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, X ,1 'g' -Jw Q X 'g Q E- . " 3 ii 2 E xg K 8 15 E Qu 53 3 l Q 6, Q I if - ' 3 'Ts-,,g2g-.,Ei"" , , . AQ. Q- .f f . , A, 'iwfgliffgffl . 'a4eMfrEi1?T' . Q,ff:eT1'ifugv..A1 wi ' - .2 0 We , . grgifxf im Y ' I ..,,.,. x ,z5:f,-"'f.w"'j ,,,2,. A k Q., ' ..,...fQ 1 W. 3 H 1 ,H -w.,N, 4, l , Q . 4: .6 , .x , Q -fu' Q H -w Q .. . ,. - . ,,,. J , ff F1 , - - ' - .W A , E .f , -, . ,, af mx D "' 3 !,.,..-V , , A Jg 5 , my X' 3 f f in r.. a wg ,,- ,-3' ,V 1 iv -v 1 Magis? ,ff ,gif 5, il -4 . -'-ff. .....,+.: , . .x,'f, ju 1 gi' : A .N f ' a ,514 1-ry i i 3 - ? WW M Eff! WSW? x. RF, 'X , l gig! ' ' Q 5 'vpn , m df, S GJ bo EJ. QJU- 3 ABA? E K d , YQ ' Q! K gkx L' GMWUM I ,b ali U ,MLM 'V' IMMJ N 4 My A glow if ' . BL Fx 6 F ,, 'L Ye. L . '.,-. , Y ' ,, IJ W Q A mb . by " hx , fig ,, Bi xc? K5 : W' M , ,Liu TSLELA PIM "NX gm Jiffy YAWF u ' X- ' N, l QF 4 X R R Mg Ayn KX M' A ,, ' QLQQ .Yftvlgv A LTL Lt-VII. K J , . my wikis? ! 1 W F ,X f :Cv 'X , l r 3 lu ,X A .X af 1 'f"T'fA!-If I 5 fl'-bk' L , .QA f '5,L,,1'.x" M In L V .-.. C '- Xgkv xt' " A-"' E X w K4 M' . I C J If .1-fi. I a 4 ? a 69 .Q NX I K :IL JN? rx 'V 'i V' ,vjj X Il ' ff 21 up Tflu .H xxx. f,' , I 'f ,M iff- zfzyj ff' f fffvilgg ,. V 'AM I A V I 5 1 f Vgufjw fy" I 54 ji ij .f' 1 , , 'fl I 1' 116171, AA 22 17 QJ - , .,, '57 M71 E WW f ' f " x 1 " f f 'x m 6, , J rw '!, N ,- Y fn 1 1 .11 1 v x X 'Xf f. X XX .I Y f w N X V A A, -mix" QFD mv f' L J I K Km 'QM vb lv K XA, uw wf Q . V, J" 05 m Lx Volume V X X. TULSA, OKLAHOMA 1960 I . L ffff il iffy!!! E fl ' A, fff 4 - Mxl:lXQQRx RN! X I J!-KKK III-Ill ULN cm K W f UDB' ff PRI 199 Our first sixteen pages are a pictorial record of spring events which occurred after our book went to press. These pictures portray various activities such as the sophomore play, an American forum, an operetta, the preparation for numerous assemblies, the ninth grade play, a water show, and a style show. TL mm ' if m m , . aa. A s 1 -,QS THE FIRST Mike Perkins as Brack Weaver and Connie Barker as Jenny Parsons were the romantic leads in the Operetta . . . how unusual?? The Operetta got off to a gay start with the clever curtain riser called "Sunday Excursion." The bored passengers are Mickey Rainier, Del- ton Shilling, .lane Hollingsworth and Margaret Boydston. Standing is Wayne Rice, the news butcher. Part of the cast of "Down In The Valleyf, who made possible a new experience in choral sing- ing for Edison. 4 This is an example of the con- temporary stage settings used in the operetta. Mikeis friends, Eric Nash ion the leftl and Ralph Kalbus are planning to "spring" him from jail. FOLK OPEEBA More cast . . . the background music, sung by the chorus tied the whole wonderful pro- gram together. Van Smithen, as the father, is being pressured by the traditional mortgage-holding villain, 5 THREE- LANGUAGE SSEMBLY .ludy Stumbo and Sheila de La Houssaye entertained the audience as they danced to tamborines and Spanish guitars. This skit was presented by the 41th year Latin class in the annual foreign language assembly. Allen Kornfeld, Ronnie Fouts, Sue Shel- don, and Bonnie Creekmore were at their laughing best as they teamed together to act out the ever popular 4'Little Red Riding Hood" Qmodern versionl. Everyone was well entertained as the French students presented "Chevaliers de la Table Ronde" fKnights of the Round Tablel. Shown to the right are: Terry Dickey, Andy Martin, Bert Merle, Elaine Ruggles, Ken Burton, and Roger Melone. BROTHERHOOD BREAKFA T . . . BROTHERHOOD BREAKFAST The first Brotherhood Breakfast held at Edison was a great success with representatives from the other Tulsa high schools attending as well as many students and teachers from Edison. Under the able direction of Jack Knippa, the program was quite interesting and informative and was enioyed by all those who managed to make it to school at 7:30. Last spring the Student Council again presented their Southern Ball for the student body. "The Emerald Queenf, our elaborate river boat, was a great success and many beautiful belles and gentle- men crowded the lavish decks. At the end of the cruise, many enthusiastic guests were heard plan- ning to book passage for another trip next spring. This photograph shows a few of the guests stroll- ing through the formal plantation garden just be- fore boarding our imaginary boat. Phil Atkinson was selected Captain of the Emer- ald Queen. He proved to be a very able guide for the trip. Tom Webb and Johnny Turner were the assistant co-captains. THE Cu fn 1 Y af f., W1 f."-v -L., V Q J f my-T 3 , f M ,- ' ' 3 V X .5 IQ., 5 5 iw., glen' , gy' 3 ,M . I ' ""P G32 ' 'H " W- 53: , 1..'f"" ,A , -us , . f' ' Q w EF94'w2f 'f ' .. 32 'li ' 'fgf5?W '-1-,W ed' In 1: 'HQ fwgff 1- 1 -w.,' fy. Q, . ,.t,i, -gig 4-f Q' In 1 4 14. if ., x , I a ,. kk X Ao,4 ,.3"' N M 'If E3 f-, if - , 1 ,vg M ' g ' "fl . -gy, .I . mfg- ,aw fx ' .faq ' ffxktbg, 'R ,, 1 J? kfsaiqfq 5 p , A: of ' ,t ' 01 l W -. 1 ,,-Q W su wx C T- ' 'fi 31, ,H 7 fs?- ..Ms.,, 'fsgil' , W W , k. I , , 2 14 a ' as f '-HKS fig ' K. ,. as ky. . JM . f9IW0W4E?Q Qs ,L,, ,N , f. - pt Mx 4 F- ., A W'- ,- 'gg V QR. -' 1 w vS+ff!'g!'9lA ' 'F ' 2 l 'fi W . fi57H 9-9? ,, ,Am S! Mkt? mn gag-,gb DR M TIC GGLO AND BEHOLD9' "Lo and Beholdf' the first Speech Arts presentation, was a tremendous success. Van Smithen as Ken, the Mad Musician of Mount Ivyg Phyllis Bury as Honey, a ghostly southern liberalg Phil Atkinson as Milo, a wealthy authorg and Jo Jeanne Rose as Daisy, maid and imposter, are shown here as four members of the talented cast. Phyllis Bury, Phil Atkinson, Jerry Goodrich as Bob, a research doctor, and Letitia Skinner as Minnie, a spooky Ramapo Indian, are some of the cast members who acquired Thespian points for their participation in "Lo and Behold.,7 Although the production was only on the boards for three and a half weeks, it was generally agreed around the school that it was an outstanding Edison First. Cast members were Jo Jeanne Rose,1Nathan Perry, Jerry Goodrich, Van Smitheni Phyllis Bury, Davis Metcalfe, Linda Perry, and Phil Atkinson who is seated. PROD CTIONS MGOOD NEWS" Life in this college sorority house could never be dull with 'Sharon Kitrell, Judy Lively, Kathy Robin- son, and Mary Ann Moyers as they refreshments after the big game. The antics of Mary Ann kept the in stitches. HGood News," a musical comedy, produced by the sophomore class was directed by Mr. Harold cum. Pi Beta Phi girls are all set for the big foot- ball game of the year and their open house. KL... ' Tait College spirit was running high in the opening scene. This pep rally at the rise of the curtain set the pace for one of the finest productions Edison has had. EXOTIC Right: 4'Chinatown,, featured red and black COOIIC suits. Betsy Brooks, .lan Creekmore, Sally Living ston, Adrienne .Stone, Nancy Stone, Susan Taylor and Meredith McKee presented this colorful number Above: There was a real display of fireworks when the "Scintillating Sparks" made their ap- pearance. They are Lou Ann McCu1lom, Donna McElroy, Sally Blocksom, Carolyn Axton, Brenda Baker, and Suzanne Perssons. Right: These "Geisha Girlsf' Pam Neal, Vicki Hill, Suzanne Persson, Janet Whatley, Cindy Kershner, and Bev Constantine rivaled Madame Butterfly in charm. W TER HGW.: Left: 'cSamurai Skirmishw was done by Tanya Loucks, Fritzie Warren, Betsey Wienecke, Patt Corry, Lor- raine Pratt, and Tucky March. Bottom left: "Dragon Dilemma" featured lilac and white costumes on Fritzie Warren, Meredith McKee, Neta Fulcher, Sharon White, Bonnie Creekmore, and Sarah Dixon. Bottom right: "Ladies of .ladefl a study in brilliant green, was a pol- ished production by Bonnie Creek- more, .lill Kremer, Betsey Wienecke and Kathy Barham. I3 COUTURIER' 4'Girls, Nationf the annual style show, portrayed a group of girls at a conven- tion in Florida. A pleasant patio scene emphasized the versatility of the girls' clothes. As evening approached, the girls met their dates in crisp, cool cottons and were ready to enjoy a moonlight tropical evening. A picturesque scene was when the girls in their unusual and attractive day- time dresses decorated the patio. DRE This is truly a "Girls' Nation? Their onvention was held on the beautiful cam- us at 4'Edison, Florida." Members of the omemaking classes showed the clothes hat they had made during the year. Their scorts were Edison Key Club members. The main characters of the 9th Grade play which was adapted from the book, Onions In The Stew, are Bob Adams, Linda Rainwater, Gretchan LeMaster, David Hicks, and Judy Hendrickson A D A 9th GRADE PRODUCTIO Left, Sherril Stone calls her sister, Marcia Holway, a "movie mad moron" while Judy Hendrickson, as Betty McDonald, and David Hicks, as her husband, watch. Below, Mike Hendrickson prepares to exterminate a nest of Yellow Jackets for his new love interest Helping are Sherril Stone, Charles Plowman, and Bob Adams. TABLE OE CONTENTS I . Q .27 Q 1' fff w 'f f 4, , ,,! 5 I 'Nfl NY QA v Aww' It-I -1 llsgia- G 1 . ,I M7 I J I : BD SPRING SECTION pp. 1-16 ADMINISTRATION pp. 20-27 FACULTY pp. 28-41 CLASSES pp. 42-137 ORGANIZATIONS pp. 138-165 MUSIC pp. 166-179 ELITE pp. 180-195 SPORTS pp. 196-227 ACTIVITIES pp. 228-248 m y do X 9 'SL' V' , F' , I A253 'ix , 'N N 5 U I bfi. 4 I 1 I 'I ,.' -. N KP 5' NGC, I I I F - X fin 4 QW" ,I I a ? .. 1. ' SI XI 1 2?-:Xi 6 I RH-GD .1 X 9-S FOREWORD .Q -,gp , E 'iii' X Tw -K i ' fl .iff Edison at work as a young man. The goal of The Torch staff this year has been to show a definite correlation of the inventions of Thomas A. Edison and the application of them by Edison High School. We have tried to distinguish the pertinent need for these inven- tions through careful pairings of inventions and section. As we progress through any day at Edison, we cannot help but encounter the fruits of his ambitions, fulfillments of his dreams. When Edison was perfecting the movie cam- era, could he possibly have foreseen the invaluable services this machine has rendered, not only as a great medium of entertainment, but also as a definite furtherance of educa- tion? Could he possibly have known that years after he had laboriously designed the megaphone, enthusiastic stu- dents would use this instrument to scream praises at a victorious athletic team? Although the students of Edison are, in reality, only an infinitesimal part of the over-all employment of his inven- tions, they are, nonetheless, a major section through their undying loyalty to Edison as to a man and to Edison as a school. DRDICATIO Many teachers in Edison deserve the honor of having the Torch dedicated to them, but one of these holds a special place in our hearts. Our special thanks go to Miss Berna Dean Morrow for the many long, but fruitful, hours she gave Edison as the yearbook advisor in 1957, 1958, and 1959. Not only has she served in preserving the memory of events through her work with the Torch, but she has also guided the Classes of 1958 and 1961 in making some of Miss Morrow helped set many of the traditions our other graduating classes have followed. Now, as sponsor of the these memories. As the sponsor of our first graduating class, Class of 1961, she has become known as 'The Great Play Giver" and is guiding her students to great accomplish- ments. Yet the thing we love about Miss Morrow is not that she has been so active in guiding groups of students, al- though this is important. It is the fact that she is never too busy to sit down and help a student who comes to her with a problem. She loves young people and has dedicated her life to helping them and showing them the way to a better adult life. It is with gratitude and thanks that we dedicate this 1960 edition of the Torch to a beloved teacher and advisor, Miss Berna Dean Morrow. 4 N. fi: l C . if 33331 Q sri A friend to everyone. The dictating machine, another of Thomas Edison's brain children, has become an integral part of the business world. It is very useful 'at our school not only in the main offices, but also in our business education courses. ADMINISTRATION Dr. Alexander pauses during his busy daily schedule. DR. HIRAM ALEXANDER PRINCIPAL Lieutenant-Govemor Nigh, the speaker at one of our many general assemblies last year, is greet- ed by Dr. Alexander. Dr. Mason serves as the executive officer for the Board of Education and is the chief administrative officer for the school system. DR. CH RLE C. ASON SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHGOLS Dr. Mason makes last minute preparations for a speech at one of the various functions held at Edison. ADMI I TRATIO L Without the fine administration Edison would not be the outstanding school it is today. Mr. Roy Lewis is in charge of the painstaking task of working on the students' individual matters of scheduling, scholarship, and testing. PTA OFFICERS Left to right: Mrs. Jeff A. Smyth, delegateg Mrs.VT. H. Gilbert, vice presidentg Mrs. A. H. McElroy, presidentg Mrs. Ralph D. Lynn, secretaryg Mrs. W. W. Matney, treas- urer. Mr. Edwin Bonde and Mr. Paul Hamm have'talcen the time-com suming jobs of dean of boys and assistant principal of the senior and junior high, respectively. Mr. Les Martin handles banking and co-op, two of the many extra benefits for students at Edison. H. G. BARNETT MRS. J. LITTLETON JOHN G. STAUDT WM. L. BUTLER DANIEL 24 ""' """'l W E E hu mqmi fruit., UW M Emu, Our senior high counselors pictured left to right, are, Mr. Robert Garner, Mr. Joel Keeter, and Mr. Jack Griffin. With the help of these men. many students at Edison have successfully made plans for their high school education and their future education after graduation. Mrs. Zoe White, junior high dean of girls and seventh grade counselor, and Mr. Dewey Williams, eighth grade counselor, have aided junior high students in pre- paring for their high school years. ARMON H. BOST MRS. VIRGIL O. WOOD VILLARD MARTIN, JR. Mrs. Florence Weist, senior high dean of girls, and Mr. Russell Rathjens, ninth grade counselor, are always willing to help our students with their problems. 5132! 535,655.3 s t 0 0 N Qi BOARD OF EDUCATIO The students of Edison will be forever indebted to the Board of Education' for the opportunity to attend Edison. Mr. H. G. Barnett, the president, and Mrs. J. Littleton Daniel, 'the vice president, lead this group in their fine work. 25 ADMINISTRATIO SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL PERSONNEL STANDING: left is Mate Le Master, senior high nurse, right, Evelyn Duncan, junior high nurse. These people perform various helpful jobs around Edison, and we often wonder what we would do without them. CAFETERIA STAFF STANDING, left to rightzvare Connie Adair, Parthena Turley, Kay Shillhammer, Bessie Cox, Beth Parker, Gertrude Bratcher, Frances Webb, Bemice Garrison, gloria Villine, Fannie Babick, Lenora Dies, Hazel ar m. 26 OFFICE STAFF STANDING, left to right: are Frances Kavannaugh and Lillian Taylor. Seated left to right, are Lorena George and Ruth Bolt. CUSTODIANS SEATED, left to right: are Albert Poe, Clarence Ford, and Mack McConnell. STANDING, left to right, are Fred Warren, Walter Carpenter, Laymon Kennedy, head custodian, Bobby Lowry, George Camp, and James Smothers. STANDING, left to right: are Zelma Huntsman, Jessie Robertson, Daisie Hol- nan, Beatrice Bunk, Ray Lowe, Irene Shaeffer, Helen McGinnis, Marie Shoef- stall, Lois Bewley, Dot Rodecker, Donna Case, Virgie Cochran, Ethel Wilker- son, Lorayne Punyear. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL PERSONNEL Mr. H. P. White, the school guard, untangles the snarl of traffic before and after school to help students across the street. Without the fine person- nel, the junior high would not function so smoothly. OFFICE STAFF - Left to right are .Io Ann Clannin, bulletin clerkg Winnie McClain, registrarg Stella Myers, attendance clerk. STANDING, FIRST ROW, are ROW are Gradie Chancery, O. B CUSTODIANS C.. H. Pate, Robert Bauders, Robert Tanery. SECOND . Hendon, Oscar Cox. CAFETERIA SEATED, left to right: are Opal Linton, Vergie Davis, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Ersel Harker, Eva Copeland, Kathryn Perrier, Katie Wagner, Ruth Stevens, Evelyn Green, Janet Pettay, Mildred Bolon. STANDING, left to right: are Opal Thomas, Gladys Hooker, Lillian McFer- son, Genevieve Hughes, Thelma Bell, Nellie Brown, Donna Moore, Leona Ap- plegate, Roberta Gideon, Delia Jackson, Edna Carr, Lois Martin, Carlotta Greg- my. 27 The best-known invention of Thomas Edison is the incades- cent light and the electrical advances which were a result of this discovery. This advance is symbolic to the,Edison student body of the light of knowledge we gain from our outstanding faculty. ? v f 'J' 4 w:fVE'ffc1v Q Mis ww' I 1 ART Sue Johnson Louise Todd These art students are working diligently on their assigned projects. Many varied and interesting art courses are offered at Edison for both the junior and senior high students. Beginning with the first basic art class, the scope of the cur- riculum in this subject includes painting, and commercial and advanced art. A stu- dent taking these courses will have a chance to work with all types of media and at the same time receive a resume of art history. Students in both departments participate in poster contests, the State Scholastic Awards Competition, and the National and International Humane Poster Contests. The art department is a great help to the School Life Staff, The Torch Staff, the sophomore Vignettes, and does scenery for the class plays. USIN ES ED CATIO Students in Mrs. McBumette's class are shown participating in a mock trial. The Business Department dedicates itself to providing its students with as much business acumen as is possi- ble. There are three differ- ent values that a student in- terested in business may gaing these are college pre- paratory courses, job-prepa- ration courses, and courses designed for practical use. Marian Dark Engel Grow Ednah Mae Ingalls Marjorie Joy Renner Mary Louise Stover Mathel Young McBurnette USIC R0l9Cft Blankenship Richard Cox Catherine Earl Ronald Shirey Richard Winfrey Our music department offers many varied courses which are a great asset to the students who plan to continue their music career in high school. The curriculum includes beginners, hand, music, HA" hand, "B" band, hand I, hand Il, girls' glee club, boys' glee club, and "B" orchestra in the junior high. Edison High prides itself on the outstanding music department which it has acquired in the past three years. The high school music department includes A "Aw orchestra, HA', band, "B" hand, concert chorus, girls' glee club, mixed chorus, and theory and har- mony. 6'Hey you with the books! Are you sure that's music you're reading? PEECH y g Edisorfs first speech course is offered in the seventh gradeg there is also an elective speech course offered in the ninth grade. This course is aimed at genuine communication such as, voice and body communica- tion. These students are taught to use speech mechanisms effectively, to use extensive vocabulary, and to speak extemporaneously. The high school speech curriculum begins with speech fundamentals which includes all of the general areas of speech. The second year 'of speech is primarily an emphasis on interpretation of good literature. The speech department also includes a debate course and a stagecraft class. Hlaisten my children and you will hear . . . Barbara Burket David Crowell Gerald Garland Edith McBride Har0ld M3ICUm 3l E CLI H Nobody can say our faculty doesn't have coffee breaks! Delores Borum Rosemary Chase Martha Cole ln order to learn to appreciate the beauty of the world around us, create a sympathetic under- standing of peoples of all parts of the world, and better understand ourselves, we study the works of literary masters as part of our English course. American literature is studied in the tenth grade, English literature in the eleventh, and World literature in the twelfth. Elective English courses include speech, debate, yearbook, and journal- ism. Composition and grammar are taught at all grade levels in order that students may use cor- rect English, acquire a more extensive vocabu- lary, learn to develop ideas and draw conclu- sions, and improve listening and conversational habits. Caroline Copeland Bethel DeLay ai J? Q, .gn mf 5 354 .im is rg Yf A 1 'ff' fe , - ,.fw,:,....,q,.,w,,wx,- Wt, .,, vm :fm rg 1 L, ff H fa42:I!1Q5ff1i,?fff '-si WII- 's-Qffgiii-agwwf ,wa . 