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, ij -Mu f A 7 , " v of ,gy Q QQ X ? 553' ul ' M45 X 1 ,X ff +yf.4.g ,9,MW,f, 21 f Q ' 462032, 'M Q 5 A 2141? .4,?'?d,9'f, A1V. S S gg xp 5 1-fs' Nfl W Sw Eff, Q, Q T -5 MQWJWJAMWQJWMLQ U Q 5, , aff.az4545f,,w4,M,!tdfAZ4C!Z'! Cn ""P'3-"V 5 ..',. ,, E 5 ll' 444V - v JZQV14 F. g GQWQQAVY5' - , if C T F75 Gf v . 3 Q W l 05449 mfs! 'QW'-4,eL ya, ,fgwff 03520 , C 56,5691 C9371 . 6-65 -OCKYYJJ Yee Yuw fiwfffv 5V"N"'xE'RL - Rmzfw. W4 You 4,54 Bzgjgig Q Q ,MJD gb Q ,ff-"'aH' ja ua! 'aw' Wm 'Mi -Qu, . viii xikggaliigiggm My ,Am 325, Gigi? gl-5 QW QQRQH? MV? Hffmawyf Jw, Wfgfg 1 Ax b I Q X7 ESQ bfgiixjffgyfg fp wr 2 .J QxQWMM GYxVUwww I jbwmjwwwyhwmm jg at MM WIMWW W aw ' c MJMM, I MM Hiram fam M Vjgjowfgwvgfaboff TORCH IILQM-V 'M J 1968 THOMAS A. EDISON HIGH SCHOOL f I Tulsa, Oklahoma I I I EcIiIor: Eric Nelson B ' Manager: Nancy AcIIcison h Advisor: M . June Richey YOUTH '68: WE SALUTE YOU X D- SQYWI VX3 LDV DLI 7? 5U TABLE OF CONTENTS R ADMINISTRATION I4 STUDENT LIFE 38 HONORS 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETICS I20 CLASSES I50 fl? l,A ADMINISTRATION I4 o STUDENT LIEE 38 o HONORS 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETICS I2O o CLASSES I5O o ADM 2 'E I' -I-IE ADIVIIIXISTRATION: TRYING. SIJCCEED N6 . . . LEAVE ANI INDELIBLE MARK UPON EVERYONE WI-IO PASSES -I'IROLlOI'I ED SONI'S DOORS ION I4 o STUDENT LIFE 38 o I-IONORS 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETICS I2O o CLASSES I5O o ADMINISTRATION 3 A2 DAYS ARE FILLED WITI-I COUNTLESS HAPPENINQS, eoco AND ,W BAD . . . EACH IS SOMETHING SPECIAL TO A STUDENT AT EDISON L I gf 'g,5 5. Tff I I- o STUDENT LIFE 38 o HONORS 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETICS I2O o CLASSES I5O o ADMINISTRATION I4 4 I I J E: ,, if ij 'M . 9. Vi., W - , 'xv . 'nu A . p XD xg , x I . ,Z ,- Q gf Q 'JC' Wg ' . Q1 I? D3 lfk ,. , 1 Q 'ISS S if ,I ' I f...... K K N LIFE 38 o HONORS 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETICS I2O o CLASSES I5O o ADMINISTRATION I4 o STUDENT LIFI 5 X U 11, in - .KMM X "?a' 'Ng'-M Nafional Meri? Semifinalisis 8 o HONORS 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETICS I2O o CLASSES I5O o ADMINISTRATION I4 o STUDENT LIFE 38 6 I V STUDENTS BRING HONOR TO EDISON . . . THE SCHOOL, IN TURN, CONEERS HONOR UPON ITS STUDENTS . . . BOTH ARE LONG LASTING 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETICS I2O o CLASSES I50 o ADMINISTRATION I4 o STUDENT LIFE 38 o HONORS 5 7 ,hx EEN' , 3 r---- . 'I"'I.k-5.7 3 f .. "IWW . , ff w- ' " H' H' V55 'Siding 145153, .4 43' ' . ' T' V, 1 I' 100-K, 1' ' 'ff' ' ' 1.1: '77 -' C " :,,-'siIu,' f Q4 ww ff I-I"' ,s W K X QM ff ' "L ELIIfvv"71"aY5IT:3'f " I' I """I" , -A T DRGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETICS I2O o CLASSES ISO o ADMINISTRATION I4 o STUDENT LIFE 38 o HONORS 58 o ORG 8 WORKING TOGETHER, SERVING THE SCHOOL, THE COMMUNITY, AND ONESELF YIELDS THE GREATEST ENJOYMENT: SATISFACTION IONS 76 o ATHLETICS I2O o CLASSES ISO o ADMINISTRATION I4 0 STUDENT LIFE 38 o HONORS 58 o ORGANIZATION 9 r .A 2. , ,,A,., I. 03 FQ ,Q BEHIND THE ATHLETES ON THE FIELD IS INDOMITABLE SPIRIT WHICH DRIVES THEM TOWARDS VICTORY ATHLETICS I20 o CLASSES ISO o ADMINISTRATION I4 o STUDENT LIFE 38 o HONORS 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 I0 .333 I' ' " I, -,,, Q ,gf M - 1 4 I I fm -Wie ,-:f g:A1g:w. A--Iv , ,hrw A-gf A-',,1E. CS I20 o CLASSES I5O o ADMINISTRATION I4 o STUDENT LIFE 38 o HONORS 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETIC II ' ' ' un. , ,. 4 'S ff arf" jg, ', .vm .. ,F 167 M an Q' 44" I8 0 CLASSES I50 o ADMINISTRATION I4 o STUDENT LIFE 38 0 I-IONORS 0 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETICS I2O I2 STUDY . . . WORK . . . THE RUSH . . . THE FINAL BELL . . . FUN . . . AN EDISON VICTORY. . . HOMEWORK . . . A PAUSE . . . AND THEN IT BEGINS AGAIN ES I50 o ADMINISTRATION I4 o STUDENT LIFE 38 0 HONORS 58 o ORGANIZATIONS 76 o ATHLETICS I2O o CLASSES I3 1 1 L . w x 'N ,. I. ...Q- . ,....w- T...-mf J.-.-'xi rf ' 4 A4-,,,,,.v-f ,,,,.-1-,,,.-. 'A Q nf -if "'7'f'::,?'E-'fT".A ' ...M-rg.-tef'I?'1"fx'L' . I A ' "L 'P-1'-If-,ew 115-3-:..1!,, . xi., 1 ,. ., N EiQS3p'- . ilggn- .3 'S.-1535.1 ,- "" .N ull: '1. -:1'f9ff'f'71. , .L , f Qu f Y m S ' 'f',w',. P- 4 . n F,-, , . 1- wa' 1 4 Q '. s f . , 1.1 gf ' J, 14' '- '?'f?:f, . fl .F 'ldf'-, . ,..-. F-ru M' q ' 'ima as V,-by -.,,, 7' 3 14' u - al' K- f. .. ,79'4,,IJffil5 'se' L 4.2 . wg: ., , 4'-L11 A ...fi : S I' 1 1" f i 1 ,, 3, . 'X 4,g',x,,v,f4f4h g--ftg,5'Rjg..g . 4'?' 1 ,E '- gn-g'52,f,, , 5' TA ,v R., .l , , W- , 1 K r - ' Q -- 4 .4 f . ,EJ -' t., TL- gizs' 93. , . Q?" 1 '31 CQ. Va-'K--' -A . . I - , . , . ' , ,.,. - . . -rf ' 'sr' 2 fft-197 I I .Q . 'Al ' ' . '4, L X 4 1 , . ...- YI Y X , , 'r ' - , J 45 N W, wg'-gm-.K I 1, ,. 2 Q' 2-"Q 'fi ' ' W ' ' W W ' -' V ' , F IV' 4. , K ww . V .- A , hgmgi, K3-5 H' Q '-,, 'Q -.-fx? 'QL'-4,55 , , fi "'11S'A1' H' , ff, I Lffi' fa 'in I-. fi2i5Z',9lfQfM'I:2 f2L!,1,:,1j'fE3eEa,l V . "" M fs in ' ' V W ,-fzfffs V..-f,ffzg. 1 Lg, N. A ' 'Sw "X L ' 'Url W ,Wx 1.f,,,k mu' . 4 , ',vmw,.f,, . gf LQy.fL-.:g.wg,w,q' .3 5. nihlf 'A ,, '?Qg'Q,jvQ,Qy, bm- ,IN Wi''-,+74JfNI5Q',f,Rff1f ' L ' 7,5f,W 4h,f,y.M '- my .,,h,y 4' -115 25- ,Qi -5- ,. 5 M, Us M. ,ix .. V . A, Wwgg, I "V ' Sw: I ' - f,f:-x-fw:,1::f' ' -gag ,fs ' ,K - Ang .134 . ,K Jr, sf' ' ,,,,, , "M"M01m-.wb M W . ,MX . , M-AW, K 1 4 1 A u' 2 My ' ' F W fwlq, 133 . A L' A ' V 5 ffaFw:FE, ww? 4' M f fuifw 11 3 rw, 1 v ff' P af H 4 455 Ae EZ U ' M E' 'fn A 5 ga 1' 0.59, V K ' Y 5 I I V. ,Awww Wfmemw ' Principal Reflects Pride ln Edison Friend, advisor, experimenTer Mr. Cleveland is more Than iusT a principal. Through his knowledge oT sTudenTs' names, and his awareness oT Their per- sonaliTies and inTeresTs, respecT Tor him has con- sTanTly grown. Seeking To improve The curriculum, Mr. Cleveland oTTen called upon Teachers To relaTe improved Techniques and ideas. By following Mr. Cleveland's excellenT example, sTudenTs worked harder Tor Their school and displayed Triendliness and The desire To learn. Under his conTinued guid- ance, Edison can only reach greaTer heighTs, bene- TiTing from Mr. Cleveland's broad knowledge. Taking a break in a busy schedule. Mr. Cleve- land relames by reading The Thomas Times. Skilled in hunTing, Mr. Cleveland checks his equipmenT. Serving Tulsa Public Schools since I944, Dr. Charles C. Mason has raised The sTand- ards oT educaTion in Tulsa and has done invaluable worlc as The chieT adminisTraTor oT The Tulsa School sysTem. ElecTed Tor Three year Terms. The mem- bers of The Board OT EducaTion work wiTh hundreds oT school adminisTraTors in lceep- ing The curriculum oT The schools up-To- daTe, and coordinaTing The schools Toward common goals. These members are civic minded Tulsans who have a common con- cern Tor The educaTion oT Today's youTh. Dr. Charles C. Mason SuperinTendenT Board of Education Guides School System Carl C. Beesley Presidenl' Mrs. Opal Carllson Vice-Presidenl Roberl A. Beclrslrom Ray Conard Roberl J. Riggs, Jr. W. H. Sadler, Jr. Mrs. Virgil O. Wood Y l ii K ff SV! . .,S. Counselors Work For Students Counselors relax while supporling lhe Edison loolball learn. Larry Alexander Sr. High Counselor N. H. S. Sponsor Jerrel Beller Sr. High Counselor Sr. High Boys' Dean Charlene Clark Sr. High Counselor Sr. High Girls' Dean Sludenl Foreign Exchange Program Richard Cox Sr. High Counselor Adverlising Board Sponsor Odella Lewis Sr. High Counselor Usherelles Sponsor Glennis Miller Jr. High Counselor K-Club Sponsor Russell Ralhiens Jr. High Counselor Jr. High Boys' Dean Zoe While Jr. High Counselor Jr. High Girls' Dean Edison's counselling slall repealedly gave advice, lislened lo excuses. and mainlained an inleresl in lhe aclivilies of busy Edisoniles rhroughoul 'rhe year. ln junior high. Edison sludemls became ac- quainled wilh"rhe counselors, and learned l'ha'l l'heir assislance was a greal help in keeping up wilh lhe lasl-paced life al Edi- son. The guidance ol 'rhe senior high coun- selors lor college preparalion aided many Teenagers and eased l'hei minds ol many worried seniors. The enlire counselling slall provided Edison sludenls wilh a basis on which lhey can plan a successful lulure. Mr. Donald Hooper? assumed many responsibililies as senior high assisianr principal. l-lis dulies included planning a flexible curriculum inleresring To all The sludenls, in addi- Jrion To heading ihe guidance and program slralf. Assislanl' principal in The iunior high, Mr, Forresi Towry confinued 'ro raise ihe siandards of classes and acrivilies. Through careful planning of sludenJr's schedules, They were even belrer prepared 'ro accepl new challenges ser by ac- celeraled sludies. Unseen Tasks Add To Keeping up wilh curnularive records, Mr. Hooper? nares a s'rudeni's progress. Nor only a hard worker, Mr. Hooper? is a friend io sfudenls. Business concerning +he iunior high is frequenf conversaiion beiween Mr. Towry and Mrs. Winnie McClain Assistant Principals' Load Even aiier sciwooi, Mr. Forresi Towry finds Time io visii wiih siudenis. A+ 'rhe Vocalional Technical Cenfer. con- cenlraled courses in specialized fields sup- plemenied The basic curriculum of lhe nine public Tulsa high schools. Classes were con- ducied in order 'ro prepare siudenis who were seeking employmeni immecliaiely af- 'rer graduaiion from high school. Courses in phoiography, cosmeiology, power- me- chanics, and commercial arf were a few of 'rhe many in which inieresied siudenls were able fo excel. This year lhe Vocarional Technical Cenrer opened a new postgrad- uafe sludy facilify. Taking blood pressure is one of 'rhe praciices lo be learned by girls wishing To become medical assislanfs. Specialized Skills Inspire Trainees ln elecironics courses ai 'rhe Vocaiional Tech- nical Cenler, boys are offered The opporiunily fo work wilh advanced eleclronic equipmeni. Compulers are wired Tor processing by sludenls al The Vccavfjr il Technicil Center. X'-,V A 1 ,...,, , , ' w..nf42.f1Lf1' 01 4'1" -MM7, in 1 ew A f 5 l in . v wswlfr J 1' , 1 W wif 1 fn gh'-1 ia5ai..: " na-.--f'!1lL1 1 f-me Q A' dw ,fr , xl. ' fl X 5 x im 1 N., K School Qperates QQ.A77 iw-fl-M 'KW' 1 .TF 16 J 1 l X Smoothly Dolores Frank JV. l'liql'1 Allerdgngg Clerk Lorena George Sr. High Regislrar Floriene Harris Acczompanisl For Girls' Gym Jewel Jones Mafron Laymon Kennedy Cuslodian Winnie McClain Jr. High Secrelary Office Manager Leila Olmslead Jr. High Bullelin Clerk Virginia Smifh Sr. High Assisfanl Allendance Clerk Virginia Washburn Sr. High School Nurse Corene Adams PBX. Operalor Alice Bauer Sr. High Allendance Clerk Orlene Blalre Sr. High Bullelrin Clerlc Rufh Boll Sr. l-ligh Secrelary Office Manager Shirley Canfield Sr. High Assislanl Regislrar Evelyn Chambers Jr. High School Nurse Frances Elliol Sr. High Acldressograph Clerk Belly Dralz Dielician Increased srudies in Shakespeare, nor only in 'rhe honors classes buf also in regular classes broadened Edison slu- denis' appreciaiion of ihe famed playwrighi. Sophomores siudied Twelffh Nighi and Julius Caesar, as 'rradilional sludy of Macbefh for juniors and Hamlei' for seniors coniinued. Aciual producrion of rwo Shakespearean plays were seen when rhe Narional Shakespeare Company appeared ai' Edi- son in February, performing Romeo and Juliei' and Twelffh Night Vocabulary and grammar exercises conrinued lo pre- pare sludenls 'for proper use of Jrhe English language. Appearance Of Shakespearean Company Highlights Year Jennye Ables Sr. High English Judy Brazinslcy Sr. High English Honors Talons Co-sponsor Jerry Ann Brown Jr. High English Dorofhy Boafrighf Jr. High Librarian John BuH's Sr. High English Sr. Class Sponsor Mariha Cole Sr. High English Honors Humaniiies Eyrie Sponsor Befhel Delay Sr. High Librarian Nancy Diclrason Sr. High English Susie Edwards Sr. High English Sr. High French Marfha Fasi' Jr. High English Margarei' Grelrel Jr. High English Carolyn Harris Jr. High English ...Q viii -as-mul' Alihough 'From rival schools. Mrs. Mary Noble and her fs-mr ln adclilion 'lo leaching, Mrs. Jerry Ann Brown allends classes al' Tulsa Universily lo furlher her knowledge. Carolyn Hill Sr. High English Red Cross Sponsor Opal Hofer Sr. High English Julia Hope Jr. High English Slamp Club Sponsor Shirley Marlin Jr. High English Marylillian McDonald Jr. High English Mary Faye McFarlin Sr. High English Mary Noble Sr. High Erglish June Richey Sr. High English Yearbook Sponsor Journalism Ralph Schlick Sr. High English German German Club Sponsor Henrieffa Waller Jr. High English Jr. High Lalin Lalin Club Sponsor Jacaneffe Wells Jr. High English Rufh Wells Sr. High English Hono Barbara Burlcel' Sr. High Speech Thespians Sponsor David Crowell STagecraTT Audio-Visual Sandra Donahue Jr. High Speech Drama Club Sponsor Darrell Goode Sr. High English Sr. High Speech DebaTe Club Sponsor Speech And Music Enlighten Stude Marcia Miichell Jr, High Speech AssisTanT Drama Club Sponsor Ashley Alexander Sr. High lnsTrumenTal Music Marching Band Mariorie Ashcrafl' Jr. High Vocal Music RuTh Blaylock Music-Theory and Harmony Laven Sowell Jr. and Sr. High Vocal Music Conceri' Chorus Richard Winfrey Jr. High lnsirumenial Music Edison's Speech DeparTmenT emphasized poise and coniidence in public speaking as well as The abiliTy To express oneselT. DicTion. pre- cise enunciaTion. polished Techniques and voice proiecTion were only a Tew oT The qualiTies TaughT To speech sTudenTs. ExTra hours of pracTice and concenTraTed sTudy have produced The renowned Music De- parTmenT aT Edison. The TalenTed vocal and in- menT harmoniously reTlecT The insTrucTion and inspiraTion oi Their Teachers. DramaTic reading provides a challenging aTmos- phere Tor Miss Barbara BurlceT's speech sTudenTs. 26 sTrumenTal groups which make up This deparT- nts' Culture 'xx X-J fy XX Zh ' A J N . M lx ' 2 l 1 xl . l Xl i ' W xyu x , , ij" ' A x I ...N 'K -4 x, Travels Promote World Understanding Memories from lasl summer's lrip lo France are recalled as Miss Vivian Orms plans lo conlinue sludy lhere 'rhis summer. " Foreign languages al Edison ranged from Lalin lo French, Spanish and finally German. Wilh more and more sludenls lraveling 'ro dillerenl counlries. knowledge ol a second language became a musl. Through lhe help ol The various inslruclors and lhe organizalion of language clubs, a new insighl was gained. lurlhering underslanding belween counlries. Sludenls found lhal learning a language was much more lhan lhe coniugalion of verbs or The memorizing of vocabulary. ll was lhe lcnowl- edge ol lhe people, lheir lradilions and lheir cusloms which made learning new languages con- slanlly dilferenl and exciling. Helen Carney Sr. High French French Club Sponsor Mary Childs Jr. High Spanish Spanish Club Sponsor Sandra Griffin Jr. High French French Club Sponsor RoseElla Misch Jr. High Spanish Honor Commission Sponsor Bealrice Nolley Sr. High Lalin Lalin Club Sponsor Vivian Orms Sr. High French Rachel Pollard Sr. High Spanish Mary Pollorf Sr. High Spanish Rachel Sanchez Sr. High Spanish Spanish Club Sponsor Jim Belt Jr. High Math Math Club Sponsor William Connor Jr. High Math Jaclr Dobelbower Sr. High Advanced Math Sr. High Student Council Sponsor Melvin Driver Sr. High Geometry Bobby Guess Jr. High Math Coin Club Sponsor Mariorie Landry Sr. High Math A. R. Lutman Sr. High Math Soph. Class Sponsor Mu Alpha Theta Sponsor Karen McCartney Sr. High Math F.T.A. Sponsor Mathematical Concepts Set Foundations Whether merely interested or detinitely mathe- matically minded, students at Edison were presented with a myriad ot thought provolcing math courses. These courses, ranging trom basic algebra and geometry through the intricacies ot trigonometry and calculus, have gratitied the majority ot en- thusiastic students. For those who telt the need tor more mathematical activity, Jr. High Math Club and Mu Alpha Theta met on Tuesday atternoons examining new concepts in mathematics. Practice tor the Tulsa Thunderbirds proves rougher than geometry tor Mr. Melvin Driver. Behind SR. News ii ' lik" . .. X , in .'+,.1--'fsfii' Mrs. Karen McCar'rney emphasizes fha? 'resl' grades should measure up +o 'rhe highesr siandards. g ZS '1 w 1 f, 'kai Qmmwfs 9 Don Phillips Jr. and Sr. High Maih Fooiball-Baseball Coach Ervin Posiier Sr. High Geomelry Driver's Training Sherman Roberfson Jr. High Maih Dorofhy Salfer Jr. High Malh Easier Shaffer Sr. High Maih Physics Helen Smifh Jr. High Malh Roger Smiih Sr. High Malh Jr. Class Sponsor Linda Smiih Jr. High Malh Celesfia Williams Jr. High lvlalh Jr. High Red Cross Spo HSOF Lewis Ayres Biology James Briscoe Life Science Richard Burch Physical Science Wendell Casey Plnysioloqy Psyclwology Key Club Sponsor Reber? Cope Earfln Science Roberr Hursf Clnernisiry -K t' Courses In Science Lead To Discovery ln our modern and ieclnnological world, if is necessary lor sludenls io be acquainied wiilw 'ilwe sciences io become aware individuals. Edison's sci- ence curriculum provided excelleni opporiunilies for acquiring Jrhis knowledge llwrouqlw iis abundanr supply of Texlboolcs, up-To-dale laboraiory equip- meni and ouisfanding leacliers. Discussion and ex- perimenralion in Edison's classrooms aroused in- reresr and eagerness io learn 'rl1is viral segrneni of one's educarion. Correci' procedure for experimenis is slmown lo siudenis by Mr. Bob Sanderson. 79 043 'wx Precision in experimenfs is required for accurale resulls. .if Naomi Pedersen Biology Advanced Biology Larry RenHro Life Science Sr. l-liglw Baseball Sr. High Baslcefball Bob Sanderson Biology Medical Club Sponsor Kay VanVallrenburgh Chemisiry Cheri Jo Poyas Life Science Charlofie Wood Biology CharloTTe Dormire Oklahoma HisTory CaTharine Earl Geography David Edwards Civics-Economics Doyle l-lallum U.S. l-lisTory Jean Faulkinbury Economics Walfer Gerard Civics Jr. l-ligh STudenT Council Sponsor Social Studies Trains Tomorrow s Ambassadors The Social STudies DeparTrnenT, com- prised oT hisTory, civics, governmenT, eco- nomics, and geography classes, imformed sTudenTs oT The occurrences oT yesTerday and The concepTs oT Today ThroughouT The world. Capable insTrucTors plus The new- esT visual aids allowed sTudenTs To grasp The basic principles oT These perTinenT Tields. Only Through an undersTanding ol: The pasl' can individuals prosper as ciTizens oT Tomorrow. Mr, Doyle l-lallum Takes a break from hisTory lec- Tures by refreshing himselT wiTh a cool drink. Bullefin boards lcepl' up fo dale by Mrs. Mae Slafer creale in+eres'r in Oklahoma's hisfory. Jesse Padgefl' Sr. High U.S. Hisfory Evelyn Parish Ancienl'-Medieval Hisfory Charles Reves Geography Rosalind Rhymer Ancienf-Medieval Hisfory Modern Hisfory Mae Slafer Oklahoma Hisfory James Sfafford World Hisiory lnfernafional Relalions Club Sponsor John Haynes Governmenf-Economics World Hisfory Joe Kiger Geography Foolball-Golf Coach Hardy Mclfaslzle Sr. High U.S. Hisfory James Morrow Jr. High U.S. Hisfory While pointing out the intricacies ot the machinery, Mr. Bill McPeters tests a distributor Interested Faculty Provides New Ideas :ggi 'N Construction ot a sports coat by Wendy Barnes often pre- sents problems that can be solved by Mrs. Frances Smith. Enabling students to pursue tields pertaining to their interests, classes in industrial arts, homemalcing and art were ottered at Edison. Practical application allowed individuals to meet their needs, interests and abilities in a classroom atmosphere. Technological job skills in electricity, weld- ing, wood and metal work. and auto mechanics were taught while a wide variety ot homemalcing courses prepared tuture homemakers. Sue Johnson Sr. High Art Louise Todd Sr. High Art J. Don Wood Jr. High Art George Collins Jr. High Metals Adding finishing louches, Mr. J Don Wood views a 'roofhpick sculp'rure. Charles Johnson Jr. High Woods Bill McPe+ers Power Mechanics James PaHon Draffing Baskelball-Foofball I. D. Powell Draffing Billye Glover Jr. High Homemak Frances Smifh Clolhing Jean Uelrechi' Clofhing-Foods Kafherine Whifalrer Jr. High Homemalung Amye Alford Jr. High Phys. Ed. Richard Chapman World History Head Football Coach Pat Houston Sr. High Phys. Ed. Swimettes Sponsor Tom Langham Sr. High Phys. Ed. Swimming-Football Coach Nocus Mclntosh Jr. High Phys. Ed. Nancy Newsom Jr. High Phys. Ed. Leader Corps Sponsor Ray Nunneley Jr. High Phys. Ed. Tennis-Wrestling Coach Hugh Pierce Sr. High U.S. History Track. Cross Country .,--'ns ...J Laurann Rogers Sr. High Phys. Ed. Gymnastics Club Sponsor Linda Ruhman Jr. High Phys. Ed. Jimmy Sellers Sr. High Athletic Director Football-Wrestling Coach I 19? .5 S. Competitive Athletics Increase Skill With the aim ot complete body coordi- nation uppermost in mind. the student body excelled in the varied aspects ot sports through the expert handling ot the physical education department. Introduced were many new exercise techniques com- bined with the standard training in exer- cise, team sports. and swimming. The physi- cal education classes also provided a relax- ing break in an academic routine, Perfect torm on the vaulting horse is demonstrated as a teaching technique by Mrs. Laurann Rogers. Mike Harris Bookkeeping Business Law Linda Hefley Notehand Basic Business Margaret Hill Ottice Machines Bookkeeping Ednah Mae Ingalls Sr. High Shorthand Transcription ww" ' , 'f' . 1 Jean James Sr. High Typing W Mary Jo Samuel Business Education Foods Mathel Young Jr. High Typing Business Students Prepare For Future Through everyday application ot skills. and modern ottice machinery. stu- dents became better acquainted with the opportunities and advantages ot a career in business by instructors at Edison. Courses in ottice machines, business education. typing. shorthand and notehand were taught. For the tirst time. Law Club tor interested business law students was organized. and served not only to make learning a more enjoyable experience, but proved to be an asset to Edison's expanding curriculum. Homework papers collect on Mrs. Linda Hetley's.desk as she tries to decipher the work ot a notehand student. lj? fffiff' QS' fi I a I I 1 - ' , Ts ! V f A ,fi ' s I lf! 'iffy' ' Q' a . X fv - 1 I fu Ziff!" ! X in aj 5.-'ygi-:ya I -,Q E X x l .J ,l 'lr 4 15 WW' Ri . 3 Qs wi J 11 E" I It I f 4 , N 4 1 ,, rl r . L x 1-I I F1-11 ' yfxfsv ' DX '- ,I x4,.f. g.. A .v.." xv vs ,. is is .- R- X 'SH L, YK 'if ., :Agia 'Nt Learning comes from books, 0 X OWHIGHS ' ' .. -'-., I al A f f ...... X Q E QS! XT? 3 "Lili ', I 'iii R'l":QY' rv 1' XX ,xE.w th I ' "jr N7 STUDENT LIFE + buf a greed educaion comes from oufside The classroom. YOUTH '68: WE SALUTE YOU I 1 Reporler Mail Cole shaflers a BeH'y Boop rec- ord in his disgusi wiih fhoughfs of fhe past 'Q L... is .Jeep fii . L 40 L0 .V M. . Hg... X ln+oxicaied, Miss Birdeshaw is delivered home by Professor Dingley. Serious Comedy Becomes Presidem' of ihe sfudenf government Carol Freeman, has The honor of beslowing a bouquef of beaufiful 'Flowers upon special quest Agalha Reed. Goodbye, My Fancy Agarha Reed . . . Grace Woods Ellen Griswold James Merrill .... Miss Shackleford . Dr. Pill ............ Professor Birdeshaw Professor Dingley . Claude Griswold . . Mari Cole ...... Ginny Merrill . . . Mary Nell .... Direcior ......... Technical Direcior Siudeni Direcfor . . Siage Manager .. Cosiume Chairman Make-up Chairman Properiy Chairman CAST ........ .-an-.-...n Q.. . . . Marilyn Miller . . . . Myrna Lubin . . . . Calhey Lindsay . . . . Ron Wiggins . . . Kaihy Bankoif . . . Skip Nicholson . . . . Pam Slone . . . . Sieve Spyres . . . . Bill McMahon . . . . . . Sieve Marlin . . . Leslie Hendrickson . . . . . Cheri Holder Miss Barbara Burkei Mr. David Crowell . . . Caihey Lindsay . . . Jerry Bunch .. . Cyndi Schulie .. Vicky Simpson Jeanne Wes'r Oihers: Mary Shoemaker, Lynda Selman, Sam Rhoades, Roberl' Mason. Larry Ruhr, Gwen McAdams, Car- ol Gasser, Sherrie Renberg. Tremendous Success For Seniors Agalha Reed uses her persuasive powers on Dr. Merrill. Old roommafes, Ellie and Agarha. discuss some amusing experiences 'ihey had while in college. E' W l 4- C Q 7' . 4,,V Us . . ..,..w- nf.-ff-wvoivlill -M Woody, secreiary io Miss Reed. makes arrangemenis for lhe weekend's acfivifies. D' 'fp' .SNL -.--W L. ma, J 32 lslsi , 'T T - fs is Staff enjoys break in work by honoring Miss Edison. A A "Torch" Ignites With New Ideas Seemingly endless copy. deadlines, sorling pic- rures, and rearranging layours formed Jrhe basis of +he I968 Torch. More candid picfures, while space and less formal lay-our parlerns were ini'ria'red 'rhis year for a new look. From hazy and vague no- rions, from individual ideas and unrelaled concepls, The Torch slaff molded 'rhis volume To a form which is a monunnenr +o Edison High School. Two hundred and fiffy-six pages do nor seem like many ar a glance, buf much lime. energy and imaginalion wenr info each one. The slalf along wi'rh Ediror Eric Nelson, Business Manager Nancy Adkison, and Sponsor Mrs. June Richey are proud ro be able fo carry on rhe rradirions of Edison High School. ,g pg The doublful duo. Palfi Tschappal and Eleanor Weisman deliberafe over layroufs. 35 l all B yr YI 9 lb-Q , X .ln .. . -,,, ' gp f,,, , .1 , as ...f-E, bul' 956- , l,., 1 '.,' ' as 's ' -. H ', 'Q QQY'fff2f5"'s .3425 mf' F22 'A wif? 'Nygiggilr-.'.1'f5"!A l 'll 93 ye- X M 5 W z: " 3 L be 554' Q. 1 .. MM L, ,Pf - jp-H .K ' , H F :IMA in ,,,,. N. f wiv la K yi .f M ll eff s ' LP as 8 49.0. " A - ' N Susan Hill, Marfha Read and Kalhy Banlcoff complele fhe sensor seclion while ldenlificalion of picfures is usually a dull lob Waller Lamb seems +o relish The work Nancy Adlcison indexes cards. 'Uni' Even mounds of piclure paclcels cannol dull enfhusiaslic slafl mem- bers Jeff Alexander, Paula and Ruth Shapiro and Diane Block. The feam of Susan Morgan, Pal' Slanfield, Peggy Canfrell and Chuck l-liclcolc alfaclc anolher deadline. QW' Journalism added a new and imporTanT TaceT To Edison This year. The journalism sTaTT published The THOMAS TIMES on a regular basis Tor The TirsT Time. LayouT design was parTicularly sTressed and many new iTems were added To The expanded paper. Among The new addiTions were book and record reviews. a public opinion poll, and increased iunior high coverage. While assembling The school's newspaper and conTribuTing To The school liTe, The new members oT The sTaTT gained valuable on- The-iob Training. "Thomas 4. -'emi Times Is A Ss Journalism sTafT members decoraTe Mrs. Richey s ChrisTmas Tree 5 , . Sharon Turney, Marilyn Musser, Nancy Adkison Paula Frederick, David Goldish, Caren CaTes. Jim Mixon, Mike Burg, Ken Harwood, and Carole Pence prepare layouTs Tor THOMAS TIMES. EdiTor Vicki Phillips and Junior High EdiTor Randy Wills review The THOMAS TIMES. '--'r --,ET my r., W., ? , ts., Q: E Q., L, in -Q '53 "EA ' T A as Kin O i Major Success Y X -- A M..." iffy? ' Caren Cafes and Sally Marlin make pasle-ups for flue lalesf eclili Marilyn Grossbard, Kafhy Mixon. Nancy l-larnden, Gary Bonner, Sandra Sleele, Wendy Hale av J ,f on of llne THOMAS Tllvllfs. Carol Manfoolh, Virginia Bougher, and Paul Pefers meel a deadline for SCHOOL LIFE. ' t H ifi an . wif- f-ff m ga mis: vii f, has ' rw, 1 GaThered around The Swedish Tlaq, Bill MarTin, Marilyn Musser, Chris CarTer and ChrisTy Mims reminisce abouT The pasT summer. Twelve Experlmenters Go broad PicTures and memories are all ThaT remain oT The ExperimenT in lnTernaTional Living Program OT l967. Twelve sTudenTs were selecTecl To par- TicipaTe and Travel To Europe. Four sTudenTs, Chris CarTer, Bill MarTin, Marilyn lvlusser and ChrisTy Mims spenT The summer in Sweden. Edison's ambassadors To lTaly were Gwen McAdams and Gloria Renlirow, while Jill LambeTh and JaneT Hudson enjoyed The c:usToms oT l-lolland. David Coclcrell wenT To Spain and Pam Wheeler sTayed in GreaT BriTain. The Two experimenTers in AusTria were Vicki lhrig and l.aVunn Wilson. lnTernaTional Travel has broughT The undersTand- ing oT Toreign relaTionships closer To Edison. ReenacTing an old cusTom oT lTaly, Gloria Renfrew and Gwen McAdams Toss coins in a TounTain. ffl N x Experimenlers David Cockrell and Pam Wheeler wish 'lor a relurn lo Spain and Greal Brilain. Experimenl sludenls. Jill Lambelh and Jane? Hudson compare flowers To lhe ones lhey sow in Holland. Vicki lhrig and LaVunn Wilson model The lamil iar allire ol lheir summer homes in Ausfria. Jackie Finds Tulsa Much Like Home ki .I l-lungrily, Jackie alfacks a corndog, one of our American delicacies Wave Al lhe foreign exchange recepiion Jackie smiles al our Edison slang. C Tulsa became lhe ien monlh home for Jackie Jalaguier. a nalive of Ales, France, as she parlicipaied in ihe AFS program. Vicki Graf, her American sisler, has helped Jackie in her successful eiiorls 'ro become a True Edisoniie. Jackie parlicipaled in Medical Club, French Club and Pep Club, and she was a member of Sludenl Council and Senior Board. Jackie also passed The examinalions necessary for her To enler college nexl' year al' 'rhe Universily of France. l-ler ambilion is io become a neurosurgeon. Jackie carries on 'lhe 'Familiar lracliiion of decoraling lhe Chrislmas +ree. -.41 Mk an S will Q D C 8 3 K l sf' 5 B i i 5, e-fi -s" ' ,,,,.s 2 . Y' x . tm l . ..,. . f. - 4 in M X uf-J, 4 g i t- V Casual hours are spent catching up on the latest school news. Mark Singer demonstrates the age-old custom of bob- bing for apples to his Brazilian brother, Mike Burg. Different Customs Interesting To Brazilian Mike Burg. American Field Service rep- resentative trom Sao Paulo, Brazil, resided at the home ot Mark Singer. From the moment he arrived. Mike played an im- portant part in school lite through his participation in Key Club. Student Coun- cil. Senior Board and sixth hour athletics. Mike was also a member ot the journalism statt. Upon his return to Brazil, Mike will tinish his high school education. He will then enter a university tor turther study and a maior in architecture. .cal As a member of Key Club, Mike recruits customers tor the sale ot Edison Callings. K 7 g 9 2 4 I K "Ui nu i "Lei ihere be peace on earlh and lei I+ begin wiih m is discussed by Represenlaiive Curhs Lawson ai' The Brolherhood Breakfasi Edison Week Provides A Break From The Books Balloons sailing over ihe school and +he flag raising cere- mony began Edison Week I968. Aciiviiies of ihe week were ouilined in a shori assembly. A 'rea honored 'ieachers on Educaiion Day. The Jrradiiional film, "Edison, The Man", was shown 'ro all sophomores and siudenis new lo Edison. Siaie Represeniaiive, Curiis L. Lawson, addressed ihe Broiherhood Brealdasi and a bowling Jrournameni was held on Broiherhood Day. New evenis for Thomas Edison Day in- cluded an inveniion coniesi and a pool iournameni. Ai The annual gridiron show numerous original 'films and skils were presemled. Friday's Superlaiive Assembly honored Su- perlaiives and was highlighied by The crowning of Mr. Edi- son Vlll, Keni Francy. Edison Week co-chairman Birch Black siock. cuis pari' of a gridiron im 5. 1 n M J7'Ni3-all Bti NIU!! 14 lu-"va -,,,.,,-.0 -Lf ' Y, I An aufomafed banana splif maker consfrucied by Brazinsky's homeroom fakes firsf place in 'Hue new invenfion confesf. One of Hwe many acfivifies as co-chairman of Edison Week is Hue pain+inq of spirif posfers. N WN , gk-U.: 1.12 Bowling for Noble's homeroom. Susan Teis anficipaies a sfrike. ,fax if , ,Q f ,- Q a - if .N ,..X K sq fi . .fvfi lp f ir f 47. Blackstock, Henshaw Serve As Co-Chairmen Qf A-Nwwi Faculiy members. Mr. Crowell, Mrs. Landry. and Mrs. Peder- sen, help ihemselves fo refreshmenfs af fhe Teachers Tea. "Seniors honor winfer sporis" is +he Theme of fhe sen- ior's winning enfry in fhe School Spirif Day Parade. Edison Week M L ,,,fh , E? . , WL? ln Edison Week's 'lirsl' Pool Tournament Clieerybomb, Slephanie Smilh, imperson- Bobby Bryan prepares 'ro break flue balls. ares Suzanne Knarr in a Gridiron slcil. During flue Gridiron, Denny Dells presenfs a v safirical edilorial regarding sclwool mailers. fa 3 ' .WMF 7 ' f Q L22 'Y ffxf' ,-'.-.' ,f 1, ffvf. ' y y f, 6 , , , V 4' I ,A 5 -VZ .if .- ,K ' ,., . 1' , . V. sf V A: . - , fe' ,-,Q , Z2 ' -W '42 . f v W -V ' y gi ,ff i Y J Wi bf v' Y W ' y ff qgzf aT3'f,' , r y. we ,amy y 1 x My . , rf! " 9 V . im' gl fr ,,J.-.-gW3v"',, gf VM' .P 1 ' ' - 3 ,gf . "fit ,' ' , , dl '4'?f":'l'f1'4f LQ 5584 ., ,. ,J-st., K , -:manning 'li ,ml Q SBP' .L - 'gr : , R, 1 U: , imkm ,,,... ...MW -- ' -M ....... M, M W. V x,,,.1.y-w.,-..-. fa n ' -wear , . my au. Aww,-M,vmJ:.w H x J.:w...m eM-Nw:-5-imaxwwfmfaunn-sw ---. fr-.1----5 .. .UQ SENIORS: Co-cap+ain Pam Swan, Mary Emi, Capfain Jane Fredenberger. ry' I W 4' if A x,,,.: ff' ma M Ana f V 2 , iffy , yy: f fi, f 'W 'W fn I 51 3 ' . 4- f f' f-1' I' X97 ' Q 3 ff, if " f" ' x - f ,g 1 . . J, . 4,'v , fy -n ,. 1,.,,,A.,. ' K fw 7 , '4' "X, . ' ' , . 1 '- Ag: .JV K Qi? A , f f rf ,--W f ,, ,, , , gffifgwf . l .-,.. -x-- Suzanne Knarr realizes cheerlead- . W mg ns noi' all fun and games. JUNIORS: Terry Balfe, Suzy Henry, Donna New. 1 5 if sand heerleaders Arouse School Spirit "7 SOPHOMORES: Ellen Friedman. Slephanie Eley, Suzanne Knarr. The I967-68 Cheerleaders, along wilh sponsor Mrs. Laurann Rogers. generaled spiril lhroughoul' The school wilh 'rheir overwhelming enlhusiasm and con- genial personalilies. These nine girls combined 'lheir unliring efforls lo raise money for clinic and alfraclive new uniforms 'rhrough various fund-raising proiecls. Some of 'rhe proiecls included a rummage sale, lhe sale of spiril bullons. green and while beanies. and car anlenna idenliliers, and ihe Mr. S.L.O.B. con- lesl. Mr. S.L.O.B. of l968. Mark Singer. was presenled 'ro 'lhe sludenl' body by Caplain Jane Fredenberger in lhe winler sporls assembly in January. The Edison Cheerleading Squad proved ils oulslanding skill in cheering abilily when 'rhey received 'lop honors al' 'rhe Universily ol Oklahoma Cheerleading Clinic in November. Al' lhe conclusion of a cheer, precise form is exhibiled in 'lhe "'iighl' formalionf' 1 ,., 1 . .4 .,r- . ,. ,rl its 9, ,ts 1. fx -.-Q 9 'aa QQ fw X ,I W www M4 bm, w rv 2' M' X f iff' C95 ,"' ff - ,1 2' 1' 'I ,, . ,a4fw6,. , f 3,-ff" " V ft- Y f..- . ' .F ' , , Wx ffff A ,ww ,X M f f" 1 I f , , ,. 541123, 'J ' ,A M - .. ,wx ,wi i m M ' we N W NW '1b5L,wkPlfwE?2'11 W , W A , J 6 . Q: ' "E-1 , I . 4' A 'ww' 1- f w:u,v,, fx, A -5 , Riw wi f fJ5,.wjqgx-fwgspl'-,1,, MW ,QW wg-gzg ,f X Q - my W ww' 1 W wiwgyfkf N www -an my I pwwxz-1 542- wfwwz' 6- A ' ,ww w ww 5 f 1 A N f - I ' ' Lalffii 1 f . ,f 'ff' ,V V-A ,f ,V -. , fe, , ag .- -,-nf,-.f. 1-' , .4 - . S Anile-5.-,fy M11 - f, - ' ' if1V5f,gf,.,1gfAf:,: 1- j-2.5. - ' ' if . -' -'J '.':ff " .- " Q- . ' Q ' 4 f Q 1' f 5 lx 5 E Q iz, :V 'Q If f W 3 Q E?-22, Y My 2, 'idgqgab Miss Edison Xlg Kjersti Larson --ff X. YJ! Qi.: xl I A n Z D f. 4 , .R xl . r ,L . . Mi? A Q EEN X ww ,aan , .ns.:5iin -. Mr. Edison Vlllg Kent Francy H 0235: v 719 Ir 'PP' ' . 0 .9 , 0" , if L J I A . r o 'Q I ,O dw , ,, 9. 5 'Q Z fm 'iw ' fg, A , if! I-.ff , ' Q O ,na - 4 'Q 'Y 1 ,524 24' 1 ,li QNX " If ra bv, v 3-. le I 4' A 5114-9 ov' 1, O O . -jug. ng -'Q ,zz ....., Q . . . ' M 'QL :Q-sat - v H. 24' 1., y . M A ' - A- - v"w-ss. .Q -31. , V S , 2 ff, ""::: 32 , -vw. f 'iv o ily " 1 He' 4 v J of W x W 0. , w 4' sv 5, 5 O' N ,K Q4 f 4' i MCA V iz' .P an rw3,q.gg! 4, in fi g j r H1 it N'-N," WRESTLING QUEEN: Susan Wilbanks igmf Q 4 .. 1 , N., . Lg 3. ,gn X ,,AA ,1-ms' A , Q 2 , , .. 