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 - Class of 1957

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-1 -fun, L, --X 'I 511 1 . .' ,K , T 1 J .,'fa':'fT',,, , . , , t A 1':,,'.,'Z: . - 1, , 4, Q' ' w L-sag., .Y '-. V , T- iipf' '7'z'J':?id ' -F QA, -' ,ref . za Y 'je-5, -.., f- .L ' ffm' - 1 ' f ,kb t mf, ' W- f x V -ga: L "-.1 . , Q -jg.. A-1.,,1.-, .,,,,,f 4:15 ' 'V V' ,',,.,',P12 . 1, , . . -Ly '-'::,1,Q,f,g-yy .. , wb, , J , ., i . .yu , - ' , Ti' ' 5 ' 'fx- , . g f ' '.d'vw'., ,J Q' A , ' "ku-.' :ji i 1 ' . 155553 , S51 ' f ' '- " 2, 213.2 4 , , t ,Q '-T241 , rfifl-33:5 r ' ,wig . ,VVUVQ W I "1" . K' if 13 .VJ . iaifg, .- 3-75431 Lv'-' if W- -" -11 S15 '43:3fQ+14" 'B ,- -Ei -,M ., 'ffqf-" . a x X.. uw.. Vi 13343, Q.. , . ..E,.L:..4V El. A 11 - ' rl-."1 , EQ .V-5, ' 1, rig... M . . X75 NJJJQEQ X V. 23' , .. E , . . H N' 9 " -x 9 A '-,:.,' x f . ...W "u . 55,-4, ..,,,... i .wmv 7 .1 , , .., .'L, 'if v . K H. q. A . f' 5Qn.:. iii! ' .. 1 ' L, . 4 , - V. , 1.2, 4' ,. ' ? 12 f-gy 1. . . 'il f .Ta . -, V . 'WN' A :nj t.. K' f', 1,-it 51.2.65 J -V 1 'P"5g?,-., fx P43 ' QQ " " E'-175' " 7'1" ' YL i, if :V V, iii K,2'A?4j .MY 1 Q .fp my .. N ' ,!,5f,.5g. g.:.3,.u, ' , 13:9 X11-.'i.":51'-f ' 'V VA - . - .1 , . ,. . 1 . ,, Ayn., 1... y- - ., A f". -if haw. 1' ,' I A '. T.:-I , . ,M . ,,'1i'ijQ L' - ,pp .:,: A, I " 'S L 'A ,fa - PHE L' , , Gi! . .. ..,.. ,Yf7cl"E-If -f yn 5 .751 w- 1 7-1 C 'ri 'YF ?' V fn 5. . Y -1 ' -L ' .1 1-...Sul 1 mf. 15.551011- W ,M ,,. A 5 Hg: f '-ffNf.2-Lag' "mi: L . Y. Y -5 .wit-nq5.xf,.. ,i '52 W-. SUR! 1.2 iAfi?1'3'f3-1'!".- IF' .V,. AJ. LT . M TJ ,- . . " ,if ff.f .1f-32411 ' M- ...-,, . , f,.-- 1' , V ., ... Q 4,7 . ,. ., K J V f .my T52 ,-. ,L 5" X. i'v f L: 1 Q,-nl: ,- . 1- -5 fm Q-,, , 9 v"! 'gf s ,,..V 3. nz ui J C J- ... -Vim, vi: . Eff? 2 :QT qgfw t 1. in Q .XL Sf ' - . rf' v N . 5,3-2, ,,.,.,., , 'J --11" 'f' .Env-gig, ,.,. 1, A 1 1.151515 ' ' 1 ,,,a1"9g . 'ih' 31 '-J' T -' f"T"'1 Ei, fic 21 J '2 3' ' ua .Lf 1 .i-' ,. ., . .. 1 X 5. , 1.0. 5 Il K 1 5 -i L Q 1 KYB. " SQL 9 ,N s1,,1,' ,rr -1 H. ' 4. 1 ITC-. 3,355 1 , x U . 1 1 1 1 x 1 w x 4 ' i. -.2 -vc f-,fX,g'f,' dfwh 'vga K-Q. 1.1, DEDICATION We of the 1957 Pantherian staff are proud to dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Sz Mrs. Wesley Tuttle. They will always have a place in the memory of all students who have known themg Mr. Tuttle for his patient and understanding work as a busdriver, Mrs. Tuttle for her untiring work in the kitchen. V' L. to R.- Lloyd Mattson, Trustee, Arthur Sackett, Treasurer Earl DeSpe1der, President, Victor Harrison, Secretaryg Bruce Mair, Trustee, Morley Webb, Superintendent. Morley Webb ADMINISTRATION The continuing progress of the Edmore Community Schools in the progress of education and in providing school plant and equipment, attests to the ever forward looking of the Board of Education. Under the direction of Superintendent Webb and with the cooperation of the Board, The Edmore- McBride Community may well be proud of its record in meeting the needs of modern youth. Paul Harwood, Principal of Elementary Schools swh 1'T1 ..., JM Helen Camp, Secretary to Mr. Webb THE OFFICE AT WORK NONJTEACHING STAFF T' 4 v i ,fig, CUSTODIAN - BUS DRIVERS Carney Tram Lester Rasmussen Frank Cutler Percy Schnepp Web Albaugh Wesley Tuttle COOKS Beulah Mascho Grace Storey Elva Davidge Jessie Harris in il CUSTODIAN COOKS Percy Schnepp Elhnora Newrnan Florence Tuttle Doris West Seventh Grade HIGH SCHOOL STAFF map- 43" In 'if Jesse Pratt Wuma Rolfe Frances C8-YP C0 Bree Eng1ish,History, Librarian Latin mx 4 2 Jeanette Ward Allen Kohn Norgan iorwn , H , Biology , Phys.Ed. Agriculture oasr. Ti:-:Zirgg J lm N d 'Thelma schanny Pmuip naar, o ou M 1 Mathematics,Science,. History' English us C C oach Mathematics , William Crandall Shop, Drafting Judith Kinnf-BY Homemaklng, Dr. Training Robert Naru Mathematics , History, Coach SEPTEMBER 10 Powell Studio took Senior pictures. 14 Freshman initiation. K 'Q P 28 Homecoming game with Carson City. 5 1 'Q ,Q YEA ' .t" OCTOBER 9 Sophomore Hay Ride f N, 18 Lyndon Studios took school pictures. 25 Jtmiors received class rings. NOVEMBER 5 Senior Government Day at Stanton. 6-7 Senior Play. 9 Senior swing ww- .a.a.. .aa 20 Thanksglving Program. DECEMBER -'E 10 I.'r.E.D. Tests. t'd' lt" '-:2 s ' 18 Christmas Program. 20 Latin Club went caroling. 21 "This Is Your Life, Mr. Webb!" Happy Birthday! 24 Christmas vacation. JANUARY ' C 2 Back to school. 53, 17 Semester examinations. K! uw ...S.. , FEBRUARY " 15 Student Council Valentine Dance after Carson City game. ' E' """N' W x' 27 Barbershoppers sang at Second Street School. 28 Senior Chicken Supper. MARCH 1 Freshman Barn Dance 5 Donkey Basketball game with Altunni. 15 F. F.A. Banquet. 22 Junior skating party at Crystal. 29 Edmore School and Community Carnival--the biggest and best ever! APRIL 5 Senior Skating Party. 9-10Jun1or Play, "You Can't Kiss Caroline". 18 Career Day at Lakeview for all Sophomores. 20 Senior Car Wash at Standard Station. 26 Junior--Seniqr Banquet and Prom. Velvatones from Alma played. 29 Gunga Din Movie. 30 Elementary assembly program-Sgt. McSafety. MAY 7 County Championship Track meet at Stanton. Tied with Vestaburg. Won Trophy. 8 Band Banquet. 10 Sophomore skating party. 14 Home and Family living class went to Ionia State Hospital AND RETURNED! 15 F. H.A. Mother and Daughter Banquet. 19 Seniors left for New York at 2 a.m. 23 Seniors returned. 26 Baccalaureate Service. Rev. Williams preached. ' 81 iCommencement. Dr. Hoover Rupert speaker. DARRYL HOCKSTRA Honor Student Student Council ARTHUR BUSKIRK Danforth Award Health Conmcll HAZEL SLQQUM NEOLA JOHNHJN Valedictorian salufamrian HiSf01'Y Award Danforth Award LARRY BEACH Honor Student Arion Award Student Colmcil RUTH MCHUGH LOREN BRASINGTON RONALD PERKINS Commercial Award Agriculture Award Athletic Award GRADUATES CUT LER SIGSBY Treasurer Secretary Mathematics Award Homeglaidlg Award OTTO Pantherian Editor Health Colmcil J ACK Vice President Arthur Clyde Buskirk Patricia Mae Andersen "It's Love, Love, Love" FHA 34g Basketball l234g Play 34g Glee Club 343 Band 1234 QSec 4, Ma- jorette 12344 Future Nurses 2g Cheer- leader 12343 Pep Club 4 Loren R. Brasington "Young and Foolish" FFA 1234 QSent 4,State Farmerlg Foot ball 1233 Track l234g Basketball 12 Play 4 Romana Marie Andres "The Tender Trap" FHA l234g Play 3g Junior Treasg Fu- ture Nurses 2g Lib Club 343 Pep Club 4 "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" FFA 1234 QV Pres 3, Treas 4, Green Handjg Football l234g Basketball 1233 Play 3g Band l234g Soph Presg Stu Cou lg Carn King 3g Stu Health Cou 34 QV Pres 4 Larry Bryan Beach "Bugler's Holiday" FFA 123 QTreas 23, Green Hand l, Chapt Farmer 2Jg Football 12343 Base ball 1234g Basketball 12343 Play 35 Band 1234 QPres 41g Soph Secg Junior Presg Stu Cou 1234 QV Pres 2, Pres 33 Pantherian 34g Carn Chrmn 34, Honor Student leader 2g Pantherian 44 Pep Club 4g Betty Ann Bussiere "Ain't Misbehavin" FHA 1234 QSongleader 25, Play 4, Ink spot 4g Glee Club 1234 QPres 45g Latin Club 2 QSec 255 Class Treas lg Cheer- Lakeview 3 Sonya Lee Bills "Buttons and Bows" FHA 34g Play 33 Band 1234 QReporter llg Junior V Presg Future Nurses 23 Lib Club 45 Pep Club 4 Neola Irene Johnson "An Old Fashioned Girl" FHA 1234 1Pianist 3j3 Play 342 Inkspot 343 Glee Club 1234Q Band 2342 FHA State Conv Del 3g Salutatorian3 Pep Club 4 Franklin Harry Cutler "Wizard of Oz" Football 12343 Track 12343 Baseball 1234Q Basketball 12341 Play 33 Inkspot 3g Band 1232 Class Treas 243 Panther- ian 3 William Richard Jolley "Caissons Go Rolling Along" FFA 1234 QChapt FarmerJ3 Football 1234Q Track 123 Raymond Darryl Hockstra "Standing on the Corner" FFA 12 QGreen Hand, Chapt Farmer, Pub Speakfj Play 342 Band 1234 QV Pres 4, Drum Major 34,5 Stu Cou 43 Asst Carn Chrmn 33 Honor Student Ruth Ann McHugh "Thanks for the Memories" FHA 1234 QTreas 373 Basketball 123 