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Egjiiefm my XE' m,- WW Qfiifg Tim f 24322 Si 25 m R My 53 XE?iR ., LM? 44, ,bv K ,gym fn if F516 2'W1?AZWwffZaM'j'M ' W W JMMXVJMW jr M ff fwiww my W Maxim W A . 1 Q M w!gfQ JQvf jj X, if? if. hw f...Jf.A fw'-f?'3"5 CNAYNYM Zag 1 M .M N PMLAQZQ A PM-gl' ,X. 4f Q , 3 353235 iz fn gifiigfaffgwf WS wwmyfx XXYE WE N56 X gx 2 Q E THE COLORS 2 HI-WA H 19 3 Published by The Senior Class EDMUNDS HIGH SCHQOL SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA EDMUNDS HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY 3 f Qj' , f '11 mf. ff, A fy' ' M4 f yf X M 4 nf Q. f 1, X, 6, Q f ,v QQ Q Xxx EARL: .mnusron Moons 1 , 1 I. SCHOOL BARBARA JOHNS Typical American High School Girl --v . fv-1--n vvn-an-1rw IJU, .'4l.'L,!l'Z'Qll"f..J yy Quuunuvun nz- Formal ,Y w,y,-...A , -V .., , l . E w II. SENIORS 'RUTH CROWSON Seeking Further lnformafion, in the Library GENERAL THOMAS SUMTER The British Calioci Him HTHQ Gamococlzn Seniors stuciy tile portrait of tire great partisan leader ot Revolutionary Vvar days, wimo, with his patriot bands, once roameci tire tiiiis of nearby Statesivurg, hills beautiful today with immense live oaks testoonefi with misty gray moss. Looking at the portrait, left to right: Charles Mood and Sara Vvirntyeriy ton the Iettj, George Thomas ton the rigtmtf. 6 Looixmg Northward toward Sumter the Gamecocic City. THE GAMECCCK CHALLENGE To tight for the ideais of democracy, ideals as oid as the Revolution, ideais ioeieaguered today by insidious enemies of ati that is truiy American-youth is chaiienged. The British caiied him uri-he Gamecocicf' on account of his fighting qualities-'Thomas Sumter. He was an American. it was the gamecocics of America that won American freedom. Yes. ours is a country founded on zeal for freedom, fostered ioy iove of freedom, and, now, challenged to iooic to the security of that free dom threatened. Thousands oi young Americans-aviators, soldiers, saiiors, and marines-are doing their part. VVhat can high schooi students do? The workshop for democracy is the puiniic schooi. The foundation, education and char- acter. The iouiiders, the iooys and giris. De-- mocracy is threatened. Youth is challenged. TRUE SCION OF THE THOMAS SUMTER CLAN Seniors enjoy a visit irom Niarion fnsugarni Cain. who, in 1950, piayed Hhs-ad up footivaii for the high school "Gaim-cocics," ot which ciuh he was captain. Today, this 20t century descendant oi the Revolutionary Vvar hero is serving in time U. S. iviarine Corps Shown in the picture, left to right, are: Sammy Gantt, hiarion Cain, Charles ivioo George Ti10Hl8S. ,.., ,,.., -,x ,,.t-f ,,1..... 'I I 1 f,,f"5 , ""'?f"r,f'NN "- W' 1' my 'I -f ' . To NIISS ELIZABETH HEPBURN, who has worked long and tirelessly with us to make this book a treasured reality. Giving generously of her thought and energy, she has Won our affection and esteem, and has earned our admiration for her genius at making a yearbook a vivid portrayal ot senior lite andactivities. The Class of 1953 says simply, as have the other classes before us, HThanIz you, md ,Mpgurn . . fl'0TI1OLLFIl9C1T'tS!H Democracy is an ideal toward which the free world is ever reaching, and America, the strongest of these freedom-loving nations, is the accepted leader. The youth of America, therefore, must loe trained, more and more, to assume and carry out responsibility, to grow in worthy leadership. They must grow in character to oppose the wrong. They must grow in intelligence to rally others to the support of the right. Youth is challenged. IO -,,--. 7,1 ... 1, 3 3'-ma LEADERSHIP - - -N re 1 New -Q. -- -.- A-any L... -.,'-,....., L 1 I I X y I I I ....,,.,J,. ,. ,, f rf In. f f ef CII ,.. ,-....,.z --- ..-,.-,.- . ...mir-.df 4- ...R ..r-'. ,.- ' ,rr ' . THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF SUIVITER SCHOOL DISTRICT NUMBER SEVENTEEN i AT A REGULAR MEETING OF THE BOARD Beginning at front Ieft and reading clocletuise: IVIr. B. A. SifIcIaIIq IVIr. OrviIIe PIayerg IVIr. IVIarion Myers: IVIr. J. I... SoulI1weII. Business IVIanager and IVIain1enance Hendg IVIrs, B. 0. RiIey, Secretary to tI1c Superintendent: Mr. James D. BIancIing. Superintendent: IVIr. .IoIm GocIImt-yg NIL .I. VV, CI1ancIIer: Mr. E, C. Dunn. Cimirman of tI1e Board. IVIrs. .IosepI1 PaImer, .Ir., was aIusent wI1cn lI1c picture was taken. The Board oI Education of Sumter School District Number Seventeen is composed of seven of the most outstanding citizens of the city and the Community. They are Mr. J. VV. Chandler: Mr. E. C. Dunn, Chairman of the Board: Mr. John Godheyg IVIr. IVIari0n Myers: IVIrs. Joseph I3'aImer, Jr.: IVIr. O. V. I3Iayer: and IVIr. B. A. Srddull. IVIr. James D. Blending. Superintendent of Sumter ScI1ooI D i strict Number Seventeen, is Secretary to tI1e Board. The Board provides for an efficient mainte- nance department to Iceep ull I3uiIdings in the district in good Condition, and it acIcIs new units and new equipment as neecIecI. This year tI1e Board gave Edmunds High ScI1ooI risers for tI1e Iarge stage in the IJea,utifuI :-wttim-htm MR. JAMES D. BLANDING AB., THE CITADEL MHA., GEOIQLZE PEAUODY COLLEGE EOR Pl-EACPIERS Superintendent of Sumter School District Number Seventeen I3 NR. J. L. SOUTHVVELI- AB., IJNIVERSITY or ITLORIIM INIA., UNIvIiRsI'I'v OF FLORIDA Business twanager of Sumter School District Nunztmr Seventeen MISS IRIVIA HORTENSE WEINBERG A.B,, CONVERSE COLLEGE School Treasurer 52 NIR. JOSEPH H. LYLES BS., VVOFPURD COLLEGE FLA., UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Principal of Edmunds High School 4 ,,, MISS ETHEL JQNES BURNETT ABN LANDER COLLEGE NJN, TEACHERS' COLLELE. CJOLIQBIBIA UNIVERSITX Assistant fo the Principal -ff ---X. - W - - fa --1 fx, 4' -V-A H' I I f-.., -,- A ,. ... J I ,f ' f I K I fki W 'R 4 If It W f I- f"'p '--I ,I l I ' --f I if -I D -.. if l '- , , ' I I I I 3 I I I II ' ,JI ,I - AN- .L I- .-V JJ ,Aw --- yi, -- L L., Lf-- -- Avf -,ff -LJ - 1 ,M SV .FW if N 7, .4 Wx I f L -LL -L 'wx L, Q..,J -., Ji- i,. ,rf, I V V ' Y ,lfoiv "s MUSIC, ART, AND LIBRARY Left to right: IVIR. JAMES D. PRITCHARD, Supervisor of lxlusic Sumter School District No. I7g MRS. LEONA H. CHILDERS, Li- Ivrarian, Liinrary Cluio: NIR. L, C, lVlOISE, Cliorus, Music Clulig lVlRS. H. FORESTER, Englisli, Art, Art Clulo. f' M.fN,,f, . I L " If 1 Q'-, as mqwmwlm LANCIl,I.AGIfS AND SOCIAL STUDIES presiding: AIISS JULIA R. REYNOLDS, linglisli, Spa-ccli Clula. First row, in front of Josie, left to rigiut: MRS, VV. L. BUDDIN, English: AIRS. JOSEPHINE VV. VVILDER, Frencil, Spanish, Englisli. Srfrurul row, loft to riglzt: lxlks, B. R, NNIIIITPQ, Ariiericran Hislnry, Englislm, Junior Class Aflviser: lX'lISS RUTH LIARRINGTON, Englislip lXiISS CASSIIE NlCIlULt,5, l'lIlgliSll, Higli iveuis Aclviscr. Tliirri row, lwginning riglrt of fivsk, left io riglii: lxlll. ROBERT FRANKLIN XAIIUIJINS. lfnglisll, Drumutics Clulmg iVlR. 'AMES NIIilLY', Cilizc-nsliip, Geography, Anwrican History. Bl0ClC lViISS iVlARt.ARIT DUNNINQL, Aliwrifun History: lxllSS SUSIE OS1'EEN, Englisli, Fulurv Fl-I?iltllCl'5 ol fxlllCl'Ifkl Cluibg RIRS. .L P. lxllAl.I.ARD, Lntin, History, Latin flulw. Alzsent wlmn pirituro wus tulwn: RIRS. IJRIQTTO H. BRUNSON, flinirniau Social Studies Dvpartnie-nt, Psyfliology, Sofinlugy, Senior Class Adviser: Miss CIATHARINE BASS, Latin, Miss ELIZABETH HEPBURN, Ifnglislm, Annual A"-'I'-M I 6 ,Cie in n ' SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Presicting: IVIR. VVALTER 0. GILLAM, Biology, Pltotograplty First row, left to rigttt: MR. VV. O. MCKEOWN, General Science, CI1emistry: MR. JOHN D. WISEBIAN, JR., Nlattiematics, Tennis Coacli, Debate Coacli. Second row, left to rigttt: IVIR, TQOBERT J. TILLER, Matliematics, Physics, Counselor: MR. EARLE JOHNSTON IVIOORE, Director ot Transportation, Mathematics, Hi-Y CIuI:J, Hi-Y Baslcetloall Coach. Tlrirat row, left to rigtitr MRS, VV. G. DEBERRY, Photography Clulv, Soplwomore Class Adviser, Algebra, Business Mathematics: MRS. H, H. STRONG, Algebra, General Business, FeIIowsI1ip Club: MRS, JAMES IJURDY, Cveneral Science, Business Matlit-matics: Miss NARVICE REBECCA COUSINS, Cveneral Science, Counselor. BUSINESS. VOCATIONS, AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Presicting: MR. FRED Ii. VVELLS, Agrinullure, Future Farmers ol America. In front: IVIRS. ELIZABETH I... BATEMAN, Home Economics, Junior HOIIIPIIIHICPFS OI America. First row, teft to right: MRS, HENRY SCARBOROUGH, Home Economics, Junior Hornernnlcers ot America: MISS Jo ANN KNOX, Cvirls' Physical Eclucation, Girls' Atltle-lic Association. Assembly Adviser: MISS IRIVIA H. XAIEINBERG, Boolclceeping, Accounting. Office Praclice, Dive-rsitliecl Occupations Commercial Coordinator: IVIR. H. N, HUTCHINSON, JR., AtI1Ietic Director, Coaclx, Boys' Plivsical Eolucation. Tliirct row, left to rigltt: MR. BELTON O. CZOIVIPTON, Diversitliecl Occupations, Distrilautive Education, Trade :incl Industrial Clulo, Distriliutive Education Clulo: MRS. FRED E. WELLS, General Business, Typing: MRS. MARG.'xRET FAIR wins' MISS THELMA M. GASTON, Stenograplty, Typing, Future Business 'ff STUKES, Typing, Sliortliancl: MR. AIQNOLD B. JORDAN, VVood Sliop, I7 F.-W ,,., , ,VV, ,1 v g f. MARSHALL TOBIAS President of the Student Body iVIarshaH's Character is ot stature as high as he is tall. That is the reason Why the student hody ot Edmunds High School grew in worthy citizenship during his presidency. In sports, Marshall was outstanding in both basketball and hasehatt. He was president of the student council. He was a memher of the Hi-Y Club. He was easily the most intiuentiat student in the school. I9 -+.-- N,-,,k ,Ag v,--x,,, ,,.,,1 ,t C ,.,,., ,.- fe ,, ff, ..,,.. -5 5-X, Q Z, wk FV- My' , , J XJ- J - .M V 5, QW I , A, I 4 ig? A ff , 'f . . . "h"-an 1.4! THE HONOR COUNCIL Beginning Imcla, center, and reading clockwise: Frank Kelley, Clwairman. spealdng: Flarslwall Toluiasg Diil-c .-Xlclerrnang Frances Alslnroolcsz Betty lane Huslieyq Kenneth Forester: BIZ-my Upsllur: Clayton Lowclerq Iiranl-c Bryan: Sallie 'I-ill: Emily Dinl-cinsg NIargarel DeBerry: Ruileclge Lawson. 7, I ...-""" K 3 THE SHALL STUDENT COUNCIL Standing, speaking lo tlze group: Bliss EIIIQI Burnctl, Siuclenl Council Ailviser, Stuclenis, Iveginning back, right, and reading clockwise: Jane Clrancller. Xvarren Carraway. Betty Lee Holrmxn, Nlolly I I F X In R I-' I lli I I D l IND l 1 ., P rf. amona Hepprling, Bott I. H, NIE ri 1 BI NI'lIan, Cano I igml, XIzry Iiranccs oresler, Barbara Bruce, Irranli Bryan, Carl Saunclerb, Nlnrslmll Ioloiaa ,. D. Hammond, Iolm Dullie. I9 MEMORIAL WEEK THE QRGANIZATIQN GF THE CCUNCIL The student councii is a representative hody of aii the students in the schooi. its primary purpose is to give training in democratic prac- tices in schooi controi. it works to ioster good citizenship, to create whoie-hearted coopera- tive schooi spirit, to heip students huiid good character, and to enrich schooi iiie through beautification of huiiding and grounds, and hy providing wholesome recreation and sociai entertainment for aii. The smaii council is composed of the ciass ofhcers of the four ciasses and the student ioody officers. This body meets every weeic, with a faculty adviser. The iarge councii is made up of the smaii councii, the homeroom presidents, and the chairmen of standing committees. This body meets every two weeks. The smaii coun- cii is the executive hody. The iarge councii is designed so that aii the students may ioe in- formed of what is heing done through their homeroom presidents. The Awards Points System adopted hy the council went into effect for the first time in ,50- '5i. This system iimits the numher of offices a student may hoid. No student can accumu- iate more than ten honor points a year. in this way more students are given the chance to have a voice in student government. The student councii sets aside a weeic every spring as Memoriai VXfeeic, honoring our boys who gave their iives in VXforid War ii. During this weeic the schooi, through ireewiii offerings to the Edmunds Memoriai Schoiarship fund, dedicates itseii anew to the cause of freedom and right and reiigion. OUR HONOR ROLL Lafayette Bagnai Adams: Vernon Vvaiiis Baldwin: Paul Kennedy Bowman, Jr.: Biiiie Ashleigh Brunson: Vviiiiam Sidney Burgess, Jr.: Aiwin Caruthers Burns: VViiiiam Haiiett Burns: Frank Kennedy Ciarice: VV i i iiam Robert Davis, Jr. Qiin Goode Dorn, Jr.: James McCutcheon DuBose: John Benjamin Foisom, Jr.: John Paul Geraid: James Aivin Grumioies: Graham Glenn Guyton: Arthur Juiius Hatfield, Jr.: Thomas Lea Hutchings. Huhert Eugene King: Wiiiiam ingram Lawrence: Thomas Wilson Lemmon: David Gaiiiard Lenoir, Jr.: VViiiiam Vvaiter Lenoir: Adger Stokes Matthews: Raiph Herman Mc- Calhern: Edward Vxfarren Moise, Jr. Joseph Franiciin Mooneyhan: Cvienn Dur- ham Myers: Jesse Ben Pack: Beauregard Boney parker: George Waring Parker: Perry Moses Phelps: VV i i i i a m Liiiington Phifer: Lewis Vveidon Phiiiips. Thomas Center Reed, Jr.: Irvin Joseph Rogers: Simon Kittreii Rowland: Samuei Ben- jamin Smith: Rufus Capers VX7actor: VX7iiiiam Reames Vvactorg Joseph Eugene Vvhite, Jr.: Haynie Mciver Wiison. 9 MEMORIAL VVEEK ASSEMBLY PROGRAM Left to right' Niiss Catharine Bass, Sponsor oi Edmunds Menioriai Schoiarsi Annette Hodge: Doris Fort, Marvin Burress: Henry Hodge, 20 g Vg Y Q .., Vx-.. -,Q N - -5- N,-A, Y N 4-. 9 -.E -?- y- - . , rf, K . .N X lj, ' . it X ix ,, if - if A L 1 1 i 1 i 9 f ,ij , -' -'- Lf' -- '-L ,'-- w f- .--..f' J i ,,,f A , 5 - - mwonyf You Come In? ART LANDSCAPE SKETCHING. Front row, left to right: Zan Lee, iwargnrel Ann Hill fstanclingi, Rounette Morris, Buddy Gulleclge, Llawayne Qniey, Beverly Hughes, Robert Gardner, Ruthie Crowson, Ann Smith, Jeannine White, In background, left to right: Dean Cooke, Howard Strickland, Richard Alpert, Harriette Jotms. Zi MUSIC IVIARCHING BAND 7 SUMTER HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND Flaglaearersz Bet Lee fU. Sl, Sandra Jernigan fsumterl, Caroline Burrows CQ. Drum lxlajorz Otis Hill, lxlajorellesr Wlzirgaret Gmlxam, Betty Ann Reynolds, Jackie Outlaw, Ann Smith, Shirley Graham. Director: ,lmnes IDl'ilClli1l'd. First File flront to rearl: Helen James, Dick Lee, Douglas Blanding, Lutlmer Kniglrt, Pat Roclle, Tommy Robertson, Vvallcer Beddoes, Nlzxry Frzmres Payne, Palsy Vvllitalier. Second File: Palsy Nlccoy. Kay Freeman, Carl Saunders, Kaye Bn-eine, Donallen Revill, Fred Baker, Nancy Byrd, Pat James, Jlw Ann Hnlladay. Third File: Sep Hnrvin, Riclmard Vvard, Francis FOXWOftll, Vvesley Millard, Sidney Siulnlvs, Harry Ryttenlnerg, Fred Harrington, Don SHIIFIPTS, Ffefl CONN'Hfd. Fourtli File: Rutledge Lawson, Kennclll Forester, Julius Hecliel, Ann Smith, lvlartlua lvlclvlillan, J. L. Copeland, Claude Singleton, live-lyn Connor, Elsie Arledifvr Filtlz File: Norma Lee Burke, Sliirley lVlcl..eocl, Annette Ellis, Harriet Tliompson, Alvenia Vvinegard, George Mosseley Jane Baker Billy Doar, lvliuliavl Nicliller. , ' Sixtli File: Rolmcrt Fraser, Leon King, .lean Doluy, Edwin Freeman, Billy Driggers, Laverne Moore, Alan Hulaldard, Pliyllis Byrd Bolnlwy Singleton, 22 i ir FGREIGN LANGUAGES AND SGCIAL STUDIES UNDERSTANDING EGR INTERNATIONAL HARMONY , 5 771 , E E, 4 . I ,fi F. I , QE FRENCH. Leader: BeverIy Hughes. First row, Ieft to right: I.iIIian VVeatI1erIy, Cz-1roI Knight, IVIarian Shaw, AIice SI1eIor. Second row, Ief! to right: Diane Lawson, Nancy Best, Laura Jones, "Je-epic" Cuttino. Tfrircl row, left to right: I.iIirI3a BIanding, Linda Brunson, Barbara Bruce. Starting front, left, and reading Clockwise around the IUIJIQ: Sanmmy Gantt, Jimmy Lee Jeanette Pierson, Frank KeIIey, 5Iary Sutton, Albert IXI0ise, IVIartI1a VN'itImerspoon, NIM-If 3IcInnis, Sitting, Imcle: Bunny BIC Laurin, JuIian NIoore. Standing, Inaclz: Tommy Robertson, Tommy KeeIs, Buddy GuIIeCIge. 23 ENGLISH, SCIENCE, AND MATHEMATICS m4145168 ENGLISH. CIRIEATIVE VURITINC.. AI lable on Ieft, left to rigI1I: Julian Brudlmarn, Carol Knight, Beverly Hughes. At fable on, riglit, left to right: Allucri Moisv, Jane Baker, .Ioe Clianvller, PSYCHOLOGY. I.er1rIing ffm discussion: Zan Lea Firsl row, left io right: SI1irIey PooIe, Shirley Chance, Margaret Kirlclf-y, Anno Rogjvrs, Sffminrl row, ,nfl Io right: Ilvanninc Vvliiff-, Evelyn Vvurner, Ann Reriilvert, Ann King. Third Iow, slunding, left io riglzi: Ste-ve Paul. Lf-onarcl IVIitcI1ur11, Ivlargarct Ann Hill. 24 COMMON TOOLS OF A STRONG DEMOCRACY PHYSICS. Leader: Norman Smitii. Left row, front to track: Irvin Piowcien, Rutledge Lawson, Dick Lee. Second row, front to baciz: Marion Grittin. Leonard tviitciium, George Thomas. .iolm Duliie, Tlrirri row, front to tnacle: Douglas Blami- ing, Carl Saunders, Sidney Stulyiis, Ralph Hair. Rigirt row, front to back: Billy Vvarci, Laurie Smitii, Roivert Gardner, Ciiarles lxtooct. First row, left to rigiit: lvlacii lvliinnis, Laurie Srnitiri, Ciiaries lvlooli, Ailwrt lxloise, Tcci Licie. Second row, left to right: George Thomas, julian Maurer, Otis Hill, Paul Dufour, Vkleiley ixiiiiarci, lxinrion Gritlin, Frnncy .io Fortune, Third row, standing, left to rigiit: Mr, Earle lvioore tinstruftorl, iviarsiiaii Toiiias, Dirk Leo, Rutleclge Lawson, Irvin Piowcieu, Roivert Jones, Sidney Stuivins, Carl Saunciers. Carol Knigiut, wlxo wus at tire luoarci, was accieieritniiy icftt out of tile picture. 25 HGIVIE ECONQIVIICS AND COMMERCIAL STUDIES I HOME Runs AND UPHOLSTERING. Lvfl lo rlgllt: Gloria CvrayIweaI, Ann Smifll, Nlargaret KirI4Iey, Bunny INIrLaurin, Llawayne Onlcy, Harrietle .IoI1ns, Caroline Burrows. Margaret Ann Hill, Martha Knight. .awww ywmaan . .in 141- lv-in DDU-K ,394 D118 U U SMH Q95 i ve we W, ww fm' W .0 ,, I.. M . IIONIE ECONOMICS, FLOWER ARRANKJEMENTS, Left to right: Peggy Snead, SI1irIPy Stone, Carolyn Boykin, CI1arIe-ne Hr-ss, Barrmra Iolms, Bunny Sunmwrs, Janet Haynes, Nanry Spears, Ruthie Crowson, EveIyn Vvarner. IXIiIcIrecI Brown, Emma AHCIISWS. 26 . TRAINING FOR HOIVIE AND OFFICE BOOKKEEPING. First row, left to right: Sara VVimI'1erIy, IVIary Ola Shorter, Ray Rodgers. Second row, Ieft to right: Joeiia Campine-II, PI1yIIis Sneigrove, Barbara I'IaII. Third row, left to right: iwarguerite Ioimson, Ben DeBerry, Doris Fort. Fourth row, left to rigiit: Aria Iviooneyilan, Miss Irma Vveinioerg Unstructori, Annette iXIrI.eocI, Left row, fron! to imfizr Frzmris Hinfun, Fiury Franfos Gecidings, Gloria King, Iviacilere Biaci-cweII. Second row, front to Basie: Sue Gvciciings, Aivetnia xxyiflflgflfli, Pauiine Lowcirrr, Yora NIoorP. Third row, front to back: Aiiaerta Oxenciine, iviartiqa Vviliu-rspoon, Knlinerine- Arciis, Barinara Roiwrtson, Mary Somers. Fourth row, front to Incwiz: Betty Jean Vvinter, Georgia Jones, Rutix Prosser, Nancy Qwcns, Elsie Arriis. 27 VOCATIONAL STUDIES FUR MAKING A LIVING . MECHANICAL DRAVVIING. Sianciing by Inacic window, center: Wir. .Ioinn Wiseman, Insiruclor. Front row, left to rigiil: Zan Lee, .iuiian Braciiwam, Roianci Eimore. Second row, left to rigiil: Biiiy Giassfocic, Ricimarci Aiprrt, ,icrry Ciiamps-y, Donaici Vvatson. Third row, left to rigid: Cari Snunciors, .ioiin Duiiqiv, Biiiy Pouios. Fourth row, lofi I0 rigillz Ravine Keiicy, Eugene Pooie, Vviii Diniiins. Fifliz row, Iefl io rigiliz VVMCI Kamin. Vviiiiam Cromer, Jimmy Xkfiniieici. XVOOD SHOP. First tailie, left to right: Iviiiton Evans, Caivin Hatiieid. Second ta ioff to rigizt: Lynwooci Hodge, Dall Walker. 28 MECHANICAL SKILLS AND SOIL PRODUCTION AGRICULTURE. E. E. A. BOYS STUDY 'TRACTOR IVIAINTENANCE. Extreme left: VV. C. Jones. From left front read' ing cloclzwise: AsI1IeigIq BucIcIin, IVIL Fred VVeIIs Unstructorj, Bobby Goodson, Norman IVIimms. Robert Kelley Iseaterl on tractorI, CaIvin HatIieIcI, Danny Kirven, BiIIy Smith, FORESTRY. E. E. A. BOYS LEARN To MEASURE AND ESTIMATE VIRIMBEII, Left to right: VV. C.N.lunos, Danny Kirven CaIvin HatIieIoI. Norman IVIimms, Leon Prescott, AsI1IeigI1 BucIcIin, BiIIy SIIIIIII, Robert Kc-IIa-y, Bobby CJoocIson. 29 LEARNING BY DOING 1 ff., . QQ , vffyewf , ff ff 4 I I Q-1', ANNV1-T13 MCLEOD VVlLL1l5 TIMMONS BEN DEBERRY IJuI'mIicity CTIlilII'IllilIl president VIC? P1'e5ICIent T. 6+ I. Clulw T. 69 I. Club T. 8 I. Club YIIGIPIJIIIJIIU fjperutor CGVPPVIIQF' Clerk IOHN A LLITN RUSSELL Svfrelarv. T. Q9 I. CIUIJ Treagg:-S QEDEITGEIUB NIa17Izinist Macginist ' JOHN LANDRY President Distribuiive Education CIub Retailing in Practice lvork Experiences of Part Time Students .DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATKDNS A DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS COBINIERCIAL. First row, left to right: Betty Jean Vvinter, Nancy Qwens, Gloria King, Second row, left to right: Vera Nloore, lxlary Summers, Louise Parnell, Ruth Prosser. Third row, left to right: Elsie Ardis, lvlary Frances Geddings, Barbara Robertson, Frances Hinson, hliss lrma Nveinherg llnstructor and Coorclinatorl, Evelyn Scurry, ,ICED BYOYVJCY. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Diversified Qccupations is a pro- gram of vocational training intended primarily tor hoys and girls who plan to enter lull time, gainful employment upon graduation from high school. The only requirements for en- trance to the program are that stu- dents he 16 years ot age, either juniors or seniors, and desirous of learning a trade or occupation. D. O. students are required to worlc 20 hours Weelily and study related information in class daily. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS COMBIERCIAL DEPARTMENT Since 1947, the Commercial De- partment of Edmunds High School has ottered a program in Diversified Occupations to seniors seelcing part- time employment. The commercial majors receive training in the lousi- ness ottices ot the community, and they are rewarded with a remunera- -stag tion comparable to that ol regular Workers engaged in secretarial prac- tices or general otliice worlc. They are permitted to leave school at one olcloclt daily to worlc a minimum ol 20 hours a Weelc as typists, hoolc- lceepers, stenographers, and general clerical worlcers. The school gives a credit ol one unit tor the related instruction, and one-hall unit for the worlc experience. fi firr g k DlVERSll:lED OCCUPATIONS, Speaking to group: Mr. B. O. Compton lcoordinatorl. First row, left to right: loella Camphell, Lois Scott. Second row, lelt to right: J. D. Vvilliams Clyde Nlixon, David Burns, Bruce Barwiclc, Ray Rogers, James Hattielcl. Third row, left to right. Franlc Barnes, Ben DeBerry, John Allen Russell, Richard Evans, Adrian lngram, Otis Geddings. Ahsent when picture was taleen: Annette txlclmod, Vvillie Timmons. SI 54102. ! . M ' gnu VMQA'-4. CL, LO af ffffcwoiv. Am, wltai. 443672 2 4 7 2 M, I ' gave' 1 X -U o The high schools of America cannot put too much emphasis on the need hoth of keeping ourselves informed ahout the World of events around us and of learning such hasic suhjects as mathematics, science, and social studies. Thus only shall we he ahle to cope intelligently with dillliicult situations that may arise in a World of unrest and hatred and corruption till the glad day when right and right- eousness will prevail and peace come to the earth. Qfffff 2, . EW www ff?WM2fiU4Me4,4Q,,Q 2f4"f5f4eZ.5L2i-wa!! dmoz ' 29.627760 , V, ,M A 32 ,- V- 1 x, 1 , x f X , xx Q X x g,, 1 K, Xu 2 f"'X 'G 'K' - ,- i xx A , , , X ' X L 11 ' ' ff E N ' xx X X L, Q Y is K K" 'I is H J ,- N-- , ,f I , r - 'wwf 'g V A-v 6 My .5 .1 mf love W9 fa, M 19 2 psf M g ' -4 'S' ,24 1-.,-. AQ Y' w. X - f ' , 9-HM 3 33 . ,, ff. ..,, ' ,gf,.f,,V,s,K-.14.nf5c'g'I,f-iQ , ,, ,. ,N H ' q ' ' " if' ff 'L 'L 'Q ' ' 1 gf.6.y,Q' M191 Mem-4:,,:, ff- ,'w.ffM .ww-fwfzz: , ,pug ,..,. Y Q- ,f 1 .. J SCHOLARSHIP JOHN DUFFIE President of the Senior Class .lolun was one of the loest all-rouncl students that ever passed tlirougli Edmunds High School. He was always an ollficer and always a member ol the student council. He playecl varsity lootlnall and varsity lnaslcetloall. He was sports eclitor on both High News ancl I-ll-XXVAYS. He was a memloer ol tlwe chorus. He was a commencement spealcer. Jolm will lae sorely missecl next year. 34 The Serzior Class L jqcers AFTER BALANCING THE BUDGET Left lo right: John Dullie, President: Caroline Burrows, Vice President: Carl Saunders, Secretary: Carol Knight, Treasurer. Under the leadership ol these olticers, the senior class was truly outstanding in its achievements this year. Their tirst great achievement was a material one. in their magazines sales project, they sold S8,285.l0, setting up a record that could well he the despair ot all succeeding classes-lout wonyt, as long as the old Sumter spirit holds. in the cultural field, they sponsored for their senior play a classic, mlqhe Little Nlinisterf' setting another high standard and challenging all senior classes to Come to Hhitch your wagon to a star.. 35 IVIISS JULIA REYNGLDS, Sponsor HOIN'IIfROOINI OITFICIQRS IN 'rIIri Boon CORNEIQ ONE CAN XVISIT Evnm' BEAUTIFUI. PLACE IN THE WORLI7 Left to right: George VIIIIUIIIEIS, President: Vvill Dinlcins, Treasurer: Charles Nlood, Secretary: Ixiargaret Ann Hill, Vine President. VIEWS . . . AND VIEWS We hated it-the view from our win- dowsi There were trash cans iwithout the trash, which Iittered the groundl. Weeds took everything and thrived in mud and coal dust. There was a foun- tain, from which no water could he coaxed. Bicycle raclcs in various stages of dilapidation completed the eyesore. But, ahI We had found our projectl I-Iomeroom 104 changed that view. They cleared and planted and mended and watered till the ugly court hecarne the show place of the school grounds. You can see for yourself. , ,, H, ...M , ff 1, .W ' ,W M ff , - J . Y I 5 K , ., 'wt 'Wff 'I . . 'A s-2 JMQZQHQ.. ., V, ,,V, , , , , 5,.,-QXSWWQQQ W V, , 3.3, , ,, , f - sv- , ,+ JM 1, It is . -v M, ww - -- BEAUTIFYING THF BACK COURT Left to rigizl, on tim grounri: Lois Scott and Betty Lynn Graham fill the trash can: Charles lvlood hrings the hox of rose plants: Rainer! Leo and G1-urge Tlnonias plant a treeg Carol Knight waters everything land everyhodyl while Ruthie Crowson holds haclc the tree larancilres: .lirnmy Lee and Billy Glasscoclc plant a second tree. On the W' H A ' Iwlargaret Kirlcley do a hit ol. landsfaping. 36 ,,- --, X, as ,E .,.f ,L -l.NI.dI.l 3 .Ex sm: l -- ,ggi RTTIWQ- 1" ' f' - f' I XI I lv-,ll M I ff ret' I I If ' A V 5 af' NJ MISS RUTH HARRINGTON, Sponsor THE CREED . . . AND CHARACTER The Honor Principle and Creed play an important part in our life at Edmunds High School. They inspire each student to live up to the highest standards of conduct without a formal set ol rules and regulations. Homeroom 206 toolc as this year,s proj- ect the study of the Honor Principle and Creed. To stress the teachings of these, the students say the Principle and Creed every morning. at the period set aside for devotional exercises. Thus the Creed builds character. HOMEROOM OFFICERS EVERYBODY IN 206 .IOINS TIIE RED FEATHER EVERYBODY GIN'ES TO TI-IE COMMUNITY CHEST If fs? Aw Left to right: Jacquelyn Foster, Secretary: Barloara Hall, Vice President: Martha Shaw, president: Gloria King, Treasurer. BENEATH A PORTRAIT OF DR. EDMUNDS OUR HONOR PRINCIPLE AND CREED QRAN BE SEEN Pointing to framed copy of Creed: lxlartlra Shaw, President. Rcfpecrling the Creed, first row, loft to right: Charlene Hess Harrielte Johns ,lacquelyn Foster, Carolyn Boykin, Wesley' Nlillard. Secorld row, lPlf fo figltlf Barbara Hall. Virginia McMillan Margie Lanham Jeanette Pierson. Third row, left lo riglrt: Pauline Lowfler, Henry Hodge, Lillian Vveatlmerly, 37 ,J I fl, 'vj F-.tb -jvkffq f--vs -L I-...,f',,'-,--I-g- -Lf Neff-- 4. LIJLEL IVIR. WALTER O. GILLAIVI, Sponsor MALI- WE SHALL HOLD . . . IS WHAT WE HAVE GIVEN AWAY ' Two HunoIrecI EIeven, a Iarge home- room, gave generousIy throughout the year wherever the neecI arose. And that was fine, for they got no credit, Iout simpIy gave. IVIany a hungry chiIcI, sicIc mother, coIcI IittIe Iooy or girI, or other person was made gIacI hy the innumerahIe gifts from 211. Among these gifts were food, warm cIothes. l7ueI, mecIicine, ancI . . . occa- sionaIIy a doII or a train. HOMEROOM OFFICERS u All we Sh,aII hoId . . . is what we have AT ROLL CALL PERIOD given avvay' CONTRIBUTIONS Fon NEEIJY FAMILIES ARE RECEIVED Left to right: IzIcqueIiI1e INIoore, Secretaryg Rohcrl Jones, Vice Presiricnig Bynum Driggers, President: RaIpI1 Hair, Treasurer. 3 X ..,..,., A WM A 2 THE CAMERA INIAN "PICKS UP" A VARIETY OF GIFTS FOR THE POOR Front row, right of fIesIe, left to right: Jeannine White. CaIoIine Burrows, Peggy Sue-ecI, Annette IVIcLeocI, TheIma OuIIaw, Ruth Prosser, Aria IXIOOIICYIIEID, Myrna CopeIancI. Bc'IIincI desk: SIIirIey I3ooIe, Kathcrnne nr-oIIs. IwImI.mIp mm IIMII to right: GHS GefIrIings. RaIpII Hair, 3Iargucrile Johnson, Jean BrowcIer, IVIarion Griffin, Rohert . I L. Ben Dc-Berry, Bynum Driggers, Tonlmy Rohertson, yiarvin Burress, Latus Pigoti, BiIIy Vvard. Gmnw- ww 38 at gf y f i .-a of .1 l t MR. ROBERT F. WIGGINS. Sponsor CLEAN-UP XYEAR FOR lll Homeroom iii tooic as its yearvs project to keep the hacic oi the stage ciean and straight. it seemed a hopeiess joh at the beginning. it there was a piace for any- thing, nothing was in its place. Every- thing was so cluttered, they iiteraiiy had to dig in. But ill was not to he outdone. They puiied Ott their coats and rotted up their sleeves and sweated tor it. They digged and deived and iiinaiiy hrought order out of chaos. What price cieaniinessi But they have decided it is easy to HOMEROOM OFFICERS keep, once it is straight. Try it sometime. COMMITTEES ARE AEEONTED To KEEP BACKSTAGE CLEANED UP Left to Right: ixtary Ola Shorter, Sefretaryg John Landry, Vice President: txiiidred Brown, Treasurer: Sara Eiien ixiarshaii, President. f" ' BACKSTAGE "CLEANER-UPPERSN Center, front to back: Anne Rogers and tviarjorie Logan. scruhhing decorative props: htiitired Brown, coiiecting trashr Aiherta Oxendine, shaking a mop at Jerry Champey. The others, left to right: Sara Eiien ixiarshaii, on a poiishing chore: me ww fm:-Adnmrrg M-Qvwmv his mmm: fviarfluerite Coulter, sweeping: Jerry Champey, uwaging warn with Aihcrta: David Strange ' ' ies, iVIary Sutton, and txiary Oia Shorter, aii shining lavatory equipmentg Rehecca A A mwi ipwr-iiwm Hmwrii steaming drinking fountain. 39 V -f 'fax -, - ---11-an fix ,seg .. , 1 wx I , . X gr Hi 44 I 'if "', T' 1 I '- ' I'C14 NET' I Iixfrxs Ii ' . . I I iv ui fix. L ' 'ii 'I ,. .. ,I ,L ,.,...4,.- -T .f gf,- J- -Leu ' U IVIISS ELIZABETH HEPBURN, Sponsor HOMEROOIVI OFFICERS THE Onsoiw VVELLS IVIafIwtI1 RECORDS, XVITH THE INIERCuRYs ISXRIZ QTONSIDFRED, AMONU OTHERS, FOR THE CLASS Loft lo riqlii: RutIedge Lawson, Ijresidenlg Sidney StuIJI'Js, Treasurer, IWariIyn Hodge, Srrretaryg .IHCI-tie Pitts, Vive President. UREADERIS DIGESTH IN BRAILLE TO THE BLIND tlWh6H Louis BraiIIe was tI1ree years oId, he Iost the sight of IootI1 eyes. How- ever, he was destined to maIce Iife richer and happier for tI1e Hind by devising the simpIe method of printing Iaooks in little raised dots. Now tI'1e sensitive fingers of the I9Iind can Hy over the pages of reading matter." Homeroom 116 tooIc as their project this year to send the uReader's Digestu in BraiIIe to an institution for tI1e IoIind. LKTITCY aIso SCFVC VVI'lO OIIIY stand HHCI waitf, . , 1 . . . I- ' 3 A 4 'f If is nf rn .I HONEROOINI 116 SENDS "READERS DIGEST" IN BRAILLE TO INSTITUTION FOR BLIND Front row, irr0guIar, Iefl to riglrt: Glis I'IiII, Laurie Smilii, AIIuert IVIoise, Rutledge Lawson treading Ietterj, Dean fTooIir-, Br-vc-rIy Hughes, I-Izuwaync CJnIey, Ann SmilIi, Annette IVIariIyn Hodge. BUCIQ row. 1 fr in rmiliv' .iam TIIMWGEW IXIiIlon Ifvuns, IIDOUQIUS BI:nmIing. Sidney Stubbs, CarI Saunders, Richard AIpert, Barbara rIoI1, .. in nm! ,Iunv Bank:-r fexlreinc rigI1tI. 40 .,, ': I' I" ..,I . , ,, I I f t If II tl' - II, , , ,,x ,, .., , . ,, Y P, .. , -,, gg, J- vi ,ss ,Q f, MRS. PRETTO H. BRUNSON. Sponsor ADOPTION OF NEEOY FAMILY Homeroom 109 turnished a delightful Christmas tor a tamity ot six peopte. Among the gifts for the tive children were a hicycte, ftotts, a miniature tire engine, a ctecoratect tree, and many surprise packages. The homeroom also furnished a com- ptete Christmas dinner, including not only the traditional turkey hut atso two ducks and ati the usuat uaccessoriesf' This very worthwhile project hrought as much happiness to the homeroom as it ctict to the family. HOMEROOM OFFICERS A PREVIENV OF NONE WORLD OR NONE., Is SHOWN IN CLASSROOM I09 Loft to Right: Barhara Rohertson. Secretary: Tent Licle, President: Ernest Weeks Treasurer: Sammy Gantt. Vice President. CHRISTMAS TREE FOR ADOPTED FAMILY In from working on Lfcyclgg Jimmy Newman, left, anct rtvct Linte. right. Ollwrs, tmginnirig ut extreme left and reacting clockwise: Sara Vvirnhertv and Ernest Vveetcs, wrappmfl P3Ck2lEf': Martha VVitt1Pf5i'0U"' tfinfl UP Candy: 5I'ift9Y None and Buctcty Cvuttedge, exzimiriing ctott. 4l Barwiclc ' Blaclcwell BlEiClGVO0Cl Blancling W Boylcin Braclliam V! ,VV,, . . M If AA., ., Wada . I ' ,"1 1 I? ' . V 1' I . f , I K ' ' I. I ' 4 . f . . A,,,' .if t Q Vt CARLOS BRUCE BARWICK . . . popular . . . favorite sturly in high school, mathematics... enjoys reacling informative laoolrs and magazines. Vice Presiclent Homeroom l: Secretary Homeroom 23 Treasurer Homeroom 3: Dramatics ClulJ 2. MACHERE BLACKWELL . . . favorite pastime, dancing . . . college plans, University of South Carolina. Dramatics Clulu l, 2, 4g Cliorus l. 2, 3: Decoration Com- mittee Junior-Senior 35 Future Teachers Clulu 3, 4: Treasurer F. T. A. Clulo 4. SHIRLEY ,ANN BLACKWOOD . . . favorite suhieci, English literature . . . favorite pastime. lmitting . , . plans to enter training for nurse's career alter graduation. Study Clulv l, 2: Fellowship Cluln 3, 4: Olilice Assistant 4. KEYS TO THE CITY SUMTER,S 1952 REGlON.AL LEGION JUNIOR BASEBALL CHAMPIONS .lolrn Dull-ie, outstancling center fielfler, receives one ol tl1e lceys presentecl to time team lay Council- JAMES DOUGLAS BLANDING, JR. . . . friendly . . . popular . . . likes to play the saxaphone . , will attend The Citadel. Vice President Balsa Bugs 3: Treasurer Pliotograpliy Clulo 4: Bancl 3, -1: Dramatics Clulo l, 25 l-ll-XAIAYS Stall Al, CAROLYN LOREE BOYKIN . . . favorite suluject, English creatine writing . . . holzlvy, collectl ing pitchers . . . plans to he u nurse. Dramatics Clulo l, 2, 3. -ls Reireshnrent Committee .lunior- Senior 3: Cliorus l. JULIAN C. BRADHAZVI . . . cute lmy . . . favorite course in high school, slwp , . . enjoys hunting . . . will either atterul Clemson or join Air Force after graclriation. Future Farmers ol America l, 2. 4. Hue: man C. G. Brown and Mayor Pricilla Shaw. -SCHOOL LIFE 43 . . . favorite lvowling . . . after graduation plans, office worlz. Stucly Clulo lg Junior Homemalcers ol America Club 2, 3, 4. . . . tlwe leincl of girl everylnofly lilzes . . . favorite sulniects, psycliology and commercial . . . plans to do secretarial worlz alter graduation. 4-H Club l. 2, 3, 4. . . favorite subject, liome economics . . . loves sewing and coolaing . . . plans to clo secretarial Ivorlz after graduation. rl1l'f'i-lSUl'C'l' Arnerica 43 Junior Hornemalccrs ol America 2, 3, 4. . . . favorite lilies to liunt, fisli, and swim . . . after graduation plans, go to IUOYIQ. Diversilziefl Occupations 3, 4: Tracie ancl lnclustrial Clulw 3, 4. 'N , f- ,, , f " ' A THE CLASS ZQ53 JEAN ROUNETTE BROWDER stucly in lligli scliool, typing . . . favorite recreation. MARVIN C. BURRESS, JR. . . . very frienolly . . . very lilealzle . . . favorite recreation, lwunting and fisliing . . . plans to join Air Force after gracluation from l1iglI scliool. Higll School Cllorus 3, 4: Music Clula 3, 4. EVELYN VIRGINIA BROWN CAROLINE BURROWS . . . lovely looking girl . . . cute clotlies . . . college, Coleer. Presiclent Homeroom 2, 3: Vice Presiclent Class 44: Dramatics Clula l, 23 Fellowsllip Clula 3, 4: Band 45 HI-WAYS Stall 4: Cliairman Stuclent Council Committee 4. MILDRED LOUISE BROWN PHYLLIS LOUISE BYRD lwlzlmy. . . . lilzes commercial course . . , grand dancer . . . H 4 S ' H k F collecting sclzool clippings, plans to attencl Business college. Ol'IN"I'00lH Q QCl'?lI'1I'y IIUDIOI' OIUEITIH CYS 0 Band I' 2' 3. 4: Dranlatics -I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1: Stuclent Council lx Commercial Clula 3. JOELLA CAMPBELL sturly, agriculture . . , favorite pastime, reading . .. . . . favorite sulmiect, l1ome economics . . . favorite pastime, sew- DAVID PRESLEY BURNS ing . . . plans to do office worlz. Junior Honienmalcers ol America l, 2: Treasurer Junior Home- malqers ol America 3: Tracle and lnflustrial Clulm 4. Bm.. me! S 4 I0 MW W mm V -A 1 " , Browder BfOVVn, E. Brown, M. Burns Burress Burrows 44 vii Clxacla Clrampey Clrancc Ik 'I CllHIlCll6f K M Clark Cooke SHARON GRA CHADA . . . good stuclent . . . wonderful friend . . . favorite sulniect. English . . . plans to attend college. lunior Homemalcers ol America 3: Dramatics 4: Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3: Clxorus 2, 3, 4. RICHARD GERALD CHAMPEY . . . Hlerryn . . . everylnodys friend . . . plans to attend Bot: tones University. Secretary Homeroom l: High News Reporter 3: Fellowslwip Clulv 4: Pllotograplly l, 2: Assembly Committee 3, fl: Clrorus 3, 4. SHIRLEY DEE CHANCE . . . favorite sulniects, lzistory, Home economics, and English . . enjoys going to Santee . . , liolnlay is sewing . . . plans to tal2e a lneauty course. President Homeroom li Dramatics Clulu 2. O DREHERI SUMTER 21-DREHER 20, OCTOBER 17, l952 Sumter's clIeerleaf,lers. left to riglit: Connie Beclc. Wlilce Kelly, Llawayne Onlcy, Betty Lee Holman, Lucia Banlcs Vvimloerly lmascotl, Buclrly Gul! ledge. .lulius Vvincllmam. Not in picture: Eclclie Gallup lleltl, lvlary Frances lVlcKnigl1t lriglmtl. -SCHOOL LIFE if JOE DAVID CHANDLER . . , favorite stucly in lzigll scllool, lmiology . , . lilees to Spend lris spare time lmnting uncl Hsliing . . . plans to join tl1e Navy after graduation. 4-H Clulu lg Slucly Club 2, 3, 4, HOWARD CLARK . . . zleligluful sense of l1umor . , . favorite sturlies in l'Iigl1 sclioal, art and Englisli . . . favorite pastime, drawing . . . plans lo stucly for tlIe ministry at-ter gracluation, Art Club 4: Foolluull rl-eaIII 3. DEAN ALBUTT COOKE . , . gootl looleing clallws . . . clrarrning manner . . . lots of friends . . . lilees to read classical lzaolas, especially Scotts poetry. Dranratics Clulo l. 3, +l: Senior Play Reading COI1lIIlllt9G -1. THE CLASS 1953 BIYRNA ALICE COPELAND PATRICIA ANN CRAIG . . . favorite sulzjvft, social stuilies . . . plans to attemtl Furman . . . lilzes Spanisli course lvest . . . liolnlwy, collecting pltotograplls University. . . . plans to attenal University of Soutli Carolina. I Stucly Cluln lg .lunior l'll0l1lPIlllil'iCl'S of America 2, 3: Future Secretary Homeroom 3: Clwrus 4: Dramatics Club l, 2, 4: lc-zIclIers ol America 3: Lilarary Club 4. Junior Homemalders ol Arnerica Cluln 3. SUSAN REBECCA COPELAND RUTH CAROLINE CROWSON I I I flu, quiet fypg I I I enjoys Spwfng in Spare time I I I Lopes . . lovely personality . . . lovely girl , . . favorite sulnject, art to enter lqusiness worlzl after gracluation. . . . plans to lne a liomemaleer. Glltire Assistant 3, 4g .lunior HoIrIenIal-:ers ol America 3: Dfafmdics l' 23 Fellowship ll: Vlce Presldenl .LH Club QI 3 Hoincroiom 3: Decoration Committee .lunior-Senior 3: HI-WAYS Stall 4. lVlARGUERITE VIRGINIA COU LTER LADSON CIENTRY CUBBAGE, JR. . . , favorite sulmierit tvpinq lilies sinqing will prolmlzly clo office worlc alter grazlrrutioli from liigli sclluol. A ' l gmlwl allllele l l A grand lellow wl go to Ullman Footlwall Team l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball Team l, 2, 3. 4: Block HSN Clula 2, 3. 4: President 4: Ollice Assistant l, 2. 3, 4g Co-Captain Football 4: Shrine Bowl 4. 4'H Cllllj l, 3, Illlllltll' HOIll0IllakCrS ol Anlerlca 2. BARBARA ANN CRAFT . . . cluinty little girl . . . uivacioiis . . . loves dancing as ll BILLY DAVlS recreation . . . a promising young liomemalwr of America. . . . favorite study, agriculture . . . lilees tinlzering lvllll macliinery Dralriutirs Clulo l. 2: Stutly Clula 4: .lunior-Senior Enter- - - ' llluns to work on lalm alfa' gracluallon' tainment Cornrnittec 3. Future Farmers ol Amcrira Clulu l, 2. 3, 45 4-H Clula l. ici- Copt-lancl, Nl, Copeland, S. Coulter Craft Craig Crowson Cululnage Davis 45 DeBerry lv ix' Q 9 reg, I D i Ck Dmkins xi "ax ' X f Driggers N Ducom Duiiie BENJABIIN THOMAS DEBERRY L. BYNUM DRIGGERS . . . good student . . . favorite pastime, iiunting . . . will eittier . . . piantation type . , . popular . . . pians to attend Clemson oiienit tire University of Soutiz Carolina or join tile Navy. and major in agricultural engineering. Cborus i, 2: Pbotograpimy Ciub 1. 2: Trade anci inciustriai Homeroom President 4: Vice President 3: F. F. A. Club 4: Club 3, 4: Vice President 4. 4-H Club i. 2, 3, 4. PAUL FRANCOIS DUCOM, JR. . . . good stufient . . , easy-going . . . iitzabie . . . favorite , t'on, i nting . . . pians to attend tiie University of Nortii Dramatics Club i: Future Business Leaders of America 2: Egiiicfiia ami, graduation, Niusic Club 3: Art Club 4: Treasurer Homeroom 2: Ciiorus 2, 3, 4: PII-WAYS Staff 4. IDA VERNON DICK . . . ciiarming girl . . . coiiege, University of North Caroiina. Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3: Stuciy Club i, 2, 3. 