Edison Technical High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1945

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Edison Technical High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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,Cf Afff4kgfeA Y n .. . 72115. A . X5 ' ff . -EQ H z., . wx , . lx,-2 356 I " , V- U!!! A-f--' .xi ,Q '- jd. fr, ,, 1- V J ' M , ','.p41'ri 1 hu, . Q- . fjjii-.52 1" ' 34 3 , ,,iff',.,F A . 1 -. Y .Q .jg'1-.1l,.- , f Ji, fi.. Lgv , .Y V: ., ?,IIf,:fj7::vTV, ,HI g ' if , ga, 6- 1' 'if-1,..F4A ig if- " . Q- . " f '- . . :' .-' .w , . . Xi Y , 3'-' . -Y '1"'4i1"5c .L ' ' - 22' 'Mi' , 5:41, V52 , Q N V if ,, .iii .V I . ' '15 ' f- , gg,-, 1g:.i,f.i, if: ' ,.," W ' V' , - - - '-"PN .N..,,:"P A 'f...1' I tt? Q' 1 ' , M - X , .J M aj-gm..fLaf..v-+agg4,.W, -31 -5 Ll ' 2- -. T n ' in-v 0.4 ' "K , , ug, ' -.WL ' w- ' is-' ' - - .wf 1'-,,.,,w -I - I - fm.- . V 'Q f rf' ' ',3,-J!- l."'1fg,' W" ' , D. - . Q4 fi-Jf m, 'Q " . A if iii , ' x ' -r, 4 - N wg.- , V. A rw! 1 , , , , 3, 1 AV V H ' . Y ' ' - wx " ' ' "V 1""1x-A , . m., , 1 4 .1 ' ' ' ' -f"' 'l"f5"'U1" 37-fi-EL .v 5 'F' fl :Six Y - , g A ., -,V -, . , A- A V - x, ,A ' 4 A 'W ' ' ' 13. :' , ' ,f,-.,5 HU V K, lj j ,Q Y .- - .1-.E 131 P 1 ' ' ' 'Sf' . -' ' . fi- " . -,-I , 4 - ' 1, . , A 4. -. , Lv, 4, v-L, 'gf ,N .Ei xffff-15,-:'p2"+ . , .l-:i'g',- .f f .4 1, 5,4111 A ' ,fv"F.,.'-fE',:1:'Q I f 4 rw f'.R"'i':N' ,I-' R525 1 Y --Q.. .14 ,,,-,-Qm.,.,, w uw.-3 1 1 . 15.5 in ,... ' ::g,.1' .' ' gd.,-vi 1- -4r2,:1xgu:"1ga-'j,.,fw A nf, ,-, ,Nr -,f 5 .. YA, , f -Jw- Ag :ug cub- , .' .Q fn "' 4-' q . " I CQVF 'Q 5: .9 ' -' wup. :. 'hz c,1.,f"31,- , -5- gf ff- .-U 5,4 ze, xg ' 1, f? if fggf1jg,:.5.ei K.--f. .- A ,M vg'fi,l-v:?f'vi,s L. , 'L 1 - " '1"'-ff'f'fa Im F5 V'-WT up v :ls xx' "5- 15 .-. 1-...H , . - 23" 4 .' 3511,-TW'ii':E!E' z--',.:W'. , , 1 ,Q 'f Y fmt . I 2' 46 f L1 4 ,uw 9,- 1: -,mm T fi.. f ,Q Q--Q ,iff ,, , , ' ' - ,' :M ff Y- '-.-'WH ., F ' -qu : - .Fl ., wi V-lr.-I.,-:.5i!g'..1j:: S IE, . 4 , , .,.,.fhi. Wu Y Y X E, - 'g,...i-I I 'L' Qfel, ' 1 x , - V 'wm- Q 24 egxw - A " ' -" 12:11-:W !.Q.',l5Yf'J.-ll f ' ' ' A l 'E 'Lt-11 ,lf 556- ' 'kf -' 'w w--w Va- 1 W , , u xr an X 1 ,1. .lil neil.: 451 iii , 1 ,V 1' w 1 .' -14, 5-gf- , K , , 4-' . sg,-.,-, xg.--. 5 1' .. ,A 05,5-..L,,w , J.'L , 1 1. ' - - vm, , X, z 360-..-Y ' . 'fi ,f ' " J'--H ., H' x. if i . , 41 5-.gig ' ',- - -47' ' ' 1, .. 4- ,- MR ,V , 1 A , , , ' "" .L v Ag mf 5. ' -, " K- . V 4 A - W' . 4 W.. W - ., A -A Y, 1 "'- ,.J, .v 4 , , ,, RH 1, f - .1.'i, 9 ' - Y H , 1 ' ' M - -.5 x xx F .hs ,Q "' I , H 1 , , I . Y FJ-: , .W ,, 'Jw ww: , 'wx GI ww my w' un W u- -J, Q . 'LL-' ,cm ul .nf-mln . o , H . , ' :muon ucumcu, .V 'LZ V - IL! W ' no mnunlunL W", "' im 4 :'r"':1'l nj " fgggvggoh 'f ' ,. 35171. - ...a n Q, 14.11. I - - - - gl.--S :A P , T- A - 1 ' ' . f fp, ' l - R U 7: L....,u..g lf- 4 ia. . I V4 , Q. H- . - -. 1. , liillll 1 ,G Q, :- ff " , of l i--M' '7 W 3 ' at , - ,. ty gr I NPJ .X .E l , I - 1' 3, sfffal, ' I ah' F- . if 3 ' -. A :I - L n o I .. f M o u--om' '- v h A H ,I V Awlsf ,-N 'lk -4 -S . . n - .P ,sf V-M A' 1 ' A . E A EN..- 2- k' .. "Q - - ' , T ""' ' X A.. : ,. .- V w 5 li f' I of Q J 5 !lIl:"Mv, Tj: - " N ,Tn s x K ""' INT. ' . f , 1, , 5,2 1 . ,Q H ' in o :p::,, 1 . ," ,A , ? ' ' ,- 1 "" f- S 'f. ' -A 'L' ' Q I -4 -A . l-1 m,f"al-,Q . , .:.,, . :A-I U 4 . lm . -H 9 2 .. 1 - . on . -- o ul 4 ' 41 lidlmv--..1.- - - H --- -.... ..--- ..- -..f...ubu Q45 Edison Technical and Industrial High School Rochester, New York I. liiiil Sc Iili AND INDUSTRIAL H1 TECHNICAL EmsoN KJIF IE KJINI H THE FOREWORD THIS IS oUR HOME-FRONT. T0 soma, ws MAY slam-1 T0 HAvn Too soon A TIME mmmc oun HBOOTH TRAININGQ NEVERTHE- LESS, smuous AIMS AND THOUGHTS wmu: NEVER Assam FRONI oun Mmns. WHAT- fzvrpu OUR Mxsslox, wr: wru, CARRY WITH us THE Mnmomas SHADOWED IN THESE PAGES ALMA MATER Dear to us always This school and all its walls, And thy traditions old, Honored alfway When vse are gone from thee Still thou shalt ever be, F airest on larld and sea, Dear E. T. H. Down through the long years Thy ideals ever bright, Nor will they ever dim, Long ages hence Though 'we may go afar, Still lilee the brightest star, Thozflt e'er before us he, Dear E. T. H. -Fmzmzmcx A. TOMPKINS, '22 FIGHT ON, TECH! Raise your cheers for good old Tech, Shout, malce the old 'walls ring Stand and shofu: your might once again Let every loyal Tech man sing Rah! Rah! Rah! F ight-fight on to Victory For you our voices rise H ere's to you our Alma Mater A Tech uzarfs spirit never dies! DEDICATION .-f ,WH , MeIIIOriIIl services, with parents and friends present, Iire held SOOII :Iftcr the grief-stricken families of 'l'ech's heroic dead receive their fateful tclegrnnis. The picture above shows part Of the IIIm'iIIg ceremuny 171 the spirir of om' nllemorial SC7"L'il'C, are rho Claw of I9-lf, dedicate this Amina! 10 Tech-11le11 fwbo have rendered the las! full vneasnrc of devotion KILLED IN ACTION WALTER MERRITT, '45 First Of our class tO die for his cOuIIt,I'y, we are proud that he died' a hero. GRANT FIEGE, '38 JOHN BANCROFT, '40 THOMAS FLOOD, '41 ROBERT FRANKENBERGER, '40 HOWARD FLANNIGAN, '33 JOSEPH SCHEIBLE, '41 JOHN MCKAY, '41 JACK BEALE, '33 ROBERT GILDER, '41 AUGUST COOQIIYT, '32 EARL HAWKS, '39 JOHN BLEKKENK, '42 CHRISTOPHER TAMBE, '41 ROMAN GORRNEY, '40 HARRY KAISER, '39 PAUL LIND, '37 NICHOLAS MATRCJ, '42 '39 PETER STI-:EI-'ENS, JOHN MKIRPHET, '41 CHARLES BOHNRE, '37 JOHN JUNOT, '39 EDWIN THIBAULT, '41 CHRISTOPHER BRUCATO, '37 KEITH MILLER, '40 MORRIS LIDDELL, '33 RAYMOND BERWIND, '38 ANTHONY DKPASQUALI-Z, '38 SAM C'RISc1IULLO, '43 GERALD NETTNIN, '41 JAMES VIIIAFISI, '41 FRANK HARMON, '40 .IOIIN TIIRONE, '37 VVIILIAM Sr IIIEEEN, '41 llAl!0l,D C'O'rTREAI,I,, '39 DONALD LOMR, '43 llI4'IIARD BOSS, '41 LOUIS VALONE, '41 l"RI-:D KOOI-MAN, '37 MIOIIAEI. ANZALONIC, '42 CHARLES CARTER, '38 SAM MONTANARELLA, '41 WAl,TER KIEEER, '42 EDWARD NORTON, '41 JOHN WHATFORD, '41 JAMES VANNI-Ill., 'Sl-I JOHN LAZORATION, '41 TELESI-'OR OKOLOWICZ, '42 LEO CON'l'ESTABlI.E, '43 EDWARD LILL, '41 PETER DI VIRGILIO, '37 VITO COLLINE, '44 JOSEPH MARTONE, '43 ROBERT ELLINWOOD, '41 LEO BERNAT, '41 OSCAR STEIMER, '37 EARL BOGART, '34 SALVATURE FERRANTI-2. '-12 RAYMOND KOHLER, 'S-I9 JOIIN SARIQIS, '38 lll-IUNARD l.I-IE, '37 7 WILLIAM KULAGA. '44 IRWIN WALZER, '45 llll'l!AIil' WVETERINGS, 45 CHARLES' SMIT, '39 ANDREW VACANTI, '39 WII,LI.m1 DAVIS, '40 FRANK SUSKI, '39 PAUL DRIES, '33 llll'llARl' THOMAS, '41 ROBERT BARRY, '42 BURTON SMITH, '34 STEPHEN PADAII. '32 I RICHARD COLEMAN, '40 WALTER MERRITT, 45 TED 0'BYRNE, '42 ANTHONY PRlNZlVAI.l.I, '45 ADMINISTRATION I l0wARn S. BICNNETI Principal MM Rlrzs A. XVILIIFR VVILLIANI j. Arzxucv RQWAL H, Swgm' G11iJ.1uru Cnzmxelur Actizzg Vice-Principal Boys' Adviyer FACULTY First row: M. A. Wilder, Counselor: W. J. Ackley, Assistant Principal: Miss Ann Tur- ula, Secretary: Mrs. Florence Stanbro, Clerk: Mrs. Helen Veltz, Nurse: Mrs. Martha Kravetz, Clerk: H. S. Bennett, Principal: R. H. Sweet, Boys' Adviser: Second row: F. R. McClumpha, Health: H. B. Young, R. H. Barnes, L. C. Carlton, H. Hoff, Drafting: E. O'Hara, Health: Third row: William Rotmans, H. H. Tiedemann, Drafting: P. K. W. Springer, Librarian: E. A. Rotmans, Drafting. First row: Clifford Clarke, Science: Elmer Costich, Mathematics: T. Francis Manning Mathematics: Mrs. Elizabeth Benedict, Science: John Craw, Mathematics: Samuel Bloom, Science: Donald Wilson. Science: Second row: Jacob Hilgerman, Mathematics: Harold Crafts, Mathematics: William Rogers, Mathematics: Robert Wohlrab, Science: DeMille Wallace, Mathematics-Guidance: Eugene Kent, Mathematics: Third row: Elliot Smith, Science: Phillip Schneider, Mathematics: Thomas Byrnes, Mathematics. H g . FACULTY Y First row: Raymond Bookout, English, Edwin Gordon, Social Studies, Ralph Blose, English, Grace Tanner, Social Studies, Seward Tuttle, English, Eugene Pollock, Eng- lish, Second row: Charles Cameron, Social Studies, Ralph Boyink, Social Studies, Marinette Thurston, Social Studies, Walter Koch, Social Studies, John MacNab, Social Studies, Albert Walker, English, Third row: Maurice Callahan, English, Joseph J. Young, English. if? lil ' I f I. I Piil. i I . . 5 I First row: W. Warren, Commercial Art, H. E. Montgomery, Machine, H. J. Sprague, Lithography, D. P. Masterson, Welding, P. J. Begley, Sheet Metal, C. L. Mclntosh, Printing, J. J. Schmitt, Pattern, Charles Tracy, Machine, Second row: W. Atkinson, Electricity, L. E. Hagen, Machine, H. Hempel, Auto Mechanics, C. W. Wooden, Elec- tricity,W. Pruyne, Printing, R. N. Gibbs, Chemistry, T. G. Alvord, Machine, G. E. Hamalainen, Machine, Third row: M. B. Lohmaier, Lithography, Earl James, Health, E. Adamson, Radio, M. Wood, Aviation, W. L. Skinner, Photography, E. A. Thomas, Machine, G. J. Stoeber, Electricity, L. H. Snyder, Sheet Metal. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS r ,Ylitllf ........ ...... j AMES BARRY Serrctary . Damn -Xcxuunn l ILL President. .. ..... JACK Hon: Treasur r . NIUE li um: SENIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL SAM Zol.1,o -IACK Hom-' TDM AICGARRX' Lunwm Kugmusxz GALER XVmmNrr jous CHUHAY STAN CARAFDS ANcEl,o LAUDISI jon Rumi N.4TE BACHET Ronan AIEILLER jAMr1s BARRY DAVIID Acunovn ISDXVARD B0l.l.lN joe Clr1.1'RARA FLI-IYNIING BROWN josrivu KLEHR JAMES SPALLINA SENIOR AWARD FOR WAR ACTIVITY Edison Conservation Corps 'Mvm ACKROYD "Dave . ----.. .reart Footballg Cross Countryg Basket- bailg Glee Clubg Student Coun- cilg Service Corpsg Edi-Tecbg Engineering Clubg Secretary, Senior Class. IWGNALD ADAMS "Sniper" .- -..dequoit Footballg Sta 'e Crewg Aviationg Engineering Clubg Gym Lead- ersg Courtesy Party, National Honor Society. GEORGE ALBRECHT "George . N., Redeemer Traflic Squadg Lions' Clubg Hall Patrol. Dn-on.-Nic ALLOCCO "Dun mu. 43 Glee Clubg Voiceg Shop Sportsg Gym Leadersg VVar Production. 'fum ANDERSON "Andy" .-.a..Rlin War Productiong Red Cross Drive. HENRY APET7 "Ha-me Ao. 28 Trackg Engineering Clubg VVar Productiong Shop Sports. Images not available RALPH APPLETON "App NO. 33 Glee Clubg Footballg Service Corpsg lVrestlir7 'g Reserve Bas- ketballg Shop Sports. NATE BACHET "Nate" No. 3 Glee Clubg Service Corpsg Edi- Tecbg Secretary, Councilg Dra- maticsg Gym Leadersg Shop Sportsg Senior Treasurerg Na- tional Honor Society. 'Avro D-'-uv lKBmy77 Glee Clubg Cheer Leaderg Min- strel Showg National Honor So- cietyg Trackg Commander, Serv- ice Corpsg Councilg Basketballg President, Senior Classg Vice- President, Engineering Club. u. .,. P. H. X7ir1'nu RARIXU AQ "Vic" St. Gcorge's Glee Clubg Engineering Clubg War Productiong Dramnticsg Shop Sports. U-env BARTHEI. "Bart,' St. MichaeI's Glee Clubg VVrestlmgg Boxmgg Dramaticsg Co-op Courseg Shop Sports. lnuw Banruomr. AY "Ban" ot. Augustine's Election Committeeg Dramaticsg Glee Clubg Service Corpsg Shop Sports. RlCll.A3lJ B xlnriioromay "Ban ...,., . amily Footballg Basketballg Bandg Pres- ident and Treasurer, Students' Associationg Couneilg Engineer- ing Clubg Stage Crewg Service Corpsg Gym Leadersg National Honor Society. ,CHARI,PS,RARII,7 "Chun St. midrew's Service Corps. TJ 552154.11 . nflflfkc xl. li. l,. Glee Clubg Visual .-Xitlg Service Corps. I'ZAlll.E IBAUMAS "Eb" lm., Rosary Traffic Squadg VVar Produetiong lidi-Terbg Shop Sports. Aygrnox Y-BIQKNARDO "Barre, S. .,. . ,.,- -..tl Paul Soecerg Councilg Libraryg Box- ingg Treasurer, Graphic Artsg Edi-Tecbg Captain, VVar Bond Driveg Shop Sports. Rom-:k'r Blooms "Bo, .rshall Glee Clubg Shop Sportsg Minute Men. ,. Bgmuzn Bum-:R "B6T7uc V. .. Glee Clubg Councilg Shop Sportsg War Production. ,kmgielg "Mouic ,. ., P. H. Glee Clubg Service Corpsg Co-op Course. ELMER Boas:-1 "Al" ,. Michaels Service Corps: Cross Countryg XVrestlingg Traekg Engineering Clubg Stamp Clubg Checkerg Shop Sportsg National Honor Society. ,,HAR0l.D Bqarif "Harry .-....... clastman Glec Clubg Bandg Reserve Bas- ketballg fl0Ul'lCIlQ Official lmrumpetcr. ESDXVARD Boi.LlN "Dutch . .xliehael's Councilg Service Corpsg Glee Clubg Voiceg Edi-Tecbg Bowl- ingg Swimmingg Cheer Leaderg Campaign Managerg Leaders Corpsg Dramatics. Gzoncr-: BORRELLI '-'Qi'-4" " ' -Dk 5 uGE075u: I, AfCI'SOI1 Councilg National Honor So- cietyg Baseballg Service Corpsg Aviationg Engineering Clubg Shop Sports. QFORGE Bnrr "Botzo at. lmchael's Bowlingg Service Corpsg Trackg Courtesy Partyg Shop Sports. I .nms Bouncer "Fre1zchy" ot. r5ridget's Service Corpsg War Productiong Honor Rollg Shop Sports. Domus BRANNAN "Ba1r'na'nu r r 01 y nedeemer Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Shop Sports. NOD in A M RRICCQ 191 "Norms West Engineering Clubg Boostersg Minute Men. Fmmmc BROWN "Nicky East Libraryg Service Corpsg Co-op Courseg Shop Sports. LAWRENCE P"""'f'.L "Red ' No. 33 Post-War Planningg Hall Patrol. Images not available LEON BULLOCK "Benin" No. 52 Service Corpsg Courtg National Honor Societyg Wrestlingg Trackg Engineering Clubg Li- brary Aidg Checkerg Science Clubs of Americag Edi-Tech. XVILLIAM 'BYAM "Willie" Caledonia Service Corpsg VVar Productiong Shop Sports. ANTHONY CAOCAMISE "Cacky" East Secretary, Home Roomg Voiceg Glee Clubg War Productiong Crop Corps. Armm n Cu LIPARE l'Butcb" Edison Traffic Squadg Dramaticsg Soc. cerg War Productiong Shop Sports. gram FV CARAFOS "Stan" ...ai-shall Councilg Shop Sportsg Service Corpsg Crop Corpsg Engineer- ing Clubg National Honor So- ciety. GERAI .n CARRFYTTI "jerry Madison Captain, Service Corpsg Boxingg Engineeririg Clubg War Produc- tiong rackg Dramatics. F me CATALANO "jim" rranklin Service Corpsg Hall Patrol. A W-""'-'f1N'V CAYALERI "Paul" No. 25 Engineering Clubg Aviationg War Productiong Service Corpsg Checkers. Pxrsv Cumn.L0 "Pat" No. Z5 Baseballg Soccerg Aviationg En- gineering Clubg Service Corpsg Stamp Clubg Library Aidg Shop Spons. loim CHUHAY "Cbu'wee" Hol Redeemer Y Engineering Clubg Service Corpsg Shop Sports. Riu vu RIVITELLO "George" Lattimore Glee Clubg Voiceg Service Corpsg Engineering Clubg Cheer Leader. Rox' COLEMAN "Slim" No. 33 Edison Singcrsg Glee Clubg Shop Sports. Images not available R nnunw' f'nugAL "Tweet" No. ll Glee Clubg Edison Singersg In- ter-High Choirg Trackg XVresr- lingg Service Corpsg Engineering Clubg Edi-Tecbg Minstrel Showg National Honor Society. IAM:-:s Cox e "jim No. ll Swimmingg Service Corpsg Shop Sports. Ririmun ffnx "Dir'L"' r ranklin Gym Leaulersg Shop Sportsg Lions' Cluhg Minute Meng Na- tional Honor Society. limi-pn fll!I'1'R-XRA 4 . "Cutler" Mt. Carmel Decorating Comniitreeg Service Corpsg P. A. Syst:-ing Gym Lendersg Courtesy Partyg Senior Council. SAM Curxmo "Gumbo" No. 27 Shop Sportsg Basketballg Lith- ographers. RENO CUNICO "Reno" No. 25 Senior Councilg Service Corpsg Shop Sportsg Cheer Leader. I-hR0I.D DECKEII "Deck" lnuny Shop Sportsg Red Crossg Minute Men. '-cv DI-:COOK "lack" .vlarsr 'l Swimmingg Shop Sportsg De- baring. WILLIAM DENNIS "Cookie ot. Charles Trackg Gym Leaderg Service Corpsg Stage Crewg Bowlingg Wrestlingg Senior Couucilg En- gineering Clubg Checkerg Edi- ronian. JAMES DEPALMA "Croonc, ..v.y Cross Senior Councilg Soccerg Glee Clubg Basketballg Edison Singcrsg Voiceg Minstrel Showg Service Corpsg Engineering Clubg Dra- maticsg National Honor Society. PA'rv"'- 'LPALMA "Pat" hwy Cross Glee Clubg Voiceg Traffic Squadg Soccerg Baseball. Cru un DwTANnT "jerry" Madison Service Corpsg War Productxong Mmute Men. Images not available LEONARD DIETCH "Len" East Edi-Tecbg Projection Boothg Service Corpsg Library Aidg Decorating Committeeg War Production. ANTHONY DIFULVIO 'LT0ny" St. Mich :l's Glee Clubg Service Corpsg Gym Leadersg Shop Sports. ALDO DILORETO "Al" jefferson lingineering Clubg War Produc- tiong Minute Meng National lflonor Society. ANTHONY DILUGLIO "Tony" Madison Service Corpsg Boxingg Engi- neering Clubg Tracl-cg YVar Pro- duction. Cpu H n Dunning P "ferry" Holy Redeemer Shop Sportsg Boosters. Dmnwf-ic DIRENZI "Sparky" NO. Ski Patrolg Co-op CourSC. lomz DONOSKIO "Skehy -dison Shop Sportsg Graphic Arts, Minute Men. I I-'-nunn DRIYZYNSKI "Cbippy" r ranklin Glee Clubg Service Corpsg Shop Sportsg Beauty Show. Rnamrr Dunsm "Bob" vnarlotte Co-op Courseg Stage Crewg En- gineering Clubg Commutcrs. VMDDH EBERWEIN "loc" U. ra. P. H. Service Corpsg Swimmingg Gym Leadersg lfngineering Clubg Shop Sports. R wr-man Enmskr "Dick" No. 20 Glee Clnbg Voiceg Service Corpsg Aviationg Engineering Clubg War Productiong Date Bureau. 'innur FHMANN "Bala" 1nOly ramily Service Corpsg Engineering Clubg Trackg Wrestlmgg Shop Sports. Images not available U'-' 'mn FLAM "Sandy" Sc. Andrew's Coop Courseg Hall Patrolg Lions' Clubg Senior Council. H mom EKBLAND "Harry" St. rrancis Glee Clubg Ediffecbg Service Corpsg Gym Leadersg Graphic Artsg Baseball. P UWFRT Enmssrz "Ernie" Seneca Stage Crewg Gym Leadersg En- gineering Clubg Bowlingg Shop Sports. 'R Av I " an AN "E.vl.1" NVest Engineering Clubg Decorating Committeeg Boxingg Aviationg Visual Aidg War Production. RONALD EvELANn "Ron" .' ranklin War Productiong Photography. Imam Ewmn "lack No. 33 Glee Clubg Gym Leadersg Li- brary Aidg Horseshoesg Soccerg Trackg Visual Aidg Service Corpsg Engineering Club. MARIO FABI ".l4m , -..L ll Stage Crewg Glee Clubg Voiceg Senior Councilg Service Corpsg lrackg Chairman, NVar Bond. STEIIHEN FELICE "Stew ol. 1 .ndrew's A viationg Hall Patrol. XVn.1.1s Flsurzn ulfljlllll: 110mm nogers Bandg Parmlcg Commutcrs. llICHARD FLA1'r AKGOII1. ...een .,n5nluuA NIO. 4 Glee Clubg Voiceg Service Corpsg Dramatiesg Boosters. DONAI.ll Fox "Foxie" St. Andrew's Gym Lcadersg Senior Councilg Red Cross Driveg Courresy Party. Gizomm FRALEY l 'lSlccc" .Ame Placid Shop Sporrsg Ski Patrol, Lake Plaeidg Commutersg Secretary, Home Roomg P. A. Operate-r. Images not available EDWARD FRANK "Ed" ct. Andrew 's Service Corpsg Cross-Countryg Edi-Techy Engineering Clubg A I RFR1 Fnmfxv "Al" Holy iiosary Red Cross llriveg Shop Sportsg War Productiong Minute Men. lfnl-uf-is K lAi.1.AnAN "Bud" Qorpus Llhristi Glec Clubg XYar Producriong Hall Patrol. ISDVVARD CEIEFELI. nSDJl'A'1t?i St. .xllCl1!'lCllS Service Corpsg Shop Sportsg VVar Production. Gl,ENN GERMAN "Fire-bug" no. 43 Traekg Engineering Clulmg Gym Leadersg Service Corpsg Shop Sports. Wu: 1 .. flung' "lVillie" St. AliChael's Bandg Gym Leadersg Cheer Leaderg Traflicg Senior Couneilg Service Corpsg lflnginecring Clubg Boxing. 