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A--. .. 7 of the CDINNeAPOUS PUBLIC LI ©UAttV Charles Dion Editor-in-Chief Valentina Zelemak Peter Jacobsen Associate Editors Lois Kline Dorothy Hoffman Art Editors Betty Nodell Business Manager James Spevach Rosemarie Pearo Circulation Managers Robert Clute Advertising ManagerPublished by THE SENIOR CLASS OF Gckson Sllq , Sck ool Minneapolis, MinnesotaDEDICATION S the graduating class of 1936, we consider it appropriate to dedicate our annual to Miss Kocken, who, in the capacity of school counsellor, has safely piloted us through four years of high school life. It was she who spent innumerable hours carefully “charting a course” for each of us. It was she who was constantly on the lookout to “steer us clear" of any impending cross-winds or deceitful air-pockets which might have caused us to flounder. Not until we have safely completed our trans-high school flight can we realize, and fully appreciate, her efforts to bring us all through to a “happy landing.” A RTA E. KOCKENFOREWORD ROM the time of its invention until the present day, the airplane has played a remarkably prominent part in nearly every field of endeavor: business, transportation, communication, and exploration. Revolutionary changes have been wrought in each of these fields simply because of the service rendered by this so-called “flying machine." By service, we mean the constant, faithful “bringing through" of the United States mails; we mean the carrying of food hundreds of miles across some uncharted waste to a band of explorers marooned on an iceberg; we mean the transporting of an injured person, in the midst of a blizzard, to a hospital, where only an emergency 0| eration can save his life. With the thought that these courageous examples may inspire you to similar deeds of service, we present the “Flying Wizard."• It • i!! Mk 7, -«rCONTENTS Book 1 • ADMINISTRATION Book 2 CLASSES Book 3 • ACTIVITIES Book 4 ° SCHOOL LIFE Book 5 • ATHLETICS Book 6 FEATURESif' T7ROM the control-board of the smallest plane in existence, to the huge administrative offices of our National Airways, aviation, in every sense of the word, is one continuous system of we 11-organized control. Every aviator realizes how vital a part the control-board plays in the successful maneuvering of his plane. Without it, he would be completely lost. Without it, the various parts of his plane would have no central, controlling, administrative force. Here in school, we, too, realize the importance of our administrative department, both as a guiding and as a controlling body. As graduating students, we can readily see how vital a part they play in the successful maneuvering of our plane, Edison High!L () U I s c;. C () () K PRINCIPAL THK great ship Edison approaches the last landing field on this year’s run. Let us - ■ check our instruments, calculate our position, and determine progress. We open the ship’s log and find a long record of achievements. 1. The ship carries a full load of 2400 people. 2. We disembark, this year, 502—each supplied with a first-class certificate. 3. We have specially honored 81 in the National Honor Society. 4. The crew numbers 88. 5. She carries a new high record in athletics, topped by a championship basketball team. 6. The ship is now rated as a first-class four-year senior high school. 7. She is equipped with a complete R. C. A. public address and sound system paid for in full. These are a few of the red letter pages that open easily. So, we nose down, close the book, thank our splendid and faithful crew and many friends, roll into the hangar for the summer overhaul, that we may have new strength and courage for a fresh start next September.ERMA E. TODD VISITING TEACHER TJ’DISON students arc very appreciative of the fact that they have a department in the school which is dedicated to the personal problems of the students. Pupils who have difficulties of various natures in school or who have personal problems which require correction find a ready and able counselor in our visiting teacher. Miss Todd. She tries, by seeking the basic cause of a student's difficulty to plan a solution which will adequately aid the student in his problem. The pleasant atmosphere of Miss Todd's office, her pleasing personality, her interest and understanding assure one that there is willing aid to be given if one will but present his problem. Appropriations by the Student Council maintain the philanthropic aspects of this work. In addition to her work at Edison, Miss Todd makes visits for the Boys' Vocational, Girls’ Vocational, Pillsbury, Prescott, and Whitney schools. C16DR U T H F I T C H COLE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 7 N assistant principulship is a much more important position than we sometimes realize. The person who (ills an office of this kind must have a great deal of patience, pcrscvcrcnce, efficiency, and understanding. In our assistant principal, Miss Cole, we have a person with such qualities. She has so well taken the responsibilities that have been hers that she has ever held the respect and high esteem of Edison students and faculty members. Among Miss Cole’s various duties are several of which we arc often unaware. She aids generally in the regulation of the school, checks absentees, and plans each semester a satisfactory program for each student. Miss Cole has always been an interested, real friend and counselor to the students, and we appreciate the efforts she has made to improve, aid, and benefit our school. The informal picture of Miss Cole given above is one not unfamiliar to Edison students, all of whom have come into contact with her at some time. It is a pleasant reminder of the genial atmosphere of her office. cmNellie M. Alm Chief Clerk, Belle Chandonnet Frances Claussen Grace M. Garvey Assistant Librarian Lunchroom Cafeteria Class Imobll D. GtORci Ruth R. Lebowits Secretary to Miss Cole Attendance Clerk, I.KIL.A Render nick Robert S. Stewart librarian Chief Engineer Alberta Zrust Boo kroom BUILDING ADMINISTRATION COMPRISING the office staff this term arc Mrs. Aim, chief clerk and secretary to Mr. Cook, Miss Lebowits, attendance clerk, Mrs. George, secretary to Miss Cole, and Miss Zrust, in charge of the bookroom. The work of this small, efficient group is vastly important; the smoothness of a day’s routine depends a good deal on their efforts. Mrs. Rcndernick, in charge of the library, is assisted by Miss Chandonnet. The management of the lunchroom is the responsibility of Mrs. Claussen. She is aided by a group of women, two girls, a janitor, and the members of Miss Garvey’s cafeteria classes. Mr. Stewart, chief engineer, is at the head of a crew of competent janitors. Together these people make up a small group of vastly responsible persons; their entire day is given to the service of others — to the administrations, to the faculty, and to the students. They have proved themselves to he highly reliable; we admire and respect them for the effective way in which they perform their respective duties in our school. A characteristic of each department, the office, the library, and the cafeteria, is the corporative method they use in their work. Each is a helpmate to the other, and all devote the majority of their time to the students. C 183Ralph J. Ahlstrom B. S.. Uni certify of Minnesota Laura Baksi.s B. A., University of Minnesota Sophie Albinson B. A., University of Minnesota Ole A. Anderson M. E., University of Minnesota Stella Ballou B. S.. University of Minnesota Emma Marik Bikkmaii k H. S., College of St. Catherine M. A.. University of Minnesota B. M., Chicago Musical College Florence R. Benner Jkeekrson S. Benni.r Birdi i n Birki land B. S., University B. S., University B. S.. University of Minnesota of Minnesota of Minnesota FACULTY "DECAUSE many studeius have expressed an interest in knowing to which colleges our faculty members have gone, the names of those schools at which the teachers have done the majority of their work are given in this section. Several changes were made in our teaching staff this term. At the beginning of the fall semester Miss Birkmaicr, Miss Leland. Mr. Porter, and Mr. Guzy began teaching at Edison. Miss Leland t x k over the classes of Mrs. ingebretson, who is no longer with the physical education department. Added to the faculty the second semester were Miss McCullough and Mr. Hume, of the English and commercial departments respectively. Miss Ber, who taught German in Edison for a number of years, is in Hawaii this year as an exchange teacher. The informal faculty snapshots at the end of this section hear strong evidence to the fact that our instructors, besides managing their teaching duties and oftentimes advising some school club, still find time to develop many-sided personalities. Some of them, with a leaning toward the more practical things of life, devote their spare moments to vegetable gardens or bee farms; others of the active type spend their leisure time in golfing, playing tennis, and horseback riding; while still others prefer traveling to any other form of amusement. When the students realize what a wide range of interests and abilities their instructors possess, they have a much better opportunity of establishing personal and pleasant relationships with them. C19]V Katherine E. Donovan li.A.. University of Minnesota Blanche E. Door li.A.. University of Minnesota Selmer J. Drage H. A.. St. )Inf College M.S.. University of Minnesota Anna M. Dunn H.S.. University of Minnesota N’ellie M. Erb li. S.. University of Minnesota Victor L. Erickson II. A.. University of Minnesota Florence M. Fisch li. A.. College of St. Catherine Frances Ford li. S.. Oregon State College Laurel Buckle li. A., University of Minnesota Mildred Burr II. A.. University of California Frances W. Cowan li. A.. University of Minnesota Mary Maude Case H. I... University of Minnesota Thomas Cunningham M. A.. University of Minnesota Esther R. Challman H. A., University of Minnesota Hugh A. Curran H. A., Upper Iowa University LL. B.. University of Minnesota Ivy G. Conant K. M.. Mad'hail School of Music H. A.. Moorhead State Teachers College Helen Curry fl. S.. University of MinnesotaGenevieve M. Holkesvic II S.. State CtAlege of Sorth Dakota Lf.onorf. Johnson B. $., University of Minnesota Clifford Hume B.A., Whitewater State Teachers College Ai.bin Krezoxvski B. S., University of Minnesota Gladys Jacobson B.S.. University of Minnesota Marna Leland B. S., University of Wisconsin Grace Garland B. A., University of Minnesota B. ()., MacPhail School of Dramatic Art Christopher I Iamrix B.A., IIaniline Unit ei sity Edith P. Gillies M. A.. University of Minnesota Mary G. Harroun B. A„ University of Minnesota Marian G. Goodrich H. A.. (Irinnell College George Hendricks M. A., University of Minnesota Peter Guzy B. A.. University of Minnesota Harold H. Henley B. S. M. Purdue University Eddis E. Janes M. A., University of Minnesota Helen C. Hickok B. S., University of Minnesota Alice E. Johnson M. A., Hamline UniversityEva C. Peterson B. S., University of Minnesota Adelia Nordby B. A.. University of Minnesota I Iomer B. Pile li. S.. lieloit College Verna T. Olsen B.S., University of Minnesota Ethel E. Pohlson B.A.. University of Minnesota Ray F. Parkins li. S.. University of Minnesota J. Vincent Porter B. S., University of Minnesota Connie McCullough li. A.. I 'assar College M.S., Butler University Charles F. Lombard B. Accts., Hillsdale College Mary R. McIntyre B. A., University of Minnesota Mayme Luther B.S.. University of Minnesota Ethel Mellem B.A., University of Minnesota Peter Mankowski B. A., Dartmouth Edgar E. Merriheld University of Washington North Dakota Industrial School Harry A. Miller Cijarles F. Lein A., Moorhead Slate Teachers College Benjamin Liemohn B. A.. St. Olaf College B. S., North Central College B. P. E., (ieorge Williams College t'l Louise Ramswick B. A.. St. Olaf College Floyd W. Ray Mechanics Institute. Rochester, S. V. Jean Robertson Moorhead State Teachers College Bikdem.a M. Ross B. S.. University of Minnesota M. A., Columbia University Marjorie M. Simmons B. A.. University of Minnesota Jean Toomey Boston Museum School of l:ine Arts Chase School. Florence. Italy Elmer Sodercren B. M., Macl'hail School of Music Ruth F. Tupper B. A.. University of Minnesota Edna Sorenson B. A.. St. Olaf College Effie S. Turner Columbia University Minnesota School of Business Minneapolis Business College Grace Tillotson B. A.. University of Minnesota Mildred E. Ward B. A., Mount Holyoke College Celia Torney B.S.. University of Minnesota Laura G. Wilkins B. A.. University of Minnesota Gordon B. Sanders B. A.. Macalester College 1.1..B.. University of Minnesota Evekil N. Schellenberg B. A.. University of Minnesota Vesta Seaman B. A.. Ohio Wesleyan University Lucille Simmons University of MinnesotaFACULTY I, the faculty Teachers snapped. . . . “Oh, Young Lochinvar,” etc. “Up! up! my friend, and quit your books” Historic research A familiar smile Peek-a-boo Putting all our Latin in one basket Edison’s pal Three’s a crowd Off for a canter “Your excuse, please!"INFORMALITIES . . . at the senior banquet Where’s the team? We, the faculty Tally-ho! “Mount horse and away” “Have one!” Lein incognito To go or not to go She takes the cake! Greetings from Hawaii Me and my car “Locker number ?TATITH a final roar of its powerful motor, the ’ huge cabin-plane taxies across the field to the hangar, its long fiight over. It is interesting to note the reactions of the passengers as they alight. Some are thrilled beyond all concealment — others remain calmly nonchalant; some arc eager to continue their travels — others are satisfied to have finished this one trip safely; and lastly, there are those who are a bit unsteadied by the strangeness of it all. In the follow-ing pages, you will find a list of Edison's passengers who have just “alighted.” We trust that from their pictures, their captions, and their lists of activities, you will be able to decide just what their reaction to this eventful journey has been.mm mm WmziMr. Cunningham Mr. Janes JANUARY 1936 ADVISERS •"PHE senior advisory is the goal of all under-classmen. During the first three years of his high school life, the student works as an individual, and it is not until he takes his seat in the senior advisory that he realizes the full significance of “class spirit. ' Here it is that the student forms life-long friendships with the other members of his class. Here it is that the officers, the committees, and the various other class representatives are elected. Here, also, the seniors decide upon their class rings, their class distinctions, and all other matters which add to the dignity and prestige of the upper-classmen, such as their party clothes, their graduation outfits, and the type of frame for their graduation pictures. Oftentimes, questions concerning the governing of the class or even the school come up, and then it is very convenient to approach the senior class as a single body. A senior adviser and an assistant adviser are appointed to manage each senior class. It is their duty to take charge of the senior advisory and perform the same duties, on a larger scale, that are performed by the other advisers throughout the school, such as reading all announcements, taking the roll, giving the students their auditorium scats, and seeing that everything runs smoothly in the group. The January 1936 Class, some 200 strong, had, as its adviser, Mr. Janes, assisted by Mr. Cunningham. Both these men did a fine piece of work and brought their 200 charges successfully through to graduation. C27]Anderson, Gordon "A quiet tongue hits a deep mind.” Bronze Scl)«l.ir.ship I’m 2: Silver Scholarship Pin 3; Student Council 2; Senior Hi-Y 3. 3: Group Captain 2: 11.ill Guard 4; Office Monitor 4: Intramural Basketball 3, 4; Intramural Baseball 3; Banquet Committee 4. Anderson, Herbert "We (noiu him. yet we I;now him not.” Senior Hi-Y 4; Ollicc Monitor 4: Banquet Committee 4. Anderson, Howard "For he's lit good a fellow as any on earth.” Student Council 3; Bank Cashier 2. 3; Office Monitor 4. Anderson, Paul "Sort of hoy you'd like to he. Rid a need well, and truly square.' Student Council 3: Tennis Team 3. 4. Anderson, Verna "A soul sincere in action. Faithfid and honor clear." Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4: Rooters Club 4. Assad, Florence "Cosh, we 11 he her: She's no piker” Rooters Club 4: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; G. A. A. I. Baldwin, Hubert "He lores to chat with girls. we know: Tit the way with men, they're always so." Class President 3: Class Vice-President 4: Orchestra I. 2, 3, 4, President 4; String (Quartet 4: Music Letter 4; Music Council 4; Senior Hi-Y 3. 4, Vice-President 4: Amateur Inventors Clllb 4. Banasik, Edward "Folks are of two kinds, and he Is the kind ue'd like to he." Intramural Basketball 4. BaNICKY, I I ELEN "AH friends, no foes. All joys, no woes." Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4. Barfnecht, 1 Iarold "Sot a word spoke he more than was needed." Band I. 2. 3. 4; Jazz Orchestra 4; Senior Hi-Y 3. 4. Barry, Lorraine "She who climhs the grammar tree. Knows where verbs, nouns, and participles grow.” Silver Scholarship Pin 3: B G Club I: Quill and Scroll 4; Gleam 3; Silver Triangle I. 2; Campfire Girls I. 2. 3. Scribe 3; Bank Cashier 2. 3; Banquet Committee 4. Beczkalo, Mike "Silence is the most perfect herald of joy." Benedict, Dorothy "Happy am I. from care I'm free: Why aren't they all as jolly as me?" Student Council 3: Vaudeville Committee 3: Bank Cashier 2. 3: Silver Triangle 1. 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4: Latin Club I. 2. 3: Rooters Club 4: Color Day 4: G. A. A. I: Banquet Committee 4. Benson, John "They're only truly great who are truly good." Choir 2: Glee Club 3. 4. '‘Elijah." “Sweethearts." ‘"Naughty Marietta....Pune In": Senior Hi-Y 4: Tennis 4: Banquet Committee 4. Benson, Linnea "I hate nobody: I am in charity with the world." Blue Triangle 3. 4; Rooters Club 4: Banquet Committee 4. Berquist, Evblyn "Her heart is warm and gladsome.” Rooters’ Club 4. Bjorkllnd. Marion "Soft as some song divine This maiden goes" Student Council 3: Choir 2: Rooters' Club 4. Borsky, Florence "Sparkling eyes, a friendly smile. A friend u e've found worth while." B G Club I; “Bohemian Girl": Blue Triangle 3, 4; Carl Linnaeus 4: Rooters' Club 4: Bank Cashier 3: Group Captain I: Office Monitor 4: Color Day 4: Banquet Committee 4. Boktnick, Evelyn "Mime and charms— She has them both." Bronze Scholarship Pin 2; Silver Scholarship Pin 3: B G Club I: Choir 3: "Bohemian Girl”; Com-position Contest 3; Blue Triangle 4: Vaudeville I. 2. 3. -I: Gym Nile 3; May Fete I. Brashewitz, Walter "There ain't no use in all this strife To study, study all through life." Mall Guard 3; Office Monitor 4. Prunes, Ro ;f.r "Handsome lad with eyes of brown: We lore his smile, but not his frown." Class Play 4; Senior Ui-V 3. 4: Ushers' Club 3, 4. Bllka, Stanley "Full of mischief and of fun Yet he is a gentleman." Orchestra 2. 3, 4; Stair Guard 4. Pirns, Robert "Tall. dark. and good n at tired— What more could you ask?" Senior Mi-Y 4: Bank Cashier 3; Mall Guard 4; Gymnastics 2, 3; Swimming 3; Ushers' Club 3, 4: Banquet Committee 4. Byrne, Ralph " When once I learn a thing I remember it.” Callahan, James "God Ness the man who invented sleep." Dramatic Club 3, 4. "Rich Man, Poor Man," Christmas Play; Vaudeville 2; Gymnastics 2. Callerstrom, Goldwyn "She is thoughtful and tweet From her head to her feet." l-atin Club I, 2; Silver Triangle I. 2; Blue Triangle 3, 4; Rooters' Club 4; Banking Council 3: G. A. A. I: Volleyball I. Campbell, George "There's a lot of joy in hit life— He mixes pleasure and study." Student (Council 3; Music letter 3; Music Gain cil 3; String Quartet 4: Senior Orchestra 1. 2. 3 President 3: "The Lucky Jade." "Crocodile Is land." "Bohemian Girl.” "Carmen." "Elijah.' "Tunc In": Senior Mi-Y 3, 4; Mall Guard 3 Ushers' Club 4. Carlson, Bernice "Of a!l the girls that are so smart. She hat her place among them." B G Club I: Silver Triangle 2: Carl Linnaeus 3. 4; German Club 4; Rooters' Club I; G. A. A. 3. 4; Hockey 3; Volleyball 3. 4; Basketball 4; Baseball 4; l cck Tennis 4. Christensen, Ann "Sweet remembrances grow from good services." Blue Triangle 3. 4; Rooters' Club 4; Office Monitor 4; Odor Day 4. COULOMBE, LaPkELE "For we that live to please must please to live." Bank Cashier 2; Student Council 3; Group Captain 2. Cre.misino, Minnie "We wish we were as smart as she And had her personality.” National Honor Society 3. 4; Silver Scholarship Pin 3: Bronze Scholarship Pin 2; B G Club 1: Gleam 3, Associate Kditor; Wizard; ('lass Secretary 3: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Winged Horsemen 4; Sr»ck and Buskin 4; Rooters' Club 4; Group Captain I; Bank C-a%hicr 2. 3; Banquet Committee 4. Daiil, Lorraine "Silent lips, but what a head." Silver Scholarship Pin 3; Wizard 4; Gleam 3; Choir 2. "Elijah"; Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4: Rooters’ Club 4; Color Day 4. Dan burg, Harold "Acts like a tonic in any crowd." ('law Play 4: (dec (dub 2: Choir I. "Elijah"; Senior Mi-Y 4: Group Captain 2. 3: Mall Guard 4; Ushers’ Club 2. 3. 4: Gym Nile 3. Dancik, Paul "He is rich, we are told. If silence be gold." Interclass Baskctlull I. 2. 3; Intramural Basketball 2. 3. Davy, Lorraine "Sot very tall, not very small. Hut fair and sweet and liked by all." B G (dub I: Choir I. 2. "Elijah”: Silver Triangle I. 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Group Captain 3: Rooters' Club 4. Delmonico, Louis "Whatever he did was done with so much ease: In him alone 'tivas natural to please.” B G (dub I: Bronze Scholarship Pin 2: Gleam 3: Student Council I. 2. 3: Vaudeville 2. 3; Gym Nile 2. 3: Class Vice-President 4; Library Monitor 2. 3; Mall Guard 4; Tag Day I, 2. 3; Gymnastics 2. 3: Intcrclass Basketball I, 2; North Woods Trip 3; Banquet Committee 4.Desmond, Earl “Dependable, capable. lull of fun: Truly a great leader it he." B G Club; Record 3, -1. Circulation Manager: Student Council 3, 4. President 4; Class Vice President 3; Class President 4; Footlights and Curtain Club 3, 4. “The Child of Flanders," "Why the Chimes Rang." "The Ghost Story"; Sock and Buskin 4. Vice-President 4: Torch Hi-Y I. 2. Secretary 2; Senior Hi-Y 4; Ushers' Club 4, Vice-President 4; Vaudeville 4; Tag Day 4; Group Captain 2. 3; Library Monitor 3; Cheer Ixader 4. Drimak. Mary "Here are her head, her hair, her eyes; But her thoughts du el! in the skies." Carl Linnaeus 3: Blue Triangle 4; Rooters' Club 4; Office Monitor 4. Dt'BtRc, Marjorie "A good reputation if more valuable than money." Gleam 3; Blue Triangle 4; Rooters Club 4; G. A. A. 2. Edll'nd, Doris "Everyday should be passed as if it were our last" Silver Triangle I. 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Art Club I; Rooters' Club 4. Encdahl, Lenore “Her initiative and talents just can’t be beat; A lovely personality makes her character complete." Salutatorian; National Honor Society 3, 4. Secretary 4; Silver Scholarship Pin 3: B G Club I; Class Secretary 3. 4; Music Letter 3; Music Council 1. 3. 4. Secretary 3; Jazz Orchestra 3; Choir I. 2, President 2; Glee Club 3. 4. President 3. 4: "Deacon's Masterpiece," "Carmen," "Elijah," "Bohemian Girl." “Sweethearts.” "Naughty Marietta." "Tunc In"; Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4; Forum 4; Rooters" Club 4; Vaudeville I. 2. 3. 4: Bank Cashier I: President of Banking Council 1; G. A. A. I. 2; Gym Nitc I. 2; Banquet Committee 4. Enclund, Ruth " Whose yesterdays look backward with a smile." Choir 4. "Elijah"; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Rooters" Club 4: Vaudeville 4; Color Day 4. Erickson, Evelyn "She packs all her troubles in a ! ox and sits on the lid and laughs." Choir I. "Carmen": Vaudeville I; Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 4; Carl Linnaeus 2. 3, 4; Rooters" Club 4; Class Play: May Fete. Erickson, Leslie " Wanted—an alarm dock that lures one out of bed." Orchestra I. 2. 3, 4; "Naughty Marietta." "Tunc In”; Music Council 3. Erickson, Norma “A fine girl with many friends." Studrnt Council 3; Orchestra I. 2. 3; Choir 2, "Carmen"; Winged Horsemen 3; Sock and Buskin 4: Office Monitor 4. Evans Raymond "Haste makes waste. I'm taking my time." Library Monitor 3; Track I. 2; Football 2. Fahey, Dayton "Don't plague me with studies: I have weightier things on my mind." Student Council 3; Baseball 3, 4; Senior Hi-Y 3: Interclass Baseball I. 2: Interclass Basketball I, 2. 3. 4. Fahey, Edward "Sometimes he works, and sometimes he'll phy: Sever too serious, always gay." Interclavs Basketball I. 2; Intramural Baskctbjll 3. Falldin, Leonard "He is happy and full of fun. A loyal friend to everyone." Farder, Raymond “Happy am I: from care I'm free. Senior Hi-Y 3. 4. Fedora, Lorraine “Skilled in all youthful sports and pastimes." Blue Triangle 3, 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; G. A. A. 2. 3. 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; G. A. A. Board 3, 4; City-Wide G. A. A. Board, Vice-President 4; Vaudeville 3; Hanking Council 3; Gym Nile: School "E"; Diamondball 3; Basketball 3; Volleyball 2. 3, 4: Hockey 2. 4; Ice Skating 2; Roller Skating 3. 4; Deck Tennis 3. 4: Banquet Committee 4. Ferrara, Rose "She makes sunshine in a shady place." Gleam 3; Dramatic Club I. 2: Christmas Play: Rooters' Club 4; Glee Club I; Bank Cashier I; Banquet Committee 4. Field, Marion "Those who from study flee Live long and merrily." Silver Triangle 2: Choir 1, 2. "Elijah"; Vaudeville I. 2. 3: G. A. A. I. 2; Deck Tennis 2; Skat-mg 2; Field Hockey 2; Diamondball 2; Gym Show 2. Fieve, Adele "She was a leading lady in the school and in the play. We hope that tomorrow will be tust like today." National Honor Society 4: Student Council 3; Class Play; Footlights and Curtain Club 4. Christmas Play: Choir 1, "Elijah." "Carmen"; Glee Club 2. 3. 4. "Bohemian Girl," "The Deacon's Masterpiece," "Sweethearts," "Naughty Marietta"; Music Award; Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4. Secretary 4; Forum 4, Vice-President: Winged Horsemen: Sock and Buskin 4. Vice-President: Vaudeville 3; Group Captain 2; Gym Nitc: Rooters Club 4; Banquet Committee 4.Fox, Leonard "He's as square at can be Yet we always want hint ‘round." Il.ill Guard 4; Stair Guard 4; Vaudeville 2; Tennis Team 4; Group Captain I; Gymnastics 2. 