2 , ,Q , QQ X SWIMMING QUEEN: Susan Swanson . E v , 1? , N. X ga J m L . ff. V. h xv K f Q T. mx ag I -1 . gym 1 BAND QUEEN: Nancy McKewon Edison Beauties Reign As Queens BASKETBALL QUEEN: Vicki ning SWIMMING: Debbie Swan Miss Edison, FRONT ROW: Katie Mariin, Marsha GeIwicIc, Susan Sav- age: ROW 2: Stephanie Eley, Mar- tha Cronk, Vicki Ihrig. Queen Attendants SWIMMING: Susan Holmes WRESTLING: Diane Deupree BASKETBALL: Suzy Henry 5 1::W:::--1f,-- Wvff- -.1 -me- -Aff -f 'rf' WRESTLING: Marilyn Muse N BASKETBALL: Audrey Nicholson BASKETBALL: Marina Cronk ix SWIMMING: Marci Neal me-N fnkws -R- BASKETBALL: Jeannie Heller BAND: Susan Pefers 11 fits ay YZ., A' BAND: Diana Byrd .r94"X 4315 "iriv- SWIMMING: Susan Savage BAND: Pauia Bunyard MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED: Milce Burg, Jane Freclenberger MOST DESERVINC5: Donna Sanclers, Ken? Francy W-...mi mall 'L ' 'L l M M BEST WORKER: Shelley Floyd. Eric Nelson Superlatives Reflect School's Quality BEST STUDENT: Phil Hammond, Cris Chandler K 1,375 1-1-"""'0 T' I K I K ff' lf"'f - ' K Q ' f" I XX , ' f . l , ..-::, A W .,,h G kg git, I' iff: V 1 , , , , ,W,,.,.g'13L- ,L ,yr-1 ,XV .M -M 'mfg rl ' L41g,1.,-. 'Q V ,Y 7 4, ,W W ,, ,I V 0 N WV h . gy-:Fx-av f'.',.,'f1'ffM N'-K1 '11 ?f'7"Z""'if 22.1 S l l .5961 O. i 1 ,-may -Sw lv , k., M, H Q- 55,-W.: nl. '1 " A 5:3511 X ffl-ifv- ,-- -r - 1" , :"Ivf:1:" X' 131513 A sw ,f "?5+'5 X' 71' A -M xv' Tsai BEST SPORT: Joe Fleming, Pam Swan -, s ,hx 1,3- MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Mark Singer, Kjersfi Larson Z K . , pez "' i 3 P5 .fl MOST FRIENDLY: Cafhy Heller, Chuck Pafferson Deserving Couples Are Honored MOST TALENTED: Gary Pickens, Anne Bishop, Myrna Lubin ' 1 3 gf? MOST DEPENDABLE: Vicki lhrig, David Cockrell MOST POLITE: Jim Sfeinmeyer, Sfevie Dale SEPTEMBER Martha Cronlc: Miss Edison Attendant, three years: Sophomore Board: Pep Club Squad Leader. sopho- more: Student Council, two years: l-lomeroom Presi- dent, junior: Pep Club President: Usherettes: Ot- ticer ot State Junior Classical League. Kent Francy: Sophomore Board Member-at-Large: Student Council, three years: l-lomeroom Pres- ident, two years: Most Dependable, sophomore: Most Deserving, junior: Junior Board Member-at- Large: Canned Goods Drive Chairman: Senior Class President. Mr. Edison VIII. "EJ .38 'gzb K' Students Are Honored As Boy And Girl Of The Month Kjersti Larson: Student Council Member-at-Large, sophomore: Pep Club, three years: Most Likely to Succeed, sophomore: Most Deserving, junior: Honor Roll, sophomore: Student Council, two years: At- tendant to Miss Edison, junior: Wrestling Queen, junior: National l-lonor Society, two years: Junior Class Secretary: Usherettes: Miss Edison Xl. George Brown: Football: Basketball: Traclc: Letter- man's Club: Student Council, two years: Treas- urer, Letterman's Club: Athlete ot the Month, September: Football Tri-Captain. OCTOBER Donna Sanders: Sludeni Council, sophomore: S+u- deni' Direcior, sophomore play: Chaplain, Siudenl' Council, junior: Besr Siudenr, rwo years: Superla- 'five Day Chairman, junior: lnier-Cily delegale, sen- ior: Sfudeni Council Eleciions Chairman, senior: Girls' Slale: School Spirir Chairman, Pep Club: Secrelary of Nalional Honor Sociefy: Nalional Merir Semi-Finalist Jim Sfeinmeyerz Mosf Polife, 'lwo years: Key Club Sophomore Direcior: Key Club Boy of 'lhe Year, sophomore: Sophomore Board Alrernale: Junior Board: Sludenl' Council, junior: Junior Wesiern Day Chairman: Siudenr Council Finance Chairman, sen- ior: Key Club Presidenf: Nalional Honor Socieiy. DECEMBER 1 it l - L.- s W eau.. mr. NOVEMBER Jane Fredenberger: Srudeni Council lnler-Ciiy Delegaie, sophomore: AHendan'r 'ro Miss Edison and Swimming Queen, sophomore: Laiin Club, 'rhree years: French Club, 'rhree years: Mosl' School Spirired, lwo years: Honor Roll, Nio years: Lei- +erman's Club, 'lhree years: Siudenl Council, jun- ior: Sfudenf Council Social Co-Chairman, senior: Usherefres: Naiional Honor Sociery. Mark Singer: Sophomore Board: Honor Roll, fwo years: Key Club Secrelary: Siudeni Council Mem- ber-al'-Larqe, sophomore: Publicaiions Chairman, Sludenr Council, junior: Junior Board: Boys' Slaie: Wresiling Team: Edison Weelc Chairman: Mosl' Likely +o Succeed, 'rwo years: Naiional Honor So- cie'ry: Youlh Power Conference: Sludenl Council Presidenf. CY. 4 T' 4, in X! 74 Vicki lhrig: Sophomore Class Secreiary: Siudeni Council: Honor Roll: Pep Club, Three years: Jun- ior Board: Scrapbook and Showcase Chairman, Siu- denlr Council, iunior: Co-Chairman Junior Play Tickei Sales: Laiin Club: Senior Class Secreiary: Ushereiies: Mosi Dependable. Mike Burg: AFS Sfudeni: l-lomeroom Presideni: Siudenl Council: Tennis: Key Club: Senior Board: Mosi School Spiriied. FEBRUARY JANUARY Shelley Floyd: Siudeni Council, sophomore: Sopho- more Board Member-ai-Large: Pep Club, 'rhree years: Siudenl Council Coronaiions Chairman, iun- ior: French Club Treasurer: Broiherhood Day Chair- man, iunior: lvlaih Club: Laiin Club: Naiional Hon- or Sociely: Besi Spori, iunior: Thespians, 'two years: Sludenl Council Vice Presideni: Besi Worker: Hon- or Roll. David Cockrell: Track, sophomore: Baskeiball, 'rwo years: Junior Class Treasurer: Siudeni Council Mem- ber-ai-Large: Key Club, 'rwo years: Naiional l-lonor Socieiy: Besi Worker, iunior: Foreign Exchange: Sen- ior Class Vice-Presideni: Conceri Chorus: Mosi Dependable: Honor Roll. f I l F ,-...' V ' - K 1' Cutstanding Student Achievements Are Aeknowledged Nvff' i if A it , l i I A - - A ' .ev-A ' :T 4'1'a' 7 - 1 1 f '. P 5' 5' 5 'R -ff it maui, -f-His, "- ln.. D Qmifnehi .Q r- ' f, ,w yin' .' Q, 4 p - ,,fif.a ,g 4Y'L,iti fit 'A gif" . . Q 1 . A . 4 - . J z',-..f"" 5 Robert Krumme, Member of the All-American Band, Maury Sharp, National Council of Teachers of English Award: Nancy Bowen. DAR Award: Jim Rodgers, Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award: Donna Sanders, Best Example of an Edisonite Award: Janet Hudson, Scholarship. .- I Citizenship Rice Prize ,., 17 ,f Parhcnpahon ln Eelusons 0 Q9 3 1 Q , XI! Q? T? W e orqannzahons can yield Hwe X S HIGH I ,Q lg ff ' ...f X fff f - N 2 F X 3 I ,'..5f,,IA -i we QRGANIZATIONS f Q ,f I'T'1U'!'U6I underdandlng which leads To peace. YOUTH '68: WE SALUTE YOU 4 r . o ,and un..- ,,' ily, N 1 .,,. ,s M . . .... ,Y lt' X r .-. 3 U ,. - - Q T. ' M , ,, .y.,.1 . K ,ff ' f .ur Ki .--JA A . . . V... . as rim. ,af .,.n.l -ag .. Senior High Sludenl Council, FRONT ROW: Audrey Nicholson, Margarel' Kramer, Marfha Cronk, Carolyn Heller, Mary Erni, Jane Fredenberger, Kiersli Larson, Kay Blackwell, Susan Wilbanks, Kenf Francy, Dee Dee David- son, Bill Mifchell, Jeaneffe Sfokes, Karann Sfeward, Suzy Henry, ROW 2: Phil Lamb, Roger Manus, Eric Wilner, Cris Chandler, Phil Hammond, Tom Miller, Ann Wifhingfon, Amy Clark, Mike Burg. Bill Marfin, Diane Dimif Jim Sfeinrneyer, Susan Shorf, Lore Blackslock. Bob Nelson, Birch Black sfockg ROW 3: Mark Singer, Shelley Floyd, Marilyn Miller, Jeanne Heller Donna Sanders, Nancy Nelson, Eric Nelson, Jerry Bob Lee, Todd Henshaw Mr. Jack Dobelbower. Students Voice Gpinions Through Through a combinafion of fradifional and unprecedenfed proiecfs, Sfudenf Council unified fhe sfudenl body and ad- minisfrafion. An orienfafion workshop for members was held fo inlroduce plans for fhe year. CARE-Can Anofher Rec- ord af Edison-was fhe key word for fhe November Canned Goods Drive, which neffed 26,000 cans. ln December fhe Chrisfmas Posf Office was in operafionq holiday candles were sold: and a Chrisfmas parfy was faken fo a small school near Okmulgee. January was fhe monfh of planning, February saw fhe resulfs-Edison Week. lnslilling in fhe sfudenf body a feeling of devofion and pride in The school, fhaf excifing week was fhe highlighf of fhe year. During fhe spring, fhe Council ended fhe year's acfivifies wifh lhe High School Bowl, and Olympics. Mark Singer ..... Shelley Floyd Marilyn Miller ..... Jeanne Heller ......... Mr. Jack Dobelbower .. OFFICERS Presiden? Vice-President S l . . . . eCI'e BTY . . .. Treasurer . . . . . Sponsor Ann Wifhingfon offers her services fo Sfudenf Council as a Willing Worker. ru , ' 4 4 f J. a , ,xi . Law K " Q I --VM-'guy' 1 X N'---,L ' .f 1 M' .. 'Ai - i . . , . 1 . k.,g , .. ,, ,lj il , i , Senior High Sludenl Council, FRONT ROW: Wendy Barnes, Candy Pelli- grove. Ellen Shepard, Marilyn Morris, Nancy Bowen, Laverda Jack, Janel Morgan, Neva Sundvahl, Molly Rorschach, Laurie Cockrell, Anne Tarbel. Pal Slaniielcl, Chere Sublell, Scoll Beary, Granl Hall: ROW 2: Denny Delk. Gay Nienhuis, Ginger l-leller, Melissa McKee, Babelle Beecher, Debbi Schonfeld, Linda Davis, Terry Pilkinglon, Ann Todhunler, Jackie Trader. Representatives ag- l , , K i,, : xx AV., e If .. Jackie Jalaguier, Ellen Friedman, George Brown, Randy Chrislian, Ricky Gaines: ROW 3: John Graves, Slam Smilh, Evie Harshman, Marilyn Muse, Marci Neal, Marsha Gelwick, Jan Briggs, Vicki Phillips, Sally Marlin, Kaly Marlin, Ann Dee Glazer, Mary Deisenrolh, Phil Bauer, Dennis Raifen- sperger, Phillip G-arren Assuming lhe responsibilily ol her voling privileges, Gwen Dopp casls her bal- lol. Edison Week proiecls broughl in plenly oi work for ireasurer, Jeanne l-leller. A Eff 23: 4 Usl'1ereH'es, FRONT ROW: Marllia Cronk, Molly Rorscl'1acl1. Janel Hardy, llirigi ROW 2: Myrna Lubln' Slevie Dale. Callwy Heller. Cindy Zumwalf. Carolyn Heller, Donna Sanders, Nancy Bowen, Melinda Caldwell, Susan Mary Erni, Linda Gibbon, Lynn Scoll, Janel Hudson, Donna Copenlwaver. Morgan, Vicki Gral, Linda Axley, Marilyn Miller, Peggy Canlrell, Vicki Jackie Jalaguier, Pam Swan, Jean Jones, Nancy Nelson. Diligent Duo Serves School MQQHQSQQQ Key Club, FRONT ROW: Jim Rodgers, Chris Teler, Mike Sears, Joe Fleming. Roberl Svoboda, Eric Nelson. Jim Young, Pliil McGowan, Larry Bookman, Granl Hall, Jim Sleinmeyer, Kenl Francy, Mike Burg, Mark Singer: ROW 2: Scoll Bowen, Pliil Eller, Craig Lubin, Tom Munson, Randy Gralwam, Sieve Hoppes, Bircl'1 Blackslock, Jeff Kowalski, Bob Farris, Bob Nelson, Phil Hammond, Greg Riggs, ROW 3: David Crawford, Bill Marlin, Eric Wilner, Bob Allaway, Bruce Wilson, Mike Roberlson: ROW 4: Mr. Casey, sponsor, Bill Walker, Slam Smilli, Bob Bryan, Gary Pickens. Bruce Ross. Roberl Krumme. if is 4, EnergeTic UshereTTes. STevie Dale and Lynn ScoTT, carry Trays aT The BroTherhood Breakfast ' "-' I V . 2:7 , 1 ll S Key Club member Phil Eller. sTamper in hand, checks aTTendance aT an Edison baskeTball game. ff Jeanne Heller Key Club SweeThearT Senior girls comprising UshereTTes devoT- ed many hours Towards Tulfilling The obli- gaTions of The service organizaTion by as- sisTing aT Teacher's meeTings. back-To-school nighTs. and The NaTional Honor SocieTy iniTiaTion. ln addiTion To ushering aT The Tulsa LiTTle TheaTer every monTh, The group gave a parTy Tor paTienTs aT Tulsa CounTy l-lospiTal during The ChrisTmas season. Selling, ushering and sTamping provided Key Club members wiTh The opporTuniTy To supporT The school and communiTy. Spon- sored by The UTica Square Kiwanis Club, They ushered aT school plays. worked aT all home aThleTic evenTs, and sold adver- Tising Tor The KRMG Radio Day in De- cember. OFFICERS Ushereiles Key Club Nancy Bowen .,......... Presidenf .......... Jim Sleinmeyer Melinda Caldwell Vice-PresidenT .........., Ken? Francy Susan Morgan ........... Secrelary ............. Mark Singer Vicki Graf .............. Treasurer ........... Larry Bookman S ' D' T . . B'll M rl' emor :rec or., i .3 In Junior Diredor ...... Birch Blacksfock Sophomore Direcfor .......... Bob Bryan Mrs. Odefta Lewis ...... Sponsor ..,.... Mr. Wendell Casey Mr. Larry Alexander, Sponsor 'Joe Phil Hammond, Jr., Presideni 'Eric Mark Wilner, Vice-Presidenr 'Donna Kay Sanders, Secrelary 'Cris+ine Louise Chandler, Treasurer Faren Ray Akins Jeff Alexander 'Anne Marie Allan Joyce Lynn Allen Roberi MerriH Als'l'on 'Lesia Jean Archambo Elizabeih Aubrey Susan Jane Bagwell Ik Frank Dean Baird Miller Sco'H Baird 'Howard Geniry Barnelf, Jr. 'Alexander Charles Bar'l'us 'Thomas Guy Bayless Mary Jane Beine Sharon Joyce Bell Diane Winion Block 'Larry Alan Bookman 'Roberla Miriam Booih 'Virginia Bougher Nancy Jo Bowen Sandra Kay Boyd Brian Edward Brouse 'Melinda Anne Caldwell 'Margarei' Sue Canirell Claudia Lee Chavers Amy Marie Clark 'David Evan Cockrell Mary Ann Coe 'Donna Rufh Copenhaver S+even Lee Coulier 'Cheryl Lynne Craig Forresl' Field Craig Ill 'Donald Albin Crawford S'rephanie Rodolf Dale Jenny Day Lynda Margarei' Dickerson NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY s if Q .."c -5 , Q' X ? 7 Qi tl Nadonal Roberr Worsham Dillman Dinah Jo Dollins James Francis Dorris 'Jane Gale Dossey 'Mary Louise Erni James Richard Fair Roberi' Sharp Farris Gwendolyn G. Fellers Merediih Lynn Fells George Harold Fens+er 'Bob Allen Firsi 'Shelley Louise Floyd Alice Ann Foisfer Sl'uar+ Henry Fox Jane Lynn Fredenberger David Lee Frederick Tonya Sue Frosf Susan C. Gabriel Raymond Harris Gardner Marsha Ann Gelwick Curfis Lee Gimlin Vicforia Louise Graf Gary DeWayne Greene 'Randal Mack Grigor Barbara Ann Gwarlney Winifred Anne Hale David Charles Hall Evelyn Arlene Harshman 'David Panke Harfson 'Elizabeih Jean Heller Judy Caryl Helm Susan Elizabelh Henry Todd Maxwell Henshaw 'Mary Ann Hicks 'Kafhleen Mary Hoar Dana Lucille Hos+eHer 'Anne Helyne Howard 'Janel' Lynn Hudson 'Sherman Edison Hya'H', Jr. Vicforia Ann Ihrig Thomas Mason James Cher Hous'ron Jameson 'Leslie Faye Jennings 'John Confer Johnson Honor Society 'Beniamin Harris Johnslon 'Jean Carol Jones Jeff Ka rl Kowalski 'Roberi' Bryan Krumme Susan Jean Kygar Mary Pafricia Ladner Marfha Ann Lairmore 'Helen Jill Lambeih 'Linda Lan'l'ow 'Kiers+i Ann Larson Elizabefh Susan Lawrence Gordon James Leaman, Jr. Barbara Gay Lee Carol Dearmon+ Lewis Craig Howard Lubin 'Myrna Beafrice Lubin Diana Sue Maher 'Michael Lee Mallinger AnneH'e Marshall 'Pamela Sue Mar'l'in William Flynn Marlin 'Claire Nancy McKewon Sfephen Lee Meeks 'Susan Kay Morgan 'Linda Jane Morrison 'Marilyn Ru+h Morse Marsha Jean Murphy Mary Margarel' Mur1'a Marilyn Marie Musser 'Pamela Sue Na+ion 'Nancy Kafhleen Nelson 'Roberi' Eric Nelson Donna Lee New Laura Ellen No'I'ley 'Cheryl Alycen Palmer Beverly Ann PaHerson Charles Edward PaH'erson Raymond Earl Peeples 'Carole Louise Pence Gary Thomas Pickens Terry JoAnn Pilkingion Marfha Jo Read Trudy Rebecca Reaves George Leonard Rebh 'T. J. Reese ll 'Gloria Ellen Renfrow Gregory Edward Riggs Michael Dunn Roberfson Wal+er Rossi+er Robinson James Allen Rodgers Deborah Michal Rosen+hal Paula Irene Rozell Jane Rachel Rumbaugh Larque Russell 'Rebecca Skelly Rufledge 'James Michael Sauberi' 'Lynne Anne ScoH' 'Roberi' Humphrey Searcy Paula Shapiro Rufh Shapiro Maury Diane Sharp 'Mark Jay Singer Mary Ellen Sparks James Melvin S+einmeyer 'John Phillip S+ewar'r JeaneHe Siokes Jerry Lee Summers Anne Tarbel Chrisfopher Bryan Tefer 'Carol Ann Trenfield Pafricia Ann Tschappal 'Vahla Lee Vammen Teresa Beih Wages Mariory Ellyn Wal+ers James William Ward Eleanor Frances Weisman Glen Russell Wellendorf 'Lowell David While Margarei' Jean Whi'H' 'Ronald Calvin Wiggins Randolph Eric Wills 'Mary Chrisfy Wilson Pamela Sue Wilson 'Vivian LaVunn Wilson Karen Suzanne Woncik Helen Suzanne Young 'Shannah Sue Ziemer 'Cynfhia Lou Zumwalf 'Second year members ffl fl Pep Club Boosts School Loyalty Eager laces rellecl lense momenls al lhe games. fo A larger, more spiriled pep club opened wilh a rousing pep rally al summer lool- ball praclice. Ollicers and squad leaders sponsored a membership drive, as mem- bers sold spiril ribbons, decoraled halls, locker rooms. and showcases in addilion lo encouraging loolball players on lo vic- lory al lhe game. Talons' aclivilies conlinued wilh winler sporls. Girls made name lags lo honor alhleles and lo recognize lheir parlicipa- lion in lhe sporls program. Sandwiches were sold during weekend lournamenls lo replenish lhe club's lunds. Through lheir ellorls, pep club suc- ceeded in upholding lhe lradilion ol boosl- ing school spiril, and making lhis year's sporls season unlorgellable. OFFICERS Marlha Cronk .... ................. ........ P F Biden? Diana Dimil .... ................... V ice-Presidenl Carolyn Heller ............... Secrelary Slevie Dale ....,.. ...,.............. T reasurer Donna Sanders ....... .... S chool Spiril Chairman Mrs. Judy Brazinsky .... ................... S ponggr Mrs. Linda Hefley .... ................. 5 pop-.Soy Talons, CHEERLEADERS: Suzy l-lenry, Ellen Friedman, Jane Freden- berger, Mary Ernig ROW l: Mrs. l-lelley, Anne l-loward, Cindy Zumwall, Mollie Rorschach, Palli Tschappal, Eleanor Weisman, Cindy Gallimore, Diana Lee, Mary Ann l-lolloway, Carolyn Heller, Marlha Cronk: ROW 2: Cheryl Palmer, Tonya Frosl, Calhy Car- roll, Cheryl Craig, Mary Shoemaker. Mary Anne Hiclcs, Jenny Day, Virginia Bougher, Margie While, Wendy Barnes, Jeannie Weslg ROW 3: Rally Perryman, Mary Anne Coe, Gail Wilkerson, Pal Slanlield, Susan Wilbariks, Janice Brown, Nancy Bowen, Calhy Heller, Ann Wilhinglon, Kaye Cronlc, Kiersli Larson: ROW 4: Karen Richards, Valerie Tag, Georgann Wallinglord, Teresa Wages, Mary Deisenrolh, Marsha Gelwiclc, Claudia Goad, Donna Cahill, Mary McDonald, Susan Taylor, Janel Taylor, ROW 5: Laura Dempsey, Viclci lhrig, Susan Robohm, Joan Crager, Melissa McKee, Neela Braunlich, Melinda Paul, Anila Collier, Kay Young. Carol Colvin, ROW 6: Rozella Buller, Cindy l-lalcher. Karen Scholl, Judy l-lelm, Viclcy Simpson, Kay Scoll, Palsy Tripp, Carol Bryanl. Sharon Sumpler, Nancy Clark, Candy Pelligrove: ROW 7: Kalhie l-loar, Lynne Scoll, Linda Wilson, Sylvia Russell, 'Pal Jahns, Palli Hyden, Lucy O'Berl, Kerry Carilqer, Pam Bradshaw, Gay Nienhuis, Pal Riley, Brenda Moore: ROW 8: Linda Mclnlosh, Susie Schirmer, Nancy Adlcison, Diane Block, Sheryl Burdick, Donna Grubb, Trudy Slevens, Diana l-lamm, Linda Nunneley, Robin Russell, ,,v, .,,,. 4 Fw ,K-, if gifgf' 1 Mariha Cronk reads weekly poems. Players sform pasi iheir personal escoris 'lo ihe field. Talons, CHEERLEADERS: Terry Balfe, Suzanne Knarr, Pam Swan. Sfephanie Eley, Donna New: ROW I: Slevie Dale, Diane Dimil, Donna Sanders, Audrey Nicholson, Laverda Jack, Gail Zarrow, Trudy Reaves, Diane Wilson, Kris Vaughn, Jeaneire Slokes, Judy Hinlon, Marian Erosiq ROW 2: Peggy Canirell, Kaihy Bankolf. Becky Groh, Janel Smiih, Lynde Selman, Margy Wirhinqion, Mere- dilh Fells, Carhy Sraines, Karen Van Allen, Anne Tarbel, Jane Ann Moore, Mrs. Judy Brazinskyz ROW 3: Linda Axley, Nellene Mark, Susie Eornell, Kafhy Mixon, Jan Green. Diana Maher, Barbara Gwarrney, Melinda Caldwell, Laurie Force, Marilyn Trask, Jo Glenn: ROW 4: Nancy Ayers, Linda Barry, Linda Kellenberger, Jaqueiia Laeger, Sandra Hall, Sally Miller, Cheryl Clarke, Mary Hufcheson, Barbara Winford, Emereiie Pierce: ROW 5: Pam John- son, Barbara Mylar, Abby Reinhard, Gaye Droke, Susan Bowen, Bunny Smiih, Jeana Clemenls, Ann Hiliz, Judi Owen, Laurie Mc- Canis, Sherry Treniield: ROW 6: Janel Roberls, Marlene Lumley, Chrisry Wilson, Vivian Dean, Dana Carlisle, Mary Erisbie, Nancy Hulchinson, Kafhy Lee, Margarei' Duncan, Adrienne Jones. Jean Jones: ROW 7: Trudie Terning, Teresa Green, Jeanne Turley, Karhy Ticlwell, Laurel Caies, Judy While, Linda Green, Robilea Swindell, Judy Rickabaugh, Jackie Jalaguier, Vicki Graf, Gwen Dopp: ROW 8: Gayla Davis, Jana Bell, Debbie Wiggins, Delisa Pope, Karen Sinnard, Carol Hansel, Karen Ruhr, Helen Hall, Kim Johnson, Suzan Farrar, Brendy Burgher, Laurie Levine, Nedra Rogers, Pam Garrison, Carol Crowder. LeH'ermen's Club, FRONT ROW: Donna New, Ellen Fried- Lggmang ROW 33 Roger Boofhl Jerry Bob Lee, SCOH Beary, man, Jane Fredenberger, Mary Erni, Terry Belle. Pam SWGH. Rusly Smilh, Brian Brouse, Bob Farris: ROW 4: Bill Miller, Slephanie Eley: ROW 2: Chris Tefer. Sieve Reinhard. Brill Jack Tafroe, Sieve Goldberg, Doug I-lill, Ray Gardner, David Wasson, Joe Fleming, Bill Marlin, Chris Smilh, Gordon Williamson. Le'Hermen's Club, FRONT ROW: Sieve Smilh, George Brown, Chuck Paiierson, Coach Pierce, Bill Milchell, Grani Hall, John Musgroveg ROW 2: Sieve Eubanks, Fred Wienecke, Rick Heidinger, Sieve Benneil. Milne Parker, Dirk Bischoff, Jim Shackellord, Milne Leschg ROW 3: Bob Allaway, Tom Prail, Eric Mueller, Bruce Wilson, Sieve Conard, Arlen Allison, Tom Bayless, John Johnson, Randy Graham, Ronny Magnusson, Don Harris. Z Outstanding Athletes Honored By Lettermen's Club President Bill Mitchell introduces the speakers at the Lettermen's Club banquet. At a home basketball game, Jim Shackeltord sells popcorn and soda to George Brown. A .1 ' 2 ,l. 3 Lettermen's Club gave recognition to several ot the outstanding athletes who excelled in one ot the nine varsity sports. By selling tive hundred dol- lars worth ot tickets to Tulsa's tirst high school All Star game, they contributed generously to the R. W. Knight Scholarship Fund. During the Christmas season, members collected toys in the Toys tor Tots program. ln three banquets during the year, lettermen were honored tor the sports in which they participated. Lettermen constructed a new trophy case and a marquee that displayed the current sports' schedule. Bill Mitchell ..... Chuck Patterson . John Musgrove George Brown .... Clint Wade . .... .. Grant Hall ........ Coach Hugh Pierce 3 'fl-CIA 1 OFFICERS , , , , , President ....Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Director Junior Director Sponsor Martha Cronk Lettermen's Club Sweetheart Swime'Hes, FRONT ROW: Pam STone, STevie Dale, Mary Shoemalcer, Claudia Chavers, Margie WhiTe, Ellen Shepard. CaThy Heller. Ann Wi+hingTon, Wendy Barnes, Nancy Bowen, Molly Rorschaclc, Jeannie Heller, CaThy Fehr, Susan Robohm, Cris Chandler, Judy Helm, ROW 2: Donna Grubb, Suzy Fornell, Kay Young, Benila Wiehe, Trudy Sfevens, Debbie Combs, Cheryl Clarke, JeaneTTe McKewon, Judy HinTon, Holly Henderson, KaTy MarTin3 ROW 3: Lore BlaclcsToclc, Abby Reinhard, Susan WhiTalcer, Barbara Mylar, Sylvia Russell, Carol BryanT, Mary Harrison, Susan Bowen, BeTsy Rorschach, Joann Marks, Gay Droke, Pam Bradshaw, Maurene ClemenTs. If Swimettes Splash ln Sugar Smiling faces hid The concenlralion needed To perform sTunTs. Advanced splashing and barracudas were Two Techniques ThaT SwimeTTes TiT inTo Their Ai-' P , ,. ,mi ...ww . :f:.3e-I gif" ,-"kf'. " daily schedule. Their swimming abiliTies en- y X' abled Them To perform lnTricaTe synchroniz- ff W ,f ,,, . ed swimming sTunTs. Under The direcTion of Miss Houslon, sixTh hour and aTTer-school pracTice prepared girls Tor Their annual show, This year enTiTled "Sugar 'n Spice." To raise money Tor Their cosTumes and props The group made and sold spiriT braceleTs and buTTons ThroughouT The year. ln The spring TryouTs were held Tor new members: - 'fllw "ss and They concluded Their acTiviTies wiTh a ,S 1,5 x . 12 Ts . , 5- --ss is T T ,, . 'ss- ls K if , -,Qe .. -f ff 1 ' fre ,s se i . , L as ' fi Q- R TesTive picnic. '..' ,, ' , ' 'T ., f- ' .xc . I ,, Wendy Barnes . . . ............... ....... P resideni ,,,i"" 'ga . h ,u , .-.113 4 'ml ' Nancy Bowen ........... ..... V ice-Presidenf , ,-,, , falkk' f E f" g 41:-gf' Ann WiThingTon ....... iecrefary .sk, K Y K ' ' 'Wi 'G' ' ' Molly Rorschach ..... .,.... r easurer siglsqii "Y , , . :',.:.N.:, I -513, CaThy Heller ...... Hislorian W 725 K - Miss PaT HousTon . ..... Sponsor ' ' Tera' -J?" - T ' yg., , s,s. , , l . oFFlcERs T - or W ,,s, W .fy s.,: y : Q ,F ,,- R, M QW A X K x K , lx . NWS Q ll E -1 X Q f T R r 'f is A S ww , 153 v BE' X x .-, Sf T , 55' Y ' f' I 'a . x 4 Rf. GX " A W R. rr feat? 'Iwi w My S 7 a s T was ..,,.,, i,,. Ygkww 'Sb Q' . . , T , sissys g yy Z, - T -' " ss,,,,.ss as Q s Old-'lime swimmers prepare +0 plunge. 005355. Hobo Carolyn Heller relales lhe Suqar 'n Spice Spice sfory fo Molly Rorsclmach and Nancy Bowen. 'n' Spice Accuralely and precisely. swimmers mainlain perlecl form. Since Their organizaTion in l958, lhespian Troupe 'I4 has promoTed dramaTics aT The high school level. Selling TickeTs To The Shakespearean plays, pre- senTed in February by The NaTional Shakespeare Company, was The primary evenT oT The year. The Thespians also enTerTained numerous clubs and churches wiTh Their skiTs and plays. STagecraTT members, working behind The -scenes aT assemblies and oTher producTions, crealed all sTaging eTTecTs. Members consTrucTed scenery, op- eraTed The lighTing eguipmenT, and builT seTs. Mr. David Crowell, Technical direcTor, and The sTage crew produced many Tine programs. Myrna Lubin ..... Cafhey Lindsay .... ............ Vicki Graff ......... Peggy Cantrell .... Beverly Baker ........... Miss Barbara Burkei OFFICERS A A 4 Q Thespians, FRONT ROW: Miss Barbara BurkeT, Sponsor, Myrna Lubin, CaThey Lindsay, Vicki Graf, Peggy CanTrell, Beverly Baker: ROW 2: Debbie Combs, Mary Samuelson. Demi RosenThal, CurTis Gimlin, Chuck Selman, Mary Shoemaker, Laverda Jack, Kaihy Bankoii, Cindy ZumwalT, Freddy Davis: ROW 3: Pam Wilson, Becky Groh, Susie Young, Cathy STaines, Susan Robohm. Laura Dempsey, JaneT l-ludson, Students Create Diverse President . . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary . Treasurer Scribe Sponsor Lynne ScoTT, CaThy Heller, STevie Dale, Ben JohnsTon, Mike Robertson: ROW 4: Mr. David Crowell, Linda Wise, Susan PeTers, Toni Delzalco, Randy Grigor, STeve MarTin, Sam Rhoades, Ron Wiggins, Steve RaThman, David Crawford, David White, Todd l-lenshaw, Skip Nicholson, Bill McMahon, Tom Munson. Productions Sales Techniques oi Chuck Selman and Bill McMahon compel Chuck Keene To buy a play Ticket S mi . 'Xa . xx XX 5 Vi S. A F .8 'X D J X e- 'vs , I, . :fs si ii 5-xi. H i ,fr J' E ! ,rg . l N. ,R I 1 .--if Somelimes slagecrafl lasks, such as readiusiing spol- Chuck Selman and Mark Sanders build scenery while Susie Henderson painls lighfs, can pul Jim Hammond in precarious posilions. Siagecraff, FRONT ROW: Mr. David Crowell, Sponsor, Mary Shoemaker, Don Landrum, Kirk Liiflefield, Debbie Gardner, Susie Henderson, John Painler, Myrna Lubin, Mary Shurlleif, Marsha Mills, Roxy Fosler, Jane Rumbaugh, Jan Black, ROW 2: Berl McCurley, Calhy Carroll, Ernie Marler, Richard Robohm, Greg Swyden, Chuck Selman, Mike Muse. Roberf Nash, Linda Wise, Sharon Bell, Cindy Zumwalf, Beverly Baker. Nancy Cohen, Mike Sears. J. R. Jones: ROW 3: Susan Robohm, John Milchell, Paul Barilau, Mark Sanders, Joe Fleming, Barry Henderson, Renee Brashear, Linda Neck, Phil Kuriz, Danny Williams, Glenn Slroud, Jeff Digges, Larry Smilh, T. A. Hollis: ROW 4: Chuck Keene, Bill McMahon, Mike Long, Lance Beard, Don Mclnlosh. Alan Elias, Sam Rhoades, Pai' Davidson, Jim Morgan. Pal Poller, Bill Davis. Glenn Wellendorf, Gary Bernier, Sieve Spyres. l Clark Parrish ...... Sefh Tidwell ....... Debbie Lubin ..... Ch' R e s 4 - u 0 Lil . N ..,,..,. 2' -"' VK , 'Q hx V .,k:a- Q Vi M1121 ' :TA is .- j--..- , . ff,- TULSA PUBLIC SCHOOLS IND. DIST. NO. I Junior High STuden'l Council, FRONT ROW: Pam Cash, Genie Griffin, Richard Symanski, Larry Hocking, Janei Lyon, Curiis Pope, Bill Wilbanks, Marcia DeBock, ScoTT McKee, Sally Ravis, Linda Disch, FenTon Rood. Claudia Avery. Phil Campbell, Ellen Singer, JoAnn Sianley, Pam PriesTer, Jody Sloan: ROW 2: ScoT'r Kangas, Jeanie BarTleT, Gary Kowalski. Leslie Broach, Debbie Roberis, Paula EllioT, PaTTi Johnson, Dan Danner, Dana aried Activities Knowledge OT sTudenT governmenT and experience in leadership were chief TacTors learned Through an abundance oT acTiviTies. Yearly proiecTs such as The Edison Calling, Teacher AppreciaTion Day and The BroTherhood BreakTasT consTiTuTed The basic proiecTs. To Tinance The purchase of a porTable microphone and amplifier, The Council sponsored a candy bar sale, a movie. and ValenTine and ChrisTmas posT oTTices. During The Toys Tor ToTs Drive, all iunior high sTudenTs worked TogeTher To collecT over 5,000 Toys Tor disTribuTion To underprivileged children by The Sal- vaTion Army and Marine Corps. OFFICERS PresidenT Vice-Presideni Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary T Marilyn Hammond ris og rs .......... ...................... r easurer Penny Marks .......... ......... Parliamenlarian Mr. Waller Gerard ..... Mr. Richard Burch ...........Spon5or Sponsor Hammond, Debbie Lubin, SeTh Tidwell, Clark Parrish. Keep Council Busy Clark Parrish, Susan Wilkerson, and Debbie Lubin examine collecTed Toys Thompson, Tim Davis, Jim Noel, BeTIy Berry, Phil Merry, Mark Graham Paul Froning. Peggy BuTler. Dory ElioT, Mark Floyd, Mr. Richard Burch Mr. Walier Gerard: ROW 3: Loreanne Glessop, Kip Leikam, STeve LoVel leTTe, Darla BeaTy, Gary Coover, Paula Rodgers, Candy Edmonds Pai' Tessier, Jan Gardner, Linda Reid, Penny Marks, Chris Rogers Marilyn Honor Commission Instills Integrity -ln The spring oT I967, new iniTiaTes oT The Honor Corn- mission were inTormed ThaT The purpose was To uphold The goal OT achieving personal inTegriTy wiThin sTudenTs. AcTivi- Ties planned Tor The year included ushering aT Back-To- School nighT and assisTing wiTh decoraTions and concessions aT The ninTh grade dance. An annual l-lonor Commission assembly was held in January, encouraging The sTudenT body To prepare To accepT The demanding responsiloiliTies oT good ciTizenship in and ouT OT school. Tom Whiimore ..... J' M C im c ommas ....... . .... Mary Feldmann .... ,Sandra Feldman . Mrs. RoseElIa Misch Presidenf iiiiiiivice-President S Tar ecre y Treasurer ..... Sponsor Honor Commission FRONT ROW Linda Emery BarT James Jim McCommas Dick ATTaway, Sandy PuTnam. Mary Feldmann. Tom WhiTmore: ROW I: RoberT Fox Jacky Canker Blame l-lenshaw Chris BurTon Jody Ford KaThy Wilder, Andrea Hubbard, CynThia Swindell. STeve Tankersley: ROW 3: Gary Kowalski Jim Scheurich Jane Mauldin Lisa Lawrence Kay Burroughs KaThy Newman, Jean BarTleTT. S r i Aquillas, FRONT ROW: Liz Angelopoulos, Andrea Hubbard, Luanne l-lannis, Lois l'lunT, Anne Marie Jaccard, Amy Klaslcy, KaThy Wilder, Karen Thompson, Sara Hammond, Linda Cobb, Sherry Hocking, HeaTher l-larris, Melanie Rich. Nancy MiTchellg ROW 2: Beclcy Conway, Debbie Brighfon, Dana DunTon, Ginger Mauldin. Mary Ann Pas- qulllas Serve As Assistants To zki, i , ,5- 4 if 'ui-Q Filing is Tedious and any disTracTion is welcomed by Debbie RoberTs. cucci, Sandy PuTnam, AniTa Engle, Judy WhiTe. Peggy Tessier, Nan Speed, Ardys STallbories, Kalhy Campfield, CaThy Ward, Vivian l-lale, Befsy l'leTTinger7 ROW 3: Dianne CaThey, Vlclci Versen, Leslie Broach, KaThy KraTT, Jody Ford, Peggy Bufler, Pixie Lee. Debi Carfer. Teachers, Counselors, Serving Edison by worlcing in The library, main office, counselors' oTTices, nurse's of- Tice, and as Teachers' aides, Aquillas were The liaison beTween TaculTy, sTuclenTs, and organizaTions in The iunior high. These ninTh grade girls ushered aT plays, concerTs, and aT baclc-To-school nighT. Showing Their ap- preciaTion of The adrninisTraTion, They spon- sored a TaculTy Tea in December. They as- sisTed STudenT Council wiTh The Toys Tor ToTs drive, and Red Cross wiTh The TET KiT proiecT. Throughoul The year, Aquillas provided a TuToring service Tor every sTu- denlr who wanTed help in any parTicular subieclr. Pris Coleman . . . ........... . ........... Presidenf Carrie Ross ........ ..... V ice Presidenf Sara Hammond Secrelary Pixie Lee ......... ...... T reasurer Mrs. Zoe While Sponsor Aquillas, FRONT ROW: Paliy Hallman. Marsha McKinney, Mary Disney, Carrie Ross, Pris Coleman. Karen Rowland, Nancy Wilhoit Jean Barfleflg ROW 2: Mary Cheek. Mary Feldmann, Debbie Buchner. Susan Wilkerson. Vickie Hammond, Phyllis Tschappal. Rosie Padilla, Susan Roach. Jan Lindley. Belly Berry, Kaihy Byrne. Debbie Roberls. Janie Slriclcland, Gail Johnson, Alice Blood, Liz Ellinglong ROW 3: Susan Morgan, Linda Emery. Melinda lnhoie. Dana Thompson, Cadiiah Brown, Terry Zambon. Kalhy Lucy, Margarel Nalley. Linda Harlz. Debbie Neck, Linda Rozell. Barbara Rorschach. Theresa Monroe. Sherry Wasson. Debbie Lubin. Lynda Holmes. And The Nurse lniuries do occur, bul Leslie Broach knows wha? lo do 'ro promoie healing. To Linda Cobb and' Liz Angelopoulos library books never are in order mg,,:f,gf,f' Q ,lim i Red Cross, FRONT ROW: Nancy Ayres, Nelson Nunez, Beclci Farmer, Karen Scholl, Jeannie West Freddy Davis: ROWA3: Nancy Adlcison, Marcia Mills, Laurie McCanl's, Mike Mallinqer, Donna Hampfon, Margarel' Duncan, Janel' Hudson, Judy While, Jan Black, Susan Bowen, Sharon Sherman, Nanci Fisher. Kay Youngi ROW 2: Carol Gasser, Alan Tower. Slewarl' Kopp, ROW 4: Bill McMahon, Les Clark, Vicki Spear, Linda Sfiles, Pa+ Ward, Jolene Galloway, Judy Helm, Bill Phillips, Sieve Jacobs, Danny McClary, Gary Bernier. u ' K The Journal being passed ouf by Susie Young is presenied monihly Robert? Shaw 'nleflecls ll10U9lWl"P"0V0lUfWQ COYTW- 'ro members: Karen Scholl, Nancy Harn. and Joyce Ives receive menls in her speech al fhe Red Cross breakfast Hqeir homergom issue. 'W fl - ,xl l I i 96 ...f E- Phyllis Tschappai, Melanie Rich, and Diane Caihey wrile lo' Chung Yung l-lo. Junior High Red Cross, FRONT ROW: Anneile Rogers, Rhonda Fabes, Anne Bradley, Leslie Broach, Melanie Rich, Phillip Camp- bell, Leslie l-lilsl: ROW 2: Rob Conway, Barlon Torberl, Cindy Simmons, Sieve Aniry. Mali Davis, Alice Grubb, Ann Jewell, Phyllis Tschappai, Michelle Waikins, Judy Whiie, Mike Church, Dale Twilley, Mrs. Hope, Sponsor, Sherry Griffin: ROW 3: Sponsor- - - - Judy Hoffman, lfalhy Townsend, Bob Parks, Mallory Degen, Craig Phillips, Mike McMahon, Sieve Tankersley, Carrie Ross, Jennie Berry, Julie Badgerow, Calhy Nelson, Carolyn Meyers, Carol Griiiilh, Marva Ann Bell, Gary Collins, Maudie Brooch: ROW 45 Tim Nelson, Sandy Schrieber, Mary Feldman, JoEllen Bevis, Diane Calhey, Dick Woodard, Debbie Roberlg. ' ' 33 3, OFFICERS Senior High Gary Bernier ......... presgden+....... Bill McMahon .. . ..... VgCe.p,-esiden+..... Kay Young ..,.... ...... 5 ec,-efary ...... Kay Young . .......... .......... T reasul-er. . . . . . . Nancy Adkuson ..... . .... parliamenfarian ..... . Mrs. Carolyn Hill ..... ......,.. 5 pongor . . . . . . Beneficial proiecls sponsored by 'rhe Junior and Senior l-ligh Red Cross enabled lhe school lo parlicipale in com- munily charily aclivilies. The November enrollmenl week allowed Edison lo conlribule lo lhe ciiy-wide Red Cross Drive. The junior high raised money 'lhrough candy and bake sales io supporl' a Korean boy. Chung Yung l'lo. An original fund-raising melhod was devised in lhe senior high. A psychedelic posier shop and shoe polishing services received supporl from 'rhe enlire sludenl body. Junior High .....Phyllis Tschappal .. . . . . .Melanie Rich Anne Bradley H.i.......ii:AnneHe Rogers L l' B h esie roac Mrs. Celesfia Williams ......Mrs. Julia Hope r Melinda Caldwell and Terry Pilkingion make changes in The evenls calendar. Mg! ,1L, THLR, FRI. ss ft? an-:viii Anofher issue of School Life is dislribuled io Mark Teler. Senior High Adveriising Board, FRONT ROW: Susan Morgan, Melinda Caldwell, Terry Pilkinglon, Bruce Ross: ROW 2: Mary Von Drehle. Jenny Day. Curlis Gimlin, Marilyn Trask, Karen Van Allen, Marsh Grigsby, Ken Harwood, Mary Ann Williams. Jeff Kowalski, Peggy Canirell, Carol Colvin, Pam Bradshaw. Carol Bryanfg ROW 3: Mr. Cox, sponsor, Phil Hayden, Jean Jones, l-larriel' Mizel, Gary Bonner, Susan Robohm, Debbie Wiggins, Teresa Wages, Anila Collier, Charles Willis. Sale Of Activity V- 1' x """" ' l- 1' ,, 5 A 'A S .6 ,f s K A K 1 K1 1 5 N ga, 'Q 'QQ ,,' . f, . N . iff- 2 ip M , ,, u f i , Qs fsiiw A The sale and dislribulion of budgel lickels is capably handled by Sharon Turney and Karen Klar. alendars ls Edison Exclusive Junior High Adverlising Board, FRONT ROW: Kalhy Grayson, Regina Lierly, Kalhleen McGuirk, Janel De Min+, Pally Chealham, Janis Morava, Mary Wornble: ROW 2: Kerry l-lauger, Jim Gibbon, Dick Robbins, Margarel Fries, Madeline Ross, Joy Donovan, Valorie Kopp, Kalhy Kealingg ROW 3: Donny Cahill, Bill Rich, Mark Teler, Jan Doak, Alice Blood, Nan Speed, Gail Traughber, John Allen, ROW 4: Kalhy Zarrow, Belsy Tarbel, David Dorsell, Rick Peace, Auslin Boyd, Van Posner, Annelle Wesl, Marly l-luisak. Accomplishmenl oi many produclive aclivilies was characlerislic oi lhe Adverlising Boards. Mem- bers sold budgel lickels, dislribuled and collecled for individual yearbook piclures, aided in dislri- buling School Life each week, and prornoled school plays, concerls, alhlelic evenls, and olher sluclenl aclivilies. Produced for The firsl lime, lhe Edison Aclivily Calendar conlained inlorrnalion concern- ing organizalion rneelings, scheduled lesls, and alhlelic evenls. Wilh overwhelming enlhusiasm, lhe junior high board parlicipaled in The Toys for Tols program lor underprivileged children. Senior High Terry Pilkington. . Linda Wilson .... ...... Susan Morgan ..., Susan Morgan ............. Melinda Caldwell ........ ,. M r. Richard Cox. OFFICERS Presidenf .... i A P i U ...Bice-Presidenf .-.. --.--. . . . Secretary. --- . . . . Treasurer. - . . Proiecl Chairman... .. .. ..,.,Sponsor....... Junior High ..Janel De Min+ Pally Chealham ...Janis Morava ...Janis Morava .Marty Womble Mr. Richard Cox .il W-"""""'-' A J Y . -M -'. 115-. 2-T 1 : Q. - . ,Wivi K-Club: Palrick Thompson, David Dorsell, Gordon lvlcCraw, Bob SlOGI'1. Gary Wall, Jim McComma5, Sell-1 Tidwell, Tom Whlf Jackson, Fenlon Rood, David Hensley, David Hawley, Sieve Hub- more, Dan Danner, Tom Burke, Mike Fanning, Bari James Tom bard, Kirk Lilllefield, Mr. Glennis Miller, Sponsor, Mike Maher, Parker, Clark Parrish. Tom Roberlson, Dan Denham, Brian Whill, Howard Geffen. Jody School Services And Two Music Scholarships Mark K Clu Three days before school, The K-Club began ils aclivilies by helping leachers prepare lor classes. They were guides for sevenlh graders on lhe lirsl day of school and for parenls on Back-lo-School nighl. Sponsored by 'lhe Ulica Square Kiwanis Club, members sold lickels lo 'rhe pancake day on No- vember 3, The proceeds of which provided clolhes for lhe underprivileged children in lhe Tulsa area. The lwenly-five members financed lwo one semes- ler scholarships which 'Furnished privale music in- slruclion for oulslanding Junior High musicians. OFFICERS Fenfon Rood ..... ................... ....... D . . Presidenl Mike Maher .... .....,........ .... V i ce-Presidenl David Hawley ..., ...... S ecreiary Jim McCommas ..... '--' T f955U"" Mr. Glennis Miller .. -'--- SPOMO' l00 K-Club members, Fenlon Rood. Jody Sloan, and Clark Parrish deliver geography books lo 'teachers as a parl ol lheir school service program. Season proiecTs, Trips, and inTeresTing programs characTerized The meeTings oT The Medical Club. ChrisTmas presenTs were given To The children aT l-lissom Memorial CenTer. Trips To local insTiTuTions and To Oklahoma UniversiTy School oT Medicine were also parT oT The club's acTiviTies. As a Torum Tor various speakers and dis- cussions, The lnTernaTional RelaTions Club gave members a ToundaTion Tor inTerna- Tional undersTanding. OFFICERS l.R.C, MEDICAL CLUB Roberi Krumme ....... President ....... Cathay Lindsay RiCl16I'Cl R0b0l1I'fl ---..- Vice-Presidenl' ............ Judy Helm Susan R0b0l1m' ----- Secretary-Treasurer ....... Chrisly Mims Mr. James Sfafford ...... .Sponsor .... Mr. Roberi Sanderson Clubs Augment Understanding Medical Club FRONT ROW Mary VON Drehle MGT Day RoberTa BooTh, l-larriel' Mizel, Carol VanZanT, Wen- lene Lumley JaneT RoberTs ChrlsTy Mums CaTl'iey Lind dy Hall, Marilyn Muse. Marci Nealg ROW 3: STeve say Tom Munson Connie Clarlc Mary Shoemaker Jeannie Spyreg Chris CarTer, John Robinson, Doug Cox. Ken WesT ROW 2 David l'larTson Linda LanTow Jenny Harwood, Birch Blaclqsfrock, Ron Wiggins. ,M E K i, ,,,,. ,, I i,i,,ss,.,iss, so 2 e . 4 , C5 JSR 57' gl 4 fx, i A i K4' Law Club, FRONT ROW: Karen Vanfkllen. Karen Scholl, Bill Larry Smillw, Don Froning, Sam Rlwoades, Jackie Talroe, Jeff Shellshear, Scoll Brown. Bruce Fadem. Nancy Harng ROW 2: Bigby. Lee Levinson, Mr. l-larris. Bob York. Rick Spellman, Tony Mirkin, Bruce Ross. Lloyd Faderriy ROW 3: Law Club Practices Court Procedure New ideas and energelic members uniled lo form a new club al Edison. The Law Club, spon- sored by Mr. Mike Harris, held a car wash 'ro raise funds 'lor 'flue year's evenls. Afler llweir monllwly dinner meelings, inleresling speakers, including Judge Barrow, presenled slimulaling programs 'ro gm-3-'wi , ,WM . . , .I-213'-'Nb Eelil?Q11izYf"i'L I ' ' 5755 l'R'sw'f club members. A dance and hay ride were planned as social aciivilies for llwe organizalion. OFFICERS d t . P ' Lee Levinson .... . """ lsrxgixg, Terry Cllne " l sponsor Mr. Mike Harris "" 8 Brian Pribil, Bill Shellslwear, and Terry Cline discuss a case. F.T.A. Acquires Teaching Insights F.T.A., FRONT ROW: Shelley Kalz. Leslie Jennings. Melinda Caldwell: ROW 2: Cheryl Palmer, Nancy Hulchinson. Janice Baker, Anne Allen. Mary Frisbie, Jolene Galloway: ROW 3: Susan Whil- alcer, Mrs. McCarlney, Pally Perryman, Joyce Allen, Judy l-linlon, Palsy Tripp, Brenda Moore. 'W' Leslie Jennings ....... Mrs. Karen McCarfney ww 3 i Q ., s TO'n A ',zi., :e,s -sr, , Q N, 1 ,K .. s 4 A - . r V . T a il lv 1 Melinda Caldwell ...... Ellen Shepard .......... Susan Morgan ......... Sludenls inleresled in leaching acquired 'rhe necessary fundamenlals of lhe profes- sion lhrough parlicipalion in lhe Fulure Teachers of America. Money-raising proi- ecls sponsored by lhe club included a doughnul sale in November. Qualified members gained a grealer underslanding of lhe Trade by aclively 'raking parl in lhe annual leaching day. OFFICERS ,... Presidenf Vice-President . . . . Secrefary . . . . Treasurer Sponsor 1 ,Q u' 0 0 l',o.o ,'. 0 .'-o . P .ggi an -u 0 . ' 0 0 0 s 0 4 Q I Yummy bul messy, all ages learn lo masler lhe arl of pizza-ealing. Susan Morgan and Melinda Caldwell llsiefl G5 Marlha Read praclices her leaching lechniques. Washing artifacts, Linda Scott works carefully. 'FY 1 ,, 'ilk I Blake. Fransi Colpitt, Brenda Speed, Vicki Spear. Archaeology Club: Dr. Frank Soday, Mr. Harry Madison, Susan DeBock, Linda Scott, Bob Francy, Jim Clubs Add Interest To School Routine Leader Corps, FRONT ROW: Monece Sublett, Debbi Lubin, Judy Peirson, Miss Nancy Newsom, Spon- sor, Mrs. Linda Ruhman, Sponsor: ROW 2: Peggy Butler, Ellen Singer, Mary Feldman, Randy Harrington, Phyllis Tschappat, Kathy Byrne, Carrie Ross, Chris Rogers, Penny Marks, Barbara Stevens, Miss Arnye Alford, Sponsor: ROW 3: Barbara Rorschach, Tammi Rosenthal, Cathy Weis, Leslie Broach, Julie Badge- row, Jean Bartlett, Margie Morgan, Janet DeMint, Dana Thompson, Susan -Wilkerson, Lisa Lawrence, Marilyn Hammond, Franky Delarzelere. l IO4 The newly organized Archaeology Club met at the home of Dr. Frank Soday. Lec- tures and scientific evaluation of material obtained in digs occupied the 38 mem- bers. Chosen for their high scholarship and physical ability, the Leader Corps assisted in gym classes, refereed intramural sports, and sponsored a faculty coffee. Archeology Jim Blake ............. , David Yancey ......... Beverly Baker Marty Wagenblatt OFFICERS - -President .. -'----Treasurer-. Vice-President ....... Secretary ........ Leader Corps ...Judy Pierson ..Debbie Lubin Mece Sublett Mece Sublett ingron, Kaye Cronlc, Jeana Clemenls, Trudy Slevens, Gail Wilkerson, Toni Defalco, Susan Swanson: ROW 3: Ellen Shep- herd, Terry Balle, Beverly l-luckellg SPONSOR: Mrs, Laurann Rogers. Rigorous Gymnastic Skills Assure Fitness Ernplwasizing lilness and agilily, flue Gymnaslics Club provided an opporlunily for inleresled girls lo develop gymnaslic slnills. Aided by Mrs. Laurann Rogers, members lumbled, vaulled, and exercised on llwe parallel bars and balance beam. Girls oblained slrengllw, balance, and conlrol llwrouqli praclice. OFFICERS Ellen Sheperd .... ............... . . . Presidenl' Donna New ....... .... S ecrelary Janet Wood ......... .... T rea su rer Mrs. Laurann Rogers ..... Sponsor Dee Dee Davidson, Susan Swanson, and Jeana Clemenls praclice for perleclion. X! Senior High French Club, FRONT ROW: Diane Block, Vicki Graf, Pally Perryman, Eleanor Weisman, Carol Bryant ROW 2: Nancy Huichinson, Mariha Read, Shelly Kalz, Mary Ann l-licks, Gay Nienhuisy ROW 3: Janel Hudson, Shannah Ziemer, Laura Dempsey, Mary Samuelson, Cheryl Palmer, Melinda Paul, Sharon Sumpier: ROW 4: Diane Dimii, Carol Lewis, Suzy ,l J J' J' ' fiffliei "PH V " in an X, 'laura 'S'! 49' iii an-...- Al' The Twelilh Niqhl celebraiion, Eric Wilner, Cris Chandler, and Shelley Floyd, galher around 'lhe punch bowl. l06 , . .i --,yifwyggk f V H, f -,im , f. K ,V - I. . -gina Henry, Merediih Fells, Sluari Fox, Jeff Kowalski, Gail Wilkerson, 'Jeaneile Slokes, Jean Jones, Mary Erni, Shelley Floyd, Cris Chandler, Jane Freden- berger, Mary Pal Ladner, Jackie Jalaguier, Susan Ross, Linda Shaffer, Jim Rogers, Pam Mclnlosh, Joann Milchell, Jeaneiie Losey, Sally Eslill, Mary Ann Coe. Edison's French Clubs to S 'D 0 ..m.5WwNmh krhyk 1- J i R ff y fav 1 in ,,,, il, , .' 4 . q I, I 'Xul - . M Following a discussion, Mary Ann Hicks and Ann Howard awair Mrs. Carney's comment Q . Y . ' g . Q' i' ,. .',. ying: -g .. , as 1 2 A X Asia! I ,F 3,1 vs es x Ji as .1 Junior high French Club oTTicers pause around a French'sTyle TounTain. Emphasis on The observance oT French cusToms and inTormal spealcing ol The language provided The Tocal poinT Tor The acTiviTies oT The French clubs. lnTeresT was added To The senior high meeTings by The singing oT French songs TaughT by A.F.S. sTu- denT Jaclcie Jalaguier, and by making a Tield Trip To visiT The exhibiTion oT The worlc oT The French impressionisTs aT Philbroolc ArT CenTer. The clubs held conTinenTal brealcTasTs serving croissanTs and brioches. ln January The senior high club celebraTed TwelTTh NighT, a TradiTional French holiday. AT The end OT The year, boTh clubs gave a French dinner Cris Chandler ....... . . Mary Pat Ladner ........ Jane Fredenberger .... Mrs. Helen Carney ...... Tor all members. Shelley Floyd ............. OFFICERS --.--.-Presidenf .- .....Sara Hammond Vice-Presidenf ........... .,Monice Subleff i --Secrefary.. - - Treasurer . . Sponsor.. .. . . . . . . . .Liz Angelopoulos . ....... Jeanie Barflefi Mrs. Sandra Griffin Form Liaison Between American nd French Cultures Junior High French Club, FRONT ROW: Gail Phillips, Judy Cadenhead BeTsy Bradley, PaT l-lenry, Terri Duncan, Sally Pribyl, Linda Cobb: ROW 2 LaNell Svoboda, Susan KraTT, Valerie Davis, Anne Bradley, Andrea Hub- bard, Sherry l-locking, Marci MoslcowiTz, Sally Raves, Mrs. GriTTin sponsor: ROW 3: Peggy BuTler. BeTTy Berry, Mary Disney, CaThy l-leTTinger, Ann Alexander, JaneT SouThmayd7 ROW 4: Marcy ClemenTs, Debra CarTer, Leslie SToclc, Nancy WilhoiT, Karen Rowland, Kim ClemenTs, Carrie Ross, KaThy Che-noweTh: ROW 5: RoberT AlberTson, Richard Waller, Mary Tor- berT, Liz Angelopoulos, Monice SubleTT, Sara Hammond, Jeanie BarTleTT, Linda Disch. V-x sr, 5 if Lli g, an Y V Senior High Latin Club, FRONT ROW: Trudy Reeves, Peggy Cantrell. Beverly Bakery ROW 2: Mary Dratz, Randy Wills, Kay Scott, Pamela Wilson, Vivian Storer, Martha Lairrnore, Curtis Gimling ROW 3: Rick Gaines, Forrest Craig, Steve Rathman, Gordon Leaman, Carolyn Capehart, Faren Akins, Bruce Ross, John Rahmes, Mary Pat Ladner, Phil Wilcox, Sharon Bell, Jett Briggs. JCL Enters State Contests At Muskogee Junior High Latin Club Officers, FRONT ROW: Janis Morava, Joe Trotter, Joan Hanks: ROW 2: Barbara Stevens, Betsy Hettinger, Mrs. Walker, sponsor. Both ot Edison's Latin Clubs participated in various activi- ties and contests during the year. The senior high club entered state contests in Muskogee in March, where they attended a banquet and dance. The proud distinction ot being the only junior high club to participate went to Mrs. Walker's group, who entered the contests in February. High- lighted with a Roman banquet and the publication ot a T 1 rg ,lly ,N X ef yn, , newspaper, the traditional Latin Week was observed in the senior high in April. Senior High Peggy Cantrell .... Beverly Baker Trudy Reeves ...... Trudy Reaves ..... . Mrs. Beatrice Notley .... , 'Q' OFFICERS .....,...President........ .. .....Vice-President- - ......Secretary .......Treasurer.... Junior High Joe Trotter Janis Morava Barbara Stevens Joan Hanks Higfqi-ian. ............ Betsy Hettinger .......5p0n,or 3 Mrs, Henrietta Walker ,i ,,.r,s Q1 Nl' Spanish Club, FRONT ROW: Brian Brouse, Valerie Tag, Carolyn Heller, Gwen Dopp: ROW 2: Nelson Nunez, JoAnn Marks, Sheri Trenlield, Robilea Swindell, Vicki Poslier, Karen Richards, Lisa Mirchell, Sreve Cohen: ROW 3: Kim Robinson, Sylvia Marlines, Angeles Lopez, Laurie Cackrell, Liz Lawrence, Margarel' Whill, Mary Deisenrolh, Dee Dee Semple, Judy Wallon. Spanish Club Plans Spanish Club, FRONT ROW: Marcia Mills, Abby Rineharl: Chris Wilson, Belh Osher: ROW 2: Holly Henderson, Julie Goodpaslor, Marlene Lumley. Laurie Levine, Judy l-linlon, Gaye Droke, Barbara Myler, Renee Brashear, Jolene Galloway, Vicki Spear: ROW 3: Mrs. W... if C. fy' r The exciling prospecl of a lrip lo Mexico enlivenecl lhe meelings of Edison's Spanish Club. lnleresling lea- lures of lhe lrip were discussed by lravel represenla- lives, generaling enlhusiasm among lhe members. The mosl imporlanl fund raising proiecl ol The year was "La l:iesla." The holiday season broughl a Spanish caroling parly, followed by a Chrislmas dinner. OFFlCERS Vicky Simpson . .................. ....... P residenl Virginia Bougher .. .............. ..... V ice-President Susan Wilbanks .... Carol Trenfield ..... ........ T reagurer Mrs. Mary Pofforf .... Mrs. Rachel Sanchez ......... Secrelary Sponsor Sponsor Trip To Mexico Pollorl, Mrs. Sanchez, Kalhy Grilfilh, Shannah Ziemer, Jeannie Wesl: ROW 4: Virginia Bougher, Vicky Simpson, Susan Wilbanks, Carol Trenlield, David Jones, Marsha Murphy, Barbara Willman. Laura Nolley, Carla Lair, Jenny Day. 251'-' I Reminiscenl of an old Spanish fiesla, Viclor serenades Sheri Trenfield Marching Band, FRONT ROW: Steve Hulsizer, Beth DeMerritt, Robert Todd, Gordon Macklin, Faren Akins, David Ross, Fat May, Bob Flint, Roger Huckett, Jerry Summers, Kirk Felton, Rob Armstrong, Mike Collins, Robert Nash, Marilyn Howe, David White: ROW 2: Susan Hart, Mike Farmer, Mike Turney, David Soulsby, Charles Beach, Rhonda Bennett, David Sharpe, Laurie Bush, Lynda Dickerson, Jeannie Archambo, LaVunn Wilson: ROW 3: Pat Marquette, Chris Schater, Brooks Jackson, Diana Byrd, Phil Garren, Warren Landrum, John Abshire, Glenn Jones, Betsy Short, Kendra Ryan: ROW 4: Nancy Linde, Ginny DeMerritt, Janet Butler, Susan Peters, Suzan Prophet, Carl McCutcheon, Gary Greene, Robert Svoboda, Hal Wood, Joe Spann, Nancy McKewon3 ROW 5. Jett Led- better, Woody Thomas, Debbie Turner, Mark Littlefield, Patrick Thompson, Karen Knott, Mary Beine, John Meng, Charles Moore, Robert Giesecke: ROW 6: Steve Anderson, Richard Gilmore, Paul Garetson, Pete Hladky, Richard Todd, John Robinson, Bobby Born, Carole Taylor, Steve Blood, Mike Robinson, Pam Nation: ROW 7: Robert Gasnier, Nancy Spencer. Phil Redman, Mark Thomas, Mike Cushing, Larry Archambo, Susan Martin, Tommy Williams, Paula Bunyard. Jett Briggs: ROW 8: Don Smith, Robert Alston, Gary Ruggles, Wayne Search, George Ratlitt, Pat Murphy, Bob Breck, Paul Hill, Lee Nation, Brian Beaird, Fred Mundt: ROW 9: Robert Krumme, Richard Robohm, John Middleton, Mike Nelson, Roger Speegle, Eric Wadman, Tolie Toliver, Sam Johnston: ROW IO: Mike Elmore, Dave Wintermute, Steve Mclntyre, Mike Slankard, Gary Semke, Charlie Fitz- patrick, Gary Lobaugh, Steve Rathmann, Ken Mclntosh: DIRECTOR: Mr. Ashley Alexander. Instruments Resound In Accord With Tradition Excellence, determination, concentration, and per- tection resulted in a successtul instrumental music department. Many awards and honors were proot ot the unique musical abilities at Edison. All bands and orchestras detended last year's state championships. At Brownwood, Texas, the ,A stage band was awarded the title Outstanding is ' ' Stage Band. Selections trom their coronation and ,,,, , H y midwinter concerts were included in the eighth an- . nual recording ot The Screaming Eagles. 1 The well known marching band stepped out in . is . new unitorms. An especially talented Edisonite, - Robert Krumme, was chosen as one ot two All- v 4 L K . , , - glaze. - -' A Americans trom Oklahoma to march in Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. : . . - ,V Junior High Instrumental Department strived to yxyy . . "iT'i5h'23af3 if K a5ft.f.4 learn techniques ot their respective instruments. K M ca n , . no s I' 1 O , ,A . 'A ,ha l l l l On behalf of lhe band, David While presenls l a foken of apprecialion lo Mr. Alexander. ill' Q. 'li ff a "W l I ' 52ffL'5f W .. .. 9 .. -- fz- Ie.. ..,, Qs W -wwf Qi Excellenl' music Bug Ed Eformahon and new X umforms plus whale lwafs fypuly 'rlme champs awww 'Q' -.aw .maiaafii lg ,,-,,,. A ,N K H A PM I A4,i,, . .. and flwe band marches on. iq? W V, : .. 1 Q' give 5 6 5 H AM- 39, 1 ...Bul- l , A lg,,,,.l.n,i.iEf' M i fxf Q Mr. Ashley Alexander, Direclor. A fanfare from H19 band 6r1COUf6qes an Edison vicfory. A AQ, A - Sfageband. FRONT ROW: Sieve Anderson, Sam Johnsion. Mike Robinson. Kirk Felfon, John Abshire, Leo Nafion, Gordon Macklin. David Whi+e. Georqe Railili, Bob Breclc, Tommy Williams: ROW 2: Pai May. Sieve Roberl' Krumme, Sieve Blood, Chris Schafer: DIRECTOR: Mr. Ashley Mclnfyre, William Andress, Pai' Murphy, Larry Archambo, Jay Elmore, Alexander, Wayne Search, Roberi Alslong ROW 3: Rob Armsironq, Jerry Summers. Q I UU! It Co-ordinalion of lone and qualify reileci' orches+ra's long hours of praclice. x! Symphonic Band, FLUTE: Roberl Gasnier, Susan Pelers, Janel Buller, Nancy Spencer, Debbie Turner, Ginny DeMerrill, Richard Gilmore, Mike Nelson, Diana Byrd, Carole Taylor: CLARINET: Sam Johnslon, Gary Greene, Lynda Dickerson., Sleve Hulsizer, Paula Bunyard, Mary Beine, Karen Knoll, Richard Robohm, Suzanna Prophel, David Sharpe, Joe Spann, Bob Flinl, Rhonda Bennell, Pele Hladky, John Robinson. Bobby Born, Phil Redman, Kendra Ryan, Belsy Shorl, Laurie Bush, Tolie Toliver: OBOE: Roger Huckell: ALTO CLARINET: Susan Marlin, Eric Wadman: BASS CLARINET: George Rallill, Warren Landrum, Hal Wood, Susan Harl: BASSOON: Sleve Ralhmann: ALTO SAXOPHONE: Mike Robinson, Roberl Giescke, Charles' Moore, John Meng. Glenn Jones: TENOR SAXOPHONE: Mark Thomas, Tommy Williams, Carl McCulcheon: BARI- TONE SAXOPHONE: Bob Breck, Mark Lilllelieldg TRUMPETS: Roberl Krumme, Sleve Blood, Lee Nalion, Brooks Jackson, Chris Schaler, David While, John Abshire, Pal Marquelle, Phil Garren. Mike Farmer, Mike Tur- ney: FRENCH HORN: Woody Thomas. John Middlelon, Charles Beach, Marilyn Howe, Jell Briggs, Gordon Macklin, Roberl Svoboda, Jeannie Arch- ambo: BARITONE: Wayne Search, Fred Mundl, Mike Cushing, Paul Garrel- son, Gary Ruggles: TROMBONE: Pal Murphy, Jell Ledbeller, Larry Arch- ambo, Roger Speegle, Don Smilh, Paul Hill, Richard Todd, Roberl Alslon: TUBA: Jay Elmore, David Winlermule, Ken Mclnlosh. Gary Lobaugh, Gary Semke, Charles Filzpalrick: STRING BASS: Sleve Mclnlyre: PERCUSSION: LaVunn Wilson, Nancy McKewon, Belh DeMerrill, Jerry Summers, Rob Armslronq, Kirk Fellon, Faren Akins, David Ross, Pal May, Roberl Todd, Mike Collins, Rob Nash: DIRECTOR: Mr. Ashley Alexander. Concerl Orcheslra, VIOLIN: Tonya Frosl, Ceci Kenlon, Nancy McKewon, Marilyn Howe, Sherwood Chrislman, Killy Spencer, Linda Ramsey, Helen Hall, Denise Leclbeller, Kay Slarks: VIOLA: Anila Hanson, Karen Gile. Sylvia Ewing, Ann Hillz: CELLO: Pam Nalion, Nancy Linde, Roberl Svoboda, Mike Collins, Colleen Collins, Rob Armslrong: STRING BASS: Sharon Greenwood, Gordon Macklin, Sleve Mclnlyre, David Tanner, Dave Winlermule: FLUTE: Tammy Smilh, Brian Beaird, Donna Whiled, Debbie Turner: OBOE: Pele Lynch, Jean Marlin: CLARINET: Barbara Ford, Sam E Johnslon, David Sharpe, Lynda Dickerson: BASS CLARINET: George Ral- Iill: BASSOON: Sleve Ralhmann: TRUMPET: Roberl Krumme, Sleve Blood, Chris Schafer. David While: FRENCH HORN: Jim Kirk, Woody Thomas, John Middlelon, Jell Briggs: ALTO SAXOPHONE: Mike Robin- son: TROMBONE: Don Smilh, Mike Cushing, Larry Archambo, Pal Murphy: TUBA: Jay Elmore: PERCUSSION: Randy Weems, Susan Harl, Kirk Fellon, Jerry Summers, LaVunn Wilson, Belh DeMerrill: DIRECTOR: Mr..Ashley Alexander. "Open Those mouThs, don'T slouch," and "higher," were Tamiliar sounds echoing Through The vocal music deparTmenTs. Through insTrucTions such as These, Edison's groups achieved excellenT repuTa- Tions. Many civic and sTaTe organizaTions heard The senior high ConcerT Chorus perTorm. l-lighlighTs ol: The year were an appearance in Tulsa Opera's producTion OT "Don Pasguade" and a Trip To New Yorlc CiTy where They presenTed a concerT aT The Tamous Riverside Church. ParTicipaTion in The ciTy wide choral TesTival sponsored by Tulsa Public Schools provided ex- perience Tor The Qirl's Olee Club and Mixed i Chorus. They also perTormed in The annual spring concerT. The Junior l-ligh choral deparTmenTs prac- T Ticed diligenTly To achieve group perTecTion. OuT- sTanding girls were given The opporTuniTy To par- TicipaTe in The Girls Ensemble. Mr. Sowell's hands and expression show The musical mood in which The Chorus musT sing. Vocal Groups Scale Qbstacles Concerl' Chorus, ROW l: Anne Spencer, Joyce Raines, David l-larTson, CaThy WesT, Joel Malahy, Ellen Shepherd, Judy Balmer, MarTy Malahy, Becky Groh, STeve MarTin, Donna Copenhaverg ROW 2: Mary MurTa, David Coclcrell, Linda Wilson, Randy Grigor, Linda Wise, Phil Ham- mond, Carol Gasser, Tommy Rodman, Rene Henry: ROW 3: David Crawford, Gloria RenTrow, Jon Johnson, Jane Bell, Duane Jeffers, Tommy Rogers, Terry PillcingTon, MerediTh FelTs, Debi Ervin, Ben JohnsTon7 ROW 4: Mary Samuelson, Birch BlaclcsToclc, Jan Kelly, Joe Diggs, ScoTT Davidson, KiT Robinson, Beverly Wise, Bob ATTaway, Ann Bishop, STeve CoulTerg DIRECTOR: Mr. Laven Sowell. T? ..,,AJ""., Senior High Girls' Glee Club, FRONT ROW: Julie Glenn, Marcia While, Jan l-larnplon, Susan Whilaker, Bobbie Brady, Linda Harris, Debbie l-lowerlon, Shirley l-lolway, Brenda Davis, Mary Cannady, Cheryl Moore, Marly Conn,,Linda Mclnlosh7 ROW 2: Francis Slevens, Marian Frosl, Bev Fills, Diane Luker, Lindsay Pallerson, Elaine Blank, Susan Newberry, Judy Versen, Sharon Sikkink, Pam Bradshaw, Adrienne Jones, Jeanne A Q A 4 A 7 4 A Turley, Pam Easley, Dana Carlisle, Linda Davis, Linda Wilson: ROW 3: Tricia Malelich, Susan Bullinger, Peggy Hollman, Ann Dee Glazer, Adele Baumann, Kalhy Anlry, Carol Hansel, Mary Harrison, Gay Neinhuis. Margarel Duncan, Mary Rahmes, Karen Newberry, Laura Lanphere, Carolyn Capeharl, Carol Bryanl. Susan Shorl: PIANIST: Kalhy Grillilh: DIRECTOR: Mr. Laven Sowell. 4 - ag Senior High Mixed Chorus, FRONT ROW: Jan Kelly, Pam Slone, Diane Barnard, Janel Taylor, Belly Bailey, Belly Aubrey, Randy l-laqan, l-lap Parrish, Mike Mallinger, Don Landrum, Scoll Disney, Don Adkison, Vivian Dean, Cia Sheram, Margie While, Kaly Marlin, Marcia Mills: ROW 2: Killy Spencer, Brenda Speed, Becky Farmer, Tom Rodman, Harry Brighlon, Bruce Ross, David Jones, Mark Ellis, Mac Ramseur, Dave Edmark, Nel- lene Mark, Diane Wilson, Sharon Johnson, Jamey Blevins, Cindy Gassawayg ROW 3: Ann Sawlelle, Gayla Davis, Jan Green, Marilyn Schrameck, Sleve Jared, Alan Winlers, Rick Gaines, Sleve Hickerson, Dennis Wilson, Kenny Schmidl, Julie Kennon, Linda Shailer, Carol Lewis, Kay Kee, Sally Miller, Susie Wise, Margarel Beard, Judy Hulchisong ROW 4: Linda Kellenberger, Mary Jane Andrews, Carol l-lunler, Marlene Lumley, Calhy Carroll, Waller Eskridge, Sleve Parker, Sluarl Kopp, Richard Blair, Scoll Bowen, Kalhie Mungen, Charlene Anderson, Nancy Roberls, Nanci Powell, Karen Kennedy, Jane Archibald, Vicki Vinson, Judy While: ROW 5: Calhy Slaines. Anila Collier, Peggy Maness, Janel Roberls, Jackie Trader. Leslie Jennings, Greg Grillilh, Marc Van Hoose. Thomas Munson, Bill Phillips, Frank Rhoades, Brion Fells, Brookie Like, Nancy Helling, Phyllis Hale, Jo Lynne Palman, Susan Ross, Linda Clyburn, Julie Slrickland, Diane Block: PIANIST: Sue Kindschi: DIRECTOR: Mr. Laven Sowell. 1 ,ifggi 2 ii ,is ,f,R?v0if iz will Q Q V f 4 C Q lp . If' ,i r i 3 9 i gg Q' . ,X , 4. ,gy 'ii Q'f?fE'ynlfii!g'ii'lAl,i3fl,bi25 ,ivy g ,x S W 2 l l 5 ' 'il H w i 1 m FEES 311511, in, Junior High Girls' Chorus, ROW l: Rachel Collier, Jenniler Slaines, Leslie Alkins, Lyne Morgan, Mary Lowery, Lisa Leikam, Lorna Nunneley, Kalhleen Barry, Sandy Arndl, Kay Burn, Calhy Fells, Judy Tharel, Robyn Hilsabeck, Kim Glazer, Valorie Kopp, Cindy Claiborne, Trudy Shaler, Jennie Berry, Debbie Rayburn, Lee Jones, Diane Grolh, Gail Phillips, Candy Edmonds, Denny Gilmore, Donny Losey. Gay Coker, Ann Jewell, Lorri Harper, Sandie Peek, Anne Morley: ROW 2: Chrisline Spencer, Regina Lierly, Sandy Hocking, Becky Bullinqlon, Peggy Thomas, Debbie Sawlelle, Alice Grubb, Joanna Malheny, Kalie Ayers, Pamela While, Kalhy Schmidl, Cynlhia Ham, Deborah l-loll, Paula Peace, Belsy Reed, Nancy Thompson, Carol Dillman, Kalhy Bloyed, Vicky Saab, Beverly Brown, Pam Tripp, Palricia Alkins, Kalhy Gorman, Robin Bowden, Lori Miller, Pamela Beamis, Deborah Smilh, Pam Halcherg ROW 3: Debbie -sling" f-.sa '..b 53 . ML - Q-':fi'1 "i fi AEM., Waldo, Liz Buller, Ginger Walls, Susan Miller, JoAnn Klar, Palricia Karey, Sandra Mahoney, Belsy Tarbel, Becki Boolh, Pam Keelinq, Lynn Fogle. Susan Wrighl, Lisa Greenslreel, Mimi Wixson, Lori Thomas, Babelle Mosher, Maudie Broach, Cyndi Beck, Kalhy Zarrow, Calhy Nelson, Pam Cash, Shelly Ouinn, Kalhy Gray, Kalhy Hensley, Cynlhia Willis, Jean Kirkpalrick, Georganna Fells, Barbara Richards: ROW 4: Mary Jo Baker, Diane Gleason, Karen Thompson, Debbie Ashe, Kalhy Findley, Janie Semke, Joan Calhey, Janice Gasperino, Susi Harrill, Janey Wilson, Diane Moore. Valerie Edwards, Dina Kincaid, Janeen Chronic, Joyce Gasperino, Vicki Ford, Melanie Buson, Madonna l-lunler, Carrie Osborn. Kalherine Brighl, Jan Crehore, Dana Wisner, Karen Taylor, Pally Chealham, Susan Morgan, Kalhy Grillin, Susan Carnes, Vikkie Waibel: DIRECTOR: Mrs. Mariorie Ashcrall. f ll, Junior High Girls' Ensemble, ROW I: Connie Gorman. Jane Byars, Jo Ann Slanley, Terry Dunn, Ann Cornell, Sue Cornell. Jacque Haney: ROW 2: Mary Slallard, Carol Griflilh, Julie Badgerow, Susan Thomas, Genie Grillin, Marlha Baker, Janel Soulhmaydg ROW 3: Leslie Johnson, Palricia Rex, Karen Bauman, Debbie Buchner. Claudia Avery, Gayle Franklin, Robyn Sauberlg DIRECTOR: Mrs. Marjorie Ashcrall. Q , 1 1 ,K . Tone qualily is paramounl according lo Mrs. Ashcrall. Sushi! .-.c-.,l Junior High Girls' Glee Club, FRONT ROW: Pal Henry, Connie Gorman, Hannah Davis, Jane Byars, Belsy Thompson, Jeri Ellioll, Lynne Fisher, Suzanne Huckell. Melody London, Jo Ann Slanley, Terry Dunn, Belsy Faxon, Sue Cornell, Ann Cornell, Jacque Haney, Connie Hilsabeckz ROW 2: Debby Andress, Rebecca Messmir, Mary Slallard, Becky Conway, Linda Cobb, Alice Blood, Carol Grillilh, Belh Franklin, Glenda Davis, Karen Baumann, Jean Flinl, Susan Thomas, Annelle Rogers, Genie Grillin, Marlha Baker, Calhy Money, Barbara Sherman, Kimm Abercrombie: ROW 4- 'ZF 3: Rebecca Deal, Janel Soulhmayd, Leslie Johnson, Linda Hall, Vanessa Monlgomery, Dee Barry, Debbie Buchner, Julie Badgerow, Claudia Avery, Judy While, Tricia Wallace, Pally Walker, Karen Green, Elaine Nilles, Robyn Sauberl, Debbie Brower: ROW 4: Barbara Slevens. Gayle Franklin. Holly Yarlon, Cherylon Wall, Gail Johnson, Diana Harris, Debbie Wilson, Paula Slanbery, Nancy Keller, Anelle Turner, Debbie Wheeler, Carolyn Hill, Melinda Hickerson, Palricia Rex, Sheralee Piland, Denise Zumwall: DIRECTOR: Mrs. Mariorie Ashcrall. Alijlir 5 1 T 1 Junior High Boys' Glee Club, FRONT ROW: Rig Wood, Richard Con- nely, Richard Symanski, Mike McUsic, Jimmy Hunler, Sheldon Terning, Burr Burgher, Phil Slallord, Jody Sloan, Sleve Shell, Danny Howe. Brad Hunl, George Glenn, Larry Hocking, David Powell, Sleve Holener, Bob Krohn, Lynn Brighlong ROW 2: Todd Alexander, Tom Anson, Rex Benway, Joe Fairbairn, Bill Boyer, Randy Wesl, Allen Grubb, Bobby Alberslon, Paul Slone, Mike McMahan, Marlin Anderson, Gary McClary, Phil Bayoulh, Larry Rogers, Regan Hall: ROW 3: Ralph Thomas, Barry Simpson, Terry Wall, Gordon McCraw, David Sibole, Bobby Bailey, Linc Shepherd, Billy Hargis, Billy Hubbell, Dick Allaway, Keilh Jones. Kurl Barron, Digges Morgan, Mark Graham, Leslie Hilsl, Ronnie Howe. Scoll Pope: ROW 4: Mark Smilh, Tommy Parker, Tom Groves, Don Eller, Mike Rhoades, Selh Tidwell, Doug Sauberl, Kip Hull, Buz Wallers, Jody Rhine, Brenl Mansur, Randy Williams, Dennis Sleed, Bill Wilbanks, Slephen Rose, Auslin Boyd, Mike Baker, Josh Thomas: PIANIST: Ben Johnslon: DIRECTOR: Mr. Laven Sowell. Advanced Orchesfra, FRONT ROW: Linda Disch, Paiiy Dick, David Bennefl, Janice Powell, Kenny Raiiensperger, Marsha Hayes: ROW 2: Harry Rauch, Linda Ruggles, Mary Robohm, Bruce Walker, Jennifer Jacobson, Linda Lobaugh, Carolyn Meyers, Mary Ash- croft Sieve Ellingron, Wayne Conway, Claud Cameron: ROW 3: Barbara Bell, Kalhi Srafiord, Jim Byers, Suzanne Wade, Julie Richards, Mary Saniori, Terry Ainsworrh, Jane Scoif, Nancy Cameron, Caihy Wies, Sandi Sruisman, Michele Waikins, Gary Linde, Keiih Sackeir, Ryan Ellinqion, Mark Twyman: ROW 4: Nancy Plemons, Debbie Allen, Randy Hosieller, Wayne Kennedy, Karen Hudson, Chris Covingion, Gary Olds. David Briggs, Mary Siallarcl, Dean Nunneley, Ronny Wood, Jac Carolson, Donny Tessier, Mike Kindschi, Craig Phillips, Jim Allen, Gary Amslulz, Daniel Boone: DIRECTOR: Mr. Richard Winfrey. Conceri' Band, FRONT ROW: Kaihy Byrne, Karen Shields, Mary Ann Alaback, Shirley Amsruiz, Donna Ross, Cin- dy Simmons, Kaihryn Lukowilch: ROW 2: Tad Minde- man, Caroll Peeples, Vicki Bosley, Jane Thomas, Sieve Hubbard, Dan Denham, Craig Liiilefield, Bruce Kraemer: ROW 3: Kem' Powers, Jane Mauldin, Karen Garreii, Tamara Rodsdon, Chris Rogers, Bob Williams, S+ewar+ Kaiz, Roberr Meinerf, David Bayles, Scoii Sieele, Gary Kowalski, Sally Spencer, Pairick Thompson: ROW 4: Terry Bresin, Eileen Fox, Ricky Peace, Susan McKeague, Bob Sfewari. Keilh Fabes, Rick Corgill, Jay Rolfe, Sieve Lovelleile, Jim McCommas, Ed Kasiner, Bob Jackson, Gary Leming, David Soulsby. Bruce Huiio, Greg Nesmiih, Mike Esius, Mark Monhollon, Larry Wenger: ROW 5: Tom Whiimore. Randy Fay, Doug Srewari, Mark Enierline, Garry Nalion, John Simons: DIRECTOR: Mr. Richard Winfrey. Personalized aileniion characlerizes Mr. Win- frey's aid +o bass viol player, Mail Davis. Band ll, FRONT ROW: Diane Thompson, Shauna Olinger, Mona Fosler, Paliy Mauldin. Holly Nelmes. Nancy Morgan: ROW 2: Cyndi Farmer, Calhie Snilz, Kevin Chambers, David Wies, Tony Wright Ardys Srallbories, Linda Loggins, Vivian Hale, Trena Blackslock, Linda Rogers: ROW 3: Russell Haw- kins. Marilyn Green, David Hunt Elaine Wiggs, Charles McKee, Jon Brinlee, Jean Lukowilch, Roberl' Leland, Rick Q Bills, Joe Burcham, Buz Grant Jim Weems, Alan Peeples, Dana Dennison: ROW 4: Phil Seymour, Tom lngram, Mark Money, Tom Smart Kenny Muralet Rob Conway, Larry Born, Mark Sinneit David Holmes, Paul McDermoi't Kenl Farish, Siephen Barnes, Harry Rouse, Mark Leming, Mark Teierg DIRECTOR: Mr. Richard Winfrey. Sevenfh Grade Band, FRONT ROW: Debbie Burma. Karen Farish. Jennifer Carlisle. Linda Thomas, Tammy Carier: ROW 2: Tom Munn, Roxanne Brink, Slephen McDermo1't Bill Mesker, Chip Posner, Barney Shields, Jo Piicher, Jariel Barnes: ROW 3: Wall Jr. High Bands Practice For The Big-Time Bowers, Rick Palmer, Bob Hager, Kalhy Kerr, Danny Murrell, Dan Johnson, Mike Cyrus, Eddie James, Kipa Smiih, Timolhy Thomas. Kuriis Pope, Mall Murphy: ROW 4: Jim Esius. Brian Lebold. Don Wood, Louis Gladfelier: DIRECTOR: Mr. Richard Winfrey. 1995. "f Q , -9 X ' Q 1: , , ., , M I 1 O .4 salt. yn' 0 Ji' ' Nifty . V N , ,wg New I, gl . , Vg.. K I 2'1" -L ' M wwf" ', ' . , 'E "CY QW , X ' f Q V 2 Q 4 wx ia f 00 JVHIGHSC5 ,f Q2 ,.-f""--5... f 'N7 X xx- 21 . 'J X xx f Q -- K a K I "'-'--1 K A X A xx 7 , -..-.--- A 3 : X 'Z 1 .1...-- ' X July, 1 1 ., ' "-'-TH, V ' is I 'u 3 " Vf 1 ,'.xfj. Q l I APVQQQ. gn 2 f ' f ax ig. 'Y' N ' A I if X, vfz- 1' 'Q Y-51" 'I 1 f Q f -N 'pf , Y 1 -D-"AApoP',, sg? , -gm 2221:.Q9f 2 .2 4 3 A 2 . 9 54 Q Q 1 l W -22'fi,.E55"' 2271: E7?i3'22:, 'gf Football Foes Fall WiTh Bob Farris The only reTurning sTarTer. Coach Richard Chapman was faced wiTh a massive rebuilding program Tor The I967-68 year. According To pre-season raTings, The Eagles were reTerred To as The Big "Green" Bird wiTh clipped wings. A Team wiTh as much deTerminaTion and spiriT as Edison's did noT Take This slash IighTIy and The unTorTunaTe Memorial Chargers were The TirsT To Teel our Talons. In one oT The mosT spiriTed games oT The season. an unknown sophomore earned his place on The Team ancl a nickname Too. "Golden Toe" alias STeve Goldberg kicked a Tield goal over The Chargers' heads To make The Tinal score I7-I4. Tri-capTains George Brown, Bill MiTcheII, and Chuck PaT- Terson banded TogeTher To lead The Team To a Tinal 6-3 season. VicTories over Memorial, CenTraI, Rogers, McLain. Barrlesville and Muskogee climaxed an ouTsTanding season. Eoisou EDISON EDISON EDISON EDISON EDISON EDISON EDISON EDISON. ,fir 3' 1-8 nil xx I I 1 ..-. X X swan- W vm-'T I 4 ' I FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD PONCA CITY MEMORIAL . HALE Q . . CENTRAL . . ROGERS . . MCLAIN . . BA RTLESVILLE MCALESTER MUSKOGEE si sl CHUCK PATTERSON GEORGE BROWN BILL MITCHELL CAPTAIN CAPTAIN CAPTAIN Memorial Loses? Rogers Falls Again Foollnall ls Bill Milchell eludinq a laclcler as he pushes upfield Foolball is Randy Turner sllling delecledly on 'the bench. Foolball is hard knocks, lasl acllon and good block- ing as porlrayed by Arlen Allison and Tim Shields. Foofball Varsiiy, ROW I: Bill Miichell, Jerry Bob Lee, Coach Chapman, Wilder' Sieve Cgnard, SCOH Begfyl Jon Jacobs, Ronnie Magnusgon, Arlen Allison. R5'iClY GHQOV- ROW 25 Tim Shields. Mark Niles' Robefl ROW 3: Jackie Tairoe, Bill Miller, Doug Johnson, Chris B. Smiih, Sieve Jennings. Mike Lesch. Torn Hull. Lee Levinson. Tom Rogers, Gordon Goldberg, Rusly Smiih, Dick Barron, George Brown. Coach Phillips. rw mt.. ar' A Q I 5 , 'L na... ii Fooiball Varsify, ROW I: Randy Graham, Sieve Benneii, Dennis Vincent Whiie. Warren Huligren, Fill Bowen, Bob Farris, Sieve Howe, Gary Kirk Dale, Don Harris. Chuck Paiierson, Joe Fleming, Paul Loveless. Lobaugh, ROW 3: Coach Kiger, Paul Fleming, Errick Fisher, Jim Mclniosh, ROW 2: Duane Jeiiers, Brian Brouse, Sieve Smiih, George Fensier. Bob Pai Wilson, Bob York, Jack Moore, Randy Van Deusen, Mike Parker. Captains Lead RICHARD CHAPMAN T phani' Iruo, Ir:-capfams BIII MlIcI'1eII, Chuck PaHerson George Brown relax affer a successIuI coronawli JOE KIGER COACH DON PHILLIPS COACH i I Team To Third In Conference Pressured by Ceniral rushers, quarferback Scoff Bea+y punis from his own end zone. swf. nnee.ee M.. Aifer receiving a pass, George Brown Tommy Holi berries his way fhrouqh Jrhe line furns upfieid for a significam' gain. B-Squad, ROW l: Scoll' Disney, Dale Pasley, Vaughn Graham, Joe Barllell, Chuck Blue, Bob Parks, Mickey Canoy, David Wilson, Tom Campbell, Alan Palerno, Marvin Crisp, Rick Wozencrall. ROW 2: Reid Young, Phil Rounds, Bill Walker, Mike Brady. Sieve Goldberg, Jimmy Bloyed. Chris McMahon, Bill Freeman, John Graves, Paul Garelson, Don Maclnlcsh, John Bucklin, Paul House. ROW 3: Coach Langham. Dennis Raffensperger, Alan l-leap, Harry Brighlon, Tommy Pallerson, Danny McAdams, Dickie Pinkosky, George Graf, Rick Shoemaker, Ken Alexander, Scoll Bowen. Marc Cafes, Rodney Slagle, Coach Pallon. -Squad Players Gain Experience For Varsity B-souAo FOOTBALL sooaiaeeofxrego c Eoisonf... .. 