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, ? , ,rx A , ,. ' ..,,, I 7 K . I I - N. L ,fi ' ' 5' 1 ., 2 -.,. ... ,, ,M ..,..,.A , h f i ' - v , , A V3 - V . , . f n Z .gig G I Q,,,LS' , , K! -mn-.v 7 Y I if-LJ., ' f J' . :wifi f L7 ,W fr 'A A KM, ' 'ff , ff ' ' ' 1 '- " 'L wi-ag" i 5 I ' ' N , . 1 X1 ., ,f,4.5?.,.N V, , f ' - ' l .f , f ,L ff-4, 4,3 :,-L f W' ', "-' , 4 ,513 L f, MWVA ,X K K fi V V: -fri an ,. , ! - ' ' , wi 41-2'.,1f,ywW' X,2 ,V 'mpgj f ' L f , f' f-3,4 JM, N Q' .f ff , X fi' ,M ' 1 1 , """"-ff-,..,,mm 5,2 HN I 1 tim? E fi b bviq M W M X Q-1' -M f W X "llw. ' ,4 ' 25l..m., -.qpmNlIJlviw+fw1'f1 .51 f"TT"7" 1 .-x 4 4 fv .'?CkF!AklfI?lS1r'-,SMA '-wifi!! -' 24 G1 fx . - I' 9-1 TIM-Y' 11"-' 'h:F!n.Y Y 'M 'mi Q1UblBldx.5'f "4UfLEi53wH1" -'WL 191-Y?'-:'5'Bh'Eh5iEEJ9ETBiHSi'??iiit'iBl1ByTm EGREQVYIRUEDM ,.Y IL 43, . 1 1, a 1 X A W ? , , L '4 v ' ,X ,gd ig 3' 1 if, fi 4 1 w, ee rl-A . , -1, ff- ygfwxlf.. 3, yew? ': R595 ' W, ,. M, mm -- 'iam ba, E 745 . 1. y, P, .,f if p My 1 v 4 at ' x,,,.:m-iw vi' , 'LJ 45:59 , , W!-'g , ,, ff 1,+.f.j, T Q!!-V 'fb 'X k . A I 3' ' A 1. 'I t N r A ,, , as , Q ' X S - U! 5. ' A 1 jk 1 46 P 1 U. ,ig ii rg ,v- J QW , ,, 1 ,... .,,.1 -f JF". . ff--if ff bf: . tj '.-r4xJ E- ff ' 1? 4 1 , .A . 7 hs:- ig-l'1J"T:f,'v 9 . - ., ,W fn ,fam , 'x' I w -.1 , 3' 'V H! -. -:wi- we .1 able of OIIIQCIIIQS Opening Section .... . .. .1-13 Administration .... .... 1 4-33 Student Life. .. . . . . . .34-61 Organizations. . . .... 62-97 Classes. .. . . . .93-199 Elite.. . . .... 200-217 Athletics. . . . . .218-247 Q I 1 I I I 9 1 1 U nf 5 I 5 fi 1 i T a Tl li I, AG Q '4 E 1 I 4. Is 3 I. 1. E 2. 1 i J V 1 f '-z:z5',,-LIKE!" F'.i Eii?SnE7.u3SQ6a,25vQ.'J-6 . x 1' - 1.1 ' a 1 '. 5 1-1' ' J E. ammo Qedloow "If I have spurred men to greater effort, and tif our work has widened the hori- -zon of man's understanding even a little and given a ' measure of happiness in the world, I am contentf' I As Edison reaches its tenth year as a school, we pause to look back at the many outstanding accomplishments which have placed Edison among the top schools in the nation. In every field of endeavor, from athletics to National Merit Scholarships, Edison has main- tained an extremely high level of achievement. Edison has not reached its zenith. Edison students will continue to emulate the great individual who set the example. L. E. Smith Construction Company was awarded the contract for the senior high for a bid of 1,343,210 dollars. In 1951 the first step was taken toward the construction of Edison High School when the forty acres of the Beverly Hills Saddle Club were purchased from Dr. Walter Wright. By 1955 the junior high was occupied and work on the senior high had begun. Un Sunday, May 5, 1957, in the newly completed auditorium, Edison was dedicated: "To the children we would serve . . . today and in the years to come. "To education that is mean- ingful in a modern world. "To teachers who are them- Dimensions of 983' 7" by 43' 8" make up the modern functional building de- selves dedicated to the respon- sibility they assume." The Edison dream had become a reality. Ill' signed by Black and West Company. "Operation Sods," projects of 1954 and 1957, beautified our 40 acre campus with grass, trees, and shrubs. In its tenth year Edison has an enrollment of 3,062 and a teaching staff of 123. amesake and Our School Pink Mfzgir, presented in 1956, Was the first production in the newly completed auditorium which seats 1,216. l In 1957-58 Edison had all six grades with a total enrollment of 3,237 and a teaching staff of 53 teachers in the junior high and 51 in the senior high. Success is achieved by individual effort. Sandy Taylor invests a few worthwhile moments in quiet study in the library. Our namesake set an example of hard work which all high school students may well follow. At Edison High School, both faculty and students are dedicated to excellence in every field of scholastic endeavor. This cannot be done without hard work, and Edison students are willing to give the time and energy neces- sary to attain that excellence. pur Us to Greater owe , -Q-V, ,, - ff! Thirty-three Merit Scholarship semi-finalists are an example of the effort demonstrated by Edison students. 5 M 65.4. 'M x fm rg if Z 'ii Q. Z ,ly W 'Y A A, 1, 1 ww M ,gm ., M-,-wf1,.11 f-,a',gpH, , F M3 f WSI. w Ju L 6" ,f .mmf J .mil drive? ,J .4-, Y 'A rw. 14 Lf A - mn . , -...qw-1, 1 V y A 7 I , , 4 1 a 2 , , Tw 2 hrwil , -k . ,N ,M aa- ' V . L- 'rg' 1 Lgpw Q fa 7 Aff' mn y' , , I , , , , V E 9 T ll Mig X ik? 4 2' , . ,L Q Y' I f A 1 .wwfbis ' .. - , 1 4' .5 ,WK fl C- Q S- . f' l 7, ,, i a 5 Edison's friendship with john Philip Sousa indicates his variety of interests. Students at EHS also enjoy a myriad of interests. Exemplifying the quality of our nine AFS students, Robert Christie and Ney Tavora widen our understanding of other cultures. Widen the Horizon of ur john P COUC611 hilip Sousa composed many of the arrangements played by Edison's Marching Band in parades, halftime activities, s. and contest numbers. nderstandin Thomas Edison paved the way for the students of Edison High School to in- crease their knowledge. With his inventions of the motion picture projector and his improvement of the microphone he made ideas available to a broader range of people. Edison's friend- ship with John Philip Sousa widened his own horizon just as participation in the marching band or the AFS program aids Edison stu- dents. Students are provided the opportunity to become more fluent in French and Spanish through the use of our modern language lab. Numerous improvements have evolved through the use of Thomas Edison's invention the motion picture projector. 411.ifx1?ZiHr,f'fN?jui5li51?QMi'bW'14-'IE?iief '1-nf .CM ' f, ,, ' - K 1 'Aff ' ' fb' ' ' ' ' v Q k.','fi,., Under the Edison lights the Concert Chorus members present their interpretation of "The Telephone Hour" from Bye Bye Birdie. Give Us a Measure of Happiness . . . Edison High School enriches the lives of its students with its extracurricular activities such as the Southern Ball, our victory mixers, Eagle athletic events, and assemblies. The inventions of Thomas Edison, such as the movie projector and the phonograph, have contributed to many good times. Thanks to him, our high school years are truly a happy experlence. The phonograph, introduced by Edison in 1878, has become one of his most popular inventions. f S' Nan , J W-K. 'i 5 y ,I t 4-,f 4 PM f' i' ff 'W 45559 N K -'Y W f A Qin: fm Nga ' 'vw .,4,g4 - bw - P . 1 . , -M A' , X J,,.f:u'. X' -1 1 01 L 'I kr W ,r ff 1' . J' ,Q n, fe' L, gg., 4 , K ' 5. nf' , J I 91' fi Q- aff 1 . ,f- x ISZDV .....-Q' Administration R as f mm? 2 ' f ff f' N W ', f fi r . 'Y ,if '40 ff! l We .,,. -fm, Q N' K f ' 4 w f v ff V W , W HQ: -V':fwX,j,'i'1'hs2" K 5 .f Throughout a students high school days, there is always the guiding hand of a principal, unseen and often unappreciated. Edison is indeed truly honored and proud to have a man as devoted as Mr. Cleveland. He is deeply concerned with each activity of the students and faculty, Whether the activity is of an athletic or scholastic nature. Mr, Cleveland has served as senior high principal for three years and each passing year reveals greater achievement in our school's record. The excellent leadership and inspira- tion of our principal has, in part, stimulated this outstanding record. DR. CHARLES C. MASON SUPERINTENDENT Standing not only as a site of beauty but also of importance to the city is the heart beat of Tulsa Public Schools, the Education Service Center. Since 1944, Dr. Charles C. Mason has served as Superintendent of the Tulsa Public Schools. In twenty years he has devoted much time and effort to the supervision of the now over ninety schools throughout Tulsa. True concern for the education of America's youth can be seen in his excellent work as chief administrator of the Tulsa School System and executive officer of the Tulsa Board of Education. CARL C. BEESLEY MRS. J. LITTLETON DANIEL FENELON BOESCHE President Vice-President Member BOARD OF EDUCATION WILLIAM L. BUTLER Member VILLARD MARTIN, JR. MRS. VIRGIL O. WOOD LAHMAN D. JONES Member Member Member Miss Charlene Clark, senior high counselor, and Larry Wilder discuss the most beneficial subjects for him to complete before graduation. dministration ' 11' h ' rg f ' ' l, Mr. Paul Hamm, super- Under the guiding hand of Mr. Russell Rathjens, CQur1s6lOr,.Mr. Roger Kruse, ifllslolhelimdjgsihienll olirlriafiaphew people at Edison, Mrs. dean of boys, and Mrs. Zoe White, dean of girls, 1un1Or high students accept Sandra Luton and jimmy Williams. their roles in Junior high. ,Tn ,A x A . -Z Planning the P.-T.A. "Back to School Night" are from left to right, Mrs. Florence Wiest, dean of girls, Mrs. Grady York, presi- dent, Mrs, Fenelon Boesche, secretary, Mrs. Forrest Romero delegate, Mrs. Robert Dillman, treasurer, and Mrs. Robert jones, vice-president. Mr. Don Hoopert, dean of men, discusses with Mr, jack Griffin, senior high assistant principal, the schedule for future achievement tests. Guides and Counse s Every student is the prime concern of the junior and senior high administration. Through the hard work of four senior high counselors, three junior high counselors, two assistant prin- cipals and the P-T.A., Edison students are given every opportunity to complete a successful year. Mr. jack Griffin, senior high assistant principal, reviews the importance of a students cumulative record with senior high counselors, Mrs. Sydney Powell and Mr. Engel Grow. Senior high workers Edith Cray, schedule clerk, and Colleen Norman, attendance clerk, are important to the daily activities of Edis Y OD. , .Q Mag Evelyn Duncan, junior high nurse, and Virginia Wash- burn, senior high nurse, aid students who have become ill or injured during school hours. Cafeteria meals are prepared and served to the junior high students by: from left to right, ROW ONE: Margaret Morto-n, Betty Samuels, Lois Prim, Mildred Bowling ROW TWO: Edna Carr, Carlotta Gregory, Annie Robertson: ROW THREE: Frances Fresh, Katie Wagner, Lillian McFerreng ROW FOUR: Lillian McBee, Nellie Brown, Thelma Pratt, Jean Ridenerg ROW FIVE: Juanita Byrd, Irene Baughman, Leona Applegate, Joyce Rike. Personnel Serving students and teachers in the junior high office are Stella Myers, Corene Adams, Emma Lee Cemy, secretary of finance, handles Virginia ,Smith and Winnie McClain. many financial matters of the student body, in cluding the sale of yearbooks and budget tickets 4g Edison is kept clean and attractive by: from left to right, ROW ONE: Ed Colbert, J. W. Evans, Harold Fitch, Laymon Kennedy, ROW TWO: jerry Warren, H. W. Treat, john Bigby, ROW THREE: 1. D. Holmes, Carl Spencer, Olen True. Staff Lorena George, Pearle Cunliffe, Joann Clannin, and Ruth Bolt work many hours to maintain an excellent senior high office. its Making sandwiches and soup for senior high students are, from left to right: Mae Lowe, Lois Potts, Mildred Russell, Bernice Garrison, Donna Moore, Mary Whipple. Putting the finishing touches on chocolate cakes are senior high workers: from left to right, Virgie Cochrane, Mildred McFar- land, Kay johnson, Kathleen Holland, Cordelia Harris, Estell Shaffer, Emma Ragsdale, Deloris Griffith. 15 U 7+ fl' V W- . ' -1 . 1 "l" ' W ,1 ,l? gi'- JE: wi i"' rf t ' Qi : 1 ,gf V 3412! 1217 , j. 3544 ' , ... ' . .. V V ,.., V ,,. .:,,. V, V? V. , ,V A ,V ei Vg' k . V -V V 3 4 Q 4 2,11 325.14 . ,M-vi, V, t : ,, . . ,. I: V V , VV , , . V, V, V V V i Ve 1 ., , M 'Q if fi. f 2 '- , Mia, A V 1 V fy. . , . .f f,', 1-, .K gif V f f , , ygfyff ' ,- ,W ,, . ' , if V f lm ,jf,4.--fwgw , .1 f 'af 42 . ' 4, f, -' 4 H f . 'G -Q. f-fff. .. -w,f,f ,f ,. -f -f , 1 f.. f ' '..' " ' . fa.: . , ,V V ', f V ' , l i, Qggyf . , y,V,,, . my M, V, VV V , V ig? ' Xa, ' 1 . Q M, . f ,cf J f 4 'iff f , 'I Q V , V, 1- i Vi - An endless amount of dishes and silverware passes through the hands of senior high workers: from left to right, LeNora Dies, Billie Halstead, Naomi Bascom, Charlotte Russow, Martha Cripps, Alberta Millikin, Shirley Whinery, Vera Newton.. 23 9 Home Economics Edison homemaking enthusiasts are of- fered a variety of courses, including general homemaking, foods, and clothing. General homemaking is a one year course planned to give a balanced program in homemaking. It includes units on clothing, foods, housing, health, consumer buying, and management of time, money, and energy in the homemaking field. Homemaking students give teas, style shows, and luncheons to gain experience in their chosen field. Industrial rts Carl Ford Charles jo-hnson Wayne Nelson Harvey Parks james Tritt Billye Glover Willie B. Hamilton Mary jo Samuel Frances Smith Katherine Whitaker tr l msg Industrial arts, including Wood and metal working, electronics, drafting, auto mechanics, and power mechanics, develop skills in solving various problems. The finished product of many hours of Work proves a great satisfaction for these boys in auto mechanics. :..,.., ...Eg ,,,,, The assembly planning committee, composed of Pam McKissick, Lynn Rylander, and Bill Millard, makes preparation for all school assemblies under the supervision of Miss Burket. Robert Blankenship Ruth Blaylock Richard Cox Laven Sowell Richard Winfrey V. Barbara Burket Dave Crowell S eec - . sc Speech education is a vital ele- SW., ment in a good background of com- 'fp Q munication. Speech 1 covers basic fun- damentals of speech, including discus- "2r Epli . of -ppps sion, phonetics, body expression, and liil an introduction to acting. Speech 2 is a iiii Egjfggff ,eff 5 3 . w, Va ,,V, ,f at 2 i-, -ff ' f fy S. more advanced course in discussion, , 715 ,Ya oratory, and debate. Speech 3 covers iw 'fix dramatics, stage techniques, and pro- duction. Stagecraft is concerned with control and preparation of the stage and its equipment, for construction of scenery for plays, assemblies, and other activities. f ' w as fav . .Z-725111 Q.. 'P-ww ' Sandra Luton fl f, -wi VS Music Musical education is by no means neglected at Edison, orchestras, glee clubs, bands, and the more advanced choruses all prove interesting as well as instructive. All advanced music groups participate in school assemblies, evening programs and concerts, P.T.A. and television programs, and tours of the elementary schools. Edison students have taken advantage of this education by taking part in the Tulsa Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and by Winning superior ratings in local and state music contests. l Larry Alexander Bill Bardrick Neil Barker Catherine Earl George Fowler Laffy Lippard Joe McArthur Bill McPeters Glennis Miller Eveiyn Parish Charles Reves Donald Scott Bill Settle Man cannot understand or appreciate his civilization without studying its structure and its evolution. The Edison social studies department includes courses in American history, civics, gov- ernment and economics, Oklahoma history, world history, ancient and medieval history, and modern history. Challenged by these courses, many Edi- son students have received honors in the field of social studies at outstanding universities. Social Studies Time and space are the foundation for the study of history, Miss Parish indicates a part of the world to student Marilyn Sparks which will be included in her study of ancient history. Sue Johnson Louise Todd competition. Sally Zumwalt Art students at Edison may choose from numerous courses offered to provide both enjoyment and practical education. These include basic art, painting, commercial art, fashion and interior design, and related arts. Edison students have repaid the efforts of their art teachers by winning many awards in regional and national Business Education Marian Dark Ednah Mae Ingalls jean james Margaret Locke Bill Turinetti Mathel Young Pat Zachariae Joy ZumMallen Personal gains and skills are developed through the department of business education at Edison. Classes in typing, notehand, busi- ness law and math, bookkeeping, shorthand, office practice, and busi- ness machines also prove useful in preparation for Vocational and higher educational goals. Much reading, creative writing, and interpretation are included in honors English. Discussing a literature selection are Mrs. Richey, Nancy Netherton, Kirk Van Valkenburgh, and Steve Ogier. Edison's senior high English department is an excellent basis for higher education in any field. It strengthens the students' knowledge of grammar, but more important, it teaches them to express themselves clearly by emphasizing the study and interpretation of literature. In- cluding the study of Shakespearean plays, units on short stories and poetry, and extensive studies of the literature from different nations, the three years of high school English are truly a broaden- ing experience. jennye Ables John Butts Martha Cole Bethel DeLay Libra fl' Judy Hagedorn john Haynes Chloe Lane Harold Marcum Berna Dean Morrow Sheila Parr June Richey M21ri0n SCOU Donna Stark Ruth Wells 28 CHYOIYH BHIHCS Dorothy Boatright Doris Deaton Lester Goodson Muriel Lackey Library Mary McDonald Kay Sanford William Smith En lish Junior high school English consists of courses designed to improve the studentis grammar, vocabulary, and writ- ing ability. Since six years of English are required, the junior high department tries to establish a basic foundation for higher achievements to come. Mrs. Cole, Chairman of the English Department, assists substitute teacher Mr. Walt Gerard as he begins his first day at Edison. Mr. Smith and ninth grade students find a review of English fundamentals helpful in their study of grammar. 