4. JOHN B. DUFFIE WILLIAM DINKINS' JR' . . . ieacier . . . student . . . atiliete. ' ' ' grand fellow ' ' ' plans fo attend Bob ,ones University' Ciass President l, 4: Secretary-Treasurer Student Body 2: Hi-Y Ciub 3, 4: Pbotograpby Club 3: Feiiowsbip Club 4: Stucient Councii 1, 2, 3, 4: Higii News Sports Eciitor 3, 4, Treasurer Homeroom 2, 4: Presicient Homeroom 3: Decoration HI-WAYS Staii 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4: Football 4: Legion Committee Junior-Senior 3. Basebaii 3. TWELVE CAPTAINS AND A GENERAL Under tbeir ieaciersilip tbe ciass soici 8,285.10 magazine cioiiars for HIYWAYS. Front row, left to rigiit: Joiin Lanciry, Jane Baker, Dick Lee, Sara Eiien Marsbaii. Baciz row, ieft lo right: Barbara Robertson, Robert Jones, Jackie Pitts, Virginia McMillan, Margaret Ann Hiii, Bunny McLaurin, Marion Griffin, .Iacqueiyn Foster, Caroi Knigbt fcimairmanl. -SCHOOL LIFE ' 47 THE CLASS ZQ53 ANNETTE lvlARlE ELLIS . . . lovely girl . . . lots of friends . . . plans to attend Carolina and study pharmacy. Band l, 2, 3, 4: lvlusic Club l, 2, 3, 4: Music Committee HI-WAYS Stail 4: Relreshinc-nt Committee .lunior-Senior 3. MARILYN ROSE ELLIS . . . wonderful student . . . favorite study, chemistry . . . plans to enter U. S. C, after graduation. Dreher High School: VV. VV. VV. Club 1. Edmunds High: J. H. A. Club 2: Dramatics Club 3: Latin Club 4. lViARION MILTON EVANS . . . favorite sport, football , . , favorite subject, agriculture . . plans to be a farmer after graduation. Future Farmers of America l, 2, 3, 4: 4-H Club l, 2, 3: School Bus Driver 4. QTTO RICHARD EVANS . . . grand fellow . . . courteous . . . friendly, dependable . . loves camping and automobiles . . . lzolzlay, scouting, Band l, 2, 3: Tracie and industrial Club 4: Treasurer Pho- tography Club 1: Music Club iz HI-WAYS Staff 4. 21.6 X JAMES KELLY FLOWERS . . . good student . . , lots of friends . . . after graduation plans, to go to Clemson or to join the Air Force. Dramatics Club l, 2: Stucly Club 3, 4: Treasurer Homeroom 3. DORIS FULTON FORT . . . favorite stucly, stenograpliy . . . favorite pastime, playing piano . . . after graduation, Boll lones University. Football Sponsor lg 4VH Club i, 2: Fellowship Club 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Girls' Athletic Association lg Commencement Marshal 3. MARY JACQUELYN FOSTER . . . wonderful friend . . . all round girl . . . plans to attend U. S. C. Secretary Homeroom 3, 4: Vice President F. T. A. 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: G. A. A. 3, 45 HI-WAYS Staff 4: High News Stall 2. 4: Commencement Marshal 3. EDWIN L. FREEMAN, JR. . . . lilealnle fellow . . . pleasing personality . . . lilies life on the farm . . . plans to attend Clemson after graduation. High School Band i, 2. 3, 4: 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Ellis, A. Ellis, lvl. Q Evans, M. Evans, Q, Flowers Fort Foster Freeman Gantt Gardner Geddings, NI. Joyce Cveddings, NI. .Ieron Geddings, M. Geddings, JAMES SAMUEL CvANTT . . . good student . . . grand friend . . . popular . . . loves baseball . . . plans to attend Furman, Dramatics CIuIJ I. 2, 3, 4: Vice President Homeroom 4: American Legion Baseball 2. 3: Baseball Team 3, 4. ROBERT LEGRANDE GARDNER . . . goocl student . . . good friend . . . lilzes ltunting . . . expects to talze civil engineering at Clemson. PI'1otograpI1y CIuIJ I, 2: Dramatics Clulu 3, 4: I'Ii-Y Club 3, 4: Motion Picture Projectionist I, 2, 3, 4, MARGARET JOYCE GEDDINGS . . one of the Geddings twins . , . interested in social worlz . . . will study at Lander. Dramatics Club 3. 45 Magazine Campaign Publicity Manager THE 1952 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Boil: candidates were studied witllout Inias. Both were presented in an assemlaly program. In tI1e scI1ooI election Eisenhower received 564 out of 704 votes cast. 4: Secretary Homeroom I: Office Assistant 1. 2, 3, 4. Managers, seated at talzle, left to right: Nancy Spears, Laurie Smitll, Voters, left to right: Slxirlcy 2 - 1 Poole, Anne Rogers, Robert Lee, Alvenia Wine' XIIMIXMQ gard, Margaret Kirlcley. -SCHOOL UF E 5 em MARION JEROME GEDDINGS . . . tlte other Geddings twin . . . never liappier than wlien liunting or fishing . . . will enter college next fall, Treasurer Homeroom 25 Dramatics CIuIJ I, 2. 3, 4: Band I, 2, Chorus 2, 3. MARY FRANCES GEDDINGS . . grand girl . . . enjoyed commercial course in liigli school . . . will prolnalzly go into office worlz. Invitations Committee Junior-Senior 31 Study CIuIo I, 2, 3, 4, Ons CLINTON GEDDINGS . . . a friend wortlr Having . . . dependable . . . enjoys liunting and fisliing in luis spare time . . . alter graduation, Ines! opportunity that comes along. F. F. A. Club I, QQ Treasurer Trade and Industrial Clulo 43 Trade and Industrial Club 3, 4. THE CLASS ZQ53 SUE GEDDINGS . . . cute girl . . . favorite suluiect in high school, Spanish . . woill enter Vvinthrop in the fall. Dramatics Clul: l, 2, 4: Future Teacliers Clulo 4: Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3: Chorus l, 2. WILLIAM ELLIS GLASSCOCK, JR. . . . goocl fellow . . . good athlete . . . good friend . . . hobby, wooclcraft . . . plans to join the Air Force after graduation. Football Team 3, 4: Bloclc HS" Clulu 3, 4: Co-Captain Footloall Team 4. BETTY LYNN GRAHAM . . . enthusiastic . . . ilepenzlalwle , . . plans to worlz after grafluation. Vice President Library Cluln 4: Secretary 3: lvlember l, 2, 3. 4: Lilprary Assistant l, 2, 3, 4: Delegate to Library Convention at Vvintllrop 3, GLORIA ALICE GRAYBEAL , . . wonderful girl . . . sincere friencl . . , future plans, Furman University. Dramatics Clulr l, 2: Fellowship Cluln 3: G. A. A. 4: Future Teachers ol America 2, 3, 4: Reporter High News l, 4: HI-WAYS Staff 4. , Geclclings, S. Glasscocli Cvrillin Cvulleclge MARION ERNEST GRIFFIN . . . fine ability . . . fine student . , . will major in chemical engineering at Clemson. Dramatics Club 3, 4: Photography Club l, 2: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Co-Captain Magazine Campaign 4: Motion Picture Projectionist 2, 3, 4. CARL OLIVER GULLEDGE . . . "Buddy" . . . blond and gay and well-dressed . . . capable , . . clependalnle . . . future plans, The Citadel. Dramatics Club l, 2, 3, 4: Vice President 4: Cheerleader 2, 4: Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3: Ht-WAYS Stall 4. RALPH LAMAR HAIR . . . favorite pastime, playing football . . . favorite study, mathe- matics . . , after graduation plans, to attend Clemson. Treasurer Homeroom 4: 4-H Club l: D. O. Clulr 3: Future Farmers ol America l, 2. BARBARA ANN HALL . . . favorite subject, shorthand . . . plans to do secretarial worlz after graduation from high school. Vice Presiclent Homeroom 4: Circulation Manager High News 4: Girls' Athletic Association 4: HI-WAYS Stall 4. Cvraliam Cvrayloeal Hair Hall 1--K: 72,0 Hatfield, C. Hatfield, J. Hatfield. L. I-L Haynes Hess Hill, M. CALVIN CLARENCE HATFIELD, JR. . . . one grand fellow . . . good student . . . lilies hunting and fishing . . . future plans, ille Navy. 44H Clulo l, 2: Future Farmers ol America Clulo 3, 4: Scllool Bus Driver 3, 4. JAMES BERNARD HATFIELD . . . lilzes matitematics . . . favorite pastime, reading in tl1e lilzrary . . . will prolaalvly go to worlz after graduation. Study Club l, 2: Trade and lndustrial Club 3, 4: Diversified Occupations 3, 4, LUCIAN HERBERT HATFIELD III . . . good student . . . a friend you can count on . . . after graduation, plans to attend Furman to study for tl1e ministry. JANET HOGLE HAYNES . . , favorite study, typing . . . favorite pastime, sewing . . . plans to attend Business college after graduation from liiglt school. Dramatics Clulz l, 2: Study Club 3, 4: Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3. CHARLENE DESALES HESS . . . good student . . . favorite pastime, coolzing . . . plans to go in training and join the girls in wliite. Dramatics Clula l, 2, 3. el: Relresl1ment Committee Junior- Senior 3: l'Il-XIVAYS Stall 4. lVlARGARET ANN HILL . . . lovely girl. . . lots of friends . . . good student . . . college plans, Carolina. Hr-VVAYS Stall 4: Dramatics Club l. 2, 3, 4: Assemluly Committee 4: Secretary Homeroom l: Vice President -lg Art Study Club l, 2. 3: Fellowslmip Clulim 4, Clula 4. 't . - If .,.,, , , 'f 'i 31674. clg. SUIVITER-FLORENCE FOOTBALL FILM The Gamecoclcs amputate tlie Yellow Jaclcets' V sting. Score i8-l3. Date ll-26-52. Rows, front to lzaclz, left to riglzt: lll l..anl1am. Nl.: Spears. N.: Burrows, C.: Hess, C.: lVlarsl1all, S. E.: .lol'ms, B.: Evans, R.: Geddings, O.: Russell, J. A.: Copeland, RJ Browder, tl.: Hodge. A.: Byrd, P.: l3t Cllampey, J.: Lee. R.: Cluandler, J.: Kirlcley, M.: Graylbeal, G.: lVliX0f1- C-1 Hal- lield, J.: fill Gantt. S.: Cveddings, J.: Lee, Z.: Sneed, P.: Stone, S.: Newman, J.: Kelley, F. -SCHOOL LIFE ,. ,i ' ft., ,:,K,.f,,t '1 "'t ,, ",Pff 'L g , 1 ,tfv . . . musician . . . THE CLASS 1953 Oris MONROE HILL faffngr . . . 9001! all round. Banol l, Q, 3, 4, 4-H Clulz l, 2, 3, 4: Presiclent 4-H Club 4: F. F. A. 3, 4: Hi-Y Club 3. Cliairman Properties Committee Junior-Senior 3: 4: HlfWAYS Stall 4: Drum Major 4. FRANCES CAROLYN HINSON . . favorite worle in lzigli sclzool, sienograpliy anal typewriting . . . plans after lzigli scliool, office work. Junior Homemalcers of America l, 2: Future Business Leaders ol America 3 ...smart... .4. ANNETTE HODGE darling girl . . . favorite subject in liigli scllool, biology . . . after graduation, plans to go in training at Tuomey. 4-l'l Clulz l, 2, 3: Servecl in Cafeteria 3, 4. . . . favorite HENRY HODGE subject, agriculture . . . lilzes to liunt, fislm, ancl swim . . , future plans, eillier tlze Air Force or tlze farm. lxlemluer F. Club 3. 4. F. l, 2, 3, 41 TYCBSUYCF .,,L.g Hill, Hinson Hoclge, Hubert Hoclge. l... 52 HUBERT C. HODGE . . . best-lilzecl study, mechanical drawing . . . enjoys fislling and liunting . . . plans for the future, Clemson College or the U. S. Air Force. Football Team 2, 3, 4, Block "S" Club 2, 3, 4. LYNWOOD H. HODGE . . . favorite subject, agriculture . . . loves lwrses . . . ambition io be a successful farmer. 4-H Club l, 2, 33 Future Farmers ol America 2, 3, 4: Reporter F. F. A. Club 3: Vice President F. F. A. Cluln 4. MARILYN YVONNE HODGE . . . lovely girl . . , lilies typing . . . ambition, to become an efficient ofhce worlzer. Dramatics Cluln 2, 3, 4: Secretary Homeroom 43 Marshal at Commencement 3: HI-WAYS Stalil 4. BEVERLY DEAN HUGHES . . . clmrm plus efciciency. . . college plans, Gulfparlz, Mississippi. Treasurer Homeroom 3: Dramatics Clula l. 2. 3, 4: Junior- Senior Decorations Committee 3: Higlt News Stall 4: HI-WAYS Stall 4: Magazines Pulolicity Cllairman 4. 'HV M' Hodge, A. Hoclge, Henry Hoclge, M. Hughes Husbands Ingram Jol1ns,B. Jolwns, Harriette Joilnston Jones, G. JOHN D, HUSBANDS . . . "Sonny" . . . favorite pastime, fishing . . . college plans, The Citadel. President Homeroom lg Baseball 2: Basketball 43 Bloclc US" Clula 3, 4: Hi-Y Clula 3, Properties Committee Junior-Senior 3: American Legion Baseball l, 2. ADRIAN FURMAN INGRAM . . , a friendly way . . . welt-liked . . . after graduation, Adrian will proizainly continue the work begun in D. O. ciass. Diversified Occupations 3, 4: Trade and industrial Club 3, 4. BARBARA RUTH JOHNS . . . favorite suiziect, English . . . popular girl . . . iiizes music and dancing . . . plans to ine an airline irostess. Dramatics Club l, 2, 3, 45 Decoration Committee Junior Senior 3: HIYWAYS Stall 4. THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH A BOB JONES UNIVERSITY FILM Left to Right: Ray Long, Slraron Cilada, Pat Craig, Norman Smith, lvlary Frances Marshall, Jerome Geddings, Bynum Driggers, Billy Glass- roclc ts:-lling ticicetsl, Mawin Burress. -SCHOOL LIFE if WJ Qui, Z , M. EUGENIA HARRIETTE JOHNS . . . qaeeniy . . . lovable . . . talented. Band l, 2, 3: All-State 2: Vice President Homeroom 2g Board lVleml1er Cv, A. A. 2: 2nd Rating French Horn Quartet District Band Clinic 35 Art Club 4. V. MARGUERITE JOHNSTON . . . favorite suiwiects, stenograpiiy and typewriting . , . amizition, to be a gooci office worlzer. Junior Homemalcers of America 1, 214-H Club 2, 3: Exchange Editor ot Higit News 4. GEORGIA DUBOSE JONES . . . favorite Subject, shorthand . . . favorite pastime, reading and raciio programs . . . aminition, to ire a goori office secretary. 4-H Club l: Library Club 2, 3: Trade and industrial Clulo 4. O 7 MHIBETH THE CLASS F ZQ53 ROBERT MCFADDEN JONES, JR. . . . music lover . . . future plans, Clemson and agronomy. Commencement Marshal 3: Hi-Y Cluh 4: Vice President Homeroom 4: 4-H Cluh 1, 2: Music Club 3, 4: C0-Captain Magazines Campaign 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4. xg LUCIUS E. KEELS . . . charm, good loolzs, and a slow smite . . . math sharh . . . future plans, mechanical engineering at U. N. C. Diversified Occupations 3: Trade and Industrial Club 3: Read- ing Cluh 4. 1 TOMMY VV. KEELS . . . fine and dependable . . . English is his forte . . . loves to hunt . . . after graduation from high school, plans to attend Wofford College. Reading Cluh l, 2: Fellowship Clula 3, 4. FRANKLIN DELANO KELLEY . . . horn farmer . . . hunter lay choice . . . next step, college. Vice president Student Body 3: President F. F. A. 3: Chair- man Honor Council 4: Student Council l, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer State 4-H Cluh 3: HI-WAYS Staff 4. GLORIA COLLENE KING . . . lovely looking . . . leind of girl everyhody likes . . . favorite subject in high school, shorthand . . . ambition, to he a good secretary. Treasurer Homeroom 2, 4: Dramatics Cluh 1, 2, 3, 4. SONYA ANN KING , . favorite subject, distrihutive education . . . amhition, to own and operate a beauty salon. Photography Club l: Junior Homemalcers of America 2: Future Teachers of America 3: Distrihutive Education Club 4. MARGARET ABBIE KIRKLEY . . . grand student . . . grand girl . . . loves popular music . . . amhition, lahoratory technician. Dramatics Cluh 1, 2: Cv. A. A. 3, 4: High News Representa- tive 3, 4: HI-WA8'S Staff 4: Program Committee Junior-Senior 3. CAROL CATHCART KNIGHT . . . scholarship . . . leadership . . . character . . . athletics . . sparkling enthusiasm withal. Co-Editor HI-VVAYS 4: Honor Council 2, 3: Class Vice President 3: Class Treasurer 4: Homeroom President lc Cv. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' State 3. " ' ' f .V.. Jones, R. KGCISI Lv King, G, King, S. Ann in Keels, T. Kelley Kirliley Knight, Knight, Fl. Landry Lanham W' . W' "fit ' 7 f wi' Q G1-ir' Lawson Lee, J. Lee, Richard ,api , 4, A MARTHA ROBISON KNIGHT . . . attractive girl . . . good student . . . favorite sutziect, English - - - l'l0lJby, tlflitting . . . will enter college in time fall. Fellowship Club 3, 4: Treasurer Class 3: Vice President Homeroom 2: Dramalics Clutn 1, 2. F. JOHN LANDRY . . . lilies to hunt and fist: . . . liotntzy, woodworiz . . . plans to go to a Business college. Reading Club 1, 2. 3: President Distrilvutive Education Cluti 4: Homeroom Vice President 4, MARGIE ANN LANHAM . . . excellent student . . . wonderful voice . . . future plans, commercial woriz. Secretary Homeroom lg Vice President 2: Treasurer 3: Music Club 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 41 Fellowship Cluia 3: HI-WAYS Staff 4: High News Statt 4. THE SENIOR PLAY Tile Little lwinister Mols AND UNDERSTUDIES MAKE-UP Seated, from front, left, clockwise: Mary Sutton, Julian Bradham, Hulbert Hodge. Alhert lVloise, lrvin Plowden, Sonny Husbands, Myrna Copeland. .tMalQers-up," standing, left to right: Llawayne Onley, Shirley Stone, Carol Knight, Sara VVimherly. -SCHOOL LIFE JOHN RUTLEDGE LAWSON . . . leader worth following . . . plans: Vvtofford, Emory, medical missionary. President Homeroom 1. 2, 4: Secretary Class 3: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Vice President 4: Honor Council 2, 4: Hi-Y Cluti 3, 4: Secretary 3: President 4: Business Nlanager HI-WAH'S 4. JAMES CARPENTER LEE . . , grand fellow . . . good student . . . popular. ayllanager Football Teafn hjlanager Baseball Team 3: Block HS" Club 4: Publicity Committee Magazine Sales 4: Hi-Y Cluh 3, 4: Speech Clulu 3. RICHARD SMYTH LEE . . . . with his splendid ability, Dietz will go far in any undertatzing. Band l. 2, 3, 4: President 4: Hi-Y Clutn 3, 4: Treasurer 4: 4-H Clutn 1, 2, 3: Nlusic Clulu 4: Business Statt HI-XR7AYS 4. L THE CLASS F1953 ROBERT EDWARD LEE . RAY WESLEY LONG . . . good student . . . popular . . . lilies hunting and fishing . . . . . . favorite subjects, chemistry and physics , . , lilies any hind will attend Furman or Newberry. of sports . . plans to go to The Citadel. Photography Clula lg Dramatics Club 2, 3: Fellowship Club Football 4: Master ot Ceremonies Junior-Senior 35 Golf Team 4: Junior Varsity Footlsall Team 23 Chorus 3, 4. 4. ZAN LEE MARGARET PAULINE LOWDER . . . grand girl . . . favorite sulzject, typing . . , after graduation plans, to he a secretary. . . . future, art at Carolina . . . dress shop in Florida, with original designs. Dramatics Club l, 2, 3: Art Cluln 4: Art Editor Ht-WAYS 4: D '..CllJ ,4gl'tt' C 'tt J'- High News Staff 4: Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3. mmahcc u 1' 2' 3 nvlalons Omml ee umm Senior 3. T - A . .. ,, HEODORF USON LIDE' JR MARY FRANCES MARSHALL . . . Ted . . . good spealeer . . . grand person . . . clever . . Original. . . . friendly and sweet . . , good student . . . dependable . . . Dramatics Clulo l. 2, 3: Speech Clula 4: Business Manager favorite sublect' typing ' ' A plans to be a Secrftary' U HLVVAYS 4. Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Homeroom 4-H Clulu lg Junior Homemalcers of America 3: Dramahcs President 4: Commencement Marshal 33 Senior Play 4. Club 3' 43 Chorus 3' MARJORIE LAVONNE LOGAN SARA ELLEN MARSHALL . . . lovely girl with a lovely voice . . . lilzes to coolz . . . . . . lovely looking girl . . . very efficient . . . favorite subject, lilzes to sew. typing . . . plans to become a secretary. Vice President Homeroom 3: Chorus l. 2, 3: J, H. A, Clulo President Homeroom 4: Dramatics Clulzz 3, 43 4-H Club l, 2: 2, 3, 4. Chairman Activities Staff HIYWAYS 4. 'Qwx 9' giim , am-.A Fi? Lee, Roloert Lee, Zan Lide Logan Long Lowcler Marshall, M. Marshall, S, 56 ' lvlclnnis lxlclmurin Nlclaeocl lxlclvlillan lvlerrilield lvlillard DAVID FAIRLEY MCINNIS . . . ulvlacku . . . full of fun . . . wonderful swimmer and cliver . . . plans to attencl the University of North Carolina. Dramatics Club l, 2, 3, 4: HI-WAX'S Stall 4: Manager Basketball lg Cliorus 2, 3. HELEN WRAGG MCLAURIN . . . HBunnyH . . . lovely girl with a lovely personality . . . plans to malze ll0Tl'l-9 in Atlanta, Dramatics Club l, 2, 3: Art Club 4: Co-Captain Magazine Sales 4: May Court 2, 3. ANNETTE ELEANOR MCLEOD . . . plans to lie a telephone operator. Secretary Homeroom I: Vice President 2: Il. l'l. A. Club l, 2: Trade and lnclustrial Club 3, 4: Secretary Tracle ancl lndus- trial Club 3: State Publicity Agent Tracle ancl lnclustrial Club 4. JUNIOR-SENIOR DANCE The .lunior-Senior is tlie largest ancl tl'Ie most- loolcecl-lorwarfl-to social event ol tlle year. Dancing is one ol tlle features ol tlmis never-to-be-lorgotten evening. Couples, left to rigllt: Llawayne Onley ancl Franlclin Kelley, Shirley Stone anfl Bucldy Cvulledge. -SCHOOL LIFE l tsl VIRGINIA IRENE lVlClVlILLAN . . . plans to sturly music at Vxfintlirop, Cliiel lVlarslIal Commencement 3: F. B. L. A. Club 2: l'll- VVAY5 Stall 4: Secretary lVlusic Club 4: Cliorus l, 2, 3, 4: Higll News Stall 4. EVELYN LOUISE lVlERRIEIEI.D . . . lovely girl . . . lots of friencls . . . plans to attend Texas State Teucliers College. 4-H Club 3: Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3: Junior Homemaliers ol America Club 4. WESLEY AUGUSTUS MILLARD . . . likes science . . . luuilcls model autos . . . will continue lnancl in college. Band 2, 3. 4: Dramatics Club lc lvlusic Club 2: Fellowslmip Club 3, 4: All State Band 2: Decoration Committee Junior- Senior 3. THE CLASS F M53 LEONARD LEE lVl1TcHUM . . . friendly fellow . . . lilzalvle . . . favorite sulnject, geometry . . . lilzes to liunt and fisli . . . after graduation plans, to go to trade scllool. 