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Edneyville High School - Whispering Pines Yearbook (Edneyville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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ALMA MATER In the hills among the pine trees. Reared against the skies; Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years roll by. May it ever be our watchword, " Conquer and prevail. " Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Edneyville, All Hail! Wk 19 52 Edition of idperin Edneyville School Pi. ined EDNEYVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA orewor In this yearbook we hove made a sincere attempt to bring you some of the highlights that have made this year at Edneyville High a real picture of life. We hope you enjoy this representation of our work and play, our good times and trying times, our fellowship and faith¬ fulness. Tomorrow may this edition of the Whispering Pines of 1952 help keep aglow the many bright memories of today ' s cherished lessons of youthful strength and courage. Dedicatian. 3 Administration and Faculty . 4 Seniors . 7 Senior Class Officers and Sponsor . 8 Mascots and Senior Class . 9 Fall Doin ' s. 14 Here and There . 15 Class History . 16 Last Will and Testament . 17 Senior Superlatives . 18 Junior Class . 20 Sophomore Class . 22 Freshman Class . ' .. 23 Grades Eighth — First . 24 Activities . 31 Whispering Pines Staff . 32 Quill Staff . 33 Beta Club — Advisory Council . 34 Glee Club — Library Staff. 35 French Club — Science Club . 36 Senior and Junior 4-H Clubs . 37 F H A - F F A ..■. 38 Key Club — Boy Scouts . 39 Human Beans . 40 Athletics . 41 Girls ' Basketball Team . 42 Boys ' Basketball Team . 43 Baseball Team . 44 The Melting Pot . 45 Advertisements Departments of High School Page Two 2 eJi Lca tion TO MR. MINOR P. WILSON a loyal teacher and friend, who has given several years of service to our school, who has gained the admiration and respect of the students and teachers by his cooperation in the many school activities, who is a man with progressive methods in teaching and influencing the young people of Edneyville, who is abundantly dedicated to our boys; to one whose genuine concern for our best gives us encouragement and faith in our abilities, we, the seniors of the class of 1952, do dedicate this, the fifth edition of w , isperin Pi Page Three in id tra tion R. G. ANDERS, Superintendent W. J. NESBITT, Principal MRS. JOHN BURROUGHS, English ODELL GRIFFIN, History and Phys. Ed Page Four MISS ELIZABETH CODY. Commercial J. HARVEY MITCHELL. Science and Mathematics MISS MAHIE SUE FRENCH. Mathematics and French GAYLERD DAVIS. Agriculture MISS FRANKIE MOORE. Home Economics MINOR WILSON. Eighth Grade Boys MRS. AMELIA DUNCAN. Eighth Grade Girls H. E. PRYOR. Seventh Grade Boys MRS. DORIS GLASS. Seventh Grade Girls MISS MARY CODY. Sixth Grade Girls MRS. GLADYS OSBORNE. Sixth Grade Boys MRS. ANNIE NESBITT. Fifth Grade Page Five (f MRS. MARGARET LAWTER MRS. AGNES FREEMAN. . Second Grade MRS. MABEL BRACKETT. MISS OPAL THOMPSON Grade MISS BERTHA E. LEDBETTER. . . MRS. INEZ BALLARD. Grade MRS. LILA ALLEN. MRS. ELVA DRAKE. Grade MISS ALETTA PLANK. MRS. LEOLA MARLOWE. Grade MRS. EDNA PRYOR. MRS. MARIE ODOM. Grade Page Six officers NELL FREEMAN President EARLINE CORN Vice-President CLORENA NIX Secretary DON GARREN Treasurer Senior C ic add Sponsor MRS. ELAINE BURROUGHS Page Eight MASCOTS BURNADEHE LEVI IKE FREEMAN ♦ eniots MAXINE BROWN " MAC " You don ' t say! Glee Club 1; FHA 1; Beta Club 2,3,4; Quill Staff 2,3,4; Editor of Quill 4; Science Club 2,4; French Club 3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Library Staff 4; Miss Hi Miss 4; Chief Marshal 3. ♦ FRANCES BURCH " FRAN " What? FHA 2; Beta Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Glee Club 1,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Quill Staff 3,4; Science Club 4. ♦ GLOVER CAGLE " PEPSI " Take a jump at yourself FFA, 1; Science Club. ♦ EARLINE CORN " BABY " Ah Shoot! FHA 1,2,4; Cheerleader 1; Softball team, 1,2; Vice-President 4; Science Club 2,4; Glee Club 4; Advisory Council 4; Junior Play 3. ♦ EDITH LAUGHTER CORN " TWITLE " FHA 1,4; Glee Club 1,4; Science Club 1,4; Usher of Jr. Play 3. ♦ BETTY LOU COX " BET " Huhl FHA 1,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Science Club 1,2,3; French Club 3,4. s. eniors CALVIN DALTON " CAB " Is that right " FFA 1,2,3,4; Key Club 2,3; Glee Club 4; President