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V K 4 X . fbi'-41 Mya qipjgr dm ZQWQEZZZA ff Og? jf f'Qdaf,,Mr,.41f52 MQW ,lwf M CDM Q5 9 if Q' Qff ' 6 K jZ,Mff 7LM-f iff-Lf L.Q,..,,-1 5 Q 1Qw , i4d,61'mQ 5- fx ffxiq emEfQf?wWM1w 1 Q N5'Y9'3Q ,yu 'HL , . t Q .51 Q N o!a,aAJ,wv 1 'V' 5 QA, 'mixiwf agbwmzm C2 w f Q 1 3 SYN , 'fx 1 A BALL N, QA X ii?-f'k,,,wN 033 GUQ9 LQXQS' XJJ2., L hx , xv-ouch CS: Kilo 555 Cvwo, Qilfusfw A K X Q ff :X R kgkvxfo xfPf1,i",U ' X594 f"' 5 E' X x .lk .X N M Q. kf'C'f-?'1SC:QA'-jfQ5ls i5wLQ 5 i N MOU? ,M :jeg G 'Ev 9431119 V Cya 0 fix if CTD' '! VCWQ' LSL ka,CfYwLikc.efQ s fQfJffJCcJ gulf! - - QQOAQO ce Fowl - No.2 A A ug 47 XJJQK mfg ,au M ,,,,,.C,,,0, PWfC5fJQf57?-lg, Q,J,2,MQWM,c,,g : M VV , ., 1 ..f we ,,. , 1 -x . J 5 . 1 ' - 'f a :Hal ' , , , 1 ' . - I . , jwfj z ,zu f wif W ,X 0i?,f FYMiZfg200V51jfJpg, fx W WX is XSQSQ WWW f iixw WM Q I ' VCVTWQW N ' 2 19, M9 , mf ' mg My ff WM is WW of WMV K4 Z my W My mx gy HN! N. UN ,QW W gyyfww 3 WM Mm ,fpqpw 99' XM JW w -W W W fa WM 5 . mfg! fd .1 - ' . pw' f ' . . V' 'A Q99 7g:1x:Z3P7'f , - A I A ' ' 1 W 3 1' Nm ' Ol2C LI l962 Tl-l0IM5A.EDl60NI 51066 Of QVAQQLW Wy , ZMg,J907Q flyw X952 M5400 I Www 0 Qw00fjJ,mfwLw. mx, ,QU"'f!!QQ'f?'7 ' 5 Z.4'f7lfJ4fL6c,fCULf Qf'4f4L04f 12225011440 Q 52 427, if ffm J JM ZZ aff h5Vw'?ffW'mWf5 V like. 'aff' 0 QOGX 42L4.Z7' 9030? fa ' A I ,., 5 MQ 1 5 f ZiffQ f ,W Q . ' ' 6,7 WJMQJ T-U"-A oxlauom 1 Y, QVUQ ' I QJQJVI-QT' Jw 79 X figiwngk UMM , cwm OL QQEKQ2 muff QMS-25 I 4 1 A 'I I .4 A 51., :' f K ' . l ft' E43 in E ,-LY.. 92552523 QM- ff!! ., ..?,,,4i, -'vnu-n..,,,MNwq-M A L ' fy M,,l,B...MM?-wmmwWf,L1,7 ,,..LL, W.,Q,,,.,,,,1 ...W , t W-WWW Q :I F., ,.. nf , A . -- . f 'fo , I . eg . n 1 l l -35 ' Q 5 w , . N Qolsom . . . QLUEPRINT l W 1 1 w A J .. 3, lxxx' avi.: i x ? L 55-WW' x X., x K , s " I M 5. lfolz x Q xW. O L. ig . M ,.,.,....--v,......,---....,---f ' W M. I? U--wr L n my 3 Ci U12 lfurumz i wx Q E W . L 7 git' K 5 sr? x ,j 'Q ,,. f .zv I 5 Q? 5 14 i f 5 '15 .,., ,, ..,: ggi . , g NW Rs, ' 7 fi-. ' M if - 1 whim, L Q'-rsuiw Q amy' 5,52 . L wigasm- ,Jig 5 Y A J, 5, 'TS ffx:v- -',,5aagg2a.g:: , 9 1 2 if 18' , M A mfxifggggiy ,Sf ,HL ', 1 M521 M3-gg 'i . --wah f U V :,:' : M. J, . K a Many facets of our education, from scholarship to sportsmanship, provide the blueprint for our future. The experiences that we share at Edison determine what we are to be. ,,,.-fv' QQ... tson Sc Y-1, Us mf , 2 K i 5'9- fi' Ours is a school where lead- ership and Citizenship are prac- ticed, where cultural growth is en- couraged, and where we are free to choose such friends as our for- eign exchange student. We grad- uate knowing that Edison is the foundation for our future. nW i 5 ? Xl ....I........ ARE Now Qeconxmc. OE Our administration and faculty advise and direct us IH our quest for knowledge. They light the way to the future by making indifferent minds inquisitive and interested mlnds creative Pages 10-31. DMI Nl5Tl2ATION AND FACULTY The activities of our year mark a significant phase of our education. The friends we have made, the fun, our fads and fancies are all a part of the atmosphere which makes our school and our student life. Pages 32-61. TUDENT LIFE Organizations are perhaps one of the most important phases of our school year. They stimulate interest in many activities and display a notable record of service. IZOAN IZATION6 CONT!-I 1241--139. NT5 Citizenship for the future depends on qualities developed today. Willingness to give more than required, building self-re- liance, and developing determination are exemplified by the efforts of our athletes. Pages 92-123. THLETK6 Every girl at Edison possesses some facet of beauty, whether it be reflected in- tellectually, spiritually, or physically. The combination of these three delineate our elite and exemplify beauty and grace. Pages Classes at Edison form the nucleus of all activities in the realms of intellectual learning and fellowship with others. They stimulate interest and the desire to learn as they provide a foundation for higher education. Pages 14-O-247. LASSES ADIYXINMTIQATION QC U Qgfifgfzgimiiffiff W ijW4fWfJP?pf3f?5i7 fwifzfifigh Our administration and faculty channel our boundless energy toward higher goals and rnold potential ideas into active thought. They provide the catalyst that instigates our hunger for knowledge and our will to obtain it. As students we are fortunate in the fine leader- ship we receive from the adults who teach, advice, and counsel us. Mrs. Cole, junior English teacher, signifies the teaching profession which strives to enlighten students in all aspects of knowledge and prepare them for the future in an ever changing world. Mr. Guinn and Miss Renner typify a faculty that not only supports scholastic efforts but also extracurricular activities. SUPERI TE DE T, BOAR DR. CHARLES C. MASON, Superin- tendent of Schools, is a man truly con- cerned with the education of America's youth. ,lust recently he was appointed by the Governor to the State Board of Education. He adds the duties of this office to his already mammoth respon- sibilities as Superintendent of ninety public schools and as executive officer of the Tulsa Board of Education. E 1 l Members of the Tulsa Board of Education take time out to discuss the ex William L. Butler panding programs at one of their many board meetin s President DRAFT BL EPRI T FOR FUTURE Villard Martin, Jr. Curl C. Beasley rllember .llember Tulsais Board of Education is composed of seven members elected by the people to establish and carry out school policies. The Board works long and diligently to coordinate the schools and keep them working toward common goals. lt is constantly in contact with hundreds of school administrators and representatives, yet it still manages to keep a personal touch as it guides the students Fenelon Boesche of public Schools' Member with 2 'wt Mrs. J. Littleton Daniel H. G. Barnett Mrs. Virgil 0. Wood Vice-President .llember Member I3 PRINCIPAL, ADMI I TRATIO Mr. Lewis Cleveland, Principal As Edison's new principal, Mr. Cleve- land assumed the responsibility of 3,400 students and 135 faculty members. The high standards that have been met ex- emplify the dignity and authority of his leadership. We feel that the Torch has ably captured and retained moments of drama, excitement, serious thought, and the gamut of emotions that course through a school. The reflection of this Torch casts its light on six grades, a unique distinction in itself. Treasure this book, for it is only through its pictorial record- ings that you may someday relive these proud mo- ments. HC Q l PREPARE US FUR THE FUTURE f y.-'ui Q f' 2.50 ' mv had -I ILE! 11,1 'Kuff N-N.-S'+-N afar.. Edwin Bonde, the assistant principal, guides the senior high faculty and student body to even higher goals by his leadership. He pos- sesses an innate understanding for running the school. pg . all if Senior high counselors, Don Hoopert, Jack Griffin, Engel Grow, Joel Keeter, and Miss Charlene Clark discuss testing. Planning students' schedules is just one of their many duties. N, ,ay A4.?t.wrmwff""f wt V ' ml 1+-M L Mr. Hamm, junior high assistant principal, along with Mr. Rathjens and Mr. Kruze, help students plan a wise schedule for their coming years. .QA it V ' Jr. ' ' f f -i f , 5 3. A 5- If! ' ' ss-. ' ' - . Q 1 4 f -Q K V ' , l' : Y A L E A, g, 1 . ...t,. . 6, l 2 ' f f' as - Te. P g fs ' gg ' :'35'Qi'Fi!ti2 1 57 7 . i ' ' 'K Y Q f ' ' ' M , 'f 's-,i-rf'53k.a5,- -f - 7 ' 2 A 4 . N- f wwf 1 :2 3 . '111'2.' 1.mQ:' i -'17 g,,,,,.,g W tags' cf s w-fu . if E -- 'i5"'e,a.v' M ' iH :'?" ' lf! las---IW, . .,:V Zoe White and Florence Wiest, junior and senior high dean of girls, willingly and wisely help students with problems. Les Martens, director of fi- nance, is the epitomy of bravery as he receives his flu shot from Mrs. Washburn, school nurse. I5 SCHOOL PERSONNEL so 5 Senior high cafeteria workers prepare nourishing meals for us. From left to right, they are, ROW ONE: Virgie Cochrane, Lorayne Puryear, Dot Rodecker, Francis Webb, Donna Moore, Bessie Cox, Mary Smith, Bernice Garrison, Binnie Young, Mildred McFarland, Mae Lowe, Connie Adair, Maye Holley: ROW TWO: Pearl Spencer, lrene Shaeifer, Helen McGinniss, Flo Hughes, Donna Case, Parthena Turley, Lenora Dies, Cordelia Harris, Eunice Stephens, ,lean Fisher, and Marie Shoefstall. Custodians keeping our school clean are, from left to right: ROW ONE, Oscar Cox, H. W. Treet, Bill Adams, .lim Baker, Dale Amos, Albert Poe: ROW es X J x ,E T ' ' Ladies working in the junior high cafeteria provide A i interesting menus for meals. These ladies are, from ' V I top to bottom, ROW ONE: Lillian McFerren, Virgie , '- A V 4 ,L Davis, Lois Wright, Mildred Bourlin, Carlotta Gregory, A ' . - fn 5? V Opal Linton: ROW TWO: Genevieve Hughes, Annie Vg "',: ' 1 f s. L, , ' 1 , c .' f H ilti Robertson, Pearl Cunliffe, Ethel Coleman, Phyllis ,I ack- 'E 1" Q: ' ' 'zii 1 - 5 song ROW THREE: Katie Wagner, Ersel Parker, Lois E ' f 7 - i - N Prim, Dorothy McBeath, Evelyn Greene, .lane Pettey. I6 A DLES DAILY RO I Evelyn Duncan, junior high nurse, discusses a Senior high office personnel work to make our daily school life run smoothly. They are, from left to right: ,lo Ann Clannin, Edith Gay, Virginia Burksdale, Mary Crider, Lorena George, and R'uth Bolt. health report with Linda Rogers. TWO: Arthur Hipp, Bill Fuller, .lack Wilson, Jay Carr. Carl Spencer, Arthur Vallee, Laymon Kennedy. wi fr fi 'N ' Ka. 20M PH 1 1 SCHQOOL N0 PASSING Always ready to direct pedestrians and motorists to safety is our traffic policeman, Mr. Haney. Winnie McClain, Verona Johnson, Stella Myers, and.Alice Bolon are on the job to serve teachers and students in the junior high. FACULTY LIGHTS WAY TO W-, ,E 1 ,slty erg 5 , , tm V pt,-sa, L K -t 4, Sue Johnson V Louise Todd Marion Dark Margaret Locke Bill Turinetti Ednah Mae Ingalls Joy Renner t is ww , -V .I ..,, I Fm' Vi : 4 1 e. X t ,R Mathel Young il it F sa Education in art develops sensitivity, individuality, and creativ- ity. To go from the blank page to the finished result, whether it is a painting, a piece of sculpture, or a poster, involves original thinking, skill, and endless effort. These qualities of originality, skill, and active participation, if applied to community affairs, will build a greater nation for the future . . . a nation in which in- dividual endeavor and humanity to man are uppermost. Art .lean James Modern offices are run by machines but machines cannot run themselves. Miss Dark is instructing 1 Chloteal Bonner on the fine points of Mimeograph machine operation. Mary Stover Business Education The advantage offered in taking a business course is that the student may use the information he gains for personal use as well as for use in a vocation. Courses presented vary from Typing 1-2 and Typing 3-4, to the more advanced courses in Business Machines, Shorthand, and Notehand. FUT RE THRU GH A .. Laws N o My wma ,,,,, Learning the customs of the country is part of the understanding of a foreign language. One of Mrs. Pollard's students learns the hard way by trying to smash a piriata. Edisonis foreign language department has taken a giant stride by utilizing its new and modern foreign language laboratory. This excellent facility enables students to be- come more familiar with the language and its application. The individual booths, microphones, headphones, and lis- tening and recording facilities enhance individual instruc- tion. The French, Spanish, and Latin languages shape a blue- print from which Edison students build a foundation for various careers, as Well as a bridge of understanding to other cultures. Foreign Languages KN Dalila Amend Helen Carney Mary Childs Dorothy Cook Melecio Criez f c gy . . Q . t t a. f - f ft ,. ..i: . Egypt? 3 M I i T rc Ann Hicks Beatrice Notley Rachel Pollard Rachael Sanchez Henrietta Walker Senior High ngli h In a blueprint for the future of her students, Edison's English department plays a significant role. A Working knowledge of our linguistic and literary heritage is, after all, the main support of the "House of Intellectf' and communication is the binding ma- terial that makes this house of the mind sound and enduring. Edison's senior and junior high English curriculums offer a broadening and sequential pattern for development from seventh through twelfth grades. Opportunities for the exercise of the stu- dentis special interests and abilities are present at all grade levels. 'F3ii.i""'? . Miss Denton returns one of the many A K compositions that receives her per- sonal attention each day. John Buns Rosemary Chase Martha Cole Caroline Copeland 1 Q fl? "N M, if x 'V f if 1 2' Bethal Delay Darla Denton O. C. Cuinn June Hale John Haynes Chloe Lane Library ' ,.f fi 1i1',X, ,W Q M C ,,. , 5, g rj ' ff, ,sqm ' ' MW- . f A , Q f Y , , ":. , X 3 - 5, V,g, Q Eh lt, it fr' r J t 'K Harold Marcum Berna Dean Morrow Sheila Parr Marion Scott Donna Stark Rena Mae White Library 20 Q11 Junior High English Dorothy Boatright Doris Deaton Lester Goodson William Knox Mary McDonald William Smith If the junior high student can make his language work for him today it will profit him in the future. The student must learn to express his opinions accurately and force- fully to learn the power of words. And through reading and discussion of literature the student is-helped to be- come aware of the world around him. Because of the demands of our modern world, the ability to communicate is of primary importance. The classroom activities in the junior high are geared toward accurate, forceful, and concise speaking and listening. Susannah Hadley Barbara Johnson , W-MLW Effective writing, like any fine art, cannot come with- out complete understanding of the basic fundamentals. Grammar, as in the diagram of a sentence, is one of these fundamentals that is included in every English course. 2l Home Economic To create a blouse, a pair of slacks, or even a semi-formal dress from a straight piece of cloth is the fun and function of a homemaking course. The fact that the leg of at slack and a sleeve of a blouse don't get stitched in a switch can be attributed to Mrs. Smiths mstructlons. ln the homemaking department the primary goal is to build an enduring, intelligent, satisfying family life, now as well as in the future. The blueprint for such living is drawn by helping the student acquire knowledge and develop skills and problem solving ability in the areas of family, foods, clothing, health, and safety. Selection, use, and care of household equipmentg housing and home decora- tion, child care and development, family relationships, wise management of time and energy are also discussed during the year. sy: K b s K 5' "'1 - g g w t y i'lt i Pri- to e s stis me r 1 4'i3zF37aa5i' fc t s Billye Glover Barbara Maddox Beryl Parker Frances Smith Katherine Whitaker Industrial Arts Students are fortunate in the varied courses presented to them in Industrial Arts. These in- clude electricity, woodworking, printing, and handi- crafts. ln the senior high, drafting radio, and auto mechanics are presented along with other advanced courses. .L - ,wx Students desiring practical training for a vocation need not go any further than Edison's Industrial Arts department. .V W V 1. V if 7 i as Q im J' , r s .aa if i f K.. I fr i . Y A is i , Qtls at ,,,sies 2 iiii " r ' . . , , r i A Carl Ford C. J. Johnson Wayne Kendall H. R. Parks .lames Tritt Girls' Physical Education I There is a great variety of activities available for a girl in junior and senior high gym classes. She may perform modern or contemporary dances for body coordination or she may take part in competitive sports such as volleyball, basketball, and hockey for proper physical development. l l Johnny Brasuell Pat Houston Sally Newman Sally Newman instructs junior high girls in a variety of sports. Volleyball, basketball, and swimming are some of the sports in which they may take part. 23 Senior High Mathematic Mr. .Dobelbower won't let wind, snow, or bomb scares stop the progress of education. He is instructing a class in trigonometry, complete with the use of the slide rule. With the present stress on mathematics and science in today's changing Sarah Burkhart world, the math department has made its curriculum as versatile as possible. Mathematics designed for the salesgirl, the businessman, the housewife, and the teacher has been a keynote in the courses offered in grades seven through twelve. General mathematics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytics, cal- culus, matrices, and statistics are all being reorganized to meet the ever- changing demands of tomorrowls businesses, industries, and research pro- grams so that today's student can be a better prepared leader in the American way of life. Judy Connor : . Li' A r.k, A, . ' I ,,...,. ls W- 'B-MN " 'X rrav .Q 1 ei i r , ,,.,,,, ,, H Sharon Coryell Stan Harrison Marjorie Landry Erwin Postier Forrest Towry Junior High Mathematics 15:1 I rr... .ti -i t ,.7 , 'XM 3,3 mah . .:', iii 4, of gf' iii V ffyi 3, H N i 1 5? ,lim Belt Edith Irwin Carrie Little Mary Matthens Sherman Robertson I- A .t .,.k wg ,E . at 'va is 7 1 N ooo trim Dorothy Salter Celestia Williams Students in the junior high may choose a conventional course or an advanced course in mathematics according to their individual interest and ability. A student desiring a conventional course may choose from general mathematics and arithmetic. Those desiring a more advanced course may select seventh grade arithmetic, Algebra l-2 in the eighth grade, or Algebra 3-4 in the ninth grade. Each of these courses stresses personal instruction for the students. as g 4-56 s is A One of the most useful instruments of our age, the slide rule, receives due attention as Mrs. Salter, math teacher, points out the fundamentals of its operation. 25 -muh!-ff -'Q-.q,,. 'ti MUSIC Bob Blankenship Ruth Blaylock Richard Cox Catharine Earl Laven Sowell Richard WinffeY I mme 4 ,i The ability to create musically is not the only quality desirable in a member of the band or chorus. Attendance, marching ability, stage know-how, and willingness to get along with others make up the basis of a good musician. 26 For students who are talented in the field of music, Edison presents an excep- tional music department. There are bands and orchestras for all degrees of talent, and a variety of courses for vocal music. Included in the music department are UA" Band, "B" Band, Band 1 and 2, Girls' Clee Club, Boys, Glee Club, and "Bn Or- chestrag more advanced students may take HA" Orchestra, "AH Band, "Bn Band, Con- cert Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, and Mixed Chorus. Besides actual participation in their musical field, students are offered a class in Theory and Harmony to further their understanding of music. Bo s' Physical Education Coach Grove creates enthusiasm in the gym classes by joining with the boys in the games. Physical fitness in a student is very important, the goal of the gym classes is to develop healthier bodies and promote good sportsmanship. A boy may begin a physical education , . course in the seventh grade and continue through the twelfth grade. Gym classes offer participation in baseball, touch football, swim- ming, and basketball. After junior high, a boy may enter varsity athletics and represent Edison. Walter Barham Bill Grove Bob Kauffman WW' -vez Tom Langham NOCUS Mclntosh Hugh Pierce Marvin Ross .lim Sellers ug. 3 WR Speech uwfiwlksm -, t- , w fL,, 'ie 1. '75 7 f fi as . , 2. ,Q f - -.fr 1, Iv kkwiif I fat- .. .f - W. ,, 1 f - , , Barbara Burket David Crowell Jerry Garland Edith McBride Speech instruction stresses the importance of good communication to the in- dividual. Students are taught to communicate in social, vocational, and educational areas. Speech has its practical application in original writings which help the student learn the organization of thought and material, practice writing skills, and utilization of imagination. In Speech 1-2, technique, study, oration, and dramatics are emphasized. A student advances to Speech 3-4, and the studies also advance to such topics as the interpretation of good poetry and prose, choral reading, and one-act plays. Mr. Garland helps Richard Pence and Greg Kitrell ublock-out" a play. Using creative imagination, the stu dents enact their own interpretation of the play. Science Because of the increasing emphasis in science, Edison must move along with the ever growing demand for scientific education. In keeping up with the scientific age of our world, courses such as chemistry, biology, psychology, and physiology, and physics are presented. After a student has completed a preparatory course at Edison, he can be assured that he is prepared for the advanced subjects that may be presented to him at college. 15.1 Lewis Ayres Wiz-eg. w"w.feey,f:1.q. ,.a,,.,r3: W .- ti . 4, . N ii,.,:, E, an ' 9-. . " Besides studying the fundamentals of science, junior high science students receive an introduction to modern developments in science. Mr. Poe demon- strntes a cloud chamber to one of his students. QL lv! F-nf. In 1-FF? ff K 'Y Phil Bradshaw Wendell Casey Betty Ann Cox Rex Dennis Katherine Jones , I we Q T V X ,sg V, - - 'Wm Gene McGill Eunice Moeckel Quentin Polk Robert Sanderson Juel Trask 1 3 F N 1 , ' ' X 29 g wwf E Senior High Social tudies " g i ' i was A .i Larry Alexander Bill Bardrick Pauline Jackson Each student can begin his preparation for the future as a responsible citizen by acquiring the knowledge and understanding of man's past failures and achievements in social, political, and cultural institutions. The purpose of social studies is to further that knowledge and understanding. Courses offered, which form a comprehensive background of todayis world, include United States history, modern history, an- cient and medieval history, and economics and government. Fern Kelly Bill McPeters Norma Mitchell Evelyn Parish The senior high social studies department strives to help us interpret the past and determine our future. Mr. Bardrick is seen discussing the Kennedy ad- ministration with two of his students. Junior High Social Studies i YI. '3 .1 '10 .2 M 'M' L7 HMV 'W mf ' ., . Kee ing up with the accelerated pace of world Q P affairs, the students in Mr. Miller's social , K studies class .view the geographic locations of V eastern countries. ' 19- ' 1 Q it '34 ,- Neil Barker si V- - as . 