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• voucjfyts £ v oj’ CWV a$tev cKej sO ‘Q «S Cooli Owiff j ownb to open C v if(j eas£ «!! £ ma KaC boov S av oj memorie O — Helm Cook.Loyal Domninc, Editor-in-Chiel Lucian Vorpahi.. Associate Editor Jane Albrecht. Associate Editor Peter Miklt.yak. Easiness Managertp,o9Mis'Vo °)U m me PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE EDISON HIGH SCHOOL MINNEAPOLIS - M INNESOTA e8icafion sL5 Co OWr. Pe£$tev, C o ija$ cjiven m$ iljc lie to ttjc QacQ boov’ oj7 Jj $ JJearL;, O oc a ect onate( y in$cri£e i(yi$ j’car 5o O EVERY home there must be two doors. One is used for company and children ready for Sunday School. Dirty shoes are not welcome through the front door. Children coming home from school run around to the back door. The real reason is that through the back door is the shortest way to mother. To be near her while she works, they play around the door. To mother they go when toes are stubbed, heads get bumped, or fingers are cut. Open and shut, open and shut all day long swing back doors around the whole world, until the night grows dark. Then danger and fear are shut outside, and inside are safety and love. A child's tomorrows soon are yesterdays. The door of childhood's happy days is neglected: youth goes out through the front door. A path to an honorable place in the world leads from every American door. This path is sometimes hidden to youth as he stands there at the front door. It looks forbidding, for it is not a flower-edged way. Yet youth that is wise and brave takes labor's road. And when it seems too hard, he looks back; and there she stands, ....mother at the open door. c7.q o vc o v 'b' ZSL? 2 OOR .... a magic word .... magic because of what door means, has always meant. Since man began, a door has been a Way Through, whether the opening of a cave, the massive gate of a castle, or the magnificent portal of a cathedral. We have come, also, to apply the same name to the openings in life, the unseen passages which we feel, sometimes joyously, often poignantly: Love, Opportunity, Learning, Religion, Experience, Death, all of which play a part in each of our lives. A door is not only the first impression, but also the deciding one, for it has become saturated with the spirit of what has gone over its threshold. Once inside, the essence of the door still pervades the air; it is then that we find that the spirit of the door is but a part of the spirit of the whole. bThe British Mu s urn A Door to Scholarship (2oti fen f DOORS...................I ADMINISTRATION - - - II CLASSES...............Ill SCHOOL LIFE - - - - IV ATHLETICS..............-V SS gsNfc' o Qo S m rs T 3 2 e C- rx d rs O “0 r f r VTO 3 a •-K 3 o • » rJV Cl r-  t Jii a ‘ ■ari$k 3 ait fot, ng(a ’s •«Vri‘’“t|0afac£ O 6 $ev£ Jjistorp a$ mak Ocofje enict ru feb'Oomc nSOCWVi„Meafofi5 ubitovh to O. c» £ feauiy ivu(v Cfenf orfvO )oov$ O 9 J av$ oorS'3 SL? SAjoiitJ iijt corridor fJjej? $fanb ajar Ofo fej L?, fo ru jf O a $cort SLn omt art $ Mnc Q i £, $ome on k §°tf anb $ome. So fifffc openeb tioiL; a int ; niav cowc slt aff (jaO i$ {Se onb: OscT ij’e? —Barbara Young. SA-bminisfrafiorj )i$ceri)incj OVER the entrance gate to the Lincoln School in Los Angeles is the word Opportunity. The doors of educational opportunity swing out like the arms of an anxious and loving mother from a myriad of schools in this land. Children from the homes of rich and poor stream happily through these doors in ever increasing numbers. No longer is it true that they come with leaden and unw illing feet. I hey come with joy and gladness and the doors close upon them affect innately and let them out reluctantly. Oh. discerning doors, may you always guard the sacred trust left you by the founders of this country and never close against any child who comes trustingly to you asking for an opportunity to learn to live more happily and more abundantly.uu 11 Principal Louis G. Cook00 V A BOY came to me and said, ‘‘Please write for the Wizard from the angle of your office.” So 1 began to think: Of the many boys and girls who come in every day. All with the hope of youth. Each with the possibility of a splendid life. Of the teachers who come, all with one interest—how best each one can serve these boys and girls, how help them make the most of their opportunities. Of the parents who come, many of themb. And every parent has the same great hope. They say, "I want my child to have a better chance than I had. I want my boy to be something.” So we are all working together for one end. That each pupil may best prepare himself for a useful, honest life. (jAssistant Principal Ruth Fitch ColkT II E 1 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Tor Row Annn l. Dunn. Adelaide M. Her, Rlanrhe E. Door Swono Row Della .. Rrnden, Ltnott Amlrist, Either K. Chaltmrsn. Boitom Row Edith P. Gillies, Glad?■ I.. Hobbs, Geneva R. Jennings Tu-enty-TiroT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Tor Ron—MI died E. Ward. I'etta Sen man. SkcO.Vd Kow -Nath F. Tapper. M. Ferna Thonpton, T.llen H. White. Bottom Kow Kathleen F. O'Brien, Catherine E. Finney, Thelma S. I.anen. Anna F. Juhnron. Ticenty-Th retT II E 19 2 9 W IZARD 9Vss»s « n( c iQvaviai) 3cicwcC LiiUkK ENcnaoM CWV„sic V) »ci niiir. K. Botr.r, Ki.mkb II. SOOUCKIX, lUii.s I'luntox ifor £ tidineev Tor How Jrejrton S. Benner, Horn ft It. Pill. llonoM Row—Ethel X. Erick ton. Maty G. Ilarroun. Mild red M. Hurt. jOljVsicaf (LAucafioij Tor How Huy F. Parkins, Harry A. Miller Koiiom Row Anne II. Pi ormmk, Florence C. Conclin Kowiwt S. Stkwaot Ticrntv-FourT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Coml om£ V -conomics Tor How—Clam . f. Eeannon, Henrietta I.. Dodge Bottom Hot Ctr trade S. Smith. Helen C. Hickok, Florence R. Benner. Sf«6s • 4 Tor Row Ruth R. I.eboreiU, Jeite M. Harper Bottom Row Unbelt D. Stanton, V elite ' . Aim I-tin M. KuOkrxh k £ rO Olc Mist MoniMN SnvM.sc. 1’nvu.i Sami F. a W. Towmmnii Twenty-FireT II E 19 2 0 W I Z A R 1) GWUm«£ rant i ii i aCruncfy cX oom Mabic K. IIamnabo Tor Row—Edgar E. Merrijield, Bertha I.. McMillan Ilonoxi Row—Paul . Hendrickson, Birdcen Birkland, Floyd 0 . 5 iaf 5 cicncc Tor Row— Eta C, Peterson, Katharine F.. Donovan, Stella F. Halloa Mipui.k Row Hotel .11. Beedle, Mellie M. Erb, Mary A, Burke. Laurel .. Ituckle. Bottom Row—Benjamin A. Liemohn. George Hendricks, Ralph J. Ahlitrcm, Hugh A. Curran. Fictni I.. Erickson Ttrevti SixI Tor Row Mary Cullen, FIf fie S. Turner Borto - Row- Charlet F, Lombard, Fixeril A'. StSellenl erg, Ceo'tia .11. York cm afljutiafictfO Tor Row Charlet f. .ten, Inptal M. O Hr rim, F.ddit K. Janet Skcomu Row—tdilh B', I’rlli, .W. Maude Cate, Celia FI. Tomes, Limit Ramtvctck, Boitjm Row -Ceneiieze M. Holkritig, Mtldred L. Tifft, Helen B. Curry T irrnt( SevenStonehenge Lintel Entrance (2f« a$$e$ i oors boors tfyat ayb $ ina acjaitj. c |’c . . . c£oGe .. £aijcjno( cattfc pen ro$5... S rapture .. . t$c$) oors is cC e. Barbara Young Og ti’t CCQrrfolbT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A H 1) KtTNOUl VlCKLAKD Prcridrnt Clark S »i rm Pic Prrtidrnt Hn.eN Johnson Seer clary iixr.N Pitlt'OM Treaturer rom Committee Kenneth Kirkland Bei i.ah Bates . . ;.V- Banquet Commitee Beulah Bates Kenneth Kikki.and Ring and Bin Committee Fred Katiijkn iWwjT Kenneth Kirkland Ixonakd Swanson M aK KI.LA MaK UNSEN Irem: Forsythe Dolores Kiharski Beulah Bates Irene Forsythe nn Peterson enior C anc uetj — anuavv 22, 1929 "Around the fire place at their ease They sat a group of friends— Each had his tale to tell, and each H as anxious to be pleased and pleuse." NO banquet at the Wayside Inn could have presented a lovelier sight than our banquet at Edison Inn. The warm glow of the firelight and lanterns shining on the eager faces gathered around the tables gave the keynote to the evening. With a merry song and jest amid tales of more serious thoughts, we lived over our four years at Edison, and as we watched the smoldering embers burn, we knew that our Senior Banquet would be a tale to be told and retold many times in the years to come. ThirtyT H E 19 2 9 W I A A R I) (2 LSS SHisforj? JANUARY, 1927! Perhaps no weeks of all the school Iif« are quite as thrilling as those first weeks of the I IB term. We have now become an organized class, proud of our members and proud of our president Clark Snyder. And so tin key to the first door of our class life was given to Clark who led us gaily and happily through our first term. The key to the second door we gave to Jim Sclnmert to guide us through our 11A term. We became more a part of Edison. and joined in many more activities, doing our share in keeping up Edison’s good name as a school. And now we approach another closed door. 12B! How eagerly we wait for Leonard Swanson to insert the magic key that will bring to us all the glory, all the seriousness and somehow all the sadne-s of the senior year. It is a term filled with committee meetings which have a tendency to push aside lessons, but Senior I'rolic plans must he made, ring and pin designs voted upon, not to mention the all serious question of senior pictures. We are justly proud that Kenneth Kirkland drew the design for the standard Edison ring. The Senior Frolic was held as usual in the girls’ gym. but surely the fairy wand of spring must have touched the bare walls. And now the last unopened door through which our 12A President, Reynold ick-land is to lead us. Parties. Class play, senior auditorium, banquet, baccalaureate and commencement, but not farewell, for Edison's door is ever open to its loyal alumnae. THE January class of 1929. Miss Seymour, is happy in its adviser for you will always he that to us. We are glad to express here a bit of our gratitude for your interest in our activities. your attention to our manners, and your understanding of our personalities. We are grateful for your suggestions, your requirements: that everyone in the class should have his part in the class work, that everything our class undertook should be well done, thoughtfully done, and worth while to ourselves and others. e give you all good wishes, and we shall come back to see you. Sincerely yours, Reynold Vickland. Miss Seymour Thirty-OneT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A K I) Ralph Adams It takes « little fun along with common imtr to make life worth while. Football 3. I; "Pimfote" 3 "Cattle Cnniri lo College" 4 Hi Y 3. 4; Latin Club 2. 3. 4 Dramatic Club I; Student Coun ell 3; Record 3; llall Guard 4 Library Monitor 1; Senior Bov Club 4. Mae Anderson ,Uar it neat an I meet Ami her friend she'll gladly greet. DuMore Rook 1; Gleam 3; Blue Triangle 1; Big Sinter I; Sen-ior Girl Club 4. Sylvia L. Anderson Your roice it like belli over roofi at dawn When a bird flies. And the tky changes to a fret her color. G. A. A. 1: Silver Triangle 1; Bln-- Triangle 4; Carl Lintiacu. I; Winged Horm-men 4; Senior Girl ' Club t; Dramatic Club 4: Cla». Hay Clan I. Elizabeth Ball So proper and iedate a last We hardly know she'i in our class. Record 3. 4: Senior Girl ' Club 4: Big Sitter 3: Winged Horne, men I; DuMoro Book I. Elizabeth Ballentine For the u-a.i jei‘ the i uirt kind Whose nature nreer tUriel, Senior Citin’ Club I: Commercial Club I. 2. 3; Big Sinter 4; l.uneh Monitor I; DuMore Book I. Alvin Bart Alike to every one. Senior Boy ' Club 4; Cro» Country 3, 4. Beulah A. Bates Executive, hi! ling, courteous Who could that be but Heulah? Honor Society 3. ; Quill and Scroll 4; Wizard I: Record 3. 4; DuMore Book I; G. A. A. 1; Pageant I; Gym Nile 2. 3; Senior Otchetlra 1. 2; Jau Orchestra 1, 2. 3: Mutic Festival 3: •’Mclunina" 2: Blue Triangle 3. . Treat. 3: Dramatic Club 2. 3. I: Big Sinter 4; Camp Fire. Secy. I : Senior Girl ' Club I: Clant Sccy. 3: Social Com. 3; I’rom. Com. 4: Banquet Com. 4; Ring and Pin Com. 3; Student Council I, 2. 3. Secy. I; Vaudeville 2. 3; Group Opt. I. 2. 3. Signe Bayard She never sussed a teacher; She nrter flunked a test; Of all the Edison angels. This one it surely best. Honor Society I; Quill and Scroll 3. 4; DuMore Book I; Gleam 3; Silver Triangle I. 2; Carl l.innaeun 2, 3. 4. Secy. I. Vice Pren. I; G. A. • . 1: Bis Slalom 4: Ptoni. Cora. 4; Student Council 4. Lorraixe Beauchaine A chaste at it the bud 'ere it be blown. Big Sintern 4: Senior Cirlt' Club 4. Edna Berlin Wisely and slow; they stumble who run fast. c. A. A. 2; Carl Luinaout 3. 4. Sccy. 4; Big Sittcrt 4; Senior Girl ’ Club 4. Henry Berlin Quirt but how he can dance! Senior Boy " Club 4: Cm Country 3. 4; Hi-Y 3, 4. Ruth A. Bergman A comely little maid At busy as a bee. Gleam 3; Blue Trianglr 4; Big Sitter 4; Senior Girin Club 4. Thirty-TwoT H B 19 2 0 W I Z A R D Dorothy E. Burleson You may not know it; hut she's our clan port. Gleam 3; •’Melualna 2: Blur Trianglr 3; Winged Hoiwiikii J. I; Senior Girl ’ Club I; Big Shirt 4. Mildred Carlson Such work anil patience a i hers are certain ot reward. ll»nor Pin 3. 4; DuMore Book I; Big Sitter 4; Senior Girl Club I. Fay Carr She who dimbs the grammar tree can know. Where ter hr and noun» and participles grow. Record t; DuMore B.mk I; Indian Pageant I; Blue Triangle 3. 4; lualin Club 2. 3: Group Cap!. 2. 3: Senior Girl Club I. Gladys Christenson She was a leading Indy in the school and in the play. We hope that tomarrau ni l he like tinlay, "Carrie Come to College" 3: Tag Day Capt. 3: Student Coon oil 3; Dramatic Club 2. 3. I, Pre . 3; Big Siatei I; Prom. Com. 4: Group Capt. 3: library Monitor 4; Senior Auditorium Com. I. Chairmon 4: Vaudeville 3. I; Cla. Play 4. Robert R. Curran .4 little n -nieme note and then 11 relished try the wisest men. Honor Pin 3; DuMore Book I : Glee Club 2. 3; "Chime of Normandy" 2: "Yokohama Mild" 3: •Meltwlna" 2; Hl-Y 3. 4; Hooter ’ Club 4: Senior Boy Club I: Dramatic Club 4; Latin Club 2. 3. I. Vice Pre . 3: Banking Connell 2. 3; CUa Play Cla I: Prom. Com. 4; Library Monitor 3; Vaudeville 2. Alden Dahl lie had a voice to m • ulaled. Record 3; Hooter ’ Club 4: Prom. Com. 4; Ili-Y I: Senior Boy» Club 4. Georgian De Muse A ’’tree” girl with a monstrous ambition. O. A. A... Gym. Nile I. 2. 3; Pageant I; Orebevtra I, 2. 3, 4; Senior Girl ’ Club 4. Ardelle Diethert Laugh end he fat. Big Sifter 4; Senior Girl ’ Club 4; Commercial Club 3; May Pete 2: "Mrlu.ina" V. Anceline Dotolo The sweetest thing that ever grew. Big Si ter» 4; Senior Girl ’ Club I; Ranking Courier I 3. Alyilda Fknn Consistency it a jewel. Senior Girl ’ Club I. Everett Fiske Studious, of rote, and fond of simple things. Record 3: Orehmtra I: Boy ’ Glee Club 3: Hooter ’ Club I: Senior Boy ’ Club 4; Hall Cuaid I. Bernice Fonos Mmlest as her blushing shows. DuMore Book I; Gleam 3; Winged Hot e men 3. 4; Carl l.inn.teu 3: Big Sitter 4; Blue Triangle 4; Senior Girl ’ Club 4. Thirty-ThreeT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A K I) Ruth Forky She loirs to Inner, Stir I«m to sing. She lorn to Jo molt any- thing. C. A- A. 1. 2; Camp Fire 1: Big Si»tci 4: Senior Gitl ’ Club I: Diutnitic Club 3. 4. Irene Forsythe I’lenrure i and activity Make the hours feel short. Gleam 3; G. A. A. I. 2: Coil Liniueu 3, Treat. I; Big SUtria I; Senior GlrU Club 4. Pie . 4; Student Council I: Clara Play Claw: Cl Secy. 3; Claw Vice Prr». 4: Kins ■ n l Pin Com. 4: Picture Com. 4; Group Capt. 3. 4; Banking Council 2, 3. James Golden t.rl'i hate comfort and be at trace. Rooter ' Club I; Senior Boy ’ Club 4; Gym. Nile I. 2. Jane Gould B here there's a mill, there's a icoy. Gleam 3; G. A. A. 1; Camp Fire 2; l-atln Club 3, 4: Bit: Si«:er»j Carl L'nnaeu 3; Prom Cora, t. Henry Grabowski Senior Boy ' Club. Hey, Hank! Karl Gkanquist Gleam 3: Senior Boy ’ Club 4. A man who never maJr a mistake never maJr anything. Thomas Gratrick No though l of rest For this man best. Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Record 3. 4. Editor-in-Chief 4: Trnni 4: Ui-Y 1. 2. 3. 4; Senior Boy ' Club 4: Rooter ' Club 3, 4: Radio Club 4; B.inking Council I; Group (apt. I. 2: Student Council 4: Social Cora. 3. I; Cla . Play 4. Henry J. Halladay He's a sure card. Rooter ’ Club 4: Radio Club 4. Anders Hammerlund My salad days are gone when I was green in judgment. Cron Country I. 2: Track 2. 3: Gym Nile I, 2: Basketball I; Kooteis Club I; Senior Boy ' Club 4. Jeanette Heacox She talks nice, acts nice, and she Is nice. Clrara 3: Glee Club 2. 3: "Yokohama Maid" 2; Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3: Camp Fire 2, 3. 4; Big Si»-ter 4; Senior Girl ’ Club 4; Gym Nile 2. Helen Homza She is so circumspect and right. Honor Society 3, 4; Record 3; Senior Girl ’ C.lub 4; DuMorc Book I: Quill and Scroll 4. Arthur Hopper Here's to nice Arthur Hopper, Ur hate heard he chews Sylph gum. Though it does not aid hit figure. IFe do wish he'd give us some. Football 3. 4; Gym Nile 2; “Yokohama Maid" 2; "Pinafore” 3; Pageant I: Senior Boy ' Club 4: Cioup Capt. 4; Hall Guard 4: Stage Crew 2, 3. 4: Vaudeville 2. 3; Office AaM. 4. Thirty-FourT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Alice Ipsen Entered Ediaon September 3; Senior Girl. Club I; Gimp Eire 3. t; Blue Triangle I. How I ore lo talk! Ralph Iverson Band 1. 2. 3. I: Senior Or-cheMn I, 2. 3: Gym Nile 2. Untie it hit charm. Raymond Janicke hull of mischief and fun Yet he it it gentleman. Gleam 3; Gym Nile I. 2; Gymnastic 1. -I; Hi-Y 3; Crow Conutry I; Latin Club I, 2: Senior Boy ’ Club 4: llall Guard I. Suzanne Jarosak A tunny temperament with hair to match. Gym Nile 2: Hanking Council 3. 4; Big SiMrr. I; Blue Trl-angle t; Senior Girl.' Club I. Donald L. Johnson Pleasingly plump, rosy complexion, and tunny smile. Du More Book 1; Gym Nile 2: Cler Club 1: Orebc.lra I, 2. 3; Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4. Pre.. I: Senior Boy. Club I; Banking Council 2. 3, I. Pre . 4. Helen M. Johnson She it a mighty good Itiend and pal. B hat would we Jo without her laughter.' Honor Pin 3: DuMorr Book I: Latin Club 3, 4: Glram 3: Carl l.inuaeua I: Big Si.lew I; Senior Girl.' Clulr I: Uan Secy. I: Group Capt. 3. 4. Laurence 0. Johnson lie hoi u pal of Don't And oh. what a pal rtat he! Gleam 3: Gym Nile 2: Senior Orchr.tra I. 2; Ili-Y 3. 4; Senior Boy» Club I; Kooler ' Club t. Robert Johnson D'lhert Johmon it the an-twrr To i lately maiden't prayer. With hit gift of elocution And hit dark brown curly hair. Student Council 3; Gleam 3: Track 2i Crow Country 4: Glee Club I. 2. 3. »: "Yoko-llama Maid" 2; "Pinafore" 3: "Cairie Come to Coltrge" 4: Cla». Play 4; Croup Capt. 3. 4: Senior Boy ' Club I: Moot-er»' Club I; Prom. Com 4: Dramatic Club 3. 4; C!a.« Treu». 3; CUm Vice Pre . 3: Vaudeville 4. Villa Johnson llappy am I; from care I am free. Why aren't they all contented like me? DuMon- IbN.k I; Silver Tri- angle I, 2. Tie . 2; l-at n Club 3, I; Blue Triangle 3. I; Big Si.tet. I; Prom, Corn. I; Library Monitor 4. Cecelia B. Kilroe llrre't the girl with a heart and a tmile. Who makes this bubble of life worth while, Gym Nile 2: "Melu.ina" 2: Carl l.innaeu. 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 3: Big Si.ter. 3: Senior Girl ’ Club I: • Cla» Play Claw t; l.ibrary Monitor I:. Kenneth Kirkland Cite me Date lo tpeak my mind. Gleam 3: Track 2; Student Council I; Senior Boy ' Club I; Kadio Club 4. Pre . 4; Stage Electrician I. 2. 3. 4: Hooter ' Club 4: Vaudeville 4: Chairman of Prom. Com. 4; King ami Pin Corn. 4: Hall Guard I. Albert Knutson At, old boy. you’re done your bit: Your track uu f'i surety made a hit. Track I; Gy run , tic a 2: Cro»» Country 2, 3. 4: Capt. t; Hi-Y I; I .it in Club 3j Hooter.' Club I; Senior Boy.' Club 5: l.ib- rary Monitor I; "Melu.ina" 2. Thirty FiveT H K 19 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Dolores Kuharski All the gloss of art a » • til charm. Gleam 3; Pageant 1; Blur Triangle 3. 4; Forum I. 2. 3. 4: Dramatic Club 4: Art Club 4: Senior Girl ' Club 4: Bit SUh-rt t; Winced Horacmen t; Clan Play C.'aaa I; Han qiw! Com. 4; Fiuin. Com. » Walter La Belle I lot, to spend my lime in ploying Some joyous tong. tome joy out song. Kntcred September 1927: Senior Orrbcalra 3. Thomas La Duke Senior Boy ’ Club 4. Tall, handsome, and good naturrd; What more could you ask? Peter Lasho This young man, we have a notion. Is a “shark" in life's great ocean. Honor Society 4; Quill am) Scroll I; Record 3. 4; Cro Country 2: Orthertn I. 2: Radio Club I: Croup Copt. 2. 3: Banking Counril 2. 3; Claaa I'lajr Claw 4: Senior Boya Club 4. Juliet Lindgren It is the east, and Juliet is the run. Bi Slater 4; Senior Girl ' Club I; Commercial Club 3; May Festival 2: Library A»- i lant 4. Gilbert McEleney Sane, and young He has laughed and danced and talked and sung. Record 3; Croup Capt. 3; Senior Boya Club 4. Sigmund Malchow An athletic figure and red hair should make a good athlete. Gyro Nile I. 2: Cymna.tlr 3. 4; Football 3. 4; Senior Boya' Club 4. IARCELLA IARTINSEN tor I: May Fete 2. The girl who is hath wise and fair. Salulatorlm 4: Honor Pin 3. 4; Honor Society 4, Secy. 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Wizard 4; Record 3. 4: DuMorr Book I: Glee Club 1; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Bi $i»ter» 4; Student Council 3: Senior Girla Club 4; Social Com. 4: Prom. Com. 4; Cla Treaa. 3: King ami I’in Ci«m. 3: Senior Auditorium Coin. 4: Group Capt. 2: Vaudeville 3: Claaa Play Cla » 4; "Meluaina ' 2; Library Moni- G ER A LI) MATTICE Life is a jest—far some. Banking Council 2, 3. Vice Pic . 3: Croup Capt. 4; Senior Boy.' Club 4; B.ix hall 2. 3; Football 2. 3. 4; Baakct-ball 2. 3. 4. Marian Michalik A friend « all. divinely tall and most ditinely fair. Rrcord 3. 4: Glee Club I. 2: “Yokohama Maid” 3: “Melu- •ina" 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Carl Linnaeu 3. 4: Forum 3, 4: G. A. A. I: Senior Girl " Club I: Winged Horacnien 4. Muriel L. Murrell ore cha ming is ditine philosophy! Record 3; C. A. A. I. 2; Blue Triangle 4: Forum 2. 3. I. Treat. 4: Winged Hor«emen 4; Carl Linnaeu 2. 3. 4: Banking Counril 2. 