4-H Clula lc Reading Clulm 2, 3, 4. THOMAS CLYDE MIXON . . . very lilzalale fellow . . . grand football player . . . favorite study, sliop . . . plans to go to worlz after graduation, Footloall Team 4: 4-H Cluln l, 2, 3: Trade and Industrial Club 4, ALBERT DELEON lVlO1sE . . . swell fellow . . . grand dancer . . . alter graduation plans, to attend University of Nortli Carolina. Dramatics Clulo 2, 3, 41 Band l, 2: Higli News Representa-. tive 43 .lunior-Senior Entertainment Committee 3: Tennis Team 3, 4. CHARLES ASHLEIGH lVlOOD . . . excellent student . . grand person . . . future doctor. Treasurer Homeroom 3, Properties Committee .lunior-Senior 3: Commencement lvlarslral 3: Seerelary Homeroom Ll: Hi'Y -lg l'll-XAIAYS Stall 43 Business lvlanager Senior Play 4. ADA ELIZABETH NIOONEYHAN . . . a good student . . . lilees all worla in tlte commercial department . . . plans to laecome a secretary. .l. H. A, Clulu lg Dramatics Cluln 2, F. B. l... A. Clula 3: Reading Clulo 4. ETTA JACQUELINE MOORE . . . lovely girl . . . favorite sulajects, social studies . . . future, to go in training. , President J. H. A, 3, 4: Secretary Homeroom 43 Decoration Committee .lunior-Senior 3g J. H. A. Club l, 2, 3, 4: Cllorus 3. JULIAN A. lVloORE, JR. . . , lilzatnle fellow . . . favorite sulniects, algelnra and geometry . . . will go to Clemson or The Citadel. lxlusir Appreciation Clulo lg Reading Clula 2, 3, 4: Junior Varsity Football Team 2, 3. XIERA ELIZABETH lVlOORE . . . cleliglxtful girl . . . favorite sulvject, typing . . . collects poems . . . alter graduation from liigli scliool, plans to lve a secretary. Seffiilflfy HOIIICYOOHI lj 'Ll-H 12 2, QU' S. -3 Qi Nlitflwum lvlixon lvlooneylwan lxloore, E. J. lvloise lvlood Moore, J. A. Moore, V. IN Iorris Newman Niclxols Onley Outlaw Owens RUBY ROUNETTE IVIORRIS . . . darling girl . . . favorite subject, Home economics . . . will talte a Business course. Dramatics Cluln 2, 4: Homeroom Presiclent 2: High News Representative lp Girls' Atliletic Association 3. SAMUEL JAMES NEW'MAN, SIR. . . . Hlimmyn . . . delightful personality . . . lilzes to :lance . . will attencl the University of North Carolina. Dramatics Clulo l, 2, 3. 4: Dance Committee 3: Entertain- ment Committee .Iunior-Senior 3. JACK NICHOLS . . . fine friend . . . very popular . . . wonderful dancer . . . plans to join Air Force. Homeroom Treasurer 35 Junior-Senior Entertainment Commit- tee 3g Dance Committee .Iunior Class Dance 3. SPRING FESTIVAL Tlxe coronation ol tlle queen ol Eclmuncls Higlw School is tlie cliiel event ot tlme Spring Festival, wliicli talccs place in Nlay. In tlie picture, lVlrs. Brunson, center, is slmowing tlie crown ancl train to Ive worn lay tl'xe queen. Left, left to riglit: Pllyllis Snelgrove, Ann Smitlm. Riglit, left to riglzt: Martha Slmaw, Harriette Johns, Martha Kniglut. -SCHOOL LIFE 5,1 59 is 46- LLANVAYNE FREDA QNLEY . . . Cute girl . . . adorable Clotlies . . . everylyotlyls friend. Vice President lg Treasurer 2: Clieerleader I, 2. 3, 43 Higli News Columnist l, fl: Dramatics Clula l, 2, 3: Art 4: HI-WAX'S Statl 4: Senior Play -l. THELMA OUTLAW . . . favorite course, psychology . . . plans to lie a teleplione operator. F. B. I... A. l, 2, 3: lvlusic Clull -lg F. B. I.. A. Clulu Treasurer 2: F, B. I.. A. Clulo Secretary 3. NANCY LOUISE GWENS . . . enjoys commercial sulziects . . . pastime, malzing clotlies . . . will attencl lnusiness college after graduation from liigli scliool. J. I-I. A. Club Club 4. 2: F. B. I.. A. Clulv 3: Trade ancl Invlustrial THE CLASS F ZQ53 RUBY ALBERTA OXENDINE . . . a deligbtful girl witb a deligbtyrul bobby, growing roses . . . plans to attend business college after graduation from bigll sclzool. 4-l'l Club 3: Reading Club 4. ADLAI STEVENSON PACE, JR. . . . "Steve" . . . favorite subject, boolzlzeeping . . . favorite pastime, worlzing on cars . . . plans to be arf arcbitect. Secretary Homeroom lg Football Team l, 2, 3: Dramatics Club l, 2, 3. LOUISE PARNELL . . . friendly . . . enjoys yelling, at football games . . . favorite subject, modern problems . . . plans to do secretarial worlz after graduation from bigb scbool. 4-H Club l, 2. 33 Trade and lndustrial Club 4. SUDIE .IEANETTE PIERSON . . . girl everybody lilies . . . favorite subject, Englisb . . . enjoys malzing clotlies and cooleing good tliings to eat . . plans to be a telepbone operator. J. H. A. Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' 4-H Club I. LATUS WAYNE PIGOTT . . . favorite subject, business matb . . . bobby, worlzing witll electrical equipment . . . will talze a course in raolio and television servicing and go into business. Pbotograpby Club l: Reading Club 2, 3, 4. JACQUELINE ANN PITTS . . . wonderful leader . . . plans to attend medical college. President Girls' Athletic Association 4: Vice President Home- room 3, 4: HI-VVAYS Staff 4: Board Member G. A. A. 3: Reporter Higli News 4: Co-Captain Magazine Sales 4. RUBY LEE PLAYER . . . fine girl . . . lilees commercial course, best in bigb scbool . . . plans to clo office work after graduation. J. H. A. Club 2. F. T. A. Club 3. F. B. L. A. Club 4. IRVIN PLOWDEN . . . popular fellow . . . lilzes to ltunt and fisb . . . plans to attend Clemson next year. Dramatics Club 3, 4: Decoration Committee .lunior-Senior 3: Hi-Y Club 3: Cborus 2, 3, 4. X.. Oxencline Pace Pigon Pius Parnell Pierson Player Plowclen Poole Poulos Prosser Reese Remlaert Reynolds SHIRLEY SELENA POOLE . . . grancl sturlent . . . plays guitar . . . plans to go in training anzl lzecome a "girl in wliitef' .l. H. A. Clult: l, 2, 3, 43 Junior-Senior Program Committee 3: F. T. A, Clultr 2. WILLIAM LAMBERT POULOS . . . "Billy" . . . clever . . . friendly . . . favorite course, American History . . . liolzlny, lnunting anfl fishing . . . future plans uncertain. 4-H Clula l, 2, 33 Reading Cluls 4: Decoration Committee iluniorfsenior 3. RUTHIE LEE PROSSER . . . favorite course, Frencli . . . favorite pastime, playing tlze piano . . . plans to work in an office. Girls' Axhlerie Association l, 2: .l, H. A. Cluln 33 F, T, A. Club 3: 4-H Club I, 2. ANNUALS! SIGNl SIGN! SIGN! ln front, left to riglrtz Tecl Licle lliis lootl, Llawayne Onley, Carol Knight llraclc of Lla- ' waynel. Margaret Ann Hill. Baclz row, left to riglit: Annette Ellis, Lillian Weatherly, Ernest Weeks lseateil in winclowl, Zan Lee, George -l-lnomas, Wesley lVlillarcl, Slmirley Stone. -SCHOOL LIFE THE CLASS ZQ53 ROBERT CLINTON RICHARDSON . . . grand ailllete . . . grancl person . . . lIUp9S io play professional lmselmll. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Baslielball 2, 3. 4: Captain 3. 43 Block 33 Hi-Y 3: Vice President Honxeroonl 31 HI-WAYS Staff 4. BARBARA ANNE ROBERTSON . . . lovely to Ivalle with . . . lovely to iallz witln . . . future, business career. Vice President HOHICTOOIII lg Secrelary 45 Dramaiics l, 2: Fellowship Club 3: Tracle and industrial Club 43 Senior Class Play 4. THOMAS STEVEN ROBERTSON . . . wonderful musiriun . . . uses plIotOgraplIy as a liolnlny . . . wants to study texlile engineering at Clemson. Treasurer HOIIICFOOHI ll Band l, 2, 3, 42 lx1lISiC 22 Pliotograplxy Club l, 4: Balsa Bugs Club 3. TNIIARY ELIZABETH RODGERS . . . enjoys senior English . . . plays tim piano . . . will go in training at Roper. Bancl l, 3, 4: lvlusir Club l, 4: Secreiary l: Relreslxmenls Comrnittee .lunior-Senior 35 HI-VVAYS Stall 4. AQ- af'-M Robertson. B. Rogers, D, A. Richardson Rogers, C. R. GNN CHARLES RAY ROGERS . . . well-liked . . . loves baseball . . . favorite subject, boole- lzeeping . . . college of iris Cll0iC9, Clemson. Treasurer Homeroom 2: Dramalics Club lg Fellowship Club 3: American Legion Baseball 2. DOROTHY ANNE ROGERS . . . good siuclent . . . likes English best . . . will join the Ugirls in blue" next year lxvintliropl. President Homeroom lg Vice President Homeroom 3: High News Representative l, 2, 4g Dramatics Club l, 2. JOHN ALLEN RUSSELL . . . friendly grin . . . popular fellow . . . loves to tinlzer with maclzinery . . . plans to be a tractor and truck meclianic. Secretary Tracie ancl lnelustrial Club 45 4-H Club l, 2: Trade ancl industrial Club 3, 4. CARL FRASIER SAUNDERS, JR. . . . good all rounil fellow . . . will join the Tigers for civil engineering. Secretary Class 4: Bancl l. 2. 3, 43 Music Club 3, 4: F. F. A. l. 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: HI-WAYS Stall 4. I 3 Robertson, T. Roclgers Russell Saunders Scott Scurry Sliaw Yfev.. - 3 m Slmrter Slcinner Smitl1,l... IVITLDRED Lois SCOTT . . . quiet . . . sweet girl . . . enjoys English . . . best . . prefers Ullilllaillyu music . . . plans to become a nurse. 4-H l, 2: Reading 3, 4. MARY EVELYN SCURRY T . . . enjoys typing . . . plans to lze a stenograplier. Blaclcville, Soutb Carolina: sl. H. A. Club l, 2: F. T. A. Club l. 2: Beta Club 23 Basketball Team l. Eclmuncls High: J. H. A. Club 3. MARTHA PRISCILLA SHAW . . . grarwl girl . . . goozl student . . . plans to attencl Queenys College. Presiclent Homeroom 2. 43 Treasurer l: lunior lVlarsl1al 3: Dramatics Club l, 2, 3, 4: Higli News Representative l, 3: H1-WAYS Stall 4: Senior Play 4. CLASS DAY "VVe wlris-per-clear Eclmuncls-clear Eclmuncls, goocl-bye." Left to riglztz Robert Jones, Martba Sliaw, Vir- ginia lvlclvlillan, ,lolm Dul-lie. HSCHOOL LIFE 'SK Www MARY OLA SHORTER . . . zlarling girl . . . friendly . . . favorite subject, typing . . . plans to do secretarial worla. Clfxorus 2: Higli News Representative 33 Secretary Home- room 45 Girls' Atbletic Club 4: Captain Girls' Athletic Team 4. JAMES THOMAS SKINNER, JR. . . . favorite subject, algelzru . . . favorite pastime, lruniing . . . plans to altencl tlle University of Soutli Carolina under N. R. O. T. C. Clwrus 3, 4: Reacling Club l, 2, 3: Music Club 4. LAURIE NICHOLAS SMITH . . . popular . . . good stuclent . . . plans to lze a doctor. Commencement lvlarslmal 3: Entertainment Committee Junior- Senior 35 l"li-Y Club 3, 4: Higli News Representative 3: Clwrus l, 2, 4: Music Club 2. 3: Pliotograplny Club 4. I THE CLASS ZQ53 MARGARET ANN SMITH . . . adorable . . . Uiondefflll dancer . . . plans to be 0 nurse. Band lvlajore-tte l, 2, 3, 4: Vice President Homeroom 2: Dramatics Club l, 2, 4: Entertainment Committee Junior-Senior 3: Study Club 3. WILLIAM NORMAN SMITH . . . excellent student . . . will attend University of Florida. Reddiclc High School, Rcdcliclc, Florida: Beta Club 3: Co- Captain Magazine Sales 3: Junior Class Play 3. Edmunds High School: Fellowship Club 4. PEGGY ANNE SNEED . . , future teacher . . . will study at Coker. Secretary Homeroom 2: Treasurer 3: Dramatics Club l. 2, 3. 4: High News Reporter 2, 3: Higli News Columnist 4: HI-VVAYS Stalllt 4: Senior Class Play 4. PHYLLIS LAVINIA SNELGROVE , . . superior in sclzolarsliip, leariersliip, and character. Dramatics Club l, 2: Girls' Athletic Association 3, 4: Future TCFlCl1CfS ol AIl'lCI'ifil 42 C:0lTlIltE'l'ICK'iTlCl"lt lx'18I'Sl"I8l 31 News Typist 3: Secretary Horncroom 3: Editorial Stall HI-WAYS 4. MARY NANCY SPEARS . . . charming girl . . . goorl coolz . . . will major in religious education at Bot: lones University. Homeroom Secretary l, 2: F. B. L. A. Clulv 2: Dramatics Club lg Fellowship Club 3, 4: HI-WAYS Staff 4. SHIRLEY ANN STONE , . . lovely loolzing girl . . . delightful personality . , . will attenol Carolina. Co-Editor HI-WAYS 4: Assembly Committee Chairman 4: Columnist High News 3, 4: May Court l, 2, 3: Homeroom President l, 2, 3: Girls' State 3. DAVID THOMAS STRANGE . . . lilzes science, in school . . . hunting and fishing, out of school . . . expects to attend trade school after finishing Edmunds High. Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3: Reading Club l, 2, 3. 4. WILLIAM HOWARD STRICKLAND . . . friendly fellow . . . well lilzed . . . excels in mechanical drawing . , . favorite recreation is hunting. Homeroom Treasurer 2: Crafts Club l: Library Club 2: Reading 3, 4. Smith, Smith, VXI. N. Spears Stone , ,.g, f 9 1 M' .W . A A fa efffw . , mf 144.gif 1-. rf f' A2 ,fi 2 '-WT' " ,gh 1" . Snead Snelgrove Strange Strickland R 1 .- ' ""' ' is-'.e:1..,,3.:1, ' " ' i ' " Stubbs Summers Sutton Thames Thomas Timompson SIDNEY VVILBUR STUBBS . . . good student , . . well lilzed . . . plans to attend Clemson. President Horneroom 3: Treasurer 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club l, 2, 4: HI-VVAYS Staff 4: Higln News Stall 4: Hi-Y Club 4. DARLEEN RUTH SUMMERS . , . HBunny" . . . wislies to study interior decoration and go into lrusiness. Cirorus I, 2, 3: Latin Clulo iz F. H. A. Club 1, 2, 3: Secretary 2: Dramatics Club 4: Decoration Committee Junior- Senior 3. MARY ELEANOR SUTTON . . . favorite subject, lrorne economics . . . after graduation, plans to go in training for nursing, Vice President Junior Homemalcers Association 2, 3: Junior Homemalcers Association 1, 2, 3, 4. were CAROLINE THAMES . . . favorite sulnieci, lzome economics , . . plans to attend u lmsiness college after graduation and do office worle. Junior Homemairers Association 2, 3, 4: 4-H Club i. GEORGE MARSHALL THOMAS . . . excellent student . . . grand atirlete . . . plans to attend Vanderbilt University. Treasurer Class 2: President Homeroom fl: Football 3, 4: Track 2. 3, 4: Block "S" Clui: 4: l'll-VXIAYS Staff -1: Hi-Y Club 3. 4: Senior Play 4. MONTE LORETTA THOMPSON . . enjoys liome economics . . . loves to sew . . . plans to attend College. Band 1, 2: il. H. A. l, 2, 3: 4-H Cluin 2: Drainatics Clulu 4: Reception Committee .lunior-Senior COMMENCEMENT Seniors, left to riglit: Dean Cooke, Harriette Jotnns, Jerome Gcclclings, Nancy Spears. MSCHOOL LIFE. THE CLASS M53 WILLIE TIMMONS falorite astime lwuntin and fisltin liolnln wooclworlz . . . I p , , g g . . . y, . . . lzopes to attend Clemson anal study meclianical drawing. President Tracie and industrial Club 45 Pliotograpliy Clulia lg Nloclel Airplane Club 2. MARSHALL EDWARD TOBIAS, JR. . . . granzl person . . . good stuoleni . . , friencl to count on. President Student Bocly 45 President Class Q: Secretary 1: Baslietlvall 2, 3, 47 Baseball 2, 3. 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Boys' State 35 Homeroom Presiclent 3. DALL ANDREE WALKER . . . enjoyecl science best in lxiglr scltool . . . favorite pastime, lzunting and Hsliing . . . future plans, undeciclecl. Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 35 Reading Clula l, 2, 3, lt. WILLIAM F. WARD, JR. . . plans to attend Bala Innes University anal lzecome a missionary. Fellowship Clula 3, 4: Vice President 45 4-H Club 1, 23 Hi-Y "-l: Latin Play 43 Senior Play 4. EVELYN LOUISE WARNER . . . womlerful girl . . . lilzes cooking aml sewing . . . collects clolls for a liolzlny . . . clrief future interest, lzornemalzing. Junior Horne-malcers Association l, 2, 3, 4. LILLIAN VVEATHERLY . . . plans to attend Vxfintlirop . . . amlzition, to lie a teaclzer. Future Teacliers of America 2. 3, 45 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3: Higli News Staff 4. ERNEST MCCRAY WEEKS, JR. . . . delightful personality . goocl-looking clothes . . . grand dancer . . . will attenol tlie University of Soutlt Carolina. President Homeroom lg Treasurer Homeroom 2. 3, 45 Dance Committee 3: Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3. BARBARA ANN WELDON . . . cliief interest, lrouselzeeping . . . alter graoluation plans, to Hkeep liousen in Florida. V Dramatics Clulu l, 2, 3: Stucly Club 45 Decoration Com- mittee Junior-Senior 3. l ,M Vi ' Timmons Toluias Vvarner Weatherly me " Walker Ward Weeks Weldon he M ICN VVelsl1 Vklliile Vvimberly Vwlinegarcl GEORGE B. WELSH , . favorite stucly in high sclzool, science . . . talent, clrawing . . . plans for future, uncertain. 3 lgecorations Committee .lunior-Senior 3: Reacling Club l, 2, FRANCES JEANNINE WHITE . . . a girl you like . . . attractive manner . . . plans to go in training and become a good nurse. Dramatics Club l, 2: Girls' Atlxletic Association 3, 43 Decora- tion Committee Junior-Senior 3. J. D. WILLIAMS . . . lilies notliing better than liistory . . . enjoys hunting . , . plans to enlist in Navy after gracluation. 3 liioperties Committee Junior-Senior 3: Reacling Cluln l, 2, lVlARY ANN WILLIAMS . . . finds commercial sulziects most interesting . . . very clepenclalple . . . plans to be a secretary after finishing liigli school. 4-H Club l, 2, 3. 4: Tracle anal lndustrial Clula 4. 67 ff ,ow 'Q W fgf G- 1 iq, Zta. Vvilliams, lvl. Vvitllerspoon Nvilliams, J. D. Vvinter SARA ELIZABETH WIMBERLY . . . gootl Stuclent . . , attractive girl . . . wonclerful dancer . . . will go to Vvintlirop. Secretary Homeroom l, 2: Business lxlunager HiglI News 45 HI-WAYS Stall 43 Draiuatics l, 3, -l: Higll News Representative l, 2, 3: Chorus 3. GLENDA ALVENIA VVINEGARD . . . loves music . . . reads American l1istory for pastime . will talee commercial course at Xvintlirop. Dramatics Clulo l, 2: Fellowsllip 4: Band fl: High News Stall 4. BETTY JEAN WINTER . , . good student . . . good friend . . . favorite sullieci, Latin loves to read , . . after graduation plans, to clo secretarial world. Dramatics Clulo -l-g .lunior l'lomemalcerS Association 3: Reading Club l, 2. MARTHA CAROLINE WITHERSPOON . . . cliarming personality . . loves everytlnng tl1at's Spanislx . . . favorite entertainment, listening to recorols , , college of lier clioice, Wfintlirop. Dramatics Cluln l, 2, 3, 4g Decoration Committee Junior-Senior 3. ea ' if cr f R . al gf M I ' ' al - 'V -x., I J SCGHCS fro H1 ITIHIE LITTLE MINISTER' The Senior Class Play "GOI JI DABYE, I-l'l7I'LE MAN!" Loft lo riglwi: George VI-IIOIIIUS. Gavin U slmrtq Ladson Cublmge. Rob Dow: Wm, Onlpy, Ba1,g,iQ' HBEGGING YOUR PARDON, RIQVEIQIQNIJ' Left to right: Billy Vvnrcl, Svrgcunt Hauiwvuq George' Thor Garvin Dislrartg Llawzxyncf Orrley, Bcrlnlmiv. 4. ff UCLOTHES FOR THE LVITLE LASSH Lvft to riglri: Pr,-4g,qy Snr-ml, Ivan F1cFruMeng Beverly Huglws, Effie: Barbara Robertson, INIHVQUTQI Disflartg Marilua Shaw, Ywora fwcfumn, 68 "THE LITTLE MINISTER" A SYNOPSIS OF THE PLAY Nvhen Gavin Dishart Came to Thrums to taIce over his First parish, he was distressed to Iearn that the Weavers, Ied Ioy a gypsy girI, were in constant uprising against starvation wages paid them Ioy Lord RintouI. He determined to try to prevent Iurther riots and to admonish the girI Ieader. But Bahhieis Iaeauty and tire and watchIuI care of the poor and the friendIess made Gavin forget the difference Ioetween a Scottish minister and a gypsy Iass. ROI3 Dow, the young minister's first and Iuest friend among his parishioners, saw his icIoI's attachment to the Egyptian and Ied the peopIe in an uprising of protest. However, Gavin Dishart had Won the hearts of his peopIe, and, therefore, he was aI:JIe to make them see that even a gypsy is a chiIcI of God. I I 4 ..,.-sQ-.- ' "YOU'D SEND HER TO THE POORHOUSEH Left to right: Ted Lide, Dr. IVIcQueen: George Thomas, Gavin Disharlg CharIene Hess, Nanny Xvehsterg LIawayne OnIey, Batatzie, "EARLY THIS MORNING, I VVAS MARRIED ON THE HILL, OVER THE TONGS, BUT WITH THE SANCTION OF GOD, TO HER VVHOM YOU CALL- THE EGYPTIAN." Left to right: George Thomas, Gavin Dishart: LIawayne OnIey, Babtnieg Robert Gardner, Lord Rintoul. . senior citations . MISS HI MISS SHIRLEY STONE The IVIiss Hi Misses ot tI1e state are sponsorecI by VVintI1rop CoIIege and are cI1osen Ivy their cIassmates. They are chosen on quaIities ot character, IeacIersI1ip, scI1oIarsI'tip, and personaI attractiveness. ' It -6271 i f 'S T V iff ,- ,F I-J, A I -Q, JA' - --4K ,v,Ix',i,,-.97 THE FARMER FRANKLIN KELLEY I:ranIfIin was cI1osen as tI1e most outstanding member of the Future Farmers of America, Sumter Chapter. In recognition of Imis achievements in agricuIture. I1e was awarded tI1e mucI'x coveted State Farmers' Degree. 70 . in various jqefczls . P Q 'f D.A.R. GIRL CAROL KNIGHT Tile D. A. R. Cviri.ci10sen ivy time tacuity, represents tire sciiooi in the stateis iaest quaiitieci iuigiq scimooi Daughters of tire American Revoiution. The ciwoice is iuaseci on ciepenciaiuiiity, courtesy, ieafiersiiip, anci patriotism. THE CLARINETIST CARL SAUNDERS Sent ily tile Sumter Ciiapter ot i". F. A. to tiie National F, F. fx. Con- vention in Kansas City, ixiissouri, Cari representemi time Stale Amateurs in the National Band timere, as a iuass ciarinetist. 7I . of sclzoof fnfe ,jpgv Y 1-'1 W- Y f--X P-141 ,-.X I K --S 1 -K 1- f- -1-1 v-1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 11 , ft . , 1 1 1 1 11 F' 1 1 1- . 1 1 rj 1 y '1- 1 1 W I ,1 1 1 1 .N 1 , 1 1 1 W 1 1 1 11 14-1 -1 1 1 1 -f 1 1' K 1 1 1 1Yf 1 11 T 1 lt H 1 l TVX 'TWT I 9 all i'11T1'1?' wld? 11 111 1 1 t 14- 11 ' 'l 1' 1 ' 11 "N 1"'- , 1 1 1 11 N '1 .. .5 H-- .- nf. -M ,. V .f ,. ,.., ..1,, . . ..J.. 1-1.1 J- -L -Y.,f J- -.J- ,. 1,1 .mga J- 1.41 .any .44 THE PHOTOGRAPHER EDGAR Reese Unanimousl' electecl I-ll-XAIAYS stall hotographer hy his clas . y , . p . s mates, Edgar not only took a large per cent of the activity pictures lor the annual lout also developed them anal printed them, THE MAGAZINE GIRL LLAWAYNE ONLEY Her irrcsistilule charm won for Llawayne both the title of Hlvlagazine Girl" ancl a lovely portable raclio. She won these by hringing in the most magazine dollars cluring the loig sales project of the class in November. V,-N - -gf ff- '- A- ,fx J ..- , ..-.' ' ,J ..1' -- -- .J -.,- 4- -V A 1 I - X I4 Q I X I gf' E. -E ,J E., -,,f4,, -J .,, MRS. B. R. VVHITE, Adviser I' If ' .Ms I I it . V O RING DAY. tv ,hVA j AVAA g WG! It was not a project hut a red letter ji tj" 3' MU day in the lives of all juniors at Ed- ' munds High. Ring Dayl ul954N was on the ring, for anybody to see. Grad- uation was in sight. These rings set the juniors apart in a class hy them- selves. Green-eyed freshmen marvelled at them. Smug sophomores promised themselves, surreptitiously, a larger stone in their rings. Grave seniors loolced on and smiled at the childish enthusiasm of the sweet young things. CLASS OFFICERS AT 8:45 IN THE lVlORNING ln front, left to right: Vvarren Carroway, President: Betty Lee Holman. Secretary. Coming through door, left to right: Molly Ariail, Treasurer: Barbara Bruce, Vice President. CLASS-RING DAY SCENE SEEN IN THE AUDITORIUBI FOYER Left to right: Patricia Galale, lvlartha Beth Rowe, Kay Beehe, J. C Boykin, Alive Shelor, Tony Singleton, J. J, Britton, Edgar Ellis, Bill Walter, Sarah Cuttino, Betty Jane Huslcey, Donald Vvatson, Gilbert Parlcer, 73 Y .xy X: 'I I , N YV, -svlv 1,51 ...K -.