Play 34g Lib Club 34 QSec-Treas 43 Pep Club 4g Pantherian 3 Larry Lee Hockstra "Shirley" FFA 1234 QChapt Farmerjg Play 34, Band 1234Q Pep Club 4 Marilyn Joyce Melgaard "Dark Eyes" FHA 1234 QV Pres 2, Pres 3, Repor- ter D3 Basketball 1233 Play 4g Junior V Presg Lib Club 34g Pep Club 4g Homecoming Queen 4 William Lynn Nobach "You've Gotta Have a Heart" FFA 123 Bruce Alan Sabin "Come Josephine in My Flying Machine" FFA 1234Q Play 4 Joyce Marie Otto "Rock Around the C1ock" FHA 233 Basketball 342 Play 343 Glee Club 1342 Latin Club 2343 Future Nur- ses 23 Lib Club 34 QPres 413 Panther- ian Editor 4g Stu Health Cou QV Pres 3, Pres 433 Pep Club 43 Alma 1 Muriel Jane Sigsby "Daddy's Little Girl" FHA 1234 QV Pres 3,Reg Parli 3,3B8.l'ld 12342 Inkspot 345 Library 34 QHead Lib 433 DAR 43 Pantherian 4g Pep Club 4 Ronald Herbert Perkins "Ta.ke Me Out to the Ball Game" FFA 1234 QV Pres l, Chapt Farmerj3 Football 1234Q Track 134Q Basketball 1233 Stu Cou 3 John Merton Silver "Every Tom, Dick, and Harry Called 'John"' FFA 1234 QReporter 3J3 Track 1234 Band 123 Garry Dennis Rein "Goin' Fishin"' FFA 1234 QGreen Hand D3 Football 1234 Track 234Q Class Pres 14 Ernest Dean Woolner "Moonlight Gambler" Hazel Parkg Bob Jones 123 Hazel Joyce Slocum "I'm Sitting on Top of the Wor1d" FHA 12345 Play 345 Inkspot 45 Band 12345 Latin Club 4 QSec. 415 Future Nurses 2, Valedictorian Jack Wayne Wymer "Don't Fence Me In" FFA 1234 QReporter, Chapt Farmer 4, QGreen Hand Zj, Basketball l Sharlene Hansen Stratton "Love and Marriage" FHA 125 Play 35 Latin Club 2 Mr. Kohn Advisor James J. Wood "Bell Bottom Trousers" FFA 12345 Track 125 Play 34 Mr. Schaibly Principal, Advisor BACCALAUREATE i'Processional of Senior Class-"March ofthe War Priests" Miss Shirley johnson, Organist Invocation ------- Rev. Dale Brown Hymn of Worship ---- "O Worship the King" Responsive Reading from St. Matthew - Rev. Vernon johnson, Leading Evening Prayer - - - - - Rev. Vernon johnson "God of Our Fathers"-Roberts "Song of Peace"-Stone Lutheran Youth Choir Mrs. Lamoreaux, Director Mrs. Jensen, Organist The Sermon ---- "True and False Principles" Rev. T. Crid Williams Meditation: "Adagio Pathetiquen - - - - Ggdafd Gale Ann McDonald, Violinist Shirley johnson, Organist Hymn ' - ------ "He Leadeth Me" Benediction ------- Rev. Dale Brown Recessional of Senior Class-"Pornp and Circumstancen Miss Shirley johnson, Organist . fi I CLASS NIGHT PROGRAM Salutatory ----------------- Neola Johnson Class History ------------ Darryl Hockstra What I Remember Most ---- Romana Andres ----- Betty Bussiere Prophecy - --- Joyce Otto Valedictory ----------------- - Hazel SIOCUID Class Will ---------------- Romana Andres ---- Betty Bussiere Presentation of Shovel Garry Re1n, Pres . Acceptance --- Jerry Wegner, Junior Pres. Presentation of Awards Mr. Schasbly Appreciation Gifts to Class Sponsors COMM CEMENT Processional - - "War March of the Priests" Organist-Shirley Johnson Invocation - - Rev. Henry Hansen Selection-Solo ---- Larry Beach "The Lord's Prayer"-Albert H. Malotte Announcement of Speaker - - Kennard Schaibly Principal of Schools Commencement Address - - Dr. Hoover Rupert Minister of First Methodist Church in Jackson, Michigan Topic-"Chance of a Lifetime" Selection--Vocal - "The Halls of Ivy" Pianist-Sonja Lee Bills Vocal-Ian'y Hockstra, Darryl Hockstra, Neola Johnson, Pat Andersen, Joyce Otto, Romana Andres, Presentation of Graduating Class - Morley G. Webb Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas - - Earl DeSpelder President of School Board Benediction - - Rev. Henry Hansen Reeessional - - "Pomp and Circumstanceu Organist-Shirley Johnson Y uJ1HU1112IIf5 tu 2Rememher" ' Mrs. Uarr's second hour shorthand class. Getting caught in the kitchen transit. My trip to Alma Free Fair and the drive-in My W When the Trumpet Trio won first at state. frames ow if last summer. 0 The story of the Three Bears on the senior trip. My stroll home from the FFA convention in Lansing. 03 Q My expedition to Detroit in my junior year. The day I get out. Mr. Schaib1y's remarks. Trying to remember to study. My years in band. Mr. Pratt's classes. ZXZMJ W 1 Z My trip w Lansnig. QQJQQ! Being Homecommg Queen in my senior year. Jaw The times I slipped over to shop without permission. 'th the iunors and seniors a.nd seniors f JZ25' A11 thefunlhadwi J , past. R7 Crowmng the homecoming queen in my . seruor year. WJ My unsuccessful attempts at skipping school, ' Nothing. Getting the mumps for the 1957 prom. My experiences in driver training class. f The FFA trip to Lansing. A11 my friends a.nd the fun we 've had together M 5 The junior and senior prom of 1957 gf M The adventuresome walk with Mr. Borton fimdcf to the office. Q Zj The FFA convention at Lansing. 591 b f X 1 im?- W ' if .rr-1 wr ii' 4. IPX-4k . JOYCE 0770 DID THIS-Nor Klglxoy J WDA , ,. X 324'- F -4 5.1 52 ,-1 Cl me FRESHMMLOWERSHOW UNDERCLASSMEN u E - W COMMERCIAL CLASS f X 0 . .X '-5 CHEMISTRY JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS I QXXW 0 XX SQ 0 'NND 9 af X0 I Sb ' 055 S a la: S T 2 MW Raymond Sackett, Pres. Jerry Wegner, V. Pres. Norma J0hI1S011, SGC- Patricia Beardslee, Treas Norman Sullivan, V. Pres. Betty Hutchinson, Sec. J 91' TY Phillips, Pres. Bruce Hatinger, Treas FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS X 1 F ' ,Q-' f Y Dennis G0I'Sl1Ch, Pres- Doris Christensen. V. Pres. Jeanne Harrison, Treas. Jean Sowles, Sec. 1 l i 1 i i EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Sandra Raymond, Sec. Joyce Hatinger, Pres. Merrilee Whetstone, V. Pres. J01111 PGI'kiI1S, TFGHS SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS Susie Bills, Treas. Robert Shurlow, Pres. Sandra Camp, Sec. Sandra Sheppard, V. Pres. William Archer 'Kp if i. i K Sandra Boyd 'Uv Alice Clark was S5 X . 11 . ,' if Gilbert Delamater Y James Hansen ! gf 1: 4 -ig an., , vw ' wp A :Ez V 'Z fs.. fi 5 1' K sf I 'J' Q ' an iw' v Q. 'us 1 . x nf , Y!!! ,gl 4 x xx 2 Cythia Don Fouts-Bailey Bailey o n 'A Lee Roy Beardslee Q Patricia John Beardslee Bluem -' f " . 4 A-9- . V 5 I r "" V,'. V' V A A V .-, ,ge M i Y h a d 23, s 'V f '- .7 Mary Gary J errald Carolyn Larry B rasington Brown Buskl 1' k C ampbell Christensen F ab. 'V N7 irk. E gh, 'VV J- .. W lr' 'V l-Q?--1 , 'Ffv , 'S A. y' 1 W A 1 I A V R .fig 'W..:, , A Ai F . Robert P2111 Dennis Lanny Charlotte Cole Cnu't.is Cutler Davis Delamater ' B ' "' A - -I 'zzxxef h at ' A :L ., rf : ' V 3 , A A .aaa, A Qi -U Q " v ' R, A tif, , of f L01-liS Ruth Ann Barbara Ca,r01yn Arlene Durga Ehl Gares Griffis Hansen .LI 5 'M I 4 ' I A w - "5 A H 5 N' - aff! A 3 U ,- 'ig A . , -' o ff B. ' 5' , ': . Q N of 1 as -1 f A l . ,, Larry Orville Moses Earl Robert Hansen Hansen Hart Hatinger Henning I: NJ... ,1 3, , r . G :,L G A 0, 4, y A fx V.' b I 5 , er n r s o G , . " ai-22 + Q . Wx. Smron Larry Connie Norma Biruta Je,-ry Holler Hunt Jensen Johnson Kalnins Larson Ray Joan Gale Ann Marylnn Maynard Arletta LeFever McConkie McDonald Miles Miles Minerd " , ..: .. I 2 . Q -1 ' I Q A re. , in f . o .ze ,ffl ,.L,.l ' E - . .,,,- " MelVil1 Maxine Laura Sue Rgbert Marian Morrow Patterson plage Reed Rittenberg Rogers -Q s H H- , -.Z Z F A 5'-1 G ,A ga , I , Q gi, i . 5 m,.i3 -V hmm K 5 . Q . A , : it I A H D F It I kr . 1 , . R :IQV KE Q' ek -V tt Ek ' i j -Q U 'Evo in e -x if Raymond John Donald Thomas Glen Sharleen Sackett Schaimy Shurlow Shurlow Sowles Stimpert 115 w' ne? 'n f ,. ' G , . , nf Q' L M 13.315 -mx--. ' ' E W ,E -gi' v in L ' -- my " F J Marvin Frank Jon Jerry Gale Sweet Townsend Verplanck Wegner Wymer XL 'f" Connie Andersen an-ig Dx 'Q' Paul Cmnmings Jon Fouts 4.1 Tom Harkness 159' John Kalnins Kathleen Bailey :uv s Lf Q..-.-Y 4 Phillip Delamater has 3 Jeanette Gibbons Q' 5.