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 - Class of 1958

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71 4 -f Z A f 1 Y 7,7 , f I A il XII I 7 iq X, !f51iV!'f! f', I . X, ku, 4 f jfifg .H . f H! ff I W lx ff X, K 1- , .I V ,Q ff H I 1, f I, l '- NX - I F, V. - If jf, , f 4 , ww W mf ff,f f.Qs' ff , z , , f, ff, ,A -Hz yi! if ! X WMM :fb hflfkr , ,f , , ,f Af .f U if 'yf f , 1 ff f f nv !! 4 XX T" X X I ff , ff f xl if 05' W J ,' ,f'f Q ',,f h I,' if if ff 1 X 06- 'f' X ,J 'iw H1 fy jf 1 m yfzfy ff' J! if 'K ' if ff' ff1U,i, ,J d 7711, ' A1 U V !f I ,iff lwwfffy f ff 'V V- Ig V' if fdkx X' Vyfgjf 1 + i -V I J V 7 f ff 'f'W 'A A 1 ' YQ. ff , ' ' ffl f A i ff, 'lj 'S' ,f f ' If Q X f L u, fa ' 1 HA If f i I. :XM f lil X fr f '1 H 1 " 'ff X f 1 f X xv, Q l XX N f I ' ' , X4 I 1' t' J -X . W x J AQ 44" x J, I .V I' ,' xl! WNV ' ff' ' INV j I I H X. x I A M ' r 2 J rb X' ,V f f 'ij 1 1' L X I it-J " ,h K N L X 1 , . Q N , 1 S, I f gf K M If I ,, y ' X 'xiiv 'S 'J J x I ffl WW if M IVES of griat meri all rergindypjpm My We can ma e our 1ves su And departmg leave beh1n un W!! jpg Footpr1nts on the sands 1m?j XZ, ff 7 P5 fl! P ff fmt!!! ,pf qfyflffw lfffffptff ff J ff feb J f f ff' J My f f 1 ff if W f f f ff ffjyev , f f , ,vw Rb ff X iff ffffwl i f W! f X f P "-'Y ,T f X li Q, gx Zz ,,-elsif' ff f 1? X 2 kb I4 GJ L' LK! lf , if J , ,Ll 'f , , fl' fb' . ' jj x" fl' ' 1 ,' jjj . ' A ' 02 . ' , ' , f X ff l , , If . ' I, I . . , XL 'VX WU f ff, A ff I A I f Rig ff QV C G - 4 tv v 4 1 fv f, kg ,f XL , jj I H, lf W ,F X X L f ef 'L I ' " -f f f 0 3 I J! f lv If fy If f I lj! V, aff X ' , f If A f'v,ff iff ft! 1 if 0 1 ff K I ,fx , C X ff ' f,"'Pf lf' 'f,' .ff ' I " , 4, mf e f e f ff 1' f , P Q7 4 1 J f llle l ' fn' 7 I X, fff 1, 11 , J, ff Qi!!! lf!! V If k X f ff K I f 7,17 A I, 'V 'Il' I 'ay ' V C' 4, IMC' ,f , 1 E, ,A A I jx . ,ff ff, ,V I ff A' V, lf !, ?.f If , 1?f g f, f ,f'!!l,fmlr f! vy 1ffff'!f' ' V .jfs 9 N! f ifff rl X' ff f f r !"f,,5' I, ' , fl , ' if 'ff f ff' il ,QQ N ff f ,f ff Y: 'jfff ,4 I V,V ff' f iff? A 7 ,Y ,fl 5 . I ,' flf. ' f f l Q fff few ef - f ,ff flu ll fl' f all e l fl 3 ! Vg if af f cf f ag A ffffwfyf l ff ff T' ef . H' ' f ' 'l if' ' ' J f " I 'ff ,ff Q? ! 'I , ! ,VJ ff f f 'Nl 5' ' i , ' I A mf ff , ,. 'I ' ,W 1 ,ff I- - 1, 'N f fl f F ' 1 l ,lf V. f 1 ,fiff I .f f ff! " ' 'III J" ' fl P- I 7, 'V Y' ,' 'V 1' X" f 'gl fl ' ! ' 0 -9 ,L Al, fl I A' If 1 l f I . . l 3 " l ' - f flw - - X, I F If f' X I A . 1 X ,f fi l' 0 , f if '- fl, ' fi Q Q : Z-e' "Tig: , f ' ' fifftgli ' tvi iw-Li:- V gi xx S. +L - V -Qjx- -452 T Cfaprzm-v-4,27 V' K ' f:,f?f'4l:A:gE"" dx 1 ,Aee xff is -' 0 1 5 Q Va fx an v W. v llnl NM ,gg A- 7' ,WN -J-" ,, 1 n .2- ,1 -N .. , e, v.,.f s Xix . W .- vw. ,- 09, s-4. -w-ag ug-franc-'rw asf, 1 gb 'Win hpw. 9555?- The Class of X58 Presents the x 47 'l.""ffe tw Lk' e lk in , f 8 an xxx J X rl V61 X A Z Foreword il is ei During the years that we spend in the happy atmos- phere of learning, sharing and friendship at Edmunds High, we are prepared for the world into which we will enter after graduation. The staff of the 1958 "Hi-Ways" has recorded one year of the life of the E. H. S. student body and of those who have so diligently guided our footsteps in prepara- tion for our future paths. We hope to show in this annual the imprints we have made through the year. 1 --?f...! A L--,p ' 1 jr' Q - Annual Publication of Edmunds High School Sumter, South Carolina Calhoun Cunningham, Editor Deana Eldridge, Business Manager ""'? 'Q 'smile l The Seniors Fondly Dedicate This 1958 HI-WAYS To WM. flea! cf YMJA for her unending devotion and willing service to our class. In times of crisis so important to us, whether it was junior-Senior or the magazine campaign, she was always there to urge us on and lend a helping hand. Words cannot express our appreciation for a job truly well done. 5 ministration Provides the Way to Knowledge 'O D - zfxgiizfi - ' 'L was--.5 Q: 'ails--'fr ' frr.:i'gVv"" 4,9 gg.--,-kr, 1 4' "1aPN55',?fti?if.g2-ff" ' 4.51-if s ,.,,. .f.1.,.-,ffw ,,,. ' wry' A2'i?2,Q?g:f'y, ZZ -, ,Q gpg 2, ' ' "'-4.2, 5 - if . ,. , 'fb 'v-Pav' iinraw-1. 5-Ll , , was s Nlu. joux NV. Comm-:Y Xiu. j. VV. CHANDLER Mus. VIRGINIA P1.AMEn Clmirnmn Vim'-Clzflirrlzzlrx DR, Cu.-xn1.ES Puorsi' Xiu. j, Cpum Huczmis Nha. O. V. PLAx'r:u NIH. R. O. Puum' MR. JOHN L. SOUTHWELL MR. FRED E. WELLS Superintendent Business Manager Q :F IAQ,-M f-fi .E 4 K.. V at V G ' Q.:- 1 ' r 4-gr -Lsnnlq M n , X l A fp-gf XM' " f I V' W 1 .I " is fre? ADMINISTRATION.. Makes AvaiIabIe Facilities for EcIucationaI Opportunities N fi ff'- .' iff! Mlj. t. H. LYLES i PrzncIpal , ff Q1 WIN ' f 0 2 f fc A ' M ' W A ii' fffi ge I i i III Z X Sify? Q2 I WW r ,iff I Mxss ETHEL J. BURNEIT Assistant Principal Miss IRMA H. Wnmnsnc Mxss JULIA STONE School Treasurer Secretary to the Principal 1 L , wg 4 ll ,. xx 3. .4 A I 's 1? Mxss CATHARINE BAss Mns. MIIDRED BRANDENBURG Mas. Pnzrro H. Bmmsou Latin Typing Psychology FACULTY . . . Furnlshes Guidance Mas. OLA MAE DEBERRY Miss MARGARET DUNNING Mas. MARGARE1- W. Em-:Ns Algebra American History English and History vouncu mines AY wonn W I 1 V l" L...- Mns. Barry S. ELMORE Miss THELMA GASTON Mn. WALTER O. Gn.LAM Science and Physical Education Typing and Shorthand Biology IO if Iv. ,Q J I 512-6 A . ff! ' ,Dx ""'0+ Q... -di , f f f - ,L .ww V- " Mn. CHARLES M. Honcm Mrss ADA N7 mnw HUNTER Social Studies and Physical Education English Recognizes Achievement, Mohvates Learning, MR- WII-I-IAM Ionmm Mas. W11.m:LM1NA LEACH Chorus Home Economics and D. E. f ww, . S 1-.Fi J .- ,fl x MH. W. E. HANCOCK Mechanical Drawing and D O MRS. RETHA D. IWARK Library -wr-1 X.. ki -ing 'i.3'f'f2 . X5 sbxfswiiixi-" , 25355 V 'Y W. 54' myqfj .arf fa" Miss CAssn: Nrcxonss Miss Susm M. Osman Publications and English English I I 'urs-5 U15 Mi -.-n, SP1 Pd P Mn JAMES D Pnrrcnzmn Mas MARY W Pxmmr Mas SARA D Ronmson Band Chemzstrj Spamsh and Englzsh lnsplres Good Character, Encourages Effort, Mas. ADELINE Scfmnonoucn Mx. W. I. Snovnsmc MRS. VICTORIA H. S'moNc ' Shop hematic H ame Economws .- Mat s Msn-,. K, -3 . wx f ' 9 ,If 2 S-.7 IA -V A 0 . 1,4 jf: Sl .1 rj 'W -elf 7 , 5' v X .x,7?'gNJ" 5 . A X PLS? 1 r sg B I - .i!,i!" ' :':' ' ii V' 5 I 6 ' , 'Aff' 1 p-.,gY ' ' u 1 A N s I -- S M- -..f I 4 Y ? l Q i 14 P , , rfx 'gang 0 g, 7 F Q Mn. M. JACK SUMMERS Mn. Ronmr I. Tu.1.zn Miss HANNAH Tmnons Physics and Physical Education Mathematics English and French 1 2 9-C .slim l I .L W , , Mas. Mun' Q. Tnzzsrzn Mn. J. FRANK Wuxzn English and Art Social Studies si A im , W ' 1 Miss IHMA H. Wx-:mmanc Bookkeeping and Mathematics Stimulates Ambition, Aids in Extracurricular Activities Mns. MARY B. WEINBERG English Mns. MARY R. WELLS Commerce A ioaado'o'o'o'o'c aooeeooooeo oe:-moooooe w L3 5 LVAIQJINIX 8552 ,S of W 161 ,Dewi c :af , X - E5.+'T1 Mas. KA-mmum: G. Warn: Mn. Roan-r F. Wxcoml Social Studies English I 3 asses Seniors' Footsteps Followed by Juniors and Sophomores wif? f :A A ti-,Ji is .-Q x iv Mya air, ,037 fr-rs W 14 jgk,Qf-S . M 'F ' 5 K Q 2 -. , 1.-12475 W 5 5? . u h m 3.32, , A . 3 Qf.".iXv"5 If-215'-all A A Q 311,-:'f:Q ?:-3223, 1 Q' 2' :rp , f 14, L 121 . :I-5,1-. , . . ,,,g1.1.f, , ., - 5-,w,v,f Z ' ' ' 9" gym.. , ,, , , f, mf'-"f , I . v x v X15 5' .141 u - .4 if A 1 if za , gn 'Q M4 'o L - ,QL 1 ' s . x. ' - V A x si I 43- .-,, -.3 f-, .. , P ' : 5! , ' H ' fx r' . 1 . ' , ' , v. , , ' ' fu.. "' V ,, ,. Q ,Q , 2 V is 5 'Y 1 5 -..'. '1 "i?2L,!g.e,r1.,--. ,, :tw Q U.--iff E 'lN bi W..-W 533' b-... Frrst Row JIMMY BATEMAN President Bmsv SNYDER Treasurer Second Row Mas FRED XVELLS Sponsor JANE Hfuuus VwePres1dent JAYNE DuBosE Secretary SENICDRS . . . Class Officers JOHN CARLTON ADAhiS, "Self-confdence is the frst requisite of great under- takzngs. . Wildlife Club 1, 35 Photography Club 25 Homeroom Treasurer 25 Hi-News Representative 35 junior-Senior Decoration Committee 35 Dramatics Club 45 Golf Team 45 Cast of Senior Play 4. GETHA Liza ALSBROOKS "That which is lovely, honest, just, of good report and true." j.H.A. 1, 25 Chainnan of NVQ-lfare Committee 15 D. E. Club 45 Advertising Staff of H1-XVAYS 45 junior-Senior Refreshment Committee S, PATRICIA ANN ARDIS "She's lovely, she's divinef, J.H.A. 1, 25 D. E. Club, Treasurer 3, Secretary 45 Homerocm Treasurer 4. JUDITH ANN AUSTIN "Beauty itself doth of itself persuade, the eyes of men without an oratorf' Homeroom President 1, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 45 Flaghearer 15 Latin Cluh 15 Class Treasurer 25 Cheerleader 2, Head 45 Chainnan of Pep Committee 45 Homecoming Sponsor 35 Office Helper 45 Recrea- tion Committee 25 Miss Iunior 35 Homecoming Queen 45 May Court 1, 2, 3, 45 Iunior VVelfare Committee 35 junior-Senior Decoration and Entertainment Committees 35 High Salesman Magazine Campaign 45 Columnist for Hi-News 4. NANCH' IRENE AUSTIN "The mirror of all courtesy." Camera Club 15 I. H. A. 25 D. E Club 3, 4. OSCAR Av1Ns "He was a man, take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again." Manager Varsity Football Team 15 Cafeteria Committee 15 4-H Club 15 Dramatics Cluh 2, 35 Assembly Committee 35 Homeroom Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 junior-Senior Entertainment and Decoration Committees 35 Cheerleader 35 Flont Committee 35 Com- mencement Marshal 35 Magazine Campaign Captain 45 D. E. Club 45 Chaimian Hospitality Committee 45 Class Day Committee 4. BARBARA ANN BACIIUS "Loyal-hearted, strong of mind, a truer friend nowhere youill fndf' Band 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Dramatics Club 35 I. H. A. 45 Home- room Vice-President 2. Treasurer 3, Hi-News Representative 45 Photography Committee of HI-XVAYS 45 Junior-Senior Decoration and Orchestra Committees 3. BETTY JANE BALL "just pack up all your troubles and laugh your cares awayf, 4-H Club, Vice-President 15 G. A.A. 25 I.H.A., Program Chairman 3' D. E. Club 4 Homeroom Secret 2 unior-Senior Refreshment , I 9 . ' ary Q J Committee 35 Hospitality Committee 4. BETTY ANN BARNES "Far may we Search before we find, a heart so womanly and kindf' ' I. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 1, President 2, 35 jnnior-Senior Chairman Refreshment Committee 3. JOSEPH NEECE BARTLETTE, IR. "Both wise and both delightful, toof' D. E. Club 45 4-H Club 35 D. O. Club 3. ' The Class SYLVIA :XNNE'l"l'li B.-XRTLl'I'I'l'l:I "Herein to the girl with u heart and ll smile. that makes the bubble of life worth whilef, I. II. A. lg Photography Club 3g National Honor Society 4. LEON SINCLAIR BARXVICK, jR. "llc lmtlz un emlless' flow of ,FUNlTl'I'-S'lIfltPll.U NViltllife Club lg Latin Club 25 Key Club, Vice-President 3, President 43 J. V. Football 39 junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3g Varsity Football 4g Golf Teinn 4. NORMAN ROSCO BARXVICK UA mind equal to any imdertuking he puts it along side off, XvlC'l'0ll cj.-KRROLL BARNVICK 'ABL' yourself and leave eustorn to those who need iff' lloinerooin Treasurer 1, Vice-President 3g Latin Club 1, 24 Key Club 3, Secretary -ig junior-Senior Decoration Committee Sq Improvements Committee 43 May Court 4. jAMEs NVILLARD BATEBIAN, JR. "You,re our enuoyg lead the way, and welll proceed." Class President 1, 2, 8. -ig XVildlife Club 1, 24 Concessions Committee lg junior- Si-nior Decoration Committee 3g Key Club 43 Reporter for Hi-News 33 Citizen of NVei-k -1, KENNETH BECK "Fleet the time carelessly, as they did in the golden worldf' Ili-News Representative lg Photography Club lg Homeroom Secretary 2g Dra- matics Club 2, 35 Junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3g Cheerleader 4g Sports Staff of Hi-VVAYS 45 Key Club 4: Pep Committee 4g Chorus 4. MASON REID BEI-IBE "VVlzen 1 eanlt talk sense, I talk rnetapliorf, Dramaties Club 1, 2, 3, 4g junior-Senior Decoration and Properties Committees 35 Assembly Connnitee -tg Citizen of YVeek 4g Class Day Committee 4. CAROL BELL "Her heart was warm for the friends she made." Library Club 1: I. H. A. 2, 3, 4. Reporter 25 Junior-Senior Refreshment Committee 3 Bartlette L. Barwick 3 S If Q ???????? THOBIAS OTIS BOWEN "The noble uets which he did, and his greatness, they are not lbllfflfllg for they were very many. tlonu-room Vit-e-President 1, 3, 'Treasurer 2, President 4g Boys' State Representa- tive 3g Commencement Marshal SQ junior-Senior Decoration and Entertainment Committees 3: VVildlife Club 1, 33 Latin Club 25 Dramatics Club 45 Class Day Committee -lg Chairman Awards Points Committee 43 Welfare Committee 39 Improvements Committee -tg Tennis Team 3, 4. CECIL W OODROW BROXVN "Simplicity of ehumeter Ls' no hindranee to subtlety of intellect." Latin Club 1, 23 NYildlife Club, Secretary 3g I. V. Basketball 33 Varsity Basket- ball 4: junior-Senior Decoration and Entertainment Committees 3. N. Barwick V. Barwick . f in Af ,N Aw-1 V X E i-kj' A, iff 3 - +-'-Q ,,, ,y., ,af A gf fy .3-4" i ,-4-ra-"Y" X' vi .Q Bateman I Bltk Beebe Bell Bowen Brown l 3 Seniors yust loafing around ROBERT TILLMAN BROWR, III I am not only untty in myself but the Lausr that wit is in other men Science Club Secretary 2 Nici President 3 Homeroom Secretary 1, Band 1, 2, 3 Property 'Manager 4 SUSAN Aisx Briowixrixc She is neat and nice and dresses quite well H A Nice President 1 Stuet xrw 2 3 4 Librirx ASStlL1lfltJll3, 4, Chorus 4, junior Senior Dttorwtion Commltltc 3 ROBERT LEE BURRESS Not a loud talker but a deep thinker F. F. A. 1' junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3' Key Club 3, 4, Photography Club 2- Pep Squad 4' Chorus 4. Brown Browning of 1958 PAUL CJALHOUN "Cour1esy is an expresswn of nobilityfi Fellowship Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 4. PAULINE NELL CANNARELLA "Beauty being the best of all we know, siinis- up the unsearchable and secret aims of naturef, May Court 1, 2, 3, 4g Reporter for Ili-News 1, 2, 3, All AE 1, 2, 3, 4, Home- rooin Yin-e-1'rt'sident 1, 2, Secretary 3, Flag Bearer 2, Badminton Singles Clnnnpiou l, 2, junior-Senior Decoration and Entertamrnent Committees 3, Drainaties Club 3. 4, C. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 25 Elections Committee 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Delegate Girls' State 3, Chaimian Publicity Com- mittee Magazine Campaign 4, H1-ad Coinmeneevnent Marshal 33 Student Body Secretary-Treasurer 4g Literary Editor of III-VVAYS 49 Pep Squad 4g Citizen of thi' Month -4, junior XYelfare Committee 3, Thanksgiving Committee 2g Float Connnitten' 2, 3, 4, High Salesman Magazine Campaign -tg Cast of Senior Play 45 Block "S" Club Sponsor 4g Quill and Scroll 4, Commencement Speaker 4. SUELBY 'll-LAN CARRAWAY "In thy face I see the maps' of honour, truth, and loyalty." J. Il. A. 1. 2, 39 D. E. Club 4g junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3, Homcroom Treasurer 2. ROSALIND CARRIGAN "You are such a wonderful gift to lifef' Speech Club 1, 2, Hi-Nlfws Reporter 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, G. A. A. 3, junior- Senior Entertainment Committee 3, Pep Squad 4, Music Club 4, Literary Staff of HI-XVAYS 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Class Day Committee 4, JABIES XVOODROW CARSON "He speaks, behaves, and acts just like he ought." Band 1. 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll First Semester 1, Art Club 2, National Honor Society 3, 44 Music Club 3, Photography Club 4, Literary Staff of Hr-WAYS 4. RICHARD lh1ICHAEL CTARTER "Self trust is the nrst secret of success." Fellowship Club 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 41 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Major 3, 4, F. T. A. 1, 2, 3, Assembly Committee 2, Cast of Senior Play 4. VVILLIAINI LYNN CHADA "People may come to do anything almost by talking of it." Band 2, 3, 4, All State 2, 3, Radio Club 2, Science Club 3, Vice-President 4, junior-Senior Properties Committee 3, Bus Driver 3, 4, Transferred to Edmunds as Sophomore. Burress Calhoun Cannarella Rr' Carraway Carrigan hd no Carson Carter Q li ul r I9 1 '-aw I'5ffv1ywE. , XNQNLQ- ,QA 1 ,pr- ' Q 157+ ' 4 l ir a ,Ss . , Cromer The Class bl,-XNIIQS lfiuxczis Co1,1-:MAN MII1' 1Il1S' 11 111'1111 11x 1911111111 11.s' ll 111'11.,' ll. Ii. Cluli 3. -1. Nlirun' lC1.1z.us1-1'1'11 Coxiifrox 1.111111 111111111' 111111 ,Q111111 .Sl'll-Sl' 11111181 1'l't'l 111111. l"1lloxul1111 1'l11l1 lg ,l.ll..-X. 2: Y:1t111l1.1l Honor Socirty -lg Uffin- llvlpvr 4. Xl11.11111111 .I 12.-xx C11x1.1cY C-S11'1'l'1 111'1 11111111111, 1111111 111'1 ll'1111S..l l,il11'.u'x lflulw l. Xss1st.u1t lg C. K. X, 21 lfloiit C11111111itt1'1' 2, -1, l'i.'l'.A. 3, -13 lu11i111'-S1-ui111' l'il1l1-1l,1111u11'ut .uul ll1'tl1'sl11111'1it C11n1l11itt01's 3: Chorus 23. 111,11 1114 l'ix'1f111-:'1-'1' ciU0l'lili, ju. YX1111111111111. 11'Il1I111l,Q. ,Q1'11111'111'.s'.s', u1r1111', youth, 1i111'r111i1!1. 111111 s111'11 111113 1111' A1111-1' 111111 .s1111 111111 ,s1'11.x1111 11 1111111. S1-1'r1-t.11y l11111rox1'1111uts Co1muitt1-11 3. -lg Varsity 1-'ootlmll -lg Yairsity Buskvtlxtll lg I, Y, l1'11otl1.1ll 2. S35 ,l, Y. ll.1sL1-tlmll I. 'Eg Drzuuaitic-S Clulm 3, S1-1'1'1-tnryblg Laltiu Cl11l1 lg 2g films S1'111't.uy 2g ll11u11'l'oom Yicvs-P1'1'siclt'ilt -ig Nluy Court 1, 2, 3, 4: X.1ti11u.1l 111111111 511111-15 -lg Cust ot S1-nior Play -ig Class Day Cummitttvv 41 Trams- t1-rr1-1l to li1lm11u1ls ns l'il'A'NllIll1lll. C1.o111,x Cw1cN11111,x'N CIOPIQLAND ".