of FFA 4; French Club 3,4; Delegate to FFA Convention 4; Junior Play. ♦ ELI DALTON " SLIM " Go soak your head in kerosene FFA 1,2,3,4; Key Club. 2,3; Beta Club 2,3,4; Glee Club 4; Secretary of FFA 4; Delegate to FFA Convention 4; Advisory Council 4. ♦ NELL FREEMAN " SCOOTER WINK " Great day in the morning Basketball Team 1,2,3,4; Softball Team 1,2; FHA 1,4; Secretary of FHA 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Editor of Whispering Pines 4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Secretary and Treasurer of Beta Club 3; French Club 3; Dramatic Club 2; Secretary and Treasurer of Class 2; President of Class 4; Science Club 4; Advisory Council 2,3,4; Junior Ploy 3. ♦ DON GARREN " HORACE " Wanna Race? Baseball Team 3; Bgsketball Team 3; Beta Club 3,4; Glee Club 4; Key Club 4; French Club 4; Science Club 4; Advisory Council 4; Treasurer of Class 4; Marshal 3. ♦ KEITH GARREN " RAM " Sho-nuf! Baseball Team 1,2,3,4; Basketball Team 2; FFA 1,3,4; Science Club 4; Quill Staff 4; Key Club 3; 4-H Club 2. ♦ JOAN GEBE " JO " Behave FHA 1,2,3,4; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Science Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Advisory Council 3,4; Dramatic Club 1. ♦ BILLY GREER " BUBBLES " Check and double check Baseball 3; FFA 1; Secretary of Class 3. ♦ VANCE HOOTS " RONNIE " FFA 1,4; Treasurer of FFA 4; 4-H Club 1; Basketball 1,2,3; Science Club 4. eniorA GEORGIA JONES " TOOT IE " You just don ' t know Softball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; FHA 1,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; French Club 3; Secretary of French Club 3; Dramatic Club 2; Science Club 4; Advisary Council 3. ♦ JUNIOR JUSTUS " JUDGE " Aw shucks! FFA 2,3,4. ♦ ANNE LAUGHTER " ANNIBELLE " That ' s nice Softball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,4; 4-H Club 1,2; Quill Staff 3,4; Cheerleader 1; Beta Club 2,3,4; Science Club 2,4; French Club 3,4; President of FHA 2. ♦ MARIE LAUGHTER " REE " I don ' t know Softball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Science Club 2,3; Quill Staff 3,4; French Club 3,4; President of FHA 3. ♦ MARY ANN LEDBETTER " SQUIRT " Well what do you know? FHA 1,4; Glee Club 1,4; Dramatic Club 1,4; Cheerleader 2,3; Science Club 4; Quill Staff 3,4; Library Staff 4. ♦ G. C. LYONS " HOT ROD " Beats Me Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Key Club 2; 4-H Club 2,3; Science Club 2,4; French Club 3,4. ♦ GRADY MARTIN " JAKE " Let ' s Went FFA 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 2; Vice-President of FFA 3,4; Glee Club 4; Quill Staff 3,4; Junior Play 3; Advisory Council 4. ♦ DIXIE MAXWELL " SHORTY " Oh-h-h! FHA 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,4; Science Club 3,4. eniofd INEZ McDaniel " SUNSHINE " They, help my soul Softball Team 2; FHA 1,2,4; Glee Club 1,4; Science Club 2,4; Cheerleader 1; 4-H Club 2,3. ♦ DOROTHY McMINN " DOT " Now, that ' s providential Library Staff 4; Vice-President of Library Staff 4; FHA 3,4; Science Club 2,3; Advisory Council 4. ♦ CLORENA NIX " CLOE " Okay, Okay, Okay Annual Staff 3,4; FHA 1,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Secretary of Class 4; Science Club 4; Glee Club 4; Marshal 3; Junior Play 3. ♦ VIVIAN NIX " BIBBIE " I give up. Tell me Annual Staff 3,4; FHA 1; Beta Club 2,3,4; French Club 3; Softball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; President of Class 3; Advisory Council 3; Junior Play 3; Marshal 3; Dromatic Club 2; Science Club 4 . ♦ DAVID PHIPPS " LimE DEVIL " Got your homework? Basketball 3,4; FFA 1,2; Key Club 2,3,4; French Club 3; Glee Club 4; Quill Staff 3,4; Dramatic Club 3; Junior Play 3; Beta Club 2,3,4. ♦ TOM PRYOR " HORSE " Krap Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; President of Class 1; Science Club 2,4; Annual Staff 3,4; French Club 3,4; Advisory Council 1. ♦ PHYLLIS ROGERS " PHYLL " Well, I ' ll bel Glee Club 1,4; FHA 1; Dramatic Club Science Club 4. ♦ L ' NEVE SAUNDERS 3; " EVE " I ' ll Swan Glee Club 4; Science Club 4; Library Staff 4; FHA 1,2, Junior Play 3. eniors MARY LOUISE STATON " BUTCH " Wait a minute! FHA 1,3,4; Library Staff 4; Science Club 2,3. ♦ MARY SULLIVAN " MISSIE " I ' ll do it Quill Staff 4; President 1, (46-47); Advisory Council 1; Glee Club 2,3, (47-48); Secretary 3, (48-49); President of Dramatic Club 3. ♦ STEVE THOMPSON " JOE " Suits me Baseball 4; Basketball 2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3; Key Club 2; Quill Staff 3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Science Club 4; French Club 3,4; Secretary of FFA 2; Secretary of Key Club 2; Vice-President of Class 2; Advisory Council 2. ♦ RALPH WALKER " BUD " Are you kiddin ' ? FFA 1,4; Science Club 4; Glee Club 4 . ♦ GEN E HUDSON " RED " I reckon so FFA 1,3,4; Science Club 2. 