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f ii it i; ii it n School days are like a harmonious symphony reflecting our association with faculty and friends, in club and class, and in work and play. The music of school has its triumphant moods, and also its reflective or thoughtful sides. We have all experienced the joy that comes from the successful conclusion of the things we do, but we can achieve this only after much'stu iy. The many extra-curricular activities .offered 14s in school blend into a pleasing melody; fellowship, among students makes for a smooth rhythm. Because music, in all its phases, seeks the truth which is the underlying basis for all life, the staff of the 1943 WIZARD has chosen MUSIC as its theme. I.ONG MAY IT WAVE!PETER GUZY IIEIII 1 1 1 III i Builder of champions — Pete Guzy. Champions not only on the football field, but also on the more important field of life. In the eight years he has coached at Edison, Mr. Guzy has given to all. his own ideals of honesty and fairness. To us he is more than a teacher; he is a real friend who sets us an example of courage and leadership. He inspires confidence and makes difficult tasks seem easier. Because he has given us this way of clean, hard living which makes him a real ''ALL-AMERICAN ", the Senior Class of 1943 dedicates this Wizard to Pete Guzy. Pago 4"Next to acquiring good friends, the best acquisition is that of good books." —Colton1.1’ S T I P F Editor-In-Chief .... Associate Editor .... Business Manager Circulation Manager -Advertising Manager Jerome Corrigan Virginia Glenn Virginia Rapacz Henry Basil Audrey Ronald LIGHTS AND SHADOWSINVENTORS AT WORK MERITED AWARDS f II1 T EIT S Faculty .. Staff Seniors Activities Harmony School Life . Athletics Rhvthm Advertisements Book Six DESIGNING YOUTHRAY PARKINS IK II E M (I li IAII A schoolboy's mind shakes hands with many men. Nor ever will let go of some — like him. His voice commands to leap and twist again As grace and power bubble to youth's brim. His gentle heart girt up with ribs of steel Speaks soft to sweaty shoulders slacked in loss; In victory now his joyous charges feel To gloat would melt the silver cup to dross. The shadows falling cross his sun of life Are checked before they touch his boys. In courage firmly strides his step through strife Not forced on other eyes; and makes no noise. A schoolboy's mind sends questions far abroad; Brave memory stays; his coach he gives to God. Pa jo 8 - PETER MANKOWSKI.“Never yet was a spring-time Late, though lingered the snow." —M. E. Sangster Pag® 9h VSTAFF Just as the STAFF is the foundation of music, the faculty is the basis of a school. A school is a living spirit, personified in the teachers who give untiringly of their time and knowledge. Widening horizons of literature, science, and language are all revealed to youth by their teachers who have the important task of molding the minds of tomorrow's citizens. -: - -: -PRINCIPAL Louis G. Cook Mr. Louis G. Cook, our principal, has many varied duties to perform. Much of his work this year has consisted of recommending Edison graduates and students for special training in the armed forces of our country. Mr. Cook is an able leader whose high standards and ideals have influenced and inspired faculty, alumni, and students. Arranging schedules for teachers and students occupies much of the time of our assistant principal. Mr. Eddis Janes. Other duties include: checking the requirements for graduation, handling disciplinary cases, and approving of excused absences. Mr. Janes’ winning personality makes him a favorite with the faculty and student body. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Eddis Janes Paqo II OFFICE CLERKS Margaret Polnaszok Ruth Lebowits We Have a Miss Ruth Lebowits, the attendance clerk, is familiar to nearly everyone. Absentees present their excuses to her for an admit slip. In addition. Miss Lebowits makes out the attendance reports each day. Mrs. Margaret Polnaszek, Mr. lanes' secretary, is also the credit clerk. She tabulates the grades and keeps the permanent record cards of all the students. Mrs. Nellie Aim is chief office clerk. She answers telephone calls, makes appointments for Mr. Cook, rings the passing bells, and schedules the assemblies. Mrs. Aim also has the responsibility of procuring substitute teachers and of handling all financial transactions. Mrs. Inez Kapala is Mr. Cook's secretary. She is also the requisition clerk and sees that the faculty members receive the materials which they need. A. new member of the office force is Miss Lorraine Dahl. Miss Dahl is the book-room clerk and Miss Todd's stenographer.Job To Do Miss Arta Kocken, school counsellor, interviews each student and offers helpful advice. She assists the pupil as to the choice of subjects which would be most beneficial for the career he has chosen to follow after graduation. These timely suggestions have influenced many students to make wise decisions which have helped them in later life. The school nurse. Miss Florence Johnson, approves the admittance of students who have been absent from school because of illness. She offers her services to students who become ill during the day and, if necessary, she excuses them from school. Edison's visiting teacher, Miss Erma Todd, is the confidante of the students. Her time is devoted to making personal contacts between the home and the school. This assistance enables many students to remain in school who otherwise would not be able to do so. x. High Enqltah: lano Betq an . . Senior ErvqUmh. . . Senior EnqUah. RADIO CLASS E lh r Larson ... Jr Eriqllsh. Seated: Anna Dunn Vosta Seaman . . • High English: BirdeUa Ro . . . . Sophomore - re»hman English . . . Bank Cashiers: . ohakospeare. Broad Highways The English Department at Edison has outlined a wide variety of courses for the students. The Junior High course, a new addition this semester, consists of introductory grammar, literature, and spelling. Freshman students devote their time to composition and the fundamentals of English. The study of American Literature, a small amount of grammar. and free reading are the main requirements of the Sophomore course. The A Junior year is devoted to the life and works of Shakespeare. Pupils who especially enjoy this course may continue the study of Shakespeare by joining the Sock 'n' Buskin Club. Senior English is a detailed study of all the great writers in English Literature. All semesters of English require written themes, book reports, and oral talks. A long theme is also required during each of the last three semesters. Pago M kCREATIVE WRITING CLASS RufJi Tappet . . . Shakespeare . . . Sock n' Buskin , , 12 A Adviser; Sophie Alblnson . . . English . . . Silver TtU Dorothy Wallace , . . Freshman English . . . Blue TrL Seated: Verna Oise a . . . Senior English . . . National Honor Society; Grace Garland . . . Speech . . . Radio Programs . . . Christmas Play. Beckoning Roads The English Department offers several special courses to the student during his high school career. Speech, Drama, and Radio Arts are taught for Seniors; Creative Writing and Journalism for Juniors. Speech classes are designed to teach the essentials of public speaking. The Drama class gives the student a knowledge of the background of drama and practice in voice training. The members of this class present one act plays for assemblies and for classroom work. The Radio Arts class study script writing and compose their own broadcasts. These programs are often presented over the local stations. Creative Writing classes encourage young writers in the original composition of poetry and prose. News classes instruct the pupil in the art of journalism; members of the Record staff are selected from these classes. Paa IS swech ruus Flor.nc. FUch EnqlUh . . WIZARD: PM.. Mankow.ki ShakMpearo . . Creative Wrllln, Ba»ball. Sealed: Edith GUIIm News ... RECORD Quill and Scroll: Mlldr«d Ward Englieh Chairman Blue Trl.Vidor Erickson . . . World History . . Locks and Lockers; Minnie Bengtsson ... Jr. High Geography: Albert Miller . . . Stella Ballou . . Community Civics; Hugh Curran . . . Community Civics. American History. Soaled: Agnes Deverell ... Jr. High History . . . Record Bust- Seated: Grace Tlllotson . . . Community Civics. ness Manager . . . Camp Fire Girls: Mabel Anderson . . . Jr. High History and Goography. We're Making History Emphasis on current events and post-war plans has been the main objectives of the Social Science Department this year. American History and World History deal with events of the pait in relation to the present and future. As a supplement to the textbooks, classes are using outside references, especially "Time'’ magazine. "Weekly News Review ", and the ""Readers" Digest." Modern Problems is especially helpful to the student in deciding his career, as six weeks of the semester are devoted to the study of vocations. The Junior High course consists of a study of geography and introductory history. HISTORY Eva Paterson . . . World History; Laursl Buckle . . . American Government . . . Modem Problems . . . Social Science Chairman. Seated: Nellie Erb . . . American History; Ruth Petri . . . American History. Marlorle Simmons . . . American Government; Archie Green . . . American History . . . Student Council. Seated: Helen Curry . . . Community Civics . . . Lunchroom . . . Lost and Found; Ralph Ahlstrom . . . World History . . . 11A Social Adviser.Oh, the Wonder of It! The present war-time emergency has put a greater responsibility on the Science Department. Botany. Biology. Physics, and Chemistry all play an increasingly important role in the scientific vorid of today. The chemical principles of explosives and the hysical laws of falling bodies and projectiles are especially im- ortant in the armament program. Because of the great need for pecialists and the vast opportunities which present themselves in he field of science, students are urged to gain all the scientific nowledge possible during their high school course. A scientific ducation is an asset to anyone in whatever field he chooses for is life's work. class Mary Harroun . . . Chomletry . . Solon Hy; Mildred Burr . . . Biology Student Council; Ethol PohUon . . . General Science . . Faculty Flower Fund; Era Gone CHEMISTRY CLASS ... Jr. High Science.CVvritUna Fanil . It. H qh AltthmtUc; C«Ua Torney Geometry . . . band Uniforms: Knna Ricbatds , . . t High AnihmeUc; baniamln Usmohn . . n » b:a . • • Ushers Club , . . GoM. E h«l MtUtm . . . Algebra . . . Carl Linnaou ; Chrlitophvr Hamrln . . , Algebra . . 12B Adviser . . . Tennis; Genevieve Hclkesviq . . . Advanced Algobra . . . Trigonometry. Seated: Louise Ramswick . . Geometry . . . Silver Tri; Marian Llndstrom ... Jr. High Arithmetic. A Wider World The Mathematics Department has occupied a position ol increased importance since the outbreak oi the war. A knowledge o( higher mathematics is essential to the students who wish to take special training in the armed forces after high school graduation. Enrollment in all advanced classes has greatly increased. introductory Algebra and Plane Geometry are a necessary background for the more difficult courses. Advanced Algebra. Solid Geometry, and Trigonometry may be taken during the last two years. A general comprehension of mathematical functions is a great advantage to anyone in the business or scientific worlds. Paqo 18 SOLID GEOMETRY CLASSTYPE CLASS Chariot Lombard . . . Bookkeeping . . . School Treasurer; Gcrdon Sander . . . Typing . . . Class Play. Soated: Lucille Simmon . Stenography . . . Commercial Chairman Key Pen; EverlJ Schellenberg . . OMlco Training; Etto Turner . . . Stenography. The Golden Key The aim of the Commercial Department is to prepare students lor the busi ness world. Because of the increased demand for stenographers and secretaries, this course of study is becoming more important. Bookkeeping teaches the fundamentals of accounting, while Shorthand and Typewriting give the pupil stenographic training. The study of business and personal letters is an important part of the commercial department. Commercial students may join Key Pen Club and become better acquainted with the responsibilities and opportunities of an office. Pupils wishing to learn typing for their own use may take Personal Type for one semester. Pag 19 BOOKKEEPING CLASSmachine shop class Louis Lopala . . . Woodwork • anlcal Drawing: Loonard Johnson Basketball Carl Buckman ... Eloctrlclty. . M«ch- Petcr Gu«y . . . Bays’ Gym . . . Football; Harry Miller . . . Boys’ Gym ... Hi Y. The Industrial Department emphasizes precision and individuality. Demonstration and practical experience are an aid to the students in attaining a high degree of accuracy. Included in the Industrial Arts courses are Machine Shop. Wood Turning. Cabinet Making, Electricity. Sheet Metal, and Mechanical Drawing. Special training for defense machinists was given after school hours this term. Physical fitness is the main objective of the Boys’ Athletic Department. Sound bodies and minds are essential to those who enter the armed forces and to those who remain on the home front. Competitive sports are encouraged to promote good sportsmanship. Pag 20Dorothy Le« . . . Lunchroom; Gladys Jacobson . . . Foods ... 12A Social Adviser; Frances Ford . . . Foods. Modern Design Edith Barton . . . GuIs' Gym . . . G. A Wilma Ericson . . . Girls' Gym . • Adviser. Lorraine Starenas ... Jr High Fccx s and Clothing; Helen Hickok . . . Clothing . . Home Economics Chairman; Maymo Luther . . . Clothing .. . Red Cross. The Home Economics Department gives gir s aining in the domestic arts. This year the girls tceived practical experience in planning bal-iced diets to emphasize the importance of nu-Ition for the home front. Clothing classes teach ie girls the basic principles of sewing. Proj-:ts at home and in school are required from iris In the advanced classes. The Girls' Athletic Dejsartment stresses the hysical well-being of youth during war time, [any of the special courses have been elimin-ed in order to accommodate the greater num-Br ° girls who are now taking gym. Girls who in a,hleto become Pag 21Royal Road Sightsaving classes are designed to help the student who has visionary defects. Instead of regular study periods, these students go to Miss Robertson's room where paid readers assist them. The library at Edison is under the direction of Mrs. Leila Rendernick. With her capable guidance, students are able to obtain material for special reports and term themes. Adelaide Bcr Anne Kellner French Club r . . Latin . Gorman . . . German Club; ■ • French . . . Spanish . . . Spanish Club; Alice Johnson English . . . Latin Club. SPANISH CLASS Two year courses in French. Spanish. German, and Latin are offered to the students. From the study of a foreign language, the pupil becomes more familiar with the customs and habits of other countries. The language clubs participate in parties and assemblies during the year. Paq« 22 , Choral Club and Choir Harry Rank Harmony: IJL'C ,aWOO . . lr. Hlqh Chotu.; Madrigal Club . . Opar 8 lroa Lar °n PI T »«Miv To Romance The Music Department enables the students to become mnr« um«n a universal art. The band performs on the athletic field and presents' annual concerts. The orchestra furnishes accompaniment to the commencement sssasisssr - “h Clara McDlU . . Jr. High Art loan Toohy . . . An . . . Costume Design ... Art Chairman. COSTUME DESIGN CLASS The Art Department encourages students in their creative instincts. Through the instruction received in the art classes, many students have been able to make a career in the fields of designing, commercial advertising, and architecture. The art classes also make posters announcing the various activities of the school organizations. Pag 23clothing CLASS s nvnuij The Rank