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1 4 Thomas A. Edison School Tulsa, Oklahoma Editor: Margie Morgan Advisor: Sandra L. Benson Volume Number XVI Publisher: Edison Yearbook Staff We really are a part of everything and all this makes us grovv. You know the shelves and shelves H21--Q. ralaelllelll i riyih . - 3 .,'f if if llrf ig Jl. Mmm Wf 1 ,W wi upon shelves of knowledge waitin patience, Or vve wander through the rooms and fields of Philbrook- back to the inner soul, and we touch the growing. l l 111. m jg. N 'Q"r,:5 A ng, fofwf, . A , Ax. ar o fku-slam , W1-f W ,, yAk ' uf..- 4 iw Sli Table of Contents Student Life . .. Honors .... Athletics ....., Organizations ... Administration . .. . Academics .... . Classes ....... . Junior High ...... . Organizations .... . Administration .... . Academics ..... . Classes .....,.. . Closing ............ . Acknowledgements ..,. . Senior Credits .... . Index ............................... l So many have known, and the knowing grows with technology and industries and dumps. ln all our gains vve've forgotten one, and simple existence is smothered in mountains of trash. ,,'Q pdf J W 1 I x V , M ,M ,f ' 4 ww-V Q gi Q. in fu, Q f . . W QV, m.z.,f' K"' 4-fi 3-'EF , ,, V W K Lk '42 '-1 i .v'f'5:,'gv 'Stl' ' 'I The old remember, l Z orthihkthey do a a ' l when they see a smile V ." A , me l and children playing. eee,e , No one taught them how, h hf' ,,fQ 7 h, and laughter comes easier l l ' when We all try rrr ,lllll ,,lrff lfe to Q et h e r ' lgy H H I H e l llllrr r ff fll E a la llla E gy .Q ,7 . ,Q aj if 2135224 ,. me Q me 8 e SY' 99' G at Music holds a Magic and singing even more for all the hearts listening and beating to maybe different rhythms, but all pounding to the rising height- and wait while cymbols crash. eln Lf ga E aff!-1 6 it V ggi iv P K 1' X1 A , X5 Q? if ix 4. Sometimes the boom was born of violence. Two sides were right, or only one- and we shivered in fear. Something deep within cringed and we cried out against separation. . -ww ' 1 W WV? wwf . , F -f 22479 ily, if 41 ey 53 Af' 5 'fwfr-i7 5 A ,aw A36 Q, 41, f 2 4, Mig! ! E !! f f sf The fear made us look at everyone looking. Committees formed and plastered the hails with posters and pleas. Reaching hands touched- and you know, that's when we began to care. "M",.4. ,.,. ,, .- , -5"al- , rut, Wu A , 'par-6 A,,,,. ? 3-'ATSLIN 6 s , , 't-" ' -my wr sv gs .ZA Vyif ,,1:1 , A.,,, rf yi wfz, nav at V I, 1 X Student Life Then there was the Yearbook staff, if it was a class- one of parties and lop-sided birthday cakes with candles that wouldn't blow out like the driving spirit that kept us going through five staff picture trys, non-working cameras, lost pictures and Mrs. Benson, never satisfied. 18 . Student Life ABOVE: Yearbook Staff, Ann Alexander, Mike Baker, Cindy Butters, Pam Cash, Marcy Clements, Claudia Clendenin, Janie Coe, Elise Dunitz, Mark Graham, Blaine Henshaw, Sandy Hocking, Pixie Lee, Kip Leikam, Marsha McKinney, Digges Morgan, Marcy Moskowitz, Sally Ftavis, Vicki Saab, Ellen Singer, Jim Smith, Lane Stanley, Teresa Wilde, John Wilson, Kenneth Wilson. TOP: Facing the problems involved in producing a yearbook, Mrs. Benson advises Margie. E-.H W tim fy . ' a . , ,ze-gi TOP LEFT: Margie Morgan, editor of the 1971 Torch. CENTER LEFT: Ellen Singer, our "Miss Torch", puts on a yearbook smile for the camera. LEFT: Reflections of our 1971 staff. BOTTOM LEFT: Teresa Wilde, managing editor, discusses layouts with Mr. Lloyd Tomberlin, Hunter representative, for the 1971 Torch. BOTTOM CENTER: Jim Smith, our photographEy editor, displays his great school spirit. B LOW: Could that be Blaine Henshaw behind the camera? Student Life . 19 - f---- - serv- ---A '::.,..:-. A53 W,,L SHE ,, X, s . sfzsrswi v X 'ss v X B X sf.,...f-ass ..,, .. X. mt 4 .3 SEQ--.., , A -tw l ..-W, sins-..w-s-sigtigws QL!"g2X'kB5dqmx,,5 K EQ at ii as -1 5,,,,,.:,,:,,f,1..m f,-.. 1, -:Mme W lN2le:e5P3,e35?t!i':f!P3ftlm un:- sw -iii : It TOP: Journalism Staff: Deanne Adkisson, Nancy Baehler, Debi Carter, Pattie Oasebolt. Ron Cotner, Candy Edmonds, Jeri Elliot, Rose Gros, Debbie Jones, Ruth Kleinecke, Bill Lees, Denise Nlarinda, Dennis Mahin, Laura Misch, Sarah Nanny,Hol- ly Owens, Melanie Rich, Debbie Riggs, Jenny Russell, Jim Simon, Cathy Ward, Robby Williams, and Bert Woodall. ABOVE: Jim Simon surveys the finished product. RIGHT: Working diligently on the next issue of the Illuminator, Dennis Mahin types his story. 20 0 Student Life Do you remember ever seeing a flash of person whiz by, if so, you knew that Journalism was in frantic need of a storyg for last minute deadlines, trying to get the right headline Success-the Illuminator, A and on those days you hid 5 from twenty over-eager salesmen. or fighting for the only typewriter that worked. W r iff ,Q 3...---v ..........-l.- .M --7 v-:uni TOPLEFT: Discussing the layout with Jenny Russell, Mrs. Benson makes a few helpful suggestions. CENTER LEFT: Pausing for a quick minute, Debbie Jones reflects on the activity of the other staff members. ABOVE: Discussing the Coalition for Clean Air, Rose Gros gathers information for the Illumina- tor from George Martin, director of the local tuberculosis and resgiratory disease chapter. CENTER RIGHT: Working on an interview, Jeri lliot is prepared with her pencil and paper for any enlightening comments. Student Life . 21 Debate's topic: Pollution, but have you ever pretended to be a marshmallow: "Okay-we're gonna float and sink down into the hot chocolate." Sensitivity training teaches you how to listen. Sure- and that's not all debaters do. Sometimes they hold tournaments and sometimes win them And lvlr. Goode names the trophy-Agnes? ibut you've got to have proprietylj Trriffrib ABOVE: The debate class takes a break for discussion between debates. TOP: Two debaters, Ricky Searcy and George Heller, prepare for their upcoming tournament. RIGHT: Debate class proves never to be boring with the aid of Gary Kowalski. FAR RIGHT: Mr. Goode, Debate advisor, has high aspirations for the debaters. 22 . Student Life .. '-NM, -at lb' mzzzz.. 4 7 Xi., P-' TOP LEFT: Yelling for victory, Joy Donovan, Julie Webb, Trena Blackstock, Rhonda Fabes, and Mary Lowery vocalize their support, TOP RIGHT: With hands outstreached, Trena Blackstock shows her enthusiasm. CENTER LEFT: Practicing several cheers before school keeps Joy Donovan very busy. BOTTOM LEFT: Mary Lowery perfects one of the many cheers which she will use at the upcoming game. Remember the first pep rally and none of the sophomores cheered- You know they died behind the smiles. B-squad knows they may not measure up to another squad in size fbecause they're all so shorty but they grow large in spirit, and proud voices. Student Life . 23 TOP LEFT: Captain, Maria Cristantiello. TOP RIGHT: Co- Captain, Joann Stanley. BOTTOM RIGHT: Row 1, Cindy Putnam, Joann Stanley, Linda Turley. Row 2, Robyn Saubert, Mece Sublett, Linda Pruner. Row 3, Melanie Har- wood, Maria Christantiello, Marilyn Hammond. Aday in the life of A-squad Cheerleading: green and white V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, posters and ribbons draping homes and lockers and our food in the cafeteria, jumping and clapping to cheers that no one echos and watching the janitor sweep away pom pom droppings. 24 0 Student Life L' I I . 0 1 T i illff? Y 115 f-av W5 1 ig' V ' Q " 'ik -Z Kim W . , , K , , , , W N W TOP LEFT: Cindy Putnam. TOP RIGHT: Mece Sublett. CENTER LEFT: Linda Pruner. CENTER RIGHT: Melanie Harwood. BOTTOM LEFT: Linda Turley. BOTTOM CENTER: Marilyn Hammond. BOTTOM RIGHT: Robyn Saubert. Student Life . 25 Edison the lVlan gave us his name for the school, and a week full of activities. The five days: Spirit, Apple, Peace, Happy Birthday and one for the superlatives. We started out with a balloon release, followed by helium balloons tied to everyone's wrist. 'Home Cookin' played Monday night. Dr. Ferneau held a teach-in. Some homerooms bowled. The theme of the Brotherhood breakfast was "United We Stand," ending with a peace march and dove release. There was free birthday cake at lunch Thursday, and Greg and Billy hosting the Gridiron that night. Friday brought the superlatives, the crowning of Mr. Edison, and a free folk concert. kj E is ,sf ti ,,. Z 2 TOP RIGHT: Symbolizing the beginning of Edison Week, balloons are released by Robby Lengacher, the First Day chairman. ABOVE: Reminding the students of Edison's birthday, a cake was decorated in his honor. CENTER RIGHT: Providing an atmosphere of musical enjoyment, "Home Cookin" fed the students well. RIGHT: Helping to beautify Edison on Happy Birthday are Britt Radford, Mark Story, Tim Davis and Terri Perrin. 26 . Student Life of if- l dm 71 -no-o-AK 4, MSW 0 04? 'll ..,h ' .0 r C! l 5 :".'?4fi, , X X 8 Dwi? TOP LEFT: With the bad weather at its height, only three cars managed to plow through the snow for the First Day parade. TOP RIGHT: Speaking at the Teach-ln, Dr. Ferneau, Professor of Education at T,U., discussed the vital role media will play in education in the future. ABOVE: A dove symbolizing peace was released by Hannah Davis on Peace Day. RIGHT: The Brotherhood Breakfast was headlined by speaker Donald Bob, formerly a missionary. s oless ll' Student Life . 27 l : jfff-SWF., 'X lest" N fi i fi? 5 :i't : i or x 2 S kkk. KVKX T V S S. . f. lf .NF yrs, N.. K 5 3 5 sl? .. Q it if I r ,fm di. tssti P gggg 5 , glldt ,Q lg P fl Q::,,.L U U K tm T Ditfi- 4 'X"Qi?f 28 . Student Life .3 K- A 1412, X,-QM WIZ 'Sf' TOP LEFT: During Edison Week, many students expressed themselves by participating in the Mass Project. TOP RIGHT: Enjoying the refreshments senfed by Kathy Newman, Apple Day chairman, Gloria Groom, and Jan Edens is Mr. Curby. BOTTOM LEFT: Receiving the Outstanding Edisonite Award is Phil Campbell. ABOVE: Winner of the Mustache Contest is Dan McVay with the steady hands of Marilyn Moran carefully shaving it off. l T l i 4 , 5 l 1 11 E 1: S .M TOP RIGHT: Edison Week chairman, Tim Davis supervises the beginning of Edison Week. ABOVE: The Folk Concert, held on the last night of Edison Week was concluded by Randy Westbrook and John Southern singing "Wooden Ships". CENTER LEFT: Moderating the Thespian skit is Tom Robertson with "Bubba" Kierig, Billy Hargis, and Greg Boyd assisting him, LEFT: A take-off on the more unique teachers was presented by the Junior Board. Student Life Q 29 "Look Homeward, Angel" by Thomas Wolfe Ben Gant ....... Mrs. Marie "Fattie" Helen Gant Barton. Hugh Barton ...., Eliza Gant ....... Will Pentland ... Eugene Gant ... Jake Clatt ..... Mrs. Clatt ...,.. Florry Mangle. .. Mrs. Snowden .. . Mr. Farrel ...... Miss Brown ... Laura James ... W.O. Gant ..... Dr. Maguire ..... Tarkington ...... Madame Elizabeth Luke Gant ....... Pert Blaine Henshaw Marcy Clements .... . . . .Susan Vaughan Billy J. Hargis ii ....Martha Smith .... Matt Moore .. David Norvell ....Greg Boyd ...... Ava Zacker ...Kathie Grayson Nancy Prohaska ......Bick Searcy ... Sharleen Todd .... Kathy Newman Bonnie J. Cohen Greg McKissick ..... Val Brighton ... Liz Rutledge .... Ed Ladner RIGHT: Could Mr. Farrell teach Miss Brown more than just the "Castle Walk"? BOTTOM: Mrs. Pert carries more weight than anyone knows. BELOW: Ben Gant really did die when the audience laughed. N 52: .Ea V LL:L,,... 'Q .4 A l I 'No, No, A Million Times No!" by Eskel Crawford Amos Quaokenbush ............... Greg Boyd Nellie Quaokenbush .. . .... Chris Spenser Birdie Seed ....... . . . Phyllis Tschappat Emmeline .... ....... T erri Cline Noble Hart ...... .. Billy J. Hargis Il lffy Can .............. ..... V al Brighton Stafford Blackman ..... .. Greg McKissick Gwendolyn Finefeather .... . . .Sherry Hocking Della .................. ..... K im Glazer Ella ...........,................ Elise Dunitz Kate ........................,.. Mary Turner Duplicate ....,.,............. Frances Turner Chorus: Paula Fenster, Sharlene Todd, Susan Sark, Cynthia Corbbrey, Russ Hawkins, Randy West, Rob Conway, Debbie Bruton, Cece Russell, Patti Johnson, Kerry Hauger, Kathy Woodberry, Elaine Loveless, Jane Mauldin, Gary Amstutz, George Lyle, Brian Christman, Jim Williams, and Rick Herron. "The Doctor in Spite of Himself" by Moliere Sganarelle ... ............. Greg McKissick Martine ..... .... ......... E I ise Dunitz M. Robert . . . .... John Thomas Smart Valere .... ..... B illy J. Hargis ll Lucas . . . ....... Rob Conway Geronte. .. ...... Ed Ladner Leandre . . .... Val Brighton Nurse ..... ... Paula Fenster Musician ..., .... J ane Mauldin Lucinde ..... ................. C hris Spenser ABOVE: Amos Quaokenbush and the towns people wonder if Noble Hart will ever get married. LEFT: The doctor's news of Leandre's strange illness surprises everyone. BOTTOM LEFT: "Sanitary in the dairy: free from germs are they." Student Life . 31 Mx 32 Q Student Life tired m We awoke to the sound of the band marching on crisp morning air, but we were the family no Cold wind could break learning new formations from seven in the morning till the last bell rang, uscles, blisters, and crowded bathrooms only made the music grandeur and the disorder rhyme. iinlq l Min TOP LEFT: Flow 1, Queen Attendants: Rene Boehm, Debbie Clark, and Shirley Amstutz. Flow 2, Sandi Stutsman, Kathy Ryan, and Jody Greenwood. ABOVE: Cathy Wies, banc queen for 1970-71. 2329 lm-f 'OP LEFT: Proudly displaying their green and rhite spirit, the marching band demonstrates their bility in the Christmas parade. TOP RIGHT: Mr. iibble discusses some last minute preparations efore the Christmas parade with Craig Phillips nd Randy Fay. RIGHT: King James takes time out to rest during band practice. ABOVE: Drum Majors, Craig Phillips and Randy Fay, Baton twirlers, Kathleen Ryan, Debbie Clark, Elaine Cunninghham, and Vivian Hale. TOP LEFT: Previewing films, Betsy Butcher and Howard Geffen of the Bureau plan a program for the students. TOP RIGHT: Showing her Edison spirit, Susie Clark supports the Eagles with verbal cheers. CENTER RIGHT: Clark Bentley and Jennifer Staines take time out from school to discover the loveli- ness of nature. BOTTOM RIGHT: Displaying ecology information on the day of the Canned Goods Drive, Fenton Rood and Terri Perrin discuss the issue with Phil Campbell. ABOVE: Showing one of the humerous events which take place during Pep Club meetings on Friday mornings,Melanie Harwood does a skit for the members. 5' x 'vi ' ..,, Honors Student Life . 35 36H Miss Edison XIV: Marilyn Hammond iVIr. Edison XI: Craig Deisenrotn S ' ' 1' E U Y 'I 5 if f , 719' nm Nm , Q - '51 ' G ft? .y WWI fu' Www ' me 1 Y. 1 i l 5 'ss 1 " 1,LL...- - f 1 -- - . ,. A., u so-f""" TOP LEFT: Thanking the student body, Craig Deisenroth accepts the honor of being chosen Mr. Edison. TOP RIGHT: As EIection's Chairman, Craig has little time to relax. CENTER LEFT: Following the coronation ceremony, Marilyn Hammond seems overawed by the honor. LEFT: Preparing for the coronation, Marilyn decorates a mum. ABOVE: Marilyn and Craig gaze out the window to watch the first snowfall of winter. Honors. 37 i9l"'.iM 1- EDI.. .,,.- rf 38. Honors TOP LEFT: Mr. Edison candidate, Mike Maher. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Edison candidate, Jim McCommas. CENTER LEFT: Mr. Edison candidate, Bob Stewart. ABOVE: Mr. Edison candidates reveal their hidden singing talents during an assembly with Phil Campbell as director. RIGHT: Mr. Edison candidate, Tom Robertson. .J 3 XO? fy A . SW x N. " XQN H wt Y tw Nq- X vi Q I' TOP LEFT: Miss Edison, Marilyn Hammond, and her court. TOP RIGHT: Sophomore Football Attendant, Trena Blackstock. CENTER LEFT: Senior Football Attendant, Mece Sublett. CENTER: Junior Football Attendant, Pat Tessier. ABOVE: Sophomore Football Attendant, Alice Grubb. BOTTOM LEFT: Junior Football Attendant, Cindy Putnam. LEFT: Senior Football Attendant, Debbie Roberts. Honors. 39 BOTTOM RIGHT: Swimming Queen: Susan Kraft. RIGHT: Swimming Attendant: Patty Cheatham. BOTTOM LEFT: Swimming Attendant: Kathleen Ryan. CENTER LEFT: Swimming Attendant: Beverly Brown. BELOW: Swimming Attendant: Linda Pruner. ft' U ,,,, WM ,K at 40. Honors , ,V ', fa , . 'fr 9 ,JCM ' 3' .iz , UL ,f figjkqh Z 'U Hi. any ff: 5 ,, N ' - ' ', , kb , T if .- 1 4 5 ,rf . A -.11-',?r df' ' vii, . WN L. W :gf z. Q 'if 5 1. 1. X e- r . H W' 1 ' 4 ' jvjy , ,ku -M R ' 'af wg 1 Q , K A .1 A , A . T. ' "- ' 4 aw ,,,f,' fy :9 23 ,, 2,3i!v,,:0 Si., X P f avtw,,vl T ,a 3 'if 'S amiga : I: A, if Mafia I g?z,5W4 ff' we Wiifx, or 1 .A ,ff M T-Wifi vga: 4-q,.4,'-gig Lf , aa . .2 -,QQLAKQKi4zf3Ad,::j.gl34,'f, 1 LV . 6 ,Kr buf, .hu .- " . ' eff 1 ,Q i as 1,"q?'4-'y.i0'4Mf'v,G' , f.4,N. 1- A 57,5 V- ,E A my fi .1 'A gf' -X 'W fi mr' 4 v. ' ,g'K,,f'i .w v ' xi, 'hr ,M ff: ,Kr ' -. A Y,--34 .3 if i',3"1'.a Jim' 5.-is 4' 4 rf- fn-f-, , ' '-film? . f 'iwwffws-,'. TY if n,l:a1,' w, f' Je' ' 4' im- . H -,,M"',.', Regus . g-UQ ,, m . L ,,,.r 4. 31. , , rf.-sq, i ,, X1 , :T my I h'i'v:.A, 4 Qi'-Vi' if W A -firwflie, gif- ,i43',:2??aTyq ,gif Q ,if f r im, 204.27 A, W: Ib iff 1 ' Q' 30 .'f",.. ,ff ,,,fa Zin' 'iff , . 'kfliaw fm fx .., r""4 ,mit LEFT: Wrestling Queen: Linda Wyer. BOTTOM LEFT: Wrestling Attendant: Jenifer Staines. BELOW: Wrestling Attendant: Beverly Brown. i i Honors . 41 'UM' iwfllx i Q i TOP LEFT: Basketball Queeng Debbie Roberts. ABOVE: Basketball Attendantg Maria Cristantiello. TOP RIGHT: Basketball Attendantg Trena Blackstock. CENTER RIGHT: Basketball Attendantg Terry Dunn. RIGHT: Basketball Attendantg Pat Tessier. 42. Honors iv! TOP: Best Sportg Mike Fanning and Kathy Kraft. LEFT: Most Likely to Succeedg Tom Robertson and Debbie Roberts. ABOVE: Most Deservingg Clark Parrish and Martha Thomas. Honors . 43 RIGHT: Most Friendlyq John Allen and Marilyn Hammond. BELOW: Best Sludentg Mike Maher and Elizabeth Wade. BOTTOM: Most Talentedg Greg Boyd and Sara Hammond. V -15-a, Q-7, l ., K x kk ..1.f 3-T f L. .,A-.., A 71 fi.--14 ' A ,gy 1 if 1 ' - ., rms p W H N T ' 'V . .... .,,, r-,.. . 44 . Honors 'K ,Zz 8 . T '1fkfw...jW'g.,4,-g5,,W.-s,,3?,,' ,,f,-4-,. Y, -, mf.. 4 af "TAX - J- ' -,Mf If-y y 'UWHIMQQK -Z. N-. Mfhd, ""Q.:g: X!! -9 had 'QS 40101 'af Pguhw . TOP LEFT Most Pollte Harry Turner and Marla Chrlstantlello TOP RIGHT: Most Dependable, Bob Stewart and Ellen Singer. LEFT. Most School Splrltedg Jeff Gillispie and Jo-Ann Stanley. ABOVE: Best Workerg Fenton Flood and Debbie Lubin. Honors . 45 TOP RIGHT: September Boy and Girl of the Month, Clark Parrish and Marilyn Hammond. ABOVE: October Boy and Girl of the Month, Craig Deisenroth and Debbie Roberts. RIGHT: igiovember Boy and Girl of the Month, Seth Tidwell and Mece ublett. 46. Honors 54, 'S at o xx, ff., i Rs-.- X '-r TOP LEFT: December Boy and Girl of the Month, Dan Danner and Martha Thomas.ABOVE: January Boy and Girl of the Month, Tom Robertson and Terry Dunn. LEFT: February Boy and Girl of the Month, Troy Kuykendall and Debbie Lubin. Honors . 47 3Qf.Q,i' 4'i:'fff"5r 1: 9 ' :ryf -, ,mefitwf ,.. '?,s,3-152 vi? , wa-f A .. but . . 1 5,5 K? 'N ' - 3 lr . K . "2 !-- Q: Ax y K , get . ,pai 1 Q Q rf. tta T 1 ' , -L f' :fi,..,?'f4:-1, ,gs-1'4,,: k -i -- .. .wt . f ,. -.-5-' -. - .H-W -M' . - ' n ...zff5li.,... w, ye rw-g,f T A 23351 ig? . is ass if ' ,t,zFf,'r.s.g3..'k.' I ff fslftzri M.- . ' ig -fi i Q ki' '- N T. ' 4 l X O iff- - 1 , A A 1 ' '- I A fi 9 -X N ' A. A " X 48 . Honors qt? --...Nw """'--.... 5 K as .mul A-iii' TOP: NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FlNALlSTSg Left to Flight, David Carson, Terry, Watt, Jim Scheurick, Bruce Kenworthy, Nancy Brannin, Jay Bruton, ana Thompson, Debbie Lubin, David Hawley, Elizabetp Wade, Clark Parrish and, not shown, Mary Cheek. ABOVE: Elizabet Wade, National Council of Teachers of English Award. TOP: Debbie Roberts, DAR Award. ABOVE LEFT: Jay Bruton, U.S. Senate Youth Scholar- ship Award. ABOVE RIGHT: John Hanover, Bausch and Lomb Science Award. LEFT: Patricia Greene, Tulsa Philharmonic Youth Soloist Auditions. Honors . 49 Danny Anctil' Charles Anderson' Dick Attaway' Claudia Avery' Steve Barnes Rand Bates Phil gayouth' Clark Bentley Betty Berry' Alice Blood Greg Boyd Nancy Brannin' Jay Bruton Kathy Burke William Butcher' Dennis Byrd Phil Campbell Pam Cash Mary Cheek Anne Clark Debbie Clark' Kim Clements Fred Cohen Gary Coover Chris Covington Ron Cowell' Mary Cox Tom Crow Elaine Cunningham Sam Daniel Glenn Davis Hannah Davis Tim Davis Dan Denham Patricia Dick Linda Disch' David Dorsett' Bruce Duffe Elise Dunitz Terry Dunn Dana Dunton' Peter Dysert Jeri Elliott Paula Elliott' Keith Fabes Rick Fabes Kent Farish Fred Farris Mary Feldmann' Mark Felton' Jody Ford' Eileen Fox Robert Fox Diane Frost' Judy Gasnier' Don Gilder Laurie Gilliat Steve Gimlin Kathy Grayson Patricia Greene' Gloria Groom Steve Groves Linda Hall Mark Hames Scott Hamilton John Hanover' Diane Hanson Harold Haralson Charles Harris 50 Honors Dorothy Hart Melanie Harwood Kerry Hauger Marsha Hayew George Heller' David Hensley' Betsy Hettinger' Leslie Hilst Elizabeth Hoppes Susan Hovis Mary Hujsak Bob Jackson' Steve Jahns Bart James' Mary Ann Jennings' Keith Kaiser Pamela Keeling James Keithly Bill Kenwothry' Patricia Keselik Mike Kinsachi Gary Kowalski Kathy Kraft' Jack Lairmore' Chris Lawson Pixie Lee' Kip Leikam Rob Lengachel Kim Liebendorfer George Lisle Jim Little' Linda Lobaugh Debbie Lubin Janet Lyon Mike Maher' Janelle Martin Ginger Mauldin Jane Mauldin Jim McCommas' Gordon McCraw Allan McDonald' Kathy McGraw Marsha McKinney' Walter Mell Karen Merrill Barney Metcalfe Carolyn Meyers George Mindeman Margie Morgan' Marcy Moskowitz' Pat Murray Margaret Nalley' Garry Nation' Beverly Neerman Kathy Newman Jim Nienhuis David Norvell Carla Nusz Kevin O'Brien Bob Parks Tommy Parker' Clark Parrish' Mary Ann Pascucci Dan Perrin Craig Phillips Jeff Powers Ron Prohaska Linda Pruner Sandy Putnam Harry Rauch Sally Ravis' Laurie Flay Marie Rebholtz' Dick Robbins Chris Rogers Robin Roland Jay Rolfe' Fenton Rood Steve Ross Lois Ruffin Liz Ruthledge Robyn Saubert Jim Scheurich' Robert Schrameck Terri Schafer' Ellen Singer Brenda Smith Janet Southmayd' Beck! Spann Nan peed' Debbie Spitzmiller Kathi Stafford Phil Stafford Mary Stallard Jo Ann Stanley' Joyce Stewart Leslie Stock' Sarah Studenmund Sandi Stutsman John Sublett Mece Sublett Cynthia Swindell Betsy Tarbel Mary Tharel Betsy Thompson Dana Thompson' Gary Thompson Seth Tidwell Mary Torbert Kathy Townsend Phyllis Teschappat Jim Ulman Rebecca Vanzant Elizabeth Wade' Vickie Waldo Richard Waller Terry Watt' Virginia Weir' Beverly Welch' Judy White Brian Whitt Tim Wilcox Teresa Wilde' Kathy Wilder Debbie Wilkerson John Williams Alex Wilson John Wilson Ken Wilson Sandy Wilson' Martin Wing Don Wisdom Burt Woodall Gary Woods Chris Wozencraft Ava Zacker 'Second year member Societies are people with a common goal, a belief, or a purpose. We are the students who achieve well, academically. The National Honor Society gives one scholarship at the year's end. We've had our initiation and hope to show films. lt's hard to get things scheduled, but we keep trying. Twice a year we get our ribbons and people make jokes, but we know that a little brain power really wasn't a waste of time developing. 4 TOP LEFT: Checking the list of new members, George Heller, president of NHS, and Mr. Butts, advisor, discuss upcoming projects. TOP RIGHT: Much of Betsy Hettinger's, vice-president, free time is spent in the biology lab. ABOVE: Playing on the seesaw is Kathy Kraft, treasurer. RIGHT: Can Sally Ravis, sec- retary, ride far with the kickstand down? Honors . 51 :Mir , ww-Mau: WW , if T"ff"72'fk-" ,wry A I Q .ir 1 , -..A -Qs' f . , WA K, f' ,,Jso6W""' 17' r--, ,. - 5 ..... ,. ,rfg me ' -1. . 1' 'W Kp . f c-f'E" vf. 4. .Qi-f"""f"' I ' ' - -.H-4 --J - R .-04. WWA .Q f K , gnu ,, fi. , .f zva.. , M M M 'W' M .J.,.n D N' M .K 1 , . .v 1,3 1- . 1-lux, -if , qw., ,f - - 1-P! 1-Q-QF' " 'Q' ' 1 1 52 yu , , .v. I . - ' Y- wp, ggwgg-a , -.- ,,.f.fi' no ,-Q M, .M-4-far-R .. , ,. ,,-rfb4'9",A, 5 ,- k,,,,...x- uf ' " W ,Q 1'-x , - f- '- wfafwwwfm A ,,, M Y gif' ', - , ,,,,M1g,Nz,.gQJ " 1 1 , T' 5:11 efpzf- aww O, 1. 4 A' ' -We L L4 ',,.....- 1- N "nits- ff 4 53 y if 1 pw . ,,, . , 5 ' J .4-f-4-4-4 , . . . J . 1 5 1 I -' , Nix Q 2 H V f ' . .1 V f , " I' .af A .f if "':"""'?'2 'M' fi? M . f ,..t. , so 4 dsfftsftltffwl 'lf kv K,g,f,f7il... ,Q 1592 K Q A, I f, ., ' . x, 'ix r L ht"s'tfg!,,5"s:41 it . Q as ., . A ' ' 2 at 6' F9119-'f - , 'A , ,K f' -, K '. ' . -K 4 ' 1 -21, . 'V' . 1. , me 1. 'Ll .-. f ts . . wi 'T' A f 1 5 , Q . f"'am.'w.. 'ir "Y1i?w-'-af.?ff.fe.' TOP: The 1970 Eagle tri-captains, Mike Fanning, Seth Tidwell, and Kurt Barron. RIGHT: Randy Nagy, junior running back, out sprints his nearest rival for a touchdown. ABOVE: VARSITY FOOTBALL, Row 1, George Hanson, trainer, Paul Pharris, Robert Leland, Wayne Conway, Howard Binkley, Larry Cooper, Craig Littlefield, Bob Drew, Bill White, Seth Tidwell, Scott Kangas, Marc Smithen, Jim Smith, John Winford, Alan Watt. Row 2, Rick Palmer, Chris Covington, Steve Ellington, Tony Leech, Mike Rhoades, raig Deisenroth, Paul Stone, Scott Steele, Randy Nagy, Sam Daniels, Bill Connole, John Wilson, Jim Dunsmore, Bob Smart, Paul Porter, Robert Holcomb. Row 3, Jim Weedn, Danny Withington, Jim McCommas, Jeff Block, Rick Fredricks, Jim Wilson, Steve Ervin, Tony Bollinger, Jim Wright, Kurt Barron, Clark Bentley, Stan Towsend, Mike Fanning, John Hott, Robert Brown, Jeff Gillispie, Gary Vale. Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison 54. Athletics Football Scoreboard . East Central 14 .... Memorial 6 . Washington 47 ...Muskogee 28 ...Rogers 13 , . . Central 8 ........Hale21 McLain7 B'Ville Sooner 13 BOTTOM: Coach Langham shouts directions to plagers on the field, BELOW: Quarterback Seth Tidweli warms up on the sideline while oach Chapman briefs him. if 5 f, uw, ,,,j:f ,i ,rf l .H i.iF , A 2' ' 'Z .9 L 96 1 , -Y ,W A O1 ri? is Athletics. 55 w sf 3, we Lit .. J -P 1. Z I K it K -N j t, T gr T T .. X-x: gy Z , , QQ, 5 I, K' -eg - K M . k .5 .fu t. z-ix of-fp Hi .. - X -,. , 5 it ifiL1XfY. You , K A f "-t X N Ii . ,, Z'f"'1s:-'fa 41,33 .sgiisf B ' ' n - u 5' or b-iss, 'f Q .N O .:, ,. U ' . - - ,uf my ,,1 pwff ww-X lslff fit K - - .-U f' fs ' ff - Y . .- Q ' 1 1- Q . 'J f 'YF""L NH ff 372, X ,b.' -,.- '4f3sR.sJ3 .gzmitif I 1 r , 1 F- A f F , My f'fm,gae w ,gi-, ff Z 7, Q mtg. t ' .T . 7 t Q 'ft ' ' ' xt' n X T Wig B A 'N Wa is K .. 31 ,sf 'ith Q s " I: Q 56. Athletics ABOVE: John Hott, Eagle linebacker, brings down a pursuing Brave. BOTTOM RIGHT: John Wilson, defensive back intercepts a pass. We did it for four, four, four, not like last year-one, and the year before-one, but this time-six. Because of superstition: Every three years we do well, or because of Coach Tighe and the red shirts for "crazy men", the cheers ot "Ball" and 'lIVIoo" or just because we did it. LEFT: Tony Bolinger receives a hand off from quarterback Seth Tidwell. BELOW LEFT: Another point for the Eagles is made by Bill White on route to their 35-13 victory over Rogers, BELOW: Mr. Melvin Driver jots down Eagle statistics while trainer George Hanson waits for the next time out. -V f we if frws .tw v--M, fmt, ,wt T T.: ,, 1,,t.,Qi, ty 3,324 'Hwy V r 1-. 4, , QZH ,, I AV W 4 sa wtf - x -. 3 1' W, fre- , ik jg? ' wt A Q 1, ff? ' ' fy 4,-M Wynn, A: 2' K avdgfff . ,Aw wk. , W VZ .LQ ,Q 5-at f ,. . I ff we . Q 1- -mfatbe-ffg -T Athletics. 57 Q A vfr Kai' I . wb ' Q 1 ra rw V . also -. N 569 , 'Wei M I , 5 " 'fd ' 5 , ' - ff'-4 et- 4 .. f , sy M if ' 9-nm TOP: Eagle running back, Bill Oden, is finally brought down after a sizeable gain against Central. ABOVE: Pursuit is the key word as Kelley Smith and Court Egger descend on their opponent. RIGHT: Steve Crosslin is shown leaping high in the air for the ball against a lesser Brave. B-Squad Scoreboard Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison East Central 12 22 .. ... Memorial 14 25 .... ..... R ogers 8 Washington 16 . .Central 8 , . . Hale 8 ...McLain O -fi- im.. JW' vdg... ,--k.- QL, .. s.. ,s...,, , ?5?fffg.- 'i 'K- TOP: Randy Drew shows his kicking ability as a quar- terback Allen Grubb holds for him. ABOVE: B-SQUAD FOOTBALL, Row 1, J. Halford, D. Woods, F. Dale, D. Ed- wards, F. Fenner, J. Ellington, Nl. Craig, D. Beine, M. Ivlantooth, L. Boyd, D. Speegle, G. Roach. Row 2, D. Powell, D. Richards, B. Oden, J. Rutter, G. Thompson, R. sag, Drew, N. Stpehenson, C. Egger, D. Cook, S. Crosslin, K. Smith, Nl. Conway, S. Stamper. Row 3, Coach D. Phillips, R. lmel, R. Patterson, T. Drewry, D. Korne, IVI. Miller, J. Burcham, A. Grubb, B. Buckingham, S. Brady, B. Allen, B. Bird, J. Beverly, Coach J. Haney. Athletics . 59 fQEtQ tgyr 7 7 TRMEK KW p 4 1 ABOVE: VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY, Row 1, Steve Lovellette, Ron Prohaska, Bill Welch, Dan Clark. Row 2, Coach Hugh Pierce,-Chris Lawson, Steve Hubbard, Austin Boyd, Terry Keith. Not pictured, Kenny Nluratet. RIGHT: Bill Welch edges ahead in the Edison Invitational for another Eagle victory. Cross Country Scoreboard Edison 'I6 .........,.......... East Central 47 Edison 17 ................... Bishop Kelley 39 Edison 27 .. ... Nathan Hale 28 Edison 25 .. .... .. ... ...Muskogee 30 Edison 31 ...............,...... Memorial 50 Seventh Annual Edison Invitational.. Third Place Will Rogers Invitational ............ Third Place OSU Cowboy Invitational . . . . . Second Place Oklahoma Six Conference .......... First Place OSSAA 4-A Championships ...... Seventh Place 60 . Athletics x T . 1yf:-qv, 1, - T u Q t a ll TOP: The Edison Cross Country team takes the lead in the East Central duel. BELOW LEFT: Captain Ron Prohaska works to bring another team victory. If you looked 'cross the country, you didn't see workouts until the face of the Hawk appeared fCoach Pierce?J But if you listened you heard the panting breath, the aching legs, solitary hours of challenge, or just constant complaints. Taste-there was always the daily banana milk shake, and sometimes, Victory. Athletics . 61 TOP: Varsity Basketball: Row 1, David Farley, Kevin Morgan, Tim Ambrose, Rick Lawson, Rovert Leland, Steve Ross, Scott Kangas. Row 2, Fred Farris, Roger Heath, Jim Nienhuis, Steve Wright, Jeff Stewart, Andy Anderson. Row 3, Larry Cooper, Chuck Sloan, Jim Dunsmore, Troy Kuykendall, Rick Davis. ABOVE: Guard, Chuck Slaan drives for a lay-up in the early minutes of the game. UPPER RIGHT: Going up for the shot, Troy Kuykendall makes it look easy. RIGHT: 1971 Basketball Tri-Captains, Left to right, Roger Heath, Troy Kuykendall and Chuck Sloan. 62 . Athletics N-S... ABOVE: Outreaching his opponent, Edison's Roger Heath leaps well off the court to tip the ball to one of his teammates. Athletics. 63 We Were close We were more than just a team because the coach wanted it that way. With our "everyone in the green" for our circle talk after each practice, and free throw shooting like a competitive contest, the everyday workouts became a very big part of our lives. Our muscles, the sturdy young limbs stretching, moving around the floor after a ball-both teams striving to sink- our brother waved the flag, the white banded hand, the eager fingers, ready to net our goal. After this top award winning year, how strange to be only a spectator, and no more cheers of "BLIIVlPO". TOP: Chuck Sloan goes high in the air in an attempt to block a shot by a driving Charger. RIGHT: Shooting a free throw, Jim Nienhuis concentrates on the basket. 64. Athletics ABOVE: B-Squad Basketballg Row 1, Randy West, Chip Jackson, Mike Bankoff, Dana Brown, Jim Allen, Mike Miller. Row 2, Danny Withington, Glen Andrews, Don Hoopert, John McKinney, Bill Niles. Row 33 Randy Drew, Jim Beverly, Scott Bradqy, Rhon lmmel, Bob Wickstein. LEFT: Under the basket, Jim Allen goes up ort es ot. Basketball Scoreboard Edison 51 .................... Memorial 60 Edison 62 ................... Casia Hall 43 Edison 58... ...... Hale 72 Edison 51 . . . .... Rogers 60 Edison 48. . . .... Sooner 46 Edison 57. .. .... McLain 49 Edison 51 . . . ..... Rogers 49 Edison 57... ...Washington 84 Edison 33. . . ..... Central 63 Edison 89. . . . . Muskogee 66 Edison 67. . . ..... McLain 48 Edison 60... ...Washington 71 Edison 47. . . ..... Central 54 Edison 69-. . . ........ .... S ooner 56 Edison 66 ................... Muskogee 74 Hale Tournament 2nd Place O.R.U. Tournament 1st Place Consolation Athletics . 65 66. Athletics 'E P ti T , , B V ,,,,W ,n ,,, , , gk-'IW LEFT: 1971 Wrestling Tri-Captains: top to bottom, Mike Fanning, Jody Sloan and Phil Bayou TOP: The Edison Wrestlers limber up in preparation for the Bartlesville match. ABOVE: No wor can express the determination of Marvin Jones. V liz: WW .,,.':f,, f i K' 'ir' f ,, 'n m f ff "W "f"' "ami" M. -,,,Lv, hr: fv,,nyw:,,,v,: ' 1 5 fr' vi s it it Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Wrestling Scoreboard 41 .....................,, Rogers 9 21 ...................... Memorial 19 28. . . ...... Hale 14 31 . . . ...., Sooner 9 50. . . .... Muskogee 0 38. . . ....... lVlcLain 8 34... .. Broken Arrow 11 33... .... Washington 11 24 ................... Bishop Kelly 17 43 ........................ Central 3 Webster Tournament 1st Place East Central Tournament 1st Place Edison Tournament 2nd Place Regional Tournament 2nd Place State Tournament 6th Place xm Emi 0 as a L QS . 