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 f A l r jy p1 ■- V Xty ' iV K i 2 i r KEDISON TOWNSHIP WISH SCHOOL EDISON, NEW JERSEYPOR£WORJD Charlie Brown has a timeless philosophy. Through simple, child like statements and actions he and his friends convey deep, universal truths. Their words reveal at once the wisdom of experience and the naive- te of youth. Rebellious and individualistic minds are able to read into Peanuts’ words, ideals which harmonize with their own. They realize the seriousness of these years, yet have the ability to laugh at their own awkwardness. In the pages that follow Charlie Brown and his Crew will help us to remember the diverse experiences we have shared in these past years. We, trailing close be- hind the Crew, acknowledge the true meaning of what Happiness Is . . .67812AW MATER Dear Alma Mater, hear us as we lift our voice in song. To pay our tribute to the school we’ll love forever long. Inside the classroom, on the field, success we won’t deny We praise thee and we’ll always honor our dear Edison High. So Hail Alma Mater; shine bright O’ Red and Gold Thy precepts we’ll cherish, throughout the many years untold. And when we join thy sons and daughters this is what we’ll sigh, We’ll e’er remember all you’ve taught us. Hail to Edison High. words 1))' Winston Hughes music by Frederick whitman 13dedicationi ... to Charles A. Boyle, former principal of Edison Township High School, who led us loyally in many ways and enriched our high school life through confidence, ability, and enthusiasm. . . as Peanuts might say: “You’re a good man, Charlie Boyle.” The graduating class of 1968, with appreciation and gratitude, dedicates this year’s Talon to one who merits our deep admiration and respect.15ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 16A.BOARD OF EDUCATION RICHARD W. JACO Assistant Superintendent JOSEPH M. RUGGIERI Superintendent CHARLES A. BOYI.E Assistant Superintendent 18 L to R: Herbert Mathiason; John J. Chizmadia; Joseph M. Ruggicri, Superintendent; Stewart A. Schodcr, President; John J. Anderson, Vice President; TTiomas J. McEvoy, Secretary; Arthur W. Price; John TTiomas, Assistant Secretary.AD UfNfSTRAnON DR. JOSEPH A. KRESKEY Principal PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Increasing numbers of responsible American citizens are speaking out with concern regarding the need for high quality education. We are reminded that the strength and vitality of a free society depend on the quality of the people and we know that such quality is the result of more than inheritance and home environment; it is as well the result of education. Traditionally, graduation from high school signifies the completion of one’s basic educational programs. Yet, whether you pursue some form of higher education or move directly into the world of work, you will soon realize that the concept can no longer be accepted that a person has acquired in his first eighteen years or so the education he needs for a lifetime. The increasing demands and opportunities of our scientific and technological society—a society characterized by an accelerating rate of change make obsolete such a concept. Today, graduates from high school must expect to face a lifetime of continuing education—They must be prepared to cope with such challenges as learning new vocational and professional skills several times during their lifetime. They must accept the challenge to utilize fully their intellectual capacities in a never ending search for new and more satisfac- tory solutions to the problems which beset mankind—In short, high school graduates must keep abreast of our changing world so that we remain its master and not become its slave. As you complete your high school education, then, I sincerely hope that each of you have cultivated a receptivity to change and have accepted the concept that lifelong learning is the most important implication of our modern-day society —Good Luck. C. JOSEPH MASSER Vice Principal 19ENGUSW ARNOLD LaMAESTRA Rutgers University, M.S. KATHLEEN OOMPTON Monmouth College, B.S. JOHANNA PUMA Paterson State College, B.A. ANDREW BROWN VINCENT J. CAPRARO Grambling College, B.S. Upsala College. M.A. 20 PATRICIA DUCHAK Georgian Court College, A.B.JULES DAMIANI Salem College, A.B. PETER CAMPBELL, Chairman Rutgers University, M.Ed. MARGARET CLARK George Washington University, M.A.Ed. JOSEPH KOSLICK Kings College, A.B. GERALD KERRIGAN Trenton State College, B.A. ELDA SCOTTI Douglass College, B.A. JAMES OLIVER Columbia University, M.A. MAC FARLAND SHACKELFORD College of William and Mary, B.S. 21 SOCIAL STUDIES FRED R. KUZMA Newark State College, B.A. FRANCES MALLEY Fordham University, B.S. LOUIS LONC Bloomfield College, B.A. HENRY TALARSKY State College, Bloomsburg, B.S. 22 PAUL NUZZO, Acting Chairman University of Western Kentucky, B.S. ROBERT SOFKA Rutgers University, Ed.M. M ALBERT P. KLEIN Trenton State College, B.A.SOCIAL STUDIES ROBERT W. WIMMER Scion Hall University, A.B. MARGARET JACOBSON Douglass College, B.A. CLARENCE JOLLY. JR. Knoxville College, A.B. JAMES O LEARY Duke University, A.B. THOMAS HYE Wavnesburg College, B.A. 23 william h. Morrz Muhlenberg College, Ph.B. ROBERT PATSK A NICK Rutgers University, M.Ed.PMVgfCAL EDUCATION EDWARI) J. PRIMKA Rutgers University, M.Ed., Adm. ROBERT COWARD West Chester State College, B.S. KENNETH A. CARKHUFF JR. Rutgers University, B.S. OLLIE E. SMITH, Chairman Rutgers University, M.Ed. ELIZABETH W. KERR West Chester State College, B.S. PENELOPE M. AULD Slippery Rock State College, B.S. FRANKIE REDD. Trainer Physical Therapist KEN PACACH Rutgers University, B.S. CAROL JENSEN Trenton State College, B.S. CONSTANCE DREYER Jersey City State College, R.N., B.S. CHRISTOPHER CUSSIS. Athletic Director Boston University, Ed.M.FOREIGN LANGUAGES ELVIA FERRER Wagner College, B.A. HAROI.D JARVIS St. Peter's College, A.B. ? ja nein nicht aucJi ucd EDITH VONOCZKY Middlebury College, M.A. ANNE CHERNICK, B.A. University of Manitoba ERIKA HOFFMANN Queens College, B.A. HELEN KOLB AY German Charles University, Prague, Ph.D. VIRGINIA MOORE Douglass College, M.Ed. RONNA GOLDSTEIN New York University, B.S. CAR.MELLA GAITO Montclair State College, B.A. BLANCHE LAMPRAKOS Douglass College, A.B. JACK COLEMAN, Chairman Rutgers University, Ed.M. DONALD METTLER Rutgers University, Ed.M. 25QQBNCB SUSAN H. GROSS Montclair State College, M.A. RODNEY J. LEVENDUSK1 AWN! ATTIYAII Jersey City State College, B.A. New York Institute of Teclinology, B.S. M A RG A R ET C A LA MONERI Seton Hall University, M.A. EUGENE DIANNO Adelphi College, B.S. FRANK TAMN, Chairman Montclair State College, M.A. MICHAEL KAPLAN Montclair State College, B.A. DAISY C. RUSSELL Le Moyne College, B.S. GRANT W. PURSELL Rutgers University, B.A. ROBERT R. THOMPSON, JR. Texas A and I College, B.A. ANN SIGNORELLI St. John’s University, B.S. WILLIAM A. JACOBSON New York University. B.A.E,MATHEWICC CHARLES TRAVIS Jersey City State College, B.A. JAMES DiNARDO California State College, ILS. HARRISON B.A. CEORCE WILLISTON, Chairman Montclair State College, M.Ed. NANCY TERINCER Trenton State College, B.A. MARY HORNBOSTEL State University of New York at Stony Brook, B.S. ROBERT DeHANES Monmouth College, B.S. SHARON AUERBACH Rutgers University, M.Ed. RINA PAKENHAM Trenton State College, B.A. 27JAMES LYNCH Montclair State College, B.A. JOHN COE Trenton State College, B.A. ELLEN T. DONAHAY. Home Ec. Chairman Rutgers University, Ed.M. RELATED ARTS MARK SAIFF Trenton State College, B.A. MARION SURVILO Cornell University, B.S. RUTH WALSH New York University, B.S. CLETHES HARRIS Newark State College HERBERT BOPP Newark State College, B.A. CAROL RACANELLI Misericordia College, B.S. KATHLEEN S. MARTIN Salve Regina College, A.B. CLIFFORD BRICGS Newark State CollegeRElATtD ARTS TERRENCE REILLY Newark Stale College, B.A. BUENA ROSENBLOOM, Librarian Douglass College, B5.. CAROL FRY, Librarian U.C.L.A., MS. LAWRENCE A. WHITE Newark State College, B.S. WINSTON HUGHES, Chairman Trenton State College, M.A. HELEN KUCHTA Montclair Stale College, B.A. BERNARD STARK Columbia University, M.A. RUTH C. OESE State University of New York, B.S.BUSINESS DOLORES GIOFFRE Trenton State College, B.S. SHIRLEY WALTERS St. Paul’s College, B.S. EVELYN KOTCII Grove City College, B.S. HARRY THORSEN Rider College, Ed.M. RHODY JONES Immaculata College, B.S. BARBARA SKURKA Trenton State College, B.A. MARY JANE CYRUS Montclair State College, B.A. BARBARA Montclair State 30 LORETTA LEE CLEMENS Rutgers University, M.A. ROBERT POST, Chairman Rutgers University, Ed.M.GUIDANCE WILLIAM REY Wagner College, B.A. HELEN SALLITT Rutgers University. B.S. STEPHEN ACHAVES, M.Ed. Guidance Director DONALD FLOR Trade and Industrial Coordinator RUSSELL STIER Rutgers University, M.Ed. CHARLES SCHWEITZER. M.A. Director of Adult Education RUSSELL WALLACE. M.Ed. Rutgers UniversityPERSONNEL KATHLEEN MYSLINSKI Secretary DIANA LEFKOWITZ Secretary DR. CHARLES CANDEK School Physician 32 MARGARET Dc.MERS School Nurse DR. JOHN R. OROS School PsychologistNot Pictured: CONCETTA DECARO, B.A. English ANGELA M. SANSOTERA Guidance Secretary EVELYN SMOLIGA Secretary MARION A. YASENCHAK B.S. Co-operative Office Education Coordinator 33SENIORSX GO£SS HE'S G WH VP (S4 «)SAM CHARLES ABATE “Sam” ... first work, then service ... Yea, drags; down with Fords ... good times—money helps ... a little lazy, hut always happy. EDWARD ANDERSON Find "Ed" in "deep misery” at lunch- time ... wide variety of interests ... on to a higher education ... Won’t somebody fix the clocks? PAUL SHAFFICK ALESSI “Shaff” ... believer in his fellow man ... “a credit to life” as an X-ray tech- nician ... can’t get enough of football and cycles ... “Have a heart!” JOHN JOSEPH ALVATOR Considerate, cheerful ... success means a lot ... sports fill spare time ... major in math or the sciences ... ... Wow! -V WILLIAM JOSEPH AMITY “Bill” ... loves baseball and football ... 10th grade gym class ... easy to get along with ... longs for a well- paying job ... “Oh, those Sunday drivers!” 0. LINDA JEAN ANDERSON What a junior year! ... likes people ... horseback riding a favorite ac- tivity ... a smile for everyone ... “Oh, well!” ROBERT FRANCIS ANDERSON “Andy” ... dislikes dictatorship ... favorite announcement—“I’m sorry to in- terrupt, but ...” wrestling team '68 ... fun-loving ... live life and achieve your goals. 363 . jje- ' y 0 L CLYDE BAILEY "Beetle” ... Service probable in the days to come ... always willing to learn ... “I don’t know” ... believes in doing what you enjoy. .O? 1C ROBERT ERWIN BAHRUTH “Bob” ... engineering field ... happy- go-lucky ... a friend to all ... ex- pert marksman ... Where is 12-15? ... Yea, T-Birds! ... happiness—suc- cess. JEFF APTAKER A regular guy ... “All right, what’s going on here?” ... college in the fu- ture ... cherished memories of Senior Prom ... friends, friends, friends. JOSEPH J. AUGUSTINE “Augie" ... sleek dancer ... hates phonies ... sincere is what he is ... “Hey Muff!” ... remember Mr. Har- ris’s Electronics class. DONALD BAILEY “Don” ... Army khaki probably to come ... Why isn’t there more school spirit? ... charm and personality ... a welcome addition to ETHS. THEODORE J. AYOTTE “Ted” ... “Get serious,” (Him)? ... handsome, blond basketball star ... dis- gusted with people who have the ability but don’t go out for sports ... “Beat Stevens (Sigh.)’’ CECILIA ELLEN BALDWIN “Ceil” ... plans to educate young minds ... psychology, sewing and writing little poems ... unpredictable and sincere ... hopes to find true happiness ... Talon Editor-in-Chicf. 37MICHAEL BALENT “Spike" ... happy and smil- ing sports enthusiast ... loves those ETHS games ... will always cherish the memory' of the JPS defeat ... on to work. ALTHEA BANOS “Al” ... a sense of humor to keep everyone laughing ... enjoys sewing ... college definite hut career undecided ... phonics don’t rate—friends do ... “yeah, right!” REYNOLD LEO BAUER “Duke" ... enjoys getting away from it all ... dislikes people who say one thing and do the opposite ... accomplishment of ideals ... plans on becoming a chemical engineer. RICHARD BARR “Richie” ... drums, drums, drums ... hates those early morning school hours ... mu- sic and girls rate ... “always on the go." LINDA LOUISE BEA “Lin" ... full lime worker in FHA ... math wiz ... always friendly and happy ... lively man- ager of the soccer team ... “Boy!” ALEXANDER R. BELLUSCIO “Alex” ... spends most of his time with the guys at T.K.’s ... also found on the pitcher's mound ... hates phonies ... "What arc you, mental?" 38'AREN DENISE BOGNAR “Bog" ... loves that sandy beach ... hopes of entering IBM school ... sports rate high ... two-faced people— her pet peeve. STANLEY A. BLEKICKI “Gleason" ... plans a career as a commercial artist ... “What do you call this?” ... flat tires on Sundays arc out ... enthusiastic spectator at football games. THOMAS BOHANNAN “Bo” ... campus life coming ... involvement in sports is great ... basketball is tops ... quiet, unpre- dictable, a sense of humor. LAWRENCE BENN “Duil" ... what a riot lunch used to be! ... Honda man ... inter- mural basketball was fun what's too much is too much ... happy-go-lucky ... to be a legal eagle. 'o DOROTHY JEAN BOLDUC "Dot” ... active member of the Academy of Science ... synchron- ized swimmer ... foresees a sec- retarial career ... honest ... can't forget Chem with Mr. Levenduski ... “Would you believe?” ... hap- piness is all. JOSEPH DAVID BOLES Pcrsevcrcncc unlimited unique in all his endeavors ... Guidance will be lost with- out Joe ... "Fact is merely your opinion of the truth.” DIANE BOR BELY “Dee” ... believes people should try to be happy ... looking for- ward to a health career in the Navy ... on active and enthusias- tic senior. 39PATRICIA BORWECEN Never gets a close parking space ... “Sorry ’bout that!”, “Pat” ... a hostess in the clouds ... remembers Mrs. Cross's homeroom ... Live for today! AILENE NORA BROWN Always time for cooking and eating ... “If you’re gonna brag, stay out of near- ing distance” advises this glib future newscaster ... makes a hobby of writing letters to newspapers and magazines ... “You know?” DAVID M. BOWEN “Dave” ... a good job means a good life ... fills his spare time with boat- ing ... joining the Navy is probable. RICKY ALAN BROWN “Rick” ... Lights out, Curtain up! ... industrial college to follow an unfor- gettable senior year ... rarely seen without his camera ... “Oh, come on!" JANET HELEN BOYCE “Jan” ... horseback riding and sailing ... loyalty, honesty, and efficiency arc keys to a “great” and happy life ... “That’s great!’’ DONNA M. BROWrNING “Giggles" ... the world of business awaits this friendly and exciting sen- ior ... bowling, painting, and fixing cars ... “Hello dere!” CAROL BRUNO Professional hair styling is her ambi- tion ... dancing, horseback riding, sew- ing, bowling ... down with long- haired boys! ... a sense of humor ... “Oh darn!” 40 ROBERT PAUL BRUNO "Bob" ... all around sportsman ... accounting to follow college ... “What’s happening?" ... hates slow walkers ... loves being a teenager.ROBERT RICHARD BRYK “Boh" ... machinist apprentice ... smooth and dependable ... like car hut can't take those crazy drivers. DAVID BRUCE BRUSKIN “Dave” ... campus life awaits ... “Hey Ace” ... loves to snow ski and play soccer ... will always remember “the kids." RALPH BUCCI That’s it Ralph, catch the pass! ... Wow! That first victory over the Hawk! ... school spirited and athletically minded ... definite about obtaining his goals. ROBERT BRYANT “Bob" ... a guy with great manners . “The Meadow Lark Lemon” enjoys PAMELA BUCK “Pam” ... college awaits this drill team captain ... full of pep ... active in sports and GAA ... success and happiness mean most in life ... 12-15 in the Soph Hall? MARK RICHARD BULLOCK Conservative Mark ... liberalism is his pet peeve ... holds special in- terests in history and politic ... free- dom is essential in life ... college or Marines await. PATRICIA BUSBY “Pat" ... plans for IBM school ... horseback riding fills spare time ... against prejudice and those who “think they know it all” ... otherwise friendli- ness is the word. SUZANNE BUSSEY “Sue" ... E.T.H.S. Itand member ... graduation will leave fond memories ... happiness is going out with friends. 41LINDA BYRON Chic styles with a comb ... found out with the gang ... participation in school plays ... petite ... talkative ... “Oh, really?" ... can't stand com- plainer . MARGARET CALAMONERI "Peggy" ... future kindergarten teach- er ... will always remember Mom Cal's prom and the fun she had with the band ... actress only on the stage ... "Just a minute.” JOHN ANTHONY CANAVERA “John" ... army seems to be a promi- nent element in the future ... believes in having an aim in life and a sense of humor ... tennis enthusiast ... fun-loving ... “Groovy!" ... fond memories of graduation. SHIRLIE CAMP “Shirl" ... love of children prompts a career in teaching ... football and basketball games rate high ... happy-go- lucky ... cherished friendships from high school days ... a senior home- room in sophomore hall? BARBARA CANTA MESSA "Barb" ... Cross Country manager ... sewing occupies spare time ... sweet and shy ... self-centered people don’t go! ... "Oh, now what did I do?" WILLIAM R .CALDWELL "Bill" ... easy going, fun-loving guy ... life on campus ... "You’re kid- ding" ... annoyed by alphabetical ar- rangements ... loves basketball ... ded- icated Key Club member ... set your goal and then work. JOYCE CAPPELLA 12-15 in the Sophomore hall? ... busi- ness world in the future ... likes danc- ing ... slightly stubborn ... “What’s happening?” ... always prompt ... Live life to its full advantage! 42AURELIO CARBONE “Ray” ... true believer in peace ... cherished memories of Mom Cal’s chcm. class ... looks for the best in people ... interested in modern art ... “Rats!” A secretary in an airline office ... “Oh boy" ... from cheering to Talon copy editor to soccer management ... Hey, Carol what’s next? ... hates get- ting up in the morning ... happiness is talking to all sorts of people. KATHLEEN CARRADO “Kathy” has a tin ear for sour notes ... she’ll be a local collegiate student ... always time for: chemistry, year- book staff, horseback riding, and swim- ming ... “Anyone want a coke?” MICHAEL LOUIS CASTELLUCCI “Cass” ... fun-loving guy with a laugh that’s gotta go ... football and records ... honest and sincere ... doesn’t like to wait on lines ... “Beat Stevens!” ... “What the heck!” BARBARA CASTERLINE The business field for “Barb” ... lively swimmer and skater ... her policy- mind your own business ... “Right!” ... "Love, happiness, and peace of THERESA ANN CATALANO •Terry" ... business school awaits ... bossy people are out ... oh those sad eyes! ... going out with friends is important. SUSAN CLEVELAND “Sue” ... campus life next ... dis- taste for disobedience ... skiing, swim- ming, bowling, and tennis ... happy- go-lucky ... hard worker ... “Oh, dear!" ... “A true friendship is some- thing to be cherished". 43DAVID TIMOTHY COLLETTO Sing it out “Daffy” ... armed services before college ... “easy goin "... guy holds no grudges, has no peeves ... “Oh. heavens!” WILLIAM CONNOLLY “Bill” is silenced when publicly addressed ... cafeteria time again! ... weekends filled with friends, surfing, and motorcycles achievement of all endeavors. PATRICIA CONRAD “Patti” ... Annie Oakley with a baton ... horseback riding is a favorite ... she will find real hap- piness and will have the ability to know what it is. BEATRICE COYLE Put forth your best in any- thing and everything ... mod- esty and sincerity arc traits to be proud of ... enthused about all sports ... “Oh real- ly!” ... ease up in the homework. GERTRUDE CRICK “Trudy” ... hates getting up early ... “I don’t believe it” ... being with friends makes her happy ... success is everything. ROBERT DALTON Quick-acting “Bob" ... spirit- ed sprinter ... hard working to the end ... Oh no, not detention again! ... living is important to life—“What?" WILLIAM THOMAS CRISS “Buddy" ... sports broadcasting in the future ... basketball is tops ... “Yea, I know!” ... cheerful, friendly ... 8:13 is defi- nitely too early for school to start! 44MELINDA MARY DEI.AHUNTY “Mel" ... journalist-to-be ... lunch time discussions urc great ... “Good Grief!” ... always busy ... worker-plus for the Engle and senior class. cVuch ch n u(J fan RICHARD PAUL DE MERS “Rich" ... hopes for a future as a jet mechanic ... hates naggy people ... “0. K. Chief!" ... to join the Navy. SHIRLEY DENNIS “Shrilly" ... future teacher ... high-jumping cheerleader “N’cst-cc pas?” ... dislikes people without school spirit. GREGORY PAUL DE SANTIS “Boss Man" ... very shrewd when it comes to money ... a touch of mischief ... will “cook” up a re- warding future ... likes to take a gamble. PATRICIA JEANNE DI CIOIA "Pat” ... ambitious senior class pres. ... dedicated work- er ... home cc. major ... will never forget the junior prom ... understanding and con- siderate ... “You’re kidding.” SUSAN LINDA DILLON “Susie” ... tries to look on the bright side of things ... great freshman year ... eques- trian ... “It’s appreciated.” FRED W. DOBBS, JR. Navy or Army? ... holds high the memories of graduation and the senior prom ... works on cars ... 9th and 10th grade football were great for “Fearless Fred”. 45KATHERINE DOBBS “Kat" ... always smiling ... loves to sing ... enjoys swimming, dancing ... memories of Sophomore math ... always a helping hand. MICHAEL J. DOTSKO “Mike” ... accounting and law ahead ... active member of the Key Club ... “reprieved by fate” ... industrious ... enjoys reading and chess ... con- siders truth most important in life. EUGENE DODA JR. “Gene” ... nothing beats those week- ends ... dislikes lengthy school days ... plans to go to college and lead an exciting life ... “Get out of here!” GEORGE DENNIS DOW Entrance in college as a major in en- gineering ... Varsity Club trackster ... self-righteous phonies arc intol- erable! ... reach for your goals ... efficiency rules. JOHN DONOVAN “Ace" ... dislikes waking up at 7:0O A.M. for school ...•“What’s that?” ... carefree, trustworthy ... seen on the soccer field using his head. VIRGINIA M. DOWD Cood natured “Ginny" ... more desk work coming as a receptionist ... spec- tator of baseball and basketball ... get a good education and live happy. EDITH JANE DOYON “Edic” ... will teach secondary school math ... cheerful ... sings all the time ... dislikes phonics ... “Set a goal and work toward it” ... “Oh, well!” BENJAMIN DUDLINC Future: What will be, will be ... “Ben" figures: "Why should I exert myself?” ... exception when it comes to having a good time ... has a winning smile. 46KATHLEEN DZUBAN “Kathi" ... always do what you want to ... shuns disrespectable and cynical people ... creative writing is her spe- cialty ... “Yea, right?” ... Eagle co- editor. LINDA ELLEN DUERR To teach dancing school ... great sense of humor ... believes freedom is most important in life ... “Would you be- lieve?" FRANK EICHERT “Have fun while you can” ... a work- ing man’s fill-in for leisure ... “Frank- ie” holds like feelings of 12-15 loca- tion ... Edison vs. J.P.S.—VICTORY ... censor worthless comments. ANTHONY ENDRIZZI “Moc” ... can be tracked down watch- ing the races or at a pool table ... work and travel, backed up by Uncle Sam ... will enjoy a good life ... “Get nice." HALVOR J. EC ELAND “Hal” ... gullible ... always on the sports scene ... Fore! ... hates unusu- ally long hair ... success is indubitably the most important thing in life. PAMELA ANN ERDO “Erdo” ... one, two. three, four ... carries the stars and stripes ... en- joys sewing and swimming ... “Aw, come on!” LINDA SUSAN FAAS “Fossil” ... secretary for a title search- er ... in many sports ... color guard ... a friendly smile to brighten your day ... '68 Queen of Hearts. DONNA M. FABIAN A career in journalism ... active Eagle staff member ... enjoys just being with people ... distinctive personality ... avid sjwrts fan ... good listener. 47DEBORAH FAMA “Diz" ... bothered by phonics ... tops in horseback riding and swimming ... bubbly and loyal friend ... “Real- ly” ... new to our halls. GERARD JOSEPH FATJO Drag racing tops “Jerry’s” activity list ... a “Ford lover" ... 3:15—what bliss! ... and no more detention MARY ANN FIFICK “Oh dear" ... great success requires great effort ... chemistry major ... quiet until you get to know her. THOMAS FILOCCO Science and math—a distasteful combi- nation for “Tom" ... will choose be- tween college and the service ... “be- come successful at whatever you do." I.INDA FELTHAM “Lin" ... A field in fashion designing in the future ... inactive seniors bug her ... will cherish memories of sing- ing at graduation ... likes to get ac- quainted with people she doesn’t know ... Her future is most important. CHARLES FEKETE “Chuck” ... will don Navy Blues ... needs more time for school socializing ... fishing and hunting ... happy-go- lucky ... reliable ... generous. LINDA FIORINO Flics high for the Eagles ... always a smile ... hates those: narrow-minded people ... “Be good at what you really want to do.” 4SCHRISTINE FISHER "T.C." ... The day she gets her “bike” will bring her satisfaction ... unpredic- table chick ... digs those cool goatees ... life is an undecided fact. ✓ CEORCEANNE MARIE FISNE “Little George” ... always smiling ... “Okay” ... horseback riding rates high ... too little time between too long classes. JOSEPH MICHAEL FRANEY “Joe" ... a little guy with a big per- sonality ... a smile and a friendly word for everyone ... will charge the future —electrically, that is. WILLIAM FRENCH “Frcnchic" ... a mechancial future ... hates getting up in the morning ... aversion to school and teachers. ALFRED M. FOX “Butch" ... printing will be his line ... modest and dependable ... golf and bowling rate high ... “woopecdoo” ... fond memories of History I ... pet peeve—short hair. JAMES NICHOLAS FURST “Nick” ... college bound ... football is his game ... wrestling a favorite ... happy ... “Go away” ... considers living it up the ultimate. 49JII.L FURST “Jilly” ... all smiles ... IBM school is her ambition ... what a great junior year! ... two-faced people, ugh! ... “Hey Jake, I don't wanna hear it!” PATRICIA RITA GALINDO “Treeia" ... chatter-chatter ... always happy ... a warm heart for little children ... Pep Club really aroused her spirits. JOSEPHINE CALLETTA “Jo's" next stop: college ... an avid stuffed animal collector ... “For cryin out loud!” ... bike hikes are such fun ... take one day at a time. LINDA ANN GARDUS “Carte” ... always on the go ... on to Katherine Gibbs ... happy and friendly ... can be found at all the games and meets ... manager of cross country team. w ' V tU ANNA LOUISE GAVE Plans to be a marine scientist with a medical degree ... enjoys music and dramatics ... good listener ... will cherish all the friends made in school. SI C Tsrui MARILYN GAVIGAN "Mai” ... full of school spirit ... can be seen at football games ... hopes to work as a clerical assistant ... swim- ming and dancing rate high with this “nutty” senior. KATHLEEN GARDZINSKI Always smiling and full of fun ... dislikes rude people ... laugh at your mistakes ... will never forget the first day at ETHS ... “You’ve gotta be kidsling!” DONATO GASPARI “Don" ... to be an auto mechanic is his desire ... “Ya wanna walk?” ... loves driving but—oh, how he hates to study. 