- I Bruce Hatinger ll is-Q . XR ar Jerry Long Bruce Beach is-an T.. ' 4 'J' N Janet Eldred xli- V 1 , ""'- Norman Gilbert Earl Hemminger Gi LQ L, , Violet Lunsted O . -4 , 2 I 5 v 'xiii Amxi Marylin Jerry Beach Beckmeyer Suzanne Joyce Ferens Finch SOPHOMORES M s. Robert Helen G01-such Gustavison if-R J QE? -. -:G Betty Shirley Hutchinson Jensen Kenneth Wallace Luscher McComb Diane Meier Diana Perkins Carol Miles X W. A . Ns..-'I E : QI .4-. X Dale Peterson -.,: - 1. 'Q 'K '3' ' ,L Ruth Silver S x 4 1 Gary Munger J erry Phillips 'fb 5, Y' 115 , 4. X 1 J. r.h 'SQ' ' g...,.q: iii' ' Carole Slocum ,- , gf , fzblgfifgzsltzg L We 'Yi , QQ' il Y mimi S 4 F I fx Y, Carolyn Nauta c' J 9 E l vlctor Rasmussen n fl Norman Sullivan Richard Nielsen Patsy Schmidt 1, Edward Dale 3 se-Z Thomas D 'x ,, . , W Viglet Gail James Abbott Bartlett Beach Beach Beafh Heath 'Q . - Q 1 ' 'f -r n Q 1:-.,: aa D D , ' ,l f aa sg. Daryl Edward Doris Kay Janice 'Leg Lou Bigler Bonadore Christensen C019 Cook u er 4' E ,l yj 1. A ' D A f " . Q ... All Q .f 1 V X x -4 ,ly-ve is y -: - TT'- .lil 'dl ,- AT' Dale Karen Dennis Eugene Lanny James Field Foster Gorsuch Gouldjhng Greenhoe Haddix ' af - ' 4 f ,-4 4 A - f Q H 'fb E. 5 -' H ' 1 iw S Q 'K l . ' N.: - I - Z' Qi K Y I V 's walter Dallas Eric Darla vel-geune Jeanne H H k Hamilton Hammerberg Hansen Hansen Harrison V V . ' " ., - Carole Hatinger W a'7u -l Veronica Hedges Helene Henry Y' Albert Hicks Wanda Hutchinson . ,see Dawn Irwin as C-:I iff M3 Q D i'9"'1wl'J kd V 3 ' Charles Merrill Sha.ron Sally Sidney Johnson Johnson Johnson Larson I-'31'S0I1 a oono S o .... ,a 'R WV,-' -' ' :H 4 ., f V K .,,: nw tk y V' I 5 , A -2 . 3 L, l' ' Q ,,.,., 5 , n -I S.. . S Salah Bale Albert D053 Joyce 1' Y McConkie Minerd Morrow .vr.vL J. V, 'A , W A - 'Ina S' Caroline Peter Jay Amos Doris Nielsen Nielsen OWU pool, Jr. P001 .2125 3211- i' fs-132 h -.. 5. K e 'oee zo, Deloris James Iris Frank Dale Rjgh Rood Sanderson Scoby Shine , ,- A, 1 i Klqb . , x .M - ' V i Us 4 Q Vik H K a n . M V, ,:v,A XX , ,, f 1. as .,.. EQ ,. 5, W . Ai it I Judith Jean Fern Donald Shirley Shurlow sowles Sumpert Sweet Walkington S A' S ssn e M Lewis B111 Connie Harland Wood Woodrow Wulff Withey f xg, o. -JV? Jerry Lumbert Xe . Earl Munson I Alice Rasmussen Wi 7 William Shurlow 5: F. . 4- K' -,X x ,K N A Vols Walkington X. -. . ' Janette Wymer if 9 Q n Leonard Bailey ti Sharon Boyd H , jf K Jerry Finch ,-.. . I 11k if - . Edward Hatinger B s I 'Vila if wa.-X ,Q-1 -xfi Jennings Johnson 6 Tx R. Bonnie Bates ,xl 'G' S V Ronald Christensen eqiw. Mickey Forgar Joyce Hatinger Clifford King aw, or A , A M , 2 .I W Q fa MTN' W , ' -.Ji ' B ' has-115 Carol .Lyn Greg Judy Beach Beath Black B19-Ck ' Q 5 i M X , 2 B 1 B - L: ' ' M, ' if W.: X - f , , hy .. , 5 - . K xlf X A K X3 L Z., . ' t L 1 1 . Ja-H168 Richard Harold Herman Clark Davis Dishong Falk ' 1 ' 7 .:.d Y h Q . ,I 1 I i . XE-31 . -. ii A ,J , , if B d i Gordon Jon Terry Sharon Forrest Froedtert Hansen Harkness .E ya- U - f 11 . .A 4, , In W 8 ,. FJ ' h, K'-fftk, vb- A William Dennis Ray Lana Hockstra Hockstra Jensen J eppeson rife N y Q- , n We Q i w sw' ' 4 -bi sl Q-Esliiibg .fr n B "1 1 ll N in Xfgq Shirley Ausma Ronald Sharon Lamoreaux Levits Lewis McHugh fu. . ' . - , ...M Q M ' he f , he M X W. ' sa- 6 21251 2 fa. I ' .hu John Larry Thom as Chris Sandra J ack Perkins Peterson Pickert Rasmussen Raymond Riftenbefg C2 M ,rj W is M 6 ' sv iv, av ' f ' 4 h 4,1 ' .5 ix t X-1. ,, - ' " nnnn Q' M: , if f' ' f 'H 5 I llr- M rye, 4 1 E 1 V. H' L Mary Ann Alan Stuart Sally David Gary R00d Sackett Saclgett Shurlow Silver Slocum 31 - I ' 'Q' 1 ,lf 1 , pt A it A951 4' Q - , A 0 ' xxx 5 A .. ' E A M h' 'Lx D D .'Q,,g5!!' .X M na a 1 Maxine Robert Diane Merrilee Margaret Stimpert Telfer Ward Whetstone Wright Absent: Barbara Hoag sr W Q mon ,Q 4 29525 sun :A t C-1 as 1 f'?ig ,191 ,, ' J fl ' ' . ,4,,-e 1- 6, -. Susie Bills Will? y 1 Lanny C rooks - s -9 . u ,X , K ' - Sally I-Iaddix 4 A . ,fi-V-f Charlene Hornbeck I he Jeanette D a Linton J J ' Six Ln. vw A , S. I 'A :rf i ' Dean Ronald Sandra Carolyn Buskirk Camp Camp Crane I A , I' B I L. L. I ' Xl A ' 3' ' , .. 1 . W I or P in B I X an-J. Art u Davis Tom Sandra D3-Vldge Falk Froedtert Gorsuch r ' v W f gi Y P v I 5 ' fre , f .g . , ' If .M l J v J Dean Bonnie John Patricia Hansen Henning Henrv Hicks . y A A' , iq, Q ,Q ' ' " Q6 ' .,- gm. K QQ.. l' A Y , V i s ,:"' ,,:. Q': 'E' 1 1 2 , E3 snns ss A"Q' ",:,i V' 3 ' x il::ifX41i54i': 'gy -if Luanna Diane Gale Beverly Jensen Johnson Jolley L6WiS V ' ' B .: I. W' V h . --QQ N:i.,.v I I: at QL, 1111.13 he J ' 'll ff-79 iff' R ' 35 Joan Norbert Michael Sharon Mascho Miller Nauta Nielsen Sandra Louis Karen Stephen Sandra NYS Paxton Peterson Ross Sheppard A - as 5, A , ...e. eeee L 3 Q M J, I or :1fjl'2. '5E1:i S' ' .fairy , , V 'Y i wr jx , T ' ' 5 .5 if' 53 " ,K 5 3, A if Robert David J a.mes Rosanne Connie Shurlow Snyder Snyder Telfer Van Houten Saundra Mary Walcutt Wulff Leona Hatinger, Teacher's Aide . Q, S A fy ...ex FIN f A Qs 1 .F i Lx 5 5 I H KINDERGARTEN COMMENCEMENT '- L4 KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION PROGRAM May 24, 1957 Kindergarten Through the Year FALL Pledge to the Flag Indians in a Teepee Dance of Greeting Three Little Pumpkins The Three Billy Goats Gruff WINTER The Snowman Away in a Manger Clap, Clap Curtsy SPRING Easter Bonnet Little Seeds Little Black Sambo Presentation of Diplomas Mr. Webb Singing of "America" Geraldine Garner First Grade Elvera Larson Third Grade Colleen Webb Fifth Grade Marie Harrison Kindergarten Mable Walldorff First Grade Phyllis Perkins Third Grade Verlene Watts Fifth Grade EL ME T RY SCHOOL Beatrice Houghton Second Grade Fay Thurber Fourth Grade Gladys Goldsmith Fifth Grade Kay Peasley Second Grade Ethelind Jensen Fourth Grade Alma Wert Sixth Grade KI DERGARTE 5 X N' Q -m aj? tv J- .ss - f J' l ie- ,P l K Y' l 1 ,: ii l X I - ,x i ' qv- . littl- k..,h- y 'QM m - wi 'Q ' ,x t .. ?Y' l S F Uh , J .S H l bf K is s - v L- S+- v , -1- L I , K 1 ,X ,i ' , ik 'fi sf L X l , Q15 s f ,E , , rv' S3 . ,Ny ,- il, . Y x 3-Q fx, LU .Q V U I .. If i '14 lu .1 ' -f MORNING GROUP l- John Bear, Calen Beardsley, Kathy Bennett, Cindy Berndt, Marsha Daniel, Leora Day, Ronald DeVries, Karen Ersldn, Roger Farrell. 2- Sandra Foglesong, Marlene Graves, Randy Hansen, Leslee Johnson, Larry Mascho, Sheila Mascho, Terry Moore, Janet Sherwood, Jeanette Sherwood. 3- Roger Snyder, Kathy Snyder, Norman Sweet, Christine Townsend, Lorraine Van Houten, Judy Wallace, Marshal Zinn. Absent: Kathryn Bohren, Paul Genson, Arvida Hildebrant, Charles Doolittle, B 3,14 .Q . 2' l z! A - . af' 4-f of , S: -.1 -1 ., Q , if i i .,,i i yi - K ' 1 . l l y A J . i g S ff-, Q S 1 ", l - f A .s -i et ' , f new .. Hflf f ,Ju . V i ,. bn if xg , I 2- F, I . 2, i' f -JV ' ll x .B '. '?Qf , r ' I if l I . ' at. 1 . fm : iz," .1 x 6 X l 1 l ff, . 4 A if Q J ,, ' - A A ii it A x 'X sl' . l A if 47 n s - . ,. 5 Y ' , lliilrf Sf ,th elle? ' E l X R F' L ' " ' 1 it M gsm , . ln , J 'ilii J yy ,eyy . y O ' 1 Z . , , 'L -,-1 AFTERNOON GROUP l- Kathy Anderson, Sharon Ashbaugh, Jimmie Bosch, Dawn Clark, Roy Conrad, Kerry Doab, Stephen Johnston, Harold Jorgenson, Brenda Mangus. 2- Karen Mercer, Steven Nichols, Alan Nisonger, Arlene Nisonger, Michael Soboleslci, Forrest Stewart, David Story, Bradley Van Coevering, Tommy Webb. 3- Elizabeth Williams, Bobby Withey, Kuthleene Wood. F-.. ,,,,1 bv FIRST GRADE A i lik! N 7' "f ll? il A l f W K ' as ' is il l J i ,W news i L- S... tw-4' so Y ,.rlUl'lln hr-'Xe , if 2 it 5 , fin- ' Svf 2 Q' -f f rl ' l , im' L R : 1 'V A fggi ,l 5 V+, 1 S - A A ,A f ,Q 1 2 ,,' -'f3fi?F'g21::Ez iii iii 3' ' 1 xv gg il, -S:iE..n::EErE::E:n. . if ,Q R was il . K MRS. GARNER l- George Arnold, Dee Barnes, Dennis Beals, Laura Brune, Davis Steven, Danny Garbow, Lo Rena Hansen, Jimmy Harkness, Kay Hatinger. 2- Pauls Johnson, Roger Koch, Larry Le Fever, Beclcy Lint, David Mascho, Mike Munger, Art Newman, Nancy Nisonger, Sheryl Perkins. 3- Mike Peterson, Karen Sagendorf, Lee Scheiern, Donald Slock, Robert Toolcer, John Zawadzinski. Absent: Sandra Edgerly, Danny Frost, Larry Genson, Donald Hallock. I .. ,: M V 7 A V tv x i 3 5'-' I 'A P 1 Y N in A in A ' 1 - A it ,,,' ' " . 