1 l my . M4- J ll I LEFT: Wrestling coach, Ray Nunnely, gives last minute instructions to light weight wres- tler, Steve Brownlee. ABOVE: Eagle Steve Breece controls his opponent. We pulled Weight pounds of it so we can throw the other man to the mat. You can always tell a wrestler by his sunken cheeks and hollow eyes. No, it's not that bad, the spitting of saliva to lose weight, the gorging on weekends and starving the rest of the week. On the day of the event, we weigh in, then go home and stuff. We can be seen running laps on the stairs in three layers of red sweat shirts. Three of us shaved, our heads, not so much because it helped us wrestle, but because it was funny. We'll never forget Coach Nunnley's mottos and signs--SPORTSIVIANSHIP, but mostly, we've learned to depend on ourselves. You can't blame the team for your loss. Athletics. 67 TOP: VARSITY WRESTLING: Row 1, Mark George, Steve Breece, Ronny New, Mike Fanning, Phil Bayouth, Steve Brownlee. Row 2, Coach Ray Nunnely, Phil Stafford, Marvin Jones, Glenn Hortin, John Hott, Bob Galloway, Kurt Barron, Jody Sloan, Trainer, Rick Harber. ABOVE: B-Squad wrestler, Mike Wilson, secures his opponent to the mat for precious riding time. RIGHT: Loosening up before his match, John Hott watches intently as Kurt Barron relaxes after defeating his man in a hard fought battle. 68. Athletics . :. :. ,:.: E f , . .,.k I L. S -Q, Q, 1 ,Q et A ri X ,M mi ' Q Si IX iii 3 1 s-,Emma W ' I we is sm mt 0, A Q 'Ks side, s. S tt.. .. . .NEA - -' LEFT: Small, but quite stron , John Burk Epicks up his rival seconds before taking him down. BOTTOM LEFT: B-SQSAD WRESTL RS: Row 1, Clark Bentley, Jim Weedn, Doug Korne, Jeff Summers, John Burk, Tom Devlin. Row 2, Jim Byers, Mike Wilson, Scott McKee, Robert Edison, David Green, Thad Leonard. Row 3, Bill Bowling, Paul Phariss, Neal Eley, Chris Covington, Richard Alderman, Steve Ervin. BOTTOM RIGHT: Leaving the Edison fieldhouse, oach Sellers seems content after his team defeated Bartlesville. BELOW: Eagle matman, Jeff Summers, restricts his opponents wishes of escaping from the mat. 'Q' '47 'Nur Athletics . 69 Nothing Like a seven a.m. work out. lt's so much fun- Chlorine all over, especially when we hit the morning air and our faces flake. That's why we're the "Ill-shaven" boys of the school. And oh do we hate to dress up and put on Friday ties after two or three thousand laps in the morning. Or how about when our suits freeze stiff on the way back to the locker? But everyone knows that everytime we swim, we set and break records- and that we've got the "hootums"! There's just one thing we don't understand: We can't touch our Mascot: Sam Slick fthe stuffed frogl because they said we were all wet. TOP RIGHT: Senior Dan Danner, executes his dive in near perfect form. RIGHT: 1971 Swimming Captain, Allan McDonald, contemplates an upcoming meet. 70. Athletics 1 Q 6 Z f E lr , A Z T 'V 'ff- -wi 1 , l Z ' TOP: Swim Coach Tom Langham confers with one of his pupils, Josh Thomas, before the meet. LEFT: Regulars on the team, Allan McDonald and Bart James, get prepared for the gun which starts their race. ABOVE: Pausing for a moment, Coach Langham takes time out from his busy daily schedule. Athletics. 71 i TOP: Cheering for one of their teammates, the Eagle bench shows their Bart James, Bill Farrell, Mike Steward. Row 3, David Dorsett, Mi support. ABOVE: Varsity Swimmingg Row 1, Court Egger, Larry Maher, Kevin Morgan, Chris Lyon, Tom Burke, Tom Robertson, All Patterson, Grant Simmons, Tom Maness, John Ernst, Steve Barnes. Flow McDonald. 2, Dan Danner, Condon Hughes, Steve Gray, Mike Weaver, Tom Anson, 72 . Athletics ...N 9. ,, ..: .ki L five - . , QQ N ' an-.. ck W' .foil-0 gli" . - 1 W ,.,.f ,. . ' .by t V X 7 ,:,t,..: 1 ' Q A ' A f ,,, A A1 - 1.52" ' " Jlnnnrsf' .1 -we ..44i..:?' . Swimming Score Board Edison 74 ............,......... Rogers 10 Edison 64. . . ....... Central 31 Edison 53... ... Bartlesville 42 Edison 55... ... Memorial 40 Edison 69... ....... Hale 26 Edison 54... ...Putnam City 41 Edison 46... ... Memorial 49 Edison 31 ........... ... Bartlesville 64 Edison 62 ............... .. . Coffeyville 33 O.S.U. Relays 3rd Place All-City Swim Meet 1st Place Conference Swim Meet 1st Place State Swim Meet 6th Place ABOVE: The skill of the backstroke is performed by Allan McDonald. LEFT: Resting for a moment after his race, Chris Lyon catches his breath. BELOW: Senior Bart James, demon- strates the butterfly stroke in a swim meet against the Memo- rial Chargers. Athletics . 73 F 'TW lX 1 X x :Y :V , ir f ,. Ik' .'b' x l ' - 'K" 9'1 " ffiikfl' f . T ..., rf slll . ,V . I 5 f' , , l fwffcsr 1+ - ,, ,,,, ,,,, . ,. wxff - " ' V' K ' ' ' , , "'- ., ,fhf ,' f f,-f'b ' ,. ' ,,-V , ,,,l ,, ,,., , , .,,, ' "1 4 rr'fWf.f1z15,gfggyr ,ii ,,,, :ww V f N ' " "V 'Y ' ' .. ' ' . ' ' 4' f ' T ' 'fi N , A ,, , . --A . V ' 4.4, if . , if A 74. I v,..f,,f:,5 cf ' Y . , ' Y ' ' y ,, ,.,,,f .. ,,,, , ,il , r , it A ,, s l l ...W A it to . E ",,' 'E 4'-- 5 T -J ",' 'f 'P' TOP: VARSITY TRACK: Row 1, M. Rhoades, J. Melone. B. Oden, H. Binkley, S. Ervin, R. Prohaska, B. Drew, L. Shepard, B. Smart, K. Littlefield, V. Kemendo, F. Dale, D. Clark, T. Keith, S. Crosslin. Row 2, R. Frederick, R. Holcomb, C. Lawson, S. LoVellette, S. Townsend, K. Muratet, R. Patterson, J. Block, C. Deisenroth, B. Brown, S. Hubbard, T. Bolinger, A. Boyd, G. Vale, D. Edwards, B. Welch, T. Sidun. RIGHT: Four members of the track team act up, before working out at their daily routine. ABOVE: Extreme exertion is displayed by Eagle discus thrower, Gary Vale. 74. Athletics if ,rt H i J j fe 6 l"HYSlCAtEDUl2' -Saddle Up, Men!f, ei, 0 in fffi wfegefy H' W, , , ' 15 .-jus 'T' we V 5 haf t vis N TQ: A J 1 U .98 -v Q, fv. if, Qt sv M -'J af- , f-,' t f jim, A'f,y4:' ' ,,. ,,. what ii Mxw " YW i 4' ff 'L K 9' ,gy W v.k.,,.. . , W. '1,fffi,.fp if :A , , R , fw W 1 . ,, 1 from Coach Pierce began our everyday workout, after, ofcourse, the mile warm-up and calisthenics. Halfway through the workout, when our legs just wouldn't work anymore, we heard the encouraging words, "Get up there with the rest of them, men." It was especially fun through two feet of snow. The pole vaulters and high jumpers have it easy though, up and down ten feet- landing in dirt. For some reason, they don't get much practice in. The day ends with a two mile warm-down and Coach Pierce's scream: "This is warm-down not loaf-down." UPPER LEFT: Bob Drew, senior, races around the track a good distance ahead of his team mates. LEFT: Exhibiting the correct form of throwing the shot put, Tony Bolinger heaves the weighted ball. ABOVE: Using a snowball instead ofa shot put, Robert Holcomb goes for the school record. Athletics . 75 Everyone loves Saturday's practice with the sting of the bat vibrating into our hands. Running the bases, four times to first, three times to second, two times to third and once to home, makes many dizzy. Then there is our favorite - sliding practice: hitting the ground, rubbing your legs raw, getting cleated in the leg. Sometimes we wonder why we go through such torture. But then, there's nothing like the feeling of hitting a homer. sa W, ..,,,...., H, A . , , - ,, , V ff . - , . TOP: Outfielder Scott Kangas takes a cut at the ball. ABOVE: Varsity Kangas, Coach Don Phillips. Flow 3, Andy Anderson, Jim lvlcCommas Baseball, Ftow 1, Randy Nagy, John Wilson, Jim Dunsmore, Bill Joe Spence, Jeff Stewart, John Williams. Connole, Phil Merry. Row 2, Ken Palmer, Bob Parks, Bill White, Scott 76. Athletics 75' .,5H,,,mq A ,Qmj,,gij,?a ? ,lwjf M fa , 3 x VV AhVKl.l'Zigx1f ai?7j1?7ViAy,v?'wK.i'f'gif,f ' at re :aff X . gn J f'.. If H " , s , ii?-'9'r3?ff1tf?i2 r f Q . ' "Wt .L J 3 V 1, K, N Zi, 53 .4 71'-'M a i . :AQ fqfg'-,,-lflif' ff" F, 4. ' ff ., 2 .,. A ,M twat-,. ' - '-A 'Q'zfi1'+-141 ' i: , . " 4.5 wsu'-'fig 4 -1 g A rt' 31,7 ' .1 M136 X ,A M. . , i TOP: Shortstop Jim Dunsmore steps on first base just in time to beat the throw. LEFT: Eagle coach, Don Phillips, looks over his squad during a successful practice session. ABOVE: Junior, Richard Cochran, gets ready to deliver a fast ball in a scrimmage against Rogers. Athletics . 77 Armed with our clubs, golf balls and bags We face the wild, wooly morning at 6:30 or whenever the sun shows up. lt's kind of fun putting on a green we can't see, thanks to an inch of dew. There are a lot of frustrations like that, and losing balls inthe water, woods, rough - you name it. Our spikes come in handy. Digging into the ground gives us a firm hold when we wrap a club around a tree. We're not mouthy people: quiet makes good concentration. The golfer's dream is a hole in one, although an "Eagle" will do. TOP RIGHT: Senior, Mark Adkisson, follows through in perfect form after hitting an iron ABOVE: Varsity Golf: Row 1, Mark Adkisson, Keith Kaiser, Pat Murray, David Steele, shot. Rick Fabes, Bob Dow, Mark Brown, Robert Fields. Row 2, Coach Jim Basham, Lon Praytor, Rick Thompson, George Matetich, Richard Willbanks, Randy Bates, Howard Warren, Bob Sandy McNeill, Tom Kirpatrick, Chris Harris. 78 . Athletics Bird, st:--W' . A ,sit ,pw wg, ,effk ' , . .l,M.i+ 'gjnm I BELOW LEFT: In hot pursuit Ed Thornton returns the ball while teammate Clark Bently looks on. LEFT: Using his backhand drive, Chris Covington goes for a low chop. BELOW: Varsity Tennis: Row 1, Chris Covington, Mike Miller, Barton Torbert. Row 2, Clark Bentley, Greg Markert, Ed Thornton. Q T' ...-sd' "1 . Q. ,..,, .tt fn., x .Mtv V., ,.,. ,. K. J' 4' 5 , t , , , ax. :R HI., .Ht-A A24 ' ' CC ttrr rrtt .wif tif 'eeii ,,,, :::"1"' 'ii lllii L . an A 4 ll is is . an L . W it fff. we " 5 x I I i S , 4 Fun and games - sure it was, in our skimpy gym shorts. Zi! and floppy hats. There were challenges: being where the ball would hit before it did, and jumping over the net without falling into your opponents lap. l itij 9 tsfrt There were practices: running the cross country route, ft , sprinting f , 1 and working out at different parks ,L if "' L throughout the city. T 1,-:T And there were the trials: squeezing the racket into the too small locker, and the constant search for lost balls. Athletics . 79 BOTTOM: Running around right end, Barbara Goldberg gains yardage while Kim Clements blocks her opponent. BELOW: Displaying grim de- termination, Sue Rucker runs for a touchdown. RIGHT: Winners of intrarmural basketball, Mr. Haynes, homeroom, warm up. 80. Athletics Everyone says that we were just the ones who couIdn't make the team, but really we just liked a little competition and getting up before sunrise only to find that the other team fyea teaml had to forfeit for some reason or other. It became a habit. Everyone came to watch for the ones who would forfeit first. They cheered us on. After all, it's not how you play the game: it's who wins. ABOVE LEFT: Around the middle and down, that's the way to pin his shoulders. LEFT: Practicing for the ping pong tournament, Jo Ann Klar and Fred Farris play a few rounds. ABOVE: Representing Mr. Curby's homeroom, Hannah Davis tries for a point. Athletics . 81 I"'v: n 95 . ,,:X , ,x.. ,viii ',:: me -::L, k::,k e .A-Nm mmf., kk .-g'i gk VNS. I""5s f, N my K PA- 2 'fc - fi X1 255 ' :Wu Tell them: "Dobe's the villain" if they try to sneak inside our secret S.C. office we put up a big front with Phil's mimeograph machine and "only a few more Edison Callings left". Our projects are serious. my The Christmas Post Office made S44 for the T.B. Society: More homerooms were involved , with families for Thanksgiving and the canned goods drive. What a cover! They'll never know what's behind the bookcase. f' MIDDLE: STUDENT COUNCIL: Row 1, M. Ross, L. Nunneley, T. Cline, A. Grubb, H. Davis, R. Slemp, S. Rusher, P. Henry, J. Webb, J. Elliott, M. Rebholz, J. Martin, C. Emery, M. Sublett, C. Averlyj, R. Fox, S. Pribyl, K. Pederson, E. Singer, L. Wyer. Row 2, E. Wade, T. unn, J. Staines, J. Edens, M. Morgan, G. Griffin, D. Thompson, B. Brown, M. Hammond, S. Kraft, D. Lubin, D. Beaty, D. Clark, L. Emery, S. Savage, C. Gray, P. Wallace, C. Money. Row 3, M. Thomas, L. Reed, K. Kraft, L. Stanley, M. McKinney, M. Beeson, S. Daniels, C. Parrish, J. Little, J. Lyon, M. White, M. Graham, C. Avery, J. Greenwood, A. Blood, M. Lowery, P. Coleman. Row 4, G. Groom, B. Spann, K. Newman, K. Hardy, J. Bruton, G. Heller, K. Littlefield, L. Shepard, B. Christman, M. Van Schoyck, D. Danner, L. Wenger, S. McKee, B. Radford, N. Eley, J. Stewart, L. Cavert, M. George, P. Elliott, R. Fabes, R. Fields. Row 5, B. Stewart, R. Searcy, J. Bond, J. Barnes, P. Camipbell, O. Hibbard, K. Morgan, B. Hettinger, D. Eller, R. West, R. Neal, . Farris, D. Oathout, M. Cheek, C. Deisenroth, R. Waller, J. Woncik, T. Davis, L. Boyd, D. Antil, S. Stanley. TOP: Phil Campbell poses as Santa for the Student Council Christmas Broject, filling stockings for children in area hospitals. BOTTOM: Dan anner, coordinations chairman, and Craig Deisenroth, elections chairman, prepare for boy and girl of the month elections. 84 . Organizations --w-snug, "q:tvnl' ,Lf . .- ws... ,f"""i lv, TOP: President Clark Parrish and Treasurer Elizabeth Wade study their notes for a Tuesday mornin meeting of Student Council. LEl?T: Vice- President Jim Little reads the minutes of a previous meeting for Secretary Ellen Singer. Organizations . 85 Too many times an organization doesn't organize-it tries but something always blocks the way, the president says as he quits in the middle along with most of the seniors. How ironic that everyone would act at the club's final hour, as they have not when asked to pay dues, sell for charity, usher or clean-up. But our president experimented with letting the club decide what before, but only the execs chose. I guess we didn't understand, and Kiwanis said we had poor leadership. Elections at the end of first semester brought in new leaders and perhaps a new kind of leadership that was always used before. We'll have guest speakers, the executive board will make our decisions and maybe the time won't be wasted. ABOVE: Key Club Sweetheart, Terry Dunn. CENTER: Which way do we go? Dan Danner, Jim McCommas and Seth Tidwell directgarenfs weary steps on back to school night. BELOW: KEY LUBQ Bow 1, M. Story, B. Stewart, D. Danner, B. Grant, J. Cariker. Row 2, H. Geffen, F. Flood, D. Wisdom, B. Gibbon, G. Matetich, B. Searcy, T. Davis. Ftow 3, L. Shepherd, M. Moore, S. Tidwell, D. Hensley, C. Covington, C. Deisenroth, K. Leikam, B. James. Ftow 4, J. McCommas, Ft. Waller, P. Camupbell, T. Robertson, M. Enterline, D. Attaway, C. Lyon, A. Mc onald, Fl. Frederick. Organizations 5 Q 35 x E 9 9' Af E, . . ff J Q..-.59 Fx 2 M?" . ABOVE: USHERETTESQ Bow 1, B. Faxon, N. Brannin, D. Thompson, M. Pascucci, S. Hocking, P. Lee, G. Mauldin, P. Greene, J. Stanley. Row 2, D. Lubin, K. Byrne, P. Tschappat, M. Morgan, D. Hanson, M. Sublett, S. Putnam, M. Hammond, T. Dunn, M. Flebholz, K. Wilder. Row 3, J. White, L. Ruffin, M. Jennings, M. Moran, B. Hettinger, M. Cheek, L. Broach, M. McKinney, K. Kraft, J. Krueger, T. Wilde, D. Clark. BELOW: Usherette officers Sherry Hocking and Mary Ann Pascucci prepare for an upcoming meeting. Smiling faces, we were- no matter how tired our feet. And after awhile, they seemed to come naturally in response to the gratitude of a Tulsa Little Theater audience, the back-to-school-night parent, or a student teacher- lost and unsure of the way of reaching the kids on a first day. Lost in a maze of halls, of spiderweb walls and floor pattersn that wind and resist the searcher's footstep-- found was the long-sought door that opened with more ease in the Usherette's hand and a friendly, "Good luck on your first day!" BOTTOM: PEP CLUB: Rowl, S. Smith, R. Fabes, M. Lowery, L. Turley, C. Putnam, R. Saubert, M. Cristantiello, M. Hammond, L. Pruner, M. Sublett, J. Stanley, J. Donovan, J. Webb, T. Blackstock. Row 2, K. Bequitte, R. Gros, P. Thomas, C. Dillman, K. Glazer, C. Anderson, J. Little, C. Caldwell, D. Taber, K. Jones, L. Fogle, L. Foltz, C. Meyers, M. Jacobs, C. Rogers, J. Cadenhead, A. Grubb, S. Rucker, D. ox, K. Burn, S. Brady, R. Lierly, K. Porter, B. Bowdle. Row 3, A. Burns, S. Hanson, B. Smith, M. Torbert, P. Tschappat, K. Emery, L. Stanley, J. Lyon, J. Elliott, C. Griffith, B. Brown, M. Thomas, J. Hanks, D. Hanson, D. Thompson, L. Wyer, K. Kraft, L. Nunneley, S. Heller, M. Ross, J. Martin, A. Anderson, B. Tomer. Row 4, S. Clark, 922:35 011152: 0:33- 3' 511102 ' F SP o can 5,5 ' V' Q:a',"!' rigor! 225013 O tag,-Q FFA - ' ?g!"?i?-7 0 gg I- 529552 Mx!-DF-3 'U--3' 'U mzogm 0523:-Q 3232: 0:2018 ::'S?51.-- 97937559 Kraft, L. Glossop. Row 5, K. Byrne, P. Wallace, G. Deck, E. Dunitz, S. Singer, K. Clements, J. Hoffman, M. White, L. Fanning, P. Patten, M. Frost, P. Salamy, Y. Boudreaux, P. Rodgers, L. Ruggles, V. Weir, J. Edens, J. White, S. Hocking, M. Fries, P. Tessier, T. Cline, P. Henry. MIDDL 1 Football players file into the cafeteria while Pep Club prepares to give the team another shot of spirit. TOP: Spirit builds as the members of Pep Club cheer for the Eagle footballers. RIGHT: Pep Club Officers: Dana Thompson, spirit chairman: Beverly Brown, secretary: Mrs. Barbara Case, sponsor, Joanie Hanks, vice-president: Martha Thomas, president. FAR RIGHT: Squad leaders discuss making and selling sandwiches at the Edison Wrestling Tournament. 1253! Who cares about all the money we always ru buying spirit toys for the guys during Case's planning period and selling sandwiches at wrestling matches. There were bus trips, and Friday morning skits supposed to arouse spirit. We didn't let it hurt us n out of when people laughed at all our decorations covering every inch of the school we could stick tape to, or the many torn-down banners that really were too violent. We wore beanies and green and and gave the Edison Honk. white But for all that we went through for them, did the guys really ever notice.. .? N' nv Organizations . 89 ,. sm E .s Q.. RIGHT: LETTERMAN'S CLUB: Debbie Roberts, Letterman's Club Sweetheart. BOTTOM: WINTER LETTERMENg Row 1, C. Sloan Jones, J. Sloan, J. Hott, P. Bayouth, P. Stafford, S. Breece, Brownlee, S. Gray. Row 2, B. Farrell, K. Morgan, M. Steward, Robertson, M. Maher, D. Dorsett, A. McDonald, . Hughes. Row 3, T. Kuykendall, J. Stewart, M. Fanning, T. Burke, C. Lyon, D. Danner, R. Davis, B. James. BELOW: FALL LETTERMEN: Row 1, B. Welch, S. Kangas, S. Ervin, B. Connole, J. Dunsmore, R. Nagy, L. Coolper, B. Drew, R. Prohaska, S. Hubbard, J. Smith. Row 2, G. Woods, S. idwell, J. Hott, R. Frederick, G. Vale, A. Watt, T. Bolin er, S. Steele, J. Wilson, K. Barron, S. Daniel. Row 3, C. Deisenroth, Brown, J. Weeden, K. Muratet, J. Block, M. Fanning, J. Gillispie, D. Withington, A. Boyd, J. McCommas, M. Rhoades. H503 f fi Xl it fl' 1 7 ,rl , 1 ""'i 21- 5 xg 'KR -1 l' A sAA . 5- 75 Q 0 3 l Y xt r 1 7 1 -1' r 3 ' ' ' ' J x'.,..l' xg xx .9E'.:5S'- Y A D s f ' I J. xwuxifm 90 . Organizations 1 if If' Ou r g reen jackets are really an honor roll s Wi n for the athlete, . uniting Iettermen into a useful, active group ff riff' d forthe school. 't fi . j We raise money for equipment that the school cannot afford by selling seat cushions, program covers, ygyygvyri ff gft "T" shirts Y tyii ,:' l Q and popcorn- wl- -ti, that can always be smelled Q Q, ' f by every nose, everywhere, ' we f' "' W disrupting the last ten minutes ' l ,gh of every sixth hour. LETTERMAN'S CLUB, Jeff Gillispie proudly Row 2, G. Vale, K. Palmer, M. Fthoades, C. Deisenroth, his first letter as Scott Kangas watches. Ft. Nagy, B. Connole. Row 3, B. Drew, J- WIISOFL R- SPRING LETTERMENg Row1, M. Adkisson, J. Brown, J. Stewart, A. Anderson, J. McCommas, R. S. Kangas, B. Welch, S. Hubbard, R. Fields. Frederick, K. Barron. Organizations . 91 MIDDLE: SWlMETTESg Row 1, M. Ross, A. Grubb, T. Cline, J. Hanks, N. Masters, A. Rogers, M. Bakius, P. Roberts. Row 2, M. Turner, K. Wilder, M. tallard, B. Neerman, D. Thompson, K. Burke, S. Hocking, J. Gasnier. Row 3, P. Marks, P. Russell, K. Lord, J. Bartlett, T. Cullinan, F. Turner, T. Rosenthal, B. Smith. Row 4, S. Nanny, S. lkemire, J. Hoffman, L. Stanley, D. Jackson, M. McKinney, K. Hauger, L. Hocker. TOP: On a cold winter afternoon the Swimettes wish for a heated pool. BOTTOM AND FAR RIGHT: The girls practice some of their formations in preparation for their annual water show. RIGHT: Swimettes' officers: Kathy Wilder, president: Penny Marks, treasurer: Marsha McKinney, secretary, Lane Stanley, historian: Judy Gasnier, vice-president. N 1,1 l l xr .. ., ... ...H+ ,k,. rj wg 1 . ,i wtf ki i ani 1 A 'mu 4, 1 ly I V , lglmqlbr H '- "fm" -1 ""'- ' x,45 'f-. ww ' " , - z'-,,,',1 '7 at s - "" ,, M 'C - , V ' L"- ,, g ' it ',t...:WmzpAm::-. " ,ll-"fxn,,,y.aw723g1i fg,,A,mM' K "W M- . M. A wk ,T '- " H ' t V ,fvr.,g s ",+'7'Efk4:1, """ My V? . W Ah 43150194-Q," My ' I 5-W, . ,H i ' , ah . ,, 'Y J. Q KK 4 'ug ,4 X I '... .... MM, kr A ,lf swf' a x rj K .u f 2 as,--as al '-U M, ' . - ': ' l , , , 'QNQW ,' 'M 1' " ' ,- , ,-Q... ' 3 ' 5 1973 af A i, .1 ' ' .f'ii"if 1 'lf f F me F it f.e,1:, as-1: i , W , -, ,W , g t IQQQQQQW - 3' " Q lsssl , f ,,. t ,A The majesty of the ripples, the mighty waves that fizzle and tumble, topped with foam splashing flecks of white, is suddenly dwarfed by the rising toe and once again the Swimettes present. . . On land you hear of candy canes and chlorine hair, but the pool is a different world- one of hard workg together and alone. With water up your nose or cramping muscles, the blueness holds a magic which washes out the boundaries of a pooI's side and strips you of all sense of paing leaving but the overwhelming power of being one with the tide. Organizations- 93 V 'ow uk The challenge: the machine or me. We were to "aid the communication process" by scheduling and operating tapes, films, records, and hopefully perfecting the art of threading a projector. But most important was saying Instructional Media rather than Audio Visual. Remember how startled Mr. Henry was when we hung out of the catwalk or came within seconds of a scene change? Or how about the panic when our S400 revolving turntable didn't? But for all the worries, working Saturdays before a play, and hammer-sore thumbs, the applause eased any pain. i. Q 2 2 TOP: STAGECRAFTg Backstage Mark Hanna mounts the ladder to the upper deck. MIDDLE: INSTR CTIONAL MEDIA: Row 1, S. Miller, B. Heller, J. Trinder, D. Litson, A. Roberts, D. Crowell, instructor. Row 2, R. Baker, J. Wood, D. Speegle, S. Terning, J. Gibbin, R. Symanski. Row 3, H. Hultgren, G. Rowland, L. James, M. Brown, M. Miller, P. Baker, D. Steward. Row 4, R. Wright, M. Davis, J. Gillispie, R. Slankard, T. Enlow, J. Moskowiz, S. Krohn, D. Denham. Row 5, G. Batten, G. Young, R. Bills, J. Rhine, S. Wright, R. Williams, S. Left, B. Sanderson, . 94 . Organizations Turney, M. McMahon. BOTTOM: STAGECRAFTg Row 1, R. Gros Conway, C. Hollis, D. Allen, M. Babby, C. Russell, D. Brightmire, Hibbard, E. Riggs, P. Henry. Row 2, J. Neely, M. Day, T. Smart Hultgren, P. Nelson, P. Tschappat, B. Heller, S. Hutcheson, Barrington, C. Antry, J. Jordan. Row 3, H. Calvert, R. Bluret, Sullivan, C. Gamble, M. Miller, R. Williams, R. Palmer, K. Jones McKissick, J. Bevis, D. Grimshaw. . 1 v ELOW: THESPlANSg Row 1, A. Zacker, E. Loveless, B. Rorschach, T. line T. Dunn K. Gratso, M. Clements, P. Tschappat, M. Smith, M ebholz, M. l-lall, S. Hogliing. Row 2, C, Musser, N. Prohaska, R. ohen, R. Lengacher, R. Searcy, B. Henshaw, A. Clark, L. Rutledge, K. Newman, K. Hauger, D. Clark, M. Harwood. Row 3, L. Shepherd, M. Hanna, C. Burton, M. Hovis, T. Robertson, B. Hargis, E. Ladner, J. Sipes, M. Cheek, G. McKissick, S. Vaughn. BELOW LEFT: Thespians Ave Zacker and Liz Rutledge enact a dramatization. f ' x t 2 ' l Two masks cover our back stage noise and the on stage silence. We forgot our lines but could never forget how many hours of work we had done. When we earned 10 points, which meant 100 hours, we got stars and merit bars on our certificates- and there was a little asterick by our name on the program. But mostly it was a warm feeling Q to see everyone come together, 2 and a saddness '11 when the play was over, ' ,JW as your family for 5 weeks 9 scattered back into the crowded halls. Organizations . 95 We rate and then we rate some more after all the committees of reading and art looking have given their 1,2,3 or 4. With a little help from the computer, a few slide rules and some patient people with a head for averaging we have chosen the best and labled them: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Of course, only the good got in. We kept saying that in the prepublication sales pitch, and anything else we could think of to sell. But it was all true and evident when the Eyrie Ei. i 96 . Organizations made its debut. BOTTOM LEFT: LAW CLUB, Row 1, D. Litson, R. Fields, C. Money, M. Wiehe, L. Hunt. Row 2, L. James, R. Fabes, J. Rutter, S. Savage, M. Feldmann. Row 3, M. Felton, K. Littlefield, R. Willbanks, G. Bruton, D. Cohen, S. Daniel, J. Reeds. Row 4, G. Myles, N. Gilder, P. Potter, R. Nelson, D. Eller, R. Neal, J. Edwards, B. Fisher, F. Wyant. BOTTOM MIDDLE: A Police Officer explains the use of riot equipment to the Law Club during one field trip to Police Headquarters. BOTTOM RIGHT: EYRIE STAFF: Row 1, P. Glade, E. Wade, M. Smith, P. Fenster, K. Stafford. Row 2, P. Prohaska, J. Bevis, R. Conway, M. Clements, T. Davis. TOP LEFT: Averaging rating numbers and rereading the best writing, gives Sophomore Editor, Paula Fenster the "tired sillies". MIDDLE LEFT: We editors spend many 5th and 6th hour periods dividing the work into the "ins',, "maybes" and "outs", while chief editor Martha Smith and Mrs. McFarlin direct. We're involved with the law. The club this year seemed to lean more towards civic affairs. We visited the police station and were given a complete tour. We were shown equipment for different situations: riots, controlling police dogs. We sponsored Buddy Fallis, who spoke on the 'tLegal aspect of Marijuana" and followed up with other speakers with different ideas. Our club also discussed fund raising activities to donate to the city's Civic Control Board. With all the confusion of today, we're preparing for tomorrow- if only to understand why. Organizations. 97 Computers have taken over Edison No-just the Computer Club clique Once a week we go down to Vo-tech and work on our baby-an IBM. We learn techniques of programming and have the opportunity to keypunch our own original programs. The more serious members may find summer work in this field. With collected dues and fund raising, we leased a key punch to keep at Edison. Only members can use it, but then, almost anyone can become a member. 'Sidi ff '- .f " N--'v A RIGHT: GERMAN CLUB, Row 1, D. Brightmire, L. Wood, L. Chase, R. Prophet, D. Denham, Fl. Covington, K. McGraw, C. Snitz. Ftow 2, B. Buffington, A. Stallbories, M. Hayes, L. Lawrence, C. Anderson, T. Munn, C. Corbbrey, D. Hart. ABOVE RIGHT: Computer Club members and sponsor, Mr. Curby, play one-arm-bandit with the computer. ABOVE: FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: Row 1, J. Bevis, M. Robokm, D. Brightmire. Row 2, K. Clements. 98 Organizations -'TWT 41' 1 V- v' .-s.. OP: COMPUTOR CLUB, Flow 1, W. Mell, A. Robinson, J. Bruton, C. Phillips. Row , B. Hettinger, B. James, C. Hettinger, D. Howe. ABOVE: Ann Newton, Kim Olem- nts and Mrs. Fryar, the sponsor of the FTA club, discuss plans for their visit to lasses in the junior high. 7 We teach, that is "touching humanity", our theme, but much more- our life. If you really want to reach someone, change something- become a teacher. With Voodoo dolls and a pickle sale we reaised money, as every club does. But we also observed and taught classes in the Junior High, and saw other schooI's teaching techniques, and felt the warm promise of a worthwhile profession. Every language club states a purpose of broadening knowledge of the way others live. So do we, not excluding the typical donut sale, and a guest speaker from Germany, but we did learn German folk songs and dances. Organizations. 99 No one cares, or seems to care about Red Cross, but we do, We'd give our blood fsome didi and our spare time fwe dldj participating in two leadership training conferences, the county farm party, fthe county's old folks homey the enrollment drive and Christmas stockings for hospitals. We wanted to give an 18'ers blood drive, a party for the Children's Medical Center and a drive for volunteers for summer projects. The most important thing we can give is our time land we will.J ABOVE: RED CROSS: Row 1, J. Lukowitch, J. Tharel, D. Litson, B. Conway, A. Roqgers, J. Schafer, P. Roberts, J. Enochs. Row 2, M. Foster, . Fischbein, L. Rooch, M. Sublett, M. Smith, M. Feldmannh D. Belcik, K. Townsend, L. Tankersley. Row 3, Y. Bodreaux, P. Tschappat, B. Dorris, G. Glenn, J. Sharp, B. Torbert, M. Van Schoyck, J. Matheny, F. Turner, P. Keeling. RIGHT: RED CROSS: Presiding over a Red Cross meeting, President Harry Turner explains a new project. FAR RIGHT: MEDICAL CLUB: Row 1: M. Rebholz, S. Vander Meulen, J. Shafer, B. Conway, P. Wallace. Row 2, B. Van Zant, J. Mauldin, H. Rauch, C. Hettinger, M. Smith. Row 3, M. Van Schoyck, G. Woods, G. Amstutz, B. Hettinger, D. Howe, E. Cunningham. 100. Organizations ual... .W 'P' .-9, 5515 's-gh .F it We're not sick when the doctor of the week tells us of his pains in work and of new ideas for cures with films on drugs and other areas of medicine. We're all there fin anatomyl and we know where. We cried out and were answered by the Bureau: a committee formed from the International and Human Relations Club. We brought Dr. Cawelti, Jim Jones, the Oister concert and the Washington exchange. with lVlr. Miller as our sponsor We tried to do what Student Council couldn't And still they ask, "What's the Bureau?" Geffen. M, f . ...,. ad! BELOW: THE BUREAU, Row 1, M. Clements, B. Lengacher, A. Zacker, K. Hensley, Flow 2, B. Butcher, R. Searcy, H. 1 vnu' -W A im 'ZW C XGA QQ Organizations. 101 Our purpose? This year the Spanish Club has set no immediate goals but to have fun and to try to increase our vocabulary 1Spanishl at the same time. At the first of the year we elected officers and sold Edison Eagle keychains to make the necessary money for our yearbook page. We had Halloween and Christmas parties. We held a joint meeting with French Club members and decided to do it more often. lt was fun-everyone talking and no one really understanding what they had said. Several native Spanish speaking students, now living in Tulsa, talked to us, and we certainly listened. BOTTOM: SPANISH CLUB, Row 1, J. Hanks, K. Emery, C. Meyers. Row 2, J White, D. Hart, M. Moran, P. Salamy. Row 3, D. Hood, J. Bailey, J. Turner, Bill Kenworthy, M. Van Schoyck. BELOW: During a normal meeting the officers, Bill Kenworthy, David Hood and John Turner demonstrate a real Mexican bullfight. 15 rf' aj Wfyk 102 Q Organizations 1,17 avi' . 1. K ,xqttx Amway f -. ff N f' re aqst iaffa . W xx flax Xt vga ll ' TOP: FRENCH CLUB, Flow 1, L. Hocking, S. Pribyl, M. Pascucci, M. Stallard, M. Short. Flow 2, L. Bullock, K. Wilder, J. Martin, E. Dunitz, J. Bartlett, J. Powell. Row 3, L. Cobb, M. Feldmann, P. Keeling, A. Alexander, G. Farthing, K. Townsend. Row 4, J. White, S. McKeague, Ft. Waller, D. Hawley, D. Jackson, K. Clements, S. Meyer. ABOVE: At the annual French Club breakfast sponsor, Miss Moody, and officers, Susan McKeague, Mary Ann Pascucci and David Hawley join in a cup of hot chocolate. XJ' fo Vvetned to speak French at the meetings and develop a flowing knowledge of the rhythm with which they speak, the thoughts with which they communicate, their viewpoints of living, so very different from us. We had a speaker who had lived in France for a year. She related her adventures, but we must have them to really feel France. We watched films, and the advanced tutored those in need. Selling pens and gathering leaves "raked-in" money for our French dinner in May-and we did speak only French or at least we tried. Organizations. 103 Frustration makes the writer retake the creation that dies within him, floating too many times lost in the mind, unwritten, unspoken. Born to the eyes that knew and could not express, the writer opens door to both, communication. With Mrs. McFarlin's smiles and our own criticism the writing grows from pure emotion, through discipline - to touching our feeling. The language lives as Latin does for words are of people past. Lasagna, Caesar salad and grape juice give Latin Club the appetite for reliving the dead tongue. MIDDLE: LATIN CLUB, Row 1, J. Dunn, B, Fields, C Swindell, P. Glade, L, Cobb, B. Neerman, T. Dickens, J. Enochs, Row 2, S. Studenmund, D. Taber, L. Bullock, H. Rauch, B. Miller, A, Jewell, E. Schuering, L, Foltz, Row 3, J Ernst, S. Gray, D. Kincaid, B. Torbert, B. Hettinger, K Liebendorfer, H. Kierig, B. Wilhoit, J. Woncik. BOTTOM. CREATIVE WRITING: Row 1, D. Anctil, K. Grayson, V, Brighton, P. Fenster, R. Gros, D. Sqwtelle, B, Conway. Row 2, M. Watkins, M. Smith, J. Powell, M. Clements, M. Ftobohm, C. Schmidt, G. Farthing, L. Cobb, K. Lukowitch. Bow 3, J. Byrne, R. Searcy, Ft. Conway, C. Burton, S. Osher, G. Heller, J. Bevis, J. Mauldin, B. Van Zant, J. McCants. tw -Q 'ILX9 2 ITL! db Ax Q T- -. 