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-...I ,-.I I Dedication T ypsimfeisfm fwvfwfiifkf I fa-1+ PRINCIPAL: MR. E. BEVERLY The ninth grade class and staff would like to dedicate its second yearbook to the undergraduates of Edmonson Junior High School, and express their deep wishes for prosperous and enjoyable years to come. May you reign and lead over Edmonson with respect and intelligence so as to make this school even better in the years to come. Best wishes and congratulations to Mr. E. Beverly and Mr. J. Ostoin. we do want to show our appreciation of their work for the students of Edmonson Junior High School. This is our way of thanking you for everything you have done for for us. The students at Edmonson Junior High School ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: MR. J. OSTOIN 1. EDMONTON J' within, 2. , . I "'J' "" r Jr, - I lv.. lvax' I Fi 0 WJ f i Erivuxf 'f 4 s' ' KH UGO? Bloom , , - fl F Lg Q WLUQQEQC f lkodiwgawmv 'L C49 ' 4 ' ' J 0 5557 zfjmfgpif' ir-fax 'f' 1 , Tm 634' IQ.. MH' 11 ,1 Q , , H 1 ' X -- - if 1 -is P ,709 .N A 6 .' L1 , ly '-- I . . .A A ' N ! 6 I Ig X s IK 93 'U u T 5 .P 1 0 xx O T 1 f- i31 ' 4 M3153 :Ei- ll 'I S AY Z.: .A-27' K QL' Q 5 JW S vw U S. 66 1 I U rin :Us . Q NARDQ i VJ Q! uhnafqgejfbde, Day SQ n eg' 'de 1- f f, "4 D5 'AQQ ' ' fl HA Q 'I :ig J , is .' D nl. K mx: X '1 ml' 2 I -o 7' Q C .A ' E C gl.. 'i J 3 MW 9, fe nl 2 - U.- Va K I 7 ggi Q2 I B In 1 ,Q A A. -1 5 ff git? " x - 2 M, N . .-, ,. .- Q1 1 Se 'Chu . 'p FJ' 1 nd N '4 ' Q. C! -xx Pi ' OR 'P 4' SQ QU " ' - 'K pf I U Ya . YQA I ,, E , . 4493222 , 1.-. - V EQIP ' ag? . f" ' '- ' - I . - ul X 5 S l 3' ui .QA ct nA A N X i l J, il! -...N -. A Lili.. 15" CQ U X ,,vP"' 3. xx?-'Msg Teachers help us in Ieaming... ,ery N-f lg . 4 s BY LINDA WRIGHT TDMJ' CARMEL! V 4' The PaSt, Present and Future... TEACHERS OF THE YEAR fi'Ef7TT"'7"L ' QQZL if 1 "f , All , amz' rl woons - 7TH 'F NQLM ?3?'3igA f. f HILL - 8TH EUBANKS - 9TH 1 1: sv- . K 1' BALDWIN ' HELPING TEACHER VENEABLE "' COUNSELOR I A we the earbook staff would Tike to , Y , thank those who heiped make our 1974 yearbook a successfu1 one. Editor . . . . Cover . . . . . Dedication . . . . Ed. E .... . . Cougar C . . . . Faculty . . . . . . Teacher of the year. . Yearbook ....... Student Counci1 .... Zth Grade Pictures . . Baby Pages ...... Candid Shots ...... Bth Grade Pictures . . Photography Page . . . Talent Pages ..... Sports ..... . . Choir . . . . Band .... . . Fun Photos . . . . wi1Ts .... . . Lovers Lane . . . . Typists . . . . Treasurer . . . Photographer . . . . . Facuity Page . . . . A special thanks to Ms. HiT1 David Periord Denise Terry Kim Osborne Pam Lienard Linda wright Toni Carmen Karen Lambert Winfred Combs Ms. Hill Kim Osborne Rhonda Ross Towana Hargrove Cindy Brown Winfred Combs Rhonda Ross David Periord Kim Osborne David Hewitt Greg Webb Roger Banks Frances Cari David Periord Kathy Campbe11 Rhonda Ross Frances Cari Kim Osborne Ms. Hi1T Maureen McGuire Linda Wright Miche1Te Hunt Jackie Parks for the typing and special lettering. nYou are together.n HARD AT WORK g . .1 STUDENT COUNCIL The Edmonson Junior High School Student Council has accomplished more this year than it has in the last two years. The council was formed at the beginning of the 1973-74 school year by Mrs. Frances Morgan and Mr. Bruce Harter, sponsors. The council raised money this year by having a raffle and by selling candles. They raffled off a cassette tape recorder, a camera and a big stuffed giraffe. The council is now planning a carnival in the near future. Another item on the agenda is a plan to obtain a banner for the gym. ' The council also donated 5100.00 to Mrs. Lue Hill's Afro-American choir to get robes and 520.00 to Mr. A. Dake for taking athletic pictures for the school's