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?£7 oru fyot ' aJ ' J 6J M±) Jt lspenno ines 1967 “«■ ' isneo 6 , T U£e Senior Gfass of Sidney vine C cfnepuiffe DC CJ. The Best of Everything In Administration Activities Athletics Features Foreword We, as seniors, look back on our years at Edneyville High School with thoughtfulness and pride. Here is WHISPERING PINES 1967 we leave our impres¬ sion of our experiences. These years truly hold " the best of every¬ thing. " Classes 2 10 ex press our gratitude for your help, guidance, and cooperation during our years at Edneyville High School, we dedicate our WHISPERING PINES 1967 to you, Mr. John Burroughs. 3 “ j 1 (vise son inaJzeifi a cj acifatfier. Johnny Pace July 26, 1950—October 3, 1966 The Best In Administration MR. W. J. NESBITT Principal Edneyville High School MR. J. M. FOSTER Superintendent Henderson County Schools 5 MRS. SHARON BELL Western Carolina College, B.S. MRS. ANNIE BURLEY West Virginia Institute of Tech¬ nology, A.B.; Columbia Uni¬ versity, Post Graduate. MR. JOHN BURROUGHS University of Georgia, B.S. MISS ELIZABETH CODY University of North Carolina at Greensboro, A.B.; Bowling Green College of Commerce. MRS. CHARLOTTE COLE University of North Carolina at Greensboro, B.S.S.A. MR. GAYLERD DAVIS University of New Hampshire, B.S.;N. C. State College M.Ag. Ed. 6 MRS. MARTHA FOSTER Chaffey J. College, A.A.; Uni¬ versity of California at L.A.; B.A.; Univ. of Alaska; Univ. of S. C.; Furman Univ. MR. REX B. FREEMAN Clemson College; Bob Jones University, B.A. MRS. MARGARET M. LAWTER Western Carolina College, B.S., M.A.; Appalachian State Teach¬ er ' s College; Columbia Uni¬ versity; Univ. of North Caro¬ line; Univ. of Louisville; Post Grad. MR. ELLIS LYDA North Carolina State University, B.S. MISS FRANCES MESSER University of North Carolina at Greensboro, B.S. 7 THE REVEREND HAROLD McKINNISH North Greenville Jr. College; Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute. MR. HARRIS PRYOR Western Carolina College, B.S. MR. FRENCH ROGERS Berea College, A.B.; University of Ill., B.S., M.S. MRS. ELEANOR WARD Berea College, B.S.; Western Carolina College; Mars Hill. MR. WILLIAM WHITMIRE East Tennessee State College, B.S. 8 F.H.A Miss Messer knows the responsibility of advising the FHA. Shirley is the devoted leader of the club. 10 F.F.A Mr. Davis leads the agriculturists of tomorrow. Ralph presides over the meetings of the FFA. 11 BAND Would you play that again please? The band adds color to our athletic events. 12 CHORUS . t The chorus entertains our student body with many gay songs. Mrs. Burley drills her group at every opportunity. 13 ANNUAL STAFF The annual staff works hard to plan the yearbook. The editors and business manager have a lot of responsibility. 14 QUILL STAFF Mrs. Ward imparts the art of journalism to her class. The class plans and publishes the school newspaper. 15 KEY CLUB Mike Justus, President Alan Justus, Vice President A1 Pryor Woody Pryor Randy Holbert Herbert Henderson Marvin Johnson Mike Hoots Kenny Hill Dan Booth Charles Gunter Gary Rhodes Manson Lancaster Buddy Duncan, Secretary Don Hensley, Treasurer 16 BETA CLUB % » » - s ' Herbert Henderson, President; Buddy Duncan, Vice-President; Vicki Freeman, Secretary; Mrs. Burley, q ?hirlpv Corn Judv Garren Don Hensley, Randy Holbert, Mike Justus, Sonna Lyda, Alice Nea , n27e,l i Rogers Ronnie Parker, Hazel Moon, Teresa Pittillo, Elizabeth Pressley, Woody Pryor, T inda Lvda Marvin Johnson, James Corbett, Hope Swayngim, Danny Booth, Pat Moon, Brenda Hathcock, Linda Barnwell Brenda Page, Sandra Burgess, Alan Justus, Gloria Maxwell, David Stepp, Shirley Dodson, Janfce Coston! Teresa Lewis’, Diane Laughter, Carolyn Hoots, Carol Thomas, Judy Rogers, Shirley Led¬ better. 17 STUDENT COUNCIL DEBATING TEAM ) 8 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Coaches Tom Pryor and Bill Whitmire worked to spur the boys on this year. A word of encouragement from Managers Jimmy Page and No¬ land Ramsey was always appre¬ ciated. 20 EXPERIENCE WILL PROVE WORTHWHILE Ray Nix (co-captain) Hoyle Rogers A1 Pryor David Stepp Charles Gunter (co-captain) Randy Griffin Paul Dermid Carl Rhodes ggraN 21 Mike Nix Rex Freeman Chat Jones David Keller Frankie Bradley Tommy Starling David Pace Kenny Fullerton 22 Our Girls in Action and at Ease FRONT ROW: Vicki Freeman, Captain - Teresa Lewis, Sandra Lyda. BACK ROW: Pam Case, Kay Stepp, Judy Worthy, Teresa Reid, Peggy Haynes, Debbie Daniels. Go! Our future in Sports depends on the experience the J.V.’s gain. Learning the hard way for the future. May they someday fill these shoes. J.V. Cheerleaders- Something New LEFT TO RIGHT: Joy Griffin, Karen Williams, Carolyn Cole, Judy Lyda-captain; Rickie Lyda, Dixie Banning, Teresa Tuttle, Naomi Pryor. Practice sessions are al¬ ways necessary. 25 Beauty and the basketball FRONT ROW: Gail Williams, Janice Coston, Pat Moon; Tri. captains, Shirley Dodson, Velma Reed, Gloria Maxwell, Sandra Burgess, Teresa Pittillo, Carol McCraw. BACK ROW: Coach Ellis Lyda, Carolyn Hoots, Ann McCraw, Shirley Merell, Gail Burgess, W anda Gillbert, Pat Connor, Donna Lyda, Betty Haynes, Elaine Johnson, Carolyn Owenby, Manager Harriet Corn. This is what we will do. Get that ball, Gloria! 27 FRONT ROW: Co-captains Woody Pryor, Mike Justus. BACK ROW: Coach Harris Pryor, manager Terry Stepp, Manson Lancaster, Alan Justus, Don Hensley, Gary Rhodes, Frankie Bradley, Mike Hoots, Randy Holbert, David Stepp, Larry Rhodes, Nicky Pryor, J. C. Williams, Buddy Duncan, Mike Nix, Assistant Coach Richard Barnwell. Get that ball! 28 Our Boys In Action , m - 29 Our future lies in these boys. FRONT ROW: Russell Seymour, Steve Jones, Robert Tuttle, Gerald Justice, David Coston, Roy Huntley. BACK ROW: Coach Tom Pryor, Kenny Hill, Edwin Nix, David Pace, Leon Hoots. 