7 Inav GIESSELMAN "G...,ee ' namard Glee Clubg Voiceg Engineering Clubg Shop Sportsg Nationa Honor Society. DANIEL G" ' , "Dan" No. 43 Service Corpsg Swimmingg Trackg Engineering Clubg Shop Sportsg National Honor Society. WA' 11-:R Gwcnowlcz I "Gluck" franklin Co-op Courseg Basketballg Shop Sportsg National Honor Society. GEORGE GOUVEIA 'KGeu,5e at. Augustine Library Aidg Glee Clubg Solo- isrg Dramatics. LEON V GRAQBY f Y "Augie uemara Union Gym Leadersg Engineering Clubg Service Corpsg Senior Councilg Stage Crewg War Pro- duction. IAMIQS Glu-:co A "lim" V ocational Shop Sportsg Glee Clubg Trackg Service Corpsg Wrestling. Images not available RAYMoNn GREENHAGEN w "Myrt'i No. ll Traffic Squadg Co-op Courseg Fire Wardeng Shop Sportsg Na- tional Honor Society. WILLIAM GROBEN "l'Vbitey No. 11 Swimmingg Cross Countryg Wrestlingg Boxingg National Honor Societyg Glee Clubg Aviationg Library Aidg Gym Leaders. , Q"'ANl.EY GRZESZCZAK "Weezer" ot. Stanislaus Engineering Clubg Service Corpsg Shop Sports. loHN GUNERRA 'et "G1l7!71er NO. 27 Service Corpsg Basketballg Shop Sportsg Boosters. lol-iN HANSS "Fritz" or. -,vnu Lvangelist Cheer Leaderg Service Corpsg Student Courtg Footballg Trackg Boxingg Engineering Club. FREDERICK H ARDING "Zeke Dflglllllll NO. 4 YVar Productiong. Commutersg Technicians. De" " " " ""uzBEN "Harry" lVest Gym lcadersg Aviation. Giaiuru HARITER 257 . "larry" No. 20 Glee Clubg Captain, Service florpsg Aviationg Engineering Clubg Senior Councilg Wrestling. jouv l-IASENAUER ul0b777I5", Holy Rosary Shop Sportsg Minute Meng Lions' Club, LAWRENCE Huu-'ER P 'lI.arry" bt. Salome's Senior Councilg Captain, Service Corpsg Dramaticsg VVclders. ,Gi-:once HEM MING X c "Whitey" " 'No 52 Trackg Edi-Techy Glee Clubg Shop Sports. Loiuzx llERMAN "Butch" A " No. ll lingineeping Clubg Service Corpsg Co-op Courseg Shop Sports. Images not available Rance HOEHN "Baby Face" No, 33 Glee Clubg Voiceg Cross Coun- tryg Hortieultureg lVrestling. HERBERT HOEl.ZLE t "Herb" Franklin Glee Clubg Swimmingg Gym Leadersg Service Corpsg Cour- tesy Party. loHN HOFF "jackson" St. john livangelist Service Corpsg Footballg Cross Countryg Bowlingg Glee Cluhg Engineering Clubg Dance Coni- mittceg Gym Leadersg Vice- President, Senior Class. Gll.l3ER'li Hom Z "Gil" Bilfllilftl Union Glec Clubg Swiniiningg judge, Student Courtg National Honor Socictyg Stamp Cluhg lfngineer- ing Clubg Edi-Tcl'l',' Shop Sports. Lures Hoax "lim" 1-roxy Family Student Courtg liditor, Edi- Techg National Honor Societyg Engineering Clubg Stamp Clubg Secretary, Homcroomg Shop Sports. XX'-tl.TER Hoiuisv "W'ally Holy Redeemer Glee Clubg Voieeg lidison Sing- ersg Edi-Techy XYrcstlingg Cross Countryg Trackg Service Corpsg Engineering Clubg Shop Sports. 1 H,,T,.H,ur..,N l'Hurcb" Franklin Soceerg Senior C0llllCllQ Senior Representative. fx........ 1.-L-..- "Do11" No. 52 P. A, Systemg Glee Club3 Com- mutersg Motorcycle Club. n ,......,,- in. -.,.-nv "Bob" S. S. refer and Paul Captain, Serviee Corpsg Soeeerg liasebnllg Senior Couaeilg Gym I.cadersg Shop Sports. l row um Kaspria uI.L'lI7lj' St. john's Traekg Cross Conntryg Glee Clubg Service Corpsg Ed:-Tcrb. Vvvrvvn K-xsrxru HGL'Il6l I lun lxL'llCCl1lCI' KVM Produetiong Minute Meng l.ions' Club. Ronrwr K uiscu "Bob, ot. Margaret Mary Service Corpsg National Honor Soeietyg Senior Councilg Swim- mingg Trnckg Gym l,ezidersg Glee Clubg Cheer Leaderg Can- didate, Presidcntg President, lfn- gineering Club. Images not available !'iHN K A7AKl-TVICIUS "Kaz" St. Lieorge's Senior Councilg Crop Corpsg Horseshoesg XVar Productiong Shop Sports. 'nun K nssutn "johnny" St. .1alome's Glee Clubg W'ar Produetiong Lions' Club. lnenpiq Kr :run "Funky" St: Michael's Footballg Shop Sportsg XVar Pro- ductiong Place Kickers. Dun. Kuam "Kleen Liood Counsel War Productiong Hall Patrolg Minute Men. Lunwm Ki rv--upyz "Red" ot. rrancis Xavier Cross Couhtryg Trackg Wrest- lingg Service Corpsg Edi-Tecbg National Honor Societyg Gym Leadersg Library Aidg Minstrelsg Stamp Club. IDQDDI-I YH' '- "Cobb" Edison Swimmingg Soccerg Baseballg Graphic Artsg Bowlingg Traffic Squadg Red Cross Driveg Edi- sonian. D H"--rr Kam nekl "Bubblci"' Ao. 25 Gym Lezidersg Service Corpsg Shop Sports. ' -Q Knuvq uSf'II7'l-I", . XX'est Shop Sportsg Crop Corpsg VVar Production. I I-'HYIXRD KuAvm'z "lrisl.i' No. 20 Lihrairy Aidg Traffic Squadg Shop Sporrsg Lions' Cluhg VV:1r Production. Doxfxin Knmw "Don" St. Andrew's Glec Clubg Library Aidg Shop Sports. Ihrwny Kpwrms "llama St. Michael's Shop Sportsg VVQH' Productiong Crop Corps. A Nnxrln IAAUIVN ".411.qc' Corpus Christi Service Corpsg Swimmingg Shop Sportsg Secretary, Homcrooing Secretary, Graphic Artsg KVM' Bond Drive. Images not available F nRlan'r I,,1sscz1Nsi-il "Bob" East Basketballg Ifoorballg Socccrg Service Corps. F RANK LIBRRTI "Liberty" Past Glee Clubg Captain, Service Corpsg Avintiong Shop Sports. xVAI.1'l4iR IDNGHINE "IVa1t" XYash1ngron Irving XVrcstlingg Trackg Shop Sportsg Reserve Basketballg VVar Pro- duction. RRGII2 I.oNoo i'Ergie" Ifnst Glce Clubg Graphic Artsg Gym Lendersg Service Corpsg Secre- tary, Homeroonig Shop Sports. AN'I'llONX' AXIARK i'.lIarko" No, 27 Trnckg Glee Clnhg lfngineering Cluhg Senior Councilg Graphic Artsg Captain, Service Corpsg Visual Aidg Iilcctiong Photog- rapherg Checker. HBNRV MAss1ar:,iR "Hank I No. 33 Senior COLIHCIIQ Trnckg XX nr Bond Driveg VV:1r Production. lm:-:PH MAURO "joe" i-.t. tjarmel Service Corpsg Lions' Clubg De Sanctis Society. Mic:-IAEL MAzzEo "Mike" ladison Hall Patrolg Lunchroom Guard. Turwus MCGARRY "Moe" bt. lv1onica's Engineering Clubg Aviationg Captain, Service Corpsg Wrest- lingg Checkerg Senior Councilg Shop Sports. Rosen MEILLER "Bob" Holy Family Engineering Clubg Edi-Techy Service Corpsg Shop Sportsg National Honor Society. A RTI-nik lhf1FRRDlTH "Art" Barnard Union Glee Clubg Voiceg Service Corpsg Gym Leadersg Boxingg Engineering Clubg Shop Sports. XVALTM M i--nuirr "lValt Greece No. 5 Glee Clubg Footballg Trackg Wrestlingg Service Corpsg Voiceg Shop Sportsg Vice-Presi- dent, Students' Association, Na- tional Honor Society. lmages not available "" ' ' "'r.Nr: "Chuck Aquinas Traffic Squadg Swimmingg Sen- ior Councilg Dramaticsg Photog- rapherg Graphic Arts. Xk7ll,l.lAM Mnnmcmq "Bill" No. 33 Glee Clubg Service Corpsg Foot- ballg Swimmingg Vlfrestlingg Track. Fumzm-1 MULLER "Ge11e7' bt. charles borromco Glee Clubg Traflic Squadg Gym Leadersg Graphic Artsg Voiceg Shop Sports. PETER Muimroxm "Pete' No. 20 Traffic Squadg Shop Sportsg VVar Productiong Graphic Artsg Gym Leaders. 1 n1-..,,,Hv "Murph" Holy Family Senior Councilg Gym Leadersg Service Corpsg Edi-Tecbg P. A. Systemg Shop Sportsg Hall Patrol. l0HN Mr-:crm "Miz" lvit. llarmcl Glee Clubg Service Corpsg Voiceg Shop Sportsg Photog- raphy. RAYMOND Mvnzs "Slim" ....rshall Shop Sportsg Hall Patrol. RICHARD New "Pumper No. ll Glee Clubg Tennisg Service Corpsg Engineering Clubg Bas- ketballg Minstrel Showg Election Campaigng Voiceg National Honor Society. Louis NICCHITTA W "Nick" Qt. MiChael's Service Corpsg Shop Sportsg Trackg Boxingg Honor Roll. R 1 isscu, Nom'imoP "Run . Vest Wrestlingg Visual Aidg lingi- neering Clubg Aviationg Service Corpsg Gym Leadcrsg Library Aidg Senior Councilg National Honor Society. RICHARD Nonrimur f'En,...,,. .Ja za Voiceg Glec Clubg Trackg Cross Countryg Service Corpsg lingi- neering Clubg lnter-High Choirg Dramaticsg Edison Singers. fl'-'ARI we Nvnmm "Chuck" No. 52 Library Aidg Gym Leadersg Shop Sports. J Images not available Tuitio PANELLA "Flaw No. 20 Service Corpsg Bandg Co-op Courseg Boxingg liarly Birdsg Shop Sportsg Pan - American Club. FAMES PECORA "Pecky" ru. rraiicisiXavier Wrestlingg Service Corpsg Foot- ballg lingineering Clubg Checkerg Shop Sports. Pa ui Dirr AQRETQ "Picky" riarding Service Corpsg Gym l,.eadei'sg Soecerg Shop Sports. lnuv pol LE t "IolJm1y" St. Jonn rlvangclist Service Corpsg War Productiong Hall Patrol. '1 Dnnn-R "Ray" v v est Service Corpsg War Bond Driveg Shop Sportsg Gym Leaders. Luvms PUPA1AEi.i.i "Puppy noi, .xosary Footballg Baskethallg Bascballg Captain, Service Corpsg Grid- iron Club. Nr-:IL Rnvvl "Weasel" Cnarlottc War Bond Driveg Qommurersg War Production. A worn RFAD "Cowboy" -,.. l Christi Trackg Cross Countryg Trnliic Squadg Edi-Terbg Graphic Artsg Society of Horse-Bitteng Shop Sports. Insnm-I Rum: 'Aloe' . ioly Family Senior Councilg Socccrg Traffic Squadg Stage Crcwg Dramaticsg Campaign Managcrg Captain, VVar Bond Drive. l.xeoNARn REIMER ULFIIIINH lfmnklin Tralhc