activities. As everyone knows, a student council is not complete without its officers. The Edmonson Junior High School students elected the following students to o ice: PRESIDENT - Rick Garrison VICE-PRESIDENT - Kim Osborn SECRETARY - Kim Freeman TREASURER - Reggie Moore Representatives Terry Farley Keith Swafford Venus Maynard Terri Thurber Robert Decker Michelle Sims Ron Murphree Ron Thornsberry Quinn Fraley Conerd Miner Tony williams Michelle Hunt Carlos Leflouria Rodney Williams Bernedia Word Ronnie Caddell Phyllis Slaven Bev Sturgill Cynthia Richerson Robin Hickman Don Leflouria Jon Snyder Grant Young Debbie McCormick Don Bloom Karl Hieber Ron Maples Larry James Denise Amison Eric Hamilton Toni Carmon Mike Mullins Dave Beck 7. lhe class of 7 Tbm Adkins Paul Adkins William Austin Rhonda Bevins Freddie Banks Roger Banks Brenda Barnett David Barnett Doug Bartley James Batchelor Lori Bean David Beck David Bickford Artie Blackmon Lilly Blankenship Don Bloom Farrolyn Bond Barbara Branham Marcius Brock Don Brodie Peter Brose Faron Brooks Belinda Burhans Paul Burke Tommy Butts Fred Caddeil Bob Carnahan Jay Carroll Kim Carroll Judy Caudill l 8. Ron Caddell Wayne Childers Cherie Christ Kellie Clark Oris Cloud Terri Coffey Cheryl Coleman Karen Coleman Jackie Collu Sharon Combs Elizabeth Cook James Copley Kathy Cowen Tim Craiger Annette Craigger Carla Criss Annette Dalton Altha Daniels Becky Davidson Susan Davis Clay Dixon Larry Dobbins Donna Duperon Richard Egnor Claude Eldrige Mike Feldman Terry Fracassi Kim Freeman Cornell Frye Kathy Fryman 9. begin to realize the importance of studglng, Julie Gale Keith Gardner Kevin Garnes Paul Garret Dawn Geesy Ralph Gerbo Rosemary Gleason Karie Graves Freddie Hall Donna Hampto Towana Hargrove James Harless Francis Harmon Bob Hartsoe Lori Hasler Greg Hayes Tim Hayes Kathy Haynes Wanda Herbst David Hewitt Karl Heiber Rod Hitchcock Glenda Hunt Michelle Hunt Kim Isaac Tina Jackson Jean Jacobs V Jonathan Johnson Vickie Johnson Zelma Johnson being responsible Colleen Jonas Gwen Jones William Jones Theda Karbacz Brenda Kennedy Linda Kimlin Penny Kira L? Andrea Kirtley Kelly Koulizious Mike Lainesse Karen Lambert Liz Laster Ted Don Kathleen Leonard 1 Pam Lienard 3 Annette Lilly Robin Lilly ' Lawson LeFlor1a Sharon Lobbestael Joanne Lopez Steve Lore Debra McCormick Teresa McCoy g Barney Mcieniel if Penny McGough Maureen MCQU1T8 Deidre McKinney Jeff Maggard Mark Mackson Diannia Marse and togethemess iii-gg' Gorden Matesic Jenny Mauk Judy Meador 1 Kurt Meyer Tracy Meyer Keith Mida Arlene Miller David Miller John Miller Pam Miller David Mitchell Cathy Moore Kendra Moore Annete Mullins Pam.Mullins Tammie Mullins Pam Newhouse , Aobie Norris Brian Novak Andy O'Brian Steve Owens Paula Palmer Clifford Parmelee Sherry Paschal Tim Payne 'Q Darryl Pearce If Karen Penix Steve Phillips m Kathy Pearson Donna Porter 12. W: must begin V fy Sheila Preston J I Eurardo Prieto 4 -A ie N1 Q 'B 7 f xi i in I R Tim Privett ' X V1 X I Andrea Randall f ' Vanessa Ratlif ' I David Ray 1? .1 Teresa Ray 'X Keith Reed Leslie Reeves is Bennie Richardson N Linda Richardson will Richardson l Morris Riddle James Robbins Linda Rockwell Hill Gail Root Rhonda Ross Kim Rutledge Tammy Rye Janice Sandlin Debbie Sharp Mildred Sizemore Mike Slaven Kim Slone ff Carl Smith David Smith 13. Jennifer Robinson Irene Rushlow Carla Russell Trudy Satterthwaite f.. 