50RICHARD GELBARD “Rich” ... Insights enthusiast ... aspirations in dramatic writing ... heady? ... always maintain free- dom of the individual. THOMAS F. GENOVA “Tom” ... considers being honest with yourself import- ant in life ... kicks from Key Club, camping, and Ker- rigan's class ... “slow a frozen molasses” FRANK CIDDES “Frank" ... counselor at law ... quiet type ... makes the drag racing scene ... most important element in life?— girls of course! CLAIRE MARIA GILLEN “That’s life” ... and make the most of every moment ... confus- ing fun of finding classes ... likes to skate ... unpredictable ... a welcome addition to our halls. KAREN L. GINTER Campus life ... “Kar” steers away from conceited people ... Senior Prom ... “hip” to football games and partying ... a happy life is her goal. LINDA CLEEMAN ‘Taffy" ... a creative writer ... college to follow, of course ... “Well, thanks a lot!” ... grouchy people arc s-o-o-o de- pressing !! ... why can’t we all laugh when things are down? WILLIAM G. GODFREY Mild-mannered “Bill" beats out a rhythmic tunc ... salute to the Air Force ... “The Hawk is Dead!” THOMAS W. GOLDEN “Looks like trouble!” ... a reli- able Key Clubber ... “Tom" looks forward to the world of medicine ... senior year was a blast! ... hunting and fishing fill spare hours ... time is of the essence. 51DAVID LEE GOLDSTEIN “Stein” ... active, ambitious adminis- trator-to-be ... “Do I need a pass?” ... Key Club is a favorite ... always striving for success. RICHARD THOMAS COVERNALE “Jass” ... disturbed by fast lane slow pokes ... a long life full of fun ... “I’ll worry about it tomorrow!” ... graduation commencements. SUSAN CAROL GROCARD “Little One" ... drag races and danc- ing take up spare time ... “What seems to be the major malfunction?” ... bus- iness college awaits this good-natured senior. 52 ELYSE MARSHA GOLDSTEIN “Lisa” ... a dental assistant ... hap- piness is going to Edison High ... likes to read and write ... "Oh, real- ly?" ... down with old-fashioned mu- sic! WILLIAM CRABOSKY “Crab” ... never wastes time ... don’t be a loudmouth! ... remember out vic- tories over J.P.S.? ... fabulously so- ciablc ... “Uptight!” SUSAN GONDOLA “Sue” ... wants life to be worthwhile and complete ... eager correspondent with those in other countries ... “Oh, well!” ... aims to be an airline stew- ardess. CAROL CRECER Consideration and faith open the path to friendship ... down with upitty people ... anyone for tennis? ... to teach little ones. VINCENT CUTWEIN “Vince” ... dance band enthusiast ... happiness i Edison football victories ... boating, skiing, motorcycles ... “Neat!” ... NAVY preceding com- mercial art school.CHARLES HADLEY “Chuck” ... wild blue yonder awaits ... E.H.S.’s answer to Arnold Palmer ... wants to understand teachers ... easy-going, likable senior. KAREN HAINES “Hainso” ... campus life ... singing a favorite ... A Cappella, Kcytoncs and All State Chorus ... 12-15 in the Soph hall? ... patient and soft-hearted ... True friends arc important. THOMAS JOHN HANNIGAN Understanding and lovable ... enjoys drag races ... will always remember Mr. Levenduski and his chemistry class ... Fords don’t go ... success is im- portant in “T.J.’s” book. DONNA HALLIWELL “Don" ... the clerical field ahead ... bowling and swimming arc her sports ... easy to get along with ... finds happiness easy to achieve ... “You’re crazy." MAUREEN HAGAR Cheerfully carries her school campus life in the future ... games a favorite ... likes to help school and her class ... to achieve goal is important ... “You’ve got to kidding!’’ EDWARD JOSEPH HACERTY “Ed" ... friendly ... future phys. cd. teacher ... athletically inclined—foot- ball, baseball, basketball, golf ... enjoy life to the fullest ... “No points—Aw, shut up" ... JOYCE ALLYN HANSEN Avid drill team member ... persistent, understanding ... “Be honest—especial- ly with yourself” ... NHS induction will never be forgotten ... gymnastics and science arc favorites ... “I don’t believe it!” MICHAEL HANSEN “Hanging around" is “Mike’s" number one ... Oh, to do what you want and to be yourself ... a happening—gradua- tion ... soon headed for the enlistment desk. 53RALPH HANSEN College followed by the Air Force ... enjoys dancing ... annoyed by stu- dent cliques ... striking sense of humor . “Arc you kidding?” ... sincerity— the key to happiness. RAYMOND T. HANSON Happy "R.T.” ... good times to be re- membered ... “He who cuts class has most fun!"(?) ... carpentry will be his profession ... freckles—who wants them?!! GEORGE HENTSCHEL College and a degree in industrial engi- neering ... interests held by water ski- ing and bowling ... avid sports fan ... “Hey little kid!” NEIL HENDRICKSON Happy, friendly Senior ... Mr. Jolly’s history classes ... football games ... “Class of '68 forever!” ... a good edu- cation ... “What!” KAREN HERSHKOWITZ “Kar” ... very, very unpredictable ... her own rule: "Do onto others as others would do to you!” ... future as a den- tal assistant ... “Love that Mustang." DENNIS KELLY HEDGES Interests lie on the basketball court ... “How about an interesting class, for a change?” ... military service ahead ... ambitious Student Council representative. 54PATRICK MATTHEW HOFFMAN Communication is important to “Pat" ... plans to enter the field of engi- neering ... hates those short lunches ... football games will always he cher- ished ... a punctual Senior ... “I don’t know!" SHARON HOFFMAN Beauty school for "Shar" ... loves the warm sunshine at the beach . THOMAS JOHN HOOVER “Hoov” ... always a smile and consid- eration for all ... takes time for “track and cross country” ... asks advice of others ... one of our future physicians ... “ALL RIGHT!” KAREN HUBER “Hube” ... individualist ... easy to get along with ... full of life and always on the go-go ... “That's tough! ” ... what a homeroom! ... “live and let live.” FRANCES HURLEY “Rene” ... sports racing enthusiast ... happy and sentimental ... “Good Srief!” ... the ability to forgive ... h, to make a decision without out- side pressure. SHARON HOLZINCER I.B.M. school to follow graduation ... 12-15 in the Soph hall? ... “You’ve got to be kidding!” ... great summer vacation at the shore ... friendly ... strive for happiness. SHARON HURST “Shar" ... active member of Drill Team and C.A.A. ... hates being told what to do ... outgoing ... loves football and basketball ... future in physical education ... "That’s true!” 55ROBERT T. HUTCHINSON “Hutch” ... enjoys music and sports ... track team oc- cupies spare time ... future plans include college and cut- ting a record. BRUCE IACOUZZE Plans to be a barber ... always late ... will cherish memories of graduation ... reaching his goal is most important. RICHARD A. ILLES “Rich" ... fun-loving guy ... spends spare time hunting and fishing ... favors cross country and riding his motorcycle ... Oh, those English classes! BONITA INCANDELA “Bonnie” ... college awaits this observant senior friendship and good times will always be cherished spends her free time working on Talon or at McDonalds ... "They get away from me.” SHARON BERNICE JANCSEK “Bernic” ... a steno pad will replace her notebook ... sing it out! ... temper, temper ... roller skating is “0 Tway." LORETTA JANNONE Sincerity a beautiful virtue ... friends mean a great deal ... “Oh, yeah!” ... disturbed by two-faced people ... class of ’68 forever! CHRISTINE ANN JOHNSON “George” ... spare time is for rec- ords from those “good old days” ... life is to be lived to the full- est ... will be seen at Washington University studying pre-med ... “Peace" ... Don’t forget to Kiss Mama. DANIEL M. JONES Hello up there, “Jonsie!” ... will serve Uncle Sam ... (?) ... we want a basket, so “Hang it up!” ... a friendly smile and a great sense of humor. 56KARLA HELENE JONES Has that restless feeling—wants to travel ... likes sewing, skiing, and sailing ... full of life ... de- pendable and anxious to help others ... our marching majorette. ROSANNE KANE “Ro"... “I'm embarrassed" ... shy and quiet ... sews up a storm ... contemplating the future ... graduation—a memory to cherish. LORAN DOROTHEA KANIS "Lonny" ... college plans Friends at ETHS will be forgotten ... Senior room in Soph, hall? ... F.H.A. ... honest ... happy- go-lucky ... “Find Cod’s will and do it!” JOSEPH JOHN KAPCSANDI fcKap” ... enjoys working with radios ... “Sure!" ... Air Force before further education ... being happy and enjoying life means a lot. PAMELA KARA The secretarial field is for “Pam” ... seen shopping for records and clothes ... along with school came many friends. EILEEN KASAS "Uutchic” ... school spirit plus ... found in the stands or at the clinic ... a million laughs ... a future in IBM ... look out, gym teachers ... “Oh, come on!” LYNNE JOAN KASAS “Lynne” ... a future in IBM ... will always remember foot- ball games and plays ... sports and dancing arc tops ... spirited and happy-go- lucky. MICHAEL P. KEARNS “Mike-a-do" ... takes it easy ... favors sleeping but spends his spare time hunting and fishing too ... uses comments sparingly but wisely. 57 BRUCE W. KENTOS Mr. Harris’ electronics shop an inspi- ration to his chosen career ... will remember room 218 ... one of the motorcycle set ... fun-loving and care- free. KATHLEEN P. KELLY “Kathy” ... anxiously awaits the 3:15 bell ... possibly beautician work ... her friends arc her concern ... “Get what you want out of life.” THOMAS M. KEMLER “T.K.” ... charming, suave, and very funny ... long list of friends ... mo- torcycle enthusiast ... hates “blabber- mouths." JOANNE DOROTHY KESSLER “Jody” ... plans to be a secretary ... friendly ... enjoys tennis ... loves to play the drums ... “How docs that grab ya?” ... peeved by naggers. SHARON J. KENT “Irish" ... versatile ... a career in marine biology ... will remember A Cap pel la Choir ... “Oh Colly” ... understanding people is important in life. BEVERLY RUTH KIMELMAN “Bcv" ... college ahead ... busy, bubbly band member ... loyalty over all ... being happy and satisfied with life is all-important. JEANNE KATHLEEN KINSELLA “Jeanie" ... a friendly smile always ... a future in the art world ... high-stepping color guard ... treasures thoughts of the Junior Prom ... easy- going ... “Okidokc” 58 DALE MARIE KNOERER Plans for a busy career as a secretary ... quiet and honest ... music lover ... homework gets her down ... “That's close!”ROBERT M. KOELSCH “Bob’s" battlefield—a chessboard ... a "draftsman" at Newark College of En- gineering this fall ... the different peo- ple at E.T.H.S. arc harbored in bis mind. MARLENE ANN KONNYU Clear the halls! ... “A smile and the look of happiness.” ... bowling, danc- ing, and working on school plays keep her busy ... the business world awaits ... “Hi ya!" ALLEN JAMES KOLLER “Al" ... computer programming school in his future ... will always remember those chem. lab failures ... detention, here I come ... hunting and pool are his favorites ... “I don’t believe it!" EDWARD KOSLOSKY "Koz" ... "More privileges for seniors," is this spirited senior’s cry ... future history teacher ... sports and his guitar are tops ... stand up for what you think is right. JUNE MARIE KOMKIS Outspoken ... especially in her pen pal letters ... another case of indigestion from those short lunches! ... soon some aspect of hospital work, maybe a nurse. RICHARD KOVACS "Rich" ... fun-loving and full of life ... 'ice hockey a favorite ... respect is of great importance ... honesty is his virtue ... "Oh, shucks". EDWARD J. KRUPA “Big Ed” ... our all-American boy ... keeps a sense of humor even when there's no hope ... his school spirit is beyond all ... "When the going gets tough—the tough get going,” and that’s “Krupa” DORIS KURSAY "Dor” ... won’t stand for insincerity or rudeness ... type away ... still a little damp from rainy football games ... C lunch ... fulfill ambitions ... “you can do it.” 59KAREN BETH KWITTER "Lee" ... happy member of A Cappclla Gioir ... scientific research in her fu- ture ... star-gazer ... has a sense of humor ... but not for people who arc not turned on to the world. LEELANCENOHL Cheering at the JPS football game will always be cherished ... "What a rip?" ... lakes interest in CAA and cheering ... future in physical education ... friends arc important to her. WILLIAM E. LAMB “Bill” ... plans to enter service before work ... basketball and baseball are special interests ... graduation will al- ways l c remembered ... What’s most important to Bill?—Girls, of course. BARBARA ANN LAMBACH “Barb” ... will major in history after graduation ... easily riled especially with hypocrites ... this active band and Talon member holds honesty high among virtues ... can’t ever forget half- time ... “So what?” JOHN LANGAN “Johnny L." ... motorcycles, motorcy- cles, motorcycles ... can’t wait for graduation ... seen but not heard ... adorable blue eyes ... car enthusiast! LOUIS JOHN LA PLAGA JR. Anchors aweigh in the Navy ... hap- piness is a longer lunch period ... enjoys horseback riding and cars ... "Try your best.” ... strong believer in fair play. RAYMOND LARSON “Ray” ... get the most out of life ... an active member of the Key Club football ... “I believe” that call him Schwamm. 60RICHARD A. I.AVECCHIA "Butch” ... always on time ... an important future in the printing field ... a good sense of humor makes him a good sport ... remember Mr. Fixer’s wood shop? KAREN SUE LEVY "Karen" ... enjoys spom but really digs tennis ... hopes of attending col- lege after graduation ... sincerity and honesty are considered commendable ... will always remember the many friends she has made. IRENE LEMLI “Little Lem" ... Big personality ... history?—“Now, listen buddy!” ... typed out as a secretary ... clings to the memory of EHS friendships. BARBARA LEVITT “Barb" ... campus life coming ... sincere, cheerful, and friendly ... Why do people try to be what they’re not? ... likes music and the choir ... es- pecially A Cappclla ... happiness and fulfillment of dreams. TED RAYMOND LEWIS “Luke" ... does what he likes .,. physical education major ... observant, uses common sense ... understanding ... likes cute, quiet girls ... friends made high school pleasant and memor- able. JOHN EDWARD LIPICH “Hercules” ... physical education major ... prejudice doesn’t rale ... face it as it is! ... individualist ... can be found at wrestling matches. 61MARY LIVINGSTONE Interested in art ... most cherished memories?—looking back on memories ... "What is it with these question- naires?” JACQUELINE LOETZER “Jil" ... college bound ... A Cap- pella Choir ... enthusiastic foot- ball fan with lots of school spirit ... fun-loving ... "This is true!” PATRICIA GAIL LOUSE “Blondie” ... always on the go ... loves winter sports, roller skating, and swimming ... ambitious ... eagerly seeks a challenge ... bas- ketball games and F.H.A. arc tops ... memories of all “the good times" at E.T.H.S. ... “Be respect- ful of others.” MICDALIA LOPEZ “Mickey” ... always singing and dancing ... friendly her- self, she doesn’t like un- friendly people ... seeks a good office job ... says she can put up with anything ... “Oh, Brother!” YVONNE MARIE LUCCA Business school ... good times remembered ... "Oh, you’re kidding!" ... get what you want out of life, and live it to the fullest ... don't be a phoney ... why do teachers have to distrust students? WILLIAM RAYMOND I.YKE “Bill” ... spirited soccer player ... will major in chemistry ... security Ls sublime ... bowling is his favorite pastime ... happiness is lots of friends. PATRICIA LYNCH "Pat” ... a friendly senior who plans to enter the field of secre- tarial work ... her pet peeve is homework ... "What’s it to ya?” ... enjoys watching football games ... considers horsed f honest and loyal. NANCY MAC COLLUM "Glitsy" ... health, wealth and happiness ... loves to dance and have fun ... “Be slick” ... describes herself as being a "Twiggy” and very hap- py ... will always cherish the friends she made at ETHS. 62JAMES MACKEY “Mack" ... a shinir gloom filled hall ... her the class of '68 ... reach his goal in electronics . enjoys homeroom basketball . "Honesty is the best policy” . living life to the fullest. JILL MAILLER "Jill" ... Junior year twirl- ing captain ... career in art advertising one of her goals ... integrity a prized virtue ... simplicity is the spice of life ... love that sassoon. GLORIA ANN MALLET "Glory" ... future nurse who dislikes location of 12-15 ... m-m-m great cook ... “You've got to be kidding" ... Mr. Thompson tops memory list ... to get the most out of life is her ambition. Ia ya DENNIS MALONEY "If you've seen one you've seen them all” ... college ... lazy ... “would you believe longer lunch periods?" ... basketball ... col- lecting coins. MARTIN MALONE "Marty" ... constantly on the go ... field anthropology after college ... popular Key Club Pres- ident ... be prepared for a pep rally in the rain ... virtues are relative ... “Conformity breeds contempt.” LORETTA ROSE MANCUSO ... Spirited F.H.A. president ... what a great Junior year! ... lovely long lashes in a choir robe ... guitar, folk music, and sewing ... a true home economist. MARIANNE E. MANCUSO Helpful, honest, hard-working ... annoyed by people who constantly criticize ... favors football games and F.T.A. ... “Holy crow!” ... “Become capable in your chosen fields.” NIKKI JEANNE MARCELLO Active sports spectator ... especial- ly interested in sketching ... an- noyed by insincere people ... un- predictable—“So, what can I say?" ... happiness is to love and be loved. 63JED MARGOLIN Dance hand member ... desires inde- pendence and dislikes intolerance ... builds and operates ham radios ... PSSC Physics a fond memory ... col- lege around the bend. JOSEPH MAR0WITZ “Marrash" ... campus life ahead ... trackman ... off-hours spent surfing, driving, dating ... motivated ... friend- ly guy. RONALD C. MARICLE “Ronny Bird” ... mechanic ... yea football! ... crazy about cars ... be- lieves in a good career ... loves these girls ... graduation—a pleasant mem- ory. CILA EDNA MARRERO “Cilia” ... prospective Oscar winner determined philanthropist plays, cast parties, P.A. announcements ... adventurous ... “searching, wander- ing, to someday find.” JACQUELINE MAROW1TZ Teaching in "Jackie’s” future ... strives to understand others ... “Really? No kiddin”’ ... loves swimming and get- ting away from it all ... don’t let life pass by too quickly. CAROL ANN MARTIN “Caarzec” ... on to the business world ... recalls fondlyf?) fighting for a seat at lunch ... car craay ... “So what's it to you?” CARMEN A. MARTINO “Tony” ... a good-natured guy with an interest in sports and cars ... “Arc you out of your mind?” ... the shore is tops. JOSEPH MARTINO “Mouse” ... serviceman ... varied ac- tivities include surfing, pocket billiards, sail boats and acting ... parking spaces arc rare ... comment for everyone ... Always remember our Papa! 64ROBERT MARTONE A sincere and loyal guy ... interested in history’» math and the Chess Club ... Why can’t I have my schedule changed? ... a military career in mind ... won't forget homeroom bas- ketball games ... “Outa sight” BARBARA ANN MAY “Barb” ... enjoys the luxury of not being hurried ... friendly candystripcr planning on the Peace Corps "Wow!” fond memory ... oenior year to become an electrician is future di ROBERT MAY “Bob” ... a dependable guy ... loves sports and writing ... phonies are his pet-peeve ... "Win a few, loose a few” ... set up your goals early in life and achieve them. LINDA LEE MARTZ "Remember the rained out pep rally” ... A Cappella choir, something spe- cial ... sees a future in bio research ... annoyed by unimportant people who try to found important. ROSEANN JOYCE MATTIE Remember Mr. Pat’s class? ... football fan ... elementary education her chosen field ... always friendly and polite ... F.T.A. ... sewing—an enjoyable pas- time. CRAIC Me CLAIN Terrific athlete ... blond curly hair ... runner- was never on his last leg ... changed schools but won’t be for- gotten. RUTH Me CLELLAND To make an important mark in life is her goal ... a government career ... “Oh the joy of having her ring turned!” ... Talon organization editor. 65THERESA Me CORMACK “Terry” ••• happiness best describes this senior ... “Oh boy!” ... cherishes the ETHS-JPS game ... office work awaits ... be yourself. LINDA MARIE Me DERMOTT “Qtipper cheek” ... “Derm” will never forget the ice cream fights in lunch ... “I can’t take it!” ... seen riding around wth Inky, T.C., Trcp, and Bog ... this active feature editor will major in English. ROBERT MC HUGH “Bob” will dance his way to success ... longer lunches! ... can be found wherever there’s a pool table ... honesty is his best policy ... will always re- member graduation and many friends. KATHLEEN Me KENNON “Kath” ... carefree senior who plans to enter the world of typing ... “come, sing along with me” ... considers her- self an average person who enjoys being with people ... “You’re crazy!" LOUISE MEANEY decorating after high school ... dancing is part of her life ... beau- tiful clothes ... “Gee” ... money, health, and happiness ... Oh, that lunch room ... will always remember gradu- 66 alien. COLLEEN MARCARET MC COTTY “Col” ... happy-go-lucky ... but don’t let it rain on Monday morning ... active drill team and GAA member ... sin- cerity ... the secretarial field in her future ... “I don’t want to hear it!" EDWIN MEIER “Ed" ... can’t wait for those long weekends ... college is the next step for this impatient senior ... can often be seen playing football ... hates those short lunch periods ... "Get out of here.”THOMAS MELIA Involvement in sports keeps "Tom” in constant motion ... will intercept the pass to college ... friendliness helps form a good person ... Beat Stevens! MARIE MICALE “McChalc” ... a funny gal with many friends ... spectator at drag races ... from a student’s desk to a secretary’s desk ... “Anybody want to leave?” LINDA M. MERNAGH “Lin” ... her love for children de- cided her future as an elementary school teacher ... hates those conceited peo- ple ... F.H.A. rates high ... “What can I say? ... Senior prom will long be remembered ... education impor- tant. ERNEST MEYER “Ernie” ... a future airline pilot ... “Be able to stand on your own” ... pet peeve: Stryker’s car ... loves those crazy drums ... “Catch this action.” CHARLES DOUGLAS MICHAEL “Mr. Kool” ... why must people push in the halls? ... "No comment” ... musically inclined ... proud to be an American. DENNIS LEE MERSON "Dennis the Menace” ... a chcm major in college ... “Checkmate!” “Oh no!” ... "Oh those PA announcements that you can’t hear! EARL MICHAEL Would you believe “Duke, Early, Mike, Curly"?? ... a future music instructor ... “Be good to your fellow man” ... Band is No. 1 ... swell guy ... password is friendliness. 67WILLIAM MICHAEL “Bill" ... going from basket- ball and baseball into the armed forces ... he “politely" asks, “why do people think they’re something that they're not?" ... “Say what?” MARY ANN MICHALOSKI “Mary Ann” ... will find her fu- ture in the business world ... cooking and sewing pro ... com- mencement day memories “Holy moly.” CHERYL DENISE M1DCELY “Midge" ... candid but under- standing ... remove people who don’t use their blinkers ... love, happiness, and peace of mind ... a future in fashions. ANITA J. MIKOSZ “Neets!" ... hopes to attend business school ... small in stature, but a big defender of truth ... cuteness on a motorcycle ... a valuable fu- ture meaning much. MARY LOUISE MILLER “Mary Lou" ... those big blue eyes, WOW! ... Talon staff a favorite ... secretarial future ... where docs all that food go? ... remem- brance of Junior-Senior car- nival ... just so it is still right! MICHAEL MILLER “Mill” ... indigestion, reward of short lunch periods ... Naval elec- tronics ... hopes to remember every day at E.T.H.S. ... “crazy- guy ... those crummy parking spaces. PATRICIA ANN MINER “Pat" ... hey guys, cut the long hair! ... after E.T.H.S.?-I.B.NL school ... swell l owler and horse- back rider ... her sense of humor will bring success and happiness. SHARON LYNN MINCOLA “Shar” ... loves art and sports ... shuns chronic complaincrs ... ambitious and always smiling ... “Oh my world” ... be happy in whatever you do. 68MARY MIRAGLIA “Mar” ... business secretary of the future ... friendly, smiley and happy-go-lucky ... dislikes loca- tion of homeroom 12-15 ... special interests arc dancing and swim- ming. LOUIS EDWARD MIRBACH Architecture will form his fu- ture ... dislikes short lunch periods ... “Where's the pro- jector?” ... cross country practices and meets ... hap- py-go-lucky ... how about that! ALLEN F. MONTECALVO “Horse” ... boxing and weightlifting arc special in- terests ... stubborn when he’s in the right ... why say it can’t be done—give it a try. PATRICIA MONTROSS Believes it is important to be honest and loyal ... plans on becoming a secretary ... will always re- member the fun she had washing cars for the senior class. LYNN MARIE MOORE Teaching elementary school is her future ... will always remember the Drill Team ... “Gesundheit” ... dislikes people without .school spirit. VERONICA MORGAN “Roni” ... “If you’re gonna complain, do something to help” ... office work to come ... tennis and painting ... “Set a goal and reach it!” EILEEN JOYCE MORLOCK “I” ... either I.B.M. or beau- tician school will mark her future ... lots of laughs from someone on tire run ... a pic- ture of fashion ... agility in gymnastics. WILLIAM MORRELL “Bill” ... cars arc for him ... friendship is important ... Bill’s motto is have fun and enjoy life fully. 