30 Edneyville Coaching Staff LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Tom Pryor, Mr. Richard Barnwell, Mr. Harris Pryor, Mr. Bill Whitmire, and Mr. Ellis Lyda. Two coaches especially active in the school. Mr. Tom Pryor Football J.V. Basketball Track Mr. Bill Whitmire Football Track ' 31 ' Ma " Hensley and her gang. Washington - Mount Vernon style. I ' jr There are SOME compensations for working on the yearbook. Mrs. Tripp from the State Dept, inspects the elementary building. Everybody makes a mistake some time or other. Woody has the right idea. F.H.A. Camp with Sonna participat¬ ing in activities. Daily winners in the magazine sales choose prizes. Just Edneyville HOMECOMING COURT Miss Linda Lyda SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE Miss Yvonne Boyette SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE Miss Shirley Laughter SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE Miss Debbie Daniels SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE Based on academic qualities, Miss Vicki Freeman, Miss Thelma Rogers, and Woody Pryor were elected to represent Henderson County at the North Carolina Boys ' and Girls ' State. MARSHALS LEFT TO RIGHT — Judy Garren, Mike Justus, Vicki Freeman, Chief Marshal Buddy Duncan,Teresa Pittillo, Thelma Rogers, Don Hensley, Alice Neal. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Leadership and initiative; qualities synonymous with Teresa Pittillo and Don Hensley — MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. Yvonne Boyette and Robert Floyd — a charming combination for BEST LOOKING. Living proof that chivalry is not dead. Sonna Lyda and Charles Gunter - MOST COURTEOUS. It takes all kinds to make a funny world. Hope Swayngim and Ralph Holbert - WITTIEST. Always ready to do the job. Thelma Rogers and Herbert Hen¬ derson — MOST DEPENDABLE. No matter how you say it, Vicki Freeman and Woody Pryor are definitely classed BEST ALL AROUND. They like people; therefore, people like them. Judy Garren and Mike Justus — MOST POPU¬ LAR. The Edneyville spirit all the year ' round. Elizabeth Pressley and David Wyatt - SCHOOL SPIR¬ IT. Athletic skill and ability char¬ acterize these two. Linda Lyda and Ray Nix - MOST ATHLETIC. The Highlight of the Year: Jr.-Sr. " Eat, drink. . . and be merry. " " The next number is. . . " " Smile. . . " " In appreciation. . . ' 41 " Just taking a break. . . " “Headin’ for the Hills!” 42 More of our Broadway cast! . In memory of our dear teacher, coun¬ selor, and friend who devoted much of her life to advance the standards and aesthetics in Edneyville High School; whose patience, tolerance, and understanding played an im¬ portant part in the development of all who knew her. These meritorious qualities stand as a perfect tribute to the memory of Mrs. Elaine Moore Burroughs. 44 SENIOR SECTION President . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Reporter. . . . . Woody Pryor Herb Henderson . . Judy Garren . Teresa Pittillo . . . Sonna Lyda 45 SENIORS Volley Vance Bagwell Janis Mae Bailey Linda Kay Barnwell Ray Otis Barnwell Donald Eugene Beddingfield Carolyn Sue Booth 46 SENIORS Jesse Stanley Capps James Thomas Corbett, Jr. Shirley Virginia Corn Ronald Dale Cox Yvonne Yvette Boyette Larry Thomas Brevard 47 SENIORS Michael Alvin Dalton Coy M. Duncan, Jr. George Robert Floyd Vicki Leona Freeman Walter Robert Freeman Judy Lane Garren 48 SENIORS James Lawerence Gilliland, Jr Norma Gail Green Norman Gary Green Joe Charles Gunter Herbert Alexander Henderson Benjamin Donald Hensley 49 SENIORS Billy Thomas Hill Ralph E. Holbert James Michael Justus Doris Jane Laughter Marvin Grady Johnson Randolph W. Holbert 50 SENIORS Melba Rose McMinn Hazel Aileen Moon Steve Howard Lawter Kenneth Eric Levi Linda Kay Lyda Sonna Jean Lyda 51 SENIORS Robert Wayne Morgan Alice Rosemary Neal Ray Robert Nix Carolyn Adele Owenby Doris Vivian Neal Ruth Ellen Neal 52 SENIORS Roger Jackson Parks Chester Thomas Payne Elizabeth Anne Pressley W. Woodrow Pryor, Jr. 53 SENIORS Benny R. Van Winkle Herman Harvey Warren, Jr. Thelma Jean Rogers Wanda Hope Swayngim Elaine Dale Russell Mary Sue Stepp 54 SENIORS John Charles Williams Gerald Wayne Winters David Thomas Wyatt Jerry Wade Young Brenda Lavarne Ledbetter 55 JUNIOR SECTION President . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Reporter. . . . Gary Rhodes Shirley Dodson Janice Coston Larry Rhodes Gloria Maxwell 56 JUNIORS Shelia Andrews Carolyn Cook Shirley Dodson Rex Freeman Marty Hill Linda Barnwell Benny Corn Vendetta Edney Kenny Fullerton Brenda Hill Danny Booth Janice Coston Don Epperson Lail Garren Judd Honeycutt Pam Boyette Arnold Cox Gail Floyd Tommy Gerrard Carolyn Hoots Jimmy Bradford Bobby Cox Jerry Freeman Randy Griffin Mike Hoots Sandra Burgess Margaret Dalton Linda Freeman Brenda Hathcock Kenneth Hudgins 57 Sam Huntley Mary Laughter Ray Me Minn Mary Neal Nicky Pryor Gary Jackson Shirley Ledbetter Gloria Maxwell Larry Neal Maryanne Ramsey Alan Justus Teresa Lewis Cynthia Merrell Mike Nix Velma Reed Manson Lancaster Sandra Lyda Vera Merrell Myron Owenby Carl Rhodes Diane Laughter Peggy McCrary Pat Moon Brenda Page Gary Rhodes Charlotte Laughter Stanley McGraw Jackie Morgan Ronnie Parker Larry Rhodes JUNIORS JUNIORS James Rogers Judy Rogers Frances Shehan Tommy Starling Diane Jones Gail Stepp ' David Stepp Guthrie Beddingfield Harriet Corn Phillip Swayngim Sandra Corn Sandra Ward Doris Corn Gail Williams Carol Thomas Juniors learn much front Mr. Mc- Kinnish’s Masonry class. igvSp r- ' . SOPHOMORE SECTION President.David Keller Vice President.Kenny Hill Secretary Treasurer.Elaine Helms Reporters.Joyce Rhodes Don Henderson 60 Peggy Barnwell Wanda Gilbert Peggy Haynes Chat Jones Brenda Lawter Carol McCraw Pam Case Terry Gilliland Elaine Helms Mary Justice Bill Lindsey Martha McMinn Kathryn Dalton Walter Glaspy Don Henderson David Keller Donnie Lyda Mildred Melton Debbie Daniels William Gordon Bill Hill Sara Lancaster Pat Lyda Frankie Merrell Paul Dermid Elizabeth Gray Kenny Hill Kerry Lampros Ricky Mawtsby Shirley Merrell Mike Dunn Leon Gunter Leon Hoots Larry Laughter Donnie McCrain Vickie Merrell