-X 11111 111111 .s1111111.1 111111.x1111111'1' 111 1111 1111' 11'11111,s' 111111 1111111 l'l1111ou1'.11il1y lfl11l1 lg D. lf. Clulx -l. l'.x'1'1111:1,1 .Xxx Cizcmiin "ll1'1 11111N 1lll'111'1'l111-X 1111' 111'1'1111. 111'r11'11111111',s'11.s 11,5111 11.8 1111'1111lI1l.H 11, .X.N.-X.. l, l.1l1r.uy Clul1 ig XIus11- Clul1 35 D. E, Cluls, '1il'l'1lSllYCl" -ig National Huiior So1i11ty -I: gluliior-S1f1iiui' li11i'1'1-sl11i11-nt Cuimuittsw- 8. 131111111-11Y ANN Cixowugy i'S111"s 11 1'11,x1'111111 ,x1'1 11'1111 111110 lL'11fll1 111111'11.v, 111111 11.s' s1L'111'1 11.s' 111111 1111 1'1111111 11I111i1' 1ll'l.v Class Yiuv-l'1'1-si1l1'11t lg l..itiu Cluly lg H1u11lh11ok Comuiittvn- 1, Color Cunrd l. 2. 53g ll111u1f1oou1 l'r1-si1l1-ut 2, 33 Drzuuaitics Club 2. -lg Art Club 35 juniur-S1-nior R1-f1'1-sl11111'iit, D1-1-omtiou .uid lixltertniiiiiic-iit Coiumittvvs 3g Publicity CtJ!1lH1itfl'l' -13 P1-p S11u111l 4: Chorus 4: Office Hvlpur 3, -ig Float Comiuittvc 2, 3, 41 Home'- romiuyl Sponsor -1. CAl.IiOl'N Dovrz Cvxxixcufxxi "A ,ur1'111 1111111 is 11111111' 1111 of 11111111111'.s 111111 l1Il'L'f 111' 111111111 1110111 111 111'1'11.s'11111.v." llom11room l'r1'si1l1-lit 1, 3, 'l'r1-.isurur 2: .-Xrt Cluli I, 2, Yi1-1'-Prm-si1l1'11t 34 Float KI11u1u1itt1-1- 2, 13. rl: 'l'l11111ks1.:ix'ii1u Coiuiuittm-11 ig Cl11unu.ui li1'.i11ti1i1'11tiou Conuuit- Col1-iuaiu Compton 1' ' ,,- 1 Q K -J L......J Q v Z: xVllLlf,S this? A Senior jam session? 11-11 Jig ,l11u1or-S1-uior C11-Cllziinuaui D1-1-11r11tio11 C111u1uitt1'1- Sg Colnlnviiccmn-nt Mur- sluil 25g 171-lvylaitv Boys' Stun- :lg Nutiouzil llonor S111-iz-ty 3, Prvsidcnt First Semcstvr -lg Al1'l1i111' XY1'l1'1ir1- Coluinlttvt' 33 Citizen of YVU1-k 35 Editor-in-Cllivf HX-XVAY5 43 Pliotoilraipliy Club -1g Pulrlirity Comnlittvc fxlalgalzino Cumpaipln 44 Publications llonrml -lg King T1-1-n 4g Quill and Scroll 4g Many Court 4. X l A11'1'11A DABBS "Nitty 111 t111k lU111l, 1111'11s11111 111 11-111k wit11,11n1l pretty 111 look upon." Ilom1-room President 1, 2, 3g Cl11'1'rl1'111icr 3, 4: Pop Committee 43 Staff of Hi- X'1'11zs- 2. Columnist 4. ll1-prvwiit11tix'1- 4g junior-S1-ni11r Dev.-orzition and Entertain- uuut Coimnitta-es 31 Latin Cluli lg Drzunaitiv.-S Club 2, 3, 43 Recreation Com- mittm- 4: junior XV1-lfarc C11uunitt1-1- 133 Slay Court 13 Homccoming Sponsor 3, 4g l-'lout Coiumittve 2. 3, 4: Cliorus 4. Frmxx :XLLEN DACLPIX' Alix 1111111111 ll 1111111 11.s any 111 1111' 1L'11r111, for 1111' lL'1lO1C 15111111 se1'1n.x 111 .v111111' 11111111 1110. Aw.1r1ls Points Committ1-1- l, ig liuprova-im-nts ftlllllllllltttt' 3, 41 Varsity Footlmll 2. 3. 'lg Varsity Baxska-tlmll 3, -lg Tr.11'k 23 J. V. Bnskm-tlxzlll 21 XVil1llifc Club 1. 23 lllo1lx Clulx 3, xvltt'-Pl'l'Ni1lt'lll 4g Class V11-1'-l'r1'si1l1-lit 2g Homcroom Yicc- l'I't'5lCll'Ilf 2, l'r1-sidvut 4g Nluy Court 1, 2, 3, 4g Citizt-n of XVvuk 4. Coulcy Cooper Copel uid "5-'X t""H' I X- ff Crowley Cunnin ghnm Dahbs Da gley 'Seniors dismissed when the band starts to play." . . . and away tlley go. ROBERT DAVID DEBERRY "I count him a great man who inhabits a higher sphere of thought into which other men rise with labor and difficulty. lli-News Representative 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Homeroom President 2, 4, Science Club 34 National Honor Society 3, Treasurer First Semester 4, Music Club 45 Cafeteria Committee 4g Sports Editor of HI-XVAYS 4, Cast of Senior Play 4, Citizen of VVeek 4, Class Day Committee 4. ROBERT LELAND DIXON "ll'it rnalccs its own welcome, and levels all rli.s'tiriz'tior1.s.', llancl l, 2. 3, Secretary 4g Key Club 4g Music Club 3, j. V. Football 3, Junior- Senior Entertainment Committee 33 Science Club 11 Radio Club 2, Class Day Committee 4. tl.-XINIES :XRTIIUR DOVERSPIKE "l"riunrl.s'lzip is the gift of the gods, and the most previous boon to nianf' Fellowship Club 1, 2, Key Club 3, 4g Hall Attendant 3, 4. DeBerry Dixon S, 'VN if E of 1958 jL'Liic.xxxi: lligisizciru DL'BOsE MciIIl!'l'f1ll and lllttfll'-Sl, thoughtful and kind, a clearer girl yoifll m'i'1'r finzlf' Publieity Committee Magazine Campaign 4g Library Club 19 I. H. A. 2, Secretary 4. Ili-.Yum lit-pre-.eiitative 2g Tlianksgiiing Committee 2g Dramaties Club 3: junior-Senior lnxitations, Entertainment, Decoration Committees. ltetreslnnents Committee Cliairinan '34 llomerooin Secretary 3, Vice-President 43 Elections C0111- inittee 3: National llouor Society 3, Secretary First Semester 43 Chairman Pub- licity Committee -lg Pep Squad 4g Commencement Marshal 3g Senior NVelfare Connnittee 1: Feature and Business Staffs Of Hx-YVAY5. -1. Nl.-XRTHA Al.-XYNE DL'BOsE MBU her gait. one lfneug the ,!Ul1flL'-S'-S., Latin Club lg Art Club 3g Dramatics Club 2. 4: Iloinerooni Yice-l'r't-sitlvilt 1. Steiwtary 2. 23. Class Suri-tary 41 Clmirman junior-Senior Oreln-stra Cununittee 3: National llrinor Soeietx 3. 4. Quill and Scroll 53, -1: May Court 3. 45 Color Cuartl Tig Clioii s -lg lIoiuv'r'oniliii: Sponsor 2, 41 lfxcliange Editor ot Ili-Xftrv -l. Nl.i:.imne C.mxp.uun Captain -1, Class Day Counnittee 4. Nl.-XRY BRENT DUCOM "She .slzezls a raa'ianee about her, so bright is her personality." Homerooin Yiee-l'rt-sitlent 1, Tre-asurer 2, President 3, Secretary 43 Band lg Latin Club 11 Dram.ntu's Club 2. 3g F. T. A. 44 Literary Staff III-XXQAYS 4, Coininenci- ment Marslml F31 Elections Committee Chainnan, 4g Ofliee Helper 3, 4, Stall of Ili-N'f'u'.s -11 junior XYQ-lfare Committee 34 Junior-Senior Entettainrnent and Deeoration Committees 13, Float Committee 2, 53g Class Day Committee 4. XVILLIAINI HAROLD DUKES "Ilona: lies in honest toil." XYilLllife Club 1. 25 D. E. Club 3, 4. CERALDINE DUNLAI' "The gz'11tlf'r1C.s.s of all the gods goes lljilll thee," Library Club 15 Fellowship Club 2, Science Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4, Hi-News Representative 45 D. A. R. Good Citizen 4. RICHARD EDINIUNDS "Une ran be lielperl by a great :nan eurfn ufhen lic is silentf' Al, Y. l"ootb.ill lg Maimiler Varsity Football 43 I, V. Basketball 1, 2, Dramatics Club 3. -lg XYiltllite Club 1, 2g Iloinerooin Secretary 4, Baseball 2. NADIN1-1 XVILLENA ELDRIDGE "She leacls us on by paths we did not know." Business Manager of Hi-XVAYs 4g Comineneement Marshal 3: Vice-President National llonor Society Si-eond Semester 43 F.T.A. Club 4, Science Club 3g Latin Club 1. 25 Honor lioll 3g All A's 2, First Semester 4, Junior-Senior Decora- tion Committee 3g Publicity Committee Magazine Campaign 45 Band lg N. F. L. -14 Quill and Scroll 4. Doverspike nl. DuBose M. DuBose ' 'hr is i Pi 1... X' at 1 IWX if 5 DuCom Dukes Dunlap Edmunds Eldridgl- 2l The Class Isloxiiau .-X1.1fx.1.x1JER Exiixs "A 1111111 of ,gtmcl rcpzitc, 1'111'1'i11g1', l11'111i11g, 111111 cxti11111ti1111.,' Bus Driver 3, -iz Fellowship Club 2, Music Club 33 Cust ut Senior Play 4. lioiun' jon F1.oru 'AA -SlllIl7l't'.S'.Nl'll lL'AUll'l' will l11'1r1111 itself in tl11' mics." Chorus 2g All State 3, Drumntice Club 2, 3, 4g Iunior-Senior Orchestra Com- mitt-'t- 31 Iflimt Ctuiiiuittee 4. jl'111'1'11 LYNN box nll'lIllfl'l'l'l' .xlw 111105. 11.'lzv1'ct'c'1' .slzc g111t'.s. grace' 11rclc1'.s' licr actions." Librury Assisttuit 2: Dmniutits Club 2, I3. -ig lltiiiicrunni Treasurer 3, Secretary -lg -Itiiiitir-Seniur llvturutiruii .incl Entt-rtuinim-ut Ctuniuittt-es 35 Junior NVelfare Com- 111ittt-1- 'Eg Nluguziiit- C.unp.iign Cnptuin 43 Publicity Committee Mngnzine Cam- paign -ig Fetiturc Stull uf H1-YYAYS 45 Pep Squad 4, Transferred to Edmunds as Suplioiiitirc. Ciuus F11i:1-:xnxx i"l'11111 1111'1'it is like ll 1i1'1'1'q tl1c llccpw' il flows, the less- noise it 11111ke.s. -4-ll Club 1, 2. 3: Plmtngraphy Club 44 Band 1, 24 Bus Driver 3, 4. IlA1u'15Y GAINEY "He who ll1!l!1ll.5 lmst tocluy, will also laugh lastf, 4-H Club lg F, F. A. 2, Homeruom Vice-President 1, T. and I. Club 3, Vice- Prvsidt-nt 4. Fiuxciis Gisnuixcs "A l11'111I .su snft, tl l11'111t sn kind, ll lzcarl so true llllll tender." Library Club lg I. H. A. 2. 3, 45 Office Helper Sq Business StaE of Hx-WAYS 4, junior-Senior Refreshment Committee 3. THox1.xs Gigunixcs "The .wrrcf of .s11L'c'e.s'.S ix 1'1111st11111'y uf lJlll'1IUSL'.n junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3g Key Club 3, 4. SARA ANN GEIGER Nxxllfl ll-S Ilic lJ1i,f.5l1t .sun gI111if'ivs flu' sky, .vu is l11'1' face 'lllllIlllllL'tl with lzcr eye. i Ili-News Representative lg G. A. A. 1, 2, Latin Club 2, 35 Drumutics Club -ig Hoint-rnuiii View-Pre-sidont -lg Publicity Cuiumittoe Maignzirie Caiupnign 41 Library Club 3, Tri-.isurur -1, junior-Senior Dt-eurzltion Committee 34 Pep Squad -lg Sports Stat? of HI-XxvAH'S 4, Evans Floyd 1 v "XVutL-h the birdie, girls." jL'u1'1'11 ANNE GOODSON A'1.'cr eyes 111c stars of twili,f1l11 fair, like twilight, too, her dusky l111ir.', liuixu-r11o111 Vice-President 1, :Zg Hi-News Representative lg Class Secretary 35 Pep Squad 4: Asseinbly Committee Co-Clmiminn 3, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Uflice Ht-lpn-r IS. -lg junior-Seniur Decoration and Entertainment Committees 3g Latin Club 1, Chorus 45 Float Committee 2, 3, -1. Vlipixl-:TTA I0 GRIFFIN ul.4Il't'..8 t1111g11c is in the egos." Library Clul Treasurer lg Draniatics Club 2, I. ll. A. 8, Treasurer 4. Fox Freeman Q' Q35 ,--Rv ww---V X' fe., 47,57 Yiuv C" Gainey 51' QQY1' are COE I C ttldmgs T Geddmgs Geiger Goodson Griffin Pity the water fountain doesnt work. SANDRA JEAN GRIFFIN "Tire monuments of wit .survive the monuments of power." Library Club 15 Dramatics Club 23 Fellowship Club 3, 41 Float Committee 2, 3, 4g Pep Squad 4g junior-Senior Refreslunent and Decoration Committees 8. JULIUS PARKER HIALEX' MTllCfU,-S' lioims-ty. manhood, and good fellouisliip in thee." F. F. A. 1, Sentinel 25 Homcroom Vice-President 1, 33 D. E. Club 3, President 4: XVelfare Committee 4. EUGENE D. HABI "A faitlifizl friend is tlie l7lCfllt'iIlC of life." Art Club 23 Science Club SQ Photography Club 45 junior-Senior Entertainment Committee 3g Statf of Hi-News 4: Bus Driver 3, 4g 'l'ranSferred to Edmunds as Sophomore. HARRY IJICUN HARRIS 'iLife is not life at UII tuitlzout cleliglztf' VVildlife Club 1g Latin Club 21 Dramaties Club 3, junior-Senior Entertainment and Decoration Committees 35 Block Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 4g Band 1, 2g Criilin Haley 3 . , i C an lo- Q-nv of 1958 junior XVel1.ire Conunittee 31 Improvements Committee 3. 4g Tennis Team 3, 4, I. Y. Basketball 23: J. Y. Football 3g Varsity Football 44 Homeroom Treasurer 3, Manager Varsity Basketball 4. JANE ELLEN HARRIS "The fairest gnrclen in lzer looks, and in lier mind the wisest lJ0olc.s'. l-'e-llou ship Club l, Class Treasurer 1, X'iceaPresident 41 Ili-News Representaa tive lg Homerooin President 2, Treasurer 4, Latin Club 25 F.T.A. 2, Vice President 3. Pri-sith nt 41 Slay Court 2. 3. -tg Dramntits Club 3g junior-Senior Entertainment .incl Dt-eorn.tion Committees 33 National Honor Society 3, President, .1 nd Stmtster -lg Ili-.ul Comment-emtnt Xlarshal 31 NI.ig.i7ineCnn1paig'n Captain Senior Welfare Committee 43 Co-Chaimian of Homecoming -ig Pep -1: Ch.I1r1n.in Squad 41 Blislllvw Stall ot HI-XVAYS 4g Library Assistant 43 Publications Board 4g All A's 1, 2. 31 Honor Roll 4. SALLY LOUISE HARRISON 'AA pretty way. zz pretty face, II1S'lL'CGf-fl7flPd uoicei Il fairy-like grace." Dramatic-s Club l, 2g tl. A. A. 3, F. T. A. Program Chairman 4g Library Assistant 3. President 4. 'lvnior-Senior Entertainment and Decoration Committees 3. NIARY ROSELYN H.4TFIELD t'So young. .Yo fair, ,good Icitliout effort, great without foef' Art Club 1g Fellowship Club 2g Drainatics Club 3g N.F.L. 35 Band 1, 24 National Honor Svc-icty 3. 4: Commencement Marshal 33 Homeroom Secretary 4: Chairman junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3g Hospitality Committee 43 Art Editor uf Hi-XYAYS -ig HivNews Representative 4, Staff 4g D. O. Club 43 Class Day Committee 4. BUDDY 1'1EATH 'ilfoz 'I 'like life foo .s'eri0u.s-lyg youll never get out of it alice." Improvements Committee 23. 41 XVildlife Club 2. 3, junior-Senior Decoration Committee S31 Titinsferrtd to Edmunds as Sophomore. ZDIZHALFJ HALVJN HECKEL, IR. "Some must lie great. Great offices- will liace great faleritsf' Science Club 1. lrogzrznn Chairrnan 2, President 34 Dramatics Club 4g N.F.L. -ig Concessions Committee Chairman 4g juniorfSenior Properties and Entertain- ment Committt-es S33 Magazine Campaign Captain -lg Photography Co-Editor of 111-XVAYS 4: Citizen ot' the XXX-ek 4. BILLIE :XNN HENDERSON "A .sweet fittrarrioe kind of ,grace IZ grace that won who saw to wish lier stay., I. H. A., President 45 Homeroom Viet'-Pre-sitlent 45 Publicity Committee 4g Pep Squad 4g Float Committee 4, Chorus -43 Business Staff of 111-VVAYS 4, Trzuisferred to Edmunds as Senior. Ham H. Harris in - j. Harris T' jg 1' .,f 'ff . - M . ,ff -- ev Y"fu-Y Hamson - .L.,Q., 'IO 0' iv" Sn' Hatfield Heath Heckel llendersou 23 The Class XYFRNIE RUTH HILL "A good heartis worth gold." Photography Club lg D. E. Club 3, 4. HAROLD FRANK HOCK "Happy am I, from care I am free: why arerft they all contented like IIIUP, VVildlife Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatics Club 45 junior-Senior Decoration and Enter- tainment Committees 35 I, V. Basketball 2, 35 I. V. Football 25 Varsity Basketball 45 Varsity Football 4. BETTY GENE HODGE "And those about her from her shall read the perfect ways of honorf, , Latin Club 1, 25 Science Club 35 F.T.A. 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Home-room Treasurer 45 Library Assistant 45 Hi-News Typist 45 Junior-Senior Decoration and Entertainment Committees 35 Literary Staff of H1-WAYS 45 Honor Roll, First Semester 1, 2, 4, Second Semester 35 Pep Squad 45 Float Committee 3, 45 Publicity Corumittee Magazine Campaign 45 N. F. L. 4. jox'cE AUDREY HODGEl "YVhat is the worth of anything, but for the happiness 'twill bring?" I. H. A. 2, 3, 45 junior-Senior Refreshment Committee 3. NIAYBIN HODGE "Love is like a rose, the joy of all the earth." Library Club 1, Dramatics Club 25 I. H. A. 35 Fellowship Club 45 Junior-Senior Refreshment Committee 3. SARAH LOUISE HODGE "A girl whom all will love and trustf, 4-H Club 15 Fellowship Club 3. BEN SAWYER HOLLADAY "His smiling eyes with simple truth were stored. Varsity Football Manager 35 'j. V. Baseball 35 4-H Club 35 Midget Football 1. v ' Wildlife Club 25 N ANCY RUTH HOLLADAY "They are only truly great who are truly good." I. H. A. l, 25 D. E. Club 3, 45 Iunior YVElf3fE Committee 3. Hiil Hook an-5 ,f :L ', 5.- T ,rx t 1 PL 1 ix al mr 67- is' Y,-of 66 6-.- Nhgazine captains look over their prospects Absent when icture . . . . p was taken: Oscar Avins. ROBERT BIACIXRTHUR HOWELL HW' hat power his mind has ordained for itself, it has achieved." Band 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 45 Science Club 15 Radio Club 25 Music Club 3 Dramatics Club 45 Photography Staff of H1-YVAYS 45 Assembly Committee 4 BEss1E JEANETTE HUDSON "I hate nobody: I am in charity with the world." C. A.A. 15 I. H. A. 25 Fellowship Club 35 D. E. Club 4. B. Hodge j. Hodge M Hodge .4-"'1-L In 4-OU 'S 'Q' 3' '-gn -,P 31: gf S. Iloclgi- B. llolladay N. Holladay Howell Hudson Y it ' A ' QF ' A .JE-f Z at I W up ' 5-1 , ,- . , 4 Af- . . 5 Goodness gracious, great balls of snow. HARRY FRANKLIN HYNES "Every person is a bundle of possibilities and he is worth what life may get out of him before it is throughf' D. E. Club, Vice-President 3, Entertainment Chairman 45 J. V. Football 2. JASPER THOMAS JAMES, III "Full of fun, a talkative lad, just knowing him makes us glad." Improvements Committee 3, 45 Manager Varsity Football 45 J. V. Football 2, 35 J. V. Basketball 35 Wildlife Club 15 Latin Club 25 Dramatics Club 3, Treasurer 45 Band 1, 25 Chorus 35 Cast of Senior Play 4. MARILYN OMERA JAYROE "Youll always find her true and iustf' Art Club l5 J. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Feature Staff of Hr-WAYS 45 Junior-Senior Refresh- ment Committee Sg High Salesman Magazine Campaign 45 Library Assistant 4. Hynes James is 4 "Z:'q, my 'V' ls!" 491 for-a 'inf of 1958 NIARY ANN JAYROE "Grateful must we be that the heart may go whithersoever it will." Fellowship Club 15 I. H. A. 2, 35 Junior-Senior Refreshment Committee 3. ROBERT LEWIS JOHNSON "He profits most who serves bestf' Photography Club 3, President 4. ETHEL BEVERLY JONES "A lovely girl garmented in light from her own beauty." Latin Club 1, 2, Hi-News Representative 2, 4, Business Staff 45 Literary Staff of HI-XVAYS 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Homeroom Vice-President 35 Library Assistant 3. 45 Junior-Senior Decoration and Entertainment Committees 35 Homecoming Sponsor 3, 45 Float Committee 3, 4, May Court 4. LOU ANNA JONES "An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow." J. H.A. l, 2, 35 D. E. Club 4. SAMUEL HOWARD JONES "Great things can be done only by a great man, and he does them without effort." Homeroom Treasurer 15 Latin Club 1, 25 May Court 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Body Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 Cheerleader 25 J. V. Basket- ball 25 J. V. Football 35 Tennis 35 Varsity Basketball 3, Captain 45 Office Worker 3, 45 Wildlife Club 35 Block "S" Club 45 Citizen of Week 4. ROBERT PRESTON JUNE "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." Fellowship Club l, 2, 3, 4. JUDITH GAYNELL KENNEDY "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. ' Homeroom Secretary 15 G.A.A. 1, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice-President 35 F. T. A. 45 Junior-Senior Decoration and Entertainment Committees 35 Pep Squad 4, Color Guard 45 Business Staff of Hr-WAYS 45 Library Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4. M. O. Iayroe M. A. Jayroe johnson its-,.,,, 7? 