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miNNcAPOUS pueLic Li oriAttvTHE 1976 WIZARD Volume Fifty-Two Published by Students of Edison High School 700 22nd Ave. NE Minneapolis, Minnesota PROLOGUE — BARS IENSER HOMECOMING QUEEN JEAN JAROSAK PEGGY ARNTSON KRISTI NORUNG OCT. 15, 1975—HOMECOMING—JEAN JAROSAK REIGNS d m la B5• rrnai7SPORTS 910 rtWII12ORGANIZATIONS TOMMIES DEFEAT POLARS — PARADE CANCELED • 3 •»RADIO-T.V DATA PROCESSING Recently, Edison has been offering more vocational or job-oriented classes. Two of the newest sources in the curriculum are Radio-TV and Data Processing. Radio-TV students deal with all aspects of broadcasting, eventually putting on a radio program over the schools own radio station — WEHS. Data Processing offers experience in keypunching, computer programming, and other processing machinery. 17POCKET SCHOOL First — Will we have it next year? Thanks to all the support from the parents and kids the answer seems to be YES!! Reading — “Plug yourself into a good story — get your speed up to 400 words per minute." Mrs. Hagen and Miss Delp English — “This new system is called ACE and it will really work if you work.” Mrs. Byrne and Mrs. Allen Social Studies — “Tutoring, anu working on American History and reading drills." Mr. Bauman and Mrs. Risk Math — "From Basic Addition to algebra — all in ONE year!" Mr. Luck and Mr. Pratt Pocket is for kids who WANT and NEED help in basic skills. It is also for the kids who dislike school and want a more individualized approach.Sherrie Hunt, Liz Scerbo, Glenda Schneider, Darla Porter, and Down Swanson with Pat Brandt — teacher discussing interest rates. Tim Schroeder working on grammar review. MENLO PARK SCHOOL An alternative school designed for students who have dropped out of the regular school progrom. iker and Dawn Swanson take a break. Student $ pondering math equations. 19DEBATE: FIRST ROW: Georg Wu, Sabrina Rademacher, Evangeline Govino, Faith Kelley, Eileen Dedrick (Captain), Nancy Hillerns. 2nd ROW: M. Salmonson, Claire Bischoff, Helen Johnson, Sharon Goth, Renee F. Varichok, (Moscot), Mr. Barnes (coach). 3rd ROW; Tom Warner, Clif Schieck. Paul Jablonsky, John Petrosewich, Tom Lynch. Rich Tomshack, Mrs. Judith Bronaugh (cooch). This year's team debated on the topic of natural resources. Throughout the season they visited different schools competing in Novice, Jr. Varsity, and Varsity levels. The debate team participated in both "Round-Robins” and in regular debate tournaments. 20FRONT ROW-. Wendy Nordquist, Helen Johnson, Lyle Schlundt, Diane Ferber, Donna Colander. SECOND ROW; Tom Worner, Mike Salmonson, Gloria Hedler, Dawn Johnstone, Eileen Dedrick (Assistant captain), Connie Kelley. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Hagen (Coach), Clif Schieck, Tom Lynch, Rich Tomshack (Captain). NOT PICTURED: Julie Ferber, Warren Ferber, Paul Jablonsky, Tina Jaworski, Eric Johnson, Patrice Joncos, Lani Keiser, Faith Kelly, Betty Sandquist. SPEECH Speech is: tournaments, fighting over ribbons, adjusting to our wins and losses, noisy bus rides, bag lunches, waiting for trophies, getting up at 6:00 A.M., learning to love one another, and hopes for ‘'state." Ducuuioo Non-Origmal Oratory Serious Prose Humorous Original Orotory 21 RECORD STAFF: SEATED: Rosonne Solz, Laurie Shupien, Jill Homo, Bobefte Joncas, Jim Batson — Editor, Chuck LaBcrge, Mike McCabe. STANDING: Julie Minarik, Cindy Felegy, Sue Zurbey, Karen Sorted, Penny Johnson — Advisor. "Who's going out for food?” and "Where's my pica stick?" seemed to be the most-osked questions of the 1975-76 RECORD STAFF. Scissors, stories and editors were the items that seemed to be most-often misplaced. And a lot of good memories and award-winning paper seems to have been the results of all the time and effort given the RECORD. 22 7}mrsEXCHANGE EDITORS: Sue Zurbey ond Cindy Felegy. FEATURE EDITOR — John Korzenowski, Penny Johnson - ADVISOR, and SPORTS CO-EDITOR — Karen Sorted. Mike McCabe — Head Photographer Babette Joncas — Head Photographer, John at work. Chuck laBcrge — Sports Co-Editor 23INTERIM COMMITTEE: FRONT ROW: Eileen Oedrick, Sabrina Rademacher, Larry Luck, Molly Corcoron, Nancy McAfee. 2nd ROW: Jocelyn LaBerge, Karen Helmbrecht, Nancy Hillerns, Tina Jaworski, Paul Jablomky. Omcoqo Tnp 24C r xnic» INTERIM is a break in the regular classroom schedule. It's a time to try something new. This year INTERIM was almost cancelled because of lack of support from some students and faculty. However, most who participated thought INTERIM was worthwhile. Thanks go to all students and faculty involved and especially to the INTERIM Committee for their hard work. Because of the wide variety of activities, the learning and fun for all, INTERIM '76 was a success. The following is a list of INTERIM activities: "Fix If Social Cards Wood Arts Court Tours Gourmet Cooking Interim with Computer Programming Mr. Singh Stamp Collecting Leather A-Z Skiing ot Sugar Rock Climbing in Hills and Ouadna Colorado Drafting Coed Volleyball Silk Screening Coed Badminton Snows hoeing Medicine Lake Archery Ice Fishing Trip to Chicago Your Future Board Games Knitting Rocket Building Gymnastics for Girl's Hockey Boys Weight Room Gymnastics for Cross-Country Skiing Girls Holland Dancing Not for Women Stage Band Only Modern Dance Beginning Cake Dogmenship Decorating Independent Travel Folk Dancing Who's Minding the City Films in Memorial Industrial Tours Theatre Scandinavian Cooking Yoga Local Skiing Basketball How to Be Yourself Macrame Ceramics Terrariums Shade Painting Bowling "500" Tournament Horseology Rollerskating Tennis, Sauna, How to Become a and Swim Millionaire in Three Days Mocrome 25MADELIA EXCHANGE A Short Term Exchange Program involving 6 Medelia High School students took place Feb. 5-8. The students and their Edison hosts were Marcus Holas, Madelia's student from Austria, with Rose Jensen; Barb Deopere, with Donna Colander; Roxanne Johnson, with Debbie Stegora; Mark Ulmen, with Margaret and Dave Hume; Becky Hoeft, with Kathy Kmit; and Therese Anderson, with Charlene Ellis. The weekend activities ended with a dance at the YMCA. BUS EMERGENCY EXIT DRILL This fall all schools conducted Bus Evacuation Drills. One thing that many students and teachers learned was “next time duck your head". 26HALLOWEEN DANCE The wind howled, the moon shone bright. The outside world was unpredictable on Halloween night, 1975. Within the dimly lit caverns of Edison High, Visage provided music for those students who wished to escape from the uncanny for some music and dancing. 27SADIE HAWKINS Daisy Mae-n-li'l Abner Bob Warhol — Sr. Renee Varichak — Sr. Gloria Hedler — Jr. Tom Reynolds — Jr. Joe Katrinak — Soph. Tonia Hattouni — Soph. During the week of November 14, all the Daisy Mae's were out snaggin’ their Little Abners —or trying to! The girls brought their guys to the sounds of "Cats Eye." Marryin’ Sam had a full schedule for the night. Dill pickles and the Honeymoon Hotel were also popular. After the enjoyable evening, everyone went home with marriage certificates, boutonnieres, and memories. Henry the Duck was won by Joe Paiemet. 28OUTDOOR LIFE Backpacking, camping, canoeing and skiing are the order for the spring and fall seasons. The Crow Wing River provided many hours of enjoyment. Skiers went to Birch and Afton and backpackers to St. Croix State Forest. Mr. Marcoullier, Mrs. Peterson, Miss Ziegler, Mrs. Dzubay, Mr. Luck, and Mr. Pibal and their families have accompanied students on these. 30Our 1976 Sno Daze was filled with a week of fun activities. It started with the snow football game in which the junior girls won. There was also snow sculpturing and a snowball eating contest. The week was highlighted with the Sno Daze Assembly with a variety of talents. With the closing of the assembly, came the crowning of the King. Our Homecoming Queen Jean Jarosak placed the crown on the head of Dan Ptak. The week was concluded with a Sno Daze dance, with music by the band Glider. The gyms held many activities of skill and chance for everyone to try their luck. Jerry Rot i 3132 T n» AtyoKom and Kwin kxorvHo Ow n Cindy Miller ond PCmg Dan S«ow N SWEETHEART ROYALTY The Sweetheart Dance was held on February 20th. The sound of Skeptic vibrated throughout the night. Towards the evening's end, everyone gathered in anticipation for the crowning of the Sweetheart King and Queen. The tension rose until the crowns were placed on the heads of Queen Cindy Miller and King Dan Seawell. The night was climaxed by a snowball donee started by our Queen and King, Cindy and Dan. 3435 Royal covpU Tho "Snowball" «ai a MMAGRIET VILJOEN I come from Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. When I go back I will continue my studies at the University of Pretoria. I hope to complete my medical studies there in the years to come. My year in the United States was a rich one and full of interesting experiences. I have learned a lot about your country and way of living and I hope that I taught you something of our life style in South Africa. I enjoyed my stay in the warm community of Northeast (even when the weather was below zero)! I appreciate all the help and friendliness that I received from my teachers and peers and I would like to thank you all. I found it very easy to get involved in all the student activities and some of my unforgettable moments were: being on the Student Council, all the late nights for the Yearbook, our Interim trip to Chicago, being on the swimming team, then of course my first snow, and skiing. I would like to take this opportunity not only to thank the Carl Johnson family for opening their home to me for this year, but also for all their love, sincerity and accepting me as a daughter and sister. With this I would like to say to all of you "TOTSIENS!” 34INTERNATIONAL DANCE The Northeast YMCA was the sight of the annual AFS dance. Students from Madelia Minnesota and neighboring metro schools spent the evening dancing to International dances, eating and creoting new friendships. 37A 25 year go by. SENIOR BANQUET On Feb. 4, EHS Seniors got together at Arthur’s for the annual Senior Banquet. After the 238 seniors devoured their chicken, shrimp, steak or rib entree with an unusual display of etiquette, they danced to the music of Magic. The announcing of the Hall of Fame added to the excitement of the evening. 38MUSICAL MR. CRANE OF SLEEPY HOLLOW This musical is a modern day version of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" with romance and rivalry between teachers at Sleepy Hollow School for Girls. CAST Ike . Pal Dickson Kolhy . . . Anne Lillie Tom — Armond Nelson Gttlt Deon Martha Syverson Boyi Dean . Ralph Motthes Dottie Suo Sxcxcck Mimi lisa Sxcxcok Glodys Julie Grow Jimmy. • • Jeff Srogo Hugh Ho word Syverton 4 Small Boys Bob Carlson Joe Ordyniec Bobbi Sc hander Libby Chase Villoge Boy Dove Ekborg 39Near the end of the first tri. A North Edison student exchange was arranged. 1 7 students were involved in the four day program. Students visited classes and talked to many teachers and students. The purpose of the exchange was to dispell stereotypes about each of these schools. Hopefully the program will continue in the future. NORTH EDISON EXCHANGE NORTH STUDENTS: Gwen Clork, Keith Evans, Paul Yanzer, Phyllis Sloan, Connie Fleming, Pam Stevens, Becky Neumann, Greg Westbrook, James Jackson. EDISON STUDENTS: Darrel Miller, Kathy Knit, Karen Sartell, Ken Sartell, Sue Smith, Laurie Shupien, Laurie Gossler, Mari Milewski. 40 Kicking off EDISON'S observonce of Block History Week during the week of Feb. 9 1 3 was an assembly featuring Dr. Reginald Tyrone Backner. Dr. Backner's lecture and recital emphasized the contribution to the music world by black artists and how it has influenced the American Culture. Dr. Backner is the Assistant Professor of Music Education and Afro-American Studies at the University of Minnesota. BLACK HISTORY WEEK 41ROSENCRANTZ and GUILDENSTERN Are DEAD bys Tom Stoppard Ted Sothern...........................Rosencrantz Richard Wysong........................Gildenstern John Stinson............................The Player Janine Lourey..............................Alfred Dave Hume....................Tragedian and Soldier Helen Subialka........................Tragedian Mike Martin .............................Hamlet Dorrel Miller..........................Polonius Debra Eastmon...........................Ophelia Ted Pielow.............................Claudius Jan Hammes ............................Gertrude Stephen Hunter Naomi Lazarus Debra Eastman ......Director Stage Manager Stage Manager PRESENTED BY: School and Community Co-op Edison High School November 20 and 21, North High School December 4 and 5, 1975 CAST 42School and Community Theater PRESENTS. . . KNAVES A Crazy Fablcl Written By: Students and Faculty (without their faculties) CAST Doug Brophy Jester James Dortch Guard Patrick Dunham . . . . Michael Dunham . . . Man 1,2, 3, 4, and 5 Charlie Edwards . . . AHH Melonese Harris . . . . . . . Queen Isabella, The Evil David Hume King Richard, The Dull Kirby Johnson Tigerlilly Lover Walter Jones Guard Virginia Klaustermeir Bag Girl ' j Kathy Kmif Apple Seller Theresa Krych Gwen Judy Kuch Maid Yvonne Lindemann . . Apple Seller Michael Martin ... Priest the Voice Tony Martin Boy 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 Charlotte McGregor . Bag Girl Vi Marcy Mott BOD Jan Ragalski Princess Zeida Jim Sayeg Wizard Ted Southern Old Man New Guy Chuck Stenger ICH Roady Tate 43HUMAN RELATIONS COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Melvin Grimstod, Carol Pornroy, Randy Pratt, Mike Elavsky, Melvin Bates, Mattie Baker. SECOND ROW: Mel Pibal, Frederick Engel, Mary Corcoran, Rochel Radfke, Ralph Burke. FACULTY SENATE FRONT ROW: Cothy Peterson, Roger Hormon. SECOND ROW: Alan Greenberg, Shirley Thompson, Ethel Dzubay, Mary Corcoran, Randy Pratt.FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Stacke, Williom Morcouiller, Mary Barbara Ferguson, Jock Litowsky, Mary Corcoran, Mel Pibal, Fred Sulzbach. AUDITORIUM COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Rachel Rodtke, Sue Smith. SECOND ROW: Darrel Miller, Laurie Shupien, Robin Gooden. CURRICULUM COMMITTEE 45Pilobolus Dance Theatre ASSEMBLIES Among the more interesting assemblies held at Edison were, the Pilobolus Dance Theatre and Up With People. 