'AQ ,L was 1 mei, egrggtygggzf. my-g,j" zyffifdlyg ,:v3w,fi:,s.1, ,af 51,Qw, wg,n1t3' it . . .Q-iw ,,,:g,, i:,5,, ,. sexzffsgawigga vgm x ar.. aww ,, .,-,,, . ,,.,, it ..f, fi , 'f ' ,uni ,f I 1' Mt Us faf' W R 2 cr' , an fwm X wi, fi 1 xl' O. C. Guinn Joyce Holleman Chloe Lane Beatrice Levin Bob Lewis Berna Dean Virginia Runnels Marion Scott Morrow Dorothy Boatright .lohn Butts Doris Deaton Susannah Hadley Eighth grade students in Mrs. Olds' second hour class are shown working on their English literature unit. When junior high students enter high school, they are equipped with a knowledge of the basic English language. They are well prepared for the general English courses and advanced English courses. ln the seventh grade the students receive essentials in grammar which includes a study of diagramming, vocabulary, and spelling. Eighth grade students receive an extensive study of grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. ln the ninth grade the students begin reading novels and preparing for high school English courses. Barbara Johnson Emma Lee Mary McDonald Madelyn Olds Virginia Smith Litchford M THEMATIC Jack Dobelbower Stan Harrison Kay lnhofe .lack Skelton X-V' i yywys ' My Wwy Q Qiivfvpx sv? s sw 34 Marjorie Landry Connie Matthews Ervin Postier Carolyn Stewart "Now I see your mistake, 2 times 2 equals 4, not 5! as i5?f' i' ruff' s is , gift o f gyms: W M: w as fwfr reg, eiifgfgy yx - lf' 'ggi Wffss me . ' ft Lv' 1 4 A lifgigiffs 2 - gt A 1 .2 ..,: . 5, Qs gifigiri ggg f i ., S LM . ,W .. I .M gf 43252 i f 2' gv l ,Y -115 jlf gliiilik Q X 1,5 flilpi k .. an f- or Q t yremgjggtt ifrgfsfgffyigggfgvfigi fl?-if, if ,set -f 2 2 ii ,Q . ,iii When Edison opened, we had a one-track mathematics program, but due to the increased demands of our students for a better background in this field, we have evolved a double track program with variations to fit the individual studentis needs. Edi- son offers mathematics courses such as algebra 1, 2, 3, and 4, plane geo- metry, solid geometry, and trigono- metry. Advanced courses are SMSG 10 fplane and solid geometryj, SMSG ll ftrigonometry and college algebral, SMSG 12 ftrigonometry and matrix algebral, and analytics and calculus. Our SMSG courses are supervised by the National Science Foundation and written at Yale University. A student may progress into the advanced program by attending sum- mer school one or two summers. lVI THEMATIC Seventh graders at Edison can embark on any one of the three tracks or groups of math courses of- fered in the math department. The first of these groups includes arith- metic in the seventh and eighth grades, and general math in the ninth. The majority of Edison students choose to follow the second track. This is composed of arithmetic in the seventh and eighth grades, and algebra 1 and 2 in the ninth. The third and final track begins prepar- ing the students for advanced math courses in senior high. It includes arithmetic in the seventh grade, al- gebra 1 and 2 in the eighth grade and algebra 3 and 4 in the ninth. .lim Belt Lucille Charles William Conner Sara Hartung Carrie Mae Little Sherman Robertson Dorthy Salter Forrest Towry Louise Wallace Celestia Williams ,qejipggg A 5552? f wggggisziii w gasses agigwgagrgpayx 7 w'fm,ij'iW if ,gsm gamers seg Aw, digg m y at +3 gm 56 ig -Q ' Qi ,gr v fe ze W if if it as i Q wit -aft. Q Q Mwrifri S' 5 ifiitiirisfffrii Y ,. M ' as-sis . 5 mesa Tia? -"' i g, 11-:5g..g5g 5gir:,--gg a gv it . rig agmtfgrff am gsm-E. as.:'s. :a,.asg :- 95' .HE.-f frs,fiigf2fg:Qiff re acts : ..e',. Fairs. S210 -v-- ' w,9f. 5,,, N-.,m. h i s 5 :agsa-arte: wQazf.s2.seQfs,3:Hz5 1" .fu . I' ' -'---- ' fs? . , . ,W ,. ..-.,. :,, ,:.,, S, ,Mwl . .. ,E ,. s ,, se me R., v. . -- - -950515501 . .. . .WSI EM., . :.. fe ::::-.mr -- were , e 'sewage ',,,, I., ,. H , Qiggffi ,: ., , my-rigrfgsu : .i , - WM v,., ,. image, . , 3. -- -- . ,- . , vi ,. , .. . ,. . rms. di CIE CE Phil Bradshaw Eunice Moechel Donald Poe Mr. Green shows one of his biology students the models used for the study of the human body. In keeping with the philosophy of the science department in Tulsa Public Schools, Edison continues the HK-12" pros gram fkindergarten through twelfth gradej and junior and senior high school courses are built upon the background gained in the lower grades. Science at Edison begins with general science in junior high and progresses through two years of biology and chemistry, one year of physics, one semester of psychology, one semester of physiology, and other general sciences. Lewis Ayres Wayne Bland Paul Bynum Wendel Casey Donald Hoopert Katherine Jones Quentin P0111 Robert Sanderson OCIAL STUDIE Larry Alexander Pauline Jackson Fern Kelly NOIHIH Mitchell Mrs Kelly's fourth hour ancient and medieval history class made their panel on Assyria very entertaining with these colorful costumes. It is the aim of the junior high social studies department to help each student to achieve a firm foundation in history on which he or she can rely for further use in high school, college, and later life. Through the effective program of United States history, geography, and civics during the junior high years, the student is required to exercise all types of skills and aptitudes. p The senior high department' offers a more varied and elective program and covers a greater span of time. Students have a choice of ancient and medieval, modern, and world history, and economics and government. Lectures are given at the American Forum by authorities in many areas of American life, and students are allowed a question and answer period afterwards. Evelyn Parish 3 .,r. ,?s,,se4?5z,,,wsm8,tif,5,,,vS?,faiggtenmwefmggigi ., V we :aa , V' -' .. l- g,,fz53s,e L5 5535! ' regar-miigffssrfgafl' ..- .i: 5' tisitfgsgga er,f,freg,sfga-iavfa sg .f izr a tiigfwgag? ZSQM V , LQ Wrist ,g.fa:if" ref.: Q :ill 1 lij fffrrai gf t zzf .: i::': I::?ffi3,2E"f' H -:fm Q:l55kI::a'fE- iN 4 4 -'fwfizztl 44,15 el: 1 H , gl W 1 'll 2 if! 'fl 4 ,M .vw f.f...f1,f K 41 ' 'Q ff? ,im ty 1 ,g P52253 pw so - 'E at :ax ZX K X as Y GFA t tsitf i giggle X55 'Y' 4 .. -:ln-r.. lit? ,. .l at , V. -- k liaifi 'Lf 1: Neil Barker Charlyn Beal Richard Fleming Rebecca Fox Jean Harris Mickie Laymafl C-l1aflCS RCVCS Pamela Ricks 37 FOREIGN N U GE Edison's foreign language courses begin in the seventh grade for the students who are extremely interested in languages. Conversa- tional French and Spanish are offered to sev- enth and eighth grade students. The foreign language department in the junior high offers three years of Spanish and French and one year of Latin in the ninth grade. Any student who has not had Conversational French or Spanish may take regular French 1 and 2 or Spanish 1 and 2 in the ninth grade. The high school foreign language depart- ment takes up where the junior high ends. A student with three years of French or Spanish behind him may continue the same language for three more years in high school. Edison offers six consecutive years of French and Spanish and four consecutive years of Latin. Helen CHIIICY Mary Childs. Dorothy Cook Doris King These three members of Mr. Martin's second hour Spanish class are rehearsing for a skit they plan to present during class. R0d Martin Beatrice Notley Rachel Pollard Roy Ralston Raghel Sanchez 38 GIRL 9 PHYSIC L ED CATIO Johnnie Ray Charlene Mary Catherine Brasuell Clark Davis Pat Grace Houston Wiggins Both junior and senior high school physical educa- tion departments have a wide variety of activities. The girls have sports, which stimulate an interest and joy in playing games, swimming, w h i c h teaches enough proficiency to feel secure and safe in water, modern dance, which teaches a personalized medium of communicative expression, and individual activities, which takes care of each in- dividual according to her par- ticular needs and capacities. Miss Cla 's se cond hour students are shown performing one of the many modern dances they rk have learned this year. HGME ECO GMIC The homemaking department of Edison junior-senior high school is a carefully integrated one. Seventh through twelfth grade instructors' plan and work together to teach basic skills and principles of their subject, and to develop a scientific approach to problem-solving, The chief aims of the homemaking program are to provide the student a wholesome philosophy, basic knowledge and skills vital to successful family and community life, both now and in the future, and to point toward opportunities in the home economics' profession. Personal development classes inform students of college and job requirements, and acquaint them with the careers in which they are interested, and for which they are fitted. Blanche Coiner Billye Glover Beryl Parker Dorothy Payne Frances Smith Katherlne Whitaker BOY 7 PHY ICAL ED C TION Nocus Mclntosh Hugh Pierce John Beeby .lerry Coody Marvin Ross .lim Sellers H. .l. Green Robert Kauffman Our physical education department, both junior and senior high, is designed to develop the boys who participate in this program. The junior high has a well-rounded program which includes flag football, basketball, swimming, and a variety of other team and individual' sports. The senior high courses stress the finer points of the different sports. The sixth hour gym classes fcompetitivel have turned out many excellent athletes this year. A good game of volleyball helps these boys to develop team sportsmanship. 40 I DU TRI L ART Elmer Mabry Wayne Nelson Carl Ford C. J. .lohnson Selby Thomason James Tritt' P. J. Pallissard Wayne Kendall Both the junior and senior high industrial arts departments offer many varied and interesting courses. The junior high program offers rich ex- ploratory experiences to all the seventh and eighth grade boys. The pro- gram consists of a sequence of courses in general drawing, electricity, Woodwork, metal, printing, and handicrafts. The senior high program in- cludes hasic architectural and machine drafting, one year of electricity, radio, and auto mechanics, and three years of woodworking. Ted Larkin and Pat Davis are very serious about their work in drafting. l l l X5 er i no l A X W r. w , lf l l 55 " xpl lllwlw 9 l 3 sl li- tl E1 4 Q Q: --cfvvms-nl During World War I Thomas Edison contributed much of his time and talents to the research involved with chemical Warfare. These representatives of the student body are work- l 4 W i 1 ,W M nd I 'qfffff Vov' J' ' Ll 42 ing together to follow the example of striving toward knowl- edge that was set by the man for Whom we are named. CLASSES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Senior class officers serving the Class of 1960 are, left to right, Don Leka, vice presidentg Linda Henderson, social chair- Inang Happy Fry, presidentg Marian Cole, seeretaryg and Jerry Shockley, treasurer. 44 These active students give much of their time and talent in furthering the Edison ideals of initiative and progress. They are standing in front of the bust of Thomas A. Edison, a gift of the 1959 senior class. SENIOR CLASS BOARD The senior board is composed of the senior officers, a representative from each homeroom, and five members-at-large. Their sponsor, Mrs. Delores Borum, is partly responsible for their victorious year. Members are, front row, left to right, Mrs. Delores Borum, sponsor, Marian Cole, Happy Fry, Don Leka, Linda Hen- derson, Jerry Shockley. Second row, Lou Roberts, Mickey Rainier, Marianne Aarant, Nancy Gribin, Lee Clark. Third row, Sally Wooid, ,ludy Patton, Susan Bush. Fourth row, Forney Hutchinson, John Woodruff, Jimmy Alcock, Bill Fitzgerald, David Schuman. Fifth row, Cindi Killian, Linda Perry, Lowell Stokes, Ben Estes, and Jerry Garner. Tom Allen, Billy Allison, Ronny Altman, Martin Anderson, Sue Anderson, Tom Archibald What's wrong with him? SENIOR Herb A1'St, Linda Asher, Larry Bailey, Bob Baker Drexel Baker, Judy Baker, Susan Baker, Zita Baker, John Baldwin Johnny Barbara, Connie Barker, Sarah Barker, Sara Barr, Carol Barry, David Bartlett Sally Bauer, Cap Baxter, Margaret Bean, Toni Beavers. Cary Behle, Mary Ann Bell Nan Bennett, Carol Bentley, Margie Berg, Martha Berg, Stan Berlin, Bill Bersley Crai g Blackstock, Beverly Blair, Gerene Blair, Sallie Blorcksom CLASS Was Mary Ann surprised or was she surprised? Dick Boggs, Craig Bolen, Sue Bondurant, Betty Booth, Lind Borden, J im Boswell Barbara Bowman, Sharon Bradley, Pat Braley, Joe Branham, Joe Breedlove, Carole Bricker Lea Brown, Safari Brown, Victor Brown, Ramona Bruhn, Ralph Brummett, Rusty Brunkow SE IOR Those big words got the point over. We "Skinned the Scots." Mike Bryant, Norman Bryant, Bob Buchanan, Carolyn Bullock .lohn Bumgarner, Mike Burke, David Burg, Andy Busch, Susan Bush 48 Linda Butler, Ross Cadwell, Camille Cailloux, ,lim Cain, Jane Camden, Joanne Cameron Mike Craig, Bob Crawford, Nancy Crider, Jeffrey Curlee, Bob Davis, Gary Davis L ,IOR Shall I compare thee to a sum1ner's day? . . ." Jim Davis, Pat Davis, A1 Deaton, Tom Deupree Dick Dickason, Wayne Did lake, Anita DiGiacomo, Larry Dobie, Bill Douglas, Helen Dowland .ludy Drake, Robert Duncan, Judy Duncan, Barbara DuPont, Donna Dupy, Dennis Dutsch 50 Mary Lee Duvall, Nancy Duvall, Charles Eads, Linda Earl, Larry Edens, Pat Eitel Jackie Eley, Bill Elliot, Jerry Elliot, Ben Estes, Linda Eulert, Lila Kaye Farthlng Pat Feagin, Jack Ferguson, Paul Ferguson, Bill Finley '4Thou art more lovely and more temperate Judy Finn, Barbara Ann Fish, Glenn Fisher, J une Fitch, Bill Fitzgerald, Sharon Fletcher Diane Ford, Sally Fowler, Sandra Fox, Julia Francis, Scott Francis, Rita Franklin Mike Galloway, Gwen Gantz, Jerry Garner, Paul Gerber, Ann Gibbons, Howard Gilbert SENIUR we From my whole heart." Thomas Gilbert, John R. Gilchrist, Richard Godfrey, Tom Golden Tom Goodridge, Jean Goodson, Jewell Gordon, Susan Gordon, Steve Gorman Saundra Gosnell, Charles Goss, Judy Graham, Charles Green, Sharon Green, Nancy Gribin Gary Griffin Saundra Grishy David Grubb Mor an Gurthet John Hall Sidney Hamman Patty Hammond, Joyce Hampton, Bill Hanton. ,loe Harbison, Dennis Harden, Annetta Hargrove Rita Harkreader, Sherry Hartley, Ed Haskell, Joyce Hawley CLASS l "Here I stand for inspec tion." Bill Heard, Raymond Heath, Jeff Heil, Debra Henderson, Linda Henderson Ron Henderson, Hilary Henneke, Sharlee Henshaw, Mary Lynn Hensley, Linda Herndon, Fred Herrin William Hetherington, Gaye Hickman, Scotty Hicks, Vicki Lynn Hill, Jon Hockenson, Jayne Hollingsworth Stuart Hopkins, Dan Houtman, Martha Howard, Phil Howard, Carl Hunt, Forney Hutchinson Wonder who will win? Dave Ihrig, David Ingram, Jim Ingram, Joe Ingram Bob Jacob, Harry S. J acobs, Larry Jacobs, Richard Jeffrey, Sharon Kay Jenkins Peni J ewell, Tanya Johns, Carolyn Johnson, Dale Johnson, Judy Johnson, Linda Johnson Nancy Johnson, Don Jones, Margaret Jones, Nancy Jones, Paul Jones, Ronnie Kahan Kalbus, Ron Kalman, Judy Keenan, Judy Kennedy, Sally Kenslow, Cindy Kershner Cynthia Killian, Tom King, Kathy Kline, Mary Klucevsek Don't worry, Ted. She won't bite you Charles Kothe, John Knopf, Bob Knight, Leon Kravitz, Jill Kremer- Ruth Ann Krihbs, Larry Kunkel, Fran Kupper, Carolyn Lafferty, Pat Lane, Larry Langley 7 Ted Larkin, Phyllls Lawrence, Danny LeCrone, Bobby Lee, Larry LeGate, Mary Leiser Don Leka, Carolyn LeMay, Bob Leslie, Dean Lewis, Kay Lewis, Jerry Lightfoot I-nu SENIO Is this the inner circle of the intelligentsia? Barbara Logsdon, Charla Lo Paula Lin dley, renz, Kathy Lo Carol Lltson, David Livmgston, Sandra Lloyd ra ohn Lubell Morris Lusk E' WM Ruthe Lynde, Chuck MacDonald, Tom Mach, Kathy MacKenna, Marilyn Maddox, Larry Mansur 56 Caroljean Maples, Judy M arlow, Harriet Marrs, Jerry Martin, Larry Martin, Sharon Martin Rick Mason, Harry Massaro, Claudia Matney, Lori Matteson, ,lim Matthews, Sandra McBride Margaret McCartney, Mickey MeCully, Sandy McGa.lliard, Marty McGinnis C ,Ar S 3- 'UF wi mm V3 Lorraine and ,lim are examples of Edison workers Errol McGuire, Carolyn McIntosh, Meredith McKee, Errol McKoy, Pat Mclver WN Q wwf? QW New Q W Marilyn MeMasters, Hope McM1ll1n, Linda McPearson, Jerry McVay, Judy Mederls, Candy Meek Mar . , 2 fi s E iii R rg! 'Ti si fs l E 'Q' W SS ra Mefford B para Menkoff Jim Menzies Marcia Meredlth Cecrlra Lee Mrller, Mary Mi er S 3 , 'V' si 2 f 5 K 9's'i 33 E 5 www A ,. is Q R , ' sswvm' .421 lg ., 5 2 Q ii M 2 'slr Q M Q +6 mi we xg .pn ll' 5 E Trudy Miller, Larry Mizel, Bill Mohr, Nancy Montgomery, Joe Moody, Jory Moon " ' ' WWW.: ...,,.. f ' H ,, .,,,. 11 ' , A I li Qi hr ' , " -'rw -' VJ- : qw- .. '- ,. ,ff,..'f.fiH., ::1f:wf:.!:e,11: ,-C'az'I '1,iEf .g:',,, -gg: M y V if .. , - ,, fa - frm-2::'.:sf.:a:f:f::,: we2Lfrvg4bs,4awg" : " ,:,, kj : ,-m' :g: 3f'.f'e fr ze, A -we , 1, , K va: '---- 'I: . LT Z -Wg-SfL42iflff32i??s2?S5i5M rib? y fei l l r ef'-sig ,,f":.: Z':.',,v"-,,,::,.',. :wg ,.,, -. so --fr ar.,,a,5,,,,M-W,,,m,,f, ,f'I,ggjq,xh mr,ii , ,- "Hail, Hail to Edison" Hank Moore, James Moore, Paul Moran, Mike Morton ,mgmmmw mum Barbara Mulley, Daryl Murphy, Sharon Murphy, Mike Murray, Clem Nalley 58 Eric Nash, Linda Nash, Nancy Neal, Pam Neal, Laurie Neerman, Carl Neibling Marty Nesbitt, Marna Newsom, Ronnie Newton, Jeff Nix, Sally Noyes, Gifford Olin Bonnie Orrell, Jodie Owens, Gary Packwood, Charlie Parker, Sharon Parker, Mike Partridge Judy Patton, Peggy Pellegrini, Mike Perkins, Sali Permenter C I Mr. Lewis, aren't you in the wrong group? .J E 5 Linda Perry, Suzanne Persson, Peggy Pettit, Kathryn Pickens, Gary Pilcher 5 E Robert Poe, Connie Pogson, John Pohly, Judy Porter, Tom Poss, Mary Ellen Prafka. Jerry Prather, Dick Pratt, Lorraine Pratt, Linda Presswall, Melvyn Price, Merrily Price Lewis Pringle, Dick Pryor, Ronnie Quick, Dick Quiggle, Carl Radle, Carolyn Rainier SENIOR 3 Mickey Rainier, Terry Randall, Marvin Reaves, Shirley Reed What's this! The national --HW pastime? Bob Renherg, Tommy Renfrow, Donna Reyburn, Mike Reynolds, Wayne Rice ,lim Ricks, James Ridley, Sharron Ritter, Andy Robertson, Lou Roberts, Dick Robinett Tom Roblnett R n Roderick J nice ho CIS Sandia Ro ers ea R y Linda Ron ..".'.:'.'r..'