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XX K , 1N I X, R g 'A Fil 1 X -- -.N W, , ' . , xx -Af V. 1. ,4 . . -V. . - . f. ,MW r L X li J fj1f!lIulTI , I , W, N W, X fx' 1KfX f A,,1. q-M Nfm P 4 A ff , QD WV :f I yl 71' f wx f llh x 1' fa lv X oy 9 . fwffj "WX xxx X ff-X fXf'X ,v'-,- -. . X , 'Z my f if Q f ff N ,- WF .M Q3 I W K K KJ M V l 1 .'a 'fl I J ....- 4- ,. w ,. cf N A 4 I 1 'J I xi E 1 Jw Q! ,Y Q9 4 N 7 5 2-5 111+ .,x6i"'N "i" " A -X K. X XX za XX Aw Y f X, A " " -X i rx 213 T1 IHE WIZARD I95I PHU AIHS VHIUME IWENIYSEVEN HY 4 4 PUBLISHED BY IHE SENIIIH CLASS III EHISIIN HIGH SSIIHHI MINNEAPUUS, MINNESUIA .bgv at-gnvvywigxyg 'Wiki Y .3 V1.1 A ' 4' "V, 5 1 'f xi gtk, 1 I. SM' V X ' 1 4' io U '. Q L--n' "' Y me :WFT Y ' GWGQQTQ r 4, 'J r S , I . ,v 4 may , b ' 0 sb p ' J 7 .g'Q 'f f,3'l..' in ' I. .f garb:-5' 3' IL 1 I 5- Ai x' - 'gy' Q3 Slpb n, " 'Qi Va' ws ' - wif: n f 'UV' 5' A' -V . W f ' .V EJ 'vm 3 Q " , ' .Nia P ' mga' ' ,sq , ' fl' I , paw.-' ' " ' .U 5 . -,K 'SJ J.. Z ' sv? , Vs . r 'wget' I' 0 as U Y - S A, 43:5 sig k v 1 W v. i X-1 A- " 55A ' it ' A. . '. Q A' x vk 331- ur ' . QS' A ' ' 'QW 'A -' 'Q f if , I F A Y A V7 'lv Q A vmfilgs' . f . K 5 ,Q K qlagvi V it o 4' ff.: .fa '. f 22 ef " 'X - Y n .f .AY '7 ,hx 'Q , K X x 5 . ,i ', Q G df' .gg Q 'IM A 'Q' , -MEN' ' U ' , P' 1 , ' 0 - '- 5-'Q 'Sl ' iii "' if Til' 'QA Q ' .J X . v vw N 'M ' X 5 ' 1' ' , r ' - ii., . ' n '., gf' . "" '- 0 1 4-., n Q . D5 n In M., -A 4' ' M 9' "' is ' .' 11' ' X, . . . ' pf?-,Q if f- ' ' at my B . . 'X ' X 4 0. , 07: 0 , .Q W 'cl H ' i 4 M "x Bun' A L ., - 1 1 : J C 't , ' V, L 5 Q .t 3: ' ' tu' '55 Q' ' .1 As s NV. Gfiff' ' in t r . xi. I . 'Z' E' Vt- 'A ' P- f A' W m ? K H.. fqfi . ,iw ox. 5 - ff , I-R 4 C , 1- ' "Yi x'.N'. V x rn g-- . 'P+ u F . .Ms 1 Q4 rvxi .- ,,.,.,..w xr 5 Q .,. fl X'-xxx ml N yi' ffn g ,alvfgsir Q' K 5" 2 .1-jf' 1 "L- -N --..,w.........'-4 ww... ,, 1, 3. --Q--Q--pawn, QW. N 1 ' ' f?4'1WN2+2Ssx. 'f f .,.....,.,., .... ., ,.um-yy. .'m-vikpw ., A 'K Q . ' " ' " I 3'aJ'?'f'h5W? , MV :p.:..f-1,,,f:. x: f - a ..' h R ,Q ., . V 1 ,mgfg 1 ' , -,, iii Swag .-N! 2 ff x4:gTQ:f3JQMsx,,q . sf , 2?tv,i ,, .V . 0, S ! 'f'11..1,55, Q Q N ' M gf 112:35 in , ' Mk M X uw X 'X I' .ad 'f"'."t QQ 'Gnu Table of Contents 0 Faculty --- ..... Page 8 0 Seniors --- ..... Page 18 0 Organizations --- .... Page 38 0 Athletics .... ---Page 70 0 School Lite --- ---Page 92 0 Advertising --- ---- Page 104 Co-editors --- Associate Editor ---- ---- Advertising Manager Staff Iulie-An Heldberg Gerald Lind -Patricia Pinkerton - - - ---- Maryllyn Kozlak Business Manager ---- ----- D onald Dimos Circulation Manager Art Editor --- Permission to use the theme, "The Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum, copyright 1900-1928, has been obtained from the publisher, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc. - - -- -Peter Kraska - - - - Marian Alberg Page 3 u XV K 5 X O 0 4' Sim "'-Z'? .356 , 'L 'D 4 i 12? f 323 hi., 1 K v 'Y f, 221 K 1 5' Q ,X 1 K 5 lem Qeeclm, fecaeifff in Me cenlez of ifze fencfaf Gy, Zfrefze M e Aeaufdfwf fmefzazfcf 6557. fn Mer ee, .zwzzr ee mlm af ey, ee end! me We emi Wwe. .azz wfza fawmee ia 4ee Me Wqmf llulal gl 'Ns -. -we '54 g X "Q-.N 2112? -.. .::--N '--H. -s-.TL"' . ' ...TN ' N- . 9... N 5 - 's f 4:t.f'-..s..."'s 's .s .X l X S N 1 'SL' and apfzzaaek kim mdifz fzanuiy and na ewziadifq became wfzal' Zfzeq mdfr moe! Za Ee. fn MM Zmmefcf 6467, eff efzefzapfzqencfmme, encfifra4eu1AaeameZa4faqmZfze 644 eww ai eazefexeiecf ee! Made wfza aheecfq face Zfzene. f4fzoafcffZeel'aqmkfeeZZofqauZ'a4eeZfze 7fze eaacffa Zfze 6622 of fmmeffbrdfzeaecfuufhqeffowfwieve 4a me emma! MM4 ZZ. Y fierce my me-ere Siloam Sfraee fa peoieeimfwm Me Em! Wdek, emlellfneecfdgaocf fuench Za keep me camfzemf. pfeafie came! lafzeifuf We of the 1951 Wizard Staff should like all of you to accept Dorothy's in- vitation. Her original friends, the Tinman, the Lion, the Scarecrow, and Toto, will come, too. The Emerald City we wish to show you is really our high school, Edison. But as the people who journeyed to see the Great Oz received what they most desired, so all those who come to Edison take away with them many abiding and cherished treasures. Let imagination be your passport, and Dorothy your guide as you journey to see our WIZARD OF OZ. Pq5 Dedication To YOU who have not yet known the joy ot becominq upperclassmen . . . to YOU who have not yet burned the midniqht oil in the hope that you miqht still pass that test . . . to YOU who have not yet been initiated into the complexities of Shakespeare and chemistry and the drama . . . to YOU who have not yet qlimpsed the realities of adult life through a job conference . . . to YOU who have not yet worked and strained toward perfection for the class play . . . to YOU who have not yet danced a maqic waltz on a starry night at a prom . . . to YOU who have not yet known the sadness ot sinqinq "Blue Gold" tor the last time . . . to YOU who have not yet trod the aisles to "Pomp and Circumstancen To YOU who will take our place, to YOU who come after, we of the l95l Wizard Staff dedicate this 27th edition ot the Edison yearbook. P416 3111 Bllrmnriam Only a few of the students now in Edison had the privilege of knowing Miss Harroun personally, but everyone here has, in a subtle way, benefited by her influence. Certainly an individual of her delightful personality, her sterling character, and her unsurpassed teaching ability leaves an everlasting impres- sion on the school she served so long and so loyally. Coming from old East, she began teaching chemistry in Edison when the building opened. Her friends and admirers among the alumni and faculty are countless. Many of her students have made outstanding records in scientific work in college. Her zest, her respect for a job well done, her exacting standards, her wis- dom, and above all, her integrity have furnished us a wonderful example. Surely Edison is and always will be a better school because Mary Grace Harroun taught here. RUTH F. TUPPER Page 7 FT ER following the yellow hrick road for many days through the gloomy forest, Dorothy and her friends at last reached the Emerald City. The entrance was a big gate which was guarded hy a green man called the Keeper of the Gates. When they had explained their mission to him, he provided them with green spectacles to protect them from the sparkle of the emeralds, and then with a hi g gold hey he unlocked the inner gates of the City. -Dorothy and her friends stepped through the portal into the streets, and followed the Keeper of the Gates who led them to the palace of Oz, the Great Wizard. HOSE who come to Edison find guides as helpful and understanding as the Gatekeeper in the Emerald City. Our faculty members lead us during our stay at Edison and help us to realize the benefits that exist here. They teach us, keep records of our stay, help us with our problems, and are generally responsible for our welfare at Edison. With- out these helpers we would quickly lose our way and never find the wisdom and happiness for which we came. FACULTY 5'UFlFxOf 2 ieQ 669 Q5 mmf. W 4 if 'Wm 1 , Q?5, ffgfff 27 Q , XT 'X X I f'XfQXQrg4 X A f- V X K f'XfNf"5-x f-X xi Qlmffimw-:E ff U S fi Age"- fi' MR. SAMUELSON ln Quit Office Every organization, for its success, rnust have some one individual who is responsible for the direction of its activities. Mr. Paul A. Samuelson is our leader at Edison. He has been the principal of our school for two years and has served arnhitiously and faithfully. Mr. Samuelson offers help and advice to all our students and teachers. He takes an active interest in all school functions. Miss Dolores Larson assists Mr. lanes in his work. Miss Huth Le-howitz is our attendance clerk. She lceeps a cornplete record of all ahsences. Miss Nellie Alrn is the head of the office staff. She arranges appointments for Mr. Samuel, son. Miss Ethel Heller is our hookrocrn clerk. Miss l,11i::cn, Miss l,t-hifwitz, Mis. Alin, Misa: llwllwi. MR. IANES To Guide Us Mr. Eddis E. lanes is the assistant principal of our school. l-le has the large responsibility ot niakinq the schedules for the teachers and planninq the prof' grains tor the students. School attendance is another concern of Mr. lanes. The students who need to he excused froni school consult him. Supervision of the halls is also a duty ol Mr. lanes. Mr. Kenneth Knox and Miss Helen Andrews are our school counselors. These counselors help our students lirst by qtvinq tests to find out their vocae tional aptitudes and second by helping to place them in jobs, ln addition, Mr. Knox is the sponsor ol the Edison Leadership Club and is in charqe of the lockers. Mix Knox Miss Andrews X5 . ,. Q X K ' X i t luisdz lVli:,:, 4" w-in Min: Vl'iiirl Sldndinqt Mizszz l'i:zr'li, Mrs Olsf ii. Miss Erli, M1311 Sunni in:-, Miss lli-twisz-iii, Mi lfiiwlcs in, M . DRAMA CLASS Wim. We Learn Miss Elorenceliisch . . , Eiiglislradviswioltlir-Stu dent Council Vaudeville. Mrs. Verna Olson . . . Entif lish, adviser ot the Wiziilard. Miss Fiiiiitrtms Cowan . . . Enqlish, National Honor Society advisor. Miss Mil- dred Ward . . . English. Miss Nellie Erl i... Anioii can history, supervisor of the stair rniards. Mi:-as Mirjorio Siininons . . . modern problems. Miss Eva Potorson . . . modern problems. Mr, Victor Erickson . . . Anioi- ican history. Miss Edna Sorenson . . . Gornifin, Eniilish, German Club adviser. Mrs. Anne Kollnor . . , l-ilifwilffll, Spanish, Enqlisli, adviser ot the French Club and tho Spanish Club. Miss Alice lohnson . . . latin, Entilisli, Latin Club adviser. Miss Helen Rogers . . , readinti. Miss Sophie Albinson . . . English. Mis. lulia Michel sen . . . Enqlish, news writinfy, advisor oi tho ltocford. Miss Birdella Ross . . . English. i i n:-tin MV. Kltllllltl Miss liwliiisoii Miss llor1i'lS,M1s:: Allnns air, Mil, Mif'liil:.1n,Mi:,:slin,:.. 4 www.. ..W.....i,..,..a..,,w . ' ...- ,Q xg, ' 'S 'Q' 1 Lb WM ., X 1 ' ww ? x ' ix-av 6 Y , X . 1 X Y I ' . x N 6 YM -1 9 5 .s , ' Q - wb. N Y S :Liv Ex ' . Y - ,i f v "Au A . ,hill :Q 4 f N Q X' Q. . if 'ia' X L4 9-any Wim? yg xW. as 32, A I .Q Air' g - N .gf , :gg Q 5- , ,""':- ' . + xx ,Qla,f.xf,-,M '33, pw A: 1 4, ' 55521 1, X i We 4 1 523 V ,. R222 X X , x Q WNW" YW Mi. .wily itgrvi., lylrul rin'-2 in Mi. Lunkl ry. M.:':1Hiiin::w1i'li, Mls::Holkt:1Ju1, Mi:::: ltirni-y, Mi. I, -lnnilin. We Learn by Doing Mr, Elinwi Sotleigijeii . . . senior high music. Miss Mary Bnliara Ferxguscri . . . junior hiqh music, applied music, Silver-Tit adviser, Mr. Elmo Lunkley . . . instru- montil music. Miss Louise Ramswick . . . alqebra, plane fieonietry, adviser ot Student Council social com milton. Miss Genevieve Hollcesviq . . . alqehra, trig- cnometry, adviser ot Student Council recognition come mittee. Miss Celia Tornoy . . . plane geometry, solid ijeonietry, in charge ot Band uniforms. Mr. Benjamin Leiniohn . . . nritheintittcs,qoltcoach. Miss jean Toohy . . . art, .nt adviser ot Vjfizard, staqe settinqs. Miss Olive Bennett . . . junior high art. Mrs. Home Hunt . . . foods, clothing, sponsor ot Future Homemakers of Amer- ica. Miss Lorraine Stavenas . . . foods, Blue Tri adviser. Mrs. Lois Miller . . . foods, family life, social adviser of senior class. Mrs. Mayme Luther . . . clothinq. Miss Hivkok . . . vlntliiiiti, Blue Tri adviser. Mijn: 'l'.wlix', Miss llc-uri-itt. Sealed: Mrs. Miller, Mis. I COOKING CLASS utliri, Miss: tlivknk. Standing: Mlm. Hunt, s l K . ,rms 1 v 34 i t 5 --W.-K-i'rf El llwrnn-H will, Miss lcxlinsnn Sediedr Miss Dt-vert-ll. Standing: Mi. l.ln1l.n1i, M1:':' lv IIS, Mifift lt' nt1t:1::ttn, Mir lhilni .LL A. COMMON LEARNINGS CLASS Mrs. Cornvvwr, Miss Burton Throughout the School Miss Florence lohnson . . . school nurse. Mr. Wil' lard Ludtord . . . connnon learninqs, ski coach, lunch roorn duties. Miss Florence Leary . . . connnon learn- inqs. Miss Agnes Deverell . . . connnon learninqs, cornrnunity civics, faculty business rnanaqer ot the Record. Miss Minnie Benqtsson . . . connnon learn- inqs. Mrs. Marqaret Palm . . . connnon learninqs. Mrs. Elsie Conover . . . physical education, intrarnural activi' ties. Miss Edith Barton . . . physical education, -iirls' qolt coach, sponsor of qirls' intrarnural protrrarn. Mrs. Mary Blair . . . assistant librarian. Mrs. Leila Renders nick . . . librarian. Our faculty does rnuch to help provide inorc and varied extra-curricular activities tor the students. Their advice and cooperation in sponsorinq school clntns are greatly appreciated hy all. Mrs. lllnir Mitt. l'i1-n.l- rnivk RW x x A Lf nv Q 5 ii'-fi funn -P99595 if X 2515 w Y?'i V Q X we X K ei HE first person Dorotby met after sbe started on tbe yellow brick road was a poor disrepntable Scarecrow wbo bad been placed in a cornfield to keep the birds away. Sbe was very nzacb surprised wben be began to talk to ber, bitt many strange tbings bad bappened to ber since sbe left Kansas, so sbe listened patiently wbile be told ber of bis sorrows. He asked wbere sbe was going, and wben sbe explained tbat sbe was jonrneying to ask a favor of tbe Great Oz, be asked sadly if sbe tboagbt tbat Oz would give bim some brains. Dorotby assured birn tbat it would do no barm to try, so tbey set off together, Dorotby belping the Scarecrow wbo, because bis bead was only straw, kept falling into boles and over fences. E seniors, like the Scarecrow, cme to Edison in the hope that by hard and diligent work we could earn a good mind. Now, after four long years we have been judged ready to leave our Emerald City and journey into the out side world. Our minds and hearts, while happy to be at last on our own, keep looking back through the Gates which are closin so ouickl . But we realize that what we 8 . Y have gained during our stay will be our standard through the test of our lives. Page 18 IUP1 WQJ VH M X , f f N P f fx XX , J! J T7 Mix IL M X Xf -N V ,J Q ' 5' V C 5 Q R S C ' O Q YU '3 5 yy y X ww 1' . ff ' A X XLV? U Zi E j ,715 X 7 K , XL 7 B 5f X A if im 5 . N ' ' A Q 'V i, H N ,e fQ f MQ 2 f ,WHXW f-X X -, , 3 K-X gy: O1 1 f Standing A, Knutson, V. Prcsq G. Lind, Treats. Seated: I, Heldberq, Sec.: ty and Senior Prom. B Ander on, Prcs, Nothing attempted, noth- ing done, could never be our class motto. Instead of the traditional large ad- visories, our class remained in small groups for our senior year. Each of the twelve groups, advised by a helpful and understand- ing adviser, elected one student as a member of the "Senior Cabinet." The Cab- inet assisted our four class officers in the planning of and serving at such class functions as our Class Par- Our Senior Prom, the "Sweetheart Swing," was held on February 10. To carry out the theme of Valen- tine's Day the hall was decorated with hearts and cupids made of red and white paper. And the couples danced to the music of Red Wolfe and his orchestra. Graduation festivities began on May 23 with a reception at which our moth- ers were honored guests. The reception began with a program in the auditorium, and was followed by a tea in the school library. Finally the big week came, our last at Edison. The first great event of the week was our Baccalaureate Service on Sunday, Iune 10. Dr. Paul Holmer, who graduated from Edison in Iune, 1934, inspired us as he delivered his uplifting message. Music presented by the combined voices of the Choral Club and Choir under the direction of Mr. Elmer Sodergren added to the beauty of this memor- able religious service. Everyone present could not help receiving a feeling of sacredness and repose. lt is an occasion which cannot soon be forgotten. Standing: R. Niznik, W. Houck, I. Hunter, P. Kruskg, I. Portlfmce, A. Kirberqer. Seated: P. Pinkerton, F, Buczynski, C. Brcrcchi, M. Zwock, M. Iorqenson. Page 20 Class Of 1951 Senior Advisers Next on our list of senior events was our class ban- quet which was held on the evening of lune l2 at the Radisson Hotel. We chose as the theme for our banquet one of Shake- speare's most famous quo- tations, "All the world's a stage." This was effec- tively carried out in the program for the evening and in the decorations. N.,-A Then on lune l4, the school orchestra struck the beginning bars of the "March of the Priests" from "-Athahan by Mendelssohn' Mrs. Miller ond Miss Tupper and we seniors with a sparkle of joy as well as sadness in our eyes began to march down the aisle of the auditorium for our Commencement exercises. As we marched, our dreams of the future, and mostly our recollections of the past were as traditional as the caps and gowns which we wore. The diplomas which we had so long awaited were given out by Mr. Samuelson. Many special awards were granted. Two people that we seniors deeply appreciate are Miss Tupper, our busi- ness adviser, and Mrs. Miller, our social adviser. They both certainly deserve much credit for the tremendous part they played in making our senior year a success. The advisers of each individual senior advisory also deserve much credit. Many times when we had problems, large or small, they were quickly solved by these advisers. We can never thank them enough for all the wonderful aid and advice they have given us throughout our high school days. Standing: Mr. Hcunrin, Mr. Liemolm, Mrs, Kcllner, Mr. Ahlstroni, Mrs. Curry, Mr. Lunklcy, Mr. Drciqc, Seated: Miss Tornoy, Mrs. Tillotson, Miss Simmons, Mrs. Michelson, Miss Word. Page 21 ir' I Iulie-An Heldberg Sam Druge Vuledictorian Vuledictorian Senior Honors Students earning grades above the average Cmostly A's and B's7 in high school are placed on the school honor roll. Then the students maintaining the top grades in the graduating class receive the highest honors that can be given to a high school senior, that of valedictorian and salutatorian. The 1951 graduat- ing class is proud of the students who have gained these honors. Gerald Lind Gerald Iohnson Valedictoricxn Salutuloricm Page 22 , I fx ages it it -st S , . .3 A tj? M , K in ... it 1' 1 3 .ii Seniors ALBERG, MARIAN . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Class Play: Choir: Wizard: Vaudeville: Tommy Twirl: Ir. Choir: National Honor Society. AMMEND. BARBARA . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: I. C. C.: Student Council: Record: Cheerleader: Group Captain: Gym Assistant: Band: Vaudeville: Tommy Twirl. ANDERSON. BAR- BARA . . . Choral Club: Choir: Sock 'n' Buskin: Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Ushers Club: Vllizard: Bank Cashier, ANDERSON, BRUCE . . . Hi-Y: Senior Class Pres.: Iunior Class Pres.: Stu- dent Council: Group Captain: Stair Guard: Vaudeville: National Honor Society: Boys State: Class Play: Football: Basketball: Tennis. ANDERSON. DONNA . . . Blue Tri: Choir: Silver Tri: Vaudeville: Ir. Choir. ANDERSON, IANET . . . Silver Tri: Clioral Club, Treas.: Student Council: Class Play: Sock 'n' Buskin- Gyrn Assistant. 1 ANDRUSESKY, DOROTHY . . . Student Council: Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Office Page: Wizard: Class Play. ASHCROFT. HARRIET . . . Benford: Ouill 'n' Scroll' Office Page: Sock 'n' Buskin: Silver Tri: Blue Tri: Seton Hi: E. L, C.: Orchestra: Ir. Cabinet: French Club, German Club: Vaudeville: Class Play: Tommy Twirl: Na- tional Honor Society. BARNES. MARILYN . . . Band: Orches- tra. BECK. IAMES . . . Wrestling. BENZ, BARBARA . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Seton Hi: Band: French Club: Tommy Twirl. BERG. ARLENE . . . Student Council: Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Bank Cashier: Band. BERGER, ELEANOR . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Choral Club: Choir: Seton Hi: Sock 'n' Buskin: Ushers Club: Record: Vaude- ville: Tommy Twirl. BLAINE. IUNE MARIE . . . Latin Club: Seton Hi: Office Page: E. L. C.: All City Honor Boll: National Honor Society. BLOMMER. LOIS . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Office Page. BLUMER, SHIRLEY . . . Blue Tri: Office Paqe: Band. BOARDMAN, DIANE . . . Office Page: Ushers Club. BOESER. KATHRYN . . . Blue Tri: Office Page: Choir: Ir. Choir: Bank Cashier. BOHN. MARK . . . Tommy Twirl: Vaudeville. BOKER,DON- ALD , . . Hi-Y: Band: Gymnastics: Swimming. BRACCHI, CARMA . . . BRANDT.CAROLE . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Seton Hi: Choral Club: Choir, Pres.: Ir. Choir: E. L. C.: Vaude- ville: Class Play: Wizard: Tommy Twirl: National Honor Society. BRUINS. BERNARD . . . Bernie. BRUINS. GERALD . . . Student Council: Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Tommy Twirl: Vaudeville: Hockey: National Honor Society. Page 23 BRYAN. CAROL . . . Blue Tri, Treas.: Silver Tri: I. C. C.: E. L. C.: Sock 'n' Buskin: lr, Class Sec.: French Club: Vaudeville: Na- tional Honor Society: All City Honor Roll: Choir: Class Play. BUCZYNSKI, FRANCES . . . Latin Club: Ushers Club: Office Page: Gym Assistant: Choir: Group Captain: Class Play. BURK- NESS, IANET . . . Blue Tri. BURTON. RONALD . . . Choir: Hall Guard: Vaudeville: Track: Cross Country. BUTLER. LE ROY . . . Roy . . . Lunchroom Service Club: Football: Track: Wresl- ling. CARLSON. GWENDOLYN . . . Gwen . . . Blue Tri. Pres.: Silver Tri: Seton Hi: Band: Student Council: E. L. C.: Vaude- ville: Wizard: Office Paqe: Tommy Twirl: National Honor Society. CARLSON. RAYMOND . . . Bay. CHAN. ELEANOR . . . Mike . