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THE 1980 WIZARD Volume Fifty-Six Edison High School 700 22nd Avenue N.E. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418THE 1980 WIZARD STAFF Advisor: Mr. Henry Hull Julie Katrinak Editor: Peggy Howitz Shari Korblick I Managing Editor: Donna Lipa Diane Leba Assistant Editor: Korie Brage Robin Martin Photographers: Sandy Matson Patty O'Toole Roy Robison Barb Pasma Melisa Bailey Garrett Rademacher Alan Betker Julie Rath Michelle Gemlo Nancy Stasica Doreen Genosky Mary Wegner Jeanne Goodsell Dawn Zoerb Karen Gursky Rita Zondlo Brian Jaworski 21Homecoming Royalty On Monday, September 24TH, with Homecoming sneaking upon us, finalists for King and Queen were chosen. They were: Cindy Carlson, Doreen Genosky, Vicki Hadjiyanis, Ranee Renikoff, Lisa Salmonson, Doug Birr, Jeff Eskierka, Greg Felling, Joe Lu-binski, and John Schlundt. September 27TH, finally arrived with the annual Homecoming Coronation Program and the crowning of the new King and Queen. Joyce Kuch, last years Queen, crowned John Schlundt as King and Cindy Carlson as Queen for the 1979 Homecoming Royalty. Queen Cindy and King John 45 Lisa Salmonson and Greg Felling Vicki Hadjiyanis and Joe LubinskifeREMEMBER FOREVER your Edison days. Nothing can be compared to the good times we've shared and the friendships that we had both the good and the bad. Remember the cheers for the victory's won; tears for the loser now it's all done. The spirit lives on for the Great Edison Fame, and you and me shall remember its name. We shall hold on to the things we'll remember forever . . . 7EDISON HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND Director Kathy Brethorst Kari Dziedzic Vicki Hadjiyanis Thomas Shaffer Kris Brethorst Marta Eaton Jodie Hagstrom Drum Major Karen Brown Julie Engdahl Charla Hanstad Paul Peterson Madelyn Brown Doreen Engebretson Sandy Helvey Jani Abraham Chris Browning Karen Erickson Ann Herbert Denise Ahlquist Tom Buettmer Pat Fiega Cory Hill Scott Ahlquist Leslie Burchett Dan Fishbeck Lisa Hill Camille Alexander Wendy Campbell Ron Fry Jo Ellen Hines Lynette Anderson Carole Carlson Carolyn Gates Michelle Hinnenkamp Melody Anderson Debbie Charboneau Michelle Gemlo Sue House Kim Biever Glenn Chiodo Trisha Gerber Ben Howard Laurie Bagley Jeff Ciesynski Scott Glubke Cathy Iacarella Annette Beaulieu Richard Clark Kathy Goers Paul Jachymowski John Benjamin Lisa Coldor Jeanne Goodsell Robert Jahnke Lynn Benjamin Julie Craig Linda Graack Jackie Jenkins Alan Betker Sharon Dedrick Denise Griffin Kelly Jerde Peggy Blackowiak Diane DeMers Shelly Griffin Evan Johnson Joni Bonasera Chuck Bosell Nicole Doll Tim Gromek Jessica Johnson 8Lisa Johnson Shelley Johnson Teresa Johnson Jannine Juneski Mike Koch Dean Kopka Terri Krengel Paul Kwiecien Jeanne LaPointe Cheryl Lehman Beth Lenart Kim Lenart John Lillie Karen Lillie Chris Lobash Tracey Lueken Jeff Luitjens Molly Lynch Frank Majsterski Laura Maki Warren Maki Irene Malec Sandy Matson Gloria Matteson Steve Maxey Patty McPherison Pat Michalik Patty Morrison Ken Nelms Mari Olsen Eric Olson Mary Overman Mary Piilola Tony Preese Janice Pyka Garrett Rademacher Lori Rasmussen Sandy Rignell Shannon Riley Ann Roark Anne Robillard Amy Robinson Larry Ronn Chris Rutkiewicz Jannelle Rutz Jody Schieffer Rita Schumacher Leon Senart Wendy Skille Gail Skinner Karen Slavotinek Robin Sperry Joanna Staba Nancy Stasica Diane Stone Scott Studer Todd Studer Jeff Sullivan Cathy Swanson Wendy Tanner Darlene Tanzer Patty Thayer Patrice Toler Karla Traczyk Jan Tschida Jim Tschida Lane Vant Kelly Wakaruk Jane Warner Sue Warner Marilee Weirens Dan Westphal Lisa Winkelmann 10Homecoming Activities The fun filled events of Homecoming festivities blasted the blahs away on Monday, September 24 starting with the annual spaghetti and coke eating contest, but Shawn O'Brien (9) ate his way to victory. Monday afternoon the eleven king and queen semi-finalists were announced. Queen semi-finalists were: Cindy Carlson, Kari Dziedzic, Doreen Genosky, Vicky Hadjiyanis, Faye Maciej, Mary McHale, Stephanie Meade, Ranee Renikoff, Lisa Salmon-son, Joanna Staba, and Mary Wegner. The King semi-finalists were: Don Bickford, Doug Birr, Bill Burkland, Jim Burns, Jeff Eskierka, Greg Felling, Joe Lubinski, Randy Pederson, Paul Peterson, Mark Sams, and John Schlundt. On Tuesday, the tricycle racers were at the starting line revving up their engines (leg-power), but Eddie Kohanak (9) showed his super leg-power and emerged for another freshman victory. After a day break we were back running with another event. Thursday the fabulous student vs. faculty basketball game was held after school. The faculty made an unsurprising win for their second year in a row. The students were defeated by three little points. Thursday night the annual Homecoming coronation show and crowning of the king and queen were under way at 7:30. This year the theme for the show was "Tommie Round-up". The show went on with a saloon setting with cowboys a'dancin' and a'singin'. The tension rose as the show was drawing to an end. Last years queen came back to crown the new Homecoming king and queen. Friday arrived, the day we'd all been waiting for with happiness and total craziness. This year the race was won by Glenn Chiodo and Wendy Tanner. Later in the day the parade made its way through Northeast Minneapolis, led by our own Magnificent Edison High School Marching Band. This year our Grand Marshall was Mr. Geankoplis (Geno). The parade consisted of decorated cars and floats built by the classes and the Pep, Spanish, and French clubs. There was an additional float built by the Cross Country team. The Cross Country had the winning float with their big "Nike" tennis shoe. After an exciting parade came our Homecoming game. After a tough first half, the Tommies came back with a 34-14 victory over West. ljHOMECOMING PEPFEST 12HOMECOMING PARADE 13HOMECOMING GAME 14HOMECOMING DANCE After our grand victory game over West, the mood changed from shouts and cheers of jubilation to starry eyes and gazes, as couples started dancing to the electrifying sounds of Wizzard, courtesy of Student Council. isHOMECOMING ASSEMBLY As the clock struck 7:30 p.m. on September 27, 1979, the empty saloon came to life. This year the theme was "Tommie Round-up". We had some real Southern Singers and our own Can-Can Girls. We also had many unusual acts that made this years show a big hit. As the time went by, our new Homecoming King and Queen were chosen. Cindy Carlson was crowned Queen and John Schlundt was crowned King. 1617HALLOWEEN DANCE The students tricked and treated into the lobby of Edison's new gym. The dance was held from 8-11 p.m. with the rock-n-roll band named Hot Foot. Best costumes were won by Tom Painter (12), as an old bald man, Tracy Gustafson (9), as a mouse. The best group costumes won by Laura Maki, Duke Arvidson, Dawn Bjorge, Tony Preese, Jane McPherson, JoEllen Hines, and Scott Burns, as crayola crayons. 1819SADIE HAWKINS On Friday November 16, the Sadie Hawkins Dance got off to a running start. After the girls rounded up their dates some headed toward the marriage booth where they soon got hitched. They then strolled to the kissing booth for a two minute honeymoon after which many headed for the dance floor with the music provided by The Sound and Light Company, while others landed in jail. But for just a dime and a kiss Daisy Mae could rescue her Lil' Abner. Daisy Mae and Lil' Abner winners were (From top to bottom) Melody Anderson and John Paisley, Nan No-vack and Paul Moore, Melisa Redding and John Wagstrom, Sue Reynolds and Dennis Mack. Justice of the peace was Mr. Greenberg alias Marryin' Sam. Sheriff DeVito hauling another Abner to jail. 20The sheriff's taking time out from rounding up the Abners. Sometimes jail isn't as bad as it's cracked up to be. Best Costume winners were Dean Kaminski and Dawn Zoerb. Caught in the act those sheriffs don't miss a thing. A Temporary hitchin'. Sadie Hawkins Dance Friday, November 16, 1979 Band: Sound + Light Company 21 8:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M. $4.00 per coupleMISTLETOE DANCE Plenty of mistletoe was hung the night of Dec. 22, by the Edison Pom-Toms who sponsored the dance. Much pucker power filled the room, accompanied by the music from Dynamic Light and Sound. 22SWEETHEART DANCE The sweetest day of the year, the 15th annual Sweetheart Dance, was held on February 15, 1980. Sponsored by the Pom-Toms. The dance started at 8:00 and was held in the lunchroom. Music was provided by Dynamic Light and Sound. The Sweetheart Queen and King were Don Bickford and Kari Dziedzic. Other royalty members were Faye Maciej and Bill Burkland, Lisa Salmonson and Jeff Eskierka, Doreen Genosky and Jim Burns and Diane Combs and Joe Lubinski. 23SNO-DAZE ROYALTY On Friday, January 25, Blaine Wakaruk and Vicki Hadjiyanis were crowned King and Queen at the Sno-Daze Assembly Top right: Sno-Daze Royalty; Top left: Jeff Es-kierka and Lisa Salmonson; Lower left: Mark Sams and Stephanie Meade; Center: King Blaine and Queen Vicki; Middle right: Donald Bickford and Donna Gardin; Lower right: Greg Felling and Doreen Genosky. 24SNO-DAZE DANCE AND CARNIVAL The Sno-Daze dance was held Friday, January 25, and carnival from 8:00-11:00. The activities consisted of the slave block, sponsored by the Senior class, cake walk and fortune telling, sponsored by the Spanish Club, crepe booth, sponsored by the French Club, cartoon drawing, sponsored by the National Honor Society. Students danced to music provided by the "Blue Ribbon" band. Sno-Daze events were sponsored by the Student Council along with a concession stand. 25Sno-Daze Assembly Sno-Daze and the Seven Sports was this years theme for Sno-Daze. The show started off with dancing to a livable beat, then eased on down the road to a sketch of Super Tom. Harmony and Melody picked up with two solos. This years M.C. was Glen Chido supervised by Jack Litowsky. 26Left page—Top: Cheerleaders singing the Seven Sports. Middle left: Robin Nordin singing We've only just begun. Middle right: Lori Murry dancing to Boogie Fever. Bottom left: Mary Hanzlik dancing to love and desire. Bottom right: The super tom-mie skit. Right page—Top: Flag girls performing to Manhatten skyline. Middle left: Joanna Staba. Middle right: Tony Mathes. Bottom left: Pom-toms dancing to don't do me like that. Bottom right: Ann Robilard. 27CONCERT CHOIR Jani Abraham, James Anderson, John Anderson, Denise Ahlquist, Barb Bazoff, Alan Betker, Lisa Bixler, Dawn Bjorge, Angie Brenny, Betsy Brinda, Janet Bruggenthies, Ray Copeland, Troy Dere, Lisa Elliott, Louie Ferraro, Janet Gardin, Mike Cause, Michelle Gemlo, Nancy Gemlo, Lynn Goodrie, Mark Gorzycki, Howard Griffin, Joel Griffin, Jerry Hammes, Karen Hamre, Karen Horbul, Robert Horbul, Kerry Houts, Lisa Hunzelman, Barb Janou-sek, Brenda Johnson, Kim Knutson, Cathy Kohout, Kris Kruse, Marty LaBrie, Kris Ledin, Holly McDonald, Michelle McDonald, Jane McPherson, Sue Miskowic, Charlette Neuman, Audrey Nordquist, Patty O'Brien, Debra Pederson, Scott Peterson, Nina Pignatello, Chuck Plack, John Pribula, Kim Rapacz, Carlotta Renna, Beth Ricci, John Rohrbacher, Lynne Sale, Dave Salmonson, Sue Schlericher, Joleen Schmidt, Susan Schweitzer, Trisha Standal, Kari Stevens, Dawn Strickler, Lore Tetzman, Joseph Thibodeau, Duane Verplank, Brian Weeber, Pati Wesley, Peggie Wigen, Karrie Willman, Anne Worcester. 28NINTH GRADE CHOIR Susan Anderson, David Beeksama, Joe Bergstrom, Bruce Behter, David Bjorge, Therese Borchardt, Darin Bo-sell, Sue Broadhead, Ken Bruggenthies, Teri Cease, Krissy Chester, Sander Dooner, Mary Ellingbor, Jeff Gacek, Barbara Gemlo, Dawn Genosky, Patti Gorzycki, Bill Guth, Jill Hackett, John Hill, Ann Hoffer, Sheila Kretzmann, Todd Lapoint, Cindy Larson, Dennis Mach, John Marchiafava, Noelle Martin, Greg McGinnis, Laurie Murray, Sue Nellan, Jeanette Nelson, Tammy Newmann, Jeff Norling, Sean O'Brien, Kraig O'Rourke, Linda Pederson, Kris Solz, Jone Steem, Donelte Stephanson, Jean Stokowske, Tami Susick, John Thompson, Sheila Ketzmann, Patrick Wagner, Jon Wagstrom, Charlie Weimer, Doug Weimer, Ted Wentland, Glenda Williams, Greg Windhurst. 29“Hello Broadway” The Edison High School Choir performed for the first time under the direction of Mr. Thomas Shaffer. The performance, "Hello Broadway", was held on Tuesday, October 30, 1979. The choir sang many selections from the original Broadway show tunes. The show proved a big success ending with a standing ovation. Another successful performance was the Christmas concert which the Concert and Ninth Grade Chorus both performed. (i 30 1the Woodwinds the Clarinets: Row 1: Shannon Riley, Laura Maki, Janelle Rutz, Marilee Weirens, Jo Ellen Hines, Mary Piilola; Row 2: Tony Preese, Lynn Benjamin, Jeanne Goodsell, Karen Gur-sky, Madelin Browne, Cory Hill, Theresa Johnson; Row 3: Karen Brown, Irene Ma-lec, Julie Craig, Terry Kre-ngel, Jeanne Juneski, Patty Morison, Michelle Hinne-camp, Chris Rutkiewicz the Flutes: Row 1: Patty Thayer, Diane Stone, Amy Robinson, Karen Lillie, Jessie Johnson, Jodie Hagstrom; Row 2: Sandy Helvey, Mary Overman, Melody Anderson, Jacki Spano, Gloria Matteson, Lisa Johnson, Kelly Wakaruk, Sue House the Saxaphones: Dan Fishbeck, Wendy Campbell, Molly Lynch, Marilou Olsen, Steve Restad; Row 2: Linda Graack, Jane Warner, Shelly Griffen, Cookie Ceepeau, Kris Brethorst, Kathy Kowalik, Dan Westphal 33the Low Brass the French Horns: Vicki Hadjianas, Ann Herbert, Mary Wegner, Patty Toler the Trombones and the Bari tones: Row 1: Sue Warner, Rita Schumacher, Garrett Ra-demacher, Robert Jahnke; Row 2: Jeff Sulivan, Keith Maile, Tim Fredberg the Basses: Alan Betker, Paul Jach-ymowski, Richard Clark, Paul Kweishen 34Trumpets and Percussion the Trumpets: Row 1: Anne Robillard, Lyn-nette Anderson, Kathy Brethorst, Opal Peters, Patty Michalik; Row 2: Warren Maki, Scott Glubke, Paul Peterson, John Benjamin, Todd Studer, Pat Fiega the Percussion: Row 1: Jim Browning, Ben Howard, Glenn Chiodo, Dave Zurbey, Jim Tschida, Bob Kohanak; Row 2: Jeff Suzin-ski, Bill Kowalak, Robert Jn-dahl, Tim Gromek, Frank Maj-sterski, Scott Maxey, Kari Dziedzic, Robin Sperry 35THE FRESHMEN BAND This year there were new additions to the music department. A new teacher and a new band. Under the leadership of Majorette Wendy Tanner, the freshmen marching band took the field October 12 during Edison's last home football game. Mr. Shaffer, band director says, "They're like Hertz and Avis. They're second so they try harder." 