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3 SflO €U ' W Ju JjW) i Y) 7 y jJV) , CLfYuA 3 yujj« RI ‘Z1 tun jiM O yXJSi |lLA (OJLaA jjlljbl CJSV v« vva J JUOvAj V—l nc f' 4 V N TW, W -%- $ o 2 icrr , XrJi t(la.ii cl k. cct - £- vJAqjl j 0 J (X G t nv ■tf Lutdtfy CJ X£ tu iy CAjc- -C - y ui4'ri Lj ayxxi 1 AM-rf «xnA fl c etotc i trfO X . yicaU ir CA uMj e. A i i 40t 99LLA THE 1967 Wizard Published by the Senior Class of Edison High School Minneapolis, Minnesota IContents t Faculty Seniors Organizations Sports School Life 2Mr. James D. KottomDedication With great pride we dedicate the 1967 Wizard to Mr. James D. Kottom. Mr. Kottom is one of our finest and most admired teachers at Edison High School. Mr. Kottom teaches elementary algebra and senior mathematics. He is the successful coach of the varsity basketball team and of the sophomore football team. Mr. Kottom earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Augsburg College. Prior to his coming to Edison in 1954, Mr. Kottom taught at Milaca High School for two years.F a c u 1 t y 6 ■ ' P J N b ■ x ' s ‘ ° r x ■« «.A 0 ?■ - v JL- . p T Vs- n: 0? p "e e v? "" r vT W c «. vP V «r V -N - V-- e? sc X •% • z'V ' N W. iL A. xA vv «? «r ■A ro A O C v— S' yp y ' z xy r K vK oN 0V »° V»°D -- - P « y= S? w§° « V v° ’ . p v-c 1 vPsa°" i vP -7T V vP' Sf k K0 P X" , . r ts .. - p Vp o k v V V 0v p JZs -N v N ' A ±i C ? r x Qp . - 2- v V° 'O , s° c V 'h'O0 V . v'-'X K? P or V4' .5 v ° Y5 £ J ■ v-c voiN X J-- , Nt V- JL. V3 ? v " 4 . V X r ' 1 V K V ' 4 ’ V ‘ — T vP .0 a A sO 4 ■m ‘ r-° V a y y f b vA » %' r v y p p K 'V'Q 0 A- L ’ 0 1 f f? . , A 6 A rsh v°° ri v? ■O' y J. 1 N ® sr J A ■a- ' -a .«K . „ Nvy V y y p VY v $ $P £ r- ■ x „c i YP - 4- 6’" " “ ..V V- o- c bv JsP ,vP PS yy X ■ -c •V ■V » y. vv y s?y ,” « '• -t v ' A OV V VX VI.'-' . ' 0 1 • £, -°D 'l A V Cex K ' + " Y' J V s . 'A ? ' ° y 1 ® o e- V V °- 6 v T- ° 0 , ± yfJ X o Jr- F J - A « C. Harold Meixner, PrincipalHarold J. Younghans, Assistant Principal10Myrlc Brunzcll, Margaret Sailor. Vera Hulbcrt, Dorothy Wallace We are taught by the teachers in the English department to understand the world through reading, writing, and speaking. Peter Mankowski, Sheila Mungcr. Jack Litovsky. Orlo Ottcson liJohn Bastolkh. Kenneth Northwiclc. Lorraine Peterson. Charles Singh Social Studies Glenn Ray. F.arl Larsen. Thomas Gcankophs. William Bevans 12' David Moore, Margo Anderson, Ralph Powell, Melville Bauman Our Social Studies department gives us a better understanding of the fu- ture by stydving the past. Arvid Simmons, Marie Smith, Wallace Spolar 13Math Joseph Van Wic, James Kottom, Larry Luck, Michael Elavsky Math has become more important than ever to the world. The math department con sists of Algebra, Plane and Solid Geometry, College Math and Trigonometry. Everett Zellers, Benjamin Liemohn, Christopher Hamrin 14Sclmcr Dragc, GcntiUc Yarusso. William Marcouiller The science department gives us an enriched program of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Science Melvin Bates, Guilford Parsons 15Judith Brattcli. Sharon Torgcrson. Dan Gustafson In our business courses we gain an understanding of the world of business. Typing. Bookkeeping, Steno Skills, Business Law, Shorthand, Record Keeping, Office Skills, and Business English were offered at Edison. Business Alphonse Johnson, Mary Balow, Alan Greenberg 16Ac Edison this year. Industrial courses such as Woodcraft, Metals, and Printing, were offered to boys for use in a future career. Shops Dave Hall, Louis Lopaia, Harold Jcdlund Paul Becker, Frederick Sulzbach, Don BahsrWH Language In our Language department we learn not only French, German, Russian and Spanish, but also the different cultures of these countries. Edna Sorenson, Karen Kubista, Anne Kellner, Sophie Pappas Ethel Dzubay. Genevieve Horton. Lois Miller Home Ec F.dison home-making enthusiasts have a chance to learn the skills which will aid them in future years. 18Music Our music department, by teaching us to sing and play, gives us an understanding in music. Elmo Lunklcy, Mar)' Barbara Ferguson Irwin Brown. Charles Swanstrom Art The art department stresses development of artistic talent. Student projects are frequently used throughout the school.Physical Pete Guzy. Robert Ber Boys learn the meaning of sportsmanship and co-operation through our wide range of gym activities. Through courses of health and gym, girls at Edison are kept physically fit and in fine shape. Elsie Conover, Karen Doyle 20 EducationLibrary Barbara Mattill. Mildred Wistc Our capable library staff helps us use our library to the best of our ability. Office Standing: Michele Senerson. Lorraine Wagner. Marcella Bun1. Virginia Sclinsky, Man McLaren, Gladys Menton. Seated: Betty Frat ke, Margaret Mumm Our school is run smoothly and efficiently by the hard work of the clerks in our offices. 21Nurse Our Nurse is always ready to safeguard our health, and our Visiting Teacher helps us solve any problems we have. V. T. Alice Fowler, Evon Unruh, Marion Hudak Our counselors help us choose the right programs in planning our future education. Counselors Alan Sweet, Robert Korn, Carol Robin, Reynold Willie 22Janitors Top Row: Don Vincent, Harold Tupper, George Osrrowski, Gordon Palmer, Kenneth Hess, Helen Berg Bottom Row. Robert Jell mgs. Charles Walters. John Freed, Wally Wojtowicz Our school and grounds arc kept near and clean by our hardworking janitors. Our meals are delicious and nourishing thanks to our cooks. Cooks Velma Peterson, Margaret Borosh. Evelyn Borgstron, Martha Fischer, Geraldine Wiggins, Miss Sanderson, Rose Malm, Nora Sorenson. 23s 1 24Our memories are still vivid as we come to the close of our senior year with . . . the victory over Washburn . . . the closing triumph over Vocational . . . welcoming of Colombian Tilly Novoa . . . suspenseful crowning of our queen, Dolly Prochaska ... the "Autumn Enchantment” Homecoming dance . . . Dogpatch day at Edison ... the outstanding performance of the cast in the Senior Play. "The Diary of Anne Frank” . . . Senior "Snowball” Party . . . Blue-Tri "Winter Wonderland” Christmas formal . . . the exciting variety of Sno Daze activities . . . dignified Senior Banquet at Dayton’s Sky-room . . . Hungarian Operetta "Chonita”, a gypsy romance . . . the enthralling Senior Prom on May 13 at the Coffman Memorial Hall which we will always remember . . . the climax of our senior year; commencement and the All Night Party. The leadership, scholarship, spirit, and enthusiasm of the Class of 1967 should be an inspiration for the future graduating classes of Edison High School. MR DONALD BABST SENIOR ADVISORS Row (hr: Mr Berg, Mr Litowsky, Miss Hinrichs. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Torgerson, Mrs. Sailor, Mrs. Brattcli, Mr. Parsons. Mr. SchuU. Rou Two: Mr. Simmons, Mr Drage. Mr. Van Wic, Mr. Bares, Mr. Kortom, Mr. Becker, Mr. Jcdlund, Mr. Trammel, Mr. Luck. Mr. Moore.n i i o f f c e r s JIM BR1NDA. PRESIDENT JIM PAINTER, VICE-PRESIDENT SENIOR CABINET - Row Ont: S. Bystcdt, C. Barkley, B Pudney. Mr Babst. J Brinda, C. Hunc ak, P Milner, S. Glenn. Row Two: T. Wald, P Harapat, N Woll, D. Fohrman, S Havclak, J. Yost, M Anderson. Row Tbm: B Daniclski, 1. Maricttc. T. Miller, P. Gunderson, M. Brinda, G. Doheny. M. Hansen. W. Dancho CHRIS HUNCZAK. SECRETARY BARB PUDNEY. TREASURER 27Class RICHARD ABRAHAM DELAINE ALFUTH SHIRLEY ALLEN BRUCE ANDERSON CAROL ANDERSON DONALD ANDERSON DOUGLAS ANDERSON GAYLE ANDERSON GLENN ANDERSON KATHLEEN ANDERSON LOIS ANDERSON MARLENE ANDERSON ROBERT ANDERSON SUSAN ANDERSON 28Of 1967 MARGARET ANSCHUTZ CAROL ASH DAVID ASHCRAFT RICHARD ASHLEY DAVID ASPLUND BARBARA AULT NANCY AUSTIN JEAN BABIN SUSAN BALK US MARY JO BALL MARGARET BALLENGER RICHARD BALLENTINE CATHERINE BALLOT PATRICIA BALLOT 29DIANE BARAN CONN'IE BARKLEY THOMAS BART DAVID BEGIN DIANE BEIHOFFER STANLEY BELTOWSKY PATRICIA BENSON THOMAS BENSON 30ROBERT BONDEN VICKI BORG SANDRA BOWMAN CONNIE BLECHERT GREGORV BOARDMAN JENNIE BOHN Mr. Meixner KATHY BOYLE KATHLEEN BRANDT MARSHA BRANTNER THOMAS BRENNAN DOUGLAS BRIGHT JAMES BRINDA MARK BRINDA THOMAS BROUILLARD 31DONNA BUCHHOLTZ DARYL BU1K JAMES BURNEVIK ROBERT BURNS DARLENE BUTLER LYNN BYMARK SUZANNE BYSTEDT THOMAS CALLAHAN BRUCE CARLSON SHARON CASE GREGORY CARLSON DANIEL CASSERLY LILA CARLSON NANCY CARLSON 32MARGARET CHAPUT WENDY CHESNEY DAVID CHRISTEN LINDA CHRISTENSEN WALTER Cl ESI. AK JEFFREY CONK UN- JEFF COTTLE RONALD COZATT KRISTIE CROOKS LAWRENCE CROSS CURTISS CURRY GREGORY CUSTER WARREN DANCHO BARBARA DANIELSK1 33JAMES DANYO ROGER DARD1S DAVID DECKER LYNN DELAITSCH KATHLEEN DENTZ WILFRED DENTZ BARBARA DYMETRIC GENE DOHERTY SUZAN DORSETT JILL DORSEY CHER I DUFFEE THOMAS DVORAK 34JERILL EIFERT SHERYL EK JAGKLYN ELSON DONNA ELSON DIC K ENGEBRETSON GARY ERICKSON JANICE ERIE HELEN ESCO THOMAS ESNOUCH SUSAN EWER RUSSEL FAHRENDORFF ANNETTE FECHT 35JAMES FEHLING JAMES FERRARA TONI FERGON PATRICK FINCH MARGARET FERGUSON MARY FIX RONAl-D FERKINGSTAD PAUL FJELSTA DELIA FOHRMAN SUSAN FOY DAVID GARLICK DUANE GAVIC JANICE GAVIC JOANNE GEHRKF. 36JAMES GEMMELL JOHN GERDES GALE GILBERTSON SUSAN GLENN COLLEEN GL1NIANY ROY GOBLE KATHRYN GONDORCHIN JANICE GORMAN MADONNA GOSSETT JACKIE GREEN DONNA GREENHAGEN MARY GROMEK LUCY GROSSY ANDREW GRYNIEWSKI 37 PAUL GUNDERSON GEORGF. HACHE AL HAFLUND SHARON HAGEN BEVERLY HANSEN BONNIE HANSEN MARK HANSEN DARLENE HANSON 38ELOY HATCHER CANDACE HAUGEN SUSAN HAVELAK ROUND HAZELTON SUSAN HEDALEN RICHARD HEDLUND A Victory STEPHEN HANZLIK PAMF.U HARAPAT DUSTIN HARRIS BARBARA HASTINGS DENNIS HEINZMANN GARY HELGET KATHRYN HERRMANN RICHARD HERRMANN 39DIANE HIGGINS NOWELL HITCHENS GLEN HOF.GH MICHAEL HORBUL GARY HOSKINS MYLES HOUGEN ANNETTE HREHA RAYMOND HRUBY SUSAN HUBLE GARY HUDAK LAUREL HULTIN CHRIS HIJNCZAK KAREN HURRLE JOANNE HUZIO 40MARY HYBERG SUSAN 1HN0T O f E d 1 s o n LINDA ILIFE TERRANCE JASICK1 LINDA JENSEN IOHN INDERGAARD JOANN JEANGUENAT SUSAN JENSEN THOMAS JACHYMOWSKI THOMAS JELLINGS JOHN JOE DARLENE JACOB KATHY JENSEN ANITA JOHNSON 41BARBARA JOHNSON DAN JOHNS N DONALD JOHNSON JANIE JOHNSON JEROME JOHNSON MARY JO KACHEROSKI WAYNE KALLESTAD JOANN KAZEK CYNTHIA KELLER DOROTHY KELLF.RMAN BETTY KILEY ROXAN KINAS 42LEE KINGEN DIANE KIRKLAND RONALD KLESK DIANE KNEISZLER SUE KNOLL CONNIE KNUTSON STEVEN KOBELARCZYK KENNETH KOCH ANDREW KOCISCAK MARLENE KOCUR DOUGLAS KOHLAN SHARON KOLL JOHN KOLLAR CARLEEN KOZAK 43THOMAS KRAWCZYNSKI DAVID KUDZIA ALEXANDRA KULIJEWICZ VERONICA KULKAV MYKOLA KL 'SHNIR CASIMIR KUSMIDER SCOT! KUYKENDALL DONALD UPOINTE LINNEA LAONA JOY LAMERE LINDA LANGNF.R HR ENT LARSON 44ROBERT LARSON VERA LEE TERRY LEIN DIANE LEKSON CHRISTINE LENCZUK JAMES LEPORE KATHERINE LEWANDOWSKI THOMAS LIEN SUSAN LIESKE ROBERT LIND 45LINDA LINDGREN RAND LIVINGSTON MARGARET LOOBY REBECCA LOWN JEAN LUBANSKY JANICE LUBINSKI LINDA LUEDTKE KAREN LUHMANN ROBERT LYKF. ROBERT MAALIS 46RICHARD MADORE ANNETTE MALMBORG LINDA MAJEWSKI NANCY MANLEY LAWRENCE MARIETTE JAMES MASTRO ARUB MARQUIS SUSAN MASTRO ROBERT MARTIN JUDY MATT1SON SUSAN MASICA MARY MATTOX 47DARYL MATTSON GLORIA MAZNIO PAM McCABE JAMES McCLUSKEY MARY McCONN PATRICK McGOWAN suzanne Mclennan DANIEL MEISTER JEAN MEYER CHARLES MICHALOV KATHLEEN MIDTHUN LORETTA MIHALOW WILLIAM MILBURN STEVEN MILLAY 4$JUDY MILLER LAWRENCE MILLER THOMAS MILLER PAMELA MILNER HADJI MISZKIEWICZ. BARBARA MOE DAVID MOE DAVID MOORE CHERYL MORAN MARY MORIAR1TY PETER MUCHA JUDITH MURPHY KATHLEEN MURPHY KAREN MUTH 49WILLIAM NEPSHA LARRY NEUMAN VOLKER NEUMANN RONALD NEWQUIST PATRICIA NOBLE KRISTIAN NORHOLM Milaca SANDRA NAKIELSKI JAY NEEB NANCY NASCENE BARBARA NELSON LOIS NASLUND DIANE NELSON GORDON NEBLUNG JOHN NELSON 50SHARON NYE ft WILLIAM OBERG BEVERLY O’CONNELL RONALD NORTON GREGORY NOSKO TF.RESITA NOVOA uesr MICHAEL O’CONNOR GEORGE ODF.NBREIT BONNIE OLSON KIM OLSON MICHAEL OLSON RICHARD OLSON RICHARD ONDICH WILLIAM ONSRUD 51 LLEF. O RUCK I I.YN PACKER MEL PAICH JAMES PAINTER GERALD PALKOWSKl JILLEEN PANTZE DIANE PAPPIN THOMAS PARKER GREGORY PATREK GORDON PAULSON DAVID PERSELL LAWRENCE PERSONS JACK PETERS DAN PETERSON 52JEANETTE PETERSON LOIS PETERSON MICHAEL PETERSON SANDRA PETERSON DANIEL PEYLA ROBERT PHANEUF JEAN PICKERING LINDA PIETRZAK STEPHEN PINKOSH CORINNE PLACK JOHN PLASTER PHIL PODANY SUSAN PONSONBY DOREEN PORTER 53HANS POSCHER DARLENE PROCHASKA SUSAN PROFT ADELLA PRONDZINSK1 BARBARA PUDNEY SUSAN QUINEHAN JANE RADEMACHER LOUISE RAMPI VIRGINIA RAMPI DAVID REGEL MARILYN RESCH LINDA RISING 54JANICE ROMANOWSKI GARY RORWICK KAZ ROSLIK SHARON ROSTKOWSKI DANIEL RUDQUIST MARY ANN RUSH ALLEN S A LESS SHIRLEY SCHLENZ WILLIAM SCHMELING SUZZETTE SCHMIDT THOMAS SCHNAPP david schuette 55Senior MARY SCHULTZ GLEN SEMANKO EUGENE SHARBONO VICTORIA SIMON DONALD SCHWARTZ JOSEPH SENKO KENNETH SHOLES KRISTINE SKOGQUIST SANDRA SCHWARTZ KAREN SEVERSON LINDA SIBINSKI ANDREW SKOWRONEK JAN SEMAN GAYLA SLANGA 56ELIZABETH SLICK ROBERT SLIMAK LINDA SMITH SHARON SMITH THOMAS SOBCINSKI DARLENE SODD SHIRLEY SODD GORDEN SPENCER DOLORES STACHOWSKl BARBARA STANEK MYLON STARK JOAN N I STASIK GEOFFREY STEINER KATHERINE STEINGAS 57DONALD STENEHJEM RAH STEVENS LINDA STEWART RICHARD STOLTMAN KATHERINE SULARZ CAROLYN SWEDBERG PAUL SWEDEAN JAMES SZCZECH 58RICHARD SZYKULA GREGORY TETZMAN WILLIAM THOMPSON LINDA