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M. Mi i I A 1 jf 7 x , T---a A 1. Y' Q 'M my of, t I mf.. I W I 'ff ,An .-A, 1. V, N 1 mf .mfg l, 1' . ,L in if 4 ' f mf' 'L - ,v ,f wg. Hifi V-M52 '1 ,QE gg: l 4 3: ZW, qi fm... - ' M xiii! vgfflfil. ,f N . , ,. ,. 1 av 1 ' 4 f ' 'QQ my I 199 5 Q ,I F, 1 z ww ,f ' ,, 1,5.,.4- . Wir? K - . .?"'x N. ' W 7'wt5j.3l 'U' Q iii W,f- . . rn Ififigg A . f.1f1'.fl1, :.f f ff . 1'?"L 5 . P ' . X x - 5:33 f'ff N , .4 . . 'M 5.51 :Ba A 3. , ww - WF: x ' M , W 421- f- ' nf' ' ' " .Q ,H A 'ffvnp zfq- ' . .gg U ff' -Q X 1":f?-1- ' 2 x . ' :iff ' - - V I . .NL , V' TQ! 3 Q. , 'Jw 'fd' ggi 1 f"- ,Q A , - ,iw-"' 7' 1-gg?" "' g ,,gx'f. xy. Q eaww if if ,.- . f .Q V 3Ai'.4..:l ' lyk' A4 if ' . Hg? !5 -lf2f Qf'qg ' ' "H f':"" ll 7'-IT' ' ff.. -, "ki Y nh. J Q Y I EIL .w,. ar , A.. fx, s ,- . 4 .4 V. rv 4 :QED . 3.4 . LW Q, ,. im . 1,,4V++ 5: . .1 K x Q . , V, fx. ,3 , ' Q .. I 'v 41,4 , Ha w . , x ,. R A L IN . We yn I ,M 3-3. N K ' A Q. la f ,,s, ' ,A 15.-L. r 4 - f Q .,.,,. , 4 . v' v - , 1 'f . '1- Af , . . I f fse .fag- ln cooking, the girls learn about setting and the preparation of food. In b i 0 l o g y we learn about every- thing from Lebistes Reticulates to Sper- matophytes fgup- pies to plantsl. we learn how to use equipment such as the trio large copper kiln, air tables with plastic tote trays. Business law is a v "The party of the first vague expression to them. 15 H0 the boys and girls e latest equipment an- up-to-date office. ?3LGZSfE'ZVli I' 's :vm :Ula ?!l!2::fM Here are some of the Edison boys in action, playing enthusias- tically. Tennis is to be one of our major sports after our new courts are completed. 0 Xb Yes, we have the pro verbial villain in our school, too. He is found only in our speech classes though. Someone should tell the heroine to relax because you can see M a in m a directing the hero to her rescue. Another outstanding facility in our new build- ing is the Girls, Physical Education Department. Some of the activities in which the girls participate are all kinds of active sports and modern dancing, in which they learn co-ordination and poise. if I X, - ,.,,. . . f.Y,,g, Our elevator carries disabled 'ahuman cargow as well as freight iff fA't rom floor to floor. ff' . gm.. 512 an ,ef-1- 3110118 department includes crafts, auto mechanics, elec- gn-ieity, Woodwork, printing, drafting, and. metal work. 1 'tlt Q The 'prospechve 'engineers get a good introduction to acquaint .,,. A it VSV: -k,b 1 - FA , ., . l 1 1 l I Q E 2 0' . 1 ' 'l'I'IE fb 8 dy lm 1 14 The Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood are the Latin classes. This is no ordinary wolf--our coats of mink. The Ninth Grade Tap Chorus pre sented a snappy Latin American num ber, while clad in exotic costumes. 10146 The Junior Prom fulfilled all the dreams of that Chosen group. Their dance was held in the Poni- peiian Room at the Mayo Hotel, May 24. The Juniors feel that this was another successful 'glidi- son Firstf, 704561 Siam The 6'Holiday Aquacadew was presented April 25, 26, and 27. Fifty-two girls presented acts rep- resenting various holidays. . . za 0506 Another outstanding addi- tion at Edison is the PBX system. At first it was very con- fusing, but the students co- operated very well. One student who works in the office each hour operates the switchboard. Among the many activities offered in the boys' gym is Life Saving. It's wonderful to know that we have things like this offered in our junior high now as well as senior high. We were privileged to be hosts to the business men of Tulsa on May 2, 1957. After a special showing of the 6'Holiday Aquacadef' the guests were served refreshments by the homemaking girls. We were especially happy to have them this year so that we could show them the beautiful building they helped to provide for us. , 4 .E 'Q Aff-f-was-.+" f f 1 "" .tw- 1 f . iw' 1 1 I. y 1 ' , I , . I .N A 'ka K , Ax A .f . I ' M, , ' ' ' ' js 5- ff! P ' 1 ,h., " ,. h Y " ji, , A 1 , 4 1 1 , R sf ' I . Y. 1 ' , ' 1. -Q . I , ...I 3, v ,? gl " Q ' 1 V" V s ' V 5.11 ff' W I 1 A iw' Q. ' . 3 A l, 'V .AFT fir V ,f' , gQ 4,1 ,, "' I in 2, , y.-4 0' - .4 1 ' ' 'F if . g fy Q ' 5 .'+ , f . P , 'Y Q ' if J 3, , " 'I V- 1 . , 'P . 1 , .. , ft 'Ly I 1 L L' 'Q fig vi ' , - A ,Aki , L' 9 ' pf az "P D , , Nr' , I , : 1,w,Wt. hr Vrly ' ,gig PM l "f" J rf W ,K I Ay. 1 ,ff nf' H -V +I! ' 1 X , sw! . ,,f - 1 1' vw 'H W . fg7?fNA'L , , , N sf ' ' ' X I K f M a - 2 fr V , ' X K Tw 3:5 I g my aff ff ' ' 1 F 1 Us 9 im I 1 E J I Senior High BETHEL DELAY Librarian ,awk G ,,!'- 1-A I I 1' I .. - - - -:. Rn.. - A M "-7 ,L Xi- X Tig "Q NM 'Ewh F-T I V Q' ffl? If! 1 4' -I 'rx .-1 'Q ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ELITE MUSIC SPORTS ACTIVITIES 1:-at-:vw ' , . limp: lf - - ming i :em ,, cstccc ,I 7 g liiiiiiiiiigigf, gg:g:g:g:g:,,,.,., 1 " A ' ' '11:5zg:5:5:5:2:51g: . Nav- if 1 L X , lg slfnuxgt? X ' i' '1' f 1 E .' ' ' Il x " 'Q 1 3, , I :lf 4 - ' if 1, t 4 -. , I : A . . lu' .3 4 .v-Lk, 1, lg , 'Q . , gg., ' " .'-'?'fv., 7 I . 'hlx . ".'?l'- .nE,,. ., '01 2- -- ' - 1 L: ' ' I N 1 I 'I I fl He. I ' W am Father Time I have traveled long and far and never Before have I seen such progress, Such spirit, such enthusiasm as has been Shown by the students of Edison During their first year as a full-fledged High school. I hope this book will be A treasure chest that will preserve their Triumphs, ideals, and memories. The staff of the Torch cast about to find the one person most deserving of having this third volume dedicated to him. They soon eliminated all but one . . . Mr. Edwin Bonde, our assistant principal. Mr. Bonde has given thirty-four years of service to High School students in Tulsa. His accumulated wisdom has been invaluable to us and we dedicate this book to him with sincere affection and respect. mm :NH mwmr , - -vw znmsuw, Xf 4.11- TA Iwi' x W N-rf Ag, 1' .nl A HW 1 if W3-" 21. 644404 77Za4ovn Sqwuuzmdmz Dc. Qfdzam rffezaada Punch! The official timer for sprinters in the junior high halls during lunch. MR. CLEVELAND Assistant Principal By knowing what everybody does she Won a transistor radio. Quoting her, "lt pays to be nosyfi Mr. Hamm, how many dangerous criminals did you convict? MR. HAMM Counselor MRS. WHITE Dean of Girls Our P.T.A. assists with anything that we need them for, even polio vaccinations. Officers: Mrs. T. H. Gilbert, Delegateg Mrs. S. E. Corry, Vice Presidentg Mrs. Walter Fabian, Presidentg Mrs. J. W. Alley, Secretaryg Mrs. Ellis Gable, Treasurerg Mrs. A. H. McElroy, Delegate. "Pedometer R e a d i n g s make the ten mile a day manf' MR. EDWIN BONDE Assistant Principal eacbfz "You may think on one knows about your secret date to the mixer, but Mrs. Wiest doesf, MRS. FLORENCE WIEST Dean of Girls uMoney Bagsv MR. MARTENS Counselor "The silent partner writes a novel, Technique to "What! Another schedule change!" Study." fl y '?a'a"'J 27 Mr. Guinn, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Copeland, Miss Morrow, Mrs. Lane, Mrs. Chase, Miss Johns. Seated: Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Pollard, Mrs. Carney, Mrs. Ferguson. Standing: Mr. Poulter, Mrs. LeMaster, Miss DeLay, Mrs. Larimer. Z . . Seated: Mr. Crowell, Miss Burket, Mrs Parker, Mrs. Smith. Standing: Mrs. John son, Mrs. Coiner, Mr. Cox, Mr. Shirey. Mrs. Tipton, Mrs. Watson, Miss Clark, Miss Shepherd, Miss Houston. Seated: Mrs. George, Mrs. Bolt. Standing. Mr. Dobelbower, Mrs. Schira, Mrs. Bick ford, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Johnston, Mr Postier. Front row-Coaches: Sellers, Barham, Parker. Custodian: Mr. Camp. Coaches: Pierce, Grove, Hurst. Mr. Ayres, Mr. Hoppert, Mr. Sheppard, Mr. Polk, Mr. Easley, Mrs. Jones. Mr. Ford, Mr. Richards, Miss ln- galls, Mrs. McBurnette, Mrs. Spy- buck, Mr. Pallissard, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Crow, Miss Dark. I Standing: Mr. Bob Lewis, Mr. Garner, Mrs Mitchell. Seated: Mr. McCharen, Miss Par ish, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Jackson. Junior High Cafeteria Staff CUSTODIANS These are the gentlemen who maintain the cleanliness and beauty of our building. Senior High Cafeteria Staff The cafeteria staffs deserve a lot of credit for preparing such good meals for so many people. K4 lx Front row: Mrs. Loar Mrs. Childs Mrs. S rin 1 1 P g' er, Mrs. Bonde, Mrs. Austin, Mr. Poe. Back row: Mr. Mueller, Miss Mullins, Mrs. Morrow. Seated: Mrs. Swann, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Voth, Mrs. Clancy, Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Olds. Standing: Mrs. Litchford, Miss Deaton, Miss David. Mrs. LeFave, Mr. Beebe, Mr. Ross, Miss Wiggins, Mr. Markham Mr. Hamm, Mrs. McBride, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Garland, Mrs. Davis. l Seated: Mr. Conner, Mrs. Charles, Miss Gilliland. Stand- ing: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Johnston, Mr. Towery, Mr. Kirk- man, Mr. Marks, Mrs. Little. Standing: Mr. Reeves, Mr. Barker, Miss Harrington, Mr. Rathjens. Seated: Mrs. Ricks, Mrs. Pruitt, Miss Trahern, Mr. Joe Garner. '9'M!""" Junior High Office Personnel: Mrs. Youngblood, Mrs. McClain, Mrs. Meyers. Junior High Faculty: Mr. Williams, Mr. Charles Johnson, Mr. Neil Johnson, Cafeteria Manager, Mrs. Beauvais. Seateci: Mrs. Earl, Mr. Shirey, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Glover. Standzng: Mrs. Payne, Miss Boatright, Miss Haden, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Blankenship. Edison's sweeping the world, or at least the Custodians think so! . Q . semoras 9 0 o u u Q no vos ui can nuance out Qsvucoli loss ooooolooss' seasonoooocenoonsoosonsnfi ononnnceooourocoooooooooslt nuunsoooosseasoansooooouul Quonoovoosooanouoooooooonti uoucsoroooouooa ooouoeoouoi cocoon:nossonoaooovcoaucuoof onsvoaaoncoocnsuaooovsouuon .soooouuooossoosoosuuouoooo cannon nsssouasossonoooosm ooo :announce son I s nooon no Q nun :coco so I IOIIUII illlif .ff . i osnoooeonooooouooooaooooooss i .ooo ooooaosouuoooooosno . soo cocoa sono so as one venomous oust ocean at suooooloovsoueo Qvslonluocu socoslunonasuno retval noone uauoauoanaaaoan onusuouoos as u osacnvoocuo sooo. an cononsnuas IIOUIOOOOOOIOOIOO llllfiiil uaouoososaaouauaouonsaosoov s noonsqnunnoooouoaonooosou 0.009000IIIOUOOOOIOOIQIOOC IIOOOIIIOOI OO OIIOIIOIO ' an o unooxoasouoooot OOC!! OOOOUOIIUOUIIUUOOI . XX oanooooeouauoasosuoanooo x , oaoseoucs aooonoa Acuvue . Q X nuevo.. sooo: noooooauooav V assesses novo , oooucooooosoooso xx ooovonnsa anno oucotoosoybsoovooso if Consensus anno ooscoooosonn accesses A CD P4 CD F2 E E3 1 x ovssosononvonoooo ooaoooootovso ooosoocooo '-w , oosonoousosvooa n oss accuse oouoosovoovoo 1, i o ousaosoneoonu no o ooouso soonosecnossoosonuo agen aaosussoo o o sooo: oovsosouoavsooosso nssqsoo canoes c u coast noosoooonaoooosoooo pssoaannn u o o sooo aoaasooanosooooooo nouveau sue o o o can ooooooooocosoosoooo oaoooooocooooo a e no vo nocoooaoaooonooonao ,yn oncv n-:census s u on a oosoouonuooooucosoo 1 llOOOlOCOIll ll i I0 ll UUQCUICUIOUCUOOUID N IOOlIDl1 OO. if I Q ll I OUUOOIOOCOUOOOUUUO oonnaunauo oo on o 0 -, oosoouosoocooooso D OOOOIIUII Il II I I IIOCUOIUQQOOOOOC 'SDIO Oil!! O I OQUUCCCIOOOOUOI OOO DOODIUOOOOOO U "'.." IOQUOKOCOIOOO ICOOUOOIOIIO Dill O .5 '.."'."...' OOIIOIUOIOOI . IOIOIOCOIIII 00000 Olli I IOCIUOOOIOCOOOIIUIUQOOOOII .'.g...." . ouooosoaasauoa u-nnuuauooolocill'1U0000'l0""""""""' ooooooae 1'IOII0OOOOOIIUIUUUIUOIIOOCII'Oi'CU'OlIU0UIQ.fliliiIOUOIUOIIUOOUIIIOIDCU '.'....' oooaoooonooouccuuooasoooooonsooo:me:venousouoooqnuoouosnaoonuoocnoosoolosoilp NINTH GRADE S e v E N T H HGHTH GRADE G R n A 0 l E 1160 xQ5?2'.v! If I Leia- 1 ,W,,,,1-f-V 'Ski-WW-ff' f,,WQ.-HQ-f ff S 1. M-,z1K,,if,:,,n15L,H Q, fr,-,,m,2Swg K V ., , ,Q-,f,1fQQiE?EQf,Q,,k A Z 2 W-5 ,, ff -ff- mwww , , ., -- .-,zmnrfw e A.,, fh. - .5 ,ww m, w-jug, I, Li-,.,,:g fm eazchfz Sandra Werre, Social Chairmang Mike Compton, Vice Presidentg Steve Hope, Pres identg Jerry Hicks, Secretaryg Don Randall, Treasurer. The officers of the first senior class at Edison Worked hard and did a good job of blazing trails for future graduating classes. Bill Abernathy Sidney Adair Brad Akins Barbara Allen Jimmy Allison Doris Anglin Jeanne Ball Beverly Barnes Don Barnett Andy Bartlett My! Weren't we glamorous juniors. Jill Berghuis Ned Best Paul Best Ronnie Blissit also 0 .. ,,,wf'w 6 View ww ,S was ' gsfaisisi fs.,----was ,,f.i,2,E A 1 wif of 15 243 EM are Jeanne Blood LeMoine Bond Barbara Borden Allen Bortel Gary Bassham Sue Bear Nancy Beck .ludy Becko Boh Buck Bob Burnside Nancy Bury Linda Bush Steve Bowers Carolyn Boyd Lou Ann Boyer Linda Boyle 2? Q, ,W .. ,QSM 5535551 Z, Eff Amanda Brant J oy Brown Tom Bruce Frank Bryant K 4 I could have danced all night, but . . . Bo .Butler Gene Cabe Sally Cameron Sharon Carlton Julie Casler Ted Castle Janene Caudle Russell Chapman Gayle Cheatham John Claibourn 39 Janet Clannin J. B. Cohn Mike Compton Glenn Comtois Carolyn Cooper Hal Cooper Jerry Cooper John Cooper Nancy Copman Carole Coulter Warren Crews Katherine Cunningham P Watch the birdie. Susan Davis Shari Dossey John Dougherty Bill Dugan O Dolores Dundee Charles Eaves Kathy Edwards Mike Edwards David Cupp David Dallas Bill Fisher Lance Fisher Sally Fletcher Frances Fluke Jeanne Elifritz Barbara Ellis Bobbe Ellison Dick Eskridge Dick Falkensten Marcia Farrow Sharon Findley Sheila Findley I . . . Furthermore, if you elbow me again, I'm going to slug ya! Bob Fooshee Dixon Foss llaine Fox Lois Franklin Pat Franklin Betty Gallemore Ronald Gary Berniece Golden John Gooden Marjean Gosnell Nick Graham Judy Gunn Ken Halterman Jeanie Hamilton Roland Hamlin Don Hammett Nancy Hampton Richard Hanks Sally Hartley Jane Hawkins 4 Q Sharon Haworth Don Hayden Mike Hay es Mary Ann Henderson If I'm elected, I promise . . . Mary Hendricks Jerral Herron Jerry Hicks Jim Hines Bruce Hilton Jeanne Hix Carter Hixon Susan Hobbs Claus Hoffmann Beverly Holmes Steve Hope Carol Hulsman ir FE? 