Squadg Glcc Cluhg War Productiong Inter-High Choirg Shop Sportsg National Honor Society. CONRAD Rxesfzu "Connie" Holy Ghost Glec Clubg XVar Productiong Commuters. loHN Roigrnrr "lack St. Charles Gym Lcadersg Glee Clubg Shop Sportsg Lust Call Club. Images not available A urimw v Rnsftn "Tany" Holy Cross Stamp Clubg Gym Lcadersg Service Corpsg linginecring Clubg VVar Productiong Shop Sports. r..Q...... n .mm "Ive" Mr. Carmel Glee Cluhg Edison Singersg Photo Editor, Edixoniarzg Serv- icc Corpsg Dramaricsg Quartetg Shop Sports. M Aw-ri i o Ruouitiu "Marte" Holy Family Aviationg Scrvicc Corpsg Soc- ccrg Enginvcring Clubg Checker. PAU. RYAN "Speedy" St. 1,-...Macc Enginccring Cluhg lfftlitor, Edi- soniang Service Corpsg Projec- tion Boothg lilcction Commit- tccg Chcckcr. Commun SALBLZR "Studs" ... P. H. Glue Cluhg Edison Singcrsg Gym Lcaclcrsg Co-op Coursey VVar Prodoctiong Shop Sportsg Boxing. RAygunvgn Q1-un-urn "Ita, ht. naiome's Footballg Baskctballg Service Corpsg Senior Councilg Shop Sports. M Aww Sermon "Marry " rnuauelphia Traffic Squadg Lions' Clubg War Productiong Shop Sports. lol-IN SCHULIK "jack" r ..,..rnas Service Corpsg War Productiong Hall Patrol. losam Sci-xwma "joe" Holy -amily Wrestlingg Visual Aidg Shop Sports. Vf"'H-I SEELYE IC "Stretch" Elmira Traffic Squadg juniors. RAVMOND SELKE "Cami: No. ll Glee Clubg Inter-High Choirg Swing Bandg Dramaticsg Wrest- lingg Shop Sports. A------ f' "Sepia" I- ranklin Service Corpsg Basketballg Base- ballg Shop Sports. Images not available A v nm:-r Qnmu-ru "Al" wir. parmel Glee Clubg Service Corpsg Graphic Artsg Senior Councilg Library Aidg Shop Sportsg Edi- sonian. Fm.-n ScAMBA-rv ,e "Freddy" Holy Rosary Bandg National Honor Societyg Engineering Clubg Commander, Service Corpsg Swing Bandg Basketball. BERNARD Susan. "Irish" Brooklyn Engineering Clubg Stamp Clubg Service Corpsg War Produc- tiong Shop Sports. BERNARD SIERADSKI "Bernie" St. 'l'heresa's Senior Councilg Aviationg Serv- ice Corpsg Engineering Clubg Checker. DYVANR SMITH " Wayne" Washington Irving Baseballg Commutcrsg Minute Men. Cnr-In SMITH "Skip" Franklin War Productiong Hall Patrolg Lions' Club. A lack SNELL "Bmw Franklin Swimmingg Service Corpsg Gym Leadersg National Honor So- cietyg P. A. Systemg Stage Crewg Senior Councilg Secretary, En- gineering Club. imsis SOMMI-:RL 7 . "Lew" ' St. Boniface NVar Productiong Commuters. JAM:-:s SPALQNA "lim" No. Z0 Glee Clubg Edison Singersg Voiceg Co-op Coursey hop Sports. iljasiu' Suszax "Hank" ' C Franklin Horticulture Clubg Aviationg Shop Sporrsg Photography. Y Nuxzlo STORE 4 "Sea-Dog K Aquinas Honorable Discharge, Navyg Service Corpsg XVar Bond Driveg Crop Corpsg Shop Sports. ANTQION 3 ISAMBE "Tmffb7" S No. 27 Clee Clubg Aviationg Co-op Courseg Shop Spam, Imaqes not available , "Count" No. 8 Traffic Squadg Visual Aidg Elec- tion Committeeg Library Aidg C0-op Courseg Shop Sports. DOEIALD "Don" i Scortsville Service Corpsg Shop Sportsg Senior Council. Ranma THlRAIIl.T "Speedy" Franklin Traffic Squadg Shop Sportsg Li- brary Aidg War Production. R nv Tnriwn 1 "Roy" Webster Safety Patrolg Shop Sportsg Commuters Club. Waimea Tiumom 1 "Walt" Holy Rosary War Productiong Hal Patrol. PHILIP 'TRAPANI "Fillipo" ocational Shop Sportsg Footballg Basket- ballg Service Corpsg Trackg Se- nior Council. l.om:N Tmmsrl, J "Tiff I ivladison Aviationg Municipal Airportg VVar Production. ' A Mrs XVANDE SAND!-1 'LVM wo. 52 Service Corpsg Standard Bcarcrg National Honor Societyg lfngi- neeting Clubg Eleetiong Chair- man, War Bond Drive. Room: VAN Dia VKJORIJPI "Va11dy" Qt. Andrew's Library Aidg lingineering Clubg Service Corpsg War Production. f?--- - un Vruslmv ulerry No. 33 Edi-Techy 'lirackg Minute Men. A u-run :R GUI-'xi-rugg "Art" Holy Family Foorballg Baseballg Trackg Bowl- ingg President, Students' Asso- ciation and Senior Classg Na- tional Honor Societyg Gym Leadersg Edi-Teclag liingineering Club. nr, Aw-S-AT K "Al" .,.. Francis Service Corpsg Aviationg l.i- brary Aidg XVrestlingg Engi- neering Clubg Checkerg Shop Sports. Images not available R ici-:Ann VVn sm: "Dic'k,' iluiy Family Gym Leadersg Library Aidg Traflic Squadg Co-op Courseg Shop Sports. Guan XVRIGHT "Gay A .o. 33 Service Corpsg Engineering Clubg judge, Student Courtg National Honor Societyg Min- strelsg Dramaticsg NVar Bond Driveg Edi-Tecbg Shop Sports. Toms: 'limivnrn "lack" St. joseph's Trackg Honor Rollg Co-op Courscg Shop Sports. T3 -vxunvn Ylvu: "Porky" U. I.. P. H. Glee Clubg Traffic Squadg Gym Leadersg VVar Productiong Shop Sports. is 'M '1lilIf1 "Sam" VVcst Glee Clubg Trackg Engineering Clubg Dance Committeeg Avia- tiong Captain, Service Corpsg War Bond Driveg Swimming, LAWD'-'ff 7oMRoLo t "Larry" bt. rrancis Xavier Service Corpsg Aviationg Graphic Artsg Engineering Clubg Gym Leadersg Edi-Teclag Li- brary Aidg Wrestling. WHO'S WHO IN STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION-OFFICERS AND CABINET FALL TERM President... ........ RICHARD BARTHOLOMAY Se1:retary.... ..... JAMES MULILR Vice-President. . .. ....... .WALTER MERRITT Treasurer . . . . . .... DICK SOEHNER SPRING TERM STUDENT COUNCIL Adviser, MR. WVILDER Seniors: George Borrelli., Dennis, james Vande Sande, Galer Wright, joe Kolb, john Hasenauer, Ray Selke, Larry Heifer, Edward Bollin, joe Mauro, jack Elam and james Pupatelli. juniors: Robert Dengler, Richard Thiele, Albert D'Amanda, William Rush, Leonard Fisher, Daniel Sterzel, Ray DeVoll, NVilliam Schipper, Frank Goodberlet, Tom Hendrick, Ray Madi- gan, Tom Doehler, james Littlefield, joseph Lovetro, Robert Connor and Paul Colaprete. Sopbomores: Bob Herrgesell, George Bartholomay, john Beers, VVilliam VVest, Robert Stech- ler, William Granville, Ray Leckinger, Douglas Horn, joseph Manetta, Leon O'Connor, Roy Quinn and Lyle Sullivan. Freshmen: Paul MacGregor, jerry Chapin, Henry Harrison, Robert Hart, Roy Barrett, john Ange, Leonard Coleman, Robert Marlowe, Tom Slowc, Andrew Carafos, Dean Brewer, Robert Shearer, james Forest and David Lisk. SERVICE CORPS Adviser, MR. XVILDER Commander, james Barry Assistant, Fred Sgambaty Captains: George Borrelli, Sam Zollo, Gerald Hartter, joe Mauro, Don Adams, Bob Lesczinski, Bob johnson, Galer VVright, XValter Merritt, Larry Helfer, Gerald Carretta and Bob Kausch. Squad Members: George Bott, Lawrence Zombolo, Dick Soehner, jim Muller, Dick Northrup, Charles Barth, john Guncrra, Harold lirbland, David Ackroyd, Stanley Carafos, Dick Iiggert, Elmer 'Boase, joe Eberweiu, Bill Dennis, Reno Cunieo, Leon Bullock, john Vczclio, Angelo Laudisi, Russ Northrup, Louis Niechitta, Phil Trapani, Don Tcsch, Bill Giehl, Ralph Civitello, Tullio Panella, George Berger, Ed Frank, Nate Bacher, Bob Meiller, Roger Vande Voorde, Bob Connal, jim DePalma, Anthony DiLuglio, Art Meredith, Pat DePalma and john Schulik. TRAFFIC SQUAD Adviser, Mn. HULEK Captain, Edwin Saeger Lieutenant, Ray Greenhagen Privates: Don Maggio, joe Reber, Bill X-Vilforth, Ken Richardson, Dick Van Gorder, Peter Muratore, jerry Miller, Angelo Callipare, Leonard Kravetz, Martin Schron, joe Kolb, Harold Tausch, Arnold Read, Charles Milne, Bruce Thibault, Earl Bauman and Ray Zink. STUDENT COURT Adviser, MR. SPRINGER judge: Gilbert Holtz. Attorneys: Leon Bullock, john Hanss, james Hom, jack Snell and Galer Wright. OFFICERS Fall Term V 1 1 Rlcx-mm BAnmoLoMAv WALTER Mr-zluurr JAM:-Ls IWULLER DICK SOEHNER Presxderzt Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring Term Balm? Kwscn Gnoms BORIILLI Lunwm Kmxnnuz Gnom: Burmonoun President Secretary Treasurer Vice-Pruide-nt STUDE T COUNCIL Mr. President: I move that the Students' Association send copies of the Edi-Tech and the Edixoniiln to our men in service. Motion carried. SERVICE CORPS f,'m1rm.n1dcr Harry: "Felloxx's. these are your amignmcnts for the concert by the Rochester Civic Orchestra. Remember, Guy Fraser Harrison said we were his most attentive audience." TRAFFIC SQUAD Captain Siwger: "Men, you must win the Battle of the Crosswalks. You have saved 100 lives but your quota for the year is l95." STUDENT COURT l judge Holtz: "The court Finds the defendant guilty of resisting arrest by a member of the Service Corps. The sentence is 4 nights in the Stay-A-XVhile Club, and copy the Student Laws 10 times." WHO'S WHO IN SCHOOL SPIRIT EDI-TECH Adviser, MR. Booicour Editor-in-Chief, james Horny Feature Editors, Walter Horylcv and Ludwig Kleinhenz, Service Richard Thiele, Assistant, VVarren Lind, Shop, Peter DiPasquale, Sports, Leon Bullock and Albert D'Amanda, Roving Reporter, Edward Bolling Circulation Manager, Gilbert Holtz, Service Managers, Alan Burnham and Edward Frank. EDISONIAN Adviser, Mn. WALLACE Editor-in-Chief, Paul Ryan, Assistant Editor,djoe Kolb, Feature Editor, Leonard Kravetzg Art Editor, Geor e Hemming, Photography E itors, Albert Servati and john Musseri, Sports Editor, jack Sneli Sales Manager, Bob Kausch, Advertising Manager, William Dennis. STAGE CREW Adviser, Mx. Sroenr-:R Manager: Albert D'Amandag