..'E1n-2 Tom Poss, Renn Rothrock, LIZ Hotramel, Ann Rozen, Dallle Rupmk, Turner Russell Hazel Schlender, Doyle Sanders, Kay Sanders, Esben Schacke CLASS Oh! Those senior plays. Carolyn Schweers, Carol Schlect, Michael Schnelle, Robert Schultz, David Schuman Sherrel Scroggs, Katie Seger, Jim Selph, John Shane, Bill Shanks, Bob Shaw Robert Simpson, Fred Sims, Pat Sisney, Ronnie Skinner, Wanda Skinner, George Skye SE IOR 5 Beat the Braves. Anne Slagle, Annelle Smith, Darwin Smith, Linda Beth Smith Linda Sue Smith, Richard Smith, Tim Smith, Verne Smith, Van Smithen Susie Smothermon, Allen Snively, Mary Margaret Snyder, Duke Soule, Charles Spann, Nancy Sparks W .ludy Springfield, Lynda Stahl, Diane Stanley, Jeanne Stark, Lynette Stein, Sue Stewart Linda Stiles Lowell Stokes. Adrlenne Stone Lo an Stroud Pa Strout Pat Stubbs Dean Stull, Kay Sturdivant, John Stutsman, Franc es Tabor Stomp, cl ap! Stomp, clap! Stomp, clap Elizab eth Taylor, Kinny Taylor, Phil Templeton, George Tesar, Bill Thomas Linda Thomas, Patty Thompso n, Mary Linda Tibbens, Barrett Timm, Wiley Tindle, Bill Tucker Richard Vale, Dennis Vance, Clarice Van Valkenburgh, Kent Van Valkenburgh, Lana Kay Venus, Teresa Vreeland W SENIOR You tell 'em, coach. Gail Voltmer, Sonja Wadley, Bette Jo Wantland, Bob Ward Mary Warren, Neta Warren, George Washington, Bronnie Watt, Joe Watts David Weichert, Celle Weinberg, Jerry Weis, John Welge, Janet Whatley, Claudia Whitehead 64 Catherine Wieneoke, Dennis Wilkerson, Carol Willard, Betty Williams, Joyce Williams, Karen Williams Mike Williams, Kenneth Williamson, Georgia Wills, Bob Wilson, Hugh Wilson, Janet Wilson John Wilson, Kiefton Wilson, Larry Wilson, Fred Winer, Linda Winters, Sharon Wolfe tkiasts, Style shows, Play tickets, and Brownie IS. gg , E . , sm ,zg 5. ,E ,ZA ,.,,EX., 2 . ,,.,..,,. . t t Q i f 2 'F iii? f '- - -eate r ggi V '- E hi at its 'Aw 555 157 S f. ,- 1149 5 fs? Sz E is ,tea ng, fs: ag if Q t .. .. ,,-- fat E Q ,a i is its .11 1: Z1 as . w .mm-w 5 X :E .1 55 :ivy , ,, - ,,. ,sl 1, ilk 'Q ' -- .,fwfJ,:'ifvt-eq, "1 Miki iiasmfft fS f?Lg?:1zsas?ioi1:, , f vita eaf ffixs sSLssf1ff2f:: KH I iw? if big,fsz?tJ:,:4z,1X1?efgfsy, ig .. W H K ' tfassszsf-rein is 1 iss 7 ,,wsxslsfiiisrzwzftimeissizeisfzfsezssziztv' i ss ilafgesfzszmeifgeiz sfvwwfve eeielfz at new.ifgmsa-'sfi2,i ff2fifls,ssf141ms1 Ch Rival Soho e eerlead I'S 4 ale ols : Small Sally Wood, John Woodruff, Brenda Wright, Mary Helen Young, Don York, Joel Zellgson xiii 5 ii 2 'iii UNIUR CLASS OFFICERS After an exciting campaign and close election, these Juniors emerged victorious to lead their class through a busy year. They are doing a bang-up job and seem to be determined to make the 1959-60' school year the best for the class of ,6l. Left to right are Dave Curnutt, prersidentg Betsey Wienecke, social chairmang Fred Slicker, vice presidentg Jan Jones, secre- taryg Ronnie Marsh, treasurer. CLASS or 1961 UNIOR BOARD The Junior Class Board has had a big job this year. Not only have they handled the usual class activities such as mixers, the play, HBells Are Ringingf and the Valentine dance, but they have also had the added task of beginning to plan and prepare for their senior year. They have been husy kids, but anyone would tell you all the work was Worth it. Pictured left to right are, first row, Kathy Shapiro, Cissy Cohn, Sigrid Sundvahl, Sue Ann Rogers, Joyce Arrington, Pam Peterson, Jamie Bevens, Sylvia Bury, Carol Mitch- ell, second row, Don Kahl, Judy Brown, Salley Prigg, Lans Traverse, Barbara Mil- ler, Judy Lively, JoEl Tucker, Lynne Bol- lins, Nancy Yeager, Cheryl Sanders, Ron- nie Davis, John Jones, Miss Berna Dean Morrow, sponsor, Betsey Wienecke, Ron- nie Marsh, Jan Jones, Fred Slicker, Dave Curnuttg third row, Dick Mclntosh, Jim- mie Johnston, and Rocky Bilbo. JU- IOR Wouldn't you know! The Student Council is always around the punch howl. Erik Anderson Mary Ann Archibald Robert Armstrong Joyce Arrington Harold Lee Atherton Sharon Atherton Ruth Atkin James Axton Marilyn Axton Carol Baehus - David Bagwell Gayle Bailey Janice Bailey John Baker Monte Baker Noby Baker Charles Balch John Balch Hyland Baldridge Jirn Banks Buddy Barnes Kent Barnes Jerry Bartlett Eddie Barton Gail Bassham Katherine Beal Sandi Becko David Beeby John Bekins Joyce Bell 68 Jerry Abraham Diane Abshire Bill Aby Patsy Adkison Tom Akins Diana Alessio Caynell Alunih 5 Lani Andelman CLASS Cliff Blaylock .lim Bloom Anne Bodley Diane Bottonifield Charles Bott Merrilly Bowen Roger Bowen Darrell Boyd Carolyn Bradshaw Linda Brandon Barbara Breeding Donna Breeding Linda Bell Morris Bender Bhonie Bennett Sandy Bennett Bob Beustring Jamie Bevins Rocky Bilbo Dan Black Diana Blackburn .lane Blair Terri Blanchard Johnny Blankenship Marty Broeksmith Betty Broding Suzanne Brown lngrid Brudvig Helen Bucklin Anita Bulger Mike Bunn Carol Burlingame Ken Burton Sylvia Bury Lee Butler Louise Butler UNIOR Scottie Caswell Dannye Caudle Mickey Champion Joan Chandler Janet Cheatham Brown Chileoat Bob Childers Janell Clark Judy Clark Sue Clark Mark Clasby Jerry Cleminshire Melanie Cochran Carol Cockman Howard Coe Cissy Cohn Barbara Coleman Raymond Coleman Karin Comstock Dudley Conner Mike Cooley Bill Cooper Mike Copenhaver Rick Cornstuble Derald Cornwell Richard Cotneron Charles Courington Teddy Cox Pat Crane .lim Craun 70 Carol Campbell Earl Campbell .lim Campbell Jon Campbell Liz Campbell Warren Carey Janice Cash George Castle CLASS Suzanne Davisson Donna Day Judy Dean John Deax Larry DeCorte George DeMier Eddie Denman Annette Dennis Mike Davis Parke Davis Ronnie Davis Steve Davis Philip Davis Mike Crisp Mickey Cunliffe Dave Curnutt Pam Curtis Cynthia Darnpier Beverly Daugherty Rebecca Dauner Delmar Davis Glenn Davis Jim Davis John Davis Liz Davis Our junior quartet, the Vis- counts, hard at work. Joe Denonoourt Ruth Ann DeWitt Terry Dickey Jerry Divine Eric Dixon Nevin Dodd Charles Dohnalek Dannye Sue Domnick Doke Douglas Ted Downing Tony Doyle Phil Dunbar '7I UNIOR Esben, don't let them fool you. ,lan Ellison Nancy Elwell Jeanne Engle .lohn English Bill Ess Rene Etheredge lreen Evans Bill Fabian Penny Farson Sharye Farthing Nancy Fash Annette Fate Bob Faust Don Feagin Dale Ferguson Judy Ferguson Pat Ferguson Ben Findley Bruce Fisher Bruce J. Fisher Gwen Fisher ,lim Fisher Marilyn Fitzgerald Bill Flake Emily Fluke Molly Flynn Donna Ford .lanet Ford Bob Fornell Carlene Fox I-li-il Ray Duncan Johnnie Duvall Hayne Dyches Carolyn Earley Ginger Eby Marsha Eddins Barbara Edson Rosemary Eisler CLASS Sharon Frank Laura Lee Freeland Ann Freeman Elizabeth Freidlin Jayne French Bev Frick Sharon Frisbie Steve Fryar John Fugatet Neta Fulcher Johnny Fulton Eddie Gates Julie Gentry Kathy Gentry Bob Gilchrist Jim Gilmore :Illini 's ' 'I 'W W," x S ' ' I l MNA James Gindt ' 4 ' ' John Glamser J if . Tobi Glazer J, 1 X Cyndy Glenn 74,8 I ,wb 5. 423, A LTIXV: 0.41 , .X QI. WVR Pancho Pat Godden Judy Gollub Bill Goodwin Dianna Gorsuch Pat Graff Richard Grammer Kenneth Graves Gary Gray Linda Gray Teryna Gregory Richard Griffin Victor Groves Sherry Gunter John Halbrook Carolyn Hall Diana Hamilton UNIOR The Hatfields, planning their strategy. Gerry Hathcock ,Tania Hawkins Pamela Hay Sarah Hay Elizabeth Hayden ,lim Heaton Kathy Heffernan Craig Heidinger Ruth Henderson Susan Henderson Joanne Henthorne Vicki Henthorne Cherry Hicks Judy Hicks Chuck Hill Steve Hill Barbara Hobson Ligea Hodgson Tom Hoilich Donna Holland Theresa Hollingsw Dianne Hood .lohn Hood George Hooper Barbara Hoover Phil Hope Larry House Marcia Hudson Danny Hunt Sandy Hunter 74 1i Sandy Hammer Dale Hammett Sharon Hannon Sharon Harper Sharon Harris Nancy Harrison James Hartshorn Sandye Hathcoat orth CLASS Mark Jennings Roger Jobe Kay Johns Mike Johns Ronnie Johns Arthur Johnson Charles Johnson Gary Johnson Kathy Johnson Lance Johnson Linda Johnson Linda Johnson Jack Husted Sandy Hutton Jack Ingram Elaine Ives Sharon Jacobson Becky James Gary James Sandy James Joel J ankowsky Eloise Janssen Pete Janus Robert Jenkins She's a real McCoy Brenda Johnston Jim Johnston Jimmy Johnston Mindy Johnston J an J ones John Jones Linda Jones Susie Jones Don Kahl Pat Kalb Jim Karsteid Rita Keas UNIOR Q f E: H Q.,- Wm Vg... ,. ,Q mag-. -:fn "fn Preparing for Dance! Eddie Kline Carol Klink Ken Knarr .lanet Knippa ,lohn Knittle Shirley Krebs Vic Kulp Carolyn Lairmore Ted Lamb Sydney Lancaster Roger Lane Rick Lang James Laster Skip Laughlin David Lawson Judy Lawson .limmie Lechlider Nancy LeCrone Floyd Leighty Pat Leonard Jerry Letzkus Joyce Levy Bill Lewis Gary Lewis Pat Lile Judy Lively .ludy Lynn Lipshy Richard Locasso Sandra Long Hap Lowry 76 the Valentine Kathey Keeter Alice Kenney Susie Ketch Roy Killian Steve Kimball Ferrell Kirtley Sherry Kitrell Kenny Klein CLASS Donna McElroy Monty McGinnis Robert McGinnis Gary McGovern Mike McGraw Pat Mclnerney Bob Mclntosh Bonnie Mclntosh Dick Mclntosh Toni Mclntyre Phillip McPerson Judy Maddox Jo Jean Lowery Susan Ludman Marlis lo Lusk Andy Lutman Mary Lynn John McAuliffe Jean McClure Mac McClure Chuck McConnell Poppe McCormick Suzanne McCulloch Richard McDaniel Expecting? Carol Manton Mary Markham Charles Markusich Jack Marsee Ronnie Marsh Andrew Martin Bill Martin Dibk Martin Wanda Martin Judy Massaro John Mattews Cay Mattocks NIOR May I have your autograph? Kenneth Miller Lynn Miller Mike Miller Mickey Mills Carol Mitchell .lane Mitchell Ada Dee Mobley Marion Moody Linda Moore Jeff Morgan Linda Morgan Marilyn Morris Ronnie Morrison .lim Mossey Ralph Moyer Mary Ann Moyers Dianne Mullins Marilyn Murphy Jeff Musick Ronald Myers Barbara Naifeh Anne Nash Diane Nash Jan Neal .loelene Nelson Metzie Nichols Anna Norberg Tom O'Leary Ed Orr Nadine Orwig Mike May Merrily Meek Linda Mehlho-rn Demetria Meier Lois Meyer Mary Michel Barbara Miller Chris Miller CLASS L. David Roark Kay Roberts Ronnie Roberts Ann Robertson Kathy Robinson Shirley Rodgers Sue Ann Rodgers Joe Rohr Lynn Rollins Tom Roney Georgia Rose Robert Rosebush Carol Ross Kenneth Ruffin Elaine Ruggles Alice Rumbaugh J on Running Pam Russell Karen Sackett Jean Sadler Frances Salle Steve Samvelson Phil San Angelo Cheryl Sanders David Sanders Patti Satin John Savolainen Tom Sawyer David Scales Richard Schafer IOR All for the Hat- fields stand up and holler ! Russell Reed Tom Reyhurn Dallas Rhoden Joel Rich Rick Richardson Jana Richey Mike Riley Toni Roach CLASS JU IOR She walks in beauty like the nightf, .Tack Sporgin .loan Squire Patricia Steele Sue Stephens Jerry Stokely Freddie Stormm Gary Stover Garry Strouse Doris Summers Sigrid Sunduahl Dick Sweet Bob Sykes Larry Tanner Sheila Tatroe Gwen Taylor Lisa Taylor Susan Taylor Jerry Teel Skipper Teel Pat Tetrick Judith Thomas Kaye Thomas Pat Thomas Jim Thrash Pat Tihbens Jewell Tidwell Suella Todd Karen Traw Carolyn Tredway Betty Truttman Sharon Smith Susan Smoot Jeff Smyth Mike Snow John Sober Steve Somers Sande Soule Link Spann CLASS 84 Dave Curnutt, Betsey Wienecke, Kathy Robinson, ,IoEl Tucker, and John Jones are busily at work on posters for the smash hit, ':Bells Are Ringing." .lim Wilks Anne Williams Chuck Williams Davis Williams .lim Williams Karen Williams Larry Williams Jan Williamson Clair Wilson Dick Wimbish Nancy Winslow Carol Ann Winters Kathy Winters John Wise Linda Wise Judy Woods Gail Work Bobby Wright Betty Wright Cathie Wright Nancy Yeager George Yetter .lerri Young Jerry Yount Barbara Zahn Betty Zahn Stuart Zarrow Garth Ziege Ann Ziemer Mike Zulkey Dyke Wiley i- it W tlyt laaw1?32f?tgQ isa ,Zeiss W K E J f la?" india' ,if ,t 5 lit? ,sit f was 1-Y? 1 4: mggagagitfii isfgggsmmirts ii as :ig iid-2525 5 5 S , , i7iQ?f3QQH5fx5i'lLf5l fmQsff32gs3f5sn 1, 33 mi A H K t J , --fr Dianne Wilkerson at is 5, UNIOR ACTIVITIE A thing of beauty 15 a Joy forever. Sell those tickets I "Going to Kansas City . . .?" After strict interro- gation, five emerged as finalists for the Foreign Exchange student from Edi- son. They are, left to right, Anne Wil- liams, Gay Mat- tocks, Ron Roberts, Elaine Ruggles, and Peggy White. Nervously awaiting election returns SGPHO ORE CLASS OFFICERS The first year in high school is always a busy one and the students pictured above have the added task of leading their class- mates toward the best possible year. The 86 officers are, from left to right, Gerry Mc- Neal, social chairmang Jan Creekmore, treasurerg Tucky March, secretaryg Skip lha, vice presidentg Pat Fogarty, president. Class of '62 OPHO GRE BO RD The Sophomore Board has had many activities and good times this year. Under the able direction of the officers and Mr. Stan Harrison, sponsor, they have planned and carried out the Victory Mixer after the Central game, the class play, a tea for the sophomore homeroom teachers, and the annual Spring dance. Pictured stand- ing from left to right are, Stan Harrison, Bill Buchanan, Steve Garner, Bert Fisher, Skip lha, Gerry McNeil, Pat Fogarty, Tucky March, J an Creekmore, Scott Abel, Mike Schlosser, ,lim Schaner, Dave Hicks. Seated, left to right, are, Nancy Singleton, Marilyn Kapner, John Breach, Liz Mun- gen, Danny Miller, ,Ian Burnett, Linda Rainwater, Dana Elias, Shirley Satterfield, Alan Livingston, Kay White, Helen Hays, Rick Stevenson, Brenda Baker. Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . Carolyn Axton Dan Babcock Barbee Bagwell Bryan Bagwell Brenda Baker Cindy Baker Dwyer Baker Ken Baldwin J. Pat Banks Larry Barnes Don Bass Tom Baty Lloyd Bauman Gary Beal Georgia Beatty Ann Beeby David Bell Eddie Bell Jane Berg Charlene Bidasio Bob Bigelow Sharon Bishop Susie Black Barbara Blackstock Randee Blankenship John Bledsoe Judie Bloomquist Bruce Blount Patti Blue Jill Bogart Babs Bolton Sherry Bowles 88 Donna Jean Abbott Scott Abel Steve Abraham Sandy Abshire SOPHO GR Nancy Allison Alice Andelman Bob Anderson John Anderson Russell Anderson Sissy Anderson Sharon Avery Marty Adair Bob Adams Roberta Lee Adams Robert Ahrens .loan Allen LASS James Braley Mary Breeding .Judy Bright . . . Who is the fairest of them all? John Broach Gretchen Brockman Betsy Brooks Bob Brown Darrell Brown Patsy Brown Julie Brunis Jim Brussel Bob Bryarly Bill Buchanan David Bullwinkel Diana Bunn Pam Burck Kenneth Burnes Jan Burnett Lynna Burt Justin Byers Bryan Cahen .J ack Camden Forrest Cameron Jean Campbell Josie Campbell Tom Carey .lim Carter Mike Carter Rick Carter Sharon Carter Bill Carwile Ken Case Ara Cauvel Art Cavanagh Carol Caylor Scotty Chalmers Bob 'Chamberlin Cheryl Chandler Mary Anna Chandler Mike Christ Suann Claiborn Mike Clifford Bryan Close Candy Cobb Rusty Cobb Bill Cody Roger Coffey Sheila Cohen SGPHOMORI Charles Cole Cheryl Cole Steve Cole Davy Coleman The new "Vignettes,' editors, setting out in the path made by their prede- cessors, are Judy Roper and Bob Brown. Linda Cottrell Connie Courtner Sherry Cousins Barbara Cowan Homer Cowan Judy Cox Karen Craig Jim Crawford .lan Creekmore Patsy Crisp Robert Crombie Kay Crosby Francey Cruce Danny Cupp Pattie Sue Curby Linda Curlee Ronda Cushing Craig Dalton Barbara Davis Carole Davis Creig Davis Laquita Davis Linda Dawson Betty Day John Deering Jim DeSalva Teresa DeSirey Paula Desjardins Nancy DeWitt Eldena Dickey Bill Dickinson Bill Dickson Pat Connole Bob Cook .ludy Cook J on Coon Beverly Cooper Jim Copass Dolly Corbett Mike Coleman Carole Collins Ronald Collins Judy Combs Mike Conley LASS Ronme Dillon Dean Donnaleck ,lohn Dorrill A bird's-eye view of a germ. Cary Doublin I im Dougherty Scott Droke Don Duca Marilyn Duecker Charles Dunn Peggy Dunsmoor Connie DuVa.l Jerry Dye Sharon Dykes Eddie Eaves Millie Eby Dana Elias Carole Elklnton Barbara Elliott Michael Elliott Carole Ellis Jon Engdahl Priscilla England Dennis W. Ervin Jim Espasito Kathy Evans Richard Evans Robert Evans Lynda Fairchild Lynn Falkensten Jim Farrell .lack Farrier Bill Faulkner Arlie Fedman Sandy Fenwick Mickey Fike Martha Finch .lack Fischer Bert Fisher .lon Fisher Robert Flaa Susie Fleeger Ginger Flynt Pat Fogarty Doug Forrest Carol Foster Tommy Fowler Robert Francis Jimmy Frank SOPHO Linda Franklin Steve Franklin Paul Freeborg Dan Freeman Who's so fascinating, Diane? Bill Gayle Glenda Gibson Bob Gilbert Dean Gilbert Leslie Gill Rhoda Gill Melvin Glasgow Mary Glenn Gary Glore Peggy Golden Connie Gooch Tobe Gooden Patti Goodwin John Gorney Margaret Gowans J im Graham Jacque Green Bobby Griffin .lerry Griffin Gary Griffith Shirley Grigsby Gary Grimshaw Gary Groom Mike Gubser Deanne Gunter Dave Gurthet Paulette Gustin Cathy Haas Ginger Hagen Allen Hahn Sharon Haines Larry Hall Bob Funk Nell Gaither B. J. Galloway Bruce Garbade Judy Garland Steve Garner Eddie Gawf Dave Friend Mary .lane Friman Richard Frommie Margaret Fuller Carolyn Funk LASS St Pete Hall .lonna Halteman Chris Hamill Straight Els? Leslie Harriman Kathy Hanna Harley Hannaford Larry Harden Cookie Harper Terry Harper Connie Hanill Ted Harris Karen Haworth Dianne Hay Tim Hayes Helen Hays Steve Heaston Walt Heath Christine Henry Billie Sue Hedges Sharon Heiman Mike Henderson Judy Hendrickson Dave Henley Vicki Henrichs Judy Henshaw Mary Anne Hensley Christy Herndon David Hicks Susie Hill Kenny Hines Roger Hines Sue Hinnant Bill Hobbs Don Hoflich .lack Hogan George Holbert Nancy Holt Marcia Holway Paula Hopkins Ronnie Howerton Pat Hudelson Janet Hughes Nadine Hulsman Larry Humes Deanne Hunter Jeanne Hunter Allen Hutchinson Pat Hutson 93 SOPHO ORE Skip lha Bob Jackson Jody Jackson Roz Jacobs A little Pee Wee Johnson Richard Johnson Peggy Johnston Ronnie Johnston Dean Jones Wesley Jones Marilyn Kapner Steve Kelley Craig Kernmerer Clarke Kendall Allen Kennedy Karen Keplinger Walter Kettemen Nancy Kettler June Kidwell Marjorie Kiger Carlton King Joyce Kirk Richard Kisner Linda Kite David Kittrell Dick Knittle Patti Kramer Kathryn Kumbola Larry Lambert Charles Lawson Cary Lawson John Lawson Carol Lee Gretchen Le Master Marsha Lesher Frank Lewis 94 louder plcsel Leanne Johanson Marilyn Johns Darrel Johnson Helene Johnson James R. Johnson James T. Johnson Judy Johnson Ingrid Jacobson Susan James Don Jameson Alice J arboe Marilyn J ohe LASS Mary Lisle Sally Livingston Sandra Loring Jill Lowry Linda Luker Andy Mace Bill Machulis Pam McCabe Who discovered America? Patricia McCabe Susan McCoy Diane McCune Jim McDaris Mary Ann McDonald John McFarlin Beth McGraw Tom Mclnerney Kent McKee Kenneth McLaughlin Leslie McMi11in Gerry McNeal Nancy McQueen John Maher Madeline Maher Bruce Mahon ' Tucky March Brooks Marshall Bill Martin Ronnie Martin Susie Martin Ted Martner Les Matthies Sandra Mayfield David Mead ' Pat Meagher Robert Meng Ricky Messer Carol Messmore Mike Meyer Jim Mickle Gloria Middlebrook Dorinda Miles- Steve Millard Ann Miller Danny Miller David Miller Garland Miller Jim Miller Merrily Mills Sharon Mincheff 95 OPHGMOR Mike Minshall Carolyn Mitchell Wayne Mitchell Two more Edison lovelies!! Nancy Mulcany Cherye Mundy Liz Mungen Neva Murdock .lim Murphy Kathy Murphy Mike Murphy Helen Murray Ted Murray Nancy Musser Eddie Myers Suzanne Neely Barbara Nelson Karon Newsome Diane Nichols Sharon Nichols Pat Nicholson Paul Nowlin Raymond Nunne Janie Oertle Ricky Oglesby Billwoliver Jon Oliver Diane Olson Gary O'Neal Dick Orr Shari Orrell Sue Osborn Jim Palm Jean Palmer Wayne Parker Rick Parks ley Stephen Mohan David Moncrief Gerald Montgorn Barbara Moore Marilyn Moore Glenna Morgan CW Mary Jane Morgan Mike Morgan .lim Morris Dianne Morrison Jim Morrison Liz Moyer LASS Julie Patman Bill Paulea Toni Payne A pretty girl is like a melody. Keith Pearce Mike Pearl Judy Pearson Cherie ,lo Perrault Bob Persson Ronnie Peters Don Peterson, Joyce Phillips Jim Philp Suzanne Pitcock Charles Plowman Charlie Potts Bill Pratt Linda Preston Thomas Price Mike Puckett ,Jim Putnam Rabon Marshall Pamela Rader Linda Rainwater Evelyn Raska Peggy Ratcliffe Susan Ratcliffe Pam Redfern Linda Redman .lohanna Reece Linda Reed Duke Reeds Kay Reilly Don Renberg Margery Rice Carole Richmond Sharlet Ridge James Riley Donna Risner George Robb Michael Robb Hugh Roberson Billie Sue Roberts Van Roberts Allen Robertson Larry Robertson Bernard Robinowitz Charles Robinson Kerry Robinson Who s bored? ? Mary Pat Ryan Kaye Sandefue Bill Sanders Ruth Sanger Shirley Satterfield DeWitt Sattewvhite Carol Siauls Pete Saunders Pat Sayles Ralph Scargall Robert Schellstede David Schermerhorn Phil Schlecht Mike Schlosser Ron Schooler Kathryn Schueitte Phyllis Schwer Lynda Scott John Selk Terry Semple Judy Sessions .lim Shanor Ronnie Shaw Mike Sherman Aileene Sherrer Delton Shilling Joe Shoemake .lack Shrefiler Terry Shurig Clyde Sights Roy Sikkink Ronnie Silver Peggy Simmons Nancy Singleton Bob Smith Connie Smith Nancy Smith Susie Smith Tommy Smith David Ross Craig Rubin Nancy Rudd Sally Rueh Rick Russell Pat Robinson Phil Romero .lane Roper Joyce Rose SOPHOMOR LASS Paula Smoot Reggie Smyth Kenny Sole The situation is grave. Kitty Soule Billy Spearman Sue Spears Robert Spillers Janice Stahl Jan Stambaugh Diane Steinle .lim Stein Bonnie Stephens Denise Stephens Shirley Stephens Rick Stephenson Carol Stevenson Don Stockton Steve Stockton Bill Stokely Cheryl Stone Chuck Stoner George Stroup Bob Summers Hal Suttle Sandy Sweeitin Paulee Tankersley Lynn Taylor Dan Templeton Walter Terry Rickey Tessier Donald Thayer Jeanne Thomas Jeannie Thompson Judy Thompson Patricia Thompson Paula Thompson Larry Thorne Sandra Thorne Tim Tipton Tom Tipton Linda T oliver Terry Townsend Forrest Towry Nancy Turner Carolyn Van Bihber Connie VanBrunt Mike VanHoose Kay Va.nValken.burgh , 99 Kathy Haas sharing her lunch money with a Foreign Exchange Sandi Watts Pat Webb Johnny Weis Joan Welge Bob Welsh Lynne Welsh Jayne Werner Jane Weston Ginny Wetherill Jerry Wheatcraft Dick Woeler Claud Whitcomb Kay White 0. D. Wicoff Thelma Wieghard Raymond Wiesen, Brad Williams Janet Williams Marilyn Williams Ronnie Williamson Anne Wilson Carole Wilson James Wilson Jim Wilson Lyle Wilson Craig Wines Gretchen Wise Jane Witherspoon Angela Vickery Lana Vowell Diane Wager Deanna Wagner Jim Wagner Douglas Walker Rick Walts Bobbie Jo Ward Mike Ward Sandra Ward Joan Wa1'ren Lynne Watkins Jill Watkyns LASS .ludy Wrigh Scot Wright Dedra Wright Jay Witter Corky Wolaver Jerry Wolfe Julie Wolfe Candace Wood Linda Woodward I Who are these erudite ones? Sherri Wright Ann Wyant Jack Yankee Gary Yeck John Yount Biariy Zimmerman i 4 A , f I T M ' " A ' l-ff , ffxlgf T -Q kj '21 Y, H ' QM .fi , 4 li FRESHMAN C ,ASC OFFICER The Freshman Class has participated in many activities this year. Under the superb leadership of Jim Mayden, p r e s i d e n tg Nancy Mullendore, vice presidentg Judy Waters, secretaryg and Shirley Wilson, treasurerg the Freshman Class has spon- sored a