42S- 'il 'S We take notes more seriously than the rest, and we enjoy singing more than most. Concert Chorus is smaller so we can sing more lively tunes and pop music. We're close, we have to be. When pushed for time, we practice at someone's house and get to know each other better. lt's not all work, you know. Ask Kim Leibendorfer about the pizza in her purse. Just ask us about stocking cap baseball games or why the directing baton got stuck in the ceiling. TOP: coNoEnr cHonus, Row 1, v. Kopp, c. Spencer, Anctil, R. Hall, T. Fuhrmann, S. Shell, G. Gotcher, T. Dunn Davis, A. Zacker, Row 2, Mr. Clark, M. West, K. Green Clark, L. Sheperd, D. Wisdom, S. Tidwell, B. Bailey, Stafford, C. Avery, S. Thomas, M. Smith. Row 3, D. Frost McKeague, K. Baumann, B. Mansur, R. Blacet, M, Baker Attaway, B. Hargis, L. Hilst, J. Powell, B. Ritter, B. Spann Liebendorfer. LEFT: An example of the kinds of food which poor people are forced to eat is presented by the Creative Writing group at a Poverty and Ecology Seminar. TOP: The class in typical uproar before the bell on a preforming day sends Mr. Clark into a frenzy. Organizations. 105 The chosen ones for doing all the dirty work of advertising, we had patience with those who don't care to be informed. Our activities? We distributed School Life, your funny class pictures, budget tickets and yearbooks. We sold Calendars, everyone, for the first time, and illunimators That only cluttered up the rooms. We advertised all events by posters no one saw, and ran off legs on one appreciated. Does anyone know a good thing when they see it? L ws 'W f a'L?m 4 106. Organizations l L l Gymnastics keep our muscles from aching because we keep doing workouts fthree hours a weekl and never give them time to hurt. We do at least fifteen minutes of warm-ups each meeting, watch films to get ideas, and rotate each event to learn skills in each. The money we earn from projects goes for more equipment. This year we're sponsors for the city-wide Gymnastrata. We perform routines in assemblies, learn advanced skills on beam, unevens, vault and the floor. You can always tell a member by her grace, poise and waded up leotard stuffed in her notebook. FAR LEFT TOP: ADVERTISING BOARDg Sponsor, Mr. Womack, observes as Patti Johnson and Sally Pribble draw posters advertising the all-school play. FAR LEFT CENTER: ADVERTISING BOARD: Row 1, B. Reed, D, Losey, T. Carter, A. Ernst, C. Berry, J. Cheatham, L. Foltz. Row 2, M. George, D. Radcliffe, K. Byrne, A. Alexander, F. Wilson, J. White, P. Johnson, V. Christesson, M. Trussell. Row 3, M. Stallard, M. Englett, A. Roberts, N, Baehler, P. Atkins, B. Krohn, V. Kemendo, S. Sipes, S. Grakel. FAR LEFT BOTTOM: ADVERTISING BOARD, M. Torbert, A. Clark, K. Davis, N. Wilhoit, N. Hardin, S. Meyer, D. Edwards. Row 2, T. Hinson, W. Runley, G. Heller, D. Cohen, G. Metesky, S. Vaughan, L. Stock, L. Gilliat. Row 3, D. Danner, T. Bolinger, C. Littlefield, G. Amstutz, T. Burke, J. Sipes, T. Sidun, C. Wyrick. TOP: GYMNASTIC CLUB: Row 1, G. Coker, K. Byrne, K. Burn, K. Grayson. Row 2, S. Spellman, S. Griffin, H. Chaney, A. Rogers. Row 3, S. Rucker, S. Hanson, D. Losey, L. Nunneley, C. Lucy, J. Hutchison. Row 4, S. Kraft, L. Miller, K. Chriestsson, D. Radcliffe, G. Groom, M. Robohm, S. Francis. LEFT: Displaying gymnastic grace achieved through long hours of practice are Kathie Grayson, treasurer, Sherri Griffin, Stacey Francis, Coleen Lucy and Gay Coker, pres- ident. Organizations. 107 lf Trumpets b are, the little snare sidles in while the sax takes off with the guitars. Man, this ban's got the beat. The band of the stage, the ears vibrating with a rythm that will take hold of the insides. Give us approval and we'll play more, in our snazy green jackets behind those eagle music stands, ltls hard work but we made a record. TOP: STAGE BAND, Row 1, R. Warner, A. Peeples, G. Hortin, R. Johnson, G. Sharpe. Row 2, G. Lisle, M. Twpman, R. Cohen, P. Booth, M. Teter, C. Phillips, H. Rouse, M. indschi. Row 3, H. Ridings, G. Amstutz, M. Murphy, L. Born, J. Rolfe, R. Conway, . Barnes. MIDDLE RIGHT: CONCERT ORCHESTRA, Row 1, K. Stafford, C. Salter, J. Powell, L. Rugigles, L. Lobaugh, L. Tidrow, M. Davis, W. Conway. Row 2, H. auch, L. Phillips, E. Gallup, G. Farthing, S. Amstutz, D. Ross, K. Byrne, S. Stutsman, L. Carr, C. Wies, C. Wozencraft, V. Kine, L. Svoboda, S. Ellington, M. Twyman. Row 3, M. Robohm, R. Tuell, P. Roper, C. Brown, C. Snitz, J. Thomas, B. Kraemer, V. Bosley, M. Story, J. Rolfe, J. Dudley, D. Wies, K. Ryan, T. Crow, M. Kindschi, B. Kennon. Row 4, R. Fay, T. Dovman, J. Scott, B. Weems, C. Reibert, Mr. Gibble, G. Hansen, G. Groom, K. James. BOTTOM RIGHT: CONCERT BAND, Row 1, K. Byrne, S. Stutsman, C. Wies, A. Ernst, K. Lukowitch, D. Wickersham, D. Thompson, L. Wood, P. Scott, S. Amstutz. Row 2, L. Carr, C. Wozencraft, R. Hawkins, J. Mauldin, K. Powers, G. Linde, R. Johnson, J. Reitlif, D. Hayes, T. Bresin, J. Lukowitch, A. Murphy, T. Munn, T. Logsdon. Row 3, B. Kraemzr, W. Mell, C. McKee, C. Littlefield, C. Brown, B. Huckett, A. Peeples, J. Schoeffler, K. Hortin, D. Clark, G. Hortin, M. Teter, K. Muratet, C. Salter, G. Amstutz, D. Wies, K. Ryan. Row 4, R. Meinert, S. Barnes, L. Born, T. Smart, R. Conway, J. Rolfe, R. Wood, M. Murphy, M. Money, R. Tuell, H. Rouse, C. Guard, P. Booth, J. Pitcher, C. Phillips, M. Teter, M. Kindschi. Row 5, D. Steward, D. Briggs, L. Gladfelter, V. Hale, D. Hart, B. Koch, B. Weems, H. Ridings, S. Krohn, T. Ingrum, R. Fay, Mr. Gibble, E. James, K. Farish, K. James. 108 . Organizations ,.f.ff""7V 2 "ii Gibble sings to us in Concert Orchestra while he directs, and sometimes we think he sounds better than the Concert Chorus. Concert Band's more spiritedg more active. Gibble's tempermental-just a kid. So we papered his house and then played Happy Birthday. He's a slave driver and he makes us want to work. Our little family wants to keep this good reputation so everyone is for everyone else, and that brings us even closer. an 1 BOTTOM LEFT: Glenn Hortiri, Jay Rolfe, Phil Seymour, Craig Phillips and Mark Twyman play an impromptu tune during a rest in gnractice. TOP: Members of the Concert Orchestra, Kathi tafford, Chris Wozencraft, Kathy Byrne, Sandi Stutsman, prepare to start a practice session for a contest. 'Q 'H y P y T f Organizations. 109 ,Q 1. Q O 5 S X. SQ 5 fmfgg3,fg, - sffhfa x Q1 Q sv X-an X M..- QN., ..x1 .,. -.skxs 111 ABOVE: At one of the regular meetings, Dr. Gordon Cawelti and the Board of Education discuss educational policies. RIGHT: Dr. Gordon Cawelti, Superintendent of the Tulsa Public School System. TOP LEFT: Listening intently, Dr. Cawelti hears suggestions from the School Board. TOP ROW: Left to Rightg Ray Conard, Carl C. Beesley, Eugene H. Harris, Robert A. Beckstrom. BOTTOM ROW: Left to Righty Mrs. Richard S. Warner, Mrs. Opal Carllson, Robert Riggs, Jr. 112 . Administration 2 ff"-N. mv. 1 Administration .113 Typical day? there never was an average day when everything went just the same. You move throughout every day and the seasonal changes. Each brings a new face- how can I know you all? l'll try. I watch you change from day and year. I want to help bring about this cycle you are in. So many more of you want to contribute to the educational process than ever before. I want every student to attain something everyday. But l am too impatient Together we can turn the cog and make it click to our beat away from the factory smog. RIGHT Paper work telephone calls and Christmas cookies shows Mr Hoopert s handling of each day's difference! fxwsw-Q ABOVE: Scheduling one of his many apgnointments of the school day, Mr. Hoopert checks his calendar. L FT: Standing in the main i- ii'i--w office Mr. Hoopert makes sure that everything is running smoothly. i i Administration -115 TOP In Conference Mr Smith helps a student with his college plans. RIGHT Taking time from their busy schedule, Mr. Hoopert and Mr. Smith gaze at students court yard activities. Heard of us? You probably have not- but our titles are Assistant principal for Personnel," and Administrative Assistant principal for Staff and Organization." But what is a name- mostly a lot of responsibility and deslcion making. You have seen us, sometimes, roaming halls, heading fire drills, and supervising problems of attendance and discipline. We've worked with a few of you-- scheduling rooms for non-school activities, renting the fieldhouse and checking out group field trips. No one ever sees our file cabinets, over flow- with reams and more of paper work and information. Mr. Cox deals with the facualty and Mr. Smith, with the students. Too many times, though, You see only our figure-walking. ..4"" an 'Q LEFT: Ascending the stairs, Mr. Cox and Mr. Smith are on their way to watch some of the classes. ABOVE: At one of the B-squad football games, Mr. Cox and Mr. Hoopert contemplate manuevers on the field. BOTTOM LEFT: After a hard days work, Mr. Cox manages to keep his smile firmly in place. Administration .117 ABOVE: Odetta Lewis, Counselor. RIGHT: Jennye V. Ables, Coun selor. MIDDLE RIGHT: Glennis Miller, Counselor. 'FAR RIGHT Thelma Jones, Counselor. UPPER RIGHT: John Butts, Counselor. 118 . Administration .ew M,,.vv"""k J- s ull Administration .119 , jgibiiill M 0391 9-nn.-mmpiw 'Tie TOP.LEFT: Ruth Bolt, Secretary and Office Manager. TOP RIGHT Virginia Black, Assistant Attendance Clerk. ABOVE: Orlene Blake Bulletin Clerk. RIGHT: Davy Price, School Nurse. 120. Administration Awe TOP LEFT Vlrglnla Smith Attendance Clerk LEFT: Guyla Muller Assistant Ftegustrar BELOW Lorena George Registrar BOTTOM LEFT Fran Elliott, Addressograph Clerk 3 ', 9? HF up L as f f v W www 'iw' 1 ' , 11' TOP LEFT: Rosemary Powell, English 11. CENTER RIGHT: Martha Cole, English 11 Honors, Humanities. ABOVE: Sandra Benson, En- glish 10, Yearbook Sponsor, Journalism Sponsor. CENTER LEFT: ally Castleberry, English 10,11. TOP RIGHT: Mary Faye McFarlin, English 12, Eyre Sponsor. RIGHT: Marcia Berry, English 12. ,,,,.s,,. 122. Administration If , Q TOP LEFT: Ruth Wells, English 12 Honors, TOP CENTER: Carolyn Vernetti, English 11. TOP RIGHT: Darrell Goode, English 10, Speech. CENTER LEFT: Mary Hagan, English 11. FAR LEFT: Carol Fryar, English 10, German. LEFT: Carolyn Hill, English 10 Honors, Erye Sponsor. ABOVE: Marion Mayes, English 10. Administration . 123 RIGHT: Marjorie Landry, Plain and Solid Geometry, Intermidiate Algebra. BELOW: Jack Doblebower, Trigonometry and Math Analysis, Calculus and Analytic Geometry, Mu Alpha Theta Sponsor, Student Council Sponsor. CENTER RIGHT: Marcia Buford, Plain and Solid Geometry. BOTTOM RIGHT: Karen McCartney, Intermediate Algebra, Trigonometry and Math Anal- ysis, Sophomore Class Sponsor. 124. Administration H 4 'lung TOP LEFT: Wayne Garman, Plain and Solid Geometry. TOP RIGHT: Easter Shaffer, Basic Math, Elementary Algebra. ABOVE: Richard Curby, Plain and Solid Geometry, Physics, Junior Class Sponsor. LEFT: Melvin Driver, ln- termediate and Elementary Algebra. WNWNNMW E r C e Earth Science TOP RIGHT' Lewis 'sf' 40-N 'vu TOP LEFT: Fiobet op , . . Ayers, Biology. ABOVE: Josephine Miller, Chemistry, Earth Science. RIGHT: Bob Sanderson, Biology 126. Administration 'N DIC TABLE O? if ia ' i Kg ' fl if fd 1 lgl S LEFT: Naomi Pederson, Advanced Biology, Biology. BELOW: Wendell Casey, Physiology, Biology. BOTTOM LEFT: Dale Ferguson, Chemistry. BOTTOM RIGHT: Charlotte Wood, Biology, Earth Science. 4 X 5 1- " ifiiwfiff w 12325 iii?ff--E?,lii!iE.1EQigH 51:1 1' T -"A 9 fi'3"f73":i ,Egg-zgy 1 .M sggskgg'- .fy , f T. L Q tt 1 L i Q 'V' : --ff t. t " ' M f ' Mg V l L f . -, ":' V F .fi fi P . F 'YT' . 1 W VA M .. , A . V -- t t: L , .N ,J-fw.x:iMLSxfw:,:li 'B ' , f r ' 'ii' ',,,,,.a1 Administration . 127 2 S i S s 2 r 3 F E 5 E , : 7 . , Limii K ,.2i L. 3 iii, jf j 55 , , - sssh tsssss S l 3 i s i TOP LEFT: Rachel Sanchez, Spanish. TOP RIGHT: Marg Pottorf, Spanish, Sganish Club ponsor. CENTER L FT: Christiane Worth, French. ABOVE: Ann Moody, French, French Club Sponsor. FAR RIGHT: Rachel Pollard, Spanish. RIGHT: Beatrice Notley, Latin, Latin Club Sponsor. 128. Administration swf: 1 ,,W,,.,..-.-- y I i Nas" - 4 iff Q Q 1 ' Q L it as .51 tasty fy to L rw, Q 1 i A ,. . I , 'N . L Q , J' st 4 X ix -L i ti t 4- K L., --W f 5 'fa A ? t , " tm 'ZFX TOP LEFT: John Haynes, Government and Economics, Political Philosophg. TOP RIGHT: Jesse Padgett, U.S. History. ENTER LEFT: Barbara Case, World History, Ancient and Me- dieval History, Pep Club Sgonsor, Talons. ABOVE: Eddie Faye Gates, U. . History, World History. ABOVE RIGHT: James Stafford, Mod- ern History, Ancient and Medieval History, Se- nior Class Sponsor. LEFT: Hardy McKaskle, U.S. History. Administration . 129 fi .w1lCfL-, 5 . l - TOP LEFT: Ray Nunnely, Wrestling Coach, Tennis Coach, Jr. High Coach, Letterman Club Sponsor. TOP CENTER: Tom Langham, Boys' Gym 10, Swimming Coach, Assistant Football Coach. TOP RIGHT: James Basham, English 12, Golf Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach. CENTER: Hugh Pierce, U.S. History, Track Coach, Cross Country Coach. ABOVE: J.V. Haney, World History, Basketball Coach. RIGHT: Frank Tighe, Geography 7, Assistant Football Coach. 130 . Administration Q 1. ' t li 5 T e 1 we . .., T H vw... ' " 0-I-we st.-H ., a xx t ,M , "' M nuns..-Q xt' L 'uau,,,,, 2 as. S 1 S l s I 'I sm . .f 'U "-Q Si 5 W Q" ,ilk TOP LEFT: Laurann Rogers, Girls' Gym, Gymnastic Club Sponsor. TOP CENTER: Pat Houston, Girls' Gym. Swimmettes Sponsor. ABOVE: Richard Chapman, World History, Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach. CENTER: Jimmy Sellers, Director of Athletics, Physical Education, Assistant Wrestling Coach. BELOW LEFT: Don Phillips, Business Math, Consumer Finance, Baseball Coach, Letterman Club Sponsor. Administration .131 ABOVE: Frank Twist, Business Law and Problems, Basic Business, Law Club Sponsor. TOP RIGHT: Diane Brill, Homeliving, Family House and Home Managing. RIGHT: Margaret Hill, Office Machines, Bookkeeping. LOWER RIGHT: Jean Evelyn, Ty- pewriting. :s:::: My B 132 . Administration 1 5 9 s 2 I-we wr. Q' 'L ll uru- .av gh it f O A -"' l ,,: '4'.a gl. 000' go , .'. ..o g ,go'u 4 . '.lg. 4517 ? .6f' P 2 I 4, A I J. ,404 3 if . 5 I U 0 , , a C C f ' 5 ' ' Q C s 0 ,' 7 . i. xi 'O TOP LEFT Bllle Jo Hutchins Clothing BOTTOM LEFT Edna Mae Ingalls Shorthand Transcription TOP RIGHT Marydo Samuel General Office Education Foods ABOVE Linda Hefley Notehand General Office Education Basic Business Z if efwsvw' , X ...- X it iw i."V Administration .133 sf 1 ABOVE: Otto Decker, Art. TOP LEFT: Dave Crowell, Instructional Media. TOP RIGHT: Edward Gibble, Instrumental Music. CENTER RIGHT: Tom Clark, Vocal Music. RIGHT: Bethel Delay, Librarian. 134 . Administration iii , sr, A M 'Z L T Q' sf V,',V ,. .wuwnwwv xi I TOP LEFT: Barbara Burket, Speech, Thespians Sponsor. TOP RIGHT: Louise Todd, Art. ABOVE: John Henry, Stagecraft. LEFT: Melton Ramsey, Driver Education. Administration .135 TOP: Jim Womack, Basic Drafting, Pre-Engineer Drafting, advertising Board. RIGHT: George McVay, Electronics. BELOW LEFT: l.D. Powell, Basic Drafting, Architectural Drafting. BELOW RIGHT: Bill McPeters, Power Mechanics. 136. Administration WK 44 i Academics 137 3 . X 2 5 X it Q 'Til' A h Q "" 5 sis.. ABOVE: The Library provides a peaceful atmosphere for John Williams to study. ABOVE RIGHT: Our Town, a required assignment for all sophomores, is read by John Hallford, Bill Farrell and Micky Jacobs. RIGHT: Mrs. Wells' honors English students study "Much Ado About Nothing", the famous Shakespearean comedy. In this world of people and separation, communication links the lonely. The library has too many books for the shelves, but not for our minds. lVlost of the seniors did quests or independent projects and you know, thatls really fun and we did learn how to learn. This is Creative writing's second year as a class--these seniors learn to interpret and to express feelings and opinions and to support them. We study man's work to gain from his knowledge. But like in "Our Town," do we ever really realize every, every minute? 138. Academics Foreign language is not only fun and a challenge to learn, but we are reminded that there are many kinds of people, all the same but with different cultures and up-bringlngs. Our expressions are different, our pronunciation strange, and the way we think of each other disarranged because of the verbal barrier. With a rather wide choice of Latin, German, Spanish or French it's enough to see and to make us wonder when all the different words express the same human feeling. LEFT: Fourth year Spanish students answer an English questionaire about the school translated into Spanish. BOTTOM: George Hanson and Tim Anderson take advantage of the newly reorganized language lab offered to all students taking a foreign language. ...Ns 3 I l l o l --f""'k' ZX 'frq . 'O'-,,,,,....1 to .. ,,. l ,,,,, is Academics . 139 ABOVE: Helping Mrs. Gates teach, Mike Cristantiello stands in front of the class and plays "show and tell." RIGHT: Edison and Washington students gather in the courtyard for discussions. History has no value if we only learn dates and not why men acted that way or thought as they did. We could learn from their mistakesg we could finish what they started. And yet in all this study will we ever understand why we cannot live together? We have all areas: U.S., World, Modern and Ancient and Medieval. This year Mrs. Case and Mrs. Gates had an exchange of students with Washington High School. Not only did we have the chance to compare schools, courses and teachers, but also beliefs on the absurdities of people. 140. Academics When apples fall they are eaten, unlike Newton's little red friend. People used to be content with just living off the land. Now we ask why and we realize that nature tries to equalize, but something always tips the scale. Our knowledge in the past has led us to today's excitement in creation and caused an unbalance. Now our learning must help us survive. . x LEFT: Involved in a chemistry lab study, Alice Blood observes reactions which occur when mixing solutions. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Curby demonstrates Isaac Newton's Law of Gravity with the assistance of "Isaac Newton" Wenger. Academics. 141 Speech and Music Have the quality of infectiousness which transmits the experience to us in a way that lets us feel a union with the artist. The potential is within each of us and classes can sometimes give the expression wings to beat the air in a million vibrations that enter each listening soul. RIGHT: Dramatic students, Sherry Hocking and Robbie Lengacher perform for their dramatics class. BOTTOM RIGHT: Two boys in the band, David Weis and Tom Crow blow their horns. BELOW: Members of the Senior high girls glee club, Barbara Leachman, Paula Rodgers, Debbie Perlich and Russelle Jones sing the well-known song, "Let There Be Peace On Earth." ffffwvu X 142 . Academics D..-if it Wx 43 'Q Himsa., lVlath is important today with all the technology and new discoveries, new ways of finding out why the earth does and how. We have a good choice of classes: Algebra, one and two, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analysis and Calculus. This year we have a computer in Dobe's room. Some prefer slide rules and others-- just regular old adding and watching colored geometrical forms, shapes and objects twirl from the ceiling in the sunlight. LEFT: Working their programs on the computer in Mr. Dobelbower's trigonometry class proves interesting for Mark Enterline, Joyce Stewart, Eddie Comer and Josh Thomas BOTTOM LEFT: Geometric designs displayed in Mrs. Landry's classroom provide a unique study atmosphere for geometry students, Chris Antry, David Richards and lizabeth Grewe. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs, McCartney offers assistance to Jan Edens, Algebra Student. ia. .4 Academics. 143 New names given to classes, new faces, a new teacher, with new ideas, searching for the old truth. Who could ever forget Joe Trotter's easel in the corner, of Stan Townsend's landscapes, and the spider web of mobils blanketing the water splotched ceiling. But this year, added is a sense of quest and Art must "Inspire and Instruct." The only worth has validity. Even the bi-annual physical fitness tests condition your body to help a life. ' 4 4 .MH QD' ffff xx! ABOVE: Mr. Decker photographs artwork of a Portfolio Honors student. RIGHT: Joe Trotter stands inlhis traditional position as he ponders over man-made, organic contrast art. 144 . Academics TOP LEFT: Stan Townsend puts finishing touches on one of his works of art. TOP RIGHT: Co-Education lifesaving class enjoys working together. LEFT: Donna Jackson struggles doing the bent-arm hang. ABOVE: Barely making it under the bar, Dee Radcliffe participates in the Physical Fitness test given bi-annually in girls' gym classes. Academics. 145 Everyone trains: to save all the words spoken for absent ears, of future jobs, mastering the machine or just hemming the new fashions. Today is fast moving, always preparing for the future, always going somewhere. Remember the simulators and pretence of movement, but you did move ahead, so far ahead from yesterday. N TOP LEFT: Concentration is seen on Randy Blacet's face as he works at his office machine. TOP CENTER: A Driver's Education class prac- tices driving inthe simulator. TOP RIGHT: Working under the hoods of cars, like Mike Dill is shown doing, is a common sight in Auto Mechanics classes. ABOVE: Franky Delarzelere, advanced shorthand and transcription student, works industriously on improving her short- hand form. BOTTOM LEFT: Reflecting the styles ofthe times, Mary Ashcroft has her maxi-length coat pinned up by Judy Gasnier. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Lori Harper prepares for one of her driving sessions that is required to complete her Drivers' Education course. 146 . Academics in hui s wr f a!! 'HW iii mi' ll.. .i ..,,,. .fff- - is Xl .-5 Nl LQ Q ,. i 'M' "N MMA' : x 1 . W-"'W 1' 71+ -4-ff -W e... ,J .1 ' , ,ps-f A- '9,,,,-f-"" .,,-""'f, - - Y -Y A ,-f ...,.w- Ax W- -,,-1 Y ',,,..-"" Q I 'ff M , V Y-W A,.?Y ..-- Y Y - , QF wil' 'f - - A,-- 2, - ' .. ,, .r A7 ,,. K ,- . . .. ,,. ,M Y ,- ,..-,. ., -5:1 :4..f""b-"'1'f , 4 An' ww . New ' Q - ,N en. 'CQNUM 3? i W. I M, Q i A we S!- +-'fl ,L i ' 2 ws 'W' 35155: I . F at f. WW'-" . - . - 'L fitff-I1 .hum Q -'7 ix Academics . 147 Perchance when dreaming, seasons change, as leaves drift to press into the earth their warm layers of feelings and expressions. Last year's production of "scenes by two," relating Shakespeares mood, spread a path in the tall grass jungle of everyday plays. Again the master rides through Edison on spirited wings with Oedipus Rex and Much Ado About Nothing, led by the reins of Humanities class. Our profit from last year's presentation was the down payment for the troupe. With period costumes and a flexible, portable set, the National Shakespeare Company brings to our vision lives relived in a new breath worth filling our lungs. ABOVE: Don John and Borachio are plotting to bring about the downfall of Hero, Leonato and Claudio. ABOVE RIGHT: Judith Hink as Jocasta in Oedipus Rex. RIGHT: Two unsuspecting suitors, Benedick and Beatrice, exchange cautious greetings. 148 . Academics 39' if, Giwi Exmsncz Hf1r:3 ffz1z Qihf1z Mfwfs ifxxizziafea? beautiful lT'S TIME Q, ummm km umm- if num. 4-'.QL1LL....' R i ' " " President ..... Vice-President . Secretary ..... Treasurer ..... Social Chairman Sponsor ...... . . Bob Stewart Tom Robertson Debbie Roberts . . Mike Maher .. Linda Disch James Stafford LOWER LEFT: Linda Disch, social chairman. LOWER RIGHT: Mike Maher, treasurer. BELOW: Debbie Roberts, secretary. RIGHT: Bob Stewart, president. " 'W 'V"'ff4 +.' fs -V in .H ,.,..,, , , ,,.,W , mes .W ,.,. Tiowmf ......... my fm LL' 4--5,-,ff 150. Seniors fig i ABOVE: Senior Boardg Kim Abercrombie, Jean Bartlett, Trisha Cullinan, Dan Danner, Terry Dunn, Betsy Faxon, Rick Gibbon, Jerri Glenn, Tracy Hall, Marilyn Hammond, Mary Ann Jennings, Kathy Kraft, Debbie Lubin, Jim McCommas, Alan McDonald, Mary Ann Pascucci, Pat Potter, Fenton Rood, Lois Ruffin, Rick Searcy, Linc Shegard, Brenda Smith, Jo Ann Stanley, Mece Sublet, Dana Thompson, John Turner, athy Ward, Kathy Wilder, Sandy Wilson. LEFT: Tom Robertson, vice-president. Individuals are what we've become rather than one of a group searching for worth and a meaningful cause. Always before the class set a goal which has galloped off, riderless- leaving us to walk on our own. Of course class spirit has dwindled. We're all concerned with our own activities and that's the way it should be. lt's not so hard now- not caring about our class because we see it's more important to care about me. So I will walk away with memories of "us" in my pocket. Seniors . 151 RIGHT: Performing a skit, Mary Disney, Sally Flavis, Sara Hammond, Luanne Hannis and Liz Angelopoulos, show one of the many activi- ties of the fifth year French class. BELOW: On his way to the senior picnic is Bill Adams. BELOW RIGHT: During the annual Senior mum sale, Jean Bartlett is seen receiving her change, while Linda Disch, Jim McCommas and Mike Maher supervise the selling of the flowers in honor of Miss Edison. l 152. Seniors 'Yi Jack Bailey Harry Baker Janet Baker Martha Baker Mike Baker Ken Barnes Gary Barrington Kurt Barron Jean Bartlett Kim Abercrombie Bill Adams Mark Adkisson Ann Alexander Donna Allen Dale Alumbaugh Mike Amelon Shirley Amstutz Dan Anctil Charles Anderson Martin Anderson Liz Angelopoulos Bob Anthony Mary Ashcroft Dick Attaway Doug Auten Claudia Avery Julie Badgerow Denise Baer Bobby Bailey 154. Seniors Phil Bayouth Barbara Bell Daniel Bell Marva Bell Betty Berry Karen Beverly Rick Bills Steve Blackman Jeff Block Alice Blood Pat Boggs Bill Bonner Phillip Booth Austin Boyd Greg Boyd Nancy Brannin Jack Brett Debbie Brightmire Mike Brinlee Leslie Broach Cadijah Brown Robert Brown Sally Brown BELOW: What can you do when you don't want your picture taken, Sara lkemire? lBOVE: Finding time between football and girls, Bill Connole escap le library. 65 to Jay Bruton Debbie Buchner Mike Bunyard Kathy Bruke Tom Burke Bill Burks Bob Burrow Doug Butcher Kathy Byrne Richard Callahan Phil Campbell Karen Campfield Kathy Campfield Kathie Cannon Jack Carlin Jeff Carol Claire Carson David Carson Debi Carter Jenny Carter Seniors. 155 156 . Seniors Turning slowly away from The fleeting moment of three years, The realization comes- lt is over. Another step up brings us One mile closer to Fulfilling the goals In our lives. But, what of the achievements Already accomplishedg are they To be forgotten as Part of our pasts? The three years are closing, As a day closes when the sun Hides behind a mountain, Yet, something shall be carried away. by Melanie Rich BELOW: Buying a Christmas tree from Dan Danner offers man surprises. is E 5 2 E Patti Casebolt Dyan Cathey Linda Chase Jeannie Cheatham Mary Cheek Maria Cristantiello Mike Church Andrew Clark Ann Clark Debbie Clark John Clark Marcy Clements Claudia Clendenin Linda Cobb Ronny Coen Q- .l if EOVE: Another enjoyable day of studying for Chris gers. Shaun Coen Gregg Coker Eddie Comer Bill Connole Beverly Conroy Becky Conway Cathey Cooper Larry Cooper Rick Cooper Rick Corgill Rick Covington Ron Cowell Ken Cronk Tom Crow Trisha Cullinan Sam Daniel Dan Danner Susie Deatherage Craig Deisenroth Frankie Delarrzalere Debby Delk Dan Denham Debbie Dicus Mike Dill Linda Disch Mary Disney Seniors. 157 Jan Doak Penni Dobey Christine Dopp Margaret Dornaus David Dorsett Bob Drew Jan Dudley Terry Duncan Terry Dunn Jim Dunsmore Dana Dunton Gary Edward Jim Edwards Adrienne Elder Don Eller Paula Elliott Jeri Elliot Linda Emery Mark Enterline Claudia Falls NO' C3 'Qtr If Mike Fanning Margaret Farrand Betsy Faxon Randy Fay Mary Feldmann Jan Fellers Mark Felton Karen Ferrell Bill Fiddler Jean Flint Jody Ford Beth Fox Flick Fredrick Diane Frost Tom Fuhrmann Jim Garretson Judy Gasnier Linda Gayle Howard Geffen Rick Gibbon Seniors. 159 Laurie Gilliat Terry Gilliland Jeff Gillispie Steve Gimlin Jerry Glenn Connie Goodnight Charles Green Patricia Green Bob Greenstreet Ernie Grimm Rose Gros Mike Guard Vivian Hale Mary Hall Tracy Hall ABOVE: Cheering with the Pep Club at a football game, Janet Southmayd and Marsha McKinney hope that Edison will be the victor. 160 . Seniors ABOVE: Putting the wet and wild poster on the ceiling of their art class Joe Trotter, Harry Turner and Eddie Comer. 'ml BELOW: "Uh, what do I do with these?", Asks Rick Frederick. I lf. it ,rf A? I cxvi -Lu,"uu.4 BELOW: Working in electronics class, Jeff Gillispie pauses for a break. pit ,, 0 -if ff, S Qggjr Patti Hallman Mark Hames Marilyn Hammond Sara Hammond Vickie Hammond Scotty Hancock Mark Hanna Luanne Hannis Joanie Hanks John Hanover Diane Hanson Mike Hargis Randy Harrington Diana Harris Janie Harris Kathy Harris Eldon Hart Linda Hartz Melanie Harwood David Hawley Seniors . 161 162 . Seniors Donna Hayes Phil Hays Roger Heath George Heller lVlari Hendrix Phil Henry Blaine Henshaw David Hensley Betsy Hettinger Otis Hibbard Carolyn Hill Dovie Hinson Jan Hinton Sherry Hocking Susan Hoff Doug Hoffman Carla Hollis Lynda Holmes Glen Hortin John Hott Mark Hovis Steve Hubbard Bruce Huckett so X, -Es ABOVE In Mr Curby s Physics class, David Chris Lyons and George Heller distill Vin Rose wine in experiment in fractional distillation. Suzanne Huckett Steve Huff Van Hughes Lois Hunt Madonna Hunter Wade Hutcheson Bruce Hutto Tom Hyatt Sara Ikemire Melinda Inholfe Althea Jackson Bob Jackson Donna Jackson Bart James Larry James Mary Ann Jennings Leslie Johnson Richard Johnson Keith Jones Marvin Jones Seniors . 163 164 . Seniors Scott Kangas James Keithly Nancy Keller Bill Kenworthy Doug Kerr Bob Koch Kathy Kraft Stephen Krohn Janet Krugar Troy Kuykendall Jack Lairmore Susan Lambeth Lisa Lawrence Tony Leach Pixie Lee Kim Liebendorfer Robert Lietters Tom Lincoln Diane Litson Jim Little Kirk Littlefield Melody London Valerie Lowery Meredith Loyd Debbie Lubin Kathy Lucy Danny Luker Chris Lyon Mike Maher 'fra S194 4 'Y vii' 'VQTJ' John Maness Brent Mansur Penny Marks Noel Masters Ginger Mauldin Gary McBride Gary McCIary Jim McCommas Gordon McCraw Burt McCurIey Alan McDonald Steve McGowan Cynthia Mclntosh Marsha McKinney Greg McKissick Dennis McMahan Mike McMahan Ron McRorey Dan McVay Robert Meinhert Walter Meli Karen Merrill Peggy Meyer Debbie Miller Denise Miranda Nancy Mitchell Cathy Money Teresa Monroe Vanessa MOl'1tQOfT'l9l'y Seniors. 165 Mark Mooney Kathi Moore Matt Moore Marilyn Moran Margie Morgan Marsha Morris Jim Moskowitz Marcy Moskowitz Marilyn Murphy Gary Myles Margaret Nalley Sarah Nanny Gary Nation Robin Neal Debbie Neck John Nelson Rick Nelson Rick Nelson Diane Nevins Ron New Dean Nunneley Randy Oakley Mike O'Meila BELOW The beauty of the Edison courtyard is an ideal setting for Sara Hammonds guitar practicing. Rosie Padilla Judy Palmer Keith Parker Tom Parker Clark Parrish Mary Ann Pascucci Joe Pattison Joyce Pattison Mike Patton Rick Peace Brenda Perry Lanae Phillips Shelly Pickens Paul Porter Sandy Posey Pat Potter Sally Pribyl Roger Price Pam Priester James Primdahl Seniors. 167 Ron Prohaska Robert Prophet Katherine Pugh Sandy Putnam Jamie Quinn Laura Radcliff Ken Raffensperger Sally Ravis Leslie Ray Marie Rebholz David Reed Randall Reed Chris Reibert Rick Reiman Karen Renfro Jody Rhine Mike Rhodes Melanie Rich David Richardson Harold Ridings Debbie Riggs Debbie Roberts Tom Robertson ,, "'. 3 , ,ft ' BELOW: "Look at that!" exclaims Bert McCurIey as something catches his eye Q rw ...Q- 41 if l f M if W' gjhli 1 K ,Q N: , g it BOVE: Mike Church appears to be unreceptive to the iscussion. Betty Robison Chris Rogers Chris Rogers Michelle Roland Jay Rolfe Fenton Rood Barbara Rorschach Sandi Rose Steve Rose Tammi Rosenthal Carrie Ross Scott Ross Karen Rowland N' Vicki Rudd Lois Ruffin Linda Ruggles Greg Ruhr CeCe Russell Jenny Russell Tony Saab Photograph Giving in, I pull down the picture-book and, peering in, find the photograph with your look that I love to see again, and again. A three by four world that l share with you -a black and white hell to me, Too- is all that is given to me. Could you smile just as nice for me? by Chris Burton Seniors . 169 Charles Salter Tona Sandschaper Doug Saubert Scott Savage Jim Scheurich Jerry Schoeffler Rick Searcy Jerry Sellers Terry Shaffer Joseph Sharp Linc Shepard Barbara Sherman Beverly Sherrod David Sibole John Simons Ellen Singer Jim Sipes Marilyn Slater Chuck Sloan Joe Sloan iff' ,pq Us "3 Tom Smart Brenda Smith Deanne Smith Jim Smith Mark Smith Martha Smith Robin Smith David Soulsby John Southern Janet Southmayd Flandy Spahr Nan Speed B.J. Spellman Phil Stafford Ardys Stallbories Paula Stanbery iN T5 JoAnn Stanley Lane Stanley Dennis Steed Scott Steele Tom Steiner Doug Steward Jeff Steward Mike Steward Bob Stewart Leslie Stock Janie Strickland Mece Sublett Debbie Summers Denise Sutton Chris Terrell Seniors . 171 Don Tessier Peggy Tessier Jane Thomas Mark Thomas Martha Thomas Susan Thomas Dana Thompson Rick Thompson Seth Tidwell Carol Tobey Stan Townsend Debbie Trinder Phyllis Tschappat Robert Tuell Annette Turner Harry Turner John Turner Harold Tuttle Gary Vale Patrick Van Schoyck 172 . Seniors Elizabeth Wade Vickie Waldo Kathy Walker f'f 1 ,'if' 8 by 'FW , sq , Q 5 I . . MN! ,. Ar Patricia Wallace Cathy Ward Cindy Watson Alan Watt Terry Watt Virginia Weir Larry Wenger Mimi West Janet White Judy White Laura Whitmore Brian Whitt Bill Wilbanks Marilyn Wiehe Cathy Wies Teresa Wilde Kathy Wilder Nancy Wilhoit Barbara Willey Linda Williams Tom Williams Alex Wilson Debbie Wilson Fred Wilson John Wilson Ken Wilson Sandy Wilson Dick Woodard Stuart Wood Chris Wozencraft Mary Wright Steve Wright Frank Wyant Dee Young Gary Young Ava Zacker ,Wi I .ll 1 ,I , ,. ,f VX - ff' f' "' ,, .'f y" wx 'K W' A EN. 4 r ffgxxy '- ZNHL , w'j,,1 Q' f i' +- ?s1 ff . Q,1. . 