3: Senior Cirla" Club 4: Big Si»ter 4; Group Capt. 4; Library Monitor 4; CL . Play Claaa 4. Olga Xapavaneg Worth is not mentioned hy site. Gleam 3: Melua‘na" 2: Big Si.tera 4: Senior Cirla’ Club 4; Ukelelc Club 2: Winged Horae men 4. Thirty-SixT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R I) Frank Narog And with the noted would he make mertimenI. Baaketball 3. I: Football 2, 3 Track 2; Srniot Boy ' Club I: Rootera Club I. Bkrnice M. Nelson And happy in her grace. Clraiu 3; 0. A. A. I. 2; Gym Nile 2; Blue Triangle 4; Big Sittcn I; Senior Cilia Club I. Helen C. Nelson For the it tueh a bright little. Slight little. Light little. Slim little croft. DuMorc Book I: Gloom 3; Gym Nile I; Winced Hoiaenien 3. I; Senior Girin Club 4; Big Si. tcr» 4. Willard Nordin Some think it reel I to he all melancholic. Hockey 2. 3. 1: Tennir 2. 3. ♦ ; Senior Orchestra I; Band I. 2. 3. I; Senior Boy ' Club I: Vaudeville 2; llall Guard 3. Alfred L. Ociiu And ualitiet of all that it pleasant in man. Record 3. I; Trark 2; Football 2. 3. »: Pilot. 2. 3. ». Pro . I: Senior Boy a Club I; Paddle Club 4: Group Capt. 2. 3: Student Athletic Mur. I; Ticket Seller 2. 3. I: Hall Guard I; Library Monitor 4. Ruth E. Olson A ready mile for all whom the may chance to meet. Carl LlnnaoUa 3. I: Winced llorM-men 3. I: B!u- Triuncle 4: Senior Girls' Club I; Prom. Com. 4; Indian Pageant I. Harold Parsley Some think the world it made for fun and frolic. Seniur Boy ' Club 4. Warren Paulson Speak to him, lodict; tec if you can move him. Student Council 3. 4; Gym Nile I. 2; Track 2: Football 3: Prom. Com. I: Clar Tioa . 4: "Molu-»ina" 2: Hi-Y I: Senior Boy ' Club 4: Rootera Club 4; Group Gapt. 2. 3. Ann Paytas 7 hr mildett manner t and gcntlett heart. Blue Triangle I; Big Slater, t; Senior Cirla Club 4; Indian Pageant I. Alice C. Peterson Let the world go u» it may; I will take it anyway. "Meluaina’’ 2; Big Siatera 4; Senior Girlt' Club 4. Ann Peterson If the hat any faulti. She hat left u» in doubt. DuMorc Book I; Big Siatera 4; Gleam 3; Blue Triangle 4; Senior Cirla Club 4; Picture Com. 4. Margie Peterson Many a noble tout it hidden by i ulr! exterior. Senior Cirla Club 4. ThirtySecrnr h e 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R I) Ray PetrOSke Our nth tele of Mounted fame. IJ.iwI.jII 2. 3. 4; Basketball 2. 3. 1. Capt. 4: All City Center 4: All Stale Guard I; Pool ball I. 2. 3. 4; Boar.) of Athletic Control 4; Senior Boy ’ Club I. Karl Pierce All that he came to give he gave. Honor Society 3, I; Quill anil Scroll ; Honor Bin 3: Record 3. 4; Du More Book 1; Golf 4; Group Capt. I; Bankin: Council 2. 3. I. Vice Pm, I; Sen-ior Boy Club I. Vivian Pooler She uvii adorned b) the Mute o lorelinett. Harmony Conte ! I; I.atm Club 3, 4; Blue Triangle I; Car) Linnaeu J: Senior Girl ' Club 4; Prom. Com. I: CL Play Claw I: Group Capt. I. Anne Puzak At fat intellect, they te'l me “hern'' teat drested A little bit tuperber than the rest. Valedictorian I: Honor Pin 3. I: Record 3, I; Latin Club 2. 3; Bi{ SWlcr ’ 4j Senior Girl ' Club: Quill and Scroll I; Honor Society I, Frederick Rathjen The elements are to mixed in him that nature would look up and lay to all the world, “Thit is a man.” Gleam 3: Fotball 1. 2. 3. I. Capt. I: Track 3. 4; Glee Club 3. 4; "Yokohama Maid" 2: "Carrie Come to College" 3: Senior Boy ' Club 4. Pre . I: Dramatic Club 2. 3, 1; Pilot 3, 4; Hi-Y 3. 4: Knglneei ' Club 3: Paddle Club I; Student Council I. 4. Vice Pre . I. Pre . 4; Cla « Vice Pre . 3; Cla»« Secy. 4; Hint Com. 4: Banquet Com. 4; Prom. Com. 4; Cla « Play Cta 4; Group Capt. 2. 3; Hall Guard 3. 4; Library Monitot 4: Gym Nile 4. Marian Rausch Laughing eyes, merry tpirit. Gracious of manner, modeit, Toe to none, loved by all, DuMoie Book. Big Sitter 4: Latin Club 3. 4: Silier Tri- angle I, 2. Vice Pre . 2; Senior Girl ’ Club 4; Prom. Com. 4; Library Monitor 4: Blue Triangle 4; Student Council 4; King and Pin Com. 4: Social Com. 3. Orville Rem me And where he stayed, atl joy would tlay, -lluckey 2. 3. 4; Cro Country 2; Senior Boy ' Club 4. Clarence . Rikrson Tull of fun and sett,—in short, a jolly good fellow, Kecord 3; Track 2. 3; Football 2. 3, 4; Senior OrebeMra I, 2; Pilot 1. 2. 3. 4. Sccy. 4: Senior Boy ' Club 4; Hall Guard 4. Verna Sandstkom The brightneiM oj her cheek would shame the stars. G. A. A. I; Commercial Club 3; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Big Sitter ' Club 4: Senior Girl ' Club I. Alice Schulze IT hat fools thete mortals be! Glee Club I ; "Yokohama Maid" 2: "MoluG.na'' 2; C. A. A. 4: Clatt Play Cla » 4; Senior Girl ’ Club 4. Ruth Schwerin obady et er says anything but nice thing) about her. Silver Triangle 1; Blue Triangle 3. I; Latin Club 2; Senior Girl ' Club 4: Big Si»-ter ' 4: Camp Fire 3. William Sears Football 3. 4; Senior Boy ' Club 4: Cym Nile 2. He looks innocent, but you don't know him. Thirty-EightT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A H I) Helen Seastrand Latin Cluli 2. .1; Bis Si.tcr I Banking Council I; Senior Old ' Club (. .Veter trouble trouble, till trouble troublet you. Andy C. Sloss 'Tit if ell to hold your own in any cote. Gym Nile I; Root cm Club I: Senior Boy Club I; "Mrlu-•ini" 2. Grace B. Smith To laugh and dance ant nng— rAe day toon panel. G. A. A.. Ukelelc Club 2: Vaudeville I. Clark Snyder He mixed reaton with pinnule, and witdom with mirth. Honor Society 3. I. Pre . 4: Quill anil Scroll I; Record 3. 4; Track 3; Football 4; Gym Nile 2; Senior Orehc.tr I. 2. 3: Jau Orchestra I, 2, 3, 1; Stale Mutlc Cnntct I: 111-Y 2. 3. 4. Pro . 3. All City Pre . 3; Senior Boy» Club I; CUta Pre . 3; Cla Vlce-Pre . 4; •Prom. Com. : Cla«» Play Cla . 4; Library Monitor 4: Hall Guard 2: Vaudeville 1. 2. 3. 4; Edwin Swallender Nature it bound to An tueceu. Cto « Country 1; Track 2; Gym Nilo 2; Glee Club I : "Mel- uaina” 2; Hi-Y I: Senior Boy ' Club 4: Hankins Council I: Rooter ’ Club 3. Leonard Swanson Knotted: Enjoy your dear teil and gay rhetoric. Honor Society I; Quill and Scroll 4; Honor Pin 3; Record 3. 4; DuMore Book I: Dramatic Club 3. 4: Glee Club 1; Rooter Club 4: Student Council 2. 4: Cla» Pre . I; Prom. Com. 4; Clan Play 4; Auditorium Com. 4. Paul Tema Of ttaiure lomewhat tow, Not all heroet are tall. Gleam 3; Football 3. 4; Gym-n tic I. 4; Gym Nile 3; III-V 3: Radio Club 4: 1-atin Club 3; Senior Boju’ Club 4; Ifall Guard 4. Marie Urista .4 cheerful mile trill get you in u here the kicker i unknown. Bis Si trr» 4: Indian Pageant I; Senior Girl ’ Club 4. John Vanuskk ,4n athlete yeiterday, today, and tomorrow. lino-ball I. 2. 3. 4. Capt. 4: Ra.ketball I. 3. 4] Senior Boy ’ Club 4: Hall Guard 3; Root-cr»" Club 4. Reynold ickland .1 prince oj all jellowi. if ever there wm one. Honor Society 3. 4; Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Scribe 4: Fditoi- ln-Chie( of Gleam 3; Senior Boy.’ Club 4: Ili-Y 2, 3. 4. Secy. -4; Radio Club I; Student Counnl 4. T tea . 4; Rooter " Club 4; Puddle Club I; Cla» Pie . 4: Library Monitor 4. Everett Wallace The girlt. they all turn out V hen "U o u b y" ITuliace comet about. Gym Nil- 3; Football 4: Pilot ' Club 3. 4; Hooter ' Club 3. I; Student Council I. I: Senior Boy ' Club 4; Clin Tre... 4: Cla. Play Cl .. I: Library Monitor 4; Cheer leader 3. I; Group Capt. 2. 3. Leona Ward The heart that truly loiet tehool never jargelt. Record I: G. A. A. 3: Commercial Club 3: Blue Triangle 3, I: Senior Girl ’ Club I; Big Sitter 4; Banquet Coin. 4: Pageant I. Thirty-SineT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R D Paul Weber A mighty r trimmer ua.s hr. Gleam 3; Swimming 2. 3; "Mr Iu«ina" 2: Senior Boy Club I; Prom. Com. I. Lonnie E. Westin 1 hr proverb with that ■•I any a i male maketh d grate. Art. Club I: Senior GirU‘ Club I. Mary Whitney She li a» wire and good as the it fair. Gleam 3; G. A. A. I; Prom. Com. 1; Lit in Club 3. 4: Hi Si ter I. Srcy. I; Senior Girl -Club I; Library Monitor 4: Pazraut I: Hankins Council 3. Violet Winsor Quietly and calmly the comet and goes. Gym. Nile 1; Orchestra 3. I; Senior Girl.’ Club 4. Arthur Wish art A youth icicnti ic ichose knowledge about everything it limply terrific. Record 4: "Mrluaina" 2; Prom. Com. I; Senior Hoy ' Club 4: Hooter ' Club I; Quill mid Scroll 4; Honor Society I. Blanche Wojchouski And hair not more tunny than her tmile. Gleam 3; P«|eanl 1; Glee Club I. 2. 3; ”Yokohama Maid" 2: Latin Club 2. 3: Senior Girin' Club I; Big Siitcra I; Clan Play Cla » 4: Hani|urt Com. 4; Gym. Nile 2: Dramatic Club »: C. A. A. I. Elinor Wolk Of lUi'h a merry, nimble, •luring spirit. Ciriered Lditorr 3: Social Coni. 4; Claw Play Cla . I. Valhorc M. Xavier Short but exceedingly nceet Is this girl irAom you will meet. Big Sinter 4; Senior Girl -Club 4: Social Com. 3. FortyT H E 19 2 9 W IZARD John Atkikwn Kwsmi Nicmoum Caul Ximmiuman Caihuims Musa P ttidtHl Vie Prrtidrni Secretary Treat litre Prom Committee Kenneth Nicholson Evelyn Bakke Peter Mikulyak Dorothy I.iebic Bertram Heed Banquet Committee Margaret Hartley Dorothy Ti thill Joseph Manchak Carl Zimmerman King onti Pin Committee Frances Benesh Dorothy I.iebic Picture Committee Beatrice Johnson Frances Benesh pernor Q lroCic—JJamtarj? 2J, 1929 ‘That orbed maiden uith if hit e fire laden, U horn mortals call the moon, (Hides glimmering o’er my fleece-like floor By the midnight breezes streu-n” THIS quotation from Shelley’s Cloud exemplifies the atmosphere of the Senior prom. The walls of the gym were beautifully decorated with white moons and stars against a splendid background of black. Stri|is of black crepe paper constituted the ceiling. Lights above showing through the network gave the room an air of mystery and romance. The shadows playing on the eager faces of the dancers caused them to blend in with the general atmosphere of the event. It was truly a magnificent spectacle. Proud parents and guests, dignified Seniors all partook of the entertainment and merriment. The grand march was led by the 12B President, Boy Johnson and his partner Alice Peterson. It wa a picturesque sight. Forty-OneT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R 1) ON that fated Monday, September twenty-seventh, the June ’29 Class was organized. Miss Braden, who has always been interested in the class, presided over the meeting and conducted the election for the officers. Lucian Vorpahl was elected president with Swan Anderson as Vice-President. Marie Antonson and Catherine Mlinar filled the roles of secretary and treasurer. It was logical that a class of such inexhaustible enthusiasm should wish a way to expend such a characteristic. The first party was held on December second. Although somewhat timid in the beginning, the students soon gathered courage and everyone had a good time. December sixteenth is noted for the fact that the June 29 class cooperated with the January 29 class in contributing toward a charitable enterprise. A party on January sixth. 1928, was the closing event of the class year. The class election brought the June 29 class Leo Bernard as president and William Jasper as his assistant. Muriel Martinson took over the secretarial work, while Rosella Champeau managed the funds for the year. A merry party on May twenty-ninth was followed by an equally peppy party on October twenty-sixth. With great eagerness the June 29 class awaited the results of the 12B elections. Debonair Roy Johnson was elected president, with Florence Garland, Eva Lundquist, and Steve Subak as his advisory group. The finale was approaching! The election was held with John Atkinson, president and Kenneth Nicholson, Carl Zimmerman and Catherine Mlinar as aides. "Lis done, farewell! But do not forget us. We hope that the Edison doors may always be open to us. MISS ANDRIST, in behalf of the Senior Class of June, 1929, we want to extend to you our utmost appreciation for your splendid and untiring cooperation during the past two years. We are deeply indebted to you for the constant interest you have shown in our class development. We were an inexperienced group in our Junior year, and you with your timely suggestions came to us as a true and ever helpful friend. The June 29 Class is reluctant to leave Edison. We sincerely hope that you will look back on our class with the fondest of ours, Atkinson. Ilieill'M I Gratefully ] John Forty-Two Miss Amuiistr h e 1 9 2 9 W IZARD Herbert Aitkens Bui I. grown shrewder, scan the skirt uilh a tuspicious air, llnoiprn’ Club 3, 4; Senior Boy ' Club 4: Mu.lc Week 2; Hockey I. Jane Albrecht Her r uile unignorable A btence—deplorable rholly adorable Self. Honor Society 3. 1; Student Council I. 2: Honor I'in 3. I: Wizard I: Gleam 3; Cla . Play Clo I; Prom. Com. I; Forum 2. 3. I: Latin Club 2. 3; Lib-rary Ant. 3; Senior Girl ' Club •I; Banking Council I. 2. 3: G. A. A. 2. 3: May Fete 2: Gym. Council 2; Blue Triangle 3; Quill and Scroll I: Vaudeville 4. Gudrun Anderson you walk m a friend, you Kill bnd a friend teheterer )(a ehooie to fare. "Melu.ino" 1; Big Si ter 3. I; Blue Triangle I; Forum 3. 4; Senior Girl ' Club 4. Julia Anderson She hat rareit ability, great• eit agility: She Uiumpht Kith rac urt and ball. C. V. A. I. 2; Latin Club 2. 3; Carl l.innaeu 4: OreheMra 1; Big Si»ter 4: May Fete 2; Cvm Nile I; Senior Girl ' Club I. Swan Anderson He can't ring or ipout a tpeech. Make a flute or fiddle screech: But at-hand-it-to-you talking. He is certainly tome peach. Cla»« Vice Pre . 3; Hi-Y 2. 3. 4; Group Capt. 4; Track 2, 3; Football I; “Melu.ina" I: Pilot I. 2. 3: Senior Boy ' Club I; Prom. Com. 4; Band I. 2: Vaudeville 4. Marie Antonson To thote trho know thee not, no uordt ran paint. And thote who know thee, know all things are faint. Honor Society 3, I: C. A. A. I; Silver Triangle 2. Secy. 2: Blue Triangle 3; Big Sitter 3. t; Forum I, 2. 3; Honor Pin 3; Social Com. 4; Banking Council I. 2, 3. 4: Student Council 1, 2. 3; Group Capt. 4; Senior Girl ' Club 4; Cla " Secy. 3. John Atkinson And though he promise to hit Ion, He makes his promise good. Honor Society 3. I: Student Coun-'l 2. 3. I: Group Capt. 3; Hi-Y 3. I: Senior Boy ' Club I: CU Play Cla 4; Glee Club I. 2. 3; "Pinafore” 2; "Meiu ina" I: Cla Pre . 4; Gleam 3; Wizard 4; Head U ber 4: Stamp Club 2j Badio Club 4. Secy. 4. Evelyn Bakke there tr seeptre like the pen To hold and sway the heartt of men. Honor Society 3. 4; Honor Pin 3: Quill ami Scroll I; Record 3. 4| Editor-in-Chief 4: Blue Triangle 3. 4; Silver Triangle 2. Pre . 2. Vice Pre . 2: Glee Club I. 2. 3; "Yokohama Maid" I: "Pinafore" 2: "Carrie Come to College" 3; Gym Nile 2: Forum 2: Larin Club 2, 3; Croup Capt. 3: Prom. Com. 4: G. A. A. I. 2; Student Council 2, 4. Carl Bavolak Oh, Carl's a jolly good fellow. Hi-Y I: Senior Boy ' Club •: Hall Guard 4; Gleam 3: Football 3. 4. Frances Benesh The pen is the longue of the mind. Honor Soelcty 4: Quill and Seroll 4: Forum 2. 3. 4; Kinking Council I. 2. 3; Group Capt. 4; Picture Com. 4: l-atin Club 2. 3: Big Si»ter 4; Bee otd I: Prom. Com. 4; Social Com. 4: Gym Nile I; "Mein-•iiva" I : Senior Girl ' Club 4. Harold Benjamin A handful of fun is better Than a bushel of learning. Glee Club I: Pilot I. 2; Track I; Student Council I; Hi-Y 1: Record I: Group Capt. 3; Rooter ' Club •; Sen lot lloy.' Club 4. Lillian Benson She hat luo eyes to toft and blue. Take care! Silver Triangle I. 2; Blue Triangle 3. I; Big Si ter« 3. I; "Melu ina” 1; Group Capt. 3. 4( Record 3. 4; Wirard 4; G. A. A. I; Senior Girl ' Club 4; Glee Club 2. 4; "Bell, of CapiMrano" 4s Vaudeville 4. Forty-ThreeT II E 1 ) 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Carl Berglund My generous heart disdains The slave of k-ork to be. Hi-Y I; Glee Club 1. 2; Litin Club 2. 3: Senior Boy." Club I; Vaudeville 2. Leo Bernard For bidden fruit a I to tor hot That lawful orchardi mock. Cla.. Pre . 3; SunK-nt Council I. 3, Tie -. 3; lii-Y; Toot, ball 2, 3; Group Qipt. 3: Senior Boy»' Club l: Pilot 3: Noith Wood Trip 4; Kins and Pin Com. 3: Hooter " Club 3, I. Michael Beyda An easy-minded tout and aheay t was. Entered from I).- L Salle 2; Senior Boy ’ Club I. Kenneth Buckfeldt Youth and uisdom were nrtrr pah Under any earthly skies, Kecord 3; Kooter ' Club 4; Clee Cub I: "Yokohama Maid": Football 4. Ruth Bolin rreading the pathway to tome distant foal. Bi« Si.ter 3. I; Blue TCanute 4; Senior Girl ' Club t; "Me lu ina" I; Gym. Nile i. Evert Book Whether he't lost or won. Manly hit ways Radio C'ub J; Senior Boy Club; Hl-Y 4. Caroline Brede li t the hard work and met-diets grinding That purchase glory and fame. Honor Society i; C. A. A. I: Silver Triangle I. 2: Big S:a-let. I; Record 3; l.uneh Room Guard 4; Library A» l. 4: Mutic Festival 2. Michael Brinda With a quick observant eye And mind anl memory, he could supply The tamest incident with folllett mirth. Rooter ' Club I; Senior Boy Club 4: Football 3; Cla . Play (.'In 4: Record 3: "Relvtiu" 1; Prom. Com. 4. ]krmaine Brisky I am loath to cast away my speech. Silver Triangle 2: Blue Tri- angle 3. 4: Big Si ter 3. I: Senior CirU Club 4; "Melu-nina" 1. Fremont Brown H r think of him as one who fights. Cym. Team I. 2. 3. 4; Football 3. 1: Senior Bov»" Club 4. Florence Bruins Of her some day the world wil hear. For she acts, and settles, and thinks full clear. Big Siiter 3. 4; Blue Triangle 4; Winged Hone men 4; Record 3. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Silvei Triangle 2: Senior Girl " Club I: Dramatic Club 4: Cla. Play Cla .: Vaudeville I. Joseph Brzjak If you want it done without any noise, ask for Joe, he's the boy. Hi. ball 4; Croaa Country 2, 3. J: Track I: Batketball 4; Ili-Y I; U»her»" Club 4; Senior Boy " Club. Forty-FourT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Thomas Burke All the tro-ld leas mule lot me. Football 3: Kateball 3: Senior Boy Club 4; Roolcta' Club 4. There be bonds to bind the free? Floyd Campbell So tori trout my daily round of tabor to pursue And t then came night, I found that there uas Still more work to du. Kn'rred from Marshall lliitb 3; Swimming 3. I. Frank Castner But I like my own «ray. I find It to nice. Entered from St. Franci 4: Senior Roy " Club 4: U»hrr ’ Club 4; Rooter ’ Club I: Wizard 4. Rosella Champeal Oh! her winkable, blmkable. Merrily printable. Simply unthinkable. Eyes. Big Sitter 3. I: Senior Girl ' Club 4. Trea . 4: Blue Tri- angle 3. I; l-ntin Club 3. 4: Cl Trea . 3; Record 3. I: Peppcreltc I; G. A. A. 4; Vaudeville 4. Oran Chenoweth He fiddled high, he fiddled loir. He fiddled here, he fiddled there. He fiddled almoit every, where. Student Council 3: Senior Boy ’ Club I: Gleam 3: Cla Play Cla 4: Gym. Nile 2, 3: CtOM Country 3; Track 3: Hi-Y 3, t; Senior )rcHe tra 2. 3. Robert Close That same face of yours looks like thr title-pate to a whole volume of roguery. Hi Y 2, 3. I: Senior Boy ’ Club t; Rooter Club 3. 4: Track J. I; Swimming 3: Oreheatra 1, 2. 3: IJ.Ircr.’ Club 4; Gym. Nile I. 2, I; Wizard 4; Library 3: Vaudeville 3. I; Cla Play Cla » 4: Clieer Leader 4. Helen L. Cook The fay of life it living it And doing things of worth. Honor So.-iety 3. 4. Seev. 4; Gulll and Scroll 3. I, Laureate 4: Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3. I: Gleam 3; Student Council I. 2, 4: Camp Fire 1, 2. 3. Secy. I. Pre . 2. Scribe 3; Gym. Nile I; Carl Linnaeu 3. I, Pre . 3. Trea . I: Forum It Group Cipt. 4; Library Monitor 4: Winged Horaemen 3; Cla Play Cla 4; Wizard 4: Big Sitter 3; Senior Girl ’ Club 4; Vaudeville 4. Ione Coulter So tiny u as she that she seemed to be A pixy strayed from the misty sea Or u wandering greenwood f‘T- Silver Triangle 2: Blur Tri- angle 3, 4; Big Si tcr 3. 4: Senior Girl ' Club I; .Carl Linnaeu 4. Rutii Cropper Little I ask; ray wants are few. Art Club 4; Carl IJnnaeu 4: Record 3: Senior Girl ’ Club 4. Gunn ar Danielson With such a comrade, such u friend. We am w-ul.l go to journey’s end. OrebeMra I; Badio Club 4; Hi-Y 4; Senior Boy ’ Club I. Irma Davey A powder puff, il silken tie, A high heeled slipper, and A roguish rye. Silver Triangle I. 2: Blue Triangle 3. I; Big Slater 3. 4: Gym Council 2: Senior Girl ’ Ciub 4; May Fete 2; Social Com. 3. Julia Dec II e know what we are, but knots not what we may be. Rig Slater I; Senior Girl ’ Club 4. Forty-Fiv T II E 1 9 2 9 W IZARD Donald L. DeCoursey He started to nag at he tackled the thing That couldn't he done, and he did it. Bunk I. 2. 3; Orchestra 1. 2; Ili-Y 2. 3. J. Trra . t; iJ.het Club : Dramatic Club li North Wood Trip 3; Cto « Country 2: Track 2. 3. 4. C.i| t. I. Bernard Dombeck Hit all into the game he threw. Basketball I. 3. I; lliwball I. 3, 4; Glee Club I: 3 il«» 3: "B'-ll, of Capiatrano" I: Senior B y« Club I. Loyal Downing IT isdom « many and the wit of one. Honor Society 3. I; Quill ami Sr roll I: Honor fin 3, I; F.di-lor-in-Chicf of Wirard 4; Kcr-ord 3. I; Orchestra 2; Stage Crew 2; "Melu itu”: Student Council I; Hi-Y I; Banking Council 3. I: CD flay CIim I; Senior Bo » Club 4; from. Coin. I. Evelyn Doyea She it fair to tee and itceer. Dainty from her head to her feet. Gleam 3; Bine Triangle J: 0. A. A. I: 1C St ter 3. I; l -ppe:rlte« I. Senior Girin Club i; Library Monitor ] May Fete 1. Leonard Dubay Hit teat ttat hy a window to he dreamed. Hole could he tludy while that tanlight gleamed? Senior Orghotra I ; Band 1. 2. 3; Ili-Y I. 2. Vice I'rea. 2: Student Council 2; Gleam 3; Wizard t; Senior Boy ' Club I; Pi our. Com. 3. Luverne Duvick All thingt radiant and rare. All thingt tender and tweet. Camp Fire 3. I. Vice fre . I: Senior Girl Club I. Ruth Dypwick But I will laugh and ting »i) way along; I'll make the meat of irhat it mine to-day. Gym Nile I: G. A. A. I. 2. 3, 1; Forum 1, 2; Silver Triangle I. 2. Trea . I. Secy. 2: Blue Triangle 2, I: May Fete I; Molu»ina" I. Glee Club 2: "finatoto" 2: Camp Fire 3: Dramatir Club 3. I; Bee-ord 3. 4; Cln» Play Cla»« Ij Vaudeville 4. Grace Evenson Grace in etery motion. Music in etery tone. Blue Triangle 3. 4; Carl l.io-naru 4: Forum 3. I: Winged Hor»emen I; Senior Girl ’ Club I; Gleam 3. Agnes Farrell The pluck to face a problem new. Latin Club 2. 3: G. A. A. I; Carl Linnaru I; Senior Girl Club I: Gleam 3: Library Aaat. I; May Fete I; fepprrclte 3; Big Si»trr» 3. I. John Fisher To worry little, to tludy lest. My idea of happineu. Ili-Y I; Senior Boy ' Club 4; Rooter Club 3: Cro Country 3: B.r rball 3. I; Senior Orchestra I, 2. 3, I; Gym. Nite 2. Grace Fortman The future hat a lob for you. Just uhat are cannot lay. Blue Triangle 3, I; Carl Lin-iueu I; Big Si»ter» I; Senior Girl. Club I. Kakleen Franson Full of gentle kindnru. Her looks and language. Silver Triangle I; G. A. A. I, 2; Gleam 3: Big Si»ter I: Carl Linnaru 3. I; Seniot Girl Club 4. Forty-SirT II E 1 i 2 w IZARD Marie Gacek Say not that the did well or ill. Only. "She did her hen." Bin Si lri 3. I; Blue Triangle 4; Senior GirK Club 4; "Mel-usina" I; Vauilcvillc I. Florence Garland She hides henelf behind a busy hrain. Cla« Vice Pres. 4: Record 3, 1: Fotum I; Silver Triangle I. 