Edison has again assumed the responsibility of a Junior High department. Formerly Edison was a Junior-Senior High School, but the Seventh and Eighth grades were dropped in the fall of 1935. For seven consecutive years our school included only the ninth through the twelfth grades. geography classand File Present circumstances have necessitated closing several schools in the neighborhood, bringing these grades back to the school. These pictures show a cross section of this department, including: art. music, geography. science, home economics and industrial classes. -ft a h : class 8B SCIENCE CLASS"The song is ended but the melody lingers on.” These words convey not only the thought that a song’s MELODY remains. but that other beautiful things last forever. This is very similar to the school days of a senior, because after graduation his memories will not die with the passing of years. They will be constantly refreshed by the recollections of varied events in which he participated. -: - -: - -: - -: -PEOPLE IIF II T F 'Broad Stripes and Bright Stars' was the patriotic theme of our Senior Banquet held on January 21. Enlightening talks on the student's attitude toward school, country, and flag were given by Louis G. Cook, principal; Peter Guzy and Christopher Hamrin, faculty members; Roger Thompson and Jean Williamson, graduating seniors. The decorations were carried out in those glorious colors of our flag: white for purity, red for courage, and blue for loyalty. A very timely and interesting talk on ''Effective Service" was given by Reverend Lewis F. Foltz, chaplain at Fort Snelling, at our Baccalaureate Services. The choir, under the direction of Elmer Sodergren, provided the music for the occasion. % One hundred thirty members comprised the class which received their diplomas on January 28. On that eventful night for the first time in the history of our school, blue caps and gowns were worn. Our Valedictorians and Salutator-ian, Jean Bly, Alice Kaul, and Evelyn Hagen, spoke on the theme, "Forward with American Youth." auce VALEDICTORIAN EVELYN HAGEN SALUTATOR1AN IE AN bly Pago 27THE JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 Alstrup, Harlan Ammend, Jean Anderson. Jerome Anderson, Julie Anderson. Lorraine Alstrup, Harlan . . . Billy is bright . . . Hi-Y. Ammend. Gone . . . Call out tho Marinos . . . Hi-Y. Anderson. Jerome . . . He's off with tho boxing gloves . . . Gymnastics. Anderson. Julie . . . Remains iorovor tho samo . . . Key Pen; German Club; Blue Tri. Anderson. Lorraine . . . Maiden fair with shining hair . . . Sock 'n' Buskin; Blue Trl; German Club. Anderson. Phil . . . He's off at break of day . . . Ushers Club; Hi-Y: Scholarship Pin. Balthazor. Ardyth Bateman. Jim Boczkalo. Ann Balthazor. Ardyth ... A happy heart . . . G. A. A.; Seton Hy. Bateman. Jim . . . Ho’s off to Yokohama . . . Hi-Y; Football; Track. Boczkalo. Ann ... A blue-eyed young damsel . . . Silver Tri; Blue Trl; Carl Llnnaous; Scholarship Pin: All City Honor Roll. Beniamin. Dick Bianchi, Joseph Bly, Jean Beniamin. Dick . . . He's always in the soup . . . Hi-Y; Track; Choir. Bianchi. Joseph . . . Into the Army Air Corps . . . Bly. Joan . . . She's all they claim . . . Valedictorian; Sock 'n' Buskin; RECORD; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society; Quill and Scroll; All City Honor Roll. Bordeaux. Doug Boris. Mary Botewick. Orla Boyle, Rosemary Brama. Evon Bratt. Ruth Bordeaux. Doug . . . Fightln' Doug . . . Band; Hl-Y. Boris, Mary . . . May her every wish come truo . • • Blue Trl: Key Pon; Scholarship Pin. Botewick. Orla . . . Courtly is her manner . . Sock n' Buskin; G. A. A.; Blue Tri. Boyle. Rosemary . . . She's a most terrific gal . . . Silver Tri; Carl Linnaeus; Group Captain. Brama. Evon . . . Graceful as a bird in motion . . Key Pen; Blue Tri; Sock ’n’ Buskin; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society; All City Honor Roll. Bratt. Ruth . . . Nursie. como hold my hand . . . French Club; Sock 'n' Buskin; Student Council. Pago 28THE JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 Bye, Constance Callander, Chester Campbell. Urn Bye. Constance . . . Her life is rosy . . . Callander. Chester . . . Sailing, sailing, ovor tho bounding main . . . Baseball; Basketball. Campbell. Jim . . . High on the scroll of earthly farno . . . Hl-Yj Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll; National Honor Society. Capra. Irene Carlson. Carol Cremlsino, Henry Capra. Irene ... As it is. I do my bost . . . Key Pon. Carlson. Carol . . . Hor life is merry . . . Key Pon. Cromisino. Henry . . . Ho's a big. bad. fightin' man . . . Student Council; Football. Daniols. Earl Davis. Warren Dehkes. Grace Dille. Marlys Domm, Carroll Durand. Marilyn Daniels. Earl . . . Play ball, follas, play ball . . . Baseball. Davis. Warren . . . Three cheers for the Army . . . Choral Club; Madrigal Club. Dehkes, Grace ... On wings of molody . . . Choral Club; Blue Tri; Key Pen. Dille. Marlys . . . She likes a Gershwin tune . . . Silver Tri; Blue Tri; Spanish Club; Scholarship Pin. Domm. Carroll . . . Her heart Is light . . . Carl Linnaeus; Soton Hy; G. A. A. Durand. Marilyn . . . Her movements are graceful . . . Silvor Tri; Blue Tri; Forum; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society. Ebert, LaRoe Egeland. June Erie. Imogens Ebert LaRoe . . . She's lost her heart . . . Lunchroom. Egeland. luno . . . Junie with the light brown hair . . . Key Pen; Silver Tri. Erie. Imogen© . . . She's a littlo cull© . . Choral Club. Pago 29 NEXT DANCE?THE JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 Everts. Catherine . . . Witty la Katy . . . Sock 'n' Buskin; Seton Hy; Orchostra; National Honor Socioty; All City Honor Roll. Felegy. Irene ... A smiling qiri with eyes oi blue . . . Koy Pen. Fitzgerald. Madelyn . . . Flower oi Normandie . . . Blue Tri; Carl Unnaous; Silvor Tri. Formo. Carol . . . Who wouldn't love her? . . . German Club; Band; Group Captain; National Honor Society. Forsythe. Jerry ... A soldier dreams . . . Hi-Y; Football. Franzen. Lavaughn ... In distant lands he'll roam . . . Geidl, Delores Gilbert. Boverlee Gladkko. Margaret Geldl. Delores . . . She's got rhythm . . . Gilbert Beverlee . . . She's a gal with glamour . . . Key Pen, Sec.; Scholarship Pin. Gladkke. Margaret . . . Gay with laughter . . Seton Hy; Bluo Tri; G. A. A. Goettsche, Jack Green, Curtis Gunnarson, Doris Goettsche. Jack . . . Thoy all like Jack . . . Band; Football; Track. Green. Curtis . . . His fingers wandor over the ivories . . . German Club; Hi-Y; Bank Cashier. Gunnarson. Doris . . . Give her a game to cheor . . . Blue Tri; Key Pen; Silver Tri. Guxie. Paul Haas. Mary Hagen. Evelyn Guzie. Paul ... He dwells in friendship . . Haas. Mary . . . There's nothing to do but dream . . . Latin Club; Key Pen. Hagen. Evelyn . . . Holy, lair, and wise is she . . . Salutatorlan; Choral Club: G. A. A.; Blue Tri; National Hcnor Society; All City Honor Roll. LUCKY GIRL PICNIC LOVERS Pago 30THE JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 Hall, Elaine Hall, Marlon Harasyn. Olga Hasselberg. Botty Herland. Harold Hicks. Colleen Hall. Elaine . . . Sho doesn't know her charms . Blue Tri; Silver Trl; Carl Linnaeus. Hall. Marion . . . Her cheeks are llko roses . . . Harasyn. Olga ... A truo lriond . . . French Club; Blue Trl. Hasselborg. Botty . . . Sho’s a little gad-about . . . Bluo Tri; Bank Cashlor; Library Monitor. Herland. Harold . . . Here’s to a man who doesn't shirk . . . Scholarship Pin; National Honor Socioty; All City Honor Roll. Hicks. Colleen . . . Pretty, witty Cclloen . . . Vaudeville. Hoyer. Lorono facarella. Louis Irish. Lawronco Hoyer. Lcrene . . . Sho talks ol anything . . . Bluo Trl; RECORD; Quill and Scroll; National Honor Society. lacarella. Louis . . . He'll fly to victory . . . Irish, Lawronce ... He forqots every caro . . . Jaromko. Olga laroscak, Gladys Johnson, Axol Jaremko. Olga . . . Sho’s the friendliest girl . . . Blur Tri; G. A. A.; Seton Hy. Jaroscak. Gladys . . . She has a winning smile , . . Bluo Trl; Seton Hy; G. A. A.; National Honor Socioty; All City Honor Roll. Johnson. Axel . . Ho never likes a fight . . . Johnson. Betty Johnson. Lonnert Johnson. Mary Johnson. Betty . . . With her eyes cf blue . . . Blue Trl; Silvor Tri; Forum: Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society; All City Honor Roll. Johnson, Lonnert . . . He’s 1-A in the Army . . . Choral Club; Ushers Club. Johnson. Mary . . . Sho makes life cheery . . . Blue Trl; Seton Hy; German Club. Johnson. Robort Karbo, Leonard Karkula. Edward Johnson. Robort . . He’s always maddening . . . Hl-Y; Ushers Club; Choral Club. Karbo. Leonard . . . He’s got a perfect alibi ... Inventors Club. Karkula. Edward . . . He’s the plcturo of porfoct health . . . Football; Track. Pago 31THE JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 Konieczny, Stolla Krawczyk, Stan Land. Shirley Leo, Marjorio Kaul, Alice Kelzenborg, Virginia Kaul. Alice . . . She's far beyond compare . . . Valodic-lorian; Seton Hy, Pres.; Blue Tri; RECORD; Quill and Scroll; National Honor Society; All City Honor Roll. Kelzenborg. Virginia . . . She's a mischlef-malking olf ... G. A. A. Konieczny. Stolla . . . She wondors what tomorrow brings . . . Krawczyk. Stan . . . He'll climb high into the sky . . . Hi-Y; Choir: Student Council. Land. Shirley . . . She's so enchanting . . . Choir; Carl Llnnaous; G. A. A. Loo. Marjorie . . . Happy as can be . . . Bluo Tri; Gorman Club; Forum. Loin, Pearl Litasko. Virginia Lundeon. Floyd Makowske. Edward Martin. James Mastro, Sylvia Loin. Poarl . . . There's music in the air . . . Band. Litasko. Virginia . . . She's mad about good books . . . Blue Tri; Seton Hy; French Club; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society: All City Honor Roll. Lundeen. Floyd . . . Ho's a poaceful guy by naturo . . . Football. Makowske. Edward . . . Patriotic ilyor . . . Hi-Y: German Club: Hall Guard. Martin. Jamos ... He is known by the name of Jim . . . Wrestling Team. Mastro. Sylvia . . . Happy in love . . . Blue Tri; Key Pen; Scholarship Pin: National Honor Society; All City Honor Roll. McGinnis. Doris Mitcholl. Charlotte Monson. Jeanne Monson, Robert Montan. Jean Moody. Jack McGinnis. Doris . . . She's happy with her fashions . . . G. A. A.; Seton Hy: Key Pen. Mitcholl. Charlotto . . . She takes ycur breath away . . . Bluo Tri; French Club: Seton Hy. Monson. Joanno . . . Sho's bound to entertain ya’ . . . Bluo Tri; Seton Hy; Junior Academy of Scionce. Monson. Robert ... A happy guy who never hurries . . . Hi-Y; National Honor Society. Montan. Jean ... So happy and fully alive . . . G. A. A.; Car! Llnnaous. Moody. Jack ... If he had a dictionary . . . RECORD; German Club: Chcral Club; Quill and Scroll. Pago 32I I THE JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 Naslund. Chari© Noeloy. Dolor© Nelson. Gordon Nelaon. Marvin N© by. Carol Nordeen. Gladys Naslund. Charles . . . He hopos he passed the test . . . Neeley. Delores . . . Give hor the road . . . Blue Tri: German Gub; Band. Nelson. Gordon . . . Ho‘11 be a hero . . . Hi-Y; Sock 'n' Buskin. V. Pres. Nelson. Marvin . . . He's upright . . . Hl-Y. Basketball: All City Honor Roll: National Honor Society. Ne by. Carol . . . She's the grandest gal . . . Key Pon: Bluo Tri: Chora! Gub Nordeen. Gladys ... A cute little gal . , . Key Pon Noren, Vaniao Noren, Winston Novak. Marvin O'Brien. Lorraine Olson. Vernon Ouellette. Robert Noren. Vanlae . . . Her heart’s so true . . . Blue Tri: WIZARD: National Honor Society; All City Honor Roll. Noren. Winston ... Up into the blue sky yonder . . . German Gub: Hi-Y. Novak. Marvin ... As the caissons go rolling along . . . Football. O'Brien. Lorraine . . . She's got rhythm in her feot . . . Key Pen. Olson. Vernon . . . His heart is in America . . . Stago Crew; Ushers Gub: Hi-Y. Ouellette. Robert Three cheers for the Navy . Pearo, Genevieve Pearson. Evelyn Peterson. Violet Pearo. Genevieve . . . Sweet Genevieve . . . G. A. A..-Carl Linnaeus. Pearson. Evelyn . . . She could dance nightly . Blue Tri: Key Pen: Sock 'n' Buskin. Peterson. Violet . . . Winning is her gentle mien . . . Silver Tri. Pres.; Blue Tri; Forum: Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society: All City Honor Roll. Page 33 SUCH SMILESTHE JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 Pitcher, Harriet Pumper, Konnoth Regel, Lloyd Pitchor. Harriet . . . Her painting ©mbroldors the skies . . . Silver Trlj Blue Tri; Carl Linnaeus. Pumpor, Kenneth A sailor man ho may be . . . Hl-Y; Tonnis. Rogel. Lloyd . . . Sail on. ye Mariner . . . Hi-Y. Richard, Marie Schnabel, Roger Schnortz, Robert Richard. Marie . . . She's so carefree . . . WIZARD; Blue Tri; Student Council: National Honor Society. Schnabel. Rogor . . . He'll fight his nation's battle . . . Stage Crew, Foreman; Hi-Y. V. Pres.; Hall Guard. Schnorlx. Robert . . . He'll sail the ocean blue . . . Hall Guard. Schullo, Paul Simmons, Kenneth Skovran. Eleanor Schullo. Paul . . . Anchors aweigh. my boys, anchors awolgh . . . Hi-Y; 11A Pres.; 12B V. Pres. Simmons. Kcnnolh . . He's lust a hard luck guy . . . Football. Skovran. Eleanor . . . She'll never be bluo . . - Bluo Tri; Soton Hy; National Honor Society. Scderholm. Phyllis Sopcyzk. Choster Stadnik. loo Sodorholm. Phyllis . . . She's a real pal . . . Blue Tri; Silver Tri; Setcn Hy. Scpcyxk. Choster . . He'll bring confusion to our enemies . . . Stadnik. loo . . . Captain of the clouds . . . Hi-Y: Gorman Club. Stone, Harry Stout. Betty Strangis. Joe Stone. Harry . . . He's just a merry old clown . . . Hi-Y. Stout Betty . . . She'll never bo lonesomo . . . Key Pen; Blue Tri. Strangle. Joe . . . Shhh It's a military secret . . . Sock 'n' Buskin. Pres.; Student Council; 12B Pres. PHYSICS CLASS Page 34THE JANUARY CLASS OF 1943 Thompson, Reger Thor, Betty Violette, Dick Wallin. George Warhol, Mary Wawracz, John Thompson. Roger . . . He's in good shape . . . Hl-Y. Pres.; Baskotball; Tonnis; National Honor Society. Pros.; All City Honor Roll. Thor. Betty . . . With boauty so rare . . . Blue Trl; Forum, Pros.; French Club: National Honor Socioty; Scholarship Pin. Violette. Dick . . . Solid Jlvo is on the loose . . . Cheerleader; Tennis; Student Council. Wallin. George . . . Farowell to prop school ioys . . . 11B Class Pros.: Ushers Club: Hl-Y. Pros. Warhol. Mary . . . Sweet Miss Mary . . . Wawracx. John . . . Johnny's making history . . . Hl-Y; Basketball; Choir. Weatherman. Robert Webb. Robert Weller. Roberta Wostlin. Lorraine Williamson, Jean Winther. Wtnllred Weatherman. Robert . . Hero's wishing him a happy voyage home . . . Stage Crew; Swimming Team. Webb. Robert ... Ho pledges allogianco to the flag . . . RECORD; German Club; National Honor Socioty; All City Honor Roll. Weller. Roberta . . . Sho's Just a simple gal . . . Key Pen. Westlin. Lorraine . . . Hor voice Is low and sweot . . . Bluo Tri; German Club; Carl Linnaeus. Williamson. Jean . . . 'She's not a bit naivo . . . Sock 'n' Buskin, Soc.: Bluo Tri: Sotcn Hy. Winther. Winifred . . . Minstrol girl ... Band; Bluo Tri; Silver Trl. Wolfe. Jim Wollan. Sherman Wolfe. Jim . . . He's always babbling like a radio . . . Hl-Y; Hall Guard. Captain; Track. Wollan. Sherman . . His home is the rolling sea . . . 