- -- fps W i K, fill, -F-.. I f..,i,, ,V ,AM -, i .5 --. Y -,f A ' I I f ' , af 41 ' I - H- ,. I I I I ' , f F ' ,T I E I I .f ,-V --,f ss -- f- x.f J- ,, -, ,-..J NJ-..-'.. - ,x.f,..f MRS. W. G, DEBERRY, Adviser ff H . . . feeds three- Himseif, his irungering neighbor, and Me.,' Tile traditional sopiiomore cia s s project is that of providing, tiirougil ireewiii offerings, out of time aioundance or sacrifices of otilers, a wonderiui Thanksgiving for tide sicic and time needy of tide community. Time Ciass oi 1955, ioy short pieas over PA., by contacting iuomerooms personaiiy, and by creating again tiie spirit of tile Pilgrims through tile coi- umns of High News, tilrougii Pilgrim posters, and ti1rougi1 daiiy reminders iby ucoiiectorsn at your iiomeroom door every morning, did a magniticent join. CLASS OFFICERS DISCUSSINCZ 'THANKSGIVING PROJECT WITII TIIE CLASS Left to rigiiff Eiien Forester, Secretary: Barney Vviiiiams, Treasurerg Dc-iano Knight, President: P, D. Hammond, Vice President. THANKSGIVING OFFERINGS To BE DISTRIBUTED AMONG Poon FAMILIES IN CITY AND COMMUNITY Loft to right: ixirs, VV. G. DeBerry, Sopimomore Ciass Adviserg iViarti1a Ann Smiliu Laura Kennedy: Joan Dennis: Danny Kirven. 74 MISS CATHARINE BASS, Adviser COURTESY TO THE FLAG The freshmen are trained in correct procedure as to the Flag, during which time they learn to love and reverence it as never heiore. Theirs is the duty, throughout the year, of hoisting the Flag in the morning and ot talcing it down and putting it away at the close of the day. This responsibility rotates hy homerooms, and each homeroom talces pride in a joh well done. "There is nothing more beautiful than reverential youthf, -DR. EDBIUNDS. CLASS OFFICERS HER FIRST GAVEL Left to right: Bette Lee, Vice President: ylary Frances Cunningham, President Ramona Heppding, Secretary: Nlartha Mclxlillan, Treasurer. THE FLAG AT THE END OF THE DAY Folding the Flag: Brogdon Nichols flelti and Marion lvlyers trightl, under the direction of ivliss Catharine Bass, Freshman Class Adviser, front, right, First row, left to right: Betty Jean Pritchard, Gwen Lee, Betty Reynolds, Nlartha Nic- Millan, Maxine Alpert, Charles Wilson. Back row, left io right: Carolyn Christie, Jackie Outlaw, Donella Revill, B. B0 Alderman, F. H. Suloer, Pat Roache. 75 A ' ' l if L A sciiooi, to be a good school, must give its stu- dents the opportunity of an all-round development in good citizenship. Tiiere must ioe mental sports as Weil as physical, and aesthetic training as Weil as logical and practical. There must be debates as well as football, and music as welt as debates. Experiences in democracy are necessary to pre- pare young Americans for tile fight that is tiieirs of keeping America strong in tier stand for a tree world. 7A ,.,A., ,,4, Q ,cw , Nw .- W N X X1 ' ' w 1 N w - 1 1 , y '- . zf I A CITIZEN SHIP .,. -,- VX- -.. . Lf' .. 1952 SUMTER AMERICAN LEGION IUNIORS SOUTH CAROLINA AND REGIONAL 5 A. L. I. CHAMPIONS rout row, Ieft to right: Irvin I3'Iowden, ssg Pat KeIIy, cg Norwmd Reardon, px BiII Arant, lb tco-captaini: Rohert Richar son ssp cocaptalnig .Iohn DuIIie, ci: Iinnny IXICDZ-inieI, cg AIex Cvruhhs, Bhg Sammy Gantt. Qh. Bach row, Ieft to right: IVI. K. RoseheId Le IOH Attietic Director: Richard Bradham, pg Rohert Jackson, 21,1 .Iack Hodge, II: Kenny RoseIlieId, Ih: Pele Gihson, pg Sammy IVIoore, cf, BiIIy Ko Don I rierson, 3h-ss: Coamh H, N. Hutchinson, Legion AtI1Ietic Director D. B. uSIceet" James. THE JUNIORS, 1952 SEASON The 1952 American Legion Juniors were not supposed to get hy the district eIimination, hut again, as in 1950, Coach Hutch Hutchinson carried his Iooys to the SectionaI pIayoft and into heing one of the ten Iaest teams in the United States. After Iosing two out of the tirst three games, the .Iuniors won seven straight to take the dis- trict titIe from Darhngton, FIorence, OIanta, and TimmonsviIIe. By defeating IN'IuIIins in three out of tive games and Rock Hill in three out of tour games, they took the Iower state titIe. Again, as in 1950, Sumtelss Juniors pIayed the favored Greenwood Juniors for the state championship, winning that titIe in a four out of seven series. Sumter then traveIed to FIorence Where after Iosing the hrst game they came hack strong defeating cIacIcsonviIIe, FIa., Montgomery, Ala., and IVIarietta, Ga., for the R e g i o n aI 5 Championship. CharIeston, S. C., was host to the SectionaI Tournament, in which Sumter S. C., Memphis, Tenn., and Austin, Tex., were the contestants. As in the RegionaI Tournament, Sumter Iost the First game, this was Iost to IVIemphis in a hard-fought contest, which wasn't decided untiI the Iast out. The Austin "Buddies" then handed Sumter their second defeat in the douhIe-eIimination tournament. The Juniors were given a rousing ,WeIcome home, where they were recognized as true champions. AMERICAN LEOION JUNIORS 1952 BASEBALL SCORES OPPONENT SUMTER OPPONENT OPPONENT SUMQER OPPONEIN1 Timmonsville . . . ll . , . 2 Roclr Hill , . . 15 . . . 5 Olanta . . . 3 . . 8 Rock Hill . . . I3 . . 5 Darlington . . 6 . . 9 Greenwood . . . 9 . . 0 Florence . . I I . . I Greenwood . . . 4 . . 2 Glanta . . I6 . . I Greenwood . . . 2 . . 5 Darlington , . 9 . . 3 Greenwood . . . 0 . . 2 Florence . . . 7 . . 0 Greenwood . . . 9 . 5 Timmonsvillc' . . . . I Greenwood . . . 5 . . 0 Timmonsville . . 6 . . 4 Iaclcsonville, Fla. . , -1 , , 7 Olanta . . . I I . . 2 Montgomery, Ala. , 9 , , 0 Nlullins . . 15 . . 5 Jacksonville. Fla. . . 4 . . 2 lvl!-lllinS . 8 . . 9 lvlarietta, Ga. . . . 9 . , 0 lvlullins . 16 . . 2 Wlarietta, Ga. . . , 20 , , 3 NIUHIIIS . -l . . 10 Nleniphis, Tenn. , , IO , , I2 Ivlullins . . 7 . . 5 Austin, Tex. . . . . 0 . . 5 Rock Hill . . 5 ..., 3 -- -.. Rock Hill . . 3 .... 4 Total .... . . . . 261 . . . 122 771 ,,, j,lL1'XLfLL' All-LL 44.4 C--"Milf 4-"0 if-7 MAYOR CONC-RATULATES COACH lVIayor Shaw is shown as she hestows a congratulatory lciss on the cheek of Coach Hutchinson, whose work helped the Iaoys reach the point where they were one of the last ten teams left in the nation-wide series of tournaments lead- ing to the United States Championship, GAMECOCKS WIN 18 OUT OF ZO GAMES IN 1952 Sumter I'Iigh's 1952 hasehall Gamecoclcs hehind the first-rate pitching of Leland Brown, Leonard Humphries, and Paul Andrews, com- piled an outstanding record of 18 wins against only two losses. In huilding this record, the Birds won twice from Florence, Orangeburg, Columbia, Broolcland-Cayce, Eau C I a i r e, Darlington, Hartsville, and Camden. E. H. S. heat Dreher and Greenwood once each. After winning their first 14 games, the Gamecocks lost to Dreher 3-5. The other defeat came at the hands of Greenwood in the last game of the season hy a I-5 score. The Birds had previously heaten Dreher 6-5 and Green- wood 7-0. . Coach Fred Withers, after taking all things into consideration, claimed the mythical state championship for his Gamecoclcs. The claim Went unchallenged. Catcher Jimmy Russell, shortstop Rohert Richardson, and first loaseman Nlarshall Tohias were the team's leading Ioatsmen. Russell Usticlcedn a lusty 393. while Richardson and Tohias had .368 and .356 respectively. A PREVIEW CDF WHAT THE 1953 BASEBALL SCORE MAY BE Coach Hutchinsons 1953 laaseloall team has already won six ol their lirst seven games ol an 18 game schedule. Senior shortstop Robert Richardson was again pacing the Bird hitting department, while Sonny Husloand was leading the pitchers with three victories. Qther last-year men on the team were lwarshall Toloias at llirst loase, Sammy Gantt at second hase, lrvin Plowden at third loase, R. B. Geddings in left llield, and John Dufliie in center field. SENIORS PLAYING '53 BASEBALL Rouiirzr RICHARDSON Gives DEMONSTRATION Left lo right: lvlanager .linnny Lee, ,lolin Dullie, Sonny Huslaancl, lrvin Plowden, lvlarshall Tohias, Co-Captain Sammy Gantt, R. B. Geclclings, Co-Captain Robert Richardson. THE 1953 BASEBALL SQUAD Front row, left to right: lvlanugcrs ,lasper Holliday Bryan, Billy Lloyd, Allen Hulxharrl, lrvin Plowclen, Roher and jimmy Lee. Second row, left to right: Bolnluy Nlarshall l'ran t Richardson, Sammy Gantt, Jimmy lVlcDaniel, John Dulllie Bac rorif, left to right: Alex Uruhhs, Richard Brzidliam, Kenny Roseliielcl. Sonny Huslaand, Kolll, lvlarshall Tobias, Jimmy Pau Pete Vvard, R. B. Geddings, Don Gallup, Pat Kelly. 80 1 YN, K rm if ,YYY ff - -w- ,. , f , 1 " 1 if , f' X-I -E , , . - , .1 4 ? ,' X., Coach Hutchinson placed the responsi- bility squarely on the inctiviclual by saying repeatedly, Hltys not time size of the dog in the fight but time size of the fight in the clogf, K H. N. HUTCHINSON, IR. Head Coach and Athletics Director ROCK HILL KICKOFF RETURN Running back the kickoff in the Rock Hill game, Thomas gels lumix up to time -10 yarri line as Glusscock 631, Dufiic. Strange, anti C. Nixon come up for blocks. 9 I . some pfczn the games VOC JTISALL COACHES Left fo right: iimiciivici Conrh, ifred Vvithersz H1 I fo h UH lin Hlli' in L' C I 'Elf . Ili , U 1' I I C HHS! Q Int' ,UEIC 1, .less NI'l'ii'N'. CO-CAPTAINS Biiiy Cviasscocii, hard playing center, sparked the Gamecocks onward through- out the season with his shining perform- ances, His opponents wiii Weil rememher him for his ahiiity to open up the iine and for his hone crushing downiieid hiocidng. He added greatly to the Gamecocic wins, Ladson Cuhhage, the teamis hefty tacicie, played inspired hail on hoth offense and defense. "Big Benn was essential to the Gamecocic iine and it was not uncommon for him to piay the fuii forty-eight minutes. Ladson was placed on Aii-State teams and also played in the Shrine Bowl game. FOOTBALL MANAGERS Left lo right: Richard iXicDaniei, Jimmy Lee. FOOTBALL CO-CAPTAINS Leif to right: Billy Giasscocii, Center: Ladson Cuhhage, tackle 1 . some urnislz file pep HIGH SCHOOL BAND In front, left to riglit, llagloearers: Bel Lee, Sandra Jernigan, Caroline Burrows. In back, clrum major, majoreltes, musicians. 'm 1. 'x X K f K X x w J U? K if x 'L lx Y N 3 Ysr 4 w X V JZ V fv- 'i if YN Ji, SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Left to rigl1t:BuclCly Gulledge,l..lawayne Onley. SMA .h' .T '- if Kr X x. 'N J! xx cm' ,i be WW Ylu lxwulh . .zQ.,U+f4, '!..f9-ff-Afl-JV' ll :KJ i H L. L, 10 wi P... Q'l.iAi. 1 i I SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Betty Lee Holman. Head Clieerleaclerg Buclcly Gulleclge and Llawayne Onley, Senior Clieerleacl-ers: Nlilce Kelly ancl Alice Sllelor, Junior Cheerleaders: Julius Vvinclliam ancl Connie Berk, Soplnornore Clieerleaclersg Eddie Gallup and Mary Frances lVlcKnigl1t, Fl'ESl'lHl3I'l Clmeerleaclers. 8 3 V 4252 f1,jfx'l4"kJ . Lui ffis fffze ieam fhaf 627098 fZlQ War CAPTAINS MEET CAPTAINS ROCK HILL GAML, OCTOBER 31, 1952 Bc-lore tlu-1 game lyf-gins, tlle Sumter cohiaptains, Laclson Cull- lmgv zmcl Billy Cvlasscofli meet time Rock Hill C0- captains in micl-liclcl, at tim lair grounds slaclium in Sumter. ilqlllx Clmielis won 'clue game 18-7. ROCK HILL HOLDS SUMTER TO ONE SCORE ililmmns gets oll em slmort gain tllrougll tlmr' ftvnter ol lil? line, 21gainstRocl4 Shown at far left is Ricllarcl Bmgllmni. Sumter pluyvrs ut riglrt arc, loft to riglrt: ,limmy Paul, Grilltin Avins. ,laclc Sliortcr. .. KYVQUV: L,fVk- .,,j,3.:M: ,"' A ,n ga' ,iiwfqwfft k AM , .V ' if-X1 IW VI A f , V 3 L f L ' ' if L fi f on Yr .V K I m,.,,4W,,W ,,,, . ,fL'7 J KQV. . ,rf Q , v ,. ,- XVORKOUT ON 'SLED Going tlirouglr ilwir Llocleinq cliores urrf, left to riglzt: Clyclrf ixlixon, Billy Glasscoclc, Laflson CUlZJlJ8g7C. .lack Sllorter, Hubert Hoilgf- ffoaclu Nc-slay loolss on. Xvuifing their turn ore, left to riglit: George Thomas, lolm Duliie, Ray Long. 84 . ana! flee feam ffzaf Joes file p czyinq LINE - BACKS VVORKOUT Line. left. io right: Huberk Hoclgcl, Jimmy Paul, R. B. Geddingi Billy Glaiscoclc, Pal Kelly, Ladson Culnrrage, Clyde Ixiixon. Backs, left to riglfzi: George Thomas, John Dulzllie, Jack Shorter, Ray Long. A SPECTACULAR RUN ORANGEBURG GAME, NOVEMBER 7, 1952 Richard Bracnram gels away against Orangeburg for a run around cncl, Coming up for Blocks are Pat Kolly fN0. 515 aurl .lolm Dugie. Sumter lost IIN: game, 7-0. Orangeburg scored tllixil' lone tounlwlown on zu frunlule that was pifkerl up anrl rarriecl into llw end zone. . LONG GAIN FOR THE GAMECOCKS Thomas gels off the longesi run of llie nighl against Orangfflaurg as Huliverl Horlge, .limmy Paul, anfl Billy Glasicurlc float lllC way. In the background arc Laclson Cululvage and Pole Ward. 85 .Y,, W, ,.. ,.,,..-Y , ,.,- -, -L .,, T. f .. wg,- , c , , C f -, ,J W l , 1 Y ,, H, , - nSfeffa fookeal on 1 My ,, ,Wiki SPONSORS FOR SENIOR PLAYERS Left to right: Aurelia Barwicli for Billy Cvlassrocli, Delores Logan for Clyclc lvlixon, Etta VVarc,l for .lack Slxorler, Nlary Hazel Hill for Hubert Hodge. BILLY GLASSCOCK, Center fffm 31 CLYDE MIXON, End JACK SHORTER, Fullback HUBERT HODGE, End 86 ,,,,.N --S,S,,,,-,,.. -., ,. , v,,. ,,. .,-X ,- -E ,.,. Q., EE, .1 ,ff -, . . 77 1767117011 77161 Q SO C177' WZ? VCZCQ. SPONSORS FOR SENIOR PLAYERS Left lo right: Laura Jones for Ray Long, Nlary Lou NIcLean for John Dug-'19, Jeanne Lawson for George Thomas, Blartlma Vxviiherspoon for Laclson Cubloage. R RAY LONG, Halfback JOHN DUFFIE, Halfback 87 GEORGE THOMAS, Halfbacle LADSON CUBBAGE, Tackle THE 1952 FOOTBALL SEASON SUMTER 14--'EAU CLAIRE 0 The 1952 edition of Sumter High School lootloall got olil to a rosy start as our Gamecocks defeated Eau Claires Shamrocks 14-0. The Birds scored looth of their touchdowns in the first quarter. Fullhack Jack Shorter hulled over from the E. C. tive for the initial tally, and George Thomas ran ten yards around end for the other. Thomas ran lor hoth extra points. Neither team could muster a successful drive throughout the remainder ol the game. SUMTER 12-CAMDEN 32 Sumter's Gamecocks came hack strong in the second half of the Camden game to prevent a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Bull- dogs. Camden led 25-0 at the half, having scored at will during this time. The Birds were a new team in the second half as they scored twice to the Bulldogls once. .lohn Dullie scampered two yards for the first Gamecock 6-pointer. Jimmy Glasscock drove nine yards for the second. SUMTER 19-COLUD1BIA 0 The Birds laounced loack into the win column with an easy 19-0 victory over Columloiays Caps. Quarterback Richard Bradham made a nice 20-yard run for the lirst score to climax a 59- yard march. A few minutes later Lee Mixon plunged six yards for the second. The Birds' last T. D. came on a 2-yard sneak hy Bradham. He passed to end, Huloert Hodge, for the extra point. SUIVITER 7-DARLINGTON 6 Darlington's Blue Devils were the next vic- tims of the Gamecocks, hut they put forth quite a fight hefore bowing out 7-6. The first half was a display of Sumterss in- ahility to score alter carrying the hall to within the shadow of the goal. Following the second half kickoff, George Thomas plunged three yards for the lone Bird tally. Bradham kicked the important xtra point. 76 okhq-d.9s . cio- ouujl Chg: ., X af. 5 Y X A SENIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD In front: Head Coach Hutchinson. 8 l First row, left to right: Fred Vvithers, Backlieldxlv Coach: Richard Bradham, Quarterhack: Jimmy Glasscoclc, Halfhack: Pat Kelly, Guard: Huloert Hodge, End: Jack Shorter, Fullloack: Clyde Mixon, End: John Dullie, Hallhack: Billy Cvlasscock, Center fco-Caplainl: Ladson Cuhhage. Tackle lCo-Captainl: George Thomas, Hallhack: Ray Long. Halihack: R. B. Gedclings, Guard: Jimmym Paul. Tackle: Charles Tucker, Tackle: James Nr-eley. Line Coach. Second row, left to right: Don Gallup. Hall:- hack: Lev lVlixon, Fullloack: Bohhy Goodson. Center: Billy Edwards, Fullhacli: Pete Ward, End: Clark Vvatts. Guard: Griffin Avins, End: Fred Strange. End: Richard Copeland, End: Sallie Till, Quarterhack: Leroy Partin. Tackle: .limmy lVlf'Danicls, Tackle: Gary Petroski, Full- hack: Billy Floyd, Guard. The Blue Devils then took to the air. Their aerial game paid oft in six points in the late minutes of the game, hut they tailed to run the P. A. T. over. SUIYITER 21-DREHER 20 Gur Gamecocks then proceeded to stop the ever potent Dreher Blue Devils' 14-game win- ning streak hy a spine-tingling 21-20 score in one of the most exciting high school footlaall games ever played. Sumter launched a sustained 77-yard scoring drive immediately after the opening kick-olli. Jimmy Glasscock hulled the last two yards. Bradhams conversion was true. Dreher came right hack to knot the score at 7-7 as the halt ended. George Thomas got things rolling nicely in the third quarter as he scored on a screen pass from Bradham four plays alter Tucker had recovered a Dreher fumhle on the Bird 35. Jack Shorter duplicated Thomas' beautiful run a few minutes later on a screen pass in the left tlat covering 22 yards. Bradham kicked hoth extra points to give the Birds a 21-7 lead. Dreher came loack with two touchdowns and an extra point, hut it wasnyt enough. Jimmy Paul, Jimmy 1WcDaniel, Clyde Mixon, and Hubert Hodge all hroke through the line to hlock their tinal conversion attempt. SUMTER 27,--HARTSVILLE 0 The Birds then journeyed over to Hartsville to hand that townys Red Foxes a 27-0 defeat. Twenty ol, S-umter's points came in the first half. A touchdown was made hy Hodge on a fourth-down pass from Bradham, another hy Bradham on a pass play from Shorter which covered 37 yards, and a third hy Shorter on a live-yard plunge. Bradham kicked one P. A. T., and passed to Duttie for the other. The last Gamecock tally came when Duttie drove over from two yards out. Bradham again converted. SUMTER 7-ROCK HILL 18 Rock Hills Bearcats started a Bird four- game losing streak hy defeating the luckless Gamecocks 18-7. The Bearcats scored twice on long pass plays and on a nice run hy Ray Head. Sumter's lone T. D. came on a pass from Bradham to Thomas. Bradham converted for the P. A. T. Geddings, Paul, Hodge, a nd McDaniel played well in the Bird line. SUMTER 0-QRANGEBURG 7 The ucounty fair jinxn continued to hpld, the Gamecocks in check as Sumter lostvlo Orange- hurg 0-7. Fumbles, penalties, and .pass inter- , K. ,. . , . - .. K ax , '-:fy I, 1 J. ,J .f , g ceptions proved fatal to the Birds, who out- played the lndians. R. B. Geddings, Cubbage, 1VlcDaniel, and C. lvlixon led the Sumter line, which played a good game. SUMTER 6'-'CHESTER 33 Chestens Don Shealey made a 90-yard punt return behind some terrific bloclcing to score the Red Cyclones third touchdown and brealc the Sumter Gamecoclcs, loaclcs. Up to this time, the Birds were matching their powerful oppon- ents almost blow for lolow. Chester then scored twice more to win 33-6. Jimmy Glasscoclc scored the Bird T. D., driving three yards behind big Ladson Cub- bage. rlaclc Shorter had helped to set up the score with some nice gains. SUMTER 13-GEORGETOWN 20 Georgetowns Gators toolc advantage of every Sumter mistalce to defeat the Birds 20- 13. The Gamecoclcs again couldn't muster enough punch to carry the pigslcin on over alter getting within the ten-yard line. The Gators scored lirst on a pass play, but missed the p.A.T. This enabled Sumter to talce a short-lived 7-6 lead a lew minutes later, only to give it away when Georgetown tallied two quiclc T. Dfs and both extra points. Shorter bulled over lor the 6-pointer from three yards out. Bradham passed to Clyde lVlixon lor the point. Shorter scored again in the last quarter on another short plunge. SUMTER 18-FLORENCE 13 Qur Birds journeyed to Florence lor their last game and brought home the bacon in the form of an 18-13 victory over the Yellowjaclcets. The .laclcets raclced up a quiclc 13-point lead the first two times they got the ball, but the spirited Birds came baclf strong to malce it 13- 12 at halt time. Bradham passed to Thomas lor Sumterls initial six. Hubert Hodge set up the next Bird score, talcing a Bradham pass and speeding to the tlaclcet two before being stopped from be- hind. The play netted 65 yards. Shorter lugged it over on the next play. Shorter made the llinal Bird touchdown in the third quarter on another line plunge. He, Bradbam, and rl. Glasscoclc had run nicely to set up the score. Neither team scored again, but Florence missed by a hair in the last minute ol play. The game ended as the Gamecocli line threw the .laclcetsl last try baclc lor a loss from the Bird one-yard line. Lee lvlixon, Bird hallbaclc, was the defensive star of the game as he made numerous taclcles of Florence baclcs who had brolcen into the clear. The win gave Sumterss 1952 footballers a record of 6 wins and 5 losses for the season, a respectable .545 percentage. THE SEASONS SCORES OPPoNENT SUMTER OPPONENT Eau Claire . . 