543, 19' M- is D5 E. Jones L. Jones S. Jones June Kennedy The Class llfunn' lstxwiii-:Nfl-1 lXlllYl-IN "tl11'111 in ilu' 1'1111111'il: ,!l111'i1111.x 1111 tl11'fiUl1l." l". l". A. I, ig fl-ll Cluli 1. 2, 33 -I. Y. Fuullmiill 13 Varsity Footlialll 2, 3, Captain 1: llmiiiii-rmiivi l'1'tsul1-nt 1, -l. Svcrvtary 3g juninr-Svnior Dog-orzitioii Committee 3g -Iuniur XXI-ltiiru Cmiiiiiittt-if 33 C.ist ut St-niur Play -lg Citizen of YVeel-Q -lg Chairman Iiiiprmi-im-iits Cuinniittm- -lg Nliiy Court rl. liicnfnui XY,-Xliltl-lN KNIGHT 'ij11lfi11g1 111111 I111111111' 1111' pl1'11.w111t 111111 11ftL'11 of c'xt11'111c ulilityf' IlifX111's llulirt-si-iiliitiuf 1, Husini-ss Stall 2, 3, Advertising Mnnngffr 45 Businvss Stull ul Ili-Xlfus lg lJf.llll.1iltN Cluli 53, 43 YYildlife Club 1, 2g junior-Senior Eiitcrtuiiiiiiuiit Coininittvc 3: lflnut Cunnnittce 3, 4g Pep Squad 45 Cast of Senior Play sl. hl.-XliCA1tl'I'li ANN Kous "Thu u1'u1'11xs! ,u111l111111 111 1110 .s1L'1'1't1'.st 11111icl.'. l-'cllmvsliip Chili I, 23, Si-on-t.iry 45 Latin Club 23 Thanksgiving Committee 2g junior-S4-iiiur 131-4-1ir.iti1m Cunnnittuv 3g Chorus 3g NVf:lfare Committee -1. ll0lll'1H'l' 01114111 l.1an'1s 'Allis fllflllt' is 111111111 1141111 p11.s,si11ili1ic.s'." Spt-1-Lli Clnli lg l..itui Cluli 21 KU' Clnli 3, Yicv:-Prvsident 45 Band 1, 2, 3, l'rt-siclvlit -1, juiimi-Bt-iilnr l'r1ipvrl1i-s Cuiiiiiiittct' 3. nl.-XNIICS .XNs1.1cY l,UXYll1'Ill USM!! lllltl 1'1111fi1l1'111'1' 1111' llll 11111'11111111c1'1'1l l1I'll1ll.n bl-ll Club l. 2. 3. fig I", l", A. Cluli 3, -ig lluinc-rmini Sucrutary 1, Trensurvr -lg 1. Y. Fuutlmll l: Varsity lfuotlmll 2, 3, 4. jox ANN hlAIJAN "All 1111.s'.sc'.s'. Art 111111111 1f111l111'i11,q .SYIIUS to ll.S'.u Ssiviicv Cluli 1, 2, Vin--lin-sidciit 35 Music Club -15 Ili-Ncius Representative lg junior-Senior Dvcomtion Coininittvc 33 Art Stuff of HI-YVAYS 4. Pxmlctx Nluiiux Nl.-XRSIIALL M1111 11'111.s- lfllllllllf I11111.sti11,q 111111 lciscs 1Li!l11111t excusr. These tliings 1111' fZlL'!lf, XYildlih- Chili 1. 2, 31 Block "S" Club, President 4g I. Y. Football 25 Varsity Fuotlmll 3. Cn-C.ip!.nn -lg junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3g Improx c-ments Committee 4. Kirx 1-n Knight L- gxf ill- Futuu- scicntists? Pity thc poor world. LYNN lilCNjA1Xl1X hlATHlS, ju. HII11111113 llllfll lllltl 1111111l111111I, flzwe 111100 lnclong to l1i111." XVildlifo Club 1, 2, 3, -ig Ili-News Rvpresentative 24 junior-Senior Decorutiun Cummittm- 3. j ic,xNri'1"r1-1 Xlfxiuu Xl.-XTHIS -ili'l'l' 011011111 ling smile lL'11.s lllllfllyb' tlimcf' -4-ll Club 1, 25 Music Club 35 Photography Club 4g Homeroom Secretary 1, Trmsurcr 2, 3: Vfeltart- Committee 4. LLOYD CHARLES h'lERRIT MI 11111 fl lllllll. 111111 Illlflllllg tlmt L'1111ce111.s ll 1111111 510 I deem Il lndtfer nf lll!llf1tL'lL'Ilt'U fu 111C.' XYildlit'n Cluli 1, Secretary 35 Homeroom Secretary Committee 3g Tennis Team -1. 14 Junior4Senior Decoration Kolb Lewis 11 4'l'.'lP 1 1' 1' .3 -312, Z6 Y 1 9' 54, 1 l L0 Wd S' 5' Cl' 'Q ig-k i .1 Nludun Marshall L. Mathis 1. Mathis Nlerrit ? Donit get sticky fingers, two's the limit. JOSEFA lN1ILLARD "Her air, lzer manner, all who saw admired." Latin Club lg Dramzxtics Club 2, F.'I'.A. 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, junior-Senior Decoration and Entertainment Committees SQ Float Committee 2, 3, Pep Squad 4, Chorus -lg llospitzxlity Ctmmiittce 4, Business Staff ol HI-xllAX'5 -1. Al.-XLIES SALIUEL NIIINIS "Always laughing, never sad, .sometimes naughty, but never bad." Hobby Club 2, 3, J. V. Football 2, Office YVorker 14 junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3, Homeroom Secretary 1, 3, Vice-President 2, 4. CARL KEE NIOBLEY "Good liamar is the clear blue slay of the soul." Photography Club lg XVildlifc Club 2, 34 Dramatics Club 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Millard Mims at of 1958 XX A rxig R l oiuus AIX Ill-S1ll7.SlflU7l nmre to be cawtftczl tlzaw fine grolflf, llomt-room President lg Base-ball 1, 2, 3, 4, All State Chorus 3, Block "S" Club F' 3 ...,-. ELIZABETH LANE BIOSELEY UTII1' ala.s.y of faslzimz ancl tlzt' nmalfl of lorznf' Dramaticx Club l. 2. 3, Vic-vfl'rt-sidtnt -1, F. T. A. 3, junior-Senior Entz-rtainmcnt .incl lla-curatioii Coumnttctw S litnrzuition Committm- -ig Cliairinaii junior XVwlt'an- fitimiiittw- 31 Fmiturz- Staff ot llI-XY.xx's -4g Cluurux 3, 4, Iloiiictolniiig Sponsor 2, -lg llmpitality Cominittm- S31 Pup Cmumittm- 53. 'lg Cast ot St-mor Play 'lg lfluat Ctmininittt-v 2, 33. Cliaimian -lg Slay Court -lg f.lwe'rlI'.ltlI-I -1. Pitczcx' 'll-Q.-XX XICCOY ullwt' iff a clear arul trac inzlustrious fl'lCIlfl.U I. H. A. 1, Art Club 25 D. E. Club 23, 4, junior XVclfarc Committee 3. FIMNCES NlCDANIEL "A fzicnd is a person with wlzam I may be sincere. Before her, I tlzinlf alaudf, Library Club lg Pliotntzrapliy Club 2, F.T.A. 31 J.H.A. 3, Homeroom Secre- tary -1: junior-Senior Orclimtm and Entertainment Committees 34 Business Staff of l'II-XYAYS 4, Chairman Properties Committs-e for Senior Play 4, Program Ctmimittve for Senior Plzly 4. GLORIA ELAINE NICELYEEN UA merry lzeart malcctli a clzeerful c0untenanre." ,I.ll.A. l. 2. 3. ll. E. Club. Vice'-Prmiclc-nt 4, junior XVelfure Committee 8, Aclvcrtisinil Committee for lrlx-XVAYS 4, junior-Svnior Rcfrcsliment Committee 3. N qAl'Il3l-'l,I. XICLEOD ullllllll tlzcn iCI7lfll1lS but well our power to asc, and keep good llllllflll' .still what CIC we losef' J. H. A. 1, 2. DORCAS ANN lXlCKENZIE 'iSlIe aclornecl whatever .subject .s-he either wrote or .spoke upon, by the nmst splenclicl cloquencef' I.H.A. 2, Vice-President lg F.T.A. 3, Dramatics Club 3, 4, junior-Scnior Entertainment Committet' 3g Reportvr for Hi-NI'u.'S 2, 3, ColumniSt 4, Runner-Up in Voice of Democracy Contest 3, 4, Literary Staff of HI-VVAYS 45 Library Assistant 3: Float Committee 3, 4, Cast of SL-nior Play 4, WVinner American Legion Oratorical Contest 4. xlOlJlCy Morris f' 555+ if ' f 4,5 fn? :Ph 5 s Lt,' f' Ll Q-I Azul NIcCoy McDaniel XicElx een McLeod Mclxenne ,Ass- The Class NIARY ANN blCKlNN1iY "How .sweet and fair she seems to be." Fellowship Club 1, 2, 34 junior-Senior Refreshment Committee 34 Hi-News Representative lr NIADELINE hlChlASTERS "Grace was in all her steps, Heaufn in her eye." Sports Editor of Hi-WAYS 44 Homeroom Vice-President 2, Treasurer 3, 44 Chorus 3, 44 Dramatics Club 3, 44 Latin Club 1, 24 Pep Squad 44 High Salesman Magazine Campaign 44 Co-Captain Magazine Campaign 44 Junior-Senior Decora- tion Committee 34 Float Committee 3, 44 Class Day Committee 4. H11.oA NESB1T'f "Good nature is the cery air of a good mind in which virtue prospersf' Fellowship Club 2, 3, D. O. Club 4. LARRY NESBITT "lVhateuer is worth doing at all, is worth doing right." Baseball 3, 43 Latin Club 24 Homeroom President 14 XVilLllife Club 34 T.I. Club 4. BETTY :XLLENE OWENS "ll'haf cunning can express the favor of her faceiy, Iiinior-Senior Decoration and Entertainment Committees 34 Art Club 34 Literary Staff of H1-XYAYS 44 Staff of Hi-News 44 Chainnan Cafeteria Committee 44 Dramatics Club -i4 OHice Helper 44 Library Assistant 44 Pep Committee 44 Homecoming Sponsor 8, 44 Float Committee 3, 44 Elections Committee 44 Transferred to Edmunds as Junior. xl.-RRY LEE QDXVENS "There arc often uoicc and words in a silent look." Homeroom Vice-l'rcsidcut 1, President 2g Fellowship Club 1, 2, 34 junior-Senior Refreshment Committee 3. NCJHhl.AN lrxsov PARKs 'AThe fcrce of his own merit makes his way." Band 14 Photograpliy Club 2. 43 Science Club 3, McKinney MCMaSters x'- . ,AN A S L33 N. H. S. Seniors help with College Day. Absent when picture was Iaken: Pauline Cannarella. JAIHES BAXTER PIERSON "One of those happy souls which are the salt of the earth. j. V, Football l. 24 D. E. Club 34 T. I. Club 44 Homeroom President 34 junior NVL-lfare Committee 3, junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3. n ll:-:RECCA FAYE PIKE "A smile that glowed celestial rosy red, lo1:e's proper huef, 1. ll. A. l, 2, 3, Reporter 44 Junior-Senior Refreshment Committee 3. linux Lov1sE PINK "The ideal of courtesy, wit, charm, and gracef, I. ll. A. 34 Library Assistant 3, 44 Dramatics Club 44 Publicity Committee Maga- ziun- Campaign 44 junior-Senior Entertainment and Decoration Committees 3: Ili-Xcrcx Representative 4: Pep Squad 44 National Honor Society 44 Business Staff of lil-XY,n's -lg Cast of Senior Play 4, Transferred to Edmunds as junior. ll. Nesbitt L. Nesbitt 6-. N? 'if v-JP ll 1 5 9 I' R in ' sv! ,y Q .Y , ffm.. ,as 1' ' qu-1' 'Bef if"""' tv .QLEQ9 csv ir Nl Oucus Parks Pierson P1 e 'S B. Owens ,P MQ 1 sl,Q1'?'- -' . ir. 1' .-nfs fe: ,. .,gn' ,n s ,Q No. we dou't sell Tunis. DAMUN PLAYER "The sense of humor is the just balance of all the faeulties of man." Band 1, 2, 3, All Stats- -4, Chorus 4, Key Club 13, 4, Narsity Ifootbaill 3, 4, Junior-Senior Entertainment Committee 3, Cast of Senior Play 4. PHYLLIS DIANE PLAYER "Always lcace tlzein luughin,Q when you say goodbye." l I tr 1 4 Home-room Tr: isunr 0 3 Secrttwry 1 Iunior Senior Dc-"ora Cheerezd' , 5 -1. - L, , --.Y 3 - , - tion and Entertainment Committees 3, Chorus 41 Color Guard 2, 3g Hospitality Committee 2, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 4, Library Assistant 1, Office Helper 2, 3, Art Club, Treasurer 35 Pep Committee 3, 43 Recreation Committee 1, 4. VVILLIE NELL PLAYER "Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings' Fellowship Club 2, I.H.A. 3, D. E. Club 4. D. Player P. Player K. 59. I ,lv 5 'ir' 1?""f-' I of 1958 .-XILEEN VALERIE POWELL "1'ou'rI .swear wlieu her deliruta' feet in the dance twinkle around, tha! her .steps an' of light, that her Ironic is Ihr' uirf Art Club IZ, Drunuitics Club 4, Pliotogmpliy Stuff of Ill-XVAYS -lg Band 3, Nlujorette 4: junior-Senior Eiitertziininent Committee 3: 'l'x.insferrI-Il to lidmunds .ns -luruor. llII.D.-X XVIOLA POXVELL "Kinzlnes.s' an large and plain us ll prairie lL'llltl.n ,l,H. A. 2. 33: D. E. Club 4. JOYCE SHIRLEY PIIRVIS 'ATlri.s- maul is hoth kind and true-Heart of gold and will of yew." Scivriu- Club 2, j.l'1.A. 3. 4, junior-Senior Clmiri-Up Committee 3. RITA RILES "The eyes, those silent tongues of love." Photography Club 1, 2, G. A. A. 25 I. H. A. 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA DIEAN ROGERS "Cou1f:'ou.Y Ilqough Coy, and gentle though refiredf' 1. H. A. 2, 3, D. O. Club 4. XVILLIALI RODGERS "He foi.'che.s nothing but he adds a charm." -I. V. Football 3, 1Vildlife Club 2, Drnmatics Club 3, junior Welfare Committee 33 Key Club 4, Ho-pitulity Committee 4. ANITA hlOISE ROSEFIELD "The charm of the act is the actor." Photography Co-Editor of Hr-VVAvs 4, N.F. L. 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Presi- dent 4, Chorus 2, 3, Dmmzitics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, junior-Senior Decoration and Entertainment Committees 3, Library Assistant 3, 4, Hi-News Representative 2, 3, Voice of Democracy Contest Winner 3, 4, Winner Essay Contest 3, Cast of Senior Play 4. NV. Player A. Powell H. Powell 5-- ,rw i IHA 'aw X. if . R., x K if .tn if'- 31" 'Q sf, "1'T"' 9 Rosefield Purvis Riles Rogers Rodgers 29 f' Q The Class lloC.ER BOY "Merit and goarl lnvarlirag will make their way everywhere." Band 44 Wildlife Club 2g Sciciicc Club 3, Drzunatics Club 4, National Honor Sm-if-ty 4, junior-St-uior Sound Committee- 3, Cn-Captain Magazine Campaign 4, Sports Staff ot HI-XYAYS 4g Cast of Senior Play 4. KENNETH RUSSELL ULU! us do nothing rllzjvctly, nothing tirnidlll, Nothing sluggishlyf' Trai-k 1, VVildlife Club lg junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3g Varsity Basket- ball 4, j. V. Football 15 I. V. Basketball 2, 3, Block "S" Club 2, 3, Reporter 4, Cafeteria Committee 4: Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Cumnwncclllcnt Marshal 3, Horus-room Vit-e-Pn'sidcIit 3, llrcsiclcxit 2, 45 Cast of Senior Play 4g Junior XV:-lfare Committee 3. hlAIlY EITA SANDERS "A noble heart, L1 noble mind, I tell you what, she's the noble kind." Fellowship Club 3, 4. KA'r1ILEEN SCOTT "Silence is more eloquent than words." J. H. A. 2, 3, 4. CARL JAISIES SEARURG "A fresh, a free, a friendly man." Latin Club 1, 2, Chorus 2, 4, XVildlife Club 35 Cast of Senior Play 4. NIARY CATHARINE SHAW "Variety is thc mother of eriioyrnerltf' Latin Club lg Dramatics Club 2, S, 4, Reporter for Hi-News 1, 2, 3, Feature Editor 4, Columnist 4, Literary Staff of HI-WAYS 4, Assembly Committee Chair- man 4, Commencement Marshal 34 Pep Committee 34 Cafeteria Committee lg Office Helper 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Homecoming Sponsor 1, 35 junior Welfare Committee 3, Junior-Senior Decoration and Entertainment Committees 3, Publicity Committee 1, High Salesman Magazine Campaign 4, Float Committee 2, 3, 4. LULA lh1AE SHORTER "Mirth is like a flash of lightning, that breaks through a gloom of . I.-. tk 1, A .U V S s I , . owe l A ,lr 'Q 'ig , VVlIat a motley crew! NIARY EDITH SHUMAKER "Thoughts that come with doves' footsteps guide the world." J. H. A. 1. -IAINIES HENRY SIMS "He was a gentleman, l'd have you know." T. I. Club 3, President 4, EINIILY SIINIPSON clouds." "Laugh and the world laughs with youf, I. H. A. 2, 3, 4, Library Club l, Secretary 4. J. H. A. 2, Sq D. E. Club, Treasurer 4. Roy Russell Sanders Scott Seaburg 5? , :Ou Sliaw ,ge f e-r Il' N 'Ss O' -.M Shorter Shunjgkpr Sims SiIllp50l'1 is ' if gzfqff Look at the hams in the back row, they had to look at the camera. RUDOLPH SINGLETON "And life is itself hut a game at football." Latin Club 13 I, V. Football 13 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, All State 4, Shrine Bowl 43 Varsity Basketball 43 J. V. Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 33 Block "S" Club 2, 3, 43 Improvements Committee 3. 4. lNlARY ELIZABETH SNYDER "Studious, kindly, gracious, and sweet, she is a dear from her head to the soles of her feetf, Feature Editor of H1-WAYS 43 Class Treasurer 3, 43 Commencement Marshal 33 Home-room President 13 Ili-News Representative 1, Reporter 2, 33 Band 1, 23 Photography Club 13 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 43 Chairman Iunior-Senior Entertain- ment Committee 33 Miss Hi Miss 43 Delegate Girls, State 33 Cast of Senior Play 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Citizen of the Month 43 Float Committee 2, 33 Pep Committee 43 Top Salesman Magazine Campaign 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Class Day Committee 4. ROBERT NlALCOLlNI SPRADLEY "The time to he happy is now, the place to be happy is here." Wildlife Club 1, 2, 33 I. V. Football 23 Varsity Football 33 T. I. Club 4. Singleton Snyder . 'ww ., ., .Y 4151155 L 'R - if i9 "'!":.4' 4""' I' 1-'Rl 5' -5 .1 ' f S f . ,a....-- hir' an-7' T' of 1958 BEss1E FRANCES STOKES Ali: her experience all her fricmls reliccl, Heaven was her help and llllfllll' was her guiclef' Art Club 13 sl. H. A. 2, 33 Publications Board 43 Business Manager of Hi-News 43 Literary Stull of ll!-XVAYS 43 National Honor So:-it-ty 43 junior-Senior Refresh- ment Committee 33 Quill and Scroll 4. ROBERT ARNOLD STOKES "Done with indoor coniplaints, libraries, querulous criticism, Strong and ronlciit I travel the open road." 4-H Club 1: Hobby Club 23 VVildlife Club 3, 4. GEORGE XVASHINGTON STOKES, JR. "Things are hound to happen-why worryfy' T. I. Club l, 23 NVildlife Club 3, 43 Bus Driver 3, 43 Advertising Committee Hi-XVAYS 4. JONNIE SUE STONE "I-fxaherance is Beauty." Cheerleader 3, 43 Drnmatics Club 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 13 junior-Senior Decora- tirn and Entertainment Committees 33 Band 13 Chorus 3, 4, Sextet 3, All State 33 l"t-nturc Stuff of lll-WAYS 43 Homecoming Sponsor 43 Hi-News Representative lg Hoon-n'ion Committee l, Chairman 43 Magazine Campaign Captain 43 junior XVt'lfZll't' Committee 33 Hospitality Committee 23 Homeroom Vice-President 43 Pep Committee 3. 43 Library Assistant 23 Float Committee 2, 3. -IAINIES lCIiNRY STRONG "They are never alone that are accompanied by noble thoughts." Wildlife Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 43 Sports Staff of Hx-WAYS 43 Hi-News Staff 43 Iunior'Senior Decoration Committee 33 Cnst of Senior Play 4. BARBARA MARIE SUMMERALL "Cupid hath not in all his quiver-'s choice, an arrow for the heart like a sweej voice." j. H. A. 23 D. E. Club 4. MAY THOMPSON "The girl who wins is the girl who works, the girl who toil? while the next one shirksf' Art Club 13 j.H. A. 23 Art Staff of Hr-WAYS 43 junior-Senior Refreshment Committee 3. Spradley B. Stokes R Stokes ll in Lv' C' Stokes Stone Strong Summerall Thompson 3 l 1 49" Wulf 'C' BINIQIILY DIIQAN TUIKNEII "Give honest worth, its honest praise," Hoiuvrooxn Pl"CSlClL'llf lg Iii-Naxcs llepn-scntativc lg I. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 National Honor Soc-in-ty 3. 4, junior-Senior Rvfrvsliinvrit Committee 3. RUBY TURNER "The .smile Ihat wmft mum oflf' Homcroom Prcsidvnt l, Trvasurer 2, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Chairman Cafvtc-ria Committee 2, IIi'Xcws Representative 3, Business Staff 4, Library Assistant 3, Chainnan Junior-Senior Entertainment Committee 3. LINDA jANr3 VVAIID "As bright a girl as one .shall sec in many a .surnmeris day." Fellowship Club lg Latin Club 2, F. T.A. 3, Secretary 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ili-.N'r'u'.v Rvplm-svxitative' 2, 3, Pliotoigrupliy Staff ol HI-xvAX'S 4, junior-Senior lJCL'lllll1lUl'l Comxnittvi- 3. cl!