7 CENTRAL i 0 EDlSON.i... ish iiaoemsg Eoison .... .. 6 c sszl EDISON .... 7 J EDISON ..,. .. oy HALE .. ,is SANQ spar-mes, .. iz EDISON... ...32 EDlSOlNl... ...2O MEMORVNL .. .. 6 av- r tw 'J 51 in 'ai Splil end, Marc Cafes. skillfully caiches anolher pass lor needed yardage againsl Memorial. I , AP w TOM LANG!-IAM HEAD COACH ' 1 ...WQEV i 2 L,,,1i?AA,L Q , 1 iz ry Brighfon exhibi+s Edisorfs respecfed d fense as he 'rhrows an opponenf for a loss. ATTer The loss of The maioriTy oT lasT year's squad, The Cross CounTry Team had To rely on a very Tew experienced runners. The original opTimisTic hopes Tor The Team dissolved inTo a raTher disappoinTing 2-2 season. Through The leadership and skill oT sen- iors John Musgrove and Gary Pickens and TalenTed iunior RoberT Monhollen, They placed TourTh in The Rogers and OBU inviTaTional meeTs, TiTTh aT OSU, sevenTh in The Edison meeT, eighTh in The OSSAA meeT and second in Oklahoma ConTerence. AlThough in acTual compeTiTion iT was noT a parTicularly ouTsTanding season, Coach Pierce in- sTilled in each member a sense OT pride and deTer- minaTion. Overcoming such obsTacles as inex- perience produced a Team wiTh unmaTchable spiriT, energy, and dedicaTion. . lii ssls sillss' s c uslissiis iissiiii ssiis i sississisiisi.ic,i Asss , Q A. .,,., , .s,.,:f-f. . , .,.-,- s f-ff ., . , ,. T ross Counfry Varsify, ROW I: David Williamson, Tom Bayless, John Musgrove, STeve Eubanks, STeve Reinhard, Roloeri' Monhollen. ROW 2 ra Dempsey, Bruce Wilson, David Sharp, Richard Wilcox, Bob ATTaway, Gary Pickens, Dick AnsTeTh, Joe TalberT. ROW 3: Jim Shackleford, Ma c Van Hoose. Dan McLane, Mike Ussery. -wg -v--,LW M--..,-W ' -- 4' I gt, . Q,-G V-V'-f , f, , , f- 1 W C .C N at C A Breaking on top, Edison runners place high against Hale Rangers in the dual meet, was Ll 4- ff 1 ,,.x Cross Country Claws Competition ,Nt 'vi' - A tv, sf 'azz t 'Qlilfili if' ififkf Us ,mffig Q K C 'T-'krwtglxgi ' , my . V, , ,Q A mtg :L Lfi'+,1':1f?Q H52 -was as fb 'f -"'Q2w,z:'m' 'R Captain John Musgrove leads run- ners in the meet with Muskogee. t Y w 1 r k HUGH PIERCE COACH a aL wp.: 'Wa v f-:1:2'ff, 2 Q Edison Cagers Face Tough Season Coach Larry Ren+fro's baslcelloallers were grounded for mosf of lhe I968 season. In- experience resulled in lhe 2-19 record. One relurning lerlerrnan, Eric Mueller, senior Jim Young, iuniors Jimmy Rirrer and Danny Srevens and sophomore Bill Burns composed The slarling live for Edison. Coach Renlfro relied heavily on lhe scoring pofenfial of senior Eric Mueller who challced up a I6 poinl average ro suslain Eagle offense. Eric Mueller goes up For a basket Baslrelball varsily, ROW I: Coach Larry Renllro, Bill Burns, Eillmore Bowen, Gordon Leaman, Jim Bryan, Danny Slevens, Ken? Curlisq ROW 2: Earl Peeples, Sieve Chalmers, Jirn Rilfer, George Rebh, Torn Widmar: ROW 3: Eric Mueller, Jim Young. arlie Fiizpalrick, Bill Walker. Randy A ay, Bobby Thompson. Team Looks Forward To Next Year king logeiher, Jim Riiler and Tom Wdmar lighi for possession of lhe ball. B Squad, ROW I: Coach James Pallon. A 5 T m Campbell. Jeff Digqes, Chris Camp- V b ll, Alan Palermo, Ricky Nagy: ROW 2 Sieve Leaman, Mike Brady, Housion J meson, Wayne Buller, Frank Rhoacles. ' Sf ve Buckingha O T' m: R W 3: Marc Ca es. - il BASKETBALL scoaesomoll O s P 's R so songs . .ss WEBSTER gl ili -sg, ,,lsl,ig.gsa Ellison. Q 449 iM1EMomALsy gf .ss so som .4 . 48 i iiraoeemsa as son. . .O . . . .R .oss sye'viu.E eoLLEoEr ,ego WED som . T. . . . .inf yyyyil 'l y y yjPoNcAg CTTYT1 ,Q .5450 EDTSGN.. . - ...es . - ED . Vi.y ii-i y s hVT , JEDSSGN . sg Q58 sryel ji T y sy 4 ymys ,yoyss yy yy s yy EDl5ON? . -- sa ED750N+ . . EDTJSON- ' 4 f R sslo F1 7? ED SQTNTV, . ' jg 4 lioy Q15 aiisasg T .1584 SRU iHALEisTOiUsR'NAMElilTi y . ayll www. was ,L -,-w 4, .fu 0 W s f as 6526 I 1-no 1' 5 mi A 1 ,QQQRQ 5 SL 35.52 R r 5 i Y F i i I, 1 I I I S 4 I V I W l 93' ,W gf l L 1 B . I ' -'-- ,A ,, ,Mk ,, , ' - ..-LQ M,,,, , ..,,L....,,,,,, , M.-.4..gM,Q1.fW' Eagle maTrnen wresTled Their way To a 3-6 season in I967-68. AlThough They began wiTh Two wins, They Tell in maTches wiTh Rogers, PuTnam CiTy, CenTral and I-Iale. How- ever, vicTories over Muskogee and BarTlesviIle assured Edi- son oT TiTTh place in The Oklahoma Seven Conference. A non-conTerence vicTory, buT iusT as imporTanT To Eagle Tans. was The 2I-I9 win over Memorial. Under The direcTion oT co-capTains Greg Riggs and Danny Murphree and new head coach Ray Nunneley, The wresTlers worked ouT every day in an aTTempT To produce an ouTsTanding Team. There were many ouTsTanding in- dividuals. Danny Murphree, Dennis VincenT and Greg Riggs placed in The Top Tour in The regional meeT and qualiTied Tor The sTaTe meeT. Due To iniuries, Greg Riggs had To give up his sTaTe place To Beau Jennings. iunior sTandouT. Murphree wenT on To win The sTaTe TournamenT TiTle. ED SON ........ 2I ED SON EDISON ED SON EDISON ED SON ED SON ED SON ED SON ........I6 WRESTLING SCOREBOARD MEMORIAL . . . . . . . .28 BARTLESVILLE ........I4 PUTNAM CITY ........I7 ROGERS .......I4 HALE .......3O MUSKOGEE .. .......I7 CENTRAL PONCA CITY BISHOP KELLEY ,......I9 WEBSTER TOURNAMENT ....... FIFTH PLACE EDISON TOURNAMENT ........ FIFTH PLACE Edison Has State Title Winner fd' X ,nal mf' DANNY MURPHREE GREG RIGGS CAPTAIN CAPTAIN 0-Nusnawdanap valium :chain it Cdihil . Wresfling Varsify, ROW I: Kirk Dale, Tom Praff, Ralph Morgan. Dennis Vincent Sieve lves: ROW 2: Roberr Marlin, Danny Murplwree, Greg Riggs. Jeff Fanning: ROW 3: Don Burn, Beau Jennings, David Tobey: ROW 4: Bobby Nelson, David Hannis. Grilling l'1is'lee'rh, Dennis Vincenl' keeps his opponenl from making an escape. .xxx RAY NUNNELEY COACH WT? ..K.,-QF has-.'...u..g,,,,N,.M,,M, A Bobby Nelson gains valuable riding Time in Rogers malch. 0-9 W 'N-CI -nl .lv- - 3' 'gf A Co-capfain Greg Riggs allempls a Takedown for lwo poinfs. Referee looks on as Danny Murphree em- ploys championship wreslling lechniques. 1 0 S Co-Captains Qualify For tate - ' , T 7 1 'I kgfa' B-Squad, ROW I: Brian Brouse. Jack Kinzie. Charles Nelson. Chris Nielsen, Bruce May. Slave SCOH, Scolf Burris, Don Burn, Mike l-lilsobeck, Doug Crews, Chuck Disney, Paul l-louse, ROW 3: John Enlow, George Graff, Reed, Keri PSHE: ROW 22 l'l6Vry Briqhlfm. Rfbbefl S- Richard Todd, Rick Wozencrall, Errick Fisher, Phil Pelle. C V as S' K Q iig ks KN www ww Q x Q sk 11 8 is :sg E , i fl? W l, 3 3. gl , in Q i ' if my Wig, . ,, 1. i K U Q , A ' if we E ii 5 4 5 3' if ' fa JF if Q F if D I an . 3 K Q 5 Q Q , K 4 ' 1 .Q ' ' .F sr - if L :E 5 D A Q Q tr i Qt Q S P5 -m a Q L. :EE ii Q ,Fi WL Li ,Q 3 ' 9 K -e--.....,.-.....,. -q......,.g .- o ' I if 'H' -...Nc A,,., ,,, my ,Me-'T"' Swimming VarSiTY. FRONT ROW: Mark Munson. STeve Hall. Sfeve Koch. Boncl, Gran+ Hall, Wesley Miller, Dirk Bischoff, ROW 3: Clinr Wade, Coach Fred Wienecke: ROW 2: Brian Schricker, Alan Tower, STeve Sibale, Rick Langham, Gary Baldwin, Doug Hill, Rick Heidinger, CurTis Wade. Wood. STeve Coulier. Roger Mason. Ray Payne, Randy Hensley, David -r .... -MWMUMQ """"""-- -ivf -...us ww .. ,MM . 5 ' "" ww Edison Tankmen Edge Memorial For All-City First Place Swimming is a lonely pursuiT. A swimmer cannoT hear The cheers and applause during his baTTle againsT Time, The opponent and himselT. A swimmer is isolaTed by The pounding splashes, his physical and menTal sTriTe, and his deTerminaTion To beTTer his opponenT. AlThough The swim- mer is isolaTed, he is rewarded by his own pride in achieve- menT which The swimmers aT Edison have worked Tor and earned. Their long hours of sTrenuous physical condiTion- ing and exTra eTTorTs have, again, upheld The Edison record OT aThleTic excellence. Under The coaching guidance oT Tom Langham, The i967-68 Eagle swimmers earned second place in Their Oklahoma Seven Conference and capTured TirsT place in All-CiTy compeTiTion. Maior conTribuTions were sup- plied by senior Tankmen Doug Hill, Roger Mason. STeve l-lall, ClinT Wade, and Wes Miller. Relrurning divers were Dirk Bischoff and Chuck,Selman. TeammaTes congraTulaTe David Bond aTTer an exhausTing eTTorT. ff k',l ,MM1 Doug Hill and Cllnl' Wade slarl wilh a nollceable lead on lheir opponenl in lheir baclcslroke heal Relay ls Strong Suit Of Powerful Squad Fred Wieneclce shows his powerful form during conference compelllion. Wifh energy depleled. Roger Mason finishes anolher grueling march. 1' HHN- "ff H1refw1f2'ff'f'N+'sfw1f I-NMWN 'T 'A NR ..-,,A,C,S., M ' -f If -' --M W 'E - "LLL U ' 1 ' ' EN LL,LL '- ' , . I K K V -,--- -zap '.'. Lfyefff . hh ' wll,.NiIlllf 'f . Q I ,-,, . .wish - :EE B 'rsiroker Wes MiIIer surfaces for a breafh while baffling for precious second SWIMMING SCOREBOARD ED SON. g ...... 80 ROGERS .... ..... I 4 EDISON.. P. . . . . .69 CENTRAL ....... . .26 ED SON ........ 76 COFFEYVILLE ...... I7 EDISON ........ 45 B'VILLE COLLEGE . . .50 EDISON ........ 4I MEMORIAL ........ 54 EDISON ........ 68 I-IALE ............. 27 EDISON ........ 42 OSU FRESI-IMEN .... 53 EDISON. .I ...... BI NIEIVIORIAI. ........ 44 EDISON ........ 52 B'VILLE SOONER ...43 EDISON ........ 70 COEEEYVILLE ..... 25 OKLAHOMA SEVEN CONFERENCE ........... SECOND PLACE ALL CITY CHAMPIONSHIP ...... FIRST PLACE OSSAA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS .... .... F IFTI-I PLACE II Q 7, X BRT 'ill Marvin Crisp and Bob Alfaway sei' up fhe hurdles for an aflernoon praclice. COACH Track Varsify, ROW I: Gary Pickens, Phil Wilcox, Sieve Reinhard. Sieve Benneff. Marvin Crisp, Roberl' Monhollen: ROW 2: Joe Talberl, Dick Anslefh. Sieve Eubanlcs, Dan McLane, David Williamson, John Bucklin: ROW 3: Randy Grigor. Don Harris. Mickey Peirson, Bill Vandenborn, Bruce Wilson, George Brown. Tom l-lull, John Musgrove, Jim Shaclcelford, Bob Alfaway, Coach Pierce. Pl' , KN, . A 1 N5- , 41 0, QS X ,J ,io I , 49 ? X wsu 'Eau X1 'ss , M rf J ii? in if ,, Q., . , lliorrl B B BX, f , ,Z iii,i N X Q' . 1 . 'Sn v l ml' 9 x- X I E um Q i X E lf! 2 l 1 I L mv' gm, S. Tl K ixso 49 , NNN Je is .Mmm -A Kgw, ' 635 5 Q 'S' ' 1 R G Z x J 41 vu... X Discus Thrower Randy Grigor shows off his form. Rain and snow provided a Tew respiTes from aTTer- school pracTices Tor The I968 Track Team. ConsequenTly, Coaches Hugh Pierce and Richard Chapman resorTed To SaTurday pre-season workouTs. DespiTe These weaTher problems, The Team had hopes Tor an ouTsTanding sea- son and The conTerence ancl sTaTe crowns. The Team macle good showings in inTersquad duals. Dis- Tance runners John Musgrove, Gary Pickens and RoloerT Monhollen and sprinTers George Brown. KenT Francy and Don Harris were ouTsTanding in The Track evenTs. Pole vaulTer Joel Malahy, shoT puTTer STeve BenneTT and discus Thrower Rancy Grigor lecl in The Tield evenTs. DeTerminaTion charaderizes STeve BenneTT as he puTs The shot Running warm-up laps before pracTice are George Brown. STeve Reinhard, John Musgrove, Bruce Wilson and Gary Pickens. 31 F5531 YIWK . Baseball Team Looks For First Place In Edison's baseball leam enlered The spring season wilh a long lradilion of success 'lo ils credit Working under lhe guidance of head coach Don Phil- lips. 'rhe Eagles looked forward 'ro lur- lhering an already oulslanding record. Such formidable opponenls as lhe Nalhan Hale Rangers provided an am- ple challenge lo The leam's skill. Wilh 'rhe added experience of 'lhe l967 leam coupled wilh This year's new lalenl, Edison was delermined lo im- prove ils record and remain a slrong power in slale high school baseball. sl fi W as--,if-1 A ' 'ill' ' . 3' 1 l 'XX 3-'E' if C, 2 x 1' A-1 4' X 'Q ' ,,. i xl 5 ll Q In fi 1 ll J , lfl A .L V14 :dum QQ J: 'J' 'if Baseball Versify, COUNTERCLOCKWISE: Randy Graham. Bar+ Rhoades. Mike Parker, Bill Miller, Rod Roberls, Phil Eller. Nicky Nash, Sleve Goldberg, John Johnson, Joe Fleming. Mark Niles. Jimmy Bloyed, Arlen Allison. Sieve Buckingham. Jerry Bob Lee. Bill Wason. Tom Widmar. Randy Chrisfian, Chris Teler, Jim Young: CENTER: Coach Don Phillips, Mike Lesch. x iil" i s1.., Qf:,1,Q l is , 1 ,. J s.' 6 . .Q K Q ' .. .. ,, . A , as y C ,.., siss a.ii, ii 1 - + up , is ,,.. --. Q, sfo ' ' P irai X , M a- Q, a-i ,, R 1 ll, is M- f age rf i'- f f.1'2'fN+x?m- 1.4: int i.', s" ,- s-Elf? 5" ' f VL " 1555 lf.. -ff ' " his i ' f if 'Q -- - ' f ' - ' L and g,-a.,g . news? '1'ayf',1.,. "fbi 1,-we-4s9ria+'fgv-g,,e ef, if J raw .Y , ful sl, , ., ..:fQMffN,ALf A i 'Miko-i-N K , s L' K. '-faigi ' ,f,,, evil. 1'-'V s. . ,- mf'-i 3-ss' Mike Parker scoops up a grounder during praclice. Working on his curve ball. Joe Fleming keeps his eye o n lhe baller. Oklahoma 7 Conference Nicky Nash hils a long ball 'ro lhe ouffield. Calcher Jerry Bob Lee warms up before a game Randy Chris+ian fires a hard ball home. Edison Linksmen Improve Strokes STanding as TiTle holders OT All-CiTy, The Edison golTers pracTiced diligenTly To hold This posiTion in I'-768. Under The insTrucTion oT Coach Joe Kiger, The experienced core oT Eagle linlcsmen showed greaT possibiliTies. The squad reTurned seniors Jim STeinmeyer, PaT May, Larry Boolcman, Ken Eowler, and Roger BooTh. Backed wiTh a score oT prospecTive iun- iors, This year's Team will promoTe several veTerans To nexT year's squad. ATTer compiling an impres- sive record This year, The Edison golT Team looks Torward To a prosperous season nexT year as well. Golf VarsxTy Coach Joe Kiger Gary Baldwin Sam Rhoades. Tony Mirkin, Warren HulTgren. RoberT Woodward, Tracy Calloway Lee Levinson Eric Mueller Ken Fowler PaT May, Roger BooTh. STeve Conard, SCOTT Powers. STan SmiTh ff Q. , ' 31 1: ar -.NMI H , "bye: Ci Tennis Varsily, FRONT ROW: Craig Lu- bin, Bill Marlin, John Forresl, David Fensler, Brian Dempsey. Ray Gardner: ROW 2: John Addison, Mike Burg, Jell Kowalski, John Graves. Alan Fielding, Jack Carlow. Eagle Netmen Strive To Hold Title Delending lheir All-Cily championship lille, lhe Edison nelmen negolialed anolher slellar season. The lennis leam worlced hard lo perlecl lheir al- ready prolicienl lechniques. Spurred on lay relurning senior lellerman Bill Marlin lhe leam compiled an oulslanding record in lheir rigorous schedule ol malches. The ex- cellence of lhe leam was magnified by lhe lacl lhal only a lew were losl al gradualion, leaving a squad ol capable velerans lo relurn nexl year. Edison lennis player Bill Marlin serves lo his opponenl. v.,1,,.,. M L x 'E .i r , . rf . gd-W3 K ' an c I E. 3, :kr - EH A f 'Q :.1 L 5 '- g Y P- l xF 5'-:ai , 1 -Rf. H 1 li ,fi ,fi P . A,- fm, ,, 32:1 s Y' ' -:wx , . . - 1 ' z -A-gig sa e . ,,. ,. Egge- fan A :nr vs w.-x 7'7"3":v,'3..-V, QQQH fi. f"v,. 5 .f -M X - l l CLASSESl :l f SS , sz S S S a An Edison eclucalson IS jf ! llwe Jrorclw Jrlwal will always i'."""""! , l lead llme qraduales of Jrlwis School. YOUTH '68: WE SALUTE YOU ,,, F, W .sri li W .J ,W in 1141, A Him' ,J V 6 ,L 4 il f y il X J 1 if w 'gif' W, V , r 'fr fyhziir F .Q H If ff 1 m-!p,, 'ii T4 uf'1 Q14 Mr. John BuTTs, senior class sponsor, is affable, amid Energetic Leaders Guide On The 23 oT May, I968, six hundred seniors Tormally grad- uaTed Trom Edison Senior High School. Reviewing The year's acTiviTies, The spiriT-building senior picnic was The TirsT To come To mind, followed by a mosT successliul presenTaTion OT The class play, Good-bye, My Fancy. ATTer a Tremendous Canned Goods Drive, The seniors driTTed inTo The eTTervescenT spiriT of The ChrisTmas Dance. WiTh The new year came The dreaded epidemic oT senioriTis, bui' 'fierce anTicipaTion oT The approaching banqueT and prom aT The Mayo l-loTel, Vespers aT The FirsT Presbylrerian Church, and CommencemenT aT The Civic CenTer remedied This and climaxed an unTorgeTTable year. Presideni . ..,, .. Vice-Presidenf .. Secrefarys ..... , Treasurer ...... Social Chairman Sponsor ........ OFFICERS Keni Francy David Cockrell Vicki Ihrig CaThy Heller STevie Dale Mr. John Buffs amusing. uf 0 I Queen Kiers+i demonshafes her versaHIi+y. Senior Board, FRONT ROW: Sievie Dale, Caflwy Heiler, Mike Burg, Susan Hill, Jim Sieinmeyery ROW 2: Ken+ Francy, David Cockreli, Vicki lhrig, Kaye Cronk, Ann Wifhingfong ROW 3: Laverda Jack, Kiersfi Larson, Joe Fleming, Jeanne Heller, Linda Axley, Janelr Roberis, Marsha Murphy, Bev- Q. , , , Honors English, Calculus, And Bill Addison Nancy Adlrison Journalism, Parl. and Re- porler Red Cross. Pep Club, Business Man- ager Yearbook Roberl' Adlcison Anne Allan FTA, Nl-lS. Pep Club Joyce Allen Nl-lS, Pep Club, FTA Rob Allen Roberf Alsl'on Charlene Anderson David Anderson Don Anderson Sleve Anderson Slage Band, Marching Band Philip Anslelh NM Leller of Commenda- lion Bill Anl'ry Jeannie Archambo Marching Band. Nl-lS Bill Armslrong Donna Ashe Calhy Aulen Pep Club Linda Axley Usherelles, Senior Board, Pep Club, French Club Susan Bagwell Pep Club. French Club. NHS Be'H'y Bailey Miller Baird Red Cross. NHS. Honor Roll Beverly Baker V.-Pres. Lalin Club. Sec. Archaeology Club. Scribe Thespians, Pep Club David Balcer Red Cross Janice Baker Pep Club. FTA Judy Baker French Club. Nl-lS Kafhy Banlcoff Yearbook, Pep Club, Thes- pians, Spanish Club, Medical Club Billy Banlcs Randy Barnard Pres. l-lomeroom Advanced History Challenge Seniors Wendy Barnes Siudenl Council, Pres. Swimelles, Pep Club Howard Barnel"l' NHS Pam Barnell' Pep Club Susan Barry Pep Club Alexander Bar'l'us Kay Basselrl' French Club, Pep Club Bob Bales Nl-lS, Cross Counlry, Track, l.eHermen's Club Tom Bayless Randy Bayoulh Lalin Club, Pres. Home- room Margarel' Beard Pep Club, Sec.-Treas. Homeroom, Mixed Chorus Jana Bell Pep Club, Adverlising Board, Usherelles, Nl-lS, FTA Tim Bell Rhonda Bennell' Maiorelle Candi Bergman Gary Bernier Pres. Red Cross Kalhy Bibb Sleve Bills Sherry Binz Gary Birchfield Dave Blaclc George Blair Sl'eve Blair Jamey Blevins Pep Club, Mixed Chorus Sleve Blood Slage Band, Marching Band, Concerl Bancl CharloH'e Bonner Pep Club i Gary Bonner Journalism Larry Boolcman Treas. Key Club, Senior i Board, Sludenl Council, NHS, Golf Roberla Boolh NHS, Medical Club .1 Al XX NI it ?3.a.,.iwu',k Roger Boofh Baskelball. Golf, LeHermen's Club John Borror Virginia Bougher NHS., V.-Pres. Spanish Club, Pep Club. Journalism Kafherine Bowden Fill Bowen Nancy Bowen Pres. Ushereires. Pep Club. V.-Pres. Swimelies, Siudeni Council, NHS Sandra Boyd Pep Club, NHS Paula Bradley Mike Brady Dan Brassfield Mike Breeding Laura Brewer Seniors Undergo A Barrage Of Tests Bruce Broding Carla Brown Gymnasiics Club Gary Brown George Brown Tri-Capiain Foolball, Track, LeHermen's Club, Oclz Boy of The Monih John Brown Karen Brown ScoH' Brown Pres. Homeroom Susie Bruce Jim Bryan Baskelball Lana Buckingham Laura Buller Rozella Buller Jerry Bunch Paula Bunyard Michel Burg Sfudenl' Council, Key Club. denl. Feb. Boy of 'rhe Monlh. Mosl' School Spirited Lynn Burgess Pal' Burke Adveriising Board Cindy Burns Janei' Byrd Honor Roll Rob Cadenhead Pres. l-lomeroom Melinda Caldwell V.-Pres. Ushereiies, Pres. FTA, Adverrising Board, NHS, Pep Club Doug Calhoun Ken Camblin DanCameron German Club Peggy Canfrell Pres. Lafin Club, Treas. Thespians, Yearbook, Pep Club, Nl-IS Judy Carley Jack Carlow Cafhy Carroll Chris Carfer Pres. Homeroom, Medical Club, Foreign Exchange Caren Cafes FTA, Pep Club, Medical Club Laurel Cafes Pep Club Sieve Chalmers Baslceiball Looking ahead, Larry Bookman, Doug Howard, and Nano Nelson are buried under a mass of college cafalogues N5 Senior Homerooms Participate Actively Cris Chandler Pres. French Club, Treas. NHS, Eyrie Editor, Chaplain Student Coun- cil, Usherettes, Best Student Kennetha Chastain Pep Club Claudia Chavers Swimettes, NHS, Pres. Homeroom Pam Chelsea Ron Cherry Sherwood Christman Orchestra Connie Sue Clarlr Medical Club Milre Cline Linda Clore Red Cross, Pep Club, French Club Victor Cobb David Coclrrell V.-Pres. Senior Class, Key Club, NHS, Foreign Exchange, Jan. Boy ot the Month, Most Dependable Kathy Conine Bob Constantine Cathy Conway Pep Club, French Club Don Cool: Donna Copenhaver Concert Chorus, NHS, Usherettes Karen Cottrell Cheryl Craig French Club, Pep Club, FTA, NHS David Crawford Senior Board. Concert Chorus, Key Club Don Crawtord NHS, Chess Club Dave Crittinden Kaye Cronlc Pep Club, Senior Board Martha Cronlc Sept. Girl ot the Month, Attendant to Miss Edison, Pres. Pep Club Pat Crouch Red Cross Stevie Dale Soc. Chm. Senior Class, Treas. Pep Club, Swimettes, Usherettes, NHS, Most Polite Diane Daniel Pep Club, Medical Club Donna Davidson Pep Club, Medical Club, Senior Play Com. Pat Davidson In Homeroom Decorating Contests Val Davidson Barbara Davis Bill Davis Staqecratt Gayla Davis Pep Club Jo ce Davis Y Jenny Day Medical Club Spanish Club Pep Club, Advertising Board NHS Pam Deardeuff V Pres Homeroom Kathy Deatherage Denny Dell: Student Council Journalism Debate Thomas Dellinger Beth DeMerriH' Marching Band Concert Band Laura Dempsey Pep Club French Club Thespians, IRC Gayle Denham Mary Denney Lynda Diclcerson Karyn Dies Joe Digges Bob Dillman NHS Diane Dimit V Pres Pep Club Student Council, French Club Jim Doalc Dinah Dollins NHS Jim Donovan V Pres l-lomeroom Jim Dorris Chess Club Janie Dossey NHS Pep Club Red Cross Usherettes Carla Drew John Drew Phillip Duncan Beverly DuPree Larry Dye Tale Edmondson Cafhy Egan Bill Ellio++ Jay Elmore Mary Erni Cheerleader, Sludeni Council, Senior Board, Soc. Chm. French Club, Ush- erelles Jim Fair NHS Diane Farrell Seniors Relish Last Edison Week 'Q' Bob Farris Senior Board, Foolball, Key Club, Lel'rermen's Club Debby Fasl' Calhy Fehr Swimelles, Pep Club George Fensler Le'r'rermen's Club, NHS Linda Fergus Bob Firsl' NHS, Radio Club Nina Fischbein Medical Club, Pep Club Barbara Fisher Senior Board, Pep Club Roberl' Fisher Joe Fleming Senior Board, Key Club, Foolball, Baseball, LeHermen's Club, Besl Sporl Paul Fleming Foolball, Key Club Shelley Floyd V.-Pres. Sludenl Council, Pep Club, Treas. French Club, NHS, Thes- pians, Jan. Girl of 'rhe Monlh, Besl Worker Janel Ford Kenny Fowler Golf Kenl' Francy Pres. Senior Class, V.-Pres. Key Club, Sluclenl Council, Track, Sepl. Boy of 'rhe Monlh, Mosl Deserving, Mr. Edison Bonnie Frank Pep Club, Adverlising Board Craig Franklin Jane Fredenberger Cheerleader Caplain, Soc. Chm. Siudenl Council, Nl-lS, Senior Board, Usherelles, Mos? School Spiriled Charles Frederick Tonya Frosl' Symphony Orcheslra, NHS. 'Cx lx! The Mosl' Sincere Pumpkin in The Palch was carved by fhe Wellsfare Agency during lhe Pumpkin Punclure. David Frederick Pep Club Debra Gardner Raymond Gardner Nl-lS, l.eHermen's Club, Tennis, Cross Counlry, Honor Roll Tom Gardner fRober+ Gasnier Radio Club. Marching Band Carol Gasser Senior Play, Concerl Cho- rus, Red Cross Margarel' Ghan Linda Gibbon Usherelles Roberi- Giesecke Debbie Gilchrisl' German Club, Medical Club Greg Gilliam Pai Gilliland Pres. Homeroom Cherri Gooch Kafhy Goodnighi' Megan Gore Pep Club Viclci Graf Trees. Ushereiles, NHS, Sec. Thespians, French Club, Foreign Exchange Bill Graham Marie Graham Jim Grigg Randy Grigor Foolball, Key Club, Con- cerlr Chorus, NHS. LeHermer1's Club Becky Groh Concerl Chorus, Pep Club. German Club,Tl'1espians, Medical Club Nancy Groszmann Linda Gruhn Thirteen Merit Semi-finalists Wayne Gunler Randy Hagan Pam Hager Phyllis Hale Wendy Hale Medical Club. Pep Club. Journalism. Senior Play Com. Gordon Hall Ray Hall Richard Hall Pres. Homeroom, Boys' Slaie Sieve M. Hall S+eve C. Hall Swimming Anifa Halladay Linda Hamilfon Pep Club. French Club Phil Hammond Pres. NHS, Key Club, Slu- denl' Council, Concerl' Chorus. Olcla. Jun- ior Academy of Science, Besl Srudenl Anifa Hanson Judifh Hardison Janel' Hardy Usherelles, Pep Club, Sec.- Treas. Homeroom Don Harlow Nancy Harn Pep Club, Spanish Club, Red Cross Don Harris Fooiball, Track, LeHermen's Club Greg Harrison Evie Harshman Sludenl Council, Pep Club, French Club, Nl-lS David Harfson Olcla. Academy of Sci- ence, NHS, Medical Club, Concerl Chorus Cindy Hafcher Sec.-Treas. Homeroom, Gymnaslics Club, Pep Club Phil Hayden Adverlising Board Carolyn Heller Sec. Pep Club. Pres. l-lomeroom, Usherelres, Spanish Club, Hon- or Roll Calhy Heller Treas. Senior Class, Usher- e'r+es, Hisr. SwimeHes, Thespians, Pep Club. Mosl Friendly Jeanne Heller Treas. Sludenl Council, Usherelres, NHS, Swimelles, Senior Board Judy Helm Swimelles, V.-Pres. Medical Club, Pep Club, Red Cross Continue Edison Superlorlty Bill Henderson Leslie Hendrickson Senior Play, Sec.- Treas. Homeroom, Pep Club Rene Henry Concerl Chorus Mary Anne Hicks French Club, German Club, Pep Club. NHS Doug Hill Swimming, LeHermen's Club Susan Hill Yearbook. Senior Board, Span- ish Club, Pep Club, Scandal Edilor Cyndi Hillon Diedre Hladky Kalhie Hoar Pep Club, French Club, IRC, NHS, NM Semi-Finalisl' Cheri Holder Senior Board, Adverlising Board, Pep Club, Senior Play, Medical Club Mary Ann Holloway Thespians, Usher- eH'es. Pep Club Squad Leader, Sludenl Council Mike Holmes Mike Hood Debby House Ann Howard Pep Club Squad Leader, NHS, French Club, l-lonor Roll Doug Howard W Marilyn Howe Orcheslra, Band, Medical Club ' Roger Huclcefl' Marching Band, Concerl Band Janel' Hudson NM Semi-Finalist Usher- eHes, NHS, Thespians, Foreign Exchange Sfephanie Hudson Pep Club Harrief Huff French Club, Eyrie Ari Slalf Skip Huisalt Judy Hufchison Mixed Chorus, Pep Club Richard Hu'H'o Sherman HyaH' NHS Vicki lhrig Srudenl Council, Sec. Senior Class, Senior A++endan'r, Baskelball Queen, February Girl of 'rhe Mon+h, Mos'r Depend- able Cary lmler Pep Club, -Pres. VICA Joyce Ives Red Cross, Pep Club Laverda Jack Ass'+ Sec. Sirudenr Council, Senior Board, Pep Club, IRC, Thespians Jon Jacobs Foolball, Track, LeHermen's Club, Key Club Karen Jacobs Pep Club S+eve Jacobs Resourceful seniors Maury Sharp and Jim Sie nmeyer o ercome fhe 'rransporfal on problem while collecting for fha Canned Goods Drive. Jacqueline Jalaguier A.F.S. Sludenl, Slu- denl Council. Senior Board, Usherelles Tom James Beverly Janus Senior Board, Pep Club Sieve Jared Debbie Jehs Leslie Jennings V.-Pres. FTA, Nl-lS, Pep Club Charlie Johnson Doug Johnson John Johnson Baseball, l.e+'rermen's Club. Nl-lS, Senior Board Ben Johnslon Concerl Chorus, Nl-lS, NM Semi-Finalisl' Mark Johnslon David Jones Jean Jones NM Semi-Finalisl, -NHS, Ush- erelles, Adveriising Board, French Club Marvin Jones Kafie Kales Pep Club, Adverlising Board Shelly Ka'l'z French Club, FTA Senior Class Collects Over I0,000 Cans Jan Kelly Concerl Chorus. Pep Club. FTA Michael Kennedy Ceci Kenfon Bruce Kelcham Radio Club Bob King Carol King Adverlising Board, Pep Club, Spanish Club Jim Kirk Concerl' Orcheslra, Concerl' Band. German Club Waller Kirk Karen Klar Red Cross, Pep Club Nancy Knarr Jane Knoblock Sec.-Treas. Flomeroom, Pep Club Roberl' Krumme Nl-IS, Pres. IRC. Malh Club. Key Club, Slage Band Connie Kunau Pep Club Susie Kygar Spanish Club. Pep Club, NHS Carla Lair Pep Club. Medical Club. Span- ish Club Waller Lamb Yea rboolc, Eyrie Arr Slalf Winnie Lamb Jill Lambelh German Club, NHS Linda Lanfow Spanish Club, Pep Club. Medical Club, NHS Kiers'l'i Larson Miss Edison Xl, Wreslling Queen, Senior Board. Sludenl Council, Ush- ereiles. Oclober Girl ol lhe Monlh, Mosl Likely 'ro Succeed Homework Becomes Increasingly Ronnie Laurence Jeff LedbeH'er Linda Lee Adverlising Board, Pep Club. Spanish Club Kevin Leonard Key Club Milce Lesch BeHy Lile Vicki Lindley Calhey Lindsay Pres. Medical Club, V.- Pres. Thespians. Adverlising Board. Senior Play Lane Lifllefield IRC Paul Long Paul Loveless Foolball, Track Calhy Low Pep Club Myrna Lubin Senior Board. NHS, Pres. Thespians, Usherelles. Pep Club. Mosl Talenled Marlene Lumley Pep Club, FTA, Spanish Club. Medical Club Gwen McAdams Terry McBride Danny McClary Red Cross Lynn McClinfoclc Pep Club Jan McGinnis Pep Club Phil McGowan Key Club. Swimming. Senior Board S'l'eve Mclnlyre Marian McKeague Pep Club, French Club Nancy McKewon Nl-lS, Marching Band, Orcheslra, Concerl Bancl, FTA Fred McLane Bill McMahon Slage Manager, Senior Play, Thespians, V.-Pres. Red Cross Keilh McNeal Spanish Club Jim Maclnlosh Ronnie Magnusson Foolball, Lel'rermen's Club Difficult As The Weeks Pass Joel Malahy Concerl Chorus, Track, Lel- 'rerrnen's Club, Aclverlising Board Marfy Malahy Concerl Chorus, Archaeol- ogy Club Mike Mallinger A Beverly Marlin Bill Marlin Key Club, Tennis, Foreign Ex- change, NHS, Foreign Exchange Chm. Slu- denl Council Pam Marlin Spanish Club, Pep Club, NHS, NM Semi-Finalisl S+eve Mar'l'in Senior Play, Concerl' Chorus Susan Mar+in Marching Bancl, Concerl' Band, FTA, IRC Roger Mason Senior Play, Swimming, Lel- +ermen's Club Pai' May Marching Bancl, Slage Band, Golf Jeannie Meek Sieve Meeks Nl-lS Charlene Mercer Bill Meyer Chris Miles Marilyn Miller Sec. Sludenl Council, Ush- erelles, Pep Club, Senior Play, March Girl ol: lhe Monlh Susan Miller Pep Club Wes Miller Swimming Chrisfy Mims Pep Club, Sec.-Treas. Med- ical Club, Foreign Exchange Roger Miner tv ilnnnllllbq Cheedng B a fdlrhne occupaHon for Pam Swan.and Bob Fank seenm +o appredare her eHort fl '--9 .grav- Marry Mirlcin Bill Mifchell Tri-Capfain Foolball. Key Club Jim Mixon Journalism Harrie? Mizel Medical Club, Spanish Club. Adveriising Board Chris Moore Jack Moore Foorball, Wresrling, V.-Pres. Homeroom Ralph Morgan Foofball, Wresrling Susan Morgan Sec. Adverrising Board, NHS, Senior Board. Yearbook, Sec. Ush- ereffes Jane Morrison Ushererfes David Morse Marilyn Morse Spanish Club. Pep Club Eric Mueller Baskerball, LeHermen's Club Terry Muir Fred Mundi' Elayne Murarel' Pep Club Danny Murphree Tri-Caprain Wresrling. LeHermen's Club Marsha Murphy FTA, NHS, Senior Board, Sergeanl-al-Arms Spanish Club Pal' Murphy Marching Band, Concerl Band, Slage Band, Symphonic Orcheslra, Thespians Sieve Murphy LaDonna Murrell John Musgrove Track, Cross Counlry, LeHermen's Club Marilyn Musser NHS, Journalism, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Foreign Exchange Pam Na'l'ion NHS, Advanced Orcheslra, NM Semi-Finalisl' Rhonda Nalion French Club, Medical Club Eric Nelson Yearbook Edilor, Sludenl' Council, NHS, Key Club, NM Semi-Finalisl, Besl' Worker Nancy Nelson Pep Club, Usherelrles, Slu- denl Council, German Club, NHS Skip Nicholson Senior Play. Announcer Marching Band, Thespians Jerry Nickel Senioritls Strikes In Early Spring Laura Nolley Spanish Club, NM Semi- Finalisl' Jose Nunez Mike Oliver Sally O'Neil Be'l'h Osher Spanish Club, French Club Ca'l'hy Owen Cheryl Palmer French Club, FTA, Pep Club, NHS Carol Parker Mike Parker Foolball, Baseball. Leller- men's Club Sieve Parkhursf John Parks Jo Lynne Pa'l'man Senior Play Com., Mixed Chorus Chuck Pa'H'erson Tri-Caplain Foolball, Senior Board. Key Club, V.-Pres. l.eHer- men's Club, NHS, Mosl Friendly Carole Pence Mike Perry Jan Phillips Pep Club, Medical Club, Sen- ior Play Com. Jerry Phillips Senior Play Com. Viclci Phillips Siudeni' Council, Ediior School Life, Ediior Thomas Times, Pep Club Gary Pickens Key Club, Le'riermen's Club, Track, Cross Couniry, NHS, Mosi Talenied Merideih Piggo'H' Pep Club, French Club For The Third Successive Year Terry Pillcingion NHS, Conceri Chorus, Pres. Adveriising Board, S+udeni'Council, Pep Club Peggy Pope Valerie Powell Befsy PraH Barbara Preiss Brian Pribil Fooiball, V.-Pres. Homeroom T. J. Provosi Miss Can Diane Rablcin Joyce Raines Conceri Chorus, Pep Club George Railiff Marching Band, Conceri' Band, Orchesira, Siage Band Marla Jo Rafliff Jess Ray Mariha Read NHS, Yearboolc, Pep Club, French Club, FTA , Trudy Reaves Pep Club Squadleader, Sec.-Treas. Laiin Club, NHS T. J. Reese John Reidy Sherrie Renberg Gloria Renfrow Conceri Chorus, Foreign Exchange, NHS, Pep Club, Spanish Club Holly Reynolds Sieve Reynolds Pres. Homeroom, Baslcei- ball, Track, Red Cross Sam Rhoades Law Club, French Club, Thespians, Senior Play Ann Richards Greg Riggs Tri-Capiain Wresiling, NHS, NM Semi-Finalisi, Key Club Janei' Roberis Senior Board, Pep Club, Medical Club sur-- Ki'l Robinson Mike Robinson NM Semi-linalisl. Slage Band Susan Robohm Pep Club, Thespians. Acl- verlising Board, Sec. lRC Dick Rogers Class Of '68 Sells Most Candy Tom Rogers Concerl Chorus, Foolball Beverly Romero Lalin Club. FTA Molly Rorschach Sludenl Council, Pep Club Squad Leader, Treas. Swimelles, Ush- erelles Caroline Rose Debbie Rose Carl Ross Kari Rou'l'l1 Paula Rozell NHS Dennis Rucld Don Ruggles Larry Ruhr Larque Russell Pep Club. Senior Board. NHS 1,1 Allen Russow Becky Rulleclge Lalin Club, NM Leller of Commenclalion, NHS Debbie Ryan Joanne Saab Nancy Bowen demonslrales lhe usual mag- nificenl senior form al' 'rhe class picnic. Donna Sanders NM Semi-Finalist Elec- 'rions Chm. Sludenl Council, Spiril Chm. Pep Club, Sec. NHS, Girls' Slaie, Dec. Girl of lhe Monlh, Mosl Deserving Mark Sanders Mike Sauberl' NHS, Spanish Club Karen SchoH' Pep Club Marilyn Schrameck Pep Club, French Club, Mixed Chorus Cindy Schulfe Pep Club, Senior Play Com. Lynne Sco'H Pres. l-lomeroom. Nl-IS, Thes- pians, Ushereiles, Pep Club David Scruion Jan Scurloclc Rob Searcy NHS I Lynde Selman Pep Club, Senior Class Play Dee Dee Semple Spanish Club, Pep Club, French Club Seniors Exuberant Gver Christmas Dance Susie Sexfon Jim Shaclcleford Track. LeHermen's Club Maury Sharp NM Semi-Finalisl, NHS, Pep Club, French Club, Eyrie Slaff, NCTE Award Linda Sharpe Pep Club Delilah Shell Pa'l'ricia Shell Bill Shellshear Spanish Club Ellen Shepherd Conceri Chorus, Swim- eiies, Sec. FTA,'Pres. Gymnaslic Club, Slu- deni Council Cia Sheram Pep Club, Mixed Chorus Sharon Sherman Pep Club. Red Cross Mary Shoemaker Senior Play. Medical Club, Swimelles Susan Shori' Mary Shurfleff Pep Club Ray Shur+leff Marie Sidun Medical Club, Spanish Club Sieve Sigler S'I'eve Simmons Vicky Simpson Pep Club, Pres. Spanish Club, Treas. l-lomeroom, Chm. Play Com. Mark Singer Pres. S'l'uden'r Council. Sec. Key Club, Boys' Siaie, Nl-IS, Nov. Boy of +he Monih, Mr. S.L.O.B., Mosf Likely 'ro Succeed David Sippel Medical Club, French Club Nancy Slarer Pep Club Larry Smiih Larry Smifh Law Club Roxanne Smifh Sfeffy Smifh i I Seniors and fheir means of fransporfafion vary. as proven by Van Valkenburgh's Vikings Gvrfdlfycz ,My gfllflfy Bolsters Sieve Smifh Wayne Smifh Wayne Sparkman lRC Rick Spellman Nl-lS, Law Club Anne Spencer Pep Club, -Concerl' Cho- rus, FTA Sieve Spyres Senior Play, Medical Club Cafhy Sfaines Pep Club, Thespians. Slu- denl' Council, Senior Board Calhy Sfanbery Pep Club, Senior Play Com. Kay Sfarlcs Paul Sfeed Tri-Caplain Wreslling Sandra Sfeele Journalism. Pep Club, Med- ical Club Jim Sfeinmeyer Finance Chm. Sludem' Council. Senior Board, Pres. Key Club. Nl-lS, Dec. Boy of lhe Monlh, Mos'r Polile Kay Sfephenson Karen Sfevens Phillip Sfewari' IRC. Malh Club Brenda Sfocldon Nl-IS, NM Semi-finalisi. Pam Sfone Pep Club, Senior Play, Swim- eHes. Sec. Homeroom Julie Sfriclcland Pep Club, Mixed Chorus Chere SubleH' Siudenl Council, Pep Club Squad Leader, French Club. l-lonor Roll Jerry Summers Nl-lS, NM LeHer of Com- mendalion, Slage Bancl, Concerl Band, Marching Band Neva Sundvahl Sludenl' Council, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Usherelles, Sec. Homeroom Pam Swan Co-Caplain Cheerleader, Lel- lermen's Club. Pep Club. Senior Board. Ushereiies, Besi Spori Kim Swyden Jack Tafroe Foolball, Baseball Dick Taylor V.