Diane Freeman Betty Haynes Steve Huntley Shirley Laughter Ann McCraw Steve Moss 61 David Neal Joe Neal Loretta Parris Joyce Rhodes Billy Thomas Mike Williamson Jerry Neal Eunice Parris Teresa Reid Kay Stepp Wayne Thompson Ronald McMinn Ricky McMinn Marvin Peterson Olivia Rogers Debra Wheelon Elaine Owens Betty Prater Barbara Ruff Shirley Whitlock Edwin Nix Grover Payne Hoyle Rogers Polly Thompson 62 FRESHMAN SECTION President.Robert Tuttle Vice President.Ricky Nix Secretary Treasurer.Dixie Banning 63 ROW 1: Calvin Avery, Brenda Ball, Dixie Banning, Frank Bradley, Brenda Brown, Gail Burgess, Phyllis Cantrell, Carolyn Cole, Pat Connor. ROW 2: Foy Corn, Perry Corn, Harvey Corn, Steve Corn, David Coston, Ellen Craig, Gene Dalton, Lester Denton, Maduline Farmer. ROW 3: Lenny Freeman, Joy Griffin, Claude Hathcock, Brenda Henderson, Peggy Hill, Wanda Hill, Harrell Holbert, Roy Huntley, Leon Jackson. ROW 4: Elaine Johnson, Doug Jones, Gerald Jones, Hubert Jones, Steve Jones, Ami Justice, Janet Williams, Karen Williams, Larry King. ROW 5: Terry King, Gail Laughter, Fran- cine Littlejohn, Ronald Ledbetter, Donna Lyda, Judy Lyda, Ricki Lyda, Ricki Nix, Terry Lyda. ROW 6: Teddy Melton, Wilma Middleton, Ulysses Mills, Debbie Montgomery, James Martin, Carla Owenby, Carolyn Owenby, George Owenby, Wayne Owensby. ROW 7: Gail Pace, Jimmy Page, Jeff Parks, Wayne Parris, Joan Pryor, Naomi Pryor, Ronnie Rhodes, Ronnie Ruff, Russell Seymour. 64 Donnie Staton, Steve Staton, Charlotte Steadman, Dorothy Steadman, Terry Stepp, Ronnie Stepp, Refty Taylor, Robert Tuttle, Betty Ward. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! A Christmas project to help raise money for a school in Peru. 65 A classic example of the Southern Lady, Mrs. Ann Nesbitt has given unselfishly of her time and tal¬ ents. While teaching, she contributes something to each person with whom she comes into contact. Time is spent preparing the girls to face the future. Ray Bishop Joan Cantrell Ronnie Griffin Marion Hill Alvin Honeycutt David Honeycutt Alvin Jones Robert Laughter Franklin Ledbetter Claudia Lyda Katherin Lyda Wanda Rogers Individual help is given to those who want or need it. ELEMENTARY FACULTY Mr. Richard Barnwell Mrs. Amelia Duncan Mr. James Gillespie Mr. Herbert Putnam Mr. Tom Pryor Mrs. Doris Glass Mrs. Myrtle Jaegars Mr. Jack Johnson Mrs. Jean Pryor Mrs. Ellen Heydock Miss Alletta Plank Mrs. Lila Allen Mrs. Myrtle Pryor Mrs. Agnes Freeman Mrs. Leola Marlowe Mrs. Marie Odom Miss Opal Thompson Mrs. Evelyn Barnwell Mrs. Inez Ballard Mrs. Evelyn Harthcock Mrs. Edith Fowler Mrs. Mabel Brackett 67 ELEMENTARY ROW 1: Eury Corn, Danny Dalton, Jimmy Dalton, Lott Freeman, Van Geouge, Tim Jones, Charles Justus, Clyde Kel¬ ler, David Loughery Michael McMinn, Grady Merrell, Harvey Neal, Bill Norton. ROW 2: David Odom, Tom Pace, Edward Webber, Micheal Wilson, Patricia Freeman, Connie Garrett, Diane Griffin, Deborah Hill, Ronda Holbert, Jo Ingram, Patricia Lewis, Nancy Lyda, Linda Nix. ROW 3: Mary Pryor, Cynthia Seymour, Linda Thomas, Wayne Bur¬ ley, Calvin Cole, David Henderson, Linda Jackson, Pauline Laughter, Susie Andrews, Mike Hill, Kathy Avery, Dal Baldwin, Ronnie Capps. ROW 4: Sara Collins, Junior Connor, Charles Corn, Tony Corn, Mickie Cox, Mike Denton, Eddie Duncan, Maurice Edney, Patricia Edney, Wayne Flynn, Ronnie Garrett, Johnny McCraw, Earleen Hyder. ROW 5: Gary Jones, Wanda Jones, Brenda Justice, Gene Laughter, David Levi, Jerry Maxwell, Dale Warren, Joseph Payne, Charles Qualls, Ruby Rogers, Joel Shepherd, Billy Sinclair, Sara Stepp. ROW 6: Carl Strickland, Nancy Thomas’ Foy Turner, Teresa Tuttle, Barbara Worthy , Mike Prater, Don Barnwell, Alan Berry, Darlene Boyd, Mike Case, Anna Collins, Kathy Connor, Pat Corn. ROW 7: Jane Cox, Shirley Dalton, Brenda Gilbert, Joey Heatherly, Brenda Jones, Marvin Lancaster, Wanda Laughter, Lee Lunsford, Duane Lyda, Janell Lyda, Maynard Lyda, Richard Martin, Dennis McMinn. ROW 8: Monroe Milwood, Lois Morgan, Bonnie Parker, Arthur Parris, Victor Pryor, Stan Rhodes, Joy Rogers, Jeannie Tester, Jack Webb, Mitch Whitt, Jane Wyatt, Wanda Youngblood, Randy Marshall. 68 ROW 1: Kenneth Cox, Ronnie Griffin, Lewis Lanning, Jerry Orr, Beverly Wilson, Sharon Anderson, Renda Bedding- field, Theresa Cagle, Mary Cantrell, Shirley Cole, Judy Henderson, Brenda Justice, Debra Lyda. ROW 2: Shirley McKinney, Linda Melton, Lillian Mills, Nancy Paris, Janice Pryor, Rhonda Stepp, Theodora Stevens, Margie Whitlock, Sally Ruff, Diane Tesnear, Wade Andrews, Wayne Cox, Don Jones. ROW 3: Jackie Justice, Greg Lancaster, Larry Lawter, Eddie Lyda, James Mathis, Billy Owens, James Owens, George Reed, Marvin Strickland, Lewis Waters, Richard Jones, Sharon Lyda, Tillie Baldwin. ROW 4: Gayle Booth, Mardi Bradford, Steve Burgess, Kim Corn, Tommy Corn, Rita Dalton, Mike Engle, Rhonda Freeman, Jean Gray, Cathy Greer, La Vern Heydock, Terecia Hunt- ley, Eugene Hyder. ROW 5: Bruce Justice, Bobby King, Janet D. Laughter, Janet K. Laughter, John Laughter, Amy Loughery, Doug Moon, Chuck Nix, Jo Ann Owenby, Erwin Prater, Marilyn Prater, Lorna Ramsey, Arthur Rhodes. ROW 6: Debbie Rogers, Brenda Russell, Anita Ward, Connie Williams, Karen Youngblood, Bobby Haynes, Janet Justice, Mitchell Freeman, Bobby Graham, Russell Lyda, Steve Nix. ROW 7: Michael Thomas, Roy Owenby, Debborah Har¬ rell, Dianne Hill, Suzanne Kerr, Sandra Lampros, Mary Marlowe, Janice Martin, Frieda McCrary, Rita Merrell, Susan Neal, Marie Neal, Vicki Pryor. ROW 8: Pat Rogers, Sandra Youngblood, Karen Justus, Shirley McCraw, Karen Owenby, Jackie Andrews, Cheryl Freeman, Connie Nix, Carl Baldwin, Lester Boyd, Tony Brown, Weldon Cantrell, Joe Conner. ROW 9: Cecil Corn, Lary Corn, Ken Garren, Ronnie Gilbert, Fred Hathcock, Leonard Hill, Ricky Hoots, David Hudson, Jerry Hyder, Tony Jackson, Danny Jones, Johnny Marshall, Elbert McCall. ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY ROW 1: Bill Murray, Mike Pittillo, Jimmy Taylor, Ricky Taylor, David Thomas, Tony Tuttle, Kenneth Warren, James Tesnear, Evelyn Gilbert, Donita Murray, Carolyn Neal, Barbara Owens, Roberta Ruff. ROW 2: Nancy Tuttle, Wanda Prater, Polly Parris, Danny Tabor, Alton Cox, Danny Case, Pat Cole, Allen Rogers, Lloyd Barnwell, Junior Freeman, James Avery, Max Capps, Robert Cole. ROW 3: Mike Corn, Ricky Farmer, Sammy Huntley, Marvin King, Danny Lawter, Kevin Lyda, Ricky Lyda, Larry McMinn, Jack Prim, Harold Pryor, Tim Reed, Robert Russell, Havis Stepp. ROW 4: Steve Tripp, Derrell Warren, William Williams, Linda Constant, Brenda Dalton, Judy Dixon, Dottie Free¬ man, Lynn Garren, Virginia Lunsford, Gale Lyda, Debbie Merrell, Clarice Pittillo, Sharon Pryor. ROW 5: Denise Rogers, McAlynn Sinclair, Debbie Williams, Shirley Young, Gail Cannon, Billy Williams, Sam Huntley, Wanda Barn¬ well, Pamela Corn, Nancy Garren, Sylvia Gilbert. ROW 6: Alice Gordon, Barbara Harrill, Judy Harrill, Delores Heatherly, Catherine Hill, Denise Justice, Shelia Mathis, Wanda Moon, Denise Owenby, Kathy Parks, Pam Prim, Loretta Pryor, Roxanne Ruff. ROW 7: Margaret Williams, Randy Case, David Crowder, Dwight Dalton, Marvin Engle, Mike Fain, Jimmy Freeman, Ronald Gray, Gary Griffin, William Ingram, Danny Jones, Lance Justice, Tommy Luns¬ ford. ROW 8: Duane Lyda, Robert Pryor, Kenny Taylor, Charles Weber, Furlon Corn, Clyde Dalton, Alan Driskell, John Odom, James Tester, Charles Cannon, Dennis Corn, Eddie Gilbert, Charles Kidd. ROW 9: Ricky Kidd, Kenny Petty, Fred Rhodes, Bobby Taylor, Marilyn Thompson, Randy Thomas, Phillip Warren, Donna Bridges, Sylvia Can¬ trell, Cindy Durham, Nancy Gilliland, Debbie Harrill, Linda Hudson. 70 R OW 1: Patricia Taylor, Deborah Jackson, Delilah Jackson, Peggy Justice, Marilyn Melton, Marilyn Mills, Pam Sey¬ mour, Nancy Stepp, Valerie Vaughn, Donna Weaver, Kay Wilson, Jo Anne Wyatt, Teresa Prater. ROW 2: Trent Brown, Bill Cole, Phillip Chaistain, Eddie Dalton, Walter Hill, Freddy Johnson, Wayne King, William Loughery, Bruce Mathis, Tony McMinn, Bryan Nanney. ROW 3: Mike Newman, Kevin Rhodes, Steve Starling, Betty Baldwin, Sheree Brevard, Vicki Corn, Lynn Cole, Salley Dowsett, Cynthia Freeman, Janie Freeman, Mary Heatherly, Gail Jones, Janet Jones. ROW 4: Betty Lanning, Janice Ledbetter, Dianne Merrell, Deborah Middleton, Javeen Petty, Deborah Qualls, Janice Freeman, Teresa Sargeant, Nancy Vaughn, Debbie Weber, Karl Anderson, Bobby Bryant, Chris Cannon. ROW 5: Alden Conner, Dale Duncan.Terry Graham, Ricky Green, Wayne Jones, Kim Montgomery, Jerry Pryor, Stacy Rhodes, Mike Searcy, Mike Spicer, Phillip Staton, Tina Anderson, Selina Barnwell. ROW 6: Teresa Corn, Linda Cox, Barbara Dalton, Brenda Deese, Paula Earley, Doris Edwards, Diane Fain, Joy Harrell, Lisa Keller, Sheri Lee King, Lynn Lackey, Debbie Laughter, Gail McAbee. ROW 7: Sharon Nix, Vicki Nix, Tava Orr ; Anita Owbnby, Janet Shepherd, Linda Tuttle, Allen Booth, Harold Cagle, Irene Duncan, Beth Ellis, Gary Farmer. ROW 8: Frankie Freeman, John Fyfe, Tamara Griffin, Bert Lyda, Jeff Lyda, Mason Millwood, Lynne Pittillo, Debbie Pryor, Billy Richards, Rebecca Rogers, Eric Tucker, John Vanhoy, Alan Ward. ROW 9: Kristy Berry, Eddie Buckner, Ricky Dalton, Jeffery Flynn, Lonnie freeman, Ellen Laughter, Cathrine McCall, Darius Rogers, Patsy Laughter, Darlene Marshall, Lauren Test¬ er, Rics rdo Kidd, Sherrie Pettit. ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY ROW 1: Jeff Wilson, Tim McMinn, Rodney Dill, Martha Jackson, William Weber, Richard Owensby, Monte Price, Becky Stevens, Bobby Brevard, Steve Laughter, Sabra Frye, Larry Hill, Ray Dalton. ROW 2: Vicky Cannon, Reagan Constant, Beverly Dalton, Gary Devore, Peggy Duncan, David Gilbert, Mike Glaspy, Gene Haynes, Darlene Honeycutt, Ronnie McKinney, Debbie McMinn, Ritchie Morgan, Kay Newman. ROW 3: Linda Owenby, Judy Parris, Roger Rhodes, Barbara Richards, Walden Ruff, Rebecca Tabor, Kathy Waldrop, Mike Wall, Retha Waters, Theresa Williams, Regina Suttles, Francis Baldwin, Robert Ball. ROW 4: C. R. Barnwell, Kenneth Barnwell, Jimmy Bridges, Rocky Cagle, Joe Taylor, Ealine Flynn, Mike Nix, Cathy Owens, Jerry Collins, Jessie Baldwin, Yolinda Murray. ROW 5: Roger Barn¬ well, Derrell Vaughn, Randy Seymour, Frank Conner, Ray Hill, Steve Cantrell, Mike Bryant, Rusty Burgess, Mark Geouge, Dean Jackson, Freddy Mathis, Tony Morrow, Ralph McMurray. ROW 6: Greg Nix, Joe Parris, Bruce Pit- tillo, Jerry Rogers, Alan Stepp, Rodney Worley, Ro Ann Bishop, Rosa Cantrell, Gary Booth, Wayne Cagle, Greg Dill, Cecil Duncan, Tony Enloe. ROW 7: Ronnie Garren, Hugh Hill, Mike Jackson, Eugene Jones, Scotty Justus, Stevie King, Albert Ledbetter, Don Merrell, Dickie Owenbey Ronald Putnam, Jeff Sinclair, Rocky Taylor, Lisa Bradley. ROW 8: Shirley Cantrell, Lisa Montgomery, Wanda Morgan, Julie Thomas, Cheryl Williams, Helen Swaney, Diane Worthy, Patricia Corn, Denice Glaspy, Debbie Jones, Carven Lavender, Sue Moon, Rene Moss. ROW 9: Tonya Mc¬ Minn, Helen Neal, Verna Orr, Nancy Taylor, Linda Thompson, Tony Wall, Roberta Brown, Randal Baldwin, Arthur Corn, Kevin Corn, Jay Freeman, Tom Jones, Roberto Kidd. 72 ROW 1: Larry Laughter, Roger Taylor, Delmes Bradshaw, Donna Buckner, Phyllis Corn, Martha Hyder, Judy Jones, Terry Lackey, Bernice Mills, Jo Ann Owenby, Debbie Prince, Brenda Richards, Gwen Rogers. ROW 2: Debra Spicer, Sharon Stepp, Teresa Taylor, Ann Gooding, Roy Avery, Davey Dalton, Steve Hill, Jack Sinclair, Larry Thompson, Cynthia Corn, Pam Green, Lynn Harrill, Julie Ward. ROW 3: Jimmy McMurray, Thomas Prince, Mike Qualls, Wil¬ liam Rhodes, Clifton Rhodes, Gary Ruff, Stanley Sherman, Wayne Surrett, Tim Tabor, Gary Ward, Marvin Williams. ROW 4: Kay Rhodes, Marsha Searcy, Gail Staton, Felecia Taylor, Wilma Watson, Virginia Strickland, Pam Waters, Jerry Fisher, Melvin Honeycutt, Marion Johnson, Dennis Jones, Tim Justus, Walter Kidd. ROW 5: Willie Lance, Gary Laughter, Donnie Lewis, Francis Merrell, Rodney Petty, Timmy Bradshaw, Tommy Bradshaw, Debbie Hill, Kimberly Justus, Teresa