-QNI-1 XVI'1A1'IIr:III.x' "A good name is like a precious 0illilllCIll.U Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, j. V. Football 1, 2, J. V. Basketball 1, 29 Varsity Basketball 3, 4: VVildlife Club 1, 2, 3. BEIITHAND ALFRICD VVEINDIJRC, JR. "True humor springs not more from the head than from the heart." Band 1, 2, 3, All Statv lg F. T. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Music Club lg Wildlife Club 23 J. V. Basketball 2, junior-Senior Property Committee 3. ' DAVID VVINTEF. "An affalzlc and courteous gCllilC171lI7l.H XVi1dlife Club 1, 2, 3, 4. f li' ' G Fire? No, but just about as bad! lNlARION BRAILSFORD WRIGHT "lib giant, although he had much wit, hc was very shy of using it." Photography Club 1, 29 D. E. Club 3, Vice-President 4. ROBERT VERNON YATES, In. "Genius hath elentric power which earth can never tamef, Awards Points Committee 1g Band 1. 2, 3, 45 Science Club lg Key Club S, 4, junior-Senior Orchestra Committee 39 Hi-News Representative 4, Homeroom Secretary 2. Ward I K swag L. -6- js x. B. Turner R. Turner M I. Q I V V?-H I I a at R141 ht.. Qt, 4 -1. l R V : 1 " 3-' 'Q "' W, as , ,I . If ,f A --ff . if v N Rr . , is W I I 'X Y? 41' 4-9- ar Xvinter Wright Yates 32 l VVeatherly Weinberg X X rs. ' ...'wf. . fki A .shi sltififg ,u X - ,i, ,,., f fi..Qv3+f 5, .-.- , 'f1if5W"v Mg . 5. N L 4 . M- v 1-- 5. , iw, , 4, .. ' M " 155 'Y ii' X xv K . 5 Q9 gf! 5 Q. xi I 1:4 'egg 1 Az , in-:eww ,md , ...Q ,i .A V 'J ' A 'Air Sleeping Bc-iuitin-s. eg-Lf W Nl Q.Q Q I 1 is " It IR Nik i A 1 , Q .. F LM so W 'vw .4ik., .WW V , Magazine Campaign officials make plans. Get it right, boys. y P 'Wm The ones that do the taking get took. Good to the last drop! Miss Nicholes and Judy discuss annual copy. J: ' .J I 3 if ,J f--fl if Q Q - A 1' 4' 5 I 5w4vYJn ff Yi 45 in mg V " ' '- . Q.. 5' ' . " f visa: .1l.'h,.? . 'o..'x.xa.HL Y '4'f if X!- 4? 'UIQ 5-6 'lf' .,,. . QJQQQ J .Jigga K. , Af . "A is , , iff? W' . , , if . M Q fm . Aftiw' ga' HS, 'ilflrxu 4 ,M :yo I sux i.. -. 9s,.f'f,,,.-w ,,. .Ma ,wsu au Kia? Iwo Mn .. .P S .Vs-1 r fs f iw- iT'1'?'wi 'Q N. . .. .ff f4f!?M sl' LQ:j'f6KkglQ12s.?,,,z x5,,r?-Ks, As: wf-fr.:+-w-aaa vfaeraa-.. at i s2..'1i Miss Susie Osteen, Mrs. Victoria Strong, Mr. lack Summers, Mrs. Katherine White, Mrs. Adeline Scarborough, Mrs. Mildred Brandenburg. Senior Homeroom Teachers To you our homeroom teachers through our four years in high school, we owe a debt of gratitude. For your help with our projects, your guidance in our selection of courses, for taking care of our school records, your encouraging efforts to make us realize the hazards on the road ahead, for taking an interest in our problems and helping us when we were sick. We thank you sincerely. We shall always remember your patience and understanding. 34 ff The Camera Sees All Nb 'Aw .su K7 Kneeling, Left to Right: Norman Parks, Joyce Purvis, Marilyn Iayroe, Mary Brent DuCom, Howard jones. Standing: Mrs. Margaret Edens, Linda Ward, Billie Hender- son, Larry Kirven, Barbara Bachus, Mickey Carter, jane Harris, C. W. Stokes, Betty Owens, Carl Mobley, Judy Kennedy, Mae Thompson, Pat Cromer, jimmy Strong, Frances Ceddings, Robert Burress, Tommy Ceddings, Holly Hock. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Victor Barwick, Bobby Dixon, Gloria lvlchllveen, Hilda Nesoit, Sammy O'Neal, Barbara Summerall, joe Andrews. 1 Orncrzns. Standing: Patricia Ardis, treasurer, Iimmy Mims, vice-president, Oscar Avins, president. Sitting: Rose Hatfield, secretary. Homeroom 110 For their project, the senior D. E. students in homeroom 110, provided a family, seven children and parents, r 'if " with food and clothing at Christmas. 1.5 .. 1 Homeroom 104 f H- Homeroom 104,s project was that of aiding a needy family, six Childrell and their parents, during Christmas. Money from the homeroom treasnry was used to buy gifts tor the famlly and the whole class brought food and other gifts. They also took the Christmas tree from their homeroom to the family's home and decorated it there. OP'FICERS: Larry Kirven, president, Billie Henderson, vice-president, Jane Harris, secretary, Mary Brent DuCom, treasurer. Seni First Row, Kneeling, Left to Right: Robert Spradley, Ben Holladay, Oscar Avins, Brady White, J. P. Haley, jimmy Coleman. Second Row: Vernie Ruth Hill, Nancy Austin, Jeanette Hudson, Lou Anna jones, Barbara Rogers. Third Row: VVillie Nell Player, Gwen Copeland, Emily Simpson, Nancy Holladay, Cetha Lee Alsbrooks, Patricia Ardis, Hilda Powell. Fourth Row: Betty Ball, Shelby Carraway, Baxter Pierson, joe Bartlette, Harry Hynes, jimmy Mims, Alfred Wfcinberg, jimmy Sims, Harvey Gainey. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Peggy McCoy, Rose Hatfield. fl pr, SW 'fp wife. Ol' Homeroom 122 Homeroom 122 undertook two proj- ects this vear, one of which was iving food and clothing to a needy Eamily for Christmas. The other project was to buy the crown for the Queen of Edmunds High School, who was crowned at the May Day Coronation. OFFICERS. Jimmy Lowder, treasurer, Tom Bowen, president. Seated: julie Du- TT Bose, vice-preskient, Judy Fox, secretary. 7' , , me it . 'v-sea.. - Homerooms Kneeling in Front: Madeline McMasters, Rita Pink. Left to Right: Kenneth Russell, David Winter, Pat Marshal, Eugene Hamm, Maybin Hodge, Valerie Powell, Margaret Ann Kolb, Anita Rosefield, Sara Geiger, Norman Barwick, Buddy Heath, Woody Brown, Bobby Broadway, Harry Harris, Chris Freeman, Reid Beebe, Robert Howell, Dorcas McKenzie, Susan Browning, Rita Riles, Roger Roy, Derald Heckel, Kathleen Scott, Sylvia Bartlette, Calhoun Cunningham. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Harold Dukes, James Henry Edens. ni M . 'fi ssl- if, , : ig., , eg . f ' fr as wg Q , Q.. ... 4 .hwy First Row, Left to Right: Mary Etta Sanders, Mary Elizabeth Compton, Bob Johnson, Joyce Hodge, Sally Harrison, Paul Calhoun, Leon Barwick, Jimmy Lowder, Tom Bowen, Lloyd Merritt, Bob Yates, Sara Hodge, Frances Stokes, Jimmy Dover- spike. Second Row: Beverly Jean Turner, Becky Pike, Jo Grifiin, Betty Ann Barnes, Johnny Adams, Judy Fox, Betsy Snyder, Julieanne DuBose. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Pauline Cannarella, Mary Ann Jayroe, Bobby June, Lula Mae Shorter. ls' 1. , N I OFFICERS. Seated: Sara Geiger, vice- presaient, Susan Browning, secretary. Standing: Kenneth Russell, president, Madeline McMasters, treasurer. Homeroom 221 Homeroom 221 collected money in various ways and gave gifts and stock- ings of candy to the children in the hospital at Christmas. Money left from this activity later was used for the purchase of CARE packages. Dr ,was +445 5. MI Homeroom 224 For its project, homeroom 224 had a Christmas party for the children at Crosswell Home. Damon Player, a member of this homeroom. dressed as Santa Claus and gave presents to each child. Re- freshments were also served to the children. 421 OFFICERS. Seated: Judy Austin, treas- urer. Left to Right: Frank Dagley, presi- dentg Dick Edmunds, secretary, Claude Cooper, vice-president. Frank Dagley, Tommy james, judy Back Row, Left to Right: Claude Cooper, Austin, Mary Catharine Shaw, Jayne DuBose, Brown, Martha Dabbs, Mrs. Brandenburg. Kneeling: Diane Player. Santa Claus: Damon Player. Absent lVhen Picture lVus Taken: Bill Chada, Dot Crowley, Dick Edmunds, Alex Evans, Judy Coodson, Bobby Millard, Bettie Moseley, Larry Nesbitt, jimmy Seaburg, Bobby Stokes, Gene XVeatherly, George WVilliams. - . , ., , ,, ion ismxs A wieiszozi A 24252527213 Orrficlzns. First Row: Betsy Hodge, treasurer: Ionnie Sue Stone, uice-presi- dent. Second Row: Frances McDaniel, secretary, Bobby DeBerry, president. Homeroom 225 Homeroom 22255 project was to aid a needy family during Christmas. Each member donated money with which stockings were bought and Hlled with candy and gifts. Then various members of the class brought frozen meats, fruits, canned food, and other gifts. Gerry Dunlap, Dickie Knight, Bobby Herrington, Maebell NlcLeod, joscfa Senior Homeroom S Back Row, Left to Right: Mary Lee Owens, Bobby loc Floyd, Betsy Hodge, Edith Shumaker, jimmy Carson, Bobby Lewis, Rudolph Singleton, XVayne Morris, jimmy Bateman, james Bradley, Bobby DeBcrry, Ken Beck. Second Row: Deana Eldridge, Beverly jones, Frances McDaniel, jon Ann Nladan, Nlildrcd Conley, jonnie Sue Stone, Rosalind Carrigan. Third Row: Jeanette Mathis, Ruby Turner, Mary Ann McKinney. Absent YVhen Picture VVus Taken: Carol Bell, Eugene Compton, Sandra Griffin, William Rodgers. 'ru B Milt , Q A Day With the Seniors Q! W M ost Dependable PAULINE CANNARELLA, BOBBY DEBERBY st ' . :mv in " If, V A ' 1. if knit 31, r I,. lt X S Eg, p fgQ1 :i,, 1 . Q5 G13 'wif' Amflff. Q' L',f 34 '22, N- f , Q Tops :Zvi A Best All-Hound JANE HARRIS, HOWARD JONES Chosen as Superlatives for M ost Courteous E! JULIE DUBosE, TOM Bowl-:N 0 3 f 4 .f 5 ff wa AQ Most Likely to Succeed Most Athletic BETSY SNYDER, CALHOUN CUNNINGHALI BIADELINE NiCkiASTERS, RUDOLPH SINGLETON ,L-4 X1-uf' V Q- Outstancling Characteristics . . H xg , C utest DOT CROXVLEY, FRANK DAGLEY C raziest F rie nd l iest MARTHA Dfxnss, PAT MARSHALL TOMMY JAMES, Blzrrls Moszmv ,-if , K' V. ""SllIM,: "M, xv Vai ., I . ' ""If9"f A -f.,. if, .T ,, ev, 5 i 1 2 J. , 1 v Most Talented XVALERIE PONVELL, BOBBY D1xoN for Significant Traits .. Most Original Arun. Rossrn-:1.n, HAROLD Hocx i ef ,, F ' an fi J f I.. 'N gig, ,Y nj. il an v .ii ' .. Ab! 1 Z Nl? SSW ,. ' ,A if . Y N rg- ' LJLEQESGE , :Jr E, ,LV ' Biggest F lifts DIANE PLAYER, JIMMY Lowmm 'L Wittiest DORCAS IWCKENZIE, BUDDY Hmm ff ,, i , rx - we Q Z V! i -......e Db I wg: s I Q.-.- Q.. N..- I 4. I I if ! OFFICERS Siundrl Sheridan treasurcr Icnme Llnn NlcLaunn secretary Pltty Cxutlucr preszdent Not Pxetured Ashley Tlsdale president first semester As ln prevlous yeals the jllI1lOI' class had an lmpoltant 1'6SpOIlSlb1l1ty umor SCDIOI Prom Students put forth hfud work and long hours m order to accomphsh then' goal ind undertook varlous 1ct1v1t1es to ralse the needed funds At the tootb1ll gfunes the IUHIOIS sold plograms fmd lan the CODCCSSIOII stands Each member pald ducs to supplement the lmount made 111 other ways EVCIY member worked on one of the tollowmg C0ll'llTllttt'65 for thc ment Of course everyone worked on the keep It 1 S6C16t commlttee In addltlon to the class p1o1ect exch homeloom had an lfldlkldlldl dCt1V1ty Students clrued out such pl0gI'llT1S as selhng C,lll1StITllS cards to pay cl Iss dues lldlllg nec dy f'lIHll1tS collectmg clothcs lor the welfarc agency and glV1llg 1 puty for the old pcople lt the E l5tL1ll St ir Home The junlor Senlox Prom was 1 grc xt success thc homeroom plolects were accomphshed and excrwonc hid an enjox ablc xen 44 in-P4 'L XlISS MARGARET DUNNING Sponsor l : K 2 A . , . , I 15. I l A u I , ., 1 i X , . f , . z . ' ' ' ' . - ,.,,- 4. E ' . , ul K 4 I ' hm' V X A . 1 , , . A . i . J A Lv Edge VX: I i Junior-Senior: theme, decoration, entertainment, orchestra, and refresh- ' - ' ' . . . . . . ,, ' , ' , vs fr . . . - ' . Q L . - z I ' ' , ' f - ,fs ' ". -z 4' - ' 1 ' 'TL zu " " 'ff , .i .- 3 i ' ' l s 2 ' ' .35 . . ' . , , . fix,-rv LA :rf- ' A ' , ' ' ' K 2 2 ' 1 1 a ' " z . ' - ' . . k L ,L v . - L 1 I . ' , . ' g' 1 z a Homeroom 206 First Row Left to Rxght Tommy Mullls mu, prcsull nt Wlym Benslcy Arvm Dlvxs Bow Shaw Ilmmy McLeod Second Row Slundra sllllldlll .secretary Sydney Hxrrls Peggy Camey George Owens Jlmmy Felder Thzrcl Row K1y McCoy treasurer 'Vlxry Frances Tomlmson Wayne Iemlgan Bobby Beatson Fourth Rau, D1 me Kendrxdx Emery MLElvu,n Bobby Chrk Bob Thlgpen Amy MLM1ll.1n Fzftlz Hou, GCOIBIIHI Lursou -Indy Yopp Pxrku Glbson Robert Mfluldln Standmg Vlrs Purdy jemnette Avm Dxlg llutfuld D1vlclPurvls Mendel Tedder John Tmdal Absent Marthl Nlonse preszdent Dons Str mge md Mary Easler Homeroom 205 2.1! L.lL.l First Row Front to Buck from Left Rachel Nfigfnnsknll judy Wnmr Kny Snnllorml Clnrles Brownlee Second Row Nancy Bland Cnroll Stom un president Sammy Pringle pnmlcnt Sus lNunn.xlly Patsy C.-rlfbth Bobble OBnu1 llnnl Rom Betty C xrr N1nrg,1ur1tL Alclennm secretary YVnyne C orbett A J llaley Chxrlzs lJrlg,g,1.rs Ldcllg Fqrlsll Stundmg, Lrry llltluld Frank Cam hell Bzll Tomlinson Bully NlLLlvun Alnuat lVhLn Pulun VVu.s lakuz Nuk Atna DJVI Floyd flmothy Gzymon Lmrry Lu.k4y llwm NiLLoy ll: News Ilcpruuzluiwc Connie Bntt Emlly Cmham trulsurer Lou Klrlmy Dorothy Ouncllm n lhuns xllflllll Robinson Homeroom Teacher Nhss N1 nrbnrnt Dunning, 45 ' - '- Q'-7, ,.' , . . , ,.. , ' . ' X . , - ,, 1. D, , . . w , 5 , , ' . : a ' z, " g 1 1 ', , , . : 1 - , grz ' l . 1 + Q. I. ll' x - li x s ' N - 4 s r 1 , , ' ' . ': 'aa z' , , 1 ' , . . :. '. , z ' , a - a ' , a ', ' . . '- .' . '- . y . . -- 1 , . . 1. A , , n ,f. . q. Q, -. , ,- .., 5 . ,, - . 4 Z 5,2 2 -I 1.41. 4 1 n 1 n A ww- ' 1- A 4 1 1 I I , . l . , . ., . , . -. . . . ' . -'-,- . . '. ' y - pr' p . . , . ,V . ,.. , . , , . . ,. , . . . , . , , .. , . . ff ,, - ... . , . , A . - 1 - '. . ' " '. . .. . 4' ' .' V ', ,-- l ,vp '- , , . , 1 . , 4 A , . . ' ' ' . . ,. . '- ' . ' . ., .. V" , , , . , , , .. ,jL.u . .,. . ' . " :. .1 'a ' '. Homeroom 220 H First Row Left to Rzght H lrvm Land Mack Wmdham James Hallman Second Row Wxlham Shumalcer Bllly Witte Rfufedfnle Hewitt Lnroy Jonms Tlurd Row Glona Kennedy preszdent C111P1tters0n LILCIJILSICILIU Phyllis Stokes Cclutm Rogrrson D.1y1c1Boy1eston Fourth Rau, Wu C uupbrll Sylylr Murrell treasurer Junmy 'llSdl1L Prttw Knrby Thomas Smgletqrv Fifth Rau, Stue C1 rsseoek Putty Gllll1lll.I' E11 mor Trmmerman Janlce B.urd Alym Porter Fred Cole Jeanne Nl1tl,116l1 Imurey Lee Absent VVhen Prcture Was Taken Don Thompson Earl Berry Helen Edmunds secutury Susm Jenklns Gertrude Lowder HL-News Representatzue Homeroom Teacher Mrs Nlary Wemberg .J Homeroom Ifust Hou Pltlllf to BULK 5.1.1511 Boy lun D rx 111 Jonas su rc tary 'Nyrl Plow ers Second How Joe Plrnell Drck Sandfrs Betty Klellm John Brrxuclx Roy llutto HobertDor1ty Thzrd Row Geraldme Seaburg Annette Baker Joyce Jaegers Jessre kuymun Palmer Crbson Henrv Green Fourth Row Sandra Ilnrrxs H1Neus Representatme Clnrles Cuttmo mee president Errc Ferrell Glorra NV1thLrspoon If.1171bet11lxo1b Carroll H111 btundmg Lottu, Cable Judy Yondell Nm Nlyers treasurer Johnny Ross Leelle Ingram Sindra lle1se Harrlet Dw1ght president lemnette Mltchell Absent When Pzctme Xl as Taken Robert Snowden Niary Brunnon Home room leacher Mrs Ola Xhe DeBc xry 46 li' n I' r 15 , I K .1 v Q , . . , , . . r 2' I 1- .1 , a ., tb. 1. , ' .. , y p' . ' . 1 - -'-- -,-' , . '- -.- .lf , . - . H , -. 4 . , . , . ., . . , . . '. 4 , 'Q , '. ,, . L , 4 f , ' v ' -. 1 1' n". I . A 'x Jr l 1 lr 1' . y. . .. , . . , t , , . , . , . 1 , , . . . . ,. . . . , , X , . e . , , ., . ' 7 7 S 7 'K . ! 3 '. I .1 ' . 5 , N V . J 4 '4 , 9, , , f 5 ., M .1-. - 14 un. ' .', vw' , -' ,- u,u 1 . yr, N v 1 V,- . , . -Q. , , 1 ,- h, 1 1 . 1 . . L D ' 7 A 7 L 7 , 7 ' ' 1 - " '. - 1 ' J' 7 5 S ' K 7 , I 4 . . , - 1. , . , - , . , .1 , . . , -3 - y ' S , - . 4 - , 1 ,L ' . ' .' ' : ' ,. . :. . . . Homeroom 228 Po Homeroom 227 First Row, Front to Back, Begin- ning at Left: Regina Mixon, Dotty Sober, Ili-News Representative, Alice Ballard, Tomasyne Richardson, Nancy Morgan, joyce Tisdale, David Alcott. Second Row: Edna Suber, Mary Ann llope, secretary, Mary Alice Smith, julie Kirven, treasurer, jo Anderson, Michael Corbett. Third Row: Edwin Till, Mary Sue Tucker, President, Edmund Maynard, jack DeW'itt, Mary Sue Morris, Harry Tomlinson. Founh How: Norman Eaddy, David Hoskins, Clnirles Mooncyhan, joan Phipps, Frances Dinkins, jimmy Strange, cice- president, Clifton Winkles. Fifth Row: Marie Ellie, Patty Clair, Doris Irick. Absent lVhen Picture W'as Taken: in Ronnie Barrineau, Robby Marshall, Merrill XVarner. Ilonzeroorn Teacher: Miss Catharine Bass. Qu ,1f:1Ir.4rvf' ' H' xref: - N -f First Row, Left to Right: Carolyn Brunson, Mike Towery, president, Becky Epting, Frankie Dozier, John Rowland, Manning McManus. Second Row: Janet Plowden, T. C. Croft, Linda Robertson, Jerry YVeaver, Earl VValton, James Dennis. Third Row: Carol Mason, john McDaniel, treasurer, Myra Boykin, Judy Iohnson. Fourth Row: Nancy Hatfield, Alyce Rattlifie, jessamine DuBosc, vice-president, Phyllis Evans, Hi-News Representative, Donnie McKinnon, Jennie Newman, secretary. Standing: Miller Williams, johnny Britton, Bobby DuBose, Bo Taylor, Bumell Hallman. Absent lVhen Picture XVas Taken: Gaile Large. Homeroom Teacher: Miss Thelma Gaston. Homeroom 209 First Row, Left to Right: Frances Weatherly, vice-President, Hi-News Representative, Carol Phillips, presi- dent, Jennie Linn McLaurin, Gwen Addison, secretary. Second Row: Ernest Windham, Geraldine Pickett, Bland Mellette, Sylvia Kennington, Pat Hallman, Sandra Brogdon. Third Row: Ray Winegard, Elizabeth Thames, Betty Ann Moore, Henry Lesesne, Robert B ant. Fourth Row: XVoody Baird, Ashley Tisdale, Terry DuBose, Randy McElveen. Standing: Charles Way, Frankie Holladay, La- Verne Arrants, Tommy Brunson. Ab- sent When Pieture XVas Taken: Annie Ruth Dennis, treasurer: Bobby Bell, Margaret Hardin, Gerald Harrington, Sylvia Holliday, Jesse Moore, Eli Parnell, Monty Wright. Homeroom Teacher: Mrs. Betty Elmore. T Q6 We 331' is-. 