1 - A1 L-N fwgqf w fa I A ou., ..f W ,. we if X .t 6 1 f, X-' . ? xv R .fy ,V Sf A' ,ff 5 ay. lllllhnuu.. k can-......,...., .... .. M. , 5 ,........- .. 1 I i A 'wi-'N mph' 1-4. gg, Nw ,,,-,4- aw, ,. "' "" T . x n Q ' a I yi, M Aw. ,,......U..., ,..-aw X-q lP um-aa--, :W tv-u . mx.--t,,,,L. " --1 ' Seniors.175 TOP LEFT: Mr. Curby is seen in front of the "Jail House". TOP RIGHT: Arriving at 91st and Harvard for the Junior Board picture are Terry Cline, Patty Cheatham and Jan Edens. RIGHT: Enjoying the junior skating part are Steve Breece, and Julie Webb, Linda Viyeir and Kim Pederson. 176. Juniors -P., Mr. Curby .... 4 Richard Waller . .. .. -..- Presidep Steve Breece .... . . Vice-Preside Linda Wyer .... .,.... S ecretar Gary Kowalski , . . ...,...... Treasure Karen Hidy .... .... S ocial Chairma ...........Sponso t wasn't so bad leing in the middle r beginning to see the separation, rut getting nearer to the end- .fter eleven years of school. 'here was searching for true involvement, rhether winning the next game r ecology in action- 's all the same s far as true dedication matters. iut division of loyalty D the school or ourselves isturbs once restful nights. his is the prime time of searching, ut it is confusing to try to begin. e're too many little groups be a class anymore nd too lost to leave a group. OVE: JUNlOR BOARD, Row 1, L. Singleterry, J. Scott, C. Putnam, L. rley, K. McGraw, J. Edens, T. Cline, P. Cheatham. Row 2, J. Staines, J. rtin, M. Stalard, E. Enlow, K. Newman, H. Davis, B. Brown, L. Fogle, C. an, A. Rogers, J. Hoffman, S. Rusher. Row 3, Mr. Curby, C. Bentley, A. wnsend, . Loveless, D. Adkisson, E. Dunitz, P. Henry, G. Griffin, T. onard, K. Leikam, M. Reynolds, G. Parker, P. Tessier, G. Groom, K. derson. Row 4, P. Johnson, N. Gilder, P. Zang, M. Chase, S. Meyer, K. ements, J. Sublet, J. Guthrie, S. Pope, T. Wilcox, G. Bruton, B. Hargis, Breece. Row 5, M. White, J. Lyon, J. Hurlburt, G. Felts, J. Coe. Juniors . 177 RIGHT: In seeking assistance Lynn Fogle is distracted from the typing teacher. Deanne Adkisson Mary Ann Alaback Bob Albertson George Allan Dwayne Allen Jimmy Allin Tim Ambrose Chris Anderson Mindy Anderson Rebecca Anderson Ronnie Anderson Debbie Andress Chris Antry Debbie Ashe Claire Avery Nancy Baehler Steghen Barnes andy Bates Karen Baumann Pam Beamis Debie Belcik Celia Bell Georgia Bell Martin Bell Brian Bennett Wayne Bennett Clark Bentley Rex Benway Joellen Bevis Howard Binkley Randy Blacet Gary Blackburn Mike Bledsoe Dan Blevins Sharon Bohning Tony Bolinger 178. Juniors is 5z5', ra 'A , . w,,njw,,' .. 9 H' TH! faigmqggf all' Mary Bond Vicki Bosley Allen Bowman Vicki Boyles Anne Bradley Steve Branch David Brassfield Sharon Brazeal Stephen Breece Terry Bresin David Briggs Randy Briggs Jackie Britton Cheryl Brogdon Beth Brothers Debbie Brower Beverly Brown Beverly Brown Brenda Brown Teresa Brown Clint Bruce Gary Bruton Scott Bruton Lee Bucklin Linda Bullock Prisey Bunnell John Burgher John Burke Elizabeth Butche Marilyn Butler Cindy Butters Dennis Byrd John Byrne Phil C?ehart Jacky ariker Steve Carlow Don Carter Pam Cash Joan Cathey M ary Ch ase Patty Cheatham Kathryn Chenoweth Vicki Christesson Janeen Chronic Sue Clark Juniors .179 Terry Clear Kim Clements Terry Cline Steve Cobb Janie Coe Gay Coker Peggy Cole Patsy oleman Janet Collier RIGHT: A moment of quiet study is displayed by Jacky Cariker. Gary Collins Carl Cowman Becky Comstock Wayne Conway Leslie Cook Garg Coover Cynthia orbbrey Gary Corgill Chris Covington Bill Cox Dale Cox Jeff Crawford Mike Cristantiello Elaine Cunningham Hannah avis Rick Davis Tim Davis Denise Dawson Chris Day Mike Day Rebecca Deal Phillip Delozier Steve Denbow Patty Dick Teresa Dickens Diane Dickson Donna Didlake 180. Juniors is t ..,,l x we ,- X Q A::,Qj' 'QLD ' ' 1 5 Q Q 1, 3 5 1, -. . 'Tiff ' xi i 5,,g. 'i5?" T iff ' N- msg: - ,,-:as . , ,LB - 1 1 Terri Dorman James Dudley Bruce Duffe David Duke Debbie Dunham Elise Dunitz Jamie Dunn Constance Dye Peter Dysert Jan Edens Robert Edison Candy Edmonds Valerie Edwards Nancy Eisen Steve Ellington Kris Emery Marilyn Eriiglett Elisabeth nlow June Enochs Ame Ernst Steve Ervin Pam Evans Keith Fabes Ricky Fabes Kent Farish Gary Farrar Fred Farris Debbie Fellers Georgana Felts Gerald Fenster Miriam Ferris Sherry Fewell Shelley Field Robert Fields Bill Fisher Lynn Fogle Jodi Fontaine Mona Foster Eileen Fox Robert Fox Staceiy Francis Paul roning Richard Gainer Bob Galloway Evelyn Gallup Cleab Gamble Jan Gardner Larry Gardner Sandi Gardner Jim Gibbon Rita Gibbons Don Gilder John Gilmer Janet Glenn Don Glossop Leslie Goodman Greg Gotcher Mark Graham Louis Grant Jan Gray Kathy Gray Kathy Grayson Gary Green Karen Green Marilyn Green Genie Griffin Carol Griffith Gloria Groom Steve Groves Jim Guthrie Jim Hager Randy Hale Linda Hall Regan Hall Scott Hamilton Brenda Hamlin Rusty Hampton Phil Hanley Harold Haralson Shirley Haas Richard Harber Mark Harbert Billy Hargis Blair Harp Brenda Harrigill Susie Harrill Charles Harris Diane Hart Pam Hatcher Kerry Hauger Juniors. Vicki Hawkins Marsha Hayes Rick Hebard Mary Helmke Dorothy Helscel Jimmy Hendrix Pat Henry Cathy Hettinger Melinda Hickerson Karen Hidy Gary Hillman Leslie Hilst Tonya Hinson Sandy Hocking Judy Hoffman Robert Holcomb Lee Hollifield David Hood Pam Hooks Elizabeth Hoppes Ronnie Howe Mary Hujsak Tom Hull Tina Humphries Brad Hunt John Hurlburt Mary Hurn Thomas Ingram Steve Jahns King James Debra ohnson Patti Johnson Stewart Katz Pam Keeling Karen Kenslow Mike Kindschi Kenneth King Gary Kirk Jean Kirkpatrick Jo Ann Klar Ruth Kleinecke Dennis Knott Susie Knotts Nick Kountoupis Gary Kowalski Bruce Kraemer Bob Krohn Rosie Kuykendall Eddie Ladner Debbie Land Frances Landrum Alan Lane Susan Langford Pat Larkin Patty Lavin Chris Lawson Linda Lee Bill Lees Kip Leikam Robert Leland Robert Lengacher Thad Leonard Gary Linde 182. Juniors RIGHT A member of the Illuminator staff attempts to sell Kathy Lukowitch a newspa- Bruce Lindley George Lisle Craig Littlefield Linda Lobaugh Teresa Locke Linda Loggins Tamara Logsdon Karen Lord Debbie Love Elaine Loveless Steve Lovellette Colleen Lucy Kathy Lukowitch Janet Lyon Sandra Mahoney Greg Markert Jan Martin Arnold Mashburn Nancy Masters George Matetich Pat Matheny Jane Mauldin Robert McAnulty Scott McBee Jim McClendon Gail McCormick Mike McDaniel Lisa McDonnell Kathy McGraw Susan McKeague Charles McKee Scott McKee Becki Meek Carolyn Meinert Jerry Melone Jill Melone Juniors . 183 is mn. .. '- v wif. x, - .H , v 3' .X 1- in Q , M, . 184. Juniors JN X N fm X N in S SE Q Yi six is Q kg XJ, gi gk ww X55 A N -:XX as w w SW Nu ' if NS Yi As X wx X Wwzmw Q, .. W Nag? SQ RIGHT: lt is obvious by the facial expression of Harry Rauch that playing the vio- lin demands concentration. FAR RIGHT: Studying is diligently Bill Fisher pauses 3 moment fo Qather ms iiis thoughts. Mary Mercer Phil Merry Barney Metcalfe Stacey Meyer Steve Meyer Carolyn Meyers Cathy Miller Robert Miller Susan Miller Mindy Mills Tad Mindeman Laura Misch Alan Misenhimer Mark Money Debbie Moore Diane Moore Pat Moore Kevin Morgan Ann Morley Cindy Morris Kenny Muratet Pat Murray Cynthia Musser Randy Nagy Beverly Neerman Tim Nelson Kathy Newman 186.Juniors Nancy Newsom Jim Nienhuis Elaine Nilles David Norvell Kathy Norwood Carla Nusz David Oathout Kevin O'Brien Danng Oliver Rita 'Neil Carrie Osborn Mike Owens Ken Palmer Rick Palmer Greg Parker Bob Parks Cindy Patten Pam Patten Kim Pedersen Jim Peek Caroll Peeples Allen Pence Dan Perrin Debbie Peters John Peters Laura Petree Bruce Pettigrove Paul Phariss Chris Phillips Craig Phillips Lynea Phillips Mike Phipgs Sheralee iland Debra Pitts Terry Pohl Scott Pope Kent Powers Lon Praytor Nancy Prohaska Bob Prophit Cindg Putnam Dee adcliffe Brit Radford Terry Ratliff Harry Rauch Laurie Ray David Redding Jeff Reeds Susan Reinhard Merrill Reynolds Robbie Rice Barbara Richards Billy Richmond Heidi Richter Brenda Ritter Dick Robbins Angela Roberts Peggy Roberts Gayle Rpbertson Annette Rogers Donna Ross Mark Ross Steven Ross Greg Rowland Sherg Rusher Carl ussell Juniors . 187 Debbie Russell Liz Rutledge Kathleen Ryan Paula Salamy Joe Sanders Roger Sanders Robyn Saubert Debbie Sawtelle Judy Schafer Gretchen Schaff Kathi Schmidt Robert Sch rameck Lynn Schuman Debbie Scott Jane Scott Linda Scott Gary Sharpe Steve Shell RIGHT: A peaceful interlude for Mark Floyd giving him the op- portunity to enjoy the beauties of nature. l iw 188. Juniors Elizabeth Shellshear Patty Sherron Harry Shivery Tom Sidun Mike Silverman Cyndi Simmons Jim Simon Leslie Singletary Karen Sipes Alan Sizemore Rand! Slankard Suzi loan Bob Smart Janet Smith Margaret Smith Mike Smith Rhonda Smith Bob Smith Marc Smithen Valerie Smithey Karen Snokhous Robbie Spahr Becky Spann Joe Spence Debbie Spitzmiller Kathi Stafford Jennifer Staines Larry Stalcup Mary Stallard Karen Stanton Sandy Starr Kevin Steinmeyer Joyce Stewart Sheri Stookey Mark Story Sarah Studenmund Sandi Stutsman John Sublett Jeff Summers Ronny Swanson Cynthia Swindell Charlie Swyden Betsy Tarbel Karen Taylor Maureen Tebow Ann Tessier Judi Tharel Josh Thomas Alan Thompson Arlene Thompson Elizabeth Thompson Gary Thompson Ed Thornton Lisa Tid row Billy Tindell Ruth Todd Terri Toliver Mary Torbert Amy Townes Kathy Townsend Gail Traughber Mark Trussell Greg Tuck Linda Turley Phil Ulman Chuck Urrey Susan Vander Meulen Gary Vandever Michael VanSchoyck Susan Vaughan Becky Vanzant Phil Vincent Lynn Vosburgh Anne Wagner Mary Wagster Debbie Waldo Richard Waller Peter Walter Barry Walton Jan Walton Gary Watkins Michele Watkins Cherylon Watt Ginger Watts Jim Weean Bill Welch Kaye Welch Annetta West Jim Westfall Debbie Wheeler Juniors. 189 E RIGHT: Looking for just the right book is Steve Wilner. Kevin Wheeler Dixie Whisman Marta White Bill White David Wies Tim Wilcox Debbie Wilkerson Richard Willbanks John Williams John Williams Mimi Williams Randy Williams Robby Williams Ted Williamson Steve Wilner Cynda Wilson Jim Wilson John Winford Martin Wing Jack Wintle Don Wisdom Cathy Wood Ronnie Wood Gary Woods Bert Woodall Kathy Woodbury Debie Woodring 190. Juniors Jo Ann Woodward Chuck Wright Tony Wright Linda Wyer Charlotte Wyrick Steve Young Pamela Zang Kathy Zarrow Q S 1 1 9 if " Jiif,iQf1IfQ'fQQ,,'ffmW , ,ww " l .',, .e we , ,. I f3i?il i5 ii mmairf 4 .. Y? W Q ,,N, Q22 gif, .9 sl ' 1 5 4 I 1 ws: : ,M iffy: ' ' FH - 'gif iff. I 1 lv' fl Iwi' lr --mei 1 'f'f', 'faint 'lfnv'32?'ffvVf?,:El,'!2" . .. 321,914 TOP: One can dance, even while sitting in a school desk, as demonstrated by Gary Kowalski. Juniors. 191 Zap! and once again we're at the bottomg Will it never end? Poor Sophomores-everyone teases us! We're not so little, or dumb We stick together: just about everyone disects a frog and struggles through history and geometry. Spring is the most fun- summer's coming and next year BELOW: SOPHOMORE BOARDQ First Flow, Sally Grabel, , - Sharon Sipes, Missy Cohenour, Lori Miller, Kathy Hensley, I l Weil' be Jun-'Drs Kathy Kerr, Tricia Knobloclii Alicg Grutgm, fRog:1eyGSr1E2, Kiddie Day finally al'rlVeS Louanne Glossop, Madeline oss, usan ra t, an ru , - - - , Vince Kemendo, Connie Peters, Yvonne Boudreaux. Second ,With Plgfails and rattles, Row, Joe Burrjhan, Lincgen BoydLJocy Dgnovarg, MIaryRLcawery, everyone's pointing, and no one minds. Julie Webb, ennifer arlisle, in a eai, au a o gers. - , - - Third Row, Jac Carlson, Lorna Nunneley, Rhonda Fabes, Pat But th'S year, re COnt.r'bUt'n9 mow' Atkins. WG,I'G Wl'ItIl'1Q OUl'fIl'StCOl'1StItUTlOI'l. 192 . Sophomores Alan Grubb ...,. ...... P resident Madeline Fioss . . . ..., Vice-President Alice Grubb ..... ....,... S ecretary Susan Kraft ........ ......... T reasurer Missy Cohenour .,.. . . , Social Chairman Mrs. McCartney .... ......... S ponsor LEFT: The Sophomore officers are Susan Kraft, treasurer, Alice Gurbb, secretary, Missy Cohenour. social chairman, Madeline Floss, vice president and Alice Grubb, president. BELOW: Sophomore Class Sponsor, Mrs. McCartney, lectures to the class on quadratic formulas. BOTTOM: Junior High gave the officers the push they needed for Senior High. ., ..s-.,,-- .... A he ,M tiissstasss y y V ,lll .,.,..,... .... . ., it Q , , y ,,,.. Q . SMX .. ,,..,,. A was Sophomores .193 Nelly Acuna Chip Adams Jan Adcock Terry Ainsworth Richard Alderman Bill Allen Cheryl Allen Debbie Allen Jimmy Allen Gary Amstutz Judy Amstutz Ann Anderson Carol Anderson Tommy Anson Steve Antry Lynn Archambo Sandy Arndt Deborah rwood Christie Ashwill Leslie Atkins Patricia Atkins Marty Babby Anthony Bachtel Gary Baehler Maryann Bakius Tina Bandiera Mike Bankoff Joanna Barclay Jarald Barnes Steve Barnes Gary Batten Bill Bau hman Jeffrey gaxter Sally Bearden Darla Beaty Melanie Beeson David Beine Bekki Belford David Bennett Traci Bense Kay Bequette Richard Bernard Cynthia Berry Susan Berry Jim Beverly Bob Bird Brenda Blackstock Trena Blackstock Kathy Bloyed Rene Boehm Kathy Bogart Mike Bond Denise Boone Lawrence Born , zz ,tw wr. wr fM:s,, . Hem 9241 f - law: ,E 1, I . if it " f if Q Q W ,W W A M + ,fir N ,, 1 il i Y 5 f l if ' ' ' : , W Y- f .LW A T" t , N 11-5' , Q. L 2' f :V ,fx 'Z '- 'lx bi 1. ESX I EW! Y' '77 , fl 5 . and W2 f, Q, 5. H " W RIGHT: The boys' gym class moves one of the heavy wrestling mats. 194 . Sophomores 1 Awe liqfwif i' .fp ' t I Htl is l. iv x lac 2 iii? if f 2,72 . 5 5 5 5 Q 1 ? 5 Q J. ABOVE: From three stories up, Melanie Beeson is still smiling. Yvonne Boudreaux Nathaniel Bowden Brenda Bowie Walt Bowers Bill Bowling Janice Boyd Linden Boyd Betsy Bradley Scott Brady Susan Brady William Brightmire Val Brighton Jon Brinlee Maudie Broach Dana Brown Mark Brown Steve Brownlee Debbie Bruton Leonard Buchanan Bob Buckingham Joe Bu rcham Cathy Burkett Kay Burn Ann Burns Sharon Burns Thomas Butcher Jeanne Butler Hugh Byers Jody Cadenhead Donnie Cahill Cathy Caldwell Hal alvert Jeff Campbell Mike Cannan Jennifer Carlisle Jac Carlson Laura Carr Beth Carter Tamara Carter Janis Casebolt Lexey Cavert Paul Chandler Hester Chaney Brian Ch ristman Kim Christesson Cindy Claiborne Steve Clark Suzi Clark Dan Cohen Missy Cohenour Melody Cole Ronnie Coleman Penny Collum' Mark Conway Sophomores . 195 Rob Conway Dan Cook Hazel Cooper Peggy Cooper Valerie Cowell Denise Cox Sharie Cox Mike Craig Steve Crosslin Frank Dale Debi Daman Bette Davis Matt Davis Kathy Dean Ginny Deck Richard Defalco Oak Deisenroth Steve Dennis Tom Devlin Carol Dillman David Dillon Bob Disney Denise Dodds Joy Donovan Rosemary Dorman Brenda Dorris Carrie Dorris Bob Dow James Drew Tom Drewry James Duffield Jimmy Duncan Marc Duncan Brigitte Dunnebier Court Egger Edward Elder Neal Eley Ryan Ellinegton John rnst Richard Evans Rhonda Fabes 196. Sophomores All IIUJT J ,A Z I if fl il I O' E L C Endangered Species morality """""""""""' ciulus THE . VIOLEN T C love lt WAY 'W' W sub i t to nmnausrosnn Linda Fanning Karen Farish David Farrand Gary Farrar Bill Farrell Mary Ann Farren Ginger Farthing Susie Fas! Sherry Fault Cathy Felts Farrell Fenner Paula Fenster Mitzi Ferguson Craig Ferris Sally Field Debbie Fischbein Leslie Foltz Kathy Ford Vicki Ford Rebecca Foust James Fox Randy Francis Margaret Fries Michelle Frost Janice Gasperino Joyce Gasperino Mark George Bonnie Gerber Gail Gibbons Mark Gibson Elaine Gilliat James Gillispie Denny Gilmore Patricia Glade Louis Gladfelter Rob Glass Kim Glazer Diane Gleason Mike Gleason George Glenn Louanne Glossop Barbara Goldberg Richard Goldrick Mike Gravitt Steve Gray David Green Helen Greene Lisa Greenstreet Jody Greenwood Liz Grewe Kathy Griffin Sherri Griffin Debbie Grilley Gregory Groom Sophomores . 197 Diane Groth Alice Grubb Allen Grubb Katheryn Gruhn Robert Hager John Hallford Christy Hanagan David Hanover George Hansen Sheila Hanson Nora Hardin Mike Hardison Janice Harlow Pam Harnden Lorri Harper Les Harvey Janet Hashagen Nancy Hatcher Kim Hauger Russ Hawkins Glenda Hayes Terry Hazen Susie Heller Antionette Helsley Kathy Hensley Linda Henson Elizabeth Herndon Rick Herron Renee Highfill Michelle Hinzmann Steve Hixon Leslie Hocker Larry Hocking Cindy Hollis Don Hoopert Andy Horowitz Randy Hostetler Dan Howe Condon Hughes Virginia Huie David Hunt Pam Hunt Jim Hunter Jill Hutchison Scott Hutchison Jan lhrig Ron lmel Skip Jackson Mickey Jacobs Scott Jacobus Bill James Ellen James Tom Jerome Ann Jewell Dan Johnson Jane Johnson Joel Jones Karen Jones Lee Jones Russell Jones Vernon Jones Mike Keating Terry Keith Vince Kemendo Kathy Kerr Sandy Kidd Hugh Kierig Dina Kincaid Thomas Kirkpatrick Ruth Knighton Patty Knoblock Valorie Kopp Doug Korne Susan Kraft Cheryl Kreisvelt Mark Laird Martin Laird Jill Lalicker Denise Land Brian Lebold Donna Lee Lisa Leikam Debbie Lewis Lester Liddy Regina Lierly Denise Lincoln Judy Little Donna Losey Justin Lovelady Mary Lowery 198 . Sophomores ,,,, ' QFPQQ ffful'-fl n . l it if ,.,. fra. ff!" in I. 'x .KY f QE' lalit .Jia l l 4 t EV XM :ff-yrs ' ' K 1.,,-, ,A , 1 rf A fc ,,., Q .. , L ' E352 ii' ' I'..fi2,f:" "b2i ' , P or A N Vi f A-f ,7 2 , i yt l l J 5 . ,J Afii ' X, f ,, ,, 1+ -L are get ff2. , J J if . , 3 4 it '- l -2,7 -,: , ..,, ,W law -M ' I.. ' J ,ye . 1' V1 B my lf L Y. VV'V K 4 Y I av- nm J '.,' ,V xt girl J' if My 19 N ' ' it f my J J W-, qt ' 7 ,4 IT, 4 8 VV - , X. gi I ,, ,L X elif 4' fl -,,...ff- if A fl of tl LEFT: Smile and don't close your eyes! Lisa Lucas Rhonda Luker Jean Lukowitch Lyle Madison Dennis Mahin Rom Maness Max Mantooth William Marshall Kathryn Marquette Jan Martin Mindie Masek Patricia Mauldin Susan McAninch James McAnulty Kathleen McGuirk John McKinney Sandy McNeill Mike McUsic John Meyer John Miller Lori Miller Mike Miller Mike Miller Mike Miller Mike Miller Elizabeth Mitchell Suzanne Montgomery James Moore Kenny Moore Lynn Morgan Billy Morrow Robb Moses Jerry Moskowitz Mary Mulkey Tom Munn Matt Murphy Craig Murray Pat Murta Kathy Nalley Michael Nalley Susan Nanny Jim Nathan Dudy Nelson Peter Nelson Ann Newton Ruth Nichols Nancy Nicholson Bill Nilles Lorna Nunneley Bill Oden Kevin O'Meilia Paula Orcuitt Danelle Osborn Joyce Parker Sophornores .199 Richard Parks Larry Patterson Russ Patterson Paula Peace Alan Peeples Vickie Pence Debby Perlich Terri Perrin Connie Peters David Phillips Gerry Ann Pinion Seamus Pinion Jo Pitcher Erica Pitts Kathy Porter Chip Posner David Powell Janice Powell Teena Presley Michael Pronovost ShellyiQuinn Wade andall Paula Rawls Cathy Ray Pat Ray Debbie Rayburn Susan Redman Betty Reed Bets!! Reed Carl eibert Linda Reid Mike Reid Rick Rhine Bill Rich David Richards Julie Richards Zina Richardson Eileen Riggs Glenn Roach Kathy Robertson Annette Robinette Allen Robinson Marri Robinson Mara Robohm Tina odrigues Linda Rogers Paula Rodgers Pam Roper Madeline Ross Harry Rouse Sue Rucker Wayna Rumley Debbie Rush Priscilla Russell 200 . Sophomores John Rutter Keith Sackett Jeanne Sandschaper Susan Sark Sam Saunders Susan Sayles Steve Scaggs Sharon Schottel Emilee Schuering Peggy Scott Barbara See Trudy Shafer Barney Shields Marilyn Shockey Anne Maury Short Diane Shouse Cris Shunk Nancy Sidun Grant Simmons Susan Singer Sharon Sipes Shelly Slagle Roxi Slemp Brad Smith Kelly smith Kipa Smith Barnie Smith Susan Smith Rodney Snell Tommy Southerland Suzanne Sparkman David Speegle Chris Spencer Steve Stamper Linda Stanton Shelley Stephens Nelson Stephenson Janie Stevens Rick Stone Phyllis Sl. Pierre Denny Strickland Richard Stutsman Sophomores . 201 Lanell Svoboda Richard Symanski Leah Tankersley Tony Terhorst Charles Teter Mark Teter Clayton Tharp Peggy Thomas Timothy Thomas Diane Thompson Gary Thompson Karen Thompson Cgnthla Tidwell harlene Todd Barbara Tom er Barton Torbert Norman Tracy Pam Tripp Sheldon Truesdell Frances Turner Jwow' Mary Turner Mark Twyman Marshall Vanderburg Pamela Vesley Bob Volpe Suzanne Wade Jack Wadlin Mark Wagor Howard Warren f Dennis Watson Jimmy Watt Gary Waul Lori Ann Weaver Mike Weaver Julie Webb Terri Webb Bob Weckstein Roxanna Weir Danny West Flandy West Pam White Sheryl White Denna Wickersham Betsy Wilhoit Jan Wilkerson Carol Wilkins Evelyn Williams Jim Williams Cyndy Willis Linda Wilson Mike Wilson Jennifer Wise N Mimi Wixson David Wolf Flig Wood Don Wood .W 'fi' Robert Wood Kelley Woods 202 ' Sophomores ABOVE: A lesson in shaving is given to Ginger thing. 'fx M, 'P V Q , , B, , W'-f1'3',V. .Y f ' T w1'?ff"'S'? -be if Q2 ng -ww. QQWWQ ,.., . , 4 A 194,41 efgfgfngfgjh aj ,Q wg' ' W 'fy' .N,w '.',, U ,, f . -L . X ,A 2' on . 'aff ,. -ff - gg, Q: 4 w -.Jugs vw ff , ' 1' 1 ,, Y Lea FV 6 .' A Q , PARK NYT I ME Randy Wright 1 g Angela Young 'X A Carol Zayat Luis Zea 4, 4- ., K ,Q . 5 .P 50 72" N 'K G il xxx X X xx Qi A ING 4 ' r 204 . Sophomores Q. . .. Q 1, X K-fx... Q G .g 'Kwik I X bi-93211. X ' ff- 'VWK ,, .. .f.' -.M -M,,s:-"NL, f X.. .... ,Q -1-., HK 'N-X Mfr: '-,Nb 5, Know when you see him nothing can free him. Step outside. Open wide. He's the loner. neil young g '--,M qs.. -...sum Sophomores . 205 ith? i"w'w-. Q, ,. "5 ' f , .van Nil w4Q-N N .W Eu ,. 7 208 . Junior High TOP CENTER: Junior High studenis, Nathan Bardgett, Eddie Tuell and Jim Enrst relax before class at their prefab. ABOVE: Lisa Beeson and Kerry Boyd find time to talk before school. TOP RIGHT: Girls in Junior High Glee Club add facial expres- sion to their singing. RIGHT: Cafeteria food-Mm-Mm Good! S6 Q "5 V if 1 H5 'QW' E mf 3 Q 5 x f-2'-Z . V -1 N-erirgfi' L , 9' fwfr' ' X X 1 -. if , X ef? Q K t Ji 'l Q 4 H Junior High . 209 Gfffila .uV'w ,..--N-Q FAR TOP LEFT: Thoughts of summer vacation are left behind as Kim Davis and Madeline Whitlow arrive for the first day of school. FAR LEFT: Rewarding Mr. Jim Morrow with the title of Mr. Ugly, Julia Thompson hands him a broken mirror for his prize. LEFT: Doing exercises in gym keeps Jerry Daman in good physical condition. TOP RIGHT: Selling copies of The Ediison Calling, Kenny Koch sets one up for display. Student Life . 211 ABOVE: Working diligently, Lisa Barry checks through the files for Mrs. Zoe White. TOP RIGHT: Entertaining the speech class before school, Wade LaBenske, David Lee, and Walter Kirst ,sing enthusi- astically. CENTER RIGHT: Portraying early American women in the Thanks- giving Assembly, Kim Davis and Beth mith discuss the problems of the founding of a new country. BOTTOM RIGHT: Discussing the common subject of long hair Mr. George Collins confronts two junior high students. 212 . Student Life GQ . R BELOW: STUDENT COUNCIL: Row 1, K. Murphy, S. Daniel, F Stickelber, J. Kangas, C. Anderson, J. Leitenberger, I. Acuna, L: Hoods, S. Wagor, B. Barbre, M. Ros, G. Kirkpatrick, M. McClung Row 2, M. Lilly, W. LaBenske, S. Zarrow, T. Denton, B. Duncan, T Hayes, M. Beaty, J. Unruh, S. Kreidler, M. Johnson, D. Crouch Kirkpatrick, C. Sublett, J. Oden, D. Alaback. Row 3, K. Bitzer Johnson, M. Thomas, C. Rogers, C. Rendergraph, D. Norman, A Herndon, J. Sims, S. Ross, J. Unruh, K. Kaiser, S. Bowen, ,S ,D M. Leonard, K. Seigel, A. Harbert. Row 4, D. Lee, J. Price, J. Enlow, R. Shelton, K. Couch, J. Little, E. Stone, J. Philli s, K. Koch, G. Ronck, J. Price, C. Thornton, S. Callahan, J. Nelson, J. Lalgue. Row 5, G. Alderman, B. Barnes, L. Johnson, M. Williams, D. Reynolds, R. Coleman, B. Effron, D. Herndon, B. Bowen, H. Duck, K. Thompson, M. Lubin, S. Cox, S. Ulman, B. Mandell. RIGHT: Reaching for a ticket to the Student Council movie are the officers, Stacey Bowen, Charlotte Thornton, Rex Shelton, Kathy Seigal, Jeannie Enlow, and Meg Leonard. We tried our best to make Junior High living worthwhile How could we forget such friendly faces: Frankenstein, the Wolfman and Santa in our Christmas post office. Endorsing good eats with candy and bake sales, The Brotherhood Breakfast and one For Student Council, we knew this year could not be equalled. 214. Organizations F fi' On our honor we never missed a Monday morning donut with orange juice and milk, our bake sales and the assembly in January. We didn't miss the teachers' mistrusting stares. And never did we miss the hours we spent collecting toys for the children. How many meetings did we forget about, or the Christmas tea and the money making project, to buy a spring board. How about smelly gymsuits, and what about a seventh grader's smile? J. McClendon, J. Butcher, C. Logsdon C. Rauch, J. Thompson. Row 2, D O'Melia, P. Treece, S. Tessier, D D. Johnson, R. Klar, S. Shoemaker, L Ross, Row 3, D. Johnson, J. Sims, J M. Hames V. Pollock J. Clements COMMISSION: Row 1, C. Sublett. LEADER CORPS: Row 1, E. Bowen, J. , , , C. Emery, V Neck, C. Rogers. MIDDLE: M. McArthur, B. Haney, K. Kriegsman, J. Gabriel, S. Ross, J. Thompson. Row 2, R. Klar, D. Fuhrmann, E. Baker, J. Price, S. Callahan, A. Hulse, J. Childress, D. Alaback. Row 3, K. Koch, C. Stratton, P. Perlich, T. Belt, M. Gannaway, P. Robertson, N. Stock, K. Hulett. TOP: Vicki Pollock and Sara Ross sack towels, one of the jobs of a Leader Corps member. Organizations. 215 216. Organizations L up , k....... f '.., . ' W,-fazz:.:r:2ZQ? ,.:qgm. ., :MW v X xl TOP LEFT: AQUILLAS: Row 1, O. Marler, Fl, Cline, L. lott, M. Hoff, P. Lewis, S, Glossop, K. Kaiser, L. Hanna, L. Gary, S. McAfee, M. Trowbridge, S. Patton. Row 2, D. Johnson, J. First, C. Cordell, V. Neek, J. Nelson, J. Steward, C. McDaniel, P, Warne, E, Hall, B. Mandell, D. Duffield, A Oliver. Row 3, J. Phillips, J. Tanner, P. Hubbard, L. Gerchman, N. Brokaw, P. Tschap at, G. Grassman, C. Whisenhunt, D. Reynolds, T. Belt, E. Stith, S. Hull, Nichols, L. West. ABOVE: Row 1, M. Leonard, T. Smith, C. Fewell, J. Thompson, J. McClendon, C. Coover, S. Shoemaker, J. Unruh, L. Seymour, W. Walters, S. McGoffin. Row 2, M. Richey, L. Westfall, T. Crossland, L. Mobley, M. Gabriel, C. Clark, C. Rausch, C. Ford, J. Altman, D. Irvin, M. Kallay. Row 3, K. Bitzer, L. Beeson, M. Green, L. Barry, L. Carroll, M. Nix, P. Treece, D. Emery, K. Barber, C. Doak, R. Callins, L. Beeson, B. Powers, S. Jones. LEFT: Intent on sorting attendance slips, Kathy Kaiser searches for absences. CENTER LEFT: Lisa Mobley fills a teacher's box as one of her duties as an office aide. FAR LEFT: Becky Powers prepares a bed in the nurse's office. They said no, our parents, but we wanted to serve, to be an AQUILLA. It made us feel important- But mostly we liked only five classes or taking temperatures and being on the inside. Organizations. 217 BOTTOM: ADVERTISING BOARD: Row 1 Graham, D. Ferris, K. Whittenberg, G. Kirkpatrick, Bush, J. Parker. Row 2, M. Belcik, L. Kangas, B Gasperino, D. McKee, T. Klinge, V. Young, D Davidson, J. Carlson. Flow 3, K. Van Schoyck, J Watt, J. Stewart. Fl. Rush, T. Bayles, L. Mobley, , M J L. Westfall, BELOW: Fiow 1, R. Larson, S. Walker, W. Larry, S. Hensley. Our first big office and homeroom thought we could do it: so we did: sales and advertisements, yearbooks and pictures, The Illuminator, School Life and the Edison Activity Calendar that told us when to move next. A. Hulse, C. Willis, M. McCIung, R. Lacy, D. Fuhrmann. Row 2, S. Slagle, R. Scott, C. Herndon, T. Turner, H. Allison, P. Brewer, J. Weaver, C. Studenmund, B. Speyer, D. Copes. Row 3, G. Fewell, L. Dale, D. Jones, N. Stock, J. Cavert, J. Blacet, G. Albertson, Cl Liebendorfer, F. Wagner, C. Van Schoyck, B. Hebard. LEFT: Jim Cavert trys a new method of distributing papers to Jerry Parker. A gi ,ttif an if '1 at 1 5 M 0 5 V 218 . Organizations , , it at ' T rfs J T 1 T J? 1 , ' ' 'E 'S-sl ', "' If : K " ff W, 1, I .wx 1 'Y'-'f Y' Y f,'v: f2i??!'w1 ' ,iw ,wr Qi'-fffriifg-2. Q ' ...., . L - X N 3 F f K K 5 ii is s 'Q il' i ,le ,, X V , 7 t A 4 ai 1 ,, .. E, ggi? i l at ra? i slits. J? f Wm,.1l ' i . , . Q E l l r J t l iy' ,, if Egge r? ""' f P ' m,',k l - ii' W 5 tl , EM 'rf Wy fr gs, ,,,AA l mA., M, V ,,,.,. ., ,. ' . ,,...,, Q WW ""' Q " ' H ':,A 1 Q fv- AH D FCUNQ BELOW: K.-Club, Row 1, Ft. Crews, D. Alaback, M. Hollifield, J. Steinmeyer, D. DeMerritt, D. Hartson, Ft. Borochoff, J, Morrow-Bfnonsor. Row 2, D. Pitcher, T. Grigg, P. Brewer, K. och, J. Mills, T, Putnam, B. Shelton, G. Myles, G. Moore. Row 3, B. McCormick L. Ftombach, M. McMahon, R. Coleman, P. Flobertson, M. Glannaway, B. Effron, K. Williams, B. Bowen. BOTTOM: K. - Club sponsor, James Morrow, watches officers, Kenny Koch, Mark Gannaway, and Jim Steinmeyer straighten out the Lost and Found. 4 All for the good of the school we were constantly doing something: Kiwananis Club luncheon once a month, for the needy: a pancake sale and Christmas project for an orphanageg for the forgetful: we run the Lost and Found, and for the teachers' stomachs: coffee. Organizations. 219 No one knows there's a Junior High Latin Club, but we are and we do more than most. Already a Pizza party, a Roman wedding and another at the Italian Gardens. The people stared when we walked by in our togas. Out of time in class from day to day we do in the club what we can't do there: relax in a natural background for lengthy practice of the Latin American custom. No, no we're not lazy- we're anything but asleep at our parties. TOP: LATIN CLUB: Row 1, K. Caldwell, C. Bays, R. Borochoff, V. Vreer, H. Walker- Sponsor, J. Ernest, N. Bardgett, M. Ray Row 2, J. Butcher, S. Grayson, M. Morris, J Wilkinson, K. Mindenson, J. Sweeny, R Klan, L. Vale, J. Bloomguist. Row 3, M. fU!"9-7 Trowbridge. L. Bowman, M. Hettinger, Shellmore, B. Nicholson, G. Harwood, Williams, R. Shelton, B. Swafford, Hubbard. ABOVE: SPANISH CLUB: Row S. Cramer, J. Silverman, M. Hollifield, K. Claxton, B. Coulter, L. Roberts, B. Garren. Row 2, C. Clark, C. Gros, A. Ridings, Perrin, J. Sims, T. Powell, C. Logsdon, Christman. Row 3, J. Price, L. Seale, Laughlin, G. Law, P. Robertson, D. Reynolds, M. Miller, D. Herndon, L. Swearingen. CENTER: Spanish Club sponsor, Mrs. Mary Childs, answers pres- ident Mike Hollifield's questions on club problems. 220. Organizations ELOW: FRENCH CLUB, Row 1, S. Zarrow, N. Krueger, F. Craver, T. lilson, J. Bizal, S. Logsdon, A. Parrish, S. B. Mandell, M. Thomas, J. Froeb, B. Byrd, S. Coe. BELOW RIGHT: Jill Williams, J. Hummel, L. Clements, social chairman, discusses future French Club activities merson, H. Turner. Row 2, S. Waller, C. Studenmund, L. Phillips, V. Mills, with sponsor, Mrs. Dina Tenzytoff. BELOR LEFT: Addressing French . Marcum, C. Willis, C. Krueger, P. Vincent, S. West, J. Altman, C. Iichaelus, E. Williams. Row 3, D. Prohaska, logers, L. West, K. Byrne, V. Roesler, C. Thomas, E t Club members, vice-president Lynn West, presents the agenda for J. Clements, J. Mills, C. the meeting. "'ff How do you say it when you know that a club is for people trying to speak French better, or learning the customs but no one ever comes? There are guest speakers and french games, bake sales and rake-ins: The money goes to the room or charity or the final French Club dinner in spring. But only half of us come to talk and eat. How do you say what you have learned? Organizations . 221 BELOW TOP: ADVANCED ORCHESTRA, Row 1, C. Logsdon, L. Shepherd, A. Sandel, L. Phillips, B. Von Drehle, M. McArthur. Row 2, D. Pitcher, C. Miller, J. Crosslin, K. Whittenberg, S. White, M. Weedn, R. Weisman, A. Patterson, R. Ellison, A. Hulse, J. Pharess. Row 3, D. Thompson, J. Gabriel, J. Wilkerson, H. Turner, L. Stozier, V. Bell, D. Hostetler, S. Sheriff, T. Brown, R. Rush, B. Redding, K. Fredrick. Row 4, H. Dunnebier, S. Linde, A. Weddle, L. Hise, P. Webster, R. Powers, P. Ray, T. Parker, M. Parks, G. Frost, D. Smith, A. Lawless, C. Wolf, E. Tuell, G. Moore, K. Hulett, D. De Merritt, G. Moore. Row 5, L.LeLold, R. Pearson, M. Griffin, R. Fraley, L. Lauey, R. Dunton, N. Bardgett. CENTER: CONCERT BAND, Row 1, D. Abercrombie, J. Hoopert, D. Alaback, T. Rorschach, C. Ford, C. Jones, J. Pope, M. Landrum, R. Hyden, C. Ferguson, J. Hamme Row 2, Mr. Winfrey-Director, T. Parker, C. Weis, K. Webster, B. Speyer, Newcomb, S. Hallman, B. Byrd, C. Bays, M. Parks, A. Fredericks, G. Dea M. Ray. Row 3, R. Scott, L. Reeves, R. Stozier, B. Zwahlen, C. Thomas, I James, A, Hansen, R. Lucy, P. Roberts, K. Mindeman, S. Jennings, G. Le T. Brooks, Row 4, C. Witt, J. Hansen, J. DeLozier, J. Meyerhoff, K, Bailey, l Hebard, K. Koch, C. Gamble, G. Neville, R. Meade, E. Tuell, N. Bardgett A. Lobaugh, T. Clark. Row 5, R. Butler, K. Loyd, R. Dunton, D, Murphy, Green, K. Johnson, C, Loyd, P. Pool, M. Gannaway, B. Olinger, H, Duck, Graham, D. Feldmann, R. Aab, J. Campbell, L. George. BOTTOI' Improving their skills are seventh grade band members, Danny Alabac Ted Mundt and David Martin. C5 'll IE' CHQ Like music to our ears it was always present, humming the newest piece in our heads as we passed tothe next claass, I. practicing every day, for the next assembly- Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. We gave a special one for Junior High, and one spring evening concert. Anyone passing inthe halls could hear our practice and feel the improvement at our performances. 