Edmunds High School - Hi Ways Yearbook (Sumter, SC)

 - Class of 1947

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Edmunds High School - Hi Ways Yearbook (Sumter, SC) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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7:52 -A. 29: : -ci' E -1. we si Ei? f. S22 .4 115 rs E . E 2 E 5 9 W' '1-mf af if ,- ':7:1:f:Q -1., ' 9 , .i ::-' ., ' ff wif? 'nf xv. 4. .- zz , ., I 1 X UG' . aa.. ,wk J. E L .wk ...W 3 1 11:1 dr 'tr 5 E., M Ll, ' S?C1'Y: 1 xw... L Nl. .M - ,uw 0, ' , + . 1 ln ,. ii' 5 . . u 'av'-. . . xii.- w 1. X. Y X .v, JIM-Y f . . , X v I . lc. -. , 14 . +3 W A gl , ,lr WS. if Ar 1? E! N X if . fi ig. 'E q., S ....5 X v . -7' 'A' w 2' - , . U L 1 N ' -3 .. V, . ' 'a-V, .':,5 'iff-Zgjk ,M ,,a H ' . v. rv . A . E6 I . .. J., 3:55.15-f , . . 9 . 11: Y. 1, 4' 2 :Q , ,gg .1.14.:..-v -.mf I , .g.v,. . . 1 . . . . iJ4Lun.u4,..:....4.. '..I..-. 1 . .- JI i.L........ . . Jam... ...Lz.Au...1-.n4nmis. 15151. T4-Q--x .P V -9. ,-ix . .Q H., . 214. 'gf .5 7' r .Ik pw .4 ff i ' 1- .. . .,+ . J, nl... A M . f,.A.::k, . QM. .. 4.11 ' I s 13 -f -. Jr . .1 ,,, '-Im 9-r rw- K-Ig K ,rruyk 1. 'ii ::!-- ... :J ,..1'1: uf.. uzaili 135211 uz ll. 1' GI' f.. v .H 4. .. 5: 'iii I '!!Y 1.. .lf :il U L xii mg HL Iill .-1 m 5395 iii? Qtr: 225 e Eili E555 !fa'15 . .. .v ii' af F? .. ES' !!' :E il. :ew ull LII? :ha .... ... . gg: I :::, If ... .. ... us: IIN. iii? 1.5 Ili .. els Ill fi 'r 2'- EI U 1215 ' :salsa . . wlu-5, 35553 722:25 il: mlhi. Hi' all ' HI-XY AYC HI AY RETROSPECTION Published by The Senior Class EDMUNDS Hbkl SCHOOL EDMUNDS HIGH SCHOOL SUMTFR. SOUTH CAROLINA 3 PRETTO BRUNSON AND ELIZABETH HEPBURN our homeroom teachers, whose guirlance ever led us on to higher planes we are happy to dedicate HI-WAYS 1947. 4 L . 5 . T 5 M fl . BH.-XKIZSPIZARIC RICCORDING In ilu- lop pixlun- Bliss Hi !llllfll'S English alms is slmwn following. in llm M1-rxury Shakvsprarv, a rvrnrfling of The Trugmly of fwurfwlh. Soulful before Um rvmrrl player is .laspvr Alslmrnnks. Rvmfing rlnclewisv from llwrv: .lark Scarlmrnugh, Dnroihy lxlrlivnziv, Liln l:0XXVOftll, .lom-S, Brurf' Reynolds, Rnlwrl Ifrrlrirh. Anne' fVlfLf'in1. Lf'Rny Gibson. Marion Davis. Miss Hr-plvurn. Standing, lcfl lo right: Hurry filmnrur-r. Faux: Pre-Qrutl, Cluarlvs Clmnrllr-'r. Sealer! in urf, on riglrl: .linnny Vvillinms fin fron! of ralxinz-U. .larlcie Benton, David Wilfmvrspoon. .lack Brunsnn, James Prosser, Tlmmas Hussey. PANEL DISCUSSION In ilu- lmtlmn pirlure- n group from Flrs. Brunsmfs nmclvrn prulmlvms class. in pnnvl clisrussinn, give- llwir vir-ws on imporlanl que-slions nl ilu- mluy, 'Hn' spa-nlu-r is ffugenv Brown, Front row. fvff lo riylwl: Lou-Ann Baumann. Louis Rennms, T. W. Nlilrlmvll. farlylx' Hinson. Row riyllf of spvnl-wr: .lim Lvilry, Airs. Brunson, Harry Alf'lI1'0SII, Anwrl Link. 5 r l TYPICAL ,AMERICAN STUDENTS Left to right: BILLY BLACKXVELL, JANE FERRIS, MASON STEVENSON. TRAINING F W RLD CITIZENSHIP Tile youtiw oi America are facing new responsibilities in a worici oi united nations, and again time sciiooi becomes a woricsiiop for specific iieicis oi training. CHARACTER Fundamental in education for worici citizenship is reverentiai awe anci esteem of timings sacreci or noble. Reverence for God, for country, for iiome, anci for truth wiii make stronger anti iiappier men and women. Reverence ior cilurciies anci otimer puiaiic iuuiiciings. for beautiful music. and for fine art wiii iiit menis souis to iiigiier planes anci ennobie the civilization of tiie worici. INTELLIGENCE To face tile responsibilities tiiat iie aileaci in an organization of united nations, young America must iceep informeci about worici affairs. This information wiii come tilrougil ciassroom 6 Y 1 R I -1' I 1 1. gf 3 M ifN'l'lfRINll VVUN 'l'lllQ IJIXYS TASKS 1.4-ll In riglnl: lxIASON STLVINSON. IANIQ i'l.RRIS, l5III.v l?ll..KL'KXN'I,l.l,. Sllllly uncl Ilisrussion. lerlures. lmronclfnsls. l1PXN'SlHlllf'l'S. nncl lllilQilZiIIl'S. ffnly llie lnlly illl-Ul'llll'll run recognize nnfl reierl pI'0pilQilIKlil or reI'oQIIize nntl aII'I'I-pl lflllll. fine fillllllll iuclge luirly willmul lill0XVillLf. Cine vnnnol nfl wisely. inlelligenlly XX'illl0lll juclging. linUcA1'IoN Vlilll' lruinecl Inincl, llle slcilllul lmnfl will meel willl slrong colnpelilioli in il worlml orggunil znlion. llmerelore if Arm-rica is lo leacl tlIe worlcl in il Qrnnrl IT1ilI'i'll to clelnormcy. slIe lllllhl always ln' il lillle lmeller llmn tile lmesl. SlIe must lceep nlxrensl ol llIe limes in science nncl in invenlion. liCilll'illi0ll in general goes llancl in lmncl willl lNI'CPCl0l1l lroln prejuclire and lil'0lll InisIIIItlerslnIIclinp! lllill fun so easily lneeome lil? Cause ol. slrile. RESPONSIBILITX' Sfliool is lime place NYi'1Pl'C young people I1lllSi learn llml every lreeclmn lmincls . . . willi il forresponeling responsilniliiy. The moral responsilmililies llSSl1ll1CCl lay llIe people ol il lree lunll mnlie suflm ix Couniry a luulwarlc :Igainsl llIe lyranny ol cliflnlors nncl kl clnnnpion ol' llie rigllls ol' all nations. small or large, wealc or strong. 7 Tim young people of toclay must not only lzeep tlzernselrfes informecl ainout tile leaclers ancl the affairs ol llw uforlcl, ilul also train tilemselves to juclgv llillfll llwy reafl or ilear. 'lille youll: lUll0 llUl7!2 access to only goocl maya- zines ancl stanrlarcl newspapers, wllo ilaue tile priuiioggv of listening lo imroaclfmincierl, eclucatecl spvulwrs, 117,10 levvp up uvilll the ixest informative lrroacirasls clay lay riay are the youth H7110 will iw uizle lo ilo most lowurrl nlainiaining worlcl llarmony in llw ,lilll1H'0. 8 f C HC C 7 L was T 9 THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF SUMTER CITY SCHOOLS ilu. l.m11uoN Hu. fxlmiuv Mus. lvll'l':I.Vlpl-,N MR. lx'lOlSl. Mu, Nuns R. Osiris: Flu. l'L'lun' MR. Rooum' Fin. Rowuxsrm MR. SIIULIR r I . i 5 g f it . f 2 . W A ' i i i iiui iiomum or-' l'.Dl'CA'l'IUN it-lie SIIITPSS or liailure ol' llle Uniletl Nations ol' tile Xvorltl will tw ttelerminefl largely lly llle zeal lor ettuealion put liortll lmy ltle srllools. Vlilll' worix ol lxoarfts ol' efluration. ltlerelore. is luncta- mental in training time youll: ol Ameriea lor worlct fitizensllip. Vlillf' tjloarcl ol lfctueation ot tire Sumter City Srlrools is romposect ol seven memlmers lirom time city anct tllree from ltie rounly. rl-liose lrom time city are Dr. C. J. l.emmon. Clnairmang lxirs. VV. A. Wiclfiveeng ixlr. l . lxl. ixioisez lXlI'.lNl.c1.CDStCl'Il1 ixir. l.. E. Purity: Wir. S. l.. Roclctey: lxlr. Earle Rowlanct. it-llose from tlle,1'ounty are lxir. George t.. Wlalnryz Wir. niarion ixlyersz lxlr. H. D. Slllllfff. tfxrccurivics or True Crm' SCHOOLS ixir. lf. R. frow, Superinlenclent ol time City Seliools lor time past two years. tlas llfltll earriect on tlle tx-st tllillLfS tllat tie louncl in time sctlools wtren ire fame lo Sumter ami aclctect