Edmonds High School - Echo Yearbook (Edmonds, WA)

 - Class of 1948

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i- i Jil., .i 1 I -1-, , L T' ,, 1, 7 L-nl 'li lv-4 1 Lif- ,LY -1' wg: i ,.f' ri ii L-....' ..-- Y l - ' - . ' li -- - I A ans- ,,gs, , 4,- -Q.- -......... , - ...i..--- ,...---- --..,,.-- . -.-.......,......--l.......,,, -Q, -., 1 ,f ..-1--1 ivnn -,,,e" - ,v ,,--1 .1- ,1-an-D 1-q-Q Ji, - '-1 i i - I N: ,xr 43 -2 af ,,.p-- ,,--v 1-nv-'- i1.1...1 61.0-1.4: ,41- ,,,-1 Q-n-4 ,.-.-f' ,,,-.1-1 .gur- .,,..-uw -,-1' ff Z 4... ins Q ,.....-Y-1 us ,o li - i ii pp.- -Q 1 i ,..4-v 'L ai EX UBRIS Behold the Jungle' The lush green growth of the Tree of Knowledge The ceaseless chattering of the natlves as they trot about their varrous endeavors The little pyg mnes scurrynng back and forth across the jungle trawl seekung Junior Hugh The terrutyung roar ofthe luon Kung of the Jungle as he leaps upon has prey sknp school wall you? The throbbnng beat of the tom toms the moan :ng of the trnbal chants The agonuzed screams of a wlld beast caught In a cruel trap--low grades' The trnbal war rnors clad In Tnger sknns rushung forth to attack the toe But stop' See thus band of Sensors reluctantly settnng out on satan Out unto the Great Forest they go never to return May those who are left around the trubal ture keep nt blazing hugh and clear and carry on the tradltrons and :deals of Edmonds Hugh School THE EDITORS THE Publrshcd bx tha Assocnafed Students of Edmonds High School AUVELIA CLEXXVELAND ADELLA JANE CHANCE? CO EDITOF x HES I EP HOLL INCSHEAD IAF EAI A LAI SCN JUNIOV EDITOI S ELSIE CARLSTEDT BUSINESS MAVNAL Er K 1948 Q I I I I . ,' rg' I I ' I I 4 , . . r !' I f I . I f , , I ' gl! 0 'W , X " 1 NL I 1 ' I I I ' I I HNVONT5 KNf'XS?'VNxy'Q'N . . , I X 4 I ' H Q - QQ 3 I T X S l ' 5 Q' Q Q E X Q' . l S E ' S Q I I ' I I I Q I I A Q Q I C Q Q 1 Q I I Q 4pgG'w K 0 , L Nicholas Murray Butler, the late president of Columbia Uni- versity, once wroteg "There are five tests of the evidence of education-correct ness and precision in the use of the mother tongue, refined and gentle manners, the result of fixed habits of thought and action, sound standards of appreciation of beauty and worth and a char- acter based cn those standards, power and habit of reflection, efficiency or the power to do." To the students of Edmonds High School this year, l com- mend these thoughts and offer them as a guide for your develop- ment. GLEN C, H l LL. Superintendent l shall always be interested in your accomplishments and in your happiness, having served as princi- pal of Edmonds High School for six years makes my concern for your welfare especially strong To the Seniors, "Bon Vrivageh' To the rest of the students, may you live up to the traditions and high standards set by the many alumni who have preceded you. C. MASON HALL, Pxssistant SlIDL'flIlf','I'!tll,'I'1f -I WL? W . Students and teachers have been most co-operative in mak- ing this year very enjoyable, For many of you students, this year marks the end of your High School days. I regret to see you leave as your efforts in maintaining the high standards of our school will be missed, While high school graduation marks the end of a phase of edu- cation, it also marks the beginning ot a new venture in living. ln this new venture, I extend my most sincere wishes tor your success. To those of us remaining, may we continue to perpetuate and uphold the fine traditions and standards ot Edmonds High School. JULIAN KARP, Principal I Q C Q Q U D C - C f SC000l Q25 4: NIR XKIILI-XXI I RUSS xN XI' x lv 804RD S I-XRXC CXNI 560001 SII PN 'XX A .AQW QN L XS -? STAFF NIISS XIRK IX 1. KFII 11 9,1 ustodxans I It I R1 lt LX rmgm Nlaxnunauu nm u nun s 1 fm Cooks X11 Gladxs Thomp on Nlxk m 1 ur rm T om sum 11 mv Ruth BIHQIOXX 1 -. 15' bf'-L .. 4 o 4 Bf.'a-I sei 1 '-I i Mrs Barrett Scott Mr Clarence Fxlzgerald Mr E M Jack! Allen Mmss Mane Cowley ll XlN4 'MW Mrs Hallxe B Anderson YL 4 1 Q Q' qv Y.: Mxss Dorothy Fuller Mrs Georgxa Beeson X "' 41 5 X A Ill! M Charles Bowen IProl -5' 4--5 -J I Mrs H E Gleason x L f r mr J' X Kltl Mlss Lxllxan A Hull Mlss Francxs Holkestad ll Uk l Mr Rob B Anderson Mr J H Hollmghead md L xc In ld lIllCl'lTl N1 0 Mr Gerald Clay lCoachJ 1 In s 1 ll B has Mr George F Hatch nslmxngturx ll T1 mms lil Eng Mrs Anna Austxn 1 '1 III Yum Glrls Klub lu n fm High fflll :xl Y1 Mr Earl fMartyJ Craig Xkfmcl ilmp 'Nluhm ll xl D1 aum Fmnllnll , rS Mrs Ruth Hollmgshead Ilmlmmx Gul- XflXlNtl 11111111 1111111 5111111 Xllllllll 11111 Mxss Elva Lxllquxst 'N F' ' hr I Q-...a Mxss Mlldred Johnson 111 i mms 111 Mxss Han-net McFadden 1111 S11 1 1111111 'YN M Mxss Nancy Keller L1 1 A ll 1 Mxss Margaret Morgan 11 1.11 C' 11 S 17118 11111111 'G 5 1111111 111 L Q-f Mr John Kockrlan AL111 N 1111 X111 Mrs Marjorne Murphy 1 1 111111 X1 1 H 1111 ll on Q Mr Gordon W Leen , 11111111111 111 P11 11N1l I T7 Mxss Arleen Otto X1 fl Mr A T Powell 111111.. B1111kk11111n1g 1C'1 11 S111s Mr Rxchard Rowe 1Coach1 L li 1111 Mr Gordon Scrxbner 21101 Ill 1 1 -K1 X1Nl1 H1111 l1 1111111111 Sp111 1 Mr Harold Sxlvernaxl 1Spxke1 X1 L1 1L Ll 11111 Mrs Rachel Smxth L11 S11111111 1 1 X 1 1Nl1 Mr Stuart Smxth 1Coach1 1 L1111 u 1 1 1 1 n F Ill Mrs Florence Sperlmg 1 Nl 1111 ' 1 111111 Mr Harold Stevenson 1Coach1 H1111 1l1x11111 Q111111 P I- 111111111 H1211 121111111111 1111111111 111 Q11111111 B111 111111 . . . -Q f'11111'11x. H1114 C 11-1m Q. I Ty Y '1 'A . G111! 111111-, 111111-11-1 f4f111ll111'14'1i1 -112- f- V111-.11 S11111-1'1'1s111, V111- Q 111 111, 111-Y. 'I' 1 1' k 1-1 A 1'1l W 1 ' ' A 1 1 Y .., if N , l. - 1 f - :Q ff 7 . ., V .x S11 11111111. 'l"111111:1, 1 11111111- FU. l"1'1-5111112111 if E11' N11 II, .1 1 11 1' 111. -.X 1.1111 111111 1-11111 Vluv .-X11'N1-1. F 11 A Claw .1111 f 12111. Off " 1'1:11'I11'1-. S1!lf11'111 I-'111:1'11'11 -, - 4 . C11-'H1l11'11.Y,, G 1- Il 1- 1' 111 111' 11,111.1 11 1.1 IJ15II,H.I 1 M1 - 141121411 Um' 191 ' A11111-111' IJl1'l'C1lI1'. F11111f Qfljlfflle 1 11111 -A -2. 11.111, T1-1 -11. 1.1-111V 1-11 - 1-1-111 .-X11. 15111111-1 A11 S 1- V, . .1 I 1 t-I 1 1 S H1N111'1', s 111- UUWI C -1' S1'11-1111. B1 .' 11. I-'1'11s11-S111111 11 111111 11 E 1 ,, ,ma 11. N- E11 . J 1 1 111 15 ' - .113 ' 1.1-111" l'Il fluff ' Hi In ' 'mt' S1-1 ' . 11- 11111. lf - - 1 'S 1 5' A . .1 1.-1 ' . 11.1 1. .a'--L, " '1111111'1'. F11-.1 1111 4 if Hqiwx F I 1'l.1v A111 11' - ' O S1 Ll Il 1 s 11. C1 11111 IV, . ' ' .111 ' 1'1z1ss A11 ' s -1'. ' I. 111 A fl 1 F11-Nia .1 "' 1 1 F. F. A. if . Sf. S-I3 ,' ff 5 Qu LMZZCMLTL L f W Wg, LQ- 'A' .fC.,ooAm, ,cfrrvu ILVW , OL- . . J-M ,MW Wplf' WWA' J' fgwdxef . 1 '-1 Jb,,. if Q' if ' flU1fg.gjv'j WMM!! 4 , ff, ,I , I k f ,M .AKA Joy Pm iff VD TRIBFS' A V17 f0cwu777fU 9'hf07oJLW7 .An-10-off!! WL WL! WZZW FLNQ r Q ' r 5x K I X ,y Xl . 7' l - ' I ' 1 565 U W ' f ' J , H U . b 5 'Lf-ffm? s My ' ' ' ' ' , 2 Ky I . . ' ' 14, I . ' 60. ,t H M 1 6 A A. , l 7 . ,V ' 5.1 X " " mv '. u. . ',.f ' i:".ffT'T'Q" T'-.fi . .. ' ' .'.y': " KV TVN Y ".:'. ' 11' " - P " V 'X ,sg X fQ3C'WuX lim- X2 41 ' . ' 11- . ' fwfr, K 1:3 .1 f' X l ',g- Nxw..ex.'. .iv',:11 ' m f r .f - V mu f - ' mmm ffzdxlfkll rw ' r' . .' .' t?w.1+-it .L ' 3' ' 'fr-.1 1: .v"v ggamqus Fwp r I xi!,1T' 1-.x I .15 L T 'M1'w!T?M rxmlx HW ., wi ' m 3' . " 'u.a11,: X . I I I 5 sg. 'b I CQ' SENIOR OFFICERS 6'flll0R C1055 b Lum As one of the largest classes ever to walk through the halls of E H S the class of l948 entered Edmonds Hugh nn the fall of 44 to begun four challengung and memorable years an hrgh school We elected Johnny Thompson to be our class presudent both semesters and Mass Kathleen True served as our advuser Maroon and whute were selected to be our class colors and our offlcual emblem for the next four years ln the fall of 45 we entered the portals of E H S once more We elected Bob Denby and Bob Durgun to be our class presudents and Mass Harruet McFadden and Mr Clarence Fitzgerald were our class advusers Our junior year was one that many of us wall not forget for a long tume to come Fnrst came our play Chost Wanted packed full of comedy and mystery and dn rected by Mlss Marne Cowley Then came our gala Junlor Prom wnth the theme Toyland aptly carried out Bob McClenahan and Russ Vincent served as our class leaders Mass Marjorne Wybourn and Mr E M Allen were our advnsers Flve lournalnstlc junnors nnhernted the Wureless the second semester wuth Nancy Pont ras and Bob Denby as co edutors Ann Fessen den Bob Brlne Joanne Cunter and Margaret McMahon comprnsed the rest of the staff ln sports nnne junior boys made the vars Murray was all county nn baseball When we entered the doors of E H S In the fall of l947 we realized that thas was our funal year at Edmonds Hugh and we were a Iuttle sorry Bob Durgm was elected presudent Pam Wnllls vuce presndent Vuvlan Janacek secre tary treasurer Eleanor Russo and Jo Ram horst representatuves to the Board of Control Mass Marne Cowley and Mlss Dorothy Fuller served as our advnsers Bob McClenahan Russ Vincent and Eve lyn Cole served as presndent vuce presudent and treasurer respectlvely of the Student Body for the flrst semester Bob McClenahan was re elected Student Body Presudent and Darlene Ernkscn was elected secretary for the second semester Our senior play Adams Evening ulght comedy played to enthusuastlc auduences December 3 5 The cast Included Jack Arrow smith Pat Whalley Phulllps Raelou Ctranger Bud Cornush Margaret McMahon Vlrgnl Love Tnlll Smeade Jam Welch Ceorg Wnlbourne and S Ima Crym s Mrs Merced s C' ason was our able dlrector ln the sports fleld Jam Murray and Bob Propst were placed on the mythucal all North w st League football team and Bob Brnne the second team Russ Vnncent placed on the sec ond honorary Northwest team In basketball :ty an football and three In basketball Jnm Elected to lead the sensor class for the mf ,st 52 L TOP TEN VALEDICTORIANS lrt R vx Sltlltll Hardm'm Hall Armcs Host Pmlmg Astfll Fllksfm Smconcl Rom Fxxkson Pmtm Huxutk Wlnlltx Astcll 12 F t S t Bob B g I 1 Xxllll Xt lm J mn lk Suomi S mt tml B rl Btu tt Io R mxlxmst Bull Iuxmx Cum Vkll tm ' f . . ., . . . . , . . 2 A ' 1 - 1 - - g - , . ' ' ' ' I I - I . . , I ' Il I ll 1 1 - - 11 1 - 11 ' 1 1 3 . . I ,. . . , - 1 - - 11 11 - I I - ' - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Q , , S , . . . n , 9 9 . , 2 .6 I I eh X V+ 'up - ?- g f .ibm . I t 1, Q egg: ,ix Wi . , ' , , 2. t H I K --1' y -A L . ' If 4, . V., 'V I T fb.. - - . I 1 F' S 0 '. ' , . , . ' I . 1? Q 5 ...S is vxi Sd Us QQ- C7 ,ZX NX OUTSTANDING SENIOR GIRLS I H 1 ll X second semester were Bull Brewer presudent Jo Ramhorst vuce presudent George Wul bourne secretary BullTurner Treasurer Nan cy Poutras and Vurgul Love representatuves to the Board of Control Barbara Hardman led Gurls Club whule Bdb Propst was Boys Club presudent and Bull Brewer was vuce presudent of Boys Club Eugh teen senuor gurls were un Letterwomen and Ruta Yost was presudent of that organuzatuon Bob Brune led the Lettermen wuth twenty three senuor boys un the club Representung our class un the Torch Honor Socuety were thurty eught members wuth Dar lene Erukson elected presudent and Margaret McMahon vuce presudent F HA claumed suxteen of our gurls wuth Raelou Granger elected vuce presudent and were un F F A Glen Hellenga served as presu dent two years Other offucers un the organuza tuon uncluded Don Burfutt vuce presudent Eu gene Janacek secretary Bob Eclclund treas urer Stanley Echelbarger reporter and Jum Murray sentunel ln Thespuans were twenty three class mem bers wuth Nancy Poutras and Pam Wullus serv ung as presudents Marchung wuth Pep Club were twenty fuve senuor gurls Ann Fessenden was drull leader and presudent for two years Buzzy Calahan Bob McClenahan and Eugene We had fourteen un Los Amugos wuth Tullue Januc k represented Our class on stagecrew Smeade secretary treasurer of the organuza tuon ln Ad ub were suxteen senuors wuth Aurelua Cleaveland presudent and .loy Robun son vuce presudent Bob Denby sang un the Boys Quartet Journalustuc munded as senuors were Joan Astell and Bob McClenahan servung as edutors of the Wureless the furst semester The rest of the staff was composed of Barbara Hard man Rat Whalley Phullups Bob Propst Gwen Hurlbutt Roberta Smuth Vuvuan Janacek Elsue Carlstedt Helen Burkland Glen Hellenga Ra mona Accola and Eleanor Russo The second semester Darlene Erukson was co edutor and the staff uncluded Ruta Yost Bud Cornush Jo Ann Kamprud Vurgul Love George Hall and Jeanne Wuthers Our Sen or Ball was held on May 22 wuth chaurmen for the dance were Mary Ann Lund and Tullue Smeade Commuttees and theur chaurmen were decoratuons Bob McClenahan programs Larry Wooley publucuty Joy Robun son unvutatuons Glorua Bullungs refreshments Shurley Stauner tuckets George Wulbourne and untermussuon Bob Denby Now our last mauor event as a class us at hand graduatuon nught As we march up un our maroon and whute gowns to receuve our duplomag we wull remember both happy and seruous tumes we have had at E H S We wull tum our faces toward the future to the many explouts that Iue wuthun our grasp but we wull stull remember the pa iq T7 M85 if sxf W-1 OUTSTANDING SENIOR BOYS u mu u Bun Blum mn li 4 'sir ' -a 'A - ,,. f- X , , , . L K , ' f - " , - l u 1 ' l V I A 1l"l l X . . f Md I,u-tl to u glut An 4- Fu--su-ntlu-n. .'XCl'llJlGI1lIIL1". Flu-uunuuu Rll5rU.fIX1'l1 IIllI'll7llll.Iz.ll'l72ill1i Ihuuclnuuun A V f , J I . , . 1 T 1 T A I I I I - T L . u u 1 ' I I I - , . . . . , I A L A u ' .f - If Helen Burkland, secretary Eughteen of our boys NOW 'S the Hel-'rf 35 me Theme- General V I I I 1 u f 1 . C C K I . . . . - ' - ' stu R 5 . . M. '- ' T 9. Q 5 I ed . . 