222. Organizations Who were the guys the ones with the long hair that came to our club to tell us about radio and T.V. Lawzee but we tried to learn about the art of communication, ending with a melodrama in spring. DRAMA CLUB, Row 1, G. Kirkpatrick, J, Ferguson, R. Ramage, J P, Potter, T, Green, T. Vestey, F. Stickelber, H, Turner, M. Ashworth J. Singer, J. Oden, C. Schuller, C, Laney, D, Shellhorn, A, Parrish Bruton, L, Peck, M, Kemendo, J, Ault, L. Mobley, A, Weddle, S , D, Todd, L, Sommers, L, Hooks, E. Sipes, M. Evans, T, Powell, T T, Brown L. Henderson N, Robinson. Row 3, G, Alderman S D, Van Dall, S, McGoffin, M, Whitlow, B, McDonald, P. Perlich :DRAMA CLUB, Row 1, M, Gamble, M, Green, S, Coe, L, Redding Peterson, L, Haylund, L, Dale, A, Nicholson, M, Weedn, Kirkpatrick, s, Ross, k, Johnston D, Brigham, M, stone, si M. Thomas, A, Herndon, S, Grayson, L. Vale, D, Hartson, K. L, Van Dail, J. Sweeny, T, Rauch, J, Hauger, J. Perrin, B, Haney, S, Rueschhoff, Row 2, J, Weaver, M. Jones, K, Bitzer, M, Trowbridge, Nl, Kitchen, B, Smith, G, Ronck, E, Norris, B. Hebard, C. Van Schoyck, B, Mandell, D, Johnson, S, Callahan, C, Rogers, A. Ashcroft, K. Barber, J. Crosslin, Row 3, T, Putnam, S, Cow, S, Seamatt, L, Iott, K, Byrne, K, Wiley, C, Bridges, T, Belt, D, Herndon B, Redding, K, Williams, P, Hubbard, E, Stith, C, Liebendorfer, L. Jackson, L, Reitz, K, Koch, D, Emery, B. Shields. TOP: Guest speak- er Gailard Sartain, who portrays Mazeppa on channel 6 TV, entertains Drama Club members, during a meeting. Organizations . 223 Q Thank you: for the enrollment drive, highest in the county-S1,000.00: for sponsoring a Korean orphan, for Sam Yoon park, for the clothes drive, candy sale, 224 . Organizations assembling Tet bags for the Viet-namese: for the mitten tree and Christmas stockings. And thank you for caring because we tried. TOP: RED CROSS: Row 1, K, Rutter, B. Haney, D. Hartson, K. Graham, E. S. Wood, S. Trussell, K. Slater, A. Weddle. Row 2, D. Markert, J. Teter, M. Hoff, Thomas, B. Mandell, J. Ramsy, D. Johnson, C. Stafford, L. Vale, K. Kramer Row A. Oliver, J. Phillips, M. Simon, P. Robertson, M. Widmar, B. Effron, C. L. Lauhglin, P. Hubbard, B. Nichols. MIDDLE: Row 1, B. Ernst, B. Maxey, Matheny, C. Wood, T. Stubbs, J. Brewer, D. Shellhorn, S. George, L. Redfearn, Stone. Row 2, J. White, J. Gilbert, L. George, B. Stanley, L. Emerson, Medlock, J. McDonald, D. Duvall, M. Carettes, C. Booth. Row 3, M. Gabriel Hardy, N. Cox, E. Anderson, L. Remington, J. McClendon, T. Vestey, Liebendorfer, P. Collins, J. Pollok. BOTTOMZ MATH CLUB: Row 1, J. Fergusor Conway, V. Miller, C. Wies, J. Miller, C. Bays, J. Brewer. Row 2, Mrs. Sr Sponsor, L. Stalcup, C. Bays, D. Thompson, W. Jewell, D. Bitzer, R. Borochoff McDonald. Row 3, C. Cowan, C. Thomas, G. Moore, M. Hettinger, J. Medlock, Emanuel, C. Simons, P. Brewer, P. Robertson. Fl Q A f g -.,............4,.. 225 To Survive the trial, there was a strength deep within each soul that mastered the fear of sailing. Today so many things are given with little striving, but I have much hope. Those that go through, will understand and then they will strive to offer. One decade has made the differenceg the change in speech and actions l watch. Thinking of today Keeps me young-I hope to remain. You are not yet into the world of excitement and disapointment. I must look back, but you must look forward. 226. Administration ABOVE: Dr. Towry and Mr. Hoopert coordinate some of the week's activities If we f-- ' H I wx .f-. Q: Wi K W K , X 5' s. ,.., X If ---fr" .. 1-W-"gf ' if -.gi ,. X s , A if is 3 E' X--..., ABOVE: Working in his office, Dr. Towry goes over some necessary papers. LEFT: During one of his usual busy days, Dr. Towry works diligently at his desk. Administration . 227 228 . Administration . ,.. Es- -Q: if- Nw a 'sa -in , -- ' 12 wiki?-iSLn P P 5 fe: .. Jr, E N Q " -Q MK ,M-n-mm.. T iiii N LEFT: Ervin Postier, Eighth Grade Counselor. ABOVE: Zoe White, Girls' Counselor. UPPER LEFT: George Collins, Boys' Counselor. FAR LEFT: Russell Rathjens, Ninth Grade Counsel- or. Administration . 229 'w-W.. ,,,k f TOP LEFT: Leila Olmstead, Bulletin Clerk. ABOVE: Evelyn Chambers, Clinic. TOP RIGHT: Laymon Kennedy, Building Superintendant. RIGHT: Dolores Frank, Attendance Clerk. 230 . Administration TOP LEFT: Betty Dratz, Cafeteria TOP RIGHT: Grace Owen, Phys. Ed. nist. LEFT: Corene Adams, PBX ABOVE: Winnie McClain, Office Records. BELOW LEFT: Mary McDonald, English. BOTTOM RIGHT: Martha Fast, En Iish. CENTER RIGHT: Henrietta Walker, English. TOP LEFT: Brenda ghappelle, English. TOP RIGHT: Jancanette Newman, English. LEFT: Shirley Martin, English. BELOW: Margaret Grekel, English. BOTTOM LEFT: Verna Taliafero, English. BOTTOM RIGHT: Linda Bacon, English. 3? WZ? Administration . 233 3 fm? if TOP LEFT: Charlotte Hardgrave, Oklahoma History. TOP RIGHT: Jean Faulkinbury, Economics. ABOVE LEFT: Gene Turner, U.S, History. ABOVE RIGHT: Walter Gerard, Civics. RIGHT: Catherine Earl, Geog- raphgf. FAR RIGHT: Lou Ann Wickett, IPS cience. 234 . Administration fp f A is is k iiii if wif ,ax .,,,. . ..,M V , T Qc:-H ,E TOP LEFT: Charles Reves, Geography. TOP RIGHT: Richard Hovis, Science. CENTER RIGHT: Jim Morrow, U.S. History, K-Club Sponsor. ABOVE: Dolvin Mack, Life Science. CENTER LEFT: Candace Davis, Life Science, Biology. LEFT: Shirley Ratliff, Civics, Economics. Administration . 235 4 if mf' f if we 1' M. Mm L S 1-kuaf:-1-bg ' ,.3:L.,1h' ' 1,5-if ld 4 .4 w ' ?QlfI"5 ,Ai L,,.1 . A ,'v1,.s'zx kjwgku ABOVE: Sherman Robertson, Math. TOP RIGHT: William Conner, Algebra. RIGHT: Carolyn Carter, Math. FAR RIGHT: Pa- tricia Street, Math. BOTTOM LEFT: Jim Belt, Algebra, Honor Commission Spon- sor. BOTTOM RIGHT: Linda Williams, Math. 236 . Administration 'Q g ,, l TOP LEFT: Rose Ella Misch, Spanish, Honor Commission Sponsor. CENTER RIGHT: Mary Childs, Spanish, Spanish Club Sgonsor. LEFT: Dina Tenzythoff, French, French Club Sponsor. ABOVE ENTER: Fred Boyd, Math, Advertising Board Sponsor. ABOVE RIGHT: Helen Smith, Algebra. Admlnlstartion . 237 W fi 'ft-'L is :ss 111 TOP LEFT: Katherine Whitaker, Homemaking. TOP RIGHT: Billye Glover, Homemaking. ABOVE: Rodney Reno, Metals. CENTER RIGHT: Mathel Young, Typewriting. RIGHT: Charles Johnson, Woods. 238 . Administration l . i U Ai . ,H ,f 2 in 1' "i x, . l fx N .xvgs N." h 2 12 X .'N Q . ,W-a J I 1 5 mu WJ TOP LEFT: Amye Alford, Girls' Physical Education, Leader Corps Sponsor. TOP RIGHT: Linda Rhurnan, Girls' Physical Education. ABOVE CENTER: Alice Niemere, Girls' Physical Education. LEFT: Nocus Mclntosh: Boys' Physical Edu- cation, Safety Commission. ABOVE: Merle Powers, Boys' Physical Education. Administration . 239 km ff 35 .:r' . f- W8 .wb I 4 , -I . ,,. Q5 i if Q iii W e +- 4 A 1 .1 G G x ,G . .. . I 'W TOP LEFT: Barbara Slagle, Speech, Drama Club Sponsor. TOP RIGHT: Opel Hofer, Librarian. ABOVE: Richard Winfrey, Band. CENTER: Mar- jorie Ashcraft, Chorus, English. CENTER RIGHT: Karen Duncan, Speech, Drama Club Sponsor. RIGHT: Mary Catheryn Fowler, Art. 240 . Administration nuff Z as-1 'Q if N... 34" -1:1 Q ,Blix V 3 Y 5542 1 1 . A J r ,,Z..,..l" ww, f---W ,......! We got so tired of learning about grammar, learning about stories and then more grammar. We went to the library every now and then, having to sit at certain tables in perfect silence. Remember all the cards? We wrote down all the books we'd read, and by ninth grade- saw who had the most cards. RIGHT: Melanie Green keeps busy during her period in the library by assisting students check out books. BELOW: After forming small discussion groups, Fiusty Coleman, Clint Hughes, Howard Duck, and Clay Sublett, members of Mrs. Fast's ninth grade English class, willingly exchange ideas. We ,,,y 2 , t KJ it auf IZ ra, ,,,.,,,,.,. ff :ii sa,,1 ,,,,, l ,,,, t. 1.2 242 . Academics to 0 Y, Runvffl and Jvffvf ,f f Q 1 9 5 "Win-.,.,,. 5 ' S5 t X , wifi K' 'CF ,J- x 7 gil: if H'-M s ff w f rf .I -r" V-'M I . l ,W 'ww-sua... ln preparation our course was revised They said it was for physics which they taught in Senior High. We didn't even know what physics meantg but we were good in the math that was required for this science. And we did learn and we felt smarter being in an advanced class. Y" I ,eil a i Si.: I 5? 12 fl "'f'?vza,, n.,.-vJ,:.aww- " M, W, ' ABOVE: The behavior of alcohol when heated is observed carefully by Randy English. LEFT: Using a microscope to look at a specimen provides a closer view for Jeff Green in his eighth grade life Science class. Academics . 243 ABOVE: Taking a test is a serious matter Linda Neblett, in Mrs. Williams seventh grade math class. TOP RIGHT: Study- ing weather is an important asses:-not Mlgsz Earl: SEVENTH grade geography classes. 2 oing omewor assignments with the aid of a tape recorder provides a new and exciting method of studying math for Elizabeth Anderson. The desks stiffer, the light more intense, and the seventy minutes ticking forever. We started out with 2 + 2 which later, they told us, was x and y and to find the distance between. But we always did our homework, didn't we-sure- even if we ooulcn't understand what x and y were for. 244 . Academics 'I lL.a..,w,.,,.,.,.,,.w,,,,ai We learned all about different maps and how to read themg all about our economic system and where vve went wrongg all about our government then and now. ln Mr. Gerard's civics class we nominated two candidates from our class, acted out debates and a press conference, then elected one for the U.S. presidency. LEFT: Hlistory discussions in Mr. Morrow's classes are often interesting and humorous. BELOW: Charles Stafford and Jamie Cash participate in a mock election in their civics class. me rr, c :Aja Y 1 Ula C l Q t ,Li Academics . 245 Communication no matter what language, no matter how wrong, how correct. What if you talked in three languages and someone heard and answered the same. Anyone listening might smile fmaybe they understand part.l And gym-you'll always remember the stretching and straining, the warm smell of sweat, the excitement when your team won and even more, when it's your last year. TOP: Mrs. Childs involves herself in her second year Spanish class. ABOVE: Junior High Latin students, Janet Sweeny, Nathan Bargett and Jim Ernst enjoy participating in a mock Floman wedding. RIGHT: French students Susan Logsdon, Kelli Whittenberg and Scott Zarrow present a conversation. 246 . Academics p,.,,vw-uv.. ,,......., 6 1., Q f" Q - iiii , i din ,W l Q a f . i JZ? wr ,, ii TOP: Dancing in qirls qvm classes often produces various expressions such as Becky Ball's. LEFT: Pursing lips appears to aid Sara Floss as she tries to keep in time during a practice session in Junior High gym class. ABOVE: While weather still permits boys of second hour gym engage in a game of football. Academics Q 247 R 248 . Academics Tm! YF 'M F'T' guig HMV 54" ..ml'f"MV W1m?x .' H, w wQ V,,,ff" kg , . 3, M.. All You've gone so far but we all started at the same. Can you ever forget the times we cooked and ate our mistakes with smiles or how many times we had to redo a seam or two. The year you formed pre-cut ideas in metal or wood: and whatever happened to the sugar scoop and hose holder? lf you were one of the strange few that took typing in ninth grade, can you remember how many times you took your machine apart? TOP LEFT: Learning to be handy in the kitchen is one of the many things Carol Studenmund and Barbara Allen do in homemaking class. TOP CENTER: Tom Green and Chris Booth work diligently as Mr. Johnson looks on. ABOVE: The grim determination of Mike Redmond produces a final prod- uct. LEFT CENTER: Seventh grader, Susan West, begins her sewing career. BOTTOM LEFT: J-J-J. SPACE F-F-F space. LEFT: The traditional in- dustrial arts class interests many boys, Academics 0 249 Frustration releasing this creates art whether singing in glee club, learning to speak in front of the class, or putting it down on paper for others to feel. The last two years of art killed any interest. The Advanced class is going back to crayons: first we have to learn how to draw, then five foot tall cardboard men: monumental, and creative without trying that too relieves frustration. But what will Miss Fowler do when people keep temporarily borrowing supplies-forever? Q TOP RIGHT: Sharon Wilhite carefully delivers an extempo- raneous speech for her seventh grade speech class. RIGHT: Jack Lander and Brian Terhorst view with satisfaction the cever art projects of Junior High art students. 250 . Academics 251 We matured because we went through more and had to face change. They said to wait, That we couldn't have everything that the senior high had: save the priviledges for then, like assemblies every other week. We would go up there whenever we could, to learn the halls. We started out last, grew into leaders and next year we'll be last again. President ...,., ..,........,............ C lay Sublett Vice President .... . . Dayne Herndon Secretary ...... .... J ayne Phillips Treasurer ..., .... J ennifer Little Sponsor ,. ....... ... Russell Rathjens 1 Ma: 5 Qt JA Ja iii W TOP LEFT: Ninth grade class sponsor, Russell Rathjens. TOP RIGHT: Ninth grade class president, Clay Sublett. ABOVE: Ninth grade officers on the rocks, from left, Dayne Herndon, Jennifer Little, Clay Sublett, and Jayne Phillips. RIGHT: Jayne Phillips tells us this is the way she relaxes after school. 252 0 Ninth Grade Randy Aab Dennis Abercrombie Kim Adams Terryll Addison David Alaback Ruth Alley Harry Allison Randy Anderson Dara Andress Julie Altman Ken Bailev Frank Baker Randy Baker Jim Ballard Karen Barber Nathan Bardgett Lisa Barry Sherri Bass Carol Bays Linda Beeson Vicki Belew Virginia Bell Terri Belt John Bewley Karen Bitzer Jane Bloomquist Tom Bogdon Jackie Boomershine Steve Born Robert Borochoff Eva Bowen Bill Bowen Libby Bowman Kerry Boyd Mary Brannin Paul Breeding Phillip Brewer David Brigham Marla Brogdon Nancy Brokaw Mark Brown Megan Bryan David Busch Jim Bush Richard Butler Becky Byrd Kevin Caldwell Warren Camp Chuck Campbell Jim Campbell Bob Card Vickie Carll Jim Carlson Lisa Carroll Carol Clark Pam Cathey Mike Cavert Don Chase Rhea Clark Tim Clark Kenneta Claxton Jill Clements Kathy Climer Lawrence Cobb Sandi Coe Rusty Coleman Ken Collier Robin Collins Carol Coover Carol Cordell Deborah Cox Frank Cox Wendy Crager Randy Crews Teresa Crossland Ted Daniel Steven DaVee Steven David Debra Davis Kim Davis Dennis DeGase Joe DeLozier Dean Demerritt David Deshane Debbie Devasher Joe Dicesare Charlotte Doak David Dodds Howard Duck Frances Duffield Ninth Grade . 253 Robert Dunham Scott Dunitz Ronald Dunton Mike Durbin Carolyn Dornous Bonnie Downs Duncan Duvall Bill Effron Royce Ellington Duncan Emanuel Diane Emery Randy English Jeannie Enlow Peggy Erickson Jim Ernst Marsha Evans Sandra Farril Danny Feldmann Clark Ferguson Connie Fewell Danny Finnerty Jan First Shawn Fogleman Mark Fogley Tony Ford Cathy Ford Suzanne Franklin Alexia Fredericks Julie Froeb Bill Funkhouser Marie Gabriel Cory Gamble Mark Gannaway James Gardner Laura Gerchman Lucia Gary Nancy Gelonek Lee George Kay Gibbs Scott Gleason Kenneth Gieselman Sue Glossop James Graham Ronnie Graham Gayla Grassman Apparently Beth what she needs in 254 . Ninth Grade at 5' Y , X t t " fi - f . - :ee i sa J , is 1 1 G 'sss fav -36x Mandel! has found the yellow pages w.W..,M..,mWN.,W,.w,...,,,,,,,, . ww, Susie Grayson John Green Melanie Green Janet Greer Tom Grigg Jim Grimm Paul Grossbard Steve Guard Skip Guthrie Becky Hamanf Elizabeth Hall Sharon Hallman Meredith Hames Douglas Hamlin Lori Hanna Tim Hannis John Hansen Terry Hargis Dean Harms Doug Hartson Gordon Harwood Robert Hebard Bill Heller Pat Henry Phil Hensley Carol Herndon Dayne Herndon Midge Hettinger Kent Hibbard Cynthia Hilst Mary Hoff Jim Holder Mike Hollifield Tim Holt Mark Hood Ronnie Horn Liz Horowitz Clint Hughes Lisa Hulings Sheryal Hull Howard Hultgren Mike Humphries Jeff Hunt Tim Hunt William Hyden Marilyn lnhoff Linda Iott Danielle lrvin Ninth Grade . 255 RlGHT: Actively participating in a class discussion are Stephanie Seaman and Sara Ross. FAR RIGHT: Putting the library to good use is Aileen Stith. Fowler Jacobs Chris James Todd James Steve Jennings Phil Jerome Deana Johnson Deana Johnson Karen Johnson Kevin Johnson Lisa Johnson Linda Johnston Mike Johnston Phil Johnston Chris Jones Larry Jones Mike Jones Sharon Jones Tamra Jones Kathy Kaiser Melissa Kallay Mark Keeter Kevin Kelly Michelle Kelly Ben Kememdo Steve Kirkpatrick Mike Kitchen Robin Klar Walter Kleinecke Kenny Koch Jill Kongabel Mark Landrum Loyd Laney Barbara Lasky Karen Laughlin Gordon Law Gary Lee Meg Leonard Chuck Lewis Pam Lewis Jayne Liddy Doug Lindsey Susie Lipe Linda Littlejohn Hal Loxton Cindy Logdson Karen Lovelette Chris Loyd Mark Lubin Rick Lucy Roger Lumley Kathleen Mahin Steve Maley Beth Mandell Alene Marcum Orena Larler John Martin Maxine Martin Paula Mashburn Miles Masters Mitch Matheny Lisa Mathers Stephanie McAfee Sandy McDonald 256 . Ninth Grade Judy McClendon James Brett McCormick Sally McGoffin Scott McKeague Dena McKee Marie McLaughlin Mike McMahon Janey McNeill Roy Meade Jim Megerhoff Mary Sue Meyers Georgia Millikin John Mills Karl Mindeman Lisa Mobley Cindy Moergen Mark Mooberry Gregory Moore Sharon Moore Wyatt Morgan Marsha Morris Debbie Mulkey Marsha Mullenax Gregory Myles Jerome Naifeh Vicky Neck Jack Neely Jill Nelson Greg Neville Becky Nichols Black Nicholson John Nielsen Madeline Nieml Marchetta Nix Nancy Noel Martin Norris Bob Olinger Ann Oliver Sharon O'Meilia Bill Orthwien Don Packard Mary Parrish Carrie Palmer Sandy Parrish April Patterson Sherri Patton Reica Perkins Julia Phariss Kim Phillips Jayne Phillips Jeff Pilkington David Pitcher Pat Plumb Cindy Polson Vicky Pollok Phil Pool Tora Powell Julie Price Daniel Prohaska Terry Putnam Connie Flausch Rob Rauch Tina Rauch Julie Rawdon David Raybould Ninth Grade . 257 Margaret Ray Greg Reeves Larry Reeves Darcy Reynolds John Richards Mary Richey Pat Roberts Wayne Roberts Peggy Robertson Peter Robertson Valerie Roesler Brad Rogers Leon Rombach Mark Rohck Sara Ross Sandy Rusher Herb Ryker Mike Saller Gretchen Scheurick Randy Schreier Lorraine Schwering Darla Scott Larry Seale Stephani Seaman Ray Secrist Kathy Selgel Lane Seymour Bret Shellhorn Rex Shelton Lynn Shepherd Sue Sheriff Bret Sharron Susie Shoemaker Jeri Anne Sims Carl Simons Mickey Simon Heiida Simpson Kevin Slater Kim Slater Terrie Smith Melinda Sloan Jim Smart Noel Smith Beth Smith Jeff Spence Mike Springer Susan Staires Lani Stalcup Jeff Steinmeyer Jan Steward 258 Q Ninth Grade TOP: The photographer positions Lisa Beason for her yearbo picture. ABOVE: Mr. Morrow keeps his students enraptured wit lecture. 5 IAN' ,W,,N WWW ,RRR Nancy Stock Elizabeth Stone Marianne Story Mark Stout Chip Stratton Steve Strozier Clay Sublett Nick Sullivan Jeff gwaffo rd Janet Sweeny Jennie Tanner Sue Tessier Cindy Thomas Mary Thomas Diane Thompson Julia Thompson Keith Thompson Charlotte Thornton Andy Townsend Pam Treece John Trinder Marsha Trowbridge Shelley Trussell Margaret Tschappat Edward Tuell Dale Twilley Jilda Unruh Lynnette Vale Leslie VanDalI Bill Vandever Carrie VanSchoych Randy Vincent James Vinan Kenneth Vire Fred Wagner Wendy Walters Julie Watt Tresa Weir Robert Weedn Lynn West Lynn Westfall Kathy Whalley Catherine Whisenhunt Kenny White Patricia White Madeline Whitlow Mike Widmar Sherry Wies Mike Wiggins Mike Wilcox Mike Willhite John Wilkinson Kenneth Williams Lance Williams Mark Williams Robin Williams Randi Williamson Chuck Witt Jeff Wood Patty Wood Ricky Woodring Barbara Woolsey Bruce Zwahlen LEFT: Catching up on their homework are Cathy Ford and Lynn West. Ninth Grade Q 259 Another viewpoint: we weren't 7-Bs anymore. We knew the halls and the teachers were three times as boring, but easier: they explained and explained. Other kids thought we owned the whole building-with coke machines at the other end. We wanted our own. They said no and the nurse wanted ones for milk and fruit. And this year they handed out pink-slips left and right. President ..,... . . . ,.,..... Mark Beaty Vice-President . .. .., Sisie McClendon Secretary ,..... ..,,. M elenda Stone Treasurer .... . . , Karen Kriegsman Sponsor .... .,.... E rvin Postier .f:.f5..:5.5,,m at i t an 2 sig: :NA at 17' 5- f ff -1 2 f 1' ff ' 2 f IA '-. ,, .HY , y. Y,:V...T,1.,..,,k:W Q UM we - 1 ff' f ff 4 ' 654 f' t 'f X W , f W p .......4t .,.. . , . X I -wi if degli IPM n t N . -U , 5 x TOP RIGHT: Eighth Grade Class Sponsor, Ervin Postier, poses in front of our schooI's namesake. ABOVE: Eighth grade class pres- ident, Mark Beaty. RIGHT: The eighth grade class officers, Mark Beaty, Melinda Stone, Kristie Nelson, and Susie McClendon, meet at "Another Point of View." 260 . Eithth Grade Jeffrey Adams Glenn Albertson Glenda Alderman Sylvia Alexander Barbara Allen Annette Anderson Linda Anderson David Anson John Atkins June Ault Elizabeth Baker Allen Ballard Kathy Barclay Chris Bates Ardel Baugh David Bean Mark Beaty Dwayne Beavers Mike Beavers Debbie Belew Donna Bennett Tonya Betche Wally Bewley Judy Billington Jeff Blacet Teresa Black Theodore Bodley Tommy Bonnell Leon Boomershine Stacey Bowen Jeff Boyd Tim Branstette Lesle Brashear Mark Breece Carrie Bridges Nancy Briggs Robert Briggs Kim Brock Susan Brokaw Theresa Brooks Jeff Brown Danny Bruce Lisa Bryan Kim Bryant Tim Bundus Jayne Burkett Sand Callahan Kim gamblin Joyce Carlson Finton Carpenter Susan Carter Jamie Cash Ronald Castillo Brian Cheek Jeri Childress Mary Clark Rick Clark Sharon Clark Susan Cleveland Terry Cleveland Rosemary Cline Lea Coleman Pamela Collins Cindy Coman Scott Connely Debbie Copes Brenda Corgill Ralph Courtney Suzanne Cox Ken Crouch Monty Crowder Ralph Crum Debra Cunningham Jeffrey Dallas Jerry aman Thomas Daman Pat Daniel Daphne Davidson Lee Davidson John Davies Chuck Davis Janie Davis Richard Davis Cyndy Day Glenda Dean Dru Deardorff Joel DeLawter Denise DeSaIvo Curtis Dicesare Todd Dinkelkamp Eighth Grade . 261 RIGHT: Hurried fo rushing home. John Donovan Randall Dorris Deanna Dorward Teri Dotson Marianne Dow Melinda Dow Clark Duffe Bobby Duncan Harald Dunnebier Catherine Durbin Denise Duvall Sherry Egger Dale Elder Forrest Elliott Cecelia Emanuel Larry Emmons James Enterline Erin Erkskine Andrea Farr Greg Farrar Ronnie Fautt Dorea Ferris Valda Foor A Emily Fox Rick Fraley Kim Frederick Bob Fries Edith Froeb Danny Fuhrmann Steve Funk Jayne Gabriel Terry Gallimore Jan Garoutte Brian Gasperino Tracey Gates Leslee George Lynn George Stephanie George Sonja Gibson Kayce Gilmore Randy Godwin Vicki Goeppinger Charles Gomez Karen Graham Karen Gray Harold Green Jeff Green Mike Green Richard Greer Cynthia Gros Chuck Haddock DeAnn Hall Elizabeth Hall Sarah Hall r time an eighth grader mounts his bicycle 262 . Eighth Grade W' 'TS AH f-'iw ,ST I ir' -., 'M , U- f Ronald Hamlin Barbara Haney Mark Haralson Andrea Harbert Tim Hayes John Heath Tom Helmke Debra Hendricks John Henshaw Robert Henson Kerry Herschel Linda Herzfeld Karissa Hibbard Stacy Hooker Joe Hoffman William Holcomb Lisa Holt Teri Hooper Jerry Hoopert Denis Hopkins William Hortin Deborah Hostetler Steven Howser Kevin Hulett Alfred Hulse Joni Hummel Lorre Jackson Pam Jenni Ward Jewell Martha Jones Mike Johnson Kim Jones Bob Jones Scott Joyner Laurie Kangas Debra Keating Mike Keech Marna Kerr Jayne Ketcham Susan Klein Steve Kreidler Karen Kriegsman Nancy Krueger Carol Kurtz Lindsay Laird John Lander Bruce Leland Ronnie Leos Jack LaRue Pamela Laurence Kevin Lavin Alan Lawless -' Russell Lawson Bryan Leland Jodi Levine Michael Lilly Cynda Ling Alan Lobaugh Michele Logsdon Rusty Ludman John Lynch Mark Lyon Cathey Mann Diana Markert Mark Marson Gale Martin Loretta Martin Mike Martin Debra Matuszak Gregory Maxey Melanee McAfee Lila McArthur Maria McArthur Debra McCain Suzanne McClendo D Michelle McConachie Pat McCune Belinda McDonald Mac McDonald Billy McGee John McKay Tricia McMahan Mike McNallen Don McUsic Ann McWilliams CaroMiller John Miller Marijane Miller Kathleen Miller Valerie Miller Eighth Grade . 263 Mary Minor Cindy Miron Dean Mitchell Paula Moellers Maureen Moore Diane Moran Jan Morgan Brent Morse Harriet Moskowitz Carol Munn David Murphy Jeffrey Naiman Jeffery Neal Kristy Neely Deborah Norman Joel Norvell Steve O'Brien John Oldaker Randa Oram Kathleen Orthwein John Oxford Mike Palovik Jan Parham Debbie Parker Janet Parker Jerald Parker Renee Parker Richard Parker Debi Jo Parks Melanie Parks Rick Pearson Cindy Pendergraph Pam Perlich Donna Peyton Karen Phillips Linda Phillips Mike Pinkosky David Pitts Lizabeth Plumb James Pol Steve Pollok Sherry Porter Michael Potter Julie Powell David Prophit Kelli Quinn Jim Ramsey Mary Redmond Carla Reid Joan Reidy Lori Reitz Tulio Remington Jane Richardson Nancy Riggs Steven Roberts Janet Robertson Dayne Rodgers Dino Rodriques Claudette Rogers Janet Rogers Thomas Rorschach Jay Ross Phillip Ross Lucien Rouse Bill Royce Karl Rubin 264. Eighth Grade 'fl LEFT: Eighth graders like to do their own thing after school. Andrea Sandel Pamela Sanders John Santee Steven Schafer Steven Schilling Jeane Schmidt Jerry Schmidt Lawrence Schreiver Marisa Schuier Robert Scott Kathey Sheffield Stephen Sheffield Rebecca Shields Sharon Shockey Chris Shriver Daniel Sieler Linda Simpson Todd Sipes Mike Sisemore Rebecca Skinner Karen Slate Wesley Slater Glen Sloan Cathy Smith David Smith Floyd Smith Sandra Smith Stephen Smith Laurie Sukol Laura Sommers Lisa Spann David Spear Bruce Speyer Mike Spitzmiller Charles Stafford David Stafford Bob Stanley John Stapleton Jeff Steele Christopher Stevens Lindey Stewart Richard Stewart Kathy Stoia Melinda Stone Maureen Story Randall Strozier Carol Studenmund James Swindell Tom Taber Cindi Tankersly Jeff Tankersley Chris Tarbel Bob Tattershall Brian Terhorst Eighth Grade . 265 Joe Teter John Thomeryer John Thompson Diane Todd Eva Todhunter Marc Toliver Bruce Townsend Terri Traughber Ginger Trinder Sara Trotter Patti Tuck Bill Tucker Christina Turner Mark Turney Lynn Twyman Susan Ulman Jim Unruh Susan Vammen Tim Van Den Heuvel Charles Vesty Carolyn Vire Toni Vogel Kathy Walker Bill Walker Kathy Wakere Sam Walker Stephen Waller Weldon Walston Debbie Ward Laura Ward Joni Weaver Kevin Webster Tim Weedn Robert Weisman Steven Welch Becky White Gail White Stanley White Carolyn Whitecotten Chad Whitten Terry Williams Joyce Wilson Kathy Wilson V Melissa Wing Linda Witt Darby Wixson Cathy Wolf Sara Womble Chris Wood Danny Wood Druce Wood William Wood Janice Young Mary Young RIGHT: Walking between classes students demonstrate the friendliness of the Junior High. 266 . Eighth Grade Vernice Young Theresa Zeigler Janet Zwahlen ,N.., if ff Citi? Af M Y iff if H ff 4' 'fi fl' ABOVE An over abundance of class splrlt IS exhlbxted by Tracy Gates TOP LEFT Side straddle hops are done by Larry Anson In his gym class TOP Reflections of students are viewed IU a mirror during the passing pernod LEFT: Valerie Roesler has a quiet moment of meditation Big changes left us stranded, waiting for the lunch bell to ring or the line for our next class to form. But it didn't. We were in Jr. High, meeting more people who didn't all eat at the same time. But vve had more priviledges being with the Sr. High: like football games. RIGHT: Besides being seventh grade class sponsor, Mrs. White finds time to work with the Aquillas. BELOW: Seventh Grade Board, Bow 1, Jeff Johnson, Diane Martin, Bill Breckenridge. Bow 2, Jennie Bizal, Janet Crosslin, Ann Nicholson, Leslie Ervin, Julie Zoller. Bow 3, Chris Brinlee, Diane Waldon, John Mindeman. Bow 4, Byron Gannaway, Francisco Padilla, Chris Morgan. 268 . Seventh Grade I' ABOVE: Students evacuate the school building as a firedrill provides an unexpected break from class. Isabel Acuna Maria Acuna Phil Adams Martha Ainsworth Danny Alaback Elizabeth Anderson Sherry Archer Terri Archer Alice Ashcroft Diane Ashe Mike Ashworth Robert Baker Bill Barbre Shawna Bardgett Kathryn Barry Susan Barry Bryan Bassett Joyce Bauth John Baughman Phil Beach Mark Belcik Barbara Benton Patricia Bernhardt Allen Berryhill Mary Bewley Timothy Biggs Jennie Bizal Lisa Bobek Thomas Bodine Dennis Boone Chris Booth Danny Bordchoff ennie Bowden Jennie Bowden Sally Bowling Donald Boyles Clark Brannin Diana Brannon Tom Braunlich William Breckinridge Jan Brewer Fathy Briggs Chris Brinlee Vaughn Brock Barbara Brown Kevin Brown Ronnie Brown Joanne Bruton Greg Buffington Lisa Burton Janie Bush Kitty Byrne Mike Caretta Debbie Caruthers James Cavert Dennis Chadwick Dand Christman Diana Claiborne Steven Claussen Kurt Claxton Susan Clements Bob Cleveland Laurie Clifton Seventh Grade . 269 Mike Clow Timothy Cobb Patricia Collins Tom Collins Craig Collum Terry Colpitt Lynn Conard Joyce Conway Joyce Conway Chuck Corey Bill Coulter Marianne Cox Neil Cox Brian Craig Stacy Cramer Janet Crosslin Dan Crouch Lesa Crowder Lori Dale Susan Daniel Rodney David Zach Davis Cathy Defalco Lisa Detwiler Lauralee Dick Holly Dinkelkamp Mike Dodson Joy Dowty Grace Drutz Mag Duffield teve Dye Britt Edwards Ginni Ellis Christie Embrey Elizabeth Emerson Bill Emery Mary Ernst Lesli Ernst Johnny Esche Maria Espigares Jim Farmer Monica Farren Jill Ferguson Rhonda Ferrel John Ferris Gary Fewell Flick Fike Claudia Foltz Anita Forrester Dee Dee Forsman Gordon Foster Bonita Fredericks Melanie Gamble Randy Gann Byron Gannaway Cynthia Gass Steven George Edwin Gerchman Vicky Gibbons Jamie Giler Charles Gilmore Becky Gilpin David Glade Leslie Gladfelter Amber Goeppinger Mark Graham Jill Gray 270. Seventh Grade 5 ff A ffzzfzy 42' fiisf +9- aff' 4' ABOVE: One ol the duties of Lesli Ervin as a homeroom officer is reading the daily bulletin to her homeroom class. Karen Green Thomas Green Anita Greer Karen Griffin Edward Grigg David Grimn Evelyn Grossbard Lisa Haglund Kim Hail Becky Hale Laura Hamilton Mary Hanna David Haralson David Harris Sandra Hartz Jamie Hauger James Heath Lisa Henderson Sara Hensley Benjamin Henson Ann Herndon Marsha Herzfelt Roger Hilst Terry Hinzmann Laura Hise Debra Hodgson Bill Holder John Holderman Lisa Hooks Brady Hortin Steve Hudson Haydn Hull Ricky Humphries Jim Hunt Mary Hutto John Hyden Robert lmel Jeanine Irvin Sidney Iverson Day Jackman Barbara Jahns Mary Jerome Donna Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Keith Johnson Denny Jones Jeffrey Jones Julie Jones Richard Jones Leslie Kelley Missie Kemendo Teri Kilgore Mark Killon Timothy Kincaid Seventh Grade . 271 Greg Kirkpatrick Walter Kirst Debra Kitchens Elizabeth Klein Paul Klein Brian Kleinecke Wendy Klinge Sally Knarr Kathy Korne Kim Kramer Ginna Krietmeyer Cheryl Krueger Wade LaBenske Virginia Lambert Cathy Laney Rocky Larson Linda Laughlin Leeta Lebold David Lee Jeanne Leitenberger Craig Liebendorfer Susan Linde Jay Ling Janet Littlefield Elizabeth Livingston Leslie Lofton Susan Logsdon Brenda Long Cion Lynn Tom Maley Ricky Marsh Jill Marson David Martin Leesa Martin Andy Marzec Annalisa Matetich Kevin Matheny Robert Mauldin Bradford Maxey Melissa McClung Timothy McClung Brian McCormick Jo McDonald Gayle McKee Timothy McKee Cris Medlock Mike Melone Catherine Michaelis Mark Miller Virginia Mills John Mindeman Jeff Moellers Tony Money Gary Moore BELOW: Students in Mrs. Childs' Spanish Class respond to the class exercises. Los alumnos en Ia clase d e espanol de Ia Sra Childs responden a los ejercicios de la clase. 272 . Seventh Grade .Q " 4 we 1' ' -ff ff, I Y . t is me P .w 4- N ti, I 1' lu- -'H Z, gt I v ' 1 W QQ Xa A. fi . -yt Q 1 f ff H 3 Q if .IL ' 6 fir W 3 ,ya '-'Q H Q il f f , mt as A M FST lrlwiia 0 'V' W ' if' 39 tfw'-'iduif-F T mf 'N--as ,- if L "fits J' L 5, "b N 4 ' 4554 ',, an ,Q - Y. Xxx DT- . tg,g ixi " 'Q'-55. y Hoy I fi? I .','xy: .wq 2 ,ht sk ' xr. . .4 L L' if :f7'i"'4f: if N V . -1 .U 1 ' 4 Q, A 4 gf. ' ai 5 M' ' " ' .ii?wg?'w .A E-,-.Q , , 1535. ' N ii Q' ia? y. 'X ' 'JI 'ft fm. 5 f ' ,Q 57:2 V' VT . 12 ,, 1 if A . ff., , f ' v Diff", fl - Q A5 V, , A 0 Y :J qfgcfkfx Q Q1 flffin Q , f 'faffq f' fr fl ' igig-t Q Q. if fva- as v. G V : 1 ., A. an J mqr' 'fm .. ,Q ,- ' f., ,1 NW, ff- v- At. , O . 'l 1, 1 i x I tv ggi Q 1 ' qw 1 I tw' ' Y ? Y ,Q fb- ,Y ,ff-','X'kl" fl. KV 'D 'l H .QM sf' '4 wtf i aj' x If 'Q' - f 1 if 4 -if'l?f., 1 ',f A A V .X i iw .ig vs alll 25 Christopher Morgan Dennis Morgan Sarah Morley Lea Morris Guy Morrison Danny Morse Marc Moses Liz Moynihan Ricky Mullins Ted Mundt Katie Murray Dannie Myers Linda Neblett Steven Nevins Janet Newsome Ann Nicholson Elizabeth Norris Ben Novak James Oden Danny Oliver Donald Osborn Jana Oswalt Frank Padilla Nancy Parker Amv Parrish Ted Patterson Lauree Peck Tom Penton Jodie Perrin Tisa Perryman Marcille Peterson Donna Phillips Julie Pollok Tisa Pontius Pattie Potter David Powers Robert Powers Jill Price Kenneth Pugh Ronni Ramage Brian Ratliff Camille Raush Peter Ray Lois Redding Mike Redmond Joby Reed Lorrie Reed Marla Reynolds John Rhoads Jim Richards Phil? Richards Bill idings Lee Roberts Greg Robinson Nancy Robinson Demecio Rodrigues Karen Rogers Mitchell Ross Randy Ruggles Robin Rush Kay Rutter Jerry Sanders Kinny Sanders Jana Saubert Jean Schirmer Cynthia Schuller Art Schweitzer Ronnie Sheffield Dee Ann Shellhorn Charles Shoemaker Seventh Grade . 273 Jane Shreck Debra Simmons David Simpson John Singer Ellen Sipes Cheryl Smith Craig Smith Trevor Snell Shelly Somers Susan Soulsby Traci Spahr Annette Spear Pamela Spearman Gary Stafford Peggy Staires Mac Stallcup Ken Steele Joan Stewart Julie Stone Louann Strozier Terri Stubbs Scott Stueber Lynn Seearingen Curtis Tabor Floland Tesh Helen Thompson Trip Thompson Kristie Turnbaugh Heather Turner Shari Turner Dwayne Twilly Edward Vale Dirk Van Dall Carol Vandiver Kay Van Schoyck Tod Vestey Phillip Vincent Patti Volpe Rebecca Wade Stacy Wagor Diane Walden David Waldrof Mark Watkins Janet Weaver Tami Weaver Paula Webster Ann Weddle Marilyn Weedn Davied Weir Doug Welch Susan West John White Stephanie White Kelli Whittenberg Linda Wickware Kathryn Wiley Shawn Wilhite Jan Wilkerson Elizabeth Williams Mike Williams Susan Williams Cheryl Willis Jo Helen Wilson Kirk Wilson Todd Wilson Connie Wood Debbie Wright Scott Zarrow Julia Zoller 274. Seventh Grade ABOVE: Concentration is required while Britt Edwards plans his project for industrial arts ,-'-. ,'-ual,-1-V ' ft' Mai .