2 L James Belt Sarah Burkhart William Conner Jack Dobelbower Charles Fisher B05 GUCSS Mary Hackler Stan Harrison Marjorie Landry Carrie Mae Little Ervin Postier Sherman Robertsor Dorothy Salter Forrest Towry Celestia Williams ath At Edison a student can acquire an excellent founda- tion in math. Beginning with basic arithmetic in the seventh grade, the department offers courses in algebra I through V, plane and solid geometry, trigonometry, ana- lytic geometry and calculus, and three levels of math. The results of this fine education are the high scores made by Edison students on standardized tests and awards won in the National Math Test. An eager math student provides a challenging question for Mr. Conner Observation and study are important parts of a good biology course. A botany specimen proves of interest to Mr. Sanderson, Nancy Sangunett, and Stacy Forrest. Science Donald Hastings Charlotte Imel Eunice Moeckel Donald Poe Quentin Polk Lee Quiett Bob Sanderson Iuel Trask 4 Lewis Ayres Chris Bolton Liane Brown Wendell Casey Many technicalities of today's scientific world require a more de- tailed and demanding scientific edu- cation. To keep up with these in- creasing demands, courses at Edi- son are offered in general and phys- ical science, biology, earth science, chemistry, physiology, and physics. These excellent educational oppor- tunities provide a student with a broad knowledge of the various sciences. Listening to a .lecture by Dr. Oscar Irazarry, a one time Spanish teacher, are privileged Spanish students in Edison's fifth and sixth year classes. Edison students are offered courses in three foreign languages: French, Latin, and Spanish. They may take either conversational or grammatical courses, both of which offer fine foundations for further study. Foreign language students participate in lan- guage club activities and present a foreign language assembly so that the customs of their respective lan- guage may be presented to the entire student body. Foreign Langua e H6160 CUUSY Mary Childs Lucy Duckworth Priscilla Greene Rachel Pollard Judith Samuel Rachel Sanchez Eilah Shearer Henrietta Walker 32 , Walter Barham Ierrel Beller Fred Duvall Bill Grove Hugh Pierce Tom Langham Nocus McIntosh Ralph Parker jimmy Sellers Physical Education Listening attentively to volleyball instructions are senior high girls' gym students. In keeping pace with the ever increasing emphasis on physical fitness, the department of physical education at Edison provides a wide range of gym activities. Girl's gym presents hockey, basketball, modern dancing, swimming, softball, and tennis. Boy's gym develops skills in track, basketball, wrestling, softball, and swimming. ADH Cashell Pat Houston Opalene Moore Laurann Rogers 1.. an f N'-af 5 X. N -- 'ff ,- :liiifg Q S I 'fggf x HESEI1 L, xml bit ., ww H, r 'vi M. ,V QW, D F i QE EE ' W --1-fn.- ' V ' Y 0 ma Student Life Edisorfs 1964 finalists in foreign exchange programs are Jolene Davis, Wendy' Jacobson, Nord Hastings, Lonnie Donovan, Francie Marks, and Anne Scruton. Foreign Exchange Programs Sponsored by the American Field Service, Tricia Lewis left Tulsa early in February to live with the Gonzalez-Arroyo family in Mendoza, Argentina. She will return to Edison after Christmas. Applicants for Edison's foreign exchange programs undergo rigorous questioning. In the home of Mrs. Presley Ford, chairman of the exchange committee, Francie Marks is interviewed by Mrs. C. S. Lewis and Mrs. Claude Dyer. X x X K X X4 NX . :Hi X K x Nm V :AX W xx L 5 5 ,X 132, ff 17 Zi, f 1 1 2 Q FQ- f , 'Q uf? ,F y 4. ik x E, S. YS X Sym w .,: -1 'W M xi ,S 'xx , , 'k-'r '45 wx 7, ia 3 g". 4 Kffg: if 4 421 6 v 5 ,, f 4 - fi 4 X V , . ' W 4 6 Qg Q Z ff ,Z 44 ff A I K f U 2 ff' 6 5 2 P, K f W i fx V. " W! Charles Goodall, Reverend Ben Hill, and Father Donald Smith presented inspirational talks during the Brotherhood Breakfast. Eager Edisonites line up to see NORTH by NORTHWEST. 2 ? if ? s . 51 il . Mr. Cleveland proudly displays a portrait of Edison donated to the school by the Public Service Company. . Tulsa A.F.S. students and their American relatives provided interesting insights on foreign opinions during the assembly. Edison Each year Edison chooses four outstanding boys as can- didates for Mr. Edison. ,J iffy Week One of the outstanding activities of the year is recognition of Edison's birthday. The activities of Edison Week cornrnence with a pep rally in the field- house and continue through the Brother- hood Breakfast and Teacher Appreciation Day. The week climaxes with student su- perlatives, Mr. Edison, and Student Coun- cil Valentine's dance. This year's Mr. Edison was Vic Williams. Other can- didates were Scott Hall, Mark Wolf, and Phil Boesche. Teachers were honored by both their homerooms and the Student Council on "their" day. One of the more inspirational moments of Edison Week was the flag raising. Anguish and doubt cloud the faces of play members as Dick Motely tells of a mysterious incident he has observed. Seniors display EdiSOl1,S This year the seniors presented the psycho- logical drama, Nigbf Muff Fall, an exciting murder mystery written by Emlyn Williams. The play opens at the English country home of an elderly, crippled woman living alone with her servants. A shy niece, bold servants, question- ing police, and a confused young man provide a variety of characters lending atmospheres of humor, mystery, and drama to the complex and ever interesting plot. Searching through the hatbox, these three characters are unable to find the missing head. outstanding talent Dan, played by Bill Millard, enacts one of his most dramatic scenes as the psychological murderer. The subtle humor of Hubert Laurie, portrayed by Dick Motely, is in great contrast to the more serious nature of the puzzled, uncertain young Dan, Bill Millard. Dexter Franklin, played by Mike Tipton, looks on hungrily as Corlis Archer, played by Robbie Liekam, offers candy to her father, jim Barnes. One of the most difficult tasks of a cast member is knowing his lines. Prompter, Ann Sylverster, helps Robbie Liekam with her lines. janet Cockriel deftly applies grease paint to Doug Wilson as Jim Johnston touches up his make-up. Juniors, Sophomores David Williams and DeeDee Knapp sacrificed many hours as they rehearsed this scene repeatedly during practice sessions. Ten frightened students caught in a boy's dorm, the principal at the door, and few places to hide cause a great stir of excitement. O produce comedles The combined efforts of the junior Board, class, and officers helped achieve a rousing success of "Kiss and Tell." The setting in the l940's, a junior Red Cross kissing booth, a secret marriage, and jealous neighbors, all add to the complex and hilarious developments of "Kiss ' and Ten." "Best Foot Forward," the sophomore play, is staged on a typical college campus. Many enjoyable moments are provided when a senior boy invites a movie star to the prom, she accepts, and then his steady girl arrives for the dance. Doc Reeber, David Cooper, the principal of Winsocki Prep School, along with his secretary, Penny Van Hoose, search the dormitory room and almost do not catch prep-student, Mark Buchner, as he starts to climb out the window. Caught by the anger of a double date, Bud, Gary Graham, tries to escape the wrath of both girls. l s z Keeping in style with a Beatle wig is Dr. Burkhart as she prepares to start her trig class. l Mr. Griffin, Mr. Grow, and Mr. Hoopert put their triple whammie hex on the Roper football team. Teachers, assemblies, KU v-4 M,M.M,,W-aM,.w.,.,..fam fu-W,,.,.-,W ,wwe-WMMQQ, ,aw 0.wMMM,,W.aa-wmyo.M-,,,f,,W,,ff.W,-MMM M Edison athletes spark team enthusiasm by participating in the winter sports assembly. Mr. Hastings, chemistry teacher, agrees that it is a rarity when Edison students can walk down the hall and smell fresh air. k .swwz . Besides their singing talent, The Bugs play benefit basket- ball games, one of which was for the junior class. Ben Henneke and Sandy Dixon are ecstatic over the results of the canned goods drive. school spirit, lend variety Dressed for Hex Day, these fine boys typify Edison's originality. Scott Hall and Wes Disney admire the robot designed by Rob Barr in support of the football team. Sandra Williams, Francie Marks, and Sandra Prosko- vec agree that whether it is mink or mouse it has to be fur on coat collars. Ski jackets are a common sight at Edison as displayed by Lynn Rylander, john Munneke, and Roger Grigor. For Martha Manhart, Deborah Allen, Be- linda Bates, and many Edison girls a fa- vorite outfit is short skirts or jumpers and knee socks. New fads, school Many hours of hard work pay off as Linda McCarty, Lana Hamilton, Janie Asher, Angela Anderson, and Alice Dunbar model their accomplishments in the annua 1 Edison Style show, activities prevail Mr. Alexandefs creativity plus the singing talent of his homeroom enabled his song to win an award during Edison Week. Swingin', singin' Joyce, the voice, Avery cracks out another tune on her guitar. CHEERLEADERS are FRONT: Judy johnson, Marilyn Sparks, BACK: Barbara Roller, Kathy Kendall, Cheryl Crain, Betty Donlcin, Lucy Murray, Nancy Allison. C eerleaders boost Kathy Kendall, head pom-pom girl, prepares a booklet Cheerleaders use their vibrant enthusiasm to activate school spirit for the big game, designed to help orientate new cheerleaders. Cheering at the game is the result of many hours of diligent practice. team enthusiasm School spirit at Edison is maintained by the enthusiastic cheerleaders. In preparation for their many activities they attend a summer clinic at the University of Oklahoma in addition to the many practice sessions. Their activities in- clude leading cheers at games and pep assemblies and encouraging good sportsmanship of the student body. 4 V ,. "Ya, 4 Betty Donkin and Mary Adams help the Student Council by selling roundball razzers. c t 1 Q 3 rg gg 1 W 1 -fm, Va . , y , ga s it 5 ,' a 9 5 , Q, fr 2 haw? if K , , zz ,,.. f Wm 1- 4' a Wa 4. , C t,,, ,W 53, Q i ,T ff amz New cheers are unveiled at a pep rally before school. if Gleaning ideas from past yearbooks are Donnie Roberts, Nancy Remy, Sandra Willianis, Lynna Snider, Marilyn Manton, David Detrick. Mrs. Parr and staff members Lee Hoevel, Ann Grekel, Nancy Chandler, Bill Dunn, Carol Highland inform Mr. Smith of some of his many duties as the new sponsor. Members of the Edison year- book staff must devote time, en- durance, and forethought in order to put forth an imaginative year- book. Countless hard-working hours provide abundant pleasure and a feeling of accomplishment. journalism affords many oppor- tunities in learning the fundamen- tals of newspaper writing. School activities are efficiently covered in the School Life, N ofide Timex, and Southside Timer by the journalism staff. Yearbook and journalism Mike Tipton, Francie Marks, and Mary Alice Baldwin sort out class pictures for student dis- tribution. Co-editors Drue Dillard and Pat Morris review the dummy of last years yearbook in order to prevent many common errors. 4 One of the highlights of the journalism class was the interviewing of Bill Blair, star of the "Big Bill and Oomagog Show" and KVOO-TV weatherman. W Kathy Warden and Janice Tomer, co-editors of School Life, review the current editions of the newspaper. rush to meet deadlines Members ofthe journalism staff are, FRONT, Lee Blackledge, Susan Cobb, Jan Scott, SuzAnne Close, Kathy Price. Marilyn Bumpass, Donna Winer. BACK ROW: Carol Warren, Linda Haag, Sharon Mills, David Livingston, Bob Armstrong, Bob Losure, Judy Frank, Jeanne Hunt, Carole Garbade, and Judy Dague. Not present: Greg Palazzo, pho- tographer and sport's editor, and Pat Redfern, circulation and distributions editor. -ff Mr. Alexandefs homeroom won the Senior Play ticket sales contest, supported a needy family, and earned the award of homeroom of the month as well as having sweatshirts and a homeroom banner. E0 Q,-1-1 Mrs. Richey's homeroom earned recognition by having sale for AFS. These hard-working students have twice the homeroom of the month award. a book merited Recognition earned ---.. Car washes and bake sales have shown the enthusiasm of Dr. Burkharfs homeroom. They were also first to be one hundred percent in budget ticket sales. Cole's Capshooters show their school spirit by wearing home- room sweatshirts and participating in pep rally skits. 4 Members of the ORCHESTRA are ROW 1: J. DeWees, T. Kenton, K. Jackson, F. Craig, P. Nation, S. McIntyre, ROW 2: N. McKewon, S. Sherman M. Withington, S. Pummill, P. Lynch, S. Peters, J. Hudson, A. Beale, B. Davis, D. Potter, L. Wilson, ROW 3: P. Preaus, J. Jacobs, M. Dratz, J Alexander, C. Johnson, C. Wade, D. Hawthorne, L. Cagley, D. Fisher, M. Jones, W. Williamson, ROW 4: J. Issacks, G. Denham, P. Shell, P. Mci Arthur, A. Levin, ROW 5: B. Davis, J. Phillips, C. Rupe, S. Owens, B. DeMerritt, Mr. Winfrey. usical entertainment Members of BAND III are ROW 1: T. DeFalco, P. Owens, J. Rickabaugh, L. Hall, N. Stephenson, ROW 2: P. Eller, S. Karey, D. Tidwell, S. Prophet, B. Peterson, G. Griffin, D. Drake, B. Baugh, B. Remck, S. Wright, W. Robinson, ROW 3: S. Rathmann, P. Cobb, D. Perrin, K. Pope, J. Barnes, R. Goble, J. Bennent, S. Conard, S. Lewis, K. Dale, G. Semke, R. Eagon, L. Norman, D. Clark, C. Teter, ROW 4: N. Mark, R. McVay, V. Ashcroft, D. McKee, J. Martin, S. Koch, T. Williams, J. Williams, R. Vincent, J. Bunch, T. Fulton, M. Rainwater, T. Miller, R. Speagle, T. Pratt, ROW 5: D. Ross, F. Copes, R. Talley, J. Barnes, R. Turner, G. Lobaugh, D. McCalm, B. Kirberger, Mr. Winfrey. l While visiting EHS. jazz clarinetist Buddy DeFrance gives constructive criticism to Kent Renfrow and Gary Sloan. Edison is provided FRENCH HORNS Marshall Hunt Cathy Smith Richard Franklin Howard Medearis BARITONES Rodney Routsong Jim Fehr Steve McLean TROMBONES Kip Powell Steve May Randy Jacobs Tom Brown Jerry Bush Ed Ford Steve Grimes Pat Kendall Steve Fadem OBOE Jodie Storm BASSOON Randy Routsong Sandra Mayfield FLUTES Carol Highland Diane Tholen Cheryl Coiner Juanita Squire Sue Weathers Marie Hansen Janice Hickman Janice McGee Andi Morava Ann Martin Allison Lewis Ann Turpen ALTO CLARINETS Judie Loyd 4 y choruses, bands, and orchestras. E CLARINETS Brian Martin Earl Elliott Steve Bauter Bill Goggin Bill Potts Gary Britton Doug Fitts Kent Walden Richard Audd Gary Miner Gregg Zumwalt Steve Bonner Larry Lamprich Dewey Ferris Margie Hall BASS CLARINETS Gloria Boyd Gary Brown Larry Lyons john Cowles Mark Champion ALTO SAXOPHONES Mike Henry Ralph Peters jim Clark Ike Brighton Jeff Olson jerry Wright TENOR SAXOPHONES Terry Young john Drake CORNETS Martin Springfield Mike Curry David Krumme Kris Baumann Tom Bunch Bill McKee PERCUSSION Cathy Abshire Bill Millard Roger Steed Mike Ives Dick Carge Gary Sloan john Hamill Mike Solow Linda Hunter Mr. Cox explains an intricate passage to section leaders Mike Henry, Gloria Boyd. and Rodney Routsong. 55 Members of the CONCERT CHORUS are, Pianist, Jolene Davis: ROW 1: Natalie Brown, Barbara Roller, Shirley Murray, Reid Allen, Ronnie Hunt. Dick Ruprecht, John Ratliff, Ken Dillman, Kathy Oliver, Ginny Dunn, Shirval Hill, Mr. Sowell, ROW 2: Betty Easter, Donna Easter, Vicki Sch- neider, Renee Murphy, Chris Petterson, Bob Kenny, Bill Davis, Mike Stout, Mary Henley, Kay Oliver, Joan Wilkerson, ROW 5: .Linda Moore, Lorna Null, Robyn Dundee, Carol Soule, Larry Catron, Bob Lamons, Roger Grigor, Dick Motley, Diane Hodges, Pam Catron, Joyce Cook. These organizations stimulate Members of the MIXED CHORUS are ROW 1: K. Philips, B. Fish, I.. Adkins, A. Tharpe, B. Sipes, J. Stringer, S. Shan, B. Farley D Wagenblatt J. Teel, K. Freeman, R. Hayden, L. Thomas, B. Sokol, D. Gillespie, D. Eulii-reghtiVMr. Soxfelgg ROW 23 t t M. M. Riggs, S. Earl-, D. Miller, S. Jacobson, R. Pool, R. Christie, R. Packwood, D. Ringle, D. Camp e , . yan, . cru on, Irby E Mooney' ROW 3: J. Young, J. Wright, D. Happel, S. Oldham, G. Schweers, C. Lawrence, G. Nichols, B. Lewis, K. D6 Davis. UR. Edwards, R. Clark, L. Blackledge, P. Chance, D. Hagan Pianist, R. Audd. Kay Oliver, Bobby Kenney, and Reid Allen are coached by Mr, Sowell in preparation for one of the Concert Chorus's many activities. cultural and ascetic interes s. Members of the GIRLS' GLEE CLUB are ROW 1: Mr. Sowell, Jane Sokol, Carol McEwen, Martha Gowans, Mary Burt, Martha York, joan White- book, Susan Sheltong ROW 2: Pam Marler, Merrilyn Alston, Debbie Farmer, Shirley Ramsey, Kathy Craver, Ronni Marrin, Keni Schooler, Sandy Caryg ROW 3: Pianist, Robert Wise, Sheri Childress, Shari Hudson, Charlene Barton, Charlotte Barton, Carroll Yost, Kathy Brewer, Linda Day. Stage band members rehearse hours to achieve the perfection that is expected in concerts and assemblies. Music groups provide Members of the ADVANCED ORCHESTRA are VIOLINS: J. Johnson, P. Lawler, G. Lawson, M. Norberg, W. Denham, M, Gile, J. johnson, R. Harrison, D. Clutchg OBOE: J. Wilderg BASSOON: J. Core, FLUTE: D. Tholen, A. Edwing, J. Schricker, P. Martin, A. Vincent VIOLA: M. Levin, M. Walker, L. Heckmang CELLO: C, Pieper, R. McIntyre, P. D-ial, M. Malbeufg STRING BASS: I.. Wilder, W. Woodsg CLARINET: G. Brown, C. Dunn, K. Walden, G. Musgrove, R. Brown, FRENCH HORNS: R. Franklin, L. Browng TRUMPETS: R. Barr, J. Jordan, M. Springfielclg PERCUSSION: G. Sloan, M. Solowg TROM- BONES: K. Long, W. Romero, J. Ekartg I-IARP: L. I-Iunter. l Members of the STAGE BAND are SAXES: Chaney Carter, Robert Sloan, Bob Burns, Wayne Lair, D. R. Grimes, RHYTHM: Larry Wilder, Wayne Woods, Frank Man-to-oth, Kent Renfrow, Gary Sloan, Mike Solow, Kenyon Rupnickg TRUMPETS: Martin Springfield, Mike Curry, Robert Barr, Bob Jones, David Krummeg TROMBONES: Kip Powell, Kim Long, Jim Elmore, Randy Jacobs, Steve May. valuable pla ing ex erience Members of the JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB are ROW 1: C. Sheram, S. Morgan, L. Hamilton, J. Baker, C. Moon, P. Hale, J. Keith, M. Downey, C. King, V. Graf, J. Ward, L. Lantow, A. Richards, P. Bradley, N. Milner, M. White, M. Patter- song ROW 2: C. Chandler, K. Moore, D. Ervin, B. Frank, S. Wenger, L. Jack, L. Daniel, C. Creaer, V. Bledsoe, D. Carroll, J. Crowdus, V. Bougher, N. Bowen, M. Rorschach, B. Romero, J. Hutchison, S. Bagwell, J. Roberts, B. Vanzantg ROW 3: M. McGee A. Pool, C. Drew, S. Wise, J. Fell, C. Carroll, M. Felts, C. Zumwalt, C. Wells, D. Schott, C. Low, L. Dempsey, J. West, K. Knight, N. Bennett, J. Bogan, J. Carley, B. Beard, K. Hoar, A. Todhunterg ROW 4: L. Scott, E. Alexander, J. White, S. Hudson, J. Patman, S. Renberg, S. Schaffer, L. Jennings, P. Dart, S. Ranck, B. Preiss, T. Pilkington, D. Copenhaver, C. Piland, J. Raines, C. Gooch, Mr. Blankenship. x lil ,,,,,,f . 4.,A .mm wi ,E Members of BAND I are ROW 1: S. Gilmore, J. Crawford, J. Johnston, E. Gentry, M. Beard, D. Newsom, B. Hodges, ROW 2: C. Carter, S. Allen, B. Broding, P. May, K. Francy, K. Townsend, K. Ledbetter, R. Fisher, D. Suits, B. Dillman, L. Sweenyg ROXW 5: C. Born, T. Reaves, P. Bolon, S. Blood, P. Saubert, R. Reynolds, K. Roller, E. Hoffman, R. Huggins, M. Dudding, M. Highland, ROW 4: B. Eley, B. Jones, M. Jones. N. Elbon, P. Tholen, B. Crain, R. Krumme, L. O'Reilly, D. White, S. Goad, G. Newsom, S. Been, J. Ledbetter, J. Elder, R. Perrin, L. Davis, ROW' 5: C. Leland, G. Riggs, R. Gomez, D. Clark, M. Saubert, Mr. Winfrey. and afford man hours Members of the JUNIOR HIGH BOYS' GLEE CLUB are Pianist B. Henthorneg ROW 1: C. Selman, S. Rab- enaldt, S. Hoppes, R. Hagan, R. Mills, C. Thompson, R. Bechland, S. Thomas, T. Alexander, B. Davis, M. Malahy, D. Crawford, P. Dratz: ROW 2: S. Davidson, S. Jared, D. White, D. Morton, T. Rodman, D. Crawford, S. Hickerson, J. Byrne: S. Thompsen, R. Weber, M. Eilers, P. McArthur, ROW 3: Mr. Sowell, D. Frederick, G. Wellndorf, B. First, D. Hartson, M. Thompson, R. Argue, T. Bell, B. Elliott, R. Mason, B. Davis, D. Fleming, J. Malahyg ROW 4: R. Walder, G. Hall, M. Van Hoose, D. Ruggles, R. Elwell, J. Brown, P. Erdmann, M, Self, R. Peterson, B. Ramsey, L. McRorey, P. Gentry, R. Gray, J. Johnson, T. Rogers. l77l. Members of BEGINNING STRINGS are ROW 1: Carolyn Pope, Linda Nunneleyg ROW 2: Bill Snow, John Gorrell, Ian Lyons, Susan Morton, ROW 3: jim Feldmann, Henry Happel, Mike Parker, Sharon Greenwood, Mr, Winfrey. of personal satisfaction. l Members of BAND II are ROW 1: 1. Wiley, M. Tharel, J. Butler, K. Woncik, R. Riddle, J. Forrest, ROW 2: E. Peeples, T. Oliver, J. Lammon, S. Bullinger, S. Coulter, F. Cantrell, ROW 3: J. Williams, J. Phillips, G. Gibbons, B. Jacoby, C. Stephenson, S. Reynolds, C. Shafer, M. Jones, J. Laughlin, B. Antry, M. Clor, V. Cobb, B. Barnard, C. Whisenhunt, C. Shaw, ROW 4: J. Byrd, M. Berg, K. Petra, G. Campbell, S. Cash, M. Carroll, P. Davis, W. Eskridge, P. Petta, J. Abshire, G. Nevins, D. Anderson, D. Mclntyre, P. Wilson, K. Woodbury, D. Davidson, J. Goff, D. Froning, R. Roberts, ROW 5: P. Southard, I. Aldaker, C. Enterline, G. Wilder, D. Fields, D. MCClary, S. Glazer, Mr. Winfrey. f 1 L ,I M75 A. ,vw ugynfw W Kem. 115,vw,. ww V. . A A ga ' -, ,, Y' . 