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N P' ' ..f N M:,1,:5.5:,,:.5i55f:,:,mi-: , , ,- , , ' "" W - ,- -w .- -1-:gzgigigg-,?,rE'1:j:5S5'12f - : " . ' ' 1? gy., f- " - . M 55,25-,L,sggI, - , , , ' 56 ' p K "-" A :tiff - Ms. . ,.,. , K -1-1 ' " Q ,.,f : . . MW 1 ik HI- PUBLISHED BY EDMUNDS sUMTE12,so MISS MARGARET LAUSDELL BRUNSON ANI., FLIRMAN UNIVERSITY A.M., UNIVERSITX' oIf CIIICAGO Heacl of Department of Foreign Languages EDMUNDS HIGI-I SCHOOL DEDICATE T0 Miss Margaret Branson Our Prienai flzrouglzouf H1'gZI Scfzoof HI-WAYS 1942 CWI PRESENT The following pages in lour Clivisions. each showing, loesicles our school life, something of what Edmunds High School has done for Na- tional Defense. In the first picture usecI to show the contents of the hoolc, IVIr. Stocldarcl, our principal, makes announcements over puhlic aclclress. In the second, Deuwarcl Buttman, presiclent ol the student hooly, and Charles Propst. president of the senior class, mmap" things out lor the seniors. The third picture shows tennis players, Barnes Boyle, Dorothy Ralflielcl, Elizabeth Boylcin, and Sonny Lawson as they pause lor a clrinlc of water. In the last picture, a group ol seniors oio research worlc lor their term papers in English. They are, left to right, sealed: David Britton, Norma Boney, Matilda IVIcI..elIan, Harold Hatlielcl. Standing: Serena Spencer, P. G. Reynolds. 1 rf ski- wem .' II. THE SENIORS 5 .1 '-1"f: W .-..-T ' ' I III. ATHLETICS o oc: I. THE SCHOOL IV. ACTIVITIES ki a I I i 1 3 ' i 1 MR. WILLIAM HENRY SHAW ff BA., MIX., DUKE UNIVERSITY Superintendent SUNITER CITY SCI-I0oLs BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to riqht: Mn. S. L, Ronnriv. NIR. NV. J. SIIAXV, NIR. EARLE RONN'LAND, MR. S. K. NASH. NR. R. K. NNILDER. Cfmirnmn, Mn. F. M. IVIOISIE, Mn. E. F. IVIILLIZII. Mn. BI.ANuINc UPSI-Iun, DR. C. J. LEIIIMON, Vice-Chairmang Mn. H. G. OSTEIQN Mn. VV. H. SHAW, Secretary. TR TI The Superintendent and Board ol Educa- tiong the principal, Assistant Superintendent, and Dean oi Girls: and the Faculty rnalce up the Administration ol' Edmunds High School. They shape the policies of the schooi lor the instruction and guidance of the pupiis. This year they have introduced two new features. DEFENSE VVORK in order to prepare the hoys and girls to talce their proper places in Americais great national defense program, extra emphasis was placed, at the end oi the first semester, on science and mathematics. Additional classes in these sulajects were formed. and schedules of students were changed to suit the interests and needs ol individuals. Classes in radio, auto mechanics, model airplanes, nutrition, agricul- ture, home nursing, gardening, knitting. and Red Cross were crowded with students glad ol' an opportunity to lit themselves for deliense worlc. Defense stamps, gradually turning them- selves into defense honds. were sold daily in the school. A fund lor handling these stamps was ohtained hy sponsoring an entertainment in the auditorium early in the year. The school enrolled l00'XJ in the Junior Red Cross. Also, hoth students and teachers con- trilmuled freely to the call ol' the Red Cross for the emergency war fund. The Board of Education granted leave of ahsence for the duration oi the War to those young men ol the faculty who were called into the service. They are: iVir. J. R. Barnwell, Wir. J. N. Berry, Wir. VV. J. Clarlc. Mr. S. J. Smith, lVlr. J. M. Harris, Wir. Paul Lolton, and lVir. Howard Lindsey. QCCUPATIONAL SURVEY in the spring, an occupational survey ol the entire community was undertaken as a senior class project. There were two purposes in this fcontinueci on page 72 Mus. R. C. Foluesrun MR. Huou 'lf Sronmxnn Mus. LOUISE Y. liARLE Dean of Girls Principal Assistant Superinlendent 5 N ,- m .V I I QQ IDENTIFICATION GP PICTURES MUSIC, ART, FOREIGN LANGUAGES, LIBRARY Left lu rigInI: IVIrs. A. H. Forester, Art: IX'Ir. L. C. IVIoise, IVIusifJ: IN'Iiss ,lose-pI1inc XNIIIIEIIIIS, French, and Miss IVIarQnrcl Brunson. Lnlin and Spunisin. Absent wlmn Ilw pivlurv was lulevnr Mrs. J. IJ. Ix'InIInrLI. Latin and Dramaiics, nnrI IVIiss 'I'ruIn Edgar. Liiwmrinn. SCIENCE, IVIA'I'HEIN'IA'I'ICS. PHYSICAL EDUCA4 TION, ATHLETICS Left to riylxl, svulerl. front: Ixir. R. L. NV:iIIwr, PI1ysir:s nnc,I Cinernisiry, und IX'Iiss Ixltlftllil Redfern. Giris' PInysirnI IiQcIucn- lion anrI GirIs' Sports. Sealed Imcle: IX"Iiss Harrie! i'IurImcrI. Gconwlry mimi 'iirigfonmnelryz IVIrs. R. C. Forester. AIgeImra. nnLI Mr. I'IugI1 KUIID. Buys' IJI1ysicaI Eciucntion ami Business IVIuIIlcmuIius. Slumling, Izucle: INIr. JOIIII D. IXICIVIIIIIHH. Bi- niogy nmI Boys' AIIuIeIir's, and Ixiiss Hnrrielle Puriurr. BioIogy. Absent wfwn Ilw picture wus Iulean: WIrs, Percy Vvise, AIgI-Iwrn. ENGLISH, SOCIAL STUDIES Left Io rigfni, urouml tire luizle: Iwiss CI1urIie Cnssc:II. History m1cI IfngIisIxg IVIrs. Pretlo H. Brunson. IVIocIf-rn ProIn- Ivms: IX'Iiss IfIizaInc-III Hepburn, EngIisI1 ancI IIII: AnnunI: Ixiiss .Iuiia Ruyn0IcIs, EngIisI1 and IVIucIern I7roIJIvms: Iwiiss RUII1 I'Inrrin,r1Ion. IfngIisIl uml History, amI IN'Iiss I"IeIen -rilyIIJf, EIIQIISII Zlllll IXIIULIEYII IDYOIJIEHIS. VOCATIONS Front, rigfit: IX'Irs. VViIIaurn Bateman, Home Ifrnnmnics. Front. left: IVIrs. Hugim Knight. Home Economics nmI Cafe- Icriu. Others. lvfr Io riylnl: IVIiss Catherine IVILIFCIIISUII, Steno- g1rapI1y nncI rI4ypc-writing: IVIr. J. VV. CI1anrIIc,'r. Ixier-Imnic'aI Drawing un4I DivcrsiIic:cI Ovcupations: Niiss Irma Vvvinimrg, I3ooIcIn.:eping nnrI OIIIPQ Practice: IVIr. Henry Ellis, IVIanunI Training. :md Mr. I'InroIcI Prince, JournaIism nncI EngIisIu. ENGLISH, Socml. Srumes ,- Absent when Ilia picture was Iufwn: Mr. .I. B. AIuxamIer, Agricuhure. CALLED 'VO TI"IE COLORS IVIr, .I. R. BarnweII. Science: IX'Ir. .I. N, Berry, Science ancI Aliiieticss IVIr. VV. .I. CIarIi. Scicmze ami AlIiIelics: IN'Ir. S. .I. Smith. Frencix: IX'Ir. J. INI. I'Iarriss, D'InnuaI Training: Ixir, Paui Loilon, Agrir'uIlure, nmI NIL I'I0warcI Lincisey. IJI1ysicaI Education at II1e .Iunior I'IigIi ScIiuoI. All UI Iilesc Iiavc been granted a Icave nI nIJsc-nce Ivor lI'1c cIuration oI lIlc war. ADIVIINISTRATION KCOYIHHLLGCI from page 5, survey. The first was to Ijinci out just wI1at Icincis OI' work are to Iae Iounci in Sumter and what the annuaI turnover in empIoyment is for eacI'1. This wiII sI1ow wI1al Icincis of joI3s and about Iiow many will Ine open Io our graduates. Tile statistics tI1us compiIecI wiII maize ciear what tieIcIs are overcrowcIecI. Time second purpose was to Iearn from tI1e past experience ot tI1e empIoyers just what subjects in time vo- cationai department need speciai attention. It is lI1e Ilope of all Concerned that a I1igI1 scI1ooI piacement Iaureau wiII Iae tI1e outgrowtiu of the unciertaicing. Thus II1.e slucients of Edmunds High ScI1ooI will Iiave a Iaetler Ciwance oI suc- cess in Iife atter graduation. Vocfxrioxs 1Li.Im.wm,.IIe.. g....J HIGH Religion pIays an important part in the IiIe ol every student at Edmunds I'IigI1 School. Each student begins his clay by participating in a short cIevotionaI service in his homeroom. Every assemhly program is hegun with a reacI- ing Irom the Bihle, given hy one of the stu- ctents, anct foIIoweeI Iimy the stuclent Iaoclyls re- peating together the Lorclts Prayer. The heaIth ol the students is guarclecl in many ways. There is a caleteria that provicles the proper food, at a very Iow Cost. Provision is made lor physiral eclutation Ior Iaoth hoys V' IDENTIFICATION or PICTURES Beginning at top on left, then reacting across, left to right, anct encting with Iaottom picture on right: RELIGION Scripture Recuting at Assemtmlies IQZLIZABETH BOYKIN TYPICAL CLASS Any Class Left, front futile: .Iuhn Princrc, Ifthrrl Yvarnnr, Hilton King. Vl1lli'IlllEl Dees, Charles Blair. Buble tatrle: Ixlargueritm- Niftmls, Rita Ryan, Iflizahcllx Buyliin, SIN-parcI Dunn, Right, front tutmtvr Iiarlynv Reese. Dora VV1-IIs. Buck tuIJIv: Ivlilftllli Ge-tlnlings, Leola Neshitt, Patty I'IoIman, George June, .Io Rea Campbell. 8 LIBRARY Core of tlm cjl,IN't!'lllI,UTl First illlllf' an Ivft, Ilaflcs Io KUIIIPTUZ Louise Cjslexorni-, Ix"Iary Alia- Ijrortor. 'I'Invn. Ivft to right: IVIyrtIe Staltorcl. Nlargie Hicks, Ijrances Ixlaltln-ws, Patty I'IoIman. Svcuml tuI1Ie on Ivfr: ECI Dunlap, Clare-nre Evans. First taI:Ie on right, Imcles to Cunzeru: Lawn-are Vvhite. Elimtit-il. Boylan. Tlnvn, Ieft to riylltr Nnrwaocl Srllwartz, Rita Ryan, Ce-bil Young. Secuml IIIIJIP on right. Imcle Io Unnwru: Ixlargie Rec Curtis. Then. Ivft to right: .lean Sutton, Claire Pluwrlen. Louise Herint, IJ, Ci. Reynolzls. Beside the rutzinet: .lim IxIaIIanI, Serena Spencer, .lean Chancller. CAF Ii'I'I 'IR I A H1'riI Ill First IUIJIP, Imrlzs In Camera, left to right: Flon-nic Rcmlaerl, Iimily KOIIJ. Franu-s IVIoses, Facing canuru I OOL LIFE and girls the year rouncl. Every stuclent is re- quirecl to have a physical examination in the lall, ancl that examination is lollowecl up to correct any physical clelects or organic troulales lnelore they may become serious. The home economics clepartment ol' the high school is proviclecl with a sewing room. a kitchen, ancl a clining room. This course olilers attractions to all girls ancl even a lew hoys. Besides the time-honorecl ucoolcing ancl sew- ingn the students learn to plan formal meals, serve them, and to play hostess ancl guest on f W V Lan-,.,,K:..' Q g lm - x I ' ' - Y ith., . ,. - Thelma Does, Dan Brown. Norma Boney. Seconzl lotnle, tmeles to cmneru, left lo right: Lonnie lxflatlnis, Clarence Brunson. Fucing crmwra: Frances Reynolds. Ruhy Carrcnlon, Peggy Rivers, Connie Brothers, Nlenclel Stallxorcl. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Health Center: rlqonuny Hughes, shooting. Left lo riglil: Ricllarcl Deus, James Barwiclc, Jimmy Moise, Joe Bagnal. Left, left to riglzl: Porter Rivers fstancling loaclcl, Billy Jones, Frank Hurst, Bill Gihson. Right: Bill IAIUQPIKIS, RCYCTCCI ETCIWEIFCI lDUCt!lll. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Health Front, left to right: Frances Nloses. Tillie Flowers. Buch row, left to right: Dol Holton, Elizabeth Boyliin, Pauline Cooper. Katherine De- Lornie, Dorothy Vvarrcn, lvlarguerite Nichols. Claire Plowrlen, Wlatilcla lvlclsellnn, Peggy Hutll, .lean Elmore. will 1 these occasions. They invite whom they please from the school, inclucling teachers. The home economics stuclents are taught the great im- portance ol a balanced ration, ancl the im- portance, too, ol louclgeting. Olhce practice allforcls invaluable experience lor students who are planning to clo any type of otltice worlr whatsoever. The teachers call on these stuclents constantly to clo important worlc for them. ln the office practice room are type- writers, a clictaphone, a mimeograph machine, anol other ollice equipment. if Beginning with bottom picture on the left, then reacting across the top from left to right, and ending with bottom picture on the right. AGRI CULTURE Ori the right, in front of table: XfViII9ur .I:xr:I:son. Buck of lainie: CIarence Brunson. .Izunes .IoImstnn. On the left, front row: Giihert Brnciham, .Iohn Peehins, Lonniv IVIatI1is. Center: ri 12 -Qui .IDENTIFICATIGN Sam Johnston. Brick row: II. P. Broughton, Ernest Driggers, IVIcncIcI Stafiorci, John ,IoImson. MANUAL TRAINING Left to right: C. VV. Rickard, David Britton, .Inmes Johnston. OFFICE PRACTICE Left to right: Frances IVIcCIure, VViIIi:,um Kinney. XlViI- Iiam Carter. Dora NVCIIS, CI1arIie Baker, Ixiarian I..eNoir, Emma DeII Knight, Pz1uIine Cooper. TYPEVVRITING Beginning nearest the camera. front to back, first row James Cultino, Haroici Dean, Lonnie Carter, Florence Rem- HIGH The students of EcIrnunoIs High SchooI today reaIize more than ever Inefore the importance of physics, as is shown Ioy the many fields of activity in the present crisis which require a ImoWIecIge of this science. They are aware of the fact that it can he and is being utiIizecI to pIay an important part in a worIcI at war tocIay. AISO, that it wiII stiII he utiIizeci to piay an important part in a worIcI at peace tomorrow. And so, a greater emphasis is being piacecl on physics, as well as chemistry and mathematics, at Edmunds. -Y OF PICTURES luerl, Frances iVlarslmli, iivelyn lVlorgun, ifnunu U4-ll Kniglnl. Seconcl row: Clrarlie Buiccr, Virginia lVlrDougulcl, Tippy Eiam, tluu Moore, Clmrics lVioorr:, Dolly Geclclings, Cleo Gott. Tlzircl row, reur: Unvicl lvliiis, Louise Prescott, Dorotlry Prescott. Fuurtlz. raw: Arcliie Cooper, Sen-nn Spencer, Wil- liam Kinney, Wlillon Terry, Frances Nioses, Alone Brown. Fiftln row: isnlncllc Burress. Roimrl Brarnlruil, Betty Dc-an Cochran. Pauline Cooper, Nuncyo Connnamler, iVinrian Le- Noir fslunclingb. HOME ECONOMICS Front, rtgllt, left to riglit: Louise Hcriol, Doris Newman. Center, left to rtglit: Bail. Dingle, Frances Reynolds, Peggy Rivers, Connie Brotlicrs, Willie: Hnrvin Tliornns. Buble, If-fi to rigixt: rl'ilC'illl?l Smilli, llfirzlmrfi Baiier, irla Ellis, Evelyn lxil?ll'Sililll, COlll1iC pskillflvr, b'llilllf'iil'N' NCNY'llDilll. L LIFE Social activities al' Eclmuncis Higii Scliool, tluougtl not so costly as in previous years perliaps, are still an important piwase ol lmigli scllooi life. Parties, banquets, receptions, dinners, ancl clances are still numerous, lor tlley are morale iyuiiclers for the young people ol America at a time wiien war threatens to lnrealc tlieir lives anoi clestroy tiweir icieais. Tile junior-senior reception at Eclmuncls ttiis year was simple, lovely, ancl gay. Everyloocly enjoyed it. Surely, Utllere is no joy but enriclies manis lilie.H ' is"-I 'iiilhlt LITFLE THEATER Merrie operators, seated: .ioe Moore. Strtnrltng, lef to riglit: Sam Srnilli, Lonnie Mallmis, Menclcl Siallorcl, Clmrles Sliipiey. PHYSICS LABORATORY First lainie, left, front: Roimert Nance. Second tnlzle, riglxt, front: Norwood Barliielzl, St. Julian Barnweil. Julian Allen. Standing, extreme left: Jim iviaiiarci, Kingsley Humlmert. Seatecl, lmele, left to right: Vviiliam Lawrence, Keating Simons, Jolnn Reanies. - - V-.. '-1,-asm: H- ' : " Y' W v .L 4 p - .,..... : 5 if ..., 4 L . 5 Q I , Q 1. ' 9' , ,If '-4 " F -tx I I km fx .1- l v Y A ' P536 ,fx W ' wigs? N , JL T 1 vu w U w . - 1: fum- w ,- w wl'rr1e5 -z ,X ,J HH If 94 Su - f ff--If!-W 'f .L 2? 