'Z L X ' cnt' S 'Z 'R ' 4 " l its all - A i S -P Q- at L My rsvv Q v- Lv ia. Q. ' N A, QP of Aa . f- N 'Q .14 riff- M L ' R ,'i M L S ' rw ' rsrs 4 - LN J-if A W t, L ft R , Z . K 2' 1 -- ,V K - Qiivggrgif , it by , 1 x L I si ' i y 26 ig Y' Q -lg f f' I . " R ' ' 1 - N' L' "' . '- 'R V L, -it s l . gy - 30' - V, Y l - I . X 12 A ,iv ML , A A .T i A ai sal it MRS. WALLDORFF I l- Pamela Balch, Linda Bates, Leo Bellinger, Terry Camp, Robert Daniel, Barry Dyer, Roberta Falk, Lois Freeman, Stephen Gorsuch. 2- Robert Hacldix, Daniel Hammel, Kathy Harkness, Ruth Ann Hunt, Timber Irwin, Ricky Johnston, Susan Lambe, Celeste Parker, James Rittenberg. 3- Mary Ann Ross, Linda Slock, Donald Snyder, Katheryn Story, Koren Van Houten, William Verplanck, Patricia Weld, Ruth Witkowski, Pauleene Wood. Absent: Sue Ann Doolittle. SECO DGR DE . N ,X .2 .... 'A' ' 'W if ' 3' A i G' l J ' "t ' '51 ":' 5 l bv ' L Iv . -. , -, if , J . ' N I y 1 wr' ml 1 Y ei it . -:Q 1 , ii -I ' g fit -' ' i , N Q 'M I' .. ' H V t ,b its S 'XB in i it ' , S .iii -mt. - A ' I at "n ai - l . F x u , "C A v , . l ' ah", -.4-Ty l l id' ll A -l i . 1 t 5. l wr t v t , ur Y 3 Q3 . . 1 f - . - H-4+ -:Q f in U"'rl 1 "1 i E 'r l 1 Y l N V' 2 -- "- , . -1 . 1' -fi 1 ' t V-- Q. am I1-I 15' j -I it f, R ' ll I " . , 1 F E ' J Y, , 4 A ' , l b X W I ' - in ' i 1-L5 it W 1 ,V Q in U 1 Y N 1- - ii 1-1 we ' T ,V Q -A - .Q Q ' - ,fe R J- f :sg T" e 3' A I. J ' . -P. . '-.' 4. y,l-! ,JA wgi s' A - ' ' , MB '-' I A fx wi ll - ' MRS. HOUGHTON l-Carolyn Abbott, Bonnie Beath, Charles Boyd, Kerry Brune, Sally Daab, Randy Brownell, Linda Daniel, Louise Evans, Robert Farrell. Kathy Forrest, Andrew Gillett, Camille Hammerberg, Ricky Harkness, Patricia Jensen, Kenny Jensen, Penny Jeppesen, Robert Lint, Frances Larson. 3- Judy McConkie, Jack Nichols, Linda Peterman, Nancy Ranney, Marilyn Roosa, Dennis Smith, Richard Snyder, Shirley Wallace, Nancy Wulff. Absent: Rodney Genson, Dean King. 2- I 1 g i f- 5-7, J-ull. Nha, ll 'N i- M R I - - 'ln , 4 1' ' F' -F l - ., A . I ,X t :Neg .. .. ' -I .xr A1 V. ' t L .' - ' -J it 'B' P-'F MRS. PEASLEY l- Linda Abel, Tommy Bates, Steven Brooks, Ellen Crane, Colleen Daniel, Judy Davis, Kenny Dyer, Neca Evans, Lavorene Graves. 2- Allen Hansen, Linda Hansen, Roger Hatinger, George Hoag, Alva Hockstra, Nancy Hockstra, Curtis Jensen, Kathy Jensen, Sherry Jorgensen. 3- Paul Lambe, Sherry Lambe, Darlene McFarland, Jeanette Ross, Georgia Ann Smith, Forrest Taylor, Colleen Townsend, Mack Walcutt, Connie Williams. Absent: Anita Hildebrant. THIRD GRADE ffii J . "ha .. V x 3 A ---.': - b - is 'srl , , 5: ' r ' , '- i- ' f- " :.lli'-HH.r'Q3E!'. . 'sk-f 'iii .'-I 1 1 X . , , I , sm y ,ff Y ,. V, K..-aw, t ' , I ' f lwosfe , -- fl' X .f , t:,.u,..l.. fa. ' 'f I g ,g ,J-.V 4 ,M 1 S -,:, . Jiri 'gl' ' s' st W t ' ' Y 1 7 'E D ,sv . - 1' 'i ' its , . tl ' if x 7 MRS . LAR SON l- Sheila Ashbaugh, Max Bailey, Kay Beardslee, Sharon Bennett, Gary Christensen, Dorothy Davidge, Brian Dyer, Connie Erskin, David Gares. 2- Patricia Hammel, David Hansen, Randy Hansen, Robert Hickmott, Judy Jensen, Randall Knowles, James Lunsted, Peggy Mascho, Kenneth McCowan. 3- Ruth Ann Minerd, Bonnie Nye, Bobby Otto, Vicki Perkins, Lee Rish, Jacqueline Ross, Darlis Smith, Clifford Tooker, Patrick Towne. 4- James Van Coevering, Susan Verplanck, Nancy Zinn, Leo Hoag. I I ,K ,. I x , L- . V i we I i x L. ,V L . an . L.. ggyf K .K .,,.,pr, ,...,fj . K . 61:35 L 1-1 ' g t m . , J 1- h ' it 'JJ ':'. 'J i is-ff' w , N X Mr lr . - vfliffills ' . ' mbxx ek - i - , l - g , rx - 'wi Sli i FW "' l il' J' 6 ' W- . 2 7--. PQ fi sr Q.. ' 1 -- 1 .,1g, J s. f' 4- A f- -L 1 ef - - - x 5 5 'Q .xst . X .. set 3 'Q I ,ex X , is l We L I s-X' -.JE 'Y , , , .ll . . L 2..- N gy -il ' ,SQ i -q, ,1 ' "'-,s af -L sf nf' 'ef - , ll' J ' ' f 1 ' 5 W T, h s . ,,,- fl W Q i - In ,Lg .lt fwifb I 1, " ' N , N s Q . r V- 1 R fi? t'i1Jg.1ir of if X R i a- L MRS. PERKINS l- Diane Story, Jo Ann Froedtert, Kristie Newman, Linda Scoby, Melody King, Linnea Dobbrastine, Kenneth Tooker, Myrna Webb, Jo Ann Stebbins. 2- Carolyn Crooks, Gerald Hansen, Tommy Balch, Jean Melgaard, Mike Hammel, Larry Peterman, David Christensen, Bradley Hansen, Roy Nichols. 3- Delbert Taylor, Curtis Jorgensen, David Haddix, Joyce Campbell, Raymond Duenas, Georgia Munson, Roger Edgerly, Donna Dovidge, Roger Hansen. Absent: Douglas Foglesong, Linda Hildebrandt, Dwight Genson. FOURTH GR DE . A - st RQ' - 1 0 1' -fi ni'-1 4 '- ,Q Q , ' i 4' 3' . V 6 Z Zi l A :Ea 1 -so -, . it -... x into 5. J A J , 3, it t .- lzl l '- ll- if Q 1 I .: " -- ,. -4 R. x 4, F 4 l - - , i ' , , W' ov -1, w...' , 1 J -1 I wr . ,M .-' A-' f 54,0 1 r x ' . N - , L -..re , 1 , A mga ti ,i 4 -fffs , as if l M. , ' W at X ' .nf A I l -K 5 5' is 1 Ji -f ., "' RQ f J , . 1 , . , It yu' , 1 X1 ,i X Q 1 ,gf V 1 .. ,Q sv! li N e H X 'J Q ,Q fkikif' ' lt I 5 xg ' ll., 1-rv. A 2 - ' , 7 -. vi ' 1 I gg, 5 I 4. - ,A . v l' viii ii' , Mas. JENSEN X- ' , 4 l- William Bills, Carl Brune, David Campbell, Suzanne Cutler, Virgil Dishong, Alon Field, Marsha Foster, Harold Hansen Margaret Hansen. 2- Randy Hatinger, Ronny Hatinger, Lane Jensen, Elaine Jolley, Sharon McConkie, William Mercer, Kathy Morse, Shirley Newman, Robert Ranney. 3- Ralph Sedore, Gloria Sherwood, Charles Sigsby, Elaine Snyder, Terry Stevens, Margaret Stimpert, Joyce Telfer, Nelena Weld, Loney Withey. 4- Cheryl Zawadzinski, Thomas Zinn. Absent: Marcia Dobbrastine. 1 i Y we - --1 an 77 sf C+- A -my A- t -, P . i lx 'J A J it 2 on ' .S-1 f' f s if 'JN QR! l - Q ,mi " ' fsfc "' V ' 3 P+' 'Y-L L I i': I .1 u A i .ii if "Q 8 ' - ' N I . 1 "' L -, W ,:'-'- . ' Q 1 .ii-Nm LJ .l ' + -'Me I -' 'J' si if J if I W l 5, .X . i W V N 1 xl - , V -0 6- .I 1- 0- - 4 ?',. X . U "' in 1 9-9 A ' I 1 .,. .- Y .JJ V ' , K ,Lp ff' . ar "! -, ' 3 M A , -5 1. "' 1 x r ., N I , 1 i s :N ,H A 1 R 3 ii R 1 -f .fx -,1 i M V' 1---'-u f :txt ' 'J i , ' f"' ' ., , nv. 1 1- ,c ' . -,,r - . i R ls' ' A ' ' '31 -Wifiivil W . - ltzliiill ' ' l ' 1 1. ' ' .-xx X , A ' "ff , t 1 l I 1 ' " W' l V 2 , Q 3 " ' i 'A -A . N ' it LQ, ' S-af g A f vit 1 ar, - J " ,t .H . , ,, . i r ., 'A Q- - if- S--N J. J of J -we -N of --2 ' R, H----i , f S-5 . . N I P5 , Q- ,1 , , : -1-5535, 41515 5- 1.35 ,ss f -ij .. , J . 1 -,, A N s .1 ,. Q , 5 A .1 is J v i f., . ' N A Q 4' MRS. THURBER i l- Diane Abel, Patricia Allen, David Beals, Carol Camp, David Camp, Keith Christensen, Randy Davis, Michael Duenas, Connie For ar. 2- Ronild Hansen, John Jorgensen, Christine Kent, Alan Kolpack, Modelon Mangus, Max Mangus, Bonnie Miles, Michael Mox, Karma Munger. 3- Carl Nestle, Linda Parr, Billy Petersen, Arthur Ross, Ronald Rittenberg, Dorothy Slocum, Janice Snyder, Mary Word, Ann Witkowski. 4- Marsha Zinski. Absent: Evetra Bauers, Terry Rasmussen. FIFTH GRADE x . W tr A T S , ,, V, h mi : my gli-shim f s k -i t 2-5 ,1 be new - :., Y ,R .,. Q T .. T y . w g ...- L. Vli' Sf - K- NQ4. ,, , - . , X . 1 l .,, Nv k 4 , i t K I 3 :I " P" if L J A L or 31- L is ,Q T, 5 gg, cg -J if . K g , Q. K H I N ' Q A v .- vvv, V TM f H , I . I - I V 1 klvl A 5' . ...-, , I .3 ,,s: A ' Q75 f 5 - ,e K , Y 4 gg, K K ,mia I 4 K 5, y, , 4 P . L- K - '-" gig 8 .W xx K V fi. A ' T . , f,i ,E if J .ft if-si i ' f is , ,K - sf -. A 'AV ml X l "" 1' X at MXN i X lg in in 2 HN X A: Q ' iii. x l J t N xl A K , A r ,L , ,,, , 5 ,K , .,,. xi X L.,A.. if t ,Ji wk x A K My A J. . 1 ,hh -4 I K ,,.. ML .in . , h ,Q E5 9+ A h J-am , . T l- Connie Balch, Thomas Bates, Norma Buskirk, Larry Camp, Linda Courser, Ronald Crane, Patti Jill Cunningham, Anna Marie Duenas, Michael Forrest. 2- Betty Gorsuch, Terry Hallock, Norman Hansen, Jerry Hockstra, Bryan Jorgensen, Chris Jorgensen, Esther Lewis, Tommy Long, Arlene Minerd. 3- Edward Minerd, John Morse, Connie Nestle, Wendell Sagendorf, Ruth Ann Schnepp, Nancy Stebbins, Richard Stimpert, Ann Tooker, Terry Verus. 