-Pres. Homeroom Louise Teague J9h!1 Them-as Woody Thomas Marching Band. Concerl Band. Concerl Orcheslra Spirit And Class Treasury David Tobey Ann Todhun'l'er Sludenl Council, Pep Club Greg Tompkins Carol Trenfield NHS, Pep Club, Treas Spanish Club, NM Lelier of Commenda- liona, Sludenl' Council Gregg Turner Sharon Turney Co-Edilor Journalism, Ad- verlising Board Thomas Tyson Cafhy Valanl' Archaeology Club, Malh Club Vahla Vammen Pep Club, French Club, NHS Karen Van Allen Pep Club, Adverlising Board, Senior Play Com., Gymnaslics Club Carol Van Zanl' Red Cross, Medical Club, IRC, Senior Play Com. Kelly Vick Mary Von Drehle Adveriising Board, Pep Club., Sludenl Council, Senior Play Com., Medical Club Clinl' Wade Senior Direclor LeHermen's Club, Swimming Marilyn Wagenbla'H' Marjorie Wallers Pep Club, NHS Jodi Ward MaH' Walson Debale Club Marcia Waul Bill Webb Margie Weber Rick Weber Glen Wellendorli Susan Wenger Spanish Club Jeannie Wesl' Pep Club, Spanish Club, Medical Club, Hisl: Red Cross Diane Wheeler Pep Club Pam Wheeler French Club, FTA Susan Wheeler David While Judy While Pep Club, Red Cross, Mixed Chorus Margie While Pep Club, Swimelles, Sen- ior Play Com., Sluclenl Council Donna Whilney David Wiegand Ron Wiggins Thespians, FTA, Nl-lS. Sen- ior Play Terrie Williams Pep Club, Honor Roll Tom Williams Sleepy But Excited Seniors Finally Eric Wilner V.-Pres. NHS, Siudenl Coun- cil, Key Club' V Chrisiy Wilson Nl-lS, FTA, French Club LaVunn Wilson Foreign Exchange, NHS, Marching Band, French Club Linda Wilson Dave Winlermule Concerl Band, Concerl Orcheslra, Marching Bancl Alan Winlers Susie Wise Pep Club, Mixed Chorus Ann Wilhingfon Senior Board, Sludenl Council, Sec. Swimeiies, Sec.-Treas. Home- room, Pep Club Wifh lhe help of Mrs Wells Jan e Dossey nd Jane M r son appear lo e ioy Senior Review exercises. Barbara WiH'man Yearbook. NM Leller of Commendalion, Honor Roll, Pep Club, Spanish Club Bill Wood Medical Club, Spanish Club Paula Wood Pep Club. Sludenl Coun- cil Kriss Woodbury Foolball Receive Diplomas Susan Woods Kalhy Wozencrafl' Bob Yorlr Foolball Carol Young Pep Club Jimmy Young Bas- lcelball. Baseball, Lei'- lermen's Club, Key Club Gail Zarrow Pep Club Squad Leader, Spanish Club. Medi- cal Club Shannah Ziemer Pep Club, NHS, Spanish Club, French Cl u b, Senior Play Corn. Cindy Zumwall' NHS, Thespians, Usherelles, Pep Club Squad Leader X .R V 68 Year ls ExuberanT and refreshed, The Juniors reTurned To a Tull year of acTiviTies. Commencing wiTh The Foreign Exchange Tea, The class was inTroduced To The AFS sTudenTs. ATTempTing a com- pleTely new proiecT. The Juniors Then Tound creaTing and clisTrib1 uTing Halloween dolls To The children aT l-lillcresT l-lospiTal To be mosT rewarding. The annual Junior BrealcTasT was a gasTro- nomical success. Combining TalenTs Tor The TirsT Time, The Jun- iors and Sophomores sponsored Alice in Wonclerland. Junior WesTern Day and The Junior Yearbook mixer compleTed a suc- cessful Junior year. PresidenT ...... Vice-Presidenf . Secrefa ry ...... Treasurer Social Chairman Sponsor .......... OFFICERS Jerry Bob Lee Chris B. Smiih Marsha Gelwick HousTon Jameson PaTTy Tessier Mr, Roger Smifh . aaa. Here are The resulTs of Their eTforTs. Blazing Success Q 2' Mx ' -e'QfT+3 " Junior Board. FRONT ROW: Kaly Marlin, Teresa Wages. Chris B. Smifh, Marlin. Amy Clarlr. Pai Sfanfield, Paul Peiers. Gran? Hall, Susan Wilbanks. Marsha Gelwiclr, Pally Tessier, l-louslon Jameson. ROW 2: Jenny Johnson. Judy Miller, Mr. Smilh. ROW 4: Craig Lubin, Sluarl Fox, Tom Munson. Susan Holmes, Dee Dee Davidson, Bill Meyer, Janice Brown, Anne Tarbel, Jim Rodgers. Jeanelle Siokes, Margy Wilhingion, Jane? Morgan, Pauleile Randy Turner, Sieve Conard. ROW 3: Kalhie Mungen, Susan Taylor, Sally Swyden. K IHS IIH Q 7 55 'SWG Junior officers smilingly display lhe resulls of lheir efforls. ln addiiion lo sponsoring The Jun- ior Classg Mr. Smilh enjoys slcaling. EH' ,. ' RFK. a ...vw- . ..K.i:. -vr:"'i"' Q A ,,..a-v -'EN in AY J ., ,V A' -.5 Qf 1 N':. Q- V ,,,Lh if ' " - was Employing classical movement Mary Pal Ladner creaies an air of lranquilily. John Abslwire Cbrisline Adlcins Kallwy Adlcins Fare-n Alcins Jeff Alexander Sheri Allen Sleplwen Allen Arlen Allison Kallwy Anderson Michele Anderson Dennis Andress Mary Jane Andrews Nalalie Andrews Jodi Anello Diclc Anslellw Kalby Anlry Jane Archibald Tony Argue Rob Armslrong Viva Aslwcroll' Bob A++aw,g.y, Belly Aubrey Ka rleen Baer Sieve Bagwell Dean Baird Barbara Baker Sherry Baker Steve Baker Terry Balte Margaret Ball Sue Bankott Carol Bard Diana Barnard Nelda Barnes Ronnie Barnes Dick Barron Edward Barry Paul Bartlau Scott Beaty Mary Beine Linda Bell Sharon Bell Don Beller Jerry Bement 4,1-ga, ai e a lit si 'te l Students Display Diversity Of Talents Gayle Bennett Steve Bennett Annette Berry Barbara Billings Dirk Bischott Anne Bishop Jan Black Mark Blackburn Mike Blackman Birch Blackstock Kay Blackwell Sharon Bledsoe Diane Block David Bond Linda Boots Bonnie Brady Renee Brashear Bob Breck Jan Briqqs Katy Brocksmith Brian Brouse Tony Brown Janice Brown Peggy Brown M 7 We H A ni Pal Cobb Mary Ann Coe Becky Cohea Gershon Cohen Joel Cohen Nancy Cohen Randy Cohen Sleve Cohen Debbie Combs 'W ,Q . x ,K an 'Ref , K ., Sleve Brown Kim Buckingham Sieve Buckingham Byron Burke Theresa Burke Don Burn Sieve Burns Janel Buller Joan Buller Jim Byrne Dan Caclman Donna Cahill Dave Callahan Judy Carlson Jim Carson Linda Carwile Sieve Cash Randy Chrislian Amy Clark Diane Clark Cheryl Clarke Mike Claxlon Terry Cline Linda Clyburn The Unusual Adds f 3 ,fs 'li -an. , Passing a familiar sighl al' Edison. Sieve F rcs 5 Q Kellner appraises Eleanor Weisman's car. '----can--f Sieve Conard Fred Cope-s Anila Cofiier Bill Coulson S+eve Coulfer Joan Crager Forresl Craig Linda Craig Susan Crandall Janice Crowdus Gary Curiis Ken? Curlis John Cushing Kirlc Dale Karen Dallon Dee Dee Davidson Scoll' Davidson Bulcl1 Davis Larry Davis Vivian Dean Toni Sue DeFalco Mary Deisenrolh Diane Deupree Priscilla Diaz ,. 4' ll ,T 'A fi W ,. in Enjoyment To Junior Year Mary Dralz Pam Duke Mary Dumas Carol Dyson Susie Eaqon Lynn Egan Dave Edmarlc Barry Edwards Phil Eller Barry Emmons John Enlow Debi Ervin 'Ev 'QM ,A ,.,.r" 'ax X' .-is 9 i , li' "J, , : E it 53 aas X - ,i.i fe 5 Q ,ef .PN ill vi 's 'dd ,.-o. vi Y l -1' ig, l ,V J ? ' uf? ? N s fl " , via . , as , Z a My . y ar A,,AV 1 J Br z as ffm: V, .g,,fc,e 1 1 i ll , W' so f6 Q QE if Q es' J ! K N I A .i 1 Waller Eslcridge Sfeve Eubanlcs Nancy Exon Bruce Fadem Lloyd Fadem Jeff Fanning Beclcy Farmer Marci Faxon Allan Fielding Jim Feldmann Gwen Fellers Meredifh Fells John Ferguson Linda Ferrell Cory Fillio David Fisher Erriclc Fisher Bob Flin? Charles Flinl' Alice Foisfer -e Q, A .I 'union--M iff If X ii Laurie Force Susie Fornell John Forresf Roxy Fosler Cafhey Fox Sluarl' Fox Linda Frawley Paula Frederick Carol Freeman Sieve Froese Don Froning Ted Fulfon Susan Gabriel Rick Gaines Tracy Galloway Par Garrefson Gordon G-arreH Ronnie Gass Carol Lewis finds herself a mem- ber of 'rhe Mefrecal-for-lunch-bunch. Kalhy Griflifh Marilyn Grossbard Donna Grubb Rod Gunrer Barbara Gwarrney Greg Hale Mike Haley David Hall Granl' Hall Laura Hall Mark Hamilfon Debbie Hammond James Hammond Donna Hampfon David Hannis Nancy Harnden Richard Harrigall Linda Harris Cindy Gassaway Linda Gasperino Marsha Gelwick Mike Gibson Pal' Gilberl' Karen Gile Curiis Gimlin Jayme Gladson Jo Glenn D'Anne Glidden Claudia Goad Bruce Graham Randy Graham Jan Green Gary Greene Sharon Greenwood 1:21. KN ' ,.,....-p . xiii, 1 Vai : I 3 V -, .. V 4' . v, lf-1' ' if fav J, ,. i XY -vm Juniors Assert Individuality ,MA 'if "!""'7' 'F .,q.. M J , Ni k I, 'III' y ' , Kr TI ' .. w g, I 'T 'Q . M' SO' K I K R .J ' 1. 4---9 -111 P Slanley Harris Susan Hari Ken Harwood Rick Heidinger Pal' Hembree Holly Henderson Susie Henderson Kalhy Hend rickson John Hendrix Susan Pelers works assiduously fo creafe coslumes for ihe Junior-Sophomore Play Juniors And Sophomores .loin Forces erik? 3 Ginger Hendryx Pal Henry Suzy Henry Todd Henshaw Nancy Hensley Randy Hensley Henry Henlz Frank Hibbs Sieve Hickerson Judy Hinlon Killy Hoebel Sfeve Hollis Pam Holf Sieve l-loppes Dana l-losl'e'H'er Sieve Howe Beverly Huckelf Janer Hudson Vicki Hudson Tommie Hull Sieve Hulsizer Warren Hullqren Sally Humphreys Carol Hunler .. W,., Mary l-lufcheson Becky Hyden Sieve Ives Brooks Jackson Marlha Jackson Sally James l-lous+on Jameson Richard Jarboe Duane Jeffers Janise Jenni Beau Jennings Diane Jennings Roberl' Jennings Jenny Johnson Lynn Johnson To Present A566 ffl Wvnderland Sharon Johnson Sam Johnslon David Jones J. R. Jones Michael Jones Todd Kangas Sieve Karey Kay Kee Linda Keilh Linda Kellenberger Mike Keller Karen Kenney Julie Kennon Sue Kindschi Alvin Knighi' Karen KnoH' Sieve Koch Jeff Kopelman Alan Kovach Jeff Kowalski Mary Paf Ladner Marfha Lairmore John Lane Gary Langslon 4 if nflfff ff ' 5 r Q 1- fs 1 ,-ifz, ill' A '17 my Al f QQ I Yvonne Lanier Liz Lawrence Gordon Leaman Barbara Lee Jerry Bob Lee Linda Lemberg Lee Levinson Carol Lewis Mark Lewis Brookie Like Phil Lile Charlolfe Lindley ,.-q, Juniors Enthusiastically Welcome Gary Lobaugh Craig Lubin Lynn Ludman John Luker W, Pele Lynch Phil McArlhur Don McCalman Jalla McDaniel David Mclnlyre Brenda McKay David McKee Dorolhy McKewon Jeanelle McKewon Mary McMahon Susan McLaughlin Randy McNair Sleve McQueen Richard McVay Kevin McWhorler Ricky Macey Gordon Macklin Melinda Madison Diana Maher JoAnne Manes 'ZS Peqqy Maness Mark Manning " Carol Manloolh Nellene Mark Jeff Marquelle Annefle Marshall ! ,f , i Jaclcie Marlin Kaly Marlin Sally Marlin Pele Meelc Bill Meyer Brenl Meyers John Middlelon Bill Miller' Judy Miller Pele Miller Sally Miller M4 X, -W' if a Q ff f""f gan Tom Miller Foreign Exchange Students sagrleaerhlmgllerick 'VV ,,, sfeve Margin lee,e ig y Jane Ann Moore Janel Morgan Alan Morrow Dave Morlon Gary Moulin Paul Munding Cindy Mundis Kalhie Mungen Class president Jerry Bob Lee, chefs wifh AFS sludenls. f .,.,,,,1i as Class Accents Projects For lAat..4 X "U-an Tom Munson Mary Murta Nick Nash Linda Neck John Neerman Bob Nelson John Nelson Leslie Nelson Donna New Curtis Newton Dave Nicholson Chris Nielsen Charity Penny Niland Mark Niles Mark Nix Linda Nunneley Judy Obrock Maureen O'Connor Steve Page Steve Parker l-lap Parrish Ann Patterson Jan Patterson Lindsay Patterson Danny Patton Ray Payne Earl Peeples Mickey Peirson Tom Penclergrass lliana Perez Paul Peters Susan Peters Ken Petta Phil Petta Stephen Pettiter Bill Phillips Mark Phillips Sharon Phipps Brad Pilkington Mahlon Pitt Cheryl Polson Missy Pope Nancy Porter Nancy Powell Robin Powers Tom Pratt Susan Preaus Rodney Price Suzanna Prophet Jay Ragan Bob Ranck Steve Rathman George Rebh Jennifer Reed Entertainment, nd Funds Kay Reinhard Bart Rhoades Frank Rhoades Kathy Rhodes Pat Richmond Judy Riclcabauqh As the Great Pumpkin, Steve Conard brings cheer to children on Halloween. Scott Riddle Jim Ritter Rod Roberts Nancy Roberts Kenny Roberts Mike Robertson Tom Robbins Richard Robohm 3. X r 'F R 5 1 . in ', J' Q r R s i J ,..A is lwW,- 1 P W Q A A-L-LL A A ' X , .s ,N X N l A some lilig Y--7 A D l issss f i Jirn Rodgers Tom Rodman Kim Rodolf Demi Rosenlhal Bruce Ross David Ross Susan Ross Gary Ro+ramel Diane Ruggles Jane Rumbaugh Bill Russell Bill Ryan Laurie Sabelii Mary Samuelson Rex Safferwhiie Ann Sawlelle Larry Schorl-el Kay Scoii' Wayne Search Andy Seigal Chuck Selman Gary Semlce Chris Shafer Linda Shaffer Junior Canned Goods Drive Slogan Is j' Winner of fhe iunior brealcfasi fable decorafing confesf was Mr. Sanderson's homeroom. Paula Shapiro Rulh Shapiro Melissa Shaw Suzy Sherman Belh Sherron Tim Shields Bill Shirley Ray Sinclair Sally Slemalcer Donna Sloan Gary Smarl' Chris B. Smilh Rusly Smifh Tammy Smilh Bill Snow Mary Sparks Brenda Speed Roger Speegle Nancy Spencer Laura Springer Bill Spurgin Pal Sfanlield Joe Sleiner Donna Sfenhouse "Do The Best You Can" Nancy Sfephenson Danny Sfevens Trudy Slevens Karann Sfewarcl Linda Sfiles Jeanelle Slolces Vivian Slorer Glenn Slroud Vickie Sfroud Belly Sluarf Susan Swanson Carol Sweef Greg Swyden Paulelle Swyden Beverly Tabor Joe Talberl Anne Tarbel Janef Taylor if -ff? as T " A - im ff W, , , ,W a ll ' ln' , I ,W 1. -' ' fg,s' ,,f, .4 i me ., .1 . 3 , ' M seg 59511 i A All 3' Q 34 if Q l so K ssrs, .s L-If ,as 153 ,ws Q' in :Ui Al wynww , . R W , . if A'Li W ix , f if Z, 4:- .TJ ,--Maw A V, i Cf Q 3 - .al Y 2 , L ,N a- T 4 'N iw , x '22 ' 'B 4 T . , L' -I , M ' T ff I 4:5 'T 1-GV h ,:, W , I , Linda Taylor I 'fl T Susan Taylor th A I ' Vicki Teeler - , ' 5 J Qf, J i Susan Teis Wwjf ii 2 it Pally Tessier 3 fr. Chris Teler ,KJ ' 'Q I if I ff Gail Thayer ,. .L " - Bob Thompson e ' ' Mike Thompson V .. Tommy Tibbills Debby Tidwell Roberl' Todd L .-ff Gayle Townsend Jackie Trader Marilyn Trask Palli Tschappaf Claire Turner Randy Turner Dwiqhl' Twilley Charlelle Vanallenburg Bill VanDenBorn Marc Van Hoose Bob Vincenl Dennis Vincenf Yearbook Mixer Culminates .A 7 Barbara Von Drehle 5' qi Eric Wadman s V . . V V Teresa Wages 'fi ' V Bill Wagner 'i ,Q ,," A V Kay Waldo T iaf Arrrrs E Kalhie Walker V ? 1.52, H 4 -' , I I ' .. was 4' r I J X R I V krrr E 4 A ,, E Rick Walker K M A, 5 " I Susan Walker A , 'AA Q1 Z, ,V fm' , ' Debbie Walkinshaw T 3 .. ,, V 'f'?f?'f ' Georqann Wallingford 1 'S il , f a ,, . - 4 ,1 V,J?, I 1 I 1 a - Jim Wa rd f ,sss , X B Pa+ Ward T V ,, , - - Gene Warfield Brill Wassan Randy Weems Eleanor Weisman Wayne Wensell Calhy Wes? , f A Tryg Weslby Linda Welzel Jim Wlwisenlwunl' Bob While Dan While Jeannie While Margarel Whill' Tom Widmar Benila Wielwe Fred Wieneclce Susan Wilbanlcs Gordon Wilder Gail Wilkerson David Williamso Randy Wills Charles Willis Bruce Wilson Dennis Wilson Diane Wilson Pamela Wilson Pal Wilson Fl Barbara Winford Linda Wise Marqy Willwingfon if Successful Year Julie Womble Karen Woncilx Janel Wood Rick Wood Bill Woolon Judi Worley Riclcy Wriqlnl David Yancey Kay Young Shelley Young Susie Young Clwuck l-liclcolc '-ff,9"2 Ali wid :tml !"'QI-a, A 1' 41 ff r ,, Ng ' , ' I 'Sql g SN" - ,, , ii '- iff ,, V: Q ,,... V , gs s ji ,, Tr. Q, M '3....... ' 'Q' - 3-- . ,J """"'-Q" 'N' 'Ag "Q. J ff-?v,,i, ,, " -.I fe-, ,f,7s....,,.,f My V "Q"""" T 'g 'M ""'-A-r- 5 fi' ""-'h-Q .5 I M - - 'R ,4f"""4-"-""iu-gtL,S MR ff-..1,,..,.-.mush I .. .... 1-...s My 4 , , 4, , Y - s...w""' v 's....,..,-.,,,, .J --.-......,,,-.4-.....c S --.,,, M . v-5' ' ..... ,sl ,A Capable leadership Tor The Class oT '70 helped sophomores sponsor many successTul school TuncTions. STarTing The year oTT wiTh a mixer. The class Then conTinued To supporT school acTivi- Ties by parTicipaTing in STudenT Council's Candy Sale and Canned Goods Drive. The class play, given in March, and sponsored by boTh sophomores and juniors helped To boosT Tunds in The class Treasury. OTher evenTs such as Sophomore Day and The Mr. lrresisTible ConTesT conTribuTed To The year's success. AnTicipaT- ing Their iunior year, sophomores held The lce Cream Social To inTroduce The nexT year's oTTicers. CreaTinq a ToundaTion Tor The year ahead, The class' TirsT year in high school leTT memories. OFFICERS PresidenT ......... ............ ..... S T an Smith Vice-Presidenf ..... .,..... J oe BarHeTT Secrefary ........ ..... S haron Sumpfer Treasurer ........ .... G inger Heller Social Chairman . .... Lore Blacksfock Sponsor ....... .... M r. A. R. Lufman Sophomores Chalk Llp Sophomore Board. FRONT ROW: Carol Colvin, BeTsy Rorshach, Theresa Evans, Gay Nienhuis. PaTsy Tripp, Ginger Heller, KaThy Cullinan. Beverly Baker, Debbie Swan. Lore BlaclcsToclc, Diana Lee. Pam MclnTosh: ROW 2: Susan Hara, Joe BarTleTT, Sarah Savage, Brenda Moore, Cindy Grant Officers Sian, Joe. Sharon. Ginger, and Lore, call 'rhe plays for 'lhe sophomores fhis year. Points For A Winning Season Class sponsor, Mr. A. R. Lufman. helps sophomores succeed in 'rheir iirsi' year of high school. Dinah Boles. Beverly Huff, Suzanne Knarr, Ka+hy Barnerr, Sharon Sumpfer, Calhey Colerfrlan, Kris Francy. Jean Wheafleyg ROW 3: Glenn Hawkins, Vaughn Graham, Gus'Farrar, S'ran Smirh, Phil Rounds. fi ,fy 1 'M' k V E ,,,, , ' l fi: 'F sg W K ffl ,, ,J Y., ,. X fl' si fl AY as -A! VkkVLx l ,f if l M it " L ' --4 i A ' y A X f A Q f"54iiillE:i,wd 1 ylsifl ! l- . Environment And Activities v""i',e, ,X ,aa K i lv my 1 an Q' -'38 H , r . K' ,G , W f, -- . , L-'Q I -an 6 in V Q l 'Pia 4 ,V ll D I .- ' f tk 'L i t 1- .gmegggg t' - I' Ae ' Brad Adams John Addison Don Aclkison Ken Alexander Mary Beth Allison Bil' Almond Dana Anderson David Anderson Tuck Andress Chris Arbuckle Larry Archarnbo Nancy Ayers Beverly Baker Gary Baldwin Debbie Barber Mary Bard Cathy Barnett Linda Barry Joe Bartlett Phil Bauer Adele Bauman Steve Beach Brian Beaird Chuck Bean Lance Beard Babette Beecher Chris Beck Phillip Bender Overwhelm The Newest if B as ,M " .4 I vt 5 rraai W" a t ig' . Q 53' , If 1 .5 .3 A I 9- ' ' ' is: ' " it 'M .B 1 Q Q 2+ B "- A Qf, 'A 'L - my f ' -. 'L l -n.. rw x '-. ' t s r 1 W , 4.4-v if sf-ef x are - ' isz, f L ff?-1if11+ ' 'ill I 'B N 4? 2: , ,, , l R "+.,'2g,.::5 K - . . g me y as.. A B 1 -nv as 'gr J- -:,:, ' . w fn- I is ' , I Q-T -. M 1 f ir' sm' "' , A ff , 2 .8' ,- l' K .1 , 5 . Yzwigg HE ,.: , has sb , s . Q, . A, is if 0 lllii Z ll iist A llii ,i. V V l K . l' W f I sit N . 1 K I Q S: Q1 W ' V an f .Dux A Mike Berry Cathy Beverly Cynthia Beverly Annette Biggs Lore Blackstoclc Elaine Blank Adrian Bleeker Jimmy Bloyed Chuck Blue Dinah Boles Jerry Bond Bobby Born Susan Bowen Jett Bradley Pam Bradshaw Mike Brady Anita Braunlich Mike Brewer Jett Briggs Harry Brighton Mike Brine Forrest Brokaw Mike Brown Bob Bryan Bill Bryant Carol Bryant Robert Buchanan John Buckin Wayne Buller Sufsan Bullinger Dennis Bundy Sheryl Burdick Brendy Burgher Bill Burns Laurie Bush Charlie Burris if A R ia M if nrfirrr Q' WWI' ' ' :fha .vw M' 1' T' .N F ,, .. 1 A L ini' V ii ., y,y C Q ' My 1 11 ,ziigg .., , Y u - , if A ,, W. 1' , 4 'gf ', f - 2 1 f Q '5 gl i M W dw' ll, Aembers Cf High School Marlha Buller Diana Byrd Alan Cahen Chris Campbell Thomas Campbell Wayne Campbell Mary Cannady Mickey Canoy Carolyn Capeharl Kerry Cariker Cindy Carley Dana Carlisle Jane Carlson Miriam Caron Rick Carler Mary Cash Laurence Cafes Beverly Calhcarl' Peggy Chase Sherilyn Chealham J 0' 14" ,z ,. g K' 'SJ , Fruslraled by lhe law of gravily. Kenny Trolier pauses for a break. Julie Clapp Les Clark Nancy Clark s B ay lal cicl E2 r liai L 'ff' Sophomores Elaine Wallers, Tommy Williams, and Kalhy Fisher find il hard lo believe lhal iunior high days are lay gone The Class Play, 4,4066 .7r1 Wvnderlzzrld i A ag wk, if l if of C 3 sf ' .si To iwi, - ,i' w s X. Q l v-374 .,.,,l ,7 , "' rl iff. 'wi CA? l ii is rr ' QA.: 'lf ,ft ' fl I 4 .5 ,, Vrfyr Q, 1, raffl -1.3 f J, C ! 427 -M ..-," ,. si -0 ,f 2 1 , js, Q .aa if pb Sharon Clark Susie Clark Jeana Clemenls Maureen Clemenls Becky Clillon Kim Cochran Laurie Cockrell Kalhy Anne Coffman Susan Cohn Calhy Coleman Colleen Collins Mike Collins Roberl Collins Fransi Colpill' Carol Colvin Connie Conine Marly Conn Chrislie Cooper Becky Coulson Doug Cox Ross Crandall Doug Crews Marvin Crisp Jerry Crofford Carol Crowder Kalhy Cullinan Randy Dalby Mike Davidson Freddy Davis Larry Davis Brenda Davis Linda Davis Susan DeBock Philip DeLalle Becky DeLarzelere Ginny DeMerriH Brian Dempsy Melinda Denlon Marianne Dick Jeff Digges Pixie Dillon Scofl' Disney Ronnie Dobson Cindy Dodge Gwen Dopp Susan Dossey Gaye Droke Bill Duncan Margarel' Duncan Shirley Dundee Pam Easley Mary Eden Slephanie Eley Danny Ellio'H' Laurie Elliol' Mark Ellis I , Q: -4-wr U .las J wwgi Qi: I t ji .K ,..L , .kirk E i i 4- 1 i "MTBF ' iii: D "i ' ilsc 7 L, I :X V is k:k Ek 5 wif ,251 1 'if ' x , ,. QE 5 X if ar Q . li Sr E F E r a s , Q 1 ttracts And Delights Audiences Sally Eslill Wendy Eubanlcs Teresa Evans Sylvia Ewing Mike Farmer Gus Farrar Suzan Farrar John Fealhersfon Brian Felis David Fensler Laura Fensler Debbie Fholer Janel' Fielding Susan Fields Glenda Findley Kim Finley Kalhy Fisher Nancy Fisher Bev Fills Charles Fiizpalrick Annelfe Filzsimons Pa-ul Flippo David Floyd Barbara Ford Lee Ford Sandy Forsier Sherre Francis Kris Francy 1 ,ei 1 I ',,,. -me - F " Isa! f 1 iw E '.. 5 uri. . fqxgrv' jf d :QI .V .V,Ak A .V 5 A t m I K... el si 1- S j , ssssll is as L I f L- 5 s r -Lik , - LV K Lk s 1 iilll is is l An E fl " . 5 b A WV , Z VI .fs Fa' T , 'ii ., -- -':" Z :ss I 'C' ' ' ' L 'ee , '- F M, . iil Q f ,slr ssrrs - ar L 'L F 2 --lf. if L1 1, Tw' il iii. :li Q ' N if .- '1 , -. S " w yy y we s y , yvyvl sysll ,E 5, svy y : V Q-is Kg rrr k , ,fri k.V:k A . frliis iff- f .1 .,.i.5' D Q I 5 'fi' 53 6, , 0' if' . 2' 4119 A, V' M IA? ? 4.1 ff sf 'fc - ,i ills V ,V Q, ' ll F I A Sophomores Are Eager Participants In The ,"' al l 1 L i... w i fl a A 'N 1 M I , v. ff nv sg ' w ' i A if M -4 . 1 5 1 i V' 17 2: 2. 1 aaaa V av Q-af we , y Yaa' A B Becky Franklin Bill Freeman Marqarel French Vicki French Ellen Friedman Mary Frisbie Marion Frosl Richard Fuller Nancy Gabriel Cindy Gallimore Jolene Galloway Mickey Gardner Paul Garelson Philip Garren Pam Garrison Lise Genel Richard Gilmore Ann Dee Glazer Julie Glenn Sammye Glenn Sieve Goldberg Julie Goodpasler Debbie Gorsuch Lynn Golcher Mary Gowan Truoly Gowarl' George Graff Vaughn Graham Candy Sale Cindy Granl' John Graves Bill Gray Randy Gray Jeana Green Linda Green Susan Green Teresa Green David Griffin Greg Grilfilh Marsha Grigsby Bob Groves Alice Gruhn Joe Gwarlney Theresa Hagerdon Gary Hale Debra Hall Helen Hall Sandra Hall Tracy Hall Diana Hamm Jan Hamplon Carol Hansel Susan Hara Pal Harbison Kevin Hardin Dale Harnden Marsha Harris Melinda Paul and Kris Francy sell Sluclenl Council candy in an efforl +o defeaf The challenges placed upon lhem by upperclassmen. ' Mary Harrison Linda Harvey Leann Hallen Glenn Hawkins Clark Hay Alan Heap Ginger Heller Jon Henbesl Jeff Hendrix Debbie Hiall' Joanne Higgins Paul Hill James Hillman Mike Hilsabeck Ann Hillz Marianne Hinck Peler Hladky Janie Hobbs Peggy Hoffman T. A. Hollis Marsha Hoppes Shirley Holway Paul House Deborah Howerfon Pal Huey Beverly Huff Peggy Huffman Janel Hulchinson Nancy Hulchinson PaH'i Hyclen Kris lhrig Brian Jackson Debbie Jacobs Pal' Jahns Jean Jameson TGFFEEE 'EES foie ra' in mf. hx. , gf -' teaser yi -Q JA' l fe-1:9 - . 1111 JM, ef- - Wai' 1 ' gig' I' if in Q-'.".' as -., fs? of ek Par Jenni Jane Jensen Sieve Johansen Bob Johnson Georgia Johnson Kirn Johnson Pam Johnson Tom Johnson Adrienne Jones Glenn Jones Janis Jones Meg Keeling Chuck Keene Par Kennedy Bruce Kenworfhy Mike King Jack Kinzie John Kirkparrick Suzanne Knarr Susan Knoblocic Sfuari' Kopp Margarer Kramer Sarah Kunsman Philip Kuriz Linda Kygar Jaqueiia Laeger Tommy Lahmeyer Philip Lamb New Friends Chris Land Deena Landes Don Landrum Warren Landrum Laura Lanplwere Kirk Laila Bren Larrabee Sleven Leaman Denise Ledlneller Diana Lee Kalliy Lee Cyndy Leeper John Lesclw Roberl' Le-Hers Laurie Levine Beverly Lewis Mark Lewis Cafhy Liddy Nancy Jane Linde Diane Lilson Mark Lilllefield Mike Long Jeanelle Losey Pally Lovellelle Jim Luker Diane Lukken Laurie McCanls Jay McCormick Berr McCurley Carl McCu+cl1eon Becky McDonald Mary McDonald f..,,..,x ,,-xslxh Are Made And Qld Friendships Renewed Jack McGuire Kennelh Mclnloslw Linda Mclnloslu Pam Mclnlosli Melissa McKee Dan McLane Clnris McMahon Norman McNickle Don Maclnioslw Arleen Mann Marg Manning Roger Manus Joanne Marks Ernie Marler Pal Marquelie Tom Marshall Jean Marlin Jean Marjrin Roberl Marlin Susan Marlin Sam Mason Paul Masson Neil Maslers Tricia Maleiiclw Fred Malzdorf Bruce May Arlie Meek John Meng AAQLJ l Presiclenl Sran Smilh elaborales on a poinl' broughl up in Sophomore Board Homerooms Organize To Llnify Members Cf The Class ax, 3 uf b 1 x l .M I 3 2 lu f-N - ,,,,,, ' W its 141 . 5 if Ns F ua .af M, 'R V? sssse MA g,,..a Pally Millerick Becky Mims JoAnn Milchell John Milchell Lisa Mifchell Max Monroe Brenda Moore Charles Moore Cheryl Moore Jim Morgan Melissa Morgan Sharon Morgan David Morris Marilyn Morris Lisa Mulmed Lincla Mundl Richard Munn Mark Munson Linda Muralel' Mike Murphy Mike Muse Scoll Musick Barbara Mylar Rickey Nagy Rob Nash Sue Nash Lee Nalion Gary Neal Bob Nelson Margo Nelson Marilyn Nelson Mike Nelson Karen Newberry Susan Newberry Sfeven Newsom Audrey Nicholson Donna Nielson Gay Nienhuis Mark Norlh Dennis Noyes Nelson Nunez Lucy Oberl Sieve Oden Cindy Oliver Cece O'Neil Coleen Osander Judi Owen Pal Owen Mike Paine Anila Palmer Donna Parker Lonna Parker Bob Parks Frank Parrish Paula Parrish Dale Pasley :fewer -fv . ' se, ., -...sfffffnw :f fr A a. X me -, H sslilllff Q, 4 s 1. 3 S .- . 1 5, E si' A341 5' 5, fi 5' 3 'ii Q J 1-4 aa 1 X il e " . , - . M-::e:,:.f.-::.zz.,: f ,sr 1-f .ew e ., :':,f,::f 5 Q ..yi,s if at Q a as 'L 4 s Q fa On picrure rerake day, phoiographer Roger Horn poses Bill Walker for his class individual. Alan Palerno Tommy Palferson Janis Paifison Melinda Paul John Paynier ScoH' Pavers Marcia Peek Maria Perez ' Parry Perryman Candy Pelfigrove Bill Phillips Laureda Phillips r - xv 11' L.-,. 1: :-,f ,-V, J .MSP 5 3- H S.. in .ef ,K K H , .. f'fv45' r . if 5 Y -ai , J il P. 5 .1 ees? ,--- , .fm-Q ee. . mg .f :iiiifsieq Q 3 'ir , if fi I I rrr I . ., ii ' or riii or ' h y,s is P rrrs Li 91? K sss,y ii P' P lliii P ., ,... -11 1- 1 P . . I .... s " ' gi - I f fi! K '- ' rs eQ C f rssr if 'f' r fe. ff -- -3 Q- f H V " s N ' 'fi Ku-ii ,Mm MES ' r ., iz Sludenll Council Represenfalive Philip Lamb enlhusiaslically re- lafes lo his homeroom 'rhe evenfs which look place ai a meeling earlier lhal' morning. M 7, f l J ie, M fd 4 -is H, X 4 V 'tfff ..f,, lflf -w X , 1 ,..., , Emereffe Pierce Dick Pinkosky William Pills Delisa Pope Vicki Posiier John Price Diane Pruner Jan Pumphrey Dennis Ralfersperger John Rahmes Mary Rahmes Mac Ramseur Sophomores Become M J e, , ss 07' -O! -Fi ii I Z- Z 1' I .amy ,1 gy ,fl , 1 I ' " 4 J of , A , I, i d' ,sv VV .5 K A,. A . A 1' i V M, ,Q ??1W 'kb ' n 'qs I 2 ' JFQ ssl? it if ff?" ,Lf Q, QL dl y ' -ab Q 1"4' V Scoll Randall Linda Ramsey Phil Redman Chuck Reed David Reed Debbie Reed Sandy Reed Abby Reinhard Sfephen Reinhard Susan Reis Don Reynolds Ron Reynolds Karen Richards Mike Rickey Pai Riley Jane Robbins Debi Roach John Robinson Nedra Rogers Sandra Rogers Beisy Rorschach Dennis Ross Phil Rounds David Rudd Gary Ruggles Karen Ruhr Robin Russell Sylvia Russell Kendra Ryan Penny Ryan ' I Gale Sanford i gg, y Nancy Sanford 55 y. Sara Savage A Susan Savage Jim Schalf Susan Gail Schirmer Kennelh Schmidi' Debbie Schonfeld Brian Schriclcer Danny Schuman Linda Scoll' Sieve Scoli' Milne Sears David Sharp David Sharpe Gary Sheridan Richard Shoemaker Kim Shore Belsy Shorl' Sieve Sibole Joyce Siclca Sharon Siklcinlc Susan Silver Phil Silvey Roger Simmons Linda Simpson J .. r e eeeer e is . , rf wi' ia' x 3' i ' . iI. A n Active Part Of Various Organizations Susan Sinclair I' Karen Sinnard -' - J Rodney Slagle ,iy, Milne Slanlcard if e. Debra Sloan yqyl Q Bunny Smilh ,E Craig Smilh -- J: New-N lv we-gr ei 2 I rf 5 Donald Smilh Janef Smilh . . , i'll ,. Larry Smilh 7 Rene Smilh or sian smnh Teressa Smilh yylyy ,,-, -I K Will Smilh -'i' J Jeanelle Smilhen A Ke n S n ifz Barbie Soufhard e ,cz Joe Spann I Vicki Spear -'-'-- i Killy Spencer Q' n-.y We "l"'SX? we i A Marcia Spifzmiller , ii 3 Ei X a if Karen Springer V S Deborah Slanlon f S 1 Roy Sleele '55 Frances Sievens f La Ray Slewarl' Shelley Siewarf John Siory 4 , x as 'gf 'Fc 2 Ni? l 2 S si .Ny if? rr ff 'HW Q... 3 as Q ieei J fi 3' f R l ' y f V , Q ' , , , if ' , H, , K 2 i fA.f', i l ylll l 3 4 21 4' 1 Kc 6 , 'i f, ..: wk' IRA k, mi 34 I f W "' 'vw -A ! , ll H , Tr as Sophomores' Effort In Drives Defeats ' ! 'Z 4 , , T Z! 1 'W f i - f , D- All l sssoy i . 'G I , Q Q I , f y 1 '7 . Q ' f' gi if K Yi if M m n 2 1 N, 5 xg, D, Carol Sfrickland Debbie Siudebaker Roberf Sfurgis Cherry Summers Sharon Sumpler Roberf Svoboda Debbie Swan Brian Sweei' Don Swinqle Terri Swindle Robilea Swindell Valerie Tag Rani' Tandy Henry Tankersly Rhonda Tankersly David Tanner Carole Taylor Cindy Tennis Trudie Terning Mark Thomas Sherry Thomas Phil Thompson Kalhy Tidwell Greg Timo Richard Todd John Tolar Tolie Toliver Alan Tower Upperclassmen if Q1 A f T T A 4 6 3 ,. 'PZZZ9' .O . in ,J 1 Susan Treece Sherry Trenfield Ken TroH'er Pafsy Tripp Debbie Trumbley Cindy Turner Jeanne Turley Debbi Turner Mike Turney Joan VanAllen John W. Vance Kris Vaughn Judiih Ann Versen Vicki Vinson Curfis Wade Todd Wade Marry Wagenblafl' Bill Walker Hal Walker Elaine Walier Don Walion Julie Walion Jeanne Weber Don Wellendorf Melanie Wenger Marlha Wefherill David Wharfon Jeanne Whealley David Wheeler Susan Whiialcer Bill While Marcia Whife Donna Whifed Greg Whiifingion '1i5l,. ,I Debbie Wiggins Phillip Wilcox Gary Wilkins Danny Williams Debbie Williams Maryann Williams Tom Williams Chris Wilson David Wilson Margie Wilson Beverly Wise Hal Wood Marcia Wood Sherry Wood PaHi Woodall elr i , 4, Q ,. is..., ,V V, iiil R. we Q39 ii'i11 l 6 rifi f 5 ei' is iiiii isissrrrsyyisssiey 'Q 23 'iw 5 f E j 1' - ri-s - LH . Q. '51- ,.. -1 , l Q PM fiilfgesi R a,,? Bobby Woodward 7 -' " Rick Wozencrafl' ii' if Jane? Yeager iw " 3 , if - Reid Young ' . A A ' Rick Young . f :'i ' ff .i ' H. SH' V , ,Bi , i ef ,B if Y if f--as , ss. Driver Educafion proves fo be worfhwhile as Jane? Smiih, Pa+sy Tripp. and Mr. Posiier prepare for a drive down 4-Isl' in The afiernoon iraffic. IMS!!! Rig! 898091 DRIVER EDUCATIUN CAR CQJITKSY wkfd F 0 R D i i l , v lfiwifms 'fy i ii 1 'K ,,, Ninlh grade sponsor Mr. Ralhiens advises Sherry Wasson. Seeking Excellence lvlalcing Jrhe mosl of 'rheir final year in 'lhe iunior high, lhe ninlh graders plunged inlo a whirlwind of aclivilies. The class ol '7l provided unifying leadership and aclively par- 'licipaled in various organiza'rions,' Eager To help 'rheir school lhrough service clubs, ninlh grade girls ioined Aquillas. and lhe boys served in K-Club. The freshmen ioinrly sponsored lhe Valenline Dance wilh The eighlh grade, which resulled in a happening. To end lheir successful year, 'rhe ninlh grad- ers generaled enlhusiasm lhroughoul lhe school wilh lhe J produclion ol Their firsr play. Presidenf Vice-Presidenl Secrefary Treasurer .. . Sponsor OFFICERS .............. ......... J ody Sloan JoAnn Slanley Debbie Roberfs Peggy Bufler Russell Ralhiens Kimm Abercrombie Bill Adams Mark Adkisson Ann Alexander John Allen Dale Alumbaugh Sliirley Amsiuiz Mariin Anderson Sieve Anderson Liz Angelopoulos Mary Aslwcroil Dick AHawav Doug Aulen Claudia Avery Julie Badgerow Denise Baer Bobby Bailey Harry Baker Jane? Baker Marlha Baker Mike Baker Cindy Barber William Barnes Paula Barr Gary Barringlon Kurris Barron Jeanie Barfleil Phil Bayouih Ronny Beardon Barbara Bell Freshmen Begin Promising Year Marva Bell David Benneff Belly Berry Dee Ann Berry Rick Bills Mike Blake Jeff Block Alice Blood Phil Booflw Ausfin Boyd Greg Boyd Jack BreH' Debbie Briqhlmire Mike Brinlee Leslie Broach Mike Broadway Cadiiah Brown Mike Brown i ,J f "X ig , fn i x I 'fl is my Q, ik I 3 A , B ,f " , We 3 ' , fi I5 ' C ,, A1 1 C A f r Aa v i 4' 1 i vt I .arffn ,-.43 ' -eff 4' saw Q WRX? an 2 fAA lf: ' ' 9' 'Z ' A , ,,.,. S ix Ninfh graders, Carrie Ross. Sefh Tidwell, Jody Sloan, R' and Linda Disch, sfop Mr. Towry for a shori char. ,,, Q' aan, 7 -r . ii if I ,4 4',. : i Y W -3+ M fl C ,lil if ,I z -'F 'WZ ' 'ml if 'Q V1 --fl ,I I 3.1, ,, '- - ' ,-' . llliflf, H - is ' Jack Brumfield Debbie Buchner Mike Bunyard Tom Burke Chris Burlon Teresa Bush Doug Bulcher Peggy Bufler Jane Ann Byars Kalhy Byrne Richard Callahan Phil Campbell Scolf Campbell Karen Campfield Ka+hy Campfield Dennis Carnes Jeff Carroll David Carson Debra Carler Jenny Carter Dianne Calhey Linda Chase Mary Cheek Mike Church Anne Clark Dean Clark Sieve Clark Marcy Clemenfs Lynelfe Clouse Linda Louise Cobb Gregg Coker Pris Coleman Keith Colvin Bill Connole Becky Conway Cathy Cooper Rick Corgill Ann Cornell Sue Cornell Ron Cowell Mike Crawford Ken Cronk Tommy Crow Sam Daniel Danny Danner Karen Davis Terry Davis Mary Ann Dawson Susie Deatherage Marcia DeBock Frankie DeLarzelere Rebecca Dellinger Janet DeMint Student Council Reaches Unequalled Heights Dan Denham Anne Denney 'Linda Disclx Mary Disney Jan Doak Rochelle Dobson David Dorsett Bob Drew Nancy Drews Terri Duncan Terry Dunn Dana Dunton Don Eller Lisa Ellington Jeri Elliot Paula Elliot Linda Emery Anita Engle Mark Enterline Mike Estus Mike Fanning Betsy Faxon Randy Fay Mary Feldman Freshmen Have Successful Valentine Dance 5? -,L 4 i V ' N hal i . V Aliligs .X I ,553 '. - gy, 1 . 1 , M 1 ' 7 ,, x,ilQx Win .sa-. Mark Fellon Karen Ferrell Bill Fiddler Jean Flinl' Ward Force Jody Ford Belh Fox Gayle Franklin Richard Frederick Lon Galloway Linda Gayle Howard Geffen Laurie Gillial' Jeff Gillespie Sieve Gimlin Connie Gorman Bob Greenslreel Mike Guard Vivian Hale Mari Hall Tracey Hall Palli Hallman Marilyn Hammond Vickie Hammond Sara Hammonds Joey Hamra Jacque Haney Joan Hanks Luanne Hannis Randy Harringlon Diana Harris Healher Harris Linda Harlz Nancy Halcher David Hawley Roger Healh Berry Henderson Jimmy Hendrix Mary Hendrix Phil Henry Blaine Henshaw David Hensley Belsy Hellinger Gregg Hiall' Carolyn Hill Sherry Hocking Lynda Holmes Scoll Holi Cafhi l-lolisclaw Glenn Horiin Andrea Hubbard Sieve Hubbard Bruce Huckeir Suzanne Huckeil' Kip Hull Lois l-lunr Madonna Hunier Bruce HuHo Tommy l-lyaii' Sara lkemire Melinda lnhoie Anne-Marie Jaccard Bob Jackson Marlin Jacobs Barr James Larry James Sharon Jenkins Gail Johnson Leslie Johnson Sally Johnson Beih Johnslon Keiih Jones PaHy Jones SCOH' Kanqas Mike Kasiner Bill Keaiing John Keaiing Nancy Keller Bill Kenworrhy Doug Kerr Debbie King Amy Klasky Bob Koch Kafhy Kraii' Siephen Krohn Jack Lairmore John Lamberl Susie Lambeih Lisa Lawrence Pixie Lee Gary Leming Jan Lindley Mike Linebarger Brenda Ling Kirk Lilileiield Melody London Debbie Lubin Kaihy Lucy Mike Mclixllisier Gary McClary Jim McComas Gordon McCraw Md' gf ? l s 2 5 v f' '7 z-Q, i yn ,ri M - ride , is if -Z " ffl ,mm I 1 Cheryl McGee Marfha M-:Gowen Sieve McGowen Marsha McKinney Greg Mcliissick Mike McMahan Dennis McMahon Ronnie McRorey Dan McVay Suzanne Madison Mike Maher Bren? Mansur Penny Marks Larry Massey Noel Masfers Ginger Mauldin Roberl' Meinerl Peggy Meyer Debby Miller Gary Mifchell Nancy Milchell Caihy Money Mark Monhollen Theresa Monroe Vanessa Monfgomery Jan Moore Mail Moore Janis Morava Margie Morgan Susan Morgan Sara Morrow Jim Moskowifz Marcy Moskowifz Cindy Moss Jacquie Moyer Marilyn Murphy Rober+ Murrell Gary Myles Benny Naifeh Margarel' Nalley Chris Nash Garry Nalion Debbie Neck Bob .Nedom Rick Nelson Rick Nelson Greg Nesmiih Diane Nevins Ronny New Geary Newron Dean Nunneley Sieve Obrock Mike O'Meilia Sam Osher J . as - : 715933 I f Scholaslic address for freshman sludenls Ellen Singer, Fenlon Rood, Pixie Lee. Bobby Bailey, Dana Thompson, and Milne Maher is 2800 Easl 4-lsl Slreel. mth Grade Play purs Class Enthusiasm Rosie Padilla ,, I A V K Judy Palmer 15' I .Q A --- -,af ' L Tommy Parker A ,J ' l i iy " 'P , Clark Parrish ' 4" 1 4 M, CII, ' , , if Mary Ann Pascucci fi 1i-, F" 'L J ,f " Milne Pallon . b. P- , -2 is Ya f, A 4 as .js Joe Pallison ,L y ' , Rick Peace Y ,Q ' . V -9' , ' Judy Peirson A '3 4 . 