'N..f to make our plans for after we Maurice Smith Mike Smith Rhonda Smith John Snider Carol Spires Chuck Squires Donna Stanley Robin Strine Tip Sturgill Keith Taylor Stephanie Terry Rex Thornsbury Jeff Tomford Lynn Towler Beverly Turnag Angela Valenti Brian Vasher Chris ward Greg Webb Bob Welsh David Wheller Louis Wherry Ricky Widener Andre Williams Craig Williams Becky Williams Cheryl Wilson Rhona Witte Bernedia Word Howard Worthy 14. have completed our Greg Smith Susan Smith Dennis Steele Lisa Stevens Rickey Stitt Georgia Tabor Pam Thompson Helen Tchida Randolph Waller Elise Watson Keith Williams Maurice williams Linda wright Johnny Word Frances Hargrove Todd Hichman Barbara Hyden Joe James Tanya James James Ledford Dennis McBride Tim McFry Tracy Shumway Bill Smith Jeffery Simon AVIATION CLUB Janet Wright Rick Howard Chris Varney STUDENTS NOT PICTUi Doug Branham Robert Browning Joyce Brown Patricia Burns Bill Byrd Sanderia Carrier Mike Davis Ricky Devine John Dudley Tim Eads Linda Ford Ron Maples Vickie Mullins Charles Nolte Tim Olmstead Vernard Patterson David Race Robert Teynolds John Russell Billy Salisbury Christine Shumway Jean Jugate Kim Fuller Dina Gray 15. VM ONLY ONE Mr. Time Keeper, Judges, Fellow Contestants: I am here today because of my keen interest in public speaking, along with the self-confidence that I plan to win. My mind is healthy and I cannot be brain-washed by today's ills because I am one in mind, body and soul. December 5, 1955, Mrs. Rosa Parks boarded a public bus in Montgomery, Alabama, extremely tired from slaving in the white man's home. She decided to sit in the section of the bus that was off limits to people of her color. The color I am re- ferring to is nBlack.n While sitting on the bus, a white man demanded that she give up her seat for him, and Mrs. Parks was only one. One dedicated to fight for her human rights. For years, Black people were characterized as being uignorant,H filthy and disorderly. Everything has changed in Black-white America, and yet nothing has changed. One hundred years ago, at a time of danger and doubt, Abraham Lincoln stood before Congress and pleaded for freedom for the slave in order to Hassure freedom to the free.H He added: HFellow-citizens, we cannot escape history. . .The fiery trial through which we pass will light us down, in honor or dishonor to the latest generation.H The words are still relevant. One hundred and thirteen years ago, in one of the Negro's perennial crises, Frederick the white Douglas warned that America's racial policy was Hfrought with evil to man, as well as to his victims.H He added: Uwe Negroes are here, and here we are likely to be. To imagine that we shall ever be eradicated is absurd and ridiculous. We can be remodified, changed and assimilated, but never extin- guished. We repeat, therefore, that we are here, and that this is our country. We shall neither die out, nor be driven out, but shall go with this people, either as a testimony against them, or as an evidence in thus favor throughout their gen- eration.H Many I am be a lazy settle to any other before my settle to I control Dr. Martin Luther King wrote the ungrammatical truth of an old These words are still relevant. contributions to our society came from only one person's idea. one. Yes, one with many values and convictions. HI will not settle to Black man, I will not settle to be an un-educated Black man, I will not for my household to be destroyed by drugs or settle to watch my children deteriorate allow my mind to become racist, I will not do, I must strive for the top. For I am only one. be poor, I will not settle man-made ills. I will not to eyes, I will not settle be second in anything I my destiny.H in his speeches to Blacks and whites. He quotes preacher. HLord, we ain't what we oughta be, we ain't what we wanna be, We ain't what we gonna be, But thank God, we ain't what we was.n Antonio williams Ninth Grade 16. I'M JUST ONE Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to tell what we each can do as one CID. A stone can determine a great river's course. form that rock, which will determine what the world w First, we must have self respect. In order must have love