455 'L . '4-5131 rv 1 'M 62 -i-gg Mfm W - 'L::.-.Y-af .gzrtrjgg 1 --5-32:---w,7T . Q,-L,-, 'H E ML., ... ..--4. 1 ..a.,,,,,. . im' ' V A., ,,. 4- ,i . TQ., YG- . sw - Q 'w..:1-. is ' 2-if-'wiffg-.A - 1 fb, 1- ' ,K ' f' 3. 'X ,x, T1 fum, 11155, -?.T'li,1- e-4 V! I Wu V-YL. K X GJFSQAW , 3: Vff. N't+,1g-fimvv ' u ,J "' wvff? 'Q up -A -' IN A ' I-X ' 5.15 if A -lil ' H3g.zrf7,1-h., . ,N '.-P. 'ffvrrfiigau ' , ' . 4. . V ' -. "JW"-H Ln, ' '-3Y""'5v-if4:a:,,, , Y 5 x"f:'!'7-4' we , A 1,l:.,w K ,, ' -W r 7 W r--4--gm -, . .-. .,f-, . - -' V. :v.".p. " 1 SA., "1 Q. . "uv-V.,-, ,- mzftfw "X " -.5-Q 'xwlg 4 W -..,3-mf 'Wav-, 17 4.,,.w Q1 gf we H 4 M1131 N 1 ,L , .1 I . , vi Wh .k Q, -sf. it sd uk ah X ORGANIZATIONS X Student Council officers are Ben Henneke, presidentg Phil Boesche, vice-presiclentg Susan Strong, treasurerg and Betty Easter, secretary. Paul Taylor, Phil Boesche and Ben Henneke work on Student Council projects in Do'be's room. Student Council engages in man Christmas cards are distributed by Student Council po-sitmen. V Each Student Council member represents his homeroom opinion in matters concerning stu- dent government. Among the council's activities are sponsoring the election of Boy and Girl of the Month, raising money for the Foreign Ex- change program, and planning and executing Edison Week. Worth activities Fourteen thousand cans were collected in Edison's Canned Goods Drive. Sandy Dixon, drive chairman, and Ben Henneke, Student Coun- cil president, examine the cans before they are sent to the Salvation Army. Student Council members represent tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade homerooms. Mr. Jack Dobelbower sponsors this organization. Joyce Cook receives her National Honor Society pin from Miss Clark. Mrs. Powell, co-sponsor of the Honor Society at Edison with Miss Clark, guides Society members in their college plans. ational Honor Society promotes Sandra Willianis, David Detricl-c, Drue Dillard, Pat Morris, Bill Dunn and Mary Alice Baldwin receive their Honor Society membership cards. l- Throughout history, man has recognized and marked for special honor those who excel. Ancient and medieval universities established their honor societies. In modern times, the covet' ed honor of election to Phi Beta Kappa outranks all other distinctions that a college can bestow. In election to the National Honor Society, the secondary school faculty honors the attainments already made and recognizes the promise they contain of continued excellence in the cherished ideals of a school. Leaders of the National Honor Society are Ann Grekel, secretaryg Paul Taylor. vice-presidentg Jim McWilliams, preside-ntg Mike Gravitt, treasurer. scholastic ezicellency. l National Honor Society members are juniors having a 5.5 grade average and seniors with a 3.25 grade average. Mary Lou Mungen creates Boy and Girl of the Month sketches for the junior high Stud' Council. Her completed drawings are dis- played in the foyer. Mr. George Fowler, Student Council sponsor, discusses coun- cil business with Kjersti Larson. Junior High students junior high STUDENT COUNCIL members are, BOTTOM ROW: M. Samuelson, J. Andelman, S. Borchard, M. Davis, C. Thomas, T. Messef, D. Donkin, j. johnson, T. Stevens, S. Wilbanks, V. Fowler, SECOND ROW: M. Singer, G. Turner, L. jack, T. Henshaw, J. Fredenberger, J. Saab, Rogers, J. Fair. P. Ellerg THIRD ROW: G. Purdy, M. Seigel, K. White, S. Shaffer, A. Withington, K. Wells, P. Tessier, M. jones, J. Helm, M. McGee, K. Kee, P. Easter, K. Low, TOP ROXW: J. B. Lee, D. Fleming. L. Shapiro, B. Strong, R. Gray, B. Farris, S. Floyd, M. L. Mungen, K. Larson, M. Highland. J. Friedman, and T. Oliver. 1...i junior high Student Council is the gov- erning body for the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Members are elected represent- atives of their homerooms and school-spon- sored organizations. Committees are responsible for special council functions. These committee members are planning a Student Council fund raising project. learn leadership Patty Tessier and Mark Davis discover an honor plaque which was awarded to the council several years ago. Forming the cabinet of the junior high Student Council are Terry Messer. corresponding secretary, Diana Donkin, treasurer, Keith Roller, president, Candi Thomas, parliamentarian, julie johnson, re- cording secretary and Mark Davis, vice-president. Planning the program for the Key Club radio broadcast are Pete Byars, Key Club president, and Chris White. Barbara Roller Key Club Sweetheart School service is the aim of Edison's Key Club. It is composed of young men who are outstanding leaders and students. Under the sponsorship of the Utica Square Kiwanis Club, Key Club members have undertaken worthwhile projects of benefit to their school and community. At the annual banquet, Barbara Roller was crowned sweetheart of the organization. I Key Club officers are Pete Byars, president, Pat Irwin, vice-president, Russell Bock, secretary, and Russell Wienecke, treasurer. 2 ' as . Key Club members are selected for membership on the basis of scholarship, lead6rSl1iP, arid CifiZfflShiP- , . Usherettes are active senior girls who are outstanding students and citizens. organizations contribute to EHS Loading the trunk with gifts for the St. john Vianney School are Anne McCoy, Susan Allen, Sandy Dixon, Ann Moody, and Jacque Frost. Usherettes usher at 'school functions and aid the school and community through service and charity. This year, members of Usherettes made Christmas presents for the girls at St. john Vianney School. 9, Usherette officers are Nancy Chandler, vice-presi- dent, Ann Moody, secretary-treasurer, and Jacque Frost, president. Edison junior high's finest students and leaders are chosen to be members of the Honor Commission. It is the responsibility of these outstanding eighth and ninth grade boys and girls to set examples of honesty for the student body. Commission officers are Brent Davis, president, julie Andelman, secretary, Mary Lou Mungen, Student Council representative, and Larry Chapin, who is not pictured, vice-president. Honor Commission members are explaining the principles of the Honor System to seventh graders. Junior High Members of Honor Commission are se- lected by the faculty on the basis of scholar- ship, dependability, leadership and honesty. With Miss Deaton, their sponsor, they pro- mote the junior high school honor system. The purpose of the Commission is to in- crease classroom honesty. 4 l l 1 Barry Davis, Dick Fleming, Gary Rosenthal and Jim Nelson operate the lost and found, which is the K-Club's responsibility. K-Club members are outstanding junior high school l boys who devote time to aiding Edison and Tulsa. They are sponsored by the Utica Square Kiwanis Club. Their K-Club Officers are Bill Strong, treasurerz Jay Frieda faculty sponsors were Mr. Smith, first semester, and Mr. man, president, Mark Davis, secretary, Kim White, vice- president. Miller, second semester. organizations build character The members of K-Club are FIRST ROW: Mr. Miller, B-ill Strong, jay Friedman, Mark Davis, Kim White, Mr. Smithg SECOND ROW: Larry Chapin, Dennis Schwabe, Richard Elwell, Carl Sears, Richard Neville, Barry Davis, Mark Seigle, Larry Simmons, THIRD ROW: jimmy Nelson. Gary Rosenthal, Stephen Booth, Gary Gaither, Steve Goad, Larry O'Reilly, D-avid Henderson, Brent Davis, Keith Roller, FOURTH ROW: David I-Ioppes, john McCormack, Mike Highland, Paul Bolen, Roger Gray, Bob Lyons, Doug Rose, Lee Shapiro, Dick Fleming. Officers of this year's Red Cross are Doug Wilso-n, vice-presidentg J Mary Kaye Burnham, secretaryg Suzanne Ellington, presidentg Kathy Harn, program chairman, Clare Ahrens, treasurer. Development of leadership and service in Red Cross members is one of the most re- warding results of membership in this out- standing organization. Annual projects, in- cluding the Red Cross membership drive, talent show, and filling of gift boxes are sponsored by eager Red Cross members. Through their work in helping others, mem- bers of Edison's Red Cross develop a keen insight into the problems of others and ways in which the less fortunate can be helped. Red Cross members are elected by their homerooms to serve for the year. unior Red Cross Rehearsing for a Red Cross talent show at a hospital are performers Wes Disney, Larry Wilder, Bob Burns and Alex Wfhitmore. sponsors membershlp dr These Red Cross members are preparing an article for the city Red Cross bulletin the "Key Hole." IVCS How about that! john Teal has discovered that Cheryl Crain is the Red Cross walking girl of the day. Sherri Shanor conducts elections for Pep Club athlete of the month. By selling pompoms, pep ribbons, and the newly designed car stickers, the Talons generated more school spirit than ever be- fore. Loyalty to the green and white was also evident in the active poster campaigns before the athletic events. Boasting a mem- bership of over three hundred high school girls, the Pep Club has been sponsored for five years by Mrs. joy Rae ZumMallen. Co- sponsor this year was Mrs. Judy Hagedorn. Talons stimulate school spirit, Talons cheer Edison's athletes on to victory in their crisp green and white uniforms. Present at each home athletic event, the Pep Club also ac :ompanied the team to the Bartlesville football game. Carolyn McMasters, a sophomore member of Talons, sews the Edison "E" onto her Pep Club sweater. SUPPO IT t62lIIlS . rg ff? e ,fgiff is V . f D ,r 3 f f . N Vvtquvmh y, . X , .I , ..,. 9 ' Q f A Talons are led by Sherri Shanor, president, Sherry Ryder, vice-president, Donna Roers, secretary, and joy Tschappat, treasurer. Mrs. Hagedorn and Mrs. ZumMallen are sponsors. Pep Club members make posters to boost school spirit and encourage the Eagles. Edison s Marching Band provides entertainment at football games and parades. arching Band adds variety Marching Band has promoted student pride in Edison through spirited performances on the football field. Under the direction of Mr. Cox, the members of the band perfect marches in prac- tices before school and during class. They partici- pate in several parades each year, including the annual Fair and Christmas parades. Majorette Kathy Smith delights audiences with her baton twirling. .. Marching Band entertains football spectators at halftime. to athletic events By participating in class, band members improve their musical skill Rigorous band rehearsals are often held in the early morning on the practice field. l 1 In new blazers, Liberty Belles march in the Tulsa State Fair Parade in downtown Tulsa. eww It was time for a change! Liberty Belles' captains compare green blazers with last year's uniforms. The girls are Marilyn Bumpass, Janice Lamb, Karen Phillips, Camille Holt and Linda Goff. Libert Belles Liberty Belles endeavor to promote school spirit and pride by performing with the Marching Band during half-time ac- tivities at football games and in paradesf They spend hours of practice before and after school in perfecting their clever, and often intricate, routines. 4 Following precisely the direction of Kip Powell, one of Eclison's drum majors, are the Liberty Belles and the marching Eagle band- Liberty Belles officers are Linda Goff, Lee Boomer, Marilyn Bumpass, Pat Robinson. Tanice Young and Karen Phillips. perform with archin Band l M,. LIBERTY BELLES are, FIRST ROW: J. Lamb, L. Goff, M. Bumpass, W. Smith, K. Phillipsg SECOND ROW: C. Holt, G. Harrison, B. Braunlich, J. Rosebush, R. Price: THIRD ROW: S. Hall, C. Crawford, S. Miller, S. Wiedeman, H. Zackerg FOURTH ROW: P. Robinson, M. Alston, M. Murphy, T. Ramey, N. Downey: FIFTH ROW: J. Musgrove, K. Brown, K. Mooreland, I.. Boomer, J. Braunlich. Advertising Board members serve their homerooms by attending to class financial matters. Advertisin Board promotes, Advertising Board member, Melinda Baker, checks her homeroxom's account in the bank with Mrs. Cerny. Edison's Advertising Board consists of elected representatives from each homeroom. Members take care of budget ticket sales, play tickets and yearbooks. Each Week they distribute School Life newspapers. Laura Coe receives School Life: for her homeroom from Judy Frank Bob Armstrong, Pat Redfern and Suzanne Close. Thespians is the organization for stu- dents interested in drama at Edison. One hundred hours of work concerned with the stage is required for membership. Edison's Troupe 14 is affiliated with the National Thespian Society. Members present talent awards after each class play and a "Best Thespian" award at the end of the school year. These Thespians have not only appeared in assemblies and plays but also worked back stage and in various committees. and Thespians emote. - ' d Ca , 'b g P m McKissiclc, presidentg Bill Millard, Laughing through a play are Thespians DeeDee Knapp 32555333dczeixgegilrildiallziliay, Itiggsuiiig i1ndaDeeDee Knapp, secretary. David Williams, Sandra Gray, Henry Eddins, Miss Burlcet, sponsor, Pam McKissick and Mike Tipton French Club officers are Ann Moody, vice-presidentg Ann Turner, president, Linda Langley, treasurerg and Susan Allen, secretary. French Club members present a skit from "La Parure" by Maupassant. Performers are Aileen Cheatham, Jane Moore, Ann Turner, Gail Kravitz, a 6 C u S Cindy Leonard, Ann Moody, jan Coulter and Susie Fisher. Mrs. Helen Carney sponsors the French Club. Members speak in French at meetings and enjoy an annual breakfast and dinner. ff ei Q .A David Williams provides the background music as Steve Fadam gives a toast in Latin at the annual Latin Club banquet. add to school culture For the first time in four years, Edison's Latin Club has joined the jun- ior Classical League, a national. organiza- tion. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Duckworth, Latin Club members enjoyed the annual orgy at Villa Conti. Latin Club officers are Paula Stogner, treasurer, Lynn Cates, vice president, Anne Thar-pe, secretary, and Dick Ruprecht, president Latin Club participants enjoy learning the language and acquainting themselves with Roman customs. Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Duckworth, sponsors of the organization, are on the left and right, respectively. Aquillas are chosen for their citizenship and scholarship to serve their school during the ninth grade. Library assistants aid Miss Boatright in the junior high school library. They file magazines, repair books, and operate the check-out desk. Junior I-Iigh's Aquillas Aquilla Club is composed of outstanding ninth grade girls. They serve Edison in various ways: by working in the library, the main office, coun- selors' offices, and the nurse's office. Sponsored by Mrs. Zoe White, Aquillas usher at school functions and help teachers upon request. Their activities are culminated by an annual spring party. To increase interest in reading, an attractive bulletin board dsiplay is made by library assistants Mary Beth Wheatly, Sharon Gilmore, Barbara Fisher and Vicky Wright. exemplify service Decorating the Christmas tree are Aquilla officers Karen Froning, vice- presiden-tg Mary Kay Haden, presidenitg Nancy Seigismund, treasurerg and Rosemary Bumpass, secretary. Office assistants help out in junior High offices. They answer telephones, file cards, greet guests, and attend to many other duties. Spanish Club members are: B. Kravetz, C. Crawford, R. Motley, A. Hale, Mrs. Sanchez, sponsor, J. Cohen, J. Davis, J. Carson, S. jones, B. Wise, I.. Davis, K. Warden, R. Bock, R. Wiseman, J. Lloyd, S. Jacobs, B. Losure, I.. Toussaint, and seated are: T. Godinez, J. Inhofe, S. Wakefield, R. Dundee, B. Rubbin. arious organizations enrich Members of the Medical Club are: FIRST ROW: Janet Hamilton, Arthur Fox, Steve Sherber, Patty Roesslerg SECOND ROW: Steve Fadem, Lora Heckman, jerry Bookman, Patty Lawlerg THIRD ROW: Mr. Hastings, sponsor, Carl Lattimore, Bob Seigle, Dave Detrick, Ronnie Chasner. Through fiestas and skits, Spanish Club members increase their knowledge of the culture of Spain. Mrs. Sanchez sponsors this active organization. Edisorfs Medical Club pro- motes the search for greater knowl- edge by sponsoring field trips, films and speakers. This program pro- vides information about vocational training required in specialized fields of medicine. ..T l Wfelcoming new teachers through a showcase display is one of the projects of Edison's F.T.A. Suzanne Morgan greets Mrs. Hagedorn with an owl represent- ' ing the wisdom of teachers. lives of students Students mathematical interests are developed outside the class- room by participation in Edison's Math Club. Members learn about unusual or advanced developments in the field of mathematics and in- crease their knowledge through re- search and lectures by guest speak- ers. 4w......,.., I Future teachers of America are Kathy Ritter, Anne Thorpe, Carol Crawford, Dr. Burkhart, sponsor, Marianna Murphy, Suzanne Morgan, Richard McIntyre, Marcia Petta, Beverly Braunlich, and Judy Reynolds. Math Club members have enjoyed a series of programs on IBM computers, for which Mr. Dobelbower, the sponsor, made arrangements. Stagecraft members are: FIRST ROW: Mr. Crowell, director, R. Estep, C. Elliott, P. Elliott, C. Highland, J. Gray, L. Dale, M. Buchnerg SECOND ROW: D. Chapman, J. Trussley, R. jones, K. McLane, I.. Conner, T. Keller, K. Thomas, K. Fikeg THIRD ROW: B. Eller, XV. Glenn, R. Rhumbaugh, B. McCright, S. Estel, K. Davidson, P. Schaffer, R. Fornell, J. McLane. mere., -f f , - yfyg if ,. lewffo f Jw. 2 , ' .2 f U34 C, 2' .',M 'JV' 5, ' f , if 59 ,f ,ff 4, mf ' nf 1 I X 7! I .1 W f , yy o., . I' f' , john Scott and Rick Fornell lower backdrops from the flydock. Stagecraft essential Stagecraft members construct stage sets, provide lighting and sound effects, and attend to the techni- cal problems of school assemblies and plays. Their work is directed by Mr. Crowell. Operating the lighting panel are stagecraft members Bill Eller and Carol Highland. Building a flat are john McLane, Bill MCCright, and David Lariclrum. for soho ol productions Paul Bell, Ken McLane and Ken Davis are takin-g the projector, screen and clark shades to a history room for the showing of a film. a Earphones are utilized to maintain Contact from Larry Conner in the projection booth to other stagecraft members backstage. Stage managers are Nelson Brown and Kenny Pike. Office and library assist- ants aid the staff of Edison. Girls give service in the main office, attendance office, ad- dressograph office, and the offices of the nurse and counselors. Library assistants help Miss Delay and Mrs. White by checking out books and replacing on the shelves, Through their service in various parts of the school. office assistants help Edison's activities run smoothly. Mary Stahlin and Cathey Cowart face rain and wind running errands for the attendance office. tudents assume role l i Library assistants are essential to the efficient operation of our school. SEATED, from left to right are: B. Schmidlin, K. Phinney, D. Barnes, S. Mills, S. Fusselman, B. Cunningham. STANDING, left to right are: C. Willey, S. Hill, L. Riggs, S. Pierce, D. Moore, G. McGraw, Miss DeLay, Mrs. White, J. Storm, C. Breedlove, S. Dresser. LEADER CORPS are, BOTTOM ROW: B. Baker, J. Byrd, D. Hehs, E. Muratet, L. Trace, A. Frisbie, A. Walker, M. Walters, M. Patterson, W. Barnes, C. Palmer, A. Todhunter, P. Nation: MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Moore, sponsor, C. Valant, K. Deatherage, J. Isaacks, C. Mims, J. L. Patman, S. Pummill, P. Keene, T. Pilkington, L. Hendrickson, S. Reeds, J. Hudson, L. Livingston, L. Cottier, J. White, Miss Cashell, sponsor: TOP ROW: R. Buller, A. Luttgen, J. Anderson, L. Hultgren, L. V. Wilson, E. Shepherd, C. Hatcher. of assistants Leader Corps members assist the junior high girls' gym teachers, Miss Cashell and Mrs. Moore. In addition to their help in leading the gym classes, these girls post inter- esting displays on the gym bulletin boards. They also enjoy events such as an annual picnic. Marilyn Miller and Leader Corps member Wendy Barnes bounce the cage ball into the gym for a class game. JR. HIGH CHESS CLUB members are, SEATED: Demi Rosenthal, Scott Fales, Alan Beale, STANDING: Forrest Craig, Lloyd Sweeny, Tom Cox, Mike Valant, Greg Harrison, Mr. Poe, sponsor, Robert Krumme, Don Newsons, Gregg Turner. rganizations broaden students Chess Club members are, FIRST ROW: Robert Harris, Mark Antell, Steve Sherber, Mr. Parks, sponsor, Phyllis Dial, SECOND ROW: David McFerren, jack Osborn, jim Johnston, THIRD ROW: Lee I-Ioevel, john Coe. Edison's two Chess Clubs pro- vide recreation for students who take a special interest in chess. Mr. Poe sponsors the junior high club and Mr. Parks is senior high Chess Club sponsor. 