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Edmeston Central High School - Edmestonian Yearbook (Edmeston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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-1 - - L , X ' , F ' 2 if - 5 R 5 i Q 2 S , Z4 'S S 2 2 f Q 9 Q 1 5 5 ' , , 2 - 1 1 1 . nn E 3 3 1 1 A 3 E f 3 'if be fwqgpyfr. ,. ,.-vmwww X L Qin?- ri :QQ 1,5- ivff' ill ,N ,swi- nba IQFTL iff 53. W Wi xi' 'ELS !.f ' l'7"N:- Vi' , 1.-,-2 MQQ if 1-if :Sli - LE' Vu rift' 56,1 ji2QL:'. bmw. ,ga- xy - 5 , 5 5? . l EGL? ., uyf ' fi? Q may ' ,f. -s ,i ,kj :V QLYETI N' ,L-215 , , ,El J. I -"' 1,1555 :fri 1525 3, ,, g , 4 ffk. ', E2 . ffggl 1+ 2 ,, .,:elQ5 Mg, Q L75 Hg? Wi? Yay lx l" -i Ek -55 1. ia n ,.'. I .W ,fi -2 'Q ' ale. ,.,,,, l L Z V,,:.v!Kl,Zt,V,..n,-J , . hH.yQEfH.i9Qi - wi? X 1. ' WU: ' L J ' .i,.' J...-i .N ,, u ,' " su V - A! -p Q-' - 3- ss ,Y , y x N Vfgw. 3-,gg F , ,M 6 , I, 1 I . F, 1 in ,La H F: A. 'J W' bf Q5 'v . x . , 4.75, ' ' 33? ' Q Sq? , J. A ,J 1 V :XL ix '. . M HA . Q 1 1 1 A 2: -, ,v 1 ,V 1 a ',. x , N,-, If, , mx-3, G .'J 'S 5. 9 1 'J M x -" ..,, 2 H 4, rv ,J I- + r L X I 5 . TN ' .Q . U' ' 2 ,, fi lf Z ' Hg ' fi-L 6,9 H .Mifizc ipaq HE., ' V Q: 'I J- 4 W fi' Y X X .1 v 1+ 'J' , . 1- " .Q ,X ik Qu-'f X - 41' ,Q if 243- 5 e :"5"Jz2 '1 L, 2 ff gg- 1: 2 w Efg, M, 5, .:' ' - f. "H if.-'EFL ix ,V .1 ,wif-e,.-,, s ,- J . , ,vie . : X: 1 H1121 T111 j.,"b-11.5. xi un?" HY- ., 'IE 'F sq 1- vis vu- 5M'Z1iV'fIf ff' :"q.L'A, z1-f,i55T- i' fx 'lie' " 1 "",,,3'a:,":, ,. 53.2 ul ' "WL, ' r 1 .H 1 "mi i , 'I , : Aw 1: if 'il' " '- .' "' ,, 5, I-ww. '7' ' - ,.' Vg - , f W? .. , , : ,W L' ffflf' ,lu ' 'A . W' , Vi 1 1- E nz: 5, xl: A 'xiii wi - ,. s!':1'ff1-Ffa 1 . guy-1-e',' - ' Q53 u.. j.. Nw, HA r U .4 '. -'jx' ,gfmf M., ,TT iid.. ,Y .l . 'L ,, QI.:-:M 5 ,Suki ' ' LN .4 aw. ' if-' ' 'hifa ay r ." " , 'fil .' 'rg 1 v pTmmN' '- 42411 , J. , V. ,R ,, Ji gg i ' :HIV jri. f Z an' -' ' - ' 'ESJ 4 , , ,V 5:-H. J. ,, Q -1 iv ' v I -y ' ,1 5i' E ? ..'aE 41i ' .' :LFE -' 'S' ga- ' af'i'315E.-f, 1 nv 1' -fm-Q.. 1 5515 ' x v ,+ fx , A V. ,kk 1492 ' xi v p'1UNF . A -A c r.. l.. .1 '42, 'a , "3 .,-L x .., fr 1 ,,, N I 2,1 3: .x 'gf - , .fig Q. . .W w. wg, .. . . fl F. ,, .,, - E S4 Eu' ,. 4 kr A Aikadl ,, L, .. .4 ' 'H .1. 3 '-W. -. ., il F55 Q an - .fum .- - Ea? X ,y 1 .u. , Ji ,1 , ,A lf! .TI 7.1, 5, LQ' .x. qi? ' .ww Rf' ,I .,f. 11. li? U ,J .. 1 .i '. K. xs ' 5:1 J' ' M- N. V 5 "I 92' J fl - 'TEM' :fm 1 Q- Q-JE. :f :EK ' W E, 'Vx ' xfigfiif 31- I ,zu VF? ' 'JZ . sf' E. 4, ' , - 5. L..' , 'fi' ,nf ,1,., ,:- F .' L-:GQ if 2' nl! " LN . rg V '. at ,gf 53-,Q .,., ff, ' ' we-Q' . 41,3- T lf ,:- , . E 'XJ 1 x , ,. 'ri' 'Q ei w M., . . , L ' r -, 'wzgfs ,-.-. . ' 1 ' .-f.. -L X 5 4 s T., ,. ,-, ": Yi.. 5--, .4 .. .W , ,ig 9,- 4 . ,.m I , ,iv x ,iv- L ,Vx pg v w .A vi, 511 5 ' 1' fy, , 4 Q rf J ' Q ,ii K h ,nga X V ' f 1 'sqm -ma, gi 1- ' 1 "F L, H ..,' , 53' , M3 - V . . L ,X X7 1 w 1 1 f-QQ . ,uf ,Ml , , "5 . V J 'xi ' , . .i czg' '- V af 1 1 'L' 5, a 4 f i 2 1 1 n I ' X" 1 '.' ,f .J ' '.V'L1f sv? 'W 1 3 E 1 ll -v 4' - Lx- , 1 ' ' ' 2: - --1 ju , , 5 , .f L , , LZ W I 4 V 5 f .e '1 .,x ? , . 1 '. ,xn- 'I E ' a. fx X 4 Q, Viz - , F J I A E' ' y 3 , , gq' f ' !'r:,UA 5 I, , .,,. E n L : 5-1 A' 1 b f ' . '- ,J 1 - , 1 , , H E f '1 , 1 . - 1 .' 3 ' P- ' : W A. , . ' ,V A., Y "i 311, . 1 1, ., 's-X ,Jul 5 H .- w 1 , 3 , 4 fgilf' ' if V , i Y g S I" F :U 5 N , , . , 23 l , - ' H u 4 '. 11- 'V :-4 .J :li Tai .-L-:fx am! C flf fi1Wf.570!l!A4!1! if 1.95 PUBLISHED BY ANNUAL STAFF EDMESTON CENTRAL SCHOOL EDMESTON, NEW YORK Diana Beadle Kenneth Benjamin Carole Jaegars Ioan Lewis Carol Pratt James Sweet James Woolschlager Nb H1 KX NXXXXXNNN 4 ND 1 QW ff KNEW Q VW QM' x . 5' sv 33 QXX X S X S Y 2-x IfJ!634W0!V It is with a deep and sincere sense of ap- preciation that we dedicate the 1957 issue ofthe Edmestonian to Miss Emily Howard, a teacher in the West Edmeston School. For almost 40 years Miss Howard has played a vital part in the lives of hundreds of boys and girls who have been "under her wing" during their elementary school years. "Emily", as she is more affectionately called by those in West Edrneston and Burlington Flats, has devot- ed all of her teaching years to the people of these two communities. She has seen many changes take place over the years, both in the communities themselves and in the methods of teaching. At all times she has kept constant pace with these changes and has always remained young at heart with all of her many "children". This dedication can in no way thank her for her many years of loyalty and devotion to teaching, but we trust it will offer a little token oi recognition and appreciation for a job well done. THE SENIQI CLA SS fx! rg Mr. Graves Principal P1?!!V6'!Pf4 3' fWf.5'5'f46'f Dear Seniors, Congratulations to you upon having reached this important mile- stone in your lives. Graduation is looked upon by somefwith a sign of relief, by others, with sorrow and regretsg many of the friendships you have made while here in school with both your classmates and your teachers will last you a lifetime. Some of the things that you have experienced through the years here are intangible and forgotten now, but as you go out into your various occupations and careers, many of these experiences will return as pleasant memories of the days you spent here. You are now going to be faced with many diversified tasks and important decisions which you alone will have to make. We trust that the knowledge which you have gained here will fit you for that role and will serve you as a citizen and member of society. We wish you the very best for every success in life. Sincerely, Leslie C. Graves 50,4 0 01' fIU634U01V President: Mr. Leo Bull-Burlington Mr. Richard Slentz-West Edmeston Mr. Lowell Mayne-Burlington Flats Mr. Norwood Robinson-Edmeston Mr. Harold Higgins-Burlington Flats Mr. Nathan Southworth District Superintendent V V, V , MW? ,fi ?'f Wh mwflkhwdfa.