Lamb, Jane Lancaster, Billie Sue Laughter, Gail Laughter. ROW 6: Kathy Laughter, Sandy Ledbetter, Karla Matthews, Teresa McCall, Cynthia McCurry, Darlene McMinn, Martha Millwood, Cynthia Newman, Rebecca Pace, Ray Cantrell, Karen Ball, Donna Barnwell, Lorraine Bryant. ROW 7: Cheryle Corn, Cynthia Corn, Dianne Corn, Kathy Corn, Sandy Dalton, Lola Drake, Kim Durham, Teresa Edmonds, Pam Flynn, Sherri Garren, Lanette Graham, Diane Haynes, Jamie Hill. ROW 8: Barbara Hoots, Pat Singleton, Timmie Baldwin, Kim Burgess, Robert Cannon, Eddie Cantrell, Bobby Garrett, Danny Gilbert, Ricky Glaspy, Mike Howell, Dale Hudson, Stan Huntley, Grady Drake. ROW 9: Mike Hill, Marvin Hyder, Richard Ledbetter, James Neal, Mike Ruff, Marvin Sargent, Mike Thrift, James Jones, Annette Hill, Peggy Lance, Sherry Surrett, Robert Garren, Tommy Laughter. ELEMENTARY SENIOR STATISTICS VOLLEY VANCE BAGWELL " Time is the rider that breaks youth. " Transfer 4. JANIS MAE BAILEY " Possess your soul with patience. " Transfer 4; F.H.A. 4. LINDA KAY BARNWELL " Promise is most given when the least is said. " Chorus 1,2; Quill staff 3; Library assistant 2; Perfect Attendance Awards 1,2,3. RAY OTIS BARNWELL " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. " Student Council 1; F.F.A. 1. DONALD EUGENE BEDDINGFIELD " Gentle in manner, strong in performance. " Football 1,2; Basketball 1,2; F.F.A. 1,2,3, Secretary 1, Vice President 2; Quill Staff 3. CAROLYN SUE BOOTH " Virtue is bold and goodness never fearful. " Book Club 1,2; Chorus 1,4; F.H.A. 1; Music 2; (most outstar accomplishment); Chorus, Assistant Pianist 1. YVONNE YVETTE BOYETTE " For the beauty of a lovely woman is like music.” F.H.A. 4; Chorus 1,2,4; Homecoming Court 1,2,3,4; May Da Court 1,2,3; Class Officer 1; Quill Staff 3; Cheerleader 2; Dra¬ matics 3; Merit Awards in Home Ec. 1. LARRY THOMAS BREVARD " I hold that man is right who is most closely in league with the future.” F.F.A. 3,4; Annual Staff 4. JESSE STANLEY CAPPS " Variety, the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor. " F.F.A. 1,4; Football 1,2,4; Track 1,2,4; President F.F.A. 4. JAMES THOMAS CORBETT, JR. " Opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making. " Beta Club 3,4; Lion ' s Club Essay Contest 4. SHIRLEY VIRGINIA CORN " Impossible is a word I never use. " F.H.A. 4, President 4; Health Club 4, President 4; Beta Club 2, 3,4; Class Officer 3; Merit Awards — Algebra I 1; English m 3; Home Ec. II; Library Assistant 3. RONALD DALE COX " In the full tide of successful experiment. " F.F.A. 4. MICHAEL ALVIN DALTON " For all nature wears a universal grin. " F.F.A. 1,2; Annual Staff 4; Track 1,3,4. VICKI LEONA FREEMAN " Beauty is the mark God set on virtue. " Beta Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Student Council 3,4, Secretary 4; Chorus. 1,2,4, accompanist 2,4; F.H.A. Treasurer 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Class Officer 2,3; Marshal 3; Nominee for Governor ' s School 2,3; Elk ' s Club Leadership Winner; Girl ' s State Repre¬ sentative 3; Dramatics 3; Merit Awards in English 2,3; American History 3; French 1, Biology, Typing 1. JUDY LANE GARREN " The sweetest soul that ever looked with human eyes. " Beta Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; Homecoming Representative 1,2,3; Queen 4; May Day Representative 3; Class Officer 4; Marshal 3; F.H.A. 3, Parliamentarian; Dramatics 3; Senior Class Secretary 4; Merit Awards — Algebra I,II 1,2; Typing II; English ni 3; French I 1; Superlative 4. JAMES LAWERENCE GILLILAND, JR. " Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. " Football 1; Quill Staff 3; F.F.A. 1,2,3, Presiden t 2, Vice Presi- HERBERT ALEXANDER HENDERSON " Knowledge and wisdom far from being one.” Key Club 2,3,4; Beta Club2,3,4, President 4; Student Council 3,4, Class Representative 3; Senior Class Vice President 4; W.C.C. Gifted Student Program-participant 1; Boy ' s State Nominee 3; Excellence in World History 3; Scouts 1,2,3,4. BENJAMIN DONALD HENSLEY " The power of thought, the magic of the mind. " Baseball 2; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 2; Beta Club 2,3,4; Student Council 1,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Class Officer 1; Marshal 3; Inter- scholastic Student Council 3; Delegate of Civitan Youth Conference 3; Key Club Treasurer 3; Student Council President 4, Vice President 3; President of Freshman Class 1; Merit Awards — Algebra I,II 1,2; Letter in Basketball 3. BILLY THOMAS HILL " Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, President 3, Vice President 4; Halloween Carnival King 4. RALPH E. HOLBERT " Every man has his gift, and the tools go to him that uses them. " F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, President 2,3, Vice President 4. NORMA GAIL GREEN great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " ; Student Council 4; Quill Staff 3. NORMAN GARY GREEN is worth doing is worth doing well.” JOE CHARLES GUNTER Ftory of endurance born.” 4; Football 1,2,3; Annual Staff 4; Track 1,2,4; Baseball Sport Director of Annual 4; Captain Football Team 4; Tri County Team 4. COY M. DUNCAN,JR. " A learned man has always riches in himself. " J.V. Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Golf Team 3,4; Man¬ ager Football Team 2; Beta Club 2,3,4, Vice President 4; Student Council 2,4, Officer 4; Class Officer 3; Key Club 2,3,4, Reporter 3; Secretary 4; Delegate to Carolinas District Key Club Conven¬ tion 3; Henderson County Science Fair Winner 1,2,3; Highest Scholastic Award 2; Chief Mar shal 3; Excellence in Biology Award 2; Merit Awards — Algebra 1,2; Social Studies 1; American His¬ tory 3; Latin 1; English 1,2,3; French 2,3; Biology 2; Certificate of Achievement: National Educational Development Test 1; Pre¬ liminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, National Merit Test 2. GEORGE ROBERT FLOYD " A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. " Basketball Scorekeeper 1; Best Citizenship Award 2; Class Of¬ ficer — Treasurer 2. RANDOLPHW. HOLBERT " Wisdom and goodness are twin-born. " Key Club 3,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4; Golf Team 2,3,4; Baseball 4; Merit Awards in World History 3; Letter in Basketball 3,4. MARVIN GRADY JOHNSON " The greater the man, the greater the courtesy. " Beta Club 3,4; Key Club 4; Baseball 4. JAMES MICHAEL JUSTUS " The true knight of learning, the world holds him dear.” Beta Club 2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4, Director 2; Vice President 3; President 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 1,2,4; Football 4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Merit Awards — English 1,2, 3; French I,II 1,2; Algebra I,II 1,2; Latin I 1; Typing n 2; Class Officer — Vice President 2; President 3. ROBERT WALTER FREEMAN " Mischief is found in many places. " Football 1,2; Basketball 1,2; F.F.A. 1, DORIS JANE LAUGHTER " And grace that won, who saw to wish her stay.” Chorus 3; Merit Award — Physical Education 3. 74 STEVE HOWARD LAWTER " Second thoughts they say are best.” Track 2; F.F.A. 1,2,3; Annual Staff 4; Baseball 4; Second Place Award in Science Project 3. BRENDA LAVARNE LEDBETTER " Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety. ' Annual Staff 4; Quill 3; Chorus 1,2. KENNETH ERIC LEVI " I sing to youths and maids alone. " Football 1; Quill Staff 3; Annual 4. LINDA KAY LYDA " Magnificent spectacle of human happiness. " F.H.A. 3; Health Club 3; Basketball 3; Beta Club 3,4; May Day Court 1,2,3, Maid of Honor 3; Homecoming 4; Class Officer 2; Senior Superlative 4; Class Officer — Secretary and Treasurer 2; Merit Award in Math 1. SONNA JEAN LYDA " Life is not so short but there is always time enough for cour¬ tesy. " F H A 2,3,4, County President 4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Health Club 2,3, Secretary 3; Chorus 1,2; Class Officer 4; Teenage Workshop 3; Senior Superlative 4; Merit Awards — Algebra I,n 1,2; Home Ec. I 1; English m 3; Library Assistant 3. MELBA ROSE McMINN " Elegant as simplicity and warm as ecstacy. " Chorus 1; Quill Staff 3; Health Club 2. HAZEL AILEEN MOON " A spirit pure as hers is always pure.” BetaClub 3,4; Chorus 1,2; Health Club 3, Vice President 3; Merit Award - Algebra II 2; Typing II 2; Library Assistant 3,4; Youth Corps Treasurer 4. ROBERT WAYNE MORGAN " Theclock indicates the moment but what does eternity indicate. " Quill Staff 3; Annual Staff 4. ALICE ROSEMARY NEAL " Silence is for saints, I ' m human. " Health Club 1,2, Reporter 1; Beta Club 2,3,4; Quill Staff 1,2; An¬ nual Staff 4, Editor 4; Student Council 4; F.H.A. 4; Dramatics 3; Quill Staff Art Editor 1,2; Marshal 3; Science Fair Winner 2; Merit Awards - Quill Art 1,2; World History 3; Lion ' s Club Peace Is Attainable Contest 4; Library Assistant 2; Certificate of Achievement: National Educational Development Test 1, Pre¬ liminary Scholastic Aptitude Test 2. DORIS VIVIAN NEAL " Variety is the mother of enjoyment.” Chorus 2,4; F.H.A. 3,4; Health Club 2,3; Girls Track 1; Library Assistant 3; Dramatics 3; Science Fair Winner 1. RUTH ELLEN NEAL " An artful woman makes a modern saint. " F.H.A. 4; Chorus 1,2,4; Health Club 2,3; Beta Club 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Library Science 2,3; Dramatics 3; Science Fair Win¬ ner 2,3. RAY ROBERT NIX " A young man will be wiser by and by.” Track 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Key Club 2; Class Officer — President 2; All County 3,4; All Conference 4. CAROLYN ADELE OWENBY " Manners alone beam dignity on all. " Basketball 1,4; Chorus 3; Merit Awards — Math 3; Physical Edu¬ cation 3. ROGER JACKSON PARKS " As happy a man as any in the world for the whole world seems to smile upon me. " CHESTER THOMAS PAYNE " It is by presence of mind in untired emergencies that the native metal of a man is tested. " Magazine Sales Citation 4. BONNIE EUSTUS PITTILLO " A merry heart goes all the day. " F.H.A. 2; Chorus 1,2; Quill Staff 3. TERESA ANN PITTILLO " Knowledge is more than equivalent to force.” Basketb all 1,3,4; Chorus 1,4; Beta Club 3,4; Class Officer 3,4; Marshal 3; Freshman Scholarship Award 1; Merit Awards — Al¬ gebra I,II 1,2; French II 2; English I,II,III 1,2,3; American His¬ tory 2; Latin I 1. ELIZABETH ANNE PRESSLEY " Write me as one who loves his fellowmen. " Beta Club 3,4; Chorus 1,2,4; Accompanist 4; Soloist 4; Health Club 2,3; F.H.A. 4, Secretary 4; Library Assistant 2; Powder Puff Football 1; Junior Play 3; Attendance Award 1. W. WOODROW PRYOR, JR. " Whenever men have become skillful architects at all, there has been a tendency in them to build high.” Beta Club 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Co-Captain 4; Key Club Board of Directors 4; Annual Staff 4 Business Manager 4; Class Officer — President 4; Wake Forest Leadership Conference 3; North Carolina Boys State 3; Elks Club Youth Leadership Contest 4. THELMA JEAN ROGERS " Gladness in every face expressed. " Beta Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Basketball Scorekeeper 3,4; Co-Editor Annual 4; Marshal 3; Essay Contest Winner 4; Miss-Hi-Miss 3; Girl ' s State Repre¬ sentative 3; Science Fair Blue Ribbon Winner 2; Library Assist¬ ant 2,4; Dramatics 3; Magazine Citation Award 4; N.E.D.T. Cer¬ tificate of Award 1; Merit Award - Algebra I 1. ELAINE DALE RUSSELL " She doeth little kindnesses which most leave undone. " Chorus 1; Dramatics Club 2; F.H.A. 2; Library Club 2. MARY SUE STEPP " Angels from friendship gather half their joys. " Chorus 1,2; Annual Staff 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Parliamentarian 2, President 3; Health Club 1,2. WANDA HOPE SWAYNGIM " Take short views, hope for the best, and trust in God. " F.H.A. 2,3; Beta Club 3,4; Chorus 1,2; Quill Staff 3, Alumni Edi¬ tor 3; Merit Awards — Algebra n 2; Journalism 3; Physical Edu¬ cation 3; Superlative 4. HERMAN HARVEY WARREN, JR. " A friend is worth all hazards we can run. " F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Merit Awards - 3 Perfect Attend¬ ance Awards 1,2,3. JOHN CHARLES WILLIAMS " Cheerfulness is the principal ingredient in the composition of health. " . „„ Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,3,4, Reporter 4; Merit Awards — Basketball Letter 2. BENNY RAY VAN WINKLE " God is proud of those who are tall. " Transfer 4; Annual Staff 4. GERALD WAYNE WINTERS " Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. " Annual Staff 4; F.F.A. 1,4. DAVID THOMAS WYATT " No one knows what he can do till he tries. " F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Track 1; Annual Staff 4. JERRY WADE YOUNG " Our youth we can have but today; we may always find time to grow old.” Basketball 1,2,3; Track 2; F.F.A. 1,3,4; Annual Staff 4. 