-.. A my ,J , Sf Nw ,H 'pref .-- ,, MAL-f fir. Q' i Wi Q- J gl J l , , , ,,...,, A , .,., .., ,- ,. ,- E 1 P' Y' - 9 i a l J' il' E tt f if J l l Q -vi ,'i ic f .hwugf-me 1 .....,...Q.MM. - TOP: One of the activities of boys in junior high physical edu- cation is playing touch football. Seventh Grade . 275 ""f'-' rx 1 ' S?" 4 ,- M f M w ""' lf- vw .gg W ,pe .L,. E an ,,.,,, ,. wk it ,Q One, I am one. I was always one, the center of my universeg revolving through and around everyone else in their revolutions -- through groups of activities and committees and solitary thought we worked togetherness. My involvement was the giving of my time, the only thing I can give. Together we were one, out river-flow, scatter sand. I must turn the hourglass, collect my grains and stand alone I leave you as one. A KIMM ABERCROMBIE BILL ADAMS MARK ADKISSON - Law Club, Letterman's Club Golf, Homeroom President ANN ALEXANDER -Torch Staff, Advertising Board, French Club, Pep Club, Homeroom Vice-President DONNA ALLEN - Stagecraft DALE ALUMBAUGH MIKE AMELON SHIRLEY AMSTUTZ-Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, F.T.A., Honor Roll, Sr. Band Queen Attendant DAN ANCTIL - Concert Chorus, Creative Writing, Student Council, National Honor Soci- ety, Honor Roll CHARLES ANDERSON - Letterman's Club, German Club, National Honor Society, Base- ball, Basketball MARTIN ANDERSON - Honor Roll LIZ ANGELOPOULOS BOB ANTHONY MARY ASHCROFT DICK ATTAWAY- Concert Chorus, Key Club, National Honor Society DOUG AUTEN CLAUDIA AVERY B JULIE BADGEROW DENISE BAER BOB BAILEY - Concert Chorus JACK BAILEY- Spanish Club HARRY BAKER - Law Club, Senior Board JANET BAKER MARTHA BAKER MIKE BAKER-Concert Chorus, Torch Staff KEN BARNES GARY BARRINGTON - Stagecraft, Law Club KURT BARRON - Letterman's Club, Baseball, Football, Wrestling JEAN BARTLETT PHIL BAYOUTH - National Honor Society, Wrestling BARBARA BELL-Concert Orchestra, Honor Roll DANIEL BELL MARVA BELL - Honor Roll BETTY BERRY- French Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll KAREN BEVERLY RICK BILLS-Stagecraft, All-School Play STEVE BLACKMAN JEFF BLOCK- Football, Track ALICE BLOOD-Student Council, Pep Club, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll PAT BOGGS BILL BONNER - Honor Roll PHILLIP BOOTH -Concert Band, Marching Band, Stage Band, Honor Roll AUSTIN BOYD - Mixed Chorus, Cross Country, Track GREG BOYD-Stage Band, All-School Play, Homeroom President, National Honor Society, Honor Roll NANCY BRANNIN-Mixed Chorus, Usherettes Secretary, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll DEBBIE BRIGHTMIRE - Mixed Chorus, Stagecraft German Club, Honor Roll MIKE BRINLEE - Honor Roll LESLIE BROACH - Usherettes, Honor Roll CADIJAH BROWN - Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, Gymnastics Club, Honor Roll ROBERT BROWN SALLY BROWN JAY BRUTON-Student Council, Journalism Staff, Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, National Merit Semi-Finalist, Semi-Finalist in U.S. Senate Scholarship Contest DEBBIE BUCHNER MIKE BUNYARD KATHY BURKE- Spanish Club, Pep Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Swimmettes. TOM BURKE-Advertising Board, Letterman's Club, National Honor Society, Swimming BILL BURKS 278 . Senior Credits Senior Credits BOB BURROW DOUG BUTCHER- National Honor Society, Honor Roll KATY BYRNE- Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, Advertising Board, Pep Club, Usherettes, Gymnastics Club, Honor Roll C RICHARD CALLAHAN PHIL CAMPBELL - Student Council, Key Club, Senior Board, S.C. Printing Chm., National Merit Letter of Commendation KAREN CAMPFIELD KATHY CAMPFIELD KATHIE CANNON JACK CARLIN JEFF CARROLL CLAIRE CARSON - Honor Roll DAVID CARSON DEBI CARTER - Journalism Staff, Creative Writing JENNY CARTER PATTI CASEBOLT - Journalism Staff DYAN CATHY - Red Cross LINDA CHASE - German Club JEANNIE CHEATHAM MARY CHEEK-Student Council, F.T.A., Pep Club, Thespians, Usherettes, National Honor Society, Honor Roll MARIA CRISTANTELLO - Pep Club, Honor Roll, Cheerleader, Captain MIKE CHURCH ANDREW CLARK ANN CLARK-Advertising Board, Thespians, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Homeroom Secretary DEBBIE CLARK- Concert Band, Marching Band, Student Council, Thespians, Usherettes, All-School Play, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll Majorette JON CLARK MARCY CLEMENTS- Eyrie Art Editor, Torch Staff, Pres. of Creative Writing Club, French Club, Thespians, Homeroom Pres., Honor Roll, All-School Play, Dress Code Committee, Sec., The Bureau CLAUDIA CLENDENIN -Torch Staff, Pep Club LINDA COBB-Mixed Chorus, Creative Writ- ing Club, French Club, Latin Club, Pep Club, Jr. Classical League, Honor Roll RONNY COHEN SHAUN COHEN GREGG COKER - Cross Country EDDIE COMER BILL CONNOLE- Key Club, Letterman's Club, Pep Club, Honor Roll, Baseball, Football BEVERLY CONROY BECKY CONWAY- Red Cross, Stagecraft, Pep Club, Honor Roll, N.M.S. Letter of Commendation, Medical Club CATHY COOPER LARRY COOPER - Letterman's Club, Base- ball, Basketball, Football RICK COOPER RICK CORGILL - Homeroom President RICK COVINGTON RON COWELL KEN CRONK TOM CROW- Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, National Honor So- ciety, Honor Roll TRISHA CULLINAN -Student Council, Pep Club, Senior Board, Honor Roll, Swimmettes D SAM DANIEL-Student Council, Law Club, Letterman's Club, National Honor Society, Football DAN DANNER-Student Council, Key Club, Letterman's Club, S.C. Coordinating Chm., Swimming SUSIE DEATHERAGE FRANKIE DELARZALERE DEBBY DELK DAN DENHAM-German Club, National Honor Society, Instructional Media DEBBIE DICUS MIKE DILL LINDA DISCH-Principal's Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Senior Class Social Chm. MARY DISNEY- French Club, Pep Club German Club, Honor Roll JAN DOAK PENNI DOBEY CHRISTINE DOPP MARGARET DORNAUS DAVID DORSETT- Key Club, National Hono Society, Cross Country, Swimming, Track Okla. Jr. Academy of Science BOB DREW- Stagecraft, Letterman's Club- Football, Track JAN DUDLEY - Pep Club, Honor Roll TERRY DUNCAN TERRY DUNN - Concert Chorus, Studen Council, Pep Club Squadleader, Senior Boar Member-At-Large, National Honor Societyj Honor Roll, Key Club Sweetheart JIM DUNSMORE - Letterman's Club, Bas ball, Basketball, Football DANA DUNTON E GARY EDWARD JIM EDWARDS - Law Club ADRIENNE ELDER DON ELLER - Student Council, Law Clu Honor Roll JERI ELLIOTT - Journalism Staff, Stude Council Member-At-Large, Pep Club, S.C. Co onations Committee, National Honor Society PAULA ELLIOTT-Student Council, Nation Honor Society, Honor Roll MARK ENTERLINE - Key Club F CLAUDIA FALLS MIKE FLANNING - Letterman's Club, Hon Roll, Football, Tri-Capt., Wrestling, Tri-Capt. MARGARET FARRAND BETSY FAXON - Usherettes, Senior Board RANDY FAY- Concert Band, Conce Orchestra, Marching Band, Debate MARY FELDMANN- Red Cross, French Clu President, Law Club, National Honor Societ Principal's Honor Roll JAN FELLERS - Marching Band MARK FELTON - Law Club, National Hon Society, Honor Roll KAREN FERRELL BILL FIDDLER - Law Club JEAN FLINT JODY FORD BETH FOX RICK FREDRICK- Key Club, Letterman Club, Football, Track DIANE FROST-Concert Chorus, Pep Clu National Honor Society, Honor Roll TOM FUHRMANN G JIM GARRETSON JUDY GASINER- Red Cross, Pep Clu National Honor Society, Honor Ro Swimmettes LINDA GAYLE HOWARD GEFFEN - Key Club, Homeroo President, Dress and Personal Groomin Committee, Bureau, Vice-President RICK GIBBON - Key Club, Senior Boar Medical Club LAURIE GILLIAT - Advertising Boar National Honor Society, Honor Roll TERRY GILLILAND JEFF GILLISPIE-Advertising Board, Stude Council, Letterman's Club, Honor Ro Football, Track STEVE GIMLIN JERRY GLENN CONNIE GOODNIGHT CHARLES GREEN PATRICIA GREEN - Usherettes, Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll, Tul Philharmonic Youth Soloist Winner BOB GREENSTREET ERNIE GRIMM ROSE GROS - Journalism Staff MIKE GUARD - Concert Band, Marchi Band H Nation VIVIAN HALE - Concert Band, Marchi Band, Majorette MARY HALL - Stagecraft, Thespians, A School Play TRACEY HALL- S.C. Chaplain, Law Club, Secretary, Pep Club, Senior Board PATTI HALLIMAN - Pep Club MARK HAMES- National Honor Society, Honor Roll MARILYN HAMMOND-Student Council, Cheerleader, Usherettes, Senior Board, Honor Roll, September Girl of the Month, Miss Edison XIV SARA HAMMOND VICKIE HAMMOND - Latin Club, Honor Roll SCOTTY HANCOCK JOANIE HANKS - Spanish Club, Pep Club, Vice-Pres., Usherettes, Honor Roll, Swimmettes MARK HANNA LUANNE HANNIS JOHN HANOVER - Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll DIANE HANSON - Pep Club, Treasurer, National Honor Society, Usherettes, Principal's Honor Roll MIKE HARGIS-Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club RANDY HARRINGTON DIANE HARRIS - Mixed Chorus JANIE HARRIS KATHY HARRIS ELDON HART LINDA HARTZ MELANIE HARWOOD - Cheerleader, Thespians, National Honor Society, Honor Roll DAVID HAWLEY- French Club, Honor Roll, National Merit Semi-Finalist I DONNA HAYES -Concert Band, Marching Band PHIL HAYS ROGER HEATH-German Club, Honor Roll, Basketball GEORGE HELLER- Debate, National Honor Society MARI HENDRIX PHIL HENRY BLAINE HENSHAW- Eyrie Staff, Torch Staff, Thespians, All-School Play, Honor Roll DAVID HENSLEY- Key Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll, Speaker's Bureau BETSY HETTINGER-Student Council, Latin Club, Usherettes, German Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, National Honor Society, Vice-Pres., Honor Roll, Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation, Girl's State Rep., Medical Club, Sir Alexander Fleming Scholarship, Ecology Action OTIS HIBBARD CAROLYN HILL DOVIE HINSON JAN HINTON SHERRY HOCKING - Pep Club, Thespians, Usherettes, Vice-Pres., Honor Roll, Swimmettes SUSAN HOFF DOUG HOFFMAN CARLA HOLLIS LYNDA HOLMES GLEN HORTIN - Concert Band, Marching Band, Stage Band, Letterman's Club, Honor Roll, Wrestling JOHN HOTT - Letterman's Club, Football. Wrestling MARK HOVIS- Stagecraft, French Club, Thespians, All-School Play STEVE HUBBARD SRUCE HUCKETT-Concert Band, Marching and SUZANNE HUCKETT STEVE HUFF VAN HUGHES LOIS HUNT - Law Club MADONNA HUNTER WADE HUTCHESON - Advertising Board TOM HYATT I SARA IKEMIRE - Pep Club, Swimmettes MELINDA INHOLFE J ALTHEA JACKSON - Student Council BOB JACKSON DONNA JACKSON-French Club, Pep Club, Swimmettes BART JAMES-Key Club, Letterman's Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, National Honor Society, Swimming LARRY JAMES - Law Club MARY ANN JENNINGS - Pep Club, Usherettes, Senior Board, National Honor So- ciety, Honor Roll, Debate LESLIE JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSON - Concert Band, Marching Band, Stage Band KEITH JONES- Stagecraft, All-School Play, Debate MARVIN JONES-Wrestling, Letterman's Club K SCOTT KANGAS - Letterman's Club, Honor Roll, Baseball, Basketball, Football JAMES KEITHLY - Concert Band, Marching Band, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll NANCY KELLER - Mixed Chorus BILL KENWORTHY- Spanish Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, National Honor Society, Nat'l Merit Semi-Finalist DOUG KERR BOB KOCH - Concert Band, Marching Band KATHY KRAFT-Student Council, Pep Club, Usherettes, Senior Board, National Honor So- ciety, Treasurer, Honor Roll STEPHEN KROHN JANET KRUGAR - Advertising Board, Pep Club, Usherettes, Principal's Honor Roll TROY KUYKENDALL - Baseball, Basketball L JACK LAIRMORE SUSAN LAMBETH LISA LAWRENCE - Pep Club, German Club TONY LEACH - Letterman's Club, Football, Wrestling PIXIE LEE - Usherettes, National Honor Soci- ety Pep Club, Torch Staff, Principal's Honor Roll KIM LIEBENDORFER- Latin Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll ROBERT LETTERS TOM LINCOLN QIANE LITSON - Red Cross, Law Club, Honor oll JIM LITTLE -Student Council, Vice-Pres., National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Board of Control KIRK LITTLEFIELD - Student Council, Law Club, Track MELODY LONDON VALERIE LOWERY MEREDITH LOYD DEBBIE LUBIN-Student Council, Pep Club, Usherettes, Senior Board, S.C. Coronations Chm., National Honor Society, Honor Roll, National Merit Semi-Finalist KATHY LUCY DANNY LU KER - Stagecraft CHRIS LYON-Key Club, Letterman's Club, Honor Roll, Swimming, Homeroom President M MIKE MAHER - Key Club, Swimming, Ecology Action, Senior Class Treasurer JOHN MANESS BRENT MANSUR - Concert Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Honor Roll PENNY MARKS NOEL MASTERS GINGER MAULDIN - Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, Usherettes, National Honor Society, Honor Roll GARY MCBRIDE GARY McCLARY JIM McCOMMAS- Key Club, Letterman's Club, Senior Board, National Honor Society, Baseball, Football GORDON McCRAW - Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, Red Cross, National Honor So- ciety BURT McCURLEY ALAN MCDONALD - Key Club, Letterman's Club, Pep Club, Senior Board, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll, Swimming STEVE McGOWAN CYNTHIA McINTOSH - Pep Club, Honor Roll MARSHA McKINNEY-Torch Staff, Student Council, Pep Club, Usherettes, Swimmettes, Secretary, National Honor Society, Honor Floll GREG MCKISSICK-Stagecraft, Thespians, All-School Play DENNIS McMAHAN MIKE McMAHAN RON McROREY DAN McVAY - Homeroom President ROBERT MEINHERT - Concert Band, Marching Band, Honor Roll WALTER MELL -Concert Band, Marching Band, Computer Club, National Honor Society KAREN MERRILL - National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll PEGGY MEYER DEBBIE MILLER DENISE MIRANDA NANCY MITCHELL CATHY MONEY- Student Council, Law Club, Honor Roll TERESA MONROE VANESSA MONTGOMERY - Law Club, Stagecraft MARK MOONEY MATT MOORE - Key Club, Honor Roll KATHI MOORE MARILYN MORAN-Spanish Club, Usherettes MARGIE MORGAN -Torch Staff, Editor, Student Council, Principal's Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Usherettes, Ecology Action, S.C. Elections Committee, Pep Club MARSHA MORRIS JIM MOSKOWITZ - Stagecraft, National Honor Society, Honor Roll MARCY MOSKOWITZ-Torch Staff, National Honor Society, Honor Roll MARILYN MURPHY GARY MYLES - Law Club, Honor Roll N MARGARET NALLEY - National Honor Soci- ety, Honor Roll SARAH NANNY GARY NATION - National Honor Society, Honor Roll ROBIN NEAL- Student Council, Law Club, Letterman's Club DEBBIE NECK - Honor Roll JOHN NELSON RICK NELSON RICK NELSON DIANE NEVINS RON NEW- Wrestling DEAN NUNNELEY O RANDY OAKLEY MIKE O'MEILA P ROSIE PADILLA JUDY PALMER KEITH PARKER TOM PARKER CLARK PARRISH - Student Council, Pres., Key Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, September Boy of the Month, ational Merit Semi-Finalist MARY ANN PASCUCCI - French Club, Secre- tary, Pep Club, Usherettes, Pres., Senior Board, National Honor Society, Honor Roll JOE PATTISON -Advertising Board, Red Cross, Medical Club JOYCE PATTISON MIKE PATTON RICK PEACE BRENDA PERRY LANAE PHILLIPS-Concert Orchestra, Honor Roll SHELLY PICKENS PAUL PORTER- Letterman's Club, Football SANDY POSEY PAT POTTER-Law Club, Senior Board. Homeroom President SALLY PRIBYL-Advertising Board, Student Council, French Club, Pep Club ROGER PRICE PAM PRIESTER JAMES PRIMDAHL RON PROHASKA - Letterman's Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Cross Country, Track ROBERT PROPHET KATHERINE PUGH SANDY PUTNAM - Pep Club, Usherettes, Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll Q JAMIE QUINN Fi LAURA FIADCLIFF KEN RAFFENSPEFIGER Senior Credits . 279 SALLY RAVIS- Torch Staff, National Honor Society, Secretary, Honor Roll LESLIE RAY MARIE REBHOLZ - Student Council, Pep Club, Thespians, Usherettes, Treasurer, National Honor Society, Medical Club, Debate DAVID REED RANDALL REED CHRIS REIBERT - Chess Club RICK REIMAN KAREN RENFRO JODY RHINE - Honor Roll MIKE RHODES - Honor Roll, Football, Track MELANIE RICH - Journalism Staff, Ecology Action DAVID RICHARDSON HAROLD RIDINGS - Concert Chorus, Concert Band, Mixed Chorus, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, Stage Band DEBBIE RIGGS - Journalism Staff, French Club, Pep Club, Honor Roll DEBBIE ROBERTS-Pep Club, Senior Class Secretary, October Girl of the Month, Miss Edison XIV Attendant TOM ROBERTSON - Key Club, Thespians, Senior Class Vice-President, Swimming, January Boy of the Month BETTY ROBISON CHRIS ROGERS MICHELLE ROLAND - Mixed Chorus, National Honor Society, Honor Roll JAY ROLFE - Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, Stage Band, National Honor Society, Honor Roll FENTON ROOD- Student Council, Key Club, Senior Board, National Honor Society, Honor Roll BARBARA RORSCHACH SANDI ROSE STEVE ROSE TAMMI ROSENTHAL-Usherettes, Swlmmettes, Honor Roll CARRIE ROSS SCOTT ROSS KAREN ROWLAND VICKI RUDD LOIS RUFFIN-Pep Club, Usherettes, Senior Board, National Honor Society, Medical Club LINDA RUGGLES -Concert Orchestra, Pep Club, Honor Roll GREG RUHR CECE RUSSELL - Stagecraft, Pep Club JENNY RUSSELL - Journalism Staff S TONY SAAB - Stagecraft, Law Club, All- School Play CHARLES SALTER-Concert Band, Concert, Orchestra, Marching Band, F.T.A., All-State Orchestra, Messiah Orchestra TONA SANDSCHAPER - Stagecraft DOUG SAUBERT SCOTT SAVAGE - Student Council, Law Club JIM SCHUEURICH-National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll, National Merit Semi- Finalist, Medical Club JERRY SCHOEFFLER - Concert Band, Marching Band RICK SEARCY- Creative Writing Club, Student Council, Key Club, Thespians, Senior Board, National Merit Letter of Commendation, All-School Play, Debate, National Forensic League, Bureau JERRY SELLERS TERRI SHAFER- National Honor Society, Honor Roll JOSEPH SHARP - Red Cross LINC SHEPARD - Student Council, Key Club, Thespians, Senior Board, Honor Roll, Track BARBARA SHERMAN BEVERLY SHERROD DAVID SIBOLE JOHN SIMONS - Law Club 280 . Senior Credits ELLEN SINGER-Torch Staff, Student Council, Secretary, National Honor Society, Honor Roll JIM SIPES-Advertising Board, Thespians, Honor Roll MARILYN SLATER CHUCK SLOAN - Basketball JOE SLOAN - Wrestling TOM SMART - Concert Band, Debate, Marching Band, Honor Roll BRENDA SMITH DEANNE SMITH JIM SMITH - Torch Staff, Letterman's Club, Pep Club, Honor Roll. Football MARK SMITH MARTHA SMITH - Concert Chorus, Eyrie, Editor-in-Chief, Creative Writing Club, Red Cross, Thespians, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, National Forensic League Competition, All-School Play ROBIN SMITH DAVID SOULSBY JOHN SOUTHERN JANET SOUTHMAYD-Pep Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll RANDY SPAHR NAN SPEED-Archeology Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll B.J. SPELLMAN PHIL STAFFORD - Wrestling ARDYS STALLBORIES PAULA STANBERY JO ANN STANLEY- Student Council, Pep Club, Usherettes, Senior Board, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Cheerleader LANE STANLEY-Torch Staff, Student Council, Senior Board, Swlmmettes, Hist., Honor Roll SCOT STEELE - Letterman's Club, Football TOM STEINER DOUG STEWARD JEFF STEWARD MIKE STEWARD - Swimming BOB STEWART-Student Council, Key Club, Senior Board, German Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, Senior Class President LESLIE STOCK - Advertising Board, Pep Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll JANIE STRICKLAND MECE SUBLETT - Red Cross, Student Council, Pep Club, Usherettes, National Honor Society, November Girl of the Month, Miss Edison XIV Attendant DEBBIE SUMMERS - Stagecraft DENISE SUTTON T CHRIS TERRELL - National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll TOSHIAKI TAKIKAWA- Mixed Chorus, Wres- tling, International Student DON TESSIER PEGGY TESSIER JANE THOMAS MARK THOMAS MARTHA THOMAS-Mixed Chorus, Student Council Pep Club, President DANA THOMPSON - Student Council, Pep Club, Vice-President, Usherettes, Senior Board, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll SUSAN THOMAS - Concert Chorus RICK THOMPSON - Letterman's Club, Golf SETH TIDWELL-Concert Chorus, Key Club, Letterman's Club, Vice-President, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, November Boy of the Month, Football, Tri-Captain CAROL TOBEY STAN TOWNSEND - Letterman's Club, Football, Track DEBBIE TRINDER PHYLLIS TSCHAPPAT- Red Cross, Stage- craft, Pep Club Squadleader, Thespians, Trea- surer, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, All- School Play ROBERT TUELL - Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, F.T.A. ISFIILIETTE TURNER - Red Cross, German u HARRY TURNER - Red Cross, President JOHN TURNER- Spanish Club, President, Senior Board HAROLD TUTTLE V GARY VALE - Letterman's Club, Football, Track PATRICK VAN SCHOYCK- Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, Wrestling, Honor Roll W ELIZABETH WADE - Eyrie Staff, Student Council, Treasurer, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll, N.C.T.E. Runner-up, National Merit VICKIE WALDO KATHY WALKER - Mixed Chourus PATRICIA WALLACE - Red Cross, Student Council, Pep Club, Medical Club CATHY WARD- Journalism Staff, Red Cross, Student Council, Pep Club, Senior Board CINDY WATSON ALAN WATT- Letterman's Club, Football Track TERRY WATT- National Honor Society, Honor Roll, National Merit Semi-Finalist VIRGINIA WEIR - Pep Club, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll LARRY WENGER - Student Council, mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club MIMI WEST - Concert Chorus JANET WHITE JUDY WHITE LAURA WHITMORE BRIAN WHITT - National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll BILL WILBANKS MARILYN WIEHE - Law Club, Honor Roll CATHY WIES- Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, Band Queen TERESA WILDE -Torch Staff, Mng. Editor, Usherettes, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll KATHY WILDER - French Club, Pep Club, Usherettes, Senior Board, Swlmmettes, Pres- ident, National Honor Society NANCY WILHOIT - Advertising Board, Pep Club, Archeology Club, Honor Roll BARBARA WILLEY - Pep Club, Honor Roll LINDA WILLIAMS TOM WILLIAMS - Honor Roll ALEX WILSON-Mu Alpha Theta, Computer Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, National Merit Letter of Commendation DEBBIE WILSON FRED WILSON - Advertising Board JOHN WILSON - Torch Staff, Letterman's Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Baseball, Football KEN WILSON - Torch Staff, National Honor Society, Principal's Honor Roll SANDY WILSON-Pep Club, Usherettes, Se- nior Board, National Honor Society, Honor Roll STUART WOOD DICK WOODARD CHRIS WOZENCRAFT MARY WRIGHT - Pep Club STEVE WRIGHT - Basketball FRANK WYANT - Law Club, Honor Roll Y DEE YOUNG GARY YOUNG Z AVA ZACKER-Concert Chorus, Thespians, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, All-School Play A Aab, Randy 191 222,253 Abercrombie, Dennis 191 222253 bererombie, Kim 1121 151,153 bles, Jennye V. 1Fac1 118 cuna, lsabel 171 214,269 cuna, Maria 171 269 cuna, Nelly 1101 194 dams, Chip 1101 194 dams, Corene 1Fac1 231 dams, Jeffrey 191 261 dams, Phil 171 269 dams, William 1121 152,153 B Babby, Marty 1101 194 Bachtel, Anthony 1101 194 Bacon, Linda 1Fac.1 233 Badgerow, Julie 1121 153 Baehler, Gary 1101 194 Baehler, Nancy 1111 20,107,170 Baer, Cheryl 1121 153 Bailey, Bobby 1121 105,153 Bailey, Jack 1121 102,153 Bailey, Ken 191 222,9,253 Baker, Elizabeth 131 215,261 Baker, Frank 191 253 dock, Jan 1101 194 ddison, Terrall 191 253 dkisson, Deanne 1111 O,88,177,178 dkisson, Mark 1121 78,153 DVERTISING BOARD 106 Baker, Harry 1121 153 Baker, Janet 1121 153 Baker, Martha 1121 153 Baker, Mike 1121 18,105,153 Baker, Baker, Paul 1111 94 Randy 191 94,253 insworth, Martha 171 269 insworth, Terry 1101 194 laback, Danny 171 222,269 laback, David 191 14,215,219,222 253 laback, Mary Ann 1111 178 lbertson, Bob 1111 178 lbertson, Glenn 181 218,261 lderman, Glenda 181 214,261 lderman, Richard 1101 69,194 Iexander, Ann 1121 8,103,107,153 Iexander, Sylvia 181 261 lford, Amye 1Fac1 239 Ilan, llen, George 1111 178 Barbara 181 248,261 llen, Bill 110159,194 llen, Cheryl 110 194 llen, Debbie 1101194 llen, Donna 1121 153 llen, Dwayne 1111 178 llen, Jimmy 1101 65,194 llen, John 112144 lley Ruth 191 253 IIlr1,, Jimmy 1111 178 llison, Harry 191 218,253 ltman, Julie 191 217,221,253 lumbaugh, Dale 1121 153 mbrose, Tim 111162,178 melon, Michael 1121 153 mstutz, Gary 1101 1,100,107,108,194 mstutz, Judy 1101 194 mstutz, Shirley 1121 32,108,153 nctil, Danny 1121 0,84,104,105,153 nderson, Ann 1101 88,194 nderson, Annette 181 261 nderson, Carol 1101 194 nderson, Charles 1121 6,91,98,153 nderson, Chris 1111 88,178 nderson, Christy 171 214 nderson, Elizabeth 171 244,269 nderson, Linda 181 261 nderson, Mindy 1111 178 nderson, Randy 191 253 nderson, Rebecca 1111 178 nderson, Ronnie 1111 178 Baker, Robert 171 269 Bakius, Maryann 1101 92,194 Ball, Rebecca 181 247 Ballard, Allen 181 261 Ballard, Jim 191 253 Bandiera, Tina 1101 194 Bankoff, Mike 1101 65,194 Barber, Karen 191 217,253 Barbre, Bill 171 214,269 Barclay, Joanna 1101 194 Barclay, Kathy 181 261 Bardgett, Nathan 191 208,222,246 Bardgett, Shawna 171 220,269 Barnes, Brenda 181 214 Barnes, Jarald 1101 194 Barnes, Ken 1121 153 Barnes, Steve 1111 50,72 Barnes, Steve D. 1111 178 Barnes, Steve 1101 84,114 Barrington, Gary 1121 153 Barron, Kurt 1121 54,68,90,91,153 Barry, Kathryn 171 269 Barry, Lisa 191 212,215,217 Barry Susan 171 269 Bartlett, Jean 1121 92,103,151,152,153 BASEBALL 76 Basham, James 1Fac.1 78,130 BASKETBALL 62 Bass, Sherri 191 253 Bassett, Bryan 171 269 Bates, Chris 181 261 Bates, Randy 1111 50,78,178 Batten, Gary 1101 94,194 Baugh, Ardel 181 261 Baugh, Joyce 171 269 Baughman, Bill 1101 194 Baughman, John 171 269 Baumann, Karen 1111 105,178 Baxter, Jeff 1101 194 Bayles, Tricia 171 218 Boyouth, Phil 1121 50,66,68,90,154 Bays, Carol 191 253 Bays, Cheryl 171 220,222 Beach, Phil 171 269 Beamis, Pam 1111 178 Bean, David 181 261 Beavers, Dwayne 181 261 Beavers, Mike 181 261 ndress, Dara 191 215,253 ndress, Debbie 1111 178 ndrews, Glenn 1101 65 ngelopoulos, Liz 1121 152,153 nson, David 181 261,267 nson, Tommy 1101 72,194 nthony, Bob 1121 153 ntry, Chris 1111 143,178 ntry, Steve 1101 194 rchambo, Lynn 1101 194 rcher, Sherry 171 269 rcher, Terri 171 269 rndt, Sandy 1101 194 rwood, Deborah 1101 194 shcraft, Marjorie 1Fac1 240 shcroft, Alice 171 269 shcroft, Mary 1121 146,153 she, Debbie 1111 178 she, Diane 171 269 shwill, Christie 1101 194 shworth, Mike 171 269 kins, John 181 261 kins, Leslie 1101 194 kins, Patricia 1101 ,107,192,194 taway, Richard 1121 ,86,105,153,173 UDIO-VISUAL 94 lt, June 181 261 ten, Doug 1121 153 ery, Claire 111184,17B ery, Claudia 1121 50,84,105,153 res, Lewis 1Fac1 126 Bearden, Sally 1101 194 Beaty, Beaty, Darla 1101 64,194 iviarir 161 114,260,261 Beeson, Linda 191 217,253 Beeson, Lisa 191 208,217,258 Beeson, Melanie 1101 84,194,195 Beine, David 1101 59,194 Belcik, Debie 1111 100, 178 Belcik, Mark 171 218,269 Belew, Debbie 181 261 Belew, Vicki 191 253 Belford, Bekki 1101 194 Bell, Barbara 1121 154 Bell, Celia 1111 178 Bell Daniel 1121 154 Bell Georgia 1111 178 Bell Martin 1111 178 Bell Marva1121 154 Bell, Virginia 191 222,253 Belt, Jim 1FAC.1 236 Belt, Terri 191 215,217,253 Bennett, Brian 1111 178 Bennett, David 1101 194 Bennett Debra 1111 178 Bennett, Donna 181 261 Bennett, Wayne 1111 178 Bense, Tracie 1101 194 Benson, Sandra 1Fac.1 18,21,122 Bentley, Clark 1111 34,50,54,69,79,177,178 Benton, Barbara 171 269 Benway, Rex 1111 178 Bequette, Kay 1101 88,194 Bernard, Richard 1101 194 Index Bernhardt, Patricia 171 269 Berry, Betty 1121 50,154 Berry, Cynthia 1101 107,194 Berry, Marcia 1Fac.1 122 Berry, Suzan 1101 194 Berryhill, Allen 171 269 Betche, Tonya 181 261 Beverly, Jim 1101 59,65,194 Beverly, Karen 1121 154 Bevls, JoEllen 111196,98,104,178 Bewley, John 191 253 Bewley, Mary 171 269 Bewley, Wally 181 261 Biggs, Timothy 171 269 Billington, Judy 181 261 Bills, Rick 1121 154 Binkley, Howard 1111 54,74,176 Bird, Bob 1101 59,78,194 Bitzer, Karen 191 214,217,253 Bizal, Jennie 171 221,268,169 Blacet, Jeff 181 261 Blacet, Randy 1111 105,146,178 Black, Teresa 181 261 Black, Virginia 191 120 Blackburn, Gary 1111 178 Blackman, Steven 1121 154 Blacksotck, Brenda 1101 194 Blackstock, Trena 1101 23,39,42,88,194 Blake, Orlene 191 120 Bledsoe, Mike 1111 178 Blevins, Dan 1111 178 Block, Jeff 1121 54,74,9o,154 Blood, Alice 1121 50,84,141,154 Bloomquist, Jane 191 220,253 Brannon, Diana 171 269 Branstetter, Tim 181 261 Brashear, Lesle 181 261 Brassfield, David 1111 179 Braunlick, Tom 171 269 Brazeal, Sharon 1111 179 Breckinridge, Bill 171 268,269 Breece, Mark 181 261 Breece, Steve 1111 67,68,90,176,177,179 Breeding, Paul 191 253 Brell, Diane 1Fac.1 132 Bresin, Terry 1111 108,179 Brewer, Jan 171 269 Brewer, Phillip 191 218,219,253 Bridges, Carrie 181 261 Briggs, David 1111 108,179 Briggs, Kathy 171 269 Briggs, Randy 1111 179 Boyd, Austin 1121 60,74,90,154 Boyd, Freddie1Fac.1 236 Boyd, Greg 1121 29,30,31,44,50,154,17O Boyd, Janice 1101 195 Boyd, Jeff 181 261 Boyd, Kerry 191 208,222,253 Boyd, Linden 1101 59,84,192,195 Boyles, Donald 171 269 Boyles, vieire 1111 179 Bradley, Anne 1111 179 Bradley, Betsy 1101 195 Brady, Scott 1101 59,65,195 Brady, Susan 1201 88,195 Branch, Steve 11101 179 Brannin, Clark 171 269 Brannin, Mary 191 253 Brannin, Nancy 1121 48,50,87, 154 Bloyed, Kathy 1101 194 Bobek, Lisa 171 269 Bodine, Thomas 171 269 Bodley, Theodore 181 261 Boehm, Rene 1101 32,194 Bogart, Kathy 1101 194 Bogdon, Tom 191 253 Boggs, Pat 1121 154 Benning, Sharon 1111 178 Bollnger, Tony 1111 54,57,74,90,1o7,17a Bolt, Ruth 191 120 Bond, Jerry 1121 84 Bond, Mary 1111 179 Bond, Mike 1101 194 Bonnell, Tommy 181 261 Bonner, Bill 1121 154 Boomershine, Jackie 191 253 Boomershine, Leon 181 261 Boone, Denise 1101 194 Boone, Dennis 171 269 Booth, Chris 171 249,269 Booth, Philip 1121 108,154 Born, Lee 1101 108,194 Born, Steve 191 253 Borochoft, Danny 171 220,269 Borochoff, Robert 191 219,253 Bosley, Vicki 1111 108,179 Boudreaux, Yvonne 1101 88,100,192,195 Bowden Nathaniel 1101 195 Bowdle, Brenda 1101 88,195 Bowden, Jennie A171 269 B Bowen, Bowen, Bowen, ill 191 214,219,253 Eva 191 215,253 Stacey 181 214,261 Bowers, Janis 171 269 Bowers, Walt 1101 195 Bowling, Bill 1101 195 Bowling, Sally 171 269 Bowman, Allen 1111 179 Bowman, Libby 191 220,253 Breece, Steve 1111 67,68,90,176,177,179 Breeding, Paul 191 253 Brell, Diane 1Fac.1 132 Bresin, Terry 1111 108,179 Brewer, Jan 171 269 Brewer, Phillip 191 218,219,253 Bridges, Carrie 181 261 Briggs, David 1111 108,179 Briggs, Kathy 171 269 Briggs, Nancy 181 261 Briggs, Randy 1111 179 Briggs, Robert 181 261 Brigham, David 191 253 Brightmire, Bill 1101 195 Brighton, Val 1101 30,31,104,195 Brinlee, Chris 171 268,269 Brinlee, Jon 1101 195 Britton, Jackie 1111 179 Broach, Leslie 1121 87 Broach, Maudie 1101 105 Brock, Kim 181 261 Brock, Vaughn 171 269 Brogdo n, Cheryl 1111 179 Brogdon, Marla 191 253 Brokaw, Nancy 191 21,253 Brokaw, Susan 181 261 Brooks, Theresa 181 222,261 Brothers, Beth 1111 179 Brower, Debbie 1111 179 Brown Brown Barbara 171 269 Beverly 1111 40,41,84,179 Brown, Beverly B. 1111 88,177,179 Brown, Bob 1121 54,74,90,91 Brown, Brenda 1111 179 Brown, Cadijah 1121 108 Brown, Dana 1101 65,195 Brown, Jeff 181 261 Brown, Kevin 171 269 Brown Brown, Brown i Mark 191 253 Mark 1101 78,195 Mike 1121 94 Brown: Teresa 1111 179 Brown, Tracy 171 222 Brownlee, Steve 1101 67,68,90,195 Bruce, Bruce, Clint 1111 179 Danny 181 261 Bruton, Debbie 1101 31,195 Bruton, Gary 1111 97,177,179 Bruton, Jan 1121 48,49,50,84,99,155 Bruton, Joanne 171 269 Bruton, Scott 1111 179 Bryan, Bryan, Bryant, Lisa 181 261 Megan 191 253 Kim 181 261 B-SQUAD CHEERLDRS, 23 Butcher, Tom 1101 125 Butler, Jeanne 1101 195 Butler, Marilyn 1111 179 Butler, Richard 191 222,253 Butters, Cindy 1111 18,179 Butts, John 1Fac.1 51,118 Byers, Hugh 1101 69,195 Byrd, Becky 191 221,253 Byrd, Dennis 1111 50,179 Byrne, John 1111 104,179 Byrne, Katy 1121 87,88,107,108,155 Byrne, Kitty 171 221,269 C Cadenhead, Jody 1101 88,195 Cahill, Donnie 1101 195 Caldwell, Cathy 1101 88,195 Caldwell, Kevin 191 219,253 Callahan, Dick 1121 155 Callahan, Sandy 181 214,215,261 Calvert, Hal 1101 195 Camblin, kim 181 261 Camp, Warren 191 253 Campbell, Chuck 191 253 Campbell, Jeff 1101 195 Campbell, Jimm 191 222,253 Campbell, Phil 1121 28,34,38,50,84,86,155 Campfield, Karen 1121 155 Campfield, Kathy 1121 155 Cannon, Kathie 1121 155 Cannon, Mike 1101 195 Capehart, Phillip 1111 179 Card, Bob 191 253 Caretta, Mike 171 269 Cariker, Jacky 1111 86,179,180 Carlin, Jack 1121 155 Carlisle, Jennifer 1101 192,195 Carll, Vickie 191 253 Carlow, Steve 1111 179 Carlson, Jac 1101 192,195 Carlson, Jim 191 218,253 Carlson, Joyce 181 261 Carpenter, Finton 181 261 Carr, Laura 1101 108,195 Carroll Carroll, Carson, Carson, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Jeff 1121 155 Lisa 191 217,253 Claire 1121 155 David 1121 48,155 Beth 1101 195 Carolyn 1Fac.1 236 Debi 1121 20,155 Don 1111 179 Jenny 1121 155 Susan 181 261 B-SQUAD FOOTBALL 58 Buchanan, Leonard 1101 195 Buchner, Kebbie 1121 155 Buckingham, Bob 1101 59,195 Bueklin, Le Ann 1111 179 Buffington, Becky 1111 98 Buford, Maria 1Fac.1 124 Buhrman, William 1Fac.1 128 Bullock, Linda 1111 103,104,179 Bunnies, Tim 161 261 Bunnell, Priscilia 1111 179 Bunyard, Mike 1121 155 Burcham, Joe 1101 59,192,195 BUREAU 101 Burgher, John 1111 179 Burke, John 1111 69,179 Burke, Kathy 