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1985 Wizard Volume 61 Edison High School 700 22nd Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55418 n(L 4 41985 Wizard Volume 61 Edison High School 700 22nd Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55418 i2Magical Memories The 1985 school year has held special memories for all of us. Sometimes memories are shared by many people like Homecoming ond Prom. Sometimes memories are more personal like inside jokes and our best friends. Like the Tommie Wizard on the cover whose magical wand spreads a trail of stars, the 1985 Wizard will spread a trail of "MAGICAL MEMORIES" in the years to come. L W" 1 3Homecoming's Magical Memories Homecoming week was filled with festive spirit, suspense, ond o lot of excitement. The week kicked off with hat, glosses, and tie day, followed by Tuesdoy, Favorite Athlete doy. The rest of the week consisted of Nerd day, Pojamo day, ond on Friday, Blue Gold day. The coronation ond pep fest were held in the new gym The pep fest begon with the bond. Then the attention of our spirited crowd turned to the Cheerleaders ond then to the Pom Toms. The pep fest came to a close with the coronation. Everyone's suspense came to a halt when Barb Sporlem crowned King John Vondermyde and Queen Heidi Tremmel. After the coronation, the parade begon It was led by the high spirits of the morching band. The bond was followed by our Grand Marshall, Mr. Victor Colvin, and behind him wos o variety of colorful floats ond an excited crowd. 4After the porode come the football gome, Edison vs Washburn The gome wos wet and gloomy, but that didn't stop the Tommies! The band kept ploying, the crowd kept cheering, ond the footboll teom kept on "Mauling the Millers!" The Tommies defeoted Washburn with o score of 33 to 0! That evening the Homecoming dance wos held in the school lunchroom from 8:00pm to 11:00pm The room wos filled with music from the live band, Polly Madison. The dance wos enjoyoble and finished off our week of Homecoming activities. 5Edison's History Edison High School began os o Junior-Senior High School when the old district of Eost High was divided into Northeast and Southeast. The building was built in 1922 ot 22nd Ave. and Monroe Street N.E. In the late 60's or early 70's, the school put in the Pete Guzy football field across Monroe Street on the west side of the school. The field was enlarged when Edison acquired property from Burlington Railroad. With this extra lond, they relocated the field ond added o track. In 1977 o new gym was built next to the football field. Thot spring they had trouble with the new gym's roof, The roof was redone ond stayed up until 1982. In '82 the roof begon coving in. 1983 thru '84 was a big year for rebuilding The new gym's roof was rebuilt and a new metric track ond footboll field were put in. 67CAST OF CHARACTERS Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi — Kim Joncas Ambrose Kemper — Victor Porisi Horace Vandergelder — Todd Jones Ermengarde — Laure Smolack Cornelius Hackl — Edward Miller Barnaby Tucker — Rondy Matthes Irene Molloy — Tracy Hoche Minnie Fay — Barbara Sporlien Mrs. Rose — Mari Fahr Ernestina Money — Becky Willman Rudolph — Doug Rademocher Stonley — Roger Warner Cooks — James Hill, Andy Thoraldson Judge — Paul Stevens Court Clerk — Micheal Kohout Jill Bender Brian Erickson Jill Erickson Carla Fjerstad Marissa Karlson Miki Miwa Jeff Weirens Scott Westphal Corrie Kinde Randy Lund Christy Salmonson Ellen Satrom Anita Schenk Paula Thompson Paula Tetzman Heidi Anderson 10"Hello Dolly!" "Hello Dolly!" was the Broadway Musical put on by Edison High School in the spring of 1984. "Hello Dolly" is the story of Mrs. Levi's efforts to marry Horace Vandergelder, the well-known half-a-millionaire, and send his money circulating among the people like rain water the way her late husband, Ephraim Levi, taught her. With the excellent directing of Warran Schueneman and the choreographing of Randy Winkler, the show went great! "Helly Dolly" was performed April 4,5,6, and 7 bringing rave reviews and standing ovations making "Hello Dolly" a big success! IIQueen Heidi Tremmel The suspense is ended 2 The King is crowned! King John VondermydeThe 1984 Homecoming Royalty: Kevin Reich, Jody Novak, Jeff Brazil, Michelle Matthes, Queen Heidi Tremmel, King John Vandermyde, Kristi Sandahl, Andy Tremmel, Melanie Moses, Tim Parker. Queen Heidi caught in ac- Seniors showing Homecoming Spirit! tion. 13Magical Memories of '84-'85 . .. 146 I) The winning float made by the Spanish Club. 2 3) The live bond of Polly Madison played at the Homecoming Dance, which the students enjoyed and danced their heorts out. 4) Mrs. Sophie Boutsioukos showed her spirit by dressing up os her fovorite othlete. 5) The Band performed their first field show of the year, they ore very proud. 6) Seniors having a good time ot one of the most memorable times, Prom. 7) One of the most special times for the cheerleaders. The seniors ore leaving and the new comers wiH take the»r ploce. 8) In the summer the band marched on the streets in the community- 9) The donceline showed therr long hours of practice at the football preview at parade Stadium. 10) Prom is one of the last things seniors will do together. They ore enjoying the time left. 151) I hove to study for Wenzel. 2) Ho! Ho! you missed. 3) My favorite hour. 4) Am I in the right room? 5) Grill the Millers! 16Michelle A. Anderson Charleen M. Angrimson Laura A. Aymar Jean M. Beasley Jill Y. Bender 18 Donald H. Andre Autumn A. Arvidson Thomas R. BenkufskyChristopher Bolton Nodine M. Brenny Eileen S. Browne Koren L. Bryan David G. Buda Brenda L. Campbell 19Chhuong Chav Nancy L. Chock Theresa A. Clobes Mary J. Cole Allan A. Corbett ■ Christopher M. Cavanaugh Joseph T. Coyle 20Sally A. Dittes Carolyn P. Dupay Steven J. Demaris Richard D. Denny Sonja B. Eaton Shelly R. Ebert Jodi L. Donley Susan M. Dunn Thad H. Eddans Anne M. Droguest 21John N. Engdahl Thomas L. Erickson Anthony P. Fiega Jeffrey J. Friedli Cynthia M. Ehlers Michelle R. Ellingboe Deborah A. Ellis Brian Erickson Mari K. Fahr Loren L. Frink 22Emmy M. Fung Margretta Halak Marcia B. Harelstad Paul L. Giebner Melissa A. Gooden Chad L. Hedquist Jeri L. Hicks Teresa A. Haak Kristine A. Hanzlik Lori L. Hill 23Sherri Johnson Larry D. Johnson Beverly D. Jordan Scott C. Jordan Susan E. Johnson Kelly P. Joyce Gayle L. James Lin L. Ho Paula R. Holloway Steven F. Hukriede Nancy J. Johnston 24Terry L. Kaczrowski Dawn M. Korzenowski Chando Kouanchoo Jerry R. Kriesel Dennis G. Kramarczuk Jeffrey J. Kruger 25Leslie N. Lindahl Tony S. Loeks Janet K. Lubinski Brian M. Lyke Bridget Lynch Sherry Lewondowski Kelly A. Lindemyer Nou Lor Melissa Lynch 26Jodi C. Molork Jeon N. Marchiofovo Santiogo L. Motteson Michelle M. Matthes Dovid P. McDonald Beth A. McNaughton Samuel N. Meade Mary S. Memorich Scott A. McCabe Stefanie A. McKeever Peche Minh 27Melonie M. Moses Rottha Muor Jennifer A. Nelson Miki Miwo Gregory F. Mochinski Dovid D. Morris Kassaundra D. Mullen Denne K. Nelson 28Joy T. Norman Scott A. Nyholm Thomas W. O'Reilly Daro Pan Longdy Or Nancy J. Palmer 29Suong T. Pham r Maria F. Pira Felipe R. Poliszuk Luanne M. Probasco Douglas M. Rademacher Paul A. Peterson Catherine Pierce Diane M. Plumb A JoAnn M. Rath 30John C. Rehnelt Kevin A. Reich Timothy J. Ridley Daniel R. Rignell Bridget C. Ross Jeffrey J. Rutz Carla J. Rosenbower Mary J. Rossi 31Randall E. Schmidtz Kathleen M. Senko Caron M. Shivers Chere P. Sarkilahti Ellen G. Sotrom Sherie A. Shupien Sophon Siv Anita M. Schenk Kenneth J. Seelen Daniel L. Setterstrom Kathryn J. Sivanich 32Stacey L. Skoglund Julie A. Smith Sophorn Song Kevin E. Skwarek Brian A. Smith Shannon R. Sporlein Jeffrey G. Solz Shannon E. Stafford Heather C. Stark 3334 Tracy A. Thielhorn Phy Thlang Sandra J. ThomasKong Vang Tia Vang Joel A. Varichok 35Stephen I. Weselenok Russell J. Willmon Ingrid M. Wogstrom Donald J. Walz Lisa K. Wilson Anthony P. Wlazlo Rebecca L. Watters Stephanie J. Weiler Joseph A. Westcott Jennifer R. Wojciak 36Michael J. Yant Michael D. Ybarra James P. Zurbey Catherine A. Zytkovicz Karen M. Zytkovicz Mary J. Boos Bunsong Seak 37Magical Minds Teresa A. Hook After graduation, I will possibly attend the University of Minnesota ond pursue secondary education of mathematics. My fondest memories from Edison arc the city softball championship ond Spanish class on Fridays. My philosophy of life is to find the positive aspects of any situation ond benefit from them. Tony Wlazlo After graduation, I plon to attend the University of Minnesota to goin my PhD in Microbiology or in Genetic Engineering. I shall olways remember the doy when the students of Mr. Wenzel's class threw o surprise birthday party for me, during class! To them and to aO who ottend Edison, I soy, "Turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones." Joe Coyle I plan to go to the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology. I will be studying Computer Science and Mathematics for four years. The engineering field would be my course major Another career I would like to study is communications Combining these fields would be perfect for me. My senior year is my fondest memory of Edison especially Mr. Wenzel's closs, Sophie, ond the new friends I met My philosophy of life is to live it to its fullest by taking chances. Kent Sulem I plan to go to Hamfcne University and moior in Pre-Law, then attend Law school My fondest memory from my years at Edison is my trip to France through the Mpls. Schools in April 1981. It wos a once in o lifetime experience. My philosophy of life is to set high gools ond work hord to reach them. A Phirun Uk I will most remember the very friendly and the helpful support I hove received from my teachers, counselors, ond friends. Of oil the people who have influenced me, I feel thot Mrs. Benson, my £.S L. teacher, has done the most. In the future I plon to attend the University of Minnesota to major in Engineering My philosophy of life is to hove a good education and good times. Noncy Johnston I plan to go to the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology to major in Engineering Being oblc to cheer in my senior year is my fondest memory from Edison. My philosophy of life is to tty your best becouse thots all you con do and have fun. 38John Vandermyde I reofly enjoyed my four years ot Edison. I will always remember the excellent teochers ond cooches I hove hod. At this point I'm not sure where I will be going to school next year, but I plan on going mto medicine. School (ond life) is whotever you moke it, so toke odvontage of the special things ot Edison and hove fun A Susan Dunn I plan on attending the University of Minnesota where I will go into either pre-med, or pre-low. I hove mony great memories of the swimming, bosketboll, and track teoms, but the obsolute best times were shored with the drumlme I'll never forget the people I've met, friends I've mode, ond the fun I've hod with the morchmg bond. My philosophy of life is to fcvc your dreams, be yourself, ond reach every ottamoble gool Jeri Hicks After high school, I plon to attend a small Itberol orts college and moior m pre-med. My hope is to become a specialist in sports medicine. I will never forget Fridoys in Sophie's doss; they were the best. Chartgrftg clothes m parking lots wMe in marching bond ond the people who took pictures of us. My philosophy of life is to try to live it with on open mind, on open heart ond leorn to love oil unconditionally. I will always try to be childlike m life. Steve Hukriede After graduation, I plon to attend Mocolester College. I hove not yet decided whof career to pursue. My fondest memories at Edison ore the fun times I had Sponish class, especially on Fridays. My philosophy of life is to alwoys accept people os they are. Brian Corlson My future plans ore to ottend the University of Minnesota and major m pre-med I am planning on becoming some type of surgeon. My fondest memories ot Edison have definitely been my involvement with the Edison Marching Bond My philosophy m life is strive for something you reolly wont ond don't ever let go of your dreams A Teresa Pasko I'm planning to go to St. Thomos College but I don't know whot field I wont to study. My philosophy of life is to figure out what you wont to do m life and go for it. Do something that you're going to be happy with doing and don't let other people stand m your way. Enjoy life while you con.Ellen Sotrom I om ur $ure of my plans following graduation I moy take a yeor off from school to get more octively involved in Fuller Young People's Theotre ond to foke voice and donee lessons My favorite memories of Edison come from my involvement in the school musicals ond choir. I made many new friends ond learned a great deol through these activities. I believe that life should be lived to its fullest. In order to do this you will hove to make sacrifices for others ond take the more difficult