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r ‘ 5 9 : - i  Jlie Senior (d(a 6 °f £didon JownAliip Jdigli behoof Edison, %« erdey f- redentdJohn F. Kennedy ‘7 believe in an America where every child is educated, not according to his means or his race, but according to his capacityjiL mu Wat.r Dear Alma Mater; hear us as we lift our voice in song. To pay our tribute to the school we’ll love forever long. Inside the classroom, on the field, success we won’t deny. We praise thee and we’ll always honor our dear Edison High. So hail Alma Mater; shine bright O’ Red and Cold. Thy precepts we’ll cherish, throughout the many years untold. And when we join thy sons and daughters This is what we’ll sigh. We’II e’er remember all you’ve taught us. Hail to Edison High. Words by Winston Hughes Thomas Jefferson Jr. High Music by Frederick Whitman Edison Twp. High SchoolSoon another world will unfold before us, a world of new interests and new friends. All of us hear the future calling — calling to adventure, to fellowship with all living things, and to richer more reverent lives. We will develop unsuspected powers—we will learn to swim against the current rather than float with it. In the years at Edison we lived a life which was apart from that ever- moving tide. The Talon has attempted to capture the spirit of that school life, the one possession that will bring back the true picture of those memories of busy activity and reckless informality. And with the years we will return, Dear Alma Mater, a varied group of indomitable men and women, who swam against the current and answered the call to real life. PROLOGUE FRIENDSHIP PARTICIPATION MEMORIES mm mm 2?,;" REFLECTION2)]e clica lio n Marion A. Sutton “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell ivhere his influence stops.” Henry Brooks Adams With the retirement of Miss Sutton, the Edison Township school system is los- ing a dedicated teacher and loyal friend who has inspired many pupils to achieve a worthy place in life. Through her steadying influence, genuine interest, high ideals, and ready acceptance of the challenge that is life, countless young people have been guided through the perplexing years that characterize young manhood and womanhood and have reached the full realization of their goals. Her calm exterior belies the keen sense of humor which needs only a sally to provoke; her efficiency masks the deep sense of responsibility that marks her every act. It is, therefore, with deep affection and gratitude that we, the class of 1964, dedicate the Talon to Miss Sutton, a dear friend. May her years be as fruitful and rewarding as she has made ours.Samuel D. White President Arthur W. Price John L. Chizmadia John J. Anderson “On behalf of my fellow board members, may I extend congratulations to the graduating class of 1964. Although your education in the Edison school system is now finished, the memories and knowledge attained will last forever. I am happy to have contributed in a very small way to that segment of vour life.” OFFICE OF THE BOARD Left to right: Miss M. Schneider, Miss J. Leis, Mr. McEvoy. Mrs. E. Henderson, Mr. J. Thomas, Mrs. A. Lohse. 7an cl Jacuit y Joseph M. Ruggieri Superintendent TO THE GRADUATING CLASS: Congratulations to the class of 1964. Your schooling up to the completion of the twelfth grade has been just the beginning of the quest for knowledge. May the future be especially rewarding as new avenues of learning open for you. Leo F. Scanlon Vice-Principal OFFICE OF SUPERINTEN- DENT—Mr . W. Madison, Mrs. M. Reiser. Joseph C. Battaglia Assistant Superintendent Charles A. Boyle Principal C. Joseph Masser V ice-Principal HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE— Left to right: Mrs. A. Ter- entz, Miss E. Biro, Mrs. A. Tangolics, Mrs. E. Mercer.Stephen G. Achavcs Guidance Director John E. McGowan dance Helen B. Sallitt Dorothy M. Tipton Charles Schweitzer Peter J. Kaltenborn Medical Staff Dr. John R. Oros School Psychologist Anna Trogcr Attendance Officer Harriet McGuiness Attendance Officer Angela Sansotera Guidance Secretary William Callanan, D.D.S. Harriet Milleman School NurseDonald Blcekc Mary D. Bohncr Carolyn Bogh Beverly G. Breitkopf Peter B. Campbell Chairman Margaret M. Clark 10 Concetta De Caro Arnold J. La Maestra Phyllis MuskaGloria J. Pajak Rosemarie Pappalardo Johanna Puma Helen B. SallittMary K. BelchcfT Anne Chernick C. Jack Coleman Chairman Marilyn Kcmple Helen L. Kolhay und Beinbruch! Mack’s gut! Auf Wiedersehn! Au Revoir. Bonne Chance. Buena suerte! Hasta luego! “0 tempora, o mores!” Blanche C. Lamprakos Edith Margolin Ruth S. Markowitz Donald G. Mettlcr■ Sharon D. Auerbach Grace Bradley Richard Coughlin Nena D. BencdikStucli ted Robert Patskanick Home Economics Ellen Donahay Chairman Louise H. Little Robert Sofka JJc ome Iconomicd Joan S. Shenoy Robert W. Wimmer Fred J. Riccio Ellie Matthews Joyce A. O’Brien Mary E. Roscoe 15Helen Bodnar William W. Bohn Chairman Margaret Calamoncri Hilton Davis 16 Barbara Mott Jon H. Potashnick Edward R. Whalen Victor T. Zarrelli udinedd Educati on Vincent Capraro Adeline G. Dohl Loretta Lee Clemens Mary Ann Fischer Susan D. Cohen Rhody M. Jones Michael J. Otrok Sondra Polkowitz Harry J. Thorscn Russell II. Wallace Pauline D. White Marion A. Yasenchak 17l e(ated shirts Robert M. Barnes Donald Flor Trudy Klok Edward Kubacki John Libertazzo James Lynch Anne Patente Donald S. Prayzich 18 Terrence Reilly Donald W. Robinson Lawrence A. White Chairman Frederick WhitmanKenneth Carkuff Robert H. Coward Christopher Gussis Edward G. Adams Joseph M. Gutowski Phyllis Harding Lorrie Kaminski Constance H. Drcycr Lea Educati on Cliff Loysen t Helen Ptashinski Ollie E. Smith ChairmanSENIORS ' -Maureen Estelle Adams "Laugh and the world laughs with you.” Jacqueline Afonso “Beauty lies in the smile of her eyes." Elizabeth Ann Ambrosio . .The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute.” Ronald Anacker "To live life is to be.” Richard Ancerhofer "A scientific mind yields values untold.” f ) - V 9 i i Antonia L. Augustine "She lives the merry life she loves.” Otis Alexander "Sportsmanship, courage, and leadership are his true vir- Donald L. Amann "The business of life is to go forward.” Charles W. Andersen "Fame is the thirst of youth.” Robert Austin "Happiness is the only sanc- tion of life.” David A. Andrejco "Success is a fish in the sea Louise Babiak "To create beauty in others is alone worthy of praise.” 22Stephen Bacskay . . it is not for nothing that we in life pursue . . .” Sandra Katherine Banaszek “A pleasant personality is her splender.” Linda Barrueco “Happiness is achieved by those who can create.” Carol Ann Barth “The joy of life shines through every action” Barbara Ann Barr “Gain enjoyment from every- thing in life and share it with others.” Robert Beardsley “All the world’s a stage.' Mary Patricia Bacan “Quietness speaks a happy heart.” — Janet L. Bailey “Silently she climbs the stair- way of success.” SoNDRA BaRANKOVICH “Music is said to be the speech of angels.” X K- Susan Ballou “Literature is the avenue to glory.” Mary Barro’s The constant friend is some- hing rare and hard to find.” Chris Bebel “Myriad laughter of the ocean waves.” 23Alexjs Lee Belluscio “One cannot measure her in- finite happiness." Linda G. Bedman “Sincerity is a sign of a gen- erous heart." Shirley Bernath ‘To believe with an open heart shines above all else.” Joseph Biondo “Major problems are only minor incidents." Nancy Jane Best “Sweet one, that shunn’st the noise of folly, most musi- cal. most melancholy.” Linda Birch “A true friend is forever a friend." Andrea Joan Biecel “A shining example of effer- vescence." Pam Blake “Good humor is always a success." Carol Bednarz “Friendliness, kindness, and true concern for all.” Paul Ralph Berman “A friend may well be reck- oned the masterpiece of na- Lynne Bilck “For silence is the speech of love." Dorothy Blanchard “She is my friend, faithful and just to me." 24Mary Etta Bobal “Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy." Marian Elizabeth Bonalsky "With beauty and swiftness, the graceful swimmer moves." Roger T. Boswell "His goal is wealth and happi- Carol Bobertz "A good society is a means to a good life for those who com- pose it." MaryAnn Linda Borkowski "An understanding of people is an understanding of the soul.” Carol J. Bozzay "To bring warmth through laughter is the goal of a true friend." Patricia A. Boettcher "... I have a heart with room for every joy . . .” Dorothy Marie Borowsky "The flower of sweetest smell is shy and lowly." Edith M. Bracinton "The value of a good friend is infinite." John Bokor "He makes a solitude and calls it peace.” Stephen D. Borrie "He who seeks excitement pro- fits by mistakes." Patricia Christine Braun The Lilies lie, contending with the roses in her cheeks." 