3J{ 2). ' oin d APPLE HARVEST FESTIVAL FLOAT FRANCES CORN, OUR APPLE HARVEST QUEEN Page Fourteen JIMMY RICKMAN AND JOAN WILSON HALLOWEEN KING AND QUEEN .J ere an d Ok ere 1. Snow ball fight. 7. What ' s on your mind? 2. Big feet. 8. Carefree. 3. When fie said good-bye. 9. What ' s up now? 4. Just a date. 10. Left all alone. 5. Our editor. 11 . What ' s this a picnic? 6. Don ' t wait too late. 12. Little and cute. We entered Edneyville High School in 1947 as enthusiastic, eager, and ambitious students, we knew nothing of what high school life would be like. As we floundered on waves of ignorance and uncertainty, our sponsors. Miss Elizabeth Cody and Mr. Gaylord Davis, steered us into their docks where we set our first an¬ chor. It was in this beginning that we found our light was very dim and uncertain. Then in the fall of the following year we entered school life as silly sophomores. We were then more interested in school because of the many clubs and athletic games. We joined in everything to make us a well rounded class. About twelve sophomores were invited to join the Honorary Beta Club. Then in 19 50, we entered school as jolly juniors. We could now see what progress we had made and that our light was really shin¬ ing. Under the direction of Miss Mattie Sue French we gave our Junior Play, The All Amer¬ ican Family, which was a great success, even though we had to give it in the gymnasium because there wasn ' t an auditorium at Edney¬ ville. In spite of the crowded situation we found a deeper sense of responsibility and began to realize the meaning of real team¬ work in all your activities. •Senior C ic After many days of planning and preparing we gave the Junior-Senior banquet on April 27th with a Dixie-Negro theme. Miss Elizabeth Cody and Mr. Odell Griffin, our sponsors, help¬ ed us in making this an event we all shall remember. Then we entered our last year of our long journey, as dignified seniors, in the newest, most modern building in Henderson County. As we gathered in our classroom, we found that we had lost quite a few members. Then we began to realize how near we were to the end of our school journey. Mrs. Elaine M. Burroughs was our sponsor. With our deepest appreciation we thank you, Mr. Nesbitt and the faculty, for your patience, kindness, and helpfulness all during our school life. As we complete our tasks, we leave Edneyville High School to find our posi¬ tion in life. Maybe some will continue their education while others will make other plans. But as we leave with pride we shall remember. " Not for just an hour, not for just a day, not for just a year, but always, " our days at Edneyville. Class Historian CLORENA NIX Page Sixteen HL Jud Witt and Testament We the members of the Senior Class of Edney- ville High School having completed our journey through the land of knowledge and having reach¬ ed the goal in full possession of sound minds, find that during our high school career we have ac¬ cumulated a considerable estate, common sense, experience, and a vast store of earthly treasures. In all due respect and thoughtfulness toward our heirs and friends, we do make, declare, and publish this our last will and testament; hereby revoking and making void all former wills by us at any time heretofore made. To our mothers and fathers we will our most sincere appreciation and deepest love for their untiring efforts which otherwise would have been impossible for us to attend school. To Mr. Nesbitt, our principal, and Mrs. Bur¬ roughs, our sponsor, we leave our appreciation for the interest they have shown to each individual during our school life. To Miss Elizabeth Cody who has been the girls ' home room teacher for the past three years, each has reserved a special place in her heart. Maxine Brown wills her quiet ways and ability to study to Clyde Hoots. Frances Burch wills her ability to chew gum to Peggy Ledbetter. Mary Louise Staton leaves her baby like ways to Doris Gilliam. G. C. Lyons leaves his obility to " Fool " the teachers to Jimmy Wilson, hoping he can do a great deal better. Clorena Nix leaves her