Assistant: Bob Ernisse, William Dennis, Bob Bussy, Don Kamm, Harvey Gosselin and Andrew Foubister. CHEER LEADERS Chief: james Barry, Bob Kausch, Ralph Civitello, Reno Cunico, jim DePalma, Fred Sgambaty, Bill Giehl, Peter Carioty and Art Carafos. ENGINEERING CLUB Adviser, MR. Etuorr B. SMITH Robert Barry, Arthur Meredith, joe Eberwein, Stanley Carafos, David Ackroyd, joseph Kolb, Eugene Zodarecki, james Papatelli, Carl Chiapperini, Phil Trapani, joseph Reber, Dick Barthol- omay, jack I-Iolf, Elmer Boase, George Borrel i, Norman Briggs, Leon Bullock, Anthony Cava- leri, Patsy Chirillo, William Dennis, Leonard Dietch, Aldo DiLoreto, Richard Eggert, R. Eshel- man, john Giesselman, William Groben, Gerald Hartter, Loren Herman, Gilbert Holtz, YValter Hory ev, ljames Hom, Anthony Mark, Tom McGarry, Richard Northrup, james Pecora, Anthony osati, Paul Ryan, jack Snell, Don Adams, Carl Tiberio, Salvatore Zollo, Lawrence Zombolo, john Chuha , Robert Connal, Lawrence Ehmann, Ed Frank, Glenn German, William Giehl, Dan Gill, Stanley Grzeszczak, jack Hanss, Ludwig Kleinhenz, VValter Merritt, Russell Northrop, Fred Sgambaty, Bemard Siegel, james Vande Sande, Galer VVright, Albert Wiegand, Ralph Civitello, Dick Nevsklilames DePalma, Ed Gefell, john Bartholomay, Albert Servati, Ray WVaidler, Robert Ernisse, arcello Ruggeri, Bernard Sieradski, George Bott and Paul Klein. EDISON BAND ' Leader, Mn. Gr-:once TROUP Charles Alaimo, jack Achille, Gene Aposto, George Bartholomay, Richard Bartholomay, Don- ald Bauerlein, Leonard Bermola, Foster Bleile, Harold Boeff, Eugene Bonn, Herman Brause, Pat Capizza, 'jerry Chapin, Archie Cooke, Robert Cook, Bill Copenhagen, Richard Cramer, Stanley Crump, hilip DeGeorge, jack Dennis, Leonard DeWolf, james Dilmore, Vincent Ferrara, Richard Flood, George Francz, Richard Giehl, Edison Graves, Albert Hauck, Hugh Holder, Al johnson, Leslie johnson, Art Kaiser, Don Kaufman, Ed Lecata, VValter Logan, joseph Manetta, Vincent Nicastro, Tullio Panella, joe Prophet, Frank Quinn, Fred Sgambat , Ray Smith, Pat Sericone, jack Vandenberg, james Van Wyckhouse, joe Vella, Werner Vliehling, Richard Woodard, Willis Fisher and Richard Combs. GLEE CLUB Leader, GEORGE Tumour Accompanist, ALBERT HECKMAN L. Burchard, R. Cramer, A. Karles, D. Semple, P. Martone, F. Connors, D. Smith, j. Walezak, R. Pagano, j. Sprug, E. Bonn, B. Genkes, E. Burkin, D. Seeber, R. Patricelli, j. Ange, A. Ker- scher, R. Bennett, . DeGraff, j. Weisenbom, O. I-Iape, T. Bemard, W. Glogowski, L. Ziegler, A. Carafos, E. Phillips, D. Kamm, D. Wagner, D. Reisinger, D. Robinson, R. Gill, F. Dominak, R. Staub, S..Barco, . Peger, H. Peifferv. Batz, R. Leckinger, j. Wright, j. Provenzano, B. Siri- :inI1nkR. Eiziengielenski, . Harris, P. ettach, I. Richter, W. joerger, D. Miller, R. Roth and . mo . R. Stout, D. Ramsey, H. Utz, H. Zink, L. Coleman, W. Coistek, V. Vallone, B. Bennett, R. Nor- ris, F. Leschhom, A. Merkel, j. Alexander, E. Cassata, R. Henderbcrg, E. Almekinder, Ed Graves, E. Amato, W. Raetz, H. Zink, L. Schwind, H. Frank, F. Boehmer, R. Cameron, R. Steehler, V. Aceto, B. Dennis, I. Hendrick, W. Kennelly, R. Minster, j. Beers, j. Alaimo, R. Reeners, R. Ryskowski, W. Luddy, Mazzochetti, j. Flatt, V. Baronas, VV. Kleehammer, D. Fortman, D. Flugel, R. Hcberger, j. reviso, E. Ostertag, R. Russell, j. Lamphrom, F. Per- rncelli, j. McGowan and F. Chambers. R. Krug, C. Morley, G. Carlson, E. Maiuri, C. Nielsen, D. O'Leary, j. Spallina, F. VVohlganger, L. Bernola, R. Bloom, P. Mueller, C. Camilleri, . Tatilian, j. Pererick, G. Pellegrino S. D'Angelo, K. Enright, L. Szpiler, W. Murphy, F. Blom, W. Crooks, L. Pierce, H. XVilczexv- ski, F. Pearl, j. O'Reilly, A. Carafos, A. Zimmerman, T. Stear, V..Furia, D. Grapcnstettcr, H Derleth F Gentile D Corcoran E Brown D Leach M Laudico Pcrticone R Schum- ski, D. Flanagan, W. Ropham, A. Wild, U. Verstring, I. Spampinato, Goodberlcit, lmhof. F. Lattinella, D. McGlynn, L. Gumey, G. Zink, G. Lindner, L. Ziegler, j. Ribstein, R. Ambcau I.. Olek, L. Lanski, j. Kupski, E. Suski, R. Kiske and D. DiPasquale. v D. Heberger, L. Vande XVall, S. Amico, R. Cooke, C. Tierlinch, J. Laurer, R. Krieg, H. Young, W. Cahill, Phelan, D. Musson, F. Derleth, R. Barrett, A. Kirstein, XV. Maier, j. Rafoth, L. Kasper, . Biddle, j. Dinni, A. Grana, C. Angello, F. LaRosa, XV. Iiidman, H. Kaymo, A. Mogavero, C. Brush, R. Lester, O. Bruno, V. Terziani, P. Carioty, Golomb, j. Mannara, R. Christ, j. Bleier, R. Flynn, V. Sercu, C. Hughes, j. Lape, Cyron, M. Martin, A. Lcntzer, H. Sherman, R. Barthel, j. Wayda, R. Prem, K. Mahns, C. McBride, j. Viavattine, XV. Bar- VISUAL AID CORPS Adviser, MR. SPRINGER Managers: Russell Northrup, Ray Eshelman, Ed Saeger, George Miller, Arnold Eckert, Harold Tausch, George Berger, joe Schwab and Irwin Stockmaster. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Adviser, Mk. NIAN NING Seniors: Leon Bullock, Ludwig Kleinhenz, Aldo DiLoreto, Fred Sgambaty, XVilliam Groben, james Horn, Gilbert Holtz, james Vande Sandc, Richard Cox, Robert Meiller, George Bor- relli, Russell Northrop, jack Snell. Galer lVright, james Barry. Stanley Carafos, Daniel Gill. Dick New, Iilmer Boase, james DePalma, Nate Bachet, Donald Adams, Dick Bartholomay, XValter Merritt, Robert Kausch, Arthur Guentner, john Giesselman, Robert Connal, XYaltcr Gluehowiez, Leonard Reimer and Ra Greenhagen. luniors: Donald Killaby, Ted Reynolids, Al D'Amanda, Len Fischer, Richard Thiele. Robert Dengler, Harold Fshleman, Louis Polo, Felix W'rublewski, Robert Hellman. Kenneth Shelter. Charles Forstbauer, Richard Konopko, Edward Stunguris and Iidwin Saeger. AVIATION CLUB Adviser, IYIARK XVoon President, joe Reber, Vice-President, Russell Northrop, Secretary, Gerald Hartter, Treasurer, Nate Bachet. Al VViegand, john Solowski, Pat Chirillo, Bill Groben, Marcello Ruggeri, Bernard Sieradski, Sam Zollo, Don Adams, Anthony Cavaleri, George Borrelli, Aldo DiLoreto, Fred Gaumann, Tom McGarry, Ray Fshelman, Bob Powers, Dick Malloy. Dick Fggert, Norm Staelens, jim Cahill, Charles Agnello, Carl Riedel, Fd Mazur, Tom Mascari, Alan Burnham, jim Hutchinson, Charles Nyboer, Ray DeVries, Louis Amico, Fd Brabant, Toni Burns, AI Salerno, Gene Asposto, Leon Carroll, Bill Byam, Ray Toung, Hal Goldberg, Bill XVest, Harry Shannon, Bob Minor, Art Carafos, Ifd Houters, Bob VVahl, Don Maggio, George Gough, Dick Davis, lflmer Tierson, Arnold lickert, Ed Brown, Farl Fuller, Don Killaby, jim Van XVyckhuuse, Dan Hay- nard Dick Barthel, Pat Capizzo, Leo Lambert, joe Cannizzo, Dick Schreiner, Bill Stevenson and Dick Van Gorder. clay and T. Arena. GRAPHIC ARTS SOCIICTY Adviser, MR. Mclxzrosu President, Angelo Laudisi, Vice-President, Robert Connor, Secretary, joe Kolb, Treasurer, Ray DeVoll. Ronald Overmyer, Robert Connor, Ralph Dimmick, Chester Krygier, Vincent Ferrara, Fugene Glogowski, Anthony Thomas, Louis Polo, joe D'Amico, Dan Kennelly, Loreto Ruggeri, Clar- ence Hagler, Charles Forstbauer, Robert Rush, David Aekroyd, Harold Erbland, Anthony XVark, Lawrence Zombolo, and Peter Muratore. Stage Production Crew Cheer Leaders Clwcrizrq Squad: "I-et's give a Locomotive Yell for those loyal men behind the scenes." Stage Crew: "Let's throw the spotlight on those shrinking violets, the Cheering Squad." EDI - TECH Editor Horn: "Lind, you cover the Harvest Danceg D'Amnnd:1, cover the VV11r lloml Drive lileinhcnz, eovcr thc Franklin gauncg Bullock, cover that man-hole with that lid yon're pitch ing pennies with." EDISONIAN '45 Hr. Skinner: "This year thc Senior portraits will look iust like Hollywood movie stars." Senior: "Yes, like Boris Karloif and Donald Duck." NATIONAL GRAPHIC ARTS SOCIETY Mr. Mclntosb: "The traditional medium of our arts is ink." Connor: ujoe Kolb plugged his nose with red, green and purple ink-and when he sneczed hc spelled out 'Gcsundheit'-with rainbows." AVIATION CLUB Mr. IVo0d: "Dan, how many hours have you had in the air?" McGarry: l'Ask him his age-he's always up in the air." Hr, Sluirll: "Gentlemen of the Ifngincuring fflulm. carry high the ,Iorch of Science, in 4 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY I, xv Hr. llamfmqi "Nou, mon, thu idcnlw of tlw National Honor Society may he reduced to thu IIIIIIIICIIUII to Inc al good IICIfIl1INlI'.H ull lliilj'-llI'L'1IlllIIlf.l1lINDllI'IA,IJIIf'li "l'll he n good I1CIghIJUI"1lIIllIIHXXIN ENGINEERING CLUB 5 t I bv.'