THORSON fl GAYLE UNDERHILL t PETER UTPHALL BARBARA VAN PATTER DUANE VAN VICKLE 59RICHARD VEE LARRY VOLSTAD JAMES VOYTILLA DENNIS WAISANEN LAWRENCE WAJDA TERRY WALD IUDITH WALKER LEONARD WALKER RUSSELL WARREN MARLYS WALSETH HELEN WARD HELEN WARUMZER s e n 1 0 r R a 1 d MILTON WEBBER RICHARD WELCH 60DELORES WEME LORRAINE WEME CAROL WHITE HERBERT WILDUNG STEVEN WILLIAMS ROGER WISCHNEWSK! HELENE WLOSINSKI JAMES WOJCIAK JOSEPH WOUNSKI NANCY WOLL DAVID WOZNIAK GARY WROBEL 61JANET YOST ELAINE ZAHHOS SCOTT YOUNG FRANK ZAWROSKI Camera Shy DALE CARLSON DENNIS DcLARIA SERGIE EVASCHUK ROBERT FIFE DIANE FREEMAN LYLE GAINES WILLIAM GANLEY LORN GARNESS LAUREL IVES JUDY HATF.LLA GERALD KROGH GORDON KURILLA RICHARD MAI.IK CLAUDIA McGRAW JIM NELSON ROBERT PANTLIN SAMUEL PANTLIN JOSEPH REMARKE LARRY QUIST EUGENE ROY SUSAN SCHL1F.F FRED SCHROEDER MARK SF.CCOMBE JOHN SEMAN HAROLD SHARBONO MARY JO SHAW BLAINE SHOLD JULIANN SI MINSK I DANIEL SIMONSON MIKE SMYRAK GARY SUNDEEN MIKE SYNOWCZNSKI LOUIS THOMPSON JIM WALSH STEVE WARDARSKI TOM WINCEK RICHARD WOODRUFF ROBERT ZELAZNY PAMELA ZIMMERMAN 62Mr. Sweet, Our Counselor Mr. Sweet, one of Edison’s greatest assets, has taken over as senior counselor after the departure of Mr. Littlefield. Mr. Sweet has constantly been on hand to listen to the problems and complaints of any grumbling senior who could escape from a class. His advice has helped many of us decide on future vocational and educational goals. Appreciation for the hours he has spent helping program us shall never be forgotten. He has proven himself to be one of the nicest men known to help Edison seniors. The Class of 1967 wishes to thank our hard-working counselor and friend as we embark on a life of our own. 63CLASS CLOWNS Steve Hanzlik Kathy Anderson LOYAL EDISONIANS Mark Brinda Sharon Koll 64BRIGHTEST EYES ACTIVE ATHLETES Mike Troiden Sue Mastro Nancy Manley Gene Doherty of Fame BEST FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE Dolly Prochaska Jim Mastro MOST MISCHIEVOUS Jim Fchling Kathy HerrmannBEST LINE Dan Casscrly Helene Wlosinski FLIRTATIOUS FELINES Nowell Hitchens John Nelson 66BEST DRESSERS Donna Elson Mcl Paich BRIGHTEST SMILES Barb Danielski Rick Ashley PERSONALITY PLUS 67Top DOUGLAS ANDERSON is editor of the yearbook Wizard, vice-president of the A.F.S. Club and an A.F.S. Finalist in his junior year, and a member of National Honor Society. As for the future. Doug is undecided as to where he should attend college, but he is determined to be an elementary school teacher. Happiness is what Doug hopes to attain in the years to come. SUE ANDERSON is kept extremely busy as the editor-in-chief of the Edison Record. She is also a member of Student Council. BIu-Tri. Spanish Club, and Pep Club, and also holds a part-time job. She would like to enter fields of journalism and communication at the University of Minnesota. She will strive for a fulfilling, purposeful life. DIANE BEIHOFFER participates in French Club, A.F.S. Club, and National Honor Society, as well as working part time. Her ambition is to become a nurse, and she will attend the University of Minnesota to fulfill this desire. Her frcc-timc pleasures include sewing, reading, and being a sports spectator. She wants to sec the United States before attempting to go abroad. MARLENE ANDERSON is president of the A.F.S. Club and was also an A.F.S. finalist in her junior year. She is also a member of Wizard. Senior Cabinet. German Club, Pep Club. Blu-Tri. National Honor Society, and secretary- of Tommie Boosters. Marlene would like to teach English or German and is planning to attend the University of Minnesota. A trip to Europe is on her agenda for the future.Honors DARLENE BUTLER is going to attend the University of Minnesota after graduation and is considering the teaching profession. Debbie’s greatest ambition is to travel through Australia shortly after college. Blu-Tri, Pep Club, and Spanish Club arc Debbie’s activities during her senior year. KAREN BERG is interested in anthropology, history, and the lan-guagesand hopes to major in one of these at the University ol Minnesota. Participation in German Club. A.F.S. Club. National Honor Society, Computer Club and Inventors Club requires much of her time. Mr. Luck's fourth hour math class is her favorite class. Her goal in life is simply to satisfy her curiosity. VICKI BORG spends her free-time horseback riding, sewing, and learning to ski. She plans to attend the University of Minnesota next year to become a medical technologist or to enter some field of science. SHARON CASE is a Blu-Tri chapter president, vice-president of the National Honor Society, and assembly chairwoman as well as being a member of Student Council and Spanish Club. Her future plans include attending the University of Minnesota where she will major in math and minor in psychology,and a hopeful tour of Europe someday.JEFF COTTLE plans to major in a Field of science at the University of Minnesota after graduation. His varied activities at Edison include: Forum editor. Debate Team, National Honor Society, and the wrestling team. Jeff is also a member of the Twin City Federal Drum Corps and is the treasurer of the Lincoln Chapter Order of DeMolay. SUE HAVELAK is planning on attending the University of Minnesota and majoring in French or English. Sue is an active member in French Club, Senior Cabinet, Stage Crew, and National Honor Society. Edison is "pretty nice” in her opinion. She can see a trip to Europe in her crystal ball in the near future. Anthropology or linguistics will be KATHY GONDORCHIN’s major study at the University of Minnesota. Russian Club, Spanish Club, Inventors Club, and A.F.S. Club fill Kathy’s time after school. Her greatest desire is to travel throughout her lifetime. IJOANN HUZIO enlivens Wizard, Spanish Club. Blue-Tri, National Honor Society, and Pep Club because she particularly enjoys having fun. She has especially fond memories of homeroom and meeting deadlines for the senior section of the Wizard. After graduation Joann will study at the University of Minnesota hospital to pursue a career as an X-ray technologist. CHRIS HUNCZAK’s activities arc Wizard staff. Forum editor, secretary of the Senior Class, secretary of National Honor Society, and a member of Student Council, Blue-Tri, and Spanish Club, and a Homecoming attendant. Chris plans to attend tlx: University of Minnesota where she will major in journalism and minor in theatrical arts or sociology. "To be alive every minute of my life” is Chris’ greatest ambition. After his numerous activities: Record staff. Debate Team, Inventors Club, Forum staff. National Honor Society, Computer Club, and Student Council, DON JOHNSON finds time to just relax. Don is looking forward to attending the University of Minnesota and majoring in mathematics. Eventually Don hopes to use his skills in working with computers.DOUGLAS KOHLAN’s interests in school include Wizard staff, president of the National Honor Society, president of Hi-Y. Student Council, a delegate to Hoys’ State, and a member of the wrestling team. In order to be heard at school, Doug plays the bass in pep band. Next fall Doug will be striving for an engineering degree at the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota. TOM LIEN, one of Edison’s more illustrious writers for the Record, has demonstrated his ability in many different fields. He is active in wrestling, cross-country, and track. Although he hasn't as yet decided on a college or career, he would like to go into some field of math or science. His main goal in life is to retire by the age of 35. CAROL LUITJENS, a "reverent” member of the Record staff, enjoys music, books, and satire. Her interests also include Student Council, French Club, A.F.S., Blu-Tri, National HonOr Society, and Tommie Boosters. "When I’ve become ancient and very wise. I'm going to write a book," answers Carol as her goal in life. The University of Minnesota is Carol's college choice for the fall. LINNEA LACINA hasn’t as yet decided on a career, but it will definitely be in the field of math. Being a member of the Wizard staff and a gym aide, Linnea keeps busy during school as well as after school with Spanish Club, Computer Club, and A.F.S. Club meetings. As chairwoman of the Homecoming Decorations Committee, she successfully set the mood for the day’s activities.1 LARRY MILLER helps the organization section of the IP7-I zard staff during sixth hour. After school he enjoys being a member of Hi-Y. Larry plans to attend the University of Min-I nesota to get a general education. His goal in life is to be a sue I cess in whatever he does. Larry feels that the kids arc what has I made Edison great. PAM MILNER's goal is to complete four years of college at St. Cloud State where she will major in music. Spanish Club. Pep Club. Choral Club. Blu-Tri, Senior Cabinet, and National Honor Society occupy Pam’s spare rime. She feels that Edison has made her high school years happy ones. O NTH IA L'i S I ICi hopes to attend the University of Minnesota to major in psychology and later transfer to St. Olat College. Cyn-di’s activities arc Pep Club. E Club, German Club, A.F.S. Club. Chccrlcading, Record staff, and a chapter president of Blu-Tri. In the words of Cyndi, "Edison is quite a transition from Northeast Junior High." DAN MALASKO plans to attend the University of Minnesota after graduation but is undecided as to his major. Dan s favorite at tivity is fishing. He claims he could go without sleep or food to catch a fish. He also enjoys playing tenor sax in the Edison band.Happiness in life and lots of money arc two goals which LARRY NEUMAN will strive for throughout his life. Larry chose the University of Minnesota at which to further his education. Russian Club activities occupy much of Larry's spare time, and he also enjoys bowling and traveling. CAROL ROMANCHUK hopes to become a computer programmer after graduation. She considers math her favorite subject. This past year she helped on a Homecoming committee and served as vice-president of the Russian Club while working part-time. Carol plans to make the most out of her life and hopefully become a success. When LOUISE RAMP1 isn't busy with Student Council, Blue-Tri, Spanish Club, National Honor Society and duties as vice-president of Pep Club, she works part-time at Grant’s. She plans to attend St. Cloud State and eventually become an inspiring teacher. Louise will always remember the excitement of our games with Roosevelt. LARRY VOLSTAD, a member of the Wizard staff, A.F.S. Club, German Club. National Honor Society, National Forensic League, ind Homecoming and Sno-Daze Committees, still found time to be an actor in the Class Play. He will enroll in pre-med at St. Olaf College next fall. Sometime in his life Larry hopes to travel through the Scandinavian countries. Wizard, National Honor Society. Spanish Club, and basketball occupy GLEN SEMANKO’s time. In addition he works part time after school. Glen aspires to be a teacher and hopes to fulfill this aim by attending Hamlinc University. Glen's wish to see the United States has already been put into effect as he spends his «v,r. "Driving around looking for action ” s Spare time "The kids arc great," say JANET YOST, a true Edisonian who remembers the District 17 basketball Finals. St. Cloud State is her college preference. Her extracurricular activities include French Club, Blu-Tri, Pep Club, Band, F.H.A., Red Cross and Senior Cabinet. She hopes to travel around the world and return to England in the near future. 76Student Council VICE PRESIDENT, Warren Dancho SECRETARY. Kathy Polaskt TREASURER. Sue Abraham ALL-CITY REPRESENTATIVES Mark Bnnda. Pam Olson PRESIDENT. Scott Young The Student Council at Edison is composed of an executive committee and a representative from each homeroom. This year the Student Council sponsored Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, Canned Goods Drive, and Sno-Dazc, which included a figure making contest this year. Mr. Zellers, who has been the Student Council advisor for a number of years, has done a fine job. We all owe him a big vote of thanks. ADVISOR. Mr Everett Zellers 78STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS - Row t:S. Tack. G. Strangis,J. Allen. K Polaslti,S. Anderson. D Elson, A. Hale Row2.M Kachcroski, L Rampi, W Dancho, D Kuituken, CJones. N Larson. Row):C. Sharpe. C. Nelson, M. Whitney. J. Swanson. N. Hitchens, J. Jakubik.J. Dorses Row4:). Nelson, D Kohlan, G. Pierson. A Pickarczyk, J. Kasid, P Knicfcl. J. Burnevik. STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS - Row l. T Novaa. S. Hublc. S Berkeley . J. Chase, M Eckman, S Walthcr. P Wesley. Row2:) Tillman. J Graf. D. Boris, B. Gossett, J. Ardito, S. Abraham, L. Miclkc, J. Owezaezak, Row): N. Austin, B. Hansen, W. Krefting, D. Larson. D Dybig, S. Young, B. Ham-merstrom Row 4: B. Capra, D. Reeves, D. Johnson, J. Brinda, C. Shutts, P. Olson. P. Havclak. D. Johnson. 79Committees HOMECOMING COMMITTEE - Row 1: S. Masiea, K. Anderson, S. Kail. H Wlosinski. D Kcllcrman. Row 2: M. Brinda. J Huzio, -N. Woll Row 3.-C. Ballot, B. Daniclski, L Lacina. Row 4: G Hunczak, K Midthun, N. Austin Roto5:S. Case, B Hammerstrom, G Romanchuk. 