poths in life. Life will not come eos ly, but it is these sacrifices and challenges which enrich life Maria Pira I'll be attending the University of Minnesota ond will pursue o coreer m business ond later on low. I'll always remember my years in Spanish, Choir ond the Nordeost Express and participating m extra curricular activities It govc me o chonce to go places and hove fun while learning Most of all I'll always remember the friends I've made, friends thot I'll always hove no matter what happens. My philosophy of life is thot there's more to life thon whot you hove right now, but you will just hove to go out and find yourself because no one else can find it for you. Marcia Harelstad After graduation, I hope to obtain a degree in either 8usmess or Law My fondest memories ot Edison were tennis ond trock regional competitions and the friends I made along the way. My philosophy in life is to give everything my best shot ond to never give up. Tony Krosschell I plon to toke music recording ond production, or history ot on undecided college outside the Twin Cities. My fondest memories ore the Nordeost Express trip to Disney World, the choir tour to Cragun's in Brainerd, ond ploymg on the golf teom. My philosophy of life is to expand on your mom interests, ond have a good time doing it. Don't let onyone put you down. ✓ r Bradley Kuho I plan to ottend California Institute of the Arts for character animation My best memories ore from morchmg summers in the "bone rank" (whot o teom!). At th«s point m time, my philosophy is: "Work hard now, ond don't worry obout the luxuries of life until ofter you moke your first million." Douglas Rademacher "Let us develop the resources of our land, call forth it's power, build up it's institutions, promote it's great interests, ond see whether we olso, in our generation, moy perform something worthy to be remembered," by Daniel Webster,is my motivation for life I wdl remember the 4 years in bond with my fellow t-bone players, 8rian Corlson ond Brad Kuho ond the musicols thot we were lucky enough to porticipote m. But most of oil I will remember all the good friends thot I have made I will be going to the University to study corporate low and political science 40 The time has come for us to leave and a time to look at our past. The time we walked through Edison's doors, the time we wish would last. The time we spent studying and having fun with friends. The time we took advantage of and thought would never end. The time to laugh and a time to cry. The time to go and say goodbye. Marissa Karlson mm 41Seniors Magical Memories My fovorite memories ore of my friends, the parties, going to North, school dances, my senior year, ond Kelly. — Heother Stark Hove great time during my high school yeors ond hope that I'll hove os much in college Best of luck! — Kong Vang Percussion section, Detroit Lakes. Long bus rids, My best friend Jo. Tennis Team, NSP, The locker, J.T.'s. — Linnea Nisell The things I will remember the most about Edison are playing varsity baseball os a sophomore and our footboll ployoff gomes against Richfield and Henry. — Tom Benkufsky memories: The "awesome" gymnos-tic team, homecoming court, Friday fiestos, excellent teachers and all the great friends I made. — Jody Novak "Friendships I made while being part of tcoms that never gove up." — Morcio Horelstad "Getting the heebeegeebies os Charlie's, meeting Rick Ballot for the first time, danceline, and 8ridget Ross at Rossi's party!!" — Kris Honz-0c I remember marciamollow roosts with Cousueloss woman, “emergency" H.H.S. meetings. — Mori Fohr Long boring bus rides But the bond morches on. “Kiss my bross!" Sophie's the best teacher. Thanx — Greg Mochmski My freshmon year, 6:06 night, February 26, 1982, M.D., portying with the “guys," the three J's, ond Jen. — Traci Fairley Procrastination! Wait till the last rmn-ute then crom, cram, cram. Thonx to all especially H L Lori my buds! — Sonja Eaton We had |oy we had fun we had seasons in the sun. Rainbow • Glover • Allen • Time after time, unicorns bye! — Mebsso Dobiel All the good times in oil of my closses. — Steve Demons marching band: awesome drum-shows, unnerving sectionals, Howoi-ians, shades, 24 hour bus rides swimming: brutal practices, doctors boskctboll: the loft, knees elbows track: life in the weight room, ploying Army — Sue Dunn I will remember all my friends and the fun times we had. — Nancy Chock Sophie bringing churros for Ruebin during a spelling test ond swing, swang, swang. — Joe Coyle Soggy Cheerios. velcro seats, ond 24 hour bus ride on band trips. VCR at Paulo's; bewore of the pencil! — Brian Carlson I will remember all my friends. I couldn't hove made it without them. I thank them — Teresa CorHon Moonwalkmg Eggroll funny little bunnies 21 + nights long Buckets of Purple Ram "We're not gonna take it ... — Brendo L. Campbell My best memory was cheering my Brother on ot the footboll basketball gomes Good luck Jeff in the future ... — Karen Bryan I will never forget what it felt like the first time I finished the 18 mile homecoming marothon — or whot it felt like when I took a wrong turn the next year. — Jeff Brozil There are mony things I remember from Edison But there isn't one fo-vorite thing. There's been good and bad times. — Korcn Bergqmst Being the only Pole Voulter ot Edison ond clearing 18 feet, I wish! and Playing on the Edison's Footboll for Two years. — Craig "?" Bellonger My memories of school are the tests in Mr. Peterson's closs ond the joys of being a nerdette. Thanks . .. SPAZ! — Jill 8ender Football, bosebaH, hockey. Beating Richfield when nobody thought we could. Friends ond Foes. Tolkmgwith Andy. K. on the sidelines. Randy! — Erie Abrohom Band, wrestling, footboll, parties. Gory Hanson, Mr. Marchuk (skinny) Mr. R. Anderson for boring me 2 yeors and not leorrung anything — Les Lmdohl Parties, Rock-N-Roll, thonx to Mom, and to Reuben for mokmg me o gooder student, ond I con't drive 55 — Tony Locks Thank you Jodi Donley for taking my "V" away. — Doug Boxwell What I wdl remember most is ofl my friends, how nice they have been, the good times — Michele EHmg-boe I like to say I hod a fun year and I couldn't hove done it without God (Eric Abrohom). — Denne Nelson The things I wdl remember the best of my years at E.H.S. are Dr. Bates Biology closs ond doncmg in Sophie's room — Jeri Hicks Ingrid, Steph, Down, ond Joe remember Friday night. Vanessa ond Kim hove fun ot summer practice next year. — Noncy Johnston I'm glod I moved into Edison school district or I never would hove realized whot a beautiful areo Northeost is. — Mary Jo Cole Painted foce ot swim meets, ond the Burger King in Dinky town Thank you Rueben. — Stephanie Weiler Thanks to Simondet, Goodman, Morchuk, Konwisher, ond a special thanks the coaches of the wrestling teom including Schulz — Chris Bolton My favorite memories were meeting so mony nice friends and ESPECIALLY meeting D.W in my freshman yeor. — Jeon Morchiofovo A Special thanks to the Bond ond Cheerleaders for all of the great memories and to Shannon: Chuck-o-Khon — Michelle Matthes Being involved in so mony clubs, and organizations Going to ol pop choir ond concert choir tours especioiy with the N E. Express ot Disneyworld — Maria Pira Doug's schnozz J.B.'s Big Boy and Burning Sonti in tennis — Bradley Kuho It's hard to forget the times I NEVER had with the NHS., ond the good times at WHS, thanks B.L. — Autumn Arvidson The things I remember most about Edison are the cold nights ot the footboll games, ond the long porties afterwards. “Stroh long Edison" — Jeff Friedli I would like to soy “Thank You" to aU my friends for mokmg my years at Edison the Best — Sally Dittes Bratty Freshmen; on unsotisfied bond director, o dominating trumpet section, so to the rest of the band, "kiss my Brass." — Tim Ridley My most cherished memories ore ones made possible by the music dept. Thonks Rito Remember summer of 84 — Paulo Hollowoy trying to cheer with Crndie ot the Albert Leo game — Charlies house — Rocky's Sept. 16 — Down Trombley I enjoyed being at Edison this year and I enjoyed meeting new friends — Amol Azmi Summer bond Stripping m bond Mr. P's HOHOHO Geno’s stories Bond-Aids My fight Gummi Beor on Clock — Kelly Linde-myer Thank you Brad for leaving some of Sonti to woste in tennis ond thonk you Mr. Wenzel for helping me to talk "gooder!" — Anthony P. Wlozlo Knowing the great people of Edison, friends, students ond teachers; ploying sports; band; pep fests; All the good times. — James Zurbey To J.V., all my love. To T.P., you've got a long way to go, don't be too optormstic! — Catherine Zytkovicz My memories of Edison ore child care, meeting my friends, porties cold footboll gomes ot porode stadium. — Jennifer Woiciak iom Drumkne. It's the best. "Drummers rule." — Russell Willmon Red-laced high-tops, R B.I.'s, Albert Leo, Apple Volley, Rubbercemented lock. Dead wosps. Freezing roin ond Wind chill foe tors — Chris Wojcik Finding out the true meaning of homework: WENZEL! Edison, thonks for the great memories thot I w cherish forever. OXOX — Miki Miwo I've grown from I to 10 because of: tEachers Decisions mhtokes Success fOes ond frieNds Thank U Edison XO — Pone Nhotsovang Being o member of the football team. I olso liked watching our hock- 42cy gomes. — Joel Vorichok A school o the blue sky with o gold stor scintillating on all routes for its students — Muon Vu 10 gr. North tri 2, hockey season 1983, fot Monico. 9-17-84, cheering os the Edison Moscot, Willie, B.K.J. — Liso Wrfson Thonx to WK, SD, KS, PH, ME 4 your smiles ond 4 making me lough Woe. 82 WY 84 Click it wos fun, Bye sirs — Becky Watters I would like to soy good-bye to oil the staff. Good-bye Thonk-you for the best four years ever. — Ingrid Wag-strom To Lyndo Mozur ond Solly Dittes I thonk you both for the great friendships you hove shared with me. — Goyle Jomes My memories of the Cheyenne Band trip ond the abuse of Pooky Beors! — Poulo Tctzmon Hockey seoson 1983, 10th grade North tri II, Fat Monica, D.B.T.R., cheering, Homecoming 1984, and Bud. — Heidi Tremmel Going to North 2nd tri 10th grode, striped socks, 5-26-82, J.W., S.D., skiing with Liso, my 3rd grade bud Sonja. — Lori Stevens Footboll gomes — city champs, pep fests, donees, choir-tour, musical, student council and friends! — Anito Schenk My |unior and senior year wouldn't have been the same without the pomtoms ond S.W. thanks to Michelle: — Chuck-o-Khon — Shannon Sporlem I remember my first ESL closs, the Cambodian New Year's porty mony friendships made here at Edi- son High School — Sophom Song Band 82-85 Waconia — 82 Friends Forever — ES8 Get a Job! (Mott So.) Thonx 2 BW SO You're the best! R.F. Love Yo! — Kothleen Senko choir, the musicols, deod wasps, ham sondwiches, pointless arguments, icicles frozen in my hair, ugly earrings, ond losing soccer games. — Ellen Satrom Track Choir "Guys ond Dolls" "Hello Dolly" Envelopes — Christy Solmonson Summer band. Rookie bus, nite practices, Mr P's HoHoHo, Bond-Aids, Geno's Stories and E.N. — Shonnon Stofford Crunch Cone, McKinley Street National Pork, Faithful Journies, The Ri-verbonk Search, Starlight Showers, ... No, we ain't gonna toke it!" — Kathryn J. Sivantch “I've got to swollow your pride, shoVow men heor no ryme;... plostic melts in a world of smiles" — Jo Ann Rath 33 ond 44 with RW, Memorizing for Wenzel, Cheering, Dances, Hupp falling down stairs, Rossi's parties, ond Sept. 16, 1983 — Bridget Ross Edison, thanks for the education the fun, and the “Frequent Buyer" breakfost discounts ot McDonalds — Jeff Rutz My fondest memories ore the 83-84 express, the 3 plays and the '85 trombone Ime. P.S. I om co-outhor of the E E. — Doug Rademacher What I will miss is "My Little Pumpkin" the fun times m D.P., and my terrific friends. Especially Tereso! — Cathy Pierce Cheering, DBTR, porties, B.8.S.L. at the point, dances, Beniamin Street, losing my “cooler," ond cruising In the pink corvette. — Dione Plumb Marching Band — toothbrush skit, totally man-bogus drum features. Thonx LN, SD, JM, EB, 8H, TT. RW, LS, it's been great! — Nancy Palmer I won't forget my sophomore year with Mr. Wenzel. — Tom O'Reiiy Homework, Homework!! Give me o 8reok!! I wont to say “Thonk you" for all the cooch who reoBy pushing me hard to play sports! — Theresa Niziol Thonx Mr. Kovach, Mr Marchuk, and Mr. Olson for keeping my schedule updated. — Jay Norman My fovonte memories were meeting all the people I met 6 06 with B P. Partying ot the pad stealing chicken's quoters. — Jennifer Nelson “We're evil not divine, we're the lost in Line" C'mon Dave give us a break — Dave McDonold Moy 7, 1983, Cheering the Southwest footboll gome. — Melanie Moses My best memory I will olwoys remember was The Hotel Party, in Florida with the "Pop Choir." — Donno Malec Playing golf and becoming a master of grammar. Thonks teachers for everything! Good luck Brown Dot. — Mory Memorich French trip (81-82), My friends — Tmo, Heothcr, Darroh, Dyonn, Shonnon ond Kelly. The time at the bus stop, CLARA, ALBERT and Triviol Pursuit. — Sherry Lewandowski Endless hours of typesetting, Wenzel homework, Downtown Rosemont, surly scorpios. S.M., the U.S S.R. Studying on Nicolet Mall, Shopping a lot. — Julie Kostik Well it hasn't been eosy coming new to Edison os o serWor but I'd like to thonk everyone who helped make it a good year. — Sue Johnson Lost year wos my most memorable year. There was a "wide great Variety" If you know what I mean — Vickie Johnson Thanks Fig it was great. Wyo 84 To H — M (us) being back together ogoin. NQ YR spcl. — Loon Nguyen 10th grode over ot North, llth grade, parties, footboll, fire,... Kitti — Larry Johnson Pom-Toms, Hotel Porties, ond Puttm if in Low. Snow Doz ”84" (Thanks Veronica). Greot Friends, Senior Year, ond the best Hockey gomes EVER! — Lor. H4I Orgon Soup — 206 Almens class 9th grade THANKS ESB KMS Kisels Misery — WF — 82 Petersons res-tourant llth grode Thonx — Rick Denny My memories of Edison, is meeting D A.L. at a track meet, ond making Lot's of good Friends — Michelle Anderson Drumlme '84 Initiations (endms) “Are you hungry, or thirsty?" Friends Forever — KMTS Orangies — Janitors Gymnostics Copt. '84 BWK — Miss you. — Eileen Browne Psychology is my life. I'm here to help. — Down Korzcn-owski Thanks Mr. Wenzel. — Shokoor Abrahim 43Magical Memories of . •. 