36 37SUMMER BAND 79 The 1979 Summer Marching Band participated in eight parades. The band also appeared at Valleyfair and the Aquatennial pre-parade show. in fi ve of their 8 parade The band placed in the top 3. appearances. (Pictured at right from top to bottom are: Mr. Tom Shaffer, Band Director; Mr. Gary Benson, Summer Director; Paul Peterson, Drum Major.) POM-TOMS 79-80 Wanda Brandt, Hedi Johnson, Doreen Genosky, Jane Vanyo, Mary Hanzlik, Melisa Bailey, Janice Nordquist, Diane Combs, Faye Ma-ciej, Ardie Black, Mary Grill.Summer practice started with six new members, working hard planning for Pizza-Daze, Coronation, Aquatennial, and Football Preview. The squad performed at games such as Basketball, Wrestling, and Hockey during the year Dance competitions at Heights, PepsiCola Clinic, and State highlighted the winter and spring season. Ten new members will be picked in May at the Final Assembly to start a new year, assisted by our advisor Miss Corcoran. 41THE FLAG UNITS With Mr. Shaffer as their advisor, the two flag squads performed as one unit this summer. The adjustment wasn't an easy one, but the girls worked together to get several different routines for street marching. When the school year began, the two squads, Varsity Flag Girls and Flag Girls, performed separate routines at the marching band concert. The Flag Girls also performed at assemblies and sponsored Flower Day. The captain of the Varsity Flag Girls was Michelle Gemlo, and the co-captains of the Flag Girls were Leslie Burchett and Shelly Johnson. The girls will never forget the smiles and tears they shared together and the many memories. Jeanne LaPointe, Nancy Stasica, Joni Bonasera, Laurie Bagley, Chris Browning, Shelly Johnson (co-captain), Carole Carlson, Sandy Rignell, Denise Ahlquist, Leslie Burchett (co-captain), Cathy Iacarella, Trisha Gerber, Beth Lenart, Jani Abraham, Michelle Gemlo (captain), Carolyn Gates, Kim Lenart, Patty McPherson, Darlene Tanzer, Janice Pyka, Diane DeMars, Kim Biever, Not Pictured: Jody Schieffer. 42Members of the squad are Sandy Helvey, Janelle Hansen (Mascot), Jill Tremmel, Shelley Robertson, Oede Johnston, Debbie Woolery, Sheila Anderson, Cindy Carlson, Ann Robillard, Mary McHale, Donna Gardin, Dawn Zoerb, and Kathy Kowalik. 1979-80 CHEERLEADERS Throughout this cheering season, although we've not always won, We've shared that 1 feeling, and had a lot of fun. The year has brought us closer, and created a special bond, of the together and forever times, of which we're very fond. 4445SENIOR BANQUET STARTING THE 80’S WITH CLASS On the evening of February 11, the senior class came together for an evening of dinner and dancing at Jax Cafe, for their senior banquet. The dinner choices consisted of: Roast top sirloin, Chicken kiev with wild rice, and shrimp. The music was provided by Midwest Sound Entertainment. 46Mark Miller ACADEMIC ACHIEVERS Seniors maintaining a grade point average of 3.70 or above, as of the end of first trimester, are pictured below in order of rank (I. to r.) John Gibson I am planning to attend the U of M next year for computer science. I believe that any planning beyond this would be of little use in view of the world situation. My favorite pastime is listening to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. My goal in life is one that is often understated, and that is simply to understand myself. racton Wendy Tanner Next fall I will attend the University of Minnesota and plan on pursuing a career in the field of dentistry. I love being with people and bringing a smile and happiness to everyone. In my free time I enjoy running, swimming, and taking the time to stop and think about people and the places around me. I feel my philosophy in life is to put forth maximum effort in all I do and never become discouraged. Karen Erickson Some of the things I enjoy doing most are going to Kicks soccer games, listening to music, and traveling. My happiest memories of Edison will be of my trips to Germany and France with my German and French classes. Next fall I plan to attend the College of Liberal Arts at the U of M and major in Art History. Some time next August, I'm going to leave for Finland as a foreign exchange student. I will spend one school year there, repeating my senior year. When I get back, I plan on going to the U of M to pursue a doctorate in Wildlife Biology. My favorite pastimes are swimming, camping, photography, playing music, and taking long walks with nature. My philosophy of life is to become better than the person in the mirror. Vicky Hadjiyanis I am planning on going to St. Thomas College this fall. I would like to pursue a career that works with people on a one to one basis. My favorite pastime is making people happy. My most memorable moments at Edison were being with my friends and performing at assemblies. My philosophy of life is to smile and thank God at all times. A hint to all—never run around in a grass skirt! Mary Kramasz Next fall I'm majoring in agriculture at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls campus. If that doesn't turn out to be what I really want to do. I'll give something else a try. I figure we're all here in this life to develop our unique selves, and that by being ourselves we're bound to be happy. Jeanne Goodsell After graduation I plan to continue my education at the University of Minnesota's Institute of Technology aiming towards a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. From the uncountable summer marching practices to the unforgettable RECORD late nights, my high school years will be far from forgotten. My philosophy, I guess, would be to look at your memories as mementos of the past and make time for new ones because we all grow up so fast. 48Tom Jaremko I plan to go to college but I am undecided as to where 1 will go. Engineering is what I will be studying in school. 1 also plan to play baseball and possibly football in college. My favorite pastimes are athletics and going out with people and having fun. I believe one should do the best possible job one can and utilize all of their talents to the fullest. One of my greatest moments at Edison was when we beat Washburn 21-0. Mary Piilola I am grateful to Edison for the times she has shared with me especially in drama, humanities, and music. I plan to attend Carlton and study in the field of health-science. 1 plan to draw my pattern of life from all mankind, both great and small, so I may learn all I can and create a unique path to follow. The ultimate goal of my life is to give, with pride, all I have to give, so that 1 might make the world a little bit better. Paul Peterson My immediate future plans are to attend college and further my education in some field that will keep me happy and benefit society. My favorite pastimes are music, dreaming, and watching late-night T.V. My philosophy in life is to put yourself in the others shoes before relating to or about that person. My goal in life is to continue to grow and hopefully find my purpose for living. Joanna Staba I I'm planning on attending Hamline University and begin my studies in pharmacy or medicine. I enjoy expressing myself through dance, music and the theatre. My goal in life is to get everything that I possibly can out of life that will enhance my happiness and security. My philosophy of life is to make the most of every moment because they only last a moment. Cookie Crepeau I love new experiences. My life's ambition is to really "do" something. I don't know what that may be but I have a lot of time to find out. My next adventure will begin in the fall of 1980 at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. I hope to major in horticulture, and continue with running and music. Sandy Helvey Next fall I plan to attend either Augsburg or St. Thomas. I hope to major in math or medicine. I enjoy music, spending time with friends, and attending sports events. My philosophy of life is to look at the bright side of every situation. Annette Beaulieu Edison has given me cherished memories that will never be forgotten. My immediate plans are to continue my education at Carleton College or the University of Minnesota-Morris. With a science background, I would like to pursue a career in conservation and wildlife preservation. My goal is to help preserve some of God's green earth so that it is still green for tomorrow. I plan to live with the philosophy that all life should be loved, respected, and nurtured. Kathy Brethorst I plan to attend college, majoring in either Business Administration or Nursing. I plan to continue participating in track and perhaps basketball in college. I have a dream of some day running in the Nationals. My favorite pastimes are participating in athletics, reading, and hiking along the North Shore with my family. My philosophy in life is to always give 100% in everything that I do. This way no matter what results, I can feel good knowing that I gave my very best effort. 49Kari Dziedzic Next year I plan to study engineering at either Carleton or the University of Minnesota. My philosophy in life is to enjoy each day as it comes and bring happiness into the lives of others. I enjoy sporting events, talking to people and traveling. In the future I hope to travel more and meet lots of people. The many activities at Edison have all been very memorable to me. Lisa Salmonson I plan on attending either St. Catherine's or the U of M, and enter some field of medicine. I enjoy the outdoors, sports, and being with my friends. My favorite pastimes were spent with friends, watching and participating in sports. My philosophy of life is to always try to share a smile or a kind word with everyone. Barb Pasma My plans are to attend the U of M and major in accounting. Favorite pastimes of mine are being with my friends, laughing and enjoying life around me playing tennis and being outdoors. ! hope never to take life too seriously, to always be myself, and to be happy. My goal in life is to remember the past, always look to the future and live each day to the fullest measure. Nick Johnson I may attend the college of liberal arts at the U of M to study music or theater. I want to be a drummer in a rock and roll band, so that I may be happy with my life occupation. Instead of judging people by their color, I see a person as being good or bad. 1 like to listen to Bob Dylan, Reggae and the Stones, because they bring reality to a clearer form for me. 1 think a person should let their uniqueness run wild rather than controlling and containing it My goal in life is to live and be content Colleen Thompson I am planning to attend the College of St. Catherine's, where I will be studying to become an RN. My favorite pastime is playing sports and having a fun time doing it. I like the outdoors a lot too. My goal is to be happy and successful in whatever I do and bring happiness to other people. My philosophy of life is that I live each day as if it were my last and to do all things with love for God and Mankind. Julie Engdahl I plan to attend the U of M and pursue a career in medicine. I enjoy life and the living of it. My most memorable experience was the meeting of my friends. My philosophy of life is to laugh, love, and learn every moment of the day. Denise Griffin Conquering fears and improving yourself are the rewards of meeting new situations. These rewards await me next year when I will be attending St. Olaf College, my major is undecided. Some of my best memories at Edison are those years with the swim team and band, but especially of the times I have shared with friends. My philosophy is to give to the world my best, and the best will come back to me. William O'Brien I plan to attend the U of M, where I will major in business. This major will be used towards my legal career as a corporate attorney. I enjoy being in the outdoors and Russian Literature is my favorite reading material. Edison's Humanities class helped me discover Soviet authors, as well as views of how and why Man does things. I love M and M's and making people laugh. 50Mark Rutkiewicz I plan on attending the U of M Institute of Technology and majoring in electronic engineering. My favorite pastimes are biking, being with my friends and listening to music. My goal in life is to be successful without being a conformist. My philosophy of life is to enjoy life to the fullest and be the best 1 can at everything I do. Lauri Marfiz I plan to go to a college in either Minnesota or Wisconsin but I am undecided as of yet. I would like to go into either atmospheric sciences or a medical field. I have two philosophies in life. First, don't look in other yearbooks to find one. And second, philosophies are only good to a philosopher. I also think that doing the best that you can is all that anyone can expect of you. Playing tennis and badminton are enjoyable when I have the time. Jennifer Longsdorf I plan to attend the University of Wisconsin Stout, where I plan to major in Nutrition and Applied Mathematics with a degree in Computer Science. My goal in life is to try everything of interest at least once. My philosophy is to be yourself and to stand up for your rights, but admit it if you're wrong. Jane Vanyo As of now I am undecided as to which college I will be attending. I plan on majoring in the medical field. My philosophy is to always try to be myself! I enjoy sports, being outdoors and traveling. My most memorable moment at Edison was being selected as a Pom-Tom! Karen Waki I plan to attend the U of M next fall and major in accounting. My goal in life is to be a success in whatever 1 choose. I enjoy volleyball, music and going out with friends. My philosophy of life is to learn from every experience and live life to it's fullest. John Raquette I plan to attend the University of Minnesota, majoring in business or engineering of some kind. My favorite pastimes are bowling, bicycling, and making people laugh. My goal is to lead a happy life and make my first million by the time I'm thirty. John Schlundt 1 am planning on attending either the College of St. Thomas, Carlton College or the U.S. Air Force Academy. I would like to take up a career in Business Administration. My favorite pastime is participating in athletics and being with my friends. My philosophy is to give all that I can to those who need it. Lynn Benjamin I plan to attend the U of M, College of Liberal Arts, for four years and major in physical therapy; then I'll continue my education in medical school. However, my education will not be limited to medicine as my interests lie in all different areas. I enjoy biking, sewing and self-expression through the arts. My philosophies of life are give your best to everyone and everything, the most important person to impress is yourself, and be optimistic. 