!1lglllL'Ql nge." Iluyf: "Sturm l'll curry' thu torch for Yrrmnrim I,.lkL' :u1dMcrq Hugh." DU I' VISUAL AID CORP Mr. Sprilluqur: "XYln-n thc smiml-tmclq is running ahead of thc niovcnicnts of rhc nctm"s lips, wlmr should you ilu?" Ii.v!Jcl111.111.' "il-all hiin to hcnt his gums faster." EDISON B ND 'X Q I-r Mr. Troup: ulicllows, wc'rc in a iann. XVC lmvc only half cnough copies of thv "'2:2U Spa-cial" rn do this IIIIIIIIJCIYN IJcGcm'gu: 'kDon'f worry, inzicstrn. The rest nf ns will give out with thc "G, l. Gyvcf' Swing is swing, nnd iznn is jenn." EDISON GLEE CLUB WE SAVE AMERICAN CULTURE And Create Some of Our Own THE SPORTS ROUND-UP Football champs of 1944? Not in games won, but, in iight and spirit, yes. Newsmen say that the goal-line stand against Madison, when their heavy line and backs were held for four downs on the one-yard line, was the most magnificent display of fighting heart ever seen in high school football. Champs, absolutely. We remember Art Guentner's stand-out performances, running, kicking, passing, tackling like a super all-scholastic. Dick Bartholomay ran the team and the school with an experienced hand. jim Pupatelli, among other things, made the most sensational run of the year, a mere 100 yards, a record which cannot be beaten until inflation hits the gridiron. Dick Schicker, jack Hans, joe Klehr of the educated toe, made fullbacks sit up and take notice. Walt Merritt was our all-scholastic end, also Bob Lesczinski, Dave Ackroyd, Phil Trapani and George Bartholomay. Yes, they thought our line was green, but like a sapling, it bent but never cracked. Paul Colapreti, Carl Chiapperini, Ray Purdy, john Stenclik and john Cristao made a strong bunch of tackles. Adams and Hoff were 'good guards but what business did Hoff have taking that lateral for a touchdown against West? Bob Connor was the team clown and center. YVe can truthfully say that penalties cost us the cham- pionship. They came always when they hurt most. jim Muller, Lake, Thomas, Sullivan look good carrying the pigskin for next year-and keep your eyes on a freshman, Sam Bertini. Don't say we didn't warn you. Every member of the squad deserves a rising vote of thanks. In basketball, it was all Sam DiFranco, an all-time great. He established the city record of 32 points in a game, after tying it at 27 the week before. We defeated Franklin, making the season a success, and incidentally forced Madison, sectional champs, into an overtime period before they stopped us. That soccer team gave us high hopes and behaved like champs. High spot was that impossible corner kick by Bob johnson who won the game against Franklin in the last twenty seconds by curving the ball between the uprights. That score of I0-0 against East was a record for Tech. joe Reber was the backbone of the team, but jim DePalma and Bob'were a couple of good ribs, providing the fighting spark and much of the skill. Re-enter Fate and page Bob Ripley. What happened to our cross-country team? One week Dick Northrup was bitten in the leg and disabled by a dog. The next week Arnold Read went him one better and was bitten in the same place by a horse who was trying to do worse and almost succeeded. Finally Ludwig Kleinhenz proved that cross-country is the mgged sport by breaking his leg after stepping into a hole going down hill-but he finished the race, running seven-eighths of a mile more because a Monroe runner had passed him. Walt Horylev looked like a great Dane racing a bunch of poodles when he stretched those legs. ln the great American sport we were starving Armenians. jack Fisher pitched some great games but the opposing pitchers found it almost impossible to hit our bats, so we became almost hitless, but no wonder. But this is our year. Speaking of sports, in the Horticulture Exhibit, Mr. Bennett's filberts won the blue ribbon over Mr. Alvord's peanuts. Did you see the Galloping Ghost of Clifford Avenue, Bob Les- czinski, intercept that pass behind the Marshall line and hoof it for a six-pointer? Bemie Cowey and Bob Hemming did some good high jumping. Art Guentner was tops in the sprints and with the shot-put Walt Merritt helped win that championship with his skyward pole vaults. Dick Northrup carried an extra belly tank on those mile runs. Bob Connal must have used jet-propulsion on the hurdles. That, boy German, can travel too. But we have a swell bunch of kids who didn't win fame but were out there fighting and will win that championship again this year. We can't praise too highly the world's championship coaching of Mr. Sprague, whose bowl- ing teams have won eleven championships for Tech in thirteen years. WHO'S WHO IN SPORTS FOOTBALL Coach, Bm. QUENAN Assistant, join: MAcNAa Captains: Art Guenmer and Dick Bartholomay. George Bartholomay, Phil Trapani, Carl Chiapperini, Ray Schicker, Bob Connor, jim Pupatelli, jack Hoff, Don Adams, Walt Merritt, Dave Ackroyd, Pete Pasnak, Leo O'Connor, Bob Les- rzinski, joe Klehr, Harvey Young, Dan Foubister, Ed Elensky, jack Achille, Eugene Cristao, Lyle Sullivan, Walter Lake, jim Muller, Anthony Thomas, jack Hanss, Augie DiSano, Pete Alekson, jack Schwartz, Ken Weil, Pete DiPasquale, Ray Purdy, Ed Wendel, john Stenclik and james Pecora. SOCCER Coach, BARNEY FARNAN Manager: Pat Chirillo. joe Reber, jim DePalma, Bob johnson, Pat DePalma, LaVerne Coy, Howard Graus, Dick Van Gorder, joe Kolb, Tom Spampinato, james Hutchinson, Gerald Cushman, Carl Piccaretta, Al Calarco, Frank Srorace, Dick Eggert, Hugh Torrance and Paul DePalma. CROSS COUNTRY Coach, FRANCIS MCCLUMPHA Manager: Frank Wohlganger. Walter Horylev, Albert Hauck, Ludwig Kleinhenz, Amold Read, Ted Van Beurden, Bill Kleehammer and Dick Northrup. BASEBALL Coach, EARL jAMEs Manager: Tom Colombo. Sam Pizzaferrato, jack Fisher, Milt Houghtaling, Norbert Ewertowski, jim Pupatelli, Duane Smith, jerry Pucillo, Bob johnson, Sam DiFranco and Bob Grassi. TRACK Coach jo!-IN MAcNAs Manager: jack Hanss. Santo Marzullo, Ed Beers, Larry Koen, john Ewing, Glenn German, Bob Connal, jim Muller, Dick Northrup, Len Kasper, Leo Schwind, Dan Coyne, john Houseman, Art Guentner, Her- bert McKenna, Earl Fuller, Delmar Leach, Ludwig Kleinhenz, Albert Kehm, Phil Trapani, jack Hanss, Fred Sgambaty, Dan Gill, Bob Peper, Dan Cahill, joe Klingler, Al D'Amanda, Dick Mahany, john Wright, Don Kamm, Bill Granville, Dick Wirth, Wallace Kennelly, james Provenzano, Ben Serianni, William Kleehammer, john D'Amico, Frank Romeo, Tom Doehler, Bill Dennis, Walt Merritt, Walt Longbine, Bob Rush, Rudy Siegl, john Stenclik, Walt Horylev Bernard Cowey, George Hemming, Al Leutung, Dan Sterzel, Bob Kausch, Henry Boesch, Nick Qualdiere, john Zimmer, Henry Apetz, Dick Fladd, Vincent Marrone, Bob Martin, Paul Messina, Arnold Read, Ed Wendel and Bob Schipper. TENNIS Al Servati, Dick New, james Van Wyckhouse, Robert Schmidt, jim Lowes, George Herman. BASKETBALL Coach, EARL JAMES jim Pupatelli, john Gunerra, Fred Sgambary, james DePalma, Sam Cumbo, Bob Lesczinski, Dick New, Al Seppen, Dick Bartholomay, Ralph Appleton, Phil Trapani, Anthony Thomas and Dick Eggert. BOWLING Coach, HARRY SPRAGUE Manager, Robert Ernisse Captain, Art Guentner Ed Bollin, john Kazakevicius, George Bott, Don Vande Sande, Ralph Baleno, Phil DeGeorge, Paul Shepard, Ray Madigan, Frank Hill and joseph Lang. SWIMMING Coach, En 0'HARA Ed Saeger, Elmer Tierson, jack Snell, Hugh Holder, joe Eberwein, jerry Miller, Peter Carioty, Arthur Carafos, Albert Hauck, Donald Meyer, Lee Smith, Dick Davis, Russell Roth and jack Weber. 4 Freshmen members not picked at time of going to press.J FOOTBALL One of our most loyal fans is Mis. Goodberlet, mother of Frank, who played a lot of end. lVhen the boys in the stands were au heated up about the way our gains were being nullified by penalties, she said, "VVhy worry? Tech likes to win the hard way." BASEBALL 5011 Our outfieldcrs had a trick which backfired. VVhen the ball got by them and the grass was deep, each had a ball hidden in his back pocket. Going after the same fly, two collided, col- lapsed, got up and threw two balls in to the plate. One knocked out the umpire, one the base runner. The game was forfeited to the rule book. BOWLING Recently jack HofT's thumb wouldn't come out and the momentum of his terrific wind-up carried him after the ball. From close up he guided the ball to the pocket and made a strike. lle claimed it legal because his body h:1dn't touched thc alley, following the ball a foot above the alley. The National Bowling Association is considering ii change in the rule books. BA KETBALL Cggglg llmlcsi L'You two cover A, you two cover B, you two cover C. YOU TWU CUVCI' D you two cover Ii." l.es'rzimki.' "Say cozieh, we're five men, not ten." Coach jJ7Ilc'3'.' "Then stop seeing: double when you shoot lmsketsf' A TRACK .. ,- --.. .. Y- Coizrln .U.u'NaI1',v ffdillillg xysrcwl: cillCI1U1CI' pitches the shot-put, Merritt su ings multing pole, does S foot high iuinp on way to first base, then docs 220 yards to thirdg to get home he hi'o.id iuxnps 22 feet. lf the shot-put is returned before the runner. hc is out. CROSS COUNTRY Hero of the year, Ludxxig lxleinhenl. In his List race he broke his leg nearly n mile from the finish. Ile felt ii slmrp tu inge of pain, sam some Monroe runners pass and decided he eouldn't stop. Ile didnt See llenry iIlnne's column in lJuwm'n1f and fihflllliflc' of October 21, I944. SOCCER XVhat a game! ln most games you play the ball, hit it or kick it. ln soccer you try your best to miss the ball to kick your opponent. l-Ie has already kicked you. Good ball players duck a ball coming at their headsg good soccer players enjoy bouncing the ball off the cranium. SWIMMING i is rn ? .Lf Ska' Andx - Y K ff . ,h ' I if ,N W - i ' 5.1.4 ,,...,...:..c.i 1 1 s is "'.' , , UNDER-WAER CoNvr-:nsAnoN Saeger: "When I open my mouth under wghnster . . ." Eberfwein: "Me tooghgrghf' Saeger: "Wish we could get Adolgrph Hitlgherglp down here." WE BUILD CHAMPIONS mx OR 1.0513 ei-:wht W1 ' ag' . 