44© 46The Edison Tommie Baseball team has been going strong for a long time. With the exception of last year's third place, the Tommie Team has won the City Championship 10 out of 13 years. Last year the team was still strong, but 3rd place was the best they could do. Outstanding sportsmanship from Dick Newstrom, Tony Anderson, and the rest of the ployers gave the team their fighting chance. Edison 7 Southwest 2 Edison 4 Henry 3 Edison 7 South 4 Edison 6 Roosevelt 8 Edison 19 North 1 Edison 1 Washburn 9 Edison 10 Henry 0 Edison 8 Southwest 9 Edison 7 South 6 Edison 8 Washburn 11 Edison 2 Roosevelt 10 Edison 5 North 1 Edison 7 Henry 0 Edison 3 Roosevelt 2 Edison 1 Fridley 4 Edison 4 Holy Angels 15 47Ji f •L LOVE. .. ACE... GAME... The 1984 boy's tennis season hod an excellent team and showed a lot of promise for the future. Newcoming underclassmen proved to be quite talented tennis players and will benefit the team next year. The awesome double team of Santiago Mat-teson and Brad Kuha were definitely a threat to anyone when they stepped on to the court. Tony Wlazlo made it through many tough matches, often coming off the court taped up. Jeff Weirens and Dan Loyd, the only seniors, finished a very successful tennis career at Edison. Next years team should show a lot of talent and bring in a lot of victories. Good Luck Boys!! Edison 6 Roosevelt 1 Edison 7 South 0 Edison 7 Southwest 0 Edison 6 Washburn 1 Edison 3 North 4 Edison 5 Henry 2 48Hit That Birdie! The 1984 Bodmitton teom didn't quite start off on the right foot. Two weeks into the season there was a change of coaches which led to half of the team quitting. The girls who stuck it out through the long season should be commended for their determination and great attitudes. Senior Jeannie Sporlein, and Juniors, Loan Ngyuen, and Sonja Zelinsky were always competitive. Newcomers Veary Kim and Hieu Ngyuen showed good promise as a doubles pair. Better luck next year, team!!! Edison 0 North 7 Edison 0 South 7 Edison 0 Henry 7 Edison 0 Washburn 7 Edison 0 Roosevelt 7 Edison I Southwest 6 49Congratulations Girls! 50They were only together two years, but with dedication, pride and skill they became conference champs. A lot of the credit goes to their coach Jackie Hanson and assistant coach Peg Bowman. They both pushed the team hard, and it reolly paid off. The togetherness of the team was one of the main factors of their victorious year. The players gave each other the kind of support they needed to be a winning team. Captains, Autumn Arvidson and Teri Burns were another big reason for the teams success. They kept the team on their toes, and kept their spirits high. After winning conference champs, the team went on to play Derham Hall in the Twin Cities High School Softball Championship. The Edison team played their best, but they weren't able to beat the St. Paul team. Our proud Girls Softball team ended the season with a record of 9-3. The J.V. team also took conference champs. Their coach, Peg Bowman, pushed the team hard to hold on to number one. They too ended the season with a 9-3 record. Good Luck in your future years girls!! Edison 9 Washburn 7 Edison 17 South 12 Edison 9 Roosevelt 8 Edison 13 Henry 1 Edison 20 Washburn 2 Edison 21 South 7 Edison 19 Southwest 1 Edison 2 Roosevelt 1 Edison 10 Henry 1 Edison 5 Southwest 4 Edison 0 Derham Hall 752With the graduation of Dave Beeksma, Kevin Clark, Chris Gemlo, and Dan Krier in the spring of '83, the Edison Track Team was minus four outstanding athletes. In addition, the team was short on numbers and due to work on the gym and football field, minus a track for home meets. However, the team was not short on spirit or enthusiasm. Led by the likes of Jeff Brazil, Tony Fiega, Tim Hunt, Les LoMotte and newcomers Todd Delong and Joe Nielson there were many bright spots. Les and Tony placed high in the City Meet, Tim high-jumped over six feet and Jeff ran an excellent mile. The Edison Track Team looks forward to spring '85 and the opportunity of competing on the newly-surfaced and lined Edison track. The 1984 girls track team was small in number and young in age. Their lack of experience did not hamper their many gains and improvements as individuals. The team had fun and did their best. Next year the 1985 team is expected to be even better with the experienced older members. Lots of luck to next year's Edison Tommie track team. 53A Region Trophy! Edison 6 Apple VoBey 46 Edison 15 North 6 Edison 33 Woshburn 0 Edison 6 South 14 Edison 21 Albert Leo 7 Edison 6 Henry 12 Edison 15 Roosevelt 28 Edison 26 Southwest 6 Section 5 Ploy-Offs Edison 14 Richfield 10 Edison 21 Henry 18 Edison 8 Burnsville 4255The team finished the season with a 4-4 record. However, the team went on to win the Section 5AA trophy, avenging their loss to Henry during the regular season with an exciting 21-18 score. By winning the Section 5AA championship the team qualified to play in the State Tournament play-offs. The team was led by captains Sam Meade and Kevin Reich. All conference selections were Sam Meade, Paul Peterson, Eric Abraham, and Mark Drabczak. The team showed a lot of improvement and should be a great team next year. Congratulations Toms!!! 56Real Swingers s The '84 team did very well. Top players this season start out with Captain Terry Haak who had 5 wins and 2 losses. After Terry came Mari Fahr and Mary Krawczynski, both with 4 wins and 3 losses. Following them were Captain Marcia Harelstad, Gina Hendrickson, Laura Ben-ning, Laure Smolak, Debbie Ellis, Linnea Nisell, Nancy Palmer and Beth Weiler. Overall the team finished the season with a 3-4 record. Edison 2 Woshbum 5 Edison 2 South 5 Edison 0 Southwest 7 Edison 5 Henry 2 Edison 3 Roosevelt 4 Edison 3 Humbolt 1 Edison 6 North 1 57Fancy Footwork 58The Boys Vorsity Soccer team finished their season with a 10-7 record, the best since soccer started here. The team worked very well together even though the players came from 10 different countries. One of the main contributors to their winning ways was Youri Koeuch, who had a game high of 4 goals in the St. John's game. Other contributors were co-captains Todd Delong and Yer Yang. Doua Xiong, Nguon Chhuog, Mike Bickford, Chando Kouondhos, Sue Yang, and Xou Yang were also outstanding players. The two newest members of the team were both from Poland, Paul Jacobowski and Januse Wenzyn. They surprised the team with their excellent performances. The Soccer team made it to a fourth place finish in their conference. They also played in the region play-off losing to Roosevelt. Next years team is expected to be a strong one. The girls soccer team played their hearts out and even though their season wasn't the most successful they didn't become discouraged and worked together throughout the season. The team improved a lot during the season and each member showed individual improvement. Mr. Goodman said, "They were a nice bunch of girls.'' Outstanding players were Maria Pira, Lisa Smith, Sharon Anderson, and Theresa Niziol. Theresa took all city honors. The captains were Autumn Arvidson and Theresa Niziol. Next year they hope to hove a larger squad which should help to make the team better. Good luck next year!!! Edison 0 South 3 Edison 2 Woshburn 8 Edison 0 Southwest 5 Edison 4 Roosevelt 2 Edison 4 Mahtomcdi 2 Edison 5 North 2 Edison 5 Henry 2 Edison 2 South 3 Edison 0 Woshburn 4 Edison 0 Southwest 1 Edison 5 St. Johns 2 Edison 3 Roosevelt 1 Edison 4 Mohtomedi 3 Edison 6 North 2 Edison 6 Henry 0 5960The Edison girls swimming team did very well this year. Captains Sue Dunn and Stephanie Weiler led the team through a very tough, yet successful year. Swimmers who made the most improvement were Kristen Corbett and Jenny Wolfe. The whole team did well and held a lot of spirit. Next year the team will be led by captains Michelle Warne and Dawn Ja-kubowski. Edison 35 South 47 Edison 42 Henry 40 Edison 47 Roosevelt 32 Edison 60 Washburn 109 Edison 24 Southwest 59 Edison 33 North 49 61Running With The Wind . . . 62Due to injuries to key members, Tony Fiego and Ron Tyler, the Boy's Cross Country team did not have the kind of season they expected. Outstanding runners were Joe Nielson and Brad Swigart. Coptain Jeff Brazil kept the teams spirit high and never lost hope in the young team. Keep up the good work! The girl's cross country team had an excellent season. They began their practices early in August. Starting their running earlier gave them a lot of strength and they let it show. Though there were four injuries halfway through the season, the team still did well. The sophomore runners came out as City Champs. The team was young with only Julie Ojile returning from last year. Julie Kobow, a freshman, did an outstanding job this year. She finished fourth out of 300 in the Swain Invitational. Good-job girls! Edison 41 Pork Center 18 Edison 35 Southwest 20 Edison 36 Washburn 19 Edison 30 Henry 25 Edison 25 North 24 Edison 36 Highland Pork 21 63ir' BUMP ... SET ... SPIKE!. Edison 0 Washburn 3 Edison 3 North 2 Edison 1 Southwest 3 Edison 0 Roosevelt 3 Edison 0 Henry 3 Edison 1 South 3 Edison 1 Henry 3 Edison 0 Southwest 3 Edison 2 North 3 64The 1984 volleyball team had a lot of spirit and fought hard this season. An outstanding player, Julie Neuenfeldt (11) was named to the All-City Volleyball Team. Captain, Sherie Shupien and coach Jackie Hanson led the team through this tough season. Good luck next year!! 65Dribble . .. Pass . . . The Boy's Varsity Basketball Team had a new experience this season — winning! Though not in abundance, the young team was the most successful in many years. Led by Captains Tom Benkufsky and Sam Meade the Tommies captured their first trophy in 20 years, as consolation champions in the Tartan Christmas Tournament. Things look brighter for next year with many returning standouts: newcomer Erik Blu-mentritt, Mark Drabczak, Dave Hult, John Lown, and Fred Babekuhl to name a few. 66Shoot The Girl's Varsity Basketball Team placed fifth in conference. They had o strong team, which grew even stronger as the season progressed. They were led by their Tri-Captains Theresa Niziol, Marcia Harelstad and Autumn Arvidson who did their best to lead them through the season. Junior Julie Neuenfeldt was named to the all conference basketball team. The Girl's Junior Varsity Basketball Team was also a strong team. They were young, but were all hardworkers, which got them through the season with a 1-16 record. They were led by their Tri-Captains Deann Dooner, Julie Weyrauch and Kari Beckstrom. The girls are looking forward to a better season next year. Good luck Girls 67— Wax Magic Th« yeor's girls cross country ski team lacked in numbers, but made up for it with enthusiosm. Michelle Wame, Cop-torn led them through the season The girls ore looking forward to next yeor ond ore hoping the team's size will increase. The boys cross country ski teom led by Jeff Brozil had a pretty good seoson. They took second in the conference ond went on to win the city relay. Eric Peters surprised everyone by placing ninth in the region meet Jeff Brozil, ond Todd Delong were also outstanding skiers winning all of their meets. Girls Edison 30 North 15 Edison 22 South 34 Edison 24 Roosevelt 32 Edison 16 Southwest 36 Edison 15 Washburn 36 Edison 30 Henry 15 Boys Edison 35 North 25 Edison 34 South 23 Edison 32 Roosevelt 28 Edison 37 Southwest 20 Edison 18 Washburn 36 Edison 38 Henry M 69A Magical Thriller . . . 