4- Maureen Webb, Chris Witkowski. ' -l li ii'-'f f J i f if 7 Qi -' ff? L if J - it L K" B arss wi B "., L ,I it B" 9' ""-ff - L ill it A - J ,T EH' a - r er fr ' hx 'ici it , T 'irs BJ as C L Tl J . V Tl i i t T if--N., , A ,H P I ,,. xy mu. !"' " L' I S' 'si 'f T l554',"i . .L My -- .L V v --in W W m? 1 "" X4 ' v 4 el "-' ' "si S X' 7f- '.'i" ' i N sf ti i :4 in , l ' i ,N . x, I M: y . :I 5 l- Duane Abbott, Mike Allen, Sharon Almy, Rodney Ashbaugh, Danny Beath, Linda Bennett, Eddie Campbell, Ann Carr, Sheila Cummins. 2- Bobby Cutler, Duane Dishong, Connie DeSpelder, Patty Field, Mary L. Hansen, Becky Jensen, Jim Froedtert, Michael Jensen, Carol Jolley. 3- Rickie Jorgensen, Robert McConkie, Suzanne Miller, Dennis Moore, Ruth Elaine Nielsen, Barbara Raymond, Evahlena Silver, Dennis Stevens, Donna Van Ostran. Absent: Betty Foglesong, Sandra King. SIXTH GRADE MRS . WEST l- Maureen Booth, Shirley Boyd, James Brooks, Roger Buskirk, Martha Cascadden, Danny Christensen, Carol Dodson, Mary Duenas Craig D r. 2- Lindall Ester, Jerol Lynn Hatinger, Paul Henry, Alan Hockstra, Dorrine Houghton, Sharon Jensen, Glenda Lamoreaux, Dale Linton, Stephen Melgaard. 3- Conrad Mox, Myrna Loo Peabody, Genevieve Rish, Lloyd Scoby, Donald Sedore, Linda Slocum, Elizabeth Slocum, Barham Smith, Ray Van Ostran. 4- Bobby Wegner, Gary Wulff. Absent: Diane Dobbrastine, Donald King, Ronald King. STUDENT LIFE PANTHERIAN STAFF l--Jon Verplanck, Mr. Schaibly, Joyce Otto, Norma Johnson, Larry Beach 2--Betty Bussiere, Muriel Sigsby, Marian Rogers, Carolyn Campbell, Robert Gorsuch, Biru- taKalnins The Pantherian of 1957 has several changes from past yearbooks. The Staff has tried to make a new and different type of yearbook, and we hope it proves to be satisfactory to our readers. In years to come we hope our students will look back upon this Pantherian with a lot of satisfaction. We want to thank Carney Train for his time and effort used on photography, and Mrs. Schaibly for our lmique cover design. N Joyce Otto, Editor-in-Chief Norma Johnson, Assistant Editor Larry Beach, Business Manager Jon Verplanck, Assistant Business Manager Muriel Sigsby, Feature Editor Sandra Boyd, Feature Editor Biruta Kalnins, Feature Editor Robert Gorsuch, Boys' Sports Betty Bussiere, Photography Editor Mr. Schaibly, Faculty Advisor 3 - 1u. lb STUDENT COUNCIL l--larry Beach, Jerry Long, Raymond Sackett, Jon Verplanck, Sharleen Stimpert, Mr. Schaibly, Sharon Johnson 2--Sandra Gorsuch, Rosanne Telfer, Connie Andersen, Sharon Holler, Albert Hicks, Darryl Hockstra, Robert Gorsuch, Earl Hatinger, Lyn Beath, Maxine Stimpert Edmore is very proud of its student council. This is a hard working organization and one which seldom receives the recognition it deserves. The councilhas sponsored several activities such as dances and homecoming. With the magazine money this year, the council had a sidewalk put across the front lawn and a telephone booth installed. Another accom - plishment of the council was to have the minutes printed so the students were aware of what was happening. One of the most important functions of the Student Council is the monitor system which is very helpful in maintaining order in the assemblies and lunch line or in places where teachers are not present to keep order. MONITORS l--Raymond Sackett, Marilyn Melgaard, Joyce Otto, Sonya Bills, Patricia Andersen, Jon Verplanck 2--Frank Townsend, Thomas Shurlow, Donald Shurlow, Ernest Woolner, Ray LeFever, Lee Roy Beardslee STUDENT HEALTH COUNCIL ,.. .. , , l--Diane Ward, Arthur Busklrk, Joyce Otto, Carolyn Campbell, Mr. Pratt, Judith Shurlow 2--Carolyn Crane, Janet Eldred, Paul Curtis, Victor Rasmussen, Stuart Sackett, Bill Wood Stephen Ross The Student Health Council ca.mpaigned for civil defense and for crippled children at Easter time. Throughout the school year the council improved health conditions in and around the school. One way was by distributing pamphlets to the students and by plac- ing posters about town. LIBRARIANS Under the supervision of Mrs. Rolfe, Librarian, who will be deeply missed next year, the library was run very smoothly a.nd efficiently. The circulation of the library increased a great deal this year. Increased fines bought us several new books. -. , ., sawn 1--Romana Andres, Ruth McHugh, Muriel Sigsby, Mrs. Rolfe, Joyce Otto, Marilyn Melgaard 2--Jon Froedtert, Arlene Hansen, Connie Jensen, Helen Gustavison, Sonya Bills, Mary Bra- sington, Shirley Lamoreaux, Merrilee Whetstone ,941 H , xv- 'f-7? .Jn vw ,,. ff 12.2 . of tact. Y Q 'lui ll u-. Wwvrfi M we 1 .E Queen, Janet Eldred-Jon Verplanck, Student Council President-King, Jerry Long. MR . PRATT CARNIVAL After a very close race, Jerry Long and Janet Eldred were crowned King and Queen of the eleventh a.n.nual Carnival, thus com- pleting the most successful carnival yet. The net proceeds were almost S2000 from this year's Carnival. Other candidates for King and Queen were Raymond Sackett, Albert Hicks , Gale Ann McDonald, and Gail Beath. Much credit goes to Mr. Pratt who instituted the Carnival at Edmore-McBride Schools. F.F.A. . 5 l--William Nobach, Richard Nielsen, Jack Wymer, Robert Cole, Gale Wymer, Ronald Per- kins, Arthur Buskirk, Loren Brasington, Tom Harkness, Dale May 2--Donald Sweet, J immy Haddix, Jerry Phillips , Lee Roy Beardslee, Norman Gilbert, May- nard Miles, Earl Munson, Thomas Beach, Bill Wood, Bruce Beach, Jerry Lumbert, Eu- gene Goulding, Marvin Sweet, Mr. Kohn 3--Lewis Withey, Dale Peterson, Merrill Johnson, J errald Buskirk, Garry Rein, Jerry Lar- son, Dallas Hamilton, Earl Hemminger, Larry Hunt, James Hansen, Paul Cummings, Norman Sullivan 4--Larry Hansen, Larry Hockstra, Dale Bartlett, Gilbert Delamater, James Wood, John Sil- ver, Donald Shurlow, Louis Durga, Peter Nielsen, John Kalnins, Bruce Sabin, William Jolley, Lanny Greenhoe, Moses Hart The F, F.A. under the leadership of Mr. Kohn has been very active this year. The group started a calf chain, a registered dairy Holstein, and continued the pig chain which was be - gun in a previous year. Several activities were sponsored for Club and community enjoyment. Among these were the Parent-Son Banquet and the Donkey basketball game. The Club also sold Christmas trees last December as a money-making project. In the Spring three F. F.A. boys, Gale Wymer, Robert Cole and Jerry Larson, had the honor of going to leadership trining school at Higgins Lake for three days. . J J A 'Ti-X O :lr . . 1 1.4 F.H.A 1- 2 -Mrs. Kinney, Doris Christensen, Sally Larson, Sue Reed, Mary Brasing-ton, Biruta Kal- nins, Marian Rogers, Carole Hatinger, Kay Cole, Arlene Hansen --Wanda Hutchinson, Janette Wymer, Muriel Sigsby, Joyce Morrow, Jeri Lou Cutler, Ha- zel Slocum, Connie Jensen, Kay Jones, Patricia Andersen, Betty Bussiere, Doris Minerd, Romana Andres 3--Jean Sowles, Charlotte Delamater, Janice Cook, Ruth McHugh, Marylnn Miles, Judy Shurlow, Connie Woodrow, Sonya Bills, Marilyn Melgaard, Vergeline Hansen, Deloris Rish, Kathleen Bailey, Neola Johnson, Darla Hansen The F. H.A. this year sponsored a coat hanger sale, a pizza sale and the biggest of all, the Mother and Daughter Banquet which was well attended. Four of the officers went to a state convention in Grand Rapids, they were Biruta Kahiins, Arlene Hansen, Mary Bras- ington and Marian Rogers. fs so iw as 19", '1 J -- wif f , 4 az! WM my A f B en jx V U LATIN CLUB LATIN CLUB , t- . 