'nf 2 faq, 'Viv L' 2535, WEN, .M Bill Hunter David lnkster Tom Irwin Bob Jackson k,,..m mmmwmwmw f Karen Jackson Jimmy Jacobson Pat James .Jody Jameson In conclusion . . . David Jenkins Louis Jensen Mary Lou Johns Judy Jane Johnson Judy Carol Johnston Judy Joy Johnston Kenneth J ones Carolyn Keele Karen Keeter Dale Kelly 43 Caroline Kieth Marilee Kimball Donna Kissinger Cindy Kite Barbara Lane Larry Larson Kenneth Lawrence Maury Lawson Gary Limb Linda Linn Pat Ludden Barbara Lundy Judith Malahy Llnda Mantooth oh, Bob, oh, Jack, oH, NO! 44 Robert Marchbank Larry Mark Darrell Martin J im Martin Tom Mason .loe Don Massey Korky Massey Bob Mastin John Mays Bob MoAlpine Mary MCCarter Tom McCartney Peggy Pat McCormick John McCoy Steve MacKenzie Reggie McNamara Charles Meek DeLinda Melton Carole Milton John Moore We know LeMoine . . . Which one is Steve? Diane Morgan Linda Morris Ronnie Morton Nancy Moyer Tom Munn Dudley Murphy Betty Needham Don Noel Barbara Novotny Carolyn Olson Richard Parker Dale Parkey Kay Parkhurst Allene Pearce Bill Peck Dale Pennington Elaine Perkes Bob Perkins Judy Permenter Chryssee Perry lvy Rose, Ivy Rose, l'm . . . Oh, what the heck! W Vwy ,mfww li 1 l Jackie Pinion Judy Pinion Ray Plack Dennis Pogue wfivwlkzy ,mmzL?g:?R,,..fMe U I : NWLVLVW, sa M Q? 5M35fu wma-f Efji Bill Raffensperger Don Randall Mariann Ransom Janice Redman Mary Lou Phillips Pattie Phillips Ann Pickens George Pickett I an Rollins Ramona Rooker Mary Rounds Ron Sauls Suzanne Reynolds Charles Ridley J ack Rivkin Allene Roach ,asm :QW K R " :gsm K ggi 51 tm A it 5, Ei f-Q: i Eifgr ,L Q-- gms Wayne Roberts Danny Robertson Rocki Rochau Bethie Rollins Hurry! We've only got 28 minutes, 36 seconds left for lunch. Suzanne Schuster Phil Schwartz Judy Selk ,lean Shatto Paula Sheppard Pat Simpson Janice Smith Pat Smith Sandra Smyth Penny Soule Sandra Spencer Dee Steinle Kay Stemple Carolyn Stevens Bill Stone Donna Stowers Fred Strawn Mike Thompson Charles Trimble Bob Turner Ah! Pierre, come Wiz me to ze Cashah. Maris Walton Betty Ware J im Watkins Carol Watters Lynn Wells Sandra Werre Gary Wheatley Carl Wheeler Tom Turner Renny Vincent Judy VonDaler Paul Walters Chuck Woodson Bill Wooldridge Barbara Wylie Richard Wynn J oe White Ray Whitsitr Barbara Wiles Mari Wilkinson John Wilson Nancy Wilson William Wilson Bill Winders Careful! Larry Young Carl Zahn Yvonne Zandbergen Phil Zenor Charles Ziemer 49 ff gleam Bob Bascom, Treasurerg Marty Maddux, Vice Presidentg Donna Kindley, Social Chair- mang Bonnie Creekmore, Secretaryg Jack Knippa, President. The Junior class was busy all year making money and plans for the first Edison Junior-Senior Prom. The Juniors did a very artistic job decorating for Vespers and Graduation. 51 X Paula Adkins Lee Anderson Kathy Barham Areta Bartlett Tony Bates t ' ..'. 2 ff, : , I ga. ,,3,t,., T ' . g t ig 1, .5 K ,S is 'K -ig fwW 'W 'hx , 'E' Carol Bemies ,I W 4, 9 .1 i f . rr,r ff 2 .. .. .. Q Q y . ,S V, V' : A 3' X 'iw i igwf f szm i " A ' H2s':'t fu 4f21sfiAiiH :H ' . . in , ,if an ,fl . 7, . K .lim Allell Dale Allison Max Alumhaugh A a X? mf ,W Paul Anderson Phil Atkinson Bonnie Bagwell ' 'K . Joe Bartlett Bob Bascom ,Y ,. QW ,Sf Q n 'Q Janet Anderson Jerry Anderson - -'."1fi121., - eiieiisisffsezsfiw1,.- V 3 , Vk, I H - hi ,, ii A 2 Q . a- ' iw- , X ima 4 . K , :f,,",e,e,. is ,V A gg A Judy Baird Bonnie Baker 5' vpsw. f lan Bass Bob Bates A ., 4 Vi f I ' P - Pf i Q , if kriyk i S A Pattie Bayless Cynthia Beard Pat Bellieu Arlea Bennett Neal Bennett 'Ev 1 R735 in I rl . f B ' 4 r - w . ttytt if rris tiss f t , . eq A ttyt t y 'ig I EMIABS It ., -if I she, f in K ,,f ,i 1 jars 2119, W gg' M aa. . , NanCy Benues Rick Benson rhyy V .M 4' ' I I 4 . LL A, 7.3, -' W A ., gf,-it :ive ' A nf , ..t, . , .,..,. . - . .. - ,K -- .tv tt,-' L X- - 3' ff.vefLt,"'Q7fi.f' -1 52 Johnny Bernier Glenn Blankenlnaker Burdette Blue , 1, ,K . ,wt , ' , -wiisifzvftsi' . 1:-. t. Z -f ,mgA:f,tQs,qe, , ,K , , 2' f Q m,.,Mnt.A. i 1. ' A ' , 5 , i 5-b U P fi',ilHm 7 S .sf - n - li F A B .,,:: A A 'f1: Vi, 7 . Darlene Boyd Susan Boyer Robin Bradley 5 0 A 1 I .iw . . V Qi t t C q-A,,. ?"1 ' lege..-.L C f S C ,, , : V - .c S vr E .,-, . ,sk ,VVI - f ax it Q Ein ' r W Y L V v -- S F fl QF l r 2 -r-t- , :1A .-:,' 5 ' - '- ,- ' .- ii - ,- - -- ' - C , v it im ::,. if 4""Ua-.,L,.'fg.:: ,..- Dulcie Brame .lohn Brant Carolyn Braucher Jimmy Brill Dwight llrogoitti Gene Brown Sheri Bruce Dick Bryan Wesley Bulger .ww 'M awww? W M ,,,, : Bobbi Bunce Beverly Burgess Nancy Burton Phyllis Bury Ray Busch , I ' at 1 -' rf saw, , sa S , of .. ,Ly 'Mi 'V Pat Cahill Suzy Campbell Carol Carden Toniniy Carpenter Sue Caswell H 14 Wi. ',1.: VHVAA ' 2 --., iL'V A I John Butler 5 W - 5 T re S- 52 1 ,K WWIWQE C awe Doug Catchings Woodrow Chance Pat Cheatham Dick Childers Linda Christ Sally Christensen Jerry Clain 53 ' Clark 55 'V " gi? -nag? x ., Jeff Collins 1 W 4 .. K 6+ A' 'si Y. on 1- . A A " wx Jimmy Cotner fr K' M RN Y w. 4 V 5' Bonnie Creekmore A GH if N A sa 5 K Ov' 'vs Q w ,, X ar ai., ji if Lx tix Jackie Davenport wgssrsffor: .1 .. Tom Clark Nikiata Clifford Doris Ann Cobb Chris Collar .lim Constantine Gene Cotton if f---sw .f - .,,v-: 5 r,r,.,f, L C fl ., A 5 i Cook ary Copman Roger Core Jon Collins F 2 :si '51 21 5 a 2 K we :X ,I-,.,,4' ,ws 's 3 g 2- W' Patt Corry Margaret Cowan Steve Cowan Beverly Crawford Tom Crawford in , x W, V ,XI V N ya K x 4 . 3 A aiiww 5 ,gk 5 .5 koooe V ' B lfil so A f C an 9 :n:,15lg:?, 5 7 ,gg . . wi, K . 2:5-if V QA 0: :3 .- -5 . i a Q fn K if im i"' MQ? f - .- Alan Crider wh. .. N ..: . K, Q 9? as 5 aaa: -- r Q . 5 .,.. AXI: iii ..',5 iii' ,':-' 2 :-: fig. ,,- ' - Jii ell ,lloo, v . - ggi: - ,zzz --Q.' . -1'.s' '--,..': ' L 3426 . -fi N: ,f .lane Davenport Carolyn Davidson . 'L - Mary Davis Bob Dean Earlene Dean 1 ' I5 4 93 Q K X u Q Q Q 1 2 Qiwflva Mm. f - if 'f if P .ry i l X 3 z J 15' .5 1 a' . ,Z-1 Richard Crosslin Rita Crowe Ridlard Curhy Douglas Curlee , . V I J ag si J ' Nm, R' 1 ' V "T: 0. I , J Q 'fi"?7175t'7"1 wma , F V ' ' .' 2. W, Sheila dc La Houssaye Deanna Dcartlorff Doug Dcaring asa ,rt J fm V is ,J llavitl Dcax Liz Deniicr Janice Dcnoncourt t I ,1m. ii ' ' 'lic Hg. X 'Q-" ftggi q , fm ? : JQQQQ1 y ,. 3 1' tiff.. i ,V V , f ?iQf,Ji- g- 1- ' 1 9 kwa ' ,- ' A ' ati A , ea, , , ' t A --yi 1 V- g L T ",' i f V , . ,,.,,. "" 9' 3: 4511? 799 7 X15 A 'H - 5. AK 1' 'Q 15 -,A Y' ' 'L .. 2m WAP' 5' .. ' W ' I xikstll '1 . t - fe-if it l E P Q 3-JA 4 4 if it ii , it if 5 R 4 'rw ilwwf , I F. s if J M A . an ff 1 V , gg' M is , if .EI t Ji xx if W Z llolu Dcnton Beth Dcvinc' Dan Dickey Bruce Dietcrlen Sarah Dixon Joel Douglas N Bctty l-Joylc Glenn Dresslc-r V fy,-,J 1 th. , 1. t is I ,ig J Y 71 wif' Q ' E: iiign ww ,wma W 5 , .,., .,:i7 . J, ,. .. 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W AUVW 'Ek my Wi 5 ,f ' K r 1' Stan Smith Sally Smoot Janice Snider Susan Stahl Danny Stauclt Lewis Stephens Sandra Stiles Jim Suitor Mike Sullivan Fred Swanda Nancy Tankersley Dan Thompson 'WD Dennis Thompson Barbara Torr Beverly Torr Marilyn Towry Ronnie Trimble Mitch Tucker W riff 5' - .:, K K i "ff- il . , ey.V we h in S . A J I Ama S . 64 Rocky Tucker J, E, 4-W i A li l lois if I, ' l l , , Richard Walters . A,.,, - wi Q X it Dean Webb S if 'EEF' ,x Carol White Wm it iblixirs 2 tm. all 2 x 32 s 5 Q 255.35 1 t H 1' 2: f 2 1 X 1 QE it ,1 3, X WEB, yy 2 Q M ,, 3 H , ' ' zew ' " Y ' o . ,.,,, .. ' Y W r ""' i ' N E ' A , 1 . .,, .. my l so all , , ' 'sw gf' 41 I - " 1" ., , . W. '32. 1"' if i n -- ii- V 2:5353 t . , 'zz , l i A' H V 4 l l r , ' .'-- Z 'L"1LL I f l Carol Tullis l0hnny Turner Veta Turner John Van Cott Ted Walters hh 1 . In , if V, A .,kL: 5 ,,,llF.,i25 ., n 1 ' - I ' W - is i 411 A hh.h. o W V ,, ., g K K , K E! ' , i I ' Robert Walton Dural Weeden an V so Wbbh 1 F .2 ' , .lags ., , Kenny White i f we K, 3- , ,1 .. ff , isf'El?iI" H " - -95 t 10" aw ig ibm, mam .E if fha +1 Joan Warren Pat Washburn Max Watkins Van Weathers 3 Ronnie Weiszmann Mary Francis White P - '12-in '42 2 '09 r . if V rf- ws .. L K 2 if 5 Y gh f 5515 l is o f 85,2591 1 3 P A John Williams .fwf , . 1,1-gil, ., I 1, Monette Williams rm,VA ! r f , ' 7,5-. ,viii A-M 5 5,5-xg . ,.V... if , . , Q A ' '- Glenn Wilson Mona Wilson Patricia Williams Richard Winterringer w l Bill Welsh Hank Wenzel Mark Whitaker Orin White Betty Wiedemann Gary Willaby l l Bill Wines Chuck Wise gig K:.V 1 - 1. K Q V, Killa' L ' ' ,,,' 1 -, ,Y ' lf fn I n ef' ' . , i David Wlolfe Sue Vllorrell Allen York Christine Young Jeanine Young W 3 1 ,vw HH Q Ben Wolfe 94 Q? M gk Ronnie Yenzcr 65 1 H 4 3 Si 5 3 Q if U 3 as K Jerry Garner, Treasurarg Happy Fry, Social Cfmirmang Jerry Prather, Vice Presiflentg i Charles Kothe, I,l'CSl,llL'IIfQ Mary Norton, Secretary. The Sophomore Class instituted another Edison first-a rally bonfire before the Ediscmxi-Webster game. it generated tremendous enthusiasm. 67 Jayne Adair Meredith Adelman jim Alcock Clyde Allen Nancy Allen Bill Allison Ronny Altman Martin Anderson Sue Andresen Mac Arnett Herb Arst Linda Asher Larry Bailey Bob Baker Drexel Baker .ludy Baker Susie Baker Zita Baker John Baldwin Johnny Barbara Connie Barker Sarah Barker Lynn Barnes Sara Barr Carol Barry David Bartlett Sally Bauer Bob Bauter Cap Baxter Margaret Bean Toni Anne Beavers Cary Behle Mary Ann Bell Carol Bentley Margie Berg Martha Berg Stan Berlin Marsha Bickford Craig Blackstock Beverly Blair Gere-ne Blair Sallie Blocksorn Beth Blount Richard Boggs Cv. Craig Bolon Barbara Bond 5 f QZQWA V - 3- we Fil , -' at if Q Ama . it W, ,U Lovely to look at Y . if 5? 4.. in ...L da sf W ,,,. fa 5 L, I Delightful to see. Betty Booth Linda Borden ,lim Boswell Barbara Bowman Sharon Bradley Pat Braley ,loe Branham Joe Breedlove Carol Bricker Judy Bridwell Charlotte Brock Herb Brocksmith Carol Broding Billye Brown .lay Brown Lea Brown Safari Brown Vic Brown Ramona Bruhn Ralph Brummett Rusty Brunkow Mike Bryant Norman Bryant Carolyn Bullock Susan Bullock Johnny Bumgarner Mike Burke David Bury Andy Busch Susan Bush Linda Butler Ross Caldwell Camille Cailloux ,lim Cain ,lane Camden Joanne Cameron Charles Cantrell Larry Cardwell Dick Carson Monty Carson Fred Castle Susan Chandler Emily Charles Mary Cheatham Mike Cheever Brown Chilcoat Kay Childress Lee Clark Pat Clark Charles Clock .lim Close Linda Cody Arlene Cole Marian Cole Tex Cole Sherry Coleman .ludy Conard Lester Conine Robert Conley Susan Connole Beverly Constantine Bill Cooper Casey Cooper ,limilee Corbett Robert Cornelius David Cottrell Tom Cottrell Diane Cowan Mike Craig Bob Crawford Nancy Crider Jimmy Crombie Jeff Curlee Rudy Curry Bob Davis .lim Davis Pat Davis Al Deaton .lerry Dericks Sara Desjardins Tom Deupree Dick Dickason Wayne Didlake Anita DiCiacomo Jerry Divine Bill Douglass Judy Drake Robert Duncan Judy Dunham Barbara Dupont Dennis Dutch Nancy Duvall Look! There's a Mama trophy, a Papa trophy, and a little baby trophy! .rl Gosh! And I thought it was a Sputnik! Charles Eads Linda Earl Ernest East Larry Edens John Egnew Pat Eitel .lackie Eley Bill Elliot .lerry Elliot Ben Estes Linda Eulert Mary Evers Kaye Farthing Kay Fenton Paul Ferguson Bill Finley Richard Fischer Glen Fisher June Fitch Bill Fitzerald Sharon Fletcher Dennis Ford Diane Ford Tom Foster Sandra Fox Julia Francis Scott Franci Cindy Frazier Paul Fruge Happy Fw Hanky Funk Richard Furman Tom Gable Gwen Gantz Jerry Garner Paul Gerber Billy Gibbens Ann Gibbons Galen Gibson Howard Gilbert Torn Gilbert John Gilchrist Sondra Gimlin Nadene Glossop Richard Godfrey Betty Goforth Tom Golden Tommy Goodridge ,lean Goodson Jewell Dean Gordon Susan Gordon Saundra Gosnell Charles Goss Mike Gray Charlie Green Sharon Green Nancy Gribin Gary Griffin .lamie Griffin Judy Griffin Saundra Grigsby Mark Grubbs Sharon Gruver Bob Guida Morgan Gurthet Sidney Hamman Patty Hammond Bill Hanton Joe Harbison Dennis Harden Annetta Hargrove Rita Harkreader Woodfin Harper Sherry Lynn Hartley Ed Haskell .loyce Hawley Bill Heard Raymond Heath Jeff Heil Debbie Henderson Linda Henderson Ronnie Henderson Hilary Henneke Sharlee Henshaw Linda Herndon Fred Herrin Bill Helherington Scotty Hicks Vicki Hill ,lohn Hockenson .lane Hollingsworth Claire Hooten e 'F ,' - f 42 , 3 it ' 'kj' l'm SURE it called for a cup of baking powder! ,fx fe KF, N T . ,. 311, 1 -qw , re, . ,.-we ax 3-fffgm I R, rw- W' f 5 'Wiz ex- iw - Qi. - W ' ,, ,. 7 . 'HSKL - 2 ' ' ' e .-:fn 'iNifF.,..a-1 Ii: :' R . .I::w:-"'.'-9-H F U A H. , 4 - 5913, K?" JL" . fi r - 4 I " ' I ' "M - ' 'f : fi- '79i9L7i5: F . i H ' - " . - -- ' Q .. 1: ,- vwu -mf-11'iwall--1-'f. - ,J l , .. .f ' f , f-.1 - L' ". "3-,?:lf,ass.'.'f'1.'I-' k" J itifV152112555-5'4s-:?f41Hf'.' 1 if -.Lf ' ef --3:3 Hz -Q. H , ' .-., -, Q 5 . " 3, 1 . .Jr --- , , ,, ', , sf - X 1- .33 -1. , J-as , K, -, ,,.:-A5 w ,if rg K . 1 eg5,5.-fs ' , . .Q . I il g.. Kyo- Q . -ig ' , "W -2 ,ffmff .' . , -V L J 32 .rr I I A - 4' , " . 1 fa f- , as 7 A' M' W ,Sr r"'B5sEff2+ he- 2 3- - - ' if-1 , ,,.'-wi - x .i , M - - -- ,, V A Q A . . . , V,,. - 1- " V 7 J- A 1 . --.. V-, Yeh! Coach Parker!! Jim Hougan Sybil Hovis Martha Howard Judy Hunstein Forney Hutchinson David Ihrig David Ingram Jim Ingram Joe Ingram Maynard Jackson Bob Jacob Larry Jacobs Sonny Jacobs Billy Jaynes Sharon Jenkins Judy Jett Ronnie Johns Andy Johnson Carolyn Johnson Dale Johnson Linda Johnson Nancy Johnson Pam Johnson W .W Don Jones Margaret Jones Nancy Jones Richard Jones Ronnie Kahan Ralph Kalbus Judy Keegan Judy Kennedy Sally Kenslow Cindy Kershner Tom King Kathy Kline Mary Klucevsek Bob Knight Charles Kothe Leon Kravetz Jill Kremer Ruth Ann Kribbs Larry Kunkel Carolyn Lafferty Molly La Grone Larry Langley Judy Larimer Ted Larkin Phyllis Lawrence Tiana Lawrence Danny LeCrone Bobby Lee Larry LeGate Mary Leiser Don Leka Carolyn LeMay .lohn Leonard Bob Leslie Dean Lewis Kay Lewis Jim Levins Jerry Lightfoot Paula Lindley George Linn Susie Lindstrom Jeri Lipe Carol Litson David Livingston Sandra Lloyd Barbara Logsdon fy C7 l is A ,.,,, i 5 1 -who Charla Lorenz Kathy Loughran 'if xg psf- ifrsiifi John Luhell Morris Lusk Pat Lynch Ruthe Lynde Tom Mach Kathy MacKenna Marilyn Maddox Larry Mansur Carol Jean Maples Judy Marlow Harriet Marrs Jerry Martin yi Larry Martin Sharon Martin , if-3- f' , Rick Mason . hi,U 1,i .. , Harry Massaro My V W ll Claudia Matney "' ' l "l'o Lorie Matteson Jimmy Matthews M Ha Margaret McCartney if And don't forget to forget to vote for . . . Who????!l 5 lx , gm id W ,fm Q M If W 'lro lzgst f - o ' B n l Q 4? W 5 MSW 1? 4 aff' it Ja 1 waist? gage 'Qaif Eg' fi mafia if feeU:a, ,, is tw is Li ar 5 eigitr I shall NOT get scare I SHALL not get seared' I SHALL ' C 7 1 I ' I in, ,M -,fan yew. , as , -i Mamas M.. . - ' w H sf Y .. . Q, 'ztffftflfs 4, 1.55:-5 , :wr - . 523142 , 'few 15 QSM K me ,:'-vrftfm, Q - watt- L M Q W ff fn-it W sf mf 612 - V . 4 New 2 fsrfiflaf f-1 if-,W 5 12' 't:ff?fz,gfg- ia, ' if ' il ragf sf-aim Z if as f.. 54, . " M . L fi 1' -. Y wtf :ii 4 'af 'iw ,xiwf tsl?" Q 122' .. . I t ' -mu 1 1. ,Q i - it ,. , .,L,, I,,. I,,.. , 2, . . . ,, . . . f .