70Upsetting No. 1 Rated It was a turn-around year for the Tommie wrestlers. Led by Seniors Chris Bolton, John Van-dermyde, Santi Matteson, Kevin Reich and Thad Eddans, the team compiled a 13-7-1 record. On its way to the conference co-championship, the Toms placed 5th in the tough Fridley Invitational and 2nd in both the Spring Lake Pork and Stillwater team tournaments. Highpoints for the year had to be their 22-22 tie with last year's champ Roosevelt, and the stunning upset of No. 1 rated Osseo, 29-23. Edison fans were thrilled by some excellent performances. John Vandermyde and Chris Bolton earned State Tournament births with 1st place region finishes, along with runner-up Dave Skavnak. Captain Chris Bolton was selected to the Minnesota All-State Team. First year cooch Dan Roff looks with promise toward eight returning lettermen to combine with a strong group of J.V. Wrestlers. Edison 27 Pork Center 30 29 Totmo Grace 17 Fridley Tournament 5th Place 27 Cooper 33 Spring Lake Park Tournament 2nd Place 46 Spring Lake Park 30 Pork Cottage Grove 8 St. Michael Albertville 41 Southwest 40 Washburn 50 Henry 39 South Stillwater Tournament 2nd Place 60 Somerset. Wise. 63 Cretin 22 Owotonno 22 Roosevelt 56 North 29 Osseo 16 Humbolf 17 28 49 18 23 8 14 6 0 24 22 6 23 34 (Twin-City) 19 Bloomington Jefferson 54 Armstrong Region 31 Totmo Grace 17 Osseo 28 2 13 37 71----Sticks and Skates This year's Hockey Season started out greot with four wins and one loss. After the first five games the team went into a bit of o “slump," making too many penalties. The team played well throughout the whole season. The thing that hurt them was their many penalties. When they eliminated their penalties, os they did against Brooklyn Center, they won big, 10 1. They were led by Captains Eric Abraham and Tony Fiega, and their Coach Jim Glen. The outstanding players were Tim Dziedzic and Tom Hupp who both were leading scorers in the conference, and will be returning next year. Another outstanding player was Chris Cavanaugh. Defensively speaking. Captains Eric Abraham and Tony Fiega were solid most of the year. Tom Hupp, Tim Dziedzic and Tony Fiega all were named to the all-city Hockey team. Edison 3 Sooth 9 Edison 1 Southwest 17 Edison 5 Henry 7 Edison 1 Roosevelt 10 Edison 3 Washburn 8 Edison 4 South 6 Edison 1 Southwest 16 Edison 4 Henry 3 Edison 3 Roosevelt 6 Edison 5 Washburn JO Edison 3 Henry 6 Edison 5 Mora 4 Edison 5 Red Wmg 1 Edison 1 Como 8 Edison 8 St Poul Centrol 3 Edison 3 Mahtomedi 7 Edison 1 Hollock 3 Edison 10 Brooklyn Center 1 Edison 6 Richfield 9 Edison 6 Minnehaha 7 7273JF Aqua Masters This yeor's boys swim ream was smoll in number compared to their competitors, yet they did their best. The team was led by Captain Pat Anderson, a senior at Henry. Pat swam for Edison because Henry did not have a swim team. He is one of the better swimmers on the team, breaking the City record in the 100 butterfly with a time of 54.44. Pat had to swim exhibition along with other students of Henry becouse he is not an Edison student. Craig Anderson, an Edison student also did well this season. Good Luck guys, next year!!! 200 Medley relay: 6th Place Ted Fcrroro Paul Heggem Leter LangSais Tom McGovern 200 Freestyle: 4th place Ed Bontrager 200 I.M.: 9th Place: Tom McGovern 50 Freestyle: 3rd Place: Paul Heggem 100 8uttcrfly: 1st Place: Pat Anderson 12th Place: Tom McGovern 100 Freestyle: 2nd Race: Poul Heggem 100 Backstroke: 11th Roce: Gorr Vanslooten 500 Freestyle: 9th Place: Ted Ferroro 100 8reoststrokc 1st Place: Pot Anderson 8fh Place: Ed Bontrager 74Magical Style The gymnastics team had o good strong season. The team was young with seventeen members. They were all hard workers and had lots of enthusiasm which let them experience success. Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity placed 4th in the city. The team was led by Captains Jody No-vack ond Eileen Browne, and Coaches Jackie Honson and Teresa Snieder. Season Record Won 5 Lost 5 J.V Invitational: 85.6 — 4th Place Varsity City: 105.35 — 4th Place Regtonol: 99.55 — 6th Place 75Magical Memories of . . . 76Abrohim, Hosino Adorns, Roy Almqurst, Clifford Andersen, Chris Anderson, Dionno Anderson, Shoron Anderson, Wendy Antinozzi, Michele Armstrong, Kothy Audette, Nicolle Austerman, Carol Bobekuhl, Frederick Balko, Elizobeth Ballot, Frederick Bonosik, Diane Bordwell, Sandy Bellomy, J. Benkufsky, Leo Bergman, Cynthio Bisset, Charles Bjoroker, Jennifer Boonds, Nick Brown, A. Brown, C. Brown, Debbie Brozok, Kristine Brummer, William 8uechler, Sandro Burns, Michael 78 Campbell, Carlson, Roxanne Chav, Long Chav, Phaly Chester, Jamie Chhuoy, Meon Chhuoy, Hun Chrzonak, Karen Colvin, K. Combs, Tina Corbett, Allan Coyle, J. Craven, Kimberly Darrough, D. Daye, E. Dean, K. Delong, Todd Diaz, Emilo Dietnch, Sherry Drabczak, Mark Dziedzic, Timothy Eckes, Sandro Ellmgboe, Carmello Erickson, Brian Ervin, Rebecco Esko. WHIian Felling, Andrew Fish, Sheila Fisher, L«sa 79Fk m, Ken Foster, Roymond Frazier, Mark French, Georgeann Furzlond, Kimberly Fung, Bill Glidden, Michael Grigsby, Tina Gulenchyn, Mark Hall, Amy Hammes, Gina Hon, Ho Hang, Chao Hon, Ho Honstad, J. Hauser, Shawn Hcacock, Dale Hcdlund, Lynda Hcggem, Paul Hendrickson, Beth Her, May Her, Poo Chouo Hill, Gara Hillerns, CloudK) Hobbs, April Holger, Bonnie Hong, Chong Houn, Leslie Hult, David Humphrey, Debra 80Hupp, Thomos Ingebretson, Poul Jockson, J. Jokubowski, Dawn Jefferson, K. Jevnager, B«th Johansen, Joan Johansen, William Johnson, Eric Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Tyler Jurchisin, Kolhy Jurichko, Kathy Korlson, Marissa Kiatoukaysy, B. Kisel, Kathryn Kim, Soheok Ko, Sok San Kobernot, Chorles Kohout, Michael Kong, Sochivy Kong, Sothy Konkol, Kathleen Kouch, Chonyoury Kroskey, Tmo Krawczynski, Mary Krosschell, Daniel Lang, Hong Lapage, Corrie Loylond, Christopher 81Lee, Chao Lee, Tou Pao No Picture, no name Lim, Tchicng Litzenberger, Corric Lo, Panhk) Lown, John Lund, Jay Ly, Sivhut Ly. Yia Lynch, Emily Malec, K. Molec, Liso Manners, Jennifer Matis, Vanessa Mattys, Brett Moxcy, Lori McArdle, David McCoMow, Joan McDonald, Dan McNamara, KeUi Mehdi, M. Micek, Dione Miskiewicz, Chns Mohommadi, Mehdi No name, no picture Morgan, Christine Moses, Elisabeth Moua, Boon Moua, Teng 82Mouo, Xou Muor, Vicheth No picture, no name Murzyn, Mary Napue, Derek Nelson, Jason Nelson, Lynn Ncuenfeldt, Julie Ngin, Sothouka Nguyen, Minh NiseB, E. Nong, Mony Norell, Kelly Norris, Preston Oj«le, Angela O'Keefe, Jean Oleson, Gordon Olson, Jeffrey On, Darabuth Or, L. Or, Virak Ourn, Vorin Ourn, Soneth Ourn, V. Parisi, Darren Pearson, Julia No name, no picture Peters, Erik Peterson, Ronold Petersen, Staci Petrowitz, Judith 83Phong, R. Phillips, S. Platt, Michael Plautz, Theresa Prokopaik, Christine Ranheim, Amy Reth, Norng Reynolds, Thomas Ringwelski, Potricio Risser, Koryn Robinson, M. Rodriguez, Auggie Rodriguez, Jomie Roff, Renoe Rossi, Angelina Rossi, Anthony Runganadhan, Najur Sajko, David Sanders, K. Sorkilohti, Gary Scammahom, Raymond Schendel, Vincent Schicffor, Christopher Schleicher, Pomelo Schlundt, Lawrence Schrom, Theresa Schweitzer, Henry Scruggs, Lynn Simnmg, Mary Skavnak, David 84Skovnak, Roechcl Skeesick, Kelly Smith, Kathleen Smith, Lisa Song, Sophal Sparrow, Anthony Sparrow, J. Standol, Peter Stewart, V. Stone, Down Swigart, Bradley Sylvester, John Tonner, Jennifer Tea, Kim Try Thao, Lee Thao, May Thielhorn, Chriss Thielke, Leisho Thor, Yomai Toeung, Heng Touy, Leng Tyson, C. Ung, Muy Tieng Vanornom, Rebecca Vandenheuvel, Debbie Vong, D. Vang, Kee Vong, Mai Vong, The Vong, Txeng 85Vang, Txcng Vang, Vong Vigoren, Christine Vue, Chong Vue, Houa Vue, Mao Vue, Pa Vue, Xiong Walz, Gerald Warne, Michelle Watten, Sandra Waukazo, Debra Wegrzyn, Janusz White, Tomara White, Tim Windhorst, Pamela Witkowski, Anna Xiong, Douo Xiong, Vang Vang, Bee Yang, Cher Yong, Cher Yang, Ge Yong, Koua Yong, Mao Yang, Sue Yong, Vang Yang, Yee Yang, Youa Yant, Tamoro 86Yhouk, S. Yi, J. Sun Zodlo, Kimberly Zok, Timothy Zkruse, L. Zustiok, Donelle Blumentritt, Eric 8788Golden Cheers W 90 AW, We ore proud of our colors, Blue ond Gold We cheered on our teams through the heat ond co M We had the smiles, the pep, ond the spirit At our pepfests and games we let the crowds hear it. We are the Cheerleaders of Edison High Remembering this year with a tear in our eye. We'll never forget the laughter We worked hard to show that Our year to cheer has come to an end is number one We will treasure the memories and special times with We'll soy goodbye but in our hearts we'll stay a Tommi Brenda Bridget Dina Vanessa Kim JoAnn Melanie Heidi Nancy Lisa Kathy Michelle Diane 91The Magic Slippers Ballet shoes with worn out toes Pinned on buns, polished soles. Dippety do and hair spray cons Trunks, gloves, an d pnging plans. There are practice sesfibns long and late [Bending, stretching, feet Jhot ache. Ring high,£ind|he pivot Jurn o splits, shins that burn, bus rides, and missing school ig up homework Thats the rule, this is Danceline tg me This and more most certair Making friends and smiling wide Sharing items of pride inside. Performing well, applai Standing ovotion laughter All of this is Danceline to me This and more m 92Fun, Friendship, Competition has ..... through many performances parades and shows. had long practices sweating in the sun, sore feet, long trips and nylons with runs. We've seen many of parades an the joy of our Friendships is what comes from within. To you t i Carla, Jodi, Loan, Beth, Cathy, Danelle, Kelly, Lisa, Debbie, Lora, Natalie, Sheryl. A salute to you girls for a job well done forget all the problems Remember the fun. 9495The Year In Pictures '85 The year 1984-1985 was a historic one in mony respects. The summer Olympics in Los Angeles captured our attentions and produced a number of national sports heros. Medical history was made with the implantation of a baboon's heart in "Baby Foe" and an artificial heart in William Schroeder. Our first woman vice-presidential candidate, Geraldine Ferraro, and Minnesota's Walter Mondale won the state, but Ronald Reagon won four more years. Our first black Miss America, Vanessa Williams, gave up her crown in a nude photo scandle. The space shuttle had continued success. The year also saw killing drought, famine and civil war in Ethiopia, the death of Soviet leoder Andropov and the murder of India's Indira Gandi. I. Olympian Carl Lewis won four gold medols in trock. 2. De-throned Miss America, Vanessa Williams. 3. Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. 4. Michael Jackson's mego-tour crossed the country. 5. Minneapolis' own PRINCE. 6. "She's so unusual" — Cyndi Lauper. 7. Artificial heart reciprant, William Schroeder. 8 “Baby Fae" received o baboon's heort. 9 Walter Mondalc and Geraldine Ferraro. 10. Mary Lou Retton won the first individual Olympic medol in gymnastics. 11. "Who Ya Gonna Coll? . " 12 The famine mEthiopio killed one million people in 1984. 97Punk to Prep Seen on these two poges ore some of the Fads -n- Foshions of Edison high school for '84 and '85. Guess jeans were one of the biggest fads. Another big fashion was costume jewelry. Big necklaces and bracelets, lots of rhinestones, and wearing multiple earrings was also real popular. Guys even got into the act by wearing a small earring. Another popular fashion wos large knit sweaters such as Shakers and Forenzas. With the guys, the prep-look wos really big. Comfortable parachute pants were popular for girls and guys. As for shoes, most were flat worn with anklets. Short top boots were also in style. 9899101All Conference Winners Row 1: Chondo Kouonchoo (soccer), Poul Peterson (footboll), Row 2: Erie Abrohom (footboll), Jeff Brozil (cross country skiing), Julie Kobow (cross country running) Row I: Julie Neuenfeldt (volleyboll), Thercso N.ziol (soccer ond softboll) Row 2: Mark Drabczok (footboll), Som Mcodc (footboll) 102 Tom Hupp (hockey), Tony Fiego (hockey) Autumn Arv.dson (softboll). J.U Westphol (sw.mm.ng)Senior's Favorites . . . 