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4; Camp Class Play Class I; Winced Horsemen 4: Banking Council 3: Senior Girl ' Club 1: Vaudeville 4; Gym. Nile 2; "Melu-•inn” 2. Edward Girard A mind run to he changed by place or time. Senior Roy ' Club I; Glee Club 2. 3: IliM-bnll 3. Charles Glander U ho saw him aluwiyt uithed to kn- u- him more. Senior Boy ' Club V: Rooter ’ Club I; Music Festival 2: Baseball 3. I: Hl-Y 3, 1: Hall Guard t. Stanley Glodek I’ve trod ike course with many man. Rooter ' Club 3. I: Senior Boy. Club I: Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Gymnastics I. 2. 3: Football I; Cross Country I. Keidun Gottlieb I like the days that are happy and free; dates and star rut are not for me. “Melusina” I; Camp Fire 2: Silver Triangle 1. 2; Blue Triangle 2. 3. 1; Senior Girls’ Club t: G. A. I. 2, 3; Girls' Athletic Board 4. Dorothy Gullette To do my best and play my fatrt. Honor Society 3, 4; Wixard t; Record 3; Banking Council 1, 2. 3. I, Secy. 3. Vice I’ret. 4; Library Monitor 4; Hie Sisters 5. 4: Dramatic Club 3. 4; Curl Linnaeus 3, 4; Forum 3. t; Blue Triangle 3. 4, I’res. 4; Winged Horsemen 3: Stuilent Council I. I. vice Pres. I. Quill a ml Scroll t. Eric: Gustafson Initiative it imagination put into action, dreams put to work. Senior Boy ' Club 4. Rooters' Club 3; Cln.. Play Clu I; Orchestra I. 2: "Yokohama Maid’’ J. Elsie Hanson I am utterly content, In all my spirit it no ripple, of unrest. Gleam 3; Big Si lrr 3. I; Blue Triangle 4; Senior Citin' Club 4: "Melusina" I. Irene Hanson Those eyes, af eclionate and glad. That teemed to lore irAuf-ever they looked upon. Senior Girls' Club ». Pres. I; Student Council t; | ,oin. Com. I; (•- A. A. I; Silvrr Triangle 2: Carl l.innaeu t; Big Si ter. 3. 4; Wizard 4: Social Com. 3; Glee Club 1; Gym Nile I; Blue Triangle 4; Van-ville 4. Margaret Hartley H'ho's lull of fun and dependable? H Ay, Margaret! Sslutatorlan; Quill and Scroll 4; Student Council 3; Honor Society 4: G. A. A. I; Forum 2, 3. I; Silver Tiiunglc 2; Blue Triangle 3, 4, Treas, 4: Honor Pin 3, I: Gleam 3: Wizard »: Group Cn| t. 3: Cla . Play Cla 4: Prom. Com. I; May Fete I; Senior Girl ' Club 1; Big Sis ter. 3. I; Gym. iNile I; Social Com. 3. Marguerite Hennes It It good To lengthen to the last of tunny mood. Silvri Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 3, 4j Glee Club 2. 3. I: "Carrie Conn-s to College" 3; Big Si.In. 3. S; Gym. Nile 2; "Melusina” I: l-atin Club 2; Senior Girl ' Club I; Pop-perettrs 4; Prom. Com. I. Forty-SevenT II E 1 1) 2 i) W I Z A R 1) Bertha Hildreth All the joy that is worth while It of the hotter! kind. Carl l.innaru 2. .1. I. Tint, 4; Hi Slater 3. I: Senior Cirl ' Club. Nicholas Hnath Thou ml rueh it touchy, terty. pleasant fellow; H nt ro much work and mirth and tplcen about thee, There’% no fl'et'zif with or without thee. Gleam 3; Senior Boy ’ Club I; Gym Nile 2: "Melminj" I: Prom. Com. 4. Ann Horney Ah, her lendrilly. cur! alive, Tumbly an I whirlatire. Super superlative Hair. duo Pliy Cla I: "Bell of Capi wano" I; "Carrie Comer l« College" 3; G. A. A. 2: May Queen 2: Vaodertllo I 2. 3. I; Glee C!ali 3. »: Or-ehr tra 1, 2. JI ANITA HORSELY She'r alwayt good-natured, good-humored, and free. Forum 2. 3. I: It's Si lei 3. t; Blur Til ingle 3: Silver Til-•rifle 2: "Meludna" 1; May Feie 2: Sen'or Girl ' Club I: So ill Com. 3. Leonard Hurwitz He argued high, he argued low ; He alto argued round about him. Latin Club 2. 3. I. Seer. 3: Glee Club 2; "Pinafore" 2: "Mclusina" 2: Banking Coun- cil 2. 3, I; Sen'or Boy ' Club I; Kooter’ Club I; Stair Guard I: Honor Pin 3. I: Library Monitor I; Student Council I. Peter J xasco Faithful to retry truil. Honest and clean and juit. Ili-Y I. 2. 3: Kooter " Club 4; Group Capt. 3; Senior Boy ' Club : Kadio Club ; Stair Guard I. Lawrence Jankowski Nicknames, when they are on te laid i-n, no one hat discovered how to take of . Quill mid Scroll I; Record 3. 4: Boole Club 3. t; Senior Boy ' Club 4; Lunch Koom Guard 4; Swimming 3, 4; Vaudeville 4. William Jasper The sweetest hours that e'er spent Were spent among the lattes, oh. Cla Vice Pre . 3; Group Copt. 3. I: Stair Guard 4; Cym. Nile 2; I'rom. Com. I: Cla Play Cla . 4. Audrey Johnson Illy the, and merry was the. Blur Triangle I. 2. 3; Carl l.inn-tru 2. 3; Big Si«ter« 3. 4; C. A. I. 2. 3. I; Pep-pcrolte J: Winged l!»r emrn t; Gym. Nile 2; May Fete 1; Banking Connell 3, 4; Senior Girl Club 4. Beatrice Johnson So comely and iweet, to fully complete She i teafi our affections away. Honor Society I; Quill and Scroll t; Gleam 3, Wizard 4: Record I; May Fete I; Gym. Nile 2; Honor Pin 3. I; Student Council t; Forum 2. 3. 4. Secy. 3. Pre . I: Blue Triangle 3, I; Silver Triangle 2; Big Si»trr 3. I: Senior Girl ’ Club: Harmony Conical 2; Social Com. 3. I: Prom. Com. 4: Banking Council 3. Carl Johnson Hlonde, titian or brunette Some of them will get you yet. Honor Society 4; Gleam 3: Or-che«tra I; Radio Club 4. Pre . I; Group Capt. 4; Stage Crew I. 2: Stamp Club 2. Edward Johnson Hit conrenation does not ihtw the minute hand, but he strikes the hour very correctly. Valedictorian; Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Wirard 4; Stamp Club 2. See). 2: “Melu»ioa" I; Radio Club 4. Seev. 4; Banking Council 2: Senior Boj» Club 4; Lunch Hoorn Guard 4. Fortf SiffhiT H E 1 9 2 » W IZARD Irene Johnson There are man) rare abili• lies in the world that fur-tune never brings to light. May Fete I; Pepperctte I; Blur I riaugle I; Big Slater 3. 4; Library Monitor t; C. A. A. Is Senior Cirla Club 4. Roy Johnson Bin thinking of a hero that tens nner knoten to fame. Just a manly little fellose with a tery common name. Student Council I, 1; Banking Counril I: Gleam 3: CIih Pic . 4; Senior lloy» Club 4; Cymna.tlc Team I. 2. 3. I; Gym. Nile 1. 2. 3; "Mrludna" I. Vernon Johnson Bill he get I chat he wants? Senior Boy ’ Club 4: Hi-Y Club 3. 4; "Pinafore" 2: Lunch Dnom Guard 3. Helen Kasmarynski She is a maid of artiest grace, Gentle in form and fair of face. Big Slater 3. I: Blue Triangle 4; Senior Girl ' Club 4. Secy. 4; Vaudeville 4. Virgil Kiel II) looking on life's runny side. He made life’s iaunt one long joy-ride. Senior Orcbeatra I, 2; Library Monitor 4; Stair Cuard 4: Group Capt. 4: Lunch Room Guard 3. Earl Kim.me A violin the fiercest grief ran charm. Tenni 3, 4; Orchestra I. 2. 3. 4; Senior Boy ' Club I. George Kitchen fill my wild errors e’er be forgistn? Cla»» Play Cla.. 4: Dramatic Club 4: Senior Bojra Club 4: Vaudeville 1. 3. I; Gym Nile I: Gioup Capt. I: I’rom. Com. 4; Library Monitor 2. Clifford Knutson little Master Mischtevious. That’s the name for you. Senior Boy ' Club 4: Cl » Play Cla « I; "Melurdna" I: I .niti Club 2; Cle»nt 3. Joseph Koiian the jolliest. wittiest, storytelling. tong singing, laugh-ingest feller you ever saw! Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4; Student Council I. 4- Pte . I. Treat. 4 s Hooter ' Club 3. 2: Stamp Club 2. Pte . 2: Sen. lor Bov ’ Club 4: HI-Y 2: Prom. Com. 4; Cheer Leader 2. 3. 4; Cto » Country I. 2; Baseball 4: "Melu ina" I; Kcc-ord 3. 4; Tumbling I. 2; Wla-.rd 4: Gym. Nile I. 2: Group Capt. 4. Helen Kokesh On all the works of providence she set a cheerful face. Big Siatet 4; Senior Girl ' Club 4; "Mrlutina" I; Gym. Nile I. Edna Kroone Kind tongue that neter Isounded; Sweet mirth that leaves no scar. Silver Triangle I: Blue Tri- angle 4; Big Sitter 3; Banking Counril 2. 3. 4: "Meltialna" I: Senior Ctrl Club 4. Veronica Kuchinski Make the most of life you may; Life 4a short and wears 4iray l-atln Club 2. 3. 4; Forum 3. 4; Big Slater 3. 4; Senior Girl.' C'ub 4; C. A. A. 3; Pcppcreltc 4. Forty-NmeT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A K I) William Kuszler B'ould that I could dream at night At util at I can in class. Football 3: Rooter ' Club 3, I; Senior Hoy - Club 4; "Me Iutina" 2; Cym. Nile 2. Bernice Eacowski Knotting not what’s ahead, hut Hill doing my heft. Big Sitter 3. I: Itlue Triangle V: Senior CirU' Club -I. Cadwai.ldek Larson A youth Ught-hearted and content, I wander through li e. Glee Club I, Group Capt. 2, 3. 4; Q. E. I). 1; Senior Roy ' Club I: Rooter ' Club 3, I. Roy Larson On ice with hockey-nick and puck. There's where find my. •1 in luck. Glcaru 3; Hoe key I. 2. 3. I; Senior Boy ' Club 4, Helen Lawrence ITilling her task to do. Patient and fair. Honor Society 4; Silver Triangle I; Forum 3. I; Rig Sitter 3. 4; Wingerl Ilurn-mrn I; Blue Triangle 4: Senior Girl ' Club 4. Luella Lawrence But the's an able, all around girl. Blue Triangle I. 2, 3; Forum I; Carl t.innacu 3. I: C. A. A. I. 2. 3. 4; Letter “E" 3; M.nneapoli "M" I; May Fe te I; C. A. A. I, 2. 3, 4; Gym. Nile 2; "McIiuIim" 1: Wirard 4; Big Sitter 3. 4; Honor Pin 3. 4; Banking Council 3. i; Senior Girl ' Club 4; Vaudeville 4. Dorothy Liebig Honor Society I: Quill nud Scroll I; Student Council 2: Wiward 4; Gleam 3: Forum 2, 3, 4. Trcai. S; l-eitin Club 2. 3. 4, Troas. 3; Silver Triangle 2. Vice Pre . 2. Pee . 2; Rig Sitter. 3. 4; Blue Triangle 3. . Cabinet 4; Vaudeville 4: Library Monitor 4; Gym Nile 2: May Fete 2: Glee Club 1, 2; "Mcluiina" 1: "Pinafore" 2: Prom. Com. 4: Ring and Pin Com. 4: Rant|uct Com. 4. Hrr heart it like a garden fair 0 here many pleasant blossom i grow. Ruth Lindstrom Silver Triangle 2: Blue Tri- angle 3. I: G. A. A. 2. 4; Pep. perette 4j Big Sitter 3. 1; Clan Play Claw 4; Wirard 4; Senior Girl.' Club 4. A friend who knows anI dares to say The kind, sweet wordr that cheer the way. Eva Lundquist Silver Triangle 2. Vice Pre.. 2. Ttea . 2: Blue Triangle 3. 4; C. A. A. 1; Forum I. 2. 3, 4, Secy. 3. I: Big Sitter 3. 4, Nice Pre.. 3. I; Senior Girl ' Club J; Record 3; Vaudeville I: Latin Club 3. 4. Vice Pre . 4; Claw Secy. J. All thy threads with magic art. Hare wound themttUes around our hearts. Bernice Lundquist Rig Sitter. 3: Senior CirU CRlb 4. Exhibiting to ep cry one a smiling face. Louise E. Lundquist Silver Triangle 2: Blue Tri- ingle 3; l-atln Club 2, 3. 4. Pro . 3; Forum 2. 3: Student Council 3: Big Sitter. 3. -4; Senior Girl - Glub 4; Honor Society 4. Though sorrow, futility, and defeat surround her J hey cannot hear hrr down. Doris Lutz winged HorM-men 4: Blue Triangle 4; Big Sitter. 3. 4; Pep-perette 4; Vaudeville J. Beauty pleatet on'y the eye. Sweetness charms the mind. FiftVT HE 19 • 9 V I Z A R D Veronica McAndrews That load becomes light which is cheerfully borne. Silver Triangle 2; Blue Tri-angle 3. 1: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, •1: Letter "E" 3; Minneapolis “M” 4; Big Slitrn 3. 4: Gym Nile 2; Commercial Cluli 4; “Melusina" I; Senior Girls’ Club 4; Library Monitor 4; Wizard 4; Vaudeville 4. Cecelia McNally Happiness: ire rarely feel if. I would buy it. beg it, ileal it. Silver Triangle 2; Latin Club 2, 3; Big Sisters 3. I: Winged Horsemen 4; Carl Linnaeus 3. 4: Senior Girls' Club 4; May Fete 2. Joseph Manchak .4 y life iha'I flow m a musical stream. Basketball 3. 4; Football 4; Baseball 3; Orchestra 1; Glee Club 4; “Bells of Capistrano ' 4; Senior Boys” Club I: Vaudeville 3. Francis Martin To be without pretense or •ham Exactly irAar men think I am. Record 3; Cross Country 3. 4; Track 3, 4; Stamp Club 2: Radio Club 4; Senior Boys’ Club 4. Muriel Martinson And all I ask is a merry yarn, and plenty of work and fun. Silver Triangle I. 2; Carl Linnaeus I. 2: Blue Triangle 4: Latin Club 4; Wirard 4; Prom. Com. 4: Social Com. 4; Big Sisters 3. 4; Senior Girls Club 4; Class Secy. 3; Gym. Nitc I; Vaudeville 4. Alice Merrill The rood to laughter beckons me. G. A. A. I; Gym Nile I. 2: Latin Club 2. 3. I. Vice Pres. 3, 4; Forum 3. 4; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Vaudeville I. 4; Big Sitters 3. 4; Student Council 4. Martha Miciialov Common sense is not so common. Honor Society 4: ’’Mcluaina" 1; Big Sisters 3. 4; Blue Triangle I: Senior Girls' Club 4. Senior Boys’ Club 4. Petek Mikulyak When you're up against a trouble meet it face to face. Honor Society 3. I; Vuill and Scroll 3. 4: ’’Melutina ’ I; Q. K. 1 . 1: I Jilin Club 2. 3: Stamp Club 2. 3; Student Council 3; Banking Council 3; Gleam Business Manager 3: Wiraid Business Manager 4; lll-Y 4; Class Play Class I: Prom. Cora. 4; Senior Boys’ Club 4. Rose Miller A fair exterior is a silent reeoamenrlation. Camp Fire I. 2. 3. 4. Pres. 3; Student Couneil 3; Silver Til angle 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4i Call Linnaeus 3. 4; llig Sisters 3. 4; Senior Girls’ Club 4. Catherine Mlinar In regard to site, you need no alarm. When you shorten the figures, you heighten the charm. Student Connell 3. I: Big Sisters 3. 4. Pres. 3. 4: Clasa Play Class 4: Class Treas. 3. 4; Forum 2, 3, I. Treas. 4; l-arin Club 2. 3. 4; Silver Ttianglo 2. Tteas. 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Hraroutlc Club 4; Social Com. 3; Prom. Com. 4; Gym. Nile I; Senior Girls’ Club 4; Vaudeville 4; 'May Fete I. Donald Morse He laughed assay dull care and strife. While filtering down the road of life. Swimming I. 2. 3, I; Hall Guard I; Senior Boys’ Club 4. Elenore Nash know that "he" exists .soraeieAere—in silence. G. A. A. 4; Blue Triangle I: Senior Girls’ Club 4; "Melutina" I. Fifty-OneT II E 10 2 9 W I Z A R D Bernice Nelson We don't know ithy ire like her. We've never tried to tee. For rce'se just got a letting That it's became she's the. BIik Triangle 3, I; Croup Cifl. 3: Winged Horaemen 3. I: Senior Girl ’ Club I: Vaudeville 4. Marie Newman Her voice it ai musical m « mountain stream. And the sunshine's in her hair. Silver Triangle 2; Blue Triangle 4; Big Sisicr 4; Group Capt. 4: Senior Girl ' Club I. Kenneth Nicholson And ditre guiding clou or name. He treated every one ftut the tame. Student Council 4: Cln» Vice Pie . 4: Senior Boys' Club 4; Group Capl. 2. 3, 4; Swimming I. 2. 3. 4; Pmm. Com. 4; Social Com. 3. Margaret Northfield She hat pep nnd vitality. Amiability and personality. Silver I r angle 1; Blue Triangle 2; Big Sisters 3. I: Camp Fire 3, 4; Senior Girls' Club 41 ’'.Melusina'' I. Beatrice Olson Mirthfully terioui Sober, delirious, Cently imperious. Maid! Bccord 3; Wirard I; Big S' lets 4: Latin Club 2: Blur Tiiangle 3; Senior Girls’ Club 4; Tag Day 3; Prom. Com. i: Vaudeville 4. Helen Olson Hut uhen I »uic your ryet, knew The an teli sent some start to you. Silver Triangle 2; Forum 2. 3. 4; Blue Triangle 3. 4: Carl Linnaeus 3. 4: Big Sister 3, I: Senior Girls’ Club 4; May Fete I; "Melusina" 1; Glee Club 1. Magnus Olson We In re. irvr envy. tee cannot be uilhout him. Hi-Y 2. 3, 4; Sen'or Bora' Club I; Football 3.-4; Library Monitor 4; Group Capt. I, 2. 3: "Merchant Gentleman" 4; ".Melusina'' 2; Proin. Com. 4; Re-ord 3; Vaudeville 4. Robert Olson II hen joy and duty clash, l.rt duty go to tmath. Quill and Sc toll 3. 4; Hi-Y 3. 4; Group Capt. 1; Honor Pin 3; Rooter ' Club I; U bcr» Club I: FditorinChief of Gleam 3; "Melusina" I: Tennis 3; Lunch Boom Guard 4; Prom. Com. t; Wirard t; Swimming I. Harry Oman Long, Iran, and likeable. Basketball 3. 4; "Melusina" 1; Baseball 3. I; Stair Guard 4; Senior Boys' Club I. Marjory Oman We like her. Silver Triangle 2: Latin Club 2. 3; Big Sister 3. I; Bank-ing Council 2; Carl Linnaeus • : G. A. A. I; Gym. Nile 2; Senior Girls’ Club I; Prom. Com. 4; Vaudeville I. Helen Pearson So t and capricious as a summer sky U hose aiurr depths the color emulates. Blur Triangle 2. 3: Banking Council 2, 3; Carl Linnaeus I. Secy. I; Forum 4; Big Slater 3. 4; Senior Girls' Club 4; Prom. Com. I; Vaudeville t. Those eyes Andrew Pelak He loved the doctrine for the teacher's sake. Football 3. 4; Basketball 3. 4; Baseball 3; Senior Boy ' Club I. FiftU-TlCOT H E 10 2 9 W I Z A R D Arsini Perra He might only to himself asm [toted he. Swimming 1. 2, 3, t; Ruotc! -Club 3; Orehctra I, 2, 3; Senior Boy - Club 4. Alice Peterson To talk without effort it, after all, the great charm of talking. Honor Society I; l, ulll uni! Scroll 3. 4: Honor Pin 3, I: Forum I, 2. 3. I; Litin Club 2, 3: Prom. Com. 4; ••.Molu»inn" 2; Gym. Nile 2: Blue Triangle J; Silver Tri-angle 2; Group Capt. 3. 4: Big Slater 3; Senior Girl - Club I; Oleum 3; Social Com. 3; Prom. Com. 4. Edith Peterson And that tmile, like tun ihtnc, darts into many .i sunless heart. May Fete I; Silver Trinnijlr 2: Blue Tiiin|(lc 3. I: Big Si tera 3, 4; Library . t. I; Wliard 4: Senior Girl - Club 4; Carl Linnaru 4. Gustave Peterson Koch one choosei the course he tleers. Hockey 4; Football 3: Senior Boy " Club 4; Rootri - Club I. Lf.o.ma Petts Silent and chaste she steals along Far from the world" t gay busy throng. Fnteird from Baton High 3; Blue Triangle 4; Senior Girl ’ Club 4. Lester Pichler lie never sighed or moped around IT hen net things stem wrong. ining 2, 3. HI-Y 3. »; Rooter.- Club J; Senior Boy - Club 4; Swim- Josephine Pikroc A note i her nun mind and talks like lightning. Blue Triangle 3. 4; Big Sittet 3. I; Senior Girl - Club 4. Warren Pliiial To do my best and let that stand The record of my brain and hand. Hi-Y 2. 3. I; Utin Club 2: Senior Boy - Club I. Leonard Preska H'ork for the world, but art for me. "7 shall itin my icay with the brush.” says he. Glee Club I. 2: "Pinafore"- 2: “Yokohama M a i il" 1 ; "Mel. u inn-- I; Group ('-apt. 4; Gleam 3: Wiurtl 4: HI V I. 4; Cla . Pity Cla 4; Prom. Com. I: Senior Boy - Club I. Marie Prkksto H e with mote statures were like thine. Big Si ter : Silver Triangle I. 2: Senior Girl.- Club 4; “Yokohama Maid-- I; “Mel u.ina” I. Nick Preksto Far will I wander yet with much to do. Gym. Nile I, 2; Glee Club 3; Senior Bov - Club I; Rootcr -Cluli 4: Hi-Y 3. I; Hall Guard I; li.lier - Club I. Philip Ramsey A wire man holds himself in check. "Melu.lna-- 2; Senior Hny -Club 4. Fifty ThreeT H E 19 2 9 YV IZARD Robert Kay A one o'clock boy ion o nine o'clock town. Record 3. I; Wizard I; IH-Y 4; Radio Club »: lUhcr ' Club 4: Senior Boy ' Club 4: CU»» Play Cla.» 4; Rooter ’ Club I; S«im-minx 1. 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2: Junior Orchc.trn 2; Gym. Nile 2. Bertram Reed Smile all the tmilet you fun torlay. Student Council t; Latin Club 2, 3. 4, Pret. 1: Rooter Club 4; Cla . PDy Cla». I; Library Monitor I; C.'ec Club 3; Or-rhcv.tu 2; Protn. Com. i: Vaudeville I. Attrice Remarkel Oh. xthat a face tl hen to brighten light. Ami give bark tunthlne tcilh an added glow. [tilt Si tei» 3. 1: Library Monitor I: I..»tin Club 2: Senior Girl. Club 1: "Molutlm" I: Vaudeville 4. Delbert Rem me All that tea i treft in him, gladly he gave. Senior Boy ' Club 4; Swimming 3: Philatelic Society 2. Agnes Reopelle She’ll fimi a tray. Entered Etllm 4; Senior Gill ' Club 4. William Ripken When people agree with me, I feel I mutt be wrong. Student Council 2; I.ibrary Monitor 4; Hi-Y 3. 4; Senior lloya' Club 4: Radio Club 4; Track 3. 4: l.uncb Room Guard 3; Croup Capt. 3. 4; U«ber» Club 4. Mich aline Rolek Here be it taid—lhe blather. Rig Si«tcr» 3. 4; Blue Triangle 4; Senior Girl ’ Club t; "Mcluilna" 1. George Ronyak Seriput? Altrayt, even in fun. Baaeball 3. 4: I4a.kctl.all 3. 4: Track 4; Senior Bov.' Club I: Hooter ' Club I. Clinton Rosene Why should ire anticipate our sot rout? 'Tit like thote that die for fear of death. Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: q.»M Play Cla. I: Senior Boy ' Club 4: Croup Capt. 3. I: l.unch Room Guard 4; Stair Guard 4; Band I. 2. 3. 4; I.ibrary Monitor 3; Jar Orclie.tra 4; Dramatic. Club 4; Swimming 3. 4: Football 4: Orchc.tia I, 2 Vaudeville 4: L’»hi-r ' Club 4. Claire Roy Whatever you thall aik, I: thall be given you. G. A. A. 2: Silver Triangle 2: Big Si.ter 3. 4; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Senior Ctrl ' Club 4. Jim Sciiunert When God made Jim, I bet you He didn't do anything elte that day. But jet’ tit around and feel goml. Honor Society 3. I. Vice I'tc . 3. 4; Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Cta.. Pro . 3: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Senior Boy ' Club 4; Group Copt, 3. 4; Bunking Council 2. 3. Vice Ptc . 3; Prom. Corn. I: Student Council 2. 3; "Melu»ina" 2; Record 3, I: lla.ketball 3. I; Track I. 3. 4. Joe Sicard Mott glonout night. Thou tcert not tent for slumber. Hooter.' Club 3, 4; Senior Roy ' Club 4; State Guard 4. FiflV-Pott)T H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Edna Sjodix It'r the way you tel you tails that determines your count-. Honor Society J: Student Coutt-cil »; Ait Clul 3. I. Prm. |; Pcpperettra »; C. A. A. 4: Big Slater. 3. t; Wizard I; Senior Girl ’ Club 4: Croup Capt. 2. 3. Bernice Slo.minsky body, icc Kill ne'er forget That oft in youthful rlayi ire Birf. Ill Si.ter. 3. 4: Blue Triangle 4; Senior Girls’ Club 4; "Melu.Ina" I. Grace Smith Talk with her yourself and know a good pal. Big Sister. 3. 4; Blur Triangle 4; Senior Girl ' Club 4. Howard Smith IT ho would be a king That can tit in the run and ting. Senior Boy.' Club 4; Croup Capr. 2. 3; Clre Club 2. 3. 4; "Mclutina” 1; "Carrie Come, lo College" 3. Genevieve Smude At time goet by. I'll iked no tcari For I can dance away the year i. Larin Club 2. 3. 4; Tor urn 3. 4: Big Siller 3. 4: Senior GlrU Club 4; C. A. A. I; Pepper-ettea 4. Walter Stephens The Kitchen Cabinet of hit Advisory Group. Hockey 2. 3. 4. Capt. 4; Senior Boy ’ Club I. Dorothy Stokes Graceful and uieful all the dovt. Camp Cite 3. I. I’re . 4; Student Council 4: Senior Girl ’ Club 4. John Subak Persuasion tsps hit tongue uhen’ere hr talki. HJ-Y 2. 3. 4; Cym. Nile I. 2. 3; Cymna.tif. 3. 4; Senior Boy.’ Club 4; Gleam 3. Steve Subak If war chousin' of a man To be a first rate booster. Hy heck I'd pick out right at cnee Thit little bantam rooster. •«’Y I. 3. I, Sec’y 4: Dramatic Club 4; L’.ltei.' Club 4; CUm Trea». 4: Gym. Tram 3. 4; Gym. Nile I, 2. 3. 4; Senior Buy.' Club I; Koolera' Club 3 Sarah Swenson Hinted with that charm, the certainty to pirate. Forum I. 2: Silver Trlangl. I. 2; III! Si.ler. 3. 4; Senior Girl." Club 4; Carl Llnnaeu. 4j G- A. A. I. 2. 3; Blur Triangle 3, I; "Mrliuina" I; Gym. Nile I. Stanley Swider Glad that I lire, am I! Hi-Y 2. 3. 