'E If . fWQ5f Q 4 i mal 4 V Q: i 1 A -A ii? J T- i E 3 .. li ,HW fl' , 3 V The Class of '42 had the honor of leading the school in her national clefense worlc this year. To this encl, they laegan hy stimu- lating patriotism through the pledge of al- legiance to the flag. Here we see the senior homeroom officers, with several Boy Scouts, giving this pledge. They are, front row, left to right: Harolcl Hattielcl, Nancye Commancler, Frances Moses, Jean Chancller, Jean Elmore, Connie Brothers, Beth Dingle, Eclwarcl Dunlap, Marian l.eNoir. Back row, left to right: Heywarcl Smith, Louise Heriot, Billy Scott, Margie Hiclcs, Billy Broaclwell, Marguerite Vvoocl, Dora Vvells, Julia Bull, Dorothy Hartin. The Scouts are: Bill Stuhhs, Niclcie Nicllols, .laclc Blaclc. it THE AND F TIMEW To others it was just the heginning ol an- other school year, hut to us, the two hunctrect memhers of the Class oi '42, it was of the ut- most signiticance . . . our first clay ol high school. Although we clicln't leel very important that year . . . we were the youngest class in high school, and we sat in the very haclc in chapel . . . we have a part in the activities and government of the school. We electecl our class ollicers, who were our representatives in Stu- dent Council. Athletics played a hig part in our school tile lor the l-irst time. The hoys tools part in such sports as loothall, haslcetloall, hoxing, ancl haselaallg while the girls playect tennis, haslcet- hall, ancl hoclcey. They even hact the distinction ol having a memlmer on the hoclcey varsity. The following year. as sophomores. we movecl to our new senior high school . . . narnect Eclmuncts in honor of our helovc-tl su- perintendent who hacl heactecl our schools for so many years. But the new school was not our only step lorwarctg we hact coeclucation lor the first time. Our customary class party was clilllerent' that year hecause it was leap year ancl the hoys were invitect lay the girls and enterlainecl hy them. The press Convention was helcl in Sumter in the spring. Young journalists lrom all over the state tillecl our halls and attenclerl meetings. where they discussect their papers, improve- ments, and lilce things. The convention closecl with a luanquet ancl a large clance in our gym. It was the last ol lxlay. A big tire hurnecl hrightly and we stooct around it cooking wein- ers anct toasting marshmallows. This was the annual Stuclent Council party, ancl we were especially happy because we hacl liinishect our first years wort: at Eclmuncts. anct coulcl use our time for lighter things. -1 LAW-' t ll'xx!AYS H mos .hm lx'lAl.l.ARll, lfrlilor, anal SIILPARIJ DUNN, Business iwunugvr lwlyl hut our junior year was a lmusy onet As we aclvancecl in high school, we receivect new cluties along with new privileges. Vve hacl our own cheerleaders, who left our songs ancl yells at the loothall games. Our recorcl in athletics conlinuecl to he one ol the hesl. .luniors have hy traclition one very important and clitlicult taslc. That is junior-senior. Our theme was South American which made the entertainment very colorful. lncluclecl on the program was a cruise to several ol the South American countries as well as the l.a Conga, anct scenes portraying tile in our neighlaoring continent. Class rings were ol no little importance to us. They were very attractive. too, with the school ancl state seals and 1942 on either sicle. Attending Senior Class Day exercises was one ol our special privileges. VVhen the seniors moved onto the platform lor the program we moved into their places. lt was an impressive ceremony and program. As the seniors left the auditorium, We were given their lighted tapers and, with these, the taslc ol heading the student worlc ol the school and upholding its standards and ideals. Summer passed quiclcly. and we were seniors. The senior class, made up ol almout two hundred and twentyrlive hoys and girls was divided into seven homerooms with the lollow- ing as teachers: lVlrs. pretto llfnrunson, lxfliss Elizaheth Heplxurn, lVliss Ruth Harrington. Miss Catherine lvlLll't'l'llSOl1, Miss Julia Rey- nolds, Miss lrma VXfeinlJerg and lVlr. Robert Walter. The annual was one ol our hig responsiluili- ties. We chose as editor and husiness manager two students who would talte this worlt seriously and do it to the loest ol their alnility. Our lirst plan to raise money lor the annual was a magazine sale. This was a real "Pull together, Seniors., project, and served to unite the class at the heginning of the year. Qur tour class ollicers saw to it that lrom there on the Class ol ,42 worlcecl together not only lor the good ol the class, hut also lor the loest interests ol the school. From our class came the president ol the student laocly who was also the sluclent council chairman. The president ol each homeroom represented his classmates in the council, hringing their wishes and suggestions. Other memlyers ol the council included the student hocly ollicers, and class ollicers, and committee chairmen. The war lvrought many changes to our school. The girls ioined classes in lcnitting and home nursing. The hoys toolc up raclio and auto mechanics and the construction ol model CE' 5,-Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Lf-fr in riglil: Snmmnn DUNN, 'I'l'0ClSIlI'!'l'C JEAN CHANDLER, Svc:-vluryq CTIIARLES l'RoPs'r, Prvsizlanlg .louN Riifxmiis, Vim-Presitlwit airplanes. They were drilled lay officers from Shaw Field. in addition to our regular fire drills. we now had air raid drills. Nlany of our teachers were called into the service. Those who received leave of ahsence for the duration of the war were Mr. Bill Clark and Wir. Joe Berry, athletics coaches: Mr. Sum- ner Smilh, French teacher: Mr. J. R. Barnwell, science teacherg hir. J. Nl. Harris, teacher ol manual trainingg lwlr. Paul Lolton, teacher of agriculture. and hir. Lindsey. instructor of physical education in Junior High. Soon alter spring holidays the senior class toolc as a project an occupational survey of Sumter and immediate vicinity. We inter- viewed the manager ol each husiness in Sumter 44 to find how many joins were available lor those with grade-school, high school, and college educations. This information was to lead to the establishment of a school placement hureau. At the installation ol the student laody oli- licers for 1942-1943 a Sumter High School ilag was presented to hir. Stoddard. The designing and malcing of this Hag were a project ol the student council. Junior-senior was held late in the spring. and this time we were the guests. it was so marvelous we'll never forget our senior daze. Class Day was next on our calendar. Wear- ing the dear old purple and white, we marched into the auditorium. We relinquished our seats to the junior class, and moved onto the stage. Here we heard the class will and prophecy read and sang tire sciiooi song and other favorites. As We ieft tile auditorium, we passeci on our iigilteci tapers to time juniors. June tile Second and commencement at iasti The auditorium was fined to capacity when the seniors, young anti inreatii-taking in tiieir graduation regaiia, marciueci flown time aisies to taice their places on tile stage. Here, with the receiving of their ciipiomas and the singing ot tile Star Spangieci Banner, time iiigim scimooi career of time Class oi '42 encieci. Ancl anotiler ciass goes out into tile woricl, never to be uniteci again. Another ciass wiii sing with a new appreciation, as time years go by, the familiar worcis- STUDENT COUNCIL eutrri, inf! to rigiit: BILLY HlRStllililZG. JANE BROWN. Vice-President: JEAN CHANDLER, HELEN Secretary mul Treasurerg JOHN REAMES. SCRIVEN BRUNSON, JACK BLACK fin fronli. Slancling, right DAVID BURKETT, ALFRED Scmmonouon, CIIARLES Puovsr, JIMDIIE Moisia, SHEPARD D1 ummm BULTMAN, President: Bonnm VVILLIAMS. - 'Q ff? if ni' -f'CL 'JBL X X 2 3' R-Ek f -:lj I, A ,x f L I f 9 FAMAIIS EN , ,xi EHMERICRG f 1 I H fsroavl :L "Those ciays oi yore Vviii Colne no more: But tlirougix our later years The liiougiit of you So good, so true, Vviii fiii our eyes witil iearsiu JONES, left to DUNN. JULIAN B. ALLEN Julian always kept weII up witI1 Iris studies, Iouml time lor some IootI9aII, anal Ior various committees, yet I1e was never witliout a join. MARION SAMUEL AMERSON IVIarion was always particularly interested in manual train- ing and carpentry, -in wIlicI1 Ire 1IicI some very fine work wI1iIe in I1igI1 scliool, FRANCES LENORA ARD ISTEIHCES NVEIS H IIICIIIIDCI' ol the DRIHCC cIuIJ Ill IIEI' soplrio- more year. Slic was very artive in tIie J. H. A. during Iier junior ancl senior years. JOHN ALTON ARDIS Alton was Ieature eclitor ol I'IigIz News in Iris senior year. He was a memlner ol tI1c UBI' IootI9aII squacl IJOII1 Ilis junior ancl Iris senior year. CHARLIE LEE BAKER CIIHTIIQ VVHS H IUCIIIITPI Ill HIOCICI EJIFPIEIFIC' CIUII IIRS junior year and tlie sports cIuIJ Iris senior year. He was top-notclx in Inoolclieeping anal typing. RACHEL ELIZABETH BAKER ' er incerit 'mrl Iriencllines Rulmcl In won nriny With I1 s y I .s. 1 ' ' ts 1 Iriencls. She Iras a Iiigln scI1ooI career that sllc can weII he proud ol. RAYMOND L. BAKER Raymoncl was on tIie Iootlaall team Iris junior ancl senior years ancl tlm Ixaslietloall team Iiis senior year, "Att tluis ancl Class omccs too." VVINETIA KATE BAKER As a memlner ol tIie L1-H cIuIv, tlie .I. H. A. cIuI1, tlie ALLEN AMERSON AR Nceellecralt cIuIw. anrl tI1e Girl Reserves, Vvinetta Iias gainecl vaIuaI9Ie training lor cle-In-nse worlt. NORVVOOD RALPH BARFIELD anrI airplanes. Norwoocl .luclging Iuy Iris interest in raclio aeronautirs. He is also will some clay enter tlle field ol greatly interestecl in Ianguages. MARION PIN CKN EY BARNVVELL h Ix1Ell'IOH yFlS il l'll0tllIDE'l' ol: 'IIC GIPO cIuI'1 ilflfl IHIXCKI CIIOFUS Iour years. Isle was on llic Iootlpall varsity tliree years. His was tI1e Salety r:IuI'u. ST. JULIEN MAZYCK BARNNVELL. JR. Tire Dance cIuIJ. tlie IVIiIitary cIuIm, anrl tlte Hunting cIuIv, eavli I1acI an ardent rnemloer in Sl. Julien, wlio rloes tliings wI1oIeI1eartecIIy. FRANCES MARIAN BATEMAN Two years in tlle caleteria tauglit Frances a great rIeaI nlwout Iwalancerl fliet. Slre Inclongecl to tI'ie Arts ancl Cralts, Knitting. and 4-H cIuI1s. DAVID JOEL BENBOVV D. .I. was a memlxer ol: tht- Iwoxing team Iour years. A Ilarcl Iigllter anrI a line young man, Ile will malcc a place lor Iiimsell alter gracluation. EUGENIA RUTI'-I BIDAULT Her experience in tIie 4fH clulz ancl Girl Reserves Ior tlxree years sI1ouIcI stancl .Iean in good steacl in clelensc work. Her knitting too. BETTY VVARREN BLACKMON Betty is artistic, atliletic, ancI musical. Slie IiarI Arts and Crafts two years: Basltctloall Iour, ancl Glec r:IuIu one. Slle also writes well. D Anms BAKER, C -I I 8 1, -1 qi 5' I Q BAKER, RACHEL BAKER. RAYMOND BARNWELL, IVI. BARNVVELL, ST. .I, BIDAULT BLACKMON CHARLES PORTER BLAIR CImrI3s is cIc-c-pIy interesieci in all IcincIs oI spnrls. was ax Sports rIuIr oII'icer two years. nncI Im pIayecI on HIT' squad IuoIImII Ivaln. NORMA LEE BONEY Norma was Lilerary Editor Ior IIie annuaI. SI1c was nwmIwr oI' II1e sociaI commitlec lI1ree years, ami a mem OI IIN: Glee cIuIo II1rec- years. I BAKER, NN. BATEMAN BLAIR H1- IIm El DCT -1 I v BARFIELD BENBOXX' BONEY 1' Kai? - 4 Lf 5 . J -.I A - ,S I9 EI.IZABEI'I'I HOOD BOYKIN An all-rounrl Girl oi tire Iiiglicst tvpe is Elizzxlletli. Sire was outstanding tlirougliout lliglr scliooliin stuciies, ntlllctics, nmi otller activities, including stucirnt council. ' A. BARNES BOYLE Journnlisrn, Ioaslietlmll, ancl Inaselmll sccrnerl to ine Barncss clwiut clivcrsions in Iris senior year. He nlso wrote :incl :Ic- Iivcrcrl n splvnclicl spcccli on "Tim Constitution." JACK BRADFORD An outstancling ntlmlete. .Incli stnrrcci in lliglr sclioolulool- Imll, I'DltSICGIIlFtII,itll1CI Inaselmll, A Iencler, tw was I'IigI1 News" editor ami class treasurer in I9-12. GILBERT GARDNER BRADHAM VVHI1 Iris splonclccl ll-H anci F. F. A. rccorcls tllrougll- out Iiigii sclmol, Gilbert sI1uuILI imc alylc to Ilelp licrrcl nncl clotlie tltc cIcIcncIrers OI our nation. ROBERT J. BRANHALL A gilit of song :incl rx gift ol pen arc Roluertls. ALICI to tlicse rx Iovc ol sports z-incl Iuir play nncl tlicro Ire is. DAVID H. BRVITON A regular follow tI1at everylvocly lilies, not n great ntlrlcte Idut goofl cnouglr. not zu Imrfl sturlcnt lout passing Inir, clcvcr zmcl Irienclly-ujust Dnvicifi VVILLIAM EDVVIN BROADVVELL inclicrxte n journalistic career for Billy. Iuut lic intenrls to Inc a textile engineer. His splenriicl worli on High News nnd I'Il-NVAYS iniglit CONSTANCE A. BROTHERS Connie is one ol' tlu-se girls fnnci tllere arc not nmnyi wlio do granrl worli in class yet never acl superior. Iiveryloocly lilies Connie. BOYKIN Bovus Dyk! D ALENE EMILY BROVVN During In-r Iiigli srliool Cnrccr, Alt-no lms In-on it mvinlrcr ol time fl-I'I. rl. H. A., Nc-ocllcizrallt, untl Dunne rzlnlxsr-fn goocl comlninution lor rlclensu worli. DAN MCINTOSII ISROXNN His cxpvrienro ns I'Iomr-room tra-aisuri-r, Iwusinc-ss nmimgier ol' High Norma, nnrl Comnnrrvinl clulr nu-mln-r, will ntl Ilvlp Don towartl tllc Ivusini' s furcrcr In' wants. FRED PEGRAM BROXIVN Vvitli Iris plvnsingf pursonulity nnfl snlcsmunsliip ulmility. wc Icol we con suioly pri-flirt lor Fri-rl sucuss in IiIr: not unmixurl witli pleasure. JANE BRONNN .lane was woll izliosirn us "NIiss Iiftmtmrls I'IigIr ScIiooI'I: Ior slit: stnncls lor tllc Ivvst tliingzs ali sctuml nun ollcr, Srlrolnr- sliip. Atlilr-tics, I-c-zirlcrsliip, nncl Clmrnctvr. 'VONEY BROXIVN VVIritc in Iiigli sclmol, Ylionvy rlirl snmr- ull-rounrl rlnlr WOTIC, I-Illlliiltff Cillil, IJZIHCK' f'IllI7, nnrl IQCLI QTFOSS. llc EIISU tool: port in Intramural sports. BERTIE LEE BRUNSON Bertie Ixus Iwi-n a memlwr ol. ltlic -'I-t-I clulx tlrroilzllnout Iter Iour yours in Iiiigli sntitml. Alter Iiigli srlroul, slrc will perluct Iier comnwrcinl worli. CLARENCE ISRUNSON. JR. Clarence was nnntcrl Soutli Carolina: -I-I'I nu-ut uniuml clmmpion lor I9-ll. Hr: rc-cr-ivcrl at fI'i'3II.fl0 golcl wntczli nnrl lmccumc eligitrtn to coinpctc in liigflucr rtontusts. FRANCES BRUNSON Frances Inns nn nrlistic tcinprfrnmvnt. als was sliown try Iuzr rilioicc ol rrlulisz Arts rinrl Cruits, Ixlusicz, uml Drumutics. iv wus gooci in ntl ol tlicsc. Brmoimm J' ' BRANltAl.,l Q x , ,9..,,i , ki ff? BRlT1'CJN BRoADwE:.i. BROTHERS BROXVN. A. BROXVN, D. BROWN, F. BRONVN, J. BRONVN, T. BRuNsoN. B. BRUNSON, C. BRUNSON, F. BRUNSON, L LELAND BRUNSON X .. wi, , Since he was most iniercsieci in mechanics and model airplanes in lligii sclmol, I..eizxnci will probably enler lilo air ' W corps uilvr grnciuuiion. 1 off ix! 4 1 2 I P Q Q g, Ml SUSIE BRUNSON TI1ougI1 interested in art. tI1ougI1 an expert at knitting Ior the soIcIiers, Susie is incIinecI to make office work Iier career work in Iite. JULIA BALL BULL Art was .IuIia's Iorte. She was art editor of LII-WIXYS. She had top rating, i1esicIes, in scIvoiursI1ip, Ieaciership, character, and athletics. DEUWARD G. F. BULTMAN Deuwarci was cIistinguisI1ecI lI1rnugIiout I1igIx scIiooI in Ieaciersiiip and in athletics. He was president of tIie stuctenl IJocIy. He piayefi varsity Iootimaii anct IrJasIcetI7aII. RICHARD BUCHANAN BURNS Dick Iikes atI1Ietics. He was a cI1eerIeacIer. In Iris senior year Iie macic varsity Ioottmil. He Iias executive uiJiIity. Was on time cafeteria committee. MARY ISABELLE BURRESS AItI1ougI1 site cIicI goocI work in generai, IsaI9eIIc was cI1ieIIy interested in art, Iiterature, anci cIramatics. in Iligii scI1ooI. Sire expects to go in training. GEORGE W. CAMPBELL. JR. VVI1iIe n1usicaIIy incIiner.i. Ioeing a member oi tI1e Giee cIuIo ilis tilirct ancI IOUFIII years, George was most eIIicient in Miiilary ancI F. F. A. work. JOE REA CAMPBELL Joe Rea was a memIJer of tI1e fl-I-I cIui3 tI1rougI1out Iier high scI1ouI career. However, sI1e pIans to go in training to be a nurse. LUCINDA EMMA CARROWAY Lucincia is taIenterI in music, art, ancI J. H. A. work: X N X yet sIie cI1ose for Iier defense work in I1igI1 sciiooi tire making of mocieI airpianes. WILLIAM P. CARTER, JR. Witlt Ixis spIencIicI executive aIJiIity. with ilis training aIong tiuis Iine tiirougiiout I1igI1 school, Vviiliam shouici maiie a first rate Iausiness man. JEAN MEREDITH CHANDLER In ntl Iier iiigin sciiool days, Jean never Icnew wI1at it was to Ise witliout time responsibility oi' a ciass office. Sine measured up every time. OSCAR CH ATHAM Oscar was quite interesteci in sports ami mecilanics wliiie in I1igI'1 scI1ooI. He was a member of tI1e Sports cIuIJ anci of lI1e IVIocIeI Airpiane cIuIa. BEITY DEAN COCHRAN Betty Dean was above everytiling eIse a spiendid sturIr:nt in Iiigli school. Yet sine aIways Iiaci time Ior time sociaI ac- tivities oI Iier cIass. NANCYE P. COMMANDER Nuncyc was aIways outslanfiing in girIs' atiiietics, and aIways a sponsor tor Inoys atliietics. Because ol' Ixer Ieacler- ship. sIie was aIways a ciass officer. ARCHIE COOPER AIways interested in sports anti Iair play. Arciiie was a member of tI1e Sports ciub tlirougiiout Iligii scI1ooI. Arctiie wiII make a gooct business man. CAROLYN PAULINE COOPER Pauiineis eiiief cliversion in Iiigil sci1ooI was atI1Ietics, in wliicii sire was outstanciing. Her Iuest work was in Imooii- keeping and typing, in wIiicI1 sine exceIiecI. ,yqgft BRUNSON, S. BULL ULTMAN BURIXZVA- Ba Bunness QD" use I ri fifff f I :- fel' ,AN CAMPBELL. G. CAMRRELL. J. CARROWAY CARTER CZHANDLER CHATIIAM Coca-:RAN COMMANDER Coomzn. A. COOPER, P. COPIZLAND Cnoss JACK T. COPELAND V C.. in ulilietics, Jack was ex rncrniacr of lim foolimii keanu and , AK K .f also ui tire basicelbnii loam. His best work in 'nigh srimul ""6 K f J was in journalism, I ' M ' f HARRY creoss , Q 5 L 2 5 W 1 Ailimugil self-effncing. Harry had n quiet lemlursilip , lliruugixout high school. HQ was clnosen an interviewer in time .. .. - N W, senior occupational survey. 23 1 MARGARET IRENE CURTIS Nlargie RL-0 was Llistinguisllf-cl in Iiigll srlmol in spvlling. wliirll is a rare gil-I. Slie is a lovely girl witI1 a Iovvly pvrsonality. JAMES CU'I"I'INO, IR. In musir, .Iames was clistinguisln-'xl in Imotln GI1-e cIuIi ancl Bannl. H0 is giltecl in slramatics, anal tools llw Ie-acl in s1'ImoI ancl Little: rllu-ate-r pIays. IIAROLD L. DEAN Harold was an ellicicnl oIIirer in tlue Raclio m:IuIJ, tI1e Ixlmle-I Airplane cIuIu, and tlir- Ijlmtograpliy clulr. All ol' tliis sounds IIIQP good IIPIICIISC VVOTIC. THELIVIA IJEES A lovely clruln majorette was I-IIIICIIIIH. Ancl Iiow slw cnulcl twirII Slie also mlifl Iine wnrli in tllc' AI-H cIuIJ anal in tlic Salety cIuIJ. KATHERINE DELORIVIE Katherine Inas real aI1iIity in organizing anal worlcingf witli sluclcnt was on groups. Sllc- was always comniittec uliairman. Sllc tlie Iloclccy If-am Iour ye-ars. BEAULAH ELIZABETH DINGLE Betli was voted tlle Iovelicst girl in the class, Slim: is artistic. Slip is picturesque. SIN- is sweet witlial. Slic will malce a splc-nclirl nurse. EDVVARD MILLER DUNLAP Eel was a spIenc.IiLI allile-te in Iligli sclmol, He was on tlic teani tliree yf-ars ancl Iiaslcetlxall Iwo. Ho was IontI1aII Imnieroum pre-siclent Ilnrec years. SIHIEPARD N. DUNN as scnior class ?llll'IllilI. FI? VVUS Slieparcl sllowz-cl gn-at Ilusinuss alwility treasurer and as Ibusiness manager ol tlle alsu nutstamling in Iianfl anfl urrlle-stra. CURTIS Cu'rTiNo TI PPY ELAIN I Tippy Iwlongecl Io IIn.