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L- " ' • £? s f ■r.«Mnit.m i ii |, J ; Key of E Yearbook Design for Education Volume 13 1966-7 Contents Organizations — — — Classes-20 Administration Staff — — — - - — - -26 Album Staff School Life Sports - - - Junior High Autographs -46 -62 -76 117 Sue Hug Kathy Crawford Jackie Hake Debbie Huard Bob Kunsman Jerry Luce Joyce Severence Jack Schunk Janet Smith Mary Rockey Co-Editors Jan Kundard Susan Rigleman Advisor Clair Hackett Linda Burlew Georgia Keller Carol Bunce Lee Fisher Bonnie Mason Les Rockey Louise Parker Marjorie Tingley Carolyn Abranam Connie Crawford Treasurer Sue Firestone Business Manager Steve Held STEVE HELD Much of the hard work is placed on the shoulders of Steve Held, business manager, and Sue Firestone treasurer of the Key of E. Staff. Steve starts out his duties by sending a letter of appreciation to the patrons from the previous year, thanking them for their support. The task at hand in the fall of the year consists of planning the financial budget for this year ' s yearbook. This includes estimating the cost of the book which is determined by the type of cover, number of pages, supplies, and quan¬ tity of pictures. Steve ' s efforts are rewarded by the co-operation of th stu¬ dents in subscribing for the an¬ nual. The distribution and col¬ lection of monies are accurate¬ ly controlled by our treasurer, Sue Firestone. SUE FIRESTONE The publication of our 1966-67 Key of E Yearbook gives enjoy - ment and satisfaction to the Key of E staff. The accomplishment of producing this an¬ nual will always bring pleasant memories to the staff and school members. The Key of E staff consists of student vol¬ unteers who wish to help design the year¬ book. To broaden our knowledge in the set¬ ting up of a yearbook, members of the staff attended the Bowling Green State Univer¬ sity Journalism Work¬ shop last fall. The responsibility of the editors include drawing up the format of the yearbook, gath¬ ering activities of the school system , and publishing it in rela¬ tion to school life and the student body; com - piling the social and dramatic activities along with athletic participation. Without the help and cooperation of all the Key of E members, the production of this yearbook would be impossible. JAN KUNDARD SUSAN RIGLEMAN I 2 Our New Gym This is the new high school gymnasium where many events are held. It looks onto the south¬ east corner of the gym. The bleachers are extended which are used for student cheering section, for games and pep rallies. It has a seating capacity of approximately one thousand. On the north side of the gym are spectator bleachers which can also be folded up against the wall. When they are we have two courts, one volleyball, one badminton, and against the last wall is a shuffle-board court. There are four basket¬ ball nets which can be folded down besides the original ones so two games can be played at once. The flag was given to the school by Mr. Latta, United States Representative, and has been flown over the Capitol Building. A Year of Changes Main Hall The main hall coming from the gymnasium going up the stairs to the original nigh school building. At the left are the doors wnich lead into the new cafeteria, used by the grade school as well as the high school. At the right is Sue Firestone, a hall monitor. Beyond Sue are some of the new lockers used by the Juniors. On up the stairs and to the left is the academic wing with seven class rooms, and the superintendent’s office. In this hall are more lockers used by the Juniors and Seniors. Memories of daily activi¬ ties, athletic contests, social functions and class room learn¬ ing will linger on for many a year by this year’s seniors, as the first Commencement draws to a close in the New Building. 3 1. - r. Diane Kohl Linda Wehrle Mary Lou Thiel Jo Ann Thiel ORGANIZATIONS F.H.A. Initiation 4 Left to Right: C. Bunce, M. Peck, D. Wehrle, W. Curry, P. Long, J. Severence, G. Keller. Emblem service of FHA chapter at formal initiation Mrs. Mann, S. Burlew, L. Stoy, M. Thiel, D. Kohl, L. Purdon, L. Wehrle. Freshman instruction in table setting. 1st ROW: J. Hamilton, S. Anspaugh, M. Sutton, M. Goebel, S. Krontz, P. Smith, C. Crawford. 2nd ROW: S. Burlew, K. Herman, P. Long, J. Kundard, J. Thiel, W. Curry, C. Hake, Mrs. Mann. 3rd ROW: B. Hug, K. Swank, L. Wehrle, S. Sowles, N. Garber, M. Miller, M. Thiel, L. Armbruster, S. Muehlfeld, S. Flynn, G. Keller, D. Harmes, M. Schuller, D. Kohl, S. Siebenaler. 4th ROW: J. Beach, J. Smith, J. Severence, D. Burkholder, D. Chrisman, L. Stoy, D. Miller, L. Keller, D. Purdon, C. Williams, M. Peck, C. Rozell 5th ROW: M. Siebenaler, L. Purdon, E. Kurtz, C. Best, K. Best, H. Anspaugh, B. Clark, C. Bunce, M. Schuller, D. Wehrle, V. Oberlin ft W 5 1st ROW: C. Hanenkratt, M. Mason, D. Kohl, D. Wehrle, R. Gilbert, J. Robison, M. Hug, Mr. Etzler 2nd ROW: R. Missler, D. Nester, M. Swank, D. Trausch, K. Trausch, M. Stickney, R. Dirrim. 3rd ROW: L. Kellogg, N. Kohl, F. Dick, R. Bauer, L. Bowles, L. Hug, B. Rockey, J. Hug. Future Farmers of America The F.F. A. Chapter year begins in March of each year with the election oi officers and their installa¬ tion. Rodney Gilbert was elected President, Donald Wehrle served as Vice President, Dwight Kohl re¬ corded the chapters minutes, as secretary, Jerry Robison handles the financial matters as Treasurer. The chapter history was recorded by the reporter Marvin Mason. The chapter room was kept in order by the sentinel, Craig Hanenkratt with the student advisors duties upon the shoulders of Mike Hug. As usual, the Edon Chapter was well represented at the Williams County Fair, bringing home their share of the blue ribbons and prize money. The annual Parent and Son banquet which is held during the month of April will conclude the activities for the year. At the banquet, the newly elected officers are installed and the greenhands are raised to the degree of Chapter farmers. LEFT; a typical classroom scene. 6 FIRST ROW: S. Peterson, R. Mann, B. Mailahn, D. Wehrle, G. Chrisman, J. Robison, M. Rockey. SECOND ROW: Mr. Briner, Sponsor, S. Sowles, J. Luce, K. Robinette, K. Swank, L. Gearhart, B. Berry, K. Timmerman, T. Winright. THIRD ROW: D. Hulbert, K. Mocherman, M. Kunsman, J. Miller, K. Kinzer. DEC A Club Joe Wolff, employer-trainer instructs student, Jerry Robison, in parts and service department. Distributive Education became a part of our high school curriculum this year. This new course added a third area of vocational education, that of market¬ ing and services. About forty percent of employed persons in this county are engaged in occupations dealing with the handling of goods, and the services that keep production going. The need for training in this broad area led to adding work experience to academic study m a manner that would give the graduating senior a saleable skill in business. As it is taught here, juniors are enrolled for one regular period in a study of the fundamentals of selling and servicing. As seniors they enroll for one regular period in a study of business principles and manage¬ ment plus part time employment in a business estab¬ lishment. Credit is given for the combined study and work. In distributive education, the employing business person becomes a teacher in training the student to do the work, and understanding the basic operation of a particular kind of business. 7 TOP LEFT: R. Bauer, D. Harmes, C. Best, D. Huard, J. Thiel, D. Huard, P. Coles, S. Muehlfeld, C. Darr, M. Smith 2nd ROW: S. Lloyd, M. Muehlfeld, D. Miller, D. Chrisman, J. Severence, W. Curry, C. Abraham, B. Mason, S. Sieoenaler, R. Smith. 3rd ROW: Mr. Adams, Sponsor, M. Tingley, L. Parker, C. Trausch, S. Goebel, K. Muehlfeld, 4th ROW: J. Gearhart, C. Rozell, S. Peterson, M. Schuller, D. Purdon. Spilled Ink Staff im r The Spilled Ink is a monthly publication of the Spilled Ink Staff. The Spilled Ink gives the students information and the different club activities, sports, editorials on different school issues, and current news events. All students who wish to join the staff may. They are able to stay on the staff if they get their work done and it is in on time. The Spilled Ink began in 1940 and it has been a vital part of the students lives at Edon High School. The staff tries to improve on the paper as much as possible each year and to incorporate news ideas into it. We are a mimeograph paper, and therefore are not able to do as many things with our paper as we would like to. Still it enables us to handle our own typing, layout, and,contents. Louise Parker, Spilled Ink editor does a chalk draw¬ ing of Mr. Adams, advisor to the School Paper Staff. 8 TOP: S. Swank, K. Robinett, C. Bunce, C. Christian, L. Gearhart, J. Miller, J. Severence. SECOND: L. Burlew, F. Guerrero, J. Gearhart, J. Thiel, C. Abraham, R. Mann, D. Harmes, M. Mead. BOTTOM: Mrs. Luce, C. Miller, L. Parker, M. Tingley, R. Bauer. Library Club The library club is made up of students who give at least two periods a week to library service. One or two students are on duty each period. These li¬ brarians are familiar with the organization of the library and the use of the card catalog. They must know how to use the Readers ' Guide and how to help other students find needed materials. They charge books out, check them in, and keep the shelves in order. Student librarians give invaluable service and also receive valuable work experience. The club holds monthly meetings under the direction of elected officers. Programs consist of educational, recreational, and social activities. Each year a field trip to a larger library is planned. Tne officers this year are Pres. Louise Parker, V. Pres. Marjorie Tingley, Sec. Diane Chrisman, Treas. Charles Miller, Reporter, Rodney Bauer. RIGHT: Sharon Peterson and Alan Fisher enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the new library. 