1 wx, . ' ,mt , . , if MN l--Jeanne Harrison, Jerry Long, Hazel Slocum, Patricia Beardslee, Albert Hicks, Mr. Pratt 2--Susan Mair, Laura Plage, Sharon Holler, Gail Beath, Veronica Hedges, Sharon Johnson , Jerry Wegner, Sidney Larson, Jerry Beckmeyer, Carole Slocum, Carolyn Campbell, Joyce Otto, Helene Henry, Harland Wulff The Latin Club sponsored several activities this year such as a fudge sale ,comic book sale and beanie sale. The club held an open house in March and a banquet in May. At Christmas the club went caroling in Elmore. I NKSPOT Although the Inkspot had a late start they were quite successful. They made a change by having the paper printed at the Edmore Times office which made it possible to have pic- tures of people and student activities, thus making the paper more enjoyable. L L 1--Jeanne Harrison, Jerry Long, Raymond Sackett, Susan Mair, Suzanne Ferens, Robert Gorsuch, Sharon Holler 2--Betty Bussiere, Hazel Slocum, Art Davidge, Luanna Jensen, Sandra Gorsuch, Rosanne Telfer, Diane Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Diane Ward 3--Muriel Sigsby, Neola Johnson, Marian Rogers, Marylnn Miles, Gail Beath, Veronica Hedges, Louis Paxton, Melvin Morrow, Helene Henry, Sidney Larson, Mr. Schaibly, Carole Hatinger, Maxine Stimpert SENIOR PLAY "THE GREAT SCOTTS" The two Scott families lived side by side and were the most stubborn families in town. The two fa.milies had not spoken for seven years, but the silence was broken by Marian and Nata - lie, seventeen year old daughters of the two families who became interested in the s a m e young man. Grandma Scott appeared unexpectedly and plotted her secret strategy which led to a very exciting climax. "Great Scotts," directed by Mrs. Robert Naru, was enjoyed by everyone who S3W it- Q44 CAST: Hazel Slocum, Natalie Scott Marilyn Melgaard, Marian Scott Joyce Otto, Grandma Scott Bruce Sabin, Phil Evans Ruth McHugh, Claire Roberts Darryl Hockstra, Darrel Woods Betty Bussiere, Geraldine QJerryj Scott Loren Brasington Albert Scott Patricia Andersen Julia Scott Neola Johnson Edna Scott Larry Hockstra Abner Erskine Jim Wood, Edward Scott JUNIOR PLAY t The Juniors this year presented a three act comedy, "You Can't Kiss Caroline", on April 9-10. The play featured a new girl who had just moved into town. Trouble began to brew when boys made a bet on kissing Caroline and her little sister overheard, but promisednotto tell, providing the boys treated her a few times at the drug store. Mr. Daab and Mrs. Schaibly were faculty directors, with Barbara Gares, Norma Johnson and Marian Rogers as Student Directors. CAST: Laura Plage, Caroline Raymond Sackett, Joe Maxine Patterson, Ma Rand Sharleen Stimpert, Susie Frank Townsend, Willie J olm Bluem, Stanley Jerry Wegner, Howie Melvin Morrow, Milt Patricia Beardslee, Pat Xl X ff-1 Mary Brasingbon, Miss Jameson K I X 1 "' Alice Clark, Bunny -,gi I Sharon Holler, Sally W .gb l Arlene Hansen, Shirley ' Charlotte Delamater, Jeanette .y S 5 fl I .X X, TQQTTI ' fi. '26 .li ati' ,-'. ', JUNIOR-- SENIOR PROM--BANQUET 1 The seniors were once again guests of the juniors for the banquet which was held for the first time in the Second Street Elementary School. Mr. Wegner was the speaker and entertainment consisted of a vocal quartet from Crystal. The seniors had "Midnight For Two" as the theme of the prom which was a wonderful success. The orchestra was the Velvatones from Alma. SENIOR HIGH Back Row: Carole Hatinger, Sandra Gorsuch, Kay Cole, Alice Rasmussen, Mr. Daab, Albert McConkie, Earl Hemminger, Wallace McComb, Neola Johnson, Biruta Kalnins Center Row: Patricia Beardslee, Dennis Hockstra, Joyce Hatinger, Carole Slocmn, Ronald Christensen, Dale May, Mary Brasington, Shirley Lamoreaux, Fern Stimpert Front Row: Sonya Bills, Muriel Sigsby, Sharon Johnson, Arthur Buskirk, Jerry Long, Den- nis Hockstra, Jean Sowles I k uhh xx ix? V ir., 'T . . dex: N' D . A f ci Ig X .355 .ef ,G7 L' g f Q if 4 01 I CONCERT BA ND Extreme Back: Patricia Andersen, Laura Plage Back Row: Qfront to backy Larry Beach, John Schaibly, Earl Munson, Thomas Beach, Eugene Goulding, Ruth Ann Ehl, Janet Eldred, Donald Sweet, Diane Ward, Susan Mair, Helene Henry, James Haddix, Albert Hicks Middle Row: Suzanne Ferens, Connie Andersen, Gale Ann McDonald, Edward Hatinger, Lar- ry Hockstra, Carolyn Campbell, Hazel Slocum, Sidney Larson, Edward Abbott, Wanda Hutchinson Front Row: Sharon Holler, Sharleen Stimpert, Jeanne Harrison, Darla Hansen, Darryl Hock- stra, Janice Cook Besides the usual participation at football games and parades at Edmore, the band traveled twice to Big Rapids and once to Alma where they marched in the homecoming parade. The band received a second rating at the band festival at Merril and also some excellent ratings in solos and ensembles. The Band Boosters Club purchased new drums for the band which we are very proud of. SENIOR HIGH MARCHING BAND W Front to Back: 1-- 2 3 4 5 6 ola Johnson, Gale Ann McDonald, Muriel Sigsby, Dennis Cutler -Edward Abbott, Donald Sweet, Shirley Lamoreaux, Edward Hatinger, Wallace McComb, Suzanne Ferens, Helene Henry, Sharon Holler -Laura Plage, Janice Cook, Mary Brasington, Eugene Goulding, Jerry Long, Connie An- dersen, Sharcm Johnson, Sharleen Stimpert -Hazel Sloctun, Dennis Hockstra, Ronald Christensen, John Schaibly, Earl Hemminger, Carole Hatinger, Joyce Hatinger, Jeanne Harrison -Sidney Larson, Jean Sowles, Earl Munson, Larry Beach, Albert McConkie, Sonya Bills, Sandra Gorsuch, Darla Hansen --Carolyn Campbell, Ruth Ann Ehl, Carole Slocum, Albert Hicks, Biruta Kalnins, Thomas Beach. Patricia Beardslee, Arthur Buskirk Back Row: Diane Ward, Wanda Hutchinson, Kay Cole Drum Major--Darryl Hockstra. Majorettes--Susan Mair, Patsy Andersen F' no X If 'S-1 J f , .5 ' 1 alll: In 'Z ' . 4129-EQ, 57 ? ' 7 ' D Nwfmzc' '. , fa if 1 -5' . w -fra A Mr. Daab, Director, Larry Hockstra, Janet Eldred, Fern Stimpert, Melvin Morrow, Ne- SENIOR HIGH CHORUS I--Mr. Daab, Violet Lunsted, Helen Gustavison, Gale Ann McDonald, Connie Andersen, Bet- ty Bussiere, Dawn Irwin, Donald Sweet 2--Patricia Andersen, Alice Clark, Neola Johnson, Janet Eldred, Sue Reed, Biruta Kalnins, Suzanne Ferens, Charlotte Delamater 3--Marylnn Miles, Veronica Hedges, Joyce Otto, Harland Wulff, Barbara Gares, Carolyn Campbell, James Beath, Frank Scoby, Janice Cook The senior high mixed chorus sang at the Christmas program, at eighth grade gradua- tion and for an Easter program at the elementary school. In the spring the chorus took a trip to Grand Rapids to a music festival. .wi.,nr-r- we ----- JUNIOR HIGH BAND 1--Joyce Hatinger, Jennings Johnson, Sandra Gorsuch, Sally Shurlow, Sharon Nielsen, J ea.n Sowles, Dennis Hockstra, Richard Davis, Merrilee Whetstone, Edward Hatinger 2--Alice Rasmussen, Lana J eppeson, Karen Peterson, Sandra Nye, Connie Va.nHouten, San- dra Sheppard, Saundra Walcutt, Dean Buskirk, Shirley Lamoreaux, Diane Ward, Wanda Hutchinson, Harold Dishong, Jon Froedtert, Gordon Forrest, Maxine Stimpert, Ronald Camp, Jerry Lumbert, Stephen Ross, Dean Hansen 3--Joan Mascho, Kay Cole, Louis Paxton, Rosanne Telfer, Diane Johnson, Michael Nauta, Edward Bonadore, Dale May, Robert Shurlow, Ronald Christensen, Gail Beath, Sally Had- dix, Lyn Beath, Arthur Davidge, Gary Slocum, Luanna Jensen Mr. Daab , Director JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUBS Q Bog 1--Beverly Lewis, Saundra Walcutt, Sally Haddix, Diane Johnson, Lua.nna Jensen, Patricia Hicks, Sandra Gorsuch, Connie Van Houten, Charlene Hornbeck 2--Rosanne Telfer, SandraSheppard, BonnieHenning, Sandra Camp, Joan Mascho, Merrilee Whetstone, Maxine Stimpert, Carolyn Crane, Sandra Nye 3--Sharon McHugh, Sandra Raymond, Sharon Nielsen. Susie Bills The Junior High Band and Glee Clubs once again staged a concert which everyone enjoy- ed. The band took part in the annual Christmas program. The Jr. Band marched for Memorial Day of 1957. The Junior High Music Department has proven very successful and we hope this continues in the future. 1--Arthur Davidge, Dean Buskirk, James Snyder, Thomas Froedtert, Stephen Ross, Dean Hansen, Ronald Camp, David Snyder, Mr. Daab, Director 2--Davis Falk, Lanny Crooks, Robert Shurlow, Louis Paxton, Norbert Miller, Michael Nauta. Gale Jolley X 'Aw 4 xax N Patsy Andersen SPORTS ,...