12B Troas.: Hl-Y. Pago 35 CAMERA SHY Anderson. Genevieve . . . Angel of Morey . . . WIZARD: German Club: Sock n’ Buskin; Quill and Scroll, Sec. Swanson. Edward . . . He’ll pass the tcughest physical . . . Inventors Club; RECORD. Waselak. Dorothy . . . Hor eyf-s are bright . . . Key Pen. Wedge wood. Bernard ... Ho wants to do his part . . . NIGHT SCHOOL GRADUATES Jack Anderson Phyllis Sublalka Anthony Mozdyn Joe Mlhalik Frank Smalts Lawrence MontanTHE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Amundson, Volma Anderson, Alice Anderson. Betty Andorson, lames Anderson, LeRoy Anderson, Sally Amundson, Volma . . . Gobs of love for Iho Navy . . . Bluo Trl; Seton Hy. Andorson. Alice . . . You'll find contontmont . . . Key Pen; Seton Hy: Blue Trl. Anderson. Botty . . . Oh. what funl . . . Blue Trl, Pros.; Forum, Pres.; French Club. Anderson, James . . . Your physique! Andorson. LoRoy . . . One that can compete . . . Hl-Y; Football. Andorson. Sally . . . I'll keep smilinq throuqh . . . Office Pago. Asplund, Margaret Axelson. Jeanne Bader, Herbert Baker, Lorraine Ballman, Marjorie Ealthazor, La Verne Asplund. Margaret . . . Lady, be good! . . . Blue Tri-Key Pen. Treas. Axelson. Jeanne . . . None to compare . . . Blue Trl; Forum. V. Pros.: German Club. Pres.; National Honor Society: Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Bador. Herbort ... All your foolery . . . Football; German Club. Baker. Lorraine . . . Makes your troubles go . . . Key Pen; Seton Hy. Ballman. Mariorie ... So simple and quiet. Balthazor. LaVerne . . . My troubles cease to matter . . . Carl Linnaeus; Silver Trl. Balthazor, Shirloy Basil. Henry Batkiewicz. Dolores Bauman, Mary Jane Beisswenger. Harold Benosh. George Balthazor. Shirloy . . . Always playing hookey . . . French Club; Setcn Hy. BasiL Henry . . . Got what it takes . . . Student Council. Pres.; Football; French Club, V. Pros.; National Honor Society: Scholarship Pin. Batkiewicz. Delores . . . Drives cares away . . . Silver Trb Orchestra; Library Monitor. Bauman. Mary Jane . . . Ready and willing . . . Key Pen; RECORD; Seton Hy; Scholarship Pin: All City Honor Roll. Beisswenger. Harold . . . Prcud to sorvo . . . German Club. Benesh. George ... I know tho score . . . Track: Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Pago 36THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Berglund. Roger Berglund. Roy Borgsten. Joyce Berlin . Betly Bezanson. Marjorie Blemat. Florence Berglund. Roger . . . Tho man who has fought and won . . . Football; Basketball; Hl-Y. Berglund. Roy . . . Let's go do things . . . Gym Team: Hi-Y. Bergsten. Joyce ... So bright and choory . . . Bluo Tri; French Club: WIZARD. Berlins. Betty . . . That familiar smile . . . Sock n’ Buskin; French Club. Troas.; WIZARD: National Honor Society. Bezanson. Marjorie . . . Your own sweat stylo . . . Soton Hy; Bluo Tri; French Club. Blernal Florence . . . Your wish is my command . . . Key Pen; Bluo Tri: Seton Hy. Bjorklund. Allen Blade, Robert Boggs. Claire Bolin, Alfred Bona. Matthew Biorklund. Allen . . . Tho right technique . . . Tennis; Gymnastics: Hi-Y. Blade. Robert . . . He's on tho ,‘ob . . . National Honor Society. Boggs. Claire . . . Can count on you . . . WIZARD; German Club; Silver Tri. Bolin. Alfred . . . Ho's a clevor guy . . . WIZARD; Football; Group Captain. % Bona. Matthew . . '. Lets his conscience guldo him . . . Stago Crow. Brost. June ... An American beauty . . . Library Monitor; Silver Tri- French Club. Bucksa. Francos Burkness, Donald Callander. Lawrence Bucksa. Frances ... A friend so true . . . Fronch Club Sec.; Seton Hy: Student Council: Scholarship Pin: National Honor Socloty; All City Honor Roll. Burkness. Donald . . . My troubles I seem to forget . . . Inventors Club; National Honor Society. Callander, Lawrenco ... In baseball's hall of fame . . . Baseball; Basketball; Football; National Honor Society. Pago 37 LOOKS SO VERY SMARTTHE JUNE CLASS OF 1 943 Carlson, Luverno Carlson, Marilyn Colusnak. Rosalie Champlln, Lois Cich. Ted Collins. Lorraine Carlson. Luverno . . . He's a killer, It’s true . . . Baseball; Hockey. Carlson. Marilyn . . . Knee deep in stardust . . . Pcm American Loaguo. Colusnak, Rosalie . . Come on have fun! . . . G. A. A.; Key Pen; Blue Tri. Champlln. Lois . . . Whero'd you got those blue, blue oyeo? . . . Gorman Club; Silver Tri; Choral Club. Cich. Ted . . . Ho’s your iriona anytime . . . Ushers Club. Collins. Lorraine . . . Her hoart belongs to Just one . . . Choral Club; German Club. Cook. Botty Coplan. Mildred Corbin. Voma Corrigan. Jerome Cota, Marie Crammond, Irons Cook. Botty . . . Always Just in time. Coplan. Mlldrod . . . Laughod and loarnod . . Silver Tri; Bluo Tri; Library Monitor. Corbin. Voma ... I love to live . . . Kop Pon; Seton Hy. Corrigan. Jerome . . . Nothing holds him back . . . Sock ’n' Buskin, V. Pres.; Hl-Y, Pres.; WIZARD. Editor; National Honor Society: Scholarship Pin; Quill and Scroll; All City Honor Roll. Cota. Mario . . . Sly little rogue ... G. A. A. Crammond. Irene . . . Knows the right thing to wear . . . Bluo Tri; Carl Linnaeus; Library Monitor. Dahl. Ruth Dahlberg. Howard Dahlberg, Mary DahL Ruth . . . Forever faithlul . . . Soton Hy. Dahlborg. Howard . . . My head's in tho clouds. Dahlberg. Mary . . . She's always a lady . . . German Club; Sock 'n‘ Buskin; WIZARD; National Honor Society: Scholarship Pin; QuiU and Scroll; All City Honor Roll. DOWN HISTORY'S PAGES Pago 38THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Dahlgren, Harold Dahlin. Robert Dahlmann, Mary Ian© Dame, Marjorie Decowskl, Josephino Devlno, James Dahlgren. Harold . . . Wondor how ho got so smart . . . German Club; Hi-Y; National Honor Socloty; Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Dahlin. Robert . . . Troublos are like bubbles . . German Club. Pres.; Hi-Y; Class Play. Dahlmann. Mary Jane . . . Sweet personality, lull of rascality . . . Sock 'n' Buskin; French Club; Class Play. Dame. Marjorie . . Dearly bolovod . . . Blue Trl; Pan Amorican League. Treas.: WIZARD; Quill and Scroll. DecowskL Josephino . . You will bo happy . . Koy Pon; Seton Hy. Devlno, James . . . Plungo right through . . . Track; Swimming. Dietz. Rita Dille. Loris Dillon. Paul Draus. Delores Dupla. Mary Dzubay, Mary Ann Diet . Rita . . . Someone cuto and sweet . . Seton Hy; Sock 'n' Buskin; German Club; Nation tl Honor Sodoty; All City Honor Roll. Dill©. Loris . . . Strawberry blonde . . . Fronch Club. Silvor Tri; Library Monitor. Dillon. Paul . . . Singing a song . . Choral Club. Draus. Dolores . . . Suro to smile . . Gorman Club; RECORD; Bank Cashier. Dupla. Mary . . . Go s forward; nevor fails . . Seton Hy; Key Pen. Dzubay. Mary Ann . . That girl roally has sons© . . . Key Pen; National Honor Sodoty; Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Eliason. Donald Engel. Marilyn Englund, Elsie Ellason. Donald . . . People liko you . . . Hall Guard; Student Council. Engel. Marilyn . . . You can t be beat . . . Pan American League; Sock 'n‘ Buskin; Seton Hy. Englund. Elslo . . . Swoot as you seem . . . Koy Pon; Silver Tri; Band. Englund. Lois Engstrom. Louise Engstrom, Russell Englund. Lois . . . She’s on© fir'd rater . . Sock ’n Buskin. Treas.; WIZARD: Blue Tri; National Honor Society, Sec.; Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Engstrom. Loulso . . . You're a prizo . . . G. A. A.; Soton Hy; Blue Tri. Engstrom. Russell ... No worry worries you . . . Hi-Y: RECORD; German Club. Pago 39THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Engstrom. Shirley Enroth. CTydo Ericson, Richard Espe. Bill Falk, LaVerne Faxstad, Ioanne Engstrom, Shirley . . . She's the sweetest gal . . . Bluo Trl; Latin Club; Student Council. Enroth. Clyde . . . Tho pow'r of speech . . . Class play; Student Council. Pres.; Hi-Y, Pros.; National Honor Society; Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Ericson. Richard . . . The right kind. Espe. Bill . . . I’m through! . . . Track; Choral Club; Library Monitor. Falk. LaVeme ... No request is too extromo . . . Koy Pen. Farstad. Jeanne ... A star that will always bo bright . . . Bluo Tri. Fedora, Eugene Follegy. Ann Forrara, Tom Fick, Neil Fick. Richard Fisher. Bonita Fodora. Eugono . . . Sings pretty swoll . . . Choral Club. V. Pres.; Madrigal Club. Follogy. Ann . . . Behind the cloud, a golden ray. Ferrara. Tom . . . Wish I had a dimo . . . Hi-Y: Track; Football. Fick. Neil . . . Tell me more . . . Choral Club; Madrigal Club. Fick. Richard . . . He's just a crazy guy . . . Hi-Y. V. Pres.; Library Monitor; Tennis. Fisher. Bonita ... So appealing . . . Seton Hy; Bluo Tri; Gorman Club. Florkiewicz. Ireno Freund. Richard Friel. LaVerne Gacek. Helen Gardner. George Glenn. Virginia Florkiewicx. Irene . . . She'll always be faithful . . . Key Pen. Freund. Richard . . . There ain't no use to worry! . . . Gymnastics. Friel. LaVeme ... A truly artistic touch . . . Blue Tri; Fronch Club: National Honor Society: All City Honor Roll Gacek. Helen ... A pal that's true . . . Seton Hy. Gardner. George . . . Made a hit! . . . Track: Cheerleader; Hl-Y. Glenn. Virginia . . . The situation is well in hand . . . Sock 'n' Buskin; WIZARD: French Club: National Honor Society; Quill and Scroll: Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Page 40THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Grabowskl. Florence Grabowskl. Monica Greenwood. Marlorio Gnifln. Betty Grisen. Donald Haller. Evelyn Grabowskl. Florence . . . Lots to discuss . . . Blue Tri; Seton Hy; Sock 'n‘ Buskin: National Honor Society. GrabowskL Monica . . . Life is a melody . . . Latin Club; French Club. Greenwood. Mar oris . . . What a socialite, she Latin Club; Silver Tri; Choral Club. Griiiin. Betty . . . Made many a lriond . . . Bluo Tri: Shell Club; Latin Club. Grisen. Donald ... A most respected gont Junior Acadomy ol Science. Pres.: Sock ’n' Buskin, Pros.: National Honor Society; Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Haller. Evelyn ... I know she's true . . . Bluo Tri; Seton Hy. Hamilton. Roberta Hammond. Jerry Hamrick. Grayco Hanson. Don Hartley, Marilyn Hertog. Joyce Hamilton. Roberta . . . Walks about and talks about . . Choral Club: Blue Tri; Group Captain. Hammond. Jerry . . . My trouble's behind me . . . Hall Guard; Gorman Club. Hamrick. Grayce . . . It's great to be living! . . . G. A A. Pres.; Student Council. Sec.; Gorman Club. Hansen. Don . . . He's nice looking . . . Hi-Y; Hall Guard. Hartley. Marilyn . . . Vou put bounce in life . . Carl Linnaous; Key Pen; Seton Hy. Hertog. Joyce . . . Let's danco forever . . . RECORD; Blue Tri; German Club; Oulll and Scroll: National Honor Society. Hicks. Boatrico Higgins. Herbert Highland. Virgins Hicks. Beatrice . . . Laddie in khaki. I'm waiting for you. Higgins. Herbert ... He is willing. Highland. Virgins . . . Playing the part. Wjgo 41 JUKE BOX SATURDAY WTETHE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Hodgdon, Helen Hollck, Don Holm, Aldon Hodgdon. Holon ... I'm sincere . . . National Honor Society; Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Hollck. Don . . . The world's rootin' for you . . . Basketball; Golf; National Honor Society. Holm. Aldon ... I sit and dozo . . . Band. Holmer. Joyce Hudoba, Eileen Hunter, Virginia Holmer. Joyce ... A good little girl? . . . Blue Trl; RECORD; German Club. Hudoba. Eileen . . . The magic of your smile . . . Sock 'n' Buskin; French Club; WIZARD; National Honor Society. Hunter. Virginia . . . Oh, the blarney in her talk! . . . Blue Tri; Sock ’n' Buskin; G. A. A. Ihnot, Donald Jacobson, Eleanor Jankowski, Mary Ann Jaseniuk. Marlon Javes, Wallace Jensen. Murlol Ihnot. Donald ... All out to win . . . Football: Track. Jacobson. Eleanor . . . Lady in rod . . . Soton Hy; Blu - Tri. Jankowski, Mary Ann . . . Always in for fun . . . Key Pon; Seton Hy; Office Page. Jaseniuk. Marion . . . When that rhythm hits you! . . . Library Monitor. Javes. Wallace . . . My thoughts over stray . . . Band. Jensen. Muriel . . . Queen of them all . . . Soton Hy; Blue Tri; Fronch Club. Jeromo, Josephine Johnsen. Harry Johnson. Beverly Jerome. Josephine . . . Any place tho gang is . . . Koy Pen; Soton Hy; Office Page. Johnsen. Harry ... He rates so high . . . Hi-Y; Track; German Gub: National Honor Society, Pros.: Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Johnson. Beverly . . . Speaking of lovely numbers . . . Blue Tri; French Gub. TWAS NOT SO LONG AGO Pago 42THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Johnson. Donald Johnson, Lawronco Johnson. Marion Johnson. Walter Johnson. Warren Johnson. William Johnson. Donald . Johnson. Lawrence Got yourself a diploma!! . Long bo his glory bright. Johnson. Marion . French Club. All those charms . . . Seton Hy; Johnson. Walter . . . Tall and tun . . . Hl-Y; Gorman Club; Golf. Johnson. Warren . . . Will not go wrong . . . Hi Y; German Club; Band. Johnson. William . . . May have done somo foolin' . . . Hl-Y: Track. Jorgenson, Vivian Kadilak, Helen Karnopp, Phyllis Kasprak. Marion Katke, Don Kauth. Mary Jorgenson, Vivian . . . Heart of gold . . . Key Pon; Blue Tri; National Honor Society: All City Honor Roll. Kadilak, Helen . . . Couldn't resist her . . . Koy Pen; Seton Hy. Karnopp. Phyllis . . . Tho talk of tho town . . . Key Pen. Kasprak. Marion . . . Who could bo lonoly with you? . . . Seton Hy. Katke. Don . . . You'll laugh at defeat . . . Basketball; Football. Kauth. Mary . . . How could wo forgot you . . . Seton Hy, Pros.; G. A. A.. Troas.; Blue Tri; National Honor Socioty; Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Knoll. Lorraine Knowland. Caroline Knutson. Gordon Kersten, Vora Kiedrowski, Ed Kltllnski, Virginia Kersten. Vera ... A pal to one and all . . . Seton Hy: Blue Tri; German Club; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society. Kiedrowski. Ed . . A sharp shootln' guy . . . Basketball; Football; Swimming. Kitlinski. Virginia . . . Doing her bit . . . Key Pen; Seton Hy. Knoll. Lorraine . . . You can have a good time . . . Carl Linnaeus; Seton Hy; Key Pen. Knowland. Caroline ... In ycur ©yes a reckloss gleam . . . Band; Blue Tri; Class Play. Knutson. Gordon ... ]'m so awfully misunderstood . . . Football: Hi-Y. Page 43THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Knutson. Harold Koalska, Leila Kocon, Frank Kocon. Stanley Kopczeski. Ray Korney. Irene Knutson. Harold ... No worry on my mind . . . Hl-Y. Koalska. Leila . . . You've got charm . . . Bluo Trl; Silver Tri; French Club. Kocon. Frank ... A big broad smile . . . Football; Basketball; Baseball. Kocon. Stanley . . . Joins in the lun . . . Track; Ushors Club. Kopczeski. Ray . . . Woudn'l have him change. Korney, Irene . . . Hall with fond dollghl . . . Key Pen; Bluo Tri; Seton Hy. Kostakos, DoEtta Kowaliw. Ann Kowall, Ann I Kraus, Dick Kroul, Lois Kublnski. Stanloy Kostakos. DeEtta . . . Plenty to do . . . G. A. A.; Blue Trl; Key Pen. Kowaliw, Ann . . . You hit the spot . . . Soton Hy. Kowall. Ann ... A stylo that's all her own . . . Seton Hy; Key Pen: Office Paae. Kraus. Dick ... A friendly sort of guy. Krout. Lois ... A fascinating gaze in hor eyes . . . Key Pon; Silver Tri; G. A. A. Kubinski. Stanley . . . Roally is grand. Kuduk. Joe Kuss. Jack LaCount, Lloyd Ladd. Gloria LaGrange. Exmina LaGrave, Thereso Kuduk. Joe . . . Years have not changed him. Kuss, Jack . . . My "day's" work is done . . . Football. LaCount. Lloyd . . . Sailing along peaceful and calm. Ladd. Gloria ... So calm, so unaffected . . . French Club; Bluo Tri; RECORD; Quill and Scroll. LaGrange. Ermina . . A twinkle in hor eye . . . French Club. LaGrave. Therese . . . Smile warm as a summer breeze . . . Blue Tri; Sock 'n' Buskin; Key Pen. Page 44THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Larson. Gloria Larson. Gordon Lasho, Iren© Lenart. Elizabeth Loner. Ralph Lesney. Amelia Larson. Gloria . . . You say so many cheery things . . . Pan American League; Sock 'n' Buskin: WIZARD. Larson. Gordon ... He makes out all right . . . Scholarship Pin. Lasho. Irene . . . Passers-by applaud you with their eyes . . . Blue Tri; Key Pen; Silver Trl. Lenart. Elizabeth . . Paco the iuturo with a smile Seton Hy; Key Pen. Loner. Ralph . . . Blarney shines right thru his grin. Lesnoy. Amelia . You're so kind and true. Lltocky. Bernard Luniewski. Eleanor Lyons, Betty Lyons, Wallace Maclazka, Stella Magda, Geraldine Litecky. Bernard . . . Just a simplo pal. Luniewski. Eleanor . . . Can t forget