51Robin Martin I plan on attending the University of Minnesota in Duluth. My major will either be Business Administration or Agriculture. I enjoy all the activities the outdoors has to offer. My goal in life is to succeed at everything I try and be the best possible "me''. My philosophy in life is to remember the past, live the present, and reach for your dreams in the future. Janice Nordquist 1 plan on attending the University of Minnesota. 1 hope to get into business, possibly on an international level. A favorite pastime of mine is sailing. I hope to travel frequently during my life and learn from my experiences. Elmer Gavino I am planning to attend the University of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts, majoring in accounting. I like to go fishing, biking and hearing good "yuks". My goal in life is to learn as much as possible, but still have fun at the same time. My philosophy in life is the basic golden rule. Tom Mayfield Next fall I plan on attending the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota. I will be majoring in Business Administration. I hope to be on the NROTC program and go into the Navy afterwards. On my pastime I enjoy both snow and water skiing, fishing, working on cars, and being with friends. My philosophy of life is to use everything you have to get what you want. Mary Grill After graduation I will most likely attend the U of M, to study Dentistry, i like to write poetry and camp, because it puts me in touch with my inner thoughts and feelings. I enjoy to travel and hope 1 get the chance to visit Europe. My goal in life is to do whatever it takes to keep myself happy. Kevin Rooney My future plans are to first work one year, and then enter the U of M Liberal Arts program. I enjoy fishing, camping, and nature in general. My career ambitions are to become an author, because I have enjoyed writing ever since I was real young and it seems to be one of the things I'm best at. I enjoy fishing, camping, chess, and playing cards, or just going out and having fun. Also, my philosophy in life is to do what you like to do but don't be afraid to try something else because who knows, you might like it. Penny Johnson I plan to attend St. Cloud University next fall. I will major in Business Administration. My favorite pastime is being with my friends and having a good time. I also love to travel. 1 hope to have a successful and enjoyable career. My philosophy of life is to make the most of each day.Edison Experimental Theater The Edison Experimental Theater, known as the EET, was formed for the first time. Under the direction of Jay Ritterson, a student teacher, the EET wrote and performed their play at Holland, Pillsburry, Pratt, and Waite Park Elementary Schools. The students who performed at the EET are Doug Baird (12), Liz Campbell (11), Jan Loomis (9), Laure Maki (11), Tony Matthes (12), Mike McQuiston (12), Steve Restad (11), and Janelle Rutz (11). S3 HOOoa c WN Hrl 54N O W w A IRANIAN CRISIS V GOLD PRICES E DRINKING AGE 0 DRAFT r NO NUKES BEAVER CLEAVER N PANTS ° PINK FLOYD THE WALL w A V E 5556Libraiy The library was in popular demand this year because of its modern and comfortable conveniences. Classes as a whole use it and students individually. The students were able to use the library from 7:15-3:15. 57CANOE TRIP An exciting tradition at Edison is the Faculty-student canoe trip. Twice a year, members of the student body and staff pack into automobiles and vans and travel to the Crow Wing River near Wadena, MN. for a two day canoeing and camping experience. In addition to canoeing students received information on outdoor living and ecological rules, planning their own shelters, cook their meals and usually manage a game of volleyball before the sun sets. Arrangements and planning are under the direction of Mr. Marcouiller and Mr. Luck. 58 EXCHANGE STUDENT MIKE RYU EXCHANGE STUDENT JOSH KIDA ATHENA WINNER RAY PARKINS WINNER KATHY BRETHORST TOM JAREMKO 60 . xv,WORK PROGRAM The work program is designed to give students occupational experiences ranging from simulated situations in the classroom to actual on-the-job experiences that students are paid for There are nearly 200 students in the Work Program at Edison supervised by 5 coordinators. Student jobs range all the way from selling hamburgers at a local eatery to clerical positions at major corporations. 61Pocket School Pocket school was started in 1972 as an alternate program for those students who need help in reading, math, social studies, and English. The program includes field trips to vocational schools and other places of culture. The teachers for the program are: Mr. Lewis Kocur, Mel Bouman, Elenor Byrne, Rose Mary Hagen, and Linda Huntlicker. The aids are: Eva Bolin, Betty Claussen, and Vivian Gallegos. 62Menlo Park Menlo Park is an alternative school for students at Edison. It offers regular classes in a different setting where students are encouraged to work at their own speed. Menlo has about 50 students, is housed at Sheridan, and is led by Pat Lobash. 63THE HEN PROGRAM HEN is the logo for Henry-Edison-North. The program is an exchange of students among the three schools to increase the classes available to the students and to improve racial balance in the North Area. It also helps students to meet new and different people. It is in its fourth year, the HEN program continues with a substantial number of students participating. Presently, 21% of the student bodies at the three high schools are in the HEN program. 6465Edison Record Vol. 58, No. 3 Edison High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota February 15,1980 Row One: Patty Morrison, Joni Bonasera, Karen Gursky, Jeanne Goodsell, Kari Driedzic, Denise Griffin, Row Two: Rich Carr Jane Tschida, Terri Krengel, Jordan Rosemeyer. Nicole Doll, Doug Christensen, Mr. Lutz. With stories to find, beats to follow, and deadlines to make; this year's RECORD staff succeeded in putting out five issues. Even with a new advisor and extra required assignments, the staff managed to stay journalistically fit and kept their minds on copy. As for next year, good luck to the '80-81 staff. Editor-in-Chief Quill Scroll Advisor 66Feature Editor Exchange Editor News Editor Managing Editor ’79-80 RECORD Staff Sports Editor News Editor Managing Editor 67 Sports Editor Editorial Editor Feature Editor « Kf 4FHA Seated left to right; Chris Wagner, Bonnie Ridley, Tami Gallion, Debbie Troiden. Standing left to right; Michelle McDonald, Kay Stegora, Barb Heine, Janet Glernet, Mrs. Olson-Advisor. OFFICE AIDES Seated left to right; Lisa Bixler, Barbara E. Anderson, Keley Kruse, Terry Krengel, Susan Krai, Trisha Maloney. Standing left to right; Laura McCarvley, Kristin Brage, Mary Christenson, Carolyn Gates, Kathy Kyle, Janet Bur-ggenthies. 66ATTENDANCE AIDES First row left to right; Darlene Tanzer, Brian Jaworski, Sue Sroga, Nancy Stasica, Ron Protasiewicz, Kathy Iaca-rella. Second row left to right; Paula Devito, George Mavolinch, Paula Gardin, Craig Weinstock, Trisha Maloney, Julie Katrinak, Peggy Blackowiak. LIBRARY AIDES 69 From left to right; Gloria Thomas, Maureen Buganski, Debbie Gantz, Sue Schleicher.coern tm-o -cnm-now ozoi r zo—] z 1st Row Jeanne Goodsell, Nicole Doll, Mark Rutkiewicz, Elmer Gavino, Tom Painter, Bill O'Brien, Tom Jaremko; 2nd Row: Blain Wakaruk, Mary Wegner, Mary Grill, Jane Vanyo, Kari Dziedzic, Lisa Salmonson, Wendy Tanner, Vicky Hadjiyanis, Annette Beaulieu, Mr. Luck (advisor); 3rd Row John Schlundt, Mary Piilola, Kathy Brethorst, Barb Pasma, Lauri Marfiz, Patty Morrison, Julie Engdahl, Lynn Benjamin, Paul Peterson 70 1st Row: Barb Petrowitz, Diane DeMers, Janice Pyka, Kris Rutkiewicz, Garrett Rademacher, Paul Anderson, Mehta Bakker; 2nd Row. Mr. Kueng (advisor), Marilyn Sivanich, Sue Westphal. Lisa Hill, Chris Gesino. Colleen McQuiston, Jane Tschida, Joni Bonasera; 3rd Row: Karen Hamre, Karen Brown, Sandy Ledm, Carol Sivanich, Jenny Kowbow. Terri Krengel, Nicole Doll.1st Row: Glenn Chiodo, Manlee Weirens, Tony Preese; 2nd Row: Brian Jaworski, Sue DeMars, Mr. Jedelloh (advisor), Theresa Cyrus, Joni Bonasera. rnpan wO H«Many unique and helpful plans were developed this year by Edison's debate team on foreign policies and debated thoroughly with other twin city and out-of-state teams. A highlight was the Moorhead trip which was paid for by candy sales. Our affirmative team won 5 and lost 1 debate, and on our two-man team won 4 and lost 2. High point for coaches Eileen Dedrick and Rosemary Hagen was finally getting pizzas at 8:45 p.m. The fact that they were shared (or appropriated) by Bob Monio, Bill O'Brien, Mark Rutkiewicz, Bob DeMers and probably Laurie Marfiz and Pam Stegora only made them tastier. The fact that Chris Lobash, Mary Piilola and Laura Hedlund ate no pizza was duly recognized and appreciated gy the coaches. Our season this year was comparatively successful. We won a third place season trophy from Metro League and Pam Stegora was awarded a trophy for being the top speaker. SPEECH Row 1: Amy Paquette, Kris Lyndel, Evan Johnson, Lo Ann Lyndel, Colleen McQuiston, Linda Salmonson, Bill O'Brien, Gloria Kozah. Row 2: Brian Jaworski, Mary Piilola, Bob Monio, Terri Krengel, Nicole Doll, John Anderson, Tony Ricci, Pam Stegora, Heidi Johnson. Row 3: Laura LeVoir, Michelle Paquin, Margaret Padula, Laurie Marfiz, Jeanne Goodsell, Kari Dziedzic, Annette Beaulieu, Karen Brown, Laura Hedlund, Wendy Campbell, Mark Rutkievwicz, Yohan Abraham, Advisor: Mrs. Hagen. Row 4: Tom Marcouiler, Ron Protasiewicz, Kevin Rooney, Robert DeMers, Oleska Breslawec, John Benjamin, Garrett Rademacher, Sharon Diedrick, Jane Warner, Kathy Anderson. 72DEBATE Row 1: Laura LeVoir, Pam Stegora, Robert DeMers, Bob Monio, Laura Hedlund. Row 2: Mary Piiola, Laurie Marfiz, Mark Rutkiewicz, Yohan Abraham, Bill O'Brien, Kevin Rooney, Karen Brown, Advisor: Mrs. Hagen. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Row 1: Mary Piiola, Colleen McQuiston, Terri Kringle, John Anderson, Pam Stegora, Sharon Dedrick, Annette Boulieau. Row 2: Laura LaVoir, Laurie Marfiz, Jean Goodsell, Bill O'Brien, Kari Dziedzic, Karen Brown, Laura Hedlund, Advisor: Mrs. Hagen. Row 3: Ron Protasiewicz, Kevin Rooney, Robert DeMers, Oleska Breslawec, Yohan Abraham, Garrett Rademacher, Bob Monio, Mark Rutkievwicz. 73STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is designed to be an opportunity for students to have input into the many aspects of student life at Edison. The Council meets daily 5th hour and a visitor might find them planning a dance or organizing a fund-raiser under the leadership of Mr. Minnema. The Student Council sponsors the Homecoming Activities and dance, Sadie Hawkins, and the Sno-Daze Dance. President Tony Matthes Vice-President Stacy Lincoln Parliamentarian Secretary Pam Stegora Treasurer Jani Abraham Brian Person 74SPANISH CLUB Row I: K. Slavotinek, K. Swanson, A. Herbert, S. Robertson, S. Anderson, A Brenny, C. Collias, M. McHale, L. Bagley, 0. Roff, 0. Lipa, E. Gavino. Row 2: J Katrinak, M. Bailey, S. Korblick, J. Kalina, K Goers, 0. Engebretson, C. Hanstad, K. Swanson, G. Kozah, M. Olsen, I. La-berge, M McQuiston, T. Kopka, D. Kopka, K. Och, C. Schlee, C. Invie, B. Fairley, G. Skinner, S. Stark, S. DeMars. Row 4: M. Bnner, C. Chock. K. Lily, L. Colder, J. Johnson. T. Johnson, K. Wakaruk, B. Borchers, S. Mlakar, J. Vanyo, P Blackowiak, M. Overman Row 5: C. Calderon, J. Kuchinski, C. Gavino, L. Schlundt, S. Reiners, M. Browne, K. Schabel, Nancy Schlee. FRENCH CLUB Row 1: Vicky Hadjiyanis, Evan Johnson, Garrett Rademacher, Gloria Kozah, Nancy Olson, Karl Wegner, Angie Brenie, Annette Beaulieu, Wendy Tanner, Jodi Berg, Lisa Courteau, Jill Rondeau. Row 2: Tom Painter, Rich Carr, Oleska Breslawek, Ardie Black, Dave Hanson, Andy Gervias, Karen Erickson, Jean Johnson, Diane Hammes, Chris Roy. Barb Sarna, Thressa Rymonowski. Row 3: Chris Audette, Robin Sperry, Kris Brethorst, Sue Reynolds, Shelly Griffin, Jodi Hagstrom, M. Antionette, Diane Krawcyynski. Michelle Feine, Dan Bergman, Jane McPherson, Betsy Brinda. Row 4: Jeni Kobow, Chris Ledin, Amy Johnson, Heidi Johnson, Mary McQuiston. Sue House, Lyn Rank, Leslie Gervas, Linda Graak, Sharon Dedrick, Debbie DeMers. Amy Pacquette. Mr. Doyle—teacher. 