9 an , Sandra Singer, Cindy Leonard, Diane Schaffer and Dave Detrick study the globe and maps to learn more about countries in the news. Officers of the International Relations Club are Pete Byars, presi dentg Robbie Christie, vice-presidentg and Karen Sherber, secretary. background Members of IRC show their interest in government and world affairs through their participation in this organization. - ,, . ,1.,, ,,, Practicing for the Water show, Swimettes form a "Ballet Leg." Miss Houston is Swimettes' sponsor, critic, aid, discourager, encourager and friend. "Splash-Backs," Swimettes' 1964 pro- duction and culmination of their water ac- l tivities, features parts from shows of the past ten years. The choreography, settings . and costumes were done by the members. Members of Swimettes are selected in try- 1 outs held in the spring and fall. They are l directed and sponsored by Miss Pat Houston. l i l L Swimettes stage FIRST ROW: I.. Hamilton, J. Dodd, S. Strong, C. Ahrenf J. johnson, R. Medlin, D. Fitts, S. Dixon, S. Barton, SEC OND OW: B. Farrar, S. Dodd, P. Clark, J. Musgrove, C Harrison, C. Leitner, P. Davis, V. Chavers, C. Henderson, 5 g Marina Wieneke and Judy Johnson prepare the script and choreography for "Splash Backs," this year's water show. Clowning through a scene from "The Wizard of Oz" are Carol Brouse. Dorothy, Jo-an Ahrens, the scarcrowg Patty Clark, the cowardly lion, and Jean Dodd, tin man. anniversar production MNA., , I .,,.,f '12 f .7 Swimettes officers are Jean Dodcl, vice-president, Susan Strong, secretary, Lana Henderson, THID ROW: J. Ahrens, N. Pratt, J. Clark, A. Hamilton, president, Clare Ahrens, treasurer, and Judy Johnson, historian. Ewing, A. Smith, M. Wieniecke, C.,Dunn, J. Heuser, C. Combs, L. Peters, J. Campbell, M. Thomas, K. Payne, J. Brand, C. Brouse. I ,HIST W V 1 , . , V V D 7, I 1 V44 nv T I ly 1 - L , in fn , o V x. 1 N""Qu V F f .,,, iff ., , g mi. Us -5.2 v FV I L-5 ,, I I QV l , gg M "bf "" , 531375K ix--, ,f 1 5 3 gl if fix" 4' 5 ff f fl 4 1 L ,. ,, , 1" xjj I, ,. Jj , ,f ,, .em ' was I 1 in V 'Eff I I 1i,t'2i72' Pl? rffflf '-Hz ,5 J E757 ., , , k 4 1 1 if ,, ,Q , X : , gl V 11'-4MF.mv.gJ'-fg , fl krifvil' f ,,,,,m k 1,,,- +..:.f'7 1 ,ww , 'mfixl ,C J f A, ,.f-+.1.1fprfr" ' L H M ,j ' , A , ' . '""?""L-,.,.,g'fMFVTf , 'A . ' 'V' , Lv -My , , . wmv-W f1y'w'g,.g:f V, , 1, Y , , . - 4,,m7ggz9:w:n , z"' ' ,g.,,,. ' . 13Q,,,,mw -ff ' V, ""J-14-nl" , 44,4 ,',,.,L ,'. , 10. ' 51, 98 , , 1.7 V 9' -7 1,5 ' .f .7 I 'tif 4 3' F1 , I A v---fa' ' .,-..... """'v-wavf' 5 7 l n , 'wwf-"'w' -I , ,, f 'V I A fl ' We ni, f. if , , ff ' g?ua?,.,Fsi, L, Q M - I 'g f A f s ? fgif w ,, 1 I fc fa I ' .. . . . ' I . , 1 ,f f I 1 " 5 Classes Whether it was Vic and Eileen's singing or Kris and Jerrys playing Kathy was ill and could not have her picture taken. Senior officers, This memorable year has brought happiness to Edison seniors as they prepare themselves scholastically for college and for jobs. They find relief from their .studies by spon- soring the Christmas dance, Twelfth Night, the senior play, Night Nfzzff Fall, and Miss Edis0n's Coronation mixer, the Regal Eagle Ball. The senior class officers are jerry Barnett, presidentg Vic Williams, vice-presidentg Kris Wienecke, secretary, Eileen Freeman, treasurer, and Kathy Kendall, social chairman. With the cooperation of the senior board and its able sponsor, Mr. Alexander, the senior class has successfully undertaken projects such as mums for football homecoming and the election of Mr. S.L.O.B. If the achievements of a senior class are an indica- tion of the ability of its members, many in the class of 1964 are destined for greatness. 4ln1 Kathy Kendall and Jerry Barnett listen attentively as the senior board discusses Twelfth Night, the Christmas dance. Our illustrious senior class sponsor also gives stirring history lectures. board members lead class - Elected homeroom representatives, class officers and members-at-large compose the senior board. The board plans and supervises senior activities. IOI Beverly Adams Charles Adams Brian Acler Clare Aherns Phyllis Allcorn Bob Allen Deborah Allen Reid Allen Susan Allen Willis Allen Steve Alley Gary Allison Nancy Allison Bill Alston As seniors complete their sixth year of high school Diplomas and senior rings represent graduation the goal of all Edison seniors. Angela Anderson Kay Andrews Mark Ante-ll Barbara Armstrong Janie Asher Patty Ashley Mike Atkinson Joyce Avery Marbeth Baer Jean Bair Tracy Bair Melinda Baker Sue Ann Baker Steve Balch Alice 'Baldwin Guy Baldwin Diane Barker Hugh Barnes jerry Barnett Sharon Barton Belinda Bates Larry Bates john Bauer Kris Baumann Bonnie Baxter Norma Bean Mike Beard Gary Been Dave Bennett David Bennett June Benzing Mike Bewley Ralph Bewley Lee Blackledge Teb Blackwell Sally Bliss Phil Boesche Toni Bond Gloria Boyd Steve Brainerd Beverly Braunlich Dan Breeding Larry Breeding John Bremer Paul Brockwell Diane Brooks Ann Brown Bill Brown Darrell Brown Don Brown Janiece Brown Nelson Brown Roy Brown Mark Brownlee Band member Kim Long shows Mr. Cox the amazing resemblance between his marching band hat and his birth- day cake. I 04 We reflec with pride ! Randy Bruton Marilyn Bumpass Connie Burke Mary Kay Burnham Bob Burns Bud Burrell jerry Bush Richard Bush Sandra Bush Pete Byars Vicki Caron Vinnie Carothers Judy Carson Rhoda Carson Sandra Carson Carol Carter Virginia Casebolt Pamela Catron Dick Caudle Patsy Chance Nancy Chandler Carol Chapin Betty Chastain Rick Chatenever Valerie Chavers Rick Cheadle Aileen Cheatham Scott Cherry jackie Cohen Ron Comer Mary Commons Joyce Cook Caren Cooley Hollis Copeland Wayne Corn George Cornwell Jan Coulter Karl Council Leslie Cowart Toni Cox Carol Cravens Carol Crawford john Crawford Janice Cresse Doug Cronk Robert Crosslin Lynn Curlee Barbara Curtis Tom Dailey Linda Dale Alison Davis Brad Davis Donna Davis Lee Davis Richard Davis Sandra Kay Davis canned goods drives and A.F.S. students, Linda Chesnutt Bill Chick Susan Chilcoat Connie Childers Edward Childress George Childress Robert Christie Lorraine Christman jack Churchwell Dick Clark jim Clark Londa Clark Johnny Clawson Mary Clock SuzAnne Close Susan Cobb John Coe Kay Coffman Ali Ebrahimi, student from Iran, uses the telephone as much as a typical American teenager. IO7 Tommy Davis Karen Day Kathy Deisenroth D-ave Detrick Carole Deupree Fred Deutsche Myra DeVerse Donna DeWire Bob Dickson Drue Dillard Ken Dillman Berna Dillon Wes Disney Sandy Dixon jean Dodd john Dohrendorf Dwayne Domeier Margaret Douglas football mixers and Eager physics students attempt to rediscover principles about waves in their laboratory experiment. , class dances and plays l YM Alyce Dunbar jo Ellen Dunn Fred Dupy Sammie Durrett Betty Easter Ahmad Ebrahimi Ali Ehrahimi Gerre Eclmisten Suzanne Ellington Christine Elliott Pat Elliott Carolyn England Jim England Steve Engle Robert Epperson Carey Epps Gordon Eubanks Dwight Evans Mary Ewing Morgan Fairlamb Betty Farney Lance Farrar Lynda Ferguson Larry Fike Michelle Findley Mary Fish Chrys Fisher Susan Fisher Judy Gilliland jim Gilmer Byrdie Gish Sue Glass Rita Glazer Phillip Godfrey Ronnie Goldish Wallace Goltry Mike Gravitt janet Gray Sandra Gray Ann Grekel Nancy Jane Griffin Roger Grigor Lloyd Grigsby Judy Haley Sandy Hall Scott Hall Barbara Hamill Lana Hamilton Carol Hamm Sherry Hammer Phil Haney Mary Beth Hanks Bill Hanna Marie Hansen Steve Hargis Kathy Ham Susan Harris joy Harrison Greg Hart jerry Hawkins Vernon Hawkins Gary Hawthorne Larry Heckman Laura Heckman We hold fond memories of lunch passes Diana Fitts Beverly Ford Dudley Ford Richard Fornell janet Foster Gary Frank Pat Frank Catherine Freeman Eileen Freeman Jacque Frost Anita Fuss Greg Gaither Roger Gallimore Andra Gamble Carol Garbade Mike George JoAnne Gillespie Beth Gilliat 7? Ben Henneke Mike Henry Linda Hensley Norris Henthorne Shardell Hickock Carol Highland Diane Hodges Lee Hoevel Don Holland Timothy Hubbard Susan Hughes H ll Joe u Patricia Hunnicutt Doug Inhofe and magazine subscription drives Responsibility weighs heavily upon Ben Henneke and Pete Byars Student Council and Key Club presidents college board examinations jan Inhofe Martha Irby Pat Irwin Janis Ives David johnson Don johnson Sam johnson Steve Johnson James Jones Susan Jones Skip Jordan Alexia Kallay Richard Keating Karen Keaton Dennis Keeley Richard Keene Bonnie Keith Randy Keller Terry Keller Linda Kelso Kathy Kendall Bob Kenney Garrell Kidd Donna Klasky Sydney Klasky Mike Kopelman Gail Krawitz Steve Krueger Tom Kuhn Larry Kurtz Norma Kyle Steve LaGrone Buddy Langley Marlene Lairrnor jack Larrabee Patty Lawler C Judy LeGate Marcia LeMaster Lana Lenoir Cindy Leonard Budge Lewis Connie Lewis james Lewis Millie Lewis Patty Lewis Sheila Lewis Larry Lieberman Sally Lindblad David Lindley Lee Linthicum Claudia Lissau Sharon Little David Livingston Robert Livingston Edison tackle Wes Disney proves that our football team is really a bouncy bunch. I I4 and visits from , universit representatives George Robert Llewellyn Kim Long Linda Loveless Judie Loyd Cindy Ludman Myra Lynch Buddy Maddux Cathy Mahnke Cheryl Mandell Martha Manhart Chuck March Wendy Mariner Molly Marsh Benny Martin Bill Martin Gary Martin Jane Ann Martin jerry Martin Pam Martin Sandy McAnally Linda McCarty Anne McCoy Tom McEvoy joe McKellar Pam McKissick Beverly McPherr0n john McQuade Shirley McQueen Darleen Moore Dave Moore Lynne Moore Pam Moore Sharon Moore Suzanne Morgan Patty Morris Nancy Moss Dick Motley Marianna Murphy Rick Murphy Kristi Nash Bill Nathan Robert Nation Nancy Neblett Kathy Nelson Leon Newton Sarah Nichols Cherlynne Nickel Steve Nix Carol Oliver Kathy Oliver Kay Oliver Winifred Oliver Barbara Opie Robert Owens Greg Palazzo Jacque Parker scholarship competitions , and job counselin jim McWilliams Irita Kaye Medlin Mike Melhorne June Melton Kenneth Meredith Marilyn Metcalfe Dusty Meyer Joanne Meyer Bill Millard Liz Millard Randy Miller Gary Mirkin Linda Misenheimer Glenda Mitchell Harriet Mohan jim Montgomery Ann Moody Richard Mooney , Iranian students contribute to the culture of Edison s English classes by translating the "Rubaiyat" into Arabic Yearbook staff members kibitz as Greg Palazzo tells Bobby Kinney how to pose for his football individual picture. As graduation approaches, Larry Purdy Mary Quinn Steve Rader Hal Ramsey Pat ,Redfern Kent Renfrow Daniel Ringle Karen Ritchey Kathryn Ritter Cathy Roberts Donnie Roberts Sharon Roberts Marvin Robinowitz Kim Robinson Robert Robinson Charles Rodman Patty Roessler Donna Rogers Ned Rogers Pam Roland Barbara Roller Walter Romero Ann Rose George Rose Charlene Ross Cynthia Ross Bobbi Rubin Lynn Ruffin Dick Ruprecht Sherry Ryder Lynn Rylander Diane Savage Diane Schaffer jan Scott john Scott Jacqueline Sear lI8 we e in to realize Eddie Patton Jim Payn-ter Charles Pentecost Lewis Perrault Phil Perryman Marcia Petta Tim Pool Janice Pope Janie Porter Kip Powell jan Prather Dee Dee Pribil Lee Price Ricki Price Bob Seigel Iris Self jim Sellen Robert Semple Mike Sexton Ted Shackelford Paul Shaffer Sherri Shanor Karen Sherber Assad Shojer joan Shurig Earl Sigle Judy Simpson Sandra Singer Richard Slavin Robert Sloan Barbara Smith Bucky 'Smith what We are leaving behind Cynthia Smith Deborah Smith Patricia Ann Smith Willa Kay Smith Phil Smithen Sammye Smoot Lynna Snider Barb Sokol Carol Soule Carole Spradlin Martin Springfield Richard Steele Roger Stephens Ann Stevens Gary Stevens Elizabeth Stockton Bobby Stone John Street Judy Stringer Susan Strong Steve Stroup Diana Sullivan james Sword Ney Tavora Paul Taylor Sandy Taylor Tommy Taylor Steve Terry Anne Tharpe Diane Tholen Roger Thomas Ian Thompson Phoebe Thompson Joe Timoshevich Sharon Todhunter Jim Tolson jerry Webb Art Weber Bobbi Wedlan Betsy Wenger Katie Westby Don Whitaker Jack Whitaker Carolyn White Chris White Bob Whitehill Alex Whitmore Kris Wienecke Russell Wienecke Chuck Wilbanks Larry Wilder Steve Wiley Joan Wilkerson' Sherry Williams Vic Williams Carol Wilson Dewey Wilson Richard Winters Mark Wolf Barbara Wood john Wood Chip Woodward Jeanne Wright Sandra Yeager Lois Yerion Diane Young Sandy Zita as the doors of Edison close Janice Tomer Lily Toussaint Penny Townes Joy Tschappat Becky Tullis Marisue Turley Ann Turner Beverly Turner Ann Turpen Cheryl Van Burkleo Janice Van Fossan Hal Vinson Suzi Wakefield Luanne Walsh Dusty Ward Kathy Warden Craig Wassam Gary Webb after us for the last time. Y! Alan Feclman, vice-president, is getting a lot of advice on how to change a flat tire by Ginny Dunn, treasurerg Cheryl Crain, social chairmang and Lincla Freeman, secretary. fficers, Our junior officers meet frequently to discuss problems and plan activities of the junior class. ' , junior board members DeeDee Knapp, Paula Stogner, Drew Neville, and Barbara Bennett are hard at work making posters for the junior mixer, "A Gathering of Eagles." junior board members Linda Martin and Drew Neville hurry to an important junior board meeting. Board lead junior class junior board members work closely with the junior officers and the junior class sponsor, Mr. Butts, to help make their year a successful one. I25 Susie Abercrombie Cathy Abshire Jim Adair Judy Adair Warren Adams Linda Adkins Janet Allan Jeanie Allen John Allen Ray Allen Terry Ambrose Gary Amelon Sherry Ames Kaye Anderson Lynn Anderson JoAnn Applegate Nora Archer Raye Ann Arend Bob Armstrong Susie Armstrong Richard Audd Cheryl Baker Margo Bakius As junior class members Janice Barlow Jim Barnes -Carol Barr Barry Barron Lloyd Barron Melanie Bates Jon Bayouth Mark Beard Bobby Becher Steve Becklund Rush Beesley Joe Beets Harriett Behan Vickie Beistle Marilyn Bell Ross Bell Ralph Bendel Barbara Bennett Cheryl Bennett Kathy Bentley Bill Benzing Gale Berringer Mike Bickel Linda Black Vicki Bloomquist Marilyn Blufston Russel Bock Warren Bolon Lee Boomer Mark Boots Gary Boudreaux Blye Bowen Sharon Bowie Carl Bowles Linda Bowles Mark Bradley joy Bradshaw Gary Branick Juli Braunlich Ike Brighton Phyllis Brighton Gary Britton at Edison we prepare Richard Brocksmith Danny Brown Gary Brown Judy Brown Linda Brown Marty Brown Ediso-n's counselors depend upon capable office girls such as Suzanne Hall to do tasks for them. I27 Larry Camblin Doug Campbell Janis Carey Kathleen Carey Chaney Carter Mike Case-bo-lt Lynn Cates Patti Chapman Cathy Chase Vicki Chavers Susan Cheairs Steve Christian Marty Claibourn Buff Clark Mary Clark Randy Clark Pat Clarke Mike Claypool Natalie Brown Tom Brown Vivian Brown Davis Brownley Marlana Bruce Sherron Brummett Mike Bruza Ron Bryant Larry Budd Ted Bullinger Carol Burden Beverly Burke Ginny Burke jim Burns Jeanette Bush Charles Calhoun for the responsibilities 4 W6 lIll1St HSSUIIIC Susan Cochran Janet Cockriel Laura Coe Nanette Coffin Cheryl Coiner Melinda Cole Mary Alice Collins Alice Condry Sid Conine Mike Cooper Pam Copeland Sherri Cornelius Larry Cowan Cheryl Crain Cindy Craver Janice Crawford Jackie Cunningham Jacques Cunningham Mike Curry Judy Dague Steve Daniel Gary Dart Ken Davidson Bill Davis Jimmy Davis Jolene Davis Lyn Davis Mary Davis Pam Davis Linda Day Mark Dempsey Jane Dickey Bob Dillman Judy Dillman David Dimit S-teve Dobey Susi Dodd Lonny 'Donovan Terrel Do-Remus Bill Dorman Nancy Downey John Drake john Dratz Stan Dresser Cleive Dumas Kent Dunbar Janet Dundee Robyn Dundee Rickey Dunham Bill Dunn Ginny Dunn Sheryl Dupre Chuck Dyer Ronnie Dyer Sally Earl Donna Easter Frank Ehy Henry Eddins jack Edens Mike Edwards Robert Edwards Dean Elbon Bill Eller Christine Elliott Earl Elliott johnny Ellis nex year as members jim Elmore Bill Epps Dan Erni Marion Eskridge Rex Evans Wally Exon Bonnye Farrar Robert Farrell Ro-bert Fate Alan Fedman Phil Fegley Rich Felmlee Toni Ferguson Elizabeth Fernandez Kenneth Fike Greg Finn Mark Finnerty Debbie Fisher ,.. 