9 1st ROW: P. Long, B. Hurd, S. Thiel, V. Maugherman, J. Smith, Mr. Sleesman, Sponsor. 2nd ROW: E. Burkhardt, M. Thiel, C. Darr, L. Siebenaler, M. Phillips, R. Flynn, C. Alexander, K. Muehlfeld 3rd ROW: L. Hug, B. Foster, L. Purdon, K. Gearhart, N. Tanner, D. Thiel, C. Anspaugh, M. Tingley, J. vonA Ilmen Math Club The math club is an organi¬ zation for the students mathe¬ matically proficient and also interested in the different areas and concepts in mathematics. This year we discussed and learned about several related fields such as computers and the application of mathematics in industrial operation. LEFT: Wayne Peck and Jeri Kel¬ ler demonstrate the techniques of Modern algebra manipulation in freshmen algebra class. 10 1st ROW: P. Coles, C. Baughman, M. Thomas, M. Tlngley, D. Christman, F. Guerrero, Sponsor, Mrs. Ledvinka 2nd ROW: S. Swank, C. Darr, D. Rozell, C. Hake, W. Schaffter, D. Bauer, V. Lantz, C. Pattee, B. Hay, J. Keller, B. Hurd, L. Parker, P. Thomas. 3rd ROW: M. Smith, C. Curry, C. Ricketts, D. Osmun, W. Peck, J. Robinette, R. Allomong, L. Rockey, M. Tingley, S. Held, C. Alexander, R. Smith. Spanish Club Los Vivarachos Los Vivarachos (or " The Lively Ones " ) planned a festivity-filled year which began with an informal initiation and then offered a variety of monthly pro¬ grams to its members. These were designed to pre¬ sent a variety of cultural-type programs which were inappropriate for classroom use. A frosty December evening with softly-falling snow provided the tra¬ ditional setting for Christmas caroling (in Spanish, of course). A fiesta followed at the Lutheran Parish House. At the Spring Banquet, members and their parents traveled south of the border, more specifically to Acapulco, Mexico, through the colorful slides of Dr. James Laubach. A gtpup of members were also privileged to see a performance of Jose Greco and his Spanish troupe in Fort Wayne. He is the most outstanding exponent of all history of the flamenco-type dance. Henry Boixado, an Argentine exchange student at Bryan High School, related items about his country and people. I I TOP: J. Payne, S. Thiel, K. Burkhart, D. Michaels, B. Foster, J. vonAllmen. 2nd: E. Burkhardt, J. Gearhart, J. Hake, L. Burlew, K. Crawford, Mr. Ledvinka. BOTTOM: D. Huard, B. Burkholder, B. Mason, J. Smith, C. Abraham. Der Deutsche Verein German Club members enjoy a game of Charades at the Annual Christmas Party. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN " Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles " are the opening words of the German National Anthem and somewhat characterize the feeling and spirit of those who have associated themselves with Der Deutsche Verein (the German Club). The students of the Ger¬ man Classes have found through their studies and in¬ volvement with the language a rich and diversified people who have contributed a great deal to the spi¬ ritual and technological advances of their society. The German Club itself, has met throughout the year to study the culture, education, art, industry, customs and traditions of the German People who have many traits and characteristics similar to their own. During the course of the year, the German Club was able to travel to Frankenmuth, Michigan, an old German town, in which a lot of color and history are found, in addition to eating at " The Bavarian Inn " , which claims to serve the most de¬ licious chicken in the world. The highlight of the year was the German Ban¬ quet, in which the club members invited their parents for a home cooked German meal, along with an in¬ teresting program. 12 Band Activities The high school band has enjoyed a year of activities starting with a musical program at each half-time for our home football games. This year the band increased its classroom work from three days a week to five days - creating more interest and par¬ ticipation enabling the band to achieve a two rating at the District Band Contest. Other major appearances of the band were the Christmas program, presented to the public in combination with the boys and girls chorus. The gymnasium-auditorium was decorated in tne spirit of Christmas with Christmas green and large red bells. The boys Chorus and girls Chorus partici¬ pated in this program, individually and also as a mixed chorus. Edon High School Music Department was host to the All-County Band In Concert dur¬ ing mid-April. This All-County band was composed of members of the county bands, of which Mr. Samuel Szor of Toledo Uni¬ versity was the conductor. Mr. vonAllmen, band and Chorus director of High School Music Department, enjoys his new conductors chair. Left to right ROZZY MANN JANET SMITH WENDY CURRY SHARON SOWLES 14 Edon High School Band BANNER BEARERS: B. Burkholder, K. Burkholder TOP LEFT: V. Maugherman, J. Hake, R. Bowles, D. Rozell, D. Kohl, K. Crawford, E. Burkhardt, C. Patee SECOND TOP: J. McLean, D. Michael, D. Williams, C. Ricketts, M. Smith, C. Curry, L. Bloir, D. Herman THIRD TOP: C. Timmerman, V. Lance, J. Keller, C. Lyman, C. Hake, J. VonA Ilmen, J. Walz, L. Rockey FOURTH TOP: D. Keller, J. Timmerman, K. Timmerman, D. Bauer, L. Siebenaler, M. Thomas, P. Thomas, J. Payne FIFTH TOP: K. Burkhart, D. Shaw, B. Hay, J. Gearhart, C. Hake, K. Herman, M. Peck, C. Abraham SIXTH TOP: M. Luce, B. Foster, M. Tingley, D. Hayes, B. Keller, J. Burkholder, P, Long, P. Coles SEVENTH TOP: Director Mr. vonAllmen, W. Peck, R. Allomong, B. Meyrs, G. Keller, S. Rockey, L. Wilson, C. Darr 15 1st ROW: L. Siebenaler, B. Foster, E. Burkhardt, C. Hake, M. Thomas, K. Timmerman, J. Payne 2nd ROW: J. McLain, V. Maugherman, C. Darr, D. Hays, M. Peck, K. Herman, K. Crawford. 3rd ROW: M. Smith, C. Abraham, P. Coles, D. Rozell, P. Thomas, J. Hake, J. Gearhart, P. Long, C. Curry. 4th ROW: J. vonAllmen, D. Herman, L. Rockey, D. Michaels, C. Pattee, G. Keller, M. Tingley, W. Peck, B. Burkholder. Pep Band Creates Enthusiasm Basketball Pep The pep band was very active this year, playing for all pep sessions and home basket¬ ball games. The pep band consisted of approximately thirty members from the various sections of tne band. This organiza¬ tion helps to arouse the needed enthusiasm for ball games and pep rallies. They create a pleasant atmosphere for the fans during the half-time with their music. Mr. von Allmen directs the pep band during their appearances, with the help of Carolyn Abraham. Friendly spirit created by the cheerleaders and the pep band inspire the crowd to support the team. 9 Hv. „ — 1 MBit If 1 ft m J ft % . -V t ' ' • % r 16 TOP ROW: L. Siebenaler 1st ROW: L to R: D. Burkholder, B. Huard, W. Schaffter, R. Flynn, C. Darr, M. Smith, K. Swank, S. Swank, P. Asbury, A. Thiel, C. Trausch, C. Bunce. 2nd ROW: Mr. vonAllmen, S. Muehlfeld, D. Hake, A. Stickney, L. Wehrle, P. Thomas, J. Kundard, J. Beach, B. Mason, J. Huard, V. Oberlin, W. Curry, S. Peterson, S. Flynn, P. Long, M. Tingley, L. Parker 3rd ROW: J. Smith, C. Best, K. Best, D. Huard, M. Thiel, C. Curry, L. Rockey, P. Coles, D. Rozell, E. Johnson, C. Abraham, J. Keller, S. Prince. Presenting The Christmas Musical TOP ROW: P. Coles 1st ROW: L to R: M. Thomas, W. Peck, D. Huard, W. Foster, R. Smith, D. Michael, M. Tingley, Mr. vonAllmen 2ild ROW: C. Racette, B. Hay, M. Mason, J. Payne, M. Parson, J. vonAllmen, B. Howell 17 STANDING. L to R: Lonn Skiles, Sharon Goebel, Deborah Huard, Linda Burlew, Bonnie Mason, Susan Rigle- man, Janet Smith, Karen Robinett, JoAnn Thiel, Sue Hug, Janet Gearhart, James Stotz. SEATED: Rozzy Mann, Jane Hur d, Arnold Wilson, Carol Trausch, Carolyn Abraham, Eileen Johnson. Honor Society Inducts New Members SL ' lt Iff The light is passed from Karen Robinett (right) to Janet Smith to JoAnn Thiel then to Eileen Johnson on to Rozzy Mann. JoAnn Thiel receives her N. H.S. pin from President, Arnold Wilson, these to be proudly worn by the new members of the society. 18 Study Hall CLASSES Janet Gearhart, an all important member of our team of hall monitors. The new library became a welcomed storehouse of information and the students used it to great ad¬ vantage. 19 Class Activities Each year the preliminary district State Scholarship tests are given to the students for the purpose of selection for state final tests given at Defiance College. This year the new dining room provided adequate room for the boys and girls to take the subjects of their choice, about one hundred take the tests. The top two pictures are rep¬ resentative activities of the class and club. A Spanish class group activity above, shows Paula Coles, Denise Rozell, Carol Curry, and Sue Ann Swank. At top right an Argentina ex¬ change student from Bryan H. S. relates the customs of his country to the Spanish Club. At the right a playette " The Dating Game " a presentation of the Speech Class at a H.S. As¬ sembly. L to R: Chris Rozell, Suzanne Muehlfeld, Sheila Flynn, Larry Hug, Richard Smith. District Scholarship Tests 20 Typing Class Bookkeeping Class Their own creation for the style show. 21 Science and Mathematics The facilities of these de¬ partments were richly enhanced with the new classroom wing. The science department receiv¬ ing two new rooms. The new math room at the East end of the wing. At the right Wayne Peck and Jeri Keller demonstrate to the first year algebra class. Experimental Projects At the left several students re¬ ceive microscope operation techniques from Mr. Bunnell. Lower left. Bob K impel and Gerald Luce tabulate change of energy from electricity to heat energy. Lower right, finds Debbie Huard, Lonn Skiles and Jane Hurd testing various metals by the flame test in Chemistry. 