- lxloviv, .I. H. A., Dancv, ancl lXnitting vlulxs. Slit- was a nwlnlwr nl tlic Imvlicy tc-ann iwn years ancl tlir- Ivaslu-1IxaII team two. IDA GAII- ELLIS As a -I-H cIuIm mvnilrer Ior Innr years. Irla gainezl valu- almle training! Inr clelvnsff wnrli. SIN- Iielungeil to Imtli Ilucliey nncl Iwaslu-IIJaII class tr-anus. JEAN FRANCES ELINIORE .If-an was nutstamling in atlilelics tllrouglmut Iiigli sflmul. playing on llie Iioclce-y tc-ani Iour yvars anal Imslcetlmll Iuur. - Slic was a rlass oII'ir4-r Iour years. ANNIE ELIZABITII I EVANS As a ni:-mln:-r nI Ilm -IYH cluln tlrree yr-ars, tlie Knitting cIuI1 one year, anal tlu- .Iunior Rr-rl Cross, Iflizalwtli rvroivs-cl valualnle training Iur clvlcnse, CLARENCE EVANS Clarence was a momlvor ol tlic Sports 4'IuIx and captain ul llie pllysival cmlucatinn Ioolluall team. Iflf- plans to lalic a meclianical enginc-rfring cuursv. ROBERT LEVVIS FARMER IQOITCTI VVUS il IIICHIIJSY ol' tlic WDOIIITIII, Ifilfk. Zlftd I7HSL"IJHII Ivanis in First Hillrrest. lllen Sumter. He was a me-mln'-r ul Ilw Sports 1'IuI.n. DOROTHY DOLORES ANN FERRIGAN As a nwmlmer ol Iliff Dramatics clulx, Dot slmwc-rl a rval IilIl'llI. SIM! SIIGLIICI CIO we-II in IITEIIIIEIIICS HI Dlllilf, IDIPI' XXIII' worlc was Iinitting. INIATILIJA ANN FLOVVERS Tillie was vlectecl Iwst girl autlllctc in IIN! svninr class. Slue was a nmnilu-r ol flue Imrlu-y Ivan: tllre-P xvars aml tluv Iraslu-lI1aII team two, DEAN Dmis DELORME 24 7 1 ffl .,. ,, ,K Q X,..+-"X wayixh DUNN Dmous DUNLAP EL3Xbfl ELLIS ELMORE LVANS, A. L, X v EVANS, C. . ,, - N FARMER Flf.Rn1GAN 4 FLOWERS Fl.ovn .IOHNNIE MAE FLOYD .lolmnic Nlnc expcrls lo lyccumc an slenugmplmr zxflcr V graduation. Her social clubs were Croclml, lwovic. and - - Knilting. Her- business clulm wus Comnncnru. 25 K Xi I 7 Qfyog X A74 , ,, ' ' . 1 f ,. ,yyf my Vw W 4 N JF W1- D f RU'l-lvl lfLlZABlfl'l'l ITOXVVORTH in high srhoul, ancl alter gracluation, she expects to clo ste-nogfraplliu worlc. Vvv preclict lor hor success, Iqllfll NVLIS EllVViIyS llfllfflflly. ancl llll'I'0li0I'I! Slle Iltflilix Illitlty lrif-nrls in high school. She plans to Kala- a lausincss course alter graclu ation. DOROTHY HELEN GOODSON , O V V U , 4 I Y 1 Y , Dorothy was a mc-mln-r ol the Crochet cluln uncl ol the KLANNIC-X P' l4lf'lX'Dl3RBLfRlx Cleo vlull. She was a floss ollllicvr Iwo years. She plans to rlo sr-rretarial worli. ln particular. military appeals-cl to Kc-nney. lla' was an ollicer in I yn-ars, ancl Juanita gainecl valualnle lmowlvclgv ol nutrition hy working he lzattalion, lwclongecl to Ilu-' lxllilitary 1'lul'm two oslc z 'r lv Pla D ' ' 'W' 'l " "'l'0"' " OPAL EIZABETII GRUBBS lflizalvetll is an enthusiastic llI1"IllllGI' ol the Home Nurs- ing Class. lor she experts to go ill training alter gracluation. Slit- macle lmoth llocliey ancl lmslwtlmll varsity every year. .IUANITA DAISY GALLOVVAY in the Cafeteria. She was a nic-mlner ol tht- .l. H. A., it-II, anal Knittin Rulay pl aved lbaslietlpall nncl hocliey in high school. She g rilulqs. MARY EMMA HANCOCK hlary Emma enterecl lfzlmunds High this year from lxlaycs- ville, She helongecl to ilu- Cornnwrcial ctlulv. She will attencl RUBY GARRENTON a lvusiness school alter graduation. was a mcmlwcr ol' the Dann- rluln unc year anrl tho Art cluld thru-0. Dolly was a nib-nilrcr ol thc fl-l'l rlulw tlrrouglrout lligh SCl'l00l, Slll? She expects to tw an arclritc-ct. DOROTHY LOUISE HARTIN DOLLY GERTRUIJE GEDDINGS Dorothy was votecl the lnest in the class in scholarship. Slit' VVZAS El class Ol-FICCI' CV9l'y yEilF. She VVEIS pl'E'SlilI'llI ul' tliv Knitting rlulv. was Liluh presiclcnt in her senior yenr. She plans to he a nurse. .lanic was 21 rncmlxer ol mlm -il-l'l rlulr throughout high ANNIE MAE HATFIELD JANIE COUPHR UEDDINGS Annie lVlue tooli a rnunnfzrrial course in high sctmol, ancl NYEIS Fl l'llCllllQVCl' ol llll' COIIII'llPl'f'liil clulr. Slit' plEll1S to dll sttnograpllir worli alter grarluation. school. She worlicnl in the caleteria two years. whirl: was good training in nutrition. lxlarthn Sl'llU0l. Slit lion anal lr C lt-o wa Foxwoirr H HAROLD B. HATFIELD MARTHA CEDDINCS Harolcl was a Class ollicer Iwo years. He lJ4rlongeLl to Ilif- Spurts riluh ancl the Nlilitary clulu. lalc was on the Literary CUIIIIIIIIIGQ' lor HIYVVAYS. was at nu-inlaer ol. the -I-H rluh throughout high 3 cxpetts to taliv a lxusinr-ss rourse alter graclua- PCOIIIO H stcnograpllvr. LYNDA LOUISE HERIOT CLEO IZTISCA GOFF As presiclent ol har honueromn, Louise showcml learlf-rsliip anfl alailit Slw limclongr-cl to Arts aml Crafts. J. l'l. A., y. s particularly intc-rvstvcl in tht- connm-rrial rour.c Draniatics. anfl Latin crlulss. FUNDERBURK GALLOWAY GARRENTON GliDIlINGS. D 26 - A nw : Griunlmas, M. Go FF Goonsrm liANCOCK HIKRTIN H,x1'1fll-:l.n, A. "'fFQRl0'l' l'llCKS HOLI,.AI7 n' MARGIIQ RliBIfCTC'A HICKS Ixxlilfffif' WYUS 5l'l'l'1'liify HDL' IHWISIIYUI' of ,IPF IIIHIIITUOHI iN Ill'f S0l1i0l' YPHT. Shi' XVIIS HIS!! il lllf'lllbPf of 'IH' lvJl'illll?lHl'S llllh. II L TH t 1-nl 'aim fl :sill ff CMU fag, fe L , f A W 5 1 CHARLES HARVI-IY HOLLAI7,fXY 74 X' . lu x-f In nllnln-livs, Cllnrlvs plsxyvcl fnotlmll Iwo yc-urs. Hr' was I Mm 1 IIIPIHIDFI' nl! If - Sports flulr lllrm- yum H0 wus on IIN' uml J I 1 Dlll vv. X fl- PA'I'l'Y VONDELLE HOLMAN As ru memluer ol tlue Girl Reserves. tlm 4-I-I rzlulv, ancl tlue J. H. A. clulw, Patty gain:-rl valualmle experience lor ilelirnse XV0l'k. SIIG VVUS FIEISS SCCYPIZIYY. MARGARET NALLETI' HOLMES Peggy sluowr-cl rc-al tal:--nt in rlramatics tlurougluout luiglu sclwool. Slue slwoulcl rlevelop tluis gill lurtluer at ilue University ol' CN.. EIS well IIS IICI' IIlIlSlf'. DOROTHY HOLTON Besicles lacing a perennial class ollircr ancl a memlxcr ol various comunittrues, Dot luns playecl luotlu luocliey anal luaslcct- Ilan CVffI'y yefif l.0l' 'DUI' yCElI'S. LAVVRENCE N. HOUGH Lawrence was manager ol UB" squacl laaslcetlaall. Hr- was a nuemluc-r ol tluc Sports club two years. He especially lilies to worlc willu nuarluinery. JAMES BENJ. HOUSEND James was a uuueruuluer ol tlue fl-H Clulv one year iinil Ilue lxloclcl Airplane clulz two years. His greatest interest is in llying. ELBERT B. HUBBARD, JR. His two years ol racliu and luis Spanislu miglut lm just wl'uat Elluert will neccl in tlue next lew years. Also luis llour years ol lxantl. ROSALIII HUDSON Rosalie was a lII!"lIIlJt'f ol Ilue el-H rlulu in lucr lirst, svvoncl, tluird. anal lourtlu years. Alter gracluation sluc is going to lue a stenograpluer. JOHN ALOSIUS HUGHES .lolun was an outslanclimj luiglu scluool atlulr-Ie. He was on Ille lootlvall team two years, tlue team two, luase- ball two. ancl goll one. u KINGSLEY EVVINC- HUMBER'I', JR. Kingsley was vutecl one ol tlue most c'0urlf'ous luoys in tlue senior class. He was always a Qooil sturlc-nt. He plzuyecl luaseluall tlurec years. MARGARET EMERY HUl'lI Peggy was voterl one ul llue prettiest girls in tluru senior class. Slut- playecl luoclccy ancl luaslu-tluall two years, Vvas in tlue orrluestra Iluree. BILLY DAVIS INAIENIT EIllK?l'Cll IDCIIIIUIICIS SClIOOl lille, lllll SOON IIIilf.lD El place lor luimsell among tluv seniors. He wrote ancl spoke a splvnclicl spef-itll on "Tile Constitution." DOROTHY ICLIZABETII JACKSON Witlu luoclxev ancl luaslivtlaall four years. Girl Rc-serves four, fl-H clulm. one. and Commercial clulm, Dot lrael zu lull program in liifglu scluool lx-sicles lui-rr stuclies, JAMES P. JACKSON JHIIICS NVGS Fi CIHSS 0nll'l'l', 'Alb' NVEIS UIHDEIQPF Or El llllySiCiIl eclucation class. He was on tlue Sumter Higlu News luusi- ncss stall. JOSEPH NVALTIZR JACKSON Vvnlter luas luarl a prnlitalole luiglu scluool career. taking diversified occupation along witlu luis otluer stuclies. llc is prepared lor a job alter gracluation. VVILBUR JACKSON Vvilluur was a nuenulwr of tlur- lf. F. A. ami ll-H clulus liis tluirrl antl lourtlu years in luiglu sifluool. He plans to Ialie zu uuur-eluaiuical course alter graduation. VVILLIAM IZUGENIZ JACKSON Gene luas lmcen a memluer ol tlulv F. lf, A. lor tlurce years gnc! II IIICIIIllf?f ul tlue ll'IV4l clulu lflr llillr years. GUUKI YVUrk lor Clfqprlsel .M'iv'f '- 3 J ,V . Y H uuu Housuwn HULMAN ' bl jg, L jHOLNlES Honors 0 wwf W O' ff ' fi-5wg'fP5'f F 9 1 I 1 HUBBARIJ HUDSON I iuhuns l'IUMlSERT Huru INABNIT ,lAcKsoN, D, JACKSON. J. .lAcKsoN, .l. VV. JACKSON, W, JACKSON, VV. E. JOHNSTON, C. CHARLES SAMUEL JOHNSTON Sam was a 'lUIllEl"00llI officvr unch your in high school. He was x mcmlmer of the Glen' club. He was an 'lost at open house. 'Q X 29 U X x H JAMES XV, JOHNSTON XN'Il,Ll.fXM INIIRJXINI IAXVRICNKV As pre-sifle-nI ol lln- Sumk-r group ul' liuturr- l'-1ll'lllI'l'5 ill XVillimn wus mlm-ml mu- ul llu- lniglu-st in smlmlnmliip in fXlllL'TIl'il.- .lium-s prov!-cl un elliviz-nl ollirm-r nml n Qmrfl Iln- sc-niur flnss. Ilf- ulsn luis lr-mls-rsliip anml flI'lN'lHlilllIIily. lnrmf-r. 'lllf-na is gn-ui nf-Gil lur lJ0Ill. Ha- llrillz-cl. liluyr-rl in lmml. , lfI.NIA LOl'lSIf JONES l'lfRlJ U, ISUNNYJ IANVSON. IR. Louise lmrl in lrir-nclly way Ilml won llc-r nmny lric-mls During I-is liiulx sflwul vun-I-r. Sunny wus n nu-mln-r ul' in liigli sclluul. Slim- plans In Inlic- n lvusim-ss course- nllvr Ilu- Dunn- vlulm, Mililnry rlulv, film- rlulr. III- wus un Ilw QI'XI!lllilIIOI'1. lonllsull Ir-um Iwo yi-urs. SARAH .IONIZS NARIAN IJUIIUSIC LINOIR Sillilll XVIIS in IIIUIIIIDPI' ol. Ilw Girl Rr-si-rw-s, Iln- Sufi-ly lxlnrinn uns Olllililllllilllj in lmlll lmclu-y mul lmslie-Ilmll. rlulr, Ilu- -I-H Cluln, ancl lllm- lxlovif- rlulw. Slw wus oul- Sln- was pr:-simli-nl ul llu- QQIIIIIIIIPIII' rlulx :mil viii--pn-siclm-nl simuling in ull ol lu-r shulir-S. ol llc-r rlnss in lu-r S1-niur yvur, ,IULILTS IIILTUN KING IQTIIIZI. l.IfXN"IS lxlililary in liigll srl'-ml uppf-all-fl sIrnngly lo llillull, Ilf- By Iuliing llu- C'llllllllI'l'liiill :nurse-, lfllu-l prvpurc-il lu-rs:-ll' bulnngx-cl lu Ilic- lxlililnry rluli. IIC louli pmt in lmlli Ilrv for zu lmsilu-ss ram-4-r ull:-r ursuluuliun, Slu- lu-lungjm-rl In Wgllllill' illlll Pxllillilifill llfilli- ilu- cilIIllllll'l'I'K' rlulr in lu-r sr-nior yi-nr. NYILLIAN lf. KINNFY .IAMICS I.lNlJI.IQY xfxlilliillll uns m05I ii1I:-rg-sk-rl in ilu- lJuSinl's5 FUIIFSF in Vvlnilx- in lliull Sllllilll, .IllIlll'4 xmiw uri-nIly inh-rm-slf-rl in lmigll sclmul. H0 was Si-:irc-Inry nnrl In-asun-r ol Iliu Cum- nirplnm- llll'C'llilIlII5 nml in rauliu. Xvlml lu- l1-nrne-cl muy l'IIl'l'Ct' rlull. H0 flill Ofliff- prnrliu-. llr-lp u lilllm- in nuiimml rl:-ll-ns:-. EMM.-X IJIZLI, KNIGHT I"RlfD If IIXLAN lfnmm Dc-ll flirl ymrlirulurly goml worli in Ilw ruinnu-rr'inl lin-rl wus ii nn-mln-r ul' Iln- I-ll ,mil lf. l'4. HX. mlulus, Ille- :lm-purlmf-nI in liig1l1 smlmul. Slim- l!I'lflI1QI'Cl lu lllz- Sal:-ly Spuds rllllw, mill llu- film- rlulr. III- plains lu whuly 4-lm-rlricnl mul Nlnviv flulis. Play-.ffl If-nnis, I-ngim-I-ringj. EMILY KOLIS ILIQORUI-1 X-V.'XYNli I.OXN'I7I'QR Emily wus n lmm:-mom ulliu-r. Slim- was H lllt'lll!N'l' ol' Iliv Nvuyrlv wus n im-mln-r ul Iln- Spnrls cluli. Iln- lxlililznry .l. H. An lxlovie. mul KniIIing! clulms. Slim- louli u c'0inmc-rrinl rlulu. until Ilu- Nlurle-l .'Xirplnm- fluls. III- wus :also an lnumv- cnurrw in lligli sxiunol. mom 0l.lIl'l'I' Iwivr-, MARY LAVVRIQNCF Rl 'BY lJ.fXl.'I'UN l,UXN'I7IfR lxlury lwlungm-fl I0 Ilir- Dann' flulm. Ilia' lxlovic- fluli. inml Rulmy wus an nn-mln-r ul. Iln- l7mnmIii's :lull ln-r junior Ilu- LI-H. Slre mzlcle many luric-ncls in liigll sflmul, SIM- plains mul lu-r svninr y4-urs. llvr wanr world wus lmilling. Flu- lu worlc alle-r gmrlunlion. plans Io lu- zu nursn-. IOIINSTON, J. lomgs, L. .low-Ls, S. Kim, KINNILY I 30 Af' !Wi 51 1 571 KNlGliT Kous LAVVRENCE. M. LANVRENCE, W. LAWVSON LENOIR LENVIS L1Nm.Ev LOGAN LOXVDER, G. W. Lownrzn, R. MCCASKIIL JAMES M CASKILL 75 SN C ffpwjxfgf ln nll1lelir1s, .lnmcs wus il menxlmer ol llme "BH lootlmll CK N 5 lrnm. ancl lm lwelongr-cl lo Ilue Sporls club, He was also S F. F. A. and 4.H Club, Sig n 3I ' Q in MATILDA GRACE MCLELLAN In scltoiarslmip, Ivlatilcla was voted one ol tlle Iiest in time senior class. Site was aIso outstancling in athletics, annt slie .was an aclmowleclgecl Icacler. FRANCES BEATRICE MCCLURE FFHHQES was a memller ol tI1e Glee Cluln, tlte Ivlixecl Cltorusfanrl tlrie Bancl. Site playerl Irocliey and Izaslcetlmall. Bclongccl to tlte Commercial cIuIJ. .IAMES PALMER MALLARD As Editor ol' I'Il-VVAYS I942, .lim slmwccl splenclicl quali- ties ol' leaclersllip, literary ability, ancl ciepenriallility. He was manager ol Varieties I91lQ. Belnngecl to lltc Hunting elulv. EVELYN VIRGINIA MARSHALL Evelyn was a xncmiwcr ol tlie tt-I-I clulo two years. Slme is a lovely girl. witI1 a Iricnclly way, ancl many lriencls. LONNIE THOMAS MATHIS Lonnie was a memIJer ol llle I1igI1 scI1ooI IJancI. He Ide- longect to IJotl1 lI'xe fl-I'I cIuIJ ancl llle IT. IT. A. He will worlc alter pfracluation. VVARREN DAVID MATI-IIS Vvarren was advertising manager ol High News two years. He was business manager of Varieties I9-IQ.. In military. Ile was company commander ol tlie senior platoon. FRANCES MARIAN MATTHEWS Frances was outslamling' in allleltics tlirougliout Inigli seliool. Sine was a mcinlmer ol tlme Dance cIuI'J. tlxe Drama- tics cIuIJ, tlme .I. I'I. A. cIuIJ, ancl tI1e Y. XIV. C. A. DAVID MA'I'I'HEVV MILLS Davicl was particularly outstamling in clramatics in Iligll sclmol, He wrote anrl spolce a splenclirl spcecli on "Tire Constitution in Ilis senior year. VALENTIN MOLINA Valentin, our gooct wiII representative from IVIexico, won many lriencls during luis year witlu us. I'Ic was president ol' lite Spanislx clulo. I'Ic was voteil tlie most courteous Imoy in tI1e senior class. JAMES I-I. MONTGOMERY, JR. 'Sonnyn is one ol our star Imselaall players. He was a memlmer ol tllc I1igl1 scltool team in 1940, I9-tl, anrl 19412. He was a memlrer ol II1e American Legion .Iuniors in 1939-110. JOSEPH FRANKLIN MOONEYHAN Frank was a memlver of tire fl-I'I cIuIw tllrouglmut Iuiglr scliool. He was clulw secretary nncI treasurer. Also news reporter lor tlne cIuIJ one year. CHARLES THOMAS MOORE, JR. Cllarlie was presicient ol' luis Imomeroom. and prcsiclr-nt ol llxe Montel Airplane clulx. He was a memlier ol time swimming team, and a mernlner ol tI1e Safety cIuIo. JOE MOORE One ol our clriel' movie operators was Joe. .Ioe was also Il liomeroom ollicer, a Photograplty cIuI: memloer, anal a Raclio cIuIJ ollicer. MARGARET EVELYN MORGAN Evelyn was outstancling in IJotI1 Ilocliey ancl Ioaslcetlnall tlzrouglmut Ixigll scllool. Sine was Ixomeroom ollicer. Sire was vice-presiclont of llm Commercial clulx. FRANCES MOSES Frances was presiclent ol' Iler. Ilomcroom. SIIG plnyecl Ilocliey llirougliout Iligli sclmool. As a memlaer ol: tlie sluflent council, slte I1cIpecI write tlle Iranclluooli. JAMES MCSVVAIN NABERS .Iimmie was in tlie Ivami ancl orclmestra lor Iour years, ancl was vice-presielent ol IIN: Imncl as a senior. He was on tI'1c football team two years. IVICLELLAN MCCLURE IVIALLARD INIARSIIALL. RIATHIS. L. tv ii sf. I Q S N tx T 'I' 5 as I I fu? 91 46-w., Mfvrms, YV. IXIATTHEXYS IXIILLS IVIOLINA MoNTc.oMEm' MooNm'lmN Moons., C, Moorui, J. MORCIAN Moslfs NABERS NANCE ROBERT F. NANCE IQULVFI NVHS il llll'lllhC'f' of HIP K!DCIEik Club. YVES i 1 I Q lm-lnlrcr of tim Radio flnss, :Incl was vice-prc-siclcut ol' ilu' ' -if Radio Club XY f a LEOLA NESBITI' I..coIa took a Ixusinnss course in I1igI1 st'I1ooI ancI pIans to Ire a SIf'I10gt'ElI7IlPI'. SIIG pIayeCI I3aSIietImaII, Vvns at IIIPIIIIIPI ot Knitting ancI -I-H cIuIJs. DAISY ELIZABETH NEVVMAN Iflizatic-III pIaym-CI I1o47Iie-y and IJasI-cetImII IIIrougI1out Ingl- sc'I1ooI. Stir- ImeIongzvcI to IIIQ Glf-e c'IuIu anct tIIr- Ix'Iusir rIuI':. SIIG VVRIN Sf'Cl'i'tt'lry-IYf'F!SlITCf III- JUIIIOI' REII Cross. DORIS META NEVVMAN VVIIII In-r Irit-ncIIy pt-rsunaIity, Doris won many Ivricnrts yvI1iIf- in I1igII sc:IIooI. I"I:-r experience as a -I-H c'IuIm mt-mIxc-r Ior Iour years was vaIuaIJIe-. TROY CORNELIUS NEVN-'MAN Ytlroyls 4-xpt-irc-nco in rnititnry cIriII sImuIc,I stanct Iiim in ,qooct str-act at CIcmson. He was a memIncr ot' IIIC Satlc-ty Ilatrot Iour yt-urs, Hunting cgIuIJ one. VIOLEI4 LEE NEVVMAN VioIi-I took III? Ilusinffss course in Iligti sf:IuooI, un1I ox- pects to Ire- n str-nograpticr. SI1c was a mcmtier of IIIr- IXnittinQ r'IuI'm two years, -I-I'I CIUID one. MARGUERITE NICHOLS INIargur-ritc was outstanding in aII1In-tics. Stir- piayl-ct I1o1:Icr-y Iour yi-ars. Imstu-tIwaII Iour year, anci tt-nnis Iour years. Stic- Imctongt-LI to tIu- Arts ancI Crafts CILIIJ. MARGARET LOUISE OSBORNE Louise took a Imusincss course- in IIIQII st'I1ooI, anrI sIlP 1-xpvrts to In- a str-nograpI1cr. She I1eIongr-LI to tIIc at-II rIuIJ two yi-ars. LU'I'I"IER ASBURY PACK Lutticr took a Imusiness vourse in IiigIi sr:IiuuI. I'It- wi om- ot ttu- typists Ior H1-VVAYS. He wzw a Immt-mom oIIirm-r Iwo years. N1-:srslTT IXIEIVMAN, D. E. NEWMAN, D. M. D. PARKER NI. D. was awarded a cc-rtifiratc of IfxccIIunu- in VVoocI- rratht. He- was a mcmtmer oI ttic INIUQIQI AirpIanu c:IuIu. Hu was on the 'ABU I'ootI3aII team. .IOI-IN ELDRIDGE PEEBLES .IoI1n was a me-mtmer ot tIue If F. A. anrI -I-I-I c,IuIJ tIIrcr- yz-ars. He ptayc-ct intramurat IJasI4etIJaII, In-Iongc-:I to III:- Satf-ty Ilatrut. CHARLES RAYMOND PENNEY CIIarIcs was a mcmtzer of tIur IootIxaII tm-am om- yn-ir tIlc I1aSIt0IIwaII team one and IIIQ- Ixasc-I1aII tr-am two. III- was in tlne- Sports CIuIJ. ALLIE GLENN IIHIFER AIIIQ- was n mcmtner of the Iiiglm sc'InooI Iuattation ancI of tIlc IVIiIiIary CIUIJ. He IJeIongt-d to tI1c- Latin rIuIw ont- yr-ar and Spanish two. CLAIRE PLOVVDEN Claire- pIayr-LI I9otI1 Inockoy anrI I'JasIt+-IIwaII. Stu- was n mr-mtwr of tI1c Latin cIuI1 one year and ot tIic- Spanish cIuI1 two ve-are. DOROTHY ANN PRESCOTI' Ijorottiy stmwuct Ifnusine-ss aIJiIiIy wIIiIz- in Iuigli sc'IuooI, ancI strc- plans to go to work after graciuatiun. SIIL- In-Iongt-:I to IIIQ -'I-H cIuI3 Iour years. ANNIE LOUISE PRESCOTI' Annie- Louisc- worIiecI in tI1t- Catletc-ria twu yearn WIN-rf- siir- Iearm-LI a gooct cIeaI aIwout nutrition, SIN- Imclongc-LI to tIw -'IVH c-IuIu Iour years. .IESSIE MAE PROCIOR .It-ssie tonIi tIie IJusinc-ss coursc- in IIi51Ii sr'I1ooI, an4I sIv+- expf-rts to he a stcnograpIlc-r. Sta- was in mr-mIJt-r oI IIN: -I-I'I CILII3 Iour years. NEWMAN, 'I'. NEWMAN, X 34 .G apt Oszsonmn PACK PARKER PENNEY PHIFER PEQWDEN Co'r1', D. PRESCOTT, L. PROCTOR, J. PROCTOR, M. A. MARY ALICE PROCTOR Q. Jax N? 9 Nlary Alice look ilu: Business course in high school, nncl X ,Af she expecls io bc a stenograpller. She was a member of ik 1 the 4,H club four years. 