- LK L 5,-EV 3 by , ' .3 A , 3 5 4 . ' Y: 5 4 ' , ip, - 3' -Aiwa - :f .vw , I ' , , A. ' .1 ' . ,fska f if VivSi:le,: 1 if : J Wfiiiw V- t F"'lffYf'2 aiifygf' I 7 If . ff 1 .wykgfri vf-T raft-,fg,ft-"rf,-wgiifrg, ffqfb, I . .5 .f fffsg'3'w-is 21 - , sf-1: s .W ffm A' ' " f i t M 1 V .,,, M V,,,' 1 ,,,V:- :,: ,--.V.:,..,,,,: .,::. t E V I I . NOT GET SCAREDV' Bill McCracken Sandra McGalliard Marty McGinnis Errol McGuire Pat McIver Meredith McKee Errol McKoy Marilyn McMasters Hope McMillin Linda McPearson Jerry McVay Judy Medearis Marcia Mefford Barbara Menkoff Jim Menzies Marcia Meredith David Miller Trudy Miller Larry Mizel Bill Mohr Nancy Montgomery Joe Moody Jory Moon 4 Q x ff Hank Moore James Moore Paul Moran Mike Morton Dexter Moss Barbara Mullen Daryl Murphy Sharon Murphy Mickey Murray Clem Nalley Eric Nash Linda Nash Nancy Neal Pam Neal Laurie Neerman Carl Neibling Marty Nesbitt Marna Newsom Jeff Nix Mary Norton Sally Noyes Gifford Olin Bonnie Orrell Dave Owens lodee Owens Gary Packwood Charlie Parker Sharon Parker .ludy Patton Arthur Pearce Peggy Jo Pellegrini Kris Penn Mike Perkins Sally Permenter Linda Perry Suzanne Persson Tanya Peters Peggy Pettit Steve Philbin Kathy Pickens Gary Pilcher Robert Poe Carolyn Pogson John Pohly Mike Poole Tom Poss Mary Ellen Prafka .lerry Prather Dick Pratt Lorraine Pratt Linda Pressnall Melvyn Price Lewis Pringle Dick Pryor Ronnie Quick Dick Quiggle Carl Radle Carolyn Raimer Mickey Rainier Mary Ellen Ramsey Terry Randall Marvin Reaves Bob Renberg Tommy Renfrow Buddy Reno Donna Reyburn Mike Reynolds Wayne Rice Don Rickey ww new ia ,WU w ,f mm- fe .fe W, , Song: Ml want to go back to my little gra s hack in . . . Oh, what's the name of that place? 9,6 V . sr, , T, , new .Q 9 - - Q. K ,W a a ,,. y V i ,-.' , . gi, Q ., ! ' V ' , 5' - 23 Oli? - ' 3 I iii: 'ah' If you all will please be seated, we will start this meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club. James Ridley Sharron Ritter Lou Roberts Andy Robertson Dick Robinett Tom Robinett Bill Robinson Ray Rochau Doris Rogers Janice Rogers Leath Roney Linda Roney Sharon Rooker Dallas Rose Gary Ross Liz Rotramel Snippy Rozen Daille Rupnik Hazel Sahlender Doyle Sanders Kay Sanders Diane Sayers Ed Schermerhorn me Carol Schlecht ' Michael Schnelle Bob Schultz David Schuman Carolyn Schweers Bob Scott Sherrel Scroggs Katie Seger Jim Selph John Shane Billy Shanks Dwight Shatto Bob Shaw .lim Shaw Linda Shelton John Sheppard Cary Shockley Jerry Shockley Judy Shore .lim Shultz Robert Simpson Freddie Sims Pat Sisney Ronnie Skinner Wanda Skinner Bud Skye Anne Slagle Mary Ellen Slemaker Annelle Smith Carolyn Smith Darwin Smith Linda Beth Smith Linda Mae Smith Richard Smith Verne Smith Van Smithen .lay Snell Mary Margaret Snyder Duke Soule Charles Spann Nancy Sparks Timothy Spore .ludy Springfield Linda Spyres Lynda Stahl Diane Stanley SKI an .leanne Stark Sue Stewart Don Stockton Adrienne Stone Nancy Stone Logan Stroud Patricia Strout JoAnne Stumbo Kay Sturdivant Weldon Sudberry Frances Tabor Elizabeth Taylor Kinny Taylor Bruce Teichman Phil Templeton Bill Thomas Linda Thomas Barrett Timm Bill Tucker .lim Tuggle Lynne Turner Tommy Turner Judy Upton Marilyn Monroe, here I come! 'asv' ww 5 Qi me 1 ,. W. ik, " if ,Alf f , 7 ' if i5f'F5'S?1 5rf?3iQi .' 4' i s 'E . May I have your attention, please! Your attention, please! Oh, PLEASE give me your attention. Diana Uri Kent VanValkenburgh Richard Vale Ricky Verdon Gail Voltmer Teresa Vreeland Bob Wall Betty .lo Wantland Bob Ward Neta Warren George Washington Bronnie Watt J oe Lee Watts David Weirchert Jerry Weis John Welge Janet Whatley Claudia Whitehead Cathy Wienecke David Wilkinson Dennis Wilkerson Joyce Williams Karin Williams -he 'iz ,N 9 it .aff H. .vii if Mike Williams Kenneth Williamson Georgia Wills Bob Wilson Hugh Wilson Janet Wilson .lohn Wilson Kiefton Wilson Larry Wilson Fred Winer Linda Winters Jackie Witter Sharon Wolfe Karen Wolkov Sally Wood Sonja Wyatt Dick Wylie Don York Mary Helen Young Joel Zeligson, fe. xx 1 Mary Lynn, Secrelaryg Phil Hope, Vice Presidentg Rocky Bilbo, Trcasurerg Sonny Doss, President. The welcome mat is out for them to come into Edison Senior High. The junior high faculty assures that they will make themselves known, and that by their enthusiasm for and participation in school affairs. x S my x w 25 , it is , kt il 2 1 ,+ , Q I 5 A af its x iuhv .W K4 'Q I ai V, .mi Miififizlfidl A St ,E Q, gi: if lx Jerry Abraham . . Diane Abshire Bill Aby Ann Ahrens Tommy Akins Pann Alley GayeNelle Alumbaugh Lani Andelman Erik Anderson Mary Archibale Robert Armstrong Leon Arnall Joyce Arrington Cary Arthur Harold Atherton Sharon Atherton Jim Axton Marilyn Axton Carol Bachus David Bagwell Gayle Bailey Jan Bailey John Baker Monte Baker Charlie Balch John Balch Hyland Baldridge .James Banks Buddy Barnes David Barnes Bob Barth Jerry Bartlett Gail Bassham Wesley Bauer Katherine Beal David Beeby Sandi Becko John Bekins Linda Bell Sandra Bennett Steve Benningfield Mary Jo Best Bobby Beustring Dick Beyer Rocky Bilbo .James Bishop -1.17 Dan Black Diana Blackburn Jane Blair Terri Blanchard Johnny Blankenship Jim Bloom Anne Bodley Barbara Bond Charles Bott Diane Bottomfield Roger Bowen Darrell Boyd Linda Brandon Barbara Breeding Donna Breeding Lenita Brewer Andy Brice Linda Brockman Martha Brocksmith Betty Broding Judy Kay Brown Suzanne Brown Anita Bulger Mike Bunn Carol Burlingame Dianne Burns Kenny Burton Sylvia Bury Lee Butler Louise Butler Richard Callihan Earl Campbell Liz Campbell .lim Campbell Rita Cantergiani Buddy Cantrell Bruce Card Warren Carey Bob Carlin George Castle Scottie Caswell Danny Caudle .lanet Cheatham Tommy Cheatham Bob Childers David Chrislip A Q " aww? t 'Q' af' 0 Hurry and take the picture, the telephoneis ringing! I QM' 'UW Scarlett Chronister Janell Clark Judy Clark Sue Clark Jerry Clemishire Cissy Cohn Raymond Coe Melanie Cockran Carol Cockman Barbara Coleman Ray Coleman Karin Comstock .lan Conley Mike Cooley Bill Cooper Mike Copenhauer Ricky Cornstuble Derald Cornwell Ellen Cory Richard Cotner Dudley Conner Jimmy Lee Countryman Larry Courtney Pat Crane lim Craun Mike Crisp Mickey Cunliffe David Curnett Pam Curtis Bob Dale Gerald Daniels Mary Daniels Beverly Daugherty Becky Dauner Delmer Davis Elizabeth Ann Davis Freeman Davis Jimmy Davis Parke Davis Ronnie Davis Steve Davis Donna Day Betty Faye .ludy Dean .lohn Deax Larry DeCorte Eddie Denman Joe Denoncourts Sherry DeShazo Ruth Ann DeWitt Terry Dickey Nevin Dodd Charles Dohnalek Dannye Sue Domnick Sonny Doss Bobby Douma Tony Doyle Phil Dunbar Raymond Duncan David Durham Johnny Duvall Ginger Eby Marsha Eddins Rosemary Eisler Janice Ellison Nancy Elwel Jean Engle John English Bill Ess Bonnie Evans Irene Evans Pam Evans Bill Fabian Sharye Farthing Nancy Fash Annette Fate Bob Faust Dale Ferguson Judy Ferguson Patricia Ferguson Rosemary Ferguson Steven Findley Bruce Fisher Marilyn Fitzgerald Donna Ford Janet Ford Bob Fornell Joe Forsman Carlene Fox Bill Flake Emily Fluke Sharron Frank Who's she fooling, she no dancer! 1 v fi L -9 A it ,aww qi if W 53 7 .W of Tgglyw tb Q ii . ix Nc: at-YT ,E wg by ,f - , w 3 -2 rr Johnny Frazer Laura Lee Freeland Ann Freeman Elizabeth Freidlin Jayne French Beverly F rick David Friend Sharon Frisbie Johnny Fugate Neta Fulcher Johnny Fulton Elayne Gasset Ed Gates Kathe Gentry Bobby Gilchrist Tom Gilliam Jimmy Gilmore James Gindtf John Glamser Tobi Glazer Cynthia Glenn Ella Rae Goad Pat Godden Judy Gollub Bill Goodwin Dianna Gorsuch Pat Graff Richard Grammer Kenneth Graves Gary Gray Linda Gray Dana Green Teryna Gregory Richard .Griffith Victor Groves Sherry Gunter Gary Halstead Dale Hammett Sandy Hammer Sharon Hannon Ronnie Hanover Sharon Harper James Hartshorn Becky Harris Saralee Harris Sharon Harris I I Nancy Harrison Sandy Hathcoat Gerry Hathcock Jania Hawkins Elizabeth Hayden Kathy Heffernan Craig Heidinger Mary Helfern Ruth Henderson Mike Hendy Joanne Henthorne Vicki Henthorne Ronnie Herring Judy Hicks Steve Hill Dickie Hix Barbara Hobson Ligea Hodgson Theresa Hollingsw George Hooper Barbara Hoover Phil Hope Larry House Marcia Hudson Danny Hunt Sandy Hunter Jack Husted Sandy Hutton Jack Ingram Gary James Sandy James Steve Janco Joel Jankowsky Eloise Janssen Robert Jenkins Mark Jennings Gloria Jensen Roger Jobe Kay Johns Mike Johns Ronnie Johns Arthur Johnson Charles Johnson Gary Johnson Gloria Johnson Kathleen Johnson orth V i Q. - sa. ay. 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Rita Keas , 'fi ' J I KafhY Keeiel' J L, V Lg' li ' ' Connie Kell Hwy Kellogg 4,f xi '.2',,9f X 'f "" axis 5555? at S ,ff lt - in fins in W its 1 5 Alice Kennedy Jean Kersey Susie Ketch Steve Kimball Chris King Mike King Melinda King Wayne Kirk Ferrell Kirtley Kenny Klein 5, ,Q Ed Kline Carol Klink Kenny Knarr Janet Knippa Bill Knott Jerry Kougel Aaron Krawitz Carolyn Lairmore Ted Lamb Rick Lang Susan Langenkamp James Laster Skip Laughlin David Lawson Jimmie Lechlider Nancy Lf-Crone Floyd Leighty David Lemon Y fx Linda Leos ff fy Barbara Lester Judy Lawson Kitt' " Jerry Letzkus Joyce Levy ,lim Liebvrman Pat Lile Judy Lipshy Judy Lively Richard Locasso Sandra Long Jo Joan Lowery Will Frank Lowry Susan Lurlman Nlarlis Lusk Andy Lutrnan Mary Lynn llavid MacDonald .lucly Maddox Carol Manton Mary Markham Suzie Marks Charles Markusich .lark Nlarsee Ronald Marsh Andy Martin Billy Martin Laurie Martin Sharon Martin Wantla Martin Craig Matthews Cay Mattocks Mike May Tari McAnally ,lohn McAuliffe Linda McCall Chuck McConnell Popp? lVlCCOr1l1iCli Kathlven McCracken Gary McDaniel Richard McDaniel Donna McElroy Shcri MCGalliar1l lllollly 1lCGinriis Robert McGinnis Cary McGovern Bonnie Mclntosh Rolwrt Mclntosh Tommy Mclntyrc fihvryl 1lCNt'ill ,nr Lf .ff w 5,1 K - ' f . 5110, V , .M V, 5 i git 'f-' ? 42" '45 K :Z - We 112, f 3? Mw- 5, E This is the world we live in, Surf- is a mess, isn't it? 89 Lawrence Medinger 5 W Merrily Meek Linda Mehlhorn Roger L. Melone Bert Merle Clint Merrick Judy Messaro Lois Meyer Mary Michel Bobby Milan Barbara Miller Chris Miller Kenneth Miller Lynn Miller Mike Miller Mickey Mills Sandy Milton Carol Mitchell Marion Moody Martha Moody Linda Moore .leff Morgan Linda Morgan Marilyn Morris Ronnie Morrison Jim Mossey Ralph Moyer Mary Ann Moyers .limmie Muckleroy Diane Mullins Carl Murphy Charles Murphy Marilyn Murphy Jeff Musick Don Myers Ronald Myers Barbara Naifeh Anne Nash David Nash Janet Neal Sue Neal George Neblett Joelene Nelson Bill Nelson Kathy Nesbitt Metzie Nichols Anna Norberg Richard Norling Tom O'Leary Richard Orr Nadine Orwig Frances Overturf Carol Owens Diane Owens Ronnie Page Marjanne Pappas Gary Parker Lee Parker Marvin Parker Mike Parrack Don Patterson James Patterson Susan Paynter Kay Pearce Charles Pelton Judy Pennington Danny Pentecost Carlyle Perkes Sally Perrine Gwen Perry Butch Peterson Pam Peterson Ronald Peterson Karen Petree Marilyn Phelps Mary Ann Phelps Bob Phillips Susan Phillips Doug Pierce Butch Polk Richard Pongrantz John Pope Judy Popejoy Frances Poplin .lack Pressnall Sally Prigg Robet Provine Tom Raffensperger David Ratliff Barbara Reed Russell Reed Tom Reyhurn Are they dancing, or are they . . . Heh! Heh! Bob Reynolds Dallas Rhoden .loel Rich Ricky Richardson J ana Richey Ricky Riggs Carole Rippetoe Tom Roach David Roark Kay Roberts Ronnie Roberts Ann Robertson Kathy Robinson Sue Ann Rodgers .loe Rohr Lynn Rollins Georgia Rose Robert Rosebush Carol Ross Gene Ruffin Kenneth Ruffin Elaine Ruggles Alice Rurnbaugh Johnny Ryan Karen Sackett .lean Sadler Andre Safford Frances Salle Phil SanAngelo David Sanders Diane Sanders Jerry Sanford Kay Sanford Patti Satin Tom Sawyer David Scales Richard Schafer Andy Schlanger Ned Schlosser Tom Schrantz Bonnie Scott Charles Scott Lela Scott Betsy Sear Bob Seckler .lacque Selph Bonnie Seratt Judy Sexson Tommy Shanks Gary Shapiro Kathy Shapiro Rosemary Shapiro Sue Shelby Roy Shell Phyllis Shelton Kay Sherman Kaaren Shields Chuck Shipley Carolyn Shirck Mel Shockley JoAnn Sicka Alexis Sikkinlc Randy Singleton Bobby Skyes Freddie Slicker Bill Smith Buddy Smith Claudia Smith Freddy Smith .lim Smith Linda Smith Scott Smith Susan Smoot .leff Smyth Steve Somers Sande Soule Tony Speed ,lack Spurgin ,loan Squire Patsy Stacy Patricia Steele Gary Stephens Sue Stephens Diane Stewart Bill Stinson .lerry Stokely Nancy Stone Freddie Storm Becky Streets Bill Sundgren Sigrid Sundvahl Kathie Surran fn Looks good! l 93 Dick Sweet Larry Tanner Sheila Tatroe Melissa Taylor Susan Taylor .lerry Teel Pat Tetrick Judy Thomas Kay Thomas Patty Thomas Jewell Tidwell Lans Traverse Karen Traw Carl Trippet Joel Tucker Sandy Turley Martha Turnbow Glynn Turner Ronnie Turner Judy Unwin Linda Ussery Neal VanFossen Jimmy Vincent Barbara Vogel Don Vogel Roger Vrooman Don Wagner Margaret Walters Karla Walton Fritzie Warren Bill Watson Ruth Webb Anne Weisiger Carole Weiszmann Carolyn Wenger Wally Wenzel Ken West Wes West DeAnn Wheatcraft Patty Wheatley Mike White Pete White Peggy White Tom White Ben Whitehill Mike Whitt 94 l Sharon White Jeannie Whited Betsy Wienecke Raymond Wiesen Bobby Wight Dianne Wilkerson Anne Williams Beverly Williams Charles Williams Danny Williams Jim Williams Karen Williams Larry Williams Mike Williams Jeanette Williamson Clair Wilson Dick Wimbish Linda Winans Nancy Winslow Carol Winters Kathy Winters Linda Wise Don Wolfe Phillip Wood .ludy Woods Cathie Wright George Yetter Jerri Young Victor Young Jerry Yount Susie Yenny Barbara Zahn Betty Zahn Stuart Zarrow John Zenor Garth Ziege Ann Ziemer John Campbell ia, if. ,f H- :crew . ,,.4are:,.,.. rt. , . - r Riga-r "- .5 - f W 9 wit- s "" E , 'ws .regal 5 'N ' ff W ,fl Q , 3 ' . .' 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'- . if - g tifi X swf X t F9 we X 1' ,M .M .J 3 mm W id' , XA! , V S iw QMW, ' Jef iii-'Y?'N""' MEX Q if sin-sigleemfeg, Donna Abbott Scott Abel Steve Abraham Sandy Abshire Marita Adair Bob Adams Robert Ader Robert Ahrens Gary Alexander Jean Allen Nancy Allison Alice Andelman Douglas Anderson Johnny Ander on Robert Anderson Russell Anderson Sissy Anderson Kathy Atherton John Aude Marianne Auxier Sharon Avery Carolyn Axton Danny Babcock Barbee Bagwell Bryan Bagwell Brenda Baker Cindy Baker Dwyer Baker Ken Baldwin Pat Banks Linda Banter Larry Barnes Lloyd Bauman Cary Beal Ann Beeby David Bell Jane Ber Bob Bethell Charlene Bidasio Sharon Bishop Susie Black Marie Blackburn Ricky Blackburn Randee Blankenship .lohn Bledsoe Jeff Bloom Bruce Blount Patti Blue J ill Bogart Phil Boillot Babs Bolton Sherry Ruth Bowle Jimmy Braley Mary Breeding Judy Bright Priscillia Bristor John Broach Gretchen Brockman Richard Brook Betsy Brooks Bob Brown Darrell Brown Patsy Brown Campbell Bruce Julia Bruns Bob Bryarly Bill Buchanan David Bullwinkel Diana Lynn Pamela Burck ,lan Burnett Lynna Burt .lustin Byers Bryan Cahen Jack Camden Forrest Cameron Jean Campbell Josephine Campbell ,lane Cantergiani Richard Cantrell Mike Card Tom Carey ,lim Carter Ken Case Aya Cauvel Art Cavanagh Carole Caylor Scotty Chalmers Bob Chamberlin Cheryl Chandler Mike Christ Bill Church Glenda Church Barbara Clark Janice Clark Betty Jean Clemens Mike Clifford Cary Clore Bryan Close Bobby Cobb Bill Cody Emily Coe Rocky Coffey Sheila Cohen Ae, crc.. ,f X w 5 , Qi S 191 si E w , i 'X i f Ha H was ' K 6 . , . . swffsi ir -a - , wwf" if ' - rw ' . 