103Autographs Autographs AutographsAutographs Autographs AutographsHall of Fame Sure Success John Vandermyde and Ellen Satrom Most Talented Brad Kuho and Laure Smolok Typical Tommie Kevin Reich and Sue Dunn Fabulous Flirt Eric Abraham and Kris Hanzlik Talkative Tommie Denne Nelson and Mari Fahr 106Best Dressed Tony Fiega and Cathy Zytkovicz Best All-Around Jeff Brazil and Marcia Harelstad Energy Plus Tim Parker and Michelle Matthes Personoltiy Plus Don Andre and Deborah Ellis Most Courteous Dennis Kromorczuk and Nancy Johnston 107Hall of Fame Beouty and Brown Gorgeous Gazers Sam Meade and Melanie Moses Paul Jakubowski and Kristy Sandahl Little Rascals Jim Zurbey and Maria Pira Gleaming Grins Peter Alexander and Brenda Campbell (not pictured) 108Clumsy Clutz Larry Johnson and Jean Marchiofavo Lucious Locks Chris Cavanaugh and Dawn Trombley Biggest Brownie Tom Erickson and Kathy Sivanich Class Clown Timid Tommies Peter Chido ond Donna Malec Tom O'Reilly and Nancy Chock 109Dancin' and Romancin' noOnce again, our gutsiest Doisy Mae's went a-chosin' after those LB' Abners at the Sadie Hawkins dance held November 16. The dance started ot 8:00 P.M., but nobody went for the donee floor. First come the chose!! After the Daisies caught their Ul' Abners, some had their pictures token, while others were getting hitched, Kevin Erickson wos our very own Morryin' Sam who gave finol marriage vows along with genuine fake gold rings. After gettin' hitched it come time to donee. The OT gym was filled with music from the Midwestern Sound ond Light Show. During the dance, there was a contest to see who was best dressed as Doisy Moe Little Abner. Tina Erickson and Tom Erickson won with their cute III' outfits. The Dancin' and Romancin' lasted until 11:00 P.M. when all the hillbilly folk left the dance ond turned bock into Edison Folk. lit112On the night of December 14, 1984 everyone grobbed their mistletoe and licked their lips for the Mistletoe Dance. The dance was sponsored by the Edison Flagline. The entertainment was provided by the KDWB Total Entertainment Sound and Light Show. KDWB played great tunes as well as gave away some great prizes. First prize was two Prince tickets which went to Scott Weidt. Later they gave away a Motley Crue Poster and a 101 t-shirt. The smooching and dancing went on in the girls old gym from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. 113Sno-Daze Magic Sno-Doze week kicked off with hot and tie doy, where mony different examples of hots ond ties were put on display Tuesday was rockout or dress like your favorite rockstar. Wednesday was International Doy ond everyone dressed according to the traditional attire of their heritage Thursday was flourscent or closh doy Some closhed so welt, it made others cringe. There were mony glow-m-the-dork foshions drifting around school The final day of Sno-Daze week wos summer day. Despite the minus 20 weather, mony came to school wearing only shorts and Hawaiian shirts. The theme of this week wos "Go blow your Sno's." On Friday, the variety show and coronation were held in the auditorium Here mony tolents of the student body were shown. The show kicked off with the Nord-East Express who were followed by mony octs including the cheerleaders, Ginny Thoraldson, Heidi Anderson, Donna Molec, David Harris, Poulo Tetzmon and Andy Thoroldson singing o duet, Suzie Moses and Company, Missy and Chris, Mario Pira, Loure Smolok ond Donno Molec who sang a trio and Betsy Burklond who song o solo. The voriety show come to o close with the crowning of the Sno-Doze King and Queen. When the big moment finally arrived, the former Sno-Doze King, Tony Hart and Queen Toni Jablonski were on hand to crown the winners. The twelve candidates were: Michelle Motthes, Tony Fiego, Kristy Sondahl, Som Meade, Melonie Moses, Jeff Brozd, Kathy Sivomch, Chris Bolton, Loure Smolok and Peter Alexander. Jeff Brazil ond Melanie Moses were crowned the new Sno-Doze King and Queen. At 8:00 p.m the Sno-Doze carnival and dance begon The KDW8 Sound ond Light Show provided the music. Many came to this event wcormg their shorts, Howaiion shirts and loes. There were several booths sponsored ot the cornivol, including the sponge-toss where both Reggie Johnson ond Sno-Doze King Jeff BrozJ were targets, sponsored by the Senior class. The Spanish Club sponsored a booth selling Churros. The French Club olso sponsored o booth selling Crepes. The International Club sold pop at the carnival. Many participated in the excitement of the cornivol. Jeff Brazil received a singing telegram congratulating him on h»s victory os King The whole week of events came to o disappointing close ot 11:00 p.m. when the donee ended. Many enjoyed it, thanks to the hard work of the Student Council who made it all possible.Go Blow Your Sno's 116117The excitement of the Sweetheart Dance be-gon of 8:00 p.m Fridoy. Februory 22nd in the girls old gym. Sponsored by the Pom-Toms, it contained a few new hopperungs. One was the mummy wrapping contest, in which four duos portici-poted The object wos to wrap the other partner in toilet paper from head to toe, foster thon the others. The winners were Tina Kraskey and Chris Mo-lec. Next there wos on air guitar contest. The contestants went out on the donee floor ond ployed their guitar, air that is. Mortssa KorHon, the only female contestant was the winning guitar player. Excitement reached its peak ot about 10:30 p.m., when the Sweetheart King ond Queen were announced. The suspense ended when Kristy Son-dahl and Peter Alexander were crowned Sweetheart King and Queen. Their court wos made up of: Chris Bolton, Laure Smolak, Tony Fiego, Down Trombley, Michelle Matthes, Sam Meade, Mono Pira ond Kevin Reich. Everyone then resumed their place on the dance floor. Dancing to the sounds of the KDWB Sound and Light Show, the festivities come to a close ot 11.00 p.m. 118Arrow Strikes • • • 119 1 Abrahim, Artino Adorns, Raymond Anderson, Heidi Anderson, Moyo Antinozzi, M. Atchison, Dawn Bocha, Karima Barden, Tyrone Barekzai, Hooda Bartz, Lynette Basswood, Janice 8auer, Johannas Beckstrom, Kori Beeksma, JiH Bertrom, 8. Birge, Pearl Biorklund, Korl Bliskowski, John Bloomer, Amy Blumhoefer, Mork Boxwell, Kelly Bratsch, Kimberly Brewer, T. Brookins, D. Browning, Rachel Burklond, Betsy Bursch, Kevin Cadwell, Cindy Chon, Sokhonnaka Chang, Mythao 122Chong, Peto Cheors, Rosetto Chester, Angelo Clerk, David Clork, K. Clousen, Dorothy Dalrymple, 8ob Domowond, Boshir Davis, Christopher Davis, Tyrone Devine, Michelle Devito, Patrick Dionne, Linda Donley, Richard Dooner, Bloke Dooner, DeAnn Dupoy, DeAnno Dyke, L. Ekman, Philip Emon, Deboroh Erickscn, Joan Erickson, Amy Erickson, Scott Erickson, Tina Ersbo, Deborah Ferguson, S. Fjerstod, Carla Fronczok, Michael Gervais, Michael Giebncr, Corrie 123Griffin, Michael Grimmer, C. Hon, Chhouk Hong, Bao Hong, Chue Hong, Yer Hanson, Sheryl Harris, 0. Harris, John Hosbrook, Brion Hougen, Chnstene Herlofsky, Jrfl Hesselgrove, Amy HiH, James Hill, J. Hoang, Brenda Hogan, H. Holden, Richord Holliday, Rosie Holscher, Jason Hopkins, Dianne Hubbord, D. Ignotowicz, Karen Ikes, D. Ing, Leong Jaeger, Kimberly Johnke, Rebecca Jomes, Brenda Johnson, T. Johnson, Thomos 124Jones, Eric Jones, Stephanie Jordon, Edward Keiser, Jock Kenerson Killebrew, S. Kim, Veary Kith, Yoeuth Kittelson, Craig Klaesges, Rebecca Koenen, Joselle Korrenowski, Peter Koslowski, Edward Kouanchao, Ketmoni Ko2lok, Andrea Krause, Tracy Kuho, Darcy Lamont, Michael Lomotte, Liso Larid, S Larson, R Lasserre, Dawn Lot, Chhoeup Lee, Blong Lee, Chee Lee, Chee Lee. Ger Lee, Steven Lemmermonn, Linda Len en, Troy 125Lima, H. Lim, Tchieng Lmdemyer, Stacie Litzenberger, Melisso Locke, James Lund, Rondy Ly, Toklcang Mach, Melissa Mahon, Erin Mak, S. Molgorzata, W. Martin, Noel McCormick, Randi McGovern, Tomas McKay, Patrick McNomara, Kathleen Mehrkens, Joson Milburn, Marc Miller, Robert Miller, T. Minh, P. Moore, David Morlan, James Moses, Susanna Mouo, M. Moua, Tou Mundschenk, John Murray, Thomos Nellermore, John Nelson, Eric 126Nelson, Lesile Nelson, Ronette Nelson, Troy Ngoun, A. Nielsen, Joseph Nom, Norin Norn, R. Novok, Jason Ojile, Julie Olo, H. Olsen, Natalie O'Reilly, Suson Ourn, Sonith Potch, Mary Petersen, Tracy Peterson, Jeffrey Peterson, Mark Phon, Bona Poliszuk, Sonia Pomerenke, John Preese, David Price, Jodi Reich, Kelly Reid, Kelly Reth, N Roepkc, Ann Rogers, Jodi Rosser, Signe Sam, Jana Soros, J. 127Sather, James Scandrette, Robin Schieffer, Kimberlie Schlcif, Katie Senko, Christine Setterstrom, Todd Shorbono, Leonard Sheldon, S. Shields, Stephen Sikkink, Debbie Siv, V. Skinoway, Donald Smahel, James Smith, Tommy Soderqmst, Denise Sok, Sopheap Solz, Scott Som, Thy Sparrow, John Sparrow, Joseph Sroy, P. Stegoro, Amy Sukhu, Bissoondoi Swann, Montgomery Swanson, Lisa Swanson, Timothy Thao, Kong Thao, Xee Thera, Lara Thoraldson, Andrew Thouk, Ngar Tor, Vocur Torgerson, Debra Tronn, Meng Trombley, Denae Ung, Pachorith Ung, Tech Vang, Chiao Vong, Chue Vang, C. Vong, Houo Vong, la 128Vang, K. Vang, Lcng Vang, Mai Vang, M. Vang, P. Vang, Vo Vincent, T. Vong, L. Vue, Houa Vue, Vong Vue, Xao Waisanen, Lisa Walker, Clifford Walker, James Weidt, Scott Weilage, Lora Wessling, L. Westcott, Julie Westphol, Jill Wilbert, Mario Wiles, Joy Wincek, Edward Wirtz, Susan Wojok, Thereso Xiong, la Xiong, Youo Yohrmatter, Patrick Yong, B. Yang, K. Yong, Kao Yong, Seng Yong, Wang Yang, Xou Yong, Yer Yong, Y. Yang, Y. Yeong, Doeum Zojoc, John Zebnski, Sonio Hansen, 0. Lehman, L. 129130132 GERMAN, FREThe German Club meets one day a week. When they meet they discuss the German culture. They didn't go to Germany this year because of lack of people. The French Club has two purposes, one is to participate in school activities. The other is to promote knowledge of Francophone culture. The French Club also sponsors the boule tournament. Other activities they participate in are Homecoming week, and they sponsor a Sno-Daze booth. The Spanish Club raised money by selling candy. They used the money to attend a professional performance. They were involved in Homecoming week, for which they made a float and won first place. They also sponsored a booth for Sno-Daze. Dawn Trombley, Carla Rosenbower and Denise Ellingboe went to Mexico from March 10-21, sponsored by the Spanish Club. The officers were: President — Teri Haack, Vice-President — Brian Carlson, Secretary — Jeff Brazil and. Treasurer — Mari Fahr. NCH, SPANISH 133134 BANDMagical Notes The Edison Marching Band had a very busy summer. They performed in eleven parades including their performance at Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota. They also performed in two parades while in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The band received a second place award in Wyoming, and also placed in other pardes during the summer. After playing in Cheyenne, they moved on to Denver, Colorado where they visited the Air Force Academy. This summer the band had ninety members; six color guard, twelve flag line, and seventy-two in the block. After the hot, grueling summer was over the band had a bit of a change. Drum Major, Scott Westphal, was replaced by Drum Major, Brian Erickson, and Drum Majorette, Kathy Jurichko. Mr. Johnson, the band director, led the band through the summer and the school year. Edison should be very proud to have such an outstanding band. Many people don't realize how hard they work. Sweating during summer practices, getting rained on, and being called "Band Geeks." It takes a lot of patience and guts. Stay Proud! 135Both the freshmen and concert choir gave their all this year to put on super performances. They proved this at the October 25 fall-pop concert, the December 18 Holiday concert, the Touch of Class and the Spring concerts. They also go on tour singing at other schools' assemblies throughout the year. Graduation is when all their hard work finally pays off for the freshmen. They graduate to concert choir. Our thanks to Mrs. Rita Andrescik, the director, and cabinet members Laure Smolack, pres., Ellen Satrom, v. pres., Maria Pira, sec., and Pom Windhurst, trees. 136 CHOIRThe Nord-East Express is made up of an elite group of singers from Edison. The group itself has received rave reviews and A-ratings in State competitions for singing and dancing. The express consists of 13 people ranging from grades 10-12. The members are: Donna Malec (12), Laure Smolack (12), Maria Pira (12), Marissa Karlson (11), Mike Kohcut (11), Brian Erickson (11), Vince Schendel (11), Amy Erickson (10), Andy Thoraldson (10), Leslie Nelson (10), Jill Beeksmo (10), Jim Hill (10), and Rob Miller (10). All but six members are new this year. Even though the group is young, they've done very well. The Express sings for private dinners, community gatherings, and every spring they go on tour. The talent of this group and their great odvisor, Ms. Andrecik should not be overlooked. NORD-EAST EXPRESS 37The Student Council is an organization that sponsors many of the dances and shows we see here at Edison. Some of the events they sponsor are: Homecoming, Sadi-Hawkings, Sno-Doze. In addition to the dances and shows, the council also worked on the various weeks activities for Sno-Daze and Homecoming. Again this year, the council sponsored the Memorial Blood Bank, which they've done for many years. Membership in the Student Council is open to all Edison students. 