5,7 , i Donna Fitzpatrick Doug Fitzpatrick Carol Flanagan Ruth Folmar Edward Ford Janie Ford One of the highlights of a junior English class is the reading and studying of Shakespeare's Marbella f th ' lass Roger Ford Judy Frank Richard .Franklin joe Frazier Peggy Freeborn Jon Freeman Linda Freeman Christiane Fries Earl Funk Kenny Furtney Gus Gaither Connie Gardner Bruce Garren Roland Garrett J. B. Garrick Richard Geary Diane Gentry jim George john Gibson jim Gilbert Joe Gilbert Jamey Gill joe Gill Diann Gillespie Jim Gilliam Tom Gilliland Gary Gilmore Susie Glamser Jane Glenclening Betty Globe Tory Godinez Linda Goff Bill Goggin Gary Gomez Pam Goodso-n Ben Gorrell Alan Graham Donna Grant Pat Gravitt james Graybeal Lyle Griggs D. R. Grimes Mary Grimes Don Groves Linda Haag Diane Hagan jim Hagen Art Hale Drayton Hall Gayle Hall Suzanne Hall janet Hamilton Sue Hansen Susie Harbison Walter Hardy Candy Harrill Robert Harris Archie Harrison Georgia Harrison Richard Harrison b taking part i i i in many school activities Nord Hastings Rita Hayden Carol Henderson Sallie Henderson Cindy Hendricks Mary Henley Dayna Herrin Bill Hewson Judy Hibbs Janice Hickman Carol Hicks Shirval Hill Mary Hodges Diane Hogan Kermit Holderman Jim Hollinger Camille Holt Susan Hoopengarner Linda Hopper Diana Hovis Marilyn Howe Bob Huff Ann Hujsak Carl Humes Dennis Hunt Jeanie Hunt Marshall Hunt Linda Hunter Monte Ikemire Carolyn Jackson Randy Jacobs Suzy Jacobson Wendy Jacobson Susan James Carol Jenkins Pam Jennings Ralph Jett Ronnie Jett Dixie Johns James Johnson Judy Johnson Jimmy Johnston John Johnston Beverly Jones Bob jones Kent jones Milton jones Steve Kaplan Susan Kendall Mike Kerr jeff King Ron King Kaye Kisler Greg Kitrell Frank Klucevsek DeeDee Knapp Malcolm Knarr jim Kothe Karen Kramer George Ann Kurowski Ramona Laeger Lin-da Lair Wayne Lair Bill Lamb Bob Lamons Larry Lamprich Pam Landes Mary Landry Learning to operate office machines is fascinating to Fred Mitchell i as he learns the hard way that it is better not to make mistakes. We serve on Student Council , nr and Junior Board committees, f ' ul V ' is , , i f ffm f, E14 " , "mga, f 2 1 ' 'QW ' 10 'L "' l ooo Students of Mr. McPeters' world history classes participate in interest- ing discussions of the ancient worlds. ,. L i.1:a,ar,5a Barbara ,Lang Linda Langley Carl Lattimore Mike Lawrence Larry Lebold Robbie Leikam Carol Leitner Suzanne Lemmon Mike Levin Mary Ann Lewis Tricia Lewis john Leyh Ron Leyh Luther Like Stephan Lile Io Ann Liming Carol Linebarger Norm Lively Bob Losure Diane Luker Alec Lyle Larry Lyon Doug Mace Sparky Mahan jane Mainard Larry Mallinger Elizabeth Mann Marilyn Manton Frank Mantooth Francie Marks Campaigning for wrestling queen, Lloyd Barron displays his muscular masculinity and his long golden locks. l36 john MCClane Ronnie McClendon Bruce McCoy Elena McCoy David McFerren Janis McGee Gloria McGraw Richard McIntyre Bob McKown Melinda McLane Laurie Meek Joe Meredith Sherrie Milikin Benny Miller Debbie Miller Marsha Miller Susan Miller Sharon Mills Q S Mary Marrs Cindy Marsh Sharon Marshall Brian Martin Linda Martin Linda Martin Richard Martin jim Mathews Sharon Matthews Steve Matthies Linda May Joe Mayclen take office 111 language IM M 0? Larry Miner Diane Misenheimer Fred Mitchell Richard Moe Parn Moon jane Musgrove Eileen Mooney Jane Moore Linda Moore Margaret Morgan Cyndy Morris Ann Morton Greg Moulin Kurt Mueller Randy Mundt John Munneke Robert Murdock Sandra Murdock Renee Murphy Mike Murray and hobb clubs, Shirley Murray Robert Musser Anita Neely Charlie Neerman Dennis Neibling Drew Neville Elaine Nichols Grady Nichols Mark Niles Phil Noyes Bruce O'Connor Pat O'Neal Mike O'Shea Susie Oldham Jeff Olson -Af' My fl Charm Opie Mike O'Shea Ann Osher Cheryl Parks Bob Parsons Karen Parsons I0 Patterson Kay Patterson Tom Paynter Susan Pendergrass Ralph Peters Barbara Peterson Chris Peterson jon Petree Rex Phelps Karen Phillips Mary Phillips. Katherine Phinney Carl Pieper David Pierce Susan Pierce Raymond Pool Dee Ann Potter john Pratt Phil Preston Kathy Price Roberta Price jeff Primm Wayne Pue Becky Putnam and take colle e mam Nanefte Coffin enjoys working in the nurse's office and Connie Gardner is grateful for the fine service she receives. ests for practice Gary Rabkin Jan Radford Terry Raffensperger Janice Raines Barbara Ramsay Allan Ramseur Shirley Ramsey Rick Range Fred Ransbottom Ruth Anne Ratcliffe Bill Reavis Betty Reed Bill Reeds Steve Reese Robin Reeve Mike Reifel Nancy Remy Tanya Remy Judy Reynolds Lady Rich Londa Richards Richey Murray Bruce Riddle Linda Riggs Michele Riggs Mike Riggs Gayle Rippy Sally Rips Don Roberson Becky Roberts John Roberts Pat Robinson Kay Roby Susan Rodolf Danielle Roemer Linda Rogers Linda Rogers Richard Romero Stu Rosenthal Tom Rothrock Rodney Routsong Judy Rubin f gf wwf 2 fm' WW J if ii? ,.,, ,,,, Sip '47f3,fr ' U " ,f We Mc? -. '-' Q ' 77-I ,. ,J ,gf ,4 s flyer, 1 . Af ,g.: ,-.5 f , A 4 5 ,gf fs- Q 'gi Q Ji 5 f , f fy r 3 Q ff, If ff af, ,jrzffi J, f f 1 fig ff, . 1 ff ,f , A if M A f .fifff rf ff-V r' 4' K: -v ffc V I f "f f 43 f 1 W , f, ff..." , . , ,I W .J 'fi , :z" ,gfx5 A if f ff! f , Z a' i Alan Rudolph Kenyon Rupnik Lela Saab Cheryl Sanders Nancy Sangunett Bill Satterfield Mallory Saunders Steve Saunders Kathy Schaff Frances Schewing Blaine Schwabe Jeanette Scott Anne Scruton Susan Sears Gary Seaton Loyd Secrist Lindsey Sehorn Bob Selman jo-hn Selph Ron Sherrod We also enjo Jennifer Shields Phil Shore Patricia Shoulders Wendel Sicka Sandra Sims Barbara Sipes Susie Sisney Elaine Skye Richard Slicker Gary Slolan Kathy Smith Leanne Srnoot David Sobel Marilyn Sparks Tom Spleth .Q i f.,-5 tif , ' 3 ' Vx 's I Vkkk 'tw M4 fxafxigf. y gl lift . B- - K . K2 LLL .kx-, e , jf" : -'k.- .a - ,IWW Q. Q QV ll? Q i I Q ,lk s , .3 3? ' I' 1 we X X My J 3. ,,. 'ij . t iftsaff-'fff' ' 7. iii any ' 2 4524fi:::::::::i?2g-4:41-gm , -' f '-c5'e"::::::x:z: 'f'1ilf'- f i , f V ff, R21-zl7gE:"r.':.-::2ig1'g7::f1.:1f5 " V' ' 'IL .,- N' fi sponsorin a dance '37 John Spurgin Juanita Squire Karen Standridge Neal Stanley Sharon Stasik Roger Steed Dan Steiner Linda Stepp Lenard Stevens Barbara Steward Paula Stogner Pat Stone Jodie Storm Kathy Stone Mike Stout David Stroud Jill Stowell Kent Stuart Bob Sutton Linda Sutton Deidre Svatba Scott Swearingen Anne Sylvester Florence Tabbut John Tardiff Hugh Taylor Luther Teague john Teel Linda Thomas Mark Thomas Nancy Thomas Jim Thompson john Thompson Tom Thralls Mike Tipton Kathy Tower Charles Towry jim Trusley Wayne Trowbridge Cheryl Tully Bill Turley Roger Turner During the clay many students such as David john Walton Williams and jack Wimbish find a few spare jim Wantland moments to visit the Pepsi machine. Steve Watkins Sue Weathers Kathy Weedman Marcia Weems Diane Weihling Bob Weinberg Roger Weisman Linda Welcly Larry Wharton Chuck Whiisenhunt Bill White Martha White joan Whitebook Nancy Whitmore JoAnn Wiclmar Jim Wies David Williams Gary Williams Ronnie VanBrunt Peggy VanNorclstrand Christi VanPelt Doug Versaw Lizabeth Vick Alice Vincent Tom Wahl Donna Waldo Richard Walker Carol Warren and contributing to the fun in our school life. jim Williams Lucy Williams Sandra Williams Susan Williams Tommy Williams Doug Wilson Jack Wimbish Donna Winer Bonnie Wines Bob Wise Jeff Wiseman Mike Wood Wayne Wood Martha Wooten Sammy Word Bill Wright james Wright jerry Wright Judy Wright Susie Wright Susie Wyant Kathy Yeager Alice York Cynthia Young Janis Young Harriet Zacker john Zeek Mike Zito Kermit Holderman and Bob Dillman are only two examples of our many fine junior lettermen. Janine Henshaw escorted by Danny Hoar, is not only Queen attendant but also the sophomore class treasurer. Sophomore Our sophomore class president, Scott Harrington, really measures up. -Measuring, from left to right, are Bettie Donkin, secretaryg Janine Henshaw, treasurerg and jane Hawkins, social chairmang and Kip Stacy, vice-president. Sophomore members of the Eyrie committee, Sandra Vale and Greta Minsky, finds it interesting and helpful to study a copy of last year's anthology. Mr. Bardrick, sophomore class sponsor, often can be found helping students in his spare time. officers, board Sophomore Board, headed by Mr. Bardrick, is capably led by the sophomore officers. 'I 45 Karla Abel Sally Ackerman Janey Adair Mary Adams Patty Akins Wes Allen Merrilyn Alston Gary Bruce Anderson Pam Anderson Patty Anderson Sharon Andress Steven Andrews Ann Archibald Judy Arnold Ginny Aubrey Mike Aubrey Derek Audley Neilia Back Rick Bagwell Kathy Bailey Sandy Barker Patti Barbour Claudia Barkley Becky Barnard Cynthia Barnes Mike Bartlett Charlene Barton Charlotte Barton Janis Bass Steve Bauter members Watona Beam Mike Beason Dean Becker Johnny Bedri Jeanie Bement Phil Benson Charlotte Bentley .Chris Berg Mike Bevis V Ann Black Sandy Black Linda Blank Sandy Bodley Mike Boekhoff Steve Bonner Jerry Bookrnan Patsy Bradley Jim Brady Harold Brauer Carolyn Breedlove Carol Brouse Barbie Brown Roger Boesche Bill Bond Regina Boner joKaren Bouteller Dave Bowman Barbara Boyd Johnna Brand Cheri Brashear Keith Braudrick Kathy Brewer Bill Briscoe David Broach Cathy Brown Don Brown Gail Brown of the sophomore class Gary Brown Gene Brown Lynn Brown jennifer Bruza Kathy Brown Kathy Brown Lewis Brown Janie Bryant Patrick Bryant Wiley Bryant Mike Warrick and Barbara Huckett support the Student Council s clean-up campaign. Larry Catron Kathy Cavert Mark Champion Anita Chance Ronald Chassner Sheri Childress Melony Church Connye Clawson Lynn Claxton Delynn Clay Susan Clayman Tina Clements Mark Buchner Rod Buck Lonnie Buller Tom Bunch Rita Burke jerry Burrell Mary Ellen Burt Steve Burton Robert Butler Donna Byers Jim Callicoat jane Campbell Steve Carr Chris Carter Cary Carwile We learn to mee Dan Clutch Cindy Combs Cheryl Conway Charles Couch Vicki Cousins Cathey Cowart Cathy Craver Frederick Crawford Susan Crawford Barbara Cunningham Glenda Curby Tim Curry Lysbeth Dale John Danchester John Danner our responsibilities Jodie Davis Kathy Davis Ken Davis Charley Deatherage Edwin Denham Bill Devin James Cooper Danny Cornett john Cowles Janis Craig Carol Crews Vickie Crosser Van Curtis Tanna Dailey David Davis Joanne Davis Marsha Davis Mary Davis Kerry Devlin Ferris Dewey Phyllis Dial Les Dickson David DiGiacomo Lee Donavan Bettie Donkin Jim Downing Gary Dundee Alicia Dunn Cheryl Dunn john Eagleton Sandra Eddy Mike Edwards Bob Eliot Johnny Eliot Joe Elliott Carolyn Disch Stephen Dixon Dale Duckworth Charles Dudding Marilyn Dunn Sallie Dupont Bruce Eilers Jim Ekart Cindy Eiwou Dorcas England y takin tis tests and Barbara Enlow Harry Evans Keta Evans Ann Ewing Terry Exon Steve Fadem Merry Ellen Evans Marsha Everson John Fair Karen Fair Roy Fairchild Chris Fales Bob Farley Debbie Farmer Kaye Farris joe Faulkner jim Fehr Portia File Janice Fink Betsy Fish Douglas Fitts Patty Flaa Barbara Flint Kathleen Flippo Donnie Ford Twi Student librarians are always willing to give help and assistance. Worklng on Sophomore Board. Michelle Ford Ace Forrest Pat Forsman Penny Fuller Susie Fusselman Tom Gamble Arthur Fox Judy Franks Rick Garren Iohn Garrett Susan Gase Kenneth Gass Frank Gibbs Marilyn Gile Glenna Glover Candy Goldrick Carol Graham Don Graham Scott Graybill Priscilla Green john Geder Phil Gelwick Rodney Gibbons Ceci Gillespie Robert Gish Dee Glazer Sue Goodman Betty Gorrell Martha Gowans Gary Graham Becky Graves Gary Gray Karen Gregory Doug Griggs Steve Grimes We participate in a m riad Gai l Groom Don Groth jim Hamilton John Hamilton Carol Ann Haden Charlene Hale Margoe Hall Christine Hanley Donna Happell Susan Harlow Bill Harn QL wir Scott Harrington f Anna Harwood M H Charles Haskell -QQ ,-,. ,, f X6 Q? Teri Heck Laura Heidinger Janine Henshaw Barbara Henthorne Cinda Hill Danny Hoar of class activities. Bill Holway George Howard Barbara Huckett Shari Hudson Frank Harrison Gretchen Harrison Sallye Hartzog Jane Hawkins Pam Heath Lynn Heck Susan Heidinger J. Helm Mary Henry John Hetherington Jeanne Heuser Bruce Hicks Don Hodges Karen Holiway Carolyn Holmes Mrs. Carneyfs class uses the recorder to listen to their voice recitations Holly Hunt Marsha Hunt Anne Imler David Inhofe Scotty Jackson Debby Jacobson Mike Johansen Jan Johnson Robert Johnston Larry Jones Pat Kendall Steve Kennedy Nickii Kinkeade Jenny Knight Ronnie Hunt John Husela Bruce Idomir Patti Inhofe Linda Ives Mike Ives David Jaeger Cynthia James Bill Jeffers Kent Johnson Mike Johnson Pam Johnson Jim Jordan Jim Kee Tom Keeling Kit Kershiner Doug Kidwell Martha King John Koons Larry Kraus Barbara Kravetz ,.,.-,, , for our class. Della Kroeze David Krumme Karen Laeger Karen Langley Dick Large Pam Larkins Georgeanna Lawson Bill Lee Terri Lee Clyde Lewis David Lewis Sandra Lewis David Livingston Jeff London Johnie Long Marian Low Belinda Lubin Patricia Luttgen Jeff Mackay Steve Maclean John MacLennan Lonnie Larnprich Dennis Lang Terry Laughlin Mike Lawler Judy LeMay Alyson Lewis Linda Ling Susan Little Rodger Love Rick Loveless Patty Lyons Judy Maciula Marcia Malbeuf Judy Markin 9' 57765 'ag 4 I A f f 9' f , .,, , .4 ., ff ' ,P at Z, gf iff - it ff ,Q A f If Pamela Marler Ronni Marrin David Marsee Patricia Martin Robert Mason john Matetich Steve May Marilyn Mayes Sandra Mayfield Richard McCutcheon Carol McEwen Bill McKee Carolyn McMasters Nancy McNair Vicki McNickle Anne Martin Kathy Martin Judy Matheney David Matthies jim McClary Bill McCright Ray McKewon Ken McLane Mike McVay Bill Mead The sophomores hold Dan Mead Howard Medearis Larry Medlin Mike Miller Gary Miner Greta Minsky Karen Merriman Rhonda Midgley Mickey Mirkin Howard Mizel l a "Last Chance Mary Norberg Greg Norman Maureen Monnet Jenny Montgomery Duane Mooney Mike Moore Andy Morava Karen Moreland Vicki Morse Ruth Anne Motlery Kipp Mullen Barbara Murray Lucy Murray Gene Musgrove Marianne Naifeh Nancy Netherton Bob Newton Dance. M-X Patty Mooney Lynn Mo-ore ,Z rr me ' P . 'Trias gp- 'Q , ' fa A , i , 355 2 Miki Morgan Gary Morse Mary Mulrned Evelyn Murphy Melinda Musick Joe Myer Toni Nicklau Kenny Nix 99 Bettie Donkin, john Eliot, and Pat Thurman inspect the trophy case recently cleaned by the Key Club. I57 Lorna Null Paula Oberstein Lynn Oliver Brenda O'Neal Rip Overose Robert Owen jo-hn Palmer jerry Parkhurst jane Patman Diantha Patterson Steve Ogier Sue Oglesby Sara Oldham Sharon O'Neil Joan Ortloff jack Osborn jeloria Owens Phil Packwood Gerry Palmer Eddy Parks Mike Parrish Diane Pascucci Linda Paul Cathy Payne john Pembroke Attemptlng to exce Jan Pennock Jack Personette David Petta Bob Phillips Artistic lettering for posters and displays is one of the many things taught in Mrs. Todd's art class. l58 in the Edison tradition Doug Phillips jimmy Pope Tim Potter Ray Potts Nancy Pratt Nancy Price Randy Purdy John Ratliff Stephen Read Karen Reid Janice Reidy Kaybell Rhodes Connie Rice Gerry Rich Rodney Rich Dave Roberts Meredith Roberts Susie Roberts Bill Robertson Steve Rodolf Dave Rogers Randy Rogers john Rohr Sally Roland jim Roper Robert Rorschach Janis Rosebush Drinda Ross Patty Ross Randy Routsong Marcia Rowland Fran Rudy Rex Rumbaugh jesse ,Santos Wayne Saubert Linda Sawyer Lloyd Sayles Edward Schempf Bette Schlanger Beverly Schmidlin Nick Schneider Vicki Schneider Standing in a makeshift voting booth, Pat Smith and Fran Rudy look ahead to the day they will have voting privileges. Susan Shelton Elise Shepherd Steve Sherber john Sherman Jeanne Shirley Nancy Shugart Betsy Simpson George Singer Betty Sipes Kenny Slade Rick Slemaker Don Smith Keni Schooler jane Schoonover jean Schricker Betsy Schumann Gayle Schweers Eric Scott Reed Seay Carol Secrist Doug Selinger Jerold Sellers joe Selph Leslie Semple Werner Sezonor Susan Shaffer Steve Shaw and strivin Andrea Smith Karen Smith Syvia Smithline Laura Snyder Roy Southard Bill Sparks Tracy Stanfield Mark Steinle Bill Street Ian Stringer for achlevement, Tony Talley Barbara Taylor Mike Tobey Kay Tompkins Patricia Smith Sara Smith Steve Smith Gerry Sobel jane Sokal Mike Solow Donna Spradlin Kip Stacy Mary Stahlin Chester Stevens Susan Steward Steve Stewart George Struck Lonna Sumpter Stan Symanski Darlene Taylor Marji Thomas Nancy Thomas Charlene Townes Christine Townsend Eddie Trowbridge Linton Turner Susan Uri Kirk VanValkenburgh Jess Vincent Marty Voss David Wagenblatt Georgia Warder Mike Warrick Dennis Weidman Ann Weisman Sam Whitehill Sue Wiedemann Nancy Williams Sheila Williams Sandra Vale Kent VanHoesen Penny VanHoose Cynthia Vinnedge Mike Vinson Sally Vogt Kent Walden Martha Walker Tom Walters Tom Watkins Larry Watts Stephen Weichert Barney Welch Bill White Ronny White Marina Wienecke Jane Wilder Claudia Willey Steven Williams Eddie Williamson Gerry Westby to the future. Gregg Zumwalt Suzy Zumwalt Larry Wilson Glenda Wimmer Kathy Wingo Susie Winters l Lynn Wiseman Ann Wood Jeanette Wood jim Woo-dard Don Wright Don Wright jean Wright Robert Wright Solon Wright Vicki Wright Martha York Wayne York Carol Yost Dibby Young Terry Young Bill Zumwalt Sophomore English students listen intently to Mrs. Richey's reading of Marbeih. Freshmen elected Betsy Hubbell, secretary, Diane Danner, treasurer, Bill Strong, vice-president, Kim White, president, to serve them this year. Edison freshmen Responsibility for class functions rests upon the officers. Bill and Kim are making the arrangements for a freshman activity. make the most riff?