1 Sai ' A m ,rt . . . if .1 i . - 4. ,W wif, ,U . , 7, r.,.af.ma,,.f5 or 'YM " ig 1. 4 ' fi 'iifiiifiis 7 ih1rl"3f-EW. il: 1" .Z izfilriwff ' ' ?: . , 2:?:5'r s, fEsw,i .1-as ge, ' ":1ff1'f,.Q Vj" f 4ei45f h frzfgig 1 . 1 :il 4is5is2 V- 'f"C,wf -5 ,-aw . - ' UTQQI5' - 5,.l:1'Q.a5?2ilI'fi5W 'Q " - , I -sr-.sac ., ,. , -mir-ig apkmg, Wi 1 in my , , s f, ,. ffilf f ' .- r- - -,f-,1w1c'3: f - v --.igfsw ..r.,4 . 41 ',. sn: ,vat -aj-M Q , sf' 3, X, t 5 S X sq 2 'A' fl J' +3 51: ax' f S . . ff-'f S: lies af wg. , sawn aft' g F- :h:f':-facing Charlie Cole Cheryl Cole Steve Cole Douglas Coleman Mike Coleman Ronnie Collins Judy Combs Mike Conley Bob Cook Judy Cook Beverly Cooper ' Jim Copass Dolly Corbett Linda Cottrell Connie Courtner Sherry Cousins Barbara Cowan Homer Cowan Judy Cox Sharon Craddock Karen Kay Craig Bobby Craigo Jim Crawford .lan Creekmore Patsy Crisp Robert Crombie Kay Crosby Francey Cruce Ann Cullison Kenny Culp Danny Cupp Pat Curby Linda Curlee Mary Curran Ronda Cushing Ralph Custar Craig Dalton Molly Daniels Barbara Davis Carole Davis Laquita Davis Reuben Davis Linda Dawson John Deering .lim DeSalv0 Paula Desjardins Nancy DeWitt Bill Dickinson Billy Dickson Barbara Diehl Ronnie Dillon. Dean Dohnalek John Dorrill Judie Dotson Gary Doublin Jim Dougherty Linda Downen Carol Downs Scott Droke Charles Dunn Peggy Dunsnioor Connie Dunvall Teddy Dwyer Gerald Dye Eddie Eaves Millie Elly Carole Elkinton Barbara Elliott Hike Elliott Carole Ellis Jon Engclahl Priscilla England Larry Ervin Jimmy Esposito Katherine Evans Richard Evans Robert Evans Lynda Fairchild Lynn Falkensten Jim Farrell ,lack Farrier Cherry Farrimoncl John Farrow Bill Faulkner Arlie Fedman Don Ferguson Richard Ferguson Mickey Fike Martha Finch Jack Fischer Bert Fisher Jon Fisher Robert Flaa Susie Fleeger Ginger Flynt Pat Fogarty Marsha Fogley Doug Forrest Carol Foster Ted Fouts Tom Fowler Robert Francis Jimmy Frank Linda Franklin xr ,W-1. . W mg r 5 if , le 1 ww A, 'H-MF' i 5 Q fgmf , fy f,f,"?' 1 ,, L ,rg ,i S my , , ak f'-1 J 2 4, if t f,.. W 1 s ' 1 S W w . rr' gg J ' ofvew, f f Www -.1-f as V, st 1' 5,4 Xixaif ,ggi ,-1 ' ff' W.. kt 1 ,-ff! , V S' gf ..,,if i ,. - ,E 5 Zm - : T .5 fb . 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'N .4 ff' W iv, ,N ., X AQ? 3' 'J A if ., . i 'WCW Mary Frederickson Paul Freeborg Dan Freeman Mary Jane Friman Richard Frommie Carolyn Funk Nell Gaither Bruce Garhade .ludy Garland Steve Garner Larry Gass Eddie Gawf Bill Gayle Glenda Gibson Dean Gilbert Robert Gilbert Leslie Gill Rhoda Gill Larry Gilliam Sharon Gimlin Melvin Glawgow Mary Glenn Peggy Golden Connie Gooch Debbie Good Becky Goodrich lim Graham Maxine Graham Corinne Grayson Jacque Green Bobby Griffin Jerry Griffin Gary Griffith Shirley Grigsby Gary Grimshaw Gary Groom Mike Gubser Deanne Gunter David Gurthet Charles Guy Ginger Hagan Sharon Haines Janet,Hall Larry Hall Pete Hall Sue Halladay Jonna Halterman Jimmy Hamaker Chris Hamill Leslie Hamman Harley Hannaford Larry Harden Cookie Harper Terry Harper Connie Harrill John Harris Ted Harris Karen Haworth Diane Hay Tim Hayes Helen Hays Steve Heaston Walter Heath Christy Hendon Judy Hendrickson Mike Hendrickson David Henley Christine Henry Mary Anne Hensley David Hicks Donna Hill Susie Hill Kenneth Hines Roger Hines Susie Hinnant Steve Hixon Bill Hobbs Jack Hogan George Holbert Vic Holmes Marcia Holway Larry Hone Paula Hopkins Ronnie Howerton Patricia Hudelson Janet Hughes Nadine Hulsman Larry Hymes Jeanne Hunter Ronnie Huntsman Allen Hutchinson Patricia Hutson Jody Jackson Linda Jackson Hazel Jacobs Rosalind Jacobs Ingrid Jacobson Rick Jacobus Judie' James Susan James Alice Jarhee Marilyn J ohe Leanne Johanson Marilyn Johns . , - J V J 11, f W, I we '.7f'2E 31ffi', 7 f 'ici ' l . 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Johnson Jim Johnson Judy Johnson Richard Johnson Randy Johnston Ronnie Johnston Dean Jones Mike Jones Marilyn Kapner Judy Karandjeff David Keller Steve Kelley Craig Kemmerer Clarke Kendall Karen Keplinger Sammy Kern June Kidwell Marjorie Kiger Carlton King Joyce Kirk Rirhard Kisner Linda Kite David Kittrell Richard Knowlton Patti Kramer Henry Kravis Kathryn Kurnhula Mike Lawrence Charles Lawson Gary Lawson John Lawson Carol Lee Cretchen LeMaster Marsha Lesher Frank Lewis Mary Lisle Alan Livingston Sally Livingston Sandra Loring Jil Lowry Linda Lucker Andy Mace Bill Machulis Bruce Mahan John Maker Madeline Maker Marc Mankin Tucky March Brooks Marshall Bill Martin Ronnie Martin Susie Martin Teri Mariner Eileen Matteson Robert May Sharon May Sandra Mayfield Susan Meffoy Mary Ann McDonaltl Beth Mtfflraw Bob NICCvl'l'Vv' Kenny McKee Leslie MeMillin Nancy McQueen Robert Meng Charlotte Merrick Jerry Merz Cary Meyer Mike Myer Gerry Meyers Jimmy Mickle Gloria Mirlcllehrook Dorimla Miles Steve Millard Danny Miller Garland Miller Jimmy Miller Maxine Ann Mill Merrily Mills Larry Milton Mike Minshall Wlayne Mitchel Carolyn Mitchell Dearl Mix Forrest Mobley Steven Mohan Davitl Monerief Gerald Montgomery Barbara Moore Doug Moore Marilyn Moore Glenna Morgan Mary Jane Morgan Mike Morgan .lim Morris Diane Morrison lim Morrison Larry Moss Nancy Mulcahy Liz Mungen Neva Murdock Jim Murphy GI' W My ,. ' 5 if 5 --. t A 3 ,, I ff-H Q- ' 2 ?'f"'- rf'-ft A "l 355 K " f 1-P' ,f.a+:5. iff? " "rt -.253-: fl to I f E . 1 1 W W ,X lZtsl"34Y y re L 3 t .EFL ' FZ If .- r-,' f ia 5,,gf5Zi2ggz , gg M fr relatives 'W-ta-as ei Q M Kang, 5 I af , , 52' -Q 4, . A. -, 5 ., , .X ,. , ,,,,, if I I tw M -np of .,, f KE. b- : i E A f , QE 1" tltyea t . gg , . Y., 9 tw 3' A 7 ""' i aa " K "W' t' .5 M H t" " m 1 by rf Q? Q . 5' .W aiisff ff' . ,f V fr. at t" -,'. L . J, f f.,. lu., K . MX-for E ,WIN A J gigs -v .. ff a fp JS' r -f 1 , is! ,is sz if-sm , ,..--Y ,s g m , Q I 2 KQW, 'Q :Ki ' ggsgvlflifflfklsiliai - Qing as sie ,Q 2 w E Shim Cdws ' Q' :J Q KN' , Q g 3: ,, L Ist i k.kk Arkr . sig' W L,., . J lisa .. F - A V- f ,,,'k . Q'5 4sf"?f.fHf, ' KL 1- f ' -' V 'Q g, .- . H lim fd 2 - -, I ...- A s szlsfwt - - ' 4-sw .W :H lil? 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A it ' 3s2f5if1i5 as 35 , .,.:, 512 F Kathleen Murphy Mike Murphy Ted Murray Nancy Musser Eddie Myers David Nead Suzanne Neely Barbara Nelson Karen Newsome Diane Nichols Sharon Nichols Pat Nicholson Paul Nowlin Raymond Nunneley Lee O'Bannon Carolyn Ockenfels Janis Oertle Ricky Oglesby Bill Oliver .lan Oliver Dianne Olson Cary O'Neal Kathy O'Neal Bill Orr Shari Orrell Jim Palm Jean Palmer Wayne Parker Ricky Parks Julie Patman Keith Pearce Linda Pearce Judy Pearson Cherie Jo Perrault Bobby Persson Ronnie Peters Don Peterson Susan Philbin .lill Phillips Joyce Phillips Jim Philp Suzanne Pitcock Charles Plowman Ronnie Pogue Charles Potts Bill Pratt Linda Preston Thomas Price James Putnam Marshall Rabon Pam Rader Linda Rainwater David Ramsey Evelyn Raska Peggy Ratcliffe Pam Redfern Linda Kay Redman Johanna Reece Duke Reeds Joseph Reichal Kay Reilly Don Renberg Margery Rice Carole Richmond Sharlet Ridge George Robb Hugh Roberson Billie Sue Roberts Van Roberts Allen Robertson Larry Robertson Bernard Robinowitz Charles Robinson Kerry Robinson Pat Robinson Phillip Romero Charles Roop Jane Roper David Ross Kent Ross Rita Rowe Craig Rubin Nancy Rudd Jim Rudy Sally Rueb Rick Russell Ruth Sanger Phil Saraff Shirley Sue Satterfield DeWitt Satterwhite Pete Saunders Carol Sauls Pat Sayles Ralph Scargall Bob Schellstede David Schermerhorn Phillip Schlecht Mike Schlosser Steve Schnelle Ron Schooler Kathryn Schuette Lynda Scott Johnny Selk Terry Semple Judy Sessions ,lim Shanor Ronnie Shaw Aileene Sherrer Delton Shilling Joe Shoemake Jzick Shreffler Terry Shurlg Clyde Sight Roy Sikkink Ronnie Silver Butch Simpson Nancy Singleton James Slagle Bob Smith Connie Smith Dorothy Smith Larry Smith Nancy Smith Ronnie Smith Susie Smith Tom Smith Bob Smoot Paula Smoot Kitty Soule Billy Spearman Robert Spillers Doris Stacy Jan Stambau h Jim Steen Diana Steinle Bonnie Stephens Darrell Stephens Denise Stephens Shirley Stephens Dub Stevens Carol Stevenson Rick Stephenson Steve Stockton Billy Stokely Cheryl Stone Chuck Stoner Gary Stover George Stroup Jerry Stumbo Bob Summers Sandy Sweetin Ed Taber Paulee Tankersley Lynn Taylor Danny Templeton Ricky Tessler Don Thayer Jeanne Thomas Jeannie Thompson Judy Thompson Patti Thompson Robby Thompson Larry Thorne Tim Tipton Tom Tipton Linda Toliver Richard Tongberg Terry Townsend M. F. Towry Dickie Trible Francis Trindle Nancy Turner Carolyn VanBibber Connie VanBrunt Mike VanHo0se Kay VanValkenburgh Angela Vickrey Ted Voth Lana Vowell Diane Wager Deanna Wagner Jim Wagner Mike Ward Douglas Walker Rick Waits Harry Watson Sandy Watts Jean Webb Pat Webb John Weis Bob Welsh Lynne Welsh Wanda Wendt Doris Wents Jayne Werner Jane Weston Ginny Wetherill Jerry Wheatcraft Dick Wheeler Claude Whitcomb Kay White Thelma Wieghard Jimmy Wiggins O. D. Wikoff Peggy Wilgus Janet Williams Marilyn Williams Ronnie Williamson W mf 4-"'-RRP 2 , .Ji paw., .1 A l x 5 . . 5 , . QE A . gg fig :- if Fill Qffif 'TQQS f? '4 -.1 John Yount Barry Zimmerman fm M344 :axle - V , ,. 2 17.1 4, Q .iv if Ng 5 5 5- .5 S l 31122115 is wr , fmf, F Us El , li S I Y , V ww 3- A. Q aa W s. lfaxix pg, Anne Wilson Carole Wilson James Wilson Jimmy Wilson Lyle Wilson Craig Wines Stephen Wintory Gretchen Wise Jane Witherspoon Jay Witter Corky Wolaver Jerry Wolfe Julie Wolfe Candace Wood David Wood Kay Woodward Steve Woolsey Dedra Wright Scott Wright Sherri Wright Ann Wyant Jack Yankee Faye Yates Alvin Young v 'QFEST Wil W . ,y NGC 1 sw: 'ff' 3852955 5 , K . A 'Fi . if 1 f f 2 win .2 ,lfezefw Bobby Riggs, Treasurerg Lance Spalding, Presidentg Bonnie Webber, Vice President Susan Deupree, Secretary. The seventh grade class is promising to be one of the top classes Edison will ever see. They par- ticipate in all school functions, and co-operate fully with their teachers. They had a larger volume of magazine sales than any class in the entire school. Linda Abbett Linda Adair Marga Altman Velda Ames Cary Anderson Jeanette Anderson Joyce Anderson Nancy Anderson Steve Andrew Danny Anglin Bobby Arnall Gwen Arnn Joan Arrington Marvin Ashwill Bruce Bachus Charlotte Bailey Jimmy Baker Kennie Baker Sally Baker Hal Balch Carolyn Baldridge Genia Ball Cathy Barker J eff Barkley Mike Barnes Ray Barnett Charles Barry Bonni Bartlett Jon Bascom Jerilyn Bass Julia Bates Barbara Baughman Jewel Ann Beach Barbara Beatty Pat Beaver Charles Bell Joe Bennett Roger Bennett Rowena Bennett Monya Berlin Helen Berry Bobby Beyer Richard Black Priscilla Blackstock Carol Blair J ack Bocella Kay Bodley Chloteal Bonner Mason Booth Carol Borchard Roger Bordon Judith Borg F: T. , K he Q0 'UNI . JL'-K .E ,. if . V. I YV-f ' N' M' W A 2 A. ' -ye.t-LV M . , ,Q J., '1"'r"' 5 I "":' Lint.. ily K ., dw V A mg w . T' - 1 ,. K L, -"', .. , f E- ,ai V F "Y .- f K 4-Q31 W 11. . . ' ' -1 - gygwg,-ff52V t at 1 V - - tgff A t- t - V-oot lava' ' N ta., -4- ' K ygftfiV.?3gt,3,.tViiV5V.f-V:.3.3i - -. awp 1--w -- Vee , ft ig,-' f ' gfxl gsgst affix .V+ - t v-VV z.e1 V- - - 1 fsmsffftx-' lt? A 6 S-2 1 t -'f 'S , F t t H 151. nfl ' ef Vt 1 M we 1 2 at its S E S 5 . . item ' . V ' me .Wt V . . . ":: 'I .f5..'1-.i:'V.-1-if -LF Xiiigfi - 1.35 IEE iii: fi' ff: :: 'isps V :. 3? ' ..5: 12553 ig! - 1. .--V: VW . Ms.: ,, X .,,.. , I tw- ' -if . . - 'J' .., ' . tt' 22 V1 K f Q it fm t 'K' - - - L - ' V .jf 5 ' 1. 3 II- 4 A 3 H ...U .,.., y ix ,. , 1. V ' ,A F-fi, ., Q V. 1 . - ,Vx , f 1 H fp 1 w e ' 1 no sv - - 2- - ' 152 1 , A133 Lwlettgfeff iff : n :img-zTsif5ti3fiis1'ii2 ., ., - V .V e 'T ii W' ag 1' g I4 4 1 I t Ea: mi ' -1 'C if 2 . , iaig A '. - ,, 1. 51.4 1 5 Lggfygtsws - ' - ' -J ---' t - NEI S t Y 2 1' gwgh -:-P M243 lr? Y V V Carolyn Born Bobby Bowen Leon Boyd Jenny Boyer Beth Braden Mike Bradley Ann Brady Nancy Brame Walter Brant Dana Brewer Steven Bridges Paula Bridwell Tom Briggs David Brighton Linda Brotherton Dick Brown Rusty Brumnet Don Bryant Sally Bryant Jim Bryden .lohn Buck Loren Buck Fancine Bullette Judy Burke Carrol Burnham Steve Busch Danny Butler Ronny Butler Sarah Butler Linda Byers Carol Caldwell Mike Callaway Cindy Campbell John Campbell Marvin Campbell Nina Campbell Cynthia Capps Charles Carden Beverly Cardwell Jim Carley Suzanne Carlin Roger Carlisle Darlene Carrens Carolyn Catron Andrew Kenneth Chanus Bill Chase Jerry Cheatham Tom Childers Tim Chrislip Chris Christensen Jimmy Church Susan Clannin l i Candy Clark Carol Clark John Clark Steve Clark Martha Ellen Clarke Kay Clasquin Candi Claypool Susan Clements .ludy Cleveland Michael Ray Cleveland Charlotte Cockman Henry Coleman Sara Cole Pat Conine Claudia Conley Donald Cooper Sara Copman Susan Corlett Don Cornett Robert Cornwell Sue Cotner Steve Couch' Barry Coughlin Bobbie Coulson .lim Covington Kay Craddock Carol Craig John Crain Mike Crane Cheryl Creekmore Robert Crews Timothy Cress Mike Cunliffe Cleo Cunningham Jimmy Curlee Marvin Dabney Lester Daniels Linda Daugherty Brian Davis Dariel Davis Linda Davis Peggy Davis Ronnie Davis Sheila Davis Derrylyn Deardorff Dick Dericks Susan Deupree ,lane Devine Anne Dickason Cheryl Didlake Dana Diehl Bob Dieter Bronse Dorsey Carma Draper Ruth Dritch Patsi DuBois Jimmy Duncan Sandee Duncan Janet Dupree Loretta Dykes Bob East Dick East Lucylee Easton Marilyn Echols Van Eden Bob Edens Ronnie Edmisten Judy Eitel Sandra Elick Mary Elliot Richard Ellis Russell Epps J ack Ervin Judy Eskridge Paul Eustis Jimmy Everett John Faires J ere Farrah Jim Farrah Dave Farrimond Anne Feagan Vivian Fell Mary Fellers Bob Fellows Nancy Fenton Dorothy Ferguson Jerry First Richard Fischer Donny Fisher Ted Fisher Susan Flemming Betty Fletcher Gaila Flickinger George Flippo Jimmy Fly Neath Folger Susan Follansbee Linda Ford Mike Forsman Lem Foster Karen Fox Rita Fox Cynthia Louise Francis Alan Fraser Bob Frederick Clover Frederickson Steve Freeman Rosalie Friedman Kenny Fultz Robert Furman Diane Funney Henry Gagne Steve Garey John Carol Ronnie Gay Bill Geffen Melinda Gibson Bill Gill Wayne Gilstrap Bob Gisler Kanola Jane Gist Jimmy Glossup Rippey Goble Beverly Golden Karen Golding Johnny Gollub Cookie Goodall Rickey Goodrich Don Corrie Janet Goss Leslie Gransberry Virginia Green Randa Griffin Gordon Groom Ronnie Gurtler Janie Guy Lyndal Halbert James Halstead Karen Hamilton Paul Hamilton Joe Hamlin Cheryl Hampton .lim Hanks James Hanna Tommy Hanna Sterling Hansen Linda Hardy Connie Hargrove Johnnie Hargrove Gary Harkreader Valerie Harless Billy Harris Charles Harris Carolyn Harrison Marshall Hart John Hartman an t, .ww -VM, .- is 9 at nlsn 9+ A , -tt:-i f-g yuh K A ef-of sf' ' 3, 1, ff f2T425'.ZL-ziliiiaj 1.-5 ,E if ,W aes. at . 