linda 115 Kolts, Denise 115 Konopka, Rick 115 Koppin. Chris 115 Koppinger, Steve 115 Kosch. Carol 115 Kosch, Greg 115 Kosier, Mark 115 Kochs. Pete 115 Kough, Jim 115 Koate, Terry 115 Kozma, Cheryl 47,66,78.115 Knthky, Cathy 115 Kreighbaum, Betty 115 Ktench, Mark 115 Krizmanich. Teresa 115 Kroeyr, Don 115 Krolik, Yuonne 56,115 Krueger, Carole 115 Krueger, Chris 115 Krystyniak, Cindy 115 Kuhary, George 115 -U Lafayette, Bob 93,115 LaFeve, Pamela 115 Lange, Brad 115 Lapenta, Jim 57,115 Lapinski, Jeffrey 115 Larsen, Corey 47,124 Larva, Ed 115 Lawver, Steve 116 Lazar, Jill 116 LeBlanc, Bruce 116 LeBlanc, Sue 116Lehman. Torn 116 Lenardon, Glenn 99.116 Leameister, Bob 116 LeVesseur. Steve 116 Lewandowski. Craig Lewis. Debbie 116 Lewis. Kris 116 Likerir, Nancy 116 Linder, Nan 116 Loitelle, Claudette 116 Lloyd, Dave 66,116 Lobdrll. John 116 Longshore, Margaret 47,116 Loudon. Glenn 116 LuDwig 116 Luo, Brian 116 -M- MacCanon, Steve 116 Machecek, Larry 66,76,116 Mahew, Clave 116 Mallad, Sam 116 Maltese, Bene 47 Manino, Tony 116 Manoogian. Nancy 116 Martin. Bob 116 Martin, Kevin 116 Martin, Patricia 116 Martino. Sam 116 Mason, David 116 Masouredit. Gary 93.116 Matty. Rick 116 Matalavagr. Jayne 116 Matchett. Don 116 Mattem. Wayne 116 Maurr. Darlene 67.116 Maxfield. Claudia 116 Maxwell. Debbie 116 Maxwell, Jim 116 McAvoy. Mary 116 McBain, Cary 99,116 McConnell. Randy 116 McDaniel, Hope 116 McEvoy, Sue 116 McRae. Jeff 116 McKowen, Keith 116 McLean. Tom 118 McMahon. Chris 65.76 McNally. Keith 118 Mcdos, Dane 117 Merrell. Jeff 78,117 Mcrick. Don 117 Metzger. Bill 124 Mikulec. Brian 99.117 Miller. Barb 117 Miller. Dvr 117 Miller. Jane 56,57.117 Miller. Rob 117 Miller. Tom 90,117 Minnie. Ted 117 Misiak. Ron 117 Mitchell. Arlene 117 Mitchel. Tom 117,119 Mittermaier, Ruth 76 Mocha. Steve 117 Molnar. Fran 117 Moon. Dan 117 Moore. Carol 117 Monberg. Linda 117 Morel!. Janet 117 Morell. Jeanette 117 Matyka. Mark 117 Mousigian. Mike 117 Mueth. Mike 117 Murdoch. Sue 117 Murphy. Peggie 117 Musial, Sharon 117 Musketr, Alan 117 Musto. Frank 117 -N- N'adolski. Dave 118 Nagy, Frank 118 Nagy. Joann 118 Nagy, Nancy 118 Nalezyty, Paul 118 Nalli. Laura Nauh. Stella 72,56,118 Nelson, Dave 87.109.118 Neroni. Sandy 118 X’ewbrander. Tim 118 Newman. Amu 118 Nicholas. Louise 118 Nichols. Bruce 118 Nickd. Kay 118 Nicdson. Candy 118 Nim, Mark 118 Nil . Nancy 118 Noce, Cherryl 118 Norris, Craig 118 Xowakowtki, Pam 47,118 Nowak, Mike 118 Nyman. Tom 118 Nystie. Mary 47,65.119 -O- Oasa. Wendy 119.129.128 Obey. Keith 90,119 O'Brien, Kathleen 119 O'Brien. Paulette 119 Ochs, Gad 119 O'Dell. Shawn 93,119 Offerman. Steve 119 O’Crady. Bridget 119 O'Grady. Kevin 99,119 Olszewski, Mark 119 Oldv Mark 119 Oldham. Dan 119 O'Neil. CecUia 119 O'Neil. Patricia 119 Osborn, Amy 119 Osbon. Carol 119 Osbon. Tom 119 Osscnmacher, Kathy 119 Owen. Randy 101,119 Oz. Carol 119 Pacesky, Joy 119 Painter. Pat 119 Palmer, John 119 Palmer. Ted 119 Pan off. Barb 119 Parker. Jim 119 Parson. Dave 119 Pask. Vaughn 119 Paulsen, Bob 119 Pearl. Diane 119 Peruski, Jerry 74 Petroff, Sandy 119 Phillips, Dave 119 Phillips, Debbie 119 Philo. Tom 119 Pieper. Shardyn 56,119 Pikula. Sheryl 119 Pilch. Sandy 119 P». Gregg 119 Pitts. Robin 119 Plante. Carol 119 Plonka, Judy 119 Ponagai, Barbara 119 Popkey. Cliff 119 Portelli. Chuck 119 Poynter. Cliff 119 Price. Robin 119 Proctor. Jim 119.94 Proctor. Michael Pulice. Denise 119 Purcell, John 119 Pursifull. Barb 119 Pusqudian. Mike 119 Putnick, Melissa 119 -Q- Quinn, Cliff 119 Quick. Polly 119 -R- Radomski, Dale 119 Radlke, Roxann 120 Rath well. Tony 119 Raus, Jody 56,120 Ray, Ellen Raymond. Maty Ann 47,65.120 Resume, Kym 120 Reese. Tanya 47,65.66,120 Redly. Timothy 120 Renda. Vicki 120 Rice. Craig 120 Rice. Debbie 120 Rice. Laura 120 Rich. Tom 99.120 Richards, Karla 124 Rlgley. Allan 120 Riley, Michael 120 Rivard, Sandy 120 Roberts. Gary 90.99.120 Rocholl. Gordon 120 Rachon. Michelle 120 Rodak. Brian 120 Rodammer. Loti 66,120 Roell. Kathy 120 Roesier, Gary 121 RoGan. Janet 120 Rogers. .Anne 120 Ronez, Maria 76,120 Rosiu, Debbie 120 Rousse. Curt 121 RuseU. Dave 121 Rusaell, Ginnv 66,121 Senneti, Kathi 121 Setecky, Steve 121 Shank. Debby 109,121 Shema, Debby 47.66.121 Sherman. Neal 121 Sherman, Roxann 121 Shields. Ken 121 Shipp, Debbte 121 Shunkwiler, Keith 121 Sictliano, Carol 47,65,121 Sikora, Jim 121 Sdrunen. Linda 47,121 Sitanki, Dave 90.121 Stwik, Pat Skinner, Lloyd 121 Skorich, Julie 49.121 Slavin. Debbie 121 Sledz, Dave 121 Sihang. Barb Smigidcc, Steven 121 Smith, Jdl Ann 121 Smith, Dave 121 Smith. Jeff 93,121 Smith, Robert 121 Smoley. Susan 47,65.124 Smoly. Linda 66,121 Sneller. Sandy 47,121 Soens, Bill 90,99.121 Soper. Gad 121 Sourbeck. Sheri 124 Sphinx, Deborah 121 Spooner, Lea 122 Staggs. Shannon 122 Stanton, Fred 122 St. Charles, Mark 122 Stefaniak. Karen 122 Stephens. Bob 122 Sterioff, Debbie 122 Stetler, Sandy 57.66.122 Stctz. Bill 122 Stiver, Carol 122 Strahou. Joanne 47,122 Stroinski. Nancy 122 Stronski. Joy 122 Strutz, Tim 93,122 Suich, Steve 122 Sulla, Kenny 122 Summers. Terry 65,122 Susalla, Veronica 122 Swintek, Dale 122 Swope, Cheryl 122 Sylvester. Kathy 122 Synowicc. Richard 122 Syper. Mike 93.122 Szabo, Mike 123 Szakal. John 123 -T- Talbert. Becky 123 Taliaferro, Liz 132 Tanner. Steve 123 Tarlowicz. Cheryl 123 Tarrant. Harry 90,123 Taylor, Cindy 123 Taylor. Rebecca 123 Telfer. Mike 123 Teper. Dave 123 Theofanis. Margaret 123 Thiede. Keith 123 Thomas. Don 93,123 Thomas, Lone 123 Thompson. Tim 123 Ttfrea, Donna 47,66,123 Toje, Matthew 123 Tomczak. Sharon 123 Tondas, Gary 123 Trim per. Dort 123 Trudell, Janey 56,123 Tylka. Diane 123 Tyson. Marcia 123 Sabon, Ray 121 Saimon. Jon 121 Sample. Kirk 121 Samowsky. Mel 121 Savas, Vickie 121 Schauppner. Donna 65,121 Scheuner, Lisa 121 Schlaff. Wdliam 99,121 Schley. Terry 10.66,121 Schumacher, Jim 121 Schwartz. Dana 121 Schwartz. David 121 Schwesinger, Lynne 121 Server. John 121 Sequin. Rick 121,134 -U- Uinstead, Joseph 90,123 -V- Vandlancourt. Sue 123 Van Andak. Debbie 123 Van Dyke. Kevin 123 Van Osdol. Dirk 123 Van Valin. Paul 123 Varga. Tim 123 Vasko, Steve 123 Vasael. Dorothy 123 Vaughn. Russ 123 Vella. Marie 123 Vellixy. Linda 123 Vmcent, Nancy 47,66,123 VoUand. Bob 123 Von Gun ten. Jill 123 -W- Wadded. Vicki 123 Wahibetg, Steve 52,123 Waite. Sally 66,123 Walton, Terri 123 Wane ha. Denise 123 Warholak, Denise 123 Watson, Leanne 123 Watson, Sarah 123 Werth, Bryan 123 Weston. Bryan 94,99,123 Westray. Steve 123 Wdmski. Dave 123 Wilkes, Heather 123 Wilkins, Wayne 123 Williams, Kim 123 Williams, Laurie 123 Wilson. Rick 123 Winter. Leonard 123 Winters. Nancy 123 Wisniewski, Bill 124 Wisniewski. Larry 123 Wolf. Ken 124 Wolinski, Cheryl Woronchak. Gary 124 Woodcock, Jim 124 Woolum, Glenn 124 Woronchak, Gary 124 Wozniak. Tom 99.124 Wnght. Jeff 124 Wright. Kevin 124 Wszola, Mike 124 Wygonik, Linda 124 Wygonik. Rich 124 -Y- Young. Dennis 124 Zaparanuk, Myrna 124 