3: M Kiel Airplane Club 2; Cheer leader 4. CiAIR, N’oRBERT "Men of few words arc the best of men." Group Captain 2. 3: Mall Guard 4. Girard, Marven "I can lice without poetry, music, or walking: Hut who can live without talking' " Torch Hi-Y 2: Gym Nile 2: Intcrclass Basketball I, 2. 3: Intramural Basketball 2. 3. C Jisvold, Marvin "Clever in school, a wizard it he, None but Martin, tho' a twin he may be." National Honor Society 3. 4. President 4; Bronze Scholarship Pin 2; Silver Scholarship Pin 3: Record 3; Student Council I. 2. 4; Choir I; Torch Hi-Y I. 2: Senior Hi-Y 3. 4; Intramural Basketball 3; Banquet Committee 4. Gisvold, Paul "Perfect President, witty and det er; You from our hearts we'll never sever." National Honor Society 3. 4; Bronze Scholarship Pin 2: Silver Scholarship Pin 3; Record 3; Student Council 4; Class President 4; Choir; Torch Hi-Y I, 2; Senior Hi-Y 3. 4; Intramural Basket-lull 3. ( iosslin, Clare "Care silt lightly on her thoulders." Record 3; Footlights and Curtain Club 4, Christmas Play; Choir I, “Carmen"; Art Club I; Campfire Girls I. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Scribe 3, President 4; Silver Triangle I. 2; Blue Triangle 3, 4; Group Captain 2; G. A. A. I; Volleyball 2: Rooters' Club 4. Graham, Burnam "He’s not flat: he’s not sharp; he's fust natural." Senior Hi-Y 4; Vaudeville 4; Hall Guard 4; Debate Team 4; Track I, 2; Football I. 2; Intramural Basketball 2: Banquet Committee 4. Green, Charlotte "She's a timet girl, but she shines in her classroom." National Honor Society 3. 4; Silver Scholarship Pin 3; Gleam 3; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; String Quartet 4; Music Letter 3; Music Pin 4; Blue Triangle 3, 4; Group Captain 3; Gym Nile 3; G. A. A. 2. 3, 4; G. A. A. Board 2. 3; School Ixttcr: City-Wide Fmhtcm 3; Basketball 2, 3; Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Diamondball 2. 3; Field Hockey 2. 3. 4; Bicycling 3; Tennis 2. 3. Griswold, Russell "IJttle to say, quiet is he: Things things are done best silently." Student Council 3; Choir 2. 3: Glee Club 4, “Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta." “Tunc In." Haider, Marcella "A cheerful friend !H{e a sunny day." Class Play 4; Orchestra I; Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Rooters' Club 4. Hamm, Eleanor "A dashing damsel, gay and pert; In classrooms she is always alert." B G Club I. Treasurer I; Quill and Scroll 4; Record 3. 4; Forum 4. President 4; Silver Triangle 1, 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Sock and Buskin 4: Rooters' Club 4; Vaudeville 2. 3, 4; Group Captain I, 2; Gym Nitc 2, 3. Hanson, Harris "Able and active with brains and poise; He does a lot without much noise." National Honor Society 3. 4. Vice-President 4; Silver Scholarship Pin 3; B G Club I; Quill and Scroll 4; Record 3. 4. Editor 4; Student Council 2. 3, 4; Choir 2. "Elijah”; Torch Hi-Y I; Senior Hi-Y 3. 4. Secretary 4. President 4; City Hi-Y Cabinet. Secretary 4; Astronomy Club 3. 4. Secretary 3; Stamp Club 2; Sock and Buskin 4; Group Captain 3; Library Monitor 2; Banquet (Committee 4. Henderson, Mildred "Honest is she. and considerate, too: Partial to none, her faults are few." Gleam 3; Blue Triangle 4; Winged Horsemen 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Rooters' Club 4; Group Captain 2; Bank Cashier 3; G. A. A. I. 2: Baseball 2; Volleyball 2. Hinz, Dorothy "She's a girl that has a smile for everybody." "Bohemian Girl"; Blue Triangle 4; Rooters' Club 4; Bank Cashier 3. President of Banking Council 4; Junior Red Cross I; Office Monitor 4; Color Day 4. Hoffman, Ralph "Surely if character makes the man. He proves that saying as no one can." Entered from North High School. Homxik, Peter "Clothes make the man." Student Council 2; Choir I; Senior Hi-Y 4; Astronomy Club 4; Vaudeville I; Group Captain 2. 3; Office Monitor 4; Ushers’ Club 4. Howe, Mildred "Some people can just sit still and think. Hut I can't." Student Council 3; Blue Triangle 4; Rooters' Club 4; G. A. A. I. 2. 3. 4; Field Hockey 2. 3. 4; Basketball 2, 4; Deck Tennis 2. 3. 4; Volleyball 2, 3. 4; Diamondball 3, 4; Skating 2, 3. 4; G. A. A. Board 3; Gym Nitc 3; School Letter 3. Hudak, Joe "He makes friends wherever he goes: He's a fellow that everyone knows." Band 2; Art Club 2; Stair Guard 3; Senior Hi-Y 4; Ushers' Club 4; Library Monitor 3; Interclass Basketball 3; Banquet lx mmittcc 4.1 Iuches, Dorotiiv "South's loss whs Edison's gam; Dot has charm which none tan feign." Filtered from South: National Honor Society 4; Blue Triangle 4. Hulsinc, Rand "Pew words are wise men's counters.” Piano Class 2. 3. 4: Harmony Class 4; Gym Nile I; Banquet Committee 4. Hutchison, Mildred "The way to he happy Is to make others happy." Cleam 3; Blue Triangle 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; G. A. A. I. 2. 3. 4: Field Hockey I. 3: Baseball I: Volleyball I. 2. 3: Basketball I. 2, 3, 4; !liking 2, 3. 4; Ice Skating 2, 3: Deck Tennis 2: Roller Skating 3; Rooters' Club 4; Group Captain 2, 3; Gym Nile 2, 3: City I-ctter 4; School Ixttcr 3. Johnson, Curtis "For I know he taketh more delight In music, in instruments, and science.” Student Council 3: Music Council 2; Orchestra I. 2. 3. 4; Music Letter: Torch Hi-Y 1, 2: Senior Hi-Y 3. 4: Group Captain 2. Johnson, Delvin "All the world's a stage On which to act my comedy.' Record 3: Airplane Club 2. Johnson, Donald "And when a lady's in the case. You know all other things give place." Quill and Scroll 4. President 4: Cleam. Assoc'atc F.ditor 3, Editor 4: Wizard 4: Student Council 2, 3: Dramatic Club 4: Class Play: Senior Hi-Y 3. 4: Vaudeville 2. 4: Ushers' Club 2. 3, 4; Swimming Team 2, 3: Sock and Buskin 4. Johnson, Doris "Brilliant, happy, ambitious is she. With a perfect school-girl's loyalty." National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4; Wizard 4: Cleam 3, Literary Editor 3: Student Council 2: “Bohemian Girl": Latin Club I. 2. Treasurer 2: Silver Triangle I, 2. Treasurer 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4. Vice-President 4; Sock and Buskin 4; Forum 4; Rooters' Club 4: Banquet Committee 4. Johnson, Elmer "laked here, liked there, liked everywhere." Band I. 2: Chess Club 2. 3: Art Club 1: Senior Hi-Y 3: Sock ami Buskin 4. President 4: Banquet Committee 4. Johnson, Elva "There is not much she cannot do." National Honor Society 3. 4: B G Club I: Silver Scholarship Pin 3: Quill and Scroll 4; Cleam 3; Student Council 3; Glee Club 4. “Naughty Marietta....Eunc In"; Choir I. 2. “Carmen." "Eli- jah"; Bank Cashier I. 2. 3; Silver Triangle 1. 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4: Sock ami Buskin 4; Rooters' Club 4; Junior Red Crass I; Banquet Committee 4. Johnson, Gladys "In her quietness there is charm." Student Council 3; Cleam 3: Silver Triangle I: Blur Triangle 4: Carl Linnaeus 3; Rooters' Club 4; Color Day 4. Johnson, John "Far behind his vague expression Lie the workings of a master mind." Valedictorian: National Honor Society 4; Silver Scholarship Pin 3; Quill ami Scroll 4; Record-, Choir 2. "Elijah"; Senior Hi-Y 3. 4: Sock and Buskin 4: Ushers' Club 2. 3. 4: Banquet Committee 4. Johnson, Lillian "Though our lallian is so brainy. She is not a greasy grind. And we like the combination Of beauty and of mind." National Honor Society 3, 4: Silver Scholarship Pin 3: Bronze Scholarship Pin 2: B G Club 1; Student Council 2. 3: Silver Triangle 1. 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4: I-atin Club 1, 2: Winged Horsemen 3. 4; Sock and Buskin 4; Bank Cashier 2, 3; G. A. A. Johnson, Lorraine "She is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant, loo. to think of." Quill and Scroll 4; Wizard 4; Gleam 3. Literary Editor: "Bohemian Girl"; Rooters' Club 4; Sock and Buskin 4. Secretary 4; Blue Triangle 3, 4: Carl Linnaeus 2: Latin Club I. 2: Bank Cashier 4: Color Day 4; G. A. A. I. Johnson, Paul “If Cod can love them all, surely I can love a dozen." Senior Hi-Y 4; Group Captain I: Golf 1. Jones, Marjorie "There's nothing half so sweet in life As love’s young dream." Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4; Rooters' Club 4; Bank Cashier 3; Library Monitor 4. Jonnes, Norman " boy every one wants to know better.” Torch Hi-Y I. 2: Senior Hi-Y 4; Stair Guard 3: Ushers Club 3. 4. Kaercher, William "Would that more were like him." Cleam 3: Student Council 3; Inventors' Club 3. 4; Debate Club 4; Hall Guard 4; Banquet Committee 4. Kangas, Clifford "Cliff Kangas. the Senior Clown, Xothmg can bring his spirits down.” Chess Club 4.Kasmir, Jean "She's station P-E-P broadcasting cheerfulness ." Student Council 2; Silver Triangle I. 2: Blue Triangle 3. 3; Office Monitor 4; G. A. A. 1, 2; Ice Skating I. 2; Volleyball I. 2: Field Hockey I; Rooters’ Club 4. Keene, Mary “.4 girl that everyone likes to meet: Mary, prim ant! neat." Student Council 3: Silver Triangle I, 2; Blue Triangle 3; Latin Club I. 2; Carl Linnaeus 3. Kellar, Karl “Above our life, we lore a steadfast friend.' Kelsey, Lois "May her stock of good nature never change." Glee Club 3. "Bohemian Girl." "Sweetheart'," "Naught) Marietta"; Music Letter; Choir 2, "Elijah," "Carmen," "Deacon's Masterpiece"; Silver Triangle I. 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Carl Linnaeus 3, 4; Treasurer 4; G. A. A. I. 2, 3; Diamondball I. 2. 3; Volleyball I. 2. 3; Basketball 1. 2. 3; Hockey I. 2. 3: Deck Tennis 3; Skating 2; Gym Nile; Rooters' Club 4. Knoke. Clifford "Active, loyal, and jolly; To be sad is simply folly." Ushers' Club 4; Interclass Basketball 2, 3; Inter-class Track I, 2. Koman, Harry "Chase me. guls; I'm full of fun." Gym Nite 2; Interclass Basketball I. 2. 3; Intramural Basketball 3. Kolocy, Stanley "The loss which is unknown is no loss at all." Interclass Basketball I, 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 2. 3. Kopitcke, Eleanor "Of many words there is no need lust these three—a friend indeed." Rooters' Club 4; Blue Triangle 4; Group Captain 3; Gym Nile 1; Color Day 4; Banquet Committee 4. Kukiklka, Stanley "So one knoivs what he can do until he really tries." Intramural Basketball 2; Interclass Basketball 2. La Crosse, Lorraine "lie the labor great or small Do it well or not at all." Student Council 3; Carl Linnaeus 2. 3; Rooters' Club 4: Group Captain 2; Bank Cashier I, 2. Laniiart, Helen "Sweet, sincere, and sociable.' Silver Triangle 2: Rooters' Club 4. Lee, Virginia "Small, and light, and full of fun: She has a smile for everyone." "Bohemian Girl"; Christmas Play; Blue Triangle 4; Vaudeville I. 2. 3, 4; Gym Nile: All-City Gym Show; May Fete. Lind, Ralph "By the work one knows the worker." National Honor Society 3, 4; Silver Scholarship Pin 3; B G Club I; Quill and Scroll: Wizard 4; Gleam 3, Kditor 3; Dramatic Club 3. 4; Christmas Play: Chess Club 3, 4, President 3, Vice-President 4; Vaudeville 4; Group Captain 3: Banquet Committee 4. Lindfors, Arnold "A man who blushes is better Than one who turns pale.” Gleam 3. Lindquist, Lillian "Her winning smile you can't forget. Is she nice? Well, you just bet." Blue Triangle 3; Rooters' Club 4. Lucas, Cornelius "As brimful of mischief and wit and glee As ever a human person can be." ('lass Treasurer 3; Class Play 4; Torch lli-Y I, 2; Senior Hi-Y 3, 4: Vaudeville 3, 4; Stair Guard 4; Ushers’ Club 2. 3, 4. Vice-President 4; Tennis Letter; Interclass Track 2; Intramural Football 2; Gym Nitc. Lundeen, Ralph "Quiet and shy (until you know him ), lie makes gentle entrance to one's circle of friendship." ('lass Treasurer 4; Vaudeville 3; Hall Guard 3, 4; Football 4; Gymnastics 2. 3; Gym Nitc 2, 3; Banquet Committee 4. Lundeen, Waldemar “He sleeps well—in study halls." (»lec Club 2, 3, 4, "Bohemian Girl," "Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta." "Tune In"; Gym Nitc 2; Vaudeville 2, 3; Ushers’ Club 4; Intramural Basketball 4; Intramural Baseball 3, 4.Lundquist, Lois "Such look. - mch manners, ami such a mind." Silver Scholarship Pin 3; Gleam 3: Dramatic Club ■4: Office Monitor 4: Art Club I; Orchestra I. 2. 3: Vaudeville I. 2. 3. 4; Jazz Orchestra 2: “The ( host Story," 2: banquet Committee 4. Lyons, Violet " li e cannot think, of any face We'd like he Her in her place." "Bohemian Girl," Christmas Play: Gym Nile 2: Vaudeville 2. 3: May Fete, McConville, Margaret "Enjoy today, for tomorrow the first gray hairs may come." Art Club I, 2: Blue Triangle 4. McCurn, Margaret "Blondes are made, hut red hair comes natural." Choir 3. "F.liiah": Art Club I. 2: Gym Nitc I. 2; May Fete I. 2. Madir, Helen "I like the hoys, and the hoys like me; And I like them heller the more I see." Student Council 2, 3: ('lass Play 4: Choir I, "Eli-jah": Glee Club 2. 3. "Naughty Marietta." '’Bohemian Girl": G. A. A. 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Vaudeville 3, 4: Gym Nite 2: Banquet Committee 4. Maki, Esther What sweet delights a quiet life affords.' Student Council 2. Marchiafava, Roy "Silence is golden, and am a millionaire." Ushers' Club 2: Interclass Football 3: Baseball 4. Mal’seth, Ralph "He's little, hut he's wise; lie's a terror for his size." Torch Mi-Y 2: Intramural Basketball 2. Mikllyak, Steve "Some are. and must he smarter than others." National Honor Society 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 4; Record 3. 4, Advertising Manager 4; Torch Hi-Y I, 2; Inventors' Club 4: Chess Club 3; Debate Club 4; Group Captain 2, 3; Hall Guard 2: Library Monitor 4. Minerva, Lillian "Blithe and happy, always gay. Lillian has a friendly way." Blue Triangle 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Rooters' Club 4. Moberc, Arlene "A mistress of herself, let what will liefall." German Club 4; Blue Triangle 4; tori Linnaeus 4; G. A. A. I. 2: Rooters' Club 4. Mokres, Helen "To know her is to lore her." Gleam 3; Student Council 3. 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Blue Triangle 4: Group Captain 2: G. A. A. 4; Rooters' Club 4. Nedzelnitsky, Oleg "The world knows little of its greatest men. Tor here is one of the best of them." F.ntcred from l.yccc du Parc. France: Class Play. Nelson, Robert "Sing, and I'll sing with yon; Study, and you'll study alone." Student Council 4; Class Treasurer 3: Dramatic Club, "The Ghost Story": Glee Club 2. 3. 4. "Sweethearts.” “Naughty Marietta......I'unc In"; Choir 2. “F.lijah": Music Letter; Torch Hi-Y I. 2. President I; Senior Hi-Y 3: Vaudeville I. 4; Group Captain 4; Banquet Committee 4. Xei enfeldt. Richard "And wit that loved to play, not wound.' Gleam 3. Neuman, Donald "A modest unassuming chap; We like him all the more for that." Choir 1, "Elijah"; Glee Club 2, 3, 4, “Bohemian Girl." "Sweethearts." "Deacon's Masterpiece." "Naughty Marietta," "Tune In"; Vaudeville 3: Group Captain I: Stair Guard 3. Neuman, Virginia "Wherever she finds herself in life. She’ll make a good addition." B G Club I: Gleam 3; Silver Triangle I. 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4; Rooters' Club 4; Bank (Cashier 4; Gym Nitc. Newman, Phyllis "Friendly and helpful, lovely and sweet. The tight of Phyllis makes the day complete." Silver Scholarship Pin 3; B G Club I; Record 3: Student Council 2: Junior Red Cross I; Silver Triangle 1. 2. Secretary 2: Forum 3. 4. Secretary 4; Blue Triangle 3. 4: Rooters' Club 4; Group Cap-tjin 3; Banquet Committee 4.Niznik, Ann "Worry and Ann have never met." B C; Club 1: (Ueam 3: Silver Triangle 1. 2; Blue Triangle 4; Gym Nile 2. Nor ling, Ruth "Quiet, lovable, and sweet. Surely a pleasant girl to meet.' Rooters Club 4. Norton, Jessie Lee "She's a cheerful type, a girl we all like." G. A. A. I. 2, 3. 4: Vaudeville I; Office Monitor 4; Volleyball I, 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1.2.3. 4: Skating 3. 4; Basketball 4; Hockey 3, 4: Deck Tennis 4: Gym Nitc. Oakley, Earlene "A real girl, whom you admire more Each succeeding day." Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4; Ten Year Pageant 2. Olson, Carl "He may be shy, but there’s a twinkle in hit eye." Torch Hi-Y I. 2; Senior Hi-Y 3. 4; Ushers' Club 4; Interclass Basketball I; Intramural Basketball I. Olson, Irene "Modesty is a crowning grace." Arr Club 2: Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Rooters Club 4; May Fete. Olson, Leonard "A modest boy of sober phiz Who does his work, and minds his bis." (Hearn 3, Circulation Manager 3: Choir 2. "Elijah"; Interclass Track 2; Banquet Committee 4. Osfar, Ernest "Why worry? It makes wrinkles.1 Debate Club 4. Parker, Roscoe "Silence is more musical than any song." Glee Club 2, 3; Choir 1, "Elijah. Parks, Russell "Oh. he's a rare old fellow." (Jlce Club 2. 3, 4. “Bohemian Girl," "Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta”; Hall Guard 4. Perry, Matilda "Her loyal heart is open wide: There always is more room inside." Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Rooter ' Club 4: Office Monitor 3. Peterson, Frances "Calm, cool, and collected: Surely she will rise in the world." Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 4; Group Captain 3: G. A. A. I. 2. 3. 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Rooters' Club 4. Podany, Katherine "Her bubbling good nature is a cure for the blues." Group (Captain I: Student Council 2: Bank Cashier 3. Polkey, Fred "Never troubles his lessons unless his teachers trouble him." Student Council 3; Music Council 2; Glee Club 2, 3. 4. "Bohemian Girl," "Elijah": Ushers' Club 2, 3, 4: Vaudeville 2. 3; Group Captain 2, 3. Polucha, Stephan " What has happened to the bell? I won't have to recite if all goes well." Torch Hi-Y 2; Senior Hi-Y 4; Bank Cashier I. Ponicki, Gladys "She's list a tiny little mite: Her smile makes everything seem all right." Carl Linnaeus 3: Rooters' Club 4. Powers, Orville "Love took up the glass of time And turned it in his glowing hands." Choir I; Glee Club 2. 3. “Bohemian Girl." "Elijah": Library Monitor 3. 4: Ushers' Club 3. 4; Track I. Reiner, Virginia "Happy-go-lucky, young and free: Nothing there is that bothers me." Music Council 1: Glee Club 2. 3: Choir 1, "Sweethearts." "Carmen." "Elijah”; Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Rooters' Club 4; Vaudeville 4; Group Captain 2: G. A. A. 1. 2; Gym Nitc 2. Reiners, Harriet "A ii inn i ng ic ay. at tractive face; Ambition fitting for any place.” Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4: Harmony Club I. 2: Gym Nile 3: Rooters Club 3. Kiieaume, Harriet "Pleasant and helpful—oh, can’st thou tee, These words were made for folks like thee.” Silver Scholarship Pin 3; B G Club 1; Record 3; Silver Triangle I. 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Forum 3: Campfire Girl 3. 4: Sock ami Buskin 4; Rooters' Club 4; Bank Cashier 3. Rockstad, Ansell "An sell led us in our cheers; He'll be missed in future years." Student Council 2. 3. 4; Class Vice-President 3; Senior Hi-Y 3. 4; Ushers' Club 3. 4; Library Monitor 4; Swimming 2, 3: Gym Nile 2, 3: Cheer Leader 3, 4: Banquet Committee 4. Roman, Helen "We find thee a worthy friend.' Ross, Clifford "Although he it rather quiet and shy. He has proved himself a regular guy." Rl-sinko, Walter "Who is the same to everyone. And has a smile, for all." Ushers’ Club 3. 4: Bank (Cashier I. Saefke, Edwin "His smile is ever sunny: ask the ladies." Class President 3; Dramatic Club 3. 4. “Rich Man, Poor Man.” "Christmas Carol”: Choir I. “Elijah": Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4. "Carmen.” "Bohemian Girl." "Sweethearts.” "Naughty Marietta"; Vaudeville 3. 4: Stair Guard 4; Ushers' Club 2. 3. 4. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Tennis 4; Cheer Leader 4; Class Play 4. Sain don, Joyce "No one could ever say anything mean About this dear, loyal Joyce." Bank Cashier 3; Student Council 3. Saricii, Ann "To have a friend like Ann makes one wish for more and more." Silver Triangle 1, 2; Blue Triangle 3, 4; C arl Linnaeus 4; Bank Cashier I; Office Monitor 4. Saitbrbbrg, Edward "He gone, dull care, from me: Thee and will never agree." Choir 2, 3. 4. "Elijah"; (dee Club 4. “Tunc In": Hall Guard 4; Track 3. Sciii ERKR. Bernice "Mischief shines in the eyes of this loiing person." Group Captain 3; Rooters' Club 4. Seminar. Rocky "The good die young— don't feel very well myself." Student Council 4; Group Captain 3: Stair Guard 3. 4; Office Monitor 3. 4; Ushers' Club 3, 4; Football 2. 3: Intramural Basketball I. Semotuk, Mary "Each day brings her new adventure Of fol ity and happy laughter." Bank Cashier I: Rooters’ Club 4. Shamp, Irene "Thy modesty is a candle to thy virtue.' Rooters’ Club 4. Silver. Cora "Oh. for a seat in some poetic nook1 lust hid with trees and sparkling with a brook" Quill and Scroll 4: Gleam 3. Associate Editor: Art Club. Vice President: Winged Horsemen. Treasurer 3. Vice President 4; Forum 3. 4: Sock ami Buskin 4: Carl Linnaeus 4: Banquet Committee 4. Skauc, Gladys "She knows if hat she knows when she knows it." Glee Club 3. 4; Choir 2. "Elijah." "Sweethearts." “Deacon’s Masterpiece." "Naughty Marietta." "Tunc In": Composition Contest 2. 3; Blue Triangle 4; Rooters' Club 4. Skoclukd, Eugene "A wise man never tells all he knows." National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4: Wizard 4; Record 3. 4; Stamp Club 3; Inventors’ (’lub 4: Hall Guard 4; lntcrclass Basketball 4: Banquet Committee 4. Skooo, Robert "Thoughts are mightier than strength of hand." National Honor Society 4; Record 3; Student Council 3; Amateur Inventors’ Club 3. 4; Torch Hi-Y I. 2: Silver Scholarship Pin 3; Hall Guard; Stair Guard 4: North Woods Trip 3; Group Captain 3; Banquet Committee 4.Snodgrass, Waunita "Quiet, sweet, and lyind; A girl like Waunita is hard to find." Art Club 2: Rooters’ Club 4. Sopeth, Helen "My funny hone never fads me." Rooters' Club 4: Rank Cashier I. 2. 3; Vaudeville 3. Spano. Charles "Success comes on with a rapid gait To the fellow who goes to meet it." Rank Cashier 3. 4: Library Monitor 3: Ushers Club 4: Sock and Buskin 4: banquet Committee 4. Spano, Frances "So small and active, hut you'd never guess How much she has that makes success." Group Captain 3: Rooters Club 4: Library Monitor 4. Specht, Lillian "IJI lives to the full every minute. (lets all the joy and fun that is in it." Gym Nile I: Vaudeville I. 2. 3. 4: Tan Hay I. 4; May Fete: Student Council 2. 3, 4: blue Triangle 3. 4: Class Secretary 4: Sock and buskin 4: Rooters’ Club 4: Color Day I, 4: banquet Committee 4. Spevack, James 'Wo one has rendered greater service to our school." National Honor Society 4: Wizard 4; Hi-Y 3: Student Council 2. 3. 4. Scrgeant-At-Arms 3: Rook room I, 2. 3. 4; Physics Club 4: Tickets 3. 4; North Woods Trip 2: Football I; Track I: Gymnastics 2: Banquet Committee 4. Stanowski, Stella "Not hold, nor shy. nor short, nor tall, Hut a mingling of them all." bank Cashier 2, 3; Office Monitor 4: Rooters’ Club 4: blue Triangle 4: “Bohemian Girl”; Gym Nile I: Mav Fete: Color Day 4: Vaudeville 1. 2. 3. 4. Stecz, Josephine "She’s quietness supreme. Rut jolly and peppy elsewhere, we deem.' Rooters’ Club 4. Sti ber, Llvern "He believes it is a woman's world; He seldom speaks." Orchestra I. 2: Football I. 2. 3. 4; Intcrclavs Track I, 2; Track I: Gym Nitc 2: Interclass Foot-ball 1; Gymnastics 2, 3: Intramural basketball 2. Stylski, Stella "Her musical voice quite thrills us all; We are sure she'll answer the singer's call." National I lonor Society; R G Club I; Silver Scholarship Pin 3; bronze Pin 2; Footlights and Curtain Club 4; Christmas Play 4; Music Council 4; Glee Club 2. 3. 4, Vice President 4. “bohemian Girl, "Sweethearts," "Elijah." "Naughty Marietta....Pune In"; Choir 2; Ijtin Club I. 2, 3; blue Triangle 4; Rooters Club 4; Vaudeville I. 2. 3: Group Captain 2. 3; banquet Committee 4. Sullivan, Kathleen ” When joy and duty clash. l t duly go to smash." Glee Club 3. 4. "Bohemian Girl," "Naughty Marietta.” "Elijah." "Tunc In." “Sweethearts"; Vaudeville I. 2. 3. 4; Silver Triangle I. 2; blue Triangle 3. 4; Art Club 2; Library Monitor 4; Rooters’ Club 4; G. A. A. I; Choir 2: Tag Day 4: Color Day 4. Sutkowski, Clarence "We live only once, so let's make the best of it.' Football 2; Group (Captain 3. Svei m, Marguerite "She's at as she is fair." Librarv Monitor 3; R x»tcr$’ Club 4: Carl Linnaeus 2. 3: G. A. A. I. 2. 3. 4; Basketball 2; Volleyball 2: baseball 2. Szurek, M ry "The charming ways of this lass Have made her one who will surpass." Rooters’ Club 4; Lunchroom Cashier 4; G. A. A. 2: baseball 2; Vollcvball 2; basketball 2; Gym Nitc I. Thorem, Nels "Serious he is. and quiet, too; Attacks with vigor what he has to do." Hall Guard 4. Traczyk, Rose "Few girls are as industrious as this one: Yet she has her share of fun." Carl Linnaeus 3. 4. Vice-President 4; Latin Club I. 2, 3. 4; Rixitcrs’ Club 4; blue Triangle 4: banquet Committee 4. Trymucha, Mathew "Matty has won school-wide fame By his pep and grit in every game." Interclass Basketball I; basketball 2; Golf 3. 4; Football 2. 3. 4: banquet Committee 4. Wahlstrom, Clifford "Fret and fever, stress and strife: Will not trouble his tranquil life." Hi-Y 3. 4; Inventors’ Club 4; Astronomy Club 4; Ushers’ Club 4.Walbcrg, Margaret "She can dance and she can {day; Rut when it's time for study, She's tndes away." Choir 2: Glee Club 2. 3, 1. "Bohemian Girl,” "Elijah,” "Sweethearts," “Naughty Marietta.” Walker, Thomas " I right good fellow, we all admit; He has his fun. and studies a hit." Westvig, Evelyn "In her eyes a smile doth lurl(; She believes in smile minus work" Silver Triangle I, 2: Blue Triangle 4: Rooters' Club 4; Latin Club I. 2. Wickli'nd, Florence " I girl of pure and simple heart.' Rooters’ Club 4. Wigand, Earl "Good-hearted, good-natured, and good-looking.•” B G Club 1: Torch Mi-Y I: Group Captain I. 2; Cheer Leader 3: I mere lass Basketball 3. 4: Inter-class Track 2; Intramural Baseball 3; Gym Nile 2. Wilke, Paul "If there's nothing else to laugh at, Start a circus of your own." Torch Hi-Y 1. 2; Senior Mi-Y 3. 4: Hall Guard 4; German Club 4; Stair Guard 4; Football 3, 4; Interclass Basketball 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 3, 4; Intramural Baseball 3; Interchips Track 2. Williams, Lois "Combination, looks, and fun; She's a friend of everyone." I-atin Club I, 2: German Club 4; Blue Triangle 3. 4: Rooters' Club 4 . Group Captain 3; G. A. A. 1. 2; Banquet Committee 4. Worcester, Mary Jane "Ready to work, ready to play. Ready to help whenever she may." National Honor Society 3. 4; B G Club I; Silver Scholarship Pin 3: Quill and Scroll, Scribe 4: Record 3. 