her . . . French Club; Seton Hy; WIZARD. Lyons. Betty . . . With still increasing fame . . . Blue Trl; French Club. Lyons. Wallace . Everyone gives him the bright oyo. Maclazka. Stella . Nothing to conceal. Magda. Geraldlno . . . The magic of her charm . . . Blue Trl; French Club. Troas.; WIZARD; National Honor Society: Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Malthouse. Catherine Mastrian, Joe Matthews, Margaret Malthouso. Catherine . . . Fascinatin' ways . . . French Club: RECORD; 12A. Soc.; National Honor Society. V. Pres.; Quill and Scroll. Mastrian. Joe . . . Two fisted guy. Matthews. Margaret . . . Can face the stormy weather . . . Key Pen; Soton Hy; Blue Tri. Shy Seniors Johnson. Marvin ... Do I dare? Johnson. Paul . . The city charmer. Kuohn. Evelyn There's always fun when she's around. Nash. Richard . . Never saw the likes of him. Nelson. Rodney . I'm really living frooly. Plwoschuk. Wa t . Ho comes and goes as he pleases . . . Tennis. Sladek. George Having a great deal of fun. Tapsak. Pete ... All true blue . . . Basketball. Thellmann. Glenn . . . The things ho can do . . . Band; Vodvll; Orchestra. Thels, Ray . . . Life Is easy go . . . Choral Club. Verkins. Wayno ... Ho drives a fancy car. Vye. William . . . Everything is so grand. Young. Geraldine . . . My troubles melt like lemon drops.THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 McCollum. Richard Mclnemy. Joan McNulty, Jim Mellln. Audrey Mileck. Charles Miskowiec. Anthony McCallum. Richard . . . Startin' out to win. Mclnemy. Joan ... A uniform of white . . . Fronch Club; Blue Tri; Silver Trl. McNulty, Jim ... No one can tako his place . . . Hi-Y. Pres.; 11 A, Pros.; Student Council, Treas. Mellin, Audrey ... As pretty as can be . . . Blue Tri; Seton Hy. Mileck. Charles . . . Headin' for the blue horizon. Miskowiec. Anthony . . . Can't control a grin. Miskowiec. Margaret Modeen. Marnae Moline. Carole Moore, Patricia Morgan, Virginia Mosier, Roland Mlskowioc. Margarot . . . Sweet beginning to the dream I planned. Modeen. Marnae . . . Lights that spell you: name . . . French Club; Blue Tri; Class Play. Moline, Carole . . . Cares fade far away . . . Fronch Club. Moore. Patricia . . Friendly harmony . . . Silver Tri; Student Council; Choir. Morgan. Virginia . . . Fond of amusement . . . Blue Tri: French Club; Sock 'n' Buskin. Mosier. Roland . . . You're a natural . . . Hi-Y; Swimming Toam. Neault. Marvin . . A very kindly follow. Nelson. Edith ... All that's good and true . . . Blue Tri; G. A. A.; Key Pen. Nelson. Marilyn ... A maidon fair . . . German Club; Blue Tri; Seton Hy. Neault. Marvin Nelson. Edith AS TIME GOES BY Page 46THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Nelson. Norma i Norison. Shirley Nevins. Don Ohlsson. Alice Olsen. Donna Olson. Dorothy Nelson. Nonna . . . Mem'ries of happy years . . . Blue Tri; Setsn Hy; National Honor Society. Nerlson. Shirley . . . Smiling oyos of blue. Nevins. Don . . . Jolly good company . . . German Gub; Hi-Y: Ushers Club. Ohlsson. Alice . . . Sho's vory nice . . . Blue ' Olson. Donna . . A breath of spring . . . Orchestra: Choral Club: Madrigal Gub. Olson. Dorothy . . . Sho is shy . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Seton Hy. Olson, Paul Olson. Shirley O'Rourke. Marilyn Oslund. Betty Paquln, Gerald Paradise, Caroline Olson. Paul . . . One of the crowd . . . Basketball; Baseball. Olson. Shirley ... A heart that's froo . . . Accordion Band; Offlco Pago. O'Rourke. Marilyn . . . Bright as tho sun . . . Blue Tri: Sec.; Sock 'n' Buskin. Sec.; WIZARD; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society, V. Pres.; Quill and Scroll: All City Honor Roll. Oslund. Betty ... I romomber happy days . . Blue Tri. % Paquln. Gerald ... So peaceful and serene. Paradise. Caroline ... To dream swoot momorios . . . Koy Pon. Paulson. Richard Poarson, Dorothy Peters, Bill Poterson. Donald Poterscn. Keith Potorson. Marjorio Paulsen. Richard . . . Happy go lucky . . . German Club. Treas.; Hl-Y; Student Council. Pearson. Dorothy ... You were never lovelier . . . Pan American League; Blue Tri; Class Play. Peters. Bill . . . Merrily swinging along . . . Hi-Y. Peterson. Donald . . . Out to mako a name . . . National Honor Society; Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Peterson. Keith ... My timo Is woll takon up. Peterson. Mariorle . . . S !: hearted . . . Blue Tri; Silver Tri; Key Pen. Pago 47THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Peterson, Roger Phillips, Cathorino Plckford. Jack Piokarski, Edward Pietruszewski. Ted Pietruszka. Eleanor Potorson. Roger ... A merry mood. Phillips. Catherine ... A lovely miss . . . Blue Tri; Silver Tri: German Club. Pickford. Jack . . . He's got that somothing . . . Hi-Y: Gorman Club. Soc. Piokarski. Edward . . . Calmly drifts down life's stroam . . . Football. Pietruszewski. Ted . . . He'll nover let you down . . . Basketball; Basoball. Pietruszka. Eleanor . . . Nico to know . . . German Club; Soton Hy; Blue Tri. Pitra. Lillian Plalsance. Robort Plaisanco. Victor Rapacz, Virginia Razutak, Holon Reasoner. Rollin Pitra. Lillian . . . Full of choer . . . Key Pen; Seton Hy. Plaisanco. Robort . . . Pulls togothcr . . . Hall Guard. Plaisanco. Victor I keep protty much to myself. Rapacz. Virginia ... A swingin' door in my heart . . . Latin Club. Treas.; Pan American League; WIZARD; Scholarship Pin; All City Honor Roll. Razutak. Holon . . . Ever loyal I will be . . . Koy Pon; Soton Hy. Reasonor, Rollin . . . Captain of tho crow . . . 12A. Pros.; Hi-Y. Pres.; Stage Crew. Ritter. Joan Roedocker. Louise Rogers, Catherine Ronald. Audroy Ross. George Rossi, Roland Ritter. loan . . . She brings loy and happiness . . . Blue Tri: Student Council; Key Pen. Roedockor. Lculso ... A cool sort of gaze. Rogers. Cathorino . . So fancy free. Ronald. Audroy . . . Love will live in her heart . . . German Club: Sock 'n' Buskin; WIZARD. Ross. George . . . Fooling like a king. Rossi. Roland . . Forward still I go . . Junior Acadomy of Science. Page 48THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 1 Rossi. Rosena Rossman. Harry Ryan. Gerald Saba. Joe Sachko, Peter Sanders, Viola Rossi. Rosena . . . Just a littlo shy Colleen . . . Blue Tri: Group Captain: Bank Cashior. Rossman. Harry ... He has "class" . . . RECORD; Hl-Y. Pres.; 11 A. V. Pres. Ryan. Gorald ... His adlons speak louder than words . . . Ushers Club; WIZARD. Saba. Joe . . . Just a kid namod Joe. Sachko. Poter ... I know I'll find my way. Sanders. Viola . . . You'll never be forgotten . . . Pan American League. Sec.; Sock 'n‘ Buskin. Troas.; RECORD; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Socioty; Quill and Scroll; All City Honor Roll. Salt, Elmer Schack. James Schock. Paul Schonberg. SylvJa Seifert. DeLorls Sellnsky, Joo Satt. Elmer ... A truo champ . . . Football; Track. Schack. James ... In tho "groovo" . . . Band; Vodvil. Schock. Paul . . . Keops things alive. Schonberg. Sylvia ... A beaming face . . . Sock 'n' Buskin: Junior Academy of Science; Band. Seifert. DeLoris ... In thy dark eyes splondor . . . Blue Tri; Sock 'n' Buskin; Choral Club; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Socioty. Sellnsky. Joe . . . Gives his all . . . Football. Sicard. Blanche Skirka. Marjorie Skovran. Potor Sicard. Blancho . . Woar a smile and always be gay. Skirka. Marjorio . People like you are nice to know . Bluo Tri; Koy Pen; Group Captain. Skovran. Petor . You'll never know dofeat. Pag® 49 ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALLTHE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 S’.ettehaugh, Tom Smaltz. Anna Smaltz, Florence Smith, Art Smith, Gerald Smith, Gervaso Slettehaugh. Tom . . . Ho's a real All-American . 12B. Pros.; Football: Track. Smaltz, Anna . . . Friends I knew wore kind and true. Smith. Art . . . Doesn't have many cares . . . Hl-Y; German Club. Smith. Gerald . . . Unforgettable days I never can roplace . . . Foctball; Track; Baseball. Smaltz. Floronce . . . Parting may bring sadness. Smith. Gervasc . . . Every inch a man. Stanton. Phoebe Stoingas. Bill Steltznor, Andrew Sport. Jean Sroka, Florence Stahl. Kormlt Sporl. Joan ... All aglow . . . Blue Tri: German Cub; Carl Linnaous. Sroka. Floronco ... So petito . . . Seton Hy; Bluo Tri: Silver Tri. Stahl. Kermit . . . Proud to be just what lam... Gorman Club. Stanton. Phoebe . . . Ring upon her finger . . . Carl Linnaeus; Silver Tri. Steingas. Bill ... A treasuro in memories . . . Football; Track; Wrestling. Stoltzner. Andrew . . . Yen for fun . . . Hi-Y V. Pres.; German Club: Music Council. Stopanek. Steve Stopanek. Stevo Stevonscn. June Seton Hy. Stillings. Viola Pago SO Stevenson, Juno . Ho's got a way. . Sunshine In her oyos . I'm high; I'm happy Stillings. Viola . . . Key Pon; . . . Bluo Tri. SO TEMPTING BEST OF PALS ARE WETHE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Stromborg, Audrey Stunner. Dolores Subak. Bill Sullivan, Dolores Stoelting. Jeanette Strawn. Merrill Stoelting. Jeanette . . . Doing all she can . . . G. A. A.: Seton Hy. Strawn. Merrill ... A bashful smilo. Strcmberg. Audroy . . . You hit a new high . . . Silvor Trl; Blue Tri; Fronch Club; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society; All City Honor Roll. Sturmor. Dolores . . . Life is like a song . . . Pan American League. Sec.; Seton Hy. Sec.; Sock 'n‘ Buskin; National Honor Society. Subak. Bill . . . Hand steady heart ready, eyes bright . . . Gymnastics. Sullivan. Dolores . . . Koop that smile; novel loso it . . . Bluo Trl; G. A. A.; Key Pen. Swanson. Beryl Swanson. Ruby Sxurek. Eddlo Tamm. Helen Thibault, Pat Thornquest. .Betty Swanson. Beryl . . . Gallivantin' Gal. Swanson. Ruby . . . Delightful to know . . . French Club; Student Council; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society. Sxurek. Eddie . . . Makos life move. Tamm. Helon . . . Gentle word and kindly deed . . . Blue Tri; German Club; Scholarship Pin; National Honor Society; All City Honor Roll. Thibault. Pat . . My heart is gay . . Seton Hy French Club; Class Play. Thornquest. Betty . . . She makos things "'hum” . . . Blue Trl; 12B. Troas.; RECORD; National Honor Society; Quill and Scroll; All City Honor Roll. Treat. Alice Tromlczak. Frances Turok. John Uchanski, Marie Urlsta. Harold Vetrano, Jennie Treat. Alice ... A pretty gal . . . Blue Trl; Victorian Knitting Club; Carl Linnaeus. Tromiczak. Frances . . . Welcome anywhere she goes . . . Blue Trl; Seton Hy; Key Pen. Uchanski, Mario . . . She always gets nor way . . Key Pon; Seton Hy. Urista. Harold . . . Perfect "follow through" . . . Hi-Y; Golf. Vetrano. Jonnie . . . Thinking of happy years ahead . . Key Pen; G. A. A.; Silver Trl. Turok. John ... I love to whistle. Pago SITHE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Waqnor. Hilmar Wahlstrom, Calvin Wall. Don Wagner. Hilmar . . . My mind's at ease . . . Ushers Club. Wahlstrom. Calvin . . . 1 act as I feel . . . Band. Wall. Don . . . He’s a vory gay lad . . . Hi-Y: Stage Crew; Student Athletic Manager. Warhol, Nick Warian, William Warner, Burton Warhol. Nick . . . Knows mere than you might think. Warian, William . . . Ho 9 on the square. Warner. Burton . . . Eminently sensible. Warpoha. Angelin© Waryan. Bill Wobor. Bernita Warpoha. Angolino . . . April in my heart . . . Soton Hy; Gym Assistant. Waryan, Bill ... A "right" guy . . . 12A, V. Pres.; Golf. Weber. Bernita ... A ray ol sunshine. Whitney, Shirley Wickberg, Dick Williams. Burton Whitney. Shirley . . . She never complains . . . Choral Club. Wickberg. Dick ... He goes smiling and singing along . . . Choral Club; Sock ’n’ Buskin; Class Play. Williams. Burton . . . My heart is flying high. Wilson. Margaret Wyckoff. Jeanne Youngren. Arthur Wilson. Margaret . . . Matter of factly . . . Blue Tri; Seton Hy. Wyckoff. Jeanne . . A picture rare to see . . . Bluo Tri; German Club. Youngren. Arthur . . . Time on my hands . . . Band; Swimming Team. Yurista. Harry Zamor. LoRoy Zenz, Marilyn Yurista. Harry ... My thoughts go back. Zumor, LeRoy . . Tim.- -to settle down . . . Choir. Zonx. Marilyn . . . You'ro a bit of all right . . . Silvor Tri: French Club; Latin Club. Pago 52„ A D v I S E R landlnq; u. , loy w, Lunk-Soatcd: | !tK.Burkman Mr. f-»lo JUppfr- coUo?. • Mim ,a' Ratlin Roaftoncf. »xet er . Ruby Swanaon. Tt«a uior. CL ASS Calhvtmo Malthouao, Secrttary. William Waryan. Vic President. Of the three senior events, the banquet held on June third echoed a note of gayety. Here where turkey was king, the graduating class and the teachers made merry to the timely theme of Mess Call. The Rev. L. Marston delivered the Baccalaureate Sermon on June 6. His well chosen words reminded the class of the seriousness of their responsibilities. Commencement exercises on June 10 emphasized the idea: "Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime." Marilyn O'Rourke, Salutatorian, discussed Washington, the Father of Our Country; Donald Grisen, Benjamin Franklin, the Diplomat; Clyde Enroth, Thomas Jefferson, the Patriot; Viola Sanders, Lincoln, the Emancipator; and Virginia Glenn. Valedictorian, Wilson, the Idealist. Rollin Reasoner, Class President. presented the Seniors to Dr. Drake who issued the diplomas. Musical numbers consisting of vocal solos, a vocal ensemble, and a woodwind quartette lent variety to the program. MARILYN O'ROURKE VIRGINIA GLL'NN SALUTATORIAN VALEDICTATORIAN Page 53HARMONY is the skillful blending of many chords and notes. Extra curricular activities are much the same, for they too require this proper balance. The musical, social, and service clubs, when combined proportionately, unite into a pleasing HARMONY of education and enjoyment. These benefits, when augmented by the creation of friendship, fulfill the ultimate aim of all clubs at Edison. -: - -: - -: -JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Back row: E. Jaworskt. V. Pres.; Mr Louts Barrett. E. Rondeau First row: S. Schonberg, D. Grwen. Fret. The Junior Academy of Science has been making a special study of conservation of our national resources during the present emergency. Each member has made a detailed study of this topic for group discussion. A film on forest conservation and talks by Ernest Jaworski and Donald 3risen were given at the annual meeting at the University of Minnesota. Servants of Science The Inventors Club serves the school through the operation of the recording machine, photographic equipment, the microphone, and spotlight, during assemblies. The club under the direction of J. Selmar Drage helps the boys to secure positions in scientific fields after graduation. The members further their knowledge of physics and chemistry by experimenting in fields which interest them individually. As a special project this last semester the inventors have been working on an induction transformer. INVENTORS CLUB Mr. I. S. Drag . AdvtMr, Natstnd. Blade, BurknoM, Damowtcx. Pag SSStaffs of Note WIZARD Standma: Berlin . Magda, Bohn. Bogg , Rapacx, Basil. Betgsten, Hudoba. Dahlberq, Ranald. O'Rourke. England. Richard. Sealed: Lunlewskl, Larson. Ryan. Dam . Corrigan, Gl«nn. Andorson. RECORD Standing: O'Rourke. Ralston. Otto, Draus. Ladd. West. Er.gstrom, Sanders. Oemcke. Seated: Balthasor. Bly, Dauahonbaugh. Scheller.lv rq. Thomguest, Hertog. Kaul. Nelson. Swanson. Malt- house. Moody. Hoyer. Holmer. The twenty selected students of the WIZARD staff meet every day during the sixth period to work on the annual. Some of their tasks are arranging picture schedules, preparing pages, and choosing senior captions. Besides these things, the staff holds a subscription campaign and secures advertisements. Because the WIZARD brings back pleasant memories of school days, few seniors graduate without one. For twenty years the RECORD, our school paper, has kept us informed of the school activities. The RECORD staff of twenty-two members works