many progressive measures lwesictes. lxlr. Crow was ertucalerl at Furman University and the Uni- versity ol Soutll Carolina, receiving tlis clegree lirom Furman anti this Mix. ciegree ttrom Carolina. ixlr. llllfjll Vt.. Stoctrlarfl. now Assistant Superintenclent. was tjrineipal ol tfctmumis Higll Sellool wlren tie lett to enter ille servire in IOA15. He tmeeame a Captain in tlie lxiarine Corps ami servect in time Paeilic Area lor a year ami a trail. Vve are prouct tlial lie is lmafli witli us. Wir. Stoctctarct refeivect iris B.A. anct lxl.A. ctegrees from tile University ol S0lltll Carolina. Amw1iNis1'RATioN OF EDNIUNIBS SCliooL lwlr. Perry Vvise. Principal ol Ectmuncls Higti Setlool. tias eompleteet tlis ttiirrt year in ttlat eapaeity. Uncter tlis etilicient actministration time setiool lias not only met every responsitxility placed upon it, lout also placecl otvtigations upon itsell NVlliCl'l tlave Contritnutect to even a liner. freer spirit among tlie stuctents. lxlr. Vvise lias an A.B. ctegree lrom ttle University ol Soutti Carolina ami an iXi.A. ctegree from time Uni- versity ot North Carolina. txirs. Bessie NV. Forrester, Dean ol' Girls in Ecimuntts Higtr Setlool. is every girls trienfl. wtlo gives aclvive, seolcling, or praise, WVl1iCll- ever time oerasion calls tor. Her sympathetic' unclerstancting ancl wise Counsel iiave won tor tier the tiigtl esteem oi all wllo are uncler tier etrarge. lxlrs. Forrester refeivect tier A.B. ctegree tirom VVinit1rop College. 'r 'WJ wa-PN, , ffwi, U ' 5 W. M XYWX 'L l , , im Mtv , I -Q ,hw A N I-QXlfC'l I'IX'IiS OI' Sl'NI'I'I-IR VITY SC'HUtJl.S flu flu- lvff iw NIR. lf. R. txROXV. Sllpvrirllvrlcfvrll uf SIIIIHUI' fvily Srlumls, flu ilu' rigllnl, NIR. 'ill-H li. SIUIUILKRII, ,hsialunl SII'N'7'illfI'1ltl1'llf. 'Hu' pishm- was lnlwn us NIL fnrnu' mul Sluwlxlnrcl um-ra Iv.n'iu2 l',KIllIllIl1lS Higjll S1 'mul unc' mumimj, luv ilu' main floor. I I frills: XIR. IIIRLW XXIISI, I,rimiprlI UI I'I4Ill1un1Is IIigjIl SIIIQUI. IIN- piflun' sIluus Bvfly nnmI r I1 Inn IINI NIY Xxla IL,l IIPIUIIII .XIJ3IINIS'I'R.'X'I'ION OI ICDINIUNIJS HIGH SFHOOI. I.vIl In right: Miss IIITTY I'n'l's, Swrvlurv to 1Iw Prim-ipuI: NIM. Buss: VV. I:omus'l'Lk, ,Ivan . v . , , . . urn-mm 4.u' Q . , . 5- flfnugjm za, I2 IIIQXVIIIQRS .XIQRIYI1 .XI SVIIOUI. IUR .X RI-Qi2l'l..XR NIHNIIIIX XIII IIXJL frmup ul lull. IvIl In HQIII: XIIQ, .XrII1ur XXIIIIM, Irvll1I1, 5p.u1l-Il: XII'-. I II. XI.uII.urI, XXUIIII II:-Icrx I.uIm: XIIN. Inlmwh-r. .XrI. XI:-mIn.1xIu.nI Ijmxxnlgj: XIr, .xulnulllln-: XIIN- I.ulIl1-llln- II.: mil III: In x .Xlw-In.-. I..uI1n: XIIM 51:-lv II-lm-ll, IJIQII:-Il: XIIM II.urrn'I III-rIu-II. IXI.nIIu-m.nIuN: XI:-N I IIII-I IIHH - , nf I Iuml In Nl NI I I IIuIx XII III :In-I fluupuirm XII II: n Inu: In III In UI IIII XII ' N 1 4 I. . ,. . -. ..up. x-wr. - - . I Ng , -, My 'N -, '. I N, I.nlu XYz'il1Iu'rQ. Iznlxillvw xI.llIu'llmIia-, I5mvIxIu'4'1i11g, lIIIi1 I'r.uIiu': I'4'lm Xxviw, IIlimi1.uI UI I1ImuluI I I I IIQII Sn Imul IIIL Il 'NHS I IILII I SCI IOO Uroup un rigInl, Iirwl row, Iron! IIun.uImI Iurllnm, fu-In-mI 51 ivnu-1 NIIQN Ram' III.nIv alum. IIUIII1' I41ollullll1-3 XINN N4'IIln' Isugjgs, I.lIl!.uly Nmimnv. fvnlwr mw, Iron! In Im1'Ic: :Wish I.IimIr:'IIu IIm'pInlIll, IIIIQINII: xIlsN RIIIID IInlrIll11In.l. I.ll5jIlsIl, .XIIIUIIIIIII IIl4Iurx: KIIN IImrIn- MN.-II, .Xlm-ri1.m IIINIUH. IIHLQIINII, RigyIxI lmml row. Irnnl In InuI.': AIiw .X1I4'IIlu- 5IlI1Iu'X, IIHIIII' Illrlmlllilsg Nliw IIIIT lim-I Iqnrlvr. XX'..rIII IIifIu1y, .Xlm-l'u.un IIlfIurx: XIIN-. X4-II :XII I IIII. xI.wlI1n-lmxlis -. ,IIIM-HI wIu'n llidlm' wan IuI:1'n: IXIH. IIu'IIn II IIPIIIIIHHII, NIu4Ic'Ill I,ruIrIA'llls, Iu'nglupIlx, .xlllvlinlll III-lung Huw IuIu.n R.-I....I1I., In-ugr.npIn. I.II!fIl5Il. IxItHI4'I'Il IIINIUH: XIIN. IIvnx Xviw, III-mnvlrx, .XIQ4-Irm: NIIN IIu'Iln.u Imslnn. Iypmg. 5I1mlI1.m4Ig Sli-N I.um- IIIIIN III1xsi4.uI I'1Iu1.nIiun: lI.ulL, Ilnxx I'I.w...I I,cIllc.ulmn, JXIIIII-Ins. In I1ur'Is: Ir-. 4 , IYXCI IIN' , -4 I I 3 rl-lllf S'rUmiN'r Colwru. lllv sluflc-nl f0lllH'Il. lmclcr the- ulvlf' lvfnclvrslmlp ol' CXOYHIQIUII fpossl lynrlmm, uclflwl sew-rnl ou!- slnmling' au'llivvvlm-urls lo lllc-ir roulim- worlx lllis yvnr. ll was upon ills- rounrilvw I'f'K'0Il1llll'IIllilli0l1 lllnl slllrlvnl lxoxly 1111-1-lillgjs wvrv urrungjf-ml lo rlisruss IllklHf'l'9 pr-rlnining Io llw cnlire- sclmool. ln lllis wuy. ull:-r opvn mliscussions, ilu' llonor syslvnm wus 'A Qrucluully vxlm-mls-cl lo row-r SQ'llfLf0X'fFl1IIHl1l Ill ilu- llulls. Ill ussmnlmly. unrl Ill lllf- rnlvlc-rm. ln llns waxy goocl sporlsnmnslxip wus maulc- lllf- orcls-r ol lllv clay ul ull illlllfqll' vvvnls. lllf- mosl oulslumling nrllicvc-rm-:ll ol llu- roun- 1-il. llowvvvr, was llw vslulxlisllilmg ol an mvmoriul svllolanrsllip us il lrilllllv lo our lligll sfllool boys wllo gave- Ill:-ir liws lor us in Xvorlcl xxflill' llpon llu- proposul ol' llw rouncil. llw lnomm-rooms In-Ill lull rlisrussions us lo llw liincl ol mc-morinl ilu- slumlc-nis woulcl lilu- to slllmsfrilw lo. lllc-rv wus illl 0V1'l'XX'lll'lIllllILf volv lor il scllolursllip liuml. mul fonlrilvulions wvrv plvrlgjc-rl XYlIlI'll umounlf-fl lo ovvr llour llIlllill'f'Il xlollurs lo lwgjin willl. rl.llllS il surf:-rl olmliguiion wus ilSSllllH'll lmy liCllllllllClS li0VlVV70N VMHIW SFIIUUI Pvvsiflu-:ll ol llwz' Slmlvnl llmlx' l 'I'III-Q S'l'l'IJlfN'I' C'Ol'Ni'II. S'l'l'DlIfS 'l'lIIf ILXNIBISUOK fiovingfloll l,zlrll1m1 is pnwimlillgj, Bvgpinllillg on riqlll of pl'1'4i1lilly 0WfcM'ull1l rmulingg xlmlewiwf lim lmiln, lmnlx Nngjln-lon. lla-lx-ll lxlurruy, Norm.: Xvlliln-, lov lloll, I. .l. Vvnlr-rs, ly:-url SIIVIIIPY, I.ouiw- lloxlv, lunior llloxxn, fkln-o furlvr, limmy Rllllilliilll, fxlnrv lmm-Q, Riclmral lluiglll, Jmli Cilmmlle-r, Russr-ll IlllfNl, llill Sluulwr, llolrln xlorroxx I4 TIIOUGII NVE FAN ADD NOTHING TO THE GLORY OF OUR BOYS XVHO HDARED TO DIE TIIAT FREEDOM MIGHT LIVE. XVE CAN AND DO PAY TRIBUTE TO THEM IN A SMALL XV AY THROUGH THE ESTABIJSIIMENT OF A MEMORIAL SCIIOLARSHIP. OUR HONOR ROLL: THIS IS OUR HONOR ROLL- LAFAYETTE IJAGNAL ADAMS: VERNON XVALLIS IBALDVVIN: PAlIL KENNEDY BOVVMAN. JR.: BILLIE ASIILEIGII ISRIINSON: XVILLIAM SIDNEY BURGESS. JR.: ALNVIN CARl.I'I'I'IERS BURNS: NVILLIAM IIAI.I.ET'I' BURNS: FRANK KENNEDY CLARKE: OLIN GOODE DORN, JR.: JAMES Mcfl ITCIIEON IJUIJOSE. JOHN BENJAMIN FOLSOM, JR.: JOIIN PAUL GERALD: .JAMES ALVIN GRUINIISLES: GRAHAM GLENN GUYTON: ARTIIIJR JlII.IlIS IIATFIELD, JR.: THOMAS LEA IIUTCIIINGS: IIIIIJERT EIIGENE KING: NVILLIAM INGRAM I ...I XVVRENCE: 'l'I IOMAS VVILSON LEMMON: DAVID GAILLARD LENOIR, JR. XVILLIAM VVALTER LENOIR: ADGER STOKES MATTIIENVS: RALPH IIERMAN MI-C'A'I'IIERN: EDXVARD VVARREN MOISE, JR.: JOSEPII FRANKLIN MOONEYI IAN: GLENN Dl IRIIAM MYERS: JESSE BEN PACK: IJEAUREGARD HONEY PARKER: GEORGE NVARING PARKER: PERRY MOSES PIHIELPS: XVILLIAM LILLINGTON PIIIFER: IEVVIS XVELDON PIIILLIPS. TIIOMAS FENTER REED, JR.: IRVIN ,IOSEPII ROGERS: SIMON KI'I'TREI.I. RC JNVIAND: SAMUEL ISENJAMIN SMITI I: Rl 'FI IS CAPERS XVACTOR: XVILLIAM REAMES NVAGIPOR: .IOSEPII EUGENE NVIIITE. JR.: HAYNIE INICIVER XVILSI JN. C'ORRlfi-A'i'lNG LIQARNING VVITH Tlllf l-li3R.fXRY Lvl! Io rigiil: Anne lXlvi.i'an, Allwri l.inli, T, VV, lxlilrln-ll. .laspi-r .Nlslmmalis lSlfllIlliIlLIl. ifugem- Brown. VVyIif l.owii1-r. Also ,linuniv wxiilliilllli, Daviil Xvillnerspoon. Carlyle ilinson ami lane irc-rris fslanrlingl, lain:-s Pmsse-r, il-ll0llIilS IVIIISSPV in orcler to llelp lilem lmeeome imlepenclent users ol' time srliool lilmrary, all lreslnnen are given a six weeks' rourse in lilmrary srienee early in tire sfllool year. These Classes in lilmrary seienee are lilllfjllt in lime lilmrary, ily line lilmrarian. At lime emi oi file Course, llaving learnecl lileir lools. llle lmoys ami girls lx-Qin io lalce pricle ami pleasure in liimling lor lllemselves wllaiever llmey may neecl. Tile lilxrary lmevomes a llappy, lmusy NVOTIKSIIOD. it unlolrls itsell. to tl1e marvel ol young stu- clenls. as a souree ol inexlmauslilmle information aml cleliglwl. By ilwe lime llxey lmave lmeeome seniors, line sluclenls ol Eclmumis Higil Srilool li ave learneci lo malce a lmroacl ami general use ol' lime lilmrary. ln time piclure almove. we see lmoys and girls ol lime senior Class preparing! spefial reports on assignmenls in science ami on as- signments in uselui arls. 2,5 iii: NMKINKL l'Slf Ulf 'llllf 'lO0l.S UI' llllf I.ll5R.-XRY .ll null uilulog urn' lnnif R1-.nun-s ainzl l,nu-.'Xnn llnnnnaunn, .ll lulrlv, lvll lo rigylul: Nllflllilll llnnlilin, I...lii.- lli-nlnn, lnn lln-null. llxirrx' Sllllill, l,lll'l'll Xxnlwn, plies N.-Ili., lingua ll.il1r.iri.unl. lili-.mor King. ln llnglislu. sc-nior lc-rin papa-rs ure wrillc-n on an gre-nl vurivly ol' sulxivrls. NYiIll'II muy run lllf- gjannul lronl 000-000 lfivncrnl Nvorlcsl lo 900- 090 lllislory. fioogruplly. 'lwruve-l, lfingrnpllyl. l,1'TIIillDS llw Qrcnlvsl gem-rnl use ol' llw li- lmrnry lu ilu- Sliillllll is llml nl supplying sluclf-nls will: lmolxs lor rc-auling rf-porls. Here again in vurie-ly ol rvmling Illilllvl' is mlli-fl lor. lmllu lirlion :incl non-liflion: uncl llw vurml fnlnlog nncl le0f1fl0l'S.c:lIlflK' pninl llw wily lo liinrl llwln. lic-siclc-s ull ol lllis. vvvry svnior slllmivfl lnnlws ils sc-pnruls' 1ll'lllilIIll upon lln' lillrury. Sc-nior slilmii-mils nrv us follows: linglisll. linri-ign lun- QIIHQPS. lllllSli'. sric-llu'. llNlilll'lllilil4'S. gfvngfrnplmy, lnoclc-rn prolmlc-ms. lmnn- 1-ronolnics, ilQI'il4lIlillI'l', lmoolclqc-e-pingj. lypvwriling. incluslriail urls. lina- nrls. lm-flmnifail clruwing. lln' pivlurv all lln- lop ol lln' pngfv slmws svninrs consllllinglflllvc'urtlc'nlnl0g1.lll1'Rvurl0rs' Guirlv. nncl llw lfoole Rvvivw Digvsl ns lo sup- plvmvnlury lc-xls. pc'ri0rlic'nls. nncl lmnlis nn spa-rinl sulxivrls. 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J IS umlvr lim ronslaxnl supvrvmon ol il voorrllnnlor, who chvvlxs ff' ' ' I' I 4 illlll LfI'illll'S lliS XYOFIQ. Ixlr. lxl. I.. .l. Hicks is the c'oorrlinulor ui I':CIll1llllIlS High SFIIOOI. I 9 1' ' 'xr vc :uw Ilnsw A SCENE FROM ADAM AND EVA Sic in front of lilo group is .iap iohns. Sealed, if-if to right: Botriwy ixiorrnw, Lou-Ann Baumann, Russvii im mg ixiviieltv, .innv Ferris, ,iilll iavihy, Anno iViii.vnn, Standing hurie of sofa is Biiiy Binriiwvii. Standing ily iuhiv IS ixiarreiiu i V' Citron won- 'lim-nt when the pimlnre was laiwn iiunnn, i'rnnii Eingia-Inn and i.4-Roy u s . s , . tin- su-iw is in tin- iihrurv oi lin- King imnu- on Long isinnii, iiw orrnsion is when .lann-s King, n wc-ailhy innsinn-ss innn starting on an vannlinn. lnrns ova-r imnn- and inisini-ss to his young lllilll2lQl'l'. Actann Snniiiu. , f PLAYING IN ADAM AND EVA Biiiy Binriiweii tie-iii and Lou-Ann iiannnann righti. 'this srviw is on ilu- King inrnl in New ivrsey. Aliillll ulhi iiwl tllliili lililkvil Pimps. NADAM A D E Senior Cfass Play in Adam and Eva. James King, a captain oi industry. leaves his home and husiness in the hands oi his young manager. Adam Smith. while he goes away on a three months' vacation. Young Smith deiudes the extravagant iamiiy into lhinii- ing that Wir. Kingis hig ruhher business is ruined. To meet the emergency, they ati go to woric. The experience hrings out the hest thatis in them: and when Wir. King returns. he tinds them iiving on the oid King farm in New Jersey and iiicing it. Eva. the younger daughter, who had heen trying to make up her mind whether to marry Dr. Deta- meter or Lord Andrew Gordon, finds that she ioves Adam Smith, who has heen her devoted siave since the tirst time he iaid eyes on her. SOCIIXI, liVl2N' 'S Xl' l 2I7Ml M 'IDS llltill SCI IO W .-X I-'ORNl.'Xl, 0l l'llUUR Rlfl'lQI l'I1JN IS CIIYIQN 'IU 'llllf SICNIURS Hu- rvu-iving linv, 'vfl In riglrl: Xyillimn SIIIIIPY, Hvlvn fxlurran, fquvimfiun Purfmnu, Xin. B4-via . , , , , lwxrrvslvr, Alf. I1-ny Xxisv. N'ninr4, lvfl In rigllir Dnvlfl XxilIll'f4'7IlIlII, lmkic- l5l'lllUll, ,Iimmiv xxwlliilllli xlflfl Pllil liilllllil, IAIHZKXIIII iscllllllilllll. S'l'l'DIfN'l'S I-QNIUY .-XX INI'URfNl.XI, IJANCKIC IN 'llllf if-Xl'IfI'l1RI.-X Rvmlillgq lvfl In riglnlz fxnxillgjlml Purlmlll mul l.nuf.Xnll lsillllllilllll, lnllim- Boslu' mul flnrl Hullivlcl Us-Il lronlj, Ruin-rl lfrrlriclu mul Ijrauum-Q fxullinn, Hurumn Nrmum- mul lame' iw-rrix Qui pimml, l.vRny Gilusun mul .Iumkiv B4-nlun, fin-lvsic Vlrlnrln-villv .unl 'annum Nlulllullmmln friglul lmnlf. 2 I Education is tile foundation on wiiicit a IICLFITLOYI- ious world must stand: for education is tile bedrock of individual character, of national inteiiigence, and of international understanding. The United Nations of tile World iooizs, and rigiitiy so, to tile scizoois for future security. Upon tile SCIIOOIS must fait the responsiiaiiity, titrougit the education of our youtil, of putting down iii wiii and hatred and strife among tile different nations and of building up in their stead a concerted poiicy of world democracy. 22 Q ...mf-. lI5I l.lllH, l'iesi1lenl ol ilu' Floss ol 'jf NHRICK XYI'l'IitlU'l' STRAXVH They wanclerecl aimlessly through the halls, reporting to classes to he sure. hut with no ohiective heyoncl that--lilty-orlcl hoys ancl girls. caught hetween the eleventh- ancl twelfth-year systems, helonging to neither the thircl year nor the liourth year group. Hall ol them were veterans. splenrlicl young men. who hicl lair to malxe an important place lor themselves in the estahlishecl setup. The other hall' was macle up ol those who hacl come lrom other schools preparerl to enter the gracluating class. a lew who were to linish at the encl ol the liirst semester. ancl a hancllul ol regulars who hacl remainecl to talce special courses or who hacl entererl as juniors the year helore. J I is the pn-siilent ol the senior 4 is :ntl thi rliss min 1 I.