'Tv "f ' 1, 1 . I u , 1 . . K l.u'l'1 tum u' ului Russ Vu '-nt. Huh Dura n, I s a Bolt Nlvl- zultgun. Huh Pruxpst ADAMS IJERTALEE AMRERS MARILYN ANDERSON BOD ARIIES CAROLINE ASTELL JOAN BAUM VIRGIL BILLINGS MARGARET GLORIA BIRKLAND SHIRLEV HELEN BREWER BILL BRINE BOB BROWN FRED BRUNER EILEEN DONNA BURFITT DON BERNHARDT MARIANNE K BUSTAD RONALD III CALLAHAN CARL R II: CARLSTEDT ELSIE VIII III P S rv SCIOII vcr Vodv J I CARROLL LEONARD 0Ib1II 2 mbI I T I If IIIIy Im 3 4 1 ' . 'fx I - L - '-II-In 4 I ANI, 'III 2 A TIWIII j -I I 'I -' VI' I . , .IMI f I 'IWIIII-I I1 I G - ,, LI., 1 l,,II , . ' ,:I,,xI,I! ' 'I I' ' I H ,III I I -- -- ': Iv- f I I-'K If -:HT I 'I A ' I'-1 , 1. . 'I1II'i'I F H A III' I," 'I -1 I' A I III It 'T Al I"IIIIII ,.L.. , 4 'IA ,, .III 4 ma, , ,1 . 1. . -I 4 III f: -I' I Il --L Irv 4 . ' 3 , PH' ' " I' E -3 'I Y 7 5 fi : 2 I -I I-MII , -I1 EI-Ii:I 'Ii I' 1- ' -' I.'I I" ' I'fI'sII1I ' I1 :"T iii"-1 L'1kI'I"' .'IiIf"'.I' f ' I1 I I'lIII: . .' A 4 If I- , -3 If lx-f-if I Q' I -4 - .I " II I: II I' .1 I- :II".I- ,I 7' 'I I' I 2 A3 HIINHIII , .' I I1 3- .z 5 - 4 . :, -1 If I: .: 4 .' II! I II 'IT -1 fIIIIIIIIiI I " ' I1 I II A III 'IJ 4 - I'II' 4 Wy' III! 5 I " I A Ii , it... A: ft, ,.:I..LIIII.1 1 : ,Q I I! dw :I -- H tw -' If II' AI I 1 ' A ,IIIIIQ IH: - A1 I H I A QI--f,LIr IIIIIIII IIII - I"' '- 5 I'II"' I 'U ' I1 F 'X A 1 S Fm-I,II'vI,II' ' AII IM, I If II TIIIHT- - 1 'I I' 4 D51 .Ib ' -1 .'11. -1 CIM' QI Iv, fl I,I f'lIII 11 Burl! if "Ir I"'I' 1 SZIIIII' MII' II: ' I 4 Iuc1.I 2 1 4' LI-tterfvmv 5 11 IIIWIIIIIS S fl- VrI0tIHIIII . 2 I 4 Tfai- 1 I 4 S!II'1f' 7 I I7 5 4 4 A' 'IIIIII HII Imax Ma IIr1fIr I1 OI. I .md ' I , 'ff-IISII - 4 W rdf-ss 5 4 A11 I, III, I 11 I 3 2 3 4 Pep CIIII' 4 F II A 5 I1 SII Club 2 5 4 Fo I 3 4 JIIKIIIII i 2 II 'v' I 4 In IHA 1 2 3: rack 1 CALDART CLARENCE H jx ng Mamgn CLARK CRYSTAL 4 Rootcrs Club S Us A I rv CLEAVELAND AURELIA 5 V I COLE EVELYN HIV I mu v S r 'ug mr s CORNISH BUD II I SCV CROSS NORMAN I Q1 Wm viqf CRYIVIES SELMA v I S Oworub fl fi H1 OIC' aw f M DAHLIN CARL D vwI 1 u 7 1 Bum b 4 ho 5 IM Jw I 4 Concf-rt 4 Bzsxetbalr DAHLGREN NIURIEL yew fl u rI'CI sv nc 11 SCH f po ts IC' DENBY BOB NIQSS Edtor C I ms Secn 5 ' 1 I Sz:rolI Sp r L3 'ettf' 4 DUETT JANICE PATRICIA on Man DURGIN BOB e B ich 7 154 A kf Foot DURST DICK I J 1 vs wi Mn S r Mr Fun I Sf EBERT JACK B CIUD Cih IC my 4 Archery EDSON VERN A JR I CI b Archery ECHELBARGER STANLEY I 1 A Rvpo LY Otb1II Mmiger 2 3 4 Lett gmq Teim 2 4 Smoke ECKLUND BOB A v r v oker 2 ERIKSON DARLENE rch Pres dent 4 Student o 'Oh I Lettcmomw Svcreuvy Trmsurfv W roless As V116 Edrtor 4 or h Club 3 4 erwomw 2 3 V1IedIctUrmw '91 Rise Ir K '1?.."I "l"'1l' ali. 4l- ll"'! "1I i 19 lkl, i I an l' hn- wr--r iv 'Q' 16 FESSENDEN, ANN Cluh ProsIdev.! ' - War ,ss sness Mivuqu B I ' ' FOSS DONA rch 4 rm 9 4 V x III H x 1 vw I I'wl FRANKLIN ALLEN So I Bmw GAY LOIS II GLANTZ BARBARA GOODHOPE FLORENCE GORDON ELIZABETH H 4 GRANGER ADELLA JANE A P f N pvms Kc GRANGER RAELOU I I III IPSI GROIVIKO BILL GUNTER JOANNE HALL GEORGE HAIVINIOND BEVERLY f M 1 v Urn HARDIVIAN BARBARA L Str HATHAWAV JINI HAWORTH GENE HELLENGA GLEN HQ Um I Tor Q .jlifx HILDE WALTERINE Irttf I SfQ f HOLNIGREN ALVIN HUGHES ROBERT INS HURLBUTT GWENN I tterwoman 4 Tv A 4 HUSWICK HELEN HUTCHINSON JIIVI HYNEK BILL JANACEK EUGENE C JANCEK VIVIAN ff JOHANSEN ELEANOR f JULIUS JEAN A I KALLSTROIVI BARBARA KATHLEEN KAIVIPRUD JO ANN KELLY SHIREEN I KELLY SHARON KOLESAR IVIARJORIE KRONQUIST ROY LANE PATRICIA BRUCE LASSWELL Of 55 C CLF! 1 .uns 'F 4 'QW gr' 'Uk 79? 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PROPlIfC'7 The years have tucked by uust as the hours on the clock and we fund that each year has brought uoys and sorrows to the members of Edmonds senior class of "48". lt us with fond recollection we recall memorues of our school days because but ten years ago thus strong group faced the world each one for humself Now gazung through thus newspaper of .lune 4 l958 we see scraps and pueces of our long past classmates yet not forgotten fruends Skummung over the front page famuluar names are revealed to us On readung thus page you wull fund our old classmates are stull un the headlunes State Patrolman Ecklund surrounds sneaky suspects Cornush the crazy chemust crumbles corps un chloroform Gromko the boat buuldung baron buys Bremerton Brune only male member of the Temperance Unuon Leahy vucuous veterunaruan butes bulldog back Savell fancy pharmacust found floatung un formaldehyde Gunter and Powell advertusung artusts specualuze un superservuce Muller and Gubsch offuce workers wutness wrong workungs of wealthy wheels Arrowsmuth and Martun avuators at tract Attorney General s attentuon Wuthers wants works and wuns edutorshup of New York Tumes Pemberton proposes plan for pennuless peasants Mclntrye scares scuentufuc scuentusts wuth schemes Hulde sulent stenog rapher startles state wuth shorthand speed Kallstrom s chaurluft crashes un snowy slopes Wulson famed fancy free fusherman funds fault wuth foreugn fushung Louden northwest saulor has rugged sea adventure Turnung through the next few pages we see short utems of bustlung busunesses Turner new manager and master of gugantuc gamb lung shup Mudra monopoluzes magnufucent Mangold menagerue at lO5th Duett beautuful beautucuan beau tufues bubblung babes un Hollywood Hughes and Scham bers manage money matters at Mudnught Auto Supply Bruce Lasswell mad master of Realuty leases legal land Kamprud on Cataluna fuxes flowers for her funancually flourushung flower shop Roderuck Smuth s modem meth ods mauntaun more munk Durst sells second Athletuc Supply Store Dorus Baum bustlung brunette buys pho tography shop Shurley Strauner starts Taxu Tourust Trade un Toledo Juluus manages a needy nursery for tots wuth tantrums Love the plastuc surgeon pueces pretty pro fules lrene Smuth runs Roarung Rodeo Ranch H ll bug executuve buulds beautuful buuldung Cleaveland artustu annual edutor at Art Craft Engravung Co McClenahan Thacker modern munung prospector elumunates mules Hynek buulds bumpy bunks and bedsprungs Pamela s pedugree Palumunos lose un Louusvulle Brown college grad runs grafty drafty sku lodge Nabseth naughty but nuce opens hot rod shop Callahan carrues on at Crow Hardware Burkland and Carlstedt own Traul Trap and Tue escort bureau Readung on to the followung pages unfolds more fruends who are clumbung to success Shureen Kelly Lunfueld grad guudes wayward women Ebert decudes desugns for demandung dustruct dealers Foss welfare worker settles touchy tenament sutuatuon Stanhope the red headed receptuonust ropes raduo romeo Lundus the torrud typust traps tender toy tycoon Accola the perky uournalsst survuves un perulous present Raelou Granger dangerous dramatuc dean coaches college cutues McCarter features fall fashuons for furst graders Lund Bruner and Tutmark wear neat and nufty nurses unuforms Robunson wundow desugner creates captuve c a p e r s Brewer rugged ranger found fughtung forest fures Keuth Lasswell enguneer employed un elute establushment Trupp and Wulcox busuness beautues belueve backache blues bannsh wuth work Roberta Smuth courageously cranks comptometer un Kresses Stathos submarune saul or sells seaweed un Saks Hathaway and Novak muracle mechanucs make motors move Johansen home econom ust helps hundreds of hungry humans Propst coaches college football fells to fame Astell prompts pupuls as Mrs. Murphy's Spanish sudekuck. 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' , . . . V r A - , - Q 1 . , ' , - A 1 . I . I . T A l l I ' ' ' I . I l. . - , A l A ' I ' I 1 1 A V ' u - 1 . . . I . . A e . I ' I I y - I T . A ' . . A a I r . 4 11 . ,1 f . , . , c . the dreamy druggist, passes out prescriptions and pulls. and can't tap till tomorrow. Lowe cavorts in Casual I I ' ' I I I ' ' I I V , , . , , I - ' Q I ' I r 1 - - 1 ' - 1 I , ' , . - 1 1 I ' I ' ' r 1 1 ' I - f ' ' I - 1 1 A 1 1 ' ' ' 1 . - - . , - I . Q Q - I ' I ' - . l V ' S l 1 -22.. an aki- 508' 36 A Mini -Nas W' SWF 'T Jlllll0R C'l0.S'.S' Junlors wlth journallstlc abllntles were led by Darold Jones cn edntor ot the Wnreless tor the scct nd semester Joyce Steadman served Carner was secretary treasurer ot Boys Club Ted Tourtellot Larry Nordby and Kennx Ness were an the Boys uartet Three junlors were In the band Ken Hovde and Roy Swanson were o stagecrew and ln Spannsh club there were lo class members wlth Clarke Wood as presldent und Plerre Peterson vuce president March l3 the yunlor prom was held wlth Emerald Isle as the theme Joanne Plantlng was general chasrman ot the event Chaurmen ot commuttees were Barbara Larson decora tlons Joyce Steadman tuckets Barbara Nel son refreshments Dorothy Blshop lmltat ind programs Jerry Hall clean up Bettle Lou Joslin publnclty Joanne Lenghton makers and Jnmmy Barrlcklow entertainment Enrolled HW the class ot 49 ter the year l947 48 were l58 students Mrs Margone H Murphy and Mr Cordon Scrlbner served as class advlsers Wc elected to lead us tor the tlrst semes ter Bob Plttns presndent Plerre Peterson vrce presndent Bettx Thomson secretary treasurer ind Carol Bergman and Bull Thurman repre .4 5 C' 43 X 1 sentatnves to the Board of Control Taklng over the dutues ot the leaders the second semester were Betty Thomson pres: Knupe secretary treasurer Clona Huswlck and Kenny Ness representatives to the Board ot Control Our play The Vlsltor under the dlrec tuon ot Mrs H E Cleason and assisted clurlng the tnnal rehearsals by Mr Cordon Scrnbner was presented on February 24 26 Those the cast ot the suspense tnlled drama were Ar lene Parr Ted Tourtelot Jerry Hall Terrx Proctor Keith Jetterts Don Benn Dorothy Bushop and Clarke Wood Thlrty members ot our class were an the Torch Hon Jr ocaety wlth Clorna Huswlck belng clected secretary treasurer ot tlOn Representlng the junuors were John Carner David Trlp bl, Jlm Bergen Ed Connors J Jones Don Benn Chuck Arr Plttus Crrls who earned lett that organuza ln Lettcrmen Larrv Nord Palge Eddy ood and Bob rs were Betty Thomson Joanne Lerghton oanne Plantung Rose Mane Nosky Darlen Jamison Cllorra Huswvck Paullne Johans Terry Proctor Dorothy Brshop Carol Ber an Clorra Sletert Dlxue Downlng and Joyce teadman ACKLEY M3531-SON Auamcu Monson API-AND ARNOLD ARROWOOD IARNETT snnlcnow new lnceu IERGMAN UUSHOP WND 'WND' 'UMWYE' 23 4' W' s at . ' , - Q A C, it Y . , ' N "' an r ww ' F. -,S i Y I W S-. , QQ, ' ft V lmtt Irv ltlslnl Iiolv I'lt?,s. lhltthx 'l':loenson, l' -rw l't'41son. Vtllj K1 :ply litll 'l'l1t11:: 4 :1 X I , 5' . I -Y as vnceepresudent ot Clrlsl Club, whsle John dentg Blll Thurman, vice-presldentg Patsy P , - Q ' ,, . . H n , , ' , I - . in L Y X , - T Q V A , f Q T g L P f 3 ' A ' ' 7 ,I Q ' , V ' :ons W - A L I , ' 2 4 1 A I 1 1 ,V J! I I J I I T ' I I I X . f K A . H I , I , , , Q , s 1 I l L C , s-'T ' I C 1 - . v , , fl , - ' 1 A' F - , f 3 ., P' 71" '. 1 , 5 at y F , J 2 . 1 lb BROWN BUCHANNON CONNER ERWIN HAHN HUSWICK BURTIS A BURTON BURTON CARROLL COOPER COOPER COX CUNNINGHAM 09 GLEN GORDON GRAY DOWNING GARNER GREAVES 452 HALL HANSEN HATHAWAY I ,v gym COLE WANGENSTEEIN EIDE ENEY 'Q GUERTIN GRUBER HODGES HOLLINGSHEAD HOVDE BIISIIMEN 2 KIN L4 HYNEK IRWIN JACKSON .IACOBSEN .IAMISON JEFFERTS JOHANSEN 2 1- I ll. 6. JOHNSON J JOHNSON D JONES JONES JOY, JOSLIN KAESTNER KINE 2-I Q. 2 Z ak J I Q, I n Y . ' , f i L 4 Q gb, g . 1 ' . . .h ' ,, r , I F k I - 1 I Q' I v any I 5 I X' A , X I L K . M K A 'Q Q . 5 ,Q , 6 .. y :N ' ' If ' w . . ,L ' - I ' ' gf' I ' rv J X f' V f I , if Rf X ' Q if M, at s A -v Q ' Y - 5 ft 5 W F Q k 1 F Q .,,. . Y Q Q .. fi , 5 . 5? . X N I A . - 3- 5 I Q, ' . C I X , f . I 4 ' I ' I S ' I' . Q . gy ' ' .. 5 -N W Us I, I XIII I I '. 2 . It X? 'J' I I ' V Y I I " x A' I 1 : 7 "5 V - ' ', 5 ' " I gt' :rs .e ' m vw N . 1 X Q L ,ia I ' - "J .fl . 4: , 6, M, Q -I , 2 M , 1' I , K nga i y V b ' X A i . - . E. KNIFE KYLER LINDH MERRIAM NEHL PALMER PITTIS , 1 J .R .1 , g ,ga LIZEN LOCKE LOUDENBACK LATTA LARSON LEANDERSON E Y 3 x tv ' ,B . ' ' at V 4 , EIGHTON LERMOND E Lt MQBRIDE MQCORMICK McDONALD BIISIIMEII MEYERPETER J MILLER NELSON NESS D PARKER J PARKER POWERS 1' V MILLER MESERVE MOUAT NAUGHTEN NORDBY NOSKY NOSWORTHY OLIVER PMG! L 9 PARKIN PARR J PETERSON P PETERSON PLANTING 4-5 Ldv PROCTOR REYNOLDS ROSS ROTH ROWE A I I I 9 Q V X X fm 'L E , R 7, v- Rf " V6 I ,Lp L ,f 5 'P f 4-, ' Q' - , u 4 X 2 4 K 2 f 'E L X' V ' A 1 1 J 4. . I, I D 5',i.k A t - 'Ld an sin 7 ' " NRS 11 1 E r- A E .L 7 ' T1.,D..-. A A 3, 'T X - 5 - ' - ,A . f 3 ' A x A -5' as 'A - Y , X I 'ik 5 I 5. ij XL 'L J' A A A Q , . fw - , , 4 1 ' T , 13 4 Q, -E ' Q' , L : I L K I - X ' , 41 4 A I 9- if SEVDEL SHEETS RYLAND SALVINO SCHUSTER SIEFERT SHINN 'vw STRANCE THACKER TRUAX WEIDING ,-5-f' I N 1 Nay.-y SHORETT SKUTVIK THOMAS THOMSON THURMAN fl r 1 , SOLLARS SPONHEIM STANTON sumo SWANSON sweAn:NGuN svmmss P' TOURTELLOT TRANDAL BIISIIMEN TUSTY WILLIAMS Q gn 9 D CTV SHEETS f- STEADMAN TEPFER TRIPLETT vAu.An WAHLSTROM WANGENSTEIN WARNER WEBB 's 1 X-nv ,Y . LD ix W OD WOOBANK YADEN wu.uAMs , WOLF' 0 26- ff S-:M E , Q 3 S - ' S' V w' vw Q S ' . K Y A lf " ? +- f x N ' ' X A X J ' I u. . A F QQ I. L Q V 5 .4- L - " Q V ' '- ' IL? .1 2 4 .W K ' S I an 5 Q S ' k K .' f . Iv 1 . x X '- Xf V' L A K QM -,W , - N I " f S " 'I Q V I ' J I- - D 4' 14: 1 , x . X 4 1 as-ag.- 'if --l f . . n A In G 1 . g 3 Q ' 1: : . S ef ' S ' 1 :Ig 2 gk ,fl .V'.. I A . gif.. 1 5 M - V V ' -35 1 1. '7 It 'md Lv - 4 ' . g z .1 F25-'dll " .5 - "' i '-gf...