4; Gym. Nile I. 2. 3: 2. 3; Golf 3, 4: Cro « Country I. 2; Senior Boy.’ Club I. Walter Thuftedal True eloi uence contitlt in laying all that it proper and nothing more. Honor Society 3. 1: Giro Club I. 2: "Melualna” 2: Group Capt. 3; Hi-Y I. 2. I; Latin Club 3; Dramatic Club 4; Student Counril I; Student Athletic Mgr.: Senior Boy.' Club I; Gleam 3; CIm Play Ctaa. 4. Fifty-FiveT II E 1 9 2 9 W IZARD Dorothy Tuthill A comrade blithe anI lull of glee Who rlaret to laugh out loud and free. Cs nip Flic 1. 2. 3. I. Fir . I. 2; Winged Horsemen 3. I; Belle-r«i|ili i i I; Wizard 1; Kreord 3; Clara Play Class 4: 0. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4. Sc-c’y.-Tzras, 3, 4: I-elter ’’E” 3: Minneapolis "M" I; Carl Linnaeus 2. 3. I; Silver Triangle 2; Illue Triangle 3. 4, Vice Pres. 4; Student Council I. 2. 3; Big Sisters 3. 4; Prom. Com. 4: Dramatic Club I: Settlor Girls’ Club I; Banquet Com. I. Catherine Tozer Loathing pretense, the did trilh cheerful Kill. What Others talked of while their hands were itlll. G. A. A. I. 2: Gym. Nile I: Big Sisters 3; Blue Triangle 3. I: Senior Girls' Club 4; l’roru. Com. I; Vaudeville I. Gordon Trepi Men me of two kind , and he It of the kind I’d like to be. Hi-Y I; Band 2. 3. I; Jaw Or-clirstra 3; Bootcrs’ Club 2. 3. 4; Biskelball 3: Track 3; Senior Boys’ Club 4. Wilbert Trepp He dreamt a bit. and laugh a bit. Meet care uni makes the best of it. Band 2. 3. I; Jazz Orchestra 4: Latin Club 3; Senior Boys' Club 4. Elinor Tutko She smiled and smiled there was no hint of sadness in her face. C. A. A. I; Latin Club 2: Big Sisters I; Senior Girls’ Club: ’’Meluslna’’ I; Gleam 3. Lucian Vorpahl eter knew a imilin' fellow but was busy as can be. Entered from Bryant Junior 2: Honor Society 3. 4, I’res. 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Glass President 3; Student Council 3. 4; Wizard 4; Senior Boys’ Club I. Pres. I; lll-Y 4: Boot-ers’ Club 3. 4; Pilots’ Club 3. I; Group Capt. 2. 3: Latin Club 2. 3; Football 2. 3. 4; Track 3; Gym. Tram 2; Prom. Coin. 4; North Woods Trip 4. Ethel Wall f giggle’s the same in etery language. Gleam 3: Blue Triangle 3. 4: Big Sisters 3. 4; Silver Tri- ■ngle I, 2; Pepperettes I; Senior Girls Club 4. Ethel Wallin y.ealout yet modest. Big Sisters 3: Blue Triangle 3. 4; "Meluslna’’ I; Senior Girls' Club 4. Edward Wasielewski Ten-th ousand ■ i ues tion -as king little boys in one. Wizard I; Basketball 3: Senior Boys’ Club 4. Earl West It isn't in his heart to shirk a task of any kind. Honor Society 3. I: Quill and Scroll 3. 4; Laureate t; Student Athlrtlr Mgt. 3. I; Gym. Nile I. 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y 2, 3. I; Croup t apt. 3; Gleam 3; Senior Bovs’ Club 4; Banking Council 2, 3; Class Play Class I. Alice W olden We know she's of a jolly air For there’s laughter in her face And sunshine in her hair. Big Sisters 3, 4; Biur Triangle 4; Senior Girls' Club 4; “Melu. •ina” I. Anne Xavier Her thoughts and words ate much alike, Fs r they are good and clearly spoken. G. A. A. I; Carl Linnaeus 4. Pres. 4; Student Council 4; Clns« Play Class 4; Senior Girls’ Club 4: Winged Horsemen 4. Fifty-SixT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R D Ellen Zeleniak She doth little kinJneuei Which moM teste union ut despite. Glee Clul t. 2: “Mrlu liw" 1: ■’Pinafore" 2: llankin: Council I, 3, I; llijt Si»!ci« 3, I; Senior Girl»‘ Club 4; Blue Triangle 4. Carl Zimmerman I'd like to he a hoy again, a caiefire prince of joy again. Football 3. 4; Hockey 4; Senior 8oy» Club 4; CUm Sec-tetaty 4; Banquet Com, I. ! Commencement. January 24, 1929 Fifty-Sevenj3 oof icty £ oor—fuvn, Gt crc fur£$ mafeGb fence, 0A.11 (x (j crc a ai $ ttye gracious recompense, |’or(x ar - p i»jj )onf$ m £ swref ItyoG O jicfJ is f ;c (?ery e£ rc $e 0 o? —Barbara Young. Fifty-Eight{Before Gfass Fifty-Ninelajfa Calf Jrrutalrm (“C c (Syale of t(yC iolv (2i WHAT is it to l e the gate of a city, to be the only opening in the high stone wall around it, and to each day hear the heavy footfalls of the thousand men and beasts who pass that way? It is to be the trust and fortification of the sleeping city, and to know the sharpest sting of the enemy, it i to see in many ways the tenderness of friends who part there, and the joy of friends who meet there, it is to know the misery of all who beg there and the heart of all who weep there, it is to feel the clinging of the child’s hand and the soft brush of the pigeon’s feather. Doors of a city you are very strange and very beautiful, and you are wisely silent. What is it to be the door of a school room at Edison, to close many times a day upon a different class as on a different room, to be the only portal to the place where clubs can hold their meetings, to be handled by thousands of the boys and girls who pass that way. And it is to feel the joy of youth who keeps it open and the silent throb of the hand which closes it. Doors of Edison you are very strange and very beautiful, but you are not silent. You have told us many things about the clubs who use you, and gladly given us a page or two. torn from your secret diary which we have printed here for all to read and seek the hidden meaning.T II E 1 9 2 9 W IZARD Q onov ociefj First Semester Clark Snyder - • -Jim Schunbrt - - -Marcella Martinsf.n -Mr. L. G. Cook - - - President Pice President Secretary - • Adviser - Second Semester Lucian Vorpahl • - Jim Sciiunert - - • Hki.f.n Cook Miss Seaman THE Keystone of the National Honor Society supports the arch of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The gatekeeper lias received many names, but only one hundred and ninety-three students of Edison have been allowed entrance. Twenty-one are now in school upholding their high ideals of young womanhood and manhood. Their chapter, called Epsilon from the Greek letter E, is one of many hundred other chapters in other High Schools. In the center of the Keystone a torch has been placed to guide the traveler through the darkness of the archway before him. When a student is allowed to wear the Keystone symbol of the National Honor Society, one of the highest honors that Edison High School can give has come to him. Tor Row— .. ForfKihl. F. pierce. It. Cook, K. Halt. R. Pick land, J. Atkinson lot nth Row—B. Johnson, J. Albrecht, F, Renesh, ft, Romm, t). Fkelund, F. Hakke, M. Antonson Tiiiko Row— . Holland, R. Rates, T. Gralrick, M. Hartley, I). Gullette, . Johnson Skco.no Row F. West, I'. Pooler, A, Putak. C. Snyder, A. Lindtren, .. Lun uisl, P. Mikulyak Bottom Row— A. liahl, K. Xeigler, U. ThufteJahl, If. Martinson, . Schnnert, .. Domntng. A. K'i short. L, Sicanton Sixty-OneT II E 1 9 2 9 W IZARD Helen Cook a Jib First Semester Second Semester Helen Cook..................Poet Laureate .... Helen Cook Karl West.....................Secretary...................Earl West Ad inters Miss Seaman, Miss Cowan, Mrs. Gillies HANGING from the door of the Quill and Scroll Society, is a large bronze knocker which it takes real effort to lift, but having once notified the porter that you desire entrance, and having presented him with the necessary recommendation. he will admit you with ceremony, and new fields of achievement will be suddenly opened to you. The sixteen Kdisonians who have previously entered will then enthusiastically welcome you into this National Literary Society. Thus any student can well be proud if he is wearing the pin of the Quill and Scroll Society, for it has meant earnest effort and unselfish service as well as a most satisfactory achievement in his work on literary publication. Tor Row—C. Snyder. I.. .. Damning, R. Olson, .4. Wuhan, L. Jankavrki I OVRTlt Row .Islander, E. Pierce, Bruins. M. Murlinsen. F. Bull, R. Pick land, F.. Bakke lniHti Row .1 . Hamm, F. Carr, T, Cral irk, H. Baler, .. Ward, It. Holland Skcomj Row ■. Mikulyak, .4. l.indgren, R. Dypwick, Miss Covan. .4. Peterson. A. Prsusk, IF. Grim Borrow Row ,J. Blanchard, Mbs Seaman, K. West, H. I.. Cook, Mrs. Gillies, J. Schunert Sixty-TiroT H E 19 2 9 W I Z A R I) vamaiic (3u First Semester Elsie McGi mr. Robert Johnson Dolores Ki iiarski Katherine Whitney - - President • Vice President • ■ Secretary - • Treasurer Second Semester - Els e McGuffie Dorothy Gi llette Catherine Mlinar • Katherine Whitney Elsie McGuffie I AM the plain French door of the Auditorium, but each year at this time I seem to become a carved doorway to an ancient cathedral. There is sweet Christmas music from a hidden choir, and kings offer rare gift? to the Christ. Each year I especially look forward to this Christmas pageant given by the dramatic Club, and 1 am always sorry to see the curtain close. I also enjoy the one act plays put on by the Club during the year. I feel very proud of this organization. It has forty members, twenty girls and twenty boys chosen from candidates who present their selections at an annual tryout. Dear diary, the janitor washed my face this morning and I am all ready to enjoy the Dramatic Club play at the Vaudeville. Top Row S. Subak, II. Holland, .. Campbell, (). Chenaueth, ! . Gullette, K. Dypttick, I, Nelion, C. I.ocatcio Si:to. i Row -R. Hehtram, G. Anad, C, MUncr, E, Stendahl, C. Whitney, I. Hagen, A. O'olk Bonw Row -F. Garland, . Harwood, IT. Thujlcdal, lin Hour, J, Hole, K. Curlan, II. Haider, E, Storm Sixty-ThreeT II E 19 2 9 WIZARD Sixty-Four Will 0‘ the WispT II E 19 2 9 W IZARD Station Y. Y. Y. Y. 0a5f of Station Mr. Winstead....... ... Walter Thuftedal Herbert............ ......Carl Lacascio Anita..Elsie McGulfie Caroline .......... ......Ruth Dypwick Annie......Ann Wo Ik Mrs. Winstead .... .........Janet Rose Roger ............. ... .George Kitchen The Chauffeur .... ........Steve Subak Shakespeare Class Sixty-Five T II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R I) MECH, DRAWING BOOK KEEPING Sixty-SixT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A K 1) TYPE ROOM WOOD WORK Sixty-StvenT II E 19 2 1) W I Z A H 1) Pai l Grey, Donald Koehler, Andrew Kranak Es:alu», Prince of Ycrofii . Paris. kinsman to the prince Montajue Capulet Head of two hostile houses Romeo. Montaxoe's son . .. Brnvolio, Roemo’s rousln Merculin, Roe mo's friend . Tybalt, nephew of Capulet Friar Laurence ............ Balthasar, Itm-mo's servant cRomco aiib Juliet June 1. 1928 .....Martin Qlson .C.'orir lire Jr nut John F.iilrm Burnham Philhrook .. ..Andrew Kranak .........I’aul Cray ....Donald Koehler .....Horton lleixea .....Tyrus llillway ....Evalrl Ftandsert Simpson CreRory Servants of Capulet .........................Robert Dow Joe Sins, Peter, servant of Juliet' nurse .........Edward Kierski Abraham. servant of Montague .... ........Bertrand Wick Arnpoiherary ........................... Joseph Jaroteak Page f........................................ Joe Slow Lady Contague ...................................... Elsie Stohte Ijd) Capulet ............................. Virginia Dake Juliet, her daughter.................... Margaret Larsen Nurse .................................... Irene Schlafge Ladies at the bail and rilixens Margaret Larsen, Tyrus Hillway, Andrew Kranak Sixty-EightT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Marcella Marti nsen, Robert Johnson, Leonard Swanson, Gladys Christensen CVWfct( jtnlfemay January 18, 1029 M. Jourdain Dovanto Cleonte Covielle Leonard Swnn on ' Robert Jolimon Clark Si. der Alfred Oehu Tailor Apprentice Madame Jourdain Dorltnirne Cladv Chri»ten«en Matter of Mu ic Mailer of Fencing Matter of PhHotophy .... Fred Kithjen Nicole Sylvia Anderson Muriel Murrell Vivian Pooler Gladys Christensen, Leonard Swanson. Robert Johnson Sixty-XincT II E 10 2 9 W I Z A R 1) First Semester Dorothy Stokes I.CVERNE Duvick w Sawadski • -Gf.rtrudf. Chalt.ren Eleanor Lawrence Second Semester • Dorothy Stokes - Luveknf. Duvick Marcella Gosslin Gertrude Giiam.ken Ki.eanor Lawrence Dorothy Stokes I AM a door with a number, but every Tuesday when I close upon the meeting of the Tatapo Camp Fire Group. I become a magical door. The girls of I atapo are adventurous, each seeking a different magic. These are found in the seven crafts of the fire: nature, health, handicraft, home, business, camp, citizenship. There are three ranks which mark their progress, and the symbolical spirit of the Indian aiden is in the gown of the full-fledged Camp Fire girl. Every door has a watchword that opens it by magic, mine is Wohelo meaning Work, Health, and Love. All girls of Edison are welcome to try the Watchword and enter through the magical door to Camp Fire. F ih t lion t Goslin, Chalgren, L. R'inke, I), Co not, f). Stokes, it. Foster, E. Dauson. T. Tyrell, G. C halt run OTTOM Row — , Holder, .1. Soteailthi. Laurence, C. TuthiU, Mis. Renner, l. Sorth ield, K. Hiller, ,. Dutick, E, Gisvoht SeventyT H E 19 2 9 W I Z A H 1) Dorothy Tutiiill P VERY Wednesday afternoon Pegasus, the Winged Horse, (lings me wide to allow ■ —' his twenty-five Horsemen to enter, and here they rest awhile to find pleasure in the music of poetry and verse. They have no officers, they are but a few poetry lovers of Edison who gather informally to read and discuss the songs of great poets. Poetry has always been a universal hobby and always will he as long as man continues to dream the great dream. Pegasus is the poetry steed whose strong wings have borne all poets of the ages through strange doorways of adventure and romance. Think of me as a fairyland door to which Pegasus holds the key. and Wednesday when he unlocks me all aspiring Horsemen are welcome to come in. Tor Row-.l. L,ndt' n. F. Bruins. A. Johnson. B. Nelson. .M. Mendelkoch, F. CarUnd. G. Hip?. It. Burleson. 0 M. Murrell Bottom Row- . Nelson, Miss Tapper. C. McNally. K. Bell. M. MichiUk. H. Holland Sitting in Kno.'T S. Anderson, D. Tulhill Sc rent [ -OneT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R I) TJIELD DAY! Every one looked forward to it with expectation; for almost all had ■ some special interest in this gymnastic holiday. All the features of a regular Gym meet were entered in the day’s contest, and for once, we really knew who were the outstanding and deserving girl athletes of our school. Such a day is a new thing at Edison, and we hope that it may be continued. 5 Q oavb o 9 .f (cfic (2onft?oC Top Row—S. Thiri, E. Lind. R. ttvpieick. R. John ion, C. Hedlund Second Ron E. Dorea, I.. Laurence, . McKim. A. Rlomcrrn, M. U'ytykouiki. M. Root Boiiom Row—M. Harwood, V. McAndrnct, H. Sam fun, Min Doormink. E. Cihbont, II. Tuthill, R. Gottlieb Scr nttf-TicoT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R D CVW T.NGEMITY. hard work, and cooperation were necessary to make the May Fete ■I- as beautiful and as complete a success as it was. It was put on by the girls’ gymnasium classes, both Senior and Junior. Dances, both classic and modern, gymnastics, graceful balloon dances, Grecian tableaux, character portrayals—all played their part in the spectacular whole. j2$a$kef£afT THE 1929 Basket-ball season was a very successful one. Practices were held Tuesday and Thursday after school. A large group of candidates from each class reported at every practice and competition for places on class teams was decidedly keen. A first squad was chosen from each class and a Bound Robin Tournament was held. Seventy-ThreeT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R D V rr ereffe$ Tor Row— -. Sommers, M. Lindquist, L. Tigue,F. McAndreus. F. Karkula, K. Lind, F. Johnson Fowrr Row—M. Ranke, E. Johnson. E. Andetson. ].. Nelson, A. Johnson, T. Hanson Timed Row—A. Forfeit. I. Laurence, E. Schuster. S. Lee, M. Nelson. A. Cunningham, H. La.Mere Second Row—A'. Johnson. E. Gibbons, L. Laurence, R. Dyrnrick, R, Champeau, H. Mr Km. E, Doyra, M. Root Bottom Row—A'. Egeland, R. Gottlieb, A. Johnson, A. Peterson, G. Klotka, S. Thies, F. Straun «■ urnfe fim Tor Row- M. Moots, D. Hrdlund. S. Thies, .» •. Conklin, F.. Lind, G. Kren:. R. Wilke Second Row— G. Raseh. M. Wester, O. Krish. L. Daly, J. Strangis. E. Mrl.ellon Bottom Row -G. Ledding, X. Wold. D. Pear. M. J. Conklin, mascot, G. Daly, M. Porter, O. Carlson Seventy-FourT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A K D offe aff Top Row—.V. Lee, F. Johnson, E. Henson, L. Sorlergren, V, Winn, J. Dragon Turn Row ft, Laile.rc, I. Dickhof}, S, Thies, E. Schuster, I. fair re nee SbOOXP Row—P. Falconio, W. Henson. 4. Turgeon. R. Dyprtiek. G. Anton. U. Struart Bottom Row R. Champeau. E. Gibbons, A. Johnson, if. McAndreus, E. Nelson, I., Lawrence. D. Tuthill Top Row M. Siren, .If, Hedlund, .. Ear son. R. Gottlieb, G. Kinski, E. Anderson, f. Lundquist, E. Lind, I.. Tigne Khtii Row W. Reirtkr, S. Thies. A. Johnson. M. Sdndgren, V. Rouen, E. Schuster, R. Call them, D. Tuthill Fourth Row It. J.aMere. A. Cunningham, E. Lingren, E. Johnson, R. Johnson, E. Opland, L. Nelson, M. Nelson, I. I.atcerence Tump Row I). Claspell. T. Croteau, Konklr, H. Ohon, A. V'on ten, H. McKirnm, A. Illoomgren. T. Hanson SECOMt Row E. Sp'cht, A, Volk, E. Johnson, I. DukhoJf. It. Jackson. E. B right. A. KIckkofi. M. Root, I.. Steen Bottom Row E. Gisvold, E. Kot takas, E. I.auerence, F. Karkula, S. Lee. F. Johnson, A. Peterson, H Strawns I, Egeland, I. Later re nee Seventy-FiveT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R I) Leonard Hurwitz 0 owncil F rtt Semester Leonard Hurwitz -Dorothy Cullette Henrietta Holland Hutii Johnson • • - • I resident Vice President Reporting Secy Recording Sec'y Adviser Miss Dunn Second Semester Leonard Hurwitz Austin Frisk • Beatrice Belz • Ruth Johnson THE Banking Council met behind me for their first discussion this term, and 1 became acquainted with sixty of the outstanding students at Edison. They arc the pupils who have been appointed in their advisory groups to take care of the Banking. They have one general meeting a term and several cabinet meetings. The Council was organized in 1925 by Miss Elwell and Miss Dunn. Its aim is to interest as many of the school as possible in saving for a purpose, and thus make thrift a life habit. The group also planned to have a few social gatherings throughout the term. This is evidence that 1 am honored to be the door to the meetings of such an interesting and useful organization. lor Row Rudolf, It. Ilostard. W . P.inkr, S. Dud . .1. Johnson, O. FundcruJ. E. Ztie n Ink. It. Johnson, K. Xatier Eirni Row II. Bickberg. II. «, .. Dante'. . Samuel ton, C. Hut. E. Kroonr, J. ilbreeh, H. Anlcn'on rorani Row —C. Erickson. J. Mikulyak, B. Brit. L. l.awtrnce, B. Richardson, C. Prt-rson. E. Crn»n, R. Sonmet, A. Rairhr Third Row R. Smith. C. Brrtlr. S. Podany, D. Anderson, A. Frith, B. Leone, E. Uathetc. W. Lundgren Suomi Row— . Xolden. P. Jurickol, E. Brokke, I.. Andtrun, I.. Larson, V. Dahl, F- I)rMay, If. Rusinko, A. Loircka It.non Row—B. (then, II. Holland, I). Oullrtte, L, llurutis. Miss Dunn. L. Damning. R. Johnson. H. Bines Sr r e.ntu-SIxT H E 19 2 9 W I Z A H 1) C roMp a-Jofaiti$ What Thkv Do Collect Laboratory fees at first of semester. Take the roll call in advisory group. Solicit subscriptions for publications. Secure and distribute publications. Their Duties Til FRF is something quaint about making dress up suckers lor everybody's birthday in your advisory group that is typical of Georgia Bonn, Miss Seymour’s Group Captain. Quietly and thoughtfully she performs her duties and she has succeeded in making her group one ol the happiest in the school. Group Captains are like door keys; it all depends on their design and strength what kind of a door the group can unlock. From all outside appearances cheerfulness and efficiency must be the keys to Georgia's successful advisory groups at school. Tor Row— . Jntper, K. MckeUon, C. Johnson. S. Indertan. B. Ripken. I . Air . .1. Teague Sixth How— . Cook. L. Britton. A. Peterson. II. Johnu.n. J. Atkinum, M. Brin da. II. Benjamin Finn Row -Rosene. .If. Antomon. .If. Rakkrn. Nrhon. F. Benith, II. Ilulung Fouxtm Row C. .arson, K. Carl tom, G. Hippo, I.. Ileuer, 0. Bonn. I. Durant. K. Bosytha Tiiimi Wow-A Friedheim, If. B'arren, K. Gil’bom. If. Ohon, I. Kohan, llupay, J. Gilder t. If. Neuman. C. Carney SicoMi Row L. Barken. S. I'rrese. C. Auad. .1. B'ikman, J. Gerontki. A. Sturtoiean. K. Ceilutak, T. PelUtmeo Fi«»t Row c. Hot me. If. Mikulak, C. Ziegler, B. Johnson, A. Bane, I). Kreysourki. L. I'rejka, C. Mahoney, I. Tamm Seventy-Seven1 9 2 9 W I Z A R I) T H E Glenn Briggs Joseph Manchak. Margaret Hanson of 0«fis fa no March 1, 1929 Ramon Ortego .---------......Joseph Manchak Marie..................................Anna Werscham Chiquita ......................Ann Homey Carniclita ............... Louise Dowidat Marian Alden .............Margaret Hanson James Alden ..................Karl Zeigler Professor Anderson .....Kenneth Nordquist William ...................Kenneth Mitchell James.........................Carl Olson Wallace .................. Arthur Sincock Laura Anderson ...............Ruth Hot Iran Jake Kraft ..................Forrest Oliver Pose ...........................Fred Briet Noneeta .................. .Dorothy Ekelund Lone Eagle .............'..Bernard Dombeck Billy Burns .................Glenn Briggs Ki-nnrth Mitchell. Carl Olson, Arthur Sincock, Louise Dosciilat, A tin Homey, Anns U'enchar:i Seventy-EightT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R 1) R. Holstrom, V. Thltte-dal, J. Hacf.n December 21. 1928 Holger .....................L. Jerry Hagen Steen .................. Robert Holstrom Bertel .................. Walter Thuftedal Old Woman ............... Florence Bruins Priest ..................... Joseph Sicard King ........................ Gerald Mattice Beautiful Woman ...............Janet Rose Young Girl ................ Eva Lundquist Sage ............................Alvin Bart Rich Man ..................... Clark Snyder Courtier ................... Robert Curran Angel ....................... Ruth Dyowick Ruth Hottran G. Mattice, J. Rose, C. Snyder, J. Sicard, R. Curran, A. Hart. R. Hottran, E. Lundijui.it Seventy-NineT H E 19 2 0 W I 2 A R D .2$(ne Crian fc First Semester Dorothy Gi llettk Dorothy Tltiiii.l Estelle Nelson 7-Marcaret Hartley President • g ice Presidrnt - - Secretary ■'[ • Treasurer - - Adviser Mrs. Necfert Second Semester Dorothy Gullette • Dorothy Tutiiill Estelle Nelson Marcaret Hartley Dorothy Collette ON the threshold of Life stands the Girl Reserve, squarely and firmly. She is out to find and give the best and to put into prac tice the principles of Jesus Christ. There are one hundred such girls at Edison. Their program contains such things as Mother and Daughter teas, Health. Vocation, and World Fellowship Meetings, and hikes and parties. This is what they say: “Everywhere, always, in sunshine, in shadow, in joy and disappointment, in success or defeat—we, the Girl Reserves, follow the Gleam. If once we fall, we fight again to win; we cannot he lonely—we stand together. From North to farthest South, from Fast to distant West, ours is the surest Quest. We know the One we follow.” Tor Row E. Halim. E. rlrntak, U. lr ral. .11. Manxmen. M. Slichalik. II. Ohon. A. Herrman. F.. Bakke, E. Ktoant Sum Row V. lWtt. SI. Bakken. St. Stinrt. . Vickberg, V. Coughlin. E. Giguerr. S. KiUtr. F. ArlanJer Hrm Ron l. Ilamm. F. fair. C. Hipp, A. ilrrrtU, H. Northman. C. Brtdr. .. Anna. I.. Hard. .. Hru r toiam Row—i . B'ickiirom, B. Johmon, ft. l.indtuom. A. Bay lot. St. Raui A. J. Britky. B. fieUon, G. Hullgrrn I HIND Row E. Ball. s. AnJrrsaB. R. UitUr, V. Bonier. St. Murrell. It. Holland. I. Durant. K. Greene. R. Champeau SECOND Row E. Gibboni, ,. Data idol. A. Kennedy. R. Dvputrk. St. Giawola, B. Shall. C. Toser, L. Janet Row— . Rote, D. Fkelund. E. Selton, I). Tulhitl, Sir I. A. euftrt. II. CulUlle, M. Hanley. H. l.tibig, H. I.. Cnok EitjhtyT II E 10 2 9 W I Z A II I) •S—OCi- g ' $ Semester Glenn Briccs John tkinson Steve Subak • Donald DeCoursky Second Semester Glenn Briccs • • John Atkinson - • • Steve Sl'bak Donald DeCoitrsey Adviser—Mu. Wehiutzky Glenn Briccs A I the beginning of each term I am afraid that this is my last stand. In the morn-. ,ing can hardly keep tin crowd out of the second hand book room until the Ili boys arrive to unlock me. As long as 1 am here 1 will gladly serve this worth while club. I am the Auditorium door, and at every entertainment I am graced by the presence of fifteen Hi-'t boys, all dressed alike, who show the people their seats. They are striving thus to carry out the Service side of their square lives. The Body, Mind and Spirit sides they develop in other wavs: Find Yourself Campaign for vocational guidance, work in World Brotherhood. They are brisk and snappy ushers, and I am glad to have them around. Top Row B. Ray, W. U’enerda hi. It. Pretka, R. Olton. .. Dinning, K. Z.ieglrt, W. Thuftedal. C. R Off nr Eoiimm Row L. Pir tiler. M. Mahlman. U'. Ripken, V. Pouert, J. Fit her, F. Oilier, E. Young Timed Row—N, Prtkilo. O. Chenouelh. R. Richason. I.. Forpahl. J. Bn ak, F. Conner. R. Cl»te, It. Tuthill Second Row E. Urn. S. Subak. G. Britt . ! • • tour try. P. Janatco. 1. Subak. P. Mikulyak D ITOM How f. Snyder. R. I irk land, F. Rathjrn. Mr. U erbitiky. Mr. Miller, J. Atkin ton, R. Curran. T. Grattick Eight OneT II E 1 9 2 9 W IZARD Girl Reserve Recognition Service As a Girl Reserve I will Try to Race Life Squarely; To Find and Give the Best. I Will Be Gracious in Manner Impartial in Judgment Ready fur Service Loyal to Friends Reaching jtbwarSfl the Earnest in purpose Seeing the beautiful Eager for Knowledge Reverent to God Victorious over self Ever dependable Sincere at all times. Gypsy Pattkran Blue and Silver Triancle Cabinets II. Johnson, H. Scholl, It. Gullrite, A', Berio«. I list Gal pin, M. Sandgeen, V. Suanson, E. Gitcold, . Kohan, II. Cook, A. Bloomgren, S. Ka:, E. Kosbskei, B. Holhjcn, I). Tulhilt. M. Eick. M. Hanley, Mes. Veujeil, R, Engan. I.. Haiti do:, M. Benson, E. Nelson, U, Halit, A. Kennedy Eighty-TicoT II E 1 9 2 9 W IZARD North Wools Trip To create, maintain, ami extend, higher standards of Christian character throughout Edison High school and the community. “Every member ready to serve." Getting Started HI-Y USHERS Tor Row— . Atkinton, J. Ripken, J. Subtil. C. Trepp, I.. Pickier, R. Ohm, I.. Preska. Rotene, P. Mikulyak, R. Roy, S. Sub.il.. . . Prekilo. P. Janatko, l Conner, L. Vorpohl. D. DeCourtcy Bottom Row—£. West, C. Root. II. Rickason, E. Rook. C. Danielian. II. tut vll. J. lUyiak. J. Either Fifth Row II. lattice, I). Garlick. ,V. Mahloie, O'. Rickman, (•. Dateton Eiyhlij-ThreeT H E 1 9 2 9 V I Z A R D JuM ior C ir(! cK.c$erve$0 Tor How—D. Martonik, K. Reshetar, R. Rathjen, II, Benson, F. Johnson, R. Roman, If. Larson. .If. McQuillan. J. LuJtorJ, J), HctnluuJ. A. pickhofl. C. Bonin firm Row—A. Johnson, II, Hookey, O. Kalina, F, Clement , f. Okerstrom, P, Pities, B. Solan. C. Johnson. .If. Jakubii e, A. Briley, If. I'nsta. C. Carney, R. LaMar Kot util Row r. F dice t la. c. Giguere, I.. Fear. If. Sabah. 0. CemunJson, R. Grat rock. J. Martinten, L. lusrson, .If. Lot ho, F. Pat gits A. En'oath. C. Giancola. T»IW» How If. Porter, A. Tarasar. K. Olson. 11. Franeeen. R. Crunani, F. Harshman, -If. White, V. Gillies, M. AilkenI, .. BrolanJ. M. Thom Skomd R°w R- Pahl. A. DeMuse, G. Johnston. If. Root, f llarjing. F, Homan. A. Case. P. Fear,, C. Wilmol, G. Stcnlahl, J. I nnBerch. H. Hall. IIotiom How P. Peterson, L. SoJergren. R. Smith, C. Hoskm. L. Chapman. A. Campbell, Miss Galpin, S. Lee. F. Schuster, E. Pickhoff, If. Mo ta. F. Machl.uk. Hopper 0- % Tor How — C. Root. A. Italick Sl ni How 0 . Howell, It. harJ.ju -i. J. HarJmg, II. Bony, J. Atkinson. 4. Teague firm How H. Mat lice, Daniel Garlick. ,V. Mahlou. W. Beckman, G. Haitian toVani Row If. Chamhetlr.m, J. Hagen. C. B ilmot, G. McArJIe Tbi«i How —I". S in Jin. O. Fijem, V. Bailey Snow Row -L. Eight. K. Set tor Borrow How—E. werbittky Highly-F nrT H E 19 2 1) W I Z A R D Junior £ 6- Tor Row U. Marlin. Grabnuski. I). Kriekinn. I. Sion. C. I.azar:, I. Cook. E. Rocick SccOXP Row H. Pitcher, R. Milter, E. Uendling. C. Kadoo. ( . miliums. E. Lindgten, I). Christensen, I? . Rainier IkiMOM Row—D. Hordberg, A. Diethert, If'. ( hallgren, R. Richalon, ti'erbiuky. I), cttir.n, II. .arson. II. Vicktmd, DMW JiCver Crian jCi Tor Row— .. Chapman, R. Ragman, M. Fick. F.. KoHakas, II. Haider, K. Pomeiay Sixth Row—£. Slendahl, A. U'ensehem, A. Runyan, A. Ray. E. Carlson, C. Soames Firm Row M. Steanson, M. Hennis, . I.nr son. M. Sandgtcn, II . Rcrgttmm Fovrtii Row—A. Blomgren. II. McKim. . Bergman. M. Steen TTiiku Row — . Rohan, G. F age tier, .. linnet Sr.coNU Row K. Carney, S. Kus: Rouom Row—.Wi » Calgin EirjhhjFicCT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R D SEWING ROOM OFFICE PRINT SHOP Eighty-SixT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R 1) COOKING ROOM ART ROOM Eighty SevenT II E 19 2 9 W IZARD Allen Teacue First Semester Second Semester Allen Teague .... President - - - Harold Sincock George KaVi.ou Vice President - - Robert Brault Catherine Carney • • • Secrctaiy - - • Catherine Casey Leonard Encen - • • Treusurtr - - - Lois Chapman Advisers Miss Challman, Miss! Robertson, Miss Hobbs I AM acquainted with almost every hoy and girl in school, for I am the door of the Lost and Found Room. 1 am very much interested in the Junior Council, which runs this room so efficiently. Its twenty-seven members are all pupils of Junior High who are outstanding in their classes. The council consists of the presidents of all Junior High organizations and a representative for every fifty students in each class. They meet here every Wednesday after school, trying in many ways to better the scholarship, leadership, and character of the students in Junior High, and all who have come in contact with them appreciate the fine work they are doing, not only in the Lost and Found Department, but throughout the whole school. Standing—G. Daly, C. Carney. J. Martinson, L. Burleson. I., Chapman. J. Robertson. J. Mikulyak. IT. Beckman, E. Rorick. D. Campbell, L. Jenson, S. Fudro. M. Ramon. A. Olson Sitting R. Inderson, F. H iggen, ,. Benson, G. Restore, Miss Morris, Miss Saxby, A. Teague, Mrs. Curry, L. F.ngen. J. LePore, G. Mikulyak, L. Anderson Eighty-EightT II E 10 2 1) W IZARD First Semester Clark Snyder -John Vtkinson Estelle Nelson Reynold icki.and Miss Erickson • ounc'il President Pice President Secretary Uviser Second Semestei John tkinson Dorothy Gullette Estelle Nelson • - Joseph Kohan Miss Eva Peterson John Atkinson IT is not much fun being a door, but there is consolation in being the door to 322. The thirty-six members of the Student Council meet here every Wednesday after school to discuss the problems of the student body. They are the organization class presidents and the heads of our literary and music departments. Each of the tenth, eleventh, twelfth grades elects one representative from his class. Work is done through five committees: School Cooperation. Social. Business, Assembly, Library. An annual Vaudeville is given to raise money. The Council s purpose is to cooperate with the administration and faculty in the promotion of the highest standards of behavior, loyalty, and it is worth while to be the door to 322. Standing—£, U'ett, It, Roe, It. Gullette, M. Rautch. L. Vorpahl. L. Hurwns, Damning. R. Johnson, F. Ruth en, S. Dunn, D. Roe. B. Reed. H. I.. Cook. C. Britt . C. Knulton, It. Stakes SltTlNC Iflu Her, F.. Gibbons, It. Johnson, A. Kennedy, F. Carlton. Win Erick ton. R. Hieklan, C. Snyder, J. Aik in ton, F. Nalton. .Uitt Pelenon, E. Bakke, R. Johnson, G. Itipp, C. Mlinir, Mitt Andritt Eighty-NineT H E 19 2 9 W I Z A R D On the Ice For His Birthday The Evergreen Twas the Hay Before Christmas NinetyT II E 1 9 2 9 W I A R I) The Hack Track Ninety-OneT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) First Semester Catherine Munkr • • Second Semester Mae Wickstrom • »•««•»»» ,J§3S President • •• ....... Florence Garland • - tffre President • • Helen Dax Eva Li ndquist - • Secretary ' • ' -Jr • Anna Lindcren Alviscrs Miss Challman, M iss Robertson, Miss Hobbs Catherine Mliner Top Row A'. Era.ne. A', eternal;. T. Mat chow, O. Poet any, M. Schneider, B. Slom.ntky, II. Katmarynskt, M. Symanski, M. Foster, I), Howard, I). Schultz Eighth Row—M. Hartley, .1. Holden, M. Ilmnes. F. Arlander. S, Swenson. E. Peterson, I. Johnson, E. Fronton. I. Hannon, M. Martinson, M. Antonion. I.. Poscidnt Seventh Row B. Holm. V. Kuehinski, G. Smude, M. prrkato, M. ft or th field. C. for. L. Hewer, G. Hipp. I.. Annit, H. Sholt. M. Hamm Sixth Row L. Lawrence, M. Wickstrom, II. Schultz, G. Hultgren, K. Tozer, A. Peterosn, It. Holland, H. Peltier, G. Bolm, G. Fortman, E. Tutko, H. Koketh Kiktii Row AT. Whitney, M. Gacek, B. J.agotcski. C. Me ft ally. H. Miller, A. Farrell, H. Lawrence. L. Lundi uist, E. Hanson, J). Anderson. P. Lutz Foi'XTH Row—a. Merrill, R. Champeau, E. Wall, R. Pypwick, B. Olson, A. Homey, T. Porter, J. Rrisky, R. Linditrom, G. Rrede Tiiiko Row— F. Bruins, M. Oman. A. Remarket, M. Payne. F. Garland, Miss Hobbs, Miss Challman, Miss Robertson. C. Mlinar, E. Lundr uist, P. Ekrlund. A. Strand SECOND Row . Anderson. M. Michalov. A. l.indgren. 1). Wagner, . Coul’.er, M. fteuman, E. Gibbons, R. Bolin. J, Pierot, C. Brtdc, P. Tuthill Bottom Row Uakke, I. Pavey, I.. Benson. P. Liebig. A. Johnson, II. Olson, V. Me Andrews, J. Horsley. G. Smith. Jl. Pearson, E. Wallin Xinetrj-TicoT H E 19 2 9 w I % A R I) First Semester Bertram Reed Eva Lundquist Ruth Greene George Assad 'resident Vice President Secretary Treasurer Adviser- McIntyre Second Semester • :• Svea Bergman • •• Edna Carlson Santina Chicarei.lt - Willard Peterson Svea Bergman f AM a very historical door, although I belong to a plain schoolroom at Edison. - ■ I feci very educated and quite above most doors. 1 have witnessed the reading and portraying of many tales of ancient Rome, and I can understand the phrase. “Tempus fugit.” 1 owe much of this extraordinary intelligence to the Latin Club, which meets every Thursday. All former and present Latin students are eligible for membership; the club now has sixty scholarly members. It is encouraging to feel well versed in the lore of honored Rome, and 1 hope that all Latin students of Edison who come through my door will take advantage of this club to learn and enjoy the culture of the ancients. Top Row W. . fc ral, ft. Cham;reau. A. Merrill, If. Martinson, P. Lirbtg, C. Rudolph, I,. Iluruits Kimi Row £,. Hansen. .4. Runy«n. St. Falls. E. Carlton. D. He din. E. Anderson. E. Kostakos. .» . tick Foiiitm Row—G. Thompson, T. Croteau, V. Lundgrrn, E. Smith. C. Kauffman, M. Mengelkoch. M. Rausch Tium. Row— S. Bergman, D. Hergman. F. Pellegrino, I). I.undahl. B. Peterson. M. Cnrney, H. Kohon. I. Modler Skcomi. Row G. Chatgren, C. Mlinar, W. Chalgren. S. Chiearelli, M. Folbrecht. J. Postal, n. T. Tyrrell, .. lames. U. Olson Bottom Row—ff-. Thuftedal, R. Greene, R. Curran, Mrs. McIntyre. B. Reed, E. Lundquist. G. Assad. M. Trepp Ninety-ThreeT H E 19 2 9 W I Z A R 1) )ty ov )vc estvcL IT may seem to many that being just a stage door is tiresome, but I enjoy seeing and hearing the Senior Orchestra practice their symphonies every day under the direction of Mr. Sodergren. There are forty-seven members and they practice many beautiful selections such as Mendelssohn’s concerts and Shuberfs seventh symphony. The latter is to be played by the all city high school symphony which consists of representatives from ali the high schools. Tor Row y. r,ic ' c. FeHin. B . Serlty, O. Chtnowrlh, HutUr, M. l.rddinf. I). j ; TomUack »o. «„ Row V. VtUtly. I.. K'llrr, a . .ofoiA. R. Eklund, I). Util-,. r' p , , « u '" T..,„ How c. .l „pAr. V. Kitdromki, F. , nan. II. Fitker. I. W. JtonU 4 iZk. n r T „ , Kow k- Hmmpknr. T. Tj'rrlt. I. tUlUr. L. Feu, ion. . BoUen. BCh„'u“ ‘ O » fiti bo-, bo. ,, z.t.y. r. «'• £"sr,: £ t Sincty-FourT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R D junior C rc £$frcL ; | 'HE Edison High Junior Orchestra formerly under the direction of Miss Boege, J- now, is under the supervision of Miss Bernice Severinson. In the organization there are thirty-nine members. These players, after showing themselves capable with the Junior Orchestra, are graduated to the Senior Orchestra, which is under the supervision of Mr. Elmer Sodergren. Tor Row—P. Tobias, E. Ottoson, V. Johnson, G. Soamti, I.. Dubay, E. Palktnvtkl Fot'iini Row—-C. Erickson, V. A ndtrson, C. Sc ha nan. J, Braver, A. Paulson, A. Sawodski, U all Timm Row -S. Schullo, II. Hawith, K. HadUon, ! . Lynch, F. Oh on. M. Sikorski StCOKD Row . Griina, M. Sandon, O. Erickson. M. Kolodit, W. Goetz. M. Mims, W. Stepanchak Bottom Row—I. herson. I. Anderson, I). Neils on, Mist Boege, G. Burman. S. Ghoromontki Ninety-FiveT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) CQ)e 3 55 rc(;e$fra THE Jazz Orchestra is the most indispensable musical organization at school. It plays at all school parties and sunlights, club parties, P. T. A. dances and other functions when popular music is desired. The players enjoy it very much and surely we enjoy them. The doorway of jazz is gay colored and fluttering with ribbons and youth trips lightly in, hut he stops a moment to thank the Jazz Orchestra. Tor Row— .. .Item, II. Lynch, G. Sorth field Srco.M Rom—D. Lynch, C, Lewis, M. Hendricks, P. Kiedrouski Roirou Row—. . Smith, director; F. Porter, C. Rosene Ninetp-SixT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) AMONG the many interesting things that I, the Stage Curtain, have the privilege of seeing is the Edison Band, lor they practice here every day under the direction of Mr. Sodergrcn. The hand has been steadily growing in size until it now boasts of forty members. The ladies of the E. L. Kinny Relief Corps, auxiliary to the G. A. R., gave them six clarinets and two French horns. T p Row—D, O itrl, R. Erickson, D. Rates, G, 7repp, Mihlman, C. Rotent, V. Powers Koiutii Row II. Maddock, I). DeCourtcy, . Parke, t, G. orthfield, G. Hint. K. Ilultgren Third Row - '. Hendricks, . Dahl, H. Lynch, M. Edited!, E. Anderson, D. Strickland, E. Arnei Skco.mj Row C. Louis, T. Tyrrell. M. Hendricks, T. Moore. D. M ah bon, (.. U’ilmot Bottom Row—C. Peterson, D. Roe, R. herson. Mr. Stdertten. II. Tarn, If. Trepp, L, Arent A'l'jirf jkSci'chT II E 10 2 9 W I Z A R 1) 0 First Semester Second Semester Helen Cook - - - . • President Ficr fresid r • • - - Anne Xavier Sicne Bayard - -Jane Could - - - lent - - Anna Lindcren . - Secretary r m • - - Helen Pearson Bertha Hildreth - - - Trtasurei r - - - • Helen Cook Adviser - Mr. Benner y-T"' w Anne Xavier SINCE 1 have the privilege of being the door to the most fragrant room at Edison, the greenhouse, I am present at most of the meetings of the (lari Linnaeus Society. Carl Linnaeus was a great Swedish botanist, and his followers are interested in nature. The club has many outside speakers and often the talks are interestingly illustrated with slides or cards. The club parlies are always successful because of their pep and interest. Doors like most things have certain drawbacks; thus, when the Carl Linnaeus girls run off on their delightful field trips, of which I can hear only tantalizing tales, I wish 1 could get out with them and actually see the things that I hear so much about. Tor Row— ?. Gulleut, I. Brig. M. Ao.fr-, . Hanton. M. Mar amen. K. Cropper, M. Chriuemon, A. Farrell hoi rtii Row A. I.mdgren. II. Holland, Pooler, A. Kennedy, M. Murrell. A. Xavier. R. Miller rinro Row M. Hamm.il. Joknton. C. Bred . H. Scholl. I.. Heuer. I.. Cielutak. I.. Laurence, B. Holm kcom Rem M( .illy, S. Anderton. A. Hrlppj. Andrrton. I). Burner, M. Olton, I . Tuthill liOTTOM Row— . Rote. M. Oman, M. Michilak, A. Johnton. Mr. Benner. II. Cook. II. Peanon, Fronton Ninety-EightT II E 10 2 9 W IZARD First Semester Beatrice Johnson Muriel Murrell Eva Lunpouist -Dorothy Liebic • Alice Merrill • Miss Holkesvig • Second Semester Estelle Nelson - • Alice Merrill Henrietta Holland • Catherine Munah Beatrk e Johnson • - Miss O'Brien Beatrice Johnson ALL roads load to Home and roads in Rome lead to the Forum. It was in the Forum that the greatest statesmen learned that power of speech with which they swayed the world. 215 is Edison's Forum. Here the thirty-six members learn to appreciate the power of expression, mentally, physically, and vocally by means of debates, extemporaneous speeches, and current topics. All the “statesmen'' thus in training greatly enjoy the good fellowship of the Forum, and urge those members of Edison who are “oratorically’’ inclined, to join them in their interesting meetings every other Thursday in room 215. The Forum is one of the most interesting doors to the field of dramatic art, one of the most fascinating of the fields that lie behind the doors of life. Tor Ro vr F. heiiesh, J. Hortley, M. Uichitak. II. Olron. It, l.ielug Koi'htii R°»—.M. Duemke, G. Andefton, t'. Garland, J, Alirerht, It, Pennon, G, than ton Titian Row It. Holland. A. Merrill. G. Smade, V. Kurhintki, M. Hanley S «oni Row -A. Peter tort, M. Murrell, E. I.undr utit, D. Gullette, I.. I.aurenee, C. Mlinar Bottom Row E. Melton, Mi it Holketvig, II. Johnson, Uni O'Hritn, It. Cook Sinetu-MfieT H E 10 2 1) W I Z A K I) 5 air ( ucl I. Sicard, ft. lasper, H. Oman, I., Iluneitx (E CcLSst|OfcLv S-fa.$s Tor How It. Rivrf, ft. Ray, F.. Gustafson, I.. Prcska, ,. Domnins, H . Thuftedahl Stco.Mi Row-O. Chenoteeth, C. Allinar, II. Hartley, A. Xacier, 1‘. Mikulyak, , l. Biin la, V. Jasper Botiom How F. Bruins, II. I.. Cook, F. Garland, Mist Tapper, J. Albrecht, A, Homey, R. I.indstrom, R. Dtp wick One HundredT H E 19 2 1) W I Z A R I) Sf«3£ Top Ron K. Kirkland, II. I'enrson, K'. B’esterdithl Bohom Row A. Hopper, Mr. Ostritm, V, Rmeort C riGra Top Ron .MeAndreirs, M. Rausch. R. Kick-and, A. Knation, C. Kilroe, M. Murrell Botiom Row Ripken, M. Martintvn, A. Ochu, M. Olson, C. Christiansen. C. Snyder ry 0 Woyifor5 One Hundred OneT H E 19 2 9 W I Z A R D First Semester Kenneth Kirkland Carl Johnson - -John Atkinson - - Secy-Treas. ■ f Adviser—Mr. Likmohn Second Semester • - Carl Johnson - - John Ripken - Edward Johnson Carl Johnson T AM llu door of the dark room, and only I and those initiated into the Radio Club can know the exciting things that happen behind me every Thursday night at 7:00. I guard the most beautiful treasures of the club which the twenty-one members bought with money earned by giving a Radio Nile program at Edison, and raised by their dues, which are one dollar a semester. The president of the club has complete charge of all apparatus and is responsible to the club for it. When Kenneth Kirkland originated the club in the fall of 1928. it had very little equipment, but the material has increased greatly during the last year. I am ever so grateful for the Radio Club. It is exciting to be in on the meetings of one of the most interesting organizations at Edison. Top Row—P. Potcert, I', Ripken. R. Ray. E. Book. ft. Holiday, J. Ripken .econo Row A;. Johnton. C. Dan ie'son. C. Johnson, C. Slahoney, S. Lunibtad, F. Sairicke, J. Atkimon I now Row ft. Carlton, ft. Doliber, F. Oitelt. K. Kirklant, Mr, .4. Liemohn, J. Mitchell, P. Janasko, A. Carlton One Hundred TtcoT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) First Semester Dolores Kl-harski Dorothy Krohn Bernadinf. Callahan Second Semester • - Edna Sjodin Vernice Powers Callahan Edna Sjodin A DOOR is but a reflection of its maker and only the true master can build a door of pure beauty and exquisite workmanship that is outstanding for its strength and service. Such is the door to the Art Club, one of beauty and service. This club aids many other organizations and gives freely of its time; it desires to stimulate in terest in art throughout the school. Two terms of art are required for membership, and at the meetings, every other Thursday, the members study masterpieces of artists which arc truly books of art in themselves opening small doorways to thrilling mysteries. They also create their own original compositions under the guidance of their adviser. Miss Stevning. Tur Row—E. Benson, I.. IPestin, F. Johnson. it. Terry. 