75GYMNASTICS Coached by Wendy Brandt and Patty Brandt, the girls gymnastics team has had their best season in three years. The young team has been steadily improving and completed a rewarding season. The tri-captains this year were Patty Thayer, Michelle Gemlo, and Molly Lynch. Under their leadership, the girls had much encouragement to achieve their goals for the season. Not necessarily just winning but working hard and improving throughout the whole season. Row 1: Tri-captains Michelle Gemlo, Patty Tahyer, Molly Lynch; Row 2: Tracy Anderson, Katie Bumgarner, Theresa Johnson, Judy Ku-chinslo. Tracy Peterson; Row 3: Coach Wendy Brandt, Kathy Goers, Linda Graack, Chris Lindell, Denise Caprina, Diane Reneault, Maria Mat teson, Assistant Coach Patty Brandt; Not Pictured. Kris Rutkiewicz, Gloria Matteson, Lisa Nordstrom 78 HimNINTH GRADE GIRLS VOLLEYBALL The ninth grade volleyball team had an excellent season. The co-captains of the team are Mary Butterfield and Vicky Rutkiewicz. The team is a good indication of the growing interest at Edison in girls volleyball. This years team consists of nineteen girls who come regularly and work very hard. This group of girls is on their way to possibly becoming the best varsity team Edison has ever had We wish them well over the next few years 79 Row 1: Mary Butterfield, Carol Sivamch, Lisa Roff, Linda Pederson, Jodi Berg; Row 2: Jil Rondeau, Vicky Rutkiewicz, Gabe Balko. Linda Do-liki, Darcy Hanzlik; Row 3: Coach Mr. Minnema. Sue Westphal, Jeannine Bratch, Marina Breslawec, Lisa Hill, Chris Gesino, Diane Ersbo, Opal Peterson.GIRLS BASKETBALL Row 1: Kathy Brethorst, Colleen Thompson, Barb Borchers, Denise Roff Diane Krawczynski, Pam Stegora lS Salmonson. Row 2: Coach Jim Kottom, Stephanie Meade, Nancy Schlee, Diane Berg, Michelle f rank, Lisa a cobsen, Julie Kalina. SCORES EHS 48 Robbinsdale 50 EHS 35 North 47 EHS 47 South 44 EHS 36 Roosevelt 47 EHS 44 Washburn 43 EHS 44 St. Paul Johnson 34 EHS 43 Henry 39 EHS 52 Central 36 EHS 23 Southwest 41 EHS 60 West 24 EHS 35 North 45 EHS 49 South 43 EHS 33 Roosevelt 46 EHS 23 Washburn 52 EHS 41 Henry 27 EHS 53 Central 26 EHS 41 Southwest 43 EHS 44 West 20 The girls team had a good season this year. With many returning seniors they proved their potential with a 10-7 record The girls had their best game against the top team in their conference, Southwest, at a score of 4$. 43. 8081 SOPHOMORE TEAMs K I I N G S L A L O M Row 1: Sue Pasma, Kris Kruse, Chris Sroga, Michelle Munson, Laura Zentzis; Row 2 Mr. Moore, 8rian Person, Ron Fjerstad, Renee Wator, Tom Painter, Dave Ulhorn, Dave Ellis. The boys' and girls' slalom teams were helped by the return of several veterans from earlier seasons, many of whom will be back again next year Greg Carlson paced the boys, with Mike Balega, Brian Person, and Capt. Ron Fjerstad right behind him-a promising base for next year. Dave Moore- 82Row l Bob Dowson, John Sedlock, Dave Ellis, Julie Craig, Lisa Cominetti; Row 2: Brian Person, Mr Moore. Wendy Tanner, John Anderson, Sue Pasma, Pat Fiega. (Not Pictured: Dan Fishbeck. Michele Miller, Takashi Kida. Todd Ko-olmo.) The Cross-Country skiers had to scrounge around for snow this year We had perhaps the strongest girls X-Country team in Edison history City-Champion Wendy Tanner anchored the girls to a come-from-behind first place in the city relay. On the Boy's team. Capt. 8rian Person earned All-Conference and All-City medals Dave Moore 83EDISON FOOTBALL TEAM Row 1: Greg Felling, Doug Birr, Scott Fussy, Craig Weinstock. Blaine Wakaruk, Dean Villella, Scott Glubke, Matt Haack, Dave Johnson. Row 2: Coach Anderson, Jim Burns, Tony Marchiafava, Bill 8urkland, Tom Green, Steve Johnson, Jeff Moritko. Ray O'Donnell. 8ob Monio, Pat Shenn, Jo-n Paisley, George Farr, Jeff Knutson, Coach Carr Row 3: Coach Ferrara, Jeff Eskierka. Rich Stanek, Mark Sams, Jeff Broberg. Harold Austerman, Jeff Rasmussen, Don Bickford. Paul Aiberes. Wayne Craig. Mark Frank, John Schlundt. Coach Schulz. Row 4: Steve Ro-zek, Tim Kaczrowski, Jim Hart. Karl Pope, Joe Lubinski. Dave Wentland. Bob Super, Chris Gorecki. Lenny Johnson, Ken Neziol, Tom Ja-remko, Dave Abraham. Dean Kaminski, Mark Uchanski. 84Edison had another great season finishing 6-2. The tri-captains this year were Joe Lubinski, Tom Jaremko, John Schlundt. Coach Niles Schulz said if they would have played Roosevelt later in the season Edison would have won. Four of Edison's players made all Conference this year. They were Joe Lubinski, Tom Jaremko, John Schlundt, and Jeff Moritko, also Jeff Moritko made All State and All Metro. Edison beat Washburn again this year and had a great Homecoming game against West. The team should be commended for an excellent season. 85BOYS TENNIS Edison 2 North 3 Edison 2 Washburn 3 Edison 0 Henry 5 Edison 4 South 1 Edison 2 Southwest 3 Edison 2 Central 3 Row 1: Ed Antolak, Larry Manoloff, Jimmy Brandt, George Fahr. Row 2: Coach Hansen, Gabe Mazur, Craig Weinstock, Joe Skelly. 86GIRLS TENNIS The girls tennis team, with an 8-0 record, finished a triumphant first place in the city conference this year. The team also won the Twin City title, the first time Edison has won the tennis title since interscholastic tennis began in 1967. Kathy Brethorst, captain, and DeDe Johnston won the doubles championship in the Region 5AA tournament. CONGRATULATIONS! Row 1: Laurie Marfiz, Diane Krawczynski, Laurie Rog, Melanie McDonald, Roberta Lind, Karen Orbul, Michelle Larson, Barb Janosek. Row 2: Zette Anderson—Coach, Barb Anderson, Steph Meade, Holly Kegel, Nancy Schlee, Kathy Brethorst, DeDe Johnston, Barb Pasma. 87BOYS CROSS COUNTRY The Boys Cross Country team had a good season this year. They had a competitive team that finished with a 3-5 record. Led by co-captains Glenn Chiodo and Charles Cavanaugh, they placed eighth in the city meet. This year Glenn Chiodo set a new school record in the Homecoming Marathon with a time of 1 hr. 43 min. and 14.42 seconds. Also, both the co-captains made all-city. Row 1: Steve Bender, Wayne Harlstad, Pat Fiega. Row 2: Coach Larson, Glenn Chiodo, Chuck Cavanaugh, Rich Clark, John Paquette, and Brian Person. 88GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY The Girls Cross Country team, although having a small team, did well this season with a 4-4 record. A record was broken in the Homecoming Marathon by Wendy Tanner with a time of 1 hr., 22 min. The team placed 6th in the city meet, and Wendy Tanner received an all-city title. Art Maillet chose fine captains who led the team to victories: Cookie Crepeau and Wendy Tanner. The Girls Cross Country Team (alphabetically) Annette Beaulieu, Lisa Cominetti, Julie Craig, Cookie Crepeau, Michelle Miller, Amy Paquette, Louise Shoppe, Wendy Tanner, Coach Maillet. 89VOLLEYBALL The volleyball team finished the season with the best win-loss record since volleyball started at Edison in 1971. The Tommies under the leadership of Colleen Thompson and Pam Nelms, co-captains, won 7 games and lost 11. Colleen was selected to the all-city volleyball team. Coach Minnema was pleased with the season. He commented, "Volleyball at Edison is beginning to approach the caliber of play that has become expected of Edison teams.” Edison Defeated Marshall U. 3-18. 18-13, Edison lost to North 11-8, 13-18 Edison lost to Roosevelt 13-18, 18-12, Edison lost to Lindberg 11-18, 8-18 Edison defeated West 18-9, 8-18, Edison lost to Kennedy 16-18, 12-18 Edison lost to Washburn 20-18, 4-18, Edison defeated South 18-11, 16-18, Edison lost to Southwest 16-18, 8-18 Edison defeated Central 18-4, 18-5 Edison lost to Henry 15-18, 15-18 Edison defeated North 18-7, 18-14 Edison lost to Southwest 7-18, 10-18 Edison defeated West 10-18, 18-9, Edison defeated Fridley 18-5, 18-11 90 Row 1: Lisa Johnson; Lisa Salmonson; Pam Nelms; Karen Waki; Gloria Matteson; Julie Engdahl. Row 2: Mr. Minnema, coach; Dine Berg; Lisa Jacobson; Wendy Sharbono; Mary Fran; Colleen Thompson.Coach Harmon, captain Denise Griffin GIRLS SWIMMING TEAM The Edison Girls Swim Team ended their season with seven wins, and one loss. The team was coached by Mr. Rodger Harmon. The captain this year was Denise Griffin (12). They ended the dual conference in second place. Row 1: Patrica Powers, Cindy Clark (8); Jenifer Lincoln (7); Mary Wheeler, (9) diver; Jane Harstad (10 ; Barb Sarna (9); Amy Johnson (9); Colleen Nelson; Theresa Rymanowski (9); Mr. Harmon, coach. Row 2: Carrie Kmde (8); Kns Sol (9); Maryanne Kmit (11); Sue Reynolds (9); Kris Brethorst (11); Molly Lynch (12); Lisa Peterson (9); Libbey Lindahl (9). Row 3: Doreen Engebretson (11); Jean McGovern (10); Denise Griffin (12), captain; Kari Dziedzic (12), diver; Diane Rehnelt (10). 91Edison 61 Henry 56 Edison 44 Central 52 Edison 47 West 59 Edison 43 North 72 Edison 62 South 58 Edison 41 Roosevelt 35 Edison 45 Washburn 65 Edison 64 Southwest 48 B O Y S B A S K E T B A L L Row 1—Tim Hadler, Doug Birr, Tom Green, Greg Felling, Chris Go-recki. Row 2 John Benjamin (Mang), Craig Wemstock, Steve Rozek, Jeff Brobjorg, Paul Peterson, George Fahr, Coach Chambers. 92Row 1 Dan Felling, Pete Wilkerson, Tim Nafsted, Jim Peter-zack, Mark Mackow-itz. Row 2 Jeff Ras-mason, Steve Dziedzic, Tom Abraham, Kevin Ziggler, Erik Olson, Coach Carr. 93 2 rrH rn oSOl O A Varsity Team—Row 1: John Pointer, Tony Simon, Dan Arvidson, Joe Wu, Steve Bender, Rich Haley. Row 2: Coach Steve Verichek, Mark Sams, Joe Lu-binski, Mark Rutkiewicz, Jeff Knudson, Paul Marcus, Kevin Wohlk, Mike Graham, Tim Murray, Coach Mr. Schulz. 94B Varsity Team—Row 1: Bob Gadbois, John Marchiafava, Paul Skavanak, Rod Sylvester. Row 2: John Wall, Scott Glubke, Mike Ryu, Bob Monio, Paul Bur-kland, Mike Simon. Row 3: Coach Steve Verichek, Bill Milewski, Joe Martin, Wayne Craig, Herold Austerman, Roger Saba, Dirk Arvidson, Coach Mr. Schulz. WRESTLING The 1979-80 wrestling team enjoyed a successful season, winning the conference championship for the fourth consecutive year. The seniors, and especially captains Joe Lubinski and Bill Burkland provided excellent leadership. It was one of the easiest squads to work with because of the positive attitude of so many of the wrestlers. Special attention should be made to the seniors of the team this year because of what they have shown in wrestling, we believe that they will be successful in life. The seniors of the team this year were: Tony Simon, Dan Arvidson, Joe Wu, Steve Bender, Mike Ryu, Tim Murray, Kevin Wohlk, Paul Marcus, Jeff Knudson, Mark Rutkiewicz, and Mark Sams. 95HOCKEY After some early losses this year's hockey team improved with each game. The boys had a great attitude and their hard work led to a higher finish than many had predicted. We were led by our: senior goaltenders, Bob Janousck and Bill Chiodo. senior defensemen Steve Johnson, Larry Manoteff and Sam Si-vanich, senior forwards John Brandt, Todd Studer, Dan Paulson, Karl Pope and Don Hawkins. With many fine quality young players returning we are very optimistic for next year. SCORES EDISON 2 EDISON 1 EDISON 3 EDISON 1 EDISON 5 EDISON-3 EDISON 6 EOISON-2 EDISON 3 EDISON 7 EDISON 4 EDISON 2 EDISON 3 EDISON-3 S0UTHWEST-8 WASHBURN 7 ROOSEVELT-5 WEST 3 SOUTH 4 HENERY 10 CENTRAL-4 WEST 2 (OT.) SOUTHWEST 11 ROOSEVELT 3 SOUTH 3 HENERY-6 CENTRAL 8 WASHBURN-11 First row left to right; Craig Solcm (manager), John Brandt, Karl Pope. Bill Chiodo, Bob Janousek, Sam Sivanich, Todd Studer, Larry Manoleff. Dan Paulson, Steve Johnson. Second row left to right; Earl Larson (coach), Diane Hammes (stat.). Sue Drysdale (stat.), Don Hawkins, Terry O'Reilly, Don Chiodo, David Johnson, Joe Skelly, Pat Zebro, Brian Kuha, Tom Arntson, Jerry Zahorski, Nobi Kuga, Mike Doyle (coach), Tony Wakerauk (coach), Robin Nordin (stat.). 9697 First row Cully Ekstrom, Andy Jernell. Bill Janousek, Yohan Abraham. Second row Craig Solem (manager), Sue Drysdale (stat.), Scott Tacheny, Mark Woolery, Joe Grausam, Dave Wentland, Larry Korbett, Bob Novak, Mike Green, Brian O'Dell. Jim Stringer (Stockinger), Diane Hammes (stat.), Robin Nordin (stat.), Tony Wakerauk (coach), Earl Larson (coach).SOCCER Edison's Soccer Team captured the 4th place trophy in the city's intramural league. During only its second year of competition the team met or exceeded its expectations. Team members provided their own uniforms and used money donated by the East Side Kiwanis Club to pay for officiating. It is likely that the Mpls. schools will soon have varsity soccer, and interest is rapidly growing in the Northeast area. The team's captains were Bill O'Brien, Yohan Abraham, and Mark Rutkiew-icz; and they were coached by Fred Comminetti. 98 Team members—Tim Hadler, Steve Kusmierz, Rich Ballanger, Red Stockinger, Paul Jarmulowicz, Aleksa Breslawec, Dale Melbie, Pat Ptak. Elmer Gavino, Larry Corbett, Scott Reed, John Antolok, Mark Kolodyski, Steve Roy, Jason Ball, Keith 8renns.BASEBALL The 1979 Baseball Team rode to the City and Region Championships on strong pitching and hitting. This was the 8th City Championship in the last 9 seasons for the Tommies. The team pitching leaders were Pat Pet-rowitz (6-1), Tom Kazrowski (4-0), and Blaine Wakaruk (1.88 ERA). The hitting leaders were Tom Jaremko (.400), Jim Wentland (.377), Greg Felling (.377), and Jim Burns (.344). The 1980 Team is hoping for a return to the State Tournament and this time to win it all. Row 1: John Lillie, Jim 8urns, Tom Kazrowski, Tom Jaremko, Tim Kazrowski, Randy Bircher, Blaine Wakaruk, Dean Kaminski, John Chelstrom. Row 2: Coach Anderson, Fred Rymanowski, Tim Ricci, Pat Petrowitz, Tim Hadler, Al Langiewicz, Greg Felling, Todd Dovenmueller, Ben Super, Jim Wentland. 99B O Y S T R A C K Row 1: Scott Fussy, Randy Iskierka, John Paquette, Mike Simon, Glenn Chiodo, Steve Bender, Vince Hagen, Rich Haley, Wayne Harolstad, Tim Colvin, John Anderson, Matt Haak. Row 2: John Benjamin, Jay Hagen, Cully Eckstrom, Jeff Cieiinski, Troy Bakker, Jordan Rosemeyer, Jack Stokowski, Scott Wcckworth, Scott Bagley, Rich Larsen, Garrett Rademacher, Joel Griffin, Rich Clark. Row 3: Art Maillet, (coach), Gary Randall, Jeff Moritko, David Wentland, Wayne Craig, Dave Ramstad, Charles Cavanaugh, Dean Kopka, Neil Ahlquist, Larry Kinde, Brad Anderson, Tim Shaungessy, Earl Larsen, coach. The Boy's Track Team, led by tri-captains Gary Randall, Glenn Chiodo and John Schlundt, did very well last spring. The team took second in the Edison Invitational and placed fifth in conference. State participants were, region champ Larry Kinde in the quarter mile and region runner-up Jeff Moritko in the shot-put. The season's leading scorers were Larry Kinde and Mike Simon. 