46 “UP WITH PEOPLE”47"The Edison Band is indeed a bright spot in the North area." Mel Hoaglond North Area Superintendent "May I offer my congratulations to you and the Band members for placing third in the State Fair Competition for Marching Bands." Donald Bevis Superintendent Cheryl Anderson Kim Anderson Lori Anderson Lynn Anderson Mary Arseneau Jerry Benton David Berg Rick Bickford Grant Benjamin Mary Biernat Claire Bischoff Pam Blockowiok Dawn Borchers Anne Bor dwell Todd Bo sell lone Breed Brian Brethhortt Suzanne Browne Kenneth Carlton Mike Carlson Steve Carlson Mark Casey Sharon Cohen Julie Cronquist Debbie Detmer Pat Dickson Larry Dunn Sue Eaton Jill Engdahl Jim Engebretson Brian Erickson Stacey Erickson Betty Fedora Ken Farr Dione Ferber Pom Freeman Debbie Gilmore Annette Ginnaty Richard Glubke Kathy Hod|iyonis Ron Hermonn Nancy Hillems loune Hines Jamey Hood Sue Howitx Carol Hutchison Denise Jelmek Kathy Jesse Bev Johnson Helen Johnson Jay W. Johnson Kirby Johnson Mike JuHchko John Kitt Chris Kmit Natalie Krml Doug Kramos Sandy Kramer Kevin Kubesh Don Kuch Randy Kudzia Barb Kuehn Robert Loch Mary Kay Larson Bill Lundeen Tom Lynch Kaye Mocoskey Patty Mauer Peggy McGovern Jim McNool Virginio Meyers Marcy Mott Mark Nebel Marianne Nelson "Over the years, I hove observed many musical groups and I can't remember a finer performance by a high school band Marshall S. Kaner Deputy Superintendent John Newman Mitzi Nierengarten Julie Onsrud Mark Ose Jomes Payne John Payne John Pearson Steve Perry Marty Person Rondy Peterson Noncy Petrowitz Don Ptak Ken Reed Jim Rivard Dan Roeder Rich Rorem Sue Rorem Tony Rottelo Kelly Sortell Keri Sartell Linda Sawochka Dawn Sawyer Lyle Schlundt Clif Schieck Dan Schommer Diane Schwochert Elaine Schwochert Gary Seelen Debbie Thoyer Elizabeth Thurman Wes Thurmon Sandy Voit Denise Tokar Tom Warner Tim Webber Leanne Wegner Terri Wimsett FLAG GIRLS Kathy Borno Noncy Brecht Cindy Du pay Jill Erickson Annette Ferroro Teri Hruska Becky luniewski Donna Monoleff Karen Sortell Pom Trombley Debbie Willmon Jeon Zukowski VARSITY FLAG GIRLS Christy Bcdnark Collette Huble Judy Johnson Karin Koppes Michelle Kozak Cathy Payne Sobrina Rodemocher Jeon Sherman Kelly Sortell Mary Swigart Sandy Swanson Ann Weitbrecht COLOR GUARD Robert Corlson Steve Fishbeck Brad Gemlo Brian Gemlo Ted Korkula "I believe the only word to describe the presentation (at Giffy's retirement) is that they were TREMENDOUS!!" Herbert C. KarstenSeldom have I enjoyed something more in the field of entertainment than I did the outstanding exhibition by ihe band." Bob Reid Met Sports Center Halsey Hall commented that the Edison group was the highlight of the evening at Giffy O'Dell's retirement dinner. The Auitrofion Dmgo We’re number I, Hey, we're number 11 Pep bond rroily him him on1 long wt»fi before porodet |U»» kill There it no prrvocy oround here! I »r Save a pa-ode now a 2 00 AM, how wiB we ever march tomorrow? The lomoui ifrut o our drum mo|Or A little bit of 1776 here ot Ed-ion We just can't thank you enough for coming to our game. . . your enthusiasm inspired us to win." Girls Basketball Team. "I thought your band did an excellent job at the hockey preview." Griffith O'Dell, Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics 49L to R., FRONT ROW: Chris Bednork, Mary Swigorf, Sondy Swonson, Michelle Kozak, Collette Huble. 2nd ROW: Sabrina Rodemacher, Cathy Payne, Kelly Sorted, Jean Sherman, Judy Johnson. NOT PICTURED: Karin Koppes, THE VARSITY FLAG GIRLS JAZZ ENSEMBLE: ALPHABETICAL: Cheryl Anderson, Anne Bordwell, Mike Carlson, Julie Cronquist, Pat Dickson, lorry Dunn, Sue Eaton, Jim Engbretson, Ken Farr, Diane Ferber, Pam Freeman, Rick Glubke, Ron Herrmann, Jamey Hoad, Helen Johnson, Kirby Johnson, Joy Johnson, Jim McNeal, Mark Nebel, Mark Ose, Jim Payne, Steve Perry, Ken Reed, Diane Schwochert, Bobby Stacke, Sandy Swonson, Tim Webber. SOFLAG GIRLS Korcn — Cop , and D«bb.e Cindy orvd Oonno Nonty ond Pom 0m V tocky ond Kothy 51STUDENT COUNCIL: i st ROW: leanne Wagner, Ann Bunce (Sec.), Brandon Holscherr (Pres.), Sheryl Turner (V. Pres), John Vanyo (Treat.). 2nd ROW; Therse Colvin, Janet Zukowski, Vicki Cohen, Jeanette Johnson, Ralph Matthes, Chri Bednark, Jeff Silver. 3rd ROW: Robin Gooden, Magriet Viljoen, John Nygaord, Brad Resch, Frank DeVito, Steve Bartlett, Mr. Jim Anderson (Adv.). President Brandon Sheryl Turner John Vonyo. Treasurer Vice President 52GENERAL ASSEMBLY: 1 st ROW: Jonet Zukowski, Greg Schultz, Ralph Matfhes, Brandon Holscher, Leanne Wagner, Mogriet Viljoen, Chris Bednark. 2nd ROW: Steve Bartlett, Therese Colvin, Tonia Hattouni, Sandy Richmond, Frank DeVito, Vicki Cohen, Sheryl Turner, Kristi O'Rourke. 3rd ROW: Jeff Silver, Kim Anderson, Eileen Dedrick, Julie Korzenowski, Nancy Glodek, Tina Jaworski, Pat Kalina, Diane Bruggenthies, Ann Bunce, John Vanyo. 4th ROW: Phillip locarella, Brad Resch, Randy Ruud, Tim Schneider, Brian Gemlo, Jeanette Johnson, Robin Gooden, John Nygaard. This year's Student Council was faced with many problems, yet overcame each one and tried with the best of their ability to serve the school. The council worked hard to set up many activities and to conduct school harmony between faculty, community, and students. It took plenty of work and courage and this year’s council fulfilled their purpose. Brandon Holscher S3 Mr. Jim Anderson, AdvisorAFS: FRONT ROW: Foith Kelley, Mary Kay Burnt — V. Pres., Charlene Ellis, Sabrina Rademacher, Lisa Nordquist, Helen Johnson, Gloria Gavino — Pres., Lori Pierce. 2nd ROW; Miss Peterson — Advisor, Mark Cotroneo — Trees., Debbie Stegora — Sec., Tino Jaworski, Robin Wiggin, Ruth Kuch, Evangeline Gavino, Magrief Viljoen — AFS St., Mary Stoszewsky. 3rd ROW; Michael Gavino, Dove Koblas, Grete Nesvold, Judy Persell, Jane Hommerstrom, Linda Benson, Jill Homo, Donna Colander. FHA: FRONT ROW: Sue Herbert — Trees., Sally Morris — District V.P., Diane Nedheim — Points, DeLoura Complin — Pres., Mary Pommier — V. Pres., Diane Ferber — Sec., Julie Minorik — Dist. Sec.-Treat. Chapter Public Relations. 2nd ROW: Nancy Dougherty, Connie Kelley, Cheryl Carlson, Melody Borchers, Rosemary Bender, LeAnn Worwo, Julie Solberg. 3rd ROW: Ethel Dzuboy — Advisor, Debbie Bilges, Patty Burge, Teresa Johnson, Sharon Guth, Suzanne Browne, Sandy Peterson, Toni Mathison, Judy Kuch. 54NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: FRONT ROW; Jonice Hietala, Julie Minarik, Jay Johnson — V. Pres., Terri Abraham, Grant Benjamin — Pres., Mr. J. Uemohn — Advisor. 2nd ROW: Gloria Govino, Eileen Dedrick, Paula Jemall, Sue Herbert, Dan Ptak, Jocelyn Ancheta, Diane Troiden. 3rd ROW: Al Fix, Diane Ferber, John Jesse, Pam Drews, Brandon Holscher, Beanie Zukowski. 4th ROW; Donna Calender, Jeff Felling, John Petrosewich, Tim Schneider, Greg Schultz. NOT PICTURED: Stacy Erickson. QUILL AND SCROLL SOCIETY: FRONT ROW: Laurie Shupien, Sue Zurbey, Mrs. Johnson — Advisor, Karon Sarfell, LoyAnn Anderson. 2nd ROW: Rosanne Solz, Babotte Joncos, John Korzenowski, Chuck LaBerge, Cindy Felegy, Julie Minarik, Jim Batson, Jill Homo. 55FRONT ROW: Brian Gemlo, Jocelyn Ancheta, Stocey Erickson, Terri Abroham, Cathy Svensk, Donna Colender, Diane Ferber. ROW Wendy Nordquist, Loy Ann Anderson, Kelly Sartell, lyle Schlundt, Julie Minarik, Eileen Dedrick. ROW 3: Renee Vorichak, Sue Hanrlik, Don Ptak, Jay Johnson, Chris Bednark, Brandon Holscher. SENIOR CABINET This year’s Senior Cabinet has worked harder than the previous years. Since no class fees were collected, the cabinet had successful fund raiser with popcorn and stick candies. With the help of our adviser, Mr. Mike Elavsky, we were able to sponsor the Senior Banquet and the Senior Prom. I would like to thank all the hard-working members of the cabinet. I would also like to thank the student body for their kind support. V.P. —Terri Abroham Pres. — Jocelyn Ancheta Sec. Stocey Erickson Treos. — Cathy Svensk 56 Jocelyn AnchetaJUNIOR AND SOPHOMORE CABINET: FIRST ROW: Therese Colvin, Denise Engebretson, Nancy Glodek, Kristi O’Rourke, Nancy Brecht. SECOND ROW: Tonia Hattouni, Debbie Stegora, Dorene Corbecky, Gloria Hedler, Kim Anderson. THIRD ROW: Jomey Hood, Karen Higgins, Karen Helmbrecht, Bobbie Wells, John Kitt, Mr. Greenberg. JUNIOR OFFICERS: Nancy Glodek (Treasurer), Nancy Brecht (Secretary), Kristi O’Rourke (Vice President). NOT PICTURED: Betty Fedora (President). SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Ton,a Hattouni (Vice President), Karen Higgins (Treasurer), Therese Colvin (Secretary), Denise Engebretson (President). 57it f i 1 4 i V iv 4 i t 4 I 4 l $ i i i vi I f l i $ x i %V$ nX i 1 Jl I (ft i! r f! «« - f I - (l fBI CHOIR: FIRST ROW: Julie Grow, Janice Hietalo, Nancy Drevoloh, Rosemary Bender, Vickie Bodner, Kim Troczyk, Patricia Bulleigh, LeAnn Worwo, Nancy Hyvars, Sharon Guth, Julie Solberg, Nancy Schimmel, Oebbi Bilges, Cindy Schordin (Section Leader), Miss Furgeson (Advisor). SECOND ROW: Anne Lillie (Vice President, Accompanist), Eileen Dedrick (Section Leader, Accompanist), Mory Sheldon, Melody Borchers, Judy Kuch, Jean Sherman, Joyce Tovsen, Libby Chase, Bobbi Schander, Sandy Anderson, Toni Mathison, Jeanine Loyces, Cindy O'Rheim, Morey Switzer, Darlene Bodner. THIRD ROW; Howard Syverson, Joe Ordynieo (Section Leader), Mike Mueller, Pat Dickson (Secretary), Martha Syverson (Section Leader), Charlotte Senko, Jean Forsythe, Bobby Carlson, Ralph Motthes (President), Janice Thiel, Cindy Fisher, LeeAnn Croig, Sue Bailey, Shelly Casey, Sue Szczeck. NOT PICTURED: Lisa Szczeck. FRONT ROW: Chris Brody, Allen Bohlmon, Julie Brozyna. MIDDLE ROW, SEATED: Jean Skibo, Cathy Solo, Carol Hutchinson, Teri Affeldt, Kothern Thorson. BACK ROW: Dawn Johnstone, Mory Stawski, Lori Kuchinski, Teri Jorosak, Mory Jo Gioncola, Jean Sherman, Pot Vogel. GUITAR CLASSES: SEATED, Left to Right: Leonard Gorecki, Suzanne Henry, JoAnne Wojciok, Tina Jaworski, Janice Bartkoske, Patty McQuillan, Robin Wiggin. STANDING, Left to Right: Cindi Pierce, Joe Clover, Tom Mochinski, Martin Paulson, Chorles Lindstrom, Sue Horris, Kevin Hampton. 58MIXED ENSEMBLE: atthe PIANO: Eileen Dedrick, Anne Lillie, Melody Borchers, Mortha Syverton, Howord Syverson, Mike Neeb, Armand Nelson, Ralph Matthes, Dave Ekberg, Joe Ordyniec, Mona Hohn, Sue Eaton, Morey Mott. VOICE CLASS: lorrie Ridley, Jone Hommerstrom, Mary Lillie, Rosemary Bender, Jill Svensk, Sue Graack, Wendy Nordquist, Lisa Nordquist, Libby Chase, Lis Martin, Armand Nelson, Anne Lillie. NOT PICTURED: Joe Ordyniec. ORGAN CLASS: SEATED: Mortho Magnan, Linda Anderson, Louis Smith. STANDING: Dione Schwockert, Debbie Stegora, Dan Roeder, Sue Bodner, Grete Nesvold, George Wu, Marcy Mott. 59FRONT ROW: Cindy Felegy, Pam Drews — Captain, Peggy Arntson, Jean Jarosak, Kristi Norling, Barb Leschisin. BACK ROW: Alice Shoppe — Student Advisor, Jackie Lown, Andra Slimak, Julie Onsrud, Cynthia Miller, Michele Stawski, Debbie Hoskins, Mel Pibal — Advisor. 60 Presenting the . . . BEING A POM-TOM Means: Summer practice, football halftimes, basketball games, wrestling matches, hockey games, assemblies, clinics, selling pizzas, selling greeting cards, selling, selling, selling, washing cars, planning dances, civic appearances, slumber parties, food, St. Cloud competition, state competition and practice, practice, practice. 61FRENCH CLUB: frontrow; j©ni Ouellette, Lisette Abrahomson, Gisele Carlson, Genevieve Pommier, Jacqueline Colander, Lyle Schlundt, Annette Ferber, Lorette Pierce, Barb Lischisin, Anne Lillie, Chris Bednark, Suzanne Graack, Marianne Harstad. ROW 2: AAt. Doyle, Dave Ware, Jocelyn SaBerg, Teri Spano, Renee Vogel, Lisa Nordquist, Jacqueline de la Fontanine, Jill Melhus, Wendy Nordquist, Stacy Von Slooten, Denise Engebretson, Marlys Hegstrom, Nathalie LaBerge. ROW 3: M. Salmonson, Eric Johnson, Brandon Holscher, Sandy Richmond, Suo Smith, Renee Homan, Judy Persell, Linda Benson, Bill Lundeen, Rick Bickford, Pete Wilcox, Tonia Hattouni, Tereso Egeland, Karen Higgins, Jill Engdahl. ROW 4: Louis Smith, Tom Warner, Tom Lynch, Carrie Pope, Mitzi Nierengarten, Jane Hammerstrom, Paul Pugsley, Dave Marcoullier, Nancy Hyvare, Sandy Swanson, Leanne Wegner, Tim Schneider, Francoise Martin, Catherine Kaufmann, Therese Cobrn. SPANISH CLUB: front row, Eliza Joncas, Doha Calonder, Anita Kuch, Luisa Bisset, Adnrea Namie. ROW 2: Juanita Jarosak, Pablo Ignatowicz, Lucia Kacheroski, Virginia Hines, Jose Hume, Isabel Wiener, Miguel Gavino. ROW 3: Sofia Boutsioukos — Advisor, Esteban Kotchen, Maria Smith — Pres., Victoria Gossler — Treas., Sarita Engebretson, Anita Johnson, Mario Stoszewsky, Sehor Burke — Advisor. ROW 4: Pepita Bornetun, Rosita Eaton, Diego Batson, Diana Bruggcnthies, Sara Shupien, Ann Bunce, Rosita Solz, Claudia Kmit — Sec., Gloria Gavino, Susana Herbert. GERMAN CLUB: frontrow: Bruno Korzenowski, Brigitta Onsrud, Ingrid Johnson, Cacilie Mauer, Moria Sherman, Trina Arvidson, Helga Huble, Katchen Kelley, Marianne Radyjewsky. ROW 2: Willi Renner, Fritzy Miller, Liese Melanie Miller, Gudrun Wiggin, Monika Travis, Honna Jacobson, Luise Vogel, Olga Corbett, Morie Ringdol, Katchen Swigart. ROW 3: Christin Browne, Katharina Buehre, Gerda Helmbrecht — Sec., Amalie Grausam — Treas., Christel Knapper, Victor Glubke, Miguel Gavino, Petra Pierce, Christine Chiado, Greta Marie Felling. ROW 4: Heinrich Dunn, Theodor Sothern, Thomas Rorem — Pres., Wolfgang Brown, Herr Schweppe, Gerhard Erickson, Philipp Felling, Gregor Matthes, Reinhold Jesse, Rudolf Ruud, Hans Nelson, Erika Blackowiak, Anna Houselog, Trudi Lillie. 62SCI: FRONT ROW: Jocelyn Anchelo — V. Pres., Patti Borgstrom — Treas., Renee F. Varichak — Pres., LoyAnn Anderson — Sec. 2nd ROW: Mrs. Barbara Deegon — Adv., Mary Swigart, Angel Shorp, Danette Graskow, Judy Sunheim, Paula Hoge. 3rd ROW: Teresa Johnson, Ann Bunce, Sue Rodger, Robin Wtggin, Mary Staszewsky, Lori Pierce, Tanya Warhol, Debbie Haro. 4th ROW: Oral Altendorf, Diane Bruggenthies, Karen Plantenberg, Betty Matheson, Janet Bueftner, Donna Colander, Jill Mclhus, Jill Homa, Ruth Austerman. pfp r11 m FRONT ROW: Cathy Solo, Sabrina Rademocher, Laurie Hines, Susan Howitz, Eileen Dedrick — Sec., Libby Chase — Pres. 2nd ROW: Diane Giesynski, Becky Toth, Kristi O'Rourke, Michelle Bailey, Jean Skiba, Suzie Vernon. 3rd ROW: Tonia Hottouni, Karen Higgins, Cheryl Butterfield, Anne Bordwell, Ruth Austerman, Roger Hormon — Adv.CHEERLEADERS Cathy Knopper and Cindy Kochtroiki Mary Rog, Chrit Bednork, and Becky Zawoaki Mory G Ov»orti ond Peggy Waldero 64STUDENT LIFE: FIRST ROW: Patrice Joncas, Helen Johnson, Melody Borchers, Sabrina Rademacher, Miss Peterson. SECOND ROW: Mary Pommier, Jane Hommersfrom, Terri Wimsett. THIRD ROW: Dawn Borchers, Rosemary Bender, Judy Persell, Delaura Complin, Robin Wiggm, Gloria Gavino, Phillip locarella, Mogriet Viljoen. NOT PICTURED: Potty Burge, Lyle Schlundt. "E" CLUB: FIRST ROW: Debbie Gilmore (President), Mary Swigart, Jocelyn Ancheta (Vice President), Julie Minarik. SECOND ROW; Tanyo Worhol, Michelle McCabe, Mogriet Viljoen, LoyAnn Anderson, Cathy Peterson (Advisor). THIRD ROW: Cathy Svensk, Janell Tanzer, Dawn Ginnaty (Secretary), Janet Buetfner, Sue Browne, Debbie Haro (Treasurer), Donna Colander. 66OFFICE AIDES: FRONT ROW: Lynn Johnson, Lome Ridley, Doris Sowodo, Linda Schultz. SECOND ROW: Jeon Minonk, Donna Bell, Am Weithrecht, Mary Sheldon, Potty Ford, Janice Bartkoske. THIRD ROW; JoAnn Switzer, Ted Sothern, Sandy Thompson, Cony Cole, Bobbi Slander, Teri Kimber, Sharon Kocovrek, Jeannette Yanfa, Sharon Cohen, Kristi O'Rourke, Georgeann Milanovich, Cindy Saba. FOURTH ROW-. Lor Moore, Michelle Kozak, Sally Morris, Dean Johnston. TEACHERS A IDES I FRONT ROW loyAnn Anderson— Porsont; Jonet Zukowii. — Benton. D»one Netheen— Horton; Kothr Burt ynslu— Dzuboy, Ion I ; — Zegler. Joon Wedge wood — Uemohn, S ngh, Jerelyn Ru i — Pratt, Kim Kuotnxk — Thompvon 2nd ROW Gloria Hedler — Doyle; Den.te Engebretion — Benson; Jonet H ,‘oes Prott. Mory Fomnwf — Peterson. Eileen Moloney — Burke. Mon Milewski — Johnson; Bobb. W ll» — Protl. Oral AHendort — Horton. 