14 0 Camden . . . 12 32 Columbia . . . 19 0 Darlington . 7 6 Dreln-r . . . . 21 20 Harlsville . . . 27 0 Rock Hill . . 7 18 Orangeburg . . 0 7 Chester . . . 6 Georgetown . . 1 3 20 Florence . . 18 13 Totals . . . 14141 l CUBBAOE IN SHRINE BOVVL C-AME NORTH CAROLINA 19--SOUTH CAROLINA 23 Ladson Cubbage, Gamecoclc captain and hard play- ing taclile, was chosen to play on the Palmetto squad in the Shrine Bowl game. He played throughout the game. Ladsnn was also chosen on several All-State teams. Other players from the Gamecoclc squad that were placed on All-State teams were as follows: R. B. Geddings, liirst string uBig-Thirteenu guard: .laclc Shorter, second string HBig-Thirteenu taclcleg Richard Bradham, honorable mention uBig-Thirteen" baclc: Hubert Hodge, honorable mention HBig-Thir- teenl' end: George Thomas, honorable mention "Big- Thirteenu baclc. NIR, FRED VVITHERS Basketball Coacll Tliis was Coacli Xxvitliers' lirst year as lvaslietlwall mentor. Having already estalalisliecl liimsell as a capable Baseball roaclr. l'1e is well on lwis way to Being just as successful in tlie liardwoocl game. BASKETBALL CA PTAINS Left to right: Blarsliall Tnlaias, Rolaerl Rifliarclson. Captain Robert Ricliarclson was time lmaclclnone ot tliis years Bircl lvaslceteers. His lbrilliant iloor game, outstancling passind ancl point aclclitions were cliiet factors in all Bird victories. Co-Captain MTap" Toluias, Sumters towering sure-sliot center, was time teamvs leafling scorer and a top relaouncier. He anfl Robert were also outstanding on clelense. SENIOR MEMBERS OE THE BASKETBALL SQUAD Left to right: Jolm Dulilie, Guard, dropping in a free throw: Roluert Ricliarcison, Guarci, rarlxing up two pointsg Fiarsliall Tobias, Center, tipping in a reinounci. THE 1952-1953 BASKETBALL SEASCN E. H. Sfs 1952-53 basketball Gamecocks defeated some of the stateys best high school teams and lost to some not too strong, as they hung up a 13-10, won-lost, record for the sea- son. The Birds won but three out-of-town games while losing only two at home, these two being to Greenville and Parlcer. Archrival Florence handed Sumter a 32-35 overtime defeat in their small gym to start the season with a sour note. The Birds bounced baclc to talce three straight, defeating Columbia 52-37, University High 43-29, and Hartsville 46-45, in that order. This gave them a 3-1 record going into the Christmas holidays. Sumter started the new year right hy staying ott a late Qrangeburg indian rally to win 46- 40. This set the stage for the worst road trip any E. H. S. team ever suffered. The Pied- montxs "Big Threefy Greenville, Parker, and Spartanburg, handed defeats ol 44-54, 44-53, and 39-58, respectively, to our Birds. The Gamecocks poured a 61-40 defeat on Florence to avenge an earlier loss, but dropped a 46-60 decision to Dreher the following wee-li. Hartsville was no match for the Birds as we gained a second win from them, 75-49. Qur Gameroosters then jo u r n e y e d to Charleston where a spirited Bishop England High School team dropped them 44-58. The next afternoon our Birds won an overtime thriller from The Citadel Freshman team, 52- 51. University High stopped Sumter. 51-55, in a close game, and three days later Parker easily defeated the Birds 39-50. SECOND HALF Tit'-OFF IN ORANGEBURG GAME Sumriiiz, .l.xNU,xRY 1-t, 1053 SUMTFR '16-'CJRANGLBURG -'10 Tobias outjuinps the indians' .l. ivlallory as others sol themselves lor action. Besides the two centers are: left to right: Richardson tsunilcri, Sutllemyre torangeburgi, Dullqie lxlitcllell ttji, Paul Dulce-s Kerlin and lvlarshall KOH. THE 1952-1953 BASKETBALL SQUAD Kneeling, left to riglll: Clayton luowder, Franlc Bryan, Delano Kiiglmt, Rifliard Copeland, Timo Elmore lblanageri, .lolin Everette, Francis ixloise, lxlilie Kelly, Don Gallup. Standing, left to riglit: .lolln Duilie, RJbert Ricilardson, .liinmy paul, Kenny Roseiielcl, Tommy Kerlin, lvlarsball Tobias, Fred Strange, Barney Nxlilliz-uns, Alex Grubbs, COZlCl'l Vvitliers. Tbe next weelc our Gamecoclcs won twvice against tbree ol tile state's best teams. Un THE SEASONS SCORES OPPONENT SUMTER OPPONENT Tuesday niglnt tl'1e inspired Birds beat Dreller Florence . 32 35 68-43. Tluey lost to Greenville, 45-56, Friday, Columbia . . . 52 37 but came baclc Saturday to defeat Spartanburg, Univfmifv Hisll - 43 29 52-49, in an overtime breatb-talcer. This last l'la'lSVlllE - - 46 45 game was one of time seasonls best-played and Orangeburg 46 illl IO Greenville . 44 54 est-to-watcli. P It 44 53 EH' EI' . . Sumter ended time season by winning tour gpammburg Q 39 58 oi tbeir last tive. Roclq Hill was an easy victim Florence . . 61 40 twice, by scores ot 70-51 and 64-55. Orange- Driller , 46 60 burg wasnlt as soit, defeating E. H. S. 47-57. Hansville ' - - 75 49 Tbe Gamecocks linisbed witb 75-53 and 71-36 lirllopl Ellilancl ' 44 58 victories over Bisbop England and Columbia. ie Glade Frcslmwn 32 51 University Higll . 51 55 Four of time regular live starting positions pmkcr . ' I 39 50 were most oiten talcen by center mlqapn Tobias, Dreim A 68 43 guards Robert Ricbardson and .lobn Duiliie, Greenvillf- , 45 56 and forward Jimmy Paul. Tommy Kerlin, Fred Spartanburg . 52 49 Strange, .lobn Everette, and Kenny Roseiield Rock Hill - 70 51 alternated at tile otber forward slot. Alex Rmlt Hill ' ' 04 53 Grubbs was tbe first sub at guard. Omngellulg ' ' 47 57 Bisliop England . 73 Talfing all timings into consideration, tbe Columbia A l t 71 36 Birds 13-10 record for tbe season was biglmly --H MHP, commendable. Totals . 1,206 1,11-1 ..,-. -, fr. 1, '-- -- an ,.,iAf 1 I , .' .., -., J -.1 -- V' ,,,,, , ' 0 M.. V f-- f ', . -,A,-,ff I., Af -- ,A,f- -ff,-,-.ff , ' f,-,-my--,P y .Y . f- .,. fr, - f ,f 1 Vx 1 4' 1 A- , if ,d ,A J' . V. ,L kj., .1 ,H ,- ef , f -,, -V ff., fre!-...f -.J ff., GAMECO CK WEARERS First row, left to right: George Thomas, Jaclc Shorter, Ray Long, Billy Gl?1SSCOf'lC, Hulbert Hoclge, Laflson Culqlmgcl Sm-ond row, left to right: Sonny Hushancl, Frank Bryan. Don Gallup, Theo Elmore, .limmy Lee, pal Kelly. Third rom, left to right: Kenny Roselielcl, Alvis Bynum. Francis lvloise, Gary Petroski, lack Galloway, ,limmy Glasscoclc, Fourth row, left to right: Roloerl Blltman, Fred Strange, Billy Nettles, Billy Kolh, Richard Braclham, R. B. Gcclclings, Coach Neeley is talking Io the group. THE BLOCK "S" CLUB Qrganizecl in 1946, the purpose of the Block USN Clulo is to promote goocl sportsmanship and to aicl social development in every phase ot school lite. The Block MSU Clulo is also very active in welfare Worlc, hoth in and out of school. its memhers zealously up- holcl the honor system and they talce an interest in all school activities. Only looys who have earned letters in major sports have the privilege of joining the clulo. The faculty sponsors ot the clulo are Coach Hutchinson and Coach Neeley. The officers are Ladson Cuhloage. presiclentg R. B. Geclclings, Vice Presiclent: Richard Braclham, Secretaryg Billy Glasscoclc, Treasurer. MOLLY ARIAIL SPOFISOF lOl' HSN XNIGCIYQTS 94 CTHER ACTIVTTTE PCR B YS PRDIECTIDNISTS AND BUS DRIVERS ,-X LESSON TO STUDENT PROJECTIONISTS Center: Mack lxlclnnis, tlrreacling machine: ylr, Frecl Vvells, giving instructions Students on left, front to back Douglas Blancling, Laurie Smith, Rolaert Gardner, Students on right, left to riglzt: Marion Grilrlin, Albert Nloise, Teal Licle W r.,,, S Q 5 D AMW A LESSON TO STUDENT BUS DRIVERS In front: lvlr. Earle Nloore, Director. Students, left io rigllt: Franli Kelley, Edwin Freeman, James Slcinner, Otis Billy Davis, Billy Ward, XMB-sley lxlillarcl, Calvin Hatfield, Ylilton Evans. 95 ,f . y, ..4.,,, A W fe ,, -, i .- FY' , .T X ' X " 11 , , 1 , 1 , ,V ,f V If 1 1 rf 4, Vg ll A X V -V I A, F , f "f 5 1 X51 fxg ,f', fm fc "ff If , " ig: E, y ,V u f J ty - ' ,H ,L 4 - 2-J lx," .,z' -ff . Jw' W--' . if l if THE COACH AND CAPTAIN QF GIRLS' INTRAMURAL SPGRTS Left to right: lxliss .lo Ann Knox, Director ol Girls' Athletics: Jacilcie Pitts, President of the Girls' Athletic Association. The girls of Edmunds High School are pro- vided with an excellent program of intramural sports and physical education. The program is designed to develop the girls physically, men- tally, and socially. The activities of the association are entirely intramural. The girls have a variety oi sports to choose from. Among these are field hockey, badminton, volleyioall, and soithall. This year they also received instruction in modern and folic dancing, which they found very enjoyable. The girls plan their own program of activities for the year, under the supervision of their sponsor, lViiss Jo Ann Knox. -if-4 THE G. A. A. OFFICERS in front, left to right: Jackie Pills, President Jane Baker, Board lx'1PIlll'Jt'I'. in hack, left to right: Betty Neshilt, Board Nlemher lxiarian Morrison, Vice President. Ti1GIG7S oitinaii in fine Air A FAMILIAR SCENE ON THE ATHLETIC FIELD Batting: Jane Baker, Catci-ting: Margaret Kiriciey. Umpiring: Jaci-:ie Pitts. On tive sideline, left to rigiit: Piiyiiis Sneigrove, Jacqueiyn Foster, Cami Knight fstanciingi, Gioria Grayiveai. AFTER THE GAME AT THE WATER FOUNTAIN Front row, seated, left to rigitt: Gloria Grayiueai, Cami Knigiit, Jacqueiyn Foster. Bacie row, standing, left to right: Jane Baker, Margaret Kiriiiey, Pixyiiis Sneigrove, Jufkie Pius. gif CUTEISANDI G SENI ..,. -'4--'s"""""' W, ,,,, -M,,....,.,,........ww--- - f,-QM. A .X .ff - , -4. wfzffvdg . ' ,f 5' ,rg SFF . A1 ' X X f , 75 fin! ,ig ' I KING TEEN R1.'T1.1lm5l3 LAWSON EIIH- King Irons oi IIIQ slale arc- 1-In-CIQCI Ivy II1eir cIasinmIr-s in rc-cognition OI IIlcir nII-round Iinc quniilivs. Tim conlffst is sponsoreci I'Jy VVUIIOILI Colle-gf-. ,,,,a I :wa ,,. 4 AMERICAN LEGION SPEAKER Ons HILL Otis, witI1 an origInaI speech on II1P Conslilulion won first plane in IIie Ildmunds I'IIgI1 ScI'1ouI Amari Lan Legion Oruiorirni Contest, SUPERIOR COINIINIERCIAL STUDENT PHYLLIS SNELGROVE During lim District IVIusic Conlest in Suinier. PI1yIIis svrvPcI as a judges secretary. SIme was IxeacI typist for IIN' annuaI 1I1rougI1out 1IIe year. V8 L , 'x fx 1' fc f' If' i ' 1 0 ..N X fy. I VI J , X L XL- A , J L- ..g.L,f' .- - aj' L -5, 1 FQ g- JK A ,N f ,J ,f'.L- .L ., CLUB MEMBERS Presiding: Rutledge Lawson, First row, left to right: Diclc Baker, Cveorge Thomas, John Dulzfie, Diclc Lee, Ted Lide. Second row, left to right: Robert Gardner, Johnny Parker, Donald Vvaison, Dick Alderman. Billy Vtlard. Third row, left to right: Hugh lVlcLaurin, .limmy Lee, Ted Johnson, Charles lvlood, lvlarsliall Tobias. Fourth row, left to right: lwlr. Charles Nooney, Nlr, Earle Nloore, Edwin Freeman, Sidney Stubbs. J, KL -L ' ,,j,.. -' ,gf -W-, f L, . . for character LLl1.lJI.1"lg HI-Y CLUB The aim of the Hi-Y Club is to furnish wholesome entertain- ment, healthful recreation, and an atmosphere of Christian love and unsellish service. The ollicers ol the club were: Rutledge L a W s 0 n, president: Carl Saunders, Vice Presidentg John Dulllie, Secretaryg Diclc Lee, Treasurer: Ted Lide, Sergeant- at-Armsg Diclc Alderman, Chap- lain. The sponsor was Mr. Earle Moore. LL, HI-Y BARBECUE First row, being served, left to right: Billy Ward, Laurie Smith, Dick Alderman, Dick Lee, Donald Watson. Second row, serving, left to right: Edwin Freeman, Ted Lide, Edgar Ellis, Jimmy Lee, Rutledge Lawson, lxlr. Earle lxfloore. The proceeds from this barbecue went to help purchase an old school building in Rangoon, Burma, to be converted into a YMCA huilding, HI-Y BASKETBALL SQUAD Center line, front to back: Cvcorge Thomas, Captain: Ted Lidc: Cvary Petroski: N112 Eafle Moore, CO3Cl'l. Left group, front to lwclz: Sidney Stubbs: Dick Alderman. Co-Captain, Ted lohnson. Right group, front to back: Harry Ryttenhurg: Rutledge Lawson: Billy Dear. This inexperienced squad won hall the games on its regular seasons schedule. its greatest achievement coming as a 68-29 triumph over the Rock Hill Hi-Y. Sumter was eliminated from the Carolinas' Interstate Hi-Y Basketball tournament held in Rock Hill, March 27 and 28. by a scrappy Charlotte live, 36-37. V1 - LUI3 rr . 77 . OT QVQVZ G Sfi'OlfZgQ1'1AWZQi'7CCl THE F.T.A CLUB First row, lofi lo right: Gloria Cvrayheal, lvlaclwre Blaclcvst-ll. Second row, lei! lo right. jucquelyne Foster, Sue Ge-clclings, Phyllis Snelgrove, Doris Braclham, Betty Iss-e Holman lstancl- ingi. Tiiirri row, iefi to right: Lillian Vveatherly, Theoclom Pillas, Doris lVIilchuin, Christine Brunson. Staruiing in izacle, iefl to right: lvlacige Carol Jones, Betty Bartlelte. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA The F. B. I... A. Cluh is a national organization for the pro- motion ancl help of young Iousi- ness stuclents. The officers of the Sumter Chapter were: Julia Stone, Pres- ident: Eloise Vvhitlowe, Vice President: Josephine Fo u g er e. Secretaryg IVlary Lou Newman, Treasurer. IVIiss Thelma Gaston was Sponsor. Clean Up Week lor the whole school was one phase of the clulifs service this year. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The aim of the F. T. A. Cluh is to stucly all phases ol teaching as a career ancl to examine the requisites of a goocl teacher. This year the clulo had the opportunity to oloserve classes at worlc in the primary school. The presiclent ol the cluh was Betty Lee Holman. The sponsor was IVIiss Susie Osteen. The growing interest ol stu- clents in the various aspects ol the teaching profession is a goocl sign of Ha stronger Americaf' THE F. B.L. A. CLUB Left to rigid: Ruhy Lee Player, Sara Ellen Wiarslmall, Elsie Ardis, Eloise Vvhitlowe C. VV. Boykin, Josephine Fougere. Carolyn James, Florence Cannon, Julia Stone, 100 C L U B t. . for the love of liome anal Halal 915 I I 5 , 5 ,Y .311-,V rr if fl JUNIOR HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Sitting around table, left to riglit: Rebecca Copeland, Shirley Poole, Marjorie Logan, IVIary Sutton, Jeanette Pierson. Standing, left to right: lxlilclrecl Brown, Jacquelyn Moore. Tire purpose of tlie J. I-I. A. Club is to clevelop a well-rouncled personality ancl create an interest in bome and surrounclings. The officers were: Jaclcie Moore, Presidentg Betty Bartlette, Vice President: Milclrecl Brown, Secretary: Mary Frances Payne, Treasurer. The sponsors were Mrs. Adeline Scarborough ancl Mrs. Elizabeth Bateman. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Seated at front table, beginning at left and reading clockwise: Lynwoocl Hodge, Calvin Hattielcl, .Iames Franklin, Bynum Driggers, Billy Davis. Four seniors, right, front, left to riglitr Franklin Kelley, Henry Hodge, Carl Saunclers, IVlilton Evans. The main objective of the F. F. A. Club is to give a feeling of responsibility and respect for farming as a vocation. Tbe olllzicers of the club Were: Robert Kelley, presiclentg Lynwoocl Hodge, Vice Presidentg Qtis Hill, Secretaryg Henry I-Iodge, Treasurer. The sponsor of tbe club was IVIr. Fred Wells. IO! V L U B . or re igious an social development FELLOWSHIP CLUB The purpose of the Fellowship Clulo is to maintain high moral spirit and sterling character in the school and the community. The officers Were: Diclc Alder- man, Presidentg Billy Vvard, Vice Presiclentg Nlartha Knight, Secretary: Doris Fort, Treasurer. The Sponsor was Mrs. H. H. Strong. THE FELLGWSHIP CLUB Presiding: Diclc Alderman. Seated around talile, lwginning front, left, and reading clockwise: Doris Fort, Nlartha Knight. Caroline Burrows, Rutledge Lawson, Nancy Spears, Rohert Lee, Vvesley Nlillard, Ruthie Crowson, Alvenia VVineg5ard, Herhert Hattie-ld, Tommy Kc-els. Standing lay windows, left to right: Jr-rry Clnampey, Vvill Dinliins, Billy Ward, Norman Smith. THE DRAMATICS CLUB Presiding: Buddy Cvulledge. First row, left to right: Sidney Stuluhs, Dean Cooke, Richard Alpert, Marion Griffin, Roluert Gardner, Sammy Gantt, lvlaclc lvlclnnis, Second row, left to right: Beverly Hughes. lvlartha Shaw, lvlarilyn Hodge, Gloria King, Sara Ellen Marshall, lvlary Frances lvlarshall, Pauline Lowder. Third row, left to right: Ann Smith, Jimmy Newman, Shirley Stone. Albert lvloise. Peggy Sneed, Sara Vvimherly. Lillian VVe-atherly. Fourth row, left to riglitr lxlartha Vvitllerspoon, Sue Gecldings, Barhara Johns, Charlene Hess, Patricia Craig, Sharon Chada. The main purpose ol the Dramatics Clula is to learn poise, speech, and interpretation. The officers were: William lwlccormic. Presidentg Buddy Gulledge, Vice Presidentg Nlaclc Mclnnis, Secretaryg Lucia Shaw, Treasurer. The Sponsor was lxlr. Rolvert Vviggins. IOZ CLUB . . in the rea m ofart mmm will SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE MUSIC CLUB Presiding: Irrancy Jo Fortune. First row. left to right: Virginia IVIcNIiIIan, Thelma Outlaw. Katherine Ardis, Nlary Lib Rodgers. Second row, left to S Q4 H right: Annette Ellis, Nlargie Lanham, Dick Lee. V U - 2 A THE ART CLUB The Art Cluh, open only to art students, not only Iearns the fundamentals of fine art hut aIso puts into practice this knowledge by malcing school posters and hy decorating for various occasions. The officers Were: Vvarren Carroway, President, Bunny IVIcI.,aurin, Vice Presidentg Betty Jane Husky, Secretary-Treas urer. The sponsor was Mrs. A. H. Forester. IN THE DARK ROOM THE MUSIC CLUB The IVIusic Clulo was organized in 1949 in order to teach music appreciation among the students and to study the great music com- posers. To understand and Iearn to love music, one must listen to it. The officers of the clulo this year were: Francy Jo Fortune, Presidentg Harriet Thomp- son, Vice Presidentg Virginia IVlcIVIiIIan, Sec- retary. The sponsor was IVIr. L. C. IVIoise. PM - 01A GJFC, Q, - Maid Qfvto, :fa at THE ART CLUB Seated at small table: Marian Shaw. Seated at large iatzle, clockwise: Betty Jane Huslcey, Sally Ivlarshall, IVIarion Orcutt, Ida Vernon Diclc. Ivlary Hazel I'IiII. Standing, left to right: Roland Russell, Ivlargaret Ann Hill, Warren Carroway, Bunny IVIcLaurin, Cvilhert Parker. Xvorlzing on left: Sep Harvin. Working on right, left to right: Laurie Smith Tommy Rohertson THE PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB This cluh was organized to teach the funda- mentals of the art of photography as either a holohy or a lifes work. The officers were: Tommy Robertson, President: Sep Harvin, Vice Presidentg Frances Kinney. Secretary: Douglas Blanding, Treasurer. The sponsors were: Iylr. Vvalter Gillam and Blrs. 0Ia Blae DeBerry. ,f G4 CT' 'ff TUX T f fm'-KP U- 'il Te l Ci L. 2 f-,fr M W ,-f 135 il .X -gr li mu lx Q1 ,Q -Ali-xfllyff J- ,lL.lLJl J- Lg aL xx, AS l AFFER THE ASSEMBLY PROGRAM Left to right: lvlayor lvl. Priscilla Shaw, Paul Ducom, Bunny Mclaaurin, Calvin Hatfield, Buddy Gulledge, Zan Lee. if LLL 'fl ,i CHARACTER EMPHASIS VVEEK The honor council sponsored Character Emphasis Week Feb- ruary 9-13 with several assembly programs. Mayor Shaw was the guest speaker at one of these. She pointed out that an excellent basis for character building might well be the keeping of the Ten Commandments. She emphasized the fact that HReputation is what we seemg character is what we aref' Mayor Shaw made a deep im- pression on her audience, partly because she is herself a young woman of sterling character, and partly because she is one oi Sumtens own daughters, with a delightful personality. POPULAR PROGRAMS Quiz programs are both entertaining and instructive. QUIZ PROGRAM Left to right: Caroline Burrows, Peggy Sneed, Marion Griffin, Jeannine White. Latus Pigott, Bynum Driggers, Score keeper: George Yvelsh. Myistery man: Robert Gardner. Billy Ward was absent when the picture was taken. IO4 IUSIC IN E U Dc HIGH SCHOO Dec. 1 Dec. 5 Der. 14 Dec. 19 Jan. 30-31 DRUM MAJOR Oris HILL Santa Claus parade, Sumter. Santa Claus Parade and EHS Band Dinner, Newloerry-sponsored lay McSwain Funeral Home, Newlverry, Handels "Messiah" presented lay EHS Chorus, Sumter Clioral Clulb. soloists. and 410-piece Sym- phony Orchestra Q3 band memluersl. Handels .lMESS1Bll', presented by EHS Clworus, witlm guest soloists, EHS Band, and Mrs. Styles Marshall, accompanist. 