75 A Word from the Editor I should like to take this opportunity to thank all those who in any way helped to make this pub¬ lication possible. Thanks go especially to the Dutch Inn, Paradise Lanes, and to the Henderson County Public Library for allowing Superlative pictures to be made in their establishments. The ' Whispering Pines " staff deserves much credit because without their willingness to help, their co-operation, and their ability to comprehend a completely incomprehensible co-worker, none of our yearbook would be here. A word of thanks goes also to Judy Garren and Hope Swayngim who were willing to assist when needed and to Shelia Andrews and Charlotte Laughter for their help in typing, and generally help¬ ing to tie up loose ends. I sincerely hope that " Whispering Pines 1967” is a credit to our school and to the teachers and students of Edneyville High School. Thank you, Alice Neal 76 COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. Hendersonville, North Carolina 77 Compliments of BLUE RIDGE CLEANERS Compliments of 7th Ave. Hendersonville, N. C. RELIABLE FURNITURE COMPANY KESTERSON’S BODY SHOP Welding and Mechanical Work 104 Staton Ave. Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonville, N. C. Dial OX 2-3082 Compliments of CRYSTAL BARBER SHOP 7th Avenue Hendersonville, North Carolina WHITLEY DRUGS George, Red, and sometimes Charley Dial 692-4236 W. N. C. APPLE GROWERS ASSOCIATION 607 Greenville Highway Edneyville, North Carolina Hendersonville, North Carolina Congratulations from (Jood Year MILL END STORES Means Good Wear CITY TIRE SERVICE Recapping Hendersonville, N. C. Hendersonville, North Carolina Compliments of SINCLAIR OFFICE SUPPLY 218 North Main Hendersonville, N. C. WALKER HARDWARE CO., INC. BILL CORNELIUS FARMS Shippers and Growers 1st Avenue and King Street one block from Court House Hendersonville, N. C. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES PACE HEATING AND PLUMBING CO. W. J. Cornelius, Owner 131 Fourth Avenue East Hendersonville, N. C. 78 BOB LEDFORD USED CARS, INC. " HOME OF CLEAN USED CARS " 185 Coxe Avenue Asheville, North Carolina ALSO BOB LEDFORD CAMPERS TRAVEL TRAILERS 784 Patton Avenue Asheville, North Carolina Bill Buckner, Manager LOVELAND’S STUDIOS Photography 4th Ave. East Hendersonville, North Carolina Compliments of BELK’S OF HENDERSONVILLE THE NORTHWESTERN BANK (pure) Compliments of Serving Henderson County since 1930 SIMPSON’S PURE SERVICE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 7th and Main Hendersonville, N. C. Hendersonville, North Carolina Bus. Phone J. Larry Simpson 692-7248 ° wner Res. 692-3827 Compliments of CRANSTON PRINT WORKS COMPANY Fletcher, N. C. 79 EAST FLAT ROCK KNITTING MILL, INC. Manufacturers of Compliments of Men and Boys Sport Socks East Flat Rock, N. C. BLUE RIDGE PRESS All Types of Printing Compliments of RE VIS SAND AND STONE CO. 201 Hillview Blvd. 728 Spartanburg Hwy. Hendersonville, N. C. Hendersonville Compliments of JOY HI - FI CENTER Hendersonville, N. C. Compliments of ROBOTYPER CORPORATION Cottons - Rayons - Drapery, Etc. THE REMNANT SHOP OX 3-6212 AL 2-8562 South Main St. 693 Haywood Rd. Hendersonville West Asheville Compliments of Fourth Avenue Shoe Fixery MANNING C. FISHER Modern Design Septic Tanks Manufactured - Installed Repaired - Cleaned Approved by N. C. Health Department Dewey Parker Watch Repair Service 120 Sixth Ave. West - Phone 693-5015 Hendersonville, N. C. Leona ' s n. c. 80 Compliments of RAY’S BARBER SHOP Hendersonville North Carolina THE ANNEX Q sh K osh SPORXSWE ar Lee Western Wear LOUIS WILLIAMS SONS, INC. 701-711 Seventh Avenue East Dial 692-8216 Standard Home Shopping In Business to Serve You Albert Calloway, Jr. Operator 855 Mt. Airy St. 692-8687 BLUE RIDGE RECAPPING SERVICE, INC. We specialize in Full Capping Truck Tires. Chimney Rock Highway Hendersonville, N. C. Compliments of COX BROTHERS GROCERY Compliments Of SKYLARK RESTAURANT Compliments of OATES PAINT BODY SHOP 425 Kanuga Road Hendersonville, N. C. SKYLAND BATTERY AND IGNITION COMPANY Automotive air conditioning service Motor tune up 432 Kanuga Road Hendersonville, N. C. W. L. JUSTICE PRODUCE Refrigerated Trucks Sanford, Florida, Box 1451 Edneyville, North Carolina P. O. Box 45 W. L. Justice - J. T. Justice RIGBY-MORROW COMPANY, INC. Builders ' Supplies Compliments of DANIEL ' S FURNITURE COMPANY Hendersonville, N. C. WILLIAMS TEXACO SERVICE One hour car service while shopping Fourth and King Street Volkswagen Specialties PAUL’S FOREIGN AUTOMOTIVE JACKSON FUNERAL HOME 420 Edwards Street Hendersonville, N. C. Paul E. Sheldrick Telephone Owner - Manager 693-6518 " Chapel in the Pines " 693-4261 WILMA’S SHOPPE 333 North Main Street Hendersonville, North Carolina “THE CASUALS” CAROLINAS HOTTEST COMBO Available For Dances . Parties . Conventions Anywhere Music is Needed OX 3-6372 OX 2-8432 Hendersonville, North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS To you, the graduating class of 1967. You have achieved an important goal in your life. THOS. SHEPHERD SON, INC. Funeral Directors Since 1903 Hendersonville, N. C. May you enjoy continued success in your future endeavors. Corner Church And Allen Streets 82 Balfour, North Carolina A Division