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uv' 1 N591 1335, Irv, , Q Aw. 61 ef I' Y. su?" 744 544,54 of 444 Puadfq pwdefvw gihdlt 9444444-544444 71444 564006 764544 0664444144 ' 79557 2 talented play casts Qwell workedj. 1 festive banquet. 75 glamorous bathing beauties Qmarinated for one year in poolj. 2 picnics Cthoroughly seasoned with the aroma of charcoalj. 2 state honors mixed with the beauty and charm of two formal dances, Combine these activities gently and add one visit from the businessmen of our city to give flavor. Top this gourmet's delight with the graduation activities of our first senior class. Serve in the silver dish of victory with the record of 1958-59 in the hope that it will please. S 1- 1-1. Mr. Bonde is shown receiving the first l958 "Torch" from Bob Dean at a dinner held in the 1800 Res- taurant for the yearbook staff. Our ycarhoolt representative, Mr. Barclay Curtis, was our host. The exening was climaxcd by a preview of the yearhoolt. Filling Red Cross boxes was just one of the many services performed by our Juniilr Red Cross during the year of 1957 and 1958. Clyde Griffith is shown here trying to auction off two speakers during the Radio Cluh's auction held last year in the electricity room. 9 'X 14 Flack ab! 7m 776m6c4 Surprise! Surprise! A gift well deserved for Miss Morrow, the yearbook sponsor, All staff members look forward to the Annual Steak Fry, where food is plentiful and good times run high. Below: A hearty game of baseball helped Edison Student Council members work up huge appetites. This was satisfied by the Cow-Burgers at the right, The Senior picnic was held at Mohawk Park and the seniors found many different ways to work up their appetites-whether it was riding horseback, playing ball, or just sitting and watching-it didn't make any difference, everybody had fun. awwmamvw siwawaiwavuvim mmwvm mmvswmsemvm mwmamvmxmefxzl O "THE CLOWN COLOSSALH was the frightfully funny, fabulous group of the big top. As in every circus, they added to the merriment and enjoyment of the audience. It was written and directed by Bonnie Creekmore. "THE FROLIC OF THE FREAKS' consisted of The Deformed Demon, The Long-Haired Goon, and Winnie The Wild. From all over the world, "The Wettest Show on Earth" -gath- ered this caravan of oddities. Kathy fflourageousj Barham directed the weird group. -7 --e ' H X ww M-,w..m ::vawe,...wf V,.A me M, r A, oi 3 M aww ig, SB: .Q r, ,e,h L A ' ' 'rye Xttvr f- Q-al' MV THE P O N Y PROME- NADE ' the last act of our circus was the rarest of the rare and the purest of the pure--blooded Arabian stock. Jeannie Hamilton was the director. K rfe2saxz'nQ ? W1 W ist' w .1 ,, l-,m9Sf4:,.. ,JMDYF-M f - f ,rlffwiffifvg ,- , me f,f. -iv . A .,,. 43 K . Tk, - ,M A . , ,, , , , - 'IHE JDGGLERS written and clirectecl Corry, No circus coulcl"dd'lf5?2" Vwgk out these skilled perfQgmqgfg5Qg,,g5 ,, wa- , .i fig,-wg - N , s 4 f igl-i Y f ' ff X' Y 'wigs,1',.45i:'-'mx . L-2 ,glajfgfr lgiseigf "THE MIN s TREE' SHOW," a musical addi- tion, features six darkies. It -was ,tzieatecl by Fritzie Vfarren. - , , 5? .V Wffil yy- , ai JV. IQ 'Mt Agn .f fm Ami, f V 'V-QE T51 TX . ' Qui Lvl' , f flfrfv-iw, V ,, ELEPHANTS IN THE the circus, We 'the only circus in thc world our elephants as pink H5 Vqy, pgne reams. The elephants the auspices of Sally ff? sur' ,, M.. gg.-W 4- 52335 V 7 'iw ,ak N, f fx' gi 12 ' wi . 7 a L xxx: ,rf ,f....,-Qegeavewvfvw Qc- Vx xi.-sq it , an , HW X 3 , 1,8 ff 4. f , iq X. 5: 0-Q X1 i Www - fg- ,Q w be ik 3 .I this year. Edisomtes are not content to be second in eagle symbolizes the fighting spirit that all Edisonites have of the 41 5 uf il' 5 FW! The Sopliomure Class ol' 'VV38 preicmterl their production of "The Perfect Idiot," April 17 amd 18. Since they gave us this line PCI'l.OI'lTlL1UL'C Lis Suplwmorcs. we hm e exery reason tw lmticipate terrific plays during their next two years. i . CAST -SEA'I'liD: Vriri Smitlicn. Dmim Reylmm. Happy Fri, Qiml Mary Arm Bell, STANDING: -lim Hamill, Rick Verdon. Sherry Hart ley. ,hy Snell, Brimnie Wlitt. Lelith llmmev. Mike Xxrlllllllllih Min liiirket, Anne Slngle, junice Rogers, I.nri'y Frnnlclin. and Linda Perry . jf, if 'S' muwnwwemMw,rmawwwg-wwxffQmamwmwwwmmwvmsmmmmwra1e,,,ez-riefsnvwfwwrmwwwmmwwliymm-mmm4ef. -, ff f-ffm . Mfr.,,ewwwww',mzmwrimmaeffsmmmwmQi-wuz:-erm-memM waY,Nmmwziizwlmgvrwww "Girl Crazy," a very appropriate title for any junior high school play, was presented in the auditorium on May Ii and 16, 1958. It was under the very capable direction of Mr. Harold Marcuni, Don Kahl, jeff Musick, John McAuliffe, ferry Tell, Buddy Barnes, Steve Somers, Gary Stephens, Susie Langenkamp, Elaine Ruggles, Markita jones, Vicki Henthorne, jan Neal, Linda Morgan, janet Knippa, Barbara Vogel, Sigrid Sundvahl. Dave Curnutt, Danny Pentecost, and Charles Balch were chosen as the cast. The Thespian Club was very happy to welcome this group to senior high. , .. ,. ., 5 ,, V .X M- H . f Q rw. . V -..- A ,. I , 52' - g , f 1 fi fy Q H 5:2 , . , QM- ww Q sw ' ' ' l ' rf 2 -f - if -' " ' A 9? Mi 5 , N .. , -- . ' ? ,P .KT 4 fi' V -sz' if I, E i ' 324 ' fl TQ 1 i 6 ' iff '4--- U I ' N ,iii W""'i ' ' H F F: 'W rl ' A . S, WW, , .c,,., , ,,,, ,,c,, ,..,..,, , . ,MMM , --,,-ff is,H,,is,,f.,,,,M.f3,s,H,g:LL,:3w, ,. , , . . ,. mW AMS - - - W- - S4040 "SUGAR and SPICE" was a very appropri- ate title for our style show. If variety is the spice of life, we had spice aplenty. The girls made and modeled everything from formals to baby-doll pajamas. Berniece Golden, Bar- bara Halstead, and Mary Klucevsek looked lovely in their evening fashions. Kay johns is justly proud of this smart sheath, which she made herself. A young teen-aged girl's activities may vary from a modern slumber party to a good old-fashioned hayride. f wm,imnw mww,mnwwwanwnmne-fwmupwaxwwwnawnwgri '.,,n-wr. .7 2, ew ln It spacious garden of a southern plantation, formerly known as the cafeteria, the first annual Southern Ball, sponsored by the Student Council, was held. Clusters of pink and white dogwood were grouped along the wall, twinkling stars blinked softly overhead, Spanish moss hung in spirals over the colorful scene, highlighting the gracious decor. llit Minstrel Show was held in the porch of the mansion Many touplcs crime dressed in the traditional soul ein style. I , e if and hcl' Linda by All-Amer? s-MNA Cnty amd state Q. This uty .xml smu- iigfffiffvviw MMM, -v,...,.,,m,f H,f,,fM,..pfW.W. f9S'4SFEk5l T ic first who also Avnmi at Edison Tlic team tied .it Dmicl Wfcbster ninth in the state mis Dutsch both Condi jimmy' dent of XV t -y is ' A French couturier would have had a field day as 21 spectator at the first Edison Senior Banquet and junior-Senior Prom. These two important occasions of the spring of 1958 were held in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom of the Mayo Hotel. The banquet theme was "'Pink Horizons." Our seniors felt that their years at Edison had so equipped them that their futures would assuredly be rosy ones. We who are left behind send our best wishes along with them, our first senior class. The juniors carried the - color on into the prom with "Pink Champagne" as their gf t theme. These classes may have been inexperienced in these functions, but both were oc- ca.si'ons of pride for the en- tire school. SPRING SECTION ADMINISTRATION C 4 FA 'V , ,,,,,, V: ., I H ,I 13' , IISS W A 7 ii k zr Y-I N, ' S' I V lmkmv . Q, . I ' . M II.II kmwfm, , I K N-gy IWC I N X A I I S f R viii - V X 'W wa- A XX IVALA 4 wwe ri C, Q f I W f' I A if 1 f I ' I I I ELI J A ACTIVITIES Y g J.,-gal: , x I C w N J f ' - f f -A 771- ff f e a Q ff ef , 1 f - . e . i X Q gif t ? Q , 4249-gf! a - .igllxm yy 2 B Volume IV of the Torch goes to press from a much different school than the first volume did. We have attained full stature as a junior-senior high school. This growing-up process included many projects, plans, and dreams. Operation Sod, magazine sales, canned foods drives, Chip in for Polio, and dressing up our band found a responsive student body. Our state champion swimmers and our first glowing football headlines assured us of our maturity. The Torch staff humbly and proudly submits this volume to you in the hope that it will compare favorably with your outstanding records. History is full of cases of people whose serviceand devotion to duty are unrecognized and unrewarded. We want to reduce this number by one. In recognition of the many hours spent each week, the valuable as- sistance in scheduling, the tireless research on scholarships available to Edison students, and the personal interest in all of us, we, the Torch staff, dedicate this fourth volume to Mr. Roy Lewis. 4 ' W1 K wi N gy: Q, W..Qf"h" 5, A Fhwh nm -Q 'R 81 4, A 4,4 b 5f.m,,....., ' 2 215 fu.. J gf I W J Em WISEHEKIE Ii . . L---A Dfuddazfec - S 4Smm It is unusual to see Mr. Lewis, Mr. Mar- tens, and Mr. Hamm standing idle, due to their time-consuming jobs. Mr. Lewis is the Director of Scheduling, Scholarship and Test- ing, Mr. Martens is in charge of the bank, and Mr. Hamm is a ninth grade counselor. BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. H, G. Barnett Mr. Armon H, Bost Mrs. J. Littleton Daniel Mr, Ellis Gable Mr. Jos. M. Green Mr. john G. Staudt Mrs, Virgil O. Wood is Mrs. Wiest, Senior High dean of girls, and Mr. Rathjens, eighth grade counselor, are al- ways willing to listen to students' problems and lend a helping hand. Mr. Garner, Mr. Griffin and Mr. Keeter, Senior High counselors, guide the students' footsteps in preparation for entering a success- ful life. The students of Edison will be forever indebted to the Board of Education for the opportunity to attend Edison. The modern architecture blends in with our modern way of learning. I E i l 1 25 .A 1' J - a i 44lFQ"f"-..., I O STANDING: Phil Pallissard, Ralph Parker, Rachel Pollard, Marjorie Landry, Wayne Nelson, Larry Alexander, Ervin Postier. SEATED: Norma Mitchell. STANDING: Richard Johnston Bob Lewis Helen Carney Stan Harrison Sherman Robertson jack Dobelbower SEATED: Carolyn Stewart Bethel DeLay Barbara Shepherd Florence Buck Charlene Clark Anne Stowell Marvin Ross Pat Houston Hugh Pierce George Camp Bill Grove Jim Sellers Walt Barham Tom Hurst F. A. Dry STANDING: Richard Cox Caroline Copeland Barbara Burket Ronald Shirey Evelyn Parish SEATED: Katherine Jones Rosemary Chase Pauline Jackson Chloe Lane lfxx I ine STANDING: James Tritt, Carl Ford, Berna Dean Morrow, Harold Marcum, jerry Coody. SEATED: Dorothy Salter, Fern Kelly, Dorothy Cook. STANDING: Dave Crowell Wayne Bland Frances Smith Engel Grow Blanche Coiner Lula Spybuck SEATED: Beryl Parker Marian Dark Marjorie McBurnette Ednah Mae Ingalls STANDING: Lewis Ayres Virgil Poulter William Mueller O. C. Guinn William McPeters Sue Johnson Martha Brumbaugh SEATED: Quentin Polk Dolores Johns Marie Ferguson 355 . . V5 29 STANDING: Pamela Ricks Jean Harris Howett Claney Mary Lynn Meyers Mickie Layman Pat MCCafferty Donald Poe SEATED: Dorothy Boatright SEATED: Charles Johnson Robert Sanderson Catharine Earl Georgia Gilliland Betty LaFave Katherine Whitaker Louise Miller STANDING: Emma Lee Litchford john Haynes Roger Kruse joe Garner Pierson Powers hifi- .I STANDING: Doris Deaton Mary McDonald Mathel Young Elizabeth Harrington Edith McBride Cathryn Schellstede Joanne Bezinque Charles Reves Virgil Hensley SEATED: Billye Glover Dewey XVilliams Graydon Hough Ruth XVeqllS Richard XY"infrey N' XY'ayne Kendall J. Sterling Teel Mary Catharine Davis ' ' f john Beeby a'M2ikiWtfHfbW'V',., ,, ffvv f -""2."Z1 jackie Johnston Carrie Mae Little Phil Bradshaw Lucille Charles Gerald Garland Celestia Wfillianis Mary Childs Leslie Marks Mavis Morton Forrest Towry Vlfilliam Connor N--'---.qw ,ff STANDING: Bob Blankenship Richard Fleming XWyatt Freeman Louise Miller Kay Kirkpatrick Darwin Kirkman Madelyn Olds Neil Barker Martha Cole Nocus McIntosh Grace XY'iggins SEATED: Suzannah Hadley Mary Pottorf Anita Loar ix 32 54:44:46 V l The high school office is one of the friendliest and most efficient spots around our school. This condition exists because of Mrs. Georgeg Mrs. Shepherdg Mrs, Le Master, our school nurseg Mrs. Boltg and Mrs, Taylor. 1 s eaii K c,,cr, .ea s,,r . "' A 1' ,Ai, , .W W, ..t.i I , ,,,.. W - Q - V , . QL . . i c cs gp, ,-.- K 'fl' A- f , A s r ifii it These are the women that prepare the food each day for the many high school students. They de- serve a lot of credit for a job well done. CUSTODIANS These men are in charge of keeping our high school clean and in a presentable order at all times. They are some of the friendliest and Well- liked men at Edison. L l 3 T ill' Mrs. "Little Doc" Duncan, the junior high nurse, Mrs. Clannin, Mrs. Berlin Mrs. McClain, and Mrs. Myers keep the junior high machine running smoothly This group does an equally fine job for the jun- ior High. Ax SKHKBP 1 135. ,A Z.. CUSTODIANS These fine gentlemen are the ones responsible for keeping our junior High School corridors and grounds in tiptop shape. Aside from being in- dustrious they are extremely friendly toward all l the students, TH , ..,.,,.,. A 36 l?5? The Senior Class of 1959 got off to a good start by electing five fine officers to lead and serve the class. Pati McKee was chosen as Secretary, john Sharkey, Presidentg Bob Bascom, Treasurerg Bill Wines was chosen Vice-President, and Suzy Campbell was the Social Chairman. The Officers were here holding a conference around the plaque left by the first senior class, planning for newer and better horizons for the Senior Class of 1959. gan-wi The Senior Board is composed of the class officers and one representative from each twelfth grade homeroom. These people had a great responsibility in the handling of class problems. Their good judgment has made possible a most successful year for the second senior class of Edison. Mr. Stan Harrison served as a fine pilot for this organization. i di! 5 All Hail! The Queen Lee Anderson Paul Anderson Phil Atkinson Bonnie Bagwell Judy Baird Ronnie Baker Kathy Barham Aretzz Bartlett Joe Bartlett Tom Bartley Boh Bascom Toney Bates Pat Bayless Cindy Beard Arlea Bennett Neal Bennett Rick Benson Johnnie Bernier Burdette Blue Dorlene Boyd has arrived. Paula Adkins Jim Allen Dale Allison Max Alumbaugh Janet Anderson Jerry Anderson -sw , Q4 Margaret Boydston Robin Bradley Dulcie Brame john Brant Carolyn Braucher jim Brill 5 You know what they say, "Two heads are better Dwight Brogotti Gene Brown Sheri Bruce Dick Bryan Wesley Bulger Bobbi Bunce Beverly Burgess Nancy Burton Phyllis Bury Ray Busch John Butler Pat Cahill Suzy Campbell Carol Carden Tommy Carpenter Sharon Cash Richard Caswell Sue Caswell Pat Cheatham Dick Childers Only A Boid In A Gilded Cage." Doris Ann Cobb Jeff Collins Jim Constantine Bill Cook Mary Copman Roger Core Patt Corry jim Cotner Beverly Crawford Bonnie Creekmore Alan Crider Richard Crosslin Rita Crowe Richard Curby Douglas Curlee jack Davenport jane Davenport Carolyn Davidson Mary Davis Bob Dean Linda Christ Sally Christensen Jerry Clain Toni Clark Bill Clarke Nilciata Clifford Q- of fi? WK 4 Earlene Dean Deanna Dearclorff David Deax Sheila de La Houssaye Liz DeMier Janice Denoncourt 45 Now everyone has your much sought-after auto graph, Mr. Gay. ,, , , ., V f- nnumwmmmmwnmmmiamvmmmwwawmm Bob Denton Beth Devine Dan Dickey Bruce Dieterlen Sarah Elise Dixon Joel Douglas Betty Doyle Glenn Dressler Linda Duckworth Linda Eisen john Elson Marta Jane Engdahl Pat Evans Roy Farley Bobette Farney Maureen Fedrnan Maxine Felix Kay Fenton john Fingerlin Ben Fischer G! 5 V "I'm for repeal" Merlene Fox Camille Francis Ruth Ann Franklin john Fredenberger Leslie French Donna Kay Frost janet Fugate jonnie Funk Linda Gardenhire Ann Garrison Phil Garrison Jeanetta Gawf Nick Gay Rosanne Gill Barbara Gillette Lucy Gisler Stuart Goodall Lynette Gooden jerry Goodrich Sandra Gore john Fisher Julia Fisher Gene Fleener Craig Fletcher Gary Flynn Ronnie Fouts my is 5 Q 2 if Y-9 janet Gray Dan Gridley Gloria Griffin Clyde Griffith Sandra Groh Pete Gubser "-.MW 4 if li. 25 of , "You . . . You . . . You-villain you' Barbara Halstead Charles Hardcastle Anne Hardy Larry Harmon Marc Harris Russell Harris Allan Harrison John Haslam Paul Hathcoat john Hawkins Lewis Hays Danny Heck Sally Helsccl Carolyn Kay Henderson john Hendricks Pete Hendy Pat Henry jim Heslet Don Hicks jane Hieronymus I shall sing "The Face On The Bar Room Floor." jeffrey Howe Sherry Hubbard Dennis Hughes john Hughes jerry Hull Carmi Humes Richard Hunter Don Husted Mike Hutton Monty Iseley jack jackson Dixie James Marcia James Larry Jennings Michie johnson Sarah Ann Johnson Johnny Johnson Becky Jones Dana jones Georgia jones Go' V Richard Hixon Judy Hockett Fred Hodder jack Hodgson Earl Holland Marilyn Horton 11 M Ji Savvy Keith jones Linda Jones Richard jones Melba Jorden Norma Justus Delores Kever fuh fm.niWw,M,wi:,mw,wr,Wmam,,w,m 4 ..,,rr.,r M, f Q5 "Hey, Kids . . . what's the good word? BEAT THE BRAVES. Walter Kimberlin Donna Kindley Dave Kirkman Sherri Kittrell Eddie Klopfenstein Nancy Knapp jack Knippa jane Knippa james Kohler Allan Kornfeld Galand Kramer Bob Krosse Glenda Kuhnemund Beth Lair Phil Lassiter Dick Lawrence Linda Lawrence Anne Lewis Kim Lewis janet Lister , 4,4 5 "The Queen attendants were never more lovely or" . . . Bob Lynch Paul Lyons Karen MacMillan David McAllister Bill McBride Judy Livingston Lynn Livingston Linda Longacre Tanya Loucks Mike Lowry Tony Lutman X, :Eat ite 'Vg ",' ' V H .1 ' 4'ffii'if'fe-at - we M W K 52,3 tm, ,, Y .. , ig Wim 1, tw 1' ,M ls is ' 1 3 4 1:1 f A 6 , ww w 5 f . 