4. Copy Editor 4: Student G uncil 3: Latin Club 1.2: Silver Triangle 1,2: Blue Triangle 3, 4. President 4: Forum 4: Sock and Buskin 4: Rooters' Club 4. Wrobi.kski, Leocadia "Modesty is girlhood's sweetest charm." National Honor Society 4; B G Club I: Bronze Scholarship Pin 2; Silver Scholarship Pin 3; Gleam 3; Carl Linnaeus 4. President 4; Blue Triangle 4: Winged Horsemen 4: Latin Club I. 2: Rooters' Club 4: G. A. A. I. 2: Baseball 2: Hikers; May Fete I: Banquet Committee 4. Zaczek, Albin "Quietness personified." Art Scholarship 4; Track 2, 3. Xwiaska, Margaret "A bit of fun and a bit of laughter; That is what our Margaret is after." Gleam 3: German Club 4: Rooters Club 4; G. A. A. I, 2; Ten Year Pageant I; Diamond-ball 1. 2.MissTupper Mr. Krezowski Mr. Pile Miss Conant JUNE 1936 SENIOR ADVISERS AFTER a pupil completes the eleventh grade, he is transferred from the small ad-- •visory group into a large group composed entirely of seniors. The seniors by being gathered in one group are able to establish among themselves a more intimate relationship. Because of the large June Class, 313 members, it was necessary to divide the seniors into two groups. The group located in room 315 was taken charge of by Miss Tupper who was assisted by Mr. Krezowski. The other group located in 331 was taken charge of by Mr. Pile who was assisted by Miss Conani. The senior advisers have certain duties to fulfill, such as reading all the announcements, taking attendance, and seeing that everything is running smoothly. The senior group elects the officers of the class; make their selection of class rings; decide upon the design of the graduation picture folder; and before the senior distinctions are decided upon, a senior distinction committee holds a style show to give the students an opportunity to view the various type of sweaters, dresses or other distinctions from which they may choose. The senior boys chose terry cloth sweaters and the girls chose a simple, shirtwaist style dress. C3V3JANUARY 1936 CLASS AMID the chatter that accompanies any class meeting, the January 1936 class was jLJl organized with Miss Fisch as social adviser. As their first officers the class elected Hubert Baldwin, President; Earl Desmond, Vice-President; Lenorc Engdahl, Secretary; and Robert Nelson. Treasurer. During the first semester an informal class party gave the students a chance to become acquainted. In 11 A, the class officers were Edwin Sacfke, Ansell Rockstad, Minnie Cremisino, and Cornelius Lucas as President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The class frolicked at an informal party the second semester. As 12B’s the class elected Earl Desmond, President; Louis Dclmonico, Vice-President; Lillian Specht, Secretary; and George Dressier, Treasurer. Class members celebrated their status as seniors at an informal evening party. The senior banquet was the main social event of the last term. “Stars” was the theme used in the program and decorations. Paul Gisvold was President; Hubert Baldwin, Vice-President; Lenorc Engdahl. Secretary; and Ralph Lundecn, Treasurer. HMDJUNE 1936 CLASS IN the autumn of 1934, the “13” Juniors were organized by Miss Robertson who presented Mrs. Wilkins as social adviser. The officers elected were Robert Newquist, President; Ben jurek, Vice-President; Valentina Zeleniak, Secretary; Stanley Nor-deen. Treasurer. At an informal party, the members of this large class of 313 became acquainted. During the "A” Junior year, Robert Buetzbcrger was elected President; Bob Van-depas, Vice-President; Dorothy Carlson, Secretary; Robert Newquist. Treasurer. The 11A Class party featured door prizes. The “B" Seniors elected Earl Vorphal, President; Charles Dion, Vice-President; Valentina Zeleniak, Secretary; Peter Jacobsen, Treasurer. The 12B Class celebrated their party by a skit on celebrities, and climaxed the fun of the evening with an Indian War Dance. In the final semester, Peter Jacobsen, Charles Cich. Valentina Zeleniak, and Chester Swider were elected President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer respectively. The class held an informal party on March 27. 1936 at which “Truckin’ was a favorite pastime. C-H]Ahlntrom, Charlotte "A studious girl with a mind of her own." B G Club !; Student Council 2: Music Council 4; Choir I, 2; Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Vice-President 4. "Sweethearts," "Naughty Marietta." "Tune In": G. A. A. I; Girl Linnaeus 2; Silver Triangle I. 2. Cabinet 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Forum 4; Sock and Buskin 4; Rooters' Club 4. Anderson, Alvin "Away, dull care, away! I'm going to sleep today ." Choir I. 2: (dec Club 2. 3. 4. "Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta,” "Tunc In": Vaudeville 2; Library Monitor 4; Interclass Basketball I; Intramural Basketball 1. 4. Anderson, Clyde 7 live content and envy none." Student Council 2: Boxing Club 4; Office Page 4. Anderson, Donald "He’s a jolly good fellow, his friends all declare" Footlights and Curtain Club 4; Ushers' Club 3. 4; Football 4; Class Play 4. Anderson, Donna "The one thing that marks the true artist it a dear perception and a firm, hold hand." Student Council 3: Choir 2. 3: Winged Horsemen 2. 3, 4; Carl Linnaeus I; G. A. A. I. 2: Roller Skating 2: Art Club I. 2. 3. Secretary-Treasurer 3: Silver Triangle 1. 2; Blue Triangle 4; Rooters’ Club 4. Anderson, Eva “We must laugh before we are happy. For fear we die before we laugh at all.' Blue Triangle 4; Rooters' Club 4. Anderson, Margaret “Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." Carl Linnaeus I, 2. 3. 4, Program Chairman 4. Vice-President 4; Blue Triangle 4; G. A. A. 2, 3; Rooters' Club 4. Anderson, Paul "I do not like this schooling." Anderson, Richard "I hold he loves me best who calls me 'Dick-' Ushers' Club 4; Hi-Y 4; Intcrclass Track 2. 3. Annus, John "Why work if one can play?” Bank Cashier I, 2. 3. Arkman, Marjorie “A grevious burden was my chemistry to me." Gleam 3. Associate Kditor 3; Orchestra 1, 2: Carl Linnaeus 4; Greenhouse 4; Volleyball 2. Babciiak, Helen “Extremes in nature equal a good product." G. A. A. 4; Blue Triangle 4; Gym Nile 2. Bacha, Ann "Sol that I like to study less. But just that I like athletics best." National Honor Society 4; Scholarship Pin 3: G. A. A. 2. 3. 4. Vice-President 4. President 4; Letter "E" 3: City Emblem 3: Hockey 3; Volleyball 2. 3. 4; Basketball 2. 3; Diamondball 2. 3; Deck Tennis 2. 3, 4; Tennis 2. 3; Skating 2. 3, 4; Carl Linnaeus 2: Rooters' Club 4; Blue Triangle 4; Gym Nite 3. Baker, Lorraine "Petite, neat, sweet.” G. A. A. I: Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4: arl Linnaeus 4: German Club 4; Rooters' Club 4; Bank Cashier 2. 3: Gym Nite 3. Bakke, Melvin "Men of few words are the best men." Student Gmncil 3: Torch Hi-Y 3, 4: Ushers Club 3. 4. Secrctarv-Trcasurer 4; Stair Guard 4; Class Play 4. Barnett, Betty "Serenity personified; we've never seen her ruffled." G. A. A. I; Basketball I: Volleyball I: Blue Triangle 4: Rooters' Club 4. Barren, Joe "He has the ability of concealing his ability." Torch Hi-Y 2: Senior Hi-Y 3. 4; Football 3; Interclass Football 2. Barron, Georce "Every day he comes with music of all sorts." Glee Club 3. 4. "Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta." "Tune In"; Choir 3; Vaudeville 3: Group Captain 3: Swimming I. 2. 3. 4; Intcrclass Track I.Bateman, Alva “Why should hjc all labor be?' Inir.imur.il Itasrball 2. Bayerle, Mary “Quiet appearing, disclosing no due. Of her merry nature known to but feu ." National Honor Society 3. 4; Scholarship Pin 3; Gleam 3; Wizard 4; Student Council 3: Carl Linnaeus 2. 3. 4. Secretary -4. President 4: Winged Horsemen 3, 4. Vice-President 4; Sock and Buskin 4; Col lege Day Committee 4. Berg, DeLores “Good humor teaches charm to last. Still makes neu- conquests and maintains the last." Silver Triangle I. 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4. Cabinet 4; G. A. A. I. 2; Carl l.innacus 2; Winged Horsemen 2. 3. 4. Secretary 3. 4: Rooters' Club 4; Croup Captain 3r Vaudeville 4: Banquet Committee 4. Berg, Virginia "And unextinguished giggling shakes the skies." Gym Nitc 3. Berge, June “Her ways are ways of pleasure and tin, Yet all her marks are A's." Valedictorian; Scholarship Pin 3: G. A. A. 2; Sock and Buskin 4; Rooters’ Club 4. Bering, June “She attains whatever she pursues." Quill and Scroll 4; Gleam 3: Wizard 4; Latin Club I; Blue Triangle 3. 4: Winged Horsemen 3, 4: College Day Committee 4. Blood, Richard "The school-bell tolls the knell of parting day, This school-toy wends his way toward home." Bloomdahl, Manley "Smooth run the waters where the brook is deep.' Entered from St. Croix Falls High 4. Boes, Robert " have great jiuth in my ability." Debate Club 4; Stamp Club 2. 3. President 3; Chess Club 3: German Club 4; Hi-Y 4; Group Captain 3; Bank Cashier 4; Stair Guard 4; Tennis Team 3. Bolin, Merrill “So make thy manhood mightier day by day." Footlights and Curtain Club 3, 4. "The Man with the Bowler Hat"; Glee Club 2, 3. 4. "Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta." "Tunc In": Vaudeville 2: Group Captain 3; Stage Crew 2. 3, 4; Football 3. 4; Gym Nitc 2. 3: Class Play 4. Boris, Elsib "I know what I mean, but I can’t say it." Glee Club 4: Choir 2. 3. 4; Silver Triangle 2; Carl Linnaeus 4; Bank Cashier 2. Bran, Dorothy "Here's a girl who will not rest. Until each task she’s done her best." B G Club I; Scholarship Pin 3: Student Council 2; Choir 2: Carl Linnaeus 2: Blue Triangle 2. 3. 4; G. A. A. I: Rooters’ Club 4; Winged Horsemen 4; Group (Captain 3: Library Monitor 4. Brecht, Florence “A pleasant smile, a ready wit. and an enthusiastic interest in everything." Scholarship Pin 3: Student Council 2; Sock and Buskin 4: Rooters' Club 4. Briley. Orris “A very quiet chap, we can assure you of that." Brink, Phyllis “The longer yon know her, The better you like her." (dec Club 2. 3. "Sweethearts." "Naughty Mari etta": Choir 2: Composition Contest I. 2: Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4: Forum 3. 4; Sock and Buskin 4. Treasurer 4; G. A. A. I; Rooters Club 4: Vaudeville I. 4; Library Monitor 4. Brokanv, Stewart “In chemistry I do excel. In that I learn my lessons well." Bkuderek, Johanna "Deep brown eyes running over with glee.” Rooters’ Club 4: G. A. A. 2. 3: Basketball 2. 3: Diamondball 2, 3: Volleyball 2. 3; Hockey 3: Skating 2. 3; Letter "E" 4. Bruins, (Jrace "Tall, good-natured, and peppy." Rooters’ Club 4: Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3; G..A. A. I. 2: Basketball I; Volleyball 1; Hockey 2.Bruland, Ernest " boy's will is the wind's will. And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts." Ushers' Club 4; Intramural Basketball 2; Inter-class Football I, 2. Buetzherger, Robert "A lud who’s well-liked wherever he goes." National Honor Society 4, Vice-President 4; Student Council 2. 3. 4. Vice-President 4; Class President 3; Hi-Y 4. Vice-President 4; Ushers’ Club 4; German Club 4. President 4: Vaudeville Committee 3. 4, Chairman 4; Hall Guard 4; Track 2. 3: Tennis 3. Caldwell, Craic "I hare no cares." Band 1. 2, 3. 4. Carlson, Audrey "Her way is pleasant, her smile is gold. Her friendship is lasting. so we've been told." G. A. A. I. 2: Silver Triangle I. 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4. Cabinet 4: Rooters' Club 4. Carlson, Dorothy "Charm and competence spiced with pep— that's Dorothy." National Honor Society 3, 4; Scholarship Pin 3; Record 3: Student Council 3: Class Secretary 3; B G Club. Vice-President 1; laitin Club I. 2. President 2: Winged Horsemen 3, 4. Vice-President 3. President 4; Forum 3. 4; Sock and Buskin 4. Secretary 4; Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4. Vice-President 4. Cabinet 4: Vaudeville I. 2. 3: Class Play 4: Tag Day 3. 4. Captain 4: Banquet Committee 4. Carlson, Harley "They say I’m quiet and shy. but you'd be surprised.” Glee Club 1.2. 3. 4. ‘'Carmen. ' “Kliiah," ‘‘Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta." "Tune In": Hi-Y 3. 4: Vaudeville I. 2. 3: Interclass Basketball 1. 2: Football 3. 4. Christensen, Lucille "She does her own thinking and needs but little advice." Wizard 4; Student Council 3: Latin Club I. 2: Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Winged Horsemen 3. Cicii, Charles "Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy." National Honor Society 4; Scholarship Pin 2 Student Council 3. 4; Class Vice-President 4 Ushers Club 3.4: Group Captain 3; Hall Guard 4 Clobes, Alice "Cheerful and frolicking glee was there. The will to do and the soul to dare.” Scholarship Pin 3; (ileum 3: Student Council 2. 3: Choir I. 2. "Kliiah": G. A. A. I, 2: Rooters' Club 4: Silver Triangle 3: Group Captain 1; Bank Cashier 2. 3. Clos, George "Always attending to his duty in an unobtrusive way." Clute, Robert "He who is firm in will molds the world to himself." National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4: Wizard 4: Student Council 4; Dclwic Club 4: Ushers' Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Group Captain 3; Stair Guard 4: Library Monitor 2; Sock and Buskin 4; North Woods Trip 2. Conley, Richard "I love thee not. studies: therefore, pursue me not." Orchestra 1.2. 3. 4: Hi-Y 3. 4. Cosman, Margaret "The glass of fashion." Student (Council 3: Music Council 2: Choir 2. Secretary-Treasurer 2; Glee Club 3. 4, "Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta"; Silver Triangle I. 2. Secretary-Treasurer 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4. Cabinet 4; Forum 3, 4; Carl Linnaeus 2; Sock and Buskin 4; Rooters' Club 4: Vaudeville 3. 4; Class Play 4. Collombe. Lawrence "A right good chap was he And likeable as could be" Student Council 3: Hi-Y 4: Ushers' Club 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 3; Intramural Baseball 2: Tennis Team 3. Cross, Edith "In temper and in nature mild." Latin Club I, 2; G. A. A. 1: Library Monitor 3,4. Dahl, Shirley "A k‘nd and gentle heart has she." Silver Triangle 1,2; Blue Triangle 4. Dahlin, Kbba "liver jolly, kind, and glad. Sever serious, studious, or sad." Rooters' Club 4. Davis. Florence "Ut’s laugh and play and chase troubles away." Silver Triangle 3: Blur Triangle 4: Rooters' Club 4; Library Monitor 4.D.wvson, Wyllian "The gush sometimes make two of a kind.” G. A. A. 2, 3. 4: Basketball 3; Diamomiball 3; Hikers I. 2. 3: Carl Linnaeus 2: Rooters Club •I; Blue Triangle 3. 4: Gym Nile 3. Dawson, Winifred "Ready for fun. 'Reddy' for Ufe." Carl Linnaeus 3; Blue Triangle 3. 4: Rooters Club 4. Demcho, Helen "Her blush is beautiful but sometimes inconvenient.” Scholarship Pin 3: Latin Club I. 2: Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 4: Rooters' Club 4; Office Monitor 4. Dion, Charles "Wit is the flower of imagination." National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4; Scholarship Pin 3: Quill and Scroll 4; (Hearn 3: Wizard 4. Editor-in-chief 4: Student Council 3. 4; Class Vice-President 4: !Ii-Y 4. Secretary 4: Sock and Buskin 4. Treasurer 4. Vice-President 4; Ushers’ Club 3, 4; Debate Club 3: Group Captain 3. Donahue, Bernard "A noiseless, patient lad.‘ Orchestra 3, 4: Group Captain 3. Doncaster, Boyd "There's honesty, sincerity, and good fellowship in him.” Ushers' Club 4. Dressi.uk, George "A more humorous lad could never be found. Than our ‘fazz Orchestra Georgie' who's always around." National Honor Society 4; Record 3: Student (Council 4; Class Treasurer 4; Music Council 4, President 4; Orchestra 1, 3: Band I. 2. 3, 4; Jazz Orchestra 3. 4, Student Leader 4: Latin Club I, 2: Footlights and Curtain Club 4. "The Child of Flanders" 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Sock and Buskin 4; Vaudeville I, 2. 3, 4: Group Captain 3; Bank Cashier 2, Vice-President of Bank Council 2; Track 1.4. Dunn, Billy "To worry is folly; Let’s grin and be jolly." Ushers’ Club 4: Hi-Y 4: Intramural Baseball 2; Intramural Basketball 3. Kgcan, Esther "Sometimes sober, sometimes gay. Never intruding in anyone's way." Blue Triangle 3. 4; Rooters' Club 4; Carl Lin' naeus 2; Group Captain 3. Hide, Louise 7 inst had to laugh.” Student Council 2. 3; Choir 2. 3. ’’Elijah"; Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Latin Club 2. 3; G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Hockey 3, 4; Volleyball 4; Basketball 2; Baseball 2. 3, 4; Rooters’ Club 4; Gym Nile 3: Vaudeville 4. Encstrom, John "Every inch a good fellow—to say nothing of the feet.” Band 2. 3; Hi-Y 4; Group Captain 3; Hall Guard 4; Swimming Team 2. 4. Erickson. Kenneth "A fellow with a great big grin. Ijsok out for mischief when ‘Ken’ comes in.” Record 3; Ushers’ Club 2. 3: Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Bank Cashier I. Erickson, Shirley "Modest and unassuming: she is ever friendly and gracious." Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4. Field, Marjorie "She is the quiet kind whose nature never vanes.” Rooters’ Club 4; Greenhouse 4. Fish, Loren "Ijoaf and the class loafs with yon.” Ushers' ( lub 1; Greenhouse I. Foss, Earl "Earl to bed and Earl to rise, This makes him healthy, alert and wise.' Fredrickson, Gertrude "The tune to be happy is now.” Blue Triangle 3; Gym Nile 3; ('lass Play 4; Office Monitor 4. Gamaciie, Adrian "Edison's Clark Gable." Choir I: Glee Club I. 2, 3. 4, "Deacon’s Masterpiece." "Sweethearts." "Naughts Marietta..I unc In"; Hi-Y 4.G ebert, Shirley "Unselfish, faithful, ami shy. We're no sweeter girl in Edison High.' Office Monitor 4. Gersdorf, Adeline "Peppy and ever ready to laugh. .1 pleasing personality and a good sport." German Club 4: Rooters' Club 4: G. A. A. 1. 2; Volleyball I: Baseball I: Bank Cashier I. 2, 3. Giancola, Paul "The whining school-boy creeping like a snail, unwillingly to school." Stair Guard 4: Football 3. 4; Baseball 3. 4; Track 4; Golf 4; Intramural Basketball 3. Gladwin, Robert "Hate you got your homework, done?" Student Council 1. 2: Intramural Baseball I, 2. Green, La Raine "Dusky hair and sunny smile. Tall, sophisticated, and with style." National Honor Society 4; B G I; Wizard 4; Carl Linnaeus 2: Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4, Cabinet 4; Winged Horsemen 3, 4. Secretary 4. President 4: Sock anil Buskin 4: Rwiiers' Club 4; G. A. A. 2: German Club 4: College Day Committee 4; Banquet Committee 4. Greve, Bill "Mischievous, careless, and fun-loving." Intramural Baseball 2: Intcrclass Track 3: Track 4. Grineski. Edmund "Some think the world is made for fun and frolic — and so do ." Ushers' Club 4: Swimming Team 4. Groxfield, Bernice "Her friendliness tells us quickly enough That she is made of the right kind of stuff." National Honor Society 4; (Hearn 3; Wizard 4; Sock and Buskin 4; Rooters' Club 4; Blue Triangle 4: Winged Horsemen 4; Carl Linnaeus 4: Group Captain 3; College Day Committee 4. Grube, Norma "Perseverence plus personality equals potential success." National Honor Society 4; Student Council I. 2, 4. Secretary 4. Student Delegate 4; Music Council 4: Orchestra I. 2, 3. 4. Secretary-Treasurer 4, “Bohemian Girl" 3: Forum 4. President 4; Sock and Buskin 4; Silver Triangle 1. 2. Secretary 2. Cabinet 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4, Cabinet 4. Intercity Council 4; G. A. A. I. 2: Rooters’ Club 4; German Club 4; Vaudeville 4; Group Captain 3; Debate Club 4. Gurek, Wanda "She puts her worries into a packer with a hole in it." G. A. A. 2. 3. 4; G. A. A. Board 4: Hockey 3; Volleyball 2, 3. 4: Basketball 3; Diamondball 2. 3: Deck Tennis 4: Roller Skating 4: Tennis 2. 3; Ice Skating 3. 4: Letter “E" 3: Historian of G. A. A. 4; Rooters' Club 4. Guzy, Olga "Her shadow is taller than she." Girl Reserves I: Blue Triangle 4: Carl Linnaeus 4: German Club 4: Rooters' Club 4: Gym Nile I. Hagclund, Lorraine "Better late than never." G. A. A. 2: Volleyball 2; Winged Horsemen 4; Renners' Club 4: Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 4. Hamilton, Jean "Individualism personified." B G Club I: Scholarship Pin 2. 3; Record 4: Student Council 1: Winged Horsemen 4; Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Latin Club I; Group Captain 2. Hanlon, Lorna "There must be animation in chewing gum." Art Club 2. 3. Hanson, Verna "In her quietness, there is charm.' Carl Linnaeus 2. Hanville, Phyllis "Art is indeed not the bread But the wine of Ufe." Blue Triangle 4: G. A. A. 2; Art Club 2. 3. Harciiysen, Joe "This lad was once caught studying." Vaudeville 2, 3. 4: Bank (fishier 1: Gymnastics 2, 3, 4; Gym Nile 2. Hase, Donald "Always willing, ever helpful.” —I 1I Iatciier, Genevieve "What is life hut a series of events?" Choir 2: Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3. -I; Rooters Club 4; G. A. A. I; Vaudeville 2. Hauo, Clyde "He ts quiet ami sedate until the teacher turns her hack.: then he is the class cut-up." Orchestra 3; Hall Guard I. Havdaiil, Muriel "Cheerfulness and knowledge are among her many attributes.’' B G Club 1; Scholarship Fin 3: Wizard 4: Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 4: Latin Club I, 2; Winged Horsemen 4; ( arl Linnaeus 4; Rooters’ Club 4. Hector, Dorothy "Her ways are the ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace." Choir 3, 4; G. A. A. 2; Rooters' Club 4; Silver Triangle 2; Winged Horsemen 4. Hkmbd, Lowell "He came to us a stranger: He remained with us a friend Entered from Roosevelt High School 4; Choir 4. H ER M UNDSLIE, Pa LMER " am a man of few words hut many thoughts." Record 3: Student Council 2. 3: Hall Guard 4. Hesle, Dorothy ".I maiden never hold of spirit.' Choir 2. "Elijah” 2: Silver Triangle 2. Hey wood, Helen "She has winkalde. biinkable. merrily lwink• able, simply unthinkable eyes." Choir 2, "Bohemian Girl"; Silver Triangle I, 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4; Winged Horsemen 4; Library Monitor 4; Class Play 4. Hill, Helen “lakes a jest and all things show it. We thought so once, hut now we k’ ow it.' Rooters’ Club 4. Hill, Lois "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart.' Blue Triangle 4. Hipp, Eleanor "Fond of fun and always ready for it." Rooters' Club 4. Hnath, Helen “A friend to every lad and lass, A credit to the senior Hass." Scholarship Fin 3; Record 3: Footlights and Curtain Club 3, 4. "Cicely’s Cavalier" 4; Glee Club 3. 4. "Sweethearts," "Tunc In"; Choir 2. 3; Forum 4; Sock and Buskin 4; Winged Horsemen 3. 4; Silver Triangle 1, 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4. Cabinet 4; Vaudeville 4; Bank Cashier 2. 3. 4, Secretary 4. Hollister, Ruth "The world is as you take it." Glee Club 3. 4. “Bohemian Girl." "Sweethearts,” "Tune In"; G. A. A. I, 2. 3. 4; letter "E" 4; Rooters' Club 4; German Club 4; Vaudeville I, 2. 3. 4; Gym Nile I. 3. Holloway, Howard "We never know how high we are until we are called to rise." Holmgren, Elin "fust like a Puritan maid. She's quiet, modest, and staid.' Gleam 3; Rooters' Club 4. Homza, Pearl "This young lady is so demure. We like her it is sure." Glee Club 3; Choir 3: Silver Triangle 2; Vaudeville 3. Hughes, Harriet "She is gentle, she is shy. lint there is mischief in her eye." Blue Triangle 4; Winged Horsemen 4; Carl Linnaeus 3. 4; Rooters' Club 4; Bank Cashier 3. Iacarella, John "I am not afraid of work: I can lie down beside it and go to sleep." Choir I; Group Captain 2.Irmen, Marios "A case of quality not quantity.” B G Club I; Quill and Scroll 4; Clean 3; Wizard 4: Silver Triangle I. 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Carl Linnaeus 4: Larin Club I. 2; German Club 4; Rooters’ Club 4: Sock and Buskin 4; Vaudeville I; Group Captain 3; Library Monitor 2, 3; College Day Committee 4. Iverson, Myron "He chatters, chatters as he goes." Chess Club 4; Hi-Y 4: I me re lass Basketball I. Izydorek, John "The crown of all faculties is common sense." Ushers' Club 3. 4; Hi-Y 3. 4: Intramural Basketball 2. 3. 4; Intcrclass Basketball 3. 4: Intramural Baseball 2: Baseball 3. Jackson, John "Good natured. full of fun, Always on the square." Student Council 2. 4; Footlights and Curtain Club 3. 4. "The Man With the Bowler Hat”; Hi-Y 2. 4; Vaudeville 3; Gym Nile 3. Jacobsen, Peter "Common sense in an uncommon way." Valedictorian: National Honor Society 3. 4; Scholarship Bin 3: Quill anti Scroll 4: Gleam 3. Lditor 3; Wizard 4. Associate Editor 4; Student Council 3; Class Treasurer 4, Class President 4; Sock and Buskin 4; Ushers' Club 4; Debate Club 4: Hi-Y 4; Group Captain 3, 4; Bank Cashier 3. Janasco, Alex "Outstanding tn hoods Class—in so far as he is the mischief-maker." Student Council 4: Ushers' Club 4: Library Monitor 4: Gym Nile 3; Football 3: Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Intcrclass Basketball 2. 3, 4: Intramural Baseball 3. Johnson, Alvin "Fret, and fever, stress and strife, Will not trouble his tranquil life." Group Captain 2; Bank Cashier 3: Intramural Basketball I. 2? Intramural Baseball 1. 2: Student Council 2. Johnson, Bernice "She's small and very sweet: Her ways and habits are very neat." B G Club I: National Honor Society 4; Scholarship Bin 2. 3: Gleam 3: Wizard 4; Sun lent Council 3: Sock and Buskin 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 4; laitin Club I, 2; Rooters' Club 4. Johnson, Blanche "The appearance of several ‘B's‘ Was the result of tickling the typewriter keys." Silver Triangle I. 2; Blue Triangle 3, 4; R« otcrs' Club 4. Johnson, Jack "Youth comes but once in a lifetime: Ist’s make the most of it.” Ushers’ Club 4: Intramural Basketball 3. 4: Intcrclass Basketball 4; Intramural Baseball 3: Class Blay 4. Johnson, Walter "Helpful, courteous, and kind, A better fellow is hard to find." Johnston, Donald "Some are born great." Scholarship Bin 3: Student Council 2, 3; Music Council 4: Band 2. 3. 4. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Glee Club 2. “Bohemian Girl"; Hi-Y 2; Vaudeville 2. Joseph. Assid "Nothing is hard to a willing mind." Intramural Basketball 3: Intramural Baseball 3. Joseph, Bernice "A serious miss, yet friendly too. Ready to make a friend of you." Carl Linnaeus 2: Group Captain 3; Bank Cashier 3: Office Monitor 4. Jt’REK, Ben "How dreary to be somebody." Class Vicc-Brcsidcnt 3: Footlights and Curtain Club 4, “The Man With the Bowler Hat": German Club 4: Group (Captain 2: Stair Guard 4: Track 4. Kaiser, Maxine "Always laughing, always gay. Merrily she wends her way." Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3, 4; Winged Horsemen 3. 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Rooters' Club 4. Kalina, Margaret "A silent, earnest lass is she.' Blue Triangle 1. 