2 M. .,. ii mlm! A a-W, fi- -1, -42,5 ' JN frll u ffa K if 6 in , rf, F- 2- ,fl is be H-' - s., 1 ef: :aw if It 3- L.,A. Kee SQ if A Q nn I K , k,Lk is ,. J J J 5 i teele J Slash - 2 ' ,ar 3 Q X am 5 his if . 'Fw-f 2 w f 1' so li John Harwood Virginia Haughton Ellen Hawkins Fred Hawley Gerald Hawn Robert Hay Dale Hehenstreit Allan Heck Miggie Heffernan Mike Hensley June Hewitt Charles Hicks Lynne Hill Bill Hinkle Linda Hix James Hobson Holly Holbert Jimmy Holliday Barry Holmes Hugh Holmes Paula Holmes Mike Holmgren David Hoover Chuck Houy Richard Hovis John Howard Denaann Hubbard Alice Hunt Gordon Hunt Diane Hupp Candy lddings Marsha lmes Karen lrons Sue Jackson Judy Jacobs Richard Jaeger Judy James Kathy James Eddie.Janssen Steven Janus Alan Jenkins Cerre Lee Johnson Jeannie Johnson Jocie Johnson Kenneth Johnson Ted Johnson Sherry Johnston Tony Johnston Cheryl Jones Kay Jones Judy Jones Lyna Jones Mike Jones Pamela Jones Pamela Sue Jones Pattie Jones Paul Jones Vivky Jones Linda Kahl Jim Karandjera Sheila Keating Norman Keirsey Jan Keith Pamela Kelly Paul Kendall Charles Kever Ronny Khoury Linda Kiester Carol King Connie King Terry Kisler DeeAnn Knight Connie Knowlton Betty Koblischek Jim Kremer Karen Kribhs Rusty Kriegel David Kuhn Linda Kupper Bobby Lankie Larry Larimer Gregg Lawrence Mike Lawrence Kip LeCrone Jimmy Lee Barbara Leighty Paul Lewis Sally Lewis Seottye Lewis Wanda Lewis Richard Lindermanis ,lim Linton Louise Livingston Marilyn Locke James Luftin Frances Logsdon Lana Loveless Mike Luciewig Torn Lundy Nancy MacDonald John Maciula Tom Manley Jim Manring Linda Mark Trudie Markt Don Martin Bob Martin Johnny Martin Ross Martin Joan Mason Linda May Mason Patti Mason Michael Massa Rebecca Matney Lynn Matteson Joanna Matthews Jim Mayden Mark McAllister Patrica Ann McAnally Jimmy McAninch Rodney McCalman Don McCamey Duane McCoy Steve McCoy Phil McCurdy Donna McDaniel Peggy McElroy Jean McGinnis Rick McGowen Peter McIntyre Jimmy McKellar Jane McKinney Joe McKoy Don McNeill Carole McNulty John Meder Sharon Midgley Jim Milburn Janice Miller Karen Miller Phillip Miller Tim Miller Steve Mills Linda Mitchell Ronald Moore Nancy Moritz Linda Morris Robbin Morton Nancy Mullendore Julie Murdock Butch Murphy Pat Murphy Carolyn Murray Gary Murray Sandra Nantz Jimmy Nash Nancy Nash Glenda Neal Ronnie Neal Sharon Neal Ronald Neely Donna Nelson Tommy Nelson Nan Newland David Newsom Janell Newsom Karla Noland Linda Norling Connie O'Reilly Phyllis Orwig Caroline Owens Jerry Owens Peggy Owens Barbara Packard John Painter Gene Parker Robert Parker Sally Parkinson Carolyn Parks Tom Patterson Richard Patton Ricky Paul Mary .lane Peitz Barbee Pelton Larry Penn Linda Penuel Larry Perkes Steve Perkins James Perry Marshall Persson I im Peters Paul Peterson Carolyn Phillips Shirley Phillips Connie Plack Carol Plake Barbara Pogson Roy Pogue Carolyn Pool Mike Potter Tanyua Potter Donna Pounds Janet Prater Cheryl Pratt Patsy Pratt Lynne Preiss Pam Primm John Prine . .w t - 1, ' - 5 a se Xue EW?-W gy 33 at ., 1 2, f ,if .,., ' .JM - ' -W grid, gi ' ef Q l S We serif ' ,. 1 l ti afiwivfe, 1: iimy 23 ' we-: W. wa- it '1' Q L we wa. Q 39.2 .fn Mamie, f at as t az v -f,: :fe3?74lYlT'i ekivd -Qi' . L an . .X fggnxfia-.t ftgzfggaa L " 9 -EW s.2:'. t' - A 3 f I. -. , V, .ft ba., .k,- 1- .:- :fe s ax. .. as .t as K , ,f,.-,,. E 1 Q, , S,-Q 5 et 'M ,t Q e f 211. ,if g mfg X , lu wut xy mix T, im . t gt 'IQ-- ' 1 Qi ag. -- .. 1,4 ' K K x 5' i ef? ,, . i 5 wif' 153' 9 at 3 5 in 4 e tie. ! 4 J 5:--'iw 'ze 2: i .,, Pin-mmm but 1 if ' .- ,A-e' mu' 'safe H' Q 3 Bill Provine Penny Pryor Dick Quast Keaton Rabon Bob Radford Bruce Raley Aaron Rankin Barbara Anne Ravis Cary Rayburn Janie Reece Mike Reed Mike Reed Richard Reeh Kent Reiserer Beverly Reno Pat Reynolds Vicki Richardson Bobhy Riggs Joyce Rivkin Buddy Roach Claudia Roark Gene Roberts John Robertson Marilyn Rogers Al Romberg Judith Rueter Sherry Sahlender Nancy Sanders Jack Sangunett Bill Sayer John Sawhill Janet Sawyer Marolyn Saxe Ronnie Schafer Sharon Schiemer Karen Schuerman Richard Schuette Billy Schultz Beverly Schurman Fred Schweers Carolyn Sue Scott Paulette Sellers Bill Selman Curtis Shacklett Linda Shaddox Stacey Shannon Robert Shelton Paul Sikkink Michael Sinclair Pat Sisemore Georgia Sisney John Skinner Jane Slaughter Nancy Sleeper Joyie Smalley Jay Smith Kent Smith Leslie Smith Margaret Smith Vinson Smith Jean Smithey Carole Snively Judy Snow Edward Soderstrom Gay Soule Lance Spalding Craig Spann Phyllis Staey John Stambaugh - Patsy Stanclift Rowland Stanfield Janie Stauss Jeannie Steitz Sandra Stephens Rickey Stewart Marshall Stiles Marcia Stine .Jeanie Stites Elaine Stockfish Jim Stone Jackie Storm Carolyn Stover Linda Jean Strang Paula Stroud Jim Stuard Molly Stuck Kenneth Suitor Janet Sullivan Ken Swift Carol Sword Bill Taylor Steve Taylor Virginia Taylor Nicky Teverbaugh Jimmy Thomas Steve Thomas Jessica Thompson Linda Thompson Joan Titus Francie Townes Ramey Tracy Virginia Trippet Jack Tucker Janice Tucker A 3 ,A S it ws f A '3' A ' J 'inl .W I , . ,Q gfqf, ,1v,' I f , jf, fs Jim Tucker Ruthann Turley Sarah Turner Steve Turner Margie Tyler Vicki Tyler Mary Underwood Janet Van Bibber Gayl VanPielt J aniece VanValkenburgh Karen Vinyard John VonDaler Karen Wagnon Sherian Wagoner Bobbie Walker Diane Walker Eddie Wall Mina Ward Nancy Ward Stan Warfield Cindy Warren Donna Warren Jana Wassam Judy Waters Kathy Waugh Bonnie Webber Glenn Weichert Eddie Werre Cindy West C. H. Whisler David Whitehill David Whitney Gene Whitsitt Karen Wight Nancy Wilcox Robert Wiley David Williams John Williams Karen Williams Bob Wilson Doug Wilson Kaye Wilson Shirley Wilson Thomas Wilson Tommy Wilson Virginia Wilson Patty Wisenbaker David Withington Aaron Wood Pamela Wood Carrol Woodall Nancy Woodson Sue Woolsey Alma Wright Mike W1'ight Victor Wylie Gretchen Yenzer Linda Yerion Gary Young M -, if ue, A ,ze ff sw, ...c ii 4 ri -...., fx - ,id . , . J. . it 535-Q li? la fl Q1 W, , y 'W v' Nr' f' , .ir if is ,l iwml l,,.. .limmy Young f Larry Young Margaret Zandbergen 1 M Y . y JJ This is our Junior High band. They are a source of pride for the entire school. They may be young, but they play selections that are seldom heard except from experienced groups. I25 Wfwf :Hz . . 5 - ,,, ,. :i f25'x.L Y Q 5 ' e 3 YP Qiiisgii I at 523533 535115 gil ii Q f Q , 3 5 .fin 4 'Q ,x.1iLQ5',wi QU 'gi 2 'f ,f I . A f 2, .Q in W , av 'Q' s 1 . 4 ,Fw 41, .v -X ? 1 . bg? 5 1 'Q Q. qs F ? - . W . The Student Council is a democratic organization for student government. lts purpose is to serve all organizations of the schools equally and fairly. The Council serves as the voice of the student body. Proposals brought before the Council are discussed from the students, point of view, by the students, and with the interests of the student body in mind. One of the most notable annual projects is the Student Council sponsored canned goods drive each Thanksgiving. The Council enlists the aid of the entire student body. A spirit of competition is blended into the activities. This year's Council is proud of the 13,000 cans of foods donated to the Salvation Army. The officers of the Council attend the Southern Association of Student Councils Convention each year. The last convention was in the beautiful county of Arlington, Virginia. Conventions provide new and different ideas for the officers as well as a chance to meet delegates from other sections of the United States. Delegates are also sent to the Federation of Oklahoma High School Student Councils, and the Tulsa lnter-School Conventions. Sponsor ofthe organization is Mrs. Carolyn Stewart. ',,,.- X Schwartz, President. Mrs. Carolyn Stewart, Sponsor and Phil lp 544446 Mrs. Carolyn Stewart, Sponsor, Judy Von ale ' ' eslien Hartley, Vice President, Bethie Secretary. D r, Treasurer, Phll Schwartz, Pr L t, 1 1 , x 260 Z Z Z ' 7f, y , X ,-4. Zalman The Thomas A. Edison Junior Classical League is a branch of the National Junior Classical League, whose purpose is to promote a better understanding of the Latin language at Edison. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday' of every month. Chapter dues are fifty cents, and are payable during the first two months of the school year. The main event is the State Convention which was at Norman this year. Election of officers is held the first meeting of every year. The club also sponsored a movie for the entire school this year ..- -1 - y -1-1-4--1T.qi, ,il- EXU lg l l l cauafz ' r l Sponsors are Mrs. Marie Ferguson and l Mrs. Betty Larimer. The Junior Classical League has grown from a few members to what it is today, the largest hranch organiza- tion of the National Junior Classical League in the entire state of Oklahoma. Our member- ship now consists of 131 members, all of whom are contributing culture to our school. q. l f 'Y xi f ,-l.n1s1v 1.1.---iii. i-'-F l This year, holding the gavel for office of president is Lee Clark. Assisting her are: Dick Falkensten, Vice Presidentg Lor- raine Pratt, Secretaryg Jill Kre- mer, Treasurerg and Anita Di- Giacomo, Program Chairman. CHEERLEADERS: Betty Ware, Bonnie Creekmore, Cindy Kite, Marty Maddux, Alternate, Susan Bushg Nancy Stone, Mary Ann Bell, Areta Bartlett, Barbara Lane. .1 Y .. .. A Q .. THE PEP CLUB is to help create and promote better school spirit. It is composed of a pep Council, a pep squad, an honor guard, and eight cheerleaders, all in green and white. cache ' sir- . V f PEP CLUB OFFICERS: President, Judy Piniong Vice President, Julie Caslerg Secretary, Lynn Livingston, Treas- urer, Janice Smith, Senior Honor Guard Captain, Barbara Ellis, Sponsor, Miss Ednah Mae Ingalls. THE PEP CLUB uniforms consist of kelly green skirts and white sweaters with a big green Ef' The Pep Club accompanies the teams on all out of town games to help cheer them on to victory! I O swf THE EDISON FRENCH CLUB made its initial appearance in 1956. Their purpose is to promote interest and appreciation of the French language and also of literature, history, contemporary life. and customs. At hi-monthly meetings, a variety of activities are carried out. Speakers, music appreciation sessions. and the serving of French meals are but a few highlights which have been and will he executed by the French Club. Membership is open to all students enrolled in French classes and to all other people who are genuinely interested in the culture of France. Present officers are: Lillian Lubinski, Presidentg Mari- ann Ransom, Vice Presidentg Chryssee Perry Secretaryg and Mickey Rainier, Treasurer. I34 The INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB is open to anyone interested in improving his knowledge of other peoples. Although this is our first year, we attended the state convention in Bartlesville. At the convention it was decided that Edison would be host to the state convention next year, and Bob Dean was elected state president. The Edison officers this year are: Pete Cuhser, President, Frances Tabor, Vice Presidentg Sally Permenter, Treasurer, and Marcia Meredith, Council Representative. -2 ,ff dum: ,f"'9i57'R I 6? r t , Xs?ssE5wf" In less than two years the EDISON KEY CLUB has attained The club's 1957-58 projects have been numerous and varied. a position of prominence. Under the able leadership of Jack Key Club spearheaded a drive to gain recognition and financial Rivkin, the club was recognized for outstanding service to the assistance for the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation. Key Clubbers TexasAOklahoma District of Key Club International in March, 1957. performed important functions on the Student Council Canned Goods Drive. The club's normal duties of ushering at school functions were also carried out. Key Club is indeed proud to be the home club of Lieutenant Governor Tom Irwin of Division 15. Our rolls also include Student Council officers, class officers, and club officers. Sponsor of the organization is Mr. Stan Harrison, a member of the faculty. Pictured above are: Mr. Harrison, LelVIoine Bond, Kieth Jones, Tom Bruce, Phil Schwartz, Alan Korn- feld, Mike Thompson. I35 O O l ALLIED YOUTH The 1957-58 school year was the debut for the Edison Senior High Allied Youth Post. The first official business was the election of officers who are: LelVloine Bond, Presidentg Carolyn Olson, Vice Presidentg Patty Phillips, Corresponding Secretaryg Jeanie Hamilton, Recording Secre- taryg Judy VonDaler, Treasurerg and ,lanene Cauclle, Social Chairman. Allied Youth is an organization whose main objective is having fun without alcohol. Mixers after games, the annual A.Y. dance, and money raising projects were a few of our many activities this year. Charles Trimble is one of the many who helped to sell tickets for our A.Y. dance. YOUTH FOR CHRIST is made up of students who meet once a week to carry on a discussion on the Christian Way of life. This organiza- tion has had a marvelous effect on the Edison students as it has helped to instill within them the Christian principles of humanity and charity. The officers: Steve Hope, Presi- dentg Gloria Griffin, Vice Presidentg Jerry Hicks, Secretaryg and Dean Webb, as lntercity Representative. This poster is typical of the clever ideas displayed by the Y.F.C. to stim- ulate membership, interest, and spirit in the student body. iz at is 1 MES ' J My Marlowg Vice President, Cindy Kershnerg Treas- urer, Jerry Garnerg Reporter, Barbara Gilletteg Student Council Representative, Meredith McKee. Spanish Club activities are of the type that acquaint members with Spanish customs while they have a good time. Some of the projects have been Spanish pen pals, Spanish dinners, the singing of Christmas carols-in Spanish, of course-films and lectures on Spanish-speaking countries, and a fiesta. The club's interest in Spanish-speaking is symbolized in the emblem. The buildings at the top represent the modern history, the pyramid underneath represents the ancient history. The maracas are representative of South America, the sombrero symbolizes Central America, and the bull horns represent the Mexican customs. Jkt 'S CLUB OFFICERS: President, MacKenzie' LETTERMEN Larry Youngg Vice President, Steve , Secretary, Bob McAlpineg Treasurer, Ronnie Weiszmann. The Lettermenis Club is an organization whose membership is made up of those boys who have lettered through active participation in sports. The club was created not only to give its members enjoyment from the speakers and films, but also to further incite the lettermen to continually practice habits for good health and to live a well rounded life. There are 76 members in the Lettermen's Club made up Juniors, and Seniors. Coach lim Sellers is the Sponsor. of Sophomores, CAPTAINSfFront row: Barbara Wiles, Sandra Smyth, Joan Martin. Back row: Sally Hartley, Sponsor Barbara Shepard, Becky Jones. LIBERTY BELLES The