every day organizing the news. Friday morning in advisory after the papers are delivered, the students read their favorite section: gossip, sports, editorials, or styles. Pag 56On to Victory NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Back row: Hoyct. Jatoncak. Thor. Enroth. Monton. Corrigan. Blade. Johnson. Grwon. Second row: BurkncM, GWnn. Kaul, Litatko. Sotfert. Hagen. John«on. Englund. Dahlboig. Tamm. Pir»t row: Dahlgrvn. Dtubay, Sander . Diets, Skovran, Thompson, Malthou , Axolton. O'Rourke. Bly Back row: Durand. Keriten. Hudoba. Hodgdon. Nelson. Norland, D. Peterson. Krezowski Second row: Brldgeman. Callander. Magda. Baail. Nelson. Kauth, Oten. Berlins. Thornquest. Fust row: V Peterson, Neville. Olson. Swanson. Brama, O'Rourke. lawortki. Richard. Each semester the National Honor Society initiates the 11 A’s and seniors who have proved themselves worthy of recognition in this organization. To be eligible for membership, these students must be in the upper fourth of their class. They are then judged for scholarship, leadership, and character by the faculty and students who know them. Those who survive this test become membeis of the society. Throughout the years that the Epsilon Chapter of Edison High School has existed. approximately one thousand, one hundred and twelve students have been Initiated. Established in 1925, the Edison High National Honor Society is under the supervision of Mrs. Verna Olson. Pag 57EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Standing: Reasonsr. Swanson. Seated: Enroth. Englund, Mr. Green, Adviser Defenders of The Student Council is divided into six committees to facilitate the handling of matters relating to the government of the school. Plans for forthcoming assemblies are made by the Assembly Committee; awards and citations for outstanding students are made by the Recognition Committee. The Executive Committee. working with Mr. Green, plans the order of business at the meetings. RECOGNITION COMMITTEE Standing: Bahr, Zipoy, Hunter, Novak. Ludford. Bjorklund S.:ut d: Cunningham. Chairman, Anderson, Mrs. Claen, Adviser Pag. S8Our Democracy The Red Cross Committee directs the activities of the schopl in relation to the war effort, while the Social Committee makes arrangements for sunlights, homecoming, and other amusements. Miscellaneous matters are taken care of by the General Committee. The efficient management of the student affairs is largely due to the work of the Council and advisers. Pag 59 SOCIAL COMMITTEE Standing. Palaloy. R Johnson. Curry, Kock, Jacobson. Chriotsn. Enroth. D. La Toursll. Seated: Ashcroft. B. Pstsrson. Strsst, Strangia, Mias Simmons. Advissr. D. Sullivan, D. Pstsrson.Every day during the fifth period the orchestra meets with Mr. Lunkley, the director. Their projects include playing for the graduation exercises, class plays, and concerts each semester. Students who are members of first band or orchestra receive a full credit each year. Sharps and Flats BAND Piccolo: N. Olaon. Flute: Brink, R. Johnson, Rondoau. Schonborg. Oboo: L. Englund. D. Johnson. E Clannoi. Knowland B Clarinol: E. Anderson, Angor, Babich, Bavor, Cook, Dickharl, Gus-tason. LeRoy Johnson, lanicko, B. Johnson, Maurer, Novak, Sodor-bvrq, Swanson, Seiler, Sorttmo, Thor, Wahlstrom. Weber, Younqren. Alio Clarinol: Lois Andoraon, By mark, Eido, R. Larson. Bass Clarinol: Lonzmeler. Ohlin, Partriago. Routs. Bassoon: L. Jacobson. J. Swanson. Alto Saxophono: Ronstrom. Tenor Saxophono: Fritz. Baritone: Tonnemaker. Cornets: Brand. Bloomquist, Elrod, Jonsen, Kobs, Marlow. Murdock. Whitnoy. Homs: Eskelund, Gallant, R. Olson. Upton. Trombone: R, Anderson. Coulombe, E. Englund. Haglorn, B. Olson, Mueller. Baritone: D. Anderson, Daniolson, Formo, L. Johnson, Soiko. Basses: Krinko, F. Nelson, Norum, D. Olson, Sallrnan. Snnre Drum: Berg, l.a Vallee. Bass Drum: Glorvad. Rosso. Tympam: McLaskoy. Bello: Vogel. Pago 60 . aStaffs and Measures ORCHESTRA Loft to right: Soaholm, Rost. Carr. R. Potorson. Palm. Hoyor. Landborg. D. Potorson, tonkins. Vanstrom, Zibkowskl, Hudak. Young. Poarson, Howitr.. Mitchell. Leo. Frooonko, Scavo. Conntans, Dunphy. Tonnomakor, Rondeau. Lasker. Zaalon, Olson. Ohlin. Sorenson. Van Arnan, Coulombs. Knowland. Enqlund, Holmgron, Hormstad. Rudd. Hill. Sowrey, Rosycki, □rod, Kelly, Nolson. R. Poteroon. Wonell. Dropps. R. Peterson. Moore. King. La Matrie. The Edison Band under the direction of Elmo Lunkley, plays for the football and basketball games. The presentation of a band concert each semester helps to finance the band's expenses. Other appearances this year at the school included the Memorial Service and several auditorium programs.MADRIGAL Dillon, Benson, Sotlert, Dahlman. Borgstrom, Lundgren. Worring, Olson, Brink, Hall, Carlson, Fedora, Nelson. Madrigal Club is open to those who enjoy music and have talent in singing. This group specializes in the study of medieval music when they meet with Mr. Sodergren. America Sings The Choral Club is a selected body of students interested in singing. This group, under the direction of Mr. Elmer Sodergren, presented on April 16 a Festival of Patriotic Music, which included solos by members of the Choral Club, folk dancing, and the Ballad for Americans. Over two hundred and fifty students participated in the pageant. CHORAL CLUB Back row: H. Johnson. Krahl, Nolson, Carlson, Bonson, Davis, Thois. Wickborg, Irving, Espc, Pappas, Beck. Volna. Fourth row: Reiner, Tamm. Hamilton, Abelson, Lundgron, J. Anderson, Namie. Stang«, Friedman, Podany. Brinda, Dillon. Eberlo. McPhoe. Third row: Andreen, B. Hagen. Schrooder, E. Hagen. Dehkes, Bjorklund, Whitney, Nesby, Goley, Seifort, Dolikor, Waller, Gustafson. Poterson. Second row: Borgstrom. Dahlman, Botewick. Taylor, Hall. Geldort, Collins, D. Anderson, B. Anderson. M. Johnson. Roppe, E. Olson, Topel, Erie First row: Janes. D. Olson, Champlin, Sullivan. Fedora, Mr. Sodorgron, Thor, Christianson. Hawkins, Gazdon, Weller. Axolson.MUSIC COUNCIL Back low; Slflttwr, Ohm, T. Qmilwnion, tollman, Fedora, Andttm Chlmdtr. Fml row: linkini, Thor, Mr. Lunklty, B Brink, Mr Sodetgnn, J. Rudd, D. Pfatten. k oilicers oi school music organizations are members ol the Music Council. These representatives ol Band, Orchestra, Choral Club, and Choir determine the music letters and awards to be given to students. Music Makers The Choir united with the Choral Club in the presentation ol the pageant, Festival ot Patriotic Music, along with members oi the orchestra and chorus classes. The Choir is a training ground tor students who wish to gain member ship in the Choral Club. Choir meels three times a week with Mr. Elmer Soder-qten. CHOIR Bock tow: Aiplund, PtoUllo, Pttenon, Nebon, WojcheJl, JCrtifi. Pupwia, Wallin, Tich, Draw, Brown, CatUon. Tamitoad. Fourth tow: Maitca, Holmgren, Hcdean, Nygaard, Steti, Degnan, Swlder, Magiora. larton, Vanuuk. B. Olion, Wotting. Ott, McCaffrey, Thud tow: FVaquin, Bowo, Huble, Benjamin. Hagit, Wall. Tamifrom, Dahlman, Bolin, W§ll$n, Parkin, k. Olion, Haneon. Second tow: Wtckitrom. Speari. Ztpoy, ICeck. Buck Egelund. Cunnmgham. Mr. Soderqren, Hudak, Mown Holmqren, Kocan, Soderqrtn. Carbon. Flift row: Neuman, Kylanatr, Fitiqerald, Corimtr, B Andereon, Prei. Ohm, V. Pr i.; Chlnander. Sec.; Zieba. D. Andonkm. lundgren, B ork)und. Warhol.BLUE T RI Back row: I. Olaon. Rudd, Wilson, Thompson, Loo, Reiner. M. Pearson, Brink, Parsons. Sovonth row: Parstad, Broughal), Hudoba, E. Poarson, Korston. Stillings, F. Grabowskl, L. NoUon. Sixth row: C. Malthouso. Hortog, Rlttor, A. Andorson, N. Nelson, Asplund, Borgston. Dtous, Barras. Filth row: B. Thornquest. Sturmor, Engel, Dahlman, Hallor, La Grave, La Tourell. Slindu. Ronlmor. Fourth row: Stromborg, Phillips, Crammond, Haik, Paisley, Androon, Sanders, Holmor. Morgan. Third row: Topol, Coopor, Rolston, Sktrka, Wyckoll, Sorenson, Axelson. Otto, Wolshtngor. Stadnik. Socond row: Sullivan, Thibault, Sroka, Daughonbauqh, Kroon, Nash, Dohkos, Miller, Dropps. First row: Durand, Kauth. Johnson, Lundblad. Riploy, Sec.; Miss Ward, Biorklund, Thor, B. Brink, L. Hamrick, Forever Loyal In keeping with its ideals of character development, fellowship, knowledge, and service, the Blue Triangle has been actively engaged in war work this last semester. The club, through its committees, has made scrapbooks of crossword puzzles, jokes, and stories for use in army camps and has sponsored talks by army and navy nurses on vocations for girls. Blue Triangle is the Edison branch of the Girl Reserves, a Y. W. C. A. group. It is open to all girls in the eleventh and twelfth grades. BLUE T R I Back row: Walllck, G. Hamrick, Koatakos, Hamilton, Tamm. Ronald. Jurosuk, Swnnaon, Buck, WeBtlin, Ploimling. Sovonth row: Lolor. Blanaki, Korney, E. Nelson. Mollin, Lyons, Engstrom, Mclnorny, Lasho, Mlskowiec. Sixth row: Huntor. Romsland, Trowbridgo, Dollber, Vickland. R. Anderson, Danko, Lltaeko, Sullivan, V. Petorson. Gunnarson. Fifth row: Kostlk. Novak. Mihalik, B. Andorson, L. Englund, Haug, Glonn. Soitort, C. Anderson, Berline. Fourth row: Griffin, Jensen. Modeon, Karls, West, Magda, Jorgenson, Anderson. Barkowitz, Williamson, Nosby. Third row: B. Larson. Luntewskt, Amundson. Brock, Hawkins. A. Potorson. Arnoson, Damo, Noron, O'Rourko. Socond row: Richard. Rainsdell. Matthews, Madden. Soderholm, Fround, Rossi, C. Mitchell, Benjamin. Front row: Monson, Fedora. Hoyor, Mias Wallace, B. Johnson. Pros.; Hagen, V. Pres.; Skovran, Troas.; Duscnka, Hall, PcllowSILVER T R I Bock row: Plante. Dumas. D. Peterson. Marshall. Davies, Sorenson. Doru. Moskal, Dahlman, Rolck. Filth row: K. Olson. Hanson, tonkins. Bolin. Dorothy Moskal. Carlson. O'Hvrn. Hunter Fourth row: Martin. Draus. Biorklund, Dilko, Caldorwood. Monson. Ashcrott. Ryan, Sawlna Third row: A. Pstorson, Rossi. Warhol. Pbqum. P. Andorson. Sandburg. Judson, Simonds Socond row: Scavo. Edlund. Haqlund, Lawronco. Roxyrki. Krupp. Ihnot. Preksto. lanlcko. First row: L Andorson. Bow , Coohdoe. Ranom. Miss Rains wick Bonnot, Wiekstrom, Kylandor, B. Olson. Jacobson. Daughters True Silver Triangle members, following in the footsteps of their older sisters, have been contributing their share to the war effort. All girls in the ninth and tenth grades are eligible for membership, and may participate in the bi-monthly meetings. Talks on the Red Cross and youth hostels were Included in the activities of the Silver Tri this last semester. The club, advised by Miss Louise Ramswick and Miss Sophie Albinson, is under the auspices of the main Y. W. C. A. SILVER TRI Back row: Bloomquist, Ftollvchak. Cunningham. Gardner. Wenell. Fil . Stillings, Milak, Johnston. Seventh row: Warholm, Vogel, Cos man, Erpeidtng, Keck. Wasek. LaTourneau. Vanarnum. Sixth row: Brocks, Postello. Swadner. Otto. Savage. McCallrey, Thornquest. Zlpoy. Filth row: Bussy. Emerson. Flannis. Pappas, Kuberger. Mangas. Baardson. Helm. Fourth row: Wallin. Bolin. Lundblad. Ness, Lienke. Tarnstrom. Hudoba. Neuman Third row: Sodergren, Oullstte. Hammer. Ludlotd. B. Johnson, Cook. Dzuby. Jones. Burd. Second row; Larson. Lundgren. Boyko. G. Johnson. Dahlquist, Wyckoll, Nelson. Biorklund. Hublo, Felegy First row: Gunderson. Speares. Wate. Carlson. Sec.: Benoux. Pies.; Miss Albinson. Rhoades. Stblerud. Fitsgerald. Wall.$2? ?r°U?hS' (S,6ar 2.n' lUndu'°,Don"?lL' ■«» »« Bank. Cunningham. » h tow: Enqol, Sandors, M. Carlton, Hauan, Hodean. Fourth row: Jacobson, Olson, Beatrice Bunk. A. Carlson. Fitzgerald. Third row: Tabaka, Rapacz, Ebording, Taylor. Brock. Second row: Ramsdoll, Janos, Bowo, Wickstrom. First row: Sturmor. Partrtdqo, Pros.; Mrs. Kellner, Damo, Treat.; Gallant, V. Pros. Preparation (or their annual Pan American Day assembly occupied most o( the time o( the Pan American Club this year. To acquaint the students with the South American countries, the club members sold book-marks resembling the various Latin American llags. International Minds Last semester the German Club was divided into committees (or service work, and each group was given a Red Cross project to complete. The club members met every second and (ourth Thursday (or Red Cross and general meetings. GERMAN CLUB Back row: Ronald. Tamm, Bolsswongor, Elrod. Northfiold. G. John»on, Grover. Corrigan, Hamrick. Fiflli row: Marcollus, Wobor, Engstrom. Waltor Johnson, Rossman, Enroth. Warren Johnson. Johnson. Fourth row: Stoltznor, Holmor, Dahlborg, Boggs, Korston, Pietruczka, Jurichko. Third row: Dietz, Collins, Westlin, Karls, Larson, Phillips. Second row: Dusonka. Champlin, A. Petorson, V. Potorson, Hertog. Axelton. Wyckoff. First row O'Rourko. V. Pres.; Thornquost. Plckford. Sec.; Miss Bor. Paulson. Treas.; Dahhn, Pros.LATIN CLUB Standing: Olson. Bolton. Kolinski. Eberdmq, Wotiaa. Curry. Murdcck. Vmtmcor. Acko. Miss Johnson. Fodlasek, Buczynski. Sea tod: Ashcroft. Kubo. Bahr. Bridqoman. Hummol. MoskaJ. Scronaon Johnson, Rctck, Soronson, Solo no. nub holds Its regular meet- With Miss Mice .lohn. vnsasXhtVclS 'Activities include a party each semes- ings on alternate Wednesday • on St. Patrick's Day. ter and the annual selling ol greens or Worlds to Conquer To do their part to help the war effort, the French Club made an afghan for the Red Cross. As part oi their club activities, they attended French movies at the University and presented plays for club meetings. FRENCH CLUB Filth row: Enqlund, Knowland, Hudoba. Balthaxor, Johnson. Andoison. Borqftfon. Fourth row: Rolston. Morgan, Lyons. Parsons, Paisley. Andieen. Third tow: Truax. Broot. Worp. Glonn, Trowbridqo. Dahlman. Buckno. Second row: Louiselle. Luniewskl. Bezanson. Jensen. Mclnemy. Swanson, Thlbault. First row: Bjorklund. Frano. Sec.; Basil. V. Pres.; Mts Kotlnor. Carr. Pros.; Borltno. Tr®a».; MatjdaWith Eager Hearts ...... uinL5 iclc row: Garland. Elm r, Swanson, Thols Podoriuin Fron,n row Pyl V icks rom MiaT Dyknwnn. The Camp Fire Girls ol Edison were organized by Miss Deverel las fall. Their activities consisted ol a week-end spent at Camp Tanadoona and a sleigh ride in January. To make money to finance their various projects the girls sponsored a sale ol doughnuts. In this city-wide project the members outdid themselves. Highlights of the Carl Linnaeus Club have been the annual fall initiation, the selling ol Christmas holly, the Easter breakfast at Columbia Park, and the making ol bean bags lor the Red Cross. This club, which meets twice a month, is under the supervision of Miss Mellem. CARL LINNAEUS Back row: Norton, G. Olson, Kerston, Holmqron, Klomplsa. Hammorlund. Thud row; Dupla. Kolozyk, Niomczycki. Roto Rutslnik. Topol, 1. Olson, Slkora. Second row: Nash Sarich. Rita Russlnik. Wojack, Menotoo, Wator. First row: Domm. Vlckland, Treat.; Andorton, V. Pros.; Mitt Mollom, D. Ruttlnlk, Pro .; Brldqoman. Soc.;Striving For Fame QU1U AND SCROLL Dahlborq, Sander . Ladd. ORoutko. . . .. '«S5TrJ2EE: SSSTSiaM —.. Standing: t-«=sss:sa April Miss Mary Turpee of the University of Minnesota spoke, and the new members presented skits and poems. n , S uSi?n, s to learn more about Shakespeare's plays join the Sock 'n Buskin Club. During the past year the club members have studied "The Tempest and Othello". The opportunity for seeing the latter play at the University Theater increased the appreciation of it. Members, who previously must have had a term of Shakespeare, are under the direction of Miss Tupper. SOCK • N BUSKIN Back row: Hudoba, Pearson. Grison, Kozub. Corrigan. Ronald. » Fifth row: La Grave, Engel, Sturmor, Grabowski, Kcrsten. Thornquost. Fourth row: Dahlberg. Glenn. Englund. Andorson, Dahlman. Morgan. Third row: Schonberg, Larson. Johnson. Botewick, Borlino. Second row: O'Rourko. Axelson. Seifert. Diotz. Hunter. Luniowski. First row: Nelson. V. Pros.; Sanders. Troas.; Miss Tupper. Williamson. Sec.; Strangls. From. Pago 69We Proudly Serve STAGE CREW Bock: Reasoner. Sondm, Olson. Lykke, Barnes, Schnabol. Foreman. Fronl: Englund, Wall. Standing: Olson. Schnabel. Mr. Bruning. Kneeling: Roasoncr. Wall. Efficient handling of stage equipment, lights, and scenery is due to the Stage Crew, which is under the direction of Mr. Bruning. Boys chosen for this duty must be of good standing in school, and possess at least a "C" average. Students are awarded a letter for two years of service. Members of the Ushers Club assist at school activities such as vodvils, class parties, and Mothers' club meetings. The club, started in 1931, has grown to be one of the most prominent service organizations at Edison. Members, who are under the direction of Mr. Liemohn, are given letters for their work. USHERS CLUB Back row: Olson. Piola, L. Johnson, Landry. Ffertor. Paulsen. Partridge. Second row: Kozub. Anderson, Wagner. Kimttch. Rossman, Corrigan. First row: B. Johnson. Basil. Soc.; Mr. Liemohn. Daniowlcz, Pros.; Ryan, V. Pres.; Wallin Pago 70With High Ideals Back row: Biorklund. Louon. Andoraon. Svoum. Fir»» row McNulty. V. Pro .; Hanson, Pros ; Cormtor, Troas Borglund. Sitting: Oomcki FRATERNUS The second-hand bookroom is operated by the boys of the Hi-Y. The profits made by handling books for the students are used by the Hi-Y for sending boys to camp, providing recreational facilities, and paying the club dues to the central Y. M. C. A. The Hi-Y leaders are the counsellors of the various chapters. Their duties consist of advising on programs, leading group discussions, and attending regular committee meetings. By these means they direct the boys in the ideals which the Y. M. C. A. upholds. Back Mr. Uriala. Mr Stommol. Mr. Brundoll. Mr. P tor»on Front: Mr. Willow. Mr. Howard. Mr MiUvr. HI-Y LEADERS Pag 71With Earnest Endeavor EGRECIUS Back row: Gusto son, Stadmk, Uruta. Dahlgron. Second row: Gooltscho, Wollan. Thompson, Navtns, WUwordtng. Boloman First row: H. lohn»on, Soc.; Staltxnar. V. J ros.j Pkckford. Pro .; W. Johnson, Troas. The Hi-Y is a junior branch of the Y. M. C. A. and is advised by senior members of the Y. The Edison division is made up of seven chapters, each of which has its own officers. Once a week the chapters meet together for discussions, devotions, and group singing. As a part of their religious activities, the members held their annual Lenten Services in the I. O. O. F. hall with the co-operation of Blue Triangle. Rev. Carl Lund-Quist of the University of Minnesota spoke on the "Fundamentals of Christian Living" at this service. 72 ALPHAOMEGA Bock row: Hagan, Pumpar. HaUn. D. Olaon. Qulglay. Palntar. Sacond row Ranstrom. Wobar. Corrigan, Rogat. Carlson. Sodarman. Fuat row: Sallman. Andoraon. Pr ,; Johnson, V. Praa ; V. Olson. Soc; Fick. Trooa.j Rosaman.Youth Faces the World SAMARITIES Back row: Noron, Dahlin. Doering. Won lug. Second row: Schullo. Peters, Novak. Enroth, Notion. First row: Croon. Wallin. Schnabel. PauUon. Warron Johnson. William Ioh no on. The Hi-Y has sponsored a Victory Book Campaign. Scrap Metal Drive, and World Fellowship Campaign. Some of the members made speeches for the Minneapolis War Chest Drive, and during the month of May the club promoted a bicycle safety campaign. Last June ten boys were sent to the Hi-Y training camp for officers and committee men at Miami University at Oxford, Ohio. These boys were Roger Anderson. Paul Englund, Bob Johnson, Peter Pappas. Rollln Reasoner. Richard Rosacker, Harry Rossman. Andrew Steltzner. Roger Thompson, and Sherman Wollan. PERICLE AN 73 Back row: Wall, Baines. Bauach, Bergstrom. Hesselroth. Second row: Mosler, Oemcke. Kcyer. Wallin. Lykko. Pappas. First row: Beckstrom. Blado. Reasoner. Pree.; Englund. V. Pres.; Rosacker. Sec.; Anderson.S E T O N H Y Bock row: Bokor, S Balthazor. Mvllln. La bands, Svonsk, Jaroscak, Podora, Sttllinqn, Kersten, Gtabowaki. Eighth row; Miakowioc, Warpoha. Plcimling, Stoalltna, Pitra, Kowall. Buckaa, Mlekoday, Pketrowskt. Seventh row: Olaon. Narog, Haik, A Balthazor. Engol, Schroodor, Stunner, Hodean. Barras, Doll. Sixth row: Uchanskt. Taylor. Hertog. Dupla, Biernat, Haller, Draua, Corbin. Karla Filth row: Rapacz, Dame. Fazutak, Slindoo. Schonberg. Holmer. Kadllak. Korney. E. Nelson. Anger. Fourth row: Skovran. Williamson. Topol. M. Nolson. Knoll, Sullivan, Engatrom, Bezanaon. Sorenson. Kasprak, Fisher. Third row: Gacek. Amundson, Luniewski, Bednark, Tromiczak, Soderholm, Sroka, Kitlinski, Thibaulr, Mitchell. Second row: Truxinaki, Stevenson. Louiaelle. Dietz. Madhouse, Monson. Johnson. Freund, Richard. First row: Domm. Isnsen, Anderson, Gladke, Brouqhall. Litaske, Kaul, Mm Harroun, Kauth. Neville, Dusenka. All-American Girls Seton Hy, organized in September, offers a diversified program for high school girls in the eleventh and twelfth grades. As part of their service to the school, members volunteered to work an hour a week for teachers who wanted help. Speakers at meetings have included representatives of Romance. Incorporated and a member of the WAAC. Social activities were augmented by roller skating and a Christmas party. An annual city-wide Seton Hy party is held in the downtown clubhouse. At this event members from all the high schools meet and become acquainted with each other. Although the greenhouse was closed this year as an economy measure, there are still botany students who are interested in the plants which have been kept. An attempt made in April to re-open the greenhouse failed. GREENHOUSE CLASS Kimitch. Robach. Link. Brock. Furlong. Pag 74SHELL CLASS Nelson, Tamm, Wyckoft. Griffin. Women of the World The Shell Class is made up of four girls who collect shells as a hobby. Every Wednesday the girls meet to compare and identify their specimens. The members work entirely on their own initiative as the class is not formally organized. All commercial students in 11 A. 12B, or 12A are eligible to join the Key Pen Club. Along with their usual discussions this term on modem business problems. the girls have found time to do Red Cross work and to mount crossword puzzles for the men in the armed services. Mrs. Jeannette Piccard, who showed movies and talked on the stratosphere, and nine year old Arthur Alan Olson, pianist, have been guests at the regular meetings of the club. KEY PEN Back row: Chase, England. Kresowski, Gustafson, Peterson, Pearson, Svonsk, Decowskl. Florkiewicz. Eighth row: Baker. Abtoson. Wilson. Reiner. McGinnis, Jonkms. Bold!. Skalla. Sevonth row: Dupla, A. Anderson. Ritter, Asplund, Corbin. Rudd. Nelson, Weller, Uchanskt Sixth row: Knoll, Pktra. Jerome. Goley. Korney. Falk. Kadilak. Anger. FlJth row: Haas, Paradise, Vetrano. Seifert. Jankowski, Howell, Eberle, Hagen. Kowall. Fourth row: Bauman, Topel. 0. Anderson. Thompson. Lundblad, Jorgenson. Krout, Kttlinski, Tromicxak. Osubay. Third row: LaGrave. Stout. Stevenson. Hartley. Hudak. Skirka, Felogy, Nesby. Neville. Second row: Engstrom. Boris. Carlson. Capra. Nordeen. J. Anderson. Zubryski. Richard. First row: Nelson, Dehkes, Mastro, Razatak. Pres.; Mrs Simmons. Gilbert, Sec.; Olson. Treas.,- Brama, V. Pres.: MagdaLIBRARY MONITORS Larson. Ham to. Johnson. Phillip . Al trup, Harselborg. Jensen. Wallick. Ktout, DUle, Bro t. Caputa. Cram-mond, C Anderson. Amundson. Noss. Kloeppel. Lyons. Land. Cos. Vick land. R Anderson. Jaseniuk. By volunteering their services lor an hour a day. the Library Monitors receive one-fourth a credit a semester. Some of their duties include passing out misconduct slips and checking and stamping books. These monitors also assist the students in finding reference material, in using the book file, and in looking through the Readers' Guide. Representatives All Through the services of the bank cashiers under Miss Anna Dunn. Edison has placed second in city school savings and has also done exceedingly well in the purchase of war bonds and stamps. The "Pearl Harbor" drive brought in $4,000 over the quota, and the "Jeep a Week" drive exceeded all expectations. BANK CASHIERS Bock tow: Carlson. Warpeha, Scott. Schellenberg. Grovor. Link. Neudeck. Brand Sixth row: Tamm. Soiko. Rohaume, Biornat. Sorenson, Ganxor, Sandin. Filth row: Hub! , Vtolatto. ZwoUka, M. Johnson. Haug. Hudak, Dargis. Fourth row: Weflen, Bolin. Wtckstrom, Connors. Lundbera, Ripley. Third row: Turok, Olson. Sawina. Ralston. Wyckoil. Knight, Ramsdell. Second row: L. Johnson, Stillings, Nelson. Knudson. Koehler. Ronayne. First row: Peterson, Pearson. Damewicx. V. PresMiss Dunn. Larson, Pres.; Dusenka. Hickok. 01521324GROUP CAPTAINS Back row: Fedora. H. Johnien, Wtlwordlnq, Snydor. Hoyor. Wobrr, Rausch. Sixth row: M mortch, Kook. Fll , Jon s, B. Johnson, Erpsldlna. Fifth row: Wojten. Ashcroti. R Johnson, Taylor. Hatk. Fourth row Mooro. Stkora, Kerninn, Lyons, Plants, Chrlnlock Third row: Svsnsk. Lundqren. Baardson. Scott, Hortoq. J. Milieu. Woollm. Second row: Dahl. Janlcko, Bowo. S. Miller, Hawkins, Riplsy. First row: Melby. AUtrup. Clarkm, Hauan. Dady, Savaqo, w Johnson. A Group Captain is elected from every advisory. He helps the adviser to take attendance, collect money, read notices, and pass out invitations and dodgers. Service with a Smile To gain practical experience, commercial students ol good scholastic standing volunteer their services to the office. The girls run errands, cut stencils for absence sheets, file cards, and operate the switchboard. OFFICE PAGES Back row: Laeho. Karnopp, Corbin. La Grave, Haller. Fourth row: Dupla. Jerome, Pitra. Kawall. Warpoha, Korney. Third row. Moor . Raxutak, Jankowxkt, Dzubay, Sullivan. S cond row: Stovenzon, Knoll, Sklrka. Tromlczak. Ftrzt row: OUon. Ozlund, Baker. Poleraan, Ko tako».1 1 On Guard We Stand Order in the halls is maintained by the volunteer stair guards who are under the leadership of Mr. L. Johnson. These boys must obtain a "C" average in their studies to qualify, and at the end of the semester they are awarded a gold "E" for their services. STAIR GUARDS Mi lohncon. faworskl. O Routko. 0»trick , Rosackor. Hoy or. 1 M I AM LUNCHROOM AIDS G ldl. Johnson. O'Donnell. G. Hamrick, Kreltz. Corrigan, Ranem. Pbulsen. Coe. Peterson, Rossman, Bet line, SVyckotl. Sol tort. Modeen, Sveum, Ktmitch. Daniewlcs, Cunningham. Spears. The Lunchroom Aids, with Mrs. Curry as adviser, did a notable job in keeping the lunchroom clean and orderly. The Aids received one-fourth a credit a semester and were excused early from their classes to wipe tables and maintain order. This organization was replaced in January by the Lunchroom Monitors after the adoption of the new plan proposed by the Student Council. Pag 78Diligent Workers Counter girls, bus boys, cashiers—these are a few of the duties taken over by the Lunchroom Helpers who are supervised by Miss Dorothy Lee. Instead of receiving scholastic credit the students are paid for their services. LUNCHROOM HELPERS By . Grovor. Warhol. Schad wald. Phillip . Bndgeman. Muscala. Domm, Phtllippt. Ebcrl, Dahlqron. Gustafson LUNCHROOM MONITORS Back row. W. Novak. Mikkelson. Bolton. Hauan. S«man. Christianson. Anderson, Kim itch, Th ilman. Kretti. Curry. Tlch, Naml . Third row; Mr . Curry, Drake, Rom Ru tnlk, Norton. Spoor . Markey. B. Peterson, L Hamrick. Snyd r. Cunningham. Peabody. Rudd. Guatason. Second row: Stevenson. Brock. Wyckoff. Rita Russtnik. Nelson. Hudak. Daltber. Sorenson. Vermeer. Bohn. Scott. Ttrst row: Otio. lane . Benjamin, Berg, Wall. Bauer. La VallM, La Tourell. Bednark. laworski. Mr. Drag . Organized in January by the Student Council, the Lunchroom Monitors are part of a plan for the Improvement of conditions in the school dining room. Under the direction of J. Selmer Drage they are divided into groups with a captain in charge of each group. The captains supervise a section, and the lieutenants, a row of tables. Page 79Assemblies, home-coming, class parties: all provide an ACCOMPANIMENT to our routine school work. Participation in these activities brings the students and faculty together in an atmosphere leading to the fun and fellowship which are necessary for the constructive use of leisure time. The balance between work and relaxation, essential to well-rounded living, is supplied by the social activities of our school life. : • •:  Caldeiv ood. Nelson. Winnery. Maicellus, Wood, Conger. Sunz-mback. Tuned to Triumph ROYALTY REIGNS With a coronet of chrysanthemums. Mr. File crowns Betty. Queen of Homecoming. Tho smiling attendants. Jeanne and Marjorie, look on. Page 61 IWhen I Hear Blue Gold QUEEN FOR A DAY TO THE strains OF MUSIC A sunny October afternoon ... a smiling queen in royal robes . . . drum majorettes with their spinning batons . . . these things, combined with a winning team and a cheering crowd, made our 1942 Homecoming a success. BETTY THOR STANDING ROOM ONLY VtOLETTE GARDNERFIVE FOR FUN Sandln. R©a on©r. Docrtoq. Enqlund. Barnns Spirited spectators jammed the bleachers to watch the triumphant Tommies at the 1942 Homecoming. Oblivious of the shoving crowd, old alums, many « in uniform, greeted one another with joyful surprise. The festive spirit prevailed during the half when our queen. Betty Thor, was crowned. The band marched with sprightly steps to the lively tempo of "Blue Gold" while the crowd cheered lustily in response to the cheerleaders’ vigorous antics. The final crack of the gun announced to the Jubilant crowd that another Edison Homecoming had ended in victory for the Toms. CHEERS FOR CHAMPIONS Sullivan, Biorklund. Fatoraon. Ramtdotl, Ripley. THE FLEET'S IN Jest and Jollity AT THE "SENIOR SUGAR STOMP" Th© gayer side of school life reflects itself in the various parties, initiations, and dances that take place during the school term. After a victorious season of football, the students celebrated with a Victory Dance at which two footballs, autographed by the team, were raffled off. The senior class party provided an evening of entertainment with games, dancing, and refreshments. This year the French and German clubs held their traditional Christmas party together with the Pan-American League. The Key Pen Christmas party was also held to the tune of games and refreshments. CHRISTMAS IN ANY LANGUAGE AT THE VICTORY DANCEFun and Frolic After the daily round of classes, students take time to relax and enjoy life in their clubs. Each club has various activities and programs which it carries out during the year. This year some clubs did Red Cross work, while others concentrated on projects for hospitals and service men. Club initiations provided much merriment for participants and on-lookers alike. Prospective members of the German Club found themselves in embarassing situations. Another event of importance te the Blue Tri mothers' tea at which the girls honor and entertain their mothers with an interesting program and refreshments. BLUE TRI MAKES SCRAPBOOKS FOR SOLDIERS AND TRAY FAVORS FOR HOSPITALSWinter Events n’-SC eS£V «- ■ Sander . The Senior Banquet was held this year with a patriotic theme of Broad Stripes and Briqht Stars. Speakers and entertainers from the faculty and Senior class helped to make the evening successful. JANUARY SENIOR BANQUET A new phase of dramatic ability appeared when members of the faculty presented the Christmas play. "Dust of the Road." The play centers around a husband and wife who intend to keep dishonestly, money that was left in their trust for someone else. The story of the stranger who arrives on Christmas Eve changes their plans, for it is a tale of anguish the stranger has to tell because of his betrayal of a trust for thirty pieces of silver. Bruiting, Tupper. Tuppcr. Mankowski, Sander .The Boomerang Standir ] Goulin, Wiekbcnj. Moci««n. Corrigan, Vatrano, Enroth. Dahlln. Seated Thtbault IXitilir.nn. Pearson. Knowland Pago 07 Enroth, Mod son, Dahlln, Dahlman, Sanders. A one-act play. ' Sardines”, was presented tn assembly to advertise the June class play. The subtle comedy dealt with life in a quiet New England town In which fishing was the principal industry. A high note in senior class activity was the presentation of the "Boomerang”. This delightful com edy dealt with the story of a young doctor who was trying to cure a severe case of love. The complexity of events which took place involved the doctor in a love affair of his own. but he received quite a jolt when his prescription turned out to be a boomerang. Knowland, Vstrano. Hunter, Dahlman. Poarson CORN-TETTE Hanson. HunUt. OaWmon, SmVlK. The busy hum of Vaudeville practice brought out a diversified display of talent. Amateur songsters could be Hoard warbling amid the din of the "corn" of the German Band. The rumbling of roller skates and the rhythmic tapping of feet gave us a preview of the 1943 Vaudeville. — Bio Vc und D o° M V RHYTHM ON WHEELS Mlhallk. Carlson. Sullivan. Jonoo. Bod nark.A patriotic pageant, depicting the his■ lory of America, was presented by the choral club and choir. Colorful pantomimes and gay dances were given to the accompaniment of descriptive songs. Indians, Pilgrims, Colonial folk, Negroes, and people of the Civil War era, took us through the dlfierent periods In history. A dramatic rendition of Lincoln's Gettysburg address by Warren Ewald thrilled the listeners. colonialsIt IIV TIIII The dominating RHYTHM in athletics, as in life, is a spirit of playing hard, but clean. Winning combinations aro not built on individual stars, but on the co-operation of the entire group. Championship teams do more than win trophies: they gain respect for the rules and a love of fair play which teaches the players to fight a bigger game called life. -: - •: - -: • -: • Champions in Sports Taking the city and twin city championships in goll, football, and basketball, the Wizards won their titles by their superb sportsmanship and excellent coaching. This sportsmanship was evident in all athletic events in which Edison par-ticipated, thus enabling them to reach new heights and further the line record they have always maintained. BackftiJd: Smith, Ftrtara, $Utl hauqh, Stitnaat, McPhorton. Lin : T. Karkula, Go tt ch , F. Katkula. B tqlund. Edward . Simmon , Lundwn, M Novak,The Undefeated SLATS IS FINALLY STOPPED KARK GRABS ANOTHER The Tommies emerged from the past season undefeated and the holders of the city and Twin City titles. In the first game of the season they beat South. 