4 Q Q 1 'bfi 3582 Els? H1555 Sill' 'Ki' I Q .z Xt, fax iii 7 ff Lou Ann McCollum Margaret McCray Carol McCullough Larry McCurry John McDaniel Dana McDonald Judy McEvoy Charles McGaha C. F. McGee Jackie McGinnis Pati McKee Jim McKinney Judy McLaughlin Mary Frances McMilliar1 Russell MCN3UghfOH 46 iemt 355:11 dz: get 5 S5 33 fi "'7?is? 513353 5 K u m if sw it W is ii we S? lat Q 7 5 Q t ff-1 G .. Kg f , , . A W 7 r 'Q-. s . ee' - 81 I , Q x -if ' I . y 'N' ' - lm' , A . K 7 .. ' .L . , -La" -ks T f 1'-5 - if X A 'Q' er ,V Exam ga: , X , I 2-gf .19 ' "Wz14w.j5Z?i2if'2"'fii :'l5'2iLi" ., -wi g::,..,..:,5if- ' ' if , f va' Wifi' V " ' ,rig 'K-.W . gf Q fair " mf!-' ' . ff'SiQi 1 1 . aaa- . -- 5 it 5 ,, ,- ,v my A ' ' 2 m e J , A , 11 :-1 :" .Mill za: A v.. ,gesaii Hull at N- i 5? if M Z 2 'll sihnw Gerald McNulty Judy McPherson Robert Machulis Marty Maddux Roberta Markham Ethel Martin af? . "Such fine examples of Edison girls." Joan Martin Anne Mason Walt Matteson Darryl Merle Davis Metcalfe Charles Meyers Steve Milburn Ed Miles Carol Miller Chuck Miller janet Miller john Milton Phillip Mitchell jay Montgomery Phil Montgomery Tom Montgomery Barbara Moore Bud Moore john Moore Lois Moss 47 48 45 Enthusiasm ran high as the Braves' tepee slowly burned to the ground. jim Norton ' " r ' Ray Odom V Sherry Oertle " , Chris Olin il' 52 R , ,,. . S 'QL I Charles Mossey Sid Moyers Jerry Mudd Sondra Mumford jack R. Nelson Kent Nelson Patricia Olive Peggy O'Neil Ray Organ Susan Packard Bill Page Larry Parrish r as 1. ., at Bill Patchen gg fi ll M. . ,Q Gary Peitz :gf X Judy Pennock Carol Perkins - W Lindsay Perkins Q rv.. E t in Nathan Perry Pat Perry Don Philliber Kathryn Pierce Sanford Pierce lknnvv Leonard Pongratz joe Porter Judy Potter Gloria Powell David Raley Chuck Ramsey af? Every Edisonite was out for a scalp on October 10, and we got 'em. ry' M e ST mf-'A Tl' A 5 YZ 'f',V il' 522 2 mi it' f r rr L .-,ish ma-ow . ea 'Z-cz x ., In tw , 'ww rf fi: -- -M f ma. ara r Rita Rathbun Arylis Rayburn Bill Rheinold Terry Riggs Jack Rippy Gail Roach jim Robertson Judy Robertson Barbara Robinson Bettie Robinson Carolyn Robinson Gary Roland joe Jeanne Rose Ronnie Ross johnny Rubin Sandra Rudd Pat Rush Ira Rutherford Frank Salle john Sanger 49 50 45 Never mind the "wake-up" party. You know you got a good breakfast for selling play tickets. Janet Saville Barbara Schlanger Ken Schuette Diane Schumacher Suzy Seaman Pat Searcy Ernie Searle jim Seibold Sauny Shacklett Kenny Shank john Sharkey jerry Sharp Tommy Shelhimer Rick Shelton Frances Shoemake Bob Sholl Janet Silverman Sally Sims Jan Singer Letitia Skinner Beverly Slade Bill Slaughter Phil Slicker Tim Sloat Barbara Smith Barney Smith 1.P .0 ol . vo0'4 Jan Smith Lorean Smith Linda Smith Linda Smith Mary Ann Smith Sharon Smith 45 Boy! What a mixer after we stomped the Braves' 'QS fl' 1 J" A Stanley Smith Sally Smoot Janice Snider Ellen Stafford Susan Stahl Danny Staudt Lewis Stephens Sandra Stiles Judy Stumbo Jim Suitor Mike Sullivan Fred Swanda Nancy Tankersley jon Thiege Dan Thompson Barbara Torr Beverly Torr Marilyn Towry Ronnie Trimble Doug Troute We were happy to host the state International Relations Convention. john Van Saun Judy Wade Robert Walton Debbie Warfield joan Warren Pat Washburn Max Watkins Van Weathers Dean Webb Tom Webb Dural Weeden Ronnie Weiszmann Bill Welch Hank Wenzel Mark L. Whitaker Carol White Ken White Mary Francis White Orin White Rosemary White Mitch Tucker Rocky Tucker Carol Tullis john Turner Veta Turner Doug VanHorn POW eanine Young 45 Betty Wiedemann Monette Williams Patricia Williams Glenn Wilson Mona Wilson Bill Wines Richard Winterringer Chuck Wise jackie Witter Benny Wolfe David Wolfe Sue Worrell Ronnie Yenzer Allen York Christine Young ,..Z Bob Dean, standing, center, was president of the State International Relations Organization and emceed the meetings of the convention. V Y 7?60 An able crew piloted the junior class through an outstanding year. No Wonder their efforts were so well co-ordinated, with Herb Arst, treasurer, Linda Henderson, social chairmang Ted Larkin, president, David Schuman, Vice-Presidentg and Anita Di Giacomo, secretary. 34444 The junior Board, made up of class officers and an elected representative from each eleventh grade homeroom, found much responsibility attached to their job. They proved themselves early in the year by doing a bang-up job on a mixer with only three days' notice. Miss Marian Dark gave this group tre- mendous assistance as their sponsor. Jayne Adair 'If Q Meredith Adelman E M31 Mary Ann Bell and Gary Westhoff represent the goodness , and strength of Edison students by being chosen to be an Jlm Alcock attendant and escort to Miss Edison II. Clyde Allen Nancy Allen Tommy Allen Billy Allison Ronny Altman Sue Anderson Tom Archibald Herb Arst Linda Asher Larry Bailey Bob Baker Drex Baker Judy Baker Susie Baker Zita Baker john Baldwin johnny Barbara Connie Barker Sarah Barker Sara Barr Carol Barry David Bartlett Sally Lea Bauer Cap Baxter Margret Bean Toni Beavers Cary Behle Mary Ann Bell Nan Bennett Carol Bentley Margie Berg Merrily Allen .rg 2151 as 'WSF' -uw --,:-' W , If . ,rs - tt- at mr .aa- ' -ir ,er --tt 1 v m ,S . . fm t. J 'B s r gm? t 'law r f aw 22 i s H!! Q ,ff Q A 4 im M ' Sf, Q if nz .ails f jg QZIW sf - if 1 S, Q K I -Jw ao- ,lik 1 .,.. I 5,.J i -:rr.r - 'fag' A3 .Q 7-H ,,.., ., .M , ,,., . , . in .Wil I f - fri. 1. law? , iiii 'L 2 Bill Bersley Marsha Bickford Gladys Bishop , is 'bw Jeri Lipe and Charles Cantrell are eager to fulfill the of Miss Edison II, Craig Blackstock Beverly Blair Gerene Blair Sallie Blocksom Dick Boggs G. Craig Bolon Sue Bondurant Betty Booth Linda Borden Jim Boswell Barbara Bowmar Sharon Bradley joe Braham Pat Braley Joe Breedlove Carole Bricker Judy Bridwell Ed Brocksmith Carol Broding Billye Brown if-'5" Chilcoat Brown jay Brown Lea Brown Safari Brown Victor Brown Ramona Bruhn Ralph Brummett Rusty Brunkow Mike Bryant Norman Bryant Even Pancho was rarin' to stomp the Braves. Andy Busch Susan Bush Linda Butler Ross Cadwell Camille Cailloux Jim Cain Jane Camden Joanne Cameron Charles Cantrell Larry Cardwell Dick Carson Monty Carson Charles Carter Frank Casey Fred Castle Susan Chandler Emily Charles Mary Cheatham Mike Cheever Kay Childress Lee Clark Pat Clark Charles Clock Jim Close Linda Cody Arlene Cole Marian Cole Tex Cole Sherry Coleman Judy Corand John Bumgarner Bob Buchanan Carolyn Bullock 10165 Mike Burke David Bury 1? 'IK 8 'Q' ' 'W-,il 325'-5 , QQ 1 . , Q F , ig' 14133 i fa M as f Q .ffm 44" K sw-'ek : -I :jc . ,' ,FP J 1. A 11 6 Les Conine 'K-41' Robert Conley ' A , rr if I A - K ,Q .ga C all ls 2 Susan Connole Beverly Constantine Bill Cooper Hurry, girls! We can hardly wait to find out who won the election Casey Cooper Geren Cooper jimilee Corbett Robert Cornelius David Cottrell Tom Cottrell Virginia Courtney Diane Cowan Mike Craig Bob Crawford Nancy Crider Jeffrey Curlee Bob Davis jim Davis Pat Davis Al Deaton Sara Desjardins Tom Deupree V it Dick Dickson Q V 1 jf'-'f , ll-v N, Wayne Didlake 1 'K ww A in 23 " Anita DiGiacomo r . J , D Q Q35 ff 3, Bob Dillon 1' j ' Jerry Divine 4 , :A A Larry Dobie ' - , r- is f I " t C ' Q A Bill Douglass ,ga - A ,ll m y V Helen Dowland .6 A ,, -. , , V, Nl. Judy Drake V f -gg, C? 2, Z i' I W' VV 't'V fe. Robert Duncan , 'l'l s M, fi r',' ' WW", ' ,J ,"' A , ,ll1dY Dunham lt,1 M Wh tl. My V.,, V Y 4 I , V ,yiyg Barbara Dupont l i I ' c W ' l fl 'r f , ,LJ ' 2 Q f Barbara Smith, one of our many lovely Senior Girls, was elected B Queen for 1958-59. Her attendants are, from left to right, Sue Stew Lee Clark and Sharon Fletcher, all of whom are juniors. Linda Earl Ernest East Larry Edens john Egnew Pat Eitel Jackie Eley Bill Elliot Jerry Elliott Ben Estes Linda Eulert Mary Evers Lila Farthing Pat Feagin Paul Fergeson Bill Finley Judy Finn Barbara Fish Glen Fisher June Fitch Bill Fitzgerald Sharon Fletcher Diane Ford Sandra Fox julia Francis Scott Francis Larry Franklin Rita Franklin Cindy Frazier Phillip Fruge Happy Fry Donna Dupy Dennis Dutsch and art, Lee Duvall Nancy Duvall Charles Eads Richard Furman Tom Gable 3' 1' Y Um Gwen Gantz 15" f A Paul Gerber . L, li ryyr :ga g my -v"'M'S Let's see Pee Wee! Billy Gibbens Ann Gibbons Galen Gibson Howard Gilbert Tom Gilbert John Gilchrist Sondra Gimlin Nadene Glossop Richard Godfrey Tom Golden Tom Goodridge jean Goodson Jewell Dean Gordon Saundra Gosnell Charles Goss Judy Graham Charles Green Sharon Green Nancy Gribin Gary Griffin Saundra Grigsby Bob Guida john Morgan Gurthet Sanford Hall Sidney Hamman Bill Hanton joe Bob Harbison Dennis Harden Annetta Hargrove Rita Harkreader mi fin i' i I Thanks, boys, for your wonderful help in our productions this lyear. These stage craft boys are: Tom Poss, Wesley Bulger, Morgan Gurthet, Dick Boggs, 62 and Scotty Hall. Debra Henderson Linda Henderson Ronnie Henderson Hilary Henneke Sharlee Henshaw Mary Lynne Hensley Linda Herndon Fred Herrin Bill Hethering-ton Scotty Hicks Vicki Hill Jon Hockenson Jane Hollingsworth Dan Houtman Sybil Hovis Martha Howard Kay Hughes Judy Hunstein Forney Hutchinson Dave Ihrig David Ingram Jim Ingram Joe Ingram Maynard Jackson Bob Jacob Harry fSonnyj Jacobs Larry Jacobs if in 'K I ale f A Sherry Hartley Joyce Hawley Bill Heard Ray Heath Jeff Heil 1 ?--ZZ' 5 4 is ' 1 it , Ezra' . l A I ,.,, y r R K-neg 2 ' M A if .N ' E --iz, aww' a My E I Lif'k V If 1 xx 5 , 'W 5 X J ' A I i 4 1 , f I , . 4 ' Ml w W J . H' 4 ji 'fl . , ,ff ' ff wr ,rg 3 dig. A :Q ff fe 1 j rem tw' - Billy Jaynes Richard Jeffrey Judy Jett 5 Z E sf 3 i 'rf were ii 8 13W""ws I 4 lal Q 9. 1' Q, V . -i Z f 5 24 is ,gf I i ww, A 0 .ww ' , i , ' T'i'Vhvli418'f Q. ' 49 V' r 'Mfg' 1 .fiEg..1. . f agar 11, - A 1. gin . rfiiisi .. -xi H erili 'I' lu .mar -- fl i K f .. -f -- 2 fx ,,,, . 3,9 .. , . .. 1 it s a a 2 4 I Y. :+- . cf f is K S -1: t " K as iz: "-' 1 -as ,, f X 5" ,,f, Lf? -gg, if ' 'miie-aiifwui ' ' Kiel Vk.k iq, ,. fgggym, ' is t ' ' ' " -A 'V .ws ',:.':'.' "CF: ry ,1f?caami:"1 JI, ,if 1 ..5:53" " tl' , A A - A ' " I , " sz Z- "'r , V -2' 'mix' , A +- 147, ' ' ,fi L,-A , 52 5 ,, K Everyone was in high spirits for the mixer after We Dale Johnson succeeded in stomping the Braves. . :ff V K Rl in E 'R A . f f Peni Jewell , 'QR' If Carolyn Johnson .avr-"""f V 'fy Q .4 3 C ,t Judy johnson l f dL,, 7' Linda Johnson ji fl i f 4.61 12.3-'fmt ,.:m.q,1 it W 'rits iii ,Mr ,L -r.. W Vviiz 'H a Fear .gr l flax IT! r i i f h mm? Rfb l ,N A 5 i wr' Q2 , -3:7 if .E! 1 V K 156' U 1' s is s y rri, ..s, K Il, uiiligi 5 K . aff -cifiif-If 'z5.sbiift2:,:f,1,-fr -f - , .W W, ll 5, k,,v,,, ami b iij' ri 'L iy, ',' gfjv X 9 Q all V fi Nm , ' .gif f 1,12 ,S Qu R V N Lffifrev . A Qt 1 A f : , ,, bw Nancy johnson Pam johnson Don Jones Margaret Jones Nancy jones Paul Douglas jones Richard jones Ronnie Kahan Ralph Kalbus Judy Keegan Judy Kennedy Sally Kenslow Cindy Kershner Cynthia Killian Tom King Kathy Kline Mary Klucevsek Bob Knight john Knopf Charles Kothe Leon Kravetz jill Kremer Ruth Ann Kribbs Larry Kunkel Fran Kupper Carolyn Lafferty Molly LaGrone - -as , Larry Langley 'WD' A Ted Larkin X a Phyllis Lawrence lx 1 Mr Dobelbower's class thought that this cake would prove that they had learned a lot in his class. Don Lelca Carolyn LeMay Bob Leslie Dean Lewis Kay Lewis jerry Lightfoot Paula Lindley George Linn Jeri Lipe Carol Litson David Livingston Sandra Lloyd Barbara Logsdon Charla Lorenz Kathy Loughran John Lubell Morris Lusk Ruthe Lynde Kathy Mackenna Tom Mach Marylin Maddox Bill Mahr Larry Mansur Carol jean Maple Judy Marlow Larry C. Martin Sharon Martin Jerry Martin Harriet Marrs Rick Mason S ' W .. it ft K S We K. 1, ,.i .kt wa...- , his e 3 H 4. Q 3 if -.aa of ati 'Er 51: . Mel WW sr . at Bobby Lee Mary Leiser Larry Legate Tiana Lawrence Danny Lecrone gy. -at Q f . fwfr . isc gli? 5 . ,a ,ga 2 QA Q-:iw 5 e X Z gms vw if sf Q 2 A, is , i -31452 ,Li in-5 :sfsf-2.4 ,,,.of- ,z Elf .121 .11 law :C j , . img, 1 jg!gQfQ " 3. 1. Q .,, K QEVA gi fazi ff' ::-i- ' ':':' 1 "': liiii ' , K "'I:" b " AAA it Aida r .iA, -f ,121-ra tet. , as j "Y in E Y... 'HH L zz 5 M 45 New , A 1 A-,319 'W 4 i:"fif'.Qv-1. K' fa ' 4 Qi i arf'-Wf' M, rw- w 5, 53.55 wwf W E Agri .nv , I ,. E- . N535 vm is sg., 4, ' I L',, ' L - i ' - IK, sit' if 5451251 H ,. -B., as aas 2 Vi- ,Vy, llistss 1 it T is K .a., i,rt-,,r M . get ' ' isis- -A',sfg1,i:f.1.ia,s-Sgfgesv, ,,-, . 5 Harry Massaro Claudia Matney The "Plaids" appeared for the first time on the Edison stage this year. They are: Sondra Mumford, Judy Kecan, Nancy Burton, and Janet Watley. Lorie Matteson jimmy Matthews Sandra McBride ' .4134 W 5. V. ,,,, ' V M .,ia rf M iiy, T ":- ,.,. K Margaret McCartney Bill McCracken Mickey McCully Sandy McGalliard Marty McGinnis Errol McGuire Pat Mclver Meredith McKee Errol McKoy Marilyn McMasters Hope McMillin Linda McPearson Jerry McVay Judy Medearis Marcia Mefford Barbara Menkoff jim Menzies Marcia Meredith Cecilia Lee Miller David Miller Trudy Miller Nancy Montgomery Joe Moody Jory Moon Hank Moore James Moore Pat Moran Paul Moran Mike Morton Dexter Moss The student council expressed their appreciation of the facult Y Sharon Mur h by serving coffee and cookies in the library. , P Y Barbara Mullen Daryl Murphy Eric Nash Linda Nash Nancy Neal Pam Neal Laurie Neerman Carl Neiblirig Marty Nesbitt Marna Newsom Ronnie Newton Jeff Nix Sally Noyes Gifford Olin Bonnie Orrell Vern Osborne David Owens jodee Owens Gary Packwood Charlie Parker Sharon Parker Mike Partridge Judy Patton Arthur Pearce Peggy Jo Pellegrini Kris Penn Mike Perkins Sali Permenter Linda Perry Suzanne Persson Tanya Peters Peggy Pettit fs it 4? Q 5 Mike Murray Clem Nalley 'Q if Y s Q, is-9 ' , ,f-f , ma ::,. ss i fm ,.., , 4 i 2 a f"""i . es' I if 2 srtstss P If as my s,Fr, iii' 'A Q ef wiilli. , .. .2 L ,,,, 5 . F? ,, sm. . if ,s , ip: , 'Mi 4553 - fm Y 15, . rig . sf., S K J .V L. iw an ln... kk 4 TQ i t -4 it K 55- I ak, if I 3' ff. " - 'ist A .19 H X-'W Fifi 3 . 'S ,. .Ez-5 . f sham, -':-, 5 I 71' .7 " ' 5 ' "' " D mmf P f , V pp,,. . 35 s L we aiss f 4,1 yv, A - 2 I 1 ' x :-' ,V ,.',7 .fi xug I, , . , , fi. Q2 , 3 I X Miha ' .V f igi ,f :-if I' K' MVK' Lili' I' if 'wwf UW , 'E' . SM 'iisgti f . fsflizlf 1 ','. g' V ",, K 51512, . fwffeez-' 1- ' - i ' fnxf N ff ..,,f . Q' rg, 'Y 4 "5 L vi' X' RW H ,..W, P! M Jw 'U UN 1 5 . . fi.,-. WWW? 1 t S vi? 'WV' SP , X any .. w x: 1. -wits? jwifi Q we .V wh at -wig Q IE A? t it ' 5 . 3. " G 3 .: - if , f i gg S a f : 3- ,S f if K L if 'QM' - .f ,uw-. ,V M s,stsi j sa ga gssssi i i ui I M 6 . 4 E .,-A.A T Steve Philbm z,ft4.asx , - A Kathryn Pickens 3' S V.,ia5,V, . el 4 - Q, 4,1 ff yr Q , mi,-'? Gary Pilcher Robert Poe Connie Pogson Mrs. Kelly and all of the fine teachers at Edison received a small tribute from the students on "Teacher Appreciation Day YQ? -2 . tm F N- X45 1' 1 wil J f t' :W SQ' M, s , it john Pohly Tom Poss Mary Ellen Prafka jerry Prather Dick Pratt Lorraine Pratt Linda Pressnall Melvyn Price Merrily Price Lewis Pringle Dick Quiggle Carl Radle Carolyn Rainer Mickey Rainier Terry Randall Marvin Reaves Shirley Reed Bob Renberg Tommy Renfro Buddy Renfro Donna Reyburn Mike Reynolds Wayne Rice James Ridley Sharron Ritter Lou Roberts Andy Robertson Dick Robinett Torn Robinett Janice Rogers Foreign students as well as those from Edison gave wonderful talks at the Sh R k International Relations Convention. aron OO er Gary Ross Liz Rotrarnel Snippy Rozen Daille Rupnik Turner Russell Hazel Sahlender Doyle Sanders Kay Sanders Ed Schermerhorn Carolyn Schweers David Schuman Bob Schultz Sherrel Scroggs Harold Searles jim Selph john Shane Billy Shanks Bob Shaw jim Shaw Linda Shelton Gary Shockley jerry Shockley Judy Shore Jim Shultz Fred Sims Mike Sisemore Pat Sisney Ronnie Skinner Wanda Skinner Bud Skye x -as 5 Sandra Rogers Leath Roney gi W,-Q , gy , W 45 F ii,.g.,i,, V i A5 l Linda Roney Dallas Rose 3 it rf? , Mast , S Viv, 1 i Q- ? x, -f me 4 J' M ff' , 1 Q is as ,ff-lass 'v iw Q . g f. ,,,L, LL I - l 4,4 '60 Anne Slagle 1,. 