-f 1 , J ,V 'f f ,., -Q-gif ! i H . 1, I j,.fLN,, wlfihw Charles Rider Social Studies Audrey Lohnas Commerce Marjorie Loomis English Beverly Gridley Home Economics Alonzo DuMont Math Arthur Vrooman Agriculture F4501 f I' Howard Lull Physical Education Annabelle Smith Nurse Donald Robinson Music Thora McLeary Language Harold Crandall Science X Wilma Baulch Secretary Sally Pfieffer mmmwf mm Dental Hygienists Albert Kallet Grade Supervisor James Brayden Guidance Lemira Filburn Music Camera Shy Robert Dierks Driver Education Barbara Warner Physical Education Ruth Wilder Hearing Technician Ioan Kingsbury A 2-1' .,, 2' ' i ' , ' T E" Q 5 : A is ., ..1 -.,, wg r:,- E Q g .1 rs, .-.rsi,,'Tg?1iQiZ1. iF ,viii fy John Burrington Adult Education Robert Nonemacher Art at K. -1?Vf.Hff 'rr fwwb-1' '- " af . 1" f A' ' A wi .:. ' f 11 'Jg,..'73f:5:1 , 5 . ' We PE N5 M 1 1 , Q .K r 4. r-'.r, gzz-,",-Le-i1,frf.g.g i M 2552149 kvwn ' y , ,, F T, f Q, , 4 r sss 2 ,VAZ, Q Q ! I , J, ,wax y E5 , F M Mrs. George Mrs. Langworthy Wesley Emhof, Myron George, Paul Perkins, William Mumbulo, Stanley Perkins, Fred Emhof, Stewart Emhof, Winfred Arnold, Jr. , Arthur Klinger, Frank Van Brink. WRX! swam' 'Ww?,az-1 ,AN Tom Holdridge, Frank Van Brink, Paul Van Hoesen. , Q K W? i r-5 l lf 9 K3 Qld H:.,A"1'sA X l Q X X Richard Arnold Diana Beadle "Rich" "Di" "Columbus discovered America, I dis- "Goddess of the Hunt and she hunts at covered a truck route from B. Flats to will." Edmeston. " Z g Z 1 Z6 O Kenneth Benjamin Donna Bennett "Ken" "Donna" "Teachers and classrooms are my only "All great women are dead, and I feel objection to education. " sick myself. " el, I 523 Ronald Bennett William Boecklen "Ronnie" "Bill" -'He is a gentleman from Sole to Crown' "Truly devoted to the field of Science. ' but mark my words, he sure gets around. " VIN.-N 4 6 X.. srfo W il A.. Wesley Bowen Percy Brownrigg "Wes" "Pere" "A farmer's work is never done. " "Me and my car, one for all and all for one. " Q Keith Bull Myrna Clapper "Wormy" "Myr11" nlfstudying kills, he will never never die. " "Still waters run deep. " -swf I lg S1 1 Elaine Davis Edith Dickenson "Elaine" "Edie" "For 13 years she has fought this life-or- "I love him well and there is no love lost death battle against a personal enemy- between US. " school. " G . N V x y , ' C XX! X , X f Janet Dockstader Frederick Emhof "Janet" "Fred" "I'1l cheerfully do the best I can. " "DONT Play with 1T1afCh6S'Y0U might get burned. " A f - N-fa ! -f Andrea Fitch Anthony Hickling " Andy " "Tony" "Never a lesson did she spoil. but oh! "He never has much to say, he just works how she burned that midnight oil. " and goes his way. " ,g JY A sg: - if 157,64 n X 'EV ' 4 fr Carole Iaegers Joan Lewis "Carole" "Joan" "There is only one real love-the first. " "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. " Geraldine Milbert Alice Parker "Geri" "Frenchie" "If musicis love, give me a second help- "As a great philosopher once Said. 'WCHI ing. " a yellow nightie to bed'. " Carol Pratt Gayle Root "Carol" "Gay1e" "Het quietness and dignity stamp her as "Si1ence persuades while speaking fails. " a lady. " .ag ,iq ' ,,...." ll. fifi xllx' George Roy James Sweet IlGeoll Ullimfl "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, "The manly thing to do is to give and 383111. take a little. " ,SRV nf! X - it ,few 1 K f iii 1 'sq s K e t-lg Betty Van Benschoten Marlea Willems "Betty" "Mar" "To his virtues she is kind: but to his "One has not lived, until one has lived faults a little blind. " it up a little. " 5 ,lf Iames Woolschlager "Jim" "Knowledge in youth. is wisdom in old age. " :::Hm N EO H036 ESB Oz: mbuo ENS :E IHOOM Us CO Nga O-H ASNE HOSE :EU :Mm E wigs E080 UEEEO EEEDOH EERE QHEUND-H 352 SCENE wgymgx 52208 0335 Ee sim: mi:-25 H0023 wgnaiw E26 .EZ 0:3 XE-E 23 .22 EERE HOHEKO EOOEW EERE VE2 205 mgggg H2203 Eg 2 OU :USU E52 MOE 0532 ZOHHHE2 4 .HBO wg was :gm 22:2 FES 225 EE mEEOm3-:OU E2 wggm H08 mbag-ME UEOS :aw MEC-2 MEVFH WZOEUBF vm-an M N Euan E SEEE 3028, EE BVMUOA wggwga 05003 Bwgm swag Em EEE wExOEm ms-gum 53202 was QEOOQ wiuugadm gsm -Sum is H355 msg-HE E000 :O msd-an OSU?-E E32 mini 2233 wauggmwq wwgsdgm am wgmgp MOUH Qu-H-OZ as 3 ug Q H-53 NA:-NUM 03 HSE it wggxw 3:0 mb Quad ESE gsm EE 2253 E2 EE mas?-U 850 mbzvagq 9-3 M-Blew EE, is M500 sam go m-E22 F536 wigs 533 EHS S8853 MO M558 W EE E2 Hg ME NEO! 5:5 an MEAE 5:3 302 H030 H23 2:02 HDOOZQI mHEOb4m Q N-B03 N38 Ewggn msg U3 pa 233 N-O8 Om H SU 553 305 H-E8 RUSH N M -282 E00 do Bam he MSE. 6055 .EE 633 300 Eg DEQ-EM N 35:03 EAM Bagm H EE EE H -H2923 egg W :OH H 05:6 H WEE Ou H OU S SEE bio Z Engng: Eg 3 N is 4 I Ng 82 E :Ei so was D022 233 22 EP -::0E: ze' EO om no zowwmdmxmm BQEUNHOOZ 352' E553 snag EBOSOQBQ ES bug H375 QENH am 0586 HOC! 256 Hg: ESU Hg-sm DOME wp-EOE QO55 :NASE MBU 233 is 2032 20-so :BE WEEE MOSEM QUE COESHUMQ FE-Um HOEEVEOQ 555 gsm GENE 5220 g-52 538 X233 gguugm Em :Bm EBM wwgiem has :Ugg BEC! :Ugg SEQ EENEOm svn 228 NSE ESE E303 M242 PfWPHf6'l' Richard Arnold is in Haiti dancing with Hula girls between stops in his D. C. 7. Diana Beadle is a high ranking official in the Wacs, but she has maneuvered into a station with the For- eign Legion in Egypt. Ken Benjamin has become a famous coach and is now coaching for his old rival, New Berlin. He sends advice to Edmeston before each play-off! Donna Bennett is residing in Paris with her husband, who is still in the Air Force. They had aspectacular wedding, I hear say. I wonder if she still plans for Michel, Rochell, and Robin. Ronnie Bennett owns all of West Burlington hill and 100 head of cattle. He runs two balers now, one days and one nights. We hear that he is Democratic assemblyman. He always said he had to have Democratic pow- er to stay in business. Keith Bull has a mink farm of extensive proportions and spends his time between supervising this and hunt- ing in the Canadian swamplands ------ for coon? Percy