for our own life before we can love ou faith in a greater being before we can believe in our Make sure to stand up and say, HI am here! breathing human being.N ' We each as pebbles can ill be tommorrow. to respect those about us. We r fellow man. We must have selves and others. I am a person! A living, People are the creators of ideas. Greats such as Einstein, Bach and 0'Henry were just simple people, but the difference from them we are what we make of ourselves. Life is a chance. Sure, what ever way we go Whether to be an invalid or to be independent depends if we all have faith in life. Jesus once said, Ulf a mountain.U Can we take the first step to the journey to Can we? I know we can. Just dare to become part of yourself! Our thoughts produce leaders, not only in ou We must be super salesmen of our ideas. They hold th If one of our pebbles slip and the river tra and others is self confidence. we can make something of it. on us. We can guide the river man has faith, he can move a peace, to love, to freedbm? it, to be involved, to be rselves, but in those around us e key to tomorrow's beginning. vels the way it pleases, can we pull ourselves together? This question will go unanswered, because we as people are the determining factors. I found a little poem that has so much truth in it I must share it with you. It is written by Walter D. Wintle and the title is nThe Man Who Thinks He Can.n For Thinks She Can.H If you think you are beaten, you dare not, you don't, I think you can't we women, nThe woman who you are, If you think f you'd like to win, but It's almost a cinch you won't.. If you think you'll lose, you're lost, For out in the world we fi fellow's wills It's all in the state of min If you think you're outclass think high to rise. You'v self before You can even w don't always go to the str But soon or late the man who he can. nd Success begins with a d. ed, you are, You've got to e got to be sure of your- in a prize. Life's battles onger or faster man, wins Is the man who thinks This poem is so simple but so truthful. It just says people make themselves Life is a commitmentgeach person must make a personal shape to what their lives will be like here on earth. sacrifice to life. They must Take for example the busy ones: N0h, I am too busy, see me later.H Just slow down, life isn't a great race. Let's all take time and say, Hey, I like myself and you know something, I like you. My idea of citizenship is - it must start with respecting yourself then the school or city or even the world, but First become a person. Know and learn yourself If you need help, just reach out, someone will be there. If not a person, God will answer, just confront him. If you're in need, He's got what you want. If we all hang together, we can make it. Just have faith, most of all find your self respect. Look in a mirror. Look at your inner self shine, Look, you're a person. Thank you. 17. Becky McCormick 8th grade LEM? any Q me f 1'x.,f4f ifigg? ., ' 4 .,, 5 ' , -wx ' 4.-sn'-1 'ff 21 :Ji F , ? A V Ti. I, 'Eff 'wi 2-121 , -' , 2 - .- , Y Fx, 'QQ ,L , f I5 X.. -'J 'EQ' nz. ' A , 71' "" f V X W X ,N " w, E i N f W 1 al 4 r ' V' .11 MESS We SIMM 8 'Q 20 Rl Z5 4 35. .A 4: 9 ' :IN X I ' if 'fl A aff. ,. , xi sf f"'w is "fi i 4- F , , kr. if A DFL' ' as 7 M' - 4? Aff" The CICISS of '79 ,Mlm Terry Bartlett Mike Bartley Patricia Batey ,Af Gwenda Beard N Linda Begley J 1 1 Cory Bergen Lori Bieszk Rex Blair Pam Blandowski Robin Block S1-Hillf' .f ., Don Addison Paul Alex Brenda Alexander Wanda Alexander Brenett Anderson Debbie Anderson Barbara Anipen Debra Azelborn Christine Bailey Connie Bartley Y--.f Avette Bond Donna Bow Gail Brooks Sharon Brooks Tim Brown has gained knowledge Gregory Burke Sherry Burke Betty Burns Donald Burton Terry Burwell James Caddell Penny Carpenter Chris Casto Ruth Charles Peter Chun Jeff Churdh Andy Clay Carl Cline MBTK Coleman Stephanie Coleman David Collins Shelia Collins Harold Cook Alan Cooper Belinda Cornett Debbie Countee Barbara Craig Sharon Craiger Tracy Crawford Mike Curtis 22. ond mode friends. Ti E9 Rhonda Edwards Pete Elston Tammy Epoch Ronnie Evans Terrie Farley Lisa Fitzerald Charlene Ford Gerald Fortin Quinn Fraley Mike French ::,iir 'Z 5. , - . 