1' H Annelle Smith T iff 1:--,, r s ,aa 'z ff ' 1 Edison's cheerleaders put the "cool cat" hex on Booker T. Darwm Smlfh Washington in a pep rally after school. Lena Smith Linda Beth Smith - wi" i , SX, f F' . ' gg r' Xi 'ff ill ,.,.. ---3 -1. i ix " ,: - - if -Q t i - My V Qi- 'K -' ,ff-t ww, rlwiai i qs I. ., an ,.. M 1. ,wif i "Ti7,f73" 1' ' . 1 K "f'ii1'-1 fy K W ' N Mi" " 4 'W W' r S v-wh i S 'We If wx T iiii ' .. S T ' f sql: If 1: k - as f ' l ilfiaif in c7 , .11-S: -V fix rf Y V I kr A t I-fziiszaw 1. igffagaiggfllvm fifwjjr Q,-Haw Y " ' TQ 1 ' , ,I Q T S L eiie T it if t,, 1 if ,'te T ' 'Mi . A if-4 S , ' ' . H ' ,V wmv' svvfvivh wr' xi ii! 5, if if M-Q... WMP x . ,.,.k, i S Q1 i 1, 4: 1 5 W ., I., Q w w, - I . . , I V K: ' I iw K F - .f V A 'Z 'A Ei 3 , ' V - ' 4' f .WJ ' 'W ' ,t,t V , f eeeie TT . S it Q.. if "wi - v l ' wg i , ETH' , ' -'elif' Mit- 'QQQJJ' S , N153 ff' " I ,M-2 .LJ wr W' 'W L S' S A19 . ' ' Lazxii Q- , Linda Sue Smith Richard Smith Tim Smith Verne Smith Van Smithen Susie Smothermon jay Snell Allen Snively Mary Margaret Snyder Duke Soule Charles Spann Nancy Sparks Timothy Spore Judy Springfield Linda Spyres Lynda Stahl Diane Stanley Lynette Stein Sue Stewart Linda Stiles Lowell Stokes Adrienne Stone Nancy Stone Logan Stroud Patricia Strout Dean Stull JoAnne Stumbo Kay Sturdivant Frances Tabor Elizabeth Taylor 69 , Kinny Taylor Bruce Teichman Phil Templeton Bill Thomas Linda Thomas Patricia Thompson Barrett Timm Bill Tucker jim Tuggle Lynne Turner Tommy Turner Judy Upton Diana Uri Richard Vale Dennis Vance Kent Van Valkenburg Clariece Van Valkenburgh Rick Verdon jim Vickrey Gail Voltmeter Teresa Vreeland Sonja Wadley Bob Wall Bette jo Wantland Bob Ward Betty Warner Mary Warren Neta Warren Bronnie Watt jol Watts David Weichert Jerry Weis Henry Joan Welge Gary Westhoff Janet Whatley Bill Whitaker Claudia Whitehead Catherine Wienecke Dennis Wilkerson David Wilkinson Betty Williams .iiz ., V, . gi - I 'r,,' .vs Joyce Williams y ryy I - iw e ' Q ,t,,, . -ii f S H , ' iri, T ll N9 ' 1 -:Ja ,, ip if ,fi that wi is R R mg X ,Q +1 . 11. 2 . I v- f f Q2 he .W , aj T rf. ,A JU' is S. r ,,, an ,fi L '-W ' ' - i sw i .f , 'QQ 7. 1 gegfw f- f , .N e..-kilfwme , ,J ,x yr :fe ' - it , A 4 :'- 'TRS Joel Zeligson Paula Zwick if K A ,ig , ,,l, i A ... . ik as 1 ,Q if 'L A lf ,B l A an QAQWBFQV, . My s yyeo ,fr E S , LY, ajax Karen Williams Mike Williams Kenneth Williamson Beth Willoughby Georgia Wills Bob Wilson Hugh Wilson janet Wilson john Wilson Kiefton Wilson Larry Wilson Fred Winer Linda Winter Sally Wood John Woodruff Sharon Wolfe Don York Mary Helen Young In M emorzam Though Edison is large in numbers, we still feel the absence of MARY ELLEN RAMSEY and JIM LEVINS Class of 1960 7I 7967 These victorious sophomore candidates are cooling their throats after heated campaign speeches which led to their election, Phil Hope served his class as presiclentg Sue Shelby was 21 most capable secretaryg Fred Slicl-:er proved to be a fine vice-presidentg Steve Kimball, as treasurer, kept the purse strings tightg and Jo El Tucker, seated, gave the Perle Mesta touch to class social functions. ml l gow-wi l Each sophomore homeroom chose a representative to work with the class officers on the Sophomore Board. These people started the year with ambitious plans and exhibited excellent judgment and dedi- cation to the proposition that sophomores should take a responsible place in school life. Miss Berna Dean Morrow sponsored the class. 73 Tom Akins Diana Alessio Pam Alley Gayenell Alumbaugh Lani Andelman Erik Anderson Mary Ann Archibald Robert Armstrong Leon Arnall Joyce Arrington Harold Atherton Sharon Atherton Jim Axton Marilyn Axton Carol Bachus David Bagwell Gayle Bailey Janice Bailey John Baker Monte Baker Charlie Balch Johnny Balch Hyland Baldridge Jim Banks Eugene Barber Buddy Barnes David Barnes Sydney Barnes Robert Barth Jerry Bartlett Eddie Barton Gail Bassham Wesley Bauer Katherine Beal Sandi Becko David Beeby John Bekins Joyce Bell Linda Bell Morris Bender Rhonie Bennett Sandy Bennett Jerry Abraham Diane Abshire 35633 Q5 ki .f Bill Aby Ann Ahrens ea1'f'i Bob Beustring Jamie Bevins We "Walloped Washington" for our band queen, Barbara Smith i A, ,gk Dick Beyer l K-"jg Rocky Bilbo 1 , ,.: ' B B? B K You 4 ,ti vm nm-15 2 K 4 ' , :K .wma . ,Axim ,K A " fx W J, BW-3 yr' B 7 - ,,'vi3, W Wx W ,B gf, V qv mum r new B nlo n eQ 97' ii s 2 Q if Ag 3' 2-'BBQ lf I f N 2 ' N- ' if '91 ' ' - f X B KVVV f l,L "" , I -My , My , Vkir, kr -I A 'I' if ' Jug. , K V, al i. age axe: i f- :xr .1 i ig S M V' 'Q A i 15 . 4' if MAA L 5 , B B B B 'Yu , at ei 41 'B L ,B - X 'iiBB'T's Q5 'B B' B L ., W 5 , Q FB! B Qin W5 imap, W V? :Vk A riffs i f ' rj 3 B , , 11 'rw ' f'1'7- , V B, ,. , 1 In i i. . ff if M 4, 5 Z 'Sa J xi i S at .mi ew X S - K. fa f-Gi: H B319 W , , ,li 5B-Baia 7 vig? Q 4? Xa f R af 9 MD? i f B , ID e:'2'i,g-5, f'3Z"'aZs , aa: ii " M as if W fs ,-1 X .Nik X X BBBB BBWB ,, ig P' it ,, Bei , ,1 5 ir? , , jim Bishop Dan Black Diana Blackburn jane Blair Terri Blanchard johnny Blankenship jim Bloom Anne Bodley Barbara Bond Charles Bott Diane Bottomfield Roger Bowen Darrell Boyd T. L. Boydston Linda Brandon Barbara Breeding Donna Breeding Andy Brice Marty Brocksmith Betty Broding Chris Brown Judy Brown Suzanne Brown Ingrid Brudvig Helen Bucklin Anita Bulger Mike Bunn Carol Burlingame Diane Burns Kenneth Burton Sylvia Bury Lee Butler Louise Butler Linda Cagle Earl Campbell jim Campbell Jon Campbell Liz Campbell Rita Cantergiani Bruce Card Janice Cash W Bi " ,B '9 1 fm B B. BBBB if 'f I M:-7" Warren CareY W ffl M 'W 75 44' ' af Tom Cheatham Bob Childers David Chrislip Janell Clark Judy Clark Sue Clark Mark Clasby Jerry Clemishire Melanie Cochran Carol Cockman Mike Codey Raymond Coe Cissy Cohn Barbara Coleman Raymond Coleman Dorothy Collins Fulton Collins Karin Comstock Dudley Conner Bill Cooper Mike Copenhaver Ricky Cornstuble Derald Cornwell Richard Cotner jimmy Lee Countryman Charles Courington Larry Courtney Pat Crane jim Craun Mike Crisp Mickey Cunliffe Sherry Cunter Dave Curnutt Kathie Curran Pam Curtis Bob Dale Cynthia Dampier Mary Daniels Beverly Daugherty Delmar Davis jim Davis Liz Davis WE? Y q Geor e Castle 8 Scottie Caswell Danny Cauclle Janet Cheatham . if MF. V. 5'El?TX!i"?"!', V- -eg was tx' ew:-uv' 5 at ,,., Ag Q A215 f -Iii ! M,5y,,,a,:g,,5,L1f ur wi, vas' R , za 'Z2253 ki. ,. V. v iff Tlx! X Mike Davis Parke Davis Phillip N. Davis rr' 5 g 'iv '9F""F' Ronnie Davis The Swing band really played "cool" music this year. Steve Davis Susie Davisson Rebecca Dauner Donna Day Betty Dean Judy Dean john Deax Larry DeCorte George DeMier Eddie Denman Annette Dennis joe Denoncourt Sherry DeShazo Ruth Ann DeWitt Terry Dickey Eric Dixon jacklynn Dixon Nevin Dodd Charles Dohnalek Dannye Sue Domnick Bob Douma Sonny Doss Ted "Tex" Downing Tony Doyle Phil Dunbar Raymond Duncan John Duvall Hayne Dyches Ginger Eby Marsha Eddins Rosemary Eisler Jan Ellison Nancy Elwell jean Engle john English Bill Ess Bonnie Evans Irene Evans Bill Fabian Penny Farson Nancy Fash Annette Fate , I mega ' Pat Ferguson Ben Findley Bruce Fisher Bruce Fisher Matthew Fisher Marilyn Fitzgerald Bill Flake Donna Ford Janet Ford Bob Fornell joe Forsman Carlene Fox Sharron Frank Laura Lee Freeland Ann Freeman Elizabeth Freidlin Jayne French Bev Frick Sharon Frisbie Steven Fryor Johnny Fugate Neta Fulcher Johnny Fulton Ed Gates Julie Gentry Kathy Gentry Bobby Gilchrist Torn Gillian jimmy Gilmore james Gindt Johnny Glamser Tobi Glazer Cynthia Glenn Pat Godden Judy Gollub Bill Goodwin Diana Gorsuch Pat Graff Richard Grammer Kenneth Graves Gary Gray Linda Gray in 'sw- lf? "f 'Q mei ' aw fs. '1 an 'W if' Wi? 5 , 3 ,aff ff Dana Green Teryna Gregory Richard Griffin Vic Groves E E X F an A ai 3,5 f-1, WW? Y 'ff is mf wb na-wuffs , A E 41 if 3 , fifffg . X 'qw if riff' 1-5193?-2 -w w M iw of S4 rwiis. K, K fra: K f 5595 SML, if S, S Ifira-:W if W1 v,.,, .. , we W rvfffl-f,s.fffrsazsm ei ra 1,3 -TEV, .pifm 5212" QWVIXV 1' "r g is ir fi? 1114 Mm ,Me ,f aaa, , ,,,.. -...a... .ad Markita jones sang "Big Daddyl' in the first talent assembly of the year. Lynne Gruner Gerry Haithcock Sandye Hammer Dale Hammett Sharon Hannon Ronnie Hanover Sharon Harper Becky Harris Saralee Harris Sharon Harris Nancy Harrison james Hartshorn Sandra Hathcoat jania Hawkins Elizabeth Hayden Kathy Hefferman Craig Heidinger Mary Helvern Ruth Henderson Mike Hendy joanne Henthorne Vicki Henthorne Judy Hicks Jackie Hill Steve Hill Barbara Hobson Ligea Hodgson Donna Holland Theresa Hollinsworth Dianne Hood john Hood George Hooper Barbara Hoover Phil Hope Larry House Marcia Hudson Danny Hunt Sandy Hunter jack Husted Sandy Hutton jack Ingram Elaine Ives 79 Steve Janco Joel Jankowsky Eloise Janssen Robert Jenkins Mark Jennings Roger Jobe Kay Johns Mike Johns Ronnie Johns Arthur W. Johnson Charles Johnson Jeff Johnson Kathy Johnson Lance Johnson Linda Johnson Linda Sue Johnson Brenda Johnston Jim Johnston Jimmy Johnston Mindy Johnston Bob Jones Jan Jones John Jones Linda Jones Markita Jones Susie Jones Donnie Kahl Pat Kalb Rita Keas Kathey Keeter Connee Kell Bill Kellogg Alice Kenney Susie Ketch Steve Kimball Melinda King Mike King Lloyd Wayne Kirk Ferrell Kirtley Sharon Kitrell Kenny Klein Ed Kline I 67 Sharon Jacobson Becky James Gary James Sandy James ,., ,Hg ,v.,,-. w, V. 'mm llii rs. A s H N -' 3 :gi if as arm, I A . W"'if7 -RQ MM, L7 I., a i i u, 'i ,Q f,, x Q4 W.. ., s Y 'K' " 1 ,E , W ER, , E 1 5, .-, T S I Carol Klink Ken Knarr ? v we Janet Knippa John Knittle Eddie Gates brings in the culture at Edison with his wonderful playing l li i i J i,,iiii 2 'Mffff". -..wi J 5...-L fi fi ki, . I ea HQ' f E, ,:,: G.. , K as W1-125.25 41' 'REQ' lisa, Ji V is i I 'Hi if il, s- by my? ..i ' ff: :i f do KM I.: ,, ,523 , it ,aa aa is, ,aah sw 3 iW,i . s ., 'niwmx r i. i i nhi if J X ,ms . H Iii: , - - :ff - . ,al 4 ,,.. M r f , 1 1 W i , YP? - gf PM ' ' A ' , an Wh' 3 i .. 4- W , iii J aid f Q f V 3 - TQ ff' ,,.,..ff, ' . kyk ,L iiiii .4 V, - ' -f 1, -gf ii,. wif no - -A ji. Q gym, M ff 2 r f rs l Jerry Kougel Aaron Krawitz Shirley Krebs Vic Kulp Carolyn Lairmore Ted Lamb Sydney Lancaster Roger Lane Rick Lang James Laster Skip Laughlin Bob Lawson David Lawson Judy Lawson Jimmie Lechlider Nancy LeCrone Floyd Leighty David Lemmon Pat Leonard Linda Leos Jerry Letzkus Joyce Levy Bill Lewis Gary Lewis Pat Lile Judy Lynn Lipshy Judy Lively Richard Locasso Sandra Long Jo Jean Lowery Hap Lowry Susan Ludman Marlis Jo Lusk Andy Lutman Mary Lynn David MacDonald Kay McAlister John McAuliffe Linda McCall Jean McClure Mac McClure Poppe McCormick Robert McGinniss Gary McGovern Bonnie Mclntosh Robert Mclntosh Tommy McIntyre Cheryl McNeill Phillip McPherson Judy Maddox Carol Manton Mary Markham Suzy Marks Charles Markusich Jack Marsee Ronald Marsh Billy Martin Steve Martin Wanda Martin Judy Massaro Craig Matthews Gay Mattocks Mike May Laurence Meclinger Merrily Meek Linda Melhorn Roger Melone Bert Merle Lois Meyer Mary Mickel Bobby Milan Barbara Miller Chris Miller Kenneth Miller Lynn Miller Mike Miller Mick Mills Sandra Milton Carol Mitchell Jane Mitchell Marion Moody Martha Moody Allen Moore Linda Moore 67 Gary McDaniel Donna McElroy Eff X Sheri McGalliard Monty McGinnis M I 54 'Kei Q if jeff Morgan :"' 3' Linda Morgan RS. Marilyn Morris Ronnie Morrison i t T here's nothing fishy about the fact that Mr. Ayres' students appreciate him. jerry Moutrey Ralph Moyer Mary Ann Moyers Jimmie Muckleroy Dianne Mullins Charles Murphy Marilyn Murphy jeff Musick Ronald Myers Barbara Naifeh Anne Nash David Nash Diane Nash Janet Neal Bill Nelson Joelene Nelson Kathy Nesbitt Metzie Nichols Anna Norberg Richard Norling Tom O'ILeary Ed Orr Nadine Orwig Frances Overturf Carol Owens Diane Owens Ronnie Page Mike Parrack Gary Parker Marvin Parker Shari Parker Don Patterson June Patton Hank Paulea Susan Paynter Kay Pearce Mike Peery Judy Pennington Danny Pentecost Charlyle Perkes Sally Perrine Gwen Perry Bob Phillips Susan Phillips Doug Pierce Richard Pongratz john Pope Judy Popejoy Frances Poplin jack Pressnall Sally Prigg Ted Printly Robert Provine Tom Raffensperger David Ratliff Barbara Reed Betty Reed Russell Reed Tom Reyburn Dallas Rhoden joel Rich Rick Richardson Jana Richey Ricky Riggs James Riley Mike Riley Carol Rippetoe Tom Roach David Roark Kay Roberts Ronnie Roberts Ann Robertson Kathy Robinson Shirley Rodgers Sue Ann Rodgers Lynn Rollins Tom Roney Georgia Rose Robert Rosebush Carol Ross Gene Ruffin Kenneth Ruffin Elaine Ruggles Alice Rumbaugh of '61 Pam Peterson Ronald Peterson Marilyn Phelps Mary Ann Phelps may gg t '55 f Q 'zzfe M, 'W-N 4 iii?-si Jon Running Pam Russell Karen Sackett Carol Jean Sadler The Esquires' singing livened many student activities during the year. 3 ia .M x fu f wig , " 1? gi T A li Q 5 ' V g l ii i --we f , ,N , . S in ii- Z ,Zxkzfifm as it , luggage-, . gf: 5 , f f , M -. L ff .pr l. - af -- , , Andre Safford Frances Salle Phil San Angele David Sanders Phil Saraff Patti Satin John Savolainen Tom Sawyer Dave Scales Richard Schafer Andy Schlanger Ned Schlosser Tom Schrantz Bonnie Scott Charles Scott Lelia Scott Sandy Scott Betsy Sear Bob Seckler Jacque Selph Bonnie Seratt Judy Sexson Gary Shapiro Kathy Shapiro Lynne Shapiro Tom Shanks Sue Shelby Roy Shell Phyllis Shelton Kay Sherman Kaarin Shields Chuck Shipley Carolyn Shirk Mel Shockley JoAnn Sicka Alexis Sikl-:ink Bill Simpson Randy Singleton Fred Sliclcer Bill Smith Buddy Smith Claudia Smith Ralph Smith Scott Smith Susan Smoot jeff Smyth Priscilla Snead John Sober Steve Somers Sande Soule Link Spann Tony Speed Lynn Spillman jack Spurgin joan Squire Patricia Steele Gary Stephens Sue Stephens Don Stockton Jerry Stokely Nancy Stone Freddie Storm Cherie Strayer Becky Streets Gary Strouse Doris Summers Sigrid Sundvahl Dick Sweet Bobby Sykes Larry Tanner Sheila Tatroe Lisa Taylor Susan Taylor Jerry Teel Skipper Teel Pat Tetrick Jewell Tidweltl Judith Thomas Kaye Thomas Patty Thomas Robert Thompson Suella Todd jim Thrash Lans Traverse I 61 Diane Smith Freddy Smith jim Smith Linda Smith Q, 'Q Karen Traw Carolyn Tredway Joel Tucker Sandy Turley I i if The Kings' singing of "Tom Dooley" sounded almost the same as the Kington's Trio. ,Q 'V ' ,, ya ,J .uv ew? as "5" 39 f 1 4 this fri ff' , i ii 1--' Q V l , .ix , , M , V A' 1 ,. .,, 7 V ' ,. V. A .V 5 fylyjsff ,K ,,,i Martha Turnbow Glynn Turner Ronnie Turner Judy Unwin Linda Ussery Neal VanFossan jimmy Vincent Barbara Vogel Don Vogel Roger Vrooman jerry Wade Don Wagner Karla Walton Sherry Ware Fritzie Warren Bill Watson Ruth Webb Anne Weisiger Carole Weiszmann Carolyn Wenger Wally Wenzel Ken West Wes West DeAnn Wheatcraft Donna Wheatley Patty Wheatley Richard Whitcomb Mike White Peggy White Pete Vlfhite Sharon White Jeanie Whited Ben Whitehill Mike Whitt Betsey Wienecke Raymond Wiesen Diane Wilkerson jim Wilks Anne Williams Charles Williams Danny Williams David Williams Jeannette Williaixuson Clair Wilson Dick Wimbish Linda Winans Nancy Winslow Carol Ann Winters Kathy Winters Linda Wise Phil Wood Judy Woods Don Wolfe Betty Wright Bobby Wright Cathie Wright George Yetter John Yost Jerri Young jerry Yount Barbara Zahn Betty Zahn Stuart Zarrow Garth Ziege Ann Ziemer Mike Zulkey ag., if'e"X-I r ' ' 1.- - ,af . jim Williams Karen Williams Larry Williams Mike Willianls ' ""'?V1. .ff it X ' 3 8 ,i ,gi ..,r l QQ" 2 .ga fi .. its K t 4 wi-3 fm 1,9 A ' - Q it i 5 'WA i ff' . gill? are iai i 3 5 '.1ki I y y itior W Ulf 'pm V ' y ii fi? 53, , r, af A 5 'Q' ,Av 'M V -:,' ' i's, W ! if Q Q ,,.. A I I ,353 1. A iiiiii , , W-'sr The sophomore class contributed its share of glamour with its attendants for Miss Edison. They were jo El Tucker, escorted by jon Running, a n d Shirley Rodgers, squired by Johnny Duval. 7962 The ninth grade class planned all year for the time when they would be in high school, and you may be sure that their participation in school activities will begin with a bang the moment they reach the halls at the east end of the building. The class demonstrated that they are able to choose capable leaders when they chose the following officers: Scotty Chalmers, vice-president, Tommy Fowler, treasurerg Larry Hone, presidentg and Nancy Singleton, secretary. Scott Abel Steve Abraham Sandy Abshire Marty Adair Bob Adams Robert Ader Robert Ahrens Gary Alexander Joan Allen Nancy Allison Bob Anderson Carolyn Anderson johnny Anderson Russell Anderson Sissy Anderson john Aude Marianne Auxier Sharon Avery Carolyn Axton Dan Babcock Barbee Bagwell Bryan Bagwell Brenda Baker Cindy Baker Dwyer Baker Ken Baldwin J. Pat Banks Linda Banther Larry Barnes Don Bass Lloyd Bauman Gary Beal Ann Beeby David Bell Eddie Bell Jane Berg Bob Bethell Charlene Bidasio Bob Bigelow Sharon Bishop Susie Black Georgia Blackburn Richard Blackburn Barbara Blackstock Susan Blair Randee Blankenship Jeff Bloom Bruce Blount Patti Blue jill Bogart Phil Boillot Babs Bolton Barbara Bosart Jimmy Braley Mary Breeding Judie Bright Priscilla Bristor john Broach Gretchen Brockman Betsy Brooks Bob Brown Darrell Brown Patsy Brown julie Bruns jim Brussel Bob Bryarly Bill Buchanan Phil Buillot David Bullwinkel Diana Bunn Pam Burck Jan Burnett Gina Burnham Kenneth Burns Lynna Burt justin Byers Bryan Cahen Jack Camden Forrest Cameron Bruce Campbell jean Campbell jane Cantergiani Marcia Cantrell Mike Card Tom Carey Lee Carol jim Carter Mike Carter Paul Carter Sharon Carter Ken Case Ara Cauvel 'QW 'ws ., Qi. I A .1 Wi jack Hogan, jim Crawford, Delton Shilling, and Robert Sum- mers are 9th graders we hope to hear from often. me on K w v f .We .rf K5-Q' sg, - W ,, Art Cavanagh Carole Caylor 'A A- Scotty Chalmers or M U Bob Chamberlin 1, fa " ,. A Cheryl Chandler .J ' , 3, ' Mike Christ mf' 5-wi 2 Suann Claiborne W t ' mi i 4' Z f 9 Barbara Clark ' ' , ' i ' if , it or an Janice Clark 1 Betty jean Clemens Mike Clifford i V Gary Clore H ' 'y Bryan Close , W4 W qw ig , - V A x Bill Cody ,T in a-Av ,gg 'ia' Emily Coe fi U if Richard Coffey :35 - af xii? 