Brownrigg is a farmer too, but I guess he liked what he saw on his F. F. A. trip because he has his spread out Kansas City way and seems to be doing exceptionally well. Wesley Bowen - now here is a boy of talents. He is afarmer but Ihear his chemical discoveries have both increased his production and his fame. Maybe he got some ideas from his part in our play. Bill Boecklen has become an intemational playboy and runs with the sophisticated set. However, I notice he hasn't lost his bright red blush which used to appear quite often. Myrna Clapper, -this quiet lady has moved to Brazil and is leading a gay life on her fine plantation, quite unlike our bashful classmate of ten years ago. Elaine Davis married and settled down, they tell me. Seems it's at Los Angeles they're living. We always knew that she would go places, just weren't quite sure where she'd end up. Janet Dockstader and Dave are busy as bees working their beef farm in lower Nevada. I hear she is very happy, -seems they have a large string of horses too! Fred Emhof - Well, he sure was a puzzle. We never knew quite what he'd do, but it seems he is in Spain now, fighting bulls and pitching woo! Edith Dickenson - Tall and stately, she would have made a lovely model, but instead she chose to follow where he led and now her home is far from here. lt's on an island in the north. However, it seems that the choice was right, for her joy is a cheerful sight. Andrea Fitch is a teacher and doing right well. She isn't married though, it seems certain for a spell. I hear her night life is really a whirl, doesn't that sound just like the old gal? Anthony Hickling is married and settled down in Australia on a sheep farm. He has worked hard to get where he is and is still at the old grindstone. Quiet and steady ole Tony says, "Come on fellows, let's go fish- ing. " Carole Iaegars, giggle uncurbed, is happily helping her husband to be an architectural engineer while tending to her home and her three children. Carole was very faithful, we want you to know, looks like she has been rewarded and justly so. Joan Lewis - l'll tell you this flighty girl has triumphed over the threats of science and has gone on to be- come a nurse. She is a leading citizen and a refined housewife. For a few years she had us worried but at last learned how to sneak through an experiment. Geri Milbert - The strongest of character and will is stubbornly drilling the truths of Galileo il'lt0 her pu' pils and I think you should know, she has found a mighty Romeo who it seems has literally swept her off her feet! Alice Parker is now running the lingerie department in Macy's Department Store. They say she specializes in the sale of yellow nighties! CI think she models them. J Carol Pratt has succumbed to her adventurous nature and has become a famous explorer. She leads female safari into the Malayan Jungle and believe it or not, she married an Englishman whom she met there. That girl has an exciting life story. Gayle Root - That quiet girl has become a Republican leader and while her arguments were not long and loud in school, she helps the Republicans win the elections. In her home, she rules her children, seven strong, and proudly teaches them right from wrong. George Roy, with that deep deep voice, is sports announcer for N. B. C. and between times he flirrs around with stars and chorus girls and plans for a hit show with thousands of fans. Jim Sweet - The friendly man has attended Cornell and that letter C has lead him on to victory. He has become a success in his field and still has his crown to wield as a hunter supreme. The boy was a whiz at all he tried and time has not had this honor to deride ..... Betty Van Benschoten - has had many jobs since school, model, actress, reporter, secretary, and even society girl, but at last she has settled down, or comparatively so, to married life and seems to be doing fine as a wife and mother. Marlea Willems had hopes for a brilliant future but no definite plans. It seems fate has foreordained for her, however, a normal life, of trials and torrnents which are part of married life. It seems, at last, she gave up her yellow sports cans and her lists of correspondents for a little house on happiness street, corner Sunshine Avenue. Jim Woolschlager has attended college, worked at everything from accountant to salesman, fireman to oil jack. He is now building bridges at San Lui Ray. OUR THANKS by Carol E. Pratt Too soon the '57 class, From out these hallowed walls will pass, Our deeds will in your memories ring, Our exploits will you classes singg With us we 'll carry wisdom great, Bright futures we anticipate, The background we acquired here, Will strengthen each in his careerg So to the teachers loyal, kind, Much gratitude we leave behind, To principals who have helped us through, Our kind regards we give to you, And to our parents thanks sincere, As we now end our senior year. 51455 W!!! Dick Arnold leaves his speed to Dick Zachow. Diana Beadle leaves her calorie counter to Judy Yurenka. Ken Benjamin leaves his off-color jokes to Ronnie Beadle. Donna Bennett leaves her diamond to Marie Wheeler. Ronnie Bennett leaves his way with the girls to Duane Osborn and Norman Dockstader. Bill Boecklen leaves M. L. and her money to Vincent Hickling. Wes Bowen leaves his mischievous grin to Roger Maxon. Percy Brownrigg leaves the "warm bench" to Frank Jacobs. Keith Bull leaves his average to Paul Pelletier. Myrna Clapper leaves her long hair to John Wetherbee. Elaine Davis leaves all the boys for Pauline Benson, Betty Clapper and Cecelia Albanese to share. Edith Dickenson leaves her "ways" to Daryl Dye. Janet Dockstader leaves her dimples to Neil Potter and David Edwards. Fred Emhof leaves his "I-lot Rods" to David Craine. Andrea Fitch leaves her cheerleading ability to Dawn Osborn. Anthony Hickling leaves his height to Bob Johnson. Carole Jaegers leaves "Willy" to Margie Brownrigg. Joan Lewis leaves her