35 Q CHARLES ROBERT PROPST Cilarics was prcsiclcnt ol tlic senior class. He was on time stucient council tllree years, He piayeci varsity ioaslcetlnali two years. Vvas in Block HS" club. DOROTHY RAFFIELD Dot was Sports Eciitor lor HIYVVAYS. A class oilicer tlrree years. Sire was on time imcicey team tour years, oilzicer oi atirictics association, cixeeriearier. JOHN ADAM REAMES Joi1n was a delegate to tire National 'ii-H Ciuio Congress in Ciiicago. He was vice-president ol tiie senior class, mem- iier ol stucient council, literary eciitor ol l'iI-WAYS. EARLYNE REESE in atliletics, Eariync was outstanriing, playing iiocicey tour years and lzvaskcliaali Four. Sire was on tire Music coni- mittee, Sire was a class ollicer. FLORENCE NELL REMBERT Florence played liociiey, laaslictlnali, and tennis in liiglr sclwooi. Sire belonged to tire Dance ciuio, tile Knitting club, and tire First Aici ciuia. FRANCES REYNOLDS Frances tooii Home Nursing in lligil scliooi. Sim expects to go in training. Siie was a memloer ol' tire Moxfie, Drama- tics. and Knitting clulos. P. G. REYNOLDS, JR. P. G. piayeci football. Vvas a mcmlaer of time iiigiu sciiooi baseball team, also time American Legion ivaseloaii team. President oi Sports clula. High News stall. C. W. RICKARD C. VV. was a memimer ol tiie iiigii scliooi battalion. He lueiongeci to tiic lviilitary ciuli. Alter graduation, l1e p I to go to work. JOHN A. RIVERS Jolm wisiies to lie a farmer. He was a memlner of tire F. F. A. ancl fl-H clubs. He also lzelongccl to tiic Diversiliecl Occupations group. PEGGY RUTH RIVERS Peggy was assistant art eriitor nl' H1-VVAYS. Sire was a memiaer oi: tire Arts anrl Cralits ciuly, and ol tile J. H. A., anci tire Junior Refi Cross. LORITA HERIOT RYAN Rita was presiclent ol iier il0ttlEl'0DItl. Sine belonged to time Dance Cillil Elnfi tilt: Arts HITCI Crafts Cillil. Silt! rlLIt1iOi' Red Cross WDTIC, NORWOOD SCl'lVVAR'l"Z Norwood playeri iiociiey ami lmaslietlaull two years. Sin: was a memlser of llxc Dramalics, Dance, ami Arts anal Crafts CIUIJS, SIIG WHS El i'l0lllCI'00lIi UH-iCCl". RAMON SCHWARTZ, JR. Raymon wrote Ellld cieiivcrcci itll CXCCiiCHl SPCCCJI on iilfz' uConstilution," luis senior year. He was an ollicer ol tire Spanisii cluio two years. Piayecl "B" lootloall. VVILLIAM DENNIS SCOTT Billy was a literary criitor ol Hi-VVAYS. He was a iiome- room oilicer lour years. Beiongcri to Stuclent Council. Salety clulo, anci Sports clulv. TOMIVIIE MILDRED SELLARS Niilcired tool: a luusiness course in liigli scliooi. Sim was a memlaer oi Niocici Airplane, Knitting, anci Saiety ciulas, all gooci preparation tor clelcnsc. VVILLIAIVI IRVIN SEYMOUR irvin plans to attcnci tile University ol Soutii Carolina a member ol- time -'i clula. Pnoesr RAl:lflELlJ Reaivirzs Reese Rrsiwrnnnr alter gradualion was president ol' luis lromerooni anri Ns .,, ' V, K ,. rf if W4 1' gn Y i 1 RE!'NOl,.IJS. F. REYNOLDS, P. G. RICKARD RIVERS, J. RIVERS, P, IQYAN SCHVVARTZ, N. SCI-XWARTZ, R. SCOTT Srar.1..xRs SEYMOUR Smows KEATING LEXVIS SIMONS Keating was a mcmixcr pf lime Rnciio club for lwo years Qu B unci a mcmiucr of lim Saicly club during iris senior year. P a' He plans cvenluaiiy io join tile Army Air Corps. Aff QL, ' f 'rn X X If f ff' f X N 1 J O.5'75, 37 RUBY LEE SIMPSON Ruby look II11- Iunsinoss roursv in IligIl sc'IlooI. SIN- Iye- IongvcI Io IIle Qw0lllIIl!'l'K'IiII f'IuI1 in Iler senior your. AII4'r grmIuzlIion sI1c WIII cIo 0IIico worIi. CONSTANCE IIARRIET SKINNER VVIIII In-r vxporiemlr in lIw A1-H cInIm IIITULIQIIUIII Inig5Iu sr'Il0oI. Conniv is well prf'parmI In LIU LIOIensc worIi. SIM- W'ilS uIso n cInss oIIic'Pr, A. HEYVVARD SIN'Il'I'I'I. .IR In music. I'IoywnrcI was an nwmIwr oI tIu- I1nnrI an1I IIm orr'Iu-stra. He won IIw Ame-rimn Legion spa-oIiing fonIvsI In Sumter nncI In IIIQ' cIisIricI. SAMUEL BENJAMIN SMITH Sinn was onv oI III0 movie opnmlors In IIN' IuigII s1:I1ooI IIIIIe IIIQ-nler. I'It' wus n IIIPIIIIIUI' OI IIN: IxIoLIeI AirpInnc fIuI1 anLI II1c 5nIvIy CIUIJ. TIIELIVIA MARIE SIYIITH VIAIIOIHIU wus parIIt:uInrIy inlc-rf'SIv1I in IligIl sc'I1ooI in Ilonw mtonolnics. SIN- was eII.irif'nI in IJOIII rooIiin5j und sowing. SIIQ1 IwIongcmI Io IIxf' fI-I'I L'IuI1. ANNIE SERENA SPENCER In Kitiing nncI Junior RQLI Cross. Sfrrvnn cIi1I good cIn:I'cnsm- worIc. SIle Io0Ii IIN Inusiness foursc' In IIIQII S4-Imnl nncI 4-xp:-ds In In- u sIonogmpI1er. MENIJEL L. SMITI'I STAFFORD In IX'IfvncIeI, wo I1ncI an C'ItI'II'if?I'II IIIOVIC opcrnlor. He' was in IIIGIIIIJCI' oI IIIL' IJEIDCI. ITIF UISO IJFIOHQCII Io IIll' LI-H EIIILI I". I:. A. rIuIJs lI1r1f1- yoars. MYRTLE IT. STAFFORD In IIIgIu s1'IlooI, IN'IyrIIc was ax IIICIIIIDCI' oI' lIw CrocI1L-I, KniIIing, uncI Snfs-Iy rIuIxs. SIM: is pIannIng Io aIIvncI IIN' l,,Inive'rsily UI SOLIIII CaroIinn. Sour-soN SKINNER SMITH, 38 Y , V P.. RAY STOKES Ray was on IIN- I1ig1In sc'I1ooI ImseI1nII In-un: Iwo yc-nfs nmI IIIL- Arncrirun Lcgion learn Iwo. He ImeIongccI Io IIIC Soprls cIuIm Iris sxnior ycnr, IYIARGARET ANITA TAYLOR Musk' und Ar! wc-ro Iwo oI IYIill'QHl'CI'S Iavurilc pnstinn-s. SIIG was n mc-mIwr oI lIw GI1-c rIuI1, aIso Arts und fSrnIIs, Slw cIIfI -I-II work IICSILIPS. .IOI IN IVIILTON TERRY In IIIUSIC, IXVIIIIOII VVHS H IIICIHIIUF oI III? tTICP FILIIJ I40'lll' years. In nIIlIcIic:s, Ilr- was ouIsIancIing in IOQIIJIIII, IJascI3aII, and Ivoxing IIIrougIlouI IuigI1 School. THOMAS IJANIEL TIIAMES As a lnvnlI1er oI' IIIL- DivorsiI'i1-LI fhtcupnlions group. IIlunms gol Iine' Irusinvss lrnining. I'If1 wus inIf'r1?sIecI in 2lIIlIvIirs umI IwIongocI Io IIN' Sporls 1'IuIv. VVILLII-I HARVIN TI IOIYIAS AIIIN QmrIuaIion. VVIIIII- I'Inrvin will Imin Io Invronlf' n nurse-. In IIIQII scIlooI. sIue IveIongvcI In IIIu IX'Ior.IeI AirpIanr. Dance, anrI LI-II cIuIrs. MARIE ELIZAISI-I'I'I'I TIMNIONS Iii-snll-S Inc-ing n me-nnIJvr oI' IIN- Gurdon. ,I. I'I. A., ancI LI-H r:IuIrs, IVIaric pluyr-II on IIN: Inoc1Iu-y In-um IIxr4-e yours 2lncI IIIL' ImsICoII.JnII IPHIII Ivonr, CHARLES MILLER TOINILINSON, JR. LIIIUYIPS was 0ulsInn1'IIng in inIIIIc-libs. H0 pIauycLI HIS.. IoolIJnII, was on lIme ImsI4f'IImII If-mn Iwo yu-urs nnLI IIN-- Imsr-I:mII Iczun IIurce, He was an rIass oIIicvr. NVILLIAINI LOUIS TREIVIISI .EY BiIIy was nn ouIsInmIing ixlIxIvIu IIITOUQIIOLII IligI1 svI1ooI: IooIImII Ienln. nII-sinh' IL-mn. r'o-tnpluinc I1nsIieII1uII Icom. 2lII'I0lIl'!lEllllt'l'lI, :III-slnlv: swinnning Illillll. Sporls fIuIJ, BIocIi IDI, SMITII, S. SNIITII. T l I 1 Fyh. u I I ' v SPENCER STAFFORD. IN'IENm3L STAFFORD, IVI YRTLE STOKES TAYLOR I wmv 'I rmmrs I 1-loMAs IIKIMMONS 'I oM1.lNsoN 'I Rl'iMBl EY XZAUGHAN JAMES H. VAUGHAN, JR. .Innws wus an oIIIcc'r in milifnry. a memIn:r oI lI1e I:'Imnlom , N ,' cIriII. nncI of IIne IVIiIilaxry cIuI'r. I'Ie look lIm ICOLIEIIQ piclurcs 9 I for Hn-Wfws 1941. 4 f I QM 39 JJ. OUR CARTOONIST It's something to he an artist and clalzvhle arounrl with paints and palettes. There are always rx Iew people who appreciate great art. Itls interesting to he n r-amem man anLI take pictures ol lille activities here, the-re. .Incl everywhere. Ixlany people enioy camera stories. But it's simply great to he zu cartoonist. Everybody enjoys at goorl cartoon, and cartoon clruwing Imrings in good money. Such clrawing requires ollscrvntion. imagination, express sltetclrily with pen and inli the picture create ' the mind, ancl the ahility to "hit the nail on the In-acl." These qualilications are all Iounrl in our art editor. .Iu'a Bull, who drew the cartoons Ior HI-VVAYS I9f-I2. Julia has a Iceen appreciation ol the Iaenutillul, hut her sense ol the Ineautilul is shot through with a sense ol humor. Arlcl to this the gilt ol clrawing. nnrl you Imve-.IUI..IA. PAULINE VVADFORD A lovely girl, with a Iovely voice, ami the touch ol' an artist at the piano. TImt's Polly. She will specialize in music at college. EVALEE VVARD In UIITICIICS, FEVHICH VVUS El IIIUIIIIUCI' ol IIN! IIOCICC Itffllll three years and oI the haslccthall team three. A cluhs were Dance. Movie. and .I. H. A. ITIAHEL LORINIQ WARNER Ethel playecl hoth Iroeliey ancl Iaaslcetlmll. She Inelungecl cIuI:r. Plans to clo office work. DOROTHY NVARREN An aII-rouml athlete was Dot. She played on the hoclcey team Iour years, the Ioaslcetlmll team Iour years, and the tennis team Iour years. CLIFTON RILEY VVATERS In high school, Clilton IiI-:ect sports, band musie, nn military Alter gracluation Ile will either go to the LJHINLTQIIY or :Io some ml ol clelense vtorit DORA I OUIbE WTI LS Dori vms I Las o rcer tvio yr-'Irs in Iulongec to tle nittmg cIuIJ two years 1. was L p emit typist IJ 1 to co secretnrrml wor LAVVRENC I VVI IIFII JR IWFPDCE li 1 ICIITICFO Jill fl I II INV!! Wl"ll'i 'I n er o t stu int tour two yexrs II veong, ft o the Ixlovre xml qpm rts c uh ALICF M AF VN INDHAIVI Arie wa xcry llltlfl rnttra te in nutrition elass wor orlung in the cu e-term our ner in opportunity to tu y the Inwlancerl let MARCUI RI IE I OUIQI VX OOD xrguerlte w is y atc LI nz I tI 1 Jrettrc I grr GDI C F SS S E VIII? ri I ICH! Ml' I IIN IIIC1, 7 ODE' ,EDIT t e llllllrlf, c un two II D VVRIGH I' LC Ianlrs Wnr y wg m tc e Iron xppi KC t troughout high se loo H xvx 1 lem Jer o t1 N ot Q Airplane cluh two yt urs EIIIII IOIIIF IA LS Lt ne e onge I tie v tri I ur yr s n t Lth III t m xr I 1 I e I COIIlIltt l"K'I1 t' ll 75 IRANCI Q C I CIL YOUNC IIPI' IIPHC V pEl"i0l1l II, VSOII IIVIIIN IUPUI UI' CDF! N II Q was ll ILI se 1 ro S one r to Iumi r er wr .. t H Saletv ru LIFE IN THE CAFETERIA IS NOT ALI- LUNCH BUI ww ' its sf . -: X as I fjfxfx inf 4. - .M N I I ff ffff X f X , , x5 X 1 N' QI' STXD 'XRSWYDN Ni? Cf AIX . It ' X 1 ' . W . H .L - .,, I S ofa," 3 T .f. , Q I Q li Tf? UI 1 2 'CJ 1 'I s It' ' In .. .,I -' f' v I I K ' ' ' , Sh - ' . I s I ' . Iar s I . - 1 'e ' Ii. QIXIII to LI rn ,: B , I ll La . ws. r I I resiu-'I ju , .nel at me nh-. I he . :Iv I: wil ' 'z . 1- I I fr- t I': " s ' I ' A -s CI ' ' ' ' ,. VV al- ,'1,,z'-I I " s dv . d' , IVIP ' 2. 'r 1 o 1 IJ' If I "s r' Is in the s 'ur Ii. . .Th ' ' . ' I I - o - 2 1 cIuI ' L . I Y I1 K ' ' 5 I I ' . mer NI- I ' 5 I I II ir. 1 I a s g 2 'ol to Tft I I ' 'I I. e 'Ls I n - I' I Ie I I I-I to the Girl Reserves. Was a memher UI the Commercial I I I U "L, "'- ' 'Ii' OI I In I -rl o I Iiuclcrrv -am Vo '-nr., a II o the Imslc- a ea Ioi . Sue was n memher uv th. ,I-II xml . 1 'II :I I -. I1 IIA . ttf - . Ist 'I vI'Ia she ' .' 'r lift- . 'It :Iw IJCI lvl Ita- . '1 R. I rl Q oss and In , I IJ. I . . . LIFE 2 A i Y I , 1 - 1 ' I - U ,1 up " DE '- I' Sth y " I 4 ALI I tw X. 37 - I S, - j I LX I II 2 . all I 2 1 o S 4 YJ ff' 7 4 ,,,,, .- IWW J j 40 mf'QiPfL"'2V 'E' iff-1 RALPH THOMAS DABBS ADI-'ORD XfX',Alll,7 XNVARNI-R 'MVARRLN ATIERS XNXELLS xx-7lIl'l'E VVINDH x 1 uun XVIIIQZIIT YATES NYOUNG Tflouiifl his pirlurc clues nu! appz-ar in ifnf- senior svcfion. X Ralph was an uulstamling nwrnbcr ul the Class of '-12. He 1 Q Sk XYUS on ilu? luullmll lean: ilm-1' years, SXYiIlll'lliHQ' tIlH'l', lmskvl- 5 ,M lynn Iwo. Hr- was in llnv Glvo club anal lllc BOYS' Quarlvl. i fl' -sf" jx 'M' JL .f D' K ff .1 f!"2,ZZ,f K 410- ff a f ?- DQ-QLD 4l E P - P , I pn' ll in g"??.j X sr Xx 1 , 1 X G 4 HHer beauty and her chilzalryu W . , , x K , JW . . 1 . Y , .F T311 . . H E is rex. VALENTIN MCDLINA, BETH DIN GLE, Courtesy Beauty 43 J S SLS 4:-Q .. Lenm- ' igl: 1 if" U ff HTf1al always plays the gamen JACK BRADFCDRD and TILLIE FLCDWERS, Athletics 4-5 ri 2,-,iw cy. iggikg. W 'mf W-fy.g,g.f2g,a:i.,. 'f vvw.. K, wr, ALA GY? Y Hg , . 1 .,,x,f.m ,, V L., , , , , 1 - E32 0 , ,. M ww f M, 1 4'- rvf' X f 'W' w 562. fvfff if 1, z135'?'9' fe! gf , :au ,ff w Wm mi . F, I .o- rl-i a 53.3 Z.. 1 fxm , I +2-L. '11 1 ,sy vw, X? V1 A- , fr: r 'EM ny. al. Wg 2 :,fi'42s-1.Q?'iK ' '7 '-VC.-1' ' '. ,, an-5. .. .14 fu., 1-- 'L-frf-2ffif..f'-:.f?.f ' A ' - Q-.LE .ET-r ' 15.2329 42 F 9522 will 2. qw ' 1 'tiff -1 ' M , 1 :Pa X N, W W 97 . ,N ff . N Practicing tire Great American Game LET1 Sports piay an important part in our great national cteiense program everywhere. They not only aizforci good physical exercise for the players, but also first-rate amusement for timose who attend tile games. Here we see Sumter boys practicing the great American game ot baseball. They are. ieit to right: Calvin Lyies, catciwerg Charles Tomlinson, batter: Ray Stokes, third base- man: and P. G. Reynoicis, iett fielder. Sumter had a good season in football this year, anci tile basketball team reached the semi-Finals in the state tournament. in ad- ciition to varsity athletics, a large intramural sports program was carriecl out, with more boys taking part than ever ioeiore. TIIE PURPLE-ANDAVVIIITL PIGSRINNERS Top picture, left to riglrt: MAC lVlCGRliW, Inanuger: lVlR. .l. D. B1ClVllLl.AN. mach. Picture on riglvt. In front, standing: CIO-CAPTAIN JACK BRADFORD, qmxrlerluack. First row, kneeling, left lo rigllt: .l. L. lVlooNI5YI-IAM, quarterhark: Wll.l.lABl SMITH, guard: .IIMINIIE NIXIBERS, encl: CfIARl.ES PENNY, encl: XAIHIT VVELLS. lnrlilc: JOHN HULIHHS, lmalfback. ' Second row, standing, lpfr to right: UYANKN JANIISS, center: CHARLES JENKINS. guarcl: HXNIOLFEH LAVVSON. tackle: CPIARLES l'lOLLADAY, guarol: RAYMOND BAKER, tackle: DICK BURNS, lmllbaclc: ScRIvIaN BRUNSON, lmllhack: BILL I'lUGl-IES, fullback: JACK COPELIKND, enrl: GRAHAM MOSES. renter: CO-CAPTAIN 'ATEXH TREMBLEY. end: MARION BARN- WELL. tackle: RALPH DABBS, end: IEDXVARD GIBSON. hall- backp EDVVARD DUNl.AP, lmllluack: DILIUNVARD EULTMAN. guard: EDXVARD Dew, guarcl. CDVER THE With a 13 to 0 triumph over the Lake View Wildcats, Sumter Highs lootlaall squacl rang up the curtain on its 1941 season. The Game- cocks managecl to push over seven points in the opening half, and came hack in the seconcl stanza to drive home another six pointer. Some of the Sumter stars were Copelancl, Tremloley, J. Hughes, B. Hughes, Baker, ancl Bultman. I I FI E YARD LINES The following weelc, Sumter upset the highly favored Bearcats of Roclc Hill, 6 to 0. on the Cats' home ground. ll was a pass from Scriven Brunson to "Bucky" Copeland lor 25 yards that accounted lor the gameis only score. Camdenss Bulldogs invaded the Gamecocks' coop October 3. and handed the Birds their lirst sethacli of the season, 13 to 0. It was not until the second halt that the Camden lmys displayed their superior play. They pushed over two touchdowns and an extra point in the fourth quarter, for the winning markers. James, , ,ptibxr Witt Dew, Bradford, B. Hughes, and Baker showed up well lor Sumter. The Mclxdillanicoached lads traveled to Asheville, N. C., Octoher 17, where they sul'- lered their Worst defeat on the gridiron in over ten years, 54 to 0. The hig North Carolinians were too much lor their smaller opponents, from the opening whistle, Alter two previous defeats so liar this season, the Purple and Vvhite Warriors laounced hack into the