-it I line sturlent In every way Xxlllle serving as presulent ol ilu- class ,lim also servetl as eilitor ol llixvuys ol the vlass, he lillecl his responsilule posi the lrest results possihle. .Ns exlitor ol tht every lxinrl ol task, lrom Illilliillgf the lirs lnelllllef ol tlll' blllllI'lll lulllltil, illlll so ln in hasliethall. man . . . thatis .lim. ln ortler to have a part in the lile ol the school, these hoys ancl girls cleciclecl to organize themselves into a class. They hecame the Class ol 317. lmmeclialely alter organizing, they mappecl out lor themselves a year's program, inclucling participation in all school activities. seats in the sturlent council. ami a numher ol all-senior projects. Among the last were the puhlication ol an annual. the procluction ol a senior class play. ancl the sponsoring ol' a spring lestival. The class heing small anfl young. such a pro- gram toolc courage. initiative. sell-reliance -... and . . . lots ol goorl olcl Sumter spirit: hut they hall it: ancl it worliecl. axs. 5 - 1 'ongratu ' - i sell on the choice ol a presillent, lor he is a whiih is a hip joh in itsell. As presiclent tion with ease anvl grate, always getting annual, he provetl his alwility to :lo any anfl layouts to atltlressing ilu- last topy. Being tlass presiclent. lim was automatically a help:-rl shape srhool allairs. lie was very aitive in sports, making a slnarl quarter- haili in loothall anal a great cleiensive man Un .lune 3, llzlmunrls lligh will lose througll graclualion a leauler antl a gentle' INS'l'.XI.l..X'lIUN UI' SIQNIUR VIHXSS OI I IVICRS N1-mlnny fa-H In right: lm l.llm, l'vwi1l1-rut: Hnlslu Nlmmuxx, Xvill'l,l'4'Nillt'IIl. luxxn Slxmlmx, if-fu-If IHIXXII SRIXXIN, Alhvmuurvn: NIR. l'vm'w XXYINI, l'r-imipul of Hlmumlx Hrfllu Nlmul. l', 1-. Rn x mu M 'l'1'uxlll4'l fmullll .N1'llI4'Nl1'l I' 1-. um vlmlm-fl N1-nim 'Luv Ir-.nxurvr Ilw N4-unul wlm-fl:-r In 144-ml Hmmm- Nlxinmr, mlm ggrqmllxulml .nl Ilu- vml nl llu- lin! .1-lluwlvr. 25 H0 MEROOM 109 MRS. I'RIi'I'I'O H, BRUNSC JN, Spunsur c,I'l Ii'I.RS. Top pir'Il1r1'. Ivfl In rigylll: .Innws IXIUIIIIIIIIEIIIRI, XIII?-I,fI'SIfIl'lII2 XN'yIi4' IMI-III-r, Adiug I'r4'si1I1'nI: I.m'Rny SIKIIIIIPI, ,I-l'K'2lblIl'I'fL .Iunv Ifvrrie. 51-rrvlury. IInmIcI Owe-ns, I'r0simIvnI, wus nImsvnI wIlon IIu- pic'Iurv wus IuIu-ll. .IUNIOR Rlzll ciROSS VVORK. In IIN- Imollom piflurc scniors mc' sImwn PIIYCICIIIQI liIll'ISIllI1lS Ixoxvs Ivor unIurIunuI1- c'IliI1Ir1-n uxvrsc-us. IIAIIIS is unIy nm- UI, IIN' mnny svrvirvs UI' IIN- .I, R. C. unrI1'r NIH. Ifrunsun's 1Iirvf'Iion. RvurIing rlrwlellfisv frmn Ivfl vmI of IuIpIv, wx- svn' VI.. VV. IXIiIrIwII IsIzmcIingI, Lili. I uxworIIu, IJumIIny I,1'K'IHI1'S, Annu- IXIl'I.I'Illl, I4-Roy Skinnvr, Ozlvvn Vvilson. VVyIie- l.mwlI-r, I':Il'2lIl0T King, INIuru'IIu Iiilllllil, ,Iunc lfvrris. SIumIing Irucfe of Ilwsv. rc-urIiug Ivfl Io rigI1I, wx- sm- .MIN-rI I,.inIi, I7mnIi SingIs-Inn. IIznruI1I Owvns, IX'Irs. Brunsun. ,Imm-s IXIonInIImnu. 26 3? 2 5. 2 x 3, S i UI I Il I RN 'll H OMIEROOM llh MISS I-Ql.IZ.XI5li'I'Il IIIQI'l5l'RN. Sgmmm- fp pi4'Illl'4', 'nfl In rirplll: Luk Hrunmn. 'lVrc.u.-ulvw-r: Rngjvr Xvilliullls, Yin'-I'r4-si4l1-All: lmulx Singlrlnll lxlnlulillgjf, Prmwimlvlllg Alun' fxlmlyalll. Svmra-larry. 'l4ll.wus4.lx'lx1. 0:-lflulNc.s. lin-ry yi-1 . ' Q lr .ll 'I-llilIlliSgiYiIlQf, ilu- sllulm-nls ui IHIIIIIIIIIIS Hiull Nlmul Qin- Iuml, nlullnmj. ann llIll'y' lur luv' In ln- mlielrilmhwl mnong ilu- IIUIWIX ul ilu- mily nm' Sllffllllllllillfj ihllllllllllily, In ilu- lmllmn pialun-, :onion ul f' am- sfuxwn urn' mring In mlislrilnulv munlrilxulinns lnmlv lay Ill:-ir group lor llu- pour. 'l'I..- umlrilmlioux XHFN lIl'l7l5llfIl.N IIUIIHIUOIDI I I un lin- Lulxlm- cmvlnnl ui ITIII' u YXIIO ilfi' Illllll ', '-gm-laulrlcs. l.lIlIll'il Qomls, nu-nl, vnvnl. Huur. Lml, mono:-, :Alu-, syrup. mul ullu-r gnu 1-rim, Tlnm ' an-, lvl In riglnl, ,lmliiv IBPIIIUH, Hurry LiIlillllH4'l', Dorullly xlm- SLK:-lbxiv, .lim I.:-ilwy. Hung llnm f 1 27 .XIsImmIw Ilmllllmlm Isvnlun III.u Inu-II IIn.nIurigjIll Iirillun Iinmn IIrunmn .IASPI-LR .'Xl.sl'.R0oks CMU ISn,n-wmmrr , , n'Iui: in Ifngglisln . . . im:-nun! luIIcvr . , , rmulvuus , . . MII , . . IrivmIIv . . . Slum luIIu'r u'ilIn an :Im-p . . , Irivrullv . . . pIulla In 1'llIial in III1' .Irnly Air Imax llrliu' , . . IiIce's In . . . lmplllur 1'x'avrl'i1'1' f'vv'w. num. :xIiIihnry IIIIIII I. 2: Blililury fJIIiu-r I. I: II:-Imlirlgj IIigIu Nvvm I: X41-In-run 5IiIil.xry fIIIiu-1 I, lvnih-:I I. I, Slash-5 N.n'y-ly. 5. S. 'IIIIYII-fIurimg IIN- Xxvur. LOU-JXNN IIAUMANN - N V, I , . . 1IIIl'lI1III'l' lN'Y'NlllHIIIIQ' . . . mInruIrI1' flullnw . . C HAR'-I'-5 - HRH 'ON g1u1uI xlu4I1'llI . , . gum' u1IlIl'I4'. , , . u'ul'v IrImuI ,mir . . , Icvvu on slmrls umI :Inga Pn.Qi,I,.m QQ' 1: Q'l,,.,.,-I,.mI4,r I: Hi., mul Iislliny . . . IiImIrIl' PX wrvifv HHIH. Ixf-IIHIII Yaursily I, I:'II1uIu'x' Xlarsily' I1 III XXVAXS fl. I. IvIuIv I. Ivnih-:I SIAM-s Navy. S. XY, I',. NJIII I: Ifmnmlias I IuIu I, I: N-ninr I'I.uy I. 'I'Im-4- Yf-dn. A , Q Q Iflrcal-.Nl-1 IIROXYN .IM'QL1l.l.lNl4. IJACKIILI IIliN'l0N I A . , . 1prmcI slmlvnl , . , plvrlsunl SHIIII' . . . IiIu'a In , , nuh' svnlor Imm Ixlonlrvul IIIHII . . . 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If America is to remain the land of freedom that has been the theme of song and story in the past, any program of education for her youth must include time added responsibility that comes with every new and complex probiemg for freedom without re- sponsibility is dangerous. 36 4 SY' 'J Owl-ns 111.11lc- ml spvcrlm on II11- l111porl11111'c ol Nour lligl1 Sclmol cNill'l'l'I'H? rlllwn llw follow- .XI'I'lfR 'llllf CICDRIK' l 0S'l'lfR PROUR.-XXI ll-1lri1 lmtvr. 11ul1-el N1-xx l':l1Ql.1111l 1111111111-11l.1l11r, lullu i11l11rl1111lly xxillr .1 gfmup ul llcllnunmlf lliqglu Slnml lnxys .1ll1-r lmmw lnlvmg lmm ll11- fmlmul dllllllllfllllli 1111 llu-allay. Now-111l11'r ll. ln llw pnllllv. xlr, lwuxlc-r slumlx 1111 llu- l4-ll. l.Ihll'IlIllQ In lun: .url lull lu ri1gl1l. lmnlx 5i1111l1-11.11. llmlvlw lxllifllhl, llmlnis- SlxlllIll'f, .lim l,1'il11. 1lllll lm'i11gtm1 l'.1rl1.1111. 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Sumler Higlfs powerlul WHO loollmall squacl. uncler llle super- vision ol Coaelies Clarlc and Huleliinson. roarecl lllrougll a lougli eleven-game selieclule, winning nine. losing one. ancl liaving lo settle lor one lle. 