100Members of the Girls Track Team are Liz Campbell, Kathy Brethorst, Kathy Goers, Beth Ricct, Karen Stowell, Denise Roff, Stacy Lincoln, Lorraine Graack. Wendy Tanner, Janelle Hansen, Peggy Blackowiak, Laura Cominetti, Molly Lynch, Mary Hanzlik, Colleen Thompson, Liz Wegstrom, Pam Nelms, Cookie Crepeau, Janelle Rutz, Kathy Schabel, Diane Berg, Laurie Rasmussen, and Margie Gromek G I R L S T R A C K Once again the Girls' Track Team was very successful. The team placed 3rd in the Edison Invitational, 4th in the city relays and 1st in the HEN relays. Captain Kathy Brethorst competed in state competition. The other captains were Pam Nelms and Laura Cominetti. Coach Mike Minnema looks forward to another winning season in 1980. 101The 1979 Golf Team had a 6-3 season and finished 4th in the city conference play. The team's captain was Julie Kalina. Julie Kalina, Todd Longie, Nobi Kuga, coach; Mr. O'Neill, Chris Kruse, Darcy Hanzlik. 102BADMINTON Coach Anderson feels the outcome of the season will be rewarding. The members participating on the team this year are very enthusiastic and willing to try for a better win-loss record. Row 1: Lauri Marfiz, Terri Krengel, Pam Stegora, Vicki Lepore. Row 2: Beth Sarna, Denise Ahlquist, Lisa Johnson, Michelle Babcock. 103BOYS SWIMMING The Edison Boys' Swim Team had a very successful season with a record of 6-0. The team was led by tri-captains Mark Miller (12), Marty Pribula (12), and Brian Walker (12). Under the brilliant direction of coaches Pat O'Keefe and Steve Hirsch the fairly young team did much better than originally anticipated. Front Row: Coach-Pat O'Keefe, Karl Wegner (9) Peter Johnson (8) Andy Pnlola (8! Dave Salmonson (11 Bruce Anderson (12). Job-Junchko (9), Manager—Mary Wegner (12), Manager Doreen Engebretson 11 . Back Row Paul McGovern (9 Mike Lynch (10) Ste• Kmit (9), Captam-Marty Pribula (12), Doug Christenson 12 Captain Mark Miller (12) Captain Brian Walker (12) Mark Bergstron (11), Todd Jones (8). Not Pictured: Coach-Steve Hirsch Manager Jodie Hagstrom (11) Don Roseth (9) 104106b y 107SURE SUCCESS: Mark Miller and Mary Piilola TALKATIVE TOMMIE: Wendy Tanner and Karl Pope HALL OF FAME TYPICAL TOMMIE: Mark Sams and Kathy Kowalik CLUMSY CLUTZ: Sam Sivanich and Shelly 108 Johnson GLEAMING GRINS: Gregg Felling and Melisa BaileyPERSONALITY PLUS: Blaine Wakaruk and Kari Dziedzic FABULOUS FLIRT: Diane Combs and Pat Ptak BEST DRESSED: Janice Nordquist and Larry Manoleff ENERGY PLUS: Glenn Chido and Cookie Crepeau TWINKLE TOES: Paul Peterson and Mary HanzlikMOST COURTEOUS: Lynn Benjamin and John Schlundt LUSCIOUS LOCKS: Molly Lynch and Jim Burns TIMID TOMMIES: Karen Erickson and Roy Robinson BIGGEST BROWNIE: Sandy Helvey and Jeff Moritko GORGEOUS GAZERS: Lisa Salmonson and Tony Matthes MOST TALENTED: Joeanna Staba and Nick Johnson noCHERRY CHUCKLES: Mary Wegner and John Paisley ATHLETIC ALL-STAR: Kathy Brethorst and Tom Jaremko CLASS CLOWN: Paula Devito and Jeff Eskierka BEST ALL AROUND: Vicky Hadjiyanis and Don Bickford illBrenda Abbott Paul Anderson Bruce Anderson Yohan Abraham THE ’80 BUNCH Barbara E Anderson Tammy Anderson Barbara J Anderson Daniel Andrescik Christy Anderson Daniel ArvidsonLaurie Bagley Melisa Bailey Douglas Baird Leslie Ballentine Kathy Baltins Annette Beaulieu Stephanie Bielawski Angela Bielawski Jerry Bisset Lynn. Benjamin Anita Biernat Donald Bickford Douglas Birr a. Jason Ball James Benjamin Diane BjorgeArdis Black Peggy Blackowiak Joni Bonasera Barb Borchers John Brandt Chris Browning Charles Bosell Korrine Brage Marcia Bruggenthies Maureen Buganski Margaret Bunce Leslie Burchett Bill Burkland James Burns Kathy Brethorst Scott BurnsJames Butterfield Darrell Byzewski Carole Carlson Cynthia Carlson Debra Carlson Charles Cavanaugh William Chiodo Keith Carlson Glenn Chiodo Norman Chiodo Thomas Carlson Richard Carr Doug Christensen Diane CombsCollette Crepeau Neil Cronquist Darlene Curtis Joyce Decheine Nicole Doll Susan DeMars Lyle Dougherty Douglas DeMers Jim Danielson Paula DeVito Kari Dziedzic Julie Engdahl Kelly Engelmeier Dana Erickson Robert DeMers Karen EricksonJeffrey Eskierka James Evangelist Greg Felling Lorrie Fisher Sandy Forster Ron Fry Donna Gardin Bruce Fruerstenberg Paula Gardin Sandy Gadbois Mark Frank Debbie Gantz Mike Gause Timothy Fredberg Elmer GavinoTammy Geil Michele Gemlo Doreen Genosky John Gibson Michael Ginnity Karen Gliniany Lynn Goodrie Thomas Goral Ronald Gorski Paul Gorzycki John Grausam Jeanne Goodsell Mary GrillKimberly Gunerius Karen Gurksy Vicky Hadjiyanis Timothy Hadler James Hall Diane Hammes Andrew Hamre Yuriy HarmaszJames Hartwig Roger Hedrick Donald Hawkins Sandra Helvey Kirt Hedquist Laura Hedlund Gary Hinnenkamp Mary Jo Homan Peggy Howitz Thomas Howitz Anna Huehn Linda Hume Lori Hyska Cathy Iacarella Jeni Hofstede Larry Iverson Lisa Jacob Dave Jacobsen Bob Janousek Paul Javes Brian Jaworski Nick Johnson Penny Johnson Jeanne Johnson Jeri Johnson Tom Jaremko Debbie Johnson Steve JohnsonCaitlin Johnston Deadra Johnston Mae Jordan Julie Katrinak Dean Kopka Richard Joyce Lori Julkowski Dean Kaminski Julie Kaniuk Cindy Karrick Jim Kittelson Peter Klimek Mark KolodjskiShari Korblick Kathy Kowalik Paula Kozak Tim Kramasz Terri Krengel Craig Kubesh Jerry Kuchinski Dawn LaPoint Jeanne LaPointe Kelly LaPointe Janine Larson Tom LaSota Mary Kramasz Keley Kruse Steve LawsonSherri Leckey Yvonne Lee Beth Lenart Marlene Leser Penny Lesnau John Lillie Jennifer Longsdorf James Malec Molly Lynch Patricia Maloney Faye Maciej Larry Manoleff Dan Macko Eugene Letourneau Donna Lipa Paul MarcusLauri Marfiz Tony Mathes Thesesa May John Mayer Robin Martin Colleen Martinson Joe McArthur Michelle McDonald Mary McHale Judy Me Levis Michael McPherson Michael McQuiston Stephanie Meade Wayne Matt Tom Mayfield Sandy MeagherLynette Meyer Mark Miller Cindy Miskowic Sonia Mlakar Teresa Moore Tim Mulvihill Bob Niznik Timothy Murray Robin Nordin Jim Nafstad Janice Nordquist Jeff Moritko Pam Nelms Patty Miskowiec Patty Morrison Douglas NovakMary Overman Curtis Nygaard Kim Och Doreen Patraw Diane Patterson Dan Paulson Patty O'Toole Sandra Olejar ■ Eric Olsen Thomas Painter John Paisley Barb Pasma William O'Brien Brian O'Dell Michelle Ose Randy PedersonKimberly Reiners Karl Pope Ronald Protasiewicz Roxanne RitchieKathy Roberts Michelle Robertsen John Robillard Roy Robison Kevin Rooney Denise Roff Mike Ryh John Rog Katie Rohrbacher Jordan Rosemeyer Mark Rutkiewicz Fred Rymanowski Joanne Saba Ward Saba Larry Ronn Wendy SabinaLisa Salmonson Mark Sams Richard Schabel Peter Scheremet Nancy Schlee Michael Schrempp Paul Schieck John Schlundt Julie Schroeder Troy Schroeder David Sheaser Gail Schleicher Pat SherinLouise Shoppe Doug Siekmann Anthony Simon George Simon Sam Sivanich Sandy Stachel Davied Smith Carol Stacy Karen Slavotinek Julie Standal Gayle Skinner Julie Skowronek pr n Teri StacyRichard Stanek Sophia Stark Nancy Stasica Kay Stegora Mary Ann Stellenberg Kelly Stevens Greg Stull Stacy Super Robert Super Susan Stowell Kim Swanson Wendy Tanner Todd Studer Colleen ThompsonGerald Thompson Robert Toenjes Sherri Tomczyk Daniel Traczyk Jill Tremmel Jane Tschida Jane Vanyo Karen Waki John Varhol Brian Walker Blaine Wakaruk Donna Vagle Susan WarnerDawn Weckwerth Scott Weckwerth Mary Wegner Debbie Woolery Colleen Willman Jacqueline Wojciak Kevin Wohlk Michelle Wheeler Joe Wu Mike Yanta Robert Zentzis Lisa Winkelmann Mark ZandloRita Zondlo 135136138Abraham, Jani Ahlquist. Denise Ahlquist, Scott Albares, Paul Alexander. Camille Anderson, James Anderson, John Anderson, Melody Anderson, Sheila Anderson, Theresa Arntson, Thomas Austerman, Harold Babcock, Michele Bailey, Charles Bakkor, Melita Barno, Karen Bartlett, Sandra Beck, Connie Beck, David Benjamin, John Berg. Diane Bergstrom, Mark Bergstrom, Nancy Betker, Alan Biever, Kimberly Bilges, Anthony Bixler, Lisa Blake, Gary Bonasera, Toni Boseil, Daniel Bowman, Tammy 8randt, Wanda Bratsch, Craig Bratsch, Ronald Brenny, Angela Breslawec, Oleksa 8rethorst, Kristin Brinda, Betsy Briner, Danny Broborg, Jeff 8rown. Donna Browne, Teresa Browning, James Bruggenthies, Janet Burger, Donald Campbell, Elizabeth Cardinal, Mary Carlson. Anna Carlson, Christopher Charboneau, Mark Chesney, Susan Chester, Wendy Clark, Richard Clement, Robert Coldor, Lori Collias, Carol 139Cooper, Carol Corbett, Lawrence Craig, Wayne Debtieck, Todd Decowski, Denise DeMars, Sheri Demydowich. Wayne Dere, Troy Dickinson, David Dionne. Keith Donner, Todd Dorsett, Anthony Dowson, Robert Droll, Jeffery Drysdale. Sue Egeland, James Ekstrom, Karl Engebretson, Doreen Erickson, Steven Eytcheson, Marla Faber, Mary Fahr, George Fein, Michelle Fiega, Patrick Fishbeck, Dan Fjerstad. Ron Fleck, Ronald Fleisher, 8renda Forsythe, James Frank. Michelle Frisco, Michael Fussy, Scott Gaustad, Dale Gemlo, Nancy Gilbertson, Cindy Glubke, Scott Goers, Kathy Goral, Mary Gorecki, Christopher Grafft. Pamela Graham, Mike Greenwell, Teresa Grega, Jim Griffin, Shelly Grunnes, Don Haak, Mathew Hagen, Jason Hagen, Sue Haley. Richard Hamilton, Daniel Hammes, Jerome Hansen, Carol Hanson. Rhonda Hanson, Sheila Hanstad, Charla Harris, Tom inoHart, James Hatfield, Lori Healy, Peter Heikke, Cristal Herbert, Ann Hines, Jo Ellen Hinninkamp, Michelle Horbul, Robert Hoskins, Paula House, Susan Howard Becky Hunzelman, Usa Inks, Laura Iskiera, Randall Jacob, Laurie Jacobson, Lisa Jagielski, Martin Jensen. Jay Jensen, Julie Jernell, Andrew Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Daniel Johnson, David Johnson. Evan Johnson, Heidi Johnson, Julie Johnson, Lennart Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Todd Johnson, Sandra Joncas, Joseph Jordan, Allen Joyce, Wayne Kaczrowski, Timothy Kaedden, James Kalina, Julie Kaminski, Jon Kellog, Donald Kittelson, John Kobow, James Kohanek, Robert Kopet, Frank Kowahl, Renae Kowalik, Bill Krai, Susan Kraskey, Kimberley Krawczynske, Diane Krueger. Gary Kruse, Kristine Kuga, Nobi Kusmierz, Steven Kyle, Catherine Labandz, Lynn LaBerge, Liz LaPointe, Shawn 141Larson, David Lawson. David Layeux. Daniel Lee, Charles Lenart. Kim Lincoln, Stacy Undberg, Donald Lindquist. Cara Loken, Sandra Lowell, Harold Lucey, Phylij Lynch, John Maile, Keith Maki, Laura Marchiafava, Tony Martin, Joe Matson, Sandy Mattson. Daniel McCain. Laurie McHale, Kathy McKay, Alice McPherson, Jane McPherson, Patty McQuiston, Mary Melbie, Dale Meyer, Lori Meyers, Susan Michalik, Patricia Milanovich, George Miller, Michele Miskowic, Suzanne Mochmski, Alan Monio, Robert Moren, Bill Morris. Richard Murphy, Audie Murry, Michael Murzyn, Stan Namie, Brad Nelson, Becky Nelson, James Nelson, Kevin Nelson, Vickie Nesheim, Thomas Nickel, Teddy Nierengarten, Pam Niziol, Kenneth Novak, Nanette O'Brien, Patty O'Donnell, Raymond Oney, Jennifer Oney, Richard Olson. Marilou Ostroushko, Taras Overby, Kenneth Paudla. Margaret 142Painter, John Palbicki. Ronald Palmquist, Chris Person, Brian Peterson, Carol Petrowitz, Barbara Piaement, Cathy Plack, Charles Powell, Liz Preese, Anthony Pribula, Brad Rademacher. Garrett Rames, Daniel Ramstad. David Rapacz, Kimberly Rathbun, Vic Reed, Jodi Reitan, Lisa Resiad, Steven Ricci, Elizabeth Rignell, Sandra Riley, Shannon Roark, Anne Roberts, Troy Robertson, Michele Robillard, Anne Rodger. Patrick Rogers, Jerry Romanowski, Laurie Roy, Kelly Rozek, Steve Rutz, Janell Salmonson, David Sarna, Beth Savage, Kathleen Schabel, Catherine Schander, Douglas Schieffer, Jody Schlundt, Kimberly Schnell, Robin Schweitzer, Susan Sedlock, John Seelen, Donald Sheaser, Duane Simon, Michael Sivamch. Manlyn Skaar, Kevin Skaar. Kurt Skelly, Joe Slavin, Kelly Smith, Angela Spano, Jackie Spencer. Susan Sperry, Robin Stache, James Stanek, Catherine 143Stanek, Greg Stegora, Pam Stokowski, Robert Stone, Michele Slowed, Karen Studcr, Scott Sulem. David Sullivan, Jackie Swanson, Kathy Switzer, Laura Tacheny, Scott Tanzer, Darlene Thayer, Charlene Toler, Patrice Traczyk, Karla Tschida, James Uchanski, Mark Viliella, Dino Wall, John Watten. Kenneth Webber. Teresa Weidell, Roberta Wemstock, Craig Weirens. Marilee Willman, Karrie Wojack. Charles Worcester, Rita Zebro. Pat 144iWWi M5146Abraham, Thomas Amble. Julie Andersen, Richard Anderson, Dean Anderson, Kathleen Anderson, Lynette Anderson, Tammy Anderson, Terry Antolak, Edward Arvidson, Oirk Auck, Raymond Balega. Michael 8alko, Edward Ballanger, Richard Baltins. Arnold Barker, Lawrence Bates. Mickey Bazoff, Barbara Btelawski, Paula Biernat, Lila Birr. Barbara Bisset. John Bjorge, Dawn Blosberg, Darcy Blumhoefer, Richard Boescr. William Bosell, Scott Brage, Kristen Brazil, Kimberly Briner, Michelle Brown. Karen Browne, Madelyn Buda, Ann Buettner, Thomas Buffalo. Joseph Buganski, Danna Burbank, Michael Burtson, Gerald Calderon, Cynthia Calguire, Jacqueline Callies, Raymond Cailies, Ronald Campbell, Wendy Carlson, Gregory Charboneau, Deborah Chock, Cynthia Christenson, Marylynn Ciesynski, Jeffery Coldor, Lisa Cominetti, Lisa Conley. Kelly Corbett. Elizabeth Croon. Charlene Curtis, Sandra Dedrick, Sharon Oefeyter, John 147DeMars, Debra DcMers, Diane OeMuth, Karen Dionne, Jaquelme Donnelly, Scott Duckworth, Timothy Dziedzic. Stephen Eaton, Marta Ehlers, Laurie Elliott, Lisa Ellis. David Enger, Alan Erickson. Paul Fairley, Ehzobeth Fedorczuk, Peter Felling, Daniel Ferdelman, Dawn Ferraro, Louis Fisher, David Frank, Louis Frisco, Jerome Gadbois, Robert Gardin, Janet Garski, Charles Gates, Carolyn Gaustad. Daniel Gavmo, Christine Gervais, Lezlie Giernat, Janet Goodsell, James Gorshe. Daniel Gorzycki. Mark Graak, Linda Grausam, Joseph Grega, Lori Griffin. Howard Gromek, Timothy Grow, Daniel Hamre. Karen Haney, Kenneth Hansch, David Harstad. Jane Hart, Joseph Harth. Wendy Hawkins, Jeanne Heinecke, Dennis Henry, Tanna Herbert, James Hertzog, Barbara Hill. Corynne Hodgman, James Holm, John Horbul, Daniel Horbul, Karen Howitz. John Huehn, Lee 1 18Invie, Carole Iverson. Julie Jachymowski. Paul Jahnke. Robert Janousek. Barbara Janousek. William Jarmulowicz, Paul Jernell, Charles Johansen. John Johnson. Adam Johnson. Jessica Johnson, Mellisa Johnson. Theresa Jurchisin, Kris