25Armando Braz . . grateful that the heart may go wheresoever it pleases Janice Ann Brocna “Such sparkle in her eyes — the orbs of light and shade." Doris Mae Brown "Happiness is the legal tender of the soul” V Arlene Brazicki “A carefree person is a happy person.” William Breler . . rides in world wind, and directs the storm . . ." Ann Louise Bridges “The secret of life is in art." Nancy Ann Brooks “Live truly and thy life shall be a noble creed." j vv Fredda M. Brown “ witty person is a treasure: a witty beauty is a power." "A ' Diana Lynne Brost “With her dimples so beguil- ing, she keeps us all a smil- ing." Gayleatha B. Brown “The only way to have a friend is to be one." Denise F. Brown “Her happiness greets all who know her." Gf.ssie Brown “The light of sweetness shines her devotion." 26William E. Brown “The pathway of life will end in success.” John R. Brucuier “There is nothing more be- coming to a man of quality than a laugh.” Frank G. Bruno “The mechanics of life are most important.” I Paul A. Bubrow “The soft hum of a motor is soothing to his ears.” Douglas M. Buchanan “The Halls of Montezuma call through the night.” “A man of strife and a man of contention.” Grace A. Buscemi “Softness, beauty, sincerity — important to all but outstand- ing to the chosen.” Conrad William Bussey “Photography keeps fond memories alive.” Arthur Bryant “Bounce well the sport of life and contentment shall pre- vail.” George D. Burns “A happy man with a warm heart.” Harold Joseph Byron “Honor and patriotism are virtues to be admired.” 27Patricia A. Calabrese “Let the path he open to talents.” Margaret M. Cardinuto “Determination comes with victory and accomplishment.” Leslie A. Calamari “Mind cannot follow it, nor tvords express her infinite sweetness.” Jack Campbell ‘Virtue and sense are one. Robert L. Cardaneo “Spirit and pood sense are two of life's greatest bless- ings.” Ronald Carlucci ‘‘ In engine's purr is like music to his ears.” Hannelore Carrincer “... a heart, benevolent and kind, is the one that most re- sembles heaven . . Patricia Carroll “Creavity brings forth one's every thought.” Margaret L. Casey “Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart go together.” Rodney Curtis Carter “Don't buy headaches unless you have to.” Edward Richard Carson . . the wealth of mankind is the wisdom they fain . . .” James Lee Carter “Most happy is he who is entirely self-reliant.”Paula Michele Castello “A life molded on happiness and joy” Lillian A. Chasse “For sake not an old friend, Bartholomew Charles Caterino John Caterino “He has a heart with room for every joy.” Sharon Lee Chamberlain “A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops.” Daniel Chinchar 'What else is there but to be a success.” “Popularity shall be his strength.” Michael Cherlin “Taste the joy that springs from labor” Kathleen E. Cherry “The art of speaking reveals one’s happiest thoughts.” for the new is not comparable unto him.” Raymond G. Choban “A friend to human race, fast by the road his ever open door . . .” Daniel J. Christie “The happiness of man con- sists in life, and life is in labor.” Martha Jean M. Chrin “In friends . . . she is wealthy.” Judith Christoffersen “Happiness is an uncalculated gi ” 29Philip Salvatore Cirri "Happy and full of life is he who pleases others." Judy A. Clough "A grain of gaily seasons everything." Arthur L. Collazo “A keen understanding of others, makes a better man." Barry M. Clark “Peace rules the day where reason rules the mind" William E. Clausen “The unspoken word is never forgotten" Jean Clippper "Good nature is valued above jewels." Pamela Jean Cobb “Peace is liberty in tranquil• ity." Hope C. Collett “Those move easiest who have learned to dance." ' l Christine Wilma Coit “Virtue is the performance of pleasant actions .” Elizabeth Ann Colucci "To be content with life is a great virtue." Thomas 0. Coleman "You have to believe in happi- ness, or happiness never comes." Georce A. Comatas “W ha lever falls in accordance with nature should be ac- counted good." 30William Peter Conk. Jr. “And chemistry — the com- mon clay.” Edith Cosgrove “Silence is more eloquent than words.” Thomas J. Conner “Knowledge is that which raises one man above an- other” Ellen Marie Cosgrove “In understanding she shall find strength.” Fredrick R. Conway “From a scientific mind great things evolve.” Mary L. Criss “Devout, yet cheerful; active yet resigned ” Anthony James Crosta, Jr. “As we advance in life we ac- quire a keener sense of values.” Judith Carole Cummings “Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy.” Patricia A. Curry .. Her friends are content; so she is content.” Patricia Cooper “Here is a dear and true in- dustrious friend.” Thomas R. Cristello To live life, is to love life.” Margaret Anne Czopek “Beauty is the light of heav- ens.” 31Richard C. Davis “Devoted; spirited sportsman, with courage and friendliness leading the way.” -T» ■ • Joseph F. Decker “My heart belongs to the sea.” Richard D’Erasmo . . All life is an arch, to build upon.” Eileen N. Daly “Happiness and success arc achieved by devotion.” Martin Dam beck “The sport of life is to excel!. Carl R. Demko ‘A man is his own star. Stephen J. Demko “Earnest and determined in a candid way." Albert Joseph DeNicola “Man is his own star, and he commands the world.” William A. Davis “Strength of mind and strength of body shall surely bring success.” Walter De Bose . . toil, says a proverb, is the sire of fame . . .” Carole Leslie Davy “An attractive kind of grace ivill full assurance given by looks.” 32Richard F. Dietz “Win without boasting; loose without excuse.” Roy Alexander DiTosti “All things come to him who ivill but wait.” Ronald Dixon . . but all and all. I’ve hardly tasted life at all . . Lynne A. Donovan “Life is an ecstasy ” Patricia Joyce Dudics “With music she brings hap- piness.” Albert Douglas “And still be doing, never done.” “The sweetest thing that ever grew” Gerald Paul Dynof “The skill of life is a good Francine G. Ebf.rhardt “Sivect i-S every sound, sweet- er thy voice.” Norene Lee Domino “Vivacious, fun loving, always to be remembered.” Joseph M. Drew “He is happy that knoweth not himself to be otherwise.” David J. Eckert “Personality is a virtue filled with individuality.” 33it Diane Louise Eckhardt “The lovliest things of beauty are her hair and Iter eyes.” Alan John Farkas “Friendship, is but a name un- less you start the flame.” Kathleen E. Finan “Not much talk, a great, sweet silence.” Susan H. Entenberg What more can a person want than happiness.” Donald J. Ernst . . his face is the face of a man exceedingly glad to be living . . .” “Leave things of the future to fate.” Sharon G. Farkas “Never underestimate the power of her charm.” ft Aik Frederick Angelo Fiorino “What should a man do but be merry.” Richard Sebastian Faro “He was leader of leaders.” 4 Betsy L. Fisher “Bashful sincerity, and a gen- erous heart.” Ray Feddersen . . the will of man is his happiness . . Thomas Fitzcerald “Give to the world the best and the best will return to you” 34John H. Fleckenstein “Power is never important un- less it is used.” Richard J. Gallo “Let what we have built stand forever.” X Maria Teresa Gaspari “A soft smile, a softly spoken word — and silence.” Michelle Louise Foley “Service is a worthy dedica- tion.” David W. Frye “With a smile he overthrows a city; with another a king- dom.” Estelle Doris Gardner “Ambition and humility con- stitute a worthy life.” Rocer C. Gardner “The essence of sport rules high above all else” Darlene Shirley Gasprich “Fine art is that in which the hand and heart go to- gether.” Carolyn Ann Gehrum “Her smile and her charm never cease.” Frederick H. Funk “The desire to educate is truly a worthy goal.” r Beverly J. Garrison “If wealth were counted in, happiness, I’d be a million- aire.” Joan Mildred Geigel “Give my regards to Broad- way.” 35Lynn Barbara Gelcisser “Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity.” Karen Ann Genitempo “Only a life lived for others is a life worth while.” Janice E. Giles “Her nature reveals a genuine worth.” Victoria E. Gill “Friendship is constant in all things.” Christine Goedde “A cheery greeting, a gay smile: happy go lucky is her style.” A X. ' V A I Betty Lynn Goldenfarb “A dash of sparkle and a handful of beauty.” Glenn Gerb “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” Maryann C. Gif.ry “Happiness is the wine of rarest vintage.” Lawrence C. Girard “The highest happiness of life wears out at last.” Rose Lynn Glanzrock “Happy am I; from care I am free.” Robert Louis Golino “To live long is almost every- one's wish, but to live well is the ambition of a few.” Joseph Graci “What all men arc really after is some form of peace.” 36 Barbara J. Grant “Virtue alone is happiness. ( Joyce Marie Grillo “The woman who strives earn- estly, also lends a helping hand.” Jo-Ann R. Gulutz “Her eyes arc the windows of the soul.” Frank John Grausso “A man's height is shown by his ambition.” Daniel Bruce Gray .. let a man practice the profession he knows best . . . Steven Gronbach “His dream is to see cattle upon a thousand hills.” Robert Gryco “The sound of music is carried on the wind.” Ronald Haas “Only so much do I knoiv, as I have lived.” Judy Gustenhoven “Straight is the gate and nar- row is the way which leadelh unto life.” Michael Joseph Gula . . fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart go together.” Caryl Kim Hacen “Softly trods a person well remembered.” 