21 to 0. Their Invincibility was challenged by Vocational who led 6 to 0 at the half. The Inventors retaliated in the second half by crushing the Volts. 32 to 6. Roosevelt passed to a last minute touchdown for the second and last score against the Tommies, who maintained the best offensive and defensive record in the city. ANOTHER FUMBLE FOOTBALL South Vocational North Central Roosevelt Patrick Henry'!.'.'', Marshall Johnson..............TWI” Pag 92 °« OON OOJIMMY'S TOUCHDOWN RUN STEINGAS SUPS AWAY Champs in Action The Toms battled their way to a 13 to 0 victory over Johnson In the Twin City tilt. Four of the Tommy eleven were placed on the all city team. They were Slettehaugh. fullback; Edwards. center; T. Karkula, end; and Berglund, guard. These men. together with Ferrara, Steingas, Simmons, and others combined to form ope of the most formidable teams in the recent conference history. Using basic plays with a mild amount of deception, they rolled over all opposition. STOP THAT GUY SCORES 21 Edison 32 Edison 14 Edison 20 Edison 20 Edison 23 Edison 12 --------------Edison CITY 13 --------------Edison PC3 J W BRAINS AND BRAWN M. Novak. Mr. Guxy. Goettsche. The Wizards Under the direction of Peter Guzy and his assistants, Peter Mankowski and Louis Lopata, the football team this year won the undisputed city championship and beat St Paul Johnson for the Twin City title. Mr. Guzy and Mr. Mankowski coach the "A” squad. This is the third time since Mr. Guzy’s installation in 1935 that Edison has won the city title, sharing the honors in 1938 with Central and North, and in 1939 with West. Mr. Lopata, working with the "B" squad, teaches these underclassmen the fundamentals of the game. FOOTBALL Boat] Bateman Berqlund Bolin Callander Edwards Ferrara Foray the Goettacho Goealin Ihnot laaxewakl Johnson L Karkula T. Karkula COACHES Mr. Mankowski. Mr Gu Y- Ml UP°W- FIRST TEAM .w: Mr. Guay, E. Karkula. Lundeen. Jaazowaki. T. Karkula, Edwards, Simmon Goettsche Fr,r.„,h.. t, Ste Ingas, Lykke, Bateman, Mr. Mankowski ' h ' ror y,h-' Back row: Second row: Lestlna. Peterson, Basil, Bolin, Oten Weatherman. Berglund. M. Novak, Slettohauqh. Ferrara. McPherson. Kuss, Callander. Front row: Mantro, W. Hesselroth, R Johnson, Waryan, Gutzke, Smith, Goeslln. Selinsky. Ihnot, Knutson.LET TCRMEN Knutson Kum lund n McPherson Novak Olen Pl kar kt Salt Seltnsky Simmons Slettohnuijh Smith Stainqas Waryan Weatherman BOARD OF CONTROL Standinq: Mr. Lopata, Smith, Mr. Gusy. Sleltehauqh. L Callander, Kle- drowski, Mr. Mankowski Seated: Mr Mointteld. Mr. Cook. Mr Miller. Mr. Pile The Headmen The duties of the Board of Control consist of buying equipment, fixing schedules, and declaring the eligibility of players. The board is composed of the principal, the manager of athletics, the coaches and captains of the track, basketball, football, and baseball teams, and a non-athletlc member. The Board of Control also appoints the student managers. It is the student managers who assist the coaches in distributing equipment. They also carry water, towels, or bandages, as the occasion and need for them arises. STUDENT M A n m s w Wall (I). Murphy IE); MrCm, G E R S C°a a » Zurboy (0; Siadr SECOND TEAM „ „w. Mr Gory, Dicaon. Rekucki. By . Bad r. Rotor. Irvinq. Blum . Jocob on. Phiil Mr Mnnk w.ki J nms Kr.nky. WU on. Fit«q rald. Richard . Gilb rUon. ' Mankow.kl.Kk-drowakl, Tapajk. P. Olaon, Barglund. Cormier. BASKETBALL Borqlund Callander Cotmlor He lick Klodrowskl Edison Tommies This season the Tommy quint was coached by Louis Lopata. the youngest coach in the city. Under his direction, the Tommies won the city, Twin City, and regional championships. The majority of the reserves got a chance to play because the squad was smaller than it has been in past seasons. In their first game the Wizards suffered a disappointment in being defeated by South, in a very close game. Two overtimes were played before South finally made the winning basket. Although, in their second game, they defeated Southwest. the bucketeers were off stride and played very poorly. In their next game the Toms upset the favored Washburn quint, and went on to win the rest of their games maintaining an average of 38 points a game. Ed Kiedrowski, Pete Tapsak, and Roger Berglund were Edison’s contribution to the all-city team. FIRST TEAM Counter. D. Waryan. Kiodrowakl, L. Callander. Boyd. Partyka. Tapeak, Holick. Berglund. F. Oleon.LETTER MEN Olson Parlyka Piotruszowski Tapsok Wary an Wall. Zurbcy. Holick. Callander. Boyd. SUttohauqh. The Team Supreme In th© Twin City gam© Edison handily defeated St. Paul Washington by a score of 39 to 26. This same Washington team was destined later in the season to become state champions. In the region five tournament, the Wizard cagers emerged victorious after defeating St. Cloud and Robbinsdale. This same setup occurred in 1937 when the Toms won the region five title by defeating these same teams. Edison entered the state tournament as the team favored to win the title. In their first game the Toms were upset by an underdog Austin team, and were put out of the running. Substitute Don Holick was high point man for the Tommies. He made 14 points in a little over one quarter of play. SECOND TEAM Skovtan. Croon. Gutrk . Stanek. Spocht. S«aianko. Piotruizowiki. Sloitchauqh. R. OUonTHROUCH? S°MEBOD PARTYKA THROWS A BLOCK Edison...............30 Edison...............29 Edison............. 40 Edison............. 50 Edison 40 Edison 44 Edison .............56 Edison........... 27 Edison 34 Edison 31 Edison 39 Edison 36 Edison 33 Edison 36 Fast and Furious 32.............. South 15.......... Southwest 28 ......... Washburn 28............... West 22 ......... Roosevelt 32............ North 23 ...... Vocational 25 ......... Marshall 21 ........... Henry 23 Central 26 Washington 26...........St. Cloud 21....... Robbinsdale 39........... Austin Paqe 98 THE PRIZEGYMNASTIC TEAM Bock row Thompson. Anderson. Sveum. Ft oca i. O. Nelson. Bjorkland. Verkins, Freund. Front row: Ranello. Berqlund. O'Donnell, Christianson. England. Rausch. Subak, I. Nelson. Mr Miller. Graceful Gymnasts Gust . I- Nelson Subak. Edison's advanced gymnastic team placed fourth in the state meet with Capt. Subak taking individual honors on the flying rings. He was awarded a medal for this feat. The team's standing in the state meet was seriously affected by the absence of Berglund who was unable to compete. This advanced team was composed of Berglund. M. Johnson. Subak. and Verkins. The Tommies took sixth place in the state in the novice of C Class. This team of seven members was also affected by the fact that some of its members were unable to compete. In the D class, Perfetti was a lone competitor for Edison. Let-termen for the year were Berglund. Englund, M. Johnson. I. Nelson. ' Rausch. Subak, Verkins, and J. Anderson. Guzi . Chmtianson. Andereon. Englund. I. NvUon. Pag 99B JOHNSON 18 E.H.S. 17 E.H.S. 18' 2 E.H.S. 16« a E.H.S. 20' 2 E.H.S. 18‘ 2 E.H.S. 18 Va E.H.S. 18 Vi E.H.S. 12 2 E.H.S. 1 1 Va E.H.S. - Mar.---- • Wosh. .Cont. — JSXorlh Voc.---- Sou(h Henry- S. W. Ros. ---- Murray- . 3 4 2 Va ..4' a Va Va 2' a 2 Va 8Va 9 Va niANJCO Kings of Swing The Tommy seven completed a very successful season by placing first in the city tournament. They defeated all ten of their opponents in ten scheduled matches. The majority of the matches were won very easily. Only West and Roosevelt gave the pvxtters any real competition. The Tommies then went on to win the Twin City Championship by defeating Murray High School at Keller Course in St. Paul. In this match Capt. Bill Wary an and Don Holick were the two lowest individual scorers for the team. This was the Tommies’ seventeenth consecutive victory. In the state tournament, played at the University Course. Hill and Don Waryan won second place in the team score for the Tommies. Letter men were Capt. Bill Waryan, Don Waryan, Don Holick., Harry Lfrisfa, Roger Johnson, Jimmy Johnston, and Len Franko. The golf team, coached by Benjamin Leimohn. anticipated another good season this spring as all of the lettermen are returning. GOLF TEAM Standing: H. Urlsto, Holick. D. Waryan. Kn««ltnq: fohnaton. Franko. ft. John.nan. B. Waryan. 7o 100Ros. l Wash, 4 South.....3 Henry 0 Cent. 4 West 4 S. W.......2 Mar,.......3 North......2 4— E.H.S. 1— - E.H.S. 2— E.H.S. 5— E.H.S. 1—E.H.S. 1—E.H.S. 3— E.H.S. 2....E.H.S. 3—E.H.S. Singing Rackets Led by George Johnson, the lennis team this year won lour out of nine matches. The gentlemen of the court began the season by defeating Roosevelt by a score of 4 to 1. This victory was followed by two defeats at the hands of Washburn and South respectively. Smarting under this setback, the team returned to the winning ranks by downing Patrick Henry with a score of 5 to 0. Then again double defeat followed, this time by Central and West. The Inventors then won an-other from Southwest. Af the next match a battling Tommy squad was nosed out by Marshall. The final match of the schedule was taken { - w q. iqrnsoh from North by an inspired Tommy team who wished to end the season with another victory to their credit. All nine gentlemen of fhe court were knighted and three ot these knighted gentlemen return to the courts lor fhe coming season. They are George Johnson, Allen Bjorklund, and Walter Piwoschuk. TENNIS TEAM Standing: G. Johnson, Thompson, Badnark, Hendry. Piwotchuk, Mulati Kneeling; Pumper, Violent, BtorklundBatsman. Slaltohauqh. Satt. Stokngaa lumping Tommies In their first meet of the season the Edison track team beat Southwest by a score of 62 3 3 to 50 1,3. In the Quadrangular meet between Edison. Henry. North, and Vocational, the Tommies dropped for the first time in three years from first to second place. Bateman, a high hurdler and half miler. was the outstanding man of the team amassing a total of 30 Vi points for the season. Others ranked as follows: Furlong, second; Ferrara, third; and Steingas. fourth. A "B" squad beat South in a dual meet and placed third in the city meet. OUTDOOR TRACK TEAM Back row: Kusb, Gutzko, Stoingaa. Shaw. Salt. Glodtk. SlolUhaugh. Forraro. Grynlowskl. Mr. Millor. Front row: Zurboy. Bergstrom. Ihnot. lohnaon. Br«do. Bcnooh, Stadnlk. Smith, Doering TRACK Ba toman Boigstrom Bred Bronnan Ferrara Furlong Glodtk Guzia Pag 102Giodik. Gardner Steingas. Salt. Slettohaugh. H f. ner. Spiked Wonders Edison track men ran a close second to North In the Metropolitan Track meet at the University ol Minnesota Field House. Competing along with some twenty other teams. Edison ran up a total of 29 Vi points to North’s 34 1 5 points. In the broad jump. Harry Johnsen of Edison was first and Steingas was second. Slettehaugh won the 65 yard low hurdles. Erickson was second in the mile, and Ferrara tied for second in the shot-put. Satt was another contributor to Edison's number of total points by placing second in the high jump and fifth in the 60 yard dash. INDOOR TRACK TEAM Back row: Rum. Sloberg, Dickson. W Johnson. Siopanok. Hew , Pletcher. Mr. Miller. Second row: Gish. Anderson. Ihnot, Benesh. Gardner. Rob . Rrouin. G. Steingas. Morin. Front row: Bergstrom. Smith, B Steingas. Satt. Giodik, Slettehaugh. H. Johnsen. Ferrara. LETTER MEN Johnson Satt Shaw Slettehaugh Smith Stadnlk Steingas Page 103Vorbruggo. L Specht. C. Callander. BASEBALL Marshall 6 20. - .Edison Vocational .. - 5 6... Edison North 5 2— .Edison Henry 8 3... .Edison BALTHAZOR SCORES Marshall 6 11. Edison Vocational 4 7. Edison North 3 4. Edison Henry 2 0. Edison DANIELS Bat and Ball The Tommies, maintaining a fine record in the Northern League, bowed second to North, the Twin City champions. However, they found their toughest opponents to be Henry instead of the Polars. The Tommies lost only three games this year, two to Henry and one to North. In their second game with North, the Tommies won by the pitching courage of Balthazor and a timely home run by Urista. The fly-grabbing of Karkula. the fielding of Olson, the catching of L. Callander, and the pinch-hitting of Verbrugge were a few of the stalwart qualities of this fine team. The graduating iettermen were Balthazor. C. Callander, Carlson. Daniels. Olson. Specht, Urista, and Verbrugge. while four returning Iettermen, L. Callander. Cormier. Karkula. and Mastro. will help to insure fans of another fine season. BASEBALL TEAM Back row: Johnson. Mgr., Maatro, Cormier, Pearson. Pietruazewskt. LaCount. Matty . Mgr., Mr. Middle 'rowT C- Callander. Vorbruggo. L. Specht, Balthazor. Daniel , OUon. L Callander Front row: Urista, Carlson. Karkula. Own.WRESTLING TEAM Back row: Mr. lohnaon. OUnyk. W. Hassalroth. fastawaki. Edwards. Zurbcy. Wilton, Goaslln. Front row: Bay. Alison. Murphy. Carlson. G. Hossslroth. Capt. Wall. Even though the wrestling team was without a regular coach this season, they placed third in the regional meet, and three members ol the team placed in the state. Capt. Wall ot the mat men won first place in his division in the regional meet. There were no matches between individual schools this year due to the curtailed transportation facilities. Lettermen were Barnes. C. Carlson, R. Carlson. Edwards. G. Hesselroth, W. Hesselroth, Wilson, and Wall. Mat and Tank This year Paul Lorring of John Ryan Baths coached the Tommy Tanksters. The squad consisting of five freshmen, six sophomores, one junior, and two seniors, was not very experienced. Tommy Thompson, a diver, was the highest scorer on the team with 52VSz points. Roger Anderson and Dick Weatherman were the next highest scorers with 3316 and 31 Va points respectively. Mr. Bruning