Liberty Belles is a new organization at Edison this year. lt is composed of 60 junior and senior girls. The group is led by 5 captains, 3 seniors and two juniors. There are 49 marching members and 6 alternates, sub- stitutes when members are absent. Girls interested in joining the Liberty Belles must attend tryouts, which are held in the late spring. And at all times the girls must maintain a high scholastic and moral standard. The Liberty Belles march at football games with the band. They do drills and assist in making the formations. They also march in parades behind the band and add to the color of the entire school. We have great hopes of making the uBelles" bigger and better each year. SENIOR HIGH JUNIOR RED CROSS The declaration of principles of the Junior Red Cross states that: HWe believe in service for others, for our country, our community, and our school, in health of mind and body to fit us for greater service, and in working for better human relations throughout the world. We have joined the American ,Iunior Red Cross to help achieve its aim by working together with mem- bers everywhere in our own and other lands? We serve our country by filling hundreds of gift boxes and sending them abroad as tokens of friendship. Also by sending albums, which we have made to interpret our customs and way of life to students in other lands. We serve our community by presenting programs and parties to the various institutions in the community and by our program of nursesl assistants in the hospitals. We serve our school by presenting an opportunity for every student to give something of himself in service for others. The frustration, criticism and hard work of these people have helped to produce this annual. This esoteric group is comprised of people who were chosen for their ability in these fields: promptness, accuracy, cooperativeness, dependability and neatness. The re- spective advisors to the yearbook and art staff are Miss Morrow and Mrs. Johnson. Part of the staff shown busily working at the top is Sarah Johnson, Dixie James, and Barbara Wiles. Also helping to meet that all-important deadline, are Barbara Allen, Bob Bascom, and Elaine Fox. 5140! Below are more of the industrious group at work. They are, left Z0 right: Sid Moyers, Assistant Editorg Sue Stewart. Sandra Symth. Publicity Kianagerg Miss Morrow. Bob Dean. Editorg and Linda Lawrence. Assistant Editor. O I S 53 S .3 The members of the staff are happy and proud to have been entrusted with the task of preserving your memories of 1957-58. Wfe hope this edition of the 'gTorch" will continue to bring you pleasure in years to come. 79567 70464 Other members of our staff are Lois Moss and Joe Jeanne Rose. Below we relax in the first snow of the season and forget about the empty pages that we must soon fill with material to interest the student body. These are some of the artistic members of our school. They are the ones responsible for the impressive division pages. They are Betty Sawhill. Mary Hendricks. Judy Malahy. Mrs. Johnson, and Phil Zenor. .N H ,x ,.,t,,,.q, . ,N nn!!-7 tv ' 0 0 f 7 oft' ,f ' J tt l El . to 1 KW? . , - . V axwwh . 1 f 1 'ydvl' V E S 3 M- , 2' l 1, ,W my 'B' i 4,3-5. .iza- Q77 ELlSON'S JOURNALISM CLASS made its debut in l956 as an additional functioning unit of our fast-growing school. Since that time the group has increased both in size and experience. The primary function of the organi- zation is to supply news for tht- Tulsa Svhool Life and- at the same time keep all Edison news events in the spotlight. ln addition to these. the class offers rnatcliless opportunities to gain experience and express ideas. Miss Dolores Jolms sponsors the Journalism Class. OFITICERS: Elit -' -Ch' f N ci or in ie . ancv Hampton' Sports Dick Fsk1'idf'f" Orftanizations laI1enL Cdu ll F .1 , . ,,, -.. D , D S, . f ' t eg eatures, .lan Rollinsg Activities. Dttleie Brameg Editonals. IJ D" 'A ff' 'A ' ' Y 1 oug taitnh, Photogtaphxr, Reggie fNIclXarnara. The CHARLES C. MASON FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA meets bi-monthly, and membership is open to all high school students who are interested in making teaching a career. The major purpose of this club is to explore the nature of teaching, its opportunities, responsibilities, and the importance of education in our democracy. F.T.A. offers its members the opportunity to actually participate in classroom leadership. The presiding officers are: Karen Keeler, Presidentg Mariann Ransom, Vice Presidentg Linda Mantooth, Corresponding Secretaryg and Miss Dolores Johns and Mrs. Chloe Lane act as sponsors. The FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA is an organization for high school girls interested in the field of Nursing. We make field trips to hospitals and health centers, and we have speakers from various fields of medicine. In the spring, an annual convention of F.N.A. is held. This year it was held in Tulsa. The presiding officers are: Barbara Wiley, Presidentg Susan Connole, Secretaryg Roberta Markham, Treasurerg while Judy Potter is Program Chairman. V THE SENIOR HIGH ADVERTISING BOARD undoubt- edly has one of the heaviest jobs managing the Activity Budget and school play ticket sales. The Advertising Board is composed of one representative and one alternate from each homeroom. The Board is under the direction of Mr. Crow. I THE EDISON JUNIOR AND SWIMETTES Sponsor, Miss Pat Houstong President, Sally Hartleyg Vice President, K a t h y Barhamg Secretary, Bonnie Creeknioreg Treasurer, Jill Kremer. Edison's sparkling pool of blue provided an appropriate background for the Swimettes, fourth annual Water show Wllhe Wettest Show on Earth," which was presented April 23- 26. The colorful production was built around a circus theme and featured such attractions as: HPony Prom- enade," 'IC I o W n Colossalf' L'Aerial Antics," HFrolicking Freaks," and "Pink Ele- phantsf' O SENIOR HIGH V ,Q ,?......-ur., Plans for the 1958 water show began shortly after the last performance of i'Holiday Aquacadef' the 1957 produc- tion. During the summer a committee selected a theme and began planning for the busy year ahead. ln early October, tryouts were held and the club increased its membership to ninety Junior and Senior High girls. I ,, ,Li I I President, Charles Johnson, Vice President, Garth Zeiglg Secre- tary, Charles Willianis. ASTRONOMY CLUB is an informal club organized to review events in space travel, rockets, and the fundamental elements of astronomy. All Edison students are welcome to attend. A M 5 . , . mmm... .t,t., - 1 3 The GEOLOGY CLUB is another new club at Edison. They take field trips, listen to lectures hy rnemhers of the profession, and work in the laboratory. Sponsors are Mr. Bob Garner and Mr. Ronald Easley. The officers are: Mary Ann Ransom, President, Jeff Howe, Vice Presidentg Lou Ann Boyer, Secretary. The MEDICAL CLUB is under the sponsorship of Mr. Don Hoopert. This club enahles interested students to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the medical and biological fields through meeting local physicians, viewing medical films, going on field trips. participating in group projects. and many other activities. The officers are: President, Dick Falkensten, Vice President, Jim Martin, Secretary, Ben Wolfe, Treasurer, Brad Akinsg Historian, Melvyn Price. 3 The JUNIOR HIGH CHESS CLUB is to promote chess and teach the game to others. The club holds a tournament every year to determine the best player and to select a team which plays other schools. The winner last year was Raymond Heath, This year's team is made up of Bob Buchanan, Ro- bert Krosse, Buddy Skye. Danny Heck, and Richard Curhy. The MELODY MISSES, comprised of fourteen sophomore, junior, and senior girls, selected from the Senior High Girls' Clee Club, have made guest appearances, sung in various assembly programs, and performed for outside organizations. Under the direction of Mr. Ronald Shirey, the choral ensem- ble has left its mark upon the Edison stage. The EDISON RADIO CLUB has several accomplishments for this year. We have set up an amateur radio station consisting of a Viking Ranger transmitter running 65 watts, and a Hammurland HQ-ILLOXA receiver. Our first event of the year was an auction of radio gear on October I7. One of the biggest events of the year is the field day which is held in the spring. On this weekend we will go to Lake Wagoner, set up 3 stations, and compete with other city clubs. Officers: Clyde Griffith, Presidentg Carmi Humes, Vice President, Charles Meek, Secretary-Treasurer, Karl Schneider, Activities Manager. OFFICERS JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL The Junior High Student Council is a group of elected representatives from each homeroom and organization in grades 7, 3, and 9. Every student, through his representative, has a voice in making decisions pertaining to the junior high school activities. With opportunities to learn citizenship and leadership through participation in the activities of the school and through discussions of problems of vital importance to them, members consider the student council a high honor. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN 7 if-1' -if 9 0 0 JUNIOR HIGH YOUTH FOR CHRIST has the same goals as the senior high group. The officers are: President, Phil Hopeg Vice President, Ruth Webhg Secretary, Gaynell Alurnbaughg City Council Representative, John Balch. t . J' R 2 JUNIOR HIGH AUDIO VISUAL is one of our most help- ful groups. They operate- our projectors and tape recorders most efficiently. Thanks to them, many Class periods arf made more interesting and streamlined. ' 7494 794 H19 JUNIIOR HIGH ADVERTIS1NG BOARD Cgnqstq is under the direction of Mrs. Young, has completed another of one rapreqmatlvg from each home room Undgubtedlv successful year in managing ticket sales and advertising the heauer Joh 1 handling the Activity Budget and school events presented by School Organuatlons. The program at the Medical Center was a big success. Since it was Christmas, we provided gifts and entertainment. Another project was gifts for Taft Orphanage and children at Hillcrest. Future plans call for assisting the Blood Bank and filling gift boxes. We hope to have everyone interested in Junior Red Cross in coming years. ' ' "w"f'.......,.1'lW""' AWK MJ 1 4 5 ,guts A v + , 1 BETHIE ROLLINS Her Majestyg Miss Edison I PAT FRANKLIN 1957-1958 Band Queen 3 F j. E S 2 5 S E E 2 1 2 PHIL SCHWARTZ September Sophomore: Lettered in Footballg Lettered in Wrestlingg Member of Key Club and Letterman's Club. Junior: President of Junior Classg Lettered in Football and Wrestlingg Member of Key Club, Letterman's Club and Student Council. Senior: Senior Class Treasurerg Member of Student Council and Senior Boarclg Lettered in Football. l60 gm Sophomore: Football lettermang Member of Key Club and Letterman's Clubg Honor Roll. Junior: Football lettermang Student Council and Key Club memberg Letter- manis Club Secretaryg Key Club Gover- nor's Awardg Honor Roll. Senior: President of Student Council and Key Clubg Delegate to the S.A.S.C. Conventiong Member of the Cross Country Team and Lettermanls Club. DON RANDALL November Sophomore: Interschool Council repre- sentativeg Treasurer of Letterrnan's Clubg Member of Key Clubg Honor Roll. Junior: President of Student Councilg Member of Board of Control and Key Clubg Honor Roll. Senior: Member of Student Council, Key Club, and Senior Board. ANDY BARTLETT c October Sophomore: Lettered in basketball, baseballg Won Y.F.C.' It award for trumpet solo. . , . 3 S Junior: Lettered in basketballg,Won award in nationa1'Y,F,CQ13 ,,tt.i 5, contestg won free trip to national Y.F.C. convention. 'Presideritffgiff: of his homeroom and Vice President of his Personal D6V61iCPff11IV if ment class. 'I U . 'I ' vi Senior: First Senior Class Presidentg President of Ediistiriyf i'if: STEVE HOPE Y.F.C. and homeroomg Vice President of Y.F.C. city, C011I1Qilg'f4 Ilyi December Member of Student Council, Key Club and Varsity team- S V i - V ttrr 12 Em ag Me Etizrvt Sophomore: Lettered in Football, Bas- ketball, Track: Member of Letterman's Club. Junior: Lettered in Basketball and Track: Member of Letterman's Club. Senior: Lettered in Basketball: Member I of LettCI'Il'lal'l,S Club. J anuary il- Sophomore: Placed first and second in state swimming meet. Junior: Two first place swimming honors in state competi- tion. All American, member of Letterman's Club and Marching Band: Honor Roll. r A Senior: Member of 'Swimming 'Team and Letterman's Club. Recipient of appointment to Annapolis Naval Academy: Honor Roll. CARL ZAHN I 62 A February JERRY HICKS Girl of the Year ,Willem W is KL? '85 VFX? Q is s :wk me MQ may 'S -15 Q59 sf Hfiiffififf 3321, 1 :ww bg 'x"L?m' -4. Mg , fy me H-54za3"' Q- L Wfwwi. Wa Nqr Ufmwggyifmwfih vip vafrvx' 1 L mm 4fMf3-will W Twig? wg hi Siwiffihd qQ my if Wg' Q W M Q3 5.1 -is MQ W Qi5s, P NL Y' fm! vs? R 4-4 , M, NW, 1 R. K ,xx au F 4' 9 X SQ , ww 93, Qgfmh + -vp W4 W giwww fs MMS f5?fg.2?L?92,s3 gg 1 5 W 5 whiz mffww ,G Www? Swfifwg mi gg 3' M Q my 255558 Kg Mx, L, Q sg Q, 3 a 18 nw Q1 5 91 ga X msvigfwgag M, , ,Mag Q'ffgi?sS35Km1lSn5M A Jggzsffgwx wa, 1 , 5 F gg?3:BsiQ,fQmfE5,v s if upfsifggqiialfiffSf5i1,H'ZX5mw5532,iaw Wm w3nfSg5JgAZxLL,1,s.w www F an A S ag: mi xx 3,9355 M 9, Q a M., Q1 M QWmfff,M,EB1Sf,f2f fmw vw , 4,3535 1,55 A M My Wimgwfsfgswir mm awww wmfwumw -1 Wm JH QQ? W-1 'G' W1 W K9w591k55'Q1si14M5'ff'wsmm q six' K ,M,3fww-5,X,M,K, wwggsw M mg mf , 5 ,gm View MM , gk gs, wxisfqsxmxgii ,f fi? mwQaswum5a,5?m,Q ,K mkffwwfafkw Wk 98 W w X My sgmgg vivfw ,QW ,Q 33359 9 2 M wavy MM, PM 'K vm QK- 5 gsxq K fam, 4 Vg ' 1 K N ' 1 9 M11 ,wif 'Q . 5 X Qy 3 'AifS3':Mlij532,. NZ: - :'.: - v..'a,:::-'.. - L. I''SPE:Fi:555553:5:555555sEE5f'Ei:fi?:.'5i5'f::i5:fF :- K ,W - Q W A Q :. M aw. Vi. ,A ass . . .f , 5 Si? 7 - - Hr Y ,A ,,,se1.,,22 , . . A - A, 1 f fl W' 'L-NA I I V V-4kfi?fzm..,1:':1': lqxf As i 1 -Qf1?Ql' - 7 .:':'55::5f " ' -- igiv am Wg, 1 I -,lf wk gYj,jp.f3Qf 1, ,nA1f'gA:y .W 1 gl 'Lx f f - Q55 f9?sf5?f'iffSm2 igigsrf -' Q 1 Q N--Q... 4 HR 4 34,3 -fa-W Q5 ' '15 in if ' X , ' ,, ' Wx 1 ,. A fs ' kg R 5 ,, 9 . ,w JM- -3, M., , M344 1 . H. -'im-ww mbisawffvf-fiwnzw.