Zeglen. Alan 124 Ziaja, Peggy 55.56,124 Zigman. Jeanne 124 Zimmerman, Nancy 124 Zipple, Annette 55,66,124 Zuchowicz, Robert 124 Zuehlke. Gordon 124 171Junior Index -A- Aboud. Donna 124 Adamczak. Joyce 47.65.124 Adams. Val 124 Adcock. Bob Alarie. Connie 124 Andenon. Margaret 47.64,56.124 .Anderson. Stan 60.76,124 .Anderson. Neil 124 Anglin. Alice 124 Apple, Rick 124 Arcello. Michael 124 Archer, Sue 125 Arth. Mane 125 Artnun, Judy 60,61,56,125 .Ash, Gary 125 Austin. Denny 56,125 -B- Baier. Jcannic 15,125 Bailev, Marilyn 125 Bailey. Bob 125 Baity, Martin 95,125 Bak, Sandic 47.56.125 Barker. Byron 93.99,125 Banda. Nick 65.104 Bandy. Rick 125 Bara relli. Jay 125 Barbee. Karen 125 Barrett. Carlton Bartholomew. Pam 125 Banos, Joanne 125 Basala, Linda 125 Bay. Christopher 125 Beattie, ShanJn 125 Bell, Karen 125 BcUcnir. Debbie 125 Bembcn. Robert 125 Bennett. Tom 125 Benson. Jim 125 Berce. Rob 74.88,125 Berkebile. Gayle 125 Bemardin. Margie 125 Bemardin. Nano- 48,49.112, 124.125 Bernier, Claudette 125 Benon. Pete 125 Benovillc. Desire 125 Bessler. Dcanne 125 Biestek. Conne 125 Blair. Leslie 125 Blesener. Jim 125 Blevins, Barb 125 Bloess, Wendy 60.66.125 Bock. Lois 125 Bodzsar. Steve 78 Bond. Kim 125 Booth. Sheri 125 Boudreau. Mike 125 Bower. Brad 125 Bowman. Jeff 88,125 Bozyk. Mike 125 Brandt. Mary km 60.125 Bratus. Barb 125 Breeze, Nancy 125 Bremer, Jim Brennan, Patrick 126 Brewer. Randy 126 BrockmiUcr, Chris 99.126 Broda. Laura 126 Brooks, Charles 126 Brooks, George 126 Brustean. Carol 126 Brough, Bob 99,126 Brown. Cwcn 126 Brown. Kevin 126 Brown. Marsha 126 Buchanan, Dave Buckner. Sue 126 Bunetto. Joseph 126 Burck. Sharon 47,126 Burger. Debbie 126 Burgess, Rick 126 Burnett. Craig 126 Buryta. Allen 126 -C- CadweU. Bill Caimie, Gail 126 Cairns, Jim 126 Canon, Debbie 126 Carden, Richard Cardinal, April 126 Caruana, Cathy 126 Cathey. Lynn 126 Cerrito, Bob 53.126 Champagne. Ron 126 Chase. Marcia 126 Cherry, Nora 126 Chiasson, Lisa 126 Chimes, Linda 78.126 Chrapkiewicz, Tom 126 Cibor. Tom 104.126 Cloutier. Cindy 126 Clyde, Shirley 73,126 Colvin. Claudia 126 Conrad. Judy 127 Conrad, Michele 127 Conti. John 127 Conti, Teresa 127 Cook, Susan 124,127 Cooper, Sheila 127 Coppo, Marian 127 Coppo, Martha 64,127 Coriz, Neva 127 Crocker. Debra Crook. Pat 127 Cseke. Ron 127 Culpepper, Phyllis 127 Cundy. Barbara 47,127 Cunningham. James 127 Currie. Bob 74,93,127 Cyburt, David 51.78.127 Cyers, Pat 127 -D- Dahmen. Gloria 127 Dailey. Celeste 127 Daley. Michael 127 Dallape. Debbie 127 Danowski, Elaine 127 Darish, Allan 127 DaRos. Ken 66,127 DcIVecchio, Ralph 127 Demers. Michele 56.60,66,127 Denyer. Judi 127 Deyell. Jack 68,127 Dicrisck). Annette 127 DiPaolo. Anthony 127 Diroff. Mark 88.99.127 l ittberner. Kris 127 Dobrovich. Dave Donell. Thomas 127 Donnelly. Karen 127 Downing. Debra 127 Drozd. Cindy 47,127 DuChene, Dave 127 Dukes. Charlccn 127 Dumas, Diane 127 Durhal. Mark 127 Duszkiewicz, Alan 127 -E- Ellerbrake. Sue 47.76.127 Endrcs. Jenncfer 47,64,127 Ensminger, Nancy 127 Esch, A1 127 Esper. Ric 94.95,99,127 Evans. Kathie 55.127 -F- Fadcr, Heather 127 Falandysz. Denise 127 Falkiewicz. Anne 127 Falkicwicz, Jim Farrant, Brad 127 Fawk. Mary Ann 55,112,127 Ferris, Gordon 127 Ferris, Joan 127 Figurcl, Paul 127 Filer. Ann 127 FiUion, David 127 Finnegan. Barry 127 Fioick, Bob 127 Fischer. Don 128 Fitzpatrick. Judy 128 Fodor, Lisa 128 Forristel, Bob 128 Fowler. Todd 128 Frakes, Bob 88,128 Frank, Suzanne 77,128 Frazier, Sue 128 Furbacher, Tim Gabriebe, Tom 128 Gallinat. Dennis 94.95,99.128 Galusky. Gary 128 Gapczynski, Denise 128 Gardner. Greg 128 Gauthier. Glen 128 Gentile, Joanne 128 George. Elaine 60,65,128 George, Pam 47,128 German, Randy 128 Geschke. Carol 128 Geverink, Todd 128 Ghcrardini, Dean 128 Gherardini, Denise 128 Gifford. Greg 128 Gill, Denise 128 Girard, Dave 128 Girard. Keith 128 Glass, Richard 128 Glotzhober. Ron 128 Gtovier, Jo Ann 128 Glowacki, Gale 128 Golm, Gordon 128 Gonzalez. Karen 128 Gorpy, Brenda 128 Grabowski, Tom 128 Green. Alex 128 Green, Kim 128 Gruska. Lynn 128 Guernev, Jeanne 128 Guffey. Cindy 128 Guinan. Gary 129 Gunnoe. Debbie 129 Gustafson. Kevin 129 Guth. Robert 129 -H- flaase, Larry 129 Hadden. Dale Hamel, James 129 1 Linult- n. Julie 129 Hamm. Casey Hanchett, Rick 129 Hancock. Dan 129 Harlow. Rkhard 129 Harrier. Paula Anne 129 Hasper. John 129 Hassan. Denise 129 Hathaway. Mark 119 Hcagerty, John 129 Heagerty, Julie 129 Healv, Kathleen 129 Helms. Mark 129 Heraty, Rose 129 Hermling. Denise 129 Hessler, Randy 129 Heyniger, Mark 129 Hkks, Anne 129 Hkks, Larry Hild, Lauryn 129 Hill, Kathy 55,76,78,79.129 IliU, Laurie Hoerl, Dave Hogan. Marie 129 Hogue, Rkhard 60,129 Holda. Jim 99.129 I loll is. Andy 129 Hoppe. Ruth 129 Hopwood. Jube 66,76,129 Hurrocks, Cathy 129 Houroian, Jim 129 Hovatter, Bill 129 Hudson. Den 129 Hudson, Steve 129 Huebnes. Doris 129 Hugcs. Cathy 129 Hutchings, Tom 129 -I- latzko, Peter 129 Ingali. Tom 130 -J- Jacluon, Thomas 130 Jarvie, Sharon 130 Jefferson, Gary 130 Jeppesen. Kris 130 Johnsen. Mark 130 Johnson, Anita 130 Johnson. Karen 130 Johnson. Pam 130 Johnson, Valerie 130 Jones. Bob 130 Jucrgens. Ron 130 Jushkewkh. Carol -K- Kaas, Ruthann 130 Karr. Carolyn 130 Kastran. Deneen 130 Kean. Gene 130 Keller, Douglas 65.66.130 Kroger. Gerry 130 Kennedy. Judy Kerr. Keith 130 Kerstein. Jan 55,130 Kessler, Randy 130 Kibit. Karen 130 Kiekero, Ed 130 Kilduff. Gary 130 Kilmer. Nancy 130 Kinnell, Mike 102.103.130 Kircos, Marc 130 Kitay. Pam 130 Kitzmann, Laurie 130 Klauke, Thomas 130 Klimkowski, Daw 130 Klonowski. John 15,130 Knoll, Cindy 130 Knoll. Pam 130 Kobasiar. Dennis 130 Kocsis, Cindy 130 Roller. Hclo 130 Kononchuk, Rkk 99.130 Koppinger, Larry 130 Korany. Tom 130 Koach, Ilona 130 Kosier. Peggy 130 Kosuroff. Tim 130 Kovar. Bob 55,130 Koy. Dean 130 Krajewski, Karen 130 Kratt. Sharon 130 Krrighhaum. Linda 47.68,130 Kuhlman, Robert 130 Kuipers. Robin 130 Kurbcl. Stan 130 Kurbel. Steve 130 Kurdziel, Len 130 Kussy, Al 130 Kwiatkowski. Susan -L- LaBarge. Dave 172Laiklam. Katie 130 1 amherg. Gary 130 Lambert. Judy 130 Laniewicz. Gary I 31 Lapintki, JerTy 131 Ijrkins. Alice 131 (.atuvnik. Guiln 131 lowborn. Jessie 131 Lcfacck, Debby 66.131 Uber». Dan 131 LeBlanc. Sandra 131 Lee. Garry 131 I rnardvtfi. Sandi 60,66.131 Irnnufl, Irene 56,131 Lrnw» Linda 56,76.131 I ui, Malt leone. Cathy 131 Lctnock. Bill LeVetarur, Deaiar 132 I inderman. Karen 132 L indMy. Craig 93.132 Lis. Wally 66,132 I.obdell, Alan 132 Lngreco, Linda 132 Lubcrio. Mary 132,159 Lucas. Lottie 132 Lupinski, Mike 99.132 M- Mac Beth. Craig 95 Mat iag. Susan 76,132 Maialr. Katrina 132 Maikaum, Mark I 32 Maillard, Ke m 132 Major. Chuck 132 Major. Linda 132 Makas, Elaine 132 Malane. Kevin 132 Malizia. Paul I 32 Mammctski. Shelli 132 Mangmo. Brian I 32 Mani», Annin 66,100,128.132 Marceau, Maureen Marley . Diana 55.72.133 Marlcy. Ray I 33 Martin. Neota 133 Masmpian. Vaughn 133 Maurer. Robert I 33 Maxwell. Jennifer 