22 Industrial Arts A complete new department became available to the field with the completion of the new building. The mechanical drawing room at the right show¬ ing facilities being used by left to right: David Williams, Allen Fisher, Jeff Timmerman, Bill Stahler, Larry Kinzer. The new metal drill press is being operated by Kenny Kinzer. Kenny Trausch receives operational instruction of the metal lathe from Mr. Senger. Distributive Education This department became a new instructional unit in the curriculum this year having both classroom instruction as well as on the job training. Here Gary Chrisman in shown with employer Maurice Kaiser. 23 r A dministration Faculty Staff BOARD OF EDUCATION E. C. Derbyshire, Supt. Eugene Hays Jack Holthues Gerald Long Frank Friskney, Pres. W. A. Hug LOWELL G. ETZLER, Principal E. C. DERBYSHIRE, Supt. LORRAINE ROCKEY, Clerk-Treasurer IVA MAE KELLER, Receptionist Mr. Adams Miss Barto KENT ADAMS - Commercial instructor, Basket¬ ball coach, Athletic director, Baseball and Jr. Class Sponsor. Graduate of Defiance College with B.S. in Education SANDRA BARTO - Instructor of English 10, Graduate of Indiana University. JAMIE FIELDS - Instructor in American Govern¬ ment, World History, American History, Graduate of Murray State University, A. B. SHARON FIELDS - Instructor in English 11 and 12, Speech, Journalism and girls health. Murray State University B. S. in Education. Mr. Fields Mrs. Fields Mr. Briner Mr. Bunnell ELLSWORTH BRINER - Instructor and co-ordinator in the field of Distributive education, DECA Club sponsor. Ohio State University, B.S., Univ. of Ten¬ nessee, M.S. PAUL BUNNELL - Biology, General Science, Physical Education, Health, Drivers Training, Football, Track and Freshmen Basketball Coach. Ohio State University, Ohio Wesleyan Uni¬ versity, A.B. CLAIR HACKETT - Chemistry, Physics. Instruc¬ tor and guidance director. Key of " E " advisor. Hillsdale College, B.S., Northwestern Uni¬ versity, M.A. LEONARD JOHNSON - Instructor of English 10. Graduate of Ohio State University, B.S. Mr. Hakcett Mr. Johnson 25 JUDY LEDVINKA - Instructor of Spanish I and II, sponsor of Spanish Club. Graduate of Capitol University, Columbus. REV. FRANKLIN LEDVINKA - Instructor in Ger¬ man I and II, sponsor of German Club. Graduate of Capitol University, Columbus. A.B. Lutheran Seminary, B. D. LEONARD SENGER - Instructor of the Industrial Arts Program. Graduate of Tri-State College, B.S., St. Francis College, M. S. LEROY SLEESMAN - Mathematics instructor. Graduate of Ohio Northern University. Mr. Senger Mr. Sleesman Mrs. Ledvinka Mrs. Luce Mrs. Mann RAMONA LUCE - Instructor in English Develop¬ mental Reading, Girls Physical Education, and Librarian and Sponsor of Library Club. Graduate of Bowling Green State Univ. B.S. also Wilmington College. ROWENA MANN - Instructor in Vocational Home Economics, sponsor of F. H. A. Organization. Graduate of Bowling Green State University, B.S. JOHN von ALLMEN - Instrumental Music, Instruc¬ tor in grades 4-12, Vocal Music in High School, Graduate of Illinois Wesleyan Univ. B. M., Western Illinois Univ. M.S. Ed. EVELYN WITZERMAN - Instructor of English 10, Girls Health. Franklin College, A.B. Mr. Ledvinka Mr. von Allmen Mrs. W itzerman Cafeteria Our new spacious, deluxe dining room and kitchen pro¬ vided excellent facilities and provided the school and com¬ munity with a much needed addition. Here Mrs. Schall, Mrs. Manges and Mrs. Bordner are providing the much needed lunch time energy. Student Services Students provide the addi¬ tional help much needed to carry out an efficient and speedy lunch hour and also to help themselves. Diane Miller, Carol Trausch and Gary Bowles serve. Lunch Line Conrad Alexander, Carol Bunce, Joyce Severence and Delores Harmes present a happy smile at the cafeteria line. 27 Our Plant Caretakers Mr. George he is always Mr. Dayton Young, a painter by trade, keeps all our rooms in cheerful colors. In the summer the outside receives its colors too. Kaiser has been with us many years, all those little tasks ready with a helping hand. He also drives the busses to the games, here we load up at Edgerton after a tournament conquest. Mr. and Mrs. Fox came to us new this year, to help care for our new building. Mr. Kaiser installs extra equipment in our new cafe¬ teria kitchen. 28 f Norman Mildred Robert George Seldon Coles Faulhaber Hodshire Kaiser Kintner Lamont Lloyd Russell Ray Hugh Dayton Knapp Kuckuck Kuckuck Strohl Skiles Young 29 High School A Ibum 30 Commencement May 26, 1967 ■ Senior Class Officers, L to R: Lonn Skiles, President, Lee Fisher, V. President Rozzy Mann, Secretary; Shirley Lloyd, Treasurer; Vickie Oberlin, Reporter; are the first group to enjoy the new concession stand. The Senior Class of 1967 began the year September 1, 1966. We started planning for our Senior trip right away. Our first big project was the magazine sales which began September 19. The homecoming was the biggest event during the football season. Cheryl Best reigned as Queen with Susan Siebenaler as our senior attendant. We had our senior class pictures taken in October, and received the finished photos before Christmas. With the concession stands and dances after the basketball games we made more money for our trip in April. Other activities to help make money were our car washes and bake sales. Our Senior Class play was held April 7. It was a very big success. The biggest event of the year was our Senior trip to Washington D.C., Gettysburg, and Williamsburg. After our trip home, there was an induction of six members of our class to the National Honor Society. They were Bonnie Mason, Debbie Huard, Linda Burlew, Sharon Goebel, Lonn Skiles, and Jim Stotz. The top three members of the class are Jane Hurd, Valedictorian, Arnold Wilson, Salutatorian and Rozzy Mann, Class Prophecy. They gave their addresses at the Commencement May 26. This finished out the year for the Seniors of 1966-67. LONN SKILES: Noon Intramurals 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Foot¬ ball 4; President 4; Annual Staff 2,3,4; Business Manager 3; Student Council 3; National Honor Society 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Queen ' s Escort 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Varsity " E " 4. LEE FISHER: Noon Intramurals 2, 3; Basketball 3; Track 2; Vice President 4; Annual Staff 2, 3; Co-Editor 3; Spanish Club 1, 2; President, German Club 3; Vice President; Hall Monitor 1, 2, 3; Boy ' s State 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Math Club. ROSILAND MANN: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1,2; Majorette 3,4; Noon Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader, Varsity 3, 4; Re¬ serve, Capt. 2; Sec. 4; Treas. 3; Annual Staff 2,3; Editor 2; Nat. Honor Soc. 3,4; FHA 3; Spanish Club 1, 2; Student Librarian 1, 2, 4; Junior Play; Speech Club 3; Library Club 1,2; Math Club 1,2,3; DECA Club 3, 4; Historian 4; Chorus 3, 4; Class Prophecy 4. A M SHIRLEY LLOYD: Noon Intramurals 3; Treasurer 4; Reporter 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Treasurer 3; Hall Monitor 4; Speech Club 4; President 4; Junior Play; Chorus 3. VICKIE L. OBERLIN: Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Sr. Ensemble 3; Noon Intra¬ murals 3, 4; Class Reporter 4; FHA 2, 3, 4; Hall Monitor 4; Speech Club 3; Chorus 4. 31 CAROLYN ABRAHAM: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1,2, 3, 4; Senior Ensemble 4; Noon Intramurals 3, 4; Annual Staff 2, 3; Spilled Ink 3, 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Sec. 2; German Club 4; Reporter 4; Student Librarian 4; Amer. Legion Essay Award, Sec. Place; Girl ' s State Alternate; Jr. Play; Speech Club 4; Library Club 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANSPAUGH: FHA 2, 4; Youth For Christ 4. CHERYL SUE BEST: Noon Intramurals 3, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity 1, 2, 4; Res. 3; Treas. 1; FFA Queen 3; Hall Monitor 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Queen’s Attendant 3; Junior Play; Chorus 3, 4. BRADLEY L. BURKHOLDER: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 3, 4; Noon Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Bas¬ ketball 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1; German Club 3, 4; V. Pres. 4; Queen’s Escort 2; Amer. Legion Essay Award 4; 1st Place; Jr. Play; Varsity " E " 2,3,4; Math Club 1,2. LINDA MAE BURLEW: Annual Staff 2, 3, 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Ger¬ man Club 3, 4; Sec. 3; Student Librarian 2, 4; Hall Monitor 4; Library Club 4. DIANE MARIE CHRISMAN: Spilled Ink 3, 4; Photographer 4; FHA 1, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Rep. 3; Treas. 