3 wi,.,is J ' Q 1 'QP Susan Pelrie 1 - 5 was Q w ...ff Lee Phillips V - . , K, if Guido Piggoll A ja I Q s A M 3 John Pillman ip Sandy Posey an , Pal' Poller W 9' N A Sally Pribyl 4' --3 Pam Priesler Z11'-, a ' . .. - Roberl' Prophel I J X . Janice Provosl' A f Cheryl Pue -"' 'V' m , Sandy Pulman fe-if-.3 I - - 5 if John Quinn M ig X A "rv is Kinny Raffensperger i A fu 5 V Sally Ravis r, 6 -ff , 6 xx A, X J J Palricia Redlearn Allison Reed A , , David Reed Debbie Reynolds Joi, A A A -Q 1, f" ,Q N f Jody Rhine ,Q M M gf, Mike Rhoades P s l an if y J Q ' ,I i V, in ix i . i f - 7 - wr' Q 0 .1 .1 an A ali- 533615147 ff? .. a s s .' - ,AL 4- S g 3 Q l V 2 ei y ,A C ' -M--, 'rv '- ff f X I . of if V,,'f' W I ' a XM' we f Eggs S is A J' 1i 14' L I ' an ns I lf ,di gs 1 .f mimi 1 . ,I 'S' I 3 'Q , VVVV J I 'v-asv i JV' , J wmzyfii ,,,. X I., 49 I '71 ,Q f5""',l i ' ia i f 'S 'J , -.Jw if 'J 1 sw: my -1:90 in ., X 13 l ar ? f will "Yi .4 Melanie Rich David Richardson Debbie Riggs Susan Roach Sandy Robbins Debbie Roberis Tom Roberlson Belly Robison Chris Rogers Chris Rogers Jay Rolfe Fenlon Rood Barbara Rorshach Srephen Rose Tammi Rosenfhal Carrie Ross Sco'H' Ross Karen Rowland Linda Rozell Linda Ruggles Greg Ruhr Jenny Russell Tony Saab Chuck Saller Roger Sanders Scolf Sandilen Doug Sauberl' Scoh' Savage Sara Sawrelle James Scheurich Sally Schoonover Phil Seymour Terry Shafer Joe Sharp Linc Shepherd Barbara Sherman David Sibole John Simons Ellen Singer Jim Sipes Marilyn Slaler Jody Sloan Tom Smarl' Brenda Smilh Deanna Smilh Don Smilh Kalhy Smifh Lee Smifh Marla Smilh Robin Smilh David Soulsby Janei' Soulhmayd Randy Spahr Nan Speed Sally Spencer Phil Slalford Ardys Slallbories Paula Slanbery JoAnn Slanley Dennis Sleed Scol Sleele Barbara Slevens Doug Slewarcl Mike Sleward Bob Slewarl' Jeff Slewarl Leslie Slock Janie Slriclcland Monece Sublell- Susan Sullerfield Denise Sullon Mark Swingle Roberl' Symanslci Carol Tale Donny Tessier Peggy Tessier Jane Thomas Mark Thomas le quillas Serve School Well " vw, P Eff? l l f KU V5 , , T 1 4- 'er V A ,J ' ,W J In f-I I 'vi "' A ,Www , ' " -.ff infer A xl MJ! .gal ,D ,A A A al A I siifai :,aW ' i , 'T ' -4 I f - K A A , div rs Physical educalion classes slress lhe coordinalion of lhe enlire body. Uwwfnu 3 Q f X 3 Af in 1's:-ff' K fy 'Q Keeping a variely of lhings in her locker . . . JY f' Marlha Thomas Susan Thomas Dana Thompson Karen Thompson Palrick Thompson Rick Thompson Selh Tidwell Debbie Tillison Carol Tobey Slan Townsend Debbie Trinder Joe Troller Phyllis Tschappal Annelle Turner l-larry Turner John Turner Gary Vale Vicki Versen Elizabelh Wade Vickie Waldo Bruce Walker Palricia Wallace Tonya Walls Buz Wallers Calhey Ward Sherry Wasson Cindy Walson Alan Wall Terry Wall Larry Wenger Mimi Wesl Shannon Wesl James Wheeler Judy While Laura Whilmore Tom Whilmore Brian Wl1iH' Cailwy Wies Bill Wiloanlzs Kailny Wilder Nancy Wilhoii' Susan Wilkerson Bob Williams Lincla Williams Alex Wilson Debbie Wilson Janie Wilson Dana Wisner Dick Woodard Sieve Yancey Holly Yarlon Dee Young Terry Zambon 0W '-45 A Y YR? ' 'liz 545, 'ix it :Wm .,.l.a, H i N ' I ' zzz in Pagin g f . ,P L in . . . Phyllis Tschappai decides i+'s lime for a clean-up. 41" Freshmen Look Forward To Senior High 223 ,w. ac? ,K '--- ,, ,, ,W Mr. Glennis Miller checks his calendar of upcoming evenTs. Eighth Graders Beginning anoTher year aT Edison, The eighTh graders Turned To masculine leadership wiTh all boy oTTicers. Work- ing diligenTly on class projecTs, parTicipaTion in an annual ioinT eighTh and ninTh grade class ValenTine Dance proved To be a success. Under The guidance of Mr. Glennis Miller The oTTicers and class aTTempTed To surpass The goals oT previous years, OFFICERS PresidenT .... ................... . . Mark Floyd Vice-PresidenT .. . .............. ..... P hil Merry Secrefary . . . Mark Graham Treasurer . Gary Kowalski Sponsor Glennis Miller Jeff Abbey Deanne Adkisson Mary Ann Alaback Bob Alberlson Todd Alexander Dwayne Allen Chris Anderson Mindy Anderson Paul Anderson Debbie Andress Roberi' Anihony 'Chris Aniry Donna Arney Debbie Ashe Claire Avery Nancy Baehler Mary Jo Baker Paul Baker Paul Barclay Slephen Barnes Randy Bares Karen Bauman David Bayles Pam Beamis Cindy Beck Debbie Belcik Georgia Bell Marlin Bell Share New Experiences Murla Bender Brian Bennel'+ Eugene Bennelr Wayne Bennell Rex Benway Jennie Berry Jo Ellen Bevis Randy Birchfield Mike Bledsoe Dan Blevins Sharon Bohning Tony Bolinger Becky Boolh Vicki Bosley Yvonne Bowden Allen Bowman Anne Bradley Gary Bruion Lee Ann Bucklin Lynn Buckley Becky Buffingron Mickey Burr Burr Burqher Kay Burroughs Mike Bush Be'rsy Buicher Marilyn Burler John Byrne Michael Bray Terry Bresin David Briggs Katherine Bright Cheryl Brogdon Debbie Brower Beverly Brown Clint Bruce Claud Cameron Nancy Cameron Jacky Caricker David Carwile Pam Cash Joan Cathey Enthusiasm nd Participation Are Kevin Chambers Patty Cheatam Katy Chenoweth Janeen Chronic Chris Clark Terry Clear Kim Clements Raymond Clock Dan Cronk Bill Cox Chris Covington Gary Corgill Gary Coover Wayne Conway Carl Coman Steve Colvin Gary Collins Janet Collier Gay Coker Freddy Cohen Janie Coe Steve Cobb Andy Dalby Glenda Davis Hannah Davis Rick Davis Tim Davis Valerie Davis Chris Day Mike Day Rebecca Deal Patty Dick Bruce Duttee David Duke Elise Dunitz Jan Edens Candy Edmonds Valerie Edwards Nancy Eisen Neil Eley Susan Elgin Dory Elioi' Sieve Ellingslon Jim Emery Kris Emery Elizabeih Enlow Tom Enlow Siephen Ervin Pam Evans Keiih Fabes Ricky Fabes Joe Fairbairn Ken? Farish David Farley Cyndi Farmer ie ' Key Words In Making Successful Year Gary Farrar Fred Farris Georganna Fells Gerald Fensier Breli Ferneau Miriam Ferris Roberi Fields Kafhy Findley Danni Fisher Lynne Fisher Mark Floyd Lynn Fogle Mona Fosfer Eileen Fox Roberf Fox Sfacy Francis Belh Franklin David Frawley Paul Froning Bob Galloway Cleab Gamble Jan Gardner Larry Gardner Lance Garman Ron Garman Karen Garreif Jim Gibbon Keilh Gilberl' Norman Gilder Don Glossop Kafhie Gorman Chuck Gorrell Mark Graham Buzz Gran? David Graves Jan Gray Kaihy Gray Kafhy Grayson Karen Green Marilyn Green Genie Griffin Carol Griififh env , f-:' 2 . f . ',.i:. i K r Rx? I1 'K W -il We Y.-wr ua- , 1 A s a i 'wifi i W A:1,.m..,,,5z f 1- lla a f .SX ' "' Kwi B Cindy Pufnam and Nancy Morgan A demonslrale fheir gymnaslic abililies. ' nnL"' K L nn - f 1 W B n s: B J I H il 'Cl "'LLk' li 1517? g H ,,hL f ' . iii T5 T -U' XM A-.f . , i We K:-- Z i g, ",: A 1 j ay- Q K it .. I K :sal B 111 S W B i Lkh S -E u A Q , L L , K srl A Lf -'-' nnl tzz LLL..1 1' ' nLY' L 1 as : I ffl' 1 . I - -'Q. if-3 Q IILL' B 1'- ,,,.L is . "' E LLV- ll --1, i ' "'A fl " f ii 'LL'A " ' l - ' rf 'k,- ' 'X A fi S Q i Y 11 My ps lm J , AMN' I B- 'S 'VH l is I go 1 f f". ,. f .403 PeQQV G-riffifh Jan Grofl: Tom Groves Jim Gulhrie Jim Hager Linda Hall Pal Hall Regan Hall Cindy Ham Scofl Hamillon Brenda Hamlin Rusly Hammond Phil Hanley Rick Harber Dwighf Hardy Billy Hargis Brenda Harrigill Susan Harrill Charles Harris Milce Haslcell Pam Hafcher Kerry Hauger Chuck Hawl: Marsha Hayes Dorolhy Helscel Sharon Hembree Pal Henry Calhy Hellinger Melinda Hickerson Karen Hidy Connie Hilsabeclc Leslie Hilsl Tonya Hinson Sandy Hocking Nelson Hodges Sheryl Hofener Sleve Hofener Judy Hoffman Jerry Holder Lee Hollilield Tracy Holloway David Holmes Elizabeih Hoppes David Hood Ronnie Howe Tommy Huberi Karen Hudson Mary Huisak Tina Humphries Brad Huni' Tom Ingram Debby Jackson Sieve Jahns Sfephenie Jairas Paiii Johnson Debbie Jones Hank Kaies Siewari' Kaiz Keiih Kaiser Pam Keeling Charlee Kimble Mike Kindschi George King Kenny King Jean Kirkpafrick Jo Ann Klar Ruih Kleinecke Susie Knoiis Gary Kowalski Bruce Kraemer Bob Krohn Frances Landrum Susan Langford Paify Lavin Chris Lawson Bill Less Kip Leikam Roberl Leland Roberl Lengacher Thad Leonard Kevin Like Gary Linde Bruce Lindley Craig Lifflefield Linda Lobaugh Teresa Locke Linda Loggins Tamara Logsdon Sieve LoVelleHe Debbie Love Colleen Lucy Janei' Lyon Bob Mcfxnuliy Jim McClendon Paul McDermoH' Kaihy McGraw Susan McKeague Charles McKee Sco'r+ McKee vt? i vi S69 "ig , Work nd Play Are Combined 40 A -W-7 Av?" YM. 4 , W .hh ,Q , if if ' 'H' had JM 'lf Q 10546 11' ,-qw, sw. ,, -J N 1.5 fl v"!"Ei' -A YF? 1 l '55 ,,,, iii 'ai 'aw 4 k- rad AL ,,..- ,iq . . I i I , V ii il , A V A , 1 1 ' I -, V A .,,.. A 01 'A his I il Wu A 'si v ff 5 .W N 2 . 4? 1:-sf 1' . :ik-'V ,, .. 4' , 666.3 ,.., , Jim McManus Anne McMahon Marc Mandell Greg Markerl Bill Marshall Arnold Mashburn Nancy Maslers George Malelich Pal Malheny Jane Mauldin Becki Meek Carolyn Meinerl' Jerry Melone Jill,Melone Room 20 Provides Festive iw Jflm .wg , if 0, 44 1 Mi Us . lf X Oz I ',l.1' David Menkoff Phil Merry Rebecca Messmer Slacy Meyer Sieve Meyer Carolyn Meyers Jeff Middlelon Bobby Miller Susan Miller Mindy Mills Tammy Mims Tad Mindeman Alan Misenhimer Vicki Mizel Mark Money Roger Monyhan Debbie Moore Diane Moore Mike Moore Digges Morgan Nancy Morgan Annie Morley Babelfe Mosher Kenny Muralel Andy Murphy Pal' Murray Joyce Murrell Danny Muse Tommy Neal Calhy Nelson Tim Nelson Kaihy Newman Nancy Newsom Alan Nichols Jim Nienhuis Scoll Niemi Elaine Nilles Jim Noel David Norvell Kevin O'Brien Richard Obrock Shauna Olinger Danny Oliver Carrie Osborn Henry Osher Sieve Paine Rick Palmer Greg Parker Bobby Parks Pamela Pallon Cindy PaHon Sandie Peek Caroll Pee-ples Allen Pence Dan Perrin Ben Pelligrove Scene For Anne Phillips Craig Phillips Gail Phillips Lynea Phillips Mike Phipps Sherlee Piland Chala Polson ScoH' Pope Ken? Powers Lon Praylor Cindy Pulnam Bri++ Radford Robby Ramseur Denise Rarliif Harry Rauch Richard Rebh Davis Redding Valerie Reecl Jeff Reeds Terry Reidy Susan Reinard Palricia Rex Marcia Reynolds Merrill Reynolds Barbara Richards Sieve Riggs Dick Robbins Peggy Roberfs Louise Robinson Anneffe Rogers Larry Rogers Donna Ross Marc Ross Sieve Ross Greg Rowland Debbie Russell Vicki Saab Paula Salamy Joe Sanders Robyn Sauberl' Debbie Sawrelle Judy Schafer .Ar ww gl IAS. 1 ti Valentine Dance -Ji -,, I 6 ,JS Y 'Ki ,J T 'L' ,V Q. FC' -dl' 33, 3 . PM I ,J 5 Kafhy Schmidf Georgiana Scholl' Roberr Schrameck Sandy Schriever Debbie Scoff Jane ScoH Sieve Shell Elizabelh Shellshear Pa'Hi Sherron Karen Shields Tom Sidun Cindy Simmons Barry Simpson Mark Sinnefl Karen Sipes Bill Sipsas Barbara Slaughler Bob Smifh Jane? Smilh Margarel' Smiih Calhie Snifz Teresa Snyder Robbie Spahr Pam Spellman Joe Spence Debbie Spiizmiller Ronnie Spradlin Kafhi Slafford Jennifer Slaines Larry Sfalcup Mary S+allard Sandy Sfarr Kevin Sfeinmeyer Carol Sfevenson Susan Slevens Joyce Sfewari' Sieve Sfringfield Paul Sfone Mariha Siowe Sandi Slulsman John Suble'H' Jeff Summers Under The Guiding Light Of Edison x -' ,pn , 5 1, 7 3 I Q , V V. ,,,.l In ji, . ,ig at I ,I K, , A I s . ,,,, ,, 3' 4 3' wa ,V M PV ' L . i P MJT K ,Q -. Pl 1 xr-fx 11 "' Ronny Swanson Cynlhia Swindell Sieve Tankersley Befsy Tarbel Karen Taylor Gary Tennis Pal Tessier Judy Tharel Josh Thomas Lori Thomas Ralph Thomas Beisy Thompson Gary Thompson Ed Thornron Andy Tidwell Rulh Todd Teri Toliver Mary Torberl Kalhy Townsend Gail Traughber Chuck Traylor Mark Trussell Phil Vincenl Anne Wagner Debbie Wagner Debbie Waldo Dwain Walker Pally Walker Richard Waller Gregg Wallon Michele Walkins Cherylon Wall Ginger Walls Debbie Weber Bill Welch Annella Wesl Jim Wesllall Ellen Whealley Debbie Wheeler Kevin Wheeler Bill While Marla While David Wies Tim Wilcox Greg Wilhoil Debbie Wilkerson Richard Willbanks Craig Williams John Williams Mimi Williams Randy Williams Robby Williams Scoll Williamson Sleve Wilmer Jim Wilson Don Wisdom 'eu' 'Yin I fd 'Qs siii iii f Eighth Graders Gain Confidence Marly Womble John Woncik Calhy Wood Ronnie Wood Suzy Wood Gary Woods Berl Woodall Kalhy Woodbury Jo Ann Woodward Kalhy Zarrow Denise Zumwall F' I ,re Q 5 f Q J i is f i ' "ffi, 5 s.. "g' A LQ, iii VY, J I r ' a A 6 W'5?S??E?i L5i5 'G-Q wf Q ' , 7, l N: 5 K 5 ,X l 233 Mrs. Zoe WhiTe Takes Time ouT Trom her counseling duTies To sTudy a sTudenT's Tile Seventh Graders "GeTTing To Know You" was The Theme Tor This year's sevenTh graders. Coming Trom numerous Tulsa elemenTary schools, The sevenTh graders elecTed a board as Their gov- erning body. This board was composed OT The presidenTs Trom each sevenTh grade homeroom. ln This way, more sTu- denTs could Talce parT in Their class' governmenT. Mrs. Zoe WhiTe, Class sponsor, worlced closely wiTh Joe Burcham, chairman of The board, and The oTher board members in planning varied acTiviTies. This year's board consisTed oT: Bill Boyer, Joe Burcham, Allen Grubb, Larry l-loclcing, Lisa Leilcam, Lori Miller, Kevin O'Meila, BeTsy Reed. Eileen Riggs, Paula Rodgers. Trudy ShaTer. Cyndy STriclcland, and Pam Tripp. SevenTI1 Grade Sponsor . .... Mrs. Zoe WhiTe Chairman of The Board ..... ...... J oe Burnham Dena Aiken Terry Ainsworlh Richard Alderman Bill Allen Debbie Allen Jim Allen Gary Arnslufz Carol Anderson Richard Anderson Glenn Andrews Tom Anson Sieve Anlry Sandy Arndl Debbie Arwood Chrislie Ashwill Leslie Allcins Palricia Allcins Kaffe Ayers Garry Baehler JoAnn Barclay Jariel Barnes Kafhleen Barry Gary Ballen Bill Baughman ' 'T7' all" . , 15' .Ov f X r l , A WM? 4 I X ,g Q4 4, 4 'X 'Z7' .sf -.-wr, - A A ?' 1' A 4-eff? Enter World Of New Ideas Darla Bealy Ken Beehler Melanie Beeson Beldci Belford Kay Bequelfe Suzan Berry Larry Binz Bob Bird Brenda Blaclcsloclc Trena Blaclcsloclc Kalhy Bloyed Kalhy Bogarl Cezanne Bolen Dan Boone Denese Boone Larry Born Yvonne Boudreaux Nalhan Bowden Robin Bowden Wall Bowers Bill Bowling Janice Boyd John Boyd Bill Boyer 'A '27 'v f' 46:1 A5 Q' .ge Zg,J,9w1-Stihl 'K GTF, I X 2 ily, 'n W ' ' if . I ew-.v f- , ,, I ' K X X 'S A ...J fn? -, yi! 'QW 4 'YV X qs., ,K 'WJ 0, A , , wwfi ,,,,, 1 P gag, ,-so Q'- 'hi is-5 we 'ffl' f' Q Exif Y fat, 411 -auf- CZ!! Ao Q W lm f r 6 4 .. A" W lii or ill B yf in 'k" , A V ,,,L,,1 f 'ya' ivi, ' hr' , . I Wffiiw 1 W5 fire if li 1 We 4 MMS il I uw? - 537 , C, I I Belsy Bradley Diane Bray Bill Brighlmire Lynn Brighlon Roxanne Brink Jon Brinlee Maudie Broach Debbie Broadway Jon Brocksmilh Dana Brown Doug Brown Jeff Brown Mark Brown Linda Jo Browning Joe Burcham Debbie Burma Kay Burn Ann Burns Sharon Burns Mac Bulcher Liz Buller Jim Byers Jody Cadenhead Donnie Cahill Hal Calverl Jennifer Carlisle Jac Carlson Susie Carnes Belh Carler Tammy Carler Brian Chrislman Cindy Claiborne Terry Clancy Roberl Clark Sleve Clark Mark Cochrane Danny Cohen Ronnie Coleman Doug Coman Janel Conner Becky Conway Mark Conway Rob Conway Dan Cook Peggy Cooper Carol Corbilf Rachel Collier Valerie Cowell Sharie Cox Mike Craig Jan Crehqre Mike Cyrus Frank Dale Debbie Daman :Tiff 'i 'fs wi gf v I ggi: Varied emolions are reflecled in sevenlh grade faces on reporl' card day. Studies Provide Academic Challenges Mall' Davis Marleah Dealon Ginny Deck Ricky DeFalco Mallory Degen Oak Deisenrolh Lizbelh Dempsey Carol Dillman Bob Disney Joy Donovan Chris Dooley Bob Dow Chris Drews Jimmy Duncan Marc Duncan David Edwards Roger Ellcinglon Ryan Ellinglon Jim Eslus Richard Evans Rhonda Fabes Linda Fanning Karen Farislw Gary Farrar Mary Ann Farren Susie Fasl Sherry Faull Callwy Fells Craig Ferris Eric Fielding K fri ""' , ,..-4 -.-J , ., : K ' idk Z, y 1 -4 . ix Q 2 S M 3 f Q- if X R if as is .M ff' 5 5 la , """" s il' i 'A' is l f I V, . 51 v ii Y .,,,f e.s i ' ,zz l,h A L j . N , '-"' ' Q f ., ,Aii ',::A' if' QW an A , ,Q W, R y , ti, . fu. R K ,, Q. , sg- V' ,1Vkf pr k,l,X1',V -it Wi zz- , ,l 4 Q l AA X f f A if W Jiffy 73" 4 .ar 3 55-f f Lmfiiieiif '7w'f?W' Carol Findley Debbie Fischbein Leslie Follz Valerie Force Vicki Ford Rhinda Fosler Randy Francis Marqarel' Fries Mike Garrell- Janice Gasperino Joyce Gasperino Mark George Elaine Gillial James Gillispie Denny Gilmore Louis Gladlielrer Kim Glazer Diane Gleason George Glenn Louanne Glossop Debbie Goines Barbara Goldberg Sally Grabel i Mark Graham Sieve Gray Robin Green Lisa Greenslreel' Jody Greenwood Kalhy Griffin Sherri Griffin Diane Grolh Alice Grubb Allen Grubb Bob Hager Terri Hancock Mike Hardison Lorri Harper Chris Harris Charles Harris Les Harvey Janef Hashagen Kim Hauqer Silas Hawk Russell Hawkins Mark Hawley Kalhy Hensley Sieve Hiqgins Renee Highfill Robyn Hilsabeck Bill Hinch Leslie Hocker Larry Hocking Cynlhia Hollis Charles Holmes Deborah Holi Sieve Hollsclaw Don Hooperl Karen Horiin Randy Hosieller Danny Howe Bill Hubbell David I-lunl Jimmy Hunier Jill Huichison Randy l-lyden Jan Ihrig Jennifer Jacobson Scoif Jacobus Eddie James Ellen James Andrew Jafras Ann Jewell Dan Johnson Janelle Johnson Roberl Johnslon Joel Jones Lee Jones Jon Jordan Pairicia Karey Paul Kaslner Mark Kay Kaihy Keaiing Vincenl Kemendo Toby Kemper Kaihy Kerr Sandy Kidd Aubrey Kincaid Dina Kincaid Tom Kirlcpalriclc Valorie Kopp Susan Kraff Cheryl Kreisvell' Beverly Land Brian Lebold Russell Ledbeiier Lisa Leilcam Mark Leminq Debbie Lewis Lesfer Liddy Regina Lierly Jamie London Donna Losey Mary Lowery Lisa Lucas Jean Lulcowilch Terry Lyon James Mcfxnulfy Jeff McCanl's 'fisf li? A 'Mw,,,. ' 'v r fl, Q 5 A 'lf 'H if X L 1 R Q: H rW,,, , ii,, , VA A nah ay I' If ,gf 0- W fr A?" Q WM nm xi: A, 'I K LQ, IV, g, ,f - ' .5 fi R K E ' 3 ,-, , ff' - ifgh ". - ,.x'x.,.'ff. .:'.. o ir J Q-. . fi, ' . L Mm. at D' 123' D S+ephen'McDermoH' Kafhleen McGuirk Paula Mclnlosh John McKinney Kerrie McMillen Sandy McNeill Mike McUsic Lyle Madison Mark Madison Max Manloolh Danny Marrin John Marlin Mindy Masek Joanna Maiheny Alan Mauldin Pally Mauldin Bill Mesker Lori Miller Mike Miller Mike Miller Mike Miller Mike Miller John Millerick Belsy Milchell Blair Monhollon David Monyham Diana Moore Lynn Morgan Jerry Moskowilz Tom Munn New quaintances Develop Into Lasting Friendships Affer a busy day of Chrislmas shopping, Donna Losey, Dena Aiken, and Diane Thompson fake a break. Mall Murphy Danny Murrell Pal' Murla Holly Nelmes Judy Nelson Perer Nelson Sleven Nichols Bill Nilles Lorna Nunneley David Nunez Bill Oden Gary Olds Monly Osborne Beverly Overslreer Glenda Parker Joyce Parker Richard Parks Russ Pallerson Paula Peace Alan Peeples Marsha Pendley Becky Penn Debby Perlich Terri Perrin Wayne Pelre Anira Phillips Linda Phillips Jo Pifcher Nancy Plemons Kalhy Polslon Curlis Pope Van Posner Debra Poller David Powell Janice Powell Nancy Pumphrey Shelley Quinn John Rarliff Alberf Ray Debbie Rayburn Belsy Reed Belly Reed Linda Reid Ricky Rhine Bill Rich David Richards Julie Richards Zina Richardson Eileen Riggs Joel Riley Karhy Roberlson Mark Robinson Mary Robohm Paula Rodgers :Maya '-'iii'-'Hz lwlfiw V ,,,. fwueg, 515 Cris Rodrigues Linda Rogers Madeline Ross Harry Rouse Douglas Rowe Keiih Sackeii' Mary Saniori Susan Sark Susan Sayles Sharon Schoriel David Scurlock Debbie Secondine Barbara See Janie Semke Trudy Shafer Barney Shields Bill Shingler Roberf Shingler Diana Shouse Nancy Sidun Sieve Singer Susan Singer Sharon Sipes Shelly Slagle Debbie Smiih Deborah Smiih Kipa Smiih Marsha Smiih Jeff Snider David Speegle Chris Spencer Sieve Slamper David Sieele Charles Siephenson Nelson Siephenson Jane Sievens Ricky Sione Cyndy Sirickland Denny Sirickland Bob Siudebaker Ricky Sluisman LaNell Svoboda Richard Symanski Mark Tabor Leah Tankersley Lara Teeier Tony Terhorsi Sheldon Terning Mark Tefer Mark Teier Linda Thomas Peggy Thomas Timoihy Thomas Diane Thompson Karen Thompson Nancy Thompson Cynlhia Tidwell Sharlene Todd Barion Torberi' Norman Tracy Pam Tripp Frances Turner Mary Turner Dale Twilley Mark Twyman Pam Vesley Jeff Vogel Bob Volpe Suzanne Wade John Wadlin Mark Wagor Vikkie Waibel Cheri Walsh H. B. Warren Jim Wall' Gary Waul Lori Weaver Mike Weaver Julie Webb Jack Weber Vicki Weber Jim Weems Jim Welch Randy Wesl Pamela While Sheryl While Clay Whilien Elaine Wiggs Belsy Wilhoil' Jim Williams Cynfhia Willis Mike Wilson Lisa Wirfh Debby Wise Jennifer Wise Danny Wiihingion Mimi Wixson David Wolf Vanessa Womack Don Wood Kim Wood Pafricia Wood Rig Wood Kelley Woods Randy Wrighl Susan Wrighl' Carol Zayal' 12, rv! ,' .iuymm ,iq ff 4 ,gif 5 ' 2' er fri jk ' V :lf 4' 1 if' fr- T' wA'4q5:s:D.xva ' 1 ur fb " H 93 - i L i:fVi:' ,'f , ' , A , kiwi ll My A A, Mr-I, I if A 'FW Vg 1 - A :ol .V . s ih I .JL A J ' YKxQ""b X Y I is A l l, :ii A fV,4- iq-Q V s' ,. ,Acy T .eral 1 l T WJ 24.1.3 MA ff..-7 i i f. z fi, "L -K , i 1- IMA ," in A ,f ..., Q ,ji A I ' - I V 3 ' I2 gf . '-'f . -.Zi V f 'f"'57 , Q, ' ifiulif 6' - , I 253' SJ . ., Q '5 41 'CW "'l7 Q 4 -,,,, .. ,mv ,W 2 ref' mi 354 :Sb , .my . Vx e , 2 xy. ff TT'll fag, mx , -W ,iw ,dev V, 3 ,....r ' .Ji 0 .-- 4 9 Ji xv ek . 1 Z ., ,K if-f Q74 A 1. SBP Acknowledgements FaculTy Advisor June Richey EdiTor Eric Nelson Business Manager Nancy Adkison Opening SecTion Eric Nelson AdminisTraTion JaneT Morgan RuTh Shapiro PaT STanTield S'l'udenT Life JeTT Alexander Peggy CanTrell Susan Hill Bill Russell Honors WalTer Lamb PaTTi TschappaT Eleanor Weisman OrganizaTions Nancy Adkison Diane Block MarTha Read Paula Shapiro RuTh Shapiro Barbara WiTTman AThleTics KaThy BankoTT Chuck Hickok Susan Morgan Senior Class Nancy Adkison KaThy BankoTT Susan Hill MarTha Read Barbara WiTTman Junior Class JeTT Alexander Diane Block Paula Shapiro Sophomore Class WalTer Lamb Bill Russell PaT STanTield NinTh Grade PaTTi TschappaT Eleanor Weisman EighTh Grade Chuck Hickok JaneT Morgan SevenTh Grade Peggy CanTrell Susan Morgan PhoTography Eric Nelson Danny Schuman Publisher Taylor Publishing Company Dallas. Texas Commercial PhoTography Woody Gaddis Tom V. MaTThews Beverly's STudio EnTerprise School PhoTos Because Edison is a changing school and iTs sTudenTs are changing people, The l968 TORCH is a chang- ing yearbook. lT is Edison's TirsT nine by Twelve inch yearbook, The size which was unTil recenTly resTricTed To college use. The book is prinTed on a heavy, low-gloss enameled pap- er. Headlines are in 24 poinT Lydian, a more readable sTyle Than used in previous years. Body Type is in Ten poinT Vogue, a sTyle TirsT used lasT year. The division pages are prinTed in arT conversion, a Technique new To Edison yearbooks. MosT im- porTanTly, The layouTs are more in- Tormal, The picTures are more in- TeresTing, and The copy is more read- able. UnTorTunaTely, many organizaTions and individuals have noT been able To undersTand The TORCH sTaTT's aT- TempT To produce a yearbook ThaT is well-consTrucTed buT sTill inTeresT- ing To The sTudenT body. The sTaTT realizes ThaT iT was noT easy Tor or- ganizaTions To geT Their members To assemble aT a cerTain place aT a speciTic Time, buT neiTher was iT easy Tor sTaTT members To be prompT aT every picTure. The picTures were Tak- en, however, and boTh The sTudenT body and The sTaTT members have managed To survive. There are, oT course, innumer- able people who are due Thanks Tor Their assisTance in producing This yearbook. ln parTicular. The sTaTT would like To Thank Lu and Jerry Car- roll, The represenTaTives Trom Tay- lor Publishing Company. and Eddie Davis. aT EnTerprise School PhoTos. who goT our picTures To us in a hur- ry. We would also like To Thank The sTudenT body Tor The suppon-T ThaT They have given The sTaTT in The producTion oT This. The l968 TORCH. J t xg. ,QKQ 'fi ,, W' ' fi ' . f Q' Q' ' "' 5, :P 1 H, fi' 'bfslbvfz . Q9 A Abbey, Jeff 1a1 14, 225 Abercrombie, Kimm 191 117, 213 Ables, Jennye 1Fac.1 24 Absniie, John 1111 II2, 113, leo Adam Adam S, Bill 191213 S, area 1101 19a Adams, Corene 1Adm.1 23 Addison, Bill 1121 154 Addison, John 1101 198 Adkins, Christine 1111 180 Adkins, Kathy 1ll1 180 Adkison, Don 1101 115, 198 Adkison, Nancy 1121 42, 43, 44, 46, 84 96, 154 Adkison, Robert 1121 154 Adkisson, Deanne 181 225 Advanced Orchestra IIB Advertising Board, Junior High 98 Advertising Board, Senior High 99 Aiken, Dena 171 235, 240 Ainsworth, Terry 171 118, 235 Akins, Faren 1111 108, 113, 180 Alaback, Mary Ann 117, 225 Albertson, Bob 181 107, 117,225 Alderman, Richard 171 235 Alford, Amye 1Fac.1 36, 104 Index Bedgerow, Julie 191 97, 104, 116, 117, 213 Baer, Karleen1111 lao Baehler, Duane 171 235 Baehler, Nancy 181 48, 225 Baer, Denise 191 213 Bagwell, Steve 1111 180 Bagwell, Susan1121 154 Bailey, Betty 1121 115, 154 Bailey, Bobby 191 117,213,219 Baird, Dean 1111 180 Baird, Miller 1121 154 Baker, Barbara 1111 180 Baker, Beverly 1121 90, 91, 154 Baker, Beverly 1101 196, 198 Baker, David 1121 154 Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Harry 191 213 Janice 1121 103, 154 Judy 1121 115, 154 Mary Jo 181 116, 225 Mike 191 117,213 Janet 191 213 Martha 191 116, 117,213 Paul 181 225 Sherry 1111 181 Stephen 1111 181 Baldwin, Gary 1101 198 Bifqman. Candi 1121 155 Bernler, Gary 1121 91, 96, 155 Bequette, Kay 171 235 Berry, Annette 1111 181 BSFFY. Betty, 191 92, 95, 107, 213 Berry, Jennie 181 97, 116, 225 Berry. Mike 1101 198 Berry, Suzan 171 235 BeVeflY. Cathy 1101 198 Beverly, Cynthia 1101 198 BBVIS, Jo Ellen 181 97, 225 Bibb, Kathy 1121 155 Bgggs, Annette 1101 198 B1111ngs, Barbara 1111 181 B1lls, Rick 191 119,213 B1lls, Steve 1121 155 B1nl, Larry 171 235 Blnz, Sherry 1121 155 Birchfield, Gary 1121 155 Birchfield, Randy 181 225 Bird, Bob 171 235 Bischoff, Dirk 1111 86, 181 Bishop, Anne 111171, 114, 181 Black, Dave 1121 155 Black, Jan Blackburn, Blackman, M' e 111191,96,181 Mark 1111 181 ik 1111 181 Blaglkstock, Birch 1111 52, 80, 101, 114, Briggs, David 181 118 Briggs, Jan 1111 181 Briggs, Jeff 1101 108, 113, 198 Bright, Katherine 181 116 Brightmire, Bill 171 236 Brightmire, Debby 191 94, 213 Brighton, Harry 1101 115, 128, 139, 198 Brlghton, Lynn 171 117, 236 Brink, Mike 1101 198 Brink, Roxanne 171 119, 236 Alexander ,Ann 191 107,213 Alexander, Ashley 1Fac.1 26, II2, 113 Alexander, Jeff 1111 42, 43, 45, 180 Alexander, Ken 1101 128, 198 Alexander, Larry 1Adm.1 I9 Alexander, Todd 181 117, 225 Allan, Anne 1121 103, 154 Allen Bill 171 235 Allen, Debbie 171 118, 235 Allen, Dwayne 181 225 Allen, Jim 171 118, 235 Allen, John 191 99, 213 Allen, Joyce 1121 103, 154 Allen, Rob 1121 154 Allen, Sherri 1111 180 Balfe, Terry 1111 56, 57, 86, 181 Ball, Margaret 1111 181 Band 11 119 Bankoft, Kathy 1121 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, aa, 90, 154 Bankoft, Sue 1111 181 Banks, Billy 1121 154 Barber, Cindy 191 213 Barber, Debbie 1101 198 Barclay, JoAnn 171 235 ' Barclay, Paul 181 225 Bard, Carol 1111 181 Bard, Mary 1101 198 Barnard, Diana 1111 115, 181 Barnard, Randy 1121 154 Blackstock Blackstock 198 Blackstock Blackwell, , Brenda S71 235 . Lore 110 88, 98, 196, 197, . Trena 171 92, 119,235 Kay 1111 181 Blair, George 1121 155 Blalr, Steve 1121 155 Blake, Mike 191 213 Blake, Orlene 1Adm.1 23 Blank, Elaine 1101 198 Blaylock, Ruth 1Fac.1 26 Bledsoe, Mike 181 225 Bledsoe, Sharon 1111 181 Bleeker, Adrian 1101 198 Blevins, Dan 181 225 Brinlee, Jon 171 119, 236 Brinlee, Michael 191 213 Brlscoe, James 1Fac,1 30 Broach, Leslie 191 92, 94, 97, 104, 213 Broach Maudie 171 97, 116, 236 Broadway, Debbie 171 236 Broadway, Mike 191 213 Brocksmith, Jon 171 236 Brocksmith, Katy 1111 181 Broding, Bruce 1121 156 Brokaw, Forrest 1101 198 Brouse, Brian 1111 1o9, 125, 139, 181 Brower, Debbie 181 117 Brown, Beverly 181 116 Brown, Cadilah 191 95, 213 Brown, Carla 1121 156 Brown, Dana 171 236 Brown, Doug 171 236 Brown, Gary 1121 156 Brown, George 1121 78, 86, 87, 123, 125 126, I27, 156 Brown, Janice 1111 84, 181 Brown, Jett 171 236 Brown, Jerry Ann 1Fac.1 25 Brown, John 1121 156 Brown, Karen 1121 156 Brown, Mark 171 236 Brown, Michael 191 213 Brown, Mike 1101 198 Brown, Peggy 1111 181 Brown, Scott 1121 102, 156 Brown, Steve 1111 182 Brown Tony 1111 181 Browning, Linda Jo 171 236 Allen, Alliso Alliso Steve 1111 180 n, Arlen 1111 86, 124, 125, 146, n, Mary 1101 198 Almond, Bill 1101 198 Alston, Robert 1121 112, 113, 154 Alumbaugh, Dale 191 213 Amstutz, Gary 171 118, 235 Amstutz, Shirley 191 118, 213 Anderson, Carol 171 235 Anderson, Charlene 1121 115, 154 Anderson, Chris 181 225 Anderson, Dana 1101 198 Anderson, David 1121 154 Anderson, David 1101 198 Anderson, Don 1121 154 Anderson, Kathy 1111 180 Anderson, Kenneth 191 213 Barnes, Nelda 1111 181 Barnes, Ronald 1111 181 Barnes, Jariel 171 119, 235 Barnes, Stephen 181 119, 225 Barnes, William 191 213 Barnes, Wendy 1121 78, 84, 88, 155 Barnett, Cathy 1101 196, I98 Barnett, Howard 1121 155 Barnett, Pam 1121 155 Anderson Anderson Anderson Martin 191 117, 213 Mienele 1111 leo Mindy 181 225 Anderson: Rieneig 171 235 Anderson Paul 181 225 Anderson: Stephen 191 213 Anderson Andress, Andress, Andress, Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Anello J ,Steve 1121 112, 154 Debby 181 117, 225 Dennis 1111 180 Tuck 1101 113, 198 Glenn 171 235 Mary Jane 1111 115, 180 Natalie 1111 180 odi 1111 180 Angelopoulos, L12 191 94, 107. 213 Anson, Tom 171 117, 235 Ahsteill, Dick 1111 130, 150 Ansteth, Phil 1121 154 Anthony, Robert 181 235 Antry, Bill 1121 154 Antry, Chris 181 97. 225 Antry, Kathy 1111 115, 180 Antry, Steve 171 235 A uillas 94, 95 Aluckle Chr1s 1101 198 Archambb Jeannie 1121 113, 154 Barr, Paula 191 213 Barrington, Gary 191 213 Barron, Dick 1111 125, 181 Barry, Edward 1111 181 Barry, Dee 191 92, 117, 213 Barron, Kurtis 191 117,213 Barry, Kathleen 171 116, 235 Barry, Linda 1101 85, I98 Barry, Susan 1121 155 au Paul 11191 Bartl , 1 , 181 Bartlett, Jean 191 92, 93, 95, 104, 107, 213 Bartlett, Joe 1101 128, 196, 197, 198 Bartus, Alex 1121 155 Bassett, Kay 1121 155 Bates, Bob 1121 155 Bates, Randy 181 225 Batten, Gary 171 235 Bauer, Alice 1Adm.1 23 Bauer, Phil 1101 198 Baughman, Bill 171 235 Bauman, Adele 1101 115, 198 Baumann, Karen 18 116, 117,225 Bayles, David 181 117, 225 Bayless, Tom 1121 86, 130, 155 Bayouth, Phillip 191 117, 213 Bayouth, Randy 1121 155 Beach, Stephen 1101 113, 198 Beaird, Brian 1101 113, 198 Beamis, Pam 181 116, 225 Bean, Chuck 1101 198 Beard, Lance 1101 198 Beard, Margaret 1121 115, 155 Beardon, Ronny 191 213 Beaty, Darla 171 92, 235 Blevins, Jamey 1121 115, 155 Block, Diane 1111 42, 43, 45, 84, 106, 115 181 Block, Jeff 191 213 Blood, Alice 191 95, 99, 117,213 Blood, Steve 1121 112, 113, 155 Bloyed, Jimmy 1101 128, 146, I98 Bloyed, Kathy 171 116, 235 Blue, Chuck 1101 128, 198 Boatright, Dorothy 1Fac.1 24 Bogart, Kathy 171 235 Bohning, Sharon 181 225 Bolen, Cezanne 171 235 Boles, Dinah 1101 196, 198 Bolinger, Tony 181 225 Bolt, Ruth 1Adm.1 23 Bond, David 1111 181 Bruce, Susie 1121 156 Brumfield, Jack 191 214 Bryan, Bob 1101 54, 80, 198 Bryan, Jim 1121 133, 156 Bryant, Carol Anne 1101 84, 88, 98, 106, 115, 198 Bryant, Bill 1101 198 Buchanan, Robert 1101 198 Buchner, Debby 191 95, 116, 117,214 Buckingham, Kim 1111 182 Buckingham, Lana 1121 156 Buckingham, Stephen 1101 146 Burns, Steve 1111 182 Bucklin, John 1101 128, 198 Buffing Buller, Buller, ton, Becky 181 116 Laura 1121 84, 156 Rozella 1121 156 Bond, Jerry 1101 198 Bonner, Charlotte 1121 155 Bonner, Gary 1121 47, 98, 155 Bookman, Larry 1121 80, 153, 155, 157 Boone, Dan 171 118,235 Boone, Denese S71 235 Booth, Becky 18 116, 225 Booth, Philip 191 213 Booth, Roberta 1121 97, 101, 155 Booth, Roger 1121 86, 156 Boots, Linda 1111 181 Born, Bobby 1101 113, 198 Kathy 191 95, 1o4, 11s, 214 Archambo1 Larry 1101 112, 113, 1913 Archaeology Club 104 Archibald, Jane 1111 115, 180 Argue, Tony 1ll1 180 Armstrong, Bill 1121 154 Armstrong, Rob 1111 112, 113, 180 Arndt, Sandy 171 116, 235 Arney, Donna 181 225 Arwood, Debbie 171 235 Ashcratt, Mariorie 1Fac.1 26 Ashcroft, Mary 191 118, 213 Ashcroft, Viva 1111 180 Ashe, Debbie 181 116,225 Ashe, Donna 1121 154 Ashwill, Christie 171 235 Atkins, Leslie 171 116, 235 Atkins, Patricia 171 116, 235 Attaway, Bob 1111 80,1 86, 130, 180 Attaway, Dick 191 93, 117, 213 Aubrey, Betty 1111 115, 180 Auten, Cathy 1121 154 Auten, Douglas 191 213 Avery, Claire 181 235 Avery, Claudia 191 92, 116, 117, 213 Axley, Linda 112180, 153, 154 Ayers, Katie 171 116, 235 Ayers, Nancy 1101 85, 96, 198 Ayres, Lewis 1Fac.1 30 Beaty, sean 1111 ae, 125, 127, 181 Becher, Babette 1101 78, 198 Beck, Cindy 181 116, 225 Beck, Chris 1101 I98 Beehle r, Ken 171 235 Beeson, Melanie 171 92, 116, 235 Beine, Belclk, Mary 1112 113, 181 Debbie 81225 Belford, Bekki 171 235 Bell, Barbara 191 213 Bell, Georgia 181 225 Bell, Jana 1121 114, 155 Bell, Linda 1111 181 Bell, Martin 181 225 Bell, Marva 19197, 118,213 Bell, Sharon 1111 108, 181 Bell, Tim 1121 155 Beller, Beller, Don 1111 181 Jerrel1Adm.1 19 Belt, Jim 1Fac.1 28 Bement, Jerry 1111 181 Bender, Murla 181 225 Bender, Phil 1101 198 Bennett, Brian 181 225 Bennett, David 191 118,213 Bennett, Gayle 1111 181 Bennett, Gene 181 225 Bennett, Rhonda 1121 113, 155 Bennett, Steve 1111 86, 125, 181 Benwa y, Rex 1e1 117, 225 Born, Larry 171 119, 235 Borror, John 1121 156 Bosley, Vicki 181 117, 225 Boudreaux, Yvonne 171 235 Bougher, Virginia 1121 47, 84, 109, 156 Bowden, Katherine 1121 156 Bowen, Fill 1121 125, 133, 156 Bowen, Nancy 1121 75, 78, 80, 84, 88, 156, 171 Bowen, Scott 1101 80, 115, 128 Bowen, Susan 1101 85, 88, 96, 198 Bowers, Walt 171 119, 235 Bowden, Nathan 171 235 Bowden, Robin 171 116, 235 Bowden, Yvonne 181 225 Bowling, 13111 171 235 Bowman, Allen 181 225 Boyd, Austin 191 99, 117, 213 Boyd, Greg 191 213 Boyd, Janice 171 235 Boyd, John 171 235 Boyd, Sandra 1121 156 Boyer, Bill 171 117, 234, 235 Boy's Glee Club, Junior High lI7 Bradley, Anne 181 97, 107, 225 Bradley, Betsy 171 107, 236 Bradley, Jeff 1101 198 Bradley, Paula 1121 156 Bradshaw, Pamela 1101 84, 88, 98, 115, 198 Brady, Bonnie 1111 115, 181 Brady, Michael 1101 128, 134, 198 Brady, Mike 1121 156 Brashear, Renee 1111 91, 109, 181 Brassfield, Dan 1121 156 Braunlich, Anita 1101 84, 198 Bray, Diane 171 236 Bray, Michael 181 225 Brazlnsky, Judy 1Fac.1 24, 85 Breck, Bob 1111 II2, 181 Breeding, Mike 1121 156 Bresin, Terry 181 117, 225 Brett, Jack 191 213 Brewer, Laura 1121 156 Brewer, Michael 1101 198 Buller, Wayne 1101 134, 199 Bullinger, Susan 1101 115, 199 Bunch, Jerry 11201 41, 156 Bundy, Dennis 1101 199 Bunyard, Mike 191 214 Bunyard, Paula 1121 67, 113, 156 Burch, Richard 1Fac.1 30 Burcham, Joe 171 119, 234, 236 Burdick, Sheryl 1101 84, 199 Burg, Mike 1121 5, 46, 68, 74, 80, 153, 156 Burgess, Lynn 1121 156 Burgher, Breniss 1101 85, 199 Burgher, Burr 181 117 Burke, Tom 191 100, 214 Burke, Byron 1111 182 Burke, Pat 1121 157 Burke, Theresa 1111 182 Burket, Barbara 1Fac.1 4, 26, 90 Burma, Debbie 171 119, 236 Burn, Don 1111 138, 139, 182 Burn, Kay 171 116, 236 Burns, Ann 171 236 Burns, Bill 1101 133, 199 Burns, Cindy 1121 157 Burns, Sharon 171 236 Burns, Steve 1111 182 Burris, Charles 1101 139, 199 Burroughs, Kay 181 93 Burton, Chris 191 93, 214 Bush, Laurie 1101 113, 199 Bush, Mike 181 225 Bush, T eresa 191 214 Butcher, Doug 191 214 Butcher, Betsy 181 225 Butcher, Mac 171 236 B t Janet 1111 113, 182 u er, Butler, Joan 1111 182 Butler, Liz 171 116,236 Butler, Marllyn 181 225 Butler, Martha 11.01 199 Butler, Peggy 191 92, 94, 104, 107, 212, 214 anne, John 1Fac.1 24, 152, 153 Byars, Jane Ann 191 116, 117,214 Byers, Jim 171 118, 236 Byrd, Diana 1101 67, 113, 199 Byrd, J anet 1121 157 Byrne, Jim 1111 182 Byrne, John 181 225 Byrne, C Cadenhead, Jody 171 107, 236 Cadenhead, Rob 1121 157 Cadman, Dan CII1 l82 Cahen, Alan CIO1 I99 Cahill, Donna CII1 l82 Cahill, Donnie C71 99, 236 Calhoun, Doug CI21 IS7 Caldwell, Melinda CI21 80, 98, IO3, l57 Callahan, Dave CII1 I82 Callahan, Richard C91 2l4 Calverf, Hal C71 236 Camblin, Ken CIZ14, I57 Cameron, Claud C81 28, IIB, 226 Cameron, Dan CI21 IS7 Cameron, Nancy C81 ll8, 226 Campbell, Chris CIO1 I34, I99 Campbell, Philip C9192,97,2I4 Campbell, Scoff C91 2l4 Campbell, Thomas CIO1 l2B, I34, I99 Campbell, Wayne CIO1 I99 Campfield, Karen C91 2l4 Campfield, Kafhy C91 94, 2l4 Canfield, Shirley CAdm.1 23 Cannady, Mary CIO1 ll5, I99 Canoy, Mickey CID1 128, I99 Canfrell, Peggy CI21 42, 43, 45, 80, B5, 90, 98, IOB, IS7 Capeharf, Carolyn CIO1 l08, IIS, I99 Cariker, Jacky CB1 93, 226 Cariker, Kerry CIO1 84, I99 Carley, Cindy CIO1 I99 Carley, Judy CI21 IS7 Carlisle, Dana CIO1 85, IIS, I99 Carlisle, Jennifer C71 II9, 236 Carlow, Jack CI21 IS7 Carlson, Jac C71 IIB, 236 Coe, Mary Anne CII1 84, IO6, l82 Coffman, Kafhy CI01 200 Cohea, Becky CII1 l82 Cohen, Danny C71 236 Cohen, Gershon CII1 l82 Cohen, Joel CII1 I82 Cohen, Nancy CII1 9l, l82 Cohen, Randy CII1 l02, l82 Cohen, Sfeve CII1 I09, l82 Cohn, Susan CIO1 200 Coker, Gay C81 II6, 226 Coker, Gregg C91 2l5 Cole, Marfha CFac.1 24 Coleman, Cafhy CIO1 I96, 200 n ri Colema , P s C91 95, 2l5 Coleman, Ronnie C71 236 Collier, Janef C81 226 Collins, Colleen CIO1 II3, 200 Collins, Gary C81 9l, 226 Collins, George CFac.1 3l Collins, Mike CIO1 ll2, II3, 200 Collins, Roberf CIO1 200 Colpiff, Francie CIO1 IO4, 200 Colvin, Carol CIO1 84, 98, I96, 200 Colvin, Keifh