1 . S- -Q? 4 ' as V ' L ' fy. " filfls'-...wS.,g,Lg 3. is . X U ar A 'aiyq x is HEALTH PLUS OUR NUMBER ONE OBJECTIVE CREDITS TOWARD LETTER AWARDS MAJOR 'I' REOUIREMEN Ts IN ATHLETICS IN PAPTICIDATION IN SCHOLARSHIP ATI-n.eTIcs ao so so VNQTICIPATION 50 BO so sc:-1oI.As2sr-III2 so 50 ao OPTIONAL ao 50 50 TOTAL I7O I70 I7o MINOR Z' PEOUIRENEN T5 ATHLETICS so 20 zo PAQTICIPATION 20 SO 20 aCI-IOIAPSI-IIID 20 2.0 so QPTIONAI. 20 20 20 EAI.. II0 IIO no SCHOLARSHIP CREDITS BHAVEQAGE 42 CREDITS PER ve An 'c'AvEnAeE 24 cvarbvrs Pam-I:c1' Avrznomcn QPUNCTUALITY zo cnr.oI1's usa Y-:An PARTICIPATION onions I T COUNCIL Io: CABINET + sz orrsczvas fzoz PRESIDENT ISIPRESIDENT asj sznvucz conos Irowssnsy menssns nog QAPTAII-ua: comnmocn + Io. TIDAI-'FIC SQUAD ITERMI Manassas zo: CAPTAIN + IO. I-:on-'racx-I STAFFIO1 ASST am-ron -I-I0 :on-on + zo. Juno: svuosrw counr sog s:cnl:1'Am ao: A1-1-on:-I:-fs IO, STAGECREVILVISUAL AID. nA.c.R:w, BAND on 0ncrIEs1'RA so. I.IenAnv sznvucc on CLASSROOM sccntmnv no GENERAL RULES SUPPLEMENTAPY T0 ABOVE IS CREDITS FOR EACH SOPEDIODS OF' ACTIVITY AS CLUB OFFICERS ORINOTHEP ACTIVITIES SPONSORED BY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION ACTIVITY ATTENDAPCJZ MUST BE SO? FOP ACTIVITIES NOT LISTED ASK ADVISOR OR SECRETARY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION- ATHLETIC CREDITS 1 MAJOR TEAMS SOL MANAGED SOL ASSISTANT IS, CI'IAI'IPIONSI-IIP'I'IO. MINOR TEAMS IS, MANAGER IS, ASSISTANT 5, CHAMPIONSHIP +S. RESERVE MAJOR IS. INDIVIDUAL CHANPIONSHIP JNTEPSCHOLASTIC IDI CLASS OR SHOP S. I CLASS OR SHOP SPORTS, 5 EACH CHEEDLEADEQ SOI ASSISTANT 20. FOR OTHER CREDITS ASK ADVISOR. SECRETARY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION. f . if f' y f 'yoj , X, 4' T j X A1 U ffx, 4 'N I ' ' 4, as -if E- sv. t ' A will lil! all " XXX' Yi A BILL OF RIGHTS The first ten amendments to the Constitution, known as "A Bill of Rights," were adopted by the frst Congress, called to meet in New York City, March 4, 1789. They were later rati- jied by the various States, and on December 15, 1791, were made a part M the Constitution. AMENDMENT I Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Pressg Right of Assembbf and Petition ONGRESS shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the govern- ment for a redress of grievancesnlr it 'k 'A' at AMENDMENT II Right to Keep and Bear Arms A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. 'lf 'lf AMENDMENT III Quartering of Soldiers No soldier shall in time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by l3.W.'ki"ki'i"ki'i'l'ii'i AMENDMENT IV Regulation of Right of Search and Seizure The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against un- reasonable searches and seizures, shall not be vio- lated, and no warrants shall issue but upon proba- ble cause, supported by oath or aflirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. 'I' i i' AMENDMENT V Protection for Persons and Their Property No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a present- ment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger, nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb, nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process o law, nor shall private property be taken for publi: use, without just compensation. ik ir -A' ik 1 AMENDMENT VI Rights of Persons Accused of Crime In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shal enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by ai impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which dis trict shall have been previously ascertained bj law, and to be informed of the nature and causi of the accusation, to be confronted with the wit nesses against himg to have compulsory proces for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to hav the assistance of counsel for his defense. if 'I' ' AMENDMENT VII Right of trial by Yury in Suits at Common Law In suits at common law, where the value in con troversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right o trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact triei by a jury shall be otherwise re-examined in anj court of the United States, than according to th rules of the common law. if ik ik t 'A' 1 AMENDMENT VIII Protection Against Excessive Bail and Punishment Excessive bail shall not be required, nor exces sive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punish ments inflicted. A' 1 11 1 .it if it if AMENDMENT IX Constitution Does Not List All I ndioidual Rights The enumeration in the Constitution of certai rights shall not be construed to deny or disparag others retained by the people. if i' 'A' i AMENDMENT X Powers Reserved to the States and the People The powers not delegated to the United State by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to th States, are reserved to the States respectively, c totheneople. i f i' i' i if if i' THE SCHDOLS HAVE A WAR TO WIN NOW Racial, religious and class intolerances in this country have shown themselves to an increasing extent in recent public actions and public utterances. Bittemesses against Negroes, against the white population, against jews, against "Foreigners," against liberals, against capital, against labor, against the farmers-all seem to have been heightened by conditions growing out of the war. The National Commission for the Defense of Democracy Through Education has become increasingly concemed by this growth of intolerance among the various elements of the American people. The existence of democracy is threatened when group prejudices and antagonisms get out of control, or when the causes of such prejudices and antagonisms long remain uncured. Thinking men and women know that a democracy cannot be tom asunder at home and expect its leaders to sit down at a peace table to plan a post-war world organiza- tion embodying intemational understanding. The Commission urges that the American public wake up to what is happening on its own home front. The Commission believes that all of our people must be taught'the tragic error of generalizing about groups of people. judgments, when made, should be in terms of individuals and their actions. It is not only unfair and unjustifiable to indict whole groups, but it is exceedingly dangerous to the preservation of democratic institutions to do so. ln the opinion of the Commission, the best way to control disharmony in this country is to educate people in all walks of life to a tolerance of minorities, to a determination to relieve iniustices causing group conflicts, to an understanding of the achievements and problems of racial and religious groups and to a respect for the rights of all individuals. Tolerance should be taught in American schools beginning with the youngest children and up through adult life. All citizens should leam the place and importance of minority groups in American society. Public schools have a distinct obligation in this respect and a failure to discharge this obligation. will pave the way for grave national conflicts in the future. Following are eight objectives and courses of action which are recommended to education, the teaching profession and interested citizens: , Tolerance I. Every American must understand that the continuance of our democracy during the post- war period may depend upon providing justice and equality of opportunity for each citi- zen irrespective of his race, religion, occupation, economic condition or national origin. The schools, the press, the pulpit, the radio, and every other means of education must be enlisted to extend and strengthen this understanding. 2. ln order to preserve and further democracy, we must attempt fully to put into practice such basic attitudes as "all men are created equal," "love thy neighbor as thyself" and "the brotherhood of man." 3. Every citizen must be taught to cherish and insist upon, for himself and all other citizens, the basic rights and liberties, including freedom of speech, freedom of the press, religious liberty, equality of opportunity and full participation in political action. 4. All of our people must be taught to judge individuals by their actions, ability and worth, .and not by qualities attributed to the groups to whichethey may belong by the accident of birth or environment. 5. lt is of fundamental national importance that there shall be no discrimination against any minority group because of race, creed, or economic status. It is also important that members of minority groups understand and have consideration for the rights, liberties and attitudes of other groups. 