4; Student Lib. 2,4; Speech Club 3; Jr. Play; Lib. Club 3, 4; Secretary 4. GARY CHRISMAN: Baseball 1, 2; Basket¬ ball 1, 2, 3; Football 1; Noon Intramurals 3. CONNIE CRAWFORD: Noon Intramurals 3, 4; Class Sec. 2, 3; Annual Staff 2, 3, 4; Co- Editor 3; FHA 4; German Club 3; Pres.; Student Lib. 2; Queen ' s Attendant 2; Lib. Club 2. FRED FIKEL: Noon Intramurals 3; FFA 1,2, 3, 4; Hall Monitor 4. MY LIFE " The long, long road is nearly tred, Time has gone so fast. And in my mind I ' m sure I’ve said, To what has my life been cast? " Have I been cast to the wind or the stars Is there a future bright Oh, not that I be just a mar But that I shine with a glowing light. And so . . this is my goal That throughout life I do the best I can And deep the feeling in my soul That I gave something to the greatness of all man. By Marjorie Tingley 32 SUE FIRESTONE: Annual Staff 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3, 4; Student Lib. 2; Hall Moni¬ tor 4; Speech Club 4; Library Club 2. SHEILA ANN FLYNN: Noon Intra¬ murals 3,4; Cheerleader 3 Res; An¬ nual Staff 2; Spilled Ink 4; FHA 2, 3, 4; Student Lib. 1; Hall Mon. 3, 4; Sr. Play; Speech Club 4; Lib. Club 1; Jr. Homemaker 3; Journalism 4. KATHLEEN GEARHART: Chorus 1; Noon Intramurals 4; Annual Staff 2; FHA 2,3; Historian 3; Jr. Homemaker 2; Spanish Club 1; German Club 3; Sr. Play; Math Club 4; Lion’s Club Essay 4, Sec. Place. RODNEY GILBERT: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; FFA 3, 4; President 4; Reporter 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Varsity " E " 2, 4. SHARON GOEBEL: Noon Intramurals 2; Spilled Ink 4; National Honor So¬ ciety 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Junior Play 3; Senior Play; Speech Club. JUDITH HAMILTON: FHA 1,2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3; Student Librarian 4; Speech Club 4; Chorus 1, 3; Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award. CRAIG HANENKRATT: FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD R. HELD: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Hall Monitor 4; Varsity " E " 3, 4. DOUGLAS HERMAN: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Noon Intramurals 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Football 1,3,4; Manager 2; Track 3,4; Annual Staff 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Hall Monitor 2, 3; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Varsity " E " 2, 3, 4; Math Club 2, 3; Vice President 3. DEBORAH DEE HUARD: Senior En¬ semble 4; Cheerleader 2; Reserve; Annual Staff 3,4; Spilled Ink 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Treasurer 3; National Honor Society 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Secretary 1; German Club 3,4; Sec. 4; Queen ' s Attendant 1; Jr. Play; Math Club 3; Chorus 3, 4. LARRY HUG: Noon Intramurals 1, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Football 1, 3, 4; FFA 4; Jr. Play; Var¬ sity " E " 3, 4. MIKE HUG: Noon Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Annual Staff 2; Hall Monitor 1, 2, 3, 4; Attendant ' s Escort 3, 4; Varsity " E " 1, 2, 3, 4; NOAL 3, 4. Sue Firestone Rodney Gilbert Craig Hanenkratt Debbie Huard Sheila Flynn Sharon Goebel Ronald Held Larry Hug Kathy Gearhart Judy Hamilton Douglas Herman Mike Hug 33 W illiam Hug David Keller Ronald Lilly Terry Lyman Jane Hurd Dwight Kohl Donald Long Robert Mailahn Eileen Johnson Robert Kunsman Franklin Long Bonnie Mason WILLIAM HUG: Noon Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; NOAL Team 3, 4; Hall Monitor 4; Attendant ' s Escort 3, 4; Varsity " E " 1, 2, 3, 4; Jun¬ ior Play; Senior Play. JANE HURD: Noon Intramurals 3,4; Class Rep. 1; Annual Staff 2, 3; Stu¬ dent Council 2,3,4; Nat. Honor Soc. 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Treasurer 4; Student Librarian 4; Girl’s State 3; Jr. Play; Lib. Club 4; Math Club 2, 3; Reporter 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. EILEEN JOHNSON: Band 1,2, 3,4; Maj. 3; Noon Intramurals 2, 3; Cheer¬ leader 1, 2, 4; Cap. 4; Class Pres. 3; V. Pres. 2; Annual Staff 2; Nat. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Student Lib. 1; Jr. Play; Varsity " E " 1,2,4; Speech Club 3; Lib. Club 1; Math Club 2, 3; Chorus 1, 3, 4. DAVID KELLER: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 2, 3; Math Club 2. DWIGHT A. KOHL: Basketball 1; Class V. Pres. 3; Treasurer 2; Annual Staff 2, 3; Student Council 4; V. Pres¬ ident 4; FFA 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3, 4; FHA Chap. King 4; Spanish Club 1; Junior Play. ROBERT KUNSMAN: Noon Intramurals 4; Basketball 1,2; V. President 1; An¬ nual Staff 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Speech Club 4; V. Pres. Pep Club 4. RONALD LILLY: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; NWOL Second Team; President 1; Jun¬ ior Play; Senior Play; Varsity " E " 3, 4. DONALD LONG: German Club 3; Speech Club 4. FRANKLIN LONG: Noon Intramurals 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 3, 4; Foot¬ ball Captain 4; NOAL Team 4; Pres¬ ident 2; Queen’s Escort 1,2, 3, 4; Jun¬ ior Play. TERRY LYMAN: General Curriculum. ROBERT MAILAHN: Noon Intramurals 2,3; Football 1; Track 1; Hall Monitor 1, 2, 3, 4; DECA Club Activity Chair¬ man 3, 4. BONNIE MASON: Senior Ensemble; Noon Intramurals 3,4; Cheerleader, Res. 3; Annual Staff 2, 3; Spilled Ink 3,4; National Honor Society 4; Spanish Club Treasurer 1, 2; German Club 3, 4; Reporter 3; President 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Math Club 3. 34 Marvin Mason Diane Miller Louise Parker Diana Purdon Vicki Maugherman Madonna Muehlfeld Sharon Peterson Jerry Robison James McLain Suzanne Muehlfeld Michael Phillips Leslie Rockey MARVIN MASON: Track 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 2,3; Student Advisor 4; Reporter; Varsity " E " 2, 3. VICKI MAUGHERMAN: Band 1,2,3, 4; Pep Band 2, 3, 4; Spilled Ink 3; FHA 2, 3; Photographer 3; Spanish Club 1; Speech Club 1; Math Club 4; President 4. JAMES McLAIN: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Jun¬ ior Play; Speech Club 3. DIANE L. MILLER: Spilled Ink 4; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Hall Monitor 4; Speech Club 4. MADONNA MUEHLFELD: Spilled Ink 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Speech Club 4. SUZANNE MUEHLFELD: Noon Intra¬ murals 3, 4; Spilled Ink 4; FHA 2, 3, 4; Senior Play; Speech Club 4; Journalism Club 4; Junior Degree in Home Eco¬ nomics. GRACE LOUISE PARKER: Senior En¬ semble; Noon Intramurals 2,3; Annual Staff 2, 3; Spilled Ink 3, 4; Editor 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club 3; Student Lib. 1,2,3, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Lib. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Reporter 2; Treas. 3; Pres. 4; Math Club 2; Cho¬ rus 1, 3, 4. SHARON PETERSON: Noon Intramurals 3; Annual Staff 3; Spilled Ink 4; Sr. Play; Latin Club 1, 2; GAA 1, 2; Sr. Ensemble; DECA Club 3, 4; Sec. 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; MICHAEL PHILLIPS: Noon Intramurals 2; Speech Club 4. DIANA LYNN PURDON: Noon Intra¬ murals 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1; Spilled Ink 4; FFIA 2, 3, 4; Senior Play; Speech Club 3; Junior Homemaker. JERRY ROBISON: Football 1; FFA 4; Treasurer; DECA Club President 4. LESLIE ROCKEY: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3; Basketball 1; Annual Staff 2,3; Student Council 2; German Club 3; Hall Monitor 2, 3; Junior Play; Senior Play. 35 MELVIN SWANK: Track 3,4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club 4. MARY ELLEN ROCKEY: Noon Intra¬ murals 3, 4; Annual Staff 2, 3, 4; Spilled Ink 4; Student Librarian 2, 3; Speech Club 3; Library Club 2,3; Math Club 1, 2; DECA Club 4; Reporter. MARTHA SCHULLER: Noon Intra- murals 4; Cheerleader 1; Annual Staff 3; Spilled Ink 4; FHA 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Jr. Play; Speech Club 3; Chorus 1 , 2 . JACK D. SCHUNK: Football 4; Track 4; Annual Staff 4; Hall Monitor 4; Sr. Play; Varsity " E " 4; Speech Club 4. SUSAN SIEBENALER: Noon Intramurals 3,4; Cheerleader 1; Spilled Ink 4; FHA 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Queen ' s Attendant 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Speech Club 3; Pep Board 4; Chorus 1,2. JAMES STOTZ: Noon Intramurals 1; Basketball 1; National Honor Society 4; Hall Monitor 4; Junior Play. MARY LOUISE SUTTON: Spilled Ink 4; FHA 2,4; Speech Club 3. Ugly Man: King For A Night King Lee Fisher, was voted " Ugly Man " of Edon High School at the Ugly Man Dance sponsored by the Cheerleaders. Seniors clean up paper and trash after basketball game. College Enrolls Four of These Seniors Marjorie Tingley Donald Wehrle Carol Trausch Duane Whitney Richard Trausch Arnold W ilson MARJORIE TINGLEY: Senior Ensemble 4; Noon Intramurals 2, 3; Annual Staff 2, 3; Spilled Ink 3, 4; Editor 4; Asst. Editor 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Pres. 4; Student Lib. 3,4; Hall Monitor 3; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Speech Club 3; Lib. Club 3, 4; V. Pres. 4; Math Club 2; Chorus 2, 3, 4. CAROL TRAUSCH: Senior Ensemble 4; Noon Intramurals 2; Spilled Ink 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4; V. Pres. 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Speech Club 4; Math Club 2; Chorus 3, 4. DICK TRAUSCH: Football 1,2, 3,4; FFA 1,2, 3, 4. DONALD WEHRLE: Noon Intramurals 2, 3; Basketball 1; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; V. Pres. 3,4; Jr. Play; DECA Club 3,4; Treasurer. DUANE WHITNEY: Noon Intramurals 3; Junior Play. ARNOLD WILSON: Noon Intramurals 2; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 3; NOAL Team 4; Student Council 4; President; National Honor Society 3,4; President 4; Boy ' s State Alternate 3; Junior Play. 37 Play Cast Mr. Morlock - - — Jack Schunk Mrs. Morlock - - Kathy Gearhart Mary - - - — - Susan Siebenaler Jessica - - — - - - Bonnie Mason Mildred-Carol Trausch Joe Lanconi-Bob Kunsman Luigi Lanconi - - - - Lonn Skiles Martha - - - --Diana Purdon Lucifer ------- Rod Gilbert Miss Akers-Sheila Flynn George Plew -Doug Herman Mrs. Shumaltz- Suzanne Muehlfeld Dr. Brown - - — - — Ron Lilly Mr. Black-Les Rockey Jake..Bill Hug Mrs. Frink-Sharon Peterson “Rest Assured” " Rest Assured " was a play given by the Senior Class on April 7. It was directed by Mrs. Ramona Luce and presented before a full house. Scenes from the play are shown on this page. 38 i Commencement May 26, 1967 Jim and Kathy lead the Junior escort. The customary rose receives its usual placement. 