80JUNIOR CABINET OFFICERS -Steve Marengo, Vice-Pres., Mary Schagun, See., Judy Erding, Treas., Nick Aguilar, Pres. Junior Cabinet JUNIOR CABINET - Row I: B. Mcssick. R Sicard, S. Thomas. J Erding, Miss Wallace, M. Schagun. C Peterson, M Janowicc Row 2: B Chase, L. Fal-ley, K. Hiljus, V. Dawson, J. Waage, P. Young, C Beihoffer. Row): G. Lee, T. Grivna.J. Brevig, T. Moses. J. Sabol, D. Sclinski, K Larson. K. Erickson. 81National Honor Society aims to create an enthusiasm for good scholarship, to develop worthy school and community citizenship, to stimulate devoted service to school, community, and country, and to encourage the development of trustworthy leadership and character. A candidate for the Society must be in the upper fourth of his class in scholarship, and show evidence of the other requirements: service, leadership, and character. The society represents the fundamental objectives .for which schools are instituted, and gives recognition to those students who have most successfully met the qualifications of the organization. OFFICERS - Row 1:0 Hunezak. See.. Miss Ross. Advisor. S. Case. V. Pres Row2: D. Kohlan. Prcs..J. Ixport, Tres National Honor Society SECOND YEAR SENIORS - Row t: K Berg, S. Case, M Anderson. C Hunezak, S. Havclak,). Huzio, D Bcihoffcr, M. Kocur, L Carlson. P Milner Row2: D. Kohlan, K. Luhmann.J. Pickering.T. Miller, L Volstad, J Tybcrg.J. Lcporc, L Rampi, K Mtdehun Row}:G. Semanko. D Malasko, T. Bart. D. Anderson, S. Williams, J. Cottle, C Luitjens, C. Lysng, D. Johnson, M. Horbul. 82FIRST YEAR SENIORS - Row !; K. Gondotchin, M Rcsch, E. Zahhos, S. Anderson, S. Masica, C Barkley, J Jeanguenat, H Wlosmski, B Borske. T Novoa, D. Proclmka. Row2: K. Herrmann, S. Koll, S. Sodd, J. Bohn, N. Austin. T. Lien, D. Kellerman, B O'Connell, J. Yost, S. Bystedt, N. Larson Rou $: B. Danielski.J Voytilla, B Hammerstrom, G Romanchuk, B. Stanck, P. Zimmerman. K. Severson, L. Liana, L Thorson, I) Butler, M Tupper. Row4:$. Young, G. Hudak, M Bnnda, B. Oberg, L, Miller, P. Gunderson. D. Rudquist, D Decker. J Bnnda, B Larson. K Koch. New Members of ’67 FIRST YEAR JUNIORS - Row !:S Marx. C Bcihotter.J. Zgodava, M Schagun.J Graf. B Chase. K Calandcr. R Prevsellcr, K Polaski, M Janowiet Row 2: K Johnson, T Kud ia, J Nierengarten, S. Riste, L Welle, P. Havclak, L Fallcy, G. Quamme, K. Strecd. Rou i: L. Brevig. E Odenbrcit, S Gerken, L Kalina. W Rusinak, P Lctoumcau, D Sroka, L Miller, M Oberg, P. Young. 83Every two weeks the students at Edison receive a copy of the Edison Record. The staff is chosen from juniors who take News English in eleventh grade. Miss Brunzell is the advisor. She edited a school paper when she was in high school. EDITOR, Sue Anderson. ADVISOR. Miss Brunzell Record Staff RECORD STAFF - Row 1;). Jcangucnac, L Turnblom, T. Miller, S. Anderson, Miss Brunzell, H Wlosinski, M. Kachcroski. S. Profc. Row2: M. Kocur, D. Kirkland. S. Schwartz, T. Lien, C. Haugen, M. Fix, S. Koll, S. Masica. Row ): D. Fohrman. M. Horbul, C Luitjcns, J. Scnko. B. Obcrg, D. Johnson, B. Ault, P. Zimmerman. 84PAGE EDITORS: Tom Miller, Sue Anderson, l.ila Carlson, Helene Wlosinski. PRODUCTION STAFF Row : Mr Becker,J. Rolck, D. Mattson. M. Stark. B Martin. R Hruby. Row2: D. Shutie. B. Streeter. B Onsrud. D Van Vickie. G. Custer. G. Hoegh. Row D. Meister, P. Swcdcan 85FRENCH CLUB - Row I: C. Kozak, C. Blair. D. Bcihoffcr. V-Prcv. S. Havdak. Pres., A. Kdlncr, Advisor, P Lctourncau. Treas.. P Havdak, Sec., K. Streed, Sgt. ar Arms. Row 2: L Lcwytzkyj, A. Mlakar. N. Walsh, L Bohn. C Schnabel. B Ridge. J. Ndso.J Wall Row .i: D Prochaska, G. Nelson, S. Wonror, C. Hartos, M Aitkcns. S Dickson, S. Hedalcn. V. Lee. Row 4: L. Tumblom. M. Lown, K. Weyck. N. Woll. O Balvozynski. M. Haynus. D. Al-futh Row 5:J. Craig, J Graf, D. Kirkland, C Radick. K. Stark, J. DeMars. G. Lee. Row6: K. Poduin.J. Bohn.J. Swanson. D. George. W. Rusinak, C. Lu-itjens, J. Anderson, J. Theis. French Club German Club GERMAN CLUB - Row I: K Berg, D. Pappin, M. Kocur, Treas.. Miss Sorenson. S. Koll, L. Volsrad, D. F.lson Row2: A Fecht, M Anderson. G. Underhill, L Almcn. A Kulijewu , K Herrmann. S. Bystedt Raw3: L Petenon.J. Nierengarren, B Hammerstrom. B. Danielski. B. Van Patter, S. Schwartz, C. Lystig, T. Jacob. Row 4: P. Anschutz. S. Gerken. M. Oberg, S. Kobdarezyk, P. Pluwak. M. Elson. D. Selinski. 86RUSSIAN CLUB - Rou . K Gondorchm. S Masica, See .C Romanchuk. V-Prcs, Mr. Ray. H Kelley. Pres. A Sakss.Trcas Row2:0. Vados. L Ander-ion. V. Lee. B Messick. S. Roman. D Sodd. Row t: R Rech. B Slirnak. K Moline. C. Bona. S. Kokosh. S Sodd. H Holubaka Russian Club — Spanish Club SPANISH CLUB - Row I: P. MiJncr.J. Walker, P. Harapat, Set., J. LaMcrc. Pres., Miss Pappas. M Shaw. V Pres.. S Padula, Treav, S. Mastro, J Erding Row 2: D. Mann, S. Case, S. Anderson, G. Anderson, C Bruneau, M. Resch. M. Kacheroski. H Wlosinski. T. Jaroslawski. A Schcremec. Row }: N. Johnson. J. Wr os, K Polaski. P. Maxciniak. D. Bk sbcrg. C. Hunezak, K. Manonik. J Eben.J. Etklund, C MacLean Rou-4: S. Proft.J Stepanchak. M. Eek-man, J. Anderson, L Rampi, $ Lee. T. Tomezvk. K. Proft. V. Ramp. R. PrevscUcr. Row 5: P. Boyd. L Falley. S. Abraham. S Knoll. D Kellerman. K Ten-eyck, H. Miszlocwicz, N. Austin, H. Esco. K. Lewandowski. R. Kmas. Row6: D. Fohrman.J. Sunstrom. B. Nelson. J. Huzio. D. Butler. L. Thorson, K Luhmann, L Latina. A. Malmborg, K. Severson Row 7: S. Richmond. J. Stasik. S. Young. S. Rivera. N. Kushmr, S Hanzhk. G. Semanko, B. Martin. R. Erpeiding, B. Thompson. 87The Edison Band The Edison Band performs under the direction of mr. Elmo Lunkley at football and basketball games. Months of practice assure the success of the Christmas, and spring concerts, and offer each member an opportunity to develop his musical talents. Some members have formed a pep band which performs at pep assemblies. They help a great deal in promoting school spirit. MR ELMO LUNKLEY BAND - Row I: I. Carbon, J Yost.G McGinnis, J Cacas, Row2:). Schmidt, L lliff, S. Anderson, N Roppe, S. Kokosh, B. Lee. E. Fleming, R Decker, D. Melasko, S. Schmidt. Row i: L Frekker. C. Moc, R. Norhoim, D Wright. L. Kuch, L. Gilbertson, D. Custer, S. Bystedt, J Nasthoff, J. Voytilla. B. Lind. Row 4: P. Kapala. M. Sko ubt, J. Walsh 88Mary Whitney, Carol Blunt, Rosanna Fdegy, and Janice Hanveh BAND - Raw l.- R Kinas. S. Welch. R. Palm. S. Lee Row2: D Kncisrler. J Green. M Theis, C Peterson, A Malmborg. Row 1: B. Onsrud, N Sijka, J Sc7cch, S. Williams, D. Pursch, L Maricttc. S. Camplain, B. Sheldon, C. Jones, N. Austin. Row 4: C Gerkan, D. Kohlan, D. Decker, T. Courtcau.J Poster, J. Painter, J. Peters. 89FF.RGUSON Choral Choral Groups Edison’s Choral Department enjoyed another busy, rewarding year in ’66-’67. Under the able direction of Miss Mary Barbara Ferguson the groups performed in a number of concerts, including ones at N.E. Junior High, Moundsview, Apache Plaza, and Fairview Hospital. The major events of the year were the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts, and the operetta, this year entitled "Chonita”. This department not only provides entertainment, it gives students an excellent opportunity to learn, and to grow in their musical ability. Club CHORAL CLUB - Row I: P. Wesley, T. Fergon, H. Wlosmski. L Ives, D. Kuitunen, B. Pudney, K. Jensen. D. Hanson, B. Straus, J. Eric, B. Nordling.S. Marx, N. Johnson. N. Knokc, K. Brandt, P. Milner. D. Prochaska, Treas Raw2:S. Johnston, K. Jurrlc, B. Nelson, J. Leinchuh.J. Sunstrom, D. Kellerman.J. Gchrkc, E. Lauritren, J Bohn, N. Carlson, Sec., B. VanPattcr, B. Hansen, L Thill, L Fallcy. S. Knoll, C. Maclean, M. Subak, J. Dorsey. Raw3: L Brust.J Nelson, R Thompson. J Hale. A Jaremko, R. Pantlin. T Brinda, D. Sabre, L Langner. E. Diffin, S. McCaffrey. K Ellis. S. Porter. K. Blcxrud, C. Thotland. J. Johnson. L Christensen Row 4:J. Yorston, B. Cannon, G Haflund, R Klcsk, C Shutts. A Wass. Pres., D. Casscrly. D. Benson. A. Haflund. J. McCluskcy. G. Yates. B. Kar-kula, K Erickson, J. Pickering, C. Keller, L. Thorson, V. Pres.. P. McCabe. L Lindgren. G Barkley. 90TENTH GRADE CHOIR - Row 1: C. Hanley, K. Roscoc, S. Mlekodaj.S. Kindom, Trcas J. Truchinski, S Truchinski, M Banker. L Lambertys. S. Szczeck, I Modcr. Row 2:1. Bohn, E. Johnson. G. Carling. C Johnson. L. Brovko, J. Carlson, J. Bergstrom, C. Hockensmith, V. Pres., D. Badker, L. Hod. Row i: C As-plind, C. Klines, O Halley, C Bartniczak, D. Volstad, See., L Thomas. L. Endthoff, P. Smith Row 4: S. Lotgren, K. Kemp. G. Krystofiak. D. Johnson, Pres., J. Gorccki. D Wood. J. Hockctt Tenth Grade Choir — Tommie Tones TOMMIE TONES - Row I: M Violcttc, P. Kinch, S. Hublc. V Pres . K. Martonik, C Dunlcavy. P Benson, L. Stock. S Allen Rou 2: K Dent . G Glinuny, B Hastings, G Schullo.J. Gavic, D. Krystotiak, K. Paciorck.J Rawn. T Lyons, L Fjclsta, P. Strong, M Kodet. Row ): M Mattox, D. Elson, See.. I. Sibinski, C Car-penticr.J. LaPage, L Mihalow, L. Jensen. J. Pererson.J. Black, K Klatt, K Lavdlec. Prcs.,J. Hanych, K Medinger Row4- M. Winters. K. I rakd.J Kaiser, A Prondzinski, P Murphy, L Selberg, G Miller, D. Dupre, J. Magden. T. Porter, K. McGuire. L Chclstrom, N. Manley, Treas. 91MIXED ENSEMBLE - (left to ngltlj D. Kellerman.J. Nelson, H. Wlosinski, A. Wass.J. Pickering, G. Yates. D. Kuitunen, K. Erickson. Ensembles GIRLS ENSEMBLE - (Choral Club) J Gchrkc. L Fallcy.J. Sunstrom, L. Ives, S. Marks, P. Milner, B. Pudney, D Prochaska, L. Thorson, P. McCabe. 92BOYS QUARTET - J. Nelson, L Brusc, G. Yates. K Erickson. Quartet - Ensemble GIRLS ENSEMBLE - (Uft to right) M. Violcttc, L Mihalow, A. Prondzinsld, J. Black. P. Murphy. J. Peterson. T. Porter, K. LaVallcc. S. Allen 93VOICE (.LASS - (Uft to right) S. Alien.J Peterson. K LiVallce. C. Haflund, H. Wlosinski, C Asplund. E. Lauritzen.J McCluskcy. C Bennett. H. Esco. P Matusovic, D Porter, G. Yates. P Ramsburg, C Nelson. B. Hammerstrom. Voice Class — Organ Class ORGAN CLASS - (Uft to right) C. Beihoffer, B Olson. P. Laux, T Jellings. J Green. J Hartman. J. Hietala. L. Austad, B. Hyvarc. 94RED CROSS - Row I: C. Packer, K. Cccko, L Ramin. Scc..J Nierengarten, D. Kuituncn, Pro . J Markham. J Eric. D. Prochaska. I Joe. Row2: G Peterson. S. Hitchens, B. Kruger, J. Schmidt. O. Pilipci.J. Yost, K. Anderson. B. Let, K IaVallce. L Stewart Row3:1. Lambcrtus.C Wamio. J HamJik. S. Lee. V. Lupient.J. Murphy. P Harapat. T. Wald, L Kondrick, B. Hyvare, G. Underhill. Row 4: K Ellis, P. Nlarciniak. L Holt. K. Stark, M. Schultz. K Severson, N. Todd. T. Anderson. J. Ardito, T. Lyons. Row 5; K. Trakcl. L Hultm. J Brevig, G Maznio, S Borries, K Blcxrud.J Sunstrom. D. Manley. L Miller, T. Hartwig. Row 6: B Urista, M. Zandlo, L Thorson. P. McCabe. G. Burge. R Hines, J Gehrkc, S Smyrak, K Ottoson, S Gerken Red Cross — Tommie Boosters TOMMIE BOOSTERS - Row I. C. Kozak.J Erdmg, L. Welte. Treas, S. Glenn. Pres . Mrs. Gilbert. S McLennan. V Pro . M Anderson, See.. L Ihnot. G. Strangle Row 2: S. Proft, P Bjorklund. J. Ecklund. S Koll, E. Olson. C. Ballot. P Ballot, J. Jeanguenat. L Stew art Row }: K Herrmann. J. Stasik, M Havnus, S Won tor. J. Hanzlik. L AI men, S. Kindom. L Kondrick, S Bystedt. Row 4: S. Schwartz. L. Fallcy. T Wald. K Encluon. C. Thotland. V Lu-piend, S. Lee, H. Kelley, K Anderson. Row }:K Luhmann, C Sw-edberg. N. Stapek.C Halc.J Pickering. C Rntnanchuk.J. Maitison, N Woll. K Mid-thun, M. Tupper Row 6: G Miller, L Hultin. M Schultz, K. Severson, C. Luitjens, S. Gerken, J Blexrud, G Crohn, J Brevig 95LUNCHROOM - Row I:C. Skowronck. K Polaski.J Belleisle, D. Mcstas. M Kachcroski, S. Anderson Row2: S. Koll. L Rampi, S. Abraham. L. Miclke. C. Hunezak, M Fix. RouN. Austin, N. Aguilar, G Hoegh, J. Johnson, M Hansen, B. Hammerstrom Lunchroom "E” Club "H“ CLUB - Row 1: K Mcningcr, D. Prochaska. J. Painter, Pres.. Mr. Parsons. J. Bnnda. Scc.-Treas.. L Miclke. S. Mastro, C MacLcan. Rou 2: P. Ga-nvtchc. S. Sodd.J. Burnevik, M Whitney, W. Poschcr, A. Sales, D. Baran. K LaValiee. Row 3: N. Aguilar, A. Hatlund, T. Miller, S. Wiliams. S Rivera, B I ame|ski, N. Manley. Row 4: B. Martin. M. Hanson. S. Hanzlik, B. Streeter, J. Cottle. J. Homa, G. Doherty. D. Schwartz. 96SPEECH - Rou l:J. Brcvig. D Kirkland, P. Marciniak, K. Herrmann. Mr Litowsky, K. Cocko, K Kosiak, D. Kuitncn Row2: T Butman. D Jacob. L Miller. R. Palm. S. Padub. D Mruz, D. Rudquist, K Larson.J. Voytilla Speech - Debate Members of the speech club and debate club combine to form the Edison Forensic League. Officers of this club are as follows: Jim Lcporc, Pres., Kathy Hermann. Scc.