4- raw' -,.,:.st-1' ' " "-iam-r . Mui A , i 1. Q Every activity of junior high social studies is designed to prepare student for the future. First, it trains the student to form good patterns of behavior and to establish good habits such as dependability and honesty in dealing with others. Secondly, it trains him to realize the necessity for contributing to his com- munity and nation as a good citizen. if' A i 'x f "fr" Richard Fleming is le' Rebecca Fox Barbara Johnson Mickie Layman G19I1IliS Miller Charles Reyes as '4 ez 5 UDQNT mug ,f f ffff , 4, , L A A ' - if ,wwwwmvwwww -N-.Ji Pfcjqf As we pause to rcminiscc, we find the many activities that make our school year memorable. The Rogers game, the coronation mixer, 'gHARVEY," S.T.T.O. Day, the water show, the financing and support of our foreign exchange student, and the canned goods drive exemplify the prodigious planning of an active student body. Students rallied to support school activities and prove Edison not lacking in awareness of the intangible spirit that holds our school together. Yet, more than memories for tomorrow, we have attained knowledge for the challenges of the future. 'Mfwuqw 'Wg-fy HMG 5 gjlw., Q, NNE F ads, talen Diane Steinle, Gordon Groom, and Diane Ainsworth display their indivi- dual talent in art through painting, ink drawing, and ceramics. i Thc-rs: has heen an abundance- of fads and talents at Edison this year. Conlavt lens. whivh are always being Inst. ratting hair, and wearing short skirts and tennis shoes have provicif-fl sonic interesting sights. Our talvnt ranges front radio announving and acting done hy Roh Brown. to ballet, as perfornied hy Man jnric Rim-. ,end Variety . . . F 5 .. Egg K gs., -..,, 5 N:-vu Mtirdovk znnl Wvailm-1' Yli1'I'I'V vxvinplifx' thf- llilllllfh Ill ill unvc nf lllllslttlli tzilv lfclisnni. Thwy IILIVKY givvn niuny huuri nf plz-tifure an wi-ii :lx prmiriing Ll svhnni se-1'vi4'c hy umwniipzlnyiilgg in nlixiduuls and gruups in Con ivsls and conf NTIS. I .. i f. -va f -5 Q f - - - f fgt:-3-y.w-fSsw-1 -ngixgkzffs ,iff-V -,t:n.., .f My i Af ""a2?u"f1i.-- ' - i . A --fgsaofv-s f--,f'. -ff. Q 7 :W tif 0.3-1 :Ig -,k. . ,,-YR, A -.. f -A - A t , M K K , ,W V, - it .Z . if 5521 an 't,'. ' ed , - 3- tiff, .,., ,i4.,vLk, .Q A, -af M A . W 1 ' W Qwfv: ,E 35 mi ,sq Representing Booker T. Wasliington stu- dent body und the youth executive coun- cil of the National Council of Christians and Jews, Herb Scott delivers u speech at the Edison Week Brotherhood breakfast. Cantor Orbuch presents a collection of Jewish songs and chants. Q x 5 , One of the highlights of this year's Gridiron Show was the skit satirizing 36 the senior class play, "Double Doors." The Gridiron Show was clirnaxed by an amusing "por- trayal" of the cheerleaders doing the cha cha cha. Mike Jones, Becky Matney, Linda Blodget, and Bill Sell man prepare to leave for the .lunior Valentine's Dance. Edison Week Edison Gridiron is never complete without a satire on the cafeteria food. Mr. Ayre's homeroom put everything from shoes to cigars into the pot. .AIR Edison's Victory Flag flies high after Rogers goes down in defeat. Cheerleaders do cha-cha . . . Training to become a cheerleader includes a summer of steady practice and a week at the cheer- leader clinic at Oklahoma University. Through the year, Edison's cheerleaders have led the student body in cheers and have promoted school spirit at all of the varsity sports events. Even the mem- orable trip to Springfield Mo., hindered by rain Jw! 7 ,iivrX, ,, l and mud, did not dampen the spirits of Edison's H ' f cheerleading squad. " "9 .WH e' 'ea Q , 5 J HH 5 , Ml.,,tf3.f"'3 'Sari 1 1,3 , Q if K . 2,1 ' V if 52 ,, ,,. 24. , v. v. ,Q .,A,. ,. Xi .k,, CERRY MCNEAL JEANNE MCGINNIS LINDA DAUGHERTY Senior Cheerleader .lunior Cheerleader .lunior Cheerleader 38 s!5. -av' ri il .. CAROLE CAYLOR Head Cheerleader Q? as , U Q' 1 -Je F-K L had BARBARA ROLLER Sophomore Cheerleader JUDY EITEL Junior Cheerleader 3 l NANCY ALLISON Sophomore Cheerleader BETSY BROOKS KATHY KENDALL Senior Chem-leader Sophomore Cheerleader 1 Lv , 'Q . and leave the driving to us 'Tm all right nowg all my friends are here." HRip" Adcr and "Ann', Wt-edinan will have to answer to Victoria for marrying against her will. Seniors open with ct oubl - ms - -- ,.. ,... . .,., ,,,. . . ,,. M The outstanding CL1St for "Double Doors" poses for at picture uftc-r their final performance. SEATED: Linda Ruinwzlter, Carolyn wY6L'LlIIlLlH, Holm-rt Atlnfr, Lynnu Burt. STANDING: Dave Hicks, Clint Merrick, Paul Nowlin, Scott Blukcr, ,ludy Freedman, Mike Meyer, Hunter Johnson, and Alice Andelmun. 001' The stage crew and make-up committee helped to make the senior class play a great success. Together, with the cast, they are applauded by the audience. SEATED: Linda Rainwater, Carolyn Weedman, Robert Ader, Lynna Burt, SECOND ROW: Terry Heineman, Pat Sisemore, Cary Doublin, Cary Griffith, Ingrid Jacobson, Alan Livingston, Alice Jarhoe, June Kidwell, Charles Dunn, Tommy Kuhn, Larry Fike, Julie Patinan, Kay Crosby, and Doug Gatchelg STANDING: Dave Hicks, Clint Merrick, Paul Nowlin, Scott Blaker, Mary Jane Morgan, Judy Freedman, Mike Meyer, Hunter Johnson, and Alice Andelman. Hlf you so much as mention that vault, l'll have you. committed to an institution." We relive 4' ay 90' 'i . . . A sentimental moment while strolling through the park recalls peaceful Sun- day afternoons as Alan Jenkins sere- nades Sandra Yeager with "Oh, You Beautiful Doll." With hows and hose a chorus line of hathing beauties from Creatgrand- niother's time come hack to give a rollicking rendition of 'By the Sea." l 42 Good old days come alive as the sophomores and juniors revive scenes and songs reminiscent of that colorful period, the 'Cay 9O7s.'7 A cliff-hanger of a melodrama is the highpoint of the revue as Deadwood Gulch lives again with its heroines and heroes to rescue them from the Clutches of liendish villians. Fm YQ VV'-I Fw 5' R - As - . Q, kk.. :w .. ,1 ? ,V J. gh n . is 12 O 5' x fi' if :.,,E' ALAA AA,. i A ,mf cgWalk together, talk together, O, ye peoples of the Earthg then, will ye know peaeew is the creed of the American Field Service. The AFS program affords stu- dents the opportunity to understand the people of other nations. Through.a greater depth of understanding into the personal lives of other world powers, We find the valleys not quite so deep nor the moun- tains so high as We draw nearer a plain of understanding. ,Tane Roper, AFS student to Sweden, and Bill Martin, AFS student to Holland, discuss unusual events of their trips. Rui in money and entertunin the foici u exchan we studtnts of Tulsa are EH KEY: Mike Cubser, Tim O'Brien, and airline personnel welcome Svante Huglund as he arrives in Tulsa from Arvika, Sweden. Promotes AFS Ray Barnett, Jenny McCravey Cordon Hunt, Svanrv Hfiillllfld. and NOOUJC Bi55f'h0P , h master "The Twist" at the mixer for new and Carolyn Born, semi-finalists, discuss te possibilities of going to Austria this summer. Sludeflls SP0I1S0Ted IVY thi? Student COUHCH- 'fi' Trying for El Hhetterl' angle is Cary Anderson, Whose job as Torch photographer gets him in- volved in many difficult situations. Torch taff Editor Carole Wilson, and assistant editor Sherri W1'iglit co-ordinate the efforts of the yearbook staff and direct W, ,t.-,,M,.,w, 5 .,-dining: 11" Working feverishly for the last deadline are ,lim Stuard, Susie Martin, Tim O'l3rien, Kay Crosby, Cordon Hunt, Francie Yeargers, Peggy Ratoliffe, Judy Bloornquist and Carole Wilson. burns midnight oil y Q 2 , ag. 'S ,M them to produce a lasting yearbook of the highest quality. X Although being a yearbook photographer is a prodigious task, Gordon Hunt dis- Covers that it does have its compensa- tions. 47 Candy Clark and Alan Livingston intel'- vicw Maynard C, Cribhs, co-star on "The Doliie Cillisll sliow. A6 ill 526 48 Staff keep Planning the Sophomore-Junior class play publicity layout for the School Life are Art Robinson, Jeannie Stitcs, Bebe Borg, Alan Livingston, Mary Jane Morgan, Candy Clark, and Cheryl Stone. Nic-rnlvers of tht- School Life staff haw many opportunities for putting into prac- tive the principles of journalism. Report- ing with accuracy unrler the pressure of dr-zirlliiws. tln-se stuflents learn to write news stories, features, editorials, columns. interviews and lieafllines. The-ir skills also inf-lucie radio spots, TV skits and photog- rapliy. Mrs. Fellows of the KV00 staff discusses a TV script with Cheryl Stonv, Art Robinson, .lvannic Stitvs, Belw Borg, and Carol Tipton. HS informed Ann Landers, note-d columnist, disvusses familiar Intcrviewing Ann Landers for School Life stories teenage problems at an Edison assembly, are svcond year Journalism students Kerry Robin- son, editor, Cary Griffith, Barbara Cowan, editor, and Sharon Heirnan. arching Band spark: Drum majors, Craig Dalton and Rick Walls, and head majorelte, Connie Smith, spend hours of practice for routines performed at the football games. and Edisonls MARCHING BAND has had another successful year of outstanding performances. We l can be very proud of this enthus- N iastic group under the direction of l Mr. Richard Cox. Through their efforts the spirit at football games has been excellent this year. The drum majors and major- ettes have done a line job leading the band through many ceremonies and parades. Outstanding talent has been exhibited throughout the year by Edison's majorettes. Kneeling are Marilyn Blythe and Cynthia Seale. Standing are Connie Smith, Suzanne Koon, and Sandra Loring. snthu iasm 2 5 E t t Band queen Connie Smith has brought many honors to Edison with her superior twirling talent. For her accomplishments she has received many state and local awards, as well as the title Miss Junior Majorette of the U.S.A. Symphonic DIRECTOR OF INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Mr. Richard Cox Mar aret Cowans Martin Springfield, and Sandii loring sort through the files of Edisons music library. FLUTE Rctlia Bost Billie Craig Richard Ellis Marie Hansen Virginia Haugliton Carol Highland Judy Jones Cathy Malinke Diane Tliolen Ann 'Furpen TROMBONE Sandy Ahshire ,lolin Bremer Jerry Bush Bill Cody Craig Dalton Ronnie Edmisten Richard Creen Kim Long ,lim Philp Kip Powell Raymond Wiesen TUBA Steve Alley Tom Briggs Dave Henley Larry Wilder CLARINETS Marilyn Blythe James Brown Bob Bryarly Roger Burkitt Bob Burns Mike Carter Martha Clarke Dudley Ford Carol Frey Fred Hawley .lim Holliday Todd Lewis Judy Loyd Cordon McKay Linda Mark Ted Martner Cynthia Scale Bob Sloan Connie Smith Larry Thorne Rick Walts Carolyn White ,lack Yankee Martin .lolley .lim Treadwell BASSOON Bolo Gilbert Suzanne Koons Band OBOE Margaret Cowans BARITONE HORN Jim Frank Dean .lones ,Iohn Kirk Butch Murphy Douglass Noble EB CLARINET Mike Carter ALTO CLARINET Cynthia Seale .Iudy Loyd TEN OR SAX Bob Parker Jon Street CORNETS ,Iim Braley Bryan Cahen Cordon Hunt Dustin Meyer Tim Miller Kenny Sole Martin Springfield Kenny Wright BASS CLARINET HARPIST Glnfill Boyd Marie Hansen Lynn Falkensten Kgltlly Hg11'l0W .Iames ,Iohnson David Friend Tom Tipton CONTRA BASS CLARINET Tom Tipton ALTO SAX Roger Carlisle Jim Clark Mike Henry Eddie Janssen Drew Short FRENCH HORN Phil Romero Mike Melhorn Larry Eulert Ronnie Svlrafer Curtis Shacklett John Timm Marie Hansen, one of Edison's harp enthusiasts, enjoys the newest addi- tion to the Symphonic Band. 53 Carol Tipton PERCUSSION ,Ion Bascom Bill Millard I Leon Newton ff "' V' Qi' 4 , 4 gi if if 8 L A -,, 1 M M z-v -41,1 Stage Band Members of the STAGE BAND include QEATED George Holbert, Ken McLaughlin, Kent Smith, Mike Carter, Bob Bryarly Robert Meng Rick Waits Steve Bailey S'l UNDING Walter Terry, John Crane, Pee Wee Johnson, Kenny Sole, Gary Yeck Phil Romero Bob Griffin Geor e Robb Lrai Dalton Dave Friend, Raymond Wicson, Ronnie Edmisten, Mr. COX. Members of the Edison STAGE BAND contribute to school assemblies, school dances, and participate in music festivals throughout the southwest. The members learn the responsibilities of performing for professional groups and community dances with their original arrangements. Under the skillful direction of Mr. Richard Cox, the Edison STAGE BAND successfully completed another year of service to Edison. Here, Mr. Cox, Rick Walts, and Phil Romero reminisce as they polish the trophies won at the S.M.U. STAGE BAND Festival at Dallas. Seventh Grade Band Members of the SEVENTH GRADE BAND are, ROW l: Janet Crawford, Karen Froning, Joy Johnston, Pat Paul, Linda Cook, ROW 2: Brian Hodges, Charles Born, Paul Boland, Nancy Ellon, Steve Moon, Steve Argue, Bruce Edwards, Garry Nevins, Jimmie Tabor, Danny Dill, Elden Hoffman, Mike Dudding, Mike Highland, ROW 3: John Condry, Mike Eley, Mark Leighton, Bob Jones, Eddie Lowe, Carl Sears, Tom Steed, Jeff Phillips, Steve Ford, Mike Goldberg, John Bouteller, Poncho Saubert, Roger Grey, John Bush, Ladd Larson, Phil Tholen, Rennie Reynolds, Don Alexander, Mike Hays, Kent Whisenhuntg ROW 4: Don Suits, Robert Applegate, Danny Baker, King Cole, Mike Woodlee, Loyd Sweeney, Gary Cane, Woody Bush, Danny Oertle, Bruce Adams, Mark Tomer, Cappy Lealens, Ricky Gomez, Robert Fairchild, Bruce Neimi, Bill Bergman, Mr. Winfrey, Darrell Moore, Joel Golf, Randy Powell, Jack Elder, Randy Perrie, Bob Kirberger, Paul Bell. Intermediate Strings Members of the INTERMEDIATE STRINGS are, ROW 1: Judy DeWees, Ken White, Paula Meyer, Patty Anderson, ROW 2: Paul Preaus, Cynthia Bly, John Hanton, Allen Levin, Kathy Tower, Janice Deas, Vickie Crosser, Steve Toussaint, Wayne Williamson, Susan Winters, Mr. Winfrey, Betsy Schumann. 56 Intermediate Band ROW I: Vicki Johnston, Alice Vincent, Sara Oldham, ROW 2: Kay Kisler, Larry Simmons, Tom Watkins, Walter Hardy, Roger Steed, ROW 3: .lim Kirk, Jerry Burrell, Dutch Cole, Robert Mason, Tom Alford, David Hawthorne, Ken McLane, Lewis Mohimontg ROW 4: Mr. Winfrey, Kenny Davidson, George Taliaferra, Mike Johansen, Larry Watts. Junior High Advanced Band Members of the JUNIOR HIGH ADVANCED BAND are, ROW I: Ann Martin, Ronnie Marrin, ,Ioan Ortloff, Andrea Marana, David Lewis, Lynn Youngblood, ROW 2: Bill Mahon, Drayton Hall, Lonnie Lamprick, Claudia Willey, Roger Wheeler, Lance Hakanson, Lewis Brown, Chris Berg, David Petta, Mike Aubrey, Lloyd Sayles, Robert Phillips, ROW 3: Robert Rorschack, Janie Ader, Doug Fitts, Bill McKee, Eddie Trowbridge, Rod Buck, Larry O4Rcilley, Robert Winger, Phil Hood, Steve Echols, Steven Ellis, Keith Roller, Richard Mcflutchen, Tom Harris: ROW 4: ,Iohn Palmer, Charles Detheriage, ,lim Frost, Bryan Alexander, ,lim Fehr, Tommy Bunch, Bobby Pohly, Bill Mead, Steve Goad, Bill Turley, Steve Faden, Steve Grimes, Pat Bryant, David Plummer, ,lim Ekart, Larry Davis, ROW 5: John Hamilton, Larry Medlin, Don Brown, Richard Hall, Mr. Winfrey, Richard Romero, Bill Robertson, Dan Mead. Concert Chorus Pianist: Nova Murdockg ROW 1: Mr. Sowell, Sally Bryant, Miki Earl, Nicky Teverliaugh, Steve McCoy, Scott Blaker, Dick Ruprecht, Karin Irons, Judy Coxg ROW 2: Diane Mcfiunc, Linda Recd, Keaton Rabon, Bill Davenport, ,lim Crawford, John Earl, Tom Terry, Nancy DeWitt, Paula Hopkinsg ROW 3: Linda Byers, Karen Kriblas, Grant Youngman, Bob Summers, Henry Coleman, Dick Clark, Jack Hogan, Mary Kay Rickard, Paula Brinkley, Janet Rin-rag ROW 4: Ann Miller, Julie Patman, Liz Mungen, Delton Shilling, Allen jenkins, Sonny Taylor, Marshall Stiles, Barbara Maples, ,lan Creekmore, ,lonna Halterman. Music is one of the most important phases of our school curriculum, and our vocal department is of outstanding quality. Edisonis C O N C E R T CHORUS, under the direction of Mr. Laven Sowell, has once again given a wonderful year of choral entertainment. Many hours of practice are necessary for per- fection of their vocal arrangements. Mr. Sowell, Michael Earl, Delton Shilling, and Jack Hogan re- hearse for one of the many concerts presented each year. These concerts, as well as performances for assemblies, and civic organizations are a few of the things provided as entertainment by the CON- CERT CHORUS. A Cappella Choir A CAPPELLA CHOIR holds its place as one of the advanced choirs at Edison. Students of this group are selected each year according to their talent, their quality of harmony and tone, and their willingness to give time and effort to the choral arrangements. The members of A CAPPELLA are kept active by their participation in special musical programs and assemblies presented throughout the school year. Reid Allen, Ginger Hagan, Danny Miller, and Sherry Cousins sing the traditional Christmas songs at the A CAPPELLA Caroling party. Members of the A CAPPELLA CHOIR include, Pianist: Mary Jane Peitzg ROW 1: Sherry Cousins, Cathy Barker, John Wood, O. D. Wikoff, Bob Cook, Cameron Cunningham, Cary Hawthorne, Carol Lee, Pat McAnally, Mr. Sowell, ROW 2: Pat Wisenbaker, Ginger Hagan, Reid Allen, Richard Motley, Jon Coon, Tom Simpson, Janice Robertson, Charlotte Merrick, ROW 3: Leslie Smith, Sarah Mattln-ws, John Harwood, Leon Walden, Mike Meyer, Danny Miller, Lynda Buck, Linda Shaddox. 5if ii 1 Q if AQ P M fm Q I .ff w . ' k g , fl i K 1 1 5 xligggiis m M Ugg! Q . 1 K xx . , ' .MN af , , Q gf'-H ,.. M Sw -QB X A , K i Junior High Girls' Glee Club Members of the JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS, GLEE CLUB are, Aceompanist: Jolene Davis, ROW 1: Vicki Morse, Becky Abel, Melinda Musick, Terri Lee, Susan Prater, Barbara Henthorne, Carol Hicks, Sue Wiedemann, Charlotte Bentley, Judy Tuggle, Ross, Susan Shelton, Andy McGee, Carolyn Breedlove, Susie Roberts, Karen Phillipsg ROW 2: Mr. Shepherd, Kathy Bailey, Kathy Craner, Pam Davis, Ginny Dunn, Joanne Davis, Sharon Andress, Murdock, Patty Wetherill, Martha York, Patti Luttgen, Sandy Stahl, Carolyn Jackson, Penny Van ROW 3: Rhonda Midgley, Donna Waldo, Debby Jacobson, Donna Happel, Mary Adams, Carolyn Mc- Emily Rose, Paulicia Peters, Tracy Stanfield, Carolyn Disch, Jane Hawkins, Evelyn Murphy, Vicki Kaye Farris' ROW 4: Beekv Graves, Jeannie Bement, Jo Karen Ronteller, Andy Smith, Ba-rbara Mur- Virginia Bootz, Drinda Blankenship, Charlotte Suzy Zumwalt, Sandra Hoose, Marilyn Oyler, Masters, Kathy Cooper, Schneider, Lorna Null, , , , ray, Karen Langley, Ki-ta Evans, Linda McLane, Nona Barton. Betty Gorrell, Michele Ford, Kathy Brown, Suzanne Eskridge, Nancy Pratt, Karen Applegate, Jennifer Montgomery, Pam Heath. Junior High Boys, Glee Club Members of the JUNIOR HIGH BOYS' GLEE CLUB are, ROW I: Mr. Sowell, Kurt Schneider, Roger Mason, Rick Peter- son, Randy Simpson, Robert Applegate, Ricky Garren, Bobby Farley, Greg Finn, Danny Walker, David Gardner, Phil Vetter, Richard Roberts, Carl Humes, Jeff King, ROW 2: Mark Finnerty, Ken Dillman, Tommy Chilton, Rex Brautigan, Frederick Crawford, Lindsey Sehorn, David Livingston, David Jaeger, Bill Davis, Jim Rawson, Joe Selph, Jamie Gill, Mike Williamsg ROW 3: Jim Barnes, Danny Hour, Steve Reid, Wes Allen, Ron Brautiggan, Ted McMurrough, Allen Graham, Harry Evans, Luther Like, Mike Edwards, Bill Jezzard, George Barnhart, Wayne Soubert, Jim Roper, Robert Murdock, Larry Catron, Frank Mantooth. . X Q I Q. KXMB N N Q - w xx' Xi Q XXQA A Xxxv N 5,3 Cx xi F .XE Q P S o QMHZATIQN5 X fx . ,f 2 '-1.4 A O M, ffkfiz' fffmzfii A UMW n f' X X LlV!,:ij!:,2,lCgQ7,76,,Q'!, j I A QM, iff!! -, - 7 X K , ff I f f :L I gi R V 4 7 9 ' 5 X X N ,QR jx N. Y .L ' 1' f' ' XC'-il A ,J f",f , , I Q Al 'iff f'f fi ? afdzfgff' 4512 YV I ff M51 "'A ,xg 214 pm! H X fwfiwif , cz ffwfl' U . 4 I I I I -, fn zlficfffi fffx, J , X w X. V f, f ,4Q,fQMf5 , f my X Vgikfgfffkf' 1' U J X , . . ff YQ -X N . fwxjlfifflfgr J I ,I U4 4' 'f 5 Xff'Q7!Zlf,ZQ'7 f.fLQ1fAfL41ffi -KMJ ,Q K ff! I xt .X 5724, ,zw:ff1,,ff1f- ' f ' 24:1 Looking toward future careers while increasing their knowledge and improving themselves today, students find an outlet for their energies in the many organizations that form the core of extracurricular activities at Edison. Another evidence of this forward look is the Young Citizens Forum, a newcomer this year. The organization was formed at the in- sistence of a group of students deeply interested in gaining a better understanding of the challenges faced by the free world. In like manner the members of all organizations exemplify that same desire to build in themselves qualities of leadership and citizenship while increasing their ability to aid others. IN...-'Ms -H-. .... m,.,'--'AM 'M ,m,,.-1 SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL officers are Sherri Wright, sec- retaryg Jon Iiuscom, treasurm-rg Carole Caylor, vice-prvsidentg and Bill Martin, president. Senio As a school service, Student Council mem- bers deliver cards for classmates each Christmas season. Here Nancy Woodson, Judy Hendrickson, Jim Brussel, Sharon Heiman, and Jim Johnson are seen con- structing the post office. igh Student Council . The election of the Student Council and its officers provides an excellent background to the democratic way of life. These students will use the knowledge they have gained in their future lives. The- Council consists of representatives from each homeroom, five members-at-large, the officers, and the committee chairmen. It super- vises all major school elections, such as school officers, royalty, and boys and girls of the month. The Council sponsors the annual canned goods drive and is in charge of the foreign exchange student program of Edison. 1 Mike Carter, Steve Garner, and Mr. Gene McGill muster muscles to stack boxes of cans collected during the annual Student Council Canned Goods Drive. 65 l Junior High Student Council Pausing for a coke in their officers are, from left to Fedman, presidentg .leanne vice-presidentg Mary Nlarrs, 66 busy schedules as Junior High Student Council right: Randy Jacobs, parliamentariang Alan Shapiro, corresponding secretaryg Norm Lively, recording secretaryg and ,lim Adair, treasurer. l Citizenship is best developed by actual training in the workings of our democratic system. By setting rules of student conduct, raising money for such projects as a teach- ing scholarship, and working with students from other city and state schools, the Junior High Student Council is taking an actual part in governing the student body. ln this work the representatives and their homerooms are acquiring experience important to them as future citizens valuable to their country. Young Citizenas Forum An awareness of the necessity for informed citizens, capable of as- suming a responsible role in the pro- tection of the free world against the s p r e a d of totalitarianism, has prompted students this year to form the Young Citizenls Forum. Faculty advisors are Norma Mitchell and Fern Kelly. Bernard Robinowitz gives a talk on '4Communist Encirclenientn to the other members of Y.C.F. Members of the Young Citizens Forum are, SEATED: Mrs. Fern Kelly, advisor, Bernard Robinowitz, Sherri Wright, Steve Heaston, Svante Haglund, Mrs. Norma Mitchell, advisor, STANDING, FIRST ROW: Janie Reece, Tucky March, Gerry McNeal, Kon Cornstudble, Carolyn Born, Karen Wiglit, Mike Gubser, Paula Desjardins, Karen Keplinger, Alice Andelmang SECOND ROW: Mike May, Corky Wol- aver, Barbara Nelson, Pam Burck, Betsy Calloway, ,Ioan Warren, Susie Martin, Connie Trippet, Bill Mar- tin, Dave Hicks, Peggy Ratcliffe, Carole Caylorg THIRD ROW: Tim O,Brien, Cordon Hunt, Ronnie John- ston, Bill Dickinson, Marilyn Williams, Clarke Kendall, Liz Mungen, Steve Franklin, Les Matthies, Ron- nie Wilson, and Paul Nowlin, 67 Junior Red Cross Sally Martin, secretary, listens as president Mary Ann McDonald dis- cusses important Red Cross business. A genuine concern for others is the feel- ing that motivates the JUNIOR RED CROSS organizations. Their work on a local, na- tional, and international level gives the stu- dents the chance to feel that they are doing their part to make the World a better place in which to live. Talent shows at the hos- pitals, a membership drive for National ,lun- ior Red Cross, filling gift boxes for under- privileged children of other countries, and informative inter-school activities help de- velop qualities of leadership and citizenship in the members. The senior high RED CROSS is made up of a representative from each homeroom and any others who have the desire to work on the various projects. 