Kaczmarczyk, James Keck, Usa Kecgel. Holly Kishish, Mary Knutson, Kimberly Knutson, Lean Koch. Michael Kacon, Kenneth Kohout. Catherine Kopecky. Johnathon Kozah, Gloria Kramarczuk, Kalyna Kraskey, Mathew Kretzmann, Sheila Krueger. Tammy Kuchinski, Judith Kuga, Tomohiro Kuhu, Brian Kusmierz. Janene Kwieoen, Paul Laberge. Philip Lasser, Casey Lawson. John Leba. Laune Ledm, Christen Lehman. Cheryl Ueske, Bnan Lillie, Karen Lindgren. Del Upa. Charlotte Lubmski. Susan Lueken. Tracey Lynch. Michael Machowicz, Mark Maciej. Pamela Maile, Douglas Majsterski. Franklin Maki, Warren Malark, James Malark. John Malec, Irene Maloney. Sheila 149Marchiafava, Stephen Marcouiller, Thomas Marti, Patricia Mauer, John Mauer, Mary Maxey, Scott McCawley, Laura McDonald. Melody McGovern, Jeanne McNaughton, Theresa Meagher, Daniel Memorich. Steven Milewskt, William Miskowiec, Mary Mulvihlll, Jacquilme Muncy, Susan Munson, Michelle Murphy, Mary Murry. James Nabhi, Sten Nafsted. Timothy Neil, Gary Nelms, Kenneth Nelson. Diane Nelson, Mark Neumann, Charlotte Nordquist. Audrey Norell, Sheryl Novak, Robert O'Dell, Mark O'Hara. Jeffery O'Reilly, Terrance Olson, John Olson, Lisa Osmonson, Laurie Owens, John Paquette, Amy Partyka, Michael Pederson, Debra Peters, Opal Pierce, John Pietriak, James Pignateilo. Jeanine Pollack, Glen Prokopiuk, John Pyka, Janice Ranck, Lynnete Rasmusson, Lori Reddin, Melissa Rehnelt, David Reiners, Shelley Renner. Carlotta Ricci, Martin Ridley, Randy Robinson, Amy Rog, Laurie 150Roinestad. Thomas Roy. Mary Rutkiewicz, Christine Ruud, Ann Salo, Lynn Sandquist. Mary Savage. Andrew Schander, Margret Schardin, Rebecca Schlee. Charles Schleicher, Suzanne Schlundt. Lori Schmidt, Joleen Schumacher, Rita Schwartz. Melanie Sederberg, Steven Senko, Charles Shackle. Douglas Shelley. Timothy Shupien, Dennis Siluk, Patrick Simning, Vern Simon, Jeffery Simon, Tony Skille, Wendy Smith, Anthony Smithers. Leonard Snelson. Todd Sroga, Crystal StGeorge, Nicholas Staba, Sara Stachel, Cheryl Standal. Patricia Stangcl. Gerald Stasica, Jaffery Stenstrom, Shelley Stevens, Kari Stone, Diane Stickler, Dawn Sullivan, Jeffery Super. Brenda Super. John Swanson, Mark Sylvester, Rodney Tabor, Carlene Tacheny, Karen Tack, Sue Tetzman, Lon Thibodeau, Joseph Thielhorn, Terri Thies, Ronald Thomas. Gloria Thomas, Michael Thompson, James Thunstrom, Lee Vant, Lane 151Vic, Barbara Wagner. Christine Wagner, Julie Wakaruk, Kelly Walsh, Heidi Ware, Stephen Warhol, Michael Warner, Jane Wator, Renee Watson, Betty Webber. James Weeber, Brian Welch, Gerald Wesley, Patricia White, Kelly Wiener, Dean Wigen, Margery Wilkerson, Peter Williams, Roger Wmkelman, John Wolf, Crystal Woolcry, Mark Worcester, Ann Wright, Edward Wrona, Nancy Yanta, Mark Zemlicka, Lori Zemlicka, Mary Zentfis, Laura Zieglar. Keven Zmuda, Anthony 152The students on this page, through no fault of their own, were somehow missed being placed with their respective classes. Our apologies. Anderson, 8rian-9 Burkland, Daniel-10 Dorsett, Anthony-10 Gerber, Trisha-11 Guth. William-9 Hoyez, Kelly-10 Howard, Benjamin-10 Kruse, Michal-10 Lobash, Christopher-li Malark, Johnl-10 Maxey, Scott-10 McCollow, Joseph-10 Orgcman, Dawn-9 Palarmo, lmda-9 Rassmunson, Jeffery-11 Sealan, Paul-9 Smaciarz, John-10 Sullivan, Troy-9 153X w m ti 154 Anderson, Jay Audette, Chris Babcock, Cathy BaKk, William Baioff, 8etty Beaulieu, Edward Bedell, Marie Beeksma, David Bell, Heidi Bellanger, Mike Berg, Deserie Berg, Jodi Bergstrom, Joseph Betker, 8ruce Bjorge. David Bloomer. Gary Borchardt, Theresa Bosell, Dann Boyle, Helen Brandenburger, Peggy Brandt. James Bratsch, Janme Brenny, Keith Breslawec. Mary Bresnahan, Amy 8roadhead. Sue Browne, David Bruggenthies, Ken Bryan, Kimberly Burbank, Roger 8urkland. Paul Burmeister, Rose Butterfield, Mary Caple, Lourie Capps, Michelle Cease, Teri Cegla, Ann Cherveny, Joseph Chesney. Kim Chester, Christine Chevalier, Diana Chiodo, Donald Clark, Kevin Clem, Lynn Courteau, Lisa Coyle. James Cyrus, Wendy Dahlberg, Debra Danielson, Stephanie DeLong, Steven Oetmer, Jennifer Dickinson, William Dolecki, Linda Dooner, Sandra Eliason, Lori Ellingboe. Mary 155Ersbo, Diane Fedors. Joseph Femrite. John Ferraro. Teresa Firie. Sheila Fisher, Edward Foley, Kevin Gacek, Jeffery Gallion, Tammarie Gavino. Ronald Gemlo, Barbara Gemlo, Christopher Genq. Catherine Genosky, Dawn Gorecki, Lori Gorrycki, Patncia Graft, Penm Green. Michael Grygar. Richard Gurksy. Kenneth Gustafson. Tracey Haak, Richard Hackett. Jill Hadjiyanis. George Hall, Shelly Hanzlik. Kathleen Haponuk, Paula Hatfield. Debra Haynes. Mary Heine. Barbara Hemecke, Tammy Henderson, Michael Hill. John Hill. Lisa Hill. Rick Hodson. Robert Hoffer. Ann Holen, Michael Iskierka. Nancy Jablonsky. Natalie Jarosz, Michael Jaworski. Cassandra Johnson. Amy Johnson, Debra Johnson, Erik Johnson, Mayo Johnson. Perry Karos. Marc Kish, Thomas Kobow, Jennifer Kohanek, Edward Konkler, Thomas Konkol, Lisa Kopet. Michael Korzeniowski, David Krai. Jennifer 156Krengel, Jo Ann Kher, Daniel Kuehn, Jill LaDuke, Rodney Lamb. Raymond LaPointe, Todd Larsen, Julie Larson, Cynthia Larson, Michelle LeCuyer, John Ledin, Sandra Lee, Debrah Lee. Jodi Lee. Thomas Levoir. Laura Ueske, Lim Undhal. Libbey Longie. Jeffrey Loomis. Jan Lubinski, Cynthia Maciej, Tim Mack. Dennis Maninger, Traci Marchiafava, John Martin, Noelle Matteson. Maria Mayfield, Joseph McCain, Jerome McClanahan. Heidi McGinnis, Gregory McGovern, Paul McQuiston, Colleen Mooney, Kevin Morgan, Kimberly Morris, Steven Mulvihill, Peter Murray. Laura Nebel. Scott Neelan. Suzann Nelson, Colleen Nelson, Jeanette Nelson, Jeffrey Neumann, Tammy Newstrom, Dean Nmteman, Thomas Norling, Jeffrey Norman, Erick O'Brien, Sean O'Donnell, Daniel O'Rourke, Kraig Ofstie, Sherri Orvis, Caroline Paaverud. Wayne Palmquist, Jeffery Parker, Jeffry Parrott, Daniel 157Pasma, Susan Pederson, Linda Peterson, Dawn Peterson, Floriann Peterson, Garrick Peterson, Lisa Peterson, Todd Pfaff, Rickey Polivka. Paul Porter, Gayle Pray, Erin Provo, Linda Qumalty, Douglas Rath, Jean Reed, Scott Renner, Donna Reynolds, Robert Reynolds, Susan Ridley. Bonnie Riley, Mary Ritchie, Randy Robertson. Mary Robertson, Sue Rodger, Michael Roff. Lisa Romanoski, Shelley Rondeau, Jill Roseth, D. Roy, Kristin Rush, Patricia Rutkiewiw, Vicki Rye, Robert Rymanowski, Theresa Saba, Duane Saba, Roger Sagmoe, Daniel Salmonson, Linda Sarna, Barbara Schaper, Tamara Schumacher. Mark Schutta, Laura Settcrstrom, David Shackle, Dale Sivanich. Carol Skinner, Alan Smoter, David SoU, Kristine Sporlien. Scott Staba, John Standal, Paul Stanek. Robert Steen, Tom Stegora. Steven Stephenson, Donnette Stevens, Todd Stockinger. James 158Stockmger, Mary Stokowski, Jean Stringer, Tina Sulem, Craig Susick, Tami Swenson, Peter Tabor, Thomas Taft, Jeffery Tell, Dawn Thayer, Charles Thompson, John Tousignant, Brian Travis, lisa Tschida. Joseph Tyler, Teddy Volk. Jeffrey Wagner, Patrick Wagstrom, Jonathan Wallace, Donna Walz, Sheila Watson, Scott Wegner, Karl Weimer, Charles Weimer, Douglas Weller, lisa Wentland, Theodore Westphal, Sue Wheeler. Mary White, C. Willman. Donald Wilson, Anthony Windhurst, Gregory Wlalzo, John Wontor, James Woodruff, L. Zahorski, Jerold Zahorski, Joel Zandlo, Thomas 159F A C A U N L D T Y s T A F F MELVIN GRIMSTEAD PRINCIPAL AL JOHNSON ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL RICHARD MOORE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 160Roy Almen Mathematics Zetta Anderson Physical Education Paul Beckstrand English Allen Anderson Social Worker X pp if ; r h . X James Anderson Physical Education John Anderson Work Program Mel Bates Science Melville Bauman Social Studies Paul Becker Industrial Arts Sharon Benson Business Patricia Berger HEN Lillian Bisbecos English 161Sophie Boutsioukos Foreign Language Jessie Busse Home Economics Herb Chambers Physical Education Irwin Brown Art Myrle Brunzell English Bess Bryan Work Program Eleanor Byrne English Greg Canfield Rena Carter Social Worker HEN Mary Corcoran Business Dennis Davies Bonnie Dean Special Education Special Education Tutor 162Michael Doyle Alec Dupay Foreign Language Social Studies Michael Elavsky Mathematics Ronald Fuller Industrial Arts Aileen Halos Business Thomas Geankoplis Social Studies Alan Greenberg YEDPA Coordinator Gerald Hansen Mathematics Harold Hansen Social Studies Edward Fit2patrick English Rosemary Hagen English Wesley Harding Industrial Arts 163Harold Honkola Social Studies Florence Hudson Donald Hughes Physical Education HEN Counselor Henry Hull Mathematics Linda Hunt2icker Rolf Huss Pocket School Tutor Special Education Kenneth Jeddeloh John Jensen Science Social Studies Brian B. Johnson Curtis Johnson Industrial Arts Art Dolores Kluwe Lewis Kocur Special Education Mathematics 164James Kottom Mathematics Dennis Kueng Social Studies Earl Larsen Social Studies Robert Littlefield Counselor Karen Lovestrand Physical Education Larry Luck Mathematics William Marcouiller Science Laverne Martin Speech Clinician Barbara Mattill Librarian Jack Litowsky English Gerald Lutz English William Michalko Mathematics 165Michael Minnema Science David Moore Social Studies Patrick O'Keefe English Janelle Olson Home Economics Robert O'Neil Work Program Jacqueline Parker Counselor Guilford Parsons Social Studies Carol Pomroy Counselor James Powers WECEP Coordinator Eugene Richter Special Education Maxine Samelson Counselor James Saxton Work Program 166Mrs. Dorothy Scholljegerdes HEN Niles R. Schulz Thomas W. Shaffer English Band and Choir Arvid K. Simmons Social Studies Fredrick Sulzbach Industrial Arts Blake Traeder Vocational Education Ruben E. Wenzel English Mrs. Mildred Wiste Librarian Judy H. Yung English Mrs. Martin Margaret O'Loughlin Counseling Office Nurse 167Custodians Aides the Custodians: above picture: Vern McNamara, Dick Matey, Bob Ashmeade, Helen Berg, Charlie Walters, Chuck Webber; below right: Jerry Hermsen the Office Aides: Pictured are: Patricia Berger, Mary Ann Weiner, Genevieve Niznik, Lois Grill, Dolores Martin, Ann Falkum, Virginia Selinsky, Yvonne Johnson, Ruth Loeffler 168Founding Faculty This is a collection of teacher's pictures from Wizards of the past. Clockwise from top to bottom are Mr. Doyle, Mr. Luck, Mr Geankoplis. Mr. Litowski. and Mr. Parsons, Dr 8ates, and friend. 169THE wizard staff Karen Gursky, Jeanne Godsell, Peggy Howitz, Henery Hull, Mary Stasica, Diane Leba, Rita Zandlo, Alan Becker, Robin Martin, Barb Pasma, Brian Jawoski, Sandy Mattson, Garrett Rademacher, Donna Lipa, Shari Korblick, Dawn Zoerb, Michelle Gemlo, and Patty O'Toole, (not pictured-Julie Katrinak, Elmer Gavino, Korrine Brage, and Melisa Bailey).The staff had another good year under the supervision of the new advisor Mr. Henry Hull. The staff worked really hard to get the job done. It was fun getting to know everyone on the staff. At times it was hard staying at late nights, taking pictures, drawing layouts and writing stories, but it was worth it! 171FRESHMEN Anderson, Brian 153 Anderson, Cynthia Anderson, Jay 155 Audette, Christelle 155 Babcock, Catherine 155 Black, William 155 Balco, Gabriclle 79 Bazoff, 8etty 155 Beaulieu, Edward 155 Bedell, Marie 155 Beeksma, David 29. 155 Bell. Heidi 155 Berg, Jodi 79, 155 Bergstrom, Joseph 29, 155 Betker, Bruce 29, 155 Bjorge. David 29, 155 Bliskowxski, Michael Bloomer, Gary 155 Borchardt. Theresa 29, 155 Boscll. Darin 29, 155 Bolye, Helen 155 Brandenburger, Peggy 155 Brandenburger. Timothy Brandt, James 86, 155 Bratsch, Janine 79, 155 Bratton, Patricia Breslawec, Maryna 79, 155 Brcsnahan, Amy 155 Briggs, Barbara Broadhead, Suzanne 29, 155 Browne, David 155 Bruggcnthies, Kenneth 29, 155 Bryan, Kimberly 155 Burbank, Roger 155 Burkland, Paul 95, 155 Burmiester. Rose 155 Butterfield, Mary 79, 155 Campso, Ramon Caple. Lourie 155 Cease, Ten 29, 155 Cegla, Ann 155 Cherveny, Joseph 155 Chesney, Kimberly 155 Chester, Christine 29, 155 Chevalier, Diana 155 Chioso, Donald 97, 155 Clark, Kevin 155 Clem, Lynn 155 Corniea, Suzette Courteau, Lisa 155 Coyle, James 155 Cyrus, Wendy 155 Daher, Jamie 155 Dahlberg. Debra Danielson, Stephanie 155 Delong. Steven 155 Detmer, Jennifer 155 Dickinson, William 155 Dolecki, Linda 79, 155 Dooner, Sandra 29, 155 Ecker, Joseph Eliason, Lori 155 Ellingboe. Mary 29, 155 Elwood, Theresa Eiwood, Nanette Ersbo, Diane 79, 156 Fedors, Joseph 156 Fcmrite, John 156 Ferraro, Teresa 156 Firle, Sheila 156 Fisher, Edward 156 Foley. Kevin 156 Gacek. Jeffery 29, 156 Gallion, Tammane 68, 156 Gavino, Ronald 156 Gemlo, Barbara 29, 156 Gemlo, Christopher 156 Geng, Catherine 156 Genodky, Dawn 29, 156 Gesino. Christine Gill, Martin Gorecki, Laura 156 Gorski, Julie 156 Gorzycki, Patricia 29 Grafft, Pennl 156 Green, Laura 156 Green, Michael 156 Grygar, Richard 156 Gursky, Kenneth 156 Gustafson, Tracey 156 Guth, William 29, 153 Haak, Richard 156 Hackett. Jill 29, 156 Hadiyanis, George 156 Hall. Shelly 156 H«wlik, Kathleen Darcy 79, 102,156 Haponuk, Paula 156 Hartwig, Michael Hatfield, Debra 156 Haynes, Mary 156 Heine, Barbara 68, 156 Heinecke, Tammy 156 Henderson, Michael 156 Hill, John 29, 156 Hill, Lisa 8, 79, 156 Hill, Rick 156 Hodson, Robert 156 Hoffer, Ann 29, 156 Hofstede Jeffrey Holen, Michael 156 Hove. Michael Iskierka, Nancy 156 Jabtonsky, Natalie 156 Jarosz, Michael 156 Jaworski. Cassandra 156 Johnson, Amy 91, 156 Johnson. Debra 156 Johnson, Erik 156 Johnson, Mayo 156 Johnson, Perry 156 Jones, Donald Karos, Marc 156 Kish, Thomas 156 Kobow, Jennifer 156 Koenig, Raymond Koes, Francis Kohanek, Edward 156 Kolodjski, Dennis Konkler, Thomas 156 Konkol, Lisa 156 Kopct. Michael 156 Korzeniowski, David 156 Krai, Jennifer 156 Krengel, Jo Ann 157 Krier, Daniel 157 Kuehn, Jill 157 Laduke, Rodney 157 Langsdorf, Thomas LaPoint, Suzette 157 LaPointe, Todd 29, 157 Larsen, Julie 157 Larson, Cynthia 29, 157 Larson, Michelle 157 Lasser, Henry Leckey, Robert LeCuyer, John 157 Ledin, Sandra 157 Lee. Debrah 157 Lee. Jodi 157 Lee. Thomas 157 Levoir, Laura 157 Lieske, Kinberly 157 Lindahl, Libbey 91, 157 Longie, Jeffrey 157 Loomis, Jan 53, 157 Lubmski, Cynthia 157 MacieJ, Timothy 157 Mack, Dennis 20, 29, 157 Mancillas, Martha 157 Mamnger, Traci 157 Manke, Ronn Marchiafava, John 29, 95, 157 Marfa, Joseph Martin, Noelle 29, 157 Matteson, Maria 78, 157 Mayfield, Joseph 157 Mays, Bridget McCain, Jerome 157 McClanahan, Heidi 157 McGinnis, Gregory 29, 157 McGovern, Paul 109, 157 McQuistom, Colleen 157 Michalik. Patrick 9 Moen, Arthur Mollenhoff, Grant Monney, Kevin 157 Morgan, Kinberly 157 Morris, Steven 157 Mufvihill, Peter 157 Murray. Laura 27, 29, 157 Nebel, Scott 157 Neelan, Suzann 29, 157 Nelson, Colleen 91, 157 Nelson, Jeannette 29, 157 Nelson. Jeffrey 157 Neumann, Tammy 29, 157 Newstrom. Dean 157 Nintcman, Thomas 157 Norling, Jeffrey 29, 157 Norman, Erick 157 O'Brien, Sean 29, 157 O'Donnell. Daniel 157 O'Rourke, Kraig 29, 157 Ofstie, Sherri 157 Orgeman, Dawn 153 Orr, Thomas Orvis, Caroline 157 Paaverud, Wayne 157 Palermo, Linda Palmquist, Jeffery 157 Paqum, Elaine Parker, Jeffry 157 Parrott. Kaniel 157 Pasma, Susan 82, 83, 158 Pederson, Linda 29, 158 Perkins. Cal Perkins, Emmett Peterson, Floriann 158 Peterson, Garrick 158 Peterson, Lisa 91, 158 Peterson, Todd 158 Pfaff. Rickey 158 Polivka, Paul 158 Porter, Gayle 158 Pray, Erin 158 Procenko, Gregory Provo, Linda 158 Quinalty, Douglas 158 Ragland, Steve Rath. Jeanne 158 Reed, Scott 98, 158 Reiman, Melanie Renner, Donna 158 Reynolds, Robert 158 Reynolds, Susan 20, , 91, 158 Ridley, Bonnie 68. 