'H' gif? ' i i f wir 1 ,fi fl 1 1,44 1 .Nga- 3 ia fm ,fir if A I G ' ii 'le iw . ,arf ili' A ,,,. Q . E . M 16511511 . , " , 12'-55? M' ik, ' I 1 ,avr 4815? WW A W6 pF' sw., sf ww M.,-.. Aga, " 1331- I 7.4, -'Y - V ,z h 3 I C' 7' i - r . ip n B iiis siiy i -hgg" . .rf t a,'?: " W- .W ' .. i - ,, ' if at . K ag' M' 5 flag' ,,i gf ' V ' , i Q5 If 11 ' if' Q, We H ' up V Roger Coffey Sheila Cohen Charles Cole Cheryl Cole Steve Cole Doug Coleman Mike Coleman Ronnie Collins Judy Combs Mike Conley Pat Connole Bob Cook Judy Cook Pat Cook Jon Coon Beverly Cooper Bill Cooper Jim Copass Dolly Corbett Linda Cottrell Connie Couriner Sherry Cousins Barbara Cowan Judy Cox Sharon Craddock Karen Craig Bob Craigo Jim Crawford Jan Creekmore Pat Crisp Robert Croinbie Kay Crosby Francey Cruce Kenny Culp Danny Cupp Patti Sue Curby Linda Curlee Mary Curran Ronda Cushing Ralph Custar Craig Dalton Billy Darling Barbara Davis Carole Davis Laquita Davis Reuben Davis Lynda Dawson John Deering Jim De Salvo Teresa De Sirey Paula Desjardins Nancy De Witt Bill Dickinson Billy Dickson Barbara Diehl Ronnie Dillon Dean Dohnalek john Dorrill Judy Dotson Gary Doublin Linda Downen Scott Droke Don Duca Charles Dunn Peggy Dunsmoor Connie Duvall Teddy Dwyer Eddie Eaves Millie Eby Carole Elkinton Barbara Elliott Mike Elliott Carole Ellis Jon Engdahl Priscilla England Larry Ervin Jim Esposita Kathy Evans Richard Evans Robert Evans Lynda Fairchild Lynn Falkensten jim Farrell jack Farrier john Farrow Bill Faulkner Arlie Fedrnan Richard Ferguson Mickey Fike Martha Finch jack Fischer Bert Fisher Jon Fisher Robert Flaa Susie Fleeger Ginger Flynt Pat Fogarty Marsha Fogley Doug Forrest Carol Foster Ted Fouts Tom Fowler Robert Francis jimmy Frank Linda Franklin Steve Franklin Mary Frederickson Paul Freeborg L 2 i 'x Cant you reach it, Mille? How could the student office assistants? we ever get along without if xi' l f ill' Dan Freeman David Friend Mary jane Friman Richard Frommie Margaret Fuller Carolyn Funk Nell Gaither Bruce Garbade Judy Garland Steve Garner Mike Garrison Eddie Gawf Bill Gayle Glenda Gibson Bob Gilbert Dean Gilbert Leslie Gill Rhoda Gill Larry Gilliam Sharon Gimlin David Glasgow Mary Glenn Peggy Golden Connie Gooch Debbie Good Tobe Gooden Becky Goodrich Patti Goodwin John Gorney Margaret Gowans Jim Graham Jacque Green Bobby Griffin Jerry Griffin Gary Griffith Shirley Grigsby Gary Grimshaw Gary Groom Mike Gubser Deanne Gunter Dave Gurthet Ginger Hagan Allen Hahn Sharon Haines Janet Hall Larry Hall Pete Hall Sue Halladay Jonna Halterman Chris Hamill Larry Harden Terry Harper Karolyn Harris jimmy Hamaker Leslie Hamman Kathy Hanna Harley Hannaford Cookie Harper Connie Harrill John Harris Karolyn Harris Ted Harris Karen Haworth Diane Hay Tim Hayes Helen Hays Steve Heaston Walt Heath Judy Hendrickson Mike Hendrickson Dave Henley Christine Henry Judy Henshaw Mary Ann Hensley Christy Herndon David Hicks Donna Hill Susie Hill Kenny Hines Sue Hinnant Steve Hixon Bill Hobbs Jack Hogan George Holbert Vic Holmes Marcia Holway Larry Hone Paula Hopkins Ronnie Howerton Patricia Hudelson Janet Hughes Nadine Hulsman Larry Humes Jeanne Hunter Patricia Hutson Skip Iba Jody Jackson Linda Jackson Roz Jacobs Ingrid Jacobsen Rick Jacobus Judie James Susan James Alice Jarboe Marilyn Jobe Leanne Johanson Marilyn Johns Susie Martin 3 3 i I fi e , if -iii il! Every class benefits from the service of our audio-visual boys. ,ei 5 Thanks! J Zi. . , , , N A . if in 'lS, l J I -. Si fi. x in ,.V,Z, ,, wi as awe ii .s 1 fr- Zi! 'ffl 5 ,Y of QS' 1. , -H .ev 2' .. 4 1' . iii , Jgasixfg 1 . ' if-f tfilffifkfii .-,ZF Ziliifffrae ' if xi T 3' ' V p i .tj "lv L , i i 7 . 4' J 'fi V 1 i,12 , 1 '73 F if fmt" is-s lf' 'v 532.5 Y- ,Q ii a - ivi e ' L , . , , Z iiif if i,!?f::!2-, -,f,fj,Z'f,ce'f J it 4 J .it,i,,1 law!-1 .4 ," , L tti iiei i If 5 as itt-" l,V" j iiit f ' 5. .Q 123 Nia? fi , Darrel Johnson Helene Johnson James R, Johnson James T. Johnson Judy Johnson Kay Johnson Pewee Johnson Richard Johnson Peggy Johnston Randy Johnston Ronnie Johnston Dean Jones Mike Jones Judy Karandjeff Pearce Keith David Keller Steve Kelley Craig Kemmerer Clarke Kendall Allen Kennedy Karen Keplinger Sammy Kern Walter Ketteman June Kidwell Marjorie Kiger Carlton King Joyce Kirk Richard Kisner Linda Kite Dick Knittle Patti Kramer Jon Kulp Kathryn Kumbula Sharon Kyser Caroline Ann Larson Charles Lawson John Lawson Gretchen Le Master Marsha Lesher Frank Lewis Mary Lisle Alan Livingston Sally Livingston Sandra Loring Jil Lowry Linda Luker Andy Mace Bill Machulis Madeline Maher Bruce Mahon Tucky March Brooks Marshall Bill Martin Ronnie Martin Ted Martner Eileen Matteson John Mayer Sandie Mayfield Patricia McCabe Steve McCoy Susan McCoy Jimmy McDaris Mary Ann McDonald john McFarlin Beth McGraw Kenny McKee Ken McLaughlin Sandra McLuckie Leslie McMillin Gerry McNeal Nancy McQueen David Mead Robert Meng jerry Merz Carol jean Messrnore Gary Meyer Michael Meyer jim Mickle Gloria Middlebrook Dorinda Miles Steve Millard Ann Miller Danny Miller Garland Miller Jim Miller Merrily Mills Mike Minshall Wayne Mitchell Dearl Mix Forrest Mobley Arthur Stephen Mohan David Moncrief Gerald Montgomery Barbara Moore Doug Moore Marilyn Moore Glenna Morgan Mary jane Morgan Mike Morgan jim Morris Dianne Morrison jim Morrison Larry Moss Elizabeth Moyer Nancy Mulcahy Cheryl Mundy Liz Mungen Neva Murdock n Q V: J 3 V we "rl " i 5 f , ,..r 5 5 s-'sf-r Q ,sr K? I S f is fc ref ff 1 if Q , , nfl B -vi F .Lib r,,m V 4-f' i.!e au. P in iw 1 xv! my RSD f 'WX ,F we ff, We 3 rs . -in L ' Q , js il's z fi ' l JF Ziff Gila 'W yzwi sfkagf L Ev WW-if of ninth grade art class were fascinated by their project in making mosaics and became experts at cutting These members glass. -,mihgyl WM! ,IA 1 fr it Jil ':'- A Q.,- l 2? n w E 'fe wg? r + s if 1 ,ef ie .M ff V. , 2' , gm x-ra r -I 'P 3 gi f 2, f if L 2 ' 8 if ,ij r Ji ,. tr 13 "qi, ,Q ,K 6- 'fbi LL,-,-Y iw? I My 'ef' my 'YZ 1., r M i,,,l.i ,fi at ie-K A r ir A y A: it , y L 1 lib V' 9 V. .,,7, V, J -V 'if Q - si Mg. Jim Blurphy Kathleen Murphy Mike Murphy Helen Murray Ted Murray Nancy Musser Eddie Myers Susan Neely Barbara Nelson Karon Newsome Diane Nichols Sharon Nichols Pat Nicholson Paul Nowlin Raymond Nunneley Lee O'Bannon Carolyn Ockenfels Rickey Oglesby Bill Oliver jon Oliver Diane Olson Gary O'Neal Shari Orrell jim Palm Jean Palmer Wayfne Parker Ricky Parks julie Patman Bill Paulea Linda Pearce Judy Pearson Cherie -Io Perrault Bob Persson Ronnie Peters Suzan Philbin jill Phillips Joyce Phillips Jim Philp Suzanne Pitcock Charles Plowman Ronnie Poue Charles Potts Bill Pratt Linda Preston Thomas Price Mike Puckett James Putnam Marshall Rabon Pamela Rader Linda Rainwater Evelyn Raska Peggy Ratcliffe Susan Ratcliffe Pam Redfern Linda Redman Johanna Reece Linda Reed Duke Reeds Joe Reichal Kay Reilly Don Renberg Margery Rice Carole Richmond Sharlet Ridge Donna Risner George Robb Hugh Roberson Billie Sue Roberts Van Roberts Allen Robertson Larry Robertson Bernard Robinowitz Charles Robinson Kerry Robinson Pat Robinson Paul Roman Phil Romero Jane Roper Joyce Rose Rita Rowe Craig Rubin Nancy Rudd Sally Rueb Rick Russell Mary Pat Ryan Kaye Sandefur Ruth Sanger Shirley Satterfield DeWitt Satterwhite Carol Sauls Pete Saunders Pat Sayles Ralph Scargall Robert Schellstede David Schermerhorn Phillip Schlect Mike Schlosser Stephen Schnelle Ron Schooler Kathryn Schuette Lynda Scott John Selk Terry Semple Judy Sessions Jim Shanor Mike Sherman Aileene Sherrer Delton Shilling ,MIIPIL Bill!! r 2 'J .af J ,gk , ' t 'Fl ni as R f3??i,'f ,if ,UW Y it 1 ' 'J j g, if 1.552 Q up 3 7 up-an 'ff iw ., gs af owes! Y ' 4 t -,f fm . Y Y, 4. 2 S3 Sag it Typical of a ninth grade civics class, these students studied elections, They can't seem to decide whom they want to vote for. es, 55,33 .f--5, ,AV.- ,i.: p , 1 'W Wt! 1 I 'E' N rm- M51 1 I f iid VZ ,L is I if .T ,Q AV, A. -.swf 15 RWM 'Fit'-FF lft sity? W IES:-Q? C3' ri , Joe Shoemake Jack Shreffler Terry Shurig Clyde Sights Ray Sikkink Ronnie Silver Nancy Singleton Jim Slagle Bob Smith Connie Smith Jim Smith Nancy Smith Susie Smith Tommy Smith Bob Smoot Paula Smoot Reggie Smyth Kitty Soule Bill Spearman Sue Spears Robert Spillers Jan Stambaugh Ronnie Stark Jim Steen Diana Steinle Bonnie Stephens Darrell Stephens Denise Stephens Shirley Stephens Rick Stephenson Carol Stevenson Steve Stockton Bill Stokely Cheryl Stone Chuck Stoner Gary Stover George Stroup Jerry Stumbo Bobby Summers Sandy Sweetin Edward Taber Paulee Tankersley Lynn Taylor Danny Templeton Rickey Tessier Don Thayer Jeanne Thomas Jeannie Thompson Judy Thompson Paula Thompson Larry Thorne Barry Timrnerman Tim Tipton Tom Tipton Linda Toliver Richard Tongberg Terry Townsend M. F. Towry Kay Travis Francis Trindle Carol Tucker Nancy Turner Carolyn Van Bibber Connie Van Brunt Mike Van Hoose Kay Van Valkenburgh Angela Vickrey Lana Vowell Diane Wager Deanna Wagner Jim Wagner Douglas Walker Terry Walters Charles Walts Bobbie Ward Mike Ward Sondra Ward Walter Warren Lynne Watkins Sandi Watts Jean Webb Pat Webb Johnny Weis Bob Welsh Lynne Welsh Doris Wents Jayne Werner Mickey Westhoff Jane Weston Ginny Wetherill Jerry Wheatcraft Dick Wheeler Claude Whitcornb Kay White Thelma Wieghard O. D. Wikoff Peggy Wilgus Brad Williams janet Williams Marilyn XWilliams Ronnie Williamson Anne Wilson Carole Wilson james Wilson Jimmy Wilson Lyle Wilson Craig Wines Stephen Wintory H14QL--I-:LQ it ,af-ix Uf'DJC5Tw . E GFWUTHQ' S nina-'78 X VDKJMJ ,JJ X-L1- kx-f UQ , Y ' .I ' ffgwvgqx C Ms l x '-:E ming ' 'De y N ff CA , -tb iw' 1-Z. ,, ,, t .. f Q My 7 Ji, . 1 1' I ,N J W 'fi 3 ' any ' W ' . Q A lv F NA X if 4' ' 1 ff , if f 'j if ' 'J' lf? Gretchen Wise john Wise jane Witherspoon Loyd Witter Corky Wolaver Jerry Wolfe Julie Wolfe Candace Wood David Wood Steve Woolsey jill Wotkyns Dedra Wright Scott Wright Sherri Wright Ann Wyant jack Yankee Faye Yates John Yount X? .-. W ,S W H XXXM X x 1 Q 2 X S' Nr ' f O 1-ll xr f 7 ?65 This doesn't mean that the eighth brade class officers spend their time at the snack bar. They just stopped by for a pick-up after their strenuous campaign. These fine student leaders are: Judy Eitel, secretaryg Linda Daugherty, treasurerg Jon Bascom, vice- presidentg Mike Forsman, president. IO3 i K fawgiff- sex f fa 5 Wit . t. 1645? +L fx V .?" ,.ae vY4A I 'i XR N. f? : ,- , ...N X Linda Adair Bob Adams Marge Altman Velda Ames Lindy Amos Randy Amos Gary Anderson Jeanette Anderson Nancy Anderson Steve Andrew Walter Archibald Bobby Arnall 6 Gwen Arnn Alglkzg Joan Arrington " I Marvin Ashwill Judy Averill 45, N if ,t it ,.. 4 2 I Jr F l I .. K f 5 f --,,-,-. f 9 -11' ff lg?" I I Uayfib, A A, ,K '65 Bruce Bachus Charlotte Bailey James Baker Kennie Baker Sally Baker Carolyn Baldridge Genia Ball Catherine Barker Jeff Barkley Mike Barnes Ray Barnett Charles Barry Bonni Bartlett Jon Bascom Julie Bates Barbara Baughman' Ronald Bayer Jewel Ann Beach Barbara Beatty Pat Beaver Mary Sue Bekins Charles Bell Joe Bennett Roger Bennett Rowena Bennett Monya Berlin Helen Berry Bobby Beyer Richard Black Priscilla Blackstock Carol Blair Lynda Blodget Kay Boiclley Jimmy Bondurant Chloteal Bonner Mason Booth Carol Borcharcl Roger Borden Judith Borg Carolyn Born Bobby Bowen Leon Boyd Beth Braden Dean Bradley Mike Bradley Jerry Bradshaw Ann Brady Nancy Brame XY'alter Brant Dana Brewer Steven Bridges Paula Bridwell Tom Briggs QL l l N . 4 y David Brighton E fm i 2 in 3 ' Linda Brotherton i F Q , ge , 1 y A Q, ,. 'L i ff, K v Georgia Brown V, ' V - 3 P 'ml i Y' R ,f 'i-" Richard Brown 5 ? U i. in wily' if Rusty Bfummetr a t 'f I ra." ' ' - - I , N f It looks as if everyone is having a "rock 'n' roll" in .l ' . f time. I 'C ' ' ' Judy Burks Carrol Burnham Vicky Busbice Steve Busch Donny Butler jeff Butler Ronnie Butler Sarah Butler Linda Byers Carolyn Caldwell Cindy Campbell john O. Campbell Nina Campbell Cindy Capps Charles Carden Beverly Cardwell Jim Carley Roger Carlisle Darlene Carrens Carolyn Catron Andrew Chands Bill Chase Jerry Cheatham Tim Chrislip Chris Christensen jimmy Church Susan Clannin Candy Clark Carol Clark john Clark Steve Clark Martha Ellen Clarke Kay Clasquin Candi Claypool Susan Clements Mike Cleveland Charlotte Cockman Sara Cole Henry Coleman Tommy Coleman Claudia Conley Don Cooper Sara Copman Srlsan Corlett Don Cornett Robert Cornwell Sue Cotner Steve Couch Donald Bryant Sally Bryant Jim Bryden Loren Buck Lynda Buck Francine Bullette a. A 36:9 i i vi K hi A 'fin i e 5 3. r 1 5 rrrt if fffr i :g f irticy ieii A r ..i. 1 . , . in 1 79' f, e B 1: S r . -'FT' ' V ,h"gg,,e . , iigu 7, H , H ,r P 714 7, ' 1: La ' c-oi, 3' if f 5' 1 af:a.zaf+a M r J , L i il ,V , i g li 5 ll - . .M ' I 5 4 i,' . Y ai r" a 'e seet C :i" ""t"'- ,lei " . - . , i ,,-.1r 1, Q ,,,.. , ,V X 2, S 'VF' ,yvirvv W, t Q, t S o y v i, ,H "'tr y V.A" -f r J 'e" :.' f,n,:"A fy f , 7-'U ?FFf'if!, rrit is err 5 ,, W 1. 1.,' R '21 ' ii' , Fki Q Vvnl, 1: Q , - ,. ' . dag? Barry Coughlin Bobby Coulson Debbie Courington Carol Courtney Jim Covington atsy Covington rner Cowan y Craddock i lie Craig arol Craig f 5 ,eg E ir ia i ,, l GFQQQ M! X 3 53 Sgt i ., . 5 iy 5,1 Q N . ,, iifz -nf f- , .if i. . S3 ia IW Q J , A ..f..i Wa... if Rlwmm., it in .. z X fwfr? 121' Lf! ty! M tgmgf i john Crain Mike Crane Cheryl Creekrnore Robert Crews Tim Cross Mike Cunliffe Fr RTT' , at it , A R get in liaiw 9-My I Cleo Cunningham Jim Curlee Marvin Dabney Lester Daniels Linda Daugherty Brian Davis Dariel Davis Linda Davis Peggy Davis Ronnie Davis Sheila Davis Derrylyn Dearclorff Carolyn Denney Dick Dericks Susan Deupree Janie DeVine Anne Dickson Cheryl Didlake Dana Diehl Bob Dieter Haskell Dixon Bronse Dorsey David Dowland Carma Draper Ruth Dritch Patsy Dubois jim Duncan Sandee Duncan Janet Dupree Loretta Dykes Bob East Dick East Van Eden Robert Edens Ronnie Edmisten Clyde Edwards Curt Edwards Keith Edwards Judy Eitel Sandra Elick Mary Elliott Richard Ellis Judy Eskridge Peggy Evans jimmy Everett John Faires Dave Earrimond Anne Feagan Vivian Fell Mary Fellers Cherryl Fellows Nancy Fenton Dorothy Ferguson Tom Finn Mary Finney jerry First Forrest Fischer I., , H .. fl fm. knee we ., Richard Fischer Soon the cafeteria will be like an autumn walk in the woods. Jimmy Fly Walter Folger Susan Follansbee Linda Ford Mike Forsman Allen Foster Karen Fox Cynthia Francis Dean Franklin Toni Franzolino Alan Fraser Bob Frederick Clover Frederickson Steve Freeman Rosalie Friedman Robert Furman Diane Furtney Steve Garey john Garol Ronnie Gay Bill Geffen Melinda Gibson Bill Gill Wayne Gilstrap B. B. Gisler Kanola Jane Gist jimmy Glossop Rippey Goble Sharon Godden Beverly Golden johnny Gollub Cookie Goodall Richard Goodrich Don Gorrie Janet Goss Virginia Green Randa Griffin Gordon Groom Mariella Haas Lyndall Halbert Connie Hall james Halstead Karen Hamilton 'Paul Hamilton joe Hamlin Lynne Hammond Cheryl Hampton jim Hanks Peggy Fish Ted Fisher Susan Flemming Betty Fletcher Gaila Flickiriger George Flippo ,J , James Hanna Tommy Hanna Sterling Hansen Linda Hardy Johnnie Hargrove Pixie Hargrove Gary Harkreader Valerie Harless Marilyn Harmon Billy Harris '65 l Charles Harris Carolan Harrison Marshall Hart John Hartman John Harwood Virginia Haughton Ellen Hawkins Fred Hawley Jerry Hawn Robert Hay Dale Hebenstreit Allan Heck Miggie Heffernan Terry Heineman Mike Hensley June Hewitt Charles Hicks Lynne Hill Bill Hinkle Linda Hix James Hobson Holly Holbert Dinah Holland Jimmy Holliday Barry Holmes Hugh Holmes Paula Holmes Mike Holmgren David Hoover Richard Hovis John Howard Dena Hubbard Alice Hunt Gordon Hunt Diana Hupp Candy Iddings Marsha Imes Karin Irons Sue Anh Jackson Judy Jacobs Richard Jaeger ,Judy James Eddie Janssen Steve Janus Alan Jenkins Billy Johnson Gerre Lee Johnson Jeanne Johnson Jocie Johnson Ken Johnson Sherry Johnston Tony Johnston Judy Jones Kay Jones The "Fall Frolic" was a huge success. Charles Kever Ronnie Khoury Linda Kiester Connie King Terry Kisler Dee Ann Knight Betty Koblischek Pamela Krebs jim Kremer Karen Kribbs Rusty Kriegel David Kuhn Linda Kupper Patrick Landes Bobby Lankie Gregg Lawrence Mike Lawrence Kip LeCrone jim Lee Barbara Leighty Sally Lewis Scottye Lewis Wanda Lewis Richard Lindermanis jim Linton Louise Livingston Marilyn Locke James Loftin Lynne Logan Frances Logsdon Lana Loveless Mike Ludewig John Maciula Tom Manley Jim Manring Dale Maris Linda Mark Trudie Markt Bob Martin Don Martin john Martin Ross Martin Joann Mason Linda Mason Patti Mason Mike Massa Rebecca Matney Lynnie Matteson Sheila Keating Jim Keene Normand Keirsey Lyna Jones Mike Jones Pam Jones Pam L. Jones Paul jones Vicky jones Robert Jordon Linda Kahl jim Karandjeff Jack Kashey M , 'vi 'wk 7 ... ,t .L , .. I 4' 2 A WV , ' .