-Trca$.,Jim Voytilla, V. Pres., Mr. Trammel, Advisor. Mr. Litowsky, Advisor. DEBATE CLUB - Row I: R Rcsch.J. Tyberg, Treas .J. Voytilla. V. Pres, Mr. Trammel. J Lcporc. Pres . D. Johnson. See . S Berkeley Raw2: K Streed. T Wald, M la Mere, J. Graf.J Bonden. D Kuitunen. R Kinas Row i. A Saless, W Krdting. S. Gerken. K larson, B. larson, L Miller, J. Miller, C Radick. Row 4: D. George. D. Mruz, S. Padula. J. Cottle, D Rudquist, W Rusinak. R Palm 97A.F.S. - Row I: L Tumblom. D Pappin. T Novoa, S. Kail, See.. M Anderson. Pres., Mrs. Sailor, S. Bystedt. Treas.. K Gondorchin. J. Peake. M Janow-ice. Rou 2: K. Berg. S. Hcnalcn, S. Anderson. J. Hietala. S. Masica, B Mcssick, L Carlson. D. Beihotfer, G Anderson. M. Rcsch, L Lewt kyj. Rou 3- S. Berkeley’, M Wabeth. K. Calandcr, J. Stasik. J. Graf, L Falley, H Kelley, K. Herrmann. S. Won tor, P Mattson. D. Blosberg. Rou 4: K. Luhmann, M Tupper. G. Underhill, B. Hammerstrom, D. Butler, P. Havelak. L. Latina. J Romanowski. B. Van Patter, S. Lee. Rou );). Brevig, S. Anderson, C. Lystig. P Lcfoumcau, P. McCabe, C Luitjens. D Greenhagen. J. Gchrkc. I. Volstad, D. Sclinski, J. Fehner. A.F.S. - Ushers Club USHERS CLLIB - Row I: C Packer, T Jacob, See.. S Lee, Pres.. Mrs Miller, C Ballot. V Pres., C Boner, Treas.. C. Kozak Rou 2: K Anderson, G. Stran-gis, B. Lee. D. Badker. L Packer, M Banker, K. Cccko. Row 3: B. Dentz, P Ballot. J. Han lik, A. Fecht. P Maroniak. R Prcsscllcr, D Volstad. Row4:C Gunnufson. S. Won tor, K. Hil|us. S. Riste, T Porter. J. Harves, S. Dalbcc. Row 3:S. Bernes, S. Richmond. L. Hultin, B Leske, S. Gerken, J. Johnson, D. Butler. 98 MONITORS - Row I: I. Espc. D. Sroka, L Pietr ak, B. Streeter. S. McLennan, M Soderquist. L Miclkc. Row 2: H. Squeak. J Johnson, G. Hoegh, R Scott. J. Homa. K Olson. T. Bart. B. Sherhanenko. Monitors - Business Club BUSINESS CLUB - Row I: B. Straus. S. Hoy. P. Klct m. Scc.,J Jeanguenat, V. Pres., Mrs Balow, MRS Branch, M Fix. Pres . B Pudney, Treav. S Nye, 1.. Haller Row 2: P. Millay. T. Jaroslawski. S. Proft, L. Quinzon, S. F.llis. V, Millman, M Kachcroski, K. LaVallec. M Blanton Row i:J Wrzos. B. Tliies. P. Ferguson. D. Torvik,J Zgodava.S. Envcy.L. Peterson.S. Senko. N. Walsh, M Edlingcr. Row4:C. Waimo.S. I alhec, K. Midthun. B. Nelson, Ren-licit, B. Bart, C. Swcdbcrg.J. Dorsey, J. Begin. Row5: D. May. S. Malbon, C Bentzen, T. Jacob, C Gocch.J. Harves. S Abraham, S Bolin Row6: L. Net-waJ, C. Kacamarck, B. Hansen, D Hanson, D. Fohrman, S. McLennan, S. Ihnot, K Podvin. J. Johnson. 99GROUPCAPTAINS - Row I:J. Erding, K. Polaski.G. Hushes, M. Ecknun.J. Alstrup. K. Lavallct.J. Dame. Rou2:S. Bystcdt.C. Hunc ak. P Harapat, K Midthun, S. Nyc, K Kosiak. T. Tomctylc. Rou }: D. Kdlcrman. D. Kohlan, T. Grivna. J Conklin. B. Sherbanenko. L. Vobtad. J Stasik Group Captains - Bank Cashiers BANK CASHIERS - Row I: P Kinch, P Matusovic, N Roppe, S Wontor, N. Johnson. L Packer.J. Dame. Row2: D. Palmquist.S Lee. D. Kostcr.J. Johnson, C Miller, S. Bystedt. P. Haraput. Row }: T. Brinda. S. Pinkosh. W. Rusinak, J. Rolck. J. Conklin. L. Volstad. L Hultin. 100PEP CLUB - Row I: C. Bcriou, S. Mastro, C. Sclinsky, R Sicard, See.; L Rampi, V. Pres.; Mr. Swan Strom. Advisor. H. Wlosinski. Pres . L Thill, D. Pro chaska. S. Ek. Row2:) LaMcre. L Salcss.J. Stcpanchiik, G. Underhill. J.Jeangucnat, L. Fjelsta, E Olsen, P. Bjorldund. S Thomas. L Mihalou. Row}: D. Krystofiak, C. Jurck. D. Nelson. L. Lukkason, S. Schwartz. J. Murphy. J. Jakubik. M. Ashcraft. S Bystcdt.J Yost. Row 4: L Christensen. S. Lee, I. Ramin, P. Ingalls. B. Moc, C. Thotland, S. Won tor, L Prekker. J. Hanzlik, J. Mattison. Rou 5: S. Kindom, B. Daniclski, S. Kokosh. R Vogt. S. Maciag. K Krznarich, S. Mclennan. T. Thompson, S. Peterson. Row 6: M. Whitney. B Hammerstrom, L Thorson. D. Fohrman, J. Blexrud. I). Sclinski. W. Knutson, D. Butler, K. Luhmann. G Nelson. . - Pep Club PEP CLUB - Row I: P Milner. G Anderson. G. Strangis, S. Anderson. M Kocheroski. J. ELsen. G. George. D. Polaski. J. Erding. D. Pappm. Row 2: P. Ballot. B. Olson, J. Dclmomco, B. Lee, P. Ferguson. G MacLcan, G. Anderson. K. Hurrlc. M Haynus.C. Ballot Rou 3. K Barchinski, D Baran, A Hale, L Yates, K. Medinger. D. Kohner, L Jacobsen. G. Nelson. P. Ross. Row4: P. Harapat. N. Stapek, J. Ocas. S. Tliomas. C. Vos.J. Harves, O. Baluczynski, R. Ktnas, S. Sodd, G Nelson ..Row f: L Stuck. K. Anderson. M Chaput. B. Nelson, C Hale, j Huzio. N. Manley. K. Johnson, K Midthun, L Bymark. W. Benzingcr. Rou 6: B. Van Patter. L Peterson. J Sundstrom. M. Schultz. J. Green, G. Crompust, P. Zimmerman. K Severson. C Mkhalov, S. Michaels, L Undgren. 101BLUETRI OFFICERS - Row I: G. Underhill.Treas.; L Christensen. Pres., MissSamkjuist, Advisor; MissMunger, Advisor; K Midthun, V Prcs.;J. Jeanguenat, See. Row2: S. Koll, Chapter Co-ord; N. Larson, Pub.; M. Fix, Otap-lain; M. Janowicc. Service; C. Peterson, I.C.C GAMMA PHI BETA - Rou‘ I: C Peterson, S. Hublc, See.-Treas , L Chclstrom, Chaplain; S Masica. Pres., B Olson. Sgt-at-arms; R. Si-card. Row2: K Medinger, F. Olson. L. Bohn, H Wlosinski. 1.. Gaydos, S. Roman Row ): N. Larson, J. Craig. K. Anderson, P Ballot, C. Ballot. M Anderson. Row 4: S. Sodd. S. Lee, M. Theis, J. Swanson, M. l anko, P. Boyd. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA - Rou 1: P Higgins, S. Abraham. V Pres.; K. Polaski, Chaplain; J. Graf. Pres . P Bcihoffcr. See.; J. Peake Rou 2.:S. Archambault. J Jeanguenat, P K let in. K LaValle. J Tillman. 1. Joe. Row 3) Hanych, S. Dickson. K Kirnmel, C Vincent, J. Jabukik, C Asplund Row 4: K. Stark, D Kostcr, C Bruhjcll, P Olson, L. Krepis. K Schaal. 102ALPHA DELTA PI - Row I: P. Gcmmcll, B. Nelson, Chaplain; B. Chase, Treas.; B Pud-ncy. Pres.; B Daniclski, V. Pres.; S Mastro, S. Tack. Row 2: D. Prochaska, J. Dame, C Bcihoffer, K. Anderson, J. Al-strup, B. Ehnes.J. Erding. Row 3; D. Nelson, J. Anderson. C Jurck, J Yost, D. Kohner. S. Peterson. Row 4: J. Huzio. M Chaput, L. Naslund, S. McLennan, N Hitchens, K Midthun, K Johnson. ALPHA EPSILON PHI -Row I: J. Holicn. V. Rampi, Pub.; K. Luhmann, V. Pres.; P. Harapat, Pres.; S Marx, See.; L Falley, Treas., M. Schagun, Chaplain. Row 2: D. Soderman, I. Joe, R. Resch, L Carlson, L Mihalou, P. Wesley, P. Milner Row 3: D Blosberg, B. Hyvarc, R. Vogy, S. Johnson, L Ramin, J. Abraham. D. Kkrbs, C Hunezak. Row 4: C. Rakick. C Bentzen, J. Pickering, J. Fehner, P. McCabe, J Brevig, J. Roma-nowski SIGMA DELTA TAU - Row I: D. Krawczynski, N Woll, V Pres.; L. Stewart, Treas.; S. Case, Pres., B. Hudak. Chap-bin. B O'Connell, See.; M. Resch. Row 2: S. Hcdalcn. M Turnblom, J, Chase, N. Knoke. M Kodet. G. McNamara. Row 3: C. Swedberg, D. Volstad. N. Austin, A. Malmborg, S. Smyrak. G. Slangs M Fix. 103KAPPA KAPPA DELTA -Row I: Tilly Novoa, C Car-pcnticr, Treas.. K Hurrlc, V Pres.; C. Lystig, Pres.; M Jo Violette, Sec.;J Wall. Row 2: G Cunlcavy. G Anderson, G Mac Lean. N. Josul, S. Anderson, D. Pappin. Row }: C. Gay-dos, J Uhruh, P Gacck, S. Bystedt. G Jones, G Underhill, B. Messick Row 4: S. Koll, D. Kcllerman, P Zimmerman, G Luitjens. B Ham-merstrom, Chaplain. D. Ku-ituncn KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA -Row I: K. Resch, J. ELsen, Treas.; M Kachcroski, Sec.; S. Proft, Pres.; D. Fohrman, V Pres; S. Maciag, Chaplain. Row 2: D. Schurr. H Holubka. B. Lee, K Proft, L Thill, G Kozak Row i: M. Aitkens, D. Baran, M. Lown. W Bentzm-ger. L Quisr, M. Eckman. J. Ardito. Row 4: L Ijrson, M. Schultz. K. Blexrud, B Sta-nek, P Saxe, S. Kokosh DELTA DELTA DELTA -Row I: M Subak, D. Butler, Sec.. D Sclin ki. Pres ; S. Nyc, Chaplain; N. Carlson. V. Pres.; K Lubansky, Treas.; K Roscoc. Row 2: M. Janowicc, C Schnabel. G Strangis. S. Vados, S. Glenn, B. Ridge. L Ihnot. Row ): L Bymark. B Mix:, P Mattson. K Calendar, S. Berkeley, L Fisher, L Dzu-bay. Row 4: L Christensen. R, Feiegy, J Evanson. S. McCaff-cry, R. Balthazor, V. Lupient. 104F.H A. - Row I: C. Sclinsky, B. Wojciak, L Smith, Treas.; S. Lee, Pres. Mrs. Dzubay, Advisor, J Gchrkc. See.; L Salcss. Historian. J Havrilak, V. Pres. Row2:J. Eric, L Turnblom, L Anderson. B. Lee. J. Hietala. M Kachcroski, J. Hartman, L Packer. Row3: K Hurtle, J. Yost.J. Gavic, V. Simon, D. Krys-tofiak, D. Ebon, L Mihalou.J. Abraham. Row4: A Fccht.C. Skowronek, A. Johnson, M. McConn.S. Kindom, D Toruik, P Kudzia, S. Senko. Row J: B. Pudney, B. Moc, T. Thompson. C. Ash. L. Rising.J. Seman, D. Hanson.J. Murphy. S. Ewer. Row6: D Buik.S Ristc. L Netwal.C. Greene. 1 Hultin. B Aylt. D. Fohrman. D. Noon, S. Maciag, S. Nyc. F.H.A. F.H A. - Row t:V. Borg. A. Carol, B. Kruger. D Zustiak.J. Rosemever. B Thompson. M. Janowicc, D Sodd. Row 2: B Bailey. J Radcmacher, M G« mck. N. L. Christensen. W Forsman, D. Klcbs Row 3: M Shaw. T. Wald. M Kocur. O. Pilipin. O. Camarillo, K Lrwandowski. I). Nelson. J. LaMere. Row 4: L Peterson. L LaMere, C. Hale. K Muth, P. Namie. R Spychala. K Jerde Row 5; V. Lupient, S. Schwartz. P Anschutz. M Looby, L. Lindgren. S. Kokosh, J. Miller. H. Miszkicwicz Row 6: T. Jacob. M Schultz. S. Balkus. S. Anderson, L Selbcrg, J. Johnson. J. Simoncau. K. Severson. 105Hi-Y HI-Y - (Juniors) Row I: S. Swanson. K. Larson. Row 2: Kirk Larson. D. Benson. HI-Y - (Seniors) Row I: T. Len, J. Bnnda. V Pres.. D. Schwartz, Sgt at Arms. J. Johnson. Scc.-Trcas., K Kohlan, Pres., B. Schmcling, Chaplain, M. Peterson. R0V 2:T Wincck, W Dancho, G. CarLson. S. Young. B. Bergstrom,J. Nelson, J. Fehling. Row): D. Kudzia. B. Martin. Z Howgun, M. Hansen, M. Paich, R. Ashley. Row 4: J. Szczcch. J. Danyo, J. Painter, W. Kallestad. K. Olson. G. Doherty. 10 6LIBRARY AIDS - Row I: D. Mann. J. Unruh, J Wclso. Row2: L Sedcrhcrg, S. Hitchens, B Urista. T. Kud ia, A Haflund. S. Kindom, I. Welle, C Rchnelt. J. Dwmncll. Abwnt: M Schagun. N Kaster. Library Aids — Inventors Club INVENTORS CLUB - Row I: K. Gondorthin. K. Berg. P. Luux, S. Rorwick. J. Romanowski. L Turnblom. Row2: R (.arson, B. Bingen, D Master. D Benson. K. Erkkson, H. Wilding. Row }: B. Anderson. B Larson. D. Anderson. D Van Vickie. W Geslak, B. Bergstrom Rou 4: Ci MtCabc, D Ashcraft. P. Gunderson, M Btstodcau, B. Hakala. D. Johnson. Pres. 107CHESS CLUB - Row I: K John-son. T. Utphall, K Kosiak. M. Styers. Row 2: W. Marcouiller, W. Sajka. J. Foster Chess Club — Office Pages OFFICE PAGES - Row I: V. Borg. P Benson. S. Illusion. J. Meyer, L Fjelsta. D. Pappin, K. Anderson, D. Jones. Row2:J. Raddcmachcr, B Matheson.C Sharpe, P. Ballot, G Ballot, S. Peterson, S. Hcdalcn.J. Erie. Row .i: C Wheeler, V. Lupient, N. Carlson. D. Irkson.S. Nye.J. Gavic.J. Ecklund, L Grossy, S. Case. Row 4: B. Hansen, S. Ristc, J. Waage, L. Rocthkc. P Young. P Dietrich. C. Ash. R Balthazor. 108Stage Crew Forum Staff STAGE CREW - Row 1: S. Swenson, S. Havclak. J. Plaster, G. Lee. Row 2: Mr. Simmons, T. Callahan, T. Anderson. B Barries, S. Rivera. Row C. Michalov, L Kuch. FORUM STAFF - Rou I: L Miller, C Hunezak, Editor-in-chict, D. Kuitunen. Row 2: J. Tyberg, J. Cottle, Mr. Trammel, D. Johnson. 109Home Rooms MISS DOYLE - 4 TENTH GRADE Row I: B. Aabcrg, M. Ashcraft. M. Angclucci, K Anderson. D. Anderson. Row 2: D. Burkhardt, K. Anderson, E. Ball. M Aitkens. S. Arc-chiga. B. Bailey. Row 3: D. Badker, D. Acko. M. Askay, J. Ardito, C As-plund. Row 4:). Abraham. K. Ahl-quist, G. Anderson, R Allen, G. Anderson, C. Ambroziak. MRS MILLER - 104 TENTH GRADE Row I: C Beriou, C Benett. P. Bet-hoffer, I. Miller, L Bohn. T Beck. M. Banker. Row2: K Barchinski. R. Bdisle, D. Boris, M. Bialon. D. Bartlett, E. Blaido, V Berglund Row 3: C. Bloom. W. Bcnzingcr. J. Bon-den. J. Blunk. O. Baluczynskt. J. Begin. C Blanski. Row 4: A. Bjork, D Benson. I). Bart. B Benson, J. Bastiansen, K Blexud, C Bartnic-zak. MRS DZUBAY - 108 TENTH GRADE Row I: L. Broszko. L. Green. O. Camarillo, Mrs Dzubay, J. Chase. K.. Carlson. S. Archambault Row 2: J. Ocas, J. Bergstrom. K Bystedt. J. Orison. G. Chance, G. Orling, R. Boyer. Row):S. Brazil,T. Burns.G Orpentcr. C. Orison, J. Chance, B. Brown. G. Ollahan, M. Bredmus. Row 4: S. Charboncau, S. Brandt, R. Orroll, G. Burge. R Bredsten. T. Brinda, S. Omplin. noMR LARSEN - 117 TENTH GRADE Row I: R. Dorfc, K. Darsow, S. Dickson. Mr. Larsen. J. Oaig. M. Dorumsgaard. L Dame. Row 2: B. Cox, S Crooks. P. Dahl, D. Ches-ncy, Y. Derby. B. Dent , M. Danko. Row 3: P. Dclaria. G. Doven-muchlcr, D Danielson, R. Durkot, S. Chcrewan, M. Christensen, T. Courtcau. Row 4: G Bungert, J. Draper. R Dec, W. Dawydenko, J. Daugherty, R. Decker, J Donicht. MR. HALL - 127 TENTH GRADE Row I: P Evans. N. Engen. L Fisher. Mr Hall. S. Ellis. K. Fletcher. Row 2: R Ferrara. W Forsman, S. Envey, B. Ehnes, E. Ferguson. J. Eg-land. J Eason Row 3: V. Evaschuk, M Faulk. G. Egcland, M. Erickson, J. Evan son, B. Flicshcr. Row 4: L Endthoff, D. Erickson. E. Erickson, D. Engstrom, W Esnough, L. Erickson. D. Dvbvig. MR JOHNSON - 204 TENTH GRADE Row I: S. Foy, G. George, Mr Johnson. W. Haasken, P. Gcmmcll, B. Godava. Row 2; J. Gooden, J. Foster, C. Frcdsall, P Gacck, L Gaydos. D. Forthmillcr. Row 3: P- Gozel, L Fortune, B Gossett. D. French. C. Gallagher, T. Garretson, J. Gorccki. Row 4: C Green, R Haflund, G. Gonsior.J. Foster. M Gustafson, B. Garness. IllMR DAVIS - 207 TENTH GRADE Row I: P. Higgins, L Haller, A. Davis, J. Hautala, A. Hale, C. Hanley. Row 2: J. Haggar.J. Hictala, O. Halley, K. Higgins, C. Hara. W Hartman. Row }: L Hanson, R. Hint . R. Hanveh, B Hammer-strom, T. Harturg, C Hockcnsmith. B. Hatkrsrad. Row4: R. Hcrland. M. Hargis. R Hintz, D. Hastings, R. Hanson, R. Haug. MISS PETERSON - 210 TENTH GRADE Row I:). Jackson, I Joe, Miss Peterson, L Jasicki, B Isum, J. Hollcn. Row 2: B. Iverson, D. Jaeger. L. Jacobsen, J. Honcck, R. Johns. J. Hockett. Row 3: )■ Ferehorezek. L Hoel, P. Ingalls, I. Hunt. I. Holt.J. Jakubik.J. Hwjda. Row 4: S. Hultin, H. Hunt.J Jablonski, D. Ignatowiz, A. Jacobson, R Haymes. MR YARUSSO - 224 TENTH GRADE Rou I: E. Johnson, C Kirkland, N. Josul, Mr. Yarusso. R Joos, D. Klcb5, S. Kindom. Row 2: K. Kemp, C. Jones. S. Johnson, G Johnson, K. Johnson. P. Johnson, M. Kcl-zenberg. Row 3■' C Jurck, C. Kas-sulkcr, T. Johnson, D. Johnson, P. Kapala, J. Johnson, C. Kaczmarck, C Keller. Rou 4: D. Johnson, R Johnson, L Johnson, J. Johnson, B. Johnson. J. Johnson. T. Johnson. 