- Bruce Adams joan Ahrens Don Alexander Ellen Alexander jane Allen julie Andelman Don Anderson Steve Argue Lyn Ashby Tom Atkinson Jim Auten Ken Bailey Mike Bair Amos Baker Linda Baker Roni Baker Guy Baldwin Kathy Barber Dennis Barnes Pam Barrington jean Barton Richard Bauman Karen Beach Alan Beale David Bedri Carrie Beeson Jennie Be-han David Belford Bill Bell Debbie Bell Paul Bell Nancy Bennett Vic Benson jay Berryman Susan Bewley Priscilla Bickel Vicki Biedsoe Beverly Bland Joy Bogan Dave Bolen Paul Bolon Brian Booth Steve Booth Susan Borchard Charles Born john Bouteller Elaine Bowman Susan Boyd Virginia Breene Ken Brendle Cyndi Brighton Russell Buchner Stephanie Buck Robert Buckner jimmy Budd Barbara Bueg Rosemary Bumpass Pete Bunn Joe Burge john Bush Woody Bush Gary Buzbee Helen Byrne Gary Cain Phil Camblin Cindel Carey Debbie Carroll Cherry Caudle Larry Chapin Dave Chapman Susan Chase john Churchwell Danny Clark Georganne Close Carol Cochran Mark Coffin Deena Cohen Morton Cohen Arla Collier john Condry of their last year "Across the street from Lover's Lane there are two witch burnings an hour," Jeannie Eatman tells Ginny Cowan. in junior high Bob Constantine joel Cook Patti Cooper Linda Cottier Darlene Cotton Mike Coulson Cenny Cowan Bill Crain janet Crawford Steve Crenshaw David Crews Carolyn Cross David Crowdus Ginny Daniel Diane Danner Paula Dart DeDe Davidson Pat Davidson Barry Davis Brent Davis Larry Davis Mark Davis james Deatherage Roberta DeFalco Bobby Deupree Judy DeWees Alex Dillard Sally Disney Jim Doak Diana Donkin Larry Drake Peter Dratz Dona Dresser Patricia Dressler Carolyn Drew Michael Dudding Dan Dumas Bill Dunbar Randy Duncan Susan Dunn Peggy Easter Jeannie Eatman Sheila Edelman Bruce Edwards Mike Eilers Nancy Elbon jack Elder Bob Eley jim Eller Richard Elwell Cathy Erskine Steven Estel Ray Estep Suzanne Eubanks Bob Fairchild Judy Fell Dave Fields Barbara Fisher Dick Fleming Steve Ford Sue Fowler Dixie Francis Pam Francisco Richard Frank jim Franks jay Friedman Anne Frisbie Karen Froning y staging a pla , sponsoring a dance, Ninth grade girls have made the boy's gym door the most "exercised" one in the junior high. . f. Q fii'? jim Frost Marianne Gage Gary Gaither Mark Galloway David Gardner Maureen Geffen Paul Gentry Steve George Suzanna Gilbert Dana Gill Debbie Gill Kathleen Gilliat Sharon Gilmore jeff Glazer Walt Glenn Steve Goad Joel Goff Mike Goldberg Ricky Gomez Judy Gray Roger Gray Gil Greenwood Alan Grigg john Grigsby Sandy Grigsby Bill Grubb Mary Kay Haden jim Hara Norma Hargis David I-I3tCl'lC'tf Claudia Hawkins Dave Hawthorne David Henderson Karen Hendricks Mike Highland Brian Hodges Sheryl Hodges Eldon Hoffman Bill Holmes David Hoppes Mike Howerton Betsy Hubbell Landa Hultgren Ross Ikemire jim jackson Nancy jackson Janice jeffress Debbie johnson julie johnson Lynn johnson Ronnie johnson joy Johnston Bob jones Claudia jones Rodney jones and contributing to their school Mike Kaumeyer jim Keating Pamalee Keene Susan Keller Bob Kirberger Clifford Kirk Linda Klasky Mythology is an exciting unit for ninth grade English classes. Mr. Goodson's students submitted posters which he and jane Allen are arranging in a display. , as the leaders Kathryn Krohn John Lager Eugene Lambeth Rickey Langley Ladd Larson Ken Ledbetter jon Ledlie Mark Leighty Cappy Leland Nancy LeMaster Donna Lemke Alan Levin Laurie Lewis Marcia Litson Robert Little Leah Livingston Robert Logan Geneva Lomax Richard Lyle Bob Lyon Roger Mason Jeff Mathews Linda McAnally Marketa McClain Bill McClure john McCormack Sally McCravey Mikolette McGee Chuck McGowan jim McVay Barbara Meinert Terri Messer Paula Meyer Anne Miller Bruce Miller Elaine Miller Bob Mills Susan Monhollon Bill Moore Karen Moore David Morrow Carol Morton Susie Moss Marsha Mullen Mary Lou Mungen Michele Murta Linda Murphree Stephen Murphy Mike Murray Larry Nation Charles Neal jimmy Nelson Richard Neville Gary Nevins Gary Newsom Pamela Ohlrich Larry O'Reilly Peggy Owens Lucia Palmer Bobby Parker Rusty Patterson john Paul Pam Pearson Randy Perrin Pam Perryman Rick Peterson Jeff Phillips Tina Phillips Cynthia Piland Mike Poisgrove Melissa Potter Kathy Powell Terri Prather Paul Preaus Susan Price Steve Quinn "I'm not really a turkey, I'm a handsome prince," Peggy Easter tells Betsy Hubbell in the Thanksgiving assembly. of the K-Club, g tudent Council, Ben Ramsey Susan Ranck Chuck Rankin 'Susan Reeds Rick Reeve Shari Reeves Sandy Reitz Rennie Reynolds Kathy Richardson Jeanette Rickabaugh Barbara Rips Bonnie Robertson Sheila Robinson Lee Rohn Keith Roller jimmy Rollins Barbara Romero Doug Rose Gary Rosenthal Debbie Ross Cindy Rupe Kenneth Salamy Pancho Saubert Diane Scargall Craig Schaffer Kurt Schneider Dennis Schwabe Barbara Sear Carl Sears Mark Seigel Lee Shapiro Scott Sharp Kathy Shipley Nancy Siegismund John Sieler Larry Simmons Tom Simpson Charles Smith Ralph Smith Phil Snow Arnold Southard David Spalding Doug Sparks Dorothy Spleth Dianne Staines Judy Stanfield Tom Steed Ruth Stevenson Bill Strong Memory Stunz Don Suits Christy Swanson Lloyd Sweeny Jim Tabor Ronnie Talley Scott Tennis Phil Tholen Candy Thomas Connie Thomas Chris Thompson jim Thompson Rhonda Thornton Linda Trace Marcia Thralls Maurine Thralls Mark Tomer Kenneth Townsend Mike Valant Brenda Vanzant Gloria Vinnedge Bill Vogt jack Vreeland Bob Wadlin Anne Walker Gary Walker jan Walker Douglas Waltars Pam Ward Greg Warden john Watt and service, language, and hobby clubs Biology lab is a new experience for ninth graders. Rick Reeve, Sandy Reitz, jim jackson, and Mike Coulson find that cleaning up a mess is not as much fun as making one. Larry Weaver Glenn Weber Chris Weldy Bob Wenger Mary Wheatley Gary Wheeler Clint Whisenhunt Nancy Whitaker Judy White Kim White Larry White Richard White Susie Whitmore Bruce Wiggins Marian Wiggins Leslie Willbanks Wayne Williamson jan Wilson Tom Wilson Donna Wimmer Sandy Winters Steve Wintrode Duncan Wise Bill Wood Mike Woodlee Nancy Wright Vicki Wright Karen Yeager Ann Young Grant Young Linda Zankel President Kent Francy demonstrates football tactics to the other officers, Shelly Floyd, Martha Cronk, and Kjersti Larson. the time Setting the pace for their class, the officers mode of transportation does seem a little odd but it does solve a parking problem. we reach the eighth grade Mary Ackermann Ronald Adams Cheryl Adkison Nancy Adkison Robert Adkison Dorothy Allen Steve Allen Robert Allison Robert Alston Don Anderson joan Anderson jesse Antell Bill Antry Billy Armstrong Terry Arnold Donna Ashe Kenny Ashwill Robert Audd Cathy Auten Susan Bagwell Beverly Baker Judy Baker Randy Barnard Wendy Barnes Howard Barnett Pam Barnett Susie Barry Page Barton Merle Bass Bobby Bates Tom Bayless Randy Bayouth Allen Beaird Betsy Beard Margaret Beard Steve Been Jan Bell Tim Bell Lynn Bennett Sue Bennett Candi Bergman Sherry Binz David Black George Blair Jamey Blevins Steve Blood Roberta Booth Roger Booth Debby Bortel Virginia Bougher Kathy Bowden Nancy Bowen Nancy Bowman Sandra Boyd Paula Bradley Mike Breeding Ann Brewer Bruce Broding Jon Brown Karen Brown Scott Brown Terry Brown john Buchanan Laura Buller Rozella Buller Steve Bullinger jerry Bunch james Burge Cindy Burns janet Byrd Robbie Cadenhead Leo Cagley Ken Camblin Fred Cantrell Peggy Cantrell Judy'Carley Catherine Carroll Chris Carter Mary Casserly Laurel Cates Steve Chalmers Chris Chandler Martha Charlton Pam Chelsea Vic Cobb Tom Connell Carol Cook junior hi 11 life is ecomin a routine Preparing for the holiday season, the Girls' Glee Club will hold their notes high for assemblies and special forums presented throughout the year. Melinda Downey john Drew Tate Edmondson Bob Elliott Paul Erdmann Mary Erni Donna Copenhaver Tom Cox David Crawford Don Crawford jim Crawford Connie Creager Cindy Creamer Martha Cronk Janice Crowdus Diane Daniel Linda Daniel Donna Davidson Val Davidson Barbara Davis Joyce Davis Bill Davis Pam Deardeuff Debbie Deardorff Kathy Deatherage Tad Dellinger Beth DeMerritt Laura Dempsey Gayle Denham Mary Denny Rusty Detrick Patty Dickey Bob Dillman Darrel Domnick Grant Dorsey Janie Dossey Walter Eskridge Jim Fair Diane Farrell Bob Farris Cathy Fehr Jon File Bob First Nina Fischbein jim Fisher Bob Fisher joe Fleming Liz Flora Shelly Floyd Janet Ford Mike Fowler Kent Francy Bonnie Frank jane Fredenberger Charlie Frederick David Frederick Pete Gallimore Debbie Gardner Tom Gardner Pam Garman Elaine Gentry Margaret Ghan Gary Gibbons Spic Gilliam Pat Gilliland Steve Glazer john Godinez Cherri Gooch jimmy Gooch A formula for a passing grade in algebra is hard work plus long hours of studying, as Cheryl Palmer and classmates can well testify. We 1-:gin the stud ,il ji . M. ' a ll ,. of advanced courses, Vicki Graf Bill Graham Lee Grigg Bill Groth Pat Guida Randy Hagan Phyllis Hale Gordon Hall Ray Hall Richard Hall Linda Hamilton Phil Hammond john Hanton Judy Hardison Donald Harris Greg Harrison Evie Harshman David Hartson Cindy Hatcher Phil Hayden Michael Headlee Jean Heller Judy Helm Chuck Helt Leslie Hendrickson Rene Henry Butch Hibbs Maryanne Hicks joe Hidy Douglas Hill Cyndi Hilton Kathie Hoar Cheri Holder Susan Hollinger Angie Hopper Debby House Anne Howard Doug Howard janet Hudson Stephanie Hudson Harriet Huff Bob Huggins Skip Hujsak Lee Hunter Judy Hutchison Richard Hutto Vicki Ihrig Cary Imler Although they may not appreciate it now, Miss Deaton prepares her students with a background in literature. Leslie Jennings Charlie Johnson Wayne Johnson John Johnson Mary Johnson Jean Jones Marvin Jones Kay Jones Mike Jones Jean Katz Jan Keith Ceci Kenton Carol King Gary King Nancy Knarr Nancy Isaacks Joyce Ives Berba Jack Jonathan Jaco-bs Bruce Jacoby Tom James Steve Jared Mike Jarrell Debby Jehs Steve Jehs a forei I1 lan ua e, Martha McCoy Jan McGinnis Philip McGowan Steve McIntyre Nancy McKewon Alan McKnight Fred McLane Keith McNeal Wi-lliam McRorey Linda Messer Mable Mikkelsen Marilyn Miller Susan Miller Nancy Milner Christy Mims Kathy Knight David Kothe Robert Krumme Susie Kygar Walter Lamb jill Lambeth john Lamons Linda Lantow Kjersti Larson Ronnie Laurence Jeff Ledbetter Linda Lee Kathy Leitner Lane Littlefield Nancy Lord Cathy Low Myrna Lubin Arm Luttgen Joe Malahy Marty Malahy Mike Mallinger Tom Mann Steve Marsee Beverly Martin Bill Martin Pat May Gwen McAdams Mickey McBride Nina McClain Danny McClary Terry Miner Martin Mirkin james Mixon Harriet Mizel Candi Moon Chris Moore Ralph Morgan Susan Morgan 'lane Morrison David Morse Marilyn Morse Theresa Morton Terry Muir Elayne Muratet jack Murdock Danny Murphree Marsha Murphy Roger Nalley Pam Nation Rhonda Nation Rick Nedum Don Newson Lee Norman David Oldaker Mike Oliver Mary Lou Olsen Cheryl Palmer Carol Parker Mike Parker Steve Parkhurst School splrlt enrlches Prank Parsons Ronnie Parsons Jo Patman Lynn Patterson Dot Pecligo jerry Phillips jan Phillips Terry Pilkington Ann Poo-l 1 our friendships A rigorous program of physical activity is strictly followed by eighth grade athletes. Mike Saubert Karen Schott Lynne Scott Vicki Scott Mike Self Kay Selman Deborah Potter Betsy Pratt Barbara Preiss Howard Pue Susan Pummill Greg Purdy Diane Rabkin Joyce Raines Martha Read Trudy Reaves Tim Reeve Sherrie Renberg Holly Reynolds Steve Reynolds Sandy Rhoades Ann Richards Greg Riggs janet Roberts Kit Robinson Walter Robinson Tommy Rogers Dan Rohor Beverly Romero Molly Rorschach Caroline Rose Willard Roy Don Ruggles jo Saab Donna Sanders Mark Sanders ff if , C i ff, f f7f77f ,ff ,922 Xffsff 2 ff 1, ' W ,, jf ,af s M' f 1 QW Inf , , LN, :fl mf' 7 f f 7! X a' , , 'S , 4 f V ' we " i 2, Alf' -'A ir-- 1 m ira Susie Sexton Sarah Shaffer Charles Shaw Deliliah Shell Patricia Shell Bill Shellshear Ellen Shepherd Cia Sheram Sharon Sherman Debbie Siemon Cam Sigler Vicky Simpson Mark Singer D-avid Sippel Stephanie Smith Ricky Spellman Cathy Staines Paul Steed Skip Steele Sandie Steele Chuck Sterling Debby Stevenson Phillip Stewart Roger Strickland Jerry Summers Neva Sundvahl Pam Swan Chris Swindler Susan Sylvester Charles Tabbut Ken Tabor Candee Talbott john Tatroe Morene Tharel Steve Thomas Steve Thomsen David Tobey Donna Todd Ann Todhunter Carol Trenfield Gregg Turner Cathy Valant Vahla Vammen Jeanene Versaw Kelly Vick Clint Wade Marilyn Wagenblatt Marjory Walters 3S W6 BCOIIIB 3 P311 , of the Edison tradition Susan Woods Kenneth Wright Bobby York Gail Zarrow Philip Zito Cynthia Zumwalt Jodi Ward Stewart Warren Marcia Waul Bill Webb William Weber Glen Wellendorf Cathy Wells Susan Wenger Jeannie West Diane Wheeler Susan Wheeler Judy White David White Margaret White Carol Whitman Kim Williams Martha Williams Tommy Williams Eric Wilner LaVunn Wilson Susan Wise Ann Withington Paula Wood Kriss Woodbury Danny Woodlee Zjersti Larson will traverse the junior high halls many times before entering senior high. The seventh grade officers, Houston jameson, Scott Beaty, Pat Stanfield, and jerry Lee, handle affairs during Mrs. White's absence. Seventh grade Receiving goo-d grades is a basic requirement for all class officers. Seventh grade officers are: Houston Jameson, presidentg Scott Beaty, vice-presidentg Pat Stanfield, secretaryg Jerry Lee, treasurer. officers and class members Glenna Barnes Joffre Barnes Paul Barnes Dick Barron Brett Baugh Adele Bauman Donna Baumunk Scott Beaty Randy Becklund Chris Beeson Becky Bell Jerry Bement Gayle Bennett Steven Bennett Mike Berg Chris Besselman Dick Bischoff jan Black Birch Blackstock Chrislyn Blank John Abshire james Adams james Alexander Jeff Alexander Tim Alexander Cindy Allan Charles Allcorn Mary Allen Sherri Allen Michelle Anderson Mary Jane Andrews Natalie Andrews Kathy Antry jane Archibald Robert Argue Viva Ashcroft Bob Attaway Betty Aubrey Karleen Baer Barbara Baker Sherry Baker Carol Baldwin Terry Balfe Diana Barnard Greg Bledsoe Diane Block Linda Ann Boismier Linda Boots Michelle Boudreaux Renee Brashear Robert Breck jan Briggs Katherine Brocksmith Brian Brouse Carla Brown Janice Brown Peggy Brown Linda Bueg Steven Burns Jennifer Burruss janet Butler james Byrne Glenn Campbell Judith Carlson Robert Carrol Anita Carson james Carson Linda Carwile Steven Cash Carol Chapman Sharon Chapman David Christian Amy Clark Cheryl Clark David Clark Nancy Clark Mike Claxton Linda Clyburn Patrick Cobb Mary Anne Coe Gherson Cohen Nancy Cohen Randy Cohen Stephen Cohen Beverly Comer Stephen Conard Fred Copes Charles Corbin find new goals M Anita Cottier Steven Coulter Ioan Crager Forrest Craig Gary Curtis Kirk Dale Karen Dalton Karen Davidson Scott Davidson Phillip Davis Toni DeFalco Linda Defenbaugh Richard Dent Diane Deupree Tobey Devlin james Dillard III Junlor hlgh school. All seventh graders find themselves con fronted with higher and more precise math. james Dohmalek David Domnick Danny Drake Mary Dratz Pam Duke Mary Dumas james Duncan Susanne Eagan Rex Eagon David Edmark Barron Edwards Barry Eisen Steven Elias Philip Eller Barry Emmons John Enlow Cary Enterline Debra Ervine Steve Eubanks jan Ewing Bruce Fadem Lloyd Eaclem Scott Fales jeff Fanning Mmgled with many other junior high students, seventh graders rush to class. Suzanne Fornell john Forrest Vicki Fowler Catherine Fox Stuart Fox Linda Frawley Chris Frederick Don Froning Fred Fulton Karen Funk Walter Fusselman Richard Gaines Craig Galloway Tracy Galloway Patricia Garetson Ronald Gass Cynthia Gassaway Richard Gibson Patricia Gilbert Susan Glazer David Glenn Claudia Goad Ro-bert Goble john Gorrell Rebecca Farmer jim Felclmann Meredith Felts James Fererro John Ferguson Linda Ferrell Deborah Fields Laurie Fish David Fisher Errick Fisher Steve Flaa Martha Folmar Importance of dlllgent stud and class participation Randy Graham Sharon Greenwood Kenneth Griffin Kathryn Griffith Donna Grubb Barbara Gwartney Greg Hale James Haley Charles Hall Laura Hall Mark Hamilton David Hannis Henry Happel Kenneth Harwood Douglas Heacllee Charles Heaton Marilyn Hecklin Richard Heidinger Nancy Helling Holly Henderson Susan Henderson Kathrine Hendrickson Ginger Hendryx Susan Henry Todd Henshaw Frank Hibbs Stephen Hickerson Aquina Hinson Steven Hoppes Dana Hostetter jane Huckabee janet Hudson Linda Hudson Vicki Hudson Warren Hultgren Carol Hunter john Isaacks Stephen Ives Karen jackson Martha Jackson Houston jameson Beau Jennings Diana Jennings Eddie Johnson Todd Kangas Steven Karey Kay Kee Michael Keller Karen Suzanne Kenney julie Kennon Sue Kindschi Phil King Brad Kirherger Mel Knight Steve Koch Jeff Kopelnnan Alan Kovach Jeff Kowalski Martha Lairmore john Lane jeff Laughlin Liz Lawrence Barbara Lee jerry Lee Randy Leighton Lee Levinson Carol Lewis Mark Lewis Stanley Lewis Brookie Like Gary Lobaugh Susan Long Craig Lubin Guy Lucas Lynn Ludman Pete Lynch jan Lyons Diana Maher Carol Mantooth Nellene Mark Marsha Markt Katy Martin john Martin Sally Martin Marilyn Marvel Terri May Pam Mayfield Phil McArthur Don McCalman Bonnie McCoy Marilyn McGehan David Mclntyre provide a challenge l for academic achievement. David Morton Suann Morton Kevin Mossman Gary Moulin Kathie Mungen Mary Murta Nicky Nash John Nelson Leslie Nelson Nile Nicklau Mark Nix Linda Nunneley David McKee Dorothy McKewon Jeanette McKeWon Susan McLaughlin Randy McNair Eileen McPhail Richard McVay Pete Meek Mike Mendenhall Bill Meyer Judy Miller Randy Miller Sally Miller Tom Miller Marcia Mills Tony Mirkin Ellis Mitts Kathleen Mixon Rob Monhollon Marcy Montgomery jane Ann Moore janet Morgan Danny Morris Alan Morrow Jeff Laughlin works hard on 11 book rack for industrial arts while Randy Duncan supervises his work David Oherstein Steve O'Kelley james Oldaker Terry Oliver Pat Owens Steve Page Hap Parrish Cecille Parsons Ann Patterson jan Patterson Lindsay Patterson Danny Patton Ray Payne Earl Peeples Tommy Pendergrass Steve Perrin Margie Personette Bill Peterson Ken Petta Philip Petta Sharon Phipps Marc Pine Mindy Plake Carolyn Pope ,,....-r--F VVY, M ,,,,,,,.,.....-1 ,, I ,L 7 f 4 p yy S 7' -i l Q 42p'1z:fggL?Z?2ifa4 'Q ..,M..