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Sock 'n' Buskin: Student Coun- cil: Office Page: Gym Assistant: Group Captain: Bank Cashier: Vaudeville. CHERRY,MARIAN . . . Blue Tri, Sea: Silver Tri: Seton Hi: Gezman Club: Sock 'n' Buskin: Choral Club: Choir: Na- tional Honor Society, Sec.: Wizard, Tommy Twirl. CHRISTENSON. MARILYN , . . Vaudeville. CHRISTENSEN, VERNON . . . Vern. CHRISTICH, DONALD . , , Choir: Ushers Club: Vaudeville: Cross Country. CHUDIAK. MARLENE . . . Bank Cashier. CLARK. CELIA . . . Sock 'n' Buskin: Drama Club: Student Council: Homecom- inq Attendant. COOPER. ALVAN . . . Band. COULTER. GERALDINE . . Gerry . . . Office Page: Gym Assistant: Vaudeville: Class Play. CRAMOND. WALTER . . . Latin Club: Hall Guard: Band: Swimming. CROSSMAN. ROMAYNE . . . Student Council. Sec.: All City Student Council: Ushers Club: Cheerleader: Lunchroom Helper: Latin Club, Pres.: E. LC.: Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Seton Hi: Vaudeville: All City Honor Roll. CUMMINGS. ROBERT . . . Wrestling. CYBYSKE. AL . . . Football: Baseball. DAWSON. DALE . . ,Choir: Bank Cashier. DAWSON. IANET . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Sock 'n' Buskin: Grcup Captain: Bank Cashier: Office Page: Choir: lr. Choir, Vaudeville. DENARDO. WILLIAM . . . Bill . . . Student Council: Ushers Club: Lunchroom Service Club: Choir: Ir. Choir: Vaudeville: Football: Track: Hockey. DERBIS. DONNA . . . Derby . . . Silver Tri: E, L. C.: Student Council, V. Pres.: Cheer- leader: Bank Cashier: lr. Choir: Tommy Twirl. Seniors in IQ-jiffi. - ' e 'f an QQ I is 1 Am I ts l if ff 541 r Q ug f' P' 2 f rf' y 3 A G! s 11-A Page 24 E . 4'3- xg: vi dr . "' l if fi 1 if - a g 1 .-' ' ' 1 A pol sg .y s .X Q sr kg . I ' ' ix t N1 S g Q is 'K ,Q Seniors DIMOS. DONALD . . . Hi-Y: Choral Club: Choir: Stair Guard: Wizard: Tennis: National Honor Society:. DIRCZ. IOE . . . Chor- al Club: Choir. DRAGE. SAM . . . Hi-Y: E. L. C., Chairman: German Club, Pres.: Stair Guard: Band: Record: Bank Cashier: Group Captain: Sock 'n' Buskin: Vaudeville: Student Council: National Honor Society, Pres.: All City Honor Boll: Class Play: Valedictorian. DURAND, MYLES . . . Lunchroom Service Club: Tommy Twirl: Basketball. DZUBAYJEAN . . . Student Council: E. L. C.: Blue Tri- Silver Tri: Sock 'n' Buskin: Creative Writing Club: Group Captain: Bank Cashier: Vaudeville: All City Honor Roll: National Honor Society, EARLY, PATRICIA . . . Pat . . . French Club: Silver Tri: Choir. EDMAN. KARL . . . Class Play: Orchestra: Vaudeville: Tom- my Twirl. EISTEN. MARIORIE . . . Marge . . . Blue Tri: Office Page: Choir. EKBERG. MARY BETH . . . Blue Tri, V. Pres.: Silver Tri, Pres.: Choral Club: Seton Hi: E. L. C.: Class Play: Vaudeville: Wizard: National Honor Society: All City Honor Ftoll: Girls State: Homecoming Queen: Tommy Twirl. EKLAND. SHIRLEY . . . Ushers Club. EKLUND, BRUCE . . . Hi-Y: Choir: lr. Choir. EMERSON, WILLIAM . . . Bill . . . Hi-Y: Band: Ushers Club: Christian Fellowship Club: Stage Crew. ENNIS, RONALD . . . SON, DONALD . . ERICKSON. IOAN . , . Hi-Y: Band: Vaudevillt.: Hockey. ERIC Don. . . Hi-Y: Choral Club: Choir Bank Cashier. EVERTZ, MAX . . Hi-Y. FELLEGY, DOROTHY . . . Office Page. FELLEGY. ELSIE . . . El. A FORD. IANET . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Seton Hi: Vaudeville: Class Play: German Club: Wizard: Tommy Twirl. FRANKO. MARILYN . . , Student Council: Blue Tri: French Club: Creative Writing Club: Sock 'ri' Buskin: Wizard: Tommy Twirl: Art Scholarship. FRIEL, LA DONNA . lice Page: Tommy Twirl. GARBER. IOSEPH Record. GEORGE. RONALD . . . Ronnie . . Seton Hi: Of- . . Joe . . . . . Spanish Club: Creative Writing Club. GILSON, IOHN . . . Band: Crea- tive Writing Club: National Honor Society. Paqe 25 GODFREY. WARREN . . . GODLEWSKI. GERALDINE . . . Office Page: Bank Cashier, GOODRIE, SHARON . . . Cheer- leader: Record: Band: Vaudeville: Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Orches- tra. GORSKI, GERALD . . . Becord: Ushers Club. GOULD. DAVID . . . Dave . . . Hi-Y: Christian Fellowship Club: Band: Class Play: Vaudeville: Tommy Twirl: Cross Country, Cap- tain: Track: Swimming. GREENE. MAXINE . . . Blue Tri: Office Page. GREER. IOAN . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Band. GROMEK. CHESTER . . . Sock 'n' Buskin: Vaudeville: Cheerleader: Class Play. GROVER, BEVERLY . . . Bev .... Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Seton Hi: Choir: Library Monitor. GUNDERSON. BETTY . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Seton I-Ii: E. L. C.: Office Page: Choir: Class Play: Vaudeville: Wizard: Tommy Twirl. GUZY. ROBERT . . . Bob . . . Lunchroom Service Club: Vaudeville: Wizard: Football: Wrestling: All City Honor Boll: National Honor Society, HAAS, GAYLE . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Seton Hi: Office Page. HAGGERTY, IAMES . . lim . . . Hi-Y: Tommy Twirl. HAGLUND. HAROLD . . . HALLGREN. MARY . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri. HALLING, BEVERLY . . . Bev . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Latin Club: Creative Writing Club: Office Page: Group Captain: Band: Orchestra. HAMILTON, IOAN , . . E. L. C.: . Luncrhroorn Office Page. HAUCK. WILLIAM . . . Bill . Service Club: Senior Cabinet: Golf: Baslcethxrll. HANSEN.MARI.ENE . . , Bunny . . . Blue Tri: Spanish Club, Pres.: Cheerleader: Lunchroom Helper: Galt: Tommy Twirl. HANSON, RONALD . . . Band: Orchestra. HARLIEN, THOM- AS . . . Tom . , . Hi-Y: Baseball Manager: Tommy Twirl. HARRIGAN, EMMET . , . Record. HARRIS. EUGENE . . . Ushers Club: Student Council. HEDBERG, IOHN , . . Lunche room Service Club: Class Play: Football: Trac-lc. Seniors -e in .. B f ,11 f S Q T? ff, I tv i1 " We Q S xQ I E9 ji 44 it " it A f I : i . Page 26 if 1 13 ff " 'gi ft R in . .rg s ' QR If ' 44 . A A X K . 'i-L : at 3 I A Q! , jf RX ,f . N . J A .. lg r ,, LLL: z ...... A I glx ,:., . .. :,. N 1 ' A - '..- x 1 Seniors HEGGEM. HOWARD . . . Choral Club, Choir, Ir. Choir, Hi-Y, Sock 'n' Buskin, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Sec., Class Play, Vau- devillf-, Tommy Twirl. HELDBERG, IULIE-AN . . . Blue Tri, I. C. C., Silver Tri, Spanish Club, Treas., E. L. C., Creative Writ- ing Club, Sock 'n' Buskin, Scnior Class, Sec., Choral Club, Choir, lr. Choir, Wizard, National Honor Society, All City Honor Roll, Class Play, Homecoming Attendant, Valedictorian. HERALY. ROBERT . . . Bob . . . Tommy Twirl. HERMSTAD. CHAR- LOTTE . . . Blue Tri, Silver Tri, Sec., Record, Choral Club, Choir, Student Council' Seton Hi, Cheerleader, Bank Cashier, Gym Assistant. HEYWOOD, CHARLES . . . Charlie . . . Choral Club, Ir. Choir, Hi-Y, E. L. C., Lunchroom Service Club, Group Captain, Basketball: All City Basketball. HLAVINKA. LOIS . . . Bluo Tri, Spanish Club, National Honor Society. HOBBS, DONALD . . . Hi-Y, Band, Tommy Twirl, Swimming. HOERNING MARIORIE . . . Marge . . . Choral Club, Choir, Inventors Club, Gym Assistant. HOLLIS. ROSEMARIE . . . Rosie . . . Latin Club, Racket Club, Treas., Gym Assistant, Vaudeville, Orchestra, Tommy Twirl. HOLMQUIST. ADELLE . . . Seton Hi, Silver Tri, Choral Club, Choir, Tommy Twirl. HOYT, BRUCE . . . Hi-Y, Choral Club, Choir, lr. Choir, Vau- dcville, Bt1nkCashior, Tommy Twirl, Wrestling. HUDOBA. IOHN . . . Choir, Basketball. HUNTER, IOHN . . . Lunchroom Service Club, Treas., Senior Cabinet, Football, Wrestling, Vaudeville. HURRLE. BEVERLY . . . Bev .... Latin Club, Silver Tri, Seton Hi, Vaudeville, Gym Assistant, Wizard, All City Honor Roll, Tommy Twirl. IRVINE, BARBARA . . . Choral Club, Gym Assistant, Wizard, Blue Tri, Silver Tri, Latin Club, Choir. IACOBSEN, ELIZABETH . . . Liz . . . Blue Tri, Silver Tri, Student Council, Choir, lr. Choir. IAKALAJOHN . . . Choral Club. IERDEE.M.ARY- LOU . . . Latin Club, Blue Tri, Silver Tri, Gym Assistant, Stu- dent Council, Vaudeville, Wizard. IOHNSON, CAROL . . Blue Tri, Silver Tri, Office Page. JOHNSON, CHARLES . . . Chuck . , . Hi-Y, Sec., Choral Club, Choir, Sock 'n' Buskin, Stair Guard, Vaudeville, Tennis, Tommy Twirl, All City Honor Roll, National Honor Society. IOHN- SON. DARLENE . . . IOHNSON. DENNIS . . . Wrestling. IOHNSON, DOLORES . . . Dee Dee . . . Blue Tri, Silver Tri, Seton Hi, Choir, Vaudeville. IOHNSON, GERALD . . . Ierry . , . Student Council, Hi-Y, Treas., Stair Guard, All City Student Council, National Honor Society, All City Honor Roll, Vaudeville, Salutatorian. Page 27 IOHNSON. HARLAN . . . IOHNSON. KENNETH E. . . . Torch+Y: Student Council: National Honor Society. IOHNSON. KENNETH R .,.. Wrestling. IOHNSON, LLOYD . . . Vaudeville. IOHNSON, NATALIE . . . Blue Tri: Seton Hi: Office Page: Tommy Twirl. IORGENSON, MARLYS . . . Sock 'n' Buskin, Pres.: Blue Tri: Creative Writing Club: Band: Student Council: E. L. C.: Senior Cabinet: Class Play: Vaudeville: National Honor Society. IURCHISIN. MAHGUERITE . . . Marge . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Gym Assistant: Latin Club: Sock 'n' Buskin: Seton Hi: Office Page: Tommy Twirl: Vaudeville, KEELEY, FRANK . . . KINCH. ELLEN . . . Bank Cashier. KIRBERGER. ARTHUR . . . Art . . . HiAY: Student Council: Senior Cabinet: Group Captain: Hall Guard: Cross Country: Ski Team: Tommy Twirl. KNUTSON. ALBERT . . . Al , . . Student Council, Pres.: Hi-Y, Pres.: All City Hi-Y, Pres.: Sonior Class, V. Pres.: Inventors Club: Vau- deville. KNUTSON, GERALD . . . Runt . . . lunior Class, Treas.: Lunchrcom Service Club: Football: Wrestling, KOCON, DOROTHY . . , Dodie . . . Spanish Club: Racket Club: Gym Aissistant: Student Council: Record: Office Page: Vaudeville: Tommy Twirl. KOEHLER, CLARK . . . Smoky . , . Hi-Y: Stair Guard: All City Honor Roll: National Honor Society, KORPLIUDITH . . . Iudy. KOPP.WELTON . . . Stair Guard: Creative Writing Club. KOPP. WILBUR . . , Crea- tive Writing Club: Wrestling. KORIN, STEPHEN . . . Steve . . Student Council: Hockey. KOS, DONALD . . . Don . . Lunchroom Service Club. KOTCHEN. DONALD . . . Don . . . Band: Hockey: Hockey Manager. KOTULA. DOROTHY . . . KOWALIK, HELEN . . . Choral Club: Choir: Student Council: Vaudeville, KOZLAK, MARYLLYN , . . Spanish Club: Choral Club: Sock 'n' Buskin: Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Ir. Choir: Wizard. KHASKA, PETER , . . Pete . . . E,l...C.: Sock 'n' Buskin: Hi-Y: Inventors Club: Choir: Vaudeville: Wizard: Class Play: Senior Cabinet: National Honor Society: Football. Seniors W.. S, 5,231 . i :ii:t N .Q x 3 yi f' " ..y K . it fi' K i 2 4 'E ,, A 3 A , . Sf' , . ai' Q 1 air ' "" ' .2 1 Q I ' IE ' :H M2a.R5t,.4.4 ., Page 28 wi' Q st? ' Q' me , l J Y 1 f' gm- -nf' in 5 1 L 1. at 5 A 1'-If it ' . -M. 'fe V- A kc 6 , M QAAA I I 7 M I lf A , 5 1 S . git A '-af. y . N xl-K ,,,,,. -- . .I T L ses Awww? sm f, 1 5 . . s:eilx.X2 ,. XS N K N Mx l wg sw sb X XX P SF' X SS ff . .. -. . . sw F it . ' 5 .. N zx., ...:. 3 , . is ti .-sr. g ' A .g :gg U S t 5' N Qi -sf - - .!.. . 5- X Q 'xy r X X X . es if' K ff-f is.. Seniors XRYCH. KENNETH . . . Kenny . . . Gym Assistant. LA- LIBERTE, ALFRED . . . Al. LARSON. ARTHUR . . . Art . . . Hi-Y: Tommy Twirl. LARSON,IACKlE . . . Student Council: Choral Club: Choir: Vaudeville. LARSON. IANET . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Bank Cashier: Vaudeville. LAWMAN, HOWARD . . . Howie . . . Hi-Y: Hall Guard: lr. Choir- Hockey: Gymnastics: Tommy Twirl. LEBA.LOREECE . . . Lolly . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri.: Seton Hi: Bank Cashier. LEONE. GERALD . . .Ierry . . .Vaude- ville. LE VAU, DONALD . . . Don. LILLIENCRANTZ. MAR. LENE . . . Mar . . . BlusTri: Silver Tri. LIND, GERALD . . . Ierry . . . Hi-Y: E. L. C.: Spanish Club, V. Pres.: French Club: Senior Class. Treas.: Creative Writing Club: Sock 'n' Buskin: Choral Club: Choir: Ir. Choir: Wizard: Stair Guard: Library Monitor: Class Play: Vaudeville: National Honor Society, V. Pres.: All City Honor Roll: Hockey Manager: Valedictorian. LORENO. FRANK . . . LUDFORD. DEAN . . . Hi-Y: Latin Club: E. L. C.: Football. LUKASZKA, ELAINE . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Spanish Club: Record: Sock 'n' Buskin: Class Play. LUNDGREN, CHELL . . . Hi-Y: Band: Gym Assistant: Tommy Twirl: Hockey: Tennis. MAGEE, LOIS . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Sock 'n' Buskin: Seton Hi. MARKUSON. DENNIS . . . Band: Orchestra: Swimming. MASTRO. RONALD . . . Ronnie . . . Wizard: Vaudeville: Swimming: Gymnastics. MATUSOVIC, DOROTHY . . . Dort . . . Hall Guard: Libra- ry Monitor: Office Page: Class Play. MCCANN. IOHN . . . Skip . . . Hi-Y: Band: Tommy Twirl: Hockey: Ski Team. MCCRADY, MARLOWE . . , Choral Club: Choir: Lunchroom Service Club: Vaudeville: Library Monitor: Tommy Twirl: Foot- ball: Track. MELLIN, LA VONNE . . . Blue Tri: Office Page: All City Honor Roll: National Honor Society. MIKRE, SAM . . . Latin Club: Tommy Twirl. MILLER. GEORGE . . . Stair Guard: E. L. C.: HifY: Record: Quill 'n' Scroll: Pan American League: Ushers Club, Sec.: National Honor Society: All City Honor Roll: Class Play. Page 29 MILLER. VALIEAN . . . Choral Club: Choir: lr. Choir: Silver Tri: Vaudeville. MILLMAN, RONALD . . , Ronnie . . . Choral Club: Choir: E, L. C: Hi-Y: Vaudeville: Track: Cross Country. MINGO. IANE . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: German Club, Sec.: Sock 'n' Buskin: Wizard. MOE. CAROL . . . Blue Tri: Choral Club: Choir. MORIN, NANCY . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Student Council: Sock 'n' Buskin, Treas.: Creative Writing Club: Choir: Ir. Choir: Latin Club: Wizard: All City Honor Roll: National Honor Society. NASIEDLAK, IO ANNE . . . Latin Club: Blue Tri: Choir: Ir. Choir: Gym Assistani: Office Pago. NEXORA. MICHAEL . . . Mike . . . HiAY: Student Council: Latin Club: lnvontors Cluo: Band: Vaudeville: National Honor Socicty: All City Honor Roll. NELSON. ARLINE . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri. NEUMANN. GENE . . . Band. NIZNIK. ROBERT . . . Bob . . Ushers Club: Senior Cabinet: National Honor Society. NOLT, IO ANNE . . Seton Hi: Ushers Club, Sec.: Vaudeville: Ciioir: Tommy Twirl. NORBERG. ROBERT . . . Br-b . . . Vaudovillo, NORDSTROM. ROBERT . . . Bob . . . Hi-Y: Band: Record: Stair Guard: Student Council: Tommy Twirl: Gclt: National Honor Society. NOVITSKY, ALEX . . . Al. NYPAN, KENNETH . . Kenny . . . Band: Orchestra. O'BRIEN. RICHARD . . . Dick. O'I-IERN. IAMES . . . lim. OLSON, IUNE . . . Blue Tri: E. L. C. OLSON. LLOYD . . . Swede . . . Spanish Club: Sonior Cabinet: Vaudeville: Lunchroom Service Club, Pres.: Band: Torn my Twirl: Football: Basketball: Golf: Class Play. ORR. LE ROY . . . Spanish Club, Treas. National Honor Society. PARKIN. WILLIAM . . . Staqe Crew: Hall Guard: Tennis. PAULSON. RICHARD . , . Dick. PEARSON. LE ROY . . . Roy. PEAR- SON. SANDRA . . . Spanish Club, V. Pres.: Gyrn Assistant: Tommy Twirl. Seniors 21 i 4 at ii I he . if .A , 3 vi' 'ilil Q 'f Q. R' A . K f- t J ki -U r 4. 1 . 3. Ti gs- ti' - 'if ' Page 30 X - if L S., 21 . 3,5 . 4 f N QE p , . tr. Q i 7 il'3'il6fEsQ 5 li S T Seniors PECK, IEAN . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Seton Hip Choral Clubp Choirp Vaudeville. PETERSON. BETTY . . . Silver Trip Choirp Ottivo Paqop Library lvlonitorp Bank Cashier. PETERSON, DALE . , . Btindp Christian Fellowship Club, PETERSON, MARILEE . . . Latin Clizbp Christian Fellowship Clubp V. Pres.p Creative Wiitiiiq Clubg National Honor Society. PETERSON. SHIRLEY . . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Latin Club. PETERSON. ROBERT . . . Bob . . , Choral Club, Choirp Christian Fellowship Club. PHILLIPS. ROBERT . . . Bob . . , Ushers Clubp Wrestling. PICHOQMARIA . . . Library Exhibit. PINKERTON. PATRICIA . . . Pat . , . Blue Trip Seton Hip Geiinuti Club, Treas.p Group Ctipttiiiip Sock 'ri' Buskin, V Pres.p Student Couiicilp Senior Cabe instp Wivrirrlp National Hunor Societyp All City Honor Rollp Torne my Twiilp Art Scholarship. PLACK, GAYLE , . . Blue Trip Sil- ver Trip Seton Hip Student Councilp Choirp Ir, Choirp Latin Club, Setzp Vaurlevillep Tommy Twirl, PLUMB. IOHN . . . lack . . , Bank Cashier. PODANY.BEl"l'Y . . . Library Monitor. PODANY. BEVERLY . . POPPENHAGEN. ARLENE . . . Silver Tri. PORTLANCELIACK . . . Bandp Senior Cabinwtp Toni- my Twirl, PRATT. LAWRENCE . . . Larry . . . Bandp Hi-Yp Christian Fellowship Clubp lunior Class, V. Pres.p Boys Statep National Honor Society. RAINVILLE, PATRICK . . . Pat . . . Lunchroom Service Clubp Vaudevillop Footballp Wrestlinqp Base- ball. REGAN, MARGARET , . . Orchestrap Bank Cashier, Vaudeville. RESHETAR. MARLENE . . . Resh . . . Silver Trip Ushers Clubp Latin Club, Pies.p Seton Hip Recorclp Honiecoininq Attend- antp Class Play. ROBINSON, IEANNE . . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Office Page. RODIE, FRED . . . Hockeyp Ciyiniiasticsp Swimniinqp Vaudeville. ROSENBERG. DUANE . . . Bandp Stair Guardp National Honor Societyp All City Honor Rollp Foot- ballp Basketball. ROSLIN. IANET . . . Blue Trip Seton Hip Ushers Clubp Choral Clubp Choirp Ir. Choirp Sock 'n' Buskinp Tom- my Twirl. RUSSINIK. ELEANOR . . . Choral Club: Choirp Tommy Twirl. Paqe 31 SANDBERG. RICHARD . . Dick . . . Choirp Hall Guard. SANDNESS. RICHARD . , . SARICH. MARY ANN . . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Seton Hip Library Monitor. SARNA, LORRAINE . . . Blue Trip Choral Clubp Choirp Tommy Twirl. SCHLEISMAN. LEO . . . Lunchroom Service Clubp Group Captain: Baseballp Basketball. SCHMEI.'I'ZER,RITA . . . Bandp Seton Hi: Silver Tri. SCI'IUI.I.ER.IOI'IN . . . lack . . . Tommy Twirl. SCHOEN. IANET . . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Seton Hi. SIBLERUD. IOYCE . . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Bandp Gym Assistantp Vaudeville. SIWEK.IOE , . . SMITH. RICHARD . . . Dick . . . l-li-Y: Spanish Clubp Ushers Clubp Bandp E, L. C.p Recordp Quill 'n' Scrollp Stair Guardp National Honor Society. SMUDA. FRANK . . . Choirp Varrdevillep Tennisp Football. SNARE, DARLENE . . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Seton Hip Gym Assistantp Wizardp Vaudeville. SOLEIVLRQGER . . . French Clubp Sock 'n' Buskinp Tommy Twirlp Class Play. SROGA. STAN- LEY . . . Stan . . . Record. STEVENS. RICHARD . . Dick . . . l-li-Yp Stair Guarclp Christian Fellowship Club: Choral Clubp All City Honor Rollp National Honor Society. STO- KOWSKI, MARY ANN . . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Seton Hip Tom- my Twirl. STORCI-I, BEVERLY . . . Bev . . . Choral Clubp Choirp Ir. Choirp Blue Trip Silver Trip Seton Hi. STORCILIAMES . . . lim . . . Ushers Clubp Hall Guardp Track. SWANSON, BERNICE . . Bank Cashierp Choirp lr. Choir. SWANSON. DAVID . . . Dave . . . SWANSON. RALPH . . . Wrestlinq. SWARTCH. IOAN , . . French Clubp Banclp Orchestrap Christian Fellowship Clubp Lunchroom Helperp lr.Choir, SYKE. GLORIA . . . Silver Tri. Seniors 'Q ,lx I , I fir R id .maui Yi Page 32 r J' 5 it ..it at .f I Y l QF J 4 ..,. ' 'D R1 ' N J j . -:Egg 3 i 'S , . 'fa I I' .Q- . "" 1 'l - fl T - f I il! in if . ,A if S X V L K L . K I K . Tl F -Qkmek ' X A X . ' A '--1 - f .SN t X . "Q: Q - -ar Seniors THIELEN. PATRICIA . . . Pat . , . Office Pagep Blue Trip WADATZ. RICHARD . . . Dick . . . Lunclirooin Service Lunchroani Hslperp Ushers Clubp Tommy Twirl. THOMAS. DALE . . . Vaudeville. THOMAS, DEAN . . . THOMPSON, IACK , . Inventors Club, Treasp Stage Crewp Torch-Yp Orchestrap 'Tommy Twirl. THOMPSON. LUCILLE . . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Seton Hip E. L. C.p Choirp Ir. Choirp Vaudevillep Tommy Twirlp Class Play. TIGUE. IACQUELINE . . . lackie . . . Blue Trip French Clubp Tommy Twirl. TIMMERS.IOI'IN . . . Choral Clubp Wrestling. TRACY, LAW- RENCE . . . Larry . . . Bandp Vaudeville. TREIVIMEL. THOMAS . . , 'Tom . , , Hi-Yp Tommy Twirl. 'TROW- BRIDGE, CAROL . . . Blue Trip Silver Tri, V. Presp E. L. C.p Spanish Club: Gym Assistantp Wizardp Tommy Twirlp National Honor Societyp All City Honor Rollp Homecoming Attendanip Class Play. TURNER. RODERICK . . . Rod . . Choral Clubp Choir. TURNLUND. WAYNE . . . Bandp Orchestrap German Clubp Stair Guardp E. L. C.p National Honor Societyp All City Hori- or Roll. Clubp Group Captainp Choirp Footballp Track. WAGNER. DONNA . . . Latin Clubp Choirp Drama Clubp Vaudeville. WAG- STROM. ROBERT , . . Bob. WALDHOFF. GERALD . . leriy . . . Hi-Yp Vaudeville. WALKER, MARY ANN . . . Silver Trip Choiip Group Captainp Tammy Twirl, WARCHOL. MARY LOU , . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Wizard. WARI-IOL, LORRAINE . . . Spanish Clubp All City Honor Bollp National Honor Society. WEIR. GILBERT . . . Hi-Yp Hall Guarnlp Chess Clubp Vaudevillep Ir. Clioirp Tommy Twirlp Cross Countryp Traclcp Wrestling. WELLS. WILLIAM . . . Bill . , . Student Councilp Footballp Hockeyp Wrestling. WESELENAK. SHIRLEY . . . Studc-r1iCouncilp Class Playp Tommy Twirl. WIESEMANN. KATHERINE . . . Blue Trip Ushers Clubp Office Page. WIL. KERSON, BETTY . . . Blue Trip Silver Trip Seton Hip Ushers Clubp Sack 'n' Buskinp Tommy Twirl. Page 33 av , ,Al A Q . I Sf, ' Seniors 55 WORTHINGTON, DAVID , . . Hi-Y. YUNK- Band: Hi-Y. ZWACILIVIARLYS . . . Qliiis ER. DALE . . Fwwllicill. ZBYLICKI. THER- ticm Fellowship Cluby Senior Cubimglg E. L. LT, ESA . . Blum- Tiig Silver Triy Office Puqeg Sec.: National Honor Societyp All City Hoiiqi ly 'lniniiimy Twiilg Lilmiry Mciriilwrg vlILlCIF?VlllL?. Roll. IOI'INSON.IOYCE , . . Stu:leriiCoi1li ZDON. MICHAEL . . . Sliidsiil Council. Cilp Recordp French Club, Pres.g National Ho-. ZELENAK. CHARLES . , Chuck , or Sgciely. CAMERA SHY BOEHM, PETER HENRIKSON. CARL RICHARDSON. GEORGE CARPENTIER. DARLENE MEYERS, RICHARD SCALZO. LARRY CARPENTIER, MARLENE PFEIFER, CLAUDE EVENING SCHOOL GRADUATE BENNY. DONALD SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES BRAND. BILL 1-rANs'rAD. WARNER Great Day! G. Coulter cmd C. Heywood measuring lor caps and qowns! Puqe 34 l"'1UJ "Sweetheart Swing" -'F-UO'-'Z ,ZO:n'u Hel W, W., ww ,awww I gi Seniors CH-will uluckwisul Most Likely to Succeed ,,,,.,,,..A. lulie Heldherq Best All Around , ,, , Nicost Smile ,- Ciiiosl Couple ,, ,, Sniooiliest Dancers 7 ,N Proiiiesl Hair , Gerald Lind - ,Barbara Anirnend Bruce Anderson Marlene Carpentier Richard Wadatz - A -L,,Celia Clark Dale Thomas , , - , Shirley Weselenak' lerry Leone ,--,Mary Ann Walker Don Kos N,,....u,,.Q F it hadn't been for Dorothy'.t corning to the Land of Oz, the chance: are that the Scarecrow would Jtill be fool- irhl y standing in a cornfield, the Tinman .ftill moaning and rurted in the woodr, and the poor Lion .robbing in the for- ert over his lack of bravery. So perhaps it was really very fortunate that Dorothy war whirled from Kama: into Oz. Too, Dorothy war really a very Jenxible and brave little girl, became if .the hadn't been .fo determined to reach the Great Oz, none of her friend! would ever have dared go on alone. Dorothy wax really an organizer. Pq 38 DISON'S organizations make up one of the import- ant parts of our school lives. Our music groups, the Band and Orchestra, and the Choral Club, Choirs, and Glee Clubs serve as an outlet for eager musicians. The language clubs, Sock 'n' Buskin, Creative Writing Club, Wizard, Record, and Inventors' Club encourage students to develop scholastic interests. The clubs such as Blue and Silver Tri and Christian Fellowship help students to have good times and make new friends. The Ushers' Club, and the Stair Guards, bank cashiers, and group captains give students an opportunity to serve their school. URGA IZATIU S '?"'w"-T1 JT jUfNhM,,J!EJUEF W H I T if W V? AJ, 'awww W. KT? li 5:- 34 J .2 F - L.-!,!, Nausea 5 Concert Violin: ll, Arirlv1:2trri,55. Aticlwr't:,iri, li Bricks-- l'1nd, ll, llrrrtrntrrk, 52. lfltwltnirrri, l., l.l1rltnrrl, I.. Ulm-ri, ll. llwrxvizi, M. llmitlii, Mtiry llo- qrrn, I. 'llrnwlwriilqi-, il. 'l'::n'lirrltr Cello: R. Kitilllwrtq. Bass: Karl ldinirii. Piano: I. Willfstrmnl. Flute: M. Billllflff, R. Hllllililllll, l. Svqer lwlnrn For the students who have an interest in music, the Orchestra offers an excelf lent opportunity to learn to perform with others. This qroup meets every day duiinrr the third period under the able direction ol Mr. Lunlcley. Since l922, the year it was organized, the Orchestra has entertained us on many nreniorable occasions with its inspirinq music. ln addition to the pleasure we received from their own assembly proqrarn, we enjoyed their annual con' fort, fiiven together with the school Band. This year, at the senior class play, "I Remember Mama," they played sef lvltfllflllbi lrotn "Peer Gym" by Grieg. Their final and most thrilling appearance ol the year lfor the seniors? was on qraduation nicht as they played the everrfar niiliar march from "Athalia." After one year in Qrchestra, each member receives one credit and points: inward his music letter. The rnany benefits offered by this Group are shared by lioth its rneniliers and audiences. Edison High Flule: M. Briinrrsz, Fl. lloyt, N. Srrnrlvik, I. Sciionlii'-in I Wliitrliurcli. Oboe: 13. lltxqqriity, O. Turnlrrnfl. E Flcxl Clarinet: ff. Slivpirid, H. Sorenson. B Fld! Clarinet W, Block, C. Ctrwxsz, D, Cfurpr-ritier, ll. Ili' Kfrnrzk, l.. Corlluon, ff. Gmldwrrirrri, C'. I-wliiiswori, Cf. lorfyi-rrsuri, C, Krrvder, B. lnhti, A, lnridberq, P. l.otqren, C. Nttfllllllll, li, Nr-urnrrn, N. Oltrirmii, 51. lliszvli, ll. lltitiqvry I. Sundr-ll, lf. Wrrlstrorn, I. Westlinq. Alto Clarinet: G. Anderson, G. Vcm Auken, I. Virridfrrrnydv, C. Wtilquist. Bass Clarinet: M. Olsen, D. Rosenberg. Saxophone: ll. Antiozzl, C. Bkllijlliflll. D. Coon, I. Iolirisori, lq. Nt slund, C. Olsen, W, Prisrim-r xml " N agar msg- . . 1 'M-fo- saq....... ' . ,Av CD I1 O DH CD fi i-s OJ we H x x Oboe: lt, lfflinin-iililtin , ft Clarinet: IW, Vtilptiiitit-1, lt. Inliti, I' I itiiivn Saxophone: L' L'txt'ti:1,lt,R'ooii V Olson I.. Itvilvtmilt. Trumpet: It Altwt-mt-ii, If Atltinan, It Mtirku soil. Horn: It, Witt, W lutnliinti, 'I' ltatlqlioii lmuilli Trombone: W Ulf- n, I.. Iolin11fn, I Ito--it Drums: M l4uIIItc'IIIlv'I I. Gu:1t.1t:1on,I flwintvli. The Edison Band, which rehearses every day during the iitth period, is an important school activity. Its vigorous performance at the football and basket- ball games and "pep" assemblies 'helps arouse the school spirit of the students. An animal concert is given in the spring ol each year, the proceeds oi which sto toward financing the musical program for the following year. Besides the valuable experience ot playing in a group, each member ol the Band receives credit toward graduation. Letters are awarded by the music de' partment to those who earn the required number oi points. It a student starts in the ninth grade, he gets 50 points a semester, plus 50 extra points a semester for lessons. When a student has acquired 250 points, he is eligible for a letter: it he has 500, he is eligible tor a ping and it he has 750, he may receive a jeweled pin. The Edison Band is also noted lor its outstanding marching ability, which it displays at various games and parades. In their blue and gold uniforms, qold 1-fhoes,and plumed hats, they are indeed an inspiring sifzht. SchoolBand French Horn: M, lf1u':2on, I, Iltilwliimii, I, Ilosloctn, W 'I'urnlund. Bass: l.. Lfottt-1, K. lftln1tin,II Mlm.:-ii. Baritone: KI. Iolimttin, It. Iolinazton, I. lfleecl, Drums: Ii, tt.-Itoin, M. kfiirp-xitiei, H. lfmnra, L Gnstotson, lvl, Soctd, I, Swartcli, I. Wcilstiom. Drum Maior: ll. ttiuktmtittfi, K.t'ot:1,C. Kuss, D, Millet, Trombone: I. Gilizon, lt. Gould, G, Iliinson, lf. Iol1nson,l.. Iolinson, M. Iorqi-nson, B, Olson, I.. Platt. Trumpet: C. Alliszon, II. Iiownik, I. Ituikm-ss, C. l'3mqo, S. Ilrciqo, R Giunquist, H. Hixllinq, IJ. Mixxkufzon, It. N.mtstlom, Ll. l'irlm, W. Slion.-btimn, Il, Wliittimoiv. ...aint-"ri 2 emma- -" Row I: I. Parkes, D. Gadbow, G. Chris tensen, L. Dimos, B. Sandell, A. Tainio, H Sperry. How 2: I. Frovold, M. Christen sen, D, Timmers, K. Barnes, B. Snider, M. L. Conlon, D. L. Skoqlund, Row 3: N. Stan ley, B. Layeux, I. Burkholder, S. Conlon, V. Keck, S. Olson, I. Larson. Row 4: K. Zanior, E. Boynton, R. Blommer, R. Barrett, D. Iensen, R. Soderqren, D. Day. How 5: B. Erickson, I. Heqqem, I. Ouellette, I. Boat- man, D. Kreitz, I. Gustason, R. Olson, A. Waldoch. Senior Bound together by a mutual interest in vocal achievements, the members of the Choral Club, under the direction of Elmer Sodergren, are seeking to im- prove their music potentialities. During the past year the Choral Club has been very busy singing for assent- blies, the P. T. A., and various outside activities. The main attraction for the program for P. T. A. on February Zlst, and also for the assembly on George Washington's birthday was the great favorite, "Ballad for Americans," which featured the soloist, Howard Heggem. Other numbers on the program were "Hosanna," "O'h Lord. Have Mercy," and "Hospodi Pomiluif' Two of the most outstanding features of 1950-5l were their Christmas Concert and their Spring Concert. This year was the first to introduce the processional "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." Two of the other specialties were the girls' sextet and the boys' quartet. The Spring Concert was held on May ll. "Night and Day," "Begin the Beguine," "Beyond the Blue Horizon," "I Got Plenty of Nuttin," and "Younger Than Springtime" were the featured numbers of the Choral Club. A comedy operetta entitled "Trial by Iury" was very entertaining, especially with the effec- tive scenery and costumes. At baccalaureate service the Choral Club led in the group singing And finally, at commencement, a group of senior members gave several selections. Choral Row 1: I. Polucha, M. Mankow ski, E, Berger, G. Skille, M. Kaz lak, N. Headen, I. Anderson, B. Maslowski. Row 2: C. Iohnson H. Kowalik, E. Russinik, C Brandt, M. Porter, M. Cherry, I Niezqoda, M. McCrady. Row 3: R, Fitzsimmons, B. Northfield, 'T. Huqhart, B. Cropper, B, Hoyt, I. Laing, P. Dupay, S. Moore Row 4: S. Anderson, D. Drusch, -O, Eqqert, H. Liemohn, R. Blan- ski, I. Lindee, B. Willow, C. Hey- 3 wood Page 42 I Row 1: I. Farr, B. Tetzlaff, B. Costner, I Belt, S. Tanner, V. Rosacker, E. Oelschlcxq er. Row 2: L. Herber, R. Holstein, R. Em erson, M. Haets, P. Iohnson, A. Haqford A. Reopelle. Row 3: M. Paulsen, C. Erpeld inq, M. Neslund, G, Turnquist, F. Maxwell N. Larson. How 4: A. Beckman, P. Tapsak L. Ccrlquire, L. LeMere, B. Brown, I. Cel lette, B. Lawrence. Row 5: D. Brude, l-l Asplund, I. Rossman, A. Medin, S. Brodin T. Elwell, D, Carlson. Choir An outlet for musical expression is offered to the eighty students who unite to form the Senicr Choir. The Choir is frequently presented at school programs as well as in the annual concerts. In an assembly this spring, the Choir sang a con- certized version of Gounod's "Faust," This, up to that time, had been the most difficult number attempted by the members, and the audience was stirred by the beautiful songs from this famous opera. . In the annual Spring Concert, held May ll, they sang such pieces as "Rain and the River," "Brightly Shine, Oh Moon," theever-popular "Oklahoma," and a medley from the beloved "Snow White." As director of the Senior Choir, Mr. Sodergren strives to produce the best possible musical entertainment. These students gain an appreciation for fine music, and serve their school at the same time. Those who Wish to further develop their talents are advanced to the Choral Club where more difficult arrangements are studied. Some of their best works are recorded so that they can listen and correct their mistakes. Contrary to common belief, the Senior Choir is composed, not of seniors, but of freshmen and sophomores. These young musicians are learning the true value of co-operation through working together in an organized choral group such as this one. The Choir meets every day during the fifth period in Room 331. Club Row l: B. Irvinc, N. Schmidler, L, Sarna, C. Thorson, V. Miller, H. Konieczny, I. Heldberq, A. l-lolmquist, M. Haqtord. Row 2: C. Wiebke, S. Olsen, A. Nelson, S. Riley, M. Ekberg, V. Manqos, C. Hermstad, D. Lindseth. Row 3: B. Anderson, C. Doncaster, M. Neuman, A. Thieme, I. Peck, G. Enqlund, K, Balken. Row 4: I. Anderson, S. Madeja, I. Iakala, I-l. Heqqem, T. Schonebaum, D. Ericson, R. Ohman, D. Hallberq. Page 43 Row 1: B. Nelson, P. Bentley, I. Bowman, D. Wincek, M. Larson, M. Forseth, R. Larson, G. Zak, L. Lencr, I. Benson, I Folta, L. Hill, P. Buck. Row 2: M, Westcott, C. Lewandowski, I. Thompson, I. Lindman, I. Lever- com, I. Iohnson, P. Iones, S. Skarpness, M. DeMuth, N. Hammerstad, C. Pyka, D. Harvet, M. Tattleman. Row 3: Miss Ferguson, C. Owen, L. Roelke, D. Wilson, I. Rozyncki, C. Andrescik, S. Anderson, S. Warmuth, C. Deutsch, M. Larsen, M. Wells, M. Gott, E. Zomor, P. Wilde. Row 4: B. Hanlon, P. Handy, B. Peterson, P. Skiba, M. Rybak, A. Godfrey, B. Allen, P. Kaiser, B. Har, C. Moreault, I. Loicr, L. Barnes, B. Monson, D. Veit. Row 5: D. Krysinski, I. Midthun, S. Syverson, I. Wiegele, N. Iam, S, Colberq, Ft. Leonard, Y. Pear- son, G. Carlson, L. Stacy, B. Sando, I. Passer, H. Rusinko, G. Roback. Girls' and Boys' Glee Club Two new music groups at Edison are the Boys' and the Girls' Glee Clubs which Miss Ferguson, their director, organized to give every student a chance at singing in a choral group. The students have been very enthusiastic, and these clubs have practically replaced the traditional chorus classes. Seventy girls irom the ninth grade make up the Girls' Glee Club. Their main concern besides a thorough groundwork in fundamental music was one big pro- gram, a spring concert this year. The president of this organization was Loretta Lener, and their accompanist was Iune Iohnson. The Boys' Glee Club helps ninth grade boys develop their voices so that they can be advanced into the Senior Choir and eventually into the Choral Club. They planned and gave an assembly in the spring, and then joined the Girls' Glee Club for the concert in Iune. The boys worked on arrangements for the concert, including tickets and money. Their president was William Chorske. These enterprising students feel that through these two organizations, they are receiving an excellent musical education which is of great value to them now and will continue to be an asset for the rest of their lives. Row 1: D. Brinda, I. Peters, T. Kielstrup, S. Orr, L. White, L. Peterson, G. Iohns, E. Regan, R. Morin, B. Stanslask, D. Olson. Row 2: Miss Ferguson, R. Sawyer, R. Roo, D. Zebra, R. Parsons, G. Vadies, D. Becker, I. McCorry, D. Allen, D. Petree, G. Leonard, I. Hillstrom, G, Modjeski Row 3: A. Anderson, K. Berlin, B. Warmuth, S. Burton, C. Herdey, B. Bosell, E. Ianicke, I. Iackson, G. Stewart, G. Dorumsgaard, D. Layeux, Ft. Olson, F. Lowell. Row 4: L. Kirberger, G. Kaye, E. Frary, P. Ekberg, A. Larson, A. Mork, D. Erickson, R. Larson, I. Furlong, I. Novitsky, B. Chorske, R. Balken, A. Hamilton, I. Rossman. Page 44 ' fwg ,, A' . M 5 .K X I. J' . . N., 4 Z VIQ- .,v-.- f Q :.. - W , 3 2 g -W 'Q ff-i f ' ig FN.-I..1 . 1 1 -g . . ,kg .t . .s . , .. , t. , ,Q .. ,. .- A M1 it - , . i A 1" .A- I AA B I 1+ 1 A ei iff' 41 .. . t' ' A, O 4 'i I V ,.,, I 1 W-Q 4' . . I l g .1 mf' , i 4 4 vQ, I 'ww f' f I, T W. 1' f H.. , M, if ., 1 A . A .V-.. gg, it U H I an 495 4-.rw ,V ' ,' ' ' " W if 1 ' ,,., 93 I .- - " , f . A r. gym f I af-..f.f W , ,, h ,N .. -, . I 1 V if-ff I X.: . H 0 it h-mf. fu A as . , ij. + iv . V -'V M41 my 1 .Q , A gt f .Aa 'f-'ff ffivyigy V ar I is ,,?X' . 0 My JH V .i V , ff, a . L I . f' ,, ,' Y 'W 'ef .ff f ,f . .Z 4 no lk? P 'T V , ig .5 Row 1: D. Wilson, I, Soderqren, B. Peterson, C. Iohnson, M. Mayer, M. Peterson, I. Lilja, D. Nypan, C. Neuen- leldt, I. Larch, S. Rundquist, N. Olson, I. Pagel, B. Iohnson. Row 2: I, Brunsell, B. Nelson, L. Iohnson, L. Iversen, C. Munson, K. Tacheny, M. Clark, I. Loss, N. Kausel, I. Hogan, I. Kowaliuk, D. Sincock, P. Iaster D. Beck, P. Gustaison. Row 3: C. Waller, E. Iohnson, B. Atneosen, B. Neeley, E. Ekland, I. Gordon, D. Larsen, K. Mongoven, C. Kennedy, D. Deutsch, C. Theisen, K. Gerdin, M. Lemoinq, I. Wilos. Row 4: Miss Ferguson, I. Decheine, B. Coon, C. Nason, T. O'Brien, W. Hanson, R. Enrooth, D. Estuesta, R. Wilson, T. Gladhill, F. Stanley, D. Prehatney, D. Iohnson, S. Neuman. How 5: I. Piersiak, N. Nekora, R. Swetz, R. Davis, l- Crary, G. Wilson, B. Dammond, D. Smith, D. Larson, D. Iohnson, I. Hedman, H. Larson, G. Peter- son, D. Fox. Iunior Choir The Iunior Choir is composed of boys and girls from the eighth and ninth grades. They gave three concerts before Christmas and still plan on displaying their talent at numerous schools around the city. A few of the schools they have sung at are Franklin, Marshall, St. Louis Park, Waite Park, and Robert Fulton. They sponsor the Iunior High spring music program. They have charge of all the committees connected with it. The money raised will be used for either new risers or robes for the choir. They sang "Blessing Glory, Wisdom, and Thanks," a double chorus, by I. S. Bach. Each section of the choir assembles one morning a week before school for practice. This is called a "sectional" They ,start out with singing exercises to limber up their voices. The presidents tor the two periods are Robert Swetz and Delores Eklund. Another division of the Iunior High music department is the Orientation class made up of ninth graders who meet twice a week. lts appeal lies in the fact that not only singinq, but different phases of art are approached through everyday uses of music. This gives them a chance to learn the background for related subjects. By studying and evaluating all the assemblies put on throughout the year, they learn the construction of a good program. Row 1: I. Carlson, M. Glisan, M. Drake, C. Curtis, I. Kroon, K. Bassinger, P. Thorne, A. Markley, C, Weober, M. Thorson, I. Kitchar, D. Ecklund. How 2: G. Nelson, M. Parkes, B. Irvine, M. Urista, S. Lord, I. Knutson, I, Hatich, I, Hesselroth, D. Metro, K. Anderson, I. McCrady, G. Kersten, S. Neuman. Row 3: B. Gaclbaw, A. Stewart, M. Palmquist, L. Breviq, E. Nelson, I. Schiel, S. Truchinski, L. Weikle, K. Hoffman, M. Okerstrom, M. Nelson, K. Pittelkow, L. Albertson, Row 4: T. Edin, D. Lind, I. Anderson, H. Grivna, B. Nelson, I. Hug- hart, C. Colaas, M. Gustafson, I. Caswell, B. Dircks, D. Millay. Row 5: B. Bona, B. Skille, W. Rutherford, E. Reynolds, R. Lolqren, S. Landberg, G. Gervais, R. Zipoy, A. Wadatz, I, Omdahl. Page 45 How 1: I. Hunter, Trees., R. Butler, V. Pres., L. Olson, Pres., Mr. Gunberq, Mr. Ludford, lvlr. Heirnniiniis, R. llviiiiidri, P. Rmnvillc, D. Kreitz, D. Alberico. How 2: D. Choiko, D. Coon, G. Iolinson, D. Ren-stir, S. limdin, T. Zciwislnk, I. Iunkert, R. Olson. How 3: T. filwell, R. Holmbcrq, D. Donko, G. itetmsoxi, K. Wiijfivk, ff. Boynton, I. Hedcon. Row 4: D. Pearson, fl. Peorson, D. Iocobson, D. Ionsen, R. Rivltcridaimi, 'l'. Reynolds, I. Knutson, R. Olson. Row 5: I. Hedberg, B. Guzy, R. Wcidotz, T. Iolinson, l.. Svtilifisiiimi, I Giimslmw, I. Giistoson, C. Olson, B. Wells. Row G: A, Lundberq, R. Nelson, D. Ioyr ',.N , G. Shoppe, C. ltwywcicd, R. Giizy, R. Novok, I. Boutch, R. Blcmski, I. Boker. Lunchroom Service Club Witli brooins and rnops, the Lunchroorn Service Club, under Mr. l.udloid's tiuidancc, cleans up after each of the three lunch periods. Since our lunchf mom has just been painted, they are more than ever stimulated to keep it neat and attractive. To add qaiety and interest, the art classes have painted tnurals and posters. News, News forever on the trail for news-f this is the efficient staff of our school paper, the Record. Printed in our school print shop, the Record corners out at approximately two week intervals and brings us accounts of the happen- Record Staff Setlledi lf- l'l'ill1t'I, ff. flwl'm:.trid, D. Korfon, H. Ashcroft, D. Corpentxr-I, R Ariiiiivrifi, Mrs Multi-l..i.i Standing: I. lfilitiraiiii, M R4-fslivtrii, G. Millet, S. llirirwff, R. Smith, R. Noirlstifwiii, 4.1. Giviriki, D, lnivitiivrt '1 irifis around school. llitf-tim, lf. liikrizizkn. Row 1: G. Nelson, C. Iohnson, M. Peterson, V. Pres., D. Peterson, Pres., Mr. Gunberq, H. Sperry, Sec., ll. Olceistrom, Treixs.p M, Lemoina, D. Roen, Row 2: C. Peck, C. Cabos, A, Harrell, R. Dusterhott, R. Kliolllivrq, H. Aqard, R. Shepard, N. Worthington. Row 3: A, Thomas, L. Iohnson, D, Stoakes, D, Beck, R. Bnkvltind, L. Wilson, I. Patton, M. Parkes, I. Hurrle, Row 4: C. Conklin, B. Peterson, E. Rodger, l. Carl son, G. Peterson, B. Birkelcxnd, S. Risch, C. Compton. Row 5: I, Okerstrom, M. Petersen, L. Roslin, M. Aiittvistui, I. Lilia, D. Seymour, K. Olinian, M. Christensen, G. Iohnson. Row 6: R. l-lartmark, A. Hciqtoid, M. lltiqtwid, ll. Walstrom, D. Wilson, M. Larson, G. Mitchell, D. Anderson, M. Doherty, How 7: B. Gadlitiw, I. Wtilfatiom, A Dalit-ity, D, Olsen, B. Petr-rson, L. Lystiq, l.. Hill, N. lleuden, M. Glisun, G. Skille. Christian Fellowship Club A very active group Edison is proud of is our Christian Fellowship Club, whose motto could well be "Brighten the corner where you are." The club is especially proud this year of its all-city president, Larry Pratt, a member ol the senior class. The Wizard statt aims to qive to the student body a record ot the year's events in pictures and written accounts. The yearbook, therefore, becomes a treasure house ot memories in years to come. Members of the statf are volunteer seniors who meet each day at the fifth period in Room 307. Wizard Staff Seated: M. Pranko, I. Minqo, B. Hurrle, G, Lind, I, Heldberq, P. Pinkerton, P. Kraska, M. lfkboia, C, liitindt. Row 2: R. Mustro, G. Pluck, B. Irvine, D. Snare, M, Ierdee, D. Andrusesky, M. Wairchol, M. Q hvxiy, G. Utrilsoii. How 3: B, Guzy, B. Gunderson, M. Alberq, B, Anderson, D. Dimos, M. Kozlok, I. Ford, Mis. V. Qlsvn. S. Drriqw, Prt-51.7 Miss Sur"-ri I. Mrnqo, Swv, How 2: A lmsrrtwr, I, Iuliiifzori, l.. Rowll-rv I. Nordquist, I. Berk, fl, Owl schldqer, D, Stevens. Row 3 M. Cherry, C. Deutsch, l. Puri ser, F. Nt-shinri, C. Nr-shrnri C, Golriwiiinri, K, Arid--rssort, K Hnttrnrin Row 4: D. Kriiho ,, ,. l.. Dirnofz, t,. Bi-rqrrniriri, ,- Brrnqeit, M, Gliszrxri, P. Pvrifzli German Club "Ice cream, ice crean'il" The industrious mernhers of this club shouted their wares at the Greatest Show on Earth. The German Cluh is one of our most enterprising clulus. The rnernhers can always lool: forward to interesting meet- inqs of movies and lectures, which are attended with Teutonic efficiency. From their "vast" coffers they have contributed to the Memorial Theater, At the Christmas party they can always he heard to sinq with lusty voices, "O Tan- neriliaiirrif' "!Xniic'i, Romani, Qiiiritesf' or "friends, Romans, and countrymen!" Thus inriust nienilmers of the Latin Cluh take their places in the senatorium. These memlinrs are well versed in the traditions of Home and its ancient civilization. filthourih they had no part in the death of Caesar, they nevertheless cornmem- orate the circuit einperors death hy wearinq wreaths' and crepe on the ldes of March, and like Caesar, they say of the Latin lanquaqe, "l came, I saw, l con- Latin Club quered . " How 1: it lirismwf-rifrtii, lt V1-il, I3 Mutt-1, Ming: Ifihri 17111, lf Thr 1:24-n K Ulirnixn. Row 2: Ii, llylisrri, It liiil-1-r l-ir fi, I, Itlrrwlz, Y. IH writ ,Q fl. Vrin Atilztn, fl, fwll-fr, ll Irrhn..t-n. Row 3: EL, Syv-ir r-tin, G. 