69MELANIE MORRIS “Mortishia" ... a hostess in the sky ... favors modem jazz, modeling, and mak- ing your goal ... an individualist in thoughts and actions ... snow days are great. DANIEL MULLEN “Dan” ... love that shy smile ... his medicine will go to the dogs ... en- joys camping, boating and building kay- aks ... dislikes detention regardless of the reason. JAMES JUUUS NAGY “Jimbo” ... always ycrful ... future physician ... football, tennis, and surf- ing are tops ... Mr. Hughes and Mrs. Cal. will always be remembered ... morning announcements arc his pet peeve. RAYMOND THOMAS MORRIS “Roy” ... digs cool music and records ... “Man” ... good ol' lunch ... Business school soon to come ... shuns all moodiness. KATHLEEN ANN MURPHY “Murph" ... fun-loving GAA president ... will major in Chem. at college ... enjoys working in student govern- ment ... always on the go! LINDA SUE MOSKAL “Lyn” ... easy going ... enjoys being with people ... “I don’t understand!” ... Chef's Club rates high among her activities ... to succeed in what she sets out to do is important ... talkative and easy to get along with. WILLIAM DANIEL MEYERS “Boomer” ... digs rock’n’roll music ... to never ridicule is an aspect of social work ... cross country runner ... “goin’ animal.” DIANE LINDA NAIDUK Secretary typed out for this impeccable dresser ... much time spent sewing and dancing ... her motto: Reach for the stars.ARLENE NELSON “Speedy" ... office work ahead ... en- joys working with children ... fixing wiglets—a pet peeve ... a good listener ... making clothes is a favorite hobby ... senior year was great! ... “Flake off” CAROLE SUE OAKES Values self-respect and true friendship ... considerate of others ... cliques don’t click ... fun-loving in a quiet way ... crazy about poetry ... “What is this?” MARK F. NEMHAUSER Don’t give me any grief! ... rebellious in a passive way ... to study pharmacy at Rutgers—someday own his own drug- store ... despises people who copy, then turn around and say “Hey, that one’s wrong!" JAMES OBENDORFER JR. “Jimbo" ... an all American guy with hopes of entering the field of mechani- cal engineering ... pet peeve: too few parking spaces ... “Confounded” ... an honest guy who will strive toward his goal ... member of rifle club. NEIL D. NEUSCHATZ Future work in the field of communica- tions ... “Good, real good” ... gradua- tion memories ... follows his own orig- inal ideas ... country-famous folk sing- er. JEAN MARIE O’DONNELL “Jeannic” ... would like to teach the deaf after graduation ... “Be a good sport” ... always active and on the go ... “What’s happening?” ... gradua- tion memories will linger. LINDA CAROL ORNSTEIN Lynn ... spends most of her time in the nurse's office ... pet peeve is no senior class trip ... joking girl who “tells it like it is” ... hopes to become a nurse. DONNA MARY OSIEJA “Some people call me Don” ... a warm smile and a friendly manner ... closed cars to braggarts ... “You’ve got to be kidding!" 71KEVIN C. PAGE “Pagina" ... plans to study law ... from football to track to the phone ... remember the EdUon-Steven '66 game? ... high-hurdling athlete. FRANK PALINKAS Can't stand conceit! ... numbered in the field of computers ... quiet, deep thinker ... listens to the troubles of others ... likes sports ... "I don’t know!" DANTE PALMIERI Will live a ‘rich life ... cars, cars, cars ... can't wait til] the last day of school ... proud to be a human being. MARGARET PAUL “Mag" ... loosing her contact lenses in a glass of water? ... a real “class worker!” ... can be seen at basket- ball games or playing giant steps ... what will be will be ... “Be Happy!” LOIS STEPHANIE PAPP “Stcph" ... active, happy Senior class secretary ... miffed by hall guards and building passes ... fond memories of Soph year FHA, convention ... takes an interest in everything. MARY ANN PAWLUS “Paulie" ... a nursing career ... in- terested in art and music ... down with detention ... you can’t escape truth ... “Oh, my goodness!" DANIEL PELER "Dan” ... he'll search for the secret formula ... “Ya'H” remember “Dan’l” in Kiss .Mamma ... actually .sold 127 sophomore class sweatshirts! ... long live the class of '68! 72 MICHAEL PELER Mike ... a real track runner ... “That’s stupid” ... hopes of campus life ... describes himself as really with it! RAYMOND PELLEGRINI “Ray" ... accounting to be his pro- fession ... always look on the bright side of things ... Key Club, track, football, a wide range of interests ... remember all the pep rallies and assem- blies? ... “A good education leads to success." LOUIS PERROCHINO “Lou” ... Our football quarterback ... activities—football, basketball, baseball, and eating ... notices everything around him ... live life to the fullest ... independent and self-reliant ... “Leave me alone.” NORMA JACQULINE PFEIFFER “Norm” ... enjoys being with friends ... a new addition to Edison's halls ... dislikes history ... “you’re kid- din’.” MYLA PFEIL Will never forget the “great times” ... friendly and helpful to others ... ter- rific sense of humor ... clear out the crowded halls! ... basketball ... loyal- ty and honesty arc meaningful traits ... future secretary ... “Cosh.” DEBORAH ANN PEPE “Deb” ... secretarial school ... sew- ing, kaling, swimming, and cycling fill her spare hours ... go out into the world and 1h‘ a part of it ... shy but friendly ... “Best of love, laughs, luck, and lollipops.” FLORENCE J. PHILLIP “Flo” ... college and a major in music education ... great times with Ixind and choir ... always smiling and cheer- ful ... “Sorry 'bout that” ... advises being truthful to oneself. 73RONALD J. PITRA Ron’s next Mop—college ... J.P.S. victory will always stand out ... lean cross country runner ... live life to its fullest. RICHARD PODLASKI B-I-G “Rich” ... will be a dedicated college man ... hoo- ray for football, wrestling, and food! ... if you don’t know, don’t criticize! DONALD PHII.POT “Don” ... seer, driving around with “Joncsic" ... quiet sense of humor ... a little bit of mischief ... “Yeah, sure!” JOHN PINTYE Only definite plans arc growing older and paying taxes ... dollar signs, fast cars, and speed ... it’s not how you play, it’s if you win! LINDA ANN PORAWSKI “Lin” ... plans on becoming a nurse ... believes in the attainment of goals for which perseverance is essential. DEBORAH POVOLO “Debbie” ... will enter the field of beauty culture ... graduation day is here! ... health is wealth ... E.T.H.S. football fan ... “That may be so.” WAYNE PRICE “Wayne” ... selected trade in vo- cational field ... remember those lunches! ... basketball and base- kill enthusiast ... long live E.T.I1.S. ... add cars and mix well. STUART PROVENZANO “Stu” ... nice smile ... gets to football games and track meets on his motorcycle ... college in a Corvette? 74CAROL JEAN PRUSKO Will be flying as a stewardess ... moody people, ugh! ... unpredict- able and good-natured ... likes mo- torcycles and swimming ... “Cool it” MARY PUSHIE “Hollywood” ... enjoys all sporting events ... always re- member the great teachers ... can’t stand people who ridi- cule others ... “How many?" ... truthful Mary ... to have a goal is most important. RONALD L RAY “Ronnie" ... a talented car- toonist with plans to pursue the same field ... wild track- man ... “I love you!” ... not enough girls, man ... happi- ness is a “loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou” DOUGLAS READY “Doug” ... next stop college ... curly hair has got to go ... mem- ories of the Senior Prom ... golf ... moody and modest ... oh for a million dollars. MARIAN KAY REBARBER "Mar" ... Krosh lunch Junior Year? ... considers being healthy and happy most important ... en- joys water skiing and sailing ... “You're kidding?” ... graduation a stepping stone to college. MARGARET REEP “Marge" ... Go Eagles go! ... reliable fun loving ... never u dull moment ... cho- rus ... future teacher of the younger set ... "Cool it!” FRANCIS REGULSKI College life for “Frank” ... hurry up diploma! ... dead eye with a rifle, bow, and ar- row ... stubbornness, “keep it!” ... Life is to be enjoyed! NOREEN M. REID This blue-eyed redhead wishes good fortune for all ... nerve-shattering interview at F.I.T. ... show offs taboo—braggarts likewise ... hap- piness is marching up the field as a Rangerette. 75LAURA LOU RIBINSKY Mi»chicvou senior ... fun, sports, and friends ... a modern Girl Friday ... annoyed whcn pcoplc think they know it all. DIANE B. RITZ “Dee” ... energetic ... active in Stu- dent Council ... to specialize in medi- cine ... football games ... always wor- ries al out others' problems ... “You wouldn’t believe it!” CASTOR RODRIGUEZ “Hey" ... great guy ... always ready for a good time even in homeroom ... business to he pursued ... but on a motorcycle?! FRANK A. RICE Mechanic of the future ... graduation will lx? something to look back to ... careful, but likes cycles and cars ... getting what you want out of life is important ... “Take it easy.” JEAN ARLENE ROBEY ... another Schrocder with the piano ... dislikes conceited people ... friends top her scrapbook memories ... IBM holds a place in the future for this friendly senior. DAVID JOHN RISH “Dave” ... Fords arc his pet peeve ... nice guy ... likes sports and “fool- ing around with cars” ... wants to “make good in life” ... work following graduation ... BONNIE LOU ROBINS Good ol' Uncle Bcrnic ... occupational therapy ... willing to be helpful to all ... dances and school band ... “Fun Nay!” ... don’t let little things get you down! MARIANN RODRIGUEZ “Sport” ... secretarial job is up and coming ... “Oh, that ‘D’ lunch!” ... fond memories of graduation and the senior prom ... a friend to everyone ... “Would you believe?” ... life should be filled with many friends and faith in them. 76DOROTHY MAE ROE “Dot” ... “Colly" ... happiness and success arc for her ... conceited and unfriendly people don't give her a good impression ... ice-skating and basketball. FERN ROSENWASSER Dislikes people who arc never on time ... enjoys doing crazy things ... horse- back riding, snow skiing, and ice skat- ing ... “I’ll be there in two minutes” ... college awaits ... establish your “Dot” ... has beautiful eyes ... enjoys having a good time ... “Heaven for- bid"—snobs ... clerical work ... hap- piness is “being happy”. EDWARD ROLFE “Ed” ... friendly and full of fun ... "Freshman midgets" get in the way ... graduation and the senior prom will fill his memories ... ‘T don’t know” ... campus life coming ... don’t be gull- ible ... try to achieve your goals. DENISE ROSS “Ncsic” ... Iicautician school ... hates those early morning school days ... "Cool It” ... graduation will always be cherished ... enjoys spending spare time with her friends. SHERRI LYNNE ROSEN FELD “Slier” ... plans for teaching elemen- tary school ... indispensable Talon staffer ... (unloving ... very under- standing ... will always remember those football games and the fun with the kids ... look for happiness ... “Sorry ’bout that!” JEFFREY SCOTT ROSS “Karate" ... conscientious—especially on the basketball court ... good looking and congenial guy ... "Boss!", college in his future. JANET ROTH “Jan" ... loves cooking and swimming ... friendly personality ... to liccome a Home Ec. teacher after college ... hates two faced j cople ... self-reliant ... achievement is important to her. 77GLENN ROTHMAN “Rome” ... our inspired Student Coun. cil leader ... will study medicine ... wide interest range from student gov- ernment to girls ... believes success and happiness arc the most ... “Get nice.” KENNETH P. ROWE "Skid” may soon be seen buzzing around campus on his cycle ... lias no sec- ond thoughts for phonics ... “Say”, it’s easy to spot that red hair ... an honest guy who’s looking for the key to suc- cess. FRANK L. RUSSO Frank will achieve happiness through commercial • artistry ... his classical guitar playing and his paintings arc much to be proud of ... “You’re out of your mind!” ALAN RUPP “Al” ... cross country since sophomore year ... passing geometry a cherished memory ... “What do you mean?" ... to trade his cycle for a Coast Guard cutter. ✓ 9 JENNY RUSSO Up, up and away as an airline steward- ess ... memories of the crowded halls of ETHS will linger ... friendly ... happy-go-lucky ... What you put into life is what you get out of it. LINDA MARLENE ROWLANDS I-B.M. school may be in her future ... oh, those two faced people! ... good natured person who enjoys swimming and ice skating ... “Oh no!" ... “Ac- complish as much as you can.” JUDITH ANN RUSSO “Rudy Jusso” ... “Decals!! Candy Bars!! Programs!!” ... energetic class worker ... Vice President of sophomore and senior classes ... always busy and helpful ... outgoing ... plans to teach ... "Oh Pook!" 78JOYCE MARIA SA A major in Slavic languages ... active member of the Academy of Science ... Carve lee Cream and old junky cars ... senior Prom memories will linger ... simplicity personified ... “Oh sure thing!" MARGUERITE SARO “Marge” ... future goal is to become a teacher ... participates enthusiastic- ally in the F.T.A .... frequently seen working in the library ... there will always be fond memories of the foot- ball games ... cheerful disposition. ALEXANDER PAUL SAKS “Prof” ... is up and at it with dramatic productions, sports and singing ... hopes to attend Syracuse University ... don’t be a put on, act naturally ... “This is true.” VINCENT SANTOLI After receiving his diploma, it’s vaca- tion time again! ... then comes en- listment ... $1,000,000 tax free is his dream ... happiness is the revving of a car motor. VIRGIL J. SARGENT JR. “Joe” ... service bound ... active on both the football and track teams ... loves beating “Stevens” ... hates that long hair ... happiness is setting the school record for the shot put. VICTOR SARTAIN “Sarts" ... when arc we ever gonna get a smoke break? ... hates long hair ... live like the way you want ... fav- orite past time—playing pool with the crew ... mortuary career. ROBERTA LYNN SAUL “Bobbie” ... member of the quiet set ... remember NHS inductions? ... enthusiastic baseball fan ... “You’re kidding!” ... Happiness is being swarmed by friends ... a future dental assistant. 79ANN SCHADEWALD “Daniel Boone” ... no saddle shoes for (his secretary to be ... graduation memories pre- vail ... a bright smile greets all ... “Be happy!” KATHLEEN SCHIERLOH "Kitty" ... tennis, swimming and just driving around ... secre- tarial plans ... friendliness plus ... Oh, those who talk behind your back ... "Keep your cool!” ... oh, those lovely long tresses. GARY SCHMIDT “Gary” ... likeable, friendly, all around good guy ... better late than never ... digs cars ... grad- uation will hold fond memories. LINDA JEANNE SCHMIDT “Lyn” ... oh, those football games! ... yeah, that’s close ... college ahead ... sewing, reading, and soccer rate high ... active in Student Council ... funloving. JEFFERY SCRIVENS College or air force?: which will it be? ... trackman, or he’s just running after girl ... “Hey Kid” ... the “phantom” lives. RAYMOND FRANCIS SERGE,. “Ray” ... Junior Veep, pet peev. —homework on the night of a school event ... loves running track ... “Arc you kidding?” ... happiness is achieving a goal and having someone to snare it with. CHARLES JOHN SHEEHAN “Hey, Charlie, check the oil.” ... avid sports fan ... cheerful, fun loving and easy to get along with ... consideration for others ... un- fulfilled dreams of success. LOIS JEAN SHIPMAN “Lois” ... flag twirling Diill Team member ... dishonest people arc her net peeve ... Tactful member of F.N.A., G.A.A., and Student Council ... "You’re kidding” happiness is most important. 80DANIEL E. SHORT “Dan” ... future accountant ... finds pleasure in all sports, but especially golf ... wishes summer- time could last all year 'round ... conservative .,. desires happiness in all of his encounters. ANN SHURAK “Cookie” ... plans to be a private secretary ... history doesn’t come easy to this happy senior ... “Oh, no!” ... will drive her way to good fortune ... friends made at ETHS never to be forgot- ten! ROBYN HELENE SINCER Talented dress designer ... sew- ing and sketching arc among favorites ... money is an asset ... active F.H.A.’er ... don’t be late! ... “That’s close!” CAIL BARBARA SKINNER “Little Skinner" ... traveled through Europe but will land in an American college ... big courage when twirling a firchaton blindfolded ... finds it difficult to get along with math and two-faced people ... “That's close.” PATRICIA SLAVEN “Slave” ... fulfillment in life is nursing the sick ... sincerity plus ... loves sports ... doesn’t go for people who put on false fronts ... “You’re kidding!” .. NICHOLAS SINATO V Sinatra” ... can’t stand to be called “Red” ... listens to rank Sinatra ... football, sebali, billiards, basketball d bowling ... cheerful but hot-tempered. STEPHANI GAIL SUREN The stage awaits this talented and energetic singer ... speaks up during class discussions ... danc- ing, parties, sports ... “What’s it to ya?” ... “Having a good time— all the time!” EDWARD F. SKINNER It’s anchors aweigh for “Skinner” ... lots of pep and action ... modest? eye for the girls ... 81VIKA NADIA SI.OBODIAN Active Student Council member ... sin- cere and happy ... dedicated candy striper ... people should talk less and do more ... pep rallies were (treat fun ... enjoy life and make the mo9t of it ... “Hi-Ho." RITA S. SLUSSER The business world lies ahead ... honesty is her policy ... she dances up a storm ... memories of friendships made ... “One of these days!” ROBERT PAUL SMERKO “Bob" ... a career with the state police ... an adventurous personality and hunting enthusiast ... spends spare time entertaining as a band member. JO ANN SLOCUM “Jo" ... baseball enthusiast ... “I’m all cars" ... an office worker of the fu- ture ... graduation and the prom will bring happy memories. JOHN STEVEN SMILEK College in his future ... will always remember the guys of the baseball team ... attaining goals is important ... loyalty a virtue ... wit and wisdom. EDWARD SLOSAR words for the right moment EDMOND L SMITH. JR. “Big Ed" ... "kind of a drag" ... girls ... annoyed by sloppy dressers ... business school ... devastating ... out- door life ... “Oh. the big city." LEE SMITH “Arc you serious?” ... loyal and stub- born ... football games ... I.B.M. computer programing ... move home- room 12-15 ... happiness is to be truly happy. 82MARLENE SMITH “Mar” ... future a an executive sec- retary • • • Happy person ... doesn't get along with conceited people ... eques- trian when she isn't busy ... good edu- cation |s important. DAVID SPARROWE “Dave” ... recording contract—congrat- ulations! ... short lunch periods ugh!) ... favors soccer ... an electronics engineer. GILBERT M. SNOOK Why was lunch so short? ... drafting school following graduation ... an independent senior who likes sports ... guitar player ... “Life is made for living.” MICHAEL JOSEPH STARECO “Mike” ... a congenial and truthful senior ... future architect ... special interests arc sketching and art work ... D lunch and its leftovers don’t agree with him ... “You’re kidding” ... parental understanding is important. DAVID A. SOKOL “Dave” ... spirited Junior class presi- dent ... likes to work for the sake of knowledge ... friendly, fun-loving, loyal ... does what he believes is right ... corporate law awaits. JOHN JOSEPH STEFANI A real sports enthusiast ... college plans ... docs what he feels is right ... looks for the best in others ... Is it possible for a teacher to be un- organized? ■ u NANCY STEINBERG “Cake” ... will fare well as a travel agent ... Why can’t they stretch those 25 minutes? ... "Cet smart” ... fond memories of Mr. M asser over the P.A. ... always something to cheer you up. MICHELLE STERN “Shelley" ... bubbly, straight-forward person ...' indispensable co-editor of Talon ... enjoyed working on “Pyg- malion” ... “That sure is comforting!” ... realization of one’s true self. 83EILEEN E. STEVENS Home on the range with “Lcany” ... cliques cause her to tum “red” with anger ... after she's out of school shell e’er remember her “in school” friends. WARREN WILLIAM STOCKTON A “boss" man ... Senior year was great! ... to aid our country in the armed services ... girls forever! ... “What’s it to you?”. MAUREEN GAIL STIFF “Maur” ... her volunteer work will lead to a career in nursing and physical therapy ... has no patience with un- sympathetic and phony people ... be- lief in sincerity and loyalty ... a friend to all ... “Who arc you kidding?” LINDA SUE STOCK A member of the motorcycle crowd ... hates being taken for granted ... happy, energetic, fun-loving ... “I'm new here" ... graduation memories ... enjoy yourself, do what you really want. HARRY F. STONE “Fred” ... Air Force ... hunting and fishing rate high ... education is the key to success ... electronics whir ... homeroom and football games will long be remembered ... lengthen lunch period! ... “You’re out of your bee!” THOMAS STINE Affix “Stine” with cars ... this in- clination may enable him success as a transmission technician ... the “me” has it! JAMES STORY “Jim” ... could be happy if homework were suspended ... sees the future in a funny car ... “What? You must be out of your tree!” 84EILEEN BEVERLY STRACHAN “Ei” ... energetic ... full of pep ... avoid» two-faced people ... active in skating, swimming, and the girls’ track team ... reflects truthfulness and pa- tience. with “that ear?" ... rowdiness is kind of fun ... great bass guitar ... park- ing lot blue ... “Keep it up!” FRANK DONALD STRATOWSKI “Strut” ... “Every once in a while some- one of conspicuous excellence come along” ... brownies just gotta go ... a true baseball fan ... transferred from H.P. ... “Wojcik, shut-up!” ... hopes for success. ✓ KRISTINE STRUVE “Kris” ... business school ... dislikes conceited individuals ... reaching her goal in life is most important ... loves roller skates. DORIS A. SULLIVAN In the sky—a hostess with the mostest ... the early morning hours find her drowsy-eyed ... honest humor ... the class of '68 forever! MICHAEL B. STRECZYK Determined “Mike” will enter the armed forces ... “Shape-up” ... wrestling and weight-lifting keep him in shape ... remembers chcm. with Mrs. Cross and 6th period German. BARBARA SULT “Barb” ... hair-stylist ... wc w«.at a touchdown! ... 48 minute classes—too long ... “Forgct-it” ... those irri- tating, know-it-all people ... success in life. 85PHILIP MARK SUSSWEIN "Phil" ... up with people! ... Folk-music performances and volunteer work ... pur- sue the course you feel right regardless of the consequences ... “Seriously!” VIRGINIA SUTTER “Ginny” ... upredictablc ... hates guys who lie to girls ... “Well hey!” ... bowling enthusiast ... always kind to others ... hopes to accomplish as much as pos- sible in life. MARK J. SZEMERETA “So what do you want me to do?” ... Kiss Mamma ... always keep- ing busy ... someday a physician ... “What!" ... well, would you believe—«“Love!” ... happy ad- dition from St. Joe’s. JOSEPH J. TACCKI “Joe" is always in the swing of things ... to be one of our boys in uniform ... easy going and honest ... live life to its fullest ... “Don’t be a wise guy!” ZANA TAFUNI “Out doorsie” senior who loves horses ... “I’m the manager, so let’s sec some real soccer action” ... would like to scratch out “clicks” “Honi.” ANTHONY J. TAMACNINI JR. “Tony” ... “Surfs up” ... wild life on campus ... “I don i •wanna hear it!” ... Caddy’s too big, Honda’s too small. WILLIAM ALLEN TENBROECK “Willis” ... conditioned to work at Fedders ... baseball really beats homework ... “I don’t got any” ... cheerful and friendly. MATTHEW TERRANOVA “Matty” ... friendly and out for a good time ... finds time to “bop” down the halls during passing ... interior decorator ... “What arc you —a kid?” 86DI ANNE TERZINO A sense of humor to match an ever present smile ... disturbed by those who join many clubs but are not active in them ... dedicated Eagle feature editor ... memories of friendships made. PATRICIA ANN THORPE “Pat" ... college and Peace Corps await her future ... parties and the shore all rate high ... “Oh man” ... joys helping others most of her time at cmy of Science and Student Council. BETH AYN TIRPAK “Cookie" ... “crazy” and cheerful ... Why do people say things they don’t mean? "Cut it out!” ... active in G.A.A. and gym shows ... love, happiness and peace of mind. DAVID TOLWI.NSKI "Dave" ... jusi loafing around ... constantly doing things im- pulsively ... baseball enthusiast ... remember the ‘66 Christmas «lance? ... “Pretty neat!” ... happiness is finding something humorous at least once a day. FRANCES B. TOROK "Fran" ... active in CAA and FNA ... dedicated boy watcher with sweet-talken’ eyes ... Remem- ber the jamboree? ZAIDA TORRES “Clco" ... “nutty" is the word ... won’t forget our Edison High Dance-s ... “Oh man, those detentions!" ... a future medical assistant. DENNIS TOTH "Banana” ... the name alone proves he’s a letterman! ... can’t forget his first day at soccer ... "If at first you don’t succeed, give up!” ... modesty prevents him from al- ways saying, “I'm tremen- dous!" DOROTHY HEI.EN TOTH “Dor” ... dislikes hypocrites ... interested in sports ... “Why?” ... self-satisfaction ... active cheerleader ... remember gradua- tion. 87FRANCINE TOTH A patient sport lover ... “Oh no!” ... always willing to try to understand people ... everything is important to her ... I be a good bookkeeper is her plan for the future. DEBRA LEE TROOP “Dougic” ... real style ... no business like show business ... lobby gatherings at 3:15 ... "Yeah, right!” ... dreams to be fulfilled. MARILYN ELIZABETH TOTH An easy going senior who will never forget graduation ... “Oh!" ... dis- likes nasty people ... college in the future ... appreciate the fact that you’re living. RICHARD D. TURNER “Rich” ... Client major in college ... “Smile you're on candid camera" ... high steppin’ drum major ... Talon and Eagle Photog . “Knock it off" ... doing good for others is important. ELLEN ANN TREPPER “Trcp” ... always wearing a smile ... never on time “short" lunch period ... a friend to all ... enjoys football and basketball games ... friendship is be- yond all. PATRICIA UNDERWOOD “Pat” ... a fashion design future ... the theater, dances and football games really rate ... phony people out! ... always smiling ... “You bctcha!” BARBARA JEAN UVECES “Barb" ... a secretarial future ... en- joys tennis and swimming ... member of Academy of Science ... “You’re kidding.” ... how happy she would be without exams ... generosity plus. LAURA C. VALENTI “Laura" ... exuberant band member with lots of school spirit ... future plans include teaching ... Photog- raphy Club ... support your class! 88JOSEPH M. VALERIANI “Joe” ... automotive designer ... spends extra time working on cars, painting and drawing ... can’t stand slow cars and 4 doors ... important to own a Cadillac and a Ferrari. LINDA ANN VEICA “Toni” is annoyed by conversations held in a crowded hall ... will work with children ... enthusiastic football spec- tator ... emotional 3nd a little “nutty." MICHAEL VALOR “Mike” ... silence is golden ... life is what one gets out of it ... 