-4, ' 7 :fffff flf , ig, ar nf I 1 After mastering the difficult unicycle, John Gorrell discovers that it provides excellent transportation to and from school. I96 aried social activities Marolyn Pope Ginger Powell Thomas Pratt Susan Preaus Suzanna Prophet Joan Pummill Steve Rabenaldt Mike Rainwater Bob Ranck Deborah Rardin Steve Rathmann Susan Reavis provide new interests Jennifer Reed Frank Thoades Shelly Richter Judy Rickabaugh Renee Riddle Scott Riddle jimmy Ritter Tom Robbins Rodney Roberts Shelley Robinson jim Rodgers Tommy Rodman Kim Rodolf Chris Roe-mer Kathy Rogers Sky Rohn Bill Roop Demi Rosenthal David Ross Sandra Ross Susan Ross Gary Rotramel Robin Roy Diane Ruggles jane Rumbaugh Mary Samuelson Sue Sangunett Kay Scott Andy Seigel Chuck Selrnan Gary Semke Robert Seznov Chris Shaffer Linda Shaffer Paula Shapiro Ruth Shapiro Suzanne Sherman Mike Simpson Rusty Smith Bill Snow David Snyder Phil Southard Mary Sparks Brenda Speed Roger Speegle Bill Spurgin 'Judy Stallcup Pat Stanfield Becky Stanley Donna Stenhouse Charles Stephenson Nancy Stephenson Danny Stevens Trudy Stevens Karann Steward Nancy Steward Jeanette Stokes Adrienne Stone Ellen Sutherland Bobby Swanson Carol Sweet Beverly Tabor Pat Tabor Anne Tarbel Susan Taylor Susan Teis Patty Tessier Chris Teter Gail Thayer Connie Thomas Pam Thomas Bob Thompson EIS IIBW 3Cqll3iIlt3IlC6S evelop Regimented rows of bicycles typify the means of transportation for Junior high students. Mike Thompson Debby Tidwell Robert Todd Gayle Townsend 'jackie Trader Patty Tschappat into lasting friendships. Vera Williams David Williamson Charles Willis Bruce Wilson Pamela Wilson Pat Wilson Linda Wise Margy Withington Bob Womble Karen Woncik Janet Wood Judy Worley Stuart Wright Kay Young Suzanne Young Curtis Zeek Randy Turner Karen Van Fossan Marc Van Hoose Robert Vincent Bill Wagner Nora Wahl Kay Waldo Rickey Walker Georgann Wallingford Kirk Weber Eleanor Weisman Tryg Westby Dan White Jeannie White David Whitney Gary Whorton Tom Widman Fred Wienecke Susan Wilbanks Gordon Wilder Jeannine Wiley Jack Williams Jimmy Williams Tim Williams Carolyn Pope finds that sewing is not only fun but also a challenge as she learns to gather a skirt FO , 3 , 41 ZW sf5L?,75 ' Y' may 1071 wg wk. .V , 'al wg , x, 1 . iw ,pn fqi 'e.x , if 'Vi 'f' , '-au" "45g 7 '-,gli ,, Nr N- MQ-Q 1 2, , I rf ' ' ze if X 'Y b A , , wr: V ., 41,5 1 . V, , ,lik N W1 ., ' 1 . . wg 1 ' , I gi x ELITE NANCY ALLISON Miss Edison VII I KATHY KENDALL Basketball Queen MARILYN SPARKS Wrestling Queen MARINA WIENECKE Swimming Queen CAROL HIGHLAND Band Queen Jane Wilder Eileen Freeman Bom! Football Barbara Roller Janine Henshaw Lucy Murray Boflaetbtzll Football Bofketball Andrea Smith DeeDee Knapp Cheryl Crain Janet Cockriel F o otbol l Wreftling Wrertlitzg Bofketboll Football Linda Freeman Cheryl Coiner Swimming Bam! Kathy Kendall Carol Crews Cathl' Payne 110096111 Swimming Swimmifzg Melanie Bates Diane Tholen Cheryl Dunn Football Bam! Swimming ueen Attendants Attendants to Miss Edison are se- lected, under supervision of the Student Council, by the student body. The varsity team of the other sports nominate the other attendants. They are voted on at each home game of the sport they rep- resent. These attendants reflect the schol- arship, leadership, and beauty which Edi- son royalty possesses. September Kathy Kendall was elected Girl of the Month for September. Kathy is very active in school functions. She is a member of Senior Board, a member of Usherettes, captain of the cheerleaders, and she is Social Chair- man for the Senior Class. Kathy was also honored as an attendant to Miss Edison and she was Basketball Queen. Boy of the Month for September is Ben Henneke. Ben is one who works hard as a senior. He is President of Student Coun- cil, a track and cross-country letterman, a member of the National Honor Society, a National Merit Finalist, and a member of Key Club. Miss Edison VII, Nancy Allison, has been extremely active in various school ac- tivities. In her sophomore year she was a cheerleader, Sophomore Board Member-at- Large, and Basketball Queen Attendant. Dur- ing Nancy's junior year she served as junior Class Secretary, member of the junior Board, cheerleader, and attendant to Miss Edison. Her senior year she has been active as a cheer- leader, member of Senior Board, Usherettes, and is on the Honor Roll. Moving to Edison in his junior year, Oc- tober's Boy of the Month, Mark Wolf, be- came a member of Key Club, was voted home- room president, and participated in football. In his senior year, he was elected to the National Honor Society and was a candidate for "Mr, Edison." October November Carol Soule, chosen as November's Girl of the Month, has been active in school ac- tivities since her sophomore year when she was in the sophomore play and in Thespians. During her junior year she participated in French Club, Student Council, and the school talent show. This year she is a member of Usherettes, Concert Chorus, and the Stu- dent Council Publications and Social Com- mittees. She was also elected "Most Talentedf' Boy of the Month for November is Vic Williams. He has served as President of the junior Class, member of Key Club, Student Council, and was voted "Most Likely to Succeed," In Vic's senior year he was honored as "Mr. Edisonj' vice-president of the Senior Class, and he was chosen "Most Polite." While she was a sophomore, December's Girl of the Month, Barbara Roller, was a cheerleader and vice-president of her home- room, During her junior year she was a mem- ber of French Club, became Wrestling Queen Attendant and was on the junior Board. In her senior year she is cheerleader co-captain and a Senior Board Member-at-Large. She was also elected to the National Honor Society, to Usherettes, and Basketball Queen Attend- ant. Phil Boesche, December's Boy of the Month, was homeroom president, a member of Student Council, and on the 24 point Honor Roll in his sophomore year. As a junior he became a member of Key Club and was elected as "Best Student." In his senior year he is vice-president of the Student Council, a candidate for "Mr, Edison," and was elected "Most Likely to Succeed." December Januar Jacque Frost, an active student at Edi- son, was selected as January's Girl of the Month. As a sophomore she was a Student Council Representative and in the sophomore play. During her junior year she was Chair- man of Edison Week, Student Council Sec- retary, and on the junior Board. This year she is President of Usherettes, was elected "Most Deservingf' and served as Chairman of the Brotherhood Breakfast. Making the 23 point Honor Roll, being a homeroom officer, and participating in wres- tling and track are a few of the accomplish- ments which january's Boy of the Month, Mike Gravitt, achieved in his sophomore year. During his junior year, he was an American Field Service semi-finalist and a member of the National Honor Society. In his senior year, he is a member of Key Club and the Senior Board. He was also elected Treas- urer of the National Honor Society, and "Most Deservingf' 1 February's Girl of the Month, Eileen Freeman, was Football Queen Attendant and acted in the class play during her sophomore year, She served as junior Class vice-president, was a member of National Honor Society and junior Board. In her senior year Eileen is class treasurer, an Usherettes member and Edison's "Most Friendly" girl. As a sophomore, Paul Taylor, February's Boy of the Month, achieved the 24 point Honor Roll. In his junior year, Paul served on the staff of the Eyrie, Edison's literary anthology. A Key Club member in his senior year, Paul is National Honor Society vice- president and "Most Dependable." Februar Vic Williams was chosen Mr. Edison for 1964. The title signifies a boy who has leadership ability, a keen sense of school spirit, and popularity with his fellow students. Among the senior boys Mr. Edison is a goal to be strived for. Keeping the qualifications for Mr. Edison in mind, the entire student body selects Mr. Edison. During Vicls three years of high school, he has been very active in school functions. He served as President of the Junior Class, and was elected "Most Likely to Succeed." In his senior year he is vice-president of the Senior Class and was elected as "Most Polite." Mr. Edison, Vic Williams tu de nt 2 Eileen Freeman, Teh Blackwell, Most Friendlyg Sandy Dixon, jerry Barnett, Best Workerg Kris Xwienecke, Paul Taylor, Most Dependableg Carol Soule, Frank Mantooth, Most Talented. ,,,, ,, , , ,,,, . ,.,,,,, ,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,, Miss Edison, Nancy Allison, presented a proud Vic Wil- liams with the mace which is the symbol of his reign. O -ll Mark Wolf, Sherri Shanor, "Most School Spirited"g Nancy P Chandler, Drew Neville, "Best Sportf' Student Superlatives are elected by the student body through the Sophomore, junior, and Senior Boards. They are chosen on the basis of having the personal qualifications which the names of the categories imply. On the final ballot, winners may be from any of the three classes. The quality of a school is determined by the quality of students it produces. At Edison, We are justifiably proud to say that our Student Superlatives represent the highest quality of char- acter of our student body. Mike Qravitt, ':iVIost Deseryingug Ann Grekel, "Best Stuclentng Jacque Frost, "Most Deservingng Yic Williams, Most POl1t6'Q Nancy Allison, "Most Polite"g Phil Boesche, Ann McCoy, "Most Likely to Succeed", jim McWilliams, "Best Student." lf? 1 ,-. ff-. 'N 2 gap- , , Y ,, mga! C, gf. --M... "'i'V"' vw-. 'Um v .137 97.-. KA' rw- f-an fm, ...b -,Rl w 1 p -N-Tv ATHLETICS RALPH PARKER Head Coach FRED DUVAL End Coach Edison had reason to be proud of its football team this year, as the varsity pulled upsets on the league- leading Bartlesville Wildcats and the tough Rogers Ropers, mashed Memorial, and bettered last year's record. They Were tied for the conference lead with only the Muskogee game left, but lost a 14-16 heartbreaker to the Roughers and dropped to fourth place. The varsity included many outstanding individuals, including four All-City players, four All-Conference players, one All-State player, and the Player of the Year. Team spirit improved significantly, and the Eagles never lost a game without a hard fight. The 1963 Eagles have maintained Edison's reputation in conference and state football circles as one of the top high school teams in the state. P ' d and Eagles blast Roper defense as Larry Purdy blocks for Scott Hall. JERREL BELLER Line Coach 'rf " , , - ,V, , aaa' Q I fy . , f a "' ff, 1122 "L , ' if ff .,,v Vf' . , - 1 X' 1 1 ' H 'f I M y ,Q we 1 , rua -7 ' A , sw f . I Lg e., I , V' ,n,, I I l 9 V7 A , 2773, A ,ya I ' I I5 'X 'i f +2 ' ' , Q fr' - , if-' ' 1 ' . - f 'f Il V fer V , at ' I Z 'T , , " t ...- 1 , he ' ' -V I V V X' 5 ' C 't I V ' . 'Af , -0, , ,U I z , Q - Q, I .Z V V ., , V gf! 'A 6 , f f , , , ff 1 ' M ' 1 1 ff? '- I 1 " -' - fi 1. , 'W gif-4 X M I, , , , ' . , - , H 1: , 5 A V - VV . I ,V K I ,f p P 41 - V v Q - , A f Y ff. .- ' ffm v- N - ' " f ' ' ,- . . w ' ' ' ? ' X I I " - H fe 1 Z iiirr ar , -Ja , 4 ' at M I i , I Q an, . if af A f' , 'zz 'fgf 1, 1 V . K '-Vert' 1 , ,,,,.-g ' -Y , 1 " f : - , -N, , if V' :L-gp' . ,Ze 7.1 ff: ,WMM ', ,-'Qu Q ffm' ' I, , ' AJ J, ?'9":'Q , . "' ,QI V M ,,,f,j:, aa- 'HM I .W , ' W ' .,',' 'WM f.4w,wf,3-were a1, , .W?-,fy -1 - i z?" ref .,,,,.,, -H ff ., . , ,, ve, , I QxVt. e.fr,,,, ,. W9 1 N- V, ,I 'r-,Q fuk 1 q .P r im qi f jf ff, ff- 5,1 Q I f.,f lf, V g-!,,-f,'kf, ,, ,gi g M ff. ,' 'fy ,,fy. ,V , , 5,53 5 Vvy, , ,,4,,, ,k2y, ,H .p,l,,4f I. , I , 5 , I y f . I if if I ' if , . ', 1 1' if ZZ- 7 M, ,Q ,re f',' 1 'iw 1 ' f,f1,,, ',,,-fm? I I f , , V YZ , f , Q., V f .-,V ,, fmfffm "f I, V, .,,,, Q?7zf'f'f '95 , , 7292, 1z,i7il?l7Z,I f ",, , 'f f- Diff, ,,' if '52?1'M , fffywf vlficfffe Jie' UM.: ,,,. 'f ,, ,, an 7 in it ie I FRONT ROW: Bob Whitehill, john Gibson, Tom Rothrock, Dave Bennett, Wes Disney, Frank Klucevsek, Warren Adams, Joe Beetsg SECOND ROW: Ted Shackleford, jerry Webb, Rick Cheadle, Dick Mooney, Scott Hall, Donnie Roberts, johnny Crawford, Steve Becklundg THIRD ROW: Coach Duval, john Roberts, Alan Fedman, Roger Grigor, Fred Mitchell, Larry Purdy, Danny Hoar, Kermit Holderrnan, Bob Dillman, Mark Bradley, Coach Bellerg LAST ROW: Fred Ransbottom, Charles Towry, Mark Wolf, Randy Purdy, Drew Neville, Bobby Kenney, Lloyd Barron, Lonnie Donovan, Bucky Smith, Greg Palazzo. Relentless Effort SCHEDULE 1 6 EDISON O .::,........ ....:,::,::, R OGERS EDISON 12 ,,,,:,,,. :::,,: P ONCA CITY 7 EDISON 36 :,,,,,,:, ,,e:,, M EMORIAL 12 14 EDISON 7 ...,,:,.. ...... H ALE EDISON 14 eI,,,,,r. ...... C ENTRAL 27 EDISON 19 .:::,.... ...... R OGERS 7 EDISON 28 ,:....::: ..,::. M CT-AIN 0 EDISON 20 ,,::,,,,: ....,: B ARTLESVILLE 14 O EDISON 47 ,,...,,,. aaiia. 1 DABPL EDISQN 14 ,,,,:,,, ::.., , MUSKOGEE 16 Mark Wolf prepares to take pitchout from Purdy. SCOTT HALL Senior Fullback All-City All-Conference All-State Player of the Year WES DISNEY Senior Tackle A11-city DON ROBERTS Senior End Honorable Mentron All Crty Larry Purdy IS bull dogged down by a Ponca C1ty tackler after a Edlson Ea les of .the LARRY PURDY Senior Quarterback All-City KERMIT HOLDERMAN Junior Quarterback LLOYD BARRON Junior Guard to WARREN ADAMS Junior Tackle MARK WOLF Senior Halfback JOHN CRAWFORD Senior Halfback ll RICHARD MOONEY Senior Guard All-Conference Honorable Mention All-City Mark YWolf careens around end. many victories RICK CHEADLE Senior End U BOB DILLMAN Ponca City's defense tries unsuccessfully to stop the Eagle drive. junior Center Larry Purdy and Scott Hall run their favorite play with Larry carrying ' the ball. Coach Langham spends many hours devising new plays for B-squad. Edison's outstanding football team owes its success to the founda- tion which its players receive in B- squad during their sophomore year. From the hours of practice and the valuable experience gained in B- squad games, they build skills which stand them in good stead in their two following years of varsity action. Tackling, blocking, and running plays, the junior athletes gain the polish which characterizes the Eagle varsity. in Oklahomzfs ROW 1: Coach Jeffs, John Elliott, Kenny Nix, Gary Graham, Stacy Forrest, Bill Holway, Skip Gish Rick Lovelesss, jerry Burrell, Robert Wright, ROW 2: Coach Grove, Doug Phillips, Kirk VanValken burg, Randy Purdy, Mike Solow, Les Dixon, jim Cooper, Bill Mead, Doug Griggs, Gary Gray Billy Jeffers, Steve Kennedy, Coach Langham, ROW 3: jim Barnes, Bob Phillips, Randy Rogers David Lewis, jeff London, Eddie Parks, Micky Mirkin, john Danner, Mike Bartlett, Ken Davis Danny Hoar, Steve Read, Larry Catron, jim jordan, Tony Talley, Sam Whitehill. lui-1 The Eagles avenged their 16-O defeat by Rogers in the All-City by upsetting the Ropers 19-13 in regular season competition. 1 Coach Grove often arrives early in the morning to work with his athletes. roughest conference Don Roberts, john Crawford, and Dick Mooney prepare to slaughter a Ponca City ball carrier. VARSITY KNEELING: J. McWilliams, H, Barnes, S. Forrest, M. Gravitt, D. Neibling, G. Gomez, W. Romero, STANDING: Coach Sellers D. Holland, L. Barron, A. Harrison, J. Danner, W. Adams, B. Stone, D. Williams, Coach Beller. Edison Wrestlers capture B-SQUAD KNEELING: R. Finley, L. Wilson, C. Couch, D. Jaeger, D. Rogers, S. Weichert, E. Denham, R. Gishg STANDING: C. Whisenhunt, D. Marsee, D. Meade, J. Santos, D. Petra, D. Brown, F. Klucevsek, I. Kee, R. Loveless, B. Schwahe. l- Muscles knot as Bob Stone tries for a takedown. cit title Thanks to Coach Sellers, the wrestling Eagles have gained recognition as one of the finest squads in Oklahoma. Sid Conine grimaces during his efforts to escape from his opponent. Mark Gravitt drives his fist into his opponents back as he turns him for a pin Hugh Barnes spins away violently in an attempt to escape from his opponent. Gary Gomez prevents Tony Diaz, one of the city's finest wrestlers, from escaping their state reputation. Bob Stone Cabovej and Lloyd Barron fbelowj acquire riding time during their Edison Invitational Tournament matches. Mike Gravitt flips his opponent in an attempt to take the upper hand in their match. BOBBY STONE 148 lbs. WALTER ROMERO 156 lbs. HUGH BARNES 1 1 5 lbs. MIKE GRAVITT 1 2 5 lbs. JIM MCWILLIAMS 141 lbs. ARCHIE HARRISON 157 lbs. WARREN ADAMS Heavyweight JOHN DANNER 185 lbs. STACY FORREST 106 lbs. DENNIS NEIBLING 98 lbs. GARY GOMEZ 130 lbs. DAVID WILLIAMS 150 lbs. LLOYD BARRON 168 lbs. DON HOLLAND 168 lbs. STEVE WEICHERT 1 4 1 lbs. EDWIN DENHAM 1 1 5 lbs. ws LUTHER LIKE DAVID JOHNSON Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Coach Tom Langham, the Eagle Senior diver Senior freestyle swimmers have compiled a record they can be proud of. swimmers ALEX WHITMORE Senior Breaststroke CHARLES RODMAN Senior Backstroke B-SQUAD SITTING: R. Bendell, B. Selman, B. Butlerg IQXIEEL- ING: R. Wall, I. Woodard, B. Whiteg STANDING: S. Reid, D. Evans, P. Bryant. 4-n7 l r", f 5 ff M gsm! V! if ,,AV I., - V If ,V ry, ff X f ,f K f 1 VARSITY SITTHNIG: S. Dresser, S. Taylor, N. Henthorne, A. Whitmore, B. Becherg KNEELING: T. Covington, B. Wlute, T. Gilliland, B. Butler, STANDING: P. Bryant, D. Keeley, L. Like, J. Cunningham, C. Rodman, Coach Langham, D. johnson, J. Teel, T. Thralls, Coach Bicknell. rate hi h in state .m, HAM Edison's stylish warm-up suits lend a note of fashion to poolside besides keeping the swimmers warm and happy. Swimming is one of the most highly rated sports at Edison, and this year was no exception. Even though the squad lost several All- Americans last year, sophomores and juniors stepped into their places and the team has continued its winning ways. As one of the Big Three teams in the state, Eagle swimmers presented a threat to anyone's title hopes, finishing second in the city and tied with Bartlesville for second in the Oklahoma Seven conference swim meets. Individuals highlighting the swim meets this year were Dave johnson, first in both city and con- ference freestyle events, Alex Whit- more, first in city and second in conference breaststroke events, Pat Bryant, fourth in conference butter- fly, and Bob Becher, second in both city and conference backstroke events, and Luther Like, first in both city and conference diving. , 4 Between events swimmers dry off, visit with team- mates, and discuss their times. BOB BECHER JOHN TEEL junior backstroke junior backstroke TOM THRALLS TOM GILLILAND Edison's outstanding 160-yard medley relay team, composed of Dennis Junior freestyle Junior freestyle Keeley-freestyle, Stan Dresser-butterfly, Alex Whitmore-breaststroke ROBERT FARRELL junior diver I 67"3lV'7M'WXQi I1 S 431 and Bob Becher-backstroke, has set two pool records this year and defeat conference Opponent Bartlesville Coffeyville Memorial Central Coffeyville Bartlesville Ponca City Rogers Hale W , We 54. N, SCHEDULE We Them 37 58 44 51 67 28 80 15 62 33 46 49 62 33 70 25 50 45 The moment before a start is a tense one as a swimmer prepares to do his best in the upcoming event. champion in dual. JACQUES CUNNINGHAM DENNIS KEELEY junior freestyle Senior freestyle NORRIS I-IENTHORNE SANDY TAYLOR Senior freestyle Senior freestyle PAT BRYANT STAN DRESSER Sophomore butterfly Junior butterfly iff , f BILL XVI-IITE TERRY COVINGTON Junior breaststroke junior breaststroke l 4 '1 . I SITTING: J. Crawford, L. Purdy, R. Wienecke, B. Riddle, R. Slickerg KNEELING: M. Brown, M. Matetich, D. Roberts, S. Hall, T. Rothrock, C. Saylesp STANDING: Coach Grove, P. Fishbine, B. Ader, E. Patton, C. Adams, J. Gibson, S. Daniel, J, Hagan. Scott Hall drives for a lay-up with the assistance of Tom Rothrock. Basketball Varslt Opponent McClain Bartlesville Ponca City Memorial Rogers Hale Bartlesville Central Muskogee Rogers Webster Ponca City Hale Central BASKETBALL SCHEDULE They We 66 53 69 45 61 35 45 51 60 50 43 40 42 46 46 42 44 36 49 45 96 59 67 39 60 44 80 39 SCOTT HAI-L RUSS WIENECKE DONNIE ROBERTS LARRY PURDY improves record, l i SITTING: R. Purdy, J. Frasier, G. Williams, J. Wimbish, D. Phillipsg KNEELING: G. Brannick, R. Buck, R. Rogers, D. Wagenblatt, D. Hoarg STANDING: Coach Renfro, J. Beets, S. NVhitel'1ill, C. Sayles, M. Niles, Coach jeffs. RUSS WIENECKE 1964 Captain Getting ready to rebound a shot are left, Marty Brown, center, Donnie Roberts, and right, Tom Rothrock. forces opponent EDDIE PATTON JOHN CRAWFORD MARTY BROWN JOHN GIBSON k 4 2 f 5 2 5 1 Eagles and Rangers scramble for the ball in one of their hotly contested games. Marty Brown demonstrates deep concentration while shooting a free throw. to fi ht for victories. Edison's cross country and track teams, ably coached by Hugh Pierce, have managed to garner their share of honors in meets this year. Co-captains Mike Gra- vitt and Steve Stroup led the cross coun- try team to high placings in both con- ference and state meets even though illness prevented many team members from performing their best. With a num- ber of returning lettermen, the track team has great expectations this year which will undoubtedly prove to be Well founded. Distance runners maintain Lettermen listen intently as Coach Pierce ex- amines the squads prospects for the state meet Coach Pierce has contributed greatly to the success of the cross country and track teams. hi 11 ratin Phil Perryman, Ben Henneke, and Steve Stroup strain to prepare for the state meet. Cross country varsity jogs during practice session. 