133 McF.vny. Doug 133 McEvoy, Barbara 133 McFarlin. Brad 68,133 McGarvey. Mike 133 McKowen. Brian 133 McKown, Kathy 133 MeLeay, Gordon 133 McMahdn. Dune 133 McMahon. Becky 47,76.133 McNabb, Sandy 133 McNally. Rich 133 McPhee. Judy McTaggart. Mike 133 Medos. Mark 133 Melotti, Francinc 133 Meawr, Mary 133 Messina, Nadine 133 Metea, Renee 133 Metz. Keiih 133 Meyen, Dave 133 Miarka, Alicia 20.133 Mkhon, Anne 133 Miedlar. Diane 133 Mikich, Peg 1 33 Milktewkz. Barb 133 Miller. Mike 133 Miller. Pam 133 Mitchell. Dune 133 Mi gala, Jan 79,133 Molnar. Charles 133 Mulnar. Ellen 133 Moltrup. Gary 133 Monroe, Donna 133 Moody, Dean 133 Mooney, Sue 133 Mnosekun, Michael 133 Morawd, William 133 Morency. Janet 133 Mort. Sandy I 33 Mosher. Sue 66,133 Motley. Alan 133 Motorojescu. Greg Mmzck. Dave 133 Mulvihill. Gary 93,133 Murphy, Mary 133 Murphy. Mike 132,133 Murphy, Nancie 133 Murphy, Cathy 133 Muskett. Mike 133 Musto, Cheryl 133 Mven. Dale 133 -N- Nadas. Mark 35.95.133 Nading. Rhonda 133 Nalezvty. Gary 133 Nalls, Denise 65.133 Natkowski. Debbie 134 Neitzer. Dave 134 Nkholas. Nicolcne 134 Nieni. C erald 134 Niemi. Sandy 134 Nieves, Juanita 48 49.134 Norris, Ken 99.134 Nosworthv, Kaye 73.134 Novtck, Dennis 93.134 Novak. I jura 66,134 Nowkki. Glenn 134 Nuttall. Denise 134 Nyman. H elniar Nystie. Chuck 134 -O- Obey. Claudia 134 O’Connell. Kath 134 O'Dell. Thomas 93,134 O'Donnell. Quit 134 O'Leary. Peter 134 Oliver», Drina 134 Olson. Cindy 134 O'Neill. Robert 134 Olson. Dune 134 Olson. Polly I 34 Ormandy. Beth 134 Osammacher. Marjorie 134 Oz, Arnold 134 -P- Paddy, Kathy 47,66.134 Pagrn. Susan 76,77,134 Palmer, Julie I 34 Papineau. Mark I 34 Papp. Andy 134 Pappas, Georgr Parkhurst. Todd 93,134 Paschali. Dcbbi 134 Paul. Rose 134 Penn. Dave 134 Penk. Sue Peters. David 94,99.134 Philo. Ruth 134 Pianga. Messiah 134 Pieper. Michelle 47.134 Pierce. Clayton 134 PirrceaH. Jane 134 Pierron. Kim 134 Picstrak, John 134 Pinch. Bill 134 Pine. Barry 65,66.70.134 Pipkens. Jody 55.65.134 Plachctz-ki. Thomas 98.99.134 Plante. Barb 134 Pletnik. Elaine 134 Ploch. Ted 134 Pohlman. Kathy 134 Polcyn. Pam 134 Pomeroy. Paul 134 Ponstcin. Jeff 134 Popck, Bruce 134 Popek, Gary 134 Popoff. Vicki Popp. John 99.134 Pozek. Debbie 134 Price. Dave 134 Proctor. Richard 99,134 Pugh. Jeff 68.134 Puroff. Linda 53.65.134 -Q- Queen. Keith 135 Quennevillc, Dennis 135 -R- Raidl. Rosanne 135 Rajda. John 74.135 Rankin. Dan 135 Rebok. Mary 135 Rrichmuth. Carol 135 Rcimer. Debbie 135 Reiungcr. Kathy 135 Rcmillard. Debbie 135 Remington. Laura 135 Reraray. Greg 60.135 Rice, Maryellyn 135 Richards. Alan 135 Richards. Paul 135 Richardson. Bill 135 Rkhards. Debbie 135 Ridob. Garmela 135 Rigley. Dennis 135 Rinn. Christine 135 Rizcr. Hester 136 Roach. Phil 136 Rudegher, Steve 136 Rogers, Cheryl 136 Romas. Sue 48-49.124,136 Rouck. Robert 53.136 Ross. Marjorie 136 Ross. Tom 136 Rudcki, Linda 136 Ruta, Dave 88.136 Rynuk, Ron 136 Salisbury. Kann 136 Sanak. Ann Marie 60.136 Sandic. Grant 95,136 Sandie. Rob 98.99,136 Sauchak, Shelley 136 Schauei. Carol 136 Schemansky, Lawrence 94.99, 136 Scbcwe, Herb 136 Schmidt, Unda 136 Schneider. Jim 136 Schollrobergrr, Don 136 Schoreack. Robert 136 Schroedcr, Barb 136 Schrocr. Thom 136 Schubatis. Rick 66,136 Schubert. Lynne 136 Schwar hoff, Kathy 136 Scott, Pam 136 Seale. Mary 60.65,68.136 Sebastian. Gloria Sccan. Phil 136 Seguin, Teri 136 Shackelford. Denise 136 Sharkey. Paul 94 95.99.136 Sharpies. Sandy 65,36 Sbeibels. Denise 136 Shemantki, Marie 136 Shollack. Deb 136 Shooshanian. Mark 74.136 Skiiia. Sharon 136 Siders. Deborah 136 Sied. Mike 136 Sikora, Ruth 136 Simi. Larry 136 Simi. Leroy Sitarski, Mark 136 Siwik, Tom Skidmore. Nancy Skolnik, Nancy 136 Skorich. Sharon 136 Skrock. Chris 136 Skupinski. Tim Smiley. Vicki 136 Smith. David 136 Smith. Sue 136 Smolmski. Sharon 136 Smoly, Gail 65,136 Snefkey. Ted 136 Snyder, John 136 Soltz, Michelle 136 Sommers. Gary 93,136 Soroka. Gary 136 Southall. Rill 136 Spanburg. Deanna Spear. Sandie 136 Speirs, Ray 94.136 Spooner. Ljnn 34,47,136 Stanesa, Mary Stanton. Algy 1 36 Stephenson. Dennis 136 Stover, Angie 136 Strahota. Noreen 136 Stratton. B. J. 136 Stratychuck, Sandy 136 Strong, Suzanne 136 Stus, Jerry 136 Suarez. Rkk 98,136 Sulla, Marty 136 Sullivan, Curtis 136 Swank. Jackie 136 Swantko, Janet 136 Swartout, Shirley 136 Sweet, Charlotte 136 Sylvester, Joe 137 Synowiec. Mary 137 Sypcr, Cynthia 137 Szclcchura. Bob 60,137 Szckely. Dan 137 -T- Tanncr, John 137 Tar. Dolly 137 Taylor, Jim 137 Taylor, John 137 Taylor. Kathy 53.60.137 Tifrea. Ted 137 Todd, Douglas 137 Toje. Robert 94,95.137 Tnmainc, Glenn 137 Topping. Mark 104,137 Tourneur, Kevin 99.137 Tripoli. Jon 137 Tschirhart. Karen 56.137 Tunstall. Gary 55,66.137 Turgcon. Gale 137 Turner. Doug 93,137 Turner. Greg 137 Twin, Mary 137 -U- Ulrich. Jeff 137 Umstead. Ruth 137 -V- VanVbet, Nancy- 137 Vanzo, Jon 137 Veith. Greg Velliky. Mick Virga. Ron 137 Vitale, Debbie 137 Vittone, Tony 137.156 VonWalthousro. Carl 137 Vukson. Sam 137 -W- Wade. Don 137 Waite, Nancy 137 Waligorski, Lawtence 137 Wallace. Jan 56.137 Wartmann. Deb 137 Wassum. Mindy 137 Waxier, Dana 137 Wcclowshi. Ron 137 Wells, Greg Wendlowsky, Dan 137 Wrntkay, Don 137 Wcrth. Tony 137 Wesley, Chip 137 West. Barb 47.49,70,137 West. Regan 137 Whitman, Betty 137 Wiedemann. Roger 137 Wilcox. Debbie 137 Wilkes. Wendy 137 Wilkinson. Sandy 137 Williams, Karra 34 Wilson. Joseph 137 Wincinger, Douglas 137 Winklemcier. Irmgard 137 M irth. Debbie 137 Wiselry. Duane 55,137 Wisner. Kim 137 Winenhcim, Tim 137 Wolin. Julie 55.56.76,137 Wooden. Bob 137 Wooley. Craig 88.137 Women. Mel 137 -Y- Yancura. Don 137 Yosmg. Lyn 137 Young. Fred 137 Young. Mitch 137 -Z- Zanardelli. Donna 76.137 Zavisa, Phil 137 Zdcha. Don 137 Zeblry. Stephen 137 Ziaja, Eddy 137 Zigman, Jim 137 Zimnicki. Carol 47,137 Zipple. Tony 53,66.76.137 Zuchowicz. Rick 99.137 173Senior Index -A- AOAMS. MARSHA 49,55.58. 140 21567 Edison LO 1 8043 Majorettes. GAA ADRAY. DEBBIE 140 6 Car lyde Q. 2745533 AMBROSE. BETTY 51.58.65, 70.140.151 3339 Harding LO 3-9053 National Honor Society. Executive ANDERSON. BRUCE 140 3644 Roosevelt 563 2398 ANTKO. GREGG 140 1224 Linden LO 3-1797 ARCHIE, GARY 140 21120 Cariysle 278-2227 ARTMAN. JANET 58.66,72. 133.140.151 22154 Donaldson 563-5315 National Honor Society, GAA ASCIONE, BETTY 140 3315 Houston LO 3-0322 ATTARD, JIM 140 1768 Hollywood LO 3-7096 -B- BADALUCCO. PAUL 3750 Roosevelt LO 2 3729 Football. Wrestling BALL. PAT 47,58,60,65.140,151 1844 Southfield 274-5751 GAA. National Honor Society BARANOWSKI. JIM 64.140 3530 Detroit 274-4575 Band. Performing Am Board BARLOW. NANCY 140 21713 Cariysle CR 8 3708 Future Nurses, Y Teens BARRON. MIKE 140 3745 Alice LO 3-4663 Electronics BARRY VINCENT 140 3425 Vassar LO 3-7423 BARTOSHUK. CRAIG 140 17750 Snow LO 2-5872 Intramurals BAUMANN. ROGER 140 3130 Vassar LO 3-1596 Coop BAXTER. SUE 140 1845 Hollywood 563-6808 Spanish Club, Girls Intramurals BAZZELL. BRENDA 47.48.49. 