served efficiently as a faculty manager. The lettermen were Anderson, Coulombe. Mosier, Thompson. Weatherman, and Youngren. SWIMMING TEAM Back row: Thompson. Woatharman. lohnaon. Andoraon, Dantalaon. Mr. Bruninq. R. lohnaon. Front row: Traetx, Racucki. Coulomb . Young ran. Thor. lacobaon. Mt. lotinq. PHYSICAL FITNESS CLASS Back row: Mi kowi«c. Sivanich. Boudreau. lohnaon. And« r»on, Zubryski. Czorapak. Second row: Ruulmk. Kopcxoski Wang. McCaflroy. Bahr. Front tow: B)orklund. Courtoau, Urista PHYSICAL FITNESS As their part in the government's plan to keep its citizens healthy. Edison girls formed a physical fitness class, which was advised by Miss Barton and Mrs. Erickson. After completing the course, strict and rigid tests were given to over 800 girls. These tests were composed of chin-ups. sit-ups. push-ups, jumping for height, broad jumps, and the Burpee test. It was necessary to get an "A" in each test in order to be eligible for the merit award, which was given to twenty-four girls. Program for Youth VOLLEYBALL Volleyball always has a large number of enthusiastic followers, and for this reason it is considered one of the most successful major sports. It is a game which calls for a great deal of cooperation by each and every member of the team. The girls find much enjoyment in competing with class teams. A tournament at the end of the year decides the winning team. VOLLEYBALL Back row: Mon»an, Sto n. Cunningham. W»rkm«l»t«r, Votrano From row. Anderaon. A. W»rkmoi»lor. tonkin . Ntomoxyckl. Nation. Kolln kl OVER THE NETPING PONG Ping-pong is not a game that requires a great deal of energy, but. instead, demands aptness with the paddle and a watchful eye. The game is a moderate form of tennis, but unlike tennis, it may be played all year around. Pleasures Pathway The Girls' Athletic Association Is one of the most active organizations at Edison. The club offers the members an opportunity to display any athletic skill they may have. G. A. A. is known for the service it renders to the school and the girls, by promoting good sportsmanship, loyalty, friendship, and cooperation. The program that is planned by the board each semester keeps those who belong physically fit. The two basic requirements of the club are that the girls must have at least a "C“ average, and that they must earn a minimum of fifty points each semester. G . A . A . Bock row: McCaffry. Jacobs n. Stillings. Cunningham, L Hamrick. Fedora. Common. NsviH . D. Work- mststsr. 4 Filth row: Bymark. Warholm. Nelson. Lutt. Montan. La Tourneau. Votrano. Voss Fourth row: Anderson. Englund. Bohn. Podlassk. fUtck. Wilson. Third row: Nslson. Fudro. Sorenson. Werkn-.eitier. Kolinski. Hunter. Bryndsa. Wall Sscond row: Connors, tankini. Vnak. Liepke. Landbcrg, Topol. Milchell, Janicks. Tront row: Sullivan. Kauth, Trsos.: Mrs Erickson. Miss Barton, G. Hamrick. Pros.; Arnoson, V Piss ; Savage, Ssc.; A. Malthouse.All Out To Win! DARTS A newly introduced pastime for G. A. A. girls is darts, a game which calls for accuracy, rather than energy. Scores are compiled according to colored circles on the target. The goal of the player is to hit the bullseye. Brtdqoman. Rommon fedora. Taylor, Andreon, Lunwikt. Leba. Trutiniki. Andereon. OUon. JCarnw. M.gaJ.k, SHUFFLEBOARD Shuffleboard. the sport which the girls are finding to take almost perfect skill and marksmanship. has become a great favorite among G. A. A. members. Although it is one of the less active games, it is by no means the least interesting. The aim is to drive the "disc" in such a way that it lands on the numbered sections of the triangle. BADMINTON Badminton has maintained its popularity through many years because it is a game which can be played during all seasons. Swiftness and alertness are the fundamental requirements for this sport. Action is centered around the flight of the "birdie" back and forth across the net. ?ag« 10®i ney Can Do It! BOWLING In recent years jbowJinqr has become one oi the fojo-rankin ? favorites among the individual sports. both in the gym classes and in the G. A. A. Bowling requires free arm movement and a sense of timing. Faithful practice develops accuracy and skill. : i Bock: W «km i»l«t, itantka. Ffont: Buck. OUon, Hauq. G. ItamiK'k. AWARDS The schedule tor the G. A. A. Includes all ypes of sports, thus enabling each girl to have i equal chance to earn the required points for rards. Six hundred points must be earned for otter, of hich three hundred are to be in team ?rts, two hundred in minor sports, and one hun-d optional. One thousand points entitle a to a city-wide emblem. These awards are ented at the annual spring banquet. which is ocial highlight oi the club. S,o.n. H«.or»n : = Tr«. : 3. Hamrtck. Pr».: Sava,.. IUe d. bcj Malfhome G. A. A. BOARD ach year the G. A. A. elects a board which large of all meetings, sports, and parties, fictenr board members play an important the functioning oi the club and are re Jo for its success. 109POSTURE Thompson, Urala, Ranum. One oi the highlights of the gym class activities is the posture contest. Two candidates are nominated from each class, and the teachers make the final selection. Irene Urista was chosen as posture queen. STV1UERT SS S1KHis ton , Watprtxa. Mter a g r has had two terms ol ead-ers c ass, she may become a c ass assistant. These assistants assume various responsibiiities. such as reieteeinq and taktnq charge oi equipment which saves much time tor the instructors. Leaders ot Health In the Urst aid course, qtrls actually learn by doing. They are given iusi as much practical work as theory. Over 50% ol the Ireshmen qtrls received their certtlicates lor Itrst aid work.LEADERS Sowing. Malvck, Lactonn. Laiaon. Borkowskl. Brown. A n d i u i 11 k y, Lain. Kloeppel, Wyekoll. Leaders' class meets once a week on Mondays. The class is composed of girls who have shown that they possess special talent and initiative. They are trained in the rules and regulations of all sports, and are instructed in the technique of refereeing. After completing the leaders' course, the girls are capable of taking full charge of a class. Sports on Parade SWIMMING Pag HI Catharine Phillip and Iran Crammond Indulge in cno o! the quieter spott . The ideal sport for any G. A. A. girl is swimming because it helps to improve posture, furnishes much-needed energy, and creates vigor. The swimming sessions are held every Friday night. The members are given a test in various strokes after completing eight practices. Ten points are awarded for each test passed. SWIMMING Back row: A. Malthou . Fedora, Weatlui. Podlai»k. Londberg. Front row: luti. Sandberg. Liepke. Bolin. Roick.Open Your Hear ROBIN hood BIKING The outdoor girl linds the G. A. A. bicycling trips most enjoyable tor they oiler relaxation and relreshment. Alter a hard day's tchooWork, a bicycle hike peps up a person considerably. A short jaunt out in the open, limbers one's muscles and stimulates the appetite as well as the mind. Biking also lurnishes opportunity tor sight-seeinq and traveling to various points ol interest in the community. La Toumtau. Zubryski. Landborg, Wesilin. U«pk«, Sorenaon, Landbexq, R®»ck, W®»llln. La Tournoau. HIKING Health is wealth! This is the slogan of the girls who have selected hiking as one of their G. A. A. outdoor activities. The sunshine and brisk air are both healthful and invigorating. and these hikes provide a perfect ending to a busy school day. Page 112Licpko, Connors, Podlaack, Reick, Soronscn. FIELD-HOCKEY Although field-hockey was one of the first team sports which was introduced to G. A. A., it is still a gieat favorite. It retains the Interest of the girls mainly because it requires so much skill in managing the ball, and speed in acting and in thinking. ARCHERY Split-second timingland aiming are important iac,ors jn archery, a sport which dates back to ancient tribes. The principal lnslrumenls employed in archery are the bow, arrow, string, glove, and brace. The bows are generally made of yew and the arrows come from ash wood The distance to which an arrow can be sent by a good archer is from 200 to 250 yards. Many G. A. A. girls have found archery one of the most Interesting and enjoyable Individual sports . w , HamtKk. Stilling . Cunningham. McCal-ck: M. Wnrkmowtor. Montan. lacoUon. L- «a lt y. Lutx. M.ich«U. Ohman. l nkuw Bohn, wtl V rkm l»tor. Atnwon. Andaiaon. Mttcn . Pag 113TONE and quality in music are synonymous, and so they are in business. Through the years, the merchants of North East Minneapolis have been known for their standards of good quality. Our pa. trons, even though occupied with other problems, have always been helpful to Edison students, and through their material aid the WIZARD has been able to keep its standard of high quality, too. -: - -: - -: - -: -PliotecjiapLs Tell the Story ALL PHOTOGRAPHS IN 1943 WIZARD h JlidtiXf, Studio- 329 EAST HENNEPIN AVENUE MAin 2614 Pag IISFor Your Protection We have installed the DIAMONDSCOPE and are Registered Jewelers with the American Gem Society These services enable you to buy your jewelry accurately and scientifically and at no extra cost EMIL GUSTAFSON 2201 Central Avenue Minneapolis, Minn. tfaJTuejEwnfjf [AMEMCAN ftH SOCIETY You can rely on a Registered Jeweler WHERE COULD WE GO FROM HERE? DORIS AND BETTY COSTUMES — WIGS — MAKE-UP for Amateur Theatricals Hans Rosacker Co- FRESH FLOWERS Operettas. Minstrel Shows From Our Own Greenhousei Pageants, Etc. We Guarantee "Roseacres" CLEAN, CORRECT. COMPLETE COSTUMES miNNEAPOLIS COSTUME COMPANY 1850 Stinson Blvd. GR. 3577 Minnesota Theatre Bldg. SO so. 9th St. We Telegraph Flowers Pag 116AFTER HIGH SCHOOL You may want to train for an office position in business, a war industry, or in Civil Service. Employment opportunities in these fields were never more plentiful or attractive. It would be a pleasure to tell you about .... "Quickie" Courses for wartime employment CAREER Courses for permanent positions. VISIT THE SCHOOL ASK FOR BULLETIN Minnesota School of Business 24 SOUTH SEVENTH STREET GEneva 4661 Welcome University Class of 1947 USED BOOKS PENNANTS NEW BOOKS STATIONERY PAPER FOUNTAIN PENS All University Supplies at PERINE'S 1411 University At . S. E. CL 1522 NORTHWEST SECRETARIAL COLLEGE Exclusively for Young Women Suit 616-618. Builders Exchange 609 Second Avenue South MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. BRidgeport 7968 Beatrice O'Connor, Director You may take course and pay after employed. Pago 117LET S PRETEND 24th and Central Are. GR. 1312 GIFTS FOR AU OCCASIONS SCHRAG'S PHARMACY 1927 Central Ave. GR. 6483 DEEP CUT RATE DRUG 2423 Central Avenue Quality Drugs Lower Prices CARL G. OHMAN Tailor 2203 Central Ave. GR. 9368 Compliments ol Windom Cleaners Tailors Expert Work 2207 Johneon St N. E. GR. 3337 W. N. Peterson. Pree. C. W. Knutson. Treas. 2520 22 Central Ave. GR. 4313 4314 PETERSON FUNERAL HOME INC. Modern Chapel — Electric Organ 1838 Central Ave. GR. 8889 CUlicrd and Russell Peterson - Funeral Directors pJUUCltllt FUNERAL ttLAA. M O M E The Home ol the Hammond Organ [phone Gr 1564 2535 Central Ave. O. E. LARSON MORTUARY 'Our aim Is to be worthy oi your friendship” 2301 Central Ave. Minneapolis. Minn. FUNERAL DIRECTORS BILLM AN'S Furniture Hardware STANLEY KAPALA CO. FUNERAL HOME 230- 13th Avenue N. E. BRIdgeport 3721 DANIELSON DRUG CO. The Prescription Store Page 118DR. W. L. TAYLOR Chiropractor 2334 Central At . GR. 1443 DR. KENNETH SODERGREN Dentist 2300 Central Avenue Office GR. 9444 Re . GR. 6418 DR. M. L. HARRINGTON Dentist 1300—2nd St. N. E. Otfice BR. 5838 DR. H. C. KISTLER Dentist 1700 4th SL N. E. GR. 6971 DR. A. W. JOHNSON Dentist 2337 Central At . Office GR. 9243 Re . 3R. 3290 DR. E. SERUM Dentist 24th and Central Arm. GR. 5186 DR. R. F. EHLKE Dentist 2211 Johnson St. Office GR. 2635 Re . GR. 6766 DR. J. ED. PETERSON. O. D. EYE SPECIALIST Eye strains drain oneray and nervous vitality. The result is laiigue and reduced efficiency. 2201 Central Ave. GR. 2356 DEFINITE DESIGNS Barney and Barney ESTABLISHED 1888 Real Estate and Insurance 207 East Hennepin Avenue Foqm 119STAR BRAND SHOES Bennett Bailey Lumber Co. Hard Woods — Soft Woods Plywood 133S Central Ave. GR. 3516 B'JY WITH CONFIDENCE 413 E. Honnopin Boat Wlahee to the Graduating Claaaee ol 1943 MISS EDITH LARSON Compliments of Women's and Children's Apparel Gift Novelties The Misses Johnson Dept. Store 2027 Central Art. N. E. 2224 Central Ave. Minneapolii Open Monday evening until 9:00 P. M. Finest in both appearance and merchandise. ClothindCo; East Hennepin at Fourth Compliments and Best Wishes to the Classes of January and June. 1943 Our Golden Anniversary Year Sine 1893 ATlantic 5385 ARVID E. JOHNSON Shoe Rebuilder “Our work i the best. A trial la the teat." 24091k CENTRAL AVENUE BURN "The Better Smokeless Coal' L. W. NORTHFIELD CO. NELS SWANSON. INC. Coal and Fuel Oil 1831 Control An. N. E. GRanvUle 2488 Poo® 120 THREE DREAMSAL. STRANDINE'S Quality Meats 2306 Control A to. GR. 7263 WE DELIVER Compliments of H. W. SCHAFER 1211—23rd Avenue N. E. L. R. LIETZKE Baker 2302 Control Avo. GR. 6020 E. L. JOHNSON GROCERY Grocery. Cold Meats, and Confections 327 9th Avenue N. E. GE. 4011 FIDELITY STATE BANK "Your Neighborhood Bonk" Deposits Insured to $5,000 KAVCHAR'S Credit Jewelers Watch and Jewelry Repairing ALL WORK GUARANTEED 2213 Central Ave. GR. 1931 The Most Important Time of Your Life We believe is between the age of 18 and 25. Decisions made then are really the foundation for years to follow. To save 10% of your income is wise. CENTRAL N. W. NATIONAL BANK "YOUR HOME BANK" Mombor of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Watch for New Musical Comedy " 11 L 1 E ” Gags! Gals! A dozen new song hits. By Peter Roman and David Morgan To bo produced soon (?) PEARSON CANDY CO. Aik lor Nut Goodie and Choo Choo 108 Glenwood At . AT. S30S BOYS' SANDWICH SHOP Wo specialise in Sandwiches of All Kinds 2205 Contra! Ave. GR. 9817 ELMWOOD CAFE For Those Who Want the Best 1846 Control Avenue GRanville 1867 A good place to buy EGLER AND ANDERSON INCORPORATED Hardware and Furniture 1803-S-7 Control Ave. GR. 4782 RIDING HIGH Page 121WE LL HELP THE TEAM ALONG “■«sm n •re-view BY DONALDSON'S AT THE CURTIS EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM 6:30 OCLOCK Dinner • Pre-View • Dancing M includes all Nec Classic Chartreuse Rooms 5144 THICURTIS HOTEL MINNEAPOLIS The A. M. Leitschuh Agency General Insurance Agents Real Estate. Rentals. Mortgage Loans 1222--2nd St. N. E. ER. SSOO ROY'S Hardware and Variety Store 116 Lowry Are. N. E. GRanvtlle 3796 SCHERVEN'S STANDARD SERVICE llth and Central Are. GRanvllle 9946 SOWDEN'S SHELL SERVICE Golden Shell and XI00 Motor Oil 18SI Central A . GR. 9936 Page 122 to THE PHOTO'ENG RAVERS FORTHE WIZARD-•• Pot 123BE FAIR FOR ME AND MY CAL STICK TO YOUR KNITTIN . KITTENS YOU’RE A NATURAL LADY BE GOOD Fag 124 COFFEE AND CAKESHEY. GOOD LOOKIN' MY SISTER AND I ALL I'VE GOT IS ME THEY'RE SO CAREFREE OH. HOW I LOVE TO GO UP IN A SWING MRS. BURRS BIOLOGY CLASS Pago 12SSENIOR SWING SHIFT A HUNTIN' I WILL GO A WEE BIT O' SCOTCH TRAVELING ALONG AUTOGRAPHS Pago 1269n the £esuuce WE ARE IN THE SERVICE OF THE PUBLIC Pn a, 9hc. St. Paul, Minnesota Pago 127Wizard Staff of 1943 Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Circulation Manager Business Manager Advertising Manager Faculty Senior Captions Activities School Life Boys' Sports Girls’ Sports -Exchange Editor Cover Desion Adviser Jerome Corrigan Virginia Glenn Henry Basil Virginia Rapacz Audrey Ronald Marjorie Dame Mary Dahlberg Genevieve Anderson Marie Richards Betty Berline Joyce Bergsten Eleanore Luniewski Geraldine Magda Marilyn O'Rourke Claire Boggs Lois Englund Alfred Bolin Gerald Ryan Gloria Larson Eileen Hudoba - Leocadia Kolinski Miss Florence Fisch Pago 128

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