6. Deep-seated prejudices frequently originate in early childhood and often become fixed during adolescence. Training and practice for tolerance should begin with the kindergarten and continue through the university. 7. In every school, programs should be effectively presented to develop sympathetic under- standing of the achievements, viewpoints, difficulties and adjustments of the various racial, religious and occupational groups that make up our society. But this is not enough. It is even more important that tolerance be practiced by students and faculty in the daily life of the school and the community. Each school should develop a program for tolerance in the light of local conditions and needs. 8. ln the teaching and practice of tolerance teachers must be supported by public opinion and protected against intolerant individuals and groups. Issued by the I NATioNAL Comzvussiow Fon THE DEFENSE or DEMocnAcy THROUGH EDUCATION CARRY OH, TECH ! HOME SWEET HOME THERE VVILL COME A DAY Q .r ,a rxfff . H 1 Ii -L.. SCIENCE CAN .ANSXYFR THI5 RUBOT BOMB LOOKING AHEAD On my last trip to the Moon I was able to bribe that Man Up There into giving me a preview of some of the more famous members of the Class of '45, projected into 1955. Sure, I gave him a pack of Camels. The focus gradually became too hazy but I'll report what I saw. There was Bob Lesczinski teaching basket shooting to baby kangaroos. Leon Bullock was installing superchargers on Mexican jumping Beans. Don Adams was squelching squeals at a sausage emporium. Russ Northrup was buzzing a bazooka over Brooklyn. Dick Eggert was probing the proboscis on a horned tuba. Wild Bill Groben was wrestling runts in a rodeo. Nate Bachet was tangling toupees for twitching twirps. Tom McGarry was sliding down a cumulo-nimbus. Larry Helfer was welding welts on wedgies. Bob Ernisse was throwing switches at an umpire. Harold Boeff was tossing toots at Tootsy. Fred Sgambaty was annoy- ing an orphaned piccolo. Tulio Panella was panning puns on the Pampas. Walt Merritt was vaulting vipers with a tad-pole. VValt Horylev was stretching struts on Spanist omelets. Bob Kausch was bouncing bums on a flying trapeze. Richard Flatt was poking putrid pike on Pike's Peak. Leonard Druzynski was stripping gears to tease P-38's. Charles Milne was jump- ing in the lap of Destiny. james Barry was leading a Veevo and a Vivo before a vivacious vamp. james Hutchinson was Bashing a wad at a wonderful widow. Ray Selke was filing flat notes out of Flat Foot Floozy. joe Kolb was rounding Flat Tops for Happy Landings. john Vezelis was shooting vaccinations at a smallpox epidemic. The two Cox boys were deciding that they were not Kith and Kin, but james and Richard. Eddie Bollin was wowing women in Walla Walla. Pat Chirillo was tracing tumips for tennites. john Murphy was mopping mugwumps for the Electoral College. jack Snell was cutting kilo- cycles for a frustrated Philco. Ray Eshelman was arming alibis with two-way stretches. john Musseri was mounting monocles on photographic bull's-eyes. Sam Zollo was zooming zombies at a zealous zephyr. Ludwig Kleinhenz was raising red corpuscles for antiquated arteries. james DePalma was grappling gallantly with Galloping Gert. jack Hanss was closing in on a colony of bamacles, for a quick keel. joe Klehr was clearing klucks out of an abandoned clarinet. Bob johnson was selling a shoe to Old Mother Hubbard. Dave Ackroyd was manipu- lating minnows for a Swim-ln Theatre. Sam Cumbo was going. Amold Read was showing a mare where her mama had gone cannibal. Dick New was taking set-shots at Ye Old Bread Basketg no misses. Dick Northrup was setting up tonsils at a crooning alley. Reno Cunico was training cuckoos to oo-cuck for a change. joe Reber was gargling guttural gags gaily. jim Pupatelli was intercepting passes for the F. B. I. Gilbert Holtz was twisting toe-holds on test tubes. Henry Apetz was approaching the apex of the Antipodes. john Ewing was dangling duds in hypo. Dick Bartholomay was feeding glue to a pack of Christmas seals. jack Hoff was ruminating on the ruefulness of rancid routines. Al Servati was dunking his dignity in a lazy 'lagoon. Phil Trapani was gaining ground around his left end. Bill .Giehl was teaching St. Vitus some new steps. Dan Gill was piloting pills down pelicans. Bob Connal was lousing up his larynx with new dialects. Ray Zink was teaching wig-wag signals to Donald Duck. joe Cultrara was mating M. A.'s for a P. A. system.. Duane Smith was inflating sliding pads with helium to save his astronomy. Harold Tausch was delivering digits to a convalescent keyboard. Ray Greenhagen was parading ponderously over a prostrate panther's puss. Eugene Muller was tuming back old clocks for the Broken Chimes of 1955. john Roethel was commuting to Cairo on a reluctant rocket. joe Mauro was studying the effects of light in a dark-room. jim Vande Sande was designing diets for diapered tots. joe Eberwein was peddling pants to puffing pups. George Gouveia was tearing tunes from throttled tonsils. Conrad Resch was racing rats in a cyclone cellar. Louis Bourget was chafing chins for chow hounds. Don Bran- nan was stultifying stilts for hedge-hoppers. Ergie Longo was veneering vents for voluminous vats. Al Seppen was twiddling thumbs for an automatic waiter. Louis Nicchitta was strangling wild larynxes for a crooning side-show. Anthony Mark was equipping halfbacks with jet propulsion. james Pecora was swinging swaps for a gyving gimmick. Louis Sommers was smooching smirks from the M. G. M. lion. Henry Massecar was interviewing the diplomatic corps at the Embassy. john Giesselman was goosing a gat with a twitchy trigger. Stanley Grzesczak was scrambling alphabets for a double-talk machine. Galer Wright was a stand-in for Orson Welles. Paul Ryan was radiating radar at electronic intervals. RADIO, RADAR, RADIUM AND RADII DIDSIGNING AN AGE OF TECHNOLOGIC.-XI. NIIRACLFS TESTS FOR ENLISTMENT IN EDISON TECH irq. Administramr, MR. JAMES TDUNLAP, Psychologist KINDS-Achievement and Mechanical Aptitude TIME-About 2 Hours OBJECTS I. To plan a hoy's program. If he desires college he plans to enter the technical course in the llth grade. ' 2. To test the tests by checking school records against test scores. 3. To give pre-induction and pre-industrial experience in taking standardized tests. Tech is a proving ground for restsg industry, the armed services, and educators are groping for tests which predict special abilities. To see the problem, try to select from the list of abilities at the left, the best combination for advancement in the fields at the right. lOur shop laboratories and related industriesj Technical Knowledge Welding Artistic Ability Machine Shop Manual Dexterity Sheet Metal Accuracy Auto Mechanics Speed Pattern and Woodworking Carefulness Chemistry judgment Electricity Optical Precision Radio Coordination Drafting Timing Commercial Art 3-Dimensional Perception Photography Physical Strength Lithography Ability to Learn Printing , Aviation Ground School COURSIES-INDUSTRIAL CHalf Day Shopl. TECHNIIIAI. fTheory and Design Taken from Shop Timel Curriculum Includes: 4 YEARS-I-inglish, Mathematics, Science and Shop 3 YEARS-Social Studies and Drafting ROTATION-The Average Student Has Experience in 3 Shops Related to His Major Shop WE COULD BE SWINGING FROM A STAR SHITS HY GAL SAL EDUCATION FOR FREEDOM Tlilu GRAPHIC ARTS SIQRYE A FREE PRESS 'K N. yn HAPPY LANDINGS TECH IS AIR-MINDIQD 2' Mc 2553 WE ENLIST F OR THE DURATION Rlfll CROSS, XV.-XR BONDS, SCRAP DRIVICS, MORALE BUILDING, ETC IK lip! Ill! A P52 'gillll nil' j wa g .. ifr- I big uv E I, . I. ,- ,, I WANT YOUR AUTOGRAPH ENGLISH SEA-F EVER I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by, And the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking, . And a grey mist on the sea's face and a grey dawn breaking. I must down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied, And all I ask is a Windy day with the white clouds Hying, And the Hung spray and the 'blown spume, and the sea- gulls crying. MATHEMATICS VVITH TOOLS IT IS FUN THOUGH NOT FUNNY AMW JAMA, . - W JMU iq W ' Qsffggif , fafm C V ,07fZu Qwz,i1,,,f fggmg' Q44 QL bf. ,whsl !z,L Q,gU,,,MW 67 wamflkww Xxcmmxg XQv:u.cQ, 8' gfovgfgv 5 qggw, DMM E LJLP-fm Q! 2210324 5 ,gqdggfax 214fw--V35 'flwfww--f 7i4fL1,f.fZ775CYifZZpW C874 wwf O7Mw .m iff, 1? F. m..,.. ,wL3, 6QQ-wif Glfgwabz i '6 5 Mila Pfwfwffv WQQXWW? Zim C. if ff 1?,10f,,!ZQf1 f,2,,,z, J My 1fMWLn,fa.5, Q6,fMf' 7+Qf,f5..w.V.J 5' 42' -7ZDZL"' Qfy,,f,z.,, 5.vf7wg:mW, Zggiif N. .Xe ..': Q ,-.. . X X. "' " .4 ' ' X X." "Q -' - - ' -. v' i 1 j v-' . X, - . X. '. r'a,. ' . -Q 4 .. X,X. S .V 1 . . w '-- . ., X '11 '.'X ' , Q" L Jr' .1-.- Q .. tl, V t ' ' b .az '1- -gafuav-- -X. . . . '1.4 5.5 avg'-' .L 'af-si .-A 1X3-XI: ' I . 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