138 STUDENT COUNCILThe Key Club is o High School service orgonizotion sponsored by the Northeost Kiwonis Club. They help the community by working with child core ond the Women's Support group. Also members spend one Saturday a month playing bingo with the residents of the nursing home on Central Avenue. Socially the group has a lot of fun. Key Clubs from all over get together and have dances ond lock-ins. 139The letters H.E.A.R.T. stand for Home Economic and Related Trades. It is a student organization designed especially for students who are enrolled in programs that explore and prepare them for careers in Hospitality, Recreation and Personal Services. The class is simulated occupational experience, a cooperative education, or a "prep" class for an occupational program. In addition to providing for further career and occupational skill development by the student, H.E.A.R.T. is designed to help build both leadership and "follewership" in its members as they take into their hands both the planning and implementing of school activities. H.E.A.R.T. HOThe efficiency and responsibility of every member of the stagecrew makes up for their lack in number. The crew consists of six students and Reggie Johnson. Their responsibilities range from building and painting all of the props to transporting various equipment such as: tables, spotlights and risers. They are also in charge of raising and lowering the curtains. STAGE CREW MlWhen you enter any of the offices at Edison you may be greeted by a student aide. The aides in the main office run the switchboard, distribute mail and do many other tasks requested by the school secretory. In the counseling office they assist with filing, mailing, issuing passes or other clerical tasks. An aide in the attendance office may collect attendance envelopes or help prepare a computer printout of all students absent that day. The library aides stock books, check them out or file cards. All aides spend one hour per day at their respective tasks and receive a credit for them. U2 AIDESThe Interculturol club was starred to promote understanding among the diverse student population. This group of students gets together to help each other learn about their different cultures. The club does a lot of social activities like, trips to valley fair, bowling and picnics. The goal of the Intercultur-al club is to promote Interculturol understanding through knowledge. This year's group is lorger than last years. The club is mostly led by the students and is under good control. The president of the club is Pone Nhotsavang vice president is Muon Vy, and secretary-treasurer is Phirun Uk. 143 INTERCULTURAL CLUBThe National Honor Society, an organization recognizing outstanding Juniors and Seniors, sponsor activities involved with American Education week. Teacher Appreciation Day as well as fund raisers and projects which promote scholarship in the student body. A student must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and they must portray leadership, scholarship, service and character before they can be considered as a candidate for the Society. The President of the National Honor Society is Ellen Satrom, Vice president is Joe Coyle, and Secretary-treasurer is Mari Fahr. The Advisors are Mr. Wenzel, and Sophie Boutsioukos. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 144The Edison Speech and Debate teams are members of the Minnesota High School Speech and Debate League. The debate team started their seoson at Kellogg High School in a series of practice debotes. They then took part in the Metro Debote League. Doug Rodemacher was owarded the top speaker in the Novice Division Metro Debate League. The Captains are Doug Rademacher and Kent Sulem. The Speech team started its season in January and will take part in tournaments ot Richfield and Normondale College. SPEECH AND DEBATE 145For 63 years, the Edison Record has been giving "Tommie" school news. It is the longest running school newspaper in the city. The staff is made up of 30 seniors. They work on the paper during their journalism class. The Record is printed seven times a year. In each issue of the newspaper, the staff tries their hardest to reflect the opinions of the student body, faculty and community. This year's staff is led by Co-Editors in Chief Catherine Zytkovicz and Debbie Ellis. Mr. Lutz is the Record Advisor. 146 RECORDThe 1985 Wizard Staff has worked very hard to make the '85 Wizard the best ever. The staff meets Monday thru Thursday from 2 to 4. Editor in Chief Staci Petersen worked with new members as well as old to keep things moving in a productive way. Along with Mr. Elavsky, Advisor, they made sure that all deadlines were made and double checked all lay-outs to make sure everything was done perfectly. The 1985 Wizard staff included Marissa Karlson, Theresa Fairley, Becky Watters, Denise Ellingboe, Kathy Senko, Anne Droguest, Paula Thompson, Loon Nguyen, Emmy Fung, and Hieu Nguyen, in addition to Staci Petersen. The entire staff has worked long and hard to make this a yearbook all will remember. We hope that you find our efforts worthwhile. The staff wishes to thank the David 8ank Studios and photographers. WIZARD 147148Albrecht, Brendo Allen, Gory Anderson, Ann Austermon, Lois Bom, Connie Bolthozor, Daniel Bong, Lue 8onks, Anita Basho, F. Basswood, Kenneth Bell, D. Bell, Kristen Berg, Jored Berg, Zochary Bergquist, Kothryn Bergstrom, Nma Bertholf, Richard Btrge, C. Birge, C. Birmingham Blonchor, Kelly Blank, Kristen Bohach, Terence Bolten, Jennifer BoHrath, T. Bosquez, Jennifer Bradford, Heother Brenny, J. Brozek, Scott Bryan, Patrick 150Brown, D. Brozock, E. Brozek, Scott Brummer. Tiffany Buechler, Margaret Bunke, J. Burton, Kimberly 8utler, Steve Butzler, Crystal Carlson, David Chang, Plouo Chao, Hing Chen, Y Chrzonok, Kathy Clark, Christopher Clipperton. Donelle Cloud, Tina Coelho, Rudrigo Cody, Thomas Colvin, T. Coons, Brenda Corbett, Jason Corley, Wendy Cox, Michele Crosby, C. Cunningham, Nicole Davis, S. Decowski, Jeffery Demers, Dovid Desjarloit, Terrrfee 15 YDibble, Christina Dieser, Jamie Dircks, Tamyra Drobczak, David Dziedzic, K. Ellingboe, Denise Elshershoby, Mohamed Engdohl, Jodi Erickson, Holly Eschedor, Schauntcll Evans, D. Folley, Theresa Fosbender, Ginger Ferguson, Anthony Ferroro, T. Fisher, Jason Floyd, Dawn Fosberg, Andrea Frisco, Theresa Fowlds, Daniel Gallagher, Chorlcs Genung, Daniel Gilbert, Julie Glotczok, Joy Gorden, Michael Grady, Jennifer Gronger, Blandon Granroos, Dena Green, John Greevcrs, Robert 152Griffen, Shelly Gustafson, Russell Hamre, Richard Hon, Chhoeut Hoson, Patsy Hougesag, Jennifer Her, Ge Hoang, Dennis Holen, Gerald Holloway, Down Holtzlider, Michelle Houselog, Loren Hun, Kong Hun, Ty Ingebretson, Todd Ingersoll, Rebecca InsobeHa, Tino Ives, Walter Jacobs, Brendo Josicki, Tony Jensen, Christine Johnson, Adom Jones, Justine Jordon, Janet Kaeppe, Jennifer Korjolohti, Kevin Korkocs, Justin KorHon, Roger Kelm, Heather Kennedy, Scott 153Kenny, Caro Kim, Phirun Krm, Young Knops, Shorn Kobow, Jul»o Koelfgen, Julie Koelfgen, Julie Kong, Sopheo Kotchen, Thomas Kouonchoo, Soukthovi Kromarczuk, John Kroska, Koren Kricscl, Vance Kussotz, Steven Kutchero, Sheilo Lamont, Larry Lampman, Michelle Larson, Cheryl Larson, Jennifer Layland, Derek Lee, Gcr Lee, Mai Lee, M. Lcmkc, Katherine Lessord, Nicole Lindberg, Kristen Lindbcrg, Robert Lmdell, Cothryn Lisok, Ruth Lo, Khai 154Ly, Tokleang Moki, Motthcw Morsz, Motthew Matthes, Timothy Mattson, Chris Mattson, Cory Maxey, Brett McDoniel, Chad McNaughton, Amy Med, T. Metek, Patricio Memohch, Karen Midthus, Brenda Miles, Dawn Miller, Christine Miskowicc, T. Miwo, Malmdo Mollo, Tewobech Moore, Scott Morgon, David Morrison, Rondolph Moua, B. Moua, Koua Munson, Michael 155Mour, Map My, Kheng Nelson, Paulette Neuenfeldt, Steven Nhotsavang, Phetmorvvone Nielsen, Steven Nom, Noreap Noree, S. Norland, Roger Norman, Benjamin Ola, B. Olsen, Rachel Olsen, William Olson, Dustin Olson, Gerald Polmquist, Andrea Pan, Linda Paradise, M. Peorson, Michele Pederson, Wayne Pelzl, Chod Perez, Jessica Petersen, Heidi Peterson, Heather Peterson, Joson Pho, Ooua Phay, Ron Phorn, S. Pioske, Shawn Randall, Alicia 156Reed, Cory Reimonn, Er»c Reynolds, Michoel Richordson, Jewel Ripley, Colleen Risser, John Rockymore, Melvma Roethlcr, Noncy Rotondo, Jeon Roufs, Jocelyn Soilor, L. Som, Poul Sandahl, Karlo Sother, Loro Scheurer, Tommy Schoen, Charles Schulz, N. Schulze, Glenn Simon, James Skcesick, Scott Skavnok, Candoce Smith, James Sok,Sopheo Sorvig, C. Sporlein, Craig Sporlein, Patrick Stoub, Edward Stevens, Merci Stinor, Dale Stone, Robert 157Stockier, Jof|i Strolh, Amondo Strohs, C. Stroth, Amonda Sullivon, Oovid Swan, Hope Svenningsen, Arnold Thao, Chuc Thao, Vao Thao, Yi Thielke, Stefen Thielhorn, Cory Thomas, T. Thompson, Robbie Thomson, K. Thoroldson, Virg roo Thorn, Shone Todd, Donovan Tor, Von Tronn, Chheng Tremmel, Tom Tuchek, Frank Vang, Bee Vong, Cho Vang, Chia Vang, Cho Kee Vang, Kong Vang, Moy Vong, N. Vang, Xio Vang, Mai Ker Varichak, Poula Vo, Von VoBroth, Todd Pelton, Kimberly 158Vue, F. Lee, B. Vue, Lou Walker, Alon Wollace, Pamela Warfield, Kristin Woukozo, Arnold Weyrouch, Julie Wiles, S. Wiles, Tomothy Wilkinson, Goysho Windhurst, Stephen Wolfe, Jennifer WuoMet, Juhe Wyandt, Kristie Wyandt, Kristie Xiong, Bla Xiong, Ge Xiong, H. Xiong, Tou Xiong, Xia Mee Xiong, Xong Yohrmafter, K. Yong, Bee Yang, Keng Yang, Kong Yang, Lao Yang, Lee Yang, Pa Yang, Lee Yong, L. Yong, Poi Yong, Shouo Yong, Song Yong, Thao Yong, T. You, Sinath You, Vanno Zallar, James Zemedhin, Yonnas Zenk, Peter Pelton, Kimberly 159JV.Voleybal Row I. TmoErickson,KetmornKouondhoo.Kobe Cotvei,RonoeRott JrtBeekwno Kely Doedrc Ro- 2, C vh R m (Cooch). So ORerty. Pone Nhohovong. Ley . Nehon. Kart Beckurom, Jodi Roger . Pom Wndhuryt JV Soccer Row I. Ngor Thouk, Booum MooO, Von Vo. Choo L« . Nhonh Phon, Yeouth Kith Row 2; Kong Lee. Hon Ho. Vong Yong. Noy Vang. Month Norn, Cher Yong Row 3. Vu Yang (Cooch). Mug Tech, Hereiqoe Coitokmo. £nk Peter (Coptom). Fey el Boyho. Chm Thehom. J V Bovketbol Ro- »;KartBeckurom. Mot, Lucent. Cathy Chrionk.Kety Dm4k. Chn Seiko Ro- J V Bovketbol Ro- I. Oemetor Bel. Crog Sportem, Steve Lee. Enc Nehon. Scott Soli Ro- 2. Dove 2. Joe £ka on (Cooch). DeAme Doonee. Lndo Drone. A e Kobow. Juke Wyrouch. Cofhy Lempfcy Berggren (Cooch). Mke Munyon, Adorn Johnvon. DovxJ Drobciok. Steve Neuenteidt. Jett Peteryon Not Pictured Dov d Cork J V Wrevrtng Row I. John Krrwnorcxok. Steve Bum. Robb-e Thompson Ro- 2. Don Rott (Cooch). Mott Ben . Jen Semen. Tony Fergukon J v Footbol Row I. Robbie Thompvon. John Pomererke. Mk Gordon. John Mtmdtheouck. John Sporro—. Jovon Hohcher. John Nelermore, Dove Preeke Row 2. David Horn . John Green. Crog Sport . Vn Vnohei, £nc NeHon, Jovon Corbett. Troy Nehon. Am Sother Row 3, Randy Ferroro (Cooch). Steve Neoenfetdt. Dove Drobciok. Adorn Johmton. Jett Peteryon. CWt Woker. Pot Dento. Don Rott (Cooch) 160 — — Magical Memories of . .. Jerome B. Simondet Principal Stephen Marchuk Asst. Principal Shelton Rucker Asst. Principal Victor Colvin Secretaries: Pauline Krumrey, Georgine Knutson, Jeanette Varhol, Ann Falkum, Asst. Principal Lynn Govoent, Genevieve Niznik, Maureen Buganski. 161James C. Anderson Phy. Ed. Roger A. Anderson Sociol Studies Wayne W. Anderson Libronon Rito M. Andrescik Music, Vocol Joanna L. Bornett Home Economics Melville J. Bauman Reading Speciofcst Janet L. Benson LEP Sharon S. Benson Business Ellen Bieleieski Phy. Ed. LiHion Btsbecos English Alec Dupoy Social Studies Ethel Dzubay Home Economics Glenn W. Ekman Special Education Michael J. Elovsky Mathematics Florence I Ferguson Phy. Ed.Joon G. Groth Business Jacqueline Heinrich Home Economics Allon Johnson Industrial Arts Lewis Kocur Mathematics Terry E. Lome Science Reginald E. Johnson Music, Instrumental Cathy Gustafson YMCA Detached Worker Sondra L. Hopstock Mathematics James W Kanwischer Counselor Gerold J. Kovach Counselor Seng Lo LEP Harold Honkolo Social Studies Erich P. Koester Modern Language Earl H. Lorsen Social Studies Conrad Kanpek Mathematics Willian Kostick Science Gerald Lutz English Jean F. Gustafson Phy. Ed. Henry D. Hull Mathematics Gary B. Hanson Industrial Arts Ching Te Ing LEP Koren Knudsen Mn. State Empl. Ser. Richard Kramer Science Mary A. Lutz Science 163Arthur D Motflet Special Education Jonell T. Olson Work Program David L. Moore Social Studies Michael T. Morns Special Education Phillip R Mosher Mothemotics Dennis P. O'Keefe Mothemotics Mary Ostrander LEP James Soxton Work Program Joy C. Peterson English Corol E. Pomroy Counselor Saundra RoweH English Brenda Samuels Home Economics Christian K. Skervold Social Studies Peter Sovell Phylfcs P. Stapp Nancy Terry Business Medio Specialist Speciol Education Shirley H Thompson EnglishBilingual: Vu Vang, Sokha Chan, Cher Sane Engineers: Frank Peterson, Ron Boos, Len Nelson, Joe Fuss, Bob Guille, Sue Johansen, Chuck Weber Engineers: Matt Sapiwnik, Jim Julian, Dave Boyes, Dale Sanders ♦ kmc « «n Aides: Mae Luka, Vivian Gallegos, Betty Claussen, Edythe Falk, Dennis McGowan, Alicia Hanson, Eva Bolin 165Student Aides: Row 1; Karen Ignatowicz, Dawn Trombley, Dina Brenny, Danelle Zustiak, Andrea Kozlak. Row 2; Sonja Zelinski, Kelli McNamara, Kim Zondlo, Kari McNamara, Lisa Wilson. Row 3; Matt Sandell, Carol Austerman, Lisa Moses, Kris Hanzlik, Don Andre. Student Council: Row 1; Ingrid Wagstrom, Paula Thompson, Jody Novak, Christy Salmonson, Paula Tetzman, Mari Patch, Natlie Olsen. Row 2; Jill Hatfield, Maria Pira, Mari Fahr, Ellen Satrom, Lori Smalok, Jill Herlofsky, Tina Tadlock. Row 3; Doug Rademacher, Jeff Brazil, Mike Miwa, Mary Memorich, Pone Nhotsauang, Anita Schenk, Debbie Ellis, Marcia Harldstad. Row 4; Matt Sandhal, Don Andray, Bridget Ross, Diane Plumb, Shannon Sporline, Michelle Mathes, Karen Bryan, Pam Windhurst, Kathy Konkol, Rob Miller, Stephine Jones. Pom Poms: Row 1; Betsy Burkland, Rachel Browning, Karen Ingnatowitz, Lynette Bartz, Denae Trombley. Row 2; Shannon Sporlein, Dawn Trombley, Shannon Stafford, Tina Tadlock, Lori Hill (Captain), Kris Hanzlik (Captain). Row 3; Christine Prokopuke, Diane Micek, Dianna Anderson, Leisa Moses, Jennifer Tanner, Cindie Bergman, Terri Schram. Not Pictured; Kym Craven. Wizard: Row 1; Emmy Fung, Marissa Karlson, Loan Nguyen. Row 2; Staci Petersen — Editor, Paula Thompson, Pone Nhotsavang, Lin Ho. Row 3; Denise Ellingboe, Kathy Senko, Anne Droguest, Becky Watters, Theresa Falley. Spanish Club: Row 1; J. Hicks, T. Haak, D. Trombley, D. Ellingboe, P. Wallace, J. Haugesag, D. Holloway, B. Granger, L. Houselog. Row 2; T. Falley, M. Devine, L. Johnson, A. Valtiena, S. Griffen, S. Koelfgren, C. McDaniel, S. Johnson, J. Fisher, K. Bell, C. Rosenbower. Row 3; S. Buechler, M. Fahr, B. Watters, L. Nisell, S. Hukriede, G. Mochinski, K. Reich, J. Vandermyde, F. Tuchek, S. Salgren. Row 4, P. Kimbragh, J. Novak, T. Tadlock, J. Donely, M. Simning, B. Roff, N. Johnston, M. Pira, C. Xiong, S. Boutsiokous, J. Smahel, J. Brazil, E. Peters, S. Meade, T. Johnson, B. Carlson, J. Coyle, M. Benik, J. McCollow. Flagline: Row 1; Beth Hendrickson, Carla Rosenbower (Captain), Jodi Donley (Captain), Loan Nguyen. Row 2, Lora Weilage, Kelly Boxwell. Row 3; Kathy Konkol, Danelle Zustiak. Row 4; Debbie Ersbo, Sheryl Hanson, Lisa Malec, Natalie Olsen. 