'l'uirnrru1::t, li. Ihivltfz, li Nels-vii, I. ll:-rrivy, M lly lmwlii, HOW 4: li. ltiown, tl. Amit twin, A.'l'tnni-i,51 Win r-tri, l. lfl:mri. Row 5: M. Il:-I:Y lli, lfisziriiq, I Crunk, li. Irfltrinori, M. lhtikw, C Tiitin mill, How 6: I Viinrlvilnyrl-H, H. fmrlwin, lx' Iilliwrfq, A Giirct-ilrwri, VV Uh wvrlm-, 1? liuit tn. l trip' 'lfi Row 1: ll. l'1rik+-rtrtrt, 'l'r's-rm., son, W. 'lnrnlunrl, V. lllttflj Row 1: I.. Stiqtwlvloiii, Pres. V. Rnstxvkvr, V. Pies.: Mrs. Kvllnvr, I, Sunriell, Sec.: I tfhristunsun. Row 2: M l'runko, D. Hoqun, L. Bjork tnnci, S. Huqqerty, S. Ton nur, A. Iolinson. How 3: M Mtiyur, K. Barnes, I. Tique H, Solent, G. Lind, F. Sell sith' French Club One of the language clubs with a most interesting variety of activities is the French Club. Besides studying "la belle langue" they participate in plays and parties, and sing many French favorites such as "La Marseillaisef' "Alouette," and "Au Clair de La Lune." These "Frenchmen" are becoming well known for the numerous, realistic plays they have produced. Blue Bum! is one that few of us can forget. All these activities make this a very informal and enjoyable club with members who are always glad to "parler francais" with anyone. "Adios, Mi Chaparritaf' "Good-bye Little Sweetheart." This is one of the many romantic songs that the Pan-American Club sings during its meetings. lt's no wonder so many students take Spanish! This very colorful club always has the "pinata" at the Language Club Christmas Party. None of us will forget the bright costumes of the "China Poblana" and the "Charro" which are often seen in assembly programs. So we say adios and "Viva El Club Pan-Americana!" Spanish Club ...ii Li Row 1: A. Norton, Pxu., Pearson, V. Pres.: Ft. Olson SGC., L. Iolinson, Secg L. Orr Treosq W, Porlos, V. Pres. M, Hanson, Pres. How 2: M Hunstod, G. Iolinson, M Christensen, B. Loyoux, L Luclford, M. Iolinson, M. Pet ersen, I. Holuermon, Row 3 P. Larson, B. Hess, S. Brindu M. Neslund, D. DeGidio, S Bennett, B. Hartley. How 4 L. Gustafson, I. Golko, M Kozlok, M. Iolinson, V. Clor kin, M. Hicktfrson, M. Olsen M. Grossmonn. Row 5: D Beresni, P. Holm, I. Laing, B George, H. Heqqeni, E. Boyn ton, B. Sondell. HOW 6: M Cltontter, W, Olson, I. Gusto son, D. Iefnst-n, I. Grnnsliuw B. Holnibwxq, I. Fcnr, Mrs Kwllnt-r. Puqe 49 Row 1: N. Iolinson, I. Peck, G. Pluck, I, ileldbeiq, I. C. C., G Carlson, Pres., Miss Stfiveiiris, M. lkberq, V. Piw::.g M. Choriy, Snag A. Nelson, 'l'recxs.g M. Ioiqenson. Row 2: I. Hutirli, I. Iolinst-fn, B. Pykci, T. DeMutli, I. lluilciivss, H. Hurile, C. Brmiclt, M. Gerdin, I. Polucflin. Row 3: C. Eiycin, K. Ayitfs, B. Snyder, M. Curpen- ti- :, M. Willitims, S. Pvtvrsoii, N. Morin, K. Boessm, S. Bvnsrln, M, MLII-'l. Row 4: I. Miiuqo, P. Alder, L. l.udf lwlzl, M. Mtinkowski, C. Ntiunicinn, N. Pciltriisori, O. Glson, S. Biindfi, I.. Rwpwtttslci. Row 52 M. Mriywr, N. lifllllltdltwl, I. Roslin, V. l.ciViqnv, I. W1r'klier'fq, M. Porter, P. Pink'-rtmi, H. Wilkt'-rson, G. Mitcliill. Row 6: I. llullt Pk, A, Ri1d7yri51ki, l'. Spoiinq, D. Kuibo, lf, Poiirimtcz, I. Lrrrsoli, IJ, NIWISPYI, ll SICIIIDKI. Row 7: D. Pleis- :1lt1, M Hciqf-n, I. liimnie, ll Wt rldrir, C, Wivlmlcn, S. Olrmi, V. Rruinw, G. Andoirron, l.. llsitwison. Blue Tri The senior outgrowth ol Silver Tri is known as Blue Tri. Through this club, which is the oldest club at Edison, the eleventh and twelfth firade girls have a CIIGIICO to share common interests. Amonq the projects and activities accom- plished this year, they sponsored a mothers' and dauqhters' Christmas Tea, ri Christmas party tor the children at the Augustana Home, and alonq with Hi-Y they helped in sponsorinq the Tommie Twirl Dances. How 1: M. Iwrflf-t-, ti. limismi, R. lloyt, C. Olson, l.. l.,ul4ctf:1kri, I. Dzuhriy, A. lltrnsnn, l.. Lloyd, H. Pape. Row 2: M Aiiilinrlsstnii, A. l.m1::titt:r, lt. Sll'Tll'Ck, M, Frunlzo, Cf. Olsr n, K. Srifliko, R. llurkltfy, I. liitindt, M. Hciqtoid, I Eitiiidiii. Row 3: S. Tliies, M. lltinsezi, R. Ciossniun, S. Riley, M. Iuicliisin, M. Kozlrxk, M. lllcirk, C. Super, 13. Gtimliiti. How 4: A. lttittiison, K, lniiidrilil, U. Aridiusnslcy, II. Chun, H. Asliviott, G, Plcitfk, C, Brtindt, I. Vind, V. Mmiqnsz. Row 5: lf. Berqc-1, D. Scliwcilhciffli, A. Tliwriw, H. llullinq, B. Irvine, M. Conlon, KI. 'l'lioi::tmii, I. Dawson. Row 6: D. Ktiyo, P, Zvnz, P. Gersdoit, T. Kowt ll, I. Iunkms, M. Gisvold, I. Nelson, M. Vtidriuis, I. Cftiilson. How 7: I, W1L'khoicg,B. Ruiz, N. Nt umdn, N, Stindvik, M. Allwiq, P. Svliioll, M. Olsen, V. Ibn-ciqtir. Page 50 t T x n f i Row l: I. Burkhnlder, Sur., C. Erpeldinq, Pres., G. Turnquist, I. C. C., Miss Ferguson, M. Chontlor, V. Pres.: I'. Tupsok, B. Layvux, I. Cook, Troos. Row 2: P. Iones, S. SliClI'PI"tPSS, C. Theisen, D. Hoqcm, C. Owen, I. Hybsu, L. Sogerblom. I.. Iverson, M. A. Gott. Row 3: Il. Iohnson, D. Sincock, I. Hoticli, M. Grossrnonn, I. l"It-ssolrotli, B. Sundin, B. Ionqquisr, C. Munson. How 4: S. Gervais, M. W:-lls, N. Fournier, S. Wrirrnn, M. Wilson, M. Hybhrg, R. Nelson, B. Monson, L. Bcrrnos. Row 5: M. Mciytr, B. Woqmmin, M. Bnnstiol, M. Nw:- lund, S. Colin-ig, I. Wilvs, K. Bninvs, L. Iolinsrwn. Row 6: E. Nelson, I. Carlson, C. Biunsvll, S. Tanner, V. Ixo::tit'lu-i', F. Svllrnnxn, R, Iiiiivrsoii, l'. Vudnms, E. Aiivlersoii. Row 7: I. 'l'L1rgoon, D. lfcklund, I. Howkmson, U. Huiqiiitiiixi, H. l.drsim, C. Wulquiamt, I. K1tL'hur. l. Sundt-ll. Silver Tri Each Thursday in the Memorial Theatre you will lind an enthusiastic assem- blage ot ninth and tenth grade girls participating in the general meeting ot Silver Tri. The members have been divided into two main groups, the Publicity Com- mittee and the Social committee. They, too, have taken part in various activities. One ot their accomplishments was the sponsoring ot a child in the Save the Chile dren's Federation. Another was a dance at the Y.W.C.A. -Snowflake Swirl. Membership in Silver Tri is a toundation tor later membership in Blue Tri. Row 1: I. Nielsen, K. Andvraznn, lf. Knlmiski, ll, l.41IStUIl, B. l7nllm'lx, lt. laiwfindnwski, G. Schimpl, l.. Stacy. Row 2: ll. Biii'klmldvr, I. 'l'lmmpsori, D. Srnqri, I. Iulinsin, G. Cliiistviismi, II. Hcisztu, I. l.indn1rin, M. l3vMi1tl1, M. l.tirsvn. How 3: I, lflcilwirnriri, M. Htinstud, B. l'vtttison, M. Pcirlws, I. Rnzycki, M. Clriik, M. llrisstri, ll. Ut-l:u'lilm1ui', Row 4: IU. Wilson, I. llnldwy, H. Hur, ll. Dficto, M. A. Aridvrvoli, K. Holtrnfrn, F. Inlinson, I, M-'t'mrty, R llwisswvimvi. Row 5: l-S. Weber, S. Wnlliss, G. Kvrstnn, M. Nelson, C. Wmihvi, G. Lfciilson, l.. Allwitsnii, C. Vdrinissv. Row S: I.. Dnnos, I. Vtindoiniydv, M. Drake, P, 'l'li.nnv, l.. Icslinson, V. Cluikin, H lltintlny. Row 7: S. Rnndqnist, M. Holm, H. Holstein, I. Fmt, I. Rising, B, Sundoll, V. Kcck. Page 51 LIBRARY MONITORS Row I: M. Iohnson, EI. Nmfoq, G. Xnk M, Prterson, M. I. Gisvold. Row 2: B Peterson, D. Sundnvs, M. Mcfirrzdy, R Mcyors, B. Morqnn, T. Zyhlxrkm. MISS LEE'S LUNCI-IROOM HELPERS Row 1: I. Thonms, I. Kokosh, S.Cm's:m1 M. Clark, M. Hfmsvn, Mlss Lf-wx Row 2 B. Ruiz, V. Drwqqor, I. Cook, I.. Wnltwrr: STAGE CREW SedIed: E. Roynolds, G. Swwrdri, M Iohnson, E. Pocrsnn, F. Parkin. Stand ing: Mr. Bruninq, D. Comx, G. IIIIFIIIIIICI B. Rnyncwlds, I,. Mrvorf-, R. I,KlIC'II'0Il, I Smltll, A. Cmlsmx, Il. Wllsuxl. OFFICE PAGES How 1: M. Grefno, I. Dawson, I. Hmml ton, P. Steneck, D. Andrususky, M. Im chlsm, D. Felleqy. Row 2: L. Mnqrw, H Ashcroft, L. Friol, P, Plnkorton, H. Hull mfg, F. Buczynskx, I. Ford, D. Ms-rtvs. Page 52 NOBLES ROW I: ll. Slovvns, Chap., S. Drcxqe, Ser., B, Anderson, Pres., Mr. M1llC'I', D. Gould, Tr0us., C. Iolmson, V. Pres. How 2: G. Miller, H. Hoqqmn, R. Holrnborq, D. lfricson, l.. Pratt, Row 3: R. Ohrncrn, P. Krcskcx, R. Sodvrqrorx, W. Turnlund, B. Howltz, G. Lmd, W. Stowort. KNIGHTS Row l: ll. l..nw1ncxn, Svc., A. Knulson, V. Pros., B. Wxllfww, Chap., Mr. Mlller, G, Bruins, Trec1s.g G. Iolmson, Pres., A, lnrson. Row 2: S. Brodin, I. I-ledeon, R. Drusch, S. Anderson, T. Lund, A. Kirbvrqor, How 3: I. McCc1nn, T. Iohn- snn, I. Gustuson, R. Bnrrf-lt, I. Grun- slmw, D. Infrobson, D. Hoqford. ROYALS Row I: H. Nordstrom, Prvsq R. Barrett, 'l'rr'-mr.: Mr, Mxllor, I. Andorson, Chap.- R. Willimnns, V. Prvs. How 2: I. Pike? G. Weir, R. Iohnson, D. Anderson, SCC., I. Brnnby, T. Trernnml. How 3: B. North- lzcld, B. llkluncl, I. Burknoss, B. Gran- quist, B, Iolmson, R. Ennis, LORDS ROW l: S Blocker, D. Pearson, Mr. Mil- lur, ll, Larson, I. Iunlzort. Row 2: F. I'-ruclx, A. Lrxndherq, D. Venne-vold, D. Ludlord, C. Lundqlen. How 3: R, Mor,- qun, N. Larson, C. Heywood, D. Iohns- inn, H. Lxomolxn, D. llnbbs. Puqe 53 Page bil Sock ,n, Buskin Heaqem, P. Kraska. "The play's the thing," or so the members of Sock 'n' Buskin believe as they continue their study ot Shakespeare's plays under the direction of Miss Tupper. To become a member of this unusual club you must have tirst completed the ree quired llth grade course in Shakespeare. This year the members have been kept very busy with various worthwhile projects including reading and dramatiz' ing plays, running a concession---a telegraph serviceeat the Greatest Show on Earth, and preparing scenes for an assembly. The National Honor Society is one ot the most highly respected organizations of the school. The students who have contributed more than their share to mak- ing the school a place to be honored and admired are chosen as members. They have proved themselves worthy ot this honor by maintaining good scholarship, line character, capable leadership, and voluntary service. These students are trying in every possible way to make the school a better place in which to live. National Row 1: N. Morin, Treasg M. Iorqenson, Pres Miss Tup per, P. Pinkerton, V. Pres., I. Dawson, Sec R w 2 I Minqo, E. Lukaszka, M. Franko, I. Heldberq I Dzubay C. Clark. Row 3: B. Wilkerson, C. Bryan E Berqer I Chart, H. Ashcroft, M. Iurchisin, I. Roslin How 4 C Gromek, G. Lind, S. Draqe, B. Anderson R Solnm H Row 1: M. lfkberq, C. Bryan, P. Pinkerton, M. Cherry, Sec.: G. Hind, V. Pres.: S, Draqe, Pres., W. Turnlund Trf-rr:z.p Mrss Cowan, M. Zwack, C. Trowbridge. Row 2: Ft. Nordstrom, D. Smith, H. Liernohn, H. Barrett, l. Orr, I. Grlson, G. Bruins, B. Anderson, P. Kraska. Row 3: N. Morin, I. Blaine, H. Ashcroft, I. Heldberq, M Nrfkora, C. Brfrndt, G. Carlson, I. Dzubay. Row l: N Morin, M. Iorqenson, Miss Tupper, M. Peter- son, M. Frunko. How 2: R. George, I. Heldberq, I, Dzu- boy, G. Lind. Gilson. Honor 5 l T3 5' Creative Writing Row 3: Wilbur Kopp, Welton KOPP, l. Exclamations of, "W'hat a marvelous ideal", "Oh, how did you ever do it?", and "How original!" can be heard whenever the members of the Creative Writing Club get together. These aspiring young authors and literary students with the guidance of their able adviser, Miss Tupper, write many essays, poems, and short stories for their own enjoyment although some of their material has been entered in contests. One of their most interesting projects during the year is helping the seniors with commencement. Election into the National Honor Society is based on a vote taken by both the faculty and students. Present members of the organization are asked to vote on the prospective members. The faculty also votes on both the senior and the junior candidates. To be eligible, a student must be in the upper one-fourth of his class, scholastically. Five per cent of the junior class may be elected, and ten per cent of the seniors, making a total possibility of only fifteen per cent of any entire graduation class. Society Row 1: L. Pratt, I. Wolstrom, G. Skille, N. Heoden, C. Iensen, L. Vtlcxrhol, l. Kollor, Pl. Niznik, D. Dimos, A. Nelson. Row 2: K. Iohnson, R. Stevens, M. Iorqenson, L. Mellin, M. Alberq, C. Koehler, N. Lorson, D. Rosen- berg, M. Peterson, H. Weeber. Row 3: V. Dregqer, C, Iohnson, B. Guzy, F. Dusenko, G. Grenyo, L. Hlcrvinko, E. Portykcx, B. Munson, B. Lcxliti. Page 55 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Row l: Miss Wollgce, M. Nckoro, B. Loycux, R. Dusterhott, M. Fronko. Row 2: I. Nelson, R. Oakley, N. Olson, l.. Burkholder, I. Wickburg, I. Dullwk, , L qv. f X-psf Student Council The Assembly Committee selects the programs for the Council-sponsored assemblies that are given each year. They always try to please the audience by a variety ot speakers and entertainers. The Executive Committee is made up of the tour officers and Miss Walla,ce. They organize the meetings, place the mem- bers of the Council on the committees they wish to be on, and appoint the chairmen ot the committees. POINT SYSTEM COMMITTEE How 1: I. Iohnson, Mrs, Cornelius, E. Chun. Row 2: K. E X E C U -1-Iv E C O M M I T T E E Bornes, R, Nordstrom, E. Sktrko, S. Truchtnski. Row 1: R. Cmssmon, Miss Wctlloce, M. Clark. Row 2: D. Deibis, A. Knutson. The members of the Point System Committee keep records ot points earned by students tor various serv- ices to the school, These points count toward a letter or a pin. No student is allowed to carry more than thirty points at any one time. The Social Committee sponsors school dances and entertainments, and takes care of homecoming. Any profits are used to purchase equipment needed by the school. Their latest success was a carnival called "The Greatest Show on Earth." Atl-tg, O 2152 5 SOCIAL COMMITTEE Row 1: D. Deibis, B. Munson, Miss Rcimswick, P. Robock, Fl. Buckley. How 2: D, Larson, M. Glison, P. Thorne, I. McCrt1dy, I. Bronco, B. Peterson, R. tfiossnicm, D. Sinvorfk. Page S6 PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Row I: V. Drogqer, Mrs. Michelsen, C, Erpoldinq, H. Coppock. Row 2: C. Tlieison, S. Drago, F. Asclier, L. Stan- dal. Committees The Student Council members are divided into nine com- mittees which each lunction under a iaculty adviser. The Publicity Committee makes posters, gives articles to the Record, and contacts the newspapers about the Council-spon- sored activities. The Recognition Committee, under the guidance of Miss Holkesvig, honors the students who have earned enough serv- ice points to be awarded letters or pins. VAUDEVILLE COMMITTEE Seated: M. Nekora Miss Fisch. Standing: B. Munson, I. Paqtzl, C. Erpeldinq, R. Nordstrom, G. Bruins, G. Iohn- son, D. Day, I. Branca. RECOGNITION COMMITTEE Row I: D. Day, Miss I-Iolkesviq, I. Paqel. Row 2: B. Frane, I. Crary, G. Kuss. The big spring project is Vaudeville. The commit- tee which handles this selects the acts that qualify and sees that everything goes smoothly. Miss Fisch ad- vises this group. "Anyone lost a green sock with a hole in the toe?" The Lost and Found is open every day from 8:10 to 8:25 a. m. and 3:00 to 3:15 p. rn. Unclaimed articles are given to the Salvation Army at the year's end. The alternate members ot the Council carry out the Red Cross program. Christmas boxes are filled, and a spring money collection is taken. LOST AND FOUND C O M M IT T E E Row I: I. Carlson, I, I-Iurrle, S. Risch, I. Schiel, B. Roddy. Row 2: D. Gladhill, K. Iohnson, B. Morgan, G. Bruins, G, Iohnson, L. Gustafson. Page 57 Row 1: D. Karbo, C. Tliorson, G. Ionak, I. Burns, E. Porionda, I. Lilja, M. L. Bernard. Row 2: I. Herman, S. Tscliida, C. Drage, S. Truchinski, M. Walker, G. Kulkay, D. Noll, I. Branca. How 3: C. Munson, I. Dawson, if. Spormq, V. Bosarrker, A. Kirberqer, P. Pinkerton, B. Scltopf, B. Neeley, P. Steneck. How 4: B. llanclc, I. l'orr, T. living, D. Gustafson, F. Roessler, C. Olson, L. Iohnson, L. Pratt. Group Captains The group captain, elected by every advisory, has a big job to do. lf the ad- viser should be absent, the group captain rnust take over and look after things until the substitute arrives. The Ushers Club, under the direction of Miss Choudek, serves at all social tuncf tions, such as class play, vaudeville, concerts, P. T. A, meetings, and graduation. The niernbers ot this organization are students from the tour upper grades. Ushers Club Row 1: G. Skillo, Pits., N. Headen, V. Pres.: Miss Choudek, I. Walstrorn, Soc., D. Buthorus, Trerxs. How 2. l.. Hobs-ck, A. Scliutta, D. East, B. Pctroslie, B. Peterson, M. Parkes. Row 3: I. Iohnsen, L. Roslin, M. Zwicki, ll. Onslow, C. Neucinteldt, P. Perish, V. Whaley. Row 4: I. Reed, M. Haqford, D. Schwalbach, N. Svhmidler, C. Olson, M. Christensen. Row 5: S. Conlon, C. Thorson, M. Conlon, E. Neuenfeldt, B. Collier, D. Ecklund, A Hriqtord. How 6: S. Bennett, B. Emerson, C. Lambert, D. Smith, R. Maqiera, G. Miller, C. Doncaster. Pnqe 58 Row 1: D. Derbls, P. Topsak, N. Stanley, Sec., K. Sachkc, Asst. Sec., I. Ford, I. Minqo, M. Regan, M. Sztuk. How Z: A, Portlmmco, M. Orttol, M. Urista, C. Miller, A, Harrell, E. Fedors, D. Chaika. Row 3: C. Conklin, L, St-qvrblom, M. Gordin, B. Sandin, I. Hatich, A. Hansen, P. Steneck, P. luster. How 4: R. Enrooth, l. Gon- nsky, D. lolinson, C. Hormstczd, l. Olson, l. Dzubay, I. Nelson, M. lohnson, R. Peterson. How 5: C. Gervais, I. Patrol, D. Kocon, D. Roavis, I. Folia, M. Neuman, F. Gorski, C. Wyckoff. How 6: S. Olson, V. Bruins, C. Wwbko, H. Iohnson, R. Sodorqron, H, Barrett, C. Swanson, M. Chantler. Bank Cashiers Each Monday morning in advisory, the bank cashiers collect the deposits of those students who are starting to save for their future. Every member ot the group gains a sense oi responsibility which will aid him in the years to come. The stair guards, under Miss Erb's guidance, help keep order and uniformity in our halls. Their purpose is to see that the rules of the "up and down" stairways are observed. They must have a great deal ot leadership in order to do their job well. Stair Guards Row I: G. lohnson, B. Zuxboy, R. Stovf-ns, E. Partyka, G. Miller, C. Iohnson, Miss Erb. How 2: F. Dusonku, ll, Marlin, S. Andi-ison, R. Drusvli, T. Lund, P. Dupay. Row 3: B. Lasser, D. Dimos, S. Drone, G. Lind, R, Nordstrom, D, Alborico, T. Reynolds. How 4: H. Liemoltn, B, Anderson, W. Kopp, D. Smith, W. Turnlund, R, Iohnson. Row 5: B. Willow, l. Lindon, R. Barrett, D. Rosznboiq, D. Pllaqer, R. Blanski, N. Larson. Page 59 How 1: L. Seqerblom, P. Steneck, M. Sodd, Mr. Knox, V. Mgnqos, S. Goodrie, P. Topsok. Row 2: I. Scxwyvi, M. Uristci, I. Loss, D. Sincock, E. Rodger. B. Peterson, M. Clark, C. Conklin. Row 3: W. Bryon, D. Iolinson, B. Posser, D. Hogon, E. Dodo, M. Zwgck, A. Reopelle, B. Wcqncr, C Drcicro. How 4: I. Dzuboy, G. Carlson, C. Brandt, H. Ashcroft, L. Windohl, M. Ekberq, B. Hurrle, I. Heldbcrq. Row 5: M. Ohlin, B. Dircks, G. Mill-ii, I. Sundell, G. Clorkin, B. Bono, F. Neslund. How 6: I. Kitchor, D. Olsen, I. Rising, P. Schioll, N. Olson, li. Sondell, D. Eriklund, P. Thorne. Row 7: M. Chcintler, G. Lind, H. Liemohn, N. Larson, D. Smith, W, 'Turn lurid, S. Diuqe, I. Forr. Leadership Club The Edison Leadership Club is run on a somewhat different basis from most clubs as there is no permanent presiding officer. Each member is given the chance to undertake some project that will benefit the school or community. One of the annual affairs sponsored by E. L. C. is the Leadership Conference. Through cracker-barrel discussions and speakers, topped off with a banquet, the conference teaches the students to become better leaders in all walks of life. The executive committee composed of the standing committee chairmen and headed by the membership chairman plans the weekly meetings and discusses the possibilities of future projects. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to Right Around Table: D. Smith, N. Lorson, P. Stfineck, G. Lind, M. Zwtirk, S. liifiqm M. liklw im, tl Miller, H. Ashcroft. Page 60 Row 1: M, Anderson, I. Bowman, P. Buck, Mrs, Simmons, Mr. Drage, K. Gerdin, K. Anderson, I, Wieqele. Row 2: H. Sewell, D. Rising, M. Hughes, B. Gadbaw, S. Zeller, I. Kopp, M. Tattleman, L. Peterson, S. Orr. Row 3: L. Andersen, A. Auger, R. Sawyer, M. Zwicke, M. Barber, H. Truchinski, E. Dupay, L. Roslin. Row 4: R. Scltonebaum, B. Warmuth, B. Lawrence, D. Carlson, R. Olson, I, DelMonico, D. Roback, D. Pe-pple, L. Bjorklund. Row 5: D. Sievert, R. Nelson, I, Benson, I. Hawkinson, I, Falta, M, Hoerning, W. Stewart, D. Shelton, Row S: I. Crary, B. Lahti, E. Iohnson, R. l-lolmberg, N, Nekora, I. Anderson. How 7: M. Nekora, II. Kraska, R. Alcott, W. Rutherford, R. Lenart, D. Loren, I, Harris. Advisories Buzz Theres the 8:25 bell for advisory. Let's hurry in to listen to the bulletin ot this weeks club doings and athletic events. Maybe the Record will come out today, or we will till out program cards for the next semester. Some ot us will have to study tor a coming test: others have that last minute theme to finish. lt we don't have any work to do, we can just visit. Last week we elected from our advisory a group captain and a student council representative. When we come to Edison in the seventh grade, we are put into advisories with one of our Iunior High teachers. In the ninth grade many new students come and join us to form the advisory groups we are to remain in until graduation. Row l: L. Lt-ner, C. Neuenteldt, M. Okerstrom, Mr. Soderqren, E. Nelson, I. Wiles, I. Midthun. Row 2: D. kiltaika, ll. Zanior, R. Fox, D. Iolinson, B. Reynolds, S. Neuman. Row 3: G Nelson, M. Palmquist, D. Larson, tl. Glivna, B, Peterson, I. Rozycki, N. Parkes. Row 4: R. Baldwin, B. Bona, A. Larson, F, Lowell, D. Layoux. How 5: G. Gillivcr, R. Lotgreu, R Iosephson, D. Erickson, K. Reisewitz, B, Peterson. Page 61 MISS PETERSON'S AND MRS. LUTHER'S ELEVENTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row I: M. Glsrvold, T, Krwwvll, V. Mfmqoss, Mlm: Pvtmrscm, M1::. IAIIIIINI, Y. Lc1V1qxw, I. Nvlscm, IU. Nxvlzwn. Row 2: L. Kap--In, I. Flnvm, I.. Mwu- Y1I1dr1If', I.. W11IImI, R. I'vCIm'r1, O. Olsvm, I. Nmciqmst, I. Flcxvm, Il. I'1x' vhfuw. Row 3: P. Olsson, C. Icwlmsnn, A. IIIIIISPII, M. I'm1I'on, Ii. Mur1::wl1,N. Iifvlmf, M. I'Ic1fyI:vxC'I, II. Lfvllvtv. HOW 4: M. LfIwr'k, I Dlvcxllv, N. Sundvxk, I. I"Iwm'xk:1m1, M. Imfqxon, N. Solwm, G. M1tc'Iu-II, A. Nelzsml, K. I..unrIuI1l. Row 5: 'I'. Huvknf-1, I. C111-Inv-y, B. N01'IIxf1e'IFI, D. Andmszuu, S. Audflr- mm, K. Olsson, II. Inrsmx, I. Pikfn Row S: M. Rvbnk, I.. SIIYPIUI, T. Irv- mrx, L. Ar1c'In'r::fm, B. IIUWHZ, NI. Cmn- wciy, W. Okvlsilullx, I. I7uIm. Row 7: R, Nwlsmx, R. Blmmskl, H. Iimud, IU. Pflnrwr, I.. Paqxwttv, I.. Nmr'II. I. Nwvuk, P. Ohlm. MISS GOULD'S AND MISS CHOU- DEK'S ELEVENTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row I: I. I.ww:mdfww:1k1, B. IIIVIIII, G.Sk1IIrN, M1:1:1 Gwuld, M15:: KfImuCIr-k, A VIIIIIFIIIP, N. Svlxmlrllwr, C, Srhmol mfg Row 2: I. Scmdm, I. Suwntzskn, B. Pmswr, I. HwIw-ltmm, H. Ryman- rwwskl, H. Smmxfwn, A. Sdnlttn, B. F-uydwl, A. Ifxrzfxfm. ROW 3: D. Wu- :xI:1k,C. Nwsallmd,S.GwcwfII1v,If.Sk1r- kn S. Rllvy, M. Vfxrinrxis, I. Skudsv Iwxq, H. Iiuvnow. Row 4: A. Pc-wr! son, CT. Olurm, A. Budzynski, N. Olnfssmn, B. Muslowskl, C. Swrm- son, P. Spurmq, S. 