25 minute lunch period disagrees with his stomach ... what homework?? RICHARD VICAR I Will don navy-blues ... school days arc too long ... sleepy time guy ... spe- cial interest in soccer ... constant com- plainer. PAUL DOUGLAS VAN DUYNE “Doug" ... one of our famous foot- ball players ... a carefree guy who enjoys motorcycle scrambling ... “beat the Hawk" ... college is the key to his future ... “Give me a break.” ARLENE SUE VIECELMANN “At” ... the world of fashion design- ing ... dislikes those who brag ... horseback riding in her extra hours ... friendly, faithful, full of fun ... always enjoys decorating for dances ... “Ob cool”. SHARON ANN VINCE Sloppy dressers. “Ilk" ... sewing is thrifty ... loves to attend our dances and lunch ... plans for a career in business management. ANTHONY VISCARDI “Tony” ... dedication and loyally plus ... indispensable Talon Art Editor ... hates false friends and sarcasm ... hopes to help build tomorrow’s world ... busy all the time ... a serious outlook be- hind a smiling face ... “Quc Pasa?" 89PASQUAI.E LOUIS VITUCCI “Pat" ... “honesty" is in. “greediness”, out ... plans to design buildings ... tennis is tops ... "Really!" ... Soph, biology and basketball will long be remembered. GERALD K. VOICE “Jerry" ... doctor of the future ... “Oh all that homework!" ... ’66 J.P.S. victory will always lx- remembered ... active member of Key Club ... willing to help everyone ... “The Hawk is dead!" ... setting and attaining a goal is important ... a great sense of humor. DAVID WALLS “Dave" ... career in electronic» ... a real ham with radios . better to give than to receive ... live to the fullest. CHRISTINE A WALLNER “Chris” ... plans of becoming a medical secretary ... oh, those people who are always late! ... remember “kids” from E.H.S. ... business club fills spare time. KATHLEEN M. WATTERS “Kathy” ... business college ... a friend to all ... love watching football games ... influence goes far ... life should give personal fulfillment. JUDITH ANN WALL “Jude" ... secretarial work ... pet peeve—hypocrites ... painting and sew- ing are tojw ... “Oh. really?” JOHN PETER WEAVER “Weave" ... college bound ... too many rules ... cars are a favorite ... get the most out of everything ... don’t give up ... football games forever, v v'v nr 90KENNETH WEBBER “Lightning" ... interests lie in sports and music ... patient, friendly and fun- loving ... memories of Mrs. Harrison's Algebra I class ... hopes of a writing career ... “Would you believe!” ALBERT NATHANIEL WILLIAMS “Life is what you make it so go to it Al” ... lunch periods arc too short ... will heighten his education ... courtesy and honesty arc prized virtues ... he’s definitely “the most". WILLIAM B. WEISENBORN “Tiny” ... plans for more school days ... life is worth living ... “all the way with Chevrolet" ... "Cool it!” LINDA MARIE WILLIAMS “Willie" ... lab. technician to be her profession ... “What!” ... an in- dustrious twirler ... Junior prom, foot- ball and basketball games always to be remembered ... “crazy” things. RICHARD WEISENBORN “Rich" ... no parking lot for seniors? ... you’ve got to be kidding! ... pharmaceutical career is in the future ... oil painting and bowling arc hob- bies ... world peace yet an unfulfilled dream. JANET WILSON “Jan” ... quiet and sincere ... her goal- missionary work ... sketching and drawing are favorites ... cannot tolerate snobs ... “Oh well, what can I -a !" 91KATHLEEN WILSON “Kathy” ... success will come in the business field ... foot- ball and basketball games rate high ... two-faced people drive her crazy ... can be seen twirling at any footlkill game ... fun loving ... cheer- ful ... always happy ... has loads of | aticncc ... “What?” DEBORAH R. WISE “Debbie” ... full of pep and con- cern for others ... “The Hawk is Dead" ... F.T.A. (elementary) ... U.S.Y. was quite an ex- perience ... always lends a help- ing hand. EDGAR WITTMER “Check, your move Ed" ... moving in the direction of an accountant ... 1 tones!y—a merit to be proud of ... application will fulfill his goals. MICHAEL LENORD WOJCIK “Woj" ... Football star who plans to coach ... “Make that tackle!" ... always a song! ... “great, handsome, fabu- lous. lovable" ... conceit? ... Are you kidding? JOANNE WOLLER “Jo" ... bubbly Senior ... F.T.A. “prexy” ... "He’s so obnoxious!” ... be yourself at all times ... “What a bova!” BETTY ANN WYMAN Future teacher of America ... loves to read just about every- thing readable ... versatile ... knows when to l»e silent ... her motto—“Be yourself ... will long remember all the great kids ... “Beans." CAROLE A. YOST Dislikes conceited people ... avid dancer ... unpredictable “You’re breaking my heart.” JOHN YOST “Sonny” ... biology major in the future ... “What 31c you talking about?" ... Cross Country will always be re- membered ... “This is very perturbing!” ... friends are most important. 92LYNNE YOUNG Future nurse ... football Rime will always be remembered ... Academy of Science member ... ceramics rate high ... “I haven’t the faintest.” ALBERT YUKUBOWSKY “Yak" ... Air Force in the future ... “A" lunch in my Senior year? ... football games will always be remembered ... “Ah shoot!”.... a quiet but determined person ... ! e happy. CHRISTOPHER ALAN ZAMPINO “Zamp” ... a major in architectural en- gineering ... dislikes two-faced people ... can always be seen running track or cross country ... enjoys bowling and sketching cartoon characters ... short tempered Italian. PATRICIA ANN ZENO “What can I say!" ... but very out- spoken and talkative ... history! ugh! ... secretary to a handsome executive? ... friends will always be remembered. GEORGE MICHAEL ZINK Understanding ... “Okay” ... hates the long school day ... a true friend to all ... integrity! CAMERA SHY Robert Dictcrlc William Hansen Robert Stromoski Susan Sweeten George Williams 93IN UEMORJim They passed our way only once At a time when we were slowly waking from youth, But, as dawn was bestowed upon us, dusk befell them. Now, in retrospect, remember them as they were And the realization of their absence Instills within us sorrow. Let us keep their memories alive For they will not pass our way again.SPORTSSitting: J. Flaherty, B. Corcoran, N. Furst, B. Connelly, B. Crabosky, M. Wojcik, R. Bucci, R. Podlaski, J. Stefani, B. Bea, R. Carole, K. Wcstcotl. Second Row: J. Nagy, B. Mac Laughlin, S. Provenzano. D. Van Dyne, E. Hagerty, T. Melia, V. Sargent, B. Andersen, M. Castcl- lucci, E. Krupa, L. Perrochino, E. Jackson, M. Bertha. Third Row: Coaches: R. Hoyda, V. Capraro, K. Pagach, J. Alvarez, N. Nicohla, N. Genova, M. Aminicri, R. Andersen, G. Hopson, R. Defeat)-, J. Kitzi, I). Shipman. B. Cavanaugh, L. Berzcki. Coaches: E. Valeri, L. Long. Fourth Row: G. Meeker, J. Abate, J. Reider, V. Usenko. D. Eldrich, I). Rineheimer, J. Wyatt, W. Nueton, T. Furst. M. Rebarber, L. Pollex. T. Davis. Roger Wile©!? He’s not even on the leant. FOOTBALL ETHS Opponent 27 Colonia .................. 12 13 New Brunswick..............26 0 Union ..................... 0 8 E. Brunswick .............. 9 0 Madison Twp................14 0 J.F.K.......................7 16 Linden ................... 33 13 J. P. Stevens............. 13 20 Woodbridgc ............... 26 Under new head football coach Vincent Capraro. the 1967 ETHS football team com- piled a 2-6-1 record. Showing improvement, the gridders proved to be tough competitors to all opponents. Led by senior co-captains Ralph Bucci and Mike Wojcik, the squad was a highly spirited one and always put forth its best effort.Bk HELP! RALPH BUCCI- Co-Captain All Counly Defensive Back 99 BILL CONNELI.Y-End BILL CRABOSKY—TackleMIKE CASTELLUCCI—End ED HAGERTV—End ED KRl'PA—End NICK FURST-End STU PROVENZANO—Defensive Back 100 Bucci draws attention! DOUC VAN DYNE- EndTOM MELIA—Guard LOU PER R OCHI NO—Quarterback JOHN STEFAN!—AH County Center CARY HOPSON-Cuard Pcirochino |K i ed for action ROB ANDERSEN Tackle RICH PODLASKI Tackle VIRGIL SARGENT-Tackle 101varsity basketball Bottom Row: T. I-ewis, T. Ayottc, M. Fifick, T. Wemick, D. Jones, C. Hadley, J. Reader. Top Row: Coach Koslick, B. Lewis, J. Marowitz, J. Alvator, B. Michaels, J. Ross, C. Zardavels, J. Ampcr, B. Peterson, Coach Coward. JUNIOR. VARSITY Bottom Row: A. Fulture, C. Mailler, B. Lohsc, R. Drummhcllcr, V. Usenko. Top Row: Mr. Koslick, R. Pushic, T. Calamoneri, B. Weiler, B. Solingo, G. Banos, G. Fildcs. 102 E.T.HJS. Opponent 47 Colonia........................63 59 E. Brunswick ................. 66 58 Stevens........................60 72 Perth Amboy .................. 90 74 Madison ...................... 66 58 Madison ...................... 54 51 Colonia........................67 54 N. Brunswick ................. 48 67 Franklin ..................... 54 74 Kennedy ...................... 54 73 Sayreville.....................67 44 Stevens ...................... 50 72 Woodbridge.....................67 64 E. Brunswick ................. 67 74 Kennedy ...................... 60 JOE MAROWITZ TED I.EWfS The basketball team, after a losing sea- son, came back strong this year, improving on last season’s 3-14 record. The varsity cagers had a superstar in senior Ted Ayotte. Ayotte led the team in scoring and finished third in Middlesex County. With three starting sophomores on the squad the future looks promising for our bid to join the county powerhouses next year. 103 CAPTAIN—JEFF ROSSDAN JONES BILL MICHAELS CHUCK HADLEY TED AYOTTE Ayolte scores a deuce!EDISON’S SHARPSHOOTERSStanding: K. Pagacli, Coach, A. Carbonaro, B. Anderson, M. Wojcik, K. Podlaski, N. Furst, J. Lipich, A. Lankic, F. Stasium, Manager. Kneeling: M. Streezyk, C. Hopson, M. Wallcy, R. Anderson, J. Montis, M. Ianni, J. Duffy. Kneeling: J. Degrazia, J. Koutsonikas. B. Haley. B. McLaughlin, L. Balon, C. Bell. Standing: K. Pagach, Coach, D. Blaszka. D. Eldridgc. D. Rinehimer, R. Carbone, K. Pennachio, K. Holland. C. Duda, Manager. Kneeling: R. Vanderver, J. Sahovich, P. Giroux, J. Lai Icy, G. Doda, G. D’Allicgro, J. Timmerman, J. Corcoran. Standing: Coach, K. Pagach, H. Moss, K. Latham, D. Pemberton, J. Boles, B. McCann, J. Stanke, K. Latham, J. Guido, W. Braun, Coach, R. Brown. 106U R££TUN£ COACH PACACH The Eagle Grapplers placed fifth in the county tourneys this season due to the efforts of seniors Hob Anderson, Rich Podlaski, and Mike Streczyk. In the tournament Rich Podlaski won a Middlesex County Championship title, with Anderson and Streczyk placing second. Teamwork and determination have gone a long way this season toward improving previous rec- ords. RECORD Edison Opponents 21 New Brunswick ............. 21 10 Piscataway ................ 20 16 Bridgewater................23 37 Woodbridge.................. 9 28 East Brunswick..............15 20 Madison ................... 18 36 Colonia.....................11 35 Kennedy ................... 9 36 Perth Amboy ............. 11 BOB ANDERSEN 178 lbs. 107CARY HOPSON 136 11». MIKE WOJCIK 168 lb». RAY CARBONE 157 lb». NICK FURST 157 lbs. JOHN LIPICH 108 157 lbs.First Row: C. Zampina, C. Bell, M. Gabarcy, C. Lokeman, R. Ille». Second Row: R. Pohero, W. Porter, G. Jordan, W. Beach, K. Mairc, A. Minton, T. Hoover. Third Row: Mr. Mcttlcr, C. Zipprich, J. Yost, R. Muceia, D. Povendo, T. Surdyka, G. Shaffer, J. Pemberton, Mr. Coleman. MANAGERS: B. Cantamessa, L. Gardis Cross Country Managers CROSS COUNTRY Under the leadership of Coach Jack Coleman, the 1067 Cross Country team compiled a fine record. The Eagle Harriers showed a great improvement over last season’s record. Paced by Junior Captain, Charlie Zipprich, new stars and new records were established. Zipprich placed first in the Central Jersey District Championships and also broke the Edison.coursc record three times. Another new star, Junior Ted Surdyka, finished first in the J.V. invitational meet. NO “MIGHTY MITE BOU UN£ CLUB First Row: S. Phcil, L. Girardin, D. Menon, J. Klorinan. G. While. J. Broker, C. Maybin, J. Placko. J. Martin, K. Azangcr. Second Row: Mr. Wallace—advisor; G. Torok, K. Kiley, L. Sandras, T. Krumeich, P. Raszka, D. Borwcgcn, D. Pynch, D. Bagan, D. Kost, M. LeMay, J. Morrelle. Third Row: D. Browning. K. Maire, J. Obendorfer, W. Lykc, M. Hagar, R. Kaye, D. Illes, I). Lefkowitz. J. Kapolka, J. Bonano, B. Bethea. Fourth Row: S. Cleveland, T. Evans, W. Sullivan, D. Yuhas, H. Mcrson, A. Friedman, C. Martino, V. Sutter, B. Dillon, J. Glodck. tennis cojb Left to Right: T. Brookes, T. Zink, Mr. Reilly—advisor. D. Sokol, P. Vitueci. MIDDLESEX COUNTY GOLF CHAMPS GOLF TEAM First Rou: H. Egcland, C. Hadley. Second Row: Mr. Lynch—advisor; T. Evans, D. Short, G. Rothman, A. Fox, D. Ready.VA QUY QOOCZ VARSITY TEAM: Kneeling: A. Espadu, J. Chmura. T. Hurley, J. Am per, C. Borbcly, D. Bruskin. Standing: S. Wilision, G. Mikitzki, J. While, D. Mullen, J. Donovan, R. Vicari, B. Lyke. CO-CAPTAINS—J. White. B. Lyke J. V. SOCCER First Roif: H. Tilman, J. Reilly, T. Wenxe, C. May- bin, G. Zaratte. P. Sclingo, G. While. Second Row: R. Novice, T. Lcise, G. Greenspan, I. Feldman, A. Sparrow, G. Harman, J. Mullen. 112 » ■BILL LYKE JOHN DONOVAN SOCCER Led by high scoring John White, junior, and John Donovan, senior, with twenty-one and seventeen goals respectively, the ETHS soccer team compiled a fine 10- 4 1 record. Beginning the season with just five returning starters the hooters went on to set a Middlesex County record of sixty goals in one season. This scoring punch proved to be a threat to every team in the county. The Eagles placed three members on the year’s All- County selection. Senior co-captain Bill Lyke and junior co-captain John White were first team members and John Donovan was chosen for the third. ETHS Opponent 11 Colonia .............................0 10 Woodbridgc ......................... 0 0 E. Brunswick ....................... 4 7 J.F.K............................... 3 4 Madison ............................ 2 6 Colonia ............................ 0 2 Plainfield ......................... 1 0 Madison..............................3 2 Perth Amboy..........................0 3 Sayreville ......................... 1 3 J.F.K................................1 0 J. P. Stevens........................4 10 Woodbridge ......................... 2 2 J. P. Stevens........................2 0 Perth Amboy ........................ 2 10—4—1 Junior JOHN WHITE114 DAVE BRUSKINTop Row: Mr. Nuzzo, K. Page, H. Egeland, D. Toth, R. Sargeant, R. Illis, R. Ray, V. Sargent, J. Stefani. R. Bucci, S. Provenzano, J. Yost, C. Dow, E. Korzin, Mr. Jarvis. Middle Row: T. Irwin, M. Kashtock. V. Bell, G. Shafer, N. Cenova, G. Meeker, R. Muccia, B. Jacobson, C. Zipprich, T. Surdyka, G. Bloom, J. Pewberton, E. Anderson. Bottom Row: B. Davis, T. Griffin, J. Kirkpatrick, M. Gabony, A. Minton, C. Lokeman, F. Fiorello, J. Susswein, J. Gavigan. COACH-P. NUZZO WINTER TRACfC The indoor cindermen were hampered by the piercing cold air and continuous snow. Under the leadership of coach Paul Nuzzo, the track- sters were led by a determined group of seniors. At the beginning of the season development meets were held at Jersey City for state and county competition. Medals were won by Stu Provenzano in the 60 yard dash, Gene Meeker and Kevin Page in the high hurdles, Ted Surdyka in the quarter mile, Charlie Zipprich, the mile, and Virgil Sargent and John Stefani in the shot put. E.T.HS. Opponent 61 Colonia..................... 16 34 St. Joseph’s ............... 38 42 Highland Park .............. 35 40 Sayrcville ................. 39 35Y Woodbridgc .................. 35V 115116 DAVID TOLWINSKI MIKE WOJCIK ED HACERTY “EXPERIENCE” is the key word for this year’s baseball team. A power- ful pitching staff will propel the team into a most rewarding season. The enthusiastic preparation and well-de- veloped skill of the boys will lead the Eagles to a successful season, long to be remembered. DAVID RINEHEIMER LOU PERROCHINO ALEX BELLUSCIO GEORGE MIKITZKI118119OR W ZAriQN£OFFICERS: Seated: T. Cobb, secretary; C. Rothman, President; F. Bonis, Vice-President. Standing: C. Gove, Treasurer; Mr. Jolly, advisor; D. Kindon, Corrcs. Sec. MR. WIMMER—co-curricular coordinator SENIORS—JUNIORS: First Row: G. Koslosky, D. O’Sicja, D. Prcndcrgast, L. Faas, D. Ritz, L. Mel tier, S. Stull, C Schacter. Second Row: 1). Harris, P. Snyder, A. Cohen, M. Pushic, L. Memagh C. Fisher, L. Schmidt, D. Borwegan. Third Row: C. Baldwin, J. Klorman, J. Kitzi, J. Allen. B. Dominick, C. Melinowski, F. Levy, W. Anderson. Fourth Row: D. Goldstein, A. Saks, R. Levine, P. Corcoran, M. Malone, K. Murphy, V. Slabodian, R. Azangcr. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an organization which enables the student to promote and direct student activities. It strives to achieve understanding and cooperation not only between students and teachers, but among the students themselves. Ad- vocating the formation of a more unified student body, the Student Council also encourages leadership among the stu- dents. Representatives to the Student Council are given the opportunity to pre- pare for their coming years as American citizens. SOPHOMORES-FRESHMEN: First Row: R. Jones, K. Ballas, I). Kost, A. Weingarl, J. Dipplc, A. Roscnfcld, A. Stivanclli. Second Row: K. Frisch, D. Zatrcpalek. F. Feketi. R. Difede, D. Rosenthal, P. Carter, J. Insobclla. Third Row: B. Davis, M. Ford, D. Tamm, M. Alvarez, E. Dunfy, C. Fisher, E. Pctro. 122SENIOR, CLASS COUNCIL Row 1: L. Faas, K. Gardzinski, L. Cardus, L. Valenti, M. Smith. Row 2: M. Fifick, D. Kursay L. Jannone, P. Buck, L. Moore, L. William». Row 3: J. Obendorfer, M. Rebarber, L. Langcnohl, M. Dclahunty, D. Toth. JUNIOR, CLASS OFFICERS Seated: B. Novak—secretary, G. Bloom—president, L. Mcltzer— treasurer. Standing M. Cantore—vice-president, Mr. Travis—ad- visor. SENIOR, CLASS OFFICERS Seated: M. Paul—treasurer, P. Di Gioia—president, J. Russo— vice-president. Standing: Mr. DiNardo—advisor, S. Papp—sec- retary. JUNIOR, CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: A Healy, S. Williams, S. Curry, S. Weiss, R. Fried- man, C. Schactcr. Row 2: L. Brclcr. F. Levy, D. Harris, L. Greenfield, N. Vlict, L. Riggs, F. Bonis. Row 3: C. Mazanoski, I. Toth, B. Barlow, J. Kitzi, J. Alvator, R. Levine. 123£OPWO UOR£ CIACC R£PR£££NlATl ££ First Row: M. McGinn, G. Bodncr, J. Benneche, D. Palmer, I). Kost, B. Katchcn, V. Montanino. Second Row: C. Willinbrock, L Tipaldo, M. Cladck, J. Hurley, J. Wirtz, V. Sc , man ski. Third Row: J. Kirkpatrick, P. Cardzinski. C. Anderson, R. Terzian, M. Sokol. Fourth Row: R. Drumhcllcr, J. Bohannan, J. Corcoran, K. Sizo, D. Blckicki, P. Noonan. OFFICERS: Seated: K. Balias, Secretary, B. Taylor, President, K. Vicgclman, Vice-President. Standing: Miss Tcringcr, Advisor, L. Donato, Treasurer. FRESHMAN CWSS REPRESENTATIVES First Row: A. Baltov, J. Carnes, K. Hurley, A. Thomas. Second Row: G. Haberer, C. Harmon, T. Festa, P. Ricmschncider. OFFICERS: Seated: J. Wyatt, B. Davis—president, D. Krone. Standing: B. Giroux, Mr. Jarvis, Advisor.Eight times throughout the year the student body excitedly awaits the distribution of the school newspaper. The paper stimulates the students to an awareness of school affairs and publishes news of general interest.' It senes as a communication link between the students, and among the students themselves. The staff receives training in journal- istic techniques, business circulation, as well as reporting and editing. As a result of their excellent work, we have one of the best papers in the area. EDITORS: First Row: R. Azanger, D. McLaughlin, L. Brclcr, K. Bettyas, F. Bonis. Second Row: R. Sergeant, T. Viscardi, R. Turner, M. Putcrbaugh, D. Fabian. M. Dclahunty, co-editor; Mrs. Brcitkopf, advisor; K. Dzuban, co- editor. REPORTERS: First Row: N. Fudge, P. Taylor, M. Morris, A. Wcihgart, S. Papp. Second Row: R. Brown, M. Silk, K. Webber, M. Toth, D. Harris, K. Bettyas. Third Row: T. Lewis, J. Donovan, D. Bailey, R. Singer, R. Azangcr.F MA v. pres. Standing: D. Me I.n»i«hlin, treas.; J. Thorpe, pari.; Sirs. Donahay, advisor; C. Harmon, hist; Miss Raganclli, advisor. Future Homemakers of America is a nation-wide organization of young women studying home ec- onomics. It helps the individual in improving per- sonal character, family and community living pre- sently and in future years. Its challenging motto is “Toward New Horizons.” Following this, they recognize that the community affects the well being of family members. FHA’crs participate in town- ship service projects, volunteer work for institutions and assist with fund drives—a few of the many ser- vices they perform. SENIORS — JUNIORS Kneeling: K. Jones, J. Wolak, K. Lieberman, K. Hanley, D. Costanlino, L. Mingoia, A. Redmond, S. Noll. Second Row: L. Mancuso, P. Me Laughlin, C. Swcrdlow, B. Novak, D. Pynch. M. Morris, P. Roscoe, P. Piccianni, D. Bagan. Third Row: K. Taylor, L. Ferrara, R. Mattie, D. Colby. V. Wilson, N. Vliet, J. Vinczi, R. Prcstano, B. Elmycr. Fourth Row: R. Peterson, L. Carter, M. Hagar, I). Catalusci, K. Rockfcllcr, D. Me Laughlin, J. Thorpe, P. Guastella, P. Di Gioia. Fifth Row: M. Vasnelis, M. Putcrbaugh, K. Walsh, M. Louis, B. Hamilton, P. Merrill, B. Schultzc, D. Zavist, D. Fodor. FRESHMEN — SOPHOMORES First Row: Mrs. Donahay, advisor; S. Boland, A. Thomas, P. Goodgcm, B. Schafer, F. Amicarelli, Miss Raganclli, advisor. Second Row: G. Borden, C. Domzalski, E. Demetroulakos, M. Ma- rino, S. Klorman, H. Adclbcrg. Third Row: P. Carter, K. Finnegan, C. Schrcf- fler, A. Reed, S. Dupree, L. Tipaldi, C. Harmon. Fourth Row: M. Wolk, C. Anderson, M. Sokol, S. Price, P. Bailey, D. Olpinski, J. Bethea. 126F TA The Future Teachers of America helps those in- terested in teaching to decide if this is the career for them. FTA’ers are devoted to year-round proj- ects of donating books to the Edison High School Library and to give scholarships to deserving grad- uating members of the club. Through group discus- sions, speakers, films, and observing classes in the local elementary schools, the members learn the heartbreaks and rewards of teaching. First Row: S. Dennis, S. Rosenfel l, J. Yuschik, S. Gandek, J. Woller, L. Dcmko. Second Row: K. Wolchko, J. Benneche, G. Bodnar, B. Levitt, K. Levy, L. Schmidt. Third Row: K. Cohen, L. Green- field, E. Doyon, R. Mattie, D. Wise, K. Carrado. Fourth Row: K. Scajco, B. Hamilton, B. Wyman, S. Camp, K. Dann, J. Misty.ten. F.NA First Row: Mrs. Demers—Advisor, K. Lass, S. Boland, M. Marion, B. Schaefer. Second Row: D. Muself, L. Shipman. J. Baron, C. Herczku, L Toth, A. Herman. Third Row: B. Summers, D. Lee, V. Sloi odian, I). Kindon, J. Bethea. Not Pictured: Diane Borbcly—President. 127KEY CWB First Row: Mr. Sofka advisor, J. Wcisz, T. Genova, M. Malone, M. Silk, R. Larson, C. Zainpino. Second Row: M. Dotsko, A. Freedman, R. Kaye, G. Creenspan, R. Klciser, J. Kapolka. V. Wolezak. Third Row: T. Golden, R. Pellegrini, D. Sokol, T. Viscardi, T. Schulman, H. Merson. Fourth Row: B. Caldwell, D. Goldstein, G. Rothman, A. Saks, M. Szemereta, C. Schocmaker, G. Voice. KEY CLUB OFFICERS Seated: M. Dotsko—treasurer. M. Malone—president, T. Viscardi —vice president. Standing: R. Kleiscr—secretary. GIRLS SERVICE CLUB OFFICERS Sealed: A. Gavctt—historian, Beth Baptiste—president, Maureen Hagar— vice President. Standing: L. Cohon—secretary, C. Kecvil—treasurer, Mrs. A. Signorelli—advisor. GIRLS SERVICE CLUB First Row: A. Thomas, J. Tywanick, N. Viscinus. L. Mcmagli, P. Underwood, A. Gavctt, K. Hanley, J. Cintura, L. Demko, Mrs. A. Signorelli. Second Row: G. Nichnowitz, L. Fiorino, C. Kecvil, S. Gondola, S. Mingoia, D. Dotsko, E. Piccolomini, D. Rosenthal, L. Cohon. Row Three: E. Dcmctrovlakos, K. Cohon, J. Nadan, S. Schreiber, L. Holler, B. Baptiste, N. Underwood, L. Reid, S. Wccscy. Fourth Row: C. An- derson, M. White, M. Hagar, J. Eldridge, B. Wyman, A. Schreiber, S. Andrcco, W. Burris, J. Hammer, S. Mistysyn.re la First Row: Mrs. Fry, Advisor; R. Ondeyka, C. Spitzmillcr, N. Stauffer. Second Row: C. Steiner, B. Marshall, P. Sliute. FPA First Row: Mr. Thompson, Advisor; J. Urbach, S. Schreibcr, T. Knimeich, Sec.; M. Lauber. Second Row: A. Marcano, J. Reidcr, C. Johnson. C. Voice, Pres. Third Row: D. Pcler, B. Drumheller, C. Rothman, M. Szemercta, V. Pres. CI-fBCQ CLUB First Row: Mr. Lcvcnduski, Advisor; J. Kapolka, D. Merson. B. Waters, R. Azanger, A. Sowinski. Second Row: T. Leise, M. Bullock, R. Kaye, J. Broker, P. Reimsehncidcr, B. Schneider. Third Row: B. Lewis, B. Lamkic, M. Dotsko, A. Kvartek, A. Chcslow. 129MATUTEAM Sealed: K. Kwittcr, M. Fifick, M. Silk. Standing: R. Sergeant, C. Schoemaker. Not Pictured: Mrs. Harrison, advisor. RADIO CLUB CW£F'S CLUB First Row: Mrs. Walsh, Advisor; D. Stone, P. Galindo, A. Grand jean. Second Row: C. Hcniku, M. Maloney, V. Szymanski. Third Row: J. Aiders, B. Grandjean, K. Walsh, R. Terzian. First Row: Mr. Harris, advisor; D. Walls, J. Margolin, E. Dunphy. Second Row: D. Walls I. Luiwa, D. Tolwin- ski. ART CLUB First Row: Miss Kuchta, advisor; B. Howell, A. Grand- jean, L. Byron, V. Bodic. Second Row: 1). Hatchman, J. Kinsclla, P. Galindo, D. Borwcgan. J. Sa. Third Row: A. Morrell, B. Grandjean, M. Slarego, I). Musolf, S. Mingoia. 130RJFLB CLUB First Row: Mr. Jacobson, advisor; P. Conrad, M. Lardicri. I). St. Laurent, D. Baron. Second Row: C. Martino, C. Duda, J. Oben- dorfer, K. Bahruth, L. Baton. Third Row: D. Me Avoy, B. Lewis, F. Regulski, F. Stratowski, V. Scarpa. debate club First Row: S. Epstein, B. Schafer, M. Azanger. Second Row: M. Silk, B. Welder, J. Rcider. PWOTOCRAPWY CLUB First Row: Mr. Kaplan, advisor; I). Molchan, F. Lusky, R. Turner, L. Ferrara, L. Valenti, M. Smith. Second Row: B. DeSantis, C. Greenspan, D. Lefkowitz, M. Langan, F. Pietoso, T. Caputo. Third Row: M. Zell, B. Bertolatus, M. Vasnelis, B. Sullivan, R. Bleckiki, R. Brown. SfcJN DMN CLUB First Row: Mr. Thompson, Advisor, M. Cladck. D. Zack, J. Placko, I). Borwegan, P. Radzawich. Second Row: I). Merson, I. Toth, M. Rebarber, L. I-mgenohl, E. Dunphye, N. Numerof. Third Row: V. Bell, R. Loeb, M. Szemerta, F. Regulski, J. Glodek, K. Minnerly. 131DANCk RAND First Row: B. Robins, G. Zink, R. Turner, V. Gutwein, L. Tolh, J. Margolin. Second Row: E. Bunko. W. Calamoncri, G. Mikilzki, A. DiNicola, C. Haynes, S. Briggs, Mr. Stark, Conductor. Third Row: D. Hutchinson, M. Walley, D. Pelcr, A. Goyas, J. Zalinsky. OFFICERS: First Row: Mrs. Gross, Advisor; D. Wise, Recording See.; J. Woller, Corresponding Sec.; B. Kimclman, Treasurer; L. Martz, First Vice Pres.; Mr. Jacobson, Advisor. Second Row: J. Margolin, Parliamentarian; D. Pcler, President; G. Roth- man, Sergcant-at-Arms; J. Boles, Second Vice President. ACADEMY OF SCIENCE SENIORS First Row: J. Sa, A. Gavctt, K. Kwittcr, A. Brown, L. Valenti, J. Hansen, M. Smith. Second Row. L. Mancuso, K. Levy, J. Loetzer, R. Wciscnborn, P. Buck, L. Moore, K. Jones. Third Row: M. Fifick, J. Yost, E. Doyon, R. Mc- Clelland, B. Levitt, M. Mancuso, M. Malone. Fourth Row: M. Paul, M. Hagar, K. Murphy, M. Rebarber, P. DiGioia, D. Toth, L. Williams. First Row: M. Starego J. Alvator, T. Genova, R. Bahruth, J. Obendor- fer, D. Merson. Second Row: L. Mirbach. W. Lvkc, M. Bullock, D. Bolduc, L. Kanis, P. Conrad, C. Johnson. Third Row: I). Mullen, R. Turner, T. Bohannan, D. Tolwinski, D. Sokol, T. Viscardi. Fourth Row: R. Rcgulski, R. Bauer, J. Aptaker, L. Bonn, G. Voice, M. Szcmcrcta, R. Sergeant. 