1121 50,92,155 Burke, Tom 1121 72,90,107,155 Burket, Barbara 1Fac.1 135 Burkett, Cathy 1101 195 Burkett, Jayne 181 261 Burlrs, Bill 1121 155 Burn, Kay 1101 88,107,195 Burns, Ann 1101 88,195 Burrow, Bob 1121 155 Carter, Tammy 1101 107,195 Caruthers, Debbie 171 269 Case, Barbara 1Fac.1 129 Casebolt, Janis 1101 195 Casebolt, Pat 1121 20,159 Casey, Wendell 1Fac.1 127 Cash, Jamie 181 245,261 Cash, Pam 1111 18,50,179 Castillo, Ronald 181 261 Castleberry, Sally 1Fac.1 122 Cathey, Dianne 1121 156 Cathey, Joan 1111 179 Cathey, Pam 191 253 Cavert, Jim 171 218,269 Cavert, Lexey 1101 84,194 Cavert, Mike 191 253 Chadwick, Dennis 171 269 Chambers, Evelyn 1Fac.1 231 Chandler, Paul 1101 195 Chaney, Hester 1101 195 Chappelle, Brenda 1Fac.1 232 Chapman, Richard 1Fac.1 55,131 Chase, Don 191 253 Chase, Linda 1121 98,156 Chase, Mary 1111 177,179 Cheatham, Jeannie 1121 107,156 Cheatham, Patty 1111 40,176,177,179 Cheek, Brian 181 261 Cheek, Mary 1121 48,5O,84,87,95,156 CHEERLEADERS 24 Chenoweih, Kathy 1111 176,179 Childress, Jeri 181 215,261 Childs, Mary 1Fac.1 220,236 Christesson, Kim 1101 107,195 Christesson, Vicki 1111 107,179 Christman, Brian 1101 31,84,140,195 Christman, Dana 171 220,269 Burton, Chris 1121 95,104 Burton, Lisa 171 269 Busch, David 191 253 Bush, Janie 171 218,269 Bush, Jim 191 233 Butcher, Betsy 1111 34,307,177 Butcher, Doug 1121 50,155 Butcher, Judith 191 215,228 Chronic, Janeen 1111 179 Church, Mike 1121 156,169 Claiborne, Cindy 1101 195 Claiborne, Diana 171 269 Clark, Andrew 1121 95,156 Clark, Anne 1121 50,107,156 Clark, Carol 191 217,220,253 Clark, Danny 1101 60,7464 lrldex o 281 Clark Clark, Debbie 1121 32,33,50,87,108,156 Clark, John 1121 156 Clark, Mary 181 261 Clark, Rhea 191 253 Clark, Rick 181 261 Clark, Sharon 181 261 Clark, Steve 1101 195 Clark, Sue 1111 179 Clark, Suzi 1101 34,88,195 Clark, Thomas 1111 105 Clark, Tim 191 222,253 Tom 1Fae.1 105134 Cowell, Valerie 1101 196 Cox, Bill 1111 180 Cox, Dale 1111 180 Cox, Debbie 191 253 Cox, Denise 110188,196 Cox, Frank 191 253 Cox, Marianne 171 270 Cox Neil 171 270 Cox: Paulette 1121 so Cox, Cox, Cox, Sharie 1101 196 Richard 1Fac.1 117 Suzanne 181 214,261 Crager, Wendy 191 253 Erickson, John 191 254 Claussen, Steve 171 269 Claxton, Kenneta 191 253 Claxton, Kurt 171 220,269 Clear, Terry 1111 180 Clements, Jill 191 215,221,253 Clements, Kim 1111 50,88,98,99,103,177,180 Clements, Marcy 1121 18,30,95,96,101,104,156 Clements, Susan 171 269 Clendenin, Claudia 1121 18,156 Cleveland, Bob 171 269 Cleveland, Susan 181 261 Cleveland, Terry 181 261 Clifton, Laurie 171 269 Climer, Kathy 191 253 Cline, Rosemary 191 217 Cline, Terry 1111 31,88,9 2,85,176,177,180 Clow, Mike 171 270 Cobb, Lawrence 191 253 Cobb, Linda 112188,103,104 Fabes l Pat 181 204,261 Cobb, Steve 1111 180 Cobb, Tim 171 270 Cochran, Richard 1111 77 Coe, Nancy 1111 18,177,180 Coe, Sandy 191 221,253 Cohen, Dan 1101 97,107,195 Cohen, Fred 1111 50 Cohen, Ronny 1121 30,95,108,156 Cohenour, Missy 1101 192,193,195 Coker, Gay 1111 107,180 Coker, Gregg 1121 157 Cole, Martha 1Fac.1 122 Cole, Melody 1101 195 Cole, Peggy 1111 188 Craig, Brian 171 270 Craig, Mike 1101 59,196 Cramer, Stacy 171 220,270 Crawford, Jeff 1111 180 CREATIVE WRITERS 104 Crews, Randy 191 219,253 Cristantiello, Maria 1121 24,42,45,88,156 Cristantiello, Mike 1111 180 Cronk, Kenneth 1121 157 CROSS COUNTRY 60 Crossland, Teresa 191 217,253 Crosslin, Janet 171 222,268,270 Crosslin, Steve 1101 58,59,74,196 Crouch, Dan 171 214,270 Crouch, Ken 181 214,261 Crow, Tommy 1121 50,108,142,157 Crowder, Lesa 171 270 Crowder, Monty 181 216 Crowell, Dave 1Fac.1 94,135 Crum, Ralph 181 261 Cullinan, Tricia 1121 92,151,157 Cunningham, Debra 181 261 Cunningham, Elaine 1111 33,50,100,180 Curby, Richard 1Fac.1 28,48,125,176,177 D Dale, Frank 1101 59,196 Dale, John 181 212 Dale, Lori 171 218,220,270 Coleman, Lea 181 261 Coleman, Patsy 1111 84,180 Coleman, Ronnie 1101 195 Coleman, Rusty 191 , Dan 1121 Gabriel, 214,219,242,255 Dallas, Jeffrey 181 144,261 Daman, Debi 1101 196 Daman, Jerry 181 204,211,261 Daman, Thomas 18 129,130,261 Daniel, Daniel Sam 1121 50,54,90,91,157 Dariieil Susan 171 214,270 Daniel, Ted 191 9,219,253 Danner Devlin, Tom 1101 69,196 Dicesare, Curtis 181 261 Dicesare, Joe 191 253 Dick, Larualee 171 270 Dick, Patty 1111 50,180 Dickens, Terry 1111 104,180 Dickson, Diane 1111 180 Discus, Debra 1121 157 Didlake, Donna 1111 180 Dill, Richard 1121 146,157,159 Dillman, Carol 110188,196 Dillon, David 1101 196 Dinkelkamp, Holly 171 270 Dinkelkamp, Todd 181 261 Disch, Linda 1121 50,150,152,157 Disney, Mary 1121 152,157 Doak, Beverly 1121 158 Doak, Charlotte 191 217,253 Dobelbower, Jack 1Fac.1 124 Dobey, Penni 1121 158 Dodds, David 191 253 Dodds, Denise 1101 196 Dodson, Mike 171 270 Donovan, John 181 262 Donovan, Joy 1101 23,88,192,196 Dopp, Christine 1121 158 Dorman, Rosemary 1101 196 Dorman, Terri 1111 187 Dornaus, Carolyn 191 254 Dornaus, Margaret 1121 158 Dorris, Brenda 1101 100,196 Dorris, Carrie 1101 196 Dorris, Randall 181 262 Doreen, David 1121 5o,72,9o,15a Dorward, Deanna 181 262 Dotson, Teri 181 262 Dow, Marianne 181 262 Dow, Melinda 181 262 Dow, Robert 1101 78,196 Downs, Bonnie 191 254 Dowty, Joy 171 270 Dratz, Betty 1Fac.1 231 Dratz, Grace 171 270 Drew, Robert 1121 54,90,91,158 Drewry, Tom 1101 59,196 Driver, Melvin 1Fac.1 57 Duck, Howard 191 214, 222, 242, 253 Dudley, James 1101 196 Dudley, Jan 1121 108,158 Duecker, Otto 1Fac.1 134,144 Duffe, Bruce 1111 50,181 Dufte, Clark 181 262 Elliott, Frances 1Fac.1 121 Elliott, Jeri 1121 20,21, 50,84,88,158 Elliott, Paula 1121 50,84,158 Ellis, Ginni 171270 Emanuel, Cecelia 181 262 Emanuel, Duncan 191 254 Embrey, Christie 171 270 Emerson, Elizabeth 171 221,270 Floyd, Mark 1111 188 Fogle, Lynn 111188,177,178,181 Fogleman, Shawn 191 254 Fogley, Mark 191 254 Foltz, Claudia 171 270 Foltz, Leslie 1101 88,104,107,197 Fontaine, Jodi 1111 181 Foor, Valda 181 262 FOOTBALL 54 Emery, Bill 171 270 Emery, Diane 191 215,217,254 Emery, James 1111 181 Emery, Kris 1111 84,88,102,181 Emery, Linda 1121 84 Emmons, Larry 181 262 Englett, Marilyn 1111 107,181 Ford, Cathy 191 217,222,254 Ford, Jo Anne 1121 50,159 Ford, Kathy 1101 197 Ford, Tony 191 254 Ford, Vicki 1101 197 Forrester, Anita 171 270 Forsman, Dee Dee 171 270 English, Randy 191 243,254 Enlow, Elisabeth 1111 177,181 Enlow, Jeannie 191 214,254 Foster, Gordon 171 270 Foster, Mona 1111 100,181 Foust, Rebecca 1101 197 Enlow, Tom 1111 94 Enochs, J Enterline, Enterline, une1111100,104,181 James 181 262 Mark 1121 86,143,156 Fox, Eileen 11115O,181 Fox, Emily 181 262 Fox, James 1101 197 Fox, Laura 1121 159 Fox Robert 1111 50,84,181 Erickson, Peggy 191 254 Ernst, Ame1111 107,108,181 Ernst, Jim 191 208,226,246,254 Ernst, John 1101 72,104,196 Ernst, Mary 171 270 Erskine, Erin 181 262 Ervin, Lesli 171 268,270,271 Ervin, Steve 1111 54,69,74,90,181 Esche, Johnny 171 270 Espigares, Maria 171 270 Evans, Marsha 191 254 Evans, Evans, Perri 1111 181 Richard 1101 196 Evelyn, Jean 1Fac.1 133 EYRIE i STAFF 96 F Keith 111150,181 Fowler, Mary Cathryn 1Fac.1 240 Fraley, Rick 181 222,262 Francis, Randy 1101 197 Francis, Stacey 1111 181 Frank, Dolores 1Fac.1 230 Franklin, Suzanne 191 254 Frederick, Kim 181 222,262 Frederick, Rick 1121 54,74,86,90,91,159,161 Fredericks, Alexia 191 222,254 Fredericks, Bonita 171 270 FRENCH CLUB 103 Fries, Bob 181 262 Fries, Margaret 1101 88,197 Froeb, Edith 181 262 Froeb, Julie 191 221,254 Froning, Paul 1111 181 Fabes, Rhonda 1101 23,88,192,196 Fabes, Ricky 1111 50,78,84,97,181 Falls, Claudia 1121 158 Fanning, Linda 110188,197 Fanning, Michael 1121 43,54,66,65,90,159 Farish, Karen 1101 197 Farish, Kent 1111 50,108,181 Frost, Diane 1121 50,105,159 Frost, G Frost, M ilbert 181 222 ichelle 1101 88,197 Fryar, Carol 1Fac.1 99,123 Fuhrmann, Danny 181 215,262 Fuhrmann, Thomas 1121 105,159 Funkhouser, Bill 191 254 Funr, Steve 181 262 FUTURE TEACHER'S OF Farley, David 1111 62 Farmer, Tim 171 270 Farr, Andrea 181 262 AME RICA 99 G Colpitt,, Terry 171 270 50,84,105,170,177 Collier, Janet 1111 180 Collier, Ken 191 253 Collins, Gary 1111 180 Collins, George 1Fac.1 212,228 Collins, Pam 181 261 Collins, Robin 191 253 Collins, Tom 171 270 Collum, Craig 171 270 Collum Penny 1101 195 COMPUTER CLUB 98 Comstock, Becky 1111 180 Coman, Carl 1111 180 47,70,72,84,86,90,107,151,156,157 DaVee, Steven 191 253 David, Rodney 171 270 David, Steven 191 253 Davidson, Daphne 181 218,261 Davidson, Lee 181 261 Davies, John 181 261 Davis, Bette 1101 196 Davis, Candace 191 234 Davis, Chuck 181 261 Duffield , Frances 191 217,255 Duffield, James 1101196 Duffield, Mary 171 270 Duke, David 1111 181 Duncan, Duncan, Bobby 181 214,262 Jimmy 1101 196 Duncan, Karen 1Fac.1 240 Duncan, Marc 1101 196 Duncan, Terry 1121 158 Dunham Dunham , Debbie 1111 181 , Robert 191 222, 254 Farrand, David 1101 197 Jayne 181 215,262 Farrand, Margaret 1121 159 Farrar, Gary 1101 197 Farrar, Gary 1111 181 Farrar, Greg 181 262 Farren, Mary Ann 1101 197 Farren, Monica 171 270 Farrell Bill 1101 72,90,138,197 iferrii, 'Sandra 191 254 Farris, Fred 1111 50,62,84,181 Farthing, Ginger 1101 Coman, Cindy 181 261 Comer, Eddie 1121 143,157,160 CONCERT CHORUS 105 CONCERT ORCHESTRA 108 Connely, Scott 181 261 Conner, William 1Fac.1 236 Gary, Lucia 191 217,254 Connole, Bill 1121 Davis, Danny 1111 180 Davis Davis , Debra 191 253 , Hannah 1111 Davis, Janie 181 261 Davis, Karen 1121 107 Davis, Kim 191 211,212,255 Davis, Matt 1101 94,108,196 Davis, Richard 181 261 Davis, Rick 1111 50,62,90,180 Davis,Tim1111 Dunitz, Elise 1111 18,31,50,88,103,177,181 Dunitz, Scott 191 254 Dunn, Jamie 1111 104,181 Dunn, Terry 1121 44,47,50,84,86,87,95,105,151,158 Dunnbier, Brigitte 1101 196 Dunnbier, Harald 181 222, 262 Dunnsmore, Jim 1121 50,158 Dunton, Dana 1121 50,158 Earl, Catherine 1Fac.1 234 54,76,90,91,155,157 Conrad, Lynn 171 270 Conroy, Beverly 1121 104,157 Conway, Becky 1121 157 Conway, Joyce 171 270 Conway, Mark 1101 59,185 Conway, Rob 1101 31,96,104,108,196 Conway, Wayne 1111 54,108,180 Cook, Dan 1101 59,196 26,29,50,84,86,96,179,180 Davis, Zach 171 270 Dawson, Denise 1111 180 Day, Chris 1111 180 Day, Cyndy 181 261 Day, Mike 1111 180 Deal, Rebecca 1111 180 Dean, Glenda 181 222,261 Dean, Kathy 1101 196 Deardruft, Janis, 181 261 Dunton, Ronald 191 222, 254 Durbin, Catherine 181 262 Durbin, Mike 191 254 DuVall, Denise 181 262 DuVall, Duncan 191 254 Cook, Les 1111 180 Cooper, Cathy 1121 157 Cooper, Hazel 1101 196 Deatherage, Janet 1121 157 DEBATE 22 Deck, Virginia 1101 88,196 George, Cooper, Larry 1121 54,62,90,157 Cooper, Peggy 1101 196 Cooper, Ricky 1121 157 Coover, Carol 191 217,253 Coover Gary 1111 50180 Cope, Copes, iiiobert 1Fac.1 126 Debbie 181 218,261 Corbbrey, Cynthia 1111 31,48,18 Cordell, Carol 191 217, 253 Corey, Chuck 171 270 Corgill, Brenda 181 261 Corgill, Gary 1111 180 Corgill, Rick 1121 157 Cotner, Ronald 1121 20 0 Coulter, Bill 171 220,270 Courtney, Wynon 181 261 Covington, Chris 1111 50,54,69,79,86,180 Covington, Rick 1121 98,157 Cowell, Ron 1121 50,157 282 e index DeFalco, Cathy 171 270 DeGase, Dennis 191 235 Deisenroth, Craig 1121 36,37,46,54,84,86,90,91,163 Deisenroth, Oak 1101 196 DeLawter, Joel 181 261 Delay, Bethel 1Fac.1 135 DeLarzelere, Franky 1121 146,157 Delk, Debby 1121 157 Delozier, Phillip 1111 180 Delozier, Joe 191 222,253 DeMerritt, Dean 191 219,253 Denbow, Steve 1111 180 Denham, Dan 1121 50,94,98,157 Dennis, Steve 1111 196 Denton, Thomas 171 214 DeSalvo, Denise 181 261 Deshane, David 191 253 Detwiler, Lisa 171 270 Devasher, Debbie 191 253 Dye, Constance 1111 181 Dye, Steve 171 270 Dysert, Peter 1111 50,181 E Edens, Jan 1111 28,S4,88,143,176,181 Edison, Robert 1111 69,181 88,103,104,108,197 Fast, Martha 1Fac,1 232 Fast, Susie 1101 197 Faulkinbury, Jean 1Fac.1 234 Fautt, Ronnie 181 262 Fautt, Sherry 1101 197 Faxon, Elizabeth 1121 87,151,159 Fay, Randall 1121 33,108,159 Feldmann, Danny 191 222,254 Feldmann, Mary 1121 50,99,100,159,163 Fellers, Debbie 1111 181 Fellers, Linda 1121 159 Felton, Jeffrey 1121 50,97,159 Felts, Cathy 1101 197 Felts, Georganna 1111 177,181 Fenner, Farrell 1101 59,197 Fenster, Gerald 1111 181 Fenster, Paula 1101 31,96,104,197 Ferguson, Clark 191 222,254 Ferguson, Dale 1Fac.1 127 Gabriel, Marie 191 217,222,253 Gainer, Richard 1111 181 Gallimore, Terry 181 262 Galloway, Bob 1111 68,181 Gawloway, Lon 1111 181 Gallup, Evelyn 1111 108,181 Gamble, Cleab 1111 181 Gamble, Cory 191 222,254 Gamble, Melanie 171 270 Gann, Randy 171 270 Gannaway, Bryon 171 268 Gannaway, Mark 191 213,219,222,254 Gardner, James 191 254 Gardner, Jan 1111 181 Gardner, Larry 1111 181 Gardner, Sandi 1111 181 Garman, Wayne 1Fac.1 125 Garoutte, Jan 181 262 Garren, Barbara 171 220 Gasnier, Judy 1121 50,92,146,159 Gasperino, Janice 1101 197 Gasperino, Joyce 1101 197 Gasperlo, Brian 181 218,262 Gass, Cynthia 171 270 Gates, Eddie Faye 1Fac.1 129 Gates, Tracey 181 262,267 Gayle, Linda 1121 159 Geffen, Howard 1121 34,86,101,15 Geloneil, Nancy 191 254 Ferguson, Jill 171 270 Ferguson, Mitzi 1101 197 George, Leslee 181 262 George, Lorena 1Fac.1 121 Ferrell, Karen 1121 189 Lynn 181 222,262 Edmond Edmond s, Candy 1111 20,181 s, Samuel 1111 181 Edwards, Britt 171 270,274 Edwards, David 1101 59,74,107 Edwards, Gary 1121 158 Edwards, Jim 1121 158 Edwards, Valerie 1111 181 Effron, Bill 191 214,254 Egger, Court 1101 58,59,72,196 Egger, Sherry 181 262 Eisen, Nancy 1111 181 Elder, Adrienne 1121 158 Elder, Dale 181 262 Elder, Edward 1101 196 Eley, Neal 1101 69,234,196 Eller, Donald 1121 84,97,158 Ellington, Royce 191 254 Ellington, Ryan 1101 59,196 Ellington, Steve 1111 54,108,181 Elliott, Forest 181 262 Ferrell, Rhonda 171 270 Ferrell, William 1111 181 Ferris, Craig 1101 197 Ferris, Ferris, Dorea 181 218,262 John 171 270 Ferris, Miriam 1111 181 Fewell, Connie 191 217,254 Fewell, Gary 171 218,270 Fewell, Sherry 1111 181 Fiddler, Bill 1121 159 Field, Shelley 1111 181 Field, Sally 1101 197 Fields, Robert 1111 78,84,91,97,104,181 Fike, Rick 171 270 Finnert First, J y, Dany 191 254 an 191 217,254 Fischbein, Debra 1101 197 Fisher, Flint, J Bill 1111 186,181,186 ean 1121 159 George, Mark 1101 68,84,107,197 George, Stephanie 181 262 George, Steven 171 270 Gerard, Walter 1Fac.1 234 Gerber, Bonnie 1101 197 Gerchman, Edwin 171 270 Gerchman, Laura 191 217,254 GERMAN CLUB 99 Gibble, Edward 1Fac.1 33,108 Gibbon, Jim 1111 94,187 Gibbon, Rick 112186,151,159 Gibbons, Gail 1101197 Gibbons, Rita 1111 181 Gibbons, Vicky 171 270 Gibbs, Kay 191 254 Gibney, Michael 1111 183 Gibson, Mark 1101 197 Gibson, Sonja 181 262 Gieselman, Kenneth 181 254 Gilder, Jamie 171 270 Gilder, Norman 1113 50,97,177,181 Gilliat, Elaine 1103 197 Gilliat, Laurie 1123 50,107,160 Gilliland, Terrance 1123 160 Gillispie, James 1103 197 Gillispie, Jeff 1123 45,54,90,91,94,160,161 Gilmer, John 1113 181 Gilmore, Charles 173 270 Gwinn, Lisa 173 271 GYMNASTICS CLUB 107 H Haas, Shirley 1113 181 Haddock, Chuck 183 262 Hagan, Mary 1Fac.3 123 Hager, Jim 1113 181 Hager, Robert 1103 198 Hazen, Terry 1103 198 Heath, James 173 271 Heath, John 1103 263 Heath, Ft oger 1123 62,63,162 Hebard, Rick 1113 182 Hebard, Roger 193 218,222,255 Hefiey, Linda 1Fac.3 132 Heller, Bill 193 94,255 Gilmore, Denny 1103 197 Gilmore, Kayce 183 262 Gilphen, Becky 173 270 Gimlin, Steve 1123 50,160 Glade, David 173 270 Glade, Patricia 1103 96,104,197 Gladfelter, Leslie 173 270 Gladfelter, Louis 1103 108,197 Glass, Rob 1103 197 Glazer, Kim 1103 31,88,197 Gleason, Cott 193 254 Gleason, Diane 1103 197 Gleason, Mike 1103 197 Glenn, George 1103 160,197 Glenn, Janet 1113 181 Glenn, Jerri 1123 151,160 Glossop, Don 1113 181 Glossop, Louanne 1103 88,192,197 Glossop, Sue 193 217,254 Glover, Billye 1Fac.3 238 Godwin, Randy 183 262 Goeppinger, Amber 173 270 Goeppinger, Vicki 183 262 Goldberg, Barbara 1203 197 Goldbrick, Richard 1103 197 Haglund, Lisa 173 271 Hail, Hale, Hale, Hale, Hall, Hall, Kim 173 271 Becky 173 271 Randy 1113 181 Vivian 1123 33,160 DeAnn 183 262 Elizabeth 183 262 Hall, Elizabeth 193 215,255 Hall, Linda 1113 50,181 Hall, Mary 1123 95,160 Hall, Regan 1113 105,181 Hall, Sarah 183 262 Hall Tracye 1123 151 160 Heller, George 1123 22,50,51,84,104,107,162 Heller, Susie 1103 198 Helmke, Mary 1113 182 Helmke, Tom 183 263 Helscel, Dorothy 1113 182 Helsley, Antionette 1103 198 Henderson, Lisa 173 134 Hendricks, Debra 183 263 Hendrix, Jimmy 1113 182 Hendrix, Mary 1123 162 Henry, Gary 1123 162 Henry, John 1Fac.3 134 GOLF 79 Gomez, Goode, Charles 183 262 Darrell 1Fac.3 22,123 Goodman, Leslie 1113 187 Goodnight, Connie 1123 160 Gotcher, Greg 1113 105,187 Grabel, Sally 1103 192 Graham, James 193 222,254 Graham, Karen 183 262 Hallford, John 1103 59,138,198 Hallman, Patricia 1123 161 Hallman, Sharon 193 222,255 Haman, Becky 193 255 Hames, Mark 1123 50,161 Hames, Meredith 193 215,255 Hamilton, Laura 173 271 Hamilton, Scott 1113 50,181 Hamlin, Brenda 1113 181 Hamlin, Douglas 193 255 Hamlin, Ronald 183 263 Hammond, Marilyn 1123 24,25,36,37,39,44,46 84,87,88.151,161 Hammond, Sara 1123 44,152,161,167 Hammond, Victoria 1123 161 Hampton, Rust 1113 181 Hanagan, Christy 1103198 Hanacock, Scotty 1123 161 Haney, Barbara 183 215,263 Henry, Pat 1113 84,88,177,182 Henry, Pat 193 255 Henshaw, Blaine 1123 18,19,30,95,162 Henshaw, John 183 263 Hensley, David 1123 50,162,181 Hensley, Kathy 1103 88,192,198 Hensley Hensley Henson, Henson, Henson, Herndon, Phil 193 255 Sara 173 218,271 Benjamin 173 271 Linda 1103 198 Robert 183 263 Ann 173 214,271 Hortin, Glen 1123 68,108,162 Hortin, Karen 1103 108 Hortin, William 183 263 Hostetler, Deborah 183 222,263 Hostetler, Randy 1103 198 Hott, John 1123 54,56,68,90,162 Houston, Pat 1Fac.3 131 Hovis, Mark 1123 95,162 Hovis, Richard 193 235 Hovis, Susan 1113 50 Howe, Dan 1103 100,198 Howe, Ronnie 1113 182 Howser, Steven 183 263 Hubbard, Pamela 193 217,220 Hubbard, Stephen 1123 6O,74,90,162 Huckett, Bruce 1123 108,162 Huckett, Margaret 1123 163 Hudson, Steve 173 271 Huff, Steve 1123 163 Hughes, Carl 1123 90 Hughes, Cling 193 242,256 Hughes, Condon 1103 198 Hughes, Walter 1123 163 Huie, Virginia 1103 198 Hujsak, Mary 1113 50,182 Hulett, Kevin 183 215,222 Hulings, Lisa 193 256 Hull, Haydn 173 271 Hull, Sheryal 193 215,217,256 Hull, Tom 1113 182 Hulse, Alfred 183 215,218,222,263 Hultgren, Howard 193 94,256 Hummel, Joni 183 221,222,263 Johnson, Jane 1103 198 Johnson Jeffrey 173 268,271 Johnson, Karen 193 256 Johnson, Kevin 193 256 Johnson Leslie 1123 163 i Johnson, Lisa 193 214,256 Johnson, Mike 183 214,263 Johnson Patti 1113 31,107,177,182 Johnson Richard 1123 108,163 Johnson, Dan 1103 198 Johnson, Keith 173 222,271 Johnston, Linda 193 255 Johnston, Mike 193 255 Johnston, Phil 193 255 Jones Jones Jones Bob 183 263 Chris 193 222,255 Debbie 1113 2O,21,88 Jones Jeffrey 173 271 Jones, Joel 1103 198 Jones, Julie 173 271 Jones Karen 1103 198 Jones Keith 1123 153 Jones Kim 183 263 Jones Larry 193 255 Jones, Lee 1103 198 Jones Marvin 1123 66,68,90,163 Jones Mike 193 255 Jones Penny 173 218,271 Jones, Jones Jones Jones, Jones, Jones, Richard 173 271 Flusselle 1103 192,198 Sharon 193 217,255 Tamra 193 255 Thelma 1Fac.3 118 Vernon 1103 198 Graham, Mark 1113 18,84,181 Graham, Mark 173 218,270 Graham, Ronnie 193 254 Grant, Buzz 1113 86,181 Grassman, Gayla 193 215,254 Gravitt, Mike 1103 197 Gray, Jan 1113 187 Gray, Jill 173 270 Gray, Karen 183 262 Gray, Kathy 1113 84,88,179,181 Gray, Steve 1103 104,197 Grayson, Kathy 1113 30,50,95,104,107,181 Grayson, Susie 193 220,255 Haney, J.V. 173 59,130 Hanks, Joan 1123 88,92,102,161 Hanley, Phil 1113 181 Hanna, Lori 193 217,255 Hanna, Mark 1123 94,95,161 Hanna, Mary 173 271 Hannis, Luanne 1123 15,161 Hannis, Tim 193 255 Hanover, David 1103 198 Hanover, John 1123 49,50,161 Hansen, Annete 193 222 Hansen, George 1113 54,108 Hansen, John 193 222,255 Hanson, Diane 1123 50,87,88,161 Hanson, George 1103 139,198 Green, Charles 1123 160 Green, David 1103 69,197 Green, Gary 1113 181 Green, Harold 183 262 Green, Jeff 183 222,262 Green, John 193 255 Green, Karen 173 271 Green, Karen 1113 181,105 Green, Marilyn 1113 181 Green, Melanie 193 217,242,255 Green, Michael 1113 181 Green, Mike 183 262 Green, Thomas 173 249,271 Greene, Greene, Greenst Helen 1103 197 Patricia 1123 49,50,87,160 reef, Lisa 1103 197 Greenstreet, Robert 1123 160 Greenwood, Jody 1103 32,84,197 Greer, Anita 173 271 Greer, Janet 193 255 Greer, Richard 183 262 Grekel Grewe, Margaret 1Fac.3 233 Liz 1103 143,197 Griffin, Genie 1113 84,181 Griffin, Karen 173 271 Griffin, Kathy 1103 197 Griffin, Sherri 1103 197 Griffith, Carol 1113 88,181 Grigg, Edward 173 271 Grigg, Tom 193 219,255 Grilley, Debbie 1103 197 Grimm, David 173 271 Grimm, Jamie 193 255 Groom, Gloria 1113 28,50,84,88,107,177,181 Groom, Gregory 1103 108,197 Gros, Cynthia 183 220,262 Gros, Rose 1123 20,21,88,104,160 Grossbard, Evelyn 173 271 Grossbard, Paul 193 255 Groth, Diane 1103 198 Groves, Steve 1113 50,181 Grubb, Alice 1103 a9,s4,es ,92,192,193,198 Grubb, Allen 1103 59,192,193,198 Gruin, Kathy 1103 198 Gruhn, Rebecca 1123 160 Guard, Michael 1123 160 Guard, Steve 193 255 Gutherie, Jim 1113 177,181 Gutherie, Skip 193 255 Hanson, Sheila 1103 88,107,198 Haralson, David 173 271 Haralson, Harold 1113 50,181 Haralson, Mark 1103 263 Harber, Richard 1113 68,181 Harbert, Andrea 1103 214,263 Harbert, Mark 1113 181 Hardin, Nora 1103 107,198 Hardiscn, Mike 1103 198 Hargis, Billy 1113 29,30,31,95,105,177,1B7 Hargis, John 1123 161 Hargis, Terry 193 255 Hargrave, Charlotte 1Fac.3 234 Harlow, Janice 1103 198 Harms, Dean 193 255 Harnden, Pam 1103 198 Harp, Blair 1113 181 Harper, Lorri 1103 146,198 Harrigill, Brenda 1113 181 Harrill, Susie 1113 181 Harrington, Randy 1123 161 Harris, Charles 1113 50,181 Harris, David 173 271 Harris, Diana Lou 1123 161 Harris, Kathy 1123 161 Hart, Diane 1113 50,98,108,162,1B1 Hart, Eldon 1123 161 Hartson, Doug 193 255 Hartz, Linda 1123 161 Hartz, Sandra 173 271 Harwood, Gordon 193 220,255 Harwood, Melanie 1123 24,25,34,40,95,161 Harvey, Les 1103 198 Hashagen, Janet 1103 198 Hatcher, Nancy 1103 198 Hatcher, Pam 1113 181 Hauger, Jamie 173 271 Hauger, Kerry 1113 31,50,92,95,181 Hauger, Kim 1103 198 Hawkins, Russ 1103 31,108,198 Hawkins, Vicki 1113 182 Hawley, David 1123 48,103,173,161 Hayes, Donna 1123 108,156,162 Hayes, Glenda 1103 198 Hayes, Marsha 1113 50,915,182 Hayes, Tim 1103 214,263 Haynes, John 1Fac.3 129 Hays, Phillip 1123 162 Herndon, Carol 193 217,255 Herndon, Dayne 193 214,220,252,255 Herndon, Elizabeth 1103 198 Herron, Rick 1103 31,198 Herschel, Kerry 183 263 Herzfeld, Linda 183 263 Herzfelt, Marsha 173 271 Hettinger, Cathy 1113 99,100,182 Hettinger, Elizabeth 1123 50,51,84,87,99,100,104,162 Hettinger, Midge 193 220,255 Hibbard, Karissa 183 263 Hibbard, Kent 193 255 Hibbard, Otis 1123 84,162 Hickerson, Melinda 1113 182 Hidy, Karen 1113 176,182 Highfill, Renne 1103 198 Hill, Carolyn 1Fac.3 123 Hill, Carolyn 1123 162 Hill, Margaret 1Fac.3 133 Hillman, Gary 1113 182 Hilst, Cynthia 193 255 Hilst, Leslie 1113 50,105,182 Hilst, Roger 173 271 Hinson, Dovie 1123 162 Hinson, Tonya 1113 107,182 Hinton, Janet 1113 162 Hinzmann, Michelle 1103 198 Hinzmann, Terry 173 271 Hise, Laura 173 222,271 Hixon, Steve 1103 198 Hocker, Leslie 1103 92,198 Hocker, Stacy 183 263 Hocking, Larry 1103 103,198 Hocking, Sandy 1113 18,182 Hocking, Sherry 1123 31,87,88,92,95,142,162 Hodgson, Debra 173 271 Hofer, Opal 1Fac.3 240 Hoff, Mary 193 217,255 Hoff, Susan 1123 162 Hoffman, Douglas 1123 162 Hoffman, Joe 183 263 Hoffman, Judy 1113 88,92,177,182 Holcomb, Robert 1113 54,74,182 Holcomb, William 183 263 Holder, Bill 173 271 Holder, Jim 193 255 Holderman, John 173 271 Hollifield, Lee 1113 182 Hollifield, Mike 193 219,220,255 Hollis, Carla 1123 162 Hollis, Cynthia 1103 198 Holmes, Lynda 1123 162 Holt, Lisa 183 263 Holt, Tim 193 255 Hood, David 1113 102,182 Hood, Mark 193 255 Hooks, Lisa 173 271 Hooks, Pam 1113 182 Hooks, Patrice 1113 182 Hooper, Teri 183 263 Hoopert, Donald 1Fac.3 114,115,116,117 Hoopert, Brent 1103 65,198 Hoopert, Jerry 183 263 Hopkins, Denis 183 263 Hoppes, Elizabeth 1113 50,182 Horn, Ronnie 193 255 Horowitz, Andy 1103 198 Horowitz, Liz 193 256 Hortin, Brady 173 271 Humphries, Mike 193 256 Humphries, Ricky 173 271 Humphries, Tina 1113 182 Hunt, Brad 1113 182 Hunt, David 1103 198 Hunt, Jeff 193 256 Hunt, Jim 173 271 Hunt, Lois 1123 97,163 Hunt Pam 1103 198 JOURNALISM 20 Joyner, Scott 183 263 JUNIOR HIGH 206 JUNIORS 176 K Kaiser, Kathy 19j -i4,217,255 Kaiser, Keith 1113 50,78 Kallay, Melisa 193 215,217,255 Hunt, Tim 193 256 Hunter, Jim 1103 198 Hunter, Madonna 1123 163 Huntley, Brenna 1Fac.3 242 Hurlburt, John 1113 177,182 Hurn, Mary 1113 182 Hutcheson, Wade 1123 163 Hutchings, Lawrence 1103 107 Hutchins, Billie Jo 1Fac.3 132 Hutchison, Jill 1103 198 Hutchison, Scott 1103 198 Hutto, Bruce 1123 163 Hutto, Mary 173 271 Hyatt, Thomas 1123 163 Kangas, Jeff 173 214 Kangas, Laurie 183 218,263 Kangas, Scott 1123 54,62,76,90,164 Katz, Stewart 1113 182 Keating, Debra 183 263 Keating, Mike 1103 198 Keech, Mike 1103 263 Keeling, Pam 1113 50,100,103,182 Keeter, Mark 193 255 Keith, Terry 1103 60,711,198 Keithly, James 1123 164 Keller, Nancy 1123 164 Kelly, Kevin 193 255 Kelly, Leslie 173 271 Kelly, Michelle 193 256 Hyden, John 173 271 Hyden, William 193 222,256 l Ihrig, Jan 1103 198 lkemire, Sara 1123 93,154,163 lmel, lmel, Robert 173 271 Ron 1103 59,65,198 Ingalls, Ednah Mae 1Fac.3 133 Ingram, Thomas 1113 182 lnhotte, Marilyn 193 256 lnhotfe, Melinda 1123 163 INTRAMURALS 80 lott, Linda 193 217,256 Irvin, Irvin, Danellle 193 217,256 Jeanine 173 271 Iverson, Sidney 173 271 J Jackman, Jay 173 271 Jackson, Althea 1123 163 Jackson, Donna 1123 92,145,163 Jackson, Lorre 183 263 Jackson, Robert 1123 50,163 Jackson, Skip 1103 65,198 Jacobs, Fowler 193 256 Jacobs, Mickey 1103 88,139,198 Jacobus, Scott 1103 198 Jahns, Barbara 173 271 Jahns, Steve 1113 50,182 James, Bart 1123 50,71,72,73,86,9O,99,163 James, Bill 1103 198 James, Chris 193 222,256 James, Edwin 1103 198 James, King 1113 33,182 James, Larry 1123 94,97,163 James, Todd 193 265 Jenni, Pam 183 263 Jennings, Mary Ann 1123 50,87,151,163 Jennings, Steve 193 222,256 Jerome, Mary 173 271 Jerome, Tom 1103 198 Jewell, Ann 1103 104,198 Jewell, Ward 183 263 Jones, Martha 183 263 Johnson, Charles 1Fac.3 238 Johnson, Deana 193 215,256 Johnson, Debbie 193 215,256 Johnson, Debra 1113 182 Kemendo, Ben 193 256 Kemendo, Missie 173 271 Kennedy, Layman 1Fac.3 230 Kennon, Breck 1123 108 Kenslow, Karen 1113 182 Kenworthy, William 1123 48,50,102,164 Kerr, Kathy 1103 192,198 Kerr, Mama 183 263 Kerr, Roger 1123 164 Kerr, Steve 1123 164 Keselik, Wanda 1113 50 Ketchani, Jayne 183 263 KEY CLUB 86 Kidd, Sandy 1103 198 Kierig, Hugh 1103 29,104,198 Kilgore, Teri 173 271 Killion, Mark 173 271 Kincaid, Dina 1103 104,198 Kincaid, Timothy 173 271 Kindschi, Mike 1113 50,108,182 King, George 1113 182 Kirk, Gary 1113 182 Kirkpatrick, Greg 173 214,218,272 Kirkpatrick, Jean Ann 1113 182 Kirkpatrick, Steve 193 214,256 Kirkpatrick, Tom 1103 78,198 Kirst, Walter 173 256 Kitchen, Mike 193 256 Kitchens, Debra 173 272 Klar, JO Ann 1113 182 Klar, Robin 193 213,256 Klein, Elizabeth 173 272 Klein, Paul 173272 Kleinecke, Brian 173 272 Kleinecke, Ruth Ann 1113 20,182 Kleinecke, Walter 193 256 Klinge, Wendy 173 272 Knarr, Sally 173 272 Knighton, Ruth 1103 198 Knoblock, Patty 1103 192,198 Knott, Dennis 1113 182 Knotts, Susie 1113 182 Kock, Kenny 193 211, 214, 215,219,222,256 Kock, Robert 1123 108,164 Kongabel, Jill 193 256 Kopp, Valorie 1103 105,198 Korne, Doug 1103 59,69,198 Korne, Kathy 173 272 Index. 283 Kountoupis, Nick 1111 182 Kowalski, Gary 1111 22,50,176,182 Kraemer, Bruce 1111 108,182 Kraft, Kathy 1121 43,50,51,87,88,164 Kraft, Susan 1101 40,84,88,107,192,193,198 Kramer, Kim 171 272 Kreidler, Steve 181 214,263 Kreigsman, Karen 181 215,260,263 Kreisvelt, Cheryl Lynn 1101 198 Krietmeyer, Ginna 171 272 Krohn, Bob 1111 107,182 Krohn, Steve 1121 94,108,164 Krueger, Cheryl 171 221,272 Krueger, Janet 1121 87,164 Krueger, Nancy 181 221,263 Kurtz, Carol 181 263 Kuykendall, Rosie 1111 182 Kuykendall, Troy 1121 47,62,90,164 L LaBenske, Wade 171 212,214,272 Lacen, Cheryl 181 124 Ladner, Eddie 1111 30,95,182 Laird, Lindsay 181 263 Laird, Mark 1101 198 Laird, Martin 1101 198 Lairmore, Jack 1121 50,164 Lalicker, Jill 1101 198 Lambert, Virginia 171 272 Littlefield, Janet 171 272 Littlefield, Kirk 1121 74,97,164 Livingston, Elizabeth 171 272 Lobaugh, Alan 181 222,263 Lobaugh, Linda 1111 50,183,188 Locke, Teresa 1111 183 Lofton, Hal 191 257 Lofton, Leslie 171 272 Loggins, Linda 1111 183 Logsdon, Cindy 191 215,220,221,222,257 Logsdon, Michele 181 263 Logsdon, Susan 171 221,246,272 Logsdon, Tamara 1111 108,183 Long, Brenda 171 272 Lord, Karen 1111 183 Losey, Donna 1101 107,198 Love, Debbie 1111 183 McAfee, Melanee 181 263 McAfee, Stephanie 191 217,257 McAninch, McAnulty, McAnulty, McArthur, McArthur, Susan 1101 199 James 1101 199 Robert 1111 183 Lila 181 263 Maria 181 215,222,263 McBee, Scott 1111 183 59,65,7 Miller Miller 9,94,199 Michael F. 1101 199 Michael J. 1101 199 Miller, Robert 1111 104,186 Miller, Steven 1101 92 Miller Susan 1111 186 iviiiierf Valerie 181 263 Millikin, Georgia 191 257 Neal, Jeffrey 181 264 Neal, Robert 1121 84,166 Neblett, Linda 171 244,273 Neck, Deborah 1121 166 Neck, Vicky 191 215,217,256 Neely, Kristy 181 264 Neerrnan, Beverly 1111 50,92,104,186 Lovelady, Loveless, Justin 1101 198 Elaine 1111 31,95,177,183 LoVellette, Karen 191 257 LoVellette, Steve 1111 60,74,183 Lowery, Mary 1101 23,84,88,192,198 Lowery, Valerie 1121 164 Loyd, Chris 191 222,257 Loyd, Meredith 1121 164 Lubin, Debbie 1121 45,47,48,50,64,87 McBride, Gary 1121 165 McCain, Debra 181 263 McCartney, Karen 1Fac.1 124,193 McClain, Winnie 1Fac.1 231 McClary, Gary 1121 165 McCiendon, Jim 1111 183 McCiendon, Judy 191 215,217,257 McCiendon, Suzanne 181 260,263 McClung, Melissa 171 218,272 McClung, Timothy 181 214,272 McCommas, Jim 1121 38,50,54,76,86,90,91,151,152,165 McConachie, Michelle 181 263 McCormick, Brian 171 272 McCormick, Gail 1111 183 McCormick, James 191 219,257 McCraw, Gordon 1121 50,165 McCune, Pat 181 263 McCurley, Bert 1121 165,168 McDaniel, Mike 1111 183 McDonald, Allan 1121 50,70,71,72,73,86,90,151,165 Mills, John 191 219,221,257 Mills, Mindy 1111 186 Mills, Virginia 171 221,272 Mindeman, John 171 268,272 Mindeman, Karl 191 220,222,257 Mindeman, Tad 1111 50,186 Minor, Mary 181 264 Miranda, Denise 1121 165 Miron, Cindy 181 264 Misch, Laura 111120,186 Nelson, Jill 191 214,215,217,256 Nelson, John 1121 166 Nelson, Judy 1101 199 Nelson, Peter 1101 199 Nelson, Rick D. 1121 166 Nelson Rick S. 1121 166 Nelson: Tim 1111168 Neville, Nevins Greg 191 222,256 Diane 1121 166 New, Flonnie 1121 68,166 J Mary 1121 1a,5o,a7,164 Morrow Lambeth, Susan 1121 164 Land, Debbie 1111 92,182 Land, Denise 1101 198 Lander, John 181 250,263 Landrum, Frances 1111 182 Landrum, Mark 191 222, 256 Landry, Marjorie 1Fac.1 124 Lane, Alan 1111 182 Laney, Cathy 171 272 Laney, Loyd 191 256 Langford, Susan 1111 182 Langham, Tom 1111 71,130 Larkin, Pat 1111 182 Larson, Rocky 171 218,272 LaRue, Jack 181 214,263 Lasky, Barbara 191 256 LATIN CLUB 104 Laughlin, Karen 191 256 Laughlin, Linda 171 220,272 Laurence, Pamela 181 263 Lavin, Kevin 181 263 Lavin, Patty 1111 182 LAW CLUB 97 Law, Gordon 191 220,256 Lawless, Alan 181 222,263 Lawson, Chris 1111 50,60,74,182 Lawson, Rick 1111 62,182 Lawson, Russell 181 263 Leach, Tony 1121 154,164 Lebold, Brian 1101 198 Lebold, Leeta 171 222,272 Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee, , David 171 212,214,272 Donna 1101 198 f Gary 191 222 ,Linda 111 182 Lees, Bill 111120,182 Leikam, Kip 1111 18,50,86,177,182 Leikam, Lisa 1101 198 Leitenberger, Jeanne 171 214,272 Leland, Bruce 181 263 Leland, Bryan 181 263 Leland, Robert 1111 54,62,182 Lengacher, Robert 1111 26,50,95,101,142,182 Leonard, Meg 191 212,214,257 Leonard, Thad 1111 69,177,182 Leos, Ronnie 181 263 LETTERMAN'S CLUB 90 Letters, Robert 1121 164 Levine, Jodi 181 263 Lewis, Chuck 191 257 Lewis, Debbie 1101 198 Munn, Tom 1101 98,199 Melone, M Lewis, Odetta 1Fac.1 118 Lubin, Mark 191 214,257 Lucas, Lisa 1101 199 Lucy, Colleen 1111 107,183 Lucy, Kathy 1121 164 Lucy, Rick 191 217,222,257 Ludman, Rusty 181 263 Luker, Danny 1121 164 Luker, Rhonda 1101 88,199 Lukowitch, Jean 1101 100,108,199 Lukowitch, Kathy 1111 104,108,183 Lumley, Roger 191 257 Lynch, John 181 263 Lynn, Cion 171 272 Lyon, Chris 1121 - 72,73,86,90,162,164 Lyon, Janet 1111 50,84,88,177,183 Lyon, Mark 181 263 M Mack Dolvin 1Ffac.1 235 Madison, Lyle 1101 199 Maher, Mike 1121 38,44,50,72,90,150,152,164 Mahin, Dennis 1101 28,199 Mahin, Kathleen 191 257 Mahoney, Sandra 1111 183 Main, James 191 257 Maiey, Tom 171 272 Mandell, Beth 191 201,214,217,254,257 Maness, John 1121 165 Maness, Tom 1101 199 Mann, Cathey 181 263 Mansur, Brent 1121 105,165 Mantooth, Max 1101 59,199 MARCHING BAND 32 Marcum, Alene 191 221,219 Markert, Diane 181 263 Markert, Greg 1111 79,183 Marks, Penny 1121 92,195 Marler, Orena 191 211,257 Marquette, Kathy 1101 199 Marsh, Ricky 171 272 Marshall, William 1101 199 Marson, Jill 171 272 Marson, Mark 181 263 Martin, David 171 222,272 Martin, Diane 171 268 Martin, Gale 181 263 Martin, Jan 1111 50,84,88,103,177,183 Martin, Jan 1101 199 Martin, John 191 257 Martin, Lessa 171 272 ' McDonald, Belinda 181 263 McDonald, Jo 171 272 McDonald, Mac 181 263 McDonald, Mary 1Fac.1 232 McDonald, Sandy 191 257 McDonnell, Lisa 1111 183 McFarlin, Mary 1Fac.1 96,122 McGee, Bi lly 181 263 MCGOffin, Sally 191 257 McGowan, Steve 1121 165 McGraw, Kathy 1111 50,88,98,177,183 McGuirk, Kathleen 1101 199 Mclntosh, Cynthia 1121 165 Mclntosh, McKaskle, McKay, Jo Nocus 1Fac.1 239 Hardy 1Fac.1 129 hn 181 263 McKeague, Scott 191 257 McKeague, Susan 1111 103,105,183 