'lille season, a liiglily sueeesslul one lor llle fianievoelcs, saw lliem invilecl lo numerous posl season games. liul all ollers were reieflefl clue lo seliool regulalions. llowever, .l. lirunson, All-Slale Venler. a n cl Roy Skinner. All- S0llllll'l'II laelcle. were eliosen lo represenl llle liircls in llle annual Norlli-Soulll Carolina Sllriners' fiame. playecl lor eripplecl l'lllllll'PIl'S lmenelil, in Cliarlolle. SUMTIQR I3-OLYMPIA 6 CNlll'C'l'0ll lo vielory lmy 5,000 llowling lans, wlxo iammecl llieir way inlo llle Fair Crouncl Slaclium. Sumler Higlfs unpreclielalnle eleven sueresslully openell ils l94lf7 season lmy lurning lmarlc a powerlul Olympia Reel Devil aggrega- lion l i lo ll in a lmealell eonlesl llial saw numer- ous seoring lllT0illS lJul only lllree lllal eoultl lie malle lo malerialize. lfI.lfVIEi 'S SUMTER 27-CAM! DEN 0 Surnler slauglilerecl a li a p l e s s Camclen eleven, in Camden. llie lollowing weelcencl. lme- lore 5,500 exeilecl lans. Vvillw seeoncl ancl lliircl slring reserves playing mosl ol llle eonlesl, llie Pmircls Came llirouglm will: llying Colors, racking up an overwlielming viclory. 27 lo 0. SUMTER 25-GAFFNEY 0 A scrapping. unclelealecl Gallney lligll leam invaflenl llie Ganieeoelxs' lerrilory on llie niglil ol flelolmer Allli and were senl liome sounclly lrouneecl lo llle lune ol 25 lo U. l.ell lmy a liarll- eliarging lorwarcl wall. Sumler's lmaelxs llacl lillle lroulile in running wilcl anrl seorecl almosl al will. SUNTER 39-DAR! .INGTON fi Tlle liiglily polisllecl liircls eneounlererl lillle opposilion Cjelolmer lllli wlien llley rollecl over llie ligllling Darlinglon Higli Blue llevils 30 lo 0. A large erowcl was on lianll lo elieer llle Sumler lacls on, as lliey seorecl six lourli- rlowns ancl lllree exlra poinls. lC'oNTlNli12o ON l',xm-1 501 sr, S a' at M K -0 Q an .A', - k 4 'A 5 Q 'X'-fm: . -G, go 19 Q 5' ',, ,:.:T:Q2' f 1 Q - fl 4 . ' 4 g S 1 , an 4 ,, L 1' 1 x 'A 4 1 , ,ik 0 . ,,k - , X. 1 , .H as 3, 4 4 M ' 4 9 l S ff' K 139 'H . W A i XA... . . ,,.. I A' , V ws Q qlug 3 Q L, ' S I D , 4 4 N- X43 -- A M, ., ,Nj rf M -Aixfigs-:y,.f'v 5,,fug,Q, , R .iid Q 4 1 ka . Q 5 , Q 'Si' A ww , wk A WXMW, My K m -QM, R v,,,fQf ,.. 5 D 'R ,Q nf-mf' ni K ' slffii as igglg ' Aww P .8 1 Q .J IM- , ' ' so M' -' 4 Q Sag P me Q ' . 45' 'Ah . ..xg -1 -15 NJ., hawks, L UAIN'IliC'Ol'K ICLICVI NS in lrolli, foailr ll, llulrllu HIllf'llll14llll, lrronl row, lefl lo riglxlf Billy floorlson, llaelc Rourl Sing: lfllis llearcl, llarlxg ,lim l.eilmy. Baelig ,laili Clnancller. lfiulg l'QlK'llElI'll lJNYlQ'lll. lfml: Roy Sliinner, iliarlile: B nn lm lilurisaxxn, fiuaril: Bill llalflwin, liaelig .loe Parislr, fiuarclg Billy Herring. lfml: luaurilell Vvacllorxl, ln llaclig ,lanli llrunson, fenler: l'lomer ixlorris, iliaelileg l'os'-U ljilflllllll, Bm-kg miie-cl Dlrllaniels, llax lr SUMTER 30-C EREENVVUOD T Conlinuing lo slrovv impressive power. on llie grouncl ancl in llle air, Coaelx Clarlcis elmarges macle a slrong lmicl lor ll1e Slale AA Clrampion- sllip in ll1eir nexl eneounler lay lxowling over a lrigllly ralecl Greenwoocl oullil. 30 lo 7, in a game lllal saw llle enlire learn responsilyle lor llle line sllowing. SUIN ITER 7-CHAR! .ESTON T ln llleir nexl eonlesl. lrying lor llleir sixlll eonseeulive win. llle Gameeoelis iourneyecl lo Cllarleslon. Tlmere ll1ey ran lmeacl-on inlo a lleavy unclerclog Bantam eleven, ancl aller llme linal wlrislle. were luelcy lo come lmome willm a 7 lo 7 lie. More lllan l.000 enlllusiaslie Sumter lans elleerecl lllem on as ll1ey lriecl lo clisplay llle winning lwrancl ol loollyall llley llacl slmown in previous games. Time game was nol an eneouraging alilair, willl Roclc Hillis Slale CilHllTllll0llS looming as Sumleris nexl opponenl. SUMTER 6-ROCK HILI. 20 llie locals loolc antl xvrole in llleir lmoolis , . Novemlmer lst as a very unluelcy clay. Euler- laining a lavorecl Roelc Hill squacl lmelore lo.- 000 loolluall-erazecl lans, llle Game-eoelcs playecl one ol llweir lmesl games ol ll1e year laul lost lo llle Bear Cals. lo 6. Tlme eonlesl. exeiling lrom start to liinislm, saw ll1e brealxs materialize inlo llie mosl deciding laclors ol vielory. Tlmis cleleal. llwe Bircls' only one ol llie year, pre- venlecl ll1em lrom laying Claim on llle Slale Cllampionsllip. SUMTER I9--SPARTANBURG 6 Playing uncler ll1e flireelion ol Assislanl Coaell ul'lulel1 Hulelminson. wlmo loolc over wllen Coaeli Clarlc resignecl lo aeeepl anollmer posilion, llme vielory-lmungry Bircls jumpecl lxaelc inlo ll1e win column loy pouncling oul an im- pressive 19 lo 6 win over SparlanlJurg's Crim- son Ticle from up slale. in llle annual Counly Fair eonlesl. SUMTER -16-URANGEBURG I 5 Displaying eonslanl lmeacls-up lm all. llne Purple ancl VVl1ile warriors completely over- lA.A.1'!n...- A . I lit IIONS FROM THIC COACH 1 IIUTV lSUXlUll, ,I'ilt'l'il1'I ljillt' CIHTHSUII, Igilfkl Hilfnlil c5XYl'I'lS, lgilfkl ciilrl H1llfit'ltl, Iqilllll IVDOIIQ l'gl'lHlFUIl, Vliilfklvl ll IZ l.0UlS IQUHIIIUS, liilflil l3illil'l'. cwllilffll lrftlllk Sillglvtfln. 'l.i'll'lClP. SPFOIIJ VOIP, ,Ffh tl! ftgllli liilfl .II Int lxlilton lxlixnn, limi: Bolmhy Sillvlllllll. Gunrcl: Ralph Dennis, Center: Bucl Rivers, Venter: l.uverne N xrN,lSi'. Iilllll llUlll'fl lil'tll'lI'll, lsilfli. whelmecl Orangelxurg High 46 to I3 in their next contest. Playing heliore 4.000 shivering fans. the Bird reserves, with Reames and Dwight leading the way, were the hig guns in this victory. SUMTER I8-ANDERSON 0 Sumter invaclecl Anderson on the following Friclay ancl aiter a slow start hegan to roll in the thircl ancl fourth quarters to push over three touchdowns in rapicl succession with Garrison ancl Johnson carrying the lmll. to annex an I8 to 0 win. SUMTER I3-FLORENCE 7 Before a capacity Thanlcsgiving Eve crowtl of 6.500 people. the Gamecocks continued to uphold their jinx over Florence High by coming from lmehincl and hancling them a 13 to 7 set- haclc for their 17th win in as many years. Highlights ot the Gamecocks' final game ot the season were the clown-lqielcl hloclcing of lxoth elevens. which enahlecl t.. Pmrunson for Florence ancl hi. Johnson for Sumter to get away on scoring iaunts ol 88 and 05 yarcls respectively. The entire Sumter team. lecl hy Brunson and L. Skinner, was again outstanrl- ing in victory. while the Summerforcl Brothers, L. Brunson. and C. Nlotte were stanclouts for the Yellow Jaclcets. THE SEASONS SCORES CJPPONIENT Sl'M'I'liR cjI'l'0Nl'N Olympia . . . . l 3 fl Crunch-n . . . . 27 ll Gaffney . . . . . . 25 0 fireenwoocl . , . , . 30 7 Darlington . . . . 30 tl Charleston . . . 7 7 Rock llill , . . ... 6 20 Spartsmhurg . . . . . . lil fl fjrangelmurg . . . . . . 'lfl I3 Anclerson , . . . . . IS tl lrlorence . . . , . . . l l T Totals . . . ..,. 2 I HITTI G THE HOOPS C'.XI I'.'XIN BILI. BALDNVIN Bnlmlwin, an Iwo-vvur lvllvrnmn. was vlm-ri:-ml lu ruplnin ilu' Gnll1m'r'urls Imskc-lm-ri :luring lln' IUIT SPRISUIII mul us ilwir upiauin, ln' wus In an gn-ul 4-xlvnl H'SllIlIlSilDll' for lllz- ollklullrling u'llin'v1-lllm-III nl ilu- Binls, wlxo rc-mln-cl lllv Iinnls in ilu- Slnlv 0lIl'llilIlll'Il', IIPIII ill SIIIIIIUI' I4-l'llI'll2ll'y 27, 28, illlll Fxlilffll I Ks zu ra-sul! nl this lmlrnmm-nl, Bill wus givm-n lmlmrnlvlv me-nlinn un llu- AlI-Tuurlmlm-nl I4-nm. COACH AND MANAGER CWUZHII HHIIICIIH l'iUt4'IIiIlS0l'l Heh, gives insirudinns BLIIIEIQIOI' lwyrun Us-Bury friglnll. OI OI I EIVE MEET FIVE :xiii-r nn iniensivv iiivo we-viisi lrnining pros Qraun. lilv NHT vciilion oi lin- SllIllll'l' iiigil iNlSiil'il'1'TS op:-nz-mi lin-ir imma- sc-uson imy 1-icing oul n riosv .37 lo Zo win over ix iligfiliy rnlc-ci Nc-wiwrry Coiivgv irc-sinnun lvann. Kirixy .lurk- son nnci i.nci Uwvns rung up iii unci isi poinls ri-spa-flivviy lo ivmi lin' sroring. Tin' iiircis wi-rv lurnc-ri imric in un ovvriinlo ronlvsl in lin-ir nvxl gannv imy Ciilillllliliil i4iiQ'il'S Cups. 30 to 3-i. Uwvns imi lin' Bircis wiiil ninc pninls. Pinyinq liwir svronri ovvrliinv conlvsi in liirc-1' gmncs. iiu- iiulcilinson-coucili-ci iauis looii an ciosv unc ivl'0l1I Ciiiroru iiigjil. 