68 Junior Red Cross The junior high RED CROSS works on many projects to he-lp others at school as well as those in other countries. The president is Cary Graham. Advertising Board With the many financial activities necessary for organization projects, the job of the Advertising Board members is a respon sible one. Elected by their homerooms, the representatives handle budget ticket sales, yearbook picture sales, School Life dis trrbution, and tickets to class mixers and plays. Key Club The Key Club officers for this year The EDISON KEY CLUB is a service organization sponsored by the Utica Square Kiwanis Club. It accepts for membership the boys who have displayed outstand- ing leadership ability, high scho- lastic achievement, and a desire to be of service to the school. They elected Karen Keplinger as Key Club Sweetheart for the 1961- 1962 school year. Q Q-Q1 C L U K ' v '17 Q- 'Pun Noe KARE are Jack Farrier, prcsidcntg Ray K NKEPLINQER Barnett, secretaryg and Bill Martin, vice-president. 70 ey Club Sweetheart K- Club The K-CLUB is a service or- ganization sponsored by the Utica Square Kiwanis Club and closely as- sociated with the Senior High Key Club. These boys are outstanding leaders and citizens who work for the betterment of the community as well as our school. Key Club officers for this year are Mr. Richard Fleming, sponsorg Russell Bock, presidentg Alan Ft-dman, vice-president: Terry Covington, secreturyg and Richard Slicker, treasurer. Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Wilner, Whiscnllunt, Bock, Routsongg SECOND ROW: Slicker, Finerty, Lively, Bayouth, Wright, Coathy, Covingtong THIRD ROW: Allen, Parker, Barnes, Sobel, Brown, King, Fedman, Sanders. 7I Swimettes Members of SWIMETTES are, FIRST ROW: Barbara Davis, Tucky March, Jayne Werner, Sally Livingstong SECOND ROW: Joanne Wilson, Peggy McElroy, Clara Ahrens, Judy Johnson, Kay Wilsong THIRD ROW: J111.Bogart, Karen Keplinger, Carole Caylor, Gretchen LeMaster, Jan Creek- Entge, Betsy Galloway, Jeannie Hunter, Carolyn Axton, Diane Warden, Betty Fletcher, Joann Mason u y Snow, Diana Frtts, Irrta Medlm, FOURTH ROW. Lana Hamilton, Belinda Bates, Jeanne Dodd, Krls Wrenecke, Pat Frank, Ann Moody, Kathy Clark. , Poise, grace, and physical con- ditioning are only a few of the bene- fits gained by the members of Swim- ettes. Members are picked each' year on the basis of their skill and ability in swimming and water ballet. Built around a colorful theme and com- posed of scenes written, directed, and presented by the girls, their annual show is the high point of their work and an event eagerly anticipated by the student body. The girls pictured at left show the different costumes that were worn in the acts of last year's show. They are, left to right, SEATED: Kris Wienecke, Gretchen LeMaster, Jeanne Dodd, Carolyn Axton, Jeanne Hunter, B a r b a r a Davis, STANDING: Sally Living- ston, Joanne Allen, Irita Medlin. ,sw '--' Q.-:fam-Mum Active participation in sports and good sportsmanship enable boys to earn a letter. These qualifications must be met before they are eligible to become members of LETTERMEN'S CLUB. The purpose of the club is to promote spirit and sports during the school year. They sponsor v a r i o u s activities throughout the year including a dinner, dance, and several service projects. Admiring Edison's numerous trophies and awards are Lettermen Scotty Chalmers, Jim Shanor, Bobby Riggs, and Jim Manring. Lettermeifs Club Members are, FIRST ROW: John Lawson, Bill Pratt, Carole Caylor, Linda Daugherty, Judy Eitel, Jeanne McGinnis, Gerry McNeal, Jim Graham, Jim Farrell, Bob Bigelowg SECOND ROW: Ted Murry, Dick Black, Ramey Tracy, Rick Parks, Bill Ross, Forrest Towry, Jack Farrier, Scott Droke, Dan Babcock, Pete Saunders, David Schermerhorng THIRD ROW: Jim Lee, Dean Gilbert, .lim Stanton, .lim Manring, Larry Young, Bert Fisher, Ken Case, Ray Nunneley, John Marting FOURTH ROW: Bob Francis, Bob Ahrens, Bob Gilbert, Jim Kremer, Mike Holmgren, Glenn Weichert, Jack Camden, Clyde Edwards, Curt Ed- wardsg FIFTH ROW: Cary Anderson, Bill Selman, Lance Spalding, Mike Christ, .lim Shanor, Bobby Riggs. 73 QS.. i A l 1 if fha f l w 1 l 5 s The TALON officers proudly display the new Edison sweatshirts. Dianne , lllorrison, school spirilg Janie Oertlv, secreturyg Put Fogarty, presidontg Cathy Haas, xicc-pre-sidcritg Miss Reunvr, sponsor. F ,Q ft WT 4 E-mE E. E 74 7" 'N f--...ww-f"V Talons Any season or any sport, zu-tive members of Tulons, in thi-ir many activities support our athletes. Karen Vinyard, Helen Ced- erhuuin, Dianne Morrison, and Ruth Huff- meyer put up one of the many posters which decorated our hall this year. al gn 9:13 The support given Edisonis athletes does as much to spur them on to victory as their own efforts. Pep assemblies, cheers at the games, pos- ters in the halls, and uniforms in our school colors are all projects of our active pep club, Talons, and all Contribute to building this spirit, so necessary to the success of our teams. 75 Thespian Thespians is a national dramatic organization established for the advancement of dramatic arts in secondary schools. The purpose of the society is to create interest and establish standards of excellence in drama among boys and girls in high school. Among the activities of the Edison Thes- pian society this year was the presentation of "Harvey,' and the selection of best actor and best actress. Jon Bascom was selected best actor for his portrayal of Elwood P. Dowd in the 'GHarvey,' production and Linda Rainwater was voted best actress. Miss Barbara Burket is Thespian sponsor. Experimenting with the techniques of make-up are Jeanne Hunter, Larry Hone John Broach, Kenth Smith, Candy Clark, Julie Patman, Roger Borden, and Carol Merrel. A Thespian play rehearsal is attended by Lynna Burt, Jon Bascom, Diane Blaisdell, Linda Rainwater, Terry Heine-man, Carolyn Weidman, Robert Adair, f . Mary Jane Morgan, Mike Myer, Bill Millard, Kathy Murphy, and Sue Jackson. 76 kk to 5 9' Library Assistants The SENIOR HIGH LI- BRARY ASSISTANTS work hard in keeping our library in efficient order. They help in selecting books, using the card catalogue, and showing the students where to find references and other books. The assistants are STANDING: Lewis, Burnett, Edmiston, Nelson, Reise, Dil- lard, Harrison, STANDING: Miss De- Lay, librarian, Hunt, Shaddox, Nunley, Easter, Morris, Hadley, Blansit, and Mrs. White, assistant librarian. Office Assistants SENIOR HIGH OFFICE ASSISTANTS are, from left to right, FIRST ROW: Wyse, Matney, Wieghard, Taylor, Baer, Bag- well, Combs, Chappell, Risner, Borg, Singer, SECOND ROW: Pope, Randall, Walsh, Breeding, Prather, Leonard, Curlee Martin Wilson DuFour, Robertsg THIRD ROW: Andrews, Mariner, Deisenroth, Dean, Anderson, Courtner, Williams, Thurben LeMasIer Ratcliffe Self' FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Dickson, Petta, Kribbs, Krawitz, Solow, Cohen, Close, Turner, Carter: Sleeper, ilames, Lindbladkg FIFTH ROW: Redman, Catron, Cowart, Kendall, Catron, Biggs, Hammond, Stanley, Ketchum, Wil liams, Simpson, Robinson, James, Carson, and Langdon. 1 iberty 9,511 .5 ,Ei za 2,51 i Q i E J: 3 'RJ , 8 Through rain or snow the Liberty Belles can always depend on Miss Braswell, their sponsor, for spirit and enthusiasm. Members of the LIBERTY BELLES are, FIRST ROW: Peggy McElroy, Ingrid Jacopson, Pattie Curby, Sue Ann Jackson, and Sharlet Ridge: SECOND ROW: Janet Prater, Marilyn Rogers, Carolyn Murray, Mary Glenn, and Pat Connole: THIRD ROW: Helen Murray, Marilyn Bumpass, Cheryl Mundy, Linda Thompson, and Nancy English: FOURTH ROW: Glenda Watkyns, Candy Clark, Susan Ratcliffe, Rita Johnson, and Judy Fisher: FIFTH ROW: Nan Newland, Linda Blodgett, Ginger Miller, Willa Kaye Smith, and Sandy Dickson: SIXTH ROW: Becky Westmoreland, Jan Coulter, Carol Blair, Susie Chilcoat, and Judy Johnson: SEVENTH ROW: Candy Eddings, Cathy Hanna, Harriet Kuykcndall, Jeannie Wright, and Linda Rainwater: EIGHTH ROW: Carolyn Stover, Mary Ella Biggs, Janice VanFossam, and Bar- bara Fredrick. V 3el1es ' Q 1 is l ii Q if "SW Edisonis marching drill team, the LIBERTY BELLES, is composed of loyal Edisonites who help to promote school spirit throughout the year. These carefully selected girls perform with the marching band at many athletic events and proudly represent their school in local parades. Liberty Belles is under the direction of Miss Johnnie Braswell. The officers, pic- tured at left are, Peggy McElroy, Ingrid Jacobson, Sharlet Ridge, Pattie Curby, and Sue Ann Jackson. During half time spectators can always expect a colorful program from the Liberty Belles. They are pictured above doing a dance routine to the tune of HI-ley Look Me Over." ' Wil Ushercttcs Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Marcia Holway, Mary Breeding, Nancy DeWitt, Judie Bloomquist, Judy Henshaw, Gretchen LeMaster, Kay VanValkenburg, Nancy McQueen, Millie Eby, Sheila Cohen, SECOND ROW: Jeanie Hunter, Lynne Welsh, Karen Keplinger, Kay White, Patsy Brown, Martha Finch, Jill Bogart, Susie Martin, Janie Oertle, Sherri Wright, Gerry McNeal, THIRD ROW: Carole Caylor, Ginger Hagan, Jane Witherspoon, Barbara Davis, Jayne Werner, Connie Courtner, Babs Bolton, Cherie Perrault, Judy Hendrickson, Marcia Berner, Carole Wilson, Chris Hamill, Peggy Ratcliffe. Sherri Wright, Judie Bloornquist, Susie Martin, and Peggy Ratcliffe enjoy working on one of the many Usherette bake sales. 80 The members of USHERETTES seek to promote and assist in school functions an committee activities. The many projects the sponsor include bake sales, raising of money to provide for needy children, and caroling at Tulsa nursing homes. Usherettes are seen at various school plays and P.T.A. programs. Each year Senior girls are selected on the basis of their grade average and school participation. In order to remain, each mem- ber must maintain these qualities and earn the required amount of points. V ,,,,,, A.V. - Stage-:craft Q S fl 1 'C its 'AT 'ts ' 'N 2,3 . Q l I ' ' F Studtnts cnrollccl 1n VIAGELRAFT handlc the ts-clinical mechanics for , ' if A is . p., A ' D , 1 s 1 1' f it T. 4 i , - 5 f A l school asscnihlies, plays, and classroom projects. Under the: direction of Mr. David Crowell, Stagcvraft students put into BOYS Cnfflllfld ill AUDIONISUAL are practice what they learn about sc-ts, sccncry, lighting, and acoustics. trained W 0PCfUl0 m0Vi0 Pf0lCCt0fSy MP9 rec-orders, and slide projectors for classroom usc. 8l Aquilla Members are, FIRST ROW: Susie Harbison, Pat Wingate, Terry Beckley, Sherry Simpson, Candy Harrill, Tricizf Lewis, and Linda Rogersg SECOND ROW: ,lanet Dundee, flanie McGee, Donna Easter, Jolene Davis, and Phyllis Brighton, THIRD ROW: Linda Rogers, Marsha Miller, Sherry Dupre, Carol Bar, Janice Crawford, and Lynn Catesg FOURTH ROW: Diane Hagan, Kay Patterson, Diane Gentry, Linda Freeman, and .lan Radford, The AQUILLA CLUB is a serv- ice organization composed of junior high girls. They help with school functions as well as assist the student body in the library and various of- fices. Mrs. Zoe White is sponsor. As sponsor, Zoe White helps plan the various activities enjoyed by the Aquillas. 82 quillas The Office girls are, from left to right: Marilyn Manton, Vicki Flynn, Anne Sylvester, Lucy Williams, Judy Frank, Linda Lair, Rohbi Lcikam, Lucille Wfsfmd, Melinda Cole, Nancy Shelby, Judy Daguc, Sharon Matthews, Ann Hujsak, Susan Miller, Juli Braunlich, Betty Globe, and Jodie Stonn. The Library Assistants arc, FIRST ROW: Suzanne Eskridgc, Karen Phillips, Camille Holt, SECOND ROW: Mary Stapert, Nancy Sangunett, Wendy Jacobson: THIRD ROW: Susie Aherocromhic, Francie Marks, Denille Ramerg FOURTH ROW: Sandra Williams, Kathy Bentley, Cindy Marshg FIFTH ROW: Dianne Baugh, Jackie Cunningham, Dee Dee Knapp, SIXTH ROW: Lizabeth Vick, Kathleen Carey, Cheryl Coiner, and Linda Kiger. F.T.A. FUTURE TEACH- ERS OF AMERICA is a club composed of students interested in becoming quality teachers. The officers are, STAND- ING: Art Robinson, program director, Ted Mariner, vice- president, Pam Jones, secre- tary, .Iudy Nesbit, president, Richard Wiesen, treasurer. Science Club Members are, from left to right, SEATED, FIRST ROW: Anita Fuss, Cathy Mahnke, Ingrid Jacobsen, Josie Campbell, Pat Thompson, SECOND ROW: Paul Schaffer, Steven Wintory, Paul Nowlin, Mina Ward, Sandra Mayfield, THIRD ROW: Walter Terry, Diane Furtney, Butch Weber, and Dana Schempf. 84 Looking toward ca- reers or avocations in science, interested stu- dents have formed the SCIENCE CLUB under the sponsorship of Mr. Sanderson. Lectures by men in the areas of chemistry, biology, med- icine, and other facets of science, together with field trips and classwork increase the member's interest and knowledge. Officers are Rick Walts, president, and Bill Gef- fen, vice-president. Members include, from left to right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Alexander, Alice Andelman, Sharon Avery, David Livingston, Ronnie Wilsong SECOIND ROW: Pat Thompson, ,loan Wclge, .lanie Rm-ce, Svante Haglundg THIRD ROVV: ilohn Yount, Marcia l'etta, ,loyce Aw-ry, Mike Guhserg FOURTH ROW: Robert Adair, Tim O'l5rii-n, Divk Reif, Terry Svmple. Math Club I.R.C. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB wel- comes and encourages high school pupils to join in order to become bet- ter informed in world af- fairs and gain knowledge and understanding of the- world's people. The MATH CLUB encourages capable stu- dents in furthering their understanding of mathe- matics through individ- ual reading and re- search. BICIIIIJCIS of the math cluh arc, from left to right, SEATED: Steve Garner, Linda Scott, Sandee Duncan, Ilattie Curlly, ,lanie Reece, Alice Andelman: STANDING: Tim 0'l3rien, Terry Simple, Duke Reeds, George Stroup, and the sponsor, Mr. Doln-lhower. 85 French Club Officers are: Ronda Cushing, vice-president, Carolyn Born, secretary, Jocie Johnson, treasurerg Lynna Burt, president. FRENCH CLUB is open to all students who wish to learn more about the lan- guage they are learning to speak. French dinners, mov- ies, and interesting speakers are only a few of the activi- ties on the yearly agenda. French Club is under the Sponsorship of Mrs. Helen Carney. Ai- f.,,f1t..,w: 7 A 5 Members include, SEATED: Barbara Nelson, Pam Burck, Carolyn Born, Ronda Cushing, Jocie Johnson, Beth Cilliat, Nancy Anderson, Jayne Daub, FIRST ROW: Alice Andelman, Janie Reece, Cindy Leonard, Karen Keplinger, Ann Moody, Susan Alleng SECOND ROW: Karen Wight, Ann Brady, Diane Furtney, Mike Levin, Susie Martin, Paula Smoot, Jacque Frost, SPONSOR: Mrs. Carney, Vickie Hendricksong THIRD ROW: Caroline Owens, Jane Witherspoon, Cherri Jo Perrault, Mike Myer, Julie Patrnen and Robert Ader. 86 Debate Club The junior high DEBATE CLUB is a new organization at Edison this year, The stu- dents choose a subject a week in advance, select teams, and spend an hour the following week debating their subject. Their sponsor is Mr. Smith. Members are, SEATED: Gary Williams, Monty Ikemire, Mark Davis: STANDING: Mr. Smith, sponsor, Bill lessard, George Barnhart, Gary Dart, president, Richard Mclntyre, D. R. Grimes, Mike Woods, Doug Selinger, Robert Rohrschat. Field and Stream Club The FIELD AND STREAM CLUB, a boy's junior high organization, participates in many outdoor ac- tivities as well as the meetings held every week. Members are, FIRST ROW: Larry 0'Reilly, Bill Holmes, ,lim Hamilton, Bill Bowden, Larry Helscel, Glen Lowe, John Churohwell, and Mike Parrishg SECOND ROW: Steve Lambeth, Mark Stallbories, Richard Scliermerhorn, Hike Levin, Robert Little, Reeve Loring, Mike Vin- son, and Ken Teisg THIRD ROW: Steve Andrews, George Talcaferrow, Kenny Davis, Wayne I'uc, John Bush, Mr. Neil Barker, sponsorg and Mike Ludewig. 87 Latin Club Members of the LATIN CLUB are, STANDING: Peggy Owens, Carol Ann Harrison, Bebe Borg, Gayle Van Pielt, Janie Reese, SECOND ROW: Cheryl Mandell, Carolyn Caldwell, Rita Johnson, Diane Furtney, Lynn Cur- lee, Linda Hammond, THIRD ROW: Dwight Allen, Mrs. Walker, Diane Olson, Joyce Avery, Beverly Braunlick, Leslie Reece, Warren Williams, Jim Montgomery, FOURTH ROW: Sancho deLerio, Larry Williams, Dave Hen- ley, Shergill Womildoff, Ronnie Shaffer, John Crain, Steve McKoy, and ,lim Stuard. Edison's LATIN CLUB is affiliated with the national and state organization of Junior Classical League. Its purpose is to promote the Latin lan- guage and classical culture. Meetings are held bi- monthly and a program relevant to Latin in story or culture is presented. Officers of Latin Club are Peggy Owens, president, and Diane Furtney, secretary. Chess Club The junior high CHESS CLUB is for the purpose of teaching and bettering the game of chess. The club holds a tournament every year to de- termine the best player and to select a team which plays other schools. Members are, from left to right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Poe, sponsorg Gary C-aither, president: Ross Ikemire, James Deatherage, Don Alexander, Mark Coffin, and Richard Mclntyre, secretary-treasurerg SECOND ROW: Steve Bauter, Charles Notley, Morton Cohen, Marty Voss, Steven Kennedy, David Hatchett, and ,lim Johnstong THIRD ROW: David Krumme, Peter Dreatz, Steve Crimes, Joe Meredith, team captaing D. R. Grimes, and Don Wagner, Student Council representative. Leader Corps 'X. Q JA li The LEADER CORPS, Z1 junior high organization, sponsored hy Mrs. Newman and Miss Cushell, provides super- vision and promotes sportsmanship in the gym classes. 89 Y-Teens Y-TEEXS are inade up of girls in Edison junior and senior high. Through their niany service projects Y-Teens serve their school and community. Their other activities include holding parties, dances, a mother and daughter tea, and a style show each year. Meetings are held once a week, and each group is affiliated with the Y.W.C.fX. 'K lleniliers of u junior high Y-TEENS group, ET.-X KAPPA, are, FIRST ROYV: Linda Ling. treasurer, Patty Anderson, secretary, Susan Shelton, president, and CllLlI'l0lI6 Bentley, vice- presidcnlg SECOND KOYV: Marion Low, Martha York, Merrilyn Alston, Betsy SCllllI1lLIllI'l, Carolyn Holmes. and Sandra Mayfield, THIRD ROYV: Betty Corrcll, Nancy LeMaster, Marion Xviggins, Kathy liuily, Ann Black, Paula Meyer, Carol Crews, and JoAnn Davis. lxICI11lJL'1kS of Ll junior high X-TEENS group, 1IOQl'l'i'l1TE57 ure, I-'INST ROWYQ Paula W'l1ilvSiLl1'. treusurvrg N1111f:y Tlltllllili, 1111-fi1lc11lg 3ILll'4Xlll'l11 lXl1'ill1111g, Vive-pri-simleiitg und P11111 H6ull1, sccrv- taryg SECOND HOWYZ Dilllil if.1111pl1vll, Ruth :X1111c Mutlvy, Paula OlJ61'IlIL'lIl, and Kalhy Cooper. 'M if li 1 -m i VX , . silly? lxICI1llH'l'S of the sf111i111' high Y-TISIQNS g1'1111p, :UAPIIA 'IUXU RHO, i11'L', FIRST NUYV: Nlurilyn Blylliv. l.ir1cl11 Mark. .lun lJi1-ke1'f1111. 11ml .llljI16' llLlUlJI SICLIONID HONX: Mary Iflliott, Yirgirlia HLlllgilll11Il, ,lumly ,lLl1llf'5, Sully xl1llll4'XSS, Llllll .luliv Nl111'4l11cli: THIRD HOYV: ,lurly W.1!v1's, 11'1'11f111'1'1': lDi1I'it'l llavis, St'CI'ClLlI'jQ Alirw- Hunt, Xlll'-IJl'4'SillCIllQ Pvggy Mclflroy, presidcnlg and Leslie Smith. if fx S uf 3 M , 1. S 2-. L- A un.1gTuc5 . , A 62 H I fpk 7 .N , ,- . 515935 , ,, '6 9 , C ,Lx 6,65 fb? LANG' .-:raw 'gp 1 .l0llIl StL1lTll7LlUQl1 und truvk Star Gcurgv Stroup vxvmplify the- Capacity tu gin- more than rvquired. Hours of hard wurk are spm-nt in prvpalrution for lhm-so few uiinutws of par- ticipation. Yet, much is ,uuinc-al hy thi- utlilf-tvs lic-ynmd physival 1'Xf't'lllYIHTlT. Thruugli these Qxpcricrlcvs, young mvn learn the xulue nf team vffurt whilv LlSSl1IlllIlQL irlclividuzll rc- spfmsihilily, qualities which will l1f'lIl fit ihcm for their rnlcs us udulls. Thx-sn: qualities, acquired as utlilc-tvs, will ,giw our nuliem glory as they liuw inauh- our sclirml great. EDI O FOOTBALL QUAII Members of the varsity squad in the FIRST ROW are Forrest Towry, Larry Harden, Jim Graham, Jack Farrier, Jim Craw- ford, Bob Welch, Mike Holmgren, Mike Jones, Doug Forrestg SECOND ROW: John Gorney, Lance Spaulding, Jerry Owens, Marshall Hart, Harold Freeman, Bobby Bauer, Mike Forsman, Rick Parks, Jim Lee, Phil Adamson, THIRD ROW: Bob Bige- low, Mike Christ, Bill Ross, John Stambaugh, Mike Hendrickson, Bob Schellstede, Craig Spann, Bill Pratt, Scott Droke, Bill Buchanan, Gary Young. EDISON EAGLES All-City Football Schedule A , 7. ,,,.,,,, , , , V, ,. ,ff f -' V 5 I i . P -' L N . A , Y , , , k .V ,gi A k,,,,,,, L i k . ,q ff gtg .N -,Q , it The tenseness and suppressed excitement of football is shown on the faces of coaches Parker, Kauffman, and Beller as they concentrate on the game from the sidelines. 94 Edison I6 Webster Edison 34 McLain Edison 24 Central 1961 Football Schedule Edison 14 Parkview Edison 6 McLain Edison I2 Hale Edison 30 Central Edison I2 Rogers Edison 22 Sapulpa Edison 33 Bartlesville Edison I9 Springfield Edison 28 Washington Edison 28 Webster RAKES CO FERENCE TITLE EDISON EAGLES B-SQUAD 1961 Football Schedule Edison 141 Rogers O Edison 21 Central 6 Edison 28 Hale O Edison 12 Muskogee 0 Edison 28 Webster 12 XA Edison 14 Broken Arrow 14 Edison 24 Skiatook 14 Spotting opponents' strategy from a vantage point high in the stands is only one of the many duties performed by Coaches Langham and Grove in their work to make the Edison squads better. 9 u 5 fx, if Q If, if if ii : " it I A 5 I ,, W4 If Q 1 :QQ X "x x A ft r 24, V, f- ,- X I 1 4 5 it , - i ,i X -,X x it Q K wx A ig, , 3 11' 5 ' Rb J! 