4.-Q J. 'R xyu yr ....A f , ,yu x g -,: -. .1-'T Wanda Dailey Rolanda Darnell Jeff Daugherty Danny Day Tom Decker Debra Denny Doug Denny Robert Dotson Teresa Dove Pam Dudley 'Q"" Y' o fi Jim Gauss Diane Gillisipie Mike Geer Deborah Gee Sherrie Golden Ricky Gordon Glenn Griffin Rhonda Hall Eric Hamilton Roger Hampton Terry Harris Linda I-Iasley Linda Hatton Clint Hawkins Eugenia Haywood Florence Hudson Mike Humberger' Dawn Humble Lynn Humble Aprill Jacobs Weioinedh 1, 'tif Andrea Henderson Pam Hendrickson Susan Henson Jimmy Hitchcock Dwayne Hogston Terry Holland Kim House Florence Ibuseley Hudson Hudson activities ond Ieomecl '9'f' V- fa'- ll I2 n . xl, "" x 's 1 cf! ' ii David James Henry Jarvie Bob Johnson Jeff Johnson June Johnson Scott Jones Sharon Jones Rene Karbacz Tony Kilborne Shelly King Peter Lainesse Micheal Lambert Micheal Lester James Laubenshiemer Jbu -if .QSM-:V ,Q Tony Law 4 ,t W -1 I ' X 5-' l -' '-' A15 f h '!""' 1 itauid ig f'w A F -, " ' rr 47 " ' n"n'x .IV . ll M kgs,-sg f . sf Q I - ,. ,Q lj? ,. A :L s i1:F.':i:gq,wt-"A 3 fs, i'-ibn., ' 1 " '. A W. '-nw?-A: Vg' L--vi. 'HQX gmac sr,.sL A J. .14 A It NX, 'E' vs 25. Linda Johnson Mike Johnson Rhonda Johnson Roy Johnson Kelly Jones . -,Sf -.' 'Z: rw Ronald Lay Earl Ledford Carlos LeF1oria Mark Lewis Jimmy Linder Kenny Livingston Cynthia Looney 'Ihevesa Lopez Kevin Lott Micheal Lundy Jerome McBride Bryan McDaniel Tim McDaniel Joy Maggard Rodney Mallory , t , I T t ur Jerry Musgrave Lee Myers Denise Norris Scott Novak Tammy Olmstead .1 f,..J3,.f.',-, n . 4- . 4, 1 i . x , to work togeihen we :ETA rf M-W4 3 eq, '- A, if-, C Paula Matthews Scott Matthews Fu ' Anita Messer Paula. Miller' David Milligan i l Debra Mincey Conerd Miner Reggie Moore Sue Mullins Sandra Murphree Vickie Orr Derek Osborne Eric Painter Darryl Pasmore Keith Pasmore Pepper Periord Perryman Phillips inda Roley 1 Will' R0b8.I'5E Karen Ross Roxanne Ruehlow Cheryl Russell Phillips fl 1 12,1 nn'---n Don Smith Hollie Speck Robert Stanley Randy Steffey Robert Stitt Charles Taylor Antonio Terry Rhonda Terry Terry Thacker Diann Thomas A U '4. Keith Wilson Matthew Wilson Cheryl Wright Randy Grant Danny Susan Yerebeck Young Tindle Graves Lisa Tweedy Gina Valley Jurga Vanderlann Melanie Warden Victor Washington I STUDENTS NOT PICTURED Kimberly Anthony Steven Bell Pat Boiseelle Penny Butts Tania Halcomb Eric Hall Dwight Hamilton Mellissa Masengill Darryle McDonald Valerie lviller Terry Mitchell Kim Murdock Deborah Nailor Bill Parker Ola Perkins 29. Paul Heier Roger Wells Pamela Nest Kalvin'Williams Rodney Williams STUDENTS NOT PICTUREL Micheal Punnett Iris Richardson Perry Robertson Ida Rowe Harry Sobelewski Alex Shumway David Sturgill Dan Summers Robert Taylor Terri Thurber Emma Toler Theresa Wallen Charles Watkins Darryl Wilford Anthony Wren Fred Wyese Photo Club meets each Wednesday after school informally. If students want or need to develop film or print pictures, they can do so at this time The following members have put out special efforts in ' t fi ' events and yearbook pictures: p1C ures O Sp0rt1ng Janet Maggard John Herring Rick Marcum Robert Tchida Mark Bowman Linda Wright These are the other members of the Photo Club: Debbie Feldmann Kim Fuller Kim Osborne Matt Wilson Ron Maples David Miller Terri Coffey Barney McDaniel The yearbook staff would like to extend a s ecial thanks to Mr. A. Dake for P providing and developing pictures. THE CAFCTERIIA ACTION THE CAFETERIA CLOWNS 30. THE COFFEE CLAN THE M 8 M CLUTCH If Iliff Every 170263 find 'Sing f .,' J as THE "LUl'TEIl2V" WINS A SUCCESS X' l 41540. These students participated in the Optimist Ciub oratorical contest. Back row C1. to r.I: Becky McCormick, Linda Richardson, Warren Kern, Cindy Looney, Steve Phillips. Front row K1. to r.D: Paul Weier, Ricky Phiilips, Greg Burke. 