158 Riley, Mary 158 Rithcie. Randy 158 Robertson, Mary 158 Robertson, Sue 158 Rodger, Michael 158 Roff. Lisa 79, 158 Rogers, Lisa Romanoski. Shelley 158 Rondeau, Jil 79, 158 Roy, Kristin 158 Rush, Patrica 158 Rutkiewicz, Victoria 79, 158 Rye, Robert 158 Rynamowski, Theresa 91, 158 Saba, Duane 158 Saba, Roger 95, 158 Sagmoe, Daniel 158 Salmonson. Linda 158 Sama, Barbara 91, 158 Savage, Anthony Schumacher. Mark 158 Schutta Laura 158 Setterstrom, David 158 Shackle. Dale 158 Shivers, Timothy Sivanich, Carol 79, 158 Skavnak. Paul 95 Skinner. Alan 158 Smoter, David 158 Soland, Tanny Solz, Kristine 29, 91. 158 Spence, Gregory Sporiein, Scott 158 Staba. John 158 Stack, James Standel, Paul 158 Stanek. Robert 158 Steen, Tom 29, 158 Stego ra. Steven 158 Stephanson, Donnette 29, 158 Stevens. Todd 158 Stockinger, James 158 Stockinger, Mary 159 Stokowski. Jean 29, 159 Stringer. Tina 159 Sulem. Craig 159 Sullivan, Troy 153 Susick, Tami 29, 159 Swenson, Peter 159 Tabor, Thomas 159 Taft, Jeffery 159 Thayer, Charles 159 Tholkes, Jacqueline Thompson, John 29, 159 Tidwell, Annie Tousignant, Brian 159 Trains, Lisa 159 Troidcn, Debra 68, 153 Tschida, Joseph 159 Tykwinski, Peter Tyler. Prince 159 Vanbriesen, Sean Vivion, Tinyra Volk, Jeffrey 159 Wagner. Patrick 29, 159 Wagstrom, Jonathan20, 29, 159 Walker. Eric Wallace. Donna 159 Walz, Sheila 159 Warner, Jeffrey Watson, Scott 159 Wegner, Karl 109, 159 Weimer, Charles 29, 159 Weimer, Douglas 29, 159 Weiss, James Weller, Lisa 159 Wentland, Theodore 29, 159 Westphal, Sue 79, 159 Wheeler, Mary 91, 159 White, Scan 159 Williams, Henry Willman. Donald 159 Willman, Julie Wilson, Anthony 159 Wiltcheck. Leif Wmdhurst, Gregory 29, 159 Wirtjes, Di Ann Wiazlo, John 159 Wontor. James 159 Woodruff, Lome 159 Zahorski, Jerold 97, 159 Zahorski, Joel 159 Zandlo. Thomas 159 Abraham, Thomas 93, 147 Amble, Juhe 147 Anderson, Richard 147 Anderson, Dean 147 Anderson. Kathleen 147 Anderson, Lynette 8, 35, 147 Anderson. Terry 147 Anderson, Tracy 78, 147 Antolak, Edward 86, 147 Arvidson, Dirk 95, 147 Auck, Raymond 147 Babekuhl, Donna Balck. Brian Balega, Michael 147 Balko, Edward 147 Ballanger, Richard 147 Baltins, Arnold 147 Barker, Lawrence 147 Bates, Mickey 147 Basoff, Barbara 28, 147 Bielawski, Adam Bielawski, Paula 147 Biernat, Lila 147 Birr, Barbara 147 Bisset, John 147 Bjorge, Dawn 28, 147 Btosberg. Darcy 147 Blumhoefer, Richard 147 Boeser, William 147 Bosell, Scott 147 Brage. Kristen 68, 147 Brazil, Kimberly 147 Brekke. John Briner, Michelle 147 Brown, Karen 8, 147 Browne, Madelyn 8, 147 Buda, Ann 147 Buettnew. Thomas 8, 147 Buffalo, Joseph 147 Bunge, Betty Burkland, Daniel 153 Burkman, Mark Burrington, Rick Bursch, Craig Burtson, Gerald 147 Calderon, Cynthia 147 Calguire, Jacqueline 147 Callies, Raymond 147 172SOPHOMORES Calbes. Ronald 147 Campbell, Wendy 8, 147 Campos. Esperan a Capouch. Jennifer Carlson. Gregory 147 Charboneau, Deborah 8, 147 Chock, Cynthia 147 Christenson, Marylynn 68, 147 Ciesynski, Jeffrey 8, 101, 147 Coldor, Lisa 8, 147 Combs. Kelly Combs, Stacy Cominetti, Lisa 83, 88, 147 Conley, Kelly 147 Corbett. Elizabeth 147 Craig, Julie 8, 83, 88 Craig, William Croon, Charlene 147 Cummings, Susan Curtis, Sandra 147 Dedrick, Sharon 8, 147 Defeyter, John 147 Oemars, Debra 148 Demers. Diane 8, 42, 148 Demuth, Karen 148 Devito, Maria Dionne, Jaquelme 148 Donnelly. Scott 148 Dooner. Nola Duckworth, Timothy 148 Dutcher. Rebecca Dziedzic, Stephen 93, 148 Eaton. Marta 8, 148 Ehlers. Laurie 148 Elliott, Lisa 28, 148 Ellis, David 82, 83, 148 Enger, Alan 148 Erickson Paul 148 Fairley, Elizabeth 148 Fedorczuk, Peter 148 Felling, Daniel 93, 148 Ferdelman, Dawn 148 Ferraro, Louis 28, 148 Fisher, David 148 Frank, Louis 148 Frisco, Jerome 148 Gadbois, Robert 95, 148 Gardin. Janet 28, 148 Garski, Charles 148 Gates, Carolyn 8, 42, 68, 148 Gaustad. Daniel 148 Gavino, Christine 148 Geronsin. Mary Gervais, Lezlie 148 Gienet, Janet 68, 148 Goodsell. James 148 Gorshe, Daniel 148 Gorzycki, Mark 28, 148 Graack, Frederick 148 Graack, Linda 8, 33, 78 Grausam. Joseph 96, 148 Grega, Lori 148 Griffin, Howard 28, 148 Gromek, Timothy 8, 35, 148 Grow, Daniel 148 Hamre, Karen 28, 148 Haney, Kenneth 148 Hansch, David 148 Harstad. Jane 90, 148 Hart, Joseph 148 Hawkins, Jeanna 148 Hemecke. Dennis 148 Henry, Tanna 148 Herbert, James 148 Hertzog, 8arbara 148 Hill, Corynne 8, 148 Hodgman. James 148 Holm, John 148 Horbul, Daniel 148 Horbul, Karen 28, 148 Howard. Benjamin 8, 35, 153 Howitz, John 148 Hoyez. Kelley 153 Hyska. Theresa Iacarella, Robert Indahl. Richard 35 Invie, Carole 149 Iverson. Julie 149 Jachymowski. Paul 8, 34, 149 Jackson. Constma Jahnke, Robert 8, 34, 149 Janousek, Barbara 28, 87, 149 Janousek. William 96, 149 Jarmulowicz, Paul 98. 149 Jemell, Charles 149 Johnasen, John 149 Johnson, Adam 149 Johnson. Jessica 9, 33, 149 Johnson, Melissa 149 Johnson. Michael Johnson, Theresa 9. 78. 149 Jurchisin, Kris 149 Jurichko. John Justin, Marqarct Kaczmarczyk, James 149 Keck, Lisa 149 Kishish, Mary 149 Kisslmg, Deborah Kisslmg, Kelly Knutson, Kinberly 28, 149 Knutson. LeAnn 149 Koch. Michael 9, 149 Kocon, Kenneth 149 Kohn, Racheal Kochout, Catherine 28, 149 Kopecky, Johnathan 149 Korogi, Michael Kottke, Robert Kozah, Gloria 149 Kramarczuk, Kalyna 149 Kraskey. Matthew 149 Kretzmann, Shelia 149 Krueger. Tammy 149 Kruse. Michael 153 Kuchinski, Judith 78, 149 Kuga, Tomohiro 97, 149 Kuha, Bryan 92, 149 Kusmierz. Janene 149 Kwieoen. Paul 9. 34, 149 Laberge, Phil 149 Lasser, Casey 149 Lawson, John 149 Leba, Laurie 149 Lebahn, Bradley Ledm, Kristin 28, 149 Ueske, Brian 149 Lillie, Karen 9, 33, 149 Lmdell, Christine 78 Lmdgren, Del 9 o 149 Lipa, Charlotte 149 Lueken, Tracey 9, 149 Lynch, Michael 104, 149 Lynch, Theresa Ricci, Martin 150 Wakaruk, Kelly 9, 33. 152 Machowicz. Mark 93, 149 Robinson, Amy 9, 33. 150 Ware. Stephen 152 Maciazka, Sandra Rog, Laurie 87, 150 Warhol, Michael 152 Maciej, Pamela 149 Romestad, Thomas 151 Warner, Jane 9, 33, 152 Maile. Douglas 149 Roy. Mary 151 Wator. Renee 82, 152 Majsterski, Franklin 9, 35. 149 Rutkiewicz, Christine 9, 151 Webber. James 152 Maki, Warren 9. 35. 149 Ruud. Ann 151 Webber, Bnan 28, 152 Malark, James 149 Sagnoe, Gregory Welch, Gerald 152 Malark, John 149, 153 Salo. Lynne 28, 151 Wesley, Patricia 28, 152 Malec, Irene 9, 149 Sandquist, Mary 151 White. Kelly 152 Marchiafava, Stephen 150 Sargent. Pamela Wiener, Dean 152 Mareouiller, Thomas 150 Sargent, Tammy Wigen, Margery 28. 152 Mart , Patricia 150 Savage. Andrew 151 Wilkerson, Peter 93, 152 Matteson, Gloria 9, 33, 90 Schardin, Rebecca 151 Wmkelmann, John 152 Mauer, John ISO Schlee, Charles 151 Wolf. Crystal 152 Mauer, Mary 150 Schleicher, Suzanne 151 Woodruff. Pamela Maxey, Scott 35, 150 Schlundt. Lon 151 Woolery, Mark 96, 152 Maxey, Steve 9, 153 Schmidt Joleen 28, 151 Worchester. Ann 28. 152 McCawlwy, Laura 150 Schram, Rebecca Wright. Edward 152 McCoilow. Joseph 153 Schumacher. Rita 9, 34, 151 Wrona, Nancy 152 McDonald. Melody 87, 150 Schwartz. Melanie 151 Wynde. Michael McGovern. Jeanne 91, 150 Schwendeman, Mark Yaota. Mark 152 McMurchie, Lon Sederberg. Steven 151 Zajac, Sherry McNaughton, Theresa 150 Senko, Charles 151 Zemlicka, Lon 152 Meagher, Daniel 150 Shackde. Douglas 151 Zemlicka, Mary 152 Memorich. Steven 150 Shelley. Timothy 151 Zentzis, Laura 82, 152 Milewski, William 95, 150 Shupien, Denise 151 Ziegler. Kevin 93, 152 Miskowiec. Mary 150 Siluk, Patrick 151 Zmuda, Anthony 152 Morgan, Dawn Simnmg, Vern 151 Mulvihill, Jacquline 150 Simon. Jeffrey 151 Muncy, Susan 150 Simon, Tony 151 Munson. Michelle Murphy, Bruce Murphy. Mary 82, 150 150 ISO Sims, Deborah Skillie. Wendy Smaciarz, John 9. 151 153 JUNIORS Murray. James 150 Smith. Anthony 151 Nabhi, Sten 150 Smith, April Nafstad. Timothy 93, 150 Smith. Donald Neil, Gary 150 Smithers. Leonard 151 Nelms. Kenneth 9, 150 Snelson, Todd 151 Abraham, David 84 Nelson. Mark 150 Sroga. Crystal 82, 151 Abraham, Jani 8, 28, 42, 139 Neumann, Charlotte 28, 150 St George, Nicholas 151 AhJquiSt. Denise 8, 28,42,103,139 Nordquist, Audrey 28. 150 Staba, Sarah 151 Ahlquist, Scott 8, 139 Norell. Sheryl 150 Stachel. Cheryl 151 Albares, Paul 84, 139 Novak. Robert 96. 150 Stack, Robert Alexander, Camille 8, 139 0-Dell. Mark 150 Standai, Patricia 28, 151 Anderson, James 28, 139 O'Hara, Jeffrey 150 Stangel. Gerald 151 Anderson, John 28, 83, 101, 139 O'Reilly, Terrance 97, 150 Stasica, Jeffrey 151 Anderson, Melody 8, 20, 33, 139 Olson, Enc 93 Stenstrom, Shelly 151 Anderson, Sheila 44, 139 Olson. John 150 Stevens, Kan 28, 151 Anderson, Teresa 139 Olson, Lisa 150 Stone. Diane 9. 33. 151 Arntson, Thomas 97, 139 Osmonson. Laurie 150 Story, David Austerman, Harold 84, 95, 139 Owens, John 150 Strickler. Dawn 28, 151 Babcock, Michele 103, 139 Pachl, Steven Sullivan, Jeffrey 9, 34, 151 Bailey, Charles 139 Paquette. Amy 88, 150 Super, Brenda 151 Bakker, Mehta 139 Pagum, Michelle Super. John 151 Barno, Karen 139 Partyka, Michael 150 Swanson, Mark 151 Bartlett. Sandra 139 Patraw, Bradley Swart. Brian Beck, Connie 139 Pederson, Debra 28, 150 Sylvester, Rodney 95, 151 Benjamin, John 35, 91, 101, 139 Peters. Opal 35, 79, 150 Tabor, Carlene 151 Berg, Oiane 80, 90, 139 Petersen, Steve Tacheny, Karen 151 Bergstrom, Mark 104, 139 Peterson. Kai Tack, Sue 151 Bergstrom, Nancy 139 Pierce, John 150 Tetzman. Lori 28, 151 Betker, Alan 8, 28, 34. 139. 170 Pietrazak, James 93, 150 Thayer, Richard Biever, Kimberly 8. 42, 139 Pignatello, Jeanine 28, 150 Thibodeau. Joseph 28, 151 Bilges, Anthony 139 Polak, Paul 150 Theilhorn. Tern 151 Bixler, Lisa 28, 68, 139 Pollack. Glen 150 Thies, Ronald 151 Blake, Gary 139 Presley, Gary Thomas. Gloria 151 Bonasera, Antoinette 139 Prokopiuk, John 150 Thomas. Michael 151 Boseil, Daniel 139 Pyka. Janice 9, 150 Thompson. James 151 Bowman, Tammy 139 Ranck, Lynette 150 Thunstrom, Lee 151 Brackett, Robert Rasmusson, Jeff 84, 93 Tidwell, John Brandt, Wanda 40, 139 Rasmusson, Lori 9, 150 Tokar, Lora Bratsch, Craig 139 Reddin, Melissa 20, 150 Vant, Lane 9. 151 Bratsch, Ronald 139 Rehnelt, David 150 Vetrano. James Bronny, Angela 28, 139 Rehnelt. Diane 91 Vik, Barbara 152 Bresiawec, Oleksa 98, 139 Reiners. Shelley 150 Wagner. Christine 68, 152 Bresnahan, Michael Renner, Carlotta 28, 150 Wagner. Julie 152 Brethorst. Kristin 8, 33, 91, 139 173Brinda, Elizabeth 28, 139 Briner, Danni 139 Brobjorg, Jeffery 84. 92, 139 Broszko, Lisa Brown, Oonna 139 Browne, Teresa 139 Browning, Janies 35, 139 Bruggenthies, Janet 28,68,139 Burger, Donald 139 Campbell, Elizabeth 53, 139 Campos, Juan Cardinal, Mary 139 Carlson, Anna 139 Carlson, Christopher 139 Charboneau, Mark 139 Chartraw, Patrick Chesney, Susan 139 Chester, Wendy 139 Clark, Richard 8, 34. 88, 101, 139 Clement. Robert 139 Coldor, Lori 139 Collias, Carol 139 Cooper, Carol 140 Corbett, Lawrence 98, 140 Courteau, Marcy Craig, Wayne 84,95,101,140 Cummings, James Debliek, Todd 140 Dccowski, Denise 140 Demars, Sheri 140 Demydowich, Wayne 140 Dere, Troy 28, 140 Dickinson, Oavid 140 Dionne, Keith 140 Dooner, Todd 140 Dorsett, Anthony 140 Dowson, Robert 83, 140 Droll, Jeffery 140 Drysdale, Susan 140 Egeland, James 140 Ekstrom, Karl 94, 101, 140 Engebretson, Doreens, 91,104,140 Erickson, Keith Erickson, Steven 140 Eytcheson, Marla 140 Faber, Mary 140 Fahr, George 84, 86, 92, 140 Fein, Michelle 140 Fiega, Patrick 8, 35. 83, 88, 140 Fishbeck, Dan 8, 133, 140 Fjerstad, Ronald 82, 140 Fleisher, Brenda 140 Formico, Ramona Forsythe, James 140 Frank, Michelle 80, 90, 140 Frisco, Michael 140 Fussy, Scott 84, : 101, 140 Gaustad, Dale 140 Gem to, Nancy 28, 140 Gerber, Trisha 8, 42, 153 Gcrvais, Andrew Gilbertson, Cynthia 140 Glubke, Scott 8, 35, 84. 95, 140 Goers, Katheryn 8, 78, 140 Goral, Mary 140 Gorecki, Christopher 84, 92, 140 Gorecki, Mary Grafft, Pamela 140 Grahm, Michael 94, 140 Grant, David Green Thomas Greenwell, Teresa 140 Grega, James 140 Griffin, Michelle 8, 33, 140 Grunnes, Don 140 Haak, Matthew 84, 101, 140 Hage, Daniel Hagen, Jason 101, 140 Hagen, Susan 140 Hagstrom, Jodie 8, 33 Haley, Richard 94, 101, 140 Hammes, Jerome 28, 140 Hansen, Carol 140 Hanson, Rhonda 140 Hanson, Sheila 140 Hanstad, Charla 8, 140 Harris, Thomas 140 Hart, James 84, 141 Hartwig, Carl 141 Hatfield, Lori 141 Healy, Paul Healy, Peter 141 Heine, Lowell 141 Herbert, Ann 8. 