1IIlS1!lillt v"" I The Sophomore Class The sophomore class xx 1th Xlr Robert F XX 10111115 is sponsor had as its mam ploject the d1st11but1on of food to neeflx hnnhes at Thanksglx mg Don ltlOIlS of monex and food xx exe collected from all homerooms the lnonex benw used to plllCl1dS6 eushable 1t9lHS -Xt the end of the C'0ll6CtlOll xxx e the class sponsored a Th3l1lxSg1V1Ilg 1310511111 111 lssemblx ind lftelxx and plclxed ind del1x ered the tood to 6lglltt'6ll l'1IH1ll6S Stllllllf' CllplOll1l cox els 1nd n une caxds to the 56111015 xx Ib the class fund rnsmq project Nlonex IGCPIX ed hom tlns project xx 1ll be six ed fol the 1909 jumor Senun P1 om In 1ddltlOl1 to xx ll It the cllss is 1 whole undertook elch sopllomole homelooln had 1ts ll1dlXlClll1l PlOl6Cf These depended upon the tx pe of dCtlXltl8S Ill xx luch students xx anted to engage 48 Ounens bcutul Ann Hoclx treasurer lox -Xlleu pusulcnt Standmg PdtI'lC1i fholnpson secrrtaly Sha Galllard owe Xin R F XXIGGINS Sponsor if f l fic' v H l f ,xr p xxx p Y , . A 'j " ' ww 1 . - '71' 1 N . . ' Y ' ov ,ilk f . , ., N ' A a s X' fx' . , 5 t o, , . . . : - ' ' Pe ' r . ' ' ' x 'R ' ' ' . I D 5 l r ' bl J. '. 2 i ' " ' 1 ' L ' A 1 . D i . R l .. , . .i , -i L - A I.. . . , , i, . i 'l 1 i'i . l ' ' i ' 1 ' . ' I 7 . Homeroom 108 ETA Homeroom 106 NW Standing, Left to Right: Clarence Miles, Frankie Stanfield, jimmy Fogle, Byron llarder, treasurer, Mike Bailey, Butch Barwick, Robert Grumbles. Seated, Front to Back, First Row on Left: Katherine Holloway, Edith Bar- bour, Secretary, Beverly XVilson, Fur- man Gcddings, Richard Newman. Second Row: Patricia Sutton, Sarah Copeland, Becky Bowen, president, Gloria Guess, Judy White. Third Row: Lynn johnson, tice-president, Geral- dine Peeples, Gene Powell, Gail S c u r r y, Hi-News Representative. Fourth Row: Becky Jenkins, Margaret Logan, Ann Hoek, Johnny Mahon. Absent 1Vhen Picture 1Vas Taken: Judy NVatkins, LaVon Stokes. Home- room Teacher: Miss Marian Hunter. ll I'-it QCD 51 Back Row, Left to Right: Perry Moses, Roland Russell, Albert Truesdale, Howard Mallon, Mike Gilchrist, Billy Conway, secretary, Gary VVheeler, julian Hynes, C. B. Hair, Randy Bradham, Robert Geddings, Pat Mitchuni, treasurer, Freddie Heppding. Second Row: Helen Harper, Indy VVilson, Emily Blanding, Lynn Blum, vice-president, Sara DuBose, president, Liz Hamilton. Third Row: Peggy Hodge, Delores Lowder, Mary Emily Hudson, Hi-News Repre- sentative, Minnie Sanders. Absent 1Vhen Picture Was Taken: Muldrow Kolb, Patrick Lee Richburg. Homeroom Teacher: Mr. I. Frank Walker. G Homeroom 109 First How, Left to Right: jerry A Mahoney, Suzanne Howze, Carol Bo- - zanik, Becky jones, Andrena Cope- land, Mary Daughrity. Second Row: Carlotta Williams, Caroline Stone, secretary, Linda Martin, jane South- well, president, Elise Graham, Deloris Thames, Delores Galloway. Third Row: Tony Stokes, Hi-News Repre- sentative, Gary Adamson, treasurer, Gene Garris, Bobby Osteen, Don Blanding, Sha Gaillard, vice-president, Sammy VVeinberg, Hayward Rodgers, Brady NVilson, XVayne McElveen, Troy Prosser. Absent When Picture 1Vas Taken: john Blakeslee, johnny Hawkins, Bobby Mims. Homeroom Teacher: Mrs. Pretto Brunson. O Homeroom 111 First How, Front to Back: Jerry Orcutt, secretary, Ella Foxworth, Ben i Edmunds, Byron Rodgers, Buddy , Ham, Harold Truett. Second Row: Jackie Hit-kson, Zack McCoy, Hi-News Reprcseritzitice: Julia Nunnery, C, B. Edens. Jay Palmer, Bob Abbott. Third How: Stanley Holland, Joy Allen, cice- presidcnt, Alice Bryan, president, Harriet Mclntosh, Liz Brunson, Rod- ney Scurry. Fourth How: Jimmy Snyder, Johanna Jaeggli, Selma Jen- nings, Judy Yates, Faye Amerson, Jule Amerson. Fifth Row: Dock Lowdcr, Charles Johnson. Absent YVhen Pic- ture lV11.s' Taken: Marion Burke, XVilma Coker, Shelby Merritt, treas- urer. Ilomcroom Teacher: Mr. R. F. XViggins. 3' Back Row, Left to Right: L. WV. Jennings, Billy James, Bobby Player, Joe Cannarella, Mark Atria, Howard Hodge, Larry Jennings, Toni XVarren. Scconri How: H B. Shorter, Peggy Moses, Janet NVilkinson, Patricia McCrary. Third How: Carolyn Morris, Ann Andrews, Mary Jennings, Yirginia Fislilinrne. Fourth Row: Rose Ann Scott, Judy Carrington, Ruth Anne Hay- wood, Robert Dinkins, Connie Browning. Absent Xkhcri Picture ll'11s Taken: John Godbey, Billy Thompson, Dreyfus Scott, Jean Brown, Linda Jordan. llorneroom Teacher: Miss Doris Morrow. Homeroom 210 First How, Left to Right: Joan Davis, Cale Morris, Ann Floyd, Elaine Goble, Alfred Dantzler, Donna Crump, treasurer. Second Row: Mary Alice Hussey, David Hill, Jimmy Owens, Gobe McElveen, Harvey Ackerman, Dicks Cone, president. Third Row: James Nettles, Jerry Jackson, Ann Reed, Jan XVarner, Tommy Page, Hi-News Representative, ferry Killen. Fourth Row: Ruck Sidda , oice-presi- dent, Patricia Truluck, secretary, Sandy Sanders, Kenny Schwabenbaner. Fifth How: Nell Welch, Ra Coleman, Barbara NVood, Absent YVii,en Picture VVas' Taken: Marie Hendrix, Vera L...-.-' Codwin, Jeanne Barnes. Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Charles M. Hodgin. Homeroom 208 7 Homeroom 211 First Raw, Left to Right: Barbara Hodge, Sammie Porter. Jane McKenzie, i:iee-president, Barbara Meppen, secretary and Hi-News Representative, Joyce Christmas. Second Row: Betty Jean Atkinson, Lonnie Caughman, Heyward Fort, Roland Ncttles, president: Josie Spradley. Third Row: Jerry Merchant, Johnny XVatt, Adair McKoy, treasurer, Gerald Belvin, Marilda Conley. Standing: Leila Copeland, Janice Crabtree, Dolores Norris, Frankie Kolb, Nat Roof, Edward Andrews, Alvin XVeatherly, Bob Sharp, David Edgeworth, Lejette Hucks, Lawrence Hickson. Absent When Picture Xl'a.s Taken: Jack Browder. Barbara Galloway, Wanda Parks, Ruth VVatts, Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Walter O, Cillam. Homeroom 213 First Row, Seated, Left to Right: Martha Harrison, Elaine Fishburne, Joyce Morgan, Hi-News Representa- tive, Lizzie Brown, Diane XVorrel, treasurer: Shirley Mann, Second Row, Standing: Helen Weatherly, David Marshall, president, Herbert Hodge, William Russell, VVoody Nes- bitt, Boykin Hornsby, Ernest Oxendine, T. W. Windham, Bobby Hodge. Third Row: Charles Dixon, Michael Hill, Bill James, vice-president, Conley Alexander, Julian Sim- mons, Ransom Cooper, Lester VVidener. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Jackie Bradley, Bobby Saxon. Home- room Teacher: Miss Hannah Timmons. Homeroom 219 First How, Front to Baek:Ruby Crocker. Nancy Cooper, vice-president, Nancy Locklair, secretary, Frances Austin, Andrena Ray. Second Row: Alice Johnson, Robert Harris, Iona Moore, Norman Felder. Third Row: Judy Christ- mas, Ruth Ann Coleman. Standing: Joe Burrows, Robert Mc-Coy. Buddy Smith, Byard McEwen, Laverne McLeod, O,Dell VVeaver, Sig Stoudenmire, treasurer, Douglas Bar- wiek, Tommy Hammer. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Howard Andrews, Leila Griffin, president, Ralph Arrants, Mary Hodge, John Powell, Shelley Thigpen. Homeroom Teacher: Mrs. Mary Robinson. Homeroom ,302 F ins-t Row, Back, Left to Right: Herbert Hucks, Elbert Jackson, Robert Terry, Vivian Britt. Second Row: Johnice Griffith, XVilliam Hensley, Janice Wood, Sarah Rowland, Judy Weatherly, Kay Stokes, Thomas Robinson, James Compton. Third Row: Olga Ann Witherspoon, Brenda Atkinson, Elaine Dees, Martha Mims, Alenda Huckaby, Jerome Geddings, Marion Taylor, Anthony Pate. Fourth Row: Pat Thompson, secretary: Patricia Griffin, vice- pres-izlentg Liz Bei-be, president, Carolyn YVilliams, David Bernshouse. Alment VVhen Picture YVUS Taken: Alice Lowder, treasurer, Kitty Wactor, H i-N ews Representative. Homeroom Teacher: Mrs. Mary Treester. r g a n iz a i o n s Students Leave Impressions by Pursuing Special Interests 1 'Q by , ' X l10XVAllll joNEs President Student Body STUDENT COUNCIL.. Elected Representatives Lead Tlnougli various committccs, the student council organized and carriccl out a program of improvement of the school, aid to the com- munity, and entertainment to students. ln conjunction with the March of Dimes Driw in Sumtcr County, thc council coopcr- atccl with thc National Honor Society and thc Kcy Club in numerous projccts, including the 31.0. D. Sock Hop, and thc sale of Blue Crutches, in order to augment the drive. ,Xt football gamcs. concessions werc handled by mcmhc rs of thc council, and with the for- SINIALL STUDENT CoUNC11.. Left to Right: Howard jones, Pauline Cannarclla, jimmy Bateman, Kay McCoy, Jayne DuBose, Patty Gauthier, Betsy Snyclcr, Jcnnic Linn BIcLaurin, Pat Thompson, jane Harris, joy Alltn. Ashlcy Tisdale, Sha Caillard. Ann I-lock, Saunclra Shcriclan. YI Q. - . 3- u ' 5 1 .sf the Way in Student Affairs mation of the Homecoming Committee, the festivities for that occasion were planned. Entertainment for students was provided by the Recreation Committee. This group, with student council funds, purchased a new juke box for the student lounge and sponsored a Valentine dance. By the completion of the planned program, the E. ll. S. student council did its part toward making the 1957-'58 school year a profitable one for both faculty and students. CONIBII'l"lElC Cufxiusiux. Bottom to Top: jonnic Sue Stone, rerrvutiorig julie Duliosc, pulnlicityg Mary Catharine Shaw, asscmblyg Betty Owens, r'1lfet4'l'iz1: Xlary Brent DuCom, 6Ic'c'tiol1.s-g Judy Austin, pcpg D. Il. Ht-cltcl, c41:it'us.s-inri.sg Tom Bowen. uwarrls pointsg Larry Kiryen, iniprurwrieiitsg Oscar Avins, hospitality. s 'qty Y Q gtg. ilg ' f N Refs-."" sage? ...K he S7 f . i. - . rg, lfig' , . 2 3. 'L .513-' 'e":"5f.':s1?15mE df. M 5'4- F5 'L w-40? .w..,,,i-A. Q.. K PAUi.1NE CANNAHELLA, .secretury-treasurcrg KAY NICCOY, vice-president LIOBILIKOUAI Pm-Jsrnisxrs. First How, Left to Right: Liz Beebe, "Cissy,' Griffin, Sara Duliose, Harriet Dwight. Second Row: Frank Daglcy, Carol Phillips, Martha Bloise, lane Soutllwcll. Roland Nettles. Dicks Cone. Tliirrl Iiuug: Tom lioweii, Bobby Delierry, Alice Bryan, Mary Sue Tucker. Gloria Kennedy. Becky Bowen, Kenneth Russell. Foulth How: Mike Towery, Larry Kll'Vl'II, Bill jauu-s, -loc Canuarella. , , xr - - 'rf' NMKENAL 7 H.,NLiFl 31.1615 Y!! C' -f ..- ai .. , 1 W, ., aooasni , .or 9' 'sf X 'C' qi 45 Z Y FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS b C,u.not'x f:L'NNINGHAXi Granny DUNLAP 1'n-.xidwxr Vice-President JULIE.-KNNI-I DUBos1-3 BOBBY DI-:BERRY SLl.'ft'f!l"!I Treasurer Seated, Left to Right: jimmy Carson, Pauline Cannarella, Betsy Hodge, Rose Hatfield, Beverly Turner, Deana Eldridge, Betsy Snyder, jane Harris. Standing: Bobby DeBerry, Mary Catharine Shaw, Gerry Dunlap, julie DuBose, jayne DuBose, Cal Cunningham. Those selected by the faculty from the senior and junior classes to N, H, S, , , . become members of the N. H. S., in taking the pledge ot the society bespoke the earnest purpose of each to attain the ideals for which this - ' society was begun. This organization is a means of recognizing character, service, leader- ship, and scholarship. S h I h- d The Edmunds chapter this year carried out several worthwhile proj- C O Ip, ects. Among these was a survey, which was planned to create interest among students in availing themselves of the Salk vaccine. Another was the completion of a file of award points earned by students, while a third was the beautification of the back court. Front How, Left to Right: joyce jaegcrs, Frances Stokes, Sylvia Bartlette, Mary E. Compton, Rita Pink. Second Row: joan White, Pat Cromer, Diane Kendrick, Mary Ann Hope, Connie Britt, Mary Sue Tucker, Sylvia Kennington. Third Row: Jennie Newman, Mary Sue Morris, Sandra Harris, Sheila Boykin. Back Row Claude Cooper, David Alcott, Roger Roy, Fdmnml Mnvnard. Robert Clark. Ragsdale Hewitt. I. P. Haley. Norman ff Us A 1 if Q i ' , 2 it if Bi -gif 3 1 5 . 3 i 1 ii 2 Q . is i, if 5, 1 K t r 5 Q 2 i ' K gg t' g it NATIONAL A , ei "' ig ,,a 5 HONOR soorn pg 1 A 1 .- 1 jg 5 A ,' 5 it .5 -- ' 5 Q gi U x 4 " Y '-1' . X . it , K i Kg , .. i ,' ' ii V so tl B .1 l X s is , H SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS .4 .- 4 l 'L' L K I JANE HARRIS DEASA ELDTIIDGE 4.1,-.Q A , ' President Vice-President X X ' " ' -' javwr DUBOSE Rouen Rox' A ' l E' X ,N l N 1 V ' 'V P Simirclary 7:l'CIl.SIlfCT - x N A- 1 --we - w xT.,- 7 I. Q ' " B 1 ' 7 , 1 H I ,. , A . ,A I lax...-siwt il 5. pta: . :S is gg ,, . HQ' X24 Buck Iioir, Left to Right: Victor Barwick, secretaryg Bobby Lewis, cict'-prcsitlcrztg David Boyleston, Eddie Farish. Second Row: Jimmy Doyerspike, Bobby DuBose, Charles Cuttino, Tommy Ceddings, Robert Burress. Tlzirtl Row: jimmy Felder, David Alcott, treasurer, joe Parnell, director. Fourth Row: Leon Barwicli, presitlefltg Damon Playcr, Jimmy Strange, rfir0t'tm',- VVilliam Rogers, Bill Tomlinson, Billy Nlc-Elvcf-n. Alrsent When Picture Was Taken: Bob Yates, director. KEY CLUB. . .Members Serve School Through Activities The Key Club, with Mr. W. j. Slovinac as sponsor, Specific parking areas. . I engaged in various activities during the year. They also helped ill the M- O- D' Calhpalgh and d1S- Among other things the members spent much time in tributed booster tags at the football games. working out a safety program with the Sumter Police As a fund-raising project the club sold light bulbs. Department for both faculty and students, arranging SCIENCE CLUB... Participants Pursue Scientific Interests The objective of the Science Club this year was to carigly this out within the club, each member was required increase the interest of students in science and to expose to 6V6'l0p H SCl6flfihC pf0iCCf- At other m66fiIlgS the them to its different phases and possibilities. In order to members discussed the missile and satellite programs. Front Row, Left to Right: Billy Watts, Terry DuBose, Sandy Heise, Bobby Brown, Bill Chada, Don Thompson, Harvin Land, Gerry Dunlap, Lottie Cable. Second Row: Myra Boykin, Sheila Boykin, Becky Epting, Ilarrict Dwight, Nan Myers, XVaync Jernigan, Eric Terrell, Earl Berry, Edmund Maynard, Gcorgiana Larson. Third Row: Linda Robertson, john Tindal, George Owens, "Sis', Nunnally, Henry Green, Norman Eaddy, Fred Cole, Donnie McKinnon, Mrs. Purdy, adviser. Absent W'hen Picture YVas Taken: Robert Bryant, Gerald Harrington. we-fp--Q' 'j .Q W 74 Ke is x V I ,l . His inf--n Seated, Left to Right: Gertrude Lowder, secretary, GayleaLarge, Patty Clair, Jeanette Mathis, treasurer, Janice Beard. Standing, First lima: Henry Lesesne, Leroy Jones, Roy Hutto, Robert Johnson, presidentg Calhoun Cunningham. Second Row: Eugene Hamm, Wayne Corbett, Chris Freeman, Bobby Clark, vice-president, Mr. Gillam. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Leslie Ingram, Norman Parks. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB... Photographers Perfect Their Skill Main project of the Photography Club at Edmunds was to ta e pictures, develop film, and enlarge negatives. Members competed in a local contest among club members in April, with prizes coming from club dues. Programs were planned and carried out on the regular club days. Among the guest speakers for these programs was Mr. Clayton Webster. Mr. Walter Cillam sponsored the activities of the club. FELLOWSHIP CLUB . . . Bible Provides Spiritual Guidance The Fellowship Club, sponsored by Mrs. Victoria Strong and Mr. W. E. Hancock, this year undertook as its project the conducting of a devotional period every Wednesday morning. The club also studied the Book of Acts and worked to promote Christian fellowship among the students at Edmunds. Seated, Left to Right: Nancy Morgan, Mary Etta Sanders, Jeanette Mitchell, Sandra Griihn, Maybin Hodge, Margaret Ann Kolb, seeretaryg Frances Dinkins, treasurer. Standing: Robert June, Mickey Carter, presidentg Paul Calhoun, vice-president. Z, ,JJ Pt f 'Q' ii' , 'Z-QF Back Row Left to Rfght Phyllis Evans Anme Ruth Dennis Mary Alice Smith Amy Xielkhllan Billie Henderson Sydney Harris Clrol Mason Mary Fr knees Tomlinson Lula Nlae Shorter Peggy Guney Cwen Addison Hebeeea Pike judy johnson Second Row Betty Ann Barnes Prinees Geddlngs Nliry Brunson Kathleen Scott julie DuBost udy Tripp Susan Brmuung., Butrly Turner Betty Moore Thml Row 163516 Newmm jmet Plowden Mary Ann NlcK1nney Xhnlyn jlyroe Front Hou, Dile Hitfield Patty Kirby Phyllis Stokes Celeste Rogers Clrolyn Brunson Jennie Newman Sandra Harris hnuly Crili uu lrrinees We ltlie rly joyec Purvis Guest Speaker Nlrss Polly Usher Absent When Pzeture Was Taken Jeannette Avln Blrbxrn Biehus Carol Bell lNyr1 Plowers jo Criflin Margaret Hardin Nmey Lee Cul Pltterson Rita Riles Doris Strange Elizabeth Thames Gloria Witherspoon Gloria Wright Nlonty Wright SENIOR F H A Future Homemakers Gam Experience The F H A composed of lumor and semor girls taking home economics in high school based its programs this year on the theme of the national organization Our Responsibility Building Happier Homes Proyects chosen for this year included collecting food and clothes for a needy family contributing to the Winthrop Scholarship Fund and to the support of the F H A Camps The local F H A also aided in the national proyect collecting cancelled postage stamps to be sent to Tubfrlm an agency in Norway and sold to stamp collectors Money raised in this way IS used to iight poho JUNIOR F H A Carry Out Prolects Enloy Programs This year because of shortage of club sponsors the ship with fellow members and took up several civic and Junior Chapter F. H. A. found it necessary to meet after welfare projects. It sponsored a Christmas dance and school hours in the homes of the members. The club had interesting programs enjoyed the fellow- a Spring Fashion Show. Back Row Left to Right: Gail Morris Martha Harrison Mary Emily Hudson Regina Mixon president' Joyce Tisdale vice-president Olga Witherspoon Mrs. Wilhelmina Leach Iona Moore Linda Niartin. Second Row: Frances Austin Ann Andrews Wanda Parks treas- urer- Minnie Sanders Ruth Ann Coleman Peggy Brogdon. Front Row: Mary Louise Hodge judy Yates Geraldine Peeples Barbara Hodge Carolyn Williams Ann Floyd Xera Godwin Ruth NV'1tts Nell NVelch Shirley 'vlann Patricia Niitchum Carolyn Niorris jackie Hickson Nlarian Burke Doris Irick secretary. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Nancy Locklair Ianice Wood Margaret Logan Kay Stafford Dolores Norris Deloris Thames jean Brown Marie Hendrix Mary Jennings. va w "w'--'wmsw 'S lla If- 'Ex at mwl cl Y f - ' --nf lf ,Q-17-' iii -fs. 2-jr-.1 First Row, Left to Right: Vernie Ruth Hill, Nancy Holladay, Gwen Copeland, Getha Lee Alsbrooks, Jeannette Hudson. Second Row: Hilda Powell, Nancy Austin, Brady Wright, president, second semester, Emily Simpson, treasurer, second semester, Pat Cromer, treasurer, first semester. Third Row: Patricia Ardis, secretary, first semester, Joe Bartlette, Bob Thigpen, Nancy Hatfield. Fourth Row: Willie Nell Player, Ben Holladay, Lou Anna Jones, Jimmy Coleman. Fifth Row: Gloria McElveen, vice-president, Shelby Jean Carraway, Betty Ball. Sixth Row: Peggy McCoy, Bobby Bell. Standing: Palmer Gibson, secretary, second semester. Absent: LaVerne Arrants, Eugene Compton, J. P. Haley, president, first semester, Harry Hynes, program chairman, Mary Sue Morris, Alvin Porter, Barbara Summerall, Mendel Tedder, Earl Walton, historian, Ernest Windham, Joan White. Mrs. Wilhelmina Leach, sponsor. D. E .... Juniors and Seniors Maintain Jobs Through Club The Distributive Education Club develops an under- tion, sending a delegate to the national convention at standing in the Held of distribution. This year's projects Columbus, Ohio, and holding an employer-employee were presenting an assembly program, serving as host banquet. for the district convention, attending the state conven- F. T. A.. .Study Problems They Will Face As Teachers Edmunds chapter of F. T. A., a national organization members to observe classes in elementary schools. for students interested in a teaching career, planned Otticers and sponsor, Miss Margaret Dunning, attended improvements for health rooms and a visit by senior the state convention. Back Row, Left to Right: Jennie Linn McLaurin, Patricia Hallman, Betty Carr, Alfred Weinberg, Diane Kendrick, Betsy Hodge, Sally Harrison, Marie Ellis, Connie Britt, Dottie Suber, Regina Mixon, Mildred Conley, Alyce Ratliff. Second Row: Saundra Brogdon, Betty McLin, Joan Phipps, Jane Harris, president, Linda Ward, secretary-treasurer, Mary Brent DuCom, vice-president, Joseta Millard. Sitting: Deana Eldridge, Judy Kennedy. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Susan Jenkins. l 2 -- Sv' i Left Side: Oscar Avins, Robert Spradley, Wayne McElveen, jack Dewitt, Iimmy Sims, president, Jimmy Minis, Baxter Pierson. Right Side: Timothy Gaymon, Arvin Davis, VVayne Beasley, Harvey Cainey, vice-president, Larry Nesbitt, NVayne Morris, Back Row: Mary Lee Owens, Hilda Nesbitt, treasurer, Barbara Rogers, Elizabeth Kolb. .s-cr'retuI'!li Rose llatlield, publicity director. Absent W'hen Picture Was Taken: joe Bartlette, C, NV. Stokes, Emery McElvcen, Bobby Mims, C. B. Edens, Robert Harris. T. and I. . . Encourages and Aids Members in Finding Work The Trade and Industrial Club is composed of Diversi- fied Occupations students and some Industrial Arts students, who work to promote good leadership and citizenship, while seeking an interest in chosen occupa- tions through practice and study. The projects for the year were publishing the school directory, taking part in an assembly program, and attending South Carolina Trade and Industrial Club Convention at Clemson. WILDLIFE CLUB... Learns South Carolina Game Laws The objective of the NVildlife Club was to acquaint its members with South Carolina game laws, safe methods of using guns and other facts of interest to hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Various speakers familiar with these subjects took part in programs during the year. Of particular interest was the talk of Mr. Robert XVolt, who had recently returned from a hunting trip in Europe and spoke to the boys on deer hunting on that continent. Mr. William Cordon, a member of the local Fish and Game Association acted as sponsor of the club this year. First Raw, Left to Right: C. VV. Stokes, Charles Driggers, Frank Campbell, David Floyd, Bobby Marshall, Eli Parnell, Benny Mathis. Second Row: NVes Campbell, David jones, NVoody Baird, presiclentg Bow Shaw, Jimmy Lee McLeod, treasurer, Pete Hoskins, vice- president, jimmy Strong, jesse Moore. Third Row: Clifton Winkles, Larry Lackey, Jimmy Tisdale, David XVinter, Frankie Dozier, Robert Mauldin, Carroll Ilill, Charles Blooneylian. Fourth Row: Ronnie Barrineau, Charles XVay, Tommy Brunson, Frankie llolladay, Mike Corbett, Bobby Stokes, Edward Smith. Absent IVhen Picture Was Taken: james Dennis, David Purvis, XVilliam Shumaker, john Britton, secretary. Club Sponsor: Mr. Bill Gordon. Q! "5 Front Row, Left to Right: Madeline MeMasters, Dot Crowley, Jayne DuBose, Jonnie Sue Stone, Bettie Moseley, vice-president, Dorcas McKenzie. Second Row: Anita Roselield, Harold Hook, Dick Edmunds, Bubba James, treasurer, Judy Austin, Mary Catharine Shaw, Betty Owens. Third How: Dickie Knight, Ken Beck, Martha Dabbs, Judy Goodson, Pauline Cannarella, Sara Geiger, Ruby Turner. Fourth Row: Derald Heckel, Tom Bowen, Beverly Jones, Judy Fox, Bobby Floyd, Carl Mobley, Valerie Powell, Rita Pink. Fifth Row: Claude Cooper, secretary, Roger Roy, Robert Howell, Jimmy Bateman, Bobby Dixon, Mack XVindham, Sammy O,Neal, president. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Reid Beebe, Nick Atria, Betsy Snyder, Diane Player. DRAMATICS CLUB... Programs Of Interest To Members The Dramatics Club,s onsored by Mrs. Mary Treester, ' the club their experience and training. At the other this year lanned variedp programs pertaining to the in- meetings informal discussions and lmpromptu speeches terest of the organization. gave members practice in public speaking. The program Speakers from the Sumter Little Theater shared with for the year also included recording of dramatic readmgs. MUSIC CLUB . . . Furnlshes Enloyment To Muslc Lovers The purpose of the Music Club is to instill in the European classics. members a greater love for and a deepler understanding The members conducted the programs, thus gaining of the world,s great music. This year t e programs have valuable experience in leadership and group discussion. ranged from contemporary American music to the early First Row, Left to Right: Mary Sue Tucker, Joyce Tisdale, Ray XVinegard, Kay McCoy, Sylvia Murrell, president. Second Row: Judy WVainer, Sylvia Kennington, Edna Suber, Eleanor Timmerman, Helen Edmunds, Julie Kirven, Patty Gauthier, secretary, Judy Yondell, Rachel McCaskill, Saundra Sheridan. Third Row: Annette Baker, Rugsdale llewitt, T. C. Croft, Bobby DeBerry, Jon Ann Madan, Rosalind Carrigan, Gloria Kennedy, Mary Ann Hope, vice-president. Absent: Tommy Mullis. 'o ,ef 3 1.-it , V . J , ' 3' 'F N rw- 'S 4 H "NNY V' ' " ' If ' 5 1. ..- f Z.. 4: X.. A29 gi tv' 1 ease -- . -- -ra . .-.g11ls'im,2 A Zaliiwzi 'z U' ge lfffff- 5.1 , ' is . . limit Ex Back Row, Left to Right: Connie Britt, Deanie Ray, treasurer Judy XVainer, Betsy Hodge, Peggy Moses, Janet Wilkinson, Bettie Moseley. Second Row: Gerry Mahoney, Josefa Millard. Deana Eldridge, Rita Pink, Jean Brown, Patricia McCrary, secreturyg Johanna Jaeggli, Jane Harris, Anita Roselield, president. Tliird Row: Roger Roy, Bobby Dc-Berry, rice-prwirlcnt, Damon Player, Derald Heckel. Not Shown: Dorcas McKenzie, Peggy Brogdon, Valerie Powell, Alice Bryan, Harriet'Mclntosh, Mary Brent DuCom, Judy Kennedy, Oscar Avin, Roland Nettles, Nancy Cooper, Elaine Fishburne, Martha Ann Harrison, Joy Allen, Lynn Johnson, Gail Scurry. Sponsor: Mrs. Herbert A. RoseHeld. N. F. L.. .Program Trains In The National Forensic League is to train the youth of America in all phases of public speaking, including radio, orations and dramatic inter retations s P - Members of the Edmunds chapter of the National LIBRARY ASSCDCIATION . . . Sponsored by Mrs. Mark, the E. H. S. chapter of the South Carolina High School Association is composed of students who assist the librarian in the daily routine work of operating the school library. They give their time and effort as a school service. In Buck on Ladder: Connie Harris, Susan Judy Betsy Hodge, Sally Harrison, QQ. Public Speaking Forensic League gained valuable experience this year by entering various contests and serving regularly through- out the year in the chapters radio program over Station WSSC. Promotes Good Reading A Their project this year was an assembly program in special observance of National Library XVeek. The ideals of this organization are service to the school and encouragement of reading. V Sara Ceiger, Julie Kirven. Second Row: Geraldine Seaburg, Joan Phipps, Lula Mae Shorter, Jane Mar1lyn.Jayroe. first Row: Connie Browning, Doris Irick, Virginia Fishbume, Frances McDaniel Harris, Rita Pink. Absent VVhen Picture lVas Taken: Elaine Fishbume, Peggie Ann Cainey raw 3 i is . A 54' if I L L Booxnooivr Boys. john McDaniel, Bob Johnson, Wes BUS D1ux'Ens. Seated: Hurry Tomlinson, Bland Mellette, Leslie C b H Ingram. Emery NIcElveen, Bill Cliucln. Standing: Iimmy Strong, amp e ' C. XV, Stokes, Eugene Hum, Bobby Lewis, Chris Carter, Alc-x Evans. Freeman, Mickey These Make A Smooth-Running Edmu ds X . . I V - iw l ,- .y.. L 4 . YJ E nn. - ' X 5 ,. K, N, .4 ' K v ' ',, . fy. . 5 , ' 1 I L fx , f 'K V S fA if he OFFICE WoExEns. Seated: Betty Owens, Mary Catharine Shaw. Stand- IN CHARGE or LJAKING SCHOOL ANNOUNCE- ing: Iudy Austin, Linda jordan, Mary Brent DuCom, Howard Jones, Kay MENTS: David Alcott. McCoy, Gertrude Lowder, Georgianna Larson. CAFETEELA HELPERS: Bobby Osteen, Ge Weaver, Ioe Burrows. ,i ne Carris, O'Dell CAFETERIA SUPERVISORS: Mrs. C. B. Huff, Mrs. George Timmerman , s Z 5 'WE , 1 v "N as " 3 4 f ' Front Row, Left to Right: Betsy Snyder, Deana Eldridge, Bow Shaw, Frances Stokes. Second Row: Pauline Cannarella, Sammy Pringle, Jayne DuBose, Calhoun Cunningham, Mary Catharine Shaw. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Rosalind Carrigan. OUILL AND SCROLL... Encourages Young Writers Quill and Scroll, an International Honorary Society for high school journalists, consists of those students who are in the upper third of their class, are at least of junior standing in high school, and have done superior work PUBLICATIONS BOARD . . . Responsibilities of the Publications Board include selec- tion of editor and business manager of Hi-News and HI-XVAYS and the approval of the nominations of other staff members. Members of the board also discuss any problems, including those concerning finances, that may arise concerning those publications. in some journalistic field. Its purpose is to encourage and reward achievement in the performance of all staff duties, to promote scholarship, and to develop exact thinking as well as clear and forceful writing. Guides Publication Staffs The Board is made up of the principal, assistant prin- cipal, head of English department, literary advisor and business advisor of Hi-News and HI-WVAYS, president of student body, president of senior class, editor and busi- ness managers of H i-N ews and H1-WAYS, and one repre- sentative at large from the senior class. Frimt How, Left to Right: Nlrs. Wells, Deana Eldridge, Miss Nicholes, liosalind Carrigan, Nliss Osteen, Nliss Burnett. Second Row: Mr. Lyles, Miss XVeinberg, Calhoun Cunningham, Howard Jones, Jane Harris. Absent When Picture Was Made: Frances Stokes, jimmy Bateman. be ,Eg H .f nv- ., ww' -'Ulla-.T'+-d"" Arivslw V l ajffle 7264065 In Appreclahon For and your wonderful sense of humor that made workmg such a pleasure for everythmg you have done to make our 1958 H1 XVAYS a success we the staff express our xely deepest flppreclatlon M 59 me 'F 'N' pr A, I 4 K my S 0 t 9 5 WBA ' ' your timely advice, never-ending patience, work, ... fy.. I -. 5 , -u sv.. 1 ,N f .053 4 Q.. . , ku ' 'Q 9, V ,Ill ' 'K' V :Tux if 'q U r:FfqYirQTYg1fH 1:5 I , , 5 i , 1 E P 5 ... i , n J C DEANA Eununcz Business Manager CALHOUN CUNNINGHAM Editor-in-Chief HI -WAYS .. B S , F t Ed't g P C NNARELLA Staff Concentrates On Annual Problems. Litelfg-ir' ea we 1 or AULINE A HI a-1 68 VFX ,-X 1 LITERARY STAFF Hi-News. Back Row, Left to Right: Eric Terrell, Wayne Corbett, Billy James, Betty Owens, Mary Catharine Shaw. Second Row: Sammy Pringle. Pat Thompson, Harriet Mclntosh, Dcanie Ray, Thomasyne Richardson. Third Row: Bow Shaw, Jan VVarner, Martha Dabbs, Bettie IN seley, Sylvia Kcnnington, Jeanette Mitchell. Fourth Row: Regina Mixon, V' L4 A rcas McKenzie, Joyce Tisdale, Diane Kendrick, Marguerite Alderman. Fi hjlilow: Rosalind Corrigan, Patty Kirby, Frances Weatherly, Mary Brent , ll, om SiandraBf?arris, Sheila Boykin. Absent When Picture Was Taken: ' I' mmy, o ,X tgsclale Hewitt, Ruby Turner, Judy Austin, Connie Britt, ROSALIND CARRIGAN f 1- fir! rajaris Brahtd, Bobby Brown. Editor-in-Chief 'JL' V if A Y 1' f it NEWS .VM ljl 0 I v ,Lt J , A If J It " l QW? 'ANL b ff' ffffrf 1 1 . .' f V 5 ' ' ' I ' Q ,, ,rr ,it J , wspaper Affords Opportunity Bow SHAW Assistant Editor A ' 4 4 IQ' in W cf U 50 J J f,,'Py6 '61 Ui if fr' f L" VZ fa 0 V iw c f' w" it Liiw We or rea Ive rlhng Hi-News, a bi-weekly school newspaper, is produced by a staff of A editors and their assistants. As a member of the South Carolina Scholastic Press Association, the Southern Interscholastic Press Association, NVinthrop College Story-of- the-Month Contest, and the Quill and Scroll, the paper receives criticisms N and comparisons with other high school newspapers all over the United ,Wi States. The newspaper oHers an opportunity to all students in Edmunds High if for creative writing. lNlARY CATHARINE SHAW SAINIBXY PRINGLE Feature Editor Sports Editor J' :Y 5 -Hu un :ii l 'l 3 4 5 5 6 7 9 io n ' V1 X3 WA W KB J w 'zo 'rx 'n A is K5 '16 '27 182930 5 l . ,rf X ff 1, Q ..... 'I I Y 1 I I I I I I I I ' s I gf 1 Erf nv. BUSINESS STAFF Hi-News. Back Row, Left to Right: Byard McEwen, Jimmy Lee McLeod, Jayne DuBose, Bob Yates, Tony Stokes. Second Row: Zack McCoy, Judy Waincr, Barbara Mcppen, Dottie Suber, Dickie Knight. Third Row: Frances Stokes, Mary Emily Hudson, Kitty VVact0r, Gertrude Lowgler, Gerry Dunlap. Absent When Picture Was Taken: "SiS" Nunnally, John Codbey, Beverly Jones. BILL TOMLINSON Dlcxns KNIGHT P'w'0g"1P"V Editor IAYNE DuBosE Advertising Manager Exchange Editor Qi?" ' id 'EIN 1 45453. FRANCES STOKES Business Manager 'wi ' N-f JUDY WAINER Circulation M anager ,... ,ff T 'NJ s... ,--I in 00 up "5 I 1 lb' 35 guns P",-:V MR. PHITCHARD Director MICKEY CARTER GENE iVlOORE Drum Majors 44.9 E. H. S. BAND... Furnishes Color and Entertainment While . Training Young Musicians The Sumter High School Band represented the high school at six football games this year, includ- ing out-of-town trips to Orangeburg, Columbia, and Charleston. The highlight of this football season was a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, where the band marched in the annual Shrine Bowl Parade. Following the parade all members attended the Shrine Bowl game. These events are presented annually for the benelit of crippled children. After the football game, the band attended a hockey game at the Charlotte Coliseum. XVith the close of the football season. the emphasis of the band program quickly changed to intensive study of concert music. leading to such events as two concerts presented before the Christmas holidays. Thirteen members of the band were chosen, by private audition. for the South Carolina All-State Band meeting at XVinthrop College, under the direction of Dr. Xvillltllll D. Hevelli, University of Michigan. Flutes: Frances M'catherly. Kay Russell. Emily Graham, Carol Mason, Bette DuRant. Alenda lluekaby. Nancy Savage. ,lane Mc- Kenzie. Montie blames. Allan Kaye. Piccolo: Kay Russell. Oboes: Nat Roof. Bennie Cuttino. Iflr Clarinet: Brenda Outlaw. Bb Cirlrinets: llarx ey Ackerman. Perry Moses, Alfred Dantller. Sandra llarris, Rita lliles. Mariannne llill. llal Floyd. Karen Edwards. Ann Sanders, Patsy XYells. Sylvia Seymour. Boland Corning. llieliard jackson, Carl XVhitt. ,Indy XYL-atlierly. Andrea Xxhutl, Diane XVorrell, Betty Lowder, C. YV. Parker, john llinks. Clem Carlisle. Sam Camden, Edith Barbour, Martha Minis, bl. B. llerrington, llerbert llueks. Robin Holdom, Roger Boy. Alto Clarinet: Bob Yates. Briss Clarinet: Gloria XVitlierspoon. Clflllffll-B!!