'lg S3 gifs. ,z S li V 'D 5, Ohh J W G tan l ff? tiiit if' nzx 1 5. F if 2 51, '75 Q53 21 'I Members of the B squad are, FIRST ROW: Coach Langham, Wes Disney, Bill Gorney, Mike Holke, Don Holland, Hollis Cope- land, ,Iohn Harris, Roger Stevens, Jim Gilmer, Coach Grove: SECOND ROW: Bob Stone, Bob Conine, .Iohn Earl, Ray Hall, tDon Wilcox, Joe McKellar, Don Combs, Rick Cheadle, Buddy Huffmeyer, Dusty Ward: THIRD ROW: .lohn Bauer, Larry Purdy, Ted Shackelford, ,lim Bailey, Darrell Brown, Chrys Fisher, ,lim Paynter, Bucky Smith, Doug Inliofe, Bob Brown: FOURTH ROW: David Fee, ,loe Hull, C-ary Allison, Don Brant, Gary Baldwin, ,lim Sellen, Chip Olin, Mike Bradley, .lim Reed, Chris Carrolg FIFTH ROW: Greg Hart, Brian Ader, Robert Downing, Don Roberts, Charles Farley, Chuck Wilbanks, iBob Kenny, Tom Cantrell, Leon Walden: SIXTH ROW: Dick Bush, Jim Grant, Mark Brownlee, Roger Grigor, Richard Mooney, Jerry Webb, Phil Smithen, Jim Murray: SEVENTH ROW: Dick McCann, Jack Churchwell, Mike George, Terry Hanes, Rick Arnold. ,Q Q-H W. if was .df as E'S1'fQim4i5W2iS5..,' ' sf xi IW 'I- s f if .v , as . f' RICK PARKS GARY YOUNG BILL PRATT HAROLD FREEMAN Senior Guard Junior End Senior Tackle Junior Guard Aucny Aiicny BOB BIGELOW, Co-Captain DOUG FORREST BOB SCHELLSTEDE Senior Guard Senior Tackle Edison's victorious Eagles began the best foot- ball season in their brief career by taking their consecutive All-City title and winning their first two games. After an upset in the third game the Eagles swept the rest of their schedule, ending with a 9-I record, Edison,s first conference cham- pionship, and third in the state, MIKE CHRIST Senior Center JIM LEE Junior Guard 1' 4 ' S iiirri W o o o , A,:::VV..,,, I A f t' Li W A f 'gif x f' 'fi r H3 7 . 1.3, N A ' A a 13,511 ado -,,,w'f.',.o- ff f+ffi?'iffff27fL'QY551'7'fe+ 5552 5' P' Q 5, T any U, v if :A , eh 1' ,V 'g no Qzflfif. 'L QQ?" g m- f 4 ni-S. :uf . ,erin 5712- S 'kffflzre if BOB WELSH Senior Quarterback MIKE HENDRICKSON Senior Center JACK FARRIER Senior Halfhack BOB BIGELOW Senior Halfback All-City All-State JOHN GORNEY Senior Halfback FORREST TOWRY Senior Halfback All-City Center Mike Christ topples two Rogers stalwarts to set up another telling gain in yardage. Timeout on the field gives the team a much deserved Bill Ross pulls down one of the passes that Qreathcr while co-captains Bob Bigelow and Jim Gra- helped win the muddy game against the nam discuss strategy. Springfield Bulldogs. 99 Jim. 4Graham is on his own as he fights to gain yardage in the The team's superlative performance in games exem- CXCIUHS UPSCI 3E'211HSt Central- plifies hours of practice to perfect plays and technique. All eyes are on the field as the players on the sidelines give intense concentration to the game to spot their opponents' strength and Weakness. IOO Fleet-footed mana ers Larry Youn and O. D. Wikof work with the tean B during games and practices to keep them physically fit and ready to play. JIM GRAHAM Senior Quarterback All-City All-State McAn Scholarship BILL ROSS Junior End All-City SCOTT DROKE Senior End BILL BUCHANAN Senior End TED MURRAY Senior Halfback LANCE SPALDING Junior Halfback x5iiKJk ' J' 'Y --v-5 ,H 4 V 1 I as ff' 2 i f, QQ v' .1 .SIM ,Eff ,,. , . , M, p ., I, ,J i, , H I ,L I fy, R55 eg' Q- -f , X .I Hr, 6 F gl . N . X . LQ, if I ! L ' I' . 'ED 4 ,-- f -ui . if .gi,, .iiiffp W xffif-1'-wir., 1' .4 P' . A 0813 has ' 1 ,ii f""' in bf" I !',fff,T" X T Wg Q 'M ,gs -.ggaa-fvxii-fffii ' ,rwg BASKETBALL TEAM 2 ! l 2 5 Members of the varsity basketball team are, KNEELINC: Walter Heath, ,lim Shanor, Bob Bigelow, Mike Christ, Scotty Chalmers, Scott Abel, and Jim Grahamg STANDING: Coach Grove, Bobby Griffin, Craig Dalton, Jim DeSalvo, Tommy Coleman, Pat Reynolds, Loy Martin, and Bill Ervin. B-Squad basketballers are, FIRST ROW: Coach Langham, Scott Hall, Larry Purdy, Russ WICTIGCRC, Rick Cheadle, Mike Kelly, and John Crawford, SECOND ROW: Bob Winters, Eddie Patton, Gary Allison, Bill Taylor, Bob Furman, Jim Mayden, Mike Atkinson, and Donny Roberts. STRONG FIN1 H Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison 1961-1962 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 44 '13 36 1 Second place in 53 53 50 36 56 47 51 52 47 49 68 58 47 53 63 Joplin Rogers Wlelmster Hale Tournainentl Booker T. Barllesville OC Northwest Bartlesville Hale Central Wlelmster McLain Central Booker T. Hale McLain Vlfebster Rogers OC Northwest 11 0 :Jil 518 68 32 65 34 37 66 49 39 9 -1-8 68 61 53 57 49 61 Center Tom Coleman grabs one of his rnuny rebounds in the Eagles' sec-ond xictory owr Hale Despite a knee injury earlier in the year, Bob Griffin leads the Eagles on to victory over the McLain Scots. Tension mounts among tlle inclu- bers of both learns as Bob Griffin slloota an important lwasliet. JIM GRAHAM Senior .Guard l LOY MARTIN CRAIG DALTON Junior Ccmpr Senior Center -4,41 . f-,--wr.: ,- , : :s," j my 7 B.. Q A , ,F ,I 3 U, MQ H s o g :-1 xx H - , ,r in 5 Q 8 wan A 5 w Wm 'Nw -ww fu., qw' ai . ,I S Q Q ,U mi' 'NY Q 7' 1 v 1 .. .W f 1 il PHIL SCIILECHT 130 lbs. STEVE AIZRAIIAM 130 lbs. JOHN CORNEY 148 lbs. EAGLES TURN 1N DEFEATED SEA O ,lf KEN CASE RAY NUNNELEY CHARLES COLE DOUG FORREST 168 lbs. CARY BOYD 183 lbs. RUSTY COBB Heavyweiglw TOUR AME TCHAMPIO Q-.gr K K Q 5 'aw- illong with individual matches, the Edison wrestling team has won many tournaments. Coach Sm-ller's winners in the Edison Invitational Tournament are, KNEELINC: john Mutrin, Paul Sikkink, Bolihy Riggs, livrt Fisher, Phil Sclilcct, Steve ,AlJl'LlllLlHlQ STANDING: Coach Sellers, Hay Nunneley, Ken Case, Charles Cole, Cary lloyd, Rusty Colmlm, .lolm Lawson. Paul Sikkink brings down his opponent in the Edison Invita- tional Tournament. Wrestling Eagles exemplify the perseverance of all Edisonites participating in competitive ath- letics. Jim Sellers, EHS wrestling coach, led the Grapplersthrough an undefeated season, adding goals for future Edison Wrestlers. -.. , , .mm Cooperation between Coach Sellers, lchiro Hatta, Tom Lunly, and Seiji Miyawaki was responsible for the in- teresting and exciting Japanese-Edison wrestling match. Coach Sellers and the Edison wrestling team greet Mr. Seiji Miyawaki and his Jap- V anese champions upon their arrival at Edison. Team takes fifth title Swimming Coach Marvin Ross gives Holi Holilas instruction to help improxe his stroke and speed. 4. .4g Edisonts mernien look forward to state competition after marking their filth season as All-Conference champions lay soundly de- feating all other city competitors. The season saw them rise to victory after losing two heart- hreakers to arch-rival Bartlesville, finishing with a season record of nine wins and four losses. SCHEDULE Edison ll-2 Bartlesville 52 Edison 69 Central 26 Edison 63 Colleyville 32 Edison 6l Rogers 3-l Edison 67 Central 28 Edison 45 Vl7icliita East 50 Edison 46 Bartlesville -19 Edison Sl McLain ll Edison 29 Wichita East 66 Edison 73 Colleyville 22 Edison 75 Hale 20 C0lN EERENCE Edison 93M Rogers 50 Hale 27 Central 26lQ Vlcliain 7 Washiiigton 4 Edison Eagles, four-year State Champions, are, 5lTTllYC: Rohm-rt Ruprecht, Dennis Keeley, ,lim Robison, Sandy Taylor, Norris Hcnthorne, Greg Chalmers, Hola Owens, Cary Andersong KNEEL- INC: Robert Alnrens, Bob 'lFroggy7' Holilis, Jim Krviner, Pete Saunders, ,lack Camden, David Johnson, Alex Whitmore, Hill Chase, Bill Gillg STANDING: Lance Farrar, Steve Coenen, Bill Selman, ,lim Stanton, ,lim Manring, Dan lleek, llolm Francis, Dick Black, Charles Rodman, Al Guild. -m m ,rw f M . .,-,'-fff'VfLirSE7' gg Y ' 'in-2? M f MV . F .f N, X xjfsxgig . 'Q 9 K mf . gg?" . , Y' aw 5 Qs?" -E? I ,ff 1 a , vfig' -if ss fx ,f.,, if' 'Z ,A 1 Fx 4 Mgt' I f", sl? -. ,--vw L .' "' -4, A ' 'v--11521 H 1: 3, fp Q -if I f -. -.af . f f Q. ' .f is fini Y S' ,Q W, 22, .4 sf v -K, BILL CHASE Diver Champion Jim Manring assumes a starting posi- tion for another record brt-ul-ling meet. BILL CILL Diver 'w1'4 CRAIG WINES Diver State Champion All-American TEAM DEFE D TITLE Members of the baseball team are as follows, FIRST ROW: Rick Tessier, Phil Schlecht, Dean Gilbert, and Ted Murray, SECOND ROW: Mike Christ, Jim Shanor, Buddy Barnes, Doug Martin, and Mike Murphy, THIRD ROW: Cary Lewis, Scotty Chalmers, Bob Griffin, Charles Hawkins, Phil Dunbar, ,lack Spurgiu, and Coach Kauffman. 4 , .IIM SHANOR Outficld Returning letternien face the task this SI QOTTY CH AIM E H S season of defending Etlisonis first State Championship in hasc-hall. Our capable players look with confiflence and anticipa- tion towurfI the coming season. PHIL SCHLECHT Third Base MIKE CHRIST DEAN GILBERT BOB GRIFFIN Outfie-Id Catcher Oulfield ,H ff March March April April April April May 20 27 3 10 19 27 1 1962 TENNIS SCHEDULE Bartlesville Rogers Okmulgee Okmulgee Bartlesville Central Rogers fHerel fThereJ fHerej fThereJ f Therej fHerej fllerej The Eagle netmen, defending Tulsa conference champions, are shown making preparations for another winning season. Sparked by five returning lettermen and two senior transfers, and supported by able juniors and sophomores, the team expects an improvement over their previous record in state competition. Q E E l EAGLE ETME PETE LINLEY Senior Members of the Tennis Team include: .lim Holliday, Dan Babcock, Mike Beard, Chuck March, Tom Coleman, Rusty Cobb, Chris White, David Scliermerhorn, Svante Haglund. HOLD TITLE CANDY COBB Senior N DAN BABCOCK Senior DAVID SCHERMERHORN Senior SVANTE HAC-LUND A Senior RUSTY COBB Senior TOM COLEMAN Junior Junior standout 'lom Coleman effectively returns an opponentis serve as Candy Cobb looks on. GOLF TEAM PHIL ADAMSON Senior ROBERT FRANCIS Senior I DICK EAST Returning senior Ietterman Robert Francis sends a -Iumof drive down the fairway toward another victory. LOY MARTIN Junior JERRY OWENS FORREST FISCHER Junior Junior EEKS CROW With several returning letternu-n and tlie uid of vntliusiustic new boys, the 1962 Golf team aspires for another vity L-onfe1'er1ce title and a possible state crown. AR Golf coach, ,lim Sellers, looks forward to tlle 1962 season while remembering the triumphs of 1960. March March March March March April April April April April April April April May 1962 SCHEDULE 20 Hale 23 Muskogee 27 Rogers 28 Cascia Hall 30 Bartlesville 3 Muskogee fl Hale 6 Central 10 Bartlesville 11 Central 17 Webster 18 lVlcLain 27 Cascia Hall 1 Rogers Edison's track team, under the expert guidance of Coach Hugh Pierce, looks forward to a tremendous track season this spring. ftg 3 wif, Coach Hugh Pierce demonstrates a few of the finer points of pole vaulting for ,lim Farrell and Mike Holm- gren. N E - , Edison owes a debt of gratitude to Coaches Hugh Pierce and Walter Barham. These men are responsible for the excel- lent track and cross country teams here at Edison. They, along with the boys on these teams, have provided future Edison track stars with many high goals at which to aim. TRACK, CROSS COU TRY Stale Champion, George Stroup, heads for the finish line well ahead of his nearest Opponent. Coach Waltilr Barham expects a splendid season for his championship cross country ICHIII. .fl ' 5 J. X. R -f aww Qi Y lf "f""'f qw Under the direction of flULlCll Barham. Edismfs Cross country team will strive to equal the records it set last year. OPE SPRI G SEA O The relay team begins practicing in prep- aration for the first meet of the season. Steve Franklin demonstrates the form that has made him a championship hurdier. The crack of the startcris gun marks the beginning of another track season for Edison. The moment for which the trams have been preparing has arrivcd, TRAMURAL Intramural sports provide a bridge between physical education and varsity athletics. Competition on indivi- dual, lioineroom, and gym class levels encourage students to improve in such sports as liaskellnall, wrestling, Volley- luall. football, baseball, and track. Q 4 Af", I Q0 fff AJ If AZLQXC J Q5 ff 7 f XL! 6 6 JZ f 7 7 f J LXQQZ7 f" 7,f0"6-ffxgffgf af 7? 4 5 DC I ,nf ,5 ,,f,:f1Q,f5 jZQj tj C C7 04 5 Z7L A L- C X jfffvflfdzg C f I 540 2174 Z N ,, 'I dwg! 1 f246,f:2'9 7 7 r 5 5 254' Trllvg' bcuuly is a lJllySll'Z1l ullraclivvness SUTI'0llIlClCCl lmy the glow uf an inwarml sim'c'1'ily mul 511'uf'4'. ll is am llllltxllxllt quality Vom- lllII1Cllli'll by sulmluslia: ulrilily, smzial poise, zmcl mlvplll of cliarzxczter. lxllk' elitm' of lfrlisun 1-xelnplily lllc-se quailitie-s zmfl fulfill llw ewpvcta- lions of the sluclenls wlm vlecl llwm. rlillli lltlllfbl' ul living LTlllbS-CII to 1'4-Wescrit thc irlvals uf pcwlicctimn in il lll'I'S1IIl is lwslmsr-cl upon llicsv i'llUlK'l' lvw. ilu' Cllllx. Hef MajCsty.' Miss Edison V Q Caro1c Cay1Or 'W to UPYE!3N54H5W A Seniof 'Attendant o TUCKY MARCH Senior Attendant f ttendants , JUDY EITEL K Junior Attendant 0 . EILEEN FREEMAN' E Sophomore 'Attendant ,KATHY KENDAIQL' Sophomore' Attvndant z 4 t JVEANNE Mt-GLNNIS W' Ajunior.Attcndztnt , Band Senior Attendant 1'MARTHA CLARKE ' Junior Attendant ITH ,J f Sophomorv Ath-ndant Basketball Queen BETSY BROOKS JUDY HENSHAW Senior Attendant NANCY Sophdmore Attendant CHERYL Junior Attendant es Junidlf Attendant h A g w W si Ne pg, , ' k F 5 . A V .U b Q, K A ,,., ,.,, . J-, ,.. .,,....,, ...1 ,,....k CCH ' MARY FELLERSX , Junior Attendant JAN, WASSAM , A Junior Attendant KAREN FORSMAN A Sophomore Attendant - q ' Sophomore Attendant BILL MARTIN SOPHONIORIC: Student Council, Key Club, honor roll. uOutstanding U. S. Historyw award, and delegate to the State Student Council Ivorlcshop. JUNIOR: Treasurer of Student Council, Key Club secre- tary, 1X.l7.S. Student to Holland, honor roll, and delegate to S.A.S.C. Convention. SENIOR: Student Council president. Key Club vice-presi- dent, member of the Young Citizenis Forum, Student Honor E-Most lleserving, Mr. Edison, and honor roll. Kay and Gif CAROLE CAYLOR SOPHOIVIORE: Student Council, Cheerleader alter- nate, Letterman's Club, No- side Tinies, Swilnettes. Safety Council representa- tive, and honor roll. JUNIOR: Student Council. Cheerleader, I,etterinan's Club, Noside Times, delegate to S.A.S.C. convention, dele- gate to O.A.S.C. convention. Junior Board, Swirnettes, honor roll and Wrestling Queen. SENIOR: Student Council vice-president, Cheerleader- Captain, Letterinanis Club secretary, Swimettes, Usher- ettes. attended Oklahoma Student Cou -:il Wlorkshop. and lVIiss Edlson V. amber y mf: mmm Ocfzl CHRIS HAMILL SOPHONIORE: Stu d ent Council. Honor Commission, class ring committee, dele- gate to the O.A.S.C. conven- tion, and honor roll. JUNIOR: Co-chairman of Publications committee, Bro- therhood Breakfast hostess, Registrar for Inter-city Stu- dent Council Convention. and honor roll. SENIOR: Student Council, Senior Board, Publications committee chairman, dele- gate to the Oklahoma Gov- ernor's Conference on Youth, fsherettes, Student Honor fBest Sport, and honor roll. JIM CRAWFORD SOl'HOlWORE: Student Council, Key Cluh, football. and track. JUNIOR: Key Cluh. ,lunior Hoard, delegate to Oklahoma Boys' State. Student Honor--Host Polite. and footlxall. SENIOR: Student Council. senior class vice-president, Key Club. delegate to Oklahoma Governors' Conference on Youth. Student Honor--Most Dependable, and footlmall. PEE WEE JOHNSON SUPHOWIORIC: Stage Band, Concert Band, winner of Re- gional Optiniisls Oratorical Contest, third in district con- lcst, and honor roll. JUNIOR: Student Council, alternate delegate to Hors' State. attended national Student Council C'O11Yt'?lllIOIIS, Staee Band. and honor roll. SEYIUII: Student Council, Senior Board, llc-mhership and Credentials connnittce chairman, and Stage Hand. Kay and Girl amber SHERRI WRIGHT SOPI-IOMORE: S t u d e n t Council, Pep Club, Sopho- more Hoard, Noside Times, and honor roll. JUNIOR: Student Council chaplain, Torch staff, Pep Club-fhonor guard, Junior Board, Noside Times, and honor roll. SENIOR: Student Council secretary, Torch staff assist- I ant editor, Pep Cluh-honor guard, Senior Board, secre- I tary of the Young Citizen's Forum, Usherettes, delegate to the Oklahoma Student Council Wo1'kshop, delegate to the O.A.S.C. Convention, Student Honor-Most De- pendable, and honor roll. f the Jlflrfufh GRETCHEN LE MASTER SOPHOXIORE: S t u dent Council, Sophomore Board. sophomore Class play lead. and honor roll. JTQKIOR: Swimettes, Junior Board, Speech Arts play Connnittee, and honor roll. SENIOR: Senior class secre- tary, Usherettes president, Swirnettes, Coronation vom- mittee, Student Honor- Best Student, and honor roll. Dvcem DAVE HICKS SOPHONIORE: Sophomore Board, swimming and track, housed a delegate for the State Student Council Convention. and honor roll. JLYNIOR: Male co-lead in "Good-bye My Fancyf' junior play uBerkeley Square," Thespians and honor roll. SENIOR: Student Council, senior play uDouble Doorfi Welcomirig committee, Membership and Credentials coni- niittee, Young Citizens' Forum, Thespians, and honor roll. SCOTTY CHALMERS SOPHOMORE: Sophomore Board, baseball letterman, Key Club, and honor roll. JUNIOR: Junior Board, Key Club, baseball and basketball letterman, I,etterrnan's Club, and honor roll. SENIOR: Senior class president, Key Club treasurer, Letter- manis Club, captain of basketball team, Student Honor- Best Worker, and Advertising Board. Hay and Gin PAT FOGARTY SOPHOIVIOBE: S t u d e nt Council, sophomore class president, Pep Club, Swim- ettes, Latin Club, and at- tended the State Student Council Convention. JUNIOR: Student Council, Junior Board, School Spirit committee chairman, Pep Club-honor guard, Student Honor-Most School Spirited, and honor roll. SENIOR: Student Council, Senior Board, Pep Club president, Sportsmanship Award committee, delegate to Governoris Conference on Youth, Student Honore Best Worker, and honor roll. V the Meath 4:00 ffffw, 4 TUCKY MARCH SOPHOIVIORE: Cheerleader, ,sophomore Class secretry, Swimmettes, attendant to lflliss Edison III, and honor roll. JUNIOR: Junior class sec- retary, Swimettes, Pep Clubv-honor guard, attend- ant to lVIiss Edison IV, and lionor roll. SENIOR: Assistant secretary of Student Council. Swim- ette vice-president, Pep Club -honor guard, Election committee, lVIembership and Credentials c o m m i t t e e , Young Citizen's Forum, at- tendant to Miss Edison V, and honor roll. it JACK FARRIER SOPHONIORE: Key Club Board of Directors, president of homeroom, football team. JUNIOR: Key Club, I,etterman's Club, president of home room. football team. X SENIOR: Key Club president, I..etterInan's Club vice-presi- dent. Governor of Oklahoma Eovsa State, Oklahoma Youth Advisory Council, June Tribune 'of the Month, and football 'W team. Student superlatives are elected by the entire student body. Comlvining personality, integrity, and a true humanitarian interest in other people, student superlatives are representatives of the stu- dents of Edison. They can always he recognized lay their friendliness, sincerity, and true Edison spirit, which is a vital part of their character. Students such as these are the pillars of the future, supporting and leading others to higher goals. The superlatives are Scotty Chalmers and Pat Fogarty, Best Worker, Bill Martin and .ludy Hen- Shaw, Most Deserving. l38 Studen The outstanding students are Ray Barnett and Jane Roper, Most Likely to Succeed, Gretchen LeMaster and Marvin Pung, Best Student. Other supcrlatives are Terry Heineman, Most Talented, Svante Haglund, Most School Spirited, Sherri Wright and .lim Crawford, Most Dependableg and Michael Earl, Most Talented. 'uperlatives Mr. Edison exemplifies the qualities which we all aspire to attain. His character is the result of applied scholastic ability, participation in school activities, leadership, and service to the community. Bill Martin, our 1962 Mr. Edison, is one of the top students of the senior class, and has been listed on the honor roll consistently during his high school years. His desire to further the interests of Edison is shown through his leadership as president of Student Council and vice-president of Key Club. Bill is also an active member of Young Citizens' Forum, Young Republicans, and his church youth group. Last summer, he was an American Foreign Exchange student to Holland. It is the Hill Martins of today that fortify and insure the success of our world tomorrow. HILL fNi:Xli'l'lN Mr. Edison II The student superlatives are Bernard Robinowitz and Chris Hamill, Best Sportg Ruth Huffmeyer and Chris Carrol, Friendlicstg Judy Eitel, Most School Spiritcdg and Pete Saunders and Karen Keplinger, Most Polite. I39 L lf. I , yi' Ujojl 12? 0 KLA V , ,,. Q39 '7 br 013506 ' xl Lofvflff ,V VM F . Y I? Url: ' MLM! Mi ,U Qfljfjky My WD uf- O iff 5. V L yi J? I JP fl A gxydw ,nf Classes are the nucleus of ull our avtivilivs ut Ediwn. 'ilu-5 stinmlute- our curiosity for knowledge, lllU!4 enabling us to attain lI1ll'll1'1'll1i,ll Q.ff0WN'Ill and SCl1OldSlilT z14'l1iCx'en1ent. Our lcuchers provide us with ilu- fuundation for lvurning and ww- are lvft willi ilic I't'SpHll!4i- lrility of diving the best willi what wmv am: offvrul. Vllllffbllllll our Vill'i1lIl9 t7XIJCfi4'IlCl3S at Edison, wc maine in Contact with many Llii-fl'I'l'I1l pcrsmnllilivs. llc-rc wa' un- axlrlc to ostulmlisli innumerable friendships WS'llll'l1 lu-lp stinullutxr nur f'I1lllUSillf4II1 and willingnvsg io obtain our goals. fa fffiiiilfiiiifyf ICR OFFICER A Selection of class leaders is always an important task. Senior officers have a great responsibility, and ours have clone a commend- able job through their enthusiasm, interest, and arranging of the many diverse activities of the sen- ior class. A few of the responsi- bilities include the coronation mixer, Christmas dance, senior play, and at long last, the climax of our high school yearsfgradua- tion. Officers are Judy Henshaw, social chairmang Kaaren Carroll, treasurerg ,lim Crawford, vice- presidentg Gretchen LeMaster, sec- retaryg and Scotty Chalmers, president. 'fi-it 'kt Creative talent in the field of art has helped Judy Henshaw in designing her clothes and planning cos- tumes for class plays. A ,V , , 1 .,,,m,,5,,.k, urn- 2 IOR BOARD -ve" .--J 1? ,r . Z, f 9 Q x ,,,1 ,,s t e VN bln., A-N R""5'n-.,. Members of the SENIOR BOARD are, STANDING: Rick Messer, Rick Xvaltz, Larry Robertson, Paula Desjardins, Gretchen Brockman. Pat Sayles, Jim Shanor, Scotty Chalmers, Kaaren Carroll, ,ludy Henshaw, Gretchen LeMaster, ,lim Crawford, Pat Fogarty, Chris Hamill, Sherri Wlright, Scott Droke, Walter Heath, ,lim Morrison, Steve Cole, Pee Wee Johnson, SEATED: Diane Morrison, Nancy DeWitt, Pam Redfern, Lana Vowell, Cathy Haas, Francy Cruce, Cookie Harper, Lynne Welsh. 555' M ' H O - s H. -. his .. ,W aw. J. sie ww- 3 , ,. Q L "" K5 Qia- i R if g 3 "F sg ,l K' t , 1 lf ' t it T L "tl, ' a 2' 'I' 1- i , we t, r lil 'K 2 ' W 1 '41 R 1. I I Q X ff' 3 X l 3, 'N FEA K it , ' 4" -it lt i l -s 'wr it at K +1 31, t 'Q' M sas " . , 3 O' .,. 3 f 'f if 5-t - zest. - . W. I ,Y . ,lim Crawford is frequently seen playing football, sing- ing in the concert chorus, and serving as a Key Club member. An honor roll student, Gretchen Ls-Master, also has time to direct an act for the Swimette show and serve as Usherette president. Scotty Chalmers' boundless energy is a valuable asset as a basketball letterman, Key Club treasurer, and sen- ior class president. Trophies for excellent marksmanship symbolize one of the many interests, in which Kaaren Carroll ex- ct-ls. I43 Edison seniors have ""'-----......