-,-1 ' Iv ' A q 1: in , KC, ' A V, : - 1 5 Q Riga ' I , V . A ' v T ' f . ' I-SJ elf as ga. e-70 WW 6'0PIIOMORf CIASS ln our up and comnng Sophomore Class w enrolled l58 students Servnng as our advisers were Mass Harrvet McFadden and Mrs Rachel Smuth Leaders of the class for the fnrst semester were Ted Neff presudent Tom McDonald vuce presudent Donna Allen secretary treas urer Terry Haley and Mary Ewing represen tatnves to the Board of Control To lead the class the second semester were George Dawson presndent Don Joseph vlce presldent Barbara Banner secretary resentatlves to the Board of Control Recenvnng thenr one bar Torch puns were Wulma Sund Beverly Blenz Bonnie Smlth Mary Clnne Donna Allen Allen Clnne Terry Haley Margaret Faust Peggy Hagan Ross Waggoner Pat Howlett and Dean Jones Sophomore gurls unutlated Into Letterwo men were Donna Cooper Mary Garner and Margaret Pantley Boys becoming Lettermen were Ted Neff George Dawson and Gene Hoffer Servung as secretary of the Gnrls Club was Donna Cooper ln F HA we saw Mary Garner Joann Auchlmayer Pat Bookey Arlene Schweunhart Barbara Hanks Delores Blackbourn Carolnne l.aBelle Pat Lnnes and Roberta Lnnes Joang F F A were George Boyle Don Blev uns Derald Caldart Paul Glantz Terry Haley Chester Duke Jack Allen Gene Tnllson Don Blanchard Bob Kennedy Jummy Lnttle Glen Flnneran Bob McBurney Morris Llndus Glen Johnson Stan Cellars Howard Lunk Robert Henness Glen Pelfer Duck Saegert Jnm Lnttle and Lawrence Walker Bonnle Smith and Barbara Banner tumbled on the tumblung team John Meyers Jack Ayerst and Roy Curtns were nn the band Back stage on stagecrew were Pat Howlett Jack Jacobsen John Meyers and Pat Hogan Representung the sophomore class In Span rsh Club were Donna Allen Avls Parush Mar garet Faust Joanne Anchlmayr Delores Black bourn Sally Davus Barbara Savage Margaret Pantley Richard Huldebrand and Bonnie Smith As theur hughlnght of the year the sopho mores sponsored a Cotton and Cord dance March 5 for sophomores and thenr dates Chalrmen and theur commlttees were Shnrley Allberry program Avas Parrsh games Mary Garn r mnxer Ted Neff tlckets Carolnne La Belle refreshments Pat Bookey decoratnons and Beverly Bnenz cleanup fir l A , , -In . g 1 1 4 " u Q .,,.. , ff W . I fd A NL an ' Nr-ff . 1' onulci llen Dawson Just-ph Ba nor , , I ' . . ' A V . . . I ' ' V I I I I I V ' I I A I ' , I I I I I I ' I I T I I T A I , - - r I 1 ' I I I I , A 2 , - I I ' ' - treasurerg Peggy Hagan and Terry Haley, rep- ' V I I I I . I I - I I I I . I I I ' I . I , I . , ' II I II T I , , z A ' , 1 Q Q ' ' ' 4 ' - 4 ' ' A I V " I I I I , , , 1 A 2 1 2 I I I ' , ' aw' .,l . ' - . . 1' -1 I - 1- , v r , .14 ,jf-,K I f' H ., 1 'J X" Trl 44' . , 1 S v , ,, g 9 1 ' 'T C if m . ' S f'- S 27 S0 IMG!! 1 1 111 XX Q v 1 P X 11 X C 1 1 1 1 L x HH X U ll LI Umm m T mmm 1 mln n nn 4 I X K QI Dulu Sus mu Im a L Smpg X 1 1 gum mx 4 nu LK 1l1 umm 1111 Q milk 1 u XK1 T um on Blllulxud sv , Q6 6 QV- NQ if FRFSIMMII 614.95 The Freshman Class started cn theur rcad to success wuth Muckey Swedberg as pres d n Darlene Amsler vuce presudent Sandy Sacn clers secretary treasurer and Joann Dontos and Don Larson as Board of Control represen a tuves Takung offuce the second semester were Pat Joyce Bull Hubschmutt and Gordon Lund strcm as presudent vuce presudent and s cre tary treasurer respectuvely Lorna Gourley and Vuctcr Salvuno served on the Board of Con ro We enrolled l32 students and Muss Arleen Otto and Mr John Kochruan were our advusers Turnung out for football were twelve ath letes Harry Johnson Don Bauley Frank Bly Wulluam Parr Eddy Evans Stan Spect Vuc Sal vuno Alan Echelbarger Ted Duncan Karl Stadler and Cluff Nuckelson Nune boys represented the class of 5l u basketball They were Harry Johnson Wul luam Parr James Cole Vuc Salvuno Glen Bunns Gordon Lundstrom and Duck Palmer The gurls were also actuve memb rs of the class wuth twenty fuve turnung out for sports regularly Lael McBurney and Leah Turner were placed on B team un soccer Marne Hussey Darlene Amsler Bess La Byer May Keltner and Jeanuce Truax uorned the twurlers and twurled theur batons at s v eral performances Those wuth an ear for musuc were Pat Joyce and Marue Hussey un Chorus and Gurls Glee were Shurley Thompson Euleen Hughes Joan Dodds May Keltner lvena Car roll and Carol Hahn Boys Glee had on rep resentatuve from our class Carl Perrun Freshmen members of the band were Bob Burton Wallue Smuth Wayne Hovd George Ward Duck Palmer and Ruel Tutmark Those un the Brass Sextet were Bob Burton Wallue Smuth and George Ward F HA clarmed thurteen of our femlnune class members whule un FFA there wee twenty one masculune members of our class John McGull and Wayne Hovde louned stage crew Sally Goodhope was actuve un Ad Club Donna Halverson became a lubraruan and Jo ann Dontos worked on the Echo staff Hughlughtung the year was Freshman Day on March l7 All the Freshmen wore udentufyung tags and put on a Saunt Patruck s Day program for the student body Sally Goodhope was chaurman of the poster commuttee and Joan Bauley was chaurman of decoratuons Vuctor Salvuno was un charge of the program whuch uncluded darucung under the durectuon of Bess LaByer pantomume un charge of Dorothy Gor don and a trumpet solo by Bob Burton Thus was the furst Freshmen Day un E H S hustory and the sponsors hope that ut wnll become a tradutuon QQ .ff 'fxlg S 0 Sq 111 'N 11 11111111111 1 111 L1 H LX J 11111 U N J11 L11l .'x111N LI 111 Z 1 1 B 1111 1111 1 1 1 1 11111 1 1111 11 11111 111 B01 111 ,aaf1,4'M. 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V11111-. 1 ,.'- , V in ll HM S L TRIBAI l0Rf hx x x Thy an M ,HTH M rw L r www Jpxs s rwggrx Q Y L N r Cr VCC fm mn Tr um 1 I 1 Crwfu acc mpamed bx The walhmg flute and Thrxfb mg Wa Tre Thr ugh the ILHW ses 1 gh x 1 m Spear m hah xx Q f I I I I U : 2 ' I I . . F - I 'L I X , I s' I C, xr Q wth Us rw vs KV mw v pmht. vw mr - im-in . N 1..r1gQ f Hn, DAN. C HT 'nrwt Lu. ivvg .J 'L Ani" I xy vw" Duthl rr1ha'Ch'cfs f 1' wed x . L1rf1aTmxQ vw mm . 1 7 N-1 ww ,mg gm- Thv T wf - www fc! 3' h,,rwTQu gl' .,gN",gzJw5 The 'wus hx I mfr. m and www kc swgnaN thu I 4 sc g' 4 Thx Phe vw. RL-xg, Us mffrmcd Trim . f hm mam wal' NS AM- rx SY rw .1 H rd f df tmp AL mg PW Q U f,,wS .yf rmfme HCT 'VS w:N' A Tauri . 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A . V um , K ' Q vw ' w 1 K -ft -if JL. , , ' 4 1 I L f 1 t I , as I XIcL'lvn.xhgnn Vlm-1-nt f:.lI'Hk'l' linux- Piruksrm Fult- A X . A V . 7- X . c ., . , - 9 Q in 1 I , I C s.. C ' , , e e 3 e s f e st :- 1 0 V V 9 f N' I I Y I . , ' I Y 'H V I I A I ' e I e 1 I . S 1 11 11 . I I I D Q ' . . V C C , , 1 1 O . . 4 s.. I ' . I I ' I - I I I I I I I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 I I A 1 1 1 1 I I 4 A I . I ' 1 1 - A I I I ' ' ' ' , ' Q . . I I I I ' ' , , . . . . . ' ' I , , , . . . . . I I I I I I ' . V . , 1 , . , . . , , 1 Q -36 BOARD OF CONTROL First Semester , 5 Run 1 l.vlt to Right if 'T .Inmm Dontns, 1 I-214-umm' Russo Pmrlmarn llZil'flIllLiI1. Cluol lit-rutuun. lxllllf EXNIVILJ. .le-: z x 1.41121-. and Scroll system and the editors and busnncss managers to be made hcnorary members and wcar the regulatlon Qu ll and Scroll pun wnth a bar lnscrubed wuth the posutucn ofthe bearer ln the sprung the Board ot Control planned the budget of the student body for the comnng school year Thus year some organuzatnons ex peruenced dnttncultnes due to ever uncreasung pruces Therefore the Board ot Control tried to plan Improvements tor the budget Many rd as were suggested such as purchasing the annual separately from the student body tuck ets addntuonal payment for movles and as semblues separate tnckets tor the tt otball and bwskctball games ln order to wbtann student reaction to the budget problem roll room rep rcscntataves were elected tc the Bn ard ot C 1 tr l nn March These students were chcsen to serve is non vctung members nf the Board ct Control and werc responsrble tor prescntnng --1 the tacts concerning the budget to theur roll rooms These representatlves were Eugene Janacck Joanne Plantlng Joanne Naughten Jeanne Wuthers Monte Meserve Pat l-lowlett Bob Henness Cfeorge Sanstol Curtls Martin Ceorge Wrlbourne Margaret Faust Audrey Tnpp Davnd Latta Ken Haworth Nels Lundh Margaret Pantley Bertalee Adams Bob Brlne Jeanuce Truax Jrmmue Barrncklow Duck Ler mond Wlth the help ot these representatlves the Beard of Control devused the new budget Durung the last semester one questlon un der dns cssncn was the proposal to make boxnng a major sport and to award letters to the partnclpants Even ettort as made t keep the Board t Contrcl a democratnc procedure where the nrany student problems can be drscussed and s wlvcd wnth the help of the enture student body BOARD OF CONTROL 3 Second Semester Q? 'tv- fa . 1, ' Q N I A 4 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 l I I I 1 V I I C I - I I I I 1 1 1 I I - 1 0 ' v - " 1 , Y I - l I' ' . C - N , J 1 11 11 c X , C Q B ,, , 1 N A 3 ' are , f O U Q , U B V C ' - 1 f U U ' 1 s fs gk 0 ' ' I ,,, ' . 1 ' 4 x, A ' f rin.-. I I4-t7 in R.:-.' I.f1:n.l f2nu:l.1x, 4 -lLl+1::.l llzz-'.-,Lck : N.tm'x l'rx1T!.lN lhtltx Yl'l1'lINS0Il, Ft l'fL:::N ll.a:t1n, lkaxlvln li:1lisn't " Ffxtlyn Volt, ' K l',nlm:.1 llmrllvs.-rx ' - 114.1-, I i Q " I " ,l'vx1l!Q.l1I'1,. Dar rll.l-'xt ! K'1::1ll.r.L 'l'tx:x El.llm'. I lZ.ll Ihtxxlz. ll.-E1 .Xll'l'ltlI.lll.Ill ww' l r J-IT GIRLS' CLU B OFFICERS 1.1-If 111 R.L:11t ll1-11111 ll11sxx11'k, .l1151'1- St1'.11l11..111 ID 11111 1115111 l 11111 1l11 1l11 11 , 11 . 1I '. 1. .l. .l ..I GIRIS' Cl IIB Leadung the CIflSl Glub thas past year were, Presudent, Barbara Hardman, vrce-presf rdent, Joyce Steadman, secretary, Donna Cooper, treasurer, Helen Huswuck Mrs. Ruth Hollnngshead and Mass Arleen Otto were the advrsers Durnng the year the Girls Club sponsored many successful actuvltues The most Import ant of these events were Tolo Week and Tolo un November the Bag and l.1ttle Svster Banquet and the March ot Dames ln Jan uary Good Groomlng Week ln March and the Mothers Day Tea ln May The gurls sold hot dogs and :ce cream bars at the games and were ln charge of the candy sales at noon For each meeting lnterestung pro grams were planned presentlng musuc Style shows sknts and dlscussuons The standung commnttees and thelr chaur men were Program Vuvnan Janacek Stand ards Shureen Kelly Socual Servuce Elnzabeth Gordon Glerncal Elleen Bruner Health Rae lou Granger Eunance Carol Bergman Frnend shnp, Barbara Yarnell, Vocational, Patsy Lane, Athletuc, Shirley Sta1ner, Edmonds Junuor Hugh School, Barbara Kallstrom, Edmonds Grade School, Eleanor Johansen, Alderwood Grade School, Drusilla Thompson, Scrapbook, Sharon Kelly, Flowers, Joanne Lelghton, Odds and Ends Jo Ann Kamprud Senuor counselors on duty on peruod each day an Hen Shak were Eleanor Russo chalrman Gwenn Hurlbutt Lorna Wllcox Maryorne Kolesar Vrrgnnna Mc Glnness and Ann Fessenden The followrng commlttees were apponnted to handle the specual actnvutues durnng the year Blg and Llttle Suster Banquet Bertalee Adams March of Dlmes Gampaugn Sharon Kelly Tolo Ann Fessenden Tolo Week Helen Hus wlck Good Groomlng Week Shnreen Kelly and Raelou Granger Mothers Day Tea Joan Astell Thrs year the Gurls Club purchased and 1nstalled several large mlrrors for the use of all gurls Four lace tablecloths were also pur chased by the club wuth money earn d durung the year GIRLS CLU B CABINLT 1 1 1 1 1 ll 1 ll 1 1 ll 1 1 ll 1 111 111 l1 1 1 1 Ils l1l1111l1111 ' I 3 , .. c , A 1 2 1 I I I I T I I T T T T 1 . . , . I . . . , , , . I . - - . , A 1 Y l I 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 ' . y ' . A ' ' , . , , 1 1 1 . . , , 1 . , , T I V l 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' . ' . - l Q I I I I V . I I I T 1 Ii11','. 1 l,1I' lu Hmm I'1l1f.1l11-111 G1111l1111. NI.1zg.111'1 NI1'Nl.1111111, ll1l1-11 ll11s1x11'k. IJ111111.1 171111111 lG111l1.11.1 ll.111l111.111, .l11x1'1 St1111l11,.111,1J1l-111'S111ps1111.C2xx1f1111 llllllllllll. l'Il -1111111 Hussu 111111 2 .kllss :XIll'I1L' Otto, D1 s1ll11 'l'l11111151s111. Ii.11'l111111 K11Ilsl111111. i':11'11l l3l'l!llt1ill, fxll F1-s11111l1111, R.11l111 fllil pg-1. .lrn H11l111s1111. H1 I1-11 H11'kl11111l. Sl 1111111 Kvlly, Sl1g11l11 K11llx, .I11.1111111 l.1-1:l111111. .I11 :XII 1 K1 1111'111l, Mus Rlll Il11ll111gsl11-.111 linux 14 V1x':.111 .l.111111' -K. I-II1-111111z' .I1111.111s1-11. P1111-1-11 H111111-1, Sh 111-5 81.11111-1 H411l1111.1 I,:11111-ll I'1.lgx lilll 11-. l'a111l1111- .l11l1. 1 ,1-11. 