37 Susan C. Haccerty “Her eyes of brilliance are filled with mischief and fun.” Theresa Frances Hamilton “Be not glad but when thou hast done well ” Barbara E. Haskins “I recollect a nurse called Barbara” Pamela J. Hauc . . if you make souls happy now, you make them happy hence . . ” Sandra A. Hanzl “Improvement makes straight roads; without improvement roads of genius.” Marleen Heald . . with the magic of motion and the sunshine of grace . ..” Frannie Heinz . . joking and humor are pleasant and often in util• uy. . r Evelyn Heranney “Happiness seems made to be shared” Allen F. Herman . . it is an amiable illusion that every man is at the top of the world . . Bernard R. Hartenstein “Friendship heightens the sta- ture of any man.” Maidie R. Hecedus “With her knowledge, she will heal.” Hope Hocii . . mildest manners and the kindest heart . . .” 38J f Maureen S. Hodces “Complete unity of aim is the traditional condition of gen- uine and sincere friendship John Homan “The will of a man is his happiness.” ■K1W Adele Houston “The flame of happiness burns high!” Steve Hodcetts “Music is ivell said to be the speech of angels.” Craig R. Hof “Worship of a hero is tran- scendent admiration of a great man” Joseph Charles Honkisz “To be content is to lie silent: Carol Marie Horner “She brings in her hand hap- piness and joy” Ronald G. Hritz “Play up, play up, and play the game ” Francene Hudak “See where she came, ap- parelled like the spring.” 1 Mary Hoffman “I u ant, by understanding my- self, to understand others.” John C. Housler, Jr. “Education has for its object the formation of character.” V Joan Hudanish “The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shad- ow of a dream.” 39Jean M. Huches “The heaven of each is but what each desires.” Joseph Anthony Incandela “His ambition is to live every moment as if it were his last.” Doreen M. Intemann There is no wealth but life.” Louis E. Iseman “The sail of truth flies o'er the water” Susan E. Jablonski “A spontaneous joy and nat- ural content of her heart ” Judith Lynn Jensen “There is no knowledge that is not a power.” Fred A. Jinoch “The man that loves and laughs must do well.” Alan Jaffe “One universal, a joy past compare.” Judith E. Jobbins “Her charm shall be remem- bered; as the beauty of a rose!” 40 Marcaret Irwin “She finds a place for many a fad today.” Louis B. James “Reward floats on the sea of knowledge.” Barbara Lynn Johnson “Bubbling with laughter as the fountain of youth, whose streams spread happiness to all they meet.”Jane Johnson “Kindness is the sunshine which virtue grows.” Sharon Kalapos “To love life for life is a truly treasured virtue.” Jeanne M. Keiser “A sunny disposition makes a happy countenance.” n Karen Luise Johnson “A woman s whole life is a history of her ambitions.” Jo-Ann Jonelunas “A smile is generated by a happy heart and a sweet thoughtf Jade Jurissen “A happy life consists in tran- quility of mind.” Nancy J. Keene 'Serenity is dignified, kind- ness is loved.” Gary L. Kapler “Hope and ambition — the true combination for success.’ Randall R. Kelley “A man hath no better thing under the sun than to be merry.” Wayne D. Kelley “The riders in a race do not slop short when they reach the goal.” Suzanne Kemmerer 'Kindness and sweetness walk hand in hand, as the lily and the rose.” 41James J. Kenney . . may I be granted the ability to aim that which is within my power . . ” John Joseph Kenney “Outdoors are the guide to the footpaths of peace." . . have a heart with room for every joy . . Barbara V. Kilroy y “But for the glorious priv- Y ilege of being independent." “All work, even cottoi ning. is noble.” 'in- Ronald M. Klorman “The swift runners who hand over the lamp of life . . “Set your basic goals early and as you mature, expand on them.” Mark L. Kerr “Though quiet and friendly his manner be, a great man is lie” Bruce E. Kimble “Let each man exercise the art he knows.” Melody Kist "Life's all getting and giving, I've only myself to give.” Theodore Klouser “The great business of life is to be, to do, to do without." Robert Kobetitsch "To fill the hour — that is happiness.” 42Kathleen Helen Kovacs ‘7 have a heart with room for every hind of joy.” Les Kramer “For science is . . . like virtue, its own exceeding great re- ward” Kenneth W. Kotacska The marvel of life is humor” Betty Jane Kohut “Without love and laughter there is no joy; live amid love and laughter” Judy A. Krise “All her heart and soul, for- ever is joy.” Paul J. Kovach Reading maketh a full man.' Christopher C. Kowtna “To live is to think.” Donald Kuenseler “The days that make us happy make us ivise.” Joyce Kovacs Be assured that she is sweet. Alan W. Kraemer “Let each man exercise the art he knows.” Leslie Joanne Kuker “The art of living is expressed through a true artist.” Kathleen Helen Kover “Without confidence there is no friendship.” 43Darlf.ne L. Kulakowski “She has touched the height of human happiness.” Peter Kwietniak “ day for toil, an hour for sport, but for a friend, is life too short?” i Bonnie LaFreniere "That which benefits us is cheerfulness and courage Joseph Rules “In such a strait the good man may well be perplexed.” Henry L. Kwitter . . tife is a jest, and all things show it. thought so once, but now I know it.” Richard A. Lambdin “Persuasion tips his tongue when 'er he speaks.” James J. Kupko Duty calls and he is ready. Randall Lampkin “The strength of a man sus- tains him through life.” Edward J. La Barce “Hearts of oak are our ships, gallant tars are our men.” ' Martha Ann Kvortek “Fair and quiet have they found thee.” John Joseph Labbancz “One thing is forever good; that one thing is success.” Merrijane Landau “A true spectacle of human happiness.” 44f e Carol Ann Landry “A virtuous heart knows no bounds.” Lawrence P. Larson “Determination is the pass- word to success.” Susan M. Lefkowitz “Happy is she who finds joy in lifer Gerald J. Lancan “There's no better sign of a brave mind than a hard hand." Marlene B. Lanninc “Serenity flows from the joy- ful heart." “Machinery is the subcon- scious mind of the world.” Helena Ann Laszko “She works with the confi- dence of achieving her goal.” John Leitner “The ivill to work is rewarded by the sweetness of success.” Lena Lemmons “Length of days in her right hand; in her left, riches and honour.” Kathryn M. Lento “Devout yet cheerful, active yet resigned.” Robert Larson “He that writes to the mind and heart, gains an eternal I; 99 45Barbara T. Leonard “The art of helping others is a true miracle.” Geraldine Ann Letinski “Ambition, sincerity and friends shall be with her al- ways”- mm I Jane D. Leonard “Her thinking of others makes you think of her” Roberta M. Levine “The gift of life-long compan- ionship rises above all else.” 0 Linda Leone “Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows.” (? Barbara Levy "An unexlinguished laughter shakes the skies.” Elayne M. Likos “The great business of life is to be merry” 4UI Joseph P. Lillis “Human history is in essence a history of ideas.” Sharon C. Limoli “Beauty is expounded through the folds of fashion.” 46 Sharon Lee Lerner “Delightful task! To rear the tender thought ” Linda Carol Levy “A good laugh is sunshine in a house.” Janice M. Lineen “Beauty being the best of all we know sums up her secret aims.”Joseph Lipofsky “Great is he who ignites laugh- ter front others.” ■ li Georganne G. Lund “For this is wisdom; to love, to live.” Sharon Long . . sing away sorrow, cast away care . . .” Marcaret Lucca “Everyone's ambition is to live one’s own life.” Patricia Ann Lynch “The body is an instrument for the production of art” Marie Lorini “A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere.” Georce Luckus “Measure is found by whom- ever seeks it.” Thomas B. Lyon . . be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in your- self . . ” John B. Lovett “He who conquers himself is mighty” Richard William Luebcke, Jr. “Give me where to stand and I will move the earth.” { Janet Madison “In virtues nothing can sur- pass her.” 47Robert Maison “Attempt much and succeed well.” Patricia Ann Mannino “Bui oh! What happiness to live.” Patricia Martello “.• happy day for the plea- sures of youth." Jacqueline E. “The true purpose lion is to cherish and unfold the sea of immortality.” “Her humor is constant joy.” Geraldine A. Malinowski ”A true friend is the greatest of all blessings.” I Frank Anthony Marchitto “Study as if you were to live forever.” Henry Lawrence Mardyks “Tall as a mountain, he walks down the path of life.” f V Sara Marie Marcaritondo “An essential of a happy life is freedom from care” Lois F. Martin “For her heart was in her work, and the heart giveth grace unto every art.” Lucille P. Martino “While we live, let us live!' Karen J. Mathiasen “Tis true, gold can do much; but beauty more.” 48 Diane Mazey “Youth holds no society with gri fv Maryanne McCourt “There is no treasure which may be compared unto a faith- ful friend.” V m mi m Audrey Lynn Mazurowski “To help others is to help oneself.” Marilyn Jane McClelland “A full and happy life is life’s most valuable treasure.” Joyce Jane McCormick . . content ivith the present what ere it may be . . .” t - Arleen Mae McDonald “A life lived through under- standing others is a life worth- while” o Carol Anne McFarland “A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find.” Thomas McIvar Diane E. McIntyre “Sweetness is music.” “In him alone, ’livas natural to please.” Daniel F. Mckee “He too serves a certain pur- pose who only stands and cheers.” 