play, a dance, and a clean-up Edi- son campaign. They have great potential which is indicative in their choice of lead- ers ancl are waiting with immense anticipa- tion for the day when they will become full-fledged sophomores. Class of '63 Linda Adair Bob Adams Margo Altman Velda Ames Charles Banluelle Catherine Barker Jeff Barkley Mike, Barnes Ray Barnett Suzy Barr Jon Bascorn Barbara Baughrnan Jewel Beach Barbara Beatty Joe Beets Mary Sue Bekins Barbara Belford Charles Bell Joe Bennett Tom Berry Gary Anderson Jeanette Anderson Nancy Anderson Walter Archibald Gwen Arnn .loan Arrington Peg Atkin Bruce Bachus Steve Bailey Jimmy Baker Kennie Baker Sally Baker Hal Balch Carolyn Baldridge 2:4? Richard Black Priscilla Blackstock Diane Blaisdell Lynda Blodget Kay Bodley J i111my Bondurant Carol Borchard BeBe Borg Carolyn Born Mike Boulware Cary Boyd Leon Boyd Mike Bradley Ann Brady F Linda Burkitt Carrol Burnham Steve Busch Sarah Butler Linda Byers Carolyn Caldwell Cindy Campbell John Campbell Marvin Campbell Nina Campbell Charles Carden Beverly Cardwell Jim Carley Roger Carlisle Eddie Carr Darlene Carrens Eddie Cash Carolyn Catron Helen Cederbaum Bill Chase Gerald Chelius Jimmy Church Pete Churchwell Susan Clannin Candy Clark Carol Clark Susan Clements Mike Cleveland The anatomy of a fish. RESHMAN Nancy Brame Walter Brant Toni Briggs David Brighton Paula Brinkley Delbert Brock Richard Brown Sally Bryant Henry Coleman Tommy Coleman Susan Corlett Robert Cornwell Sue Cotner Steve Couch Bobbie Coulson ,Debby Courington Carol Courtney .lim Covington Patsy Covington Donna Craig John Crain Mike Crane Robert Crews Tim Cross Bronse Dorsey Linda Downen Ruth Dritch Patsy DuBois Jim Duncan Michal Earl Bob East Dick East Van Eden Robert Edens Judy Eitel Sandra Elick Carol Elliott Richard Ellis Judy Eskridge Vivian Fell CLASS Jilnm Curlee Marvin Dabney Lester Daniels Linda Daugherty Brian Davis Dariel Davis Ronnie Davis Derrylyn Deardorff Carolyn Denney Susan Deupree Janie Devine Laura Dill Gene Dillman Phil Dirickson Just follow the bouncing ball. Mary Fellers Dorothy Ferguson Gim Ferguson Tom Finn Jerry First Forrest Fischer Richard Fischer Peggy Fish Judy Fisher Ted Fisher Susan Flemming Betty Fletcher Gaila Flickinger Susan Follanshee FRE Rita Fox Cynthia Francis Toni F ranzolino Bob Frederick Steve Freeman Rosalie Friedman Robert Furman John Garol Bill Geffen Bill Gill .lim Glossop Sharon Godden Beverly Golden Johnny Gollub I am the director! Marshall Hart John Harwood Virginia Haughton Ellen Hawkins Fred Hawley Robert Hay Dale Hebenstriet Terry Heineman Jean Henderson Mike Hensley Miggie Heppernan Charles Hicks Bob Hill Linda Hix I 06' SHMA Mike Forsman .lanet Fowler Karen Fox Cookie Goodall Dennis Gordon Bobbie Goulson Randa Griffin Mariella Haas Connie Hall .lames Hamaker Karen Hamilton .loc Hamlin Lynne Hammond Sterling Hansen Gary Harkreader Marilyn Harmon Billy Harris Charles Harris Carolan Harrison Jim Hobson Jimmy Holiday Dinah Holland Barry Holmes Hugh Holmes Mike Holmgren David Hoover John Howard David Kuhn Linda Kupper J erry Kyle Gregg Lawernce Mike Lawrence Jim Lee Barbara Leighty Bill Leighty Bob Lewis Sally Lewis Scottye Lewis Wanda Lewis CLASS Dena Hubbard Ruth Huffmyer Alice Hunt Gordon Hunt Candy Iddings Marsha lmes Karin Irons Richard Jaeger Eddie Janssen Alan Jenkins Gerre Lee Johnson Jeanne Johnson Jocie Johnson Ken Johnson Sherry Johnston Judy Jones Pam L. Jones Pam S. Jones Paul Jones Bob Jordan Linda Kahl Norman Keirsey Jan Keith Paul Kendall Terry Kisler Dee Ann Knight Jim Kremer Karen Kribhs mfg Wilma 'R W' X G C FRESHMAN Mark McAllister Pat McAnally Ardith McCorkle Steve McCoy Jenny McCravey Donna McDaniel Peggy McElroy Jeanne McGinnis Rick McGowen Pete McIntyre .lohn Maciula Ross Mclver Gordon McKay. Jim McKellar Stephen McKenzie Mike McKillip lane McKinney Don McNeill Mike Maddy Tom Manley ,lim Manring Dale Maris Linda Mark Trudie Markt Bob Martin Don Martin Loy Martin Ross Martin "Are you a book- worm, too?" ,lim Linton Louise Livingston Marilyn Locke James Loftin Lynne Logan Frani Logsdon Lana Loveless Mike Ludewig Sally Martin Joann Mason Linda Mason Pat Mason Rebecca Matney Lynnie Matteson .lan Matthews .lim Mayden Sharon Midgley .lim Milburn Ginger Miller .lohn Miller Phil Miller Robert Miller Tim Miller Steve Mills Ron Neely Donna Nelson Torn Nelson Nan Newland David Newsom Jenell Newsom Connie 0,Reilly Don Ortloff Jo Ann Oshry Caroline Owens Jerry Owens Peggy Owens Gene Parker Marshall Parker Mike Paul Vicki Peery CLASS Claudia Mincheff Marcia Mobley Judy Moore Ronald Moore Nancy Moritz Randy Morlan Robbin Morton Nancy Mullendore Lavall Murchison Julie Murdock Butch Murphy Gary Murray Janice Nash Sharon Neal There's always another semester! Mary Jane Peitz Larry Penn Brenda Pennington Linda Penuel Steve Perkins Jim Perry Marshall Persson Paul Peterson Carl Pickett Connie Plack Carol Plake Barbara Pogson Carolyn Pool Janet Prater FRESHMA Dick Quast Keaton Rabon Bob Radford Bruce Raley Barbara Ravis Gary Rayburn Tom Redwine Jane Reece Mike Reed Pat Reynolds Chris Rheinold Bobby Riggs Janet Rivera John Robertson Cheryl Pratt Lynne Preiss Pam Primm Bill Provine gdb " r J and El . WN ' I ' ia 1' : , ,- : - T- 3 T V565 . ' X fig -2, , 5 ,? T .-A,I Marolyn Saxe Ronnie Schafer Sharon Schirmer Karen Schuerman Beverly Schurman Fred Schweers Mary Ann Scott Nancy Scott Bill Selman Curtis Shacklett Linda Shaddox Larry Sharp Robert Shelton Paul Sikkink Arthur Robinson Claudia Roark Gene Roberts Janice Robertson Marilyn Rogers Paula Rogers Judi Rhode Carol Rose Bill Ross Martin Ross Judy Rueter Bob Ryan John Samuelson Nancy Sanders Jack Sangunett Janet Sawyer Mike Sinclair Pat Sisemore .lohn Skinner .lane Slaughter Nancy Sleeper Kent Smith Pi Smith Carole Snively Jimmy Thomas Steve Thomas Pam Tibhens Donna Tindle Harney Tracy Virginia Trippet Ruth Ann Turley Steve Turner Margie Tyler Vicki Tyler .lanet Van Bibber .laniece Van Valke CLASS Judy Snow Edward Soderstrom Gay Soule Lance Spalding Phyllis Stacy John Stambaugh Sue Stanley Rowland Stunfield Janie Stauss Jim Stanton Jeanne Steitz Sandra Stephens Ronald Stevens Marshall Stiles Elaine Stockfish Jim Stone Jackie Storm Carolyn Stover Linda Strang .lim Stuard Sara Stuart Molly Stuck Ken Suitor Denna Tate Donna Tate Bill Taylor .lohn Taylor Nicky Teverbaugh nburgh Budget tickets : parties! Vx Karen Williams Doug Wilson Shirley Wilson Susie Wilson Cary Wingo Elissa Wise Nancy Wilcox Bob Wiley John Williams Pee Wee Vint Z J, N E! s x . I N .lim Wade 22, 'l Karen Wagnon E27 K ' ' Eff' I 44,1 ' if 42 Diane Walker aabb ggllddkkffjj gghh Kenneth Wrl ht Francie Yeagers Doug Young Jim Young Larry Young Eddie Wall Tony Walters Nancy Ward Cindy Warren Mike Wasson Judy Waters Karen Wear Glenn Weichert Mike Weldon Cindy West Devra White David Whitehill David Whitney Karen Wight David Wltlungton Pat Wisenbaker Carol Woodruff Nancy Woodson Sue Woolsey Alma Wright Dorah Wright Grant Youngman EIGHTH GRADE GFFICERS As these young students descend the stairway to a fruitful year, they must be thinking of the tasks that lie before them and the leadership they must display. Chosen by their classmates to serve as class officers during the 1959-1960 school year are, from left to right, Robert Epper- son, presidentg Kim Robinson, vice presi- dentg Jo Ellen Dunn, secretaryg Kris Wienecke, treasurer. Class of '64 Beverly Adams Charles Adams Sharon Adkins Kathy Allcock Phyllis .lean Allcorn Dwight Allen Nancy Allen Susan Allen Nancy Allison Linda Ames Angela Anderson Cheryl Anderson Nancy Anderson Scott Anderson Kay Andrews Linda Antosh Barbara Armstrong .layni Asher Mike Atkinson ,lim Ayers .lean Bair Jerry Baird Cary Baker Melinda Baker Sue Ann Baker Larry Balch Alice Baldwin Hugh Barnes Terry Barnes Jerry Barnett Larry Bartley Belinda Bates Larry Bates John Bauer Kris Baumann Bob Bayless Bonnie Baxter F leeta Beach Norma Bean Mike Beard Our eighth graders are very studious . . . II4 EIGHTH GRADE .led Beck Gary Been June Benzing Carole Beustring Mike Bewley Ralph Bewley Emmadean Bills Barry Blackman Linda Blakeley David Blevins Bob Blount Retha Bost Virginia Bottoms Curt Braddock Stephen Brainerd Clark Brant Beverly Braunlich Dan Breeding Larry Breeding Mary Ella Briggs Paul Brockwell .lacque Brodie Dennis Brogoitti Ann Brown . . . but they have their lighter side. Billy Brown Darrell Brown Don Brown Cary Brown Mark Brownlee Marsha Bullard Marilyn Bumpass Roger Burkitt Bob Burns Bud Burrell Susie Burrow Greg Burton Jerry Bush Darla Buske Judy Caldwell Mike Caldwell John Campbell Vicki Caron Sandy Carson Carol Carter Pamela Catron Danny Caudle Kay Caughron Greg Chalners t Patricia Chance Nancy Chandler Carol Chapin Betty Chastain Rick Cheadle Susan Chilcoat Martha Christ J ack Churchwell Dick Clark Kathy Clark Londa Clark Steve Clasby Mary Clock Suzanne Close Mike Coatney Susan Cobb Tommy Coe John Coene-n Bob Coghill Rosa Coghill Jackie Cohen Cary Collins Ron Comen Bob Conine Judy Cook Roger Cook Caren Cooley Hollis Copeland George Cornwell Robert Cowan Toni Cox Steve Crane Carol Crawford Jan Crawford Jon Crawford Robert Crosslin Philip Crowdus Cameron Cunningham Barbara Curtis James Dabney Danna Davis Janice Davis Lee Davis Sandra Davis Tom Davis Tommy Davis Jay Davisson Karen Day Pelty Day Jamey Dayton Joan Dean Steve Deaton Kathy Deisenroth Judd Dent David Detrick Our eighth g r a d e has plenty of talent. II6 EIGHTH GRADE Carol Deupree Fred Deutsche Myra DeVerse- Anne Devine Donna Kay DeWire John Dohrendorf Robin Dosisey Margaret Douglass Bob Downing Donna Downs Bill Driver Margret Dugger Robert Epperson Danny Erni Elalne Ervin D1anne Ess Peggy Evanoff Dwight Evans Morgan Fairlamb Charlie Farley Lance Farrar .laney Fash Susan Faust Lynda Ferguson Alyce Dunbar ,lo Ellen Dunn Fred Dupy Sammie Durrett ,lohn Earl Betty Easter Terry Eisenschmidt Mike Eisler Bill Eller Judy Elliott Cheri Ellis Stella Ellis Patti Emmons Eddy Engel Steve Engle Nancy English The weekly scandal sheet. Larry Fike Susie Fischer Chrys Fisher Susan Fisher Diana Fitts Ducie Fluke Sarah Follansbee Dudley Ford Rick Fornell Herb Forrest Karen F orsman James Forster Gary Frank Hoy Franks Eilleen Freeman Carol Frey Jacque Frost Douglas Gatchell Karen Gilbert lo Anne Gillespie Beth Gilliat Byrdie Gish Susan Glass Rita Glazer II7 Valerie Gobble Charlotte Golden Wallace Goltry Gregory Gooden Bill Gorney Mike Grader ,lim Grant Frank Graves Mike Gravitt Sandra Gray Glennie Gregory Ann Grekel Nancy Griffin Forest Grim Becky Grubb Carl Guild Carolyn Hadley Judie Haley Raymond Hall Barbara Hamill John Hamill Lana Hamilton Scotty Hamilton Sherry Hammer Ken Hammett Kenneth Hardcastle Tom Harder Beth Harmon Darleen Harrell David Harris Gayle Harris .lohn Harris Susan Harris Joy Harrison Donna Harrold Greg Hart Marilyn Hawkins Vernon Hawkins Gary Hawthorne Carol Hawtin Bach or Bebop ? Il8 EIGHTH GR DE David Hazels Ben Henneke Mike Henry Carolyn Hensley Norris Henthorne Tim Houston James Hiatt Carol Highland Logan Hill .lohn Hinch Diane Hodges David Holke Robert La Scelle Marcia LeMaster Rlchard Lemay Cindy Leonard ,Ierilin Lackey Marilyn Lafferty Marling Lairrnore Mary Fran Lang Sharon Langdon, Don Holland Merinda Holt Marsha House Buddy Huffmyer Susan Hughes Becky Hutchinson I an Inhofe Janis Ives Wayne Jacobsen, Carol James Linda James Donald Johnson Diana Johnston J anna Jolly Harold .loneis Susan lloneis Phillip Jordan Alexia Kallay Jeanne Kay Richard Keene Bonnie Keith Randy Kellar Mike Kelly Linda Kelso Kathy Kendall Frank Kenslow Nancy Kewtcham Bert Keyes Ed King Linda Kennebrew Betty Kissinger Kent Kistler Mary Lou Kitchell Janice Knopf Mike Kopelrnan Gail Krawitz Dick Kuprelcht Larry Kurtz Norma Kyle .limmy Lacey Hello. My name is . . . Patty Lewis Todd Lewis Larry Lieberman Dave Lindley Sherry Little David Livingston Robert Livingston Billy Loftin Bruce Logan Donna Logan Rickey Logstton Jenifer Lohmann Julie Lottinville Cindy Ludman Speck Lund Alec Lyle Terry Lynch Sandra McAnally Cindy McArdle Dick McCann Linda McCarty Lloyd McClendon Anne McCoy Susan McCracken Tom McE,roy .lohn Mclntosh .loe McKellar Pam McKissick Barbara McLernon Mike McNicl1ol .lohn McQua.ig Shirley McQueen Jim McWilliams Marcia Maddox Steve Magoon Pete Malpede: Cheryl Mandell Martha Manhart Tom Mansur Wendy Mariner i,C6Il10 esta usted? l20 IHGHTHCS RADE Molly Marsh Bill Martin Bill Martin Gary Martin Jane Martin Michal Martin Steve Matthias Mary Medinger lrita Medlin James Menkoff Carol Merrill Marilyn Metcal fe Sharon Moore Suzanne Morgan Steve Morse Tony Morton Nancy Moss Richard Motley Bobby Moyer Bob Muenchausen Richard Murphy Jim Murray Randy Murray Ann Myrick Micki Mytinger Kristi Nash Bill Nathan Nancy Neblett Kathy Nelson Nancy Kay Nelson Jimmy Netherton Sarah Nichols Donna Meyer Joanne Meyer Kathy Michelson Bill Millard Lisabeth Millard Brian Miller Jay Miller Susan Minnick Gary Mirkin Linda Misenheimer Glenda Mitchell Harriet Mohan ,lim Montgomery Ann Moody Lynn Moore Pam Moore 'Tellow humans and teachers. Steve Nix Joe Norman, Mike O,B1annon Kathy Oliver Kay Oliver Robert Owens Edwina Palmer Eddie Patton Ken Pennington Tim Pentecost Phil Perryman Sally Peters Nancy Petersen Marcia Petta Billy Phelps Tim Pool I2l Janice Pope .lan Prather Mary Lou Quinn Stephen Rader Sue Ratcliife Pat Redfern Jimmie Reed Karen Richey Jimmy Richey Rita Richmond Kathy Ritter Jim Roberson Sharon Roberts Marvin Robinowitz Kim Robinson Charles Rodman Donna Rogers Ned Rogers Barbara Roller Cynthia Rose George Rose Barbara Rubin Martha Russell Sherri Ryder Lynn Rylander Marcia Schrantz Jan Scott Jackie Sear Carol Seegren Bob Seigel lris Self Jim Sellen Mike Sexton Rita Seymour Karen Shaddox Paul Shaffer Sherri Shanor Karen Sherber Donna Short Susan Shreffler Joan Shurig Lanny Sigler Ricky Simon .ludy Simpson Louis Simpson Tom Simpson Sandra Singer Bruce Skaistis Barbara Skeith Richard Slavin Jackie Slotsky Bucky Smith Debby Smith .lames Smith Pat Smith Sammi Smoot .Janice Snow Carol Soule .lack Spears Pete Spoof Lynne Stanley Janis Steele Richard Steele Sharon Steele I22 EIGHTH GRADE Toni Terry Anne Tharpe Diane Tholen Linda Thompson Robert Tibhits Joe Timoshedich Janice Todd Sharon Todhunter .ludy Stringer Susan Strong Richard Strout Diana Sullivan Clark Sweeney Sandy Taylor Margaret Teel Tim Stein Roger Stephens Barbara Steur Anne Stevens Gary Stevens Bill Stiles Judy Stone ,lohn Street Mary Ann Tolley Becky Townsend Bob Travis Connie Trippet Joy Tschappat Marisue Turley Ann Turner Beverly Turner Tom Tye J oe Tyler Janice Tomer J ack Wagner Susie Wakefield Leon Walden Dusty Ward Kathy Warden Diane Ware Linda Waser Connie Watson Alice Ann Watts Gary Webb Jerry Webb Arthur Weber Sandra Weinheirner Betsy Wenger Katie Westby Phyllis Whatley Barbara Wheeler Don Whitaker Carolyn White Chris White Mary Lou Whitten Kris Wienecke Russell Wienecke Chuck Wilbanks Don Wilcox .loan Wilkerson Sherry Williams Vic Willams Carol Ann Wilson EIGHTI-I GR DE Skipper Wilson .lim Winfin Bob Winters Richard Winters Johnny Wood Nancy Wood Jim Woodfin Barbara Workman .A C5-"' A "' 'N - I24 Jeanne Wright Charlotte Wyant Sandra Yeager E E TH GR DE O1+'l+'ICljRA' Alan Fedman, seated, the seventh grade president raises a laugh from his fellow officers when he reminds them of some of the good times they have had this past year While serving their classmates. They Worked hard to make their first year in Junior High School a success for every- one. The other officers are, from left to right, Gaye Aarant, treasurer, Sherry Simpson, secretary, and Norman Lively, vice president. Class of 965 in-11:-1: Mike Barrett Barry Barron Lloyd Barron Dianne Baugh .lon Bayouth Bobby Becher Rush Beesley Joe Beets Vicki Beistle Ralph Beudel 97 inch weakling ? Bill Blackburn Bonnie Blanchard Hilary Bloeksom Vicki Bloomquist Russell Bock Becky Bolin Pam Bond Mark Boot Sidney Born Valerie Borofsky Gary Boudreaux Bill Bowden Linda Allen Ray Allen Sherry Ames Lorraine Andrus Karen Applegate ,lim Armstrong Susie Armstrong Linda Baker Janice Barker Jimmy Barnes George Barnhart Carol Barr Gaye Aarant Suzan AlJ6I'Cf0II1lJ1C Cathy Alnshire .lim Adair .ludie Adair Judy Adair Wa1'ren Adams Linda Adkins Mary Adkins Dan Ahrens .lim Akins Ricky Akins Mark Alford Ann Allen .leanie Allen John Allen Sondra Benjamin Cheryl Bennett Kathy Bently Bill Benzing Linda Black Blye Bowen Sharon Bowie Sallie Bowsher Barbara Brackeen Rebecca Bradley Ron Braeutigam Cary Branick .luli Braunlich Ginger Bridwell lke Brighton Phyllis Brighton Richard Brocksmith Ronald Brook Cary Brown .ludy Brown Linda Brown Marty Brown Vivian Brown Marlana Bruce Andy Brudvig Larry Budd Douglas Bullwinkel Virgina Burke Bob Burnham Larry Camblin Kent Campbell PEUW Chapman Terry Campbell Mary Candry Cathy Chase Denny Christopher Stephan Christopher Merle Caylor Barbara Cinninger Bobby Chandler Janis Carey Kathleen Carey Chaney Carter Cary Carwile Lynn Cates John Caudle Hal Cauvel Marion Caylor Buff Clark Jeri Clark Randy Clark Laurie Clements Susan Cochran Laura Coe Nanette Coffin Cheryl Coiner Melinda Cole Alice Condry Mike Cooper Pamela Copeland MOVIE M ,move Wifotv 20 Reading, or dreaming? ? ? Mike Curry Suzanne Curtis Judy Dague George Daniel Steve Daniel J. B. Darrick Cary Dart Don Davidson Kenny Davidson Bill Davis Donn Marilyn Davis Mary Margaret Davis Pam 'Davis Linda Day' Claudia Decker Mark Dempsey Mike Denney Lee Dennis Annette DeSa.lvo David Dill Bob Dry Cleive Dumas Janet Dundee Ginny Dunn Charles Dyer Sally Earl Larry Earley Donna Easter Frank Eby Henry Eddins Ellan Edelman Mike Edwards Joelene Davis Kenny Dillman Bill Dorman John Dratz Stan Dresser Ken Cornstuhle Ann Cornwell Rita Cottingim Ernest Couch Jan Coulter David Courtney Terry Covington Larry Cowan Scott Cowan Craig Cox Cheryl Crain Cindy Craver Janice Crawford Tina Cross Jackie Cunningh Jacques Cunningham Judy Dillman Watch those fingers ! Karen Grimshaw Tom Gross Spencer Grosvenor Paulette Guinn Diane Hagan Jim Hagan Paul Hagood Barbara Hale Drayton Hall Doyle Hanan Pamela Goodson Ben Gorrell J im Gourley Alan Graham Donald Graham Louann Grammer Dawna Grant Dorrie Grant Pat Gravitt Diane Gray D. R. Grimes Bill Grimm Susie Harbison David Harder Walter Hardy Dennis Harper Randy Harrell Candice Harrill Robert Harris Georgia Harrison Nord Hastings Sammy Hawkins Mike Hayes Betsy Heard Jon Heath John Heiman Greg Henderson J eff Henderson Diane Gentry Jim George John Gibson Jim Gilbert Joe Gilbert Lance Gilbert Jamey Gill Diann Gillispie Bryana Gilmore Gary Gilmore Susie Glamser Tim Glass Betty Globe Lee Goerner Linda Goff Gary Gomez kJ.l.J Y ..l..J Hobart Hansen Cindy Hendricks Mary Henley Dayna Herrin Joe Heuston Judy Hibbs Carol Hicks Cheryl Hicks Jana Hicks Sue Hicks Davie Higbee Dan Higgins Lucine Hill Herschel Hines Sarah Hines Kermit Holderma Glenda Holland I1 Pat Jenkins Jim Hollinger John Curtis Ho lme Meg Holmgren Camille Holt Frank Hooks Ben House Marilyn Howe Bob Huff Cathy Hughes Ann Hujsak Kay Hulsman Carl Humes 'Ralph Jett Ronnie Jett Dixie Johns James Johnson Jan Humphreys Marshall Hunt William Dennis H Linda Hunter Monte Ikemire Carolyn Jackson Randall Jacobs Wendy Jacobson Susan James Carol Jenkins llllt Jayme Johnson Judy Johnson Kent Johnson Mark Johnson Shirley Johnson Stephen R, Johnson Jimmy Johnston John Johnston Tony Johnston Vicki Johnston Elizabeth Jones Milton Jones "Where does the objective 'compliment' go? nm! ax '.z., "az, 'G , W1 My Q , 'I Mt 4. , . tr I 1 H .. rpm'-'ni .b h.,. r I -gif , I I.. H Q Mike Levin Tricia Lewis .lohn Leyh Luther Like Norm Lively Paulette Long Mike Lovas Glenn Lowe James Lummus Joanne Lynch Larry Lyon Chris MacDonald Larry Lamprich Denny Lang Harold Langdon Linda Langley J on Lantz Marty Larkin Linda Jo Laster Carl Lattimore Cindy Lawrence Terrence LaZar Dee Dee Knapp Malcolm Knarr Dean Knight Greg Knutzen Jim Kothe George Kuhn Kari Kumbula Kappy Kyle Linda Lair Barbara Keirsey Marilyn Keller Ann Kelley Elton Kelso Debby Kennedy Lynda Kiger J eff King Linda King Ronald King Sharon King Terry Kinnear Dennis Kirby 1 Kaye Kisler Gregg Kitrell Kit Klein Frank Kluceyesek Janice Lamb Phyllis Lambert Bobby Lamons Robbie Leikam Carol Leitner Larry Lebold Sue Lemmon Chester Lenik Butch Peery Patti Oertle Richard Oertle Carolyn Olsen Jeffrey Olson Ann Osher Cheryl Owens Marilyn Oyler David Palm Joe Parker Cheri Parks Jodie Patterson Kay Patterson Ann Perkins Nicky Peters