'I'I1wS, II. Mnqdn. Row 5: P. Sf'IwII, D. Sc'ImpI, I. RwsIwInr, I.. Pr-tmsvrx, C. Cmtrls, H. Nfxwtwn, R, Cloppvl, D. SIM-IIUTI. Row 5: 'I'. Sf'IvmwImmn, Ii. I,ns::wr. I. IXIOIIMWIQ, G. Kufzzz, II. Mriqlrfxrl, D. FIfv:wII, I. PMP, I. I3e1uIc'I1, II. Burlvtl, B, Axxflmnxvll. MR. BENNER'S AND MR. ZITTLE- MAN'S ELEVENTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row I: G. Kulkfxy, B. Iilrmu-, K. Ayrvs, Mx Bvnnm, MI. Zxltlmmm, M. Nfxthfv, I. Grurlim, A. I'I11rlr'!I. HOW Z2 If. Ainvorlffn, G. Ionuk N. Vlzvnor, CQ. Ilvnsnn, P, Bfvdlvk, R. Buc'kI0y, I. I'3:'Grxf'Iy, If DLHMUIII, D. I'7m'GId1n, P. Robnuk, N. Pvttvrsmu, I. Cflrlsrwn, K. Sczrhkrv, I. Wnllm, I'. Zvmt, S. PGIIII' qmst, N. Smfm. Row 4: V. Hrnxns, II W+wrfI'1r1r I7 Kfmdruk, I. Cook, I. ML'C41m1, I. St1:r1vIm:, N. A1I41nC'Isun, CIS Awlcimmwrx, II. Mulks. Row 5: I. I3rc1nIwv, C. AII1:1Im, A. ?I1f'xu"l1, If NI whfzm, I? i'muqu1::t, I UI:-1111, B. Ifwlmswn, II. Grxvufx. Row 5: D. I.:v1tlf1, 'I'. IVIic'Iu11r:k1, II. IIymwn1'IxiL'I-L, W. Bmmqshm, S. Mqww, W. Swrumnrx, I. I'Ir1kv, I. Vlfiivx, I7. Kfvllrizmllcu. Faqs- bl MRS. POHLSON'S AND MISS ROSS'S ELEVENTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row I: V. Kiyso, V. Ifwliiiszon, ll. Detrosko, Miss Ross, Mrs. Polilswii, Vl. Keqlor, B. Kiiy, S. Bmiqvrt. Row I: I. Hufich, I. Groniek, I. Inlinsen, Y. Huss, I Grmeno, P. Kruiiiusz, D. Aluller, G. Rylnl, M. Aiiiundsoii. Row 3: L. lfrivksoii, D. Nasser, B. Rooney, H. Konivvny, D. Grocli, D. .iiiclsvtli, A. Zurbwy, B. l.uCounl. Row 4: H. Kostik, M. Anlinozzi, H. Buckley, I. Brnxiicll, A. l'luri'wll, C. Tullu, S. Dulilmun, P. Hiirlstmm, G. :'e-dor. Row 5: B. Bisliup, C. Nvii- IIOIIII, V. D14-qqur, P. Sporinq, D. Nielsen, M. Neuman, l. Icy, I. Wil- son. Row B: I. If-nkimz, lf. Ni-ii--nA eldl, II. PKIIDIYILG, B. Zurbey, I". Circlxer, I. Iolinson, C. Dmicostui, D. Salmon. How 7: D. Nordlinq, L. Alleldi, F. Roosalm-1', D. Pwtrew, M. .GChG1iCP, Fl. Uppniun, D. Inliiistoii, Vl. Guviv, I. Scliiiiinlt. MISS WALLACE'S AND MRS. CORNEI.IUS'S ELEVENTH GRADE ADVISORIES flow I: M. Williums, I.. Slvvons, If Jelundvr, Miss Wcxllnvo, Mrs. Cui- 'wli11s:, P. Gmscloil, I. Dullwck, l.. loputuski. Row 2: C. Toqlond, P. Sion-wk, S. Bwiizauii, S. Biiiidix, C. Ol- son, D. April, P. Alder, I. Brandi, I. 'lwiiiv:asy. Row 3: K. Bulkon, I. Heed, M. Mnnkowski, R. l.Q-bn, H. lkilm, l.. Lloyd, D. Mi-itvfr, B. Furl:- ir. How 4: M. Soclcl, I. Nivzqocla, vi. Muir-r, lj. Wodiii, F. Gurski, B. Dulnn-r, D. Knrlw, li, Nuioq, R. Fm widv. Row 5: D. Pvissiq, I. Wul- struiii, ll. Ruiz, W. Slutuski, K. Wu- uvk, G. Pvli-iL::uii, l.. Pi-'tursoii, F. oriumlu. How 6: ll. Mvliii, I. ucurollu, I. Mmikowski, D. Guzy, 3. Hanson, IS. Duseiiku, C. l.uiicl- grmi. How 7: H. Williumfz, G. Gui' und, lf. Piluln, R. Giizy, l.. Coltvr, XI. Inisoii, B. Willow. 3 MISS COWAN'S AND MISS RAMSWICK'S ELEVENTH GRADE ADVISORIES low I: D. Bullicrus, N. Heddon, M. VICCYGLIY, Misa: Hmiieawick, Miss Iowan, B. Iii-i1i':suii, C. Wiebke, S. Jlswn. How 2: I. Ioliiisen, M. Gui- liu, C. Gulrlif-iiicin, I. Burns, D. Kaye, . Wickbvrq, G. Hoyt, B. Pyku, l.. .udlorLl. Row 3: V. Wlml-fy, I. Dv- rini-, P. Pviisli, D. Scliwulbcxuli, B. Iulliur, C. 'l'liuisoii, C. Supvr, l.. 3urkl1older. Row 4: I. Koscioliiiiila, . Kullui, M. K--llvr, M. Ilnqvn, LT. oliiiuoii, lf. Kulirs, M. Ola:-ii, P. Moisv A. Mayor. How 5: ll. Fitzrviiiiiiioiis, X. lmwull, M. Cfiuiiiiiiiiqss, 'l'. Huq- iurl, P. I.OlLjl'0II, R. Huriloy, T. Lind, l. Tique. How 6: G. Ke-uiiody, I. lurkiiens, A. Carlson, P. Dupuy, D. fqqnrt, D. Dulil, D. Fodors, H. Lie- iiolin. How 7: W. Wiles, D. Skuu, I. Lunibort, I. Moon, D. Koolfqefn, . Lindve-, S. Modeju, D. Meule-uers. x Pnqsf 63 Advisories mur,::1. . MISS FISCH'S AND MISS GAR- LAND'S TENTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row I: V, Cumpouu, B. Woqslmm, C. I.Vr1S1l.1k, Miss ID1:sc'l1, Misra Gul'- lcmd, N. Stnnlwy, D. Doqxdio, C. Tlmrnpszfm. Row 2: I. 'l'm'uSf1r, B. Rudly, I. Fmrutrrzvk, I. Bwrk, R. Iohn- sqn, I. I3rw1f1v:s, B. IAIYUIIX, M. Knorr ffr P. Wxlson Row 3: R. Mumskl, D. Vucixf-s, I. Flxlvurx-fr, I. Dmmsz, P. Mulm, If. Sw-vudm, I, Coll:-ltw, P. 'I'c1pL:f1l'k, Row 4: H. Axldvrsmx, P. ICIIIIIKSSOII, A. Nwsssvr, 'I'. Mc'I.m1qlx- lm, lj. Wucqzwx, lj. Wytt rxbuvlx, I. I-im11m1, M. And nam, 'l'. Zuwmsluk. Row 5: l. Lluwllottw, I. Snndiun, I. Iunk-wt, D. I--l.:I'I1, I. Aufh-rszorx, B. Nvwllum, I. ffznliecm, V. Ljlcxrkm, G. Icflmfzoxx, D. D ml-zo. Row S: M. Hick- s-rslm, A. lnirxxbvlt, I. I'kII'I, I. Iurxq, H. Qlswu, R. Iilornlm-'1', M. Chsxrltlnr, P QtILIIIIOIIl'I. Bow 7: R. Ccxssurly, . Allwn, A. l.lmrIl1.-xq, Il. GIISIICIISCWII, ,l.1lwxkow:sk1, H. Kmumln, I lfrvlcsml, K. K.r11rl,l'.Gll1luv::, T .V MISS ROGERS' NINTH AND MISS SOHENSON'S TENT!-I GRADE ADVISORIES How I: L, Stuuy, G. Schunpt, B. Hur, M1551 I-Ioqwrs, MISS Sorcznfmn, F. Nes- Iund, M. Mayor, I.. Iolmson. Row 2: C, LHWCIIICIULVSICI, T. Klolstrup, P. long-S, B. Bvrqmun, I. Marks, I. Mul- lfar, B. lrvmsia, G Ffnqlund, I. Peters. How 3: D. MQ.-tio, M. Pfeterson, R. Svlxnvk, A. Iulmscm, M. Iolmson, T. Srflmck, M. Flfvqon, A. Rf-uprlllu. How 4: I. l.f1rs:.m, I. Pmkvs, Icmuszew- skx, M. Iulmson, I. McCrudy, M, Klolsatlup, D. Kxysinfwkx, M. Nvslund, P. Roar-nbvxqwx. Row 5: H. Ccxnfivlii, R. Burlcmd, S. Burton, R. Kcrbo, I. Plkrsmk, I. Incl-cson, I, Puc'l1u11w, M. Boyle. Row 6: I. Fimntnmn, B. I-IITIIIO, R. Grlflm, T. Ifflwwll, W. Hullemon, D. Day, B. Budmrk. Row 7: Y. Keck, S. Bwnxwit, P. l'Ikbwrq, II, Peor- Son, I. Dzwdmft, D. llxud X, I. Kltvlml, R I,ms:m1. MR. HABEIJS AND IVIR. MAN- KOWSKI'S TENTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row I: I.. Iolmson, M. Handy, P. Iollnsou, Mr. Mnnkuwskl, Mr. Hulvl, H. Spfrry, M. Gmssmcm. How 2: G. Sievens, H. Anclwws, I. Maximo, B. Mmlmws, I. I-lybscm, C. Ioxqenson, D. Nlmhlvw, B. Kmch. Row 3: I. Pluck, F. Mlxwell, L. LuM0r0, D. Knoll, N. lsnkson, M, Hcxnstcxd, D. Huqwrx, Row 4: I. Herdcy, I. Gorou, D. Hullberq, I. Hfqqzvrn, R. Wells, D. Mc1ik1zf1lc, S. Hcxqqexty, B. Hess. How 5: R. Iiolsi-nn, G. 'I'x'udOII, N. Hart, A. Gryuelwytsvh, C. Mmlmxd, M. Welch, B. Iolmscm. Row 5: M. Revd, I. l'lsCl1e2I, R. SILFWLIICI, G. Sul- ton, G. Shoppe, I. Tomvzyk, D. Von- rv vuld, M Arwuslcl. Puqe- U4 MISS ERB'S AND MISS IOHN- SON'S TENTH GRADE ADVISORIES How 1: D. Tlnnners, M. Crnlrl, A. Vlonio, Miss lirb, Mrss Iohnson, S. Donlon, M. CllL1VUllfXl', ll. Dado. Row I: H. l7Cl'l'JlS, R. Birkeland, K. Fm' ce, D. Harris, K. Barnes, S. Frans, '. Worllnnqlon, I. Habcrman, G. Dhrislensrln. How 3: II. Knlrarski, 3 Dnllnck, N. Larson, G. Palm, G. flsrnos, M. Lamb, B. Brown, A. Radar. Row 4: I. Knnnasz, Fl. Olson, . Mlskw, R. Zllllllllfflllijll, B. Flolncr, 3. Sclwi, R. Coon, R. Mrozka, I. Gvn- Jsky. Row 5: R. llnxurson, I. Gallia, I. El'P0lCllIlQ, l. Turquon, D. Andrus- 'o, A. Dah-Arty, B Sclmpf, M. hover, M. Brrnstxvl, G. Frank:-, Row 6: I. Cook, I. Bnrkholder R. nqn-brvtson, W. Parlow, I. Hoy, N. luble, R. Hanson, A. Medin, B. 'iclrarc'lson. How 7: V. Sievert, R. Xlt'UllllJlll'l, R, Refiners, W. Olson, R. :WClOI'Ql'Ull, R. Olnnan, V. Novak, l'. Nrmzll, R. Canuplwll, K. Zaxnur. IVIR. I.OMBARD'S AND MR. LO- PATA'S TENTH GRADE ADVISORIES low l: I. Snare, A. Norton, A. Vainio, Mr. l.ornbarCl, Mr. Lopata, 3. MlFllLIbXlti, S. Anderson, D. M. On- slow. How 2: M. Uslror, L. Partyka, .. Soqurblorn, V. Olson, S. Warren, I. Skwarek, K. Olnnan, El. O91- Lchlaqer, D. Stavlo. Row 3: O. Dahl, W. Haukvl, B. Roeves, G. Nol- L. Gus' M. Pro! on, M. Zvntzrs, D. Salmon, alson, C. Siylski. Row 4: 'ai, D. Wojriak, I. Sundvll, L. Iolln- cn, F. Vadnals, P.. Walsirom, l. 'onxsuln-. Row 5: P. Wallace, B. lanclvll, B. Mlinar, I. Rizzinq, I. Gra- luln, L. Slandal. Row 6: C. Maann- on, I, Skealo, I. Schonberq, I. Zum- lclca, R. Iohnson, I. Hoqan, l.. Cul- on. How 7: B. llrickson, I. Moen, . Pivrcr-, R. Yatos, T, Kielty, D. Ion- on, 'l'. Burko, ll. Boynton, N. Hal- rsky. MR. ERICKSON'S AND MISS HICKOK'S TENTH GRADE ADVISORIES low 1: M. Hybvrq, S. Poland, M. flrristonswn, Mr. Erickson, I. Pflrod, . Bmnwlt, G. Iolrnson, How 2: D. rerq, I. Chrislon:sr-n, Y. Foenuy, Pl. ruisaswvnqer, A. Hanson, S. Gorvarsz, '. Bona, B.'I'e1tzlalf, D. Slovons. Row I II. Moyer, B. Swanlrolrn, B. Han- on, M, Roo, P. Larson, B. Hartley, . Brodin, C. Petorson. How 4: B, nider, S. Olson M. Meuleners, M. lanlsvn, l. Hill, I. Mondenq, C. rnngsull, M. Haels, A. Haqlord. How : C. Maciaq, M. Holm, D. Boresni, ', Cola, I. Hobvrtson, C. Tlxornpson, Rossrnan, D. Dincnnan. How 8: C. Vyclcoll, D. Pearson, T. Bona, C. Dlson, H. Asplnnd, I. Sclxoon, B. Trnlson. Row 7: A. Waldoclr, B. ornzwn, R. Barrotl, B. P16-YSOII lrlrnsllaw, D. Kreilz, D. Wallon ,l. Paar? G5 Advisories I i 1 1 1 5,3 E 1 fr Q E as Z' w 13? 1 Klux' 1 . :rv :auf I MISS HOLKESVIGHS AND MR. PII.E'S TENTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row l: L. Herber, A. Swanson, G. Eskro, Miss Holkesviq, Mx. Pile, D. Bottoms, EQ. Bier, A, Feleqy. Row 2: I. Belt, R. Pauser, I. Boileski, D. Worthington, I. Waqner, M. Perzel. L, Calquire, I. Bronco, M. Adamson. Row 3: G. Van Anken, C, Archam- bault, M, Cook, H. Zawadski, R, An- tinozzi, E. Bownik, B. Hohlor, L. Ol- son. Row 4: B. Weqman, A. Beck- man, I. Vandermyde, V, Rosacker, I, Gronlund, S, Tanner, L. Iohnson. G. Tuinquist, L. Basara. Row 5: R. Martell, B. Braqe, R. Lewandow- ski, D. Skoalund, C. Waiquist, F. Sellnian, D. Ewer, G. Hidnian. How 6: C. Dooner, R. Anderson, D. Evan- gelist, L. Corbecky, I. Gustason, D. lacabson, D. Zantek, I. Hedean, M. Sztuk. How 7: T. Iohnson, B, An- tinozzi, Fl. Richardson, D. Ioycs, D. Herrnonson, L. Rennr-ar, L. Dorr, K. Davison. MR. MERRIFIELDS AND MRS. V. OLSEN'S NINTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row 1: P. Podany, P. Kaiser, I. Tru- zinski, Mr. Ivlerrifield, Mrs. V. Olsen, N, Fournier, B. Monson, C, Vanasse. Row 2: D. Swanson, D. Sroqa, I. Iohnson, R. Garbett, G, Iohnston, G. Iuhns, N, Hanimerstad, I, Lindman. L. Habeck. Row 3: C. Hoqfors, R. Germuridson, D. Iolinson, P. Iaster, D. Harvet, I, Levercom, H. Lindman, T. Gladhill. Row 4: C. Owen, D. Vast, P. Handy, M. Phillips, M. Gli- san, L. Hill, C, Banse, N. Iam, C Munson. How 5: R. Geisel, I. Huq- hart, L. Gladliill, D. Hildreth, E. Kaufmann, W. Hanson, D. Thomp- son, R, Morin, Row 6: G. Hansen B. Nelson, H. Nordine, A. Hamilton F.. Godwin, B. Goesch, B. Coon, G La Pointe, G. Gervais. Row 7: Ci Miller, M. Larson, W. Iohnson, I Iohnson, R. Larson, I. Novitsky, A: Gustafson, I, Kroon. MR. BARRETTS AND MR. PARKS'S NINTH GRADE ADVISORIES How 1: P. Bentley, D. Nypon, L. Al- bertson, R. Davis, Mr. Parks, C. Iohnson, R. Leonard. M. Enqstrom. Row 2: W. Schaefer, R. Eklund, I. Cherrnak, B. Hansen, D. Veit, I. Thompson, L. Roelke, M. Westcott H. Burkholder. How 3: I. Hafich D. Sincock, I. Leier, E. Iakubik, Bi Atnoosen, D. Wilson, S. Warmuth L. Barnes. Row 4: M. Mclfusick Y. Pearson, L. White, T. Sparrow D. Dahl, D. Petrrie, S. Syverson, M. Wilson, M. Lausen. How 5: K. Boess er, W. Nalson, B. Sando, I. Passer, D. Loye, I. Anderson, P. Harrison, B. Ncoley, R. Enrooth, D, Allen. Row 6: G. Dorurnsqaard, W. Chor- ske, S. Mills, IT. Frary, E. Reynolds H. Sillinian, K, Berlin, A. Anderson Row 7: E, Gosselin, I. Guzy, G. Wil- son, K. Hartniark, L. Benson, I. Sco- vil, T. Anderson, L. Eitel, D. Lee. Page 68 1 I MR. HElBONIMUS'S AND MRS HUNT'S NINTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row 1: B. McKenzie, B, Townsend 3. Allen, Mr. Heironirnus, Mrs. Hunt ,. Waikle, S. Colberq, A. Stewart low 2: D. Brinda, D. Smith, S. An: iorson, L. Braviq, l. Carlson, P -lnrst, C. Androscik, I, Hedinan, E Shepard. Row 3: S. Skarpness, l. versen, M. Clark, C. Morvault, B ianlon, I. Hillstrorn, P. Wilde, M Soft, C. De-ntsch, M. Rybak. Row . MCClDFl'Y. l. Lana, D. Zobro, D Anderson, O. Olavs, D. Palrn, F D'Bri0n, D. Svhoon, F. Aschor, G .oonarc'l, C. Colaas. RCW 5: G. Val lies, W, Walinski, D. Okorstrom, M slelson, L. Kirberqer, E, Deutchnianl l, Basell, G. Stewart, R. Gardas, R, Nilsen. Row B: C. Bergmann, D. Icklund, R. Swetz, T. Dauqhen- mauqh, F. Watson G. Ka e R , y , . NPI- on, B. Skillo, I. Srnith, C. Iahnsan, J. Lind, C. Woebvr, M. Thorson. MSS ALBINSON'S AND MR. MA'1'HIASON'S NINTH GRADE ADVISOHIES low l: G. Carlson, B. Sandin, G. fersten, Miss Albinson, Mr. Mathia- on, I, Lilja, D. Wilson, D. Wincok. low 2: D, Olson, R. Gould, E. Ro- an, E. Haste, S. Korus, R. Stan' laski, W. Hybsa, H. Larson, D. Car- lqan, Row 3: M, DeMuth, C. Thai en, M. Wells, M. Urista, K. Holl- ian, R. Roo, S, Wallis, B. Weber, Loss, I. Kowallnk. Row 4: R. unt, A. Godfrey, I. Nielsen, D. Soy- tour, G. Anderson, P. Skiba, I. Hes- elroth, B. Ionqquist, G, Modieski. ow 5: D. Hatlund, I. We-stlinq, R. arsons, G. Marstaellor, B, Dircks, . Petrnke, T. Edin, C. Nason, R. tadbois, R. Atncvsen, K. Iosephson. ow 6: R. Balkan, G. Zak, K. Pittel- ow, M. Forseth, A, Mork, W, Pois- q, S. Rundquist, P. Thorne, M. rake, C. Herdr-y. KRS. PALM'S AND MISS STAV- ENAS'S EIGHTH GRADE ADVISOHIES ow 1: S. Risch, I. Rollins, I. Schiol, rs. Palm, Miss Stavonas, B. Waq- fr, M. Lenioinry, E. Rodger. Row 2: Malin, D. Moe, D, VanAuken, P. lark, M. Ericson, I. Hennossy, S. illiver, I. Rooqer, I. Olson. Row 3: Lindborq, D. Nall, M. Kulkay, B. aisdell, F. Anderson, N. Kansel, Skawski, N. Iohnson, A. Olson, Bork, Row 4: C. Conklin, M. uebnor, M. Holtstrom, R. Bnrqquist, Draqv, R. Larson, K. Norlinq, I. Jkosh, R. Duffy. How 5: D. Iohn- bn, T. Heidormann, W. Bloch, D, cClunq, E. Evanson, I. Thies, S. ie, I. Nelson, R. Nelson, R. Olson. aw 6: C. Hamilton, D. Eley, I, So ln, M. Iohnson, G. Anderson, B. zlzer, G. Manst, R. Alberq, C. nes, M. Thorson, S. Sholes. Row I. Boycn, I. Larch, D, Ramsey, I. clerqren, L. Walters, D. Dinqnian, Olsen, R, Wilt, I. Paqel. Y Page 67 Y MISS BENNETTS AND MISS DEV- ERELL'S EIGHTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row 1: M. Dnlxl, I. Vincnnl, D. De:- Kunlctk, Miss Bnnnvtt, D. I,unr'lqxrfn, B.Nr1lson,I.Rxn-1ol,R.CIook. ROW 2: G. Refmnsl, A. POIIIIIIIVP, I. Hmmnssy, I. Scwyox, M. Pnrxlsh, I.. Inhnscm, T, Wllllnrlls, I, Brunswll, O. Wc1rr'l1rnl. Rcv! 3: G. Pntwrsml, R. Ilvuns, N. I3vBnl"q, K, 'l'c1c'l1Pny, G, Mlllvl, I. Knutson, M, Orllnl, G. Inurwn. Row 4: A. Lfyhyskv, IT. Swnnsnn, W. Bryon, M. Gustcxfsnn, I. B:1lu'nc'k, Ll. Kcnnsdy, D. Pnlm, G. Krusw, I.. Gis- vold. Row 5: M. Oslund, I. Okcfr- s'rnm, B. Hflnsnn, S, Ns-unmn, I. Gor- don, S, Booth, B. Pussm, I. Imfolfzson. Row 6: A. Wudulz, D. Pmlmlnoy, F. Stanley, D, Ilstuosm, G. Kevnnrvdy, I. Caswell, G, Uppmnn, B. Gervais, G. PzJ1ors'm. Row 7: II. Gullnqhor, I, Brunsfll, S. Carson, D. Lcxrsf-n, A. Mfwklwv, C. Hindmmr1n, C. Clnlls, B. lnyvux. Row B: R. Zlpny, B. Onklrxy, M. Gfvrskl, I'. Spnxwm, R. Dmnmnn, A. Grznrzlfxk, I. Cmlszmx, D. Svlwlvwvlvl, If Glcxlz. MISS GLENN'S AND MR. PAR- SON'S EIGHTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row 1: I. IIKIIIIIIIIIIII, S. Nnxdlnv, N. VVIIIIIIIIIS, M1::s Glwnn, MI. Pmsuns, D. Fovr, S. I.mxflbm'q, I.. Wlndulxl. Row Z: G. Rr1hln,C. Munm, D. Wm' Illnllll, C. Compton, I.. Dzulmk, I. Sc'l1wc1lbr1cfl1, D. I.nndhlnrl, I. Mndv- scltrf, I. Omdnl. Row 3: M. Dr-llon, P. Fcwmby, F. S:'lmf'l0wf1lc'l, D. Mul- lny, D. Bvrnn, I. Iolmnsnn, S. Winq, P. Gustcxlson. Row 4: S. I.o1d, M. Rolxbmrx, G. GOISIHIIIIPT, M. Pmsnns, I.. Blmra, D. Deutsvh, P. Mulvlmw, I, Smith, C. IJIUCOIII. Row 5: I. Clmqnxpenu, R. Pnddocflc, M. Thomp- son, M, Bmhm, P. Vmmlwos, Y. Bril- kcn, B. Nelson, L. Gudbnw. Row 5: P. Tlmmnpsfm, I.H0qf1n, K.Monqovvn, M. Ifvtvrson, M. Ohlm, M Sctlmust, M. Bmnnrrl, I. Bnrvwn, I. Hrmns. ROW 7: S. Hoffman, H. Hwlqqumst, W. Kvyslnskl, M. Simons, I. Plmsmk, D. Cflmlllvr, D. Rnsvll, C. Wcxllm. ROW 8: A. Solz, R, Bfwk, I., Andl-1sfm,CT. lnnnxnn, N. Olson, I. lnlvk, N. Vw fg l, I. Sllxnlcugvl, A Cfllllzmll, Lf. Wyvknll. MR. I.UDFORD'S EIGHT!-I GRADE AND MRS. I.. OI.SEN'S SEV- ENTH GRADE ADVISORIES Row 1: A. I'fxlnnnrlorII, S. Tsvhido, IJ. lvclrson, Mr. I.nflImd, Mrs. Olssn, I. Nelson, M. Gcidhols, N. Rnon. Row 2: D. I.osa, M. Nolson, I. Wm'- vnol, P. Baum, B. Blnxlw, I, Godfroy, I. Davis, I.. Iolmsnn, I. Rvrnlmrdl, Row 3: S. Flnlwrty I. Rovlkea, I. Fmnn, I. 'I'1e-ut, D. Dnnlr-ls, M. Swan- son, R. MlllE'Ik, I, Mnym. Row 4: I. Brooks, P. Cummlnqs, Ii. Ilrmnn, H. Blrkf-lnnd, P. Mnlmnn, D, Mmllrfr, C. Boxrrmson, I.. Dulplxy, P. Mvlirwrvon. Row 5: N. Suu-nsnn, A, Hurst, T. Wrxmwx, V. Wnqnm, R. Inhnson, C. Flfilrl, D. Sr1nc'lV1k, I. IANWCHICIOWSRI, Row S: B. Mnqnuson, V. Iivnson, M. I'xt0l, K. Colm, R. I'IiX1'IIllf1I'lC, R. Monll fqomory, R. Combs, I. Spovr. Row 7: M. Slclbn, D. Clne-s, H. Pflnqor, R. Krlloy, H. Coppok, R. Sclluttu, R. Pwrcy, C. Bwtfs, M. Uohvrly. HOW B: H. Robin, II. Nrlnknm, D. Burnmn, D. Rvfivxs, A. L'1is0r, G. Mxllvr, I. Clvslelslcl, A. I-ISPHIIIUII, B. GTCIIZ, Poqe 68 VIISS LEARY'S AND MR. CODE'S SEVENTH GRADE ADVISORIES low l: I7. SIIMIL.-rs, II. IUu::Iw1ImIl, I, I'ufIw1::, M1. KTUIII-, M1::1:I.w1ly, II. fmI:ux1, il. I'mIwI-1, IH. SI1-'IIIm. Row I: K. IiI1lIw-fx, LI. IIIIWIKIIISUII, Ii. Au- Imsuu, II. Ilukvlsuu, I.. IwIm:mn, I. Ivury, II. IwI111:rm1. I. IIwl111m1, II. Iwlxwl. Row 3: I'. Ilulxwu, I. Tm, uwtlv, II. Kylv, I. 'I'vIly, M. Iuntvu, X. ifmlullyxlmn, II. IMIII-II, Ii. Hwy- wIrI::. Row 4: K. IuIm:mn, V. I.llIlk'I' 1u1::l,I.Wmstm,IXLR1-11w11,II.IInnI-:- 'I', I.. Wxlfmn, I. I'xyI1I1m1, V. Cum- x1u1ul:2,II.Iuluxmrc-vu. Row 5: II. Ilwl, . AIIIII-mum, II. Mm1kww:1Iil, I5 IIIII- 'Q-lrluu,II.IIm1n1IIun,Ll. I'vtv1::Iwxx, A. xIvIsun, R. IHHIUW. How S: R. 'I'Imm- lei, I3. III1tvIIn1, I OI::ImuI, II. MMIL, 2. Hula--1t::, I'. MvIR11I--lx, I. I'1'x1:1t-'II-', JI. Iimmvu, II. I.w::Ix1t2. Row 7: Il. ILEIIIIIILI, M. Wc1l::ul1,L'. I.um'Iwwu, II. .iI111vn, I.. IIIIIN-lI::, S. Ilvrk, I. IwI1x1f ml, M IIn::IxvI11l, 21. Ikwxlflnxx. ROW I: II. IMI.-l::.w11, I, I'Ix1II1ppl, A. G1 'IIUWfiI4I, II. I'wl:.yIIlw, II. If11v::u11, I.. lfuuw, I. Vullxxixyllmln, fi. I1-Iwlml, Ii. II21'lI. VIISS BENGTSSON'S AND MR. GUNBERG'S SEVENTH GRADE ADVISORIES lowl I. 'I'm1x'IlmI1, Lf Iixllluu, II. IIAII wt, II. Ifykrx, MI. GxluIwm, Mugs mmy, if IIwvIi, IW. I31c'k1::m1, II. fIyI1lw, Ii. Uvlxu. Row 2: S. I'IIxvm. T KIIIVIIIQ, M. K'mI:zm1, I, IIIIIII, IJ. fIvCx1Il'ux1, II. I'uv1::I, M. S1::::u11, N. Vm'IIl11-qhm, S. IIu::In1111u. ROW 3: Ilwrwwmi, II. Auld-fnsulx, I. Iwlumvul' T. Mc1l'kI-fy, A. IIc1l1'vII, C. Snuciln fI. I'n1xkw::, II. MI-Ilwn, If. Ilxvlfa, R. Ixvpuxxl. How 4: If. 'I'l+1I1u111Iv, II. nwvII, G. Inxfmrm, A. 'I'Iwum:1, I. Imrlv, I.. CHI:-l14I41I1I, I. Mmtxmlw, G. unfi, ll. Im--Ig. Row 5: II. CwIIwm, Fvvk--1', I, IIQII, A. Illlmrmxx, IW. 'uzarlwxy I5 IwI1r.ml1, A. I.x1Iwl'-VIII, II vIln::nfn, Row 5: II I'-IIv1:m11, I. ':1IIwn, II. IIll11Ivw::, IW. I'uI11wmIoxII, I1'lIllh'1!I, I. I4llIlk'Iil', I.. IuIm:wu, . 'itzqc'l11Id. ROW 7: IW. I1Im:::m, II. m'IIvrx1mn, S. kIIvI1wI:1kw, II. In I'umI, '. I.yw'::, II. llwi-n::1mI, I!.l2w.n1:wn, IjUl'll1li1,fI.NIQIUIUIJ' I V IRS. MILLER'S AND MR. BRUIN- ING'S SEVENTH GRADE ADVISORIES OW l: 'I'. IuIm:1, II, Kxxxxlnun, I. 'I'1ww xlriqw, Lf. Oclmmmxlni, Mu: M1IIv1 Ir. Iilulmxvq. I II4m::nu, K. Ifxxvk- m, II. Iifxulvi, I'. lXII.1Iun'k. ROW 2: MlII::, If. Ihumllu, IT Iillmflvy, I. .1r1'u,II. IuIm:1uu, M, KwIII-x, S. Gm wr, R. KI.-IIIu-iq, II. LI'Iim11kI-, I. l1x11nv::11m11cI. Row 3: II. III1Ivux vu, II. I'Iu1l1-'mn--k, II. Kuyv, Ii qnld, I'. G1-ywl, il. f3w1IIu11, A. IIIHIL . I?IvIIw1.Ii1'n1. Row 4: II, II1uv1:.wn . Gllmivxassm, M. IIfm1,wx1, II. Wyt 'uIwm'I1, M. III1.xu1Iu::, II. l'Im::w, II mn'II4-1, I.. III-141, IW. Llwmximl, II mvill--, II. SvIn1Itw. Row 5: II. Ifuq- xx, I. II1:1Iwy, C7.I'xvlmw1lw, II UI::wr1, I. wlmscm, II. AIlwwx.nm, 'I', Vmwl, I? . ' .,., f . w . , .. . ,A , . .I au, . I son, II MI-1cII11II, IF. Ibn-'I1, I, IH" DSOII, W. I.l-vvumxlm, K. GI1II1::nxx, LI mwillmll. mlm, I. C'uIIm::, How 6: I. NI-'x' llll C Im II II I ul 11 Im IV!