3rd ROW Pot Kal.no — I r ahn, S ngh, loune Shupien — F. Johnson, Schulz; Sandy Stephan — Burke, Z. And .ion. Debb-e G.'mor -C Peterson; Susan Dohl — Thor ion Debb. Hougberg — Dr - ay. Brett Boos F Johnson. Rosentory Bender — Ferguson; Pom M.ller — lovestrond; Renee Varxhak — C Peterson BACK ROW, Karen Goodne — Ziegler, Jim Batson — I e - hn, Johnson. Shelly Fussy — Corcoran; Wendy Huss — Anderson. M hele McCobe — Peterson lovestrond; Bobette Joncos, Johnson; Don no Colander — Bouts.okos; Sue He :. rt— Dzubay, Doreen Cole — Jones; Potty McOurtlan — Lovestrond. Loud Urbonski — Berg. Hord.ng, Co thy Svensk — lewnohn. 47A-V: FRONT ROW: Sam Nelson, Ray Mochinski, Dale Schleicher. SECOND ROW: Marty Paulson, Terry lorentzen, Terry Fussy. THIRD ROW: Jim Kokosh, Butch Rudek, Tim Norling. FOURTH ROW: Ray Ruby, F. J. Sulzbach (Advisor), Mike McPherson. NOT PICTURED: Scott Sarich, Steve Sand, Chris Schlee. MAT MAIDS: Mary Kay Burns, Sue Blosberg, Sandy Tomczyk, Renee Vorichak, Pam Graham. NOT PICTURED: Karen Berg, Lori Breed. RIDING CLUB: FRONT ROW: Debbie Stegora, Beth LaGrange, Rose Jensen. BACK ROW; Robin Wiggin, Sue Bailey, Sandy Swanson, Jerelyn Rutz, Brett Boos, Doreen Cole. 68USHERS CLUB: TOP: Diana Wiese, STAGE CREW: FRONT ROW: Tom Fix, Al Bohlmon, Kevin Worcester, Mjke Sue Novak. BOTTOM: Mrs. Berg, Judy Kuch. Kohanek. SECOND ROW: Donna Bell, Kelly Thompson, Mary Kay Bums, Nanette Unruh. THIRD ROW: Mike Jurichko, Mr. Simmons, Keri Sorted, John Nygaard. WttCH KEY CLUB: FRONT ROW: Larry Dunn, Mike Kohanek, Tom Harris, Pat Vogel. SECOND ROW: Helen Johnson, Sabrina Rademocher, lisa Nordquist, Patsy Grandy, Robin Wiggin. CAMERA SHY: Brian Erickson. 69VOLLEYBALL This year’s volleyball team has greatly improved their style and technique. Many returning underclassmen will make a powerful team next year. Captain Debbie Hara led a very determined and hard working team. FRONT ROW: Lynn Fellegy, Jill Mclhus, Pam Blackowiak, Jenell Tanzer, Barbro Lind. 2nd ROW: Ruth Austerman, Janet Eckstrom, Nancy Anderson, Karen Buettner, Kim Trovis, Pam Swartz, Donna Smahel. 3rd ROW: Donna Calonder, Sue Browne, Debbie Hara, Janet Buettner, Veronica Letourneou, Liz Martin, Coach Luby. 70 FOOTBALL CONGRATULATIONS CO-CHAMPIONS Once again the Edison Tommies dominated on the football field, making it the third consecutive year as Conference Football Co-Chompions. It was an exciting season for both players and fans with Edison losing only to Roosevelt to become Co-Champions. 71EDISON HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM - CO-CHAMPS With ROOSEVELT l Row: Conch N. Schulz, Coach J. Anderson, M. Pearson, T. Femrite, K. lacarella, M. Neeb, J. Sroga, G. Cease, B. Malle, J. Naslund, M. Wrobleski, D. Kuduk, T. Lundberg. 3 Row: M. Hyskn, J. Korzcnowski, R. Roretn, S. Tomczyk, B. Gcrmundson, M. Wllkerson, R. Schwartz, D. Niziol, I). McMurchle, C. Vernon, J. Wiese, J. Wensing, D. Brown. 2 Row: T. Evangelist, J. Uchanski, J. F.ngstrom, J. Rossi, J. Kutzke, S..Mete 1 lan, D. Prondzinski, G. Volt, T. Lasse r, J. JachymowskI, R. Poramerenke, C. Wu, N. beiges. 1 Row: R. Mntthes, T. Schullo, D. Scawe 11, B. Hyska, D. Roff, D. Dovennuehler, T. Savage, M. Thuns trora, T. Bray, J. Pettit, J. Felling,'M. Johnson. Members not on picture: Coach B. Wibtrg, D. DcPew, T. Sadecki, M. Bi:..... 72FRONT ROW: R. Glubke, P. Firle, J. Evangelist, D. Schommer, R. Davis, D. Hagfors, G. Mosier, D. Matthes. 2nd ROW: C. Loso, S. Burkland, J. St. George, N. Howard, T. Burdon, R. Larson, D. Felling, P. Rossi, L. Milanovich. 3rd ROW: J. lacarella, K. Reed, T. Stephan, S. Dooley, P. Hart, P. Pugsley, J. Clover, G. Maciej, D. Anderson. NOT PICTURED: P. Alexander, B. Gemlo, B. Hyska, R. Johnson, G. Kaslow, D. Kopka, J. Lasser, J. Paquette, D. Roff, J. Weyek, P. Wu. Coach Kottom, Coach Becker 73This year’s team worked very hard, even though they didn’t do so well in competition. Aside from this fact the enthusiasm and willingness to win was shown by the runners. Co-captains Phil lacarella and Chuck Laberge really got the team going. Next year the team will be more experienced, with 4 returning lettermen, and is hoping for good depth. 74CROSS COUNTRY Edison hod a Girl’s Cross Counfry team for the first time this year. The seven girls on the team set the pace for larger and more experienced teams. Mr. Art Maillet was the coach and helped the team greatly with his enthusiasm and knowledge of cross country running. 75FRONT ROW: Mrj. Peterson — Coach, Jocelyn Ancheta, Tanya Warhol, Carmen Water, Gen Sroka, Dawn Ginnaty. ROW 2: Julie Mjnarik, Debbie Gilmore, Michele McCabe, Jill Homo, Sandy Blosberg, Nancy McQuillan. TENNIS EHS finished with a tie for 3rd in city with Roosevelt with a tie between Washburn and Southwest for 1 st. We were seated 6th in the section and finished 5th in the section. Individuals playing in the section 5AA meet were Tanya, Carmen, Michele and Dawn. Tanya had a tough draw and lost out in the second round to a Fridley Tigernette. Carmen finished fourth in the singles and Michele and Dawn received the 1 st seed in the doubles finished 3rd in the section to advance to state where they finished 9th. STANDINGS Edison 5 Central 0 Edison 5 South 0 Edison 5 Henry 0 Edison 5 North 0 Edison 4 West 1 Edison 3 Southwest 2 Edison 2 Washburn 3 Edison 1 Roosevelt 4 TRI-CAPTAINS: Tonya Worhol, Jo lyn Anch« o. Cormen Wotor 7 6 FRONT ROW: Curtis Hudak, Dole Hager, Brain Cerepok, Rob Roy, Greg Shultz. ROW 2: Frank Sfwora, Tom Boughner, Tony luppino, Joe Paiement, Dave Buettner. TENNIS The "75" tennis team had a record of 9-1 in the city conference losing only to West in a close match. The doubles team of Dale Hager and Brain Cerepak made it to the State Tournament. 1976 will be a building year for the team with Joe Paiemont the only returning letterman. Several young players from the summer park program should make for a representative team with bright prospects for future Edison teams. 77 Cooch Thoroson Spring of 75EHS 3 Roosevelt 2 w o 5 Vocational 3 i Csooth Washburn 2 62- Marshall-U 6 Central 2 Henry EHS 2 7 Washburn 2 0 West 3 6 Central 0 4 Roosevelt 0 2 Southwest 0 4 14 Alumni O'Marshall-U 3 3 4 V South 1 4 North 0 2 Hopkins 1 11 Henry 0 18 Vocational 0 2 Anoka 0 Twin City: EDISON 9 — Harding 8 EHS 26 26 36 51 49 North Sovthw »t Henry £) V 3sKe Waihburn s 41 48 38 37 Roosevelt Central St. loon Pork Kellog 75 8! 68 96 L ' 74 V 54 82 80 63 71 61 78 72 88 100 119 103 74 57 ERS 43 31 Southwest 44 Wa$hbu« 42 34 Gy Nortb 30 38 25 • 2 5£fenry 31 0 43 Roosevelt 29 Central 34 South 35 Twin City Game EHS; 34 St. Paul Highland Park 53 EDISON SCORE BOARD Conference Meet Washburn 49 , 51 utW »t 72 North 138 • Roosevelt 16b EDISON 168 West 228 Central 233 Southwest 46 o 47 Henry RoOfevelf EHS 97 101 113 34 14 0 28 14 37 o 57 K Coon Rapids 18 Central 8 Roosevelt South Washburn 16 14 0 West 6 North 0 Henry 6 Southwest 14 EHS 9? 9Vi 13 1116 6' » 9 15 0U 6 2116 Henry North Vocational Southwest Roosevelt 1116 716 316 12 12 6 South 8V6 Central 9 Washburn 516 West 4 2nd place in City Competition EHS 8 North 0 8 Vocational 0 316 Southwest. 4' j sv, c, Xfr » 8 Vocational 0 J West Vi Central 0 West % 4 oN Roosevelt 2 ;7 Henry J k 8 Central 0 8 South 0 2Vj Marshall-U 5 6 EHS r 7' EHS 68. Gj4odh 75.80 go%burn ) Roosevelt North 65!Q3 Washburn Roosevelt s$V: S6t 66. 49.35 50.41 81.49 42.72 78.86 62. 68.05 65.40 68.75 O Central fc 45. West 66.8 55.10 Southwest Roosevelt 67.3 63. North 39.7 Washburn 75.25 78EHS 3 South 6 6 North 1 3 Washburn 7 0 Southwest 13 2 Henry 9 4 Robsevelt 3 pwAf 2 6 5V Central 0 b West 5 Oo Washburn 6 3 Central 1 7 North 0 Section III Standings Roosevelt Edison 1 2 tdison 3 Washburn 4 Henry 5 West 6 Cy North 7 Central Q South V 9 Marshall-U Place Team 1 West 2 Edison 3 Roosevelt 4 Washburn 5 Henry 6 South. 7 8 (North Girls' Ski Team Standings Slalom CC Total ' 2 3 -«N 5 6 3 5 8 9 10 13 EHS 62 42 45 47 50 51 Washburn Marshall-U Roosevelt West Central HeniV Southwest South C 2 41 EHS 38 36 35 33 29 68 36 54 54 85 68 79 West Central Henqr sr Washburn o' 64 C y Morshall-U 58 Roosevelt ‘X 2? 42 117 29 124 32 39 EHS 3 Roosevelt 2 4 North 1 4 Central 1 3 Southwest 2 1 West 4 5 Henfy 0 5s South 0 . 4 Washburn 1 City Meet (Macalester) EHS 5 Central 0 5 South 0 0 0 1 3 Southwest 2 V Washburn 3 Roosevelt 4 5 Hen, 2 -r ,0? oN Roosevelt 13 Southwest 88 South 58 Wosltburn 51 42 40 39 North 38 West 20 Edison Central Henry EHS EHS EHS 16 f 67 34 78 Monroe Murray Marshall-U 59 Central 44 North 61 o v«b South West 36 73 3 Wins — 5 Losses v -V South H«vy North Roosevelt Central j West Washburn Southwest EHS 4 Burnsville 2 Burnsville 1 Central Q 2 Central 2 Highland Park 1 ;■Highland Pork 9 Rosemount State Brelims 21 11 16 7 7 9 2 EHS 43 Central 18 9 Roosevelt 42 63 West 6 31 Henry 27 29 Southwest 23 32 North 20 32 £ ©uth Washburn 18 28 79FRONT ROW: Michelle, Judy Johnson (diver). Barb Herbert, Kathy Gordin, Liz Thurman (diver), Michele Loso, Sue Rorem, Beanie Johnson, Julie Jensen. 2nd ROW: Jean Minarik, Rose Jensen, Lani Keiser, Peggy Brandes, Terri Abraham, Magriet Viljoen, Dawn Stephenson, LoyAnn Anderson (diver). 3rd ROW: Anita Heiges, Sharon Knapper, Stacey VanSlooten, Goil Blosberg, Mary anna Horstad, Paula Jernall, Jeanette Johnson, Lisa Harstad, Sue Olin — asst, coach. 5th ROW: Mr. Harmon — coach. Hormon — coach. Sue Olin — Asst. Coach Roger Harmon — Coach Our season can best be described as highly successful in every aspect. Although we were not city Champions, we were not embarrassed by any team in the conference and we were able to compete on a competitive level with the champions. We qualified four swimmers for the state meet. Terri Abraham in the 50 yd. and 100 yd. backstroke, Lani Keiser in the 100 yd. breaststroke, Magriet Viljoen in the 100 yd. free style and Judy Johnson in Diving. This extremely hard working group of girls was led by Terri and Paula Jernall who set the example for the remainder of the team. 80 Terri Abraham and Paula Jernall — Co-Cop»oin» Roger Harmon — Heod CoachFRONT ROW: Steve Hirsch — Asst. Coach, Bruce Anderson, Dove Bishop, Chris Schlee, Jim Fjerstod, AI Fix, Paul Harstad, Dale Johnson, Colleen Hubele. 2nd ROW: Ted Abrohom, Joe Helm, Tim Schneider, Brod Anderson, Jay Johnson, Mike Jurichko, Dave Krepis, Jim Engebretson. 3rd ROW: Tom Anderson, Bob Reynolds, Bill Lundeen, Todd Bosell, Dean Reynolds, Rick Bickford, Jeff Rosenmeyer, Dave Farr, Dave Emerson, Marty Pribula, Pot O'Keefe — Cooch. SWIMMING Cooch O'Keefe and Monoger Terri Abrohom Coming into the season rated as a distant 4th in the conference, this team came up with a surprising victory to win the City Title. This is the first swimming team at Edison to win the District 17 Championship. Qualifiers for the state meet were tri-captains Tim Schneider, Dave Krepis, and Tom Anderson, and Rick Bickford. Bob Holger also qualified in the diving competition. 91 TRI-CAPTAINS: Tom Anderson, Tim Schneider, and Dave Krepis.SWIMMING BOOSTERS: FRONT ROW: Tim Schneider, Cindy Kocheroski, Jocelyn Ancheta, Chris Bodnark, Joe Helm. 2nd ROW: Mary Swigort, Kelly Sorted, Magriet Viljoen, Terri Abraham, Jay W. Johnson, Mike Jurichko, Diane Ferber. 3rd ROW: Julie Minarik, Janet Buettner, Donna Colander, Suzanne Browne, Patty Buehre, Pat J. O’Keefe, Paul Horstad. 82FRONT ROW: Veronica Letourneau, Debbie Gilmore, Debbie Haro, Pom Schwartz, Cathy Sventk, Jean Zukowski, Sue Honzlik, Jill Svensk. SECOND ROW: Dawn Ginnaty, Dawn Borchers, Nancy Anderson, Mary Weller, Cindy Woy, Julie Korzenowski, Jonef Zukowski, Julie Nickel. BASKETBALL The Edison Girls' Basketball Team had their best season since the team was formed at Edison. The team took the City Conference Championship with a 7-1 record. Teammates Sue Hanzlik and Jean Zukowski were voted by the city coaches to the All-City team. E Coaches Jim Kottom and Zetta Anderson 83The results of this year's play do not reflect the efforts and the fact that the team really enjoyed the game of basketball. In spite of their win-loss record, they constantly displayed good sportsmanship and the fans continued to support their team. VfcRSUT: FRONT ROW . Dean Koduk, Dole Dovenmoehler, Jerry Uchanski, Neil Heiges, George Cease, Kevin lacorella. SECOND ROW: Jeff Sorogo, Dole Nixcol.Twn F emrite, Bruce Fulton, Mike Carlson, Chris Kohn, Mike Wilkerson. Coaches John Nefsteod, Bill Wieberg, Dove Fritxe.J.V. SQUAD: FRONT ROW: P. Petrowitz, J. Silver, J. Arne, D. Osby, R. Rienikoff. SECOND ROW: G. Berkley, J. lacorello, G. Maciej, S. Carlson, S. Bartlett, Coach B. Wiberq. NOT PICTURED: S. Schoomer, S. Dooley. 85VARSITY : FRONT ROW: Dot S o»«I, K vio Wok , Randy Dav,,, jo« Wu, Box Wok . V m Wohlk. 2nd ROW: Jo Cvon .n, M.k Jokmon. Don RoH. Don S ow tl, MA. Thunskom, Rolph Mo «♦ . 3fd ROW Cooch ScM . Stow Tomciyk. Dov Bwfl. StoH Move a. MA N b, Don MtMurch. , Pot Fod c. MA. McCob . Coock B cfc r. WRESTLING Thi» year's wrestling team finished tied with Washburn for second pioce in the conference. It marked the first time in seven years that Edison hod not won the conference title. Considering the youth of the team the cooches were pleased with the finish and proud of the teams accomplishments. Our young team gained valuable experience that will help them to win future championships ot Edison. leoders on this year's team were senior co-captains Dan Seawell and Dan McMurchie, and sophomores Randy Davis , Joe Evongilist, and Don Roff, all conference. Special notation should be made of state entronts Dan Seawell and Don McMurchie. Both boys ended highly successful careers ot Edison. Other honors earned by Edison wrestlers included selection to the All Gty team of Randy Davis and Dan Seawell, ond the winning of the St. Anthony tournament at their weights by Dan McMurchie and Don Seawell. The entire wrestling team should be commended for a fine season. 86STATE CHAMP! Dan Seawell won the 132 pound state wrestling championship becoming the second state champion in Edison's history and the first state champion from a Minneapolis school since 1960. Commemoration should go to both state entrants, Dan McMurchie and Dan Seawell. SOPHOMORE TEAM: FRONT ROW: Dave Seawell, Kevin Wohlk, Greg lacarella, Dan Matthes. ROW 2: Joe Paiement, Mike McMurchie, Simon Morrison, Steve Seviola, Andy Mazur. ROW 3: Coach Schulz, Rich Larson, Tom Crotty, Jeff Weyek, Dove Brown, Cooch Becker. 8788 GOLF The women's team placed second in the Conference losing only to Southwest. Laurie Eskolo placed first in the city and Dawn Ginnaty was second. Dawn finished the regular season unbeoten. The men's team (not pictured) of Randy Johnson, Craig Kalina, Larry Benson, Larry Benson, Jim Ensgtrom, Bruce Anderson, and King Ramin had an average season and should be "much improved" for the "76" season. ’Spring 75 lour Etkola 89FRONT ROW: Dan Koedden, Jerry Rossi, Bob Worhol, Don Geil. ROW 2: Nick Petrangelo, Terry Ferrara, Randy Blomlie, Roger Schwartz, Al Daleki, Tim Johnson, Ted Thotland, Rich Stachel. ROW 3: Coach Mike Doyle, Jerry Jocobs, Mark VanPatter, Gary Daleki, Bill Dupay, Bob Rush, Jim Engstrom, Tim Sadecki, Jim Mayer, Coach Wayne Nelson. HOCKEY This year's hockey team placed 6th in conference with 9 wins, 12 losses, and 1 tie. Leading scorers were: Bob Warhol, Dan Hennun, and Jerry Rossi. Terry Ferrara placed 3rd in goalie statistics. 