win column with a I3 scalping oi the Darlington Blue Devils. THE CHEERSI CIIEERLLADERS, lefz to rigfzt: LUCY BOYKIN, TOMMY LIUGHES, DOT RKFFIELD PAP PROPS1 Jnfux SNSEATTE and HAROLD OXVENS WWELL GIVE THE GRA THE RALLY! Left, silting: En DUNLAF. EO Dlzw, RALPH DABISS, "VVOLIfE" LAAXVSON, "Tux" 'l'Rf5MBLEY. DEUNVAIZIJ BULTMAN. Left, standing: X'XlHl'l' XAIELLS. CIIAIILES LIOL- LADAY, .imma IXJAHERS, COACII JOHN Mc- IVIILLAN. Right, left lu riglrl: MARION BARNNVELL fsiliingfm, THOMAS CU1'T15R. RAYMOND BAKER, WILLIABI Smrru, J. L, NIOONEYHAN, DICK BURNS. .lol-IN HUGHES. W L,-pf I W - 50 Sumter toolc on its second North Carolina . opponent, Raleigh, N. C., Octoloer 31, and was again turned haclc, 7 to 25, hut only alter a hard fight. The largest crowd ol the season wit-- nessed the Raleigh Caps score twice in the first half on a long drive and a 45-yard run. The North Carolina Capital City looys added two more six pointers in the second half and one extra. Sumter,s only touchdown came on a til'- teen-yard pass to Ralph Dahhs. Leading the locals were Dunlap, Hughes, Bradford, and Brunson in the haclclield, and Dahhs, Tremh- ley, Balcer, James, and Buttman in the line. Coach lVlclVlillan,s looys were stopped for the lourth time of the campaign hy the Bantams ol Charleston, 12 to 0. The Birds threatened to score twice in the second half, 'hut the Ban- tams' defense was too strong for them. The Sumter Gamecocks hrolce loose with all the fury ol' a hurricane the afternoon of No- vemher 14, as they swamped the Chester Red Cyclones, 39 to 0. The Birds displayed a fine CLD CHEER, B running and passing attaclc that was too much lor the visitors. Again, the following week, the Birds showed a great improvement over their early season games. They ventured into the camp of the Orangeburg Indians, and loelore the evening was over the Sumter lads had run up a 20 to 7 score. Burns turned in a nice game for the locals with his running. Qne ol the largest crowds ol the season as- sembled at the Edmunds High Field the night ol Novemher 28. to watch Sumter and Flor- ence in their annual classic. Both teams loattled away for 60 minutes, and alter the dust cleared, they were still right where they had started. The score read Sumter 7, Florence 7. Florence scored first on the first play ol: the second hall, on a 60-yard dash lay lxflerrirnan. But in the latter half of the fourth period, Tex Tremhley lorotce throughto hloclc a lciclc. Ralph Dahlas picked up the loose hall and raced 30 yards to score. Bradford place-lciclced the tying point. Y." THE TOUCHDOVVN! "Trax Tunzvimzr, Co-Captain of the Sumter Gamecocks in l9Lll, is seen here as he made a touchdown during the hard- fought game with Chester. mlqcxu played on the loothall team three years. He was co-captain with JACK BRADFORD in l94l. He made all-state in t94ll. THRCDUGH THE BA KET Coach Johnny lVlclVlillan's 1942 Sumter High basketball team left a blaze of glory laehincl them that will long' he rememherecl, for it was one of the greatest quintets ever to represent Sumter. The Gamecoclcs compiled a recorcl ol sixteen wins, while they clroppecl only two games. The final Ulosen was to Columlaia High. 41 to 30, lor the South Carolina State, Class A, Baslcethall Championship. At one time during the season the Birds ran their string ol consecutive victories to fourteen in a row. The lVlclVlillan men openecl their season with a 28 to 21 win over Darlington on the Blue Devils' home court. Three olays later, Sumter openecl its home season hy turning hack the Reel Devils of Ulympia in a thrilling harclwoocl hattle. 19 to 17. Sumter met its first cleleat the following weelc as a smooth working Co- A lumlaia cage outfit pulled the unex- pected and clroppecl the locals, 29 to 22, in the latterys gym. Alter this cle- leat, the Bircls started on their loril- liant winning strealc ol? 14 games. First, it was Qlympia, on their own lloor, in a return game. The score was 29 to 22. Florences Yellow Jaclcets tried to stop the Gamecocks, lout tastecl cle- feat, 18 to l2. Once again, the Carlisle Cadets almost snapped the Sumter boys' winning strealc, but Sumter managed to eclge them out, 29 to 27. The Charleston Bantams invaclecl the Birds' coop, only to he turnecl away with a ll to 8 cleleat, as the lVlclVl.illan-coached hoys raclcecl up their Fifth win in a row, It toolc a last minute tielcl goal to clown a stuhhorn Dreher outfit, I9 to 18. A XVINNING BKbl I l' IIN 'llll INS1 TIIIRTY SECONDS OI A CLOSI' C-XMI IN XVHICII 'IIIII TEX I NN XS 'IIIE STAR THE HEFTY HARDVVOODERS fron! row, left to right: ClIfXRLES PENNEY, Blu. Humuzs. IJEUVVARIJ BULTMAN, J. L. Noowuvimx, EDVVARD DUNLAP, SCRIVEN BRUN sow Enwixnn Gmsow. MAN,xmaR BILI. BRAmfonn. Sr-cornt rum, ieft to rigid: CHARLES Pizovsr. Jixclc Bimnroen, RALPH Dmsns, RMMOND BAMR CHARLES 'i40Ml.lNS0N, IDICK BURNS, ASSlS1'AN1' iYiANAGER CHixR1.11s MCGREW. Sumter got revenge for its one eariy season defeat at time tiands oi Coiuminia, for wiien time Caps Came to Sumter, tiiey found tile Game- cocics a init hard to imandie. The ixficixfiiiian men triumphed over tilem with a 34 to 20 win. in a return game with Florence, tiie Sumter iads roiied to an easy 36 to 20 victory. Two days iater, time Gamecocks traveied to Ciiaries- ton, where time Bantams again feii ineiore time fast moving Birds, 32 to 19. Sumter iiung up its tentii and eieventii straight contest wins iny dropping iootia Dar- iington, 24 to 12, and Dreiier, 40 to 30. Coach iVIciViiiian ended iiis season with a 25 to 23 victory over iiis former Aima ixfiater, tiie Uni- versity of South Carolina freshman team. Vvitil tile reguiar season over, time Sumter Gamecocks entered tile State Tournament. in time first round game, the Birds eliminated Brooiciand-Cayce by a one-sided score of 34 to 19. Tile next night, tile iViciViiiian men scored their fourteenth straigtxt Win by beating Dar- lington in tiie semi-finals, 42 to 23. For time ciiampionstiip game, Sumter met C0- iumtaia for time third time in time one season, ibut this time it was a mucii improved team over tile one time Birds had defeated two weeics ine- iore. For tiie Capital City boys displayed a fine iarand of ioaii to down time Gamecocks and cop time State crown. sg' THI' BRAWNY BATTERS I , Y ' 3 . V. fi ' W It I S ' 5 W . - '. '-T' Q' , Mk A I A ' ,P - , L -it-K. -., . - . Seulecl on lmtlom step: MANAKIIER BILL GIBSON. Seated on. tliirzl step, left to right: SUNNY lVloNTc.oMERv, JAMES FARMER, lViANAGER MAC McGREw. Sealed on lop step, left to riglzl: CI-IARLr:s VTOIVILINSON, SCRIVEN BRUNSON, Joi: lVlAY, K1NcasLEx' l'lUMBER'l'. Standing, fron! to back. left to right: Coixcii lVlClVllLLAN, RAY Sroiuzs, NVILLIAM TOMLINSON, P. G. REYNOLDS, Russnu. Tmmoxs, Tuoams ITURNER, ED VVARD DEW, GORDON GULLIEDGE, CALVIN LYLES. Eclmuncls High School May 6, 1942 On lylay 5, the Sumter High hasehall squacl Was well on its way to another fine season, al- reacly having won five games and lost only one. Sumterys cliamoncl outfit started off its '42 sea- son in great style as they sluggecl out a I0 to 4 win over the Yellow Jackets of Florence. ln the seconcl encounter of the season, the Bircls came through with a late rally to top Darlington 7 to 5. Carlisle Military Academy pushed over one run in the last hall of the ten inning to hancl Sum- ter a 6 to 5 defeat. This was the Gamecocks' hard luclc clay. in a return game with the Darlington Blue Devils, Sumter repeated its first showing and sent the Devils home with a 10 to 2 heating. Jim Farmer turned in a nice joh on the mound for the McMillan men hy setting the visitors down with three hits. Behincl some line hurting hy Charles Tomlin- son, the Bircls evened the score with the Carlisle Cadets as they trimmeol them, 3 to l, on the Gamecocks' cliamoncl. The lower state title play-olll startecl on Tues- clay, May 5. For the lower state honors, the locals met Darlington in the first ol a three-game series on that ciay. The Gamecocks stoppecl the Blue Devils 5 to 3. If the Purple and Vvhite Warriors win the next contest from Darlington, they can claim the lower state crown. The winner ol the lower state will meet the winner of the upper state for the state championship in a three out of live series cluring the weelc loeginning May ll. AR D THE DIAM OFFICERS GIRLS' ATHLETICS ASSOCIATION Standing in front, on tI1e right: DoRo1'1iY IZAFFIELD, president oi the association. Others, Ieft to right: TILLIIE Fl.oWl5RS. hoard member: PAULINE COOPEII, I1onrrI memberg IVIARY ALICE Pmrcnxnn vice- presicIenl ot lI1e ussocialiung DOROTHY IVIC- CULLOCI-1, secretary ancI treasurer T1-115 CON"l'ROLLlNG BOARD This year the girIs, athIetics association has proved to Ioe oI great heIp to all girIs taking part in sports. At the first oI the year the whoIe associ- ation met to eIect their oIIicers. The president was chosen from the senior cIassg the vice-president, Irom the junior cIass, and the secretary and treas- urer, from the sophomore cIass. Three IJoarcI mem- hers, aIso, were chosen from the senior cIass. This I3ocIy of girIs took charge of the schecIuIe of games, the choosing oi committees. ancI the preparation Ior banquets. They heIcI weeIcIy meetings to cIis- cuss any proIJIems that came up. AII this was cIone with the aid oI their adviser, IVIiss Martha Redfern. HOCIQEY IN THE FALL The most popuIar sport this year was fieIcI hocIcey. OnIy juniors and seniors came out, as this sport was otferect to no others. Next year, the seniors wiII he the onIy ones to pIay. The seniors C' RT won the championship honors again this year. The games were well attended. At the encI of the season, the annuaI I1ocIcey banquet was heIcI. The committees chosen to put on this event upI1eId tradition Iay giving us an entertainment to he re- memhered all the rest of our Iives. The girIs maIc- ing I10cIcey varsity were announced on this oc- casion, and the seniors Ieft with a IeeIing of sor- row that there wouIcI he no more Sumter High Inanquets Ior them. ISASKETBALL IN THE SPRING BasIcetIJaII was a Iot oI Iun Ior aII of us this year. Vve had our IiinaI championship games un- der the Iights in the gym, and we had a IootIJaII pIayer to reieree them. The Iast game Iuetween the seniors ancI juniors was one of the cIosest games ever. The seniors tiecI the game untiI the Iast few seconds. Then they rang up a goaI that macIe them the scI1ooI champions. In all sports, g0ocI sportsmanship and fair-and-square pIaying were shown. R GIRL L --n--Q - -m 3:-no-r--1 p-gy-1-1 -unnam- lllll llrtzw :L .su , THE QCKEY CHAMPS CF 1941 Above you Svc the senior Ilocliey squad, wlm won lu: CIIHITIPIOIXSIIID nvvr Ilnc junmrs IH llll. I vucl Iron: lull lu riglnl. Bottom row. seated: FRANCES MOSES, JEAN ELMORE, VIQILLIE FLOWERS. Second row, soulful: lfvlfl.x'N NIOHGAN, JULIA liLu,1,., M,xTu.m NcL121.l.,xN, Nfwcvla Coxmvwmin. 'lwlzirrl mm, lenonlingr h'IARCUliRI'l'lZ NICHOLS, Dow' Hnxxrow, Dm' JACKSON. Fourth rum, standing: DOT VVARREN, EIARLYNE REESE, Miss IXNIARTIIA RIQDFERN, Concln: LWLAIRE l'1.owm5N, K.-Yl'lII'lRINli IDELUIIMIE. DOT RAFFIIZLIL XXRGLL-IN!" Dm' RAM-'ll2l.lw is rulling in ilu- lmll, uncl lfxosv wlm am' wnilimg lu furry il on clown lluc- fiolrl urv. lvfl lu v-iglnl: NANCYIQ Cfomrmxmnnn, Ifvm,YN Nommw, "l'1l.r.ls-: Fuawliks. Dm' NVARNI-iN, IiARI.VN!i Rules:-2. Um' llulqruw. l'4ItANCliS Nosxis. .hum l':l.M0llli, .lu1.l,x l5u1.1.. L1l.AlRl1 Ill.IJXVIJliN, NIARGUI1Rl'l'li Nlc1lo1.s. lim' .l.wKsoN, K.x'rul-:ruN1a Uni Lonmla, N.x'rn,n.x AIlTl.lil.l.AN. 56 THE BREEZY BA KETEER -'42 Bottom mm, lc-fi to riglii: DOT RAFIfllil,D, JULIA ISULL, JEAN Emioiuz, Dov XIVARREN, MARnUERi1'1i Nxcnors, Erinsr YATES. Sucouci row, left Io rigid: FRANCES Nlosxzs, NiXNCN'l2 Comnmwnnan, PAULINE Coomzrz, G1zNrzv,x Pfxmuzu, NIATILDA Nc LIELLAN, KA1'ixizmNE IDIILORME. Top mm, left to rigiil: 'lin.1.n1 l71.owIarzs, EI.IZAIHiTll BOYKIN, Dm' HoL'roN, Prom' Hurn CTLAIRE PLOXVUEN. These gjiris piuyc-ci n sc-ries of games wilii lim juniors, nl tin- emi of lilo Season, lo soc wilo wouici in: lilo scinooi cimln- pions. VTIIOIIQII lim seniors won, il wus so fioso we nrc- in-Ming un lim Ciaiss of '43 nrxl springi GCDAL IIGCIER i Lvfl to rigiul: CEIZNIEVA ijmuufu. .lumix BULI., 'FILLIE llowiires, DOT Rrufrfliiln. ii'l'lIEL YATES, i:RANCIiS Moslis. Tins piclurc was lniicn nl u lr.-nso nmnmnl, wixcn lim sz-niors pmclicr-ii iior Rilo frimlnpiunsiuip gmno wilir lim strong junior six. Ami it was woii lin-y pract- licc-ci, for lim iinui gunna was za lic nniii lin' insl iilirly svrnnris. vl4Il1'I1-'il goal Ivor lilo 57 Q if f , I 4 4 1' is S .,,. ji st ' 1 ' 1' n ' fgwmv f f .-.N . ,ef ' Q, K , Q, I -. . f "' ' C ' X ' ' 2 f -S gig ii 54 QS-2.5 , 1 Jig 'w M' X ' ew wx Egz, f I ,EJ w, 4- 42... X., 5 YL - , 2 ":ff.-5543: wx , , v' - Z, ..:1 :'k1.-gfmax: -VH vt A "fl .Hum -, . i' , ki::-:51wa.- 'EGM U ' V w, , . I K ,, V .ffixg L 4 ' Q 5 3 3 ' - I B ' - -' ' 913: rg 1,, , W' -xillril 'u ,Mm ., ali' . , Lfy. - Xyg.,11-- . i ,F ., ' .,' ,A ,. we, Q, 4: 1 .wif 5 A Al: 'zwwg KNITTING Fon THE RED Cnoss III ITIE Niany of our sciiooi activities tiiis year pertained to national defense. Some of ttlese were Red Cross woric, home nursing for girls, sctiooi sate ot defense stamps, auto- mectlanics, radio, model airplane construc- tion, gardening, and military drill for boys. Here we see, among other girls, a numioer of seniors knitting for the Red Cross. They are, First table, facing camera, ieit to rigtmtz Peggy Holmes, Dorothy Hartin, Peggy Rivers, Connie Brothers, Betta Dingle, and Lucinda Carroway. There were several assembly programs this year featuring national defense. Speeches on defense were heard in time auditorium and over public address. Defense pictures were shown in tiwe iittie theater. MU PTIIE SCHOOL NSINGH Most of lIIeir work was CIone during sCI1ooI Tlliil New NN .ncluded in our qc ledu L , time for tI1is xx0I'Ic is CrecIitecI IJy the sCI1ooI. pc.riocI Ixxice '1 l'I'l0I1IIl vxI1c,n II1e sIucIent JOC5 some of the Senior girls who were Outsmn ing met in II1e 'nucitorium to sing together uncIer in HHS C1185 were legni Holmes Dorollu lIIe direction of IVIr. NIoise the instructor of Goodson Pauline Vvadford Norma Bong' music "1t EcImuncIs I'Iig,I1 SCIIOOI. In z1fIcIition to and Time Flowers' The boys glee Club hqd scIIooI '1ncI putriotie songs tIIere were atso IoIIc OH y vmout twuqly members which included H popular Songs. We felt mat muc was tI'Ie exceIIent cIouI3Ie qu'1rtet mide up oI Fh- gwinect Irom tIIese 1ssc.mIJIies' a cI too t ese Hon Bamweli Ralph Drl by INK Brac fort sings provi e 1 pIe1sHnt inIerxaI Iaetween 'RZTCS gflmno iaymond B1Q:ce1.D'Wid MII'-' tI'Ie reffulnr cIuss perio '. e 1Iso nd tu. op- I ton CITY an Warren In US' portunity. in eitI1er auclitorium or cIassroom lo Iiear many of tIIe gruxtest symp Ionies 'Inu MIXED CHORUS otI'1er music gems an to Iearn music Iitera- 'rhe rnixed Chorus WHS not Connected in any ture. PI-Iiis was macIe possiI3Ie Iay IVIr. Ixftoise Way Wilh the two glee Clubs- Iqowvcver num wud his use or the public qddress System' oI tI1e members were f1Iso members oI the gIee cIu Js. This cI1orus ' all of its wort: out of GLEIS CLUBS scIxooI in tie afternoons 'Inc 'It nigit. For Tile girIs gIee CILIIJ was mz1cIe up oI '1IJout t ose xsI1o were inlereste in music Jul xxI1osc, twirty girls from tI'Ie tI1ree cI1sses at our sc oo . Ileavy seI1ecIuIes cIirI not permit work I 'tI1 tI1e THE HIGH SCHOOL BAND Lal ro right Imct- Io ronl: I2I.nER'r I'IUl'IBARD, IACI' Bmcr .PAUL IIZNNINGS. EVIEIIISTT Ness Blu. Srunns, JoIIN bfIO'l'LEY Joe BLACIQMON I.0NNlE IN'IA'I'IIIs CA'fIIERlNlE IVIooIIIE, ROIIEIIT COURTIIIGHT, CLARK IVICCIIAIIY, IT. G. I'IOLLINGSXVORTlI, GRIEGG I'IoRNIi WN'Llli IBLACIQIIIUN, .IOIIN JolINsoN, IQAY GALI.owAY, BIiIJLAI'I NICCOY. VIRGINIA CLARK, CHARLES NABERS. RUTH NIICKI-E. VVA H- LEONIIIRTII WlLLIiXDI I5ARFII.iI.n, IIACIQIIE IIOIINSON, Boum' XKVILLIAINIS, rIIIII3I.rIA DIIIES, I'II2YwARo SMITH, DAVID EDENS, FRANCES IVIC- CLURI5 BETTY Grzvrkv, and NR, L. Q. IVIoisI:, director. s ' I H I I If a ' ' I I 1 I x 1 1 x I If 1 X 4 J , 1 1 . 