22741 Gregory 2785942 Cheerleading. GAA BEACH. SHELLEY 140 21565 Edison 565 4351 BEATTY. JUDY 3630 Willow 561 2685 French Club, Class Council BEAUDOIN. KATHY 36,140 24532 Ross LO 3 2561 BEDDOES. THERESA 55,65, 76.140 3306 Merrick 274-0708 Latin Chib, PCX' BEEMS. AL 140 3521 Smith LO 3-9097 Electronic Club, Wrestling BELL. JANET 47.58.140 3215 Croissant 563-0625 GAA, Booster Chib BELLENIR. HARRY 101.140 3105 Venice 278-3754 Baseball. Intramurals BFNIO. PAULEVE 58,64,140 3536 Benner LO 2-5125 GAA, Spanish Club BERGER. GLEN 140 1740 Sherwood Ct. CR 4-2990 Golf. Basketball BERNERTH, CINDY 141 22465 W. Outer Dr 562 9409 Spanish Club BERTOUILLE EDWARD 142 23023 Penn LO 1 2027 BEYRONNEAU. JACK 74,93. 140 3501 Harding LO 2 8393 Varsity Club, Swimming BIANCHI. ROXANNE 141 2001 Venice LO 3-5592 Intnunurals, Class Council BIANCO. KENT 141 3402 Katherine LO 1 2663 Boxing BIGOS. UNDA 56,58,66.128. 141.151 1909 Raymond LO 3-4863 GAA. National Honor Society BIXMAN. CRAIG 141 1649 Hollywood 563-9057 Intramurali BLACK. CONNIE 141 21547 Tenny LO 3 1742 GAA, Booster Qub BLAISDELL. HOWARD 141 2756 Ben net CR 8-4017 BLOCH. AL 141 3445 Chestnut LO I 1862 Intramurals BODURKA. MIKE 55.75.85. 100,141 3445 Edgewood LO 5-5620 Football. Vanity Club. Flight BOUVER, JOHN 142 21568 Nowlin 565 0068 BONZACK. KAREN 142 1405 Hollywood 563-2311 National Honor Society. GAA BOORE. BEV 142 3111 Detroit 562-4543 Booster Club, Spanish Chib BOREN. CHARLES 60,142 6538 Temes TI 6-1881 Hi-Y BORSOS. RICHARD 142 3615 Mayfair 563 8872 National Honor Society. Electronics BORUGIAN. KEN 1464 Mason 565 5816 BOS. JAY 142 1951 Edgewood 562-1563 BOSZE. STEVE 68.128.142 3453 Merrick 565-4440 Ncwstaff, AFS BOUDREAU. CHRIS 3232 Katherine 562- 4862 BOURGEAU, NANETTE 142 22121 Edison LO 1 2826 Booster Qub BOWER. DIANE 142 1705 Venice 563- 8502 Spanish Qub, Booster Qub BRACKETT. GREG 142 3615 Lincoln LO 3 3491 AVI, Drama Qub BRADLEY. LYNN 142 14 Bennington LU 1 1943 Intramurali BRANCHEAU. JIM 142 3838 Mayfair LO 3 2405 BREHM. NORM 74.142 2010 Woodside 563-9017 Vanity Qub. Weight Lifting BROLA. YVONNE 3339 Ravmond 562 7036 BROSTEAN. RANDY 24920 Carhrsle LO 3-9445 BROTHERTON. RICK 142 3254 Harding 562- 6399 Latin Qub BROWN. DENNIS 1286 Linden 563- 5969 BROWN. FAYE 142 2661 Queen LO 2-6354 BROWN. LINDA 66.142.15! 2633 Culver LO 1 9298 National Honor Society. GAA BROWN. MARTHA 142 3006 Syracuse 562-6368 BROWN. TOM 74,95,143 2843 Parker LO 3-5551 Wrestling. Football BUGG. RANAYE 143.148 3607 McKinley LO 2-6299 GAA. Booster Qub BUELOW, DARLENE 58,59, 143 3117 Vassar 5627636 GAA, Right BURKHARDT. PETE 143 22760 Olmstead 5659253 BURY. DEAN 143 3154 Lincoln CR 8-8046 Spanish Qub. Intramurals BURROWS. KATRINKA 55.,143.154 7544 Bingham 581 7388 Thespians, PCC BUSCETTA. JERRY 143 1743 Walnut LO 3-0262 Student Assembly BYE. DAVE 128.143 3840 Cornell CR 4-1521 -C- CACCIAGUA. ERNIE 1507 Walnut 562 8062 Wrestling CADZOW. DENISE 143 3520 Merrick LO 3-4360 CAMPBELL. MIKE 143 3325 Walnut CR 8 4721 CANDEA. DIANE 143 3737 Mayfair 563-0694 SOS Qub. Yearbook Staff CANON. MIKE 3538 Merrick 565 1660 174CANTOR. LIZ 78.143,154 21236 Outer Dr LO 3-2186 Student Assembly, Debate CARSON. MIKE 143 3420 Vatsar LO 2 7572 Football, Vanity Club CASSAR. DAVE 143 2912 W.lUaim 2786577 CATHEY, PHYLUS 47.53.58. 2650 (ieneva LO 1 7229 CAA, National Honor Society CAVERNE. PAM 14.143 2665 Linden LO 1 5026 CAA. Band CHEVALIER. PAT 143 3756 Cornell 562 9618 CHIASSON. JEFF 143 1625 Btrchcrcst 561 2357 Student Anembly, Tennis CHLEBEK. JOE 3100 Alice 561 1570 CHOSKEY, CORNEL 143 2212 Wen Cattle LO 3 8058 COATES. PHILIPPA 17.47.60. 2052 Houston 563 4494 French Club, German Club COBB. DOUG 143 1648 Venice LO 2 -1701 DECA. Student Asscsnbly CODY. KATHY 58.68.144 22145 Nowlin 278 9416 Newuaff, GAA COCHILL. SHARON 58,66. 144.151 20500 Audettc 561-6528 GAA. French Club COLUNGWOO0, CINDY 68. 144 22448 Whitmore 561 3972 Spanish Club. Newstaff COLLINS. WILLIAM 70 19121 Audette 274-8552 CORNELL, PAUL 74.95.144 2065 Raymond 561-8970 Football, Wrestling COURNEYA. LOIS 144 21934 Carlysle LO 1-4016 Booster Club CRAWFORD. DAVE 144 2620 Byrd 565 3946 Tennis, Spanish Club CRAWFORD. NANCY 47.58, 66.144.151 3601 Lincoln 561 9072 GAA. French Club CROSKEY. RON 144 3800 Cornell LO 1 2448 CROSS. RUTH 113.144 18425 Snow LO 5-1051 Tri M. Vocal Ensemble CROSSLIN. DAVE 144 24828 Rom 562 1659 CUR1AK. ROBIN 47.49.58,60. 66, 1672 Sherwood St. LO 5-3215 Cheerleading, National Honor Society CURISTON, CHARLOTTE 3232 Vassar 562 3426 Russian Club, Student Assembly CURRIE. PAM 144 18714 Carlysle ECKERT. KURT 40,93,146 3746 Madison 563-3980 Varsity Club. Swimming EDGE, MIKE 146 3329 Byrd LO 2-1402 DECA EDSON, GARY 70.98.146 3727 Pardee LO 1 3906 Traci, Executive Council EDWARDS. DAN 95.146 3245 Campbell LO 1 8899 Vanity Club, Football EH EH ALT. DAVE 146 22261 Olmstead LO 2-8175 Vanity Club. Football ELLIS, JIM 88.89.142,146 3323 Houston LO 5-9264 Basketball. Class Council EMAHISER, MARK 146 ERRANTE. JOE 74.146.93 3545 Katherine LO 3 9108 565 1094 Spanish Club. Booster Club CYERS. PATRICIA 47.145 17740 Snow 565-0594 Student Assembly. Booster Club -D- DAMIAN. PAT 145 2960 Syracuse LO 3-6255 Class Council DANIELSON. DENNIS 88.89. 145 21940 Carlysle LO 2-4288 Basketball, Vanity Club DAUGHERTY, KENNETH 145 3755 Syracuse 5610852 DAVE. CINDY 145 17907 Oak wood 274 7144 Spanish Club, Booster Club DE HAMER. SALLY 145 21700 Donaldson 561 5911 Y Teens. CAA DE MARA. MICHAEL 76.145 22325 Francis LO 3 1958 DEL GROSSO. ROSEMARY 58.145 1523 Sherwood Ct 563 1240 Spanish Club, GAA DENNING. MAUREEN 65. 76.145 3845 Campbell 565-0495 DEO. JACK 68.95.145 22367 Francis LO 3-4186 Wrestling, New staff DE PRIEST. GEORGIA 3831 Gertrude LO 5-7215 DE TAR. BECKY 145 18023 Oakwood 5632547 DICK. CAROL 145 3245 Pardee LO 36971 DIMITROFF. STEPHANIE 145 22305 Oxford 562-0122 DODGE. CHARLEY 145 1793 Hollywood 561-0103 DOLCE, MARY 145 24643 Princeton 5620582 DOMBROWSKI. DAVID 145 3556 Parker LO I 5825 DOMEK. MARIANNE 145 9 Christine Court LO 1-1601 DONOHUE. MIKE 145 22317 Edison LO 1-5534 DRAFTZ. QUENTIN 145 16001 Andover LU 1-6204 Intramurals DREAN. DEBBIE 145 3728 Campbell 565 1338 DREAN. DONNA 145 3728 Campbell L0 5 1338 DREAN. TOM 103.142.145 3316 Eastham 584 2202 Golf DUBICKI, MIKE 3174 Smith CR 8 3788 DUMAS. DAN 146 21914 Carlysle 565 9023 Football, Student Assembly DUNESKE. LAWRENCE 53. 65,66,146 17831 Snow LO 2-7132 Band, French Club DURANTE. DANIEL 146 17630 Pine LO 3 2288 Band. Hi-Y DUROCHER. RUSS 22732 W. Outer Drive LO 2-9471 DYTYNIAK, MARYANN 146 3343 Croissant LO 56685 Class Council DZIENGOWSKI. RICK 146 3850 Roosevelt CR 8-4762 -E- EAGAN. DEBBIE 146 22425 Madison 562-1949 GAA. Y Teens EARLE. SUSAN 146 2904 Parker CR 8-8797 GAA. Y Teens EBLING, CHRIS 54.64.78,146 18921 Audette LO 3 8691 Band, Spanish Qub Swimming, Vanity Club ERRANTE. STEVE 147 1705 Hollywood LO 2-7415 Vocal Ensemble. Orchestra ESCHELBACH. NANCY 147 2035 Willow LO 2-7170 National Honor Society, GAA ESPER. RAYMOND 147 3121 Wood side 565 1650 EVANS, MARLENE 147 3326 West Point 5635580 DECA -F- FACCIUOLO. LOU 147 2647 Detroit 565-0811 Golf. DECA FALKIEWICZ, RAY 147 3328 Houston LO 3 3925 FANCO, RICHARD 147 3437 Raymond 565 4770 Intrarourals FENT. WAYNE 147 3855 Jackson LO 5-5821 FEISTAL. JERRY 147.156 1856 Unden 565-0123 Newstaff FILER. MELISSA 2924 Bennet 274-5838 GAA. FNC 175GAUTHIER. JANICE 47.58. 