90B-SQUAD I FRONT ROW: Rich Zurbey, Pat Rossi, Chuck Winkler, Dan Kaedden, Louie Milanovich. ROW 2: Glen Mosier, Mark VanPotter, Ray Johnson, Don Geil, Skip Rohrbocher, Coach Wayne Nelson. jfJ ijtik ,v - 91FIRST ROW: Lori Kuchinski, Marianne Nelson, Tina Jaworski, Keri Sartell, Tracy Bergstrom, Annette Ginnaty. SECOND ROW: Anita Heiges, Kathy Naglak, Gloria Hedler, Susan Graok, Carmon Wator. THIRD ROW: Coach Kubocki, Pam Blackowiak, Margaret Brandes, Ruth Ausferman, Grete Nesvold, Nancy Hillerns. NOT PICTURED: Sylvia Hedler, Tammy Melgren, Vicki Melgren, Joni Ouellette, Jenny Pearson, Peggy Wontor, Mary Rampi. SKI TEAM After two years, the girl's ski team reached a high level of competition which reflects in their high finish in the standings and good showing in the state meet. All the girls on the team realized what sacrifices must be made to be successful in a very demanding, physical sport. Skiing requires the participants to love the out-of-doors, especially during the winter; and the team members shared this bond. This year's team was by far the most enjoyable to work with, always responding with their best possible effort in every meet. Many of the members, if not competing, would often come to the meets and cheer their friends to victory. If one of the goals of athletic competition is to develop friendships and cooperation, this year was a great success. Coach Kubacki 92FIRST ROW: Joe Posmo, Mike Shupien, Bob Maxwell, Bruce Nelson, Steve Fishbeck, Coach Mel Pibal. SECOND ROW; Coach Dave Moore, Paul Gulsvig, Dove Koblas, Larry Wogenson, Tom Wogenson, Dave Marcouiller, Brian Brethorst, Mitch Pearson, Marty Person, Ted Korkula, John Kitt, Keith Marcouiller. Cooch Moore The ski team took third in the conference and second in the Region. The jumping team, placed by Region Champion Bob Maxwell, won the Region meet. Captains this year were Keith Marcouiller and Mitch Pearson. The team is looking good for next year, with returning lettermen and a lot of experience we should do well in region next year. Mitch Pearson was chosen Most Valuable Skier and Steve Fishbeck, Most Improved. Bob Maxwell Region Chomp 9394Co-Captain Dan Ptak Co-Captain Grant Benjamin GYMNASTICS FRONT ROW: Grant Benjamin. 2nd ROW; Coach Berg, Mike Sederburg, Rich Rorem, Don Ptok, Ken Farr, Jeff Bortz, Bruce Sherf, and Rick Glubke. 3rd ROW: Kerry Bortz, Jim McNeal, George Wu, Frank Protasiewicz, Bob Holger, Mike Nafstod, Dan Kuch, Mark Hinkel. 4th ROW: Lenny Gorecki and Mike Moody. The boys team remained undefeated throughout the season to win the conference title. They finished a close second in Regionals, losing by only 4 10 of one point. Grant Benjamin, Dan Ptak, Lenny Gorecki, Mike Moody, Bob Holger, and Bruce Sherf qualified to go to the state meet. 95FRONT ROW: Colleen Huble, Lenea Smith, Sue Graock, Kathy Gardin. 2nd ROW: Sandy Arntson, Linda Sawochko, Collette Huble, Leanne Wegner, Lori Hines, Cheryl Anderson, Patti Moody and Sandy Swanson. 3rd ROW; Coach Berg, Tami Axel, Mickey Bennet, Liz Thurman, Cindy Ringdahl, Cheryl Carlson, Chris Savage and Asst. Coach Mrs. Berg. 4th ROW: Kathy Alexander, Kelly Sartell, LoyAnn Anderson, Cindy Kacheroski, Sue Stacey, Karen Sartell. GYMNASTICS These girls were a very talented and dedicated team. They placed third in the City Meet losing second place by less than a point. The team also competed in the Regional Meet. The caliber of girls gymnastics has greatly advanced at Edison. Mr. Berg should be commended for the fine job he’s done for the team. The events of competition are floor exercise, uneven parallel bars, balance beam, and vaulting with both an "A” and a "B" team competing. Captain LoyAnn Anderson 9697FRONT ROW: Mono Hahn, Dan McMurchie, Dan Klesk, John Kutske, Larry Rossi, Greg Vernon, Dan Petrowitz, Gary Stephanson, Joe Perzel, Terri Mochinski. SECOND ROW: Coach Wakaruk, Coach Anderson, Tony Schullo, Bob Marcus, Terry Ferrora, George Zurbey, Bruce Fulton, Ken Collias, Scott Randolph, Bobby Warhol, Paul Korman, Jeff Sherman, Coach Wickman. Dan receives his award. BASEBALL In the past three years, the Edison baseball team has won three City Championships, one Twin City Championship, and one District Championship. The following players have been named All-City: Paul Korman — 2nd year All-City George Zurbey — All-City Dan Petrowitz — 2nd year All-City Dan Petrowitz was also named to the All-State team. Also, he is the first player in Minneapolis to make the High School All-American team. ‘Spring 75 9899FRONT ROW: Jerry Jacobs, Dave Koblas, Kenny Hanzely, Dan Schommer, Steve Fishbeck, Gary Doleki, Chuck LaBerge, Mike Charbonneau, Dave Perzel, Bob Skwiera, Scott Johnson. SECOND ROW: Phil lacarella. Dale Sharpe, Jeff Kramer, Scott Sarich, John Kitt, Ted Karkula, Mike Johnson, Don Anderson, Tom Anderson, Todd Johnson, Ron Herrmann, Jim Kokosh, Shane — mascot. Bill Karkula — co-captain. THIRD ROW: Coach Johnson, Coach Lind, Coach Kubacki, Mike Hood, John Banisky — co-captain, Jim Felicetta, John Kuduk, Mike lacarella. Dale Ignatowicz, Jim Payne, Brian Brethorst, Jim Bickford, Jim Koski. TRACK 100 CAPTAINS: John Banisky and Bill Karkula. Spring 75FRONT ROW: Jamie Hood, Cathy Payne, Sandy Waki, Betty Fedora, Elaine Schwochert, Barb Herbert, Linda Joseph, Cheryl Carlson. 2nd ROW: Asst. Coach Laurie Luby, Anne Bordwell, Diane Marfiz, Betty Matheson, Cheryl Felling, LoyAnn Anderson, Jenell Tonzer, Lisa McCabe, Laura Lindahl, Tanya Warhol, Sue Roger, Manager Mary Borgstrom. 3rd ROW: Coach Peterson, Anna Nelvik, Lori Kuchinski, Denise Abraham, Debbie Hara, Sue Browne, Terri Abraham, Signe Jorgensen, Janet Ekstrom, Michele McCabe, Debbie Gilmore, and Asst. Cooch Kathy Steffens. 101EVENTS Mood Rings Dome Stadium Issue b° o 102 EHS New GymnasiumOF 1976 National Campaign Kick-Off The Hustle 1 9 Year Old Drinking Law 103 Puka ShellsPLACES GUANO?!?105TOP HONORS GRANT BENJAMIN — I plan on attending the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology. My goal in life is to grow without bound toward the limit of Perfection. My most memorable moment at Edison was accepting the trophy in behalf of the M.E.H.S.M.B. at the State Foir. My Philosophy of life is only that life which serves mankind is a life worth living. BRUCE SHERF — I plan on attending the U.S. Naval Academy. I like sailing or biking or skiing in the winter. My goal in life is to become a Marine Biologist. My most memorable moment at Edison would be the fall and spring canoe trips down the Crow Wing River. My philosophy of life is that everyone should know himself, and realize his own individual potentials in life. DAN PTAK — I plan on going to College, but I am rather undecided as of yet. My favorite pastime is Gymnastics. My goal in life is to help fight crime. Most of my friends would say, "When you were crowned Sno-Doze king, no doubt!" But I have to say that being crowned was only one of many of my most memorable moments at Edison. When you decide to do "something," big or small, center on thot "something" each day until you're exhausted, and someday that "something" will be a great success in your life. JULIE MINARIK — I plon to attend Augsburg College, majoring in business administration. I enjoy playing tennis, traveling, and in general — just keeping octive. My goal in life is to accomplish the things I decide to set out to do. I think my most memorable moment at Edison was the fun I had during the post two Interims. My philosophy of life is to keep busy. My favorite saying is: I have no yesterdoys, time took them away. Tomorrow may not be. But I have today. STACEY ERICKSON — I am going to Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. My favorite pastime is Reading. I have many goals but my main goal is to become self-disciplined so that I can achieve them. My most memorable moment at Edison is being on the gymnastics team. My philosophy of life is being and doing the best you can. DIANE FERBER — I have applied for an Army R.O.T.C. Scholarship. I will probably attend Augsburg College. My favorite pastime is being with my friends and having a good time with them. My goal in life is to accomplish everything thot I con, and never soy "I can't.' My most memorable moments at Edison have been the French trip, the Chicago trip, and marching with the M.E.H.S.M.B. My philosophy of life is SMILE! It makes everyone else wonder what you're thinking about. JOHN PETROSEWICH — I plon to ottend the U. of M. My favorite pastime is experiencing new things and ideas. My goal in life is to understand all that is possible. My most memorable moments at Edison include, the doily relationships with all the good people. My philosophy of life is not to formulate a philosophy of life until you have adequate wisdom. ROSANNE SOLZ — I plan on attending the U. of M. My goal in life is to achieve happiness in whatever I do. A philosopher I'm not, but I believe everyone has potential for success and if you use this potential wisely you will lead a successful life. KAREN PLANTENBERG — I plan on attending the College of St. Benedict. My favorite pastime is getting together with friends for a good game of football or basketball. My goal in life is to learn as much as I con. My philosophy is to live eoch day to its fullest and olways try to moke other people smile. 106JOHN JESSE — I plan on attending Augsburg College pursuing a field of study related to either Science, Mathematics, or Religion. I like to spend my spore time outdoors, to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation or perhaps just to think. My goal is to use my talents to benefit society. I will never forget the trip to Chicago this year and all the fun we had there. My philosophy of life is to always do your best and be yourself, not doing as everyone else would. LEE BRUNDELl — I plan on attending the U. of M. this fall. I enjoy participating in many different types of sports ond I like to listen to records. What I remember most about Edison is my friends. My philosophy of life is to eschew obfuscation. RALPH MATTHES — I plan to attend the U. of M. and take up elective studies. One of my favorite postimes is watching ond playing sports. My philosophy of life is NEVER QUIT. Always stick to what you are doing until you accomplish your goal. LOYANN ANDERSON — I plan to attend Augsburg College and moior in Business Administration and Management. My favorite pastimes ore GYMNASTICS, working on the yearbook, reading and canoeing. My goals in life are to grow in my knowledge of myself and others and to use my full potential in onything I do. My most memorable moment at Edison was being elected the girls gymnastics captain. My philosophy of life is to try to do what I believe in and to make each day a better day than yesterday. EILEEN DEDRICK — I'll be attending either St. Catherine's College or the U. of M. to major in dietetics and music. I enjoy lots of things, going to dances and games, sewing ond needlework, shopping, swimming, music and just being with friends. I'd like to spread a little happiness in the world, get a good education ond have lots of fun. My most memorable moments here at school were the 1975 Homecoming assembly and marching at Memorial Stadium with the Band in the game against Harding two years ago. My philosophy of life is to try many different experiences, to do your best in all that you attempt, and to keep smiling. MAGRIET VILJOEN — I will ottend the U. of Pictorio (South Africo). I enjoy sports and being outdoors and I try to satisfy my constant inquisitiveness. My goal in life is to reach the things I am striving for at the moment without making other people or myself unhappy by doing so. My most memorable moment was my first football game — I freezed to death and didn't understand a thing) ELAINE SCHWOCHERT — I will be attending the U. of M. My favorite pastime is creating afghan designs and making them. My goal in life is to retire from the Air Force. My most memorable moment at Edison was when I won my cross-country medal. My philosophy of life is to take what you hove and make it info something more valuable to you. JOCELYN ANCHETA — I'm planning to ottend the U. of M. When I have spare time I like to spend it writing poems, playing and watching sports, and sewing. I aim to be as experienced in everything os I possibly can. I think that experience is equolly important os education. There are so many memorable moments during my years at Edison. One of the moments was the trip to Europe, ond also being selected as senior class president. My philosophy of life is take each day at a time and to make as many people as happy as possible. GLORIA GAVINO — I shall be attending the U. of M., CLA. My goal in life is to acquire knowledge and to gain wisdom, to be of better service to mankind. My most memorable moment at Edison wos when LoyAnn and I lost 1 ond won 3 rounds of Debate without evidence cards. We didn't find out until that day that neither of us hod the evidence file. My philosophy of life is to grow spiritually ond mentally (if not physically). 107PETER WILCOX — I hop to b« attending Homline next year. My favorite postime is listening to some good music on a good stereo. I don’t really Save a set goal, other than to be content with myself ond what I am doing. My most memorable moment at Edison would have to be those grand hours spent in the chemistry rooms. My philosophy of life is work hordest at being yourself, in the long run that's what is most important. KAREN AUGUSTON (behind flame) — Next fall I plan to ottend the U. of M. Institute of Technology. My goal in life is to be happy ond content with myself ond others. My philosophy of life is that each day brings a new dawn, ond is a special, unique experience. TIMOTHY SCHNEIDER — I hope to attend St. Olaf or Yale College next fall. My favorite postimes are music, wilderness comping and native photography. My goal in life is to find a vocation in which I feel useful and am helping people somehow. My most memorable moment ot Edison was a dual meet victory over Central by 1 point for the city title. My philosophy is to always find time to help someone ond to take time to enjoy life. BETTE SODD — I plan on attending the U. of M. My favorite postime is dancing ond tennis. My goal in life is to be a lawyer. My most memorable moments at Edison were dancing at the school assemblies. My philosophy of life is to olways have o goal. When you reoch one goal, set a new one. JACQUELYN LOWN — I plan on attending college, though, which one is undecided as of yet. One of my most memorable moments at Edison was rock climbing in Colorado. My goal in life is to help man's relationship with his environment in whatever small way I can. My philosophy is to try and see things through different view points in order to understand others more completely. PAM DREWS — I hope to attend Hamline University. My favorite pastime is good music and good friends to shore it with. My goal in life is to be comfortable and satisfied with my lifestyle. To be happy. My most memorable moment at Edison was the excitement of one special auditorium, Moy 23, 1974.1 became on Edison Pom-Tom. My philosophy of life is to try to be aware of the beautiful things in life; the bod things ore easily seen. At all times be yourself. MICHAEL GAVINO — I plon to attend the U. of M. My favorite pastime is playing tennis, wood working and cycling. My goal in life is to finish college ond contribute my time and effort to mankind. My most memorable moment at Edison? "That's confidential!" My philosophy of life is to treat people equally with respect and always thank God for everything. ALLEN FIX — I plan on attending the U. of M. My favorite pastime is swimming. My goal in life is to get a good job ond be satisfied with what I do. My most memorable moment ot Edison wos Beating Central in our last relay in swimming. My philosophy of life is to get the most satisfaction out of what I do, ond make others happy. JEFFREY FELLING — I plan on going to Augsburg. I enjoy music, doncing, and lifting. My goal in life is to become fomilior with as mony different subjects as I possibly can so that I con have a well rounded mind. My most memorable moment at Edison was becoming an elite member of the Northeast Powerlifting Association. My philosophy of life is to maintain under ony given situation. 