35 lo 29. lime- iioiiowing wvviwmi, wilil .iuficson sfdring I2 lilnvs. A slrong fiiylnpin ifiigil iiivv illvmicci ifci- lnuncis iiigin. .iaunualry Qi. nnci wniiu-ci oiii' wilin an finsc' 50 lo 29 viclory us lin' Bircis' silooiing was off. Dispinyilmg iilvir ilvsl pvriurnmnu' oi lin' scal- son, lin' iuvnis looii lin' mvnsurc' oi Nvwiwrry cE0iif'Lfi'.S iirosim in il rvlurn lllilifil. Aii lo 37. as lin' vnlirv lvmn piayui vxfciivlll ixuii. , . , iil0llL2il iislvci us pri'-ganm' iuvorilvs. lin' ijurpiv nnli Nvililm' warriors wc-rv iucixy in nose- oul iiisilopviiiv iiigfiv. un .imlllury ZSIII, ixy lin- ciosv margin oi 28 ln 20. xxiilvr ivnciing nl imii' lilnv A20 lo ill, lin- iiirris is-I lin' Coiivgv oi' CNililI'il'SiUll irc-sinnvn form' iron! iwilinti lo imnti liIl'll1 ont- on lin- nnsv in iill'II' nvxl conlvsi us lilvy iosl iii lo 39, Xvilil .iim ixiimy nnci Kirimy ,iuricson ixillingj lin' imnsiwl lilrougjimlll lin' vonlvsl. lin- fiannv- roci4s rung! up nnolilvr win i:l'ilI'llill'y -ilil. ils liwy lurnvci ililfiii an llifjiliy poiisiu-xi Nllfiil Cimrieslnn iivv. 32 in 2-i. S04-ixingf rovc-ngjv iirmn ex pri-vious 4-nriy sc-.nsnn ioss lo Cillillllliliil iiigjil, lin- iiircis rung up nn imprvssivf' 117 lo -ii vicinry on i'1-ilrllalry iiiil, Illiill'iUK'iliLf5l11ilS,iillii C imnriivr ini lin- iioups inr 2-i puinls. ijiuving lin-ir iusl imrns- g,f.nnc- in-iiorv Siiii inns. line' Birtis Cannv iroln ilvilillii lu win an ciosv lo 28 tivrisinn nvvr Nnrlil cNilill'i4'SiUll. on Fcimrllnry i-llim. A C.-XNIEIQA IIIGII LICIIT liilililfll Dwigill iaiii unci Buiriwin go X o lim nir iur ax rr-imunii ns Davis H31 oi' i ylllpii! IlIiSSl'S zu iny-up silo! miuringf iiu' Slllllivf- ynlpizi zonlisi, Yliill' oiiicini is fl. Y. ilinyvr, GAIVIIQCOCK FIVFS READY FOR THE CONTEST KlIQ'l'ltlIfl, Ieilt toirighl: Iiartin. .tim Lvihy George cstl0iiilS titisha Crai' L lull. ttntmtw ixioirow 5IumIing, tell to right: Rivharrt Dwight Iaiii, Lmtrtie flwens Biity liIlSilllf Kirimy .tariisuu I3-Ii, .I. .I. Vvatc-rs nttii, Ruturt iiffififtl I53i. .4I1aenI when the picture wus tuteen were fiuplain r tiitt tfatciwin ami .tafii fham 1-. Hitting the roaft tor their next two engage- BASKETBALL SCCJRES ments. the Iocats ctroppemt etose ones to Utympia High 41 to ami North Charteston 45 to 37, in wett-ptayect Contests. ' For their next tray the Ioeats iourneyect to Dartington, where they piayect a 40 to 40 lic in an exvilinq' ami harct-Iought game. VVilIm the State Tournament time ctrawing near. the Bircts tootc on Bishopviite High lime Iottowing weeicenct anct again tmarety nosect out a win, 38 to 36. The State Ctass AA Basicethatt Tournament Iyegan in Sumter. Thursctay, Fehruary 27th. In the Iirst rouncts. the Gurneeoctcs emergent victorious over Greenwood. 49 to 37. This ptaveci them in the semi-Iiinats, where they cie- Ieateci Dreher High 44 to 26. Actvancect there- hy to the tinais. the Sumter tarts met tast year's Champions, the Greenvitte outfit, In-:tore whose superior strength they went ciown to the tune ot 47 to 26. Jacic Chanctter ami Kirtw Jactcson. Birct tor- warcts. were eieetect to the AII-Tournament team. Honoratxte IVIention went to Dwight, t.eiI9y. Batctwin, ami Owens. l,I'I'0NI VI' Nm-wh'-rry Ifroeh fiotumtxia . . titiirum Utympiu ,... .. Nevin-rry Iirosh Biehopvitte .... foiieqv ot fimrieit North fituarteslun tiotumhia .. . cTtIIf0l'iI . fytympin ...,.. North fimrteslon Dfurtington .,.. Itiwhopvitte . . :I'firv1-ilwrmft .... if Dre-In-r ..... Ii firm-vlwittn Ytintuts .... Wtiournx-llient tram .mlb fill Sl, Z9 26 'NTIR f,l'l'0NI Nl 37 lo 3-I 30 3 3 20 ' S0 -I I 37 ' 20 30 I 3 32 1 I If' I I 5 I .Ili 35 I I I7 I3 III -III 38 56 AIU 37 -I I 26 ' I7 025 300 TOC CHING THE PLATE VVith a clozen or more ol last year's State Champions reporting lor the First 1947 hasehall practice, along with a large numher ol new and promising recruits, Coach Hutchinson sees hright prospects lor a smash hit season again this year in the national hall game of America. The Uainecoelcs have much to live up to. lor with Coach .lesse Rushe waving his magic' wancl. Sumter Highs hasehallers, playing lt! contests. went uncleleatecl through their i940 Campaign to hringf the Class AA State Cham- pionship title habla to Sumter High lor the lirst time in seven years. ln hringing home this title, the Birds gar- nerecl two wins eavh over Camclen. Darlington. Columhia. Florenve, North Charleston, Bishop- ville, Charleston, ancl lxlanning High Schools. The hurling ol' lxlaxie King anal .lunior Southall along with the hig hooming hats ol' Brute Reynolds and Ellis Bearcl were the hig stanclouts ol the i9-46 season. Bruce Reynolds was volecl one ol the out- staneling high school hasehall players in the stateg Ellis Bearel ancl Maxie King also macle the All-State squad: while Bohhy Bessinger, Theron Cook. Harry Stokes. lxlac' Hatlielcl, Corrlell Bragg, Billy Blackwell. Arthur South- all. lxlason Stevenson. Aclclison Stevenson. Bohhy Hamlin, Ecl Hartin, flscar Strange, ancl Spec , Brown all won enviahle places lor themselves in Sumts-r's great hasehall history. Seniors who will play this year are Bruce Reynolcls. Billy Blaclfwell, ixlason Stevenson. Louis Reames. and Hola Singleton. A PRI:-SIQASON t5AStft5At.l. TALK I..-It to right: fwoarh llutchinson, Billy Blaxliwell. Nlason Stevenson, Nlyron lla-Berry, Spun Brown, Kirlxy .lau'lison, P. Ci. Rs-ynolcls, Hartin, lfolrliy l4.lIlI0H', Bruu- Rs-ynolcls. I It O I3 Bl IES Tim 129960, When WQW GTG? VQT . . . IJOC1.-XNUC RO ' RUN , . , young! He-rtwrt XVFIIIIIIIQ . . . SPUHSIIIEIII of six . . . Illlllvs-vyc' slml . . D AND Rlilfl, . . . mul an topplmlv Igielu-rnum us wvll , . . HUNTING . . . P. G, Rs-ynulrts mul Harmon Strung: '... ggivvn ax Imliclay, at Qun, :mst a retrivvrr . . . wut, wild duck, wntcll out . , . I-'ISIIINU . . . flmrlvs Britton mul Gary Bontwrigllt . . . Altar from the nmctding rruwcl' '... zu pool looming with fish . . . purantisc. 56 y Young D QTHER QIYTIDOLPR ACTlV l 'l1ll2S 0 Various Kin s , 5' , . . UCJIJ' Q... Billy Iglualusvll ..,. n r'lu'r x-ml fu lmu .xml milvs of Hillliilllf Illul sv:-In 'ilu' Illllllillf . . lmppy lmurs . . . I1URSI-QB.-Xi'K RIDING . . . Luuis Rcunu-s . . . wimlv ops-n spam-s . . an gum' 'mm -,.. mul :ww-r miml ilu- ws-nllu-r , . 