1761 Hollywood LO 3-5552 National Honor Society. Class Council GAUTHIER. RAE ANN 149 21249 Donaldson LO 5-6642 GEARNS. JOAN 149.151 2871 Pardee 561-6044 GAA. National Honor Society GEASLAND. KATHY 149 3311 Chestnut LO 1 2234 GEE, DEBBIE 149 22218 Edison 561-3987 Booster Chib, Flight GEORGIOU. CHRIS 76 1463 Bircbcrest 562 7287 PCC, Student Assembly GERSELL. GORDIE 149 20635 Audette LO 2 9514 Hi-Y, Electronics GLOV1ER. DIANA 149 3138 Chestnut LOS-1485 GODWIN. VANESSA 149 25756 Graceland LO 5 8272 Co-op GOEBEL, MARY BETH 51,58. 66,128.149.151 2635 Carlysle LO 2-1993 GAA, National Honor Society GOLDEN. MICHAEL 3830 Mayfair CR 4-3529 COUCH, FRANK 149 1339 Venice 565-6346 GOLLES, TERRI 149,156 21281 Outer Dnve 563 1507 Cheer leading GOMOLAK. NORMAND 100. 149 23241 Carlysle 5655852 Varsity Club. Baseball FISH. LORI 148 18157 Snow LO 2-9586 FLEMING. TOM 147 3604 Merrick LO 3 3842 Football. Vanity Club FODOR. BARRY 147 1251 Unden LO 3-6939 Track. Class Council FORD. COLLEEN 147 21313 Donaldson 562 1984 FOSTEY. JEFF 147 3201 Pelham 278-4734 Debate. Forensics FORSYTHE. GARY 74,147 18107 Snow 562-8385 Varsity Club, Football FOWLER. RAYMOND 148 3436 Houston LO 5-0681 FOX. EILEEN 3131 Alice 561 5661 FRANCHI. BOB 148 1636 Linden LO 3-6289 CAJEWSKI. MICHAEL 148 24361 Ross LO 3-6846 Competition Club GALLAGHER. DEBBIE 49.148 3536 Williams CR 4-6860 Majorettes GALLIN’AT. BEV 74,148 3131 Woodside LO 2-8835 GANCARZ, LINDA 58.72,148 3552 Katherine 5657335 GAA. Debate GARTNER. GEORG ANN 118. 148 1609 Hollywood 2785975 French Qub. Class Council GASSER. CURT 149 1625 Venice LO 3 4781 GASSER. RUSSELL 149 1625 Venice LO 3-4781 GAUGER. PAUL 101.149 3261 Pelham 278-6655 Baseball, Debate GERMAN. MARK 88.89.90,14V 7 Christine Ct. 565-6824 Basketball GILBEAU. GEORGE 149 1640 Venice 278-8576 fclLL. CINDY 1528 Venice LO 3-6523 Cheerleading. GAA GILL. CLAUDIA 8.149 1739 Venice LO 3-6280 Spanish Qub. GAA CILLETT. JIM 149 2634 Walnut CR 8 9168 Spanish Qub GIMPEL. CINDY 40,149 3140 Vassar 561 2618 GAA. Y Teem GINGRICH. MERRIBETH 47. 1507 Linden 565-4691 National Honor Society. Class Council GIROLOMO. DAN 149 1600 Southfield 274 3472 GLOVER. RICHARD 149 3206 Madison 563-0432 Football. Track GONZALEZ. PHIL 149 21741 Tcnny 5657456 GORDON, JAMES 149 3845 McKinley LO 1-7014 Football. Basketball GORMAN. BOB 149 1610 Culver LO 5-4935 Forensics. Debate Graham, Mike 64,150 3236 Lincoln LO 5-4856 Spanish Qub. Band GRAVES. KERRY 150 3410 Grindley LO 5 9740 GRAY. CARY 150 23028 Audette 5658867 GREENWOOD. BOB 3845 Lincoln LO 5-7328 GREGORY. LINDA 150 2905 Grindley Park 274 3846 GRIGNON. PA1T1 142.143. 150 3116 Willow LO 2 2422 Intramurals CRITTER. JERRY 150 21701 Carlysle 2786357 Tennis. Band GROVES. APRIL 150 2757 Ben net LO I 6651 GUBARIU. GABRIELA 66.76. 150 3212 Bennct LO 3 9216 French Qub. ACT NOW GUENTHER. CINDY 150 1421 Birchcrcst LO 3 5994 DECA. GAA GUNTHER. CAROLE 47,53. 19221 Rotunda 562 8369 GAA. National Honor Society CUYOT. ANN 150 23231 Notre Dame LO 2 2604 Drama, Choir GUSFA. CHRIS 150 3429 Bennct LO 2 5898 -H- HADAWAY. SHEILA 150 21940 Outer Drive 5635963 Spanish Club. Buustrr Club HACLETHORN. AL 150 22425 Edison 5620939 IntramuraU. Electronics HALING. TOM 74.7538.102. 150.151 6 Boone Lane LU 4-4620 Football. Basketball HALL. LINDA 55.64.65,76.150 3261 Lincoln 5626024 Spanish Club. Drama HAM El. LINDA 150 22200 Tcnnv LO 3 8322 HAMLIN. KATHY 128.150 2659 Edgesvood 563 3285 National Honor Society, GAA HANLIN, SALLY 150 3524 Raymond 274 4988 GAA HANSON. FRANK 150 22476 Outer Dr 565-0376 Baseball HARRIS. BOBBY 151 3326 Syracuse LO 2-4491 HARRY. BILL 151 22234 Nowlin 561 9237 Spanish Club HAUSCH. RON 151 1432 Howard CR 8 4707 HEILBRUN. BRUCE 151 1211 Linden 5635878 HENRICKSON. DENISE 151 3428 Vassar LO 1 1081 GAA. Y Teens HENSON. CHARLIE 151 3519 Dud lev 563 8541 Vanity Qub. Football HIRE. SUSAN 151 2015 Venice LO 3 9328 HOFFMAN. BARB 151 22818 Outer Dr. 565-6115 HOLLEY. VICKI 151 1648 Southfield 563 2042 HOOVER. BOB 151 2645 Chestnut L0 5 1334 HORVATH. PAUL 64.78.151 1563 Southfield LO 5 7324 Spanish Qub, Football HOVATTER. JOHN 151 3633 Lincoln 563-4620 Track, AVI 176HOY. HEIDI 151,157 3160 Detroit 5626242 Spanish Club. Booster Club HUDSON. DOUG 74.75.151 3400 Byrd 565-4772 Baicb.ll HUGHES. JANET 36.151 24836 Row LO 1 7411 HUSKEY. LINDA 47.58.65. 128.15) 20618 Curiyslc 562 2834 GAA. Ruwun Club HUTC HINSON. JANET 151 3514 Hipp LO I 7238 GAA. Booster Club HYRY. PAMELA 151 22705 Nowlin 562 7609 SAD. PCC -I- IREIAND. TERESE 151 3301 Merrkk LO 3 2583 Drama. Student Assembly ISAACSON. GARY 88.104.151 3204 (intrude 562 7982 Basket bull, Tennis ITOFE. JOHN 152 3829 Ben net 274 4794 -J- JACKSON. DORINDA 152 21865 Outer Dr. 562 9272 Band. GAA JACKSON. JIM 152 3538 P«4k LO 2 2144 JAR.MOW. KEN 152 1920 Walnut 562 9462 JASON. LYNDA 152 3744 Cornell LO 3 9123 PCC. SAD JEAN. ROBERT 152 3226 Vauar LO 2 1867 JEANNIN. PAULA 56.162 3736 Jackson 5652509 JENSEN. GLENN 151.152 2904 Parker CR 8 8797 Electronic», National Honor Society JOHNSON. DEBBIE 58,66. 151.152 24140 Carlvsle 2785057 Band. GAA JOHNSON. JERRY 152 1762 Sherwood Ct. 565 7623 JOHNSON, LYNN 152 3107 Hollywood LO 2 3703 Intramural». Claw Couned JUOZUNAS. CAMILLE 152 1961 Pelham LO 3 2261 Spanidi Club, Booster Club K- KACZANOWSKI. ELLEN 8. 47, 19023 Snow 5639429 Chcrrleadmg. GAA KAMINSKI. KATHIE 152 2832 Bennet LO I 7166 KARBOWSKI. JOANN 152 3319 Parker 565 4497 Forensic», Debate KELLY. LYNN 3770 Brewster 582 5416 KINDRED. SUE 152 2935 Cornell LO 2 5307 Booster Club KING. RAY 152 2716 Monroe 274 443 Spanish Club, Debate KLANN. DEBI 24615 Ross 563 1502 KLUTKE. GEORGIA ANN 58. 66.128.153 20515 Audette 278-0405 GAA, German Club KLUTKE, KAROLA 153 20515 Audette CR 8-0405 GAA. German Club KLUCES. THEODORE 153 1516 Luxka LO 5 8588 AVI KNOX. JOY 153 22204 Audette 561 8488 KOLTER. UDO 22219 Olmstead 561 3402 Class Council KOPKA. CHRIS 153 21765 Outer Dr. 563-8258 DECA. Ski Club KORCZYK. BOB 97.154 1920 Hollywood LO 39185 KOSBE. MARK 153 2625 Carlysle 565 2606 Intramurals KOSLOSKEY. THERESA 153 3753 Dudley LO 1-4217 Intrainurals, Booster Club KOSZTOWNY. JACK 9.66. 