- nm:,.,.. - Q i jan Keith Pam Kelly Paul Kendall fi 2 ,-:v 5 V L K A .'t' .kh i,: , ,. : :v, at 'I f Q. V +1 -w,f'46w E V wan f.. al ., ,lg F Q an , ,, . if i KW, "M" ' V , . i an , .. ' .fr :-gi, I AN . ME. . More 1".. .me 'fm f 4 sf 'ilf . fa Sl' : It . t L , -sr . ii -. ..,. J ia. - 1- ,,., .Qi f- . .af V A. fi . . iii" I K M 2 I! my G? at ' it I X if .. ..,. , , J it ea if X 7? X g ref 5 fi I , L it i i ,, x t., A is- 1 1 1, G 3 , ,, at - n t ., '-i , Q 5 ti My MWA' 51? W : Q ' ' Q .ss N ,W 4 ...i Wu fe 2 . js! ,, ,V Sw K 4 fi ,V gi, -hi 3 :if 5 . ' .,. ii .gj tim, sg .N '--. . -,,- M grfi or it 4? if' 1' I :illi if y it ,Q i ,L W rj . " L s J 3 . -wif 5 a if-.1 A J? if 4 as ' Q fi ,ass f i f:.'-,i ii . V L 2 1 K , L f ,s ? L x' f' f f M 1 y gf 2.5 an 3 l vi s .AVV A el ' V i ,,i, v iiir R ' L i ' 4 , 4 -V 72? - ' fi 'A A e ' gm .1,, my HK iv' inif' x ' A M , it ,E , X . In . M 1 . , M E., :JN - A fi Q iii itiii iz if z ,. ,.,, VV 'A 7 my , Q V. 1 9 lfti in i t ,5fQfL2i, 1' 'A new 5 '5 4 i 'Z A X f Iv , :" www- in 4 :Y 2 4 'V af air,-,5:r,5sy A " li-liirv .1 Joanna Matthews Jim Mayden Nancy MacDonald Mark McAllister Patty McAnally Jimmy McAnineh Rod McCalman Donald McCamey Duane McCoy Phil McCurdy Don na McDaniel Peggy McElroy Jeanne McGinnis Rick McGowen Peter McIntyre Gordon McKay I--.wi ff, 'ix fx AWE ,..,..Q, - 'e"'?'fr-rf ::. J .a., gg sa an fmh. Q Q P i sr K 2.- 'i . ., J ziz , f -Q-.a ,M-an 4 WL if X E M' anaa, A aaaaa aa,aaa J chin '65 l Jimmy McKellar Mike McKillip Jane McKinney Joe McKoy Don McNeill Carole McNulty John Meder Sharon Midgley Ginger Miller Janice Miller Karen Miller Phil Miller Timothy Miller Steve Mills Linda Mitchell Judy Moore Ronald Moore Nancy Moritz Linda Morris Robbin Morton Nancy Mullendore Julie Murdock Butch Murphy Pat Murphy Carolyn Murray Gary Murray Sandra Nantz Janice Nash Jimmy Nash Nancy Nash Walter Nayor Glenda Neal Ronnie Neal Sharon Neal Ronald Neely Donna Kay Nelson Tom Nelson Nan Newland David Newsom Janell Newsom Karla Noland Linda Norling Danny O'Niel Connie O'Reilly Donald Ortloff Phyllis Orwig Caroline Owens Jerry Owens President Forsman looks dreamy time! Steve Perkins Marshall Persson jim Peters Paul Peterson Carolyn Phillips Shirley Phillips Connie Plack Carol Plake Barbara Pogson Roy Pogue1 Carolyn Pool Mike Potter Tanyua Potter Donna Pounds Janet Prater Cheryl Pratt Patsy Pratt Lynne Preiss Pam Primm john Prine Bill Provine joe Pullen Dick Quast Keaton Rabon Rob Radford Bruce Raley Aaron Rankin Barbara Ravis Gary Rayburn Tom Redwine jane Reece Mike Reed Mike Reed Richard Reeh Beverly Reno Pat Reynolds Cris Rheinold Vicki Richardson Bobby Riggs Joyce Rivkin Buddy Roach Claudia Roark Gene Roberts Janice Robertson John Robertson Arthur Robinson Marilyn Rogers Paula Rogers I-it ia! if he is having a Mary Jane Peitz Larry Penn Brenda Pennington Linda Penuel Larry Perkes David Perkins Peggy Jean Owens Barbara Packard Gene Parker Robert Parker Carolyn Parks Tom Patterson Richard Patton hfike Paul Ricky Paul Vicki Peery M aj f ,, , .zzg 5.525 f lK sf W f ' ' ii. Wiz f .. -,,,,a ,E P A as my ri y Z' 5 P is at tri X ef ir 'V 1 L ylryrr rirryyrrr 351122 1:-1 W W tw X . Qar K if fra ' ri, 55342 ' " 1 : :Ni is L .. " ,sl quvg l it . J f"'i ., t R 'fi ' 1 If ' ffl ti- '.,, A, r ff A i f ag? mf .fr wtf i if .Zi.., at ., .. 'MF' MF li Y i - icrzz L rl at f ff iit i y ,g We m y ' i A W P l i ,.i,ir 1 Q ill M - ' 1 4 ,wig 'U'-il M-. T Ai A ,t KY' 'fir wx! . ,L 'f'g'3?5w1s, 'f H L N .ri ,i ttl. f MF ,M 4 W Ili ' 1 y i ? 'H 1 fx lx ll A an ' 1243. I .rs 47 M, 'ig-f' 11" ..7,, 'P ' '2-a ' , Qt'r' c L 1 I . - ,, x : ,, M p Q7 i a a . --r. X 4 ,-t if 'K G i t ' 'f' A p 21 25 ? f 'tr 1 JT' ' '-ea, fity 'L u M QQA A 'fra W all L Pwr, lic , B 2 L f" 1 , P Albert Romberg Sherry Sahlender Jack Sangunett Marolyn Saxe Ronnie Schafer Sharon Schirmer Karen Schuerman Richard Schuette Billy Schulz A ra. i .SMF wi? lX' '65 Beverly Schurman Fred Schweers Mary Ann Scott Nancy Scott Sue Scott Paulette Sellers Bill Selman Curtis Shacklett Linda Shaddox Stacey Shannon Robert Shelton Drew Short Paul Sikkink Mike Sinclair Pat Sisemore Georgia Sisney John Skinner John Skinner Jane Slaughter Nancy Sleeper Joan Smalley Carl Smith Leslie Smith Pi Smith Roger Smith Vinson Smith Carole Snively Judy Snow Edward Soderstrom II Tom Solter Gay Soule Sandra Southard Lance Spalding Craig Spann Phyllis Stacy John Stambaugh Patsy Stanclift Rowland Stanfield Sue Stanley Janie Stauss Jean Steitz Sandra Stephens Ronald Stevens Rickey Stewart Marshall Stiles Marcia Stine Jeanie Stites Elaine Stockfish Oh! The problems of interior decoration. Jimmy Thomas Roger Thomas Steve Thomas Linda 'Thompson joan Titus Francie Townes Ramey Tracy Virginia Trippet jack Tucker jim Tucker Ruthann Turley Steve Turner Margie Tyler Vicki Tyler Mary Underwood janet VanBibber Gayl Van Pielt Janiece Van Valkenburgh Larry Van Zandt Alan Vint Karen Vinyard Jim XX'ade Karen Wagnon Bobbie Walker Diane Walker Eddie Wall Mina Ward Nancy Ward Stan Warfield Cindy Vlfarren Dona Warren Jan Wassam judy Vifaters Kathy Waugh Bonnie Webber Glenn Weichert Eddie Werre Cindy West Margaret Wheat David Whitehill David Whitney Gene Whitsitt Karen Wight Nancy Wilcox Bob Wiley Ray Willbourn john Williams Karen Williams Denna Tate Donna Tate Bill Taylor Steve Taylor Virginia Taylor Nicky Teverbaugh ,wily jim Stone Jackie Storm Carolyn Stover Linda Strang jim Stuard Molly Stuck Ken Suitor Janet Sullivan -1 - Ken Swift a Carol Sword 'EY' afar S-- .- N? : A -...3 f ' .'."'a. if r K ' ci Q 'D W-31 1 ,vrf-V 3 X VVVV Q Lg t A , .1 f 1 f 'ffff' it- , -a,' f is K Q3 7' I aw ."" 1' WW 1 I ef ' ,,y7 rV',V H LV V Q3 if V ,, sg T ' ri i ' - ' N , ,IW W if', .-yr N i , if ' , , igfi jf ,. . .,. IA fr , V af we-v N :amy m-'W +1-ff ,X W? g M " . V "" , , A ,. V aai - a ,,.:,, E V , . i i t irr ' A ' T5 5" " H is I wi lx Larry Williams Doug Wilson Doug Wilson Kaye Wilson Shirley Wilson Tommy Wilson Virginia Wilson Gary Wingo Elissa Wise Patty Wisenbaker David Withington Lonnie Wojtuck E I 65 Aaron Wood Mary Pam Wood Carrel Woodall Carol Woodruff Nancy Woodson Sue Woolsey Doralu Wright Mike Wright Kay Yarbrough Gretchen Yenzer Linda Yerion Doug Young Gary Young Jimmy Young Larry Young Margaret Zandber gen M WW y 7?64' vuQ The seventh grade always walks off with a lion's share of the prizes in the annual magazine drive. We are all indebted to these industrious young people. The presidents black eye was given him by a baseball, and, though it doesnt show here, his other eye matched this one. The officers are: Pete Byars, presidentg Eileen Freeman, treasurerg Karen Forsman, secretaryg and jackie Frost, vice-president. Il5 Beverly Adams Eddie Adams Brian Ader Sharon Adkin Clare Ahrens Kathy Alcock Phyllis Allcorn Nancy Allen Q r d ' fl A ' ,EIEZZ 4 .lA, :E Jlii , 53 C A A nzzl llll 'HF Y ii Jlll A ll l Q fe' is ahwfxi 1' I '6 af i Reid Allen Susan Allen NWillis Allen Steve Alley Gary Allison Nancy Allison Linda Ames Angela Anderson Cheryl Anderson Kim Anderson Martha Anderson Nancy Anderson Scott Anderson Kay Andrews Linda Antosh Barbara Armstrong Rickey Arnold Janie Asher Sandra Atkins Mike Atkinson Joyce Avery Marheth Baer Jimmy Bailey jean Bair Melinda Baker Sue Ann Baker Larry Balch Steve Balch Alice Baldwin Keenan Barnard Hugh Barnes Terry Barnes jerry Barnett Larry Bartley Belinda Bates Larry Bates Barbara Bauer Johnny Bauer Kris Baumann Ralph Bawley Bonnie Baxter Boh Bayless Fleeta Beach Norma Bean Mike Beard Jed Bech Gary Been June Benzing Carole Bekistring Craig Bernier Mike Bewley john Bidasio Mary Ella Biggs Emmadean Bills Gary Bishop Sue Biship Barry Blackman Teb Blackwell Hal Blair Linda Blakeley Geraldine Blanchard David Blevins Sally Sue Bliss Bob Blount Pat Bogan Toni Bond Retha Bust Virginia Bottom Elsie Boydston Clark Brant Dan Breeding Larry Breeding Bobby Bressman Paul Brockwell Dennis Brogoitti Diane Brooks Eva Brooks Billy Brown Bosco Brown Darrell Brown Don Brown janiece Brown Nelson Brown Mark Brownlee Randy Bruton jack Bruza Kathy Buchanan Marsha Bullard Marilyn Bumpass Alan Burden Randy Burkholder Carole Burnett Mary Kay Burnham Bob Burns Bud Burrell Art Burrow Susie Burrow Gregory Burton jerry Bush Darla Buske Pete Byars John Campbell Phyllis Cannavan Judy Cantrell Paul Cantrell Debbie Card David Carnahan Vicki Caron Judy Carson Sandra Carson Carol Carter Virginia Casebolt 34, if Q, F "' Y ,stir Wes. , , . it i -4 to we ertr X 5 ,, if? if-.1 is N ir, f F i Q 's 1 .I-by M gi L U .- 'if ,QM it K ...H-LL ch i, 5' eg A kia' an ,. " I 4 4 vox , Nam L 11:5 V A-44 ' .bs Q r W A , 3 gy K V qw t 57 -if ,fl , . f 3 1 x f X 1 1 KSN? zrq ,. C .T 3:- wt if rx f u l .vi J i 2 4 f, 4" i vc? I ' 1 ,V Jr Mary Catcher Pamela Catron Dick Caudle Greg Chalmers Patricia Chance Nancy Chandler Carol Chapin Laura Chappell Washing and drying the dishes is just as much fun as eating due to the assembly line method. :,j i if Q, if i f 4, V , ' Tif f, ffl tlkad lI7 Betty Chastain Valerie Chavers Rickey Cheadle Bill Chick Susan Chilcoat Connie Childers Ricky Chrislip Carolyn Chrisman 2, ilss H of '64 Martha Christ Lorraine Christman Jack Churchill Dick Clark Jim Clark Kathleen Clark Londa Clark Susan Clark Steve Clasby Johnny Clawson Karen Clifton Mary Clock Susanne Close Susan Cobb John Coe John Coener Andrea Coffman Bob cogmii Rosa Coghill Jackie Cohen Gary Collins Ron Comer Dennis Comstock Bill Conard Robert Conine Cindy Cook Judy Cook Roger Cook Tom Cook Caren Cooley Hollis Copeland Priscilla Copelin Wayne Corn George Cornwell Jonnie Lou Cotton Jan Coulter Rob Cowan Leslie Cowart Toni Cox Sharon Craft Steve Crane Carol Crawford John Crawford Robert Crosslin Cameron Cunningha Lynn Curlee Barbara Curtis Judy Daab James Dabncy Tom Dailey Mary Jo Daniel Jay Davidson Brad Davis Donna Davis Janice Davis Lee Davis lTl Tom Davis Tommy Davis Karen Day James Dayton joan Dean Stephen Deaton Michael DeFiel Kathy Deisenroth David Detrick Carol Deupree Myra DeVerse Anne Devine Donna DeWire Judd Dewt Bobby Dickson Berna Sue Dillon james Dilts Dorothy Dodd john Dohrendorf Robin Dossey Judy Doublin Eugene Doud Margaret Douglass Bob Downing Donna Downs Jim Drake Pam Drike Wfilliam Drisko Bill Driver Barbara Duerig Margaret Dugger Alyce Dunbar jo Ellen Dunn Carol Dupont Fred Dupy Sammie Durrett Ralph Dwyer Sharyn Dyckes Ronald Dyer Betty Easter Gerre Edmisten Terry Eisenschmidt Mike Eisler Suzanne Ellington Patty Ann Elliot Cheri Ellis Stella Ellis Ebby Engel Steve Engle Nancy English Robert Epperson Elaine Ervin Larry Eulert Peggy Evanoff Dwight Evans Charles Farley rw gspfnxx kk A F y 31 sun W -' 5 la an lair 52553 .W E Y 3:33 rie 4:35 fs? gf -W AV ' ' W t 1 A wi are . -A - ww-f F ia- te i s .,- 1 " i J J! as iv., K H "1 'r-- K I if , iff r --:M S f 13 ,, fi 'W time . tx gf 'W , f it N y i fj P K we eel 9' I , .':.,:', A g Il F' it ,pf . ,, If we 5 4 Z . 1 . ,i 3, 25 'va , -im Q ff- , ,S .. ,ix at J rj K ., -.i. n Lp' iip f at r' W" K Q . ,. , ,M ,, ,Kiss-g:,".L: i Betty Farney Lance Farrar Janie Fash Susan Faust Robert Field Larry Fike Kathy Finley Susie Fischer H wif, ig? ' I . .fn " II! V 1: i . ,, ' ,...g ii,it :ar ra , 5 ,,7. ng, 'M-ff I ,i z , ,wg .4-fy. .Jw ' ' ""3""'2' 1, Aw' Tl ' V 'if' f' 'W' A N. 2 r r, 3 Lf 1 i i A x M' t -ir Metal Casting is an advanced course for "Mud pie bakers." rw, unify. 'H A I , .f 1 ' , 4 1 II9 X.. ,. .4 ... 9 Wei, ie 'nf at Q Y 3 ,. 4. , Y - -- ----Y ',,Q., 'i"f.,.fl"' -ii ,-fe' f ref we Chrys Fisher Susan Fisher Bert Fleeger Sarah Folhansbee Beverly Ann Ford Dudley Ford Richard Fornell Herb Forrest ,,'- L L ,,',, ,.AA I ffrigae ,aa -555' V Qi' X ff l 'C - . - 5,553.35 1 ' yi' wg iffy, fi- , ' , ,fm f' if f ,.,:l' , i t ' Q ' A grin . ., H K A A k ,.. auf si,m New we ,at QgJ'ew- Q' 'H 52, f :ll 5 9592 . Q 2 yn A vi A irrfikgfi 1 . , . . "er M- 'F A gs : ,, I , - Q gl V3 yki., :wi lg - - ':-.,. W ,W ig ? ' e , ' ' . e t . ,ave-,Ja K L wt . 2 gf 2-Qpgawannfi i A ' 5 sae, wwf.. ga 1 1 W n X 'TM' an I 1,3 f -r I my Q V ,L - fag: 4 ' as 1 ,. . ., : as . 1 , 9 2 ' E ' .f i My x aa- - is'7g2+- S ei ' 'ii ' izvz ri :la am 'Q E231 t ear ff--- - i mi ff' af'6 Karen Forsman Gary Frank Patricia Frank Roy Franks Eileen Freeman Carol Frey Vance Frommie Jackie Frost Anita Fuss Laurence G. Gaither Andra Gamble Carole Garbade Douglas Gatchell Mike George Karma Gibson Billy Gilbert Karen Gilbert JoAnne Gillespie Mary Beth Gilliat james Gilmer Byndie Gish Sue Glass Rita Glazer Valerie Gobble Phillip Godfrey Charlotte Golden Ronnie Goldfish Marsha Goldsmith Wallace Goltry Gregory Gooden Bill Gorney Mike Grader jan Graham Jim Grant Frank Graves Sandra Gray Kathryn Green Ann Grekel Fred Griffith Roger Grigor Lloyd Grigsby Forrest Grim Al Guild Eddie Guilio Carolyn Hadley Judith Haley Raymond Hall Sandra Hall Scott Hall Alice Halstead Barbara Hamill John Hamill Lana Hamilton Sherry Hammer Kenneth Hammett Mary Ann Hanks Kenny Hardcastle Beth Harmon Kathryn Harn Darlene Harrell Gayle Harris John Harris Susan Harris Joy Harrison Donna Harrold Greg Hart Terry Havins Marilyn Hawkins Vernon Hawkins Gary Hawthorne Dave Hazels Judith Heald Ben Henneke Mike Henry Carolyn Hensley Linda Hensley Norris Henthorne Tim Heuston Jim Hiatt Hubert Hicks Carol Highland Jean Hildebrand Logan Hill John Hinch Diane Hodges Lee Hoevel Don Holland Merinda Holt Marsha House Joe Hughes Susan Hughes Becky Hutchinson Jan Inhofe Pat Irwin Janis Ives Carol James Linda James Mike James Donald Johnson Rita Johnson Carla Johnston Diana Johnston Sharon Johnston Steve Johnston Martin Jolley Janna Jolly Harold Jones Jim Jones Susan Jones Skippy Jordan Mary Jung Alexia Kallay . . smw a ,M ,rsh s 2:5 J Jr 3 ' 11. 1 . - Pa 611 J Q t ' i-...Q , S if , , , , L 3' '2 T. if W i v-v ,ihii K, Q.. J I N J 'ff' J 1 if R6 Jerry Kealy Bonnie Keith Randy Keller Mike Kelly Linda Kelso Kathy Kendall Bobby Kenney Frank Kenslow Junior High Students are never too young to study algebra when they have proved their ability, I2I J-ur? Nancy Ketchum Bert Keyes Edward King Sharon King John Kirk Karen Sue Kisner Betty Kissinger Kent Kistler ag'6 Nancy Kleckner Janice Knopf Suzanne Koons Michael Kopelman Gail Krawitz Gene Kuhn Tommy Kuhn Harriet Kuykendall Norma Kyle Jeri Lackey Marilyn Lafferty Gayle La Grone Steve La Grone Marline Lairmore Eric Lamkin Phillip Land Mary Fran Lang Sharon Langdon Linda Langford Jack Larrabee Scott La Scelle Patty Lawler Kenneth Lawlor Suzy Lawrence Judy Kaye LeGate Marcia Le Master Richard LeMay Cynthia Leonard Budge Lewis Conni Lewis Patty Lewis Todd Lewis Larry Lieberman Connie Lightfoot Dave Lindley David Livingston Robert Livingston Billy Loftin Bruce Logan Donna Logan Ricky Logsdon Kim Long Buster Lbngacre Julie Lottinville Bob Loveridge Judy Loyd Cindy Ludman Charles Lund Daniel Lynch Charles Macke Marcia Maddox Bud Maddux Mike Madewell Steve Magoon Pete Malpede Cheryl Mandell Martha Manhart Tom Mansur Chuck March Wendy Mariner Molly Marsh Gary Martain Benny Martin Bill lNIartin Bill Martin jane Martin Jerry Martin Pamela Martin Susan Mason Linda Sue Maxfield Sandra Kaye McAnally Dick McAninch Syndia McArdle Dick McCann Linda McCarty Lloyd McClendon Anne McCoy Toni McDaniel Thomas McEvoy john McIntosh Joe McKellar Pam McKissick Mike McNichol john McQuaig Shirley McQueen jim McXVilliams Mary Medinger Irita Medlin Mike Mehlhorn june Melton james Menhoff Carol Merrill Marilyn Metcalfe Donna Meyer JoAnne Meyer Kathy Michelson jim Milburn Bill Millard Lisabeth Millard Brian Miller Jay Miller Randy Miller Susan Minnick Gary Mirkin Linda Misenheimer Glenda Mitchell jean Ann Mix Garnell Mobley Harriet Mohan Rand Monroe jim Montgomery Ann Moody . S nsftfefi e if +4 if N 5 ,gg ,Ei ap l fi "',.: Y ' ii-' S. e il 1? 5 S ,f-uf is : ff we-i t S .i' ' 'i"t it i 'iii e VW' 'Sw-2' J 'B 9 elf D v ,.,, if ,ESL . 'W ffm,- le if are gwwN ak if k .553 5. X , ffm all X 5,.,,'f ' i 2 t , my , fif- A , i lit M, fi f, Q ine 1 f Q 'HQ ' i f. iiii 2 r it ,,ii 1 Z2 ' Q if I f ' i if Q A fri 2 v .1 i if L f 3 52 I Richard Mooney I Lynn Moore Pam Moore ' i.,r Q AH Sharon Moore -H ,f ww, Suzanne Morgan V Stephen Morse Nancy Moss Richard Motley 5 p Q It it 5,, ,. 