- IH1I1v UU 'lf Advisories , . L .Atv EEPER Jtill into the dark forert the yellow hrick road led the weary trauelerr. Many timer they heard the .foundr of wild animals, hut hecaure nothing could hurt a straw Scarecrow or a Tin Woodman, and Dorothy was protected hy the kin of the Good Witch, they weren't too fearful. Suddenly ar they parsed a knarled oak a great Lion jumped out at little Toto. Dorothy war .ro angry that :he forgot her fear of lionf, and .rtruck him on the nore. The huge heart hegan to Joh. "Why, you're nothing hut a coward," cried Dorothy. The Lion admitted that thir war indeed the truth. Dorothy felt Jo sorry for the poor Lion that she invited him to join them on their journey to ree Oz. Page 70 UR athletes, both boys and girls, have found at Edi son the courage, sportsmanship, and stamina that make our sports such an exciting and important part of our lives here. The spirit of the school behind them is what gives our players the confidence they need to keep pushing even when the going is rough. We all realize that our athletes were never cowardly to begin with, but Edison has given them that added "do or die" which produces our winning teams. THLETIGC V:Lf"L.r-x.:-1..x U jk rl A 5 , K w RM .' ,hx f 1 I A 2 8 f ,f'f XQLULLJLJLL O QQ' f .M X O AQ fi:-:' 1 'V A Q 719 x JMX ff If fv..v1 igx ,rf-XXX ff X Z-A Y ,, ff "KX .X N F5 dx ffi tgggllqtr .56 FOOTBALL STARTEHS Row 1: l.. Olson, D. Rosenberg, R. Butler, G. Greeley, F. Peters, I. Knutson, B. Wwlls, B. lfrssrrr, I. llrrnter, B. Andwrsnrr, R liwrrrrrrln. How 2: R. Blnnski, I. Hodberrq, B. Gnvy, A. Cylnyfzkfr, l', Rrrrnfrllr-, D. Albwrrr-rr, 'l' Rt-ynrrlclsr. Hit 'em High After two successive city championships, the boom was finally lowered on the Edison football team. The Tornmies, coached by the incomparable Pete Guzy and assistant coach Pete Mankowski, were green and lacked much needed ex- perience. The team, although it lacked typical Edison size, had good spirit and was always tough right up to the final gun. Two serious injuries in a pre-season scrimmage hurt the Tornmies Very much. Al Cybyske, star right halfback, twist- ed his left knee, and Roy Butler, star tackle, broke his right hand, Al didn't see any action in the Roosevelt opener and was hampered by his weak knee the rest ol the season, Roy, playing with a cast, was used only on offense the first two garnes. FOOTBALL FIRST TEAM Row I: B. Znrbs-y, I. Knutson, B. Guzy, A. Cybysko, R, Butler, P. Roinvilln, B. Anderson, I. Ilnntor, B. Wells, I. Hedberg, R. Yotws. Row 2: F. Newham, B. Losser, B. Denorclo, D. Rosenberg, P. Pt ters, G. Greeley, D. Nrrssrfr, D. Allwrrco, T, Reynolds, I. Boker. Row 3: Mr. Monkowskr, R. Brrrrott, R. Wmiotz, D. Lndtdrd, l,, LcrClrcrrrr' r, G. Sutton, B. Grcrngurst, M. McCrody, L. Olson, R. Guzy, R. Blonslti, I. Scfrnrrzlt, K. Kobs, Mr. Gmty. A ..4.:.m,"H'1m . A. Eoqw 72 FOOTBALL SECOND TEAM How 1: R. Iohnson, D. Anderson, D. Nordlinq, D. Rossi, B. Anderson, R. Tuque, I. Wilson. Row 2: D. Lortis, B. Willow, I. Lindee, S. Anderson, K. Wojcrck, D. Guzy, D. Ewer, P. Krcxskd. How 3: Mr. Munkowski, A. Zurhey, R. Williams, B. Pierson, R. Moqierd, C. Olson, I. Bdutch, B. Kennedy, R, Druscli, I. Pike, Mr, Guzy. Hii 'em Low The team was captained by tackles Bruce Anderson and Roy Butler. Roy was also picked as the teams most Valuable player and was on the All-City Second Team as tackle. A new member was added to the coaching staff, Mr. Gil Parsons. Gil helped Louie Lopata with the sophomores and did the scouting for the team. Edison fans can look forward to a good team next year, for most of the boys back saw a lot of action last fall. Also there are some promising sophomores coming up from an extra big sophomore squad that will be riqht in there pitching to help hrinq t'he championship back to Edison. SOPHOMORE SQUAD How 1: I. Guzy, F, Gionos, I. Novitsky, I. Heqqem, B. Skille, R. Zwolensky, I. Coates, G. Iohnson, T. Bono, B. Ohnion, I. Dziedzic, R. Sorych, R. Olson, B. Ccxrlson, B. Reiners. Row 2: E. Gosselin, I. Ldine, C. Molcind, E. Peorson, I. Skedte, I. Bootmon, K, Berlin, D. Ddy, A. Woldcch, R. Sherrord, D. Iocobson, I, Fischer, B. Ludqdte, L. Ddrr. Row 3: Mr. Lopdtu, R. Neumann, T. Iohnson, I. Gustoson, R. Barrett, I. Iockson, I. Grim- slidw, G, Shoppe, D. Gustafson, D. Ioyce, R. Holmberq, B. Antinozzi, B. Sornsen, D. Evonqelist, I, Heddedn, I. Pierce, G. Wilson, Mr, Parsons. Page 73 -'-nur f 6 . fer Our Coaches: l'. M Inkovlswi, P. Guzy, L. Lopoto, G, Parsons Our Captains: B. Anderson and R. Butter with Couch Guzy Yea Team The Tommy men after leading 6 to U in the opening game with Roosevelt were defeated l4 to 6 by a determined Roosevelt team. The next game with Henry was played on a rain soaked gridiron. After taking another early 6 to O lead, the Tommies were downed 26 to 6. After trailing 6 to O at halt time in the Washburn game, the Tommies came out in the second half and beat Washbu1'n l4 to 6. ln the Southwest game the Tommies had a l2 to U lead at halt time, but after having a fourth quarter touchdown called back, they lost l3 to 12. The Marshall game was our homecoming. The score was 7 to 7 at halt time, but after a bitterly fought second hall, Marshall came out on top, l4 to 7. The next game was with the city champions, Central. The Tommies were up lor this one, but Central hit icr two long touchdown passes and won l3 to U. The North game wound up the season, and the Tommies came out victorious by a l4 to 6 score. Alberico gains Cybyske scores Washburn Washburn Yugo 74 Durand scores Heywood scores Marshall Roosevelt Champicms fit t'11 1-1 tttitlttt 1 ut thw ttlht t1.1:ati11ti111tt :sv11sc111, tVtf11sh11lt .1111t t'1111t111t W11111 .N .. ' 111 11 t t.1t111,1 .'1t1 1'tl1ltllfll1lll5SlllD. Attt1111111:'t 11t 1t, 1t1Qt111o l,L'tl1lfJIl 1111:f1tq11tt1.1tt . 1 , 1 , . t- 1 11 lt 1 1111 1 .xavii t,1-1111: l.111111t11 W111k11c't1,1tt with thc C1ty ho11c11S. Tho 11111111 twct th 1 1 11111 with i1UVNtl wins .1111t 111111 loss. 011111111 had f1 TQCOTIQ mt six wi11s 11111t 1 1 .1 1 111 tfi11::.111 t1.1vi1111 Wllll 111111 lllfltli' 13111110 towli tho City titt111111 11 111'111'1111t 1 11 1 1111. this1'.111111.1t11111t t1o1'.111so dttliltltl tho th1Cw wcwk scfhfvot St1it411C1111t111t 111 1 1tt111w -1.1111u:: vvt1it11Hl1s1111,t1c'Q51i1SOOtr1t1yQ 0110 ot those w11Oks,st4i111'111.t 1 11tx 11111, lVl.ltlY pvopto di1t11't thiiik that Edison was the tvettor tG.llll, i111t thu t 1111 11:1 :111ow1xt thvv Wow tllllll c7h:1111pir111s ivy Waltcihq Ott with tho tlistrivt I7 1 h 1111 11111:ft111x Thr- Distrivt t7 t11111'1111111c211t has tho ti1st Qiqht lO6llllS 111 thw city t1 1 1111 .'.111111vt111t1, :111 t'f1ii::o11 111111111 took i1c111orQ1ivO1tl1Q mst ot tho City. ltl tho t1 tlul 1 51 t1 'ttllttltllxllll 1t111 T11111111i11s w111'11 dvtcmtod 111 their tif-st 11111110 hy tl11t.11111. I111 11 li? 'fttrltl 111 t.1t411 t1111'.111s11 ill 11 DtU':51fll5Oll 111x1QtiCo 131111111 with D11t11111,1 thu t1 1111u1'11'w1111y.111ui111111t, Heywood scores Schleisman scores Marshall Marshall P1111 'X'- CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM Row l: B, Hmick, B. Andvrson, I, Hudobo, M. Durand, C. Heywood, D. Rosenberg, l.. Olson, I., Schloismfm, l. Ftrikwi: Row 2: A. Ziiylwy, B. Ziirbey, D. Cwiizy, l. Ncvgk, R. Guzy, D, Alberico, I. Srliiiiictt, T. Reynolds, Hall the This championship team was the third Mr. Lopata has coached since cotiiing li, Iiwiriiholiii, Mi. Loptitrx. to Edison eight years ago. The team as a whole was well balanced. lt had size, good shooting, and a very good defense. Another important factor was the depth it had. The top seven players were all capable of being starters. The team could hit from any place on the floor, and every game there was a different high scorer. The team picked up three trophies the City Championship trophy, the District 17 trophy, and the Region 5 Consolation trophy. The Tommies hit their peak in the Central game. After taking the lead at the beginning of the game, they kept it the rest of the game and won an important victory. Their best comeback was in the Twin City game against St. Paul Washington. After being down ten points going into the fourth quarter, they came within three points of winning. All City C. Heywood L. Loputu displays watches L. Schleisman victory qrin Page 76 SCORES Edison. W, -.. 39 Henry .. . Edison A,A, ,W 54 North - . . ., . Edison- . - - - , , 53 Washburn Edisoncw-, .. ., 47 Vocational Edison-. do -U 35 Central C Edison-.--- no 67 Marshall ,W Edison .... -W 38 South - .. Edisono. --.. A A 33 Roosevelt , Twin City Edison ,,s, H, 50 St. Paul Wil District Edison W H- 46 South W.-. Edison 44 Vxfashburn Edison .,., M- 52 Marshall c.. Region BASKETBALL STARTERS Edjggn - DQIHNO VV tE?f.?.','.2ii,,'1-f1'f5i31t,?.:t.5ttJ'f'iiil1:Ti1g,, ?t?nSrt?2,:..t,'E. Ag:tT.'St'Hf D' Hama - 54 si. clara .. Champs Loo Sclileisman captained the team, and big Charlie Heywood led the team in lrvoring and also came in third in the city scoring race. individual honors were given to the iollowing: Charlie Heywood, All City, All Districty Leo Schleisman, All City Second Team, All District, All Regional, Bruce Anderson, All District, All Eegionaly Myles Durand, All Regional. Even though Lloyd Olson, Duane Rosenberg, and lim Baker didn't receive any outstanding awards, they did more than their share in winning games. The team deserved everything they won, lor there never was a better bunch ot kids or a nicer guy than Louie Lopata. Out ot the first ten, only two will be back next year. They are lim Baker and Dick Alborico. Since Baker is the only regular back, he will be team captain. Gil Parf sons liecanie sophomore basketball coach and directed the sophomore team to second place in the sophomore league. The Tommies will be out to make it two straight next year. Schleisman scores Vocational Olson scores Vocational Page 77 ATHLETIC BOARD OF CONTROL Row 1: Mr, Miller, Mr. Lopotu, Mr. Samuelson, Mr, Pile, Mr. Liemohn, Mr, Guzy. How 2: Mr, Parks, Mi, Parsons, Mi. Ludloid, Mr. Gundborq, Mr. Munkowski, Mr. Humrin. For Blue and Gold The Athletic Board ol Control is composed of all the coaches, a taculty manager, and the principal. Their main duty is to decide on the letter winners in the vari- ous sports. The above picture is not only of the Board of Control, but it is a picture ot one of the best all around coaching staffs in the city. When you think of Edison's Cross Country team, you have to think ot Dave Gould. Dave has been the mainstay of the team for three years. This year Dave's course run of 9 minutes and 57 seconds broke the old Edison record ot lO minf utes and l second, and later on he broke his own record by running the course in 9 minutes and 40 seconds. The team placed ninth in the city meet, with Dave cominq in eleventh place, and seventeenth in the state meet, with Dave cominq in sixth place. Leading prospects for next year are Bob Hartley, Iere Bossman, and Boy Gadbois. CROSS COUNTRY B. Buxton, B. Godbois, I. Sclionebcium, D. Gould, A. Kirberqer, B. Hartley, I. Rossmrrn, W. Benqston, I. ltoqmi, l. Wcxldhoff, Mr. Miller. .au itll mfr .. A...-1 M, Page 78 HOCKEY TEAM Row I: I.. Wtildwcli, I. Schoen, B. Grunquist, D. Kotclien, G. Swunson, H. Lowinon, M. Guvic, R, Drnscli. How 2: Mi, Giinlwity, T. Iltnlii-n, S. Koiin, D. Palm, G. Bruins, W. Bond, I. MCCKIYIII, S. Sopczyk, I. Pikt-, II. Lltw::.:.'liii Snow Men The hockey team got a new coach this year, Mr. Dwight Gunberg. The team won 5, lost 4 and tied I, to wind up in third place in the city league. The team was captained by Howie Lawrnan. A highlight of the season was when Howie scored six goals against Marshall. With Mr. Gunherg as hockey head we should lie seeing some good teams at Edison. Mr. Ludfords ski team added a trophy to the trophy case by winning the Breck Invitational Tournament. The ski team wasn't allowed to place in the city meet lnecause it had no entries in the jumping event. The captain and leading skier ot the team was ninth grader Don Zebro. The team is very young, and everyf lwody will he hack next year, so they'll he eyeing the city championship next season. SKI TEAM Left: D. Zi-Inn. Right, How 1: D. Zebro, D. Olson, D. Berg, T. O'Biien, I. Mt:Corry, VV. Stvwcnrt. Row 2: G. twlinpp-, I. 'I'niiiczyk, D. Iloliiilwm, I. Potty R. Stohl, P. Ilklnt-rg, Mr. Lndtorct. JJ' 1. Q . ., r . N . Q N is XSS 1. kt. , ,Q 2 Z,-,W Q . , , . L ...sus M ! N, k K .Q x Q iw- f ss s sq X - , f Q xqxh A... . A I . 1 sgzwwk ' - ' W. Ii.. I7 iwawwa 'I' I -T X- ' 91 ii . 5- gs AN .M .Me :xi - I 4' t I N 5 wp.. I Page 79 WRESTLING TEAM Bow 1: I. Peters, I. Beck, I. McCann, I. Hunter, R. Butler, P. Rcinville, D. Shelton, B. Budnick, D. Gould, B. Iohnson, G. Iohns. Row 2: G. Izlnqlund, D. Shelton, I. Woldhoft, D. Beresni, R. Lenort, D. Rossi, B. Prxrkm, tt. Cuzy, H. Grivncr, R, Enrooth, Mr. Munkowski. Ready, Wrestle The wrestling team, now in its second year atter being brouqht back as an active sport, finished in third place in the city league. The team had a record of tour victories and two defeats. Captained by Roy Butler and Pat Rainvill, the team improved from last year's sixth place team. The more the experience qrows, the higher the team will rank, and soon there will be championship wrest- linq teams at Edison. Four Edison wrestlers went to Hastings to represent Min- neapolis in the reqional tournament. They were Pat Rainville, Iim McCann, Bob Budnick, and Iohn Peters. Three Tommies, Pat Rainville, Iim McCann, and Bob Budnick, took first place in their division in city competition. Two, Hoy Butler and Bruce Hoyt, took second place. With Iim McCann, Bob Budnick, and Iohn Peters back, the team should be very stronq next year. R Butler and P. Ratnville start practice match I. Peters, B. Budniclt. G. Iohns. P. Mankowski, I McCann check scores Page 80 X TRACK TEAM Row I: R. Tique, B. Scrckcrrioson, D. Gould, R, Millmon, W. Denurdo, D. Wodotz, P. Ohlin, G. Weir. Row 2: G. Gorlctnd, R. Skolicky, D. Mokowske, M. McCrody, W. Cotter, R. Borrett, A. Bodick, I. Dennis, Mr. Miller. Get Set The success of Mr. Miller's track team was due to two senior point getters, cap- tains Bill Cotter and Iohn Dennis. Cotter in the shot put event took first place in the Carleton meet and in the City meet, and second place in the Metropolitan meet, St. Thomas relays, and the State meet. Dennis took first place in the high jump in the St. Thomas relays and first place in the high jump and broad jump in the City meet. Cotter set a new Edison shot put record by throwing it 49 feet, 9 inches. This topped the record of 48 feet, 7 inches, set by Floyd Iaszewski in 1945. Next year's team will be led by Dave Gould. Mr. Parks became the new swimming coach. With Denny Markuson the only returning letterman, Mr. Parks didn't have a chance to make a good showing. After a building process, Edison should have a winning swimming team. SWIMMING TEAM ' Row 1: D. Morkuson, I. Polm, B. Shoneboum, B. Chorsko K Berlin B. Colle! shows form lh Sho! put Row 2: Mi, Forks, W. Okerstrom, F. Roessler, R. Rymorchick Page Bl .ann hm.- ., M BASEBALL TEAM Row 1: l., Sclileismcrn, W. Dziedzic, I. Uchcxnski, D. Dunk, l. Cloutiel, F. Vorptr, I. Ylllicrrdt, F. Rag, Row 2: Couch Guzy, T. Reynolds, D, Allie-rico, I, Boker, I. Dziedzic, D. Guzy, A. Cybysake, P. Ruxnvtlle, 'l'. Ittxrlwn, Play Ball The Tommy nine opened up the l95O season as defending state champions and looked as if they would repeat. With eight returning regulars, Coach Guzy and the entire student body had high hopes. The Tommies looked like true champions as they swept through the Northern Division undefeated, and sent into a best two out of three series with the Southern Division champion, Central. The Edison-Central series will be remembered by city sports fans for a long time. After Winning the first game, behind the excellent pitching of Dick Dank, they dropped the next two. The last game of the series was one of the best ever witnessed in the city play-offs. Carl Thomas, Central's number one hurler, had to pitch a no-hitter to top the smooth pitching of Ierry Cloutier l to U and stop Edison's bid for another state championship. Mgr. Dunk singles Uchunski singles Marshall Marshall Page B2 Q l S C l ORES 1 Edisoncn.. ,H 18 Marshall A Edison--, ., 9 Henry N- Edison . v. U- l4 Henry --c- Edison ..,., ,U 20 Vocational Edisonu- , 7 Vocational Edison o,v, - W 8 North E-- Edisonw, - U, ll North U, Edison .o,,. , 5 Marshall , City Playoff Edison--, - 8 Central aw W T Edison .,-.. , 4 Central --. DUG-OUT SCENE I ini 1 ii ta iirfi', i'. x f.ii t-ti, 1 2 ii tiiii ville, ii. I J.tii lt, Mi. army. Edisonn. - U Central -,- Batter Up Led by cobcaptains lerry Cloutier and Walt Dziedzic, the Tornniies had good pitching, powerful hitting, and near perfect fielding. The pitching staff, consist' ing of Leo Schleisman, Dick Dank, and lerry Cloutier, was the best in the city. Walt Dziedzios power hitting and lerry Uchanski's consistent hitting helped make the team the most feared in the city in that department. ln the fielding de- partment there wasn't one weakness. Everybody played heads-up ball. Highe lights of the season were Walt Dziedzios and Dick Dank's well hit horne runs ever Nicollet Parks left field wall in the North games, and Leo Schleisrnan's no-hit pitching in the second game with Henry. The Tornrnies placed four on the All City Team: Dziedzic, catchery Uchanski, outfield: Schleisrnan, pitcher: and Clou- tieii second base. With regulars Leo Schleisrnan and Al Cybyske back plus rnern- l-ers of the Eire and Police Legion Team, Edison can look forward to another fine twill team for the lflbl season. Schleisman's out Vorpe waits Central Marshall Page 83 TENNIS TEAM Left: K. Monnmq. Right: D. Abbott, L. Thompson, K. Manning, I, Knutson, B. Anderson, B. Parkin, A. llcivdriy, C. Iohnson, D. Dimes. Deuce! Fore! The tennis team, under the capable coaching of Mr. Hamrin, and captained by Kenny Manning, had a successful season, winning six and losing tour. Kenny Manning was not only the best player on the team, but he was also one ot the best in the city. With regulars Bruce Anderson, Bill Parlcins, and Chuck lohn- son back next year, the Tommy tennis team has hope for a good season. The Tommy golfers under Coach Liemohn wound up the season in a tie lor second place in the city league with a record of seven wins, two losses, and one tie. ln the District tournament the Tommies came in just two points behind the champion, Washburn. The team was captained by Lloyd Qlson and the leading golfers were Lloyd Olson and Bill l-lauclc. With Clson, l-lauck, and Harold Lie- mohn back next year, the Tomrnies will have a strong team and should be a serious threat tor the city championship. G O L F T E A M Lellz H. lfonwfiy, l.. Olson, G. Croft, H. Lirmolin, B. Hrnick, Right: li, llfitrvk, l, Ulsf-n Page B4 BASEBALL I. CLOUTIER if 133 R. DANK 'A' W. DZIEDZIC 'ki' 131 I. ELI'-IARDT13l F. ROG 'A' L. SCHLEISMAN i F. VORPE 137 I. UCHANSKI 131 I. BAKER A. CYBYSKE T. I-IARLIEN 1Mqr.1 i' TRACK A D. MAKOWSKE W. CO'I'I'ER it 'A' A. BODICK I. DENNIS 'ii' i' D. GOULD 137 I. HALVORSON C. GUSTAFSON 'lf I. NEUMAN 'A' G. GARLAND 1MqrJ B. SACKARIASON uwqm TENNIS L. THOMPSON K. MANNING 'ki' 132 I. KNUTSON B. ANDERSON B. PARKIN A. I-IAYDAY C. IOHNSON i' D. DIMOS D. ABBOTT BASKETBALL B. HAUCK B. ANDERSON 'A' I. HUDOBA 'A' M. DURAND C. I-IEYWOOD i' D. ROSENBERG 'A' L. OLSON 'A' L. SCI-ILEISMAN it i I. BAKER A. ZURBEY 1MqrJ Q B. SWANHOLM 1MqrJ i' Letter Winners FOOTBALL GOLF SWIMMING D. ALBERICO CONWAY D. MARKUSON 'H' f B. ANDERSON if A- OLSON 'Hr tat I. PALM J. BAKER GOEE B. CHORSKE R. BARRETT LIEMOHN K. BERLIN R. BLANSKE HAUCK if W. OKERSTROM R. BUTLER if if F. ROESSLER A- CYBYSKE "' CROSS COUNTRY 3 352530 BURTON HOCKEY B' GUZY GADBOIS B. BONA I. HEDBERG GOULD H' m G- BRUTNS I. KNUTSON HARTLEY E- GOSSEUN M, LGCHANCE ROSSMAN R. GRANOUIST if M. MCCRADY T- HUNTER D' NASSER D. KOTCHEN F. NEWHAM WRESTLING H. LAWMAN H141 L. OLSON BECK fr I- MCCANN "' F. PETERS PETERS I. SCHOEN if P. RAINVTLLE if MCCANN D- SCHOEN T. REYNOLDS HUNTER 1- L- WAI-DOCH D. ROSENBERG BUTLER M if T' HARUEN Mg", I. SCHMIDT RAINVILLE -Hr 'A' G. SUTTON SHELTON if R. WADATZ BUDNICK if ' SKIING w. WELLS GOULD R. BERG if P. KRASKA1MqrJ IOHNSON P. EKBERG 1. PIKE uvlqm O. IOHNS R. HOLMBERG J. STREETER1M9'l'J ROYT A D. KOELFGEN A. ZURBEY cmqm if PARKINS 1Mgr.1 D. OLSON - T. O'BR1EN 1. PETE H' Cf'P'Gi" G. SHOPPE if 'A' Letterman R. STOHL 'A' 131 Third letter I- TOMCZYK 10 Fourth letter D' ZEBRO it CHEERLEADERS B. AMMEND13l IR-N H. BURKHOLDER I. BURKHOLDER 1? 1 L. BURKHOLDER -nf A 'ii -5- -' R. CROSSMAN13t 7' D. DERBIS m M. HANSEN if S. GOODRIE A- C. HERMSTAD -A Pace 85 How l: l, Eifwdffirri xi, M. lnwlmi r, M. lwinoinq, D. Deutsch, S. Grllrver. Row Le!! to nqh! Aide 2: fl. Wiiifi, l. l'iuiiu--ll, ll, luisit-ri, M. 