science knowledge to Charlie Schwind. Geri Milbert leaves her test tube to Glady Rackmyer. Alice Parker leaves her telephone number to Eddie Alger. Carol Pratt leaves Miss Warner to Betsy Hall. Gayle Root leaves Mrs. Gridley's Study Hall to Ann Wheeler. George Roy leaves his public speaking ability to Dewey Van Nort. Jim Sweet leaves his class ring with Donna Payne for safekee ping. Betty Van Benschoten leaves her slim skirts to Alma Harrington. Marlea Willems leaves Jo to Denny Payne. Jim Woolschlager leaves his "Luckies" to Doug Bagg. To To Mrs. Loomis, we leave a donkey to go with her elephant. To To To To To To To To To Dr. Robinson we leave an Elvis Presley record. Mr. DuMont we leave our best wishes. He deserves them. Miss Warner we leave a book entitled "Why do Girls Skip Gym"? Coach Lull we leave a heating pad to keep the bench warm. Mr. Crandall we leave our patience. He can use it. To Mrs. Lohnas we leave a seating chart for her next year's classes. To the Juniors we leave our leftover Junior Prom tickets. To the Sophomores we leave our ability to aggravate Mrs. Loomis. To the Freshmen we leave 3years of Mr. Rider's jokes and3 years of Mrs. Mr. Graves we leave abottle of Bufferin to help soothe the headaches given to him by our class. Mr. Rider we leave an orange shirt to match his pink plaid socks. Mrs. McLeary we leave our advice on how to get by railroad n-acks without stalling. Mrs. Gridley we leave a pamphlet entitled "The Problem Husband". Mrs. Smith we leave a needle, thread, and a cookbook to aid her in her assistance to Mrs. Gridley Loomis 's long assignments 6'lf4.55' Hfffiilf In September 1944, the teachers in the Edmeston Central School were in for a busy 13 years. It would be their job to put learning into the class of '5'7. Beginning the ordeal of the class of '57 were Diana Beadle, at that time a blonde, Donna Bennett, the future Mrs. Robert Sweet, Wes Bowen, the farmer of our class, Percy Brownrigg, the man of our class, Janet Dockstader, soon to become Mrs. David Osborn, Fred Emhof, who was only with us half of the time, Andrea Fitch, our dependable secretary, Joan Lewis, a cubby little brunette, Alice Parker, who played "Aimee suited toa 'T"', and Carol Pratt, our athlete. In the first grade Anthony Hickling, who was great as "Grant" in our play, joined us. Mrs. Fitzerald tried her level best to push us into the second grade. In the second grade, our class guitarist, Bill Boecklen joined us with asmile and red ears, which haven't disappeared throughout the years. In the fourth grade, Betty Van Benschoten came with her long ringlets. Out of West Edmeston popped shy, Gayle Root with her short skirts.ln the sev- enth grade we were joined by a big part of our remaining class. This group included Myrna Clapper, noted for her long hair, Edith Dickenson, our red-head, Richard Arnold and his blue truck, George Roy and his deep voice, Geri Milbert, our class musician, Marlea Willems and her Nash convertible, Elaine Davis, who now wears a diamond, Ronnie Bennett, our capable class president, and Kenny Benjamin, our class joker. When we had finally reached the peak of Junior High School, Jim Sweet, our champion ball player, Jim Woolschlager, the great Dr. Cuss in our senior play, and Carole Jaegers with her coal black hair, came to live with us up to and including our senior year. n STATISTICS Freshmen- We gained the appellation of "The Firehouse Gang", because our homeroom was in the fire- house. We enjoyed the snowball fights back and forth to classes. Sophomores- We really started making money for our looked-forward-to Senior trip. As a class we were divided between Mrs. McLeary and Mrs. Lohnas. Juniors- Our Junior Prom was the most successful EVER. We had scrap drives, which were as much fun as they were work. Seniors- Our magazine sale brought in the most welcome proceeds. Our play "The Boy Named Beulah' was successful, and we really enjoyed putting it on. We are now looking forward to our Sen- ior trip to New York City and to graduation night. CAST STAGE HANDS Hank .... ....... .... B i 11 Boecklen Ken Benjamin Scat .... ...... W esley Bowen Percy Brownrigg Grant ..... . . . Anthony Hickling Carole Iaegers Bertie ...... ....... F red Emhof Ronnie Bennett Amiee ....... . . .Alice Parker Elaine Davis Aunt Beulah .... ........ I oan Lewis Betty Van Benschoten Tongo ....... .... R ichard Arnold Marlea Willems Nora ......... ..... G ayle Root Edith Dickenson Marmalade ..... ...... C arol Pratt Myrna Clapper Ted ........ .... I im Woolslager Beulah .... ..... G eri Milbert Chilford .... ..... I im Sweet Polly .... .... A ndrea Fitch Corky .... ..... G eorge Roy Ava ...... ....... D iana Beadle Nanelle .... .... I anet Dockstader Z4 670 ll! " y amedieafab "How do you like this head-lock, you would-be "Horror hangs over this house like a Giant Vul lady killer?" ture. " 1 JY W L, :gg gi, ff V X rg? .. H K K -.1 f f X-'-ul . 4,I,,.,.., if ':,r g i ,V U- lf-V " 21 - if """M A , 'q J ivff-lwfwffia ,- 4, dy E, , 4 , .!U!V!06'.5' Alma Harrington, Marjorie Brownrigg, Darlene Nelson, Dawn Osborn, Anne Wheeler. Neil Potter, Norman Dockstader, Charles Schwind, Roger Maxon, Richard Zachow, Vincent I-lickling Ron nie Beadle, Daryl Dye. Cecilia Albanese, Betsie Hall, Donna Payne, Judy Yurenka, Gladys Rackmyer, Marie Wheeler Pauline Ben SOD. Duane Osborn, Paul Pelletier, Douglas Bagg, Robert Johnson, John Wetherbee, David Edwards Denny Payne Eddie Alger. CLASS OFFICERS President ....... Vice President .... Treasurer .................... Secretary ..................... Student Council Representative .... ..- . . . . .Donna Payne Richard Zachow . . Paul Pelletier Gladys Rackmyer . . . .Judy Yurenka IS NOWLEDGE POW " ER gl 'N X p .5'0PH0!W019f.5' Lydle Smith, Gordie Bennett, Anthony Covias, George Rackmyer, Tom Rollins, Iesse VanBrink Gabnel Roy Yvonne Clark, Mary Decker, Leah Fitch, Mary Lou Dauchy, Nancy Welch, Beverly Goodier Ann Jane Lud ington, Johanna Willems. Dora Mumbulo, Linnea Patrlckson, Halys Houk, Ann Craine, Eva Harrington, Mary Jane Ludington Lorraine Smith. Bill Wellner, Nicholas Albanese, Rosalee Dye, Linda Emhof, Ioan Van Benschoten, Dale Perkms Jerry Schrag CLASS OFFICERS President ........ Vice President ..... Secretary ................... Treasurer ..................... Student Council Representative .... . . . . Bill Wellner . John Wetherbee . . . . Nancy Welch Linnea Patrickson . . . . Dale Perkins .' ,V Jiif ,, N, '21 J' .. K ,I 'Q'f'E,, gi- 3 T '. ,. I . F xi fa'if f-.v4u . wwf-4,5 mrs. " -. w ' x EL A, ,, fu ..,,, 'X ,M Q 5 W ,et I .W M1 nf my ,,,. ,Q K , ,- 'fm ,z - , 4 fm. n,,,, , wi is-f X L -Vwfmwaf' ' , 'K ,gf ' glam K ,l?1j,,:fx1kQ -T - V. QE'-1,-gp.:-3 , , ' 55 L, ,, -' 4f,41,, K- 35353-' ' L ,, g - 1 "" " img I 4 Q 1251? ': 1. C I-5 : 53 if A min? K f i! , gk 3 fwfffm ra-fy g f s-r I QEV W1: ?:?:1fq3J ,sei 3 E ,Nix Q wif, X X 'sag X X Y A X if Q " 1 gg am a,Wf.f' Back Row- Ernest Thayer, Robert I-Iickling, John Sherwood, Richard Schoonover, Ronald Sullivan, Thomas Van Brink, Larry Clapp, George Bailey. 3rd Row- Darleen Bennett, Marcia Bowen, Theo Joyce Hickling, Mary Mayne, Anita Spooner, Linda Johnson. 2nd Row- Marie Randall, Johanna Conde, Joyce Redmond, Elaine Clark, Nancy Rose, Marie Ludington, Shirley McLean, Darlene Beadle. Front Row- Peter Talbot, Richard Salamacha, Richard Stanton, Terry Smith, David Seymour, George Covias. Bull, Patricia Bagg Back Row- Myles Ackler, Monroe Rogers, David Larrabee, Harold Seamon, Edwin Utter, Dewey Ingersoll, Roger Davis, David Higgins. 3rd Row- Robert Randall, Henry Wakefield, Robert Hendrickson, Anthony Top- hoven, Kenny Twist, Ed Standish, Wayne Rogers, David Eckert, Fred Jacobs. 2nd Row- Jane Turner, Eva Carney, Laura McLean, Linda Lockwood, Virginia King, Marlene Dickenson. Front Row- Sandra Ackler, Elaine Chase, Patricia Albanese, Mary McLean, Marina Hall. ' I lk- W , s - as 1 be LV in 5, Y f w 4 fx fm I N mg , ,Hu 'Ai fn v?g7'flfz 31' gif . .,., , ,fs ,, 1Jf':fmL7fgQl2 , :Le v R X J Y H55 T415 Q .W , W ,.,.m,,f,1m ?3Wf'5'5:. M. .. 4.---R..,1V ,Q asysw diff- tif? r- - f .V f' .112 F1 1 . f Mi? , " wf n- my K 3 g,L.,i,.,2,,, gk :gr . I rf , 51, K I R? rig- ,, 2 x..iQL.,., ,Q link , ,.,, Lim J , 1,7 Han., Q , , ,VNV ., ,Qfm Q ' 4 kai ,Q 4, H M.. A , . :sg ' X 1- . . Q . 1. s fa L F S , ri '55 5 Back Row- Robert Whiting, Fred Nichols, Ralph Pittsley, Linda Howard, Helen Collar, Nancy Hile, Rebecca Enck, Rita Lull, Elsie Osborn, Irene Schwenk, Jon Benedict, Robert Nestved, Dale Bennett. Middle Row- Sharon Beadle, Claudia Cornell, Arlene Rogers, Mary Ann Vunk, Annette Covais, Judy Wetherbee, Carol Sullivan, Jacqueline Weldon, Sandra Dickenson, Patty Patrick. Front Row- Willard Randall, John Ostrander, Benny Deck- er, Terry Graves, Larry Larrabee, Robert Wright, Ernest Baily, Edwin Stickles, Howard Wakefield, Donald Turn- 5171 19 676 6'19'f40f5' Back Row- James Rider, Richard Van Pelt, Samuel Conde, Marilyn Whiting, Lorraine Cady, Patricia Turnbull, Kaye Taylor, Douglas Beadle, Robert Bibbins, Clifford Fitch. Middle Row- Denise Patrick, Rena Lull, Suzanne Van Vranken, Maxine Rogers, Barbara Slentz, Dawn Smith, Sandra Albanese, Linnea Johnson, Donna Benjamin, June Hume. Front Row- LeRoy Randell, Gary Weldon, Ernest Turner, Robert Kirk, Norman Douglas, John Hick- bull. Teacher, Mrs. Page- ling, David McLean, John Nutt. Teacher, Mrs. Steele. Ev-gi 1 K 'Sn MM, 676 5'15'14Uf fi as ....,..--11 is 'f l ,Q ,a .fm Milf S J., J. ' ' ' if- . se, "'- ., f F l' n ' v 'Y Q ,Y .4 J 5 N? asses my .si L si Back Row- Dedra Tice, Frances Gott, Sue lngersall, Evelyn Mayne, Christine Van Vranken, Diane Edwards 2nd Row- Jeanne Santora, Elizabeth Decker, Sheila Skubitz, Wanda Salamon, Marie Mumbulo, Dina Swayer Lawerance Hicking, Ronald McLean, Issac Welch, James Beeching. ,3rd Row- Donna Mattice, Karen Fuller Alene Harrington, Patricia Bolton, Cheryl Dye, Ruth Thayer, Sylvia Hill, Eileen Talbot, Anna Wakefield. Front Row- Barry Dutton, Charles Van Pelt, Dennis Hume, Walter Bailey, DeForest Ludington, William Ber- berick. Miss Jones, Teacher. 4M 6'r7f4If Back Row- Stanley Santora, Edward Cleinman, Robert Emhof, Richard Nutt, Sharon Fish, Dianne Lape, David Swayer, David Brooks, John York, Douglas Beeching. Middle Row- Patricia Ingersall, Sandra Van Vranken, Joanne Stanton, Rosemarie Osborn, Margaret Higgins, Patricia Holdridge, Janice Wetherbee, Joyce Schworm, Susan Rittlinger. Front Row- Albert Talbot, Robert Harrington, David Stergas, Mark Rider, Robert Lewis, Vaughn Clark, Sam- uel Utter. Absent- Dennis Rose. Miss Harrington, Teacher. iw, J rs? , . 3 1' f? 476 6'1Z40f Back Row- David Muller, Lenny Talbot, Roberta Bruce, Doris Randall, Barbara Bessenbacker, Ellen Eckert, Roberta Palmer, Mickey Jennings, Grace Robinson, Gary Nelson, Robert Zachow. 2nd Row- Beverly O'Blak, Ida Mae Sweet, Mary Houk, Sharon Beniot, Karen Root, Gail Parkinson, Judy Van Brink, Katheryn Fontaine, Nancy Zimmerman. Front Row- Tommy Bice, John Hill, Joe Nichols, Gary Wadsworth, Brian Cady, Billy Schwerd, Billy Turnbull, Gene Roy, Dale Convis. Mrs. Whiting, Teacher. 570' 6640i D v'd Benoit. Ronnie Talbot, Richard Pratt, Donald Collar, Duane Hick- Back- James Talbot, John Johnston, a 1 ling Jackie Vunk. Front- Barbara Benjamin, Isabel Zachow, Diane Potter, Connie Holdridge, Beth DuMont, Marcia Kline, Camille Fuller, Sandra Smith, Sandra Hill, Judy Rittlinger, Geraldine Zimmerman, Mrs. Lar son, Teacher. i Tris' to ii' QM f fu ?" K . :ig ' 12: ":f,.:i1111".i .fi f ,, aw if vfij .mf wwf Back Row- A Donald Talbot. llen Miller, Duane Dickenson, Jeff Mayne, James Simmons, Elmer Ingersall, David Van Pelt, Middle Row- Connie Ward, Lois Stone, Peggy Dye, Judy Osborn, Joyce Bagg, Malvina Hickling, Carol Hume, Sharon Perkins, Donna Stanton, Linda Thorpe. Front Row- Stephen Clapper, James Bolton, Manny Beadle, Pell Sparks, Thomas Gott, Raymond Vibbard. Teacher- Mrs. Crandall. " 200' 6'fZ4If Back Row- Cary Berberick, Mick Holdridge, Fred Randall, Bonnie Blanchard, Eric Graves, Marshall Kline, Gorden Shillieto. Middle Row- Mary Stone, Shirley Hickling, Ester Houk, Ruth Anne Osborn, Nancy Slentz, Patricia Hill, Edna Carney, Ruth Benoit, Christina Salamon, Martine Zimmerman, Joanne Webb. Front Row- Freddie Pugh, Lynn Hosier, Stanley Fontaine, Carl Perkins, W W k f' Eccleston, William Mudge. Teacher- Mrs. Davenport. ayne a e ield. Absent- Howard Z ,l fs X if , S fir-as its , s sig si . cfs? an x g I ,Q I 7, kkvrhk 1 , M . M M fi Qs.