39 Lois Armbruster Rodney Bauer Bill Berry Kathy Best Lonny Bowles Kenny Burkhart Debbie Burkholder Bill Chrisman “Butter on the Bacon ” Jerry Brennan - - - - • Oliver Brennan - - - - Virginia Brennan — - Betty Brennan - - - - Molly Swados - - - - Lt. Swados - - — - - Mrs. Swados- " Moose " Grobengeiser Yvette LaRue — - - ■ Horace Hawthorne - - J. Fenelon Finque - - Miss Kittinger - - - - Mrs. Grobengeiser - - Mr. Diogenes-- • - - Hal Howell - -Ken Burkhart Deb Burkholder -Sue Hug - Janet Gearhart - Charles Miller - Dee Ann Hake Laura Siebenaler ■ Susan Rigelman -Bill Berry - Robert K impel - — Janet Smith - - Dorothy Hays - Jim Siebenaler Director Jamie Fields Juniors — Destination Success Brenda Clark Deanna Clark Lamoin Coolman Nancy Garber Janet Gearhart Linda Gearhart Felicita Guerrero Carol Hake Dee Ann Hake Dorothy Hays Hal Howell Sue Hug Don Hulbert Robert K impel Kenny Kinzer Neil Kohl Jan Kundard Michael Kunsman 40 Jerry Luce Charles Miller Juanita Miller Marsha Miller Kay Mocherman Don Muehlfeld Ronnie Oyer Pam Purdon Susan Rigelman Karen Robinett Chris Rozell Donna Schaffter Jim Siebenaler Laura Siebenaler Mary Siebenaler Janet Smith Richard Smith Gary Snyder Sharon Sowles Kathy Swank Sue Swank JoAnn Thiel Steve Thiel Kevin Timmerman Kenny Trausch John Wells Tom W inright STANDING L. -R. Janet Smith, Treasurer; Chris Rozell, Reporter; SIT¬ TING L.-R. Kathy Best, Vice President; Jim Siebenaler, President; Sue Hug, Secretary Junior Class Officers The main events of the Junior Class are the Home¬ coming program at foot¬ ball time, presenting the parade, crowning of the queen and a dance for the student body in honor of queen and court. In the closing weeks of school they looked forward to an all important event the Junior and Senior Prom. 41 L. -R. Joyce Severence, Reporter; Sharon Thiel, Secretary; Fred Dick, President; Jerry Thiel, Vice President; Dennis Hickman, Treasurer. Sophomores — Growing in Knowledge Helen Anspaugh Cheryl Baughman Gary Bowles Carol Bunce Marcia Hanenkratt Kent Burkholder Charles Christian Kathy Crawford Wendy Curry Fred Dick Vickie Fenter Donald Haddix Jackie Hake Deloris Harmes Steve Held Kathy Herman Dennis Hickman Betty Hug Joe Hug Georgia Keller Lorna Keller Lyle Kellogg Danny Keppler W illard Kline Elaine Kurtz Vickie Lantz Patricia Long Mike Mead Ronald Miller 42 Edmund Muehlfeld Keith Muehlfeld Randy Nester Dennis Osmun Gary Oyer Colleen Patee Jim Payne Mary Lou Peck Mary Phillips Bill Prince Dale Rockey Margy Schuller Sophomores Quickly Learn the Tricks of the Trade L. -R. Sharon Thiel, Wendy Curry, Mary Ann Phillips, Betty Hug, Elaine Kurtz, Margy Schuller, and one lone freshman boy, Bob Howell Joyce Severence Dan Shaw Patty Smith Jerry Sowles Marvin Stickney Dali Thiel Jerry Thiel Sharon Thiel Mike Thomas Melvin Tingley Diane Wehrle Cherry Williams 43 Conrad Alexander Joseph Allomong C arol Anspaugh Paula Asbury Diane Bauer Russell Bigger Rick Bowles William Brigle Eric Burkhardt Sandra Burlew William Calloway Cathy Crisman Paula Coles Carol Curry Carol Darr Rick Dirrim Allen Faulhaber Freshmen Enter High School With Much Anxiety and Anticipation Ricki Flynn John Foster Mary Garber Carol Gillhouse Mary Goebel Colleen Hake Harry Hay Courtney Howell Robert Howell Darrell Huard Lois Hug Robert Hug Mary Hurd Jeri Keller Larry Kinzer 44 Dianne Kohl Sharon Krontz Michael Luce Chris Lyman David Mead Douglas Michael Marietta Miller Richard Missler Arnold Musser David Nester Mark Parson W ayne Peck Thomas Phillips Sharon Prince Linda Purdon John Robinette Charles Racette Reporter: Darrell Huard Secretary-Treasurer: Conrad Alexander Vice President: Doug Michael President: Bill Foster Connie Ricketts W ill i am Stahler Laura Rockey W illiam Rockey Denise Rozell Wandalee Schaffter Marilyn Smith Rose Stantz Anna Stickney Lynn Stoy Ned Tanner Mary Thiel Patricia Thomas Jeffery Timmerman Ray Van De Voorde John von Allmen Linda Wehrle David W illiams 45 The Spirit Stick School Life 46 s ' r: i i us I ' l UiSHMA.V FOOTUAU, football BA.SKBTBALL HASKn ' HAU JUNIOKS FOOTBALL ttASKBTBALI The Game Spirit Spirit Stick Winners LJ w Mifi " 4 hi 1 . g|P| • " c; i S XT SOPHOMORES FOOTBALL 47 After the Games We Danced To our new trophy case we added six new trophies, 1 in football, four in base¬ ball and one from freshmen basketball 48 In The Misty Moonlight Junior-Senior Prom Highlights Personalities — 51 The usual foursome The evening is lovely Senior trip - Hurry up bus Here it is. 52 1 -13P3 Cheryl and Cathy getting to the top The beginning of an FHA dance Don, Jim, Jerry and Jack The Music Makers Key of E basketball game At the Key of E dance Dwight Kohl, FHA King I 53 Noontime Activities The new cafeteria kitchen and dining room became a place of enjoyable association with pleasant atmosphere as well as its increased capacity for the many boys and girls. Below the students, JoAnn Thiel, Dwight Kohl, Diana Purdon, Vickie Oberlin, Pam Purdon, and Mary Siebenaler relax in the spring sunshine. The last minute preparation be¬ fore class by Vickie Maugherman Cheryl Best, as Carolyn Abraham Kathy Gearhart, Eileen Johnson, and others pick up a last minute bit of information. At the right four husky young lads from the eighth grade flex their muscles. Randy Allomong, Bill Peterson Steve Rockey and David Curry. 54 Each year at Christmas time the girls of Home Economics Depart¬ ment decorate a tree for the front hall. Here the Freshmen girls, Lynn Stoy, Mary Lou Thiel and Linda Purdon give the Christmas look. At our Career Day, the group of girls below acted as receptionists and looked after other details. Above shows a part of band in practice session while Rozzy Mann and Bill Foster practice on the stage for a special number. Jerry Robison and Don Hulbert show some inclination in the library to¬ ward class preparation. At the right Susan Rigleman weighs an object on the analytical balance to determine accurate specific gravity of the metal cylinder as part of physics laboratory experi¬ ment. p Reliable Bill Hurry Ron ... HHHIH The parade formed in Blakeslee This is the strategy Kent - Nancy - Shelly The ever faithful And the band played on 59 Sign for Columbus bus We are ready, Dayton We won In goes Nancy Final Briefing Batting practi ce Second place trophy, State of Ohio Home 60 I’m interested in Spanish Marjorie - Felicitas Four lonesome boys Bob, Don, Robert, Jack I doubt it! W e make the points We make the signs We made our clothes That’s my Coke 61 f ss aj TOP LEFT Joe Allomong, Ronald Held, John Robinett, Darrell Huard, Michael Luce, 2nd ROW, Richard Missler, Coach Adams, Mike Hug, Jerry Thiel, Rodney Gilbert, Steve Thiel, Dallas Thiel, THIRD ROW, Franklin Long, Don Muehlfeld, Steve Thiel, Bill Hug, Larry Hug, NEXT ROW, Arnold Musser, Fred Dick. Driver Joe Wolff. - SPORTS - 62 TOP LEFT: K. Kinzer, B. Burkholder, J. Luce, D. Trausch, J. Schunk, F. Long, D. Thiel M. Hug, A. Wilson, R. Oyer, F. Dick, K. Burkholder, T. Phillips, MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Butcher, Ass’t Coach, G ' . Oyer, J. Thiel, D. Muehlfeld, D. Herman, B. Hug, S. Thiel, J. Hug, L. Skiles, D. Huard, N. Tanner, K. Burkhart, Mr. Bunnell, Head Coach, BOTTOM ROW: M. Mead, mgr., M. Luce, D. Mead, A. Faulhaber, B. Brigle, J. Foster, D. Nester, E. Burkhardt, R. Nester, L. Kellogg, J. Timmerman, M. Stickney, B. Rockey, D. Michael, J. Herman, mgr. The Bombers Largest Squad Schedule ’66 Sept. 9 Payne 16 Archbold 23 Montpelier Oct. 1 St. Charles 7 W aldron 14 Fremont 21 Hicksville 28 Woodlan Edon They H 15 8 H 14 30 T 12 22 H 16 0 H 41 14 H 0 7 T 14 34 T 0 19 The spirit of football rises high as a record num ber of players reported for practice. Coach-player combination Coach Bunnell - Captain Frank Long 63 Franklin Long Bradley Burkholder Arnold W ilson Mike Hug Jack Schunk Richard Trausch -T ' Bomber Seniors The action at the left one of the many typical ground gaining runs by number 25, Mike Hug, number 52, Joe Hug gives interference to the op¬ position while Mike moves around the end. All the Senior football players wish next year’s team much success. Lonn Douglas Bill Larry Skiles Herman Hug Hug Seniors We Bid You Farewell 65 Football Homecoming Queen and Court Wendy Curry, So. Mary Lou Thiel, Fr. CHERYL BEST, Queen Nancy Garber, Jr. Susan Siebenaler, Sr. 66 ABOVE LEFT: German Float re¬ ceived first place. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. von Allmen directs band half-time activities, while his helpers do camera antics. Homecoming Festivities ABOVE: The Edon Bomber Spirit rises to help cheer on the team. Cheerleaders, Eileen and Janet lead them in their cries for victory. AT RIGHT: the highlight of the evening was the crowning of this year ' s football homecom¬ ing queen, Miss Cheryl Best by Marcia Kundard, the 1965 reigning queen. Jim Siebe- naler, Master of Ceremonies, the flower girl, Kay Herman and Crown bearer, Jeff Rockey, graciously enjoy the festivities. White No. 28 Gary Oyer and No. 43 Fred Dick Iook on. 67 p Festivities From the Evening Campfire to Anxious Loyal Fans 68 Happiness and Enjoyment 69 Baseball — This was our year — Schedule — We Liberty Center 1 Liberty Center 4 Hicksville 12 Hicksville 2 North Central 5 Edgerton 1 Hilltop 9 Stryker 3 Archbold 7 Stryker 1 They 0 1 1 5 0 5 2 1 4 1 SECTIONAL TOURNEY Hilltop 2 Montpelier 3 Edgerton 2 0 2 1 Ayersville Stryker DISTRICT TOURNEY 2 7 0 1 REGIONAL TOURNEY Plymouth 2 1 Oakwood 9 2 On To Columbus STATE TOURNEY Gnaddenhutton 2 1 Nelsonville 1 3 70 E. H. S. Thin-Clads Have An Active Season Schedule We They Liberty Center 37 81 Archbold 25 85 Hicksville 65 61 Bryan 17 96 Hilltop 82 45 Stryker 60 67 North Central 51 43 Hilltop 74 53 County Meet 4th TOP LEFT: John Wells, Dennis Osmun, Lyle Kellogg, Tom Phillips, Allen Faul- haber, Darrell Huard, Melvin Swank, Mr. Bunnell, Coach, Bob Kimpel, Ken Kinzer, Larry Towers, Brad Burkholder, Jim Payne, Kevin Timmerman, Bill Connolly, BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Luce, Mgr. Douglas Michael, Marvin Mason, Douglas Her¬ man, Frank Long, Ken Burknardt, Bill Rockey, Mike Hug, Larry Kinzer. Marvin Mason, out front in the home stretch. Mick Kunsman to Frank Long in the Mile relay. Mike Hug wins the 440. Bill Connolly clears the bar. 71 «» £ Ai » f ' V i. «% j ' A g|L mm m e„ wm w ■ » « wt - |i if | 0 || t -1®H 3fflp » 4MM» .. ___ __ m ■ -» ■ • »... flMBMHMHHBHHIWHHi jhC in—lull »i ' : Wf L 1 Jjjjb • -■ ■ d ■ ■ • f. -.; r ' ' ! • ; ' ■ in yi ' Ti r frftyfr A Pit yk_Xa Vfl: i f ft - 41 ' gifmni " %L tJF 7 isjr " - ’!■ I J Coach - KENT ADAMS TEAM - L to R Arnold W ilson Ronald Held Lonn Skiles Steve Thiel Bill Hug Larry Hug Rodney Gilbert Mike Hug Gerald Luce Ronald Lilly Schedule We They Paulding 71 58 Archbold 43 71 Hamilton 63 65 OT Fayette 63 68 OT Edgerton 54 42 Ashley 44 47 OT Stryker 84 55 Hilltop 46 45 North Central 56 50 Montpelier 82 61 Hilltop 79 49 Hicksville 65 62 W aterloo 45 46 Edgerton 54 58 Stryker 68 82 Antwerp 53 79 North Central 60 62 Fremont 80 68 SECTIONAL TOURNEY Hilltop 63 56 Stryker 49 73 Si t A : £7 m L-. ' ] r I » fii If H : ; :: Ja These varsity cheer¬ leaders line up to the bas¬ ket with a great big smile. Their enthusiasm and hard work have produced much spirit among the student body. TOP: Eileen Johnson, Sr. Janet Smith, Jr. Cheryl Best, Sr. Rozzy Mann, Sr. ' 73 L. to R. Steve Held, Hal Howell, Fred Dick, John Wells, Kent Burkholder, Jim Siebenaler, Jerry Luce, Jerry Thiel, Joe Hug. Bomber Reserves Support Varsity RESERVE CHEERLEADERS, L to R; Betty Hug, Kathy Best, Vicki Lantz, Jan Kundard, enjoyed the new gym and portray a happy smile. They work with the Varsity Cheerleaders to promote school spirit and team determination. John Wells (41) on the defensive board. 74 Eric Burkhardt, David Nester, Harry Hay, Bill Rockey, Darrell Huard, Allen Faulhaber John Robinett, Tom Phillips, Michael Luce, Jeff Timmerman, Bill Foster, Richard Missler, Courtney Howell. Freshmen — County Tourney Champs The freshmen enjoyed an outstanding season, winning the County tourney held at Edon. The above team will be the envy of a coach in the com¬ ing years. They have a lot of height and plenty of skill. We look forward to outstanding performance in the coming years. The shots below shown are lay-ups of Darrell Huard and getting a trophy net after winning the tourney. Their loyal supporters and cheerleaders at the left are: TOP; Sharon Prince, Carol Curry, Marilyn Smith and Anna Stickney. 75 JUNIOR HIGH Northwest Edon St. Joseph FRONT LEFT: Pat Berry, E, Marlin Bauer, N, Sam Mohre, B, Jeff Herman, E, Leon Gearhart, E, Coach 111 .A d ci m s 2nd ROW: Gary Thiel, B, Timmy Muehlfeld, B, Randy Smith, N, John Kellogg, N, Paul Hoover, N, John Kline, E, Lynn Fenter, N, . 3rd ROW: Danny Phillips, B, Billy Muehlfeld, B, Gary Hake, N, Jerry Best, N, Jimmy Peterson, E. Craig Timmerman, E, Jim Champion, E, 4th ROW: Dick Calloway, N, Steve Hulbert, E. Rodney Stoy, E, Dale Gearhart, N, Rick Hake, N, MLtchell D 0ck N TOP ROW: DeWayne Sutton, N, Jay Tingley, N, Mgr. Bobby Flynn, B, Dave Curry, E, Bobby Keller, E, Bill Peterson, E, John Hay. ABSENT: Fred Kellogg, N, Sam Shaw, N, Don Sutton, N, Brian Wells, N. N - Northwest E - Edon B - St. Joseph 76 Kindergarten A Violet Bidwell Fifth Grade Eleanor Lesnet PRINCIPAL Mr. Dean B. Kannel Northwest Elementary Faculty First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Leona Gardner Mrs. Williamson Ethel Speith Vivienne Waterston Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade Eighth Grade Bonnie Brooks Pat Hay Rose Butcher Burton Blue June Kasunic taught music her picture is with the Edon faculty Mrs. Butcher transferred to Edon at mid-year. Edon Elementary Faculty PRINCIPAL Mr. John Butcher Kindergarten First Grade Eleanor Foster Patricia Christiaanse Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Alice Eyster Menzaneta Fern Hemenway Buck Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade Music Doris Lamont Knapp George Gebhard Ruth Bunnell June Kasunic Lancaster June Kasunic taught music at Northwest also. Rose Butcher from Northwest replaced Mrs. Lancaster at midyear. 78 SISTER ANDRE Third and Fourth Grades Sister Andre teaches arith¬ metic to Eddie Wehrle. SISTER MARCELLA First and Second Grades Left: Freddie Thiel Al¬ bert Brown, Kathy Walz, Susan Huard, Lisa Mohre, Elaine Wuebben. MRS. TONALD TUSSEY Fifth and Sixth Grades Mrs. Tussey with Rita Wehrle and Kathy Goebel display their farm project. SISTER MARY ALACOQUE Seventh and Eighth Grades Special projects are dis¬ played by Bill Muehlfeld and Cheryl Siebenaler and Cheryl Alexander. 79 p Northwest Elementary Wanda Bidwell Connie Dean Katie Jermeay Steven Hay Stacy Keller Michael Lutz Eric Matthews Raymond Miller Michael McClellan Phillip Moore Sandra Osborn John Smith Ivan Bechtol Mary Martindill James Alexander Becky Bennett Robert Kissinger Junie Fry Michael Guilford William McNamee Buddy Prince Peggy Schaffter Laurie Ann Smith Elaine Welden Charyl Woodruff Northwest Kindergarten P First Grade Linda Anspaugh Tim Buchanan Terry Chroninger Buddy Crist Robin Depew Bruce Goshorn Jeff Goshorn Craig Green Kathy Hoover Tammy Kissinger Sue Knapp Cathy Lemmon Sandra Lilly Angela Lutz Shane Mallicotte Kerry Matthews Debra Merica Jody Miller Theresa Parsons Eddie Prince Judy Prince Laura Ricketts Marcella Robison Debbie Scott John Smith Darla Snyder Michael Swank John Tibbs Mary Jo Tingley Kelly Weldon Diane Zeigler 82 Our Reading Table Second Randy Buchanan Carol Burke Betty Chroninger Jackie Dean Todd Dick Tom Fisher Jeanne Fry Karlen Hake Tom Headley Carhy Kissinger Choice Activities Julie Lutz Grade ■MjT r% Terry Mathews Jeff Miller Tim Rockey Lisa Sawvel Robert Sawvel Randy Scott Joe Smith Terry Strohl Kyle Towers Randy Wyrick 83 Diane Bechtol Mike Bechtol Sherry Bowles Allen Depew Denise Dick Tony Disbro Merlyn Fenter Christine Fikel Steve Fisher Richie Frank Billy Fry Craig Goshorn Floyd Goshorn Jeff Green Jon Hake Ron Hake Joe Headley Phillip Hodshire Debbie Kissinger Cindy Lemmon Larry Long Chris Lutz Gary Lyman Janet Martindill Wayne Ma ssey Timmy Parson Sally Schaffter Kevin Skiles Betty Smith Diane Tibbs Robin Weldon Third Grade L to R: Sally Schaffter, Allen Depew, Craig Gos¬ horn, Debbie Burke, Jon Hake, Phillip Hodshire. 84 Billy Armstrong Catny Beres Mickey Best Becky Bond Bonme Calloway Norine Crist Linda Conley Mindy Conley Sandy Copeland Dean Craven Rozetta Faulhaber Denis Friskney Betty Garber Mike Gearhart Kelvin Hake Laura Hake Terry Hake Becky Hawkins Susan Hay Charles Headley Rea Hoover Lynn Lemmon Belinda Lutz Larry Mocherman Cathy Moomaw Wanaa Moore Greg Munger Jan Osborn Sharon Oyer Sherry Pickford Kenny Prince Ronald Sawvel Debra Smith Ellen Sutton Ricky Swank Patti T ibbs Mark Tingley Lane Towers Fourth Grade 85 Fifth Grade Diane Deck Tim Disbro Paul Garber Debra Goshorn Mark Goshorn Dennis Green Douglas Hay Betty Headley Carole Jean Hodshire Ricky Hoover Alan K impel Toni Lantz Nora Lesnet Lori Lyman Margaret Massey Jeff Mathews Carlene Mocherman Jerry Munger Tom Parsons Bea Prince Deborah Sawvel Shirley Stickney Kathy Tibbs Darlene Zeigler Norman Anspaugh Stevie Bauer Dottie Beres Gary Best Brenda Bond Kent Hake Jim Hay Joe Hays Doyle Hickman Wendell Humphrey JoAnn Kellogg Monica Knapp Karen Lilly Linda Long Vickie Lyman Sandy Massey LuAnn Moore Steven Munger Lynn Prince David Ricketts Elaine Skiles Larry Sutton Sixth Mrs. Hay, with the help of Vickie Lyman, Stevie Bauer and Joe Hays instructs the class with their daily lessons. Grade Mrs. Hay, the sixth grade teacher and Mr. Kannel, the school principal, together try to teach the children of their knowledge. The children, eager to gain knowledge listen with willing ears. m Marlin Bauer Sandra Bauer Jackie Beres Nell Burke Dick Calloway Mitchell Deck Julianna Faluhaber Lynn Fenter Kay Fikel Kenneth Fikel Kathy Firestone Dale Gearhart Connie Hake Sharon Hake John Hay Marcella Kimpel Kathy McGurgan Jeanne Miller Ried Maugherman Rita Maugherman Ruth Maugherman Connie Moomaw Cheryl Moore Terry Osborn Barbara Ricketts Marcia Robison Sam Shaw Barbara Skiles Ribecca Slagle Anita Stickney Donald Sutton Cynthy Tibbs Brian Wells I Seventh Grade The seventh grade stu¬ dents exchange gifts and play games. Refreshments were enjoyed by all. The students shown are Kathy McGurgan, Kenneth Fikel, Connie Hake, Bar¬ bara Ricketts, Mitchell Deck, John Wells, Kay Fikel and Donald Crawford. ■ 88 Deborah Armstrong Dottie Allomong Vickie Bauer Jerry Best LuAnn Best Peggy Burlew Evelyn Goshorn Rosa Conley Donald Crawford Debra Fenter Kathy Gallagher Kim Gearhart Dennis Goshorn Gary Hake Rick Hake Paul Hoover John Hudak Fred Kellogg John Kellogg Janet Lesnet David Oyer Carol Prince Denise Prince Dianne Rogers Neil Skiles Randy Smith Karen Strohl Duane Sutton Jay Tingley Eighth Grade The students are exchanging Christmas gifts. Left to right; Kathy Gallagher, Carol Prince, Dotty Allomong, LuAnn Best, Janet Lesnet, Vickie Bauer, Mr. Kannel, Jay Tingley, SEATED; Karen Strohl, Randy Smith, John and Fred Kellogg with their backs turned. The students are taking the Algebra Aptitude Test, which helps in proper placement of mathematics in high school. The test is being given to the students under the supervision of Mr. Blue. 89 p Gary Hake, Fred Kellogg, Dennis Goshorn, Paul Hoover, Mitch Deck, Rich Hake, Neal Skiles, John Kellogg, Jerry Best, FRONT: Randy Smith VARSITY TEAM BACK LEFT: Janet Lesnet, Vickie Bauer, Karen Strohl, FRONT: Barbara Ricketts, Ribecca Slagle, Cheryl Moore. These boys show backboard rebounding skills. Lower right the boys receive tournament second place trophy. 