32. COURAGE I .1 ' ' b., , .. K' l-wvsssi -XT ,. .- I , ev- 4 ! -I The teachers root for their team! You're going the wronq way, Mr. Hood! 'HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS TEACHERS FACULTY FACULTY Yiwu 1 Tfzai 'U' L 525' f I L silt Eichenberg tries for a iay-up, while Hood comforts his donkey. Wiiiie Dawstn g21J and Chris Scott BY DAVID HEWITT 33. look Orl. IITERMINAUON 1:'se"'- -S-P The eighth grade team is off and running! Eighth grade team Cl. to r.l standing: Keith Gardner, Vernard Patterson, Mau- Ninth grade varsity Cl. to r.l standing: Tom Ford, Larry Kindall, Ron Moore, Earl Cowan, Willie Dawson, Tony Williams. Kneeling: Tim Smith, Marcus Bond, Gerald Hargrove, Marion Smith, Alvin Cook and Steve Mitchell. rice Williams, Maurice Smith, Andre Randall. Coach: Mr. Blackwell. Kneel- ing: Bennie Richardson, Keith Williams, Nathan Johnson, Marcius Brock and will Richardson. Seventh grade team ll. to r.l standing: Coach: Mr. Ferguson, Reggie Moore, Jim- my Ethington, Perry Robertson, Grant Young, Paul Alex. Kneeling: Antonio Hudson, Gary Reed, Michael Lundy, Keith Wilson and Harold Cook. Left: Marcus, Gerald, Alvin, Marion and Tony all agree on teamwork! BY DAVID HEWITT 34. AND A STRCNC SPIRIT Bob Carnahan manages a take-down! Otis Tubbs wants a pin, BAD! Wrestling team fl. to r.J standing: Rich Marcum battles a tough opponent! Rick Marcum, Ted Wilkenf, Bruce Ben- net, Ron Coleman, Robert Tchida, Coach: Mr. Harter. Kneeling: Bob Hartsoe, Tim Craiger, Tim Payne, Ralph Phillips, Marlon Cloud, Ter- ry Holland, Doug Bartley and Rodney Mitchell. This guy sure is stubborn! BY DAVID HEWITT 35, Swimming team Kl. to r.l standing: Rex Blair, Mark Coleman, Jeff Church John Dudley, Kurt Meyer, Bill Austin and Coach Wayne Dudley. Kneeling: garish Kern, Bill Sutherland and Rod m1 . Football team ll. to r.J standing: Ronnie Caddell, Rich Howard, Jon Sny- der, Keith Taylor, unidentified, Gordan Matesic, unidentified, Conerd Miner, un- identified. Kneeling: Marcius Brock, Nathan Johnson, George Thornton, Fred Hall. Don Leflouria and Jimmy Ethinqton. David Hyatt demonstrates a karate hold. LX There's a fumble on the play. Football players not pictured: Keith Williams, Doug Bartley, Dave Beck, Bill Byrd, Vernard Patterson, Craig Williams, Bennie Richardson, Perry Robertson, Kevi Lawler, Andre Williams. Karate Club Cl. to r.J standing: Mr. Crumpler, Roy Johnson, Pam Hend- rickson, David Wyatt, Kim Anthony, Gloria Richardson, David Varney, Con- erd Miner, David Pepper, Donna Bow, Eric Hall, Paul Heier, Ricky Phillips, Don Smith, Quinn Fraley, Kelly Jones. BY DAVID PEWITT 36. BY ROGER BANKS X! ll I Believe in Music THE CHOIR EVENTS This year, we have a beautiful Afro-American choir under the direction of Ms Lue Hill. During our second year, we have had many engagements. The choir has selected for its name UThe Voices of Heaven,H and is composed of 39 black students from Edmonson Junior High School. Our main goals were to purchase robes and go on a trip. This was done through the cookie-candy sale, car washes and appeals to our local organizations and churches and the spring concert. The most exciting event was our participation in the W.C.H.B. Gospel Talent Search contest on April 12, 1974. The choir competed against 19 other choirs and received 550.00 for being one of the finalists. During the year, the choir has performed and done many things. Winter Fantasia ...... Henry Ford El ....... Metropolitan Memorial Baptist Church .... Henry Ford El ..... Christ Temple iYpsil . . Willow Run High CBlack History weekl . . W.C.H.B. Gospel Talent Search Contest .... Kettering School iP.T.A.J .... Chicken Fry . . Spring Concert . . December January January February February February .April .April .April . May 37. L41-ff '. 