C91 2l5 Colvin, Sfeve C81 226 Coman, Carl C81 226 Coman, Doug C71 236 Combs, Debbie CII1 BB, 90, l82 Conard, Sfeve CII1 I25, IB3, I9I Concerf Band IIB Concerf Orchesfra II3 Concert Chorus II4 Conine, Connie CIO1 200 Carroll, Carlson, Jane CIO1 I99 Carlson, Judy CII1 l82 Carnes, Dennis C91 2l4 Carnes, Susie C71 II6, 236 Carney, Helen CFac.1 27, IO6 Caron, Miriam CIO1 I99 Cafhy CI21 84, 9l, l57 Conine, Kafhy CI21 IS8 Conn, Marfy CIO1 IIS, 200 Connely, Richard C71 II7 Conner, Janef C71 236 Conners, William CFac.1 28 Connole, Bill C91 2l5 Consfanfine, Bob CI21 IS8 Carroll, Jeff C91 2l4 Carson, David C91 2l4 Carson, Jim CII1 IOI, l82 Carfer, Befh C71 236 Carfer, Chris CI21 48, 97, IOI, IS7, I77 Carfer, Debra C91 94, IO7, 2l4 Carfer, Jenny C91 2l4 Carfer, Rick CIO1 I99 Carter, Tammy C71 II9, 236 Carwile, David C81 226 Carwile, Linda CII1 l82 Casey, Wendell CFac.1 30, 80 Cash, Mary CIO1 199 Cash, Pam C81 92, II6, 226 Cash, Sfeve CII1 l82 Cafes, Caren CI21 46, I57 Cafes, Laurel CI21 l57 Cafes, Marc CIO1 l28, I34, I99 Cafhcarf, Beverly CIO1 I99 Cafhey, Dianne C91 94, 97, 2l4 Cafhey, Joan C81 II6, 226 Chalmers, Sfeve CI21 I33, I57 Chambers, Evelyn CAdm.1 23 Chambers, Kevin C81 II9, 226 Chandler, Cris CI21 4, 69, 78, 88, IO6, IS8 Chapman, Richard CFac.1 36, l25 Chase, Linda C91 2l4 Chase, Peggy CIO1 I99 Chaslain, Kennefha CI21 l58 Chavers, Claudia SIZ1 88, ISB Cheafam, Paffy CB 99, II6, 226 Cheafham, Sherry CIO1 I99 Cheek, Mary C91 95, 2l4 Chelsea, Pam CI21 l58 Cherry, Ron CI21 ISB Childs, Mary CFac.1 27 Clouse, Pafricia C91 2l4 Christian, Randy CII1 I46, I47, I82 Chrisfman, Brian C71 236 Chrisfman, Sherwood CI21 II3, ISB Chronic, Janeen C81 II6, 226 Church, Mike C91 97, 2l4 Claiborne, Cindy C71 II6, 236 Conway , Becky C91 94, II7, 2l5 Conway, Becky C7 236 Conway, Cafhy CI21 l58 Conway, Wayne C81 IIB, 226 Conway, Mark C71 236 Conway , Rob C71 97, II9, 236 Cook, Dan C71 236 Cook, Don CI21 ISB Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Coover, Cafhy C91 2l5 Chrisfie CIO1 200 Peggy C71 236 Gary C81 92, 226 Cope, Roberf CFac.1 30 Copenhaver, Donna CI21 80, lS8 Copes, Corbiff, Corgill, Corgill, Cornell, Cornell, Coffier, Coffier, Coffrell . Coulson, Coulson, Coulfer, Fred CII1 I83 Carol C71 236 SaLYrl"l1i5" 215 IC , Ann C91 II6, II7, 2l5 Sue C91 ll6, II7, 2l5 Anifa CII1 84, 98, IIS, I83 Rachel C71 II6, 236 Karen CI21 ISB Becky CIO1 200 Bill CII1 I83 Sfeve CII1 I83 Covingfon, Chris S81 IIB, 226 Cowell, Cowell, Cox Bil Ronald iv 215 vsierie C71 236 1 C81 226 caxl Douglas C101 97, 101, 200 Cox, Sh arie C71 236 Cox, Richard CFac.1 I9, 98 Crager, Joan CIl184, I83 Craig, Cheryl CI21 84, IS8 Craig, Forresf CII1 lO8, I83 Craig, Linda CII1 I83 Craig, Mike C71 236 Crandall, Ross CIO1 200 Crandal I, Susan CII1 I83 Crawford, David CI21 I3, 80, 90, II4, IS3, l58 Crawford, Don CI21 I58 Crawford, Michael C91 2l5 87 l58 Clark' Clancy, Terry C71 236 Clapp, Julie CIO1 I99 Clark, Amy CII1 I82 Clark, Anne C91 2l4 Clark, Charlene CFac.1 I9 Clark, Connie CI21 97, l0l, I58 Clark, Dean C91 2l4 Clark, Diane CII1 l82 Clark, Les CIO1 96, I99 Clark, Nancy CIO1 84, I99 Clark, Roberl' C71 236 Clark, Sharon CIO1 200 Clark, Sfephen C91 2l4 Clark Sfephen C71 236 Suzie CIO1 200 Clarke, Cheryl CII1 as, aa, 1s2 Claxfon, Mike CII1 l82 Clemenfs, Jeana CIO1 85, 200 Clements, Kim C81 101, 226 Clemenfs, Marcy C91 2l4, IO7 Clemenfs, Maureen CIO1 88, 200 Cleveland, Lewis CAdm.1 I6, I7 Cliffon, Becky CIO1 200 Cliffon, Becky CIO1 200 Cline, Mike CI21 l58 Cline, Terry CII1 I82 Clore, Linda CI21 ISB Clyburn, Linda CII1 IIS, 182 Cobb, Linda C91 94, IO7, II7, 2l5 Cobb, Par CII1 182 Cobb, Vicfor CI21 I58 Cochran, Kim CIO1 200 Cochrane, Mark C71 236 cacireii, David C121 49, 71, 74, 152, 153. ISB Cockrell, Laurie CIO1 78, I09, 200 Coe, Janie C81 226 Crehore, Jan C71 II6, 236 Crews, Doug CIO1 l39, 200 Crisp, Marvin CIO1 l28, 200 Criflinden, Dave CI21 l58 Crofford, Terry CIO1 200 Cronk, Don C81 226 Cronk, Kaye CI21 84, IS3, I5B Cronk Ken C91 2l5 crankf Mania 1121 9, sa, 67, 7a, so, 84, Crouch, Paf CI21 l58 Crow, Thogas C92lg:585 200 Crowder, aro . Crowell, David CFac.1 26, 4l, 54, 90, 9I Crowdus, Janice CII1 I83 Callinan, Kafhy CIO1 I96, 200 Curfis, Gary CII1 I83 Curfis, Kenl' CII1 I33, I83 Cushing, John CII1 II3. I83 Cyrus, Mike C71 II9, 236 D Dalby, And C81 I5 Dalby, Randy CIO1 200 Dale, Frank C71 236 Dale, Kirk CII1 l25, l38, I83 Dale, Sfevie CI21 9, 7I, 80, 8I, 85, 88, 90, l52, IS3, IS8 Dalfon, Karen CII1 I83 Daman, Debbie C71 236 Daniel, Diane CI21 158 Daniel, Sam C912l5 Danner, Dan C91 92, IOO, 2l5 Davidson, DeeDee CII1 I83 Davidson, Donna, CI21 IS8 Davidson, Mike CIO1 200 Davidson, Paf CI21 9l, l58 Davidson, Paf CIO1 9l, 200 Davidson, Scoff CII1 II4, I83 Davidson, Val CI21 IS9 Davis, Barbara CI21 l59 Davis, Bill Cl219l, IS9 Davis, Brenda CIO1 IIS, 20l Davis, Bufch CII1 I83 Davis, Freddy CIO1 90, 96, 20l Davis, Gayla CI21 IIS, IS9 Davis, Glenda C81 226 Davis, Hannah C81 II7 Davis, Joyce CI21 l59 Davis, Karen C91 2l5 Davis, Larry CII1 IB3 Davis, Larry CIO1 20l Davis, Linda CIO1 IIS, 20l Davis, Maff C71 97, 237 Davis, Rick C81 226 Davis, Terry C91 2l5 Davis, Tim C81 92, 226 Davis, Valerie C81 IO7, 226 Dawson, Mary Ann C91 2l5 Day, Chris C81 226 Day, Jenny CI21 84, 97, 98, IOI, IO9, l59 Day, Mike C81 226 Deal, Rebecca C81 II7, 226 Dean, Vivian CII1 IIS, I83 Deardeuff, Pam CI21 l59 Deafherage, Kafhy CI21 IS9 Deafherage, Susie Janef C91 2l5 Deafon, Marleah C71 237 Debock, Marcia C91 92, 2l5 Debock, Susan CIO1 IO4, 20l Deck, Ginny C71 237 De Falco, Ricky C71 237 DeFalco, Toni CII1 90, I83 Degen, Mallory C71 97, 237 Deisenrofh, Mary CII1 84, IO9, I83 Deisenrofh, Oak C71 237 Delarzelere, Becky CIO1 20l Delarzelere, Frankie C91 I04, 2l5 Delaffe, Philip CIO1 20l Delay, Befhel CFac.1 24 Delk, Denny CI21 55, 78, IS9 Dellinger, Becky C91 2l5 Dellinger, Thomas CI21 IS9 DeMerriH, Befh CI21 II3, IS9 DeMerriff, Ginny CIO1 II3, 201 DeMinf, Janef C91 99, IO4, 2l5 Dempsey, Brian CIO1 l30, 20l Dempsey, Laura CI21 84, 90, IO6, IS9 Dempsey, Lizbefh C71 237 Denham, Dan C91 IOO, IIB, 2l5 Denham, Gayle CI21 IS9 Denney, Anne C91 2l5 Denney, Mary CI21 l59 Dennison, Dana C81 II9, 226 Denfon, Melinda CIO1 20I Duepree, Diane CII1 66, I83 Diaz, Priscilla CII1 I83 Dick, Marianne CIO1 20I Dick, Paffy C81 ll8, 226 Dickason, Nancy CFac.1 24 Dickerson, Lynda CI21 II3, I59 Dicus, Debra C91 2l5 Dies, Karyn CI21 l59 Digges, Jeff CIO1 9l, I34, 20l Digges, Joe CI21 l59 Dillman, Bob CI21 IS9 Dillman, Carol C71 II6, 237 Dillon, Dixie CIO1 20l Dimif, Diane CI21 9, 78, 85, IO6, l59 Disch, Linda C9192, IO7, IIB, 2l4, 2l5 Disney, Bob C71 237 Disney, Mary C91 95, IO7, 2l5 Disney, Scofl' CIO1 IIS, l28, I39, 20l Doak, Jan C91 99, 2l5 Doak, Jim CI21 l59 Dobelbower, Jack CFac.1 28, 52 Dobson, Rock C91 2l5 Dobson, Ronnie CIO1 20I Dodge, Cindy CIO1 20I Dollins, Dinah CI21 IS9 Donahue, Sandra CFac.1 26 Donovan, Joy C71 99, 237 Donovan, Jim CI21 I59 Dooley, Chris C71 237 Dopp, Gwen CIO1 85, I09, 20l Dorris, Jim CI21 l59 Dormire, Charloffe CFac.1 32 Dorseff, David C91 99, IOO, 2l5 Dossey, Janie CI21 IS9, I76 Dossey, Susan CIO1 20l Dow, Bob C71 237 Drafz, Beffy CFac.1 23 Drafz, Mary CII1 lO8, I83 Drew, Carla CI21 IS9 Drew Drew ,John CI21 IS9 Roberf C91 2l5 Drewk, chris C71 237 Drews, Nancy C91 2l5 Driver, Melvin CFac.1 28 Droke, Gaye CIO1 BS, 88, IO9, 20I Duffee, Bruce C81 226 Duke, David C81 226 Duke, Pam CII1 I83 Dumas, Duncan Duncan Duncan Mary CII1 I83 Bill CIO1 20l Jimmy C71 237 Marc C71 237 Margaref CI01 85, 96, lI5, Duncan Duncan Phillip CI21 IS9 Duncan, Terri C91 IO7, 2l5 Dundee, Shirley CIO1 20I Dunilz, Elise C81 226 Dunn, Terry C91 II6, II7, 2l5 Dunfon, DuPree, Dana C91 94, 2l5 Beverly CI21 l59 Dye, Larry C121 iso Dyson, Carol CII1 IB3 E Eagan, Susie CII1 IB3 Earl, Cafharine CFac.1 32 Easley, Pamela CIO1 IIS, 20I Eden, Mary CIO1 20l Edens, Jan C81 I3, 226 Edmark, DaveESlI1 IIS, IB3 Edmonds, Can y C81 92, II6 Edmondson, Tafe CI21 l60 Edwards, Barry CII1 I83 Edwards, David CFac.1 32 Edwards, David C71 237 Edwards, Susie CFac.1 24 Edwards, Valerie C81 II6, 226 Egan, Cafhy CI21 l60 Egan, Lynn CII1 I83 Eisen, Nancy C81 226 Eley, Neal C81 226 Eley, Sfephanie CIO1 57, 66, 86, 20l Eliof, Dory C81 92, 227 Elkingfon, Roger C71 237 Eller, Don C91 II7, 2l5 Eller, Phil CII1 80, Bl, I46, I83 Ellingfon, Lisa C91 95, 2l5 Ellingfon, Ryan C71 IIB, 237 Ellingfon, Sfeve C81 IIB, 227 Elliof, Jeri Jo C91 II7, 2l5 Elliof, Paula C91 92, 2l5 Ellioff, Bill U22 l60 Ellioff, Danny I01 20l Ellioff, Frances CAdm.1 23 Ellioff, Janef Laurie CIO1 20l Ellis, Mark CIO1 ll5, 20l Elmore, Jay CI21 lI2, II3, l60 Emery, Jim C81 227 Emery, Kris C81 227 Emery, Linda C91 93, 95, 2l5 Emmons, Barr CII1 I83 Engle, Anila C191 94, 2l5 Enlow, Elizabefh C81 227 Enlow, John CII1 l39, I83 Enlow, Tom S81 227 Enferline,WiI iam Mark C91 IIB, 2l5 Erni, Mary CI21 56, 57, 78, 80, 86, IO6, IS3, l60 Ervin, Debi CII1 II4, I83 Ervin, Gregory CIO1 Ervin, Sfeve C81 227 Eskridge, Walfer CII1 IIS, I84 Esllill, Sally CIO1 106, 201 Esfus, Jim C71 II9, 237 Esfus, Michael Lewis C91 IIB, ZIS Eubanks, Sfeve CII1 86, I30, I84 Eubanks, Wendy IIO1 20I Evans, Pam C81 227 Evans, Richard C71 237 Evans, Teresa CIO1 I96, 20l Ewing, Sylvia CIO1 II3, 20l Exon, Nancy CII1 I84 F Fabes, Keifh C81 74, II7, 227 Fabes, Rhonda C71 97, 237 Fabes, Ricky C81 227 Fadem, Bruce CII1 l02, I84 Fadem, Lloyd CII1 IC2, I84 Fair, Jim CI21 l60 Fairbairn, Joe C81 II7, 227 Fanning, Jeff CII1 l33, IB-I Fanning, Linda C71237 Fanning, Mike C91 IOO, 2l5 Farish, Karen C71 II9, 237 Farish, Kenf C81 II9, 227 Farley, David C81 227 Farmer, Becki CII1 96, IIS, I84 Farmer, Cyndi C8 II9, 227 Farmer, Mike CIO II3, 20l Farrar, Gary C71 237 Farrar, Gary C81 227 Farrar, Gus CIO1 I96, 20I Farrar, Suzan CIO1 BS, 20l Farrell, Diane CI21 l60 Farren, Mary Ann C71 237 F12-gs, Bob CI21 ll, 80, 86, l2S, IS3, l60 Farris, Fred C81 227 Fasf, Debby CI21 l60 Fasf, Marfha CFac.1 24 Fasf, Susie C71 237 Faulkinbury, Jean CFac.1 32 Fauff, Sherr C71 237 FGXOU. Elisabefh Crocker C91 II7, 2l5 Faxon, Marcy CII1 I84 Fay, Randy C91 IIB, 2l5 Feafhersfon, John CIO1 20I Fehr, Calhy CI21 88, l60 Feilding, Allan CII1 I84 Feldmann, Jim CII1 I84 Feldmann, Mary 91 93, 95, 97, I04, 2l5 Fellers, Gwen CII' I84 Felfon, Kirk CI21 ll2, II3 Felfon, Mark C9 2l6 Felfs, Brion CIO1 IIS, 20l Felfs, Cafhy C71 II6, 237 Felfs, Georganna C81 II6, 227 Felfs, Meredifh CII1 85, IO6, IB4 Fensfer, David CIO1 20l Fensfer, George CI21 I2S, l60 Fenster, Gerald C81 227 Fensfer, Laura CIO1 201 Fergus, Linda CI21 l60 Ferguson, John CII1 I84 Ferneau, Breff C81 227 Ferrell, Karen C91 2l6 Ferrell, Linda CII1 I84 Ferris, Craig C71 237 Ferris, Miriam C81 227 Fholer, Deborah CIO1 20l Fiddler, Bill C91 2l6 Heller, Ca I63 Fielding, Allan 1lI1 I84 Fielding, Eric 171 237 Fielding, Janet 1I01 20l Fields, Robert 181 227 Fields, Susan 1l01 20l Fillio, Cory 1II1 l84 Findley, Carol 171 238 Findley, Glenda 1l01 20l Findley, Kathy 181 II6, 227 Findley, Kim 1101 20l Flrsf, Bob 1l21 I9, I60 Fischbein, Debbie 171 238 Fischbein, Nina 1l21 I60 Fisher , Barbara 1l21 I53, I60 Fisher, Danni 181 227 Fisher, David 1ll1 l84 Fisher, Errick 1ll1 I25, I39, IB4 Fisher, Kathy 1I01 200, 20l Fisher, Lynn 181 II7, 227 Fisher, Nancy Ann 1I01 96, 20l Fisher, Robert 1l21 I60 I06, I60 Ginger 1ll1 I86 Fitfs, Bev 1l01 IIS, 20l Fitzpatrick, Charles 1l01 I34, 20l Fifzsimons, Annette 1l01 20l Fleming, Joe 1l21 I2, 69, 80, 86, 9l, I25, l46, I53, I60 Fleming, Paul 1l21 I25, I60 Pihl, Bob 1lI1 II3, l,a4 Flint, Charles 1lI1 l84 Flint, Jean 191 II7, 2I6 Fliopo, Paul 1101 20l Floyd, David 1I01 20l Floyd, Mark 181 92, 227 Floyd, Shelley 1l21 a, sz, sa, 74, 79, Fogle, Lynn 181 II6, 227 Folster, Alice 1ll1 I84 Foltz, Leslie 171 238 Force, Laura 1Il1 85, I84 Force, Valerie 171 238 Force, Ward 191 2l6 Ford, Barbara 1l01 20l Ford, Janet 1l21 I60 Ford, JoAnne 191 93, 94, 2I6 Ford. Lee 1I01 II3, 20l Ford, Vicki 171 II6, 238 Garrison, Pam 1l01 202 Gasnier, Robert 1l21 lI2, l6I Gasperino, Janice 171 II6, 238 Gasperino, Joyce 171 II6, 238 Gasperino, Linda 1Il1 I85 Gass, Ronnie 1ll1 IB4 Gassaway, Cindy 1II1 IIS, I85 Gasser, Carol 1l21 40, 4I, 96, I6I Gayle, Linda 191 2l0 Geffen, Howard 191 IO8, 2l6 Gelwick, Marsha 1Il1 66, 84, I78, I79, I85 Genet, Lise 1l01 202 George, Lorena 1Adm.1 23 George, Mark 171 238 Gerard, Walter 1Fac.1 32, 92 Ghan, Margaret 1l21 l6I Gibbon, Jim 181 99, 227 Gibbon, Linda 1l21 80, l6l Gibson, Mike 1ll1 I85 Glesecke, Robert 1l21 II3, l6'I Gilbert, Keith 181227 Gilbert, Pat1ll1 I85 Gilchrist, Debbie 1l21 l6l Gilder, Norman 181 227 Gile, Karen 1II1 II3, I85 Gilliam, Greg 1l21 I6l Gilliat, Elaine 171 238 Gilliat, Laurie Leah 191 2l6 Gilliland, Pat 1l21 I62 Gillispie, Jeff 191 2l6 Gillispie, Paul 171 238 Gilmore, Denny 171 92, 238 Gilmore, Richard 1l01 II3, 202 Gimlin, Curtis 1ll1 90, 98, IO8, I85 Groves, Tom 181 II7, 228 Grubb, Alice 171 97, II6, 238 Grubb, Allen 171 II7, 234, 238 Grubb, Donna 1II1 84, 88, I85 Gruhn, Alice 1I01 202 Gruhn, Linda 1l21 I62 Guard, Mike 1912l6 Guess, Bobby 1Fac.1 28 Gunte Gunte r, Brian Wayne 1l21 I62 r, Rod 1Il1 I85 Guthrie, Jim 181 228 Hawkins, Russell 171 II9, 238 Hawley, David 191 l88, 2l6 Hawley, Mark 171 238 Hay, Clark 1l01 203 Hayden, Phil 1l21 98, I63 Hayes, Marsha 181 lI8, 228 Haynes, John 1Fac.1 33 Heap, Alan 1I01 I28, 203 Heath, Roger 191 2l6 Hefley, Linda 1Fac.1 37, B4 Heidinger, Rick 1ll1 86, I86 Gwarfney, Barbara 1lI1 85, I85 Gwartney, Joe 1I01 202 Gymnastics Club IOS H Hagan, Randy 1l21 IIS, I62 Hager, Bob 171 II9, 238 Hager, Jim 181 43, 228 Hager, Pam 1l21 I62 Hagerdon, Theresa 1l01 202 Hale, Gary 1l01 202 Hale, Phyllis 1l21 ll5, I62 Hale, Vivian 191 94, II9, 2l6 Hale, Wendy 1:21 47, 94, lol, I62 Haley, Mike 1Il185 rolyn 1l21 9, 78, ao, 84, I09, Heller, Cathy 1l21 70, 80, 84, 88, 90, l52 IS3, I63 Heller, Ginger 1l01 78, I96, I97, 203 Helger, Jeanne 1l21 8, 67, Bl, 88, I53, Helling, Nancy 1II1 IIS Helm, Judy 1l21 84, 88, 96, 97, I63 Helscel, Dorothy 181 228 Gimlin, Steve 191 ZI6 Girls' Chorus, Junior High II6 Girls' Ensemble, Junior High II6 Glrls' Glee Club, Junior High II7 Fornell, Suzanne 1ll1 85, 88, I84 Forrest, John 1Il1 I84 Forsten, Sandy 1l01 20l Foster, Mona 181 II9, 227 Foster, Rhinda 171 238 Foster, Roxy 1II1 9I, I84 Fowler, Ken 1l21 I60 Girls' Glee Club, Senior High II5 Gladfelter, Louis 171 II9, 238 Gladson, Jayne 1lI1 I85 Glazer, Ann Dee 1l01 78, IIS, 202 Glazer, Kim 171 II6, 238 Gleason, Diane 171 II6, 238 Glenn, George 171 II7, 238 Glenn, Jo 1Il185, I85 Glenn, Julie 1l01 IIS, 202 Glenn, Sammye 1I01 202 Glidden, D'Anne 1ll1 I85 Glossop, Don 181 227 Glossop, Louanne 171 92, 238 Glover, Billye 1Fac.1 35 Hall, Hall Pat cap 22a David 1Il1 las Hall, Debra 1I01 202 Hall, Gordon 1l21 I62 Hall, Grant 1II1 80, 86, I85 Hall, Helen 1I01 85, II3, 202 l-lell, Laura 1l I1 I85 Hall Linda 181 II7, 228 Hall, Hall Mary 191 2I6 Ray 1l21 I62 Hall, Regan 181 II7, 228 Hall lziehefd 1l21 liz Hall, Sandra 1I01 85,202 Hall, Steve 1l21 I62 Hall, Steve M. 1l21 I62 Hall, Tracy 1l01 202 Hall, Tracey Anne 191 2I6 Halladay, Anita 1l21 I62 Hembree, Pat 1ll1 I86 Hembree, Sharon 181 228 Henbest, Jon 1l01 203 Henderson, Berry 191 9I, 2l6 Henderson, Bill 1l21 I63 Henderson, Holly 1lI1 88, I09, I86 Henderson, Susie 1II19l, I86 Hendrickson, Leslie 1l21 4I, I63 Hendrickson, Nancy 1lI1 I86 Hendrix, Jeffery 1l01 203 Hendrix, Jimmy 191 2l6 Hendrix, John 1ll1 I86 Hendrix, Mary 191 2I6 Hendryx, Henry, Gary 191 2l6 Henry, Pat 1II1 I86 Henry, Pat 181 I07, II7, 228 Henry, Rene 1l21 I63 Hallum, Doyle 1Fac.1 32 Hallman, Patti 191 95, 216 Hem, Cindy 181 II6, 228 Hamilton, Linda 1l21 I62 Hamilton, Mark 1ll1 I85 Hamilton, Scott 181 228 Hamlin, Brenda 181 228 rex, Beth my 2l6 idx, gathy 1331 la-1 ox. l e Il7,227 Fox, shieefri hu IO6, le4 '51 '60 Hill: Doug Ma Fox, Robert ,581 93, 227 Francis, Ran y 171 238 Francis, Sherry 1l01 20l Francis, Stace 181 227 Goad, Claudia 1lI1 84, I85 Goines, Debbie 171 238 Goldberg, Barbara 171 238 Goldberg, Steve 1l01 86, I25, I28, I46, Hamm, Diana 1I01 IO9, 202 Hammond, Debbie 1Il1 I85 Hammond, James 1lI1 9l, IBS Hammond, Marilyn 191 92, I04, 2I6 Henry, Suzy 1lI1 56, 57, 60, IO6, I86 Henshaw, Blaine 191 93, 2I6 Henshaw, Todd 1ll1 53, I86 Hensley, David 191 IO0, 2I6 Hensley, Kathy 171 II6, 237, 238 Hensley, Nancy 1Il1 I86 Hensley, Randy 1Il1 I86 Hentz, Henry 1lI1 I86 Herndon, Charles 1Fac.1 35 Hettinger, Cathy 181 I07, 228 Hettinger, Elizabeth 191 94, 2l6 Hiatt, Deborah 1l01 203 Hiatt, Greg 191.2I6 Hibbs, Frank 1Il1 I86 Hicks, Mary Anne 1l21 84, IO6, I63 Hickerson, Melinda 181 II7, 22B Hickerson, Steve 1ll1 IIS, I86 Hidy, Karen 181 228 Francy, Kent 1l21 62, 63, 68, 78, 80, 152, Francy, Kris 1l01 I96, 203 Frank, Bonnie 1l21 I60 Frank, Dolores 1Adm.1 23 Franklin, Franklin, Franklin, Franklin, Frawley, Frawley, Becky 1l01 202 Beth 181 II7, 227 Craig 1l21 I60 Gayle 191 II6, II7, 2I6 David 181 227 Linda 1ll1 l84 Freeman, Carol 1Il1 I84 Freeman, Bill 1I01 I28, 202 Fredenberger, Jane 1l21 56, 57, 68, 78, 86, IO6, I53, I60 Frederick, Charles 1l21 I60 Frederick, David 1l21 l6I Frederick, Earl Richard 191 2l6 Frederick Paula 1lI1 46, l84 French club, uuhier l-lighi I07 202 Goldish, David 1l21 46 Gooch, Cherri 1l21 I62 Goodnight, Kathy 1l21 I62 Goodpastor, Julie 1I01 IO9, 202 Goode, Darrell 1Fac.1 26 Hammond, Phil 1l21 68, 78, 80, I62 Hammond, Rusty 181 228 Hammond, Vickie 191 95, 2l6 Hammonds, Sara Jo 191 94, I07, 2l6 Higgins, Joannie 1l01 203 Higgins, Steve 171 238 Highfill, Renee 171 238 Hill Carolyn 1Fac.1 25 Hampton, Donna 1II196, I85 Hampton, Jan 1l01 IIS, 202 Gore, Megan 1l21 I62 Gorman, Donnie Jo 191 II6, II7, 2I6 Gormon, Kathy 181 II6, 227 Gorrell, Chuck 181 227 Gorsuch, Debbie 1I01 202 Gotcher, Lynn 1I01 202 Gowans, Gowart, Grabel, Graf, Vi Mary 1I01 202 Trudy 1I01 202 Sally 171 238 cki 1l21 BO, 90, I06, I62 Graff, George 1I01 IZ8, I39, 202 Graham, Bill 1l21 I62 Graham, Bruce 1ll1 I85 Graham, Marie 1l21 I62 Graham, Mark 181 92,227 Graham, Mark 171 II7, 238 Graham, Randy 1lI1 80, 86, I25, I46, IBS Graham, Vaughn 1l01 l28, I96, 202 Grant, Buzz 181 II9, 227 Hamra, Joey 1912I6 l-lill' cefelyh J. 191 II7, 2I6 1l21 86, I63 rgaret 1Fac.1 37 Hancock, Terri 171 238 Haney, Jacque 191 II6, II7, 2I6 Hanks, Joan 191 2l6 Hanley, Phil 181 228 Hannis, David 1lI1 l38, I85 Hannis, Luanne 191 95, 2l6 Hansel, Carol 1l01 85, IIS, 202 Hanson, Anita 1l21 II3, I62 Hill, Hill, Paul 1l01 II3, 203 Hill, Susan 1l21 42, 43, 44, I53, I63 Hillman, James 1I01 203 Hilsabeck, Connie 181 II7, 228 Hilsabeck, Michael 1IO1 I39, 203 Hilsabeck, Robyn 171 II6, 238 Hilst, Leslie 181 97, II7, 228 Hilton, Cyndi 1l21 I63 French Club, 1Senior High1 IO6 French, Margaret 1lO1 202 French, Vicki 1lO1 202 Grant, Cyndy 1l01 I96, 202 Graves, David 181 227 Harris Friedman, Ellen 1I01 57, 78, 85, 20 Frles, Margaret 171 99, 238 Frisbie, Mary 1I01 85, IO3, 202 Froese, Steve 1II1 I84 Froning, Don 1ll1 l02, l84 Froning, Paul 181 92, 227 Frost, Marian 1I01 85, IIS, 202 Frost, Tonya 1l21 84, II3, l6l Fullen, Richard 1l01 202 Fulton, Fred 1Il1 I84 Future Teachers of America I03 G Gabriel, Nancy 1l01 202 Gabriel, Susan 1lI1 I84 Gaines, Rick 1II1 IO8, IIS, l84 Gallimore, Cyndy 1I01 84, 202 2 Graves, Gray, Bi Jehh Geffen noi 7a, lzs, 202 II 1l01 202 Gray, Jan 181 227 Gray, Kathy 181 II6, 227 Gray, Randy 1I01 I34, 202 Gray, Steve 171 238 Grayson, Kathy 181 99, 227 Hara, Susan 1I01 I96, 202 Harber, Rick 181 228 Harbison, Pat 1l01 202 Hardin, Kevin 1l01 202 Hardison, Judith 1l21 I62 Hardison, Mike 171 238 Hardy, Dwight 181 228 Hardy, Janet 1l21 80, I62 Hargis, Billy 181 II7, 228 Harlow, Don 1l21 I63 Harn, Nancy 1l21 l02, I63 Harnden, Dale 1I01 202 Harnden, Nancy 1Il1 47, I85 Harper, Lorri 171 238 Harrigill, Brenda 181 228 Harrigil, Richard 1Il1 I85 Harrill, Susan 181 IIO, 228 Harrington, Randy 191 I04, 2I6 Hiltz, Ahh 1l01 as, II3, 203 l-liheh, Bill 171 238 Hinckle, Hinson, Hinton, Hladky, Hladky, Marianne 1l01 203 Tonya 181 228 Judy 1Il1 88, l03, IO9, I86 Diedre 1l21 I63 Peter 1l01 II3, 203 Hoar, Kathie 1l21 6, 84, I63 Hobbs, Janine 1I01 203 Hocker, Leslie 171 238 Hocking, Larry 171 92, II7, 234, 238 Hocking, Sandy 181 II6, 228 Hocking Hodges, Hoebel, , Sherry 191 94, I07, 2l6 Nelson 181 228 Kitty 1lI1 I86 Hofener, Sheryl 181 228 Hofener, Steve 181 II7, 228 Hofer, Opal 1Fac.1 25 Green, Jan 1II185, IIS, I85 Green, Jeana 1I01 202 Green, Karen 181 II7, 227 Green, Linda Ann 1I01 202 Green, Marilyn 181 II9, 227 Green, Robin 171 238 Green, Susan 1I01 202 Green Green , Teresa 1l01 202 e, Gary 1II1 IOI, II3, I85 Galloway, Bob 181 25, 227 Galloway, Jolene 1l01 96, I03, 202 Greenstreet, Bob 191 2l6 Greenstreet, Lisa 171 II6, 238 Greenwood, Jody 171 238 Greenwood Sharon 1lI1 II3, I85 Harris Carolyn 1Fac.1 24 Harris Harris , Charles 181 228 , Chas 171 238 Harris, Chris 171 238 Harris Harris Harris H . , Diana 191 II7, 2I6 , Don 1l21 86, I25, I63 Fl ' F . 23 Oflene 1 ac1 Heather 191 94, 2I6 arrls, Harris, Linda 1lI1 ll5, I85 Harris, Marsha 1IO1 202 Harris, Mike 1Fac.1 37, l02 Stanley 1I I1 I86 Hoffman, Judy 181 97, 228 Hoffman, Peggy 1l01 IIS, 203 Holder, Cheri 1l21 4l, IS3, I63 Holder, Jerry 181 228 Hollifield, Lee 181 228 Hollis, Cynthia 171 238 Hollis, Steve 1Il1 I86 Hollis, T. A. 1l01 9I, 203 Galloway, Lon 191 2l6 Galloway, Tracy 1Il1 I84 Gamble, Cleab 181 227 Gardner, Debra 1l21 9l, I6I Gardner, Jan 181 92, 227 Gardner, Mickey 1I01 II3, 202 Garner, Larry Kieth 181 227 Gardner, Raymond 1l21 l6l Gardner, Tom 1l21 I6l Garetson, Pat 1lI1 l84 Garetson, Paul 1l01 II3, l28, 202 Garman , Lance 181 227 Garman, Ron 181 227 eerreh, Phillip qloy 78, 202 Garrett, Gordon 1II1 I84 Garrett, Karen 181 II7, 227 Garrett, Mike 171 238 Grekel, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffith, Griffith, Griffith, Griffith, Margaret 1Fac.1 24 David 1l01 202 Genie 181 92, II6, II7, 227 Kathy 171 II6, 238 Sandra 1Fac.1 27, I07 Sherri 171 238 Carol 181 97, II6, II7, 227 Greg 1I01 IIS, 202 Kathy 1II1 I09, II5, I85 Peggy 181 228 Harrison, Greg 1l21 I63 Harrison, Mary 1I01 88, IIS, 203 Harshman, Evie 1l21 78, I63 Hart, Susan 1ll1 II3, I86 Hartson, David 1l21 I2, 97, IOI, II4, I63 Hartz, Linda 191 95, 2l6 Harvey, Les 171 238 Harvey, Linda 1l01 203 Harwood, Ken 1II146,98, IOI, I86 Holloway, Mary Ann 1l21 I2, 84, I63 Holloway, Tracy 181 228 Holmes, Charles 171 238 Holmes, David 181 II9, 228 Holmes, Lynda 191 95, 2l6 Holmes, Mike 1l'21 I63 Holt, Deborah 171 II6, 239 Holt, Pam 1II1 I86 Holt, Scott 191 2l6 Holtsclaw, Cathi 191 2l7 Holtsclaw, Steve 171 239 Holway, Shirley 1l01 IIS, 203 Honor Commission 93 Hood, David 181 228 Grigg, Jim 1l21 I62 Grigor, Randy 1l21 90, I2S, I62 Grigsby, Marsha 1l01 98, 202 Groff, Jan 181 228 Groh, Becky 1l21 85, 90, l52 Grossba rd, Marilyn 1II147, I85 Groszmann, Nancy 1l21 I62 Groth, Diane 171 238 Groves, Bob 1I01 202 Hashagen, Janet 171 238 Haskell, Mike 181 228 Hatcher, Cindy 1l21 84, I63 Hatch Hatch er, Nancy 191 2I6 er, Pam 181 II6, 228 Hatten, Leann 1I01 203 Hauger, Kerry 181 99, 228 Hauger, Kim 171 238 Hawk, Chuck 181 228 Hawk, Silas 171 238 Hawkins, Glenn 1I01 I96, 203 Hood, Mike 1l21 I63 Hoopert, Donald 1Fac.1 I9. 20 Hoopert, Donald 171 52, 239 Hope, Julia 1Fac.1 25, 97 Hoppes, Elizabeth 181 229 Hoppes, Marsha 1l01 203 Hoppes, Steve 1Il1 80, I86 Hortin, Glenn, 191 2I7 Hortin, Karen 171 239 Hostetter, Dana 1II1 I86 Hostetter, Randy 171 118, 239 House, Debby 1121 163 House, Paul 1101 128, 139,203 Houston, Pat 1Fac.1 36 Howard, Anne 1121 84, 163 Howard, Doug 1121 157, 163 Howe, Danny 171 117, 239 Howe, Marilyn 1121 113, 164 Howe, Ronny 181 117, 229 Howe, Steve 1111 125, 186 Howerton, Debra Kay 1101 115, 203 Hubbard, Andrea 191 93, 94, 217 Hubbard, Stephen 191 100, 107, 118,217 Hubbell, Bill 171 117,239 Hubert, Tommy 181 229 Huckett, Beverly 1111 186 Hucke tt Bruce 191 217 Huckett: Roger 1121 113, 164 Huckett, Suzanne 191 117, 217 Hudson, Janet 1121 9, 49, 75, 80, 90, 106 164 Hudson, Janet 1111 186 Hudson, Karen 181 118,229 Hudson, Stephanie 1121 164 Hudson, Vicki 1111 IB6 Huey, Hutt, Hutt, Hutfm Pat Sue 1101 203 Beverly 1101 196, 203 Harriet 1121 164 an, Peggy 1101 203 Huisak, Mary 181 99, 229 Huisak, Skip 1121 164 Hu 1, Kip 191 117,217 Hull, Tom 1111 125, 127, 186 Hulsizer, Steve 1111 113, 186 Hultgren, Warren 1111 125, 186 Hump Hump Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, hreys, Sally 1111 186 hries, Tina 181 229 Brad 181 117,229 David 171 119, 239 Lois 191 94, 217 Hunter, Carol 1111 115, 186 Hunter, James 171 117, 239 Hunter, Madonna 191 116, 217 Hurst, Robert 1Fac.1 30 Hutcheson, Mary 1111 85, 187 Hutchinson, Nancy 1101 85, 103, 106, 203 Hutchison, Janet 1101 203 Hutchison, Jill 171 239 Hutchison, Judy 1121 115, 164 Hutto, Hutto, Hyatt, Hyatt, Hyden, Hyden, Hyden, 1 lhrig, J Bruce 191 118, 217 Richard 1121 164 Sherman 1121 164 Tommy 191 217 Becky 1111 187 Pat Lee 1101 84, 203 Randy 171 239 an 171 92, 239 Johnson, Charles 1Fac.1 35 Johnson, Charlie 1121 165 Johnson, Dan 171 119, 239 Johnson, Doug 1121 125, 165 Johnson, Gail 191 95, 117,217 Johnson, Georgia Lynne 1101 204 Johnson, James Robert 1101 204 Johnson, Janelle 171 239 Johnson, Jenny 1111 187 Johnson, John 1121 86, 146, 165 Johnson, Kim 1101 85, 204 Johnson, Leslie 191 116, 117,217 Johnson, Lnn ll 7 v 1 1 IB Johnson, Pam 1101 85, 204 Johnson, Patti 1 1 92 Johnson, Sally Jo 191 217 Johnson, Sharon 1111 115, 187 Johnson, Sue 1Fac.1 34 Johnson, Thomas 1101 204 Johnston, Be 1121 5, 6, 90, 114, 165 Johnston, n k 12 165 Mar 1 1 Johnston, Robert 171 239 Johnston, Sam 1111 112, 113, 187 Jones Jones Jones Jones Adrienne 1101 85, 115,204 Q David 1111 187 David 1121 109, 115 ,165 Debbie 181 229 Jones, Glenn Robert 1101 113,204 Jones, J. R. 1111 187 Jones, Janice Jean 1101 204 Jones, Jean 1121 6, 80, 98, 106, 165 Jones, Jewel 1Adm.1 23 Jones, Joel 171 239 Jones, Keith 191 117, 217 Jones, Lee 171 116, 239 Jones, Marvin 1121 165 Jones, Michael 1111 187 Jones, Patty 191 92, 217 Jordan, Jon 171 239 K K-Club 100 Kaiser, Keith 181 15, 229 Kangas, Scott 191 92, 217 Kaugas, Todd 1111 187 Karey, Patricia 171 116, 239 Karey, Steve 1111 187 Kastner, Michael 191 118,217 lhrig, Kris 1101 203 lhrig, Vicki 1121 49, 65, 66, 71, 74, 80, B4, 152 53, 164 lkemire, Sara 191 217 lmler, Cary 1121 164 Ingalls, Ingram, lnhofe, Enah 1Fac.1 37 Tom 181 117, 229 Melinda 191 95, 217 International Relations Club 101 lves, Joyce 1121 164 lves, St eve 1111 136,138,187 J Jaccard, Anne-Marie 191 94, 217 Jack, Laverda 1121 78, 85, 90, 153, 164 Jackson Jackson , Brian 1101 203 Brooks 1111 187 JBCKSOFIZ Debby 1s1 5, 229 Jackson Jackson Jacobs, Jacobs, Jacobs, Jacobs, Jacobs, Jacobs, ,Martha 1111 187 , Robert 191 100,217 Deborah Joan 1101 203 Jon 1121 125, 164 Karen 1121 164 Martin Karl 191 217 Steve 1121 96 William 1121 164 Jacobson, Jennifer 171 118, 239 Jacobus, Scott 171 239 Jahns, Jahns, Jalagu 106, James . James Pat 1101 84, 203 Steve 181 229 ier, Jacqueline 1121 13, 78, 80, 165 Bart 191 93, 100,217 , Eddie 171 119,239 James, Ellen 171 239 James, Jean 1Fac.1 37 James, Larry Ray 191 217 James Sally 1111 187 Kastner, Paul 171 239 Kates, Hank 181 229 Kates, Katie 1121 165 Katz, Shelly 1121 103, 106, 165 Katz, Stewart 181 117, 229 Kay, Mark 171 239 Keating, Bill 191217 Keating, John 191 217 Keating, Kathy 171 99, 239 Kee, Kay 1111 115,187 Keeling, Meg 1101 204 Keeling, Pam 181 116, 229 Keene, Chuck 1101 91,204 Keith, Linda 1111 187 Kellenberger, Linda 1111 115, 187 Keller, Mike 1111 187 Keller, Nancy 191 117, 217 Kelly, Jan 1121 114, 115, 165 Keltner, Steve 1111 182 Kemendo, Vincent 171 239 Kemper, Toby 171 239 Kennedy, Laymon 1Adm.123 Kennedy, Michael 1121 165 Kennedy, Pat 1101 204 Kennedy, Wayne Michael 171 118 Kenney, Karen 1111 115, 187 Kennon, Julie 1111 115, 187 Kenton, Ceci 1121 113, 165 Kenworthy, Bill 191 217 Kenworthy, Bruce 1101 204 Kerr, Steven Doug as 191 217 Kerr, Kathy 171 119, 239 Ketcham, Bruce 1121 165 Key Club 81 Kidd, Sandy 171 239 Kiger, Joe 1Fac.1 33, 125 Kimble, Charlee 181 229 Kincaid, Aubrey 171 239 Kindschi, Mike 181 118 Kindschi, Sue 1111 115, 187 Kincaid, Dina 171 116, 239 Kraemer, Bruce 181 117 Kraft, Kathy 191 94, 217 Kraft, Susan 171 107, 239 Kramer, Margaret Jeanne 1101 98, 204 Kreisvelt, Cheryl 171 239 Krohn, Bob 181 117 Krohn, Stephen 191 217 Krumme, Robert 1121 75, 97, 101, 112, 113, 165 Kunau, Connie 1121 166 Kunsman, Sarah Ellen 1101204 Kam, Phil 1101 91,204 Kygar, Linda 1101 204 Kygar, Susan 1121 166 L Ladner, Mary Pat 1111 106, 108, 180, 187 Laeger, Jaquetta 1101 85, 204 Lahmeyer, Thomas 1101 204 Lair, Carla 1121 109, 166 Lairmore, Jack 191 217 Lairmore, Martha 1111 108, 187 Lamb, Philip 1101 98, 204, 208 Lamb, Walter 1121 42, 43, 44, 166 Lamb, Winnie 1121 166 Lambert, John 191 217 Lambeth, Jill 112149, 166 Lambeth, Susan 191 217 Land, Beverly 171 239 Land, Chris 1101 204 Landes, Deena 1101 204 Landrum, Don 110191, 115,204 Landrum, Frances 181 21 Landrum, Warren 110 113,204 Landry, Mariorie 1Fac.1 28, 54 Lane, John 1111 187 Langford, Susan 181 229 Langham, Ton' 1Fac.1 36, 129 Langston, Gary 1111 187 Lanphere, Laura 1101 115, 204 Lanter, Yvonne 1111 188 Lantow, Linda 1121 13, 97, 101, 166 Larrabee, Brenda 1101 205 Larson, Kjersti 1121 6, 7, 70, 78, 84, 153 166 Latin Club, Junior High 108 Latin Club, Senlor High 108 Latta, Dwight 1101 205 Laurence, Ronnie 1121 166 Lavin, Patty 181 229 Law Club 102 Losey, Donna 171 239, 240 Losey, Jeanette 1101 106, 205 Love, Debbie, 181 229 Loveless, Paul 1121 125, 166 Lovellette, Patty 1101 205 LoVellete, Steve 181 92, 117, 229 Low, Cathy 1121 166 Lowery, Mary 171 116, 239 Lubin, Craig 111180, 188 Lubin, Debbie 191 92, 95, 104, 217 Lultzgn, Myrna 1121 41, 71, 80, 90, 91, 153 Lucas, Lisa 171 239 Lucy, Colleen 181 229 Lucy, Kathy 191 95, 217 Ludman, Lynn 1111 188 Luker, Jimmy 1101 205 Luker, John 1111 101,188 Lukken, Diane 1101 115, 205 Lukowitch, Jean 171 119, 239 Lumley, Marlene 1121 97, 101, 109, 166 Lutman, A. R. 1Fac.128, 196, 197 Lynch, Pete 1111 113, 188 Lyon, Janet 181 92, 229 Lyon, Terry 171 239 M McAdams, Don 1101 128 McAdams, Gwen 1121 40, 41, 48, 166 McAllister, Mike S91 217 McAnulty, Bob 18 230 McAnulty, James 171 239 McArthur, Phil 1111 188 McBride, Terry 1121 166 McCalman, Don 11.11 188 McCants, Jeff 171 239 McCants, Laurie 1101 85, 96, 205 McCartney, Karen 1Fac.1 28, 29, 103 McClain, Winnie 1Adm.1 21, 23 McClary, Gary 191 117,217 McC1ary, John 1121 96, 166 McC1endon, James 181 49 McClintock, Lynn 1121 166 McCommas, James 191 93, 100, 118, 217 McCormick, Jay 1101 205 McCraw, Gordon 19 92, 100, 117, 217 McCur1ey, Robert 1101 91, 205 McCutcheon, Carl 1101 113, 205 James: Tom 1121 165 Jameson, Houston 1111 134, 178, 179, 187 King Bob 1121 165 King: Carol 1121 165 King, Debbie 191 217 King, Michael 1101 204 King, George 181 229 King Kenny 181 229 Kinzie, Jeek 1101 139, 204 Kirk Kirkl Jim 1121 113, 165 Walter 1121 165 Kirkpatrick, Jean 181 116 Kirkpatrick, John 1101 204 Kirkpatrick, Tom 171 239 Lawrence, Lisa 191 93, 104, 217 Lawrence, Liz 111 109, 188 l1:awjon,CMark '13 229 ea er orps Leaman, Gordon 1111 86, 108, 133, 183 Leaman, Steven 1101 134, 205 Lebold, Brian 171 119, 239 Ledbetter, Denise 1101 113,205 Ledbetter, Jett 1121 113, 166 Ledbetter, Russell 171239 Lee, garbar?I6,l114l8g6 205 ee, iana 8,1 , Lee, Jerry Bob 1111 86, 125, 146, 147, 178, 179, 188, 189 Lee, Kathy 1101 85, 205 Lee, Linda 1121 166 Lee, Pixie 191 92, 94, 217, 219 Leeper, Cindy 1101 205 Lees, Bill 181 229 Leikam, Kip 181 92, 229 Leikam, Lisa 171 116, 234,239 Leland, Robert 181 119, 229 Lemberg, Linda 1111 188 Leming, Gary 191 118,217 Leming, Mark 171 119, 239 Lengacher, Robert 181 229 Leonard, Kevin 1121 166 Leonard, Thad 181 229 Lesch, John 1101 205 Lesch, Mike 112 125, 146, 166 Lettermans Club 86, 87 Letters, Robert 1101 205 Levine, Laurie Sue 1101 85, 109, 205 Levinson, Lee 1111 102, 125, 188 Lewis, Beverly 1101 205 Lewis, Carol 1111 106, 115, 184, 188 Lewis, Debbie 171 239 Lewis, Mark 10 205 Lewis Mark 1111 188 Lewis'Odetta 1Fac.1 19 L1aay', Liady, Lierly, Cathy 1101 205 Lester 171 239 Regina 171 99, 116,239 Like, Brookie 1111 115, 188 Like, Kevin 181 229 Lile, Betty 112 166 Lile, Phil 1111 188 Linde, Gary 181 118,229 Linde, Nancy 1101 113, 205 Lindley, Bruce 181 229 McDaniel, , Jatta 1111 188 McDermott, Paul 181 119 McDermott, Stephen 171 119, 240 McDonald, Becki 1101 205 McDonald, Mary 1101 84, 205 McDonald, Mary 1Fac.1 25 McFarlin, Mary 1Fac.1 25 McGee, Cheryl 191 218 McGinnis, Jan 1121 166 McGowan, Martha 191 218 McGowan, Phil 1121 80, 153, 166 McGowan, Stephen 191 218 McGuire, Jack 1101 205 McGuirk, Kathleen 171 99, 240 Mclntosh, Ken 1101 113, 205 Mclntosh, Linda 1101 84, 115,205 Mclntosh, Nocus 1Fac.1 36 Mclntosh, Pam 1101 106, 196,205 Mclntosh, Paula 171 240 Mclntyre, David 1111 188 Mclntyre, Steve 1121 112, 113, 167 McKaskle, Hardy 1Fac.1 33 McKay, Brenda 1111 188 McKeague, Marian 1121 167 McKeague, Susan 181 117 McKee, Charles 181 119 McKee, David 1111 188 McKee, Melissa 1101 78, 84, 205 McKee, Scott 181 92, 229 McKewon McKewon McKewon nerefhy 1111 isa 2 Jeanette 1111 aa, 1sa Nancy 1121 ss, 112, 113, 167 McKinney, Marsha 191 95, 218 McKinney, John 171 240 McKissick, Greg 191 218 McLane, Dan 1101 130,205 McLane, Fred 1121 167 McLaughlin, Susan 1111 188 McMahan, Mike 191 97, 117, 218 McMahon, Bill 1121 41, 90, 91, 96, 167 McMahon, Chris 1101 128, 205 McMahon, Dennis 191 218 McMahon, Mary 1111 188 McManus, Jim 181 230 McMiller, Kerrie 171 240 McNair, Randy 1111 188 McNeal, Keith 1121 167 McNeill, Sandy 171 240 McNickle, Norman 1101 205 McPeters, Bill 1Fac.1 34, 35 McQueen, Steve 1111 188 McRorey, Ron 19g 218 McUsic, Mike 17 117, 240 Jameson, Jean 1101 203 Jenkins, Sharon 191 217 Janus, Beverly 1121 153, 165 Jarboe, Richard 1111 187 Jared, Steve 1121 115, 1165 Jatras, Andrew 171 239 Jatras, Stephanie 181 229 Jeffers, Duane 1111 114, 125, 187 Jehs, Debbie 1121 '165 Jenni, Janise 1111 187 Jenni, Pat Jane 1101 204 Jennings, Beau 1111 138, 187 Jennings, Diana 1111 187 Jennings, Leslie 1121 103, 115, 165 Jennings, Robert 1111 125, 187 Jensen, Jane Marie 1101 204 Jewell, Ann 171 97, 239 Johansen, Stephen Mark 1101 204 Johnson, Ann 1101 204 Johnson, Beth 191 217 Klar, JoAnn 181 116 Klar, Karen 1121 165 Klasky, Am Jo 191 94, 217 Kleinecke, Ruth Ann 181 229 Knarr, Nancy 1121 165 Knarr, Suzanne 1101 56, 57, 196, 204 Knight, Alvin 1111 187 Knoblock, Jane 1121 165 Knoblock, Susan 1101 204 Knott, Karen 1111 113, 187 Knotts, Susie 181 229 Koch, Bob 191 217 Koch, Steve 1111 187 Kopelman, Jeff 1111 187 Kopp, Stuart 1101 96, 115, 204 Kopp, Valerie 171 99, 116, 239 Kovach, Alan 1111 187 Kowalski, Gary 181 92, 93, 117 Kowalski, Jeff 1111 80, 98, 106, 187 Lindley, Charlotte 1111 188 Lindley, Jan 191 95, 217 Lindley, Vicki 1121 166 Lindsay, Cathey 112? 