4. Karnatz, Ruth "Dancing, giggling, and eating are her aims in life." Gleam 3; Wizard 4: Student Council 3; Forum 3. 4; Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3, 4. Cabinet 4; Winged Horsemen 3. 4. Treasurer 4; Rooters' Club 4; Vaudeville 1, 3: “Bohemian Girl" 2.Ka .ek, Emilia "Her ways arc ways of pleasantness.' Rooter ' Club 4: Office Monitor 4. Kegal, Jack “Why rush through life?” Kemp, Edward "Men blush more for their virtues than for their weaknesses." Student Council 3: Glee Club 3. "Naughty Mari ctla"; Choir 2. "Elijah"; Latin Club 2. Kershner, Gladys "She always had her lessons: Which isn't a bad idea after all." B G Club I; Scholarship Pin 2. 3; Gleam 3; Student Council 3: Choir 2, 3; l-itin Club I, 2; Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4; Rooters’ Club 4; Group Captain 3. Kline, Lois "The artist never dies." Wizard 4, Art Editor 4; Art Club 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4. Knutson, Everett "He has three speeds: Slow, slower, stop." Kobler, Fred "To be called honest is to be one man picked out of one hundred." Entered front Deere reek High School 4. Kobler, George “Good nature precedes all virtues." Entered from Dccrcrcck High School 4. Kohnen, Hob "In history and civics I do excel." Gymnastics 1.2. 3; Gvm Nile 2: Intramural Baseball 1. 2. Kolod .iejczyk, Julia “She lives a life of quiet and worth.' Rooters' Club 4; G. A. A. 2. Kostamo, Wilfred “I can be convinced—but it's a hard job." National Honor Society 4: Scholarship Pin 3; Gleam 3; .Student Council 3; Hi-Y 4; Debate Club 3. 4; Sock and Buskin 4. Krawczyk, Emily "Dancing shoes with nimble soles." Choir 3: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Rooters' Club 4; Vaudeville 2. 3; Group Captain 2. 3; Library Monitor 4; Class Play 4. Krupp, June "To type truly well shows a master hand." Entered from Endcrlin I ligh School 3; Choir 3. 4. Kuczek, Stanley "Quiet and undisturbed, he moves along his way." Group Captain 3: Football 3. 4: Intcrclass Basketball 2. 3. Kuhlmey, La Vern "Gentle in word and deed." B G Club I; Student Council 2. 3; Blue Triangle 4; Bank Cashier 1. Ki-re, Howard "He studies well, has little to say. .Ind does his work in his own way.' Kwapicii. Florence ".■I most retiring and bashful maiden." Entered from Richfield High School 4. Landis, Virginia "Exceedingly silent and exceedingly nice.”Landis, Charles "An honest man's the noblest work, of Cod." Scholarship Pin 3: Student Council 2. 3: Hi-Y 4; Group Captain 2. Larson, Avis "1st none presume to u-ear an undeserved dignity.” B » 1: Student Council 2: Glee Club 2. 3. 4. "Deacon’s Masterpiece." “Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta." "Tunc In": Blue Triangle 3. 4: Winged Horsemen 3. 4; Vaudeville 2. 4: Group Captain 2. 3. 4: Bank Cashier I. 3: Class Play 4. Laskowski. Lucian "Dark and tall, not too quiet, knou n by all." Stage Crew 3. Lener. Naomi "Xone ever said but nice things about her." G. A. A. 2: Volleyball 2: German Club 4; Footlights and Curtain Club 4. "The Travelers"; R x tcrs" Club 4; Vaudeville 4. Lenz, Gilbert "Up! Up! My friend, and quit your books', Or surely you'll grow double." Valedictorian: National Honor Society 4: B G Club I; Student Council 3; Cleant 3; Debate Club 4: Sock and Buskin 4. President 4: Greenhouse 4. Letourneau, Conrad "Wheaties did it. Lewis, Richard "It sat es a lot of trouble to be torn good-looking." Vaudeville 2: Bank Cashier 2: Gym Nile I: Intcr-clavs Basket Isa 11 I. 2. 3, 4; Intramural Basketball I. 3; Baseball 3. Lillestkand, Bernice "She's quiet and shy Hut we know she'll get by." Silver Triangle: Blue Triangle 4: Carl Linnaeus 4: Rooters' Club 4: G. A. A. 4. Lindee, Blanche "Much mirth and no sadness, All goott and no badness." G. A. A. I: Rooters' Club 4. Lindcren, Karl "Conscientious is this boy Though school-work isn't really his joy.1 Hi-Y I. 2: Group Captain 3. Lipa, John "1st the world slide by.' Intramural Basketball 2. 3. 4. Litecky, Joe "Hashfill, serious, and quiet.' Group (Captain 2. 3; Hall Guard 4. Littell, Jeanne "Amiable, dignified, reserved. Success by her will be deserved." National Honor Society 3: B G Club I: Scholarship Pin 3: Student Council 3; Blue Triangle 3. 4; R iotcr ' Club 4. Lloyd, Dorothy "Pleasant, busy, friendly, true: She always knows tust what to do." Student Council 3: Blue Triangle 3. (Cabinet 3. Treasurer 4: Forum 3. 4. Treasurer 4: Sock and Buskin 3. 4: Latin Club I. 2: Rooters' Club 4: Vaudeville 4. Locke, Paul "A quiet young hero: too tall to be hidden." Interclass Basketball 2. 3: Intramural Basketball 3: Basketball I. 4: Track 2: Interclass Track 2. Lovecren, Donald "I'm not flat. I'm not sharp. Pm just natural." Hi-Y 2. 4: Interclass Track 2. 3. 4: Stamp Club 2. Lundberg, Lillian "Here’s one on whom you can depend to be a loyal steadfast friend." Glee Club 3. 4. "Sweethearts." “Deacon's Masterpiece." “Naughty Marietta....rune In": Choir 2: Rooters' (’lub 4. Lundh, James "Sometimes he'll work, sometimes he'll play. Xcver loo serious, he's always gay.”McCaffrev, William Endeavored: To l e funny. Aspires: To he an opera star. Talented: In singing. Music Council 3; Orchestra I. 2, 3, -4; Glee Club 2. 3. 4. "Bohemian Girl," “Sweethearts.” "Naughty Marietta," “Tunc In.” "Deacon's Masterpiece"; Choir 2: Music Letter 2: Music Pin 3: Jewel Pin 4; Vaudeville 2. 4; Group Captain 2. 3; Stair Guard 3. 4; Gymnastics 1; Track 2. 3. 4, Letter 3. 4; Intcrclass Track I. 2: Intcrclass Basketball I. 3; Football Manager 2, 3. 4; Track Manager I. McDaniel, Laurancb "He seems not anxious to make himself known.” Choir 2: Intcrclass Basketball 4. McDonald. Philip " am the master of my fate. Gymnastics 2. 3. McGrath, Dorothy "Here's to the girl with the smile!” G. A. A. I: Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4; Carl Linnaeus 4: Rooters’ Club 4; Art Club 4. McKben, Dale “The man who hath a tongue is no man if with his tongue he cannot win a woman.” Student Council 2. 3: Greenhouse 2. McPherson, Robert "Where the ladies are. there go I." Student Council 3; Orchestra I. 2. 3, 4; Music Letter 3; Hi-Y 4; Group Captain 2. 3? Intcrclass Track 2; Track 3. 4, Track Letter 3; Football 4. Maciazka, Angela “Are Angela's initials — A. M. — significant of getting up early or coming in early?" Carl Linnaeus 3; Bank Cashier 2. Magnuson. Virgil "Til like to he hashful. hut fate decrees otherwise." National Honor Society 4; American History Award 3: Choir I; Debate Club 3, 4; Hi-Y 2; Stair Guard 4; Hall Guard 4. Mahlmann, Marie "A friendly lass and mischievous we fear." G. A. A. 1. 4; Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4: Rooters' Club 4. Malarkey, James "Oh. shucks!' Hi-Y 3; Football I, 2. Marciniak. Joe "Quiet and serious is he." Intcrclass Track 2. 3; Track 3, 4: Gym Nile 3. Masica, William "So quiet, he never makes a sound To let us know that he's around.” Track I, 2. 3. Matey, Don "Killing time isn't such a crime.” Vaudeville 3; Gymnastics 2. 3, 4: Gym Nile 3. Mattison, Eunice "Heaven such charms did lend her that she might admired he." Student Council 3: Choir 2; Latin Club I. 2; Rooters' Club 4; Blue Triangle 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Winger I Horsemen 4; Bank Cashier 3. Melgaard, Evelyn "We couldn’t help liking her sweet ways.” National Honor Society 3; Scholarship Pin 3; (Hearn 3; Student Council 3. 4: Sock and Buskin 4; Carl Linnaeus 4: Blue Triangle 4; Winged Horsemen 4: Rooters' Club 4. Mierniczak, Florence "Xaught a word spake she more than was necessary." Student Council 3: (Hearn 3; Rooters' Club 4; Office Monitor 4. Mitchell. James "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." Scholarship Pin 3; Record 3, 4; Student Council 2. Moore, James “ When fun and duty dash, 1st duty go to smash."Morrill, Glenn “May bluffing be thy choice when ignorance leads to woe." Ushers’ Club 2, 3. 4: Chess Club 2: Group Captain 3; Stair Guard 4. Neal, Jack "Handsome is as handsome does." Entered from North High School 3; Glee Club 3, 4. "Naughty Marietta”; Library Monitor 4. Nelson, Esther "Her manner is quiet and dignified.' Nelson, Kenneth "Overflowing with harmless mischief." Vaudeville 3: Gymnastics 2. 3, 4; Gym Nitc 3. Nervig, Roland "He worlds, he plays and has hit fun; He's the type lilted by everyone." Hi-Y 3. 4; Hank Cashier 2, 3: Intramural Baseball 2. Ness, Arney "0. if this be school, let me sleep on, and do not wake me yet’." Ili-Y 2. 4; Ushers' Club 4; Intcrclass Basketball 2. 3: Intramural Basketball 2, 3. 4; Intramural Track 2. 3. 4; Intcrclass Track 2, 3. 4; Intramural Baseball 2. 3. Newkirk, Lois "Full of fun as everyone knows." Blue Triangle 3. 4; Rooters’ Club 4; G. A. A. 2, 3. 4; Volleyball 2. 3. 4: Basketball 2. 3; Dia-mondball 2, 3; Deck Tennis 3. 4; Roller Skating 2, 3. 4; Bicycling 3; Ice Skating 3. 4; Letter "E" 3: City Emblem 4. Newqi ist, Robert "Tons and tons of personality. Oceans of genial hospitality." B G Club I; Student Council 3. 4; Class President 3; ('lass Treasurer 3; Music Council 2: Glee Club 2; Choir I. 2. 4. "Elijah"; Hi-Y 3. 4. Treasurer 4; Ushers’ Club 3; Football 2, 3, 4; Track I, 2. 3, 4; Intcrclass Baskctltall 2; Board of Athletic Control 4. Nixon, Delores "Higgling is the same in every language." (, uill and Scroll 4: Record 3, 4; Student (kmncil 1; Blue Triangle 4: Rooters’ Club 4; G. A. A. 2; Group Captain 2, 3; Class Play 4. Ni .ielski, Sophie "Tactful and determined too. Happy in something hard to do." Choir 2; Latin Club 2: Blue Triangle 4; Carl Linnaeus 3. 4; Group Captain 2. Nodell, Betty "Pretty, dignified, charming." Wizard 4. Business Manager: Student Council 2; Footlights and Curtain Club 3. 4. Vice-President 4. "The Child of Flanders": Blue Triangle 4: Rooters' Club 4; Sock ami Buskin 4; G. A. A. 3; Vaudeville 3; Bank Cashier 3: Library Monitor 3. Nordeen, Stanley "Of books and learning he takes great heed." National Honor Society 4; Scholarship Pin 3: Student Council 1. 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3. 4: Class Treasurer 3; Choir I. 2. 3. "Elijah"; Stair Guard 4. Norman, Wilfred "A little bluffing now and then Is relished by the best of men.' Orchestra 2. 3, 4: Stair Guard 4. Norton, El-gene "Hurry me not; I must have time." Student Council 3: Band 2. 3: Hi-Y I: Interclass Track 2; Intcrclass Basketball I. 2: Intramural Baseball 2. O’Connell, Thomas " ■III that we need to do, be we low or high, Is to see that we grow nearer the sky" Bank Cashier 1: Intramural Basketball 2: Gym Nitc 3. O’Connor, Ci-rtis "A fellow who meets life with a grin, And lets us know to be happy's no sin." Hi-Y 4; Hall Guard 4: Intramural Baseball 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 2. 3. O’Grady, William "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business." National Honor Society 3: Scholarship Pin 3: Gleam 3; Student Council 3: Footlights ami Curtain Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4. President 4, "Why the Chimes Rang,....fhe Man With the Bowler Hat": German Club 4. Vice-President 4: Chess Club 2, 4; Vaudeville 3; Gymnastic Team 3; Gym Nitc 3: Class Play 4. Okerll-nd, Chester "Quietness indicates fine qualities." Entered from Stevens Point High School.Olchefske, Myrtle "Blue eyes twinkling all the while With a cheery friendly smile.” Rooters' Club 4; Office Monitor 4. Olsen, Walter ”Forever singing as he goes.” Band 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 3. 4, "Bohemian Girl." "Naughty Marietta”; Choir 2. “Carmen," "Elijah." Olson, Helen "Peppy and n itty, she has a sweet way; She always finds something clever to say." National Honor Society 4; Choir 2: Glee Club 2. 3, 4. "Sweethearts.” "Naughty Marietta," "Tunc In"; G. A. A. I; Carl Linnaeus 2; Silver Triangle 1. 2. President 2; Blue Triangle 3, 4. President 4; Rooters Club 4; Forum 3. 4; Sock and Buskin 4; Group Captain 3: Vaudeville 4. Olson, Herbert "His purposes will ripen fast." National Honor Society 4: Scholarship Pin 3; Student Council 3. 4, President 4; Music Council 3. 4. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Choir 1, "Elijah"; Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3. Secretary-Treasurer 4. “Naughty Marietta," “Sweethearts,...rune In," "Deacon's Masterpiece," "Bohemian Girl"; Ili-Y 3. 4. President 4; Debate Club 4: Vaudeville 3. Olson, Jeanette "We never hear enough from you.” G. A. A. 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Winged Horsemen 4; Rooters' Club 4. Olson, Wendell "His charm is increased by his curly locks." National Honor Society 3: Student Council 2; Hi-Y 4; Track 2. 3. 4; Football 3; Gym Nitc 3. Opsahl, Erling "He laughs first and last." Hall Guard 4; Group Captain 3; Intcrclass Track 3. Osborne, Chester "A finer fellow is seldom found: For higher things he is always bound." Entered front North High School 3; Footlights and Curtain Club 4, "The Child of Flanders." “Cicely's Cavalier" 4; Hi-Y 3; Group Captain 4. Osgard, Irene "Too good to be true—a quiet, unassuming lass." G. A. A. 2; Basketball 2: Rooters' Club 4. Oswald, LeRoy "The drummer boy in our band." Music Council 4; Band I. 2. 3. 4. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Hi-Y I, 2, Secretary 2: Office Monitor 4. Parker, Irene "She is one of the kind that makes the world go round." Entered from Columbia Heights High 3; R x»tcrs' Club 4. Parmenter, Robert "Even though vanquished, he could argue still." Debate Club 4; Stamp Club 2. Pastwa, Valeria "Although she may seem shy. There is always a twinkle in her eye." Blue Triangle 4; Office Monitor 4. Pearo, Rosemarie "Her virtues are many, her faults are few. She always rejoices in work to do." (Hearn 3; Wizard 4; Blue Triangle 4; Carl Linnaeus 2, 4; G, A. A. I. 2; Rooters' Club 4; Group Captain 4; Bank Cashier 3. Pearson, Myrtle "fust go to Myrtle if you would find A girl that is cheerful and kmd." Blue Triangle 3, 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; G. A. A. I; Rooters' Club 4. Pec. Josephine " Wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body." Glee Club 2. 3. "Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta"; Rooters' Club 4; Blue Triangle 4. Perrallt, Jeanette "For eaneite's future we have no fear; She’s proved her worth in Edison here." Choir 2; Latin Club 2: Blue Triangle 4; Rooters' Club 4; Group Captain 2; Office Monitor 4. Perry, Frank "And certainly he was a good fellow."Phs ynski, Mary “She chases work, so it can't chase her." G. A. A. 2; Volleyball 2; Deck Tennis, 2; Rooters' Club -I. Peterson, Eleanor “Bright, clever, amI laughing too; She's a real girl through anil through." Student Council 3: Choir 2: (dee Club 2; G. A. A. 1, 2; blue Triangle -I; Office Monitor 4. Peterson, Helen "She stiulieii well in every class; She is a good and happy lass." Lntcrcd from Swanvillc High School. Peterson, Richard "Mankind is not measured by inches." National Honor Society 4; B G Club 1: Gleam 3: Student Council 1. Pii.key, Janet "lust a pal to all is she. And her smite is a treat to see.” Student Council 4; Choir 2; Silver Triangle 2; Blur Triangle 3. 4: Winged Horsemen 4; G. A. A. I; Rooters' Club 4; Bank Cashier 3; Art Club 2. Pinkosii, Joe "Dependable, argumentative, talkative." Stamp Club 1.2: Bank Cashier 2.3: Hall Guard 4. Pi.etscher, Marion “She is quiet, but we all agree She is nice to know and nice to see." G. A. A. 3; Rooters' Club 4; Blue Triangle 4. Popp, Muriel "She is sweet and to know her is a treat." Blue Triangle 4. Porter, Wayne "Come, and trip it as you go On the light fantastic toe." Music Council 3. 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Glee Club 2; Choir I: Vaudeville 2. 4. Pyrlik, Angela “A girl of few words and many thoughts." G. A. A. 3. 4: Rooters' Club 4: Blue Triangle 4. Quigley, Robert " do my best to keep my schoolboy complexion." Bank Cashier 2; Office Monitor 4. Rapatz, Frances “She is quiet, reserved, and shy, But that knowledge is there we can't deny." G. A. A. 2. 3. 4; Deck Tennis 2: Volleyball 2. 3; Basketball 2, 3: Diamomlball 2, 3: Hockey 3. 4; I-cttcr “K" 4: Office Monitor 4. Razwick, Delores "Industry's her outstanding virtue.” Student Council 3; Blue Triangle 3: G. A. A. 2: Deck Tennis 2: Basketball 2. Rebholz, Robert “Shirley, I'll do it." Student Council 3; Hi-Y Club 4; German Club 4; Ushers' Club 4; Hall Guard 4; Football 4: Track 3. 4; Swimming 2. 4: Golf 2. 3, 4; Tennis 3. Regan, Ann "So quiet she never makes a sound. Greenhouse 4. Reilly, Annie "The ways of pleasantness are hers." Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Winged Horsemen 3. 4: Carl Linnaeus 4: Rooters' Club 4. Resiietar, Ann "The gentleness of all the gods go with thee." Scholarship Bin 3; G. A. A. 2. Reynolds, Lorraine "She's quiet and doesn't make much of a fuss. But she has personality plus." Gleam 3; Student Council 3; Silver Triangle 1. 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4: Winged Horsemen 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Rooters' Club 4; Class Play 4.Ripley, Helen "Friendly! lolly! Yes! .1 peppy girl ue do confess." Silver Triangle I: Blue Triangle 4: Rooter ' Club 4. Rogers. Clifford "Homework? I didn't do it." Usher ' Club 4: Intramural Baseball 3; Intramural Basketball 3; Volleyball 3. Rogers, Will "He is quiet and shy, Rut a regular guy." Band 3. 4. Roo, William "A placid, easy-going lad." Office Monitor 4; Football 3. Rosso, Pai l "Some day I'll resort to ptigilistics.' R OSWALD, 1-01S "A winning way. a charming snide. Truly a bonnie lass worth white." Blue Triangle 4; Rasters' Club 4. Rucki, George "Sober as a judge—but you never can tell." Gymnastics 2, 3. 4. Rvffenach, Peter "A politician in the making." Student Council 3: Debate dub 4; Swimming 2. 4. Sandin, Ray "Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I list sit." Student Council 3; Hi-Y 2: Hall Guard 3; Intcr-class Track I. 2. 3, 4; lntcrclass Football 2; Interclass Basketball 2; Track I. 2. 3, 4; Football 3. 4; Board of Athletic Control 4. Sciiaper, Joe "My echoes from the walls rebound. You can always tell when I'm around." German Club 3. 4; Hi-Y 4; Ushers' Club 4; Group Captain 3: Hall Guard 4; Office Monitor 3, 4: Library Monitor 4: Football 4: Baseball 3.4; Swimming 2, 3. 4; Golf 2. 3. 4. Schmidt. Jane "For all things qualified: And always very dignified.' SCHWOCHERT, C) VEN "Is he as brilliant as his hair°" German Club 3. Seifert, Lylith "Not a curtsey, or nod that was not all the result of art." Glee Club 2. 3. 4. "Bohemian Girl," "Tunc In"; Group Captain 2: Rooters' Club 4; Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4; Vaudeville 3. Siiimek, James "It's good to be honest and true." Student Council I: Intramural Baseball 2. Sienko, Edward "His friends best know his true worth. Office Monitor 4. Si evert, Marvin "He is a 'Flaming' youth — we mean his hair." Student Council 2: Vaudeville 2. 3; Gymnastics 2. 3. 4; Gym Nile 2. 3. 4. Si kora, Wanda "Although in stature she's so small. In classroom she's as high as them all." Carl Linnaeus 3. 4; Blue Triangle 4; Office Monitor 4. Sjoo, Dagne "Dependable and kind — a girl like Dagne is hard to find."Smaciarz, Stanley "Serious, unruffled, modest." Smith. Dorothy "School isn't so bud when you have someone to carry your bool(S home for you.” National Honor Society I; (Hearn 3; Blue Triangle 3, 4. Cabinet 4; Rooters' Club 4; G. A. A. 2. 3. A. A. Board 3. 4, Secretary 3, Vice- President 4; Volleyball 2. 3. 4; Basketball 2, 3. 4; Field Hockey 3; Deck Tennis 2. 3; Skating 3; Tennis 2. 3, 4: letter “E" 3; City Emblem 3; Bank Cashier 3; Gym Nile 3. Smith, Jean " With honest pride scorn each selfish end." National Honor Society 3, 4: Scholarship Pin 3: B G Club I; Quill and Scroll 4; College Day 4; Record 3, 4: Wizard 4: Student Council 2. 3. 4. Secretary 4. Student Delegate 4: Silver Triangle I. 2. Vice-President 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4. Cabinet 3. Treasurer 4. Secretary 4; Forum 3. 4. Secretary 3. Treasurer 4. Vice-President 4: German Club 4; Rooters' Club 4; G. A. A. I. 2: Group Captain 2. 3: Bank Cashier I. 4. President 4; Library Monitor 3; Vaudeville 4. Smith, Lawrence "Nothing is new except what is forgotten.” Class Play 4. Soderbkrg, Eleanore "Sincere. kind-hearted, and amiable." Wizard 4; Art Club 2. 3; Blue Triangle 4. Sperry, Vera "Vera is gentle, good and true; A friend to me, a friend to yon." Student Council 3: Band 2. 3. 4; Glee ('tub 4: German Club 4; Rooters’ Club 4; Library Monitor 3. Stadler. Norma "May her stock of good nature never vary." Harmony 2, 3: Choir 4: Carl Linnaeus 4: Blue Triangle 4: Rooters Club 4: Library Monitor 3. Staska, Robert "Oh joy, how weak a thing the heart of woman is!" Record 3. 4; Student Council 3: Footlights and Curtain Club 4: Sock and Buskin 4: Stamp Club I, 2; Hi-Y I, 2, 3. 4: Debate Club 3. 4. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Lcitcrmcn’s Club 3. 4; Vaudeville 4; Group Captain I; Track I. 2. 3, 4; Interclass Track 1, 2. 3. 4: Football 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3; Interclass Basketball 3. 4; Intramural Basketball 2; Volleyball 2: Gym Nitc 2: Class Play 4. Stecz. Mitchell "He enjoys a quiet life Minus friction or strife." Stage Crew 2. 3. 4; Intramural Baseball 2; Intramural Basketball 2. Steffens, Eleanore "A lively young wont an is she." Blue Triangle 4; Rooters' Club 4; Library Monitor 3. Stenach, Katherine "Sweets to the sweet." Scholarship Pin 3; B G Club 1; Latin Club 2: Blue Triangle 4: Carl Linnaeus 4; Rooters' Club 4; German Club 4: Group Captain 2. 3; Bank Cashier 2. Strombf.ro, Geneva "fust a happy, smiling friend." Wizard 4; Rooters Club 4; G. A. A. I. 2; Volleyball 2. Su el, Cor mac "A little man who loves an argument ” Entered from Dc La Salle 3: Record 3. 4: Ushers Club 4. Sullivan, Danny "Why worry? It makes wrinkles.' Sullivan, Jeanette "Ever happy, never sad. and full of pep." Art Club 2. 3; Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4; Carl Linnaeus 2. 3: Rooters’ Club 4. Sundberg, Roy "Hr works steadily — by jerks.” Orchestra I. 2: Group Captain 3; Baseball 3; Track 4: Football 3, 4. SvENSK. SlGNA “Thy modesty is a candle to thy virtue.’ Wizard 4; Carl Linnaeus 4: Rooters' Club 4. Svbum, Lois "Her manner was ever sweet and harmonious." Carl Linnaeus 4. Swanson, Ralph "Go West, young man, go West: After Edison you need a rest." Gleam 3: Orchestra I; Amateur Inventors' Club 3. 4; Group Captain 2. 3: Mall Guard 4; bank Cashier 2. Swanson. Robert “He is not only a good scholar but also a good fellow." band I. 2, 3; Group Captain 3. Sweder. Florence "Can't and Won't are not in her vocabulary." Swider, Chester "Man among men and a true athlete." Class Treasurer 4: Football 2. 3. 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball I. 2, 3: Intcrclass basketball I. 2. 4. Synowczynski, Mary "Tiny, accentuated, jocund." Art Club 2: G. A. A. 2. Tabaka, Walter "Worry and Walter have never met." Tapsak, Mike "Of athletics he took, most heed." Record 3. 4; Torch Hi-Y 1; Group Captain 2. 3; Student Manager I. 2. 3. 4: Intcrclass baseball 3; Intcrclass Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Intramural basketball 2. 3; Gym Nile 3. Thompson, Evelyn "So much to do, so.little done." “Elijah" 2: Rooters’ Club 4; Bank Cashier 3. Thlne. Norma "What happens is supposed to le: So nothing ever bothers me." blue Triangle 2: G. A. A. I. Tomczyk, Genevieve " ‘T is better to laugh than to t ry." Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4. Trondsen, June "In this case gentlemen do prefer blondes." Rooters' Club 4: Blue Triangle 4; bank Cashier 3: Ollicc Monitor 4. Tkuax, Gladys "A true companion is a far greater treasure than jewels or gold." National Honor Society 3, 4; Scholarship Fin 2. 3: Gleam 3; Student Council 3; Choir 2, 3; Blue Triangle 3, 4; Winged Horsemen 3, 4; Rooters' Club 4. Urista, Peter "Clothes mahe the man.” Student Council 3; Orchestra I. 2, 3. 4. Valley, Doris "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” National Honor Society 3. 4; b G Club I: Scholarship Pin 3: Gleam 3; Student Council 2; Sock and buskin 4. Vandepas, Bob "A small sparh — but it’s a small sparh that mah.es a big fire." Student Council 2. 3. 4: Class Vice-President 3: Group Captain I. 2. 3: Library Monitor 4; Intramural Basketball I. 2, 3. 4; Intcrclass Basketball I. 2. 3, 4; Intcrclass Baseball 2; Student Manager 1, 2. 3. 4; Gym Nile I. 2. Van Dersluis, George "All hail, the champion of the gum chewers' association." Student Council I. 4; Glee Club I. 2. ‘The Lucky Jade," "Crocodile Island"; Vaudeville I; Class Play 4. Vescio, Frank “Let youth cherish sleep." Glee Club I. 2; Hi-Y 2: Group Captain 2. 3; Interclass Baseball 2. 3; Interclass Basketball 1. 2. 3: Intramural Basketball I, 2; Intcrclass Football 3. Vold, William "Know him better, everyone: For he is a lot of fun." Intramural Basketball 3; Football 4.NVarcmol, Rosemarie "A modern girl, small in size. With a personality that's a prize." Winded Horsemen 4; Blue Triangle 3, 4; Rooters Club 3; Bank Cashier 2. 3; Office Monitor 4; Library Monitor 2: Vaudeville 2, 3, A. Warwa, La Verne "Mild, yet she satisfies." Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 4; “Bohemian Girl,” “Elijah." Wasilak. Andrew "Football! First and last." Track 3. A; Football 3. A. Watson. Judith "Pure and honest and of good repute." Rooters' Club 4: G. A. A. 2; Basketball 2: Dia mondball 2. Weinari), Philip "Rollicking and happy ways are his." Band 2. 3. 4. Weitrrecht, Charles "To liven and delight uas ever his desire." Wenberc, Stanley " find you want me to furnish you with argument and intellect too." National Honor Society 3. 4; Quill and Scroll 4: Record 3. 4; Wizard 4: Footlights and Curtain Club 4; "Cicely's Cavalier"; Stamp Club I. 2. 3. Secretary 2. 3: Astronomy Club 3: Ushers' Club 2. 3, 4; College Day Committee 4. Wicks, Eleanors ".Has. there lies more peril in thine eyes than in twenty of their swords." Cleam 3; Choir 2: Glee Club 3. 4. "Sweethearts." "Naughty Marietta." "Tunc In”; Rooters' Club 4. Wicand, Jack "He can laugh with the follies! and work with the busiest." National Honor Society 4: B G Club I; Scholarship Bin 2; Quill and Scroll 4; Record 3. 4, Editor 4: Student Council 1. 4: Hi-Y 1, 4. President I; Intramural Basketball 3; Intramural Baseball 2; Interclass Basketball 2. Wojtowjcz, Emilia "To a young heart everything is fine.' Rooters' Club 4; Blue Triangle 4. Wold, Melvin "In every deed of mischief, he had a heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute." Glee Club 2. 