Ralph Peters Chris Peterson Pat Poole Nancy Potter Rex Phelps Karen Phillips Sam Philp Katherine Phin Betsy Pitcock ney John Pratt Debbie Price Kathryn Price Roberta Price Jeff Primm Ann Puckett Becky Putnam Gary Quiggle Jan Radford Terry Raffensperger Janice Raines Jenna Rainey Rickey Range Ruthanne Ratcliffe Charles Preaus Kipp Mullen Jim Murdock Robert Murdock David Murphy Mike Murray Vicki Muse Barbara Myers Anita Neely Billy Neff Dennis Neibling Diane Neibling Jim Nelson Elaine Nichols Grady Nichols Ron Nigh Karen Oertle we Raymond Pool Bill Reeds Stephen Reese Robin Reeve Mike Reifel Nancy Remy Robert Reser J im Rhoads Jimmy Rhoden Londa Richards Lynda Riggs Kathy Risner Glenn Ritterbusch Steve Roark John Roberts Eddie Robison Carol Rodgers RADE Lindsey Sehorn John Rueter Susie Rodolf Danielle Roemer Linda Rogers Elizabeth Rohde Emily Rose Stuart Rosenthal John Ross Tom Rothroch Rodney Routsong J oe Rowland Janet Saied Jeanne Saied J ay Salter Steve Sanders Linda Sanditen Robert Selman S John Selph Nancy angunett Bill Satterfield Blaine Schwabe John Scott Susan Sears Carolyn Seratt Loyd Secrist Meredith Shank Jeanne Shapiro Nancy Shelby Jennifer Shields Bob Shipman Eric Shoaff Marilyn Shockley Wendel Sicka Gary Siftar Ann Sigler Sherry Simpson Sandra Sims Erich Sippel Nr Q5 Qxf S Eddie Stahl Karen Standridge Anne Stanley Neal Stanley Roger Steed uFriends, Romans, men . . ." Bob Taylor Hugh Taylor Stuart Templeman Jack Teverbaugh Kathy Tower Charles Towry Wayne Trowbr Bill Turley Diane Turner Roger Turner Steve Tuttle Ann Tyer Lloyd Unsell Larry Stuart Roy Stephens Leonard Stevens Gregg Stevenson Jodie Storm Steve Stroud Twila Strouse Kent Stuart Rodney Surderland Scott Swearingen Anne Sylvester Bruce Taliaferro Mike Tibbens idge Barbara Van Bibber Alice Vincent David Wadley and Country- Carol Timm Sheri Tipps Brian Toll Susan Sisney Elaine Skye Barbie Slagle Richard Slicker Bob Smith Elaine Smith Jules Smith Teri Smith Leanne Smoot Russell Snow David Sobel George Somers Margaret Spaar Linda Spann Tom Spleth John Spurgin John Thompson Kathleen Wadlin Don Wager Donna Waldo Buz Walker Sue Wall John Walton James Wantland Karen Lynn Ward Catherine Ware Bolon Warren Pam Ware Jackie Warfield Scott Warren Sue Weathers J im Weaver Robert Weisman Linda Weldy Kathleen Weltsch Kathey Wheeler Chuck Whisenhunt Jody Wrdner Sharline Wilcox Billy Wilkins David Williams Gary Williams John Williams Brent Wolfe Lucy Ann Williams Susan Williams Lucille Wood Mike Wood Richard Wood Tommy Williams Phil Wilner ,J im Wilson .loan Wilson Ricky Wilson Susan Wilson Bonnie Wines Pat Wingate Kenneth Wintory Robert Wise Sharon Woodward Sammy Word Bill Wright Jerry Wright Lloyd Wright Margaret Wyatt Janis Young Gay Youtsey Larry Zankel .lohn Zeek Claudia Zeligso Betsy Ziege I1 Chicken in every pot C 0 QQ 6,17 'VC ffrg u Sh W 0 4, fa ifakcfgp T 1 f - 6 ,QQOQ V The four-message machine, which was invented by Thomas 'Edison, seems to be quite representative of the organizations at Edison. Each is continually busy and in some cases a four-message machine would come in handy. The students in the picture are observing how this invention works. 1 X QX A xywa-1f5G'r-A X iv, ' Xfmyffw gm mia X,,f X if Q., X fi .,. XX 'X 2 4 . v I X f X X ' X f X X If K l X ma XX H, Wsw' M-, al AW X' X X, , X XX ' XX 'X 5 E 1' X 1 32 Ay gggilll YQ 3: V Qf s'X,XIIX.Xr- X: QXQXEAX. x X 5, , 3 X -!' L: as " " , XX 1 ,X W XX X im X 'I X X X--,pf WX, M X53 X 5 X i1?'m'55, as .-M Avy a. fm? X. XXX W 5: if ,M , ,J XX X22 S X un XXXXA 3 X W X. 1 X X -m uf-T, 3 Q any ' ' ,- f N " r-X -3? 'if XY '4 1 ' i 'X' I Xi 'XS I X ii ,Q S Q X I if ii: ii iw f XM! Xi 'Q X 2 EX5 'X- X5 5f'iXs14X'QE? f, If 1, E53 5X W" 5 Si I X 5 "5c21g-fz g ir I XXX X-521+ 9: Qs: XX X X X 5 55 gil gg ew W Xsfsfs X5 is Ififf 'W g ' Xmf 'H igggwff , VW ir? X . -1' XX X: 1X XX X?- aim, NGN? Qi? EX: XJ! in X H ORCANIZ TIO Officers of the Student Council are, left to right: Al Deaton, vice presidentg Lorraine Pratt, secretary: Katie Seger, treasurer: Herb Arst, president. Mrs. Carolyn Stew- art, sponsor is seated. Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Rick Russell, David Schuman, Charlie Kothe, John Jones, Esben Schacke, Mrs. Carolyn Stewart, sponsor: Katie-'Seger, Lorraine Pratt: SECOND ROW: Don Leka, Lynette Stein, Hilary Henneke, Fritzie Warren, Lee Clark, Sue Stewart, Linda Perry, Susan Bush, Donna Reyburn, Marianne Aarantg THIRD ROW: Jo Ann Sicka, Meredith McKee, Jill Kremer, Susan Chandler, Tobi Glazer, Celle Weinberg, Jim Crawford, Duke Reeds, Larry Jacobs: FOURTH ROW: Carole Davis, Aileen Sherrer, Pat Fogarty, Susie Martin, Sherri Wright, Carole Caylor, Scott Wright, Jim Thrash, Robert Simpson, Jerry Shockley. SE IOR HIGH ST DE T COUNCIL Student affairs at Edison are handled largely by the STUDENT COUNCIL. Through participation in student government, student council members and officers learn to be leaders in a democracy. The homeroom and class representatives, mem- bers-at-large, committee chairmen, and officers who serve on the Student Council benefit not only themselves from their leadership responsibilities, but the entire student body as well. '4Education for Democracyn was the theme of the nineteenth annual Federation of Oklahoma High School Student Councils' convention for which our council was host. Students from all over Oklahoma who attended the convention lauded our coun- cil, secretary-treasurer of the Federation, for a fine job. We were also president of the Inter-city Council. Other activities included the annual canned goods drive, which this year netted over 24-,000 cans, the Brotherhood Breakfast to which students from all of the Tulsa high schools were invited, the publishing of '4Edison Calling" - the student directory, the revision of "The Guiding Light"-the student handbook, and the sponsoring of our first foreign exchange student. Student Council conducts the elections of class officers, Miss Edison, Boys-and-Girls-of-the-Month, the Basketball Queen, and the Boy-and-Girl-of-the-Year. During early February the riotous antics and serious appreciations of "Edison Week" were sponsored by Council. Each spring its Southern Ball is looked forward to with great anticipation. It is the hope of the Edison Student Council that each student participate fully and derive the maximum benefits of Council activities. Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Herb Arst, AI Deaton, Bill Fitzgerald, Danny Pentecost, Tom Gable, Steve Kimball, Bob Davis, Lowell Stokes, SECOND ROW, Dianne Morrison, Chris Hamill, Bill Martin, Duke Soule, Nancy Stone, Linda Johnson, Carolyn McIntosh, Pat Braley, Marcia Meredith, Anne Slagleg THIRD ROW: Leslie Gill, Linda Morgan, Mary Lynn, Anne Williams, Kathy Kline, Karla Walton, Rene Etheredge, Judy Popejoy, Jane Witherspoon, Linda Henderson, Pat McIver, Linda Bell, FOURTH ROW, Jacque Green, Mary Ann Moyers, Judy Lively, Jacque Selph, Kathy Robinson, Pete White, Jan Jones, Betsy Wienecke, Judy Woods, Shirley Rodgers, Sali Permenter, Tom Reyburng FIFTH ROW, Joe Moody, Happy Fry, Ruth Ann DeWitt, Gretchen LeMaster, Ronald Marsh, Fred Slicker, Charles Eads, Don Patterson, For- ney Hutchinson, Carol Bentley, SIXTH ROW: Jan Creekmore, Tim Hays, Betsy Brooks, Skip Iba, Sigrid Sundvahl, Monty McGinnis, Jim Ricks, Raymond Nunneley. ORGANIZATIONS Delegates to the lntercity Student Council are Bill Martin, Lynn Rollins and Scotty Hicks Charlie Kothe is the Intercity Student Council President. Secretary. Members of the Honor Commission are, SEATED: Lynn Rollins, Marian Cole, Sue Stewart, Hilary Henneke, chairmang Donna Reyburn, Chris Hamill, Mrs. Carolyn Stewart. STANDING are .lim Boswell, Don Patterson, Bill Martin, Tom Reyburn, and Steve Kimball. Not pictured are Jill Kremer, Tom Grable, and Skip lba. I42 .lohn Jones, State Student Council Secretary, Lee Clark, Assistant HONOR SYSTEM Last year a new sys- tem was submitted to an all - school vote and passed. This system asks the student to report by name any one he sees cheating. If two people in the same class, hour, day, etc., report the same person, this con- stitutes an offense which may be appealed to the H o n o r Commission jury. The corrective measures that are used on the convicted cheater are considered moder- ately harsh. KEY CL B Officers are, FIRST ROW, left to right: Stan Harrison, sponsor, ' Scotty Hicks, president, David Schuman, secretaryg Don Leka, treas- SUSAN BUSH urerg Fred Slieker, district treasurer, SECOND ROW: .lohnny Key Club Sweetheart Bumgarner, sergeant at arms, Van Smithen, district governor, Herb Arst, vice president and district treasurer. Members of the Key Club are, left to Phil Hope, TOIH Dupree, .lim Boswell, Steve Kimball, Happy Fry, Jim Graham, ROW, Dave Curnutt, Jerry Shock- ley, Ken Burton, ,lim Menzies, Tom MEI? THIRD ROW! ESb0H 5Cl'1HCkC, .l eff Nix, Monty McGinnis, Morris Lusk, Scholsser, Ronnie Marsh, FOURTH ROW: Pete White, Rocky Bilbo, Chris Jerry Prather, Al Deaton, Ray Heath, Bill Fitzgerald, John Jones, Ned Shanor, Skip lba, Don Patterson, Larry Mansur, Scotty Shalmers, Bill Martin, Cap Baxter, Bill Buchanon, .larry Garner. ORGANIZATIO S Known around the school as the LATIN CLUB, the official title of this organization is the JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE OF EDISON. They are af- filiated With the national and state organizations of the same name and have as a purpose the promo- tion of the Latin language and classical culture. Meetings are on alternate Thursdays with Mrs. Dorothy Cook and Mrs. Beatrice Notley as spon- sors. The officers, pictured at ieftjfrom left to n right, Cherry Hicks, publicity chairmang Vic Groves, secretaryg Kathy Robinson, presidentg Ken Graves, treasurerg Marsha Eddins, vice president and social chairman, conduct the club's business during the first half of the meeting. UNIOR CLASSICAL E I44 ' During the latter half of the hour long meeting, a program, relevant to Latin history or culture, is pre- sented by a club member or guest. Each Spring the chapter attends the state convention at the University of Okla- homa in Norman. This state meeting is an opportunity to compare ideas with other chapters and thus improve the local club. LEAGUE Oli' EDISO MEMBERS Opposite page, left to right, FIRST ROW: Richard Ellis, Lani Andelman, Carol Oshry, Lynne Matteson, Linda Wise, Penny Farson: SECOND ROW, Karen Schureman, Ruth Dritch, Mitzi Nichols, Joyce Arrington, Cathy Barker, Gretchen Brockrnan, Gail Bassham, Gail Bachus: THIRD ROW: Sharon Harris, Nancy Musser, Steve Hill, Ray Coleman, Terri Blanchard, Helen Murry, Margaret Growansg FOURTH ROW, Terry Hieman, Kent Rasmussen, Joel Jankowsky, Dick Mc- Intosh, Mike Gubser, Ted Martner, Frank Lewis. This page, left to right, FIRST ROW: Merrily Allen, Johanna Reece, Mary Ann Scott, Kay Van Valkenburg, Pat Fogarty, Cathy Haas: SECOND ROW: Susie Martin, Joan Warren, Rosemary Eisler, Mary Warren, Ricky Messer, Ronnie Wilson, Arthur Johnson: THIRD ROW: Dean Dohna- lek, Bob Wilson, Gay Maddox, Charles Dohnalek, Henry Coleman. I45 ORGANIZATIO S MU ALPHA THF FA is a national high school and junlor college mathematics society which has over 165 chapters throughout the United States The purpose of the organization is to encourage capable students in their pursuit of mathematics through individual reading and research Edison joined Mu Alpha Theta on January 10, 1958, with seventeen members This number increased from seventeen to thirty members during the year A student must have af least two years of mathematics and maintain an overall average of G Members are left to right FIRST ROW Tommy Renfrow, president Margaret Jones secretary SECOND ROW Linda Wise Janell Clark, Joyce Kirk 1Nell Gaither Millie Fby Rita Harkreader Mary Leiser Lee Clark, THIRD ROW Susan Chandler Neta Warren Kathey Keeter Phyllis Lawrence, Sharon Harris John Welge Judy Hendrickson Susan Taylor Sue Stewart Ann Gibbons, FOURTH ROW Ted Martner Gary Shapiro David Bagwell Bob Renberg, Aaron Krawx itz David Williams Jim De Salvo Errol McGuire Andy Busch Lowell Stokes, John Gilchrist The purpose of the MEDICAL CLUB of Edison High is to gain knowledge and understanding of "Medical Science." This is done through association with weekly speakers, and field trips to en- courage scientific minded students. Senior high students seek an in- terest in the field of medicine and biological research. Members are left to right, FIRST ROW: Fran- ces Salle, Logan Stroud, Sarah Barker, Lynette Stein, SECOND ROW: Larry Jacobs, Richard Pongratz, Charles Johnson, Gary Shapiro, June Patton, Paul Ger- ber, THIRD ROW: Mr, Donald Hoopert, sponsor, Paul Nowlin, Carolyn Wenger, Patty Wheatley, Lynne Shapiro, Anne Nash. I46 SPANISH CLUB is open to all Edison students taking Spanish who are interested in learning more about the Spanish people. Meetings are held every other Week, at these We plan such activities as a Spanish dinner, movies in Spanish and about the Spanish-speaking countries, and gala fiestas in Spanish style. Officers and sponsor are, left to right, Richard Pongratz, treasurer, Marion Moody, president, Mr. Rod Martin, sponsor, Lori Matteson, secretary, Joyce Hawley, vice president. S NISH CL B Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Patty Thompson, Vicki Henthorne, Gerry McNeal, Linda Rainwater, Sondra Wardg SECOND ROW, Dick Dickson, Ken Burton, Brooks Marshall, Kathy Kline, Charlene Bidasio, Pam Redfordg THIRD ROW: Nancy Smith, Martha Finch, Dean Stull, Ronnie Marsh, Kent Rasmussen, John Jones, Richard Pongratz, Paul Nowlin, Connie Duvall, Hap- py Fry, Pat Saylesg FOURTH ROW: Judie Bright, Terry Shurig, Jacque Green, Rick Lang, Tobi Glazer, Cissy Cohn, Sheila Tatroe, Peggy White, Carol Wilson, Mary Ann Hensley, Leanne .Johan- son. ORGANIZATIONS Le Club Francais d,Edison is an organization open to all of you French students. Meetings, at which everyone has a good time, are held twice a month. French meals, movies and slides, and interesting speakers are only a few of the activities on the yearly agenda. 1959-1960 officers are, Sally Prigg, president, Bob Brown, vice presidentg Sandy Long, secretaryg and Pat Graff, treasurer. FRE CI-I CL B Members of the FRENCH CLUB are left to right, FIRST ROW: Ann Ahrens, Sandra Long, Carole Oshry, Elaine Ruggles, Pam Burke, Marilyn Kapnerg SECOND ROW: Lynn Shapiro, Carolyn Hall, Gwen Fisher, Sally Prigg, Mary Leiser, Martha Berg, Meredith Adelman, Betty Jo Want- landg THIRD ROW, Sandye Hathcoat, Georgia Rose, Marilyn Williams, Jayne Werner, Ronda Cushing, Pat Tetrick, Pat Craffg FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Helen Carney, sponsor, Jane Roper, Sharon Harris, Mary Warren, Ronnie Kahan, Terry Dickey, Janice Rogers. I48 I TER TIONAL RELATIONS CLUB International Relations Club welcomes and encourages the membership of high school students interested in increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world's people and their problems in the twentieth century. Meetings are held in room 150 with Mrs. Pauline Jackson as the sponsor and feature guest speakers with interesting and informative programs. Officers for this year are Bill Fitzgerald, presidentg John Jones, vice president, Beth McGraw, secretary, and Betsy Sear, treasurer. At the state convention in October in Oklahoma City two of our members were elected to state offices. They are Marsha Eddins, vice president, and Steve Kimball, secretary. Members are FIRST ROW, left to right: Beth McGraw, Bill Fitzgerald, John Jones, Steve Kim- ball, Marsha Eddins, Betsy Searg SECOND ROW, Ann Wyant, Donna Dupy, Linda Wise, Francis Salle, Ann Ahrens, Penny Farsong THIRD ROW, Mrs. Jackson, Sally Permenter, Betty Booth, Linda Beth Smith, Joyce Hawley, Sharon Avery, Linda McPearson, Frances yberg FOURTH ROW: .Iohn Welge, Eshen Schacke, Charles Johnson, Judy Popejoy, Barrett Timm, Diane Nash, fDoyle Sanders: FIFTH ROW: Marvin Parker, Bill Smith, Sharon Frank, Dean Stull, Andy Basch. ORGANIZATIONS 4 ia is ""' FUTURE TE CHER OF AMERIC FUTURE HOMEMAK- ERS is a club dedicated to helping its members prepare for a future life of homemaking. STAND- ING, FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Johnson, vice president, Lea Brown, reporter, Barbara Miller, secretary, Nancy Elwell, Sandra McBride, presi- dent, Georgia Wills, Jew- ell Dean Gordon, choris- ter, Linda Thomas, treas- urer, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Frances Smith, San- dra Ward, Diane MeCune, Linda Roney, Bonnie Ste- phens, Janice Stahl, Diane Stanley, Barbara Mullen, Marita Adair, THIRD ROW: Phyllis Schwer, Mary Markham, Suzanne Persson, Carolyn McIn- tosh, Sharon Green, Lin- da Luker, Donna Reyburn, Carol Bentley. I50 FUTURE TEACHERS O AMERICA is composed o students interested in be- coming quality teachers STANDING, FIRST ROW, left to right: Ruth Lynde, president, Donna Dupy, treasurer, Linda Bet Smith, vice president, Pen ny Farson, historian, Shar- on Ritter, secretary, SEC- OND ROW: Martha B0- hannon, Diane Stanley, Sharon Harris, Claudia Matney, Barbara Hobson, Carol Backus, John Welgy, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Fern Kelly, sponsor, .l u d y Wright, Kathy Kline, Joyce Bell, Ann Zeimer. FUTURE HOME RS ----uusuv-Y Officers of CHESS CLUB are left to right, Georgia Rose, advertisingg Skip Vance, secretary-treasurerg Gary Shapiro, secretary-treasurer, Pat Ferguson, ' telephone committee chairman, Ray Coleman, vice-president, John English, CI 4 B president. EDISON SENIOR HIGH CHESS CLUB, under the sponsorship of Rod Martin and Paul Bynum, has had a great new year with the membership increasing 500W over last year. The game of chess is now a familiar scene through the halls of Edison with enthusiasm running high. Mem- bers include, FIRST ROW, left to right: Rod Martin, sponsor, Wendel Sicka, Dorothy Ferguson, Barbara Leighty, John Sober, Georgia Rose, Joyce Hawley, Floyd Leighty, Paul Bynum, co-spon- sorg SECOND ROW, Brooks Marshall, Ray Coleman, Richard Pomgrantz, John English, Skip Vance, Paul Nowlin, Bobby Wright, Stephen Wintoryg THIRD ROW, Jo Ann Sicka, Pat Fergu- son, Sandra Fox, Jack Husted, Sam Jones, Larry Legate, Gary Shapiro, Henry Coleman. Z oRcAN1zAT1oNs SENIOR HIGH RED CROSS Senior High Red Ljross is made up of a representative from each homeroom and anyone else who would like to belong. The purpose of this organization is to serve in any way possible. Some of the many activities include, talent shows for many hospitals, filling gift boxes for other countries, and participating in varied activities with other schools. v YXPSXQ Q Activities of the Edison radio club include an auction, a field day, various technical projects, a radio code-theory class, and operating the club's two radio stations. Of- ficers are Mike Murray, president, Gary Johnson, vice presidentg Gary Gray, secre- tary, Ted Downing, treasurer, and Wayne Nelson, sponsor. l52 U HERETTES USHERETTES is a service club made up of senior girls. These girls usher at school plays and help at various charity organizations. X .NU l f' W Officers are, left to right, Linda Henderson, vice presidentg Marcia Meredith, presidentg Linda Thomas, secretary-treasun 612 Members of USHERETTES are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Mary Leiser, Rita Harkreader, Sally Noyes, Frances Tabor, Linda Butler, Susan Bush, Jan- et Wilson, Sally Bauer, SECOND ROW: Carol Broding, Sali Permenter, Meredith McKee, Kathy Loughran, Claudia Matney, 'Linda Sue Smith, Nancy Montgomery, .lill Kremer, Lee! Clark, Judy Marlow, THIRD ROW, Suzanne Persson, Kay Childress, Cathy Wienecke, Annelle Smith, Ronnie Kahn, Sue Stewart, Hilary Henneke, Linda Perry, Miss Grace Wiggins, co- sponsor. l53 rs from various fields 0 URE NURSES is an organiza Jmposed of senior high students t rs are, left to right, FIRST ROW Jay, Susan Connole, Catherine Wie Sharon Heimang SECOND ROW nnole, Evelyn Raska, Pat Robin 1',r Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Miss Barbara Burket, sponsorg Lans Tra- verse, Van Smithen, Linda Perry, Ralph Kalhus, Mary Lynn, Mr. Dave Crowell, co- sponsorg SECOND ROW, Sherry Hartley, Sarah Bark- er, Happy Fry, Nancy Mont- gomery, Trudy Miller, Elaine Ruggles, Steve Kimball, Anne Slagleg THIRD ROW: Pat Graff, Terri Blanchard, Vicki Henthorne, Bronnie Watt, Jim Ricks, John McAuliffe, Morgan Gurthet. e interested in the field trips to ls and. health centers and have f medi members are left to FIRST ROW: Bill Richard Vale, Stone, Mary Ann Bell, Bush, Fritize Warren, Shanks, Ted Larkin: ROW, .lohn Eng- Tom White, John Glas- Ronnie Page, Jim Fish- DeMier, .lim Gra- George Stroupg THIRD Mr. Jim Sellers, co- Chris Miller, Rocky, Don Patterson, Ned Gary Lewis, Tom Mr. High Pierce, Oh! by the way, in this picture let- in BOYS. LETTF.RMAN'S CLUB is made up of those boys who have lettered in sports through active participation. This club includes sophomores, uniors, and seniors who have met the required qualifications for lettering. Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Dennis Dutsch, David lhrig, Billy Shanks, Fred Herron, Happy Fry, Richard Vale, Jim Alcock, Bill Fitzgeraldg SECOND ROW: Dick Robinett, Charles Cantrell, Tom Golden, Ed Scherrnerhorn, Kinny Taylor, Jim Boswell, Charles Kothe, Errol McKoy, Ted Larkin, THIRD ROW: Bill Mohr, Tom Mach, Dennis Wilkerson, Ben Estes, Jerry Prather, Duke Soule, Phil Fruge, John Bumgarner, Jerry Shockleyg FOURTH ROW: James Ridley, Casey Cooper, Mike Bryant, David Livingston, Al Deaton, George Tesar, Ray Heath, Larry Mansur, Bill Douglas, Mike Burke. LETTERMAWS CLUB ORGANIZATION Alice Andelman Lane Andelman Carolyn Axton Sallie Blocksorn Patti Blue Betty Broding Carol Broding Betsy Brooks Carol Bentley Brenda Baker Ben Constantine Carole Caylor Kay Childress Pat Clark J an Creekmore WIMMETTE Started in l951L, SWIMMETTES was organized with the idea of en- couraging synchronized swimming. This year the girls presented the "Wizard of Oz." At the left the officers pictured are, from left to right, Jill Kremer, presidentg Janet Whatley, vice presidentg Betsey Weinecke, secretary. Not shown is Beverly Constantine, treasurer. MEMBERS Barbara Davis Nancy Elwell Pat Fogarty Neta Fulcher Ann Gibbons Diane Hay Rita Harkreader Vicki Hill Lana Hamilton Jeanne Hunter Donna Hill Leanne Johanson Jill Kremer Cindy Kershner Karen Keplinger Judy Keegan Layly Livingston Linda Mason Donna McElroy Peggy McElroy Meredith McKee Tucky March Pam Neal Lorraine Pratt Suzanne Persson Connie Plack Janice Rogers Sigrid Sundvahl Susan Taylor Virginia Trippet Fritzie Warren Janet Whatley Sharon White Betsey Wienecke Kris Wienecke J ill Wotkyns Jayne Werner INACTIVE SWIMME FTEQ Linda Franklin Marilyn Maddox Sharri Shanor Linda Ussery Jeri Young' Katie Segar Carolyn Mclntosh Y.F.C. Pictured at the left are the junior and senior officers of the YOUTH FOR CHRIST club. They are, from left to right, FIRST ROW: Kathy Pickens, Nancy Duvall, SECOND ROW: Donna Dupy, Jolene Davis, .loan Wilkerson, THIRD ROW: Ruth Webb, Ruth Henderson, Susie Fisher, Larry Bartley, FOURTH ROW: Van Smithen, Charles Goss, John Davis, Jerry Webb. ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISING BOARD members are elected by each homeroom. It is the responsibility of this group to dis- tribute The School Life to the individual members of their homerooms and to assist the faculty in other activ- ities relating to student affairs. Senior high members are, left to right, FIRS ROW: Mary Jane Morgan, Tucky March, .lil Watkins, Jan Stambaugh, Larry Hall: SECON ROW: Kay Roberts, Dolly Corbett, Teres Vreeland, Micky Mills, Bernard Robinowitz, .lim my Lawson, Hugh Robertson: THIRD ROW Sharon Frank, Barbara Breeding, Nancy Duvall Freddy Smith, Dick Sweet, Carol Barry, Laur Lee Freeland, Ruth Ann DeWitt: FOURT ROW: Barbara Naifeh, Linda Roney, An Wyant, Lynn Turner, Bob Knight, Andy Robert son, Bill Fabian, Richard Smith, Bob Faust. JUNIOR AND SENIOR ADVERTISING BOARD Junior high members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Larry Cowen, Dick East, John Thomp- son, Barry Fowler, Bob Travis, Ken Pennington, Eric Shooffg SECOND ROW: Steve Perkins, Phyllis Whatley, Sandra Singer, Elaine Skye, Kris Wienecke, Sue Ann Baker, Marcia Sch- rantzg THIRD ROW: Derrylyn Deardorff, Car- oline Owens, .lan Coulter, Jim Grant, Jack Spears, Kathy Price, Lucy Ann Williams: FOURTH ROW: Bill Selman, Katie Westby, Gary Webb, Rob Radford, Linda Langley, ,lim Mayden. I58 I 4 . 1 4 G' 'B I ' 50 'fa a C The EDISON JUNIOR HIGH K-CLUB is a unique service organization devoted to the better- ment of our school and community. It is unique in the respect that it is the first Junior High K- Club in the United States. We are proud to add this to the growing list of Edison Hfirstsf' The boys in this club are picked for their citizenship and ability to lead. The K-Club Works closely with the Junior High Student Council and the Key Club. It is sponsored by the Utica Square Kiwanis. These connections afford opportunities not only to help the school through clean-up campaigns, guiding, and other functions, but also to help the community as a Whole. I59 ORGA IZATIONS UNIOR HIGH TUDE T COU CIL The Junior High Student Council is a group of elected representatives from each home room and organization in grades 7, 8, and 9. Every student through his repre- sentative has a voice in making decisions pertaining to junior high activities. With opportunities to learn citizen- ship and leadership through participation in the activities of the school and through discussions of problems of vital importance to them, membership in the student council is considered a high honor. Officers standing are Ben Henneke, vice president Dar treasurerg John Campbell, presidentg Priscilla Blackstock Jay Miller, parliamentariang seated, Mrs. Edith McBride Members are, from left to right, Nancy Mefford, Linda Day, Bill Geffen, .lack Sangunett, Carol Rogers, Ray Barnett, Linda Martin, Bill Davisg SECOND ROW: ,Terry Barnett, Susan Cobb, Sam Philp, Kermit Halderrnan, Francie Marks, Richard Slicker. Terry Campbell, Robert Farrel, Theda Robinsong THIRD ROW: Ann Hujsak, Becky Patnam, Sherrie Simpson, Becky Bowlend, Bob East, Paul Kendell, Norman-Livelv, Ray Allen, Mark Finnerty, Darial Davis. l60 ,y UNIOR HIGH STUDE T COUNCIL Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Edith McBride, sponsor: .Io Ellen Dune, Eileen Freeman, Karen Forsmen, Prissy Blackstock, Nancy Mullendore, Carol Clark, Mariella Haas, Cindy Campbell, .Iohn Campbellg SECOND ROW: Kathy Oliver, Rita Glazer, Kim Robinson, .Iacque Frost, Shirley McQueen, Mike Forsman, Marcia Mobley, Nancy Brame, Ronnie Schafer, Gary Anderson, THIRD ROW: Patsy Covington, Genny McCravy, John Harwood, ,Ion Bascom, Em Iiamer, Cris Fisher, Bob Livingston, Tim Pool, Diana Johnston, Sammie Durrett, Ben enne e. NIOR HIGH CHESS CLI B MEMBERS: Dwight Allen Stuart Templeman Fred Hawley Jack Larrabee Monte Akemire Hal Cauvel David McFerrin ' R0bCI't Weisman .I im Wantland Richard Mclntyre Eddy Robinson John Dratz Bruce McCoy Denneth Wintroy Robert Selman D011 Wagner .Iarnes Forster Nicky Treverbough Bill Benzing Ron Nigh Mike Hayes Ed Soderstrom Tom Gross Cary Dart Donald Poe, sponsor ORGANIZATIONS AQUILLA SERVICE CLUB AQUILLA is a new organization composed of girls Working in the various offices and library. The purpose of this club is to help at school functions, counsel with each other on common problems, and improve the quality of the Work done by the members. They are under the fine direction of Mrs. Mickie Layman. Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Sherry Johnston, secretary, Joan Arrington, treasurer, Nancy Brame, vice presidentg Judy Waters, president, SECOND ROW: Jeanie John- son, Carolyn Stover, Marilyn Roger, Linda Shaddox, Carolyn Catron, Linda Kahl, Nancy Scott, Janie Devine, Karen Hamilton, 'Paula Brinkley, Lynn Logan, THIRD ROW: Carolyn Pool, Cookie Goodall, Sally Lewis, Rebecca Matney, Karen Kribbs, Su- sy Clannin, Darlene Carrens, Shirley Wilson, Vicki Tyler, Kathryn Barker, Elaine Stockfish, Marilyn Saxe, Derial Davis, FOURTH ROW: Ann Brady, Jackie Storm, Patty Wisenbaker, Judy Ruder, Roslie Freeman, Betty Fletcher, Carolyn Caldwell, Marvin Dabney, Janet Van Bibber, Julie Murdock, Alice Hunt, Mary .Jane Peitzg FIFTH ROW: Judy Snow, Alma Wright, Sue Stanley, Sandra Stephens, Lynn Preiss, Barbara Beatty, Susy Corlett, Sharon Midgley, Peggy Fish, Diane Walker, Janet Saw- yer, Linda Ford, Jan Keith. S FIELD AND STREAM FIELD and STREAM CLUB is in its second year of operation and it is composed of seventh, eighth, and ninth grade boys. The members take numerous field trips, view outdoor movies, listen to talks given by noted sportsmen, and participate in many other varied outdoor activities. This club is under the capable direction of Mr. Neil Barker. Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Mike Ludewig, presidentg .lim Kre- mer, vice president, Gordon Hunt, secretary-treasurer, SECOND ROW: Larry Cam- blin, Bill Stiles, ,Iack Teverbaugh, David Whitney, ,Ierry Bush, Gus Gaither, Skipper Wilson, .Iim Netherton, Richard Steele, Bill Millard, Sammy Word, THIRD ROW: John Hamill, Scott Warren, Don McNeill, Gordon McKay, Steve McCoy, Nicky Tever- baugh, Curt Braddock, ,Iohn McNeill, Gordon McKay, Steve McCoy, Nicky Tever- baugh, Curt Braddock, ,Iohn Garol, Robert Livingston, David Blevins, FOURTH ROW: Charles I-Iicks, Mike Cleveland, Iim Stuard, Bob Martin, Steve Bailey, Glen Ritterbush, Kenny Davidson, Dick Quast, Jim Holliday, Jerry Owens, Carl Guild, Mr. Neil Barker, sponsor. Y-TEENS are made up of students in Edison Junior High. They are undertaking a short term service project which will be approximately one month in duration. The Y-Teens have many social functions as Well as the service projects. Some of these are attending the Rally Day in Okla- homa City, October 10, coffees for all mothers of Y-Teens, and the Novem- ber Y-Teen Dance. At this dance a queen was chosen from among the many active Y-Teen members at Edison Junior High. "ETA KAPPA" Members are, left to right, SEATED: Julie Murdock, Alice Hunt, Linda Shaddox, .Judy Watersg STANDING: Judy Cook, Judy Jones, Sharon Godden, Carolyn Denny, Sharon Steele, Linda Mark, Sue Ann Baker. MCOQUETTESH Members and sponsors are, left to right, SEATED: Candy Clark, Peggy McElroy, Lynn Logan, Dariel Davis, Karen Ironsg STANDING: M. Irons, Nancy Ward, Judy Fisher, J an- ice Van Fossen, Donna Logan, Mrs. Davis. I64 'LKOTINGAM Members and sponsor are, left to right, Edwina Palmer, Pam Jones, Marilyn Lock, Mrs. Palmer, sponsor. JUNIOR HIGH JUNIOR RED CROSS Membership in the American Junior Red Cross is maintained through the annual enrollment of schools. Enrollment means opportunities for youth to serve others local- ly, nationally, and internationally, and to develop skills, leadership and ability, and citizenship. Members in the JUNIOR HIGH JUNIOR RED CROSS are alphabetical- ly, Susie Abercrombie, Nancy Allison, Barbara Armstrong, Charles Bell, Linda Blod- get, Merle Caylor, Nancy Chandler, Martha Christ, Dick Clark, Jackie Cunningham, Donna Davis, Bill Dorman, Margaret Dugger, Betty Easter, Rozlyn Elkinton, Janie Fash, Tom Flint, John Freeman, Susie Harbison, Marsha House, Carol James, Alan Jenkins, Denny Lang, Mike Lawrence, Budge Lewis, Sally Lewis, Louise Livingston, Julie Lottinville, Joanne Lynch, Peggy McElroy, Joe Mayden, Marilyn Manton, Sally Martin, Suzanne Mitchell, Pat Reynolds, Claudia Roark, Seve Roark, Sharon Schir- mer, Jan Scott, Nancy Shelby, Carol Snively, Neal Stanley, Roger Stephens, Anne Sylvester, Leon Walden, Diane Ware, Sandy Weinheimer, Shirley Wilson, Susan Wil- son, Karen Wright. In our day of hi-fis and stereophonic sound, we often forget that the initial 'cvoice box" was the product of the creativity of Thomas Edison. This instrument not only provides an immense amount of enjoyment for us, but it also is being used more and more extensively as an educational medium. CO CER Our Concert Band has proved itself worthy of playing excellent music this year from the time they marched onto the football field through the year -up to the end of school. This was accomplished by the band under the able direction of Mr. Richard Cox. The Concert Band members are, Diana Abshire, Sandy Abshire, Martin Ander- son, David Bagwell, Kent Barnes, David Bartlett, Rhonnie Bennett, Phil Boillot, Sue Bondurant, Charles Bott, James Braley, Bob Bryarly, Carol Burlingame, Bryan Ca- hen, Mike Carter, Bill Cody, Mike Cooley, Mike Copenhaver, J imlee Corbett, Richard Cotner, Craig Dalton, Joe Denoncourt, Bill Ess, Lynn Falkenstien, Bruce Fisher, Nancy Fash, Sharon Fletcher, Donna Ford, Carol Foster, Jimmy Frank, David Friend, Bob Gilbert, Tom Gilbert, Melvin Glasgow, David Henley, Theresa Hollingsworth, Sandy Hutton, Richard Jeffrey, Garry Johnson, James R. Johnson, James T. Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Dean Jones, Larry Langley, Bill Lewis, Kay Lewis, Chuck McConnell, Kenneth McLaughlin, Phil McPherson, Andy Mace, Ted Martner, W- Robert Meng, Kenneth Miller, Mike Miller, Jeff Musick, Anne Nash, Robert Persson, Jim Philp, Charles Plowman, John Pohly, Tom Price, Bob Provine, Dick Pryor, Rhonnie Quick, Tommy Renfrow, Wayne Rice, Billie Sue Roberts, Joe Rohr, Phil Richard Schafer, John Salk, Connie Smith, Jim Smith, Verne Smith, Jeff Smyth, Kenny Sole, Rick Stephenson, Bill Stokely, Logan Stroud, George Stroup, Lynn Taylor, Walter Terry, Larry Thorne, Jim Thrash, Tom Tipton, Rick Walts, Neta Warren, Joan Welge, John Welge, Carolyn Wenger, Ken West, Claude Whitcomb, Raymond Wiesen, David Williams, Jack Yankee, Gary Yeck. 41 2 'Qu 'II' s Af' 0.6 J ,WJ lj if ff X Q , N I 'X W cfalilyh .1 mn! 'WY L , Y' A' , 1 F -if R MARCHI G BAN THE PRIDE OF EDISON Edison is known all over the city for its fine marching. band. In their snappy green and white uniforms, they promote school spirit by marching at football games and in parades. Under the fine leadership of their director, Mr. Richard Cox, the band turns out many polished per- formances. Wayne Rice struts before the band for his second year. Majorettes who add sparkle to 1 the performances are Sharon Fletcher, Kathy John- son, and Carol Foster. An added attraction this year is majorette Connie Smith Who Won a national twirl- ing contest. Many members of the Marching Band are also members oi the Concert Band pictured on pages 168 and 169. , ' 0 ,xl-'O 0.5 I 1. Nw I if-1 Jw i 8919 ,....l?.6Q ,NN EVE, iffm s A 5 l70 EDI ON SWI G BAN The EDISON SWING BAND has entertained the music lovers of Edison both in and out of school. Under the masterful baton of Mr. Richard Cox, they have produced rapturous melody exhibiting their many hours of practice. Members of the Swing Band are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Martin Andersob, George Holbert, Rhonie Ben- nett, Robert Meng, Larry Langly, Jim Smith, Kenneth McLaughlin, SECOND ROW: Skip Laughlin, Pee Wee Johnson, Raymond Weisen, Wayne Rice, Ted Larkin, Don Wagner, Bruce Fisher, David Bartlett, Charles Eads, David Friend, Bobby Griffin. Xtlltllllll l E 1 T' lc , If 3 'S CO CERT CHORUS Members of the Concert Chorus from left to right are, FIRST ROW: Margaret Bean, Connie Barker, Marvin Parker, Don Kahl, Mickey Rainer, Steve Davis, Carolyn Raimer, Nancy Duvall: SECOND ROW: Diane Carter, Judy Johnson, Ray Summers, Jim Crawford, Mr. Ronald Shirey, Andy Lutman, Ronnie Marsh, Marilyn McMasters, Freddie Storm: THIRD ROW: Hazel Sulender, Mary Hensley, Anneta Hargrove, Craig Rubin, Ray Coleman, Ralph Kalbus, Jack Hogan, Ken Burton, Don Leka, Kay Johns, Linda Herndon, Jane Hollingsworth: FOURTH ROW: Pat Strout, Sarah Barker, Jean Stark, Delton Shilling, Eric Nash, Phil Hope, Wayne Rice, Bob Baker, Lynette Steine, Diane Uri, Anita Bulger. E IOR HIGH ORCHESTRA f Mr. Richard Cox, our Edison senior high Orchestra has contributed greatly to the high quality and success of our assemblies. Members include lst VIOLIN S Lila Farthing Principal Linda Eulert Pat Godden Bob Brown Virginia Haughton Steven Wintory Gaila F lickinger Barbara Nelson Nancy Peterson 2nd VIOLINS Mary Adkins Principal Janice Davis Charles Adams Diane Turner Linda Jones Kathryn Kambula Kris Wienecke Janice Snow Susan Hughs Edwina Palmer Martin Ross .lack Spears Janet Fowler' Under the direction o VIOLAS Freddie Storm Principal .lane Roper CELLI Jackie Storm Principal Pam Rader Molly Marsh BASS Roger Melone Principal George Holbert Lawrence Slavin .loan Chandler Robert Schellstede FLUTE Anne Nash Principal Theresa Hollingsworth Sharon Fletcher CLARINET Sandy Scott Principal Bob Biyarly Mike Carter OBOE Margaret Gowans Donna Ford BASSOON Suella Todd Tom Gilbert FRENCH HORN David Bagwell Jeff Smyth TRUMPET Garth Ziege Bobby Griffin Roy Shell TROMBONE Bruce Fisher Principal Ray Weisen Wayne Rice PERCUSSION Nita Warren Principal Eric Dickson Gerald Montgomery Ray Rylander PIANO Carolyn Pool Susie Fischer MIXED CHORUS 11 x UNIX! 1 7 5? 1, :ull YI' II Ill ll Ill ll 'll ll Ill 'Il E , , ,,1 I , I I I 1L...f' ... .... . .. 4 T if W 'vt g.?Guf S 5. X - Z" X Y N XX r X - 51.7 . Aff f Accompanists are Joan Squire and Ed Gates. Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Jo Lynn Turner, Mary Miller, Barbara Fish, Linda Earl, Sherry Coleman, Kay Lewis, Mike Clifford, Sam Allen, O. D. Wikoff, Brooks Manhall, Mickey Rainier, Jon Evans, Kay Sanders, Sally Kenslow, Frances Overturf, Margaret Bean, Judy Lawson, SECOND ROW: Mr. Ronald Shirey, director, Barbara Menkoff, Sydney Lancaster, Bon- nie Mclntosh, Charla Lorenz, J anell Clark, John Pope, Stuart Zarrow, Roger Melone, Mike Ward, Marshall Rabon, Barbara Vogel, Jane Camden, Suella Todd, Saundra Gosnell, Judy Massarog THIRD ROW: Ruth Lynde, Susie Ketch, Sharon Kittrell, Mary Ann Bell, June Evans, Nancy LeCrone, Jim Close, Ronnie Morrison, Tom Goodridge, Mike Perkins, Bill Hanton, Dan Pente- cost, Craig Winer, Judy Unwin, Judy Graham, Judy Mattke, Clarice Van Valkenhurg, Teresa Vreelandg FOURTH ROW: Sharon Parker, Linda Nash, Linda Cody, Gay Mattocks, Geren Cooper, David Bullwinkle, Dick Sweet, Bob Knight, Van Smithen, Morgan Guthert, Dean Dohn- alek, Mike Schlosser, Lee Miller, Pat Leonard, Carol Bentley, Barbara Logsdon, Cathy Wallace, FIFTH ROW: Jeff Curlee, Bob Cook, Bob Lee, John Duvall, Jim Desalvo, Woody Chance, Danny Cupp, Jane Hollingsworth, Donna Holland, Carolyn Bullock, and Laurie Neerman. GIRL 9 GLFF CJLB 5 ' ' P 'Rs .......nnvlu-...,t. is Members are, FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Cox, Barby Bagwell, Peggy Simmons, Paula Hop- kins, Carol Elkinton, Ann Miller, Sue Hinnant, Sue Johns, Shari Orrell. SECOND ROW, left to right: director, Mr. Ronald Shirey, Nancy Gribin, Phyllis Shelton, Kitty Soule, Kathy Haas, Shir- ley Grigsby, Pat Crisp, Kay Thomas, Ann Beeby, Linda Reed, Janet Hughes, Sue Osborne, Laquita Davis, Judy Wright. THIRD ROW, left to right: Nancy DeWitt, Jeanne Coodson, Christy Hern- don, Becky Dauner, Suzanne Piteock,rMarily Williams, Jeanne Thomas, Katherine Schuette, Cindy Frazier, Elizabeth Moyer, Ginger Hagan, Pat Hutson. FOURTH ROW, left to right: Jonna Hal- terman, Pattie Curby, Susan Claiborne, Maryanna Chandler, Linda Downen, Pat Ferguson, Kathy Murphy, Diane Nickols, Julie Patrnan, Liz Mungen, Linda Franklin, Dedra Wright, Neva Mur- dock. ,rm JU IoB HIGH BOY 7 GLEE CL B The junior high boys' glee club practices daily in order to turn out fine performances. Members are, FRONT ROW, left to right: Steven Moncrief, Mark Finerty, Jeff King, Sandy Elliott, Carl Humes, Gary Hawthorne, Tom Davis, Kent Johnson, Jack Church- Wffll, Joe. Mayden, Terry Kisler, Bill Martin, John Hollinger, Bill Selman, Ben Gorrell, Dick Ruprecht, SECOND ROW: David So- bel, David Harder, Buz Walker, Kenny Dillman, Russell Snow, Bob Wise, Lloyd McClendon, David Wadley, Steve Tuttle, Jeff Moore, Larry Young, John Hanns, Nick Teverbaugh, Jim Sellen, Warren Adams, Thomas Terry, THIRD ROW: Bill Davis, George Barn- hart, Cameron Cunningham, John Wood, Robert Murdock, Douglas Bullwinkle, Tom Harde, Ron Breautigam, Mark Johnson, Gary Frank, Steve McCoy, Tom Simpson, Chris White, Tom Briggs, Bronse Dorsey, Dick Brown, Bill Chase, Mike Barrett, Tom McEvoy, Larry Stuart, Lloyd Unsill, Barry Blackman, John Roberts, Lloyd Barron, Steve Daniel, Bill Brown, Buddy Burrell, David Kuhen, Leon Walden, Robert Riser, John Garol, Robbin Morton, Dick Clarkg FIFTH ROW: Mr. Shirey, Rick Cheadle, Ben Henneke, Kent Kistler, Mike Caldwell, John Harwood, Paul Peterson, Jim Mayden, Gary Boyd, Jim Glossop, Grant Youngman, Henry Cole- man, Mike Cleveland, Glenn Weichert. ,uw UNIGB HIGH GIRL 9 GLEE CLUB Members of the Jr. High Girls, Glee Club are, FRONT ROW: Marinda Holt, Charlotte Golden, Marisue Turley, Linda Antosh, Diane Ess, Cmdy Leonard, Vlcki