1 These election candi- dates were hopeful of being able to serve the 7th grade student body. QF i .,i,L S . as H , cc . x ' , i I m ad f i i ii f is iriaa , rzif i ' "'f'f?F- -1 V, 1 r I23 ii? Bobby Moyer Robert Muenchausen Dennis Murphy Raymond Murphy Richard Murphy Jim Murray Randy Murray Ann Myrick x I ,ig 1 : 'few-f Wi? Qs. , 4, g r of '64 Kristy Nash Bill Nathan Robert Nation Patti Nations Nancy Neblett Kurt Nehmzow Kathy Nelson Nancy Kay Nelson Lois Neph Karen Nesbitt Jimmy Netherton Earl Nevins Sarah Nichols Sherry Nickel Steve Nix Joe Norman Sherry Norman Cynthia Nunley Mike O'Bannon Chip Olin Carolyn Oliver Sandra Oliver Virginia Oliver Michael O'Niel Judy Orwig Robert Owens Toni Padgett Edwina Palmer Mike Parkinson Eddie Patton Day Peltry Ken Pennington Tim Pentecost Gregory Perry Nancy Peterson Phil Perryman Marcia Petta Billy Phelps Jane Phillips Tim Pool Janice Pope Jane Porter Janie Porter Kip Powell Jan Prather Ricki Sue Price Mary Lou Quinn Stephen Rader Sue Ratcliffe Jimmy Reager Pat Redfern Jerry Reece Guy Reed Jimmie Reed Jean Reins Leslie Reiss Kent Renfrow james Richey Rita Richmond Dale Rickey Melody Rippetoe Karen Ritchey Kathy Ritter Randy Rivers Donetta Roark jim Roberson Beverly Roberts Cathy Roberts Craig Roberts Don Roberts Sharon Roberts Marvin Robinowitz Bill Robinson Don Robinson Kimberley Robinson jeff Robison Charles Rodman Patty Roessler Donna Rogers Ned Rogers Barbara Roller Walter Romero Ann Rose George Rose Charlene Ross Paula Rowe Rita Rowe Bobbie Rubin Lynn Ruffin Dick Ruprecht Martha Russell Sherry Ryder Lynn Rylander Mike Scanlon Marcia Schranti Ann Schroeder Eddie Scott jan Scott jackie Sear Carol Seegren Bob Seigel Iris Self jim Sellen Robert Semple Ted Shackelford Karen Shaddox Bruce Shaffner Sherri Shanor Karen Sherber Donna Short Sue Shreffler Joan Shurig - Es: Z.: H I 3 M ' Eg!" Hg ' ,. 1. in JL 5 Saw-:A ,f.,-' . xi 1 , f 'W Q s s Q S i X i -2 4.- 4 it in Y K - 1 it J yr Q 'f lg " 1': fi Sl - it i L ll l t cc ,S S . an 1 I f ., - -,.: f- ,mm-I K . K , 'zz 1 ., src - as C 421 1 R 1 ccis . i i " it ':"t C 'tri , I t ttcr i ffff i y i are it iq: lL,, A - A is - TWV Q 1 i-,t L cec fir! was Q 4 l K f V f i c mkg s i Vs mt S eev, , M FA :':-' l , I M5 S Q f M e A "' W' ,,,' A 't" N ' nj Q my In 7 1 -f p Lanny Sigler M VV mg h z ,-T4 ' Riky Simon ,Q W4 L, 'A A' Q Q A f y Judy Simpson ,- A' 149 , W V Tommy Simpson ffrvfit J f x K ' . " if V fl S ltie 123 ,sf 7' up ' 3 ,. '55 l ",, ' ' may ,,, .-:A,,., , E2 1 In A V Sandra Singer i' l""' 1,2 Nancy Singleton 3 K Q. 0 ,30 ff if f -3 Barbara Skeith 4.,, 41,3 -J I Robert Sloan 5' atta R t S we r A? , 2 ff " These future home- K sf f makers learn early the art of table etiquette as well as that of cooking and serving. '25 Jackie Slotsky Barbara Smith Debbie Smith Debby Smith Pat Smith Willa Kay Smith Phillip Smithen Lynna Snider f " ,er f'1: 4 -21' 7" 4 1 ew! it 15, MTE it A I fl if Q V i rf' ,Q '-- j 3.1 , 'ii" i f iil , " . tittibm S it aol '64 Janice Snow Carol Soule Pete Spoor Martain Springfield Michael Staires Lynne Stanley Janis Steele Richard Steele Sharon Steele Tim Stein Doyle Stephens Roger Stephens Barbara Steur Anne Stevens Gary Stevens Rusty Stewart Bill Stiles Eddie Stillwell Bill Stimpel Elizabeth Stockton Bobby Stone Judy Stone Pam Stone John Street Judy Stringer Susan Strong Steve Stroup Richard Strout Carolyn Strow Diana Sullivan Sue Sutherland Clark Sweeney James Sword Tony Tachman Paul Taylor Sandy Taylor Margaret Teel Thomas Terry Anne Tharpe Diane Tholen Jan Thompson Linda Thompson Robert Tibbetts Timmy Timm Joe Timoshevich Sharon Todhunter Mary Ann Tolley James Tolson Janice Tomer Penny Townes Becky Townsend Bob Travis Jimmy Treadwell Sue Trible Connie Trippet Mike Trompeter Joy Tschappat Kenny Tultz Marysue Turley Ann Turner Beverly Turner Tom Tye Joe Tyler Cheryl VanBurkleo Janice VanFossan Linda Vanlandingham Cheree Vaughn Harold Vinson Danny Vinyard Linda Wager Jack Wagner Susie Wakefield Leon Walden Dusty Ward Diane Ware Craig Wassam Connie Watson Alice Ann Watts June Watts Gary Webb Garry Webb Jerry Webb Arthur Weber Betsy Wenger Katie Westby Rebecca Westmoreland Mike Weston Phyllis Whatley Jo Ann Wheatley Barbara Wheeler Beverly Wheeler Don Whitaker Carolyn White Chris White Esther White Mary Lou Whitten Kris Wienecke Russell Wienecke Pam Wier Chuck Wilbanks Terry Wilburn Don Wilcox Larry Wilder Joan Wilkerson Mike Wilkinson Charles Williams Frank Williams Ronald Williams Sherry Williams Carol Ann Wilson Judith Wilson Bob Winters f ,,. ll is C C Cf, 41 , C SC SP' S1 rig :JE s 1 K MN., C t,7k K , 1 1 -' 5 , 1 C-f-5 4 ,Qs Y Ca I 7 C L75 C V K if . "',, I n .,-i , 1 t A A "W" 5 f 5 .W I to W M C r-H iiii gf?C Inli 2 S in ,,gF V Li 3 3 Vfv 53 in ,L - A for ii feels, 'il f 'ii' ' I f C v f AA 2 3 ,A C CC J iaii 'J -Y s tat, Q 32 at W 1 may 5 ,335 if "Cf, -K , 1 11' ' 'f4ir ? C I B M C salss C C , ' , C mga: ' s 'ks ,, . t, CC af ,C,C V ,, Ce,C. , f C 1 ' ,f, fs, 4 as Q 'F pl ":2".. f' ' fi' + 'HSA J - I ' Eg' .- - aff V5 if gat J M Richard Winters Johnny Wood Nancy Wood Jeanne Wright Charlotte Wyatt Pat Wyckoff Deborah Wyse Sandra Yeager Lois Yerion Diane Young John Zimmerman Trudy Zwick vim 5 QQ I A! Cya! J V 1- C 4 61 C"'i'iii A , ,C - A V V Q ii l 7 QC A Iw i -' C . , ,C C 1 ,Mc C i xi, ' J H ,ihsirpf 1 " J 1 - ' ,,.f5::f?:5'i' U pC1ffQ,:: if 2 CML, ' ' . ,Cf C 5, V r'rr" , 'J - iw J ie Q C z' f CC 'iiii V,,,LC K it 39,3 5- wit C, 1 CCC, f N, g' K HJW 7 ' U as C Q C fr 4 l i ' M C C ,C ' ' f 1 ,C I27 gn P- W f:'w:.::"1-'S X fx W KEY CW mass: I O I 60604 r,,,,,,ic":'8 '5 ME A' i- ,..'i'g,:i,N . . mic K if pwif A . The Student Counc1l,,iiS71118,greEredintitivieiibdcly ofilixil Dfrzfstudents, being composed of a representative frgjipfueagfrilixome room, cluiij-'cl35SQif1?Q5'12iYS,xmembers-at-large. It serves as a forum fQLi'lasitfiQe+ifl,f1fideas and opinions, and thfdtighiegfitxldent Council the students are able,,'ftG,xmgoTe'full , xglize and appreciate the id wokifaiic privileges and responsibilities gf selfigover The St ent Cou rt to serve and - 'Mimi - , w if i benefit the entire!-fsqgdent bop Edison, gy ized A,fg3t:, i mmx,tt The range itteffkfigitfuds from the pfomofifm and the annual canned ds dfivgfflf g i . ittefgftb the Christmas .1 . r - We 1 t ilv mf' fl .' -iff 5 X - - post office, vvhi hp delivefgfff ail tor yea iwas the raising of funds to ia Foraffgn he Co publis "The Guid- ing Light," 'lEdi , ,,: ?sriu rectQfiI,,,,i he election of class officers, Nlgguggison, 'ffsch gi p ide are under the auspices of the1Qil1'fi?il.1TliEqffort ' ':vf5lintQ,,'fQlj,Qf:E',f7uUCi1,5 Southern Ball, held in the we l as into the many other "ual'1Rri5j,Qgf5','SP0HS0fed bl' the Council. gi Vydp Vprp T f J is , 5 -iii ,fm K M ,Lpr t seee e 57? 'ett -1 as ,,,, 5 55ii,,,:e,,,iMg2igM,i 5 , , OFFICERS: STANDING-Lynn Livingston, vice-presidentg Scottie Hicks, treasurer. SEATED jack Knippa, presidentg Mrs. Carolyn Stewart, sponsorg Bonnie Creekmore, secretary. 'vw .f,,wQ w-'-gf:-1:44-mm.wm.,Wwm-, -mwmf cuzdafzgf' S The junior High Student Council serves the student body in many ways. It serves as a guide in developing the student into a citizen of whom Edison can be proud. The Council carries on many worthwhile activities and projects, as well as publishing such pamphlets and leaflets as the Guiding Light, a handbook which is given to each student free of charge, and the student directories. They also take part in the annual Thanksgiving canned goods drive and the babies milk fund at Christmas, in which 1,110 cans were collected from the junior High. This group honored the teachers with "teacher appreciation day." Another project was the Buddy Wilkie fund for a boy who was hospitalized and whose father was killed the same day that he entered the hospital. He was furnished with a television in his room for the duration of his illness and a cash gift of 35135. They also sent sympathy cards when a death occurred in the family, and get well cards to each student absent three days or hospitalized. The Council placed flowers on the office desk and decorated the Student Council Christmas Tree in the foyer. OFFICERS: STANDING-Hugh Holmes, parliamentariang Mrs. Edith McBride, sponsorg Mr. joe Garner, co-sponsorg Duke Reeds, vice-president. SEATED-Gretchen LeMaster, secretaryg Bill Martin, presidentg Judy Hendrickson, treasurer. 1 I ff' C The Edison Key Club is proud to be the home club of Van Smithin, Lieutenant Governor of Division 15. Our rolls also include Student Council, class, and club officers. Sponsor of the organization is Mr. Stan Harrison, a member of the faculty. Pictured above are: Peter Gubser, Gene Brown, Van Smithin, Ronnie Weiszmann, Danny Staudt, Charlie Kothe, and Mr. Harrison. G The EDISON KEY CLUB is a service organization sponsored by the Utica Square Kiwanis. The club's projects have been numerous and varied Key Club spearheaded the school clean-up campaign and performed important functions in the Student Council's Canned Goods Drive. Members of the club also participated in many community projects, such as .distributing ,posters for various civic groups, and helping at the Children's Medi- cal Cented. The club's normal duties of ushering at school functions were also carried out. A successful fund-raising project was the Faculty-Key Club basketball game. -MX lg-4 Z'i Zt-ni JUNIOR HIGH JUNIOR RED CROSS The JUNIOR RED CROSS is an organization made up of representatives from each homeroom. They put on programs for the Children's Medical Center, the Veteran's Hospital, and the County Farm and end up the year with a weekend convention. There are international projects as well as local. SENIOR HIGH JUNIOR RED CROSS I O The INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB is composed of students interested in the national and international aspects of the news and the analysis of it. The biggest single activity of the year was the State International Relations Club's convention held here at Edison. This was in October and rnost of the fall activity of the club was centered around the convention. The officers are: Bob Dean, preside-ntg Bill Fitzgerald, vice-presidentg Pat Henry, secretaryg john Fredenberger, treasurer. The EDISON JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' LEADER CORPS originated in 1954. The girls in this organization assist in the girls physical education department. Their main objective is to strive for better leadership and higher ideals in every phase of life. The officers are: Patti Sue Curby, presidentg Emily Cole, vice-presidentg Paula Desjardens, secretaryg Kaye Wilson, sergeant-at-arms. "Ah! how I wish I could play chess!" How many times have you heard that state- ment? Not many? Well, that's because everyone who belongs to the EDISON JUNIOR HIGH CHESS CLUB already knows how to play this grand old game. Meetings are held once a week. Mr. Poe is the sponsor of this group. ., i is ,, M W rm r ezlw g,WM1 iD,,, . 'fa.,,r:a m A- V C till' U xg 0 l all H XX 'W' I! Nl inf Officers of Junior Classi- cal League are from left to right: Marcia Edens, Secretaryg Sue Stewart, Treasurerg Judy Marlow, Corresponding Secretaryg Mrs. Marie Ferguson, Sponsorg Ronnie Fouts, President, and Lee Clark, V i c e-President. Missing from picture are: Anita DiGiacomo, Program and Mrs. Dorothy Cook, Sponsor. ,MMI-ffwa awww wi? WE? iw M ' Q1 ,Ji 3' ' -wrwaef E ,ffl gf' 1 . I f ff W r A' , M ' K ' 1 . , Aw., K5 V, nn. acggqx My Y 44 R 4 egg - , ' ,Q . sv li f N, ami wi A E od? :cm ,ww Wiki Hai ww u fr N,i:9f'3?i7 an W 14, Q , Hvwiiif , ' Q E. V qyla wif .A . , - W 'E' Z? X J' 'A ,W I-1 , W I Vzywk ya I L I , , ,, ,Wy V W M ,MQW Q -f my, we ' M fm,-,,.-. .,,, , ,f,w'fwVwff , 1 t ,ww WNVW V, - , A 1 ,f mb, 1wff'f,LQ,, , , i?"'wfAw My . ., Aww weaivf f' W fp ,, 4 A - mf f 239 ' f ' 3 f ' ' ' 'A ' 1 , f V 2 - - . , -- 'f STANDING, left to right are: Sue Stewart, Judy Marlow, Ronnie Marsh, Carolyn Bullock. SEATED, left to right are: Marilyn Fitzgerald, Mary Ann Moyers, Mr. Poulter, Catherine Wieniche, and Joyce Hawley. Spanish Club students standing, left to right are: Bonnie Scott, Lorie Matteson, Patty Thomp- son, Anne Williams, and Judy Clark. Seated, left to right are: Kathy Kline, Ann Garrison, Shelia Tatroe, Markita Jones, and Mary Ann Phelps. l40 SENIOR HIGH SPANISH CLUB Senores, Senoritas! Vayan la Cofradia! lt is open to all Spanish students wishing to become better acquainted with Spanish customs and one an- other. Fiestas Qmeetingsj are held once a week at which time the members play Sfuanish games, sing songs, an have a good time. So, come on out and join the Fatty! Officers o Spanish Club are: Ann Garrison, President, Catherine Wieniche, Vice- President, Carolyn Bullock, Treasurer, and Judy McPher- son, Secretary. JUNIOR HIGH SPANISH CLUB Senores, Senoritas! Vayan al Club Espanol! It is open to all Spanish students wishing to become better acquainted with Spanish customs and one another. Meetings are held alternate weeks at which time the members engage in activities de- signed to promote interest in the language and Spanish customs. JUNIOR HIGH AsTRoNoMY CLUB The Astronomy Club of Edison provides an opportunity to study as- tronomical wonders, to learn the place of our planet in the universe, to investigate the use of the tele- scope, and to learn other phases of astronomy. Interesting discussions are led by various members of the club. All interested Junior and Senior High Students are welcomed to the meetings. FRENCH CLUB Officers of French Club are: Mickey Rainier, Presidentg Mary Copman, Vice-Pres- identg Judy Stumbo, Secretary and Tanya Loucks, Treasurer. This year's French Club had a French breakfast in the cafeteria. Peter Gubser told about summer in France and Ralph Smith told about living in French West Africa. Movies and slides of trips in France have been shown to the French Club by Jack Rippy and Judy Upton. The FALCONRY CLUB is a ne great fun hunting with was suff WH nd unique group in our school. These boys have these trained birds. One boy has an eagle, but this regal bird ering a broken leg and declined to pose until he could make a good appea He thought that any Edison eagle should be in fine fettle before h public. Mr. Cassler of Broken Arrow helped the b Jack Dobelbower is their faculty spons 5 ? gg gzg .. rance. e was shown to the oys to train their birds, and Mr. or. III!! Iii!! ll lllll The EDISON RADIO CLUB is a group of b Their activities consist mainly field days and All a out twenty boys, both "ham" operators and of talking to other ham stations all over th , of teaching radio theory and morse Code to a ' students are invited to attend meetings and are: President, Karl Schneiderg V' ' Mr. Wayne Nelson prospective e world, of ' nyoneinuue to watch the ' ice-President ' sponsors thi UID III!!! mmm lllll 80088 S880 .' Ol 00810 . III!!! OOCIOCO DOOR!!! Jiizyizy MW' 3 -'Wi if ttf? amateurs. t d b Q holding auctions and s e in ecoming a icens Radio Club's station " ' , Mike Murrayg Secretary, s group. x42 ed amateur. on the air." T ' Ed Haskellg he ofhcers Treasurer, Carmi Humes. HONOR SYSTEM: Three years ago we instituted an honor system which used no names and punished classes very slightly, rather than individuals. This honor system sounded nice, looked good, and was most ineffectiveg it deterred almost no one from cheating and, in time, was almost entirely disregarded. Near the end of last year this wishy- washy honor system came under fire and the beginning of this year, a new system was submitted to an all-school vote and passed. This system asks the student to re- port by name any one he sees cheating. If two people in the same class, hour, day, etc., report the same persong this constitutes an offense which may be appealed to the Honor Commission jury. The corrective measures that are used on the cheater are considered mod- rately harsh. Tom Asst, . . Herb Carolyn f standlng' soi, MIS' Rayburn, - are hen SPOQ Tom mam , Q gugctiorx and t Henneke, Kathie Ba , Kmportan b Basgom, Huaw 7 and B periormgngwmgoodflcixg gill Kfiisxeganet Silvefman ACH . S C ekyQO H Stevia 1 The Smliill Wine vonflle Cie iota, Sue Gable, dz B W C12 S 316 X Stevyaffqnkesbuin, Bever Y Donna UOK sh0Wn' who SCC' the . Arts 19 yete txC com? 5 Drama hen they men! 0 .ned W the me "Awaits are MW .1 installed l .ew devoted Kihich mem the charief an l V ci . to . al DIWVUC iiganmuon 0 e Pfesented .S me Nationnorysecretrvseu gchoolbemiavs rro P SPKANS l V- Xt 35 a k 505 K when ditoiium' 'YYEEW Schooli Oaudyon Y Orgginaiedgig 39 our all on 8 5 of pi upC'X 5 ol, X 3 O hong .