108SURE SUCCESS Gronl Beniamin and LoyAnn Anderson BEST ALL-AROUND Terri Abraham and Dan PtakDenise Abraham Eugene Anderson Tom Anderson Al Anderson LoyAnn Anderson Terri Abraham Kevin Almen Peggy Arntson Daniel Anderson Scott Anderson Jocelyn Ancheta Karen Anderson Julie Ashton noJanice Bartkoske ryi 9 i Gerald Audette Marilee Bakun Bruce Ballentine Renee Audette Kevin Austad Ruth Austerman Mark Bakken Grant Benjamin Jim Bafson Karen Auguston Mike Beasley Larry Benson Karen Berg Chris Bednark ill Amy Augustson Jeff Bartz Wanda BiernatDebbie Borris Patti Borgstrom Bruce Browning Lorie Breed Janet Buettner Dave Bornetun Lisa Brozyna Steve Blackowiak Brett Boos Gary Blackwood Kevin Blake Lee Brundell Suzanne Browne Charlene Borries Randy Blomlie Candy Brevig Mark Burge 112 Amy Chock IK George Cease Cindi Bursch Mike Charbonneau Don McMurcN ond 8ort l«os«f Donna Calander Lori Cease Al Burns Greg Carlson Mike Carlson BEAUTY AND BRAWN Shelly Casey $ A. - 1 Peter Calguire Ray Carlson Rod Cichon 113Al Daleki Don Cisewski Gary Clark Dove Herlofiky ood Becky Zawortki ■ Eileen Dedrick Tim Cropper Dave Daun Doreen Cole Dorthea Dean CLASS CLOWNS Sue Dahl iu Sharon Cohen Gina Dabrowski Joanne DentzJill Erickson Patricio Fedors Pamela Drews Diane Ferber Stacey Erickson Julie DeVito Cindy Felegy David Ekberg Terry Ferrara Tim Evangelist Mark Dombeck Terri Fellegy Dave Eliason IIS Dale Dovenmuehler Ken Farr Debbie FifeAllan Fix Becky Fussy Cindie Fleitman Brian Gemlo Mike Gacek Shelly Fussy Jerrv Gorek Bob Germundson Gloria Govino Debbie Genoskv Michael Gavino MaryJo Giancoln Mike Files Bruce Fulton Terry Fussy 116 Scott Frisco Mark Gallagher Dawn GinnatyRhonda Hanstad Danette Groskow Carol Gonsior Jeff Hall Rosanne Giliniany Pamela Graham Mona Hahn Roger Gresens NEATEST EYES Paul Gulsvig Stan Gozei Tom Gromek Sue Hanzlik 117Debbie Hara Neil Heiges Janice Hietala NICEST HAIR Debbie Haugberg Sue Herbert Tim Harris Pat Higgins Bruce Sherf and Jocelyn Ancheto Tom Harris Sue Higgins Ron Herrmann 118 Paul Harstad Joe Helm David HockerDonna Jacobson Kevin lacarella Julie Jagiela Phillip lacarella Jill Homo Debra Hoskins Roger Iskierka Jenell Hoem Gene Hoff Jean Jarosak Lulu Hudoba Brandon Holscher Milinda Huebsch Dave Hume Greg Hoff 119 Bob Holger Wendy Huss Paula JernallCindy Kacheroski Dean Jones y Martin Katrinak Ruth Jones Val Keck Dan Joseph Jim Johnson Randy Johnson Richard Johnson Dave Johnson John Jesse Susan Johnson Pat Johnson Tim Johnson Tom Johnson 120 Jay Johnson Babette Joncas Lani KeiserNancy Kelley Kim Kvasnick Ruth Kuch Cynthia Kreidler Sue Kuchinski John Korzenowski Kathy Kmit Steve Kotchen MOST COURTEOUS Debbie Krier John Kutzke Dean Kuduk 121Chuck LaBerge Barb leschisin WARMEST SMILES Diane Laramore Scott Lenart Terri LaFerriere Anne Lillie Cindy LaSota Barbara Lenser 122 Donald LaMere John Leitschuh Jim LindbergBetty Matheson ■ Dave Marohl Ralph Matthes Joanne Marquardt Mike McCabe Pat Mastro Tim Lundberg Joe Macko Colleen Malec Leanne Loren Tom Mack r Jackie Lown Keith Marcouiller Dave Marcus Bob Maile 123 Becky luniewski Karen Mark Michele McCabeJeff McQuarrie Darrel Miller Pam Miller Julie Minarik Dan McMurchie Sandy Mead Sue Misencik Stacey Meade Julie Milewski Scott McLellan Cynthia Miller Jill Melhus Randy Menard Pat Meyers Georgeann Milanovich Patricia McQuillan Jane Milewski Alice Miszkiewicz125 Tim Moses Mary Niznik Mike ObergGeoff Olsen FICKLE FLIRTS Nick Petrangelo Connie Patch Cindy Pierce Shelly Olson Dal Dovenmu«hl«f and Jcxki lown Lori Pierce Tom Ondich John Petrosewich Debbie Patraw 126 Mark Ose Sandy Peterson Linda Pisarski Sheryl Porter Bob Rivard ' ■ Ranee Russell 127 Dan Prondzinski Sue Rodger Mike Ryan Cindy Schweikert Greg Schultz Elaine Schwochert Roger Schwartz Cindy Saba Steve Sand Keith Sandahl Tony Schullo Keri Sartell Stephanie Schutta Kelly Sartell Cindy Schardin Lyle Schlundt Tim Schneider Mary Jo Schrempp Karen Sartell Richard Schroedl Dan Seawell 128Susan Smith Bruce Sherf Laurie Shupien TOMMIE TALKER Marcy Shivers Mike Snelson Timothy Sheridan Sue Zurb«y and Ralph Motth » Debbie Snipstad Matt Sherin Steve Slimak Alice Shoppe Mary Siedlecki 129 Steven Sherman Bette SoddPhil Stegora Mary Staszewsky Michele Stawski Rosanne Solz Laurie Steinke Ted Sothern Sandy Stephan Carol Soltys Rich Stachel Stephanie Stanek PERSONAL- ITY PLUS 130 Genevieve Sroka Debbie Stasica Jon SternBarry Super Sue Szczeck Mike Thunstrom 131 Cindy Wasilak Carmen Wator Jeanne Walsh Ann Weitbrecht Jerry Uchanski Wesley Thurman Renee Varichak Scott Tomczyk Greg Vernon Louis Urbanski Magriet Viljoen Mark Trebisovsky r Thang Neuyen Van r Bob Warhol t L 4 If Tanya Warhol Peggy Waldera 132 Diane Troiden Nancy Wells133 Debbie Willmon Mork WrobleskiAbrohomton, lita Akron, Pool Albrecht, Jamie Altmeyer, Chock Anderton, Brett Anderton, Kothy Anderton, Kim Anderton, Mark Anderton, Mary Anderton, Sandy Anderton, Tim Anderton, Vickie Archomboult, Bob Arehomboult, Jeonirw Arteneau, Mary Axel, Tammy Bakun, Dovid Bonatik, Jim Boron, Mike Barton, Joteph Bortz, Kerry Beck, Tommie Belawtki, Nancy Bender, Rote mo ry Bennett, Mkhelle Bennett, Mike Benton, Jerry Berg, David Berg, Janice Bergman, Robert Bergtfrom, Kothy Bergttrom, Trocey Berry, Sue 8irr, Je« Bitcholf, Cloire Bithop, Mike Bithop, Pool Blohut, Patricia Blotberg, Sandy Blotberg, Sue Bodner, Darlene Bodner, Vickie Bohn, Jon Bonden, Ron Borchert, Melody Bornetun, Beth Boyer, Paolo Broge, Kenneth Brondet, Peggy Brondet, Scott Brandt, Bonnie C eh, Roger 134Brecht, Nancy Brethortt, Boon Briner, Pa Brobtorg. Jo Brown, David Broggenthiet, Dion Boehre, Patty Boerke, Cro g Boerke, JeW Boetf ner, Koren Bolle.gh, Pot Bollock, Tom Bonce, Ann Borke, Greg Borke, Lee Bornt, Mary Bortch, Boon Bucxyntki, Koth« Byzewtki, Corlo Cotgvire. Kathy Colitfro, Roy Comply, D laoro Cap »trant, Schreen Carlton, Cheryl L Carlton, Cheryl M. Carlton, Don Carlton, Joann Carlton. Kenneth Chote, Ubby Chiodo. Loonn C»polo, Bill Citewtk', MA Collodora, Lori Comineth. Stephen Corb Ky.Dorene Cotroneo, 135Cohn, Don Cronquitt, Juhe Crofty, Thomos Curttt, Donold Danko, Andy Dentx, Kevin Deyoe, Ken Dickson, Pol Donicht, Richard Dorn, Milo Doughterty, Noncy Duffy, Terri Dunn, lorry Du pay, Cindy Dutcher, David Eoriey, Brad Eaton, Sue Eckitrom, Joann Egelond, Dave Ekstrom, Janel Elio ton. Undo Elli», lorry Emerton, Bell Emerson, Kathy Engebretson, Debbie Engebrelton, Jim Engelmeier, Tim Engstrom, Jim Erick ton, Brian Erick ton, Judy Erick ton, Mark Forder, Jim Fedora, Betty Felicetto, Phylln Fellegy, lynn Felling, Sheryl Femnte, Tim Ferroro, Debbie Ferroro, Annette Fithbeck, Steven Ford, Potty Fortythe, Jeon Fredenckson, lito Freeman, Pamela Futty. Kim Futcher, Ruth Godboit, Jim Gaines, Vicky Gallogher, Julie Gollut, Susan Gantx, David Gardiner, Phillip 13bHitchens, Cheryl HoH, Gory Hougen, Morey Howell, Poul Ho will, Suson Hrvsko, Terrie Huddleston, Judy Humann, Carletta Hume. Margaret Hunt, Debbie lnv e, Cindy Iverion, Cheryl Jachymowski, John Jock ion, Leslie Jocobscn, Jeon Joremko, Jim Joremko, Marlene Jaworski, Tino JeJinek, David Jelinek, Dennc Jensen, Rose Jesse, Kothy Jeziorski, Jim Johnson, Borb Johnson, Bev Johnson, Don Johnson, Derin Johnson, Greg Johnson, J.II Johnson, Judy Johnson, Kirby Johnson, Livo 138Jopinion, Mory Johnson, Mike Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert Johnson, Scott Johnstone, Dawn Jones, Kim Jorgensen, Peter Joseph, Linda Jurichko, Mike Kacxor, Tony Kolma, Craig Kalina, Pot Komroth, Rick Kelly, Connie Kenmson, Donna Kirberger, Terry K.tt, John Kmit, Chris Knapper, Cathy Koblos, David Kocoorek, Sharon Kohanek, Miko Kohn, Chris Kocxcnowski, Julio Kowahl, Beth Kromasx, Charles Kramer, Sandy Krueger, Corne Kruse, Momcy Kudxia, Randy Kuehn, 8orb Kuntz, Ted Kurth, Bill Kwiecien, Lloyd loBcrge, Jocelyn Loch, Robert LoGrange, Beth LaGronge, Don LaPoint, Robin Larsen, Karen Larson, Cathy Losser, Tom loose, Pat Lemke, Brian Leser, Doris Lesnou, Dave Letoumeou, Delaine Letourneou. Zoph Lewis, Cmdy Lillie, Paul Lind, Borbro Lindahl, Lois lindberg, Ken Lmdgren, Lorry Linn, loura 139lipo, S'eve Loomis, Gory toso, Michelle luniewski, Tom Luppino, Gregg Mocko, Bill Moloney, Eileen Moncmo, Cheryl MonoleH, Donna Morsolois, Mory Mosico, Scotl Mad, Matt Mottson, Kris Mattys, Tom Moyer, Jen Mayfield, Steve McCollow, Don McCoy, Rich McCoy, Rob McGowan, Borb McNomoro, Mork McNeol, Jomet McQuillan, Money Melgren, Tommy Milewski, Mari Miller, Gory MukowK,Pom Miskowvec, Mike Mlmor, Amy Mochmski, Ray Moore, ton Moron. Carole Moreoult, Boon Morris, Paul Morris, Solly Mott, Morey Mo icy. Dole M ugolo, Gndy Mulvihill, John Muncy, Bonnie Murphy, Tim Murphy, Potty Mur yn, Gerard Naslund, James 140Nebel, Mark Ne«b. MAe Nelson, Armond Nelson, Kimberly Nelson, Samuel Nesheim, Dione Newberg, Gayle Niiiol, Dole Novak, Mary O'Bnen, Linda Oelrich, Jackie OUon, Kurt Olson, Mark Onsrud, Juke Opotrny, Mervin O'Rourke, Knsti Orvis, Charles Ouellette, Dove Pochl, Kevin Paquette, Tom Porrott, Jerry Payne, Cathy Pearson, Mitch Pelkey, Don Petersen, Curt Peterson, Harold Pettit, Jim Petrowitx, Nancy Pferfer, Doug Pkekorcyk, Jim Piper, Mary Plumb, Tom Pollock, JeH Pollock, Steve Pomerenke, Rick Pommier, Mary Ponsonby, Kevin Pope, Carrie Prondxwski, Joe Provo, Roy Rodyjewski, Mary Romes, Dove Romin, King MlRompi, Mary Ann Raimburg, JeH Raih, Carol Rawlmgt, Perry Renner, Dan Remer, Pam Reynoldt, Dean Reynold!, Tom Richfer. Ron Richmond, Sondy Rickord, Cindy Ridley, Larrie Riedel, Jim Ring dal, C.ndy Rog, Doug Rog, Mory Rondeau, Joy Rocem, Rich Rorem, Sue Rotlelo, Tony Roy, Sue Ruiz, Jerelyn Sodeck., T.m Sogrillo, Jon Solo, Debro Sam, Eloine Somleixko, Pol Sorich, Sc oil Savoge, Chri! Savage,Tony Schander, Bobb. Schlee, Chri! Schieck, Clil Schleicher, Dale Schnell, Frank Schommer, Jame! Schroeder, Jerry Schwontx, Greg Schworlz. Joe Sederberg, Mike Seiple, Jim Senko, Chorloile Serahn, Mark Seviolo, Sandra Sexlon, Jill Slreoker!, Twenty M2Sharp, Angel Sharpe, Darrell Sheldon, Mory Shetland, Scott Sherin, AAke Sherman, JeH Srvon«ch, Jim Skwarek, Roberta Skwiero, Bob Skochinski, JeH Slimak, Andro Smith, Vickie Smithers, Jomie Smoter, Tim Sobon. M,ke Sohlberg, Randy Solond, Cher, Solberg, Julie Solem, Steve Spa no, Teri Sroga, JeH Stohl, Wo Stegora, Debbre Stein, Rondy Stenstrom, Randy Stephen, Keith Stocki, Jerry Stowed, Debbie Stromski, James Super, Clarence Surek, Jock Suthak, Joan Swonson, Christina Syverson, Martha Tamer, Jenell Temple, Jonet Thomas, Gory Thompson, Don Thompson, Kelly Thunstrom, Neal Thurmon, lu Toler, Keith Tomcxyi, Sondy Toth, Secky W3Trocxyk, Kim Trombley, Pom Turner, Sheryl Unruh, Nonette VonSlooten, Kirk VonV kle, Curhi Vanyo, John Vorhol, Donno Vogel, Andrea Vogel, Annette Vogt, Gory Voil, Gory Wollof, Jeff Wore. Jon Watten, Craig Wotters, Mrke Woy, Cynthio Wedgewood. Joon Weidenboeh, Dale Weinilock, Debbie WeH», Melonie Well , Bobbie Weill, Charlene Whitoker, Waller VU UL. »» ••ymonn, jonn Wierigollo, Dove Wrgg.n, Robin Wilkenon, Mike WilUamt, Mike Wohlk, Vernon Wojciok, Joanne Wonlor, Peggy Wood, Undo Woodi, John Woolery, Ron Worcefler, Kevin Wu, George Yanio, Joe Zandlo, Mary Zbikowtki, Roger Zebro, Noncy Zimbo, Dave Zukowtki, Tony Borno, Kothy 144SOPHOMORES NEXT. . . U51461478©Hlmon, Allen Bolin, Cindy Bocchert, Cown Bordwcll, Anne Born , Noncy Botell, Tod Bretnohon, Karen Bzevig, Ted B»ody, Chrit Brownmg, Scott Brozok, Cindy Brozyna, Julie Bulleigh, Jim Burge. Potty Burklaod, Scott Burnt, Kothy Butterfield, Cheryl Collie , Laurie Camarillo, Tony Corder, Lon Corlton, Bob Carlton, Brod Carlton, Joy Corlton, Noncy Corlton, Steve Carr, Randy Cotey, Mark Cavanough. Nancy Chompeau, Joe Chompeou, Jon Getyntki, D-ane Clark. Ken Clover, Joe Colvin, Thereto Combt, Brenda Combi. Lindo 149Conrad, Jim Corbelt, Susan Craig, leAnn Dohl, Phillip Doleki, Gory Dome. Dora Daruelson, Faith Darsow, Doug Davis, Randy Dean, Jim Detmer, Debb.e DeVito, Frank DeWift, Doug Diffley, Colleen Dimmermon, Tom Dooley, Shawn Dooner, Blane Dougherty, Sherry Dovenmuehler, Cirvdy Doyle, Steve Drews, Jonet Duckworth, Nat Duncan, Brenda Du pay. Bill Dutcher, Theodore Dvorak, Jay Edin, Nancy Egelond, Teresa Eidsvold, Kevin Ellmgboe, Soroh Ellis, Charlene Elwood, Becky 150Elwood, Curtis Engdohl, Jill Engebrelton, Denite Erickson, Mike Erickten, Steve Ettum, Sue Evangelist, Joe Fohr, Helen Felling, Don Fiefek, Cindy Firle, Pool Fisher, Cindy Fix, Tom Fjerstod. Jim Fortune, Woyne Fotllen, Mork Fox, Thereto Freund, Shelly Freund, Sherry Fu»», Richord Gocek, Robin Godbcxt, Mchoel Godboit, Tori Gomet, Al Gontz, Mke Gordin, Kothy Gavin, Burt Gov mo, Evangeline Ge.1, Don Gemlo, Brod Gerber, Dave Gibton, Jim Gideo, Tom Gill. Mott Girard, Kent Glubke, R hord Goeppner, Jerome Goert, Mork Gondorchm, Janice Groock, So van Grondy, Potty Grow. Julie Guth, Sharon Hock, Donny Hager, Joon Hogfort, Dove Holley, Myron Hommerttrom, Jone Honttod, Vonetto Hora, Steve Harris, Sue Hortlad, Moryonna Hart, Pot Hots, Karen Hottmgt, Rick Hottouni, Tonio 151Heckhmd, Anita Hcggem. Rene Hegstrom, Marly Hcges. Anito Higgins, Ernie Higgins, Karen H»ggins, Virginia Hines, lovrie Holen. Ron Holscher. Mork Homan. Renee Honeck, louro Hood, Jamey Horvereid, Jon House log. Ion Howord, Nick Hoyei, Debbie Hruby, Mike Huble, Colleen Huble, Colletle Huehn, Waller Huss, Brian Hutchison, Carol Hyvore, Nancy Hysko. Robert lacarello. Greg locarello, J m Inks, Gndy Invie, Cheryl Iskierko, Ron Iverson, Terry Jabionsky, Paul Jacobs, Jerry Jacobson. Penny Jogielski, Sandra Jorosak, Tern