'I'I-NNIS . . . lim 'willy nncl Bolmlmy Ixlorrmv . . wr-H-nmlalu-ml pluyvrs ..., wvluwpi murl . . . line- spur! , , , PHO'l'UUR.'Xl'HY . . . Lf-Roy Uilwsnn . , 1-yn' ul am nrlisl . . . mul of 1: gn-nina 57 II Ili CI IXIITIIN llflilil INEIIVS IIN- Surnlvr fligiz Nvws is puI1IisIwcI Imy IIN slurivnls of EcImuncIs High Srilooi. rI'I1f'rc- ure' Iiiile-en issue-s during! IIN' year. wI1ifIl IIN' sIucIvnls I00Ic Iaorwzarci lo witI1 il greul cIva1I of inlvresl. TIN- cnlirv SC'ilO0i suimsrriiws I0 lI1is newspaper. nmI PVf'I'y0IlP is urgvci Io svncI in fonlriimulions Ior puIJIira1Ii0n. TIN? Sumfvr Higii Nvws is an mvmiwr oi IIN- Soulii Czlroiiml S1'Il0Iuslic' I,r0ss Assorizllion. IIN' IXInIi0nz1I SfIl0IusIic Ilrcss Assofinlion. amrI IIN' fQuiII i1ncI Sc'r0II. Ixiiss Susie Osteen is advise-r. ilirlurr' nn foil: IfIJI'I'OR ANI? SIQNIURS I.If.'XYING HIGH NICXVS S'I'.fXl-'If ROOM In Ironl, I,v:arI Sp:-mvr, vrIiInr, is lniiiingj wiIIl I,!iIIy I3Ian'Iiwi-II, I 0 rigill: Iimmiv VViIIiums, Iliwiil VViIIn'rslmon, Ixinrcviiax Iimmn. IJUI IH-I-III.-S. Slunriing in riuur- wuy un- Ihiwll IxI4'II4-llv nmI Rogrr VViIIiums. 'I'I'IIf Fl'3I'l'I-IR HIGH NEVVS S'I'AI7I7 Islrml row, Iwi! In rigill: Ilailsy XXIIIIIQIIIIQ. Pm-uri Spa-luvr, SIiirIm-y fire-vn. Sy1Ilu'y iillsiu-y, 1 l N Iilllil NXYPHS, .XIIIIP t1lYYiIlQf'1Ill, .Xiil1' iyllllll, Iklliiii' Il.IlillIN'S, IJUYUIIIY il'4'.7Il'!4, .IOKTIIIKI IUIPI IIuIcInn, NIiI1In-:I Insiu-vp, II:-Ivn Nillrruy, Ianiiin' I'AuIms-r, Iivggy I5L'lkXYUI'lIl, IuIir-Ilv Nm-xxlun, .Iam-I 4-, Vvinnic' Nm-xxlliml, ixI:'r1 IIn Ilnmm. Tiuini row: IxIiIcIr01I frail, Doris Ne'xxlli.u1, fiwc-ilvII4' I Iunsnn, Ii:-ily fixsvns, KilIIllX'l! fir-nirv. Sum Iilnisun. Riln Ifrciririi. I:uurlIu rum: Russ:-II IXIvII1-Ilv. I I II I Ir L 'XII ur ill, 'I nn' ' irlill, BIJIQIONUII, ,iillii CIIHIIXIIIPY, Ilillli Ixilmrv, Lani Buyiv, Tully IKUXYIIIRIII. 58 IAIIIIIIINIS I IILIII SVIIUUI. I Ili' S Huy. Ivllaxmlwly, Nc-xx' York Cily. NIln IZIIZQIIWIII IIUIDIEIIYII IS NI XN.XI1IfI3 .XNID IfI5I'IOR I5uI1In XIUIIAIXX II:-III, 5I.lll.ngI'l. .nNI Illll ImiIvy IUQIIII, I II-XX' XYS S I ,XI If cl!! IIIXVAYS is puIxIisIN'mI Imy IIN' sc-niur cIanss oI IauII. c'Ic'rI1'rI In' IIN- mI.1ss in IIN- I'uII UI'IIlI'f'1'ilI'. pIuns ways oI' nmI4ing IIIUIIPY. svvs In IIN' IenI4ingj UI pulurvs Iur IIN' vn- g1ra1x'm's, ilIIlI wrilvs IIII umpy Im' IIN' IIIIIIIISIH' in ruiwing IIIOIIOY. I'or IIlis purposv. Th. .ug IHIYIII uIurIv , , IX l'I'X'UlN' NPIIS lllngjuzilws in 51'I7I!'lllIN'l'.il svninr pIux is procI1N NI In IXIIIHII. IIINI rl spring If-sIix'uI is spnnsorm-II Ill III XXIAYS is in lll1'lllIll'l' UI ImIIl IIN' Y.nIimNnI V . SLIIOIIISIII Prvas fxasocifxliull, I :uw-rsslx UI IXIIII- IIPIIIJUIIS. IXIIIIINWIIDOIIQ. IXIIIIIIUSUIRI. auNI IIN- Co- IlllllIlIml SKIIIOIIISIII' I,l'i'SS IXSSUIMIIIUII. QUIIIIIIIHII aNIx'isf'l' 5-. IHNIIINI, Iinl I.-ilu. I'-in! mrnx IUII In rig1IlI: ISUIIIN xIu1lmx, Imp InIu1-. IIIINI' R1-xlNuI:Ix, I,nmIIn l'.-.-I.I.-. Smnrnl low: IIlIIx IIINIu II I I In xmI4I Ilm..-.H Nllunu III. I1 VIII II. mu In III II IxuINrI Ir4IluIu Inu Xu: Iiaumnm X I-. I. I 'W X. . J'. .'. xxxxn' , 'I -. : flag. M il rsur: I - . ' . . . I INN Inlli-. IQl1NwII XII-II1'IIr', IXI.uNm-II.: II..,-H... I:mlrII: low: I,.1xi1I XYIIINW-lunnx, I,nuIN II:-.n1Nw, IIN-nniv SIXIIIIN-1. IIINI-' vow: m I II4IxIl Igl'IlIllI1, .Xnnv XIIIA-.n1, I l.unIx 5inQIm-Inn. .IIN-nl: ,I.NIx Iirunwn, I'ImI Ifulxmn, Ixm SIXIHIN-I, Iimmiv XX'iIIi.unx, IIhiIIy Inrmlus. 59 V,... AD VER YY WEMEN S HI-VVAYS BUSINESS COMMITTEE Reading left fo riglzl: Louis Reamcs. Harmon Strange Fmnlc Singleton, Billy Parsons, Bobby Nlorrow, Billy Blackwell Jim Leiby. 60 65433 013 TQRY fix K4 XJ! N.-of Iimmy goes for football . . . lennie's great for dates . . . Q E 5,13 .AW 1' 5-:if . .,:,a. sl ' A ,' :., XJ I ,' , l 4 K Y' ..,- - X . . -Q fl 'fo if 14 L l l ., .- il.fvf,x,AQ?5 BiII's a swell debater . . . With Anne it's math that rates . . . gllffffjf dlfffgbr lil Favorite of any crowd is de- licious Royal Crown Cola, the only cola that's best by taste-test! Try R C. It's a grand fresh start. 2 full glasses C D LA in each 55:5 bottle. l N .,.w.v-., -- ' ' W L 4 4 4 4 E 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 . ,,....A-W-WA- 4: ,-,...-A---4- ' 4 ,.,,.-'f 'wA-A-A-1 - Y I' ig 'A'A'A- 4 '-' :LC .ll 14 ff: E 4f 'II ' I 4: f D 'U 1 4 444 4, gr 4, SE 0 F1 cf: 55 4 '11 no -' ' E 3 4 '11 -4 1 -4 ggi 5 x U1 k P Q 1 4 I-I 1 2 2 Z Ig E4 f U f if :E + 5 2 4 E15 CD 4 -1-1 4 414 1-1 if I i Qi il S' 41 45 0 -4 - 4 QE m : :C C4: w G I' Cp r ' ril rxl - A T,- -A 7 41, A A rvA- ,,v..,-7LTgTL-L- 42? - .,- -T- ' ' A If' A -::LT-.,..- -A K-TLT -' A ISE ,--.ff----W-Q---f ' A :'4' A.w. -lg-T A--- -A v K:L-w- -i- .-.-f?- -' A EJ? 'f--T-T-'T--T--T--T-A -'-NT-T-T-7-7-T-T-TvTv?-Tv?-TvvrfrfrT-T-T- may TRADEWAARK Plus Tax Tha I'1111.w Tim! Ifr'fl'f'.s'l11 CAROL! A COCA-COLA BOTTLl Sl'M'l'lCli. S. C. 63 P I' I I THE NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTH CAROLINA CIIAIIQMAN 014' 'rmfz lifmlalm C. G. ROXVLAND 1,R1'1SI m1N'1' EAR I QE ROXVLAND XVICIC-Plil:1SlIJlCN'l' RA YM ON SCH XVARTZ C,xs1lIlc1: l'. M. 'l'1I,I.I+1li A ss 1 STA NT C.xs1 1 1 mas I,. MuCUY H. C. D. COOPER, JR.. MEMISER F. D. I. C. H. STRUNC 54 SUMTER TELEPHONE COMPANY l.oc'AI. ANU LONG 111s'1'Axcv1f: 'l'1cl,1f:l'llox1f: sl-zmlvl-1 11 S. IIARYIN S'l'lil'1l'I'l' S1'M'l'l'1li, S. V. SUMTER BUICK COMPANY HVIIUII Bvfivl' glllflllllllliill'-Y ,Irv Hui!! Huivfl' U'il1 liuilzl Tlzvm U. li. l'l,uw1 I N U. XV. Slmw BVYS AND Sl'1l,I,S GOOD VSED CARS l,llONl'1 886 212-141 VV. l,11sr:n'1'Y FISHEIIS JEWELRY STORE Gifts of Fim' Qualify Smrrrzu, S. C. BAGNAIIS GROCERY 1m'igga'.vl Lilflf' Sinn' In Town Puoxl-1 1506 230 E. II:xM1 r0N Avia. Sl'M'1'lf:1z, S. C. h5 I I I I II I I I I I I I 4 I III I I I PT47LTLfL:L:l:Ltf:4TLTL:LtLTLTLTLff:-T-T-T-Ti:-1-1-1-vigif:-T-tftvrfr-T-T-f-:-:-T-T-T-TfT-:-:f:-?ff-rv--v- I I I I I I I I I I . II 'I . 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Puoxr: 54-4- SYDNC JR'S GRK JCERY Ivllllfllf and Sluplf' G1'ur'1'f'ir.v JIM'S WAFFLE SHOP l nnm11.w For Slmlrs Pnoxl-1 H13 c,l'l'OSl'l'l'l l'os'r Ol-'1flc'l- SUMTER MACHINERY COMPANY S1IIlJ.lI,I, 1.'1'1u'1.v111.vc: m:1'.11H'.111f:N7' - - - - - - - - - - ,,v.i.w.Y. Aw. ...w- .w. - - A - - - - - - - .v. .w.,.,.w.. .'.v. .v.Y.w.,,v. .Y 69 -,.,---,,--..- A---.----------..----------------..---,.---- ---- -. :v-.--. .--.-.-.-.-.-f J.-.Ai iA.-.- .-..-.-. .A-.A.-.-.-..A.--.-- -.-.-4.-.-s. .-.A -- W. . MCELVEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER USED CARS Boucslrl' AND Sou: AU'roMomL14: Lcmxs Sales and Service 8 XVEST BAR'i'LE'1 l'E STREET PHONE 1.331 SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA 70 :Ave-.-.-. BOYLE O I OR OO. Yom: 1 RllCXllI,Y lD11:.x1,1c1: OLDSMOBILE AND CADILLAC CARS GMC TRUCKS Heymlee Slhzee Seifviiee 19 XVEST LIBEIRTY S'le'Rl'1E'!' UU' fvlllff Do ,III T110 Rvpnir lVm'l.', So UW' Du Only Thr Bvsl -. -T -T-T-P: GT-C-T 7 1 ,,.,,---,,.Y...