49Patricia Ann McKee “Those who help others are remembered in the golden booh of memories.” John J. Mehok “For he was studious — of his ease.” Louise F. Mei.lblom “She that never pretends, never offends.” Eugene Andrew Mernach “Speech alone. does not de- termine greatness.” Martin Georce Meyers “Victory comes to the strong and mighty.” Carol Mezey “Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together.” Joseph Mehok “He ivho thinks most and feels the noblest, acts the best.” A Dorothy M. Meier “A pearl in the sand is an asset to each grain.” Alan Meszaros “Ah, to build, to build that is the noblest of all arts.” Lyn Meyer “From morn to night, a friend.” 50Adeline C. Miller “Prove your words by your deeds.” c I T ts Jacqueline Ann Miller “How much lies in laughter” Larry D. Miller “It is harmful to no one to be silent." Kathleen Marie Mizenko “There's music with her silver sound.” Phyllis Jean Monroe “Friendship is the food of life.” Carol A. Moran “The best part of life is hap- piness, without it all is dark.” Kathleen Julia Morgan “She is like a star traveling toward the sun.” Gary C. Mori.ey “Give me today, and lake to- morrow.” Anita Jeanne Morris “Her ambition is to help others.” Dennis Mitchell “Every man endeavors to ful- fill his aspirations.” Rocer P. Morin “Merit wins the soul.” | Sophia Simone Moskowitz “To know how to suggest is the great art of teaching.” 51Douglas Moss “Art never expresses anything but itself.” John Richard Nagy “The mildest manners with the bravest mind.” Alan W. Nau “The development of man lies in his accomplishments.” John G. Nemeth “A strong man is a man hon- est and true.” Eleanor Nerces “We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words.” Richard Niechwiadowicz “The essence of life is to rea- lize happiness.” Dane Paul Nielsen “Great men are true men, the men in whom nature has suc- ceeded.” Sandra Nippress “The love of animals endows meaning and satisfaction.” Sylvia Nemson “Cheerfulness stems from the bright light of love.” Gloria J. Navatkoski “Tw not the mere stage of life but the part we play that gives the value.” Carole Nichols “She lends her good nature to the happiness of others.” William E. Nippress “The seed of education can never be too small.” 52Joan M. Nobile “Happiness is not measured by stature alone.” August Olivier “And thou shall stand tall and reach thy cloud of success.” Paul James Padlak “Humor is the essence of life.” Karen Lynn Norcross “Softness of smile, indicates gentleness of character” John M. Norton . . my highest goal: the painted sky . . ” Lefteres M. Olymbios “Every man’s ivork shall be made manifest.” Albert H. Olsen “Quiet living and high think- ing are his virtues.” Robert Paley “A felloiv of determination and uncoined constancy.” Barbara A. Palkiewicz “Happiness is the art of be- ing happy” Paul J. O’Dell “The invention of printing re- mains the outstanding service to the cause of humanity.” Cynthia Mary O’Neal “Music is well said to be the speech of angels.” Barbara Christine Pasek “O'er the ice the rapid skater flies . . ” 53Patricia Ellen Pavloff “Sweeter than honey and the honeycomb." Arlana Pennington “It is a great thing to know the season for speech and the season for silence." vn » Nina Perzi “A shy (lower yields to the sun's great brilliance." I Karla J. Peicelbeck “Happiness is the perfect vir- tue in a perfect life." ( Mari.enf. Joan Perlmutter "A happy life is an art in itself." K i Lynn M. Pf.ndolino “A silent address is the gen- uine eloquence of sincerity." Thomas J. Perri “Eloquence is a painting of the thoughts." LaVf.rne Jean Penka “Even modest maids love to hear their charms extolled." Iola R. Perrotte “Happy am ; from care am free." Elaine K. Peschek “Happiness is above all things the calm, glad certainty of innocence." John F. Peters “A strong man is one who lives his own life.” Carole Jane Petersen “To share one's life with an- other is most rewarding." 5 A0 Darlye A. Petruzziello “The happiness in her heart shines through her smiling eyes” Patricia H. Poles “Happiness comes with many friends.” Steve Povalac “Success to the strongest, the wisest and the best. Linda Ann Piechocinski “Success is counted best.” Carol Ann Pimbell “In friendship every burden's light.” Nancy E. Polon t “A happy day for the plea- sures of youth.” Carol L. Porsolt . . the secret of the universe is personality . . .” Dieter Pratka . . that far land tve dream about . . ” Carol A. Pushie “A smile starts the day and lights up the ivorld.” Georce Vincent Podolski “The laughter of man is the contentment of all.” Joyce Denise Posner “What words the quiet speak- eth are worth their iveight in gold” Richard Samuel Quattrocchi “Success is the key that un- locks all doors.” 55Barbara B. Radach “Friendship is the wine of life." Paul Michael Ray 1A pocket full of chances." Nancy Ellen Reifke “Charm strikes the sight, but merit u ins the soul. ’ Rosalie J. Raconese “Life is an invisible flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us." Charles Kenneth ReCorr “Imagination is the eye of the soul." Joseph Ricciardi . . he makes his own wel- come and levels all distinc- tions . . ." Marylou Radzawich “Sincerity, kindness, and in- telligence are the keys to her perfect personality." Harolyn J. Reck “Life’s greatest reward is life itself." Sherry J. Reinecke “There is only one success — to be able to spend life in your own way." Robert Rankin . . this laborer is worthy of his hire . . ” Henry John Reifke “In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man as modesty and humility." A. Barbara Rice “To those who know thee not, no words arc faint." 56Lawrence Riley “What few can hope to rival such as you ” Lawrence L. Rosshirt “Sweet arc the dreams of a virtuous man.” Jane Russell “Silence and modesty are very valuable qualities.” Theresa Roma “A true friend is forever a friend.” John R. Rosko “gratitude is the memory of the heart” William Joseph Ross “To serve the country is the common cause.” Robert Harold Rusche . . like true sportsmen his whole delight is in the game.” Stephen A. Rusnock “He who rises to meet a chal- lenge, comes back victorious.” Laura Sabine “As happy a girl as any, the world seems to smile upon her.” Judith A. Sable “The mildest manners and the gentlest heart.” Allen Sabo 'Happiness strives in nature.' 57Michael D. Saltarelli . . he that climbs the tall tree has won the right to the fruit . . ” Daniel Sandorff “Life is to be fortified by many friendships.” Elizabeth Schneider “A natural talent for making people happy” Paula R. Scheffer “In time, a career of con- tentment.” i 1 „ Roberta R. Schimmel “Youth comes but once in a lifetime.” Sheila Schreffler “ 4 flower in bloom, her petals unfolding.” George Edward Sawicki “The band is playing some- where. and somewhere hearts are light.” Phyllis Santa Maria • . on her lips is the law of kindness . . .” Robert M. Schaaf “Here we will sit and let the sound of music creep into our ears.” Gladys Sartain “Peaches and cream, sugar and spice, and all that's nice.” Theodore F. Schf.dneck “He is wise who can find room for improvement.” Russell W. Sattur “Individualism is an attribute noticed by all.” ter- 58wm Russell L. Schreiber “They're great who are truly good.” Ronald A. Schreiner ‘7nquisilivcncss is knowledge in itself.” “True confinei is to no spot “Knowledge is more than equivalent to force.” Barbara Selick "It matters not how long we live but how.” Joy H. Shebel “To style the hair is her only- delight” C. Clark Sheppard, Jr. "All my infinite dreams, I shall make come true.” Kenneth Schultz “Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertak- ings” Audrey Susan Seitz “Listening, wondering; won- dering, listening to the world about her.” William Shortt . . that far land we dream about ...” 59Paul E. Shrodo “Good company in a journey makes (he way seem shorter.” Linda R. Sitren “Life has a value only when lived by Ihose of worth.” John A. Smink ... unheeding what the world might say. following his own star . . .” Robert Georce Simms “With man, a well-meaning life, brings happiness, to him.” Frank Dennis Simon “The sound of drums beat as a happy heart.” James Sinko “Nothing succeeds like suc- cess.” Michael J. Skowronek “Each man is justified in his individuality.” Everett Wilson Slagle “The only competition worthy a wise man is with himself.” Richard Sloan “Says little but thinks much.” Cynthia M. Smith “To laugh, if but for an in- stant only, makes life worth- while.” Doris J. Smith “Climb high, climb far, your goal the sky, your aim the James L. Smith “A big man and a great heart are a tvide path for success.” 