0. Iltpp, L. Douidat, V. Power . V. Johnson iiiiiw Row F. Laurence, St. Lindquist, F. Sjodin. if. Gosilin. it. Sjodin, K. Cropper. O'. Soanes Stt.oMo Row il. Sandgren. StrCamd'r, F. Marlin. L. Jenson, t. Johnson. O'. Smith Bottom How F. I.indgren. I). Kuharski, Miss Steming, F. Tillman, B. Callahan One Hundred ThreeT II E 19 2 9 WIZARD The Edison uMcyny First Semester Thomas Gratrick -Magyar Bkrcman • KTIII It Wishart • Miss Seaman . • ecork EJitorin-Chief Justness Manager A demising Mgr. ■ ■ Adviser - Second Semester • • Evelyn Bakke • Kacnak Bergman Alfreo Blanchard • • • Miss York THE newspaper is the doorway through which one may see the people of the world at work. The Record opens the door for those who wish to view the busy student life at Edison: the clubs, the class organizations, the student council, the athletic teams. As one stands at the portal, he can see each group bound together by a common interest intent upon its own problems; yet each wants to know what the other is doing. Occasionally he rushes to the doorway and watches with eagerness the other groups; for it is only there that he is filled with joy at his own work and the place it holds among the many “busy nesses " of the school. Tor Row . B iggesss, ;. Ray, B', Bestetdahi, L. Donning, J. Schunert, A. Blanchard, .A. Bishart, F. Ssiricke, E. Surdyk Sixm Row A,. etscn, E. Ra'I, C. otth ield, C. Olson, L. Steantcn, II. Martinsrn, F. Benesh, D. Eke! and rirtii Row R. Eun-larud, .A, Gossltn, M. Foster, I. B allin. M. Schneider, II. R ickhcrg, R. Ret green, A. Ilumrickhouse, R. Rosette Im mtii Row-- .. Bard, W. Bakken, .. Bettson, R. Kassart, B', Gaiy, B. Johnson, E. Giguere. F. Carr Tiiimii Row G. Bredr, R. Shall, I., Artnis, I. Ileinecke, J. Coulter. I . Rotter, C. ordst om, R. Bales, R. Thorpe Suomi Row A, Petersen, I., t.nndqusf. J. Kohan, R. Nelson, C. I.ocascio, R. Green. R, Champeau. K. B'hitney Hot tom Row I,. Jankowski. E. Bakke, R. Dypxcick, T. Gralrick, Mus Seaman, Miss York, F. Bruins, F. Garland, C. Snyder One Hundred FourT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R D First Semester Adelle Kennedy Karl Xavier - - • Miss Cowan - • • Second Semester Carl Zeicler - Chester Olson - Miss Stevninc m 3 m DEtEMRER 1728 m Not of the Sunlight, Not of the moonlight, Not of the starlight. O young Mariner, Down to the haven Call your companions. I.aunrh your vessel. And crowd your canvas. And. ere it vanishes Over the margin. After it, follow it Follow the Gleam. Tor Row T. Xlalchov, C. GoU, K. Sutton. E. Storm. A. Straw!. I. Rote, I'. Rett. R. Perry Mrtii Row . Johnson. F. At Under, L. Kersuell. M. Darmke. K. Franst.m, D. Notrard, H. Harshman. ,. Campbell lomill Row—.» . GiantoU, B. Dr.Man, E. Gtrton, . Damon. .XI. t.indbbsd, J. Shrevsbury. G. Paulson. C. Thilgcn. C. Meafher r»liw Row -H. Peltier, A. Lindfen. J. Anderson, it. Bickstrom, G. Ilultt'en, B. Schultz. It. Ho'.m, L. Heteer, S. Murphy, XI. Hamm SecoND Row -0'. Crirna. B. Larson. K. Sutton, S. Fontana, .XI. Sytard. R. Sabin, F. Hendricks, G. Xlu'phy, T. Tyrrell Bottom Row B PUnke, M. Sevmtn, A. Blanchard. K. Ziegler, Hitt Cottan. A. Kennedy. K. Xavier. S. Gustafson, F. Oliver, E. Young One Hundred FiveT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R D Tor Row Olson. Features, L. Pteska. Art., I., lien son. Stenog. Kin iitii Row H. Bates. Clatter. R. Clotr. Features. M. Martinson. Claws. i'll iko Row ■R. Ray, Ath., R. Johnson. Photos. P. Mikulyak, Bus. Mg’. Second Row Johnson. Cite. Dir., V. McAndretts, Adi.. J. Atkinson. Bus. Fik»t Row —J. Hanson, Adi.. R. Olson, Ith., F. Peterson. Arlc. Dikikkno•—Mrs. Gillies- Adviser. One Uumhetl SixT II E 19 2 9 W IZARD loi- Row -I). Liebig, Ciaiifi, J. Kohan, .1th.. If. Hanley. Clonej. Koixrii Ron . Cook. I.. I) a hoy, I). Oullette. School Lite. Til mo Row—H'asieletcskl, hit., J. Albrecht, Lucian Votpohl, Ats'l Editor!. Suoxn Row D. Tuthill. Circ. Dir., II. Pearson. M. Hottinton. Adi. KiBJt Row E. Sfodin. F. Costner, .hit., .If. Ilennet, Type. IK'omkxob—Damn Inf. Editor-in-chief, One Hundred Seven£Ki$C.tiics What fortitude the soul contains That it can so endure The accent of a coming foot. The opening of a door. —Emily Dickinson. One Hundred Kiyhtj2pe|orc On, Hundred SineT H E 1 9 2 9 W IZARD ■ink of Constantine, Rome tlje o|? Pictorx V"01 are very strong and beautiful, 0 Arch of Constantine, strong and beautiful as the athletes for whom you stand; noble and enduring as the memory of those splendid soldiers who fought and gave their lives for Rome, who bent the east and west and south until they met at her imperial feet. Carved into the hearts of all the Roman people, and carved into'the sides of you. 0 Roman arch, are the broad bare shoulders, and armored muscles of those lithe young men who made an army the proudest possession of an empire. Arch pi Constantine, you have served as a sign, as a symbol, of the gratitude a country pays its soldiers, but you stand, you were built, for the athlete, the fine upstanding athlete who stood the test, who was always fit. who gave his best, but never stained the honor of his people. Y c otior 9 .r,c (x av May our athletes find and carry on the spirit of the Arch through which the armies of the past have marched, for it is one of strength and grace, and sacrifice, it is one of everlasting honor. One Hundred TenT H E 19 2 1) W I Z A R I) E. B’rit. W. Thuflrdal K. Close, .1. Humrickhouse One fluiitlrrd ElevenT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Back Row .Hi'Ae Hikutak, Rcrnard Horn bed.. Fred Ralhjen. Donald DeCoursey Second Row — Ray Parkins, Floyd Ray. Hurry Miller Front Row—Homer Pile, l.ouit C. Cook 85 oavb o 9 i fe ic (2o»ifrof HP HE Board of Athletic Control is composed of the faculty manager of Athletics. J- two major coaches, the student captains of the major sports, and one other member of the faculty. Its duties are to determine the eligibility of Athletes, awarding letters, arranging and managing of all athletic contests. The Coaches of tennis, golf, hockey, and swimming are members of the faculty who give their service to the respective teams. Mr. Janes has had charge of the golf team since it existence at Edison. During this time the Blue-Gold golfers have developed a reputation of having a team that is to be feared at all times. The Tommies have won the championship once and have been runners-up a number of times. Last fall tennis was taken by Mr. Lien. With only one letter man back around which to build his team Mr. Lien did very well. The team finished in second place. KDDIS JANKS ColI CHARLES MEN Tennis One Hundred TwelveT II E 19 2 9 W 1 x A R D Back HoLaurence J.nkou.ki, Arthur Mohan. Kenned, •'««» uC'"r 5"" 'T S,r“"- William ku,der Hob"t Ray. Robert Olio" yov.ru Row—OUttr La hi ere, Leonard Hurui,:. ton'll OH",. Gordon T,eP?. Kennelk BlickHdi. Reynold Vickland. dhlen Dahl, Carl Ob-.n c. , , Third How -Kenneth S.uon, John Moerb. Chadr, Gland", John Ho an Donald Pari . Joe Srard. Will Urn Boole,. S,c „ How—Andrew Slou. Peter JanaUO. SSTj S ’Peek Oo. Ben R,chard, m. John Sabah. Tony Jerra-a. ■— «• • -fijra JsJftdlra rjJSe- - ’• c3 oo crs (2fuC ALTHOUGH the Rooters’ Club was wonderful showing during tin A. Benjamin 1.IKMOHN Asst. Fool ball ikiL organized for the first game, it made a rest of the season. Miss Hobbs had charge of the club and proved a very successful leader. Last fall the job of assistant coach of football was taken over by Mr. Liemohn, who is a teacher of physics. His work with the team was very valuable and probably had a great deal to do with helping to turn out a winning team. Before he came to Kdisou he was head coach of athletics at the Cokato High school. As a student he played both football and basketball. With the exception of two years Mr. Ahl-stroin has had charge of the hockey team. Although the Tommies have never won a championship. they have sort of made it a custom to be runners up in the hockey race. Kalph Aiilstkom Hockey One. Hundred ThirteenT II E 1 2 9 W I Z A R I) Roosevelt North South Roosevelt Roosevelt West North South South Marshall West South One Hundred FourteenT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) West Roosevelt Marshall North South North West Roosevelt Marshall Marshall South South One Hundred Fifteen'1' II E 10 2 0 W IZARD Row Emmett Ouemke, Clinton Roienr. Bill Westerduhl, Cordell Nelson, Francii Henderson, Art Sincork, Wayne Carlson, Peter Tarasat, Allen Coppin, Concha l.iemohn. Parkins oRcqnd Ron Steer Felegy, I.eland Peterson, Fremont Broun, l.ucian V or pa hi. Swan Anderson, Carl Baralak, Alvin Bart, Clen Briggi, Stanley Glodek, Sigmund Malchuu, Arthur Hopper, Joe Manrhak r»o t Rom -Butch Oriii, Floyd Wahhtrom, Richard Ruprecht, (-apt. Fred Rathjen, Clarence Rierson, Magnus Olson, Everett Wallace, Andy Pelak, Carl Zimmerman. Ray Petroske, Hike Mikulak "C 00TBALL was indeed a great success at Edison this fall. In the play off for • - City Championship with South the Tommies lost, six to nothing. The Southerners were outplayed all during the contest hut managed to score a touch down against a crippled Edison team in th last seconds of play. The team finished the season iiy'Third place with five wins and only two set hacks. Coach Parkins upset the jinx that seemed to follow the Tommies for the past few years. As any school will tell you. the Tommies were a '‘fighting eleven" no matter which end of the score they carried. With a fighting forward line and aPshifty hackfield, these gridders were'one of the most dangerous teams in the city. The team was led hy Fred Rathjen who was one of the best tackles in the city. He was given a berth on the Tribune’s All-City team. He was greatl) missed hy his team mates in the South game when he was carried off the field with a seriously wrenched knee. Fred Rathjf.n One Hundred SixteenT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R D ciion in T N the action picture above, Ochu is being stopped after plunging through the Roosevelt line for a long gain. Ochu, Vorpahl, Wallace, Petroskc, and Mai-chow were the leading ground gainers for the Tommies. Many times Edison was taken out of a tight place by the versatile punting of Magnus Olson. The stellar place-kicking of Rupreeht covered the point after the touchdown. Openings in the opposing ranks were made in a consistent manner by such hefties as Rathjcn, Zimmerman. Rierson. and Wahlstrom. Mikulak and Pelak, the ends, made end runs ai|d passing a very dangerous game for anyone to use against the Tommies. Mikulak was given a berth on the All-City team. Floyd Wahlstrom was the captain-elect for the coming year. This is his third year on the gridiron and he will be one of the mainstays of the team. Coach Parkins will have only five lettermrn hack for next season. This is comparatively few men, but Coach Parkins will undoubtedly have a team that will make a favorable showing. Football Scores Edison 7 Roosevelt Edison 18 West .... Edison 0 Central . . Edison 14 Washbu rn Edison 0 North . .. Edison 12 Marshall . Edison 0 South . . . Floyd YVahlstrom c) oo$evcff ( ami One Hundred Seven teenT H E 10 2 0 W IZARD 1. Mike Mikulak “Micky" was the sensation of the season—he seldom failed to get his man. 2. Glen Briccs “Briggs" made a good showing and should lie good material, for next year. 3. Ray Petroske “Ray" was one of our most spectacular hack field men, in spite of an injured hip. He played fullback. 4. Lucian Vorpahl The fullback shiek, but never-the-less, Edison’s high scorer of the season. 5. Sigmund Malchow Lots of drive! By the way, did you hear the story about Brown trying to stop “Sig” at practice? 6. Alvin Bart ”AI" was not a regular, but his ambition deserves honorable mention on this page. 7. Andrew Pelak Andy Pelak showed the same audacity in his football as he did in his basketball. 8. Carl Zimmerman Dutch was a lot of p o w e r in Edison’s line. One Hundred EighteenT H E 1 ) 2 0 W I Z A R D 1. Kichakd Rlpreciit Dick Ruprecht will he back next year with blood in his eye and sauerkraut in his stummick. 2. Leland Peterson "Lee” was a real football player, lie’ll be back next year. 3. Alfred Ochu "Hutch” has long been Edison’s foremost quarterback. He is an outstanding star in every game. 4. Fremont Brown A hard hillin', dashing, young quarterback. Good things come in little packages. 5. Magnus Olson Our lanky center takes his sweet time, but we must add that his punts are O.K.M.X. 6. Everett Wallace Our dashing young half-back. 7. Clarence Rierson Rierson was a steady, dependable linesman. All he needed was a little more sleep. 8. Carl Bavoi.ak He filled Fred's shoes in the last quarter of the South game—miff sed! One Hundred NineteenT II E 1 9 2 9 W I 7 A II 1) Big££ 0 ic Hundred TwentyT II E 19 2 0 W I Z A R 1) Curtain Falls One Hundred TictVity-OneT H E 1 9 2 9 W 1 Z A R 1) Earl Kimmey, C.ratriek, Norman Johtuon. Stanley Cuila ton, Willard Notdin CcamO THE Edison nel team finished a very successful season when it took runnner-up honors in the city high school tennis competition last fall. It lost the championship only after a hard match with the Central racketeers. The Tommies have never won a championship in this minor sport, hut they have produced some very strong teams. Each year they have been up in the thick of the fight and they hope to be able to Cnp a tennis trophy in the near future. Mr. Lien took over the team last fall and did a jvery good job. He had very few veterans and much green material to work with, but he proved himself capable of his position by turning out a second place team. .Next fall there will be a great task before Coach Lien, for he will have comparatively few regulars or experienced men to work with. But this will not dishearten the team as such star tennis players as “Mally Gustafson. Melvin McLaughlin. Gordon Anderson, Hedwin Anderson, and many others have been developed from green material at Edison. The interest in this sport has been growing a great deal at Edison and each year more and more students have been fighting it out for positions on the regular team. THE SCORES Edison vs. Marshall .................Won Edison vs. North ...................Won Edison vs. Wushhurn ................Won Edison vs. West ...................Wron Edison vs. Central ................Lost Edison vs. South ...................Lost One Hundred Twenty TwoT H E 1 i) 2 9 W I Z A R D K. Jii inton, II. R"Oify. h. Jattf, F. liftman. C. Srlton (§Jf GOLF, a minor sport in the city high schools, is now one of the most popular spring activities at Edison. The school is favorably located near the Columbia park links and, consequently, the team has always had much material. Each year the Wizard golfers have been in the thick of the fight and Coach Janes expects to finish high in the finals this Spring. There will he four letter men back this spring and the prospects are indeed very bright. In the spring of 1928 the team got away to a very poor start due to the poor condition of Columbia links. The rain made practice impossible before the first match. As the season progressed their,game improved, and the Tommies landed in fourth place. Last fall with one letter man back the Blue-Gold club swingers finished in second place. The competition puts every man in perfect condition for the coming season. Everyone concerned is proud of the golf that is being played at Edison. Mr. Janes has produced some good golfers, and it will not be surprising if some of his prodigies are heard of in the city golfing circles in year to come. THE SCORES Edison vs. North .........Lost Edison vs. Marshall .................Won Edison vs. Central ........Won Edison vs. Washburn ..... Won Edison vs. South ..........Won Edison vs. West ..........Lost Our Hundred Tirenly-ThrccT II E 19 2 0 W I Z A R D Swimminc Team Fko.vT Ron -Bon Morse, Bill Lawson, Pete Havriih, Ralph Ruyrrie Hack How—Kenneth XitHolton, Rob Bacon, Clinton Roienr, Arsini Pcrra, "Flop” Campbell THREE years ago a fighting bunch of sophomores tankmen brought the Twin City title to Edison. This was the first time that the pennant had ever been placed on the East side, t nder the capable leadership of Coach Lloyd Boyce, the mermen repeated in their Junior and Senior years. Because of the fact that the School Board wishes to discourage Twin City contests. a splash with the Saints was ruled out. The team was also invited to swim at Hibbing and Virginia, but could not get permission to leave the city. The Blue-Gold mermen splashed their way to an easy victory in every scheduled contest. To be undefeated in three years of competition is one of the best records of any Minneapolis high school. This year they swam to an easy victory in the Second Annual Invitation Meet held by the Minneapolis “Y." by scoring 36 points to 27 of West, their! nearest rival. This was a wonderful record for a team, and is one that Edison can be proud of. In the above picture Coach Boyce displays the crawl men of the teams. They upheld the honors of Edison in a stellar way in both the ICO yard relay and the individual events. Don Morse and William Lawson were the main stays of the team in the diving event. Five men from this group will not greet Coach Boyce when the call comes for swimmers next fall. Those that graduate are: Floyd Campbell. Donald Morse. Clinton Rosene, Arsini Berra, and Kenneth Nicholson. These tankers have have all performed in a versatile manner and will be greatly missed when they graduate. One Hundred Tice dp-Four Lloyd BoyceT II E 19 2 9 w I Z a h 1) Swimminc Team I.itt to Right — Laurrncr Jankomki, AI RalrA, Rrn Rickaiun, Rub Ray, lanmr O'Link, Cail Ohon ON the right in the above picture are the breaststrokers, and on the left the backs! rokers. These six swimmers upheld their events in a very creditable way. The medley team composed of Albert Baird. Koliert Kay, and Arsini Perra were not defeated by any high school, during the entire eason. From this group Coach Boyce will lose Bob Kay and Lawrence Jankowski. The five swimmers that gained the most points during the season were as follows: Morse. Rosene, 59 points a piece, Kay, 58 points, Baird 36 points, and Perra 30 points. Don Morse usually captured first in the diving and 220 events, while Rosene won the premier place in the K) and 100 yard dashes. Kay, Baird, and Perra collected their points in the breaststroke, back-stroke, 100 yard dash, and medley team. The loss of these splashers for next year will leave a vacancy, but Coach Boyce is developing a number 5 f bright prospects to take their places. Although greatly weakened, the Fdison team next year is expected to make a good showing. The lettermen that will be back are Maurice O'Link. A1 Baird, and Ralph Rosene. Seven lettermen graduated in June. This year the team chose not to have a regular captain, but to follow the Minnesota style of electing a captain for each meet. The captains were Ray, Nicholson, Perra, Rosene. Richardson, Morse, Campbell. Jankowski. Mr. Ray is the Faculty Coach of the team. Onr Hundred Tu:entyFive Floyd W. KayT II E 10 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Tiiiko Riiw-W«6 Johnson, Andy Prlak. Ted Tomastevski, Frank Narng. Jim Schuneri How—Coach Catkins, F. Biernal, Floyd Wahhtrom, Art Sincock, J«e Manchak, Dick ftuprecht Fkont Row—Harry Fear ion. Harry Oman, Capt. Domheck, Mike Mikulak. Wither Bnlin UNDER the capable coaching of Ray Parkins, the Edison cage team finished another very successful season in third place with seven wins and three losses. The team did not function well in the very early part of the season because of so called “stage fright" and consequently, they were credited with two defeats be-fore they became accustomed to playing before a large crowd. This was due to the fact that this year’s team was made up of green spot material. Captain Dombeck was the only veteran. He played well during the season. It was mainly through his work that the Edison . team was not beaten by a greater score in the first South game. The itt»so ’ rest of the Wizard team could not get going because of their nervous- ness and there were many bad passes and wild shots in the game. After West handed Edison its second setback in three games, the Inventors managed to “find themselves" and from this point on they were one of the dangerous teams in the high school race. The only defeat after this came at the hands of the runner-up South five. This was a hard game throughout and it was not until the final whistle that the Tigers eked through with a to 18 victory. Coach Ray Parkins should be complimented for his excellent work ! I in turning out strong basketball teams here at Edison. In the years that • he has been here he has turned out two Twin City championship teams, one of these the runner-up for the state championship last year. He has had second place teams on three other occasions. The Tommies will have some good material next year and should gain be one of the leading contenders for the title. M i Bernard Do.mbf.ck Owe Hundred Twenty SirT II E 1 1) 2 9 W I Z A R I) 12A Inter-Class Champs SmtMJic—Carl Nthnn. Joieph Kohan. Roy John ton Sum•—Joe Buy ah, Stewart Ehlen, Stanley Slide r, George Ronyak 120V (2Ca$$ (Stamps INTRA-Mural and inter-class athletics become more and more popular at Edison high school. In previous years basketball was the only sport which was taken up by class teams, but in the past year Coach Parkins has interested the boys in forming football, diamond ball, and baseball teams also. The main purpose of this work is to find hidden talent or players who have the ability to make the regular school team. Last fall Coach Parkins appointed members from his regular squad to lake charge of the class football teams. They proved to he capable assistants, and the result was four strong football teams who fought for the inter-class title. The Freshmen eleven defeated the Sophomores While the Juniors managed to down the Seniors. The game between the Junior grid team and the “Freshie” squad turned out to he a battle royal. After a hard struggle the Juniors came out victorious. In basketball there were eight inter-class teams. Here again there were many good combinations and the league turned out to be a most interesting one. Up until the last week of play there were five teams tied for the lead. After many hard and interesting battles the “A" Seniors came through with the title. This team started out slow but at the end of the schedule they proved to be too strong for the opposing teams and they won their latter games by safe margins. They succeeded in downing the lOA’s for the title by the score of 29 to 8 and finished the schedules with six victories and two losses. One Hundred Twenty-SevenT H E 10 2 1) W I Z A R 1) B Frosh Vrrtn