-9, J 32 rift ie 'rn Isl' 49 200' 6'15'f40f5 , ff- Back-Jackie Bice, Steven Huffman, Ralph Lindberg, Billy Wilking, August Van Brink. 2nd kow-Gloria Van Wranken, Linda Hickling, Linda Spooner, Jackie Roberts, Clara Mae Welch, Linda Jaegers, Tamara Losee, ' ' ' h David Talbot, Linda Phillips, Genevive Kent, MarJor1e Dye. Front-Stevon Nutt, John Swayer, Bobbie T orpe, Andy Rose, Dennis Bolton, Buster Twist. Mrs. Fitch, Teacher. ls! 6'1Z40f Back-Barbara Tiffany, Linda McLean, Carolyn Van Wranken, Eileen Stone, Linda Randall, Gail Lewis, Patty Dickenson, Marion Collar. 2nd Row-Joan Benjamin, Dawn Bailey, Nancy Wakefield, Vicky Thorpe, Connie Hickling, Nancy Pugh, Toni Beadle, Julie Lape, Alice Parkinson, Darcy DuMont, Elizabeth McLean. Front- Richard Mattice, Earl Robinson, Charles Wust, Jimmy Ingersoll, Leslie Emhof, David Howard, David Conde, Bruce Hume, Philip Potter. Mrs. Fitzgerald, Teacher. . J, --M-wM""'?ZHg it , i 9 Back- Daryl I-loldredge, Kathie Palmer, Kathleen Arnold, Billy Fuller, Charlene Bowen, Brian Ward, Debra Rowlands, Betty Schoellig. 2nd- Tim Miller, Carol McLean, Darlene Chapman, Douglas Vibbard, Paula Ben- nett, Marshall Osborn, Blanch Wakefield, Betty Talbot, Doris Stone. Front- Tommy Carney, William Fon- taine, David Mumbulo, Robert Hall, Roderick Roberts, Vem Benoir, Absent- Jerry Fitch. Mrs. Davis, Teacher. 1W!Wff96'f4f9ff!V Back- Gail Holdridge, Judy McLean, Deborah Bolton, Deanna Mattice, Marcia York, Adonica Huffman, Linda Douglas, Linda Tiffany. 2nd- Ellen Schellhammer, Pamela Hume, Sidney Wust, Jack Bolton, Betty Schwerd, Florence Benjamin, Patti Page, Richie Patrickson, Barbara O'B1ak. Front- Clyde Shillieto, Car1Cleinman, Dennis Heap, Daniel Howard, Monte Smith, David Slentz, Bradford Mumbulo. Mrs. Brooks, Teacher. , If, , MN, .ws rf ,nf ,gg ii fi 3 E Mi! W-5f7?ZiffV. 5 Q5 K. ag, Mngggq, R H'afsgfgM-350' fl A :ww 'Q 35 1' . ig? I Q, V -fEZIiYEff'-f-- K ,, - g ., ' ' ,. ,,,s 535 f . . . . ,g1f.gff -' M.. , ' R 5+ W 4 Geri Guess Who? Di Wes Edith Nora 8a Tongo Di Senior play shot Geri 8.1 Elaine Carol Ioan 8a Di Carol Bill Ronnie Myrna Elaine A LOOK Rhythm Band 33. Geri 34. Ronnie 35. Senior play shot 36. Elaine 37. Donna, Ronnie 8a Dick 38. Ioan 39. Alice 40. Di 41. Carol 42. Myrna 43. Annabelle 44. Donna 45. The Fire House Gang 46. Tony 47. Ian 48. AT THE PAST Ian St Andy Dick 8: Ann Fred Gayle Bertha Gayle Carol Carole I. Iim W. The Gang Ian Ian Dick Ioan Ian Jim S. Joan FHA Initiation Donna Wes George if A -M E' ' . Our Mascot 51 Q ,M Cmlw -W,,,Wh K vr-vzaagywa M ' ' n ,' W1 we MW W! lwf 4 Q r N ' Q K' ,.,,. x QW.uL4vy 6 1 , ,3.xf'I"1'4f 5, ,fr I , V ,M E.. ., Qfwg ' LL si Q,-- , R ka, , ,A .14 1 1500763411 Coach Lull, James Sweet, Anthony Covais, Bob Butler, Dewey Van Nort, Lydle Smith, Gorden Bennett, Ray- mond Gould, Roger Maxon, Brent Hughes, Randy Hathaway, Daryl Dye. Denny Payne, Richard Zachow, David Craine, Eddie Alger, Tom Rollins, William Sherwood, John Wether- bee, Dale Perkins. Terry Graves, Joe Santora, Nick Albanese, Jim Turner, Larry Boecklen, Rex Yurenka, David Ekert, John Sherwood. 634.93411 g Carmen Covais, Bill Boecklen. Dick Dockstader, Tom Rollins, Denny Payne, John Wetherbee, Roger Max- son, Mr. Dierks, Bill Sherwood. - Dale Perkins, Nelson Harrington, Jim Sweet, Kenny Benjamin, Ronnie Bennett, Daryl Dye, Rex Yurenka. M4f9.5'!fl' 6'A'J'Kff654ll Coach Lull- Jim Sweet, Daryl Dye, Bill Boecklen, Roger Maxson, Eddie Alger, Denny Payne, John Wether bee, Bucky Rackmyer, Doug Bagg, Bob Johnson. ' 'E Z Z J K 634.5'1VfL"Z4ll Terry Graves, John Sherwood, Rex Yurenka, Louie Lamb, Larry Boecklen, Dale Perkins, Jim Turner, Clar- ence Houk, Bob Butler, Bill Sherwood, Brent Hughes, Gordy Bennett, Tony Covais, Russ Hume, Torn Rollins 6'!f?!.5' ' .5W6Z'f!f !'f4M BACK ROW- Alice Youmans, Ann Wheeler, Carol Pratt, Joan Van Benschoten, Susan Hall, Connie Patrick, MIDDLE ROW- Nancy Welch, Judy Yurenka, Eva Harrington, Leah Fitch, Marie Cole, Donna Bennett, Donna Payne, Janet Dockstader, Joanne Vanvranken, Yvonne Clark. FRONT ROW- Sandra Beadle, Joan Lewis, Alice Parker, Linnea Patrickson, Diana Beadle, Jo Willems, Alma Harrington, Mary Lou Dauchy, Geri Milbert. 67191 J' 'Wllfl'6',4!l ffl!!! BACK ROW- Diana Beadle, Janet Dockstader, Geri Milbert, Betty VanBenschoten, Carol Pratt, Ann Wheeler, Alma Harrington. FRONT ROW- Patty Colburn, Mary Welch, Leah Fitch, Mary Decker, Nancy Welch, Mary Jane Ludington, Ann Jane Ludington, Linnea Patrickson. M417.5'!fl' 6Hff1?l54If75' Betsie Hall, Donna Payne, Betty Van Benschoten, Judy Yurenka, Janet Dockstader, Andrea Fitch. XX X .f .1 M fffffA'z54nf9f' Linnea Pauickson, Joanne Van Vranken, Jo Willems, Ann Jane Ludington, Mary Jane Ludington, Connie Patrick. X .j ML' AK 6719! J' '634.5Kff6'f4!! 'C- 4A .Ln Janet Dockstader, Donna Payne, Betty Van Benschoten, Geri Milbert, Andrea Fitch, Carol Pratt if-. m1.s".sWffifl11 'H Donna Payne, Betty Van Benschoten, Nancy Welch, Geri Milbert, Carol Pratt. Yvonne Clark, Janet Dockstader, Andrea Fitch, Lorraine Smith, Linnea Patrickson. x 4V'Z4's -I .' , A , .1-v. ..f ., Qiifs mv' . ,. , 4.Q,t.':4:,: .P 1 :s.7' H ,- ,V fx ,, , MQ Ng. -Qxgyhf, .zz '. Y'x'.'j-.v5'gAq.'qVT,:,,..,' V" .'.'-L-if ,'.. , 5,82 -.4,.,,1 , . --.,.'-.,.. .'.t"::.i-' W f v. .'4:i'i4?..