3. 4. Music Letter 4. Treasurer 4. "Sweethearts," "Naughty Marietta." “Tunc In"; Choir I; Hi-Y 4; Vaudeville 3: Cheerleader 2. 3. 4. Captain 3. 4. Ixtterm.in 3. 4; Gymnastics 1. 2; Interclass Basketball 2. 4. Wolfe. Margaret "She is good-natured and has good sense." Blue Triangle 4; Winged Horsemen -1: Rooters' Club 4; Vaudeville 4; Office Monitor 4. Wolfe, Richard " Who’s afraid of the 'Big Had Wolfe’?" Swimming 2. Woytasek, Walter "A studious, earnest lad is he. Scholarship Pin 3. Xavier. Borchild "A nicer girl we never knew. She is friendly, kind, and true." B G Club 1; Student Council 3: Orchestra 1. 2; Rooters' Club 4; Silver Triangle I. 2. Cabinet 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Art Club 1.2. 3; G. A. A. 1.2; G. A. A. Board 2. Zaczek, Helen "Away with weary study." Blue Triangle 4; Rooters' Club 4. Zajac. Helen " When you've work to do. Do it with a will." G. A. A. 4; Library Monitor 1. 2. 3; Silver Triangle I. 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4: Rooters' Club 4; Bank Cashier I. 2. 3, Secretary I, 2. Vice-President 3. Zelkniak, Valentina "Elegant as simplicity, and warm as ecstacy." National Honor Society 3. 4. Secretary 4; Scholarship Pin 3: B G Club 1: Quill and Scroll 4; Wizard 4. Associate Fditor 4: Gleam 3. Literary Kditor 3: Student Council 4. Vice-President 4; ('.lass Secretary 3. 4; Footlights and Curtain (Hub 3. 4. “The Ghost Story." "The Man in the Bowler Hat"; Sock and Buskin 4; Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Carl Linnaeus 4; Vaudeville 3; Group Captain 3; College Day 4; Class Play 4. Ziegler, Donald "My tongue within my lips I rein. For who talks much must talk in vain." Hi-Y 4; Track 4. Ziemba, Fred "You've so much dancing to do. Don’t let school-work bother you." Band I. 2; Interclass Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Intramural Basketball I. 2. 3: Baseball 3. 4: Diamond-ball 2; Gym Nitc 2; Gymnastics 2: Football 2, 3; City-Wide Gym Nitc 3; Volleyball 2. ZlREK, I lELEN "The graceful flow of girlhooil’s soft and wavy hair." Carl Linnaeus I: Rooters’ Club 4; Blue Triangle 4. Zwaska, Edward "Subtract a barrel of cares and add a ton of pep—that's Edward." Interchips Basketball 2. 3: Intramural Basketball 2. 3. 4; Gymnastics 1.2. 3: Gym Nitc 2. 3; City-Wide Gym Nitc 3. 4; Vaudeville 3. 4; Baseball 2. 3. 4: Swimming 3. C59311A OFFICERS ELEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS THE purpose of each class when it organizes is to create further friendship among the members. The social advisers, who act as such during both the eleventh and twelfth grades, arc appointed by the principal; the officers are elected by the classes at their first meeting of the semester. Before each party, a dancing class is held. Those who wish may attend. When the 11B class met with Mrs. Rendernick, the social adviser, Norman Dra-ger, Anthony Thomas, Harriet Olsen, and Agnes Steen were chosen as president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer respectively. T he 11A class elected Robert Forsythe, president; Josephine Lobash, vice-president; Phyllis Bailey, secretary; and Winston Fisher, treasurer. Tof Row . Ohm, A. Steen, Front Rou.: A. Thomas, Mrs. RmJrmuk, .V. Draper. 11B OFFICERSTop Rote: C. (Ween, SI. Worcester. I.. Hngdahl, M. ('re mm no. S. .Mikulak, .. H'rtbletki, II. Rhraumr, B. Curium, F.. Johnson. Second Rkk: I). Hughes, I'. Newman. I.. Lund uist, R. I.ind, L. Dahl. I'. Anderson, H. Hutchinson, S. Slylski. Front Rov.: I.. Barry, II. Hanson, J. Johnson, M. Gisrold, P. Gitvold, G. And erst , R. Skoog, L. Johnson. SILVER PIN AND CERTIFICATE AWARDS EACH semester a special assembly is called for the purpose of awarding scholarship certificates and silver scholarship pins to those students who have maintained an average of two and three-tenths per cent. Pupils who have had combinations of two A’s and two B’s, three As and a C, three A’s and a B, or four As are eligible. Certificates arc presented to seniors who have been on the city honor roll for three and one-half years. Until this year gold pins have been given, but to lessen the expenses of the Student Council, certificates have been substituted. Silver pins are given to juniors who have been on the city honor roll for two years. Top Ron : J. Anderson, I.. Olson. M. Anderson, ’. Besyrtle, I’. Bailey. Front Root-: M. K..c':, '. Schmldler, . Morgan, A. Lea.it, J. C. Anderson, R. Mausrth. 12 A WINNERSrPHE airport is a scene of constant activity: mes--h sengers and flight commanders hurrying about with orders for this pilot or that — porters and mechanics busily toiling at their respective tasks — and pilots, passengers, and spectators grouped about everywhere, chatting gayly. Some of this activity is a necessary part of the administration of a landing-field; some of it is of the executive type, always involved in the running of any commercial enterprise; but most of it is simply the result of a natural human desire for companionship in moments of recreation. In this section of our hook will be found various school activities representative of these three types — administrative, executive, and recreational — each of which, as permanent as Edison High itself, does its part to make this structure a living and a growing center of education. L«LrnGTop Row: . union, C. Barron, A. T'trlo. G. FauDtnluit, I.. Carpenter, R. Nihon, D. Peterson, R. New uiit, IF. Smith. P. Gisvold, M. Gisvold. Seventh Row: R. IP olden, D. Lanky, II. Ohm, A. Lew'll, L. Knipht, R. Baldwin, C. Motet, L. I.anon, A. Thomas. T. Cook. Sixth Row: F. Liteeky, B. Sanderia, '.. Cate, Treasurer: C. Dion, K. Burnt, S. Cihunka, .V. Draper, J. BrrJemut. R. Seminar. Fifth Row: k. Rutttl. I.. Traty, II. Roman, B. Boynton, M. Nehon, F. Sehmidler, M. Brant, P. Gardner, ). Pilkey. Fourth Row: S. Bli. hfeldt, F. Iluath, K. Cook, F.. Lund ten, D. ordttrorn, D. Storekrl. C. Johmon, J. Andrrton. A. Stein. Third Row: J. J nekton, A. Putak, F. Perry, IF. kovalihki, k. Kelley, M. Miyahki, M. Muleahy, F.. Melpaard, A. (.rube, Setrelary; J. Pelland. Seeond Row: L. Gatdon, M. Lind, D. Iledllom, E. Steltanrr, ’. Jarotak, M. IF.tzel, L. Ifopko, II. Warhol, . Rotiman. Front Row: . Olson, Vreiident, Sergeant-At-:trim; J. Smith. F. Desmond, Pretident; Mr. Henley, Mr. Ahhlrom. R. ButU-her per, I iee-Pretidrnl $, Sordeen, Treasurer ; I). Carlton. STUDENT COUNCIL TTMMSO.VS student-governing body, the Student Council, was first organized at J Edison in 1( 24. Members meet at 2:45 on Tuesdays and discuss problems and improvements concerning the school. It is Edison's most powerful organization and has charge of many activities. Each advisory is represented by one delegate. The larger senior groups have a proportionate number of representatives. The Council sponsors Edison’s spring vaudevilles and Sunlite dances, awards insignias in recognition of the work of the stage crew, silver pins and certificates to honor students, and trophies to championship teams when no other provision is made for them. The Student Council originated the point system at Edison, which aims to prevent one student's holding too many important offices. Each office held counts a certain number of points and after achieving the maximum amount, a pupil may hold no additional offices. The purpose of the Council is to develop student self-government and instruct pupils in rules of parliamentary procedure. Members work at all times in their efforts to promote those activities and practices which are a benefit to school life. Much of the work of the Student Council is done in the six standing committees, social, assembly, school cooperation, library, and lost and found. These committees arc headed by students who have proved to the advisers of the organization that they are interested and valuable. C63 3T of Rot t: IF. Olsen, IF. Kostamo, C. Dion. V. Jacobsen, A. Bat ha, II. Olion, A. Fie ere, .. (item, F, Carlton, C. Saline, I.. Dahl, J. C. Anderson, C. Skordrud. Fourth Row: A. Lewis, I.. Barry, R. Cluie, J. IFiyanJ, R. Skoog, C. Cieh, II. Olion, S. IJ’enberg, I’. GisvoU, I . Magnuson, F. Slcoalunil. G. AnJenon, J. Johnson. Thinl Row: I.. Johmon, (i, Truax, A. Holbrook, I . Kuth, I’. Bailey, I'. SthtniJler, G. Dressier, R. Buetzherger, R. Lind, IF. O’Grady, I., l.undquist, B. Gronfield. P. Bayerle, F.. Melgaard, D. Carlson. Sttomd Row: B, Carlson, P. Newman, I). Johnson, F.. Johnson, S. Bier, II. Rheaume, I.. IF ruble ski, F. Anderson, M. Hutchinson, .S'. Sly I ski, J. Smith, , . Grate, J. Lit tel, I). Hughes. Front Row: C. Green, M. Bayerle, M. J. IF or tester, R. Peterson, M. Giseold, President; L. Fngdahl, Secretary: H. Hanson, Fite-President; B. Johnson, S. Mikulyak, G. l.enz, D. Smith, I . Cremisino. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY WHEN the National Convention of principals assembled at the Chicago convocation of 1919, they conceived a system of honor societies “to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in students of American secondary schools." These four qualities—scholarship, service, leadership, and character—are the qualifications for membership. Scholarship is the upward push of a student indicated by the intelligence and determination within him. Service is the cheerful rendering of his ability and effort to scholastic functions and scholastic purposes. Leadership is the guidance or precedence of a scholar which springs up out of his special abilities. And character is his upholding the ideals of Christian organization demonstrated by his honesty, reliability, promptness, and morality. The members of our chapter are chosen by the faculty from those students in the upper fourth of their classes in scholarship. The society serves, in accordance with its purpose, as a standard. There is a “pride o worth" in wearing the golden emblem known from Maine to the Philippine Islands. At Edison, each term the members arc initiated at a ceremony given in an assembly. It is a dignified occasion and expresses the spirit of the society itself. The president of the society calls the meeting to order and reads the names of the nominees. After the gold pins have been presented a speaker gives an address befitting the occasion. C64 3QUILL AND SCROLL QUILL AND SCROLL is an international honorary society for high school journalists with more than eight hundred chapters. Its purpose is to further achievement in the field of high sch x l journalism. The official publication, QUILL AND SCROLL, contains aids helpful to all high school publications, raising their quality and unifying instructions in this field. 1 o be eligible for the Kdison chapter, one must be a senior in the upper one-third of his class. Only those who have worked on RECORD, GLEAM, or WIZARD arc eligible for membership, 'flic advisers of these publications nominate those whom they consider the best student journalists. A sample of the pupil’s work must be approved by the society before the candidate is initiated. Quill and Scroll this year s}X nsored the writing tournament at Edison from which entrants to the city-wide contest were chosen. The society conducted College Day March 12. Representatives from thirty-one colleges came to help pupils make school choices. During class preparation for the day, pupils not intending to go to college made plans for vocations. A luncheon is given in honor of the incoming members each semester. As the candidate receives his pin the adviser by whom he has been recommended briefly tells of some of his accomplishments on the publication to which he contributed. The newly elected member then signs the record book with the Quill pen. A speaker later addresses the group on some subject pertaining to school publications. Mr. C x)k was the speaker at the luncheon held last January. He stressed the ideals and functions of the Wizard, Record, and Gleam, and cited the benefits derived from creative writing for the paper, magazine or yearbook. Top Ron : J. lifting, I.. l)akl, F. Skot lunJ, S. l 'tnbfrg, J. Joktuon, .. Burry, R. C.lutt. Third Rou: I . Rkraumr, R. Lind, '. ZtUniak, SrtrrUry; F.. Drtmond, J. H’igand, . Smith, ’. Jatobtrn. Trrsidmt; .. Jokmott. Stroud Row: M. Irmtn, C. Silver, S. Mikulyak, D. Niton, I). Jokuton, G. I.tns, F. Johnton. M. Crtmitino. Front Rout: . llanton, I). Johnton, Trrtidtnt; Mitt Ron, Mrs. Giliin, Mitt It'ard, M. . l 'ortttltr, Srtrtlary; C. Dion. U5]Top Row: E. Desmond, File Manager. C. Haherle, li. Statka, Exchange Editor; S. IFenherg, J. Mite hell, G. Ilarron, R. Hi •• gerald. Fourth Row: (•■ Eat ho, G. Skardrud, J. Hamilton, I). McLaughlin, R. Erickson, ,. Drew. Make-Up Editor. Third Row: J. Smith, Sews Editor; E. l.undeen. File Manager: M. Tilseth, Sews Editor; J. C. Anderson, Copy Editor; G. Saline, Exchange Editor; S. Susick, ). Rot non. Sports Editor. Second Row: E. Hamm, Feature Editor; S. Tier, Feature Editor; IF. Allen, II. Rhraume, File Manager,’ M. Tapsak, Sports Editor; C. Suel, Makr-lp Editor and Managing Editor. Front Row: J. IFigand, Managing Editor and Editor; .S'. Miknlyak, Mr. I.ein, Mrs. Gillies, II. Hanson, Editor: D. Nixon, Copy Editor. RECORD TO present the vivid and timely news events at school is the purpose of the Edison Record, student newspaper. It is published every Friday. Reporters obtain credit for their work, but editors and those who serve more than one semester receive no academic credit. The stall, organized around news, feature, sports, advertising, and make-up desks, meets daily at the sixth period. Special issues this year included: October 4, free copy to all school members; December 20, Christmas number; March 20, copy containing story of the Edison-Buhl basketball game played March 19, at 9:00 p. m.; March 27, April Fool number. To be appointed to the Record staff a student must complete one semester of News SI during his 1113 year. He may work on the paper three semesters. Those students who show good talent and aptitude for publication work are named to the staff by Mrs. Edith P. Gillies, the journalism adviser. Every semester students serving without credit who have displayed marked achievements on the paper are elected to Quill and Scroll, international honorary journalism organization. Members of the Record staff receive training in news reporting, copy reading, and editing a newspaper. One of the main features of the week is the post-mortem held on Friday after the paper has come out. At this time the members of the staff criticize the paper as to grammar, typography, news content, and make-up and decide what stories will hold, in the next week’s paper, the places of importance, namely the right and left hand column. The people who show outstanding initiative in their work, whether it is feature, news, or advertising, arc appointed editors for the coming term. C 661GLEAM Z672 B JUNIORS who arc interested in magazine work and whose English grades are consistently high are admitted as members of the Gleam class. These students edit the semi-annual magazine. The Gleam represents the literary achievements of all the grades at Edison. It is a distinctive honor to have one’s writings accepted for publication. Each year many articles are submitted that cannot be published because of the size of the magazine and the necessity of representing all grades. Every term the staff endeavors to vary the feature section and to present some-change in the manner of printing these articles. Essays, short stories, poems, and book reviews are among the types of writing accepted. The contributions arc judged by the various members of the class. The staff encourages all students interested to send their manuscripts for consideration. The magazine is judged with those of other high schools in the United States and many of the Gleams have received the All-American rating. The fine cooperation of the student contributors makes this honor possible. One is given credit for work in the Gleam class. The student takes no other English when he takes Gleam. From each Gleam class several capable editors and a business manager arc selected to head the publication of the succeeding magazine. These students, too, receive credit for their extra half-year of work. The second term’s work does not substitute for the regular English course, however. Not all the attention of the Gleam class is directed toward the publication of a magazine. Students receive, through the study of magazines and authors, a helful training in the field of creative writing. The group makes a special study of the Scholastic, the national high school weekly. Top Row: B. Willis, I.. I.arson. E. I.undrrn. I.. Gunslrom, I. Hr,ink, E. Bowman, , l. Bireh, R. Etk, W. Boudreau. Fifth Row: . Staige, .7. Cook, K. Jemrll, B mi nr tt Manager; E. Cast, L. Olson, '. Carlson, T. I.undress, I.. Johnson. Fourth Row: E. Xyr, J. Prllan l, Ei itor ; .7. Blaido, M. Hum. I. Foss, E. Suska, K. Honsrne. R. Srlson. ThinI Row; ’. Se iumaehrr, '. Horsfall. I.i'rrary Editor; (i. Hrrynski, l. Bayko, S. Sjohrrg, II. Grover, B. Kmurrey. Sreond Row: M. I ind. literary Editor; G. Cook, I . Miller, M. Miskowire, G. Lena, E. Swanson, I.. Muenst, A. Warhol. Front Row: ’. Bayerlr, Literary Editor; I". Zeltniak, .7. Ilolhrook. Editor: Miss Rots, Mist Challmam, M. Kuch, I.i'rrary Editor; Jatohson.Top Row; J. Spreads, Circulation Manager; R. I’earo, Circulation Manager; .. Dahl, R. Clulc, Advertisina Manager; I.. R. Green, M. HavJahl, E. Skoglund. ThinI Rone: G. Slromhrrg, R. Kama!z, J. Bering, S. Sveutk, E. Sodcrberg, .. Christcnscn. Second Rote: M. Bnyrrle, D. Johnson, M. Cretniiino. B. Gronfirld, I., Johnson, B. Johnson, 1 . Irmcn, Activities, trout Row ; (.. Dion, k.Jitor; P. Jaeobsrn, Assoriatc Editor; Mist Ward, Mrs. Olsen, '. .denials, Associate Editor, B. .XoJell, Business Manager. WIZARD ANY 11A student has the privilege of applying for membership in the Wizard class. These candidates are recommended by their 11A English teachers. Only good students with the best character recommendations arc chosen from the group applying. This Wizard class constitutes the annual staff. Although this class organizes in September, some seniors arc allowed to join in January. In the fall, the members study about the make-up of a yearbook and the duties of the various staff positions. Then they hand in to the adviser their first and second choice of positions. With the aid of this information, the adviser fills the executive offices. From then on, the students take the major responsibility for the success of the annual. The Wizard class meets during the sixth hour of each day. All work on the school yearbook is done voluntarily; members receive no credit toward graduation. “Flying” has been chosen for the theme of the 19.% Wizard: consequently, it seems appropriate to use the color scheme of blue and silver. The two art editors, Lois Kline, and her assistant, Dorothy Hoffman, did all of the art work which appears in this year’s book. Lois designed both end sheets, the six division sheets, and the various little designs, symbolic of aviation, which appear throughout the opening section. Dorothy Hoffman, besides designing the cover for the book, added a rather unique feature to the art work with her smoke writing. In all of their work, the artists, as well as the staff, strove to show how the different phases of flying were in many ways comparable to everyday school life. T683 IFOOTLIGHTS AND CURTAIN CLUB HX) encourage interest in the theater and drama, and to give pupils interested in dramatics a chance to show their ability arc the chief aims of the Footlights and Curtain Club. By producing several plays each term, it also provides entertainment for the student body. During the past year the Footlights and Curtain Club gave the following plays: “The Man in The Bowler Hat," “The Child of Flanders," "Cicely’s Cavalier," “Flit-termouse," and “The Travelers." This last one was given at the annual vaudeville. The club also sponsored “The Mouse Trap," the play given by members of the faculty. Each year tryouts are held at which all pupils interested in joining the club give a two-minute selection of prose or poetry. The judges of these tryouts are faculty members who are interested in the drama. Besides the fifteen boys and fifteen girls already members of the club, there is a waiting list from which vacancies, caused by graduation, are filled. The club is a benefit to the school and should serve as an inspiration to the pupils. Belonging to this club gives the members poise, voice culture, and ability to express their personalities. Although they often do not go on with their dramatic work, this experience gives the members much help in their later lives. However, if they wish to have a dramatic career their membership in the Footlights and Curtain Club gives them a fairly good beginning. In his senior year, if a student wishes to try out for class play, his membership and experience in the Footlights and Curtain Club gives him a much better chance of succeeding. Top Row: J. Bredemus, It. llnath, G. Olson, S. U'enberg, C. Osborne, J. Rill man, M. Bolin, A. Eirve. ThinI Row: A. Lewis, I'. Sc h mi Jit r, Pice-President; -V. l.rnrr, R. land, E. Desmond, B. Jurek, Treasurer; J. Callahan. Second Row: A. Vetrano, E. Swanson, K. Cook, '. Zclruiak, S. Stylski, C. Gosslin, J. Jackson. Front Row: B. Sodell. Fice-President; E. Saefkc. Miss Garland, IF. O'Grady, Treasurer, President; S. Pier, Secretary; S. Brede.Top Row: J. Enyslrom, D. Peterson, i. Gamaehr, R. Staska, J. Henson, P. Gitvohl, D. Johnson, A. Sets, l. Gisvold, C. IFahlslrom, If'. Fisher, Seventh Row: II. Dallttyr. R. Burns, E. Surf hr, D. Ziegler, A. I'erlo, IF. Bloow uist, T. H'ise, R. Fitzgerald, J. Barret, R. MaePherton. Sixth Ron : G. Campbell, IF. Xrlson, R. Xrrvig, R. Brunet, G. Anderson, R. I.arte, P. Homzik, II. Danhurg, J. Johnson, C. Olson, C. I.neat. Fifth Ron: J. Izydorek, R. Borden, 11. Barfkneeht, J. Hudak, R. Xelson. T. Krezowski, L. Coulomhe, R. Hots, R. Rebholo, C. Dahl. Fourth Ron: C. Ketch,ini, E. For pah I, IF. McElmury, C. Johnson, J. Bredetnut, Treasurer; X. Drayer, P. Johnson, K. Eriek-son, II. Anderson, M. Bakke, Third Ron: (). Rotnem, M. U old, C. I.andis, F. Bronn, IF, Olson, M. Iverson, D. Anderson, R. Forder, I). Conley, E. Desmond. Second Ron : X. Jonnes, .S'. Mikulyak, S. Sjoberg, S. IFall, E. Johnson, A. Rockstetd, G. Dressier, R. Buetaberger, Fiee-President; B. Graham. Front Row: P. Jacobsen, II. Olsen, President: H. Baldwin, Fiee-President ,’ II. Hanson, President; Mr. Miller, Mr. IFrbitsky, P. IFilkr, Secretary; R. Xew,uitt, Treasurer; J. Schapcr, C. Dion, Secretary. HI-Y rT10 create and maintain higher standards of Christian character is the foremost aim of the Hi-Y, a department of the Y. M. C. A. The companionship and good fellowship enjoyed at its meetings arc an inspiration to all of its members. The membership of this club is no longer limited to a certain number, but each boy desiring to join must have recommendations from two faculty members. He must then be voted in by the enrolled members. Every Tuesday evening the Hi-Y boys meet at school. There these eleventh and twelfth grade l oys hold debates, listen to speakers, and enjoy programs. The Hi-Y hoys manage the second-hand bookroom each year and run a concession stand at the football games. Every term they conduct a world fellowship campaign. During this campaign they establish a correspondence with foreign youths. It is chiefly through committees that the work of the Hi-Y Club is carried out. The election of their officers is carried out in a very interesting manner. They hold a campaign during which speeches arc made by the candidates. The members then have the opportunity of voting for their officers by means of a ballot. C70]USHERS' CLUB TN November, 1931, the first Ushers’ Club at Edison was organized. Previous to this time a group called the Pilots’ Club would usher whenever it was necessary to do so. A few days before the Ushers’ Club is to render its services, the president calls a meeting of all members. At this time he gives all instructions that he thinks necessary and also decides which members are to serve at the various posts. They usher at such events as operettas, class plays, vaudevilles, parties, etc. Any tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade boy who has average grades may submit his name to the club. The members then vote on the various applicants. Thus new members are brought into this group, The Ushers' Club was originally a club with a limited membership of twenty-five, but it has been enlarged during the last years. This club is primarily a service club, and therefore it has no dues or other source of income. Many times the boys have considered buying some distinguishing insignia, or uniform, but because of lack of finances the matter has always been dropped. The boys, however, are all neatly attired in white shirts, black bow ties, and dark trousers. This year, the ten-year old constitution, which no longer proved useful, was revised. Many amendments were added and the boys voted in all changes which they thought were necessary for the betterment of the club. Top Row: IF. Catty, D. Anderson», C. IFahlslrom, S. IFenberjf, A. Mess, P. Hotnsik, J. Johnson, II . Bloom uiu, I ice-President. Fifth Row: F. Desmond, President; R. Brunts, IF. Horn oik, II. Danbury, . Conrad, R. Racket, R. Johnson, J. Hudak. Fourth Raw: K. Erickson, J. laydorek, R. Anderson. I., Enijlun, [.. Coulombe, J. Schafer, G. Campbell. Third Row: E. Grinetki, IF. Rusinko, R. Campbell, J. Johnson, F. Brown, P. Jacobsen, C. Dion, A. Case. Second Row: C. Suel, F. Peterson, R. Rockstad, ). Powers, A. Janasco, G. Morrill, S. Jones. Front Row: R. Burnt, M. Bakke, Secretary-Treasurer ; C. Cich, President; Mr. Mankowski, C. Lucas, Fice-Prrsident. h. Polkey.Top Row: S. Sventk, A. Sarick, M. Arktnan, K. Rennie, A. Bordm, I.. Fedora, M. Johnton, '. Carlton. Srerrlary; 1. M. Ilardakl. Seventh Row: ’. Jonet, If. tokm, '. Zeleniak, S. Xiziehki, M. Kaizer, A. Rielly, M. Haider, R. II,niton. F. At tad. Sixth Row: A. Larin, A. Ry tie wiki, M. Hoppe, R. I longtenr, J. Strattburg, K. Ruttell, I . Mullen, J. St huh, B. Carlton. Fifth Row: J. H'alli, R. Zelin, M. Hill, O. Miller, (I. M artolait. B. Boynton, M. C hap man, I’. Bayerle, E. Borit. Fourth Row: -V. Sladler, M. Ferry, I. Monton, J). McGrath, .. ReynoUt, ,. Minerva, B. Johnton, M. Irmen. Third Row: M. Fierton, J, Tratzyk, L. H'egner, .. Keltey, H. Grover, R. Fotliglione, A