90 LEFT STANDING: Donald Sutton, Reid Mocherman Brian Wells, Sam Shaw, John Hay, FRONT: Marlin Bauer, Dale Gearhart, Terry Osborn, Kenny Fikel. NORTHWEST RESERVES UPPER LEFT: Candid shows cheerleaders and student body in tense moments during tournament play-off for first place in Junior High County Tourney. At the right another tourney action on a jump ball at the foul line. Lower left are pictures of father and son playing Junior High ball with 27 years elapsed time. Heredi¬ tary likeness carries through. Below, student body and community patrons show total support for competitive sports while team man¬ ager and reserves keep a watchful eye. 91 Northwest Elementary Band BACK LEFT: Brenda Bond, Mark Goshorn, Tom Parsons, Douglas Hay, Vickie Lyman, Monica Knapp, Lu- Ann Moore, Debra Goshorn, Kent Hake, Norman Anspaugh, Diane Deck, Nora Lesnet, Kathy Tibbs, Shirley Stickney, Lori Lyman, Linda Long, Sandra Copeland. CENTER: David Ricketts, Perry Bauer, Kathy Gallager, Vickie Bauer, David Oyer, Barbara Ricketts, Dotty Allomong, Julianna Faulhaber, Cheryl Moore, Karen Strohl, John Hay, Elaine Skiles, Connie Moomaw, Joy Hays, Jim Hay, FRONT: Carol Prince, Toni Lantz, Denise Prince, Debbie Armstrong, Sandra Bauer, Marcia Robison, Con¬ nie Hake, Becky Slagle, Sharon Hake, Anita Stickeny. Tramps-Teens-Terrors Who ' s Feudin Now John V an Hefner - - Mrs. Van Hefner - - Betty - -- -- -- - Paul---- Marge ------- Mr. Bagley - - - - - Percy -------- Tramp - Uncultured Gorilla ------- - - Gary Hake - - Karen Strohl ■ Peggy Burlew - - Neil Skiles Kathy Gallager Dennis Goshorn - - David Oyer - John Hudak - - Jay Tingley EIGHTH GRADE Paw Capfield - - - Mrs. Capfield - - ■ Zeke- Lulu Mae - - - - - Daisy Belle - - - - Abe- Jenny Sue Capfield Mrs. Everette- Mr. Everette- Dawn Gardner - - ■ ■ -John Hay Julianna Faulhaber - - - Brian Wells • - Marcia Robison • Kathy McGurgan - - - -Lynn Fenter ■ - - Sandra Bauer - Anita Stickney -Mitch Deere - - - Sharon Hake SEVENTH GRADE LEFT: Gary Hake, Jay Tingley, John Hudak, David Oyer, Neal Skiles, Dennis Goshorn, Karen Strohl, Peggy Burlew, STANDING: Kathy Gallager. LEFT: Sharon Hake, Mitch Deck, Brian Wells, Kathy McGurgan, Julianna Faulhaber, Marcia Robison, FRONT: John Hay, Lynn Fenter, Sandra Bauer, Anita Stickney. 92 Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Slagle prepare that noon time meal Recess activity, where friends and companions are made. Mac Skiles, the plant engineer, looks after all of the details. School is out; the buses are waiting. The wintry snow is cold, but I like it. Graduate girls chorus at Commencement. Cultured and uncultured tramps. 93 Shelly Adams Kerry Alexander David Blue Michael Brown Gregory Chrisman Theron Clymer Lyle Curry Cindy Dirrim Rex Flowers Debbie Fry Charles Gillhouse Donald Gillhouse Lyle Held Sandy Held Michael Huard Debbie Christian Dawn McCrea Carl Miller Karen Muehlfeld Sandy Osmun Teresa Siebenaler Patty Smith RriSs Tt U Vv Ww o ' 91. Nn OojPp WtommmW; r MBi: ■ - Karen Trausch Amy von Allmen Santa Claus, Amy von Allmen, Sandra Held, Shelly Adams. 94 Commencement for both groups at which time they present a lively program. Christmas holds many anticipations a world of wonderment. Kindergarten P.M. Class Tom Bloir Tammy Coleman Mary Kay Crist Tony Entenman Melissa Fry Gary Gearnart David Hageman Joe Hernandez Danny Hug Greg Livensparger Michael Long Nancy Long If 1 W 9 [! l o - T ! - r Barry Lupien Mel Lyons Diane Mohre Roger Montgomery Todd Muehlfeld Patricia Phillips Tom Siebenaler Jackie Stantz Debbie Thiel Bob Thiel Jamie Twito Donald Wuebben 95 Jerry Borton Susan Brigle Kathy Flowers Ronnie Bunce Mitchell Burkholder George Carothers Betty Christman Larry Crist Allan Davis Tony Dirrim Janet Doty Ila Enteman L. -R. Sandra Meyers, Mark Joice, Randy Manges, Jimmy Mellon, Terry Whitney, Jerry Borton, Mrs. Lonny Hagerman Christianse, Debra Holthues, Robert Perry, Betty Debra Holthues Chrism an, Lonny Hageman. Pamela Hopkins First Grade Donald Ingersoll Marc Joice Maryann Kuckuck Jenny Malone Randy Manges Jimmy Mellon Sandra Meyers Carl Perkins David Fry Dana Peterson Doug Purdon Linda Ridgeway Ann Skeens Curtis Stantz Deborah Strup Patty Tanner David Tennant Debbie Thompson Alan Van De Voorde Shelly Wertman Terry Whitney 96 Jeff Alwood Alan Buck Craig Buell Kenny Carter Brenda Champion Harold Christian Amy Clymer DeW ayne Co lb art Dennis Curry Larry Dewire Rhonda Fenstermaker Theresa Flowers David Gearhart Randy Gearhart Lonnie Hart Kay Herman Brenda Hernandez Joe Hermandez Brenda Kaiser Curtis Lump Alan Lupien Becky Lyons Second Grade L. -R. Doug Stainer, Kenneth Carter, Craig Buell, Joe Hernandez, Rhonda Fensterijiaker, Susan Thomp¬ son, Alan Buck Debbie Manges Sherry Mellon Larry Myers Joanna Miller Jeff Rockey Cheryl Rupp Pam Skeens Doug Stayner Jerry Suffel Peggy Tanner David Thomas Susan Thompson 97 Philip Aldrich Danny Bigger Steve Bloir Karen Borton Ray Burbank Connie Curry Kathy Curry Dawn Doty kandy Entenman William Entemnam Michael Etzler Anthony Fry Christine Gearhart Patty Gillhouse Ellen Hernandez Doug Holthues Third Grade L to R: Dawn Doty, Tina Hopkins, Pamela Lump, Doug Holthues, Anthony Fry, Pamela Rockey, Michael Parson, Steve Bloir, Connie Curry, Kathy Curry, Dorothy Kuckuck STANDING: Trina Price. Tina Hopkins Brian Kaiser Dennis Kaiser Dorothy Kuckuck Steve Kuckuck Pam Lump David Lupien Kathy Manges Rhonda Miller W ilfred Miller Marie Musser Milton Nester Mike Parson Jon Racette Pam Rockey Bonnie Rupp 98 Reading is our Specialty L to R Pamela Fry, Brenda Alwoodi LuAnn Gearhart, Mrs. Hemenway, Mark von Allmen, Ray Strup, Bobby Crist, Michael Davis. Julie Allomong Brenda Alwooa Melanie Burbank VeEtte Burbank Paul Conway Dick Crist Bobby Crist Mike Davis Pam Fry Paul Fry Alan Gearhart LuAnn Gearhart Phyllis Gillhouse Jimmy Herman Jane Hernandez W arren Hulbert Vickie Ingersol Chevone Kasunic Lois Knapp Lynn Kundard Ronald Miller Mike Musser Debbie Newland Kay Reitzel Kenny Reitzel Alan Stantz Ray Strup Debbie Thomas Leslie Thompson Mark von Allmen Fourth Grade 99 Fifth Grade L to R: Mary Ann Tanner, Debbie Missler, Bobby Missler, Bobby Lloyd, Martna Michael, Dennis Holthues BACK VIEW: Pam Aldrich, Susan Bloir. Pam Aldrich Susie Bloir Charlene Buell Billy Burbank Cindy Carter Rosemary Champion Kathy Colbart Terrie Hart Yolanda Hernandez Dennis Holthues Jennifer Kaiser Randy Kaiser Sharon Kinzer Billy Kuckuck Darlene Kuckuck Bobby Lloyd Linda Myers Martha Michael Bobby Missler Raymond Newland Stanley Robinett Kenneth Rupp Ricky Scott Nancy Skeens Janet Smith Larry Stantz Mary Ann Tanner Randy Timmerman Debby Whitney 100 Sixth Grade Tom Brigle Roger Champion John Colbart Randy Coles Danny Curry Vickie Davis Mike Entenmen Jeff Fifer Doris Flowers Lavon Flowers Shirley Gillhouse Roberta Ingersol Craig Kaiser Jack Kline Buddy Krontz Jeanine Kuckuck Don Osmun David Reitzel Victor Rockey Buddy Stantz Gail Stayner Randy Stoy Marvin Wneeler Mike Zimmer David Reitzel, Mike Entenmen Bud Stantz Lavon Flowers, Jack Kline Bud Krontz 101 Pat Berry Lynn Bloir Susan Bunce Jolene Burkholder Kathy Everetts Jerry Fox Leon Gearhart Evonne Gillhouse Roger Huard Steve Hulbert Debbie Johnson Debbie Kasunic Carol Kuckuck Pam Maugherman Barbara Myers Homer Miller Bill Missler Jim Peterson Sue Skeens Kent Smith Rodney Stoy Craig Timmerman Jan Walz Leland W ilson Julia von Allmen Seventh Grade wsikwm, 102 Mr. Gebhard, Kathy Everetts, Julia von Allmen, Homer Miller, Deborah Kasunic, Bill Missler, Leland Wilson, Jolene Burkholder, Pam Maugherman, Lynn Bloir, Jan Walz, Craig Timmerman, Barbara Myers, Pat Berry, Kent Smith. Randy Allomong Debbie Bigger Steve Champion Jim Champion Christy Chrisman David Curry Vickie Dirrim Kathryn Gillhouse Jeff Herman Bob Hulbert Mike Kaiser Bob Keller John Kline Linda Kline Holly Mead Evelyn Miller Bill Peterson Marlene Ridgeway Steve Rockey Roger Severence Paula Stahler Eighth Grade TOP LEFT: Mr. Gebhard, Mrs. Bunnell, P. Stahler, L, Kline, C. Chrisman, D. Bigger, V. Dirrim, H. Mead, M. Ridgeway, E. Miller, K. Gillhouse, Mr. Butcher. CENTER: J. Kline, R. Keller, R. Hulbert, R. Severence. M. Kaiser, J. Herman, S. Champion, C. Missler, J. Champion (Center) D. Curry, R. Allomong B. Peter¬ son, St. Rockey Achievement Night 103 HSKB LEFT: Leland Wilson, Jerry Fox, Bob Keller, John Kline, Craig Timmerman, Jim Champion, Randy Alio - mong, Rodney Stoy, Jeff Herman, Steve Rockey, Bill Missler, Mgrs. Bill Peterson, Steve Champion. Junior High Basketball Reserves Steve Hulbert Craig Timmerman Kent Smith Randy Stoy Leon Gearnart Jerry Fox FRONT: Roger Huard Leland W ilson Jim Peterson Bill Missler Pat Berry 104 The junior high played their regular schedule after school. Here final instructions are given by coach Mr. Butcher. All you need to do boys is get the most points. Jeff Herman seems to have his eye on the basket, but on the bottom. This calls for a wee bit of a curve. Referee Sleesman anticipates a held ball. Debbie Bigger, JanWalz, Evelyn Miller, Linda Kline, Jolene Burkholder. BOTTOM: Pam Maugherman, Lynn Bloir, Christy Chrisman. This is noon time activity for the elementary boys and girls in the gym. This provides inside activity for the children when it is bad weather. Beginning skills are developed and interest in the sport is cul¬ tivated. 