34, 141 Hinew, JoEllen 8, 33 Hinnenkamp, Michelle 8, 141 Hodson, Brian Hofstede, Joseph Hooslinc, Barry Horbul, Robert 28, 141 Hoskins, Paula 141 House, Susan 8, , 33, 141 Howard, Rebecca 141 Hoyez, Lori Hunzelman, Lisa 28, 141 Inks, Laura 141 Iskierka. Randall 101, 141 Jacob, Laurie 141 Jacobsen, Scott 141 Jacobson, Lisa 80, , 90, 141 Jagielski, Martin 141 Jenkins, Jerry 9 Jensen, Jay 14] Jensen, Julie 141 Jeroell, Andrew 96, 141 Johnson, Brenda 28, 141 Johnson, Daniel 141 Johnson, David 84, 97, 141 Johnson, Evan 9, 141 Johnson, Heidi 40, 141 Johnson, Julie 141 Johnson, Lennart 84, 141 Johnson, Lisa 9, 33, 90, 103, 141 Johnson, Terri Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Timothy J 141 Johnson, Timothy M Johnson. Todd 141 Johnston, Sandra 141 Joncas, Joseph 141 Jordan, Allen 141 Joyce, Wayne 141 Kaczrowski, Timothy 84, 99, 141 Kaedden, James 141 Kalina, Julie 80,102, 141 Kaminski, Jon 141 Kellogg, Donald 141 Kittelson, John 141 Kobow, James 141 Kohanek, Robert 35, 141 Kopet, Frank 141 Kowahl, Renae 141 Kowalik, William 35, 141 Krai, Susan 68, 141 Kraskey, Kimberely 141 Kraus, Barbara Krawczynski, Diane 80 , 87, 141 Krueger, Gary 141 Kruse, Kristine 28, 82, 102, 141 Kuga, Noboyuki 102, 141 Kusmierz, Steven 98, 141 Kyle, Catherine 68, 141 LaBandz, Lynne 141 LaBerge, Elizabeth 141 LaPointe, Shawn 141 Larson, David 142 Lawson, David 142 Layeux, Daniel 142 Lee, Charles 142 Lenart, Kim 9, 42, 142 Lincoln, Stacy 142 Lmdberg, Oonald 142 Lindell, Luann Lindquist, Cara 142 Lindskoog, John Lobash, Christopher 9, 153 Loken, Sandra 142 Longie, Todd 102 Lynch, John 142 Maile, Keith 34, 142 Maki, Laura 9, 33, 53, 142 Manley, Clayton Marchiafava, Anthony 84. 142 Martin, Joseph 95, 142 Matson, Sandra 9, 142, 170 Mattson, Daniel 142 Mayfield, Kathleen McCain, Laurie 142 McCollOw, Timothy McDonald, Holly McHale, Kathleen 142 McKay, Alice 142 McPherson, Jane 9, 28, 142 McPherson, Patricia 42, 142 McQuiston, Mary 142 Melbie, Dale 98, 142 Meyer, Lori 142 Meyers, Karen Meyers, Susan 142 Michalik, Paticia 35, 142 Milanovich, George 142 Miller, Michele 88, 142 Miskowic, Suzanne 28, 142 Mochinski, Alan 142 Monio, Robert 84. 95, 142 Moren, William 142 Morris, Richard 142 Murphy, Audie 142 Murray, Michael 142 Murzym, Stanley 142 Namie, Bradley 142 Needham, Scott Nelson, Becky 142 Nelson, James 142 Nelson, Kevin 142 Nelson, Sylivia Nelson, Vickie 142 Nesheim, Thomas 142 Newman, John Nickel, Thaddeus 142 Nierengarten, Pamela 142 Niziol, Kenneth 84, 142 Novak, Nanette 20. 142 O’Brien, Patricia 28, 142 O'Donnell, Raymond 84, 142 Olsen, Marilou 33, 142 Oney, Jennifer 142 Oney, Richard 142 Osby, John Ostroushko, Taras 142 Overby, Kenneth 142 Owens, Fontez Padula, Margaret 142 Paiement, Catherine Painter, John 94, 143 Palbicki, Ronald 143 Palmquist, Christine 143 Pelarski, Myron Pelkey, Suzanne Person, Brian 82, 83, 88, 143 Peterson, Carol 143 Peterson, Scott 28 Petrowitz, Barbara 143 Plack, Charles 28, 143 Powell, Elizabeth 143 Preese, Anthony 9, 143 Pribula, 8radiey 143 Pryor, Stanley Pyka, Theresa 42 Rademadier. Garrett 9. 34.101,143 Raines, Daniel 143 Ramstad, David 101, 143 Rapacz, Kimberly 28, 143 Rathbun, Vic 143 Rawlings, Patricia Reed, Jodi 143 Reitan, Lisa 143 Renner, Roderick Restad, Steven 33, 53, 143 Ricci, Elizabeth 28, 143 Rignell, Sandra 9, 42, 143 Riley, Shannon 9, 33, 143 Robertson, Michele 44, 143 Robillard, Anne 9, 27, 35, 44, 143 Rodger, Patrick 143 Rogers, Jerry 143 Rohrbachtr, John 28 Romanowski, Laurie 143 Roy, Kelly 143 Rozek, Steven 84, 92, 143 Rutz, Janell 9, 23, 53. 143 Salmonson, David 28, 104, 143 Sams, Michael Sands, Pamela Sarna, 8eth 103, 143 Savage, Kathleen 143 Schabel, Catherine 143 Schander, Douglas 143 Schieffer, Jody 9. 143 Schlundt, Kimberly 143 Schmidt, Matthias Schneider, Wallace Schnell, Robm 143 Schweitzer, Susan 143 Sedlock, John 83, 143 Seelcn, Donald 143 Sheaser, Duane 143 Simon, Michael 95, 143 Sivanich, Marilyn 143 Skaar, Kevin 143 Skaar, Kurt 143 Skelly, Joseph 86, 97, 143 Slavin, Kelly 143 Smith, Angela 143 Sohlberg, Robert Spano, Jacquelyn 33. 143 Spencer, Susan 143 Sperry, Robin 9, 35, 143 Stache, James 143 Stache, John Stanck, Catherine 143 Stanek, Gregory 144 Stcgora, Pamela 80, 103, 144 Stephan, Judy Stich, Paul Stokowski, Robert 144 Stone, Michelle 144 Stoweil, Karen 144 Studer, Scott 9, 144 Sulem, David 144 Sullivan, Jacquelyn 144 Swanson, Kathleen 9, 144 Switzer, Laura 28, 144 Tacheny, Scott 96. 144 Tanztr, Darlene 9, 42, 144 Thayer, Charlene 144 Toenjes, Judith Toler. Patrice 9, 34, 144 Torkildson, Robert Tschida, James 9, 35, 144 Uchanski, Mark 84, 144 Verplank, Duane 28 Villelia, Dean 84,144 Wall, John 95, 144 Ward, Brent Watten, Kenneth 144 Weber, Teresa 144 Weidel, Roberta 144 Weinstock, Craig 84, 86, 92, 144 Weirens, Marilee 9, 33. 144 Wentland, Kimberly Weselenak, David Wesson, Randy Williams, Elgin Williams, Tyrone Willman, Karrie 28, 144 Wojack, Charles 144 Woodruff, Julie Woods, Lisa Worcester, Rita 144 Wright, Trudy 153 Zebro, Patrick 97, 144 Zurbey, David 35, 144 SENIORS Abraham, Yohan 94, 112 Ahrens, Brenda Anderson, Barbara E. .68. 87, 112 Anderson, Barbara J 112 Andeson, Bruce 104, 112 Anderson, Christy 112 Anderson, Paul 112 Anderson, Tammy 112 Andresik, Daniel 112 Anschutz, Daniel 112 Antolak, John 98, 112 Arvidson, Daniel 94, 112 Babcock, Michael Bagley, Laurie 8,42,111,113 Bailey, Mehsa 40, 108, 113, 170 Baird, Douglas 113 8all, Daniel 113 Ballentine, Leslie 113 Baltkins, Kathy 113 Baron, Pamela Beaulieu, Annette 8, 49, 88, 113 Bender, Steven 88, 94, 100 Benjamin, Lynn 8, 51, 110, 113 Benson, Leslie Bickford, Donald 23,84, 111, 113 Bielawski, Angela 113 Bielawski, Stephanie 113 Blernat, Anita 113 Birr, Douglas 5, 84, 91, 113 Bisset. Jerome 113 Bjorge, Diane 113 Black, Ardis 40, 114 Blackowiak, Peggy 8, 114 Bonasera, Joan 8, 42, 67, 114 Borchers, Barbara 80, 114 Bosell, Charles 8, 114 Brage, Korrine 114, 170 Brandt, John 96, 97, 114 Bratsch, Marvin 174Bratsch, Randall Brethorst, K. 8,35,49,60,80,87,114 Brevig, David Brown, Robert Browning, Chrlstin 8, 42, 114 Bruggentheis, Marcia 114 Buganski, Maureen 114 Bunco, Margaret 114 Burchett. Leslie 8,42,114 Burkland, William 23, 84, 114 Bums, James 23, 84, 99, 110, 114 Burns, Scott 114 Butterfield, James 115 Byzewski, Darrell 115 Carlson, Carole 8,42,115 Carlson, Cynthia 4, 44, 115 Carlson, Keith 115 Carlson, Thomas 115 Carmichael, David Carr, Richard 67, 115 Cavanaugh, Charles 88, 115, 100 CMOto, Glenn 8, 35,88, 115,100,106 Chiodo, Norman 115 Chiodo, William 97,115 Chock, Patrick 115 Christensen, Douglas 67, 115, 104 Colvin, Timothy 115, 100 Combs, Diane 23, 40, 115, 108 Cooper, Linda Crepeau, Collette 33,49,88,116,108 Cronquist, Neil 116 Curtis, Darlene 116 Cyrus, Teresa Danielson, James 116 Daufr, John Decheine, Joyce 116 DeMars, Susan 116 DeMers, Douglas 116 DeMers, Robert 116 DeMuth, Joseph OeVito, Paula 21,116,111 Diffloy, Francis Dire , David Doll, Nicole 8,67,116 Dougherty, Lyle 116 Drevdahl, Nancy Droll, Ronald Dzied ic, Karen 8,23,35,50,67,91 Eliason, Archie Engdahl, Julie 8, 50, 90, 116 f.ngeimeier, Kelly 116 Erickson, Karen 9, 48, 116, 108 Skierka, J. 5,23,24,84,117,111 ; vangelist, James 117 ;ellegy, Thomas 117 elling, G. 5,24.84,92,99,117,108 117 ishcr, Melanie orster, Sandra 117 orster, Linda rank, Mark 89, 117 redberg, Timothy 34, 117 ry, Ronald 8, 117 uerstenberg, Bruce 117 adbois, Sandra 117 anti, Debra 117 ardin, Donna 44, 117 ardm, Paula 24, 117 ause, Michael 28, 117 avino, Elmer 52, 98, 117, 170 eil, Tammy 118 emlo, Michelle 8,28, 42, 78, 118 enosky, Doreen 5,23,24.40,118 ibson, John 48, 118 innaty, Michael 118 Gliniany, Karen 118 Goodrie, Lynn 28, 118 Goodsell, Jeanne 8.48. 67, 118, 170 Goral, Thomas 118 Gorski, Ronald 118 Gorzyckl, Paul 118 Grausam, John 118 Griffin, Denise 8, 50, 67, 91, 118 Griffin, Joel 28,118,100 Grill, Mary 40,52,118 Gunerius, Kimberly 119 Gunerius, Mark Gursky, Karen 8.67,119.170 Hadjiyanis, V. 5,8,24,34,48,119 Hadler, Timothy 92, 99, 98, 119 Hagen, Vincent 119, 100 Hall, James 119 Hammes, Diane 96, 97. 119 Hamre, Andrew 119 Hanna, Amy 119 Hansen, David 119 Hansen, Janeiie 44, 119 Hanson, Barbara 119 Hanstad, Dale . 119 Hanzlik, Mary 27, 40, 119, 108 Harelstad, Wayne 88, 119, 100 Harmasz, Yuriy 119 Hartwig, James 120 Hawkins, Donald 97, 120 Hedlund, Laura 120 Hedquist, Kirt 120 Hedrick, Roger 120 Helvey, S. 8, 33. 44, 49, 120, 110 Hinnenkamp, Gary 120 Hoff, Michael Hofstede, Jennifer 120 Holm, Terrence Homan, Mary 120 Howitz, Peggy 120, 170 Howitz, Thomas 120 Huehn, Anna 120 Hume, Linda 120 Hyska, Lori 120 lacarella, Catherine 8, 42, 120 Iverson, Larry 120 Jackson, Louella Jacob, Lisa 121 Jacobsen, David 121 Janousek, Robert 96, 97, 121 Jaremko, T. 49,60,84,99,121,111 Javes, Paul 121 Jaworski, Brian 121, 170 Jenson, Eric Johnson, Deborah 121 Johnson, Jeanne 121 Johnson, Jeri 121 Johnson, Karl 121 Johnson, Laurie Johnson, Lynn 121 Johnson, Nicholas 50, 121, 110 Johnson, Penny 52, 121 Johnson, Shelly 9, 42, 121, 108 Johnson, Steven 84, 96, 97, 121 Johnson, Todd 122 Johnston, Caitlin 122 Johnston, Deadra 44, 87, 122 Jordan, Mae 122 Jorgensen, Larry Joyce, Richard 122 Julkowski, Lori 122 Juneski, Jannine 9, 122 Kaluza, Bradley 122 Kaminski, Dean 21. 84, 99, 122 Kaniuk, Julie 122 Karrick, Cynthia 122 Katrinak, Julie 122, 170 Kaufmann, Joseph Kaufman, Michael Kida, Takashi 60 Kittelson, James 122 Klimek, Peter 122 Knutson, Jeffrey 84, 94 Kolodjski, Mark 98, 122 Kopka, Dean 9, 122, 100 Korblick. Shari 122, 170 Kowalik, Kathleen 33,44,123,108 Kozak, Paula 123 Kramasz, Mary 48, 123 Kramasz, Timothy 123 Kraskey, Jerome 123 Krengel, Tern 9,67, 68, 123,103 Kruse, Keley 68, 123 Kubesh, Craig 123 Kuchinski, Gerald 123 Lapomt, Dawn 123 LaPointe, Jeanne 9, 42, 123 LaPointe, Kelly 123 Larson, Janinc 123 LaSota, Thomas 123 Lawson, Steven 123 Leba, Diane 170 Leckey, Shem 124 Lee, Yvonne 124 Lenart, Elizabeth 9, 42, 124 Leser, Marlene 124 Lesnau, Penny 124 Letourneau, Eugene 124 Lillie, John 9, 99, 124 Lipa, Donna 124, 170 Longsdorf, Jennifer 51, 124 Lozowy, Micheal Lubinski, J. 5.23,84,94,111,135 Lynch, Molly 9, 33, 78, 91, 124,110 Maciej, Faye 23, 40, 124 Macko, Daniel 124 Matec, James 124 Maloney, Patricia 68, 124 Manoleff, Lawrence 86, 97, 124 Marcus, Paul 94, 124 Marfiz, Lauri 51, 87, 125, 103 Marquardt, Michael Martin, Robin 52, 125, 170 Martinson, Colleen 125 Matt, Wayne 125 Matthes, Anthony 27, 53,125, 110 May, Thesesa 125 Mayer, John 125 Mayfield, Thomas 52, 125 McDonald, Michelle 28, 68, 125 McHale, Mary 44, 125 McLevis, Judy 125 McPherson, Michael 125 McQuiston, Michael 53, 125 Meade, Stephanie 24, 80,87, 125 Meagher, Sandra 125 Meyer, Lynette 126 Miller, Carolyn Miller, Mark 48, 126, 104, 108 Misencik, Joseph Miskowic, Cynthia 126 Miskowic, Patricia 126 Mlakar, Sonja 126 Moore. Teresa 126 Moritko, Jeffrey 84, 126. 100, 110 Morrison, Patricia 9, 67, 126 Mulvihill, Timothy 126 Murray, Timothy 94, 126 Nafstad, James 126 Nelms, Pamela 90, 126 Niznik, Robert 126 Nordm, Robin 27, 96, 97, 126 Nordquist, Janice 40, 52, 126, 109 Novak, Douglas 126 Nygaard, Curtis 127 O'Brien, Raymond O'Bnen, William 50, 127 O'Dell, Brian 96, 127 O'Toole, Patricia 127, 170 Och, Kimberly 127 Olejar, Sandra 127 Olsen, Eric 9, 127 Opatmy, Marlin Overman, Mary 9, 33, 127 Painter, Thomas 82, 127 Paisley, John 20, 84, 127, 111 Paquette. John 51, 88, 100 Pasma, Barbara 50, 87, 127, 170 Patraw, Doreen 127 Patterson, Diane 127 Paulson, Dan 97, 127 Pederson, Randy 127 Pederson, Steve Peterson, Lynn 128 Peterson, P. 8,35,38,49,92,128 Piilola, Mariel 9, 33, 49, 128, 108 Pollack, Joseph Pope, Karl 84, 97, 128, 108 Pribula, John 28, 128 Pribula, Martm 128, 104 Prince, Lily 128 Protasiewlcz, Ronald 128 Ptak, Patrick 98, 128, 109 Ranck, Dawn 128 Rath, Julie 128 Reiners, Kim 128 Renikoff, Ranee 5, 128 Renner, Frank 128 Ricci, Tony 128 Ritchie, Roxanne 128 Roberts, Kathleen 129 Robertson, Michelle 129 Robillard, John 129 Robison, Roy 129, 110 Roff, Denise 80, 129 Rog, John 129 Ronn, Larry 9, 129 Rooney, Kevin 52, 129 Roscnmeyer, Jordan 67, 129, 100 Rosenthal, Daria Rutkiewicz, Mark 51, 98, 129 Rymanowski, Fred 99, 129, 111 Ryu, Yoshihiko 60, 95 Saba, Joanne 129 Saba, Ward 129 Salmonson, L. 5,23,24,50,80,90 Samdahl, Virginia Sams, Mark 24. 84, 94, 130, 108 Schabel, Richard 130 Schermet, Peter uo Schiock, Paul 130 Schieffer, Jeffrey 130 Schlee, Nancy 80, 87, 130, 111 Schleicher, Gail 130 Schlundt, John 4, 51, 84, 130, 110 Schommer, Joseph 130 Schram, Michael Schrempp, Michael 130 Schroeder, Julie 130 Schroeder, Troy 130 Seviola, Mary Jo 130 Sharbono, Wendy 90 Sheaser, David 130 Shcaser, Sharon Sherin, Patrick 130 Shoppe, Louise 88, 131 Siekman, Doug 131 Simon, Anthony 94, 131 Simon, George 131 Sivanich, Samuel 97, 131, 108 Skinner, Gayle 9, 131 Skinner, Richard Skowronek, Julie 131 Slavotinek, Karen 9. 131 Smith, Cynthia 131 Smith, Daniel 131 Snelson, Kenneth Sobiech, Wendy Sroga, Sue 131 Staba, Joanne 9, 27, 49, 131, 110 Stacy, Carol 131 Standai, Julianne 131 Stanek, Richard R4, 132 Stark, Sophia 132 Stasica, Nancy 9, 42, 132. 170 Stegora, Kay 68, 132 Stellenberg, Maryann 102 Stevens, Kelly 132 Stocki, Michael Stowcll, Susan 132 Studer. Todd 9, 35, 97, 132 Stull, Gregory 132 Super, Stacy 132 Super, Robert 84,99,132 Swanson, Kim 132 Tadeusiak, Mark 132 Tanner, W. 9, 48, 83, 88, 132, 108 Thayer, Patricia 9, 33, 78, 132 Thompson, Colleen 50. 80,90, 132 Thompson, Gerald 133 Thorson, Debra 133 Toenjes, Robert 133 Traczyk, Damai 133 Tremmel, Jill 44,133 Tschida, J3ne 67,133 Ulhom, David 82 Vagle, Donna 133 Vanyo, Jane 40, 51, 133 Varhol, John 133 Wagstrom, Elizabeth 133 Wakaruk, Blame 24.84, 99, 133, 109 Waki, Karen 51, 90. 133 Walker, Brian 133, 104 Wallace, Brett 133 Warner, Susan 9, 34. 133 Waschick, David 134 Webber, Christine Weckwerth, Dawn 134 Weckwerth, Scott 134, 100 Wegner, Mary 33, 134, 104, 111 Wentland, David 84, 96, 100 West, Rhonda Westphal, Daniel 9, 23, 134 Wheeler, Michelle 134 Willman, Colleen 134 Winkelmann, Lisa 9, 134 Winkler, Mona 134 Wohlk, Kevin 94, 134 Wojciak, Jacqueline 134 Woods, James Woolery, Debra 44, 134 Wu, Joe 94, 134 Yanta, Michael 134 Zandlo, Mark j 34 Zentzis, Robert Zoerb, Dawn 23. 44. 135, 170 Zondlo, Rita 135( 370 175Remember the jokes and laughter together? Remember the friends that were made? This year was the best ever. But now it all slips away. With the memories we’ve shared, good times and bad. It’s hard to leave it behind us. But Edison holds a special place in our hearts and we will keep the thoughts that remind us, That 1980 is a year to remember, And we will Remember Forever.

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