60Joan F. Smith “Oh, for the freedom of being an individual .” Judy Smoyak “Life's biggest reward is hap- piness.” Anne Carole Spitzmiller “Happines evolves from (he dedication of service.” Karen Lee Snyder “It is the desire to work well which gives flavor to life." Walter P. Springer “Let every man utilize the knowledge he possesses.” Victoria Mary Smith “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” Robert Stevenson “It is a comfortable feeling to know that you stand on your own ground.” Rodger L. Smith “Success is an ambition.” Steve Arnold Smith “Who hears music, feels his solitude at once.” Robert Alan Spiewak “Every man’s goal should make him shoot for the stars.” Bruce H. Stepnowski “The greatness of a man is sometimes unveiled in unim- portant actions.” William H. Spikes “A man happy in his dreams is happy in all he does.” 61Eugene J. Stoff.r 'All's right with the world.” Sharon Mae Stokes “The days that make us happy make us wise.” Nancy Marie Sziber “She shall hear music wher- ever she goes.” Frank W. Takacs “He that is thy friend in deed; he will help thee in thy need.” Joseph Edward Tamacnini “Such is a person, fine in so many ways.” Michael J. Tassey “Nature I loved, and next to Nature. Art.” Ralph Terra nova “As free as nature's first born man.” Patricia A. Taylor “Working in the sun, thinking in the dusk.” Nancy S. Stonik “There are no greater miracles known to earth than perfection and an unbroken friendship.” William Suriano “Those who are able to laugh spread happiness to the world.” Valerie L. Tanco “Nothing is so rewarding as the knoivledge of achieve- ment.” Robert Terranova “Men of few words are the best men.” 62Peter Joseph Tesauro “Dedication makes a strong man.” Ann Marie Tietchen “Memories are the most cher- ished possessions of life.” Janice Marie Toth . . her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace.” Kathleen C. Toth “Every sound shall end in silence, but the silence never dies . . ” Edward E. Tobias “A happy man is content with life.” “A merry heart goes all the day For someone who is al- ways gay.” j Carole E. Toth Barbara M. Toth “Suffer the little children to come unto me.” “All things in the future soon become pleasant memories.” ' S, v' - Andrea R. Treiber “A friend is ivorlh all hazards we can run.” Sue Ann Trinity “A happy person creates a happy world for others.” 63Joseph R. Tura.no “The future will bring excite- ment and success Peter R. Uhlig “Manual efforts reveal the creativity of the mind." John S. Valor “Oh. which were best to roam or rest." Richard L. Tuttle “Of every noble work, the silent part is best.” 1 Patricia Twiss “What sweet delight a produc- tive life affords.” Kateryna Usenko “Pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, clever to know.” W. Louis Usher “To argue is one thing, to convince another, and both he does well.” Richard E. Van Deursen “The world as seen through the lens of a camera is best of all.” Charles John Van Hoose “Our life is composed of not what we say. but what we are.” Leonard Tylka “Pure happiness and pure in- tellect will find pure pleasure.” Lawrence R. Valentino “A strongness of soul creates a strongness of body.” Cynthia Gale Van Nostrand “The joy of life is brought forth by those who make use of it ” 64Margaret Jean Van Pelt “How blessings brighten as they take their flight.” Gerald Walker “A man is a lion in his own cause.” Florence Veronica Ward “Silence is the mother of truth.” Ellen Louise Viecelmann “To be of service to others is to give service to oneself.” Glenn Walters “The individual becomes an important part of the world.” Candice Kay Warren “Happy as the daisies that dance on her way.” f A 1 Bradley Verdlti “Old friends are best.” Michael Warder “The deeds of the leader and his endeavors shall live for- ever.” Robert H. Vreeland “A well liked person is most likely to succeed.” Rosemary L. Walton “• . ■ there is solace on earth for those who search for tvhal others never see . . .” Donna M. Wasler . . she seeks the pleasure which is in life itself . . Lynne Walsh “She is happy that knowelh not herself to be otherwise.” 65( Pauline Jean Waznalis “And when she smiles her radiance warms those around her." Howard E. Welch “ i great man is determined by his merit.” ■PiMHa Jacqueline Jeanne West “She does good to herself who does good to her friends.” i - Harriet Susan Weiner “A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find.” William Welsch “Nothing succeeds like suc- cess in a fulfilled life.” Diane Marie Wilkens “Personality is to man what perfume is to a flower ” Alfred Anthony Weis “Silence is sometimes the best in men.” Carol A. Welch “A laugh at any time for her wit is endless.” John Joseph Wendland “He has joined the ranks of ambition.” Richard Stanley Wernoski “Home from the streams and fields is the hunter.” Frederick a. Williams “Whatever .he does, he does with all his might.” William Wilson “He sees the world as one vast plain and one boundless reach of sky.” 66Todd Pf.tf.r Woerner “He, who is adventurous, can not rest from travel." Gary F. Wolff . . am very fond of the company of ladies . . ." ( , ; Lorraine Yannacci ‘7 er is a vision of gold- en flame." Lucy Ann Woessner “Siveetness of disposition charms the soul." Jacqueline Jane Wolski “Success tvill guide her foot- steps as she walks the path of life." Timothy Yarcer “As good a soul as ever trod on leather." Charlotte Wojciechowski “Good nature is more agree- able in conversation than wit." Lillian J. Wojcik ‘The secret of success is de- termination." Linda C. Woods “Silence is more eloquent than words.” Carol A. Yelencsics “Life is not measured by the lime we live, but hoiv." Albert Yacf.r “All things come round to him who will but wail.” “Marriage is the life-long miracle." Veronica Yuellinc 67Frank Yurinko “Enjoy your dear wit and gay rhetoric.” Martin Zak “His resolve is not to seem the bravest, but to be.” Chester P. Zmyewski . . the game oj life is tvorth playing but the struggle is the prize . . Barbara Ann Sarpinskas “Happiness seems made to be shared.” Joseph J. Zehnbauer “To know, to esteem, to love, —and then to part.” Anthony Stephen Ziemba “The force of his own merit makes way.” Camera Shy: John George Pesetsky Lynn Rinker Geraldine Maurillo Robert Van Horn Duane Bagley 68 The fond memories ue share with friends is the history of our happiness.'rwa emori a The Senior Class closes the book on their high school years—but pays tribute to the Eagles’ first basketball coach. “For the common man, the best memorial is some beneficant thing or function that shall bear his name.” SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated, Left to Right: Michael Warder, Vice-President: Mr. Wallace, Advisor: Gayleatha Brown. President. Standing: Norcnc Domino, Treasurer; Patricia Dowling, Reporter; Jacqueline Wolski, Secretary.Mr. Wallace Miss Tipton“Your humble gardener, at your service.” r -jj 'Gee Barb, it was only your pet spider.” Junior PL LADY PRECIOUS STREAM Directed by Miss Carolyn Dolinich THE CAST Honorable Readers .......... Jill Brosseau, Kathy Cherry Property Girls ........... Barbara Kilroy, Betty Schneider Attendants ............. Stephanie Froggctt, Gloria Navatowski His Excellency, Wang Yun, the Prime Minister .... Richard Van Duersen Madam Wang ................ Jeanne Keiscr Maid to Madam ................ Sue Ballou Su. the Dragon General ...... Bill Davis Wei. the Tiger General .... Richard Lucbckc Golden Stream ............. Kathy Mizcnko Silver Stream ............. Fredda Brown Precious Stream ........... Susan Tomalin Maid to Precious Stream . .. Kathy Morgan Hsich Ping Kuci ............ Bob Vrecland Suitors ...... Bill Hecht. Clark Sheppard, Mike Warder, John Brugicrc Princess of the Western Regions Norene Domino Ma Ta ....................... Paul Berman Kiang Hai ..................... Craig Hof Maid to Princess............ Barbara Levy Attendants of the Western Regions Susan Jablonski, Barbara Johnson General Mu ................. Richard Faro Warden ....................... Ray Choban Minister of Foreign Affairs .... Bill Hecht Soldier .................... John Nemeth Understudy .................... Janet DigeMY SISTER EILEEN” Directed by Bert Katz THE CAST Wreck Cluck Clark Cossack Prospective Tenant Strawberry Woman Little Girl Suzi Ballou, Sophia Moskowitz Brazilian Consul Sand Hog Villaecrs Bill Clausen Six Future Admirals George Sawicki, Boy D. Tosti, Clark Sheppard. Paul Schrodo, Bob Vrceland, John Nemeth “La Conga” Directors, L. Martin, C. Gocdde, J. Jurrisen. 73SPORTSVARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM 19f 3 First Row, Left to Right: R. Shrciner. C. Agans, B. Williams. C. Edwards, J. Walker, M. Bacon, I). Campion. T. Stevens. S. Povalac. B. Rciischc. Second Row: F. Redd, trainer; D. Human, C. Anderson, R. Davis, co-captain; W. Davis, co-captain; 0. Kcncn, J. Geiger, R, Nagy. S. Rusnock, M. Meyers. Third Row: J. Gulowski, coach; E. Adams, coach; J. Hewitt, F. DiRienzo, J. Scordinsky, R. Kearny. D. Buchanan, C. Prehodka. V. Schuster. J. Hanley, F. Takacs, J. O'Leary, coach. Fourth Row: F. I)i Tommaso, S. Hatola, F. Williams, M. Lybcck, R. Smith, A. Olivier, I . Padlak, J. Tamagini, H. Welch, not pictured - R. Budsock. R. Choban, W. Burns. W. Smith, K. O'Malley. L. Yost, A. Pirchio, B. Catcrino, A. Holoway, J. Casale. E. Soporowski, J. Brown, G. Konopsky, G. Zvolcnsky. ’63 Richie hurdles a Barron.” “Rusnock finally catches one.' 76R. Nagy—Tackle 78 C. Andersen—Guard EDISON EAGLES — C.J.G.IV C CHAMPS M. Meyers—End P. Padlak—Quarterback S. Povalac—Halfback The Edison Eagles earned the Central Jersey Group IV Conference title and were chosen top team of Middlesex County. Led by co-captains Bill Davis and Richie Davis, the Eagles achieved a FIRST UNDEFEATED SEASON. The Scarlet and Gold began the season with 7 consecutive victories. In its short history, the Eagles’ record 8-0-1 was marred only by a 7-7. tie with Linden; on Thanksgiving Day, arch-rival Woodbridge was defeated 21-13. The fine play of Coach O’Leary’s men brought them fame throughout the state. Three players, tackle Bill Davis; quarterback-halfback, Richie Davis; and end, Steve Rusnock gained recognition on various All-State teams. Along with these three, quarterback, Paul Padlak; halfback, Jerry Walker; and center, Ray Choban also received recognition B. Caterino—Guard R. Budsock—EndA. Olivier—Center S. Rusnock—End J. Walker—Halfback R. Davis—co-captain— Quarterback—Halfback TOP TEAM MIDDLESEX COUNTY on All-Area teams. Paul Padlak was also selected to represent Edison H.S. at the Football Hall of Fame banquet, a gathering of the area’s top football men. Other outstanding seniors who helped achieve the Eagles’ outstanding record were halfback, Steve Povalac; guards, Joe Tamagini, Bart Caterino, Doug Buchanan, and Chuck Andersen; tackle, Rich Nagy; center, Auggic Olivier; ends, Ron Budsock, Marty Meyers, Butch Welch; and fullback, Fred Williams. This year’s team also benefited by the fine play of many underclassmen; outstanding are — Gene Zvolensky, Jim Hewett, Billy Burns, John Hanley, Oliver Kenen. and Fran Di Tommaso. Edison now looks to the bright horizon with the approach of autumn, 1964. H. Welch—End J. Tamagini—Guard D. Buchanan—Guard F. Williams—Fullback 79“Jerry is cornered.” SCORES Edison 40 Bridgewater Raritan 7 Edison 13 New Brunswick 0 Edison 39 o Edison 36 South River 6 Edison 27 13 Edison 44 Piscataway Twp 7 19 13 Edison 7 Linden 7 Edison 21 Woodbridge 13 FRESHMAN TEAM First Row. Left to Right: G. Kline. C. Dalton. B. Mooney. T. Knocbel, C. Helt, M. Avery. J. Damiano, J. Zink. Second Row: D. Koczan, J. Vargo, H. Maxwell, B. Deisley, J. Peschek. J. Clough. C. Di Ciacomo, B. Firestein, W. Pollex, F. Redd, trainer. Third Row: K. Carkhuff, coach: T. Toth, Manager; B. Calhoun. D. Chester, M. Ciancia, J. Hehn. B. Lyons. S. Schuster, V. Cortellacci, K. Hewitt, V. Caparo.J. V. TEAM Bottom Row, Left to Ri tht: R. Betheu, M. Nuzzo, F. Wcingart, R. Krychowecky, E. Cote, L. Bonulsky, T. Carquillia, D. Wilson, R. Davis, K. Logan. Middle Row: A. Campanola, G. Brown, J. Daly, R. Skillman. J. Mozlic, S. Bonis, P. Ulozas, J. Stewart, R. Pheiffcr, B. Gardner, P. Hanley. Lest Row: A. Brown, coach; T. DcCristofaro, D. Grow, B. Shut!, manager; F. Behren, S. Pearson, J. Karpovich. R. Mazzo. B. Prehodka, U. Scndziak. R. Manfro, M. Meyers, S. Malinowski, W. Ferrulo, F. Redd, trainer. Mr. Gussis—Athletic Director ‘Problems, boys??”First Row. Left to Right: M. Collazo. J. Lcitncr, J. Valoscik, M. Gula, M. Corrigan. L. Riley, J. Nemeth, E. La barge. Second Row: L. Tylka, A. Collazo (Capt.), P. Spaventa. R. Dietz. J. Blair, J. Lowler, B. Wilson. A. JafTc, P. Kovacs. Third Row: E. Primka (Coach), D. Nielsen, R. Boswell, C, Fcsscy, A. Arrighi, T. Kiepers, R. Hartcnstcin, R. Smith, F. Crausso, D. Christie. Soccer SCORES 1 2 2 1 3 1 4 3 Edison 3 Jamcsburg 2 4 2 ... 4 1 Edison 3 Rutgers Prep 1 1 ... 0 1 0 Edison 0 Jamcsburg 1 Edison 3 Union 1 3 1 1 ... 4 Edison 3 0 ’Edison 0 Kearny 3 Won—12 Lost—3 ‘State Tournament “Mike heads the ball.” “Artie gets set to boot one.' “Last but not least.” SCORES Edison 19 St. Mary’s 48 Edison 30 Metuchen 26 Edison 42 New Brunswick 19 ... 23 32 Edison 28 Linden 29 28 29 Edison 26 St. Joseph’s 29 Edison 26 St. Peter’s 29 Edison 17 Union 42 ... 31 24 26 30 Edison 231 2 Highland Park 321 2 Hawksley leads the way!!” First Row. Left to Right: J. Neumann, D. Smith, C. Higgins, C. Spadora, A. Larson, S. Me Cormack. Second Row: L. Ensor, T. Conner, E. Kostrna, C. Dalton, J. Caterino (Co-Capl.), J. Brugier (Co-Capt.) M. San Angelo, C. Drysdalc. M! Sanders. Third Row: T. Coleman, R. Vernon, L. Tompko, D. Hawksley, W. Slavcn, J. Shroba, T. Elliot, C. J. Coleman (Coach). 83 First Row. Left to Right: B. Williams. S. Cirri, R. Stevenson, E. Tomkiewicz, 0. Kenen, T. Mar- tin, F. Ditamasso, D. O’Neill. Second Row: C. Paradowski, S. Shucy, M. Richman, S. Povalac, P. Padlak, C. Picch, J. Lipofsky, Mr. Loysen, coach. WRESTLING 1964 was the year when all promises came true for Edison. It was a successful season which started slowly with a second place finish in the Middlesex County Tournament, con- tinued through a dual-meet season of 11 straight wins marred only by a loss to undefeated Union and finished with an out- standing performance in the year-end tournaments. In the District VIII Tournament, Edison took the team title for the first time, outscoring runner-up Piscataway and third place East Brunswick. The Eagles sent four champions, Steve Povalac, Paul Padlak, Ed Tomkiewicz, and Oliver Kenen, to the Region III Tournament at Somerville and emerged from there with two champions, Povalac and Tomkiewicz, who then went on to the state finals at Rutgers. Before standing-room-only crowds at the Rutgers gym, Steve and Ed realized the goals of four years of hard work as they won a coveted state championship and helped to mark Edison one of the strongest teams in the state. Counting the State A.A.U. competition. Povalic finished his senior year with thirty straight victories, while Tomkiewicz ran up a 27-0 record. Edison’s “big 4”, Povalac, Tomkiewicz, Padlak, and Kenen, compiled a combined record for the year, 84 wins — 3 losses — one tie! Highlights of the season included: the Eagles wallop County Champ, Piscataway, 31-11 after trailing 0-11; the come-from- behind victory over Bound Brook with Tomkiewicz and Kenen scoring pins to pull it out; and the fine team effort that won the District title, the first N.J.S.I.A.A. crown won by any Edison team. With so many boys enjoying winning seasons on the varsity it is difficult to single out any one as most improved, but surely Bruce Williams and Danny O’Neill, District runners-up, and Tom Martin and Mark Richman, third place finishers were contenders. Bobby Stevenson, as usual was the unsung hero for the Eagles. Bobby, a senior, compiled a 25-7 record in his last two years and scored many a key decision that meant the dif- ference between winning and losing a match for Edison. Seniors — Povalac, Padlak, Tomkiewicz, Stevenson, Cirri, Choban, and Rosko wrestled their last match this season. Next year’s squad will have a solid nucleus of juniors returning, and they will be out to duplicate the high standard set in 1964. 84 ‘Steve Povalac — State Champ’COUNTY CHAMPS: First Row. Left to Right: P. Padlak, S. Povalac, E. Tomkicvricz. 0. Kenen. Second Row: R. Stevenson, C. Paradowski, T. Martin, Coach Loysen, D. O’Neill, C. Piech. SCORES Edison 30 East Brunswick 14 Edison 45 Watchung Hills 3 Edison 29 Bound Brook 16 ... 33 11 Edison 31 Piscataway 11 ... 34 14 Edison 46 Middlesex 0 38 8 Edison 40 Thomas Jefferson 6 Edison 44 Sayrcville 8 Edison 49 Perth Amboy 3 Edison 15 Union 29 “Tomkiewicz pins!”EaAdJt “Davis pulls one down. “Lone Eagle soars high.” “A rare miss. VARSITY BASKETBALL Left to right: Mr. Coward. A. Mcszaros. J. Shroba, J. Scordniski, O. Alexander, R. Davis. V. Godwin. M. Sill. 86IISJ J. V. BASKETBALL Kneeling, Leji to Right: J. Light, R. Sitrcn. R. Morales, N. Byron, J. Daly. Standing: Mr. Muniz. S. Wiechowski, E. Davis, R. Roche, J. Pcrrullo, W. Meyers, N. Shroba, J. Johnson. D. Gorgiulo, T. Fox, J. Pearson. Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison 43 Highland Park 72 St. Josephs .... 51 Woodbridge .... 47 Carteret ......... 53 Woodbridge........ 61 Saycrvillc ....... 61 Perth Amboy .... 68 Madison .......... 43 Piscataway ....... 68 Sayerville ....... 56 East Brunswick 59 Union............. SCORES 53 Edison 60 Perth Amboy 66 48 Edison 56 South River 48 65 Edison 60 Woodbridge 80 44 Edison 59 Thomas Jefferson 40 72 Edison 72 South Brunswick 63 49 Edison 60 Piscataway 52 Edison 62 66 49 Edison 67 Hamilton 70 55 Edison 61 Highland Park 51 58 Edison 70 South River 59 63 Edison 57 Plainfield 55 44 Edison 52 Thomas Jefferson 58 A.M. SWIMMING TEAM Sitting, Left to Right: A. Morris. E. Chaab, J. Johnson, G. Creishcimcr, E. Madorasz, P. Mizenko, Miss Bcncdik. Standing: Mr. Coughlin, M. Levy, J. Clace, D. Miller. E. Bekus, R. Carter, G. Drycddc, G. Prehodka, G. Brum, J. Eroch.