Caron, Ruthann Turley, Ann Tharpe, Marsha Bullard, Alexia Kallay, Norma Bean, Susan Clannin, and Sue.Ann Baker, SECOND ROW: Joan Wilkerson, Kynda Ferguson, Nancy Moss, Suanne Morgan, Sharon Todhunter, Anne McCoy, Kftfm Irons, Sally BTYHUL .llldy Simpson, Judy Caldwell, Barbara Roller, Kathy Oliver, Marily Bumpass, Michal Earl, Jane Martin, Linda Byers, THIRD ROW: Kennie Baker, Carol Merrill, Sandra Weinhiemer, Janet Rivera, Jan Matthews, Sandra Gray, Londa Clark, Beverly Adams, Judy,Fisher, Jamey Dayton, Judy Stringer, Martha Christ, Patty McAnally, Carol Soule, Debbie Couring- ton, FOURTH ROW: Beverly Braunlich, Kriste Nash, Jean Bair, Marcia Petta, Carol Rose, Carolyn Hadley, Norma Kyle, Donna Rogers, Debble Smith, Sarah Follanshie, Marilyn Hawkins, Linda Burkitt, Nancy Anderson, Barbara Skeith, Jan Crawford, Carol Barchard, Sandra Yeager, Harriet Mohan, Ann Myrickg FIFTH ROW: Mr. Blankenship, Jan Kolter, Judy Waters, Pam McKis- S1Ck, Carolyn Carron, Patty Wisenbakin, Betty Easter, Ginger Miller, Marilyn Lafferty, Janice Knoff, Lyne Moore, Donna Nelson, Anne Stevens, Judie Haley. I76 UNIOR HIGH ADVA GED BA D FIRST ROW', left to right: Shirley W'ilson, David Brighton, Virginia Haughton, Carol Highland, Sharon Langdon, Carol Clark, Peggy Owens, Retha Bost, Diane Tholen, Richard Hellisg SECOND ROW: Fred Hawley, Kent Smith, Bobby Burns, Carolyn White, Gordon McKay, Marshall Hunt, Jeff Barkley, Mary Beth Wenger, Carol Soule, Robert Epperson, Don Wilcox, Mary Lou Kitchere, John Coe, Joan Dean, Iris Self: THIRD ROW: Jimmy Holliday, Billy Brown, Dusty Ward, Darlene Carrens, Carol Frey, Jerry Webb, Jolm Gollub, Budge Lewis, Kenneth Wright, Mike Beard, Tony Morton, John Street, Steve Baily, Mike Henry, Roger Carlisle, Eddie Janssen, FOURTH ROW: Judy Eskridge, Nancy Allen, Larry Bruding, Dwight Evans, Angela Anderson, Gordon Hunt, Bruce Bachus, Tim Cross. Tim Miller, Mike Bradley, Marshall Parker, Brian Miller, Butch Murphy, Clark Sweeny, Jim Murry, Jerry Bush: STANDING: Curtis Shachlett, Jolm Crain, Jon Baseom, Dick Quast, Ken Johnson, Gary Anderson, Tom Briggs. Herb Forrest, Ronnie Schafer. JUNIOR HIGH I TERMEDI TE BA D g FIRST ROW, left to right: Frank Henslow, Judy Jones, Jeanne Kay, Kathleen Clark, Janis McGee, Mary Ann Scott, Donna Harrold, SECOND ROW: Steve Rader, Linda Mark, Carol Hensley, Tom Manseir, Robert Hay, Mike Gravitt, Larry Krutz, David Lindey, Carl Pickettg THIRD ROW: Roger Burkitt, Janice Pope, Janice Van Fossan, Richard Stavin, Billy Philps, Jimmy Hiatt, Darrel Brown, Chris Fisher, Gary Collins,,Janie Flash, Ray Allen, Buddy Huffmyer, Ike Brighton, FOURTH ROW: Rita Tichmond, Linda Thompson, Chuck Whisenhunt, Bobby Samons, Gary Gomez, Jim Grant, Jimmie Reed, Kris Bauman, Tim Stein, Sarry Fike, Robert Shipman, Jacques Cunning- ham, Randy Jacobs, Jim McAlester, Larry Lebold, Chris Peterson, John Pratt, Tim Poolg STANDING: Marty Brown, Charles Hicks, Steve Morse, Roy Rylander, Jim Covington, Herb Forrest, Tom Tye, Ned Rogers, Mr. Richard Winfrey, sponsor. JU Ioa HIGH SWING BAN Members of the Junior high Swing Band are, Roger Carlisle, Steve Baily, Eddie Janssen, Tony Morton, Robert Epperson, Fred Hawley, Gordon Hunt, Bruce Bachus, Tim Cross, Sarry Van Zandt, Jo Bennett, Jerry Bush, Virginia Haughton, and Curtis Shacklett. JU IOR HIGH THINGS Members of the Junior High Intermediate Strings are, Tim Pentacost, Al Guild, Jimmy Lacey, Betsy Zegie, Linda Hunter, Kenneth Wintory, Jeannie Shapiro, Erie Sippel, Kathy Tower, Richard McIntyre, Cynthia Marsh, Dixie John, Carl Lattimore, Mike Levin, Debbie Kennedy, James John- son, Jim Courley, Jamey Gill, Monte Ikemire, Dennis Harper, Marion Eskridge, Carol Elkington, Ken Cornstuble, and David Bullwinkle. SEVEN-B BAN Members of the Seven-B Band are, James Adkins, Jon Bayouth, Kent Campbell, Buff Clark, Craig Cox, Kenney Davidson, Christopher Denny, Mike Denny, Bill Engling, Bob Flint, Kent Fox, J . B. Garrick, D. R. Grimes, Jim Hagan, Drayton Hall, Hobart Hansen, Walter Hardy, Robert Harr1s,' Stephen Johnson, Dennis Kirby, George Kuhn, Mike Lovas, David McFerren, John McLane, Billy ' ' d Sl' k Neff, Jeff Olson, Sam Pbllp, Terry Raffensperger, John Rueter, Bill Satterfield, Richar ic er, John Spurgin, Roger Steed, Bruce Taliaferro, Jack Teverbaugh, Brian Toll, Bill Turley, Don Wagner, John Walton, Scott Warren, John Williams, Ricky Wilson, Larry Zankel, Diann Gillispie, Pam Hulsam, Pat Jenkins, Alice Vincent, Sharline Wilcox. ! SEVEN-A BAND Members of the'Seven-A Band are, Gerald Baird, Dan Breeding, Hollia Copeland, Bobby Moyer, Richard Winters, Jim Adair, Dan Ahrens, John Allen, Jim Armstrong, Gary Brown, Chaney Car- ter, Larry Cowan, Mike Curry, Stan Dresser, Ken Dillman, Earl Elliott, Thomas Elliott, Danny ' ' ' ' G f D l Fitz atrick, Edward Ford Erni, Dan Esslinger, Walter Fast, Tom Flint, David aw , oug as p , Richard Franklin, Jim Fry, Mike Hayes, John Heath, William Dennis Hunt, Ralph Jett, Ronnie Jett, Ronnie King, Greg Knutzen, Denny Lang, Dennis Lee, Norman Lively, Larry Lyon, Richard Martin David Murphy, Richard Oertle, Kent Petzold, Ralph Peters, Rex Philps, Raymond Pool, 9 Pat Poole, Gary Quiggle, John Roberts, Rodney Routsong, Jim Rhoads, Steve Sanders, Jay Salter John Selph, Robert Selman, George Somers, Tom Spleth, Neal Stanley, Rodney Sunder- b W ' an Jerr Wright land, Bob Taylor, John Thompson, Charles Towry, Roger Turner, Ro ert eism , y , Lloyd Wright, Cathy Abshire, Judy Brown, Cathy Chase, Cheryl Coiner, Janice Crawford, Vicki . .... D Johnston, Kaye Kisler, Marty Larkin, Sue Lemmon, Bonnie McBav1sh, Diane Misenheimer, onna Mori.tzn,-Carolyn Olsen, Katherine Phinney, Emily Rose, Janet Sared, Shari Tipps, Donna Sue Weathers, Kathy Wheeler. . 'xaiip r" 1 1 fi XXX y We R f S1 X ff N, Xl XX .. 7 it 4-I Qt' JV Mlm B 5- 1 w 249 N9 if X X The moving picture industry has become a big business since NX . . . BN, vi H N XXX the day Thomas Edison lnvented the movle camera. The queens Faxing xiiglfzk I in the picture are reviewing some of the results of this inven- 1 rmxmf ni I ,i f f5..iiff,,ff'Liff mg y ,:, 4 is f e R H si al il i fff ,V Agiigiwp S ir --.- ,AZAJAX S i 'Q 1-is i ,r 3 g. I 1 .e qggmgxyy tion and are pleased with what they see. Movies provide great enjoyment for us and are used educationally as well. 1 I 1 . , W N f r I-IERL DIE -I - ITI G LORRAINE PRATT LINDA HENDERSON Senior Senior JUDY LIVELY JOEL TUCKER Junior Junior BETSY BROGKS Sophomore TUCKY MARCH Sophomore l83 Band Queen Sharon Fletcher Wrestling Queen Jacque Selph JANET KNIPPA ketball ueen Nancy Stone SHIRLEY RODGERS Junior Attendant JUDY HENSHAW Sophomore Attendant Swimming Queen JIM BOSWELL Sophomore: Sophomore Board: first place in Freedom Fair: Key Clubg Basketball and Baseball teams. Juinor: Key Clubg Baseball and Basketball teams. Senior: Senior Boardg Student Councilg Honor Com- rnissiong representative to State White House Conven- tion: PTA Advisory Committee: Key Clubg Lettermen's Clubg Baseball and Basketball teams. TEMBER LORRAINE PRATT Sophomore: First in the state A.A.U. Synchronized Swim- ming Meetg attendant to Miss Edison Ig Student Council: Swimmettesg Honor Commis- siong and honor roll. Junior: Attendant to Miss Edison II: Student Council: elections committeeg Swim- mettesg secretary for Edison inter-city Student Council conventiong and honor roll. Senior: Secretary of Student Councilg delegate to S.A.S.C.g member of Swimmettesg at- tendant to Miss Edison III: Honor Commissiong and hon- or roll. 83 SEQ o MASQ xt .axwws e A r ,J N A E digit? l U13 W . 'Q-L K Wi an OCT MARIAN COLE Sophomore: Medical clubg honor roll. Junior: Student Councilg Publications committeeg For- eign Exchange commissiong Southern Ball committeeg sec- retary at inter-city Student Council conventiong part in Junior playg swimming queen attendantg Nominee for Na- tional Council of Teachers of English Awardg honor roll. Senior: Senior class secre- taryg Student Councilg For- eign Exchange commissiong delegate to State White House Youth Conventiong Honor Commission. ctw - GWR fi ff' xx Xt! x LPQ fl ff fl:-X X X X i Xfiff' 'fi lxksgliii-if la ,-9 X "JR 533 LQ 'J X ff 1. - A " V if-:ww -. " NX J K!! V 4,'t Z if il x X'NA X! A 1 x .-:ff ,xx tx K1 QN J llx w 6' 2 J N at if ,G l Q ! r 'l L 5 E lb th lx Legs 'ref' HERB ARST Sophomore: Key Clubg track and cross-country teamsg U.S. History Awardg honor roll. Junior: Junior class treasurerg Student Councilg Key Clubg Honor Commissiong Junior Boardg bandg Sir Alexander Fleming Fellowship at Oklahoma Medical Re- search Foundationg second place in national essay con- testg track and cross-country teamsg honor roll. Senior: President of Student Councilg Vice president of Key Cluhg track and cross-country teamsg delegate to S.A.S.C. conventiong delegate to F.O.H.S.S.C. workshopg National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Awardg National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalistg honor roll: Westinghouse Science Talent Search Finalistg secre- tary of Texas-Oklahoma District of Key Club. SUSAN BUSH Sophomore: Cheerleader: Student Council: Allied Youth: Sophomore Board: Southern Ball committee: Traffic and Safety convention, honor roll. Junior: Cheerleader: Allied Youth: Southern Ball com- mitteeg honor roll. Senior: Cheerleader: Student Council: Senior Board, Usherettesg School Spirit committee: chairman of State Student Council banquet: honor roll: Key club sweet- heart. - hrva-f-o+--mwm 5r-fgs-'w-'inf-"'- "--0 ,,,,, ts,s-fwwmzt ,, ,,,, 1, ,W , i X SK rf J, lif gpp W 'EMBER SCOTTY HICKS Sophomore: Student Council: F.0.H.S.S.C. Workshopg hon- or roll. Junior: Treasurer of Student Council: Key Club: delegate to S.A.S.C. convention: dele- gate to State Student Council convention: delegate to Tex- as-Oklahoma District Key Club convention: honor roll. Senior: President of Key club: Student Council: Dele- gate to inter-city Student Council: honor roll. xx I I 4,3 DECEM AL DEATON Sophomore: Sophomore Boardg Key Clubg Student Councilg football team. Junior: Student Councilg Jun- ior Boardg Key clubg delegate to engineer's luncheong foot- ball letterman. Senior: Key Cluhg Student Councilg Board of Controlg member of handbook com- mitteeg state Student Council Conventiong football letter- man. -Nfmx'-N... DONNA REYBURN Sophomore: Sophomore playg honor roll. Junior: Advertising boardg honor rollg attended OSU summer high school science institute. Senior: Medical clubg Future Homemakers of America Student Councilg honor roll. 1 9-3 ' - for 'leaf -, g 'NA A. XX N t J fd-fm ,ff X, Iunior Yearbook Staff Student Council Iumor Board y . xx!! Senior lVlu Al ha Theta Usherettes Senlor Board BILL FITZGERALD Sophomore: International Re- lations clubg Student Councilg Swimming Teamg Spanish Club. Junior: Traffic and Safety Councilg Key Cluhg Student Councilg Swimming Teamg International Relations Club. Senior: Key Clubg Student Councilg Swimming Teamg Senior Boardg Traffic and Safety Councilg delegate to State White House Confer- ence on Youthg president of International Relations club. I92 S j ' HILARY f1ENNEiiEfi Sophomore: Honor Roll' Sophomore play committee. Junior: Honor Commissiong Foreign Exchange Commis- siong Junior Boardg delegate to State Student Council fi LV. 'mln Ze' f K if gan ' QLQQQ I3 A i f A, gg k 10 I,-Q f X329 f -x-l.V....S, Z- ""is,,, ,MM QW f ,C my will' ,, , TH fp '- H l. W . A f ' M gg! X it 2. M ,Q ci r :F Y r --X Mi X. XM S te, f .1 . .. -. r sql. t- A, ' Y X ' 'F N, M itsif AXA . 1 , W a p-..,a if p Q vm - ' x' ' Q ,lift L., ffi,ft-wif 3. ,ik p, . P -'4 f .A-4,25 f I ', w. , -we Q, 92 fn... ,-N 4 , Pl i . g -'J 5 xr, N ' ,v, -my n il 3' l 1, 1' N - iw- I i i ' f' ', i X . A l dl-,ff 1 ,fl , -, Q- 1 , Q ' . x K , X x , x iff x, f ' ' 'X X Q' X Q., S im I .V V W . my ,E Q! N ' f . H ' Q9 , k 5 A Q . , , if , A, it My V C Q , 4 ' ' ' yd - -X ,- . V ' A FR, N -1 f V .l Q X ll Q 1 , Q EH' - x H H ' at A . 'l , vi XJ 9 ag 2, L ,lx K f X Workshopg Junior Playg Honor rollg Southern Ball Com- mittee. Senior: Student Couneilg Usherettesg National Merit Finalistg Honor Commissiong delegate to State White House Conference. 5 Q 1 xt D f,jiQi..,l UARY CHARLES KOTHE Sophomore: Sophomore Class presidentg Key Clubg Allied Youthg Student Councilg Golf Teamg Honor Roll. Junior: Key Clubg Allied Youthg Student Councilg School Spirit Committeeg delegate to State Student Council Conventiong Golf Teamg Honor Roll. Senior: President of Inter- City Student Couneilg Key Clubg Senior Boardg Student Councilg Co-Editor of Nosicle Times. D THEY Queen Janis and some of the ladies of her court. I crown you Queennnnnnnnnnn! A dream come true. WERE CROW ED x Quick, hold my flow- ers. I've gotta . . . . .... ! I crown you Queen . . . Whoops! Yummmm! Something everyone enjoys . . . ! ? 195 '1 9, .11-r ,smawfp v 1 19 iii' I X 0 X is 'Qu .. y W5 'kk nz", ZEJTTW ,xhi xl F Xa 1' N u M' . Sf: I4 T?" jf' nik 1 Liifdj LQHPLME age? if? 1 fl K, 3' Thomas Ed1sons lmaglnahon to encourage our sportsmen on if o of ,iw , N ki Haw Q 'Q if w, I' he megaphone IS as symbohc of sports as 1S the actual med1a .Q .gg i 1 ' fy ,112 4' 1 , 'f his X 1 4 if 165+ f i - ,vw ' G -ww. ,falw 129:51 -, . . wwf mf if ' N f ww - HQWWW2 'T X VARSITY ,, QUA Edison's mighty Eagles came through with another victory-marked year with nine Wins and one loss. We're proud of these forty boys who have helped to contribute to our already established tradition of fine sportsmanship and athletic prowess. Our team included FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Zulky, Tom White, George DeMier, Jon Running, Bob Bigelow, Jim Graham, Tom Deupree, Errol McKoyg SECOND ROW: Charles Cantrell, Jerry Prather, Dennis Hardin, Ted Larkin, John McAuliffe, Ed Schermerhorn, Geren Cooper, Chuck MacDonald, Buddy Barnes, Tom Mach, Pat Meagherg Charles Ridley, John Duvall, Bill Mohr, Dan Hautman, Jack Marsee, Jim Schultz, Dan LeCrone, ,lim Fisher, John Stutsman, Kenneth Ruffin, Mike Galloway, FOURTH ROW: Dick Mclntosh, Lawrence Slavin, Casey Cooper, Phil Fruge, Tom Golden, Dick Beyer, Al Deaton, George Tesar, Roger Vrooman, Hank Moore. TED LARKIN JOHN STUTSMAN JON RUNNING A11 City Guard A11-city Tackle All-City Half Back 1 ,,,, 2 EDISON EAGLE Football Schedule Sand Sprin 1 38 McLain , N32 Hale ,,,,. . 1 ..., 19 Central .,.. . 1 ,,,, 7 Rogers ,,,, t 1 39 Springfield Washington gs Sapulpa ,,,,1,, 1,,,. 0 36 Webster These coaches have again given us a mighty Eagle football team of which we are all proud. Through their able coaching, we have amassed a 9-1 record, the best in the city, and have the best defensive record in the state. PHIL FRUGE GEORGE TESAR All-State Tackle All-State End A11-cny End GEORGE TESAR Senior End 2 an gg iff if Q of " 1 . . . F 1rst and teng do it agam' if?i1 fLf13ew?fs+Hg5Q,3Lzse me ffQ4gf1wgfge. m y ': 'ffisfrsiffifffffiz MMS' . 1kfQ?zwlfY1g?EGifTfi ?m W "f?i P, fi n, S EK , -,'iKi2fi's?1- " 11 W 421 1 0 1 1 2221 I ' fiwixirnw-My - A -:nw fan 8 1 W1 1 aeseffs1i21fi22 1 -"ll: 11' ff: 1 3 " sfP1qgf'ipg'1,g5" 'V no ''i:'?"i5fT1"z'l'E119.j,t'T' fi ' :':' 2'f:2Ef:EF3:'?-'glfi V 1 if H 1 4 M5 2 5iiQe':.53ff''fillf' - . sy .., , ., ,,.. .,,.,,, .. ,ras-bg-vSgi,.M,.s1 .... . .,,. 1 .. .,i Q 525221 5 QQEQJSZLQ1w1s:,ff??E?z1-.. 1 f E3i5f nE'Q 2i g21v1,1if'1 1 :L 1 V if' 'WW ,,if11i,2s'1Q211f11fu 1"' -I .Simi 1: .. Y 'sez 4 251 5 ff 7--e:sWaisSf'fSff5?i35W,-w2':: 1 :f wage ife w MS ' , Z' " 95121 .. " 1 1 V521 .f 1' 4 13 555 5 ,- fpiigwggxggsgl . B54 1 Y 1 vigaziff - fS wf 1.?Qz Wf9s 1? in eg -- -1 : nQ.w,,, was si no , I ,- ...Q ,:,,.-I 1.3233 -I ,"-6 f N3 'im .,: A iq, f A Q411: ' wig .7 I : z::::a,'..ff ' I - f ini. f'2:f:f11fLf- iw f" i-:Q!"ig? : I-:' -why, 2 1z':z-fha:-, 3 1 if - 2 212: ' "-'1 " ' N - .V . - gn 1 -if ,sf- ggi ff Y iilfilzt. x "x, - 35:1- .2 Q 1' ,... Q .1 'A' .1 -. EW-K.-Q:,,.,,.. ,:,4,,,1,,,. ,X M, in 0 'ff' 1 'f g QV1' 1' ,. . " TOM DEUPREE Senior Fullback 200 TOM MACH Senior Guard AL DEATON Senior End JON RUNNING Junior Halfback ED SCHERMERHORN Senior Guard Go, go, go all you Eagles! TED LARKIN Senior Guard JERRY PRATHER Senior Quarterback DANNY LeCRONE Senior Center DENNIS HARDEN Senior Halfback CHARLES CANTRELL Senior Center JOHN STUTSMAN Senior Tackle We want a touchdown . . . over there! TOM GOLDEN Senior Guard J AMES RIDLEY Senior Tackle GEREN COOPER Senior Halfback PHIL FRUGE Senior Tackle ERROL MCKOY Senior Halfback J IM SCHULZ Senior End Wm N WV W' .w,,zpg.Q,g::'mW-Y Push 'em back, push 'em back! CHUCK MacDONALD Senior Center TOM WHITE Junior Halfback 203 CC 77 W X xl H A ' L9 f N v l ww Sg- me, " ll n Our "B" football team had one of their best years this year. They won 5, lost 3, and tied 1. Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Gary Stover, Doug Forrest, J ack Farrier, Bob Welsh, Forrest Towry, Larry Hardin, Phil Schlecht, Gerald Montgomeryg SECOND ROW: Rick Parks, Bill Buchanan, Jim Craw- ford, Jim Farrell, Scott Abel, Frank Lowery, Rick Tessier, Mark Clasby, Eddie Eavesg THIRD ROW: Coach Jerry Coody, Bob Adams, Steve Stockton, Robert Schellstede, Robert Cobb, Bobby Griffin, Mike Christ, Nevin Dodd, Mike Hendrickson, Scott Droke, Craig Dalton, Reggie Smyth, George Robb, Wayne Mitchell. SUA ., , Z h i' 204 4 1 QE? 5 if M if fm ., ,, , Q '1-' x Ihr new Q9 W 2 'EL 2 X", . gviifqw mmf? HIGHLIGHTS A LARRY MANSUR Senior J IM BOSWELL Senior RAY HEATH 'L Senior BILLY SHANKS Senior BILL DOUGLASS Senior TOM MACH Senior ' Edison JERRY PRAT HER Senior 19' Basketb Edison ..... ....... 4 7 Edison ...,. ,,.,.., 4 6 Edison .,,., ..,..,. 6 7 Edison .,,,. ..,....... 5 0 66 ry 46 hz- W ------ S' v . X L1.L,1, , .if--- "1 fM..-.--.., V, 5i.---f Q 'f-'Q ---,g- ----- -- f, , .,., Q me Edisefi ,-f, S Q Q Wm- "s"A""' Edison Edison Edison Edison W A rr, ,QW ,. 3?fi4q'lfz5 S 423 . ,f.i+w' , K --.---very? .4 -, -------- A , 'X L n,s, 49 z 4 51 ......... .- 41 37 47 PHIL DUN BAR Junior GARY PILCHER Senior O son Washington Central ..,,A,n, Suand, Springs Okmulgee ,,,,...,,. ,,,,,,, KVa:'z ....., ..,. ------ 38 ,,.. I. 148 Qlfmulgef? rrn, I ? ---nnn Welisteg rrrr Rogers Muskogee ...,, ....v .. Bartlesville ,,.,.... ooofoo. Sand Springs PEPPER GOSS Senior NED SCHLOSSER Junior DON PATTERSON Junior JOHN BUMGARNER Senior BILL SIMPSON Junior QC 97 Such pseudonvms as Moose "Nose,', HHole,', '4Snake," '4Coose Hatchet and WaHoo have been used by members of the Eagle squad much to the delight of the fans. Our broad-winged Eagles above are, left to right, Jim Bos- well, Billy Shanks, Tom Mach, Gary Pilcher, Bill Simpson, Jerry Prather, John Bumgarner, Phil Dunbar, Pepper Goss, Bill Douglas, Don Patterson, Larry Man- sur, Ned Schlosser, and Ray Heath. SUA " 7, BASKETB LL Pictured above are members of the HBH basketball team: left to right, Jim Shanor, Mike Christ, Rocky Bilbo, Scotty Chalmers, Bobby Griffin, Bobby Cobb, Eddie Bell, Jim DeSalvo, Don Ren- burg, Scott Abel, Mike Schlosser, Pat Meagher, and .lim Graham. The team is coached by Bob Kaufman. Ending the season with a record of l3 wins and 4 losses, the NB" basketball team has had a fine year. Edison Washington Edison Central Edison Sand Springs Edison Okmulgee Edison Sapulpa Edison Webster These graceful boys. 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TATE CHAMPIO 4 M . , .11 wp, ., ,A .Nw . .. ,1 wi, -ftiwss1sz'ftx?Ms,fetw ftwismfwv-tw.,iwvflsssgxittsfgmsknf , ,Nw ,MQ W .Q fm'1mf24?Pfa,1w:s.itfe' ff Q Q was ,Q Px,,KsXe,,8.a, mga, w ,, g,5A5,,.lg, .gs Y, ,lim swift?rexgsztsssaxsemis,aw,efzatwxzgfs,gm.3QfmiM,m.3Et MIKE BRYANT ERME Bartlesville Central Coffeyville Bartlesville Rogers Central Hale McClain McClain Rogers HB' Coffeyville All-City Rogers State Pictured on this and the next two pages are the members of Edison's swimming team. They have again honored the school with this outstanding record. EDISON vs. O. C. Tri-meet WE THEY 24 30 45 22 26 33 54 56 40 55 60 24 21 22 29 53 61 64 63 57 84 Shameful 37 49 103 66 81 Pretty Bad 20: Even Worse Zll M ggggeu Q ig 1 HEI i . A 5u1fff:g,iiE???L A,--fx! 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S' ' 522: If ' 5 ' X 5 .Q ,Lili 1:-1 F Ke elif 2 ' 'X N 2 ' fi 22 Ewiilff Q 3 533 . 5 '25 , M3 SM KX EQEI- - w K 5, sw X4 bf. f ' ""' ff-:Q my Qzwiiw '5'sg4-- f ' E vs ' s ,p,Qg:g.- Yifs ii f ff 4 if Q, wig, asf, 2 M5155 4,eI3.1::,- I :K .I K is X - 5 g , 1 , w 5 ' " W , V: -4 PETE JANUS an .., 'ui - ,ax 5 Our Eagle-fish can even fly on their backs. ORE MERME Only two more pool lengths to go and Fm not even tired. Ready, set, go! Grrrrrr . . 