112MR LOPATA - 226 TENTH GRADE Rou 1: C Klatt. K Kopct, N. Knokc. Mr. Lopata, J Korzcniow-ski. P. Kudzia, D. Krawczynski. Row 2: T. Klitzcn, S. Kokosh, K. Kim-mcl, M Komarec, W. Knutscn, K. Krznarich. D. Kohner Row 5: D. LaMere, J. (Collar, M. Kohanek, S. Konzc. D. Knoll. R Krystyniak. L Krcpis. Row 4: K. Kubcra, R. Knic-fcl. R. Knutson. M Ky mant, P Klcsmit, B. Kywcriga, G. Krysto-fiak, R Knoll. MR SULZBACH - 228 TENTH GRADE Row I: M I-irx. L. Larson, F. Sulz-bach. L Limbertus, B. Lee, N. Lee. Row 2: M town, G. Lee, D Lind, J. Lien. J. Leitschuh. B. Lee RouJ.J. Lindman, J LaPointc, G. Livingston, T Larson, B. Larson. Row4: R. Louis, D Larson, D. Lacina, R Lar-son, B. Leskc, D Lee. MISS MUNGER - 215A Row I: M. McCllou. J. Markham, P Matusoirc, Miss Mungcr, P. Majew ski. P. Middaugh. Row 2: D. Mestas J. Mklik, L Lukkason, J. McGuire A. MaaJis. K McCabe Row ): R Martinson, G. Masters. G. Madden P. Maxey, F. Marquardt, S. Michcals R Mattison. Row 4: S. Matson. M Madden, D. Lykke. D. Mancuso, D McGuire, M. Millay. 113MRS. GILBERT - 506 TENTH GRADE Row I: P Moder, L Moritko, S. Mlc-kodaj, Mrs. Gilbert, V. Millman, S. Murphy. Row 2: D. Nelson, D. Moses. B. Nelson.). Mudry, G Nelson. A. Mlakar. Row i: V. Moros, K Moline. P. Nawrocki, C. Nelson, J. Myko, W Miszkiewicz. Row 4: S Nascenc, J. NastofT, J Miller. G. Ncbclung. R. Mudge, J. Miller. MISS SORENSON - 510 TENTH GRADE Row I: J. Padula, J. Owaarzak, L Olson. Miss Sorenson, L Nctwal, N. Paulson. Row 2: C. Packer. D Paulson, M. Patterson. D. Palm-quist, R. Paulson, B. Paige. Row):S. Ouellette. B. Pancake, R. Pcaslcy, P Nelson. J. Nirnik, L Pantze. Row 4: J. Pantlin, J. Noyes, D. Palmer. T. Parker. P. Olszewski, M Paquin, A. Olson. MR. MANKOWSKI - 528 TENTH GRADE Row I: R. Plunkett, O. Pilipci, Mr. Mankowski, J. Novach, N, Petran-gelo, D. Polaski. M. Peters. Rou 2: S Stanislawa, D. Pfeifer. P. Robertson, L Prekker. C. Prtrusson, S. Prcnc-vost, Stes-c Peterson, B. Preston. Row ): C Peterson, M. Paquette, B. Pollan, G. Pickarcxyk, D. Peterson, S. Peterson, P. Peterson. Row 4: G. Pierson. K Podvin, D. Peterson, P. Preussner, J Pielow, D. Putsch, C Prose, L Peterson I 14MR LUNKLEY - 331 TENTH GRADE Row I: K. Rcsch, L. Quinzon, P. Ross, Mr. Lunldcy, J. Roscmcycr, K. Sharbono, K Roscoc Row 2: S. Sand, N. Roppc. B. Roatch, G. Rus-inko, D. Rolf, R. Rcsch, B Ridge Row 3' S. Rocthkc, L Quist. C Sac-get, R Reynolds, C. Rhodes, G Radidc, C Raines. Row 4: M Pigna-tcllo, M. Radkc, D. Rccvcscy. W. Sajka, T. Ruing, P. Ramsburg, T. Risina. MR BEVANS - 112 TENTH GRADE Row I: V. Sholes. C Sclinsky. C. Schnabel. Mr. Bevans. D Sc hack. S. Schulze, D. Schurr. Row 2: S. Schultz, J Schmidt, B. Schram. G Sharpe. T Sanocki, T Siluk, T. Shu-pten Row }: R. Sederstrom, P. Saxe, J. Suhopf, G. Sanders. K. Schaal, B Sheldon. Row 4: G. Schlcisman, M Schneider. R Schmidt, V Sang. G. Shanor, D Shields, T Schrocdcr MRS. BA LOW - }02 TENTH GRADE Row I: D. Slcaja, D. Soderman, L. Stevens, Mrs. Balow, S. Smith. G Skowronek. Row 2: D. McGowan, D. Stoner. J. Simoneau, P. Smith, J. Szymanski. N. Smith Row 3■' N. Sta-pek, S Stephanson, T. Smith. D. Stcllmachcr. G Sorvig, M. Skogguist. 115MR POWELL - 231A TENTH GRADE Rou■ I: S Title. M Suhak, L Thill. Mr. Powell, M Sweezo, B. Thomp-son. Row 2: S Szczcck, J. Sularz, B. Stockier. R. Thoric. K. Stricbcl. D. Thiele. Row }: M. Siklcuicn, B. Thurston. T. Thompson. M. Swart. L Thomas, B Thics. Row 4: M. Theis, P Tomezyk, C. Tiedeken. G. Super, D. Thompson, B. Swanson. MR. ELAVSKY - 231B TENTH GRADE Row 1: S. Truchinski.J. Truchinski, J. Tillman, Mr. Elavsky, L Townsend. A. Trettin, A. Wakanabo. Row 2:S. Vadis, G Vadis. M Turnblom. D Volstad, J Unruli, J. Urista, D. Tracer. Row i: D. Torvik, K. Trakel, R. Vogt, B. Urista. G Truax. C. Vincent, G. Triden. Row 4: K. Ur-bansk!, T Valck. A. Wakal. R Tin-sen. B. Van Tassel, L Tovsen, N. Todd MRS KELLNER - 312 TENTH GRADE Row 1: P. Wcslcv, L. Yates, N. Walsh. Mrs Kellner. C Winters. B Walker. B Wojciak. Row2:J. Wal-seth. G Vos. B Welsh. G. Wes-tlund. I. Wicrsgalla, L Zustiak, J. Zroka. R. Wozniak. Row 3: J. Wardarski. J Wasilak. J. Yorston. G. Wcizencggcr. D. Wruz, J. Walsh. D. Wood. 116MRS HORTON - 105 ELEVENTH GRADE Row 1: J. Alien, J. Alstrup, Mrs. Horton, G. Nelson, J. Bcllelslc, J. Nelson. Row 2: G Bcihoffer. L Almcn, R. Balrhazor, B. Bart, S. Abraham. L. Austad, J. Anderson. Row 3: T. Anderson, M. Abraham, N. Aguilar, J. Angelucci, A Bennett, R. Anderson Row 4: S. Andcr-son. J. Barzdis, D. Anderson, R. Nelson, R. Ahlsirom, J. Anderson, W. Nordstrom. MRS HULBERT - 111 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I; S. Berkeley, S. Bolin, B. Brinda, D. Blosbcrg, M. Blanton. Row 2: P. Boyd, D. Bowman, K. Bloomer, R. Berg, D Brandt, R. Thompson Row 3: C Bishop, Boner, T. Butman, G Bentzen. Borrics, J Nierengarten. Row 4: Odegard, T. Biernat, M. Bock, Bcrgquist, J. Blczrud, M. Oberg MR SWANSTROM - 201 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I: K. Cccko, C Carpentier, G Bruncau. Mr. Swanstrom. P, Bu-dingcr, G Bean. Row 2: B Chase. C Conner, D. Noon, L Chclstrom, C. Callender, K Calandcr. Row 3: L Busch. G. Cable, B. Capra, C. Bruhjcll, S. Canterbury Row 4: P Carr, B. Olson, B. Casey, B. Churik, S. Padub, D. Burns. 117 U«0 aiMR GEANKOPUS - 114 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I:). Ddmonico, C. Dunleavy, S. Duffcc, Mr. Gcankoplis, G Dirar. D. Dovcnmuchlcr, J. Dame. Row 2; M. Eckman, K. Day, J. Duncan, R Cuny, E. Diffin, G. Lamusga, S. Dalbcc. Rou ): M Cudo, V. Dawson, D. Dupre, D. Dawson,). De-Mars. W Cordcs. Rou 4: P. Dietrich, R Cotton, T. Doyle, R. Dehkes, G. Donaldson. A C rbcc-ky, G. Cronquist. MISS OLSON - 118 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I: J Erding, M. Edlingcr, M. Edwards, Miss Olson, B Fix, J. El-Imgson, D. Fergon. Row 2; J Fehn, J. Faulk, L Ewer. L Fallcy, R. Fele-gy. B. Fcarn, J. Flower. Row 3: J. Fehner, G Erickson, R Engdahl, M Faircloth. L Esbc, R. Erpclding. MR SINGH - 119 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I: C. Gaydos, C. Hartos, C. Singh. C. Gromck, D Duncan, D. Ellis Row 2: P. Gamachc. M. Go-voent, L Gilberrson, G Gunnufson, M Goble, S. Garretson. Row 3: M. Green, R. Green, S. Gerken, G. Griffin, J. Graf. Row 4: D. George, M. Milliren, C. Hafiund, R Hab-stntt. J. Forthmillcr, R. Gcldert 118MR LIEMOHN - 206 ELEVENTH GRADE Rote I: B. Hudak, J. Hanman, M Hokanson. Mr Liemohn, H. Ho-lubka, B Hamer, P. Hoskins. Row 2: J. Havrilak. J. Hanzlik, P. Hern, S. Hanegan, G. Hcrlofsky, M. Haynus, J. Hanych. Row ): j. Harves. G Hreha, B Herrick. J. Hale, P Have-lak, K. Hiljus. Row 4: D Hamre, R. Hines, P. Hendrickson, J. Homa, T. Holmes, E. Halland, B. Hanna. MISS WALLACE - 211 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I: M. Janowiec, I. Joe, B Hy-varc, Miss Wallace, T Jarosiawski, L. Johnson, I. Ihnot. Row 2: G. Hughes. K Jerde. G. Minenko, T. Jacob, K. Johnson, G Johnson. J. Hunter. Row j: G Jennings. K. Jacobson. L Jaros, J, Jeziorski, R. Jahnke, J. Johnson. Row 4: D. Jo-chim, A. Jaremko, D Jedmak, E. Jelinck, D. Jedmak, D Johnson, B. Jaremko. MR SPOLAR - 212 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I: L Kasper. D. Jones, A. Ken-nison, Mr Spolar, M. Kodet. N. Johnson. Row 2: S. Johnston, J. Kaiser, J. Kaiser. B. Kelly, B Juliot. Row): N. Johnson,J. Kasid, B. Kar-kula, G Kangas, R Karkula, G. Kaczmarck, R. Johnson Row 4: L. Kalina, B. Johnson, J. Juneau, G. K as low. D. Kalina, B Judlin. 119MISS BRUNZELL - 213 ELEVENTH GRADE Row l: S. Korus. L Kokosh.J. Lind Miss Brunzcll, D. Klcrzin, B. Krug cr, R. Knealing. Row 2: L Kocs, T Kvcnsting, J. King, L. Knutso, G Kuchn. L Kondrick. K Kosiak Row ): D Kmch, T Kudzia, W Krcfting,). Brcvig, R. Kolodjski, D Klebs. Row 4: D. Kosicr. L. Brusc R Kinch, G. Kobchrczyk, D Krumm. R Koilman, C. Korzcn iowski. MR MARCOU1LLER - 327 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I: L. Lcwyrzkyj, I. La Mere. A. Larson. Mr. Marcouillcr, N. Kuli-jcuicz, L LaMotte, J. Zych. Row 2: D. Kuitunen, S. Olszewski. B. Lloyd, T Lofy, H. LaPage, L Larson RowC. Calistro, K Larson, D. la whead. P. Lctourncau. K Otroson, K Larson, R. Miseneik. MR ZELLERS - 223 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I: B. Matheson. T. Lyons. K Mcdingcr. Mr Zellers, K. Marionik D. Mann. Row 2: S. Marx. P. Marci niak, D May. S McCaffrey. S. Mai bon. G. McNanara. P Mattson. Rou 3:). Magden.J. Mancino. B. Matey J Mattson. T. Madden. S. Maxcv Row 4: G. Marvin. T. Moses. T McKenzie, T. Lyke. S. Marengo. P McNavghton. J Madden. 120MRS CONOVER - 1 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I: E. Olsen. K. Klatt, Mrs Conover. B. Mcssick, J. Munson. P. Millay. Row 2: P Mclstcr, M. Mogen, D. Murphy, F. Oplcin, C. Miller. D. Much. Row S: C. Ordyn-ice, L Miller. P Murphy, T. Orlicki. E. Odenbreit. W Mucha, D. Miller Row 4. M. Mohlcn, K. Murphy. M. Moore, M Mcnzia, G. Miller. P. Olson. MR BROWN - 202 ELEVENTH GRADE Rou I: C. Nasicplak. M Parker. K Pulaski. Mr Brown. J. Peake. S Paulson. J. Podany. Row 2: L. Peter son. J Pancake. A Pederson. L. Oul lette, V. Palermo, L Bctrangclo Row }: B. Palidcr. R. Pisansky. G Peterson. A Piekarczyk, G. Peter «sn, V Natysin. R Norholm. Rou 4: M. Peterson, R Palm, A Palkvich. J. Peterson, I). Oullctlc. P Pluwak. MISS ROSS - 504 ELEVENTH GRADE Rou I; S Roman. S Rosty, L Ramin. Miss Ross, C Rchndt. K Proft.J. Podany. Row2: T Porter, L Rocthke, G Ristc, C. Osfar.S. Ristc, L Prevost Row i;) Rosemeyer, B Rcgel, S. Richmond. G. Regcl. G Quamme. D. Ross, J Robertson. Row 4: J. Grill, J. Sabol, P. Orlicki. L Rotar. W. Rusinak. T Ready. 121MISS PAPPAS - 309 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I: R Sicard, J. Stcpanchak. C Skiba, Miss Pappas, R Spychala. J. Sourskc, J. Stewart Row 2: K. Streed, C Sticn, M. Stiller. R Stevens. J Stasik. K. Stark. D. Snow. Row 3: T. Smith, D. Teigcr. M. Sod-crquist. T Sundly, T. Spcakman, D. Strcckcr. R. Stewart. Row I: K. Si-moncau, M Stcllenbcrg, J. Struwvc, C. Shutts. T. Simonson. B. Sperry. D. Skogsberg. MR RAY - 307 ELEVENTH GRADE Row 1: B. Hurlbutt, C. Schullo, Mr. Ray. C. Sclb, L Salcss, A. Schcrcmct. Row 2: S. Senko. R Sandusky. T. Serkascvich, T. Shaughnessv, L. Sederberg, M Schagun. Row i: R. Schultz, M. Schrocdcr, S Schmidt, D. Sclinski, M. Bad Rou' 4: J. Schlcith, R Severson. R Sharbono, R. Scott, B Sherbanenko. D. Schmidt. MR COREY - 314 ELEVENTH GRADE Row 1: B. Thics, T. Tomezyk, P Namie. Mr Corey, N Trebisovsky. M. Thoric, S. Thomas. Row 2: S. Swanson, K Ten Eyck, L. Nash, G. Trager, S. Thomas, S Neil, T. Tay-kalo Row i: L Johnson, J. Theis. J Sunstrom, N Susiek. G. Super. M. Thompson. J. Swanson. T. Sweezo. Row 4: D. Sroka, C Thimmcsch, T Svensk. D Swart. D. Szymanski, S. Tack. M. Super. 122MISS FERGUSON - 318 ELEVENTH GRADE Row 1: C. Vclandcr, M. Viokttc, S. Warnkc. S. Walthcr. J. Wall. L. Nasal. Row2:T. Ucphall.C. Wainio, S. WaUis. S Vik, K Waagc, S. Warnc. T Voslcr. Row}:). Waagc, T. Vcscio. R Walter. K Wagner. K. Washburn. D. Tyler. Row 4: T. Urista. A. Wichcrski. K. Wilder, M Vadis. D Warden. V Wakal. D. Walters. MR OTTESON - 321 ELEVENTH GRADE Row I: J Woos, D. Zustiak. S Wontor, Mr. Otteson. C Wheeler. N. Wedin Rou 2: ) Zoodava, T Woytasek. M Winters. K Weyek. L Weltc. F Young. Rou ): M Whitney. J. Wdowychyn, S. Zimba, N. Zandlo, H. Wcnnerlind. Row 4: T Zelazny. R Weremez, B Zak-scski. R. Fictrzak. G. Weittncch. D. Zac ck- MR NORTH WICK - 222 ELEVENTH GRADE Row 1; T. Grivna. A Wass, Mr. Northwick, M. Bicn. 123125Row I: A. Haflund mgr.,J. Burncvik. D Schwartz, L Walker, C. Curry. J. Johnson. R Klcsk, R. Szykula. H Anderson. G. Doherty. J. Bnnda. B Anderson. G. Anderson. J. Painter, H Wildung mgr. Row II:J. Senko, 6 Patrek. K R«lik. B. Streeter. G. Hoegh. R Newquist. B. Larson. M. Hansen. T Bart. G. Carbon, W Cicslak. J Danyo, Coach Johnson. Row III: Coach Guzjr. D. Heinzmann. D. Christen. K. Waldcr, D. Johnson. T. Vcscio. J. Kasul. R. Erpclding, N. Aguilar. M Soderquist. R Anderson, D. Zaczck, B land. Coach Parsons. Row IV:) Barzdis, G. Cable, B. Casey, L Nash.T. Urista.C Kangas, R Curry. L Espe. L Miclkc, R Wile. K Ijrson Row V: R Hines, W Nordstrom.J. Anderson. J. Carrigan.J. Struwve. E Diffin,J. Kruse, D. Burns. B. Karkula, D. B xms, S. Williams. Football Doherty sweeps around end. 126 Scores Edison . . . . . 18 Washburn 6 Edison . . . . . . 6 West 25 Edison . . . . . . 6 North 6 Edison . . . . . . 0 Marshall 12 Edison . . . . . . 0 Southwest 13 Edison . . . . . . 6 Henry 14 Edison . . . . . . 0 Central 27 Edison . . . . . 26 Vocational 25This was Mr. Guzy’s final season as head football coach at Edison. In 31 years as coach he produced six championship teams. He was honored in an assembly after the football season. Mr. Guzy and his wife receive a standing ovation. Coach Guzy in action. 