1, 1. B075 Cl 08 W fl l w v hr Carncr tr J lrngshcad crw d is advl wc rgunlzcd lS c NS Qlub Thc C mmltte lt cur c NVFYWCVW wcrc IV Jerry at zlth Charlcsg cdbcrg Plannrng li b rrn x rc 1 r uncs L55 lnccnt Cars J u Intramural Olck Durst At thc Clcn C l-l Jcptcmlncr nwcctrng 5LlDCl'It'Tl'f.l1dC.tW l sp kc tn h rw tn make a succ At thc tcam dem the directs c lj ns Cc IS lrst lnfnrrna dance the Harvest Hcp wlth Bob Denbx as general chalrm n Octnb r mectrng the Tuger ft utball nstrated several formatunns under un nf Ctach Rowe On October 25 Herb Duggrns Unlversutv f Wash ngtcwn c ac t ld fthe pessrbllltles ef recelwl un athletlc scht larshrp to the Unlversltv at thc N wcmber mcctlng TW I L l flrst Trger ten presented the fundamentals f sketball tr Q luunt meetlng if the B4 vs a r s C u vs rlce Chlef l-Mlmqunst and Flre C re Englcs uf Edmunds gave bnef safetv talks at th Eebruarv meetrng At thus tame the c n strtutl n was amended tw pr rxldc an executlve Jlard fcr the club Each roll ruom IU w :ch there were m re than fave b rvs was tw 9 Qgt unc representative to the board The Bnvg Club declded to sponsor Eleanor Russu Ed n the Everett Optlmrst Club As a res Eleanor won a free trip to Hollywocd The two top teams IW Intramural basketball plaxed for the champlc nshlp tutle at the March meetnng Talks on vecatuonal lnterests and cp pcrtunltles were featured at the Apnl meetlng The flnal meetlng cf the vear ln Mav was held vutdoors to watch the Tlger baseball team an actlon 'N BOYS FN 1 CLUB CABINET 1 x n Ll 1 3 Ben n Q In at D111 rx ll mt L t 1 u ml ll an . . . S A ' , ta It l' 1 '.tL1'.e' ta 3 ll I Qff Ctlrs f the ld ka Cklll f r the past vcar 1 w w f lllf Wlf"'T ll ll lff left WU- llltnlflilll In Ja lan C ach Clav, wlth the help 1 the fill bre er secretarl treasurer J w X 1 ,V N4 H H l E' S T' 1 C - 'SU ba Q . r ,lg ' nd Bt-vtlral new c tmnnttccs 're t L X Cl l ' l l th v far lax the buf A r- t cg DLI iv , h f ar' l th- ht A H E e J I9 gc: w f- f C Het 1 ' wt X , , 41, Dan Q 4, , lux Prrlg .r larr Nl ll v Q J l, F2 1' V ,5-, iq J, 1 X V'r, C,l3tll-lghes , r, , I In U C' , 4 L l N I X , N N N X I 5 H Q Y H 1 C V I H ll t l 'v lf f ess ' A f r ut nf lrfe after graduatntrn mends candndate, ln a ticket sellung campalgn t Q T ,X ft r ' A ult C 1 r tht 'nys' Club sph ,rr J t f . l f' t 1 T ' W r , tr : H , I, lltTQ'. h, cf u N 'ng c L v , 1 . 0 . 2 A . . ' le: 1 , A . .. ,. . ' , :W 'N T 1 r 1 1 K . Qk' .W x V 4' v E .s I u. K' Q Q fy . . f Lx 'fa . lx ' 1.4-tt tn l 'ht Rox l DVR D Isl. Larry Wntll-3. Julmny Ga1':u-1. Hut P1-npst H111 rw -1, 1..iIl'j Nurciby. Du B-nn. ..s'k l't En l r I -t, r ' K Ibm 21 Dull Built-x, .Inn Nh any Huh Br 1, Huh IJIIHIH. .lun Mv,-Xlllstm, Tm-ci Neff George- Luxe. R ss V1 '-t , Mt' lltlll1l1HSlH'dKi gig .,., 5'-'111' ,.'x iii UR The W1reless E H S weekly newspaper wrltten and ednted by Journalxsm l and ll stu dents as part of thenr Journalusm tra1n1ng A Journallsm lll class has been added thus year and these students asststed w1th the ed1t1ng and specaal projects Because of the large enrollment IN gournal 1sm the staff members held otfuce for one quader on quawer Fxrst Quarter 111 Xss1111 1 1 X P1 111 1111 1 1 1 11 1 l1 B11l1l 11111 1111111 S 1 1 ly nnstead of one semester Furst If 1 111 111 1 1 N 1111 1 111 1 111t XL 1111g11 ll J 1l1111s1 I1 11111 I 11 P1 ll Second Quarter 111 1 UL 1 B 1111 11111 11.1 1 S1 111 G11 '111 1111 111 1 1 XS 11 s ll1 1 J 1l1Ll 11 111 PK 111 I1 ll LU gl' 1-'W 171 'l "VK" 1ss11 11111 I1 P1111 1 f-S S S f'lWl5lQ'Q 1 1 1 'X ll 1 ll 1 11 11111 'N 1111 1 111 l1111s1 Thxrd Quarter I'1i11111 1111111 111 xs1111111 1 11 1 1 1 'N 1 1 1 X1 1 11s1 S 1111 S1111 1x1 N11 N1 1 ll X111 sl 1, X 1 'N 1 '11 ll Ll l l X1 111 N1 Fourth Quarter P 111 l11l11 11s1111 X 111 ll 1 111 s 111 U1 1 X1 1 1 1 1 S 1111 111 S 111 s 17 1 11l 1 s P 11111 1s1 N1 ll N 1 Although publnshung the hugh school news paper was the mann concern of these students they had other BCTIVITIGS connected wuth lour nalusrn They vnsnted the newswrntlng classes of other h1gh schools and varnous newspaper pub lushlng plants Mr Cordon Leen lournalnsm 1nstructor was advlser of the Wureless WIRELESS 11-'xrst Semester! U11 l 1 l 1 ' 11 1 1 WIRELESS lSocond Semester! IHA l I I XXL I lk Sl 111 Tl11Il11N1ll1 IJ U U Q U C Q fl C 411 ,WT A 'K55f iw -1 4 - - 1' 'Y 0 ' J S Q 1 1' Mr. I Y S., X Q. - ,U I , 5 1-4-' V n V1 1' . - 1 1 M I l L' .h - fx - lj A i.' I 1 t L i I . XI1'1'l1-1111l11111. Ash-ll. R1 .. ,J -s. H11 's1111. '1 1111 111 Illlllllgggi .1 n N 1 2 .v- r- IS 11111111111111t1' N1-11, I-I1l1t111' V1 '1.111 .I111111 -1-k 1 I ' ' ' A ' f'lllCLllil1llll1 .11 12 Ll -' R11 'lfil S1111t11 - A11 ' -' s1111.1 .11 i2L'l' I-Il -11 1 1 .I11 1 . -11 V - 1 - ' 111 - . 1111. ' ' .-'1..' 'L - Edt 1 D11 'l1-111- I'I1'1ks111 , , H1s1111-ss 111111111 -1 .I11 A11 1 K11111111'111l , N' S Killlul' 13-111 'l'l111I , D11 ' ' F1-11t1111- 111111111 Vllklll 1.1111- I I H1119 .11 's I'11-111- P1-11-1s1111 f Gltls' .'1 'ts R1 . llklt' .'1sk1 . 1411171 I-C11 t111' B1 i C'111'111sl1 , ,-1 ' 111. 111 Kl:1:1.1:1-1 l'g1111l XX'1ll1.1:11s 1'11'1-11111111111 .l1111. 111-1 J1-1111111- W1tl11-1's f ' 1'1111111111111ty .'1'XKN E11 1111 C'11111'1111- I1 11-1s Q S11 " ul .' 1115 G1- 1"- lall - 1 l,1111'z111.111 R111 '1s1 PRI 11 1l11.111 .-X511-ll I 1 .- -1111- I-11111111 B11 .11-C'l1-11.1l1.111 1'll'l'ClI1IllN IJ.11l1-111- ,I'lliN 1. IJ.-1'11ltl . -s 1 le, .,, ML lm.. E1 .Amo Rl ,H li J -ss .11 .121-1 .I11 :XII K.111111111l 1' 111' EClll1lI'S G111-111 1I111'll1111t. 111- 111 '1 . -'Xgfl ' "lf HW M1 ll- 'l 444ll"l 11 llll-fmt .,-In jmlm N- s 12111111 R111 Rust F1-1 111111 I-f1l:t111 P.1 VK'l111ll1-1 F"3'll.ll"' l'3fl1f" Vll'l-ill ll-11 C1119 S11111'ts H111'l1.11:1 H.111l111:111 lfllxt -1 l? 'N l,1l'lll' VI131-11-ts 1 311 -' Sports Gl1-11 l"lt'll' llii c"llx 1 ll 'l' H1111 lll"'llN"ll if Luhm H All zu, Hu mm ACU hi V111-11l.1t11111 N1.11111:1-1 CD11 1111- H1111 Afxd bl, 1 My 2 1.1 1511.1 my , A b-, V1 111 E1l1t111's B1 '111'111. 11. 1'11111111- 1 -'s S11 - 'L XK'1'1t1-1s 311 1111st. X'11'1g111 .lz1111 '1-li l-lllll-'H-'ll A V Rl- ' 1 1 ll" - 'Sk-K I-211 11 l B111 N11-C11-11g1l1.111 - F Ass '11111- I-21111 ll' .llilll 1 1l'll 1 11s -ss , 1 1 '-1 El-.111 1' R11s.11 ' ' ' ' ' - f1lI'lS' . 1 'ts 1-1111 lllll' 1111 . . . . . P1 js' S11 's H11 I'1-npst N- 's ECll1t1l' P111 l1z1111 I1l.1:11111g111 ' ' F1-z1l1111- Pf1l1t111 I'.11 X1'11.1ll1-1 l'E11ll111s ' M1 ' -- 'll lid t ll I-Ils11- C111 lst1-111 A g C1 1-' i111 's H1-11-11 15111-1l11111l. G11-11 1I1-ll1- 1111. 1 . .' R11 1111111 .-Xt" 111 , - a if 1,6 ' .h, 3 1 . I 1' , ' .0 . I . f- . 1 . I . f"'- 1 ' . XJ' Q -. . ' K' ' 1 5 , 1 . I' I ' M y Q . 1 1 dw 1 Y R ' 1 1.1-ft 111 R git P111 V1'l1z1ll1-5. I-Il -1111111 Russo. fiLl1'l3ill2l Ilz11'1l1111111. I-ils11- i'111'lst1-111. f2X1'l'l1l1 ll111'll111tt, R1l11-1111 S1111tl1 R11'.1 2 V1 ':.111 .I11nz11-1-k. F211-1111111' .I11111111s1-11. H1-l1-11 I.11'kl11r11l. R1 1.111111 A1-1-1 1.1. .I11z111 1-Xs11l1 R1111 ll GI -11 llc-ll111g1:1. H1111 P1'1111s1. H1111 NlL'f'll'llLl!1ill1, R 1 L1-It 111 R 11111 R1s1- Nlillll' N11sk1'. .I1-1111111- V1'1tl11-1'-. 1111111 W1l1111 11s. V11111111 P11 -1s. D11 l1-111- IC1' 'k. 111. R1t11 Yost. H1- h .' R 11' 2 NI1' Gr11'1l1111 L1-1-11. V11'g1l L 1'1-. ljiil' ll .I 111-s. ljll'1'l'1' I'-1-is 11. B111 l111'111st1 fs , f.. - rv - rm I n -. ,A., - r 151. ML 1-N., M jglggm H ' i , , 4 M. fr 1 S 'T , ,X 'as I S s f.',,',,w' Klum- ,,t:.f1 f,l'ls'w" l'u "4 l" 1' l ' v THEECH0 The we rk of DFf.QlL.Clt'1Q The Echo, Edmgnrlg Hugh Schrcl annual, ts a year-around project The edltr r IS appolnted by the adviser durlng the Dl'CVlt,US school year and the work ns planned ln advance as much as possible The dcvnslrn edutors are selected at the begnnnnng of the school year rn September Staff mem bers are then chosen from lusts of volunteers The dutues of the edltors and dnvnslon heads are Selectlng a suttable theme organaztng the dummy plannung the art work supervtsung the wrtte ups and makung arrangements wrth the prnnter engraver and photographer As a new and outstandrng feature of thus years Echo unduvudual ptctures of the lunlor class members replaced the usual group plc tures Other addutuons to the annual were extra pages of snapshots and advertuslng The prtncupal atm of thus year s staff was to contnnue the fnne standards set by former E H S annuals l 1 :Taft ' tnu 948 Lcn were Nlgnag 'tg Blat r-- A lr-ta jam- Graroger Text-n ca Hit r Aure a Cleawe ,yoj JJ- r ,V,K1r',1jrw'j Hitt r Hester H Itngshead, Junlur Technlcal Egiltitr -Barbara Larson, Business Mah- rgcr K l rvlscr r m un rt x su 1nL cr w rt T arm xl Nancy P rtrai CIQSSQK urlene Erllfs an cnt :car n Etleen Bruner Oxs ort 4 rlnc r s TV s Drusllla Th pmpszn rn nl trat n e S a Ph togra r If L T J hn lm ts cr v Rabuns r ara ers r n c E lzibeth Gorc n TIES T ll c meme. Manlyn Ambers Hester o lnqshea C rr J anne Nau nten urn H Virl T l r lq S ulquo Gwcnn Hurlhutt Carol Bcrgman CLA ES ne D M Thr rsrn Xtrgnnn Jvnes 'vlargar cM1r n OWS POTXTS strand Bab Denbx J r v. G RLS SPOT TS ar Lelu n Btnnx gnlth X 1 tm 1 I A ' fm ll 4 A ll T r ugh rn r ll on 1 I fuk tu wt 5 ' X U xv til HN 6'flll0R PLAY i 1 1196, Cf'-D' 'E' 1' If QVN, 'Y Adam s Even 9 Adam s Evenung a three act comedy was presented by the sensor class as nts annual play on December 4 and 5 l947 The play wrntten by Katharine Kavanaugh was dlrected by Mrs H E Gleason The play was nntroduced by an nnnocent mlxup between Adam Adams and Qosuta Fragonn who were taken for a rude In a taxu drlven by a sulcndal mannac Elmer Green The hazardous trup ended when the car ran out of gas un the ountry After Adam and Rosuta arrived home walklng all the way at was 4 OO a m Adam knowung the truth would sound llke a Ile told hrs wufe a lne that he hoped sounded luke the truth Accordung to has story he was un an auto acc: dent nn whnch a man named John Gokes was kulled Fur began to fly when John Gokes a person whom Adam thoughtwas fuctutuous arruved at the house wuth a funeral wreath around hns neck Adam s wufe and has mother an law had sent the wreath to an address they had found un the telephon durectory The two Negro servants of the Adams household Gertle and Casper the lealous hus band of Rosuta Dr Fragonu and Mrs Gokes who suddenly appeared on the scene to collect the Insurance from her husband s death helped entangle the two vnctnms of cnrcumstances The result a ruotous plot for a successful play Members of the cast were Adam Adams a vuctum of clrcumstances Jack Arrowsmuth Anna Adams hls excutable young wnfe Pat Whalley Mrs Bean the helpful but meddlesome mother un law Raelou Granger Gasper the colored servant and Adam s rnght hand man Bud Gornnsh Gertne the talkatuve colored maud Margaret McMahon Rosuta Fragonu an attractnve young woman who was the second vlctum of the muxup Tnllne Smeade Dr Fragonl the yealous usband of Rosuta Vnrgnl Love Elmer Green the tax: drnver who persustently attempted suuctde Jam Welch Mr Gokes a rather shady character who should have been dead but wasn t George Wulbourne Mrs Gokes hus estranged wnfe who wlshed he were dead so she could collect the Insurance Selma Grymes Assustants behund the scenes were Prompter Marlorne Stanhope busuness manager Carollne Armes propertnes Monta Lee Hathaway advertlsung Enleen Bruner stage settlngs stage crew ushers Torch Honor Socuety tuckets H1 Y 36 "Q" 0 Q- 151 ht t VN H 1 mu N1 h n Aka-xg? X r E f -IZ .- , S ll I ' ll A c Ill Y 11 1 - 11 , I - 1 1 1 1 , , . P' , , I X C . I X , 1, . , , , , Q ' ' ' , . . ' , . , - 1 A 1 1 ' . 1 1 1 ' Q V sl G . 1 1 ' K I 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 1 , . 'tx ' 1 - I X ' 1 I I , 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 11 11 - I T - I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 h 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 , . I . . 1 1 - 1 , . . , 1 1 1 - . 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' --11 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 Vcrtlvul Whalley. :XI'I'UKK'SlT1llll, R Grgxmgm-xp Lung Srneariu. l'm'msh, Left to Hug Wllmurnu, ,AI'l'ltXNSII1lll1. 'lzll'y. Sum-ado, l1uvt-. f'I'Xlll05. R G11 '-r. Welch, Mc. za u ,Cormsh. ' 1 1, Y- st - k A , 'k 5 if . f 1 g .A 8 , , . ,Q ' 1 . 2 . . ',. 2 9 0 O K 1 1 A y Lx. .fb .. . J0lll0R PM? """ 1 " Tlle Visitor " The gunlor class of Edmonds Hugh School presented nts annual three act play on February 27 and 28 l94b The play a murder mystery entntled The Vusntor was produced under the durectnon of Mrs H E C-leason dramatlcs advnser The play adapted from a novel by Charles Randau and Learne Zugsmlth featured suspense untrlgue and mystery The story centered around Bud Owen who had dlsappeared from hus home three years before the tame of actuon an the play One of hrs best frnends Joe Wlllard thought hum to have been mur dercd but as the result of a long search for hum Bud returned home Several susplclous uncudents occurred and nt was rumored around the town that the vlsltor was not the real Bud Owen but an nmposter trying to collect Bud s In herltance Juduth Cunnlngham Bud s mother slncerely belleved hum to be her son despite the many strange occurances From thus polnt on fast and tlmely action led to the surprsslng clnmax The cast nncluded Bud Owen portrayed by Jerry Hall Judlth Cunnungham Bud s mother Arlene Parr David Cunnlngham Judith s husband and Bud s stepfather Ted Tourtellot Eluzabeth the busybody maud ofthe Cnunnlngham household Dc rothy Bnshop Ellen Woc d friend ofthe Cunnnngham famnly d gurl frnend cf Joe Wlllard Terry Proctor Walter Dawson Juduth s brother Dcn Bcnn Joe Wullard Bud s best friend Kenth Jefferts Mack Burrell a re tlrcd polncc chnef who anded nn th search for Bud Clarke Wood Intermission entertalnment for the evening performance of the play was provlded by the Edmonds Junlor Hugh School orchestra playlng Overture lntcrmezzo by Bnzet and Carol and Audrey Hahn performing a duo piano arrangement of the Elrst Mcvement of Bach s Con erto IH O Stage settnngs were made by the stage crew supervused by Mr Charles Bowen adviser Helpnng behlnd the scenes were Janet Johnson productl un manager for the play Jam Cunnlngham busnness manager and has assustant Dlxle Lee Downung Bull Thurman pr pcrty manag r asslsted by Adena Cox and Barbara Larson Patsy Knlpe publlcuty manager Vlrgunna Jones and Max une Swewrangen prompters The Torch Honor Socuety ushered for the exe wt and the members of the Hu Y handled the box offlce recelpts lx X ' ill 43 4. 'Q I 5 Q CT." x"'4-6 1 -23 ivo- N. E 7? , . , , - tl N 11 'V -cf' 1 1 SA Tl' . 11 . , 4 1 1 1 , 7 I l V l 1 1 C 1 w . 1 1 1 cj- 1 . , , , . . , . 1 1 6 1 1 , A I . y 1 1 1 . 1 I - 1 1 X I I r 1 1 1 1 2 - ' I ,Q I , 1 , an ' .. 1, 1 . 