Grivna, E. Eriekton, G. Jonet, Treaturer. Second Row : M. Kovalik, L. Baker, J. H'rnuer, R. Stenath, F. Rortky. A. Janowiee, . Sikora, O. Guzy. Front Row: M. Anderton, I’iee-Fretident; M. Header ton, M. Bayerle, Fretideul; L. H'robletki, Fretident; Mitt Mellon. R. Traezyk, I'ier-Frtlidrnt; A. Mobrrg, Treaturer; C. Silver, K. Burner. CARL LINNAEUS TN 1 25 the Carl Linnaeus club was organized by six botany students. At the pres-ent time there are one hundred forty-seven members. The main purpose of the club is to study nature. This idea is carried out very well in the form of hikes, picnics, and visits to flower gardens and other places of interest. The members visited the public library and the University Observatory. They also had an early morning breakfast at Columbia Heights. Because the girls are not always able to go on excursions, they enjoy talks by different faculty members or by various club members. Last term the members enjoyed a very interesting talk by Mr. Benner regarding his trip to the West. Mrs. Burr, Miss Case, Mrs. Schellenberg. and Miss Door have also given interesting talks. At the end of every term a large Farewell Party is held for the senior girls. The 12B girls are hostesses at this event. Any girl that is not an A senior is eligible but an A senior may join if she has been a member in any previous term. An initiation meeting is held at an early date and no girl is considered a member unless she has passed the initiation exercises. Meetings are held the first and third Thursday of each month in Room 112. C 72 3CAMP FIRE GIRLS SEEKING the joy and beauty of life is the prime purpose of the Camp Fire girls. The practices of this organization help develop healthy, nature-loving girls and patriotic citizens. The law of the Camp Fire girls perhaps best depicts the activities and aims of the group: “Seek beauty, give service, pursue knowledge, be trustworthy, hold on to health, glorify work, and be happy." The members are given honors for the performance of various home tasks and participation in matters of service to the community. The ranks of the society arc Wood-gatherer, Fire-maker, and Torch-bearer. The girls earn most of their honors at home and bring a report of their activities to the meetings. They aspire to develop usefulness and efficiency through the home crafts. Members acquire dexterity and ability in the hand and nature crafts. The club sponsors numerous social gatherings, and the members spend many enjoyable times together. During the fall terms the girls spend most of their time in hand craft. This term the special project was book binding. The girls earned honors through this occupation. Edison's chapter has bi-monthly meetings and limits its membership to twenty. As a citywide organization, Camp Fire Girls have a camp at Lake Minnetonka, which is called Camp Tanadoona. This camp is open from June to the latter part of August. Here girls participate in all outdoor sports such as swimming, archery, hiking, and tennis playing. This year marked the close of the Camp Fire Club at Edison. To give due dignity to its passing Mrs. Benner, their adviser, gave a farewell dinner at her home. C73D Top Row: I.. Erick ton, E. I.unJcen, Scribe; E. Rudolph, President; E. Bolin, D. Bolin. Second Row: R. I.indhlad, Secretary; (). Miller, R. Chalj ren, Scribe; E. Thompson. Front Row: J. Swenson, I ice-President; Mrs. Benner, C. CoitUn, President; D. Sordstrom, Treasurer.To Row: .V. Koeitko, '. Maj nuton, E. Srhrltki, . Olson, R. Staska, Secretary, Second Row: R. Beet, R, Parmetster, Treasurer; G. Lena, B. Graham. Eton! Row: Mr. Curran, If. Kostamo. President; P. Ruffrnaeh. DEBATE CLUB rPHli Debate Club, which was organized in the fall of 1935 with about eight mem- bers, consists now of twenty members. The members decided to meet every Monday after school in Mr. Curran’s room. The main object of the club is to encourage public speaking or debating. The club is composed only of boys but their aims correspond to those of the Forum members. The schools with which debates were held were West, Rtxjsevelt, North, University Farm School, and South St. Paul. Sometimes our members went to those schools and other times the members of those teams came to Edison. Debates were held at least once or twice a week. That the several states should enact legislation providing for the complete medical care available to all citizens at public expense was the national debate question for several months but lately the members have been debating on whether or not Congress should have the power to overrule a decision of the Supreme Court by a two-thirds vote. This club has presented us with interesting debates at two assemblies. This year debating has enjoyed more prominence among the extra-curricular activities than ever before. With this as an incentive the group hopes to arrange next year for offering some sort of pin or letter to those members who show most ability in debate. A point system will be worked out and awards will be made on the basis of points earned. A debate victory will count ten points; a loss will count six points, and those taking part in non-decision debates will earn five points each. A debator who has collected seventy-five points or more will be given an award. C74DSCIENCE CLUB rPHAT Thomas A. Edison, for whom this school was named, was a world famous inventor is the reason the name, The Inventors, was chosen for this club. Under the supervision of Mr. Sclmcr Drage, the adviser, the boys arc constructing a reflecting telescope modeled after a Newtonian telescope. It has an eight-inch reflector, a thick glass slab of pyrex, and a mirror with a focal length of five feet. The boys arc also grinding a second eight-inch mirror with a two-inch thickness for this telescope. The Inventors' plans for the future include the grinding of eye piece lenses, and the construction of a three-inch refractor telescope. The members of this club also help to run the school's motion picture machines whenever they are used for the assemblies. Unlike other clubs. The Inventors have a special club room where they work. This is the shop. They have no special meeting night, but work almost every evening after school. No one is barred from the club; all boys interested in the different forms of science are invited to join. However, it is necessary for the would-be members to have taken a course in physics, science, or chemistry. The Inventors have not received any support in the form of money or materials, from the school. All their scientific material they have secured themselves. Their finished work, however, will Ik- used for the benefit of the different science classes. This club is beneficial in helping to give experience to some future scientists. Although the science club is not known socially, it serves a purpose in making the members more observant of the world around them. [75] Top Rou: E. Sekeltki, .. !Air ton, Setretary-Treatnrer: J. St ok, . Conrad, I'rttidtni: h. Skoalund. Front Koit. : R. Hitt, '. Karrther, President ’, R. Borden, Mr. Draye, R. Skootj, Sttrelary-Treaturt r.I'or Row: ,. Johnson, E. Desmond, P. Jacobson, .V. Erickson, (1. Dm tier, D. S. Lloyd, H. Olson, II. Hanson. Third Row: ( . .!■«!, President: .V. dry be, II. Rhtaunte, I). Carlson, Secretary; D. Johnson, I.. Spec hi, I’. Zelmiak. Srcoxo Row: M. Bayerle, B. Johnson. C. Silver, M. Crrmisino. E. Johnson, E. Hamm, If. J. Worcester. Fxoni Row: C. Dion, I’ice-Presidmi; I.. Johnson, Secretary; E. Johnson, President; Mist Tupper, .J. Eirve, I'icr-Presi lent; R. Staska. I or Row: M. n.ndahl. II. Ilnath, (J. Truax, D. Rertf, J. Smith, Fourth Row: A’. Karnatz, Treasurer; M. Kaiser, l„ Tracy, P. IPif j erti, A. Reilly, .. Ilaufjlund. Third Row: H’robleski, R. Corbin, R. Gronfield, P. Bayerle, L. Reynolds, Si:cosi Row: I . Bayerle, I ice ■ President; R. M. Warchol, I . Cremisino, I). Anderson, E. Erickson, II. II eyuood. Front Row: I.. Green, Pie silent; I). Carlson, President, Miss Tapper, C. Silv-r, I’ice-President; I.. Johnson, Treasurer. THE Sock and Buskin Club is composed of twelfth grade students who arc interested in continuing the study of Shakespeare and the time in which he lived. They also discuss the modern-day drama. Each term a farewell party is given in honor of the graduating seniors. TO read and to study worthwhile poetry is the purpose of the Winged Horsemen. At the meetings, the members follow the sky routes which the famous winged horse, Pegasus, has made for them. Meetings arc held on the first and third Wednesday of each month. 1 C76] WINGED HORSEMEN SOCK AND BUSKINLATIN CLUB FORUM TO acquire poise and ability to express oneself extemporaneously on any subject is the object of the Forum. I be girls are voted in by members of the club and are judged on their personality and scholastic standing. THE purpose of the Latin Club is to awaken an appreciation for the culture and contributions of Rome to our civilization and institutions. The emblem of the club is an eagle holding in its talons the inscription S. P. Q. R. Tor Row: E. Turnguiit, R. Kelt, P. Lloyd, Treasurer; M. Tilseth, G. Saline, H. Olson, C. Ahlstrom. Koi’iTli Row: A. Roman, R. Karnata, P. Bailey, P. Carlton, '. St handler, P. Brink, Seertlary; A. Lewis. Third Row: II. Rheume, I'. Gordon, . Ilnath, P. Bayerlc, J. PellanJ, M. Engstrom. Sr.COND Row: M. l.ind, M. Miller, S. Pier, I., F.ngdahl, A. Warhol, M. J. Wo renter, ;Y. Grube, Preside nr; Frost Row: J. Smith, Treasurer; A. Firve, Pic t-President! h. Hamm, President Hit t Rots, P. Newman, Secretary; P. Johnson, Program Chairman. Tor Row: G. Rappe, I. Kronk, K. Gant, P. Bolin, M. J. Sokalowski, f'iee-Presidcut; M, Moberg, h. Johnson, J. Gray. Program Chairman. Focrtii Row: J. Mokn, G. Olsen, B. Baird, T. Eritkson, I). Hallmin, S. Collier, I. Peterson. I iiiro Row : ,. I.arm, '. Horsfall, Secretary; F. Rossman, . Grover, J. Swenson, I. Chalgrrn, P. Beetle, M. Miller. Second Row: G. Norum, Program Chairman; II. Dressier, Treasurer; M. Thompson, K. Dion, P. Schneider, M. I’urdes, M. Kangat. Front Row: K. Pick, ". Sehumackrr, I'ice-Ptesident, President; R. Lindblad, Treasurer; Mrs. MA"ty". P. . ordstrum. President; C. Rrddin, S-cretary; 0. Miller, Program Chairman."f Row: J. Hamilton, T. .Xiklund, F. AV« man, R. F.ck, II. Carlton. L. H okanson, I,. Seifert, A. Carlton, I.. Dahl, II. ODott, • • l.trtin, S w si ii Row: . Hughes, I.. Fedora, 11. Henderson, J. I’ilkey, L. IFiHiants, I). Benedict, M. K utter, A. Reilly, L. '■■mson, ,. McCallum. SiXI n Row: M. Duherg, M. uuhiton, E. I.inner, II. Fteazel, IF. Dawson, F. ' .clrniak, I.. Newkirk, d. Chrnoweth. Firrii Row: A. Dale, I). Stern, A. Hannah, M. PUtehrr, R. Gron field, R. Karnatz, E, Krawczyk, • olf i, Spccht, I.. Reynoldt. For«fM Row: '. Sc hn mat her, '. Horsfall, S. I.arson, l. Mueller, H. Hughes, D. McGrath, 1 ’ Wr-V ' Muense, J. Moots, .W. MeConvillr. Third Row: V. Patton, M. Crcmisino, L. IFrohleski, S. Slanowski, G. Kershuer, I- Irrncn, R. Johnson, I. lonson, L. Engdahl, D. Heinz. SkCOND Row: E. La Mere, L. Darcy, M. Joan, M. Pretzel, E. Swan-'? • Minerva, F. Boriky, M. Perry, E. Kojntcke. Front Row: C. Gostlyn, jY. Gruhe, V. Brink, D. Carlton, Fin-President; F. "thmidlcr, Ahhtrorn, D. S. I.loyd, Treasurer ; G, Skaug, S. Pier, E. Hamm. lor Row: I . Havdahl, L. R. Green, I.. Hill, IF. EJIund, E. Eggan, A. Borden, M. Johnson, II. Hstalk. I). Brrg, A. Lewis, I. G radio. Eighth Row: M. Drimak, I. Olson, M. Haider, S. Stylski, L. Christensen, J. Prrranlt, A. Hollhrook. G. Truax. F. Reiner, T. I.itecky. Srvi.NTH Row: A. Larson, J. Olson. P. Ilanvillr, E. Soderberg, IF. Jones, II. Reiners, F. Anderson, R. England, A. Christensen. Sixth Row: M. Johnson, A. Rysicwski, I. Sutkowski, M. Hill, M. Chapman, IF. Dawson, R. Hansen, II. Mokret, F. Assad, J. l.ittell. Firm Row: ). Smith, E. Mrlgaard, E. Furlong, L. Elide, G. Callerstrom, A. Moberg, M. An derton, E. Maltisou, E. Gisvold. Fovrtii Row: R. Johnson, L. Prrnovost, E. Johnson, M. Swenson, F. IIHath. F. Sullivan, W. Hnath, F. Swanson, C. Caryl, F.. Ross. Third Row: R. Potligliore, E. Erickson. M. Pearson. H. Ford, E. Oakley. L. Kline, F. Kryta, F. Lee, K. Stenack. Sccoxi) Row: O. Guay, L. Raker, II. Madir, R. M. IFarehol, F. Gordon, R. Jernbrrg, II. Hrywood, G. Scherer, M. Miller, C. Green. From Row: II. Rhrautne, J. Smith, Secretary, Treasurer; II. Olson. President; M. J. IForrester, President; Miss Ramswick, D. Johnson, Fiee-President: A. Fieve, Secretary; K. Sullivan, P. Newman. THIS club proposes to promote Christian fellowship among eleventh and twelfth grade girls and to create and strengthen the ideals of health, service, leadership, scholarship, and friendliness through companionship with others. The Blue Triangle, a branch of the Y. W. C. A., has always been a popular girls’ club. BLUE TRIANGLESILVER TRIANGLE [79] I SILVER Triangle is a part of the Girl Reserve Department of the Y. W. C. A. The purpose of the club is to promote friendship among ninth and tenth grade girls. Any girl in these grades is eligible for membership, if she has an interest in the different activities of the club. The meetings consist of various kinds of programs such as speakers, parties, and ceremonials. Some of the interests which have been developed this year include World Friendship, Lenten services, participation in citywide events, and service work. Tor Row: M. Warrick, E. Johnson, M. fla(kett, E. Horning, E. Stoppel, J. Strastbnrg, I., l 'allin, P. Phancenek, J. Larson. Sixth Row: .S'. Collier, M. Moherg, B. Boynton, I.. Johnson, I'. Horning, K. Jacobson, E. Gilbert, A. Me I moth. Firm Row: J. Mohn, M. Rasmussen, .. Billnsan, M. Sheley, J. Sullivan, G. Johnson, I.. Jet,lee, M. Brokke, P. Bn Jr. Fot urn Row: A. Nestman, M. Skiba, .S'. Thorn, L. Ain, J. I’rllanJ, E. Nye, M. Kragnak, L. Smith, J. Watts, Tiiiru Row: I). Neuman, C. Lind blotn, I. Solir, C. Decker, E. Hasberg, G. Jones, M. Kvalhein, M. Camp, Renikoff. Second Row: I). Olson, E. Jones, M. Kangas, J. Winner, I.. Levis, ’. Fish, L. S'rbring, R. Green. From Row: B. Westin, L. GazJon, President; D. TveJl, h. hug-lunj, M. Palinke, S. Wiltrout, '. HoglunJ, K. Cook, W. Olsen, I'ite PreiiJent. lor Row: G. Roppe, D. Ruble, M. Turnbull, II. Peterson, S'. Pearson, II. McNulty, M. Brant. Secretary; L. T amount, B. SanJeen, J. Gray. Sixth Row: l. Dam man, D. Rolston, T. I.ovrgreen, D. Johnson, D. Fitzgerald, E. Newman. C. Kurpicry, J. Wolf, M. .Mulcahy. Firm Row: .. Stendahl, O. .Miller, D. Nordstrom, P. Olsen, D. Hallman, A. Hansen, E. NorlhfielJ. M. Mi gal ski, E. Johnson, R. Hedlund. Fovrth Row: B. Rail ov, R. Sutton, E. Johnson. .S'. Peterson, F. Iverson. J. Shields, .. Beaubien, R. Ain, R. Lindblad, Third Row: F. Sorting, L. Doberslein, M. Anderson, M. Platt, G. Hansen. J. Brakander. L. Berion. A. Reilly, M. Thompson. Second Row: . F.klund, II. Dressier, R. Steltzner, J. Miller, .. Coddinglon, I). Loeffel, L. horsythe, J. Hanson, I. DeMuse. Front Row: E. Charlesberg, l. Kasmir, J. Monton, Secretary; J. Anderson, I'iee-Presi-dent: Mist Raustviek, II. Gunderson, President; B, Berlin, Treasurer; P. Frenetic.Tor Row: IP. Mllltr, „ Clem, L. Mattson, L. JtrJtr, C. Saxton, C. Lind, IP. C or nr Mir r. Foi'KTH Row: Fife, R. Rosen- Wald, A’. Fitzsimmons, If. Ylaliek, l . Liebig, B. Corbin. Third Row: IP. I.efiler, ). Hill, J. Shields, F.. Sehander. S. Peterson, .1 . Thompson. Sicond Row: R. Frrested, II. Latho, ll. Dressier, M. Johnson, President; C. I'oeks, J. Olson, Seerrtary-Treasnrer. Front Row: H. He Donald, C. Malm, Mr. Sodergren, A. Martolait, P. el son. Tor Row: F.. Norton, R. Kubias, Pice-President; R. Johnson. Seeretary-Treasurer; K. IPyekoff, R. F.ek, .. Larson. S. Muszynski, l. Bariekson, ll. Holloway. Fifth Row: R. Norton, II. Barfknreht, I.. Krrsten, IP. Johnson, B. l.ePoir. f ‘. Parsons, II. Klemm, R. Boiler, F. IP alt hour, Foirtii Row: K. Rennie, P. (iaydas, B. IPrmard, F. Brown. I). Sobraski, E. Johnston, J. Smith, IP. Balamsst, E. Case. Third Row: M. Hill, I’. Sperry, l . Twedl, F. Perry, J. Novak, R. Burbank, J. Monson, E. ietorsen. SECOND Row: S. Cook, J. Mueller, S. Mastro, B. Harris, M. Anderson, B. Budish, . Solie. Front Row: II. Slrinhaut, R. Ahl-strom, IP. Olsen, (i. Dressier, President; IP. Larsen, Pier-President: L. Oswald, Secretary-Treasurer A. Stahl, E. I. under n, N. Subak. WE do not hear much about the Junior Band; however this department is very important as the members fill vacancies in the Senior Band. Now a member of the Instrument Class who has advanced sufficiently may fill a vacancy in the Junior Band. THE Senior Band, under Mr. Sodcrgrcn, plays at many of Edison's pep assemblies. It also entertains on Gym Nite, at football games, and at basketball games. The members receive credit for graduation, experience, and points toward music awards. [SO] SENIOR BAND JUNIOR BANDGLEE CLUB FIRST CHOIR THE purpose of the First Choir is to interest students in the choral type ot work. The Choir, under the direction of Miss Conant, sings at Baccalaureate, Christmas, and Easter services. THE Glee Club, which Mr. Sodcrgren directs, centers its interest on the development of student interest in music. Top Row: . Knutson, K. Bergquist, l . A mission, E. G evade k, L. Severson, l. Hager, G. Austin. . Corn til lift, R A. ajuiiJ, .- . Peabody. Sivinth Row: .V. Bredt, E. K rooms. I.. Krone, K. . or man. If. Ilosneik, G. Engh, D. Protas, R. Hunt auk. I). Saindon. Sixth Row: A. Puzak, R. Mongsene, E. Boris, A. IFacyleuyek. M. Brunt, I). If trior, P. MeCrey, M. j tithes, T. Itri•-ton. A. Hill. Fifth Row: G. Ohm, Secretary-Treasurer ; P. So'udrn, R. K lengvall, I. Bogueki. B. It’tilt", • , Cliosr, II. McGregor, I.. Finch. Fourth Row: S. Martin, E. Gtsvold, R. Halvas son, F. Peterson. E. Xye, (•. Pasekti, J. Ptlland, M. Swenson, G. Blsiebaugh. Third Row: F, Jarusak, E. Sum suers, J. Tratyyk, J. S-umson, J. JFeuner, A. Stadler, M. Andes-son, B. Nordstrom, J. Hermstad. Sr.cOND Row: A. IFallin, . Krsspp, R. Kcrshnrr, U. Calderveood, G. Higgins, A. If arkol, F. Semborski, S. Mohn, J. Ksupp. Front Row: A. Klisch. Fiee-Prrsident; H. Yuristu, E. Tumquiit, Seerelaryl re usurer; G. Kohan, President; Miss Conant, R. LindbLsd, IF. King, Secretary-Treasurer; L. I.eblane, B. Boynton. Top Row: E. Satterburg, A. Gamaekr, A. AaJIund. J. Benson, M. Bolin, R. I,nr ton, W. Lirpke, R. Hanson. R. Munson, . Fisher, A. Anderson. Sivinth Row: C. IF allin, R. Gris void, L. Richards, A. Martin, I.. Lund berg, IF. Lundren. II Ohm, G. Barron, J. Bredesnus, I). Neuman. Sixth Row: II. Ohon, C. Ahhtrom, Fire-Preside nt: M. Cot mati. If. Ilnalk, I.. Koehler. G. IFalker, E. Stommrll, IF. Rusinak, M. Sehnapp, IF. Dupay. Firm Row: R. Parks, M. Hold, Sen e tar y; S. .X order». E. I.inner. G. I.ahh, I.. Seifert, E. Foster, M. Johnson, J. Fail. Forhiii Row: A. Chenowrtk, E. Furlong, A. I trson, K. Russell, J. An drrson. IF. McCaffrey, J. Schuh, K. Kelsey. Third Row: C. Decker, E. IFiekt M. Nelson, I ■ Gordon, J. Anderson, A. Sullivan, G. Ska tig, ’. Anderson. Si CON'D Row: A. Carpenter, R. Pastigliour, II. Stake, E. Martin, G. Nor mark, F. Snuborski. B. Gonirr. Front Row: E. Moksnes, J. Lynn, II. Ohon, Secretary; S. Stylski, I'ite-Pre side nt; Mr. Sodergtrss, L. F.ngdahl, President; R. Nelson, E. Johnson.Top Row: ', Porter, II. B sldwin, S. Sty I ski, F.. Tum uist, ’.A'iny, IP. Larson. Smoxd Row: E. Damyo, I.. Engdahl, G. Rohan, (I. Jones, R. I.indhlad, I.. Oswald. Front Row: . Olson. II. Baldwin, S. Stylski. E. Turn,nisl, If". Kina, U • Larson. •’op Row: ;. Stommcl, M. IP old, R. Opsahl. R. Parkt, L. R. Oswald. Skoxd Row: R. .Xew uiil, IP. Parker, I), penman. If. Olson, J. Benson, ’. Graikow. Frost Row: II. Baldwin, P. Bailey, I.. En. dahl. S. Stylski, ’. MeCaffrey. THE Music Council is composed of the officers of the Orchestra, Band, Glee Club, and Choirs. It awards letters and pins to those who have served two years or more in any of the above organizations. To receive a letter or a pin one must earn 300, 500, or 750 points. The candidates are marked for awards by the Music Council on eight points. A score of 90 [ cr cent or more must be gained before an award is granted. Some of the points on which the Music Council judge are: the musicianship of the student, whether he stands for the finer things in music, the initiative of the student, whether he helps to upbuild the musical organizations of the school, the musical influence of the student on other people, the cooperation of the student when working with other members of the class and the director, and the dependability of the student in class and outside of class. C823 MUSIC AWARDS MUSIC COUNCILSECOND CHOIR THE Second Choir sings at Christmas and Easter with the First Choir. Its purpose is to further interest in the choral type of work. This group, under the direction of Miss Conant, practices Tuesday and Thursday of each week. For those students who haven't developed their musical talents, the Second Choir offers an opportunity for doing so. The Choir differs from the Glee Club in that the Glee Club is allowed to give operettas, while the Choir gives only s| ecial assemblies. C 83 3 Tor Row: C. Olson, C. t.rie, R. Sandrm. J. I'adis, C. Jakuhiee, ’. Sexton, A. .Vu'iimon, I . Hagen, II. Ruhr. Six in Row: A. Rakke, I.. Pitcheon, E. A mam, I). Johansen, M. Rrttzak. T. F.ri.kson. M. Miller, I.. Engen. Fifth Row: G. Marlin, A'. Rusinak, K. Jacobsen, L. Frame, R. Jacobsen, J. Johnson. A. .Xordern, H. Rrokkr. Foi urn Row: M. Mulcahy, E. Orhn, R. tcDaniel, P. Anderson, A. Tretsman, E. Harrows, I.. Johnson, O'. Coley, E. Johnson. Third Row: .1 . Horan, D. Chrisloffrrson, M. Rian hard. M. Conoiur, M. Omelette, F. Passman, l. Olson, A. Chnra. Sm onii Row: I). Hyman, E. Jones, R. Kertkner, E. Peterson, I'. Prlerson, O’. . orutn, L. Good on. Froni Row: R. Johnson, I . Hoppe, A. West man, J. Walls, J. Croteau, M. A hi he rtf, II. I.inrhan. I . Miller. Tor Row: C, .Sardian, C. Sandberg, H. II emu, F. Iludoha, Secretary-Treatnrer; A. Hamburg, E. Horning, R. Rosso. C. Roppe, J. IFalstrom, R. Peterson. Sixth Row: A. SlaJink, ’. Dimon, E. Cich, F. Donahue, M. I.iepkr, ’. rss, A. Prekslos, I'. Daw-son, I., . rlson. FirrM Row: II. Olson, E. Taragos. I.. Rillnsau, R. Truax, P. Frenrtir, M. Gustafson, IF. Murphy, D. Fagerwold, C. Daxis. Fourth Row: M. Kuch, I.. Rruneau, R. .chn, . C alarm, M. J. Hogan, I.. Auger, J. Mohn, C. MagJrn, I. Carlson, A. Hanson. Tiiiro Row: I. Lagaee, D. Lorflrl, C. K osriolek, M. land', nisi, ’. Rlotngren, J. Miller, F. Sobeeynski, I.. Srlh, .. Knoll. SitOND Row: R. Gren, M. Lincoln. I). Aadland, D. Gronhury, K. Dion, . Ecklund, I.. Lewis, E. He Gido. From Row : T. IFagnrr, R. Dahl, h. Danyo, Mist Conanl, G. Jones, President; .V. Ohm, D. , ordstrosn, I.. Johnson, D. Rolstou. '. Rutinak, G. Campbell, ’. Hailey, C. Green. STRING QUARTET rPHE Siring Quartet is the only musical group which plays for outside activities as -L well as school activities, li meets during ihe fourth period every Wednesday under the direction of Mr. Sodergren. Players in the String Quartet must become accustomed to playing with each other. Each player must consider himself a soloist and yet listen to the other three parts at the same time. It gives the students experience in playing in a group entirely dilTercnt from the school orchestra. During the fall term the members of the quartet were William Rusinak and George Campbell, violinists; Charlotte Green, viola player; and Phyllis Bailey, cellist. The group played at the Christmas play and at a tea given in honor of Mrs. Mollic Yap, exchange teacher from the Hawaiian Islands. The spring term saw Rolf Opsahl, Arne Tilseth, Genevieve Prescott, and Phyllis Bailey as members with Phyllis Bailey directing. They played at the banquet honoring basketball players and at the Music Festival. Two of the quartet’s members offer definite proof of the fact that practice in the string quartet helps the individual player. William Rusinak, a former member, was sent to New York City where he played over Major Bowes’ amateur hour. Because he was considered a promising violinist, he was sent out on one of the circuits. Phyllis Bailey, who is now directing the quartet, won first place in the Edison original music contest with her composition, “Das Lebcn des Meisters." C8-K1SENIOR ORCHESTRA T7 NTERTAINMENT, in the form of music, is furnished at many of Edison’s audi-1 toriums largely by our Senior orchestra. The class plays, vaudevilles, commencements, and operettas are all given with the help or to the accompaniment of this musical organization. Under Mr. Sodergren, the director, this orchestra ably and willingly works to enlarge the pupils' appreciation of music. Only those Edisonians whose musical talents warrant them a position in the Senior orchestra are members. Credit towards graduation is received by the members. They also receive the valuable experience of playing in an orchestra. After at least two years’ service a pupil may win a music letter. For a much longer period of service, the orchestra members receive gold or jewelled pins. The money for music is contributed by the Music Council. The instruments used come from various sources: some are owned by the school, but many of them are owned by the pupils themselves. The orchestra meets in the auditorium at the first period every morning. At the beginning of each term tryouts arc held to determine the best players of each type of instrument. Mr. Sodergren does not judge these tryouts; instead members of the group decide the most proficient. During the last term several members were appointed to represent Edison in the all-city high school orchestra, which plays annually at the University. Tap ton: t. MePht rson, IP. Aor man, P. Graskon, A. I.mil, R. l psahl, ,. Erickson, II. Nor ling, ’ice-President: A’. Knoll. J. Hill mu h. Sixth Ron" R. Conlry, IP. McCaffrey, M. IPilliams, R. An.hrton, B. Donahue, C. Johmon, P. Priila, D. Parsons. Fifth Rvn: A. Tilseth, F. England, A. Paone, C. Korzenontki, I). Christenson, E. Tneedt, A’. P tar ton, II. Peterson. Fourth Ron: K. Pick, G. Prescott, F. Sperry, B. ‘oil, J. North ield. M. Mienke, .V. Gruhr, StcrrlaryTrrainrrr. ThinI Ron : J. Anderson, M. Trnnar, S. Ruzniar, (). Sc hander, .. Curyl, .. Anderson, A’. Frrsonke. Second Ron: C. I.enit, S. Mars hull, G. .SVArrrr, IP. Mueller, C. Green, K. Rausch. Front Ron: I). Peterson, IP. Porter, SetretaryTreasurer, President; II, Raldnin, President; Mr. Sodergren. P. Bailey. Pite-PreiideMi; C. Ketehurn. CS5 □'I Blue Triangle-Hi-Y Dance CLUBS IN ACTION Forum Initiation Footlights and Curtain Club Debate Club CM]Carl Linnaeus Club CLUBS IN ACTION Latin Clubage spectator realizes how well each pilot in that squadron is playing his part, but what the average spectator does not consider is that it took innumerable hours of constant drill to arrive at that perfection. In our school life, we too have our drill work and our exhibitions — our curricular and our extracurricular activities. It is in our every-day class work that we acquire the correctness of manner and speech which is so vital a requisite of the person with social aspirations. Like the squadron pilots, we have learned that working together is a necessary supplement of playing together. STUDY HALL LIBRARY AND STUDY HALL "PICTURES of school life would not be complete unless pictures of a study hall or a library were included. Every student spends part of his time in either the library or a study hall. Edison's library is well equipped with reference books on almost every subject. Students who wish to use the reference books go directly to the library instead of going to their study halls. Students who wish to use their textbooks only usually go to their assigned scats in the study halls. Books of fiction may be drawn from the library after school only. 1:89 3 LIBRARYChemistry Biology EXPERIMENTATION, LECTURE, AND RECITATIONTRANSLATION, MAP WORK, AND EXAMINATION German C91D HistoryOffice Training Typing DUPLICATING, TRANSCRIBING, AND COPYINGDRAWING, WRITING, AND STUDYING English C 93 3Clothing Foods [94] PLANNING, SEWING, AND COOKINGMachine Shop C9 3 Geometry CALCULATING, CONSTRUCTING, AND OPERATING. 