ability as a secretary to Virginia Merrell. Nell Freeman and Tom Pryor leave their title as most athletic to Grace Maxwell and Jimmy Rickman. Calvin Dalton leaves his ability to blush to Horace Justus and Annette Williams. Billy Greer leaves his neatness to Johnny Lee Freeman. Steve Thompson wills his good looks to Preston Garren. Earline Corn leaves her title as most popular to Frances Corn. Inez McDaniel leaves her graceful figure to Barbara Ann Lyda. Vivian Nix and Edith Laughter Corn leave their ability to dance to Betty Roberts and Wanda Moffitt. Ralph Walker and Earl Stepp will their ability to play hooky and get by to Grady Corn, Billy Conner, and R. V. Engle. David Phipps leaves his title as " Best All Around " to Edith Nix, hoping she will take it with great honor. Grady Martin leaves his mischievous ways to Vernon Jones and Earl Peeler. L ' Neve Saunders leaves her letter writing to Beulah Lee Corn, hoping she will accomplish more. Gene Hudson leaves his red curls to Virginia Jones. Joan Gebe wills her love for books to Cassie Williams and Flora Jones. Dot McMinn wills her beautiful dark complexion to Anna Gebe. Betty Lou Cox wills her position in the Beta Club to Shirley Smith. Mary Sullivan wills her pretty hair to Donna Hedstrom. Mary Ann Ledbetter leaves her high temper to Frances Thompson and Shelia Ward. Glover Cagle leaves his lady like hands to Gene Sanders and Marion Nix, hoping they will remember to use " Avon " hand cream. Eli Dalton leaves his blue corduroy Ag. coat to Phyllis Laughter and Joyce Hollingsworth, hop¬ ing they will cherish it very much. Don Garren leaves his " gift of gab " to Betty Jo Ramsey. Keith Garren wills his ' boots " to Charles Brad¬ ley, hoping he will keep them well-shined. Vance Hoots wills his politeness to Floyd Pryor. Georgia Jones leaves her cheerful, jolly manner to Hazel Griffin. Marie Laughter leaves her white sweater to Evelyn McAbee. Keep it just as white as Marie has, Evelyn. Junior Justice wills his " No Mam " to Mrs. Bur¬ roughs in English class to Kenneth Blackwell and Frank James hoping they will remember the " Mam. " Ann Laughter leaves her friendly ways to Annie Lee McAbee. Phyllis Rogers leaves her pretty clothes to Mabel Nix. Class Attorney EARLINE CORN Page Seventeen SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Cutest DIXIE AAAXWELL and CALVIN DALTON Most Likely to Succeed JOAN GEBE and TOM PRYOR Best all round , - MorfCopular FRANCES BURCH and DAVID G. C, LYONS and EARLINE CORN I ' NEVE SAUNDERS and RALPH WALKER SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Mosf Inteffigent MAXINE BROWN and DON GARREN Best Dressed MARIE LAUGHTER and BILLY GREER Mosf Athletic NELL FREEMAN and TOM PRYOR Best Looking ANN LAUGHTER and STEVE THOMPSON Wittiest VIVIAN NIX and G- C. LYONS add OFFICERS JIAAMY RICKMAN Treasurer CLYDE HOOTS Vice-President HAZEL GRIFFIN President DORIS GILLIAM Secretary union KENNETH BLACKWELL CHARLES BRADLEY GRADY CORN BEULAH CORN JONNY LEE FREEMAN PRESTON GARREN ANNA GEBE DORIS GILLIAM HAZEL GRIFFIN DONNA HEDSTROM JOYCE HOLLINGSWORTH CLYDE HOOTS uniorS VERNON JONES FLORA JONES VIRGINIA JONES PHYLLIS LAUGHTER PEGGY LEDBETTER BARBARA LYDA GRACE MAXWELL ANNIE LEE McABEE EVELYN McABEE VIRGINIA MERRELL WANDA MOFFIT MARION NIX EDITH NIX MABLE NIX EARL PEELER FLOYD PRYOR BETTY JO RAMSEY JIMMY RICKMAN BETTY ROBERTS GENE SANDERS SHIRLEY SMITH BETTY LEE TILSON FRANCES THOMPSON ANNETTE WILLIAMS CASSIE WILLIAMS JIMMY WILSON FRANK JAMES Page Twenty-One SOPHOMORES BILLY BARNWELL JERRY BEDDINGFIELD MAVIS BRADLEY TILLIE BROWN RUTH CARTER BETTY JEAN CLINGENPEEL DAVID CORN CLARENCE CORN AMANDA CORN SUE DALTON MARY JANE DRAKE VIRGINIA ANN ENLOE IRMA FISHER ETHELENE FOWLER DOLLENE FREEMAN ELIZABETH FREEMAN MILDRED FREEMAN JO ELLA GARREN DEAN GRIFFIN ANN HILL PEGGY HILL CURTIS HOLBERT WINONA HUDSON BEATRICE JACKSON MACK JACKSON SYLVIA JONES BOBBY LANCASTER JUNE LAUGHTER NELLIE RUTH LYDA SHIRLEY LYDA PHYLLIS MARTIN J. Z. MAXWELL GAIL MAXWELL LOIS MERRELL BOBBY MESSER ELENA McMINN CARROLL NEAL ANN NEWMAN JULIA OWENSBY BARBARA PITTILLO HOMER REED BETTY ANN RHODES BETTY JEAN RHYMER PEGGY SAUNDERS GEORGE TAYLOR JIMMY WADDELL JOAN WILSON JAMES McCRAW Page Twenty-Two FRESHMEN CAROL BURCH ETHEL BYERS ADELINE CAGLE MILLIE CORN ALBERT ALEXANDER RANDY BARNWELL MACK BROWN RICHARD CORN JESSE DUNCAN ANN DALTON BILL CORN GEORGIA EDNEY DORIS ENGLE CHARLES FREEMAN DORIS FREEMAN CLYDE GARREN MARY ADA GEBE FLOYD GILBERT