-,H-46 ,FK Reco nize this typical scene in the Edison parking lot? Even Mr Harrison,s T-Bird is a traffic ticket target. f"""-'--... Donna Abbott Scott Abel Steve Abraham Marty Adair Sandy Abshire Roberta Adams 3 Bob Adams Phil Adamson Robert Ader Robert Ahrens Joan Allen Nancy Allison Larry Barnes Don Bass Ann Beeby Jane Berg Marcia Berner Charlene Bidasio Bob Bigelow Judie Billings Noortje Bisschop Susie Black Steve Blackledge Barbara Blackstock Scott Blaker Jeff Bloom Judie Bloomquist Bruce Blount J ill Bogart Carolyn Bohm Phil Boilliot a vintage year 5. ihmvii Alice Andelrnan Bob Anderson Cissi Anderson Dick Anderson John Anderson Russell Anderson Vicky Aubrey John Aude Sharon Avery Carolyn Axton Dan Babcock Barbee Bagwell Bryan Bagwell Carol Bair Brenda Baker Cindy Baker Ken Baldwin J. Pat Banks in scholarshlp Richard Bryant Bob Bryarly Bill Buchanan Brenda Buckner Pam Burck Jan Burnett Gina Burnham Lynna Burt ,Tustin Byers Bryan Cahen ,lack Camden Forrest Cameron lean Campbell ,losie Campbell Mary Campbell Tom Carey Kaaren Carroll G f ,lim Carter and leadership. Balls Bolton Sherry Bowles Jim Braley Mary Breeding John Broach Gretchen Brocknian W!! Betsy Brooks Darrell Brown Patsy Brown Richard Brunell Julie Bruns ,liin Brussel Our senior Class is proud to claim .lack Farrier Governor of Boys' Slate, President of Key Club and top Eagle football player. 9595 li l Mike Carter Rick Carter Sharon Carter Bill Carwile Ken Case Art Cavanagh Carole Caylor Cheryl Chandler Mike Christ Suzanne Claiborne Scotty Chalmers Robert Chamberlin Don Clasquin Mike Clifford Bryan Close Bob Cobb Candy Cobb Russell Cobb Linda Cockriel Bill Cody Q ur ever-active Edison seniors discuss possible college plans with a representa tive from Princeton. Reber Coffey Charles Cole Steve Cole Ronald Collins Judy Combs lVl1ke Conley Pat Connole Bolo Cook Jon Coon Beverly Cooper Jim Cooper Jim Copass Carolee Davenport Barbara Davis Reuben Davis Linda Dawson Betty Day Terry Deas Jim DeSalvo Teresa DeSirey Paula Desjardins Nancy DeWitt Eldena Dickey Bill Dickinson Bill Dickson Bill Dillard Doug Dixon Dean Dohnalek John Dorrill Judie Dotson Gary Doublin Jim Daugherty social calendar his K, 4 Dolly Corbett Linda Cottrell Connie Courtner Sherry Cousins Barbara Cowan Homer Cowan Judy Cox Karen Craig ' Q5 rri Q i 1 'I Jiin Crawford Jan Creekmore Pal Crisp Kay Crosby Frances Cruce Danny Cupp Pattie Curby Linda Curlee Ronda Cushing Craig Dalton sparkled with Barbara Elliott Betty Emhach Dennis Ervin James Esposito Kathy Evans Richard Evans Lynn Falkensten Bill Faulkner J im Farrell J ack F arrier Arlie Fedman Tommy Fenton Sandy Fenwick Mickey Fike Martha Finch J ack Fischer Bert Fisher Robert F laa he the Christmas dance . . . Linda Downen Scott Droke Don Dura Marilyn lluecker Charles llunn Peggy Duusmoor Connie DuVall Eddie Eaves Millie Elmy Dana Elias Carole Elkinton Michael Elliott ni i j K Senior Student Council members sell first copies of the 1962 Edzson Calling. Mike Puvketl, center, submitted the winning cover desi n if X r Q5 Ginger Flynt Pat Fogarty Doug Forrest Carol Foster Robert Francis Linda Franklin Steve Franklin Judy Freedman David Friend Mary Jane Friinan Carolyn Funk Betsy Galloway Judy Garland Steve Garner Eddie Gawf ,lolln Wlilliani Gayle Bolm Gilliert Dave Gilliert Dean Gilbert Leslie Gill class mixers, , . .X if 5- 5 'E 5 Jim Graham Jacque Green Bob Griffin Jerry Griffin Gary Griffith Gary Grimshaw Shirley Grigsby Gary Groom Mike Guhser Deanne Gunter Dave Gurthet Paulette Gustin ww, if G rj the senior prom . . . Rhoda Gill Larry Gilliam Mary Glenn Toliy Globe Merrell Glover Peggy Golflen Connie Gooch Tohe Gooden Patti Gooclwin John Gorney Cordy Gotoski Mary ,lo Goulcl Margaret Gowans Sue Graber Carole Caylor, senior beauty shows her suprise while she is bein told that she IS Miss Edison V. Cathy Haas Ginger Hagan Allen Hahn Svante Haglund Sharon Haines Carole Hale Larry Hall Jonna Halterman Chris Hamill Leslie Hamman Kathy Hanna Larry Harden Kathleen Harlow Cookie Harper Connie Harrill Karen Haworth Sarah Hawthorne J. F. Hayden Tim Hayes Helen Hays . . . and class pl X? 3 9 ,189 9, ,. sw Susan Hill Kenny Hines Roger Hines Sue Hinnant Bob Holmbs Don Hoilich Jack Hogan George Holbert Nancy Holt Marcia Holway Larry Hone Paula Hopkins Ronnie Howerton Nadine Hulsman Larry Hunies Shielah Hunnicutt Jeanne Hunter Allen Hutchinson f kg CC 99 Double Doors Steve Heaston Walter' Heath Sharon Heiman Judy Hendrickson Mike Hendrickson Dave Henley Vicki Henrichs Christine Henry Judy Henshaw Mary Anne Hensley Christy Herndon David Hicks Donna Hill Dennis Ervin looks confident despite Mrs. Copelands interest in her progress chart. 1? jim ,jf Roz Jacobs Ingrid Jacobsen Judie James Susan James Alice Jarboe Marilyn Jobe Sue Johns Darrel Johnson Gary Johnson Helene Johnson Hunter Johnson James Johnson Jim Johnson Judith Johnson Judy Johnson Richard Johnson Peggy Johnston Ronnie Johnston Dean Jones Wesley Jones Too soon, it is Senior, Larry Hone, shows his school spirit by pur- chasing a school ribbon from Pep Club member, Diane Morrison. l56 Sandra Loring Jil Lowry Mary Loyd Linda Luker Madeline Maher Bruce Mahon ,loan Mainguy Gary Mangels Tucky March Bill Martin Susie Martin Ted Martner Sandra Mayfield Pam McCoy Diane McCune Mary Ann McDonald Jim McDougal John McFarlin Beth McGraw Kenny McKee Mary Teresa Jordan Marilyn Kapner David Keller Steve Kelley Craig Kemmerer Clarke Kendall Karen Keplinger Kenneth Kershmer Nancy Kettler June Kidwell Marjorie Kiger Carlton King Joyce Kirk Richard Kisner 'Q if SNA time to meet tiffiezisftf 5 is ? 'K ,swf T' " is is ,fe 'M x David Kittrell Patti Kramer Jon Lawrence Gary Lawson John Lawson Carol Ann Lee Gretchen LeMaster Marsha Lesher Frank Lewis Mary Lisle Alan Livingston Sally Livingston . . . the challenges which Dorinda Miles Stephen Millard Ann Miller Danny Miller Dave Miller Jim Miller Richard Miller Wayne Mitchell Steve Mohan David Moncrief Doug Moore Glenna Morgan Mary Jane Morgan Mike Morgan Jeannie Morris Jim Morris ww 'P Dianne Morrison Jim Morrison are before us. Kenneth llcluaughlin Les McMillin Gerry McNeal Nancy McQueen Robert Meng Charlotte Merrick Clint Merrick Rick Messer Gary Meyer Mike Meyer J im Mickle Gloria Middlehrook 3 X ww 3 f X jf Nl Miss Burkett coaches Linda Rainwater in preparation for hcl' rolc in "Harvey.v , Nm A W Carol Mueller Cheryl Mundy Liz Mungen Neva Murdock ,lim Murphy Kathy Murphy Mike Murphy Helen Murray Nancy Musser Eddie Myers Suzanne Neely Barbara Nelson J udy Nesbit Diane Nichols Sharon Nichols Pat Nicholson Kenneth Noe Paul Nowlin Tim O'Brien Janie Oertle We now realize Ronnie Peters J im Phelps Joyce Phillips .lim Philp David Pigg Suzanne Pitcock R. A. Planos Charles Potts Bill Pratt Linda Preston Thomas Price Mike Puckett the priceless Value Ricky O lesby Jon Oliver Diane Olson Gary O Neal Shari Orre O I I -..amv11g-:fer-ng l 7 5 Jim Palm Jeanne Palmer Rick Parks Julie Patman Bill Paulea Linda Pearce Judie Pearson Cherie Perrault Bob Perssons Jolm Broacll wouldrft he 'f ww would make someone a wonderful wife, Marvin Pung Pamela Sue Rader Linda Rainwater Evelyn Raska Peggy Ratcliife Susan Ratcliffe Pam Redfern Linda Redman Johanna Reece Linda Reed Duke Reeds Jeanne Reidy Kay Reilly Don Renberg Margery Rice Carole Richmond Mary Rickard Sharlet Ridge Donna Risner George Robb bl of our education, l i Mary Pat Ryan Kaye Sandefur Bill Sanders Ruth Sanger Shirley Satterfield Pete Saunders Pat Sayles Ralph Scargall Robert Schcllstede David Schermerhorn Phil Schleeht Steven Sohnelle Kathryn Schuette Janet Sehwomh Lynda Scott Terry Semple Judy Sessions J im Shanor t if ,g.,J 3 . , Q aio? f 3 tefa mgkfgggyy 4 teachers, and friends. Hugh Roberson Van Roberts Larry Robertson Bernard Robinowitz Charles Robinson Kerry Robinson Pat Robinson Phil Romero ,lane Roper Nancy Rudd Sally Rueb Rick Russell David Hicks proves that Edisonites can lick the Smmute passing period. mt i ,:': i s WM X If-e::'v' .t W-if rs Q' ,f Mike Sherman Alleene Sherrer Delton Shilling Terry Shurig Cls de Sights Roy Sikkink Pe -'fy Simmons Nancy Singleton Connie Smith A it x Q Q sp t i'1r i n I Bob Smith Nancy Smith Susie Smith Tommy Smith Paula Smoot Kenny Sole Kitty Soule Suzanne Spears Bill Spearman Jan Stanbaugh J im Steen Edison has provided INS Senior play ticket sales were stimu- lated by the election of a Queen of the Double Doors. Queen candidates were Betsy Galloway and Marcia Holway. Terry Townsend Forrest Towry Francis Trindle Judy Tucker Nancy Turner Ronald Turner Carolyn Van Bibber Connie Van Brunt Mike Van Hoose Kay Van Valkenburgh Angela Vickrey Lana Vowell Diane Wager J im Wagner Betsy Walker Douglas Walker Mary Walker Rick Walts Mike Ward Nina Ward Diane Steinle Bonnie Stephens Denise Stephens Shirley Stephens Richard Stephenson Carol Stevenson Steve Stockton Cheryl Stone Cary Stover George Stroup Bob Summers Mike Swann if y my-f,.:,,,ff+ the foundation iT' --Y rrrni ii We g 5 Q.-.3 3' W'-w ' 1:zs?'g:S'Rfa3Q 5? Eff 4 as ,gg QE.. Thu.-an Steve Swann Sandy Sweetin Paulee Tankersley 'QW 4105 'N'- Lynn Taylor Samuel Taylor Dan Templeton Walter Terry Don Thayer Jeanne Thomas Jeannie Thompson Judy Thompson Paula Thompson Pat Thompson Carol Tipton Tim Tipton Torn Tipton Linda Toliver Sandra Thorne 6 for our apprenticeship Clnny Wetlierill jerry Whealcraft Claucle Whitcomb Kay White Thelma Wleghard O D Wikcilf Christina Willey Brad Williams Janet Williams Marilyn Williams Ronnie Williamson Anne Wilson Carole Wilson Lyle Wilson Raymond Wilson Ronnie Wilson Craig Wines Stephen Wintory into a useful life. Joan Warren Glenda Watkins Lynne Watkins Sandra Watts Patricia Webb Carolyn Weedman Johnny Weis Joan Welge Bob Welsh Lynne Welsh Jayne Vlferner Jane Wveston i I 'Rig slssl , sssl , Gretchen Lt-master ,seems to have the attention of all the senior board members as Scotty Chalmers waits patiently for his chance to speak. as-li, Gretchen Wise John Wise Jane Witherspoon Jay Witter Corky Wolaver Julie Wolfe Candace Wood David Wood Kay Woodward Steve Woolsey Dedra Wright Judy Vvright Scott Wright Sherri Wright Ann Wyant Jack Yankee Cary Yeek Karen Young Alvin Young John Yount .J SMOKING UNIGR UFFICER . i' Whse Junior officers look to the future as they lead their class to higher goals and ideals. Officiating at hoard meetings, planning the dances and mixers, and conducting class forums, the officers keep in mind their obligation to their class to provide the guidance their high position demands. The officers are Mike Jones, vice-presidentg Marcia Mobley, secretaryg Jocie Johnson, treasurerg Judy Eitel, social chairniang and Ray Barnett, president. Junior officers make one of the endless number of phone calls necessary to co- ordinate a dance. Decorations, a hand, chaperones, tickets, and many other details must be considered lmefore a dance luecoines a success. I68 J U IOR BOARD Besides governing class activities and setting up school policies, the junior board acquires ex- cellent practice in democracy. The board is the representative body of the junior class, for each homeroom has a representative. Through such programs as these our class learns more about our system of government. Making early preparations for the junior class Valentine's dance are board mem! bers. NN' r a Members of the JUNIOR BOARD are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Judy Eitel, Ray Barnett, Mike Jones, Marcia Mobley, and ,locie Johnson: SECOND ROW: Vinson Smith, Nina Campbell, Becky Matney, Cris Reinold, Linda Dougherty, Susan Slimpg THIRD ROW: Nancy McCormick, Phyllis Stacy, Terry Heineman, Nancy Woodson, and john Bascomg FOURTH ROW: Susan Salinger, Linda Shuddox, Paula Rogers, Judy Waters, Velda Ames: FIFTH ROW: ,lim Hayden, Loy Martin, Robert Berryhill, Mike Huggins, Roger llordvn, Tom Coleman, and Marshall Persson. 23' A 'M 5- .sis L Z . is. 4 X fl Q X in 1 Y s .rw 'V' A I 7 K 31, f -in TSP' ,M vn- X M M3 if 4 ur opportunities for . -' ,4 , Q, ,Q-.,.,,,r-at i 1 ,, It A I70 2. . .-MM A" rf J i Rf ee' Q, 47 if 54 , . .ig - .A m ia M ' V L l 1 ,v .f W I . I ' N 'Q . .it-1 .QQ ' -ax 5, Aw W 4 H I Q., ef 2 irr t W if f at . -f .fi f is .V f Linda Adair Boh Aclarns Diane Ainsworth Joanne Allen Sahra Allen Vileslei Allen Margo Altman Velda Ames Cary Anderson Nancy Anderson Walter Archihalcl Gwen Arnn Peg Atkin Odell Atwood Carol Austin Judy Averill Charlotte Bailey Steve Bailey Dana Bair Kennie Baker Hal Balch Carolyn Balclriclge Cenia Ball Catherine Barker Mike Barnes Ray Barnett Suzy Barr Bonni Bartlett Jon Basconi Julie Bates Pat Beaver David Bell J oe Bennett Rowena Bennett Monya Berlin Helen Berry the future Tom Berry Bolvert Berryliill Judy Berryman Bobby Beyer Bieliard Black Prissy Blaekstoek Carol Blair Diane Blaisdell Lynda Blodget Marilyn Blythe Kay Bodley Jim Bondurant Chlotcal Bonner Mason Booth Anne Bootz Boger Borden Bebe Borg Carolyn Born Bob Bowen Steve Bowers Jim Boydston Gary Boyd Leon Boyd Beth Braden Dean Bradley Mike Bradley Ann Brady Nancy Brarne Walter Brant Dana Brewer l. wa a fo if .fr f , Q 4 J V "in: :xii err!" 1 'i'b -':.-.' .H Q e A ' l f e 1, f we 9 . ::, -5 : ik if ":i L vw 1- 2? 'f""fIP' 3 5 " ,J Paula Rogers and Svante Haglund share in Carolyn Born's excitement over the news from Mrs. .lackson that she is one of thc four AFS semi- finulists from Edison. s 'S 'Q' JT' 6? :aft Q f r i ,Mn-V X ,Maw Q4-J-'O' F ' S, 5, 'ira ei if an lm I7l tl y . . . are strengthened rlrlncbeth ulives againn for Edison students through recordings, skits, research papers, and even window displays. Pat Hopkins, Diane Furtney, Fred Hawley, and Bill Chase put the finishing touches on one. W., .Uk fvtfb' he ev a ,- 5 .. f as , S ff 'f f L , I72 if PM ,Q ,il M. , Ts 6:52 4 'l 5:21, is T353 ia!! 'SEQ' Tom Briggs David Brighton Paula Brinkley Linda Brotherton Chip Brown Georgia Brown Richard Brown Rusty Brummett Don Bryant Sally Bryant QI im Bryden Lynda Buck Phil Buckner Marcy Bundy Linda Burkitt Judy Burks Marcia Burrus Steve Busch Donny Butler Jeff Butler Ronny Butler Steve Byars Linda Byers Carolyn Caldwell Cindy Campbell John Campbell Marvin Campbell Charles Carden Jim Carley Roger Carlisle Tom Carpenter Lewis Casby Carolyn Catron Helen Cederbaum Bill Chase Jerry Cheatham Chris Christensen Larry Clain Susan Clannin Candy Clark Carol Clark Steve Clark Martha Clarke Kay Clasquin Pam Clay Karla Clemmons Mike Cleveland Henry Coleman Tom Coleman Larry Conner Margaret Copeland Sue Corlett Robert Cornwell Steve Costa Sue Cotner Steve Couch Barry Coughlin Debbie Courington ,lim Covington Patsy Covington Billie Craig Carol Craig Donna Craig John Crain Robert Crews Mike Cunliffe through the efforts -if' V11 ai. 1.-..'f V ' 1 f-f of the Edison if ii xii? is Y Q, Q1 vm D fl. F sk Y --aa.. WGS? wr vP"'N-L its fs My we" ' ,, ff' J I f X X It! I ,f xQ"v 1 v 1""",,,,,.. 2? 43 ik, ,sf --ft Q X' I K I 'tw m rir: ' ,pf 'H ... 4 aw 185. a9'X ,qw 'vs - , ,,. X si XX .:.-: ' , X -: P E: V ii - i -' fs gas f if v 'r V, A X '15 Qia- QFL if s an is ia sv---rv' az' an ff f '35 :sw 2 .,f-,- M s- ,s ,ws-1 - . af if - . if If H, Q1 kk.- - f -Wg .iv Our lunch Hliourv presents a challenge as Kay Bodley brings Marshall Persson and Caroline Owens back from lunch with only seconds to spare. I74 Cleo Cunningham Linda Cunninghan Marvin Dabney Lester Daniels ,layne Daub Linda Daugherty Carrna Davidson Brian Davis Dariel Davis Linda Davis Roy Day Derrylyn Deardorf Santo Dellaria Carolyn Denney Susan Deupree Janie Devine Anne Dickson Cheryl Didlake Phil Dirickson Barbara Dogson Bronse Dorsey David Dewland Ruth Driteh Patsy Dubois Sandee Duncan Janet Dupree Ronnie Eads Mike Earl Bob East Dick East Robert Edens Ronnie Edmisten Clyde Edwards Curt Edwards Jim Edwards Keith Edwards Judy liitet Hugo Ekstrancl Carol Elliott Mary Elliott Richard Ellis Sam Emery Bill Ervin Judy Eskridge Dona Evans J im Everett John Eaires David Fee Vivian Fell Mary Fellers Bob Fellows Nancy Fenton Jim Ferguson Torn Finn Jerry First Forrest Fischer Richard Fischer Peggy Fish ,I udy Fisher Ted Fisher Scott Fleming Betty Fletcher Caila Flickinger junior class. Q2 .Qu ia W ski M, 1-m f K 41" Wes frwx -u ,..-was -12:5 S itlai ,-cf we 4' 1-7? -:wil 'ZF' N N.,-Q' ,Q X I iii. ... M . Maintaining scholarship, mf f .M sv S lei 1 Ns 36 I76 f George Flippo Susan Follansbee Linda Ford Mike Forsinan Janet Fowler Rita Fox Cynthia Francis Bob Frederick Harold Freeman Steve Freeman Rosalie Friedman Kenny Fullz Diane Furtney John Garol Bill Geffen Bill Gill Wayne Gilstrap Bob Gisler Jimmy Glossop Rippey Goble Sharon Godden Beverly Golden John Golluh Cookie Goodall Don Gorrie Jan Goss Virginia Green Randa Griffin Dennis Griggs Charlie Grimes Gordon Groom Lyndall Halbert Connie Hall Karen Hamilton Paul Hamilton Lynne Hammond participating in activities . . . l Cheryl Hampton i ,lim Hanks ,lim Hanna l Sterling Hansen Karen Hardy Linda Hardy Connie Hargrove Johnnie Hargrove Gary Harkreader Valerie Harless Marilyn Harmon Nancy Harpster Billy Harris Charles Harris Kay Harris lVlikki Harris """' Carolan Harrison J an Hart Marshall Hart ,John Hartman llohn Harwood 1 Virginia Haughton Fred Hawley Jerry Hawn Miggie Heffernan Bobbi Heiman l l Terry Heineman Jean Henderson Q a fa- We X QA 'V ,A T! I 'ra' A j Hooks are tlw building blocks to our future, but when Junior English themes are due, it seems that they must all he read Charles Hicks Bob Hill Lynne Hill Jim Hobsonn Holly Holbert Dinah Holland Jim Holliday Barry Holmes Hugh Holmes Paula Holmes Mike Holmgren David Hoover Lynn Hoover Pat Hopkins Richard Hovis John Howard Dena Hubbard Linda Hubbard Ruth Hulfmyer Mike Huggins Alice Hunt Gordon Hunt Jack Hunt Diana Hupp Candy ldclings Marsha lmes Karin Irons Randy Iverson Sue Ann Jackso Judy Jacobs Roger Jacobs Richard Jaeger Ed Janssen Steve Janus Alan Jenkins Bill Johnson Cerro Johnson Jean Johnson Jocie Johnson Ken Johnson Tony Johnston Kay Jones Mike Jones Judy Jones Lyna Jones Pam Jones Pam Jones Paul Jones Vicky Jones Bob Jordan Linda Kahl Jan Keith Pam Kellv Paul Kelly Paul Kendall Joanne Kennedy Ronny Khonry Linda Kiester Terry Kisler Paul Klasky Hike Kopelman ,lim Kremer Karen Kribbs Russ Kriegel Students from Mr. Dobclbowefs homeroom inspect their challenge from Johnson's M-H' Pride to sell AFS shares. l80 Q .Es 3 ! W ,N s-M A mf A , 1 .-.- vi 'ies -,wav is lg f - ,argl fa V' 5 ' .J Girl fl we .f if , ' 5' M - iwkf ,. ' 5121725 X H Meakw , L V Q W' K A55 L AI :gg I ii? f 113. W r' X 1 5 A .,,, mf ' a A Ji .1 I 7' Hn Hffrrvi f if www Xxx ru,-Q W-me . , 3 , . Lhf ' 3945. .rf f-af A mi. V- .nk-.. is X iff fs 1? 1 3 'L David Kuhn J on Kulp Linda Kupper Park Lang Bob Lankie Gregg Lawerence ,,c, Kip LeCrone J im Lee Barbara Leighty Bill Leighty Bob Lewis Sally Lewis Scottye Lewis Wancla Lewis Louise Livingston Marilyn Locke Sherry Loftin Franci Logsdon Mike Ludewig Paul Lynch Mark McAllister Pat lVlcAnally I im lVlcAnich Sue McClain Randy lVIcClendon Ardith lVlcCorkle Nancy McCormack Duane McCoy Steve McCoy jenny Mc'Cravey Phil Mcffurdy' Donna Mmfllaniel Peaav Mvlglrov Lt. . Jeanne McGinnis Pete Mclntyre Gorflon McKay Jim McKellar Steve McKenzie Mike McKillip Jane McKinney Jim McKown J oe McKoy Don McNeill John Maciula Mike Mahoney Jim Manring Diane Maler Barbara Maples Dale Maris Linda Mark Trudie Markt Bob Martin Johnny Martin Loy Martin Ross Martin Sally Martin Joann Mason Linda Mason Patri'ca Mason Mike Massa Rebecca Matney Lynnie Matteson Jan Matthews Carolyn Born, Noortje Bisschop, and Jocie Johnson present one scene from The Necklace in Mrs. Ca1'ney's fifth year French class. 2 fr-nf af"'N: wr S Y , 5 ee A' l gn 3525 l J f 5 ,1 J tfffils lie ur P.S.A.T., ffffy I!! I l82 Sarah Matthews George Maxwell Mike May Jim Mayden Rhonda Midgley Sharon Lee Midgle Jim Milburn Ginger Miller Janice Miller John Miller Karen Miller Phil Miller Tim Miller Jim Mills Sharon Mills Steve Mills Linda Mitchell Marcia Mohley David Moore Judy Moore Ron Moore Mickey Moorman Nancy Moritz Randy Morlan Linda Morris Rob Morton Nancy Mullendore Julie Murdock Butch Murphy Pat Murphy Carolyn Murray Cary Murray ,lim Murray Sandra Nantz Nancy Nash Glenda Neal Sharon Neal Tom Nelson Nan Newland Cheryl Newman Don Ortloff Phyllis Orwig Caroline Uwens Jerry Owens Peggy Owens Bob Parker Gene Parker Sally Parkinson Carolvn Parks Mike Paul Mary Jane Peitz Brenda Pennington Frank Perez Steve Perkins J im Perry Marshall Persson Paul Peterson Carolyn Phillips Carl Pickett Johnny Pilkington Carolyn Pinion Wade Pipkin Connie Plack Betty Plummer . . . annual alentine dance, L 'H-.dist 75, it hw, Ar . is ,Q ' Q ,,. it 'nr ' I I f,T,,,V? 1 'Mi ' it ,-:,- I - gags fi:- A ff' in sist Q l ' l'33R"r . S?k2ifQs?fNf,:liS1f-f v'l' ' in W gf is 95586 ,ff l fr' 19' My WK Q x N5 5 f is .ga it f Ajax N I84 Roy Pogue Dana Porteriield Mike Potter Janet Prater Cheryl Pratt Patsy Pratt Lynne Preiss Pant Primm John Prine Bill Provine Penny Pryor Richard Quast Keaton Rabon Rob Radford Bruce Raley Veletta Raley Aaron Rankin Barbara Ravis Gary Rayburn Kathy Reams Torn Reclwine Janie Reece Mike Reed Richard Reeh Dick Reif Pat Reynolds Cris Rheinold Robert Rich Vicki Richardson Bobby Riggs Janet Rivera Joyce Rivkin Buddy Roach Janice Roberson John Robertson Art Robinson Pat Robinson John Rohrock Marilyn Rogers Paula Rogers Pam Roland Carol Rose Bill Ross Iver Ross Martin Ross Walker Rowell Sherryl Sahlender J oe Samuel John Samuelson Nancy Sanders Jack Sangunett Sharon Sartwell Janet Sawyer Marolyn Saxe Ronnie Schafer Danea Schempf Sharon Schirmer Richard Schuitte Beverly Schurman Nancy Scott Cynthia Seale Paulette Sellers Bill Selman Curtis Shacklett Linda Shaddox Larry Sharp and class play . . . . s ' -I J K K fx I' 7 K is 1: ar 5 ia' il 2 ,K ,Q 'Q W if W an A I , . ww. A x , Q H J -f ' K Q. -M' ,f - ' RQ-'EI' e . ' ff-5 -143.7 f ,,,r 5 X 'CT' ' , ggi I ii 1 71? f-:'.S5:N fvr f ,, r A W M- .-r ef-. 7 3, .M ,Q I A S 'R l TI? 'E " - N- an . Q-:. ,: w,Q ,P A wut f 'ff w V A MQ ft it 9 mf' ig X g is :ef aqyg f- 1 .,." lr.. xv-fig e ,V -1 NK' 5 it ,Nair ,J ' :H n t. fx Y lf f 4 i 5 55 5 zz: X N S i A T :fra-rr 1 . f -: I AQ I ' ' ,F ' V' ' s .... : ,, ,M M... 4. , V Jocie Johnson and Lynne Hammond fmd Susan Deupree all tied up with identifica tion of yearbook pictures. , f xx, Charles Shelton Drew Short Paul Sikkink Greg Sinclair Mike Sinclair Pat Sisemore Georgia Sisney John Skinner Nancy Sleeper Susan Slimp Brad Smith Kent Smith Leslie Smith Pat Smith Pi Smith Vinson Smith Carole Snively Judy Snow Edie Solow Cay Soule Lance Spalding Craig Spann Phyllis Stacy John Stambaugh Rowland Stanfield Diane Stanley Jim Stanton Richard Steiner Sandra Stephens Greg Stevens Ronald Stevens James Stewart Marshall Stiles Jeanne Stites Elaine Stockfish Cary Stogner ,lim Stone Jackie Storm Jim Stuard Molly Stuck Ken Suitor Bill Sullivan Janet Sullivan Ken Swift Janice Symanski Denna Tate Donna Tate Bill Taylor John Taylor Nick Teverhaugh Kent Thomas Steve Thomas Frank Thomason Linda Thompson Tommy Thompson Pam Tihhens ,loan Titus Paul Toflcl Francie Townes Ramey Tracy Keith Truscott J ack Tucker J im Tucker Ruthann Turly Steve Turner . . that established the pattern Qtttt J 'G JK .th Fw e i tttt J' f ef: I A35 1 V my 1 g 5 E -,fr H, 7 Q ip: -Y'.