'E 9 - 1 f-...sem 1973 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 It is important to a program. NWINTER FANTASIAH Songs performed by the Seventh Grade Chorus were as follows: uJingle Bell Rockn nCalypso Noelu IlArnenll UPeace Unto Thee, Childu Uwe Sing at Christmasu The Concert Band "Christmas Sketches" .. ' ' I b UFrosty, the Snowmanu ag? , if uMarchu f Q77L4 HThree Christmas Carolsu git i 1 ' S l TH It Uwe Play at Christmasu UDecember 17, 1973n Q Q ' The Symghony Band nwinter Wonderlandu URudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer uChristmas in Englandn HSanta's Holidayu uThe Christmas Songn 38. I im W LOADS OF LAUGH? 39. D 5 X ' L' f S Q LOVERS' LANE Elaine Richardson -n- Freddie Luckett Gloria Richardson -n- Alex Shamwale Donald Phillips -n- Robeen Parker Stephanie Terry -n- John Griffin Cheryl Coleman -n- Victor Haynes Debbie Farley -n- Rick Garrison Denise Terry -n- Butchie Thomas Frances Carl -n- Tharron Fairfax Brenda Kennedy -n- Fred Caddell Roxanne Upshaw -n- Hank Harris Tania Halcomb -n- Glen Griffen Winfred Combs -n- Kim Osborne Donna Bow -n- Reggie Macou Roxanne -n- Wilfred Darrell -n- Loretta Tina Jackson -n- ?? Lnliszilliiiitni iiiii W Jr. -n- Cin. Kim -n- Mike Jean -n- Lynn Becky -n- Bob Kelly -n- Lee Pig -n- Babes Pam -n- Steve Karen -n- Phil Dianna -n- Ron Vivian -n- L.V. Kathy -n- Pouchy Cheryl -n- Jamie Donna -n- Edgell Crissy -n- George Mark -n- Farrolynn Bev -n- Dave I, Towana Hargrove, will Cornell Frye some shoes. I, Karen Coleman, will my love to Doug Bartley. I, Denise Terry, will my love to Butchie Thomas. I, Anita Messer, will my gym shoes to Kendra Moore. I, Dawn Humble, will my eight ball to Peter Brose. I I I I , Judy Meador 8 Anette Crigger, will our scope to Mr. Dake. , Kathy Campbell, will my track shoes to Mr. Ostoin. , Pam Lenard, will my hair to Jeff Cole. , David Periord, will by brain, good looks, personality 8 modesty to baby brother Geriod. I, Michelle Hunt, will my love to Randy Ellenburg. I, Laura Lambert, will my love to Edmonson Junior High School. I, Rhonda Ross, will my broken pencil to anyone who is dumb enough to take it. I, Roger Banks, will some glasses to Denise Terry. I, Kim Isaac, will Towanna Hargrove some leggs. I, Ninfred Combs, will a cheese sandwich to Cindy Brown. WE, the Yearbook Staff, will Edmonson Junior High School 2 swimming pools, a' gymnasium with equipment, a new music room, a band room, BETTER food, an equip- ped AV room, robes for all choirs, an EXTERMINATOR, a water fountain with CQLD water that comes up high enough so that you don't have to put your lips on it! ,253 ,X 'Ss AN ,v 191, fur X A X-9, rg ,. nga J . 1 x N:-Zim!! - L 1 . I'M JUST ONE By Cynthia Looney I'm just one, but I understand one big problem today. The word is pollution. Pollution is the biggest problem in the world. You know people are too lazy to do their fair share in keeping America beautiful. when this old world gets worse, people are going to wish they had listened to us who know about pollution. Ecology groups are encouraging you to help clean our world. I know because I was a Girl Scout and we once cleaned up a park and expressway. You know there are lots and lots of people. I made up a person and his name is Mr. Pollution. Mr. Pollution has a gang of dirty people. They are really pigs. when Mr. Pollution has an itch to go to work, he goes