DONALD GENTRY JEAN HILL FREDRICK HOOTS CLARA MAE HOOTS RAY HYDER JOAN JACKSON MILDRED JACKSON DORSIE JONES JOYCE KIDD IRIS LAUGHTER JANE LAUGHTER TOMMY KISER DORIS PEARL LYDA FAY LYDA MARY ELLEN LYDA REGINALD MARTIN SHELBY JEAN MERRELL CAROLYN MORGAN JANIE NIX WELDON NIX EDITH PARRIS SIDNEY PAGE SHIRLEY PHILIPS PEGGIE PEELER HARRIS PRYOR PEGGIE POTTS CATHRINE RHODES BETTY JEAN ROGERS MARY ANN ROGERS BETTY JEAN ROGERS GRACE SPICER JIMMY WILLIAMS LULA BELLE WILLIAMS HAL EDNEY JIM BONDURANT GIRLS MRS. AMELIA DUNCAN Teacher BOYS MINOR WILSON Teacher BOYS H. E. PRYOR Teacher Page Twenty-Four Seventh fade GIRLS MRS. DORIS GLASS Teacher tade GIRLS MISS MARY CODY Teacher BOYS MRS. GLADYS OSBORNE Teacher Page Twenty-Five MRS. ANNIE NESBin Teacher MRS. MARGARET LAWTER Teacher MRS. MABEL BRACKEH Teacher Page Twenty-Six MISS BERTHA E. LEDBETTER Teacher Dll MRS. EDNA PRYOR Teacher Dk itd rade MRS. LILA ALLEN Teacher Page Twenty-Seven Hit MISS ALETTA PLANK Teacher MRS. INEZ BALLARD Teacher MISS OPAL THOMPSON Teacher Page Twenty-Eight MRS. AGNES FREEMAN Teacher MRS. MARIE ODOM Teacher MRS. ELVA DRAKE Teacher Page Twenty-Nine MRS. LEOLA MARLOWE Teacher iementar School Page Thirty L pering. f ined Pi STAFF Editor-in-chief . NELL FREEMAN Assistant Editor . EARL PEELER Business Manager . VIVIAN NIX Assistant Business Mgr...JOHNNY LEE FREEMAN (not pictured) Advertising Manager . FRANCES BURCH Assistant Advertising Mgr . JIMMY RICKMAN Subscription Manager . STEVE THOMPSON Assistant Subscription Mgr . CLYDE HOOTS Literary Editor . CLORENA NIX Assistant Literary Editor. . . .BARBARA ANN LYDA (not pictured) Sports Editor . TOM PRYOR Assistant Sports Editor . HAZEL GRIFFIN (not pictured) Activities Editor . GEORGIA JONES Assistant Activities Editor . JIMMY WILSON (not pictured) Treasurer . MAXINE BROWN Assistant Treasurer . ANNA GEBE Sponsors . MRS. ELAINE M. BURROUGHS (not pictured) MR. W. J. NESBITT (not pictured) Page Thirty-Two MAXINE BROWN. Editor-in-chief CLYDE HOOTS. Assistant Editor KEITH GARREN. Advertising Manager ANN LAUGHTER GRACE MAXWELL. . . .Assistant Advertising Mgrs, JIMMY RICKMAN MARY SULLIVAN. MARIE LAUGHTER JO ELLA GARREN. GEORGIA JONES. EARL PEELER. DAVID PHIPPS. DORIS GILLIAM. FRANCES BURCH. ANNA GEBE. MARY ANN LEDBETTER. JIMMY WILSON. GRADY MARTIN JOHNNY LEE FREEMAN FREDDIE LINDSEY BILL BARNWELL. MISS ELIZABETH CODY. . Art Editors . . .Assistant Art Editors . Sports Editor .Assistant Sports Editor . Alumni Editor Assistant Alumni Editor . Society Editor Assistant Society Editor . Joke Editor . .Assistant Joke Editor . Printers . Assistant Printers . Sponsor STAFF Page Thirty-Three EeU CU Left to Right, First Row: Maxine Brown, Grace Maxwell, Anna Gebe, Elizabeth Freeman, Joan Gebe, Shirley Smith, Ann Laughter, Mabel Nix, Sylvia Jones, Frances Burch, Doris Lancaster, Vivian Nix, Georgia Jones, and Nell Freeman. Second Row: David Phipps, Don Garren, Bill Barnwell, Clyde Hoots, Johnny Lee Freeman, Betty Ann Rhodes, Mildred Freeman, Shirley Lyda, June Laughter, Peggy Hill, Joan Wilson, Betty Jean Rhymer, Virginia Ann Enloe. Third Row: Eli Dalton, Miss Frankie Moore, Sponsor; Mary Jane Drade, Hazel Griffin, Clo- rena Nix, Marie Laughter, Betty Lou Cox, Virginia Jones, Doris Gilliam. First Row: Daniel Holbert, Jack Sinclair, James Kesterson, Wayne Pillillo, Jackie Gebe, Dorothy King, Dixie Jackson, Barbara Lyda, Tomasine Orr, Patsy Sumner. Second Row: James Williams, Edward Barnwell, Barbara Hill, Marie Griffin, Joan Gebe, Hazel Griffin, Doris Gilliam, Earlene Corn, Clorena Nix, Nell Freeman, Dorothy McMinn. CU Third Row: Johnny Lee Freeman, Bill Barnwell, Georgia Edney, Betty Jean Rogers, Carolyn Mor¬ gan, Calvin Dalton, Mack Brown, Reginald Martin, Don Gentry, Don Garren. Fourth Row: Clyde Hoots, Mr. Nesbitt, Sponsor; Eli Dalton, Johnny Warren, Gerald Rogers, Grady Martin. MR. C. W. MAIN WARING, Director tur Seated left to right: Flora Jones, Mavis Bradley, Peggy Peeler, Dorothy McMinn, Edith Nix, Miss Mattie Sue French, Sponsor. Standing left to right: Joan Gebe, Albert Alex¬ ander, Virginia Jones, Cassie Williams, Mary Louise Staton, Ray Hyder. Page Thirty-Five Senior C iuL Doris Freeman, Elizabeth Freeman, Anna Gebe, Virginia Ann Enloe, Johnny Lee Freeman, Floyd Gilbert, Jean Hill, Mary Ada Gebe, Miss Cody, Sponsor; Bill Barnwell, Kenneth Justus, Guther Stepp. junior C iuL MISS MARY CODY, Sponsor ' aMg • y- g|E||HKt hi ' ’ ri - ' BS IL JlLii If»11 (••i. ■ • ' ij fii.i • .