-L f' 1-V wa, 1 Wm: w 1 I B" s Q The CONCERT BAND has provided many fine programs and concerts for our musical enjoyment. Under the able direction of Richard Cox, selections the band has played have ranged from pulsating Latin American rhythms to brassy Sousa marches. Aside from their concert performances, the band has played a very im- portant part in another school function, pep assemblies. When they begin to play c'Hail, Hail to Edisonf, our school song, our spirit can hardly be contained. I , 3 Our ORCHESTRA has been performing publicly for the past three years, but this year they have truly shown their ability. The students have given their en- thusiastic approval, and have enjoyed the appearances given by this outstanding group both in assemblies and concerts. They are directed by Richard Cox. I67 z Q Emma Under the superb direction of Mr. Jack Griffin, our three junior high bands have proven their ability to create music that we all enjoy listening to. They have entertained us in both concerts and assemblies. Our ninth grade band has been acclaimed city-wide for their talent. They receivefl regional recognition when they were invitecl to play in Fort Smith. This proves that we have the Eagle spirit in all fields. game! gi E E Q ! 4 fc ""'w1k . Members include: Martin Anderson, David Bartlett Bi11C1ark Charles Eads L L 1 i , , arry ang cy, Larry Mark, C. F. McGee, Wayne Rice, Charles Trimble, Ray Whitsett, Lynn Wells, Chuck Woodson, Bruce Fisher, Roger Melone, Don Wagneri The Edison SWING BAND is an entirely new organization here at Edison. They made their sensational debut in a talent assembly and since have appeared at many other school functions. Their smooth style is perfect for dancing and listening pleasure. Much of their success must be contributed to Richard Cox, their director. Y INTERMEDIATE STRING GROUP Director: RICHARD COX The LITTLE SYMPHONY is an extracurricular activity for those people who are really interested in learning about and playing fine music. In the very near future they are planning a concert. Roger Melone is conductor of this group, Richard Cox, sponsor. All members are not present in this picture. I I7I t H The MIXED CHORUS has played a very active part in the musical events of our school. They.have performed on numerous occasions in assemblies and pro- grams. Of special interest was their part in the Choral Concert. Many of the numbers they sang were so popular that they were repeated in later assemblies. Another important event to this group was their participation in Mllhe lVlessiah,', which is presented annually by mixed choruses from all high schools as a joint project. Ronald Shirey, Director. Not all members are present in the picture. ' gl The senior high GIRLS, GLEE CLUB is one of our very finest choral groups. It is composed of girls who like to sing and who do it well. During the year they have made numerous public appearances in assemblies, P.T.A. programs, and a choral concert given jointly by the members of the senior high vocal music department. Among the various types of music used by the club are selections from musical shows, ballads, and sacred music. Director, Ronald Shirey. Not all members are present in the picture. ' We Wd' We W Director.-BOB BLANKENSHIP 543437 gag! We M Direczor, RONALD SHIREY I74 ls .wQwwsw:www4ffQ:aw' ' bf , s - ,Wa,aaemmaawa1v1svmxafwf fisah:54fzQ, w.f:ss aMv,4:'Aw'xwwve:rf ffl .wg plvff:K::f,4fwf21Wa,ffs:,:wws:'::,. 'ff:ewzwwwrwmwwpAwwff:uw- ww, lm vw EXE!! ful X DN bx . , ff!! A :..g 1 xv V 1 ff ffzi - il K. ,V KX X ff , ,ff Ri ZXLZI lg.:-,L ' ,',af'-A - 'CPN-2 Xu N4 17 'X If Ii f nr if LN A ,Q L I I K 1, -5 4 'J 7 'Q 'Q H l f 7 Xi u 1 - f 154' ,MAI1 . M .yy If . , :'.'-1.- ' X k ' x T' X X Q 5 12- V N . I lr: ' I' 5 x K , x 1 , 1.7 :- QL 1 I f 93 , 4 X9 'fair 9 if , 4- V 5,1 , X ,f Q , ' 1 H . ly ""' I Pa :. X 'f y xy Lai! ,Wg 5 Xgf X L, 4-naw., A W: 'W W' nag? wmv: i E Y? -:EEN 29 'QA J STEVE MQICKENZIE-Left Tackle Senior ' f DON RANDALL-Left Halfback Senior BOB MCALPINE-Left Guard Senior FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 2OwEdison Sept. 26-Edison Oct. 3-Edison Oct. ll-Edison Oct. l8-Edison Nov. 1-wEdison Nov. 8-Edison Nov. 15-Edison Nov. 23-Edison 6 Webster 0 Central 6 All-City 24 Okmulgee 19 23 Sand Springs ,C 0 16 Central 7 16 Rogers 14 7 Muskogee Man. 7 7 Springfield Cen. 6 26 Book. T. Wash. 26 32 RALPH PARKER-Head Coach F. A. DRY4Assistant Coach The Daily Oklahoman proclaimed Coach Parker the 6'Coach of the Weekw after our sensational victory over Central. The Tribune selected him as 6'lVlan of the Monthw for November. With these fellows to pilot our .team next season, look out, Tulsa, we,re out to get that championship! I 9 .. .M JOHN COOPER-Fullback Senior . . '-'f:5:,'. 521'-57 :w L Sr Q -' .f 1, Hgggfit 5 Q , t an--f" . L, KK K - .'--'jgielf .f , MEKKK-f -new 154255253552-:Kf 135159151 .1553 - rr' . Q-ffziiit: -, f L S-ff :ent , nga :'s'7lQKiiS'l7-2al.1'- W? -V ilk? V f f :-xiii?-fff,' ' 'fU5iQ7.f?t', -3- , Liiifiifii- f L5 rs . N25 1Ei's65:.I, fff::fv1e-'gm-.f-fffef:fm . --uieiff .-we .-.f-:2ief'?h1s'?z:eik?k5r:fm-w-gfgw...1.-gwitfszs-:lf1.vgtggqg:,f.Q1-'ft wg?-e.sp:zgft,,.y gf Ie Qflttfftigfiaeiiatalle-itK t w 2 2 fy f im-MSTQ1 713215232i-.5.2f,f42u,iwggf21fs1i'fffifvlemgffi1f-1"?efwf22w1'fi1fsfi,miz.f.114-i1'22f+9s,1si-I212:23-timekiiieuefv,fifwlf-liiw fwffii iv ti 'Z'ffiitf'te"' Myi3ffwzMHf5ffE51K3:KKw.-K s sig,-ve,f,,,.iyw,K:zgi,-1f.,gqm,,2f.1 f ,?.-it-Iwi-f'swif:Sa?.Sw,a5Qu.22ssezsi:fr-'ffm .,. . Q Q K lb + M.. v ...,,,.,.tX7... K 1,,,,5,s-KK,..Ke-., ,, K K .,eE,fg5Kgg,etMgs,,,,f35fg,W,9r9'g,K,S as teaft'-.,..,1,i5.it. K, , K '-'limi '- '1".se1eS1 W-ffsfa:,..ssE3Qg5il:tsf21Qs.igg?1sas-'gfvgai' 5555219322: 45 , f 'fl:i7':" ' 'ii'-59: L lik-5459 .fiiiir-vz..' 7 ', 'f35l??5k'F.5,l.LS5Toz 'f5A'f'Y:?3'i'A:JE5i,.. 3571. f. . , H., ' -H - ' Herz V -V frfsikiixsi 9 w .K,gj1K5g:-,p - 'Ke -,,K W... . f V K -f-iii' . e'fefrNsgi9:a,i?if51g - 111.14 l-ini. f--fs . . .2217 ,. KKK .t ts t W s,tg1.s-it-21.4 E?.fwzz431f,,azr, '.:,stzs r-e'2,',.f sf, ,veew12iQ.422224'SwQA'KJZvsVffii?-ffiei Slss-:exif V q r. - ay .if - Q A ' rifi252aif ff? K . . ZE f ' .Mg Q' A :2:.,...'h J I i w, K . f X ' .Q ws. ff , .. , , . K... . ., K. K, rf 1 it S. t we sy ,eu f . ,M . -.- rKw.w-if.,1f.-Wet, :.f:w-is w af seg' .wg 115154. ,Wfisxy,,g1gg-ge,,.u,gag..7 , . - Y-i2,f.:1,.q.. ' ,. gfftwsgksg an-119' I - W . 1 h-" -' -- 7 . - ' f - - . 1 f1.:w.-gg. wv.fa'1 K! . K ., ' W e W ,,- W WIKKYYM .K KKKKK KK KK 4Vk K K., K K K, K KK KK K!-' ,x s -, KKK .KK K .W s iii .7 f I .-:let .KK K, . V-.gi . -r ,gg g,. KN if Q M K . .ig- KK ,K K 'fig -iv . ,. .. i x' Y A me . X 3 f ff. 4, Q or 'tw if 5 li "' t in 3 M 0 K K' KK H is 1 3 Y is . , 1, . I V " 9 if if- is ' 5 13' Amex . 3 K Tami' KK.. lliil W is ' rw if W . .gl X .,. 1 li Q . X 1' Y ff L fn w . - fr an 4 K K K K f t gngwew 3-l?itl2fEi,g? . .,55s VS S - , Egg 52 rs. 5, we ft Q i if 3 K' gala? X 4 Q W 1 it S ms Y Q Q 2 ,Q K K 5 an 1 , ,Q fe Y' , a 'VHF ls lj et. - f 'R KK, ,yy X Q' fi 1 : Q- . di 4 X 6 Q Q. . KKKKK K ,, -, K KQK KKKK K , K - KK K . . . Ka ..- .K ,te K . K. . . K K KKKK , -KKK., x K . gf , W. -R . -gm KK K e, ,K . -- .ik . KWKKK, eo W . f h ,KKKQK ,KK 1 K , :.-i K W , KK,, new .wx 4, ,J ,W not 3 " .. K, , . K - ' A sf' .... K V f ' K X vw- M , K. Klffyzf- , , t J. 'il In "" ' V ' A M. l . X, . f ' ---- 1 " K .fra . 3. . ,Kg fm, N eg.. .,.,MKKK.,. w s, , , . .K .. Q.. .. , , , Eltmfwsff.. - sei, TF? vi:-KQKJ-r'1f KM Q M-1 nw we' . N-12am tw M Kiss- K wwf HRW N" mug 4 Q-MJKKU,-is W 2 ,,K!K..,,,,. ,fa .. 9 up A H' Q 'Wal K 3 If y a m4"l'!'f"'1s 'ill 'J kill' was 4 , i Q t X ff ,KK A -4- ,5 'ik sf r lf K K 1 4 K? SKK Cf- Q' K ri , gig vt I R x s is, as 'HF I v 4 'D H J . 5 we , if S x f Q x 4, f VB fix ll at 1 ' Q - f st L W- rt t .t ' t. W K I. Q 4 -if , 4 x f N ,H R, 1 Q + at , Q 6 K 5 W 'Fare I L 5 2 31152 x f N ff A 1 5 1 , t f .K t ef Ee ff at if et f K .. Q K .f , . . ge 5 f . K , Q3 W ft K . M' 'f elf' i 3 .I lf' A it t 'Q M K 'K M 5 Qi' ,tw J' 3 as , ,KKK + , , ,, -f I .f is KK, . 'K as f 'Q' Q t i 4' 1 ' 4 M gi if if ga F . Ep .S P! :iff 5' ' I K iw 's it ' A if KKK - 1 , K wifi-gr Z 'Lg + ,hgyf ,fig f. Q , Q X, in sr , , fr K 1 , 4: Q. .r We M 1 i ' we bf W Q , 54124. K fig Q:S1,5f,, , H. .. Stag, fi felis 92 'VV fi f, .K . ff ,t.,, i"f, , . NP K ',s.'m",2' f ' " ' ew- rf' f g imr - f e e 2.1 -W 4 A if Jagq rt gf - 5 . " 115 ,M Vp Y 1 Kg . .. 5 ' K . -, I 'K ' " " ' 1 1 W ? f 2' 2 A -. ' , , - 2 51 : 11 A if f We 5 time ff -1 r MMS 'Q . K to Aiea at K '1 fiat 'ft' W " -. W FOOTBALL WY' TEAM-Of the boys who lettered in football this year, the following will he back to carry the Eagle banner for 1958-59: Juniors-Ken White, Ronnie Weiszman, Lindsay Perkins, Nickie Gay, ,lim Seihold, Tom Webb, Tom Crawford, lVlary Whitaker, Chuck Miller, John Turner, and two Sophomores-Torn Dupree and Ted Larkin. Edison had more boys on the all-city team than any other school in town. They were: Tom Webb, Kenny White, Bob lVlcAlpine, and Larry Young. We are all grateful to them for the glory they brought to our school and for the wonderful thrills we all shared as they chalked up one victory after another. I79 MARK WHITAKEH-l.eft 'llackle Junior NICKIE GAY- -Right Halfliack junior l5ll.L lllfC.-NN---Riglit Guard Senior I NF E Al EATS DUGIN'S10-YARD n I -I mn nic nfs n IN FINAL MINUTES The Statistics: Rogers Edison First downs ........ .... l 1 11 Yards rushing , .... .... 2 '23 68 Yards passing . ....... 5 174 Passes attempted .... 5 29 Passes intercepted by .. 2 1 Fumbles lost , ...,...... 4 3 By FRANK WALL A 10-yard field goal by guard Bill Dugin provided the necessary margin for the Edison Eagles to notch their fourth consecutive tri- umph Friday night with a 16-14 decision over the Will Rogers Ropers before a thrilled crowd of 6,000 fans at Skelly Stadium. With less than four minutes to play in the final quarter and trail- ing 14 to 13, the Eagles drove to the Ropers 2-yard line but could not crash the stubborn de- fensive Roper forward wall. After the Ropers kicked out of danger, White's accurate throwing arm began to hit the target to bring the ball back into scoring posi- tion. With a fourth down situation on the Ropers 10-yard line, Dugin was called to demonstrate his ac- curate toe. Despite a difficult an- gle, Dugin split the goal posts with the necessary three points and an assuring margin for vic- Tliis golden foot ol Bill Dugan should be given creclit for winning the niost exciting game of the year. TOM CRAWFORD-Defensive Guard Junior DAVE EUSTIS-Left Halfback Junior MAX ALUMBAUGH-Right Guard Junior EDISON SURPRISES BULLDOGS WHITE DASHES FOR 2 TAIIIES IN EAGLE TRIUMPH The Statistics: F. 0. First downs ....... .. 15 lil Rushing yardage ..,.166 181 Passing yardage .... 78 0 Passes completed . 7-ll 0-4 Passes intercepted by 0 1 Punts and average,..3-38 3-12.3 Fumbles Inst ,....... 0 2 Yards penalized ..... 43 45 By TOEEEAUGH Tulsa World spoils whim- The Edison Eagles came of age in the football wars with a 24-19 upset of the Okmulgee Bulldogs before 3,500 fans at Skelly Stadium Thursday night. Headlines such as these brought unsurpassed pride to the hearts of all Edison supporters. The past yearls games will long be treasured memories. Edison 's Early Grid Arrival tartles Coach, Cheers Fans By BILL CONNORS Tulsa World Sports Writer BEFORE the season opened, Coach Ralph Parker won- dered if his Edison team, in its second year of major competi- tion, would win a game. After four stunning weeks, the Eagles own a 4-0 record, loom as the city champion, and have set off a cascade of enthusiasm among their followers, who have enou h treasured memori ' . 'S . ef' Qwest QR . 0 Q9 Q35 Qs QQ 860 A YY Q9 qs xt A YN E offset any pitfalls the i may hold. R"'m' TOM WEBB-Center Junior KENNY WHITE-Quarterback Junior CHUCK MILLER-Right Tackle Junior Emson scoors PAST cENmAL, 16-7 After this momentous date, we were no longer called, ulfdison Babiesf' I but, fquoting our opponentsl, ufiouthside lntelleotualsfl CITY GRID POWER .llfVI SElBOLDvFullback Junior TED LARKlNARight Guard Sophomore RONNIE WEISZMAN-Linebacker ,lunior MB77 FOOTBALL TEAM-This year our 'CB7' SCHEDULE football team had a very successful season. Under the fine coaching of Bill Grove and Walter Barham, we came out on top of our opponents with a 5-l-1 record for the season. Our only loss was with the Muskogee squad, whom We will be out to get next year. Our team was composed mostly of sopho- mores. Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison ' 2 0 6 Broken Arrow ..,,,,,,,,,. 7 Berryhlll ,,,.., ,,,,, Rogers .Y,,,,,,,s,,. ...fr Central ,,,,.,,.,....,,, ,,,, Muskogee ,,,,.ssss,s. ,Y.. 2 1 Webster ..s...,ss,, rrrf 0 Central ,,..... .fff 0 I 83 Q Q E M M2 GARY PILCHER STEVE HOPE STEVE MacKENZIE Coach TOM HURST BOB BUCK DAVID INKSTER RAY BUSCH CHUCK RAMSAY JIM BOSWELL JERRY PRATHER 64644 Dec. Dec: LL'i 2 0 dison lan. 7 dis0n J an. Jan. dison Jan. 'AA 17 dison Jan. 21 A alison Jan. 2459-Edison Jan. 28gEclis0n Ian., 34j15iEdis0n Feb. Edison Feb. 7j'FYdison. Feb. l dis0n Feb. 1 Edison Feb. l8Q12Edison Feb. Zllffklildison Feb. ,252-5EldiS0n' Feb. Cushingyg Centrallulfl Sand Springgjj Okmulgee? Sapulpa Vg Fi'b.,: WebsterQ-Q- Will Rogers5'1 lVluskogee95" Bartlesville 'D D Central 9-7 B. T. Washingtonfi Sand. .SpwiYfQisg34! Okmulgee! 'Z Sapulpagfi' Will Rogergfv Muskogeeffj BartleSVille,Q8'9- BILI DOUGLAS GARY FLYNN RAY HEATH 2 "2" mm Our Basketball MB" Team was composed of Sophomores under the expert direction of Coach Bill Grove, who was assisted hy Mr. Ron Easley. From left to right, they are, first row: Coach Grove, Van Smithen, Billy Shanks, ,lerry Wilson, Manager Tommy Dupree. Second row: Torn Mach, Weldon Sudberry, Kiefton, Wilson, Jerry Shockley. Third row: Don Leka. Charles Goss, Larry Mansur, Phil Fruge, and Johnny Bumgarner. Wlhen We Went to press, their record for the year was 6 wins and 7 losses. With this year's experience. these fellows should be full-fledged Eagles next year. l88 y -zedlcbzg Wrestling began on its usual optimistic note at Edison as the team started work-outs on October 15, 1957. Lettermen coming back for this yearls competition were PAUL WALTERS, TOM WEBB, DENNIS HARDEN, and CHARLES EAVES. A large group of sophomores took up the slack and with the help of a couple of juniors the team was fairly well balanced, although very green and inexperienced. The first match was with our cross-town rival, Central, and we were defeated by one of Centrals finest teams, 24- to 12. Our next competition was in the Bristow tournament and while the team didn't place, we had three boys place third. They were DENNIS DUTSCH, PAUL WALTERS, and TOM WEBB. Webster was next, and we dropped a thriller by the score of 17 to 14, the heavyweight match breaking a tie to give Webster the victory. Edison finally got in the win column on December 20 when they defeated Oklahoma City Harding 241 to 8. After the holidays our first competition was the Rogers Ropers and they poured it on to win 24 to 6. Central and Edison met the second time in the Central gym and when the dust settled the score was the same as the first match, 241 to 12. We then traveled to Oklahoma City Capitol Hill and picked up our second win by a 22 to 15 score. January 24 and 25 meant the opening of the first annual Edison lnvitational Wrestling Tournament. Eight teams participated and that list included, Central, Rogers, Webster, Perry, Oklahoma City Northwest, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, and host Edison. Although the Edison team finished fourth, being beaten out of third by three points, individually the wrestlers did a fine job. Every one of the Edison wrestlers placed and Won himself a medal. After the tournament we met Rogers and gave them a bad scare before finally succumbing 19 to 13. It was one of our most exciting matches of the year. The most exciting was when we went to Sapulpa and defeated a previously unbeaten team for our third win of the season. This was a real squeaker as the final score was 18 to 17. The final week of the wrestling season Edison had two matches and proved it was a vastly improved squad by defeating Bristow 22 to 11, and Chilocco 21 to 13. On February 21 and 22 the wrestling team entered in the Regional Wrestling Tournament at Webster High School. The season record for the Wrestling Eagles was 5 won and 5 lost. We're still looking optimistically to the future. ff A A Hg L WALTER MATTESON PAUL WALTERS CHARLES EAVES 167 lbs. 129 lbs. 147 HN u gi-lc-u sfyf fl?