1 vw T 1 1 1 1 P 1 , 1 - . g Q X I I I I I gi . 1 - ' x L '- 1 1 , Th' 1 A T , 11 1 f . f' ' ' I - I ll ll Q ' 4 A ' J ' C , T ,- , . X . f V 1 Q ' 1 ' 1 47 a f S 1 1 1 1 I - ' I' I I I s , V1-rl.m'gll 'lAlllll'lL'lllll, l'gl1'x. llxlll. PIUCTUI. .lc tt:-Its. Hbllll I,t I' lu ltlx3l,l ills' X s-ntl, 'IR-:l 'l'l1u:tn ll1t IT.1:t lit rm, 'lk-115 l':11l-im. .lvrty lI.lll, .X' lrm- l'.ttx. K1-lll1,ll-llmrts ...- Us l X 4 A 'A " L J C ' ' '-nf , S 1 K , A , X X -'S A s f 1' ,- I I' I ' '- .Q K ll Q., , . 1 . L ' Q Z' 1 r 6. , 1 7'0RCII The Torch Honor Society membership reached a total ot 7l students this year, l5 ot whom were Torchbearers. The otticers tor this year were: President, Darlene Erikson, vice-president, Margaret McMahon, secre- tary-treasurer, Gloria Huswick, Mrs, Hallie B. Anderson was the adviser ot the organ- ization ln October, the Torch Society sponsored Bundle Day, a drive to collect clothing tor families The annual Armis- needy European t' Da assembly was presented in Novem- ice y ber under the chairmanship ot Margaret Mc- Mahon The theme ot the program was "Food Conservation" and 'Pededication to Democracy " ln December a tormal candle- light ceremony was held, teaturing the in- itiation ot new members and the presenta- tion ot the Torch pins. Terry Proctor was in charge ot the program, An intormal initiation and pot-luck din- ner was held in January with Bud Cornish I I I l Q TORCH Rv.-. 1 l.i tt til xisznt .lil'tils,Ni'sw. l,JtlL'4'.lllll1'IlLl.I Hlzni. XY.i!!H!ll'l. llimli-tl, l.inilii Sxx.m-nn ll.ill. X11-l'li-n.ih.iii,1'-'ini--1, l'i-!r:- I llalmy Rim ZZ. Hi-xuin.m. X'.iil.ii, ll.i:ilr:..l:i ll.ill. Pnitigis. Siiwiirli- Nli'Nlga1inn. lffiiksrin, llusxxirk, l'i+iL'lili. Wimlli-x. 'l'liiimsiin, Ki-lly, Ki llx li-tliziisiin, lliiillwiilt. MVS .-Xiicli-ison Rim Il, Nl:u'lDivn.ilil,Will1s.l'.lil-Zi-rlt, .lgingwi-k. Simiikiip, Fi-ss. Williqinis. llishiip, Aiiilu-rs, Nh-l':iiti-i. 'I'i.inclaiI. Niisky, .lgmiison Anrliiisiiii Ntlsori, l.nBullc-. Faust, Ilnunn. .liiliiis, .lonansi-n. Planting. .Ionit- Rnxx -1, I5i'4'wi'I'. K'l:-an-lziiiil, Kiilurtii Iliiswicl-Q. Biboks. Ilolllmlslii-ml. Smith. Sunci. Allyn, Wi-hh. Asn-ll. Ihililuxwrii. I-Zidi-. Iii-ieltti-n SPANISH CLUB Rcwxx 1 1.1-fl to Right 'l'hilixipsoii, Bliiuklwimin. Knipi-. .-Xicitliiiziyi. 'I'l1iiinsi+n. Astrll, VViiiirl, llllNXKlK'k.xvlllllltj.SIlil'2I1lt', Foss, Yiiilm, lllll'll7llll. ltrncloi Ron 2 Svlixvt-inliziit. Viiiivll I-liust. l,.ll'lSll. Pzinlliiy. liifllf. Klgivllnimlil. 1.1-telitnn.llusxxick.G1ix Smith. Mis Nliirpliy. Rnxx ll 'l'i'ipp. Kzillstrmn, Joni-s, Ni-ss. l'iitL-isim, KIcsvI'x'L-. Tuim-i, I.iix'i-, llilcln-hiuiici. Pi-i'i'in, NIL-l'ivllii:ir.. 'lFI1illX. Stviniiiiin SPAIIISII Cl IIB Los Amigos, the Spanish Club, was re- organized this year under the supervision ot Mrs. Marjorie Murphy, adviser. First se- mester otticers were: President, Clarke Wood, vice-president, Joan Astell, secretary- treasurer, Betty Thomson. Leading the club the second semester was Clark Wood, re- elected as president, with Pierre Peterson as vice-president and Tillie Smeade as sec- retary-treasurer. Highlighting the year's activities ot Los Amigos was the Fiesta presented in April, The program, under the direction ot Hes- ter Hollingshead, general chairman, tea- tured Latin-American music, art work, cos- tumes, skits and dances given in co-opera- tion with the Music, Art, Home Economics department Students who studied one or more years ot Spanish were eligible to loin Los Amigos. The main purpose ot the club was to ta- miliarize the students with the Spanish lan- nd with the countries in which it is and Helen Huswick as chairmen. guage a spoken. I Q Q Q I C . . I Q I I Q D C C D D C D D C D I Q C I H44.. x lffffkdlfll ."" wb" H ' 1 E 3 Hum. T I 11 'T ' 'M ' v fm 11.1 ,T ' -X1 1' ' "Tm, .. , 'A xx' .1' I 'VX' T.,1vT vw XT' . ,., 2171. , ., ,, 1, 1 . ,, . 1' f rv rf' , 11. ,f,, H , 1 '1 A Q, my 1,fy, , 1 m1 n ' i ' zz ' H U v ,r TI' ., 11, , . 1, MV, y,,, , 4. 1111, Q, r , A ' 'W 1 , N .ma .4 '.1'1vx " ,, 1 4 wrwwmr Jr iflif JT Tm- lrmmml , L l67'TfRWOMfll UTM rw mfgrw H gg-rx, 4 r Wm- pJ5T wear A, TQ Vrf wh-ut R ra Y at was presxdirf EMT, Tw Hu r S+-fm-mr. fvnwxm-V R v' Mm f- N NV, Maw Margmqf M rqmx Qwrxx GTW U ' fi fc,-rf V was any sa ff r We gr,..gi F1 QM w'jfw!1rwf5T?Tn LV? . Tvx YUM laffxv W ww '- QNX, wgm H45 Q EL, 'm md H ny- C rwwwg Dmwff- heglci rl QC? lmr 31 X947 .Emi TM H LX H L 'N if 'X VM mr, Tl Vf-if fieg!Tn, Th WS H wth '51 "'f' fa' CP'WQ'V'7'J'R YUM, H mfg: mmg Damfi Q' M1 dnl amx gl QV? H ra qw-ff ax .1,H' Lnrrx XX' L. wax f,M,CYw3d LHNQ f fm, H LW H L' vw UH Qafwm Erlm H sem ax gwxra ima V "AJP 4 r TPMS LUNCH Ar, affursch 1 Smack Um puramd km 1 1f 1i1"if1 HM, Lvrtvrw wmgm pr xsd T m ww, gn mdaf 1 111111 1111 1111 1 1111 1111111 111X 1 XX Th TH! wfmlniwwf PX dx QWMV JKT wins ' W- A' H- , T fw- Q 4 mwgr L'TTgq5 th '90"XZg'fX H Win: ff V' 'xg VJHWD WCN4 1111 1 1111 11 1 111 111111 81111111 L-'HJ Tr jx pp rfwgianw Ami " T JT! W3 ' f frm ' T:-.1 M dx 'N fmsiw-T1 JN fm M?T?1gf' 9 'M mmm J Q Q QA .M U Mar-X1 if 1 - sp-'11 r Hvfyf :mu " X gm 'X 'xg 'm Xmamr haw Lemza vii YW X ,Mn ww M rf Xa vwrmfw vwu 3f1ff'ff' LN wh wrt QNX xp rt Affxmpw M85 'M vw r Aw ' 1' fm .np yr 1, ymvmrui I fnwfmm Hm.1Hm1" Margwamr ?,2wdm'W and fwvvs awards wym- MQMXW 'VTJV7l1iV'HNC Smggdg ,lf VM ' X- wh 'mm vu rx Hwm . LETTERMEN .1 H . l,4 X 'X iw: 12 ' I1 -In ' , IM 1 . U bbw! I-I1 X 1 1. XM! '- X Siva, It , X EH. " IZ- X'14 X-' K..4' H. 4., ,1. "I1.!2' V , N , tlb: X'-, X ' , . . LETTERWOMEN . HSM, Elm.-Xin x:,,:.w. V. 1 I :ww 1.4m-llhwh 4' 'mln ,Vwnh X 'I H ': X ' . Nh Xl.4 H111 IJ.ux!4 1.1 fl rv H. A HX' 1" 1' Xf: .gflle "-' 4' I: .I ' XIH:,'.w T 1' IL'-4 X . Y . umm, .T X,4'.'.1 lx :.N- wx Hula' l2yw,.' Hf-r lwul XX . l1f.w.w:.:1 ln' XX .. HW' -- XL4 .1 Km 1 1' i'.' Mx XIX". l..1 :H--:wx Ihr!-m .iw ll A1 In"H I' w' El 121,11 Y , F. II. 0. The Future Homemakers of America is a nation-wide group organized to promote interest in Home Economics The officers of the Edmonds chapter of F. H. A. for the past year were: President, Joyce Vailar, vice-president, Raelou Grang- er, secretary, Helen Birkland, treasurer, Patsy Knipe, reporter, Eleanor Russo, his' torian, Donna Cooper, parliamentarian, Adena Cox, program chairman, Shireen Kelly, refreshment chairman, Gloria Bill- ings. Miss Arleen Otto and Miss Dorothy Fuller were advisers for the organization. Among the many activities of the F. H. A. was the annual installation banquet, held this year on October 6, l947. Money-mak- ing projects undertaken by this group were the selling of pencils with the basketball schedule printed on them and head scarves decorated with the Tiger emblem. The club made contributions to the Leadership Trainf ing Fund, which sponsors the producing of a film to be shown for the benefit of the various F. H. A. chapters, Helping a family who adopted a French war orphan was an- other of the responsibilities assumed by this year's F. H A F. H. A. K Rim 1 Li-lt lirK1Lllil Sk'llL1lll. BlI'kl:i!1Cl.HLiSs0,l'0x, Kiillv. Kumi- in 4 ix.,i-.1 . Huw 1. Olin, Fllllttlj Biiiikvy. 'I'liiiiiipsiin. Nziugliti-ii. K'zii'sli-cli. Kiillx. Blum-l-ihoiii'm-. Tiiiux. 'I'iiai-kilt. I :Hier Faust. Biitrzmci, llngze-isiiwiiii Rim' Ii :XlL'lllIlHlXl'. lliiigun. Knllsliiiiii, Kelliiiriy lliiulii-s. Olivi-i, llgiiiks. Nlzirlliimilil, l,1iBi-lla-. Lim-s. Limits, BUIClllI1Skl, Suliixi-1nlizii't. Gurdiiii FUTURE FARMERS Of' AMERICA Rim' 1 XvilI'I1l'I', tXlll'l1. Walki-i'. 'l'm'ki-lson. Kenm-dy. Stains-i', Cailciairi. Martin. Culrlari. Ewiiig. llulsc. 'l'i1tiiiaii'k,Syltinll-lli-i's. Diiki-,Cil:mi1. Pt Rim' 2 llyiii-k, Hiiskllih. Wi-iclmu. Stulli-i'. Potts. Nlailom-y, Iickliiiiil. .Ianzici-k. lli-llenuzi. Burfiti. Eclii-llmi'i,:i-i, Smith. Skutvivk. Barki-i'. Iliixxoitli. Mi-Hi'irli', Pmyli- s . i-ing, Mi-Hiii'i1i-X. Arniilil, Nliinri-. Tillsnn. . , l , . ' K , Tc-pfi-ip Sai-gert. Puitk-i. Bzillzwci, Svliiisti-i1 L'nnm'i'. Naliwtli. C'iinpvi'. Rylqiml. Mi' Kockimiii. xx 4 Li-iiiiiinti. Kai-sini-i. Pi-it-isiin, Dick. Lzncliis. Stqicllvi. Finns-iein. Castle-, Ariiiilci. Ri-iimtr. Jziuolxsvii. Riitii. Bli-viiis. Little. Szivi-ll F. F. 0. The Edmonds chapter of the Future Farmers of America elected the following boys to serve as officers for the past year: President, Glen Hellenga, vice president, Don Burfitt, secretary, Eugene Janacek, treasurer, Bob Ecklund, reporter, Stanley Echelbarger. F. F. A. advisers were Mr. Harold Silvernail and Mr. John Kochrian, vocational agriculture instructors The F. F. A. members received honors from entries made in the Snohomish County Fair, the Puyallup Fair, the Junior Fat Stock Show at Auburn and the Washington Junior Poultry Show in Seattle Edmonds F, F. A, livestock and poultry judging teams won the first prize sweepstakes award at Seattle for the second consecutive year. The F. F A. sponsored its annual Smokef less Smoker, held basketball and softball games, gave an F.F.A.-F H.A. roller skating party, appeared on several radio programs and made a tour of Grand Coulee Dam. Eugene Stainer, as Edmonds delegate, and Glen Hellenga, who held the office of state F. F. A, reporter, attended the Nation- al F. F. A. Convention held in Kansas City, Missouri i Chorus Chorus us a regular subject, the students reporting to class each day and receiving regular credit for the work Much valuable musical training us gained by participating uri thus group The chorus of Edmonds Hugh SChcuol, with approximately seventy members, ap peared on many programs during the schctol year Under the direction of Miss Elve Lille cuuust, the chorus Sang at the Mud-Wurwter Concert, Vodvil, Fiesta, Thanksgiving as sembly, Armistice Day assembly, P T A meetings and the Sprung Concert, and the Snohomish Sprung Eestival At Christmas they sang carols in the halls of the hugh school and un the business dustruct of Eda monds Several members of the chorus re ceived honors for solo and small ensembic work at the Northwest Washungtcgn Music Meet, held un Tacoma The students who were elected to serve as officers of the chorus, were as follows President, Lorna Wilcox, secretaryftreaspur- er, Duck Durst, roll secretary, Jimmy Baruckr low, librarian, Larry Nordby, bulletin board, Hester Hollungshead, scrapbook, Ted Toura tellot, pount secretary, Jim Wilson Dixie Lee Downing was the student conductor Ruuxx l l,u!' 'o Hluirul Xlrfltrtiimss Dtit-tt Nlu'IJuuix.llrl NIn'l,.u1ii l1.ui:1u'kluu',t IJoxxiiune 'l'uiti:u.u:'l-Q lliissu-x, Wilt-ox Cil.untf SlxunSlll!Z1l,lnultIlilX .Xplaml Sxxunuit-iiu'iii Hou 2 K.lllXlIn!il. Hll'lil.lll1l, l'u1ii:i1i1u:lt.unu,Ilxurinruonri llildu-. l,uuiiflu'1itu.u'l4, lluill1H:'s:in.itl Ficlm-. Sliiillifupv lxuullx Siiuu-.utlv i.lI'lslm-ill Vox Wzllus .Xlllit-ix L'ixru.4-s l'.ul::.iu: Sltrtufrt W.ui1eu'ss't-iuii XXX-!uli.1J.ux1s .Xiiuuu-s, Nm lsoii Xlk'Ku.lI1 ltoxx 14 Illiusl N14-V11-it.uli.uii, Wilson, .ll-lltuits,lim-y.Ns-irllix,H1-lm Ilvitlix Totuitlrllot. liilliuesuNt-ss,NK'y1att BAND MEMBERS Vititts-. XY1l'!t'Ia, XX'1ll1.iiiis, I"1vss..lL1lIL1s. NI.ut:.uus.uui, lI.ull, Solxiiuo, Wultuouznu- ltuustr, ll.ux'il.uiuul, Sttului Wilson lllltluilt l'.ui:v. .Xlxiu-st. l'l.uiit1:t: li.i1'NlIU'l SiriLt'1.XX'.uiul. N11-xi-x. l'.uluiui-i. llllllullli. lloxulu- 17 Band Dne of the features of the rT'L'Suc depart of Edmonds Hugh School us the instrumental training of the members of the school band These students meet one period each day to further their knowledge of musuc and improve theur technique This year the band, under the supervus ion of Mr Robert Anderson, performed at all home football and basketball games and at the pep assemblies preceding the games lt also played at the Mud-Winter Concert, Sprung Concert, Vtudvul, Fiesta and at other programs On several occasions, the band was supplevented with uunuor hugh school students This year a brass sextet was formed Members of the sextet were Bob Burton, Jerry Paige, Wallvf Smith, Joanne Planting, John Meyer and Cueorge Ward Thus en- semble appeared at the Northwest Washa ungton Music Meet, the MudaWunter and Sprung Cencerts, P T A and other group meetings Elected to serve as offtcers of the band were the following members President, Jerry Paige, secretary, Joanne Planting, treasurer, Bob Burton nc . Rr xx il Hiielu-s. .liizmnsmm HIL-viiiis. GLillsn'l1,'I'4iltf. Vlimf. Xlclilixizzvx-I' Potts NIn'Kt-am BOYS' GLEE I R xl Left til Right Ilziln-x. N4-ss. Winters, Hz-mi liic-nlvst-ii. Marlin. C'zii'i'oll Riu 2 Hilrlelniaml. Pm-i'i'm. Fuitis. Fink GIRLS' GLEE I Riu 1, 1.1 lt to Iiielit Vfmpi-i'. Exxinu, Kl'lllM'I. Mac'- D onzald, Rue, Cziiimll. Ifl'lTlJl'I'LZl'I'. Rtxx 2 Dobbs. 