-J m m m T -S EP ' imM r il Is 1 111 1 1 If ii3 bU .. ’ ' J v ' 4 . ,| cience Under the direction of Mr. J. Harvey Mitchell FIRST ROW: G. C. Lyons, Joan Gebe, Anne Laughter, Anna Gebe, Doris Gilliam, Hazel Griffin, Steve Thompson. S€COND ROW: Colvin Dalton, Johnny Lee Freeman, Betty Lou Cox, Maxine Brown, Peggy Ledbetter, Marie Laughter, Grace Maxwell. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Elaine M. Burroughs, Sponsor; Tom Pryor, Marion Nix, David Phipps, Frances Burch, Don Garren, Jimmy Rickman, Frank James, Charles Bradley, Jimmy Wilson (absent when picture was taken). C £ Rc iL£- m ' —- ¥ j m 1 President. . . . Vice-President Secretary. . . . Treasurer. . . . VIRGINIA ANN ENLOE .JOAN GEBE .NELL FREEMAN .ANNA GEBE 5 J . 3 J. E President. . . . Vice-President Secretary. . . . Treasurer. . . . CALVIN DALTON .GRADY MARTIN .ELI DALTON .VANCE HOOTS Page Thirty-Eight Left to Right: Fredrick Hoots, J. Z. Maxwell, David Phipps, Freddie Lindsey, Clyde Hoots, Bill Barnwell, Kenneth Blackwell, Harris Pryor, Don Garren, Johnny Lee Freeman, Mr. Harvey Mitchell, Sponsor. Left to Right, First Row: Kenneth Blackwell, Reginald Martin, G. C. Lyons, Tom Pryor, Bill Corn, Clarence Merrill. Second Row: Wade Bright, Johnny Lee Freeman, Jimmy Richman, Bill Barnwell, Mack Brown. Third Row: Vance Hoots, Steve Thompson, Albert Alexander. Page Thirty-Nine “J4. uman K eand Takes time out to pose for us Confusion Hold it Boys ' Basketball Manager Love-birds He ' s a leather neck now! She loves that man The vine study Unknown and unclaimed Just a Senior Wait Tm going Going to the store Page Forty CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Ann Hill, Winona Hudson, Peggy Led¬ better, Mildred Freeman, Jo Ella Garren. OUR COACHES H. E. PRYOR, Girls Coach ODELL GRIFFIN, Boys Coach Page Forty-One GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM 1. Georgia Jones, Captain 2. Doris Gilliam 3. Marie Laughter 4. Grace Maxwell 5. Hazel Griffin 6. Ann Laughter 7. Nell Freeman 8. Vivian Nix 9. Betty Jean Rhymer 10. Joan Wilson 11. Ruth Carter 12. Dollene Freeman Page Forty-Two BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM 1. James 2. Steve 3. G. C. 4. David 5. Floyd McGrav 6. Harris Pryor Thompson 7. Mack Brown Lyons 8. Tom Pryor Phipps 9. Jimmy Rickman Pryor 10. Eugene Dalton Page Forty-Three V i BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Bobby Maxwell, Roy Barnett, Floyd Pryor, G. C. Lyons, Jerry Beddingfield, Dean Griffin, Bill Barnwell. Second Row: Mr. Odell Griffin, Coach; Clyde Hoots, Steve Thomp¬ son, Keith Garren, James McGraw, Harris Pryor, Tom Pryor, Jimmy Rickman. Page Forty-Four ?. Quit flirting 7. 2. Boy Scouts 8. 3. Sliding 9. 4. Halloween Prince 10. 5. Halloween Princess 11 . 6. Who ' s winning? 12. " It ' s touch and you ' re down " Dressed up and nowhere to go Open House Supper Bottle babies Eat and be merry Sunning OL WeiUn Pot Page Forty-Five Toot-toot, I am coming What ' s up? Fishing Don ' t Shoot The Gang ' s All Here Sisterly Love Just Lonely Young, huh? My what outfits Have a drink Do you recognize this? Just wondering Page Forty-Six Compliments BERKELEY MILLS THE STATE TRUST COMPANY " Has Faith in the Young People of Henderson County " Complimenfs of MORGAN BROTHERS, INC. AMERICAN OIL COMPANY wholesalers — Distributors 4th Avenue East and Pine Street Candy - Cigars - Drugs - Sundries Hendersonville, North Carolina Paper Products and School Supplies Phone 6219 ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of BECKER S BAKERY SIX ASSOCIATES Incorporated Phone 6478 Hendersonville, North Carolina ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS 1095 Hendersonville Road ASHEVILLE, N. C. S. Clinton Minnich, Jr. Stewart Rogers Anthony Lord Erie G. Stillwell Henry Irven Gaines J. C. PENNEY S ROSE PHARMACY DEPARTMENT STORE W. L. Harper, Proprietor Main Street PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonville, North Carolina Page Forty-Eight We study English DON ' S FLOWER SHOP 210 4th Avenue West " Let us help you when any occasion calls for flowers " " Flowers Wired Anywhere " RAILROAD SALVAGE COMPANY Complimenfs of KALIN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of AMERICAN DRUG COMPANY SHEPHERD ' S TELEPHONE 3435 Member National Selected Morticians by Invitation Best Wishes From THE TIMES-NEWS YOUR DAILY NEWSPAPER Compliments of CHIMNEY ROCK COMPANY Shop McLELLAN First for Value and Quality 312 South Main