166Record Staff: Row 1; Mr. Lutz, Carole Wegner, Heidi Tremmel, Autumn Arvidson, Sherie Shupien, Gayle James, Shannon Sporlein, Michaelle Matthes, Melanie Moses. Row 2; Greg Mochinski, Don Andre, Tony Krosschell, Debbie Ellis, Bridget Ross, Sandy Thomas, Dawn Tombley, Jennifer Nelson, Natalie Olson, Lisa Wilson. Row 3; Jeff Solz, Ken Sulem, Brad Kuha, Dan Rignell, Catherine Kytkovicz, Diane Plumb, Kris Hanzlik, Jean Marchiafava, Traci Fairley, Jeff Brazil. Cheerleaders: Row 1; JoAnn Rath, Kim Zondlo, Nancy Johnston, Kathy Sivanich (Captain). Row 2; Melanie Moses, Heidi Tremmel, Michelle Matthes, Dina Brenny (Captain). Row 3; Vanessa Matis, Bridget Ross. Row 4; Brenda Campbell, Diane Plumb. Row 5; Lisa Wilson. NHS: Row I; Tom Erickson, Melanie Moses, Michelle Matthes, Mari Fahr. Row 2; Tina Tadlock, Maria Pria, Julie Kostik, Lauri Smolak, Mrion Vy, Phaly Chav, Loan Nguyen, S. Mak, Teng Moua. Row 3; Susan Deinh, S. Weiler, Pone Nhoisavang, Becky Watters, Teresa Haak, Marcia Harelstad, Nancy Johnston, Christy Salmonson, Chanda Kouconchao, Phirun Uk. Row 4; Brenda Campbell, Bridget Ross, Jeri Hicks, Joel Varichak, Tom O'Reilly, Jim Zurbey, Arthur Ness, Peter Ness, Ingrid Wagstrom, Ellen Satrom, Jean Beasley. Row 5; Steven Hukriede, Paul Peterson, Tom Benkufsky, Sam Meade, D. Kramarczyk, Kent Sulem, Anthony Walzlo, Doug Rademacher, Tony Korsschell, Jeff Brazil, Joe Coyle, Brad Kuha, Brian Carlson. Intercultural Club: Row 1; Muon Vy, Phirun Kim, Veary Kim, Shoua Yang, Lee Yang, Xiv Vang, Mao Yang, B. Kiatoukaysy. Row 2; Emmy Fung, Hiev Nguyen, Yia Ly, Yauth Kith, V. Lungthip, Sihom Phommachahh, Chue Vang, Mr. Silver, Tchieng Linn, Lakkhana Nong, Sophal Sang, Chheng Trann, Ohnartth Minir, San Thouk, Suon Pham, Sovannang Mak. Row 4; Sokhannak Chan, Meng Trason, Phirun Uk, Pone Nhotsavang, Leang Ing, Phaly Chav, Arey Ngan, Sonetitourn Hanho, Yang Xou. Speech and Debate: Row 1; Staci Petersen, Michelle Devine, Heidi Anderson. Row 2; Joe Coyle, John Rehnelt, Matt Sandell. Row 3; Steve DeMaris, Doug Rademacher, Jeff Brazil, Kent Sulem. Student Aides: Row 1, Sonia Zelinski, Jill Bender, Anita Schenk. Row 2; Jennifer Nelson, Bridget Ross, Shannon Sporlein, Michelle Matthes. Row 3; Brenda Campbell, Sherrie Shupien, Jay Norman. Row 4; Diane Plumb, Traci Fairley, Tom O'Reilly. 167Row 1: F. Ballot, J. Vandermyde, L. Johnson, D. Skavnak, K. Reich, C. Ballenger, A. Felling, T. Erickson. Row 2: P. Peterson, J. Bryan, J. Lown, D. Hunt, T. Johnson, A. Sparrow, T. Dzieclzic, D. Nelson, T. Benkufsky. Row 3: M. Burns, S. Matteson, J. Varichak, T. Parker, A. Rossi, W. Johanson, S. Ko, G. Williams, J. Hanstad. Row 4: (Headcoach) Niles Schulz, E. Abraham, M. Drabczak, S. Meade, D. Ferraro, C. Layland, L. Lindahl, (Asst. Coaches) James Carr, James Anderson. Row 1: Ms. Andrescik, L. Swart, M. Pira, M. Halek, M. Patch, K. Risser, E. Satrom, S. Cedar, D. Hopkins, J. Rogers, T. Erickson, C. Nelson, T. Thielhorn, P. Thompson. Row 2: J. Herlofsky, B. Henrickson, S. Yi, A. Witkawski, A. Erickson, N. Olson, J. Novak, D. Malec, L. Smolak, C. Fjerstard, L. Mielage, K. Konkol, H. Anderson, P. Birge, D. Torgerson, T. Petersen. Row 3: S. Lindemeyer, S. Moses, D. Hubbard, C. Zytkovicz, P. Tetzman, M. Ybarra, R. Miller, S. Shelton, K. Bursch, B. Burkland, R. Zondlo, L. Nelson, H. Barekzai, S. Jones, K. Bergquist. Row 4: R. Klaesges, M. Wegrzyn, E. Wagstrom, C. Hanson, D. Luxem, L. Craig, T. Krosschell, P. Eckman, A. Thoraldson, J. Hill, J. Wegrzyn, R. Skavnak, P. Windhurst, K. Bryan, L. Dionne, D. Soderquist. Row 1: Ms. Andrescik, T. Lee, C. Dibble, T. Dejarlait, G. Thoraldson, K. Sandahl, T. Falley. Row 2: J. Engdahl, B. Albrecht, M. Pearson, S. Kutchera, J. Glatczak, M. Hoftzlider, A. Stroth, P. Wallace. Row 3: R. Redding, P. Buechler, D. Stinar, J. Jordan, C. Skavnak, N. Bergstrom, M. Reynolds. 168Marching Band: Row 1: P. Windhurst, B. Hasbrook, J. Rotondo, L. Stevens, J. Mehekens, S. Dunn, E. Browne, J. Weines, B. Willman, R. Willman, S. Westphal. Row 2: B. Henderickson, M. Matthes, C. Ellingboe, J. Weyrauch, J. Wiles, C. Senko, A. Ropeke, B. Jahnke, J. Price, S. Knopps, T. Plautz, M. Anderson, S. Weiler, K, McNarmar, D. Korzenowski, L. Weilage. Row 3: J. Basswood, K. James, K. Lindemeyer, B. Watters, K. Senko, S. Erickson, J. Neuenfeldt, K. Beckstrom, K. Brozak, J. Ojile, H, Anderson, C. Hillerns, S, Eschedor. Row 4: L. Nguyen, P. Stevens, B. Carlson, B. Kuha, D. Rademacher, E, Miller, J. O'Keefe, B. Erickson, G, Kittleson, D. Kuha, S. Stafford, B. Fowlds, M. Fahr, S. Semen, K. Konkol. Row 5: K. Boxwell, R, Olsen, D. Watters, T. Barden, B. Dooner, J. Nielson, R. Holden, K. Jurcihko, T. Rid-ly, G. Mochinski, S. Matteson, J. Solz, R. Warner. Row 6: J. Donley, R. Johnson (Director), W. Hanson, R. Denny, D. Pan, D. Zustic. Row 7: N. Olsen, P. Tetzman, D. Clark, L. Lindahl, A. Rodriguze, P. Peterson (Asst. Director), C. Rosenbower. Row 8: D. Ersbo, C. Cadwell, K. Cowin, P. Thompson, S. Wiles, K. Kisel, S. Hanson, L. Malec. H.E.A.R.T.: Row I: J. Wojciak, K. Malec, G. Rossi, Mrs. J. Olson (Advisor). Row 2: French Club: Row 1: H. Nguyen, A. Watkins, T. Miller, S. Petersen, T. Parker, T. Krause, P. Nhotsovang, H. Peterson, D. Trombley, C. | . Christianson, K. Schieffer, S. Shupien. Row 3: T. Kraskey, S. Bulchler, L. Kouanchao, M. Nguyen. Row 3: M. Doyle, B. Jaconbs, T. Lenzen, J. Kramarcark, A. Droguest, K. Smith, T. Erickson, J. Mendschenk, M. Thielke. Row 4: J Lubinski M Sandell C. Morgan. Krowozinski, N. Reth, R. VanArnam, L. Thera. Row 4: R. Lindberg, J. Berg, K. Sulem, D. Rademacher, D. Kramarczuk, C. Hanzlik, S. Hukriede, S. Erickson, D. Clipperton. 169 Track: Row 1: D. Clark, T. Delong, L. Burnette, C. Bellanger, J. Nielsen, J. Smahel. Row 2: (Head Coach) Art Maillet, T. Koolmo, B. Henderson, B. Swigert, K. Reich, T. Fiega, J. Brazil, T. Hunt, (Asst. Coach) Doug Clausen. Not pictured: L. LaMotte, T. Simms.Boys Tennis: Row 1; Brian Hasbrook, Tony Wlazlo, Jason Mehrkens, Santi Mattson. Row 2; Mr. Hull (Coach), Jeff Weirens, Paul Haugesaug, Brad Kuha. Baseball: Row 1; Tim Parker, Andy Felling, Jim Zurbey, Tony Anderson, John Vandemyde, Bob Leba, Steve Klimek, Rick Ballot. Row 2; Randy Ferrara (Coach), Mark Hetland, Tom Benkufsky, Denne Nelson, Scott Heberer, Dick Newstrom, Eric Abraham, Sam Meade, Jim Anderson (Coach). Girls Soccer: Row 1; Linda Pan, Nancy Thomson, Theresa Niziol, Nancy Roethler, Debbie Brown. Row 2; Mr. Goodman (Coach), Chris Jensen, Sharon Anderson, Ellen Satrom, Lisa Smith, Autumn Arvidson, Robin Scandrette. Softball: Row 1; Kris Smolak, Mary Skelly, Autumn Arvidson, Teri Haak. Row 2; Jackie Hanson (Coach), Eleanor Nevala, Terri Burns, Kathy Malec, Cara Skelly, Theresa Niziol. Not Pictured; Roberta Lind, Barb Babekuhl. Boys Soccer: Row 1; Youry Kouch, Xou Yang, Thao Lee, Kaveh Mirfakhrarie, Doua Xiong. Row 2; Sue Yang, Lou Nor, Chanda Kouanchao, Seak Bunsone, Reth Nane, Todd Koolmo. Row 3; Mr. Koester (Coach), Hyon Hone, Todd Delong (Captain), Janusz Weerzyn, Dara Pan, Paul Jakobowski. Not Pictured; Yer Yang (Captain), Richard Poliszuk, Mike Bikford. Cross Country: Row 1; Carla Fjerstad, Julie Ojile, Joe Neilsen, Darcy Kuha, Becky Jahnke. Row 2; Doug Clausen (Coach), Jeff Brazil, Brad Swigert, Julie Kobow, Steve Kenerson, Art Maillet (Coach). Not Pictured; Andy Schueler, Bonnie Swigert, Ann Roepke. 170mdtAon Volleyball: Row 1; Kelly Dziedzic, Roxie Zondlo, Roxanne Carlson, Tracy Peterson, Claudia Hillerns, Deb Badminton: Row 1; Veary Kim, Cindy Cadwell. Row 2; Jeannie Sporlein, Dan Roff (Coach), Sonia Torgerson. Row 2; Jackie Hanson (Coach), Sherie Shupien (Captain), Pam Windhurst, Kathy Jurichko, Zelinski. Julie Neuenfeldt, Raechel Skavnak, Cindy Ripsin (Asst. Coach). Girls Swimming: Row 1; Schauntell Eschedo, Michelle Waine, Trisha VanSlooten, Dawn Jakubowski, Kathy Lindell, Katie Kissel, Christine Morgan, Kristin Corbett. Row 2; Peg Lorinsen, Joannie Johansen, Stephanie Weiler, Sue Dunn, Chris Munson, Dan Fowlds, Corinna Maleike. Row 3; Heidi Savage, Jenny Wolfe, Amy Brant, Amy Stegora, Jill Westphal, Tina Insabella. Girls' Track: Row 1; Dawn Jakubowski, Marcia Harelstad, Julie Kobow, Julie Neunfeldt, Mary Simning. Row 2; Mr. Kottom (Coach), Michelle Wame, Heidi Petersen, Sherrie Knops, Michelle Berggren, Sue Dunn, Mr. Carr (Coach). Tennis: Soukthaai Kauanchao, Mary Krawczynski, Laura Benning, Gina Henderickson, Laurie Smolak, Beth Wailer. Row 2; Marcia Harelstad (Captain), Mari Fahr, Ninnea Nisell, Nancy Palmer, Teresa Haak (Captain), Debbie Ellis. 171Wrestling: Row 1; Mike Windhurst, Steve Windhurst, Santigo Matteson, John Kramarczak. Row 2; John Vandermyde, Jim Simon, Chris Clark, Chris Bolton, Mike Burns. Row 3; Dan Roff (Coach), Matt Benik, Tony Sparrow, Thad Eddens, Kevin Reich, Dave Skavnak. Varsity Hockey: Row 1; Chris Anderson (Manager), Jason Novak, John Pommerenke, Brett Mattys, Dave Prese, Bob Stone, Brett Maxey. Row 2; Jim Zurbey, Tony Fiega, Pat Devito, Doug Boxwell, Steve Kennerson, Jason Nelson, Stat. — Lorry Hill. Row 3; Jim Gliniany, Lee Craig, Tim Dziedzic, Dave Ferraro, Eric Abraham, Tom Hupp, Chris Cavanagh, Asst. Coach John Baninski. J.V. Hockey: Row 1; Ray Scammahorn, Shawn Ferguson, Jim Zurbey, Blandon Granger. Row 2; Trever Palm, Jason Corbett, Arnie Svenerson, Jason Nelson. Row 3; John Baninski (Coach), Bill Johanson, Dave Ferraro, Tyler Johnson (Manager), Chris Anderson. Gymnastics: Row 1; Nina Bergstrom, Debbie Torgeson, Row 2; Jody Novak, Colleen Erickson, Nancy Bergstrom, Kathy Browne, Kristy Peterson, Miki Miwa, Dena Granroos. Row 3; Eileen Browne, Tina Clud. Row 4; Nancy Roethler, Lori Maxey, Karyn Risser, Krista Svenningson, Maya Anderson, Paula Varichak. Boys Basketball: Row 1; Rick Ballot, John Lown, Jeff Bryan, Tom Benkufsky, Bob Goral. Row 2; Dave Girls Basketball: Row 1; Mary Krawzynski, Autumn Arvidson, Tina Kraskey, Sue Dunn. Row 2; Marcia Hult, Sam Meade, Mark Drabczak, Eric Blumentritt, Fred Babekual. Harlestad, Julie Neuenfeldt, Kelly Dziedzic, Theresa Niziol. 172Boys Swimming: Row 1; Coach-Randi Nehring, Garr VanSlooten, Tom McGovern, Ted Ferraro, David Beckstrom, Craig Anderson. Row 2; Assistant Coach Mark Wilkens, Paul Heggem, Ed Bontrager, Peter Langlais, Pat Anderson. Cross Country Skiing: Row 1; Darcy Kuha, Jill Westphal, Michelle Warne, Joe Nielson. Row 2; Mike Gervais, Todd Delong, Jeff Brazil, Eric Peters. 