1AssemI31yl. Eastern District Band Clinic 111 memloersl, Dillon, George VV. Trumbull, Conductor. fConlinuer1 on Page 1051 EDMUNDS HIGH SCHOOL BAND JAMES D. PRITCHARD, Conductor THE 1052-53 BAND SCHEDULE Advance reliearsals lzcfore opening ol school. Student Assemlaly Programs, offering special music on some: 9 Football Games-special marching formations at all games ttrips to Camden, George- town. Florencel. Aug. IS-29 Oct. 24 State Fair Nlarclwing Band Contest, Columlnia 13rd place among 12 contesting bands: casl1 prize ot 575.1 Oct. 31 Eastern Carolina Agriculture Fair Nlarclling Band Contest, Florence 11st place among 9 contesting lwands: cast: prize 01 s100.J Nov. 3 .'Get Out Tile Voteu Parade, Sumter. Nov. 21 Assembly Concert. Nov. 25 Pre-Florence Pep Parade. SENIOR MAJORETTES Left to Right: Mary Elizaloetlt Rodgers, Ann Smitlm. Seniors in flze CO17CQTfBJWJ PERCUSSION, loft lo riglut: Alvrbnia Vvincgarcl, Sidney Stubbs. BASS HORN, Edwin Freeman, CORNET, left io rglzl: Jane Bake-r, Tommy Rolwrlson. CLARINET ami S-XXOPHONF, Mt fo rigid: Phyllis Byrd, Curl Smlnclc-r, Douglas Blamling, .'xll!N'HP Fllis, Xvvslf-5' fxlillaml. TROMBONE and BARITONE, left In right: Ofis Richard Lee, Rutledge Lawson. EDMUNDS HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT BAND Front, center row, left to right: lvl. Payne, P. Byrd. K. Forester, B. Doar, A. Smith, J. Holladay, B. Reynolds, P. James, VV lxlillard. Second row, left to right: D. Sanders, lvl. Nicliller, P. Whitaker, VV. Beddoes, C. Singleton, A. Huhlaard, Cv. Moseley, T Roloertson. F. Harrington, E. Arledge, C. Saunders. D. Blancling, K. Beehe. J. Dohy. A. Ellis. Third row, left to right: lvl. Graham, B Singleton. Outlaxx', sl. Copeland, F. Balcer, L. Nloore, J. Balier, H. Ryttenlberg, N. Byrd, L.. King, R. Lee, F. Foxworth, S. lVlcLeod J. Heclrel, K. Freeman, R. Vvard, Bach row, left to right: F. Coward. E. Connor, l'l. Thompson. S. Stuhhs. D. Revill, lVl. lVlclVlillan P. Roche, A. Vvirtegard, L.. Knight, .l. Glasscoclc, E. Freeman, B. Driggers. lvlr. James Pritchard, H. rlames. P. Nlccoy, N. Burlce, R. Fraser R. Lawson. S. Harvin, O. Hill. THE 1952-53 BAND SCHEDULE fcontinuecl from Page 105, Fell. 6- I All-State Band, Vvinthrop College, Roclc Hill: H. E. Nutt, Conductor, llxlary Frances Payne, clarinet: Carl Saunders. hass clarinet: Richard VVartl, lrench horn., Feh. 23 Flag Raising Ceremony. Jordan School, VVallcer Becloloes, trumpeter. lxlarch 12 VVoman's Alter noon Nlusic Club K3 ensemhles, 1 solol. Nlarrh I9-20 Eastern District lvlusic Festival, Sumter 423 solos, 6 ensembles, luandl. Nlarch 24 Lions Cluh l2 solosl. April 2 Demonstration ol all hand instruments and perform anee lor Lemira School, flth grade class. April l6-l7 State Nlusic Festival, Roch Hill-l Rating: Band Event fClass Al. 14 points lor concert, sight-reading. and marching, Percussion Ensemble: Shirley Graham, haton twirling: Richard Lee. haritoneg Vxlesley Millard, student conductor: Richard Vvarcl, french horn. ll Rating: Flute Quartet: Tromloone Quartet: Sep l'larvin, student conductor: Ann Smith, haton twirling. April 23 Sumter County Teachers' Fleeting fpercussion ensemlole, trench horn solol, April 28 Senior Class Play. April 30 Assemhly C onee rt with EHS Chorus. lvlay 4 Coronation. lvlay 5 Sumter Schools Music Festival C onoe rt lRichard Lee, Baritone Horn soloistl, May 7 Shriner's Parade and Dinner at SLC Shrine Cluh, Sumter. Nlay 21 lris Festival Paraole. lvlay 27 Class Day. lvlay 29 Commencement. Seniors in the M7.XQC! Chorus TENORS t limit to riglzl: .lc-rry Cirampey, Irvin Piowclen, Laurie Smith. c. an ., f' ,. ' ACCOMPANIST V f VIRGINIA IVICMILLAN V 1 Q xx 1 ' .I X, , rr .Q , 'D - ' W ' M ...4.v... BASSES Lefl io Tigllff .loiwn Duiiiv, .lalnes Skinner, Ted Lids, Franklin Kelley, Niarvin Burrcs Robert Lee, Robert Jones. SOPRANOS AND ALTOS Left to right: Margie Lanimam, Virginia iN'1cMiiian, Icla Vernon Dick, Irene Barbour, Patricia Craig, Sharon Clracla. 108 Sept.-Nov. 2-l Oct. 30-31 Nov. 20 Dec. l-1 Dec. I9 lxlarcii 18-19 April 13-I0 April Flay I Flay 5 lf I .f ffl EDMUNDS HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS 6 fl Q, L. C. MOISE, Conductor ff Altlj, I THE 1952-53 CHORUS SCHEDULE fl! rl l I X I JAMES D. PRITCHARD, Conductor. 5 V All-State Cliorus, Vvintllrop College. Roclc Hill, Dr. llnrry Rolls-rt Vvilson, conclurtor. Assemlnly-Special music lor Tlianlisgiving Program, Hanclels Mlxlessiaiin presentecl iiy EHS Cliorus, Sumter Clioral Clulv, Guest Soloists, ami 40-piece Sympliony Orcllestra, Jmncs Pritciiarmi, concluctor. Hanclels Mlvlessiaimu presented lor student assembly lay EHS Cliorus, guest soloists. EHS Band, ancl Mrs. Styles lxlarsliall, accompanist. Eastern District lxlusic Festival, Sumter Q3 solos, 2 onsemloles, lvlixod Cliorusl. State Nlusic Festival, Hocli Hill-I Rating: lvlixocl Ciiorus fClass Al, Stella Hurst, Piano, It at' gz e Arleclge, Girlls Higii Voice. Assemloly Concert witli EHS Band. Kiwanis Sumter Sciiools Nlusic Festival Concert. .ff M W7 V,J'7I. gif! I :Wg W 1" 1 EDMUNDS HIGH SCHOOL MIXED CHORUS First row, left to right: S. Strange, J. Raiin, A, Horton, A. Czarneclci, S. Kinney, C. Per-lwlvs, L. Boykin, C. Stanley, lVlr, James Pritcliarcl H. Osteen, M. Boyce, J. Lawson, P. Lyncli, C. Howell, J. Ciiancller, S. Nlartin, E. Rogers, C, Kollb. Seuorifl row, left to rigllt: J. Cvaflcly, J. Dennis, S. Hurst, R. Russell, T. Pillas, G. Dennis, P. Craig. S. Cliacla, Cv. Xfvilliams, V. Dick, M. A. Smitli, Nl. Smitli, L. Doane, lvl. Lanlwam, V. Nlclvlillan, l, Barbour, J. Oclen. I. Nichols, R. Hicks, C. Beck. Tliircl row, left lo riglit: G. Simpson, S. Davis. F. lvlaynarcl, H. Watkins R. Tisclale, B. Holman, A. Cvrulblns, .l. Jackson, P. Ficller, l. Plowclen, Cv. Pritcliarrl, L, Smitli, VV. ixlrcormiclc. .l. Jones, R. Bracly, .l. Cliampey V. Strange. B. Huclson. Fourth row, left to right: B. Nettles, Nl. Burress, T. Elmore, R. Kirlny, .l. Skinner, J. Dullie, T. Lifllf. F. Kelley. D. Vvutson. L. Butt. J. Britton, R. Lee, Nl. Humplirey, R. Jones, J. Vvinlielcl. IO9 eip- rw in f- fe T reef -' if f E .AT 'XA K '4' T fi i ,T g E filo- y 'J V N MK M JA A Y M pg, N THE HANDBOOK COMMITTEE Left to right: Jane Chandler, Frank Bryan fstandinglg Franklin Kelley: lvlarshall Toiaiasg lxiiss Ethel Burnett, Student Council Adviser. THE DIRECTORY No other publication in the school is more generally used than the directory. it gives help- ful information about the Organi- zation and activities of the entire school, including both faculty and students. it also gives such handy infor- mation as names, addresses, and telephone numhers. The directory is published hy the Trade and industriai Cluh, Oi which hir. B. 0. Compton is sponsor. EQ, Q- I-Q: . THE HANDBOOK in order that they might have constantly ioeiore them the prin- ciples governing the iiie of Ed- munds High School as a whole, the traditions which have loeen estaiolished through the years, and the ideals to which the school aspires, ali students in the school are given copies ol the handbook. in the freshman class it is used as a unit oi worlc. The handhoolc is published by the student council. THE DIRECTORY STAFF Left to right: Otis Geddings, John Allen Russell, Richard Evans fslandingl, Annette iXlcl.eod. VViliie Timmons lstandingl, doella Campbell lat the typewriterl. X THE ,HUNTER HIGH EW q Y I C!a!1g,c9,,Lcw4L,j x.,L352,q,,LfALx, t?"ogfLf Tip, U U-Q if-fxlfqfif V J IL' ml flwflyff' 5,4 ,iw-fc,i.f ' G ' 'Q I , ' CD44 XKJTPDM JZ SP1 -S' C 'I fl 611,61 A P "' ,,., Wm 614-eb-2 'NYT- NIANAGER AND EDITOR OIT HIGH NEXVS APVKR .xx FXSSESIBLY Puoc,R,'xx1 SPONSORED BY Tuh STAFF ef! to right: Sara Xyinlluc-fly, Business IXIIHEIQCFZ Hugh Nlclgaurin, ffclilor-ir1-Chief. Seniors on tile H1'gfz News Staff ALL VWTH EYES ON THE DEADLINE Around first tainie, left to riglili Alvenia Vvinegarci flypingl, .lacquelyn Foster, lxlarguerite Jolinson, Barbara Hall, Gloria Graylaea .iacliie Pitts, Virginia Niclxiiiian, Lillian Vveatlierly. Around seconci table, left to right: Peggy Sneacl lturning to spfaii to someone at tlie lirst laiwiel, Sara Vviniiwerly, ,loiin Duffle, Siclney Stuinlvs, Sliiriey Stone, Carol Kniglit, Llawayne Oniey. QUILL AND SCROLL Lpft 10 right: Hugii ivicisaurin. Sep Harvin, Sliirley Stone, Carol Knigiit, nrian Sinus. Alisent: Cliristine VVQ-tson. .iolm Dutlie. Quill and Scroll is an international society tor lwigifm scilool journalists. For memiuersliip, a stuclent must ine a junior or a senior: lie must stand in tiae upper tiiirci oi iiis class: lie must do superior work on tile newspaper staliig lie must ine recom- mencleci lay iris adviser and approveci lay time Society. Il2 HIGH NEVVS SERVES THE SCHOOL Through High News, students are given accounts oi all events that taice place in and arounci sciuooi and-so far as possiinie-events to come. Stucients love ticrese: Accounts oi games, cielaates, music contests, anti social events. They watch lor lasimion iiints, personality write-ups, ioooic re- views, and tips on time current popular recorcis. in serving time scitooi, High News serves tlie community. -- -, , . , fm, fx Q. , - I , I1 V, I X, I 1 ,, CO-EDITGRS OF HI-WAYS A STROLL ON THE CAlNlPUS XVHEN THE WORK IS ALL DONE Left to right: Carol Knight, Shirley Stone. II3 Hi-Ways 1953 ,EAP COABUSINESS MANAGERS Ol? H1-KVAYS ,ADDING UP 51,060.00 VVORTH OF Aus Lffft to rigid: Teri Lide fat adding nmacllinef, Rulleclge Lawson fcalling the numbers Hi-Ways 19 3 1, ,, fy f f 141493. .V ffiqfzzw. ff f' ', WZ? W4 LAYOLITS STAFF Left to riglitf Eclgar Reese. Rutliie Crowson, Zan Lee, Llawayne Gnley, Sara Vvimluerly. ixlargarel Ann Hill. LITERARY STAFF Standing, speaking to group: Flarllxa Sliaw. First row, left to rigllt: Pliyllis Snelgrove, Flargaret Kirlcley, Barlaara Hall. Second row, left to right: lvlargie Lanham, Gtis Hill, Cliarles Flood. ACTIVITIES STAFF Seated at talzle, left to rigllt: Charlene Hess, Barlnara Jolrns, Inla Vernon Dicli. Standing at end of table, left to right: Nlaclc Nlrlnnis, Herloert Hatfield. Coming in door, left to riglnt: Sara Ellen Ixlarslrali, Irvin Plowclen, II5 LFENVOY Vve sllall always prize it, HI-XVAYS, history ol tire Class of 53. Tllereis a saciness in time olcl song- HVVl1ere, olm, wliere are tire grand olcl seniors? Lost - lost -- in the wicle wicle worlclfi But HIAXVAYS will luring us together in many a reunion tllat will always lbe young ancl gay. --SHIRLEY AND CAROL. Hi -Wfays 19 3 ISQIICCI GIRLS' SPORTS rl-IIVIE OUT I to rigtzt: .laftiiv Pitts, ttzxrquetyn S BOYS' SPORTS VVORK, WATER, VVEARINESS Loft lo right: Hubert Hodge, .totm Duttie MUSIC EDITORS 'TPIE RECORDS FISHEY Lovn BEST fvfi to right: Annette Ettis, Caroline Burrow txturv Etizatzettl Rodgers. - ,-,xx --.- N,....,13' 5.-K xx:-,Q 'R...fa K- t NV.-.fi -- V H. -K friewr 1 . 1 i . V A , , M I. , T W Y J, lf fix -'ff 1' Wi ...Q ,' i ' ' I 'V If f uf If I V ' ' I 1' ' r 3' f ' f ' x .:- .-..z ,:'-.fg' .-,.. 1, ....u. ,nu f xx 5 ...ff .-4 4 - ,. i..:j A- Q ... .5 f xy HIYVJAYS BUSINESS STAFF THE RECORD-BREAKING FIFTY-THREERS EXCEL AGAIN Seated, left to right: Teci Licie, Douglas Bianciing. Franklin Kniiey, Dirk Lee, Riciiurii Evans, Ruliecige Lawson, Standing left to right: Sidney Stuioius, Buciciy Guiiecige, George Tiiomas, Cari Suunciers. II7 CDLA Rates great WI h dates ' The year round Royal Crown Cola 1S the full qulck way to get a qulck up Over 125 famous Hollywood mov1e stars have made the taste test and rated RC the best tastmg cola of all Try mt' qav RC for mel 2 full glasses m eve KMKKXNMKMKRHHKXXKKMKKMKHMKKHVHHHMHHHQKHMHHHHKQZ K H M M H H K H K K X X N X N 4 H N K H X X H M K K X X K H H K K M X X K K H Q K H 5 X K Q H X M H K H 5 H V Q H H 5 X N MKVM!!!H5555H5555MHKXQHHMMNMVHKHQMKKQ555555555 M KKXMNRKHHMK KKK MMVHKKM THE SOUTH C ROLINA NATIO L BAN SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA Member Federal Reserve System Q sos aes Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation H ace 5 Q if ff 5 21 Ai X Q 5 sos 'vzunv' 5 HKHWWKKMMMKMKXKXHXKHX MHHKMHHRHKMMXKKKKHKX OFFICERS R. L. BICLEOD, Manager M. W. EDWARDS, Assistant Manager QKXKXKWKMK H K M K W N W W U N N X! Xi X! Xi Xi Xi IK A H N Xi XE XE II 35 If Xi fi li X! if Xi XE Xi if X! ii XE !! Xi if ii Xi XE li XE XE IK JK if X! XX XX Zi fi !E XX XE If Xi 5555555555 ll? acezeexzxfsesseeamneswesaeacesaeacsacescfawemesaesceaceaceaceseenezeeweacfaeaemzesaosacfaceaaacsmcfsceaxacescfseescfaceamzxnemeaoeaosaceaoaceacescface ace me ses I im 041.41-u.g, a.,oC i..c,nJ-.Z'Jl,e., gap-, AT THE SIGN 'LJ Qs Xu-A ,Eo?..c,vu ! i 5 66 Z: 1 OF THE fff fav" ,,,Q,,,,,z.o"RANGE DISC ,gh-,,f-0 Za, ,fa-,4f.ff Qwcg, THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE GULF PRIDE OIL Dlore Power, Pep and Economy AT ALL GULF STATIONS H. Q. HEATH, Distributor SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA sezacszezmcezezaoeacsacfacsscsaesacfzxsceaeeaeeaosaoeacsmmacfnescsscsmsaaeacfsessesacemeammmacsaceaosneacsawsnsseensamnswssxazfaoeaweacmsacs I20 'QQQBQQ4QKKMHMKKKKQMMRBCZXXKZKMKHMMM353025M3362K3303632MKKQKKMQRHNEQQHRBQQQBERQAQK The National Bank Of South Carolina MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM S. L. RODDEY, President RAYMON SCHVVARTZ, Vice-President H. H. STRONG, Vice-President C. D. COOPER, JR., Vice-President and Cashier O. B. NETTLES, Assistant Cashier J. T. WILLIAMS, JR., Assistant Cashier All Deposits Fully Insured Up to 510,000.00 I2l AKZXZIKKKQMHMQQXZQQQKQRHMRXKQKMHRXQKKMKHKQQRMXQQRKMKMRHMRMQQRRQEKKRQ 2 Z Z Z 5 Z if 35 2 STONE'S A as 362 35 305 Esso gag If pg IX SERVICE E 2 gi X2 2 Esso SERVICE AT ITS BEST 2 2 5 ga Xt 2 2 H E N. MAIN AND CALHOUN STS. PHONE 1008 2 DE 31 2 3 2 Z QE 2 2 S 5 ace ki CAROLINA 4 H 2 HARDWARE COMPANY 2 X Q 2 If HARDWARE SUPPLIES 2 2 SPORTING GOODS v GIFTS - PAINTS 2 2 BUILDERS' HARDWARE 2 ii ARE A MUST 3 E Then 2 E WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT US 2 fi 2 2 7 AND 9 S. MAIN ST. PHONES 11120-1421 2 Ki anynnnnnmnnnnamannunnnnaxnuannuwnnmammaryunnnunudunnuuunnnwunuxm W2 and H 4 5 H K N V M H H W A K K Q A K Q H Q H M H H K 5 Q N H H ici V H M M H H Q N H 5 H H K W H Q H N H H Q N Q K Q K Q k H H V Qu , Q Q Q Q Q '09 UQ 'anna 'Ti O FU +4 O C FU '1 C1 Pi C FU P1 U1 H FD C SU P4 H Ki kann QD Q . Tf?fiiM g "'- 5 X2 Q fag 5 Q ' ,jfilgnl-fp. , 4 'R 5 Z L.-f-:2'iw:!f:' -r. Y 1 2 LIFE INSURANCE 4 5 Q EE- ? zilfm' A G 1' S COMPANY 5 Q nf fi ff 4 Q 4 'Ef1IEM4h. 4 5 Q "sUMTER's OWN" ,f i S Q , Muna! 1 3 92 as QQNQHRHHDVHQRHH 'N 'S 2 P4- Q Q Y T+L Q 'E 2 I Q N. 2 Q. S. CB Q 3 9.1 Q M N. MMHHKWHHHQKQHQHQD QQQHHQ 5 T? 05 P' QHHHNQ zest to the hour RQRRRQQQRQVQ HN QQWHQHMQN Q 4 as if nv fi wi hkkihk 655555 "The Pause That Refreshesu VHNQ 5556 cw O O 99 cw 2. DD can Om f'l"1 7-L2 ::: -ll. Q53 cw O 3 'U DD 3 N4 QQQQ UWHHU QQ 56 R QRHQQ9 A h h Q R A Q h Q R Q H U 9 h U Q Q hm is nw ur- 32,6 Q H KF Q Q CD 30 QS H bf! H QQ VD' Q new 52 M hd QZ ,Gif Q N N N H N H X! H If N XX K! XE Xi X! wi ,,,, VQQQQQHKH QQ l23 H55 H V H M V H K H H K M H H K K 5 K M N H H H N H 5 H H H M H H M X H K X H H K W W X H H M M H 5 5 V X H M X M N M H K X M M My H K K K X 332 Z 2 FOR HAIRCUTS THAT SATISFY H H H K M K Q 5 O :ra 0 F1 5' E5 -n :r ua O :r 0 2. O Fl o 2 Q. H KHKKXQKMHQMK KKXRRKKHH XXHHXKKKXXKKRKMMXHKH5 Uurthouse Barber S comp HQ OPPOSITE COURTHOUSE N. MAIN STREET aesacfacsacewsacemface av :Q o L-1 me O us o 3 K5 U1 r: 3 H' FD "1 CD H 9 Q. T: sw ri' FD sf aossoesoeaoeaceaeeaceacsaceace N K M Z E 2 Z H M K M H X 5 M 5 M KKK!QMMRQKKKKKXHRKRHXKQHQRMVM? MMKKMMKKKMMKMMXKKKMMMQ HMM! THE C PITOL DEP RTME T STORE KH STYLE ' QUALITY ' ECONOMY ZKKMKHKMVX N W Q K 5 il N N li N N 32 35 31 ZZ Xi XX Xi 35 XX If If 35 ZX If if JK BK if If W Xi 32 35 Xi 35 35 B! ll Zi BK 31 ZX BK XE XE ii If BK I! Zi XE li 35 Xi XE If BK li li XE HKMMXKKHKMKM Sumter? Most Modem Department Store l7L QHKQEQE5KKQE!!H534QEKQ053XQEQE536?X?iKXEQE3XQEKH3XQf?XQEX2?XQEXEQE3QQEQEQE QEQEQEQEQEQEXQE35QEQEQfQQEM3G35?XQE if ii 'cf ax Q su 'ff we V ace If ace Q asf V sv V sz V as X as Q UL Ed g Q19 QE fee V ax V ack 'E 22 541 E. 5' E S E R S Q gi X Q Manufacturers 5 if 5 if KITCHEN CABINETS ' UTILITIES ' TABLES S 2 BREAKFAST SETS 2 Z 5 Qi QE Zi Z E SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA 5 K Z Z XE A QE 5 Qi QE QE QE 22 Z QE 32 E S QE 9 we 2 KIRBY 3 Q FRIGIDAIRE HOME APPLIANCES 5 Q5 Xi 2 HEATING AND COOLING EQUIPMENT 2 QE BK 2 FURNITURE 2 2 2 2 2 gg LII5 E. LIBERTY STREET gg S ai 2 SUMTER, S. O. PHONE 337 OR 1616 35 XX X K M QE Qi QEX QE QEQE QE M K K K K QE K QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE K K QE QE QE QE If QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE K QE QE QE QE QE QE QE M QE QE K QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE K QE K QE QE QE QE QEQEH 125 KNNRKVKHHNQNNKNQHKHKHHKKHHVQHVKHHKHHNKKHKNHVQVHKVHV555DQHQDVVRRV 9 Q 31 ici H H QQRVHDFHQQHQH I HHUCUUHHHHWKH 5 we aa aes zz 2 PHONE 1110 PHONE 1111 if Q 5 5 Z Z Radio Dispatched Q4-Hour Service 5 u xi xx am sae au xx QAM E UH E E 1-3 v-4 E cn C2 'Ji ZH 2 G U1 O 2 DH 1-' L-' 'U DH rn U: L"'.1 Z Q L11 'J-U rn HHH 4 4 aeeaveaemsaaxzammscmmsasfns W 'Q rw 3 Q., Q v lil ru Q S. ci m H Co H Q 2 S 'E P4- M m Q Q' S. Q cm sxscemfav safaoswssnsaefaofsu ,H I-11 4 :V Z an Z 0 -1 O 70 Q O C 70 -1 AND RESTAURANT CBKIR. AND MRS. F. G. ONLEY, Owners and Opemtorsj KKK H45 S "The One-Stop Service for Tourists" S 2 MEALS AND SANDXVICHES 0:00 A. M. to 12:00 P. M. PIT CQOKED BAP.-B-QUE 3 "The Gam ecoc ks Are Always Wfelcomeu ig 5? 30 Z N. BIAIN EXT., U. S. 15-A PHONE 785 3 HQRH 4 N K H X K Q H K K N Q M V H 4 W H M K H K K M H H H K K X K iii K K K M K H H H K K K K H M K H Q K K M Q H K K K Q Q K K M 55235 DH H M H Q K N K R K H K H K 4 H N H K 4 N H K M M H Q N H H M N M K K H K Q Q K M N H Q Q 4 Q 4 Q 4 H 4 Q M K Q Q H V 4 K Q Q Uh QNHWQQQQ KHHMHHHQ D99 MUN? Courtright Chevrolet Company HQMHQWQHHNQHNQH UMMMQHHHUHHHH W H Fzm f V 01 f f M HHH HKKHNHMHMNHNRKHHHMMMMKMHM MHMNMNKKNHXMKNKHNQMHHUN "The Dlost Beautiful 1-my of Azz" CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS HRW, Right at Coufmghf, NEXT TO POST OFFICE if V ff 75 ff A . N- 31' Ki !,',: R 75 5 Gwwww UVWE fmmm Q if 'T , 34 if f ff V I if if PE '--w4Wf.H1-iii f mawmwmmwi 5 1 K ass X R- U Q H T ,Q if pg . U aa QRWSHE? ' WERE EMEEEEH? H A if if A L H if H xx if - -..-:-.nf:- '- ':- K mgggsfsr E332 H M -- K KMNMHMK NWN! VKX! V R DIO STATIUN WFIG I CORPORATED HMXNH H54 QNMMMMXMK K K X K K V U M A 5 A A N 2 K: fm V O 55 Z 52 QSC! R H Q KE gr' K'-4 Q M w 'EE Q 55 N 225 N N hd H CD K El K CD M I A 5 V !X ZX ii XX li M XZ ki if IK N ff 555545465 O27 HHKUKKKKHHQKMKKK5KKKHKQVKKKKHKKK5555555QKKMKNHKKKKXMMHHMMNHHQQ Shaw umlber Compaum We Carry a Good Line of Building Material -.,.qi E+..- CORNER OF SUMTER AND DINGLE STS. PHONE THE SUMTER DRY GOODS CO. COMPLETE READY-TO-WEAR STORE HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOVELTIES "Meet D16 at the Dry Goods Company" SUMTERJS LARGEST ALL-LADIES, STORE FINE LINGERIE AND FINE PIECE Goons UNDEEWEAR CURTAINS AND DRAPERIES HHHVHXVMHHHXKKKHMHQH555555555555KH555KWHKXKXKKXKKHXKVHKXHKHKKH ,.s.f Homeroom 109 turned tlieir liigii-liomeromi-in.magazines-sales party ftixey did a wonderful join on magazine sales, into a limirtlmday party for lvlrs. Brunson. H Tire place was the purple classroom. Tile time, just alter fnot before, luncli, so that noiJody'd be tempted to put one loot in cle trough." ice cream, pound calce, and homemade mints were served. Mr. Lyles, lvliss Burnett, and Miss Xveinirerg were special faculty guests, HA good time was liad ivy all," as can be seen from tlie pictures luelow. 129 AT THE "CAKE" TABLE Beginning on time left and reading clockwise: Sammy Gantt, lvliss Weinberg, Ernest Weeks. Ted Lide. Mrs. Brunson, Dick Lee, Miss Burnett, Mack Mclnnis. "THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING" Left to right. First row: Joim Allen Russell, Billy Davis, Sara Wimberly, Llawayne Onley. Jimmy Newman. Second row: Julian Moore, Clyde Nlixon, Alvenia Vvinegard, Buddy Gul- ledge. Third row: Marilyn Ellis, lris Barbour, Sl'l8I'On CITBLJH, Mafy Frances Marshall, FOUffPl FOIUI AldSl'TIl8fl, Paul Ducom, R0lDCft Gardner. MOVE OVER HERE COME THE BOYS FROM TABLE I Left to right. First row: Ted Lide, Tommy Keels. Second row: Dick Lee, Rutledge Lawson, Caroline Burrows, Carol Knigixt, Jackie Pitts. Third row: Jolin Dulziie. Sammy Gantt, Mack lvlclnnis, Carl Saunders. Ernest Vveelcs, Edwin Freeman. MNH K M H H H X K K X K M K H K H M M K Q H H M H H Q H 5 H M K M M M Q H H H M H K H H H M H H H K K H M K H M H N V H M 5 M 5 VK 2 BOYLE MOTOR COMPANY 2 5 Your Friendly Dealer 2 MQW H XKKMRXKXMHKHKX Q5 CD D0 CD 2 QC P-IC" AU FU! wgg Q-,'O EEUU :Egg 30: 'Tb :UQDMP QOEZ CN EEOC mmfofv C0535 EERE Z :Ag O O Z O EE 3525 QU? I-4 UI OO EO XKQMKKKXHXKKXX M555 K X X X 2 N. MAIN AT CALHOUN Z 3 2 if GULF PRODUCTS ' ' U. S. TIRES 35 XHXXXQKNKRKQQ N Q Q I T Q ii Cb 5- Q EO CD I3 Zn? D150 Eh 'Aw C71 N Y V5 S. CJ Q 5VX8KXZUiXXl0dKW 5 XQQXMKK 5535555 K LAWSON COFFEE COMPANY INCORPORATED Roasters and Blenders of K5 KH 2 HOTEL SPECIAL AND "CAROBEs1:" COFFEE 2 sos asf Z lllanufaeturers "Carobest,, Peanut Butter Q 2 Packers "CarolJest,' Tea Z Z PHONE 122 SUMTER, S. C. Q Z 5 asf xx ace - ax S 5 5 HENRY P. MOSES COMPANY, INC. 5 sae asf ai Rents Collected ' Real Estate Sold S ace ace 2 INSURANCE 2 we asf 3 PHONE 577 OPPOSITE POST OFFICE S sei aes Q SUMTE11, SOUTH CAROLINA Q ace QQ K Q M K H K W Q 5 Q Q H Q Xi Xi Zi if If Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi XE KX ff Xi Xi if XE Xi ZX Ki XX 32 Zi XX Zi 32 XX Ki KX if ZX XE Xi Zi 35 Xi Zi Bi ZX if if Zi 31 XS EX if ZX EX Ziiiii IQG 55 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 D55 MILLING MOTORS, INC. E Distributors S 55555555 55555555 LINCOLN 0 MERCURY Sales and Service if PHONE 1666 4 SOUTH LIARVIN ST. Z 5 we SUMTBR, SOUTH CAROLINA Q 2 as ff if 5 Q Junior-Senior Corsages Commencement Bouquets 5 55 55 IE WATERS GREENHOUSE G FLOWER SHOP Q pf am ace Z Our Flowers have "That Personal Touch That Dleans 2 S So zvluchf 5 sos 2 FLOWERPHONE 1443 102 LORING PLACE S E FLOVVERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 2 ff 5 bf aes 5 ?E K . 