1 tmvnL I Fnalund D. Ready. L. Drlmonico, R. Frit. R. If'or It, J. Bi liman. If. Fisher. Sixth Top Row: C. Osborne. A. • , L «■ »» K Bolt, R. Pearo. .. Je„e. P. Pederson. J. Loba.h. Firm Row: A. Til,elk, M. Row: '• ft llunrzak. .. Krr.tr n. P. Jaeob.en, . IPalseth. . Maje'uski. Fourth Row: E. Eden. Kath, A. Holbrook. L. For , ■ F.. Smith, K. Jacob ton. I'. Ztlrmak. Tiiiko Row: ). Sruman, H. Linehan. . . I.tie son, I.. Olson, A- Bern " ' ‘ Schuh I Roman. I. Host. SrtOXU Row: ,W. Miller, F. Pellegrino. II. Brmda, E. Suskr. J. kng FroST Row: ... - «-. C. «.. . .««« , . r;- “ K » . C. .S o, mark. I.. Odtntrans. THE group captain is elected by his advisory group each semester. His duty is to be an able assistant to his adviser. He helps with checking the attendance, taking charge of subscriptions for school publications, and passing out notices. an Z i—i E- CL o Oh D o 0 H-l ►-1 o D O O 0 Iz; •—i g ! PQ w S C 96 ] THE Banking Council, which is made up of a student cashier from each advisory group, has as its primary interest the fostering of a spirit of thrift in the student body. The cashiers take charge of banking in their own advisories every Tuesday morning. Top Row: .. Pothering, J. Rudolph. If". Ilomzik. If. London, II. Morling. C. King. R. Bor, A. '|f 'ff23l Row: .. Marengo. A. Peter.on. I). Maurer. J. La.ho, P. e-um.n, P. Crask™ P- I’hantemtk. R .a,at. L. Fou,; Firm Row: F. Ckorlrtburg, M. Olson. S. A ad land, K. Can,. I). Bohn. J. Hay".'C- Eedd.n • RoW: F. Mill ■ Row: F. Birth. J. Samson. M. Han,. R. Set,on, S. Boehnak. M. Dunn. F. Caliban. R IrtndblaJ. ™ A CAj, . Ford. S. Pie,. F. Sutkouski, C. Ol.on, P. Peter,on. C. Pinko,h M. Orton Srcoso Row: C. Kokan £ r,(t.r,e,id.• man. I). IPolk, . Lyndr. R. Floato. R. Nygaard, A. IP allin. F.os, Row: R. Ofsahl C. H attar, r. A reut-i r. Carl,on. President: Mis, Ca,e. M. Johnuen, Se tret ary; M. Tiltrl k. Setretary; O. Obert. II. Ilnatn.JAZZ ORCHESTRA Top Row: M. H'illiamt, II. Sterling. Second Row: II. Barfkneekt, II. Herbert. Front Row: R. Kubias. G. Dr enter. If. U«», C. Haberle (at piano). THE jazz orchestra was organized in 1922 to furnish popular music for the social functions of the school. The orchestra is an extra-curricular organization, and its members practice after regular school hours. The boys customarily play at the class parties, and at the All-School Party. Occasionally they grace the stage with their presence during the auditoriums. George Dressier has been student manager of the orchestra for the past two years. THE stage crew, under the direction of Mr. Hamrin, arranges the stage equipment for programs given on the stage. After two years of service, the boys receive a letter and after three years, they have two stars added to their emblem. Top Row: ’. Swamon, M. Suez, 0. Anjrrton, R. Ilnnenak, R. I me ten. Front Row: B. Iverson, R. Wood, Mr. Hamrin, Adviser: M. Bolin, I.. It’elke. STAGE CREWTop .V. Erickson, I.. I.undqnltl, M. Drimak, J. Kasmir, M. Il’ol e, S. Stanowski. Second Row: F. Rapato, B. Joseph, F. Miernierutk, R. M. f 'arekol, F. Bor sky. From Row; F. Pastwa, M. Henderson, P. Homzek, J. Perranll, J. Sort on. OFFICE pages arc selected from the Office Training Class to attend to many little details which lessen the burden of the office staff. Their duties include taking telephone calls on the switchboard, going on errands for the clerks, and occasionally doing some typing. Besides helping the office force, the girls receive practical office training to help them after they finish school. LIBRARY monitors assist Mrs. Rendernick and Miss Chandonnct in caring for the j books, keeping order, and handing out library passes to the pupils. There are two monitors on duty each period and three monitors after school. After school, the monitors assist students in finding reference and fiction books. No fiction books arc issued until after school. Top Row: (). Powers, E. Rr,mbit n. J. Seal. F. Davies, A. Roekstad, R. J'and r pas. Second Row: M. Jones, B. Plantin, I). Braa, II. Zajae, P. Brink, I.. Muenae. rout Row: E. Steffens, K. Sullivan, Mrs. Rrm ernick, B. Chan lonnet, R. Kiawezwk. CO w Ph w O CO Q 04 0 i K Q i—i E- CO 7 ■ . Pelf non, E. Sarfkr, S. Bullta, I'. Ilrrmundslir, G. AnJerton, II. ( lion. J Emjstrom. ThinI Row: ’. McCaffery, J. Schafer, R. Skoog, C. Cich, I.. Dclmonico, R. Seminar. Second Row: •'. Kaerchrr, O. Morrill, S. Nordeen, C. liana, R. Budahrrger, H. Graham, U ■ Brathewits. Front Ron-: J. Litecky, R. Burnt, N. Thorn, Mr. Henley, Advitrr; R. I.undecn, C. l.ucat. THE stair guards arc the muscular fellows who direct the pupils up and down the correct flights of stairs. The hall guards arc on duty during the lunch periods to keep the pupils in the lunch room until the period is over, and also during the sixth period to prevent early departure. The guards are changed every six weeks so that every boy who wishes may have a chance to serve. DURING the third | criod, these boys deliver a copy of the absence sheet to each teacher. The absence sheets carry the names of pupils and teachers who are absent or excused. It takes consistent practice on their part to learn how to click their heels when tripping across a study hall.GREENHOUSE CLASS Top Row S. Engc, .S'. K revels, I). Oftrdahl, F. Cerine, II. Swanson, E. Eden, E. Gallagher. Srrornl Row : A. Mely, M. Erickson, D. Ilcdhlom, C. Strand, M. Mely, I). Eskro. Front Row : . Hair, Mrs. l.inrllcn, Mrs. MeCluskey, Miss Garvey, Mrs. Clautsrn, Miss Rordlrr, Mr. Smith. THE lunchroom helpers assist the superintendent with planning and serving the lunches in the cafeteria. The girls attend special classes to learn food nutrition. The lunchroom helpers are continually experimenting to find new methods of serving lunches at a lower cost to the students. One experiment tried this semester was serving plate lunches for ten, fifteen, and twenty cents. Although the plate lunches were delicious, they were a financial failure. THE greenhouse class consists of five members who enjoy working with plants. They weed, sprinkle, and transplant the plants, and do other necessary work in the green house. They receive one credit for each semester ot work. G. Lena, .'I. Regan, M. Field, M. .-Irkman, R. Parmenter. noon LUNCHROOM HELPERSTHE CHILD OF FLANDERS" was presented by the dramatic club under the direction of Miss Garland. It was given in the auditorium before both assemblies on the Thursday preceding the Christmas vacation. The play has its setting in Flanders, France, at the time of the World War. Three tired and hungry American soldiers, portrayed by joe Bredemus, Chester Osbourne, and George Olson, come to the home of a French peasant (Earl Desmond) on Christmas Eve. The latter part of the play is concerned with the soldiers’ beautiful dream about the Christmas story. This play was typical of the many excellent performances which the dramatic club gives for the entertainment of the school. Throughout the presentation Christmas hymns and other musical selections were sung by selected members of the choir, standing back stage. Solo numbers were sung by Stella Stvliski, soprano. The scenery also helped create the atmosphere of the Yuletide, the stage being decorated with evergreens. The costumes of the characters in the tableaus were in keeping with those of the period portrayed. C 101 3 THE CHILD OF FLANDERS'THE OPERETTA: "TUNE IN" The heroine and the hero “Be practical!" C 102 3THE STUDENT COUNCIL VAUDEVILLE One slip, and—!! “It’s the rhythm in us" n io3dUnderstanding comes at last DRAMATIC CLUB PLAYS “Cicely's Cavalier” “The Man in the Bowler Hat” Come clean, now It must be love n 104 ] CLASS “Tea for one, please, James” June Class Play Cast Top Row: L. Reynolds, K. Kraweayk, M Bakke, IF. O’Grady, .'I. Globes. . Hey Wood. Second Row: .7. .arson, I). Anderson, G I "an Drrsluis, ft. Shi ska, L. Smith, G Fredrickson. Front Row: W. Cos man, J. Johnson, ’ y.eleniak, M. ftolin, I). .Xixon. I). Carl son. PLAYS “Tons of Money” “Growing Pains" Wal, I swan rios:Peter Dzubay anti George Johnson—Edison Alumni SOME ASSEMBLIES The Mill Stream QuartetMr. Gordicn and his tricks MORE ASSEMBLIES C 107 3c IOS □ Fun at the 12A Class Party The photographer must be handsome Frolicking at the football frolic SCHOOL PARTIESSCHOOL PARTIES The lucky winner—Esther Eggan What do they eat ? HandsJust read this! Faculty Plays “The Mousetrap” “'The Playgoers” Turn the other cheek A gentleman in demand C no]Engineering draws a crowd 5T itSLSA College Day March 12 Some interesting pictures Serious consultation Cm]- - • C U2 ] ON SPECIAL OCCASIONSON HOMECOMING DAY 1113 3 There are smiles that make touchdowns Oratorical Pete Guzy At the pistol shot! r--------jumper has plunged off over space, his life once more entrusted to the bundle of silk cloth attached to his back. Here, certainly, is a sportsman, possessed of all those sterling qualities necessary for a good athlete: splendid physique, unflinching stamina, willingness to gamble against overwhelming odds, and the ability to make split-second decisions in tight spots. In this section, you will find pictures of your own fellow students, who, possessed of these same “sterling qualities,” have managed to keep their particular branch of athletics at or near the top throughout the keenest sort of competition. Our pride in these athletes of ours is certainly justified, and aviation is equally justified for the pride it manifests in its athlete, the parachute jumper.Tap A'. Siinilin, IP. Warhol, C. SziiJer, R. AVwfw'i , fl. LaFoml, Mr. Guay, Front Row: Mr. Pur hint, Mr. Miller, Mr. Cook, Mr. Rtiy, Mr. Pile, rPHE Board of Control, with the principal as an ex-officio member, is composed of d- the coaches and outstanding members from the squad of each major sport. They control the eligibility of the players and the distribution of “E” awards. Each term at the end of the sport season the Board determines who deserves awards for participation in athletics. Another of its duties is to appoint able student managers, whose duty it is to assist the faculty manager in his many tasks. ADDED to the coaching staff of two full time coaches are six part time coaches, who, although academic teachers, give much of their time to athletics. This year Mr. Ciuzy was added to this staff as football coach. The success or failure of Edison teams is largely owing to this group. These coaches mold the athletic groups that establish Edison's reputation in the city’s athletics. COACHING STAFF BOARD OF CONTROLCHEER LEADERS STUDENT MANAGERS . MeCUIIam. M. Tafiak, K. I'au.fr pat, '. McCagtry MR. GUZY had the following as assistants or student managers during the football season: William McCafTcry, Mike Tapsak, James McClellan, and Robert Vandcpas. The latter two also held the same position with the basketball team. Although these boys do not play a very conspicuous part in the held of athletics, they render invaluable service to the various coaches, and therefore they, as well as the athletes, arc able to win letters in that particular sport which they serve. T A7HETHER the team was on the held or on the fl x r, winning or losing, these ’ ’ Tommy cheer leaders brought continued encouragement to them from the crowds of Edison enthusiasts. T he boys are selected through tryouts at the beginning of the football season each fall. The candidates, about fifteen in number, go through their paces, and a committee, coni|x scd of faculty and student council members headed by Mrs. Curry, elect the regulars. As evidenced by the picture, the boys all wear attractive uniforms, made to harmonize with the sch(X)l colors, blue and gold. A. RitkitraJ, F.. DettnvnJ, E. Sar ke, M. H ?IJ, G. Kokan. C 1J6TJ. Sthaper, C. ElgelanA, Mr. Krtvowtki, SwiJrr, .V. Kocisko. NICK KOCISKO placed as number one man on the Tommy golf team last season with joe Schapcr as number two man. Lcttermen were N. Kocisko, j. Schaper, C. Swider, and M. Trymucha. The Wizards attained third place in the city inter-school schedule. The squad is coached by Mr. Krezowski. The schedule was opened with eight men from each of the eight high schools participating in an eighteen hole preliminary round held at Armour Golf Course. The four men from each school who had the lowest scores then played in the city finals. All but one of the lcttermen are returning for the forthcoming season. T DWIN SAEFKE and Cornelius Lucas received letters in tennis this year after ■1—1 defeating Marshall in the last match of the season. The victory was attained in a match of doubles. The squad of students is coached by Mr. Ahlstrom. Paul Anderson was the only returning letterman in the squad of nineteen boys. Most of the matches were played olT before Easter vacation although practice was slightly delayed because of the poor condition of the courts for playing. h »i7i Top Row: P. Anderson, E. Saefke, Mr. Aklstrom, C. Lucas. Front Row: R. Hendrickson, J. Benson, L. I mi son. TENNIS TEAM GOLF TEAMLETTER MEN TRACK Top Ron-: If. MeCaffery, K. Monton, R. Olton, E. Miller, J. Salepka, C. .Xrkola, A. Ditlei, R. Statka, R. Duntan, Mr. Miller. From Ron : R. Jotrphton, R. AVwjuii , R. MePherson, I.. Smith, I). Ruble, ('.. Dahl, B. Jtirek, . .mi deen, ’. Olton. THE Edison track team went into action by taking first place in the opening meet of the season, the Metropolitan, with an eleven point margin. After defeating North, West, Washburn, and Central in dual meets, our boys went into the thirty-fourth annual Carlcton inter-scholastic track meet, coming out in third place. Then, in both the quadrangular and city meets that followed, the Tommy cinder men gained second place. All first and second place men in the city meet qualify for the state meet. The following men thus qualified and brought Edison in third place: V. Lundeen, R. Olson, R. Newquist, R. McPherson, E. Miller, C. Nekola, F. Waite, 15. josephson, and J. Nalcpka. In this meet R. Newquist and R. Olsen tied for first place in the pole vault, a" twelve feet. E. Miller placed third in high jump. 15. Josephson, R. McPherson, and V. Sundecn took fourth place in their respective events. As a whole the Tommy cinder men had a very successful season. F. ff’aite, R. MtPhtnta, R. Sen-juitt, R. Olton, E. Miller, C. Sekola, J. .Xalepka, ’. l.utuletn, B. Joteph-ton.Boys rulerrj in tournament: II. Roufs, A. IF ells, J. Mrl.ellan, II. Fortin, R. Fautjkan, R. Mardolais, I . Bloomtlahl, T. Buffington, Turn uist, J. Bretny, J. Jaekton, F. Rat, F. Unit him, F. Iludoha, As’ uill. I.. Yales, J. Kastnrr, IF. Sater, S. Crandall, F. Ilrrland, I). Dairy, R. I.rlournrau, J. Mokrei, I., Thompson. I). Hate, IF. MeFImury, C. Malm. THE boxing class, a new feature of Edison’s athletic department, is coached by Mr. Lyle Patterson. After putting the Tommy lighters through a long training season, he conducted a boxing tournament in the boys’ gym in which all weight divisions except heavyweight were represented. After this, an Intra-school tournament was held in which twenty-seven Edison boxers participated. The rounds were limited to one and one-half minutes throughout the season and there were three rounds to each bout. The reason for the short round is that the hoys were able to travel at a faster pace and consequently make the bouts more interesting. Mr. I)rage was one of the judges in the tournament. AI the request of several Edison hoys, tap dancing classes were started last October under the direction of Burnam Graham, Kenneth Kelsey, and Frank Anderson. These classes arc open to all the boys in the school. These classes are not a part of the gymnastic training of the school however, as they arc completely under the direction of students. Top Row: A. Karknla, J. H'et 30mk, IF. Balamul, T. Turgeon. Front Row: F, Anderson, IF. MeCaffrry, K. Krlsey, 0. Si handler. CH9D TAP DANCING BOXINGgymnastics Ctarh Miller, K. Baker, C. Olson, I). Dairy, I.. I.eTournrasi, K. A’ «• , J. Harrksen, R. Manley, . Flak, .V. Snkak, D. Matey, C. Mo'gan, M. Sir tar I, If. Jurek, .. LeMere, R. Hagen, F. Misua. THE 1935 Tommy gymnastic squad swung into action by competing in two practice meets against seven schools, taking first place in one and second in the other. After taking second place in the city meet, they entered the thirty-second annual Northwest Gymnastic Meet in which 297 young men from the entire northwest were competing. The Tommies came out victorious, taking first place with 7 S8.5 points. L. LcMcrc, J. Harchscn, and I). Daley took second, third, and fifth places, resjxrctively, in the B class. R. Manley placed eighth in C class. This is the first gymnastic championship the Tommies have ever won in their ten years of participation in competitive intcrscholastic gymnastic meets. As a result of this very successful season thirteen boys received letters. Several of these lettermcn arc sophomores and will form a foundation for a probable championship team next year. The squad is coached by Mr. Harry Miller. O. Mrlbo, It. Shamf, ,1. Tamm, ', MtCabr, G. I'lath, C. Sisik, E. Carr, F. Sentyra, K. Arison, R. lanlry, ■„ S-l0r,k,, . » „ . |UtkUll, M. Sircar!. C. .l oryat, R. Realty, If. Ahlkcrg, A. Carr. J. MtCleUan.FORTY-FIVE Edison gymnasts participated in the M. E. A. meet at the municipal auditorium on November 1. About 2565 other Twin City students took part in this demonstration of physical education activities in Minneapolis and St. Paul schools. Our gymnastic squad received much acclaim from the great audience that witnessed this demonstration. Coaches Parkins and Miller were managers of several events for all school competition. Mrs. A. Ingebretson, former Edison physical education teacher, was assistant manager of all events. The entire demonstration was a very colorful affair, and every event was run off smoothly. The boys, all of whom were extremely well trained and developed, gave wonderful exhibitions of their accomplishments in gymnastic work. The stunts included such numbers as gigantic human pyramids, performances on the ropes and the rings, and muscular exhibitions on the cross-bars. F. Turman, I.. Brrjf, l . Jo hit io i», R. Johmtonr, I). Oumrtlt, . Timm, W. Ilummik. J. f li . (i. Jmtohiom, S. Pattka. S. Cook. R. JfamioH, '. Rvtki, '. Rifko, C. Joknton, M. II,ill, I). Ckrmonrtk, R. Uaytn, R- Ptttrtou, I. Miana, R. Rroilim, . Dymom. C. I.mii.rPHE 1935 grid season marked the installation of Peter Guzy as the new football coach at Edison. Although the squad dropped behind a little in the first three games, being defeated by Roosevelt, West, and Central, they became an entirely different team in the Washburn homecoming game, defeating the Millers 6-0, then they went on and ruined the Polar homecoming to the tune of 7-0. Next, to the great joy of Northeast Minneapolis, they defeated Marshall for the first time in eight years with a score of 7-6. They ceded Top Ron: Couch Guzy, It. LaFond, .1. Karkula, C. Olson, ’. Caydot, J. Hokret, J. Xlarushin, I). Hansen, M. Trymucha, I). Knutson, T. Krt• zoic ski, IF. Smith, J. I’odany. I '. Kina, I). IFatslak, J. Kozaez, Ms. Mankonski. Middle RoI; A'. Lundcen, H. IJaUuge. F. Fiver, J. Roman, IF. Jarctnko, I. IFiillon, '. .’Issij, C. Malm, S. Cornett. M. Bolin. S. Kitczek, T. Yates, C. Johnson. Front Ron: R. Sandin, IF. Selson, J. Miernieeak, C. Snider, A. IFusilak G. Rapacz, M. Robertson, F. I'or pah!, J. Kolinski, I). Ready, IF. McFl-mury, R. Larson, J. Hillman, R. S’evt' uitl. After FOOTBALLMissed the last game of the season to South by the slight margin of 7-6. Matty Trymucha, Tommy quarterback, was unable to play the last half of the season because he had passed the high school grid age limit. The outstanding feature of Edison’s past grid season was the comeback of Edison in the football “win” column. The season was marked by new enthusiasm among the student body coupled with the new fighting spirit shown by Guzy’s team. With Ralph C. Tapp having ruled that spring football practice be discontinued, Coach Guzy will he obliged to go to work in earnest next fall with his new squad. Several regulars of this year's team will be back to bolster the Tommy hopes. MemikBASEBALL SWIMMING C 124 3 Top R ■'? R- Rehholz, ! . I'anomi, Co,uk J. SoJJ, O. Rarron, E. I’orphal, J. Schaprr. MiJi lr Ro-u.: R. Rojtrri, J. F.ngitrom, R. Harryscn, R. Ruff mack, F. Rubik, E. (iriHrtkic. From Rou e R. Jrnkovski, R. ’A.iHint , F. Senlyrs. AFTER having dropped from the city inter-school swimming schedule last year, Edison re-entered this season and won two meets. Joe Schaper, breast stroke man, placed on the all-city first team, and Peter Rufienach gained a position on the second team. The Tommy tankers were able to practice at John Ryan Baths again, instead of at the Central Y. M. C. A., as they had to last year because of the closing of Ryan Baths. Because most of the lettermen are graduating, next season’s team will have to be formed around new material. Mr. Ray is adviser for the squad. ALL eight high schools entered the prep baseball league in the 1935 season as compared with only five schools last season. Edison, who won three games during the season against Washburn, North, and Marshall, came in third place. One hundred boys came out at the beginning of the season but the number was cut to thirty by elimination through batting practice. Due to the lack of time no pre-season contest was held. Daily workouts were held at Columbia park during spring vacation as well as on the regular school days. R. 'illtiraJ, I). Horn, IF. l ’arbol, J. Reid, S. omhouiki, X. Krnjostiki, E.Z-uiaika, I). Ready. S. Fudro, A. Slot kb,mi, S. I'anutek (Cupl.), F. Miernic;ak, J. Izytiorrk, . suit, R. IaiFohi , Coach Parkim, Mr. Courtney, R. ’amdtpat. Slate Consolation Trophy, Star Trophy, Re tonal Trophy, Twin City Trophy. Northeast Business and Professional Men's Association Trophy. 7 S a result of the Edison basketball team’s winning streak again this year, five new xx trophies were added to our ever-growing collection. Through these trophies, it is possible to trace the basketball team's success through city, regional, and state tournament play. Edison, one of the smallest teams in the state, won the consolation prize by polishing off such rangy opponents as Red Wing and Sleepy Eye. This makes the second consecutive year that Edison has reached the state tournament play-off. A SOPHOMORE schedule became a city-wide feature this year with teams entered from all eight senior high schools as well as Lincoln and Patrick Henry Junior Highs. These games were played in the school gyms after school on Friday. A defeat from Roosevelt in the last game of the season spoiled the Tommy tenth graders’ chance for tying for first place with Lincoln Junior. The team is coached by Mr. Krezowski. Top Row: If. Podany, R. Johnson, E. Homing, ’. Kozaez, Coach Kreeowski. Bottom Row: ’. A'iny, Lunettesi, P. U'arhol, T. Fedora. . Mtscioszek. C 125 2 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL BASKETBALL TROPHIESINTRAMURAL BASKETBALL J. Mrrnik, I’, ff'aihol, .S'. t'uJio, I). Carlttm, ’. H'arhvl. TEAMS PLAYING IN SEMI-FINALS Flashes 'Terrible Turks (Champs) Buffaloes D. Braa N . Roman C. Swidcr L. Urista I). Carlson W. Jcrcmko W. Smith l Warhol C. Olson W. Hagmcister W. Warhol (j. Rapacz J. Mikolof T. Pilacinski S. Fudro |. Mcrnik W. Andre v$ki J. Kozacz Black and Blues Polish Flyers Chislers E. Wilson J. Lipa E. Uchanski B. I iFund H. Bishop Ness H. Walscth F. Kadilak R. Coulombc |. Kolinoski S. Obrzut W. Banisky 1 . Kicdrowski S. Zdon L. Forest IN order to discover new talent for the varsity basketball team and to develop it, an intramural tournament is run off each year. The teams competing in these games arc made up of hoys from all four grades. The games were played after school in the girls' gym. A ruling that only two members of the varsity squad can play on the same team prevents the whole varsity squad from entering as one team. The boys do not have a chance to develop the smooth-working qualities of the varsity squad, but they offset this by producing faster games. The idea of splitting up the varsity squad among the various teams met with unusual success. As a result the teams were not only more evenly matched, but the varsity players had a better chance of developing themselves by competing against each other. At no time did any one team take complete control, and for that reason, i he competition remained keen to the very end. C126 ]Back Row: ’. Warhol, R. Johnson, T. Ballrntinr. Iron! Row: C. Olson, ’. Gemmrl, J. Brcsny, Wagntr, 9B 9A 10B 10A (Chat, C. Sandcl W. Robertson F. Hudoha T. Ballcntinc I). Hinz R. Peterson M. Licpkc J. Brcznv J. Williams P. Pcrtson I). Fagcrwol 1 R. Johnson A. F.ngstrom 1. St. ckhaus R. Cormier T. Pilacinski R. Larson J. Klis R. McDaniaK P. Warhol H. Roufs L. Sullivan P. Scrbanic W. (kmmcl E. Horning C. Olson 11B 11A 12B 12A P. Tapsak N. Draper W. Nelson M. Tapsak D. Spccht J. Fclcgy A. Verio A. Janasco ). Banasik L. Formo W. McElmcry R. Vandepas T. Fedora ]. Stcpanchak O. Rot ncm J. Izydorck S. Gomez W. Banisky W. Smith J. Johnson M. Janasco R. Ilarland R. Larson R. Lewis THE interclass schedule opened January 11 and the games were played on Saturday mornings in the boys' gym. These teams arc made up entirely of boys not on the varsity squad. The llA’s and the lOB’s continued undefeated until they finally met in the closing game of the season. In this game the A sophomores ran over the B juniors to take the intcrclass championship. Interclass basketball plays an important part in Edison’s physical education program. It offers opportunity for playing basketball to those who do not make the regular squad and to those who do not care to enter into varsity competition. Further, it gives to a large numl cr of students the chance to develop competitive spirit; it gives that training in good sportsmanship that is so valuable in character-building. Through intcrclass competition Mr. Parkins is able to discover the talented players that make up Edison’s fine basketball teams. C 127 3BASKETBALL 1936 T7DISON opened the basketball season as a favored -J team this year and lived up to the predictions of the sports writers and the hopes of the student body. After defeating Valley City, North Dakota, the Tommies plowed through six of the seven opposing teams in the city schedule with ease, but in the fifth game, they received a slight setback, in the form of a defeat, from Roosevelt, who had a one point margin on our lx ys. The Wizards closed the regular season with 244 points and their second consecutive city championship title. W. Warhol, C. Swider and D. Carlson were placed on the all-city team, as all-city guard, center, and forward, respectively. ★ D. Carlson .. Ur hi a Edison .............. 