'l4lTfl!7llJNfJIl. Salvinfl, Limrs. Stzinliopif ipes. Din-tr. You 1 SEXTET lift to Rigiit Unxxnimz. Wzmgt-itstt-ui. Stiiilimpv, Hill lingslic-sid. Bm rin-klow. Rifle, BOYS' QUARTET U Lili to Right: 'I'ouitvllot, Ns-ss. Nurrihy. Ds-nhy Boys' Glee Club The Boys' Clee Club, under the direction of Miss Elve Lillquist, sang for the Thanlqsgivf ing and Armistice Day assemblies, Spring Conf cert, Vodvil and Fiesta, Officers elected the first semester were President, Kenny Ness, secretary-treasurer, Jerry Caroll, roll secretary, Albert Jacobsen, Second semester officers werei President, Ed- die Eink, secretaryetreasurer, Ted Tourtellot, roll secretary, Dick Durst. Roy Curtis, point secretary, and Jack Winters, librarian, served both semesters Terry Haley was student conf ductor. Girls' Glee Club The Cirls' Clee Club officers for the first semester werei President, Marjorie Stanhope, secretary-treasurer, Evelyn Cooper, roll secre- tary, Jo Ann Aichlmayr, The second semester officers were. President, C-erry Brown, secre- tary-treasurer, Mary Ewing, roll secretary, Mara cia Sipes. Eileen Hughes, point secretary, and Doris McKean, librarian, held office both see mesters Miss Elve Lillguist was director, with Clloria Salvino as student conductor, The Cirls' Clee Club performed for P T A, and Cirls' Club meetings, MidfWinter and Spring Concerts, and Vodvil. Girls' Sextet and Boys' Quartet The Cirls' Sextet was directed by Miss Elve Lillquist, with Terry Proctor as accompanist, They sang at the Thanksgiving Assembly, W. E A. banquet, Christmas program, Boys' and C-irls' Club meetings, Spring Concert and P T, A. meetings The girls received an "excel- lent" rating at the Northwest Washington Music Meet. The Boys' Quartet, under the direction of Miss Elve Lillquist, performed at the MidfWin- ter and Spring Concerts, Vodvil, P, T A. meetings and Boys' and Ciirls' Club meetings. Accompanists were Terry Proctor and Ruth Anne Eide 48- Q I I I - Q Q Q I C Q - I I - I C Q - I I D Q I I D Q Y Boys' Tumbling Team The members of the Boys' Tumbltng teane, were Monte Meserve, chatrman, Everett Mace lntyre, Lyle l-larrnng, Leonard Carroll, Bud Car- rt ll and Bob Burton These boys organtzed the team, met toe gether for regular practnce and orlgtnated most of thetr routnne They performed between halves at the basketball games and at vartous club meettngs Archery Club The Archerx Club wr "Eeather Merchants" was .trgantzed thus year by Jack Ebert and Bud Citrntsh vxlth Mr Cordon Serlbner as advlser Archery, a sc-asonai acttvttv, was acttve only IN the tall and sprung lt as hoped te have tnterscholasttc meets, wtth other archery clubs, tn the future Members of the T Feather Mere chants" were Ted Stathrus, Jack Ebert, Monte Meserve, Vern Edson and Bud Cerntsh Stage Crew The stage crew performs the work regunred nn settnng the stage for all entertannments held tn the auditorium Thus year, they also op- erated the mcwvue egutpment, matntauned the puhltc address system for the games, kept the student body equtpment tn repatr and installed the Itghttng for the school dances The manager ot the Stage Crew was Carl Callahan wnth Pat Howlett, Pat Hogan, John Meyer and Roy Swanson as dtrectors. The Stage Crew work ns done under the supervusnon of Mr, Charles Bowen, advuser 45' BOYS' TUMBLING I I Rtpltt Nlvlntxztr fltztoll Xlw-rx Vgtrzftll ll.t:r1:::', f'l.t'T4wll AHCHERY lultt f'o:n:s:t film-1't, Htlvn, Sfzltuos Kltsmfzxt STAGE chew Huw 1 I,t-tt to Right 114-nrt, 51!'fl1:1a:,.m f.t...t'..t1. Htrv n. Su gtnson Dime s Ron 2 X11' Vlmrls-s Iioxxvn. .Iautttst-n, lloxdt- Nh-G.lI Ilox-.l1"t ov OO O5 if, QQ Hu R11 R11 R11 R11 R11 R1 Rf H1 lt 0 fly! I'l11111111e. Vk'1tl11-1's ,-Xstxrll. A11111s SITlL'3Cll'. Nh' xx l 45121111.11-1, E1'1kso11 xx 2 Wliallex. Yost. M11111111. I'o111'ar '.x11 Btsliop P1111't111', S1g111l1ops- 'I'11111'T1-lloxlt, Iivllll ll.1ll. I,ox'1-. WvlllJ41lll'I1t', xx'l'lSll xx 4 .I1-ffm-1'1s1 .-X1'1'11xx's11111l1, C'111'111sl1. :VICClll'Y'lElllZiIl l'.1ll11111111. Wt-1d111g HI-Y xxl XK'1Il1o111'11t', l.l'llllX. i'z11'1t1ll, f'll'l'Llt'IL XA'1111l1gx N111rl!1x'. 81,1111 lifhlilllbll, .1411-11l1so11. .A.I'I'fJNX5ll2llll .I11111s xx 2 l'il1'XNx'l I'i!'lNl' M1'f"1-1111111111 IJx11st. Props' 81.1.11-it, F11111kl111, lirrixxrx, P1111-1so11, G.11m'1'. l-ilu-1: NI: Puxxc-ll QUILL AND SCROLL 1'.x l 5211111111-1 Ht-ll1A11u.1, Jf1111-s. U1'11l1x, Iil'lI1l', Imxxt 1xx 2 XK'11.1ll1-x 'Yost Aslmrll. N'I1'NI.1l1o11, Pt11t1'z1s, VK'1Yl, tli H11ks1111 f'll'liXt'l2IllIl 1-.x 21 Willzgms. .Ie111111'1'k. ll11ll. I.41x'1-. F1-ssc-111111 K:1111p1111l. .Ir1l11111s1-11. 'l'l1o111sv111, Nuskx, S1111tl1 .xx 4 II111ri111.111, li11klg111d. ttnrlstwll, Foxx:-is. l'1-11: 1 M111 f'11lHlNli. NIL-V11-1111l1.111. lropsl, llxtllliutt ll, Tllespians Thespians, the dramatic club, presented its annual Thanksgivnng program in November under the direction ot Mrs Mercedes Gleason club adviser Officers elected tor the t1rst semester were Prestdent, Pam Willis, vice president, George Hall, secretary, Joan Astell Second semester officers were President, Nancy Poitras, vice pres1dent,CarlCallahan, secretary,Carol Berg VYTSYW To become a member of Thespians, a stu dent must participate in a three-act play, be a member ot the Stage Crew or do outstanding dramatic work in other school productions Ili-7 The l-l1AY elected the toIIow1ng members as officers for the first semester President, Bud Cornish, vice pres1dent, George Wila oourne, viceepresident, Darold Jones, secref tary-treasurer, Jack Arrowsmith, chaplain, Larry Nordby Mr Alanson Powell served as adviser for the group The l-l1fY handled tickets tor all school ac' t1v1t1es, sponsored noon movies, sold rOOTEr caps and pennants At the end of the year the l-l1'Y presented a gift to the school Quill and Scrall Quill and Scroll is the international honor- ary society for high school iournalists Leading the club werei President, Bob Brine, vicefpres- ident, Vivian Janacek, secretary, Pat Whallev Ph1ll1ps, treasurer, Elsie Carlstedt, adviser, Mr Cordon Leen, To become a member ot Quill and Scroll, a student must have had 90 inches ot material published in the Wireless The members ape proved an amendment to the club's constitur tion, whereby the editors and business man- ager ot the Echo were also eltgible to loin Q I I I I I Q Q Q I I I I Q ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Cheerleaders and .fongleaders The cheerleaders for the past year were Ruth Ann Eide, Ted Tourtellot, Don Benn and Larry Nordby. At the end of the football sea' son, Clen Hellenga replaced Don Benn and Larry Nordby, who reported for basketball practice. The cheerleaders led the rooting section at all football and basketball games and re- hearsed the yellows with the student body at the pep assemblies. Patsy Knipe, Cwenn Hurlbutt and Glen Hellenga were chosen songleaders. They plan- ned the pep rallies and conducted the school songs at the assemblies and games. Pep Club Ann Fesenden was re-elected president and drill leader of the '47-'48 Edmonds High School Pep Club. Miss Margaret Morgan was the organization's adviser. Because of the large increase in member- ship, many new and intricate drills were pre- sented. Among these formations were the Bar- ber Pole, Zig-Zag,Thread the Needle, Passing Through, and increasing and decreasing squads. The Pep Club, symbolizing school spirit, appeared at home football and basketball games. They also drilled at P. T. A. meetings and other programs during the year. Twirlers The twirling team, with Arlene Parr as cap- tain, was composed of the following members: Cwenn Hurlbutt, Bess LaByer, Darlene Amsler, May Keltner, Arlene Schweinhart, lla Albee, lrene Sims, Jeanice Truax and Marie Hussey. The Twirlers presented an act in the Vodvil and twirled between halves of the football and basketball games. They also entertained at cutside programs during the School year. Miss Margaret Morgan was adviser for the group. 51 CHEERLEADERS AND SONGLEADERS Li-ft to Right: Knipc. Eidc-. Hurlbutt. Hclenga. Nordby Tourtellot. B:-nn. PEP CLUB First Row Loft to Right: Hagen. Mill:-r, Fri-dc-ricks Oliver. V. Miller. Withers, McMahon. Birkland Carlstudt. Allen. Tripp, Granger. Second Row: Bc-rms, Dania-ls, Johnson, Williams. Erik son. Powell. Hardman. Fc-ssendf-n. Hifrllzutt. Hank:- Ewing. Smith, Kolesar. Cleaveland, Third Row: Haviland, Adams, Thorsen. Banner. Smit'h Ambcrs. Gunter, Lane. Lindus. Smcade. Kelly Knipc, Naughton. Leighton. Garner, Proctor, Pal mer. Kamprud. Vailor, Kallstroni. Fourth Row: Joslin, Julius. Cooper. Aichlmyr, Pantlr-y Linus. Stainer. Steinman, Bishop, Thomson, Mc Carter. Brooks. Thompson. Stanhope. Huswick Wangenstein. TWIHLERS Amsler, Keltner, Parr. Albee, Sims, Traux. Hussey La Byer. Hurlbutt, Schweinhart. 'Q Ad Club The Ad Cltlh lmmllvs the Dtllllrflly t r at games plaxs dances and trther sch! ' ttctly vs, ltx prwcluctrwq b sters adxertlsmg thlrst exertts Olllcers t r the past xcar were Preswltrrwt Aurtlld Clexelmwd vice breslrlerwt ,l l, lx llw st-rw, secretary treasurer, barbara Lars 'rt Mlm Nancy Keller, art lrwstrttctt r, was aclxlstrr l rt h at L twtt t tht Al lttlv was thc E' l K t . Q wr mths dmtrmg thf X N Q x'c,CWfW I er CJK ' s l H X wnex . -'mwe H re 'e tra ll ' 3 'alth Cewter Q wnyear . H tr .,, Radio Club The Qadtll Club, under the supervnsl ln t Mr Charles blrvwert, adwlser assusted lm mmm talmrng the pdbllc address sxstem lm the htgh schllcwl Members ht the Radrtu Club mcluded Ey erett Maclmtyre, Rcnrmald Bustad Jlm Welch rtmte Meserve Marx Stlllars and Kc-nth Jet terts, the latter who was chosen presrdemt cl the turqamzatatwrw Art addltlf tml brt lect t the club was tht f makmg t a SClll'WSCQ'DC whnch was t. bc used ' :rw the physlcs classes ,X K , I U Cllef s Society The Chefs' Society ns the ttttrcral trtle t tr the buys' Durmer Club of Edmtlmds At the ttrst meetlrwg bt the year the ttalltlwlrmg were elected ffl serve as ofhcers for btlth semesters AD cLuB Th 1 c'.,rm.rt5: x1t'1Jl.m.lf1, 111111-.tr lm..-.1-1.tr.t1 Rm, p"95'dCnlf B'll afkeff V'C9'P"C5'd9nlf CQOVQC if fi, Afflli ,V I S y H Hall, secretary-treasurer, Bud Cbrrtush, asslst - ,twrt.:lw11' ?.1lIr.'1sul!1 . fxrrslrr, . ",n,U.4- 4 4-2.-: rrttlfr- tm lritllx r4f..:.t Kult arwt buyer, Allen Eranklrrw, sergeantaatrarrrws RADIO Jack Ebert Mlss Dorothy Fuller was advlser :ff ,lt!It"s xml.-r. NI:-Ntrzu X14-Irrlxz lwf Tl'1C QVULJD . CHEF SOCIETY The parents bf the members were the r:,,,., 1 5,.,,.fg ,Q lg mtg 'r-Mtvk., p-,.,rr1rt., t',,,m guests bt the club for a ham dnrmer cm Octbber .1 HJ. O H , X . Hltxx 2 Ilarlurz Nlt-f'lt:..thar1 M.41Y.r'., Nlms l"1l1lll'l.XKlt'll'l. 2' ' AS a fhaturcd act Of Thi' Vijdvlll thi' l- 1,41 Chet Stlcuety presented a chorus lme revue . wrth the club members dressed as gurls , Q D U I I I C C I Q 9 D D ii I ' 5 ' ' I I I I I I I D I OFFICE STAFF If'ii'.-ir 1 I.if' fi. It:,e:pt .-Mull. Yost. llxasxxii-LL. .Iiisl'.. . ,,.i1siin Itwxx 2 Ifis-i-mit-n. I'ii.tiqis. llaziiziiiinfi, Sipigirii' Ii.iu ifjiziiigli-it The girls who lend a helping hand in the LIBRARY Rim l Gniiliili. Jn.-lin. XX'iinb1mk. I.:iHc'l!n Rim. .Iiim-r. school ottice also gain valuable business expe' rience. Their duties consist ot answering the telephone, delivering messages, typing reports and greeting the public. Girls who served this year tor one period each day, were: Joyce Steadman, Gloria Hus- wick, Tillie Smeade, Bettie Lou Joslin, Rita Yost, Barbara Larson, Beverly Hammond, Ann Eessenden, Nancy Poitras, Adella Jane Grange er, Joan Astell, and Doris Baum. They worked under the supervision ot Mrs, Ida McGlenahan, cttice secretary library E. H. S maintains a well-equipped library for the use ot the entire student body. This year, either Mrs. Hallie B. Anderson or Miss Harriet McFadden was on duty each period ot the day, as library supervisors. Student librarians were: Eva Meyerpeter, Phyllis Roe, Virginia Jones, Norma Skoglund, Elizabeth Gordon, Caroline LaBelle, Bettie Lou Joslin, Donna Halverson, Jack Ebert, Sherwood Barnett, Bill Parkin and Ed Von Gohren. These asistants, besides receiving and checking out books, also helped with the cataloging, filing and repairing ofthe books. Ilealtlr Center The Health Center is a very necessary part ot the E. H. S. routine Attendants are on duty every period ot the day to act as receptionists, to record the reasons for each visit, to render first aid or reter the student to the school nurse and to assist in every way possble to keep the students in good health. Other activities ot the Health Center at' tendants this year were assisting at clinics for physical examinations, and corsponsoring Good Grooming and Posture Week, Mrs. Barrett- Scott, R. N., is the E. H. S. nurse and Health Center adviser. f 53 llgilvi rsnn Hou 2 Vain Goliicn. I3illilTi'll B1l'Xl'Il7L'll'IT. Ebuil HEALTH CENTER I.i-lt tn Right .Iaiiixsiin. Nosky, Planting. f2IilI'lEL'I. Nelson. Accola. Mrs BiiI'I'f'lY-SL'Klll. Bond. Billm Vznlor, Swim-r. Miller. QS P W w , M Q f ffm mf N1 L fgf' F N Alflfyi I L lf 'T-Qlg,--...... PIERCE FRA? ,Jw fznfuzel Qylaao .14- yy5,1,ocJ6 -Zn ?l44aAvC.,A:? f4fn..u,a 1-.,4,a..zfu 74A0 V-eJvC-0' ff-z,c,c4u,C4,Q4J7444.4u fdwabw u0 in 4,441-lQ4 ,4.?.o.J1-01-4-644,4.4. ,ff iff ,PWM 640744 5572291 JIM, fafuzzfaukf Clm NQ7'-1 :Pj .rf , ,A 0 5 - J 1 - ' l , D . . - , Ja I ' , ,,. - -f a ' V - Q, 2: . . 1' . A J4 I 1 ' ' lx ' I 0 , ff' ' , . . Lua, 'K' ' J A, Q n . , , . 0 I Q Sfealt - lndurwg ro unexplored T I rr ' , ' Jam My TIC I I f II f ' tru al warrvor ady to fly unto tle Q I f 0 protec e si ' h 'I b I O41 .... tnvn f ns ha T ese tawrmy T warriors 0 h mud of mme y I can on Thenr w i way thro the unconque I I Q! I f - I I I I I I I I I I I mx , E Q- ...-. 