1 gtg? 5. I' iii' ix , W if ,V ,334 ' Gary Stevens shows excellent form as he spins to throw the discus. Track squad Ron Ijeyh and Dave Bennett, Edison's top quarterrnilers, spend many hours each week m ngorous workouts. 1 R H4121 , , "" 2b24 E45MZZH Roger Grigor soars like an eagle in the broad jump. Fred Mitchell grimaces as he strives for speed in the low hurdles time trials. experiences good season DREW NEVILLE BUCKY SMITH BEN HENNEKE JOHN PRATT PHIL PERRYMAN 243 DATE March 17 March 20 and 24 March 26-28 March 31 April 3 April 7 April 23 April 28 May 1 May 5 Marty Brown and Gary Brannick prepare to make the double play by first putting runner Lloyd Barron out at second. SCHEDULE OPPONENT Memorial Central Sapulpa Tourn Muskogee Central Sand Springs Rogers Hale Rogers Memorial Baseball varsity ex ects good FRONT ROW: Gary Brannick, Steve Sanders, Lloyd Barron, Norm Lively, Bruce Riddle, Russell Bock, Russ Wienecke. BACK ROW: Frank Klusevsek, Tom Rothrock, jim Adair, Gary Allison, Grady Nichols, Marty Brown, jerry Webb, Joe Beets, Coach Duvall. Outfielder jerry Webb lobs the ball home scoring again for the Eagles. S6 3 S0 Il COACH DUVALL y 7 .5 1 6 K 5 5 x Q 4 1 5 I 1 f 1 5 ' ' 4 2 1 f ' ' " ' 4 f , . f l l lbll f f f f l ' f b if, , ff, -"' .f ,117 it V-iff? 'V sf 4 lllll lllll l -"f j.,g,, ,I ' Ely-12 '. ,,,- ' Qifkffa , ,' a 4 Y 5535-lu3,2y' ' fbb ,. l if lll We M iii +9"if0V'5lfS,4 b ll L - , fl ' ,.,.bl ., 1- -V l'll ,Q K 3 " ' 4 7 '1 ' f Vlrk m:.,Q7.'W,f'j , J V l f ' I fy! V V4 in ,.,H :3 , tw' p f 3 ff A ,,.,, M Wiley Bryant, jack Osborn, Jerry Bookman john Street Jim Kothe Phil Boesche David Dimit Neal Stanley Bill Benzing Thanks to the excellent facilities available to the golf and tennis teams, our players have proven successful in their acquisition of several city crowns. A victorious season has been prophesized for these two Eagle teams. Marked by the experience of' several returning lettermen, these squads will step into the conference title race with little trepida- tion about their chances. We are sure these teams will bring as much satisfaction to Eagle fans as previous sports have done.. Experience highli hts john Palmer, jerry Barnett, Roger Boesche, Kirk Van Valkenburgh Phil Boesfhe, the i6am's first ranked golfer, sets an example for the others to follow. i v TOP: jim Netherton BOTTOM: Pete Byars, Chuck March golf and tennis Letterman Mike Beard blocks a backhand volley as Pete Byars stands ready to cover Gary Williams, Mike Beard Jim Netherton, Greg Palazzo, Bob Burns, Lee Davis "Life is no brief candle to me. It is sort of splendid torch which I have get hold of for me r nt, and I want to make it bum as brightly as pmsible before handing it on to future generations? A George Bernard Shaw , ADMINI STRATI ON AND FACULTY Administration , ,,,A ,, .qAV 1 Art Y......,,.,,, ,,, A ,,A ,,V q,,,,Nw.,ww Boys' Physical Education ..... Business Education ttt..,t English .,s,,,,,stsY,sttt,w-ooV ,,oVwq Foreign Language .,.oY7t,tw,.q,,,t Girls' Home Physical Education ,,t,. Economics ts,,,c,,,,s,,,,vc Industrial Arts rr,,,r Mathematics r,rrr,,,rrr,, Music School Personnel ,rr.... Science a,,a....,.,.va,.,.,.... Social Studies ....w... Speech STUDENT LIFE rrr.... Advanced Orchestra r,,.. c,cr American Field Service V,,l.cc, Band I ....r,...c,rrr.......,r,,..... Band II ,rrc,,.....,,,,.. Band III ....vc,,. Cheerleaders rrr... . Concert Chorus ...,r.. Edison Life .r......,,o Edison Week V,r,... Homerooms r..v..,,.....cY,,....cc,....c.,.. Journalism Staff .vrr.a,r....,r .....r.......,c,... Junior High Beginning Strings cr..,o, junior High Boys' Glee Club ..,,.,, Junior High Girls' Glee Club ....... junior High Orchestra ,.....,,. Junior Play ...,,cl.,,,....V,,,., ....ct,,r., Mixed Chorus ,...,,...,rl........Vaa...aa.... Senior High Girls' Glee Club .,sc,,. Play .,rc,i.,, Sophomore Play .,c. Senior ,.......Vc,...........V Stage Band ,i......va....c,, Symphonic Band .ss,cr. Torch Staff .,si...,Yc... ORGANIZATIONS . Advertising Board . 4..ai..aaf. . Aquillas .cc.aci.cca..,aa..aa.aaf.,a....,.... Audio-Visual and Stage Craft . , .. Chess Club . , ..V.-V .YaA.-aa-aa V 4 French Club 5. ..aa.sa..- vva-V- . 5 F.T.A. vc..ac V......Y.aa.aa..-a 4 5 Honor Commission a...a...,........a - International Relations Club ..,i, junior High Red Cross aa......-.,..ar-AA junior High Student Council .,...,s K-Club .5 .. .vA...,f.-------Y-a---a'--f--a Key Club 2, .a.vYa.r Index 33 Latin Club ,,,,,,r, -gwv 3 5 Leader Corps ,,ii,c,s 7-vww-A- 9 3 Liberty Belles ic,.,,, ----- 3 0 81 21 Library Staff ,,,o.,,,,,, --,,--,---w 9 2 27 Marching Band ...,,,, ,,,,. 7 3, 79 35 Math Club ..,.,,t,,,,s,,,,,,,,,r, Arrlnnu 3 9 27 Medical Club ,,,,ccc,rss,,,,,rs,,,,, -----ogVwgggV 3 3 29 National Honor Society ,c,,r AA,,,,, 6 65 67 32 Office Assistants ,,,,ss,ssscs,ccs,,,,o,, ,o-.,,oooAQ 9 2 35 Senior High Red Cross ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, voorr 7 4, 75 24 SEHIOIT High Student Council .,,,cc ,srco, 6 4, 65 24 Spanish Club ,ss,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,r,, v-6,-V666 3 3 30 Stage Craft .,,.,,,,, ,,-,..---,- 9 0 91 25 Svvimettes ..si., ,,----, 9 6, 97 23 Talons ,.......r ,-,-- 7 6, 77 31 Thespians .,,,,,, 3,3333A3 3 3 26 Usherettes ss,,.. ooor 7 1 25 CLASSES ....,cc ,,A-AA 9 3, 199 61 Ei0hth Grade ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,c,, -VV7,A-A 1 77, 137 58 Eighth oiaae offiheis ,,,,,s,, ,,,,,,,,,,1o1 1 76 57 Junior Board ,,,,,,,.,,,-rc,,-,,,,, .w13VVVV31VV1 1 25 60 junior Class ....,..,........,r 126, 143 61 Junior Officers ,s.,,i,rrs,r 1,-11,-.,----- 1 24 Ninth Grade rr..,....,s,,,,,,,,, 165 175 QQ Nihrh Grade officers .,,,iiii, ioo,,,,,,, 1 64 56 Senior Board ....,,,,,ii,iiii, -,,,,,dVQ 1 01 47 Senior Class , ,,icciiiir,ss,, 102, 123 Senior Officers ,,ss,,,,,s,,, 1,,,,-,,,,,,, 1 00 Q2 Seventh Grade .iii,,,,,.,,,,,,iiiii ,,,,,, 1 89 199 51 Seventh Grade Officers ,,,,,,, ,,q.oo,1,. 1 88 Sophomore Board ,,,,i,iiiiii ,,,,,,,,, 1 45 25 Sophomore Class ,ii,..,,,,,,, 146, 163 59 Sophomore Officers ,i,,i ,i,11. 1 '44 53 42 56 ELITE ...... 200 217 57 41 43 Band Queen .,..,,i,i,,,,,,,,i,,,r,1,,, V,,YV1,V-, 2 04 59 Basketball Queen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,wo,,,,1111 2 07 55 Boy and Girl of the Month 210, 215 50 Miss Edison VII .,i,...,...,,,,,,,i,,,, ,,,.,,,, 2 O25 203 Queen Attendants .i.,,,,,s,ii,,i,, ,,,,,V, 2 O85 209 Superlatives .....,,,.,,,i 216, 217 97 Swimming Queen ,,,,,, ,1Y,1511V1113 2 06 Wrestling Queen ,,,,,,, ,.,Y,, 2 05 33 ATHLETICS .,i.. 218 247 91 92 Baseball ,...,..., 244, 245 8 Basketball ....sis.s, 2 6 2 89 3 39 72 Cross-Country ,i,i,,, 3V1A311 2 40, 241 95 FOOtball ,, ,,,,,,,i 220, 227 75 Golf ieeeeeee--i5 .ii.i.........i. . 246 69 Swimming 55555 ..,.... 2 32, 235 73 Tennis ..,.,,,, .1.-.A111---- 2 47 70 TH-Ck: Aee-eee------ .,... 2 42 245 Wrestling .i., . 228 231 Adams, Beverly 102 Adams, Charles 102, 236, 239 Ader, Brian 102, 236 Ahrens, Clare 66, 74, 97, 102 Allcorn, Phyllis 103 Allen, Bob 103 Allen, Deborah 46, 71, 101, 103, 218 Allen, Reid 56, 57, 102 Allen, Susan 71, 102 Allen, Willis 102 Alley, Stephen 102 Allison, Gray 103, 244 Allison, Nancy 12, 39, 48, 71, 101,103,202,203,211,217 Alston, William 103 Anderson, Angela 47, 65, 102 Andrews, Kay 102 Antell, Mark 8, 94, 102 Armstrong, Barbara 102 Asher, Jane 47, 102 Ashley, Patricia 103 Atkinson, Mike 103 Avery, Joyce 47, 103 Baer, Marbeth 103 Bair, Jean 102 Bair, Tracy 102 Baker, Melinda 82, 102 Baker, Sue Ann 102 Balch, Steve 102 Baldwin, Alice Baldwin, Guy 103 Barker, Diane 103 Barnes, Hugh 103, 228, 230, 231 Barnett, Roger 70, 100, 101, 102, 216,218,246 Barton, Sharon 97, 102 Bates, Belinda 46, 102 Bates, Larry 102 Bauer, John 102 Baumann, Kris 55, 103 Baxter, Bonnie 103 Bean, Norma 103 Beard, Michael 103, 247 Been, Gary 102 Bennett, David 102 Bennett, Dave 102 Benzing, June 102 Bewley, Mike 102 Bewley, Ralph 103 Blackledge, Lee 51, 56, 103 Blackwell, Teb 101, 103, 216 Bliss, Sally 103 Boesche, Phil 8, 12, 38, 65, 70 104,213,217,246 Bond, Toni 8, 104 Boyd, Gloria 55, 104 Brainerd, Steve 104 Braunlich, Beverly 8, 81, 89, 105 Breeding, Dan 105 Breeding, Lawrence 105 Bremer, David 105 Brockwell, Paul 105 Brook, Diane 104 Brown, Ann 104 Brown, Bill 104 250 Senior Index Brown, Darrell 104 Brown, Don 105 Brown, Janice 105 Brown, Nelson 105 Brown, Roy 54, 58, 105 Brownlee, Mark 105 Bruton, Randy 104 Bumpass, Marilyn 51, 80, 81, 104 Burke, Connie 104 Burnham, Mary Kay 74, 105 Burns, Bob 8, 59, 75, 105, 247 Burrell, Clarence 105 Bush, Bleve 54, 105 Bush, Richard 104 Bush, Sandra 104 Byars, Pete 8, 70, 95, 101, 104, 113,247 Caron, Vicki 105 Carothers, Vinnie 105 Carson, Judy 8, 83, 88, 105 Carson, Rhoda 105 Carson, Sandra 104 Carter, Carol 71, 104 Casebolt, Virginia 104 Catron, Pam 56, 105 Caudle, Richard 105 Chance, Patsy 56, 105 Chandler, Nancy 50, 71, 105, 217, 218 4 Chapin, Carol 104 Chastain, Betty 104 Chatenever, Richard 104 Chavers, Valerie 58, 105 Cheadle, Richard 105, 221, 225 Cheatham, Aileen 71, 84, 105 Cherry, Joseph 105 Chesnutt, Linda 106 Chick, William 106 Chilcoat, Susan 106 Childers, Connie 106 Childress, Leon 106 Childress, George 107 Christi, Robert 10, 37, 56, 58, 70,95,107,218 Christman, Ruth 107 Churchwell, Jack 107 Clark, Richard 70, 101, 106, 200 Clark, James 55, 106 Clark, Linda 106 Clawson, John 106 Clock, Mary 106 Close, Suzanne 51, 82, 107 Cobb, Susan 51, 107 Coe, John 58, 94, 107 Coffman, Kay 107 Cohen, Jackie 88, 106 Comer, Ronald 106 Commons, Mary 106 Cook, Joyce 56, 66, 106 Cooley, Caren. 107 Copeland, Don 107 Corn, Wayne 107 Cornwell, George 106 Coulter, Jan 84, 106 Council, Ray 106 Cowart, Leslie 106 Cox, Toni 107 Cravens, Carol 107 Crawford, Carol 81, 88, 89, 107 Crawford, John 70, 106, 221, 224 227, 236 Cresse, Janice 106 Cronk, Doug 106 Crosslin, Robert 106 Curlee, Lynn 66, 107 Curtis, Barbara 107 Dailey, Tom 107 Dale, Linda 106 Davis, Alison 106 Davis, Bradley 106 Davis, Donna 106 Davis, Lee 107 Davis, Richard 107 Davis, Sandra 107 Davis, Tommy 108 Day, Karen 108 Deisenroth, Kathryn 108 Detrick, David 49, 50, 66, 70, 88, 95, 108 Deupree, Carol 109 Deutsche, Fred 109 Deverse, Myra 109 Dewire, Donna 109 Dickson, Robert 109 Dillard, Drue 50, 66, 76, 108 Dillman, Ken 56, 108 Dillon, Berna 108 Disney, Wes 45, 75, 108, 114, 221,222 LMxon,Sandy45,65,71,97,109 216 Dodd, Dorothy 97, 109 Dohrendorf, John 109 Domeier, Dwayne 109 Douglass, Margaret 109 Dunbar, Alyce 47, 108 Dunn, Jo Ellen 108 Dupy, Fred 108 Durrett, Sammy 109 Easter, Betty 56, 58, 64, 71, 109 Ebrahimi, Ahmad 109, 117 Ebfahnnr,A1i1o7,1o9,117 Edmisten, Gerre 108 Ellington, Suzanne 74, 108 Elliott, Patricia 90, 109 England, Carolyn 109 England, Jim 109 Engle, Steve 109 Epperson, Robert 108 Epps, Carey 108 Eubanks, Gordon 108 Evans, Dwight 109 Fairlamb, Morgan 109 Farney, Betty 109 Farrar, Lance 9, 108 Ferguson, Lynda 108 Fike, Larry 108 Findley, Michelle 109 Fischer, Susan 44, 84, 109 Fish, Mary 109 Fisher, George 109 if Fisher, Susan 109 Fitts, Diana 110 Ford, Beverely 110 Ford, Dudley 110 Fornell, Richard 110 Foster, Janet 110 Frank, Gary 111 Frank, Patricia 111 Freeman, Catherine 111 Freeman, Eileen 12, 71, 100, 101, 111,2o8,215,216 Frost, Jackie 71, 110, 214, 217 Fuss, Anita 8, 110 Gaither, Laurence 110 Gallimore, Roger 110 Gamble, Andra 110 Garbade, Carole 51, 111 George, John 111 Gillespie, Jo Anne 101, 111 Gilliat, Beth 71, 111 Gilliland, Judy 110 Gilmer, Jim 110 Gish, Byrdie 71, 110 Glass, Susan 101, 110 Glazer, Rita 101, 111 Godfrey, Phillip 111 Goldish, Ronnie 111 Goltry, Wallace 111 Gravitt, Mike 9, 67, 70, 101, 111 214, 217, 228, 229, 230,231 Gray, Janet 90, 110 Gray, Sandra 110 Grekel, Ann 8, 9, 50, 67, 71, 110. 217 Griffin, Nancy 110 Grigor, Roger 111 Grigsby, Lloyd 111 Haley, Judy 111 Hall, Sandra 81, 111 Hall, Scott 38, 45, 70, 111, 220, 221,222,226,236,257 Hamill, Barbara 110 Hamilton, Lana 110 Hamm, Carol 110 Hammer, Sherry 110 Haney, Phil 110 Hanks, Mary 111 Hanna, Bill 111 Hansen, Marie 54,1111 Hargis, Steve 8, 111 Harn, Kathy 74, 110 Harris, Susan 71, 110 V Harrison, Joy 110 Hart, Greg 110 Hawkins, Jerry 111 Hawkins, Vernon 111 Hawthorne, Gary 111 Heckman, Dean 111 Heckman, Lora Henneke, Ben 8, 35, 38, 39, 45, 64,65,7O,112,113,210 Henry, Mike 55, 70, 112 Hensley, Linda 112, 200 Henthorne, Norris 112, 233 Hickok, Sharrlell 113 9 Senior Index Highland, Carol 50, 54, 94, 113, 204 Hodges, Diane 56, 113 Hoevel, Lee 8, 50, 94, 112 Holland, Don 112, 228, 231- Hubbard, Tomothy 112 Hughes, Susan 112 Hull, Joe 113 Hunnicutt, Pat 113 Inhofe, Doug 8, 101, 113 Inhofe, Janis 88, 112, 13 lrby, Martha 56 Irwin, Pat 112 Ives, Janis 112 Johnson, David 112, 232, 233 Johnson, Don 113 Johnson, Samuel 113 Johnson, Steve 113 Jones, James 113 Jones, Susan 88, 112 Jordan, Phil 112 Kallay, Alexia 112 Keating, Richard 112 Keaton, Karen 112 Keeley, Dennis 113, 233, 234, 235 Keene, Richard 113 Keith, Bonnie 71, 101, 113 Keller, Randy 8, 113 Keller, Wayne 112 Kelso, Linda 112 Kendall, Kathy 48, 71, 101, 112, 207, 209, 210 Kenney, Bobby 12, 56, 57, 112, 118,221,223 Kidd, Garrell 112 Klasky, Donna 113 Klasky, Sydney 113 Kopelman, Mike 113 Krawitz, Gail 84, 113 Krueger, Steve 112 Kuhn, Tom 112 Kurtz, Larry 112 Kyle, Norma 112 Lagrone, Steve 112 Lairmore, Marline 113 Langley, Williana 113 Larrabee, Jack Lawler, Patricia 70, 88, 113 LaGate, Judy 114 LeMaster, Marcia 71, 114 Lenoir, Lana 11 Leonard, Cynthia 8, 84, 95, 114 Lewis, Ceylon 115 Lewis, Connie 115 Lewis, James 115 Lewis, Mildred 115 Lewis, Patricia 115 Lewis, Patty 114, 71 Lieberman, Phil 114 Lindblad, Sallyanne 114 Lindley, David 114 Linthicum, Lee 115 Lissau, Claudia 115 Little, Sharon 115 Livingston, Robert 115 Llewellyn, Robert 114 Long, Arthur 58, 59, 104, 114 Loveless, Linda 114 Loyd, Judy 54, 88, 115 Ludman, Cynthia 115 Lynch, Myra 115 Maddox, Buddy 115 Mahnke, Cathy 114 Mandell, Cheryl 66, 114 Manhart, Martha 46, 114, 218 March, Chuck 115, 247 Mariner, Wfendy 115 Marsh, Molly 115 Martin, Benny 115 Martin, Bill 114 Martin, Gary 114 Martin, Jane 114 Martin, Howard 115 Martin, Pam 58, 115 McAnally, Sandy 115 McCarty, Linda 46, 71, 115 McEvoy, Tom 114 MCCOy, Anne 8, 71,101, 114, 217 McKellar, Joe 114 McKissick, Pam 25, 40, 83, 99, 115 McPherron, Beverly 115 McQuade, John 70, 115 McQueen, Shirley 101, 115 McWillian1s, Jim 8, 67, 70, 116, 217,228,228 Medlin, Irita 97, 116 Mehlhorn, Mike 116 Melton, June 116 Merededith, Ken 116 Metcalfe, Marilyn 71, 101, 117 Meyer, Dusty 117 Meyer, Joanne 117, 218 Millard, Bill 25, 41, 55, 83, 99, 117 Millard, Lisabeth 116 Miller, Scott 116 Mirkin, Gary 116 Misenheimer, Linda 101, 116 Mitchell, Glenda 116 Mohan, Harriet 117 Montgomery, James 117 Moody, Ann 71, 84, 117 Mooney, Richard 117, 221, 225, 227 Moore, Darleen 92, 116 Moore, David 116 Moore, Lynn 116 Moore, Pam 116 Moore, Sharon 117 Morgan, Suzanne 89, 117 Morris, Patty 50, 66, 117 Moss, Nancy 116 Motley, Richard 8, 40, 41. 56, 99. 116 Murphy, Marianna 81, 89, 116 Murphy, Richard 116 Nash, Kristi 117 Nathan, Bill 117 Nation, Robert 117 Neblett, Nancy 116 Nelson, Kathy 71, 116, 218 Netherton, Jim 8, 247 Newton, Leon 116 Nichols, Sarah 116 Nickel, Cherlynne 117 Nix, Steve 117 Oliver, Ann 116 Oliver, Kathy 116 Oliver, Mary 117 Oliver, Sandra 40, 56, 57, 99, 116 Opie, Barbara 116 Owens, Robert 117 Palazzo, Greg 117, 118, 247 Parker, Jacque 117 Patton, James 118, 236, 238 Paynter, Jim 118 Pentecost, Tim 118 Perrault, Lewis 119 Perryman, Phil 119 Petta, Marcia 89, 119 Pool, Tilman 119 Pope, Janice 118 Porter, Janie 118 Senior Index Ryder, Sherry 65, 71, 77, 101, 118 Rylander, Lynn 8, 25, 46, 118 Savage, Diane 119 Schaffer, Diane 8, 71, 95, 119 Scott, Jan 51, 119 Scott, John 119 Sear, Jackie 119 Sergei, Bob 70, as, 120 Self, Iris 120 Sellen, James 120 Semple, Robert 120 Sexton, Michael 121 Shackelford, Ted 121, 221, 223 Shaffer, Paul 121 Shanor, Sherry 71, 76, 77, 101, 121, 217 Sherber, Karen 95, 121 Shojel, Assad 117, 120 Shurig, Joan 120 Sigle, Earl 120 Simpson, Judy 120 Singer, Sandra 71, 95, 121 Sloan, Robert 54, 59, 121 Powell, Morgan 54,59,81,118 Prather, Jan 44, 119 Pribil, Ruth 119 Price, Lee 119 Price, Ricki 8, 119 Purdy, Larry'70, 118, 220, 221, 224, 226, 236, 237 Quinn, Mary 118 Rader, Jim 118 Ramsey, Halc 118 Redfern, Pat 82, 119 Renfrow, Kent 54, 59, 119 Ringle, Daniel 56, 119 Ritchey, Karen 119 Ritter, Kathy 89, 119 Roberts, Cathy 118 Roberts, Donnie 50, 118, 200, 221, 222, 227, 236, 237, 238 Roberts, Sharon 118 Robinowitz, Marvin 118 Robinson, Kim 8, 119 Robinson, Robert 119 Rodman, Charles 119, 232, 233 Roessler, Patricia 88, 119 Rogers, Donna 71, 77, 101, 119 Rogers, Ned 118 Roland, Pam 118 Roller, Barbara 8, 48, 56, 70, 71, 101,118,208,213,218 Romero, David 58, 118, 228, 231 Rose, Ruth 119 Rose, George 119 Ross, Charlene 119 Ross, Cynthia 119 Rubin, Barbara 88, 119 Ruffin, Lynn 118 Ruprecht, Richard 56, 85, 118 252 Slavin, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Richard 121 Barbara 121 Earl70,101,121 Cynthia 120 Deborah 120 Pat 120 Willa Kay 81, 120 Smithen, Phil 70, 120 Smoot, Sammie 121 Snider, Lynna 50, 121 Sokol, Barbara 56, 71, 121 Soule, Carol 40, 56, 71, 99, 121, 212,216,261 Spradlin, Carol 120 Springfield, Martin 55, 58, 59, 120 Steele, Richard 120 Stephens, Roger 120 Stevens, Mildred 120 Stevens, Gary 70, 121 Stockton, Elizabeth 121 Stone, Robert 121, 228, 229, 230, 231 Street, John 121, 218 Stringer, Judy 120 Strong, Susan 38, 39, 64, 71, 120 Strouf, Steve 120 Sullivan, Diana 120 Sword, James 120 Tavora, Ney 10, 34, 37, 121 Taylor, Taylor, 211 Taylor, John 121 Paul8,64,67,7O,12L 216 Varley 8, 70, 121, 233 Terry, Steve 20 Tharpe, Ann 40, 56, 85, 89, 98, 120 Tholen, Diane 8, 54, 58, 120, 209 Thomas, Roger 120 Thompson, Jan 120 Thompson, Phoebe 121 Timoshevich, Joe 121 Todhunter, Sharon 121 Tolson, Jim 121 Tomer, Janice 8, 51, 71, 122 Toussaint, Godelieve 88, 122 Townes, Louise 122 Tschappat, Joy 71, 77, 122 Tunis, Becky 71,' 101, 122 Turley, Marisue 123 Turner, Ann 71, 84, 123 Turner, Beverly 123 Turpen, Olivia 54, 123 Van Burkleo, Cheryl 122 Van Fossan, Janice 122 Vinson, Harold 122 Wakefield, Susan 88, 122 Walsh, Luanne 122 Ward, Dusty 123 Warden, Kathy 51, 71, 123 Wassam, Craig 123 Webb, Gary 123 We-bb, Jerry 122,221,223 Weber, Art 70, 122 Wedlin, Bobbi 122 Wenger, Beth 122 Westby, Kathleen 123 Whitaker, Don 123 Whitaker, John 123 White, Carolyn 123 White, Chris 70, 123 Whitehill, Robert 122 Whitmore, Alex 44, 75, 122, 232 233, 234 Wienecke, Kris 71, 100, 101, 122 216,218 Wienecke, Russell 8, 70, 122, 2 237, 244 Wilbanks, Chuck 1 23 Wilder, Lawrence 20, 58, 59, 75 123 Wiley, Steve 123 Wilkerson, Joan 56, 123 Williams, Sharon 123 Williams, Vic 38, 70, 100, 101, 122,212,216,217 Wilson, Carol 122 Wilson, Dewey 122 Winters, Richard 122 Wolf, Mark 70, 123, 211, 217,218,221,224 Wood, Barbara 123 Wood, John 8, 123 Woodward, Truman 101, 123 Wright, Jeanne 123 Yeager, Sandra Kay 122 Yerion, Lois 122 Young, Diane 122 Zito, Sandra 122 x , N 1 -Pgxng , , 135. 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Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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