-TKO . Qc 10 , ew rs 09 Edison s asa new membe oiilcefs I43 USHERETTES was organized in 1958 at the beginning of the school year. Its members consist of senior girls maintaining a G average or above. They, with members of the Key Club, usher at all school functions and aid the school according to request. LIBERTY BELLES is an organization composed of sixty sophomore, junior, and senior girls. They march with the band in parades, and this year they have presented several unique routines at basketball games. Three senior captains and two junior captains are selected every year to lead this colorful and energetic group. The club operates on a point system, offering a service bar to the deserving girls at the end of the year. O I MU ALPHA THETA is a national high and junior College mathematics society which has over 165 chapters throughout the United States. The purpose of the organization is to encourage capable students in their pursuit of mathematics through individual reading and research. Edison joined Mu Alpha Theta on january 10, 1958, with 17 charter members. That number increased during the year to 30 b mem ers, A student must have had at least two years of mathematics and maintain an overall average of The FUTTIRE NURSES CLUB has attracted man of y our outstanding girls. Mrs. LeMaster, our school nurse, gives h t. . . . . . er ime to direct these girls in the study of their chosen profession. The MEDICAL CLUB was formed with the purpose of gaining knowledge and understanding of the Medical Sewice through association with speakers and through field trips. This group looks to Mr. D. O, Hoopert for guidance. The purposes of FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA are to interest students in becoming teachers, to explore the teaching field, including the opportunities and the many areas of the teaching profession, to develop the beginnings of professional attitudes, to bring to pupils greater understanding of the value of education in Ameri- can society, and to render service to the school and the community by being teachers. The sponsor of the Charles C. Mason Club is Mrs. Chloe Lane. The presiding officers are Ellen Stafford, president, Jackie McGinnis, vice-president, Glenda Kuhnemund, recording secretary, Judy McPherson, corresponding secretary, and Margaret Boydston, treasurer. The JUNIOR HIGH K- CLUB is a branch of the senior high Key Club. The officers of the club are jim Graham, presi- dent, jim Shanor, vice-presidentg Mike Schlosser, secretary, and Bill Buchanan, treasurer. The sponsor of the K-Club is Mr. Leslie Marks. just a few of the many projects taken up by the club were the clean-up drive at the first of the year, a clothes drive for the needy, and the faculty-K Club basketball game. The CHESS CLUB, sponsored by Mr. Poulter, have some lively sessions. Three boys selected a chess team after a tournament, and this team enjoyed a success- ful year of competition with other schools. xi Rx 0 "'c E ' -sf- -' ff -4 The JUNIOR HIGH SQUARE DANCE CLUB has been one of the most enjoy- able organizations of the school. Students have found this an excellent way to get acquaint- ed and have loads of fun. O I Officers of the Field 8: Stream Club are David Henley, Presidentg Mike Hendrick son, Vice-Presidentg jim Morrison, Secretary-Treasurerg and Neil Barker, Sponsor. The FIELD 81 STREAM CLUB is the newest organization at Edison. The club is composed of sev- enth, eighth, and ninth graders who are interested in the outdoors, many prominent sportsmen have been guests at their meetings. Officers of Allied Youth are Happy Fry, Presidentg Pat Cahill, Vice-President, Sandra Stiles, Recording Secretary, Rusty Brunkow, Corresponding Secretary, and Charles Kothe, Treasurer. Sponsors of the club are Mrs, Blanche Cloiner, Mr. Engel Grow, and Mrs. Sue Johnson. ALLIED YOUTH is a group of- students who are interested in the study of social problems of modern youth. Their ideal is " . . . to seek the truth concerning beverage alcohol and the best way of life in relation to this problem," I I The TALONS help to create and promote school spirit. During meetings the cheer leaders teach us new yells, and business and projects are discussed. The Talons are com- posed of a pep council, a pep squad, an honor guard, and eight cheerleaders. Our cheer- leaders placed first in a 7-state clinic at Oklahoma University. TALON COUNCIL 'faloaw mam -mar 11- 'fem The junior High Y-TEENS is a social service club sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. It is based on Christian principles and is open in membership to girls qualifying for the standards. The purpose of Y-TEENS is to accept, promote, and live by Christian ideals, and to build character in worship, work, and play. The club meets once a week in the homes of the members. The girls have done service projects for the community as well as assisting the Key Club in keeping the school grounds and building clean. They also offer their serv- ices to help with any school projects. Y-TEENS is composed of three groups called "Coquettes," "Kotinga,i' and "Eta Kappa." Faculty advisor is Mrs. Bezinque, assisted by Mrs. Robert Chapman and Mrs. C. Roberts. "Coquettes" A- President, Margaret Govvansg Vice-President, Joyce Kirkg Secretary, Nell Gaitherg Treasurer, Susan Blair. l. We ir 53? J -31 ET g in E i 2 Y, Z - ,y L,,' f , 7 g i ,E I n I W n, fam C A Q X "ETA KAPPAH-President, Diane Nicholsg Vice-President, joan Alleng Secretary, Marilyn Mooreg Treasurer, jane Wfitherspoon. 1627 QV' ,,- . .. N1 f s 'M S, 4 1. x "KOTINGA"--President, Carol jean Messe-more, Vice-President, Glenda Gibsong Secretary, Stevensong Treasurer, Kay johnson. 4' ,, Nm. fri ' C5 , 5, we I rf, ,af A 2 , , gh A ' , H ,, 'xA X w r Carol I55 x 33184 Mu lvl 'Km QSM. fm hr- FZ -..f"" :M 'PQ gl Q. 'Q ss ,KX il' ,. 3 ,,A. Q5 .Fi ' Y' 2 5 P 5 rj , I ft-f ,-v-sus-.A ,531 ' I 0 O l57 The CONCERT BAND is a group of talented youngsters which has had a busy schedule this year. Concerts and other programs are the order of the days as the winter and spring seasons roll around. Class time is spent prepar- ing for these appearances and the final product is always a professional-type performance which is enjoyed by the entire audience. Leading the band this year were C. F. McGee, president, Bill Clark, vice-president, and Lee Clark, secretary-treasurer. Konami gmac! Richard Cox is the capable director of this busy organization and does much to help the students in their search for musical understand- ing. 745 m4164669 gag! l PW l60 Any morning during football season, you can find this organization, THE MARCHING BAND, on the field behind Edison preparing their intricate and colorful halftime shows. Many long hours of work are put into the preparation of these shows and the finished product is always a delightful addition to our exciting gridiron battles. Leading the band this year were Don Wagner, drum major, Wayne Rice, assistant drum rnajorg head majorette, Sharon Fletcher, and rnajorettes, Connie Smith,- Barbara Smith, Sue Stewart, joan Warren, and Kathy Johnson. Richard Cox is director. el 1 1 J Another active, extracurricular group at Edison is the SXVING BAND. Throughout the year this seventeen-man band appears in assemblies and at dances to entertain the music-loving Edisonites. Directed by Richard Cox, this group is due many laurels for the fine entertainment provided all year long. 'Widxed 0 The CRCHESTRA is another of the many talent-filled music groups at Edison. Beautiful music, ranging from classical to Broadway show scores, are found in their produc- tions. Their appearances range from concerts to special assemblies such as the coronation of Miss Edison. The year is climaxed by their appearance at commencement exercises. The MIXED CHORUS is a choral group that consists of sophomore, junior, and senior boys and girls, They appear in assemblies and choral concerts, and the beautiful way they handle music is a delight to all audiences. Some mem- bers of the mixed chorus make up the AMEN CHORUS which adds a spiritual meaning to the opening exercises of all assemblies. 3.5 3 'U Q33 S5 5 Q ' f -' Q' ?vi,Qg'. i Ii 2 l S 5 ss W X Q Q ' uv X 3 ii S W if-wgifx uw xi QW fm! 1 ,f 'Wh ,V.A. Q4 .,A " W 'A "V ,ff , lim it. NV V ,. V mm X, X 5, I V, v Zfyy A V A ,, , V 1 ff , X " . " ww 4,g,,,1e' , , , , ,, 'W if 1 ' 'ff' ff 4' V ' My L,i,, 5 63 QI 0 Q. . ' lu, The SENIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB present many varied programs during the school year ranging from Christmas and other assemblies to special choral concerts. The talent in their ranks contributes great quantities of musical enjoyment to Edisonites. HA Q ' 31695 goqlifee 6045 ...-Q With the starting of this school year, there arose a need for a SENIOR HIGH BOYS' GLEE CLUB. Under the expert direction of Mr. Ronald Shirey, the long awaited group was finally formed. Their first appearance was at the Thanksgiving assembly where they presented "Almighty God of Our Fathers" and were warmly received. The glee club may be new, but it offers one of the finest male vocal groups for a high school in Tulsa. WMM anion Emu! 2WM Vnwmedmze 50144194 WW ww QTVR l W' vas fn 23 2 5 5 Q 3 9 fi 5 fi 3 1 + A 5 e Q 1 A F 2 Q 4 E. sr 5 a i X E ' w I K 1 1 I tg z l72 l73 ig. 5 5, Q 3 fri 2 E is Y 3 15 2 25 2 :E 21 Q 32 fe is 2 if Q Ai 2 55 E f? B p 55 3 Q, E sa is vm-ww ..x,,.,,w.w,p5 W b,,,, ,fp KU.-,M,,,,L.:W,,M L... I ,,,-1, .f,-f,A. My, ,,-f ,,-,ukm:,.Qaw,M:Lfs1,.w.y.7,-z,m11fWw4:wf4Q,w-Lf, ,-,,f f--:awww-mvfimz kL.., HQ.lmHfmmmwf-ffgfszsf:W,,fv,,Hfwmwmfww 7ff-- mf,-,1-.,f.,,,:frfy.-wawawxwwff:-lf, .,,ff ,WM-,,1: fn, i ,,,, , VVN, ,M ,J,-, ,, A ,,,,i,,,,:m.,:WmL,,,,?1,m,Mmmmwm,M,,, K1 Is is iz ss X. S 2? ww-wwmvf M655-MW Y ,.,..,.9mm ,, Maxaman mwzswmmmmmwmmm W -umaamww-,Q . - PHIL , jumor Tackle DEATON r M, g, k 1 1 x L , ,H i lg, Coach Ralph Parker Qleftj has in two short years built a football squad that jranks as one of the best in the state. The Eagles won the Round Robin this year fand came through with an 8 won and 2 lost. Mr. F. A. Dry was an able assistant. His line coaching helped our boys to hold Q against teams that outweighed them by several pounds. 71 6 I78 ' '-'-.fr,M.f..., 1 95 8-59 SCHEDULE ALL-CITY Edison ,....... 1 2 Central ..... Edison ...----, 38 Muskogee . Edison ........ 14 Okmulgee . Edison ,....... 22 Sandsprings Edison ........ 20 Central ..... Edison ........ 6 Rogers ....... Edison ........ 57 Sapulpa i.... Edison ........ 28 Springfield Edison ........ 28 Booker T. .. Edison ........ 14 Webster Edisonls mighty eleven chalked up another victorious year with 8 wins and 2 losses. Piloting the Eagles to victory were these power-packed twenty-two. The eleven seniors who are leaving to fly toward higher accomplishments are: Ronnie Weiszrulann, Lindsay Perkins, Tom Webb, Chuck Miller, Mark Wliitaker, johnny Turner, lim Seihold, Max Alumbaugh, Kenny White, Tom Crawford, and Nickie Gay. The remaining eleven who will return next year to raise the victory flag over Edison's gridiron still higher are: Ed Schermerhorn, Ted Larkin, Tom Dupree, Tom Mach, Dennis Hardin, jim Schultz, Al Deaton, Gary Westhoff, jerry Prather, Geren Cooper, and Phil Fruge. .. W if ,Cy Dari fgq glgofzsra, it rrri X P X iiis in , R .M if Q36 ' i i Sf Ms NX Y ii Nl mmf 5 nga 7 The spirited "B" squad has shown signs of carrying out the tradition of being one of the top ranked teams in Tulsa. Comprised mostly of sophomores, these boys have had the necessary background that it takes to form an organization which is capable of competing for all-city, all-state and all-American football honors. We hope that the future "B" squads will represent our school with the fire and determination that has been shown by their predecessors. gy 3 L fl lf The "B" Basketball Team is comprised of a group of sophomore boys, who have not had quite enough experience to be "A" Team members. In the past year they have had a good record and by their junior and senior years we expect to hear great things from these yearlings. Their coach is Mr. Bill Grove. 'K 10 fi 3 1 f. V I 1' Q Q, i g gg..g?,,:5,x?Y , V ,,. , W 3 1 it iv r 4? 32 eff? Pictured above are coaches Sellers and Coody. standing wrestling team. They have worked hard this year to produce an out- Kinny Taylor awaits the signal to take care of that Rogers man. j "AH Squad WRESTLING TEAM The W1'e.rtlif2g Eagler C om plete TbeirFinef1f Year The Edison Wrestling Eagles have at last become full feathered, mature wrestling Eagles. The Wrestling Eagles experienced their finest year in the history of the school, with a won and lost record of eight and three in dual-meet competition. They also felt slightly jilted, although happy, as they served as "the bridesmaid twice and never the bride" in finishing second in both the Bristow and Edison Invitational Tournaments. Christmas was wonderful as the Edison wrestlers scored their first dual-meet win in history over the Central Braves on December 9, with Dennis Dutch and Tom Webb padding the win by pinning their opponents. The final score was Edison 24, Central 15. Then came the Bristow Tournament with Edison finishing second and having four second place winners in Dennis Dutch, Happy Fry, Walt Matteson, and Torn Webb. The New Year brought high hopes, but we received a jolt as the Eagles suffered two quick defeats within an eight-day period. On january 6, the Central Braves avenged their earlier loss and nosed out the Eagles 19-153 and then on January 14, the defending State Champions, the Rogers Ropers, edged the Eagles 19-16. The big one in our gym was the Edison Invitational Tournament and the Wrestling Eagles won their first trophy, the runner-up trophy, as nine Eagles picked up place medals to make it a real team effort. Dennis Dutch and Happy Fry won first place and gold medals to pace the team. The regional was next and it was tough! Wfith sixteen teams entered and the cream of the state wrestlers entered in this regional, including the three defending state cham- pions, we were extremely proud to finish fourth in the tournament and qualify four wrestlers for the state tournament at Perry. The four wrestlers who qualified included three seniors and one junior, B. Jack Jackson qualified at 115 lbs., finishing third in the regionalg Happy Fry, a junior, finished first at 148 lbs.g Walt Matteson finished second in the 168 lb. classg and Tom Webb finished third in the heavyweight. Miss Sally Bauer was elected Wrestling Queen for the 1958-1959 season. Her at- tendants were Mary Ann Bell and Judy Marlow. wetfwq an . 7 a s f N 5 2 . . IU. gm . ,, . Y A WALT MATTESON 168 lbs. 1 E 4 CLYDE GRIFFITH JIM ALCOCK 123 lbg, 106 lbs . sk .K TOM WEBB Heavyweight l88A STEVE D 141 lb AVIS S' DENNIS 1 30 lbs. DENNIS DUTSCH L 1 1 5 lbs. Q? ,V ...ix 5 ' FRED HER1uN 157 lbs. 5 . 15 5 DAN LECRONE 2 B. JACK JACKSON ' 168 lbs' 115 lbs. -QW KINNY TAYLOR 156 lbs, ' fi , - ' Et. W, 4, ,1 ,, - ff f A my. ,, . , A Q5 HAPPY FRY 1,48 lbs. f 52-W atcha ch I Our ilhistriuus swimmers have done it rtg.1ih. Be- sides wiimiiig .til their meets. they swim away Qliter- rtllyj with the tity tli.i1ripiurishipg and as the hook goes to prev. they ie-.tie for Oklahoma City where they are herrvily tigrvoreci to repent their State Cham- pitmsliip. Ahh' coached hy Marvin Ross for the fourth year. they have built an impressive record in the past rind promise to continue their fine work in the future. COXlQ1'LlfL1iL1fiOI1S to the Edison mermen, CiIflINPiOIlS iii and out of the water. 4 if ,Q if f Wk 'vw 'tfiff HW W V 4 w -MW ,, Al, I M i I ' i A 5 i t 2 ,, ' V, if V k1ffT,Z,3W , 1 5 is f . JOH NNY SHARKEY BILL WELSH .:'..-ff PAT WASHBURN J, ,51 uunwwwiunnwk - Q mmmwmwm-ummm 1 :nw .ww wgmul 5, ,-- . 'K 0 i ,ly X , wx DENNIS HUGHES 133W DICK WOLVERTON 1 I N, "TK-225 I RICKY RIGGS RONNIE YENZER MIKE BRYANT PARKE DAVIS , ,W f 114-,I1-Ima Yfp .pn C MONTY MCGINNIS f .Q 4 , .W ,K L'in,rf,vlI ,Lyra If atcha W Llfli LE? ",'AA ff? 'f- :5 m' 1 Z - -J Edison Cross Country team won the all-city championship under the able coaching of Mr. Walter Barham and Mr. Hugh Pierce. The team placed first in the O.B.U. and Edison ln- vitational Tournaments and second in the Rogers Invitational Tournament. After a brilliant season, they finished second in the state meet. At the state meet Dave Kirkman, pictured at the right, and Jerry Anderson finished second and third re- spectively out of a field of one hundred runners. ,mx Wim :il lurlm I The Edison Track Team, coached very capably by Mr. F. A. Dry, Mr. Walter Barham, and Mr. H. Green, gained third in the state track meet. After a good season last year with many records broken, the team looked ahead optimistically to this year's season. The following boys returned after placing in the state meet: jerry Anderson, joel Douglas, john Turner, Tom Webb, and Dave Kirkman. Seen above and to the left are action shots of the track team. Pictured are David Ihrig, pole vaultingg joel Douglas, Lindsay Perkins, and David Weichert running hurdlesg and John Turner, Jay Montgomery, Morris Lusk, and Lindsay Perkins warming up. 7 C jim Ingram, Charlie Kothe, and David Livingston make up Eclison's ex- ceptional Golf Team that won the Oklahoma Six Conference, Charlie Kothe, team captain, was the Oklahoma Six Conference medalist Our baseball team, with 11 wins and 7 losses last year, is another of the out- standing sports groups at Edison. In their second year of play, they did a fine job of promoting Edison through sports, and in the best game of the year, beat the State Champion Webster War- riors, 1-O. Led by Ken White on the mound and Tom Deupree in the batter's box, the team looked forward at press time to this spring and another out- standing season. W,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,, .wM..,,... V . V, ,.