127BOB ANDERSON - E HAROLD ANDERSON - HB Senior TOM BART - HB DENNY HEINZMANN FB GLEN HOEGH - G RON KLESK - T 128JERRY JOHNSON - G J RON NEWQUIST - E BOB LARSON - E Gridders GREG PATREK - F. BOB LIND - G KAZ ROSLIK - T DON SCHWARTZ - C JOE SENKO - E BILL STREETER - T I2 9 RICK SZYKULA - HB LENNY WALKER - FB STEVE WILLIAMS - ESOPHOMORES Row I: G Borgc. T. Smith, T Hartwig, A. Jacobson. D Larson, G. Cornier. G. Semanko. G McCabe. J. Wasilak. G. Anderson. C-Berg. Row II: D Bare, B Van Tassel. G. Anderson. B. Larson. S. James, R Mudge, D. Peterson. G. Rusinko. E Madisor, R H«land. G. Vogt, Coach Kottom. Rou III: Coach Bevans.J. Yorston.J. Neeley. D Lykke. G. Egeland. B Stenach.J Miller. D. Stcllmachcr. G. Hcin man. G. Nebelungz. D. Johnson. not now No one can accuse our team of sitting down on the job! 130Cross Country Row I: M. Petersen, R Kncifcl.J. Stasik. K. Ottoson. P. Gamache, D. Ross. Row II: D. Boris, D. Joachim, R. Jahnke. A. Grymcwski, D. Eason, R Jahnke Row III: Coach Powell, A. Salcss, T. Lyke, B. Benson, T. Svensk, B. Lyke (cape,).KOr : R. Curry, D Kudaia. L. Midkc, M Peterson. G. Nosko. T. Holmes, R. Anderson RO T .-Coach Ray. G. McCabe. G. Hoech. C Curry. B. Lyke, J. Walsh. R. hrpclding, M. Trymucha, R Livingston, J. Chance. Coach HalL Why is the puck always by our goal? Oh yes. we do everything together. No. Ref. that's not what I meant when 1 said to show me your good side. 132 wtmMIKE PETERSON Senior RAND LIVINGSTON 133 GLEN HOEGHThe Indians arc on the attack. Nosko is the last defense. This year’s edition of the hockey team finished its conference season with a 4-6 record. They were defeated by Region 1 Champion Roosevelt in their first game of the Regional Playoffs. The pressure is on Nosko. 134Row I: G. Scmanko, K. Olson. G Kangas, S. Pinkosh, J. Kasid. B. Streeter, T. Miller, D Bums, A Bennett Row 2: D. Christen, mgr., T. Svensk, B Case}1, P. Kilcy, B Chunk, S. Hanzlik. R. Ashley. J. Wojciak. T. Gnvna. Coach Kottom. Basketball The basketball team completed it’s conference season with a 4-6 mark. Four of the six losses could easily have been reversed. The Toms closed their season by losing to South in the Sub-Districts. Leading scorers on the team were Rick Ashley and Jim Wojciak. 135RICK ASHLEY JIM WOJC1AK s e n 1 o r s TOM MILLER GLEN SEMANKORick was the team’s leading scorer. He was a member of the .second Streeter stars on defense, team All-City team of the year. Hanzlik pounds the boards. Wojciak flics by the West defense 137Muscles Miller holds up Ashley. Miller gets some of his own medicine. Sophomores Row I. John Miller. J. Hanzlik. Jim Miller. G. Anderson. Row 2: Coach Johnson, R. Larson. J. Piclow, R. Decker. E. Madison. D. Hastings. 138Row I:). Syzmanski, J. Mancino, K Ottcson. G. Regal. D. Boros, J. Haug, G. Kobalarczk. Row II: J Bnnda, W. Nordstrom. I). Hamre, D. Kmeffle, M Peterson. D. Prose. D. Ross. B. Bergstrom, D. Bright. D. Peyla. D, Kalina. Coach Moore 139 DAN PEYLAMan Kalina shows the onlookers some real action. Dave Kalina pours it on Wayne Nordstrom makes tracks in a cross country meet 140 Mark Peterson demonstrates his slalom style.Our ski team’s new trophy Row I: W. Dancho, Coach Berg, W. Posher. Row 2: T. Voder, D. Engebntson, J. Kocncn, T Esnough, L Cross a s t • 1 c s 141 Row: G. Peterson. T. Madden. D. Lee, C Shutts, D. Szymanski.J. Nelson, W Dancho. R. Boyer, W. Esnough.J. Wasilak, M. Hansen. Row: R. Nelson, D. Krumm, R. Herrman, R. Scott. G. Kaslow, L. Johnson. W. Hakala, B. Hatlestad, S. Peterson. S. Williams, M. Obcrg.J. Painter, W. Marcouillcr, coach. Swimming Boyer demonstrates fine form. How much farther? 142Rou I: L. Espc, B Roatch, T. Lien, A. Salcss.J Waiseth. D. Pfeifer, D. Snow Row2: A Haflund, Mgr , Coach Otteson.J Mastro, K. Roslik, J. Conic. L Quist, K. Koch, B Martin, W. Poschcr, J. Homa, D Kohlan. Wrestling The wrestlers lying around again. Bob plots his strategy. 144Row ;Tim Rising, G. Semanko, R. Jahnkc, Terry Rising, R. Paulson, R Martinson, Row 2:G. Burge. P. Nawroeki, G. Anderson, S. Padula, D. Palmer. 145Row I: J. Mastro, E Diffin, W. Cordcs, W. Dancho, L. Nash. N. Aguilar. P Gamachc, G. Regal, R. Jahnkc. Row II: A. Griniewski, M. Peterson. R. Long. G Mohlctf D. Walseth.J. Mastro. T. Svensk, D. Joachim. B. Oberg.J. Kocncn Row III: Coach Parsons, S. Rivera, D. Pudney, B. Lyke, D. Orttcl. B. Casey, B. Streeter, K Roslik. R. Zaczek, C. Hafiund, T. Danielson.Dale Orrtel going all out Dave Pudney, one of our most able trackmen. He set a new broad jump record at the Bloomington Track-O-Rama in 1966. Honest, I didn’t mean to put Henry down! 147Row I: W. Skaja, B. Nelson, C. Burt, B. Maland, L. Ardito, D. Held, B. Karkula, T. Skovran. K. Lawrence, Coach Guzy. Row II: H. Wildung mgr., J. Senko, R. Ferkingstad, S. Young, G. Doherty, S. Hanzlik, P. Fjelsta, H. Anderson, R. Madore, J. Wojciak, D. Heinzman. Baseball COACH GUZY 148 CHARLEY BURT AlLCty pitcher149Coach Ray. J. Brinda, B Bondcn, R. Livingston. A. Benson. C. Becker. B. Sherbanenko, B. Bergstrom. J. Schagun. OUR TENNIS COACH MR RAY Tennis 150 LEFTY BRINDAWhat an easy game. Wasil starred as a sophomore. The sun got in my eyes A fine backhand by Wasil. 151Row I: Coach Licmohn, D. Mate)-, R. Pool. D Allen. T. Lee. G. Spencer, D. Ballantine, J. Fchling. Golf Tom blasts from the sand. Keep your head downWhat wrist control. Rick misses another putt. CAPT TOM LEE Region 5 medalist The 1966 golf team was true to tradition at Edison. They finished second in the City and third in the Districts. 153This is the way we wash our hands . . . Kathic’s backhand kills them all Girls Because of extensive remodeling in the gym and locker room, the physical education classes did not get underway until second semester. New lockers were installed along with new showers, and the room previously referred to as the "Dungeon” was converted into locker space. Egads! This bat must have a hole in it! 154BEN HER They stole your clothes too, huh? Sports Girls’ spores range from basketball to rope skipping. The girls may also try-out for the interschool teams. These teams compete with other schools in the city in swimming, badminton, and tennis. For the juniors there is a required course in health. This gives the girls an opportunity to learn the basic requirements for good health. ’There was a little Dutch Boy ■ . 155Along with Miss Anderson, chis is che first year at Edison for Miss Doyle. This year she has served as one of the advisors for intramural basketball as well as coaching the swimming team. The head of the girls' physical education department is Mrs. Conover, who also teaches the zero hour gym class each morning. She has proven to be a vital asset to Edison, and we wish to express to her our thanks for her aid to us in preparing this section. Besides teaching physical education and history. Miss Anderson has had a busy year as coach of the badminton, tennis, and golf teams. 156Rou‘ l: S. Ixc. L. Stewart. N. Woll, L Hultin, D. Hanson. S. Nyc.J. Dorsey, B Straus. P. Noble. Rou 2: B. O'Connell, C Maclean. K Hurrlc.T Wald. N. Manley. L Larina. B Hammerstrom. K. LaVallee, L Mihalow, M Schultz. The physical education classes would not be complete without the gym aides. These girls perform many necessary tasks as they assist the teachers, such as refereeing games and taking care of equipment. A gym aide may elect to either receive service points or one credit for her work. Gym Aides Letter Winners In order to win an all-school letter, a girl must earn seven athletic award certificates issued to outstanding competitors in intramural sports. The Wizard is proud to honor Nancy Manley and Sue Masica, seniors, who won all-school letters for 1966 in their junior year. 157Physical Fitness Each spring the juniors take seven physical Fitness tests given by the Board of Education. Pictured to the left are the girls who scored a percentage of 90 or better in 1966. Row I: B. Olson, B Aitkcns. Row 2: S. Sodd. D Prochaslci. S. Koll. Row3- V. Simon, B. Dantclski, J Dorsey, C Lystig, D. Elson. Sot pkturtd: S Maskx Posture Queens The posture queens were selected by the members of their gym class for good posture in sitting, standing, and walking. From Uft to right: N Johnson. J Akrmp. I. Joe 158K Lubansky, A Hale, L Jasib, K Mcdinger. K LaVallcc. S Masica. Cap .. N. Ropp, L. Kuch. L Prekker.J. Han lik. M. Tuppa. N. Manley. Miss Anderson Tennis Team This year, for the first time, the schedule of tennis meets was divided so that half the games were played in the fall and the other half in the spring. Because the gym was not completed at the time, the fall tennis team lacked facilities for practice. The record was not too impressive, showing no wins to five losses; yet outstanding individuals were found in Lucia Prckker, Nancy Manley, Sue Masica, and Kathy Mcdingcr. Kathy was always on her iocs Nancy prosed to be a real swinger! I'U get that fly yet! 159Super woman! Swimming Team The girls’ swimming team this year placed fifth in the city meet. The girls who placed in the city meet were: Mary Whitney and Kathy LaVallcc in diving. Sue Kindom in the butterfly, and Barb Chase winning first place in the backstroke. The outlook for next year is bright, as the majority of the team will be made up of experienced underclassmen. Row I: Miss Doyle, J. Chase. M. Shagun, D Fergon.J Stcpancheck. P. Looby, K LaVallcc, L. Lcwytzkyj, K Kosiak. M Whitney; Capt. S. Williams, B Dense. B. Ihncss. Row2: S. Kokesh, D. Baron, S. Kindom, J. Romanowski, D. Jaeger, D. Buik, K. Johnston. S. McCalFery. N. Ouiette, V. Chmdo, M. Ait-kens. M. Lown. 160Miss Anderson, Coach, P Bailor. C Bailor, K LaVallcc. K Medmger. S. Masica, S. Sodd, J Hanzlik, K Luhmann, M Tupper. N Manley Not p lured; L. Stewart and C Bruncau The past season was characterized by the word "almost". There were a few games in which the Edison team was clearly outclassed. However several of the meets were really close, leaving Edison as probably the best 7th place badminton team in the city. Badminton Team Your guess is as good as mine! 161Golf The 1966 golf team completed a very successful season. Placing first in the Northside division, Edison went ahead, beating Southwest 5 Vi to Vi, for the city championship. Captain Candy Michacloff shot the best score in the city. Rou I: K Eckman, S Lee. H Hcrland, K Wallis, S. Wallis. Row 2: K Paaorck. D Flcitman. Y Wal-tm. C Michealoff. Capt., Mrs Eckcn Softball At Jackson Square each spring, the gym classes participate in softball. Undaunted in spite of the frequently muddy field, and stray dogs that often playfully snatch the ball, the girls enjoy this popular sport. Jeanette winds-up for the pitch 162 A moment of determination =4. Jcfrc A.' ( • +f i Vxa J ’ 'yr'X -foe + 3?CCitJ ly O tf £) f ' =£fr$u- ''-'f c f1s£ sy -o +v lj nf» 4 fy-. 165SUE MASTRO NANCY CARLSON BARB PUDNEY CHRIS HUNCZAK T1LLIE NO VO A Honorary Princess 166167That special moment Tears of joy Homecoming Homecoming burst on the scene with a beautiful autumn day. October 7. After the exciting assembly with talented entertainment for our new queen, we rushed to the field to sec if we could "Purr-sue the Cards”. That night "Autumn Enchantment” filled the air at the dance.Purr-suc the Cards" - What? With that?!!? Sophomore Float What's happened to our alumni? Autumn Enchantment” WOW rrr Sue Wither. Nick Aguilar. luniors; Peg Ramaberg. Tom Johnson, sophomores. Seotr Young. Nancy Carbon, seniom. Sadie Hawkins On November 10, the Edison girls’ gym suddenly became Dogpatch, U.S.A. The Mar-ryin’ Sams were kept busy all night with willing girls and their unwilling dates. Nancy' Carlson and Scott Young, senior candidates for Daisy Mac and UP Abner, w ere crow ned during the fun-filled evening. With this ring 1 thee wed Sharpest Dressers?!!? That’s what we call togetherness!The Diary of Anne Frank Mr Frank..................... JIM VOYTILLA Micp............................JANE GRAF Mrs. VanDaan................MICHELE LAMERF. Mr VanDaan...............PETE LETOURNEAU Peter VanDaan...................CARL SHUTTS Mrs Frank..................STEPHANIE MAC1AG Margot Frank.................MARY JO SHAW Anne Frank..................ELAINE ZAHHOS Mr KraJer...............................DAN RUDQUIST Mr. Dussci............................LARRY VOLSTADA tense moment This year the Senior Class was very fortunate to sponsor The Diar) of Anne Frank, a poignant drama about a young Jewish girl and her loved ones, hiding from the Nazis during World War II. We will not soon forget the excellent performance of the entire cast. The tragic endingGENE DOHERTY PAUL FJELSTA TOM MILLER GREG NOSKOThe royal court Sno Daze The big moment Sno Daze 1967 was a huge success. The day started with an assembly in which Jim Mastro was chosen as king from the royal court. That evening, following much after school preparation in the gyms and downstairs hall, the carnival and dance were held. Edison’s own June Taylor dancers.Slaves for sale!!! Howdy, Crazy Googenheim The Grasshoppers Taste good? The carnival in full swing Telegrams for friends and enemiesBlue Tri Winter Formal This year, for the first time, the Edison Blue Tri sponsored a winter formal. It was a girl-ask-boy affair complete with formals, gala decorations, and romantic music. The ’'Winter Wonderland" dance was held at the downtown Y.W.C.A., and was a huge success.Senior Banquet The members of the graduating class of 1967 were the guests of honor at the annual Senior Banquet which was held on February 1 at Dayton’s Skyroom. The seniors enjoyed a delicious meal and then were entertained by some of their classmates. To close the program our new principal, Mr. Mcixncr, gave an