Jaroscak, Tom Jensen, Randy Johnson, Bev Johnson, Gndy Johnson, Cori Johnson, Dole Johnson, Dave Johnson. Er 152Johnson, Helen Johnson, Jeonelle Johnson, Julie Johnson, Stove Johnson, Tereso Johnson, Vonce Johnston, Dean Johnston, Sue Joncos, Potte Jones, Russell Jurichko, Debbie Koczmorczyk, Terri Kaeddcn, Don Karkulo, Ted Kaslow, Glen Kotrinok, Joe Koufmonn, Kay Kelley, Foith Kelley, M»ke Kenney, Becky Kirberger, Pam K|eseth, Kathleen Kmit, Notolie Knapper, Shoton Kohonek, Mark Konkler, Robert Kopko, Dove Koppcs, Karin Korblick, Jerry Kostik, Ron Kozak, Michelle Kramosz, Doug Kraskey, Tim Knesel, Ted Krueger, Chuck Kubesh, Kevin Kuch, Don Kuch, Judy Kuehinski, louro Kuduk, Kelly KucnsMng, Jeff Kukielko, Dan Kurak, Chuck laBerge, Natalie 153locey, Mike langiewicx, Mike longloit, Nancy lorton, Mary Kay lorton, Rick latter, Jim leter, Mork leTourneau, Veronica lewit, Chrit Lewit, Patty ligmon, Lori Lillie, Mary Imdquitt, Thereto Lmdttrom, Charlet lintner, Wayne Loren, Sandy loto, Chrit Lown, Curt loyot. Jeon lubmtki, Troy lundeen, Bill lundorby, Brenda lynch, Tom Moat, Thereto Mociej, Gory Mock, Dan Mocko, Ann Mocotkey, Kay Mognan, Martha Morchiafovo, Cathy Mareouiller, Dove Martin, Bill Mortin, Elizabeth Motthet, Don Matthet, lorry Mathiton, Toni Mouer, Potty Mayfield, Karl Motor, Andy McDonoW, John McGovern, Peggie McNoughton, Art McPherton, Mike Melgren, Vicki 154Merritt, Tommy Merry, Orion Merry, Thereto Meyert, Virpwuo Micek, Gory Micek, Joe Milonovich, Lome Mmonk, Jeon Mmich«lli, Cheryi Mnkowic, Tom Mitxkiewicx, Arm Mlmor, Andy Mochmtki, Tom Mm, Richord Moody, Poffy Mornton, Simon Motier. Glen Mulliflon, Mory Mundy, Al Murphy. Jerry Nolitod, Mike Nogiok, Kothy Namie, Lethe Nelton, ftrod Melton, Croig Nelton, Marianne Nett, Jon Netvold, Grele Neumon, Dove Newman, John Nickel, Julie Nierengorten, Mitu Namk, Sieve Noble, Penelope Nordttrom, Rondy Nordquitl, Lito Noritrvg, Julie Nortfen, Lonnie Novok, Charlene O'Brien, Allen O'Connell, Gory Olton, Rich Opheim, Cndy Netheim, Barb 155Smith, Steve Smith, Sue Sparrow, John Siaiica, Pete Stowski, Mory Stein, Julie Steiner, Annette Stenstrom, Jim Stephon, Tom St. George, John Stocki, Bob Stokowski, louro Surma, Jerry Svensk, Jill Swomon, Craig Swanson, Kim Swanson, Sandy Switzer, Sue Syverson, Howard Szczeck, Lisa Todeusiok, Jim Thayer, Debbie Thiel, Janice Th-mmesch. Jeon Thompson, Sandy Tok or, Denise Tovsen, Joyce Trover, Tom Travis, Kimberly Triplett, Linda Trocke, Bob Uchanski, Mory Ulhorn, Charles Unger, Ton VanPotler, Mark 158ll„ I hi hi ill |44 51! Hi o 13 Hi Ill ill HI Hi N N N 159PERSONNEL And now, we present the Pillars of this great institution — the Staff. A special welcome to Mr. Melvin M. Grimstad, Edison's new principal, has been active in the field of education for a total of twenty-seven years. He spent eleven of those years teaching business courses at Eden Prairie, Central, and Southeast High School. He has been assistant principal at Northeast Junior High and West High School, and most recently, principal at Jordon Junior High, and now Edison. "I really like Edison," he says, which is due to the fact that we have "a lot of good kids here." Mr. Grimstad's interests include reading and travel, and he is an avid sports fan. Mrs. Radtke started her teaching career in the St. Paul schools, taught part time at the U of M, served as a junior high counselor and has served as an administrator since 1972. Mr. Johnson is a graduate of St. Cloud State and the U of M. His first assignment at Big Lake, Minn, was in the business department. He then came to Edison to teach business courses and took over his administrative duties in 1968. Principal Melvin Grimstad 160 Asst. Principal Rachel Radtke Asst. Principal Al JohnsonJIM ANDERSON Phy. Ed. ZETTA ANDERSON Phy. Ed. DON BABST Ind. Arts MATTIE BAKER JOHN BARNES Social Worker English MEL BATES Science MEL BAUMAN Social Studies PAUL BECKER Ind. Arts PAUL BECKSTRAND English SHARON BENSON Business 161MAYBELLE BERG Home Ec. MYRLE BRUNZEIL English BOB BERG Phy. Ed. RALPH BURKE Spanish SOPHIE BOUTSIOUKOS Sponish ELEANOR BYRNE English JUDY BRONAUGH English DENNIS CAREY English IRWIN BROWN Art MARY CORCORAN Business 162MIKE DOYLE French ETHEL DZUBAY Home Ec. MIKE ELAVSKY Moth FRED ENGEL MARY BARBARA Phy. Ed. FERGUSON Music TOM GEANKOPLIS AL GREENBERG ROSEMARY HAGEN HAROLD HANSEN WES HARDING Social Studies Business English Social Studies Industrial Arts 163ROGER HARMON Social Studies JERRY JONES Art GENEVIEVE HORTON Home Ec. DOLORES KLUWE English AL JOHNSON Asst. Principal BOB KORN Counselor BRIAN JOHNSON Ind. Arts PENNY JOHNSON English JIM KOTTOM Math MIKE KUBACKI Ind. Arts 164EMU LARSEN Social Studies JOHN LIEMOHN Math JACKUTOWSKY English LOUIS LOPATA Ind. Arts KAREN LOVESTRAND Phy. Ed. LARRY LUCK Math WILLIAM MARCOUILLER Science MARY MARKUSON English BARBARA MATTIll librarian MIKE MINNEMA Science 165DAVID MOORE Social Studies TED MYERS WAYNE NELSON PAT O’KEEFE English Business Work Program ROBERT O’NEILL Work Program GUIL PARSONS Drivers Ed. CATHY PETERSON LORRAINE PETERSON Athletic Director Phy. Ed. Social Studies MEL PIBAL Social Studies CAROL POMROY Counselor 166 RANDY PRATT Social Studies NILES SCHULZ English RACHEL RADTKE Asst. Principal PAUL SCHWEPPE German EUGENE RICHTER Special Ed. ARVID SIMMONS Social Studies CAROL ROBIN Counselor CHARLES SINGH Social Studies JIM SAXTON Distributive Ed. BOBBY STACKE Band 167FRED SULZBACH CHARLES SWANSTROM SHIRLEY THOMPSON Industrial Arts Distributive Ed. English LORIS THORESON Math MILDRED WISTE Librarian JEAN WOLLAN EVERETT ZELLERS DONNA ZIEGLER Distributive Ed. Math Business 168Oelor»i Allen Helen Berg Morion Kerch Robert Borth Margaret Boch Bor bora Deegon William Delvoox Dolores Erickson Aide Custodiol A.de Cu»to« ol Aide Aide Custodiol Clerk lot Grill Gerald Hermsen Yvonne Johnson Men Lawn Clerk Custodiol Clerk Kitchen Ann Folkum Clerk Betty Frotike Clerk Joseph Fuss Custodial Iris Gondorchm Kitchen Mary Mannella Clerk Dolores Martin Clerk Richard Matey Custodial Vernon McNomora Custodial Joseph Mo Ilea Custodial leonord Nelson Custodiol Genevieve Numk Clerk Bloke Troeder Evening Alternative School Lilhan Troiden Clerk Charles Weber Custodiol Linda Westcott Finance Clerk Noncy McAffee Bosmess Teocher Margaret Semon Kitchen Kofhy Stewart Nurse Delores Norlmg Aide Mory Risk Helen Rognk George Ross Virginia Selmsky Aide Kitchen Dotson Officer Clerk 1691975-76 WIZARD STAFF Theresa Rajtar, Mr. Pibal, LoyAnn Anderson. 170Jim Pettit, Dan Renner, and Tim Heal Dan Anderson ond Lani Keiser This year’s staff was great to work with. They all worked hard especially those who came to late nights. I'll remember all the hard times I've had arguing with Mr. Pibal. Thanks to everyone on the staff for all the work you've done. Editor — Thereso Rajtar Being a part of the WIZARD staff is challenging, hard work, getting to know everyone (really well), but most of all if was fun. I hove greatly enjoyed putting this yearbook together with Terry, Mr. Pibal, and the rest of the staff. They ore fantostic people to work with. Assistant Editor LoyAnn Anderson Darrel Miller, Gloria Hedler, and Sabrina Rademocher Mary Swigart and Jocelyn Ancheta A'tz 171L«tss As we bring to a close this school year of 1976, we, the Wizard Staff, present the 1976 yearbook. With the guidance of Mr. Pibal and with the help of our photographer Mike Liebig we managed to create a book that we think is the best. This year the staff worked hord to put together in a unique and different way a yearbook full of memories of the 1975-76 year. The staff thanks the students for all contributions and support you have given and congratulations to Deloura Complin for she was this year's cover design winner. Mike Liebig (Photo by Jeremy Liebig) 172SENIORS Abraham, Denise; 101,110 Abraham, Terri; 4, 34, 56, 80, 81,82, 101,109 Affeldt, Leonard Aker, Dawn Akron, Bridget Akron, Maureen Alexander, Kathleen; 96, 97 Almen, Kevin; 110 Ancheta, Jocelyn; 55, 56,63,66, 82, 107, 110,17! Andersen, Eugene Anderson, Albert; 110 Anderson, Daniel; 110, 171 Anderson, Diane Anderson, Eugene; 110 Anderson, Jerrie Anderson, Karen; 110 Anderson, LoyAnn; 55, 56, 63, 66, 80, 96, 97, 101, 107 109 1 170 ' Anderson, Nancy Anderson, Scott; 110 Anderson, Tom,- 110 Anschutz, Robert Armstrong, Randy Arne, Chris; 110 Arnston, Peggy; 4, 39, 60, 110 Ashton, Julie; 110 Audette, Gerald; 111 Audette, Renee; 111 Auguston, Karen; 108, 111 Augustson, Amy; 111 Austod, Kevin; 111 Austermon, Ruth; 63, 70, 92, 111 Bokken, Mark; 111 Bakun, Marilee; 111 Balko, Richard Ballentine, Bruce; 111 Bartkoske, Janice,- 58, 67, 111 Bartz, Jeff; 95, 97, 111 Batson, Jim; 22, 55, 62, 67, 111 Beasley, Mike; 111 Bednark, Chris; 48,50, 52,56,62, 64, 82, 111 Belille, Kevin; 19 Benjamin, Grant; 48, 55, 95, 106, 109, 11 Benson, Larry; 111 Berg, Karen; 27, 111 Biernat, Wanda,- ! 11 Blackowiak, Steve; 112 Blockwood, Gary; 112 Blake, Kevin; 112 Blomlie, Randy; 90, 112 Boos, Brett, 67, 68, 112 Borgstrom, Patti; 63, I 1? Bornetun, Dave; 112 Borries, Charlene; 112 Borris, Debbie; 112 Bray, Pog Brazil, Jgfceph Breed, Lbrie; 48, 112 juandy; 11 2 Broszko, Denise b, William Browse, Suzanne; 48, 54, 62, 70, 82,101, 112 fling, Bruce; 112 a, Lisa; 112 Bruldetl, Lee, 107,112 Brykowsky. Patrick jettner, Janet; 63, 70, 82, 1 1 2 urge, Mark; 112 urns, Al; 11 3 is, Robert ■borsch, Cindi; 113,171 f Calender, Donna; 21,26, 54, 55, 56, 62, 63, 66, 6?, 7Q, 82, 11 ; Calguire, Peter; 113 Calistro, Kathleen Carlson, Greg, 113 Carlson, Heidi; 11 3 Carlson, Mike, 48, 50, 11 3 : £arlson, Ray; 1 13 Aw Carlson, Suzanne Casey, Shelly; 58, 1? 3 Cease, George; 84, 113 Cease, tori; 113 Charbonneau, Mike; 100, 113 Cbesney, Terry Chock, Amy, 113 Chock, Choryl Chock, Daryl Chlchon, Rod; 1 13 Cisewski, Don; 114 Clark, Gary; 114 Clark, Sherri; 114 Cohen, Sharon; 48, 67, 114 Cole, Doreen, 67,68, 114 Cole, Mark Cordes, David Coulter, John Courteau, Charles Cropper, Terri; 114 Cropper, Tim; 114 Dabrowski, Edward Dabrowski, Gina, 114 Dahl, Sue; 67, 114 Daleki, Al;90, 114 Danielson, Patricia Danko, Dctwne Daun, Dave; 114 Dean, Dorthea; 114 Dedrick, Eileen; 20, 21, 24, 53, 55, 56, 58, 59, 63, 107, 114 Delly, Leonard Dentz, Joanne; 114 10, Depew, Doug, 115 DeVito, Julie; 115 Dombeck, Mark; 11 5 Dovenmuehler, Dale; 84, 115 Drews, Pamela; 55, 60, 115 Dufresne, Ronald Ekberg, David; 39, 59, 115 Eliasoa, Dave; 115 Ellingboe, James Erickson, Jill; 48. 51, 115 Erickson, Stacey; 48, 56, 106, 115 Evangelist, Tim; 115 Farr, Ken; 48, 50, 27, 95, 97, 115 Fedors, Patricia; 115 Felegy, Cindy; 22, 23, 55, 69, 115 Fellegy, Terri; 115 Felling, Jeff; 55, 108, 115 Ferber, Diane; 21,48, 50, 54, 55, 56, 82, 106, 115 Ferrara, Terry, 78, 90, 1 15 Fife, Debbie; 115 Filas, Mike; 116 Fix, Allan; 55, 81, 108, 116 Fleitman, Cindie; 116 Fox, Daniel Frisco, Scott; 116 Fulton, Bruce Fussy, Becky; 116 Fussy, Shelly; 67, 116 Fussy, Terry, 68, 116 Gacek, Jerry; 116 Gacek, Mike; 116 Gallagher, Mark; 116 Gavino, Gloria; 54, 55, 62, 66,107, 116 Gavino, Michael; 54, 62, 108, 116 Gemlo, Brian; 48, 53, 56, 1 16 Genadek, Dale Genadek, Ricky Geng, David Genosky, Debbie; 116 Gerber, Pamela Germundson, Bob; 116 Gestach, Melody Giancola, Mary Jo, 58, 116 Gilmore, Debra; 48, 66, 67, S3, 101 Ginnaty, Dawn; 66, 83, 89, 116 Gliniany, Rosanne; 117, 171 onsior, Carol; 1 17 iwin, Jeff •cki, Leonard; 58, 95 Gassier, Laurie; 40, 117 gjjl| Gozel, Stan, 117 Graham, Pamela, 68, 1 1 7 Grant, Sandra Graskow, Danette; 63, 117 resens, Roger, 117 romek, Tom; 11 7 rovenburg, Gloria ulsvig, Paul; 93, 1 1 7 Hager, Timothy Hagfors, Sharon; 117 Hoggor, Jordan I Hahn, Mono; 59, 11 7 I Haley, Timothy | Holt, Jeff; 117 Hanstad, Rhonda; 1 1 7 fl| Hanxely, Patricia Hanzlik, Sue; 56, 83, 117m Hara, Debbie; 63, 66, 7Qf 83, 1 1 8, 101 Harris, Tom; 69, 1 18 Harris, Tim; 118 Harstad, Paul; 80, 82, 118 Hauck, Thresa Haugberg, Debbie? 67, 118 Haywood, Anne, Healy, Tim; 11 8, 171 Heiges, Neil; 84, 11 8 Helm, Joe; 82, 1 18 Hennessy, Joan Hennum, jianiel j Herbert, Sue, 54, 55j 2, 67, 118 j Herlofsky, David Herrmann, Ron; 48, 50, 118 Hickerson, Robyn Hietalo, Janice; 55,58, 118 Higgins, Pat; 118 Higgins, Sue; 118 Hocker, David; 118 Hoem, Jenell; 119 Hoff, Gene; 119 Hoff, Greg, 119 Holger, Bob; 27, 95,97, 119 Hade, Andrea Holscher, Brandon; 52, 53, 55, 56, 119, 62 Holt, Susan Homo, Jill; 22, 54, 55, 63, 119 Hoskins, Debra; 60, 119 Hudoba, Lulu; 119 Huebsch, Milinda; 119 Hume, Dave; 26, 62, 43,119 Huss, Wendy; 67,119 Hyska, Mike lacareila, Kevin; 34, 119 lacarella, Phillip; 53, 66, 84, 119 Ignatowicz, Dale; 62 Iskierka, Roger; 119 Iverson, Connie Jacobsen, Douglas Jacobson, Donna, 119 Jagiela, Julie; 119 Jagieiski, Theresa Jarosak, Jean; 31,60, 62,119 Jernall, Paula; 55, 80, 119 Jesse, John, 55, 62, 107, 120 Johnson, Amy Johnson, Barton Johnson, Dave; 120 Johnson, Deborah Johnson, Jim; 120 Johnson, Jay, 48, 55, 56, 50, 81.82, 120 Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Pat; 120 Johnson, Randy Lee Johnson, Randy R.; 120 Johnson, Richard; 120 Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Susan; 120 Johnson, Tom, 120 Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Tim; 90, 1 20 Johnston, Jeff Joncos, Babette; 22, 23, 55, 62, 67, 120 Jones, Dean, 120 Jones, Ruth; 120 Joseph, Don; 120 Juntunen, Ellen Kacheroski, Cindy; 62, 64. 82. 96, 97, 120 Katrinak, Martin; 120 Keck, Val; 1 20 Keiser. loni; 120, 171 Kelley, Nancy, 121 Kilian, Connie Kille, Shannon Kimber, Donald Kingen, Jess Kmit, Kathy; 26, 40, 43, 62, 121 Knutson, Clark Kokosh, Jim; 68, 121 Kolodge, Lynnette; 1 21 Korzenowski, John; 23,31, 34, 55, 62, 1 21 4 Koski, Jim; 121 Kotchen, Steve; 27, 121 Kowal, Daniel Kramer, Eugene Kreidler, Cynthia; 121 Krepis, Dave; 81 Krier, Debbie; 121 Krystymak, Cheryl Kuch. Ruth; 54,62, 121 Kochintki, Su(e; 121 Kuduk. Doon? 64, 121 KutzLo, John; 96, ,121 23,122 122 Moody, Michael; 95,97, 125 Moren, Lori; 125 Moses, Tim, 125 Mrojfla, Jim, 125 Munson, Cindy Murray, Jeanne Nafstad, Tom; 125 Neeb, Becky; 125 Neske, Steven Niznik, Mary; 125 Nordquist, Wendy; 21,56. 59, 125, 170 Norling, Kristi; 4, 34, 60, 125 Norling, Tim; 68. 125 Nygaard, John; 52, 53, 69, 125 O’Brien, Robin; 125 Oberg, Mike; 125 Olsen, Geoff; 126 Olson, Kim Olson, Randal Olson, Sandy Olson, Shelly; 126 Ondich, Toni; 126 Ordyniec, Joe, 39, 58, 59 Ose, Mark; 48, 50, 126 Palermo, Ronald Palmquist, James Parker, Theodore Patch, Connie; 126 Patraw, Debbie; 126 Poyne, James, 48, 50, 1 26 Peterson, Sandy, 54. 126 Petrangelo, Nick; 90, 1 26 Petrosewich, John; 20, 55, 106, I 26 Pfaff, Don; 1 26 Pierce, Cindi; 58, 1 26 Pierce, Lori; 54, 63, 126 Pisarski, Linda; 126 Plantenberg, Karen; 63, 106, 1 27 Ponsonby, Tammy; 127 Porter, Sheryl; 127 Procenko,Leo Prondzinski, Daniel; 127 Prose, Bradley Provo, Dave; 1 27 Ptak, Don,-31, 48, 55,56. T06, 109, 127 Rojfor, Theresa! 127. 170 - ■■"‘■ -,98,127 yicz, ire, 1 «, Cindy, 122 Tn, 122 uh,John, 122 ' 1 , Scott; 122 , Borfearo; 4, 34, 62, 122 pn. Barb; 60, 122 Lewis, Gregs] 22 Lillie. Anne; 39, 58, 59, 62, 122 lindberg, Jim® 22 Lindner, Chad s Loren, Leanne; 123 lown|Jackie; 60, 108, 123 Lundberg, Tim; 123 Luniewski, BeckyJ. Mock, Tom; 123 Matko. Joe; 123 Made, Bob, 123 Bolec, Colleen; 123 by, Linda builler, Keifh; 93 ps, David; 123 Karen; 123 1 kDove;)23 I Marquardt, Joanne, 1 23 Mastro, Patrick; 123 Matheson, Betty; 63, 101, 123 Mathison, Kathleen Matthes, Ralph; 39. 