--, :," ,- 54' , is N5 if X --any , Q, ., Q7 Q ggi ,i .,-W--f at f Jzggdg J. if Qiyfi 4 f A I88 QQ-gfsr any K, Margie Tyler Vicki Tyler Mary Underwood Carol Upton Janice Van Valkenburgh Gayle Van Pielt Alan Vint Karen Vinyard Jim Wade Bobbi Walker Diane Walker Eddie Wall Bobbi Wallace Tony Walters Nancy Ward Dianne Warden Stan Warfield Cindy Warreri Dona Warren Jan Wassam Mike Wasson Judy Waters Karen Wear Bonnie Webber Jackie Webber Glenn Weichert Tom Whatley Margaret Wheat Pete White Jim Wiggins Karen Wight Bill Wilkerson John Williams Karen Williams Jim Wilson Jim Wilson Kaye Wilson Shirley Wilson Doug Wlilson Virginia WilSOIl Gary Wingo Elissa Wise Frank Wise Pat Wisenhaker David Withington Sherill Wornelclorff Aaron Wood Pam Wood Nancy Woodson Sue Woolsey Alma Wright Ken Wright Mike Wright Francie Yeargers Linda Yerion Doug Young Gary Young Jim Young Larry Young Grant Youngman Margaret Zanderbergen for our future. a. in 10 9 IAN Nerf gk Y J wtf, ,ik 4, g.,-Jr " 1 V - A 5.1 - . W 'WI i eff? Wi I .Mx Q Brew ki , ,Mm Af' i Y f- -x, ' 'f 119113 Xp-fp Am of QM , F , I89 OPHOMORE GFFICERS Students 'gon their way up" as they wait for the elevator are the sopho- more officers. Their eagerness and ability to lead their classmates through their first high school year is shown by their devotion to duty and their perseverance. Sophomore officers lead their class to the frontier of the future. They sym- bolize the aspirations and goals set by each class member. It is the duty of the officers to conduct meetings of the sophomore board and give individual representation to all sophomores. They are crossing the bridge into their high school years with the flame of the Torch and the hope for the future as their guiding light. Officers are, from left to right: Anne McCoy, secretaryg Sue Ratcliffe, treasurerg Chris White, presidentg Micki Mytinger, social chairmang Chris Carroll, vice-president. SOPHO ORE BOARD 5 1 Q ' A New ---f, - t -- we ..t:2...s-fa..-si'-,gf 4 W UWM M ,.,5,,, ,id . .. i 1.i.,,w 9'2" Members of the SOPHOMORE BOARD are, loft to right, Seated: Jo Ellen Dunn, Kathy Nelson, Sherry Shanor, Patti Lewis, Julie Lottinville, Suzi Wakefield, Susan Harrisg SECOND ROW: Anne McKoy, Diane Savage, Anne Devine, Bonnie Keith, Marsha LeMaster, Linda Kcnni- hrew, Karen Forseman, Micki Mytinger, Diana Sullivan, Sue Ratcliffe, Lynne Stanley, Judy Orwig, Ann Rose, Susan Minnick, Nancy Allison, Christi Nash, THIRD ROW: John Harris, Chris White, Chris Carroll, Lee Price, Don Wilcox, Jim Sellen, Paul Brockwell, Scott Hall, Tom Terry, Robert Eperson, Jim McWilliams. The sophomore hoard serves its class by planning and support- ing activities. Students' participa- tion in these activities are the stepping-stone along the path of the future. The board has planned a mixer, a play, and a dance for this year. Lynne Stanley, Nancy Allison, Jim McWilliams, and Julie Lottinville are working on one of the projects of the board, the sophomore scrapbook. This hook will be kept and supplemented through the high school years. x P, ,B Beverly Adams Charles Adams Brian Ader Sharon Adkins Clare Ahrens Phyllis Allcorn Deborah Allen Dwight Allen Reid Allen Susan Allen Willis Allen Steve Alley Cary Allison Nancy Allison Angela Anderson Kim Anderson Nancy Anderson Kay Andrews Carol Ann Anello Mark Antell Rickey Arnold Barbara Armstrong .lanie Asher Sandra Atkins will i As sophomores Ss fl -AQ' ji A .www x yn 7,1 F . nf J a 'QC' it 1 , x mmm- 'wifi' fr 5 mfr Q are f V' Je' 5: " ,.-r-aaa, 1 '- Limp if XJ f 'ggi "' 9-A v fork l' R SHORT STU!! X 'x1,u:.xzm1 s X V, With their appointment as editors of the 1962 Vignettes, Ann Grekel and Jack Whitaker search for new publica- tion ideas. I 92 ii in lf A A ii 5 1 K A tg ' 'H on '33 ws aoso a Mike Atkinson Joyce Avery .lim Ayers Marbeth Baer .lim Bailey ,lean Bair .fr K I I, ESM: fm Allis I ii ff , ' 9 , 'IP 5 f R ,maya ...ii ha We enter senior high . . . fu. af? .40'i"". I.. , -if 'vw mf 5 'fl' 4 , jlf '- A ,BX ,K We 4' mi .A 'ii ff' ' l"i:'fg'x , if , "J" . A """S'., J , v if qv ,Q 1 '74 1? , i if V I I ii : .,,. if :fz X s' ,, i, i wir J" ms A www' I, .Q i fi "1" an W, ,Uv , ,- cox ,f " RF f my ,, is' ,lily hiv' Fifi l W 'jd i i ,ki 'P' pm Q H 4-wr :A . L is ' L ,Q:, 21, 2 , 'Ie-1 f 4 Q Q" if ' " mi" sf.. -I W i i h ii s i 'vi i , '12 if- 3 qt-3, i ' l 'I' V? C- -,Q V Q ,' ,1,:- 5 , ,uj z N C5 f ,gf 'mf 45" iii 1 i 1 - Q NM'-v'eyz K if ii Ms. 4111 W-wvl gf in QW -HM l .: v if Mc-liiiila Baker Sui' Ann Baker Alina' llaldwin Hugli liarm-S '11-i'i'y llarnos Jcrry liamult Sharon llarton Belinda Hates .lolm liaiivr Bonnie- llaxter Norma lican Miki- lie-aid Cary lh-vii June llc-nzing Camli- Iii-ustring Miko ll:-wlcy Ralpli Us-wlcy illary Ella Biggs Gary llishop Hal Blair Linda lllalccly Nanvy lllansit Sally Bliss B011 llluuilt Patty Hogan Toni limiil Mary lmu Uooiz Retlia llwft Virginia lluttouis Gloria linyd Curl liI'Ll4lLlOCli Stow llraiuerd Clark llraut Beverly l:1'ilL1l'lliCll Dan l3rc'r'cling Larry lil't't'diI1g John llrvnicr Belinda Brockma Paul llmvkwcll Jacquc Brodie Dennis lirogoilti Ami lirown Il I93 Bill Brown Darrell Brown Don Brown .laniece Brown Nelson Brown Roy Brown Mark Brownlee Randy Bruton .lack Bruza Marsha Bullard Marilyn Buinpass Donna Buras Alan Burden Connie Burke Roger Burkitt Mary Kaye Burnham Robert Burns Bud Burrell Susann Burris Art Burrow Greg Burton Jerry Bush Richard Bush Pete Byars John Campbell Tom Cantrell Vicki Caron Vinnie Carothers Chris Carroll .ludy Carson Rhoda Carson Sandy Carson Carol Carter Virginia Caseholt Chris Cathey Pamela Catron Dick Cauclle Kay Caughron Greg Chalmers Patsy Chance Nancy Chandler Carol Chapin I94 Ei: ii. s r i if Q g, gli E. . rap I Qi 'SSW' 2-.1 1-a ,mm Sm - -. ,B ,R ff KL is R ' M , 2 Q to learn and understand r. 1 1Q:,q I H L Q? i . W W? -f .. , , s i if ,, ,, - ., , , ,.. .5 ,.-,r in 1' V 4 5 at ,f 3 -Q 1 fir, 5 E X 1f," 1 Q , 1 Wm I Jackie Cohen Steve Cohen Cary Collins Gary Combs Ron Comer Mary Common S Qu .... ,a Laura Chappell Betty Chastain Rick Chatenever Valerie Chavers Rick Cheadle Scott Cherry Linda Chesnutt Susan Chilcoat Connie Childers Ed Childress George Childress Martha Christ Lorraine Christman J ack Churchwell Dick Clark ,lim Clark Londa Clark Karen Clifton Suzanne Close Susan Cobb John Coe Steve Coener Kay Coffman Rosa Coghill Some of the sophomores who attended their mixer, the Down Beat, look a little mixed-up themselves. Dennis Comstock Bill Conard Bob Conine Cindy Cook Judy Cook Roger Cook Caren Cooley Hollis Copeland Wayne Corn George Cornwell .lan Coulter Karl Council Rob Cowan Leslie Cowart Toni Cox Sharon Craft Johnny Craw Carol Crawford Jan Crawford John Crawford Janice Cresse Robert Crosslin Mike Crowe Cameron Cunningham Panel discussion gives varied points of view and knowledge to students in Mrs. Mitchellls history class. I96 . . . our lace Lyn Curlee Barbara Curtis .lim Dabney Tom Dailey Carol Daly Lee Daniel in the community. i mf L .. g Q rw " v : t -:.., 1 ,:., Y D 4 an A . .. g K 7 P' 'xg ' ' ' , . If ,v- , Ja login sw 'fue .N i f i' K , ' veil mee 3, M .MQ -g z . L' -'ff' ',., ... . f- A , :.,. so 'f'r"' 7 w fr, ,- 13 f 'N 5 aw - f SX A Q "v f r , ff.-A i i . ,fee ,. . ,285 is 'Sa M W A K wr, ,fly I x' QQ if X . 91 vo f' Fi K 'AX' 4f"'l'i 1 r 'vw-v 2.2! I him Qefiivs .55 nf' RK IYPW ia T19 3 K .VJ 1' ll 8 , u W' 'Tv' Q I , ,5 vi?" kg W, ,, is W' 2 X l wi' - i if-1 ,fi V . if " " ' ' - QL 0... 4:7 5, .A,, J 'Q N fa ss: 'k ,sg an h ei ,iv S v , is r 1 5 : A- , ...--nl ' . J .wig S., ,. X, K ' , , if 9. if A AB l i A , .fm 447 was 'lx ssgiff 1. A aff: Brad Davis Donna Davis .lanive Davis Lee Davis Sandie Davis Toni Davis Tommy Davis Karen Day .lamey Dayton ,loan Dean Kathy Deus Kathy DCiSCHfOIll Ben Dellavedova David Detriczli Carol Deupree Fred Deutsche Myra DeVerse Anne Devine Donna Dewire lloh Dickson Drue Dillard Bernal Dillon YVes Disney Sandy Dixon .lean Dodd John Dohrendorf Judy Doublin Gene Doud Margaret Douglas Robert Downing Donna Downs John Duckering Sherrill DuFour Alyce Dunbar Aliene Dunham Jo Ellen Dunn Carol Dupont Fred Dupy Sammie Durrett Ronald Dyer John Earl Betty Easter Cerre Edmisten Suzanne Ellington Judy Elliott Pat Elliott Cheri Ellis Stella Ellis Patti Emmons Ed Engel Steve Engle Nancy English Robert Epperson Elaine Ervin Dianne Ess Larry Eulert Dwight Evans Maryhelen Ewing Betty Farney Lance Farrar Susan Faust Lynda Ferguson Larry Fike Michelle Findley Susie Fischer Chrys Fisher We entered Edison at, Ver, ,if My my , ,ak .. - ..-,, ,g ev ' me :.. I.. I M K , K as I t "W , ff ' ' A px .Navi H ::: " E 1 :A gg, , ez: tyot or :TL F 4 e it V r - . -' M 1 ,:., ,K ' ,:-'a 7 V rw ' X of ii ii H A "::' A as 2 t--' 1 t. .I F e at me rl .I .. Nos, .L W it we 'i i t , ' ' - ii" 1 ei l r -..Es F eat ,,s. r -- lf' x There comes a time in the life of every sophomore when he must be at the end of the lunch line. 98 Susan Fisher Diana Fitts Burt Flc-eger Beverly Ford Dudley Ford Ric Fornell , ,pg ' ti.i' was - V! , ..i, , gg, 1,5 f ' ff' V 'L 5 - ,Q ii Mi t . . :f, :- 1 1 A v .H+ ,.,., , 'Sm' . 5, '1,, Q A 19 an Q em Q fe' ' ' T" . . 'lf ' X K in September . Q. ""N fwfr. ,..,E annual? ' 3 i Q jf: V jf we 9: Jllnnm QD 'wig 7' E' . ,," """l 3 49 ri , - 5 i, .ll K. U all f 'W me R fix Q55 L-I - Z i 1 Karen Foreman ,lim Forster Gary Frank Pat Frank Barbara Frederick Eileen Frm-ernan Carol Frey Vanve Frornrnie Jacque Frost Anita Fuss Greg Gaither Daxid Gallman Andra Gamble Carole Garhade Doug Gatcliell Mike George Penny Gilbert JoAnne Gillespie Beth Gilliat Judy Gilliland .lim Gilmer Byrdie Gish Sue Glass Rita Glazer Valerie Gobble Phillip Godfrey Charlotte Golden Ronnie Goldish Wallace Goltry Greg Gooden Phyllis Gordon Bill Gorney Mike Grader ,lim Grant Frank Graves Mike Gravitt Sandra Gray Glennie Gregory Ann Grekel Lynda Griffin Nancy Griffin Lyle Griggs Roger Grigor Lloyd Grigsby Fort-st Grim Becky Grubb Carl Guild Carolyn Hadley Judy Haley Raymond Hall Sandy Hall Scott Hall Barbara Hamill John Hamill Lana Hamilton Carol Hamm Sherry Hammer . . . to find confidence - M f Izir . , - fs y V my if H r fi M 2 1 .,2Q thaw? k M i f Q C Q-as Q? Linda Hammond Q Phil Haney Mary Beth Hanks Marie Hansen Ken Hardcastle Kathy Harn Gayle Harris John Harris Susan Harris ' A if if xf lt. . so S I , '11 'M . rg My , ., ...W ,S 'U gr ft I .k,, 'V z if 'V -Q4 ,. Ji I Qi is pa. A. I . Xi ig if '39 , ' M .. ',Ik,x it .ri I , ,ig gf , A sg , M flii , ,L A r K , 5 .,, I JW' Joy Harrison Donna Harrold Greg Hart Terry Havins These students in Miss Morrow's class will not he smiling as . soon as they liegin taking their Otis LQ. Tests. JEHY Hawkins 200 Marilyn Hawkins G 1 F' ' r if ii: ll rg K ff- x If 35' kj f -.AX f rw r rw . If A my ' v . '- ' T ry ',,d,. ,Md Q 'fl' 'Y-Nw' NW G A, 'Ma " A tg.. 2 Xt ,rs ii ,ta t aaa e i ,..,' , iii, ,K X frwx if '77 if Li al ,y -,..x .,.,.,..,, ,- in A es' Y -1-v fy in ourselves awfv-in ,,.w,, 11,1 x' , I te 'J Ah i .1 . in sv ar-F ,F I 33' Q 5 K 15. , I iggf' T? J ! X S ,S ,ana 5 f ,, of f K X ? J ljtf If 1 ,. 5-W if f" L, .qv wa- ,Qs were , rr I W-1-F J -H. fAL A E E nf' .air ,T .3 s 935' X 1 K' we-5 fl' 3 I I it A ir A ,AQAXI , fa J A 25' ,,.. 2 A',. e I -f ff' I .io ,V 'A Q I :V SV S' f f' I f I I I 5 . we If 3? W - f ' e M35 tsl -1 P' Tx of - in . ., N, 1 A . I W Vernon Hawkins Gary Hawthorne Iien Henneke Mike Henry Carolyn Hensley Linda Hensley Norris Henthorne L:-in Houston Jiin Hiatt Jim Hickok lfarol Highland Dale Hilton John Hinch Diane Hodges I.ee Hoewl David Holke Don Holland Merinda Holt Patricia Honnicutt Marsha House Timothy Hubbard Buddy Huffmyer Susan Hughes Joe Hull Doug Inhofe Jan Inhofe Martha Irby Pat Irwin Janis Ives Wayne Jacobsen Carol James Linda James David Johnson Rita Johnson Sam Johnson Carla Johnston Diana Johnston Michelle Johnston Steve Johnston Martin Jolley Janna Jolly Gary Jones 20l . . . and in our classmates, Harold Jones ,lim .lones Susan Jones Eddie Jordan Skip Jordon Alexia Kallay M5 f ., Richard Keating Karen Keaton Dennis Keeley Richard Keene Bonnie Keith Randy Keller Terry Keller Mike Kelley Linda Kelso Harriet Kendall Kathy Kendall Bobby Kenney Frank .Kenslow Nancy Ketchum V Carroll Kidd Ed King 1.-l - :J .l ohn Kirk , ,951 hir yyy Sue Kisner Neither wild beasts nor poison ivy can spoil the artistic inspiration of art student Bonnie Baxter. O if-1 W. . -21.2 ' , , HJ.: 2 a at 3' 11, 'if if 'egg 1 A Savvy , fi Q . , .rmt . - si Q ,jk we , 'Vfjf If ti, i,,,,q,, 'an ,. 'lf Betty K1 sin er Mary Kitthell Sy dney Klasky Janice Knopf Suzanne Koonc Mike Kopelman T' lfwdf to learn and grow if 2 L , , W' W ' L, L "" ,ye was ww -.wa-f g ' 'LQ , xiii f I W. . ,. . if L , E S E Qi, QE + Q - C Q 1 -JM:--H r 465 if V17 Q - : , , Q ' .L e f . V,mi 7 , jk. ' If , Q F? X I , V ' i 4 2 5. 5 ,zriar my 4 L 'GPIQ' Q W- 5 0-N 1 .,..s-N W.- is Nw , aw , Q saw RQ ,. , - .- .f.., is 4 aat ll QA - 15 we ' '-Tr?-E: it , K. nvrn til wa.. V., Z 5 w V1 K f ,ri W4-A--sr' Cail Krawitz Tommy Kuhn Larry Kurtz .limmy Lavey Gayle La Urone Steve La Crone Marline Lairmore Carl Land David Landrum Fran Lang Sharon Langdon .laek Larralwe Scott La Seelle Patty Lawler Kenneth Lawlor Pamela Lee Marcia LeMaster Richard Lemay Budge Lewis Connie Lewis Millie Lewis Patty Lewis Todd Lewis Larry Lieberman Sally Lindblad Dave Lindley Claudia Lissau Sherry Little David Livingston Robert Livingston George Lllewellyn Jane Logan Rick Logsdon Jenifer Lohmann Kim Long Julie Loltinville .lane Loyd .Indy Loyd Cindy Ludman Speck Lund Alec Lyle Myra Lynch Sandy McAnally Richard MoAninch Cindy McArdle Linda McCarty Lloyd MeClcndon Ann McCoy Susan McCracken John Mclntosh ,loe McKellar Dick McCann Pam McKissick Mike McNich0l Beverly MuPherron ,lohn McQuaig Shirley McQueen ,lim Mcvlfilliams Charlsrs Maoke Keni Magoon Steven Magoon Cheryl Mandell Martha Manhart Mike Mann Tom Mansur Chuck March X in H I 'mug r,,,. f- with only our goals N. Hf,, r W-f W fm -ati' :M sas M f ...ix nfs, , ...GL "F A 1. ,M if tv' -vi: .,-W I ...-we If V ,Ang .5 V' 'lm Q a M y y , S ,A ,W ' Irv, ,fi 19 5 .MH4 A M L Vg.jii5'l' ww 49' is Wig maffm Eh si gg h'S3 I il kg igiil 'm.A kkia 5, ' . , o 'a4'Q1 ag-gay Rig? S f'4 V lx R Carol Highland cautiously inspects a solution she has concocted in biology, 204 Wendy Mariner Molly Marsh Benny Martin Bill Martin Bill Martin Gary Martin GX . .W f 1 -.a .R as It ,Ms ' w.--'.,.,. Nuff X rf s 'W 2 Jin ' .5 Q ff' ,L Q' 4' fwwigh 1 ,Kuff Q - I 1:90 N as limits to success. S "hav 'H VM I -I -'Citi in ,VH " '- M fruit . F" an f f- " 'G 5 rw, ' A l 1' J, t ia 5 VM? fix X., fi ag? ff ? 31 mi- f '-Mqr k ik 'lx-y 722 X "' R wav? ,.-W. 'far' -, uf ,M If X , ts! 'wrjx 4 A U Y gs-4 . ,M 1 WM Q t x lk. A' .K L 1. Q- X f f' . : 'fi W' at 1754? '- 1 it-wdw :- ., , , A ,Wg M A e y G l t Eez ,L as Q no na fats , in ? , ,- v- I 5 V , - N t , -f Q ia ,f is .lane Martin Jerry Martin Pam Martin John Mathews Cynthia May Mary Mcdinger Irita Medlin Mike Mm-hlhorn .lune Melton Kenneth Meredith Carol Merrill Marilyn Metcalfe Donna Meyer Dusty Meyer Joanne Meyer Kathy Michelson Bill Millard Liz Millard Jay Miller Joe Miller Randy Miller Susan Minniok Linda Misenlieimer Dianna Mitchell Glenda Mitchell Shirley Moates Garnell Mobley Harriet Mohan Randy Monroe Jim Montgomery Steve Montgomery Ann Moody Richard Mooney Amelia Moore Lynn Moore Pam Moore Sharon Moore Suzanne Morgan Pat Morris Steve Morse Gary Morton Tony Morton 205 Nancy Moss Dick Motley Marianna Murphy Richard Murphy Randy Murray Ann Myrick Micki Mytinger Kristi Nash Nancy Nclilett Kurt Nehrnzow Kathy Nelson Nancy Nelson .linnny Nctherton Leon Newton Richard Newton Cynthia Nichols Sarah Nichols Sherry Nickel Steve Nix Joe Norman Sherry Norman Cindy Nunley Chip Olin Carol Oliver Kathy Oliver Kay Oliver Judy Orwig Jacque Parker Mike Parkinson Eddie Patton Ricky Paul Jim Paynter Sherry Penney Tim Pentecost Lewis Perrault Phil Perryman Marcia Petta Bill Phelps Tim Pool Janice Pope .lanie Porter Kip Powell 206 As .l gn J, the year closes, 1 .i ww f f 51 , W i' , ,552 yy ,,,r all P C, ' A .... 54545 .,,, 1 ,. , 5-.l .5f1g . - W -' .ex 1: lf - W, ? C l S S' C, 5552, "-1'1'w:1v-v Qt -""'5't ,wQ,.' - RW . s nf' vt M., .,--0, + W 's ff 5 ' A . Q- '19 g 1 Wa, T' K 0 " ,i .Aff z G 7? ff , 'or 1 f W 45' 'le if Q 4 Q5 ,,eia Tm Q I ' is f':' 'N' ,, " xy Kai? ,yk 'r tr N.. ii . 1 riff I I y ' ' " K ,,.A, W In y '- ' LS L 1 1 .f , writ f y ' i', A I ,V g 'ff' fy .mg y W ,ggx - V . ,. Q :QL 15 X , 'f,.. - ' ' SAWX5' : . . - . , -' .. I . 4 ' --'- s 2 f ,VI jfs 2 . , . sf I f -1.- fr A- 4 r 1, :K 'Ff - s lf 'i - 31" L .4-sv' -M ,N ,as " l Q tt , A 1 f r YQ sv fm " -Q, ,Z .vw gif S HV Ml' 4 W w k in ETH, ar., . ,E if wif ggfl ffl ',.. ip., iv- inf' i-mi, We now realize . . . 1 14? 1 .Aaah . R R ttoti 5- it Q: if JZ, "f.7W ,Q Q' . 'ea 'Qfiistf - s s f R i i i it it is tts Aif Ji! 1 1- 699' 'Q ,gy ,fi i, sg t K ' it L ,-g- I. " R' . " .:hL 2,: H, Mi k"" - Q Z 'vow W ws ' 5' t 'Yi ar ar W 'K 2, 1 sf, i 5 ,lun Prather Fumirn Pre-svott Lui- l'ric:P Rivlxi l',1'it'i' Kay lf'i-ovk Lnrry Ptmiy Mnry Quinn Sli-xt' lii.1flt'l' Susan Randall Tonnny Rnsniusscn Sui- Ratcliffc Pat Redfcrn Guy Recd .linnnic Recd Lt-slit: Reiss Robert Rln-infrank Rita Richmond Dun Ringlc Karon Ritchey Kathryn Ritter Bcwcrly Roberts Cathy Roberts Donnie Rohvrts Shnron Rohm-rts Jeff Robinson Jerry Robinson Kim Rohinson Sue' Robinson Clinrlc-s Rorhnun Putty Roesslcr Donna Rogers Nui Rogtsrs Bnrlinru Roller WLlll4'l' ROIIlCl'0 Ann Rose Georgie Rose Clitirlcne Ross Cynthia Ross Bobbi Rubin Lynn Fuffin Dick Ruprecht Shi-rry Ryder 207 Gilda Salterfield Diane Savage Bob Saxby Marcia Schrantz Cherry Scott Jan Scott John Scott Jackie Sear Carol Sccgren Bob Seigel Iris Self Jim Sellcn Robert Semple Mike Sexton Ted Shackelford Karen Shaddox Paul Shaffer Sherril Shanor Karen Sherber Donna Short Sue Shrcffler Joan Shurig .ludy Simpson Louis Simpson that We have progressed r,Ei2a' Tom Simpson Sandra Singer Bruce Skaistis Barbara Skeith Richard Slavin Robert Sloan Barbara Smith Bucky Smith Cindy Smith Debbie Smith Debby Smith Pat Smith Willakay Smith Philip Smithen Sammye Smoot Qu ls, , . , ,J 'ft P-an ff pf , 1. f one step further mv 'Wt -S ff we t X J . p .I YY 5 . -if-.. . 4 T ' i fy to L Vg? - J- as ff' or t X ' W? 1 in ,pq I gl ! y , , -.far . 4. A .W ,f it Q 3 5 'Y 0 0 0 ' i '. K " V ., 51 M , ,-if -M v,.1 5 :" -4 ii . ' -.ffl-3' 4 55.5 5 - A 51,25 t" Vv., I , Q X L! X wel, 9 E1 f uk A' ef T T T2 L' fx , . 'AW '51 I for yy I Y ar I 'J If , -,Q p 3, ,,,,,.,-1 ,EJ 1' E J 16 05 1: S' gf -ix ' fav' il ... W4 , f f, 4 fll ,,...,, -W m in .QA-Q if Lynna Snider Carole Soule ,luck Spears Pete Spoor Carole Spradlin Martin Springfield Lynne Slunley Janis Stes-lc Riehard Steele Tim Stein Doyle Stephens Roger Stephens Anne Stevens Gaily Stevuns Bill Stiles Eddie Stillwell Elizabeth Stockton Bolrlmy Stone Judy Stone Prim Stone john Street Judy Stringer Susan Strong Stew Strongs Diana Sullivan Bob Sullivan Pam Summers Clark Sweeney James Sword Barbara Taulbee Noel Taylor Paul Taylor Sandy Taylor Margaret Teel Robbie Tennyson Stove Terry Tom Terry Diane Tholen Roger Thomas Bruce Thompson Jam Thompson Linda Thompson 209 Phoebe Thompson Sandra Thurber John Timm .Janice Todd Sharon Todhuntcr Maryanne Tolley Jim Tolson Janice Tomer Jim Toney Penny Townes Jim Treadwell Connie Trippet Joy Tschappat Becky Tullis Marisue Turley Ann Turner Beverly Turner Ann Turpen Joe Tyler Cheryl Van Burl-:leo Janice Van Fossam Hal Vinson Danny Vinyard Linda Wager Jack Wagner Suzi Wakefield Leon Walden Luanne Walsh Dusty Ward Kathy Warden Connie Watson June Watts Suzette Weaver .Terry Webb Art Weber Bobbi Wedlan Mary Wenger Katie Westimy Becky Westmoreland Phyllis Whatley Beverly Wheeler Don Whitaker ZIO .OI1 -wwf? the path rl' ' My ,f ..,,-1 -Q 1- 61 Q ! 'Y tv, t e -A L N we ' wi ' his M K5 7 rrk: e Q Q I APN' l IJ Q - K AZQLP ,X J An Q Lt- t f ytty Q' 'vw'-f-'im -.X ...Q A, ,V ' W, Q Y .4 ,.....Q 15 , 3 35" ' .en tb-- if 'N' i ,av ,QW -nf-. ev. A4z1f!" Q K 251. .. i iff M' fr L4 ,,,,,f- .gi v , ,,.m- .. J N"iws4"'f' Cf' J N.. ig ' . - .,,,,,t ---9 ...My 'lx ,Q 2 :fa 'ml 'Elm ,fs w-Q-if to the future. his ,gr rg A . .V 'l in l I ,gym A E rp W R Aa ,,..,, V L 52" ,Q Q Q. ,, at ,ra I f Q' if an M Z, Y I M . ,lucas sim' is 4 V A fo Y 3 gb b W 1 2 Chip Woodward Jeanne Wright Jerry Wright Charlotte Wyatt Debbie Wyse Phyllis Yadon Peggy Yeager Sandra Yeager Lois Yerion Diane Young ,lack Whitaker Carolyn White Chris White Mary Whitten Alex Whitmore Kristi Wienecke Russell Wienecke Chuck Wilhanks Don Wilcox Larry Wilder Steve Wiley ,loan Wilkerson Larry Williams Sherry Williams Vic Williams Warren Williams Butch Wilson Carole Wilson Bob Winters Ric-hard Winters Barbara Wood .lohn Wood Nancy YYood Fin Wood 2ll N NTH GRADE OFFICE if E 2 1g'1,,,fw'Y A ' " 5 t ' 3 jf.-sf , Jef. fi If Along with school work and their of- ficial duties, the ninth grade officers find time for having fun and making friends. t if it Ninth grade officers lead their class through the last year of junior high and help to prepare for their entrance into senior high. As leaders of the ninth grade, they must set an example not only for their own class, but for all the junior high. This is accomplished by participating in Stu- dent Council, Red Cross, K Club, and a myriad of other school activities. The officers are: Linda Martin, treas- urerg Marsha Miller, secretaryg Rozylin Elkington, vice-presidentg Steve Sanders, president. Y .. ,W L,,V r " 5 W-xiskff.x.i, 1 "T,,qf".v I , .Q ., uf .iff J-'I' 95 PF '95 5 in ,N X inth Grade gil 'E A ' ' 51 rr A .Nw 3 ff rx I E , -r i 'si' k r ' 6' K 1 - vs Q 'ala X 1 1, , . J new nf WA if -'Q JUN ...R ...r arl W if 4-f-nf 8 9 l wi 62 3? A26 ffl?- A x,.,, f -1 M... R., ,. , ., ,S s 1:17 V 'iw y 'ix -M-v A fa? -qrfv-Q 'E www-" pa, 5359 'Q N-rf Terry Annu Able Suzan Allt'I'l'l'011llJiC Cathy .Xhshirc .larnvs ,Mlair .ludilh Affair WYLlI'l'L'Il .fldarrls Linda .Mlkins Mary Mlkins ,leaniv Xlh-n Linda .-Xllr-n Ray Allvn Slierry ,Mnr-5 Karon Applegate Susie .Nrnrstrong Richard Audd Linda linker Janivv Harker Janie-s Barnes Carol Barr Barry llarron Loyd Barron Rita llangh John liayough Rulwrl lii't'l16'I' Terry Rr-1-kley Carl lim-mwln-y Joe lim-his Vivki livistle Ross lhfll Ralph ll:-nrlel Cher5l Ur-nnett Kathy llvrriley Bill llc-nzing Cale lla-rringrcr Lincla lllavk Vicki lilrminquist Marilyn lllufston Ruswll llncfli W111'I'l'Il linlon Mark Hunts Sidney Horn Gary Iinurlrcaux Bill Bowden Blye Bowen Sharon Bowie Ron Braeutigan Cary Brunick .luli Braunlich Ann Brice Ginger Bridwell Ike Brighton Phyllis Brighton Cary Brown Judy Brown Linda Brown Marty Brown Vivian Brown Marlana Bruce Larry Budd Ted Bullinger Beverly Burke Cinni Burke Bob Burnham Jeanette Bush Charlie Calhoun Janis Carey Kathleen Carey Lynn Cates Cathy Chase Susan Cheairs Steve Christian Susan Cochran Janet Cockriel Laura Coe Nzmette Coffin Cheryl Coiner Melinda Cole Alice Condry Mike Cooper Pam Copeland Ernie Couch Terry Covington Larry Cowan Cheryl Crain 2I4 inth grade classes J Fil 'fi 5 ,. 