‘'Watch this. I’jn going to shove this right down his throat.” VARSITY BASEBALL Sitting: Kevin Me Avoy, Mascot. First Row, Left to Right: R. Kady, H. Morgan, B. Fox, B. Laneou, L. Trenta, R. Toth, B. Rynonc, W. Wrobble, J. Lawlor. Second Row: M. Richman, S. Povlac. J. Vclosch, D. Hart, H. Link. M. Lybcck, T. Martin, J. Zardivech, A. Di Nicola, A. Perchio, R. Budsoek. R. Malkus, Manager. Third Row: Mr. Cussis, Coach; B. Calhoun, J. Lipofsky, Manager; R. Smith, A. Collazo, W. Loftus, J. Mehok, R. Nagy, D. Frye, J. Mehok, L. Larson, C. Mitchchoski, J. Solomon, Mr. Redd, Trainer. 'Uarsily adelaffFRESHMAN BASEBALL First Row, Left to Right: J. Hurley, B. Brown, D. Che-stcr, J. Me Peak, J. Ware, R. Van Celder, D. Bemotski, B. Deisley. Second Row: P. Brown, T. Mullen. C. Rupp, L. Yuhas, J. Clough, J. Di Spagna, H. Maxwell, B. Pollex, M. Avery. Third Row: R. Gieg, J. Rolhlein, J. Vargo, F. Courtney, K. Kelley, J. Tustin, M. Geezi, C. Jack Coleman, Coach. J. V. BASEBALL First Row, Left to Right: G. Borbely, P. La Posta, L. Balanowsky, R. Krychowcky. J. Ensor, F. Weingart, D. Phillips. Second Row: R. Light. B. Ehlers, T. Gargiullo, T. Dc Cristafaro, K. Ix gan, B. Me Cowar, M. Wang. Third Row: J. Daly, E. Weichowsky, S. Malanowsky, W. Ferrullo, M. Nuzzo, J. Davison, T. Roche, Mr. Coward, Coach. Jenntd TENNIS CLUB Kneeling, Left to Right: C. Nichols, N Shriner, E. Navatowski, M. Bagan, L Yuhas, J. Faas, C. Warren, B. Grabowsky Standing: B. Sarpinskas, E. Smith, Navatowski, C. Bobertz, R. Nugent, L Hcaron, P. Kohut, A. Crctkowski, C. Nava towski. Miss Plashinski, Advisor. 89GOLF TEAM Left to Right: A. Tariska, M. Mathiascn, I). Johnson, M. Nicknowitz, Mr. A. Andersen, Coach; L. Tylka, L. Rosen- fcld, P. Hansen, J. Heward, Not Present, M. Warder. Jraclz Fred Williams and the Shotput.” “Tom Conner runs the 1 mile.” QJf hit the Now you have to remember first that you ,«U. oSHOCKEY TEAM Left to Right: B. Collins, A. Tipaldi, K. Carkhuff, Advisor, M. Lybeck. C. Otienstrover, not pictured; D. Chester, A. Hoffman. SWIM TEAM Sitting, Left to Right: C. Jackson, A. Yaworski, D. Paakowitz, E. Kins, C. Bradley, S. McClain, B. Hcrmsen, N. Kaszarda, K. Sutherland. Mrs. McClain, Advisor. Standing: Mr. Lynch. Advisor, B. Slik. F. Scccrino. M. McGuire, D. Fauquier, R. Shillman, F. Chelberg, E. Wcnz, D. Post, B. Chellc, D. Jones, T. DiCrestfaro, M. Sandcis. VARSITY CLUB First Row, Left to Right: J. Blair, A. Calpin, M. Lybcck, M. Collazo. F. DiRicnzo, R. Toth, J. Geiger. L. Surrctsky. B. Smith. A. DiNicola, R. Davis. P. Padlack, G. Knopski. H. Welch. R. Dietz, J. Rosko, R. Choban. L. Yost. Second Row: J. Tamagnini, A. Sedlak, R. Mararo, C. Agans, J. Leitner, J. Baloscik, R. Carney, J. Prehodca, D. Neilson, J. Lipofsky, J. Bruguicr, P. Kovacs, E. Tomkiswicz, A. Oliver. H. Morgen, J. Calamoncri. G. Zvocwski. J. Miko, B. Godwin. M. Gula, B. Williams. D. Ernst. Third Row: J. Loysen. Advisor, J. Nemeth, L. Tylka. D. Hawkslcy, F. DiTomaso, D. Frye, A. Collazo, K. Baltin, 0. Kennen, M. Myers, T. Holloway, R. Nagy, B. Wilson. I). Chiste, D. Buchanan, J. Cosole, W. Conners, J. Lowlar, L. Yost, G. Edwards, S. Povalac.ACTIVITIESKneeling: J. Jenson. K. Johnson, M. Schwalje, L. Schwartz. D. Brown, I . Knrzcvrski, J. Baron, J. Chesnut. Second Row: B. Smith. C. Zvolensky, M. Pcrlmutlcr, L. Myer, A. Brooks. S. Haggerty, J. Newman. S. Tomalin. C. Valla, B. Kilroy, G. Svarrer, J. Schulman, I . Gicher, V. Virgili. Third Row: J. Miko, S. Cirri, H. Korlson, L. Ford, Karen Scgalini, L. Dellas, S. White, L. Farkas, R. Jenson, S. Lelkowitz, L. Penka, A. Bclluscio, A. McDonald, L. Citron, B. Godwin. Third Row: F. DiRicnzo, J. Bruguicr, D. Frye, R. Chohan, R. Lucbckc, E. Reminski, W. Conner, C. Larson, B. Sinnickscn, L. Yost, L. Nagy. G. Knobsky, P. Kovacks.QUEEN OF HEARTS BALLOT — Page 3 EDISON EAGLE V — No. 4 EDISON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL FI Students to Vote for 1964 Queen of H Winner to Reign February 14 Over Valentine Festivities BUSINESS STAFF First Row, Left to Right: Barbara Johnson, A1 Yager, Tony Crosta, Estelle Gardner, Richard Faro, Mary Lou Radzawich. Second Row: Mrs. B. G. Brcitkopf, Ray Choban. Russ Schrciber, Susan Schultze. Russ Salurr. Linda Hall, Barbara Hansen, Sharon Nahama, Linda Bedmun, Mr. M. Otrok. Third Row: Donna Rothman, Vicki Gill, Peggy Czopek. Carol Yclcn- csics, Sue Gold. Jackie West, Fran Hudak, and Carol Boyde. Unbeaten Eagles To Prey On Barronsi EDITORS REPORTERS First Row, Left to Right: Robert Beardsley, Suzanne Kcszlcr, Gloria Mancuso. Gayleatha Brown, Carole Davy, Pat Twiss, Barbara Selick, Ruthi Goldberg, Jim Finne, Melody Kist, Jade Jurisscn. Carol Kramer, and Robert Larson. Second Row: Mrs. B. G. Brcitkopf, Ramon Marrero. Nancy Stonik, Jo-Annc Jonclunas, Kathy Catrona. Anne Brooks. Judy Jensen, Marie Lorini, Gerry Letinski. Connie Valla, Judy Growncy. Gail Me Donald, and Cynthia O'Neal. Third Row: Sal Cirri, April Cormaci, ohn Heward, Tony Calpin, Angelo D'Amico, Chris Larson. Alan Jafle. Bill Clausen. Arlene McDonald, Karen Schultz, Diane Eckhardt, Jackie Wolski, Elayne Likos, and Elaine Pcschek.SENIORS — First Row, Left to Right: J. Roseo, B. Pasck, K. Uscnko, Treasurer: C. Lctinski, Vice-President; M. Warder, President: P. Pavlofl. Secretary; G. Brown, R. Lucbcke, S. Ballou. Second Row: R. Faro, L. Bedman, H. Weiner, K. Mizenko, L. Kramer, F. Grausso, L. Tylka, D. McIntyre, E. Gardner, J. Johbins, B. Selick, I). Kulakowski, D. Borowsky. A'01 Pictured: J. Clough.SENIOR MEMBERS First Row, Lett to Right: A. MacDonald, J. Jurriscn, F. Brown. J. Clipper, E. Bragington, A. Brook», L. Martin, S. Haggerty, J. Jensen. Second Row: V. Tango, L. Sitren, S. Tomalin, D. Petmzziello. L. Mycr, C. Bednarz, S. Bemath, J. Kciser. Third Row: R. Nagy. T. Crosta, C. Welch, P. Twiss, J. Wcndland. W. Wclsch. Character Scholarship Leadership Service JUNIOR MEMBERS First Row, Left to Right: I). Bolduc. A. Cormaci, R. Jensen, P. Cicber, N. Langenohl, G. Bobal, L. Hall, R. Numerof, R. Coldbcrg. Second Row: W. Benner, G. Minard. K. Nuber, C. Kutrona, C. Mancuso. H. Turow.«ki, R. Bccber, C. Voice. Third Row: C. Nelson. F. Di Ricnzo, J. Peake, L. Bergen, K. Wilson, D. Prill, B. Yelman, B. Zologa, P. Pimble. M. Lybeck, J. Boles, L. Leis. M. Rich man.SENIOR DIVISION Frist Row. Left to Right: N. Domino. K. Mizenko, D. McIntyre, J. Johnson. M. Lorini. B. Schneider, J. Jensen, C. Warren, S. Haggerty. K. Pciglebeck, J. Clipper, J. Jurrisen. Second Row: S. Moskowitz, R. Angerhofer, P. Twiss, recording secretary, F. Jinoch, treasurer, L. Meyer, 2nd vice president, R. Faro, president, j. Jobbins. 1st vice president, R. Luebeke, corresponding secretary, K. Usenko, P. Pavloff. D. Rothman, M. Kist. Third Row: L. Tylka, T. Coleman, R. Schrciber, A. Weis, D. Moss, S. Ballou. A. Spitzmillcr. P. Dowling. J. Jonelunas, B. Johnson, L. Levy, A. Jaffe. H. Kwitter, L. Lipofsky. Mr. V. Moretti, moderator. Fourth Row: R. Choban, F. Grausso, P. Berman. B. Clausen, L. Cirard, L. Larson, F.. Slagle, L. Kramer, J. Roseo, L. James. B. Nippress. T. Crosta. of Sci cience JR.. SOPH. First Row. Left to Right: K. Hcttich, D. Prill. R. Goldberg, L. Stock, P. Schwalje, L. Quarantello. D. Russo, K. Nuber, J. Chesnut. G. Bobal, R. Trumbator. Second Row: A. Larson, R. Gottlcib, J. Margolin, L. Krussewski, L. Farkas, S. Kovatch. L. Veil, B. Sanders. P. Mizenko. B. Yetman, B. Melega. S. Nahama. Third Row: B. Godwin. F. Di Rienzo. DIVISION P. Ixieizer. S. Schultze, L. Raekley, A. Carmaci, C. Kramer. C. Bone, C. Crosson. L. Stedronsky, C. Boyde, R. Jensen, M. Reid, C. Valla. N. Yelensics. B. Hansen. C. Larson. Fourth Row: L. Martin, R. Richman. L. Leise, H. Priglasi. N. Tobiasson, G. Geiger. J. Finnc, D. Hawksley, J. Carnes. A. Sedlak. W. Benmcr, J. Petro, K. Martenscn.JR.-SOPH. DIVISION First Row. Left to Right: L. Kimelmao, R. Numerof, L. Usenko, L. Stcnncr. G. Mancuso, L. Gandek. L. Hall. E. Hansmann. Second Row: K. Cutrona, S. Haines, C. Reynolds, S. Haines. J. Smith, C. Voice, 0. Kencn, K. Wilson, B. Eskinazi. A. Larinez. N. Mayo, S. Slobodion. Third Row: Mr. Bohn, monitor; W. Schumackcr. A. Petusky, J. Heward. G. Payson, L. Normant, M. Levy, N. Wise. D. O'Neill, S. Wolonski, J. Bales, H. Link, L. Stevens, B. Campbell. W. Conner. Fourth Row: F. Lesser. N. Tomponis, M. Urbanik. L. Wilkins, G. Prehodka, C. Picch. K. Baltin, T. Busby. K. Clines, S. Brown, A. D’Amico, C. Okun. B. Belawick. 99AM SENIORS Top Row. Left to Right: Sue Kemmerer, A. Norris, N. Per i, J. Me , M. Adams. S. Jablonski, P. Twiss, C. I.und. J. Reiser. M. Faley, J. Jonelunas. C. Finan. P. Curry'. P. Czopck. Second Row: B. Johnson, C. Nizenko. L. Meyer, N. Yelencsics, C. Morgan, B. Schneider. C. Lilinski, A. Brooks, K. Pcigclhcck, Mrs. Donahay. Bottom Row: M. Radzawich, E. Viegelman, N. Bagan, M. I.orini, J. Nobile, C. Brown, J. Russel. Juture JiomemaherA oi merica AM JUNIORS Top Row: N. Maraz, L. Bergen, P. Osiecki, F. Belluscio. 