'l'lior:4Cn, K. l'lQriiitrri5nn. Shuttleboard Sliutllelwoard is one ot the sports that is tauqht in the recrea- tional dairies class. Each qirl chooses a partner and they prac- tice until they necoirio skilled enouqh to play other pairs. Then the winners have the privileqe ot playing aqainst other schools. Volleyball is much more popular now with the girls than it used to he. Tho younqer qirls use qirls' rules, but the older girls play just the :maine as the hoys. lt is definitely a team sport. For this reason skills iiiusl he practiced rnany days in class before tho actual frames: are played. Volleyball How l: M l'fiul flu l lruzwii, M. llrruty, .l. llciliriiti V. llipr-lftiii-7 Row 2 l liuirfiiii,l.lii1ll1llvilit'i. i 3 "" - il 1 is Q 1 ling. ut: A h k ' f ll ' I Row 1: L. Segerblom, B. Roddy, I. Hedmcm, I. I-lerdey, P. Rossenberger, A. oc ey game in u swmq Norton, M. Handy, N. Larsen, G. Turnquist, M. Grossnicin, C. Erpeldinq l.. Iohnson. ll Softball When spring rolls around, the boys are not the only ones who become interested in baseball. The girls also have a touch ot the fever and show it in their action-packed games. Tourna- ments are played among the classes, and then later the winners play other grades. Field hockey is much like ice hockey. lt is played on a sixty by one hundred yard field. A small white leather-covered ball is used, and a stick very similar to an ice hockey stick. Only the senior 'high-schcol girls participate in this sport. Field l-locke Mrs. Conover Y How l: S. Wallis, B, Weber, N. Fournier, M. Nelson, C. Owen, B. Sdndin, I. Hsfich, M. Larson, F. Zcxmor, lvl, Lcxusen, I. Truzinski, H. Burkholder. Row 2: I, Beck, B. Hanson, N. Larsen, G. Turnquist, M. Holm, S. Peterson, B. Milnor, I. Farr, M. Sztuk, P. Mohn, B. Lcyeur, I. Hdbermgn. Page 87 to right: It itil-.iii .y ss, Utiiiiis-it, iz, Kay, v. Dtlflflftll A class Prudicinq badminton Skills Badminton Badminton is not confined to one season ot the year, but is played anywhere at any tinie. Many qirls are fortunate enouqh to break into the professional field lay havinq an expert spot them. Nationally larnous badminton players have started out this way. The physical education teachers choose once a year a qroup ot qirls to he in the leadership class. They must have outstanding ability in sports and satis- factory grades. Alter they have been in this class tor a year, they are eliqililo to lwconie -iyin assistants. Leadership C , v How l: l.. llvrlwi, M. iuzliik, M, ffiiiir'-l, B, llcinson, l. Sitfiiw, M. Rocitin, H. ltolilor, H. Svliwpl, l. luitiwon, I, 'l'tirtif,iir, li Wilsoii, M. Mmilwrifzrsx, l.. Bioiktunft, l, W.1cJiit'r, B. Roddy. Row 2: l, 'l'orii:'t'liv, G. Cliiisltvfiifiviw, ll l.vliii:::iii, M Piililsmi, C. llrpvlfliiirq, I. Burklioldei, H. grown, R. Skwfxnek, V. Kvck, l. liwlpiiimii, M Htinziy, I. i. mlsoii, ll. liiniii win, l.. ljK1klKJ,l,.5L,ljk'llJl41tlt,D. lloqtri. Puqf- 88 Bqskeiban mam in acnon. Left to right: I. Cook, I. Pluck, M. Regan, M. Cligntl S. Peterson, I, Carlson. Basketball Girls get almost as enthusiastic about basketball as boys do. Their rules are very much like the boys' rules. There is a chance for most girls to play on teams, because this sport is played intermurally. The Racket Club is open to the senior high girls and boys. At present the girls outnumber the boys. The Racket Club has officers and monthly meetings just like other clubs. Badminton is played most of the year with opportunities for playing in national competition, This year's tournament was held March 28, 29, 30. Tennis is also played when the weather permits. Racket Club Left to right: D. Bntherus, S. Bnnqert, V. Dreqqer, I, Iohnson, M. Hoqloid, Pros., l. Flclvin, A. Hmuwen, R. Kny, l. Wolstruni. Page 89 fy gg '..'.-'-',-v- r 1 8? W s, Ib, wx igiviff' xi MI L yy sf --iv I x T , , 5... ' -yi i r Ms Iwffg, Row l: M. II-insznn, Ii, I' ipr-, I, -lrnnlin, M. Lotqrrin, I.. Ludlord, I-I. Ryman- Lei! lo right: I, Steph-12,1 I I ni. r. IJ I' in I I inn nwslzr How 2: N. I' inn' I I.. Iolirisstrtrr, I. Hmrrr, I, Stephens, M. Kane-ski, P. Z--nu' M Ulm, n Golf and Table Tennis Competition was close and keen in qolt this year, but under the careinl instrnr-- tion of Miss Barton, Edison remained champion tor the fourth year. A sterlinrr silver pin was awarded to each qirl. Table tennis is tauqht in the recreational qames class. At the beginning of the year each qirl chooses a partner, and they compete in tournaments in pairs the rest ot the year. A letter "E" is qiven for outstandinq work, quality ot sportsmanship, and aca demic standinq. A qirl must serve on seven All'Star learns to reweive a letter. This letter is the major qirls' sports award. Letter Winners Row l: M. Ilvktiwifq, V. Hryrrn, II. Itnsfsirnk, M. It-rdee. Row 2: D. Kocon. H Irvine Row 3: I lltnniltnrr, B. Arnrnnnd, M. Cherry, B. Hurrle, Lei! to right: I. Wrrlsrtrorn, It Ilylz r, I.. lhftwrn- n Inuit- SIU ow l: I, lirrlw-.wk G. Mtrnswn, K, 'l'.1clrr-ny. How 2: N. Knusel, How 1: S. Lord, I, Howmcl, I.. Uznbnk, I. Brooks, M. Roliboirt, C Y ltrrllu-ii, A. I'oitlrrrirw. Row 3: N. Olson, H. Fvuns, L, Iolinson. Miller. Row 2: IF. Doknnivk, K, Monqovvn, M. Peterson, A. Mm Row 4: ll. llnli---i, uf, kfnnklin, H. Inlmrzon, kelf-y, C. Hindorrncrn, P, Golluqlivr. Speed Ball and Tennis Spntxlltall is .1 cross between soccer and basketball. lt is a combination ol printing, drop kicking, and forward passing. There are eleven players on a toani, and the gatne is played on a field one hundred yards long. ln the tennis class girls are taught the essentials of the game, They spend about forty-five minutes of class time drilling on the forehand, backhand, and serve. This year the girls participated in national tournaments. Any girl who has had leadership training automatically becomes a gyrn assistant. Only eleventh and twelfth grade girls are assistants. These girls have the responsibility of organizing and conducting gym classes. Gym Assistants Row 1: D. Kovon, S. Pr-riluon, I. Iolmswn, Lf 'l'r'r1lt1iifl, II, Inrkfmirit, A. lnscrter, M. Clurlz, P. Stmrcrk. Row 2: V, ltrwmt-r-, R. lkftrriskn, lf, Porioncln, F. Dolvlufli, G. Kulkfry, O. Olsson, I, l'lt1Vlll. Row 3: M. Lofqren, D. Snort: G. Coulter, H. Kupnlrr, D. Butliorus, ll. Nvuvn- Ld! to riqht: I 'rn Iwi r...--ri It 1:1 Iwlui.1vr',S.ll1lwy. fwlclt, E. Moqdcr. Page 91 HE road became worse and worse, and as night fell, Dorothy and the Scarecrow came to a dark forest. The hranches of the trees met over the hrick road so that it was hard to tell where the woods began and the road ended. The Scarecrow kept watch and when morning came they were sarprised to see a poor Tin Woodman who had rusted till he coa1dn't move. He groaned to them to oil him, which they did, and then he told them of the wicked witch who had enchanted him and destroyed his heart. Dorothy told him of the Great Oz, so he, too, journeyed with them, earnestly seeking a heart. HE heart of life at Edison is the many social activities in which all the students can participate. Homecoming and holidays are celebrated with vigor and zest. The school year is filled with parties, plays, and get-togethers at which the students throw aside routine rituals and enjoy them- selves. Vaudeville displays new talent, the seniors present a class play, the Student Council sponsors a fund raising dance, proms form memories, and assemblies provide variety. School life is the heart of Edison, and through it, the students find the happiness which is the best thing in CHUUL LIFE g...- W M Qi M m 1 Am W 1EM M fd ,W X w ,M X Q. MX ' f X Q 1 EW , ,f ff 4 A G O d a XJ ' X fl . N fs Q X g - . :- 0 N Q 1 fg Ll-X ' i- X X I ff , Y- '-TX N f A . Nev-S A IT .Q Homecommg 1 1 ' Cage the Cardinals lfaqe 94 X W 4:-yiswgm Upper left: Homecoming Queen, Mary Beth Elcberq, arrives ' s on the field between halves .,.. Upper right: Celia Clark, A N , lulie-An Heldberq, and Marlene Reshetar, join leanne Q ffm E A f Traun as attendants to the Queen. Carol Trowbridge, also X wi. W an attendant, was unable to be present .... Lower left: ' Mary Beth Ekberq ..., Lower right: Chnerlearlffrs, B. S' Syndet, B. Amruend, M, Hanson are all set to release blue Q and gold balloons. il r Greatest Show Cn Earth Upper lett: Pwitnowtnq stand with L, Svqerblom and M. Fmnkn cms tuwmts.. . ,Upper right: Pnrchctsinq their tivkwts twin S. Dmqo tux- Cv, Haus, B. Peterson, and L. Iohn- son .,.. Center right: Fortune-telling booth .... Lower right: Thv dtnt-throwing stand was one ot the great crttruuticms ..., Lower left: Spanish Cluh's tent. The Gr:-ntvst Shnvv nn Earth was spnnsnrvd by the Student Chun- t-il. .CWYTH Sami' Pczqe 95 X 4 D .,. V- SP. 7 is M , A S - 'Qs 9 Y S . "f',,i?,f. f. 4 fi-fx,-1 WS,-.Q Q 3 " K ' v iii. xx? ' fxgfkgf x J? ' - 'Q-V A ' -1-:fm w 4 -, f A bwg. Lg aw . .... i ag Q 4 Q .5 ' ' , A 13 bi gf . 0.47 ' X f' ' Sw WJ , , 3 X K ,gi i f- A :wg , N W we J Y fi,,,afw5, 1 . , SX f-E -5:-::i:jf1 Q -W gigs? Q we. Y, ,N gm-Q shim M . : my pg? "M 4? 'T Mc. 42:9 . ,. W Q- " w s fb .b:L..:s:-Wi.: - Mx '- rw Q , - 8 if mqfggffg Q iii .. N qfqig- .3 i, Q M- N vw K I y A H,gf'l" 'af Q 3' si , ' 3g,,.i'f ta- Qs. ig Qxgsh . M by Jef I is xv vs li A fl . I Q35 'UW' ,..Q- W N I Q ag . gf ff sr x ' :ip ' ,,,. Q , 1,55 is 1 R fl 4. W.. -N N.. Q X .N f -Q T., 5 Y ' f 5 Q " L 5 ig 2 X A Q 15 A v Q! w. Awww xo H' 'Nw QQ' N X. X 'RQ . . o will .,- Around School Upper left: Mr. ond Mrs. Howell clomonslrotirmq qllxss lwlow ing in assembly. Upper riqhi: lfclisorfs hull qulmls ll. Low mon, R. Sundlurq, W. Crnmmoucl, ll. Koellqnn, U. Slmllou with Mx. Cozlo qs supervisor .... Cenier left: Driver Imininq class with Mr. Hlllllflll us telurlwr umll M. Williomb D. A?ilIl1SC7SliY, ond li, Gunflorsou wrxlchiuq .... Lower lefi: Top. H. Burlcholder. Second row: I. Buxhlcholder, D. Der bls, B. S1 yder, M. Hcmson. Third row: CT. llrrxlxsalml, 5. Cmonl Ile, B. Auxnvfml, l,, Bllrkllolclwr, null ll. Cxossux-rn. . Lower right: Miss lrilmslfn vlmwlcirlq 111 lxlnssl ulw-:z lfoqe QE With a Camera Upper lett: Soundprootinq the auditorium ceiling .... Upper riqhtzu Painting one of the classrooms .... The Complete redocoratinq job took over six months .,.. Center right: Mrs. Hansen with speech correction students. . . . Mirrors aid students in learning correct pronounciae lion. . . . Lower left: lunior officers: I. Dicaire, Treasq H. Woolmer, Soap I. Novack, Presq I. Baker, V. Pres .... Lower riqht: Reading problems under guidance of Miss Rcqors. - st sgggiiftgts. . ,.,..s ...r., i Q .gap L s Page 99 W B10 ,,,... . Aft, A """ givin- lLlU SENIOR CLASS PLAY "I Remember Mama" Upper left: Being served scidds by ll Qsfllllfl me if 'lliww liiidqe and I. Anderson .... Upper right: Mr. Hyde CG. Lindl qives his niqliliy Ieiidinq. SE'xIl5lfl Hhlllllfl lliu trliilri die S. Dmqe, C. Brandi, R. Snleni, l. fiiidersriii, C. Tinw bridqcv, I. Heldhsrq ..., Center left: Mr. find Mrs. Tlini- lcolsen KC. Brandt ond K Edinmil beuniinq nl tlivii pride ixnti joy. . , Lower left: Dqqmnr. played by S. Weselendlc holds her pei "Unr'le lzllizfibelli ' '... Lower right: Third row: D. Muiusovic, I. Hedberg, G. Miller. P. Krcxsko, G. Lind, K. Edmun, C. Gromok, D. Gould, Miss Garlmid. Second row: H. Heqqem, M, Alberq, l. Heldberq, S. Dmqe, l. Anderson, R. Salem, C. Trowlaridfle, M. lorqensen C. Brfmdt. First row: H. Cliclikfl, N. Morin, C. Bryon, M. Ekbeiq, L. Tiicwiiipswri, l. Ford, M. Ccipevrilinr. STUDENT COUNCIL Vaudeville Upper left: Avtizm in "Cwtton Timo" is I. Tlionipson, H, Ash- viutt, li. Nmlium, fx. Tlzmiiv, l. Andoison .... Upper right: lvl. Vniiilco, ll. Snaiv, I. Silnloriicio, and B. Aniniend from "Hfii'mii Hiqliliqhtsf ',., Center right: Scene from "Bill Spiltnmw find His All'Girl 0I'ChOSll'G.' '... Lower left: ll, Hoyt and B. Hunlo qivo us CI scene from "Rustic Rhap- sodyf ',.. Center lower: M. lorqenson and K. Edmun ivlrbsli tlicii Il1CI1lUl'lCS in "Alphabetical Anecdotes." . . . Lower riqht: Swnyinq to the time of "Tennessee Waltz" um L. lvlinsnn cnizl P. Fitzqefrtild. Two cicts not sliown here: "Kitten on the Keys" and "M0iiioi'ies." Full stcqo first Gnd smtoiifi prizes: "Rustic RlitipsCc'ly," and "Alphabetical Anas dotvsf' Front stnnv tiist nncl second prizes: "Bill Spittoone and llis All-Girl Oivliostiuf' and "Guys und Gals." C-T' ei Page 101 QUIPS AND IAME llberg, Marian ----- lmmend, Barbara lnderson, Barbara -- lnderson, Bruce A.,. lnderson, Donna --- lnderson. lanet ---- tndrusesky, Dorothy- lshcroft, Harriet Iarnes, Marilyn leck, lames - .,,,, - lenz, Barbara .,,,.. ierg, Arlene ,,,,,,,. lerger, Eleanor ...,, , Elaine, Iune ,,..,,,. llommer, Lois ..,... llumer, Shirley ----- Loardman, Diane ---- toesser, Kathryn --- loehm, Peter ------- Korn, Mark .-------- Ioker, Donald --.--- trandt, Carole ------ lruins, Bernard truins, Gerald ------ lrya n , Ca rol -------- iuczynski, Frances lurkness, Ianet ----- lurton, Ronald ----- lutler, LeRoy -.----- Iarlson, Gwen ------ Zarlson, Ray --.---- Zarpentier. Darlene-- Zarpentier, Marlene- Zhan, Eleanor --.- .--- Iherry, Marion ----- Ihristenson, Vernon - Zhristich, Don -.---- Ihudiak, Marlene Ilark, Celia ------ .- Ioulter, Gerry ------ Iramcnd, Walter ..-- Zrossman, Romayne - Zummings, Bob ----- Iybyske, Al --.----- lawson, Dale ------ tawson, Ianet -.---- Jenardo, Bill ------- Derbis, Donna ------ Dimos, Don ---- --- Jirch, Ioe ------ --- lrage, Sam -------- Durand, Myles ---- -- Jzubay, lean ------- Zarly, Pat ----. ---- Idman, Karl -------- listen, Marjorie ----- Zkberg, Marv Beth -- Ikland, Shirley --.-- Zklund, Bruce .----- Imerson, William Innis, Ronald ------ Irlckson, Ioan ------ Ivertz, Max --- 'ord, Ianet ------ - -- 'rankc, Marilyn Barber, Ioe -------- Zeorge, Ronald ----- Bilson, lohn ------- - iodfrey, Warren ---- Fvodle wski, Gerry Boodrie, Sharon Sorski, Gerald ----- Bould, David ------- Zreene, Maxine ----- Steer, loan --------- Srover, Bev -------- Zromek, Chester ---- Sunderson, Betty Suzy. Bob ---------- tolling, Bev -.----.- iamtlton, loan ------ -lauck, Bill ------- ..- ianson, Marlene ---- 'lan5on, Ronald ---.- -larlien, Tom ------. ieggem, Howard -leldberg, Iulie ---- . lendrickson, Karl --- iermstad, Char --..- 'leywood, Charles lollis, Rosemarie .--- iloyt, Bruce --------- Hunter, Iohn -------- EARMARK loker -------- Cheering --- Long hair --- Screw ball --- Clothes ----- Blond hair --------- - Laughing ----------- Laughing with Al Glasses ------------ Closed eyes ------ .-- Nose - . ------ Shortness -- Glasses -- Iolly ------- Yapping ---- Hair -..-- -- Ouietness - Dick --------------- Ears --------------- Horn-rimmed glasses- Wavy hair Sharp bones -------- Long heinie False teeth Grin - ----- --- Talking ---- Diamond --- Shortness ---- My haircut -- Bangs ------- Ouietness ----- Being a twin ------- Smile ---------- Long eye lashes Eye lashes Eyes ----------- Wad of gum ---- Pork chops -- Talking ---- Nerve ------- Curly hair Eye lashes -- Curly hair T-shirts ----- Noisiness ------ Being quiet --- Smile -------- Smallness --- - Lonesome ------ Wavy hair -------- - Conversationalist Shortness ----------- Being late ------- --- Eyes - ------ Iazz music -- Glasses ----- Hair ----------- Straight hair --. Heinie -.----- Mustache .. Drawing rods -- With Alfred --- Red hair ---- Sleepy ----- Eyes ----- Talking ------ Curly hair ---- Science fiction -- -- -- Grinning ------ Laughing ---- Talking ----- Wavy hair ---- Legs .------ Laugh ------- Green hair -- Nose ------- Eyes -------- Rear bumper --- Bashful ----- Dark eyes --- Giggle ----- Blond hair --- Cheering --- Tallness ----- Bashful ----------- - All wound up - Curley hair --- Smile -------- Hips ------ 6'6" --- Talking -- Clothes -- Ioker --- BIGGEST THRILL Frenchmen --------- lan. 29, '49 ------- Roses -------------- Meeting Knutson ---- Iune 15, '51 ------- Class play ------ First high-heels Climbing trees --- First tricycle ------ Earning money Roller coaster ---- Life ----------------- Out at the lake ------------- Queen of Mardi Gras - Riding the bus -------- Being a senior -----.-- First bonnet --- Still waiting --- Girls ------------ First long pants -------- Lunch time ----------- Class play ------------ Making Miss Sorenson mad-- Sure it was! --------------- First prom ---------- ----- Aug. 3, '50 ----- -- Getting married -- Shaving ------------ Haven't got it yet ------ f Nov. 10, 50 --------------- Riding in a mail bag ----- Going to Canada ----- Skating -------------- Kindergarten --------- First formal ---------- Too young to have one ----- Discovery of girls ----- Boys ----------------- Going steady -------- Making tooth picks .-- Kindergarten ------- First real kiss --------- Thinking I'm alive ---- Played at Nicollet Park--- First birthday --------- Driving ---- ------ --- "Last day" of school--- Henry High -------- - She hasn't come yet--- St. Anthony's prom --- Seeing Harry ----- Basketball ---- Still waiting --- Circus ------- Class play -- Bowling --------- Homecoming -------- Go out with boys ---- First hair cut --------- Cog., N. Dakota ------ What's thrilling here? ---- Nov. 17, 51 ----.----- Coming to Edison --- When I met Betty --- Driving a Cadillac ---- School -------------- Graduating ------- Arguments -------.- Basketball games --- Driving ---------- Cheerleading ----- End of 6th period --- C. F. -------------------- Getting to 12th grade-- Playing cards -------- Driving ------------ Driving -.. -------- When I met lanet --- Football --------- Lakerettes ------- Guess ------------ Talking to Porkey --- First pair of nylons ---- None yet ----------- Being a senior --- Navy reserve ---- Homecoming -- Study --------- First formal ---- Basketball ----- People ---------.-- 9th grade choir --- Making faces --- WEAKNESS SILLY AMBITION Bow ties ------ -- Meet Clark Gablo---- Runt -------- ---- D o a can-can on TV ---- --- Blue eyes ------ ---- lohn Hunter Cherry coke Food ------ .. ---- ------ Mink and diamonds --- Making faces - ------ -- Music -------.- ---- Sleeping ---- ---- Dick ------ Dean --- Boys ------ ---- Contest -------- ---. Playing tag --- ---- Boys ---------- .-.- Comic books -- ---- Certain man --- ---- Himself ------ ---- "The thing" - ---- Certain girl ---- - ---- Ierry ------.-. -------- Ronnie Hanson ------- Girls ----------- Fudge .-.--------.... Dale .--.------.-.. V - - Mushroom sundae -- -- Girls --------.-. - ---- - Coffee and donuts --- . Bruce ---------------- Bathing suits ---, ---- Boys -..-------- - -.-- - Singing -------- . ...-- Collecting garbage Darrell ------ - ------- - Collecting garters ----- Bubble gum ----.----- Food ---.----.-- . ---- French fries --- ---- Diamonds ------ . Girls --, --------- ..----- Football players - ---- - Sleep -----------.. --.- Good-looking girls ---- Girls ---------..- .-- .- My temper ----- - ---- - Dark room tnot alonel- Anything out of reach- Homework --------.-- lohn Rabatin --------- Cute little kids ------- TV ------------ -- ---- Food ---------- S weets - - - Girls Food Food Food --- ------ Food ---..----. ....... Rose shQrpQrfil1HWiStQftQI1l1-11 Eating -----.... --.... Playing cards --- Mastro ------------ --- Dimples -----..- .----- Getting in trouble ----- Mushroom sundaes --- Coffee ---.-.-----.... Sneak in show for 12c- Food -.---.---..-..... Blond heinies -------- Girls ------------ .--. Easily sold ------.--. .. Scab sandwiches ----- Boys ---------------- Scotchmen ------- ---- Girls ----------- --.. . Water squirters ------- Beautiful girls --. ---- Food ---------- --.. Food -------- ---- Bones -- ---- Boys --- ---- Cars --- ---- March --- ---- Blondes Horses --- ---- Simmons --- --- Wylie ---- ---- Food --- --- Pete ----- ---- Gayle ---- ---- Lucille --- ---- School teacher --- ---- ---- Hair like Ioe Schmidt's ----- '51 Cadillac convertible--- loin a men's club ---- ------ GO to the moon ------- , ---- Be a football star---- ,-- -- Marry a rich bachelor-- -- Not to flunk ------- -- -- Be a vegetarian . Marry Dean ---- ,- , Woman wrestler ----- -- 5'2" in stocking feet ---- -- Flag pole sitter --.--- - Get married ---- , - Old maid ------- -- Bubble dancer ---- -- Be a man --------- -- Be a woodsman ----------- To do my homework---- - - lump off Foshay Tower .--- Trap cockroaches --------- Dig Scoop Editor's grave--- To tell stories ------------ Sleep in a morgue -------- To be single ------ -- Get rich quick ----- -- USUALLY FOUND - ,- Pete's Drugstore -lohnson's Drug Upsala, Minn. - At home - Hollywood Theater - lohnson's Drugs - lohnson's Drug - The Flag - Root beer stand - Dave's junk yard - Iohnson's Drug - Roller rink - The Flag - Y.M.C.A. - At work - Roller rink - With Fran - Dick's house - At home - Pig 'n' Bun - Home - On Central - With the guys - Around - On the phone - Swedish Hospital - At home - Driving a car Own a Casino ------- --- Everywhere Be a mortician --------- -,- On Central Straighten paper clips ------ Around Fly to the moon .------- --- lohnson's Druq Play the piano --------- --- Bandroom Clean cuckoo clocks --. . .-- lohnson's Drug Cab driver ---------- --- Anywhere To be a bookie ------ -- Bug house loin Blue Tri ---- -- Cleaners Be a model ---- --- 2547 3rd St. N. E. Get married ---- ---- W ith Dale Be a pilot --------- --- Iohnson's Drug Pres. of U. S, A. -- --- Prefabs Bubble dancer ---- ---- W .A.L.T.S. club Billboard painter --- ---.. On Central Go to Southern U.--- -- Li 5058 Get a Toni ------------ --- With Bob To get married ------------ Here and there Design gum wrappers ----- With the boys Retire at 20 --..------------ With the girls Admiral in the navy ------- At home Marines ------------- -- Ice cream bar Be a millionaire ----------- With Dumbdoorngbs Own a convertible --------- '41 Ford Swim the English channel-- Demming Honeymoon in Lapland ---- Watching TV Be a movie star ------------ Cadillac convertible To graduate ---.-.----- --- Iohnson's Drug Fat lady in the circus ------ Wherever there's food Be a model ------------,--- Columbia Heights Clam-dlgqer --------------- Most any place Return to North Dakota ----- Lake Iohanna Stand on head on Pike's Peak Wolves' Den Be a concert pianist ------ Own a Cadillac ------ -- Be a toe dancer ---------- Sleep on tombstone ------- loin a sorority ------, ----- Slide down Mt, Everett--- Be a head usher ---------- Parachute jumper ------- - Do English homework ---- loin the marines -------- To be 6 tall ------- ----,-- First woman president ---- Central Ave. - Pool hall - On Central -W.A.L.T.S. Club - Mr. Samuelson's office - Around - State Theatre - All over - Around C- lohnson's Drug More tel. no. than Ron. ----- Fishing - Where there's TV . Not at home Flying an airplane --------- Up North Drive a semi -------- ---, C . A. Be C1 bum -----,, , --M- Wolves' Den Lady wrestler --- -- Be like Hunt ,,-----,-,YYY -- With Elmer N Lowry and Central BUY ll CGI' --.