1 f 3 .,f , f I 1 7 V , A , . ' f L 1. I x I cl I , IICI U I I I1 ' b L I I X I L L ' , fl , , Il I C S' K ' .. ,, d J I y I L v I ,Y l K 1 D r ' db W L I 1 I ' I I , Ac x 7 I L I N , QI , L I s C I C C 7 I did I , I C I . I ' ' . In I el , I I 1 I . f I1 I wi I , x f ' t x 1 x, I , , l V I S'I'I3vIsNsoN, Bunny Hoooii, SARAII IVIICKLE, LUIS DOLLARD. Jimmie NAIsI5Rs, PI:'rIaIz PII.1.As, I..lNNlE I'IvNns, CLYDE DURANT, ANNE , - , I H SENIOR GLEE CLUB Left lu right: PAULINIL XN'AmfoRIw tal the pianol, DORO'l'IlX' Goonsorv, NURAIA BONIZY. JULIA BULL fin lronl ot pianol, lj,-XVIII lXlILLs, VVARREN lX'lA'I'IIIs, CAIIOIJN VVILLIAAIS tin chairl, A"llL'l'0N TIZRRY tlmrli ol chairl, 'l4ILLIll l"1I.owI5Rs ton arm ul chairl, PIALILIY l'l0LMIiS ton lloorl. Alison! when picture was taken: JACIQ BIIAoIfoIzn, JAMES L?UT'l'lNO, R.Nl.I'li DIXBIXS. RAY- IKIoNn BAIQIEII, lVlARl0N BARNNVELL. glee clubs, this chorus ollerecl a real oppoi- lunity. BAND Last. hut lar from least, in this group was the hancl. Composecl ol' about lilly memhers, the lbancl provecl a great help ancl pleasure to our school ancl our entire Community. It was usecl to provicle music on many different oc- casions during the past year. ln assembly, the hancl often played lor programs. And. ol course, no lootlnall game was complete without the hancl. How colorful it loolcecl hetween halves as it marchecl up ancl clown the lielcl in purple ancl golcl unilorm with the clrum majors ancl lIliljOl'CllICS lwirlingg their hatonsl The hand al- so hacl an important parl on our Class Day program ancl at Commencement. ROCK HILL The pealc of the year in Eclmuncls High School music was Iiw Stale lxflusic Contest. This contest is helcl annually at Winlllrop Col- lege in Rock Hill. lt extends over a' period ol several days. The Sumter stuclents who par- ticipate in this contest are talcen lo Roclc Hill in the school hus, ancl while there they stay in the homes ol the city. This year the students lrom Sumter were very successlul in Rock Hill. Vvith bpricle we note that in each ol the nine contests enterecl a First or seconcl place was won hy Sumter, ancl the lirst places were in the big majority. The lollowing receivecl lirst ratings: Ellaert Huhharcl, Cornet: Jaclc Bracl- lorcl, lenorg Gregg Horne, tromhone: Jimmy Nalaers ancl Bill Stulahs, clrum ensemhleg Lin- nie Hyncls, Bololay XA1llliEll'l1S. Clarlc lVlcCrary. ancl James Cutiino, French horn quartet, ancl the Nlixecl Chorus. Seconcl rating were given lo the girls' glee cluln, the boys' glee cluh, ancl a Capella chorus. gtg!! ts ARTS AND CRAFTS 152 Left to right: WILLIE I'tARVlN 'l'noMAs, Nonmix BONEY, RUBY GARm5N'roN, JAMES PIOUSEND, TlI..l.Ili t"i.ow1zus, BET:-1 Dmouz, JEAN SUTTON, PEGGY RWERS. Absent when the picture was taken: JULIA BULL, Art Editor ut' Hi-VVAYS. MUSIC AND LITERATURE Left io right: TILLIE FLOWERS, PAULINE WADFORD, CHRISTINE EVANS. A . Arts and Crafts in Ectmuncls High Sctloot play an important part in title everyday life of ltie art stuctents. Ttwese students ctesign cos- lumesg they matte posters, ptace carats, stage scenery: anct they decorate for att occasions. Every year, extlilaits are hung in the art gat- tery. In November, we twact fifty-tour pictures on exhibit from the New York School of Fine and Apptiect Art. Ntusic and Literature when combined at- ways matce an effective program. In quaint cos- tume suc 'rs longfettoxfs ttlree 'lugtmtcrs might true worn Potty Wadtord Tillie Flowers wnc Christine Ev ms sang hrs of the Summer Night I-Ixus 'rl assembly pro ffram In February ttme American poet xx o wrote ltie tovety words ot ltie Sonff 'md WIIOSC Jirt lCt'lN comes in t 'it mont was I'l0l'lOl'CC A IEW DRAMATI CS 'DAVID lxllll.LS illlll IQEGGY I'I0Ll5IES HFC SllONVl'l llCfl! US llICy ilpl7Cill'f'Cl il! ll!!! pliiy, uhlllltf BOY COIHCS PIOIXIC. Dramatics mnltes Z1 strong appeal to most high school hoys uncl girls. Consequently, the clramatics cluhs at Eclmuncls High this yeor were overcrowclecl. Different groups worlcecl on plays at the same timeg uncl when one was reacly, the play was presenlecl helore the school. Vvhile the players were greatly henelitecl hy their experience in acting, they gave much pleasure to the school. Drcssmaking has hecomc very popular at Eclmuncls High S1-hool. Here we see Lucinda Carroway wearing .11 lovely chamlaray evening lroclc which she mncle in the home economics cleparlment. At' the South Carolina Style Show ancl Junior Honwemalcers Assoriation ol Eclu- cation helrl at Xfvinlhrop College in April, Lu- cincla was given an HExcellent" rating on her attractive Colton clress, whirh cost less than 53.00. H I GH DRESSMAKING LUCINDA CARROWAY PROI OGUE LDULAIION xfVEljli PLAY AMERICAN EDUCATION VVEEK PLM' The weelc ol Novernher 9-15 was olnserved throughout the nation as American Education weelc. During this period ol time, the schools all emphasized uEducation for a Strong America." The culmination ol the programs in Edmunds High School came on Friday when the seniors presented in assembly the play, Uwe Hold These Truthsf, HVVe Hold These Truths" is a musical play based on the Declaration ol Independence. The art department prepared the setting, all in red, white, and lalueg the music department was re- sponsible for the songsg and Miss Hepburn trained the players. It was a delightful per- lormance, which closed with a rousing "God Bless AlH6l'iCO,, sung hy the chorus and players just as the lights were lowered to a deep purple. Those who toolc part were, Prologue, left to 64 FEATURE HVVE i'i0LD TIIIESIZ TRUTIISU IXMIZRICAN Eouc.x'I'IoN VVEEK PLAY right: Tillie Flowers, Nancye Commander. Beth Dingle. Main group. Clifton Terry, seated on stool. First row: Heyward Smith, Jean Chandler, Nlatilda lVlcLellan, Harold Hatfield, Gregg Horne, Serena Spencer. Back of bench: Herald Latham, Vvilliam Lawrence. Back row: lxflarion Barnwell, Pauline VX7adlTord, Dorothy Goodson, Betty Newman, Carolyn Williams, Pauline Cooper, Frances Moses, Raymond Baker, Milton Terry, Ralph Dalohs, Norma Boney, Dorothy Barwiclc, Vvarren Mathis, James Cuttino, Jane Brown, C1-IRISTMAS CANTATA in these latter days when the tempo ol life is at larealcneclc speed and there is time only to race from jamlooree to jamhoree, the curtain in Edmunds Hi was drawn on December 19 lor a program. ol quiet devotions, solemn in its simple dignity, untouched lay aught save laeauty and F 194 -1942 reverence. One might have heen assisting al a servive in the seventeenth century. lfvehincl the vurtain the hoys' chorus preparecl the auclience lor the occasion hy singing Goofl Chrislicm Nlen Rejoice hy Bavh ancl the lracli- tional Gocl Resl You Nlerry Gentlemen., alter the Curtain was clrawn. The girls sang E1 ca- pellci the incomparahly touching Legend hy Tchniliovslci. Then, with orchestral accompaniment the mixccl vhorus sang the inspiring Rex Gloricie hy Samuel Richarcl Gaines. The worlc calls al- so lor a narrator. This part was suppliecl hy Dr. Glculon, whose clear cnuncinlion ancl impres- sive interpretation gave the inlenclecl touch ol prieslly clevotion. The Chorus aclmiralply han- Qllecl the exarling lasl: laicl clown hy the Com- poser. Their singing, partly a Capella, was al all limes highly expressive. deeply imhuecl with religious spirit. The orchestra was mosl help- lul, suggestive, hy the use ol its long sustainecl tones, ol the churchly accompaniment ol the if K 'Rex GLoR1,x1i" CTIIRISTMAS C,xNT,x'r,x organ. The audience left the auditorium in the silence that lollows a sacrecl service. Those who tool: part were, left to right: Jean Hawkins, lxlary Balcer, Stella Coelcerill, Har- riet lVlartin, Frances Brockington, Betty Zoe Rhame, Norma Boney, Augusta Clayton, Bar- hara Hester, Pauline Cooper, Carolyne Wil- liams. lVlary Jane Remlaert, Daviel hflills, Dot Cooclson. Nlilton Terry, Dorothy Barwieh, Lo- ring Fishlourne, Betty Newman, Charles Kin- ney, Gorflon Gulleclge, Clark Nlecrary, Davicl Cutlino, Bobby lxflellette, Kenneth Hill, hflrs. Buck, pianist: Nlr. lxloise, clireclorg Bohhy Wil- liams, horn: lxfliss Claussen. violing Elbert Hulbllarcl, Cornet: Nliss VValsh, llute: ,laclc Black, trumpet: Gregg Horne, Raymond Bala-rr, Pete Lulon, Ralph Dalohs, Charles Housencl, Robert Bramhall, VVarren Evans, VVarren Wlalhis, lVlary Young, Theoclosia lVloseley, Jane Brown. Dorothy Herring, Pauline Vvacllord, Nlary A. Pritchard, Nlary C. Vvilson, Dorothy Luton, Estha Newman, VVayne Stol-res. ORCllliS'l'll:X cillRlSTB1AS CLXN1 Wx JUN IOR-SENIOR Lvfz to riglrl: ivIARliLlliRl'l'li VVoon, JAMES i'loUsIzNn, FRANCEs Mosizs. BARNES BOYLE, LONNIE IVIATIIIS, LORITA RYAN, PEGGY IAIUTH, RALEII DABISS, IVIARIAN I.l5NOlR fpinying pianojp lfn DUNLAE, JULIA BUl.L. Junior-Senior foiiowoci lin- early American iiwme liIis year. and limi means inriinns and nil. Firsl, iiIere was a PIUQFHIII in lim auciiiorium. Tiuen, l'0fl'CSillllCl'liS in lin: caiclcria. A granri limc was imci ily aii, cspcciniiy liwse wiio fianccci lo lile music of liie Silaw Ficifi OrEiIesiraI. "l9-12 VARlE'I'llIS" Left lo rigizl, front row: WAIXIIEN ixiiATIllS, DOT IQAFFIELD, FRANCES MOSES, SUNNY LAWSON, BETTY BEATTY, LEGRANII BEATSON, RAYMOND BAKER, NANCYE CUMMANDER, PETER i'ILLAs, XAIIILLIAM LAwIzENcE, .IACK BLACK, HEYWARD SMITII, PAULINIZ W4XDF0RD int pianol. SI-cond row: l..UClI..I.li CARTER, PEGGY HUTII, NIXNCY NASI1, SERENA SPENCER, BYRD h'lURllAY, BETTY BRUNSON, IN-'TICIQEY CjlAl.l.OXVAY, LORINU FISIIBURNE, NORINIi BRYAN, JAMES CU'F1'INO, PETE LUTON, BARNES BOYLIZ, JIMINIY PALMER, HANK VVILSON, J. L. iVi0ONEYIlAN, I'IARllY FOXVLER, CAREX' EIRADHAM, XNIAR- REN EVANS. RALPI-I DABBS Uaack of pianol. A fine array of junior anci senior laicnl. in "l9'I'.2 Varieties," iieipcci iimc seniors raise scwmily- iive cioiiars for HI- VVAYS. Harry Fowler. I reccnl graciualc oi Sum lor Higil, was lin! main spring of lixe silow. FEATURE ' - '4 NIODEL PLANES Fon IDEFENSE It was Secretary ol the Navy Franlc Knox that callecl lor 500,000 moclel airplanes. It was all the schools ol America that answered that call. Anal Sumter was one of them. Aircraft-minclecl laoys lrom the shops ol hoth high schools were eager to talce part in the nationwide construction ol moclel planes. It was their way ol being in the air Corps. The United States Gllive ol Eclucation lurnishecl the plans and speciliralions. All moclels were lsuill to scale, ancl they were macle ol woocl. The types aslcecl lor ineluclecl not only those ol the Unitecl Nations, but also those ol the Axis powers. The manual training shops ol the Sumter schools hecame the busiest places in the lnuilclings. even rivaling athletics in clrawing attention to what they were cloing. Fine training in accuracy ancl exact computation was gained lay these classes, as well as a lcnowleclge ol the many different types ol airplanes. ' ri FFF? X Ni MODEL AIRCRAFT CLASS VVllcn a call came lor the schools tu construct mrxlel airplanes lor the Bureau ol Aeronautics, Sumter fell in line, ol course. Here we see one ol the classes. Left to right: Sr-ic FAucE'r'rEg Liar: NVAY: Bonny l'l0LMES3 MR. VV. H. SIIAVV, Super! intenrilent ol' the City Schools: PAUL Bouurx: T. M. VVAim: and JAMES CUBBAQE. 67 THE COLORS MONTGOb'lERY g . .- -la-Iscwig , ' , ILIT RY HISTORY Une of the main features in the curriculum of Sumter High School is mititary training. it was established forty-one years ago, shortly after the Spanish American War. it has con- tinuect throughout the years, and today, tue- cause of the present war, it is being stressed more. it has benefited the boys in that it has given them vaiuaiote outcioor exercise, has made them alert, and has taught them to give and taice commands. This training has been successful because the commandants and of- ficers have been efficient. Sumter boys have ai- ways stood Weil in military wherever they went to college. ORGANIZATION In the fail of 1941, military training was not resumecl at Edmunds High School, as the in- structors were caiiecl into the Army. However, the administration secured. through the Public Relations Board ot Shaw Field, the services of Captain Sargent, Lieutenant Angotti, and Ser- geant Anderson. Every Tuesday morning these officers met with the boys oi Sumter High School for one hour. Under these officers an 68 Color Guard. left lo right: JACK Biuurorm RALPII DAIIIIS, IQAYNOND BAIQIER, and JAMIS arlclecl interest in military training was clis- playecl lay tlie laoys. Tliis year, for tlie first time, tlxere was no clistinction between seniors, jun- iors, ancl sopliomores. lx!llI..lTARY CLU Is The lxflilitary Club, wliicli was estalalisliecl last year, has made great progress. It succeeded in its purpose ol furthering interest in military, wlxicll is sliown lay its large memlyerslmip. The members are: St. J. Barnwell, F. Brown, G. Campbell, E. Dunlap, K. Funderlourlc, H. Hat- lielcl, H. Smith, K. Humloert. D. Prince, B. Bartielcl, R. Arcl, E. Benlnow, J. Blaclcmon, B. Brunson, N. Elliott, B. Gibson, H. Gooclman, G. Cvooclson, G. Cvulleclge, C. Housencl, J. Lindley. VV. Lowcler, J. Luton, B. lxflanning, B. Plowclen, D. Prescott, B. Pressley, M. Quattlelbaum, C. Sliipley, lVl. Smitli, C. Strange, VV. Tomlinson. L. Vaughan, B. Vvat- son, R. Weathersbee, B. White, H. T. Goocl- man, anal Eclward Dunlap are instructors of tliis cluln. PHANTOM DRILL An activity tliat a large numloer of laoys in tlie senior class loolc forwarcl to is tlie pllantom clrill. ln the spring, when tlxis activity is begun, tlley polish up tlleir rifles ancl come to sclmool early to practice. Seniors in tlae pliantom olrill this year were: R. Balcer, J. Naloers, E. Dun- lap, P. G. Reynolds, C. Holladay, H. Smith, H. Hatlielcl, R. Dalolas, B. Scott, VV. Lawrence, S. Dunn, T. Tremlnley, M. Terry, J. Copeland, B. Barhelcl, N. Barlielcl, K. Funclerlaurlc, 0. Cluatliam, VV. Mathis, E. Hulolaarcl, A. Cooper, J. Mallard, St. J. Barnwell, VV. Jaclcson. F. Brown, J. Housencl, J. Bracllorcl, J. Mont- gomery, H. King, A. Pliifer, C. Balcer, J. Allen, J. Vaughan. "KEEP YOUR RIFLE SHININ' AND DONT LET IT RUST" Gun Cleaners. front to tzucle, left to riglit: SUNNY LAWSON and lVlARlON BARNNVELL lon lloorl. BILLY INAIJNET flaaclc ol Lnwsoni. First row, belrirzd these: RAYMOND BAKER, BILLY IBROAIJXVELL, DAVID BRITTON, .IULIAN ALLEN, WARREN l.VlATlAlIS I.-AVVRENCE WlIl1'lE. Second row: BILLY SCOTT, FRED BRONVN, ED DUNLAP, WlLI.lAh1 LAWRENCE, GILBERT BRADIYIAM, VAL ENTIN lx'llOLINA, .IOIIN PIiI3nI.Es, KlNGSI.liY l'IUMBliRT, KENNEX' FUNDERBURK, 'TROY NEWMAN. Tlrirrl row: JAMES Hous END, LANVRENCE Houoi-I, C1-IARLES l10LLADAY, IIIMMIE NIKBIERS, ST. .IULIAN BARNWELL, ARCHIE CTOOPER. ,rv 'S air - ' si if K M U SI C POLLY YVADFQRD and BARNES BOYLti stucly music at tlie lmoarcl. Tlie lvlusie clulJ acconlplislmcl most tllis year lay listening to classical rccorcls Lluring tlleir cluln periurl. Everyone trierl to distinguish tlic- souncls ol tlie elillerent instruments on time orclicstra. At' terwarmls, under tlie guiclance nl lxlr. L. C. lvluise, tlte group woulcl cliscuss tlne merits ol enola com- position. Tlie purpose ol all tliis was to lu-lp tlic-nz :Appreciate tlle very lnrst music. MODEL AIRPLANE Left to riglwt: .luL1AN ALl.IEN, BILLY INABNET, KEATINLZ SIINIONS, JAMES IVIONTALISANO, Ct1ARl.ES l'lOUSEND, Tlnc Airplane clulu, uncler Wir. R. L. Vvallier. lruilt planes nl several clillerent types. Some macle solicl wooden models, wliilc otlmrs constructecl tlieir planes from loalsa woocl nncl paper. ln tlnc latter class were stationary moclels ancl even some that could be llown an sliort clistance. Tlxe clulr also studied tlur lligllt ol' real airplanes anal gliclers. BOYS' SPORTS Al the bat is WfxvNxz Lowmin. Catcher is Clmlmlzs KINNEY. Otlmrs. left to riglzt: CHARI.u3 B1KKER, LAXVRENCE Houon, RAYMoNn BAKER. CliiXRI.ES l"lOLLADAY, ARCHIE COOPER, OSCAR CIHATIIAM, .limes NICCZASKILI.. Tlic Sports clulv, sponsored lay Mr. Huglt Kollm, lnacl as its cliielq aim tlle improvement ol' llie pliysi- cal conclilion ol' its lll0Hll'JCI'S. lnstearl ol liaving programs, tlm clul: memlners tool: part in some atllletic activity. sucli as lootlmll, loaslictlzall, anal lmaseliall. LUB . CDM MOVIE AND KODAK Left to right: i'iAR0l.lJ DEAN, ivitl.TON Yi-ERRY, P,x1"I'ni i'i0I.MAN, Noruvoon I3ARI'lliI.D, ix'iARIE ITIMMONS. HILTON KING, VVARREN iViA'I'ltlS. The Niovie :Incl Kncinii ciuiz tixeri up n Linric mum in which to rievciup their tiims. The cicnr' ness anti composition of thc- prints were Iiiscussmi nnci suggestions oiicrvct tor improvcmcnt, Tim movie fans discusscci the host pictures thnt they lmft sccn ciuring thc year. ivtiss Parker nnlt iviiss Cassatt wx-rc sponsors ot these two ciuhs, SAFETY Luft Io right: GILIIERT Bn,xnI'mM. Kt.iNN1' FUN- DERBURIQ, BILLY SCOTT. ix'liARlON B,xRNxvI3I.L. 1Vix'n'I'LI2 STAFFORIJ. EIIIISIA DlZl.l. IQNILLIIT. Those hoys and girls who inciongf-ci to Itw Safety ciuh stuciicci tmttic ruies for the sat.:-ty ot' prcicstrizms. iaicyciz- ririers. nnci ctrivcrs ni' auto- mohitcs. Wir. Bailey, one of Itte Higilxvziy Patrol- mcn, directed this cttuh. Such usciui vxpcricnccs as paratiet parking. parking on hiiis. and turning around on hills were actuniiy pructiccci. KNVITING Left to right: PEGGY i'i0l.!NlES, BHTII DlNt1I.Ii. DOROTIIY HARTIN. The Knitting ciuh ciici in great Lim-at nt' aim-hzrxsc worii this year. Sonic ni' lim IltClttiDt!l'S coutci not knit when they joincci the ciuil. hut tim sponsor. Miss Harriet Heriwrt, taught them how. A few nmnnhcrs spent their time knitting for thcmscivcs. Others knitted tor thc Rui Cross ami Bunctics tor Britain. A number ot swcrntzrrs um' smarts VVGFE Hllllfilf FOI' lil0SC. .fi- iwiif-5i.s?f55?fS,, -4 I III!! H I Wa JS? ARE CDCIAL ARTS AND CRAFTS Left to riglrt, lacwles to cmneru.: BE'I"I'Y BLACK- MoN, PAULINE CooIfER. Otlmrs: MATILIIA Mc' JLELLAN, .JULIA BULL. KATIIIQRINE DELORME, Nonwoon SCIINVARTZ, lVIARGARET TAYLOR, MAR- GIE CURTIS, Rum CARRENTON. Mflflj' of llvc girls and laoys too are intercstccl in the worli ol' tlic Arts :Incl Crafts cluln. VVl1iCll is spnnsorenl lly lwlrs. H. Forester. Soap Carving, spzxtter worlc, silhouette cutting. clrawingf, :Incl painting were all clonu by tllis clulv ul clillqcrcnl timns Iluring llxr: year. JUNIOR RED CROSS Left to right: ELIzAIaE'I'I1 EVANS, DOIXA VXIELLS, FLORENCE REIwIIsER1', EARLYNI5 REESE, CECIL. YDUNG, EMILY KOLB, DoRo'rI-Iv VVARREN, ELIZA- IIETII NEXN'B'tAN, JEAN CIIANIILER. Tlzc Junior Red Cross clula was quite busy tllis year. Flowers were sent once at weeli to tlte lms- pital at Slmw Fielcl. Tlxe group also culleclecl looolis and nmgazines for the library out tltcre. The more incluslrious mcmlmcrs made quilts :Incl clotlting lor tlIc local Rvcl Cross Clmpter. COMMERCE Loft to riglwt, to front: FRANCES lX'llCCLUI2li. WlLl.lAhl KINNEY, EVELYN' MOIIKIAN, DOI' JACK- SON, XIIOLET NENN'NIAN, ETIIEL WIXIINER, JETHEL LEWIS, DAN BROVL'N. ANNIE lx'lAE l'lATFll'ELD, Rum' LEE SIDIPSON, JEAN ELIAIORE, lVlARtAN LE- NOIR. Back: XAIILLIAM CARTER, ETI-IEL HVATES. Tllc Comruerce clula nmcle imaginary interviews witlI prospective employers nnnl practicecl writing letters ol implication lor positions. Gnml nncl lmrl teclmiques lor using tlte telcplmone lor lnxsinc-ss purposes were also cliscussecl. T L, .AEI frm Pri' r ya I I sazgrfiv ' I OM ARE UT TY SPANISH Left lo right: ELBERT FIUBBARD, DICK BURNS, XIALENTIN MOLINA, RAYII-ION SCI-IWARTZ, CLAIRE PI.ownEN. Tim purpose oi time Spnnisii ciuiJ was to in-A crease time iinowiecige oi tile group in rcgnrci lo lim Spanisix ianguage anti lilose countries speak- ing it. Tim ciuim sluciieci. witil Miss Margaret Brunson, tiie iiistory, government, customs, ami cuitumi imciigruumi of ibolil Spain and Latin America. Tim presicient oi tiiis ciuim was Vnientin Niuiinn, our young irienci from iviexico. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Left to rigid. sealed, front: i'iILTON KING, JTIIOINIAS TIIAIIIES, OSCAR CIfIA'rIIAIvI. Baciz: JOIIN RIVERS. Oliiersc 'TONY BROWN, LELANI7 BRLJNSON, GIEORGE CANIPIXELL, D. J. BENBOVV, XAIALTER JACKSON. Tile Divcrsiiicci Occupations ciuin was nmcie up ni slucicnts wilo ilild part time cmpioymenl. Tiley ciiscusscci line ruies for efficiency. The IIICHEIJCFS if-arneci line ruciiments oi business in li1is way, as liicy ciici not take a conunerciai course. Mr. J. VV. Ciiumiicr was sponsor. BOYS' 4-H Begin. loft, circle: CLARENCE BRUNSON, iViEN- DEL STAFFORD, JoIIN REAMES. MR. BOVVEN, JoI'IN JoIINsoN, LONNIE MfKTl'llS, EUGENE JACKSON, ROBERT FARMER, JOHN PEISIJLES, JAMES HOUS- END. Time iaoys in tiie fi-H ciuiv sluciieci mc-timcis ni intensive farnxing nnci soii conservntion. As iarm prociucls arc needed to fceci our iigixling forces and nur growing army of workers. as weii ns for use in lim nmnuincture ni war materials, linis stuciy was very inIpnrtnnL READING Front to lmclz, left to right: JIMMIE NABERS, JIM lVIALL.-XRD, SUNNY LAXVSON, JOI-IN HUGHES, CHARLES PROPST, D, J. BENBOXV, C. W. l'lICK- ARD. THOMAS THAIAIES, CLARENCE EVANS, 'TROY NPIXVNIAN, CHARLES lVl0ORE, IRVIN SEYMOUR, SAM SNIITII, 'FED WRlGflT, JOHNNIE lVlAE FLOYD, CLEO GOFF, LUTHER PACK, MARGUERITE NIC- HOLS, BETTY DEAN Cocr-IRAN, DOROTl'!Y GOOD- SON, MAIIY EMMA IJANCOCK, MARGUERITE WOOD. SUSIE BRUNSON, FRANCES BATENIAN, LORITA RYAN, RUTH FOXXVORTH, CONNIE BROTHERS. They spent tlIeir leisure time reacting goocl laoolis. F. F. A. Begin, left, circle: VVILIIUR JACKSON, J. P. BROUGHTON, CLARENCE BRUNSON, SAM JOHN- SON, EARNEST DRIOOERS, MR. ALEXANDER, JOHN JOHNSON, EUGENE JACKSON, LONNIE MATIIIS, JOHN PEEBLES, JAMES JOHNSTON, lvlENDEL STAF- FORD. Tlxe Future Farmers Ol America rliel muclx world tlmt was similar to tl1zIt clone lyy tlIe Buys' 4-H club. Tllcy stucliecl tl1e judging Ol larm HtlllllEllS. ll0WCVCl', EIS well EIS Soils and CfUpS nncl tlle proper worliing Ol tllose crops. Mr. Alexnncler VVHS SIJOIXSOF. D RAMATI CS Left io riglzt: DAVID MILLS, lVlAROARI2'I' l'lU'l'Il, YIJILLIE FLONVERS, lVlAROIE l'lICKS, DOROTHY FER' RIGAN, PEGGY HOLMES, ELIZAIIETI-I BOYKIN, SE- RENA SPENCER, DOT l"l0LTON, NORBIIX BONEY, and ISAIIELLE BURRESS. Tlte Dramatics clulrr, sponsored lwy lVlrs. J. P. Wlallarcl, stuclierl sulujects relatecl to tlIe stage. Among tllcse were acting, directing, costuming. anal scenery. Plays were gotten up lay clillerent groups and presentefl to tlte Otlicrs lor Criticism. Several clcliglltlul assemlwly programs were given lay tlme cluln. Q? I, V1 . i1 fy. . L. ,es- OME ARE DE MILITARY En DLiNl.1XP fin COIlllllHI"ld,. Left to right: HEY- VVARD SMITII, FRED BROWN, DENBIAN PRINCE, HAROLIJ LIATFIIZLD, KINGSLEX' HUHIBERT, NVIL- LIAIVI BAREIELD. Tire iaoys in tlIe Wiiiitary ciuiq were unfortunate tixis year in not imving a faculty sponsor. Never- llleiess, unzicr tllc nivic leadership ol' tile presicicnt. Eci Dunlap, tllc group ciici exceedingly gooci world. Tiley spent tincir cluln periods in ciriiiing, nncl in studying tim Iuiiitary tactics useci in lIl0CiCI'Il war- fare. GIRLS' 4-I-I Front, left lo right: CUNNIE SKINNER, JEAN BIDAULT, IVIARTHA GEDDINGS. Jo REA CAMI-IIELL. Back row: LOUISE PREscoTr, BERTIE LEE BRUN- SON, LOUISE OSEORNE, DOROTIAIY PRESCOTT, DOLLY GEDDINGS, DORIS NEXVDIIKN, JEssIE PROC- 1'oR, IVIARY ALICE PROCTOR, LEoI.A NESBITT. The giris in time -fl-H ciuio were riivicicti into two groups. One group ciwse tiIe study of ciIiciten raising as its cl1iel' project, wiliie lim other group cimse garcicning. Mrs. Bateman was sponsor tor liIe ciuin. J. H. A. Left to right: EVA LEE VVARD, 'TIPPIE ELAM. FRANCES ARD, FRANCES iViATTl'IEXVS, ALENE BROXVN, GENEVA PARKER. WlNE'F'I'fk BAKER, ELIZAEETII Gnuuus, BETH DINGLE, JEAN SXVEATTE, LUCINDA CARRONVAY. The aim oi tim Junior Homcmaiccrs Association is it weii-rouncieci personality for every giri anci a imppy lmome for cvcry family, Tlmcir project for tl1is ycnr. in orcier to aid in tile national conserva- tion program. was vegetaiaie garcicning. Mrs. Knight was sponsor. PUBLICATI HIGH EWS Choclced lull of sports, defense, and gossip, til- teen issues ol Sumter High News rolled off the press this year. Readers fought for their copies. scanned the serious news items, devoured the gossip, waited-some fearfully, some hopefully'-1 lor next weelfs paper. Gossip columnists, Dot Rallield and Doc lVlathis, made friends and ene- mies with each successive issue. High News for '41-'42 was not sensational. Em- phasis was placed on news coverage. First year journalism students tried to Ucovern the whole school, filling the paper with "doings" of clulos. organizations, assembly programs, and class ac- livities. A number of honors were won during the year. Mary Alice Pritchard, Alton Ardis, Van New- man, Jack Copeland, Jack Bradford, and Bill Doverspilce won places in the annual 'Story of the Nlonthu contest sponsored by Winthrop Col- lege and "The Statef' High News was judged a HDistinguished" newspaper in the southwide con-- test sponsored hy Emory University and "The Atlanta fournalf, Qutstanding editorial features of the year were the work of sophomore journalism students who carried on advanced assignments, who handled the hardest news stories. These students, Bill Doverspilce and Van Newman, also won places in the Hstory of the lxflonthu contest. Dorothy Barwiclc brought in ads a plenty. Al- ton Ardis had everyone guessing what would come out under his name next. Mary Alice Pritch- ard wrote editorials tirelessly. Billy Broadwell did a time jola of his worlc as managing editor. Barnes Boyle could always he depended on to get his stories done quiclcly and well. HIGH NEVVS STAFF Loft lo right, front row: .Lxcii Bufxnronn, EARl.YNE Reese, IVIARY ALICE Piurci-man. Second mm: P. G. REYNOLDS, VAN lXlENVMAN, GREGG HORNE, DAN BROXVN, BARNIES BOYLE. Back row: WILLIAB1 CARTER, LEROY GIBSON, XAIILLIAIVI- Brzofxn- WELI., BURCHELL lvllNTON. nncl Al.1'0N Anais. Absent when picture was taken: Doc lVlATI-IIS, Advertising Manager, Writer ul' mlialiing Stoclc with Doc." gg-- ' - ' ff Q-.. ' f'1:,.ga-a ,124 ,,. ii!-73 " Hi-WAYS STAFF Left to rigizt, arounrl tim table: BILLY Scorr, PEGGY RIVERS, BILLY BROADVVELI., SIIEIIARII DUNN, Business Mziimgcrg .lm DXIALLARD, Editor: Nomm BUNIEY, JOIIN REAMES. Absent wlxen picture was taken: JULIA BULL, Arty JACK BRAIIFORII and DoIzo'rIIY RAFFIIZLD, Sports Editors. HI-WAYS Each year tlme critics of tlie N. S. P. A., of which HI-VVAYS is a memlaer, lwave given our an- nual a higher score than tlie year lnelore. For the past two years, "lVliss Heplburnys Book" lias been awarclecl a first-class rating. Although HI-WA1'S l1as been outstanding in tl1e past, the staff feels quite certain that tlIe 1942 edition will be ranlcecl as tlie laest yet, ancl that to have a loetter one next year will loe a olillzicult taslc. The staff has triecl to give the Hi-story of tlne Class ol '42 as interestingly as possible. We leave it to you to clecicle on tlle quality ol this year's annual. ll you agree with us that it's tops, tlien we lIave justification in challenging next year's stallf lo improve on wlwat we've clone as tlme staff of HI-WAX'S 1942. TlIe stall' gets all the creclilg Time scltool gets all tlIe lame: The pulalislIers get all IlIc money: lvliss Heplnurn gc-is all tlIe lDlElIllC.n HIAWAX'S 'FYPISTS ln front, at typcwritcrs: CHARLIE BAKER, Chairman, and lVlARlAN LENOIR. Buck row, left to right: l..U'l'lIIiR PACK, PAULINE COOPER, MIL- TON rI1IZRRY tstanrlingj, DAVID DXIILLS, Dorm WELLS, unit EIIMA DELI. KNlGIi'l'. DVERTI N 1 3 ded .-,gy i J v BUSXNESS Left to right: Bmw: Soon, 'Yn,x,n2 N AYS D, AEAN Cx HX, W lm MALLAR Rum-ans. f MNDLER, SWE. P Dum-:N CONGRATULATIONS TO T1-114: CLASS OF 1942 from FGLSOIVVS Jewelers for Three Generatiovzns "THE RING LEADERS SINCE 1868" DIAMONDS-WATCHES-JEWELRY FINE IQEPAIRI NG-ENGIQAXVJ' NG J. B. FOLSOM, OVVNER CLASS OE 1911 80 Hr xi' l Congratulations to the Class of 'AQ Cantey- Plowden CO. FANCY OROCERIES, FRESH MEATS GROCERY PHONES 706-707 1WARKIC'1' PHONE 645 ' GEORGE H. HURST 8: SONS FURNITURE DEALERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS PRIVATE AMBULANCE 202-204 NOR'EH MAIN ST. SUMTER, S. C. STORE PHONE 538-NIGHT PHONE 539 Compliments HENRY LUCAS GARAGE 105 EAST LIBERTY PHONE 470 "General Auto and Truck Refva'iring"' 8I CONGRATULATIONS from FISHEL'S OFFICIAL J EWELERS TO THE SENIOR CLASS Of SUMTER HIGH SCHOOL Rcju'eseuiaf'iv0s of jOSTEN'S jWlIllZlfC1Cf741'Cl'S af Class Rings DEPENDABILITY SINCE 1897 FISHEL'S JEWELRY STORE A lways THE GLDEST STAND THE NEWEST STOCK I 832 I 942 SUMTER, S. C. 82 IN OUR MORE CONVENIENT HOME Om' H ope I s To serve our customers better and better. To give the best values possible for Ilierchauclise of quality. To give with our service El warm welcome at all times. V76 want you to make our store your lieaclquarters. "Meet me at the dry g0ocZS" THE SUMTER DRY GOOD CQMPA Y CImIrLIMI5N'I's. or THE RU-VELLE Reafly-to-PVCIII' and flcce5s01'1'vs Coilzjvliviziezzts of GABLE-REID, INC. INSURANCE SERVICE 126 NOR1'I-I MAIN Srrmrfr SU MTER, S. C. A. J. HATFIELD AUTO PARTS AND SUPPLIES The Leading Parts House A SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA PI-IONESI DAY 585, NIGH'1' 242-L 140 N. MAIN ST 83 CONGRATULATIONS To The 1942 GRADUATING CLASS I MAY WE HOPE THAT YOU TOO FIND U. S. TIRES AND GULF PRODUCTS ON YOUR RIGHT ROAD TO SUCCESS B. 8: H. SERVICE STATIONS PHONES 1-33-581-14 8 D. R. PLOWDEN G. W. SHAW Best Buick Yet SUMTER BUICK COMPANY IrW1lB'1I Bfffm' Azzfovlzoln-iles are Built Buick Will Bwild The11z-"' PHONE 886 212-214 VV. L1BER'I'X' C0'7l1 f1I'i1l1-011.15 IMPERIAL HOTEL AND COFFEE SHOP M. B. COX, Owzmr COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF '42 BELK- TROM N CO "lVlzm'v You Ildfay Shop IfV1'fh C0llfdC'lZCL7' SUMTER'S SHOPPING CENTER 1 PHONE 888 23-25 S. MAIN STREET 85 BUILDING MATERIALS LEI-IIGI-I CEMENT-Po1'tlancl LEHIGI-I HIGIfl-EARLY-Quick Setting Cement KEYSTONE LIME-I-Iydratecl REYNOLDS ECOD LATHS-Insulated or Plain-Galvanized or Un- galvanized Metal Laths CERTAIN-TEED AND VVEAVER-VVall Asphalt Roofing PITTSBURGH PAINTS-"Color by Nature-Paints by Pittsburgh" TRUSCON VVATERPROOFINGS AND PLASTER BOND U. S. RED TOP PLASTER VV hen in the market for any of these nationally ztclvertised products thev are as near you as your telephone. For prompt, courteous service call- PHONE 14 VVELTB RY L MBER CO PA Y Across A. C. L. Tracks MANNING AVENUE SUIWTER, S. C. 86 COMPLIMENTS OF HILL PLUMBING CO. 29 Dugan St., Sumter, South Carolina PLUMBING AND HEATING Prompt Affrzztion to Small Jobs Cozzlfvlizzzvlzts of HILL-SCOTT ELECTRIC CO. 29 Dugan St., Sumter, South Carolina FRIGIDAIRE DEALERS Congratulations upon completion of your first important step on the walk of life May we serve you, arranging the comfort of the "Little Home" when you are ready for that all-important step of matrimony? HOME FURNITURE COMPANY "LN tus feafltm' your Jzvsf with cz Iitflc d0it'1z"' DR. HANNA R. KRISTIANSON OPT OMETRIST Eyes Texted Glasses Fitted 18 VVest Liberty Street House Phone 956-J OSTEEN PUBLISHING COMPANY Pzzblislzers ,THE SUMTIQR DAILY ITEM COMMERCIAL PRINTERS ENGRAVING Phone 30 C0ll'lf71iIIl-l'71fS of UNION BROKERAGE COMPANY VVHOLESALE GROCERS G7 THOMAS 85 HOWARD COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS SUMTER, S. C. C0lZgl'UfllIUfi01'lS to flzc S8111-Ol' Class From DELORME'S PHARMACY DRUGS SODAS CANDY "1867"-"7-'l ycars of .vefnzfice In ,S'umfc'r" 17 S M:XIN STQET PHONE 45 945 CLAREMONT HOTEL SUMTER's FINEST VV. E PRATT, M af: 1 gf p ffl CI t 88 We Carry a Good Line of Building Materials SHA L MBER CO C0ng1'a,I'11Iaz'io1z.v fo S6'1I'l.0'7'S HEARON'S PHARMACY "If It's in the Drug Lille-Hearon Has IH' PHONE 36 SUMTER, S. C. C 01I'g'l'U'f'MIU'ff0'7l.Y to the Class of '42 J IM'S WAFFLE SHOP Famous for ,S'tc'a.ks PHONE 143 OPPOSITE POST OFFICE BEST WISHES To THE CLASS OF '42 SYDNOR'S GROCERY 89 I NAL DEEE S .MM .wg ,fi RED CROSS Left lu riglil: ETHEI. Lewis, SARAH JONES, JUANITA C-AI.I.owAY, IVIARY HANCOCK, anrl ANNIE lvlfxli HA'I'IfII3I.n. These are il few of the girls wlno do Rccl Cross work in aclclilion to paying llieir llllf!lll7Cl'Slllp lens. Tlie lmys anal girls of Eclniumls Higli are enrolled in Junior Reel Cross l00'M1. DEFENSE STAMPS Left to rigfzl: lx'lARGlE CURTIS. ST. .IULIAN BARNXVELL, lvIA'l'lLDA lVlCLELLAN, DICK BURNS. CLAIRE PLOVVDEN. and JULIA BULL. Tlirill mul pZlll'iCltiSlll are llic orclcr ol llle clay Ht Eclniumls. Sludcnls have cliargc ol' lllC sale ol clelcnsc slamps, ancl every clay sees lliesc stamps growing into defense lmncls. AUTO MECHANICS Left to riglit: EVELYN lVlARs1IAI.1., IDA ELLIS, Cl'lARLES Moons, JIMMY NABIERS, SAM SIIIITII, CIIAIQLES lAl0LLADAY, WlLLlANl KINNEY, and CIf.NRLlE BIKKEIZ. Auto mcclianics may line a first step lowarcl airplane nieclianics. Tliis class was organized io give practical lcnowlcclge to tlioso wlio Illily nec-cl it lor National De-lcrmsc-. AND THE CLASS - '42 SAILORS RETURN Luft lo right: SAM SMITII, CllARLES ivi0ORE, HERALIJ i..ATllAiNl flime sniiorj, IDA ELLIS. IRVIN SI5vIvIoUR, EVELYN ix'iARSlIALL, JULIANA ,ALLEN fexaxxiining time cnpi, Imci JOHN RIVERS. Hcrziici icil iligii sciiooi io join lixc Navy. "Home comes tiie sailor, imme irom liie scan: ioui ilC'S sliii in iixc service. f' - f' "!