52, 53, 58, 59, 86, 123, 107 Mayfield, George McCabe, Mike, 23, 86, 123 McCabe, Michele; 22, 66, 67, 101, 123 McGuire, William McLellan, Scott; 124 McMurchie, Dan; 86, 98, 124 McQuarrie, Jeff; 1 24 McQuillan, Patricia; 58, 67, 124 McQuillan, Thomas Mead, Sandra; 124 Meade, Stacey; 64, 109, 124 Melhus, Jill; 63, 70, 124 Menard, Randy; 124 Meyer, Laura Meyers, Pat; 124 Miehnowski, Timothy Milanovkh, Georgeann; 67, 124 Milanovich, Louie Milewski, Jane; 124 Milewski, Julie; 124 Miller, Cynthia; 34, 35, 60, 62, 124 Miller, Darrel; 40, 42, 62, 104, 124, 171 Miller, Pam; 67, 124 Minarik, Julie; 22, 54, 55, 56, 66, 82, 106, 124 Misencik, Sue; 124 Miszkiewicz, Alice; 124 Mocbinskt, Terry; 98, 125 127 63.101.127 Sheri F' gene ee; 127 I, Jerry; 31,34, 90, 98. 127 Rotondo, Pete; 1 2 Roy, John, 1 27 Russell, Ranee; 127 Ryan, Mike Saba, Cindy; ifc7, 128 Saba, Keith Sand, Steven; 1 28 Sandohl, KeithjJ Sorted, Karen;! Sorted, Kelly; Sorted, Keri; 40 Schardin, Cindy, 58. 128 Schibilla, Dean Schires, Steven Schlundt, Lyle; 21, 48,56.62. 128 Schneider. Tim; 53, 55, 62, 82, 108, 1 28 Schrempp. Mary Jo; 1 28 Schroedl, Richard; 128 Schulio, Tony; Jl, 34,98, 1 9 Schultz, Greg; 53, 55, 77. 128 Schutta, Stephanie; 1 28 Schwartz, Roger; 90, 1 28 Schwoikert, Ondy; 64, 128 Schwochert, Elaine; 48, 101, 107, 128 Seawell, Don, 128, 31, 35. 34. 86, 87 Sedlock, Carole Severson, Vernon Sherbanenko, Victor Sherf, Bruce, 95, 97, 106. 129 Sherican, Timothy; 1 29 Sherin, Matt; 129 Shoppe, Alice, 60, 129 Shupien, Laurie? 22, 40, 55, 62, 67, 129 Siedlecki, Mary; 1 29 Skelly, Lisa; 129 Skwiera, Thomas Slavin, Kola Slimak, Steve? 60, 129 Smith, Susan; 40,62,129. 170 Snavely, Sanaa Sneison, Mike? 129 Snipstad, Debbie? 129 Sodd, Bette; 108, 129 Soltys, Carol; 130 Soltys, Joanne $olz, Rosanne? 22, 55, 62, 106, 1 30 Sotbern, Ted, 42, 43, 62, 67, 1 30 Sparrow, William Sroka, Genevieve; 130 Stachel, Rich; 90, 130 Stocy, Sue; 96, 97, 130 Stanek, Stephanie; 1 30 Stasica, Debbie; 130 -k 5, 96,128 128 173Staszewsky, Mary; 54, 62, 63, 1 30 Stawski, Michele; 60, 1 30 Stegora, Phil; 1 30 Steinke, Laurie; 130 Stephan, Sandy; 67, 1 30 Stern, Jon; 1 30 Srockman, Allen Stone, Theresa; 131 Strom, Douglas Struwne, Jeff; 131 Sunheim, Judy; 63, 131 Super, Barry; 131 Surma, Jeff Svensk, Cathy; 56, 66, 67, 83, 1 31 Swanson, Gary; 131 Swanson, Mark; 131 Swigart, Mary; 48, 50, 62, 63, 66, 82, 131, 171 Switzer, Nancy; 58, 131 Sydloski, Laurie; 131 Szczeck, Susan; 39, 58, 1 31 Tadeusiak, Jo Dell; 131 Thiel, Kelly; 131 Thompson, Mike; 1 31 Thoreson, Debbie; 1 31 Thorson, Katherine; 58, 131 Thotland, Ted; 90, 1 31 Thunstrom, Mike; 86, 1 31 Thurman, Wesley; 1 32 Tomczyk, Scott; 86, 1 32 Tomschack, Rich; 20, 21 Trebisovsky, Mark; 1 32 Trocke, Cynthia Trooden, Diane; 55, 1 32 Turnquist, John Uchanski, Jerry; 84, 1 32 Urbanski, Louis; 67, 1 32 Van,Thang; 132 Varhol, Darla Varichak, Renee; 20, 28, 56, 67, 68, 63, 1 32 Vernon, Greg; 1 32 Viljoen, Magriet; 36, 52, 54, 66, 80, 82, 107, 1 32, 170 Vincent, Terry Waldera, Peggy; 64, 1 32 Walsh, Jeanne; 1 32 Warhol, Joe Warhol, Bob,-28, 90, 98, 132 Warhol, Tanya; 63, 66, 1 01, 1 32, 1 70 Warnke, Sandra Wasilak, Cindy; 1 32 Wator, Carmen; 89, 92, 1 32 Weimer, Ronald Weiss, Randall Weitbrecht, Ann; 67, 1 32 Wells, Nancy; 1 32 Wensing, John; 1 33 Wiese, Jeff; 133 Wilcox, Peter; 62, 108, 133 Willman, Debbie; 48, 51, 133 Winters, John; 133 Withrow, Donald Wogensen, Larry; 93, 1 33 Wojciak, Julie Worcester, Kathy; 1 33 Wrobleski, Mark; 133 Zaworski, Rebecca; 64, 1 33 Zimba, Tony; 1 33 Zukowski, Jean; 48, 51,55, 83, 1 33 Zurbey, Sue; 22, 23, 55, 1 23 JUNIORS Altmeyer, Charles; 1 34 Anderson, Brett; 1 34 Anderson, Kathryn; 1 34 Anderson, Kim; 53, 57, 48, 64, 1 34 Anderson, Mark; 1 34 Anderson, Mary Jo; 1 34 Anderson, Sandy; 58, 1 34 Anderson, Tim; 1 34 Anderson, Vickie; 134 Anderson, Wanda Archambault, Jeanine Archambault, Bob; 134 Arseneau, Mary; 48, 1 34 Axel, Tammy; 96, 134 Baker, Carole; 19 Bakun, David; 1 34 Banasik, Jim; 1 34 Banick, Daniel Barden, Paul Barno, Kathy; 48, 51 Baron, Mike; 1 34 Barton, Joseph; 1 34 Bartz, Kenny; 95, 1 34 Beck, Tammie; 134 Belawski, Nancy; 134 Belle, Isle, Rose Bender, Rosemary; 54, 59, 58, 66, 1 34 Bennett, Michelle; 67, 96, 1 34 Benson, Jerry; 48, 1 34 Benson, Julie Berg, David; 48, 86, 1 34 Berg, Janice; 134 Bergman, Robert; 1 34 Bergstrom, Kathy; 1 34 Bergstrom, Michelle Bergstrom, Tracey; 92, 1 34 Berry, Suzanne, 1 34 Birr, Jeffrey; 134 Bischoff, Claire; 20, 48, 134 Bishop, Charles Bishop, Michael; 1 34 Bishop, Paul; 1 34 Biskey, Terry Blahut, Patricia; 1 34 Blosberg, Sandy; 1 34 Blosberg, Sue; 68, 134 Bodner, Darlene; 58 Bodner, Vickie, 58, 134 Bohn, Jon; 1 34 Bonden, Ron; 134 Boos, Jay Borchers, Melody; 54, 58, 59, 1 34 Bornetun, Beth; 27, 62, 134 Boyce, Peter Boyer, Paula, 134 Brage, Kenneth; 134 Brandes, Peggy, 80, 92, 1 34 Brandes, Scott; 134 Brandt, Bonnie; 134 Bratsch, Roger; 134 Bray, Thomas Brecht, Nancy; 48,51,57, 1 34 Bresnahan, Doris ' Brethorst, Brian, 48, 93, 1 34 Brewer, Robin Briner, Pat; 134 Brobjorg, Joe; 1 34 Brown, David; 62, 87, 134 Brtek, Joyce Bruggenthies, Diane; 53, 62, 63, 1 34 Bryan, Mary Buehre, Patricia; 62, 82, 1 34 Buerke, Craig,- 134 Buerke, Jeff; 134 Buettner, Karen; 70, 1 34 Bulleigh, Patricia; 1 34 Bullock, Thomas; 1 34 Bunce, Ann; 52, 53, 62, 63, 134 Burdahl, David Burke, Greg, 1 34 Burke, Lee; 134 Burns, Mary Kay; 54, 68, 69, 134 Bursch, Brian, 1 34 Burzynski, Kathi; 1 34 Byzewski, Carla; 1 34 Calguire, Kathy; 1 34 Calistro, Ray; 1 34 Camp, Linda Champlin, Delaura; 54, 66, 134, 172 Capistrant, Schreen; 1 34 Carlson, Cheryl Lynn; 96, 1 34 Carlson, Cheryl; 54, 1 34 Carlson, Dan; 1 34 Carlson, Joanne; 134 Carlson, Kenneth; 48, 1 34 Carlson, Scott Chase, Libby; 39, 58, 59, 63, 1 34 Chiodo, Luanne; 62, 134 Cipala Jr., Bill; 134 Cisewski, Michael; 134 Clover, Michael Cohen, Vicki; 52, 53 Colberg, Paul Collodora, Lori; 1 34 Cominetti, Stephan, 134 Cooper, Kenneth Corbecky, Dorene; 57, 1 34 Cotroneo, Mark; 54, 1 34 Cox, Dearie Craig, Jeff Crandall, Michael Crohn, Dan; 1 36 Cronquist, Julie; 48, 50, 1 36 Crotty, Tom, 87, 1 36 Curtis, Donald; 136 Dahl, Susan Dalrymple, Roberta Danko, Andrew; 136 Dentz, Kevin, 1 36 Deyoe, Ken; 136 Dickson, Pat; 39, 48, 50, 136 Dinsmore, Barbara Donicht, Richard; 1 36 Dorn, Milo; 136 Dougherty, Nancy; 54, 1 36 Duffee, Patrick Duffy, Terri; 136 Duncan, Sherry Dunn, Larry; 48, 62, 1 36 Dupay, Cindy, 48,51, 136 Durham, Mike Dutcher, Dave, 1 36 Earley, Brad; 136 Earsom, Michael Eaton, Nanette; 59, 1 36 Eaton, Sue; 48, 50, 136 Eckstrom, Joann; 1 36 Egeland, Dave, 136 Ekberg, Debra Ekstrom, Janet; 70, 101, 136 Eliason, Lee Eliason, Linda, 136 Ellis, Larry; 1 36 Elverum, Kathy Emerson, Kathy, 136 Emerson, Bill; 1 36 Engebretson, Debbie; 1 36 Engebretson, Jim, 48, 50, 81, 136 Engelmeier, Timothy, 1 36 English, Edward Engstrom, Jim, 90, 136 Erickson, Brian, 48, 1 36 Esnough, David Faber, Paul Farder, James, 1 36 Farley, Debbie Fedor, Donna Fedora, Betty; 48, 57, 101, 136 Felicetta, Mary; 1 36 Fellegy, Lynn; 70, 1 36 Felling, Sheryl; 62, 101, 136 Femrite, Timothy; 136 Ferrara, Debra; 1 36 Ferraro, Annette; 48, 51,136 Fishbeck, Steve, 48, 93, 136 Forbes, Theresa Ford, Patricia; 67, 1 36 Formica, Tammie Forsythe, Jean; 58, 1 36 Forthmiller, Patricia Foss, Robert Foster, Mark Frederickson, Lisa; 1 36 Freeman, Pamela, 48, 50, 1 36 French, Lorelei Fussy, Kimberly; 1 36 Futcher, Ruth; 1 36 Gadbois, James; 136 Gaines, Alfred Gaines, Vicky; 1 36 Gallagher, Julie; 1 36 Gallus, Sue, 1 36 Gantz, David; 1 36 Gardinier, Phillip; 1 36 Gates, William, 1 37 Gemmel, Linda; 137 George, Edward; 137 Ginnaty, Annette, 48, 89, 92, 137 Girard, Daniel Glodek, Nancy; 53, 57, 137 Gooden, Robin; 52, 53, 137 Goodrie, Karen; 67, 137 Gorman, Donald Gorski, Laura, 137 Grafft, Gordon; 1 37 Grausam, Mary; 62, 64, 137 Greschner, Mike, 137 Grill, Tim; 1 37 Gruenberg, Brian; 1 37 Grygar, Robert; 137 Guth, Robert, 1 37 Hadjiyanis, Kathy; 1 37 Hadler, Alan Hodler, Brenda; 1 37 Hage, Paula, 63, 1 37 Hagfors, Janet; 137 Haider, Bonita; 137 Haley, Michael; 1 37 Hallberg, Gregory Hamm, Steve; 137 Hampton, Kevin; 58, 137 Hanlon, Mithell Hanzely, Kathleen Hanzely, Kenny; 1 37 Hardy, Sonja, 1 37 Harmasz, Victor Hawkins, James; 137 Healy, Kathy; 1 37 Hedler, Gloria, 21,28, 57, 92, 1 37, 171 Hedrick, Sharon Heiling, Paullette Helmbrecht, Karen; 24, 57, 62, 1 37 Hendrickson, Jon, 58, 1 37 Henry, Suzanne; 1 37 Herbert, Barb; 80, 101, 137 Hillerins, Nancy; 20, 24, 48, 92, 1 37 Hinkel, Mark; 137 Hitchens, Cheryl; 1 38 Hoff, Gary; 1 38 Holden, Cynthia Honecker, David Hopkins, Marjorie Hougen, Marcy; 1 38 Howell, Paul; 138 Howltz, Susan; 48, 63, 138 Hruska, Terrie; 48, 51, 138 Huddleston, Judy; 138 Humann, Carletta; 1 38 Hume, Margeret; 26, 1 38 Hunt, Debbie, 1 38 Hunt, Sherrie, 19 lacarella, Rita lacarella, Susan Invie, Cindy; 1 38 Iverson, Cheryl; 1 38 Jachymowski, John; 1 38 Jackson, Leslie, 1 38 Jacobsen, Jean; 1 38 Jaremko, James, 1 38 Jaremko, Marlene, 1 38 Jaworski, Tina; 21,24, 53, 54, 58, 92, 1 38 Jelinek, Dave; 138 Jelinek, Denise; 48, 1 38 Jensen, Rose; 26, 68, 80, 138 Jesse, Kathy, 48, 1 38 Jeziorski, James; 138 Johnsen, Gerald Johnson, Barb; 138 Johnson, Bev; 1 38 Johnson, Daniel; 138 Johnson, Deron; 1 38 Johnson, Gregg; 138 Johnson, Jill; 1 38 Johnson, Judy; 27, 50, 80, 138 Johnson, Kirby, 43, 48, 50, 138 Johnson, Mary, 139 Johnson, Michael; 139 Johnson, Penny Johnson, Richard; 1 39 Johnson, Robert; 1 39 Johnson, Scott; 139 Johnston, Pamela Johnstone, Dawn; 21,58, 1 39 Jones, Kim; 139 Jordan, Theresa Jorgenson, Peter, 1 39 Joseph, Linda, 139 Jurichko, Michael, 48, 69, 81,82, 1 39 Kaczor, Tony; 1 39 Kalina, Craig; 1 39 Kalina, Pat; 53, 67, 139 Kalitnikow, Larry Kamrath, Rick; 1 39 Karnes, Kelly Karnopp, Sandy Kaser, Kari Kay, Allen Keiser, Lani; 21,80 Kelly, Connie, 21,54, 62, 139 Kennison, Donna; 139 Kimber, Teresa; 67 Kirberger, Terry; 139 Kitt, John; 48, 57, 93, 1 39 Kmit, Christina, 48, 139 Knapper, Katherine; 62, 64, 1 39 Koblas, David; 54,93, 139 Kocourek, Sharon; 67, 139 Kohanek, Michael; 69, 139 Kohn, Chris; 1 39 Korzenowski, Julie, 53, 83, 1 39 Kowahl, Beth; 1 39 Kramasz, Charles, 139 Kramer, Sandra; 48, 1 39 Kriesel, Julie Krueger, Karrie; 1 39 Kruse, Nancy; 1 39 Kudzia, Randy; 48, 139 Keuhn, Barb; 48, 1 39 Kuntz, Ted; 1 39 Kurth, William; 1 39 Kwiecen, Lloyd; 1 39 Labandz, Rick Laberge, Jocelyn; 24, 62, 1 39 Lach, Robert; 48, 1 39 Laclaire, Sue Lagrange, Beth; 68, 139 Lagrange, Dan; 1 39 Lalonde, Bert Langlais, Paul Lapage, Eilleen Lapoint, Robin; 1 39 Larcom, Charles Larsen, Karen, 139 Larson, Cathy; 139 Larson, Ramono Lasser, tom; 139 Leese, Patricia; 139 Lemke, Brian; 1 39 Lesnau, David; 139 Letournau, Delaine, 1 39 Letournau, Zephryn; 1 39 Lewis, Cindee, 1 39 Lieske, Richard Lillie, Paul; 1 39 Lind, Barbro; 70, 1 39 Lindahl, Lois; 1 39 Lindbergh, Kenneth; 139 Lindgren, Larry; 1 39 Lingwall, Debra Linn, Laura, 1 39 Lintner, Dale Lipa, Steven; 140 Lofgren, Ambernette Loken, Patricia Loomis, Gary; 1 40 Lord, Susan Lorentzen, Terry; 68 Loso, Michelle; 80, 140 Luniewski, Thomas; 140 Luppino, Gregory, 140 Macko, William,- 1 40 Maloney, Eileen, 67, 1 40 Mancino, Cheryl; 140 Maninger, Cindy Manley, Joe Manoleff, Donna; 48, 51, 140 Marsolais, Mary; 140 Marcus, Dave Masica, Christine Masico, Scott; 86, 140 Mast, Matt; 140 Mathison, Cindy Mattson, Kris, 140 Mattys, Thomas; 140 Mayer, James; 90, 1 40 Mayfield, Steven, 140 McCollow, Dan; 140 McCoy, Rich; 140 McCoy, Rob; 140 McGowan, Barb; 140 MaNamara, Mark; 140 McNeal, James, 48, 50, 95, 140 McNiff, Charles McQuillan, Nancy; 140 Melos, Mary Melgren, Tammy; 140 Merrit, Kevin 174Mikelson, Sherna Milewski, Mary; 40, 67 140 Miller, Gary; 140 Minchow, Kathleen Minor, Robert Miscowiec, Pam; 140 Miscowiec, Michael; 140 Mlinar, Amy; 140 Mochinski, Ray; 68, 140 Moore, Lori; 67, 140 Moran, Carole; 140 Morauit, Brian; 140 Morris, Paul; 140 Morris, Sally; 54, 67, 140 Mott, Marcelyn; 43, 48, 59, 140 Mozey, Dale; 140 Mrugala, Cindy; 140 Mulvihill, John; 140 Muncy, Bonnie; 140 Murman, Mervin Murphy, Patty; 140 Murphy, Patricia Murphy, Tim, 140 Murzyn, Gerard; 140 Nazlund, James; 140 Nebel, Mark; 48, 50, 141 Neeb, Mike; 59, 86, 141 Neidlein, Hans-Christoph Nelson, Armand; 39, 59, 141 Nelson, Kimberly,- 141 Nelson, Samual; 68, 141 Nelson, Todd Neshiem, Diane; 141 Neske, Alan Newberg, Gayle,- 141 Newcombe, Daniel Newman, Joseph Nickel, Mary Jo Niziol, Dale; 141 Nordling, Chris Novak, Mary; 141 O'Brien, Lind a; 141 O'Rourke, Kristi; 53, 57, 63, 67, 141 Och, Debbie Oelrich, Jacquline; 141 Olson, Kurt; 141 Olson, Mark; 141 Olson, Scott Onsrud, Julie,- 48, 60, 62, 141 Opatrny, Mervin; 141 Orvis, Charles; 141 Oulette, David; 141 Pachl, Kevin; 1 41 Paquette, Tom; 141 Parrot, Jerry; 1 41 Pasicznyk, Mary Payne, Cathy; 50, 101,141 Pearson, Mitch; 93, 141 Pelky, Dori; 141 Peterson, Curt; 141 Peterson, Harold; 141 Peterson, Katherine Petrowitz, Nancy; 48, 141 Pettit, Jim; 141, 171 Pfeifer, Douglass,- 141 Piekarczyk, James; 141 Pipono, Samara Piper, Mary; 141 Plumb, Tom; 141 Pollack, Jeffrey; 141 Pollack, Steven; 141 Pomerenke, Rick; 141 Pommier, Mary Jane; 54, 66, 141 Pomroy, Robert Ponsonby, Kevin; 141 Pope, Carrie; 62, 141 Presley, Sharyl Price, Mary Prondzinsky, Joe; 141 Provo, Raymond; 141 Radick, Suzanne Radyjewski, Mary; 62, 141 Raines, David; 141 Ramin, King; 141 Rampi, Mary Ann; 142 Ramsburg, Jeff; 142 Rath, Carol,- 142 Rawlings, Perry; 142 Reiman, Steve Remer, Pam; 142 Renner, Dan; 142 Reynolds, Dean; 81,142 Reynolds, Tom,- 28, 142 Richmond, Sandy; 53, 62, 142 Richtor, Ron,- 142 Rickard, Cindy; 142 Ridley, torrie; 59, 67, 142 Riedel, Jim; 142 Ringdal, Cynthia; 62, 96, 142 Roberts, Marilyn Rog, Mary; 64, 142 Rogers, Mark Rondeau, Jay,- 142 Rorem, Rich; 48, 62,95, 142 Rorem, Sue; 48, 80, 142 Rottelo, Tony,- 48, 142 Roy, Sue; 142 Russel, Julie Rutz, Jerelyn; 68, 142 Sadecky, Tim; 90, 142 Sagrillo, Jon,- 142 Salo, Debra; 142 Sam, Elaine; 142 Samletzka, Pat; 142 Sanchez, Marie Sarich, Scott; 142 Savage, Tony; 142 Savage, Chris,- 96, 142 Scalzo, Dino Scerbo, Debbie Schander, Bobbi; 39, 58, 67, 1 42 Schiek, Clif; 20,21,48, 142 Schlee, Christopher; 142 Schleicher, Dale; 68, 142 Schnell, Frank; 142 Schommer, James; 85, 142 Schroeder, Jerry; 142 Schwants, Greg; 142 Schwartz, Joe,- 142 Sederburg, Michael; 142 Seiple, James,- 142 Senko, Charlotte; 58, 142 Serafin, Mark; 142 Seviola, Sandra; 142 Sexton, Jill; 142 Sharp, Angela; 63, 143 Sharpe, Darrell; 143 Sheldon, Mary; 58, 67, 143 She I land, Scott; 143 Sherin, Mike,- 143 Sherman, Jeff; 98, 143 Sivanich, Jim,- 143 Skochinski, Jeff; 143 Swarak, Roberta; 143 Skweira, Bob; 143 Slimak, Andra; 143 Smith, Debra Smith, Vickie; 143 Smithers, Jamie; 143 Smoter, Tim; 143 Sobon, Michael; 143 Sohlberg, Randy,- 143 Soland, Cheri; 143 Solberg, Julie; 54, 58, 143 Solem, Steve; 143 Southerland, Pamela Sowada, Doris; 67 Spangler, Mark Spano, Teri; 62, 143 Spencer, Steve Sroga, Jeff; 39, 143 Stahl, Lila; 143 Stancek, Tom Stegora, Debbie; 26, 54, 57, 