173Index Index Index Index Seniors Abraham, Eric Abrahim, Shokoor Alexander, Peter Anderson, Michelle Andre, Donald Arvidson, Autumn Aymar, Laura Azmi, Amal Beasley, Jean Bellanger, Craig Bender, Jill Benik, Richard Benkufsky, Thomas Bergquist, Karen Bickford, Michael Bishop, Tammy Bolton, Christopher Boos, Mary Boxwell, Douglas Brazil, Jeffrey Brenny, Nadine Broughton, Sanford Browne, Eileen Bryan, Karen Buda, David Burke, Michael Campbell, Brenda Carlson, Brian Carlson, Theresa Cavanaugh, Christopher Chartraw, Paul Chav, Chhuong Chhoy, Nguon Chiodo, Peter Chock, Nancy Christenson, Daniel Clausen, Alex Clobes, Theresa Clough, Patricia Cole, Mary Conaway, Tai Corbett, Allan Corniea, Robert Coyle, Joseph Craig, Lee Daher, James Davis, Tracy Demaris, Steven Denny, Richard Dittes, Sally Donley, Jodi Droguest, Anne Dullnig, Tammy Dunn, Susan Dupay, Carolyn Dutcher, Robin Eaton, Sonja Ebert, Shelly Eddans, Thad Eells, Barbara Eells, Scott Ehlers, Cynthia Ellingboe, Michelle Ellis, Deborah Elwood, James Engdahl, John Erickson, Thomas Fahr, Mari Fairley, Traci Fiega, Anthony Floyd, Christopher Friedli, Jeffrey Frink, Loren Fung, Emmy Geronsin, Bradley Gesino, Richard Gideo, Gina Giebner, Paul Gooden, Melissa Green, Timothy Grega, Daniel Haak, Teresa Hackett, Joel Halak, Margretta Hanzlik, Kristine Harelstad, Marcia Haugesag, Paul Hauser, Brent Hedquist, Chad Hicks, Jeri Hill, Lori Ho, Lin Hong, Lang Hukriede, Steven Iverson, Patricia Jakubowski, Paul James, Gayle Jester, Christopher Johnson, Larry Johnson, Susan Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Victoria Johnston, Nancy Jordan, Beverly Jordan, Scott Joyce, Kelly Kaczrowski, Terry Keller, Heidi Kimbler, Richard Koolmo, Todd Korzenowski, Dawn Kostik, Julie Kouanchao, Chanda Kramarczuk, Dennis Kriesel, Jerry Krosschell, Anthony Kruger, Jeffrey Kuha, Bradley Kutchera, Shari Larson, Duane Lewandowski, Sherry Lincoln, Jennifer Lindahl, Leslie Lindemyer, Kelly Loeks, Tony Lor, Chong Lor, Vang Lubinski, Janet Luxem, Patricia Lyke, Brian Malec, Donna Marchiafava, Jean Matteson, Santiago Matthes, Michelle Maxey, Shawn McCabe, Scott McDonald, David McKeever, Stefanie McNaughton, Beth Meade, Samuel Memorich, Mary Mirfakhrai, Kaveh Miwa, Miki Mochinski, Gregory Moeller, Linda Moll, Bradley Morlan, Shirlee Morris, David Moses, Melanie Mullen, Kassaundra Muor, Rattha Nelson, Cheryl Nelson, Denne Nelson, Jennifer Nguyen, Hieu Nguyen, Loan Nguyen, Ngochoan Nhotsavang, Phetsomphone Nisell, Linnea Niziol, Theresa Norman, Jay Novak, Jody Nyholm, Scott O'Donnell, Charleen O'Reilly, Thomas Obright, Linda Olinger, Wayne Or, Longdy Palmer, Nancy Pan, Dara Paradise, Christopher Parker, Timothy Pasko, Teresa Peters, William Peterson, Paul Pham, Suong Pham, Tuyet Phommachanh, Sihom Pierce, Catherine Pira, Maria Plumb, Diane Poliszuk, Felipe Pon£, Vivita Prince, Darra Probasco, Luanne Rademacher, Douglas Rath, Joann Rehnelt, John Reich, Kevin Ridley, Timothy Rignel, Daniel Rosenbower, Carla Ross, Bridget Rossi, Mary Rutz, Jeffrey Salmonson, Christy Sandahl, Kristy Sandell, Matthew Sarkilahti, Chere Satrom, Ellen Schenk, Anita Schmidtz, Randall Schwendeman, Perchelle Seak, Bunsong Seelen, Kenneth Senko, Kathleen Setterstrom, Daniel Shivers, Caron Shupien, Sherie Simon, Anthony Siv, Sophon Sivanich, Kathryn Skoglund, Stacey Skwarek, Keving Smith, Brian Smolak, Laure Sok, Cheoun Solz, Jeffrey Song, Sophorn Sparrow, Peter Sporlein, Shannon Stafford, Shannon Stark, Heather Stevens, Lori Stolsky, Marritt Sulem, Kent Swanson, Michael Swart, Lynn Tadlock, Tina Tcha, Pao Tetzman, Paula Thayer, Michael Thielhorn, Tracy Thomas, Sandra Thompson, Paula Tremmel, Heidi Trombley, Dawn Tyler, Ronald Uk, Phirun Vandermyde, John Vang, Cha Vang, Dang Vang, Kong Vang, Ly Vang, Pao Vang, Thong Vang, Tia Varichak, Joel Vo, Nhan Vongsaphay, Lungthip Vue, Doua Vue, la Ny, Muon Wagstrom, Ingrid Walker, Robert Walz, Donald Watters, Rebecca Wegner, Carole Weiler, Stephanie Weselenak, Stephen Westcott, Joseph Williams, Gary Williams, Jayme Willman, Russell Wilson, Lisa Wlazlo, Anthony Wojciak, Jennifer Wojcik, Christopher Xiong, Dang Xiong, Kai Xiong, Shoua Yang, Yer Yant, Michael Ybarra, Michael Zelinski, Kim Zurbey, James Zytkovicz, Catherine Zytkovicz, Karen Juniors Abrahim, Hasina Almquist, Clifford Andersen, Chris Andersen, Michelle Anderson, Dianna Anderson, Joel Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Wendy Antinozzi, Michele Ashby, Danette Audette, Nicolle Austerman, Carol Babekuhl, Frederick Balko, Elizabeth Ballot, Frederick Banasik, Diane Bardwell, Sandy Barron, Rachel Bartlett, Jody Battey, Derek Beechem, Vernetta Belanger, Kenneth Benkufsky, Leo Berg, Shawn Bergman, Cynthia Bisset, Charles Bjoraker, Jennifer Bjorklund, Nicole Bloomer, Paul Brabec, Regina Breed, Lisa Brozak, Kristine Brummer, William Bryan, Jeffrey Bryant, Ray Buechler, Sandra Burns, Michael Burns, Michael Capouch, Jason Carlson, Roxanne Chav, Lang Chav, Phaly Chester, Jamie Chhuoy, Hun Christianson, Lisa Chrzanak, Karen Combs, Tina Coyle, Jody Craven, Kimberly Dady, Joseph Delong, Todd Depiano, Robbin Diaz, Emilio Dietrich, Sherry Drabczak, Mark Dubak, Dennis Dziedzic, Timothy Eckes, Sandra Ellingboe, Carmella Erickson, Brian Erickson, Brian Ervin, Rebecca Esko, Richard Esko, William Evans, John Felling, Andrew Ferraro, David Fish, Sheila Fisher, Lisa Foster, Raymond French, Georgeann Brisco, Brian Fung, Bill Furzland, Kimberly Glidden, Michael Grigsby, Tina Gulenchyn, Mark Hall, Amy Han, Ho Hang, Chao Hanson, Wade Harper, Kelly Hauser, Shawn Heacok, Dale Hedlund, Lynda Heggem, Paul Helms, Tammy Helms, Theresa Hendrickson, Beth Her, May Her, Pao Hill, Gara Hoang, Joanna Hobbs, April Holger, Bonnie Hong, Chong Houn, Leslie Hult, David Humphrey, Debra Hupp, Thomas Ingebretson, Paul Jackson, Claudine Jackson, James Jackson,Joseph Jakubowski, Dawn Jevnager, Beth Johansen, Joan Johansen, William Johnson, Lisa Hohnson, Lonie Hohnson, Tyler Jurichko, Kathy Karlson, Marisa Kiatoukaysy, Bounthavong Kim, Sopheak Kimbrough, Patricia Kisel, Kathryn Knight, Lisa Ko, Sok Kobernat, Charles Kong, Sochivy Kong, Sothy Konkol, Kathleen Kouch, Chanyoury Kraskey, Christine Krawczynski, Mary Krosschell, Daniel Kruse, Leslie Laird, Anton Lapage, Carrie Layland, Christopher Lee, Chao Lee, Tou Litzenberger, Carrie Lo, Panhia Lown, John Ludke, Dale Lund, Jay Luxem, Audrey Ly, Yia Lynch, Emily Macko, Daved Mak, Sovanahang Malec, Christine Malec, Lisa Manners, Jennifer Matis, Vanessa Mattys, Brett 174Maxey, Lori Rossi, Angelina Vue, Houa Britten, Frank Hill, James McNaughton, James Scandrette, Robin Mazur, Linda Rossi, Anthony Vue, Kia Brown, David Hoang, Brenda Mehrkens, Jason Schieffer, Kimberlie McArdle, David Runganadhan, Najur Vue, Mao Brown, Debbie Hodgman, Lucinda Meil, Tracy Schleif, Katie McCollow, Joan Sajka, David Vue, Pa Browning, Rachel Holden, Richard Milburn, Marc Schreyer, Brett McDonald, Dan Sarkilahti, Gary Vue, Xiong Burkland, Betsy Holliday, Rosie Miller, Robert Schuveiller, Marty McNamara, Kelli Scammahorn, Raymond Vue, Yeng Bursch, Kevin Holscher, Jason Moore, Daved Sederstrom, Ohn Micek, Diane Schendel, Vincent Walker, Michael Cadwell, Cindy Hopkins, Dianne Moore, James Senko, Christine Minh, Ohnarith Schieffer, Christopher Walker, Tammy Capouch, Jessica Ignatowicz, Karen Morion, James Setterstrom, Todd Minh, Peche Schleicher, Pamela Walz, Gerald Carson, Lorraine Ing, Leang Morion, James Sharbono, Leonard Minh, Poch Schlundt, Lawrence Wandzel, Charles Cedar, Shawn Jaeger, Kimberly Moses, Susanna Shields, Stephen Misqkiewicz, Christopher Schram, Theresa Warne, Michelle Chan, Sokhannaka Jahnke, Rebecca Mundschenk, John Shockley, Douglas Mohammadi, Mehdi Schullo, Jason Watten, Sandra Chang, Peto James, Brenda Murray, Thomas Short, Lonnie Morgan, Christine Schweitzer, Henry Waukazo, Debra Changsaly, My Jefferson, Leonard Nellermoe, John Sikkink, Debbie Morrissette, Stacy Scruggs, Lynn Wegrzyn, Janusz Chears, Rosetta Jensen, Michael Nelson, Eric Skinaway, Donald Moses, Elisabeth Sederberg, David White, Tamara Chester, Angela Johnson, Thomas Nelson, Leslie Tor, Voeur Moua, Boon Sederstrom, Christine White, Timothy Chhuou, Mean Jones, Eric Nelson, Ronette Torgerson, Debra Moua, Teng Simning, Mary Windhurst, Pamela Chiodo, John Jones, Stephanie Nelson, Troy Trann, Meng Moua, Tou Siv, Visith Witkowski, Anna Clark, David Jordan, Edward Nguyen, Minh Tromvley, Denae Moua, Xou Skavnak, Raechel Wojcik, Robert Clausen, Dorothy Deiser, Jack Nielsen, Joseph Ung, Pacharith Muor, Vicheth Skeesick, Kelly Xiong, Doua Costalima, Henrique Keys, Bruce Nom, Narin Ung, Tech Murzyn, Mary Smith, Julie Xiong, Vang Crosby, Jimmy Kim, Veary Nom, Narith Vang, Chia Nelson, Jason Smith, Kathleen Yang, Cher Cummings, Gregory Kith, Yoeuth Nong, Lakkhana Vang, Houa Nelson, Lynn Smith, Lisa Yang, Cher Dalrymple, Bob Klaesges, Rebecca Nong, Mony Vang, la Neuenfeldt, Julie Song, Sophal Yang, Ge Damawand, Bashir Koch, Kelly Nordgren, Joseph Vang, Leng Ngin, Sathouka Sparrow, Anthony Yang, Koua Davis, Christopher Koenen, Joselle Norlund, Anne Vang, Mai Noree, Sujet Sroy, Potheavy Yang, Sue Davis, Tyrone Kopka, Daniel Norris, Preston Vang, Va Norell, Kelly Standal, Peter Yang, Vang Dean, Kelly Korzenowski, Peter Nou, Phaly Vosler, Vryan O'Keeffe, Jean Stone, Dawn Yang, Yee Devine, Michelle Koslowski, Edward Nour, Farid Vue, Vang Ojile, Angela Stone, James Yang, Youa Devito, Patrick Kouanchao, Ketmani Novak, Jason Vue, Xao Oland, Lori Stone, William Yant, Tamara Dionne, Linda Kozlak, Andrea O'Reilly Susan Wasanen, Lisa Oleson, Gordon Swigart, Bradley Yi, Ji Dischinger, George Krause, Tracy Ojile, Julie Walker, Clifford Loson, David Sylvester, John York, Curtis Donley, Richard Kuha, Darcy Olsen, Natalie Walker, James Olson, Jeffrey Tanner, Jennifer Youngmark, Scott Dooner, Deann Laird, Sharaunta Ourn, Sanith Walker, Troy Olson, Richard Thao, Lee Zadlo, Kimberly Dooner, Mary Lamont, Michael Paige, Kathleen Watters, Daniel Olson, Robert Thao, May Zak, Timothy Duckworth, Margaret Lamotte, Lisa Paradise, Mark Wegrzyn, Malgorzata On, Daravuth Thielhorn, Chriss Zondlo, Roxanne Dunbar, Jules Lasserre, Dawn Pargo, Sonya Weidt, Scott Or, Virak Thielke, Leisha Zustiak, Danelle Dupay, Deanna Lot, Chhoeup Patch, Mari Weilage, Lora Ourn, Soneth Thlang, Phy Ekman, Philip Lee, Blong Paulson, Tina Weizenegger, Gregory Ourn, Varin Thor, Tamai Sophomores Emon, Deborah Lee, Chee Petersen, Tracy Wessling, L Palm, Trevor Thouk,San Ericksen, Joan Lee, Ger Peterson, Jeffrey Westcott, Julie Parisi, Darren Toeung, Heng Abrahim, Artina Erickson, Amy Lee, Neng Peterson, Mark Westphal, Jill Parker, Dedra Tout, Leng Adams, Raymond Erickson, Scott Lee, Steven Peterson, Scott Whitfield, Tressie Pearson, Julia Tremmel, Andrew Anderson, Heidi Erickson, Tina Lemmermann, Linda Phan, Bona Wiese, Michael Pelkey, Mark Ung, Muy Anderson, Maya Ersbo, Deborah Lenzen, Troy Pheng, Ra Wilbert, Marla Peters, Erik Vanarnam, Rebecca Atchison, Dawn Fjerstad, Carla Levercom, Lynn Phillips, Charles Wiles, Joy Petersen, Staci Vanarnam, Regina Axtelle, Anthony ' Flom, Kenneth Lim, Tchieng Phillips, Terry Wilson, Lisa Peterson, Kenneth Vang, Chu Bacha, Karima Franczak, Michael Lindberg, Shane Phorn, Sarny Wincek, Edward Peterson, Ronald Vang, Chue Barekzai, Hooda Gervais, Michael Lindemyer, Stacie Piautz, Sarah Wirtz, Susan Petrowitz, Judith Vang, Kee Bartz, Lynette Gideo, Angela Litzenberger, Melissa Poliszuk, Sonia Witthuhn, Trade Platt, Michael Vang, Ker Basswood, Janice Giebner, Carrie Locke, James Pomerenke, John Wojcik, Theresa Plautz, Theresa Vang, Mai Bauer, Johannas Griffin, Michael Lohnes, James Preese, David Woodbridge, Jeanne Pollack, Crait Vang, Mai Beckstrom, Kari Hall, Elizabeth Loken, Kelly Price, Jodi Xiong, Houa Prokopiuk, Christine Vang, Me Beeksma, Jill Han, Chhouk Lund, Randy Ranheim, Amy Xiong, la Quinn, Roberta Vang, Moua Bellamy, James Hang, Chue Luxem, Donna Reich, Kelly Xiong, Youa Raver, Robert Vang, Nay Bess, John Hang, Yer Mach, Melissa Reid, Kelly Yahrmatter, Patrick Reth, Nang Vang, The Bilinski, Tony Hanson, Sheryl Mahon, Erin Roepke, Ann Yang, Bee Reth, Norng Vang, Txeng Birge, Pearl Harris, John Martin, Noel Rogers, Jodi Yang, Blia Reynolds, Thomas Vang, Vang Bjorklund, Karl Hassan, Wafaa Mattson, Cal Root, Robert Yang, Kao Ringwelski, Patricia Vigoren, Christine Bliskowski, John Hatcher, Lon McCormick, Randy Rosser, Signe Yang, Kher Risser, Karyn Vue, Bee Blumhoefer, Mark Haugen, Christene McGovern, Tomas Rottelo, Mary Yang, Mao Rodriguez, Jamie Vue, Chong Borom, Rhonda Herlofsky, Jill McKay, Patrick Sam, Jana Yang, Pa Roff, Renae Vue, Fong Bratsch, Kimberly Hesselgrave, Amy McNamara, Kari Sather, James Yang, Seng 175Yang, Wang Yang, Xou Yang, Yer Yang, Yia Ybarra, John Yeang, Doeum Zajac, John Zelinski, Sonja Freshmen Albrecht, Brenda Allen, Gary Anderson, Ann Anderson, Sheila Austerman, Lois Avent, Sheila Bacha, Feysel Bachler, Fred Bain, Connie Balck, Kelli Balthazor, Daniel Banks, Anita Barron, Clinton Basswood, Kenneth Behrens, Jon Bell, Kristen Berg, Jared Berg, Zachary Bergquist, Kathryn Bergstrom, Nina Bertholf, Richard Bertram, Brian Blanchar, Kelly Blank, Kristen Bloomer, Amy Bohach, Terence Bolton, Jennifier Bosquez, Jennifer Boswell, Richard Bradford, Heather Brown, Mary Brown, Yolanda Brozek, Scott Brummer, Tiffany Bryan, Patrick Buechler, Margaret Burton, Kimberly Butzler, Crystal Carlson, David Chang, Ploua Chao, Hing Chao, Thoeun Chen, Risido Christensen, Gregory Chrzanak, Kathy Clark, Christopher Clipperton, Donnelle Cloud, Tina Cobenais, Leeann Cody, Thomas Coelho, Rudrigo Coons, Brenda Corbett, Jason Corley, Wendy Cox, Michele Cunningham, Nicole Daly, Bridget Day, Annette Decowski, Jeffrey Demars, David Desjarlait, Terrilee Deveney, John Dibble, Christina Dieser, Jamie Dircks, Tamyra Drabczak, David Dziuk, Mark Ellingboe, Denise Elshershaby, Hohamed Engdahl, Jodi Erickson, Holly Eschedor, Schauntell Falley, Theresa Fasbender, Ginger 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Peter 176 9

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