1 4 1 x xox 1 A 1 U1 H R ,xg 2 11 1 1-.x L4 r 1 1 xo NUI wx V QI I I Rrmxu R mx 4 rl Amin umm 17 lu 10 Edmonds Overla ke Edmonds Anacortes Edmonds Snohornush Edmonds Sed ro Woolley Edmonds Marysvulle Edmonds Arlungton Edmonds Burlungton Edmonds Mount Vernon F00l'B4ll The call to take up pads and fly unto battle on the gruduron thus fall was answered by approxumately eughty sound bodued enthusu astuc pugskun hopefuls fourteen of whom were letter wunners from the prevuous season From thus aggregatuon Coach Ruchard Rowe and hus staff select ed and moulded varsuty second strung and frosh elevens to carry the mayor load of unter scholastuc competutuon for the ensuung sea son Whule the second and frosh teams were busyung themselves wuth a full schedule the furst team progressed through an unusual cam pagn by wunnung only home games At the close of the season Coach Rowe stated that thus sea son s grud machune was probably the most evenly balanced and funest defensuve club he has coached thus far un hus coachung career Throughout the season the Tuger team was respectfully regarded as a threat and always consudered capable of defeatung any team un the Northwest League when functuonung properly and consustantly Regardless of the fact that the furst team luneup was well bal anced and boasted no outstandung stars three regulars were able to polush theur armor and shune luke stars when they were named for mythucal posutuons on the all conference team They were Jum Murray a strappung guard who turned un a sterlung per formance un each game throughout the season and was voted the best blocker by the team Bob Brune a rught end who was voted honorary captaun by hus own team mates and compuled a prausworthy record as a defensuve stalwart Bob Propst left halfback a lad who dud most of the ball pack ung for the tabbues and tued for unspuratuonal award honors wuth Bob Brune At the close of the season ut was dusclosed that twenty three boys had earned the rught to wear a gold E for theur football abulu tues Of these only seven wull be returnung for the openung gun next fall The remaunung suxteen are Sensors who have funushed theur careers un hugh school football Tho Qaunung tluu thurd strupn vuuc scnuors Bob Dcnbx Juun Nluuuax and Duck Dunst wunnung thou second trupe thus season were senuors Larrx Vkoolu Bob Blum Tum llutchmson Leonard Caroll and Bob Bropst and jumous Bob PITTIN D xc Txuplett and Iohn Gxrmr Tl on who ohtaumd thu: ntual avxard un uuon cunt xxuuc scnuoxs Rus kuncent Lulu Niaxtun John Paxm Clauncr aldut Bob -Xnduson Call Callahan Fund Broun and Bob Durgun and uunuors luux Pause Iaxux Shoutt Ed Jones and Ium Bu en HM? it tk FOOTBALL SEC OND STRING y san tuuu xm on 1 u uns uuu un 1. mu S :mu n Ron Quunson Loanh mutu muon cuu I1 4 onxld u uu md -X lu Nuff P11 Tutma k Bushes N uno I ox L ut mx no sm llunnus 1 LX Lal I L N ILX 41 SI uuuc, , ,uu,,,,uuu , l8 - - 4 ' I , . I . I . . . o - A' ' ' ,.,e .e......u .ee,eee,e u 2 , A , ' - . , . -. I ' ..u,a,aaa,.eeeueee ...e e l2 ' I , ' , A ' - A .,aaaa.,t.,.aaaa.,aa.. ..a. o T I I I T . . 1, uf . ., - u gy- ' . . A X. 1 ' - - s i 1 2 ' ' the grud' -" 'V' Q' QS ' ' . 'I' S . ' . '. I". 1 Cz zz . -'S . ' ' . '. . A . , . V tx gy ,H X QV, .S E - Sl Q - -yi K. . . 4' , ei.. A f tg f A l 45" L 1- f ft- I .- 1. lst Rox' Ol," . F1 'l. E1 s. L 'l-in llugg M"'zl . S'l 'Klux la ". w 2 ci . .u '- .' . ' 2' S l. Tlu s . S'l l . INI'D 1 . S: rs:-'t. L:-1 L'!'bUY'l. . Ck - ' - HH- lit" - Sul' .Cux-1-u'y. . 'X 'Vi R wx' Sn I l. Cauldurt. Ne-ss. Pctt-lt: . 1 Jil R mx ' Sp-'l I. Stadl-u'. Wuntcrq. Bal lf . J ul nson BASIIETBAII Composung thus season s hoop squad were approxumately 28 boys slx of whom were lettermen returnung from prevuous years The squad was Immediately drvlded into varsity second and fresh man teams under the tutornng of coaches Cerald Clay and Ruchard Rowe Thls season marked the tnrtual appearance of an E H S basket ball team nn the Northwest A League Competltuon was found keener wuth more games to be played The close of the season dns closed that a tue for sixth place was the best the Tugers could attaun Besides Edmonds the league as composed of Arlnngton Anacortes Burlington Marysville Mount Vernon Sedro Woolley and Snoho mush Two conference contests agalnst each of these schools plus two non league affalrs wlth O Dea completed the schedule for the local qunntet thus season Among the games contaunlng exceptnonal thrulls thus year were the Burlnngton Sedro Woolley and Marysvllle contests Playnng at Burlungton durung the Chrustmas vacatron the Tabbues tied the score wuth but a few seconds remaunnng and went on to wun 35 32 an an overtlme ln perhaps the most thrall packed ball game seen on our home court In many years a see saw battle agaunst the Sedro Woolley Cubs ended an vnctory for E l-l S with a fnnal score of 50 49 The Tomahawks from Marysvulle dumped the Tsgers an a heart breaknng affair wnnnnng by one point wrth their last shot swushung through the net just seconds before the flnal gun Eleven varsity letters were presented by Coach Clay at the close of the season Of the letter wunners sux were sensors They were Russ Vnncent Bull Brewer Bob Durgnn Bob Propst Bob Brrne and Larry Wooley Others wunnung their awards were junnors Jerry Pauge John Garner and Jsm Bergen and sophomores George Dawson and Ted Neff lnspnratuonal award honors were won by Russ Vnncent who also placed on the all conference selections The freshman team under the auspnces of Coach Rowe played a schedule of eught games Composvng thenr lust of opponents were freshman teams from Bothell Lakesnde Ruchmond Beach and Seattle Prep Edmonds ODea Edmonds Ma rysvl l le Edmonds Arlungton Edmonds Odea Edmonds Burl angton Edmonds Mount Vernon Edmonds Sedro Woolley Edmonds Snohomish Edmonds Anacortes Edmonds Ma rysvnlle Edmonds Arlnngton Edmonds Burllngton Edmonds Mount Vernon Edmonds Sedro Woolley Edmonds Snohomnsh Edmonds Anacortes BASKETBALL FIRST TEAM wx 1 L olx I J1l1nC1 nu J x lat Rcw 2 C ach Claw Jlm Bergen B111 Bruxer Bib Durgm Bah Brine P1 , , . , ,,,, 1 I 'Y ' Il ll - - A I I I 1 1 1 - T H - 1 . . , - I ,,,,, I - I ' 'A 1 I - 1 T ' ,, - I . YYY- . , , . 1 1 1 1 1 "--"- ' 1 1 1 4 1 I 1 4 1 1 1 "--'-- 1' s L 11 V 'K s ' - 8 . Ro ' 1. Lef to Rxghti Ted N fff, Larry Wo l-Q. Bob P'opst. 1 'ar L-rrj " gc. J ' . fu ' f , 1 ' , r , 1 ' , 5 3' Q I' . 1 wg 2 v-i "i,-. gy o vu IR Riff? 1" Q as . N ..,,, Rx -ii Q1,--' .-X uv 'Vi' BASKETBALL SECOND TEAM 1 V ix HTL :xx 1 Lk! ax 1 li vu xilu 1 m ull i Q sv f I' Y. .7 I , J, xo . l W X I ,ffl F ' ',4 O P Q- 3' L ' ! F' ' ' 4 r -. , L 5 . ' S 1 " Y was I4 Q V Q : s .- f " u ' , 4 . J 4 Q i . 1 l,1-H tn Rmhl 'IH-ci 'I'utmgu'k. IJ.av1ni 'I'rxplm-tt. Bill Slmxxvsv. IJ1 'R San-mvrt. Lnxry Nu rdlu. D4 'v Jolxnson. I-'lllxp Img Mu , Gm- rum- IJilXX5llll 2 Gmciwn Lund: ' m, Vwtm Sguwlm. B111 Pmr. .lgrmw Vylu. H.u'r5 .Iulmsu:1, Gln-nn B nun, D1 ' ' 7LllH1L'I'.1Tl'I!'X P4 'km QQ1, 1' l B - I in 3,1 BASFBAII As the annual went to press, things looked fairly bright for the l948 Tiger baseball squad. They had won two out of three contests, defeating Lakeside twice and dropping their opening league encounter to Snohomish by the close score of 3 to 2 Coach Blackie Clay welcomed 8 returning lettermen back into the squad at the start of the turnouts. He then, with the addition of a couple of new players, proceeded to shape the team and plot the baseball fortunes of the l948 I'1ll'16. Jim Bergen beat out several candidates for the coveted catchers position, while returning lettermen Murray and Edson, assumed pitching duties. Garner held down first base for the third year and a sophomore Tom McDonald was assigned second base Letterman Ecklund and Propst filled the shortstop and third base berths respectively Bill Brewer Ed Coners George Wilbourne and Verne Olsen alternated in the outfield positions The 48 nine showed general improvement in their fielding and hitting departments over their work in pre vious years Despite their handicap of bad weather which held turn outs down to a precious few in the early part of the season the Tigers showed positive indications of finishing well up in the league 9 'P4 .Sl J mttf iii ix Inlin mimi ii igcn Pi im 1 in I 1 ri 1 Iwklii in 1 ns i iimi i Hill! in u im 1 Is x 4 n im I 'i 1 rm Z 1 in i it I om i Paxkci in 5 x 1 ian 1 iunnin n i rin s 4 xi o mn NILDU i and Dick Sig LI HI i' Q D, It .ll 1 Q Q TR4 Cla' Hopes for a successful season in the cinder event were held high as the "Echo" went to press this year. The local tracksters had participated in three meets, winning first place in one and second place in the other two. They had met teams from Monroe, Sultan, Marysville, Twin Cities, Snohomish, and Lakeside, with favorable results. There- fore their outlook towards the county meet, which was yet to be held, was an optimistic one Forming the nucleus of the '48 cinder squad were Ev- erett Mclntyre, Virgil Love, Larry Wooley, Carl Callahan, Jerry Paige Bob Denby and Bob Brine returning lettermen who answered Coach Richard Rowe s call to turnouts plus newcomers Bill Cromko Bob Ruth Merlin Hynek Morris Lindus Harry Johnson and Gene Haworth Some of the Tiger thinclads had an exceptionally fin season Everett Mclntyre weight man proved to b the top point gainer with his frequent first places in the discus throw and shot put Virgil Love supplied a good many points with his efforts in the high and low hurdles and high jump Bill Cromko also turned in some sterling performances in the mile run The Tabbies won first place in the first meet in which they participated by downing Monroe Sultan and Marys ville in a four way meet held at Monroe For their second appearance they traveled to Lakeside to compete in a three way affair against the Lakeside Lions and Snohomish They came in second this time Then they again iourneyed to Monroe to take second place in a five way meet behind Monroe g CD I5 Top to bottom Lxerett Mclntxu Bill Gxomko Harm Johnson Bob Ruth Trp to b tttm Bob Bxmn Virgil L xt Larlx Vkoolu Carl Lallalim R xxx l l it tw light Glpn Bmn Harm J lm n 'Vlolxi Lmdu Bob Ruth Bill Glomko VHEII Loxc Bob Bump Lain Vkoolex ll I-wut!! MLIHI tt 2 xin C coigg Stan 1 L ms m uns an ui La i lun 'VILC1rn fl an rl " 6- 19,1 N ' A ' '7 7 f ,X U' g I V C O l Ye X X C'oach--Mr. Hatcn. On Racket -George Dawson. Gene Holfnr. Chuck Axrouooci. Dun BL-nn. Eddie Funk, Darnlcl Jones. Clmarles Schweclcs 1 1 1 I o . 4 . ' - - A Q V I .,.. . U A ' I A I I I I . I I V , .I S I I V I I I I I I I g ' 1 - 1 1 r - C2 TEIIIIIS A lrttle more experuence seems to be the only thang between the Tnger net squad and another successful season Enthuslasm and spurlt were at a maxlmum as Coach Hatch wel comed the largest tennis turnout nn the history f E H S at the start of the sprung sports season The squad of over forty hopeful rac quet wlelders was cut down unto workable snze by means of an ellmlnatlon tournament On the roster for thus years team were four lettermen returning from prevnous seas ons They were Don Benn and Chuck Arro wood furst and second snngles and Cteorge Dawson and Cene Hoffer flrst doubles The second doubles combnnatlon was composed of Eddne Funk and Charles Schwedes Thus was the flrst year that a regular sched ule was prepared for thus sport Fnrst on the agenda was Sultan who downed the Tngers an a thrullnng affaur However the local boys re talluated to subdue Snohomlsh 5 to O Matches left to be played as we go to press Include Sul ton Arlnngton Snohomish Monroe and Narysvllle 801106 Boxung was flrst recognnzed as a major sport thus year under the coaching of Mr Stuart Smith The season opened with an untra school smoker ln whlch all the boxlng prospects were vnewed The furst regular unter school match was held between South Kntsap and the nlgers ln the local gym The result was a draw wnth Edmonds havung won 3 South Kltsap 3 and 3 contests endang ln draws In the return match whlch was held at South Kutsap the Tlger puglllsts were defeated by one bout The Kitsap boys galned 5 dec: snons whale our local lads were wnnnnng but 4 Coach Smnth recommended the followlng boys to receuve thenr varsnty letters Harvey Bushee Dave Latta Sud Locke Don Blevlns Jerry Pange Bob Lane Vernon Fusher and Darald Caldart !!aq fd' u I ,f MANAGERS tx 1 xut GIRL? .S'PORT.S' ourls sports turnouts are held cn a volcn auv oasus after school twuce weekly Pounts are guven tor attendance games won class teams nd A and B teams Twenty tuve pounus are also guv n tor att ndung sportsdays One thousand pounts entutles a gurl to wear a letter and owe strupe and us also the requurement tor Letter m n For each strupe thereafter SOO pounts are reguured A pun us guven tor the fourth award and a ball and chaun tor the tutth Th pounts are set up on a county wude basus by the Snohomush County Coaches Asso c atu , w ot whuch our unstructor Muss Margaret Morgan IS presudent There us also a County Assocuatuon for Lettermen presudents and Ruta Yost ot E -l S heads that club The letterwomen presudent and gurls sport advusor choose at the begunnung ot each year the managers ot the varuous sports Managers must be letterwomen and are usually senuors uhus year Darlene Erukson was chosen to man ag sccc r and Duxue Downung her assustant The others are volleyball Margue Kolesar and Carol Bergman basketball Tullue Smeade and Betty Thompson baseball was under the lead ershup ot Joan Astell and Joanne Leughton Track manager was Clorua l-luswuck Managung munor sports were Audrey Trupp pung pong Jean Juluus badmunton and Joanne Plantung tumblung Drusulla Thompson was un charge ot pounts for the year Callung for soccer turnout un the tall found many enthusuasts clearung the tueld After a round robun tourney class teams were chosen and games played ott The Junuors claum d the champuonshup by an upset vuct ry over thc Senuors A and B teams were tloen chos n and the B team dumped the hughly favored A team Sportsday was held un Marysvulle tor the chc sen gurls Wuth the weather turnung bad the gurls .vent undoors tor volleyball turnout The end ot the regular team playott saw the Sophomore class take the champuonshup Agaun the dark horse proved better than antucupated by d teatung the A team speakung ot cours ot the B t am At the close ot the season Snoh mush was h s ess to the volleyball sportsday Wh n the basketball season had tunushed u saw the senuors the casaba champuons Thus tum the tavored A team won Futteen gurls journeyed to Arlungton on February l for a day of fun and basketball Bis ba I Sportsday was Aprul 24 un Monroe and twcny gurls were able to attend The season tor baseball and track was not over at the tum the Echo went to press so the results can not be unclcded h re Tullue Smead defeated all opponents to be come sungles champuon un beth pung pong and badmuntc n Ruta Ycst and Audrey Trupp were tltlest for pung pong doubles Tennus matches are played wuth county schools by gurls turnung out tor ut No actual team was chosen however Curls showung the most abuluty are chosen to male up the tumblung team These gurls practuce long hours tor performances durung the basketball season and our all school Vodvul Tnus year they tumbled tor the l.uons Club benetut show A Vo M. , W L I - Q. T X Y X W v Ron l ,l.llllt'Sllll'1lCll'. .lcuguutuw Plmltlutu. klurol Ht-laluuuxm. Hou 2 Hut, 'l'l11muuustult..l:'LlIt .luluus .lru.uu1.