Street HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Compliments of EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 350 North Main Street HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. WALKER HARDWARE CO., INC. DuPONT PAINTS First Avenue and King Street HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. FREE PARKING DIAL 7189 Compliments of DELUXE SERVICE STATION ALLEN E. BROWN INSURANCE COMPANY ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 124 4th Ave., W. Phone 5637 HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. - - Page Forty-Nine Complimenfs of QUALITY PRESS PRINTING - OFFICE SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Dial 7289 4th Ave. East Hendersonville, North Carolina F. H. A. Iniliation DEWEY D. PARKER JEWELER WATCH REPAIRING Phone 5015 120 Sixth Avenue West HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. NATIONAL MERCANTILE COMPANY EquipmenI For Cleanliness, Preparing and Serving Food 75-77 Broadway ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA JACKSON-THOMPSON FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Dial 4261 Hendersonville, North Carolina A. B. de CASTRIGUE, anager " MANY THANKS TO OUR CLAY HYDER EDNEYVILLE CUSTOMERS TRUCKING LINES FOR THEIR PATRONAGE " LAKE LURE Hendersonville, North Carolina SUPPLY COMPANY Page Fifty HOME ECONOMICS COOKING DEPARTMENT ..‘V rm A WING CUSS i ■ COMMIRCIAL DEPARTMENT Relax... have a Coke — eOIIUO UNOEll AUTHOallT Of THE COCA-COIA COMfANY Bt COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA The Manual Wood-Workers Manufacturers of Rhododendron Novelties, Complete line of Hand Hooked Rugs, Linen, Candlewick Spreads, Draw MARTIN HEATING METAL CO. Lennox Automatic Warm Air Heating Systems 211 North Main Street HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. oiMiiy EVERYTHING MADE BY HAND WE PACK AND SHIP Phone 2582 Lake Lure Gerton, North Carolina Compliments of YOUNGBLOOD TRUCK LINES, INC. " Serving between the Carolinas and Mid-West " EWBANK AND EWBANK INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. DeLUXE BEAUTY SHOPPE Over Barber ' s Book Store 114 6th Avenue West DIAL 3091 " WE GIVE THE WAVE OF TOMORROW TODAY " TROYES BARBER SHOP 212 N. Main Street HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. THOSE WHO KNOW US BEST PREFER US TO THE REST WALKER S TIRE SERVICE GOODYEAR TIRES SINCLAIR OIL PRODUCTS 125 North Church Street HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Telephone 5644 Page Fffty-Three SUPERIOR LAUNDRY and CLEANERS Main Office and Plant: 915 Maple St. Branch Office: Skyland Hotel Bldg. DIAL 3368 HUGGINS BATTERY AND ELECTRIC COMPANY AUTO PARTS and SERVICE 107 South Main Street TELEPHONE 9051 HOUSTON FURNITURE COMPANY PEOPLE ' S HOME FURNISHERS Philco Electric Ranges, Refrigerators Radios and Television 507-511 North Main Street Hendersonville, North C arolina Telephone 5183 WILSON DRUG COMPANY J. B. Lovingood, Prop. Prescription Druggist HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. LANCASTER EQUIPMENT COMPANY 655 7th Avenue East HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Pace Heating Plumbing Co. 131 4th Avenue East Hendersonville, North Carolina BECK BROTHERS PHARMACY 231 North Main Street HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Phones 9064-9065 He ' ll be by in a while REMNANT SHOP PIECE GOODS and NOTIONS Call 6216 South Main St. Hendersonville, North Carolina HICKORY NUT GORGE The Resort Communities of LAKE LURE - CHIMNEY ROCK BAT CAVE - BEARWALLOW - GERTON On U. S. 74 17 to 27 Miles Southeast of Asheville JAMES O. SCOTT HAIRSTYLIST Forrest Beauty Salon Hendersonville, North Carolina Poge Fifty-Four KOONTS TYPEWRITER CO. 40 WALL STREET M. S. HATCH FEED STORE SEEDS FLOUR FEED PURINA HOG CHOV FERTILIZER HOG DAIRY FEED TELEPHONE 7097 T30 SOUTH MAIN STREET Hendersonville ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina OUR BOOSTERS GLOVER P. JONES CHARLIE FRENCH MR. SHUTZE AUDREY E. SAUNDERS EDITH E. ROPER MR. H. E. LAMB ARTHUR T. TURNER MR. C. L. LYONS MRS. CARRIE CANNON MR. AND MRS. D. T. FREEMAN MR. W. A. BURCH Page Fifty-Five HENDERSONVILLE MONUMENT COMPANY Markers - Monuments - Mausoleums 222 North Church Street HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. FRED GENTRY, Owner DIAL 7294 THOMPSON PRODUCE COMPANY Dealers In Chickens, Eggs, Country Cured Hams HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Dial 5092 7th Ave.,East