-SSS' Clarinet: Myra Boykin. B1l.s:s'oorl.s': Ray Fowler. Valerie Powell, Agnes Pritchard. Alto S1l.ropl1onCs: Linda XVard, Gail VVea- therly, Peggy Moses. llerbert Ilosefield. Tenor Snxnplzones: Charles Monneyhan, Sylvia Player. Baritone Saxophone: jerry Jackson. t 1 5 'eff . i . I 2.5 Q yu MA onsrras: Sylvia Seymour, Sally Pritchard, Valerie Powell, Brenda Outlaw, Agnes Pritchard, Karen Edwards. After a Christmas Parade in Sumter, periormance for Salvation Army, "Tree of Lights Ceremonyf' and the Christmas holidays. the band and a number of soloists devoted much attention to sight reading and preparation of contest music for the District Music Festival in Columbia in March and the State Music Festival in Rock Hill in April. The band played for almost all assembly programs and pep meetings. A very excellent program was presented for Veterans' Day. Cornets and Trumpets: T. C. Croft, Bobby Dixon, Robert Howell, Carl Mobley, Boy jones, Burnell Hallman. Bay NVint-gard, Edwin Hill, Bobby Broadway, Ernest Oxendine, Ann Hoelc, Nlike Gauthier, Charles Kennedy, Robert Grumbles, Boykin Hornsby, Vernon Turner, 'l'ommy Gamble. French Horns: jimmy Carson, Mickey Carter, Sally Pritchard, Freddie Heppding. Tronzbones: Bobby Brown, Damon Player. Dean Capper, jerry Killen, Bubba Campbell, jerry jones, Barbara james, jerry Lucas. Burifones-.' Bill Chada, David Hill, Bay Boykin. Bu.s'.s'e.s: Bobby Lewis, Courtney Ray, jolm Tindal, Gene Moore. Tylnpuni: Sandra Harris. Prfrezrszsion: Tony Stokes. Daxid Nlims, Layon Stokes. Bells and Clzimes: Helen Grumbles. President: Bobby Lewis. Property Manager: Bobby Brown. Liilfllfillll-BJ Nancy Cooper, Patty Gauthier, judy Kennedy, Nan Myers, Saundra Sheridan. P1 ,..' 5 COLOR GUARD! judy Kennedy, Nan Myers, Saundra Sheridan Patty Gauthier, Nancy Cooper. , " 5 it? Q e7f'J, Xie! 2435, tx , 5 'C.'A V .gg ' n ' Q iraq :I 5 lisp! .1 vm - 5 Y!! 'Ilan 10' A 'E'-Pits fi, N 9 ' Q C' 4 'S 'Sw - ax 7 Q. 'F fix Q X-'il 8' OGN4 M av I ' ins ,Q li I d ig X Of I , 3 T' If . 1' - ,I Q' A1 ff 7, '9 -. Y, file cs. J! ,.... in Outstanding Band Members Acquire Fame FRANCES WEATHERLY, Flute NAT ROOF, Oboe HARVEY ACKERMAN, Solo Clarinet PERRY MOSES, First Clarinet ALFRED DANTLLER, First Clarinet BOB YATES, Alto Clarinet GLORIA VVITIIERSPOON, Bass Clarinet NJYRA BOYRIN, Contra-Bass Clarinet LINDA WARD, Alto Saxophone JERRY JACKSON, Tenor Saxophone T. C. CROET, Solo Cornet BOBBY DIXON, First Cornet ROBERT HOWELL, First Comet MICKEY CARTER, Solo Hom JIMMY CARSON, First Horn BOBBY BROWN, Trombone WILLIAM CI-IADA, Baritone BOBBY LEWIS, Bass TONY S'roxEs, Percussion SANDRA HARRIS, Tympani MR. Bxu. Ionmm Director 1 : Q -v ' .i ' ' C. . ., A ii Q t, i fi E - fi .. Q SENIOR CHORUS MEMBERS. Front Row, Left to Right: Dot Crowley, Judy Goodson, Rita Pink, Josefa Millard, Jonnie Sue Stone. Second Row: Bettie Moseley, Martha Dabbs, Jimmy Seaburg, Ken Beck, Jayne DuBose, Billie Henderson. Third Row: Sammy O,Neil, Damon Player, Robert Burress. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Madeline McMasters. CHORUS . . . Songsiers Enioy Improving Their Talent The Edmunds Hi h School Chorus during the school year presented Thanisgiving, Christmas, and Spring Con- certs and participated in a variety show with the band. The sextette composed of Jane Southwell, Roland Nettles, Billie Henderson, Harriet Dwight, Jonnie Sue Stone, and Josefa Millard, and soloists Billie Henderson and. Mack Windham attended the District Music Contest in March and all received high ratings. Chorus accompanists were Becky Jones, Elizabeth Hamilton, and Madeline McMasters. CHORUS. First Row, Left to Right: Judy Yopp, Dot Crowley, Gloria Kennedy, Wanda Parks, Jennie Linn McLaurin, Jimmy Seaburg, Jimmy Strange, Judy Goodson, Josie Spradley, Rita Pink, Josefa Millard, Gloria Guess, Jonnie Sue Stone, Alice Bryan. Second Row: Roland Nettles, Edna Suber, Pe gy Brogdon, Marie Ellis, Patty Clair, Liz Hamilton, Mac Windham, John McDaniel, Robert Barwick, Jane Southwell, Rachel McCask5l, Nancy Locklair, Martha Dabbs, Jayne DuBose, Dottie Suber, Sibb Murrell. Third Row: Bettie Moseley, Harriet Dwight, Judy Yondell, Bo Taylor, Parker Gibson, Ken Beck, Becky Jones, Patricia Halllman, Billie Henderson. Fourth Row: Sammy O'Neil, Merrill VVarner, Damon Player, David Jones, Robert Burress. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Madeline McMasters. 5 hletics Athletes' Treads Show Paths to Spirit and Good Sportsmanship i- in A f' A 2'-ZZ: fi' 'Q' we ar. 'ii LVM' ---4--2 -svaqih CAI TAINS AND COACHES Left to Right MR JACK SUMMERS head coach PAT MARSHALL to-captam LARRY KIRVEN captam Mn. XIRCIL Ronmzv Ime coach Football has always been a b1g part of hfe at Edmunds H1gh School Bemg one of the 1nost popular sports not only at Edmunds but acloss the natxon football succeeds IH arouslng 1nte1est Splflt 6l'lthllS1 asm and lllgll morale 1n the school p1obablv mo1e so than my othe1 sport Not only does football pxoude 1 form of 1ec1eat1on for Gamecock fans It also teaches the players themselves lessons that can not be learned 111 a classroom By par tlupatxng the pl uers le 1111 the t1ue meanmg of SpOltS mansh1p ind how to wollt xuth 0fh6lS as a team The pr1ct1ce of these lessons 111 ltter hfe tends to make of them bette1 CIUZCIIS and consequently a gleater Amerlca The HI XVAYS st aff hopes that partlclpatxon 111 thls and othel SpOltS w1ll 1llClC"lS8 111 the flltllle not only 111 0rde1 that Edmunds shall have the best teams posslble but also that mo1e young men Wlll leave Edmunds wlth the 1b1l1ty to become useful c1t1ze-ns ID tl1e1r communlty and natlon Football has had .1 glor1ous past at Edmunds alld Wlth full part1c1pat1or1 1tS future looks brlght FOOTBALL Builder of Better N1ANAcERs ron 'rr-nz 1957 58 SEASON, Left to Rfght Tommy james, Dxclc Edmunds, Tommy Smgletary 78 Ill . lf A I it :I 1 A I' 1 i gs gi. K f A 1:1 - A - 'Z eg Q 1:1 I 1 Q A 1, . I S . ,. ' . R lx A .,,Af1fv3e-W' " A x A . A. L L. wiggle af. . ' 5 1.. 1 ,. H4-an - ew- I rw f . ' '- 1 ff f - .rt . G f fi- ' 1 My lf- .. 1 si 'if flieefq it-"' - 4 iw . --", , a 4' , ' ' . 1: L-'Arm vs ff., ... - fr ., ,.' - - 1.,..i:,4r, , +A. 5 H- .. wa-ff.: 1:2 ei H 'N "",xf' .u - -g.t ' ."'g "'.' 4 ' ' - 'f .' 9 1 . ---- . - . -f 1,-,- . ' -N 'N 'Eta-' -,- . a. 1 " , i -. J . ..- 1 4 Q -.mr , . ,.. . 4.-te - " "' - . , ' - '2. ' '.--'+V '-if ' ' - "' . . -4.1, a 1 '- .Q 44 W.-.X-- v- ' 1 . -- -hat . W ' .,.' yn, '.f' -. . "'- I -A "A A ' ' an 'vw' . '1,'K.-Q., A .. - A -. was f . -......t.-. 5. ,- - , t 1- . : --,K - 61... I -s- -v. , . . ,, ' - - ,' , -.449 e.....0-' Q " ,D-f. .,, Q- -,' ,V . ,I D. A . .Nl L. 5 -. 1 - Ax: I V V Y w , - , . ' . ' . ' . I . , , A J 1 1 J 7 . , . . . Q ' 9 7 c ' L , - I o 0 a l 1 1 2 9 I '- . Q , 1 f 1 , I 1. c . L . , 2 . ,. Q 1 ' 1 C s 7 - o n n n d . . . y 1 . - - - - 1. , L 1 L c . Q . . , . , l i . 2 . ' c , , L I L . . - 2 . . . . . I . 5 . L ' c , 2 R g . . . C 1 1 in or -..., 4, 1 B X E ...n y Ur! K v V Q 0 '1 fs A' wx. 5, ,fx 1 4, fx: I. in 'I w S s 'J 5 ri 6 First Row, L t Right: Emery McElveen, john McDaniel, Jimbo Strange, Lonnie Caughman, L. W. Jennings, Bill Tomlinson, Robert Snowden, jan WVarner, Adair McKoy. Second Row: T. VV. XVindham, Steve Glasscock, Bill james, Claude Cooper, I-larry Harris, Frank Dagley, Rudolph Singleton, johnny Britton, jimmy Lowder, Clarence Miles. Tl1irclHouf: Johnny NVatt, Charles Cnttino, David jones, Billy james, Damon Player, Pat Marshall, joe Cannarella, Harold Huck, Larry Kirven. Fourth Row: Coach Jack Summers, Leon Barwick, Charles Brownlee, Sha Gaillard, Byard McEwen, Ashley Tisdale, Kenneth Russell, Donnie McKinnon, Coach Virgil Roddey. Citizens and a Greater America THE GAMECOCKS .. .Outstanding Players Show Ability With only eleven returning lettermen, the Gamecocks had a rough season. However, with the experience gained, along with the expert coaching of Nlr. jack Summers and Nlr. Virgil Roddy, next year promises to he much hetter. The Gamecocks were ably served by Tommy James, Dick Edmunds, and Tommy Singletary as managers this vear. The Gamecocks' representative on the South Carolina All-Star team this year was Guard Rudolph Singleton, who also Won the Best-Lineman-of-the-Year trophy. Other trophy winners were: Harold Hock, XVFIG Most Outstanding Player of the Year, jimmy Lowder, Best Back of the Year, and Pat Marshall, Best Sportsman. Larry Kirven. the captain, showed exceptional per- formance as did Frank Dagley, Harry Harris. Claude Cooper. and Kenneth Russell, while jimho Strange, L. XV. Jennings, T. XV. XVindham, joe Cannarella, and Steve Glasscock exhibited very promising ability. 'Q Wea Lsou Buxwxcz Lum? KIRVEN Captam Hmom Hocx Sensor TV 'US 1" CLAUDE Coorm W gn. ,Q ft X 1 E' W HARRY I-hams " - , ,ff ,aiu 4 J FRANK DAGLEY P I a y e r s 152' RUDULP11 SINGLEION South Carolina All-Star Team ,J 1,4 'fb l 1 4 KENN1-:Tu Russuu. JIINIIKIY Lowmsu . 'VN 13, I T. 1' 59 X PAT NfARSHALL Co-Captain D.-Xhl0N PLAYHQ '57 - '58 Season The Gamecocks found themselves outweighed and outexperienced by all opponents this season. With a light and inexperienced team, the Gamecocks braced up to face seven of the stateis top ten teams, plus three other stiH rivals. The first game of the season was a hard-lost 6 to 0 defeat for the Birds at the hands of the Camden Bull- dogs. The nip and tuck battle threatened to end in a tie. but a completed Bulldog pass late in the game set up the only score of the contest for Camden. This first defeat appeared to have put a jinx on Sumter as it was followed with a scoreless four-game losing streak. Columbia defeated the Birds 1:2 to 0, Brookland- Cayce 27 to 0, Dreher 27 to 03 and Darlington ended with a 27 to 0 victory also. In the following game against Orangeburg, Sumter scored their first touchdown of the season. It was to no avail, however, as Orangeburg racked up 47 points of their own. The remaining four games proved disappointing as the Birds lost in succession to Greenwood 27 to 0, to Cooper River 27 to 6g to St. Andrews 26 to 2, and to Florence 34 to 0. Ironically, it rained on the last game of the season, fully expressing the feeling of the Gamecocks after a winless season. NVith the experience gained, however, the Gamecocks are determined to make next year's season end with a different picture. Team Gains Valuable Experience A dreary night . . . a dreary outlook. The Gamecocks try again for another gain ls he going to make it? Junior Varsity Head Coach for the 1957-58 season was Mr. Pete Brown, above. He was assisted by Mr. Dick Cole. Junior Varsity Football.. The junior Varsity football team also witnessed a dark and dismal season. Losing a hard-fought contest to Orangeburg 7 to 6, the junior Birds went on to lose disastrously to Columbia 56 to 0, to Dreher 49 to 0, and to Mayewood 25 to 0. By no means did the varsity have a monopoly on losing games. Although they won no games, the team gained valu- able experience and instruction under the able coaching of Mr. Pete Brown, assisted by Mr. Dick Cole. Both men Future Gamecocks Trained have played many years of football from high school on through the professional phase. The advice and coaching of these two men along with the actual experience of playing in contests will make of the participants seasoned players capable of giving a good account of themselves in any contest. If this year's players go on to become varsity players in the future, the junior Varsity program here at Edmunds will have served its purpose. jUN1o1t VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM. First Row, Left to Right: Bow Shaw, jimmy Fogle, Byard McEwen, Don Blanding, john Godbey, Henry Green. Second Row: C. B. Edens, Bob Sharp, Billy james, Billy Conway, joe Parnell, Jerry Jackson. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Wes Campbell, Bobby DuBose, Gerald Harrington, jackie Holladay, David jones, Shelby Merritt, Buddy Smith, johnny Watts. I 'if 63 Sumtei Highs Homecoming wis originally scheduled fO1 Nov 1 1957 with North Chaileston but bccause of unlvoidable circumstances the game was iescheduled with the Florence Yellow jackets on Nov 22 On the eve of the big game the sponsois ind then dates were entertained at a tea given by the student council On the following afternoon the entire student enteied 1 float in the pfuade and the sophomo e class walked away with top honors in this competition Homecoming Queen and Sponsors Add Beauty to Feshvlhes JUDY AUSTIN H omecommg Queen Later in the evenmg unfortunately ram dampened the spirits of many and the crowning ceremonies were postponed because of the weather conditions However on Dec 3 1957 Judy Austin was ciowned by Io Fidlei as Homecoming ueen in the presence of all the sponsors at the opening game of the basketball season The chief difference between this Homecoming and time closed one sports season and opened another KAY MCCOY ANN Hocx JANE DUBOSE Barry OWENS for LARRY KIRVEN for PAT MARSHAL for DICK EDMUNDS for TOMMY IONES 43,6 N1 0 - vi , a . Q 4 A Q x Q . . l 1 . . body participated in a pep parade and rally. Each class the previous ones was that this year's event, for the first - 1 . ' . " , ' 1' ' , '. 4 p re- it :N . , tiff?" ' l I ATRICIA MCCRARY or DOT CROWLEY or FIUDOLPI-I SINGLETON DAMON PLAYER ALICE BRYAN or LEON BARWICK SARA DUBOSE or KENNETH RUSSELL BETTIE NIOSELEY for IILIBIY LOWDER ENIILY BLANDXNG for HARRY HARRIS . I. PALLINE CANNARELLA For Block S Club Represented by NIIKE TOWERY HELEN EDMUNDS for KEN BECK I '1 11 85 NiAR'rIIA DABBS or FRANK DAGLEY BEVERLY JONES or CLAUDE Cool ER JONNIE SUE STONE for HAROLD Hocx MARTHA DABI-as BETFIE MOSELY DIANE PLAYER IoNNm SUI: STONE Cheerleaders JIMMY Pnrrcr-IARD Uny AUSTIN X h Y- ,V , 2 J ' V V X ' X.- KEN BECK ALICE BRYAN ' SISSY' CIIII-'FIN GERALD HAnIuNc'roN 5 U Il TCQ 'wcocki The 1957-58 Gamecocks were managed by Harry Harris and coached by Mr Charles Hodgin, above. Gamecocks Have Thrilling Basketball Season. The 1957-58 edition of the basketball Gamecocks pro- vided the indoor sport with exciting action this season. Whether winning or losing, the boys fought hard all the way and made good impressions wherever they played. Starting slowly in December, the Birds dropped two of their first three games. Then, after a two-week layoff for Christmas holidays, they picked up a full head of steam, capturing the consolation trophy in the Florence Holiday Tournament january 2, 3, and 4. In the tourna- ment, Sumter opened with a loss to an old nemesis, Rock Hill. The Birds bounced back quickly with 70-27 and 65- 56 victories over Berkeley and Georgetown, respectively. These last two wins in the Holiday Tournament started the Gamecocks on a five-game winning streak with an exciting 39-37 victory over upper-state power Anderson included. This streak was broken by the Carlisle Academy Bulldogs in Bamberg, january 18. The Gamecocks hustled through the last nine games for a 5-4 record including three straight wins to close out the regular season. Highlight of the action of the schedule was Mike Toweryis breaking of the school scoring record with 80 points against Timmonsville. The total 12-9 regular season record eamed the Birds a seeded spot in the Lower-State Tournament. 1957-58 GAMECOCKS. First Row, Left to Right: Harold Hock, Kenneth Russell, Claude Cooper, Frank Dagley, Mike Towery. Second Row: Gene YVeatherly, Sha Gaillard, Howard jones, George NVilliams, Shelby Merritt. 4 'f-45-M- f."'?r " ' it .I X- if I H f -li.. A . X x ll pr I l,.wH -' 'frm ,A ww. x. rm inf? 'V-JN 4 6 ag Z 'dnl 1 12 aan ll , junior Varsity players for the 1957-58 season were, left to right: Sha Caillard, Wayne Corbett, David Marshall, Ioe Cannarella Byard McEwen. This year's junior Varsity came through with a fine record of 12 wins and 4 losses. Composed mostly of sophomores, it should provide the back- bone of good Sumter teams for the next two years. Main scorers were Guard Buddy Smith and Center Joe Cannarella. Both showed enough skill to enter some varsity contests. Sha Caillard also showed exceptional skill. I S The turnout for tennis was better this year than last and an active season was scheduled, including two matches each with Darlington, Florence, Dreher, Bishopville, and one with Belton. Two of the eleven members on the team were girls, proving that girls are beginning to take an active part in sports at Edmunds. First Row, Left to Right: Bow Shaw, Tom Bowen, Tommy James, and Harry Harris. Second Row: Wayne Iemigan, Roland Nettles, Coach Charles Hodgins, Alice Bryan, and Howard Jones. gl Tl' , GB K' ' fiwnecoei 3 H-dxf 7 UH lzp f ' K g J. -f Vlxslfl. . ,- .. V A, ft First Row, Left to Right: jan Wamer, Don Blanding, jackie Holliday, jimmy Smith, Mack Holliday. Second Row: Carl Mobley Lonnie Caughman, Harvey Sims, Bob Sharp, Albert Tmesdale, Coach Virgil Roddey. Third Row: Sha Gaillard, Henry Green, Larry Kirven, Damon Player, Billy james, Charles Cuttino. Track Golf Left to night: A large turnout was witnessed this year including some junior High members. Meets were scheduled with Florence and Dreher, along with some held in Sumter for the benefit of Gamecock fans. The Gamecocks entered the state meet later in the season. Such participation shows that track is well on its way to becoming one of the major sports at Edmunds. This yearls team was coached by Mr. Virgil Roddy. Two of the seven members on the golf team this year were girls. They took an active part in the eight contests with Dreher, Florence, Georgetown, and Camden. This sport is becoming increasingly popular here at Edmunds. Mr. William jordan is the faculty adviser, while Mr. Ed Riccoboni will provide the professional coaching. Leon Barwick, Roger Roy, Bettie Moseley, Henry Bryan, Iobie Dixon, David Hill, Betty Owens. ,ix N A238 Mn. JACK Suxurans Coach BASEBALL . . . Bright Season As spring approached, baseball commanded the sports' spotlight. This year's Gamecocks provided a thrilling and very exciting season for their fans. NVith seven returning lettermen, the Gamecocks had the necessary ability and experience. The regular season opened April 1 with a game against Columbia. Sixteen games were played in all, eight of them home games. Two each were played against PAT MARSHALL Manager For The Birds Columbia, Dreher, Brookland-Cayce, Conway, Camden, and Florenceg while four were played against North Charleston. Under the guidance and coaching of Mr. jack Sum- mers. the season was a very favorable one for Gamecock fans. The team was aided by manager Pat Marshall and bat boy Mac Summers. 