132JUNIORS First Row: J. Kruger, L. Lund, F. Bonis, A. Redmond, V. Bodie, S. Noll. Second Row: L. Cohon, J. Holcombe, J. Vinccni, D. Stone, J. Yuschik, K. Lickcrman, A. Obcl- lero. Third Row: C. Bloom, J. Namba, J. Urbach, V. Wilson, N. Vliet, I). Harris. Fourth Row: D. McLaughlin, D. Kinden, S. Schreiber, G. Richmond, R. I aPlaca, D. Blaszka, N. Numcrof. JUNIORS First Row: R. Kaye, G. Greenspan, R. Klciscr, J. Klorman, G. Jordan, M. Langan, B. Hansen. Second Row: K. Walsh, D. Yuhas, J. Abate, E. Korein, H. Knudsen, B. Schultz. Third Row: R. Locb, M. Vasnclis, D. Schiller, P. Dandola, R. DiTomasso, T. Marcano. Fourth Row: S. Kojsa, J. Pinter, G. Toth, J. Zalinski, J. Alhcrs, B. Lewis. SOPHOMORES First Row: K. Walshko, D. Knoebel, S. Abrcms, M. Ianni, B. Katchen, A. Rosenficld, Y. Montanino. Second Row: M. Tractcn- berg, D. Rosenthal, B. Neuber, C. Nagy, I). Briant, J. Benneche, G. Bognar. Third Row: K. Wcscott, S. Crog, K. Dann. J. Mistysyn, J. Toroski, R. Tech, J. Goudie. Fourth Row: R. Drumbeller, I. Feldman, D. Jobbins, B. Sullivan, R. Dulla, W. Schneider, J. Rider, S. Andrcjco. 133MARCHING BAND Foreground: Karla Jones, ma- jorette; Rich Turner, drum ma- jor. First Row: V. Cutwein, D. Hutchinson, M. Ianni, M. Jcnoricki, T. Lozak. F. Phillip, L. Valenti, M. Smith. Second Row: Mr. B. Stark, conductor; M. Cutwein, J. Turoski, F. Lusky, L. Ferrara, I Toth, D. Annis, B. Robins. C. Hcrczku, L. Baton, C. Doyon, M. Wallcy. Third Row: P. Riemschneider, J. Eldridgc, C. Michael, J. Mar- golin, K. Wescott, M. Silk, W. Anderson, S. Briggs, G. Ha nes, A. DeNicola. Fourth Row: P. Orvos, E. Banko, S. Williston, W. Calamoneri, D. Davis, C. Baron, S. Beaver, D. Blaszka, B. Riemschneider. R. Shipman. Fifth Roto: D. Pelcr, I. Feld- man, G. Mikitzki. W. Godfrey, A. Phillip. R. McManus. S. Chcrlin, B. Lambach, C. Shroba, M. Calamoneri. First Row: K. Haines, G. Torok, E. Doyon. M. Lopez. L. Mancuso, L. Cohon, B. Levitt, L. Toth. S. Mingoia, B. Schultz. Second Row: A. Saks, L. Poor. R- Grandjean, Mr. Hughes. Advisor, D. Tamm, D. Popcr, G. HenUchel, P. Suss- wein. A C4PPEUA Ursl Row: Mr. Hughes, Ad- visor, C. Summers, B. Levitt, J. Loetzcr, K. Walsh, F. Phillip, M. Lopez, L. Man- cuso, L. Cohon, S. Mingoia, F. Lusky, R. Prcstano, L. Toth. Second Row: K. Haines, B. Schultzo, S. Hurst. G. Torok, S. Robin- son, S. Kent, E. Doyon. L. Martz, L. Bea, M. Rebarbcr, P. Lohse. M. Palumbo. Third Row: I. Luizza, A. Marcano, R. Grandjean. W. Krcykcn- liohm, D. Collctto, J. Flah- erty, D. Tamm, R. Brown, G. Jordon. Fourth Row: A. Saks, G. Mikitzki, R. Han- son, L. Poor, D. Poper, B. I-ewis, G. Hcntschel, J. Nagy. 134SENIOR- CWORUS First Row: F. Phillip. S. Hoffman, S. Janscck, A. Cavctl, E. Stevens, Z. Tafuni, M. Lojr'z, Mr. Hughes. Advisor. Second Row: M. Rebarber, S. Kent, E. Doyon, S. Mingoia, M. Recp. J. Loctzer, I.. Maneuso. Third Row: K. Haines, P. I-oh e, L. Bea, S. Hurst. M. .Maneuso, I.. Mart .. B. fcevitt. Fourth Row: I). Colleito, R. Hansen, G. Hentsche), P. Susswein, A. Saks, R. Brown, J. Nagy. JUNIOR- CWORUS First Row: Mr. Hughes, Advisor, R. Prestano, V. Zino, C. Renda, K. Welsh, J. Yusehik, S. Swcrd- low, L. Mingoia, K. Radice, J. Gonsalves, A. Redmond, S. Noli. Second Row: C. Mazanoski, S. Pepe, F. I.usky, A. Lopez, S. Wecsey, C. Kccvil, L. Toth, H. Cohon, D. Smerko, L. Cohon. Third Row: P. Brognar. M. Palumbo, B. Schultzc, f). Zavist, B. Wcingart, G. Jordon. L. Carter, P. Whelan, C. Summers. Fourth Row: D. Poper, B. Lewis, I. I.uizza, G. Meeker, L. Pryor, G. Mikitzki. B. Grandjean, T. Marcano, W. Kreykcnbohm. FRE£WMAN — SOPHCVUORE CHOROS First Row: Mr. Hughes, T. Ryan, H. Adclbcrg, P. Feldman, M. Keiscr, C. Williams M. Azanger, M. Cardillo, G. DeRasno, L. Cornell, E. Abate, N. Stauffer. Second Row: D. VanDeventer, S. Miller, L. Donnata, M. Boardman, N. Vicinus, C. Habarcr, E. Lesser, C. Brown, I). Yost, C. Gerhardtz, H. Brown. S. Robinson. Third Row: G. Torok, K. I-iPl.iga, L. DeSantis, P. Harrison, L. Olsen, P. Carter, S. Smith, .N. Sutton. N. McCuire, M. Ensana, M. Dice. Fourth Row: D. Dobbs, J. Struve, V. Musselwhite, M. Kocsca, C. Kessler, S. Short, G. Courtney, M. White, C. Anderson, S. Cohen, R. Tech. Fifth Row: K. Fox, C. Maybin, S. Briggs, T. Zavist, J. Schulman, R. Drumhcllcr, M. Kurtz. F. Rochow, D. Tamm, J. Flaherty, J. Reider. W. Brown, M. Silk. 135COLOR- GUARD L. to R.: P. Buck, L. Langenohl, G. Skinner. Front Center: R. Virgili, P. Carter. L. to R. Rack: J. Dippc), M. Dice, J. Mataraoo, L. Olivier, L. Saunders . I. Slcdd, P. Dennen, H. Buscano. 136CWEERL5ADER6 Front Row: D. Toth, L. Langcnohl, S. Dennis. Back Row: S. Stull, J. Kruger, D. Prendcr- gast, B. Schultzec, S. Jaffurs, A. Forncr, L. Lund. SHIRLEY DENNIS LINDA FIORINO—Eagle Mascot DOROTHY TOTH 137 LEE LANGENOHL—Cuptuintwirlers GAIL SKINNER—Captain PATTI CONRAD—Co-Captain First Row: J. Radford, P. Radabough, J. Wyatt, R. Hanson, J. Allen, C. Anderson, L. Williams, P. Conrad. Second Row: Miss Clemens, advisor; L. Haley, C. Williams, V. Bartholow, S. Curry, K. Wilson, G. Skinner. 138 KATHY WILSON—1st Lieutenant LINDA WILLIAMS—2nd LieutenantD ILL75AM PAM BUCK-Captain SHARON HURST—Co-Captain Foreground: P. Buck. Background: K. Me Quire, K. Amcrcin, L. Moore, C. Me Gotty, A. Haley, P. Brogna, J. Hansen, L. Shipman, M. Smith, P. O'Neil, S. Hurst. L. MOORE, J. HANSEN L. SHIPMAN, C. MC GOTTY 139 AA- The G.A.A. promotes competitive spirit and team work among the girls under a fun-filled, relaxed atmosphere. Each Monday after school the members participate in various sports including field hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball,- softball, and speed- ball. In the midst of all this activity the girls arc able to produce the annual “Gym Jamboree”, which enables them to sponsor the cheerleaders, twirlers, color guard, and drill team. JUNIORS—SENIORS: First Row: D. Pynch, A. Fomcr, D. Constantino. S. Stulil. Second Row: J. Ruh.so, N. Steint erg, T. Krumeich, D. Borwegan, S. Roscnfcld. Third Row: Mrs. Kerr, advisor; G. Richmond, R. Bisonic, J. Mailler, P. Buck, M. Lc May. Fourth Row: C. Mazonoski, M. Lauber, P. Erdo, S. Hurst, L. Langcnohl. FRESHMEN—SOPHOMORES: First Row: K. Saunders, A. Wcingart, C. Carter, M. Blonder, A. Thomas, R. Virgilo. J. Dipplc, A. Stivanelli. Sec- ond Row: I). Mackey. M. Marino, B. Philpot, C. Brown, M. Conroy, S. Klorman, K. Moore, R. Jones, D. Kost. Third Row: D. Titsch, I. Slcdd, A. Schuster, K. Powers. S. Bode, S. Marcy, K. Ballas, S. Smith. Fourth Row: C. Anderson, K. Dann, L. Canavcra, C. Willcnbrock. J. Coudie, L. Tipaldi, M. Wolk, V. Namnias. Fifth Row: K. Mullen, S. Nelson, B. Turk, J. Goetz, D. Kroon, K. Shekel, J. Fisher, V. Namias. VARSITY CLUB First Row: Mr. Coleman, advisor; M. Walley, J. Pemberton, E. Korzin. S. Doktor, C. Jordan, J. Yost, R. Ciafferone, C. Bloom, J. Chumura, T. Hurley, Mr. Reilly, advisor. Second Row: T. Surdyka, R. Williams, J. Arnpcr, B. Lykc, C. Abate, N. Genova, H. Egcland, T. Hoover, K. Page. Third Row: B. Louis, T. Bohannan, G. Mikitzki, J. White, E. Hagerty, J. Stefani, C. Martino, G. Schaefer, G. Dow. Fourth row: M. Zell, R. Podlaski, R. Ray, C. Zipprkh, G. Meeker, D. Mullen, M. Pclcr, L. Pcrrochino, D. Rinchcimcr. 140GGEM4N CWB First Roic: Miss Vonoczky—advisor, S. Robinson, R. Tech, M. Casey, M. Azangcr. Second Roic: J. Rcidcr, S. Andrcjco, M. Ford, J. Placko, S. Miller. Third Row: I. Feldman, D. Jobbins, J. Clodek, C. Brossy. JUNIOR- CLASSICAL LEAGUE. FRENCH CLUB First Row. Mrs. Moore—advisor, C. Herszku, L. Riggs, K. Walsh. Second Row: T. Hynes, H. Knudson, J. Lipich, A. Cohen. Not Pictured: B. May. First Row: Mrs. Chcrnick—advisor, K. Kemlcr, T. Knimcich, P. Casque, S. Gandek. Second Row: D. Harris, D. Halchman, I). Pynch, L. Glemann, S. Gondola. Third Row: D. Slromoski, M. Poller, M. Laubcr, R. Bisonic, K. Waldron. SPANISH CLUB First Row: Miss Yarnall—advisor, L. Reid, K. Hanley, J. Dipple, L. Halley, Mrs. Gaito—advisor. Sec- ond Row: B. Torok, D. Musolf, K. Taylor, V. Zino, Si. Morris, M. Santalucia. Third Row: R. Hansen, R. Levine, I). Poper, B. Yager, R. Dillon, J. Alvator. 141NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY •67 INDUCTEES First Row: R. Saul, D. Wise, M. Stem, L. Mancuso, L. Valenti, J. Hansen. Second Row: K. Dzuban, L. Bea, P. DiCioia, L. Langenohl, M. Rebarber, J. Yost, E. Doyon. Third Row: P. Susswein, J. Boles, R. Hansen, T. Viscardi, B. Wyman, P. Conrad. •68 INDUCTEES—SENIORS First Row: K. Cardzinski, K. Jones, J. Sa, A. Brown, S. Dennis, L. Stock, L. Byron, A. Gavett, L. Demko. Second Row: L. Young, L. Duerr, S. Dillon, B. Uveges, S. Kent, C. Baldwin, R. McClelland, J. Loetzer. K. Levy. Third Row: S. Cleveland, D. Bolduc; L. Kasas; L. Smith, I). Browning, L. Williams, D. Toth, K. Murphy, P. Thorpe. T. Genova. Fourth Row: B. Caldwell; G. Voice, R. Bauer, R. Sergeant, R. Bucci, G. Dowl, M. Dotsko, R. Pellegrini, M. Starego, H. Egeland. 68 INDUCTEES— JUNIORS Row One: A. Obcllciro, J. Wolak, D. Constantino, K. Hanley, K. Lieber- manu. F. Bonis, C. Spitz- miller, A. Redmond, J. Doglc; Second Row: J. Vinezi, L. Riggs, K. Betty as, T. Krumcich, N. Fudge, L. Lehman, A. Lopez, G. Kosloski, J. Yuschik. Third Row: K. Amrein, A. Cohen, L. Lcffhalm, L. Ferrara, L. Greenfield, V. Wilson, M. Casey, L. Cohon, J. Holcombe. Fourth Row: C. Meeker, S. Laskin, I). Zavist, G. Workman, D. Ryan, J. Layng, M. Rauh, D. Konapacki, C. Sutter, S. Schrciber. Fifth Row: D. Rinchcimcr, J. Ahlcrs, D. Yuhas, J. Klorman, F. Cassalle, M. Puterbaugh, B. Sehultze, D. Me Lauglin, N. Numcrof. 142NHS OFFICERS: Seated: C. Johnson, vice-president; P. Susswein, president. Standing: P. Conrad, secretary; Mr. Owen, advisor; D. Wise, treasurer. NATIONAL LATIN HONOR SOCIETY Seated: K. Walsh, F. Rosenwasscr, D. Toth. Standing: J. Klorman, Mrs. Moore, Advisor; J. Sa. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Mrs. Ferrer, advisor; K. Hanley, L. Cardus, L. Valenti, A. Thomas, L. Mcltzer, K. Canavan, J. Dippel. Sec- on Row: J. Allen, M. Lardicri, I- Greenfield, V. Zino, M. Morris, S. MeGroarty, K. Walsh. K. Licberman. Row 3: A. Saks, J. Ahlcrs, F. Casalc, R. Bertolatus, K. Mairc, P. Conrad, G. Workman, I). Ryan. 143eporUGwr lUuWWvi  JUNfCte PRW: A TRjORCAL JOURNEY TO . . . 146i L PARADISE 147148 ‘New Country Com Flakes ..How can lunch be over already? I'm just getting started! ftn 'W f A — .Va '▼ ’ 4 A' IO. HA V "k A AA jk •A m. wmy. r Wi «Tw AW. 'W tW WAi WxWAVA A .'AfAVATAWi aTA At;AjrATATAYA.VAf VTAVATAW'ATAVaVA’ ! A • V. A a« A. i • aWAW'A aa TATATA A AV Av. • , avjsmrw mm 3V '.WaWATAWAWI - TAfAWAWAl •ATa'. - ATAVA aTA A'v’A WA «. A. , ▼ATAT 'r' MV TiWiWi WJ " tWAWAWAWiw £ A anm KTAVA WAWAWAWAWi FaWATi VTATa WAf!W»W WA mm nwr A' a QiWAWs 1WK ’A'-iM Awm rim aW ivawa fATAW? ' i taunn . WA «.nw » iWiJ t 4 A kTA i r a w mw atswhi " • L W.VV -«A mw . AW. -a A- AB JET-' Two more years and our sentence is orcr. What do you mean by telling me the world is going to end before fourth period?NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY Seated: A. Sak», I. Kajas, C. Johnson. Standing: R. Brown, D. Buckelew, Mr. Oliver, Advisor; P. Calamoneri, A. Cohen, Cila Marrero. Cradle Song Cast in order of appearance: Sister Sagrario ..................................... Ann Cohen Sister Marcella .................................... Joanne Cobb The Prioress ................................. Christine Johnson Sister Joanna of the Cross..........................Helene Gubik Mistress of Novices.......................................... Peg Calamoneri The Vicaress .................................... Debbie Buckelew Sister Tornera .................................. Ann Bcvilacqua Sister Inez .................................... Arlene Rosenthal Doctor..................................................... David Vickery Sister Maria Jesus ............................... Nancy ‘Wogan Poet (In Interlude) .............................. Wayne Konnyu Teresa ............................................. Pat Havens Antonio ............................................. Alex Saks Monitors, Nuns of the Convent ....................... Dee Kohut Cila Marrero Anna Gavctt Diane Rynone Off-stage Voice of the Countryman .................. Tom Povlich Kiss Mama Cast in order of appearance: Mama ...................... Double casted---- Christine Johnson Diane Rynone Papa ............................................... Joe Martino Belly .......................................... Linda Di Dario Frank ............................................... Dan Peler George...............................................Alex Saks Susi ................................................ Dee Kohut Peter ........................................... Mark Szemcrcta Evelyn...............................................Lynne Kasas152WU- PRODUCTION, 1967 lass MW 153154155 I’m not lying on the floor, they’re standing on the wall!156 All right, which one of you stole my chocolate cake?The last kid that didn't have a pass is now living right about here. Now you know—I am Mr. Terrific. What lesson plans!? I'm not finished with my crossword puzzle. Just the facts. Ma’am, just the facts.JOHN SMILEK Claw Wii MICHAEL DOTSKO Class Scholar TOM HOOVER Biggest Blusher JEFF ROSS and TED AYOTTE Class Pals KAREN HAINES Best Musician LOU PERROCHINO Best Looking—Biggest Eyes—Cutest Smile MRS. PAKENHAM Favorite Teacher TON Y VISCARDI Most Likely to Succeed Done Most for Class RICH TURNER Best MusicianCIA££ NIGHT '68 GIRLS BOYS Always Tardy Jennie Russo Jim Story Class Clown Nancy Steinberg Ed Krupa Class Ci armer Lynne Kasas Matty Tcrranova Clinic Guest Fran Toth Joey Marowitz Class Flirt Lynne Kasas Matty Tcrranova Best Dressed Claudia Meaney Glenn Rothman Best Looking Karen Gintcr Lou Perrachino Best Dancer Steph Sitrcn Bob Bryant Best Actor Chris Johnson Alex Saks Biggest Blusher Lynda Faas Tom Hoover Funniest Laugh Lynda Faas Charlie Sheehan Favorite Teacher Mrs. Pakcnham Mr. Thompson Teacher s Terror Kathy McKennon Ed Krupa Individualists Gail Skinner Tom Kemler Most Likely to Succeed Chris Johnson Tony Viscardi Most Unusual Walk Bcv Kimbclman Ray Morris School Spirit Lee Langenohl Dan Peler I Love Me Lynne Kasas Mike Wojick Class Brownie Lee Langenohl Glenn Rothman Most Popular Linda Faas Ralph Bucci Longest Hair Kitty Shierloh Phil Susswein Biggest Eyes Mary Miller Lou Perrichino Cutest Smile Lynda Faas Lou Perrichino Happiest Person JoAnn Woller Tony Tamagnini Friendliest Person Pat Slaven Bob Anderson Class Wit Nancy Steinberg John Smilek Office Guest Eileen Morlock Tom Stine Done Most for Class Judy Russo Tony Viscardi Class Pals Shirley Dennis Jeff Ross Lynda Stock Ted Ayotte Best Musician Karen Haines Rich Turner Class Scholar Chris Johnson Mike Dotsko Best Athlete Lee Langenohl Ralph Bucci KAREN CINTER Best Looking RALPH BUCCI Best Athlete Most Popular 159DO YOU REMEMBER,??? Edison’s first win against Stevens? Nifty Notebooks? Soupy Sales? Spiked Heels? Doing the Skate and Bugaloo? Bleeding Madras? Mr. O’Leary climbing the flagpole? Bcatlc Buttons? Skate Boards? First day at Edison High? Cuffed pants? Troll dolls? Saddle shoes? Go-go hoots? Hoola hoops? Slumber parlies? Edison’s first bonfire? Edison’s last bonfire? CAN YOU IMAOfNB??? Eddie Smith with a dirty car? No McDonald’s? Miss Auerbach lasting 5 minutes without a tantrum? A closed-in breezeway? Rich Vicari being uninformed? Vic Sartain being uninformed? Ed Krupa with laryngitis? Miss Puma missing a student with a book? Mr. Hyc with hair? School without the P.A. System? A paved parking lot for students? Mike Wojcik not saying he’s the greatest? Edison beating Perth Amb’oy at basketball? Mr. Patskanick six-foot-two? A prom with the high school band? Matty Tcrranova being shy? A teacher being suspended for smoking? Mr. DiNardo without a pointer? The Clinic without lemon drops? The Library being quiet? Mr. Coleman losing his temper? 160HAPPINESS is a job well done! Good luck to the Talon Staff of 1969 “Peanuts drawings by Tony Viscardi with apologies to Charles M. Schulz—Courtesy of the New Brunswick Home News—United Feature Syndicate, Inc. 1950, 1954, 1959, 1961.” 161’6STZUjON 162TONY VISCARDI Art and layout Editor BONNIE INCANDELA Literary Editor CAROL CARDINUTO Copy Editor Linda McDermott Features Editor ruth McClelland Organizations Editor BARBARA LAMBACH Co-Business Manager MISS J. PUMA Advisor RICHARD TURNER Photography Editor CHRIS FISHER Sports Editor KAREN HERSHKOWITZ Co-Business Manager MRS. R. PAKENHAM Business Advisor 163ABATE, SAM C. 101 Garden Terrace Edison, N.J. ALESSI, PAUL S. 132 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. Audio-Visual Aids 1: Baseball 1; Chefs' Club 2. 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Rifle Club 1. 2. ALVATOR, JOHN J. 78 Schuyler Drive Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Baseball 1; Spanish Club 4. AMITY, WILLIAM J. 2392 Woodbridge Avenue Edison, N.J. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. ANDERSEN, ROBERT F. 101 Idlewild Road Edison, N.J. Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; Wres- tling 1. 2, 3,4. ANDERSON, EDWARD R. 28 Columbus Avenue Edison, N.J. Track 1,2; Cross Country 2. 3. ANDERSON, LINDA J. 97 Idlewild Road Edison, N.J. Latin Club 1,2; Pep Club 2. APTAKER, JEFFREY 10 Regent Court Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; Bowling Club 3; Chefs' Club 2; Class Representative 1, 4; Football 1. AUGUSTINE, JOSEPH J. 35 Ovington Avenue Edison, N.J. SENIOR DIRECTORY AYOTTE, TED J. 80 Campbell Avenue Edison, N.J. Baseball 1; Basketball 2, 3, 4. BAHRUTH, ROBERT 53 Chestnut Street Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. BAILEY, CLYDE 36 Hi Merest Avenue Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 2; Baseball 4. BAILEY, DONALD 16 Ovington Avenue Edison, N.J. BALDWIN, CECILIA 36 Seymour Avenue Edison, N.J. Eagle 1, 2, 3; F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Student Council 4; Talon 4 (Editor-in- Chief); National Honor Society 4. BALENT, MICHAEL 83 Silvcrlake Avenue Edison, N.J. Baseball 4. BANOS, ALTHEA 57 Walnut Street Edison, N.J. Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3; Class Representative 4; Student Council 1, 3. BAPTISTE, ELIZABETH 125 Loring Avenue Edison, N.J. Girls’ Service Club 2, 3, 4 (president). BARR, RICHARD 16 Columbus Avenue Edison, N.J. BARRUECO, RITA 37 Andre Avenue Edison, N.J. BAUER. REYNOLD 14 Lee Street 2B Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Chorus 3; Na- tional Honor Society 4. BEA. LINDA 30 Richmond Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; A Capella 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 (State vice president). 4; F.T.A. 3; Math Club 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Pep Club 1; Soccer Manager 4; Student Council 4. BELLUSCIO, ALEXANDER 48 Ashley Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 1. 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Class Representative 1. BENN, LAWRENCE 108 Garden Terrace Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; F.agle 2; Mes Amis 1, 2, 3,4. BLEKICKI. STANLEY 3 Columbus Avenue Edison, N.J. Football 1. BOGNAR, KAREN 10 Cleremont Avenue Edison, N.J. Academv of Science 3, 4; Class Representa- tive 2; Drill Team 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4. BOHANNAN, THOMAS 39 Sanders Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 4; Baseball 1; Basket- ball 1. Student Council 4; Track 2; Varsity Club 3, I; Cross Country 2, 3, 4. BOLDUC, DOROTHY 4 Weldon Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 4; F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 2; Student Council 3; Swim Team 2, 3; National Honor Society 4. 164BOLES, JOSEPH 27 Eardley Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Guidance Aid 1, 2, 3, 4. BOND, ROBERT 17 South Heathcote Avenue Edison, N.J. Basketball 2. BORBELY, DIANE 45 Proctor Street Edison, N.J. Drill Team 4; Eagle 2, 3, 4; Fall Produc- tion 3; F.H.A. 2. 3 (state treasurer), 4; Future Nurses 2, 3, 4 (president); G.A.A. 1. 2; Spring Production 3; Student Coun- cil 4. BORWEGEN, PATRICIA 218 Old Post Road Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 4; Pep Club 2; Tennis Club 1. BOWEN, DAVID 9 Weldon Road Edison, N.J. BOYCE, JANET 59 Ashley Road Edison, N.J. Pep Club 1; National Honor Society 4. BROWN, AILENE 69 Hamlin Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Class Representa- tive 3, 4; Fall Production 4; F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 3; Student Council 4; National Honor Society 4. BROWN, RICKEY 1617 Oaktree Road Edison, N.J. A Capella 4; Audio-Visual Aids 1; Eagle 4; Fall Production 3, 4; Football 1; Pho- tography 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Production 2, 3, 4; Soccer 2; Thespian Club 3, 4; Wres- tling 1. BROWNING, DONNA 33 Holly Place Edison, N.J. Art Club 2, 3; Bowling Club 3, 4; G.A.A. 3; Tennis Club 2; National Honor Society 4. BRUNO, CAROL 69 Fairview Avenue Edison, N.J. BRUNO, ROBERT 14 Blossom Street Edison, N.J. Rifle Club 3; Wrestling 3. BRUSKIN, DAVID 30 Perry Road Edison, N.J. Key Club 3,4; Soccer 3,4. BRYANT, ROBERT 12 Dix Avenue Edison, N.J. Class Representative 2; Student Council 3; Track 2. BRYK, ROBERT 23 Melville Road Edison, N.J. BUCCI, RALPH 56 Fern Street Edison, N.J. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. BUCK, PAMELA 23 Prescott Street Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Class Representa- tive 1, 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 2, 3, 4 (captain); Student Council 1, 4; Girls’ Track Team 2. BULLOCK, MARK 3 Colfax Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Basketball 1; Chess Club 3,4. BUSBY, PATRICIA 36 Eardley Road Edison, N.J. Chorus 2; G.A.A. 1. BUSSEY, SUZANNE 13 Walnut Street Edison, N.J. Band 2, 3,4. BYRON, LINDA 85 Ashley Road Edison, N.J. Art Club 2, 4; Business Club 3, 4 (presi- dent): Fall Production 4; G.A.A. 2; Na- tional Honor Society 4. CALAMONERI, MARGAREr 113 Prospect Avenue Edison, N.J. Band 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2; Chorus 3; Fall Production 3; F.T.A. 3; G.A.A. 2; Spring Production 2; Thespian Society 4. CALDWELL, WILLIAM 38 Weldon Road Edison, N.J. Basketball 1. 2, 3: Key Club 2, 3, 4; Track 3: National Honor Society 4. CAMP, SHIRLIE 4 Meeker Street Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 2; Cheerleader 1; F.T.A. 3, 4; Latin Club 3; Latin Honor Society 3; Tennis Club 2. CANAVERA, JOHN 9 Putnam Avenue Edison, N.J. Class Representative 1, 2; Football 1; Photography Club 1; Radio Club 2; Ten- nis Team 3; Skin Diving Club 4. CANTAMESSA, BARBARA 12 Langstaff Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; F.T.A. 3; G.A.A. 1, 2; Pep Club 2; Tennis Club 2; Chorus 1; Cross Country Manager 4. CAPPELLA, JOYCE 3 Fairhill Road Edison, N.J. CARBONE, AURELIO 27 Walnut Street Edison, N.J. 165Eagle 1; Track 1, 2; Photography Club 1; German Club 1. CARDINUTO, CAROL 29 Parkcrson Road Edison, N.J. Cheerleaders 2, 3; Class Representative 1, 3; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1; Soccer Manager 4; Talon 4. CARRADO, KATHLEEN 26 Westminister Place Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Talon 4; Stu- dent Council 4; Guidance Aide 2,3. CASTELLUCCI, MICHAEL 17 Johnstone Street Edison, N.J. Baseball 3, 4; Basketball 3; Football 3, 4. CASTERLINE, BARBARA 7 Glenville Road Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 2. CATALANO, THERESA 67 Faii-view Avenue Edison, N.J. CLEVELAND, SUSAN 4 Wilshire Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; Bowling Club 3, 4; Mes Amis 2, 3; Tennis Club 2; National Honor Society 4. COLLETTO, DAVID 77 Procter Street Edison, N.J. A Cappclla 4; Chess Club 2; Track 2. CONNOLLY, WILLIAM 308 Plainfield Avenue Edison, N.J. Basketball 1; Football 1, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 4. CONRAD, PATTI 21 Crescent Road Edison, N.J. 166 Academy of Science 4; Bowling Club 1; Latin Club 1; Rifle Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Twirlers 3, 4 (Co- captain). COYLE, BEATRICE 58 Taft Avenue Edison, N.J. CRICK, GERTRUDE 14 Baxter Road Edison, N.J. F.B.L.A. 4. CRISS, WILLIAM 1 Louise Road Edison, N.J. CUNLIFFE, DANIEL 9 Campbell Avenue Edison, N.J. DALTON, ROBERT 36 Kenmore Road Edison, N.J. Track 1,2. DELAHUNTY, MELINDA M. 136 Idle wild Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2; Girls’ Glee Club 1; Class Representative 3, 4; Eagle 2, 3, 4 (co- editor 4); Future Homemakers 1, 2; Girls’ Service Club 1; Student Council 2. DEMERS, RICHARD P. 10 Carmello Drive Edison, N.J. DEMKO, ANNE L. 30 Norwood Place Edison, N.J. Chorus 2, 3; Girls’ Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; National Honor Society 4. DENNIS, SHIRLEY A. 8 Hillcrest Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; Cheerleaders 4; Class Representative 4; F.T.A. 4; GAA 4; Mes Amis 3; Chorus 1, 2; National Honor Society 4. DE SANTIS, GREGORY P. 29 Fairfax Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 1; Football 3. DIETERLE, ROBERT W. Kimble Street Edison, N.J. DI GIOIA, PATRICIA J. 18 Moryan Road Edison, N.J. National Honor Society 3, 4; Academy of Science 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Cheer- leaders 2; Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4; GAA 1, 2, 3; Mes Amis 1; Pep Club 1; Class Representative 2, 3; Senior Class President 4. DILLON, SUSAN L. 17 Brookville Road Edison, N.J. Student Council 3; National Honor Society 4. DOBBS, FREDERICK 123 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 1,2; Football 1, 2. DOBBS, KATHERINE 123 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. Chorus; Nurses Aid. DODA, EUGENE M. 34 Stony Road Edison, N.J. Freshman Class President 1; Football 1, 2, 3; German Club 1; Track 1; Wrestling 2. DONOVAN, JOHN C. 9 Wilshire Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 1; Eagle 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4 (co- captain) ; Varsity Club 3,4. DOTSKO, MICHAEL J. 17 Sycamore Avenue Edison, N.J.Chess Clui» 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Math Club 2; Future Accountants 2; College Bowl Team 4; National Honor Society 4. DOW, GEORGE D. 77 Lexington Avenue Edison, N.J. Track 3; Varsity Club 2; Cross Country 2; National Honor Society 4. DOWD, VIRGINIA M. 37 Colton Road Edison, N.J. DOYON, EDITH J. 4 Ferris Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; A Capella 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1,2; F.T.A. 4; G.A.A. 3; Rangercllcs 1, 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4. DUDLING, BENJAMIN A. 15 Beach Street Edison, N.J. DUERR, LINDA E. 48 Morgan Drive Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 4; Chorus; National Honor Society 4. DZUBAN, KATHLEEN 27 Bradley Drive Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 4; Chorus 1; Class Representative 1. 