-A 'i1?1f'f"'!. : 1 ru :fl , 53 gm, .iii , ihcf w T ??Q. V ' ? -ig. X M 'VW ' fvi'15f??Zi V 115, ., ggi 2215,-,1,,?ggf:ff,i,Wl 1 - 5 f5'1ffiaff'1gfznif-V, JA: . M55 - '5 ' Wed 2 l?S:p:ZZ.,' I -it-1 13 J .fifzh SY? zffgfifff- 'gfbfzi Hi My , w fa' zw Riu -m3wfW'i'.2. x Hs ,M m Exit, 5 . ,, iw H?"2V" r S273 'Agefxiazwlri f13'f?TLV3 -- Y - - ffff,,'fQgT21W5mA.wi3 M vf E,ze7?y M - fi' , x .. ,,fvW,f?:ggfrjwigix1Tz- 1,1711wxA-w3zifQQ.f,?W4E--weifif? 'F , 4 i Kff'21.?2Lr2xiMffff w -2 1 sk '11 W-1 21U?Hi'kak'fk1'-W -wg 1,, 3: ff? A ' M... 8:52753 -11 -f -wit 1 ,A , " ,wg 1 Www if M21 v- t M m 3' f Sfgiiiz ' -:1:'::2,3fv sz v , -wx sf vxwxf Director - Dr. Robinson Caroline Colgrove Beth Anne Welch Joanne Willems Ann Craine Iesse Van Brink Joe Musarillo John Wetherbee Kenny Atkins James Turner Sandra Dutton Gladys Rackmyer Alma Harrington Marie Cole Andrea Fitch Linnea Patrickson Lorraine Smith Rosalee Dye Linda Emhof Glenda Lake Betsy Hall Brent Hughes Chris Jacobs Susan Hall Connie Patrick Sandra Beadle Diane Johnston Sylvia Pelletier Alice Youmans Alice Parker Mary Welch Beverly Goodier Nancy Welch Patty Colburn Ellen Dickenson Mary Jane Ludington Judy Yurenka Eva Harrington Cecelia Albanese Ann Jane Ludington Anita Jaegers , Gerry Clapper ' Janet Dockstader Carole Jaegers Myrna Clapper HMW 5517001 6'H01W.5' 1 7XL5 iQi-1 Ea- U ' ll ji il- 5 7 i w li IK A ' - , e l Q 1 ,y L- Y H904 Joanne Van Vranken, Judy Yurenka, Eva Harrington, Ann Craine, Marie Cole, Donna Bennett, Donna Payne, Betsy Hall, Betty Van Benschoten. Third Row-Sandra Beadle, Susan Hall, Connie Patrick, Joan Van Benscho- ten, Ellen Dickenson, Patty Colburn, Anita Jaegers, Dawn Osborn. Second Row-Carol Jaegers, Leah Fitch, Nancy Welch, Mary Jane Ludington, Mary Lou Dauchy, Ann Jane Ludington, Elaine Davis, Alice Parker. First Row-Linnea Patrickson, Diana Johnson, Yvonne Clark, Jo Willems, Geri Milbert, Sandra Dutton, Alice Yeoman, Marlea Willems, Mrs. Gridley. FUTU Back Row-Clarence Chase, Percy Brownrigg, Robert Johnson, David Craine, Bucky Rackmeyer. Third Row- Joe Santoro, Daryl Dye, Jesse Van Brink, Jerome Rundle, Philip Perkins, John Dye, Raymond Gould, Roger Maxon, Nicholas Albanese, Louis Lamb. Second Row-Fred Willems, Grant Randall, Billy Mayne, David Howard, Kenneth Lowe, David Eckert, Lydle Smith, Neil Potter, Rex Yurenka. First Row-Mr. Vrooman, Wesley Bowen, Ronald Bennett, Anthony Hickling, Kenneth Benjamin. - .5'fl!If!Vf6'0U!V6W l I Rear: Theo Bull, Harold Seamons, Wesley Bowen, Judy Yurenka, Joanne Van Vranken. Middle: Dale Perkins, Jimmy Turner, Fred Wadsworth, Linda Jennings. Front: Mary Welch, Gladys Rackmyer, Jim Sweet, Donna Payne. !,4!l!6Wf46'f HM? Rear: Gerry Clapper, Sylvia Pelletier, Bill Zachow, Bill Sherwood, Russ Hume, Kearney Stickles, Anthony Covais, Randy Hathaway, Dale Perkins, Leah Fitch. Middle: Chris Jacobs, Alice Parker, Mary Jane Ludington, Mary Welch, Larry Boecklen, Jimmy Turner, Bill Wellner, Jerry Schrag, Ann Craine, Linnea Patrickson. Front: Alma Harrington, Patty Colburn, Denny Payne, Tom Rollins, James Sweet, Donna Payne, Rosalee, Linda Emhof. My 0. 3, o,f"QJ Q JWZ M Mi Z5 K OWN QM ROM-Q M0599 2,322 ,jfifw 5, fr Jai Q QRQSQEWQ si Q ww pw QV!!! QQQMMDQQMM J, W NLM 5 A52 Y ,QM wwC?ifV??gWfffjf"'f ww' ff 9 QM 16 1' 18 20 'za as H- 31 u 6' 493 Q- 22 4 9 37.1-' Q- SQ' ,pg 3, . Co w Qs 42-9 A, I .- , 'N - 1 V 'E , , , dx A - ' ff S 1 M QV. A, . ,ZX My Wilbur Visual Service Special Representative for Bell 8: Howell Company "Everything for Audio-Visual l. L. Richer Lumber Co. New Berlin, New York Education" New Berlin, New York PITTSFIELD Compliments ot COUNTRY STORE MORSE AND HONEYWELL, W Open Daily 7:30 - 9 LAWYERS PITTSFIELD GULF SERVICE New Berlin, New York NEW BERLIN CLOTHES SHOP 'The Family Store" New Berlin, N.Y. Russ Todd. . . Cliff Palmer Telephone No. 9-3671 CAMP'S RESTAURANT New Berlin, New York NEW BERLIN T. V. AND APPLIANCE New Berlin, New York Compliments of EAGLE HOTEL New Berlin, New York Clark-Williams Inc. Z2 North Main St. Phone: 9-2.171 New Berlin, N. Y. Compliments of Dykes Drug Co. The Rexall Store at New Berlin, New York JOHN W. SPURR HAROLD S. DEAL Telephone no. 9- 3941 The New Berlin Gazette Printers and Publishers NEW BERLIN, NEW YORK Christopher J. Burke Owner Dial 9-2271 I 'I Humf Euinnrsnnnus worth - "For better living economically 3 H dmestnn, n. u. C. W. Hopkins Sons 8 Co. C ompliments of .lay J. Underwood GLF Feedstore Edmeston, New York , Edmeston, New York Hardware Heating Plumbing Archery Hunting Tackle . i Schworm's 5 5 EVEI1 tates Bug Store , Gas Service Where Quality and Edmeston, New York Price Rule Bottled gas and appliances Edrneston, New York Compliments of Best Wishes from Cards Garage, The Edmeston . A Edmeston, New York Frozen Food Plant , All types of services for Edmeston, New York t k Erizaberh Lockerbie O Your Car or me fproprietorj - The Rexall Store A. C. Ludington, Prop. Insurance Printing A Specialty The Bishop Print Shop Paul Lampron, Prop. First National Bank of Edmeston Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio Best Wishes C 1' t Edmes ton Supply Co. mp men S of - 0 O International Fredrick Loomis Harvester Compliments of HARRINGTON'S GROCERY STORE HOUK FUNERAL HOME Edmeston, New York Edmeston, New York BLANCHARD 8: TURNBULL . FRED WRENCH GARAGE GARAGE Edmeston, New York Edmeston, New York Congratulations to the Class of '57 Bagg's Dairy Edmeston, New York Compliments of EDMESTON THEATER "FROM A FRIEND" Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Nationwide Life Insurance Co. Columbus 16, Ohio Joseph M. Briggs Local Representative West Edmeston, N. Y. Phone: Leonardsville 67F21 The Charles Tipple Studio 319 Main Street Oneonta, New York PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL WEDDING Phone 2255 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Cooperstown, New York A. J. RORICK 81 SONS plumbers Oneonta, New York De Sena Motors Cooperstown, New York C ompliments of Cascade Paper Co. Derrick's EDWARD J. COSTER Shoe Store Cooperstown, N. Y. BOX 166 John Schneider Ed Costello OI1e0I1f2l, N- Y- Best Wishes