74.104.151,153 22255 Cleveland 562- 4639 Tennis. French Club KOZE. MARK 153 2881 Pardee LO 2 5283 KOTT. LINDA 152 1347 Hollywood 563 1118 Coop KOZLOWSKI. AL 152 3154 Willow LO 2 7242 Vanity Qub. Intramural» KRAFT. BEV 153 3429 Pardee LO 2 0295 GAA KRAJEWSKI. MOLLY 151.153 2932 Bennet LO 3-0319 Tri M. GAA KRAMARZ. FRANK 153 3521 Parker 563- 0078 KRATT. KATHY 154 2625 Stephens LO 1 2690 KRONBERG, JANET 65,154 22355 Olmstead LO 16413 Classical League, Debate KRYSTYNIAK. SUSIE 154 3440 Dudley LO 3-7555 KUHARY. BARB 155 3829 Vassar 274-4519 KURASIK. CHERYL 154 19015 Snow LO 36810 GAA, Booster Club KUZMA. KEN 154 2930 McKinley LO 3 2342 -L- LADZICK. JANE 155 3134 Willow 5628161 Coop LAKOTISH. LORI 3456 Walnut 2742734 LANDELIUS. RON 155 3430 Pelham LO 5 5554 Band LANE. SUE 586066.155 3411 Madison 562 5687 ACT NOW. GAA LANGE. DEBBI 155 3453 Roosevelt 561 2662 LAPENTA. KAREN 56.78.79. 128.155 44630 Cham wood Ct. Plymouth. Mich. 4554888 Flight. Future Nunes LATHAM. CRAIG 151.155 2621 Hollywood LO 3-1304 AVI. Electronics LAUCHR1CE. MICHAEL 3727 Lincoln 565-7680 LAURIE, CAROL 155 3339 Pardee 565-9560 LAWHORN. BILL 155 21709 Edna LO 5-3134 LAWTON. JANE 1437 Sherwood Ct. 561 2668 Future Teachers. French Club LAZAR. JIM 155 22923 Madison 5656573 LeBLANC. DAVE 155 1909 Detroit LO 36565 LeBLANC. DAVE 155 19025 Audette LO 3-7671 Football. DECA LeBLANC. NICK 155 3353 Raymond 274 8169 Basketball. Vanity Club LEIGHTON. DAN 3,155 3112 Alice 5632945 Football, Ski Qub LEPKOWSKI. JOSEPH 2751 Cornell LO 1-8739 Cross Country. Track LESPERANCE, DELPHINE 66.155 3419 Monroe 562 8941 German Qub, Y-Teens LeVEQUE. MARGARET 155 5 Branford Lane LU 2-3429 UCHLITER. KATHY 155 3836 Dudley 562 3974 Booster Club. Spanish Qub LINDER. MICHELLE 155 24649 Carlysle 5634725 DECA, Class Council HiYLINDSAY. RALPH 155 1891 Woodade 563-8534 Track, Intramural UNTNER. RICK 22363 Edison 563-0065 Spanish Club, Swimming UZURA. DENISE 155 3354 Raymond 562-4888 DECA LLOYD. LINDA 56.155 19020 Carlysle LO 1-3943 Future Nurse LOULA. TIMOTHY 64.74. 104.155 23021 Ol instead 5614496 Spanish Club, Varsity Club LUCHONOK, GARY 155 3623 Lincoln 562-6266 Football. Intramural LUCKSCHEITER. CHRIS 47. 4960.66.155 2924 Academy LO 1-8988 Majorettes. GAA LUOMA. MARY KAYE 58,155 8 Boone Lane LU 1-7615 GAA, German Chib -M- MACHAK. SANDY 47,53.58. 155 3716 Vassar LO 24577 GAA, Booster Club M ACT AG. JOHN 3741 Detroit 563-5973 MAJOR, LYDIA 155 1749 Venice LO 2-6920 MALANE. PAT 155 2651 Hollywood LO 3-1852 Football MALONE. JOHN 155 1633 Hollywood 563-7797 MALTESE. VINCE 155 21188 W. Outer Dr. LO 1 9978 Intramural , Weight Lifting MANGAN, JAMES 155 2625 Walnut LO 1 1581 MAPLES. LINDA 155 1929 Venice 563-7701 Spanish Club, Booster dub MARANO. NICK 74.157 3061 West Point 565-1041 Football. Baseball MARKS. RON 155 3348 Syracuse CR 4 2605 DECA MARLEY. DENNIS 155 22726 Cleveland 561-0277 Choir MASI. PAT 78,79,156 3444 Roosevelt LO 1-0589 GAA. Student Assembly MATTERN. BRIAN 156 3800 Grindley Park LO 1-8542 MATTHEWSON. SALLY 72, 3253 Culver LO 5 3341 Tri-M. GAA MAYHEW. LINDA 156 2732 Syracuse LO 3-1704 McBAIN. KEITH 74,156 22246 Francis 561-5227 McCANN, NANCY 55.58,66, 72,81,156 1436 Hollywood 563 9198 National Honor Society, Thespians McCARTAN, MAURA 132, 156 3245 Gertrude 565-6452 Executive Council, Debate McCUTCHEON. MIKE 156 24438 Ross LO 2-0910 Spanish Club, Intramurals McDonald, duncan 156 26 Danvers LU 4-1492 McDonald, scott 93,143, 157 3020 Roosevelt LO 3-8990 Football, Swimming McHUGH, DANIEL 3406 Syracuse McKAE, GREG 157 3426 Linden 563-2955 Football. DECA McLEAN, MIKE 157 3110 Detroit 5635292 McPHEE, AL 74,157 21645 W Outer Dr. LO 5-4552 Wrestling. Varsity Chib McQUAID. RICK 157 3736 Alice 563-6391 MELADY. JIM 157 20245 Audettc LO 2-3481 MENHART, GREGORY 157 20745 Audettc 5636002 Class Council, Football MERCRUIO. MIKE 157 2011 Pelham LO 3-2584 DECA, Tenni METEA. CHERYL 157 1530 Culver CR 4-0487 French Chib, Class Council METRO. DIANE 64,157 3501 Parker LO 5-5979 GAA, Spanish Club MEYER. JIM 1140 Walnut Basketball MICHALUK. SUE 58,66,76, 157 1438 Sherwood Q. LO 3 1024 GAA. Future Teachers MICHON. MAUREEN 157 3617 Katherine 562 3114 Choir MIELNIK, CATHY 47.53.58. 157 3634 Vassar LO 1 2012 GAA. Booster Club MIKULEC. CAROL 157 3532 Vassar LO 54)575 GAA, Boocter Club MIKULINSK1, GLORIA 157 3324 Dallas 563-7027 Future Nunes. Y-Teens MILLER, CAROL 8.47,48.157 21547 Edna 562 2879 Chert leading, GAA MILLER. GLEN 22261 Audettc 565-8584 MILLER. MARY 56,78,128,157 18057 Snow- 565 2631 Future Nunes MILLER. RUSS 2901 Monroe 565-1849 MITTERMAIER, SUE 72,76, 157 Football, Vanity Club 1543 Sherwood Ct. 5622575 Classical League. ACT NOW MOBERG. BERT 157 3445 Katherine LO 5-0535 ACT NOW. Che Chib MOEBS. CHRISTOPHER 157 3312 Detroit LO 30579 MOORE. CRAIG 157 3323 Lincoln 278-3255 MORGAN. TOM 157 2950 Cornell LO 2 2359 MORRIS. JUDY 157 21711 Nowlin 2780285 Coop MORRISON. NANCY 157 2612 Chestnut 563 1265 MOTOROJESCU. LORRIE 157 22253 Edison 565 5290 Spanish Club. Booster dub MOUSIGIAN, RICHARD 55, 157 21557 Francis LO 26489 Class Council. Thespians MOXON. SUE 157 3744 Katherine 565 1387 Y-Tecns. Future Teachers MUNRO. SANDY 58.60.158 2758 Cornell LO 5-1557 GAA, Booster dub MURTAGH. PETE 53.94.99. 142,158 12 Ashby lane 581-8382 Track MUSKETT, SUSAN 158 22923 Madison 5656573 Booster dub -N- NAGLE. MYRON 3415 Chestnut LO 5-4564 NAGY. BOB 158 18527 Audettc 563-1561 NAGY. JANET 6566.76,158 3161 Woodside Dr. LO 3-1467 French dub, German dub 178NAGY. JIM 94.99,158 2840 Ben net 561 1814 Cross Country. Track NATKOWSKI. CAROL 158 3557 Dallas 561 4820 NAUM ANN. CINDY 158 1851 Hollywood LO 2 2721 NAZELU. LOUISE 158 3540 Vaarar LO 3 7906 NEUBAUER. BRUCE 158 3424 Woodasde LO 2-7237 NEWCOMER. CAIL 47,58.60. 128.158 3101 Byrd LO 5-1402 CAA. Y-Teens NEWMAN. BARBARA 56,60. 61.158 2825 Queen LO 3 2187 Y-Teens, Future Nunn NEWMAN. GENE 158 1862 Venice 565 4121 Track. Vanity Club NICHOLS. CYNDI 158 3609 Dudly 278-3634 Spanish Club NIC HOI.SON. BOB 159 19322 Westminster LO 3 4159 Wrestling. Golf NIEMCZAK. GARY 66,101, 151.159 21552 Audette 565-0604 Baseball. Vanity dub NIEZGODA, EVIE 56.57.65. 66.151.159 22406 Olmuead 561 7771 National Honor Society. French Oub NOE. CINDY 159 3844 Dudley 2787332 NORMANDIN. DENISE 3837 Dudley 278-0448 Future Teachers -O- OCHS. DALE 1437 Mason LO 2-4933 OELKERS. DEBBIE 159 3004 Geneva LO 3-4189 OLEARY. FRAN 21550 Edison 565 2684 PCC. SAD OLEKSYN. STEVE 99,159 3844 Gertrude LO 1 1632 Weight Lilting. Track OLINIK, JEFFREY 95.159 1547 Linden LO 5-3336 Wrestling, Student Assembly OLINIK, TOM 159 3831 Hipp LO 3-1345 Intramurali. DEC A OLSEN. CHRIS 1175 Walnut 565 3791 OLSZEWSKI. MIKE 74,95.159 1440 Howard LO 2 4949 Wrestling, Varsity Club OSBORN. RICK 159 3404 Lincoln LO 2-7965 OWENS, JEFF 159 3553 Bennet 2749397 Basketball. Spanish dub 02, KEN 159 3139 Lincoln LO 1-0559 DECA -P- PADDY. MIKE 151,159 2053 Detroit 5626887 Executive Council, German dub PANZOFF, GLORIA 159 3637 Cornell LO 1 7483 PANZOFF. RICHARD 159 3637 Cornell LO 1 7483 PARK, JANET 65,159 2709 Parker 278-3189 Spanish dub. Intramurals PARKINSON. FRED 159 2800 Geneva LO 2-7154 PARSONS. CATHERINE 159 22144 Edison 562-5431 National Honor Society. French dub PATTERSON. THERESA 159 3245 Vasaar CR 8 1815 Student Assembly PAULEY. JERRY 3844 Bennet 565 2262 Wrestling PEERS. BARB,78, 160 23311 Notre Dame 278 1241 GAA. Spanish dub PENK. JOHN 160 3807 Hipp LO 2-8361 PFNW ARDEN. JACK 53.160 3305 Pelham LO 2 7791 Debate PERUSKI. STEVE 160 18941 Snow LO 3-2901 Intramurals PETRENA, DAN 160 3801 Academy LO 1-4407 PETTIJOHN, BOB 74.160,93 3107 Cornell 5633469 Swimming. Varsity Qub PHILLIPS. RON 160 3158 Smith LO 3-0775 PICKLES1MER. KATHLEEN 24156 Carlysle 565 8219 GAA, French dub PIETRANIEC. MARY ANN 8. 