41, 90, 97, 101, 166 Linebarger, Michae 191 217 Ling, Brenda 191 217 Litson, Diane 1101 205 Littlefield, Craig 181 117, 229 Littletield, Kirk 191 91, 100, 217 Littlefield, Mark 1101 113,205 Littlefield, Lane 1121 97, 101, 166 Lobaugh, Gary 1111 113, 125, 188 McVay, Daniel 191 218 McVay, R ichard 1111 188 McWhorter Kevin 1111 188 Macey, Rick 1111 188 Maclntosh, Scott 1101 91, 128, 205 Maclntosh, Jim 1121 125, 167 Macklin, Madison, Gordon 1111 112,113,188 Lyle 171 240 Madison, Mark 171 240 Madison, Madison, Melinda 1111 188 Suzanne 191 218 Lobaugh, Linda 181 118,229 Locke, Teresa 181 229 Loggins, Linda 181 119, 229 Logsdon, Tamara 181 117, 229 London, Jamie 171 239 London, Melody 191 117, 217 Long, Mike 1101 91,205 Long, Paul 1121 166 Magnusson, Ronnie 1121 86, 125, 167 Maher, Diana 1111 85, 188 Maher, Michael 191 100, 218,219 Mahoney, Sandra 181 116 Malahy, Joel 1121 114, 167 Malahy, Mary 1121 114, 167 Mallinger, Mike 1121 96, 115, 167 Manes, Joanne 1111 188 Munson, Tom Cll190, IOI, II5, I90 Pierce, Mitchell, Gary C91 2l8 Maness, Peggy UI1 II5, I88 Mann, Arleen CIO1 205 Manning, Mark CII1 l88 Manning, Mary CIO1 205 Mansur, Brent C91 II7, 2l8 Mantoo Mantoo Manus, th, Carol CII1 IB8 th, Max C71 47, 240 Roger CIO1 205 Marching Band IIO, III Mark, Nellene CII1 85, II5, l88 Marks, JoAnne CI01 88, 205 Marks Denny C91 92, IO4, 2l8 Marler, Marque Marque Marrin, Ernie CIO1 9l, 205 tte, Jeff CII1 l88 tte, Pat CIO1 205 Danny C71 240 Marshall, Annette CII1 l88 Marshall, Thomas Cl01 205 Marshal, Tom C912l8 Martin, Martin, Martin, Beverly CI21 I67 Bill 4B, 78, 86, I67 Jackie CII1 I89 Martin, Jean CIO1 II3, 205 Martin, Jean CI01 205 Martin, John C71 240 Martin, Katy CII1 66, 88, II5, I89 Martin, Pam CI21 6, I67 Martin, Robert CIO1 l38, 205 Martin, Sally CII147, IB9 Martin, Shirley CFac.1 25 Martin, Steve CI21 40, 4I, 90, I67 Martin, Susan Cl01 205 Martin, Susan CI21 II3, I67 Masek , Mindy C71 240 Mason, Roger CI21 4l, I67 Mason, Sam CI01 205 Massey Larry C91 2l8 Msssoff, Paul not 205 Masters, Neil CI01 205 Matetich, Tricia CIO1 II5, 205 Mathe Matzd Mauld Maulcl Mauld Mauld ny, Joanna C71 II6, 240 orf, Fred CIO1 205 in, Alan C71 240 in, Ginger C91 94,218 in, Jane C8193, II7 in, Patty C71 II9, 240 May, Bruce CI01 I39, 205 May, Pal' CI21 ll2, II3, I67 Medic Meek, Meek, Meek, Meeks Meine al Club IOI Artie CIO1 205 Jeannie CI21 I67 Pete CII1 I89 ,Steve CI21 I67 rt, Robert C91 IIB, 2l8 Meng, John CIO1 II3, 205 Mercer, Merry, Charlene CI21 I67 Phillip C81 92 Mesker, Bill C71 II9, 240 Messmer, Rebecca C81 II7 Meyer, Bill UI1 I89 Meyer, Bill CI21 I67 Meyer, Peggy C91 2l8 Meyers, Brent CII1 I89 Meyers, Carolyn C81 97, IIB Middleton, John CII1 II3, I89 Miles, Chris CI21 I67 Bill UI1 86 Miller, , I25, I46, I89 Miller, Deborah C91 2l8 Miller, Glennis CFac.1 I4, l00 Miller, Judy CII1 I89 Miller, Lori C71 II6, 234, 240 Miller, Marilyn U21 8, II, 40, 4l, 78, 80 Miller, Mike C71 240 Miller, Mike C71 240 Miller, Mike C71 240 Miller, Mike C71 240 Miller, Pete CII1 I89 Miller, Sally CII1 85, II5, I89 Miller Susan CI21 I67 Minerf susan Cal II6 Miller, Tom UI1 I87 Miller Miller Miller Miller Mills, Mills, Mims, Mims, Mims, , Wes U21 I67 ick, Kathleen CII1 I89 ick, John C71 240 ick, Patty CIO1 206 Marcia CII19l, 96, IO9, II5, I89 Mindy C81 230 Becky U01 206 Christy U21 48, 97, l0l, I67 Tamsey C81 230 Mindeman, Tad C81 ll7 Miner ,Roger U21 I67 Mirkin, Marty CI21 l68 Mirkin, Steve CII1 I89 Mirkin, Tony CII1 I02, I89 Misch Misen ,RoseElla CFac.1 27 himer, Alan C81 230 Mitchell, Betsy C71 92, 240 Mitchell, Bill CI21 78, 86, 87, I23, I24, I25, l26, l68 Mitchell, Jo Ann CIO1 IO6, 206 Mitchell, John U01 9I, 206 Mitchell, Lisa CIO1 I09, 206 Mitchell, Marcia CFac.1 26 Mitchell, Nancy C91 94, 2l8 Mixed Chorus II5 Mixon, Kathy CII1 47, 85, I89 Mixon, Jim CI21 46, l68 Mizel, Harriet CI21 97, 98, IOI, I68 Mizel, Vicki C81 230 Money, Cathy C91 II7, 2l8 Money, Mark C81 II9 Monhollen, Mark C91 II8, 2l8 Monhollen, Robert CII1 I30 Monhollon, Blair C71 240 Monnet, Bill CII1 IDI, I89 Monroe, Max CIO1 206 Monroe, Theresa C91 95, 2l8 Montgomery, Vanessa C91 II7, 2l8 Monyham, David C71 240 Moore, Brenda CI01 84, I03, I96, 206 Moore, Charles CI01 206 Moore, Charles CIO1 II3, 206 Moore, Cheryl CIO1 II5, 206 Moore, Chris CI21 l68 Moore, Debbie C81 230 Moore, Diana C71 240 Moore, Diane C81 II6 Moore, Jack CI21 I25, I68 Moore, Jan C91 2l8 Moore, Jane CII1 I7, 85, I89 Moore, Matthew C91 2l8 Moore Miche C81 230 Morava, Janis C91 99, 2l8 Morgan, Digges C81 II7 Morgan, Janet Cll142,43, I89 Morgan, Jim CIO19l,206 Morgan, Lynn C71 II6, 240 Morgan, Margie C91 l04, 2l8 Morgan, Melissa U01 206 Morgan, Nancy C81 II9, 228,230 Morgan, Ralph CI21 l38, l68 Morgan Sharon CIO1 206 Morganf susan C91 95, 98, II6, 2l8 Morgan, Susan CI21 42, 43, 45, 80 I68 Morley, Annie C81 II6, 230 Morris, David CIO1 206 Morris, Marilyn U01 78, 206 Morrison, Jane CI21 l68, I76 Morrow, Alan CII1 I89 Morrow, James A. CFac.1 33 Morrow, Sara C91 2l8 Morse, David CI21 I68 Morse, Marilyn CI21 l68 Morton, Dave CII1 I89 Mosher, Babette C81 II6, 230 Moskowitz, James C91 2l8 Moskowitz, Jerry C71 240 Moskowitz, Marcy C91 IO7, 2l8 Moss, Cindy C91 2l8 Moulin, Gary CII1 IB9 Moyer, Jacquie C91 2l8 Mueller, Eric CI21 86, l32, I33, l68 Muir, Terry CI21 l68 Mulmed, Lisa CIO1 206 Munding, Paul CII1 I89 Mundis, Cindy CII1 I89 Mundt, Fred CI21 l68 Mundt, Linda CIO1 206 Mungen, Kathy CII1 II5, I89 Munn, Richard U01 206 Munn, Tom C71 II9, 240 Munson, Mark Cl01 206 Muratet, Elayne U21 l68 Muratet, Kenny C81 II9, 230 Muratet, Linda Cl01 206 Murphree, Danny U21 l37, l38, I39, l68 Murphy, Marilyn C91 2l8 Murphy, Marsha CI21 IO9, I53, I69 Murphy, Matt C71 II9, 24l Murphy, Mike CIO1 206 Murphy, Pat CI21 ll2, II3, I69 Murphy, Steve CI21 I69 Murray, Pat C81 230 Murrell, Danny C71 II9, 24l Murrell Jo ce C81 23C Murrell: LalJonna Kay CI21 I69 Murrell, Lee C912I8 Murta, Mary CII1 II4, I90 Murta, Pat C71 24l Muse, Dan C81 230 Muse, Marilyn CII1 67, l0l Muse, Mike U01 9I, 206 Musgrove, John CI21 86, l30, l3l, Musick, Scott CIO1 206 Musser, Marilyn CI21 46, 48, I69 Mylar, Barbara CI01 85, 88, 206 N Nagy, Eugene U01 I34, 206 Naifeh, Joseph C91 2l8 Nalley, Margaret C91 95, 2l8 Nash, Christine C91 2l8 Nash, Nick CII1 I46, I47, I90 Nash, Rob CI019I, ll2, 206 Nash, Sue CIO1 206 Nation, Gary C91 IIB, 2l8 Nation, Lee CI01 IIZ. II3. 205 Nation, Pam CI21 6, II3, I69 Nation, Rhonda CI21 I69 National Honor Society 82, 83 Neal, Gary CI01 206 Neal, Marci CII167, l0l Neal, Tommy C81 ll, 230 Neck, Debbie C91 95, 2l8 Neck, Linda UI19I, I90 Nedom, Robert C91 2l8 Neerma n, John CII1 I90 Nelmes, Holly C71 II9, 24l Nelson, Bob CII1 I38, I39, I90 Nelson, Bob CIO1 80, 98, I3B, 207 Nelson, Cathy C81 97, II6 Neiision, Eric CI21 6, 42, 43, 68, 78, 80, I Nelson, John CII1 I90 Nelson, Judy C71 24l Nelson, Nelson, Leslie CII1 I90 Margo CI01 207 Nelson, Marilyn CI01 207 Nelson, Mike CIO1 II3, 207 Nelson, Nancy CI21 78, 80, l57, I69 Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Peter C7124I Rick C91 2l8 Richard C91 2l8 Tim C81 97, 230 Nesmith, Greg C91 II8, 2l8 Nevins, Diane C91 2l8 New, Donna CII1 56, 57, 86, I90 New, Ronny C91 2l8 Newberry, Karen II5, 207 Newberry, Susan U01 II5, 207 Newman, Kathy C81 93, 230 Newsom, Nancy CFac.1 36, l04 Newsom, Nancy C81 230 Newsom, Steven U01 207 Newton, Curtis CII1 I90 Newton, Geary C91 2l8 Nichols, Alan C81 230 Nichols, Steven C71 24l Nicholson, Audrey CIO1 67, 85, 98, 207 Nicholson, Dave CII1 I90 Nicholson, Skip CI21 40, 4l, 90, I69 Nickel, Jerry CI21 I69 Nielsen, Chris Cll1 I39, I90 Nielson, Donna U01 207 Niemi, Scott C81 230 Nienhuis, Gay CIO1 78, B4, IO6, I 207 Nienhuis, Jim C81 230 Niland, Penny CII1 I90 Niles, Mark CII1 I25, I46, I90 Nilles, William C7124l Nilles, Elaine C91 II7 Nix, Mark CII1 I90 Noble, Mary CFac.1 24, 25 Noel, Jim C81 92 North, Mark CIO1 207 Norvell, David C81 230 Notley, Beatrice CFac.1 27 Notley, Laura CI21 6, I69 Noyes, Dennis CIO1 207 Nunez, David C71 24l Nunez, Jose CI21 I69 Nunez, Nelson U01 96, IO9, 207 Nunneley, Doyle C91 IIB, 2l8 Nunnely, Linda CII1 84, I90 Nunneley, Lorna C71 II6, 24l Nunneley, Ray CFac.1 36, l3B O O'Bert, Lucy CIO1 84,207 O'Brien, Kevin C81 230 Obrock, Charles Steve C91 2l8 Obrock, Judy CII1 I90 Obrock, Richard C81230 O'Connor, Maureen CII1 I90 Oden, Bill C71 24l Oden, Steve Cl01 207 Olinger, Shauna C81 II9, 230 Oliver, Cindy CIO1 207 Oliver, Danny C81 23l Oliver, Mike CI21 I69 Olds, Gary C71 lI8, 24l Olmstead, Leila CAdm.1 23 O'Meila, Kevin C71 234 O'Meila, Michael C91 2l8 O'Neil, Cecel CI01 207 O'Neil, Sally CI21 I69 Orms, Vivian CFac.1 27 Osborn, Carrie C81 II6, 23l Osborne, Monty C71 24l O'Sander, Coleen CIO1 207 Osher, Beth CI21 I09, I69 Osher, Henry C81 23l Osher, Sam C91 2l8 Overstreet, Beverly C71 24l Owen, Cathy CI21 I69 Owen, Judy CIO1 85, 207 Owen, Patrick CIO1 207 Owen, Vicki CIO1 207 P Padilla, Rosie C91 95, ZI9 Padgett, Jesse CFac.1 33 Page, Stephen UI1 I90 Paine, Mike U01 207 Paine, Steve C81 23 Palmer, Anita CIO1 207 l5, I96 Palmer, Cheryl CI21 84, IO3, I06, I69 Parker, Glenda C71 24l Palmer, Judy C91 2l9 Parish, Evelyn CFac.1 33 Parker, Carol CI21 I69 Parker, Donna U01 207 Parker, Joyce C71 24l Parker, Lonna CIO1 207 Parker, Mike CI21 86, I25, I46, I69 Parker, Steve CII1 II5, I90 Parker, Tommy C91 IOO, II7, 2l9 Parkhurst, Steve CI21 I69 Parks, Bob CIO1 I28, 207 Parks, Bobby C81 97 Parks, Richard C71 24l Parks, John CI21 I69 Parrish, Clark C91 92, I00, 2I9 Parrish, Hap CII1 II5, I90 Parrish, Frank CIO1 207 Parrish, Paula CI01 207 Pascucci, Mary Ann C91 94, 2l9 Pasley, Dale llol I28, 207 Paterno, Alan CIO1 I28, I34, 207 Patman, Jo Lynne CI21 II5, I69 Patten, Cindy C81 23l Patten, Pamela C81 23l Patterson, Ann CII1 I90 Patterson, Chuck CI21 70, 86, I2 l26, I69 Patterson, Jan CII1 I90 Patterson, Lindsay CII1 II5, I90 Patterson, Russ C71 24l Patterson, Tommy CI01 I28, 207 Pattison, Janis CI01 207 Pattison, Joe C91 2l9 Patton, Danny CII1 I90 Patton, James CFac.1 35, I29 Patton, Michael C91 2l9 3, I25, Paul, Melinda CIO1 84, IO6, 203, Paynter John CIO1 207 Payne, Izsy lin wo Peace, Paula C71 II6, 24l Peace, Richard C91 II8, 2l9 Pech, Marcia CIO1 207 Pederson, Naomi CFac.1 3l, 54 Peek, Sandie C81 II6 Peeples, Caroll C81 II7 Peeples, Alan C71 II9, 24l Peeples, Earl CII1 I33, I35, I90 Peirson, Judy C91 92, l04, 2I9 Peirson, Mickey CII1 I90 Pence, Allen C81 23l Pence, Carole CI21 46, I69 Pendergrass, Tom CII1 I90 Pendley, Marsha C71 24l Pendley, Sherry C91 2I9 Penn, Becky C71 24l Perez, lliana CII1 I90 Perez, Maria C101 207 Perlich, Debby C71 24l Perrin, Perrin, Perry, Perryman, Patty CIO1 84, I03, I0 Dan C81 23l Terri C71 24l Mike CI21 I69 207 6, 207 Peters, Paul CII1 47, I90 , Peters, Susan CII1 67, 90, l06, I90 Petre, Wayne C71 24l Petrie, Susan C91 2I9 Petta, Ken CII1 I39, I90 Petta, Phil ini I39, I90 Pettife r, Stephen CII1 I90 Pettigrove, Ben C81 23l Pettigrove, Candy CI01 78, 84, 207 Phillip, Bill Cl01207 Phillips, Anita C71 24l Phillips, Anne C81 23l Phillips, Bill CII1 96, II5, I90 Phillips, Craig C81 97, ll8 Phillips, Don CFac.1 29, I25, I46 Phillips, Gail C81 IO7, II6 Phillips, Jan CI21 I69 Phillips, Jerry CI21 I70 Phillips, Laurado Cl01207 Phillips, Lee Daniel C91 2I9 Phillips, Linda C71 24l Phillips, Lynea C81 23l Phillips, Mark CII1 I90 Phillips, Vicki U21 64, 78, I70 Phipps, Mike C81 23l Phipps, Sharon CII1 I90 Pickens, Gary CI21 7l, 80, I70 Emerette CIO1 85, 208 Pierce, Hugh CFac.1 36, 86, I3l Piggott, Guido C91 2I9 Piggott, Merideth CI21 I70 Piland, Sheralee C81 II7 Pilkington, Brad CII1 I90 Pilkington, Terry CI21 78, 98, I70 Pinkosky, Dick CIO1 I28, 208 Pitcher, Jo C71 II9, 24l Pitt, Mahlon CII1 I90 Pittman, John C91 2I9 Pitts, William CIO1 208 Plemons, Nancy C71 Il8, 24l Pollard, Rachel CFac.1 27 Polson, Cheryl CII1 I90 Polston, Kathy C71 24l POPE. JESSE C71 92, II9, 24l Pope, Delisa CIO1 85, 208 Pope, Missy UI1 I90 Pope, Peggy CI21 I70 Pope, Scott C81 II7 Porter, Posey, Posner, Postier, Postier, Potter, Potter, Nancy CII1 l9l Sandy C91 2l9 Van C71 99, II9, 241 Ervin CFac.1 29 Vicki U01 IO9, 208 Debra C71 24l Patrick C91 9I, 2I9 Pottorf, Mary CFac.1 27 Powell, David C71 II7, 24l Powell, Janice C71 IIB, 24l Powell, Valerie Jean CI21 I70 Powell, I. D. CFac.1 35 Powell, Nancy CII1 II5, l9l Powers, Kent C81 II7 Powers, Robin CII1 l9l Powers scoff not zos Poyas, 'Cherie Jo CFac.1 3l Pratt, Betsy CI21 I70 Pratt, Tom CII1 86, l38, l9l Preiss, Barbara CI21 I70 Preaus, Susan CII1 l9l Pribil, Brian CI21 I70 Pribyl, Sally C91 97, IO7, 2l9 Price, John CIO1 208 Price, Rodney CII1 l9l Priester, Pam C91 92, 2I9 Prophet, Robert C91 2l9 Prophet, Suzanna CII1 II3, l9l Provost, Janice C91 2I9 Provost, T. J. U21 I70 Pruner, Diane CI01 208 Pue, Cheryl C91 2I9 Pumphrey, Jan CIO1 208 Pumphrey, Lea C71 24l Putnam, Cindy C81 228 Putnam, Sandy C91 93, 94, 2l9 Q Ouinn, John C91 219 Quinn, Shelley C71 II6, 24l R Rabkin, Diane CI21 I70 Radford, Britt C81 24, 23l Ratfensperger, Dennis CIO1 78, I2 8, 208 Raffensperger, Kenneth 191 118, 219 Ragan, Jay 1111 191 Rahmes, John 1101 108, 208 Rahmes, Mary 1101 115, 208 Raines, Joyce 1121 170 Ramseur, Mac 1101 115, 208 Ramseur, Robby 181 231 Ramsey, Linda 110, 113,208 Ranck, Bob 1111 191 Randall, Scott 1101 208 Rathiens, Russel 1Fac.1 19, 212 Rathman, Steve 1111 90, 108, 113, 191 Ratliff, Denise 181 231 Ratliff, eeeige 1121 112, 113, l7o Ratliff, John 171 241 Ratlitf, Merle Jo 1121 l7o Rauch, Harry 181 118, 231 Ravis, Sally 191 92, 107, 219 Ray, Albert 171 241 Ray, Jess 1121 I70 Rayburn, Debbie 171 liz., 241 Read, Martha 1121 42, 43, 44, 106, 170 Reaves, Trudy 1121 85, 108, 170 Rebh, George 1111 133, 191 Rebh, Richard 181 231 Red Cross, Junior High 97 Red Cross, Senior High 96 Redding, Davis 181 231 Redfearn, Patricia Evylyn 191219 Redman, Phillip 1101 113,208 Reed, Betsy 171 116, 241 Reed, Betty 171 234, 241 Reed, Chuck 1101 139, 208 Reed, David 1101 208 Reed, Debra 1101 208 Reed, Diane 191 219 Reed, Jennifer 1111 191 Reed, Sandy 1101 208 Reed, Valerie 181 231 Reeds, Jeff 181 231 Reese, T. J. 1121 I70 Reid, Linda 171 92, 241 Reidy, John 1121 170 Reinhard, Abby 1101 85, 88, 109, 208 Reinhard, Kay 1111 191 Reinhard, Susan 181231 Reinhard, Stephen 1101 86, 130, 208 Reis, Susan 1101 208 Renberg, Renfrow, Rentfro, Reyes, Reynol Reynol Reynol Reynol Sherry 1121 41, 170 Gloria 112148, I70 Larry 1Fac.1 31 Charles 1Fac.1 33 ds, Deborah Jo 191 219 ds, Don 1101 208 ds, Holly 1121 170 ds, Marcia 181 231 Reynolds, Merrill 181 231 Reynolds, Ron 1101 208 Reynol Rhine. Rex, P Rhine, Rhoad Rhoad Rhoad Rhoad Rhode Rhyme Rich ds, Steve 1121 170 Jody 191 117,219 atricla 181 116, 117,231 Ricky 171 241 es, Bart 1111 146, 191 es, Frank 1111 115, 134,191 es, Michael 191 117, 219 es, Sam 1121 41, 90, 91, 102, 170 e, Kathy 1111 191 r, Rosalind 1Fac.1 33 , sill 171 99, 241 Rich, Melanie 191 94, 97, 220 Richards, Ann 1121 170 Richards, Barbara 181 116, 231 Richards, David 171 241 Richards, Julie 171 118, 241 Richards, Karen 1101 84, 109, 208 Richardson, David 191 220 Richardson, Zina 171 241 Richey, June 1Fac.1 25, 43 Richmond, Pat 1111 191 Rickabaugh, Judy 1111 191 Rickey, Mike 1101 208 Riddle, seen 1111 191 Riggs. Riggs, Riggs. Riggs. Riley, Riley, Debbie 191 220 Eileen 171 234, 241 Greg 1121 6, 80, 137, 138, 139, 17 Steve 181 231 Joel .171 241 Pat 1101 208 1 Ritter, Jim 1111 133, 134, 191 Roach, Roach, S Robbins, Robbins, Robbins, Robbins, Roberts, Roberts, 170 Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Robertso Robertso Robertso Robertso Debra 1101 208 usan 191 95, 220 Dick 181 99, 231 Jane 1101 208 Sandy 191 220 Tom 1111 191 Debbie 191 92, 95, 97, 212, 220 Janet 112197, 101, 115, 153, Kenny 1111 191 Nancy 1111 115, 191 Peggy 181 231 Rod 1111 146, 191 n, Kathy 171 241 n, Mike 1111 80, 90, 191 n, Sherman 1Fac.1 29 n, Tom 191 100,221 Robinson, Betty 191 220 Robinson, Kit 1121 109, 114, 171 Robinson, John 1101 97, 101, 113, 208 Louise 181 231 Mark 171 241 Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Mike 1121 6, 12, 97, 101, 112, 113, 171 Robohm, Mary 171 118, 241 Robohm, Richard 111191, 113, 191 Robohrn, Susan 1121 71, 84, 88, 90, 98 171 Rodgers, Jim 1111 75, 80, 106, '1'92 Rodgers, Paula 171 92, 234, 241 Rodman, Tom 1111 114, 115, 192 Rodolf, Kim 1111 192 Rodrigues, Cris 171 242 0 Rogers, Annette 181 97, 117, 231 Rogers, Chris 191 220 Rogers, Chris 191 92, 104, 118, 220 Rogers, Dick 1121 171 Rogers, Larry 181 117, 231 Rogers, Laurann 1Fac.1 36 Rogers, Linda 171 119,242 Rogers Nedra 1101 85, 208 Rogers, Sandra 1101 208 Rogers, Tom 1121 125, 171 Rolfe, Jay 191 118, 220 Romero, Beverly 1121 171 Rood, Fenton 191 92, 100, 219, 220 Rorschach, Barbara 191 95, 104, 220 Rorschach, Betsy 1101 88, 196, 208 Rorschach, Molly 1121 78, 80, 84, 88, I71 Rose, Caroline 1121 171 Rose, Debbie 1121 171 Rose, Kent 191 117, 220 Rosenthal, Demi 1111 90, 192 Rosenthal, Tammi 191 104, 220 Bruce 1111 37, 80, 102, 108, 115, 192 Carl 1121 171 Ross, Ross, Ross, Carrie 191 95, 97, 104, 107, 214, 220 Ross, David 1111 113, 192 Ross, Dennis 1101 208 Donna 181 117,231 Ross, Ross, Madeline 171 99, 242 Marc 181 231 Ross, Ross, Scott 191 220 Ross, Steve 181 231 Susan 1111 115, 192 Ross, Rotramel, Gary 1111 192 , Rounds, Phil 1101 128, 196,208 Rouse, Harry 171 119, 242 Routh, Kari 1121 171 Rowe, Douglas 171 242 Rowland, Greg 181 231 Rowland, Karen 191 95, 107, 220 Rozell, Linda 191 95, 220 Rozell, Paula 1121 171 Rudd, David 1101 208 Rudd, Dennis 1121 171 Ruggles, Diane 1111 192 Ruggles, Don 1121 171 Ruggles, Gary 1101 113, 208 Ruggles, Linda 191 118, 220 Ruhman, Linda 1Fac.1 36, 104 Ruhr, Greg 191 220 Ruhr, Karen 1101 85, 208 Ruhr, Larry 1121 41, 171 Rumbaugh, Jane 111191, 192 Russell Bill 1l1142,43, 192 Russell: Debbie 181 231 Russell, Jenny 191 220 Russell, Larque 1121 153, 171 Russell, Russell Rabin 1101 a-1, zos Sylvia 1101 a-1, aa, zos Russowl, Allen 1121 171 Rutledge, Becky 1121 171 Ryan Bill 1111 192 Debby 1121 171 Ryan, Ryan, , Kendra 1101 209 Ryan, Penny 1101 209 Saab, Saab Saab: Sabe S Joanne 1121 171 Tony 191 220 Vicki 1,81 116 i Laurie 1111 192 11 . Sackett, Keith 171 118, 242 Salamy, Paula 181 231 Salter, Charles 191 220 Salter, Dorothy 1Fac.1 29 Samuel, Mary Jo 1Fac.1 37 Samuelson, Mary 1111 90, 106, 114, 192 Sanchez, Rachel 1Fac.1 27, 109 Sanders, Donna 1121 6, 9, 68, 75. 78. 80. 85. 172 Sanders, Joe 181 231 Sanders, Mark 112191, 172 Sanders, Roger 191 220 Sanderson, Bob 1Fac.1 30, 31, 192 Sanditen, Scott 191 220 Sanford, Gale 1101 209 Santori, Mary 171 113. 242 Sark Susan 171 242 Satterwhite, Lex 1111 192 Saubert, Doug 191 117, 220 Saubert, Mike 1121 172 Saubert, Robyn 181 116. 117. 231 Savage, Scott 191 220 Savage, Sarah 1101 196, 209 Savage, Susan 1101 66, 67, 209 Sawtelle, Ann 1111 115. 192 Sawtelle, Debbie 181 116,231 Sawtelle, Sara 191 220 Sayles, Susan 171 242 Schafer, Judy 181 231 Schaff, Jim 1101 209 Scheurich, Jim 191 93, 220 Semrrrlerk S1us:nU1l01, 825 209 Sc ic , a p ac. Schmidt, Kathy 181 116. 232 Schmidt, Kenneth 1101 115. 209 Schonfield, Debbie 1101 73. 209 Schoonover, Sally 191 220 Schott, Georglana 181 232 Schott, Karen 1121 84, 96. 102. 172 Schottel, Larry 1111 192 Schottel, Sharon 171 242 Schramek, Marilyn 1121 115. 172 Schramek, Robert 181 232 Schricker, Brian 1101 209 Schriever, Sandy 181 97. 232 Schulte, Cindy 1121 172 Schuman, Danny 1101 209 Scott, Debbie 181 232 Scott, Jane 181 118. 232 Scott, Kay 1111 84, 108, 192 Scott, Linda 1101 104. 209 Scott, Lynne 1121 80, 81, 84, 90, 172 Scott, Steve 1101 139, 209 Scruton, David 1121 172 Scurlock, David 171 242 Scurlock, Jan 1121 172 Search, Wayne 1111 192 Searcy, Rob 1121 172 Sears, Mike 1101 80, 91,209 Secondine, Debbie 171 242 See, Barbara 171 242 Seigel, Andy 1111 192 Sellers, Jimmy 1Fac.1 36 Selman, Chuck 111190, 91, 192 Selman, Lynda 112141, 172 Semke, Gary 1111 113, 192 Semke, Janie 171 116, 242 Semple, Dee Dee 1121 109, 172 Seventh Grade Band 119 Sexton, Susie 1121 172 Seymour, Philip 191 119, 220 Shackleford, Jim 1121 86, 87, 130, 172 Shafer, Chris 1111 112, 113, 192 191 220 Shafer, Teresa Shafer, Trudy 171 116, 234, 242 Shaffer, Easter 1Fac.1 29 Shaffer, Linda 1111 106, 115, 192 Shapiro, Paula 1111 42, 43, 45, 193 Shapiro, Ruth 1111 42, 43, 45, 193 Sharp, David 1101 130, 209 Sharp, Joe 191 220 1121 6, 75, 97, 101, I72, 1101 113, 209 1121 172 1111 193 Shell, Delilah 1121 172 Shell, Patricia 1121 172 Snell, Steve 181 117, 232 Shellshear, Bill 1121 102, 172 Shellshear, Elizabeth 181 232 Shepherd, Ellen 1121 78, es, 114, 172 Shepherd, Linc 191 117, 220 Sheram, Cia 1121 115, 172 Sheridan, Gary 1101 209 Sherman, Barbara 191 117,220 Sherman, Sharon 1121 96, 173 Sherman, Suzanne 1111 193 Sherron, Beth 1111 193 Patti 181 232 Sharp, Maury 184 Sharpe, David Sharpe, Linda Shaw, Melissa Sherron, Shields, Barney 171 119, 242 Shields, Karen 181 117, 232 Shields, Tim 1111 124, 125, 173 Shingler, Bill 171 242 Shingler, Robert 171 242 Shirley, Bill 1111 193 Shoemaker, Mary 1121 41, 84, 88, 90, 91 97, 101, 173 Shoemaker, Ricky 1101 128, 209 Shore, Kim 1101 209 Short, Betsy 1101 209 Short, Susie 1121 78, 113, 115, 173 Shouse, Diana 171 242 Shunk, Cris 181 232 Shurtleff, Mary 1121 91, 173 Shurtleff, Ray 1121 173 Sibole, David 191 117, 220 Sibole, Steve 1101 209 Sicka, Joyce 1101 209 Sidun, Mary 1121 173 Sidun, Nancy 171 242 Sidun, Tom 181 232 Sigler, Steve 1121 173 Sikkink, Sharon 1101 115, 209 Silver, Susan 1101 209 Silvey, Susan 1101 209 Simmons, Phil 181 97, 117 Simmons, Roger 1101 209 Simmons, Steve 1121 173 Simons, John 191 lf8, 220 Simpson, Barry 181 117, 232 Simpson, Linda 1101 209 Simpson, Vicky 1121 41, 84, 109, 173 Sinclair, Ray 1111 193 Sinclair, Susan 1101 209 Singer, Ellen 191 92, 104, 219, 220 Singer, Mark 1121 8, 52, 70, 78, 80, 173 Singer, Stephen 171 242 Singer, Susan 171 242 Sinnard, Karen 1101 85,209 Sinnett, Mark 181 119 Sipes, Jim 191 220 Sipes, Karen 181 232 Sipes, Sharon 171 242 Sippel, David 1121 173 Sipsas, Bill 181 232 Slagle, Rodney 1101 128, 209 Slagle, Shelly 171 242 Slankard, Mike 1101209 Slater, C. Mae 1Fac.1 33 Slater, Marilyn 191 220 Slater, Nancy 1121 173 Slaughter, Barbara 181 232 Slemaker, Sally 1111 193 Debra 1101 209 Donna Marie 1111 193 Sloan, Sloan, Slggn, Jody 191 92, 100, 117, 212, 214, 0 Smith, Kathy 191 220 Smith, Kipa 171 119,242 Smith, Larry 1121 102, 173 Smith, Larry 1121 173 Smith, Larry 1101 209 Smith, Lee Cutler 191 220 Smith, Linda 1Fac.1 29 Smith, Margaret 181 232 Smith, Thomas Mark 191 117, 220 Smith, Marsha 171 242 Smith, Rene 1101 209 Smith, Robin 191 220 Smith, Roger 1Fac.1 29, 179 Smith, Roxanne 1121 173 Smith, Rusty 1111 86, 125, 193 Snilgtyh, Stan 1101 78, 80, 196, 197, 206, Smith Steffy 1121 55, 173 Smith: Steve 1121 sz., 125 Smith, Tammy 1111 113, 193 Smith, Teresa 1101 209 Smith, Virginia 1Adm.1 23 Smith, Wayne 1121 173 Smith, Will 1101 209 Smithen, Jeanette 1101 209 Snider, Jeff 171 242 Snitz, Cathie 181 119 Snitz, Ken 1101 209 Snow, Bill 1111 193 Snyder, Teresa 181 232 Soulsby, David 191 118, 220 Southard, Barbie 1101 209 Southma yd, Janet, 191 107, 116, 117, Sowell, Laven 1Fac,1 26 Spahr, Randy 191 220 Spanish Spann, J obbie 181 232 Spahr, R Club 109 oe 1101 113,209 Sparkman, Wayne 1121 97, 101, 173 Sparks, Mary 1111 193 Spear, Vicki 1101 96, 109, 194, 209 Speed, Brenda 1111 104, 115, 193 Speed, Nan 191 94, 99, 220 Speegle, Speegle, David 171 242 Roger 1111 173, 193 Spellman, Pam 181 232 Spellman, Rick 1121 102, 174 Spence, Spencer Spencer Spencer Spencer Anne 1121 174 Chris 171 116, 242 K y 101 113, 115,209 N ncy 1111 113,193 Spencer, S y 91 118, 221 Spitzmil er, Debbie 181 232 Spitzmil er, Marcia 1101 209 Ronnie 181 232 Karen 1101209 Laura 1111193 Joe 181 232 f in l 6 all 1 l 1 Spradlin, Springer, Springer, Spurgin, Bill 1111 193 Spyres, Steve 1121 40, 41, 91, 97, 101, Stafford, James 1Fac.1 33 Stafford, Kathi 181 118, 232 Stafford, Phillip 191 117,221 Stageband 112 Stagecraft 91 Staines, Cathy 1121 90, 115, 174 Staines. Jennifer 181 116, 232 Stalcup, Larry 181 232 Stallard, Mary 181 116, 117, 118,232 Stallbories, Ardyshynne 191 94, 119, 221 Stamper, Steve 171 242 Stanberry, Paula 191 117, 221 Stanberry, Cathy 1121 174 Stanfield, Pat 1111 42, 43, 79, 84, 193 Stanley, Jo Ann 191 92, II6, 117, 212 Stanton, Deborah 1101 209 Starks, Kay 1121 174 Starr, Sandy.181 232 Steed, Dennis 191 117, 221 Steed, Paul 1121 174 Steele, David 171 242 Steele, Roy 1101 209 Steele, Sandra 1121 47, 174 Steele, Scot 191 118, 221 Steiner, Joe 1111 193 Steinmeyer, Jim 1121 71, 78, BO, 153 164, 174 Steinmeyer, Kevin 181 232 Smart, Gary 1111 193 Smart, John Thomas 191 119, 220 Smith, Bob 181 232 Smith, Brenda 191 220 snnnn, Bunny 1101 as, 209 Smith, Chris 1111 125, 178, 179, 193 Smith, Craig 1101 209 Smith, Deanna Jane 191 220 Smgth, Debbie 171 242 Smith, Deborah 171 116, 242 Smith, Donald 1101 113,209 Smith, Donald 191 220 Smith, Frances 1Fac.1 34, 35 Smith, Helen 1Fac.1 29 Smith, Janet 1101 209, 211 Smith, Janet 181 232 Stenhous e, Donna 1111 193 Stephenson, Carol 181 232 Stephenson, Stephenson, Charles 171 242 Kay 1121 174 Stephenson, Nancy 1111 193 Stephens Stevens, Stevens, Stevens, Stevens, Stevens, Stevens, Stevens, Stewa rd, Stewa rd, Stewa rd, Stewa rt, Stewart, Stewa rt, on, Nelson 171 242 Barbara 191 104, 117,221 Danny 1111 133, 135, 193 Frances 1101 115,209 Jane 171 242 Karen 1121 174 Susan 181 232 Trudy 1111 84, 88, 193 Doug 191 118, 221 Karann 1111 193 Mike 191221 Bob 191 118, 221 Jeff 191 221 Joyce 181 232 Stewart, Laray 1101 209 Stewart, Phillip 1121 6, 174 Stewart Stites, Stock, , Shelly 1101 zofi Linda 1111 96, 193 Leslie 191 107,221 Stockton Brenda 1121 174 Stokes, Stone, Stone, Stone, Story, Storer Stowe, Jeanette 1111 ss, lol., 193 Pam 112140,41,88, 115, 174 Peel 181 117,232 Ricky 171242 John 1101209 Vivian 1111 108, 193 Menne 181232 Strickland, Carol 1101 210 Strickland, Cyndy 171 234. 242 220 174 , 22 Weber, Jack 171 243 Strickland, Denny 171 242 Strickland, Janie 191 95, 221 Strickland, Julie 1121 115, 174 Stringtield, Steve 181 232 Stroud, Glenn 1111 91, 193 Stroud, Vickie 1111 193 Stuart, Betty 1111 193 Studebaker, Bob 171 242 Studebaker, Debbie 1101 210 Student Council, Junior High 92 Student Council, Senior High 78, 79 Sturgis, Robert 1101 210 Stutsman, Ricky 171 242 Stutsman, Sandy 181 118, 232 Sublett, Chere 1121 78, 174 Sublett, John 181 232 Sublett, Monice 191 104, 107, 221 Summers, Cherry 1101 210 Summers, Jeftry 181 232 Summers, Jerry 1121 110, 112, 113, 174 Suznrgter, Sharon 1101 84 ,106, 196, 197, Sundvahl, Neva 1121 78, 174 Sutton, Denise 191 221 Svoboda, LaNell 171 107, 242 Svoboda, Robert 1101 80, 113, 210 Swan, Debbi 1101 66, 196,210 Swan, Pam 1121 56, 57, 69, 82, 86, 153, 168, 174 Swanson, Ronny 181 232 Swanson, Susan 1111 64, 193, Sweet, Brian 1101 210 Sweet, Carol 1111 193 Swimettes 88, B9 Swindle, Terri 1101 210 Swindell, Cynthia 181 93, 232 Swindell, Robilea 1101 B5, 109, 210 Swingle, Don 1101 210 Swingle, Mark 19 221 Swyden, Greg 111191, 193 Swyden, Kim 1121 174 Swyden, Paulette 1111 193 Symanski, Richard 171 92, 117,242 Symanski, Robert 191221 Symphonic Band 113 T Tabor, Beverly 1111 193 Tabor, Mark 171 242 Tag, Valerie 1101 84, 109, 210 Talbert, Joe 1111 130, 193 Talons 84, 85 Tandy, Alfred 1101 210 Tankersley, Henry 1101 210 Tankersley, Leah 171 242 Tankersley, Rhonda 1101 210 Tankersley, Steve 181 20, 93, 97, 232 Tanner, David 1101 113,210 Tate, Carol 191 221 Tatroe, Jackie 1121 86, 102, 125, 174 Tarbel, Anne 1111 851,193 Tarbel. Betsy 181 99, 116, 232 Taylor, Carol 1101 113,210 Taylor. Janet 1111 84, 115, 193 Taylor, Karen 181 116,232 Taylor. Linda 1111 17, 194 Taylor, Dick 1121 174 Taylor, Susan 1111 84, 194 Teague, Louise 1121 174 Teeter, Lara 171 242 Teeter, Vicki 1111 194 Teis,,Susan 111153, 194 Tennis, Cindy 1101 210 Tennis, Gary 181 232 Terhorst, Tony 171 242 Terning, Trudie 1101 210 Tern1ng, Sheldon 171 117, 242 Tessier, Donny 191 118,221 Tessier, Pat 181 92, 232 Tessier, Patty 1111 178, 179, 194 Tessier. Peggy 191 94, 221 Teter, Charles 171 242 Tefei. Chris 1111 ao, as, 146, 194 T-stef. Mark 171 99, 119, 242 Tharel, Judy 181 116, 232 Thayer, Gail 1111 194 Lhespians 90 ettord, Sherr 1 nn 9 2 Thomas, Jane 1l9ll ll8,i221 Thomas, John 1121 174 Thomas, Josh 181 117, 232 Thomas, Linda 171 119, 242 Thomas, Lori 181 116, 232 Thomas, Mark 1101 113,210 Thomas, Mark Allen 191 221 Thomas, Martha 191222 Thomas, Peggy 171 116, 242 Thomas. Ralph 181 117, 232 Thomas, Susan 191 II6, 117, 222 Thomas, Sherry 1101 210 Thomas, Timothy 171 119, 242 Thomas, Woody 1121 113, 174 Thompson, Betsy 181 II7, 232 Thompson. Bob 1111 134, 194 Thompson, Dana 191 92, 95, 104, 219, 222 Thompson, Diane 171 119, 240, 242 Thompson, Gary 181 232 Thompson, James 191 100, 118, 222 Thompson, Karen 191 94, 222 Thompson, Karen 171 116, 243 Thompson, Mike 1111 194 Thompson, Nancy 171 116, 243 Thompson, Phil 1'101 210 Thompson, Richard 191 222 Thornton, Ed 181 232 T1bbitts, Tomm 1111 194 Tidwell, Andy 181 233 Ticlwell, Cynthia 171 243 Tidwell, Debby 1111 194 Tidwell, Kathy 1101 85, 210 Tidwell, Seth 191 92, 100, 117, 214, 222 Tillison, Deborah 191 222 Timo, Greg 1101 210 Tobey, Carol 191 222 Tobey, David 1121 138, 175 Todd, Louise 1Fac.1 34 Todd, Richard 1101 113, 139, 210 Todd, Robert 1111 113, 194 Todd, Sharlene 171 243 Todhunter, Ann 1121 78, 175 Tolar, John 1101 210 Toliver, Terri 181 233 Toliver, Tolie 1101 210 Tompkins, Greg 1121 175 Torbert, Barton 171 97, 243 Torbert, Mary 181 92, 107, 233 Tower, Alan 1101 96, 210 Townsend, Gayle 1111 194 Townsend, Kathy 181 97, 233 Townsend, Stanley 191 222 Towry, M. Forrest 1Fac.1 21, 214 Tracy, Norman 171 243 Trader, Jackie 1111 115, 194 Traughber, Gail 181 99, 233 Trask, Marilyn 1111 85, 98, 194 Traylor, Chuck 181 233 Treece, Susan 1101 210 Trenfield, Carol 1121 109, 175 Trenfield, Sherry 1101 85, 109, 210 Trinder, Deborah 191 222 Tripp, Pamela 171 116, 234,243 Tripp, Patsy 1101 84, 103, 196, 210, 211 Trotter, Kenny 1101 199, 210 Trotter, Joe 191 222 Trumbly, Debby 1101210 Trussell, Mark 181 233 Tschappat, Patti 1111 42, 43, 44, 84, 194 Tschappat, Phyllis 191 95, 97, 104, 222, 223 Turley, Jeannie 1101 85, 115,210 Turner, Anette 191 117, 222 Turner, Claire 1111 194 Turner, Frances Rogers 171 243 Turner, Greg 1121 175 Turner, Harry 191 222 Turner, John 191 222 Turner, Mary 171 243 Turner, Mike 1101 113,210 Turner, Randy 1111 124, 194 Turney, Sharon 1121 46, 175 Turner, Cindy 1101 210 Turner, Debbi 1101 113, 210 Twilley, Dale 171 243 Twilley, Dwight 1111 97, 194 Twyman, Mark 171 118, 243 Tyson, Tom 1121 175 U Usherettes 80 Utrecht, Jean 1Fac.1 35 ,r V Valant, Cathy 1121 175 Vale, Gar 19? 222 Vammen, Nah a 1121 175 Van Allen, Joan 1101210 Van Allen, Karen 1121 85, 98, 102, 175 Vanaltenburg, Charolette 1111 194 Vance, John 1101 210 Vandenborn, Bill 1111 145, 194 Vandeusen, Randy 1111 125 Van Hoose, Marc 1111 115, 130, 194 Van Valkenburgh, Kay 1Fac.1 31 Vanzant, Carol 1121 97, 101, 175 Vaughan, Janet Lynn 191 222 Vaughn, Kris 1101 85,210 Versen, Judith 1101 115, 210 Versen, Victoria 191 94, 222 Vesley, Pam 171 243 Vincent, Bob 1111 194 Vick, Kelly 1121 175 Vincent, Dennis 1111 125, 138, 194 Vincent, Phillips 181 233 Vinson, Vicki 1101 115, 210 Vogel, Jeff 171 243 Volpe, Bob 171 243 Von Drehle, Barbara 1111 194 Von Drehle, Mary 1121 97, 98, 101, 175 W Wade, Clint 1121 175 Wade, Curtis 1101 210 Wade, Todd 1101 210 Wade, Elizabeth 191 222 Wade, Suzanne 171 II8, 243 Wadlin, John 171 243 Wadman, Eric 1111 113, 194 Wagenblatt, Marilyn 1121 175 Wagenblatt, Marty 1101 210 Wages, Theresa 1111 84, 98, 194 Wagner, Anne 181 44, 233 Wagner, Bill 1111 194 Wagner, Debbie 181 233 Wagor, Mark 171 243 Waldo, Debbie 181 116, 233 Waldo, Kay 1111 194 Waldo, Vickie 191 222 Waibel, Vikkie 171 116, 243 Walker, Bruce 191 118, 222 Walker, William Bruce 1101 80, 128, 134, 207, 210 ' Walker, Dwain 181 233 Walker, Hal 1101210 Walker, Henrietta 1Fac.1 25 Walker, Kathy 1111 194 Walker, Walker, Walker, Susan 1111 84, 194 Walkinshaw, Debbie 1111 194 Wallace, Patricia 191 117, 222 Waller, Richard 181 107 Patty 181 117 Rick 1111 194 Wallingford, Georgann 1111 84, 194 Walls, Tonya 191 222 Walsh, Cheri 171 243 Walter, Elaine 1101 200, 210 Walters, Buz 191 117,222 Walters, Mariory 1101 174 Walton, Don 1121210 Walton, Gregg 181 233 Walton, Julie 1101 109,210 Ward, Cathy 191 94, 222 Ward, Jim 1111 194 Ward, Jodi 1121 175 Ward, Pat 1111 96, 194 Warfield, Gene 1111 194 Warren, H. B. 171 243 Washburn, Virginia 1Adm.1 23 Wasson, Britt 111186, 146, 194 Wasson, Sherry 191 95, 212, 222 Watkins, Michele 181 97, 118, 233 Watson, Cynthia 191 222 Watson, Matt 1121 175 Watt, Alan 191 222 Watt, Cherylon 181 117, 233 Watt, Jim 171 243 Watt, Terry 191 117, 222 Watts, Ginger 181 116 Waul, Gary 171 243 Waul, Marcia 1121 175 Weaver, Lori 171 243 Weaver, Mike 171 243 Williams, Craig 181 233 Williams, Danny 1101 91, 211 Williams, Debbie 1101211 Williams, Jim 171 243 Williams, John 181 233 Williams, Linda 191 233 Williams, Mary 1101 98,211 Williams , Mimi 181 233 Williams, Randy 181 117, 233 Williams, Robby 181 233 Williams, Terrie 1121 176 Williams, Tom 1121 176 Williams, Tom 1101 112, 113,200,211 Williamson, David 1111 86, 130, 195 Williamson, Scott 181 233 Willis, Charles 1111 98, 195 Willis, Cynthia 171 II6, 243 Wills, Randy 1111 46, 108, 195 Webb, Bill 1121 175 Webb, Julie 171 92, 243 Weber, Debbie 181 233 Wilner, Eric 1121 80, 176 Wilner, Steve 181 233 Wilso Wilso Wilso Wilso Wilso Wilso 'Wilso Wilso Wilso Wilso Wilso Wilso Wilso Wilso n, Alex 191 223 n, Bruce 1111 80, 86, 130, 195 n, Chris 1101211 n, Christy 1121 109, 176 n, David 1101 128,211 n, Debbie 191 117, 223 n, Dennis 1111 115, 195 ri, Diane 111185, 115, 195 n, Janey 191 116, 223 n, Jim 181 233 n, LaVunn 112149, 113, 176 n, Linda 1121 84, 114, 115, 176 n, Margie 1101 211 n, Mike 171 243 Weber, Jeanne 1101 210 Weber, Margy 1121 175 Weber, Rick 1121 175 Weber, Vicki 171 243 Weems, Jim 171 119,243 Weems, Randy 1111 113, 184 Weisman, Eleanor 1111 42, 43, 44, 84, 106, Welch 194 , Bill 181 233 Welch, James 171 243 Wellendort, Don 1101 210 Wellendorf, Glenn 1121 91, 175 Wells, Wells, Jacanette 1Fac.1 25 Ruth 1Fac.1 25, 176 Wenger, James 191 118, 222 Wenger, Melanie 1101 210 Wenger, Susan 1121 175 Wensell, Wayne 1111 194 West, West wesff Jeannie 1121 41, s4, 91., 97, 109 175 Annetta 181 99, 233 Cathy 1111 114, 194 West, Marion 191 222 West, Shannon 191 222 West, Randy 171 117, 243 Westby, Tryg 1111 195 Westta11,J1m 181 233 Wetheril Wetzel, 1, Martha 1101210 Linda 1111 195 Wharton, David 1101 210 Wheatley, Ellen 181 233 Wheatley, Jeanne 1101 196, 210 Wheeler David 1101 211 Wheeler: Debbie 181 117, 233 Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler , Diane 1121 175 , James 191 222 Kevin 181 233 Wheeler: Pam 1121 49. 175 Wheeler Whisenh Whitake Whitake ,Susan 1121 175 unt, Jim 1111 195 r, Katherine 1Fac.1 35 r, Susan 1101 88, 103, 115, 211 101, Wilson, Pamela 1111 90, 108, 195 Wilson, Pat 1111 125, 195 Wintord, Barbara 111185, 195 Winfrey, Richard 1Fac.1 26 Wintermute, Dave 1121 113, 176 Winters, Alan 1121 115, 176 Wirth, Lisa 171 243 Wisdom, Donn 181 233 Wise, Beverly 1101 114, 211 Wise, Debby 171 243 Wise, Jenniter 171 243 Wise, Linda 111190,91, 114, 195 Wise, Susie 1121 115, 176 Wisner, Dana 191 116, 223 Withington, Ann 1121 78, 84, 153, 176 Withington, Danny 171 243 Withington, Margy 1111 85, 195 Wittman, Barbara 1121 42, 109, 177 Wixson, Mimi 171 116,243 Wolf, David 171 243 Womack, Vanessa 171 243 Womble, Julie 1111 195 Womble, Marty 181 99, 233 Woncik, Karen 1111 195 Wonc ii, Joi... 181 233 wa.-Ja, iaiii 1121 177 Wood, Cathy 181 233 Wood, Charlotte 1Fac.1 31 Woodard, Dick 191 223 Wood , Don 171 119, 243 Wood, J. Don 1Fac.1 34, 35 Wood, Janet 1111 195 Wood, Kim 171 243 Wood, Hal 1101 113,211 Wood, Marcia 1101 211 Wood, Patricia 171 243 Wood, Paula 1121 177 Wood, Rick 1111 195 Wood, Rig 171 117, 243 Wood, Ronnie 181 II8, 233 Wood, Sherry 1101 211 Wood, Suzy 181 233 Woodall, Bert 181 233 White White White White White White White White White Bill 1101 211 Bill 181 233 Bob 1111 125, 195 Dan 1111 195 David 1121 9, 90, 112, 113, 176 fJes..r.ie 1111 195 ,Judy 1121 as, 91., 115, 176 , Judy 191 94, 97, 117, 222 Marcia 1101 115,211 4, ee, 115, White: Margie 1121 a 176 White White White White Marta 181233 Pamela 171 116, 243 ' Sheryl 171 243 Zoe 1Adm.1 l9,I234 Whited, Donna 1101 21 Whitmore, Laura 191 222 Whitmore, Tom 191 93. 100. 118. 222 Whitt, Margaret 1111 109, 195 Whittington, Greg 1101 211 Whitney, Donna 1121 176 Whitt, Brian 191 100,223 Whitten, Cla 7 243 Widmar, Torri 133, 134, 146, 195 Wiegand, David 1121 176 Wiehe, Benita 1111 88, 195 Wienecke, Fred 1111 35. 195 Wies, Cathy 191 104. 118. 223 Wies, David 181 119, 233 Wi ins, Debbi 1101 35, 98, 211 Wiggins, RO. 1121 41. 90. 97. wi. 176 Wiggs, Elaine 171 II9, 243 Wilbanks, B111 191 92, 117. 223 Wilbanks, Susan 1111 64, 34. 109. 195 Wilcox, Phillip 1101 130,211 Tim 181233 Wilcox, Wilder, Gordon 1111 125. 195 Wilder, Kathy 191 93, 94, 223 Wilhoit, Betsy 171 243 Wilhoit, 8 233 h . 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Suggestions in the Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) collection:

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