McKee, Charles 1111 183 McKee, Gayle 171 272 McKee, Scott 1111 69,84,183 McKee, Timothy 171 272 McKee, Vena 191 218,257 McKinney, McKinney, John 1101 65,199 Marsha 1121 18,50,84,87,92,160,165, McKissick, Greg 1121 30,31,165 McLaughlin, Marie 191 257 McMahan, Mike 1121 165 McMahan, Tricia 181 263 McMahon, Dennis 1121 165 McMahon, Mike 191 219,257 McNallen, Mike 181 263 McNeill, Janey 191 257 McNeill, Sandy 1101 78,199 Misch, Misenh Rose Ella 1Fac.1 237 imer, Alan 1111 186 Mitchell, Dean 181 264 Mitchell, Elizabeth 1101 199 Mitchell, Nancy 1121 165 Mobley, Lisa 191 217,257 Moellers, Jett 171 272 Moellers, Paula 181 264 Moergen, Cindy 191 257 Money, Cathy 1121 84,97,165 Money, Mark 1111 108,186 Money, Tony 171 272 Monroe, Theresa 1121 165 Montgomery, Suzanne 1101 199 Montgomery, Vanessa 1121 165 Mooberry, Mark 191 256 Moody, Ann 1Fac.1 103 Mooney, Mark 1121 166 Moore, Debbie 1111 186 Moore, Diane 1111 186 Moore, Gary 171 272 Moore, Gregory 191 219,222,256 Moore, James 1101 199 Moore, Kenny 1101 199 Moore, Mary 1121 166 Moore, Matt 1121 30,86,166 Moore, Maureen 181 264 Moore, Pat 1111 186 Moore, Sharon 191 256 Moran, Diane 181 264 Moran, Marilyn 1121 28,87,102,166 Morgan, Christopher 171 268,273 Morgan, Dennis 171 273 Morgan, Digges 1111 18 Morgan, Jan 181 264 Morgan , Kevin 1111 62,72,84,90,186 Morgan, Lynn 1101 199 Morgan Margie 1121 19,5O,84,87,166 Morgan Morley, Morley, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, , Wyatt 191 256 Anne 111188,186 Sarah 171 273 Cindy 1111 186 Lea 171 273 Marsha 1121 166 Marsha 191 220,256 Morrison, Guy 171 273 ,Billy 1101 199 Newcomb, James 181 222 Newman, Jacaneite 1F30-l 233 Newman, Kathy 1111 28,30,50,84,95 Newsom, Janet 171 273 Newsom, Nancy 1111 187 Newton, Ann 1101 99,199 Nichols, Becky 191 217,256 Nicholson, Ann 171 256,268 Nicholson, Blake 191 220,256 Nicholson, Nancy 1101 199 Nielsen, John 191 256 Niemeyer, Alice 1Fac.1 239 Niemi, Madaline 191 256 Nienhuis, Jim 111150,62,64,187 Nilles, Bill 110165,199 Nilles, Elaine 1111 187 Nix, Marchetta 191 217,256 Noel, Nancy 191 256 Norman, Deborah 181 214,264 Norris, Elizabeth 171 273 Norris, Martin 191 256 Norvell, David 1111 30,50,187 Norvell, Joel 181 264 Norwood, Kathy 1111 187 Notley, Beatrice 1Fac.1 128 Novake, Ben 171 273 Nunnelly, Dean 1121 166 Nunnelly, Lorna 1101 88,107,192,199 Nunnelly, Ray 1Fac.1 67,130 Nusz, Carla 1111 50,187 O Oakley, Edward 1121 166 oathoot, David 1111 84,187 O'Brien, Kevin 111150,187 O'Brien, Steve 181 264 Oden, Bill 1101 58,59,74,199 Oldaker, John 181 244 Olinger, Bob 191 222,256 Oliver, Ann 191 217,256 Oliver, Danny 171 273 Oliver, Danny D. 1111 187 Olmstead, Leila 1Fac.1 230 O'Meilia, Kevin 1101 199 O'Meilia, Michael 1121 166 O'Meilia, Sharon 191 215,256 O'Neil, Rita 1111 187 McPeters, Bill 1Fac.1 136 McRorey, Ronald 1121 165 McUsic, Don 181 263 McUsic Mike 1101 199 McVay, Daniel 1121 28,165 McVay, George 1Fac.1 136 McWilliams, Ann 181 263 Meade, Royr191 222,257 MEDICAL CLUB 101 Medlock, Cris 171 272 Meek, Becki 1111 183 Meinert, Carilyn 1111 183 Meinert, Robert 1121 108,165 Mell, Walter 1121 50,99,108,165 Melone, Jerry 1111 74,183 Melone, Jill 1111 183 Morrow, Jim 1Fac,1 211,219,258 Morse, Brent 181 264 Morse, Danny 171 273 Moses, Marc 171 273 Moses, Robb 1101 199 Moskowitz, Harriet 181 266 Moskowitz, James 1121 50,94,166 Moskowitz, Jerry 1101 199 Moskowitz, Marcy 1121 18,199 Moynihan, Liz 171273 Mulkey, Debbie 191 256 Mulkey, Mark 1101 199 Mullenax, Marsha 191 256 Mullins, Ricky 171 273 Mundt, Ted 171 222,273 Munn, Carol 181 264 Oram, Randa 181 264 Orcutt, Paula 1101 199 Orthwein, Bill 191 256 Orthwei Osborn, Osborn, Osborn, n, Kathleen 181 264 Carrie 1111 187 Danelle 1101 199 Donald 171 273 Osher, Henry 1111 Osher, Samuel 1121 104 Oswalt, Jana 171 273 Owen, Grace 191 Owens, Holly 1121 20 Owens, Oxford Mike1111187 Holly 171 Oxford, John 181 264 into 171 272 Nalley Kathy 1101 199 Mauldin, Lewis, Pam 191 257,217 Lewis, Rosemary 1Fac.1 122 Liebendorfer, Craig 171 218,272 Liebendorfer, Kim 1121 50,104,105,164 Liddy, Jayne 191 257 Liddy, Lester 1101 198 Lierly, Regina 1101 86,198 Lilly, Michael 181 214,263 Lincoln, Denise 1101 198 Lincoln, Tom 1121 164 Ling, Cynda 181 263 Ling, Jay 171 272 Linde, Gary 1111 182 Linde, Susan 171 222,272 Lindley, Bruce 1111 183 Lindsey, Doug 191 257 Lipe, Susan 191 257 Lisle, George 1111 31,50,183 Litson, Diane 1121 94,97,100,164 Martin, Loretta 181 263 Martin, Maxine 191 257 Martin, Mike 181 263 Martin, Shirley 1Fac.1 232 Marzec, Andy 171 272 Masek, Mindie 1101 199 Mashburn, Arnold 1111 183 Mashburn, Paula 191 257 Masters, Nancy 1111 92,183 Masters, Niles 191 257 Masters, Noel 1121 50,165 Matetich, Annalisa 171 272 Matetich, George 1111 78,86,183 Matheny, Kevin 171 272 Matheny, Mitch 191 257 Matheny, Pat 1111 100,183 Mathers, Lisa 191 257 Matuszak, Debra 181 263 Mauldin, Jane 1111 31,50,104,108,183 Patricia 11 O1 199 Mercer, Mary 1111 186 Merrill, Karen 112 50,165 Merry, Phillip 1111 76,186 Metcalfe, Barney 1111 50,186 Meyer, John 1101 102,199 Meyer, Peggy 1121 165 Meyer, Stacey 1111 103,186 Meyer, Steve 1111 107,177 Meyerhoff, Jim 191 222,257 Meyers, Carolyn 1111 50,88,186 Meyers, Mary 191 257 Michaelis, Catherine 171 221,272 Miller, Carol 181 263 Miller, Carrie 171 222 - Miller Cathy 1111 186 Miller: oooorr-in 1121 165 Miller, Glennis 1Fac.1 118 Miller, Guyla 1Fac.1 121 Miller, John 181 263 Miller, John 1101 199 Little, Jim 1121 50,84,85,164 Little, Jennifer 191 214,252 Little, Judy 1101 88,198 Littlejohn, Linda 191 257 Littlefield, Craig 1111 54,84,107,108,183 284 . Index Mauldin, Robert 171 272 Mauldin, Virginia 1121 50,87,88,100,165 Maxey, Brad 171 272 Maxey, Gregory 181 263 Mayes, Marion 1Fac.1 123 Miller Josephine 1Fac.1 126 Miller, Kat Miller, Lor hleen 181 263 i 1101 107,192,199 Miller, Marijane 181 263 Miller Mark 171 220,272 Miller Michael C. 1101 Muratet, Kenny 1111 60,74,90,108,186 Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murray, Murray, Murray, Andrew 1111 108 David 181 222,264 Kathleen 171 214 Marilyn 1121 166 , Matt 1101 108,199 Craig 1101 199 Katie 171 273 Pat 1111 50,78,186 Murta, Pat 1101 199 Musser, Cynthia 1111 95,186 Myers, Dann ie 171 273 Myles, Gary 1121 97,166 Myles, Gregory 191 256 N Nagy, Randy 1111 54,76,186 Naifeh, Jerome 191 256 Naiman, Jeffrey 181 264 Nalley: Nalley, Margaret 1121 50,166 Michael 1101 199 Nanny, Sarah 1121 20,166 Nanny, Susan 1101 199 Nathan, Nation, Jim 1101 199 Garry 112150,166 Ozment, Marcus 1121 P Packard, Don 191 256 Padgett, Jesse 1Fac.1 Padilla, Frank 171 268,273 Palmer, Carrie 191 256 Palmer, Judith 1121 167 Palmer, Ken 1111 76,91,187 Palmer, Rick 111154,187 Palovik, Mike 181 264 Parham, Jan 181 264 Parker, Debbie 181 264 Parker, Greg 1111 177,187 Parker, Janet 181 264 Parker, Jerald 181 264 Parker, Joyce 1101 199 Parker, Nancy 171 273 Parker, Renee 181 264 Parker, Richard 181 264 Parker, Tommy 1121 50,167 Parkhill, Michelle 181 Parks, Bob 1111 50,76,187 Parks, Debi 181 264 Parks, Melanie 181 264 Parks, Richard 1101 200 Parrish, Amy 171 224,273 Parrish, Clark 1121 43,46,4B,50,84,85,167 Petree, Parrish, Mary Beth 191 256 Parrish, Sandy 191 257 Pascucci, Mary Ann 1121 50,87,88,103,151,167 Patten, Cindy 1111 187 Patten, Pam 1111 88,187 Patterson, April 191 222,257 Patterson, Larry 1101 72,200 Patterson Michael 1121 Patterson, Russ 1101 59,74,200 Patterson, Ted 171 273 Pattison, Joe 1121 Pattison, Joyce 1121 167 Praytor, Lon 1111 78,187 Presley, Teena 1101 200 Pribyl, Sally 1121 84,107,167 Price, Davy 1Fac.1 Price, Jill 171 214,220,273 Price, Julie 191 214,215 Price, Roger 1121 167 Priester, Pamela 1121 167 Primdahl, James 1121 167 Prohaska, Daniel 191 221,257 Prohaska, Nancy 1111 30,76,95,187 Prohaska, Ron 1121 50,60,61,74,90,168 Richardson, Jana 181 264 Richardson, Zina 1101 200 Richey, Mary 191 258 Richmond, Billy 1111 187 Richter, Heidi 1111 187 Ridings, Bill 171273 Ridings, Harold 1121 168 Riggs, Debbie 1121 20,168 Riggs, Eileen 1111200 Riggs, Nancy 181 264 Ritter, Brenda 1111 105,187 Roach, Glenn 1101 59,200 Roach, Susan 1121 100 Saab, Vicky 1111 18 Sackett, Salamy, Keith 1101 201 Peuie111188,102,188 Saller, Mike 191 258 Salter, Chuck 1121 108,170 Samuel, Mary Jo 1Fac.1 132 Sanchez, Rachel 1Fac.1 128 Sandel, Andrea 181 222,265 Sanders, Sanders Sanders, Sanders, Sanders Benny 191 10 Jerry 171 273 Joe 1111 188 Kinny 171 273 Pamela 181 265 Simon, Jim 1111 20,189 Simon, Mickey 191 258 Simons, Carl 191 258 Simons, John 1121 72,170 Simpson, David 171 274 Simpson, Heilda 191 258 Simpson, Linda 181 265 Sims, Jeri 191 214,215,220,258 Singer, Ellen 1121 18,19,45,50,84,85,170 Singer, John 171 274 Singer, Susan 1101 88,201 Singletary, Leslie 1111 88,177,189 Patton, Michael 1121 167 Patton, Sherri 191 217,257 Peace, Paula 1101 200 Peace, Richard 1121 167 Pearson, Rick 181 222,264 Peck, Lauree 171 273 Pedersen, Kim 1111 84,88,176,177,187 Pederson, Naomi 1Fac.1 126 Peek, Jim 1111 187 Peeples, Alan 1101 128,200 Peeples, Caroll 1111 187 Pence, Pence, Allen1111 187 Vickie 1101 200 Pendergraph, Cindy 181 264 Penton, Torn 171 273 PEP CLUB B8 Perkins, Reica 191 257 Perlich, Debby 1101 142,200 Perlich, Pam 181 215,164 Perrin, Perrin, Perrin, Dan 1111 50,187 Jodie 171 220,273 Terri 1101 26,134,200 Perry, Brenda 1121 167 Perryman, Lisa 171 273 Peters, Peters, Peters, Connie 1101 192,200 Debbie 1101 187 John 1111 187 Peterson, Marcille 171 273 Laura 1111 187 Pettigrove, Bruce 1111 187 Pronovost, Michel 1101 200 Prophet, Robert 1121 98,168 Prophit, Bob 1111 187 Prophit, David 181 264 Pruner, Linda 1111 24,25,40,50,88 Pugh, Kathryn 1121 168 Pugh, Kenneth 171 273 Putnam, Cynde 1111 24,25,39,88,177,187 Putnam, Sandy 1121 50,87,168 Putnam, Terry 191 257 Q Quinn, John 1121 168 Quinn, Kelli 181264 Quinn, Shelly 1101 200 R Radc Radc liffe, Dee 1111 107,145,187 liffe, Laura 1121 168 Radford, Britt 1111 26,134,187 Raffe nsperger, Ken 1121 168 Ramage, Ronni 171 273 Ramsey, Jim 181 264 Ramsey, Melton 1Fac.1 136 Rand Rathj all, Wade 1101 200 ens, Russell 1Fac.1 228 Ratliff, Brian 171 273 Ratliff, Shirley 1Fac.1 235 Rauch, Harry 1111 50,10 0,104,186,187 Rauch, Tina 191 257 Robbins, Dick 1111 50,187 Roberts, Angela 1111 94,107,187 Roberts, Debbie 1121 39,42,43,46,49,90,15O,168 Roberts, Lee 171 220,273 Roberts, Pat 191 215,258 Roberts, Peggy 1111 92,100,187 Roberts, Roberts, Steven 181 264 Wayne 191 258 Robertson, Gayle 1111 187 Robertson, Janet 181 264 Robertson Kathy 1101 200 Rebensenl Peggy 191 222,258 Robertson , Peter 191 220,258 Robertson, Sherman 1Fac.1 236 Robertson, Tom 1121 29,38,43,47,72,86,9O,95,150,151 Robinette, Annette 1101 200 Robinson, Allen 1101 99,200 Robinson, Greg 171 206,273 Robinson, Marrl 1101 200 Robinson, Nancy 171 273 Robison, Betty 1121 169 Robohm, Mary 1101 98,103,104,108,201 Rodgers, Dayne 181 264 Rodgers, Paula 1101 192,200 Rodrigues, Demico 171 273 Rodrigues, Dina 181 264 Rodrigues, Tina 1101 200 Sanders Roger 1111 188 Sanderson, Bob 1Fac.1 126 Sandschaper, Jeanne 1101 201 Sandschaper, Tona 1121 120 Santee, John 181 265 Sark, Susan 1101 31,201 Saubert, Doug 1121 170 Saubert, Jana 171 273 Saubert, Boryn 1111 24,25,50,88,188 Saunders, Samuel 1101 201 Savage, Scott 1121 84,537,170 Sawtelle, Debbie 1111 104,188 Sayles, Susan 1101 201 Scaggs, Steve 1101 201 Schafer, Judy 1101 100,188 Schafer, Steven 181 265 Schafer, Terry 1121 50 Schaff, Gretchen 1111 188 Scheurich, Gretchen 191 258 Scheurich, Jim 1121 48,50,170 Schilling, Steven 181 265 Schirmer, Jean 171 273 Schoeffler, Jerry 1121 108,170 Schmidt, Christine 1121 104 Schmidt, Jeane 181 265 Schmidt, Jerry 181 265 Schmidt, Kathi 1111 188 SCHOOL BOARD 112,113 Schottel, Sharon 1101 201 Peyton, Phariss Donna 181 264 , Julia 191 222,257 Rausch, Connie 191 25,217,257 Rausch, Rob 191 257 Roesler, Valerie 191 221,258 Rogers, Annette 1111 92,100,107,177,187 Phariss, Paul 1111 54,69,187 Raush, Camille 171 273 Rogers Brad 191 258 Phillips, Chris 1111 187 Redman, Susan 1101 200 Phillips, Craig 1111 33,55,99,108,187 Phillips, David 1101 200 Phillips, Don 1Fac.1 59,76,77 Phillips , Donna 171 273 Phillips, Jayne 191 214,217,252,257 Phillips, Karen 181 264 Phillips, Kim 191257 Phillips, Lanae 1121 108,167 Phillips, Linda 181 221,264 Phillips, Lynea1111 187 Phipps, Mike1111 187 Pickens, Shelley 1121 167 Pierce, Piland, Pinion Hugh 1Fac.1 60,130 Sheralee 1111 187 Gerry Ann 1101 200 Revie, seiiy 1121 18,50,51,152,188 Spahr, Pinion, Seamus 1101 200 Pinkosky, Mike 181 264 Pinkston, Timothy 1101 Pitcher, David 191 219,222,257 Pitcher, Jo Ann 1101 108,200 Pitchlynn, Michael 1111 Pitts, David 181 264 Pitts, Debra 1111 187 Pitts, Erica Jo 1101 200 PLAYS 30 Plumb, Lizabeth 181 264 Plumb, Pat 191 257 Pohl, Terry 1111 187 Pol, James 181 264 Pollard, Rachel 1Fac.1 Pollok, Julie 171 273 Pollok, Steve 181 264 Pollok, Vicky 191 215,257 Poison, Cindy 191 257 Pontius, Lisa 171 273 Pool, Phil 191 257 Pope, Janette 191 222 Rawdon, Julie 191 257 Rawls, Paula 1101 200 Ray, Cathy 1101 200 Ray, Laurie 1111 50,187 Ray, Leslie 1121 168 Ray, Margaret 191 222,258 Ray, Mary 181 220 Ray, Pat 1101 200 Ray Peter 171 222 273 Reyieeuid, David 191 257 Rayburn, Debbie 1101 200 Rebh olz, Marie 1121 50,84,87,95,100,168 RED Redd Redd Redd CROSS 100 ing, Becky 191 222 ing, Davis 1111 187 ing, Lois 171 273 Redman, Mike 171 273 Redmond, Mary 181 264 Reed, Betty 1101 84,200 Reed Elizabeth 1101 200 Reedi Joby 171 273 Reed, Lorrie 171 273 Reed Reed Reed Reed Randall 1121 188 Richard 1121 168 , veierie 1111 107 s,.ieff111197,187 Reeves, Greg 191 258 Reeves, Larry 191 222,258 Reibert, Carl 1101 200 Reibert, Chris 1121 108,168 Reid, Reid, Reid, Carla 181 264 Linda 1101 88,192,200 Mike 1101 200 Reidy, Joan 181 264 Reiman, Fred 1121 168 Reinhard, Susan 1111 187 Reitz, Lore 181 264 Rogers Chris 1121 167,169 Rogers, Chris E. 1121 50,88,169 Rogers, Claudette 181 221,264 Rogers, Claudette 191 214,215,221 Rogers, Janet 181 264 Rogers, Karen 171 273 Rogers, Linda 1101 200 Rogers, Laurann 1Fac.1 131 Rogers, Paula 1101 1:2 Roland Robin 1121 50169 Rolfe, Jay 1121 50,108,169 Rombach, Leon 191 219,258 Ronck, Gay 191 214,258 Ronck, Mark 191 258 Rood, Fenton 1121 34,45,50,86,151,169 Roper, Pam 1101 108,100 Rorschach, Barbara 1121 95,169 Schrameck, Robert 1111 50,188 Schreier, Randy 191 258 Schreiver, Lawrence 181 265 Schuering Emilee 1101 104,201 Schuering, Lorraine 191 258 Sipes, Ellen 171 274 Sipes, Jim 1121 95,170 Sipes, Karen 1111 189 Sipes, Sharon 1101 107,192,201 Sipes, Todd 181 265 Sisemore, Alan 1111 189 Sisemore, Mike 181 265 Skinner, Rebecca 181 265 Slagel, Barbara 1Fac.1 240 Slagle, Shelly 1101 88,201 Slagle, Starr 181 218 Slankard, Randy 1111 94,189 Slate, Karen 181 265 Schuller, cynthia 171 273 Schuller, Marisa 181 265 Schuman, Lynn 1111 188 Schweitzer, Art 171 273 Scott, Darla 191 258 Scott, Debbie 1111 188 Scott, Jane 1111 108,177,188 Scott, Linda 1111 188 Scott, Peggy 1101 201 Scott, Robert 181 218,222,265 Seale, Larry 191 220,258 Seaman, Stephani 191 256,258 Searcy, Richard 1121 22,30,84,86,95,101,104,120,151 Secrist, Ray 191 258 See, Barbara 1101 201 Seigel, Kathy 191 214,258 Rorschach, Tom 181 222,264 Rose, Steve 1121 169 Rosenthal, Tammy 1121 92,169 Ross, Carrie 1121 169 Ross, Donald 1121 108,169 Ross, Donna 1111 187 Ross, Jay 181 264 Ross, Madeline 1101 84,88,92,192,193,200 Ross, Mark 1111 187 Ross, Mitchell 171 214,273 Ross Phillip 181 264 Ross, Sara 191 214,215,247,256,258 Ross, Steve 1111 50,62,187 Rouse, Harry 1101 108,200 Rouse, Lucien 181 264 Rowland, Greg 1111 187 Rowland, Karen 1121 169 Royce, aiii 181 264 Rubin, Karl 181 264 Rucker, Sue 1111 88,107,200 Sellers, Jerry 1121 170 Sellers, Jim 1Fac.1 69,131 SENIORS 150 Seymore, Lane 191 217,258 Shafer, Teresa 1121 170 Shafer, Trudy 1101 201 Shaffer, Easter 1Fac.1 125 Sharp, Joe 1121 100,170 Sharpe, Gary 1111 108,188 Sheffield, Kathey 181 265 Sheffield, Ronnie 171 273 Sheffield, Stephen 151 265 Shell, Steve 1111 105,188 Shellhcrn, Bret 191 220,258 Shellhorn, Dee Ann 171 273 Shellshear, Elizabeth 1111 189 Shelton, Rex 191 214,219,220,258 Shepherd, Linc 1121 74,84,86,95,105,151,17O Shepperd, Lynn 191 222,258 Sheriff, Sue 191 222,258 Sherman, Barbara 1121 170 Slater, Kevin 191 258 Slater, Kim 191 258 Slater, Marilyn 1121 170 Slater, Wesley 181 165 Slemp, Roxi 1101 84,201 Sloan, Chuck 1121 62,64,90,170 Sloan, Glen 181 265 Sloan, Jody 1121 66,68,90,170 Sloan, Melinda 191 258 Sloan, Suzi 1111 189 Smart, Bob 1111 54,741,189 Smart, Jim 191 258 Smart, Tom 1121 108,171 Smith, Barbie 1101 88,92,201 Smith, Beth 191 212,258 Smith, Bob 1111 189 Smith, Brad 1101 201 Smith, Brenda 1121 50,151,170 Smith, Cathy 181 265 smith, Cheryl 171 274 Smith, Craig 171 274 Smith, Darrell 171 222 Smith, David 181 265 Smith, Deanna 1121 171 Smith, Floyd 181 265 Smith, Helen 1Fac.1 236 Smith, James 1121 18,19,54,90,171 smith, Janet 1111 189 Smith, Kelly 1101 58,59,201 Smith, Kipa 1101201 Smith, Margaret 1111 189 Smith, Mark 1121 171 Smith, Martha 1121 30,95,96,100,104,105,171 smith, Mike 1111 189 Smith, Noel 191 258 Smith, Rhonda 1111 189 Smith, Robin 1121 171 Smith, Roger 1Fac.1 116,117 Smith, Sanda 181 265 Smith, Stephen 181 265 Smith, Susan 1101 28,813,201 Smith, Terrie 191 217,258 smith, Virgina 1Fac.1 121 Smithen, Marc 1111 54,189 Smithey, Valerie 1111 189 Snell, Rodney 1101 192,201 Snell, Trevor 171 274 Snitz, Cathie 1111 78,108 Snokhous, Karen 1111 189 Sokol, Laurie 181 265 Somers, Shelly 171 274 Sommers, Laura 181 265 SOPHOMORES 192 Soulsby, David 1121 171 Soulsby, Susan 171 274 Southerland, Thomas 1101 201 Southern, John 1121 29,171 Southmayd, Janet 1121 5O,88,160,171 Robert 1111 189 Pope, Scott 1111 177,187 Porter, Kathy 1101 88,200 Porter, Paul 1121 54,167 Porter, Sherry 181 264 Posey, Sandra 1121 167 Posner, Chip 191 200 Postier, Ervin 1Fac.1 228,260 Potter, Michael 181 264 Potter, Patrick 1121 97,151,167 Potter, Pattie 171 273 Pottorf, Mary 1Fac.1 Powell, David 1101 59,200 Powell, l.D. 1Fac.1 Powell, Janice 1101 103,104,105,108,200 Powell, Julie 181 264 Powell, Remington, Tulio 181 264 Renfro, Karen 1121 168 Reno, Rodney 1Fac.1 238 Reves, Charles 1Fac.1 235 Reynolds, Darcy 191 214,217,220,258 Reynolds, Marla 171 273 Reynolds, Merrill 1111 177,187 Rhine, Joe 1121 94,168 Rhine, Rick 1101 200 Rhoades, Mike 1121 54,74,90,91,168 Rhoads, John 171 273 Rice, Robbie 1111 187 Rich, Bill 1101 200 Rich, Melanie 1121 20,168 Rosemary 1Fac.1 Powers, David 171 273 Powers, Kent 1111 50,108,187 Powers, Merle 1Fac.1 239 Powers, Rebekah 191 217 Powers, Robert 171 222,273 Powell, Tora 191 220,257 Richards, Barbara 1111 187 Richards Richards Richards Richards Richards , David 1101 59,143,200 , Jim 171 273 , John 191 258 ,Julie 1101 200 ,Philip 171 273 Richardson, David 1121 168 Rudd, Vicki 1121 169 Ruffin, Lois 1121 5O,87,151,169 Ruggles, Linda 1121 88,108,169 Ruggles, Randy 171 273 Ruhman, Linca 1Fac.1 239 Rumley, Wayna 1101 107,200 Rush, Debbie 1101 200 Rush, Robin 171 218,222,273 Rusher, Sandy 191 258 Rusher, Sherry 1111 84,187,177 Russell, Debbie 1111 188 Russell, Carl 1111 187 Russell, Cece 1121 31,169 Russell, Jenny 1121 20,21,169 Russell, Priscilla 1101 92,200 Rutledge, Liz 1111 30,50,188 Rutter, John 1101 59,97,201 Rutter, Kay 171 273 Ryan, Kathleen 1111 32,33,40,88,188,177 Ryker, Herb 191 258 S Saab, Anthony 1121 169 Sherrod, Beverly 1121 170 Sherron, Bret 191 258 Sherron, Patty 1111 189 Shields, Barney 1101 201 Shields, Rebecca 181 265 Shivery, Harry 1111 189 Shockey, Marilyn 1101 201 Shockey, Sharon 181 265 Shoemaker, Charles 171 273 Shoemaker, Susie 191 215,217,258 Short, Anne 1101 103,201 Shouse, Diane 1101 201 Shreck, Jane 171 274 Shriver, Chris 181 265 Shunk, Cris 1101 201 Sibcle, David 1121 170 Sidun, Nancy 1101 201 Sidun, Tom 1111 74,107,189 Sieler, Daniel 181 265 Silverman, Mike 1111 189 Simmons, Cyndi 1111 189 Simmons, Debra 1701 274 Simmons, Grant 1101 201 Sbahr, Traci 171 274 SPANISH CLUB 102 Spann, Lisa 181 265 Spann, Rebecca 1111 84,105,189 Sparkman, Suzanne 1101 201 Spear, Annette 171 274 Spear, David 181 265 Spearman, Pamela 171 274 Speed, Nan 1121 50,171 Speegle, David 1101 59,94,201 Spellman, B.J. 1121 171 Spellman, Susie 1111 107 Spence, Jeff 191 258 Spence, Joe 1111 76,189 Spencer, Chris 1101 31,201 Speyer, Bruce 181 218,222,265 Spitzmiller, Debbie 1111 50,189 Spitzmiller, Mike 181 265 Springer, Mike 191 258 sieffera, Charles 181 245,265 Stafford, David 181 265 Stafford, Gary 171 274 Stafford, James 1Fac.1 129 index. 285 Wilson Stafford, Kathi 1115 50,96,108,189 Stafford, Phil 1125 50,6s,90,1o5,171 STAGE BAND 109 STAGECRAFT 94 Staines, Jennifer 1115 34,41,84,177,189 Staires, Peggy 175 274 Staires, Susan 195 258 Stalcup, Lani 195 258 Stalcup, Larry 1115 189 Stallard, Mary 1115 50,92,103,107,177,189 Stallbories, Ardys 1125 98,171 Stallcup, Mac 175 274 Stamper, Steve 1105 59,201 Stanbery, Paula 1125 171 Stanley, Bob 185 265 Stanley, Jo Ann 1125 24,45,50,87,88,151,171 Stanley, Lane 1125 18,84,88,92,171 Stanton, Linda 1105 201 Stanton, Karen 1115 187 Stapleton, John 185 265 starr, Sandy 1115 159 Tankersly, Jeff 185 265 Tankersly, Leah 1105 100,202 Tanner, Jennie 195 217,259 Tarbel, Betsy 1115 50,189 Tarbel, Chris 185 265 Tattershall, Bob 185 265 Taylor, Karen 1115 189 Tebow, Maureen 1115 189 TENNIS 78 Tenzythoff, Dina 1Fac.5 221,237 Terhorst, Brian 185 250,265 Terhorst, Tony 1105 202 Terrill, Maria 1125 171 Tesh, Roland 175 274 Tessier, Donald 1125 172 Turnbaugh, Kristie 175 274 Turner, Anette 1125 172 Turner, Christina 185 266 Turner, Frances 1105 31,92,100,202 Turner, Gene 1Fac,5 218 Turner, Harry 1125 45,100,160,172 Watt, Terry 1125 48,50,173 Watts, Ginger 1115 189 Turner, Heather 175 221,274 Turner, John 1125 102,151,172 Turner, Mary 1105 31,92,202 Turner, Shari 175 274 Turney, Brent 1105 202 Turney, Mark 185 266 Tuttle, H Twilley, arold 1125 172 Dale 195 259 Waul, Gary 1105202 Weaver, Janet 175, 218,274 Weaver, Joni 185 218,266 Weaver, Lori 1105 202 Weaver, Mike 1105 72,202 Weaver, Tami 175 274 Webb, J ulie 1105 23,84,88,176,192,202 Webb, Terri 1105 202 Williams, Robby 1115 20,190 Williams, Robert 195 220,259 Williams, Robin 195 259 Williams, Susan 175 221,274 Williams, Terry 185 266 Williams, Tom 1125 173 Williamson, Randi 195 259 Williamson, Ted 1115 190 Willis, Cheryl 175 218,221,274 Willis, Cyndy 1105 202 Wilner, Steve 1115 190 Weber, Jacke 1105 202 Webster, Kevin 185 222,266 Webster, Paula 175 222,274 Weckstein, Bob 1105 65,202 Tessier, Pat 1115 39,42,177,189 Tessier, Peggy 1125 88,172 Tessier, Sue 195 215,259 Teter, Charles 1105 202 Teter, Joe 185 266 Teter, Mark 1105 202 Tharel, Judi 1115 50,100,189 Tharp, Clayton 1105 202 THESPIANS 95 WilS0l'1 Steed, Richard 1125 171 Steele David 1105 78 Steelei Jeff 185 265 Steele, Ken 175 274 Steele Scot 1125 54 90,171 Steiner, Tom 1125 171 Steinmeyer, Jeff 195 219,258 Steinmeyer, Kevin 1115 189 Stephens, Shelley 1105 201 Stephenson, Nelson 1105 59,201 Stevens, Chris 185 265 Stevens, Janie 1105 201 Steward, Doug 1125 94,108,171 Steward, Mike 1125 72,90,171 Stickel b Stewart, Jan 185 217,218,258 Stewart, Jeff 1125' 62,84,90,91,76,171 Stewart, Joan 175 218,274 Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Joyce 1115 50,143,189 Lindey 185 265 Richard 185 265 Robert 1125 38,45,84,B6,150,171 er, Florence 175 214 White, J stith, Elaine 195 217,256 stock, Leslie 1125 50,107,171 stoelt, Nancy 195 215,218,259 Stoia, K athy 185 265 Stone, Elizabeth 195 214,259 Stone, Julie 175 274 Stone, Melinda 185 260,265 Stone, Paul 1115 54 Stone, Rick 1105 201 Thomas, Cindy 195 221,222,259 Thomas, Jane 1125 172 Thomas, Josh 1115 71,143,189 Thomas, Mark 1125 172 Thomas, Martha 1125 43,47,84,88,172 Thomas, Mary 195 214,221,259 Thomas, Thomas, Tl'10fl'1aS Peggy 1105 88,202 Susan 1125 172 Timothy 1105 202 Thomeyer, John 185 266 Thompson, Alan 1115 189 Thompson, Arlene 1115 189 Thompson, Dan 195 259 Thompson, Dana 1125 48,50,84,87,B8,92,151,172 Thompson, Deborah 195 259 Thompson, Diane 1105 88,108 Thompson, Diane 195 222,259 Thompson, Elizabeth 1115 50,189 Thompson, Gary 1115 50,189 Thompson, Gary 1105 59,202 Thompson, Helen 175 211,274 Thompson, Henry 195 259 Thompson, John 185 266 Thompson, Julia 195 215,259 Thompson, Karen 1105 202 Thompson, Keith 195 214,259 Thompson, Larry 175 274 Thompson, Mary 1105 202 Thompson, Rick 1125 78,172 Thornton, Charlotte 195 214,255 Thornton, Ed 1115 79,189 Tidrow, Lisa 1115 189 oe 1Fac.5 228,268 Stookey, Sheri 1115 189 Story, Marianne 195 259 Story, Mark 1115 26,86,108,189 Story, Maureen 185 265 Stout, Mark 195 259 St. Pierre, Phyllis 1105 201 Stratton, Chip 195 215,259 Strickland, Denny 1105 201 Strickland, Janie 1125 171 Strozier, Louann 175 222,274 Strozier, Randall 185 222,265 Strozier, Steve 195 259 Stubbs, Terri 175 274 Studenmund, Carol 185 218,221,248,265 Studenmund, Sarah 1115 50,104,189 STUDENT COUNCIL 84 Stueber, Scott 175 274 Stutsman, Sandra 1115 32,50,108,189 Stutsman, Richard 1105 201 Sublett, Clay 195 214,215,242,253,259 sublett, John 1115 50,177,189 Sublett, Mece 1125 24,25,39,46,50,84,87,88,100,151,171 Sullivan, Micky 195 259 Y YEARBOOK 18 Wilhoit, Betsy 1105 104,202 Wallace, Patricia 1125 Summers, Debbie 1125 171 Tidwell, Cindy 1105 202 Tidwell, Seth 1125 4s,5o,54,55,8s,90,1o5,172 Tighe, Frank 1Fac.5 131 Tindell, Billy 1115 109 Tobey, Carol 1125 172 Todd, Diane 185 266 Todd, Louise 1Fac.5 134 Todd, Ruth 1105 189 Todd, Sharlene 1105 30,531,202 Todhunter, Eva 185 266 Toliver, Marc 185 266 Toliver, Terri 1115 189 Tomer, Barbara 1105 88,202 Torbert, Barton 1105 79,100,104,202 Torbert, Mary 1115 50,88,107,189 Townes, Amy 1115 189 Townsend, Andy 195 259 Townsend, Bruce 185 266 Townsend, Kathy 1115 50,86,103,177,189,200 Townsend, Stan 1125 54,79,145,172 Towry, Forrest 1Fac.5 226,227 TRACK 74 Tracy, Norman 1105 202 Traughber, Gail 1115 189 Twilley, Dwayne 175 274 Twist, Frank 1Fac.5 132 Twyman, Lynn 185 266 Twyman, Mark 1105 180,202 U Ulman, Philip 1115 50,189 Ulman, Susan 185 214,266 Unruh, Jilda 195 214,217,259 Unruh, Jim 185 214,266 Urrey, Chuck 1115 189 V Vale, Edward 175 274 Vale, Gary 1115 54,74,172 Vale, Lynnette 195 220,259 Vammen, Susan 185 266 VanDall, Dirk 175 274 VanDall, Leslie 195 259 VanDen Heuver, Tim 185 266 Vander Meulen, Susan 1115 189,100 Vanderburg, Marshall 1105 202 Vandever, Bill 195 259 Vandever, Gary 1115 189 Vandiver, Carol 175 274 VanSchoych, Carrie 195 259,218 VanSchoyck, Kay 175 274 VanSchoyck, Mike 1115 84,189,100,102 Van Schoyck, Patrick 1125 172 Vanzant, Becky 1115 50,100,104,189 Vaughan, Susan 1115 30,95,107,189 Vernetti, Carolyn 1Fac,5 123 Vesleyi Pamela 1105 202 Vesty, Charles 185 266 vestey, Tod 175 274 Vincent, Phillip 1115 189 Vincent, Phillip 175 221,274 Vincent, Randy 195 259 Vinian, James 195 259 Vire, Carolyn 185 266 Vire, Kenneth 195 259 Vogel, Toni 185 266 Volpe, Bob 1105 202 Volpe, Patti 175 274 VonDrehle, Bill 195222 Vosburgh, Lynn 1115 189 W Wade, Elizabeth 1125 44,48,50,84,85,96,172 Wade, Rebecca 175 274 Wade, Suzanne 1105 202 Wadlin, Jack 1105 202 Wagner, Anne 1115 189 Wagner, Fred 195 218,259 Wagor, Mark 1105 202 Wagor, Stacy 175 214,274 Wagster, Mary 1115 189 Wakely, Kathy 185 266 Walden, Diane 175 268,274 Waldo, Debbie 1115 189 Waldo, Vicki 1125 50,172 Waldorf, David 175 274 Weddle, Ann 175 222,274 Weedn, Jim 1115 54,69,90,189 Weedn, Marilyn 175 222,274 Weedn, Robert 195 259 Weedn, Tim 185 266 Weems, Bryan 1125 108 Weir, David 175 274 Weir, Roxanna 1105 202 Weir, Tr esa 195 259 Wilson, Alex 1125 50,173 WilSOl'l Cynda 1115 190 Wilson: Deborah 1125 173 Wilson, Frank 1105 202 Wilson Fred 1125 107,173 Wilsoni Jim 1115 54,190 Wilson, Jo 175 220,274 Wilson John 1125 18,50,54,56,76,90,91,173 Wilson , Joyce 185 266 Wilson, Kathy 185 266 Wilson, Kenneth 1125 18,50,173 Kirk 175 274 Weir, Virginia 1125 50,8B,173 Wilson, Linda 1105202 Weisman, Robert 185 222,266 Welch, Bill 1105 60,74,90,91,189 Welch, Doug 175 274 Welch, Kaye 1115 50,189 Welch, Steven 185 266 Wells, Ruth 1Fac.5 123 Wenger, James 1125 14,84,173 West, Annetta 1115 189 West, Danny 1105 202 West, Lynn 195 217,221,259 West, Mimi 1125 105,173 West, Randy 1105 31,65,B4,202 West, Susan 175 221,248,274 Westfall, Jim 1115 159 Westfall, Lynn 195 218,259 Whally, kathy 195 259 Wheeler, Debbie 1115 189 Wheeler, Kevin 1115 190 Wisenhunt, Cathy 195 259 Whisman, Dixie 1115 190 Whitaker, Kathy 1Fac.5 238 White, Becky 185 266 White, Bill 1115 57,715,190 White, Gail 185 266 Wilson Mary 175 274 Wilson: Mike 1105 58,139,202 ,Sandy 1125 50,151,174 Winford, John 1115 190 Winford, John 1115 54 Winfrey, Richard 1Fac.5 222,240 Wing, Martin 1115 50,190 Wing, Melissa 185266 Wintle, Jack 1115 190 Wisdom, Don 1115 50,86,105,190 Wise, Jennifer 1105 202 Withington, Danny 1105 54,65,90,202 Witt, Chuck 195 222,259 Witt, Linda 185 266 Wixson, Darby 185 266 Wixson, Mimi 1105 202 Wolf, Cathy 185 222,266 Wolf, David 1105 202 Wolf, Terry 1105 202 Womack, Jim 1Fac.5 107,136 Wyomble, Sara 7185 266 Weneik, John 1115 84,104 Wood, Cathy 1115 190 ohn 175 274 White, Judi 1125 50,87,88,103,107,173 White, Kenny 195 259 White Marta 1115 84,88,177,190 White: Mike 1105 202 White, Pam 1105 202 White Patricia 195 259 Whitel Sheryl 1105 202 White, Stanley 105 222,266 White, Stephanie 175 274 White, Z Wood, Charlotte 1Fac.5 127 Wood, Chris 185 266 Wood, Dan 1105 202 Wood, Danny 185 266 Wood, Don 1105 59,202 Wood, Druce 185 266 Wood, Jeff 195 94,259 Wood, Linda 1105 98,108,202 Wood, Patricia 1105 202 Wood, Patty 195 259 Wood, Rig 1105 108,202 Wood, Ronnie 1115 190 Walke r, Bill 185 266 Walker, Henrietta 1Fac.5 220,232 Walker, Kathy 1125 172 Walker, Kathy 185 266 Walker, Sam 185 218,221,266 Whitecotton, Carolyn 185 266 Whitlow, Mary 195 259 Whitmore, Laura 1125 173 Whitt, Brian 1125 50,173 Whitten, Chad 185 266 Whittenberg, Kelli 175 218,222,246,274 Wickersham, Denna 1105 168,202 Wickett, Lou Ann 1Fac,5 234 Wickware, Linda 175 270,274 Widmar, Mike 195 259 Wiehe, Marilyn 1125 97,173 Wies, Cathy 1125 32,108,173 Wies, David 1115 108,142,190 Wies, Sherry 195 259 Wiggins, Mike 195 259 Wilbanks, William 1125 173 Wilcox, Mike 195 259 Wilcox, Tim 1115 50,177,190 Wilde, Teresa 1125 18,19,50,87,173 Wilder, Kathy 1125 50,87,92,103,151,173 Wiley, Kathryn 175 274 Wilhite, Shawn 175 250,274 Wood, William 185 266 Woodall, Bert 1115 20,50,190 Woodard, Dick 1125 174 Woodbury, Kathy 1115 31,190 Woodring, Debie 1115 190 Woodring, Ricky 195 259 Woods, Don 1125 174 Woods, Gary 1115 50,90,100,190 Woods, Kelley 1105 202 Woodward, Jo Ann 1115 190 Woolsey, Barbara 195 259 Worth, Christiane 1Fac.5 128 Wozencraft, Chris 1125 50,108,17 WRESTLING 66 Wright, Chuck 1115 190 Wright, Debbie 175 274 Wright, Mary 1125 174 Wright, Randy 1105 94,203 Wright, Steve 1125 62,911,174 Summers, Jeff 1115 69 Sutton, Denise 1125 171 Svoboda, Lanell 1105 108,202 Swafford, Jeff 195 220,259 Swank, Sally 1105 202 Swanson, Ronny 1115 189 Swearingen, Lynn 175 220,274 Sweeny, Janet 195 220,246,259 Swift, Otis 1105 202 SWIMETTES 92 SWIMMING 70 swlnaell, Cynthia 1115 50,104 Swindell, James 185 265 Swyden, Charlie 1115 189 Symanski, Richard 1105 202 Syrrianski, Robert 1125 94 T Taber, Debra 1105 88, 104,202 Taber, Tom 185 265 Tabor, Curtis 175 27 Tabor, Mark 1105 202 Taliaferro, Verna 1Fac,5 233 Tankersly, Cindi 185 265 Index o 286 Traughber, Terri 185 266 Treece, Trinder, Trinder, Trinder, Pam 195 215,217,259 Debbie 1125 172 Ginger 185 266 John 195 259,294 Tripp, Pam 1105 202 Trotter, Joe 1125 144,160 Trotter, Sara 185 266 Trowbridge, Marsha 195 217,220,259 Truesdell, Sheldon 1105 202 Trussell, lvlark 1115 107,189 84,88,100,173 Waller, Richard 1115 50,84,86,103,176,189 Waller, Stephen 185 266 Walston, Weldon 185 266 Walter, Peter 1115 189 Walters, Wendy 195 217,259 Walton, Barry 1115 189 Walton, Jan 1115 189 Ward, Debbie 185 266 Ward, Laura 185 266 Ward, Mary 1125 20,151,166,173 Wright, Tony 1115 190 Wyant, Frank 1125 174 Wyer, Linda 1115 41,s4,ss,17e,19 Wyrick, Charlotte 1115 107,190 Wilhoit, Nancy 1125 107,173 Wilkerson, Debbie 1115 50,190 Wilkerson, Jan 175 220,222,274 Wilkerson, Jan 1105 202 Wilkins, Carol 1105 202 Wilkinson, John 195 259 Willbanks, Richard 1115 78,97,190 Willey, Barbara 1125 173 Willhite, Mike 195259 Willhite, Randy 195 259 Young Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young Young Angela 1105 203 Deanna 1125 174 Gary 1125 94,174 Janice 185 138,266 Mary 185 138,266 Mathel 1Fac.5 238 Steve 1115 190 Vernice 185 144,218,266 Williams, Celestia 1Fac.5 236 Williams Elizabeth 175 221,274 Trussell, Shelley 195 259 Tschappat, Margaret 195 217,259 Tschappat, Phyllis 1125 31,50,87,88,95,100,172 Tuck, Greg 1115 189 Tuck, Patti 185 266 Tucker, Bill 185 266 Tucker, Roger 1105 202 Tuell, Edward 195 208,222,259 Tuell, Robert 1125 108,172 Turley, Linda 1115 24,25,88,177,189 Warne, Warner, Warren, Watkins Watkins Paula 195 217 Rick 1115 108 H.B. 1105 202 ,Gary 1115 189 , Mark 175 274 Watkins, Michele 1115 104,189 Williams: Evelyn 1105 202 Williams ,Jim 1105 31,202 Williams, John 1115 50,76,138,190 Williams, John 1115 190 Williams, Kenneth 195 219,259 Williams Lance 195 259 Williams: Linda 1Fac.5 236 Williams Williams Williams Linda 1125 173 ivlarlt 195 259 Mike 175 214,274 Williams: Mimi 1115 190 Watson, Cynthia 1125 173 Watson, Dennis 1105 202 Watt, Cherylon 1115 189 Watt, Jimmy 1105 202 Watt, Julie 195 218,259 Watt, Newton 1125 54,90,173 Williams, Randy 1115 94,190 Z Zacker, Ava 1125 30,50,95,101,105,174 Zang, Pamela 1115 177,190 Zarrow, Kathy 1115 190 Zarrow, Scott 175 143,214,221,246,274 Zayat, Carol 1105 203 Zea, Luis 1105 203 Zeigler, Teresa 185 266 zoller, Julia 175 125,268,274 Zwahlen, Bruce 195 126,222 Zwahlen, Janet 185 266 Acknowledgements . 287 I Wwnsinn-iuwfw HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY I Ncrvh Curwwnu LLOYD C, TOMBERLNN, TULSA, OKLAHOMA

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