right to work and we must stop him. Our air is a victim of Mr. Pollution's dirty work. If we are to keep on living, we must close down factories that do all the polluting. when our air is all polluted, we shall be wearing gas masks. If we take them off, we would probably choke to death. Water is another victim. when all water is polluted, animals will go thirsty and people too. Last but not least - land pollution. There is an ugly problem. Land will soon be used up by trash and we certainly don't want our America to look like a pig sty. when people come to our America, we certainly want people to be proud of it. Pollution is a big dirty word today. It is mostly the big busi- nessmen who are able to make the future better, but they don't realize that they are making the future worse. They could make the future better by planning ahead with anti-pollution machines or make our cars non-polluting and factories also. I wish I were there to bop the person who thought industry can live with it. When one person does something, someone copies. That is how pollution was made. Instead of putting trash in a can, someone just decided to throw it on someone else's lawn or in our parks. We really need to make our world a better place to live in. Did you know that if we don't wipe our Mr. Pollution, and do their part so that our generation could see the end of Mr. Pollution. I'M JUST ONE By Richard Phillips I am only one and yet I am many things at different times. I would like to quote Maurice Nicoll. She said, HTo take another person as one, and the same at all times. To suppose he is one single NIH is to do violence to oneself. A multitude of different people live in each of you.H This story gave me a new way of looking at people and events around me. Life never stands still, you must look at the world around you, not as a collection of ready made objects and past events but as something that is happening now. I should not ask what is this, but rather, what's going on here? The other day, a friend was riding on a bus which stopped to pick up a young man with one leg amputated above the knee. He was new to crutches and had a hard time lifting himself up into the bus. While his struggle was going on, the driver leaned out his window and looked anxiously ahead. The passenger turned their attention away from the young man to see what was holding them up. There were sirens and flashing red lights. Just then, the driver settled back in his seat and drove off. My friend reminded to ask herself Hwhat's going on hereu just in time to see the young man and the driver exchange the briefest of smiles. Cexcerptedl 41. What would we do without these people? V --'...:f ,gg - 5 my-v. is a, . Ms. Ruth Padget Ms: Arlene Johnson HMr. Bever1y's office p1ease.n Hwhat d'ya want?H M , .- A ,,,, ,, me L . YZF," 1, X -2 V ' nA iii.4 x Q f' uit! f?f ,? sif 'Y-f 7 355 M W 'J HQ '?2?5L, . K - x. Ee win "ap" '-a A 5. Ms. Susan Stevenson Mr. Cunningham nwhat d'ya-need?u nwhat cha' doing?n Ms. Ruth Gardett K1.J and Ms. Nancy Mu11ins nMay we he1p you?u 42. Mfg A1ffed H00d nG1t to c1ass!!!u E MONSON AUTOGRAPHS FRIENDS FOREVER 43. GUESS THE BABY 1, Wendy Beckett 2. Toni Carmen 3. Karen Lambert 4. Mike Lambert 5. Linda Ford 6. Debbie Farley 7, Teresa Ray 8. Donna Hampton 9. Teresa Bennett 10. Linda Hatton 11. Lois Hatton 12. Bruce Bennett 15. Wanda Daily 14, Robert Stitt 15. 'ret' 16. Andrea Kirtley 17. Donna Bow 18, Pat Powell 19. Lisa Tweedy 20. Paula Matthews 21. Linda Roley 22. Chris Bailey 25. Rhonda Smith 24. Barb Eranham 25, Deb R Doug Denny 26. Abbie Norris 27. Kathy Cornett 28, Paula Q Gary Palmer , Abbie Norris 29 30. Pat Powell 51, Teresa Ray 52 55- Tammy . Denise Terry Robarge 34, Becky McCormick 55, Sherrie Packo

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