U-NO SERVICE STATION GROCERIES and FEEDS GAS and OIL E. L. JUSTUS, Proprietor Route 1, Hendersonville, N. C. ASHEVILLE MEAT SERVICE ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Home of Old McDonald ' s Farm Sausage MARTINIS DISTINCTIVE FEMININE APPAREL 501 Main Street HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. HOLLINGSWORTH GULF SERVICE Main and 7th Avenue HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Compliments of PORTER S ESSO STATION Compliments of JACK SCHULMAN PETTIGREW-RULANE CO. RULANE GAS SERVICE Asheville, North Carolina THE ALL-SPORTS STORE 81 Patton Avenue Asheville, North Carolina BLUE RIDGE GAS APPLIANCE CO. Post Office Box 438 HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Telephone 6381 358 7th Ave. East Gas — Fast, Clean, and Economical BELK-SIMPSON COMPANY Hendersonville, North Carolina " The annual goes to press. " Page Fifty-Six LIBRARY MOLAND-DRYSDALE CORP. Brick Manufacturers HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. HENDERSONVILLE AUTO DEALERS’ ASSOCIATION Just waiting DUKE POWER COMPANY Congratulations FARMER S FEDERATION CO-OPERATIVE SUPPLIES FOR THE FARMER Telephone 4275-4276 Seventh Avenue East Page Fifty-Eight 1. Our school bus drivers 2. These faithful workers make our lunchroom possible 3. What century is this? 4. That ' s a good pose, KeithI 5. Did it hurt? 6. Arrelta, Sue, and Ann 7. Our intercommunication system Page Fifty-Nine Compliments of HEDRICK-RHODES POST Veterans of Foreign Wars HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA FRANCIS WRIGHT Compliments of FARM SUPPLIES KEY CLUB Phones 3406-7463 At Depot Edneyville High School Compliments of CARSON For Better Business Training ICE CREAM COMPANY Established 1905 Wholesale Manufacturers " The Old Reliable School of Business " and Distributors 47 Broadway Dial 3-6251 BLUE BIRD ICE CREAM ASHEVILLE, N. C. Hendersonville, North Carolina Page Sixty SCIiNCE LABORATORY COLLINS-McCORD OVERTONES Hendersonville, North Carolina WHOLESALE GROCERY " Your Compleie Deparimenf Store " 7th Avenue East Telephone 3911 MEN ' S WEAR - LADIES ' WEAR Hendersonville, North Carolina SHOE REPAIR - BEAUTY SALON LUNCHEONETTE Kansas Maid Flour Compliments of RIGBY-MORROW CO. W. A. BAXTER BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES LUMBER MILLWORK Supplier of 4th Avenue East Phone 3428 Sinclair Products Hendersonville, North Carolina Hendersonville, North Carolina A MONEY-SAVING OPPORTUNITY—This bus is operated daily from Waynesville to Blanton ' s Business College and affords tree transportation lor all pupils from Haywood County. It is possible to obtain this same service tor your county. For information write: 1. P. Blanton, President Blanton ' s Business College, Asheville, North Carolina. Page Sixty-Two Skyline Dairies Located Near Beaucatcher Tunnel ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Now buying and selling dairy products in Henderson county Visit Our Ice Cream Bar tilPK The propaganda that is being fired at people both young and old is at times near paralyzing. The distraction is too much for many seasoned adults; it is only the strong young people who will be able to weather the storm and steer a steady course. One young person put it well when she said, " I don ' t know what to believe. " She expressed the thinking of many sincere young people. There is a lot of talking and guessing and so many self appointed experts with a new plan and who think that they have the answer. It is to be hoped that school has, if nothing more, taught each of you graduates to stop and evaluate before accepting new theories and ideologies, or discarding proven practices. We hope that each one will accept his or her proper share of moral responsibility for the success of home, church, school, state, nation; so that out of what may seem world chaos, and what is abnormal condition may come a return to fundamentals of sound thinking, practical living, honesty of opinion, understanding of others ' problems, and spiritual unselfishness. Someone has well said, " We ask for strength and God gives us difficulties which make us strong. We pray for wisdom and God sends us problems the solution of which develops wisdom. We plead for courage and God gives us dangers to overcome. We ask for favors and God gives us opportunities. " With kindest regards, I am. W. J. Nesbitt Page Sixty-Four f Si V = '

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