inspiring speech about the theme of the banquet -"The times they arc a-changing”. "The times they arc a-changin Hippy "Pink Panther" "The Apartment' Our principaJ speaksThe 1966-67 checrkrading squad Cheerleaders Behind the success of this year’s athletic teams were nine spirited, hard-working cheerleaders and their loyal and equally hard-working advisor. Miss Pappas. These girls worked long hours learning cheers, planning pep assemblies, generating school spirit, and attending the various sports events. We, the IVizard staff, would like to join with the rest of the student body in thanking the cheerleaders for a job well done. It was a hock of a good joke! Captain Barb Pudncy Mascot Cyndi LystigBarb Daniclski Man' Whitney Miss Pappas The Line-up Susie Mastro Dolly Prochaska Bonnie Olson Carole MacLcan Shirley Sodd Barb PudneyTillie Our foreign exchange student this year was Tercsita Novoa from Colombia, South America. All of the seniors will surely agree that Tercsita (Tillie) was one of the most fascinating members of the class. Tillic’s bright smile and friendly manner cheered all Edisonians. Her unfailing loyalty at Edison Sports events was one of the things most noticeable about Tillie. After leaving Edison, Tillie plans to finish her high school years in Colombia and then attend the local university to study for her doctor’s degree in medicine. Although "everything has been very special” for her at Edison, her most memorable event was Homecoming when she was honorary princess. I "Chonita” The operetta, held on April 21. was based on the themes of Franz Liszt. It was a delightful story about Chonita, a young gypsy girl, who is in love with her childhood sweetheart but must be separated from hipp toThis year’s datcwcar. The Fashion Scene Fashions for evcry- lay. Outdoor fun.This was the year of the pants' suit. More outdoor fashions. This year’s fashion scene for girls burst with colors like neon orange, lime green, and bright yellow. The shapes ranged from skinny shifts to flared tents. Skirts were short; shoes and stockings were varied. Fashions for boys changed little, but the turtleneck came into its own for the male. In general, fashions differed widely and were lively for 1967. Hairdos '67 Tccn Board Representatives from Donaldson’s, Penny's. Power’s and Dayton'sUKDQD Van dak broke in a number of rimes this year. Chicken Man The annual spring concert. 187After the show was over . . . ’Yankee, Si' Jean Lubansky, the creator of this year's cover design. They repaired the classrooms this year.The cheerleaders were csctatic when we won our game. It’s amaaing what the basketball team would do to make a basket It was a long, hard night. Ratio — 1 2 It's a long way to Tipperary. O.K. Polack, you asked for it! This is a Communist electronic bugging device expert. Would you believe a demolition expert? How about a friendly saboteur Shielding himself from the eggs Schor Qaus visits Fxlison. and vegetables. 189MR LUNKLEY. Advisor and DOUG ANDERSON. Editor MR. LIEBIG. Photographer Wizard Staff Before stepping into the universe of adult life. we. the Wizard staff, present you Edison’s 1967 yearbook. Under the guidance of Mr. Lunkley, and the excellent photography of Mr. Liebig, we managed to create a yearbook which we hope will bring back many memories of your world here at Edison.Dune Satinski and Nancy Larson Business Nancy Austin and Tim Grivna Nancy and Diane took care of the orders for the yearbook and also handled the money and the receipt books. The)’ were very accurate in their work, and all financial matters ran smoothly. Faculty Nancy and Tim did their best to capture the teachers as their natural selves. Problems arose in their section but these kids really knew how to handle the faculty- I School Life Chris and Doug had to do many unorthodox things to get the pictures for their section. They both found working on their section to be an experience in itself! Chris Hunczak and Doug Kohlan Organizations From the picture it may look as though the organizations section wasn’t very organized, but actually they were. When they didn’t have to cope with hysteria and occasional seizures, they got quite a bit of work done. The four students who worked on this section would have to admit that they had a lot of fun while working. Kathy Mklthunc. lorn Volsud, Kathy Polaski. Larry MillerSeniors Working with over 500 seniors is no easy task, but the five staff members who worked on this section did an excellent job. The long senior list presented unusual problems at times, but they were only temporary. After long hours of hard work the section was completed. Joann Huzio. Marlene Anderson, Linnea Larina, Barb Daniel ski, Pam McCabe Marly . Tupper, Annette Malmborg, Glen Semanko. Glen Quamme Sports Besides working on their sections, these staff members played a few games themselves, as you can see in the picture. But by mixing a little work in with their play they were able to put together a fine sports section. 193Seniors’ Activities ABRAHAM, RICHARD ALFUTH, DELAINE ALLEN. SHIRLEY - Tommie Tones. ANDERSON, BRUCE - Hall Monitor. ANDERSON, CAROL - Pep Club, F.H.A. ANDERSON, DONALD - Inventors Club. ANDERSON, DOUGLAS - A.F.S., Wizard, Honor Society. ANDERSON, GAYLE - A.F.S., Blue Tri, Spanish Club. ANDERSON, GLENN - Gym Aide, E Club, Football. ANDERSON. KATHLEEN - Pep Club, Office Aide, Blue Tri, Tommie Boosters. ANDERSON, LOIS - F.H.A., Russian Club, Office Aide. ANDERSON, MARLENE - A.F.S., German Club, Pep Club, Tommie Boosters, Blue Tri, Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Wizard. ANDERSON, ROBERT - Football. ANDERSON. SUSAN - Blue Tri, Pep Club, Spanish Club, A.F.S., Student Council, Record. ANSCHUTZ. MARGARET -F.H.A.. German Club. ASH, CAROL - F.H.A., Blue Tri, Office Aide. ASHCRAFT. DAVID - Tommie Boosters, Art Club, Inventors Club. ASHLEY, RICHARD - Hi-Y. Basketball. ASPLUND, DAVID AULT, BARBARA - A.F.S., German Club. Record, F.H.A. AUSTIN, NANCY - Spanish Club, Blue Tri, Pep Band, Band, Student Council, Wizard. BABIN, JEAN BALKUS, SUSAN - F.H.A. BALL. MARY JO - Blue Tri, Basketball, Volleyball, Office Aide. BALLENGER, MARGARET BALLENTINE, RICHARD - Inventors Club, French Club, Computer Club, Golf. BALLOT, CATHERINE - Ushers Club, Pep Club, Tommie Boosters, Blue Tri, Badminton, Volleyball, Office Aide. BALLOT, PATRICIA - Blue Tri, Pep Club, Service Club, Ushers Club, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Office Aide. BARAN, DIANE - Pep Club, E. Club, Swimming, Blue Tri. BARKLEY, CONNIE - Choral Club, Office Aide, Senior Cabinet. BART, THOMAS - Student Council, Hall Monitor, Honor Society, Football. BEGIN, DAVID BEIHOFFER, DIANE - A.F.S., French Club, Computer Club, Honor Society. BELTOWSKY, STANLEY BENSON. PATRICIA BENSON, THOMAS BERG, KAREN - Inventors Club, Computer Club, German Club, A.F.S., Honor Society. BERGSTROM, BRUCE - Tennis, Skiing, Spanish Club. BINGEN, ROBERT - Inventors Club. BISTODEAU, MICHAEL - Inventors Club. BJORKLUND, PATTI - Pep Club. Tommie Boosters, Office Aide. BLAIDO, BERNICE BLECHERT, CONNIE - Blue Tri French Club, Teacher’s Aide. BOARDMAN, GREGORY BOHN, JENNIE - French Club Choral Club. BONDEN, ROBERT - Tennis. BORG, VICKI - F.H.A., Office Aide. BOWMAN, SANDRA BOYLE, KATHY BRANDT, KATHLEEN - Choral Club. BRANTNER, MARSHA BRENNAN, THOMAS BRIGHT. DOUGLAS - Skiing. BRINDA, JAMES - Hi-Y, E Club. Football, Skiing. Tennis, Hall Monitor, Student Council, Senior Cabi net. BRINDA. MARK - Senior Cabinet. Student Council, All City Student Council, A.F.S. BROUILLARD, THOMAS - Wres tling. BUCHHOLTZ, DONNA - BUIK, DARYL - F.H.A., French Club, Swimming. BURNEVIK, JAMES - E. Club. Football. BURNS, ROBERT BUTLER. DARLENE - A.F.S., Spanish Club, Ushers Club, Pep Club Blue Tri. BYMARK, LYNN - Blue Tri, Pep Club. BYSTEDT, SUZANNE - A.F.S.. German Club, Pep Club, Blue Tri Senior Cabinet, Band, Pep Band Tommie Boosters. CALLAHAN, THOMAS - Stage Crew. CARLSON, BRUCE - Hi-Y, Swim 194ming. CARLSON, DALE CARLSON, GREGORY - Hi-Y, Football, Swimming. CARLSON, LILA - Blue Tri, Pep Club, German Club, Honor Society, Band, Pep Band, Record. CARLSON, NANCY - Choral Club, F.H.A., Blue Tri, Office Aide. CASE. SHARON - Blue Tri, Honor Society, Student Council, Office Aide, Lunchroom Cashier, Assemblies Chairman. CASSERLY, DANIEL - Choral Club, Baseball. CHAPUT, MARGE - Blue Tri, Tommie Boosters, Pep Club. CHESNEY, WENDY CRISTEN, DAVID - Football, Basketball. CHRISTENSEN, LINDA - Blue Tri, Pep Club, Choral Club. F.H.A., Student Council, Y-Dcal Council, Lunchroom Cashier. CIESLAK, WALTER CONKLIN, JEFFREY COTTLE, JEFFREY - Forum, Debate, Honor Society, Wrestling. COZATT, RONALD CROOKS. KRISTIE - Bank Cashier. CROSS, LARRY - Gymnastics. CURRY, CURTISS - Football. CUSTER, GREGORY DANCHO, WARREN - Hi-Y, Swimming, Gymnastics, Track, Student Council, Hall Guard. DANIELSKI, BARBARA - German Club, Pep Club, Senior Cabinet, Blue Tri, Wizard, E Club, Cheer-leading, Teen Board. DANYO, JAMES - Hi-Y, Football. DARDIS, ROGER DECKER, DAVID - Band. DELAITSCH. LYNN DELARIA, DENNIS DENTZ, KATHLEEN - Tommie Tones DYMETRIC. BARBARA DOHERTY, GENE - Hi-Y, Senior Cabinet, E Club, Baseball, Football. DORSETT, SUSAN DORSEY. JILL - Choral Club, Business Club, Gym Aide. DUFFEE, CHER I DVORAK, THOMAS DWINNEL, JOANNE - Library Aide. DZUBAY, LORETTA - Blue Tri, Business Club. EASON, DANIEL - Track, Cross Country. ECKLUND, JUDITH - Tommie Boosters, Spanish Club, Office Aide. EIFERT, JERILL EK, SHERYL - Bank Cashier, Pep Club, A.F.S. ELSEN, JACKLYN - Pep Club, Spanish Club, Blue Tri. ELSON, DONNA - F.H.A., Tommies Tones, Pep Club, German Club, Lunchroom Aide, Student Council. ENGEBRETSON, DICK - Gymnastics. ERICKSON, GARY ERIE. JANICE - F.H.A., Choral Club, Red Cross. ESCO, HELEN - Blue Tri, Spanish Club, Voice Class. ESNOUGH, THOMAS - Gymnastics. EVASCHUK. SERGIE EWER,SUSAN - F.H.A. FAHRENDORFF, RUSSEL FECHT. ANNETTE - F.H.A.. Ush-ers Club, German Club. FEHLING, JAMES - Hi-Y, Hockey, Golf, Lunchroom Aide. FERGON, TONI - Choral Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club. FERGUSON, MARGARET - Business Pep Club. FERKINGSTAD. RONALD -Baseball. FERRARA, JAMES FIFE, ROBERT FINCH. PATRICK FIX. MARY - Student Council, Business Club, Blue Tri, Basketball. Record. FJELSTA, PAUL - Baseball. FOHRMAN, DELIA - Pep Club. Business Club, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Senior Cabinet, Blue Tri, Record. FOY, SUSAN - Tennis, Business Club, Basketball. FREEMAN, DIANE GAINES, LYLE GANLEY, WILLIAM GARLICK. DAVID GARNESS, LORN GAVIC, DUANE - Hall Monitor. GAVIC, JANICE - F.H.A., Office Aide, Tommie Tones. GEHRKE,JOANN - F.H. A., Choral Club, A.F.S., Red Cross. GEMMELL, JAMES - Class Play. GERDES. JOHN GILBERTSON, GALE GLENN, SUSAN - Blue Tri, Senior Cabinet, Tommie Boosters. GLINIANY, COLLEEN - Tommie Tones. GOBLE. ROY GONDORCH1N, KATHRYN -Russian Club, A.F.S., Spanish Club, Inventors Club. GORMAN. JANICE - Spanish Club. GOSSETT, MADONNA GREEN, JACKIE - F.H.A.. Blue Tri, Pep Club, Organ, Band. GREENHAGEN, DONNA - A.F.S. GROMEK, MARY - Tennis, Pep 195Club, F.H.A. GROSSY. LUCY - Office Aide. GRYNIEWSKI. ANDREW - Cross Country, Track, Swimming. GUNDERSON, PAUL - Inventors Club, Senior Cabinet, Stage Crew. HACHE, GEORGE HAFLUND, AL HAGEN. SHARON HAKALA, WILLIAM - Art Club, — Inventors Club, Swimming, Audio-Visual. HALE, CYNTHIA - Pep Club, F.H.A. HALVORSON, JOHN HALVORSON, RAYMOND HAMMERSTROM, BONNIE -Bluc-Tri, Chaplain, A.F.S., German Club, Student Council, Gym Aide. HANNA, JOHN HANSEN. BEVERLY - Bluc-Tri, F.H.A. HANSEN, BONNIE - Blue-Tri, Business Club, Choral Club. Student Council HANSEN, MARK - E Club. Football, Swimming, Hi-Y, Senior Cabinet, Lunchroom Cashier. HANSON. DARLENE - Choral Club, Business Club, Blue-Tri, F.H.A., Gym Aide. HANZLIK, STEPHEN - E Club, Spanish Club, Basketball, Baseball. HARAPAT, PAM - Pep Club. Spanish Club. Bluc-Tri Secretary, Red Cross, Senior Cabinet, Bank Cashier. HARRIS, DUSTIN HASTINGS, BARBARA - Student Council, Lunchroom Aide, Tommie Tones. HATCHER, ELOY HATELLA, JUDY HAUGEN, CANDACE - Record Staff. HAVELAK, SUSAN - French Club, Stage Crew, Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Girls State Representative. HAZELTON, ROLAND HEDALEN, SUSAN - Bluc-Tri, A.F.S., French Club, Office Aide. HEDLUND, RICHARD HEINZMANN, DENNIS - Football, Baseball. HELGET, GARY HERRMANN, KATHRYN HERRMANN, RICHARD - Swimming. HIGGINS, DIANE HITCHENS, NOWELL - Blu-Tri, Tommie Boosters, Girls Basketball, Student Council. HOEGH, GLEN - Football, Hockey, Hall Monitor, Production Staff. HORBUL, MICHAEL - Computer Club, Honor Society, Record. HOSKINS, GARY - Choral Club. HOUGEN. MYLES - Hi-Y. HREHA, ANNETTE HRUBY. RAYMOND - Production Staff. HUBLE, SUSAN - Student Council, Blu-Tri, Tommie Tones. HUDAK, GARY - Russian Club. HULTIN, LAUREL - Tommie Boosters, F.H.A., Ushers Club, Red Cross, Leadership Aide. HUNCZAK, CHRIS - Student Council, Blu-Tri, Spanish Club, Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Homecoming Attendant, Teen Board, IVizard. Forum. HURRLE, KAREN - Blu-Tri, Pep Club, F.H.A., Choral Club, Gym Aide. HUZIO, JOANNE - Blu-Tri, Pep Club, Wizard. Spanish Club, Honor Society. HYBERG, MARY IHNOT, SUSAN - Business Club. ILIFF, LINDA - Pep Band. INDERGAARD, JOHN IVES, LAUREL - Choral Club, Office Aide. JACHYMOWSKI, THOMAS JACOB, DARLENE JASICKJ, TERRANCE JEANGUENAT. JoANN - Blu-Tri, Pep Club, Business Club, Tommie Boosters, Record. JF.LLINGS, THOMAS 'JENSEN, KATHY - Choral Club. JENSEN, LINDA - Tommie Tones. JENSEN, SUSAN JOE, JOHN JOHNSON, ANITA - F.H.A., A.F.S. JOHNSON, BARBARA JOHNSON. DAN JOHNSON, DONALD - Computer Club, Inventors Club, Debate Team, Student Council, Honor Society, Forensic League, Record. Forum. JOHNSON. JANICE - Choral Club. JOHNSON, JEROME - Hi-Y, E Club, Football, Hall Monitor. KACHEROSKI. MARY JO - Bluc-Tri, Pep Club, Business Club. F.H.A., Spanish Club, Student Council, Lunchroom Aide, Record. KALLESTAD, WAYNE KAZEK, JoANN KELLER, CINDY - Choral Club. KELLERMAN, DOROTHY - Spanish Club, Choral Club, Ensemble, Office Aide, Blue Tri, Bank Cashier. KILF.Y, BETTY KINAS, ROXAN - Band, Bluc-Tri, Spanish Club, Debate. K1NCH, PAM - Tommie Tones. KINDOM, SUE - French Club, Pep Club, F.H.A., Tommie Boosters. Swimming, Library Aide. KINGEN, LEE - 196KIRKLAND, DIANE - A.F.S., French Club, Record, Honor Society, Forensic League. KLESK. RON - Choral Club, Football. KNEISZLER, DIANE - Band, Pep Band. KNOLL, SUE - Choral Club, Spanish Club. KNUTSON, CONNIE -KOBELARCZYK. STEVEN - German Club. KOCK, KEN - Wrestling. KOCISAK, ANDREW -KOCUR, MARLENE - A.F.S., F.H.A., German Club, Record. Honor Society. KOHLAN, DOUG - Hi-Y. Band, Pep Band, Wrestling, Wizard, Honor Society, Boy’s State, Student Council, Lunchroom. KOLL, SHARON - Tommie Boosters, A.F.S., German Club, Bluc-Tri, Student Council, Lunchroom, Homecoming Chairman, Record. KOLLAR, JOHN KOZAK. CARLEEN - Tommie Boosters, French Club, Pep Club, Blue-Tri, Usher's Club. KRAWCZYNSKI, THOMAS KROGH, GERALD KUDZIA, DAVID - Hockey, Hall Monitors. KULIJEWICZ, ALEXANDRA -German Club. KULKAY, VERONICA -KURILLA, GORDON KUSHNIR, MYKOLA - A.F.S., Spanish Club, Student Council, All City Student Council. KUSMIDER, CASIMIR KUYKENDALL. SCOTT - Choral Club, Baseball. LaPOINTE, DONALD -LaVALLEE. KATHLEEN - E Club, Business Club. Red Cross, Badminton, Tennis, Swimming, Basketball, Golf, Volleyball, Gym Aide, Tommie Tones. LACINA, LINNEA - Spanish Club. A.F.S., Computer Club, Wizard. Gym Aide. LAMERE, JOY - Spanish Club, Pep Club. Debate, F.H.A. LANGNER, LARRY - Choral Club. LANGNER, LINDA - LARSON, BRENT - Hi-Y, Debate, Chess, Class Play Technical Assistant, Inventors Club, Computer Club, National Forensic. LARSON, DONALD LARSON, NANCY - Bluc-Tri, Wizard, Student Council, Student Council Executive Board. LARSON, ROBERT - Football LEE, RICHARD - Skiing Manager. LEE, SUSAN - Pep Club. Business Club, Ushers Club, Service Club, F.H.A., A.F.S., Bluc-Tri, Spanish Club, Golf, Basketball, Band, Gym Aide, Tommie Boosters, Red Cross. LEE, VERA - French Club, Russian Club. LEIN, TERRY LEKSON, DIANE - Office Aide. LENCZUK, CHRISTINE - Russian Club. LEPORE, JAMES - Debate, Forensics, Honor Society. LEWANDOWSKI, KATHLEEN -F.H.A., Spanish Club. LIEN, THOMAS - Wrestling, Cross Country. LIESKE, SUSAN LIND, ROBERT - Football. Band. LINDGREN, LINDA - Pep Club, Bluc-Tri, F.H.A., Choral Club. LIVINGSTON, RAND - Russian Club, Hi-Y, Tennis, Hockey. LOOBY, MARGARET - F.H.A. LOWN, REBECCA LUBANSKY. JEAN LUBINSKI, JANICE LUEDTKE, LINDA - F.H.A. LUHMANN, KAREN - Bluc-Tri. Tommie Boosters. Pep Club, Honor Society, Badminton. A.F.S. LUITJENS, CAROL - A.F.S., Student Council, Blue-Tri, Honor Society. Tommie Boosters, Record, French Club. LUPIENT, VIRGINIA - Tommie Boosters, Red Cross, F.H.A., Bluc-Tri, Office Aide. LYKE, ROBERT - Cross Country, Hockey. Track. LYSTIG, CYNDI - Bluc-Tri, German Club, A.F.S., Pep Club, E Club, Cheerleading Mascot, Honor Society, Record. MacLEAN, CAROLE - Bluc-Tri, Pep Club, E Club, Spanish Club, Cheer-leading, Choral Club, Gym Aide. MAALIS, ROBERT - Service Club. MACIAG, STEPHANIE - Pep Club, Bluc-Tri, F.H.A., Business Club, Class Play (Actress). MADORE, RICHARD - Baseball. MAJEWSKI, LINDA - French Club. MALIK, RICHARD MALASKO, DAN - Band, Pep Band, Honor Society. MALMBORG, ANNETTE - Bluc-Tri, Spanish Club, Band Wizard. MANLEY. NANCY - Bluc-Tri, Pep Club, Red Cross, E Club, Tennis, Gym Aide, Badminton, Tommie Tones. MARIETTE, LARRY - A.F.S., Forensic League, Band, Pep Band. MARQUIS, ARLIE - MARTIN, BOB - Hi-Y. E Club, Spanish Club, Wrestling. MASICA, SUSAN - Russian Club, A.F.S., Tennis, Bluc-Tri, Badmin- 197ton. Volleyball, Record. MASTRO.JAMES - Sno-Daze King. MASTRO. SUSAN - Pep Club, Bluc-Tri, Spanish Club, Chccrlead-ing, E Club. MATTISON, JUDY - Bluc-Tri. Pep Club, Tommie Boosters. MATTOX, MARY - Tommie Tones. MATTSON, DARYL - Production Staff. MAZNIO, GLORIA - Red Cross. McCABE, PAM - Bluc-Tri. Red Cross, A.F.S., Choral Club, Ensemble, Wizard. McCLUSKEY, JAMES - Choral Club, Operetta. McCONN, MARY - F.H.A. MeGOWAN. PATRICK MeGRAW, CLAUDIA McLennan, SUE - Spanish Club. Business Club. Tommie Boosters. Bluc-Tri, Hall Monitor. MEISTER, DAN - Inventors Club. Production Staff. MEYER, JEAN - Spanish Club, Office Aide. MICHALQV, CHARLES MIDTHUN, KATHY - Bluc-Tri, Business Club. Tommie Boosters, Pep Club. Honor Society, Wizard. MIHALOW, LORI - F.H.A., Bluc-Tri. Pep Club, Gym Aide. Tommie Tones, Ensemble. MILBURN, WILLIAM MILLAY, STEVEN MILLER, JUDY - F.H.A. MILLER, LARRY - Hi-Y, Wizard. MILLER, TOM - EClub. Basketball. Senior Cabinet, Honor Society, Hall Monitor, Record. MILNER, PAM - Spanish Club, Choral Club, Ensemble, Bluc-Tri, Pep Club, Senior Cabinet, Honor Society. MISZKIEWICZ, HADJI - Spanish Club, Class Play (Costumes) MOE, BARB - Pep Club. Bluc-Tri, F.H.A. MOE, DAVID MOORE, DAVID MORAN, CHERYL MORIARITY, MARY MUCHA, PETER MURPHY, JUDY - Pep Club, Red Cross, F.H.A, MURPHY, KATHLEEN MUTH, KAREN NASCENE, NANCY - Spanish Club, F.H.A., Library Aide. NASLUND, LOIS - Bluc-Tri, Tommie Boosters. NEBLUNG, GORDON NEEB, JAY NELSON. BARBARA - Bluc-Tri, Choral Club, A.F.S., Pep Club, Business Club. Spanish Club. NELSON, DIANE - Bluc-Tri, F.H.A. NELSON, JAMES NELSON. JOHN - Swimming, Hi-Y. E Club. NEPSHA, WILLIAM NEUMAN. LARRY - Russian Club. NEUMANN, VOLKER NEWQUIST, RONALD - Football. NOBLE. PATRICIA - Gym Aide. norholm. kristian' NORTON. RONALD NOSKO. GREGORY - Hockey. Sno-Daze Attendant. NO VO A. TERESITA - A.F.S.. Spanish Club. Bluc-Tri, Student Council, Foreign Exchange Student. Honorary Princess. NYE, SHARON - Business Club, F.H.A., Blue-Tri. OBERG, WILLIAM - Cross-Country, Track, Skiing, Record. O’CONNELL, BEVERLY - Bluc- Tri, Gvm Aide. O’CONNOR, MICHAEL -L ODENBREIT, GEORGE OLSON. BONNI - Bluc-Tri, Pe} Club, Debate, Forensic League. 1 Club, Cheerleading, Hall Monitor OLSON, KIM - Hi-Y. Hall Monitor, Basketball. OLSON, MICHAEL OLSON, RICHARD ONDICH. RICHARD ONSRUD, WILLIAM - Print Aide ORLICKI, LEE PACKER. LYN - F.H.A., Ushers Club. PAICH. MEL •- Hi-Y PAINTER. JAMES - E Club, Senior Cabinet, Football. Swimming. PALKOWSKI, GERALD - Hi-Y, Hockey. PANTLIN, ROBERT PANTLIN, SAMUEL PANTZE, JILLEEN PAPP1N, DIANE - Bluc-Tri, A.F.S.. German Club, Pep Club, Office Aide. PARKER. THOMAS - Football. PA TREK. GREGORY - Football. PAULSON. GORDON PERSELL. DAVID PERSONS, LAWRENCE PETERS. JACK - Wrestling. PETERSON. DAN PETERSON, JEANETTE - Bluc-Tri, Tommie Tones. PETERSON, LOIS - F.H.A.. Pep Club, German Club. PETERSON. MICHAEL - Hi-Y. Hockey. PETERSON. SANDRA - Bluc-Tri, Pep Club, Tommies Tones. Office Aide. PEYLA, DANIEL - Ski Team. PHANEUF. ROBERT PICKERING, JEAN - Pep Club. 198vJ-P. Tommie B x sters, Choral Club, Bluc-Tri, National Honor Society. Ensemble. I . PIETRZAK, LINDA - Hall Guard. PINKOSH, STEPHEN - Basketball PLACK, CORINNE PLASTER. JOHN - Student Council, Stage Crew. PODANY. PHIL PONSONBY. SUSAN - Library Aide. PORTER, DORENE - Choral Club. POSCHER, HANS - E Club, Gymnastics, Track. Wrestling. PROCHASKA. DARLENE - Bluc-Tri, Red Cross, French Club, Pep Club, E Club, Cheerleading, Choral Club. PROFT, SUE - Spanish Club, Business Club, Tommie Boosters, Blue-Tri, Record. PRONDZINSKI. A DELLA PUDNEY. BARBARA - E Club, Pep Club. Blue-Tri, F.H.A., Business Club, Cheerleading, Office Aide, Teen Board. QUINEHAN, SUSAN QUIST, LARRY - Wrestling, Track. RADEMACHER, JANE - F.H.A., Office Aide. RAMPI, LOUISE - Pep Club, Spanish Club, Bluc-Tri, Lunchroom Aide, Student Council, Honor Society. RAMPI, VIRGINIA - Spanish Club, Bluc-Tri. REGEL, DAVID REMARKE, JOSEPH RESCH, MARILYN - A.F.S., Spanish Club, Bluc-Tri. RISING, LINDA - Tommie Boost- -ers, F.H.A., Business Club, Basketball. RODGERS, ROBERT ROEPKE, SUSAN ROLEK, JAMES ROMANCHUK, CAROL - Russian Club, Tommie Boosters. ROMANOWSKI. JANICE - Inventors Club, Bluc-Tri. A.F.S., Swimming Team. RORWICK. GARY - Cross-Country, Track. ROSLIK. KAZ - Football, Wrestling. Track. ROSTKOWSKI, SHARON - Red Cross, Business Club. RUDQUIST, DANIEL - Class Play, Forensic League. RUSH, MARY ANN SALESS, ALLEN - Russian Club, Hi-Y, E Club, Debate, Cross-Country, Wrestling, Forensic League. SCHLENZ, SHIRLEY SCHLIEF, SUSAN SCHMELING, WILLIAM - Hi-Y. SCHMIDT. SUZZETTE - Pep Band, Band. SCHNAPP. THOMAS SCHROEDER, FRED SCHUETTE, DAVID SCHULTZ, MARY - Bluc-Tri, Pep Club, Red Cross, Tommie Boosters, F.H.A., Gym Aide. SCHWARTZ, DONALD - Hi-Y, Ski Club, E Club, Football, Baseball. SCHWARTZ, SANDRA - F.H.A., A.F.S., German Club, Tommie Boosters. Pep Club, Gym Aide, Record. SECCOMB. MARK SEMAN, JAN - F.H.A., A.F.S. SEMAN, JOHN SEMANKO, GLEN - Spanish Club. Basketball, Wizard, Honor Society. SENKO, JOSEPH - Hi-Y, Football. Baseball. Record. SEVERSON. KAREN - Pep Club, P.H.A., Spanish Club, Red Cross, Tommie Boosters. SHARBONO. EUGENE - Hall Monitor. SHARBONO. HAROLD SHAW. MARY JO - Spanish Club, F.H.A.. Forensic League, Class Play. SHOLD, BLAINE SIBINSKI, LINDA - Tommie Tones SIMINSKI, JULIANN SIMON, VICTORIA SIMONSON, DANIEL SKOGQUIST, KRISTINE SKOWRONEK. ANDREW SLANGA, GALLA - Blue-Tri SLICK, ELIZABETH SLIMAK, ROBERT - Russian Club. SMITH. LINDA - F.H.A. SMITH, SHARON SMYRAK, MIKE - Record. SOBCINSKI, THOMAS SODD, DARLENE - F.H.A., Russian Club. SODD. SHIRLEY - Pep Club. Russian Club, E Club, Bluc-Tri, Badminton Team, Chcerleading. SPENCER, GORDON - Golf. STACHOWSKI, DOLORES STANEK, BARBARA - Blue-Tri, Class Play Committee. STARK, MYLON - Production Staff. STASIK, JOANNE - Pep Club, A.F.S., Swimming team, Tommie Boosters. STEINER, GEOFFREY STEINGAS. KATHERINE STENEHJEM, DONALD STEVENS, RAE STEWART, LINDA - Bluc-Tri, Badminton team. Red Cross, Tommie Boosters, Gym Aide. STOLTMAN, RICHARD STRANGIS, GEORGENE - Student Council, Bluc-Tri, Ushers 199Club, Pep Club, Tommie Boosters. STRAUS, BELINDA - Business Club, Choral Club, Gym Aide. STREETER, WILLIAM - E Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Hall Monitor. STRONG, PAMELA - Tommie Tones, Business Club, Pep Club. STUCK, LINDA - Pep Club, Tommie Tones. STUKEL, WALLACE SUNDEEN, GARY SULARZ, KATHERINE - Office Aide. SWEDBERG, CAROLYN - Bluc-Tri, Business Club, Tommie Boosters. SWEDEAN, PAUL - Production Staff. SYNOWCZNSKI, MIKE SZCZECH. JAMES - Hi-Y, Band, Pep Band. SZYKULA, RICHARD - Football. TETZMAN, GREGORY THOMPSON, LOUIS THOMPSON, WILLIAM - Spanish Club, A.F.S., Senior Cabinet. THORSON, LINDA - Pep Club. Spanish Club, Bluc-Tri, Choral Club, Red Cross, Ensemble. THOTLAND, COLLEEN TOVSEN, GLORIA TROIDEN, MICHAEL TUPPER, MARLYS - A.F.S., Bluc-Tri, Tennis, Badminton, Tommie Boosters, IVizard. TURNBLOM, LOIS - A.F.S., F.H.A., Inventors Club, French 200 Club, Bluc-Tri, Record. TYBERG, JAMES - Debate, Honor Society, Forum UNDERHILL, GAYLE - Pep Club, A.F.S., Blue-Tri, German Club, Red Cross, Student Council. UTPHALL, PETER VAN PATTER, BARBARA - German Club, Pep Club, A.F.S., Choral Club. VAN VICKLE, DUANE - Football. Inventors Club. VEE, RICHARD - Track. VOLSTAD, LARRY - German Club, A.F.S., Forensic League, Class Play, Wizard, Honor Society. VOYTILLA, JAMES - Band, Pep Band, Forensic League, Debate, Class Play, Boys’ State. WAISANEN, DENNIS - Gymnas-tics. WAJDA. LAWRENCE WALD, TERRY - Tommie Boosters, F.H.A., Debate, Red Cross, Gym Aide. WALKER, JUDY - Spanish Club, A.F.S. WALKER, LEONARD - Football. WARREN. RUSSELL - German WALSETH, MARLYS - Choral Club, French Club, Pep Club, A.F.S., F.H.A., Red Cross. WALSH. JAMES WARD, HELEN - Business Club. WARDARSKI, STEVE WARUMZER, HELEN WELSH. SUSAN - French Club. Band. WELLS, BARBARA WEME, DELORES WEME, LORRAINE WHITE, CAROL WILDUNG, HERBERT - E Cl Inventors Club, Football - Mai cr. Baseball - Manager. WILLIAMS. STEVE - E Club, Fo ball, Swimming, Golf, Honor S ety. WINCEK, TOM WISCHNEWSKI, ROGER WLOSINSKI, HELENE - Pep ClJ Bluc-Tri, Choral Club, Span Club, Operetta, Record. WOJCIAK, JAMES - Basketb. Baseball. WOLINSKI, JOSEPH WOLL, NANCY - French ClJ Bluc-Tri, Gym Aide, Senior Caj net, Tommie Boosters. WOODRUFF, RICHARD WOZNIAK, DAVID WROBEL, GARY YATES, GAYLEN - Choral Clt i Ushers Club. .YOST, JANET - French Club, Blu I Tri, Pep Club, Band, F.H.A., R Cross, Pep Band, Senior Cabinet YOUNG, SCOTT - Hi-Y, Bascb; Student Council, Y-Deal Counc ZAHHOS, ELAINE - Bluc-Tri, F rensic League, Class Play. ZAWROSK1, FRANK ZELAZNY. ROBERT ZIMMERMAN. PAMELA - Pd Club, Blue-Tri, Record. TAYLO PUBLISHING COMPANY ■ itaW. •» , sTA S } (A' jfj i,ASi h Air $wu ojsl q . MLlud 9 'jZi c '-} U ft •t % ACnrr sri. 'y r ' $ £, xZjti!Ay. s frrJx 4i v Jt-rc ' 1 j t-pj Jb JL It r£ f A ' $ 6 s oAt siAuA Om, O? 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