105 BW 1 ! Williams County Elementary Science Fair This year the Edon elementary school was host to the schools of the County for the annual Science Fair. The new gymnasium was filled with several hundred projects, even the stage provided necessary room. Proj¬ ects were judged in groups and prizes awarded. The public is invited to these displays. Below are two of the fifth grade projects. The above projects were exhibited for room judging. Yolanda Hernandez Bill Burbank, Larry Stantz, Randy Timmerman, and Charlene Buell are in the fifth grade. Kathy Colbart and Susie Bloir are shown with their projects that were shown at the Science Fair. They are also in the fifth grade. ■ - • 106 The elementary band under the direction of Mr. von Allmen takes part in their spring program. The fifth grade chorus presents their part of the spring musical. At the eighth grade achievement night, a mock class session in which Miss Miller portrays the part of teacher. Bus transportation is part of the daily routine of the boys and girls. The elementary is first to load. Playground Activity The first grade enjoys the energy spending time but are now lining up to return to their classroom. 107 w St. Joseph’s Catholic Father Wernert, Anthony Hug Robert Flynn Sister Alacoque Ronald Schuller, Debra Siebenaler, Margaret Hurd, Carlene Muehlfeld, Lonnie Siebenaler 108 Gary Bowling John Flynn Marvin Hug Diane Livensparger Gary Mohre NicKie Mohre Roger Muehlfeld Kenny Muehlfeld Susan Slebenaler Tony Siebenaler Mary Ann Smith Teresa Stoker Laura Thiel Ted Thiel Mark Trausch Kevin Walz David Wehrle Douglas Wehrle First Grade As We Learn LEFT ROW: G. Mohre, K. Walz 2nd ROW: F. Thiel, S. Siebenaler, Doug Wehrle 3rd ROW: A. Brown, David Wehrle, E. Wuebben, L. Thiel 4th ROW: S. Muehlfeld, D. Livensparger, T. Siebenaler M. Smith, J. Flynn, K. Siebenaler 5th ROW: M. Hug, L. Mohre, G. Bowling, M. Trausch, T. Stoker BACK TABLE: B. Hug, D. Hug, R. Hurd. Second Grade Albert Brown Ricky Hurd Susan Huard Brent Hug David Hug Lisa Mohre Freddie Thiel Kathy Walz Eileen Wuebben 109 Third Grade Neil Bowling Becky Brown Cheryl Flynn Kathleen Fry Ronald Gearhart Debora Held Laura Held Donna Hug Teresa Hug Sheryl Livensparger David Mohre Julie Ann Mohre Karen Siebenaler Lynn Smith Gail Thiel Kent Thiel Randy Thiel Susan Thiel Janice Trausch Janis Wehrle James Wuebben Steve Bowling Don Fry Randy Goebel Louise Held Lucinda Held Mark Hug Mary Jane Hug Donald Huard Ray Hurd Marie Muehlfeld Michael Muehlfeld Cindy Phillips Paul Phillips Diane Siebenaler Mary Siebenaler Sandra Siebenaler Jeff Thiel Thomas Trausch Edwin Wehrle Fourth Grade 110 Mark Thiel Roxana Wright Mark Gearhart Linda Held Jerry Hug LuAnn Hug Phil Hug Jane Kurtz Mary Sue Mohre Cindy Muehlfeld Jim Phillips Bradley Shculler Kathy Schuller Randy Siebenaler Fifth Grade LEFT ROW: Steve Kurtz Loren Held Larry Thiel Jeff Muehlfeld NEXT ROW: Dana Smith Kathy Goebel Rita W ehrle John Hug Kathy Schuller Cindy Muehlfeld NEXT ROW: Roxana Wright Jane Kurtz LuAnn Hug Jerry Hug Bradley Schuller FRONT ROW: Linda Held Mark Gearhart Cathy Goebel Loren Held Dan Huard John Hug Sixth Grade Steve Kurtz Bob Mohre Jeff Muehlfeld Dana Smith Larry Thiel Rita Wehrle w tiA i Angela Thiel Gary Thiel Darlene Traucsh Cheryl Alexander Jacqueline Hurd Vickie Hug Sam Mohre Allan Muehlfeld Timothy Muehlfeld William Muehlfeld Daniel Phillips Vickie Phillips Cheryl Siebenaler Louise Siebenaler Steve Siebenaler Seventh Grade Eighth Grade ROW BY BOARD: Angela Thiel, Louise Siebenaler, NEXT ROW: Gary Thiel, Sam Mohre, Vickie Hug, NEXT ROW: Allen Muehlfeld, Danny Phillips, Jackie Hurd, Cheryl Alexander, NEXT ROW: Ronnie Schuller, Cheryl Siebenaler, Jim Muehlfeld, Steve Siebenaler, LAST ROW: Peggy Hurd, Tony Hug, Debbie Siebenaler, Lonnie Siebenaler. Peggy Hurd Anthony Hug Carlene Muehlfeld Ronald Schuller Debra Siebenaler Lonnie Siebenaler Allan keeps the mascot handy. 12 Varsity Coach - LeROY HUG L to R: Stive Siebenaler, Gary Thiel, Sam Mohre, Tim Muehlfeld, Tony Hug, Danny Phillips, Bill Muehlfeld, Bob Flynn, Lonnie Siebenaler St. Joseph Basketball Stars L to R: Jeff Muehlfeld, Dana Smith, Bob Mohre, LeRoy Hug, Loren Held Larry Thiel, John Hug. CENTER: Steve Kurtz, Danny Hurd. Reserves 113 n Third and Fourth G rades ROW BY DOOR: Jeff Thiel, Mary Jane Hug. NEXT ROW: Mark Hug, Eddie Wehrle, Marie Muehlfeld, NEXT ROW: Ray Hurd, Cindy Phillips, Sandy Siebenaler, Mary Siebenaler, NEXT ROW: Kent Thiel, Janice Trausch, Sheryl Livensparger, Laura Held, Randy Thiel, NEXT ROW: Julie Ann Mohre, Becky Brown, Susan Thiel, Lynn Smith, Janis Wehrle, Gail Thiel, NEXT ROW: Kathy Fry, Neil Bowling. What I Like Most About School Recess LEFT: Cheryl Flynn Diane Siebenaler Debbie Held Mary Jane Hug Sandy Siebenaler Mary Siebenaler Gail Thiel Lucinda Held Louise Held Marie Muehlfeld This is our Sport. Baseball LEFT: Lonnie Siebenaler Allan Muehlfeld Steve Siebenaler Danny Phillips Tim Muehlfeld Bill Muehlfeld Bob Flynn Bob Mohre Gary Thiel Ronnie Schuller LEFT: Susan Siebenaler, Lize Mohre, Elaine Wuebben, Theresa Stoker, Mary Ann Smith, Kathy Fry, Susan Huard, Theresa Hug, Laura Thiel, Diane Livensparger IN FRONT: Kathy Walz. UP: David Wehrle, Nickie Mohre, Marvin Hug, Doug Wehrle, Jesse Hernandez. Outdoor Activities LEFT: Cheryl Alexander, Peggy Hurd, Jackie Hurd, Debbie Siebenaler, Cheryl Siebenaler, Darlene Trausch. ill 1 Bill n ImlMm J BACK LEFT: Ray Hurd, Donald Hurd, Donald Huard, LEFT: Randy Goebel, Donald Huard, Tom Trausch. Mark Hug, FRONT: Jen Thiel, Steve Bowling, Paul Phillips, Randy Thiel, Randy Goebel, SIDE: Kent Thiel, Eddie Wehrle, Tom Trausch. I 15 Appreciation to Our Patrons The Key of E Yearbook Staff wishes to extend to its many patrons who have so generously subscribed to this yearbook its best wishes for their continued support. Many memorieswill be found among its pages in the years to come. Those who wander through its pages may appreciate the support of those people listed below as subscribers to this annual, and in some way may say thank you that these moments of school life have been preserved. On behalf of the student body we wish you much success in the years ahead. DR. and MRS. M. C. ABRAHAM, Edon KINDLERS FLOWERS, Montpelier BEACH PURE OIL STATION, Edon KLINES WELL DRILLING, Edon BIG " 3 " GROCERY, Blakeslee KNISLEY DRY CLEANERS, Edgerton BOB AND JULIES RESTAURANT, Edon THE K R CLEANERS, Bryan BOB’S GARAGE SERVICE, Blakeslee KURTZ CYCLE SHOP Blakeslee BRUCE’S BARBER SHOP, Edon KNEPPER-FOSTER INS. Edon BURKHARDT I G A, Edon LUTTERBEIN LUMBER CO. Edon BURKHARDT OIL CO., Edon MARTHA’S BEAUTY SHOP Edon CRANKS BARBER SHOP, Edon JOE MOHRE, Blakeslee CRETORS KUNDARD FUNERAL HOME, Edon MOHRE TV RADIO Blakeslee DEFIANCE DAIRY CO., Defiance PARKER FENTON, Bryan EDON FARMERS COOP., Edon PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Bryan EDON HARDWARE CO., Edon ROCKEYS DAIRY FARMS Edon EDON MACHINE CO., Edon ROZELL’S FLOWER SHOP Montpelier EDON STATE BANK CO., Edon SHELL SERVICE STATION, Edon EDON TOOL WORKS Edon SEALTEST - JACK MONTGOMERY, Edon EDON VARIETY STORE, Edon RUSSELLS MENS WEAR, Bryan MR. and MRS. GEORGE GEBHARD Edgerton MR. and MRS. WELDON STARR, Edon HENRY’S SHOE STORE, Montpelier STEVENS HARDWARE, Edon HERMAN’S STORE, Edon THIEL CONSTRUCTION CO. Edon KAISER READY MIX, Edon TOLEDO EDISON CO. Toledo KAISER IMPLEMENT Edon VANDA ' S BEAUTY SHOP, Edon WALTERS PECK INS. CO. Edon WOLFF’S TRACTOR SERVICE, Edon ZULCH’S PHOTO AND CAMERA SHOP, Montpelier A cknowledgements We are very grateful to acknowledge all the assistance we have received in putting this book together. We extend our thanks to the administration, to the faculty of all school systems for their time and cooperation. To Zulch’s Photo Shop for loan of equipment and the taking of pictures and to the National Studios for stu¬ dent pictures. We are very grateful to the H. A. Powell Co. of Toledo for coming to our school activities and taking pictures without charge also for the use of their darkroom. The Taylor Publishing Co. for printing services and all others for any help from so many kind people. I 16 A utographs $ If VJ $ v ■ 7 U if ?i if a A § k S n hs V " £y r s e T o Tf " O r= _ r£ A Iff h y .a rl - 9.. or , p y ■7 y ' i (4 .hi n7 Jb a “ ■ £ v t r v ' . 5 ■ ' U - cX , A o !!. y A ft W l J " V ' l T y ) V V u ' Vu ' vy 7 0 ' 9?n y } 0 ■ , P(5 i Z 77Z . sZs ' ltlf ' =P Ux ‘. ( J7V AL Cl t s ZZt Z J Z - tZZA C C y £ 3j6x?- ' C ' Ccjl , £ J On c )$jKiZ Zc Zl f s ' - c2 L ci , it gr- s3r i iiiw i n Mm mm ■yjysat wmm m : »• i Mi ■m 1:6 1 i ' r :t V= ;; - J.i 4 : • •

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