Of Kimberly-Clark Corporation 83 BLUE RIDGE PRODUCE COMPANY Packers and Shippers Phone 0X2-6571 and OX 2-5131 Edneyville, North Carolina Compliments of CHIPMAN LaCROSSE HOSIERY MILLS, INC. Men ' s Hosiery Manufacturers Sales Office: Chas. Chipman ' s Sons Co., Inc EAST FLAT ROCK, N. C. Compliments of HOUSTON FURNITURE COMPANY Hendersonville, N. C. Gordon ' s Jewelers 411 N. Main Hendersonville, N. C. Phone 693-6327 A FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK Is and boys of Edneyville School Complete Banking Services Phone 0X3-6665 245 North Main Street Hendersonville, North Carolina JODY’S DRIVE IN South Church and Main Hendersonville, N. C. SUTHERLAND INSURANCE REALTY COMPANY Marvin F. Sutherland, Owner Hendersonville, N. C. Compliments of SMOKEY ' S BARBER SHOP. 4th Avenue Hendersonville, North Carolina Compliments of the HOT SPOT RESTAURANT Main Street in Hendersonville ALLIS - CHALMERS Tractors sales and service Hendersonville North Carolina Compliments of FARM EQUIPMEN T COMPANY Hendersonville, North Carolina HAVEN OF REST Rescue Mission Pine Street Hendersonville, N. C. 84 HENDERSON COUNTY MEMBERS THE CAROLINA OIL FUEL INSTITUTE Follow the example of experts - Insist on oil heat . . . an overwhelming majority of the building experts in this area heat their own home with OIL HEAT Compliments of CREST 10£ STORE Compliments of WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA PACKING HOUSE McFARLAN BAKE SHOP Wedding and Party Cakes Our Specialty Fine Pastries Since 1932 Hendersonville, North Carolina Books - Stationery LLOYD COX CO. 433 North Church Street " Things you ' ll be needing for writing and reading " Congratulations from KANUGA POULTRY FARMS Kanuga eggs " Taste the difference.” Hendersonville, N. C. 85 HOME FOOD SHOP CAFETERIA Hendersonville, N. C. 508 N. Main St. " Next to Home Cooking Our ' s is Best " CONCRETE SUPPLY MATERIALS, INC. Ready Mixed Concrete U. S. Highway 25-Naples, N. C. Shepherd Street Hendersonville, N. C. Congratulations from HOLLY SHOP Compliments of GENUINE PARTS COMPANY Hendersonville, N. C. CONLEY’S ESSO SERVICE Tune Up Road Service Hours 7-10 OX 3-9137 402 South Church Street Hendersonville, N. C. Best Wishes THE TIMES-NEWS Your Daily Newspaper COLLIN’S FLORIST 443 North Church Street Hendersonville, N. C. OX 692-4233 Compliments of PENNEY’S Hendersonville, N. C. Compliments of RUTH OF CAROLINA " Latest in Fashion " YOUNG ' S SHOES 501 North Main Street Hendersonville, N. C. 28739 693-6324 Compliments of: MARTIN HEATING CO. 86 MOORE FARM EQUIPMENT, INC. Massey-Ferguson-New Idea-Fox Sales and Service Hendersonville, N. C. Phone OX 3-4968 MAC’S MEN ' S WEAR YOUNG MEN ' S Hendersonville, North Carolina 28739 Phone 693-4932 WILLIAM MARY OF FLETCHER Fletcher, N. C. " Clothing for Entire Family " Compliments of HUDGINS DILL GULF SERVICE Phone 693-9346 Asheville Highway Hendersonville, N. C. PURITAN FURNITURE COMPANY OF FLETCHER Fletcher Plaza Fletcher, North Carolina Compliments of Jackson ' s Flower Shop 502 North Main Compliments of HASTY TASTY AND HITCHIN KITCHEN Hendersonville, North Carolina Congratulations from FRENCH ' S JEWELERS Hendersonville, North Carolina Reddy To Rock Reddy Kilowatt never misses a party. In fact, with¬ out him, things would be pretty dull. Think of it: r.o ste¬ reos, televisions, electric guitars or ice cubes. Thanks to Reddy there are over 160 flameless elec¬ tric servants that make modern living comfortable, economical and fun. When you have a home of your own, there will probably be even more than that. PGDM FRANCIS WRIGHT, INC. FARM SUPPLIES FEED SEED FERTILIZER FARM EQUIPMENT HARDWARD OPP. SOUTHERN DEPOT Phone 693-3406 SPARTANBURG HIGHWAY Phone 693-3403 Hendersonville, North Carolina ROYAL STEAK HOUSE Famous for Steaks Salads Fletcher, N. C. Phone 684-6313 RAY V. LAMB Packing House " Home of the Little Lamb Brand " Sugarloaf Road Hendersonville, N. C. UNO SERVICE AND GROCERY ESSO Products Telephone 693-9252 Ed Griffin Chimney Rock Highway Earl F. Penny Insurance Agency, Inc. 300 Northwestern Bank Bldg., P.O.Box 111 Hendersonville, North Carolina 28739 Compliments of THE HOUSE OF TOWELS Spartanburg Highway ECUSTA PAPER AND FILM DIVISIONS Pisgah Forest North Carolina 89 Foy C. Hill 692-2706 David Hill 692-4183 H W APPLE ORCHARDS Phone 692-5631 Area Code - 704 P. O. Box 13 EDNEYVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA MORGAN BROTHERS, INC. Wholesalers - Distributors Candy - Cigars - Drugs - Sundries Paper Products and School Supplies Asheville, N. C. McCARLEY CO., INC. INVESTMENT SECURITIES Jim Marshall, Registered Representative First Federal Building Hendersonville, N. C. Compliments of FIRST FEDERAL With Branch Offices Fletcher and Marion, N. C. Compliments of DeLUXE BEAUTY SHOPPE Hendersonville, North Carolina Harold Brinn Compliments of GREGG HARDWARE Hendersonville, N. C. LAMB’S GARAGE 7 Miles East Hendersonville on U. S. 64 Engines Overhauled Lubrication Oil Change Steam Cleaning General Repairs 90 Pvgress Is Our Most Important Produd GENERAL A ELECTRIC OUTDOOR LIGHTING DEPARTMENT Hendersonville, North Carolina 91 Compliments of FLETCHER MOTOR CO., INC. 684-7116 Fletcher, N. C. Radio Station 1000 Watts Hendersonville, N. C. COMMUNITY MILL, INC. Millers of Slow-Ground Corn Meal Sixth Avenue East Maple Hendersonville, North Carolina OVERTON ' S WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Telephone OX 3-3911 526 - 7th Ave., East Hendersonville, N. C. ALSTON ' S MACHINE SHOP All Types of Welding and Machining Res: 692-8970 Hendersonville, N. C. Bus: 692-8933 333 7th Ave. East STELLA’S BEAUTY SALON McCALL PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. Tel. 692-8379 147 Third Avenue East Hendersonville, N. C. HENDERSONVILLE MONUMENT JANE ' S FLOWER SHOP COMPANY Mr. and Mrs. Brownlow Merrell, Owners Fred Gentry, Owner Flowers for All Occassions 315 West Allen St. Hendersonville, North Carolina 92 m III HI;

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