47.48,49.55.58,60.65.70,71. 78.154.160 3439 Katherine LO 2-8681 Executive Council Cheer leading PIKULA. GARY 102,103,160 1440 Culver LO 3 7742 Golf PLAGENS, CARY 3050 Monroe LO 1-6359 PONAGAI, ROBERT 3732 Pardee LO 10568 PONSTEIN, KAREN 61,160 22417 Nowlin 278-4312 GAA. Y Teens PORTER, PHILLIP 160 22213 Tenny LO 2-8498 Competition Club POSNER. TOM 3855 Vassar LO 3-4274 POYNTER, SHARON 3761 Polk 562 9406 Booster dub PRAIN. BILL 66.160 3012 Monroe 5620536 French dub PRANSCH. GREG 22231 Columbia 562- 8663 PRICE, GARY 160 3645 McKinley LO 1 7670 PRIEST. DEBBIE 72.66,160 21261 Donaldson LO 30489 GAA. Tri M PRZYBYLSKI. RICK 3804 Alice LO 2-6725 PUFFER. CATHY 160 28) 1 Geneva 563- 4680 PYTLESKI. JOE 160 21384 Outer Dr. 278-4933 Football. Varsity dub —Q— QUICK. JIM 160 1944 Venice LO 5-4461 National Honor Society. Student Assembly -R- RATAJ. DAN 64.70,71,142,160 1861 Walnut 562 3959 Executive Council. Spanish dub RAY NANCY 160 17817 Snow LO 5-8741 RAY. STEVE 160 1625 Hollywood 563-1313 RAYL. SHARON 160 3642 Vasaar 565-3497 REDINGER. BOB 74.160 2654 Walnut 561 7803 Varsity dub. Football REESE. NANCY, 66.72,151,161 3031 Syracuse LO 2-0816 Future Teachers. French Club 179RENSHAW, DAVE 160 3220 Pardee LO 1 3205 REP A, JIM 73.151.161 3054 Syracuse LO 5 9297 Band. Russian Club RICE. RICK 55.72,161 2004 Chestnut LO 5-0905 Thespians. Drama RICE. TIM 161 1357 Venice LO 3-5970 AVI. PCC RIKER. MIKE 92,93.161 19040 Audette 561 5434 Swimming R1NEY, PAT 161 3144 Detroit LO 3 2847 Spanish Club RINEY, TOM 3144 Detroit LO 3 2847 RISHEL. BARBARA 161 22611 YV. Outer Dr. 274-7955 Choir RISSMAN. TAI 161 22306 Nowlin 563-6281 ROBERTS. DAVE 161 2722 Parker 565-0469 Band ROBERTSON. PAM 161 2915 Dudley LO 2 8 396 ROCKHEY. LEAH 161 2904 Geneva 5637858 DECA RODRIQUEZ. MIKE 35.161 3855 Hipp LO 3 5223 Golf ROGERS. KEN 65.162 20425 Carlysle LO 2 3739 Spanish Club, Band ROGERS. NANCY 162 22322 Obnstead LO 3-8493 GAA. Spanish Club ROGERS. PAUL 132.162 22322 Obnstead LO 3 8493 Drama, Track ROGERS. RHONDA 162 3807 Dudley 565-1730 GAA. Spanish Club ROJEK. PAUL 1649 Sherwood C . 565 2025 RUPRECHT. AL 53.162 3829 Roosevelt LO 5 3339 German Club, AVI RUSSO. CATHERINE 47.58. 162 1626 Linden LO 3 7967 GAA. Booster Club ROSTA. JIM 162 3136 Linden LO 1-6933 RUSSELL. CINDY 58.59,162 3329 Vassar LO 20305 Band. GAA RUSSU. NICK 162 3828 Gertrude LO 1-8492 Golf RUTHERFORD. JOHN 162 16100 Woodland 582-4625 -S- SANDIE, MARSHA 47.49.58. 70.142,143,162 1457 Linden LO 5 5971 Cheer leading. GAA SANDIE. VICKIE 162 1707 Linden 565-4221 SANKOVIC. ROB 162 1736 Walnut LO 5 9019 Football, Vanity Club SASINOWSKI. GRF.G 162 2880 Pardee LO 1 6435 Vanity Club. Football SAUCHAK. THELMA 56,163 20516 Carlysle LO 3 9316 Intramural». Future Teachers SCALA. BETSY 163 1835 Linden LO 5 3035 Student Assembly. Oats Council SCHAUER. GEORGE 94.95. 163 1945 Venice LO 5 9684 Wrestling, Varsity Oub SCHAUPPNER. JANE 163 3175 Smith LO 5-1438 SCHILLER. JOHN 163 3424 Houston LO 3-9395 Intramurals. Spanish Club SCHUEF. ALAN 163 3801 West Point 562 2911 SCHNEIDER. DEBBIE 163 21227 Carlysle LO 5-0041 Intramurals SCHONHOFEN, LARRY 9.66, 151.163 22200 Edison LO 1-6953 Tennis, German Club SCHROEDER. LINDA 163 1767 Venice LO 5-6563 SCHUETZE. KAREN 163 3305 Willow LO 2-0355 Future Teachers, Booster Club SCHWARZHOFF. MARK 163 1101 Linden CR 8-0436 Spanish Club, Intramurals SCHWENDNER. LYNNE 163 1515 Venice LO 3-7551 French Club SEBASTIAN. STEVE 163 3536 Houston 561 4905 SECRETE. ROBERT 24718 Dartmouth LO 1-1880 SHANK. SANDY 8.78.164 21251 Audene LO 3-0985 GAA. Spanish Club SHARP. ROBERT 164 2936 Hubbard 562 2194 SHARRAR. DON 22501 Obnstead 561- 5544 SHERLOCK. JIM 100.101.164 2824 Ben net LO 3-2521 Football. Baseball SHF.VOCK. KATHY 164 3831 Merrick 563-0406 Spanish Club. Intramurals SHIELDS. KATHY 164 3400 Woodudc L0 2 1385 Intramurals, Booster Club SICILIANO, JOHN 165 22375 Outer Drive LO 1 1266 Latin Qub SIEN. RICH 3446 West Point LO 2 1601 SIDGE, MARK 53.65.165 2601 Detroit 565-2776 Debate. Band SIKORA. CHARLES 79.99,165 23214 Madison 562- 7043 R,ght SIKORA. EDWARD 165 2601 Walnut 561 7284 SILVER. LINDA 165 3341 Pelham 562 1597 Booster Club. Swimming Timers SIMO. ELLEN 165 22132 Military 562 3778 Intramurals SLEZ1NGER, SHARON 165 3367 Croissant 5630181 DECA SLICK. TOM 165 2641 Woodsidc 5634445 Swimming. Competition Club SLYHOUSE. BRUCE 165 24337 Ross 565-4156 SMITH. DAVID 21719 Gregory 5634)138 SMITH. JULIE 165 1722 Sherwood Court 562 4849 SMOLENSK!. LEN 74.75.165 21543 Snow 5620585 Football. Varsity Club 180SOPER. DEBBIE 165 21376 Outer Drive 563-1963 SPANBURG. DAVID 27.78. 165 18749 Audette 5657029 Basketball. Flight SPLETZER, IIERB 165 3761 Lincoln 5657795 SPOONF.R. JOHN 165 3606 Cornell 563 7090 Intramural STAHL. JULIE 165 2969 (Geneva 563 1837 STALBAUM. CLAUDIA 165 21531 Military 563 4694 Intramural STANFSA. NICHOLAS 165 22141 Gregor 562 1341 Spanish Club. ACT NOW STERN. DAN- 22001 Cleveland 562 7772 STERN.DAVE 22001 Cleveland 562 7772 STETLER. SUE, 165 3425 Walnut 562 3726 NewUaff, GAA STETZ. MICHAEL 165 21745 Carlysle 5634279 Student Avtrmhlv STEVENS. DENNIS 74.166 3725 Grindley 5634228 Varsity Club. Football STEWART. MIKE 78.92.93. 142.156.166 2000 Houston 565-8331 Swimming Team. Varsitv Club STIVER. DENNIS 166 1904 Detroit 565 5465 STOVER. KATHLEEN 166 3815 Merrick 563 8136 Spanish Club STRACHAN. ROBIN 166 3421 Roosevelt 561 2039 Booster Club. Y Teen STRAND. RICHARD 166 24140 Ross 274-0394 Golf, Intramural STROBEL. SANDY 47.48.49. 58.70.130,142.143.166 3020 Cornell 562- 6161 Chcrrlcading. Executive Council SUICH. PETER 3415 West Point 5622336 SUMMERS. SANDRA 166 2605 Chestnut 563 8289 SUTT. BILL 74,75.100.166 2831 Syracuse 278 1074 Football. Baseball SWANTKO. KAREN 167 7 Carlysle Court CAA. DF.CA SWICF.R. ANDREA 53.58.59. 66.151.167 22056 Francis 274 3255 GAA, French Club SWINTEK. SALLY 167 22255 Columbia 563- 2877 SWOPE. EUGENE 1442 Mason 274-7360 Electronics, Chess Club SYLVESTER. FRANK 167 3135 Campbell 5637672 SYLVESTER. SUE 167 3135 Campbell 563-7672 SZABO. STEPHANIE 167 3547 Hipp 561 5756 DECA SZCZEPANSKI. MIKE 167 1967 Chestnut 563-4925 Intramural T TAYLOR. ALAN 95,167 3015 Parker LO 3-9172 Wrestling TAYLOR. BOB 167 3835 Pardee 561-0259 Hi Y. Golf TAYLOR. DEBBIE 167 3445 Merrick CR 8 1487 TAYLOR. JAN 167 22240 W. Outer Dr. TF.PER. I.ARRY 3840 Huron CR 8 8131 THISSE. LARRY 167 21046 Outer Dr. 278-1454 DECA THOMAS. CINDY 47.58.60, 65.167 1927 Detroit LO 5-6740 GAA. das Council ITIOMAS, PATRICIA 41.78. 