Row—Btault, Degidut. Lotfyuki, Erick ton Skated Elhon, Couture, Delmonico, Kiictiomki A Frosh llm« Row Ingcnhuti. Mikkelton, Haitith Second Row—Oechiene. FUtan, l.nm ur, McArdlc Sunt- Skogib'rg. llurkr, , lton, Curd. Erickson B Sophs Standing —0 a . Richards, Moo't Sc.vteb-- M.ignuton, Engen. Andartoii One Hundred Ticenty-Ki'jhiT II E 1 1) 2 9 W I Z A II I) A Sophs UriTH Row Tracxyk, Block. Brycak, Campbell I.oWKa Row- Oliniany. Yount, (Hum, Kosciolak. Ballenlinr B Juniors Stanoinc Churchman. Lupino StATKO—Babchuk. Soliz, II ahjuin Junior Footbai.i. Tkam Briggs. King, Rot.ney, Bacon, Copin, Johnson, Henderson, Skance, dssrd, Humtickhoute, U’euerdahl. Kelson. Hagen. Oliver, Olson. One Hundred Ticenty-WneT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R 1) Donald DeCoursey THE track team finished the four main meets of the 1928 season in excellent fashion, considering the disadvantage of having but two lettermen from the previous year. Through the able guidance of Ray Ptak, captain and star shot putter, the team succeeded in placing a number of men in almost every meet. The chief weakness of Edison's team seemed to be in the weight events, Ray Ptak being the only outstanding star. The Carleton meet, which closed the track season, was the most successful of the year. In this meet and also in the State meet, Edison amassed a toll of nine points. During the stay in Northfield, the boys showed plenty of speed. In a most unusual and spectacular race, Smith of Edison lied with McCune of Central for first place in the quarter mile event. Other valuable entries in the Carleton meet were Glodek, who placed third in the high hurdles, and the relay team composed of DeCoursey, Smith. Kozak, and Knutson, which came in second in the mile medley relay. The 1929 team will consist of all the lettermen except Ptak, and Knutson, including captain-elect Donald DeCoursey. Glodek, Kozak, and Smith. The squad will he second to that of the number other high schools in the track events. Because of the dearth of weight men. however, the team is still weak in the field events, although Coach Miller hopes to be able to find material to remedy this weakness before the season opens. Bai Kow HI’" Teague, a at le r Smith, Francit Marlin, Allied Mcnchatd. Merlin Trapp. Bayne Carlton. U illiam s Ripken "ND Ion t.oach Miller, fa,-hard Kotdberg, Ronald Jonet, Rob Chita, Domike Crucian!, William Churchman, Erlarut .. Cruel an I, Joe Ftiedhiem, Manager io.sr Itow (.ml Rondeaux. Kenneth Oteracker, Anthony l.orbetki, Donald De Course}, Horace Tuthill, Roy Crone, Lynol Erickson One Hundred Thirty19 2 9 W IZARD T II E ( vmnasficSrO THE Edison gymnasts, with four leltermen from the 1927-28 season, came through with fourth honors in both the City and the Northwestern contests. Stuart Boreen, this year's captain, receiver! individual honors in both meets. The letternien from last year's team were Stuart Boreen, Roy Johnson. Gaylord King, and Karl Klopfer, who also proved to be the outstanding point winners for this season. Gaylord King was the only gymnast to represent Edison in the advanced division this year. Steve Subak, Edison’s dazzling club-swinger, deserves special recognition for his accomplishments in his particular event. Steve was the only high school boy entered and it was necessary for him to compete against men from Universities, Colleges, Y. M. C. A.’s and Turner Societies. Irrespective of the keen competition olTered. he took second place in the event. Other gymnasts were Champagne. Barry, Brinda, J. Subak. Bailey, Smith, Glodek. Olson, and Thuftedal, in the order of their individual standings. Every year the gymnastic team enters two main tournaments, the City and the Northwestern. Our tumblers, however, do not confine their ability to tournaments. Exhibitions and entertainments, both in and out of school, are very common. One of the most important functions of the gymnastic team is to take the leading part in the annual “Gym Nile” entertainment. Stuart Boreen Back How—CoacA Milter, J. King, Oban, E. Thu trdahl, K. Klnp er, J. Glodek. F. Smith, If. Champagne, J. Fnedhiem KuW—Barry, K. J-hnicn, Captain R'-teen. S, Subak, J. Subak, If. ftrinda. Harding One Hundred Thirl { OurT H E 19 2 0 W IZARD Back Row—Roy l.atton. Cutt I'rtrtfin, Mrltin Lngrli'ehon, Coach Ahhtrom SwoM Row- Sam Solti, U illiam Kokaih, A.'rf l.uciut, i'orctt Olitrr, Ftancii Htndenon Kiiont Row Hcrbttt, Aitkini,, Kay Hutton, Capt. H altrr Strrrnt, Hail Young c ocfeey THE Edison pucksters finished lhe hockey schedule this year in sixth place with only two wins and live losses, hut not without making a creditable showing at every game. Their opponents were in almost every case, so obviously superior in weight that it was only the speed and alacrity of the Edison men that kept them from being swamped in every game. File victories chalked up in favor of Edison were the Roosevelt ami Marshall contest.-, although some of the other scores were alarmingly close. Roy Larson, our fast wing and high scorer with six goals to his credit won a place on the Tribune’s mythical al.’-citv second team. This is Roy’s last year at Edison as he graduates in June. The team was badly crippled and somewhat discouraged last January as a result of the loss, through graduation, of Willard ordia and Orville Rcnimc, lettermcn of the 1926-27 season. The team owes much to the able leadership of “Babe” Stevens, who played the center position, and to the earnest rllorts of Mr. Ralph Ahlstrom. who acted as coach. The two seasons previous to this, the team was Winched by Mr. Hendricks. Numerous times, the Tommies were on the large end of the score until the last few minutes of play, when the opposing team would rally and emerge victorious. Hockey, although a major sport, attracts very little attention. The team lacks very much the student-’ support. I he Southerners finished the season in first place this year. The graduation of Stevens and Larson in June does not brighten the outlook for next season’s team, although such experienced men as Kokesh, Soltz. Henderson, and Ingebretson will be playing on the Blue and Gold squad. One Hundred Thirty-TiroT II E 19 2 9 w I Z A R I) Bwk Row—i, Jankoutki, A. f is hart, K. Kirkland, C. Bagmen, K. Satdyk. S. Sieidrr, W. Kutlrr, R. Hay. R. Olson Koikth Row -O. LaMar, ., Hunan, f. Olivet. G. Ttrpp. K. HUckfeldt. R. Vick land, A. Dahl. C. Olson Third How—A. 5«Koin, J. Morris, uC. Gland r, J. Hogan. I). Patlik. J, Sicard, I'. Boulrt. R. Read. R. Curran Second Kow -A. Sion. P. Jenasco, S. Subak. V. Prrksto. R. Rohardi.n, J. Subak, T. Frrtara. M. Rnnda I to mi a- Kow—S, Glodtk, H. Rooney, J. Schunrrt, R. Clot . .I mi . Hobbi, I. Humrickhouse, H. R.,e, R, Dombeek, . Johnson (BaSeU( C£ earn'O THE Edison high baseball teams have brought much credit to Edison and Coach Parkins in the past few years. They have always made a favorable showing in the high school race and each year they have been among the feared contenders for the title. This year’s team has come up to the standard of former Wizard nines—a high standard indeed. The Blue Gold squads have won one city title and on several other occasions they have been in second place. On the occasions when they gained the runner-up honors, they lost the title only after hard games in the playoff. Coach Parkins has consistently been putting strong baseball teams into the race since he came to Edison. He deserves much credit for the manner in which he lias worked up doughty nines in the high school race. As in the past years, the Tommies have much good material for this season. The men who are making bids for positions are: Dombeck. pitcher; Oman, outfield; Kastner. infield; Mikulak, captain and infield; Forest, infield; Tomaszewski. catcher; and many others who have not been on the regular squad before. The Edison high will suffer greatly the loss of Yanusck by graduation. Along with him have gone Petroske. Matt ice, Koehler, and “Kuba” Rolek. All these boys helped keep Edison in the race last season and their absence will be noticed. Mike Mikulak One Hundred Thirty-ThreeT II E 19 2 1) W I Z A R D Coach Miller, Robert Johnson, Carlton Horde, ut, Albert Knutson John Hogan, George Cola, Allred Hlomdin, John Knutson (2po$$ ALTHOUGH (he Cross Country team did not win in the State championship, it had a very successful year. Mr. Miller as coach produced one of the fastest men in the state, Albert Knutson. There were four teams in the schedule this year. They were: West, South, Roosevelt, and Edison. Edison came out with two defeats. In spite of this, all the schools feared Edison. Albert Knutson came in first in all the meets including the state meets. At the state meet he was tripped by another runner at the halfway mark and was not able to set a new mark. However, he came within a very few seconds of tipping the balance of the record. John Knutson also showed great ability this year. He is now a four foot freshman and holds one letter. He has the honor of being the smallest letterman in the city. Elmer W’estin would have been a valuable man, but his having to nurse a sprained back during the season put him out. Robert Johnson proved to be the dark horse of the race this year. He showed outstanding ability. Carlton Bordeaux, Alfred Hlomdin, and John Hogan were all very good men this year. Donald Roe would have been an asset, but was not permitted to run by points. Donald earned a letter in the fall season of '27. However, Mr. Miller hopes that Elmer W’estin and Don both will answer to roll call next season. Mr. Miller has excellent prospective material for next season and expects his harriers t;p make a typical Edison showing in the 1929 competition. One Hundred Thirl { FourT II E Alvin Bart Football Carl Bavolak Football Glen Briccs Football Fremont Brown Football Carleton Bourdealx Cross Country Albert Baird Swimming Floyd Campbell Swimming Domine Cruciani Cross Country Donald DeCoursey Track Bernard Dombeck Baseball Basketballt Thomas Gratrick Tennis Stanley Gustafson Tennis George Cola Cross Country Cyril Galuck Baseball Stanley Glodek Track Peter Havrish Swimming John Hogan Cross Country Fred Herman ColfX Arthur Hopper Football Herbert Jounson • Basketball Norman Johnson Tennis Golf Robert Johnson Cross Country Lawrence Jankowski Swimming 9 2 9 W cC cltev Cvw Earl Kimmie Tennis John Knutson Cross Country Albert Knutson Cross Cou n t ry, Track t Edward Kozak Track Donald Koehler Baseball Bay Kauth Baseball Ed Kasner Baseball Donald Morse Swimming Mike Mikii.ak Football. Baseball Basketball Sigmund Malchow Football Joe Manchak Basketball Willard Nordin Tennis Kenneth Nicholson Swimming Carl Nelson Golf Carl Olson Swimming Maurice O'Link Swimming Alfred Ochu Football Harry Oman Baseball Basketball Magnus Olson Football Arsina Perra Swimming t Leland Peterson Football Andy Pelak Football Basketball Ray Petroske Football’, Baseball Basketball X IZARD Ray Ptak TrackX Robert Ray Swimming X Ben Richason Swimming Clinton Rosene Swimming Ralph Rosene Swimming Clarence Rierson Football Fred Rathjen Football X Richard Ruprecht Football Basketball William Ripken Track James Rolek Baseltall Huch Rooney Golf Jim Sciiinert Basketball William Sears Football Walter Smith Track THEODORE TOMASZEWSKI Basketball John Vanusek Baseball X Basketball Lucian Vorpahl Football Everett Wallace Football Floyd Wahlstrom Football Basketball Carl Zimmerman Football Joe Zwiaska Baseball Two years service. •• Three years service. Four years service, t Captain. One Hundred Thirty-FiveSalisbury gate Tudor arch Q eaUiveV I often fumed the door of dream Hut never Hepped intide Though tometimet with lurpriie, I tow The door u-a open wide. I might have gone for eter by At I had done before. Hut one day, irhen I patted. I t:iu You Handing in the door. -]. H. Rittenhouie. One Hundred Thirty-SixOne Hundred Thirty-SevenT II E 19 2!) W I Z A R I) Evert) bo du Loves You. in the Garden of Tomorrow Halfiuau to JHeavi m. BadUnuour own Backyard. Who said £ 0 was a bum : Ooce m a Lifetime One Hundred Thirty-Eight1 !) 2 !) 'V I Z A R 1) T H E ice cream-we mi scream. ShesaGjeat Great Gui Memories Prance. Echoes o £nn One Hundred Thirty-SineT II E 1 0 2 9 W I Z A R D cAlk JieiHl. cAlarie a McKPreteto Carl Johnson Bea Johnson Lillian Benson .Helen Coo Leonard Dubay Loyal Domniig. Yiigill el One Hundred Fort; T II E 1 0 2 9 W IZARD Do». iDiiiseXun uist IrmaDavey .Margaret WalterThujtedaL EisieHanson One Hundred Forty-One-1310© 30 JSVJld »Vj- 3 hj. mmi(;A¥t iv«sn s. » : w- 0 T»L . oa00 •milt5"1 «C ,n 05r 3 £ $8f - ' -y o , v j •• A • i •««•««« -THt CHFFSKOKc' irTWEfW TW£ L HUNORf V AMP TWIRTr Y£»R W«R «i R-P pd»-. 19 Srwswtr XfAfti k "Sis. V- % vv ■5- °o „ • ?. Pnttn One Hundred Forty-TwoHINGES - JUST HINGES JANE ALBRECHT----- FRANCES BENESH--- ALICE PETERSON---r GENEVIEVE BREDt] j DOROTHY UCBIG I MURIEL fMINER —I ALICE STRAND DOROTHY EK6LUND ELSIE M'GUFFIE- ETHEL WALL----- IRENE FORSYTHE EVELYN BAKKE HELEN ROE -AV-.'S RAY IRENE DURAND -ROSJE CHAMPEAU IRMA DAVEY -— Eva li noouist ANN HORNE Y-MABEL PlSHY-VERONICA KUCHlNSKY-fi MURIEL MARTINSON MARIE NEWMAN — KATHRINETOZ-ER--- FLORENCE STUART RUBY VON HOLLEN DORIS SIMON MARVEL BAKKEN GERTRUDE HIP HELEN DAX - Doris annis—i FLORENCE PORTER BEA OLSON — HELEN COOK BEA JOHN SON LOUISE DOWIDATh BETTY KAROW LOYAL DOWNING DON SATES ---(-}—LELAND PETERSON BOB RAY 'BUTCH OCHU WM. JASPER J '.iJrART 5IIVC0K I DON ROE J “GAYLORD KING H DICK RUPRECHT -RUGGLES SHEFFIELD pMELVIN McLaughuu , !rFRED RATHJEN —OTIS LARSON CLINTON ROSENE -CLARK SNYDER HOWARD SMITH -GILBERT NORTHFiaofj LUClRN VORPAHL JIMMIE PARADISE '—-CHUCK MUNNS —JOHN ATKINSON ----JOE SICARD bill Ripken OU CAN NEVER TELL Uyalter THDFTEDAL ARSINI PERRA CLARENCE RYERSOW JIM SCHUNt'RT HUGH ROONEY PAUL WEBER GORDON NEL50r CARL OLSON BERNARD DOMBECK -JOE MANCHAK -]'M STILL DREAMING' KEMMIE NICHOLSON One Hundred Forty-ThreeT H E 19 2 9 W I Z A R D In a Tippecanoe. We all liKe her. Sa sfes. ha kg Cabin. "Blushing, wimmcanBeauties Fashions. jtom Peoria. °WrecK fthep7. One Hundred Po.riy-FourT H E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R 1) rh£$oig-,9iove Oh! for Ihe life ora Farmer One Hundred Forty-FiveT II E 19 2 9 WIZARD A S each year with its many events passes on, it becomes more (liflieult for us to recall the time when we did not have a high school in our community. It October, 1926. the new high school was completed. The enrollment of the school today is well on its way toward the four hundred mark. Previous to that time our older brothers and sisters attended Edison High School. In 192-1 high school classes were started at the Oakwood School. The first mark of school greatness came when the basketball team of 1927-28 won the district championship. This year they were just as successful; their playing won them a large following. Football was introduced last fall. We have, besides, won several honors in district oratorical, and declamatory contests. In addition to competing successfully with other schools we have improved the clubs and activities within our school, l ive active clubs have added much to the enjoyment of school life. We have a library which is rapidly increasing in both size and popularity. A sure and steady rise in sportsmanship, hardiness, and real achievement has been made. A fine building, good equipment and worthy teachers have contributed much to the spirit of the growing school. Berg stand Motor Co. Ford Dealers IOO? Central Avfnuf—l l. 4W8 Ituchingcr Funeral Ilonu 2535 Out ral Avenue oi. i5oi in. ioio Voss Hardware Ulu . I’nint . Oils and Varnishes • 020 (Vntrnl A venue—-I»l. 01 I). A. Smith I'lumhiiiK and lleatlntr K4R loth Avenue X. K.—OI. 0731 Qnady Candy Co. Quady for Quality 1729 Washington Avenue North—lly. 72IK The Orchard Lunch (.'hUtiiik to the Students Across from School One Hundred Forty-SixT H E 19 2 9 w I Z A R I) Back Row . Sc-erril, I. Megan. D. MHbrath. C. Cooni. E. Witts. R. Hello nd, V. tl'obig. Sf.co.vo H o w - E. biuson. F. Han . H. HeUeth, II. Haber man, A. Frebore. II. H„e Fin»i How— A'. FUke, E. Goeman-Foil. II. Set ion. Principal. T. E. Hcnderton, Superintendent, O. Rots, G. Payne, .If. Rerger. Back Kow — Lund-grrn. He u i lerhol}, Doofaky, Warren. Smith. t.awinn.Hult, Slephenmn. Lind-icy. Wan Tit mo Kow - Hen-dricki. Warren, Kre-dimu . Spencer. Fade lie, B Ukimon, Gahn. Funiky. Oil-moo, S a m u e linn, U 'Ukimon, Under- load. H e r t helton, Fmier, Bind, Oil-mac, Slrphcruon, l.edicein. Holm. Back Row — Dllke-rude, Scherer, Hoff-man. Under ttood. Oden, I. e d w e i n, Kuetchcnmeiiter, Hiller, C.hampeau, Faomt Root—Conklin, Milter, Thompson. Slramb. I.undgren. Mr,, bare Inn. Tjo, told. II,II. DUkermd Spdtcer, Sargent fcc 0f„e Columbia National itauk 39H2 Central Avenue—l»i. 3111 Adam ISirrnat Meats nut! (groceries ■1257 Jefferson St. N. K. Marcel Tyminski Barber 530 lOtli Avenue N. K. Twin City Tank Silo and Specialty Co. 3800 Atli Street—Dl. 1623 Kreskie’s Department Store Ladies and Gentleiuen’a Furnishings 4024 ('eiilral Avenue Dan Wall her Grocer 601 toil! Avenue N. K.—1 I. 5960 Scliock Parlor Frame Co. 3755 I nivemlty Avenue X. K.—• •!. 1433 Itennet Hailey Lumber Co. Columbia Plumbing Heating A. K. Sumfbcrg 104 1 Cent Pul—IH. 4201 One Hundred Forty SevenT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R D Helen Anderson “Lore and I ate far »i art; neper shall it rute my heart," Silver Triangle 2: Volleyball 2: Basketball 1. 2. Lucile Anderson "What judgment shall I dread? Doing no wrong." Silver TrlatigV 2: Blue Triangle 3. I; Basketball I. 2. 3. I; Volleyball 2: Glee Club 2. Robert Bartush "Still water • run deep." Florence Bauck "If to her share tome female errors fall. Look ■ n her fare, and y-u'tl forget them all." Dramatic Club 1. 2 ,3. •»; Blue Triangle 2 (Secretary): Class Secretary I: Class Treasurer t: Society Editor rm Stall I; ItecI.mi.itor Contest 2. I; Salu-tatorian June. 1929. class. Anita Bksonkn "The sweeten thing that ever grew beside a human door." Kiltenhall 2; Volleyball 2. Geraldine Bixler "Go. Jerry, tlir up our youth to merriments." Silver Tri ingle 2; Blue Triangle 3. I. President I; Okoboji Delegate I; Volleyball 2; Declauutory Contest 3. I: C'rl Reserve Editor News Staff I. Nila Brunette "Favors to none, to all her »mil« extends." Entered from Cass Lake 4; Silver Triangle 4. Blanche Christofferson "With open hand and open heart Always ready to do her part." Dramatic Club I. 2. 3. I; Blue Triangle 2: Silver Triangle 3, I. (Vice Pres.) I; Okoboji Delegate 3; Editor • in • Chief news Staff I: C. II. H. S. Wizard Staff I. Grace Cockran "Her heart was light as ever one.% might." John Conklin "Ei ually at home with girls and with sports." Glee Club 1. 2. 3. t; Oratorical Contest I. 2. 3, I; Basketball I. 2. 3. I; Football t; Baseball I: Hi V 2. 3. I. (Pro .) I; Class Treasurer 2: Dramatic Club I, 2. Charier Member (Vice Pres.) I. 2; Hi-Y Editor News Staff J: Athletic Council 3. I; C. II. II. S. Wizard Staff I: Older Boy Conference t. Mary Evans "Beware of all, but most beware of man!" Athletic Association 2. I (Sm.-Trea . I I; Diamatic Club 3. I; Basketball I. 2. 3. I (Captain) It Volleyball 2; Silver Triangle 2; Society Reporter New Staff I: Cheer Loader 2; C. II. II. S. Wi aid Staff t; Class Historian; Class President 3, t. Helen Geronsin "And here I rake it, is the poet come." Silver Triangle 2 (Pros.) 2. Okoboji Delegate 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4 (Pres.) 3; Volleyball 2. A. IS. Donaldson Heating mnl Ventilating O. A. IVurson 1317 Kasf I.uke Street—l r. 70(51 Flint Printing Co. .lob Printers 4034 Central Avenue—Dl. 6293 One Hvndrctl Fort if-EightT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R D Willard Gardner “Not a teord spoke ne, more than iriji need." Gordkn Hill "Bored of Education.'" Football 4; Basketball 2. 3. I: IliY 3. I: CUm Vice Frcidcnt 3, 4. Mildred Johnson "Ah me! I fondly dream." Filtered from Sherman. Iowa, I; Blue Triangle 4. Henry Kapka " shall at rite, what time, what circuit I ask not." Arnold Lundcren "Hark! His notes soft and clear Gently Ural upon the ear." Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Ili Y 2. 3. 4; Dramatic Club 2. 3. t (VI.re I'ro . 4 I: Orrhc-.tra I. 2; C!a President 1. 2; Ili-Y Editor New Stull I; C. II. II. S. Wixard Stall. Vernon Menard "My word i fly up: mv thoughts remain below." Dramatic Club. 3, 4. Alyce Miller “May we make, haste and come loo late!" Glee Club I, 2; Blue Triangle 3. 4; Cla»» Secretary 2. Jessie Morton “Happiest of all. it that her gentle ipirit commits itself t" yours to be directed." Ditmailn Club I. 2. 3. I (Sec.) I: Cln«« Secretary 2, 4; Valedictorian June. 1?S9, On .; C. H. II. S. Wltard Staff t; Do ehimutory Conte»t 2; Editor-la. Chief No » Stall 4. Fred Spencer "He tried each art, re-prosed each dull delay. Allured to better worlds, and led the way." Basketball I, 2. 3. 4 (Captain) 2; Baacball 2; Dramatic Club I. 2. 3. t (Prea.) 2. »: Glee Club I. 2. 3. 4; Ili Y 2. 3. 4 (Prea.) 2; Clan I'rcaidcnt 2; Athletic Council 3; Older Bova Conference 4: C. II. II. S. Wizard Stall It Oratorical Con- tot I. 3. Pall Swensen "He could raise scruples, dark and nice. And after, sohe them in a trice." IliY 2. 3. 4 (Secretary) 4: Football I: Cla». Vice Preai-dent 2. Oliver Tollefson “The world thinks, and I think so too.” M RIE Tlnsky I'd be satisfied If I could ride All night fiv moonlight IJonu i sanding road. Basketball I. 2t CUaa Vice t r - ident I. 2; Cla«» Sec. 3: G'e-‘ Club 2. 3. 4; Dramatic Club 3; Silver Triangle 2: Blue Triangle 3, 4: Volleyball 2; Declamatory Conlett I. 3. E. B. Kelley A Co. Electrical Contractors- Ventilators 1120 Nicollet Avenue—At. 1578 Dan Sheri Leonard Keyes Lawyer 12 . 10th Avenue N. K.