2; Eagle 1, 2, 3, 4 (co- editor); F.T.A. 3; Student Council 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, 4. EGELAND, HALVOR J. 12 Back Drive Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; Baseball 1; Golf Team 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. El CHERT, FRANK R. 32 Meeker Avenue Edison, N.J. ENDRIZZI, ANTHONY D. 50 Knapp Avenue Edison, N.J. ERDO, PAMELA A. 1892 Oak Tree Road Edison, N.J. Color Guard 4; G.A.A. 2, 3,4. FA AS, LINDA 120 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 3; Business Club 2; Class Representative 2, 3, 4; Color Guard 4; G.A.A. 3; Student Council 4. FABIAN, DONNA 26 Lahiere Avenue Edison, N.J. Eagle 4. FAMA, DEBORAH 76 Dalton Place Edison, N.J. A Capella 2; F.B.L.A. 2. FATJO, GERARD 4 Dill Court Edison, N.J. FEKETE, CHARLES 11 I.oring Avenue Edison, N.J. FELTHAM, LINDA 21 South Heathcote Avenue Edison. N.J. Class Representative 2; Fall Production 3; Pep Club 1; Student Council 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3. FIFICK, MARY 37 Ashley Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Class Repre- sentative 4; Debate Club 1, 2; Math Club 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; College Bowl Team 4. FII.OCCO, THOMAS 339 Plainfield Avenue Edison, N.J. FIORINO, LINDA 10 Hull Drive Edison, N.J. Art Club 2; Cheerleaders 4 (Mascot); Fall Production 2,4; Girls’ Service Club 4. FISHER, CHRISTINE 2172 Woodbridgc Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Talon 4. FISNE, GEORGEANNE 19 Stoney Road Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 2. FOX, ALFRED 140 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 3; Golf Team 3, 4; Dance Band 3; Rifle Club 1, 2. FRANEY, JOSEPH 32 Mercury Road Edison, N.J. Wrestling 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 2; Base- ball 1; Latin Club 1. FREDERICKS, DYANN 232 Loring Avenue Edison, N.J. FRENCH, WILLIAM 72 Ashley Road Edison, N.J. FURST, JAMES 23 Violet Place Edison, N.J. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4. FURST, JILL 23 Violet Place Edison, N.J. Student Council 1. GALINDO, PATRICIA R. 40 South Heathcote Avenue Edison, N.J. Art Club 4; Business Club 4; Chefs’ Club 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1; Pep Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 1. 167GALLETTA, JOSEPHINE 11 Brooksidc Road Edison, N.J. GARDUS, LINDA 26 Markham Road Edison, N.J. Class Representative 4; F.T.A. 1; Spanish Club 4; Cross Country Manager 4. GARDZINSKI, KATHLEEN M. 7 Hill Road Edison, N.J. F.T.A. 1; Glee Club; Senior Class Repre- sentative 4; National Honor Society 4. GASPARI, DONATO 46 Bartha Avenue P.O. Box 97 Edison, N.J. GAVETT, ANNA 15 Columbus Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Fall Production 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Girls’ Service Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Spring Pro- duction 3,4. GAVIGAN, MARILYN 21 Bradley Drive Edison, N.J. GELBARD, RICHARD 20 Ely Place Edison, N.J. Insights 3; Tennis Team 2. GENOVA, THOMAS 11 Dobson Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; German Club 2; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Track 3; National Honor Society 4. GIDDES, FRANK 113 Schuyler Drive Edison, N.J. GILLEN, CLAIRE 30 Price Drive Edison, N.J. G.A.A. 1, 2; German Club 3; Pep Club 1, 168 2,3; Chorus 1, 2, 3. GINTER, KAREN 60 Prospect Avenue Edison, N.J. Class Representative 2; F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 1; Latin Club 1. GLEMANN, LINDA Trailer Harbor Edison, N.J. Fall Production 4; F.T.A. 3; Girls’ Ser- vice Club 2; Pep Club 2; French Club 3, 4. GODFREY, WILLIAM 111 Old Post Road Edison, N.J. Band 2, 3, 4. GOLDEN, THOMAS 17 Nancy Circle Edison, N.J. Chess Club 4; Varsity Club 3; Wrestling 3. GOLDSTEIN, DAVID 335 North Eighth Avenue Edison, N.J. Football 1; Insight 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; College Bowl Team 4. GOLDSTEIN, ELYSE 41 Pa rich Place Edison, N.J. Spanish Club 1. GONDOLA, SUSAN 2 Louise Road Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 4; Mcs Amis 2, 3, 4 (pres- ident); Rangerettes 3; Girls’ Service Club 4. GOVERNALE, RICHARD 55 Plainfield Avenue Edison, N.J. GRABOSKY, WILLIAM 24 Weldon Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 1; Class Representative 4; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. GREGER, CAROL 21 Ryan Road Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 2; F.T.A. 3; Latin Club 3; Tennis Club 2. GROGARD, SUSAN 5 Lee Street Apt. B Edison, N.J. Class Representative 2. GUTWEIN, VINCENT 3 Estok Road Edison, N.J. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2; Dance Band 2, 3,4; German Club 3. HADLEY, CHARLES 31 Back Drive Edison, N.J. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf Team 2, 3, 4. HAGAR, MAUREEN 210 Penn Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 4; Bowling Club 4; Chorus 3; Color Guard 4; Class Representa- tive 4; F.H.A. 4; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Service Club 3. 4; Rangerettes 2, 3; Spring Production 3; French Club 3. IIAGERTY, EDWARD 24 Lcland Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Foot- ball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4. HAINES, KAREN 8 Sims Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; A Capella 2, 3, 4; Cheerleaders 2; FHA 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 2; Keytoncs 2, 3, 4. HALLIWELL, DONNA 14 Carol Place Edison, N.J. HANNIGAN, THOMAS 96 Ashley Road Edison, N.J.HANSEN, JOYCE 20 Phillips Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Class Repre- sentative 2; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. HANSEN, MICHAEL J. 12 Adele Court Edison, N.J. Basketball 1; Golf 1. HANSEN, RALPH N. 136 Mineola Place Edison, N.J. A Capella 4; Art Club 1; Bowling 1; Chef’s Club 3; Chorus 3, 4; German Club 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis Club 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Cross Country 3; All County Choir 3. HANSEN, WILLIAM 10 Myrtle Ave. Edison, N.J. HANSON, RAYMOND 16 Mill Road Edison, N.J. HEDGES, DENNIS 305 Poll Place Edison, N.J. Baseball 1; Basketball 1. HENDRICKSON, NEIL 69 Orange Street Edison, N.J. HENTSCHEL, GEORGE 108 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. A Capella 3. HERSHKOWITZ, KAREN 34 Finley Road Edison, N.J. Class Representative 1; Girls’ Service Club 4; Pep Club 1, 2: Talon 4; Red Cross Club 1. HODGETTS, NANCY 186 Loring Avenue Edison, N.J. National Honor Society 4. HOFFMAN, PATRICK 32 Weldon Road Edison, N.J. HOFFMAN, SHARON 122 Idlewild Road Edison, N.J. Chorus 3, 4; G.A.A. 3; Library Club 2. HOLZINGER, SHARON 109 Player Avenue Edison, N.J. National Honor Society 3, 4; F.H.A. 1; Spanish Club 1. HOOVER, THOMAS 3 Church Street Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 4; Football 1; Track 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Cross Country 2,3,4. HUBER, KAREN 25 Idlewild Road Edison, N.J. HURLEY, FRANCES 27 Outcalt Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3. HURST, SHARON 25 Meadow Road Edison, N.J. A Capella 4; Drill Team 3, 4; Student Council 3; G.A.A. 3,4. HUTCHISON, ROBERT 2109 Woodbridge Avenue Edison, N.J. Basketball 2; Football 1, 3; Spanish Club 1; Track 2, 3,4. IACOUZZE, BRUCE 199 Penn Avenue Edison, N.J. ILLES, RICHARD A. 15 Joseph Place Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 2; Cross Country 2, 4; Indoor Track 4. INGANDELA, BONITA R. 24 Fox Road Edison, N.J. , Class Representative 4; Fall Production 3; F.H.A. 2; F.T.A. 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Talon 4; Girls’ Track Team 2. JANCSEK, SHARON 3 Colton Road Edison, N.J. JANNONE, LORETTA 10 Putnam Avenue Edison, N.J. Business Club 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2. JOHNSON, CHRISTINE A. 56 Ashley Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 4; Debate Team 1, 2, 3 (president); Fall Production 3, 4; Fu- ture Physicians 4; German Club 1, 2; Spring Production 3, 4; Thespian Society 3, 4; College Bowl Team 4; National Honor Society 3, 4 (Vice-president); Girls’ Glee Club 2. ' JONES, DANIEL 9 Center Street Edison, N.J. Basketball 2, 3,4. JONES, KARLA H. 346 Plainfield Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; (Majorette) 3, 4; Class Representative 3; F.H.A. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Ten- nis Club 2. KANE, ROSANNE 4 Pelham Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; German Club 1. KANIS, LORAN D. 15 Pannonia Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 2; 169F.T.A. 2, 3; National Honor Society 4. KAPCSANDI, JOSEPH 26 Westervelt Avenue Edison, N.J. Student Council 1; Bowling Club 1; Track 2. KARA, PAMELA E. 85 Elm Street Edison, NJ. KASAS, EILEEN C. 4 Dundar Road Edison, NJ. Chorus 1; Eagle 3; Fall Production 3, 4; Girls’ Service Club 2; Spring Production 3, 4. KASAS, LYNNE J. 4 Dundar Road Edison, NJ. Class Representative 3; Fall Production 4; Spring Production 4; Thespian Society 3, 4 (President). KEARNS, MICHAEL P. 32 Sturgis Road Edison, NJ. Baseball 1,2,4. KELLY, KATHLEEN P. 20 Dayton Road Edison, NJ. Chorus 2, 3, 4; Library Club 3. KEMLER, THOMAS 8 Stevens Road Edison, N.J. Mes Amis 1, 2,3. KENT, SHARON 41 Ashley Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; A Capella 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2; Pep Club 1; Class Representative 1 (secretary); Na- tional Honor Society 4. KENTOS, BRUCE 15 Meadow Road Edison, N.J. 170 KESSLER, JOANNE 172 Stony Road Edison, N.J. Band 2, 3; Dance Band 2; Girls’ Service Club 1,2; Tennis Club 2. KIMELMAN, BEVERLY R. 12 Brookfall Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Fall Production 3; Talon 4; Tennis Club 2; College Bowl Team 4. KINSELLA, JEANNNE K. 11 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. Art Club 4; Color Guard 4; Latin Club 2; Spanish Club 4. KNOERER, DALE 303 Plainfield Avenue, Apt. C-3 Edison, N.J. KOELSCH, ROBERT 169 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. Chefs’ Club 3; Chess Club 3,4. ROLLER, ALLEN 7 Brookside Road Edison, N.J. KOMSK1S, JUNE 27 Caldwell Road Edison, N.J. KONNYU, MARLENE A. 7 Carol Place Edison, N.J. Thespian Society 3, 4. KOSLOSKY, EDWARD W. 20 Adele Court Edison, N.J. Student Council 3; Track 2; Tennis Team 2. KOVACS, RICHARD A. 9 Manor Court Edison, N.J. Hockey 3. KRUPA, EDWARD 11 Sine Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 1, 2; Eagle 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3; Varsity Club 2, 3,4. KURSAY, DORIS A. 100 Hickory Street Edison, N.J. Business Club 3, 4; Class Representative 4; G.A.A. 1,2, 3; Chorus 1. KWITTER, KAREN B. 4 Vernon Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Class Representative 2; Folk Club 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Class Representative 3; College Bowl Team 4. LAMB, WILLIAM 34 Knadd Avenue Edison, N.J. LAMBACH, BARBARA 22 Stiles Road Edison, N.J. Band 1,2,3,4; F.T.A. 3; Talon 4. LANGAN, JOHN 6 Violet Place Edison, N.J. Football 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2. LANGENOHL, LEE 43 Walnut Street Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3; Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, 4 (captain); Chorus 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Council 1, 3. LaPLAGA, LOUIS 29 West Knoll wood Road Edison, N.J. Audio-Visual Aids 2; Bowling Club 1; Football 1; Track 2. LARSON, RAYMOND 27 Miko Road Edison, N.J.Football 1; Key Club 3,4; Track 2. LaVECCHIA, RICHARD 6 Waverly Drive East Edison, N.J. Baseball 2. LEMLI, IRENE 99 Lakeview Boulevard Edison, N.J. LENNON, THOMAS 600 Old Post Road Edison, N.J. LEVITT, BARBARA 319 North Eighth Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; A Capella 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3,4. LEVY, KAREN 405 North Eighth Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Chess Club 3; Chorus 1; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. LEWIS, TED 72 Idlewild Road Edison, N.J. Basketball 1, 2, 4; Football 1; Track 3. LIPICH, JOHN 28B Alva Street Edison, N.J. Student Council 1; Bowling Team 2; Track 1; Wrestling 2, 3; Class Representative 1. LIVINGSTONE, MARY 201 Loring Avenue Edison, N.J. LOETZER, JACQUELINE 20 Runyon Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; A Capella 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 2; National Honor Society 4. LOHSE, PATRICIA 106 Stony Road Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Stu- dent Council 1; Chorus 2, 3. LOPEZ, MIGDALIA 17 Hillcrest Avenue Edison, N.J. A Capella 4; Chorus 2, 3. LUCCA, YONNE 5 Miko Road Edison, N.J. LYKE, WILLIAM 30 Finley Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 (co captain); Varsity Club 3, 4. LYNCH, PATRICIA 10 Caldwell Road Edison, N.J. Chorus 1; G.A.A. 1. MacCOLLUM, NANCY 66 Fox Road, Apt. 9B Edison, N.J. MACKEY, JAMES E. 58 Sturgis Road Edison, N.J. Football 3. MAILLER, JILL C. 43 Stiles Road Edison, N.J. G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Twirlers 1, 2, 3 (cap- tain). MALLETZ, GLORIA 217 Penn Avenue Edison, N.J. Library Club 3. MALONEY, DENNIS J. 68 Elliot Place Edison, N.J. MALONE, MARTIN J. 19 Stevens Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Art Club 2; Debate Club 1, 2 (president), 3; Fall Production 3; Insights 1, 2, 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4 (president); Mes Amis 1; National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Council 4; College Bowl Team 4. MANCUSO, LORETTA 2190 Woodbridge Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; A Cappella 3, 4; Class Representative 3; F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 (president); National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Council 3; Tennis Club 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Keytones 4. MANCUSO, MARIANNE 19 Old Post Road Edison, N.J. Chorus 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3; Math Club 3: National Honor Society 3, 4; Spanish Club 3; French Club 3; Library Club 2.. MARCELLO, NIKKI 13 Piedmont Road Edison, N.J. Business Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1. MARGOLIN, JED 24 Fairhill Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4 (second vice- president); Band 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 2, 3, 4; Radio Club 2, 3, 4 (president). MARICLE, RONALD 28 Walnut Street Edison, N.J. MAROWITZ, JACQUELINE 34 Leslie Street Edison, N.J. F.T.A. 3; G.A.A. 1; Spring Production MAROWITZ, JOSEPH 34 Leslie Street Edison, N.J. Basketball 1, 2, 4; Class Representative 1; Spanish Club 1; Student Council 1. 1712, 4; Track 1, 3, 4; Varsity Swimming 2; Spring Production 4. MARRERO, CILA E. 26 Mor yan Road Edison, N.J. Fall Production 4; Spring Production 3, 4; Thespian Society 3, 4; Class Represent- ative 4. MARTIN, CAROL 45 Knapp Avenue Edison, N.J. MARTINO, CARMEN 16 Rutland Street Edison, N.J. Audio-Visual Aids 1; Baseball 1, 2; Bas- ketball 1, 2 (manager); Bowlin" Club 1. 3, 4; Class Representative 4; Football 3 (manager); Insights 1; Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (president); Varsity Club 3, 4. MARTINO, JOSEPH 10 Locust Avenue—South Edison, N.J. Fall Production 4; Spring Production 4. MARTONE, ROBERT 42 Markham Road Edison, N.J. Chess Club 3, 4. MARTZ, LINDA 66 Wayne Street Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4 (Vice-pres.); A Capella 4; Class Representative 3; F.H.A. 3, 4; Girls’ Service Club 2; Pep Club 2 (Vice President); Rangerettes 2, 3; Ten- nis Club 2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. MATTIE, ROSEANN 54 Du ley Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; Class Representa- tive 2; F.H.A. 4; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3; Tennis Club 2; Library Club 2 (president). MAY, BARBARA 1 Loeb Court Edison, N.J. 172 C.A.A. 2; Latin Club 4. MAY, ROBERT 21 Simpson Avenue Edison, N.J. Baseball 2, 3. MAYS A, JOSEPH 169 Loring Avenue Edison, N.J. Band 1. McCLAIN, CRAIG 29 Colton Road Edison, N.J. Class Representative 1; Eagle 3; German Club 1. 2; Track 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Cross Country 3 (Co-captain). McClelland, ruth 17 Weldon Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 3; F.T.A. I (Treasurer); G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 (Vice President); Talon 4; National Hon- or Society 4. McCORMACK, THERESA 146 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. Business Club 3; F.H.A. 1; Pep Club 2. McDermott, linda 21 Shepard Place Edison, N.J. Class Representative 2; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3; Talon 4. McGOTTY, COLLEEN 11 Heathcotc Avenue Edison, N.J. Drill Team 4; Eagle 3; G.A.A. 3, 4. McHUGII, ROBERT Box 301 Edison, N.J. McKENNON, KATHLEEN 136 Vineyard Road Edison, N.J. Chorus 2, 3, 4. MEANY, CLAUDIA 4 Kenmorc Road Edison, N.J. MEIER, EDWIN 8 Barter Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 2; Football 3; Wrestling 2. MELIA, THOMAS 24 Morse Avenue Edison, N.J. Basketball 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3; Wrestling 2. MERNAGH, LINDA 35 Gaskill Avenue Edison, N.J. F.H.A. I, 2; Girls’ Service Club 2, 4; Latin Club 3; Soccer (J.V. Manager); Student Council 2, 4. MERSON, DENNIS 12 Regent Court Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Chef’s Club 3; Bowling 3, 4; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club 2; Soccer 1; Tennis Team 1, 2; Wrestling 2. MEYER, ERNEST A. 4 Hull Drive Edison, N.J. MICALE, MARIA 23 Blossom Street Edison, N.J. MICHAEL, CHARLES D. 42 West Knoll wood Road Edison, N.J. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL, EARL L. 17 East Knollwood Road Edison, N.J. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL, WILLIAM R. 35 Lahiere Avenue Edison, N.J.Baseball 1, 4; Basketball 3, 4. MICHALOSKI, MARY ANN Cozy Trailer Court Edison, N.J. MIDGLEY, CHERYL D. 18B Alva Court Edison, N.J. Class Representative 2; Student Council 1. MIKOSZ, ANITA J. 39 Sturgis Road Edison, N.J. MILLER, MARY L. 61 Walnut Street Edison, N.J. Student Council 4; Talon 4. MILLER, MICHAEL G. 21 Altamont Road Edison, N.J. Basketball 1; Chorus 1; Football 1, 2; Wrestling 2. MINER, PATRICIA A. 42 Bradley Drive Edison, N.J. MINGOIA, SHARON L. 25 Roger Road Edison, N.J. A Capella 4; Art Club 4; Girls’ Service Club 1, 4. MIRAGLIA, MARY ELLEN 311 Division Street Edison, N.J. MIRBACH, LOUIS E. 85 Garden Terrace Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 4; Audio-Visual Aids 1, 2, 3; Rifle Club 2; Cross Country 2, 3. MONTECALVO, ALLAN 12 Pine Street Edison, N.J. Football 1; Track 1, 2. MONTROSS, PATRICIA 88 Sharon Avenue Edison, N.J. Chorus 2. MOORE, LYNN 129 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Class Repre- sentative 2, 4, Class Secretary 3: F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Chorus 1. MORGAN, VERONICA 25 Raleigh Road Edison, N.J. Class Representative 2; Tennis Team 1; Library Club 1. MORLOCK, EILEEN 19 Stiles Road Edison, N.J. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1. MORRELL, WILLIAM 43 Markham Road Edison, N.J. MORRIS, MELANIE 32 Baldwin Road Edison, N.J. Girls’ Service Club 4; Pep Club 1; Stu- dent Council 2. MORRIS, RAYMOND 16 Schuyler Drive Edison, N.J. MOSKAL, LINDA 2 Leland Road Edison, N.J. Business Club 4: Chefs’ Club 2, 3, 4; Class Representative 1; Pep Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 1; Student Council 2. MULLEN, DANIEL 26 Morgan Drive Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Audio-Visual 2; Soccer 4; Track 1, 2. 3; Varsity Club 3. 4. MURPHY, KATHLEEN 6 Center Street Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; A Capella 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Class Representative 2 (treasurer); 3, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Service Club 2, 3; Latin Honor Society 2; Student Council 4; National Honor Society 4. MYERS, WILLIAM 24 Stoney Road Edison, N.J. Chefs’ Club 2; Key Club 4; Track 2, 3; Spanish Club 4; Student Council 3; Cross Country 2, 3. NAGY, JAMES 2318 Woodbridge Avenue Edison, N.J. A Capella 4: Basketball 1; Bowling Club 1; Class Representative 1; Football 1, 2, 3; German Club 1; Student Council 3. NAIDUK, DIANE 5 Pelham Avenue Edison, N.J. NELSON, ARLENE 27 Markham Road Edison, N.J. Art Club 2; Pep Club 1. NEMHAUSER, MARK 25 Olden Road Edison, N.J. NEUSCHATZ, NEIL 16 Marshall Drive Edison, N.J. Insights 3. OAKES, CAROLE 91 Hickory Street Edison, N.J. OBENDORFER, JAMES 52 Runyon Avenue Edison, N.J.Academy of Science 4; Bowling Club 4; Class Representative 4; Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. O’DONNEL, JEAN 3 Tell Place Edison, NJ. Chorus 1. ORNSTEJN, LINDA 16 Ryan Road Edison, N.J. Class Representative 2; Student Council 2, 3. OSIEJA, DONNA 26 Kenien Drive Edison, N.J. Rangerettes 3; Student Council 4. PAGE, KEVIN 57 Rose Street Edison, N.J. Track 1, 2, 3,4;Varsity Club 3, 4. PALINKAS, FRANK 58 Prospect Avenue Edison, N.J. PALMIERI, DANTE 8 Eastlick Road Edison, N.J. PAPP, L. STEPHANIE 711 Old Post Road Edison, N.J. Class Representative 2, 3, 4 (secretary); Eagle 4; F.H.A. 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Student Council 2, 4; Tennis Club 2. PAUL, MARGARET 4 Brox Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3; F.H.A. 1, 2: G.A.A. 1, 2; Mes Amis 1; Pep Club 1; Class Representative 3, 4 (treasurer). PAWLUS, MARY ANN 42 Brookville Road Edison, N.J. 174 PELER, DANIEL 11-B Alva Court Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4 (president); Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chefs’ Club 2, 3, 4 (pres ident); Chess Club 1; Class Representative 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 2; Fall Production 3, 4; Future Physicians 4; German Club 2, 3; Math Club 3; Spring Production 4; Student Council 4; Tennis Club 2; Thespian Club 3, 4. PELER, MICHAEL 11-B Alva Court Edison, N.J. Band 1, 2; Bowling 1; Football 1; Radio Club 1; Rifle Club 2, 3; Track 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3, 4. PELLEGRINI, RAYMOND 100 Ovington Avenue Edison, N.J. Class Representative 2; Key Club 4; Na- tional Honor Society 4. PEPE, DEBORAH 9 Pelham Avenue Edison, N.J. PERROCHINO, LOUIS 17 Putnam Avenue Edison, N.J. Baseball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 4; Foot- ball 2, 3,4; Varsity Club 2, 3,4. PFEIFFER, NORMA 103 Prospect Avenue Edison, N.J. PFEIL, MYLA 70 Ashley Road Edison, N.J. PHILLIP, FLORENCE 105 Idlcwild Road Edison, N.J. A Capella 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1,2. PHILPOT, DONALD 64' Preston Street Edison, NJ. PINTYE, JOHN 2 Poe Place Edison, N.J. Latin Honor Society 2, 3. PITRA, RONALD 39 Weldon Road Edison, N.J. Cross Country 1. PODLASKI, RICHARD 23 Richmond Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Wres- tling 2, 3, 4. PORAWSKI, LINDA 47 Glenvillc Road Edison, N.J. POVOLO, DEBORAH 450 Old Post Road Edison, N.J. PRICE, WAYNE 42 Ashley Road Edison, N.J. PROVENZANO, STUART 41 Hamlin Road Edison, N.J. Football 1, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. PRUSKO, CAROL 30 Mercury Road Edison, N.J. PUSHIE, MARY 48 Prospect Avenue Edison, N.J. G.A.A. 3; Student Council 3, 4. RAY, RONALD 67 Gaskill Avenue Edison, NJ. Audio-Visual Aids 1; Chess Club 3; Class Representative 3; Eagle 4; Talon 4; Track1. 3, 4: Varsity Club 4. READY, DOUGLAS 64 Dalton Place Edison, N.J. Golf Team 3,4. REBARBER, MARIAN 336 North Eighth Avenue Edison, NJ. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; A Capella 4; Color Guard 4; Class Representative 1, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; National Honor So- ciety 3, 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; All County Choir 3. REEP, MARGARET 56 Stoney Road Edison, NJ. Girls’ Service Club; Chorus 4. REGULSKI, FRANCIS 6 Louise Road Edison, NJ. Academy of Science 4: Rifle Club 2, 3, 4; Skin Diving Club 4; Swim Team 2. REID, NOREEN 90 Mill Road Edison, N.J. Fall Production 4; Girls’ Sen-ice Club 2; Mes Amis 3: Rangerettes 2, 3. RIBINSKY, LAURA Trailor Harbor Edison, NJ. G.A.A. 3, 4; Girls’ Service Club 2. RICE, FRANK 68 Melbourne Street Edison, N.J. RISH, DAVID 218 Penn Avenue Edison, N.J. RITZ, DIANE 121 Mineola Place Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 2; Student Council 4; Chorus 2. ROBEY, JEAN 77 Idlewild Road Edison, NJ. ROBINS, BONNIE 24 Baxter Road Edison, N.J. Band 2. 3, 4; Chefs’ Club 1; Dance Band 3, 4. RODRIGUEZ, CASTOR 55 Lakcview Blvd. Edison, N.J. RODRIGUEZ, MARIANN 17 Jones Place Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 1; Spanish Club 1; Chorus 1. ROE, DOROTHY 55 Bradley Drive Edison, N.J. ROLFE, EDWARD 72 Vineyard Road Edison, N.J. Chefs’ Club 3; Key Club 3; Mes Amis 1, 2. ROSENFELD, SHERRI 29 Raleigh Road Edison, N.J. Eagle 3; Fall Production 4; F.H.A. 2; F.T.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Student Council 3, 4; Talon 4. ROSENWASSER, FERN 401 North Fifth Avenue Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 2; Latin Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. ROSS, DENISE 36 Westminster Place Edison, N.J. ROSS, JEFFERY 25 Barlow Road Edison, N.J. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Representative 1, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 1, 2. ROSSETTO, DOROTHY 237 Central Avenue Edison, N.J. ROTH, JANET 25 Brookfall Road Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 4. ROTHMAN, GLENN 332 North Eighth Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1: Chorus 1; Class Representative 1, 3; Future Physicians 4; Golf Team 2, 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Spring Production 3; Student Coun- cil 3, 4 (president). ROWE, KENNETH 15 Hill Road Edison, N.J. ROWLANDS, LINDA 1 Melville Road Edison, N.J. RUPP, ALAN 28 Caldwell Road Edison, N.J. Audio-Visiual Aids 1; Photography Club 1; Rifle Club 1; Track 1; Cross Country 1. RUSSO, FRANK 10 Waverly Drive East Edison, N.J. RUSSO, JENNY 36 Brookvillc Road Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1. RUSSO, JUDITH 178 Wilson Avenue Edison, N.J. Chorus 2; Class Representative 2, 3, 4; Fall Production 3; F.T.A. 3; Mes Amis 1, 2; Student Council 4. 175SA, JOYCE 8 Comstock Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; Art Club 1; Latin Honor Society 1, 2, 3; National Honor Society 4. SAKS, ALEXANDER 16 Roger Road Edison, NJ. Academy of Science 2, 3; A Capella 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Fall Production 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Spring Production 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2; Student Council 4; Thespian Society 3, 4. SANTOLI, VINCENT 79 Chestnut Street Edison, N.J. SARGENT, VIRGIL 46 Wayne Street Edison, N.J. Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2. SARO, MARGUERITE 251 Suttons Lane Edison, N.J. F.T.A. 2, 3; Girls’ Service Club 4; Spanish Club 2, 4; Library 2. SARTAIN, VICTOR 7 Highway Terrace Edison, N.J. SAUL, ROBERTA 324 Central Ave., Apt. B-6 Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 2: F.T.A. 3; National Honor So- ciety 3, 4; Student Council 1; Tennis Club 2; Riding Club 1. SCHADEWALD, ANN 6 Willow Avenue Edison, N.J. National Honor Society 3, 4. SCHIERLOII, KATHLEEN 14 Eardley Road Edison, N.J. 176 Bowling Club 2: Chorus 1. SCHMIDT, GARY 25 Meeker Avenue Edison, N.J. SCHMIDT, LINDA 51 Schuyler Drive Edison, N.J. Class Representative 1,2; F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club 1; Pep Club 3; Student Council 1, 3, 4. SCRIVENS, JEFFREY 30 Meyer Road Edison, New Jersey Track 2. SERGEANT, RAYMOND 14 Melbourne Street Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 4; Baseball 1, 2; Class Representative 1, 2, 3, 4; Eagle 4 (Sports Editor); Math Club 4; Track 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3; National Honor Society 4. SHEEHAN, CHARLES 35 Markham Road Edison, N.J. Wrestling 1, 2. SHIPMAN, LOIS 30 Crestwood Avenue Edison, N.J. Drill Team 4; Future Nurses 2, 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; Girls’ Service Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1; Student Council 3, 4; Tennis Club 2. SHORT, DANIEL 37 Dalton Place Edison, N.J. Golf Team 3, 4. SIIURAK, ANNE 139 Walton Street Edison, N.J. SI NATO. NICHOLAS 32 Melville Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 1; Football 1. SINGER, ROBYN 39 Brook fall Road Edison, N.J. Color Guard 4; Eagle 4; F.H.A. 2, 3; G.A.A. 4. SITREN, STEPHANIE 15 Mill Road Edison, N.J. Cheerleaders 1; Student Council 3. SKINNER, EDWARD 102 Stoney Road Edison, N.J. Wrestling 1. SKINNER, GAIL 102 Stoney Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; Class Representa- tive 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1; Twirlers 1, 2, 3 (Co-Captain) 4 Captain. SLAVEN, PATRICIA 10 Locust Ave. Edison, N.J. Class Representative 2; Future Nurses 2; G.A.A. 2. SLOBODIAN, VIRA 155 Vineyard Road Edison, N.J. Future Nurses 4; Girls’ Service Club 2, - 3: Student Council 2, 3, 4. SLOCUM, JOANN 168 I-oring Avenue Edison, N.J. SLOSAR, EDWARD 214 Penn Avenue Edison, N.J. SLUSSER, RITA 280 Suttons Lane Edison, N.J. SMERKO, ROBERT 3 Stiles Road Edison, N.J.SMILEK, JOHN 684 Old Post Road Edison, NJ. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2; Class Representative 3; Football 1; Stu- dent Council 4. SMITH, EDMOND 6 Crescent Road Edison, NJ. SMITH, LOUISE 138 Plainfield Avenue Edison, NJ. National Honor Society 4. SMITH, MARLENE 70 Gurley Road Edison, NJ. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Representative 1, 3, 4; Fall Production 3; F.T.A. 3: Photography 3, 4 (Secretary). SNOOK, GILBERT 58 Duley Avenue Edison, NJ. SOKOL, DAVID 27 Finley Road Edison, NJ. Academy of Science 3, 4; Baseball 1, Class Representative 2, 3 (President); Key Club 2, 3, 4; Tennis Team 3. SPARROWE, DAVID 16 Caldwell Road Edison, NJ. Radio Club 1; Soccer 2, 3. STAREGO, MICHAEL 80 Harrigan Street Edison, NJ. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4; Band 1; National Honor Society 4. STEFANI, JOHN 80 Crosby Avenue Edison, NJ. Baseball 1: Football 2, 3, 4; German Club 2, 3; Track 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. STEINBERG, NANCY 18 Peidmont Road Edison, NJ. Art Club 2; Business Club 1, 2, 3; Class Representative 2; Fall Production 2; F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1; Spring Production 2; Student Council 1, 2,4; Talon 4; Girls’ Track Team 2. STERN, MICHELLE 54 B Taft Avenue Edison, NJ. Debate Club 2; Fall Production 3; F.T.A. 2; German Club 2; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Talon 3, 4. STEVENS, EILEEN 20 Sturgis Road Edison, N.J. Student Council 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. STIFF, MAUREEN 439 South Third Avenue Highland Park, New Jersey Art Club 4; Future Nurses 1, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 2; Girls’ Service Club 2; Latin Club 1; Pep Club 2; Student Coun- cil 2; Riding Club 1. STINE, THOMAS 58 Ashley Road Edison, N.J. STOCK, LINDA 35 Bradley Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Cheerleaders 1; Mcs Amis 3; Student Council 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3; National Honor Society 4. STOCKTON, WARREN 2200 Wood bridge Avenue Edison, N.J. Football 1; Track 1. STONE, HARRY 36 Stiles Road Edison, N.J. STORY, JAMES 22 Rosewood Road Edison, N.J. STRACHAN, EILEEN 84 Garden Terrace Edison, N.J. STRATOWSKI, FRANK 107 Leslie Street Edison, N.J. Baseball 3; Rifle Club 3. STRECZYK, MICHAEL Cozy Trailer Court Edison, N.J. Track 2; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3. STROMOSKI, ROBERT 95 Stoney Road Edison, N.J. STRUVE, KRISTINE 92 Schuyler Drive, Rt. 37 Edison, N.J. National Honor Society 4. STRYKER, EDWARD 5 Schuyler Drive Edison, N.J. SULLIVAN, DORIS 30 A Alva Court Edison, N.J. G.A.A. 1; Spanish Club 2. SULT, BARBARA 51 West Knollwood Road Edison, N.J. G.A.A. 2. SUSSWEIN, PHILLIP 14 Fairhill Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3; A Capella 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor So- ciety 3, 4 (President); Folk Music Club 2. SUTTER, VIRGINIA 7 Dayton Road Edison, N.J. Bowling Team 3; 4; F.H.A. 3; Chorus 1. 177SWEETEN, SUSAN 38 Idlewild Hoad Edison, N.J. SZEMERETA, MARK 48 Heatiicotc Avenue Edison, NJ. Academy of Science 3, 4; Future Physi- cians 4; Key Club 3, 4; Spring Produc- tion 4; Fall Production 4; Track 2, 3; Biology Club 2; Skin Divers’ Club 4. TACCKI, JOSEPH J. 19 Gates Place Edison, N. J. TAFUNI, ZANA 101 Stony Road Edison, NJ. Future Nurses 1; Future Physicians 1; Girls’ Service Club 3; Soccer Manager 3; Chorus 3, 4. TAMAGNINI, ANTHONY J. 13 Sturgis Road Edison, NJ. Class Representative 1; Football 1; Stu- dent Council 1, 2, 3. TEN BROECK, WILLIAM A. 32 Rosewood Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 3. TERRANOVA, MATHEW P. 72 Seymour Ave. Edison, N.J. TERZINO, DI-ANNE 85 Redwood Ave. Edison, N.J. Class Representative 3, 4; Eagle 3, 4 (Fea- ture Editor); F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Spanish 3, Student Council 3, 4; Library Club 2; Guidance Aide 2, 3, 4. THORPE, PATRICIA A. 1685 Highway 27 Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; Class Representa- tive 2, 4; Student Council 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. TIRPAK, BETH 72 Gurley Road Edison, N.J. Girls’ Service Club 1; Pep Club 1; Span- ish Club 1; Student Council 2, 3; Girls’ Track Team 2. TOLWINSKI, DAVID G. 66 Eden Ave. Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2; Radio 1, 2, 3, 4. TOROK, FRANCES B. 5 Carmello Drive Edison, N.J. Future Nurses 3, 4; G.A.A. 2; Student Council 1. TORRES, ZAIDA 141 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. TOTH, DENNIS D. 11 Gates Place Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 3; Latin Club 1; Soccer 2; Track 2, 3. TOTH, DOROTHY 15 Caldwell Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Cheerleaders 2, 4; Class Representative 3, 4; Latin Hon- or Society 4; Student Council 4; National Honor Society 4. TOTH, FRANCINE A. 26 Fern Street Edison, N.J. TOTH, MARILYN 25 Thomasene Street Edison, N.J. TREPPER, ELLEN 711 B Donaldson Street Edison, N.J. Fall Production 3; F.T.A. 2, 3; G.A.A. 3; Student Council 3; Talon 4. TROOP, DEBRA 16 Baldwin Road Edison, N.J. Bowling Club 1, 2; Cheerleaders 3; Eagle 2: G.A.A. 1.2; Talon 1,2,3. TURNER, RICHARD 15 Heathcote Ave. Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 2, 3, 4; Eagle 3, 4; Ger- man Club 2; Insights 3; Photography 2, 3,4; Rifle Club 2; Talon 4. UNDERWOOD, PATRICIA 40 Stoney Road Edison, N.J. Eagle 2; Girls’ Service Club 4. UVEGES, BARBARA 59 Walnut Street Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; Art Club 4; Chorus 1; National Honor Society 4. VALENTI, LAURA 13 Barlow Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Class Representative 3, 4; Fall Produc- tion 3; F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 3; National Hon- or Society 3, 4; Photography 2, 3, 4; Talon 4. VALERIANI, JOSEPH 36 Meeker Avenue Edison, N.J. VALOR, MICHAEL 44 Stiles Road Edison, N.J. VAN DUYNE, PAUL 148 Hillcrest Ave. Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; Audio-Visual Aids 1; Football 1, 3,4; Track 1, 2. VEIGA, LINDA 91 Redwood Avenue Edison, N.J. Girls’ Service Club 4; Spanish Club 3; Library 2, 3. VICARI, RICHARD 16 McGinnis Road Edison, New Jersey Basketball 1,2; Soccer 1, 2, 3,4. VIEGELMANN, ARLENE 16 Morgan Drive Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 2; F.T.A. 3; Student Council 3; Tennis Club 3. 178VINCE, SHARON 84 Hillcrest Ave. Edison, NJ. VISCARDI, ANTHONY 23 Crescent Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Bowling Club 3; Class Representative 2 (president), 3; Eagle 3, 4; Insights 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Latin Honor Society 1, 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Council 1, X 3, 4; Talon 4; Track 2. VITUCCI, PASQUALE 26 Ely Place Edison, N.J. Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2; Class Repre- sentative 3; Tennis Team 2, 4. VOICE, GERALD 20 Roger Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Bowling Club 1, 3, 4; Future Physicians 2, 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. WALL, JUDITH 24 Chestnut Street Edison, N.J. WALLNER, CHRISTINE 14 Eastlick Road Edison, N.J. WALLS, DAVID 5 Meeker Avenue Edison, N.J. Radio Club 4. WATTERS, KATHLEEN 81 Wooding Ave. Edison, N.J. National Honor Society 4. WEAVER, JOHN P. 243 Old Post Road Edison, N.J. Football 1. WEBBER, KENNETH 21 Windsor Road Edison, N.J. Latin Club 1; Rifle Club 1. WEINGART, JOSEPH 244 Central Avenue Edison, N.J. Baseball 1; Football 1, 2, 3; Track 3; Wrestling 2. WEISSENBORN, RICHARD 1 Elmwood Terrace Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 4; Bowling Club 3, 4. WEISSENBORN, WILLIAM 76 Chestnut Street Edison, N.J. Football 1. WILLIAMS, ALBERT 33 Hazelhurst Street Edison, NJ. WILLIAMS, GEORGE 225 Central Avenue Edison, N.J. Debate Club 3. WILLIAMS, LINDA 126 Winthrop Road Edison, N.J. Class Representative 1 (treasurer), -1 Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Service Club 1 Student Council 3; Twirlers 2, 3, 4; Na- tional Honor Society 4. WILSON, JANET 72 Suydam Avenue Edison, N.J. WILSON, KATHLEEN 4 Windsor Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Twirlers 1, 2,3, 4. WISE, DEBORAH 5 Manor Court Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Fall Produc- tion 3; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Talon 4. WITTMER, EDGAR 25 Bradley Drive Edison, N.J. Chess Club 3,4. WOJCIK, MICHAEL 6 Rosewood Road Edison, N.J. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Wres- tling 3, 4. WOLLER, JOANNE 23 Brookfall Road Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3 (president), 4 (president); Rangcrcttcs 2: Tennis Club 2; Chorus 2. WYMAN, BETTY 18 Lee Street, Apt. 5-B Edison, N.J. Debate Club 1; F.T.A. 1, 2, 4; G.A.A. 2; National Honor Society 3, 4. YOST, CAROLE 18 Stony Road Edison, N.J. F.H.A. 1; Pep Club 1, 2; Student Council 1. YOST, JOHN 17 Peterson Ave. Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 4; Bowling Club 1; National Honor Society 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4 (president); Cross Coun- try 3,4. YOUNG, LYNNE 2195 Wood bridge Avenue Edison, N.J. Academy of Science 2, 3; F.T.A. 3; Math Club 1; National Honor Society 4. YUKUBOUSKY, ALBERT 4 Vale Street Edison, N.J. Basketball 2, 3. ZAMPINO, CHRISTOPHER 9 Mill Road Edison, N.J. Key Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Cross Coun- try 4. ZENO, PATRICIA 67 Foyer Street Edison, N.J. ZINK, GEORGE 10 Paley Place Edison, N.J. Band 2, 3, 4; Class Representative 2; Dance Band 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Student Council 2,3; Track 2. 179Best Wishes to the Class of '68 from THE CLASS OF '68 And Very Special Thanks to MR. DI NARDO, Our Advisor. 180Congratulations to the Class of 1968 From the CLASS OF 1969 181The First Algebra II Team Teaching in the State of N.J.Congratulations From the STUDENT COUNCIL Congratulations from tho CLASS OF 71 Best Wishes to the Class of '68 Compliments of Compliments of NIXON PARK PHARMACY CLASS OF 70 Thanks Miss Puma from TALON '68 183PAKENHAM'S PENTHOUSE PARTY POOP-OUTS (Missing: Frank Stratowski, Jim Obendorfer, Joyce Sa.) MRS. PAK'S PACK OF PANICS (Bill Myers, Kathy Murphy—Missing) 184IfinTfTF i m out PUMA'S PEARLS Miss Puma's Third Period, English III 185Miss Puma's Second Period, English III MOTIFS PUMA'S PLAYROOM Miss Puma's Sixth Period, English IV Pint Row, Sooted: M. Lope:. M. Valor. 0. Holliwcll. N. Furst. D. Rish. Second Row: 3. Cantamossa, K. Ginlor, E. Stevens, J. Marowifr, B. McHugh, J. Canavora. Third Row: 0. Bruskin. S. Hurst. C. Hadley. M. Morris. Miss Puma. M. Wojeik. V. Sartain, R. Roy. D. Polmlori, W. Prico. 186Compliments of NORMANDY STUDIOS Your Yearbook Photographers. 107 Watchung Ave. Plainfield, N. J. PL 5-0431 187EANSLEY'S MODERN BARBER SHOP European Razor Cutting Hair Coloring Hair Styling Private Studio 1975 Wood bridge Avenue Edison, N. J. "Best of Luck in the Future" ELITE PLUMBING SUPPLY CORPORATION OF LINDEN Linden, N. J. Compliments of SAL and GRACE SCAVONE Edison, N. J. WHOLESALE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES MILLER KNAPP INC. Fulton St. et U.S. 1 Edison, N.J. BUSINESS HOURS Phono 985-2600 Weekdays 8 A.M.—5 P.M. Saturday 8 A.M.—12 A.M. Best Wishes V. NUZZO AND FAMILY SELDOW'S The Friendly Place to Shop Stationery Office Supplies Greeting Cards Leather Goods 410 Main Street—548-5900—Metuchen, N.J. May Your Future Be Filled With Happinoss and Success, From: THE ZAMPINOS Frank, Pearl, Chris and Mary LINWOOD GROVE INC 1876 Lincoln Highway Proprietors: JULIUS and STEVE KOVACS Congratulations to the Class of '68' THE BOYS at BORO MOTORS Neighborhood Home Beverage Service Metuchen N.J. Old Pott Road and Vinoyard Road CYCLE WORLD "New Jersey's Largest Cycle Showroom" Route 1 North Editon. N.J. 985-6100 Middlesex County's Quality Ford Dealer Central New Jersey Distributor for Ford Super Duty and Diesel Trucks MICALE'S BOWLING SHOP In Edison Lanos. Drilled over 200 Bowling Balls for the top professional bowlers. ANTHONY M. YELENCSICS, President SAM BACA wlnnor of tho Edison EBONITE OPEN ... TEATA and SEMIZ N. J. Stato Champ and Winning of BPAA Individual . . . Compliments of ROBERTSON’S SPORTING GOODS 70 Raritan Avenue Highland Park, N. J. All Athletic Equipment Highway 27 at 287 548-5151 Tel. 249-7445 Stowart "Stow" Robertson Proprietor 189"Where EVERYONE meets" AFTER THE GAME FAR HILLS INN Offers Good Food and Drink in the Quiet Country of the Somerset Hills. Route 202—206 North RA 5-2166 Somerville, N. J. FULL COURSE DINNERS and Snacks to Suit You Music by "ISH" PHILLIPS QUARTET SATURDAY NIGHTS From 8:30 P.M. to 1:30 A.M. 985-5252 B M LUMBER COMPANY ANSELO L. MANCUSO ANTOINETTE M. BARATTA Woodbridge Ave. Edison, N. J."Best Wishes" "A FRIEND" Union N. J. Good Luck! CENTRAL JERSEY SUPPLY COMPANY Perth Amboy, N. J. "Congratulations Class of '68" BYRNE'S WEST, INC. Union. N. J. Vontilation Machine Guards Exhaust Systems Steel Fabrication COLD CUT CENTERS PAUL MILLER SHEET METAL WORKS, INC. "Less Work For Mom" HUntor 6-5756-5354 1000 E. Eliiabeth Avo. Linden. N. J. 07036 Edison—985-9676 Kendall Park—287-9729 Carterot—541-9714 A Nice Place to Visit! VENTOLA'S CIRCLE CITGO 24 Hour Service—We Never Close Rt. 1 and 130—North Brunswick, N. J. Phono 247-9368 Herti Car and Truck Rental Available michaei a ventola PICK UP AND DELIVERY "op' 985-0180 Charlio Peithman's ONE STOf SERVICE 985-9880 EDISON ESSO SERVICENTER Tune-ups • Brake Work • Wheel Balance Tires • Batteries • Accessories Inspection Work • Road Service Routo 27. Near Colton Road Freo Pick-Up Edison. N. J. 08817 and Dolivory THE H. P. HERSHKOWITZ AGENCY MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SYSTEM Compliments of . . . Real Estate—Insurance HALJON INC 1949 Highway 27, Edison, N. J. 985-1655 Tavern and Liquors V. DiGIOIA, Pres. HERMAN P. HERSHKOWITZ 371 Johnston Avenue Jersey City, N.J. 191May Success and Happiness Be Your Key to the Future PHONE 287-1177 ALL WORK DONE ON PREMISES Compliments of WESTMONT COUNTRY CLUB Rifle Camp Road West Paterson, New Jersey MAR-AL CLEANERS For Quality of Distinction in Dry Cleaning and Shirt Laundering OLD POST ROAD EDISON, NJ. Best of Luck in the Future to the Class of 1968 From the GIRL'S SERVICE CLUB Site of Senior Prom 1968 BANQUET FACILITIES 75-1000 PEOPLE 545-6332 RASPA JEWELERS WATCHMAKER—DIAMOND SETTER Diamonds—Watches—Jewelry T rophies—Silverwa re All Types of Repairs 4 No. IOth and Raritan Ave. Hiahland Pari. N.J ANTHONY RASPA Prop. 192 Phono 985-3727 SPRUCE CLEANERS Finer Cleaning 2016 Woodbridgo Avonuo HANDY MOTORS INC. Edison, N. J. VOLKSWAGENS New Cars Best Wishes 314 Handy Street ESQUIRE DINER New Brunswick, N. J. 545-7117 Used Cars Compliments of INDUSTRIAL TOOL SUPPLY CORP. General Repairs—Road Service Towing Anytime—Anywhere 250 Woodbridge Avenue NIXON CITGO SERVICE Edison, New Jersey (Formerly Nixon Cities Service) 985-3230 Ovington Avnu.s CREDIT CARDS HONORED 985-9837 Edison, N. J. 985-6426 "The Bank Designed With You in Mind" THE EDISON BANK Edison Office: Rt. 27 and Sfony Rd. West, Edison, N. J. BRANCH OFFICES: Menlo Park Shopping Center, Edison, N. J. 15 N. Main Street, Milltown, N. J. Raritan Arsenal, Woodbridge Avenue, Edison, N. J. 225 Maple Avenue, South Plainfield, N. J. 1810 Park Avenue, South Plainfield, N. J. 5201 Stelton Road, South Plainfield, N. J. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONA A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Alessi The Aptakor Family A GreenField Auction B B M Lumber Company Marie Baily Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ball Mr. and Mrs. Bauerdorf Bell's Luncheonotto Stationary Bill and Maureen '68 Bob’s Appliance Service Bob and Lynn Daniel Boone Mr. Charles A. Boyle c Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cannella Chef's Club '68 Patricia Clemonti '66 Compliments from Dave’s Atlantic Compliments from Slocum's Delivery Service Vince Landscape Contractors Mr. and Mrs. Charles Corriner Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Cowan Mr. and Mrs. William Coyle D Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DeMers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Demko Ronnie Dixon Mr. and Mrs. John R. Donovan Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Doyon Mr. and Mrs. W. Dyslewski E Eansley’s Modern Barber Shop Edison Cleaners The Erdo's Esquire Diner F Dorsey L. Finn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey L. Finn, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robort Fredericks G Mr. and Mrs. D. Charles Gallotta Lucy and Carlo Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gavett Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glemann Mr. and Mrs. Potor Golden Mr. and Mrs. Karl Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Gordon PATRONS H Mr. C. Hagar Mrs. C. Hagar Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Hall Mr. and Mrs. George Wm. Hansen Mr. Harris Bob and Donna Hartford Mrs. Hazolfeldt Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hentschel H. P. Hershkowitz Agency Mr. and Mrs. Hershkowitz Homeroom 12-13 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoover Mr. and Mrs. James R. Howard Mr. and Mrs. William Imbriale J Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson Joyce and Glenn K Mr. and Mrs. J. Karcich Ken and Lin Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kent Gerald Kerrigan Mr. Kerrigan's III period Eng. Ill Class Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Kessler Mr. and Mrs M. Kestenbaum The Konnyu Family Mrs. J. Kovacs Paul Kreude L La Bonbonniere Bakery Mae and Mike Lardiere Laura and Rich Tho Lovitts Lind Roofing Livingston Cleaners Lou's Cleaners M Mr. and Mrs. James Mackey Mr. and Mrs. Bert May Mr. and Mrs. Alexander McClelland Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCormack Mr. and Mrs. Martin McDermott Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McGuire Col. and Mrs. L. F. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Bob Miller Mueller New, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Mueller N Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nany Mr. Louis W. Nagy Mr. and Mrs. Leon Neuschatz Mr. and Mrs. A. Norinsky and Family o Mrs. William J. Oakes Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Donnell Dennis and Sue Osieja P PI Kappa PSI Tony's Pizza R Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ready Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Reiner Reydel Pontiac, Inc. Robert, Debbie and Billy Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rolfe, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Rosenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rowlands s Mr. and Mrs. E. Scaletti Mr. and Mrs. M. Schaaf Mr. and Mrs. John F. Schiorloh Mr. and Mrs. E. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. S. Serra Carmine's Sinclair Seldow’s Stationery Lynne Stonner '65 Mrs. Marion Suit Mr. and Mrs. W. Sutter Saul Swiger Mr. and Mrs. A. Szemereta T "The Bourbon Roview" Ernest Tino Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Toth Don and Jean Turner u Uncle Frank and Aunt Edith V Mr. and Mrs. John Vajda Mr. and Mrs. P. Valenti Earl Van Arsdale Mary Van Arsdale Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Van Duyne Mr. and Mrs. A. Van Havero George, Queenie, Linda, and Steve Vash w Washarama of Edison Woolworth's 194A Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Abate Mr. and Mrs. Alex Adamides Adora "66" A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friond A Friend Aggie and Manny A-hilk. I'm Goofy! Pog Ahrens Al G. and Doris K. Alan and Yolanda Alex and Barbara Alex and Carol Alex and Dot Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Allen Althea and Ed '68 Mrs. Flora Alvarez Jimmy Alvator Mr. John Alvator Mrs. Margaret Alvator Marie Alvator Bob Amberg Jean Ambrosio Mr. Joseph Ambrosio Mrs. L Ambrosio Mr. and Mrs. John Amity, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Amity. Sr Mrs. Flora Amroin Karon Amrein "The Amreins" Eleanor Anderson Henry Anderson Davo Andrejco '64 Andy and Pat Dorothy and Gone Angaro Mr. and Mrs. Edward Annis Anonymous "Any way you want it" Mr. William Anzolla Anthony J. Apisa Arlene '68 Arlene and Gary Frank Arms Ruth C. Armstrong Art 1969 Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur and Family Ashley and Scarlett A Third Friend The Athletic Trainer Fran Augustine '60 Mr. and Mrs. Josoph F. Augustino Toni Augustino '64 Miss Auld-Cheering Advisor B Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bacouin John Bacskay and Steve Koval BOOSTERS Edwin R. Bahruth Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bailey Miss Janot Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bain Mr. and Mrs. W. Bakum Mr. and Mrs. J. Baldino Mr. and Mrs. John Balias Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Baltx Mr. and Mrs. N. Banos Clive Banster Dave Barasky — Esquire Diner Barb '68 Barb and Cal Barb and Dennis Barb and Nick 1969 Barb and Rick Barbara and Frank 1969 Barbara and Johnny and Linda Joo Bardick Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Barger Mr. and Mrs. David 8arrick Pat Barwick Ann Bassista Mr. and Mrs. John Bauer Joe Bauernhubor K. Baumgarten F. Baumgartner Mr. and Mrs. Harry Boa Judy Boaulieu John Bechler Davo Becker Vic Bell Alexis Belluscio Mary Benedict Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence 8enn Sue Bennett '65 Mr. and Mrs. William Banning Sylvia Bontivega Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bentivonga "Lillian L. Berger and Teddy” Mr. and Mrs. G. Bergman Best Wishes! Best Wishes. Class of '68' Best Wishes to Debbie! Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bienstock Big Bug and Little Bug Big and Grandpa Bill and Carol Bill and Joanne Bill and Mariann Bill and Ronnie Bill and Stophani Bill and Suo — Class of '67 Mr. and Mrs. William Billings Mr. Michael Bilski Bink Miss Edith Biro (60) Grandma Biro Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Biro Claire Blankenskip Mr. Bleeke George Bloom 1969 Bob — Nixon Citgo Bob and Diane Bob and Fran Bob and Lee Bob, Deb and Bob Jr. Bob and Norm Bobbio and Richie Bobby and Lucille Mr. and Mrs. F. 8ochynsky Mr. and Mrs. George R. Bogdan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bognar Butch, Sue and Merri Boland '64 Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Boland, Sr. Jerry. Donna and Scott Boland '65 Henri Bolduc Vera Bolduc John F. Boles The Balistreri Family Bonnie and Mike Boo! Boozer and Turtlo '68 Mr. and Mrs. Alox Borbely The Borden Family Jean Borwegen William Borwegen Thomas Botis Davo Bowon 12-12 Lynn 8owlos Patrolman Donald Bowling Dennis and Bonnie Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Leo Brady Greg 8randt C. E. Jackson 8rantley, M.H.S. '62 Mr. and Mrs. Z. Braz Mr. and Mrs. E. Bryant, Jr. Mrs. B. G. Breitkopf Linda Breler 1969 Sandie Brogna '66 Leslio Brookes ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brookes Mrs. Browor Allan Brown Andy Brown '75 The Arnold Brown's Mr. and Mrs. A. Brown Claire (Charlie) Brown Mr. and Mrs. David Brown Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brown Bruco and Sue Brunswick Vo-Tech Boys Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bucei W. Buchsbaum Mr. and Mrs. Buckclow Mr. and Mrs. Poter Buesany Mr. and Mrs. Burris Mr. and Mrs. Bert Burstoll Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Busby Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Busby Gorald Busby, Jr. Business Manager of TALON Bob Bussiero (Cold Cut Centor of Kendall Park) Edward Bussiere Butch and Anita Butchie '64 and Betty Mr. and Mrs. Edward Butler "Buttons" c Darlene Cabrera Robort Cabrera Rone Cadic The Francis Cadies' Mrs. Celamonori John Callaway Ed Callow Mr. and Mrs. R. Camp Mr. and Mrs. S. Camp Sgt. and Mrs. W. H. Campbell Mrs. Margaret Canavan Mr. and Mrs. John Canavera Linda Canavora The Cantamossa Family Michael Cantore, 1969 Mr. and Mrs. P. Cantoro Mr. John C. Cappolla Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ceppella Mr. and Mrs. Cardona Tom Calabrese John Calandruccio Cambell '71 Miss Joyce Canning Mr. and Mrs. Canning Nicholas A. Cantarella The Cantarellas Carol and Bob '65 Carol and Les Carol and Nan Carol, Pat, Suo and Vicki Carole '68 Carole and Andy Carole and Ed '67 John E. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. H. Carrado Goorge Carson Grover A. Carey Bernie Casadel Marge Casey Mr. and Mrs. Rbt. Cassidy Mr. Clifford Casterline Mrs. Clifford Casterline Mr. and Mrs. Charles Catalano Janie and Phil Catalano Pat Catalano '70 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Catalano Mr. and Mrs- Joseph Catalano Mr. and Mrs. P. Catalano Helen Cerminaro Sonor Francisco Chale "Charlie" Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Charmello 19 "Cher" 69 Mrs. Ann Chornick Choryl and Goorge Cheryl and Al '65 Alvin Cheslow Paul Chester "China Boy" China kept a calling ala motor Mr. Zilch Dabalena 195Mr. and Mrs. M. Chiovaro Mr. and Mr . R. Chonolos Chris and Kalani Chris and Kathy Al, Emily and Candy Christianson Chupcla Family Cindy and Doug 1969 Cindy and Tori Cindy and Wayno Joyco and Curtis Clark Tho Clark Family Barbara Clementi '66 Click John Clough Robort Cloughor Diano Colby Mr. and Mrs. J. Coleman Cathy and David Collotto Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Collotto Mrs. Martha Collotto Mr. and Mrs. William Collotto Bob Colquhoun '65 Bronda Comor '70 Miss Kathloon Compton Tho Connor's Clan Kathy Conrad Patrick Conrad Mr. and Mrs. J. Constantina Mr. and Mrs. Conto Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Conway Linda Coppa Emanuol Coroiar "007" Corky G.E. Mrs. Cosontino Mr. and Mrs. James Costa Jamos A. Countino Gail Courtnoy '70 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Crabiol Craig and Linda Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Crandon Miko and Davo Crood Theresa Critsona Mrs. Edward Crookor Crumby Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cullon Mr. and Mrs. Cullon Arthur Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Curatola Mr. and Mrs. Shamus Curry Shamus Curry '67 Mrs. Curtis Florenco Custor Roy L. Custor Mr. Czopek D Mr. and Mrs. J. Dailoy Mr. and Mrs. J. Damiani Dana and Stovo Mrs. Joan Dannachor Danny's Shell Vincent D'Antoni Davo and Kalhi, Good Luck '68 Davoy and Fran David and Janico Gingor Davidson '68 Mrs. Darold Davis, Sr. Tom D. Davis '67 Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Henry Day Dead CoYoto, Moop Moop Dobbio and John Linda DoChirico Joe Dockor Richio Docker Mr. and Mrs. Romo Do Cosimo Doo '72 Deo and Carol Doo and Wendy Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DeFrank Mr. and Mrs. R. DoHanos Dois '67 Dol. Nancy and Jodi Rita and Frank DoLuca Edward DoMarco Kim and Pamela Domarost Mrs. Dembin Mrs. Margarot DoMors Richard and Jeanno DoMors Mr. and Mrs. John Dompsoy Mike Dempsey Cathy Donnis '65 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Denny Basil DoSantis Joannotto DeSantis John DoSantis Mrs. Louis M. DoStofano Carol Do Turris Diana and Miko Diano and Miko Mr. and Mrs. D. DiBonodotto Mrs. F. Di8iaso Mr. and Mrs. John B. DiBlasi Rose DiBiaso Mr. and Mrs. J. DiCampli Mr. and Mrs. A. Dick Mr. and Mrs. Russoll Dietrich Mr. and Mrs. L. Di Giacomo Josopohino Di Giosia Mark Di Gionanni Mr. and Mrs. Poto Di Gionanni Mr. and Mrs. A. Di Lollo Mrs. Kathryn Dillion and Son Sue Dillon Mr. Di Nardo Mrs. Jamos Di Nardo LoRoy Dindowald Mr. and Mrs. DiNotta Mr. V. Dippol Mrs. V. Dippol Frod Di Rionzo Mr. Discount Mrs. Mario Dihou Mr. and Mrs. Frod Dobbs Mrs. J. Walter Doll Mrs. Donahay Donna and Donny Donna B. and Jim C. Donna and Stovo Donna and Pete Donna is crazy! Frod and Angio Donnini Donovan is Lovo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donovan Mr. and Mrs. John D'Orazio and Johnny Mr. A. Dorflingor Mr. Don Doughorty B. Dover Judy, Grogg, and Bill Downs Carol Doyon Miss E. Doylo Mrs. M. Doylo Miss Duchak Mr. and Mrs. J. Ducham Mr. and Mrs. Michaol Duda Duh! Sandra D. Dunhamn Mr. and Mrs. P. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dyer E Edison Citgo Edison Pizza Eileen and Larry '68 Linda Eichort '66 Mr. and Mrs. John Elko Mr. Elmor Elyso and Ronnie William Epstoin Mrs. A. Erickson Ernie and Lindo Rev. and Mrs. Espada Hockor's Esso Mr. and Mrs. John Evancho Mr. and Mrs. Clydo Everly Evy and Elvis F Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fago Bob Fallet Mr. and Mrs. T. Fento Mr. and Mrs. A. Farkas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Farroll FATS '66 Renee Fauguior Frank and Brany Faycik O. T. Charles Fohor Daniel M. Follor Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Foltham Boauty — Guard Fence Gail Ferguson Mrs. Patricia Finch Robort Finn Mrs. Joan Firostino Mr. and Mrs. Fis Fishor 4 Queen and one King Tom Fitzgerald Jim and Gladys Fitzsimmons Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. J. Flannery Floaglo's Mr. and Mrs. Floishakor Fluke Mr. and Mrs. John Fokos Josoph Fontana Foodtown Hellhounds For tho Boys in Viet Nam Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Fornor Tom Forsthotter Rev. and Mrs. Josoph Fowlor Mr. and Mrs. Foylo and Family Mr. and Mrs. H. Franoy Mary Franoy Frank Frank and Ann Frank, Connie, and Chris Frank and Dalo Frank and Elaine '65 and '66 Franklin H. S. supports E.T.H.S. Tony and Babo Fratini and Family Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Fredorick Thomas Froulor Friend From Fang, with Love F.T.A. from Tush Charles Fuccis Mr. and Mrs. R. Fuccis Fuccis Rostaurant G Andrew A. Gagliano Gail and Suo '70 Mr. and Mrs. Galindo Alozandor Ignatius Garabaldi Vincont M. Garcia Vorla B. Garrison Elsie Garrity Gary and Lee Mr. Robert Gates Mr. and Mrs. Josoph W. Gavigan Stolla Gonser Georgo H.P.H.S. and Barbara E.T.H.S. Both Gorbor Mrs. Gorber M. Gorhartz and Family Mrs. E. Gornhandt Donna Jay Gillen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilligan James Gillingham '66 Mr. Edward Gintor Mr. and Mrs. F. Ginter Vicky Gioia John Givons Al Glassen The H. Glomann's Glenn and Ellon Bill and Marge Godwin Thomas P. Gogal Ruthi Goldberg '65 Mr. and Mrs. Golddo Tom Goldon '68 Phyllis Goldstein '65 Gone Gombas Mrs. A. Gomoz Janice Gondola Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gondola Mr. and Mrs. G. Gonzaloz 196Good ol' Glenn Mr. and Mr . Potor Gooditis, Jr. Suzanna M. Gorman Mr. and Mr . Govo Mr. Anthony Govornalo Anno Lucille Governale Jo Ann Governalo Mr. and Mr . J. Govornalo, Sr. Linda Govornalo Grab '68 Mr. and Mr . Graci "Grampa Eddio" Mr. and Mr . R. E. Grandjean and Family Mr. and Mr . Richard Grant Stevo Greenlick Grich Mr. and Mr . V. Grompono Mr . S. H. Grot Mr. and Mr . P. Grudzintli Joan Guarini 1969 Mr. and Mr . Edward Gubinski Eddio Guenther Mr . Roto Guenther Jamot and Botty Guido Mr . M. Guiducci 7-11 Guriy Road Mr . L. Guthio Mr. and Mr . William Gula and Family H Mr. and Mr . R. Haatz Mr. and Mr . Harry Hagoman Jeff Hageman Richard Hagoman Mr. and Mr . Jame F. Halioy Karon, Susanne, and Kevin Haltoy Mit Gail Halupka Mr. and Mr . J. Hannigan Hanlt Hanton Harold '64 Harold and Al—All the Now that’ fit to print. Harold and Sharyn '66 and '68 Mr . A. R. Harper Harry and Fran Harry. Leo, and Chip Mr. and Mr . John Hart Mrs. Shirley Ha a Mr. and Mr . Heimberg Mr. and Mr . John Hoitzonroeder Helen L. Hello! Tho Henderson Family Mr . Betty Hondriekson Mr. Neil Hondrickion Mr. and Mr . Peter Henry Mr . C. E. Hentsehel Mr. and Mr . Wm. R. Honttchol Mr. and Mr . Horlohy Hauler Family Hi! there from ED. Ru t Hight Mr . Georgo Hill Mr. and Mrs. J. Himmolbargor Mr. and Mr . Joseph Hittich and Children "HOBO" Linda Holler Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Holzingor Mr. and Mr . Stophon J. Holzinger Steve Holzingor Homeroom 12-6, Mr . Ferror Sandy Hook Mr. and Mr . William Hoolihan Mr. and Mr . Alan Hoover Mr . Hornbostol Houte of Beauty Houtz and Dot Mr. and Mr . W. Hugho and Family Mr. and Mr . R. Hut o and Family Hurl Mr. and Mr . Hurly, Forover Mr. and Mr . Michael Hurtt Dan Hutchison Scott Hyo Mr. and Mr . Joseph A. Hyno Noreon Hyne '70 Toni Hyno Dr. and Mr . B. Hyun I "I like it liko that" Mr. and Mrs. Waltor Idlick Robert B. Ille Joo Ingandola '64 Mr . Roso Ingandola In memory of Lorraino Massaro Pedro Irilarry Thoma Irwin Mr . Thoma Irwin I wuv u J Jack and Jill Child Studio Mr. and Mr . Daniel Jackion James "71" Sharon Jancsek and Johnny Lipich Janet and Miko Janice and Gono Mr. and Mr . S. Janno Jean and Jimmy Jeff and Jackie Mr. and Mr . Jeffrey Mr . Helen Jonney Kathy and Jackio Jonney Mr. and Mr . Bruce A. Jensen Jerry and Bonnie 1969 Jerry and Sue 1969 Mr. and Mrs. E. Jeter Jil and Art Jill and Bernio Jim C. '67 Jim and Karen Jimmie and Debbie Jimmy and Joyce Joanie Jo Anno and Clyde Jo Ann and Rocco The Jobbins Family Joe and Both Joe and Donna 68 Joe and Rosomario '68 John and Carmela John and Kathy John and Putsy Johnny and Geri Johnny "80" Thoma Johnton "Jon" Mr. and Mrs. John Jonas Mr. and Mr . Jones David Jones Mr . Holono Jono Richard Jono "Sorrowful Jones" Mr. and Mr . Paul Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Nod Julian Ned Julian Mr . Theodore Jurissen K Mr. and Mr . S. Kafcsak Mr. and Mr . L. Kalman Lewi Kalpowito Mr. Kaltenborn Mr. and Mrs. A. Richard Kane Bob Kantor—H.P. '66 Joe Kapcsendi '68 Mr. M. Kaplan Leslie Karren Holon Kasavago The Katavage Kids Kathy and DBG Kathy and Ray Mr. and Mr . Erwin Katz Mr. and Mr . Keadle Kearns Family Mr. and Mr . Donald Kelloy Mr. and Mr . J. Kelly Ken and Shollcy Kenny and Jennie Mr. and Mr . Wm. Kcrmo Mario Kerti Mr. and Mr . Karl Koyscr Joyco Kiley Mr. and Mr . J. F. Kilroy Jamo Kilroy Family Dorothy Kimble Mrs. Jean Kinnell Diano Kinnertloy Jeannio and Mary Kinsolla Mr . Mary Kintella Mr. and Mr . James Kinsolla Kirk and Sue Mr. and Mr . J. Kirkman Mr . Frank Kiih Mr. and Mr . Peter Kist Mr. and Mr . Gus Kitzi Sally and Tom Kitzi '62 Loui Klemonsits Donald Kinelle Baby Koch For New Baby Koch Dr. and Mr . Kolbay Mr . Geo. Konitzer The Korczyk Family Mr . Evelyn Kotch Mr. and Mr . Kal Kotler R. Kovac Robert Kovac The Kovalchik Family Elaine Kramor '67 Edward J. Kraszewski Joan Kratz Nanette Krog Mr. and Mrs. Jotoph C. Kruger Mr. and Mr . Thoma Ksopka Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kuldiak Mist H. Kuchta Mr . Mary Kudrick Bill and Helene Kudrick Mr. and Mr . D. Kuhn Danny Kuhn L.O.L. Pat—Mr. Kukk Tim Kulas Mr. and Mr . Chester Kuloza Joe and Grotho Kursay L Roiemary Lablancz Mr. and Mr . Larry Laboy Mis Labudzki Mr. and Mr . Laccetti Mrs. Lagmarsino Ray and Jack Lambort Mrs. P. Lamprako Mr . Bridgett Lane Elizabeth J. Lane Mr. and Mr . Robert Lani Mr. and Mr . G. Lang Helen Langelo Mr. and Mr . F. W. Langenohl Bill Hanvdalo Mr. and Mr . E. LaPenna Lou LaPlaga ‘68 Mr. and Mr . L Laplaga, Sr. Kathy. Mike and Karon Laplaga Larry and Eileen Larry and Mary Ann '66 Larry and Sue Mr. and Mr . Ben Latawic Mr. and Mrs. A. LaVecchia Mr. and Mr . L. Lawronco Mr. and Mr . Lebron Mr. David Lcfkowitz Janet Lemli Mr. and Mr . J. Lemli Mr. and Mr . S. Lemli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lonio Mr. and Mrs. Leon Steinberg Jane D. Leonard '64 Lo and Jeff Samuel P. Leth 10 16 67 197M, Losniak Mr. and Mr . Irving Lovcnthal Sue Levy '66 Linda ‘68 Linda and Danny Linda and Davo, Forever Linda and Eddy Linda '67 and Joe Linda and Kenny '68 Linda and Patsy Linda and Paul "Littlo Butch" 68 Pat Light Tho Light's Lin '68 Lina Linda and John Lita ZIA Mr. and Mrs. F. Lisco Luck from Littlo Ono '67 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lockwood Brian Loeb '66 Pat Lootzer '65 Mr. and Mrs. St. Loetzer Mrs. Sharon Loftus Mrs. Konnoth Logan Msg. and Mrs. Harold A. Lockard and Family Mr. and Mr . G. Loninger Jean Lord! Jimmy and Mary Lord! Mr. and Mrs. Lordi Tho Lordi Family Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Lucca Mrs. Anna Lucca Margaret Lucca Mr. and Mrs. James Lucullo Lucy Amy Luecko Mr. Americo Lugo Mr. and Mrs. J. Luminiollo Mr. and Mrs. Josoph Luminillo Maria Lunetta John Luongo Robert A. Lusk Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Lutzmann Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lyke Flo Lyke and Joo Abato Lyle and Linda Mr. Lynch Robert Lynch. Pvt. U.S.M.C. Lynn and Paul M Mack '66-'67 Debbie Mackoy Mr. and Mrs. Madaras Mike Madden Maggi Darlene and Sam Magno Julia S. Maguire Maureen Maguire Patricia J. Maguire Mr. and Mrs. H. Majewski and Family Michael Makosky Liz Malbon Mr. and Mrs. S. Malinowski Frances Malloy Julius Manchise Angleo and Betty Mancuso Gloria B. Mancuso Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Mancuso John and Jeanne Mangino Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mantz Tony Marcano Marilyn '68 Marish Mark and Chris Mark and Susan Mark and Svoty Mr. and Mr . Wm. Marko Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Marks and Rand! Mr. and Mrs. Marrono Mr . Gary Marsh Steve Martguena Mr. Wm. P. Martin Mrs. Wm. P. Martin Mr. Joseph Martinez C. A. Martino Mrs. C. Martino Mis Diane A. Martino Lucille Martino '64 Sal Martino Mr. and Mrs. S. Martino Tony Martino '68 Mr. and Mrs. J. Martz Mary and Andy '68 Mary Jane ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Mason Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Mason C. Joseph Massor John Mastrangelo Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Mastrangelo Joo Matoka 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Mattern Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mattie Dobbio Mattio '75 Harold Maxwell Bob May From the May Clan Mr. and Mrs. Josoph Mayo LaVerne Mazor Miko Mazer Mr. and Mrs. Danny Manlo Mr. John McCarthy Mary Ellen McCormack Mr. and Mrs. McDowell Mr . Maxine McFarland Jeff McGovern '70 Mr. James McHugh Mr. and Mrs. McKcovcr "Me" Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mcddhof Sandra Moisheid Tho Meltzcr Gang, Amy. Eric and Fern Mr. and Mrs. R. Meluski Nick Menedis Mr. Merson Mr. Messina Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Mcssncr Met Bobbio Motx Mr. and Mr . John Micalo Michael and Diano Mr. and Mrs. John Micholson Mary and Tom Micholuzzi Mr . J. Midgloy Mr. W. Midgley Glenn and Kim Micszkalski Mike and Jean 1969 George Mikitzki Mr. and Mrs. J. Milosz and Baby John Milazzo Family The Al Miller's Bob Miller (Rabbit) Mr. and Mrs. George R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. James W. Miller John Miller, Jr. John and Vicki Miller and Family Ray Millor Terry Mills "Mini" To the class of '68—Don Miraglia Lots of Luck '68—E. Miraglia Angelo Miragliotta Joo Miragliotta Missy Mr. George. Marth I and II Ferdinand Mizzio Moe's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Michael Molnar Mommie Kay Class of '44 Mr. and Mrs. A. Mondi Mr. and Mrs. A. Montagna Mrs. Kay Montagna Mr. and Mrs. Gerard H. Montanino Mr. and Mr . Montanino Lil' Vicki Montanino Vicki Montanino The Monte Family Joe Montuoro 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Mooro MoPars Forever Mrs. Elaine Morrow Mr. and Mrs. J. Moryan Mr . D. Moskal Linda S. Moskal Thomas Moskal Mr. and Mrs. J. Mozolic Mud Hut Ceramic Shop Robert F. Muoller The Mulvihill Family Richard Munch Robert Murdock Chris Murphy Mr . Diana Myers Kathi Myslinski N Mrs. Violot M. Nagy Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nagy The Namias' Nana Mr. and Mr . Edward C. Nawrock Neet's and Georgo Mr. and Mrs. Goorgo Noandor Mr. and Mrs. A. Negri Katy and Ed Nohila Mr. and Mrs. H. John Nelson Rich Nelson Mr. and Mrs. E. Nemeth Mr. C. Newman Nick and Bridgotto Nick and 8ruce Nick and Judy Florenco Nightingale '67 Mr. and Mr . Thomas Noonan Norman and Colette Mr. and Mrs. John Norton Amorican Society of Tool and Mfg. Engineers Frank Nugent Mr. and Mr . Nuzzo and Family Mr. and Mrs. D. Nuzzo and Family Tony Nuzzo o Mr. and Mrs. Leon O'Bertz The O'Connor Family Pat O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Odato Bill O'Donnell Mrs. Robert Ooso Marty and Mary O'Hara Mr. and Mr . James O'Leary Mr. and Mrs. Jack Olsen Omar Khayyam and the Rhubarbs Mrs. O'Melia M. Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Osioja Donna Osieja '68 Bren. Dory, Bob. Liz. and Tim O'Toole Celestine O'Toolo Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. O'Toolo Mr. Roger Owen The Ozell Family P Pagan M.C. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Pagliarini Mr. and Mr . J. Pakonham Mr. and Mrs. Frank Palinkas Frank Palinkas Mr. and Mrs. D. Palmieri Mrs. T. Paltridge Mr. and Mr . R. Palumbo Tony Palumbo Pam and Ralph Mr. and Mrs. G- Pane Mr. and Mrs. Rick Padlucci Nellie Papp Stephanie Papp Mr. and Mrs. John Paralusz Millio Parolise (Mom) Pat and Bill Pat and Judy 198Pat and Kathy '66 Pat and Marlene Paul and Paula Paul and Sharon. Alway Paul and Sharon, Forever Daniel Patrick Poersen Irono Pearco Mr. and Mr». R. Peersen and Keven Peggy and George Eva Pelloy Mr . Cornelia A. Ponn H. Penny Kevin Penny Bill Pent Mr. and Mr». Gorard Pope Peppy’» Atlantic Eileen Perex Pete and Torri Peter and Vicki Mr». Lucy Potorc»ak William Peter» Dr. and Mr . Potorson Mary Lou Petrunyak Mr. and Mr . Thoma Potry Peugeot Alberta C. Pfeiffer Bert Pfoiffer Debbie Pfeiffer Mr. Fred Pfeiffer Mr. and Mr . R. Pfeiffor Ron Pfeiffer T. Phelan Mr. and Mr . John W. Philipp Phil'» Barber Shop Frank Piccirillo Mr. and Mr . Jim Pietrefe Mr. and Mr . John Pinter Mi» Mildred Pipero Mitchel Pitri Mr. and Mr». Michael Pittero Ann Placko Mr. and Mr . Robert Poempnor Nick Polantky Andrew Poppalardo Mi Lorraine Anna Hedwig Porawiki Robert J. Porawiki and Lyndal V. Taber Carolyn Po t Michele Potter 1969 Mr. and Mr . A. M. Predire Mr. and Mr . William Prendergast, Jr. Roiemary Preitano 1969 Louit Price Lak a May Printa 1969 Fred W. Proctor Mr. and Mr . Frank Promutico Pudgy Mr. Puriell R Lee Rabinowitx Mr. and Mr . S. Raco Mr. and Mr . Thoma Radcliffo Mr . R. A. Radice Pam Radzawich Mr. and Mr . Peter Raffa, Jr. Mr . Margrot Rainoy Mr. and Mr . Richard Rainey Linda J. Rak Mi Helen Ramiey D. Randell Thoma H. Rankin '67 Mr. and Mr . A. Rapoza Mr . LaVerno Ra e Dominick Raipa Mr . Mary Ra pa Mr. and Mr . Ratchford Margo Rauh 1969 Ray and Fran '67 Mr. and Mr . Loavy Ray Ray and Regina Granny Roybon Mr. and Mr . N. Raymond Frankie Red Mr. Regan Mr. and Mr . Ed Regevitz Al and Mary Reid Anna Reid Mr . E. Reid Good Luck—Noreen Reid Johnny and Robert Reilly Konny Reilly Toreia Reilly Mr. and Mr . John Reinor Repent, the End i Hore! R.—Gon Alum. Product R.H.A.S.A.A.L.H.S.S. Mr. and Mr . David Rheinhardt Mr. and Mr . Anthony Ribintky. Sr. Rich '67 Rich '67 and Flo '68 Rich and Laura Richie '66 Richie and Mary Ann Mr. and Mr . Franci Riopel Mr. Anibal Rio Roto Marie Riot M. Riito Mr. and Mr . Elmer Ri tt Rita and Vince '68 Mr. and Mr . Roy Rittman Ann Marie Ritz Mr. and Mr . Carmen Ritz Scherry Ritz '66 Edward Rivoll Richard Rivera Mr. and Mr . Al Rizzo Helen and Mickoy Rizzo Mr. and Mr . Loui Rizzo and Children "Roadrunner" and "Spooky" Robert and Michele Dougla Robin Family Mr . Richard Robin Pope and Sutio Robin George Robinion Mr. and Mr . Geo. Robinion Mr. agd Mr . George Robinion Valerie Robinton Vivian Robinion Robyn '77 Mr. and Mr . J. Roche Mr. and Mr . Patrick Roche Roeco Rocco Roeco Rocco Mr. and Mrs. H. Roemer Deo Roger '66 Ken Roger Mr. and Mr . Geo. W. Rolfe, Jr. Jim, Duane and Wendy Rolfe Karl and Henry Rolfo Mr. and Mr . James O. Rolfe Ellie and Jimmy Romeo Mr. and Mr . Joseph Romeo Mr. and Mr . D. Romero Ron and Al Ronnie and Irene '68 Mr. and Mr . J. Rooney. Sr. Mr. and Mr . J. Rooney. Jr. Edna Rosa Mike and Roianne Roseann and Bob Anne Roiella Good Luck! The Jerry Roien Family Mil B. Roienbloom Mr. and Mr . Rich Roietto Mr. and Mr . R. Ro i Mr. and Mr . A. Ronetto Mr. Roietto and Soni Mr. and Mr . Roiiamando Mr. and Mr . Harold Rowan Bud Rowland Roxanne 1969 and Gannon 1968 Mr. and Mr . A. Rubolotta Florence W. Ruppert Run and Cher 1969 Mr. and Mr . Annielto Ruiio Carmino Ruito Paul Russo Beth, Mike and John Rutowski Mr. and Mr . Michael Ryan s Mr . William Sa Sagendorf Family Mr. Saiff Ma and Pa Sak Holen Sallitt T. S. Sam Sammy Camille Samarco Tom Sander Jan Santillo The Santillo Family Mr. and Mr . M. Sariano Mr. W. Saro Mr . Victor Sartain Grandma Sasala CpI. and Mn. Wm. Saupe Mr. and Mrs. Scarillo Kitty Schierloh '68 Ben Schaal Mr. and Mr . Bornhard J. Schmidt The George Schmidt' Mr. and Mr . Wm. J. Schneidor Mr . Otto Schmoldt Roiemary Schoepp Arlono Schroiber Mr. and Mrs. Schroibor Mr. and Mr . L. Schroibor Mr. and Mr . J. Scibotta Mr. and Mr . Anthony Scotti Grace Scrovono Ann Shutz—Lot of Luck '68 Schwartz Drug James P. Scott Mr. and Mr . John Scofield, Jr. Robin and Scott Louit Scrovono F. Seeley Kristina Seeterlen Mr. and Mn. George Seip Mr. and Mn. Robert Seip Bill Selby 1969 Mr. and Mr . D. Selingo Mr. and Mr . Settanni 7-S' Mr. Macfarland Shackelford Mr. Shackelford The Shads Robbie and Gono Shapiro Sharon '68 Sharon and Rich Sholdon and Vicky Tom Shepard Shuda Family Pat and Gerry Sica Stephanie Shuey '66 The Siehl Family Ronnie Sieipuyowiki '65 Nan Sill 1969 Bee Simone Mr. and Mn. Sam Sinato Carol Sinko Mr. Sitche Sr . Paracleta, Gilda and St. Matthews Sodality Mr. and Mn. Samuel Sitren "Skid" The Skinner Skippy and Donna '68 Barbara A. Skurka Mr. and Mn. Slaven Mn. Slaven Ed and Viola Slosar Susan Slosar Grandma Slusier Karen Slusser Kenny Slusser Mr. and Mr . John P. Slusser Robert Slutsor "Smile" Dee Smith Mr . Jean Smith Miss Ollie Smith "The Smith' " Cal and Virginia Smith K. L. Smith Mr. and Mr . Wm. Smith Mn. Michael Smoliga The Sneods Tho Sokol Family 199Mr. and Mrs. E. Sokowski Arlono Sonthoimor Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Sonthoimor Mr. and Mrs. Edw. C. Sonthoimor Frank Sousa Alan Sparrowo Christina Spitzmiller Mr. and Mrs. Ervin R. Spihmillor Karon and Stcphon Spitzmillor Sport Mr. and Mrs. C. Spohr Potor J. Staloy Mr. and Mrs. Stanlos and Family Ralph Stanxidne 1969 Sue Staples '67 Tho Stasiums Mr. and Mrs. R. Stodronsky Jimmy Stool Tho Stoolo's Mr. and Mrs. John Stefani Mr. and Mrs. William Stonnor, Jr. Stovo and Angio Stovo and Carolo Stovo and Mario Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stovons, Jr. Ruth Stovons '66 L. Stovo nson Norman Stover Mr. and Mrs. M. Stivonolli Mr. and Mrs. D. Story and Family Mary St. Peters '66 Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Strachan Folix and Colloon Strolsky and baby-to-como Mr. and Mrs. H. Struvo Mrs. Grace J. Stryker Succoss and Happinoss '68 Succoss To tho Class of '68 Mrs. A. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. A. Suraco Mr. and Mrs. D. Suraco Mrs. Surdyka Susio ''80" and Family Mr. and Mrs. Ira Suswoin Jamos Sutter Nuo Suxco Mr. and Mrs. W. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Noil R. Swartz Don Swinglo T Best Wishos to Class of '68— Mr. and Mrs. Henry Talarsky Torosa Talocci Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Tamagnini Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Tamm Mr. and Mrs. P. Turi Mr. and Mrs. Charles Taylor Mrs. Ernostine Taylor David Toich Torriblo Terry and Daniel Boone Tho Diplomats of N.B. The “Elk Lako" Gang The Gonoral and His Woman The Girls of Beta Hook The Italian Mafia Tho Other Friond The Pook The Pro '67 Tho Satin's Mrs. Margarot Thistlo Adolo Thomas Adele Thomas '71 Barbara Thomas '67 Francos Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn Thomas M. A. Thomas, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Thompson Mr. Thompson W. C. Thomsen Family E. Thornton T. Thornton Mr. and Mrs. William Thornton Mr. and Mrs. Thorsen Mr. and Mrs. Thosterson and Family Throo M's Thundor '68 Barbara Tiorny Mary Jane Tiorny Tigor and Tigoress Timmy and DooDoe Tiny Jack Tirch Mr. M. Tirpak To John, My Love Forever, Suo Mr. and Mrs. Tokarzowski John P. Tolwinski Mrs. J. P. Tolwinski Tom '66 Tom and Barbara Tom and Shirloy Elanoro Tomasolli Toni tho Tigor Soon Tookor Mr. and Mrs. J. Torok Mr. and Mrs. Torsicllo Tho K. Torsiollo Family Mrs. E. Toth Francos and Stovo Toth Gene Toth Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Toth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Toth Robert W. Toth Stovo Toth Yolan Toth Mrs. Trogor Mr. and Mrs. Donald Triggs Trip. Class of '71 Eloanoro Troch Trucker, Rabbit and Jamalot '67 The Truekor's Mr. and Mrs. J. Turok "21" U Updo and Arleon V Anthony P. Vaccaro Charlotte Vajda Antoinotto, Joanna, Butch Valari Paul Valonti, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Van Dormark Mr. and Mrs. A. Vandormast Joff and Don Van Duyno L. A. Van Noto Andy, Gaylo, John Van Ordon Mr. and Mrs. R. Van Ordon Joanno A. Varga '65 Elaino Vassi Frank Vccin and Kathi Kolloy Miss Holen Veisz Susio Voisi Cecilia VqIoz Lisa Ann Venuto Jorry Vorducci Vorn and Ginny Voronda and Alphonsa Mr. and Mrs. Edward Vetrocin Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vickery Vicki and Goorgo Vicki and Louio Rose Vigilia Vin and Donna Mrs. Vincent Rosanno Virgili Claire Vitucci Doo Vitucci Miss V's German II Class Mr. and Mrs. C. Voorhoos w Holon Wagner Tiny Wagnor William Wagnor Mr. and Mrs. K. Wahl Mr. and Mrs. E. Wait Mr. and Mrs. Stan Waite Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Walkor Mrs. E. Wallinder Mr. and Mrs. Walnor Mr. Jack Walsh Karon Walsh Barbara Walters Mr. G. Ward Mrs. Ward The Waskiewicz's Frank Waters John Waters Doug and Dean Watson Kathy Watters Mr. and Mrs. Goo. Woathorford Mrs. Edward J. Wobstor Dorothy Woigol JoAnn Woigol Judi Woiler The Woiler Family Mrs. Woiss Mr. and Mrs. E. Wonz Rosalio Y. Whelan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond White W. H. Whitmoyor Bob Wickborg Mrs. E. Willcnbrock Emily Willioms Lorraine Willioms '65 Mr. R. Williams Roy E. Williams '66 Holon Williamson Mildrod G. Willis Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wilson Carolyn Wilson '67 Mr. and Mrs. Charlos Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Jamos Wilson Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Mabol Wilson Peggy Ann Wilson '65 Robin, Bonnio, Donna Wilson Vicky Wilson Mr. Wimmor Mr. and Mrs. M. Witcka "Wonder Boy Ray" 1969 Mr. Frank Wojach Mrs. Frank Wojach Mr. Leonard Wojcik Mrs. L. Wojcik Mrs. A. Woosnor The Worst Family Mr. and Mrs. J. Wolchko Stash Wolonski Stan Woisznios Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood Wm. Wright Mr. John Wyaslak Y Yonno and Bob Mr. and Mrs. Howard Yost Mr. and Mrs. John Yost Larry Yost '65 Lynda Yost ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. J. Frod Young Nancy C. Young Nancy J. Young Rov. and Mrs. Richard P. Young Al Yukabousky z Miss Dorothy Zagata Mr. and Mrs. Josoph Zampotti Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Zatropalok Miss Aloxis Zdunck Miss Holon Zdunck Mary Ann Zeno Mr. and Mrs. A. Zono Bornio and Albort Zick David and Dawn Zimmerman George M. Zink Jamos Zubal Mr. and Mrs. William Zuppa Tho Zuppa Family Glonn White Mr. and Mrs. John Whito Mr. and Mrs. John Whito Nancy Whito TAYLORMJ BLISHING COMPANY 200¥ i

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Edison High School - Talon Yearbook (Edison, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Edison High School - Talon Yearbook (Edison, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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Edison High School - Talon Yearbook (Edison, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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