-r.. W .,,r,,, ,HT s?"""'m8lM --..,, ss ff' , Y , -1 X ffjwf,-.' M ' ,,' ig, x it 1. w,f'.,Y .y ,X -I E , H fi ' -M . x il 5 t - -7 . . ' ' Q bv N av? LQ.. X if ' '47 ,L V W .. 2 ' Ki,-V x.x54'.,.. ' fff:r'w??ixg','.a Y 4: , Z. 3 F 'W -W: aww- mmwmmmn wmvmmfmaff- mmMmfmskmxwnmwmmwwwp ,Q -g y-- ' 1 , M., " o M 5 Q W if PATI McKEE LYNN LIVINGSTON ,ar- Senior Senior ,Q -"' ,. ,fl ti e ? -:,. 2 ly i f I N jf : 'gi , x ' " , 1,4 m QE ' 'S' .AAA,..'A Q E' ':" ML JERI LIPE MARY ANN BELL junior -Tumor TI' , 102 T, JOEL TUCKER Sophomore ,N w X -uw J L, Lh 2, . r.x. V .Lh,, L 1, 1,1 Mfg., ' ' gig Q., SHIRLEY RODGERS Sophomore I' A ,Mfg Q ,J 1,4141 ,, v3.4:f',if. w wf 4 QWW 5Q',14XQ,W ,. ,,,, , ,.,...-.,... 4 I 1 1 W w 4 3 1 ,MMM , JUDY MARLOW Wrestling SHARON FLETCHER LEE CLARK Band V ' 'V 'l" Baxidf ' ,,,,.,,l MARIAN COLE SYLVIA BURY Swxmmmg V Swimming ,WAHM ,W , wa! SOPHOMORE: Treasurer of Student Councilg Delegate to Southern Association of Student Councilsg Represented Edi- son at the Tulsa Youth Courtg Member of Track Teamg Honor Roll. JUNIOR: junior Class Presidentg Delegate to the State Student Councilg Delegate to Boys' Stateg Chairman of Stu- dent Council elections committeeg Member of Key Clubg Member of Trackg Honor Roll. SENIOR: Student Council Presidentg Delegate to the South- ern Association of Student Councilsg Member of Key Club. JACK KNIPPA September SOPHOMORE: Member of Swimming Teamg Member of Letterman's Club. JUNIOR: Member of State Champion Swimming Teamg Member of Letterman's Clubg Member of Key Clubg Major lead in class playg Member of Junior Board. SENIOR: Vice-President of Key Clubg Representative Key Club to Student Councilg Chairman of Foreign Ex- change Student committeeg Chairman of Vespers committee for Senior Classg Member of Swimming Team SOPHOMORE: Lettered in Footballg Lettered in Baseballg Member of Honor Commissiong Honor Roll. JUNIOR: Lettered in Footballg Member of All-City Foot- ball teamg Lettered in Baseballg Honor Roll. SENIOR: Lettered in Footballg Member of All-City, All- State, and All-American Football teamsg Lettered in Base- ballg Honor Roll. SOPHOMORE: Member of Student Council and Honor Commissiong Member of Swimming team and Letterman's Clubg Honor Roll. Member of Key Clubg Member of Swimming and Letterman's Clubg Recipient of award in Science President of Senior Classg Member of Key Clubg of Swimming team and Letterman's Clubg Member Council and Foreign Exchange Student Com- WWW SOPHOMORE: Member of Key Clubg Chairman of Student Council Committee on "Operation Sodf' Honor Roll. JUNIOR: Member of Key Clubg Worked on several junior Board Committeesg Chairman of Publicity Committee for junior Class Playg Honor Roll. SENIOR: President of Key Clubg Member of Student Council Foreign Exchange Student Committeeg Finalist for Merit Scholarship. SOPHOMORE: Member of Student Councilg Lettered in Trackg Lettered in Iiootballg Member of Letterman's Club. JUNIOR: Member of Student Councilg junior Board Rep- resentativeg Member of Decoration and Bid Committees for junior-Senior Promg Lettered in Trackg Lettered in Football, SENIOR: President of Homeroom and English classg Mem- ber of Key Clubg Lettered in Footballg Honorable Mention for All-City Football teamg Member of Track team. wa We v 2: 'is' 5355 Ak' . Wfff- ,uf 5 N ' 153: an "' M-,3 vm ,saw . 1 i. Ll'f5ff'X ' " 'iiww Mfxflivi xv , f 'fm vw, , i 12153352 .QW i' 'Lg '5 xi' if ywwmw 4' vm? , M M- iw-H' f'5i,.f. ,, A, S l iv' V 2I3 O I I Kay Henderson, Dixie james, Bob Bascom, and Larry Wilson are determined to meet that deadline A1 Lee Clark. Marcia Meredith. and Sid Moyers have put many hours into the yearbook. One of the activities the staff worked on was planning and building the swimming queerfs throne, which we all had fun making. Bob Bascom and Sid Moyers were the photographers who gave us such excellent coverage of school activities. at swf Pat Corry created a great deal of excitement in the yearbook class when she brought in her very effective designs for the division pages. Pat Perry and Sondra Mumford had many original and inspirational ideas. F ft W, , ,, ,H,,..m..,...w lt'- Deanna Deardorff, Sauny Shacklett, and Betty Rob- inson were most effective members of the yearbook art class. 1 The staff went into huddles with the art director, Mrs. Sue johnsong and always came out loaded with ideas. C I I O I gaafwl The SENIOR HIGH ADVERTISING BOARD is a group of homeroom representatives who have the distinction of going out to the various classes, selling and promoting various activities and school functions to the students. They are represented by these few members who were available for the picture. ZI6 The JUNIOR HIGH ADVERTISING BOARD, above and left, was represented by these students. Each homeroom had a representative to promote interest and participation in our school activities. 564446 life These industrious and energetic School Life Staffers have given a complete and outstanding coverage of the varied life of a great school. Miss Dolores johns, sponsorg Barbara Gillette, editorg and Anne Lewis, co-editorg are Working X W on pages for the paper so that Edison might " X , be well represented in Tulsa school news. V at t,A, V 'K 2l7 O I O rm I. 2.2.1 . 77Ze7fawz'a MELINDA GRANT... . I. WILL HENDERSON MRS. GRANT ,,,,A, POLLY FISHER ,,,,, BRUCE MITCHELL MRS. HENDERSON MR. HENDERSON ....... MISS ROBSON .... ANNE ....... ........... ELEANOR DEBRA ...... PARENTS ...... FW Trudy Miller Ralph Kalbus Barrett Timm Sue Stewart Jay Snell Nancy Montgomery Happy Fry Linda Perry Anne Slagle . .... ........ S herry Hartley Mary Lynne Hensley Marian Cole, Jay Brown LINDA PERRY ANNE SLAGLE SHERRY HARTLEY JAY SNELL SUE STEWART f RALPH KALBUS TRUDY MILLER . BARRETT TIMM uae ' ezubfz MRS. HOPEWELL ,, PRUDENCE HOPEWELL SIMON DARKXVAY TRUMAN PENDENNIS HAROLD STANFAST , DIRK SNEATH ,,,,, CARLOTTA CORTEZ FIFI ,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,, , FRED XVHEELXWRIGHT BEULAH BELLE DAN ,,,,,, ,,,,,, , , OFFICER ,,,,,,, , ,,,,, , RAILROAD WORKERS ,, , Sharp, Tommy Shelhimer ada FW Lilitia Skinner Sally Sims jerry Goodrich , Phil Atkinson , Fred Hodder Allen Kornfeld , H Part Corry jo Jeanne Rose ,, Ronnie Fouts ,, Phyllis Bury Davis Metcalf Lewis Stephens , Jack Rippy, jerry CHORUS LINE ,,,,,,,, Lynn Livingston, Karen MacMillan, Georgia Jones, Maxine Felix, Bobbie Moore, Donna Kindley, Linda Gardenhire, Susy Campbell CHOREOGRAPHY , , Jo Jeanne Rose ALLEN KORNFELD JERRY GOODRICH DAVIS METCALF , Q li? jo JEANNE ROSE RONNIE FOUTS ALLEN KORNFELD FRED HODDER PATT CORRY PHIL ATKINSON PHIL ATKINSON ALLEN KORNFELD I I I i 3 Mr. Crowell, who is in Charge of Stage Craft, and Morgan Gurthet, stage manager, are looking over plans of sets for the sophomore play. jerry Hull, the other stage manager is not shown. i5?i'Y.LYI' - 7-11 Stage Craft class keeps every one of its members busy all year. Shown constructing a porch are: Robert McGinniss, john Sober, Roger Hines, Tim Spore, Terri Blanchard and David Gurthet. sr 1-ll f Tom Poss, Wesley Bulger, Tim Hayes, Craig Masters, Dural Weedon, Sanford Hall and John Oliver are some of the boys who work hard to make possible the excellent lighting and scenery for productions on our stage. Many classes are indebted to the services of the audio visual boys . . . Rober Borden, Sanford Hall, Larry Penn and Richard Frommie. 704 mm ls, X s. 951 5-fif i ii- IFR, i VL, E ,,Lg L f Q 1 4 Pancho COld Yellerj has an enviable attendance record at Edison. Weather does not his self-assumed duties. Having appeared on our stage prevent his faithful attendance to on several important occasions, he will soon qualify for Thespians. No wonder Dr. Alexander is so fond of our canine friend. His daily inspection tour includes junior and senior high schools, not excluding the prefabs. Cafeteria inspection 'i ' ' d ful for the morale of seems to be his favorite duty. His friendliness has been won er everyone. h h' troubles The only time he deserts his duties is Pancho, like the rest of us, as is . ' t when to leave. when the dog-catcher approaches. We wonder how he knows jus 22VIl hd I ......w.: . jifl ,nn-if Ann Garrison won first prize in the biology division with her outstanding exhibit. fHl0ROPlIYll ES IN COMPOS'-non 'TS CHANG U V , Q, g' H s-...r,,h i -.-.-...............-..i S Mus..- ,,,, ,Ng f ,t117.g':::-'W M g 5 for 't:':1t4:f:1 4 s ,sss ,1.3',?til1e i ,AX s X 49 Y i Richard jones won the grand prize in the science fair with his exhibit which was an exceptionally good one. His teacher, Mr. Mueller, is inspecting it. Phil Slicker came in first place in the chemistry division of the science fair with his demonstration. M" ' '-"f' K ,V I i 5 , . gi . , 1 ' , 'N t' r r ' 1 'KESLLHTS 402 UMMH4 :-f rli, t , I A , Vk,V - ,',,g-:.K-6mLG0yg5oMl '-gi,-'t. .' KQXQZTQQQ5 sriise iile t g 5 paltrw-gtr,,,wMitmM,fQDwr - Rl ' awww . . . Q , i.',' t-" ,' iff o ' M Leonard Pongratz won second place in the biology dr- V gfgllf vision with his demonstration of ,perfusion of a mammalian -"r ' ii I heart. , , Q ,K1 g1,l'7 fiE y pi L w1gl?Ep ',. : .hi if - KNEW . H . mmw' ,moi I M 'Y . - Wgwwgpwmw " 7 Q F' wfglgmmgowfg , 2' jj- W' f' l55'flcr2U',,QQl"'.3RwH'5,",2.?' lie ,, awww , A l im- r , 7 ff1'fe:Ewzf5r": A ii W ff- f ' t t l f 1 1 - uv The junior and senior high libraries could not have succeeded as they have without the assistance of these students. Miss Bethel DeLay is in charge of the senior high library and Miss Dorothy Boatright is in charge of the junior high library. They are assisted in such ways as typing reference cards, replacing books on the shelf, and many other such duties. MQW 940414030 i WM' 225 0 I O Dr Alexander and Mr. Lewis are engaged in one of their many hallway conferences We wonder if they have a pass to be in the hall Edison's rare femme fatale, Rogeretta Mantu, won the grand prize in the beauty contest sponsored by the Student Council. The con- testants were chosen to represent the five Tulsa High Schools. From left to right are: Rogeretta Mantu fRoger Vroomanj, jackie Canapa fjack Knippaj, Gina Lolla- browna fGene Brownj, Funnie Sauerkrauts CRonnie Foutsj, and Gay Slumery fjay Montgomeryj. We assure you that this contest was rigged and the judges were adequately compensated. . 2. ,, These rugged junior high men are reenacting the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima. Have we taken full advantage of the opportunities afforded us by those who fought for us and our country? "We thank Thee for our families, home, schools, communities, and our country. We thank Thee most of all for our freedom to worship." A rebellion, a rugged voyage, a new world, our First Thanksgiving, the beginning of a new life. A resting period, after the long rehearsals, is in order before the initial performance of the Thanksgiving Assembly. This impressive program was written by the students in the junior high speech classes. 227 O I I Mr. Bland is enjoying his beautiful cake presented by his homeroom on Teachers Appreciation Students in Mr. Bob Lewis's homeroom were determined that all his energy would be conserved for te a c h i n g "Seven Arts," so they car- ried him to the faculty tea on Teachers Appreciation Day. Day. Here are some of Edison's more widely known personalities play- ing that ole game, excuse the expression, POST OFFICE. Seri- ously, it was a new project for exchanging Christmas cards at school. XX e'if Here is Mrs. Spybuck's homeroom preparing gifts for the needy children in keeping with the Christmas theme, "It is better to give than to receive." 228 8 mf .,g 55 A 3 , ..,. . ,. ,mf ,r we-aa - . . S1333 - , 5, X -, J If , ' A "1 AA r We its , I xi 2 SZ Ken White and Booker T. Washington's football representative are shown wishing each other best of luck before a very important game for both teams. That Central game was a Even though the Senior Class Play Love Rides the Rails over there still rings through the halls that old ballad Can Can, which the chorus line worked very hard on and spent many hours after school rehears- ing. Choreography by Joe Jeanne Rose wild one, especially for the Eagle followers. Q ii On our usual exchange with Booker T, Washington, we presented part of our war bonnet with confidence that soon it would be back. We were right! Their hornet's nest is in our trophy case. I I I For our second talent assembly we carried out a western theme. As the Dolly sisters, the dressmakers of Hanging Tree, Montana, Connie Barker 'and Nancy DuVall sang "Fortune in Dreams." The most successful act of the show was La Ballet de Kelly. This was a group of talented UD dancers from the home- room of Mrs. Fern Kelly. They are: Henrietta Howe, Tamburina Tucker. Sarah Sullivan, Roberta Robertson, Tinky Winky Webb, Kathellen Crawford, Waldermera Wfatkins, Susanna Smith, Fratinna Fingerlin, Mathilda Machules. We Edisonites disagree with those who said they set ballet back 100 years. Fats Fisher, alias Bruce Fisher, and his Hungry Five plus One- brought a touch of Dixieland jazz to our western town. Bruce made the arrangements of the music for "Good News," the sophomore musical comedy. The friendly QD rivalry between the faculty and students comes to a head every year during Edison Week. This takes place at the annual Faculty-Key Club basketball game. This year the game was on February 10. We wonder if Mr. Green has ever taken any acrobatic lessons. These two mimes, jeff Howe and Richard Kirby, have provided many happy times in assemblies with their far-flung pan- tomimes. Here they try their talents to the record, "The Great Pretender." This year, as last year, the faculty won the game. The score being 54-32, The Key Clubbers and faculty turned out in colorful array of pajamas, shorts, and gym clothes. In each and every one of our talent assemblies we see an amazing amount of different talents. For our classical vein Eddie Gates and his piano has offered us much entertainment. ,W The Esquires, a favorite singing group at Edison, have provided many tuneful moments at different school functions. These sophomores entered the KOME talent roundup, won first place, and got a record contract with Roulette Records. 7 I I A891 cxfgwjjgfgljn I A J W, fWj,,,Jff XV Equip D XM AA , XJ TW? WH W XiwjyfQe1fW Mifgpjgfjwlly A A . Q 9 4 M QM W5 XMJZUQ iw W M ff 'fsck' I 1,,dlJJV'1W' Jw , A 1 ' Q Wifi! W2L7HQ!MfQ 1 G , xii gg gg la ff? nw pff71g7T ,. Q 7 V Aww? W N2 Qjhyff Rib WWLMM E XR X6 VU 65 JfV,,!W50'Zg0fIqf',, RR X X E MJ mix Qt JB X R QR def ,J fify xx? Q, 9 WW M ffifw 'xy 94 ,ayjzfgf ' U XRS NQXLQJW Dj Aff! AXE X1 Q, UJWJUQ db XC if wp U QJ fiiixixylkig , SF 'N N N gwsgixsigfgxqxwggggx F STE X X N ff N XX ff X X mQX WfWWMf N N f1fAj9 b - wgSXQQ3 ER N X WM ,, CVS: WX X' X X N NXi'ff1f7QfWMOgYW'wQW --11-wr?-....-v-,V,.. ,,,, , , 4. ca, 54,97 , , .V Q -3, ZMww6QgC gL 1l b ,tic Q ,www 3245, 5219 ,M MOM QW QWWJZJMM Owl? W' gfwmw fQfgaZ,fQ,?Wff Qiffwliw WW MW fffdwfw My MMM ff W W . W Www! R 'MMM My 7 A W! W Q 4 G " f as Y if Q ,H Q J J Y , 5? Q N: . ' iv 'V 25' Rf T Q .' ' N 'Xl V3 .N ,F b jx N XJ 'gl -N Q15 V' J ZS Q frf M AA "" L A 1 LX mul- xg QS QXQQS ' :LQCNJ ' A , Q. X 4,3 xqxhvo .,q1miQ. mQX ' y, CJUQX WL' , . U C, XJXQ, xl, -,KX KQVXXQ F v X -'Q -' Q I . 4 1 X K Q-HNXKXQ E kgxvv U sux, TQ, XJCS Sz X NA1x ' x w ' . Q Cx xg C L. X .1 QC N-S kg, mxqk Q wwww 1 kd 3 X 'J Q I X QLXYQCSQ Q! H W V, '- x X Cf: " W L' X-X Q- Cx UCJS, NKSJ XX. Qi' 1 3 QLNNNWXLX ' MJ Q' HR .s - I vkfgba ,, A r, - .7 , ,J C C . v V - Q' Q , I ' K eff kk fir' Q4 L 4 4" I A. ,. ' .' '7 3 ' ,dd Japazo 4 4- A ,211 ff? -1 ,fvysf ff 2 Lf ,, fL ff Q-1 C 'L7 f f f . K 'G 7 4 , F! "1 4 Q.. '1 . .17-K5 ,gvflvfq Q "' K 4' 1 .651 . X. .V . .- . 1 -- -' 01.5- C: -f' , I ,, . N- Jlffdf? . if 5 ,gjf-V7.7 7 Q ffl. ,, 47 K K G ,154 47 4 L K f, e 1 R V W , 4 K, Ot t of . f 7 , N " ,1 , -f - '.f , , - 1 I -K' 1 C 1 fLl 4 X,-' 1 C4yC,44'4,K, F-' c k' If 1,59 L "" L' Z , rf? - 5' f 7 5 4 A f If j., V. 'ZFDLZL '7f . .- C , 1 'L' . ,A y ' 7 I I W . x, k -f LA f J 1 4 c..,,-0,1-5 . , f,- L ffgf 5 , . . 4' ff, 7 .-K, 1 LL, 1, ' ' ., 4 , , f 1 U21 f , KL HK!! 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