34 Edison............... 35 Edison .............. 25 Edison................30 Edison .............. 30 Edison............... 22 Edison............... 42 Edison ...............26 Valley City, N. D. 20 Washburn......... 16 North ................ 8 Marshall ... 16 West .................24 Roosevelt ............23 South............ .. 35 Central ............. 16 II. Ualsrlh .V. Korn an II'. Jtrtmko C. Switlrr]. Roman C. Rafalea S. Domhomki R. Ya!laic R. l.aFc, BASKETBALL 1936 7CFTER winning the city title. Edison defeated St. Paul Central to capture their second straight twin city championship. The Tommies then entered the regional tournament at St. Cloud seeking their second consecutive regional title. The teams of Will-mar and St. Cloud Tech, met defeat at the hands of the Wizards, and Edison came away with the championship for region live and with C. Swidcr, W. Warhol, and I). Carlson on the all-regional team. The Tommies ran up against their second set back of the season in the state tournament, losing to Buhl. But this only served to spur the boys on to win the state consolation title, defeating Sleepy Eye and Albert Lea. ★ ★ Twin City Edison 30 St. Paul Central .. 13 Regional Edison 31 Willmar 29 Edison 37 St. Cloud Tech 36 State Edison 32 Buhl . 41 Edison 36 Sleepy Eye 19 Edison 36 Albert Lea . 24 m ; . At emit Coat ft Pur hintACTION SHOTS “Now try it again” C 130] Roman’s shot goes wild Willie up after it Roman makes a basketLETTERMEN E. Barer Gymnastics G. Barron Swimming M. Bolin Football D. Carlson Basketball D. Daley Gymnastics H. Dalluge Football E. Desmond Cheer Leader A. Dittes Track. S. Domhowski Baseball J. Engstrom Swimming S. Fudro Basketball E. Grbnbski Swimming R. Hagen Gymnastics J. Harchysen Gymnastics B. Harrysen Swimming D. Horn Baseball W. Jerf.mko Basketball C. Johnson Football B. JOSEPHSON Track W. JuREK Gymnastics N. Kbnjowski Baseball P. Kibdrowski Basketball N. Kocisko Golf J. Kolinski Football J. Kozacz Football G. Kohan Cheer Leader T. Krezowski Football S. Kusek Football B. LaFond Baseball Basketball R. Larson Football L. LeMere Gymnastics R. LeTOL'RNEAU Gymnastics C. Lucas Tennis V. Lundeen Football Track R. Manley Gymnastics W. McCapfery Track J. McClellan Student Manager R. McPherson Track F. Mernik Baseball j. Mernik Basketball Football E. Miller Track F. Mizava Gymnastics R. Morgan Gymnastics K. Mon son Track J. Nalepka Track C. Nekola Track R. Newquist Track Football R. Olson Track W. Olson Track G. Rapacz Football Basketball D. Ready Football Baseball R. Rebholz Swimming J. Reid Baseball M. Robertson Football A. Rocksted Cheer Leader B. Rogers Swimming J. Roman Football N. Roman Basketball P. Rupfenach Swimming E. Saefke Tennis R. Sanoin Football Track ]. Schaper Golf Swimming R. Staska Track N. St'BAK Gymnastics C. Swider Basketball Golf Football M. Trymucha Golf L. Urista Basketball R. Vandbpas Student Manager S. Vanusek Baseball E. VoRPHAL Football Swimming R. Walstead Baseball F. Waite Track W. Warhol Baseball Basketball A. Wasilak Football C 131 □EMBLEM and LETTER GIRLS G. A. A. BOARD I’of Row: ). Lobath, '. Currk, . Roman, D. Cif’f'rrly, A. Kowalski, I.. llof ko. Front Row: .Min l.elaml, G. Saline, L. Fedora, A. Hatha, .Mu. Goodrieh. THE members of ihe board conduct the business of the organization, introduce new projects, and serve as sport heads. Lorraine Fedora, president first semester, was elected vice-president of the city wide Advisory Board. Ann Bacha was elected president for the second semester and Dorothy Smith vice president. The girls are elected to their positions by first being nominated by a nomination committee consisting of the president, vice president, and a member at large of the G. A. A. They are voted on by the whole organization. SCHOOL letters are awarded to girls who have earned six hundred points in individual sports. City emblems require one thousand points. These letters are worn by the girls on “Letter Day.” An annual play day is held every year in which emblem winners from all the city high schools participate. These girls get together to become acquainted and to have a good time. Tor Row: I., IP alii n. H. McDonald, S. Sim S» coxi Row: IP. Currk, ( ■ Saline, R. Holliiier, A. Rat ha. Front Row: D. I.orfjrl, F. Dt.Mutt, F.. Pellegrino, II. Roman.Tor Row: A. Granl. B. Mf Donald. A. Jensen, '. Carlton, I.. II'all in, II. I.arion, I.. Hawkinson, I’. A'« ton, A. Marlin. Firm Row: I., Jatkton, G. Ohm. E. Syr. I). Drlanry. E. Sovak, II'. Currk, A. Koomhki, R. Hollister. Fourth Row: M. Mitkouiee, B. Gonirr, G. Pinkoth, E. Suske, G. Sknrka, S. Knaniar, G. Joan. Third Row: E. Kolodziejeayk, F. Rapais, .. Sawyer, I'. Seaman. D. laghtowhr, J. Lel'eifue, L. Ilof-ko, E. Pellegrino. SrcOND Row: G. Sekerer. A. I'etrano, I., H'igner, I., harm, I. Reihetar, A. I.yndr. I). Seaman. Front Row: .. Cunningham. I). Hoffman. Mitt Leland, Mn. Goodriek, II. Roman, I. Bogueki. o 1—I E-« t——i o o THIi Girls Athletic Association has for its purpose the promotion of health, athletic accomplishments, sportsmanship, and cooperation in school activities. As a member of this organization each girl is provided with the op|x rtunity of participating in her favorite sports and of attaining greater degree of skill in these. At frequent intervals parties are given to further social relationships among the giHs. School letters and city emblems arc awarded at the Letter Girl’s banquet in the spring of each year. CO CO o P w X Top Row: I). Saline. H. Hn.uk. J. IFolfe, L. Fedora. If. Dawson, M. Ilolm. J. l.ohath, .. Selkirk, D. Swider. Firm Row: I). Siorekrl, I.. Beaukirn, I). IFehkinger, I.. Carlton, I). Ciffrrlj, I.. F.ide, • Johnson, S. Bergman. Fourth Row: C. Magden, I . Brooks, K. Sutton, A. Farm, '. Esnough. B. Avery, B. rnnsrey. Third Row: I). Smith, I.. Dantik, D. l.orffrl, J. Sehon. I.. Levine, B. H'njand, B. Carlton, E- Idler. Si com. Row : E. I)e Gido, C. Green, I . Tesmar, C. Low, '. Peter,on, B. J. Moot . F e Ante. Front Row: C. Staali, I.. Smith, Met. Goodriek, Mill I.eland, G. Honton, G. Saline. I. Baeha. E—• CO h—1 P4 I-I 0 Cl 33 3WINNERS FIELD HOCKEY Top Row: C. Stoats, L. Smith, N. Jensen, V. Carlton, G. Saline, I.. Wallin, L. Hav-kinson, P. Helton, li. Me Donald, A. Marlin. Sixth Row: I.. Fedora, L. Cunningham, . Larson, A. Rue ha. L. Newkirk, A. Grassal, J. l.obath, M. Howe, ’. Gurek. Fifth Row: S. Knsniar, A. Larin, L. Jackson, D. Cipperly, L. Carlson, E. Nye, A. Kowalski, . Roman, 1. Rogueki. G. Snider. Fourth Row: M. Johnson, E. Novak, K. Sutton, J). Delaney, J. Lel'es' nr, J). Lee, J. Wolfe, G. Skurka, G. Olsen. Third Row: .. Ilofko, L. Fide, R. J. Moots, D. l.oejjel, '. Seaman, I). l.ightowlrr, R. Carlson, E. Suske, G. Pinkosh, E. Pellegrino. Sr.C0M Row: L. Sawyer, I'. Esnough, Peterson. L. harm, R. Avery, R. U'igand, '. K olodsiejezyk, 1.. I.evinr, N. Rergman. Front Row: C. Green, G. Jones, L. Rauhien, M. Tesmar, F. DeMuse, 1 . I.ynde, L. Daneik, D. Newman, 1.. Wegner, J. Nelson. ALTHOUGH field hockey is one of the oldest games in existence, it is of comparatively recent origin in the United States. There arc eleven players on a team: five forwards, three half backs, two full backs, and a goal keeper. The object of the game is to drive the hall between the goal-posts over the opponent’s goal line. Seventy-nine girls reported for field hockey last fall. The tournament games were played the last week in October with the Junior class coming out on top. Top Row: A. Kowalski. R. Krumrey, M. Howe, G. Saline, A. Martin. Front Row: J. Scherer, R. Gonirr, L. Eide, E. Suske, A. Larm.Tor Row: C. Staah, L. Smith, C. Saline, L. ft'aliin, II, l.arton, X. Johnson, ’. Xrhon. II. McDonald, A, Martin. Sixth Row: I). Lee, II. Roman. I. Boyutki. A. Cranal, I.. Cunninyham, M. II noth, I.. Fedora, M. Hour. Fifth Row: E. Novak, C. Swnder, D. Dtlrney, K. Sutton. I). Cipptrly, S. R u sni.tr, A. Roxiahki, C. Ohm, ,. Jatkton. Fovrth Row: E. Millrr, I.. Eide, I.. Saxtyer. '. Stanton, E. Sutkr. (',. Finkoth. I). Ligklosilrr, A. I.arm. Third Row: l . I.orffrl, M. Tetmar, '. Rolod ziejeayk, E. Ilapata, B. J. Moots, I.. H'rgnrr, I.arm, B. Krumray, I.. Btauburn. SrCOND Row: X. Bergman, B. Ifigand, I.. Levine, B. Ax try, J. Xrhon. . Etnouyh, I.. Ilopko, E. Pellegrino. Front Row: F. DeMuse, C. Crttn, C. Stirrer, X. Lyndr, B. Cornier, I’. Prlrrton, I.. Daneik. VOLLEYBALL, a very popular indoor sport, attracted a large number of girls. As in all other team games sponsored by G. A. A., a color tournament was played. From those who participated in this tournament class teams were selected. The same group has held the championship for two consecutive years. The members of this skilled senior team were: Lorraine Fedora, captain, Ann Bacha, Bernice Carlson, Louise Eide, Wanda Gurek, Mildred Howe, Jesse Lee Norton, and Dorothy Smith. To I Row: I). Smith, If’. Ctirrk, I.. Eide, B. Carlton. Front Row: J. I.. Norton, L. Fedora, A. Botha. WINNERS VOLLEYBALLWINNERS BASKETBALL Tor Row: fl. MeDonahl, S. JrHtm, G. Sulim, I.. Wallin, A. Bar ha, '. Carlton, V. Srlton, I.. Smith, A. Martin. Foubtii Row: . Homan, J. Lohatk, J. Brnderrr, IF. Dawson. I.. Srwkirk. IF. Gnrrk, M. Hour. E. Syr. Thibi Row: B. Carlton, I.. Jackson, A. .arm, M. Hnath, B. Kmmray, I.. F.ii r, J. LrFrt ur, l . Cifferly. A. Kouahki. Si.coxn Row: F. Rafale, G. Finkosh, I.. Danrik, A. Sutkr, D. I.orfirl, F. Prtrnon, I.. Sawyer, A'. Lynjt. From Row: F. Dr Mutt, C. Grtrn, G. Jonrs, A'. Pellegrino, l„ llofko, G. Sthrrrr, D. Seaman. THE popularity of basketball has increased so that it has become the favorite winter sport at Edison. General practices were held and color teams were chosen. A round robin tournament was played and class teams were chosen from these groups. The juniors were the champions this year. Team members were: Ann Bacha, Dorothy Hall, Marcella Johnson. Helen Roman, Gladys Saline. Johanna Brudcrer, Wyllian Dawson, Frances Rapatz, Arline Larm. and Wanda Gurek. Girls placed on either first or second teams came out for practices two or three nights a week and so earned points toward their emblems. The girls who played in the tournament received one hundred points toward their school or city emblem. I oi Row: A. Bacha, J. Brudrrrr, IF. Dauton, G. Saline. FBONr Row: A. Rafale, A. l.arm, . Roman, IF. Gnrrk.Top Row: B. Mr Donald, A". Jrnstn, '. Carlton. G. Salinr, A. Barha. I.. aaii»i««, . A rlton, l„ Smith, A. Martin. Fourth Row: A. Kanalski, 11. Roman. If. Gurrk, I.. If allin, If. Daonon, }. BruJcter, I.. Ar-.ckirk, M. llo-ue. Third Row: I.. Jackton. B. Carhon. I.. Lroinc, A. I.arm, I.. F.iAt, J. I.rfrt'iur, B. Krumray, I). Ciffirrly. Second Row: f. Rapatt, f. Prtrrton, I). Smith, F. Sutkr, G. Pinkatk, I.. Sa-uyrr. I). roman. Froni Row: C. Grttn, G. Stkerrr, I., Ilopko, F.. Prllrprino, X. l.ynJe, I.. Dantik, t ■ Dr Mate, D. I.oeffrl. DIAMONDBALL, a fair weather sport, has always been popular with sport enthusiasts at Edison. From the sixty-nine girls out for practices, five color teams who played their tournaments at Jackson Park were chosen. This group was then divided into class teams who played for the diamondball championship. During the last two years the same group of players, the juniors, have maintained supremacy in this spring sport. The members of tins outstanding team arc Wyllian Dawson, Violet Carlson, Ann Bacha, Wanda Giirek, Helen Roman, Francis Rapatz, Dorothy Smith, Louise Eide, and Anne Kowalski. Top Row: If. Da'.uon, Carlton, A. Batha, IF. Gurrk. . Roman. Front Row: F. Rapatz, D. Smith, I.. Hi Jr, A. Kouahki.BICYCLING TENNIS lor Row: It'. Gurtk, If. I.anott, A. Rat ha, P. .Xrlsoti, R. M t Donah . Fkont Row: C. Green, G. Sthcrrr, .. Rtxubinr, I). Smith. UNDER the leadership of Ann Bacha, tennis tournaments were played at neighboring parks. Since this sport was not as popular as other individual sports, the G. A. A. board has made a special plan to further the interest in this activity. This spring they are running off an elimination tournament to determine the G. A. A. tennis champion for 1936. BICYCLING, a fairly new fall sport at Edison, had Dorothy Cippcrly as its G. A. A. leader. The girls took various trips during September, October and November. Trips of five or more miles were taken and a minimum of fifty miles was required for every girl before she could receive any credit. Dorothy Cippcrly was the only one to complete the required number of hours.IBmt Top Row: B. J. Moots, V. Etttough, I.. Newkirk, W. Gurrk, II. Roman, M. Tamar. Front Row: E. DeGido, .. DeMuse, I. I'elrano. L. Hopko, E. Pellegrino. JOSEPHINE LOBASH was in charge of this favorite winter sport. She was responsible for appointing a girl to take charge of each of the skating rinks in this locality. Skating tests were given at Jackson Park for those who had attained a high degree of proficiency. Points are awarded toward G. A. A. letters or city emblems. Two hundred individual points are needed to receive an “E.: ROLLER skating, an individual sport, is offered in the spring and fall. The girls participating were organized into three groups with a leader in charge of each. Wanda Gurck was the s[H rt head. By receiving two points an hour a girl obtains points toward her city or G. A. A. letter. Top Row: G. Suider, .i. Martin, B. U Donald. I.. Newkirk, J. Wolfe, I.. Wallin, If. Gurek. Third Row: I.. I.arm, '. Seaman. Sr.COND Row: It. Roman. J. I.ohash, J. Nelson. I.. Cunningham, H. Larson. From Row: .. Sawyer, I.. StrnJakl. D. Lorffel, G. Jones, G. DeMuse, .1. I.arm, D. Cifptrlf, Jatkion. C13‘0 ROLLER SKATING ICE SKATINGG. A. A. A good hack hand hit. The dart goes over for the winning point. The water’s fine! CH0 3 IN ACTION Florence try for a ringer. Ready for the “set up” play. All set for a fall hike. CHI]rPHE taxi-plane is certainly a novelty in the flying world. However, this “omnibus-of-the-air,” which is able to discharge and pick up small “stop-over” planes, is only one of the many unusual features which have come out in recent years, adding a sparkle of color to the field of aviation. In one sense of the word, our feature section, too, is a novelty, for in no other part of our book will you find such extremely “informal” pictures of your fellow students and classmates. In traveling through this annual, you have had every opportunity of viewing the Edison student body as it works together, but as you see the snapshots in this section, you realize, perhaps for the first time, that these same Edisonians can and do have their moments of carefree playing together, as well. - N-r.  Blue- Gold Rouser. Q crw- C -3 o Sl Vvv.Ok- Cft. I p —— r 7 7 P P •Blocl y V ,, g7« aP 7 o « x w ,P I' fc ■p oo - Vvdl a vc, I r, 7 i? Sot Hi 5 |F s ;»r 7 f 7 g u • • +V s rf- : d L ■■!■ " I I —1 1 .ffll i 11 7 t» 1 1 II i i | 1 I L| ki) c 1 1 r ?uv jn. Jp o «. y 7 J b o ) c A » 6oV ©v X 7 £ ’ P o p x x. « l» a - v©i»jx X1 ' t- Kc C. v f k a : rrv— —: 1 1 ; i i—L f ' .i t ■■—'•1 1 1 — ■ 1 L 1 4 f—i —, ; ri 7 1 I 1 —L—t— p t r j -'- izz t II '11 = 1 1 C f +-» i EF C M3 3Hi there, gals- Already to fly! Show ’em Kate!! I’ll take the middle one Come out from that disguise We’re off Tailspin Everybody’s happy Shadows Alone Smiles Backwoodsmen ? ? Just between you and me Feminine side of the game After the game was over! On sale! A wagon full We’re all happy Dancing Lady 3 Musketeers A Sunday afternoon You can’t pick these Bathing Beauties of 1936 Senior smiles Studious? The old crowd Caged Willie the waterboy CH5-3On the gridiron 8 Girls in a Boat Look out Boys!! Guess what we re eating? Crack Up!! Some limbs!! Look at the birdie! Hi—Sleepyhead Two bumps on a log Ladies man Parking Two little maids [l«Return to 208 Cannibal Phil row In the good old summer time Posing again RedheadHeadman Working woman Another pilot Peek-a-boo, Ruth We're on a seesaw Milk fed babies The gang’s all here Hang on! Surrounded Careful lady! Line-breaker Click! We got it Lyman Lodgers CH8 3More of the North Woods Some bracelets!! He's got an armful Moo— Refueling Edison Those Good Old Days A lapful Man of the forest Curves Sunkist Raring to go— She prefers Camels Waiting?? ? CH9 3ADVERTISING CONGRATULATIONS to the graduating class of 1936 And a sincere wish for your future success and happiness— From Your Jeweler EMIL GUSTAFSON Specializing in High Grade Diamonds PRICED VERY SPECIAL Factory Agents For HAMILTON—ELGIN—GRUEN—BULOV A— AND OTHER HIGH GRADE WATCHES EMIL GUSTAFSON 2201 Central Avenue Where your patronage is appreciated. Our 26th year at the same location. on Cwadiiatiicit C 150](professional (Directory DR. W. H. SMITH Dentist 2334 Central Ave. GRanville 3234 DR. O. H. BREDE Dentist 24th and Central Ave. GRanville 5403 DR. B. J. DUGAN Dentist 2337 Central Ave. GRanville 5955 Office GR. 9243 Res. GR. 3290 DR. A. W. JOHNSON Dentist 2337 Central Ave. DR. E. SERUM Dentist 24th and Central Ave. GRanville 1948 DR. ROBERT C. RAWSON Dentist 633 N. E. Broadway BR. 4308 DR. J. ED. PETERSON, O. D. Refracting Eye Specialist • Eye strain drains energy and nervous vitality. The result Is fatigue and re-dueed effleieney. 2201 Central Ave. GRanville 2356 Office GR. 2853 Res. GR. 9357 DR. FRANS A. LARSON 1632 Washington St. N. E. Minneapolis lA DlU'G STOIiE 1632 N.E Washington Sr. Minncoooli» JOHN GOLDNER Pharmacist 1854 Central Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. MILL’S DRUG COMPANY 2300 Central Ave. GRanville 9816 "Just Around the Corner on Central” THEILMANN PHARMACY TRY OUR RICH HOME-MADE ICE CREAM 2426 2nd Street N. E. GRanville 9859 ST. ANTHONY PHARMACY 2857 Johnson St. N. E. GRanville 2731 C 151 □ PATRONSADVERTISING Dime yy(arches On! State Conservation post by Ahlstrom filled; For Federal Youth Aid Mr. Janes is billed. We are always anxious to be of service to the young people of our community. Central National Bank "Your Home Bank" FIDELITY STATE BANK "Your Neighborhood Bank” William’s Electric Company Electrical Contractors 2304 Central Avenue GRanville 3654 Electric Ranges Water Heaters MISS EDITH LARSON Women’s and Children’s Apparel 2224 Central Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. D. T. Ketcham Company Wood—Coal—Coke—Fuel Oil 3000 East Hennepin 2846 Johnson St. GLadstone 7833 GRanville 4214 EGLER AND ANDERSON Incorporated Hardware and Furniture 1903-5-7 Central Ave. GRanville 4782 Washington Shirt Company 801 Hennepin Avenue 430 Nicollet Avenue 17 Washington Ave. So. GEneva 4576 HEDEAN’S MARKET 1901 Fillmore St. GRanville 4377 Funeral Directors BILLMAN’S Furn iture—Hard ware Central Avenue at Lowry WILLIAM A. OLSON Shoes—Men's Wear 2226 Central Ave. GRanville 3924 ELMWOOD CAFE 1846 Central Ave. GRanville 1867 A. M. CHESHER Printing Company 608 First Ave. No., Minneapolis GEneva 3363-3364 Money Goes Far Here—Give Us a Trial EVELYN CLEANERS 2315 Central Avenue Represented by Minneapolis, Ernest Lindgren Minnesota ( mburn m “ 1 j Fill The Guaranteed Coal VSSfiUr L. W. Northfield Co. CI52]WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF UNION MADE SHOES FOR MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN We Also Do Shoe Repairing FACTORY FINISH 18 Years a Union Member in Shoe Factories 2326 Central Ave. Est. 1924 FOR PRINTING We offer a service that is strictly modern in every respect—except that we make an old fashioned effort to be honest in all promises made to patrons. Argus Publishing Company Central Ave. at Twenty-Fourth Emmetc L. Duemke, President O. E. LARSON MORTUARY Funeral Directors 2301 Central Avenue N. E. Phone: GRanville 4791 Residence: GEneva 2137 Martinsen Bros. 8C Joslin, Inc. International Trucks—Chrysler and Plymouth Automobiles—Thor Washing Machines and Ironers—Philco Radios and Crosley Shelvador Electrical Refrigerators SALES—SERVICE Oil, Grease, Batteries, Tires. Accessories. Washing Easy Terms AAA SERVICE STATION 1900 Central Ave. GRanville 2431 We Never Close — oily wood The Twin Cities' Most Modem Theatre! Wide Range Sound— Vrfeet A ir-Co mlitio ni ng— Artesian Cooled— leantifu! Decorations— Cornfortable Seats— The Finest in Screen Entertainment! Served in Edison's Lunch Room Pure—Rich—Wholesome ICE CREAM Manufactured by JERSEY ICE CREAM CO. —and on, The skit "Mouse-Trap” by teachers here is played; And to Mark Twain Centennial homage paid. New towel dispensers now become the style, And library cards soon prove they arc worthwhile. CI53D PATRONSADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHS • • • Tell the Story All Photographs in 1936 Wizard By Liebig ICt btg 329 Hennepin Avenue Main 2614 Minneapolis, Minnesota C 154 3—and on, An office clerk gets married—given tea; Miss Ber will, for Mrs. Yap, a teacher be. O. F. BERGMAN Groceries and Meats 2958 Johnson St. GRanville 4375 ARVID E. JOHNSON Shoe Rebuilder "OUR WORK IS THE BEST" "A TRIAL IS THE TEST- 2319 Central Ave. R. A. LOHMAR Men’s Wear 2337 Central Avenue NELS SWANSON, INC. Coal, Coke, Ice, and Fuel 1831 Central Ave. N. E. GRanville 2488 Buchinger Funeral Home 2535 Central Avenue GRanville 1564 GRanville 1610 Olson Jewelry Company JEWELERS BRidgeport 3590 211 East Hennepin Avenue Agency for Gruen, Bulova and all American Makes of Watches Bennet-Bailey Lumber Co. Wholesale and Retail HARDWOODS—SOFTWOODS PLYWOOD 1335 Central Ave. GRanville 3516 Buy with Confidence Woodstock Typewriter Co. 216 South Fourth Street GEneva 5307 Rentals Rebuilds $3.00 Per Month Reasonable ANDERSON’S SINCLAIR SERVICE Washing—Greasing—Accessories 2000 Central Avenue GRanville 9902 PEARSON BROS. GARAGE Nash and La Fayette Dealers GRanville 2543 1835 Central Avenue Our Appreciation of Your Patronage Sticks to Every Package L. R. LIETZKE Baker 2302 Central Ave. GRanville 6020 BEN FRANKLIN STORE 5c—10c—25c—$1.00 and up 2405 Central Avenue GRanville 4616 L. P. Fitting, Prop. Independently Owned Central Fruit Company 3984 Central Avenue GRanville 4524 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Always GUY W. FOSTER Fuel and Transfer Real Estate and Insurance GRanville 4246 2536 Central Avenue [155 3 PATRONSADVERTISING JL LUND PRESS INCORPORATED T The 1936 Flying Wizard ▼ 406 SIXTH AVENUE SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS C156 3BARNEY AND BARNEY Established 1888 MORTGAGE LOANS AND INSURANCE 207 East Hennepin Avenue COSTUMES - WIGS - MAKEUP for AMATEUR THEATRICALS, OPERETTAS, MINSTREL SHOWS, PAGEANTS, ETC. We Guarantee LESH PIE COMPANY MADE CLEAN BAKED CLEAN Clean, Correct, Complete, COSTUMES SOLD CLEAN Minneapolis Costume Co. Minnesota Theatre Bldg. 5OVi So. 9th St. STUDENTS CAN RENT Late Model L. C. Smith or a New Corona Typewriter At 3.00 Per Month Buy Them at Your Grocer’s Dodge and Plymouth Cars DODGE TRUCKS L. C. SMITH CORONA TYPEWRITER COMPANY 223 South Fourth St. GEneva 6651 —and on, In far away Hawaii will she stay, For one long year she is to be away. The class play "Tons of Money” is portrayed, French Creche and German Krippe are displayed. LA MERE AUTO CO. 2223-29 Central Avc. GRanvillc 2408 C 1573 PATRONSADVERTISING —faLargest and Oldest Men's and Boys’ Outfitters Outside the Loop ClothinaCq; Compliments and Best Wishes to the Class of JUNE 1936 403 East Hennepin Avenue Here Forty-Three Years For Flowers phone . . . HANS ROSACKER CO. Florists We have served you for over thirty years. GRanville 3577 1850 Stinson Blvd. N. E. We Telegraph Flowers SATURDAY EVENING-( DINNER p;ocLocir DINE 6 to 9:30 P.M. Savory $1.00 Dinner Live Lobster $1.50 Planked Steak $1.50 Also A La Carte DANCE DICK LONG'S smooth orchestra NO CHARGES EXCEPT FOR DINNER I Curtis Hotel TENTH AT THIRD MINNEAPOLIS —and on, John Johnson and Lenore did head their class; As captain, Warhol other teams will pass. "Tunc In” the operetta, is a hit, Boys show their stuff and learn to cook a bit. C159 3 PATRONSADVERTISING Sales FORD Service MILK IS HEALTH MINAR COMPANY 1710 Central Avenue Compliments of ENGSTROM’S BAKERY 2853 Johnson St. N. E. Home Way Baking THE MISSES JOHNSON 22nd and Central Ave. GRanville 3561 and on! Sixteen new members adds the Quill and Scroll, And "Science” was theme for graduation role. The Cager’s season starts in race for fame, And ends, with only two defeats to name. The Seniors learn some facts on College Day, On how to make their future schooling pay. "Bill” Rusinak’s talent surely is no crime, For Major Bowes struck not the gong that time. Instead, he gave that brilliant youth a trial, So then he got a job that was worthwhile. The students did their share on Vodville Night In twelve good acts all for a prize did fight. And thus the March of Time still moves along; So ’till further names make news, we’ll close this song. C 16011 ftgggjH

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