2 I4 -1 my si W'1iw2't.ff'g::,,w, ., Qrmf'45:5,f5,'Q5 ZHse3fffl,.f,, f L, ,V fl 9 3- siege:-,3f,ffQfk'i'fz'igwgm if W M , M , l i ,VVL ig W W Yaiffew -- AX .. , s ff M R I l l, if " W t-:' :f5fii5'5f5'2 'iiylrf H' f mf F'5L'1:'3if'f'i l -e,,. - ' f ' - --Qu 'r 1 'ef Q -f,yfv,, 1,13 1, . - f, iv- . wa f- ,f .5 K " ,.,,. . fx He flies through the air . . . Our headless Merman THE EDISON WRESTLING EAGLES These varsity Wrestlers pictured above, helped Edison complete its first undefeated season in the history of the young school. They Won eight dual meets and three tournaments, including a regional championship. Five of them are individual regional champions, and three finished second in the regional milling. MBI' WRESTLING TEAIVI These "Bw squad wrestlers powered their Way to an undefeated season and won the 5 n u . 1 Tulsa B" squad tournament. These boys, along with five pictured above, will form the varsity for next yearis representatives of the Edison Wrestling Eagles. JIM WILLIAMS STEVE ABRAHAM JIM ALCOCK 106 lbs. 106 lbs. 115 lbs DENNIS DUTSCH 123 lbs. Have you tried the new roll-on type? 573 N ez RANDY SINGLETON KINNY TAYLOR 130 lbs. 136 lbs. ERROL MCKOY STEVE DAVIS MIKE DAVIS 141 1hs. 141 lbs. 148 lbs- Go get 'im, Mike. HAPPY FRY TED LARKIN 157 lbs. 168 lbs DANNY LeCRONE 183 lbs. ATTEMPTING . . . a switch by Steve Abraham. . . a pin by Randy Singleton. . . . a take-down by Errol McK0y. 2 I 8 . . . to keep his opponent on the mat by Dennis Dutsch. Pictured above are most of this year's returning lettermen. MORE WRESTLERS . . 2 l The Edison grapplers had its first undefeated season this year with eight victories and one tie. They won the 5 Bristow and Edison tournaments as well as the- regional tournament. They completed their season by finishing sixth in the state meet. V Here is the record of their season: Edison .............,,........,..., 27 Central ......, ,.,...,.. 8 Edison ..,..... ....... 1 8 Webster ........., ......, Edison ..,,,.i. ....,..... 2 0 Putnam ity Edison ..,..... ....... 2 7 Central .....,,.... ,.... Edison ,.,..... ....,,..., 2 3 Rogers ..... Edison ........ ....,..,.. 3 0 Hale ...,., Edison ,....... .......... 1 5 Rogers ..... Edison ........ ,...,,.... 2 5 Sapulpa ....... ...... Edison ..,,....... ., .,..4......,.. 34 McLain .,..... ..,, . Bristow tournament 87 points. Edison Tournament 90 points. Regional Tournament 107 points. The Eagle wrestling coach, MR. JIM SELLERS TRACK Our track team raced to victory last year by Winning the city, state, and conference championships. John Turner, .lay Montgomery, Morris Lusk, and Lindsay Perkins prepare for another of their successful track meets. ST TECH PS 19 9 Above, Casey Cooper shows the trophies that he helped to win on the track team. Rocky Bilbo proudly displays the many trophies that our track team won this year. The large one in the middle is our state championship trophy. 220 SE IOR TRACKSTER Kenneth Williamson David Weichert John Stutsman Melvyn PriCC Mike Burke We salute these seniors as it is their last year with us. Thanks, boys, for the fine support you have given us this year. 2 Raymond Heath Errol McGuire Morris Lusk Larry Mansur Casey Cooper Ross Cadwell Jerry Elliott David lhrig Geren Cooper Dan Houtman Herb Arst Hank Moore Bill Bersley James Matthews CROSS COUNTRY ln the state meet held in Norman our Cross Country team gained the title of State Champions. They were undefeated throughout the season and tied once in the all- city meet. Members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: John English, Gary McGovern, Jeff Smyth, Joel Jankowsky, Jerry Griffin, Terry Dickey, Richard Johnson, Marshal Babon, Tommy Raffenspergerg SECOND ROW: John Saber, Robert Poe, Clyde Sites, Bill Goodwin, Jerry Abraham, George Stroup, Ronnie Page, Herb Arst, Steven Win- tery, Bobby Wrightg THIRD ROW: Melvin Price, manager, Ronnie Collins, Richard Oglesby, Scott Wright, Larry Mansur, Ned Schlosser, Rocky Bilbo, Chris Miller, Mor- ris Lusk, Mike Burke, Jack Husted, Jim Miller, Duke Reeds, Steve Franklin, Ralph Barham, coachg Mike Burke. Edi on High Runners in State Crown NORMAN, Nov. 14 GIPD-Tulsa Edison's cross-country team re- m a i n s undefeated this year, thanks to Friday's victory in the state high school cross-country meet here. 222 Edisonis John English, covering the two-mile course in 10:4-9.5 in 26-degree weather, took the indi- vidual victory, edging out favored Wayne Irsch of Tulsa Central. TENNIS Results of 1959 spring season. f-' ' :KIHV B artl esville ...,,,,,,,,,..,....,...,,..,,,,,,,, 3 Pryor ,,,....v.,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,......, O Tahlequati A.,.,. 7 2 PI sfflf V 5-fgglfi --qf 9 1 sssssssssssss 12 0 ssss I ssssrssss ssss a a 10 0 ,sssfs -wwsssssss s ssvss 2 7 lesville .,:' ...,.,sss.....sss. 6 4 srs r rsrxris r1 r ssssssssssssss,ss4ssssVsss 0 Q Hoge fxr' 1 ' sss,sss,....ssssssssssssssss.,s,,,sss,,sss 4 2 7 STANDING, left to right are, John Fredenberger, Don Leka, Ed Scher- merhorn, Johnny Johnston, Pat Washburn. Returning Iettermen are Don and Ed. GOLF David Livingston, seniorg Charles Kothe, seniorg Jack Ingram, juniorg Jirnlngram, S9fli0f I With all the lettermen returning, plans were made for a great golf year. 223 l Returning lettermen are: SENIORS SY iii : .T . ,A rn EL BASEBALL 15 55335 ,. N .meg l m m y W5 is mt ' : Tw i te 1-Tj,-?'r :Z. : f:-Q, 1k ,- we, e E 'WM T . 52555555 iofffsfiiifnvfigiipilg g.1X?i2Mf:2tf.5g,,,5? Soigrgffyf , filiilflirewfitixgfi JiK's'T53i 843 ,551 2 QQQQS 'iw fx We X it mlm f 3 f I . M., ,.... . 5 2 :ew it 5 si Twf l L25 gi fi 5 i X l HWY 3' 'fa x l X H355 ffifgfzio Slit 5 5 e- JS gmwxtg? -3.4 me P 4 if .W 5 L- .. .. , l l p alm ll? X g ag X p 5 ,QE is igimf lb? S ' mit? 'ww is In fu' 5:29 'ff ,gr K- I 1 1 IJ D 2' K X u l H ' 5 H Y 5 My f 12 1 Q f Q a N4 q Q g 'xtxw J im ou J UNIORS 1: 72 f--ef,::- Y ,Q-,pgsfrw ,f ,ef pxz-zxmrfxt k .igy:mg,.,grwaial Boswell, tfield T031 Mach, Jerry Shockley, Tom Deupree 1311567167 pitcher outfield Won 1, Loss 1 we wsvfizmfsff'w.aifew sewvwimsssffti fix 3 'Yrl51giQQQgifygiQE5525e2itsiggl2552itgg?ssigisfihftffiiilililleixlfitg q12g,4az22g:esgi1wig-weileftgsli' 5l5IEQgilaigfiiiifikfigiiiflmw eifgsiwgiqgewwgigggwy sezffffaeixgfgssfiilieemgaazf 5 wwf--fv -5-K-it :Q . 7-V as-xx, . xo' .,x,w-Sffimfff x fwtf13,4f22zwsgi95:3 A wugifi -nm wig, gf sp-tiff sfezwvwi Ll'-f2:9L??'f56351fhi?? V ,. V .. , - ,.zv:255:Z Q ' " ,W . eiigef " mi. it : ',fIffQ,,:..',y:11?:'.: -, , ETS 'iii' 'SST it ,,2ggiik2?sei2ili, .. , :,,,,,.. , ,I K- , H tivsgfqs X15 N Q www .K ,X , -'Y W si 52,4 1 ak S X fbi K 'tx yfvfzlks s if, K 5, I 1, 'E' me L S552 5 wiki f Q KX SDF aw 5 mime S , Q, S .fa isiz-Hllzfiiiifgg ,tw f w if-ifflffsfl Q gihfyiiivf L- ,.., Phil Dunbar, shortstop pitcher I 4 I 224 Gary Lewis, Jack Spurgen, Johnny Glamser, pitcher outfield Won 5, Loss 1 Won 3, Loss 3 TUMBLI G Our tumbling team presents assemblies in which it displays its acrobatic skill. Pictured left to right are John Harris, Robert Tipton, Bruce Mahon, Aaron Krawitz, Rick Mason, Larry LeGate, Jim Heaton, and Van Eaton. I TRAM RAL Coach Hugh Pierce who headed the ln- tramural Sports this year developed it in- to a more intense program with more sports included in it. 4 5 L ? While David Bagwell Won the singles alone, he teamed up with Jeff Smyth to Win the doubles in tennis. 3 SPORTS While the Copeland-Its were the Intramural basketball winners, the cross country win- ners were Lowell 1 f I " 1 ' Stokes, Charlie Potts, X4 Iver Ross, and Bill Sel- i man. Intramural football winners are, left to right, FIRST ROW: John Yount, Nobbie Baker, Ronnie Marting SECOND ROW: Ronnie Davis, Robert Rosebush, Andy Martin, Bob Fornell, Raymond Nunneley. ffmf ,W- V A um,-.W . I - -- ,:v, ,3x'1.sV',Afv' A.., mins A' . K' fW.m.Wf , 2 7 Q123PliE?if .WV V ka. A little known fact about Thomas Edison is that he made improvements on the telephone. This instrument plays an integral part in the Work of one of the busiest groups at Edison, the stagecraft boys. 1 6 1 3 f f TORCH STAFF Lee Clark editor of the Torch has been the mainspring of this year's production Her loyalty, cheerfulness, and hard Work have spurred staff members on to meet all deadlines. Every idea was discussed with Lee and gained her approval before it be came part of the Torch. Many bouquets of roses go to her for an impressive job Deadlines, deadlines, and more dead- lines are the chief worries of the staff. Here some of the members are discussing a layout and writing copy for it. We all had more than enough Work to do in order to meet the deadlines. Members are, left to right, Eloise Janssen, Kathey Keeter, Ruth Henderson, and Ronnie Roberts. 230 1 These members help the editor of the Torch solve many problems Without them the rest of the staff would have been at a loss when it came to the many many problems we had They are left to right Cindy Mark Clasby assistant ed 1tor Mrs Virginia Runnels sponsor and Marty MCGIH n1s assistant edltor 7 7 9 . 3 . Frazier, publicity managerg J I ' 5 - e a ' - , . The Torch Staff is in- debted to these art students for their assistance in help- ing put out the yearbook. Pictured left to right are, Mary Leiser, Vicki Hill, Daille Rupnik, Marcia Mere- dith, Merrily Allen, Richard Smith, Diane Ford and Mary Warren. Planning which pictures will go in the various sections of the Torch is a big task. lVlarilyn,AXton, Linda Wise, Melanie Cochran, and Vic Groves are pictured working hard at this job. Though pre- paring the Torchhas been a great deal of Work, it has provided a lot of laughs and good times also. Pictures, pictures, pictures, and more pictures! John Davis has taken the large responsibility of providing the Torch with many of the pictures itxcontains and he has proved quite competent. Thanks, John, We couldn't do Without you. 23I SENIOR HIGH UF FICE ASSISTAN TS The senior high office as- sistants are a group of girls Who assist with the general office routine. They are selected on the basis of scholarship, leader- ship, citizenship, and person- ality. Helping the librarian, Miss Bethel DeLay, teachers, and students, are the main duties of the library assistants. Between two and four girls are on hand every hour to help Miss DeLay maintain an efficient library. CO-OP AND SENIOR HIGH LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Working one-half day for the school and attending classes the other, the co-ops attain distinc- tion for their long hours of service in the main office, counselor's office, and gymnasium. Their work is greatly appreciated by all concerned. 233 UNIOR HI SCI-IGUL LIFE STAFF Members of the School Life Staff, Sally Noyes, J eff Mor- gan, and Jory Moon, seem to he hard at Work. here are Judy Drake, Southside Times correspondentg Rusty Brunkow, sports editorg Kathy Sha- Tribune correspondentg Andi Schlanger, exchange editorg Carolyn Earley, co-editorg Frances Tabor, and Vicki Henthorne, World correspondent. X wr ..-1 v-. '- Those responsible for! the fine coverage in Tulsa School Life Edison has received this year are Frances Tabor, co-editorg Mrs. Virginia Runnels, sponsorg and Carolyn Earley, co-editor. X-1 inews-gettersv pictured here are Mrs. Virginia Runnels, sponsorg Judy Keegang Joanne Henthorneg Jean Maplesg Kathy Loughrang Kathy Klineg and Marsha Eddins. 235 Anne Haley Wins In National Science Fair Last spring with Mrs. Jones as supervisor, the Edison Science Fair was a tremendous success. Participating were the future scientists of tomorrow, who en- tered projects in the biological and physical science fields. All attained great satisfaction of a job well done. This year we are anticipating great things on all levels of competition from the industrious science students. Two Sophomores Take In Edison Freedom Foundation F air Under the superb leadership of Mrs. Norma Mitchell, the well- liked American History teacher, last year the Freedom Founda- tion Fair was acclaimed to be a huge success. This year We'are looking forward to another out- standing display from the ingen- ious history students. Work, work, and more work is the by-word for these boys and girls in stagecraft. They do all he sets, scenery, and final touches for plays, assemblies, and special programs. Many thanks go to hese hardworking students and their director, Mr. Dave Crowell. Members are, left to right, first ow, Diana Steinle, Terri Blanchard, Laurie Neerman, Dave Crowell. Second row, Wayne Parker, onald Peterson, Tim Spore, Jay Witter, Mike Murphy, Gerald Dye. Third row, Norman Kiersey, arry Penn, George Castle, Jack Schreffler, Mike Pearl, Jim Loftin. Fourth row, David Gurthet, Mickey Fike, Tom Poss, Sanford Hall, Robert McGinniss, Dick Boggs, Morgan Gurthet. STAGECRAFT AND AUDIO-VISUAL Today education is put on a more visual- basis. These audio-visual boys make it for the teachers to use the fine , These boys are trained to oper- movie projectors, tape recorders, and projectors. They are responsible for smooth running department. Members left to right, Jerry Kyle, Bob Martin, ern Hawkins, Steve Matthies, Randy Tommy Coe. SEE HOW THEY RUN SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Ida -----v--,A......... ...,.... J udy Drake Miss Sltillon ..,..,, ,,,,,, T rudy Miller R611- T 00p ..A......., .A.... V an Smithen Penelope Toop .,.,...... Mary Ann Bell Cpl. Clive Winton ..,..... Bronnie Watt The Intruder .E........., b Esben Schacke Bishop of Lax .,...........,.... ,lim Ricks Rev. Arthur H umphrey-,Ralph Kalbus Sergeant Towers ...,...... Frank Casey In uniform again. Aeow, wot am Oi goaing tew dew? This is a Vicar's wife? Whafs that you were saying? To the Vicar belongs the spoils. Bushed, after a hard day's drinking! A BELLS ARE RI GI JUNIOR CLASS PLAY go to the Concert Chorus for helping to the best play ever. Ooooooh, Sandor! She takes vitamin g-o-1-d. Yes, this 15 Sus answer phone, Mr. Moss, Now get out! a choclit soda with plenty that hot fudge action. Ahem. Uh, Miss . . . Maestro Corvello IS wanting to record Sigfried's "Rhine I I , Journey" . . . and 'Tuneral "You don't see anything, but lt hurts.' March," TALO X. The Edison High Sehogliietgep and faithful through- out the year to t,f' Each game-day during the iif girls wearing their green support of the winter iy- to the fine records our as Xg l behind all great men, there are Women. TALON'COUNCHJ The Talon Council has been an active group this year. The council is comprised of the officers and a representative from each class and the cheerleaders. Pictured from left to right, are, Pat Eitle, senior class representativeg Pat Braley, secretaryg Susan Bush, cheerleader representa- tiveg Sandy Scott, treasurerg Linda Henderson, vice-presidentg and Lea Brown, president. TALONS SENIORS Carolyn Bullock Susan Connole Julie Francis Claudia Matney Judy Patton JUNIORS .lane Blair Janet Cheatham Helen Bucklin Elizabeth Davis Donna McElroy Rosemary Eisler Sharon Harris Linda Smith Judy Popejoy LIBERTY BELLE ROSTER Sandra Turley Nancy Smith Susan Henderson Barbara Vogel Marion Moody SOPHOMORES Pat Connole Sharon Carter Linda Toliver Ann Beebe Pattie Curby Carol Sauls Nancy Smith Beverly Cooper Diane Olson Linda Franklin Carol Stevenson Sherry Cousins Sharlet Ridge Carole Ellis Jeanne Palmer Neva Murdock Gretchen Brockman Paula Desjardin Marilyn Moore Helen Murray Ann Miller Linda Kite Pat Thompson Cheryl Mundy Ingrid Jacobsen Y' 3 X l X- . ffvrkm X4 l , Z Q f 9 T A fl! LIBERTY BELLES Captains are, front row, left to right: Sandra Turley, Carolyn Bullock, Barbara Vogelg second row: Susan Connole, sponsor, Miss Clark and .lane Blair. Edison's Liberty Belles, a fine marching drill team, is composed of loyal and eager Edisonites. lt was the first group of its type in the city of Tulsa and performs during the half time at football games along with the band. They also march in parades and lend their color to the basketball games. This group encourages citizen- ship and loyalty to their school by giving points for different activi- ties and awards to the outstanding members. Their sponsor is Miss Charlene Clark. T W N Ax N35 as CHEERLEA DERS 3 Q E Guess who I! Three cheers for these girls! They have done a stupendous job of promoting spirit and enthusiasm for all of the many athletic events in which Edison participates. Fa- miliar to all of us are, Nancy Stone, Fritzie Warren, seated, and standing, left to right, Janet Knippa, Judy Pennington, Mary Ann Bell, Sally Livingston, Susan Bush, and Tucky March. 3 , in : , s 9 - Q Q 5 if Our canine friend, Pancho, has an unequaled position in the halls of Edison High. Pancho is looking forward to graduation next year, but he may return for graduate work. Glenna Morgan is one of his favorite girlfriends. J 4 if "f" 4 Q 4 .. it M '-: ttf Q 'l s vi Yr ' W . ' 1 AV A6 The American Field Service sponsors students who are Well- I y qualified to act as teenage ambassadors for a year. One of the main attractions at Edison this year was our first foreign exchange student, Esben Schake, who was sponsored by the student council. With his blue eyes and fair complexion, Esben has "bowled overi' many fair Edisonites. Some of his many extracurricular activities include student council, senior board, and Key Club. He also enjoys the Little Theatre and other cultural interests. We hope that when Esben returns to Copenhagen 'he will have a favorable impression of the American Way of life. --- - ---- U- -- ---- ---Us ---...-...--v -..-......, -......,. in the senior play. Participation in the state student council convention is a must for Esben. Esben portrays a spy Esben wasvoften the center of attention JUNIOR HIGH LEADER CORP Under the sponsorship of Miss Mary Catherine Davis these girls have served as ,Iunior High Leader Corps this year They work with the other girls to help provide supervision and promote sportsmanship. MANY SUCCESSFUL ACTIVITIES HAVE TAKEN PLACE THIS YEAR . . . Junior High Y-Teens elected .Iudy Waters as their queen at the fall formal. Shown are queen hopefuls front row, right to left, Franci Logsdon.,.Caro1 Craig, Karin Ironsg back row, Lynda Blodget, Alice Hunt and Judy Waters. The Latin Club's big gest event of the was sponsoring Abner." . . . XCLUDING THE E That was my foot, Cha Cha Cha! . . . and one thing I don't want for Christmas is he! Qulck, what s her telephone number? Close Susanswerphone? My public! I'm honored, really! soLo G FOR AWHILE X I ll' i L 1 L QL " ' q W' yin' Jvoldpxnoncert Chorus, organized just before the 1959 It DU' was Q school year, has accomplished many outstanding " 'flwhifii' ojllll 0,0-I' hings throughout the past year. Under the direction JN' 'ML 'Ll' " in 019 4 ,NVE ,fl of Mr. Ronald Shirey, this eye-catching group has ,,.lK,l.sV-+,- fvgyf x. ,bv 3 ppeared all over the city. And, along with taking J bkumkjh vb WW Wbltours across the country, they starred in the Junior Q VI4. A S -I .bqq Ze I Class play, "Bells are Ringing," with choreography Q P al directed by Mrs. Braxton Robinson. ' Q J,-L, L 5 WW lb Q We will be looking forward to many more out- ami, ll If all standing performances from this group again next ,ky year. 1535- "'lle . 5' 09' I f,n,..'J-X H , 'l,.:- ZX' .'.' 'l' MWA Na - s ill W A I 5 N ' C H l tl 9 . 4 0 - 4-l Ioq l '13f!' 'llcil 'i' N 248 arf Uv WW Www :Q bgcfafaw. .fx 1 f, I , 1 K L I 4 ZWJQ JV ,U Q19 s fb -rf J ' ff . 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C' - K f ... , - , ' f' X I' ' V" S L fd 'C lyya ,fee-612' ,gg I Z4 ,,i!,,, 4',,gf2 ,1 Lf wc ' f x , i . H W h K A V x -A K X- t , l' -n act! La,7'c'f36il, "fl-fC4f'C'?'-A7 .4 .4 Z .fllfc-3,-2 C' 5115 fd 1, . 4, 1,54 , fQ v.. .' , . , , ' - .4 . , .. M. " 4 L 5 3724. Cf K 4.-42: ,-fx.,L 4 .Z 6 Acgwft VX I 1 I 1, J 2' if , 2 ZZ 7 j.!VZ Q K., x ff' H ,, 4, T ' ' ' 'Z 7 C A. 4 .5 if .VI7 fl: 1 . W' . . - l . . Q51 L 'L ' Lf "- 'V 'Jfkb-1.c' 554' 5 C -z f 45,54-f'-'ff -'54 - Q71 c Af' 'aw fff'C24 f54f2f- vw. 'fe ,.,f':1f,5f' 1, gf.. 4 f ? 'XM 6 4 A 1 f J .Q QL. , 'N J' K a ' I 1 .- ,, , - I ff' , I ' f'fw,3fL,'- ' 1 K .LJ , -- I W, , In 4 , - I I J 0 V N, . . x "72'1,f Zfg r 55. ? I7-Kggtfi 4,-K lflftjni -,L5,,gCc. 54-i M iii ,ZR . i L, . 1 f' 9 f ' " ' ' ' . 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Suggestions in the Edison High School - Torch Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) collection:

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