156.167 3451 Academy 565-2582 Flight THOMAS. PHIL 167 23830 Yale LO 1 2691 Spanish Club, Swimming TLiOMPSON. GARY 167 23035 Madison 561 2999 TICE, DEBRA 167 3312 Campbell 563 8141 Vocal Music TILLMAN. DANIEL 167 22221 Oxford CR 8 5998 Print Shop TIMTE. JOHN 167 3061 Cornell 5638492 Vocal Ensemble TOTH. BRYAN 24130 Ro« LO 3 3461 Spanish Qub DECA TRANA. KAREN 151.167 21724 Audrey 561 9126 GAA. National Honor Society TRAPP. BOB 22301 Oirmtead 563-6940 TRUDELL. JACK 167 3321 Edgewoud LO I 7591 Class Council TSCHIRHART. MIKE 167 3610 Ben net 562 8468 Basketball TUGER. JOAN 22215 Cleveland 562 4054 TURNER. SCOTT 113.167 3606 Linden 278-7558 Football. Basketball TUROWSKI. PHILIP 167 2025 Detroit LO 3 8605 Golf. Intramuxals TYRNA, MARY 167 19 Bennington LU 1 4860 DECA. Future Nurses -U- UEBBING. JIM 100,166 3116 Hollywood LO 3-0016 Baseball. Intramural UEBBING. JOHN 166 3116 Hollywood LO 3-0016 dass Council UNSER. DENNIS 166 3151 Pelham 565-0384 Golf UNSER. GARY 104.168 3151 Pelham LO 5-0384 Tennis, Varsity Club -V- V'ADI NO. CHRIS 168 3745 Syracuse 278 7903 GAA. Spanish dub VAN ANDF.I-. DEE 151.168 21520 Audctte 561- 5419 Y-Teens, National Honor Society VAN OSDOL. KIM 168 1656 Linden 2788546 Intramurals VAN TUBERGEN. GAIL 168 3431 Houston LO 2 1858 Y-Teens, French dub VANZO. JO 3157 Monroe 561 509 DECA VARGA. DENNIS 148.168 20424 Carlysle 562- 0994 VERLA. TOM 168 3804 Lincoln LO 3-2790 AVI VINCENT. MARILYN 16,47. 60,168 2650 Grindley Park LO 3-1865 GAA, Booster Club VOGLER. ROBERT 72.168 647 N. Highvicw LO 1 7320 Tri-M. Vocal MusicVOLLAND, CHUCK 168 1430 Venice 5619153 Baseball -W- WADE. CATHY 21350 Carlysle LO 2 3167 Ski Club WADE. EMMA 168 3345 Edgewood C 3QO WAGNER. DAVE 168 400 Bcechmont LO 3-4727 Competition C lub WALKER. PRESTON 168 20506 Carlysle 563-2908 WANCHA. STEVE 168 3823 Jackson LO 5-5367 Student Assembly. Intramural WARD. BECKY 168 3504 Williams LO 2-6784 WARD. DEBORAH 49.151.168 3561 Madison 565 2267 Cheerleading. National Honor Society WARREN. SHERI 168 3428 Pardee LO 1-5396 GAA WASLESKY. DEBBIE 168 22925 Audette LO 3-0396 GAA WATTS. LINDA 66.168 1627 linden LO 5-6689 German Club, Debate WAYNE. MARILYN 47,55.58. 151.168 1546 Walnut 565-4924 GAA. Thespians WENDLOWSKY. NANCY 64. 72.151.168 3316 Dallas LO 3-0555 National Honor Society. GAA WERTH, GARY 168 3105 Lincoln 5638929 Class Council. DECA WETTSTEIN, LAURIE 168 2951 Queen LO 3-2799 WHITE. JANINE 168 3111 Monroe 565-2039 Class Council, Student Assembly WHITE. MARK 2731 Stephens LO 2 2619 Track WHITFIELD. JEAN 47,53.58. 22341 Madison 565 5250 GAA, National Hooor Society WHITMAN. DENNY 168 2641 Stephens 278-0723 Spanish Club, Hi-Y WIECK. THOMAS 168 3437 Roosevelt 562-2324 WLNENCER. RODGER 3315 Harding 562-0139 Band WITTERSHEIM, JOHN 168 21500 Audette LO' 2-3018 WOJEWUCZKI, SUE 3315 Roosevelt 561-0334 Class Council WOUNSKI. MICHAEL 3301 Hollywood LO 3-1540 WOLTZ, THOMAS 3806 Polk LO 1-5819 WOZNIAK. PATRICK 16? 3364 Dallas LO 3-8994 National Honor Society, Tri-M WRONKOWICZ, HENRY 169 1755 Linden LO 5-1060 Hi Y. AVI WYDERKO. LEN 169 24901 Ross 565 1449 -Y- YAKSICH. TOM 66,72,151.169 1225 Walnut LO 5-1287 National Honor Society. Tri-M YERKEY. JEFF 3741 Greenfield 271 3632 YOUNG. DAVID 169 24117 Ross CR 4 9584 YOUNG. HOLLY 169 YUSKOWATZ. RICHARD 41. 74.101.169 3744 Detroit LO 1-8882 Football, Baseball ZIMMERMAN. MARY 56,58. 66,151 1935 Detroit LO 3-3470 GAA, French Club ZOMBECK. JOHN 169 3442 Willow LO 34)609 ACADEMIC STAFF -A- Adams, J. 18,56 Adams. H. 21 A1 verson, R. Ankenbrandt, J. -B- Backensto. R. Barker. G 18 Barrett, T. 38 Bartlett. L Boatin. H Bocksay. C. 41 Bogou. V Bourassa, A. 21 Brammer. R. 38,85,94,102 Bridges, J. Brown. D. 18.122 Byers, O. Calvisi. I. 34 Carson, M. 15 Chapman. M. Charles, C. 34 Cluney, M. 18 Connors. R. 41 Cornell. R 85.86 Cosgrove. H. 16 -D- Dalton, R. Daly. P. 39 Daniels, S. Davis, J. 34,39,86 Davis, J. Dawson. I. 21 Denton. L. 16 DiFranco. J. 21 Dillingham, R. Dixon. A. 21 Doherty, R. 21 Domkc, A. 34 Dotson. S. 21.56 Drake. A -E- Eckman. M. Ewing. J -F- Feusse, R. 16 Field. S. 16 Franzen, M. 21 Fryrel. E. 18 —G— Gates, C. 34 Gautreau, A. 18 Giamalva, L. Grigg. P. -K- Keamey, P. Keiffer, D. Kelly. E. 30 Knight, B. 21 Kovatch, G. 122 Kurtz. D. 12,13 -L- Lacey, G 17 Langley. L. Lee, E. 25 Leslie. J. LcVeque, R. 14.15 Lynch, D. 18 -M- Machak. D. 12,18.19 MacKenzie. G. 15 Maguire, J. Major, P. Majstoravich. C. 16 McConkey, J. McFarlin, L. 18,166 Mercier, R. 38 Modarski, M. Moga. H. 18 Mon son. R 21 Morency, R. 18 Mottillo, J. -N- Nagy.S. Nartase, S. Nicholas, R. Nieportr, M. 34 -P- Patouhas. E 18 Patrick, D. 18 Pituch. S. 16 Porter, G. Proctor, A. 25 Pugh. E. 18 -R- Romanow. J. 12,13 Romanow, R. -S- Salancy. B. Schultz. N. 34 Scott. E. 80 Scott. J. Skendzal, E. 22 Skodack. R. 21 Slabaugh. J. 13.80 Smith, S. Steen, C. 16 Stock. V. 21 Stolfo. L. Stolfo. R. 160 Stuart. R. -H- Hashoian, R. 15 Haskins. F 21 Hipkiss, R. 38 Holtgrieve, M. 18 Hough. R. Hunt, M. 18 Huska, W. 12 -I- Irwin, J. 21 -J- Johnstan, W. -V- Vafeas, S. 18 Vandette. L. Vanlandegend, J. Vella. E. Venti, P. 24 VerMeulen, R. -W- Waldinger. V. 23 Walker. N. Waller. G. Weaver. J. 12 Wozniak. E. Wyka. P. 34-Y- Young. J. 30 Young, L. 12 Young. R. 13 Zinn. M. 38 Zipple. M 21 1971 Flight Staff EDITOR Karen La pent INTRODUCTION AND THEME Dave LaBarge Paul Horvath STAFF AND ACADEMIC LIFE •Liz Cantor ACTIVITY LIFE Copy Staff SPORTS LIFE •Mike Stewart Mike Bodurka Paul Horvath Mike Stewart Mike Bodurka leff Merrell Wendy Bloess Sue Chevalier Pat Thomas Chuck Sikora Dave Cybert PHOTOGRAPHERS •Paul Horvath Brad McFarlin Mike Mousigian Mary Miller Ken Rogers BUSINESS STAFF Chuck Sikora UNDERCLASSMEN LIFE Copy Staff SENIOR LIFE Copy Staff COPY STAFF Liz Cantor Charlotte Curiston Karen Lapenta Kathy Hill Barb Peers Jan Mizgala Paul Horvath Mary Miller Sandy Shank Dave I.aBarge Rick Carden PASTEUP STAFF •Dave Spanburg Pat Masi Mary Ann Pietraniec Jan Mizgala Dave Cybert Terri Golies Sandy Shank INDEX STAFF •Charlotte Curiston Liz Cantor Sandy Shank Terri Golies Pat Thomas Barb Peers Paul Horvath •Section Editor ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The 1971 yearbook staff expresses our sincere thanks and special appreciation to Mrs. Elinor Patouhas and Mr Edward Fry»!, yearbook advisors. Mr Lee Bartlett, photography advisor; and Mr Robert Dalton, business advisor Also special thanks are extended to Mr and Mrs Mack Suprunowicz, who have continually assisted in solving problems. Furthermore, the 1971 Flight Suit » very grateful for the cooperation of both students and faculty members who were inconvenienced on several occasions when pictures were taken or information needed to write copy. 183Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear; too long for those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice; but for those who love, time is not. (Henry Van Dyke) 184 ki MODERN V YEARBOOK

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