-Xstt-ll,.ltu.u1mr l.1'I:gluluI1.Cllul1'l.u llLIsXX1t'li.:XUtl71'5 'l'u'upp, Du - l.4-t lltuxxzuuuue. IJ.uult'uut I-fztkson, l.Jl'l1l'lllLl 'lhluuxtgssuurl ,N , . , F N , 1 , , ,, T K4 u - , i ' X . C Q . . 1 1 E . r . ' 3 D . W . ,. C , . , r I V Vvlfz Q . V V I F ' A 1 fi, , c . . O Q A 1 1 Vu fy V A C u V , , g C . X, C u A - , 1 1 . , ' x T , I , . , I' 1 , 'W " X' I , ,L , . . . . , , I V . Q 4 V . . . u . . . . C I c, . . A ' I 1 C 1 G 5 I ' u . . , V C I C S ' u 9 . , I I Q . f 2 ' ' 1 . ' ' 1 1 . 4 Q . . , , u . ' ' e ' , H - it 'X-J I, ,T 5, ,,,ef NWQQ 1 2 1' v , ., 1 . Q K 'Q' 1 k 4- , uf , , Q L ,f A 1 91 ' P ' Q 1 Q1 lf, 4 N . -31 r 4 , I U' I Q "' 3 4 1' nu 111 11 INXX lk 4 1 1 mx 1 111 s1411 PI111I1111, N 1 1411x111 4 14 114 4 1111N 11111 41 E11ks1 1 14 N 1x1 1 4 1 uxkx xx 1441 414 N 4 N 1 N 4 4 4 1 1 4111 1 41xx11111 1 111 4 14- 111 4 11 1 111 111 4 111 L 114 1111 Y 1 A 4 , . , ,I ' Y 5' ' v Q , ,, V 1 -7 ' ' . A IN ,M 1 K ' t , SL .llffi .Q , , , 4 Q ,R ' ' I 1. M 'Q gh Q . 4 . 1 . A ' Q7 "' X . . 1 , .X 1 S 1 ' 7, . - I1 I M, ,Q 1 5 , . ' 1, 1 s r it . ' -4 , . I ",'r' .- - . 7 1 6 4, U ' 1- . an ,,, 'R 7' ' k A ' , s. 1' K I . Q Il Q 1 4 I 1' ' 14 0? Z5 1 114 11 Q K 1,4 IILYIIVK' I R4 2 IJ x111111p, l.4f1uI1t4111. Ci H1. -k. G1'g111u4-13 SI41111 11. S11 111 R ' 1 11111114 1141. B912 311. B151 1. 1 1' I'14-1111'4- 2 N11s' N14 1'u4111, 1 l'. ' I'1-l111'4- Zi Y4,t. S1 -11114-. SI -114i111.111. Xl1'NI.1:14111. T914 ,1111 P1' '41 4 R xx 2. ' 7411. :11 -1, 'I'114111111,4111. M1't'z11'1411 R4 1. S1 -14111. I.4-111111 111. M.-M1111 111. 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Q A S'-z1'Ylf- 5 'Q i .V v I T ell The Advertiser OSBORN S JEWELRY WATCHES DIAMONDS srLvERwAm Worth and lewelry Repmrtnq Mun Edmonds Phone l033 EDDY S ELECTRIC SERVICE Sales and Servrce Hotpoutt Home Appluxnces Ranqes Refrtqer tors Water Heaters Vacuum Cleaners Small Applrances Edmonds 393 Look at Your Clothrs and Send Them to DEPENDABLE CLEANERS Phone Edmonds 201 EDMONDS BAKERY SP1 CIAIIYINC IN DANISH PASTHI TONI APPAREL CORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN one l8l4 Edmonds Washtnqton Hubbard Real Estate 6 Insurance Agency P O Box X77 Corner lxfth and Marn Phone 1031 Resrdence ll2 Edmonds Washxnqton Compltmenls of TELEPHONE SERVICE COMPANY Edmonds Washrnqton Phone 0-4 EDMONDS RADIO 6 MUSIC STUDIO RI COHDS and MUSICAI SUPPIH S Sptnet Pxanos Magnavox Radros A KUZMOFF SHOE STORE AND HI PAIR Phone TCllTlOlIElS E39-1 Compltments of THE GRILL Mel Tuson PRINCESS THEATER Con ous Sundax 3 00 P M Dtulx SATER AND RIDENOUR UINION OIL PRODUCTS Phone Edmonds 51 B111 and Dave CROW HARDWARE Phone 3 Edmonds Washtnqton LEYDA ELECTRIC AND RADIO FLFCTHICAL FIXTURES and SUPPIIIS Phone l02-1 or 234 Best Wrshes to the Graduatmq Class EDMONDS IOC STORE Meet Me At HOFFER S CONFECTIONERY Edmonds Choose Your Permanent Wave Wrsely Let Your Haxrdresser Grve You PROFESSIONAL PERMANENT WAVE MILADY S BEAUTY SHOP Phone Edmonds 384 CAMERA STUDIES by NOLAN RICHEY BRINGS POETRY TO MANY HEARTS' S tc o ZESIJJ Au orx Avenue rn Lyrrvwoor Phone Alderwood M mor 291: IT S A FRIENDLY PLACE Your Bank You a lwc ys can count on us to be rnterested tn our r bl y p o ems We luce to qetter acqunnted wrth 'younq people You wxll hnd oo' l q c crecxt a prrceless asset and lrlce your Mother and Did wrll come to know hovn much tt me ms to everybody to have rr frrendly bank servrnq your communxty One of the best ways to start qettrnq frheacl rs wxth ct savmqs account ot any srze Come tn rrd see Best of luck Graduates Edmonds Branch THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF SEATTLE U fth and 4 M I A Ph r ' . ' 5 ' , , .fxnuc c A' ' ' A' 7 OO P. M. ' ,Q Saturday Mptttztee 2'U0 PM - ' . '6l , 3 1 .jtx il ' ff K . it ' i ' ' ' . . ' . xt . us. Ml You aw llis Ad STAR CLEANERS Phone: Edmonds 394 Call and Delivery CASPER'S CORNER R. A. CBob1 Cospers TEXACO PRODUCTS Lubrication Accessories WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES Edmonds, Woshington Phgne 1022 RELIABLE HARDWARE OIL BUIINIJIIS LINOLEUM PACKARD-BELL RADIOS PAINTS Phone' Edmonds 163 Compl ments ot BIENZ CONFECTIONERY STORE FOUNTAIN SERVICE GROCERIES MAGAZINES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Phone 171 Compl ents lo the G aduat ng Class CRESCENT LAUNDRY COMPANY Phone 372 EDMONDS LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 814 Edmonds HOPPER CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES SERVICE PARTS W ecker Se ce Body and Eende Repo Edmonds Washx qton Phone 631 EDMONDS REALTY COMPANY D Iqht C Iohnson B oke Telephone 202 P O Box 818 Edmonds WoshI qton EDMONDS SPORT SHOP SKIS TENNIS EQUIPMENT ARCHERY All Lines o1Spo t g Goods Pho e 104 Foot of Mom St eet Edmonds Washington QUALITY MEATS MEL S MARKET Edmonds Wosh EDMONDS FURNITURE EXCHANGE Pho e 121 Edmo ds Wash ngto HOUSE OF BARGAINS A B MI11e a ager EDMONDS FLOWER SHOP COHSAGES Phone 1812 SWEDBERG S FUNERAL HOME 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone Edmonds 342 DURBIN S STORE IVIRII THING FOR THL HIGH SCHOOL GIRL Phone 701 WE WISH IOU ALL THE VERY BEST PAUL WELLER S MEN S SHOP EDMONDS GROCERY 6' MARKET FANCY FOODS FREE DELIVERY Pho e 617 BLACK BALL FERRY LINES SHOIITFST ROUTE TO THE ou MPIC PENINSULA PI nt no That Please EDMONDS TRIBUNE REVIEW Phone 161 Ed o ds SWANSON S PHARMACY IOUNTAIN PRI SCRIPTIONS GIFTS Pho e E Imonds 1333 Best W shes to the Cl ss of 48 REYNOLDS PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO Pho e 1811 ENGEL S INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE c' NOTARY PUBLIC lessye Coqs ell PhoIe 62 Ed onis Wash SLYE 6, WILLIAMS FARMER S DAIRY Us Cr de A All G ernsey Dairy P od cts to Health CREAMED COTTAGE CHEESE a C1 GARBAC' WSPOSAI FRESH CHIIIINED BUTTERMILK Pho e Edmonds 595 Phone Edmonds 1593 R 1 Box 6 Edmonds Wcsh nqton 1 im r i A r rvi r If 1 . 'n w . , I r I I A r in . , 'n U . I I . I n , n , I n , . , . ' r,M n . I f I I n , , ' IVII, Kinqsdon Mcxnuqer Phone: BB1 Edmonds I I S I a ' 5 m H MYIIII Street n I I , , anl ' W I1 L 5 I I 5' m c , . , e In " " II ' r u I .' Q T1 I . I H . .t. , 109 , . I V tift In Tlle 48' Echo For News OI the RIchmond ReqIon Read THE RESIDENT Your Own Newspaper Rxchmond Hrghlands B 1 3 PINE CREST CAFE Where the Best of Foods Are Used 16549 Aurora Open 7 A M to 8 P Closed Tuesdays and Holrdays CongraluIatIons to the class of-18 from NELSON DRUG STORE and RED CROSS PHARMACY HOME WARE FOR THE HOME Complrments of the HOME WARE STORE RIchmond Hxqhlands LEA L STEVENSON REALTOR RIchmond Hxqhlands CARL S SERVICE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD CHEVRON DEALER RIchmond Hlqhland Washmqton Phone RIchmond 1230 Carl HI11 C1111 Barlement SEAVEY S DRY GOODS DRY GOODS NOTIONS GIFTS RIchmond HIqhlands Post Ofhce BuI1dInq FRANKS SHELL SERVICE Frank Fletcher Mgr SHELLUBRICATION TIRES BATTERIES Phone RIchmond 111 1B2nd Aurora CONNOR S HIGHLAND BAKERY FINEST CAKES AND PASTRIES For Every Occasxon Everybody Loves Our Doughnuts 17024 Aurora Phone 1108 SAVE RITE GROCERY AND MARKET 18320 Aurora I F LeIster Bob Stevenson AURORA COLD STORAGE LOCKERS ICE WHOLESALE MEA TS 17532 Aurora HIGHLAND CAFE Phone RIchmond 1300 Aurora Avenue at 185th THE SUPPLY SERGEANT WAR SURPLUS 16716 Aurora 13311 Bothell Way Geo G Sullxvan Owner NELSON BROTHERS MARKET GROCERIES MEATS FRUITS VEGETABLES 17212 Aurora Phone Rxchmond 1103 FOR COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE RAY S RICHFIELD SERVICE 185th Aurora RIchmond 1314 ECHO LAKE BUILDING SUPPLIES CO 18820 Aurora R B 2 PAT BOOKEY FUEL SERVICE Phone RIchmond 291 RIchmond HIqh1ands RICHMOND HIGHLANDS MONARCH STOVE STORE Phone R B 292 Headquarters for MONARCH RANGES THOR WASHERS PHILCO RADIOS PLUMBING SUPPLIES 16707 Aurora B 42 Gordon Rowe SPECIALIZING IN STEAK DINNFRS THE FOUNTAIN RIchmond Beach In Tune Wxth Today LA RETTA S DRESS SHOP APPAREL FOR LADIES 17022 Aurora La Retta Watson RICHMOND BEACH GROCERY The Beachs FrIendIy Store Phone RIchmond Beach 373 AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING JAMISON S SERVICE Rxchmond Beach THE GIFT SHOP ENGLISH BONE CHINA Next to Rrchmond Beach Pharmacy 196th 24 NW Rxch 773 70 I " " : . . . M. ' ' R. , 31 ' "Where Friends Meet to Eat" R, B. 1115 ' - . . 5 R. . 14 These Firms Are Your friends RICHARD S CONFECTIONERY sorr DRINKS MAGAZINES CANDY DRY oooos Rxchmond Beach FOR YOUR FUEL SUPPLY RICHMOND BEACH FUEL 61 TRANSFER Phone 491 Rxchmond Beach LYNNWOOD PRESS Weekly Newspaper Completely Covermq Edmonds Rural Routes Seattle Herqhts and Alderw ood Manor You Are a Stranger Here Bu! Once at CLEO S CAFE BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER Lynnwood 99 SPORT SHOP OPEN SUNDAY S COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING GOODS Halt Way Between Seattle and Everett on Hxqhway KEELER S KORNER GROCERIES GAS TIRES Hxqhway 99 LYNNWOOD CABINET SHOP KITCHEN CABINETS Wmdow Frames Sash Doors 260th and Aurora Telephone Ed LYNNWOOD CLEANERS CLEANING PRESSING REPAIRING Phone Aolderwood 2533 Lynnwood VERHEY and SONS MARSHALL WELLS STORE HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS GIFTS Housewares Parnts Appltances Alderwood 2752 26504 Aurora OLDS OIL DEPOT Gordon Olds Owner REFINED HEATING OILS ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS 260th and Hxghway 99 Edmonds 2151 LYNNWOOD LUMBER COMPANY HARDWARE PAINT PLUMBING at Lynnwood Phone Edmonds 666 GLANTZ SUPPLY CO Wrshes the Graduates oi 1948 a Successful Career ED S COMPLETE MARKET GROCERIES MEATS SUNDRIES Food Lockers Snack Bar Fountam Phone Alderwood 2173 Lynnwood COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS LYNNWOOD FURNITURE CO Vernon W Scott Route 3 Box 3287 A Phone Alderwood 2740 Edmonds Wash ALDERWOOD MERCANTILE H I Wtckers QUALITY MERCHANDISE Phone Alderwood 2221 ALDERWOOD RADIO REPAIR Lee Hollowell ALDERWOOD 2233 DAVID DAHLIN S RED AND WHITE FOOD STORE Phone Alderwood 2272 Alderwood Market 6 Cold Storage CUTTING WRAPPING BUTCHERING SMOKING Frozen Food Lockers FRESH PRODUCE AND GROCERIES Phone Alderwood 2393 AUTO INSURANCE FIRE INSURANCE H E GILLIS REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Telephone Alderwood 2312 A1derwood Manor Wash ALDERWOOD GRAIN CO HAY GRAIN NIORGE APPLIANCES W Geltz Mgr CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 48 Complrments of WHITE S GROCERY Seattle Heights CHAS CRESSEY TEXACO SERVICE REPAIRING LUBRICATION TOWING Phone Alderwood 2174 Res Edmonds 1925 Everett Hrqhway a A1derwood Crossmg WOODEN WILLIE LOOP SERVICE GARAGE W L Hoban Phone Alderwood 2640 230th on Everett Hxghway Edmonds 1621 Hxqhway 99 at Loop Road A ' , f 99 I . 662 A "Quality at Low Cost" - 71.- In fdmonds School District BILLINGS APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE CO. FINE FURNITURE HOUSEWARES RADIOS RANGES REFRIGERATORS EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME 2032 Mcxrket Street Dexter 1385 Bullard District Seottle Woshxnqton Everett PRINTING Company Prmters ot the 1948 Echo 2912 ROCKEFELLER AVENUE MAIN 33 EVERETT WASHINGTON BLACK 6 KING OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 2930 Colby Mom 4 S J PRIEBE OFFICE EQUIPMENT and STATIONERY Bmders of the Echo 2916 Wetmore Mum AT THE EDMONDS SHURFINE FOODS 6th and Mom Phone 1852 X- ART SEELS oNlTEo AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Complete Modern EquIpment S MOTOR Phone Rxchmond 112 The Style Star of All Cars PADDOCK MOTORS 25 1 23 Colby Avenue Everett Woshmqton FOR BETTER VALUES IN READY TO WEAR SHOP AT LE VINE S Formerly SIlverstone Bros Mom 1107 1512 Hevutt Ave Everett Woshmqton LK' l ' oumft T' Ill ICE CREAM ranetrom Q portznfg oods 1806 He-wItt Avenue Everett Wushmqton PARKER S JEWELRY DIAMONDS WATCHFS SILVERWARF 1710 Hewttt Avenue Everett Wcrshmqton Phone Block B02 BFA THRIFTY BUYER' Shop lverett Wcrshmqton LA U Z 2 6' 625 Correcyfpp mrcl or11omen DNUMBALIGH MxQL!Xl SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO IOUH ONE STOP SHOPPING CINTIR Everett Wushmqton HART SCHAFFNER :S MARX CIOTHFS COSTELLO S Fverett 117500530 Z Everett s Home Owned Department Store EDMONDS MOTOR COMPANY SALIE mc SERVICE Phone 321 Edmonds IZ ' 84 ' 178 sh I 'X. s ' 6 6 I ' I 1 I , J. C. PENNEY COMPANY C' lnevorett ll'S ro - 1 Y t g V If y n 4 A , l:11 A.:-Y iz, u--6 L--+..l,,,,L T-- 6-I- , , Q- ,,-. 1-...A-L 3-, .....v.,....l-. ' if ,J4 , L l'- -..lik gl" f ' "' -r -1 Q "'+ii .1--Q L 1,1 +1--Q ,f 1..- - ., -, -v . S.. S, gy --1 .pn , .-.-aff" 1-4-4'-"' X ,,,--1 1-il -,..--" ,.g-1 ,.-,n--'- ,.g.-f- -- - Z f l IV In 9 x . XQNN L ,,....--I ,.-v- -,,..n-o ,,.- Y, X 1 1-21... ir i.-5 . H Qxx l sig--4. 9 3-1- . .i i 5K 'L

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