To the Senior Class From Genuine Auto Parts Corporation 327 Lafayette Street Utica New York Mohawk Valley Music Sales, Inc. 13-15 First St. Phone T. W Ilion, N. Y. 4-8111 Headquarters for School Band and Orchestra Instruments and Music. Frank E. Holloway Orville Hanson President Vice-President and Secretary Norburn Owen Lloyd Hartwell Vice-President Vice-President and Treasurer Holloway and Associates, Inc. Building C ontracto.r s Phone ZZ 6 119 Main Street, Delhi, New York Ellsworth dry goods - home Women's apparel S Sill furnishings Congratulations And Be st Wishe s Men's accessories . The Dalrylea Cooperstown, N. Y. lee Cream Co. Telephone 146 SUBURBAN PROPANE GAS Compliments CORPORATION W of P. O. Box Richfield Springs, 191 New York THE SMART SHOP Ladies Apparel Cooperstown , N. ' ie Cana Johar Y. , N. Y. Ward T. Alger Edmeston, N. Y. Horses bought and sold. Compliments of BRUCE L. HALL AND SON Cooperstown Compliments of WESTERN AU TO ASSOCIATES STORE Cooperstown New York Ladies Wearing Apparel PATSEY ANN SHOP 52 Pioneer Street Cooperstown, N. Y, Infant and chi1dren's dept. Best Wishes from H. E. JONES AND SONS Fly Creek, New York Best Wishes to the Seniors Winnie's Garage and Implements Cooperstown, New York B OUTON 'S GREENHOUSE "F1owers for all Occasions. " Fly Creek New York R. S. HARDIC AND SON Edmeston, New York C ompliments of C. H. Payne D. J. Elliott Compliments of Howard You rdon Roberts Road, R. F. D. ffl Utica, New York Representing DOLGE Westport, Conn. Compliments of Murry Benjamin Burlington, New York Maple Syrup Maple Sugar Maple Cream Telephone Number WOrth 5- 8277 R. PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD Trade at D. F. TaIbot's Son 8 Co. Flour - Feed - Grain C omplirn ent s of I. T. and C. A. Welch and Sons it W e . West Edrneston X Phone 4551 New York Horses and Cows . Edmeston y I New York Nl - sk-ni . LIDELL 'S STORE South Edmeston, N. Y, Hardware, Groceries, Boots, Shoes Compliments of VAN'S TV AND APPLIANCES Richfield Springs LIMER'S MARKET Burlington Flats New York MYRON DAUCHY Burlington Flats New York Burlington Flats New York E. CRANDALL'S STORE Van's GENERAL STORE Burlington, N. Y, Zenith TV GE Appliances Phones Richfield Springs 334 Edrneston WOrth 5-8410 STANLEY WRENCHES STORE Burlington Flats New York RUBY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Richfield Springs Jewelry - Photo Supplies Complete Optical Service Lippitt's Cooperstown, New York Webb's Sport Shop 227 Genesee St. Utica 2, New York Griffin S Hoxie Wholesale Grocers Utica, New York I. L. RICHARD West Edmeston, New York HILL 3 S DEPARTMENT STORE CLOTHING Sc FOOT WEAR PHONE 188 A. c. Neely New Berlin, New York Mobilgas -Mobiloil -Mobilheat Phone 9 - 2 681 HOLDRIDGE STORE West Edmeston, New York STEPHEN'S ROLLER RINK West Burlington Harry W. Smith SALES - SERVICE Phone 87 Phone 86 Richfield Springs, New York Best wishes of ARLOTT DUPLICATOR AND SUPPLYCO. Utica, N.Y. WELDERS SUPPLY CO. Owned and Operated by Humphries welding Corp. Binghamton , New York ARDELL'S BEAUTY SALON Lake Street Richfield Springs , New York WELCHES RESTAURANT West Edmeston, New York Wyona Roberts , Prop. Regardless of Where Your Future Lies- In Business on the farm or in the home - you will find that efficiency pays. A telephone extension, conveniently placed, will pay for itself many times. Chenango S Unadilla TELEPHONE CORPORATION Compliments of Myron Jordan Richfield, N. Y. Compliments of E. C. Talbot, Estate Horses-cows-harness Sz collars Leonardsville, N. Y. Telephone 27 Best Wishes To The Senior Class From Otsego Mutual Insurance Company Burlington Flats New York Best Wishes from SCINTILLA MAGNETO DIVISION BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION Sidney, New York, U. S. A. ag i N nvmf 3 55 ww n I c If You Insure With E. P. Scheidleman Agency DONALD A. FITCH Complete Insurance Service . Fire . Accident . Auto . Casualty . Health . Hospitalization . Marine . Plate Glass Phone 3266 - 724 N. James St Rome, N, Y. New York Central Mutual Fire Insurance Co. C ompliments of Dr. Joseph Phelps The staff of the Edrnestonian wishes to express their appreciation for the advertising support given by our area merchants and school suppliers 5 1 1 l .L1x. 1. 21 -1 I 11 .H 1, 1 1 3-1 , 1,,51 1 L11. -1 ,,, ,E 1 41 .. .'.11.3"-'L 1 -- A 1 It 31 ' 1 , ff! 1 1 - 1 1 1 L'-' I A11 1 1 , I1 1'- 1 1 -.11 ,, 1 1'iS'ff'T 1311? 3-1115 1. - 51141-- -L -11,J5 iF. T . 12, . Q - 11. 11 Tit," H11 1f' fig? J' 'V-15 fi 5 .1 E 5- J'!'1'1' t "1 1k 1 F vi F 151.1 1 1 -Y W1 Q1 1', 9,1'1.1 133.3 il' .2 11. Z1i'ifi,.. ' 15 M .- vi - 1 1. 2 11.1" I5 41 '1'fi'?'f42 Ei' 43553 1 if ' +11 1 1 .1 1 , - 1 1 in 1-111 .' 1' -. ' 1 1 11 g., Q ix! 'gg 3 it i f E I3 Q: 31' 11-. J11.. . i 1+ 5 1. L51 31 .11 1111. '1 1 if if 111 1 1 . 11 Q. 11 1 W 1 1 -.Q -'iq MJ 11'1Q11r1'r 11 ,.. .1 1.1 Prv' X,- 1 1 11 .11 1.'1 V. . ,1 1 , E1 1.11- 12 15.3 ' LE' 11211. 11 A "J 1 ' 1 41? '1 1F1, :1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 111' , . ,,.1 F 1 -A ." 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Suggestions in the Edmeston Central High School - Edmestonian Yearbook (Edmeston, NY) collection:

Edmeston Central High School - Edmestonian Yearbook (Edmeston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Edmeston Central High School - Edmestonian Yearbook (Edmeston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Edmeston Central High School - Edmestonian Yearbook (Edmeston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Edmeston Central High School - Edmestonian Yearbook (Edmeston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 16

1957, pg 16

Edmeston Central High School - Edmestonian Yearbook (Edmeston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 37

1957, pg 37

Edmeston Central High School - Edmestonian Yearbook (Edmeston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 32

1957, pg 32

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