----- ------ - ,- Anywhere To walk with a Zombie ----- Most anywhere To win a Hollywood Oscar- - Donna's Swim English channel ----- W.A.L.T.S. Club Own G' hot rod ------,----- At work Become an admiral -- ---- Sullivan's To be sane again ---------- N. E. Hi-y office Hitch hike to Alaska -------- Demming Be a teacher -----------,-, - Becks Work at weather bureau ---- lohnson's Drug Play with Lakers ---------- Beck's Drug Get married --------------, Around Stay in Mpls. ------------- Let my blond hair grow out- - loe's Garage Logan NAME Hurrle, Bev ......... Irvine, Barbara ..... Iakala, Iohn .......,. Iohnson, Carol ...... lohnson, Charles .... lohnson, Delores ..,. Johnson, Ierry ...... lolinson, Natalie .... loraenson, Marlys -- lurchisen, Marguerite Knutson, Albert .,... Knutson, Gerald - Kocon, Dorothy ..,.. Koehler, Clark ..,,.. Kos, Donald ..,, Kowalik, Helen ..... Kraska, Peter -W Larson, Ianet --- Lawman, Howard --- Leone, Ierry ,,-,,-,- Lind, Gerald .,.,.... Lukaszka, Elaine ,.,. Lundgren, Chell .... Mastro, Ronald ,,... McCann, Iohn W Ivfellin, LaVonne .... Miller, Valjean - Mlllman, Ronnie Mlngo, lane ,,...,.. Nekora, Michael Nisnik, Robert Norberg, Robert .... Nordstrom, Robert --- Nypan, Kenneth .... Olson, Lloyd ........ Parkins, William Peck, lean ......, Peterson, Betty ..,.. Peterson, Shirley .,.. Pheiffer, Claude .... Phillips, Robert ...., Picho, Maria --- Pinkerton, Pat ...... Plack, Gayle WAAY ,U Plumb, lack ,...,... Podany, Betty ,,,,,, P0Ppenhagen, Arlene Pratt, Lawrence .... RSCIGH, Margaret ..,. Reshetat, Marlene -- Richardson, George - Robinson, Ieanne Au Rodie, Fred -W, -,U-, Rosenberg, Duane -- Sarich, Mary Amtw H Scalzo, Larry WW'-A Schleismann, Leo W- Schmeltzer, Rita ,W SCllU1l9r, luck Yvqrr- Schoen, Ianet Yw-' M- Siblerud, Ioyce ,.,,- Siwek, foe .... Smith, Richard - Snare, Darlene - Solem, Roger -- Stevens, Richard ,... Stokowski, Mary Ann Storch, Bev ..,v Swanson, David Swanson, Ralph Thomas, Dale -- Thompson, Lucille Thompson, lack Timmers, John -Aww Trowbridge, Carol , Turner, Roderick -- Wadatz, Dick ,A,, M, Wflftner, Donna ,.,. Wagstrom, Bob -W Waldhoff, Ierry WY Walker, Mary Ann Warchol, Mary W, Warhol, Lorraine - Wells, Bill .....,, Weir, Gilbert ..,.. Weselenak, Shirley Wilderson, Betty ,.,, Worthington, David - Yunker, Dale ,....,, Zbylicki, Theresa .. Zelenack, Charles , EARMARK Ouietness ......,.... Long finger nails Black hair ,......... Hair ...,,, -- Laughing -W Big toe ..,, Big feet ..,,, Expressions W- Shoulders -. Shyness -W Hats ,,,. Runt ,,,,.. Toe nails -- Height --- Chesla .... Voice --- -- Overalls --- Books ,,.. , -- Hair ...,. .. W- Flashy clothes W Briefcase ...,.,. Eyes .,,,....... Four eyes --WWW- Art, sharp clothes Hair --.. .,..., -- Long blond hair - Sweetness ,,.,,. Drowsiness .,.,, Talking ...,, Vocabulary W- Height ,.... Hat ....,,,..... Clothes ,,.,, W ,,,, , Permanent wave ,.., Tooth ,,,,,,,,,,-,- -- Eating - ,,.... -- Grin ..,,... Blond hair ---- Laughing --- Shortness W- Shyness .W Hair - ..- - - Grin ...... Tinyness ..,, . Ears ...,,,...,. No toe nails A,.. Smile ....,... Bad ears ..,. Ouietness ..,, Brown eyes W- Tallness ..,. Dimples --- Curly hair -- Hair ,...., Laughing ...,, lazz music W- Right arm -- Ioker ,,,.,,,,.,. Silliness ,.,,, W Short finger nails Blond hair ,,,... Eyes ...,,,,,,, A AWY- Brown eyes ..... Short hair ....., Wart on big toe .... . Strength .....,. Gabby ,.,.. Smile ,,.... Ca rs ...,,,, Blond hair ,,,. Physique W- Nose ,,..,... Don't tilt it! -W Curly hair ,,.. , Stationery -- Hot rod ,.., Smile - .- Piano ....,, Red hair -W Clothes .,,. - Hair -WW - Shortness W Quietness W Haircut -W Size - ,,,.. W Smallness -- ,- Friendliness ,,,. Quietness ,... Hair ,,,,, --WWW Finger nails ---. W -- Scar on left ear,--W BIGGEST THRILL May 12, 1950 ...Y.. --- Eating .,.,,...... W First prom .....,.., W- Flying to Chicago .... -- Senior prom ......, --- Vaudeville ......,,,. -W First real hair cut .... - -- When I grew up --- W- Bud .........,,,.., W- Playing pool Y,,,,,,,. --- Student Council pres. -- --- Barb ...,..,.A,,,,.., W- Myles .,,,,,,. ..,-, - -- Caroline -- ................ - With the boys ........, Lead in Opera Pinaforeji Hunting ................... Iuly 4, 1950 ................ Taking a girl out ,,.., --- First llth grade date ,,..... Taming of the Shrew ..,.... New Year's Eve 1950-51 .... Getting a job .,.....,...... Rod trip to coast ...... W- Graduation .............. . Shock from table lamp ..... Iune 15, '51 ......L,,...,,L, Blowing up chem. lab. ,,.... Meeting B. B. .,....... W- M. C. in assembly --- W- Sat. morn. ,-..,....... --- Band box ......,,.,,.-,.... First time in small town ..,. Tunnel of love ..,...,,..... Play for Benjamin H's ....,. Edison's beautiful teachers. Vaudeville .....,..s,,,,,,, Thursday w.,.. -- First formal --- W Can t tell .......... --- Swimming .,,,, ,,,,, - -- Coming to America .,.. --- Fall Sr. picnic ....... -- 9th grade choir ....... --- When I met "Swede" W --- New Year's Eve ...,.., W- Going out with Goose ..L,,,. Getting an A .....L.,. --- Graduation ..,v W . Homecoming .,.. --- Anything .,,.. - -- First date ,,,.....-....... Darlene ,,,,,,,.,,-.-N,.. ,- Takirg candy from a baby-- First prom .,.......,,..-.,. Wearing downhills ,,,.,.,. Baseball ......L.s..L --- First horse ,,..,.... - ,- First long pants --- -W Driving ..,...,,, --- New Year's '50 -- --- First car .....,,,, --- New Years' '50 --- --- Pay day ,,.,, , -- --- Class play .....,.. --- Being a bachelor ,... -W Thursday ........A ,W Receiving letters W -W Writing notes .,,..... --- Royal flush ....,,,... -W Being pres. of wolves ....,,, Vaudeville .....,,,,, W, Mark trail ,,,,,.... -W Senior prom .,..... -W First time driving ,,,, --- Learning to drive ...L -- Bev Hurrle ,,,...,,,, W- First date with Bert W- W. Boys ,L.,.,,.... A.,,, , W Wolves' parties .... Prom ,,,.,,,,... W A certain date --W W Blowing bubbles -- --- Hasn't come yet --- -W Girls ....L.,,...L,,, ,,,-,-, Dick ...,,,...,,s ,.,-.-,-YN Seeing the Easter Bunny ..,. Tipping over in an airplane- George ..,,,, ,,... ...L,,v,, Senior prom ,,,,,...A..,,,v 12 hrs. in Chicago W- -- WEAKNESS Dick ..,........ lim .............. --- Red convertibles ...... St. Cloud ......... -W Girls and food -W Dancing ,,,v,... Carole ,.... W Gum ,,....... Hamburgers ..,. Fried onions --- Girls ......,.. AMS ,..i,., Myles ,,.... Shiny cars ...... Girls ...........,..,, Singing and food ..... Sleeping ............. Boys and TV .... Girls .........,,, - - Dancing ........, Foreign languages Dancing ............ - Girls .,.... ..... Fords and clothes Food and girls ...i.,,, Corres. with S. C. Cherry coke ,,..,,.,,. Sleeping in class Green eyes .......... Physics ..,,..... Food ....... Girls ,..... Homework .... Girls ....... Girls ...... Girls W- Diets -- Food ......... Money .......... Playing cards --- Apples ........ Myroslaw ..... Certain people --- --- Bruce ,....,.. Swede ...... Blondes --- Clathes ---- Sleep --- Music -W Eddie ----- Cards .----- Food --------. Italian girls -.-- Cutting hair ---- Ronnie ----- Dancing --- Sports --- Heinie .--- Toy cars --- Frenchmen W- Larry ----- Girls W- Girls ----.- Clothes ------ W Soft pillows .-.--. W- Huckleberry pie ..-.-. Mike --------.--- Writing letters W - School --..-.--. Eating ---...- Celia ...-.--.- Red Heinies ---- Uncle Sam ------ Driving cars ---- Airplanes --.- Cars ------- Bev Hurrle ---- Bert --..-- Cards --.----- Hot rods -------- Peeling onions --- --- Cadillacs ....-. Guns ---. W-- Butler's car W Money ---.- Dick ..-.-- Hmm! -W School -- C. T. ---- Books -W Girls -- UIRKS SILLY AMIBITION Farmer's wife .-.--. Singer -.----.---- Reporter ---..W Go to Europe -W loin the zoo ------ Walk to Texas -- Go to Africa ---- Fly a plane ---. Mt. climber --- Cement mixer -.------- Go to Alaska --------- Pop corn manufacturer Design candy wrappers Be an opera singer -W Reach behind my head Ditch digger .--..---.- Millionaire - ----------- -W Be a dancer -------... Play hockey -....----- Arthur Murray teacher Iuggler --....- ------------ Get a driver's license -----. Be a street cleaner -... Get married ---------- Play pro hockey --.---- Be a sword swallower Streetcar operator ---------- Champion boxer ------ Go out with L. S. W- Write cx dictionary W- Leisurely vacation --- Sell my car ..----- Catch poison ivy -.-- Get married ..-.--- To graduate ----- To graduate ..-. Explore graves -- Driving airplane --- Driving ---------- , Get a royal flush W- Farmer --------.- To graduate ---- To graduate ---.-...- To go to Virginia ----.. Getting a royal flush -- Be a ballet dancer ---- Be "Miss Minnesota" - Be a hermit ------..- Play in a symphony W- Get married ------.. Get a royal flush .---. Be a clown -.--------- Own a spaghetti palace Be a barber -----..---- Be a teacher ...---- Become a human ----- Play pro basketball--- Be a horse trainer .--- Be an M.o.A. like chucillfi Singer -.--.---- -----Y--,, - Have green hair .----- Cadillac convertible W Garbage collector -.-------, Be a millionaire ......---.- Learn to make spaghetti --.. Find a wife to support me--- L.Crub woman W ,,-Yv,--- M- Get married W- ---- -WWW- To graduate ---------- To be a ditch-digger .------ - Make a million ..----. Be a cave woman ...---...- Beat Dave G. in 440 ------ - Sell pop corn ..------ - Trip to Hawaii ------ Be a millionaire --.------ - I can't tell you -,,-,,---,-YV Wash Foshay Tower windows Throwing snowballs ------- Wear overalls -- Be a butcher ---.-- School teacher --- Become fat -.-- -- Not to work .------ Be a millionaire --- Have a husband --- Grating cheese ---- Drowning myself -W Own Cadillac ----. Be a painter ---- Be a cab driver -.-- USUALLY FOUND On Central At the movies Nowhere At work Around C. A. Hi-Y office Hollywood Theatre Anywhere The Flag Hi-Y office Bird's Top Notch ln my car Pig 'n' Bun All around Mpls. At home Danielson's Hi-Y office Marshall With Dumbdoorknobs ln the Buick With Donny Wolves' Den 29th and fohnson At train depot In a shoe store Marilyn's house On the phone Studying At work Arion Golf course In a car Cent. and Lowry You name it On Central Band box Anywhere At George's Becker, Minn. At home On the phone On Central Windom Park Anyplace lohnson's Drug Sleeping ln Mpls. Here and there At home Band box Wolves' Den At home Anywhere Log Cabin Around 1323 4th St. Pig 'N Bun Col. Heights lohnson's Drug In my car State of Minn. lohnson's Drug Ice cream bar Dumbdoorknobs Any place Roller rink Simmons 3rd period At home Wolves' Den On Central -Pig 'n' Bun With the guys Hollywood Theatre In my car Bev's house All over Sullivan's Wolves' Den At work lohnson's Drug At work All over In a car Dance hall Around Any place With the boys Any place 45th 6 Nokomis HEN the tornado dropped Dorothy and Toto and their house on the Wicked Witch of the East, the Munch- kins awarded Dorothy the Silver Shoes that the Witch had worn. After her adventures were over, she at last found out about the magic power of the Silver Shoes. The Good Witch explained to her that they could make anything possihle. Their most curious power was that they could carry their owner any place in the world in three steps. So Dorothy said goodbye to her friends, hugged Toto in her arms, wished herself hack in Kansas, and knocked the magic heels together three times. Instantly she was whisked through the air, and when she landed in Kansas. she found that the Silver Shoes had fallen off during her flight, and were lost forever in the desert. Page 104 S the Silver Shoes made it possible for Dorothy to return to her Aunt Em in Kansas, so advertising has made it possible for us to produce this yearbook. We want to thank all the business men and merchants who have adver- tised in our book. Their interest and co-operation have been a real incentive to the staff members. AD ERTI EME T UUUT U fb W M MM I ,-S W 1 G 71 Y S x Q., 3 515 I E 'N X 5 E H x SX 5:-,--L. a c fs Nm.. A N A f X Z X ,GX . ,GA I Q Ex-KN f ,y fxf kg 'ff x X Af ff? ,f-if-5 63,15 FIDELITY STATE BANK Your Neighborhood Bank" 24TH and CENTRAL tOn the Corner! Member ot Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System Deposits Insured to Sl0,000 The Most Important Time of Your Life We believe is between the ages of l8 and 25. Decisions made then are really the founda- dotion for years to follow. To save 10W of your income is wise, CENTRAL N. W. NATIONAL BANK "YOUR HOME BANK" Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. AL IOHNSON GILSTONE'S GIFT STORE SUPER VALUE FOOD MARKET A Gift for Every Occasion Fancy Groceries and Meats HALLIE R. WALKER. Owner 2952 Tohnson Street N- 3- z4o71f2 Central Ave. Minneapolis. Minn. We trade in used ANDERSON-BRABEC CO. Skating, Skiing. Golf or , Fishing Equipment Furniture, Hardware, H A N N A Y ' S and Appliances THE "DRIVE IN" SPORT SHOP . East Hennepin at Central Ave. AT. 3524 1903 Central Ave. N. E. GR. 4782 I. Hedberg. B. Denardo. M. Hansen. R. Crossman, and D. Ludford enioy a delicious alter-school snack at the Central Avenue Cafe. CENTRAL AVENUE CAFE CATERING TO GROUPS AND PARTIES Fountain Service - Complete Meals E- Sandwiches 2403 CENTRAL AVENUE N. E. GR. 1536 Page 105 WG' R. Guzy, D. Anderson, I. Anderson. and G. Lind are beinq shown class rings by Mr. Gustafson. Huy nhl-mul-IJ-lull ly, H .tn .-' ,- -I..n,' X ' 41.1, 0 I W, JlWE.l.ElS 2201 CENTRAL AVENUE MINNEAPOLIS 13, ,MlNN. Roqistorccl Iowoier American Gem Society CENTRAL PHARMACY DANIELSON DRUG CO. Lou Dorlman, Prop. muh d Huh d 1. an an SCHOOL SUPPLIES Central Avenue Central Avenue Refreshments A A Prescriptions 2300 Central Avenue PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS VERN and SANDY'S Insurance - Appliances Television-Radios-Portable KAVCHAR'S CREDIT IEWELERS Watch and Iewelry Repairing ALL WORK GUARANTEED 2855 lohnson 5" N' E' ST' 4847 2213 Central Avenue cn. 'zzaa OLSEN'S APPAREL Hollywood Confectionery woMsN's AND CHILDRENS APPAREL Ice Cream Bar e Groceries ACCESSORIES and JEWELRY Homehcooked-Meals 2328 Central Ave. N. E. GR. 0221 GR. 9861 2750 Iohnson St. N. E. 0 9 SHDESTURF 413 East Hennepin IOHN SON DRUGS O Refreshments - Prescriptions SCHOOL SUPPLIES 2430 Central Avenue N. E. 1927 Central Avenue N. E. Page 107 PHUilSEIUNAl UHllElUllY A . w ,pf if-e i. ? 1'- . . .-l- M-nb. giq v ,VV l w i' i - ' .L YY: A'g:..'j is ' 5' - ' " t, , - A AQ, ,ty-. . -r I. ti...lImnlli.u+.lg4sn11g --I n W Wg wif:-Yee 5 '-I GB. E. ifmrnnn Funeral Bums "Our aim is to be Worthy of your t T N J- " ' ,,,.. fe- -,.- . -su... Q, , 5 ' gl. 1 ,M J mflnqmrv 55251: K' 7 in f ' ' wi. . J ' '-u - . H wtf. . ,LU ....a, - ,,-.- - PETERSON BROTHERS FUNERAL CHAPEL Russell G. Peterson, Managing Director friendship" CLARENCE HANSON, Direclor 2301 Central Avenue GR. 3571 1838 Central Ave' GR' 8889 ovromrrmsr CHAPEL EW' Examimd ' Glasses med 2518 Central Ave. N. P. Prompi Service DAN BILLMAN, IR. ROY F. HUNT 24llVz Central Ave. ST. 4984 GR, 3535 IOHNSON BROS. DR. W. C. MELIUS Real Estate and Insurance D E N T I S T 2217 Cumgl Avg. GB, 7253 24th and Centxal Ave. GR. 7340 HAN S ROSACKER COMPANY DR, EDWIN SERUM FRESHER FLOWERS From Our Own Greenhouses D E N T I 5 T "ROSEACRES" 1850 Stinson Blvd. 24th and comm An. cn. sms GR- 3577 WE TELEGRAPH FLOVVERS Compliments of the BUCHINGER FUNERAL HOME 2535 Central Ave. PETER KOZLAK'S FU N ERA L H O ME Page 108 emfmf Hzwfzf fa. Every clay is somebody's Birthday, and every day we Otter a wide variety of Bcfmfiflfl F rcrh Flon 'err with personal attfvntioxi qiveu to every order ALFRED I. LOUISELLE B. Anderson presents G. Carlson with o cors ooo from Central Central and 26th Ave. N. E. Floral Company ro. their special onto. Res., GR' ms Eminem GR. ml SCHMELTZER'S GROCERY ELLA'S SNACK SHOP Gfld Hamburgers! Dairy Bar Vegetables - Cold Meats 3100 Iohnson St. N. E. GRanville 1827 il.-l Who makes 'em better? 2900 Iohnson Street GR. 8492 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class ot 1951 COMPLIMENTS OP The Misses Iohnson Dept. Store 22nd and Central Ave. N. E. IOHN GOLDNER DRUGS Trios GOLDNER, Registered Pharmacist Open Ffidalf EVQIHHQS Until 9 P- YH- 1854 Central Avenue sr. 3055 R, A. LQHMAR PURITY DAIRY BAR Men's Wear F R E S H Dairy Products and Groceries 2337 Central Avenue 2807 Iohnson Street GR. 0724 MAAS' FOOD MARKET Compliments of Fresh Meats and Groceries ARCHIE S BARBER SHOP 2540 Central Avenue SELF -SERVICE 2911 Johnson street N. E. GR. 9923 H I C Furnish Your Home with Comfort and Style i HQLRDWARE Community Furniture Co. Crockery, Tools. Paints and Glass 2410 Central Avenue 2214 Central Avenue ST. 1133 AXELSON FREDSALL HANHVER Furniture Exclusively Page 109 W. Bosiqer. K. DeZiel, B. Anderson. M. Wcrchol. P. Early and C. Curiman. Prompt, Reliable Service Free Pick Up 6. Delivery C24 to 48 Haursp A11 Work Guamnfeed KCity Limitsi Agent for Zenith, Olympic and Stromberq-Carlson RANDY'S RADIO 61 TV REPAIR RANDY ALDRIDGE, Prop. SHQP NO' I Liberal Tracie ln Allowance On Your Old Sci SHOP NO' 2 titil film Stwvt, S, III. Home Servlce Calls 3QU3 Holmes Avenue M"l'mS,S0222L4' Mm' "No rob 'foo Big-No rob Too SmaIl-- Mg'Q2fmSQj? gizghnn' GI.. 2526 Randy's Shop Does Them All" Res. PL. 0312 YOUNG'S SERVICE Peter Warchol, lr. University at Lowry GR. 9886 BRANDT'S TIRE SERVICE Vulcanizinq and Repairing 1617 Central Ave. N. E. GR. 8723 SINGER SEWING MACHINE Sales - Service 2308 Central Ave., N. E. GR. 7281 STEPHANIE DRESS SHOP Women's and Childrens Apparel IEWELRY and ACCESSORIES 290925 Iohnson St. N. E. GR. 0221 E. W. HANSEN GROCERIES Fairway Fine Foods 30th and Iohnson St.. N. E. READY BROS. Quality Meats 22nd and Iohnson Street N. E. 30th and Iohnson Street N. E. 'N Home Cooked Meals - Orders to Take Out Steaks-Chops-Chicken-Ribs MIKE DIMOS and TED PAPPAS Proprietors GOOD FOOD 2519 Central Avenue "We Never Close" 2326 Central Avenue GR. 9941 MEIN 1 CHILI WhGT9 The? Younq Crowd Meets lane and Glen Nyqord GR. 9858 Page 110 if A' Finest and East Hennepin Compliments and largest Mens Best Wishes Store outside at Pom-1h to the Class of loop. of E Arianna saas since 1893 lulie, 1951 COMPLIMENTS QF ST. ANTHONY PHARMACY DEEP CUT RATE DRUG P'eSC'iP'i0nS and RECORD SHOP F0'm'am Semce 2857 Iohnston St., N. E. GR. 2731 ' KARL ARTHUR SOLEM Plastering and Stucco Work LOWTY md Central 2748 Ulysses st., N. E. Gnunvuie 6495 , wxxw R. Ennis, I. Wuldorff. R. Mcstro, and K. Edmun rely on Superior energy giving milk for their vitality. SUPERIOR DAIRIES, INC. Supreme in Any Home GR. 4307 Broadway at Stinson Blvd. Puqe ll l Rs x 5777-v i 3 v Q ' ij 1 j ' J iii 9' 3' 3 5 Cr 0' If " " j j 6 ev' N i. jf 1' i' S X S 1 X N N 1 y 41. X 1 3 1' I xx 1 Y x N40 4, WC' 4+ axsi 4- P fs Q03 OF F'NE PLA-'ES 415 SOUTH FOURTH STREET MINNEAPOLIS 15, MINNESOTP lqlli Q Y ff, N fl PRINTING.. Xie ,eemefheeeeefefeee ef meezfs' fffeeeelfe ee fee ,eeefee eeee. we e , ' x! Q. We hem eezef fyjeeeeiie ef flee eefheeeeezfeeebe ef el Xie eefe mee! fe ef keefeeze feeefy Ze eeefeee ef eeeeeeeee . . . anoAowAY Pnsss, mc 300 East 41h Sf. St. Paul 1, Minn GArfieId 4339 fx Elf I40E09'Zd1JI4S Tell the Story ALL PHOTOGRAPHS IN 1951 WIZARD by ALFRED LIEBIG and DON LIEBIG Jam? Swim 333 EAST HENNEPIN AVENUE MAin 2614 SERVICE GR. 4990 REASONABLE G Neuman. B. Mastro, and E. Radecki inspect the motor. 648 N' E' Johnson LEARN SHORTHAND in 6 WEEKS! A 0 No previous training needed 0 No symbols to learn 0 No machine to operate SPEED WRITING Ts the Easiest and Quickest System Shorthand is invaluable to you . . . in business or if you plan to continue your education at college. Speed writing is as easy as A B C . . . even a child can learn it. You simply use the letters of the alphabet. That is why you can actually start to take dictation the very first day. Nationally used and recognized by Civil Service. ENROLL NOW AND IL4 H COMPLETE YOUR COURSE 'QT' IA THIS SUMMER 24 s. rn. sr., Mmusuous Autographs NORTHEAST MOTOR General Repairing MOTOR TUNE-UP Carburetor - Body - Fender LUIZHHD STHFF UF 1951 Co-editors - - - Associate Editor --- Faculty - ...... Seniors .... Organizations - - - School Life --- Boys' Sports .... Girls' Sports ..... Art ......... Business Manager ..... Circulation Manager ..... Advertising --- Adviser - - - Art Adviser ................. Photography by Liebig Studio, Page 116 - - - -Iulie-An Heldloerg Gerald Lind -- - -Patricia Pinkerton ---Marian Cherry, chr. Dorothy Andrusesky Mary Beth Ekberg, chr. Barbara Anderson Gwendolyn Carlson Barbara Irvine Nancy Morin ----Iane Mingo, chr. Ianet Ford Betty Gunderson Beverly Hurrle Gayle Plack Mary Warchol - - - -Carole Brandt Darlene Snare --------Bob Guzy -----Mary Lou Ierdee ---Marian Alberg, chr. Marlyn Franko Ronald Mastro -- - -Donald Dimos ---------Peter Kraska -Maryllyn Kozlak, chr. Carol Trowbridge -- - -Mrs. Verna Olsen - - - - -Miss Iean Toohy ,Y,,,, 'n.mArl!lnnl:l.u:annaLl:r XX , ,, . V l W - X V -Y . .. 4 11 4, . H . W , ,,, ,mu cf 5' W V7 X if , IMIIYIQRX A I M ' I XX JIM + QL xg lv ,N , 7 x ' f , 5 A 'x 0 'Q ov? 0 QL w . , 0 X Q Q. , F-mx r f'NffX A 'X f X -X fwr,-T ff'vf-5 I 1 gl 'xx .i x fx W kwxmlml 5 M7 ,mmf H , 7 X R 4 IVJXW ic? .1 y I F , I f :N Vi YQ x X R I xx I WM 5 1 . I '-0 P km "J E u I .I 4 2 g-. , X x' 4 T . lf QF fi K A H . XL A E X JJ g f 1-,Ni 2' X , WAX ,X gg ff uk., f' .ff X If

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