- , :fi fff7,5f 54-4 ffwj , O .L , . , . Zfwyv NURSING "Palienl," PEGGY I-iU'I'II. Left to right: DORO- TI-IY FIARTIN, PATTY i'iOLMAN, NIICKEY GAl.L0- WAY, ISADELLE BUIIIIESS. ri'l'lEl.MA Dress, .IDIINNY MAE FLOYD, Bli'i"l'Y i3I.AcRMoN. KATIIEIXINIE Diz- LORMIE, DOR0'l'lIX' FEIIRIGAN. M.NRliIE i'ilCliS. FRANCES BRUNSON, VVIIQIETTA BAKER, Piiuov HOLIVIES, MARUII5 CURTIS, and NANCYI5 Com- XNIANUER. Seniors luicing tiIis course imvc distant visions of nursing soiciic-rs. VICTORY GARDEN Left to rigint: ARCl'lIE Coomzn, KENNEY FUNDIZRBURK. CIIIKRLES BLAIR, ISABELLE BUR- RESS, und FLORENCE REIvIIII5Iz'I'. "it iooics like an easy tiling. inul wail liii you lry Il." However. iresil vcgfciaiiies, proper rations, imllcr iwaiiil, mimi ai slronger muruic iior Ainericzms wiii come ou! oi our iilousnncis oi Viclory Gnnicns. li ,J if 1 ff' i II II fl .1 ' W' j 1-I , 1.4, ?l" W is Y Q :I-I 10 ..,, 1. -i 3 -Q. :iq " .Jigg- CONGRATULA FIONS AND BEST VVISHES To Each M8111l701' of the Class' of 1942 GALLOWAY ESL MOSELEY QUALITY JEWELERS 36 S. MAIN STREET VVATCHMAKFRQ TNGRANI RS DIAMOND SI:1Th3Rs Yom PIIfl0Il0g0 is Appwaiafcrl EAT AT KELLEY'S COFFEE SHOPPE S NIANNING AVENUE SUMTER, S C "WHERE GOOD FRIENDS MEET TO EAT 92 Congratulations To The CLASS OF 1942 From The MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEES OF SOUTH CAROLINA CONTINENTAL TELEPHONE COMPANY STUBBS BROTHERS, INC. Cloflzfug, Fzmzzlvlzizzgs, Hats, and Shoes NUNN-BUSH ANKLE FASI-IIONED OXFORDS PHONE 263 19 SOUTH IXEAIN STREET SUMTER, S. C. Com p1iW1,f.f of DUCKER 81 BULTMAN, INC. The Home Tozwz. Grocer Szfvzve 1876 DONVNYFLAKE DOUGH NUTS FRESH DAILY BULTMAN'S CASH AND CARRY MAIN STORE AND MARKET 39 S. Main St. 15-17 N. Main St. Free .DL'I1"UlZI'j', Boflz Stores 93 CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes to the 1942 Class THE SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK SUMTER, S. C. 211101111201 F11dc'1'al Reserve Systenzl lVIe11zbe1 I4C'CI1C'I'Cll Deposit I11s111'a11cc C0'1'P0I'fZff0711 OFFICERS R. L. MCLEOD, Mmzagci O. L, YATES, Assistant IVIa11agcr I f' f w-. '1 94 C07lI'fJlI7ll'CHl'.S' of FARMERS' EXCHANGE Corner Hampton and Harvin FERT1LIzI3R, ITEIQD, FARM IMPLEMENT5-A, GARDEN SEED Phone 670 COM 111.1 M ENTS OF SUMTER VENETIAN BLIND MFG. CO. .Makvrs of VENTU VENETIAN BLINDS CAROLINA HARDWARE CO. "Where Your Business is A1J1J1'CCI2.ltCCI,, PAINTS BUILDERS' HARDWARE GLASS AND CI-IINAWARE PHONE 525 SU1x1'1'1'2R, S. C. C011g1'ntuIa!'i011.v mm' Best IfVisl1e.f to ffm Class of 19412 NESS H101-1 GRADE READY-To-WEAR C0lIlf7lf'l1lt'Hf.S' of WHITE AND KENNEDY, INC. 'YQIIFIUIQJ Shoes and I-Iosicv-39' 22 South Main Street Sumter, S. C COM Pm MENTS OF SUMTER MACHINERY COMPANY 95 Compliments WILLIAMS FURNITURE CORPORATION FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS FACTORY SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA Sales Ojicvs and Displays NEW YORK, CHICAGO, I-IIGII POINT, and SAN FRANCISCO GENERAL FINANCE COMPANY Azztomobfle Loans 2 N. MAIN STREET PIION13 48 SUMTISR, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF BOOTH-BOYLE LIVESTOCK CO. HORSES, MULES, WAGONS IOI-IN DEERE FARM IMPLEMENTS 12 VVEST HAMIPTON AVENUE COIIIPIZITILCIIIS of HOLLAND OFFICE SUPPLY CO. UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER AGENCY SUMTER, S. C. 96 Industrial Equipment Company of South Carolina F ARMALL Power Sales Service GRAIN T ooLs PLOWS HARROWS HAY MACHINERY o B. L. MONTAGUE Wlachinery and Supplies PHONE 1201 i w.T,. I J. WHITNEY CUNNINGHAM, A. I. A. No. 2 P1.E1esoN BUILDING PHONE 755 C07I'lf7lI'Illl'lIfS of KIRKLAND CLEANERS AND DYERS 25 XV. L1B1f:R'1'Y STR1axc'1' PHONE 701 FUR MANY YEARS K RESS STQR ES Have Sfvcvialisvd in School R'vqz4i1'r111c1zt,s' BIG VALUES LITTLE PRICES "'IfVaz'c11, K rass W'in,dows" SUMTER, S. C. 1 i-If-I 98 Cozlzplzmvlzfs of SUMTER ICE AND FUEL COMPANY ICE AND COAL COMPL1M12NTs OF FRANK'S TRUCK TERMINAL F. W. FERRIGAN PHONE 667 PIG INN 2 lllilvs on the Colznzzlzia Highzcfa-3' FOUNTAIN SERVICE CLAYTON LOWDER P1eOPR119'1'O1 C01ILf7If7'7lL?17l'.Y of SUPER IDEAL MARKET S. Main Street FANCY GRQCERIES INIEAT PRODUCTS Besf PVixl1e.v fo flu? Graduating Class of 1942 LAVVSON'S PHARMACY, INC. Phone 568-"'Y011 rlowft lzazfe to wait" MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT LAWSON'S CONGRATULATIONS TU TI-Ili CLASS OF '42 EFIRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE "'IfVe flpp1'ec1'afe Your Pt11'l'011'llg!Z" 99 CONGRATULATIONS BERELL'S DRESS SHOPS Up-To-T110-Mimltc' Styles 30 N. MAIN STREET SUMTER, S. C. LAST MINUTE PRINTING Did you ever start looking in your stock of printed material and End that you were "Just out?" Well, in such cases just give us a ring . . . Phone 474 SUMTER PRINTING COMPANY J. S. MCCLAM FRESH MEATS 8z GROCERIES MANNING AVENUE PHONE 481-J P. S. DuBOse's Esso Station C olrnm' Was11i1'1gfo1z and Liberty Strfcls ESSOLUBE MOTOR OIL ESSO ESSO-EXTRA ESSO MOTOR OIL IOO Different? . . . Yes! That extra touch of rennement that makes you chic and individual in our clothes! THE SMART SHOP "'Finc' W' 0'7I1C1lJS Wezzr' Phone 885 Z7 S. Main Street C. G. ROWLAND, President ROWLAND WAREHOUSE COMPANY Licensed and Bonded Under the United States Warehouse Act COTTON STORAGE Rcfercnccx: THE N'A'l'IONAL BANK OF SOUTH CAROLINA, Sumter, S. C. C0lIlf7l'f'll1ft"llfS of PIEDMONT AUTO PARTS CO., INC. 7-9 Caldwell Street Sumter, S. C. C. L. LUTZ W. E. KINZLE RODGERS CLEANERS DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING Clotlzing Renewed 154 South Main Phone No. 894 AVERY LUMBER CO. SUMMER, S. C. CONTRACTING BUILDING MATERIALS DUNLOP TIRE 81 RUBBER CORPORATION Opposite Post Ofnce Sumter, S. C. Phone 4 J. JEFF WILLIAMS Good T1'aa'c-in Allowance Budget P11111 Available IOI L rm. 55 X. , I ' "11t.- 'i I ,.,, 1, sais-fr , I" REVERENTIAL YOUTH KEATING Suvioivs and JULIA BULL place the Hag Imesicle a portrait ol Dr. ECImuncIs. "There is l'tOlIlIIlQ more lacautitul tIian rcverenliaI youtlxu in tlie stress ancl strain ol' war times. DEMOCRATIC VOTING Registering: PATTY PRATT. Left lo riglit: Louisiz OSRORNE, IVIARY I'IANCOCK. LUCINDA CAIRRO- NVAY. THOMAS THAMES, and TED WRIGEIT. Tlie Iiirst slcp towaral clcmocratic voting at Edmuncls Higli is to liavc Ille students register. BALANCED RATION .IUANITA GALI.0XN'AY adds mill: to THELM DEESIS tray witli its vegctalvle plate, meat, starcli and grapefruit. Qne Iactor in winning III? war we lmclievc, will lie Ilia Izalancecl ration. WALKING TO SAVE RUBBER Left to riglit: Nouwoon BARFIELD. LAYVRENC HOUGH, RAY STOKES, HIKROLD I'IATFIELD, Do' FERRIUAN. IVIATILDA IVICILELLAN, EUGENE .IAc' SON. and CI'IAIlLES ITOMLINSON. Tliosc wlxo use Io ride lo save time now wall! to save rulalver. PHE PIRIT F ED IOZ if 'V THE FLAG OVER E. H. S. ' Since llle war ixegan, Ille lnuys ancl girls ol Edmunels HiglI Scliool lmvc a new vision ul llic llz-Ig, wliicli lms always llonirrl so sercncly nlmve SHAW FIELD AND E. H. S. Left lo right: CAPTAIN SARGENT. LIIiL:1'IaN.xx1 ANGOTTI, SIZRGEANT ANIDIEIQSON. and Plziviwu SMITII. fill ol Shaw Field. Facing llicmz CJEORGE . CAIwIvnuI.L. LELAND BRLINSON. and C. VV. I F RICHARD. Slmw Field ollicirrs clrill our lnnllzilirm. 4 i lllE'Ill, Tllrouglx llll? cloutls, llIe Flag! sam ff I I SPEAKERS ON "CQNSTlTUl'lON" NIR. STODDARD lms Ilicm draw lor orclor ol' speaking. Left In riglil: l'lIiYNVARlJ SMITII, BAIINIQS BOYLII, BILLY INABNIT, lQAYMOND SCIIYVARTZ. nml DAVID lVlII.LS. TlIesc lmys wrole Ilic-ir own Spf-mln-S on "The ConsliiulinII." BEAUTIFUL SCHOOL GROUNDS FRANCIS CAIN Ialccs a picture ol JULIA BULL. Tliey clmsc MRS. DlLLON'S yarcl lor an lucauly spoi because lvlrs. Dillon lIilS llelpecl wiili llic planting ol Eclmunds Higli Sclroul grouncls. MU HIGH Colzzjvlivvzcnts of NU-IDEA SCHQQL SUPPLY CUMPANY R. H. TUCKER, MANAGER SCHOOL EQUIPMENT and SCHQOL SUPPLIES SUMT1-:R SOUTH CAROLINA HSCIMUZIHQ HIC Schools of South Cl17'0lI'7Ill Owv' 19 YL'a:rs"' CoNc1zATUI.A'r1ONs, CLASS OF '42 MITCHELL'S "Wlzcre School I?'l'i8lMI'S Always M ee!" DRUGS SODA 400 66 Complimentary to THE CLASS OF ,42 SCHWARTZ IO4 THE MILESTONES OF LIFE Mark them with photographs to bring back happy memories in after years. Persevering study ancl application have made us expert in the delineation of character with the camera. PHo'1'oGiaAPHERs or THE 1942 I'I1-WIAYS ILLIAMS' STUDIO Congratulations to the Class of '42 and also to the Faculty BRCWNS CURB SERVICE SODAS DRUGS CANDIES TOBACCOS MAGAZINES C U RB Sl'l"Z"l't'L' cr .S'pvfiul'fy l'l"'r Dcliwf' Phone 105C CoM1'L1Mi:NTs 'ro TUE CLASS or '42 EARLE L. KIRBY SERVICE-SALES REFRiGn:R.AT1oN-HEATING HOINIE LAUNDRY 103 S. Harviu St. Phone 337 CI11Il'f7IillIl'1If.? of CLAUSSEN'S BAKERIES, INC. 8 Dugan Street Sumter, S. C. IOS CoNGRA'1'U1.A'1'1oNs 'ro TI111: CLASS or 1942 W. B. BURNS 81 SONS HARDNVARE AND SPORTING GOODS GIFT DEPARTMENT N. Main Street Sumter, S. C. Collgratulatious and Best Wislles to the Class of 1942 FOR QUALITY MERCHANDISE SHOP AT THE CAPITOL DEPARTMENT STORE , . . AND SAVE THE DIFFERENCE Ozztjifiws for lille Entire Family CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! May Your Aims and Objectives in Life he Crowned with Success Our best wishes are with you Wherever you go VVC are sure that oid Sumter High will always be proud of you GALLAGHER N FOXVVORTH frWlIC7'6' Good Clothes Cost Less" 106 KEEP FIT AND ALERT FOR WORK AND PLAY DRINK COCA-COLA IN BOTTLES Always Have a Case In Your Home C1263 I K Carolina Coca-Cola Bottling C0 SUMTER, s. C. IO7 I v ELEGANT Food at Popular PRICES SPECIAL DISHES-STEAKS-REGULAR MEALS SANDXNICI-IES Plenty of Parking Space Curb Service-Bootlz S6"l"'ZliC16-C01'l'1lf6I' Service elley's Coffee Shoppe Under Management and Supervision of NICK ANGELAKOS On U. S. Route 15 CONGRATULATIONS To TIIIC CLASS OE '42 McLELLAN'S C0. 5gz? TO 81.00 STORE HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHGOL SUPPLIES CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES 'ro THE CLASS OF 1942 IfVe Appreciate Your Pafronage J. C. PENNEY CO. IO8 THE NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTH CAROLINA ITS OFFICERS DIRECTORS AND EMPLOYEES EXTEND YOU CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD WISHES PRESIDENT C. G. ROWLAND VICE-PRESIDENT AND CASHIER EARLE ROWLAND V N l,. ASSISTANT CASHIERS H. L. MCCOY H. H. STRONG P. M. TILLER I09 COMPLIMENTS OF Carolina Power and Light Company ll Im' ll Qfgfi Y V. V-may F rf-- C Z X S .-J who vm .an ,im T 1:1 ,fp-. XXXX iuilvf X, . I dwg? ,?'J,?'SL . ' .v1.-alfikigm ga V fsgsaiivfsgalf Jg:lH gY" ' g rfifvf. ,, ...U . ,,. 1 ,A .i K QL: yiliazfwe of Qnakf7,, THE R.L.BRYAN COMPANY comics AND HIGH sci-noon. ANNUAL PRINTERS COLUMBIA .:. SOUTH CAROLINA . .. . as portrayed in the above composite photograph pictures a century-old institution that has ever had as its objective the reproduction ot the author's words, and the artist's creation, through the medium of the printed page. -:- -:- -:- " L Q ,Q " ' ff " ' I: I 2z1fs21.- S' ' " ,Af2zT4e,, M ,gil , , Y ki' f Vw Mmm ,, N4-.:, ,ML , ,,, W , ,, J' ,. N N M N H 1 ' M, ' ' '-1, 'w ,,w.- . M t xx ws, H f A A ' 4 F W - ,. ' . X , 2 - -7" W, . 2.2 C ' ", , gg , :V 3- Y -22225 ' Y' " -' A H ' in -mural 1 w 5. , 'xii' if 1 vm Evfff X '23, 1 , , wa 1 1 19 M M L, . I , 1 M2 - xv-- H " fs ' was H ' gs? ' 1 1 mai? X vw , Y , ,M . ? 2 gs ' 'C' f X fix X K X 5 . ' , 'way , ' X XY R' x ' - W ,,,.. 1 M Jw M .. .. g , - B H mm' -W, P , u X 531115-lf, H 'ggi Q' X 1. N 1 . H1 Ju - f 25221, Q-fi. ' " 5-I ff: V -'U A . i sg , , 1 , gt - Ly - Z -K ii b V 35 i z 1 sri: .x X 1 -V Wh f '- ,, ,L ' 5 - ' . ' S B r ,X . New il 1 ,, f A: ww ,H . 5 1 vi . if X A - if :, ,g I , 1 A 'Wg ' V gf 2- Nt - ' . X '-," EEZ? , .. - 'F V Q ' . J , " . -3' W' t ', ' , 1 fum ,V j' "'-'ig' I ' ,f 1 X Mmm E W H w"'U""31" !jii 'Wg-F rf 42 3W f l '1 , K 1 ,V E' 3w?M A 'QQ '-"f E. F'- " ' W j I fs ' +4151 w f Y ff-4 X :say -- f 'wt f 'f , . + , i if 1wv'9Ja if 'J V 'ii-' ' VE fx "1'!J '. t LJ' -1 K E ggizg-W1 my gum W ,,.. W , ,.. gi n I 1' J'-X . .....,. , , if A. Wai: V , V 55,2 :- W xii. , . -Aff. .4 5-Q f fav wfrzi , f 'A -w,8w,1,Lv v gi" V Jw9.x'VQ,g?qQ,,1f5r-,,,f.? :V 'A P ,,i. mg. ',,,-431,51 ,I ' Y fJi?" x,'1J,Lff,'.:g,:4 3,4 r:""' , i ' Xu X ,, ,v 1, gk ,Y wh 1542, ' Q2 ' in A - Q , J' . 1, . A fkf- ,. 1 A, .L -,,V::-Eff: M ww- a .N u55ff5?'z1 E 'W' .- Q2 "' 'M u- L'?2:'ii, lW5i!5-2" Qi ' - '1 ' -. V, 7 : 1 ' 4 ' 'g"5lfX,f'5-. 'f.'.- ' Ei , 4 2 1 -iqpef 1-.mi-' , ' ' I V, : f , -':"J- 51.12 . -4' '1 5 , 5'-'E . ",.-" IX H711-J' " 1 .::..-.,.1.,,. Ar i f fn. .3 I: , 7 M ' , f ggi- V- .. rvgiflpu , 'QQYGQQVX fx! -ish KEZIQLLLF- if "T if f ' . b-L 'iiifi ff ,ff '4' .. f ' 'af if ,A 4 w :rw M 4 ggi gxef . x , 1 'fiivil X El ' Aff,-41 r U 'x ' ..'-'g V l,A r 4 k--qv-. I V, -' 4 ef' ' ' ' 'i . ' ' . - Q rs' -PT X' ' ' 16 ' Q 11 .gif f' ' ' XV ., x 4- ,. el ,. -,,ix ,ata if . W, 'SJ' if -Q, - , " ,-.,, ,WS ,gi Q- W M M J 'W' A V--,.1e" ' , my ' .j jj I' I-"' ,1- 'QN i M --T-. Z- Q I .af,e,,,x- AUTOGRAPHS OF FRIENDS f . H3 Q-W 1ffMffM4ffMwffw-7W CDA Maw! R-YW f ' T "f57f.f1 6 gn? AUTQGRAPHS OF t TEE! 5 ? MM ff ' QNZZMfl?f W MA ' wh-J Ada WMMWZM fy W MJ MFA! ,Mudd ZWM, an My Mf7.w770z,f wLZ.Lj.g.,g,,5 4 W MMM mv WMULWWM 3102, AZ4u4w.La,,ow-"'f'Z34Q, WW a,,,,,K9 J QM fjw wif THE CLASS OF '42 INDEX Avery LJLIITIIJCI' CO.. , . B fr 1'l Service Stations. Bell:-Stroman Co. ...... . Berell's Dress S11op ........ Bootll-Boyle l..ive Stoclc Co.. . . Browns Curio Service ...... Buiclc, Sales and Service. Burns, VV. B., G Sons.. Cantey-Plowden Co. ............. . Capitol Department Store ........... Carolina Coca-Coia Bottling Co.. . .. Carolina Hardware Co. .......... . Carolina Power Er Light Co.. . . Claremont Hotel .............. C1aussen's Balceries ............. Cunningham, il. VV., Architect .... . DeLorme's Pharmacy .......... DuBose's. P. S., Esso Station... Duc1cer fir Bultman, 1nc. .... . Dunlop Tire E' Rulalaer Co.. . . Efirds Department Store. . . Farmers' Exchange ...... Fisl1e1 s .................. Folsom, nl. B., Jewelry Store. . . Franles Truck Terminal ...... Gable Er Reid, lnsurance. .. Gallagher 5' Foxwortli ..... Galloway Er lV1ose1ey ......... General Finance Company ..... Hatfield, A. J., Sliop ..... . 1'learon's Pharmacy ...... 1'1i11 P1um1Jing Co. ..... . 1'1il1-Scott Eiectric Co. .... . Holland Oltico Supply Co.. .. Home Furniture Co. ...... . Hurst, Geo. H., 8' Sons... 1mperial Hotel .......... lndustrial Equipment Co.. . . Jimls VX7a111e S11op ..... Kelley's Coffee Slloppe. .. OE ADVERTISERS 101 Kelley's Coffee Shoppe ..... .... 1 08 Kirby, Earle 1... .......... .... 1 05 - - - 34 Kirldand Cleaners ....... . . . 98 - - ' 35 Kress Stores .............. . . . 98 - - - 100 Kristianson, Dr. Hanna R. .... . . . 87 . . . 96 . . . 105 Lawson's Pharmacy ..... . . . 99 . . . 85 Lucas, H. D., Garage .... . . . 81 . . . 106 lV1cClam, J. S., Grocery .... .... 1 00 . . . 81 lVlcl..ellan's Store Co. .... . . . . 108 . . . 106 I ' H 107 1Vlitcl1ell's .............. ... 1011 " ' 95 National Banlc of S. C. .... . . .. 109 ' ' ' 110 Ness ...................... . . . 95 ' ' ' 132 Nu-ldea Sclaool Supply Co. .... . . . . 104 ' ' ' 93 Osteen PulJ1is11ing Co.. . . . . 87 --- 88 Penney, J. c., cn. ..... .... 108 100 Piedmont Auto Parts .... .... 1 01 ' - - 93 Pig lnn .............. . . 99 . . . 101 1z0C1g'6I'S CICHUCFS ........... .... 1 --- 99 Rowiand Warehouse Cn. .... .... 101 RuVollo, The ............. .. 83 . . . 95 ' ' ' Schwartz ........ .... 1 04 ' ' ' 99 Shaw Lumber Co. ......... . . . 89 "' Smart Shop ................ .... 1 01 83 S. C. Continental Tel. Co.. .. .. 93 ' ' ' 106 S. C. National Banlc ....... . . 94 ' ' ' 99 Stu1JlJs Brothers, lnc. ..... . . 93 ' n I 95 Sumter Dry Goods Co.. . . . . 83 H' Sumter 1ce 8' Fuel Co.. .. .. 99 ' Q . 83 Sumter lV1acl'1inery Co. ......... . . 95 H . 89 Sumter Printing Co. ............... .... 100 . . . 87 Sumter Venetian Blind Mfg. Co. .... . . 95 G U . 87 Super ldeal lV1a'rlfet .............. . . 99 ' l t Q6 Sydnorys Grocery .............. . . 89 . . . 7 ' ' . Sl Thomas fr Howard Co.. . . . . 88 g U I 85 Union Brolcerage Co. .... . . 8? ' ' ' 97 Westbury Lumloer Co.. . . . . 86 A h I 89 White Sr Kennedy, 1nc.. . . . . . 95 Williams Furniture Co. .... .. 96 . . . 92 Williams' Studios ....... .... 1 05 116 GENERAL Activities .... Administration .. Advertisements ................. Art ...........................,.. Assistant Superintendent of Schools. .. Athletics ........................ Athletic Association tGirls'l ..... Autographs ................ Band .............. . . Baseball ........... Baslcethall tBoys'l Baslcethall tCvirls'l Board of Education ............. Business Committee for HI-WAYS.. Cartoons ........... .......... Clubs ......... Dean ol Girls ..... Dedication ......... Divisions ol HI-VVAYS . End Picture ........ Faculty .......... Features .. Football ............. Foreword .............. Glee Club tSeniorsl ...... High News ................ History of the Class of '42 ........... Hi-VVAYS ........................... HI-WAYS Eclitor ancl Business Nlanager.. Ht-VVAYS Typists .................... Hockey ........ Koclalcs ...... Military . . . .. . . Music ................. Ollicers, Senior Class .....,........... Officers, Senior Class Homerooms ...... INDEX ....58- 77 .....4- 7 ....78-120 ....62-63 5 ....46-57 55 .....113-115 60 54 53 57 4 79 ....17- 41 .fi ....78- ....70- 75 12-13, 46-47, 58- 59 ..............118-119 7 Presiclents Student Body ancl Senior Class. .. Principal of Edmunds High School ....... Publications .................... School Life .... ............. Seniors -... . . Statistics ........ . . ......... . . Student Council ..................... Superintendent of Sumter City Schools. . . Tennis ............................. TCFUI PHIJCTS ......... ...... . .... Theme of Hi-WAYS . Title Page ..----. 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