-, Ruth Ann Ehl Connie Anders en Laura Plage Sharleen Stimpert f f A N:,A ' X yikr K Q if zn: ,I K 7 , 1 . - Wa Albert McConkie J Doris Christensen Sally Shurlow Diane Ward Sharon Johnson l 1 FOOTBALL 1--Albert Hicks, Marvin Sweet, Jerry Phillips, Bruce Hatinger, Larry Beach, Jerry Wegner Norman Gilbert, Dale Field, James Haddix 2--William Jolley, Frank Cutler, Garry Rein, Jerry Beckmeyer, Paul Curtis , William Shur- low, Earl Hatinger, Frank Townsend, Eric Hammerberg, Daryl Bigler 3--Coach Borton, Ray LeFever, Robert Telfer, Arthur Buskirk, Ronald Perkins, Donald Shurlow, Dennis Cutler, John Schaibly, Thomas Shurlow, Larry Hansen, Raymond Sackett John Bluem, Dale Bartlett Displaying fine conditioning and team spirit, the five Edmore Panthers won their fourth M. C . A. A. championship in 5 years. Coach Naru's Panthers, led by Halfback Ron Perkins , compiled a record of 5 wins, 2 losses and one tie. The big victory of the 1957 season was the 13-0 Homecoming win over Carson City. Those who will be missed next year because of graduation are Larry Beach, Art Bus- kirk, Frank Cutler, William Jolley, Ron Perkins, and Garry Rein. SEASON RECORD JSF' f: 7 131, '37 l We f clflflp' Breckenridge 6 6 ,V j' Q? Stanton l9 0 Q., 0'!f',,A'iL 'iw " N fs-Jw l y .u,645f?f' 1 as ,N X CarsonC1ty 13 0 wr A i, iw A FMS Veswbufg 31 0 'A S.: -2' sl 'W ,H 5 f Sheridan 32 0 1 gel! Lakeview 18 20 ' " 'ie Howard City 25 0 MQ' ll ,QM Q11 1 Shepherd 14 21 N114 QD Total 158 47 CHAMPS l W ra, a Larry Beach, Frank Cutler, Garry Rein, Arthur Buskirk, Ronald Perkins , William Jolley 13-0 vlcroiii OVER cilzso MAKES A swim H0MEcoM G Edmore School celebrated. its 1956 Homecoming last Friday night, and 1315 Edern-greg Panlbhers made ifta - pyc e- raion. , 1 The game had all the elements bf high drama in it-with 'Carson City bringing to Edmore Fields an 'undefeated' record and a .reputa- gilon as the team to beat. in the ontcalm County Athletic Asso- ciation. When' it was all over, the Eagles 'went home on 'the -Short end' of 8 13-O score, and Edm-ore-fans ad- journed to the Hlomecommg .dance for a happy celebnaition. Sharper than they've been all season, the Panthers never let Carson off the mat. The two start- ing halfbacks, Art Buskirk and Ron Perkins, accounted for the scoring, with Buskiirk going oyer Erom 3 yards out tio draw firs-t blood, and' Perkins driving over rom inside the 15-yard line to vrap it up 'before the half. A 'slight case of Edmofrds third'- huatrter jittem came when play re- Bxmed, but this time the airftmght antlfer defense held the Eagles Marilyn Melgaard Homecoming Queen -off. And the closing minutes of tihe game saw Edmore ofn the seven- yard line, with only the time clock preventing 'another score. It w-as a real test for the Pan- thers, who had been looking over their shoulders at Carson City all season long. Preseason dope had made the Eagles favorites for tihe championshuiipp they were- ia big, tough squad with an undefeated record when they came tio Edvmore. The margin might well have been four touchdowns instead of two. Besides the drive interrupted by the en-dr of the game, the Pan- thers got another push started- ear- Ily in the fourth quarter, only to lose -the ball inside Carscfn's ten after a penalty had set them back. The Panthers got their ex-tra point via -a cute play. In place-kick formation, the ball was snapped in ,what looked like a high pass from center. While the Eagles rushed in to block' the kick, Larry Beach, wiho had' had 'to leap high to catch the "bad center," calmly passed into the end zone to Tom Shurlow. VARSITY BASKETBALL 1 i I I Robert Gorsuch Paul Curtis Jon Verplanck VARSITY SCORES We They Stanton 53 45 49 1 Breckenridge 64 53 , H Pi e Crystal 69 67 Q Howard City 64 51 ' "7 "' Ithaca 62 65 Lakeview 62 92 "" N' Howard City as 61 St. Louis 50 55 Vestaburg 64 48 Lakeview 44 82 Shepherd 70 62 M' owl, 1' x A I A I Thomas Shurlow John Schajbly 5 1 Y 1 Donald Shurlow 1 Wd ' 2 '35-K S 0' . ,M K fl rw Earl Hatinger Jerry Wegllel' Stanton 80 66 Carson City 55 50 Vestaburg 57 5 l Blanchard 58 33 Total 9 77 91 l Tournament Play: Breckenridge 64 62 Shepherd 4 1 40 Reed City 44 52 Grand Total 1126 1065 .nj 1' 'Ya Larry Beach fi T i g? X Ray LeFever Dennis Cutler Jerry Larson l--Robert Gorsuch, Paul Curtis, Donald Shurlow, Thomas Shurlow, John Schaibly, Jon Ver- planck 2--Coach Borton, Jerry Wegner, Earl Hatinger, Dennis Cutler, Jerry Larson, Ray LeFever Larry Beach, Manager Robert Telfer Being a much improved team over the previous season, the Edmore Panthers compiled a record of 12 wins and only 4 losses. This record is one of the better records ever com- piled in Edmore. In tournament play the Panthers won 2 and lost one. After winning the District Cham- pionship in Alma by exciting victories over Breckenridge and Shepherd,the Panthers were knocked out of the Regional Tournament by Reed City at Mt. Pleasant. Tom Shurlow led the Edmore squad in individual scoring with a total of 330 points. Larry Beach was the only senior on t.his year's team. X I I XR? -iw? .... ' 'Q' 5 --"' . X xl Q SECOND TEAM - - I 1 V-+ , 1--Bruce Hatinger, Daryl Bigler, John Kalnins, William Shurlow, Dennis Gorsuch 2--Coach Noud, Jerry Beckmeyer, Thomas Beach, Eugene Goulding, Albert Hicks, Manager Robert Telfer Under the rookie coaching of Coach Noud, the "Little Panthers"went through a success- ful season with a 12 win, 4 lost record. Dennis Gorsuch was high scoring man on the team with 340 points for a 21 point per game average. The Captain of the second team for the 56-57 season was Bruce Hatinger. SEASON RECORD We They Stanton 54 1 7 Breckenridge 41 29 C rystal 49 40 Howard City 50 26 Sheridan 54 1 7 Ithaca 46 40 Lakeview 29 50 Howard City 22 35 St. Louis 39 51 Vestaburg 53 23 Lakeview 26 27 Shepherd 53 35 Stanton 43 24 Carson City 54 34 Vestaburg 45 35 Blanchard 5 1 34 Total 709 517 GIRLS BASKETBALL 1--Diana Perkins, Sharleen Stimpert, Patricia Andersen, Ruth Ehl, Carolyn Campbell, San- dra Boyd 2--Carole Slocum, Patricia Beardslee, Sharon Holler, Laura Plage, Ruth Silver, Joyce Otto Janet Eldred, Suzanne Ferens 3--Mrs. Ward, Coach, Connie Andersen, Joan McConkie Carole Hatinger, Helene Henry, Janet Eldred, Suzanne Ferens. For the 1956-57 Girl's Basketball season, the team coached by Mrs. Ward, had a suc- cessful year. The Pantherettes won all the games except one, Howard City, by only one basket. The starting forwards were Sharleen Stimpert, Pat Andersen, and Diana Perkins, and the guards were Sandra Boyd, Ruth Ann Ehl, and Carolyn Campbell. Having 95 points, Pat Andersen was our high point player. Joyce Otto and Pat Andersen were the only seniors. Besides competitive basketball, the girls have participated in various other activities among themselves. These include badminton, softball, shuffleboard, volley ball, acrobats, and bowling. This year several of the girls participated in the first county track meet at Stanton, where three other schools participated. Also, four girls and Mrs. Ward attended Play Day at Central Michigan College. BASKETBALL SCORES We They Y da? Vestaburg 46 12 L Howard City 28 20 Breckenridge 3 l 28 Stanton 29 l 0 Q, Breckenridge 32 27 I g f 1 ' ' Vestaburg 43 33 Lx. ' g Howard City 19 2 1 " Stanton 35 30 Total 263 181 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL 1--Coach Borton, Chris Rasmussen, Jack Rittenberg, Robert Telfer, Richard Davis, John Perkins, Coach Noud 2--Mickey Forgar, Terry Hansen, James Clark, Lyn Beath, Leonard Bailey, Jon Froedtert Dean Hansen, Edward Hatinger 3--Gordon Forrest, Jennings Johnson, Ronald Christensen, Stuart Sackett, Robert Shurlow, William Hockstra, Alan Sackett, Thomas Pickert MONTCALM COUNTY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CHAMPS Led by Bob Telfer scoring a total of 240 points for a 20 point a game average, the Junior High squad finished with a 12-1 record and the M. C.A. A. Championship. The only loss was at the hands of the Breckenridge team, which Edmore later avenged with a win over them. SCHEDULE We They Breckenridge 33 36 Howard City 47 12 vestaburg 29 20 Q . . stanton 42 15 , '- ' Lakeview 32 31 ' T Breckenridge 35 32 Q Q ' Vestaburg 49 31 ' ak ' six Lakes 34 19 ?' Howard City 43 11 stanton 44 y 26 Total 388 233 BASEBALL 1- 2 , 4....gx -Earl Hatinger, Paul Curtis, Robert Gorsuch, Lanny Davis, Dennis Gorsuch, Thomas Shurlow --Coach Noud, Larry Beach, Melvin Morrow, Bruce Hatinger, Frank Cutler, Frank Town- send. Jerry Wegner, Orville Hansen Edmore finished third in the county standings behind Lakeview and Sheridan. After winning only two out of the first five games, Edmore finished the latter half of the season by winning four out of five, giving them an over-all season record of 6 wins and 4 losses. This record is much better than it sounds for the two previous years the Panthers never won a single contest. Dennis Gorsuch and Lanny Davis composed the main battery through the year. Larry Beach and Frank Cutler will be missed next year because of graduation. SCHEDULE We They Greenville 2 l Vestaburg 0 1 1 4 , Shepherd 3 6 ' Lakeview 4 8 Vestaburg 4 3 Howard City 9 6 Vestaburg 3 0 X County Playoff: J-'Mtg Carson City 3 0 " Total 28 35 HA TRACK CHAMPS l--Bruce Hatinger, Jerry Wegner, Larry Hansen, Ray LeFever, William Archer Daryl Big ler , Coach Naru 2--John Kalnins, Frank Cutler, John Silver, Loren Brasington, Thomas Shurlow Arthur Buskirk, Ronald Perkins, Manager Robert Telfer Edmore tied with Vestaburg for first place in the M. C. C. A. in track. The track squad for 1957 won two of their track meets prior to the County meet. The team was led by Seniors Ron Perkins, John Silver, Art Buskirk, and Loren Brasington. COUNTY MEET Edmore Vestaburg Carson City Stanton Crystal V K, , Lakeview Howard City 39 U2 39 1X2 33 29 23 U2 18 l!2 16 BOWLING TEAMS l--Mr. Naru, Romana Andres, Arlene Hansen, Alice Clark, Laura Plage, Connie Jensen, Sharleen Stimpert 2--Sandra Boyd, Connie Andersen, Marylrm Miles, Janet Eldred, Ruth McHugh, Sharon Hol- ler, Betty Hutchinson 3--Mary Brasington, Marian Rogers, Carolyn Campbell, Marilyn Melgaard, Barbara Gares, Sonya Bills, Joyce Otto Mr. Naru this year undertook the task of organizing a Girl's and Boy's bowling team playing at Marl View one day each week. This was a new form of extracurricular activity and we hope it can be carried on again next year. The faculty bowling team won the league trophy this year. Those bowling were Mr. Naru, Mr. Kohn, Mr. Noud, Mr. Watts, and Mr. Webb. Substitutes were Frank Cutler, and Herb Perkins. A, tg, t , 'V A C3 ' l--Mr. Naru, Orville Hansen, Robert Heiming, Glen Sowles, Gale Wymer, James Hansen, Melvin Morrow, Robert Rittenberg 2--Larry Hansen, Philip Delamater, Wallace McComb, Lanny Davis, Larry Hockstra, Robert Cole, Gary Brown, Darryl Hockstra, Larry Christensen. 3--Jon Fouts, Frank Townsend, Jay Otto, James Wood, ErnestWoolner, Louis Durga, Loren Brasington, Bruce Sabin, Raymond Sackett, William Nobach J li , Q 4 ,.,, si ""'5,. mxj ' .i- b faiifa if ,aa 'SS iris!! lf" 1' 1, 3 ,.fQ. " - ..-gil S ,I Q g qi 'Ji wa I L-4' . ,.g. ' " -nv-'I' . , -15 313' K ,.,f W BOB WILLIAMS -- EDMORE MOBIL SERVICE BOSCH HARDWARE BURT'S FINE FOODS AND BAKERY CLARENCE PERKINS -- POTATOES CLIFF AND DER -- CITIES SERVICE COLISEUM THEATER DAHLQUIST STORE DR. C. L. ROLFE, DENTIST PA TH ERIA DR. ZANE F. STEWART, D. C. EDMORE GRAIN Sz LUMBER CO. LTD. --MCBRIDE FRANKLIN'S GENERAL STORE AND SERVICE GORSUCH'S STANDARD SERVICE KIME'S GROCERY -- YOUR DEERWOOD STORE LONG'S IG A MARKET MCBRIDE TAVERN MEIER'S I G A MARKET MILLER DRY GOODS MORRIS WHITE ROSE SERVICE PANSY LUNCH SHOP POWELL'S SNACK BAR RAINBOW TRAILER COURT WEB'S DAIRY CROWN S E251 wishes in the Clan nf 1957 -L 23233325 mmf? W' ARTHUR E. SACKETT EDMORE Congratulations to the Class of I957 I. MILLER PICKLES INC. Edmore, Michigan Phone I9I vERP1.A7x1C:K'S MCCORMICK Tmncvons -- EQUIPMENT NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT PHONE HA 1-3222 WARUS gora 81 gnercury una up anvuc: I-:11IgIJaI1"e ,plpphances giusfonz Qwnluafs PHONE HA 7-3291 CQHQQATU LMIQNS Congmwwonf to the Class OF '57 I to 'clwe Class of '57 5 Ea 'PGHEJISOYX Dodson Chevrolet Bdmore, Michigan PHONE HA 7-5479 C'l.mf!1mn14 CQUGIQATU LATIONS to tlwe Class of '57 EDMORE OIL COMPANY ,.. , Cifq Service Disirilaufors 'F 2 Edmore, Michigan Fil -.. .... -... .- - BEST WISHES Camf,fim,,,L, ,If I 'ko Class of '57 4 I Sec1lTe.5f Mi R055 AQZRKELEOZ: Yard Ban! Gllafingzm J 'somone I on an eomphnwng 4 Congratulations 'co 'clue Class of: '57 EDMORE DRY CLEANERS Edmore Food Locker AND LAUNDRY SERVICE EDMORE MICHIGAN C IHERCERS Qomlslimerxlj of meds Ulcer TOWNSEND VERN MERCER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Mmm, to dh CFM .ff 4957 E GENERAL ELECTRIC somone, MICHIGAN BEST WISMES to Class of '57 STAFFEN'S TAVERN EDMORE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '57 EVA S IGA MARKET Pr-sous HA 7-B228 CEDAR LAKE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '57 Tl-IE CAIQIQ JCIGENCY answzancz :Real Salah: 24 HOUR S ICI Clair R. Cart Wm. A. Carr PHONE HA 7-5123 Edmore, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF '57 PH ENIX HOTEL EDMORE, MICHIGAN Compliments i:o Class oi: X57 Alfred Rasmussen Sr. CATTLE TRUCKING Q HAULING PHONE HA 7-3485 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF' mm 'PLAGE WATER WELL DRILLING UO! WIST HA N T IIT Pr-sons HA 7-ass: EDMORE, MICHIGAN gina galimafz at SCI-IAIB'S DIQINT Sl-IOP on your printing job too small for the big printer oulc snvucz nnsomnm.: rmc mimeogvapiwing EDMORE HAMILTO 75520 1. ' t0tK.Ct'mfj'4951 EDMOIQE GAMBLE STORE ggi JOE!! A dll-111150115 CROSS FOOD MARKET GA We feature home kulled meats Slx Lakes Muchngan General Telephone Companq OF M ICHIG AN One of Amenca s Great Commumcatlon Systems IHCBRIDE Oll. CO Harry B Leach ICBRIDI PHONE 273i Parr 6? Son New and Used Farm Equipment CASE AND OLIVER SALES WITH SERVICE COM PLIMENTS OF The Qlfhmnre Ultmes PHONE HA 7 3323 Conqratulahons MCBRIDE LUMBER COMPANY Bunldmg Materials JOHN HENRY 'camps Pr-:aus 2541 memos -I BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1957 PEABODY S GROCERY AND GAS Westvnlle Mnchuga Van Ostran's n GENERAL STORE MCBRIDE l l ' l ' . . 9 0 SHELL PRODUCTS Bed: Wishes to Class' of: IQ57 I DR. E. C. BECKMEYER, D.O. EDMORE l- I Gompwmu 4 Kerxffs ic.4LSJre.I5Ini m5 6614110485 gnkgigan Qorxgr'c1NIaI'iovx5! IQOBEIQT C. GAIQBOW I STATE FARM INSURANCE Auto Life Fire C'.u.3Mx..LuM.1 to 18. CIM if 4957 MACKERSIE BROS. suPr-:R MARKET PHONE HA 7 5394 Best wishes to Class QF lQ57 STATE BANK OF EDMORE A Member of FEDERAL RESERVE and F.D.I.C. eongf1afuYnlianA to tk.. GYM of 4957 monfcalm Dfxlg Co. Inc. PHONE HA 7-5394 EDMORE, MICHIGAN --I BEST WISHES to Class of: '57 Crooks f? Buskirk Seymour Crooks Ardry Buskirk Complimenis of Edmore Grain 6. Lumber Co., Ltd. EDMORE - MCBRIDE 801-'f Wifkef Jw Cine: of lO57 coMm.mzn-rs or Bill's Bodq Shop OYXYXCI i...OXI,S Bedwiy EDMORE QQ!-lfg monna EDMORE COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of FATHER AND SONS SQUTH SIDE GARAGE MICHIGAN POTATOES McBride, Michigan Herbert Perkins Phone 2621 McBride, Michigan A BIG THANK YOU TO THE ADVERTISERS THE PANTHERIAN STAFF TO THE CLASS OF 1957 gr. aah Cillrs. 'gurl Pzjpelher EDMORE GREENHOUSE AND CmrPriiI2,.!Hirhi5un FLOWER SHOP HA 7-3375 'E Mg ., f H1 .v 1,1 -' T.-. 1' 5 :Q ' :"',. . ". . A X. 1513 ' 1 ggi 1511. rl' 4, 'n 'Q f' .NEW CE ' 9, 'Xfi- 1., V4 gg' 1 1.1 Ive. - 51321 E21 ' 5 ,A-L: .. ne A' -1 ' J, ,E 4 we EL.-' 1. at . . gin, Q 51 ' iw ' u, : IE . -2 ,U 5 . JJ? . . ,, 1,1 V F" 'JQ 1:15 u . . v 'vi ,, Q r u I x 9,5 ' Q ,,3:h,kf' if 1 SQ H55 3' - ' im. ff T 2' t 5 K w fjigv , H df' " W . va f , '-44 is 551' " fi.1-ei ft-:V i ,L W - . ziffz xv- ,. 'E - fl ,-f hu, A ff 714. ff Q, 56? f' ? 21 W '- 'hii :i f 1 A '-sP'f.a: ur".-'Tk 3 I Nik ' 2 4 I :xi , f ' if , f Fx K,-' 'H RWE I W , . 1 fl ,, :H ff I 1 Az.- 15,1-ff' T, if .l v" . ,V -5,351 1. ' 3 3 E E E Q i i E '2- v4l'?1J3 i-a.Q.If'z2E f.His.L'1'VQ :f?' ' '

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