2 GOODWIN BUICK COMPANY, INC. 2 2 S E 212-214 VV. LIBERTY ST. TELEPHONES 1984-1985 ,Z if 5 ace aczaosxsace 5 ml Q 95- rm ri fb 'Y hi Q 2 'Y 'U 2. fl Cb CU an 3 QQ fb W fb 95 55- fb 'Y CU Q Q UU S Q. W aceaasosaeeaoesosacf 55 if SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA 2 2 Z 35 5 25 Z 5 W. B. BURNS 61 SONS g 555555555555555555 S? Z .E Z CD Q S H M F5 In O CD CD FD 51 3 P-4 Z 555555555 5555555 Hardware and Sporting Goods VISIT OUR GIFT DEPARTMENT VVHERE YOU VVILL FIND GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS-2ND FLOOR 55 N. IVIAIN STREET STORE 555555555555555555555555555555?iZ'55555555555555555555555555555555 I3I 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 mxxmaeemosmrz 5 M 21 3 QQ R' Q 2 03 Cm :ou A g: E 5' E Q m ff 3 9- ef.. 'JI O E O U2 5 E m Z2 SP, 5' S 3 QI TE Q2 S Q 2 P4- D' amacfsczaasseeacessfxf B. F. Goodrich Tires WOMACK - BRCWN, INC. 55555555555555555555 P-4 N Q U O C H I W P4 Z 2 O T4 O C CD OH 35 EZ 5 M F U5 N F-7 H W P Z U I ? 5 4 P-1 Z 55555555555555555555 5 WHITE 6: KENNEDY. INC. Q 2 2 55 Snmtefs Oldest Shoe Store 22 X 5 ace sos 5 22 S. MAIN ST. PHONE 889 S nf 35 2 SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA 3,2 5 if Q 5 Q 5 Q 5 Z 5 2 BELK - STROIVIAN CO. 35 sci ace we we 5 if Q Sumter? Shopping Center QQ 5 332 we sci Z Z 5 23-25 S. MAIN ST. PHONE 888 ag 5 5 5555555 5555555 KIRKLAND CLEANERS Z Main Office and Plant Q if 25 W. LIBERTY STREET Z 2 ii Z Branch Stores Z 2 337 MANNING AVE. 219 CRESCENT AVE. 518 W. LIBERTY 32 xx ace 555555 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 555555 MVVEAR CLEAN CLOTHES" no QQQMQQQQQMHQHMKHKHM5555KHKHKKHMMKMQKKKKKK!!KKXKMHKKNKQMQQKHQAHKQ 3 Z V HUGHES' TIRE SERVICE ii A if Goodyear Tires ' Tubes 2 gg Batteries ' Radios 2 H 3 Recapping 0 Wheel Alignment Service if Q xx E General Electric Appliances 2 E A S X 5 2 MAXWELL BROS. G BLACKWELL S 2 FURNITURE COMPANY E 4 H S 106 N. MAIN ST. SUMTER, S. C. S if 36 2 FRIGIDAIRE AND PHILCO APPLIANCES S if A E Sumter's Largest Furniture Store 2 A Z 335 we A as Z Z Z IACKSON TYPEWRITER CO. Q K K S ROYAL TYPEVVRITER 2 K K S Sales ' Service ' Rentals 2 K 2 22 E. LIBERTY ST. PHONE 181 S X X E ELECTRIC 0 STANDARD 0 PORTABLE E Z iii H H K X Z if Q NU-IDEA SCHOOL SUPPLY CO. 22 5 X 2 SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA 3 S E Complete Line of School Supplies and School Equipment E fi 5 Q ESTABLISHED 1921 Z K X K M 5 X H U KKK!!!KHQKMKHMXQQMKKKMVKHKXM2H5VMQXMMMMMM!!MMVHKMMMMKKMMHMKKQHMH I33 SKKKRQKRKXKXXKXKKK!!!WVKVKKRHXXXKXHKKXVKQHRKKXKQQKHXKXMXKXKXKMMKXXRHKMRMHMMKKKXKKKXHKXXXXXXKMHQM M H K H Q V Q V K H M H M M Q R K X 5 M M H H Q X K K Q Q M Q K Q M M X K H M K H X K M X H 5 M H M M M M X K X H X M K X RMKKKMKKKRMMMQMKXMKMMMXKHKKQKHMEHMMMHKHQHXHMMXKXXXXKXKXQKKKKKK SUMTER ELECTRIC APPLIANCE COMPANY "Seczco" RECORD BAR HOTPOINT APPLIANCES MAYTAG WASHERS RADIOS TV J. B. "RED" BAKER MACK MCINNIS 140 N. NIAIN STREET ROWE'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS ' NUNNALLY,S CANDIES SODAS We Deliver 47 S. MAIN ST. SUMTER, S. C. PHONE 4410 SUBURBAN PROPANE GAS Tank and Bottled Gas Service SUMTER 0 HARTSVILLE GLAMOR SHOP SHOE DEPT. "Sumter's Most Popular Shoe Dept." 3 S. NIAIN ST. SUMTER, S, C. I34- HQHKMXKMXMXKXHKXMKXHKMMXXKXXKXKHXM5555XKXKKMXMXKXKMKXMKAMXHXNXXXHKMXHXMMXMXXKXXMHHXXXXKMXKXMKV?M rczcfuaiion Pczrfy Iior Rofamzi Efmore Un the occasion of his midyear graduation. Roland Elmore was honored Iay his homeroom. 116, with a Iaangup colre party and a new dress shirt. Roland Ieit immediately to enter college the second semester. REFRESHMENTS COMMITTEE SAMPLES ITS WARES I Left to right: Qtis I'iiII, Lucius Keels. Sidney A Stuhhs, IVIary Lib Rodgers Iseatedl, Shirley Chance, Vera Moore, Jackie Pitts, Richard Evans. , J we W.. CO Left to right: y f qg ancy Spears, Hubert Hodge se te In owl, 3.1 Iaara Johns, Julian Bra am, R an n ore verIy Hughes, Jane Baker, Calvin Hattie , tledge Lawson iseated on tahlel, Joe Chandler. " R ' TABLE K A K I 4 4 dh f TO RADIO ION TABLEI Music f f X I ., DANCING BEGINS Left to right, back of dancers: Douglas Bland! ing, Laurie Smith, Carl Saunders, Bunnie Sum- rners, Annette Hodge, Phyllis Byrd, Dean Cooke, Roland Elmore, Ann Smith. Dancing, left to right: Richard Alpert and Llawayne Onley, Albert lVIoise and Barbara Johns. . . AND CONTINUES TILL 2:10 P. M. ing, Laurie Smith, Cari Saunders, Annette Ellis seated on d sli, Bunnie ummers. Annette Hodge, Dean Cooke, Roland Elmore ftaliiing to Ann Smith, hiddenl. Dancing, left to right: Richard Alpert and Llawayne Onley, Alhert Moise and Barham Johns. 9 Left to right, Back of dancers: Douglas Bland- ff I Q I S I35 M5555 Q M X Q V Q 5 M V Q Q Q W M K H K M Q H V Q Q W H V M M H H V H M 5 H M H H K H M M V H X V M X H V X X M X M N H M M M V K XHKKHQX U C C1 2 I"'l'I :U QC uv C I" -4 Z ID Z HQ 'xx as 2 INCORPORATED Z Z Z 5 2 THE HOMETOWN GROCER SINCE 1876 5 2 Z Z 22 "Completely Ziloclernizeclv 5 Q Z S Z PHONES 904-905-906 MARKET PHONE 881 Z H A 5 ff 5 Free Delivery 2 Z 2 ps xx 2 Z 5 Z K K H K 5 Z M K H R 2 ,SQDLAA5 g"0fA8lf'.'57 ncolyoolfezleef ix ace XMMMQMHHX M555 K KK OUTFITTERS TO MEN FOR HALF A CENTURY M KK!i 2 Clothing 0 Furnishings 0 Hats and Shoes Z Z E M K if if 5 19 SOUTH MAIN STREET 5 ad ace ii PHONE 263 5 5 Q ii SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA Z sci we M K M Q K Q K K K X 5 Q aazafazfxxmxnmwasxxmmamixxKmnfxssciacfzxaczsasacfscsseizzfsciscisaxxswxmxaceacmmcfsrfzefxiscfsoiwikvfwfsefimizwianfscesciaofacfweaceaof i3c KQV? H H H V H W V H H M H H H K V W H H H W H H Q W H K H W H V K H H H 5 K 5 Q A Q Q H M H H H X H Q Q K M Q H 5 5 H H H X M Q M555 X, me 2 LAWSOINVS PHARMACY E "PHONE 568: You Don't Have To Wait" 2 QKHNMHH5 5555555 ses K ses xx ace 5 + + + K rf Z 95 see 54 ace if asf 5 ace if ses if ace 5 if QQ SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA 5 5 Z V sos if we FE zz ii Z if we KKK! KHMK GEORGE H. HuRs'r F5 fi AND SONS 22 asf 2 FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND HOME gg 5 FURNISHERS Q xi we we ace R555 X555 PROMPT AMBULANCE SERVICE 5 M Z General Electric Appliances ' Floor Coverings Z H H gas aa 2 OPPOSITE CORNER COURTHOUSE PHONES 538-539 2 K X ' zz mm U1 Cf 3 P-3 H EU Cn C C1 Pi I C 3? 'JU O T' P4 Z U' ace H H 5 M H H K X K 5 H H Q H XKKKMKQKKQKMQQQKHMKMMKMMMHHKQHKHKXQHKHMKMMMMQQMQKQKXHHHMQNHQMQQQ I37 QKKMKKKKHNQ H X Q Q H Q K 5 X V R H H H H H H V V H H H K K W H X H X K K H M K X 4 H H H W M M H X H H M H H K M K 5 5 X K N H M Z XXKXKKKHXXQ Ham ' Bacon ' Sausage ' Frankfurters 2 IRIS BRAND MEATS Z 5 2 2 "That Desirable Flavor" 2 MHXKHXMRMKMKMXX KKXXXKYHMXMNXXM NIANUFACTURED BY HARVI N PACKING CQ., Incorporated ammaofasiaceaoiacsacesdaoemceacsxfacesxacfsofsaeaoiscexmacfwcmesef mcewewexfnfwescfzmnswensxfwfwsacfscewsmdwe CD CD "' G' Z Z ' H 2 Fl :D EU P-4 Z SD Cn Q H . 'U I O 'U Z I F1 3 UD ox F1 U1 lo r-1 I U' if to s Cp QD KKKVKHKHXXKHXKKKKKKXHKHHXK Ham ' Bacon ' Sausage ' Frankfurters Colonial Stu io "Photographs of Anything. Anywhere Any Time" QKKKHKMKMKMK H K H V N W 5 W H W Q Zi ZX Zi KX ZZ N Xi XE ZZ li N Zi XX XE J! BK 32 ii Xi XZ Zi Xi FK 32 Ki Xi 35 ZX ZZ if Xi BK Zi li S! li IK li if EK Zi if KX SX ZX ZX ZX HK Z KVXXKKHHXKKH SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA l38 QQV V H H H H H V H H H H H Q H K H M H H M H M Q K H V X K H H N H K V H H Q 5 Q K Q H K H Q H Q K A H Q H H M H H H N H M V H Wiki 5 5 2 WILBUR'S, I c. 5 HEADQUARTERS FOR SPORTSMEN 2 S Featuring 2 scfwssefaoeaefamsczmczxf 'Ti C O H UU P Tl T' o H H 2 Z 1-4 U1 acesoemesaoewsscsacsseeaos ATHLETIC VVEAR ' GOLF KKXUQKKXUKKXXUQWK U Cf 2 H W 5:5 QCD ra 55 Ur' ,qw P4 CD m. P4 2 new mo D53 55 Z Q 2 is XXXOi5KxUKXXlUQKK 10 S. MAIN ST. PHONE 1782 HXKHNMXHMKKKMNKMMMXKHMK O O 5 :n Q. G : 0 G Q 1-1 fb H F - 2 un fb Z 93 O T rn rf' F td 2 Q fb SU H HKMMKMKKMKXXKMKHKHMHMKMM The reason our store is the oldest in Sumter is its repu- tation for fair dealings, legitimate prices, complete stock and MMD K Folsoms Jewelry Store M555 555555 Qi 32 5 Z 2 1868 85TH ANNIVERSARY 1953 Z FE we 5 J. B. FOLsoM, Proprietor Z CLASS OF 1911 Z 54 5 5 351 aa KMHQ M55 -- LA! -0 HKHMKKMHMKMHXXH5554MMHQMHKHMMKHHHHMMMXQQMXHMKMKKKMMXMKMQMHKKXQKM KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK FOR THE BEST CLEANING AND THE MOST CONVENIENT SERVICE I fs SNO - WHITE CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS KKKK KKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKKKK KK Q ON CONVENIENCE CORNER 5 ge Curb Service PHONE 1350 Pick Up and Delivery as Q FUR AND GARMENT COLD STORAGE 0 RUG CLEANING 5 as ace KKKKKKK KKKKKKK Z 1oHN W. GADDY gg 2 2 5 Cotton Q as azz Q Fertilizers ' Seeds Q 2 2 if 9 W. LIBERTY ST. SUMTER, S. C. Z pg aes ii 5 gg ace pf ace Q K wg see KKKK KKKK CASEY'S Q K E 39 S. MAIN ST. SUMTER, S. C. if if 32 we 32 2 Rand Shoes for Men. Trim Tred for Ladies 35 SE And Poll Parrot Shoes for Boys and Girls 2 2 as M K X K M K K K K K 2 Z Q2 FRANK W. CHANDLER Z K K y K TAILORED-TO-MEASURE CLOTHES 2 K 2 2 35 S. MAIN ST. SUMTER, S. C. 2 K K K K KKKK K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K KKKK l40 I .-X J , ,-, i, f- fi V , ' ,Qx ,I 5 ' L, c r - ' zz .. 'IRQ' ' ..- -., ' ,ff Lx ,Y KNITTING On floor, left to right: IXIartha Knight fIettI, CaroI Knight ancI Ruthie Crowson Icenterf. chairs, Ieft to right: Ixlargaret KirIiIey, PhyIIis SneIgrove, Jackie Pitts, Jeannine White, Bunny cI..aurin, CaroIine Burrows, Katherine Ardis, Barbara Robertson fteaching Ted to Icniti, Teri de QaII wouncI up in thread as to heacI ancI neck, and with IoaII rooIing on Hour at his feeti. ancling in back: Sara VVimherIy ancI Peggy Sneecl. Q SLEEPING HUBERT H0005 DANCING C I ' f t, t ' ht: Sr' VVimhcrIy and Ernest Weeks, Peggy Sneed ancI SINGING Richar3uZijerITL Chounplesein cznreg, frontal hack: Jimmy Newman and SI'1irIey Chance, Phyllis ROBERT JONES Byrd and Alhert IVIoise. l4l !!!!!!!!!!!!g ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! GENERAL INSURANCE 0 REAL ESTATE AUTO LOANS BRADHAM INSURANCE AGENCY see xx ex 5 Z 5 2 NORTH INIAIN ST. PHONE 47 2 sae xx acfmcfxfsceznsacfacfaoesnszumacf O -1 scfxxaoeace sccasmacescsscezx SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA !! Reeds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UD Ci 2 H P1 DQ M H WEE CD gs Ee ZU fn! H? S5 229 DOJ P-4 23 50 IJ QQ. EDUC!! UD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!! 1. c. PENNEY COMPANY !!!!!! !!!!! "The Home of Values" ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!! !!!! GRIFFIN AND IOHNSTON SERVICE STATION ace me see as 2 5 5 Wasliing ' Tire and Batteries 3 Z Lubrication ' Accessories Z see see 5 322 BROAD AND PURDY STS. PHONE 1997 S X , 5 ROY L. GRIFFIN ERNEST L. JOHNSTON Q M ,E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! llh PHONES 667 CHRISTIE'S TOUR - O - TEL COURT Su mter's Largest ana' Finest Motor Conit U. S. 15 AND 15-A-4 INIILES NORTH OF SUMTER, S. C. PHONE 1900 M. E. REID AND SONS Insurance ' Only the Best PHONE 507-W NO. 11 f2nd Floorj EAST CANAL STREET SUIVITER, SOUTH CAROLINA FRANK'S RESTAURANT "Famous for Good Food" 0 SEAFOOD ' CHINESE DINNERS Private Dining Room for Parties "BE SURE VVITH PURE" CLAUDE LATHAN. IR. Distributor TIRES 0 BATTERIES 0 ACCESSORIES E LIBERTY ST. PHONE 161 sefacsacsaaacesesbeaconsacfacsaaacfaceacenesafacesxsaaoswsaeeacsaaaczaxsxscsawacsasmessesacfmssemfzxsxaefzxsofzfsassanfsmfzsvrfmfvsssw I43 OR 1732 SUMTER S C 5 K H K H H H K M H Q M K H K X M Q M V K K H H H M H M K H K M M H K X M M H H K M M H M K M K M K Q H H M M M X H H K 5 H M H H Z Z 5 H V H 5 YOUNG'S SUPER MARKET 5 Q 4 2 IV here Bette1'llIerc'haEndise Is Sold for Less if 5555555 CD tO GD UU W O W U CD H N H F H MXNKKKH RHQMQ MHKHX EPPERSON'S GROCERY xx we ace zz Q Features Q 2 FROZEN FOODS - MEATS 2 gg GROCERIES Q aes as 2 PHONES 671 AND 997-J 308 BROAD STREET S 2 For Free Delivery E ace xi sos ace QXXH M M QM! MMM K9 I. H. SEALE 61 SON moxaomaofaceaos Q C6 FF 3. G' 2 Pl- Q E CID meesoescemsos ESSO HEATING OILS 0 ESSOTANE LP GAS aes ace aes S 5 g 426 BROAD ST. SUMTER, S. C. if 5 PHONE 1366 2 KKK! H555 K Kliy XXX! 'JU CI 4 l"'.1 L-' L- L11 H M H X X M R K V M M K M ZKKKHQMKKKK we re ace as we we as nf xx ace aes xx we sae we we sf FU 5 S 35 Q. V Q 22 fi. ff C? sas ff 5 X fm Q Q V H ii f Q ff 3 5 Qu as in H C5 A is as sf 52 if Q if H aes 3- V cm xx asf xx are see we ses aes sos see ax we see rx ses rf ace aszaosxfxfacezfsofacfxfaoeax ULOOK TO RU-VELLE FOR THE BEST LOOK OF YOUR LIFE" I44 KKHKQHHQZ M K K H W K H H H V H 4 H M H H H H Q M Q H K H H Q Q H H H M H H H H X M 5 M M K M H K H H Q H K H K H H H H H H H H H V 55555555 SUMTER TELEPHONE COMPANY M H355 MMV!!! LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE H TELEPHONE SERVICE Z if 2 305 if if BOE 5 11 S. I-11-XRVIN ST. SUMTER, S. C. 5 if ace 5 K 375 336 EOE BX KKK! M555 E RHAIVIE ELECTRIC CO. S EE if E 108 VVRIGHT STREET TELEPHONE 159 E 2 3 IE Electrical Contracting S 35 nf KMKHKV I M555 KHRKQMVVM HHHMHKMMMK S. P. GAILLARD'S ESSO STATION ESSO Products sm if Atlas Tires. Batteries and Accessorles 2 Z 5 fi CORNER WASHINGTON AND LIBERTY' STREETS 2 zz ace ans see Q PHONE 1006 SUMTER, S. C. Q MKNMKMKNRMXNMHNNV HHMKVKMMKVHXKKKKM HURST - SEXTON FURNITURE COMPANY FURNITURE ' APPLIANCES FLOOR COVERINGS Saggacemfacfscoceaccxz ace aes if 35 Q 905 o si if Z S3 ace ,E o 5 fx: ace H E 305 'af xt o-4 ,Q +I: ff S 5 z if R Xi f: 5 P1 5 Q we we cn Q cn 5 G xr Z we ,-1 we V In V P-I M . we ace ses xx sae see we sae wf if Z 2 ff Q if :I H O see Q FD we nf O see ace we ace are msacsscsaceacfscmscs I45 Q5 Q 5 Q H H H H H Q M H Q H H H Q H Q Q M H Q K H Q M Q H Q H 5 Q N H H V K H X M 5 5 M K H Q 5 H K M X Q Q Q 5 H H M N 5 H 5 My Q K 5 H K K Q H 5 X MQW KK c3ALLoWAY at MosELEY "QUALITY IEWELERSH 3 MXMQKQMHHXXMMH MKMQQHKVHHHKHX - H ii 36 S. MAIN ST. SUMTER, s. C. 3 5 we ,E ax K X ,E ax M M 5 M 5 !i H y M K H we V we 9 if 5 K . ,ci ace KKK! Q .KQHHH KH KNEECE TRACTOR 84 TR CK CO. Your International Harvester Dealer QRXHKKK 555555555 rf 322 E Farmall Tractors ' Farm Machinery Z X 2 International Trucks ' Power Units Zi 3 Refrigerators 0 Home Freezers ,Q ' u Parts ' Service 22 35 5 E EAST LIBERTY STREET AND BOULEVARD ROAD 5 5 5 mama m C Z E F1 EU m O C1 P3 CI O P- DU O F P-4 TZ P- navy MQVHR K N H H Q 9 H 9 Q V 9 9 9 N W 9 31 N D 9 Q 9 Q il 32 32 32 KZ ZZ 32 32 31 If 35 32 Zi Xi XX ZZ if 35 Xi 35 35 35 XZ EX X! BK Bi 35 FQ 35 35 Xi 35 Bi 32 li li 35 35 H5555 l4b MHHHKHKHRWKMQQK 5KKXXMKXNKKKMKKXKMXXXKXKNVKKKK!MMVKKXXKMQMKXMMMMMKMHKMMKMHMMHKMMQHQHHHVRKQHQHMHMM KMM5555K5KKHHMMMKHVHKMKKKQKHQWNKKKKHQMKKMHMVHVVKHMMKMHK5555555 CORNER SUMTER AND CANAL STREETS -..sgf Stores ' Offices ' Furnished Apartments Emi jzecferaf Sauingd Lan ddociafion of Snmfer Save and invest with us. You can start an account for as low as 31.00. You can deposit a lump sum from 3100.00 to 310,000.00. Your account is insured up to 310,000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. S. L. RODDEY, President ROBERT D. PALMER, Secretary KXKHVXKHHXMKXHKXKQV!!!55555555KKK55555HVQVHVKHHHHXHMKVKXQMHHHM SU MM MMMHMKMKHKHHWXXHMMMHMNHHMMHXKKHXHMMXMXMMXKKM5555 55555555XXMXXKXKKKXKKK!XMXXXKKMKHXKMMMHXKHMXXM HQ K Q X H K X H H X 5 H N M M K K H M H H Q 5 X H H H K K H Q H H H M M K K R H H K K K X H K 5 H X H H H H K X K M H K H 4 H QV HXKKKKKKXKXXXM XMKMXXKMXHKKXKXM NH GLASSCOCK WASHERETTE Washing and Fluyfy Dry Z TWO LOCATIONS Q 3 406 W. LIBERTY STREET AND 433 BROAD STREET E xx sci HKMQMMKKXXKHKXKNH QHMKKKHKQVQNHKXXX HAPCO. INC. The Leading Auto Parts House CAR AND TRUCK PARTS BEARINGS FOR FARM MACHINERY K M 5 NAPA 5 H X QE 10 W. CANAL ST. DAY PHONE 1585 Q X M 322 A 5 H H Z 5 Q MCCOLLUM MOTORS. INC. 3 SE ESTABLISHED 19141 QE K H 5 35 we Dodge Passenger Cars ' Plymouth Passenger Cars we 3 5 Dodge "Iob-Rated" Trucks Mopar Factory Engineered Parts XKKMHXKXXXKKHXXMHKXM MKKMXKMXHXHX 555555 TELEPHONE 1712 14 W. CANAL ST. MX SERVICE MOTOR CO. I-IORNET ' WASP 0 JET X K 2 Authorized Authorized Q S Hudson Hudson 2 Hg Service Sales 5 H Hag BROAD ST. EXT. SUMTER, S. C. Z MXN H 5 Q H H 5 if 5 H N Q EX If XE lf Xi Ki if ii Xi If XE if if if if If if 32 li Zi H If if if if KE if !i ZZ Zi XE IE if li if if if if Xi ZX If if ZZ If if XE XE if Xi if If liii l48 KKK55555HMVKHMQKMHKQKKMMGKKVHMMHKKMXK XV QKKXXKKXHXXMXKKHKKMXXKKKKKKK!!XXX!MXKKKMMKHXKHKMHRHKMKMM THOMAS 6. HOWARD COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA NEIMAN'S, INC. Iewelers "Serving the Carolinas for .41 Y ears" 415 S. MAIN ST. SUMTER, S. C. FORT ROOFING 61 SHEET METAL WORKS Roofing, Heating and Sheet Metal Fabricators SHOP: 11 E. HAMPTON AVE. TELEPHONE 1074 SUMTEE, SOUTH CAROLINA SCHWARTZ 38 N. MAIN PHONE 199 CORRECT APPAREL FOR VVONIEN HVKKKKXKXHXKMMKKM5555KKK!5KM5IKMH555MMMXKXXKHXXKMMKKHKXKKMXXM I4-9 XZ H X X H M M K M 5 H H X M H K H K X M H K M X H 5 K K X K M 315 K K H M X M K H 5 X H V K K M K N H H X H K K K M X K H M M KMHXKKKKKHKKKXKKKXKXXXXKXXKHKXKHHKXKKK55555555555KXXXHXKWH!KXXHMVKKMXXXV HQKHQMHHQKMXKMRRKKMQMyKKMKMMM!KKK!MKHMMyXMKHKKMKMKMMKKMKKMKMRKHH sesaoescfxfxz 4 l"'.l Z "'1 C: E P-I l"'.1 "I E L" O T l"'1 U 4 U1 Z l"'.l III. :N 2 Ui xxsmacisf E BROAD ST. EXT. PHONE 902-J S 2 Oyfers a Complete Blind Service 2 2 NEVV BLINDS TAILORED TO FIT IN VVOOD Q METALS AND PLASTICS 2 H E ALSO, RENOVATION, WASHING AND REPAIRS' 2 E "W'e Give Windows a Fit!" E X Z Q H Z Z X 5 2 H. C. BLAND MOTOR CO. y H 2 'sa Ford 2 Z X Ei The New Standard of the American Road 2 QQVHKMKXKMKHHHM MNH 5555 KKK! 8-16 SUMTER ST. SUMTER, S. C. K5 KX 2 SUMTER LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 2 PHONE 304 '7 SUMTER ST. 2 MKMXQMM 5555555 IACKSON'S CURB MARKET 3 Dealers in Fresh Fruits anal Vegetables 2 32 MARKET PHONES RESIDENCE PHONE 5 758 AND 145441 806-Y 2 X S Anal Complete Line of Groceries 2 M E 326 W. LIBERTY SUMTER, S. C. 2 KKKKHQRHKQQKXQRXHQKKKQKXKKKKKKKKKHKKKNXK l50 X5KMKQMHKXMRXKMVMVMRXXKKMKWMMKKK555555555KKKNXKKHHKMMKMMKQHKQMMMMQMMQMKQAMQMQMMKMMAGQMMXVVHQQQ R X X X M K X X X X M M X K X X M X X M M K M X K X H H X N N N N N N H H N X N N M X H M H H M X N M N N N N N W A X N H N BERT ICNES' PLACE Agents for SUITS MADE TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL MEASURE FINEST GRIXDE OF MEN'S FURNISHINGS AT REASONABLE PRICES 29 NORTH MAIN STREET MCLAURIN - NET TLES YOUR OLIVER DEALER Home and Farm Equipment Home Freezers ' Refrigerators Home Appliances 0 Farm Machinery "Finest in Farm fllachineryi' 12 E. HABIPTON AVENUE IIM'S WAFFLE SHOP Air Conditioned STEAKS ' SEAFOOD PRIVATE DINING ROOM PIEDMONT AUTO PARTS CO., INC. WHOLESALE AUTO EQUIPINTENT SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA REPLACEMENT PARTS ELECTRIC SPECIALTIES PHONE 1248 PHONE 1249 IS! M A 9 H W Q H N Q W N H ZX Zi ZZ li Zi ZZ if Z! ZX 32 32 ZZ if Zi 35 35 35 Bi Zi Ji Bd Bi ii 32 ii 35 32 35 X if ii 35 35 35 ii 32 ii 35 Bi Bd 35 32 BK Bk 35 Xi Bi 35 ii 35 5555VKX!!MMVKVQVKMKKKKXXVKKKKHK555555554KKKQKMKMHHXHXMXVXMHMKKKHKVM55555555555KMKKKKKKRXKKXXKKXM 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 55555555555555555555555555555 + + + 5555555555555555555555555555 Sumter Machinery Company 5555555 5555555 5 5 Siddall Rewindinq Department 5 QE 5 5 5 5 5 5 Y 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Z 5 E , CLAYTON LOWDER . 2 2 xg. 5' "General Merchandise" Q gn - 3 5 3 5 R PHONE 141418 5 5 5 5 5 E .5 - 2 as Sumter Super Service 5 S 1 as sg Distributors . 91.4. gg H5HEX -7' x . 5 ll S. C. R 3 'Z Q TIME TO RETIRE N I. Q Z BUY FISK ifpjgii Q Q N sf 5 5 Q 5 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 lS2 'W vw R, M 2 Mg ,X gx xg R Xu X ,xH wi, N xx x pa X X X . R . 'xx U x Xl x Ex' Q N x X xxx 1 2 S ' 1 M, au . x ,X- X 1 A5 Mg' X f ' f z f ' 5.164 , ,.., .-1 .,., 1 -,-M ,A 4 f"f 2 4 my ,, 4 - ,1 13 . Rf' iw. X17 1-f',.v4f?Q -: fl V f- 1 4 " WAV 4. x f '1 x lf' :X-75 1 V4, lv, ' , W2 Qi H 'S ' X 0 X fb. IRM Q f af fxxixl cw 1 Q Q .I 1 X ' mf k - I Ei L X X ,xii 5 Qu, a , W f an f- A D 'W ,'W7fw, - X klvff X ' " - , L, xgyf 1, Ha 5 J 65 pl ,X . 'X 'f X N' ' ' I fHi,j, 1 iffwflfl , , L 1 Q , ,ffh if gli? X I fk , ' sig., Q V 4 X I X xx .9 . Rf ' jx I Vx J xfix 222 X QL xgxr XX -X X XM X J' . w'-1 EL-Lg Q V ,L X L. nf KS 1 K a O J f' U -if Jtxvx ' K 4 f C lx ffffd! I 'rv 'X W , 5 FQ , f, M uv A Q42 3 , . c X f f f 7. 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