59, 68, 1 43 Stein, Randy,- 1 43 Stenstrom, Randy; 143 Stephan, Keith; 143 Sternberg, Carol Stevens, Debra Stocki, Jerry; 143 Stowell, Debbie; 143 Stroinski, James; 143 Sufka, Pamela Sufka, Walter Super, Clarence; 143 Surek, Jack; 143 Sushak, Joan; 64, 143 Susick, Thomas Swanson, Christina,- 143 Swanson, Walter Syverson, Martha,- 39, 58, 59, 143 Tanzer, Jenell; 66, 70, 1 43 Taylor, Dave Temple, Janet; 143 Thomas, Gary,- 143 Thompson, Donald; 143 Thompson, Kelly; 69, 1 43 Thompson, Michael Thompson, Millie Thunstrom, Neal; 143 Thurman, Liz; 80, 96, 143 Toler, Keith; 143 Tomczyk, Sandy; 68, 143 Toth, Becky; 63, 144 Tracyk, Kim,- 58, 144 Troan, Ted Trombley, Pam; 48, 51, 144 Turner, Sheryl; 52, 53, 1 44 Unruh, Nanette; 69, 144 Vangorden, Lori Vanslooten, Kirk; 144 Vanvickle, Curtis,- 144 Vanyo, John,- 52, 53, 144 Varhol, Debra Varhol, Donna; 144 Vigness, Dave Vogel, Andrea,- 144 Vogel, Annette; 144 Vogt, Gary; 144 Voit, Gary; 144 Walzak, Mork Waliof, Jeff; 144 Ware, Jon; 144 Warhol, Carolyn Watson, Julie Watten, Craig,- 144 Watters, Michael; 1 44 Way, Cynthia; 83, 144 Wedgewood, Joan; 144 Weeber, Beverly Weidenbach, Dale; 144 Weinstock, Debbie,- 144 Weiss, Melanie; 1 44 Wells, Charlene; 144 Wells, Bobbi, 57, 67, 144 West, Charles Westphal, Duane Whitaker, Walter; 144 Wiegmann, John; 144 Wiersgalla, Dave,- 144 Wiggin, Robin,- 54, 58, 63, 68, 69, 1 44 Wilkerson, Mike; 144 Williams, Mike; 144 Winkler, Paula Wohlk, Varnon; 86, 144 Wojaik, Joanne; 58, 144 Wontor, Peggy; 1 44 Wood, Linda; 144 Woods, John; 144 Woolery, Ron; 144 Worcester, Kevin; 69, 1 44 Wu, George,- 20, 59, 96, 144 Yanta, Joe; 144 Yates, Donald Zandlo, Mary; 144 Zavadka, Ray Zbikowski, Roger,- 144 Zebro, Nancy,- 144 Zimba, Doug; 144 Zimpel, Anna Zukowski, Anthony,- 144 SOPHOMORES Abraham, Ted; 81, 148 Affeldt, Terri; 58 Akron, Colleen Alexander, Michelle Alexander, Paul; 148 Altendorf, Oral; 63, 67, 148 Andersen, Eddie,- 148 Anderson, Chuck; 1 48 Anderson, Cheryl; 48, 50, 96, 1 48 Anderson, David; 73, 1 48 Anderson, Linda A.; 148 Anderson, Linda K.; 59, 148 Anderson, Lori; 48, 148 Anderson, Lynn,- 48, 1 48 Anderson, Mark; 1 48 Anderson, Michael; 148 Anderson, Nancy; 70, 83, 1 48 Anderson, Robin,- 1 48 Anderson, Steve; 1 48 Arne, Joel; 85, 148 Arnemann, Wally; 1 48 Arntson, Sandy; 96, 148 Arvidson, April; 62, 148 Ash, James; 148 Austad, Keith; 148 Babcock, Thomas Bailey, Michelle; 63, 148 Bailey, Sue, 58, 68, 148 Baird, Greg,- 148 Baird, Peggy, 148 Bakker, Dawn,- 1 48 Balko, Dave,- 148 Ballanger, Jim; 148 Ballot, Jesse Barkley, Greg,- 85, 148 Baron, Tony; 148 Baron, Teresa; i48 Bartlett, Steve; 52, 53, 148 Bauer, Cheryl Beard, Terry Beaupre, Richaru; 148 Beers, Steven Belille, Chris Bell, Donna,- 67, 69, 148 Benson, Linda; 54, 62, 148 Berg, Robert; 148 Beshara, Kathryn Bialka, Linda,- 148 Bickford, Rick; 48, 62, 81, 148 Bielawski, John,- 148 Biernat, Mary,- 48, 1 48 Bilek, Colleen; 148 Bilges, Debbi; 54, 58, 148 Bingen, Laurie; 148 Biskey, Kelly; 148 Bisset, Julie; 62, 1 48 Blackowiak, Pamela; 48, 62, 70, 92, 148 Blake, Steve Blegen, Phil; 148 Biosberg, Gail; 80, 148 Blosberg, Kathy; 148 Bodner, Susan; 59, 1 48 Bohlman, James; 58, 69, 149 Bolin, Cindy; 149 Borchers, Dawn,- 48, 66, 83, 149 Bordwell, Anne; 48, 50, 63, 101, 149 Borris, Nancy; 149 Bosell, Todd; 48, 81, 149 Brandt, Peggy Bresnahan, Karen,- 149 Brevig, Ted; 149 Brody, Chris,- 58, 149 Brown, Allan Browning, Scott; 149 Brozak, Cindy; 149 Brozyna, Julie,- 58, 149 Bulleigh, Jim; 149 Burge, Patty; 54, 149 Burkland, Scott; 73, 149 Burns, Kathy; 1 49 Butterfield, Cheryl; 63, 149 Collies, Laurie; 149 Camarillo, Tony; 149 Carder, Lori; 149 Carlson, Brad; 149 Carlson, Joy; 149 Carlson, Nancy; 149 Carlson, Bob; 48, 58, 149 Carlson, Steve; 48, 85, 149 Carr, Randall; 149 Cary, Nancy; 149 Champeau, Jon; 149 Champeau, Joseph; 149 Chartraw, Charles Chartraw, William Chiodo, Allan Ciesynski, Diane; 63, 1 49 Clark, Ken; 149 Clark, Timothy Clover, Joseph; 58, 73, 149 Cole, Michael Colvin, Therese,- 53, 57, 149 Combs, Brenda,• 149 Combs, Linda; 149 Conrad, James; 150 Corbett, Susan; 62, 1 50 Cox, Theresa Craig, Lee; 58, 1 50 Croon, Patricia Daher, John Dahl, Phillip,- 1 50 Daleki, Gary; 90, 150 Dame, Dara,- 150 Danielson, Faith; 150 Danielson, Karla Darsow, Doug,- 150 Daun, Donna Davis, Randy; 73, 86, 150 Dean, Jim,- 150 Deeth, Terrance Demars, Leoallen Detmer, Debbie; 48, 150 Devito, Frank; 52, 53, 1 50 Dewitt, Doug; 150 Diffley, Colleen; 150 Dimmerman, Thomas; 150 Dooley, Shawn; 85, 150 Dooner, Diane; 150 Dougherty, Sherry; 1 50 Dovenmuehler, Cindy; 1 50 Doyle, Steve; 150 Drews, Janet; 1 50 Duckworth, Robert; 150 Duncan, Brenda; 1 50 Dupay, Bill; 90, 1 50 Durham, Vicky ... Dutcher, Theodore; 150 Dvorak, Jay; 150 Dvorak, Lawrence Ecker, Douglas Edin, Nancy; 150 Egeland, Teresa; 62, 150 Eidsvold, Kevin; 150 Elavsky, Lori Ellingboe, Sarah; 150 Ellis, Charlene; 26, 54, 150 Elwood, Curtis; 151 Elwood, Redecca,- 150 Engdahl, Jill; 62, 151 Engebretson, Denise,- 57, 62, 151 Engrov, Margaret Erickson, Michael; 151 Erickson, Steve; 151 Estum, Sue; 151 Evangelist, Joe; 73, 86, 151 Fahr, Hellen; 151 Felling, Don,-73, 151 Ficken, Michael Fietek, Cindy; 151 Firle, Paul; 73, 151 Fischer, Debra Fisher, Cynthia; 58, 151 Fix, Thomas; 69, 151 Fjerstad, James; 80, 151 Flagg, Patricia Fortune, Wayne,- 151 Foslien, Mark; 1 51 Fox, Theresa; 151 Freund, Sherry; 151 Fuss, Tichard; 151 Gacek, Robin; 151 Godbois, Michael; 151 Gadbois, Tori; 151 Gaines, Al; 1 51 Gantz, Mike; 151 Gardin, Kathy; 80, 96, 151 Gavin, Burt; 151 Gavino, Evangeline,- 20, 54, 151 Geil, Don; 90, 91, 151 Gemlo, Bradley; 48, 151 Gerber, David; 151 Gestach, Ray Giancola, Michael Gibson, Jim; 151 Gideo, Tom,- 151 Gill, Matthew,- 151 Gilmore, Mark Girard, Kent; 151 Glubke, Richard; 48, 50, 62, 73, 95, 151 Goeppnet, Jerome; 151 Goers, Mark; 151 Golden, Kathleen Gondorchin, Janice; 151 Goodmen, GeorgeGorecki, Darlene Kuduk, Kelly; 153 Palm, Lila; 156 Graack, Susan; 59, 62, 92, 96, 151 Kueosfing, Jeff; 153 Paquette, Jon; 156 Grandy, Patsy; 69, 151 Kukielka, Dan; 153 Paquette, Rita; 156 Grow, Julie; 39, 58, 151 Kurok, Chuck, 153 Parrow, Nancy; 156 Guth, Sharon; 20, 54, 58, 151 LaBerge, Natalie; 62, 153 Pasma, Joseph; 93, 156 Hack, Danny; 151 Lacey, Mike; 154 Patterson, Valarie Hager, Joan; 151 Langiewicz, Michael; 154 Paulson, Becky Hagfors, David; 73, 151 Langlais, Nancy; 154 Paulson, David; 156 Halley, Myron; 1 51 Larcom, Randy Paulson, Martin, 58, 68, 156 Hammerstrom, Jane; 54, 59, 62, 66, 151 Larson, Craig Payne, John; 48, 156 Hannlon, Gail Larson, Mary; 48, 154 Peach, Jeffrey Hanson, Joey Larson, Richard; 73, 87, 1 54 Pearson, Jenny, 156 Hanstad, Vanessa; 151 Lasser, Jim,- 154 Pearson, John,- 48,156 Haro, Steve,- 1 51 Leser, Mark; 154 Peasley, Gail, 156 Harris, Dianna; 1 37 Letourneau, Veronica; 70, 83, 154 Pederson, Jeffrey Harris, Sue; 58, 151 Levercom, Christine Perry, Steve,- 48, 50, 156 Harstad, Maryanna; 62, 80, 151 Levercom, Nancy Persell, Judy; 54, 62, 66, 156 Hart, Pat; 73, 151 1 m Lewis, Chris,- 154 Person, Marty,- 48, 93, 156 Hass, Karen; 151 Lewis, Patty; 154 Perzel, Dan; 156 Hastings, Richard; 151 Ligman, Lori; 154 Peterson, Mike; 156 Hattouni, Tonia; 28, 57, 62, 63, 151 p Lillie, Mary; 59, 62, 154 Peterson, Randy,- 48, 156 Hecklund, Anita; 152 Lindquist, Theresa; 154 Pettit, Patty; 156 Heggem, Renee; 152 Lindstrom, Charles; 58, 154 Pfaff, Ronnie,- 156 Hegstrom, Matlys; 62, 152 Lintner, Wayne; 1 54 Pierce, Mike; 156 Heiges, Anita,- 80, 92, 152 Loren, Sandy,-1 54 Pietruszewski, Mark; 156 Hendrickson, Nancy Lopata, Louis , Polok, Mark; 156 Higgins, Ernest; 152 Loso, Christopher; 73, 154 Pomerleau, Vickie; 156 Higgins, Karen; 57, 62, 63, 1 52 Lowell, Mark Portlance, Steven Hines, Laurie; 48, 62, 63, 57, 96, 152 Lown, Curt; 154 Protasiewicz, Frank; 95, 156 Holen, Vincent; 152 r Loyas, Jeanine; 154 Pruett, Bert; 156 Holmgren, Laurie w Lubinski, Troy; 154 Pudney, Bill; 156 Holscher, Mark; 152 Lundeen, Bill; 48, 62, 81, 154 Pugh, Steven Homan, Renee; 62, 152 Lunderby, Brenda,- 154 Pugsley, Paul; 62, 73, 156 Honeck, Laurie,- 152 Lundgren, Lori Pundyk, Roman Hood, Jamey; 48, 50,57, 101, 152 Lynch, Torn; 20, 21,48, 62, 154 Rademacher, Sabrina; 20, 24, 48, 50, 54, 63, 66, 69, 1 56, 171 Horvereid, Jon; 152 Maas, Teresa; 154 Rath, Curtis Howard, Nick; 73, 152 Maciej, Gary; 73, 85, 154 Reber, Lee Ann; 156 Hoyez, Debbie; 152 Mack, Dan,- 154 Reed, Kenneth; 48, 50, 73, 156 Hruby, Mike; 152 Macko, Ann; 154 Rehnelt, Duwayne; 156 Huble, Colleen; 50, 96, 152 Macoskey, Kaye; 48, 154 R riman, Wanda Huble, Collette; 48, 62, 96, 152 Madajewski, Michael Remer, Joel; 156 Huehn, Walter; 1 52 Madnan, Martha; 59, 154 Resch, John, 156 Huss, Brian; 1 52 Marchiafava, Cathy; 154 Restad, Greg; 156 Hutchison, Carol; 48, 58, 152 Marcouiller, David; 62, 93, 154 Ricci, Lori; 156 Hyvare, Nancy; 58, 62, 152 Mark, Lesa Richmond, Gary; 156 Hyska, Robert; 152 Martin, Liz; 59, 70, 154 Richter, Brett; 156 lacarella, Greg,- 87, 152 Martin, Bill; 27, 154 Ridley, Ginny lacarella, Jim; J, oo, 1 oz Mathison, Toni; 54, 58, 154 Kivaro, James; 4o, LOO Inks, Cindy; 152 Mathhes, Dan; 73, 87, 154 Rivard, Mari; 156 Invie, Cheryl; 152 Matthes, Larry; 154 Rodger, Rosemary; 156 Iskierka, Ron,- 152 Mauer, Patty; 48, 62, 154 Roeder, Daniel; 59 Iverson, Terry; 152 Mayfield, Karl; 154 Roethke, Mike; 156 Jablonsky, Paul; 20, 27, 24, 1 52 Mazur, Andy; 87, 154 Roff, Dan; 156 Jacobs, Jerry; 90, 152 McDonald, John; 154 Rog, Barry Jacobson, Penny; 152 McGovern, Peggy; 48, 154 Rohrbacher, Hugh; 98, 157 Jagielski, Sandy; 152 McGuire, Kimberly Rolek, Joe; 157 Jarosak, Terri; 58, 152 McNaughton, Arthur; 154 Roo, Laurie Jaroscak, Tom,- 152 McPherson, Mike; 68,154 Rose, Mike; 157 Jensen, Randy; 1 52 Melgren, Vicki; 154 Rosemeyer, Jeff; 81, 157 Johnson, Becky Merritt, Tammy; 155 Rossi, Pat; 73,91, 157 Johnson, Bev; 48, 152 Merry, Orlan; 155 Roswofd, Doug; 157 Johnson, Cori; 152 Merry, Theresa; 155 Rotondo, Ronald; 157 Johnson, Cindy; 152 Meyers, Virginia; 48, 155 Roy, Jeannette Johnson, Dale, 80, 152 Micek, Gary; 155 Rudek, Victor; 68, 157 Johnson, Dave,- 152 Micek, Joe; 155 Rush, Robert; 90 Johnson, Eric; 21,62, 1 52 Milanovich, Louis; 73, 98, 1 55 Ruud, Randall; 53, 62, 157 Johnson, Helen; 20, 21,48, 50, 54, 66, 69, 153 Minarik, Jean; 67, 80, 155 Ryan, Charlene,- 1 57 Johnson, Jeanette; 52, 53, 80, 153 Minichilli, Cheryl; 155 Saba, Mark; 157 Johnson, Julie; 153 Miskowic, Tom,- 155 Saba, Michael; 157 Johnson, Ray; 98 Miszkiewicz, Ann; 155 Sager, Sue, 157 Johnson, Rick Mlinar, Andy; 155 Salmonson, Mike,- 20, 21,62, 157 Johnson, Steve; 153 Mochinski, Tom; 58, 155 Sato, Cathy; 63, 58, 157 Johnson, Teresa, 54, 63, 153 Moe, Richard; 155 Sams, Colleen; 157 Johnson, Vance; 153 Moody, Patty; 96, 155 Sandahl, Kent; 157 Johnston, Dean; 67, 153 Morgan, James Sandberg, Denise; 157 Johnston, Susan; 153 Morrison, Simon; 87, 155 Sandquist, Betty,- 21, 157 Joncos, Patrice; 21,66, 1 53 Mosier, Glen; 73, 98, 155 Sawochka, Linda,- 48, 96, 157 Jones, Russell; 153 Mulligan, Mary; 155 Sawyer, Dawn; 48, 157 Jungien, Joel Mundy, Ai; 155 Sayeg, James; 157 Juricbko, Debra; 153 Murphy; Jerry; 155 Schander, Jon; 157 Kaczmarczyk, Theresa; 153 Nafstod, Mike; 95, 155 Schaper, Paula Kaeeden, Daniel; 90, 91, 153 Naglak, Kathy; 92, 155 Schimmel, Nancy, 58, 157 Kamel, Zeina Namie, Leslie; 62, 155 Schleicher, Lori; 157 Karkula, Thaddeus; 48, 93, 153 Nelson, Brad; 155 Schneider, Glenda,- 19 Kaslow, Glen; 153 Nelson, Craig, 155 Schoefer, Bradley Kassmir, Gregory Nelson, Jon Schommer, Dan; 48, 73, 157 Katrinak, Joseph; 28, 153 Nelson, Marianne; 48, 92, 155 Schram, Margaret Kaufmann, Kay; 62; 153 Nesheim, Barb; 155 Schrempp, James, 157 Keck, Daniel Ness, Jon; 1 55 Schultz, Linda; 67, 157 Kelley, Faith; 20, 21,54, 153 Nesvold, Grete; 54, 59, 92, 155 Schuman, Pamela; 157 Kelley, Michael; 153 Neuman, Dave; 155 Schwaab, Terri; 157 Kenney, Becky,- 153 Newman, John; 48, 155 Schwartz, Pam, 83, 157 Kerberger, Pamela 153 Nickaboine, Pamela Schwochert, Dianne; 48, 50, 59 Kjeseth, Kathleen; 153 Nickel, Julie; 83, 155 Scott, Kim; 157 Kmit, Natalie; 48, 153 Nierengarfen, Mitzi; 48, 62, 155 Sederberg, Nancy; 157 Knapper, Sharon; 80, 153 Niznik, Steve,- 155 Seelen, Gary; 48, 157 Kohanek, Mork; 1 53 Noble, Penelope; 155 Seiple, Pat; 157 Konkler, Robert; 153 Nordling, Donald Selinski, Donald; 157 Kopka, David; 153 Nordquist, Lisa; 54, 59, 62, 69, 155 Seviola, Steve; 87, 157 Koppes, Karin; 48, 49, 153 Nordstrom, Randy; 155 Seviola, Susan; 157 Korblick, Gerald; 153 Norling, Julie; 155 Sharbono, Brett; 1 57 Kostik, Ronald; 153 Norsten, Lonnie; 1 55 Sheppard, Robert Kozak, Michelle; 48, 50, 67, 153 Novak, Charlene; 1 55 Sherman, Jean; 48, 50, 58, 67, 157 Kramasz, Douglas; 48, 153 Noyes, Tracy Shupien, Mike; 93 Kraskey, Tim; 153 O'Brien, Allen; 155 Silver, Jeff; 52, 53, 85, 157 Kriesel, Ted; 153 O'Connell, Gary; 155 Skelly, Mark; 157 Kroger, Richard Olson, Rich; 155 Skiba, Jean; 58, 63, 157 Krueger, Chuck; 153 Opbeim, Cindy; 58, 155 Skinner, Kathy; 157 Kubesh, Kevin; 48, 153 Ouellette, Joni; 62, 156 Skinner, Mark Kuch, Dan,- 48, 95, 153 Paiement, Joe; 77, 87, 156 Smahel, Donna; 70, 157 Kuch, Judy; 43, 54, 58, 69, 153 Palbicki, Rondi; 156 Smith, Lenea; 96, 157 Kuchinski, Lori; 58,92,101,153 Palermo, Patrick Smith, Louis, 59, 62, 157 Smith, Steve; 1 58 Smith, Sue; 62, 158 Snavely, Kevyn Sparrow, John; 158 St. George, John; 73, 158 Stasica, Peter; 158 Stawskt, Mary; 58, 158 Stein, Julie; 158 Steiner, Annette; 158 Stenstrom, Jim; 158 Stephan, Tom; 73, 158 Stocki, Robert; 158 Stokowski, laura; 158 Stone, Lisa Stroh, Elizabeth Surma, Jerry; 158 Svensk, Jill; 59,83, 158 Swanson, Craig; 1 58 Swanson, Dawn, 19 Swanson, Kim; 158 Swanson, Sandra; 48, 50, 62,68, 96, Switzer, Joan; 67 Switzer, Suzette; 158 Syverson, Howard; 39, 58, 59, 158 Szczeck, Lisa; 39, 158 Tadeusiak, James; 158 Thayer, Debra; 48, 158 Thiel, Janice; 58,158 Thimmesch, Jean; 1 58 Thompson, Sandro; 67, 158 Tokar, Denise; 48, 158 Tousignant, Sheila Tovsen, Joyce; 58, 158 Trover, Thomas; 158 Travis, Kimberly; 70, 158 Travis, Patricia Triplett, Linda,- 158 Trocke, Robert; 158 Truchinski, David Uchanski, Mary; 158 Ulhorn, Charles; 158 Unger, Tori; 158 VanPatter, Mark; 90, 91, 158 VanSlooten, Stacy; 62, 80, 159 Vaughn, Russell; 159 Velisek, Vicki; 159 Vernig, Scott Vernon, Suzanne; 63, 159 Vik, Susan, 159 Vogel, Patricia; 58, 69, 159 Voit, Sandra, 48, 159 Volk, Kathy; 159 Wajda, Donald; 159 Wajda, Ronald; 159 Walczak, Jeff; 159 Wanamaker, Gary Ward, Marty,- 159 Ware, David; 62, 159 Warhol, Julie Warner, Tom; 20, 21,48, 62, 1 59 Webber, Tim; 48, 50, 159 Weber, Mike; 159 Wegner, Leanne; 48, 52,62, 96, 159 Weller, Mary; 83, 159 Weyek, Jeff; 87, 159 Wiener, Kim; 62, 159 Wiese, Diana; 69, 159 Willman, Sheryl; 159 Wilson, John Wimsett, Terri; 48, 66, 159 Winkler, Chuck; 91, 159 Wiosky, Louise; 1 59 Wirtjes, Deborah Wogensen, Thomas; 93, 159 Wohlk, Bruce; 159 Wojciak, Jeanette; 159 Woodruff, Jim; 159 Worwa, Leann; 54 Wreath, Richard Wright, James; 1 59 Yanta, Jeanette; 67 Zaworski, Jeff; 159 Zbanski, Barb; 159 Zemlicka, David Zemlicka, Kevin; 1 59 Ziemba, Larry; 159 Zukowski, Janet; 53, 83, 159 Zurbey, Rich; 91, 159

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