-1 if-A, X Y? ,,,, A554 L, A My JJ: 7'5 f KFESQA in was am JACK , N NSHH. JACKQO NMNNM HAEEY FRY DENNIS DUTSCH TED LARKIN 140 lbs. lbs. 114 lbs. JOHN GOODEN GALAND KRAMER DENNIS HARDEN 135 lbs. 122 llw. 135 llms. We are extremely proud of our swimming team. They have hrought honor and glory to the name of Edison this year in the form of some very exciting swimming meets. Our student body was thrilled with our victory over Coffeyville. It was their first loss to an Oklahoma team in twelve years. Under the wonderful guidance of Coach Ross, our team has been victorious many times. Naturally we are looking ahead to the state meet with great enthusiasm. l . L, , , X K 4 COACH IFOSS -1 pumavnqmavcs .qqpnulunn fy - -- www mam -wma 2555252 ' 2, 1456-14 ' CARL ZAHN has the distinction of being the first Edisonite to win an All American title for us. His wonderful record brought him to the atten- tion of the swimming coach at Annapolis, and resulted in his receiving an appointment to the academy. Below are some of the records set hy Carl: State High School 100 yard Breast stroke-59.2 150 lndividual Medley-1:37.2 All-City Records 100 yard Breast stroke-1:00.11 Pool Records fEdisonj : 100 yard Butterfly-59.2 120 yard lndividual Medley-1112.2 National Award in 100 yard Breast stroke 1955 All-American 100 yard Backstroke 1957 ' Kxiiaelkl They look as if they could take off and fly. The boys had a long way to go in this race, but students got out there and fought for them all the way. You can tell by the win over Central we made a big splash. 'rn -4. .. , Q.. . K ' ff' X f - f- -i :itz i -' '--- I r- f-, gf" :V H .. .qt , ,-Zigi. - fi- V f .,-1. f ' 3 -V it 1 ',- . L - - 2 '- . sg i E 1 EQ T 1 Ee W V ' 'u 6 . 1 5 T' it s ' T T 5 , p...e is we f X or T 1 i -1 ., 5' V. f 1 K ,f', , if ' . . ' .i - ' ' M 5 'Z A A ' ftllslg l tl , 2 113- V I -5 J! . . , f. , sf.. , "' is P, - li ' -- 2 - 1 . 1' 'il Qftiie.. I : " ' 3 - V , V 3 U ,llu L . ,, V t pk g. . I V, t A A Q ,.., ,Q - . 4' , . fs ft f- f , , gg. . , - A I., Vi. H ""fg-s4ff-fse - ,, " 1 y i ",' . it Q... M Y 4 ' m , . if - V fi T' r ' ...H J . he g 5 l i W"A is K V. E ,k,. . . E. gi Q f it ,J .. f i 1 3 f if . . ' ia.. V A fig .. 7. at ' g - A g 1 ' A Qfiijfg - 2 .15 be . ig i it -. 'if ' if .ea W 3. . ', 'ix - K V- xt "Q-.'.rf-i,...,,i, W. .,.. ':-'..1- '?.few..:a.,- ,,.. wail? : ii xt 'if fi .: .,,, ,f.,M,,,. wufi'1 .f,, ' - - " .,-. I 2 ,. 3 , 1 I .V 'k" ii I 5 , W kk . iii I i f I J. fkyy K .V ,, a i , . - ' W- 1: " t A-L' W , f .33 X P . X ' , , i f .V We are proud to say that V " I lif flr be :f :5'2'.iZ'. ' WZ if iift- '-1 if" , f: ':' . K 2-21 'n r " ' k'L ' ,I " :.':- P 'ie 1?t,Q3j-V . B. Vt, X fr 5 - ,", y , Q A ,T S gig 5: W. , our Cross-Country team fm- .F f 1- ft 1: i A T1 'F E, 5 AQ -. t 6. i 'iii K -2' V. f f' ' ' . gf., . .tf faf -t' , . . . tif - fi Z-ll L . 1 ' . 5 -. 'f ii 1? V: ished in third place statewise .. I Q A-rg ,age A . 'G . .5 ' g X 5, 5 si if ,.i.,j: :Q t . . , vi: -3 ff 12: . .V gr- Q 5 L , - , , and was victorious many times. ' ty- ' A -.ii - f 1 ' f i 1. - xl .t .9 7 .,-. t ' ' it - ,.. 5575 p 7. P 4 4 ' ll ' 9 Q T g 5 Althou h several of their meets were cancelled because of rain, our Track Team was trium hant in the three com leted gt 1 - . ' . meets. They tromped Washington 71-4-6 and Webster 54-44. In a tri-meet the score rounded out with Edison 47, Webster 46, and Sand Springs 24. We also competed in the Regional and Conference in the fields of running, relay dash, hur- dles, pole vault, shot-put, high jump, broad jump, and discus throwing. 1 M-use Edisoifs first golf teani lie- gan its matches early in the spring. Their coach is Mr. Robert Carner. There are ten members of the team. The four lettermen pictured are: Tom Bruce, Jim Tngrain, David Livingston, and Charles Kothe. This was the first year that Edison had a baseball team. With all new equipment and uniforms, the victorious three times and defeated four. Only seven of the ten scheduled games were played due weather. We also took part in the Regionals. Baseball had twelve le-ttermen this yt-ar. V, ff fkf- ,. ',,. ,-:w.a,,,5 in ' .1 - W5 .mi K V H , we , ,.., it ' +55 1 ttyitt ef- V X ' T' as E , t is Q, E Mg Q! ,f,m,,t., v df T r fi' - 1 s W ., is ai Eagles were to the had V RV :: to ,:1.'i'1Ei2. l35ii6issgSm i i ,.,? sjQff+f 'f V . ,.., 4-0 lf, we-ff K V it - aw W 5 im' V' 7 I Sr ' K 'H an v Q n , is P t ln! it 5 . f K CTMWIVJUIES T f Q I O 0 DINO .,AMY L, , , .7 ,,, ,L MR. SHERIDAN , ,, SHIRLEY WALLACE ,LLL,,,, JACKIE 7,,LL7A.,7LLL,,,AL, ,MLLL MISS HAINES ,L,,L , MR. MANDEL 7LL,, DANNY 7, 7,,,, ., STEVE 77,S, SYLVIA ,L,I.,, DELLA ., ,, PAT ,LL7, BEA ,LS,, ,L ,.LS7.,,,LL...7, TONY FALCARO LLA.,L, MR. FALCARO LSSS,A, MRS. FALCARO SSL,L MRS. MIKULA ,7,S. . SS,, FIRST YOUNG GIRL S7,.,, Efr.. . SECOND YOUNG GIRL EXTRAS SS7.S77S..SS. I SS.7SS.SS, .. "DIN0'7 funior Class Play Jerry Goodrich Danny Staudt Sandra Groh .loe Ieanne Rose Gloria Griffin Bob Bascom Bonnie Fouts Phil Atkinson Paula Adkins Dana MacDonald , Marilyn Towry Phyllis Bury Joe Porter 7 Allan Kornfeld Cynthia Beard Mary Frances McMillian Sally Sims Linda Christ Davis Metcalfe and Burdette Blue maamanmmsmtmzmmfwasww, -'MMWW faalawffwmwwtswwmqs:Q ,w.wm:..-.,- .,.. ffI--Q-.n,u,.msa,.J,-I...wawmv UYOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOUH Senior Class Play PENELOPE SYCAMORE ,M .,,,,,,,vK,,. Janene Candle ESSIE ,,,,,ffff,,..,,,,,,,,,,... ,,,,,, , W .,,,,,, Judy von Daler RHEBA .,..f . ,.,..,,,,,,,....,4,,,,, ,,,,,, S andra Smyth PAUL SYCAIVIORE ,.,.. ,.,,,, Tom Irwin MR. DE PINNA ,,,,..,., ,,,,.,,, D on Randall ED CARIVIICHAEL ..,..,,,, ,,,.7. C harles Trimble DONALD W ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,,,,, ,,,7. , l,7., B ill Hunter MARTIN VANDERHOF ,,.,,,, ,,,,,,, A ncly Bartlett ALICE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ....,., ,,,,,,,,,,, S a lly Hartley HENDERSON .,,,,,,,,,, ,,,..l, D ick Ealkensten TONY KIRBY , .,t.,.,. ....,t,,t ,,,,,.,, M 1 ke Compton BORIS KOLENKHOV W ,,,, ..,,,,........,. A llan Bortel GAY WELLINGTON ,,,,,, , t,,,,,, Mariann Ransom MR. KIRBY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. , ,,,,,l,,,, Louis Jensen MRS. KIRBY FIRST G-IVIAN O, SECOND G-MAN ., ,, ,,,,,,,. Judy Pinion . ,.,,t,t, ,,Y,,, ..,t., N e d Best Carter Hixon THIRD G-MAN O, Charles Meek OLGA KATRINA DIRECTOR I ittt,, Ann Pickens Barbara Burke-t WW ,7'WH?f'WWA" 5m!GMiffi15"5 'U' V t -' f O I O The Christmas Ball in the ostentatious Hlce Palacei' was an overwhelming success. The in- dustrious lahor was quite evident in the decora- tions. The dance was enjoyed by all. including the smug seniors. who refused with great delight the presence of lower classmen in the Senior Corner. These beaming. persistent. eager. and alert faces helped us to place first in the city-wide school contest and to assist Edison in displaying another one of her outstanding facets. We not only believe in studying good citizenship. we believe in prac- ticing it. This is one of the many busloads of the cheerful, bubbling students who attended the Springfield game. Their anticipated excitement was fulfilled by Bill Dugan, who kicked a field goal in the last seconds of the game. Edison won by one point. Thank you, Bill! Y . School spirit is carried throughout the day by each student in almost every activity in which he participates. This does not exclude lunch time just before a big game. This is our Victory Flag which the senior class designed, made, and presented to the school. One of the great Edison thrills is to feel that one has had a part in making its flying possible. 0 I 0 Our bonfire burned out, we lost our game to Webster, but our school spirit didn't die. We used Hhexesw most effectively on our op- ponents this year. Rolled up pants legs, rolled up socks, and freakish hats worked like miracles. No doubt, such school spirit as this helped a little, too. Now that extra added attraction We promised . . . Mr. Jack Knippa, Cheerleader Supreme! He is faithfully carrying out the sentence pro- nounced by the homeroom Winning the Junior play ticket sales contest. I 0 O Do you notice any resemblance to Span- ky? Mr. Dohelhower, your homeroom should have won that contest! Aren't y'all a little hit too old to he play- ing with dolls, even if it is in French class? 5' ,, it rgfus. e Uir and a Pepl r A D' l 5' . . . the downfall of the athletic program! lf you are in a hurry to get to class, you can always slide down the hannister. Larry McCurry and Bob Perkins are two of the hardest working boys in school. Larry is always first to volunteer the services of his truck free of charge for school activities. Happy inust h a x ci in a ml fl u 4-onvincing spovvli ln-vaiisvi hw was vlcctvll Social flhairrnun of tht- Sophomore vlass. This was our ex- change assembly with Rogers in which synt- hols of the schools we-re Pxfltanged as a sign of sportsmanship. Th 6 i r spurs arv in our show- case to rc-minml students of our victory o ver the-in. I I O ,Wm Rig -. ff 4 'JN Phil Zenor is show- ing Bob Perkins one of the Inany postors he has drawn, displaying school spirit. Phil has made students aware of the unity of our school through his art work. You can telll hy looking at the dr-lighted exprossions on the F05 Of Ihvff? .lllrlior High students that their dance- was a ugr' success. X' Wlithout the stage'- craft hoys the shows Couldn't go on. Thvv have Certainly done a wonderful jo h undvr Hr, Dave Crowf'll's nh- rm-fction. I O I Pat Franklin was crowned Band Queen hy band president, C. F. Mega-c-, while the hand and Liberty Belles formed a huge heart with Cupid's arrow shot through the reenter, Attendants n rl pit tured were Lee Clark and Carol Hulsman. Our first Miss Edison, Bethie Rollins, entered her reign during an unforgettable ceremony in our auditorium. She was crowned under the symbol of our school, the mighty eagle. Members of the court were left to right: Lorraine Pratt, Ted Larkin, Bonnie Creekrnore, John Turner, Sally Hartley. Don Daxis, Steve MacKenzie, Queen Bethie, Don Randall, Bob McAlpine, John Cooper, Sandra Werre. Kenny White. Marty Maddux, Lindsay Perkins, and Jerry Lipe. Her Majesty's trainbearers were Katy and Sally Martin. . 0 t o sys., Wm., , ws fr' Approximately two years ago four boys with a desire to sing formed their own quartet. The members of the 'LDukes" are Tom Mason, Dale Parkey, Maury Lawson, and Mike Edwards. The name of the group is the product of many hours of deliberation, and the final title was approved as the HDukes" hy all. They have appeared on school talent assemblies, at dances, at various dinners, at two of the other schools, and on television. Sarah Elise Dixon and Don Leka have comprised a piano duo which has been heard many times at Edison over the past three years. They have played in assemblies and in other school functions such as television programs. O O O To the right are the four lovely swimming queen candidates: Patty Ham- mond, Suzy Campbell, Anita DiGiacomo, and Linda Johnson. The final ballots revealed Suzy Campbell as the lucky girl. Phyllis Bury who was crowned 1958 Wrestling Queen, is shown here with Jan Smith, escorted by Denis Harden. Her Majesty was escorted by Walt Mattson. Donna Kindley by Tom Webb, and last year's queen. Judy Jett, by Happy Fry who is not shown. Ronnie and Ralph Jett were the train bearers. Thanks, Gals! Youive clone a wonderful job of promoting our spirit this year. We all appreciate your efforts to promote enthusiasm and good sportsmanship at each and every event at which you appeared. 208 ff IM UA I' , Lac! V -..WDTL A b H16 W T !7'6tZ'dQ'Zdf,644 F X , "!f fl ,0 Q916 , ' Nj A ff? 009, Y' ff ff? f 'AMMJKST5 yfagff JVM P555 ! Pf QM? if yfwdzi S 2-ZZ Q, ZZAVQ 44,941 'Z f- , P QQMQ RJ T'-f fyfgjyffcj fww J. Vfwl ,i I I ,yfvfjfppflw-L Loaf-LMI' :M Wm Wim 000 MWWM 'W Q26 ffyffffv QQ 5 R N H gil 0Sf?fQ A XXX xR'x.RA N , M ,.,. , P Fr 1, Jew!" M' X3 A, HU ,f9f77L ,KQV 2444507 NPR Wx 0, ,woijxd KNO v if fQA'w .f f ,Ji WU A ', W W QM fl fu if f L !?1JML QVZMJ 777 CL X i S - X m fy ,M vA. v 'Nw MNA XX my i Wit! Wwgiiif' JXP ,, 5361 b WC Wi Q if w :Xe 0' U6 QQ M N I Jfgfm cf' 50N f ,wwf ' ', if t QNYXQ A X M , ff f4Y, j QM , E ? ' 5 M f'L 4f1W!A'4 JW, PFA K f V ' f'q :,.: X ff f, vplv 1 K ef ffp+f'B Q ' ssc. and , . X QRS.: ' pig! . Emi Q MMSJXBXWWW , W A ,QWMIZ My 9 vw -1 x Lfiatagmpda Y 2? U M ff' f f 7 -- ' Cf. P laflfff' 1, ' ,lfysyi ,'V!V Jr: - 'G iff 'W gd' MMM E M fm: if ' 74 M! N -Q 5 X1 by W WM f ' 2 f"' ' - A ,QW Wbx- XM M f gf M wwfffff Q WQEQWL M, - I OV We Q D 2, at h 4. N .4 tr: 1 UW. iff , S F3 V A ' 'Eb of: .4557 1 fx 'L-, N' I .Q .Q , sb G9 gf, vw X.: ,J ., A 0, , Q an 1: I. NX ff N. QYEL5, 0 s V M s - 'N mb A sg? X My ik ci n Atkv 5 M I A 3 Q12 Ab N Q ' bzgqfg FU , L ' ji ,126 JC' -N153 mx! C X , A ' , ,N V '11, f' Q R? fy pg QAM' f-QIQQMW QA ,, "LW 233,522 FQ z4aZa9m,b54 1 ,:..,. ff.c,Anx-- C X 1 f S D 1 gww igwqgjialafv Us di: 2 lx SQ ": 'ff!'1wf --' lf UN Lb- ,WL Swdbf-lb fi 2 Z2 E' 4 if of-1 I Jlfuvqf '7Z7-sa, Offer- 2gzw'vfl3.z.a7 2 2LiiQE5i,gtW fi? 43 if J ff 55 235 E325 S53 Q3 iiwi W S253 Q5 VESSS fgatdgzdpk MJ A f Q Zrvggna b fffglqywvi MAe"'A' Q,?LxgJf4 A5 Wf W W W5 Ovlgpffif M7 , C57 W MQW QF' 53, ti V0.5-8 Qs f X pp Q3-Q? C126 Becta. R fi 5 if My C, 9355523 X my W W Q ffalagmph J 665 ig? fh P 4' '7 JL j Halagmpid ffatagm LITHOGRAPHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. The Best Yearbooks me TAYLORVMADE Wiww WWF DALLAS - TEXAS 1

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