3 it X , K ..,l.2a1av,-.-afs? ' ftszaefgggrzgtf L--it get-ff J ,Q 4 a 1? Af' X : fl-'15 W K vw ,X X. Q 5' wi' hifi! Y -1-rd UV' 3 -,-. Vifqy- Mr V ' W? N' ii' .iff .Wk F. T -41 MV!! Mi N, 'R he is-v wa-ni? provide the pattern . . . GSL fll A if-fr 4 :ii , i Cindy Craver Janice Crawford jackie Cunningham Jacques Cunningham Mike Curry ,lumly Dague vii' 'On 9 X-aw' .if 5 A 5 George Daniel y C: Steve Daniel .A V, Dill Darinan ,. , Q - I: Cary Dart V H by Q 'V Kenny Davidson X ' " Bill Davis g i Jolene Davis Karren Davis Mary Davis Pam Davis Linda Lay Mark Dempsey w-...pry -.Q-My Def 4, pid" ' -,y y li ,-i,: fr-1 i,.' 2 ' 2 , 1- f 4 Sheryl Dupre Linda Dupuy Chuck Dyer Suzanne Eagle Sally Earl Donna Easter Chris Denny Mary Desalvo Z Ken Dillman ' Judy Dilhnan ' John Dratz Stan Dresser .1 Cleive Dumas Janet Dundee Ginny Dunn Susan Dunn V ,TTT rye? rw ' 3? gi Q.. . Ninth grade faculty members perform a satire on the use of make-up during the Aquilla-Faculty talent show. 2I5 Frank Elny Henry Eddins Ellan Edelman Mike Edwards Robert Edwards Dean Elbon Hozlyn 'Elkinton Bill Eller Earl Elliot Donald Ellis Johnny Ellis Dan Erni Marian Eskridge Suzanne Eekridge Bonnye Farrar Bob Farrell Alan Fedman Kenneth Fike Greg Finn Mark Finnerty Phillip Fiselilmein Doug Fitzpatrick Vivki Flynn Edward Ford 4 53 11 ii 'vi for future learning . ev 1 a r o r N53 'egg ,J 1 siikisifzffl WEQF if Joe Mayden and Jon Freeman fail to break the five minute passing period bar- UCI. 2 I 6 Q. Wh A ' 15 ,. -Q fi-argl'-I A lk L ,r . X E Q 1 nf w may , f x Kd K , .f ef wg x, g 3 MQW mix J if ., wr ,. . ,. ., ., U. , N Roger Ford Janie Ford .ludy Frank Frank Renee Richard Franklin Peggy Freeborn ,lon Freeman Linda Freeman Christine Fries 'l:.. ' if 1.5:-' , i 5 E i. Q 331 fi xx if T .-...ip:1.-.,:f:,. ,,5.,yQf?,fg. ir: X . W, r. .. 'iff i t . Ag ,fi--or ew gt H42 F ':, X15 S F5 Ks h ll I I ',.,.,if,' iff 55-2 , -A- li I i 1. elr ig if I F -r-'Sv ff? V - . a and understanding. .wx W 'fm' Uk- .W -www 5 A l J, , . .. in 31, X 3 1 rf- ,- s " sf '.:f A -If J A" 'L A g W gi. '57 s X X T fi 5 w Q S 'Q i K, X 'NY ,wavy Ax , auf 'Ong -iii? - if ti i w Y i f-'W' if p Li. ' 5. 7.. L F. ,,,,. fm f V15 .mug 'tm 4 Q 7' S, 4 S M '52 if if Q .si 1 F lf! A as C K 'J .rf s 105. 4' ,N "l ' of Earl Funk Gus Gaither I,lll'l'y' Gumhlin llructc Gnrren Kenneth Gass Diane Gentry Jim George .lohn Gibson .lim Gilbert .lon Gilbert Lance Gilbert .lanlcy Gill Dinnn Cillispie Bryuna Gilmore Gary Gilmore Susie Glumser Betty Globe Linda Goff Gary Gomez Pamvla Goodson Ben Gorrm-ll .lim Gourley Alun Grnhum Don Graham Dawnu Grunt Pat Gravitt .lurnvs Gruybeul Douglas Griggs Danner Grimes Mary Grimes llill Grimm Lintlu Haag Diane Hagan .lim Hagan Drayton Hull Susan Hansen Susie Harhison Vvalter Hardy Gcorgiu Harrison Nord Hastings Sinn Hawkins Rita Haydon Cindy Hendricks Mary Henley Dayna Herrin ,ludy Hihbs Carol Hicks Davie Highee Dan Higgins Bruce Hilliurn Kermit Holderman ,lim Hollinger Curtis Holmes Camille Holt Bob Huff Ann Hussak Carl Humes Marshall Hunt Dennis Hunt Linda Hunter Monte lkeniire Carolyn Jackson Randy .lacops Wendy Jacobson Susan James Carol jenkins Pat Jenkins Dixie ,lohns James Johnson Judy Johnson Kent ,lohnson .lim Johnston ,lohn .lohnston Vicki Johnston Milton Jones Mickey Kelley Elton Kelso Linda Kigcr Jeff King Ronny King Kaye Kislcr Kit Klein Frank Klucevsek Dee Dee Knapp ZI8 'Q at tb , V .2, Z ,, ,M ,, N ',t...xg. f, M. K at -. lik- r , K if! ,rf I V M . in ,f ,Qtr -s ,,-f -4 Text book are i . i K. S s t 45 .M-.. Vis 155 51.1, ,T I' five-f i, i enola' tw., qv' 2, may 3 w r f fl 2 s wi? sr , 2 .wa fl ag- lg, "Ti" A 55' K Q .4-'za' 4-f i 1 if S, f 3 C179 fr' 1: f . B, .34 , ,-' fi I Q I Q' 465' S, , -P K rl' 9 it the building blocks . . . WN'-fzv A ' Q .4 1 W nr Pu!! 1- L' A ,z it it we ., u , ,ga I Qi' J Q-A if -...W .1 :. QQQW-ai I "" -. rpg' x vjw if 5 Mi t i L T .. :g if 1 wr ,f df? vw!! ,2., Andrea McCree Janis McGee Cloria McGraw Richard Mclntyre Bob McKnown John McLane Linda McLane Ted McMorrough Janet McNeill Doug Mace Robert Mace Sparky Mahon Larry Mallinger Marilyn Manton Frank Mantooth Nlalrolni Knarr Dean Knight ,lim Kotlie Linda Lair Bobby Lanions Larry Lauipriirh Linda Langley Linda Laster Larry Lebold Robbie Leikam Carol Leitner Suzanne Lemmon Janet Leppe Mike Levin Tricia Lewis John Leyh Luther Like Norm Lively Paulette Long Glenn Lowe .lim Luinmus Larry Lyon Bruce McDermott David McFerren Francie Marks Mary Marrs Cindy Marsh Sharon Marshall Diane Martin Linda Martin Richard Marlin ,lim Mathews Sharon Matthews Joe Maydon Laurie Meek .loc Meredith Marsha Miller Susan Miller Sherri Millikins Sharon Mills Larry Miner Diane Misenhimer had Nhlrhell Pam Moon C irolsn Mooie Linda Nloore Marbarit M01 an Ann Horton 'iii 3 Effort and desire , W A iane Hagan realizes that there are three more years of cafeteria food. Kurt Mueller Kipp Mullen John Munneke ,lim Murdo Robert Murdock Mike Murray Shirley Murray Anita Heeily Dennis Neihling 4, sf anim. nr' ii i kiyir - V '53 .E"M, P I 1 FAQ X -1--r , ,si I at ' 'Wi vt! 4719 9' . . Q bull . yr, F, f-.-. . 1' eta- . .Nga I 'fi - if .. , I Q, inn 'Wg -t if il ' 1 7 PY fb fi i A if Q vm I ww... D ...ig are the tools. ,dv RW F45 ww. if :fps Lf W 1' 4 P 1:4 541 X I 4, ,, , l W ,Q A I wi t il P 1 , ' as :ss p 1 1 f.i'5g " ,, t . fs- R ryre R P K ..Ei., lf, I we 3 yr tw' ft ena S Au " 'nv -,.. .sf ,. Q ' 'W' K. Q :X 1, h an.. -,,., X A gifs' 5 ,iw K - "' , WV ti -. , 'W' f ,K 9' .1 f xr . , . sr , ,f,. 4 N-'PES 1,1-4: 4 A AK5 -.0 fry. ' t-Mx' An S 6 fa M P Diane Neililingg Elaine Nirhuls llrady Nichols Susan Oldham .lt-ff Olson Pat O'Neal Mike O'Shea Ann Osher Marilyn Oylcr ,lady Parker Jodie Patterson Kay Pallersfwn Turn Paynter Nick Pctcrs Ralph Peters Chris Peterson ,lon Petree Rex Phelps Karen Phillips Sam Philp Katherine Phinney Doc'-Xnne Putter Nancy Potter John Pratt Charlie Preaus Kathy Price Roberta Price Jeff Primm Way'ne Pue Becky Putnam Cary Quiggle ,lan Radford Terry Raffensperger Melinda Rahorn Janice Raines Ricky Range Ruthanne Ratcliffe Bill Reeds Steve Reese Robin Reeve Mike Reifel Nancy Remy 22l Loran Rhodes Linda Riggs Sally Rips Glenn Ritterbusch John Roberts Susan Robertson Susan Rudolf Danielle Roemer Linda Rogers Linda Rogers Richard Romero Emily Rose Stuart Rosenthal Steve Sanders Tom Rothrock Rodney Routsong Janet Saied Jeanne Saied Nancy Sangunett Darryl Sartwell Bill Satterfield Blaine Sehwabe John Scott Susan Sears Loyd Seerist Lindsey Schorn Robert Selman John Selph Jeannie Shapiro Linda Shaw Nancy Shelby Jennifer Shields Wendcl Sieka Sherry Simpson Sandra Sims Barbara Sipes Susan Sisney Elaine Skye Richard Slieker Leanne Srnoot David Soble Tom Spleth 222 We are ready V J A --,. .,. z A b Q xr ' it . V V, 5 , . . ' A ,ig I an rf Q M? ' ...Ea g k ii ii w If V wa, L PY Xl' 5 X xgf F .ie fm. i lk T W. 4-M 1 4 r 18,35 2 , .. fn - . Y F' il Rifle . 2 V' we 1? rves e -':' f'?H-Q' A S i xl W 2 , Y 'xv Xa - M. is J 4 rg SVNJ . "iw Q5 ' , ill, mm ya . Q.. ,. 'al zw eij. :sin f . .L . . aw, Q All R f f'i"':,. , I A ' . I , eil , ' 'J '- K eez' .4 Jw , if A ys, if ' it QT l s f V 1 I' wi W -wr' 1 H E' if itil to meet the responsibilities . . . F .M ,"' . 'BX y JNHTN 67' Q re 4 -sft' W? JS' .E r I , s uv ,. A. . M . ri il ,, Qtgr I I 1 ,. 1. t X, j ,, 't f :Q ii: rj Q, . .A ,... ii t if We f :f.' , J - I -...sw -.Ib k.,, A Elixnlaetlu Vick Aliu- Viuvcnt Don Wagner Donna Waldo Buz Wlalkcr Ve-vu Watlters .lohn Walton James Wuntlund Jtvltnny Spurggin Matty Stahl:-rt Eddie Stahl Karen Stnntlridgt Nt-:tl Statnlcy Ruger Ftvetl Rey Stephens Puulu Sltlglltl .lotliv 51014111 Larry Stuart Linda Sutton Deidre Sxatbu Scott Swvariugen Anne Sylxestcr Bob Taylor Hugh Taylor Susan 'llnylnr ,luck Tt'Yt'I'lJLlllgll John Tlnunpson Kzttlly 'luwvt' Clnn-les 'lowry Bill Turlt-y Ruger YlNllIiIlCl' Wfuyttc Yl.!'f7XVllI'ldQ. Lucy Wood Sammy Word Bill Wright James Wright .lerry Wright .ludy Wright Susan Wright Alice York Janis Young Larry Zankel John Zeek Betsy Ziege . . . of senior hi h school. Svoit Xvarrvn Sue Weathers Kathy Weedman .lim Wclis Robert Weisman Linda Weldy Kathy Wllt'ClC1' Chuck Wisenhunt Nanvy XWllillHO1'C Jody Widner Billy Wlilkins David Williams Cary Wlilliums Linda Williams Luvy Wlilliurns Sandra Williams Susan Wlilliams Tommy Williams Phil Wilmer ,loan Wilson Bonnie Wines Pat Wingate Bob Wise Brent Wolfe Mike Wood if "il:' f i sf' sf We ' ff ww e 7 U "212 lsnsrsl :"' A W 3 if i f y D sl M , fbi . i W Q mv- H5- rl My a i'-ff, , ? Q , Q fe fig Xi 'uf I ,! jg? 1 X ' Ar! , is I, -, xv M r'-gk -. Nl if . -:qi Q ' 1 1 'sv fb in g ,gl 'if Q ,nv 4-i f Q ig Q.li, W siisj l " " r i o sooi W r A rf if W sa V .. I H I H , . J, Sigh' :I 4' ,, X " fuer 9, 5 - 1.-if 11,5 f W' N 'il s wi ,,.V ' ax . ' . 'Lis 36,9 ' W, Q of 1' fV.:m'Z?'. ,wx ji In EIGHTH GRA E GFFICER Many memories have been accum- ulated during the past year for these eighth grade officers. Under their leadership the various activities and projects sponsored by the class have been successful. Before them lie the events of their high school years, each contributing to their blueprint for the future. The officers are: Gary Graham, presidentg Bill White, vice-presidentg Janine Henshaw, secretaryg and Mary Ella Burt, treasurer. -1-gxbwk """'+...,,, sq.. 225 Karla Alml lh-4-ky Abi-I .lanvy Adair .Nlary Adams lh-ian Alvxander Tenn Alford Mcrrilyn Alston Bruce Anderson Pam Anderson Patty Andnrrson Sharon Annlrcss S11-ve Andrews Ann Archibald Judy Arnold Mike Auhroy Rick Bagwcll Kalhcy llailcy Sandra liarher Cindy Barnes George Barnhart Nona Barton Janice Bass Stvve BHUIUI' Laura Beal Miko Beason Dean Becker ,lvanie Bmnzfnt Charlotte Bentley Chris BE-rg Mike Bevis Ann Black Sandra Black Sandy Bodley Kay Bogle Regina Boncr Virginia Bootz .lo Karen Bouteller Barbara Boyd Rox Braeutigam Hal Brainvrd Johanna Brand Chcri Brashear 226 As eighth graders, Vq, Q Z is P J R ,yr V.L,f qi f if 1r 'i f ii.,-f 1 7? 'X fit' ,.:-,- 5 Hia W s L 5 1 if rj KY? N, J MQW .3 was A w'M""?g:, l nd n V- I . A ii i zzgg rii f i V A .gm I A A A 'ii r ., r y N , .1 N 1' I ff? iili I ' -- , 5 A ,, r.L H, 'milf 1 'if K ,f ff?111'2311:1'Efiiiiiifiz V A ,H ' ' i . W f i ' . . ' . A f A .. . f " .. drk ' ' Ilia ' A Li. i'i" r 5 iii 5 V Y if ,5 2535, ik A If .AM -f.,.1 - I . 22?-4' G 6. l ,JE l ,, 1 ,. 'H -H an I :VI , -gg i ,W if , ' F, V VV: ll K . ' ,QV fin V our second year . . . V Carolyn llrevtllove t- A David llroach Barbara Brown Don Brown Kathey llrown Gail Brown KW' i i , ,Q Lewis Brown wi PillI'll'lillI'y2.1l'1t 'if-rm-aw if X ,. Mark Buvhncr ar I 4."" ,. 1" . , iii Pi. t '1 g t ef eg, n E i i i E Steve Shaw does I1 Charleston tap dance routine for the talent show. , -Jfle V , 5 -t, V 1 V Rod Buck V VV V ' V ' Lonnie Buller VV ukzv . ' -'-. Q V - , V f ' . 1 5 'l :HH , Tom Bunch 'ff 'ff ' , ' it may " -1 ':, 'QE , ,..Q.g .Va QV - IV S- Jerry Burrell VV ,M C Y' Bill Burroughs -,:A. W- k I A I .,, ,' ', ' Mary Ella Burt B. fix ' i . . . .it l',, ' ' ' Va - Linda Bush Q- 7 . . .- 'V , V ., I V 1 Robert Butler H -I , , 'l'v Donna Byers V V7 K" . V V' 5' I' 5 t.r Ava Fr" Phil Canilmlin KVQIA - - V 'r': V"'1Wf , , 2 W . MJV V Dana Campbell lv '- , VV V V Q VVVV 'A lm ' ' llillllly Carnvf' V, ' f I ,A V , V Steve Carr ' V . V V A V V V V - I - iff ,VVV V Chris Carter V V ,,t . V a V V V . VSV , . Larry Canon " ,fi ' ' V dn ' 'V V V Anita Chance . 3 Barbara Chapman V -:' , ' Melony Church , gf VV V Q C Q 2 it e f f l 1 . , Q 3 :H vw-if 2 x V an A ' 1 i I f ry , Lynn Claxton Susan Clayman John Coatney Dutch Coe Kathy Cooper Danny Cornett Ji 1 Charles Couch Vicki Cousins ,lohn Cowles Janis Craig Cathey Craver Susan Crawford Carol Crews Vickie Crosser Barbara Cunningham Tim Curry Van Curtis Tanna Dailey Lyslneth Dale Joanne Davis Kathy Davis Marsha Davis Mary Davis Janice Deas Charley Deatherage Win Denham Bill Devin David Di Giacomo Carolyn Disch Steve Dixon Scott Downing Dale Duckworth Charles Dudding Alicia Dunn .leff Dunsmoor Steve Echols 228 of Work and fun ev '- :pi EX f v - B . x NQVQ 'Nu-xl' , ' a A ,J V- H i , v N, rig: Ma was 3 f .Mi 'M 1 gg i,. v ' -if af at SP , IGI' 9, -'G' S as 'Er J A z A 0' .fl f'r"1L Industrial Arts offer these enthusiastic students an opportunity to exercise their creative ability in crafts. my comes to a close V ...ip V t ,,. at 2 f v , .,, f - if -1 - , M25 , 'GZ' F Ki Il ' . ,W bmi' ff 4 ,S 1-M., r ittt tat in , sgfg QZQ Q ii 'V I f' i t A u fidff g iiiffg .W i . ww if '19 A 2 .XA '5 2 r QT' 2 : 5 K ,liin Flxart Cindy Elm-11 Mt,-iaiiirx lfinpcy Harry Evans Ki-ta Evans Mary Ellen Exans Stu? i'iLlt'iL'!ll ,Iuhn Fair Hwy Fairvhild Hubby Farivy Kaye Farris Jim Fvhr Portia Fili- Duuglas Fitts Patty Flaa Michele Ford Stacey Forrcst Pat Fursman Arthur Fox Judy Franks Crawfurd Frederick Susie Fusselman Roger Garrett Ricky Carrcn Ct-vi Cillefpiv Robert Gisli Us-tty llurrvll Cary Crahain Dun Crath Bt-cky Graws Pamela Griffith Str-vc Crinis-S Charimw Hall Richard Hall ,lim Hamilton John Hamilmn Christine- Hanley Donna Happcl Sf-tilt Harrington Tom Harris Frank Harriwn Anna Harwood 229 Through advanced courses 'J' ,,VMK1 Mrs. Little helps one of her eighth grade Algebra students with a proh- lem. Larry Helscel Mary Henry Janine Henshaw Barbara Hentllorne Jeanne Heuser Bruce Hicks Cinda Hill Jeanie Hines Danny Hoar Andy Holmes Carolyn Holmes Bill Holway George Howard Hollace Hunt Bruce Idomir Anne lmler Patty lnhofe David lnhoff Scotty Jackson Debby Jacobson David Jaeger Bill Jezzard Mike JoHansen Beverly Johnson 230 K Qs iqslv' , , 5 Al if! Charles Haskell Jane Hawkins David Hawthorne Cary Hazen Pam Heath Lynn Heck Teri Heck Laura Heidinger Susan Heidinger V C x .ah 3 A' if ,. ,n W ai, I Jada f l in math and languages -gy-an y , . 3 . Q ' . I ,, 54' g D 'ir n 2 1 L' f .v Qs? A , qK,. 2- ff- ' lwff H i f L , L5 2 I N ' 55.5412 1 1 1 A- we X V jf ' 'WY' - - :,, A R f ii, J'-. , N ,-1, 'Q ' an . W , A 5 r R ,Q 1 , 1- A I ,aa-if sr- f tiki? V1 .Www M' 'Sf' X N m E A II - wi '--n . w , A , V X 5- V A. . Q7 QV ii Y -N-35 5' I' in .V iv 1. - JQZRY, , in L ,lam ,lolinson Robert Johnston .lini Ki-e Pnl Km-ndull Slow Kennedy Phyllis Km-nton .lim Kirk .ll-nny Knight .lim KI'Hll Burhziru Kruvetz David Kruinme Jeanne Knpper Lonnic Lannpricli Karen Langley Tc-rry Laughlin Ccorgvnnnu Lawson Billy Lf-e Tvresn Lee Judy Lellluy David Lewis Marilyn Lewis Bob Lindstrom Linda Ling David Livingston Rm-ew Loring Marion Low lil-lincln Lulmin Puni Luttgcn Putty Lyons Zena-ite Lynn Susan Klcllridc Halen Mcffunn Jinx ll1'Cll11'y Bill Ml'CTlQllt Richard Ili-Cutclieon Bill McKee Ken McLane Jenny McClure Carolyn lilm-Masters Anita Nldlillin Nancy McNair Vicki McNickle 23I 2 f , .If- . . . We learn to appreciate J, " a x i n firig t-ff r if M t at. of fir' ff , i . ,ge x -xl VM I 'x f 1 401k 6 :ii I aan V. ' Q' t r e':2 aae 5 5 ' ' ,,., "11:' il? fi, of X aaa. 35 if -f M i , a B if 'ly W' fi: :hi 3 gf' g wg B Q aW,a M Ef- ,w-I H " , g,f-e: '33 ww Q ' A 1 ,I Y ':' . ,ZE ' 'Q ,Q -. t 11:1-' 232 499' . .33 x fi, ffm, A .lim MuVay Mike McVay Beverly Mace .ludy Maciula Bill Mahon Shelly Marrin David Marsee Anne Martin Judy Martin Rohert, Mason Judy Matheney David Mattliies Steve May Sandra Mayfield Bill Mead Dan Mead Larry Medlin Margaret Miller Susan Miller Greta Minsky Larry Mitchell Howard Mizel Lewis Mohimont ' m Barbara Montgo ery Jennifer Montgomery John Moore Andrea Morava Vicki Morse Stanley Moss Ruth Anne Motley Marsha Mullen Mary Mulmed Sandra Murdock Evelyn Murphy Barbara Murray Jean Murray Lucy Murray Melinda Musick Joe Myer Nancy Netherton Toni Nicklau Kenny Nix the Value of knowledge . . . Mary Norherg Charles Notley Paula Ohm-rstein Steve Ogier Sara Oldham Brenda O'Neal ,loan Ortloff Jack Oshorn Gerry Ann Palmer John Palmer ,lorry Parkhurst Mike Parrish .lane Patmun Larry Patterson Cathy Payne Johnny Pembroke Jan Pennock Paulicia Peters David Petta Rohert Phillips Bourkellen Pierce Bobby Pohly Jinuny Pope Ray Potts Susan Prater Nancy Pratt Marcia Pratt Randy Purdy ,lim Rawson Stephen Read Karen Reid Gerry Rich Richard Roberts . 2 . f 1 5 if lftall r 'lllslllt 1, L 2 E 1 Q Patty Anderson and Cathy Bailey demonstrate the talents of the eighth grade class while entertaining for an assembly. W A ig I n . i-R '-it A , 'ffl f rg , ' " ,7??H ' " e ,,t,i A ' . - v X7 e F 55+ 'G' 2' , Q' -2 X PJ Z V +A-59 Ol! ff! sf, ,im 7 I l .J 233 4 t Susie Roberts Hill Rolwrtson Steve Rudolf ,lim Roper Robert ROI'SCllLlf'l'1 .lunis linsebush Drindu Ross Putty Russ Handy Routsong Murcia Kuwluinl Rex Runiliaugli Wayne Saubert Linda Sawyer Corky Suyles Ricliurd Sclivrxncrliorn Bette Si'lllEll'lQl'l' Nick Svlineidcr Yicki Svlineidvi' ,lun SL'l1m'r1im':'l4 Betsy Srtliumunn Gayle S1-hwccrs ,lane Svisson Eric Scott Carol June Svcrist Douglas Selingvr ,Ioe Sc-lph Susan Shaffer Debbie Shaw Steve Sluiw Susan Shelton Elise Slwpiliercl Steve Slllfl'lJCI' Nancy Shugarl Betsy Simpson .ludy Simpson George' Singer Betty Sipes Kenny Slade Andy Sinitli Karon Smitli Sylvia Smitliline Laura Snyder 234 and the ignificance o o o ,W fi if ig fi 64" R 1 ,lik 45, i L supra-QI I I i t A KR:-41,555 ' A .,,. 1, M. D V I 5: i ii' y V . WSH , jj 'Q ix :gr 5- Q7 - 3:1 . XM' 'ig 2 gi , i ,Q f . QW Q Q yt! 6- X , if Q' H f ' ,1 an .v R +49 2 'L 1 ff ' W 1, Q Sufi ..' Q- -1 X f' if fr' iii i? ,sf 1:1 f? 6, 3' ,Q ., +Qrf f ' N 'swf' . Ki an , L,l, . N . .. 'fi' 'L 'TD' l f 3. 1 Q .fl: sy ' J! 5 A r"'w -iz x J x Al : L. 1 L - i " -1 Mist " .,k- ,... '-W 1.3 - V . FP h dn y 'iff g a, 35 gl-lsr' R I --an E JA ,,, y QW., in -.gy ,. 4 l' x i s iii. 1:-'Jr' 2 f.x5',.., X .fsfsi'v':g'- . 4, ,. Vis. y '-env' if kv ll: 4 1 - 235.2 x 6 fig .ww A J -.-iv Q. VV R . . ile ii , .. l , A 455- s, . I 1 '- K F J' " .5 . Q , , 11 Z' ai I ft 1' of new found friends. if ,. J . .ak L, it HH ' Q L .. , i Q Je 32? 5 , 1. Q9 X ,Ha y , .z ew if" ,-.A 4r"'?" 'STGT 2 J xref' Ccraidinv Sobel Mike Solow Hoy Southard Hill Sparks Donna Spraidlin Stan Symanski Kip Stacy Sandy Stahl Mary Stahlin .ap ..,' . wr- K ::. ik. L4 fall j,f'1,'MV , flff- ,. '. J W? 3-:io 1 i, Mr. Kruse, cighth grade counselor, helps George Barrihart in the selection of his schedule for the next four years. Bill Standvfer Tracy Stanfieid Mark Steinie Chester Stevens Susan Steward Kathleen Stover f' ,jf .WS . , a-fb' :,y ,f .Ion Stuart Ceorgu Stuvk lleorgm- Taliaferro Tony Talley Barbara Taylor David Teichman Hn- -Q .. wi Iwi if ,A ,...L.i..,,, Q" Kenny Teis Monty Teverbaugh Jimmy Tharel Margie Thomas Nancy Thomas Steve Touseaint ' ' :.:, ' ' Keith Town-r Christine Townsend , ff Eddie' Tromliridge fg '5 y Margaret Tucker i' it ,Indy Tuggrie Linton Turner Ap A 235 .ff -A , f it . If fgiiz 5- - 53,6 is 3. Y ,Q X :ii 2 JW - JFS' ' f ggi . - ill' '1 an F Q I 1 , S qi 5 ' a . .ar ,. J f L, , A 1f' 5' W 3 54 '-23' i' if V ' Q WW 236 Eighth grade ,vi :', 10 'ww X tA,r 2 , Li K-it "1 f X , f ff 51' ,.. A ,, .. X r I 1 M- K ' L , I 2 A -' , . , .5-mf f 5 in 3, Q ky 5" V' iff' A 1 W ,I 'K' t i 5 A 'wi 'Ea ' I ' Q 'K Xi , L- WW L I z , .L q n. 5 ' A 4 A me e f Ji M , F ff! VM' , Kirk VanValkenhu Charles Voelker Kent Van Hocsen Penny Van Hoose Mike Vinson Marty Voss Toin Walters Don Walton Toni Watkins Larry Watts Steplien Weichert Barney Welch Patty Wielllerill Roger Wliefzler Bill White Paula Whiteside Grover Wllillcn Sue Wiedeinann Marcia Wi:-necke Claudia Willey .lon Williams Nancy Williams Steve Williams Wrilly Williams Larry Wilson Glenda Wiinmer Cathy Wingo Susan Winters ,lonnie Wiseman Nancy Wisenhaker Anne Wood .lim Woodard Don Wright Robert Vyriglit Carroll Yost Gwen Youngblood Lynn Youngblood Martha York Judy Zarrow Gregg Zuniwalt Suzy Zuniwalt William Zumwalt I' EVENTH GR E OFFICERS ln their first year at Edison, seventh graders make a great adjustment from chil- dren in elementary school to young adults in high school. New friends are made and a feeling of cooperation is established between the students, for they will he attending school together for six wonderful years. The class of sixty-five has Kim White, treasurerg Bruce Prock, vice-presidentg John Paul, secretaryg and Larry Chapin, president, for this very im- portant year. 237 , .ii alia K Edi on seventh A E 5, th . Y- 1? 'ir i a f ww I Vx, ,-f H 4.-' . I Q or 1 . f f :.. if -eff -Q 2 xjffp W if Vik fi M it 5 ff ga. ' ' 4 Gif Susan Bewley Beverly Bland Steve Blazier Vicki Bledsoe Cynthia Bly Eddie Bugle Paul Bolon Bill Bolton Brian Booth Stephen Booth Susan Borehard Charles Born ,.., 'H I-it ..- 17 v A my ,z 3 A 1 if-'.a..sr. : :' fs: Steve Adair Bruce Adams Don Alexander Ellen Alexander .lulie Andelman Robert Applegate Steven Argue Eddie Arnold Tom Atkinson .limmy Auten Kenneth Bailey Mike Bair Amos Baker Danny Baker Linda Baker Guy Baldwin Mike Ball Kathy Barber Pam Barrington Jean Barton Eleen Baumann Karen Beach Carrie Beeson Bill Bell Debby Bell Paul Bell Betsy Bellah Vic Benson Bill Bergman .lay Berryman B 5. 7. -5 W 1 B I V A "CI g i.. -- f' , V im. Ek K. 5,9 4,1 ev 'V ,. it .1 .W Qi -r 1 ty, jk ' . F 1: ,.". aa ff? , A fw. .ar- ','G'?'? Ill ,,.. Q all.. K . Va M- vids- , grade students 'qi ,,,.,...f- I l L ,tw .W A 1:2 i -Koi i A .og I Z-or fm Q an t r - .N -,, , Q Q, 499 :e we-1 .Q4 1 of Q r . fy .1 ,.E. I 5 'f ,Q f ly , V! J 'J' " P C W- huh E . 1' -if swf: ig: lf'.:'!A:s K, rii 2 f 4, wg-:,.,.,f:' - ' Carol Cochran Patti Coe Mark Coffin Deena Cohen Morton Cohen King Cole Arla Collier John Condry tk.. john Bouts-ller Karon Bowdcn Fillmore Bowen Elaine Bowman Susan Boyd Virginia BIPPIIC Cindy Ruth Brighton Shvllcy Brown Russell Burhner Stvphanic Bunk Boll Buckner ,lininiy Budd Rosemary Bumpass ,lot Burgt' John Bush Woody Bush Larry Butts Helen Byrne Cary Cain Kippy Cameron Ciudel Carey Dchhie Carroll Cherry Caudle Larry Chapin David Chapman Susan Chase Tommy Chilton John Churchwell Danny Clark C-corgeanne Close ww prepare for Patrick Davidson Barry Davis Brent Davis Larry Davis Mark Davis James Deatherags Harder-n Deer Roberta DeFalc0 Bolmhy Dm-upree Judy DeWees Alex Dillard Sally Disney .lim Doak Peter Dratz Dona Dresser Patricia Dressler Carolyn Drew Mike Dudrling Dan Dumas Bill Dunbar Mike Dundee Kathleen Dunn Susan Dunn Martha Eason Peggy Easter .leannie Eatman Sheila Edelman Bruce Edwards David Eilt-rs Charles Eitel Nancy Ellmn Jack Elder Bob Eley Steven Ellis Richard Elwcll Y - 1 3' 'M .P V s.,,,,.,. 1 my r v a r w e 0 z v a las E J l gh K ..,. ,I if 9 4- ll 1 off gif ' fiffinis Y -.X, tn., ,., .... 'if ,. . . , . L 3' Boh Constantine Linda Cook Patti Cooper Linda Cottier Mike Coulson Genevieve Cowan Janet Crawford l David Crews ,lnhn Crisp Carolyn Cross David Crowdus Colleen Cummins lllaleolm Daniel Paula Dart rx . 