-Y.---,,-----------------------------,----A---- - - A..-A' -.A- ff- Av--.'.'--- .'Annnf---2--'.--u--'-'--.---sq.-A-.-.---f f.----v, - ,------f---f--.-- -- v-.--v--v----------..-------Y--- -------- ---W-.---------- DUCKER gl BULTMAN INC. THE HOMETOWN GROCER SINCE 1876 l 'D PHONES 9041-905-906 lNIAHKE'l' PHONE 881 Free Delivery 72 SUMTER RAILWAY AND MILL SUPPLY COMPANY VN. Prznu' SMITH. Jlurmyvr l,lYl1l'l'.V in E7'f'ry Ih'.vc'1'ipfi0r1 of MILL, MAUHINICRY AND l'LI'MBING SI'l'l'LIl'1S PVMPS Ol ICYICRY SIZE AND 'l'Yl'l'I 107-109 IC. II.xA11-'rox Avlcxlwz 'l'lCI.l'II'IIOXlCS H51-11512 Sm1'1'1cu, S. V. SQUABS SQUABS SQIIABS Dc'Iic'i011s, Jlvlf-in-Your-H1011111 Tr'mIc'r11c's.v IV111'r1 If!!Il'l'IflflIilIgfSl'I'Z'l' Squabs 'l'll1u-llc Slzlcs SMALL ' MICDIIIM ' LAIIGIC PALMETTU PIGEUN PLANT PM ox IC 323-J 'LUHCTIE YOU MAYSHQP WITH CONFIDENCE f cH1IIIlc5TL1rcID 11u SIIM'l'I4IR,S SHOPPING CI'lN'l'I'Ill 23-25 S. IXIAIN S'l'lllfIl'1'l' l'uoxr1 888 BLUE RIBBON DAIBIES Qlz11,1T1' 1L111f1' 1'1m11L'f'7us' v,-f,,1.- G ,-f,f 1., Past .',, rizrvl mm- 102 X. M.ux S'1-um-1 P 11c1 N141 T13 73 4 4 4 4 4 4 ff' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'A' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'A' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'A' ' ' ' ' -'- -'-'- '- -'- A- -' '- -'-' -A-2 -A-A-2 -A-A-- - 4- --A- -v-- -.-. -.-4. .-.-.-5:4 -Qr lf Zi 1' ,.4 Q 'Z .- . -4- . -N -1 . 414 5 E X D 4 3 'J Q 'C 'N 3: ,lj hd :L E 54- Q. I, gr - V' .: fu M KN 1, gl P1 1 2 I 4 M A 4, 'll Z F 5 ' -1 Q W :4 43 . , 4 N- 'S V 414 A 5' m I, ' A : -' n-4 lj: M V S 1 ,T : L 41 41: C PQ fl Q5 ,-1 : X Q 1, fr 2 Q A 5 S Q 'I n-I In ' S E . I 4' 4 94 . A, 1 1 rll 6 f-I , 5 Q 1 'T 'U I E 'f r-4 3: 'LJ IL -- 'H ? 2 H : N Db 12 ip yu W X L 'N 4 3 4 4 P-4 f'- E 44'x.1.m4vlu,7,. -X N . Z - P14 IQ - z A 4,. X S 2 7 L 4 4 ,Q , . N. , : 4 , 4' ' , , -:, ff, u-4 4 2 , 4 V4 4 4: 5 J X 2 4 Q H F m 4' W A S P -4 1 : 0 'r 414 CD .5 - '71 Q . 4 V f: 4 2 ni r-4 H., . F4 A 4. A 5,4 ,Y 4 2 : , 13 4 O Y' , 44, , . I X' C5 ' rij 4 F4 Q LL 145 Sum' 7 N 't A A .1 ,A 1,4 ,, - 4 , - 5: 4 il: : 2 5 -4 5 V E Hd 1,4 L: A P14 3 :Li 4 I 3 E k A 45 N4 P- 1 'T' UQ N' - 4'4 4 v 7 - - I , 'U , fx 4 '4I 44 'T' w T' J: 4 4'4 'I C - K A '1 - ' -- ' A lu 4 p-4 1 -4 r-I -x 4,4 . U1 U1 1 C jj 'T Z v ' '1 4 N, .A, fu Z 4' if: S V -4 : -Q rll -Q Fd L W ly' 'I' 5 'Z' 5 cf 3, 'E 'J I ff 7 2' 4.4 4: gr : ,,j fs 1: -- Z lu 4,4 z ,., C S 4: '4' A 'C 2 1' 12 r-Q ' rwl T, Q N :hx , ' v 4 v- 1 4 4: E E: -we : 'il .14 oc - 3, 4 4 4,4 'J bf 4 ' 'F 4 I 4 lp ,II I I4 rql 4 :Il L ------- ----- -------- - - ,-,.-.,.-,..,....v..,...-,,--.w .,,--,, v -v-W ---- v A -A--- AAAA-------A - A-----'A---A--AA---A24 74 4 P b DIXIE LIFE I -EE L1 III' E1 ' I ' E Q giijII!'EIiifTI'EE'1'Q Sumter s Own I-W Q I . Ili 'lini- FUR YUVR 1 L l'l'Rl4l SECLIILITY Pnl Your l,ifc' 1,lIllI8 in Diwiz' IIIUIIISH MAXWELL BRIIS. gl BLACKWELL EURNIIURE CU. 106 N. MAIN S'l'liEl'1'l' SL'M'1'1'1R. S. C. FRIGIDAIRE 81 PHILCU APPLIANCES Szznzlvris Largvsl l IlI'lIffIll't' Slnrc' 75 -,-,QQ-7-.T-,-,,v,,-A-,A---A,-,,--,A.A-, Xxx, , , , , , , , , , Y , Y Y , Y - .w.v.A- GEORGE H. HURST 85 SO FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND HOME FURNISHERS Prompt Ambzzlmzcfe Servive G. E. AI'l'l,I1XNCFIS . . . PELOOR Covrzzuxrz f,l'l'0Sl'l'E Cuuxlclc COITRTIIOITSE PHONE .338 SUMTEK, S. C. PHONE 539 CANTEY-PLO DE C0 FANCY GROCERIES cw FRESH MEATS GliIPk'l4llifX' IIIIONES 706-707 M.x1c1i1':'1' 1,!IUNE 6-L5 I,om'1'1oN: HAMPTON ANU SUMTER S'l'REE'l'S 76 - - - --,,-. - .w.w. ourtright Chevrolet ompany Ulflljl High! al l'nu1'lrigl1I CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS NEXT TO POST Ol4'l ICI'l Yi DUR NEIGIIISORIIIX DD GRUCER T110 Finest of IC'u01'11fl1i11g' thc' Jlnrlfvf ,-I yjrorzls Edwards' Grocery '19 L'RlCSCl'1N'l' AVICNIWC PIIONIC H13 ,,.---- 77 C. G. ROWLANII, l'rn.-riflmzt ROWLAND WAREHOUSE COMPANY .LiCt 7I-901, and l1'0n1Ir1l IYIIIIFI' flu' Unifnl Staffs U'arc'hou.S'e Act COTTON STORAGE THE RU-VELLE READY-TO-WEAR AND ACCESSORIES When You Think of Quality Think of Ru-Valle CAROLINA MOTOR COMPANY, INC. SVMTER, S. C. YOUR PACKARD IJEAIIICR Ask the Man Who Owns One 127 S. RTAIN PHONE 1530 HUGHES' TIRE SERVICE GOODYEAR TIRES . . . TUBES BAT'I'ERIES . . . RADIOS RECAPPING . . . WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICE GENERAL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE -T-'-T-TWT-T-T-Ti?-Tfi'-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-Ti?-ifT-Tv?-Ti?-TST-T-T-TWT-T-TSTST-T-T-Tv?-TWT-T-T-T TSTQIW- 78 HE RY LUCAS GARAGE H N. HARVIN S'l'Hl'1l'1'l' PIIUNIC 4-70 Ga'nw'r1l A-lllffl mul 7'l'Il1'!1' Rvpr1iri1zg GALLUWAY gl MUSELEY WATCHMAKERS ENGRAVERS DIAMOND SE'l'TERS Your I'alr1nmgf' Is .lpp1'w'i11l1'1l SVM'l'l41R. S. C. MARION. S. C. IIAR'l'SVII,I,l'1. S. C. ,,Tv7,T,T - - , - - - - -,-wT,7,T,Tv .v,-,-,-v- 79 MOORE CLEANERS Ejfcient Covzfrteous Service 108 N. SmI'I'ER S'I'Rlf:Ic'I PHONE 134-I DIIBOSE MILLING COMPANY AND HATCHERY FEEDS CHICKS PHONES 1561-1230 Ii.-KST CALHOUN STREET SUMTER ICE AND FUEL COMPANY ICE AND COAL PHONE 981 OSTEEN PUBLISHING COMPANY Publislzers THE SUDITER DAILY ITEINI COMMERCIAL PRINTERS OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIFS STATIONERY ENGRAVING PHONE 30 80 AVERY LUMBER CO. SUMTER. S. C. CYUIIfl'IIl'ffIIg Builzling nlIlft'l'iIl1.S' COMl'I.l'1'l'.I'1 liEADY-'FO-XVEAR S'l'UliI'1 IIOSIERY. GLOVES AND Nf,Vl'1,l,'l'll'1S NWI Jlr' ul Ihr' Dry Gnnzlx fvllllljhlllilju THE SUMTER DRY GOODS COMPANY SlTM'l'lfZli'S LARGEST ALI,-I,ADll'1S' S'l'ORl'1 Flxlc l'1lcc-14: Gumus IJINIC IAlNGI'lIll xx: Dlz.xl'l-ilcllcs .xxlr f'mc'r.ux IVNIHCIUNI uc 8 I SHAW LUIVIBER COMPANY PHONE H13 SIIMTER. SOUTH CAROLINA NU-IDEA SCHOOL SUPPLY' CO. ll. II. 'l'I'c'K1a1c, Jlllllflgfl' SCHOOL EQUIPMENT AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES SIIMTER. SOUTH CAROLINA l'f.vf1ll1Ii.vlrr'rI in 19,21 82 1--. .Je' JI' EMM A U ITI TRAN . . . SK,X'l'l':S . . . Lum- lie-rris Qlvhf mul l.uu-Jxnn Hzmnmnn Qriqlllf . . . lim' us lung! an you Iwvp n your In-vl . . . Sf'fXYl'l':R . , Hulwlry Xlurrmx mul Inna- lim-rris frigjlllf . . . lun ull:-u ilu- xu-ullwr is lair . . . fifJNYl'1R'lvlPrl.I'i . . . 'nun-s Nlonlullmno ful ilu' xxllcvlj, .laukiv Bvnlnn flu-sirlo llillby, Rage-r XXYiHiilIlIS QIPQIIHIIQ on xlunrl, lfluim- lnrrlzm .nhl liurl Hnlllivlrl lin llu' funk, . L1 all linws. . . ffm' gluing .ll 82 EXIT 'A . . . the-y Imvv ilu-ir vxils mul lin-ir vnlranu-s . . . H , . , Holm Singleton fnn gmunrn, L1-Roy Gibson falvow' lsiml, Louis Rl'Hllll'S and Frank Singleton fin stage door, cm-nlcr mul right respeclivclyj. 84 'Q-' f flaw. if-3 AK My SY. J we ' lx 'X-KQ Xu XX ff If fx i'Whenev me Y AN 15.11. BB scusscd' AND COLLEGE MGH SCHOOL PRXNTERS 66 .S.6. The lions S6 e oilxllua K lity Lf2'1ll,7A.1 x71 t0g!Z6l,9A 1. gin F, aff' -- -1.7: ,- , 4 'wr A- 'Q bf fm, .o. .-so I

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