—l»I. 9383 One. Hundred Forty-NineT II E 1 9 2 9 W I Z A R D Back Row — Cora ToUcfton, V emetic Anderson, Porn thy Andrews, Isabelle Siinion, Ruth Thompson. Elizabeth Bremer, Evelyn Led srein. Mn r i r. Row—Aenes McMahon, M a r i e T unsky, Mary Eet-cek, Mildred Johnson. Ruth Spenser, Ruth Ittner. Front How — Lu-cile A ruler ton, Silo Brunette, Lillian }l a r k, Elizabeth Hills Header), Geraldine flixlcr, Alyce Hiller, Helen Geron-tin )e tiior ( vil oR.ejerveS'' Back Row — Rose-Mary U arren, Mary Eton , Cur tits Straub, Lillian Mark. Blanche Chrutofferton Mihm.i: How — Florence Baud:. Ethel Christo!fenon, Evelyn Leduein, Elizabeth Bremer. Vcr-netle Anderson. Front How Marguerite Luke, Marion Ostmoe. Jessie Morton. Fred Spencer. Manda Bor (Advisor), Hester l.indsey i ioyy$MS 3 raniafic (Sfn6 l r. J. S. Bliimentlial Physician and Surgeon 3088 Central Avenue—1 I. . .838 Dr. II. . Heckler Dentist 40th and Out rnl—DI. 5838 “Hot Water” Johnson The Plumber Gladstone 560 Super’s Sanitary Market 508 40th Avenue X. K. Dlnsmore 8090 Columbia Motor Co. De Soto Sales 3970 Centra! Avenue—DI. 3880 Dawson and Robinson Hardware Dealers 3638 Central Avenue—DI. 2019 A. Szpeckulant Meats and Groceries Central Avenue at 12nd The Rembrandt Studio S. Bank, Proprietor 101 I.oeli Arcade—tie. 8139 One Hundred FiftyT II E 19 2 9 W IZARD Fourth Row—Johnson, S t r p A rut on. Sluhl. Ostlund, McGrath, O » t m o e, Lindholm. riu . M it I r r. Hag man. Chute. Rtedemus, O'Toole. Michkouiec, Aleck Skco.m Row— Ocel, Peterton. Pelrrorn, Si let, C a r m o d y, Ditkerude. U 11 o n, Fi »t Row -Stinson, Carlton, II i s s e t, Janet, Ruth Hel-land (trade r). Scherer, K uec hen- melt ter, Watt junior §ir£ Dl e$erve$"0 Back Row Ralph Sandberg, Arthur Brediten, Gilbert Miller, Run Lind-butt, Curtin Straub, Sor man John ton. John Chudrk Miodik Row -Steer Coda its. Floyd Hiller, Cray Header-ton. Robert Ritsel, Leonard H o I m, Stan'ey Tunsky Front Row Fred Spencer. Paul Siren-ton ISec'y). John Conklin (Pres.), Mr. R„tt (Faculty Adtitor), Arnold l.undgrcn (I'i c e pres.), Oscar Bass (Treasurer), Cordon Hi’I. F.arl W,|. ouisl It the adviser. Dr. II. 1). Good Physician and Surgeon 3951 Central Avenue— Dl. 3355 Tile Ktliieatioiml Test Itureau S. C. Bolstad. Manager I nhrerslty ul I5tli A renin S.K. 3951 Dr. J. L. Staples Dentist Central Avenue—l l. 3555 The Heights Theatre 3951 Central Avenue—I l. 6772 Columbia Heights Pharmacy ii. i-:. ituffmu 137 lOlli Avenue X. E.—1)1. 3031 Central Lumber Co. IlulldiiiK Material 3901 Jackson St. N.K.—til. 1031 Standard Oil Company Service Station 3989 Central Avenue—Dl. 0897 One Hundred Fifty-OneT II E 19 2 9 W I Z A R I) 12Do 5? J23a$kef6ctff Back Row -S'orman Johnson {Student Manager). Fred Spencer, Leslie Stein. (Cap!.), Ray Riskrrud. John Conklin FRONT Ron Harold Rots. Balter Sochacki, Y. F. Wobig {Coach). Eduard Sochacki, Cordon Petition THE Columbia Heights cagers downed the fast Forest Lake five, thus winning the fourteenth district class A championship. As a result of its victories over both Stillwater and South Saint Paul, which games were the hardest of the tournament, the team gained the right to play in the finals. The opposing team, Forest Lake, having defeated the Heights cagers in a previous contest was favored to win the game. However our boys won 29-16. Our team then entered the region meet at Litchfield, Minnesota. Six contests in nine days had their effect on the team, and they lost the first game of the tournament by a score of 16 19. To make up for their defeat, they won the consolation prize. ( irf$‘ L a$(iei9a{( Q ootGaff Back Row Ruth Spencer, Mary Finns (Capt.), Mildred Seeera Middle Roys -Bessie Wilkinson, Marion Ostmve, Frances Samuelton, Helen Bouet Front Ron -Liteite Anderson. Eleanor Smith, Ruth Helland {coach). Edns Hull, Ruth Lundgren Back Row -John Conklin, Paul Sseenson, Curtiss Straub. Ronald Tpsi old. B alter Sochacki. Leslie Stein. Cordon Peterson. Irrmt Keen. Gust Lsndberg, V. F. Wobig back field coach., X or man Johnson {manager) Middle Row Henry Secrest (line coachI. Seal GUIet. Corden Hill. Sorman Winge. John Chudeck. Raymond Riskerud, Art, Hosesr. Joe U at go Frcnt How -Jacobson. Leanotd ll.dme,, John Lack. Leonard Fransen. U alter Pesota, Ronald Robinson One Hundred Filip-TwoPROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY + Greetings to Class oj 1929 from DR. WALTER H. DAHL Dentist 24th Central i.—..—.— — Phone: Di. 6262 + 1 DR. FLOYD A. SANDBERG Dentist 2334 Central Avenue Minneapolis Dinsmore 0414 f -------------------------------------- Office: Dins. 5955 Res: Dins. 6293 DR. B. i. DUGAN Dentist Office Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 5:30 Evenings by Appointment 2337 Central Ave. N. E. Minneapolis DR. WALTER H. SMITH DENTIST 2337 Central Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota Gladstone 2078 ------------------------------+ Phone Dins. 3509 DR. A. W. JOHNSON Dentist 2337 Central Ave. N. E. Room 205 Dovre Bldg. ----------— —— DR. O. H. BREDE Dentist X-ray Prophylaxis 24th Central, Minneapolis Fhone Gladstone 1194 One Hundred Fifty-Three for Engravings tlia' perpetuate the events of school days; use "Iletter Engravings’’, produced by the WESTON ENGRAVING COMPANY 309 SO. 5TH ST. MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. Acrois the Street from Courj voujo One Hundred Fifty-Fouru i oor(x avs ;; to Government, Art, Literature, History, Education and days at Edison are all visualized in the 1929 WIZARD. ([Mrs. Gillies and her competent staff have given us an opportunity to open another door the door of craftsmanship. d .ucj$ uvcj tjOwC(isfyincj 0"Con$e MINNEAPOLIS Printers of the 1926, 1927, 1928. 1929 Wizards One Hundred Fifti FivOscar M. Pearson Knlte M. Pearson PEARSON BROS. GARAGE Gladstone 2544 STYLE SERVICE QUALITY and ECONOMY In Women's Fashions Rose Mar e Shoppe 2213 Central Avenue c Steel-Desoto Ice Cream is a health food, —you should eat some daily 1835 Central Avenue tova . oo«N,N« Tl.ti t-CO.r or '60VNCIMC • -Is •I V Josten’s Treasure-Craft CLASS RINGS—CLUB PINS MEDALS—TROPHIES JOSTEN SCHOOL JEWELRY is as faithful as a true friend. Only the owner can appreciate its true worth. THE JOSTEN MANUFACTURING CO. Treasure-Craft Jewelers 207 Medical Arts Bldg. Nicollet at Ninth Minneapolis Owe Hundred Fifty-Six----------------------------------- Pictures for Home and School The best that can bo secured anywhere. The Beard Art Galleries 66 68 South 10th Street Around the corner from Nicollet “Pm graduating-with the aid of these Yes! If you employ the Key Method of learning correct English. Explained in The Sure Way English Books Published by Correct English Service Bridget T. Hayes, M. A., Director The Y. Q. Building. Minneapolis •i—.... ....... ..... You must come over ... to see out print shop As you step into the pressroom, for a moment you will he overcome by the deafening clatter of machinery. Then you will see the endless sheet of paper speed into the interior of the great printing press and emerge in a continuous stream of newspapers. Won’t you please come? Edison students are ever welcome. ARGUS PUBLISHING CO. Lewis Duemke, Pres. Printers of The Edison Record 2335 Central Avenue Gladstone 1880 Gladstone 1889 One Hundred Fifty-Seven d BUCHINGER FUNERAL HOME • f H. J. CARLSON HARDWARE CO. 2535 Central Avenue K i tchen wa re—T ools—Pa i nts. Gladstone 1564 Dinsmore 1610 and Glass Minneapolis, Minnesota Gladstone 1092 2410 Central Avenue F. L. PALMER “When You Huy Furniture" 2417 Central ALBRECHT-RODINE CO. 10 Years' Experience Complete Home Furnishers Real Estate, Insurance of Vll Kinds Mortgage i.oans 2221-2229 Central Avenue i.. . The Style Shop-College Room of the Standard Clothing Co, is adequately earning its right to be called the "Style Headquarters of the Northwest for Young Men” by supplying the latest and best styles simultaneously with their appearing at the leading universities of this country and abroad—and in a breadth of choice and variety of assortment that is unusual in its scope. We invite you to inspect this truly (I is t i n gu ish ed apparel. The sun is setting o'er the barn; My father lias a broncho. The cock is crowing on the fence; I think my uncle is going to get a porkhousc. Opened April 1st A FIRST CLASS CAFE Booth and Soda Fountain Service BOB STEVENSON, Prop. One Hundred Fifty-Eight--------------------------—--------------------------+ “My Plan” WINS YOUR APPROVAL FOR HOME FURNISHINGS AND RADIOS CALL FOR APPOINTMENT Phone Gladstone 1287 JOE CHESLA FURNITURE CO. 2207 Central Avenue MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. Mow could one get along without the “Corner Drugstore'? Ours on the corner of 23rd and Central is at your service at all hours. Meet your friends at— W. M. THOMPSON'S PHARMACY 2300 Central Ave. -----------------------------------------+ Last night I went to see her; Last night she smiled at me. Tonight she's out with another; No more die cares for me. Let her go; let her go. God bless her. Let her go. Where ever she may be, She will have to roam this wide world over To find another guy like me. Two NORTHWESTERN BANKS Serve the East Side 2nd St. N. E. and 13th Ave. East Hennepin at Central Affiliated with NORTHWESTERN NATIONAL BANK rut Noithwe stem State Bank. . f rd Northwestern National Bank. Resources 9 Northwestern Hanks $123,000,000 One Hundred Fifty-Sine— East Side Picture Frame Store 223 E. Henn.—Cl. 3098 Wm. Solberc, Prop. —— 0. F. BERGMAN CO. GROCERS Artistic Picture Framing a Specialty 1917 Central Ave. Dins. 6391 Enlargements Made at Reasonable Prices To Show You is to Shoe You fHome Traded Shoe Store jj? Nicomt 4j}£ Edmund C Bat Prrl Yes—Hosiery, too A « , H ear Clean Clothes W. N. PETERSON Telephones Dinsmore 2162 Dinsmore 2163 2520-22 Central Ave. ------ - - - . n ■ - “ « - n— 4 Oil. Henriette How I regret 'Hie day we met ; I can’t forget I lte way you set And et and et, I‘m paying yet for what you et Oh, Henriette. Watch Inspector Soo Line and N. P. R. R. W utches Jewelry WALTER B. DAHL 2417 Central Avenue Ask for Rafert’s Bread Telephone Dinsmore 3074 at your grocer Di. 3405 — —••—••—••—••—••—••—••—•—••—•—•’ One Hundred SixtyCOAL... The Safe, Sure .. ♦ HEAT t Buy from a coal merchant of experience and expert knowledge and avoid heating troubles One Hundred Sixty-OneBARNEY BARNEY Established 1888 MORTGAGES, LOANS AND INSURANCE 207 East Hennepin Avenue Gladstone 1534 Home Made Chicken Chow mein WE SERVE THE BEST CENTRAL AVE. CAFE 2-103 Central Ave. Also Booth Service Minneapolis —..—..——..—-—-------—.—,..—4 At 90 miles drove Al Bitter; He hit a barn. Please keep his widder. COSTUMES WIGS MAKEUP FOR Amateur Theatricals—Operettas, Minstrel Shows—Pageants, Etc. Lei Vs Have a List of Your Requirements and We Will Quote Rental or Sale Prices Promptly. WE GUARANTEE CLEAN—CORRECT—COMPLETE COSTUME SERVICE Minneapolis Costume Company MINNESOTA THEATER BLDG. 50 South 9th Street Minneapolis, Minn. Dinsmorr 0394 Arthur T. Seelye Sheet Metal Shop 984 Central Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 39 Years of Successful Service Billman’s FURNITURE HARDWARE 2504-10 Central Avenue Established 1891 One Hundred Sixty-TwoBRANT TIRE SALES COMPANY 2421 Central Ave. Din. 1775 Mohawks Go Farther So Do We for Service — h H ELSEN PETERS Little Johnnie went to school Complete On a cold and wintry day. Plumbing To supper he was very late. Repair Service This is what I heard him say, “Johnnie he faw down.” Dinsmore 4062 L. .. -T ,T r- .1 The Home —-—+ The 11 Friendly Franklins' Are at Your Service Franklin of the Famous Co-operative Minnesota Creamery Model Association Suit JUSTER BROS TWO PLANTS 2108 Washington Avenue North Tailors—Cloth iers—Fu rn is hers 2601 E. Franklin NICOLLET AT FOl RTH Cherry 3334 Dupont 2371 - .. One Hundred Sixty-ThreeMODEL LAUNDRY QUALITY DRY CLEANERS LAUNDERERS We Specialize in Damp Wash — 24 Hour Service — Our Trucks Go Everywhere—Dinsmore 6300 East Hennepin at University Ave. . - - - - BELL-LARSON Jack Bell at the Camera The bells are ringing—ding ding dong. My father has a horse. The sun is setting in the south My uncle cannot swim. Burr Funeral. Director 2310 Central Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. We Serve Honestly and Well ■i SYSTEM DRUG CO. Dependable Druggists 2550 Central Ave. Minneapolis Minnesota -----------------------------------------------------------— CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS and when you’re married remember MEYER ENGRAVING CO. (Since 1881) 316 Eighth Avenue Wedding announcements Geneva 3072 Engraved Stationery Calling Cards Greeting Cards —------------------------------------------------------------ One Hundred Sixty-FourHANS ROSACKER COMPANY Florists 1850 Stinson Blvd. V. E.—Call Gladstone 1858 “R E M E M B E R —TO S E N I) F L O W E R S” Chow Mein Mein for two to . 50c Chicken Chow take home Always on hand, fresh hourly, piping hot. Special prices for quantity users. Small charge for delivery. Phone Dinsmore 0479 BONNER’S 2406 Central Ave. Nobody loves me Everybody hates me 1 am going out and eat worms. —Pali. Weber. We LIKE TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOUNG PEOPLE We consider the boys and girls of the Northwest as our best friends. We like their enthusiasm, their ambition and their ability to do things in a modern and efficient manner. We hope many of you will remember to do your hanking here, and tell your parents that we are here to serve them. tiie Minnesota loan and trust company 40S MARQUETTE MINNEAPOLIS Affiliated With Northieeetern National Bank One Hundred Sixty-Five------------------------------4. [ I Bredemus Wentworth i 17 Washington Ave. N. Ge. 7101 cpcp ■ I G. G. Fageros ■ 2602 Central Ave. Di. 0970 cpcp Terminal Provision Company 508 Central Ave. Meats and Provisions Goetz Grocery 925 Lowry Avenue The independent store with independent prices. Quality goods for less. W. A. Goetz, Prop. SNAPPY CLOTHES D FOOTWEAR 403-5 East Hennepin Avenue + Leonard P.—Five Fords in a row. What is it? Frank C. -Tin after Tin. ----------------------------------+ Egler Anderson Hardware and Furniture Authorized N. E. dealer for the wonderful Freed-Eisemann and Stcinite Radios 1903-5-7 Central Ave. Gladstone 1782 One Hundred SxtySixYou PIP . I 010 ' P 0( « ' ' 0vch! M SHOtn »vf VA '.' V V » 0 -- t 0R0f OiJFCT ‘. AO ! UOl H A t ytt ( resin BOYS ' V VVMOfifl Diamonds—Watches and Jewelry Dependable Watch Repair Service AXEL PERSON JEWELER 2213 Central ve. CLOVER LEAF CREAMERY COMPANY 420 West Broadway Minneapolis Cherry 3619 Pasteurized Milk and Cream Your Tatronage Appreciated New or Re-New ROOFING Before you decide upon the kind of roofing to use on your new home or in repairing your old home, let us show you some important roofing facts learned through years of experience. It will save you money. We do painting also. All work guaranteed. Cold Bond Paints and Varnishes. N E W E R A Roofing and Paint Service 2530 Central Ave. Dins. 2683 Williams Electric Company Lighting Fixture Specialists 2324 Central Avenue Dins. 3654 Minneapolis. Minn. “Intelligent? He can’t be beat. He says, says he, ‘When do we eat’?” His digestion Can't be enticed With eating candy bars If the bars aren't by Friedlund FRIEDLUND’S BIG THREE 1. PEANUT BAR. 2. CHOCOLATE PEANUT BAR 3. CHOCOLATE NUT GOODIES 5c Each. ------- ---------—— —---- —••. One Hundred Sixly-SrvenChristensen’s Bakery We specialize in CAKES AND PASTRIES May we have your order? 2336 Central Ave. Di. 7771 +---------------------------------- Will you succeed in life? That depends on your ability to save Open an account with this strong Rational Hank CENTRAL NATL BANK “Your Home Hank" i Since 1907 I---------------------------------- O. E. Larson Mortuary Funeral Directors 2301 Central Ave. N. E. Phone Glad. 2091 Res. Dins. 2137 Dinsmore 8914 F. J. Burns Machine Co. CYLINDER GRINDING, STARTER RING GEARS, PISTONS, PINS. RINGS AND VALVES General Machine and Repair II ork 2517 Central Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Clothes and Hat Renovators III) QUICK A. J. MANSHAK 206—13th Ave. N. E. Suit-- Pressed While You Wait Shoes Shined P. CHORES 1909 Central Avenue One Hundred Sixty-Eight—----------------------------------------------------------f Telephone: Dinsmore 5687 Established 1900 VORPAHL PRINTING COMPANY Pioneers in the Development of Good Printing 229 East Hennepin Avenue MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Pearson Candy Company Manufacturers of High Grade Chocolates and Par Goods r r 108 Glenwood Avenue Ge. 6505 Minneapolis, Minnesota •f '------- --------------- Schrag’s Pharmacy IP here Everyone Goes t= LUNCHEONETTE SODA 223 South Fourth Street Gladstone 2704 East Side Tire Supply Company DUNLOP TIRES Hy-Vis Motor Oils Mattery anil Ignition Work 419-21-23 Central Avenue f OUR SLOGAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS OF QUALITY At Popular Prices Since 1870 Oldest and Largest Music Store in the Northwest W. J. Dyer Bro. 21-25 West Fifth Street Saint Paul. Minn. V One lhnotre-1 S xtySineHILLIARD’S GROCERY Member . G. A. Children gel the same service as grown-ups at this store. 2512 Central Ave. We Deliver Phone Dins. 7775 WARREN T. WHITE If'all Paper, Paints, and Art Goods 1923 Centra! Ave. Gladstone 1921 Minneapolis ------------------------------------------ Dinsmore 1513 JOE’S BEAUTY PARLOR PERMANENT WAVING Hair Bobbing—Marcelling 2219 Central Ave. Minneapolis Dinsmore 9277 Upholstering and Repairing First Class Workmanship Guaranteed Estimates Free New Suites Made to Order CENTRAL UPHOLSTERING CO. 1911 Central Avenue + FURNITURE UNDERTAKING CO. 216—22 E. Hennepin Dinsmore 6220—Phones—Gladstone 2127 JOHN COLDNER, Pharmacist 1854 Central Avenue MIN N EA POLIS MIN N ESOTA One Hundred Seventy TONY’S SHOE REPAIR SHOP L. R. LlhlZKE First Class Work—Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Bakery Shoe Laces ami Polishes always V8W6V in stock. Tony Martell, Prop. 2302 Central Ave. N. E. 2328 Central Ave. Tel. Dinsmorc 6020 »■ —•’ ---------------------------------------- Phones: Geneva 8381 8382 KLINGELHUTZ MARTINSON Wholesale Produce DRUMMOND’S PORK PRODUCTS BLANCO SHORTENING Poultry, Veal. Butter, Eggs, Cheese and Beans 121 Sixth Street Vo. MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. --------------------------------•• '—................ ..................♦ Fine Pictures suitable for school and home at moderate prices. Diplomas framed for students at special discounts. OHIO PICTURE FRAME CO. 114 16 So. 4th Street --■■■■ -....... ■■ -.................. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------{. “Leave It to Lund” PRINTING - Book, Publication and Commercial The Lund Press, Inc. 406 Sixth Avc. So. Minncapolit One Hundred Seventy-One--------.-----------------------------t G rati nation Gift Give Her or Him a BULOVA WATCH MUNNS POMERLEAU 221 East Hennepin Avenue ----------------------------------------- Suits Tailored to Order The new styles, carefully tailored by hand from virgin wool fabrics and shown in the new colors and patterns. Priced from $25 up. ANDREW DAHLIN Merchant Tailor 2407 Central Avenue +--------- —............................. + Learn to Dance Ballroom and stage dancing taught privately or in classes 1 to 10 P. M. daily. A skilled teacher for every type of dancing. Rates most reasonable. Knickerbocker Dancing School 904 Hennepin Ave. Phone—At. 9968 +------------------------------------- LA SALLE BIRD SHOP Select Canaries. Fancy Birds and Parrots Goldfish, Snails. Turtles and Aquatic Plants. 46 South 9th Street Ge. 7264 MINNESOTA THEATRE BLDG. MIDLAND NATIONAL BANK TRUST CO. MINNEAPOLIS Resou rces $25,000,000.00 V H • h N. W. COSTUME HOUSE 808 Marquette Ave. Sid Forsythe 2422 Central Avenue We Specialize in Costuming Amateur Theatricals b—— ——— One Hi nut red Seventy-TwoAll Kinds of University Text Books perine BOOK STORE C. B. ANNIS ELECTRIC CO. WIRING FIXTURES “A Lift IVirt Strrice" 2412 CENTRAL AVE. DI 17.7 MINNOWS FROGS TACKLE Barber Shop Carl Berclund 2330 Central Avenue Expert Hair Cutting If'e close at 7 o'clock W ilson’s Confectionery Light Lunch School Supplies Across from school t FOR VACATION Stewart McCray 2 - trouser suits $2850 I | Light, bright tweeds and fancy woolens -styled to the minute -Lively well-tailored Sport suits with plus 4 knickers as the extra pair - or with 2 longs s2850 MAURICE L ROTHSCHILD CO j Palace Clothing House One Hundred Seven! { -ThreeFor . . . Distinctive Photographs . . . Select sr Official Photographer for the 1929 Wizard +•--------------------------------- Omi Hundred Seventy-FourT H E 19 2 9 Art Class 87 Art Club 103 Band 97 Base Ball 133 Basket Ball Champ 127 Basket Ball (boys) 126 Basket Ball (girls) 73 Banking Council 76 Big Sisters 92 Blue Triangle 80 Board of Control 72 Board of Control (boys) 112 Book Keeping 66 Carl Linnaeus 98 Camp Fire 70 Christmas Play 79 Class Play Class 100 Council Junior 89 Council Senior 88 Coaches .111-112-113 Cooking Class 87 Cross Country Dramatic 63 Festival 73 Field Day 72 Football Indv 118-119 Forum 99 Girl Reserve 81 Gleam 105 Golf 123 Group Capt 77 Gym Team Hallway 67 Hi-Y 81 Hi-Y Junior 85 Hikers 75 Hokey 132 Honor Society 61 Intra Mural ....128-129 W I Z A R 1) January Class Play................. 69 Jazz Orch...........................96 June Class Play................... 68 Latin ............................. 93 Lettermen .........................135 Library .......................... 87 Library Monitors..................101 Mech. Draw ....................... 66 North Woods Football..........120-121 Office............................. 86 Orchestra Senior.................. 91- Orchestra Junior................... 95 Opera ............................. 78 Pepperettes ...................... 71 Poetry............................ 71 Printing........................... 86 Quill and Scroll .................. 62 Radio .............................102 Record............................101- Rooters ...........................112 Sewing ............................ 86 Shakespeare Class ................. 65 Silver Triangle ................... 85 Stage Hands.......................101 Stair Guards.......................100 Station YYYY ...................... 65 Study Hall ........................ 66 Swim ..........................121-125 Squad .............................116 Tennis ...........................122 Torch Hi-Y......................... 81 T rack ...........................131 Tumbling .......................... 74 Type .............................. 67 Volley Ball ....................... 75 Will O’ Wisp ...................... 64 Wizard Staff ..................106-107 Woodwork .......................... 67 One Hundred Seventy Five

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