5 fe: an wt nv few ,-., '- 1 -I r I QT' 'Q X ' fe' 2,5 w -Q1 ln the future Y , ,, -,V 44. r -xr ' "' 38 'l 'Wei' i t X 9' -5 1, ,, ir wwf -' Sue Fowler Dixie Carol Francis Pam Francisco Richard Frank ,lim Franks Jay Friedman Anne Frisbie Kara-n Froning ,lim Frost Gary Gaither Mark Galloway David Gardner Maureen Geffen Steve George Suzanne Gilbert Dana Sue Gill Debbie Gill Kathleen Gilliat Walter Glenn Stew en Goad .loel Goff Mike Goldberg Ricky Gomez Gary Gray Judy Gray Roger Gray Sandy Grigsby Bill Grubb .lohn Hanton Mary Harper x 1, gg 1 'ff 7 v r -f2r"'?" M x ,gf-.Q S E- IK ,, . X ,Z I lv, .y,.. , , -.5 em if F if I' :g 'El"ff Cathy Ann Erskine Steven Estel Bobby Fairchild Judith Fell Diane Fewell Ann Fleeger Dick Fleming Steve Ford ,. My O I O ,IR Y. L by class participation Jay Jones Malcolm Kay .lim Keating Pam Keaton Pamalee Keene Susan Keller .Joe Kennedy Bob Kirberger David Hatohett Claudia Hawkins Mike Hayes David Henderson Karen Hendricks Butch Hibbs Peggy Higgins' Mike Highland Brian Hodges Elden Hoffman Bill Holmes Randy Hone Phillip Hood David Hoppes Mike Howerton Betsy Hubbell Landa Hultgren Louie Humphries Ross lkemire Jim Jackson Steven Jehs Lynne Jenkins Debbie Johnson Jane Johnson Julie Johnson Joy Johnston David Jolly Bob Jones Claudia Jones Jarry Jones Helpful junior, Cordon Hunt, guides a new seventh grader in his unfamiliar surround- ings. and diligent study. an 1. af X Y ff xl 1 -0 .qi ws..- A T' MM , y y W,,Me ti-age , -ff me Ji 'ww-f Qa. if Aa t , if L 5 li. 'E' if av' ,,... W Roger Mason Jeff Mathews Robert Maul Jr. Barbara Mcinert Teresa Messer Cynthia Messier Paula Meyer Diane Miles Anne Miller Bruce Miller Elaine Miller Phillip Miller Bobby Mills Steve Moon ,fm 3 , , V K ,Q 2 'ip ,va ww' I? ,Q W? , fa - Kenneth Kite Margot Krall Str-plic-n.Lan1beth Ladd Larson .lanct Laila Mary Leach .lon Ledliu Mark Leighty Charles Le-land Nancy Lt-Master Jerry Leonard Alan Levin Laurie Lewis Danny Lins Marcia Litson Robert Little Leah Livingston Geneva Lomax Larry Lowdcn Eddie Lowe Richard Lyle Bob Lyon Linda McAnally Marcheta MeClung Bill McClure .lohn McCormack Sally Mcfiravey Mikolette McGee Chuck Mt:Cowen .lanis Mcllllerson X ' lil Shy -,lqiilfiz-Jv.a.g: gm, M. M, rf' Karen Yeager and Suzanne Fowler find that hemlines are getting shorter this year. Mary Lou Mungen Linda Murphree Stephen Murphy Jimmy Nelson Gary Nevins Bruce Nierni Danny Oertle Larry O'Reilly Peggy Owens Lucia Palmer Bobby Parker Russell Patterson John Paul Pat Paul Pam Pearson Linda Perez Randy Perrin Pam Perryman Rick Peterson Jeff Roy Phillips Steve Phillips David Plummer Mike Polsgrove Melissa Potter Kathy Powell Randy Powell Paul Preaus Pamela Presley Nancy Price Susan Price Bruce Prock Steve Quinn Susan Ranck Chuck Rankin Susan Reeds 244 Seventh graders help Alan Moore Darrell Moore Linda Moore Ralph Morgan Susan Morrison Beverly Morse Carol Morton Susie Moss in-W 0, ,pm 1 advance their school Cary Rosenthal Debbie Ross Cindy Rupe Kenny Russell Kenneth Salamy Pancho Saubert Diane Scargall Kurt Schneider Dennis Schwabe Judy Scisson Barbie Scar Carl Sears Mark Seigel l.ee Shapiro Scott Sharp Kathy Shipley Larry Simmons Randy Simpson Tommy Simpson Cecilia Smith Charlie Smith Ralph Smith Sid Smith Philip Snow Arnold Southard David Spalding Doug Sparks Dorothy Spleth Diane Staines Mark Stallbories 5 , . .J ' 'K f J, .5 M ' i, ffv Y ' ' t ft . ' a A -i f- X ' ,,, Q' f ,df 4 ask ,S i .df 4-me , M. Y we Q av , ,r : wet' ,hx 5e5i.,,i5.,g A? ,E S fiat , . 4 lg f W Phu Rick Reeve Sandy Reitz Rennie Reynolds Linda Richards Kathy Richardson .lean Rickahaugh Becky Riggs llarhara Rips Bonnie Robertson Lee Rohn Keith Rollei- ,limmy Rollins Barbara Romero Doug Rose If, j - t .t r ,W fi 2 9 4 1 ""by ,. "K ' , ,ig 14 Q ,yy .,,:,,,n "uf ,Cla .V V' r,,, ,xp .5--tv Q, xt.. .1 f at , ,. V , . fig 0' "':?a1 31" 1' ' ' ' 'LW 458 Q ,M - ...' R' Y 5 any . N t . ii' - I t L' i ja 54 ff. S, ,Q ' 245 iii by their interest Judy Stanfield Tom Steed Ruth Stevenson Penny, Stewart Bill Strong Steve Stutsrnan Don Suits .lohn Sulton Christy Swanson Loyd Sweeny Jimmy Tabor Ronnie Talley Ricky Taubman Svott Tennis Phil Thalen Cnndv Thomas .lim Thompson Rhonda Thorton Mark Torner Linda .lean Toussaint Linda Trace Mike Valant Brenda Vanzant Paul Vetter .lack Vreeland Bob Wadlin Anne Walker Speech class a new experience for these students lgannlgvvllfgker proves to be fun as well as educatlonal ary a er ilk M, A. X in school activities. Kathy Ward Pamela Ward Greg Warden John Watt Glenn Weber Chris Weldy Robert Wenger Mary Wheatley Gary Wheeler Clint YVhisenhunt Nancy Whitaker Judy White Kim White Larry White Susie Whitmore Marian Wiggins Leslie Willbanks Tommy Williams Wayne Williamson Tom Wilson Donna Wimmer Sandra Winters Steve Wintrode Duncan Wise Robert Juan Wise Billy Wood Mike Wbodlee Nancy Wright Vicki Wright Karen Yeager wi f,,, AA '17' if " in ms N-.S F if X ff A .F Anne Young Grant Young Rllth Eoulgl Drafting preparesthese students for a future in Lmda an e such fields as building contracting, and archi- tecture. 0 9 'Hmm Q!! f' fl , E if .T " . .....,,:i,' ,,,, Yr 'W W S ' Y in-MM W ' M as , 3W l ' N, W V fa H' wr -.. W4 4 V - W ff My iw r ms., N 43 3 v ? WM ' m -!"'G'f it tml YV' K 5? .Qi ,-2? .., 9. 2.1 1 M , ml N '93 vi .. ' 87" g W ,a.m...,,.,--,,., M., Q 5 . g S we I DEX ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ,,,,, I,,,,, 1 0.31 Adminrstratron ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, L,,V.,,,,.-k,,,-, Art .. I,,,,,,,,,,,v,,,,.,II,,,.,,,,,.-,7,,, Boys' Physical Education , Business Education cccc-,,c.-,vc English ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,....,.....sss Foreign Language ,,,,,.,,... Girls' Physical Education ., Home Economics ....,..,i,.,, Industrial Arts ,,,,,,. Mathematics ,,,,is Music ,I,,.I.t..,,,,..,,u,.,,.. School Personnel ,,,u,,u Science ,,,,,.,,,,...,,,.,,, Social Studies Speech ,,,,,,,e,e.., STUDENT LIFE ,,,,,,ueue A Cappella ,e,,..,e,,,e,e,.,,,e American Field Service Cheerleaders ,,,..r,,,,.., Concert Band ,,,,ee,, Concert Chorus ...,,.,, Concert Orchestra ,,,c " Edison Week ,,,.,,,,c , in Fads and Talents ,,,,,,,.,,.,..,,........,,,, . . Junior High Advanced Intermediate 1 Junior High Boys, Glee Club ,,,,,,,,, , - Intermediate Strings ,,..,,.,e,,,,...,,..,e,,,,,. Junior High Concert ,,,e,,,e,ee...,,,,, Junior High Girls' Glee Club ...., ,I Marching Band ,,,,,,.t,.,,,,,,,,,,..... . Mixed Chorus .I,,,,.....,....,,,,... . ' School Life ....,,.,,,,,,,..,,,,,...e,,,,,.., - ' Senior High Girls, Glee Club .,,.,,. . C . Senior Play ,,,,,,....,,, V ,,,,,,,,,,,,.... . 4, Sophomore and Junior Play ,,,,, , Stage Band ,,,,,t.,i.....,.e.,.,,,e..,,,, Torch Staff I ..,,,.. .......... . ORGANIZATIONS .,.,,t,,,,, Advertising Board ,,,..........eV4,, Aquillas ,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,..........,,.,ffff,fffff.. Audio-Visual and Stage Craft ....... Chess Club ...,,,,,,i..,,,,....,.ff-fff...fff Debate Club ,,,,,,....i,, . .,,,,..,. . Field and Stream ,,,.,, French Club .4...,....f7ffV7.,f.f'f77'-- F.T.A. ..tti.eeee,e,,..VVVV.,.ggggggggg ...------gv . International Relations Club ..,.,,. Junior High Red Cross ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,f Junior High Student Council I,,.,,I Junior Red Cross ..V77f.....--g-..g--g.g Key Club .....,...,.f, 4.....ff7ff frff K-Club ,c,,,, 10 18 27 18 20-21 19 23 22 23 24-25 26 16-17 29 30-31 28 32-61 59 44-45 38-39 52-53 58 55 36-37 34-35 57 56 61 55 61 11119150-51 60 48-49 60 40-41 42-43 54 46-47 62-89 69 82-83 81 89 87 87 86 85 68 66 69 70 71 Latin Club ,,...,...,, Leader Corps ,,t,,,,,,, Lettermenis Club .,,,,,, Library Belles ,,t,,,.,, Library Staff .,..,,, Math Club .,,,,,...., Office Assistants ,,.. Science Club ..,,.... Student Council ,,,,. Swimettes ..,,,,., c.,,, Talons ..,. ...,,,, Thespians ., Usherettes ,,,.,,,, ,, ,..,.,,,,,,. Young Citizens Forum ,,,,. Y-Teens ...., ,,.. ,.,,,,, ATHLETICS ctcc,ccc Baseball ,,,,.,,,, Basketball ,,,,. Football .,,,. Golf ,,,t,,.,.t,...,,e, Intramurals ,....,, Swimming ,,,c Tennis ...,,,. Track .,,c, Wrestling ELITE ee,.,ceeee. . Ic.ce.,,eeeecceeeeeeee,.eeeec 1 88 89 73 78-79 77 85 77 84 64-65 72 74-75 76 if so 67 .. 90-91 92-125 114-115 102-105 94-101 118-119 123 110-113 116-117 120-122 106-109 124-139 Band Queen, Attendants ,,,,,,,,,,,. .....,....,r 1 28 Basketball Queen, Attendants Boy and Girl of the Month .,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Miss Edison V ,t,,,.,,,,,ttt,,,,,., Miss Edison's Attendants ,,,, Superlatives .,,,,,,,,,c.,,,.,...,,.,,,,,.,.... ,,,,.,.. Swimming Queen, Attendants Wrestling Queen, Attendants CLASSES ,tccccttt,-,,,ct Eighth Grade ,,,,...,. Eighth Grade Officers Junior Board ,,,,,,,,.. Junior Class ,,,,,,,,,,, Junior Officers .,..,,., Ninth Grade ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Ninth Grade Officers . Senior Board ,,,,,,,,,, Senior Class ,,,,,.,,,,, Senior Officers ,,t,,,..... Seventh Grade ,,,,.,,,t.,,tt Seventh Grade Officers , Sophomore Board ....,r Sophomore Class Sophomore Officers 129 132-137 126 127 138-139 131 130 140-247 226-236 225 169 170-189 168 213-224 212 143 144-167 142 238-247 237 191 192-211 190 249, Abbot, Donna 144 Abcl, Scott 102, 105, 145 Abral1a1n. Steve 106, 107, 108, 1 Abshire, Sandy 145 Adair, Marty 145 Adams, Robert 145 Adams, Roberta 60, 145 Adamson, Phil 94, 118, 145 Ader, Robert 40, 41, 85, 86, 145 Ahrens, Robert 45, 73, 110, 111 Allen, Joan 145 Allison, Nancy 145 Andelman, Alice 36, 40, 41, 67, Anderson, Caroline 144 Anderson, Dick 144 Anderson, John 144 Anderson, Robert 144 Anderson, Russell 144 Aubrey, Vicke 145 Aude, Jolm 145 Avery, Sharon 36, 85, 145 Axton, Carolyn 72, 144 Babcock, Dan 73, 117, 144 Bagwell, Barbee 77, 144 Bagwell, Bryan 144 Bair, Carol 144 Baker, Brenda 144 Baker, Cindy 145 Baldwin, Ken 145 Banks, J. Pat 145 Barnes, Larry 144 Bass, Don 144 Bceby, Alice 14-4 Berg, Jane 144 Berner, Marcia 80, 145 Bidasio, Charlene 145 Bigelow, Bob 37, 73, 94, 97, 98, 105, 145 Billings, Judy 145 Bisschop, Noorje 45, 113 Black, Linda 144 Blackledge, Steve 144 Blackstock, Barbara 144 Blaker, Scott 40, 41, 58, 144 Bloom, Jeff-145 09, 145 35, 86, 144 99, 102, Bloomquist, Judie 46, 47, 80, 145 Blount, Harold 145 Bogart, Jill 72, 80, 145 Bohm, Carolyn 145 Boillot, Phil 145 Bolton, Barbara 80, 146 Bowles, Sherry 146 Braley, James 53, 146 Breeding, Marv 77, 80, 146 Broach, John 76, 136, 146, 161 Brockman, Gretchen 143, 147 Brooks, Betsy 39, 129, 146 Brown, Darrell 95, 146 Brown, Patsy 80, 146 Brown, Robert 34 Brunell, Richard 146 Bruns, Julie 146 Brussell, Jim 37, 65, 147 Bryant, Richard 146 Bryarly, Bob 52, 55, 146 Buchanan, Bill 94, 101, 146 Buckner, Brenda 147 Burck, Pamela 67, 86, 147 I DEX Burnett, Jan 77, 147 Burnham, Regina 147 Burt, Lynna 40, 41, 76, 86, 147 Byers, Justin 147 Cahen, Bryan 53, 146 Camden, John 73, 110, 111 Cameron, Daniel 146 Campbell, Jean 147 Campbell, Josie 84, 147 Campbell, Mary 60, 147 Carey, Tom 147 Carroll, Kaaren 142, 143, 147 Carter, Jim 147 Carter, Paul 146 Carter, Rick 146 Carter, Sharon 146 Carter, William 52, 53, 55, 56, 147 Carwile, William 146 Case, Kenneth 73, 106, 107, 108, 109, 146 Cavanagh, Arthur 146 Caylor, C4616 39, 64, 67, 72, 73, 125, 126 132, 147, 153 Chalmers, Scotty 73, 102, 105, 114, 115, 136, 138, 142, 143, 146, 167 Chamberlin, Robert 146 Chand ler, Cheryl 147 Christ, Michael 73, 94, 97, 99, 102, 105, Chandler, Maryanna 147 114, 115, 147 Claiborne, Suann 147 Clasquin, Don 146 Clifford, Mike 146 Close, Bryan 146 Cobb, Candy 117, 147 Cobb, Robert 146 Cobb, Rusty 106, 107, 108, 117, Cockriel, Linda 147 Cody, Roy 147 Coffey , Roger 148 Cohen, Shelia 80 Cole, Charles 107, 108, 149 Cole, Steve 143, 149 Collins, Ronald 149 Combs, Judy 77, 149 Conley, Michael 149 Connole, Pat 78, 148 Cook, Bob 59, 149 Coon, Jon 59, 149 Cooper, Beverly 149 Cooper, Jim 149 Copass, James 149 Corbett, Dolly 148 Cottrell, Linda 148 Courtner, Connie 77, 80, 148 Cousins, Sharon 59, 148 Cowan, Barbara 49, 148 Cowan, Homer 148 Cox, Judy 58, 149 Craig, Karen 149 Crawford, James 36, 58, 94, 133, 143, 149 Creekmore, Janet 58, 72, 148 Crisp, Patricia 148 Crosby, Kay 41, 46, 47, 148 Cruce, Francey 143, 148 Cupp, Robert 148 Curby, Pattie 78, 79, 84, 85, 148 Curlee, Linda 149 147 138, 142, Cushing, Ronda 86, 149 Dalton, Craig 50, 52, 55, 102, 104, 149 Davenport, Carolee 148 Davis, Barbara 72, 80, 148 Davis, Reuben 148 Dawson, Linda 148 Day, Betty 149 Deas, W. Terry 149 Desalvo, James 102, 105, 149 Desirey, Teresa 149 Desjardins, Paula 67, 143, 149 DeWitt, Nancy 58, 80, 143, 149 Dickey, Eldena 50, 148 Dickinson, William 67, 148 Dickson, William T. 148 Dillard, Bill 148 Dixon, Douglas 149 Dohnalek, Dean 149 Dorrill, John 149 Dotson, Judie 149 Doublin, Cary 41, 149 Dougherty, Jim 149 Downen, Linda 150 Droke, William Scott 73, 94, 101 143 150 Duca, Don 150 Duecker, Marilyn 150 Dunn, Charles 41, 150 Dunsmoor, Peggy 151 Duvall, V. Connie 150 Eaves, Edwin 150 Eby, Mildred 80, 150 Elias, Dana 150 Elkinton, Marjorie 150 Elliott, Barbara 151 Elliott, Michael 150 Embach, Elizabeth 150 Ervin, Dennis 150, 155 Esposito, Jim 151 Evans, Kathy 151 Evans, Richard 151 Falkensten, Lynn 53, 151 Farrell, Jim 73, 151, 120 Farrier, Jack 70, 73, 94, 98, 137, 147, 150 Faulkner, William 151 Fedman, Arlene 150 Fenton, Thomas 37, 150 Fenwick, Sandy 151 Fike, Mickey 41, 151 Finch, Martha Ann 80, 151 Fischer, Jack 106, 151 Fisher, Bert 73, 106, 108, 109, 151 Flaa, Robert 151 Flynt, Mary 150 Fogarty, Pat 74, 136, 138, 143, 150 Forrest, Douglas 94, 97, 107, 109, 150 Foster, Carol 150 Francis, Robert 73, 110, 111, 118, 150 Frank, Donald 53 Franklin, Linda 150 Franklin, Steve 67, 122, 151 Freedman, Judy 40, 41, 54, 151 Friend, David 53, 54, 55, 151 Friman, Mary Jane 151 Funk, Elizabeth 150 Galloway, Betsy 67, 72, 150, 164 Garner, Steven 65, 85, 150 Gawf, Eddie 150 Gayle, John 150 Gilbert, Dave 151 Gilbert, Dean 73, 114, 115, 151 Gilbert, Robert 52, 73, 151 Gill, Leslie 151 Gill, Rhoda 152 Gilliam, Larry 152 Glenn, Mary 78, 84, 152 Globe, Toby 152 Glover, Merrell 152 Golden, Peggy 153 Gooch, Connie 153 Gooden, Tobe 152 Goodwin, Patti 152 Gorney, John 4, 94, 98, 107, 152 Gotoski, Cordella 84, 152 Gould, Mary Jo 152 Gowans, Margaret 52, 53, 153 Graber, Sue Ann 151, 153 Graham, James 73, 94, 96, 99, 100, 101, 102, 104, 152 Green, Jacque 152 Griffin, Bob 54, 55, 102, 104, 105, 114, 115, 152 Griffin, Gerald 153 Griffith, Gary 41, 49, 153 Grigsby, Shirley 152 Grimshaw, Gary 153 Groom, Gary 152 Gubser, Mike 33, 45, 67, 84, 152 Gunter, Deanne 153 Gurthet, Dave 153 Gustin, Paulette 153 Haas, Cathy 74, 143, 152 Hagan, Ginger 59, 80, 152 Haglund, Svante 7, 33, 45, 67, 85, 117, 138, 152 Hahn, Allen 152 Haines, Sharon 152 Hale, Carole 152 Hall, Larry 153 Halterman, Jonna 58, 153 Hamill, Chris 80, 133, 143, 139, 151, 153 Hamman, Leslie 153 Hanna, Kathy 152 Harden, Larry 94, 152 Harlow, Cathline 53, 152 Harper, Cheryl 143, 152 Harrill, Connie 152 Haworth, Karen 152 Hawthorne, Sarah 153 Hayden, J. F. 153 Hayes, Tim 153 Hays, Helen 153 Heaston, Philip 63, 67, 154 Heath, Walter 102, 105, 143, 154 Heiman, Sharon 49, 154 Hendrickson, Judy 65, 80, 154 Hendrickson, Mike 94, 154 Henley, David 52, 88, 154 Henrichs, Vicki 155 Henry, Christine 154 Henshaw, Judy 80, 127, 129, 138, 142, 143, 154, 248 Hensley, Mary Anne 154 Herndon, Christy 154 Hicks, Dave 40, 41, 67, 135 154, 163 Hill, Donna 155 Hill, Susan 154 I DEX Hines, Kenny 154 Hines, Roger 154 Hinnant, Sue 155 Hobbs, Bob 110, 155 Hoflich, Don 155 Hogan, Jack 36, 58, 155 Holbert, George 55, 155 Holt, Nancy 155 Holway, Marcia 80, 154, 164 Hone, Larry 37, 76, 154, 156 Hopkins, Paula 58, 154 Howerton, Ronnie 155 Hulsman, Nadine 155 Humes, Larry 55 Hunnicutt, Shielah 155 Hunter, Jeanne 72, 76, 80, 155 Hutchinson, Allen 155 Jacobs, Rosalind 154 Jacobsen, Ingrid 41, 78, 79, 84, 154 James, Judy 154 James, Susan 154 Jarboe, Alice 41, 154 Jobe, Marilyn 154 Johns, Marilyn 155 Johnson, Darrel 155 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Gary 55, 134, 143, 155 Helene 155 Hunter 40, 41, 154 Johnson, James R. 54, 154 Johnson, James T. 54, 54, 154 Johnson, Judy 78, 154 Johnson, Judy 154 Johnson, Richard 154 Johnston, Peggy 60, 155 Johnston, Ronnie 155 Jones, Dean 53, 155 Jones, Wesley 155 Jordan, Maria Teresa 156 Kapner, Marilyn 156 Keller, David 157 Kelley, Steve 157 Kemmerer, Craig 157 Kendall, Clarke 67, 157 Keplinger, Karen 67, 72, 78, 80, 86, 124 139, 157 Kershmer, Kenneth 156 Kettler, Nancy 156 Kidwell, June 41, 157 Kiger, Marjorie 157 King, Carlton 157 Kirk, Joyce 157 Kisner, Richard 157 Kittrell, David 156 Kramer, Patti 156 Lawrence, Jon 156 Lawson, Gary 157 Lawson, John Vernon 73, 108, 157 Lee, Carol 157 LeMaster, Gretchen 72, 77, 80, 135, 138, 142, 143, 156, 167 Lesher, Marsha 84, 156 Lewis, Frank 156 Linley, Pete 116 Lisle, Mary 157 Livingston, Alan 41, 48, 157 Livingston, Sally 72, 157 Loring, Sandra 51, 52, 128, 156 Lowry. Jil 156 Loyd, Mary 60, 156 Luker, Linda 156 Maher, Madeline 157 Mahon, Bruce 157 Mainguy, Joan 157 Mangels, Gary 157 March, Tucky 67, 72, 127, 137, 157 Martin, Susie 47, 64, 67, 80, 86, 156 Martin, Bill 5, 36, 44, 64, 67, 70, 132, 138, 139, 157, 248 Martncr, Ted 4, 52, 84, 156 Matthies, Les 67 Mayfield, Sandra 84, 156 McCoy, Pam 156 McCune, Diane 58, 157 McDonald, Mary Ann 68, 157 McDougal, Jim 157 McFarlin, John 157 McGraw, Beth 157 McKee, Kenny 157 McLaughlin, Ken 54, 55, 158 McMillen, Les 158 McNeal, Gerry 38, 39, 67, 73, 80, 158 McQueen, Nancy 80, 158 Meng, Robert 54, 55, 158 Merrick, Charlotte 59, 159 Merrick, Clint 40, 41, 158 Messer, Ricky 143, 158 Meyer, Gary 41, 158 Meyer, Mike 40, 59, 76, 158 Mickle, Jim 158 Middlebrook, Gloria 159 Miles, Dorinda 158 Millard, Stephen 158 Miller, Ann 58, 158 Miller, David 159 Miller, Danny 59, 159 Miller, James 159 Mitchell, Wayne 159 Mohan, Steve 159 Moncrief, David 158 Moore, Doug 158 Moore, Roger 158 Morgan, Glenna 158 Morgan, Mary Jane 34, 41, 48, 76, 159 Morgan, Mike 159 Morris, Jeanne 159 Morris, Jim 159 Morrison, Dianne 74, 75, 143, 156, 15 Morrison, Jim 143, 159 Mueller, Carol 158 Mundy, Cheryl 158 Mungen, Liz 58, 67, 158 Murdock, Neva 35, 58, 158 Murphy, Kathy 76, 84, 158 lN1urphy, Mike 114, 159 Murphy, William James 158 Murry, Helen 78, 159 Murray, Ted 73, 101, 114 Musser, Nancy 159 Myers, Edd 159 Neely, Suzanne 158 Nelson, Barbara 67, 77, 86, 158 Nesbit, Judy 84, 158 Nichols, Diane 158 Nichols, Sharon 158 Nicholson, Pat 158 Noe, Kenneth 159 9 Nowlin, Paul 40, 41, 67, 84, 159 Nunneley, Ray 73, 106, 107, 108, 109 I DEX Sayles, Pat 143, 163 Scargall, Ralph 163 O,Brien, Tim 33, 44, 46, 47, 67, 85, 159 Oertle, Janie 74, 80, 159 Oglesby, Ricky 160 Sehellstede, Robert 94, 97, 163 Schermerhorn, David 73, 117, 162 Schlecht, Phil 107, 108, 109, 114, 115, 162 Oliver, Jon 160 Olson, Diane 88, 160 O'Neal, Gary 160 Orrell, Shari 160 Palm, Jim 161 Palmer, Jeanne 161 Parks, Rick 73, 94, 97, 160 Patman, Julie 3, 36, 37, 41, 58, 86, 160 Paulea, Bill 160 Pearce, Linda 160 Pearson, Judy 160 Perrault, Cherie Jo 80, 86, 161 Persson, Robert 161 Peters, Ronnie 160 Phelps, Jim 160 Phillips, Joyce 160 Pimp, Jim 161 Pigg, David 161 Pitcock, Suzanne 161 Planos, Raphael 160 Potts, Charlie 160 Pratt, Bill 73, 94, 97, 160 Preston, Linda 161 Price, Thomas 161 Puckett, Mike 151, 161 Pung, Marvin 138, 160 Rader, Pam 160 Rainwater, Linda 40, 41, 76, 78, 159, 160 Raska, Evelyn 160 Ratcliffc, Peggy 46, 47, 67, 80, 160 Schnelle, Steve 162 Schuette, Kathryn 60, 163 Schwamb, Janet 173 Scott, Lynda 85, 163 Semple, Terry 85, 163 Sessions, Judy 34, 163 Shanor, Jim 73, 102, 105, 114, 143, 163 Shaw, Ron 60 Sherman, Mike 162 Sherrer, Aileene 162 Shilling, Delton 58, 60, 162 Shurig, Terry 162 Sights, Clyde 162 Sikkink, Roy 106, 162 Simmons, Peggy 60, 163 Singleton, Nancy 151, 163 Smith, Connie 50, 51, 52, 128, 163 Smith, Nancy 162 Smith, Robert 163 Smith, Susie 162 Smith, Tommy 162 Smoot, Paula 34, 86, 162 Sole, Kenny 54, 55, 162 Soule, Kitty 162 Spearman, Bill 163 Spears, Sue 162 Stambaugh, Jan 163 Steen, Jim 163 Steinle, Diane 35, 164 Ratcliffe, Susan 160 Redfern, Pam 143, 161 Redman, Linda 77, 161 Reece, Johanna 161 Reed, Linda 58, 161 Reeds, Duke 85, 160 Reidy, Jeanne 160 Reilly, Kay 160 Renberg, Dona 160 Rice, Marjorie 6, 35, 160 Richmond, Carole 160 Rickard, Mary 58, 161 Ridge, Sharlet 78, 79, 161 Risner, Donna 161 Robb, George 54, 55, 161 Roberson, Hugh 162 Roberts, Van 162 Robertson, Larry 143, 162 Robinowitz, Bernard 67, 139, 162 Robinson, Charles 162 Robinson, Kerry 49, 163 Robinson, Pat 162 Romero, Phil 53, 54, 55, 162 Roper, Jane 44, 138, 162 Rudd, Nancy 162 Rueb, Sally 162 Russell, George 163 Ryan, Mary Pat 162 Sandefur, Kaye 162 Sanders, Billy 162 Sanger, Ruth 163 Satterfield, Shirley 163 Saunders, Pete 73, 110, 111, 139, 163 Stephens, Bonnie 165 Stephens, Denise 165 Stephens, Shirley 165 Stevenson, Carol 165 Stephenson, Richard 151, 165 Stockton, Steve 164 Stone, Cheryl 48, 49, 165 Stover, Gary 165 Stroup, George 85, 92, 121, 165 Summers, Robert 165, 36, 58 Swann, Mike 165 Swann, Steve 46, 164 Sweetin, Sandy 164 Tankersley, Paulee 164 Taylor, Lynn 77, 164 Taylor, Sonny 58, 164 Templeton, Dan 164 Terry, Walter 35, 55, 62, 84, 165 Thayer, Don 165 Thompson, Judy 164 Thomas, Jeanne 165 Thompson, Jeannie 34, 164 Thompson, Pat 84, 85, 164 Thompson, Paula 164 Thorne, Larry 52 Thorne, Sandra 164 Tipton, Carol 49, 53, 54, 165 Tipton, Tim 53, 164 Tipton, Tom 53, 165 Toliver, Linda 165 Townsend, Terry 164 Towry, Forrest 73, 94, 98, 164 Trindle, Francis 164 Tucker, Judy 164 Turner, Nancy 165 Turner, Ronald 165 VanBibber, Carolyn 165 Van Brunt, Connie 165 Van Hoose, Mike 59, 165 Van Valkenburgh, Kay 80, 165 Vickrey, Angela 164 Vowell, Lana 143, 164 Wager, Diane 34, 164 Wagner, Jim 164 Walker, Betsy 165 Walker, Doug 165 Walker, Mary 165 Walts, Rick 50, 52, 55, 84, 143, 165 Ward, Mike 165 Ward, Nina 165 Warren, Joan 67, 166 Watkins, Glenda 166 Watkins, Alice 166 Watts, Sandra 166 Weedman, Carolyn 40, 41, 167 Webb, Patricia 166 Weis, Johnny 166 Welge, Mary 54, 85, 166 Welsh, Don 94, 98, 166 Welsli, Lynne 80, 143, 166 Werner, Jayne 72, 80, 166 Weston, Linda 167 Wetherill, Mary 166 Wheatcraft, Jerry 166 Whitcomb, Claude 166 White, Lahoms 80, 167 Wieghard, Thelma 77, 167 Wiesen, Raymond 52, 54, 55, 84, 167 Wikoff, Oren 59, 167 Willey, Christina 167 Williams, Brad 167 Williams, Janet 77, 167 Williams, Marilyn 67, 166 Williamson, Ronnie 166 Wilson James 167 Wilson Anne 167 Wilson Carole 5, 47, 80, 167 Wilson, Lyle 167 Wilson, Raymond 167 Wilson, Ronnie 67, 85, 167 Wines, Craig 111, 112, 113, 167 Wintory', Stephen 84, 167 Wise, Gretchen 166 Wise, John 166 lwitherspoon, Jane 86, 167 Witter, Lloyd 166 Wolaver, Lee David 67, 166 Wolfe, Julie 166 Wood, Candace 167 Wood, David 167 Woodward, Kay 167 Woolsey, Jim 167 Wright, Dedra 166 Wright, Judy 60, 166 Wright, Scott 166 Wright, Sherri 47, 62, 63, 134, 138, 143, 166 Wyant, Ann 166 Yankee, William 52, 166 Yeck, Gary 55, 167 Young, 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Suggestions in the Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) collection:

Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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