1957-58 BASEBALL TEATNI. First Row, Left to Right: I. B. Bradley, Jimbo Strange, Bobby Broadway, Mac Summers, A. I. Haley, Clarence Miles, Robert Maulden. Second Row: T. C. Croft, David NVinter, Gene NVeatherly, Bo Taylor, Claude Cooper, Larry Nesbitt Woody Baird. Third Row: Ben Holladay, Norman Barwick, Ioe Cannarella, NVoody Brown, Wayne Morris, jerry Hatfield. QL QE . , - GENE WEATHEELY Woonv BROWN L min fm WAYNE Monms ...-f Semor Players 7' 10 XW' LARRY NESBITT BEN HOLLIDAY BOBBY BHOADVVAY ,Z DAVID WINTER X' CLAUDE COOPER L Nomf.-xN Bmxwxcx Front Row: Left to Right: Frank Dagley, vice-president, Bo Ta lor, Rudolph Singleton. Secondy Row: Harry Harris ser- geant at arms, Ie Hatfield, treasurer, Pat Marrsllliall, presi- de1lt'T S' lt .Th'd , ommy inge ary ir Row: Howard jones, Kenneth Russell, reporter, Mike Toweryg Mr. Jack Summers, sponsor. BLOCK HS" Club... Prompts Participation in Athletics The Block "Sv Club, composed of letter winners in school-sponsored athletics, has for its purpose the foster- ing of good sportsmanship and spirit in the school. The club accomplishes this by publishing their objec- tives in various ways. Each year it presents a trophy to The Girls, Physical Education Department in the past two years has not enrolled as many students as in the previous years, the reason being that the ninth grade has been removed from Edmunds, as the ninth grade girls are required to participate in physical education, they now receive this unit in junior high school. the outstanding basketball player of the year and elects a beauty as club s onsor. Also this year the club presented a movie on school spirit to the student body and as a fund-raisin project paesented a talent show. Mr. jack Summers is tie club's a viser. Although, the classes have been cut, the activity re- mains lively. The girls learn true sportsmanship and enjoy a schedule of indoor and outdoor sports throughout the year. GIRLS . . . Learn Sportsmanship Front Row, Left to Rczght: Marie Hendricks, Peggy H ge, Beverly Wilson, Ioy Allen, Leila Griflin. Second Row: Alice johnson, Alyce Ratliff, Sandra Brogdon, Vivian Britt. Third Row: Ruby Crocker, Jeanne Mitchell, Iessie Newman, Doris Strange, Mary Alice Smith. Absent: Janet Wilkerson, in Athletic Program ea ures a OPortray Tracks of Fame and Beauty at Edmunds High School ff' W.:?L:1',.f 5 -fm f , A Vwuvwh' , ,, K - Boys' State CALHOUN CVJNNINGI-IAM HOWARD JONES TOM Bowl-:N At Edmunds ef' ,df , inf ' 1 ' .t e I Outstanding I 5 .'f vylixfx' A 'J 1,1 Key Club Sweetheart 5 ef ' kljiffy . SANDRA HARRIS I, V -' sci' ' yr Kmg Teen CALHOUN CUNNINGHAM t we Q i WJ if 55" Y t,"TQ f Riff xt X c x Ury .BIN M5 Jh Q. QW ,gli ' 1 viii ' N 'Li' ASJMC -N fyqx' ii Amwlcan Leg'fX'fi,31?f0r'C"I Contest Sets New Basketball Scoring Record xi -1 T ' Domus :XICKENZIE Ihh on ERY Voice of Democracy Contest XVinner ANITA ROSEFIELD These Also Won Recognition High Magazine Salesmen First Row: BETSY SNYDER, high salesmang Ni.-XDELINE MCMAST uns. Second Row: NIARILYN JAYHOE, BETTY OWENS, JUDY AUSTIN, IXIARY CATHAHINLQ Simw. Absent VVhcn Picture YVa.s Taken: PA ULINE CANNARELLA, second high salesman. 'Vx ,I Best Back of Year JIINIIKJY LOYVDER :X r QQ 2 ARM WF IG Most Outstandmg Player of the Year HAROLD Hocx These Are Proud of Their Trophles Kew 4. Spgrtsmgnshlp Tfgphy B631 Linefnllfl of the Yedf PAT MARSHALL RUDOLPH SINGLETON nigga, 325553 XX ll 5 s. . S3 .wk gi """""Hauf W S, 1' "This is work? . . . Set Committee Making the Background. Something must be hilarious about make up. Here that committee goes to work. Junior Miss , Is 1958 Class Production Climactic Action . . . Uncle Willis QBobby DeBerryJ "And when you say, 'I do,' I promise to and Ellen fPauline Cannarellal have fallen in love! jump right through the window," screams Harry fRoger Royl to his younger daughter, U mic Indy CAnita Roseiieldl. So this is why they miss their cues . . . Caught Studying . Between Acts. l iii 5 I is -32 ffjirf A tUa U as wig, 4 K wi- G4 sv- 'hs wine!" Q S-ai' -r""'7 B... g"'?1p..,,,, Miss HI Ways WM vague locale!! I, ff f! if I f N, 5 W - , .,"A 2 K, K1 MHZ' . is 2:1 55, L , I ' ' sg A nf , 49. ,f R: za.,.,,f, yoned Alle 6 Senior Beauties f Jayne 315052 N1 ADD, 1-1--'Y' W J 'ip my jane .jvlarrid 3 . .:, Miss Sophomore WMM Jaffa grzmn Miss Junior WM JG, WCCQ, sal' May Day , 'fl QQ W V A S 2 Q jucly .xduafin QUEEN 1. Q 5 Q A , 1 S ., ,ilowarcl JUNE! KING The Court 9 1 if i L 2 ' " 5 rf' X ' I K BEVERLY JONES CALHOUN CUNNINGHAM JAYNE DUBQSE VICI-OR BARWICK 37 'V x 2 . It ' , . A . W A ? W J A Senior Attendants PAULINE CANNARELLA Honor Attendant CLAUDE COOPEB Honor Attendant li BETTIE NIOSELEY LARRY KLRVEN JANE HARRIS FRANK DAGLEY I . V9 T I ., f 71 A X Q1 , . J I l H A ' A t A xt ""ms3g7L , ,h , of r-wf' ' 0 ffw',I" 1 W J' Q. fy-ff WWW '37 ' ff 1 rf' t::J'Q5i'AkQ 1 new 'IA Myulyfy A 1' pit, yf .ff J I I , . ,' P A, nw ,,v,ff",' ytkrt " ! ,. ,A 2 , I I .I Wm JULIE KIRVEN 4 . ' SAMMY PRINGLE -ff , I-Q ,, , Q .f - J ,J E ifdi IENNIE LINN MCLAURIN ASHLEY TISDALE .T 5 A . f xx X ' I N AN MYERS MIKE TOWERY KAY McCoY WooDY BAIBD ANN Hocx DoN BLANDING f?w..'7fE . ,, .TIS Junior and Sophomore Attendants ALICE BRYAN SHA GAILLARD F' .fx x' . , Y LEILA GRIFFIN JOY ALLEN JOE CANNARELLA JIMMY Focus 36 F In conc1us1on of our 1958 H1 WAYS vse W1Sh to express our fnpprecmtlon to 111 those who so W1111Hg1y gave tune 1dv1ce and 11e1p 111 'my vs 'lv posslble IH order to mike our book 1 eomplc tt 11 cord of th1S yeflr of ou1 11ves at Edmunds Hlgh School twrxone who worked hewond the call of dutv go our t11 mks As we follow o11r sepsmmte pflths 1nto t11e future th1s an 111111 11111 keep us '11w1vs together 111 our treasure house of 111e111or1es II2 . - V . ' 9 'z 2 2 'e ' ' . ' ' To t11e faculty, student body, Mr. and Mrs. Crowson and X v 7 I 7 if I V 3, z . . si 72 L L A 1 . , . - 1 " , . 1 . ' vertisements Ed d High Sch I nh Q What I want arg Coke Wgsxw GPOZILG C060 Cofa E SUMTER SOUTH CAROLINA H4 SHAW LUMBER COMPANY A Good Llne Of Bulldlnq Mcxtencxls + + + HORNE MOTOR SALES YOUR AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER FORD CARS 0 FORD TRUCKS 0 USED CARS Dedzcated to Servmg the Motormg Publzc 16 N SUMTER ST PHONE SP 5 1235 SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA PHONE SP 3-7301 SUNI PER AND DINGLE SIS 5 SUMTER DAIRIES, INC. DRINK GOOD MILK for Good Health .326 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 3-3355 Your O n L0 al Dazry STUBBS BROTHERS, INC Ozatfttezs to Illen for Half a Centwy CLOTHIING 0 FURINISHIINGS HATS AIND SHOES Sl Nlllli SOI III L XROLIN X ff zu C Y' JJ 10 S. H3813 Sl.. PHONE SP 3-2463 THE SUMTER DRY C GODS C OMPANY Sumter Owned 0 Sumtev Operated 0 Sumtev Managed READY TO WEAR 0 CHILDREN S WEAR ACCESSORIES 0 NOTIONS 0 DRAPERIES LINENS AND DOMESTICS 1 S MAIN ST TELEPHOINE 1206 GODIBJEY BROTHERS TOM'S Peanut Butter Sandwiches Potato Chips Peanuts Candy -'I D - A1 A1 A .3 , , L. J - "YOUR QUALITY STORE SINCE 1895" . . I 5- 'FE in Wi THE TIO AL BAN OF SOUTH CAROLINA MEMBER ol-' FED1-zuixx. IJl'lI'0Sl'l' IXSI'R.XXf'l'f CORPOIKATION RIEMBER 01-' FEDERAL REsERvE QYSTEM HARRY E. W ILKIBSOX JR. President ALL DEPOSITS FULLY INSURED UP TO S10 000 00 Sumters Home Town Bank Smce 1905 Complete Banlzng Suzzcf L ndel One Roof FOR THE CORRECT Tuff AxyT1w1E D KI SP J 1? 1 THE SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK SL NI IER SOL 'I H LAROLIIN A Ilember Federal Depobzt Inaurance Corporatzon Three Loccmons For Convement Bankmg MAIN STREET BROAD STREET lDr1ve In! SHAW AIR FORCE BASE NI VS EDR ARDE Vzce Preszdent 'Nluuxx D TRXPP laszsfunt I71C6PT861dEllI TY O SPENCER lsszlstunt Cashzer ALL DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO 510000 00 H9 Y Yi A 9 1 , . I I xl V n all V 1 I X A , , A 3- X' - '- L , 4"- 1.5 - - - R I1 W T Y 1 9 ,Member Federal Reserve System 1 7 'I ' I . , , , V , . - . . . . - , , . . . , .A ' ' 7 - " Y u v 1 , ', I '7 . . . , .' 1 , . THE SEVEN UP BOTTLINC CO. Bottlers of SEVEN -UP The All 17'fL7IIfl'lj Fresh-Up Drink AND BIRELEY'S Refreshing and No Carbonation BROAD STREE'1 SUMTER S C D K MOBLEY Battenes Starter Generator ' Magneto Sales Senzce PHONE SP 3 268 6 YV CANAL STREET CLEM BRYAN H xBL1mxs111:Rx T XII ORING B flu 111115 U 1111 for llmsc H7110 Cale HALLMAN S GARAGE General Repcurmg Ur Spcfmlzz III Untm RIIIIIIIIIIIIQ Iulaolzng and In! 1 Iltllllllilfllllllllg 11 CHILXXI S1111 L1 IHONL SP 390-L3 I2O 4 w , . . O -' -' T ' . . .T r N g E ' Y . 1 . Av rf C ,I A 7 J.. 7, ' I I fy il, 'JJ 28 NORTH MAIN ST. SVMTER, S. C. 7 7, , .' '-. , ' A . , ' ' I , '. , , , ' i . . . v wvvi ws gjrx 3 A'1 -V, MEN'S AND CHILDREN'S WEAR I. H. SEALE 6- SON Distributor The Gold Shvv ESOTANE LP GAS 26 SOUTH MAIN STREET HoUsEn STREET PHONE 3-7353 SUMTER, S. C. COLE'S RESTAURANT JOHNSON? and 1'IYE ARTS IY CLEAYING AYD DRIVE-IN ' A L L LAUNDERING AIR CONDITIONED CORNER DUGAN ,xxn SUMTER Open 7:00 A. M. to 12:00 P. M. Every Day BROAD STREET EXT. PHONE SP 3-2323 PHONE SP 347513 SUMTEIM S- C- EPPERSON'S GROCERY Features FROZEN FOODS ' DIEATS GROCERIES PHONE 3-3385 Free Delivery 308 BROAD ST. RADIO STATION W F I G Incorporated 9 "Your Illutual Friend at 1290" 1 ,000 VVATTS EVANS MOTOR COURT AND RESTAURANT TOO? Am CONDITIONED "The One-Stop Service for Tourists" BIEALS AND S4-XNDTTYICHES TELEPHONES 6:00 A. M. TO 12:00 P. BI. TELEVISION "Thr Gnmrroclrs Arr .Allzfvzys Welcome" N. NIAIN EXT. U. 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Sumters Oldest Shoe Store Z2 S MAIIN ST PHONE 3 89411 SUMTLIR SOD IH CAROLINA FRANK S RESTAURANT Famous fol Good Food STEAKS SLAI OOD CHICRLIN Au' QOIICIIEIOHCCI 1 11X 'ate D1 x111 1 Room fol Paltles PHONE SP 3 6033 01: 3 I 35 SUNITER S C GOODWIN BUICK COMPANY Whatevez Yom P1166 Range Bsttel Buy Buzcls SLNIII R SOI III I XROLIN X I23 7 I L 1 4' O N 7 3 Y . , . . .5-6 J -. vt . . U' . i ' . 5 , -' ' - ' ' -'S - 'T I , . . , INC. 2124214 VV. LIBEIITY ST. 'I'l'1I.l'fl'I1ONI'1S 3-9331 ANU 3-3139 ff Q ' AJ! PHONE 3-3129 ROGERS RADIATOR WORKS Sales-ENGINE COOLING RADIATORS-Service 426 E. LIBERTY ST. SUMTER, S. C FORT ROOFING AND SHEET METAL WORKS Roofmg Heatlng and Sheet Metal Fctbnccrtors Sl p f 1+ xx OAKLAND ML TELEPHONE SP 3 9391 DIAL SP 3 3349 SUNITER SUMTER LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS VEL TONE COURTRICHT CHEVROLET COMPANY XCHEVROLETX The Most Beautzful Buy Of All CHEVROI ET CARS AND FRUCKS B g R Jlf tCo1ui1zglt NLXI 101051 OIIICL 2 . . . I zo a." '. ,' , ' .' - - ' L T , C. ...J 1 4. 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'MIL READX TO WEAR ATND ACCESSORIES Look to R I elle jo: the Best Look of Your Lzfe FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION A Good Plcxce For Your Savings 109 NORTH MAIN STREET I2 J f . . T J - . .x I A9 - I . . . L I Q u' ,7 I cr i Iu- f ' ' 1 ' .U CLAYTON LOWDER S bUP14RNIMXRKIn1 0 FSSO S FATION lmo m s111LL1 1 XT1 XSIOX XX IIS SPIND NIORF7 SIIOI' PIENNIEY S I ou ll Ina Bain 101111 bac f CALLOWAY AND MOSELEY Qualzty J ewelel s 1.50 SODIII NIXIX S1R13LT SlLIIlf6I .S Oldeat and Fmest BIG JIMS DRIVE IN BROAD STREET Meals on H heels PHONE 3 9288 l27 7 rr! V . w M' JJ N- ' L f W T if W Y Y 4 1 A 4 4 L K I - Q - Y' Y' N 1 ' r. A4 A 1. fQL'Al.I'1'Y Fun fQL'AI.I'l'Y YOU CANJT BUY BETTER! 9 Y J ' 7 J V , 'H ' fr, u,i 0 . Y HENRY P. MOSES CO. Insurance 0 Real Estate 0 Property Management OPPOSITE Posr OFFICE PHONE 3 7341 CROSSWELL 81 COMPANY INC Ufholesale GROCERIES AND HARDXVARE SUMTLR SOLTH CAROLINA CASTLETON CHINA 0 ROSENI II XL CHINA 0 YVLDGEH OOD CHINA HOPE S JEWELERS Autlzorz ed Agents FOR GORH XM TON I 1- I R XXIX SN1I'1H XYD IxIRIx ART CARI FD DI YNIUN DS IOS'l ORI X L RX STAI 112 S MAIN ST lHOXh SI '3 9232 YOUNG S MARKET MEATS 0 PRODUCE GROCERIES INORTH NI XIIN SFHI I 'I M XNNING -U LNUE 128 Y 1 L' - IW I . N Y A . - . v 1 , ' I V . V - , v I I i I . 7 , ,'N N v Q 1 Y V w - V I , ,I 1. ' 1 I I , 1 I STERLING SILVER ' 1 T 4 4 I Iv S . 'H I 1 1 X Y V A ' I I N J 6 1 in - 4 l'l 9 I ' ,I ' ' ii' I'?.I HUGHES TIRE SERVICE RILEY 6 COMPANY Goodyear And General Electrlc Dealer Insurance 0 Real Estate 0 Rents 110 112 NORTH MAIN STREET SUMTER S C 120 lN SUMTE11 ST PHONE SP 3 3364 ELDRIDGE INSURANCE REALTY CO SUGG S ESSO STATION Dependable S erwce ON CONXENILLCE CORNER 301 N IVIAIN PHONE 3 3237 PHONE SP 3 3500 U E599 1 IAM ES, INC Young Men s Styles By Varslty Town and Gniion SUMTER S SHOPPING CENTER FOR MEN AND BOYS Outfitters For The Well Dressed Man 115 N MAIIN ST SUMTER S C I29 ll I ll T T u 0 - , . . 0 I . 7 T ' Y W T 1 1 . .Iv " ' T542aTG'3JA-4 . 4 Z- L ' :.' it ' " j ' Aww: wuspxnx , Y A L : GSEUS ' ltmguqmmu 1 - . ,, ,W , , . , time gnfsww U - , , wmv :neu - V 7 um Hymns - -- 1 O. whims illiflp, ' - ' 4' - 2131- X-f - ' -Hffffugimf . 2.2 I . ., , . jj7?'K,f,fuLg'i a . Q vw - f,.fv.w. 'wsnuf .M . , fmt? uwxlu 1 - my - A 3 ii!-Nnsllikilx. ' ' H ' v WMA "M-' ' ' ., 1 . .1. , S, ,, . Q ,S View A t f E . L Q fl ' I as g ,T if I n . 7 ff J! T . . , . - NU-IDEA SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY SUMTIZR, S. C. CONIPI LTI IIXI OI' CHLRCH -VND SUNDAY Si IIOOI 1 I RNITL RL Fvfnblzvlzed 1891 CCKER FREIGHT LINES INC P O Box 1023 S1 NITI c S C PHOLE SP 5 1805 BOYLE MOTOR COMPANY I 0111 I IIFIIKUU Dealer OLDSMOBILE AND CADILLAC CARS balm and buuca 370 N RI xxx gl PHONE SP 3 33944 SL N1 ru: S C OSTEEN DAVIS SLNIILRS ONLY LUN11 Ll 11 P11010 SIORE AGENTS FOR REMINGTON RAND TYPEWRITERS X I 11x SLw111.1c S C ROWE'S PHARMACY Prescriptions ' Nunna11y's Candies Sodcxs WE DELIVER 44 S IIIXIN ST SUMTER S C PHONE 3 8421 LAWSON S PHARMACY PIIONL 5.3308 I ou Dont Haw to IVazt SLNITER S C SUMTER DRIVE IN THEATER BRO xn SIRLI 1 PHONE 3 204-0 COLONIAL STUDIO IIIUIU'-Qllllllll-5 of lnyflzzng 1llyZx.llCI6 Anytzm 21 X ISI xxx Sr PHONE 3 369 SL NITER S C 2 .' 'J . ' ' ' f , , . , A , i, A . .V 4- Y Y v 7 I I . . N . x .I . , . u. '. L I O I ' ' 45 v.e sf - . Y ' , , 'J' A 4 Q- U I 'f T. il,L. . ' - -V - A , . V. . 7 . ff - I , E v I LH A - V ii v3vb1!.ll BIC HAPPY PLAY LUCKY u ,Y I vkfv -f - ' I , . . . 1 Y 'Y Y 9 L J . D .J . 1 . ' In I V V 1 YY' Y rf' 1,1 J J I I ' 3 1, 3 s ' . . - - l0I'. illil-ll"'S'1'. , . . '. , I. . I3O For a Corsage S he IV ill Love to IV ear WATER'S GREENHOUSE AND FLOWER SHOP H 1th lhaf I llbfllllll Touch That Tleams So Uuch D I 333 1 0 33 9 ILOVS LBS IOR ALL OCCASIOXJS SUMTER CUT RATE DRUG STORE S NI LIT HILL FURNITURE COMPANY INC S'ales and Ser Lzce ALL POPULAR LINES OF FURNITURE 14 S N111 H 3 97 S TER S C II here Good F rnzt re Costs Less AZALEA TRAILER PARK C N NIcDx IE Owne PHO HO9273 THE SKY VUE DRIVE IN THEATRE The Famzly Theater B O D STRE15 EXT PHO SP 3 9230 SHADY L 12 GO F COURSE Amoco SUMTER PETROLEUM COMPANY I1-10 F 3 93? Gasolme 0 Kerosene ' Fuel O11 RABON BROS DISTRIBUTING CO SIBERT S DRUG STORE DISIHDUIOIS oi Sumter Dairy Products 429 BROAD STREET The REXALL Store I ER S 1 DIAL S1 .5 ass IO L SP 38388 ,. f v J , .. v . . 'J ' " 1' A L, r NE - -7' 1A,o-'5 R'-'35.. I f .1 1 I L er 1 ' JJ R A T . . NE - 30-32 . 1 AIX ST. S IB ER, S. C. , AN L I I L f ., I 5f7-9 NORTH LIARVIN STREET 6'.1,NST. PONE2-73 , X , :' U UM , . . 7 u ' u, I O O . . . SUR '1' . C. ' 35 I '. I,1n11R'1'1' ST. ' ' -7' I 'H N ' - I3I W B BOYLE COMPANY IWYO S'1OR1 S '37 axn 3101 IIB1 RTX STREET I B Bmw Imw cnt S C Bnamxc Secretary 96 zzzz IQ Sumter zn flu' Same Locafzon Smce 1896 KIRKLAND CLEANERS S11 llIf67 s If znesf Afr Condztzoned 'NI ux OIIICI up PLxx1 99 VS FET LIBLRTH STREET HM S WAFFLE SHOP Brmzclz 9101-09 SOI III XIAIX ST SLMTE11 S C 118 VX LST L1BE11rm QTRELT STEAKS AND SEA FOODS 10111 Clmner IS I our Clothes Best Frzend Pnvate Dxmng Room SUBURBAN PROPANE GAS T xxlx MD 1301111 D 1 xq SEPA ICE GENERAL TELEPHONE COMPANY Qmm s c 13151101-11111 s c MABXIXG s 012' THE SQUTHEAST HAM-sw1LLE S C NEIMAN S INC JEWELERS SUMTER MACHINERY COMPANY bewzrzg the Carolmas for 47 I eafs Siddal Rewinding Department 415 S Mfux ST SUMTER, S C. l32 O Q r v - 1 j , v 1 1' 4' 7 L Ab, U Q A A 7 4. A A C. . ',:,".'d 1.1. . 11, 1 , v, ,. . . . A . . v ml r' 1 ., . , . I ' L 1 337 M1xxx1Nc AVE. 219 CRESCENT AVE. 1 A W' . .v . X v , . . . V 1 . , K . as Y , , ' 7 2 ' as 1 ' 7 ' 'AVN 'W Y ' 1 1 A . 4 A YI L. 1'1':,.. ' ',.. '1'.',.C. Y , . . I I I H , . . . L 7 , ,U 1958 Vi 4 pr1nted and bound by A Q UWWMW columbla s c estcrbhshed ln 1844 N Q QW E bp l33 . f I 12 O C I I U N. sb w JN ? X M - f ,41 1 'Ly Y. A , it . gg , Q1 V x Hogs: orgy K W1 i XL x , 27 , .I LIDX WMV' VC!! 5 f, f, 5 M5 - ' ' AJ wr 1 1 x ' 'li 4 U7 Y I 'N will V J , . my " 'PJ' JJ , P9115 yy 7 YY M LV my J fb, V1 7, , lv JV" JF- ,V ,Q Vw' KUL+XLLM EJVILLLLI7 ' JL, " X W I Vw 'J I V' 4 ffff "." J l swfyyrfj - ! X i f VI 5 J,-43 "xg, f I f, fy ,, f ff VY' X 1 W' 'Y f f Af L, ' 'fZ ' KW , ffffW Wi' ' M- '7f ' if J'f f f , ff? , l f j f f W f7?f " u inf f f ' f f , f ' g ,ff ' ' f Aw M A J gywff X , ' v , tv! fi! xx A!!! V . X f I X, . ll' fu? W' ! X, !fVl,A1"!,y -, ' XX 5 'fy ff, f fo Q fl ,fy f f y, f ,ff , , w 4 aff wwf , X! 'f I 'C Y' ,A 4 if sw, ,fx Am 'IWW' 'K ffl! 'lu' If 'i Ulf!! XP vynfflffl ff f mf f f f' f f ' f f f WW I X W ff ,f lf' ' J!! 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