0. Hargrove, E. Navaiowski. C. Wiley, J. Growney, L. Jeter. Second Row: B. Sutton, J. Varga. S. Nahama, J. Newman. G. Svarrer, J. Ryno, C. Valla, B. Hansen, M. Reed, P. Muller. K. Wolszak, S. Lynck, R. Jensen. J. Funk, Bottom Row: I- Papp. M. Hagarty, B. Eskinazi, G. Povlick. S. West. R. Crammatica. S. Bcnnet. L. Haggctts, L. Smith. Third Row: G. Littwax. V. Virgilli, C. Farkas, K. Catistie, S. Cold, N. Yelencsics, S. Schultz. J. Chestnut, P. Goldstein, E. Page, H. Boil, Mrs. Donahay, Advisor.Bottom Row. Left to Right: Edwin» Skiba. Arlene Sainthicmcn, Carol Nixon, Martha Brooks. Mrs. Little, advisor: Sherile Kordcn, Nadine Wogal, Karen Oros. Second Row: Kathy Purdy, Susan Cohen. Annita Edwards, Phyllis Cohen, Dawn Ciacona, Maureen O’Neil, Terry Smith, Jackie Saks, Linda Lowick, Lynn Taylor, Judy Molineaux, Sue Dessoin. Third Row: Dotty Rothstein, Susan Paylac, Mao' Vard, Judi Leland, Kate Southerland. ‘Lawrence, you’re in the wrong place’ "Deck the Halls . . 101VARSITY CHEERLEADERS C. Svarrcr. L. Martin, K. Usenko, L. Meyer, C. Valla, R. Goldberg, S. Ballou, S. Drobach, B. Barr, S. Tomalin, J. Newman, N. Langenahl, J. Ryno. Co-Captains — C. Valla, a eerieacL er6 CHOREOGRAPHY GROUP OF MODERN DANCE Standing: C. Davy. E. Peschck, P. Mercer. L. Calamari, Mrs. Freeman. Advisor, S. Tomalin. J. Clipper, J. Miller. Kneeling: S. VanScoy, P. Pavloff, N. S .eber, Crammatica, D. Bolduc. P. Monroe. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Standing: J. Wincki, C. Wamslcy, P. Donovan, D. Haneke, P. Bowden. D. Fisher. Kneeling: P. Jordon. H. Phicl, K. Nicmera, E. Chifarone.iW Standing: N. Keene, P. Sheridan, C. Schmorjak, J. Zeller, E. Peschek, K. Farkas, K. Oros, S. Bowman. Kneeling: B. Bom- isher, P. Cicbcr, C. Henderson, S. VanScoy, D. Gasprich, D. Meier. Nancy Keene Captain of the Twirlers vu 3 tern 'ance Front Row: C. Schmorjak, P. Monroe, D. Brost. B. Eskinazi, S. VanScoy, D. Russo, S. Bowman. A. McDonald, L. Barr, P. Mercer, L. Calamari, B. Kilroy, R. Grammatica, N. Reifke, J. Miller. Second Row: P. Pavloff, K. UsenRo, P. Dowling, J. Clipper, P. Pimbell, K. Oros, B. Bomishcr, P. Gicber. N. Szeber, S. Gcigisser, S. Tomalin, D. Meier, C. Davy, E. Pcshek, R. Goldberg, K. Picgclbcck, S. Kazlacr. Third Row: C. Henderson, L. Shcncndorf. B. Hickey. C. Christe, F. Belluscio, L. Usenko, K. Wiley, L. Farkas, V. Gill, J. Newman, G. Suarrcr, J. Ryno, N. Langinahl, D. Bolduc, N. Yelencsics, R. Jensen, N. Domino, J. Growney. 103dddidon 3n6icfliL First Row: Miss Yasenchak, Advisor; Sue Haggerty, B. Pasek. B. Rice, K. Finan. Sue Bennett, L. Barr. P. Jones. Donna Montross, M. Haggerty. Second Row: D. Novak. Shirley Bernath, K. Kovacs. L. Magnicr, S. Cadmas, J. Barone. J. Mclchiskcy, K. Sheid. L. Morcn. D. Ogro, D. Borowsky. Third Row: D. Kulakowski, E. Mauhw, E. Gardner. B. La Frcnierc. S. Spikes. R. Nugent. R. Grammatica, S. Cleveland. JdudineSS ( Pub oCite rary. cu First Row: J. Cacciola. A. Cormaci, W. Benner, K. Nuber, R. Rosenof, G. Mancuso, K. Britz. Second Row: Mr. La Macstra. Advisor, D. Russo, C. Ginoch, A. Larson, L. Rackley, J. Hcward, Miss Muska, advisor. Third Row: L. Gandek, R. Marrero, S. McCabe. First Row. Left to Right: A. Larson, C. Cchrum, 1). Micr, B. Bomieslcr, E. Pcschck, P. Giebcr, C. Henderson, S. Bowman, M. B3gan, C. Boydc. S. Lefkowitz. Second Row: L. Racklcy, C. Wiley, G. PovTich, R. Cram- matiea, C. Brown. C. Warren, G. Brown, C. Bobcrtz. J. Jensen, J. Miller, F. Heinz, L. Papp. Third Row: J. Growney, R. Nugent, L. Grib. L. Rose, G. Grcishimer, R. Goldberg, M. Bonalsky. K. Picglcbcck. E. Bragington, S. Ballou, M. Lynch. C. Laubcr, M. Perlmuttcr, P. Osickie, N. Maraz. Fourth Row: S. Cleveland, E. Smith, A. Grctkowoki, P. Loctzcr. L. Myer, G. Lctinski, S. Tomalin, J. Newman, C. Svarrer, J. Ryno, C. Valla, N. Langchol. Cjirls’ (JSadketball First Row. Left to Right: G. Brown, C. Brown. F. Heinz, M. Bagan, C. Warren, J. Jensen, S. Lefkowitz. Second Row: C. Gehrum, M. Perlmuttcr, C. Bobertz, P. Loctzcr, S. Nahama. C. Lauber. Third Row: L. Grzyb, A. Gret- kowski. R. Grammatica, G. Grieshiemer, M. Lynch, C. Boyde.i irst How. ,«« to ntgnt: K. Gottlieb. N. Domino. L. Bcnneche, B. Hickey, B. Kilroy, R. Golberg, I). Russo, J. Blcaknev, E. King. A. Yarworski. Second Row: P. Mcsenko, V. Virgilli, V. Gill, C. Brown, F. Brown. F. Heinz. G. Brown, L. Ford. A. Larson, L. Racklcy, L. Farkas. K. Carinie, J. Chesnut. Third Row: Miss Hall. Advisor. D. Hargrove. M. Czopek. M. Ciery, P. Goldstein, D. Rothman, K. Pcigelbeck, L. Jeter, S. Slobodian, K. Cutrona. J. Barone, S. Carmus, L. White. e anejert retteS Top Row. Left to Right: T. McGuire. J. Molineaux, K. D’Aloisio. P. Shcbcl, K. Peigelbcck, L. Stenner. S. Haines. P. Cohon. L. Veil, P. Goldstein. K. Walczak, R. Nugent. R. Spicciatie. H. Carlson. J. Zotti. R. Jensen, S. West, N. White, S. Povolo, S. Cleveland. P. Pimbell. L. Rosenthal, S. Nahama, S. Ka Jau, B. Bryant, N. Swallick. J. Stadler, P. Mercer, M. Irwin. Mrs. Freeman, Advisor. Bottom Row: K. Finan, I). Chrin. E. Houser. B. Hickey. H. Pfcil. L. Barr, S. Cadmus, A. Makuh (captain), V. Mika. R. Grammatica. L. Gelgisscr. J. Miller, J. Afonso. L. Sitren, A. McDonald. F. Heinz. C. Reynolds, D. Bolduc. S. Cobb. E. «•«tnV A. Sullivan, B. Bryant. D. Viucci.Qi erman Silling: Mr. Coleman. Advisor. C. Hansen, J. Mirbach, P. Gicber. S. Funicelli. R. Johnson. Standing: Daniel Hladik, B. Keep. B. Vernon. E. King, A. Hall. Silling: E. Braginton. S. Smith. Mr. Sofka. Advisor. J. Rosko. M. Levy. Standing: R. Larson, L. James, A. Ariggi, L. Larson. H. Kwittcr, R. Beardsley. N. Tompanis. “Debators engaged in open tournaments.' 2)el? ate Sitting: A. Cormaci, C. Bobal, W. Benner, G. Mancuso. Standing: L. Lehman, R. Numcrof, J. Heward, M. Kane, L. Larson, B. Takacs, K. Pogran, C. Bove, D. Greger.-Alt Slate W.n,U Darlene Kulakowski Left to Right: M. Chcrlin, R. Satlur, L. Lehman, Mr. Whitman. yr. First Row. Left to Right: M. Cherlin. R. Madarasy, R. Sallcbcllo. S. Leonard, and C. Fleagle. Second Row: C. Michael. M. Brown, J. Finnc. F. Boccoppio, B. Reidcr, H. Feldman, B. Cardaneo. Third Row: R. Scordinski. E. Skiba, A. Southeimer, A. Espada, C. West, J. Cardaneo. R. Bccbcr. P. Hogan. B. Erroch, F. Peters, R. Tcllonc. Fourth Row: S. Funicclli, J. Jobbins. H. Gulutz. V. lacouzzc, and R. Sattur.Left to Right: V. Gill, N. Rcifke, S. Jablonski. Left to Right: G. Povlick, L. Usenko, L. Vici, K. D’Aloisio, F. Butki. C.O.M.S. First Row, Left to Right: B. Silk, D. Novak, L. Lehman, J. Clipper. Second Row: R. Faro. J. Carnes, J. S». Leon, B. Favolin, R. Trumbatorc, B. Ambrosio, L. Kimelman. Third Row: J. Peschck, K. Vnlovcin, H. Chcrlin, G. Leonard. M. Levi, G. Williams, R. Marino, B. Mooney, R. Carey. Fourth Row: T. Martin, J. Geiger, Mr. Button, Mr. Whitman, D. Kulakowski. Absent: M. Van Dorcn, J. Danburg.First Row. Left to Right: Mr. Wimmcr, Advisor; J. Nemeth, C. Voice, R. Rosenof, I). O’Neil, F. Jinoch. Pres.; M. Levy. L. Nagy. V. Pres.; R. Luebcke. H. Kwitter, R. Beeber. E. Cote, R. Faro. Second Row: P. Berman, L. Tylka. D. Moss. A. D’ Amico, C. Larson. R. Schrciber, J. Rosko, C. Sawicki. A. Berman, P. Bence. R. Choban. Third Row: M. Warder, L. Schcttel. F. Di Ricnzo. N. Tobiasson, A. Jafle. L. Cirard, L. Yost. R. Sattur. J. Cacciola, J. Colmoneri. Wot Present: B. Welseli, J. Spielberg, L. Cirard. First Row. Left to Right: J. De Mary, C. D’Alosio, B. Vernon, B. Tobojko, K. Topolewski. Second Row: A. Hall. R. Kearney. J. Petro. S. Toth. B. Jacobson. € CLl norru -A™ Front Row: J. Keiscr, J. Johnson, N. Szcber, L. Calmoncri. B. Johnson, Mrs. Lamprakos (Advisor), E. Bragington, S. Kcszlcr, N. Yclcnsics. Second Row: M. Radzadzwitz, M. Bobal. L. Hall. K. Cutrona, S. White. C. Tucker, J. Jonclunas. K. Picgelbcck. D. Petruzzicllo, L. Meyer, C. Paul. Third Row: R. Schreiber, T. Coleman, F. DiRienzo, B. Suriano, J. Rosko, G. Paysan. Front Row: C. Hewett, J. Danburgh, E. Skiba, L. Molineau (Pres.), A. Sonthcimcr. G. Mac Donald, D. Brown. Second Row: L. Taylor, S. Bordon, P. Sawicki, R. Morel, D. Andrcjco, Mrs. V. Moore (Advisor). Third Row: S. Gardner. P. Hcttich, A. Holloway, J. Brockington, J. Pfcil. O 1"Jempora “O Wore 2wf 3L eam Front Row: Captain .: N. Yelensics, L. Vici, L. Stenner, B. Peterson. Second Row: L. Magnicr, K. Hcttich, S. Cadmus. Third Row: J. Chesnut. J. Barone, R. Gottlieb, C. Worthington. First Row: L. Mozgai, N. Yelensics, Captain: L. Viel. Captain; L. Stenner, Captain; B. Petersen, Captain; R. Numcrof, A. Cormaci. Second Row: G. Bobal. R. Gottlieb, S. Schultze, L. Magnicr, K. Hcttich, S. Cadmus. K. N'uber. C. Mancuso, L. Hall. Mrs. Harding, Advisor. Third Row: J. Barone, J. Chesnut, P. Loctzcr, B. Thomson, C. Worthington. G. Bennett, J. Governale.A. M. Top Row: D. McIntyre, S. Moskowitz. S. Ballou. M. Merson, V. Vergili, C. Crosson, N. Mraz, B. Yelman. Middle Row: J. Shenoy, Advisor; B. Sanders. C. Yate , B. Hansen. S. Schultz, L. Bergen. E. Hansmann. Sitting: A. Larson. C. O'Neal, P. Opiecki, F. Jinoch. P. M. Top Row: V. Tietz, B. Turley. A. Parkinson, J. Silagy, B. Thomas, M. Kranick, J. Conk, M. Werther. Second Row: P. Jordon, E. Knox, S. Adlcberg, P. Fueton. L. Lowick, J. Winecki. J. Holtzman. D. Gregor, K. Stoner, Miss J. Puma (Advisor). Bottom Row: C. De Falco, C. Albowicz, M. Mullen, J. Leinsod, B. Kiken, Pres.; K. Me Cormick, V. Padolski, N. Davison. C. Conerty, B. Grahasky.First Row, Left to Right: L. Franklin, B. Doran. M. Kaszarda, C. Boydc, E. Vuglcman, C. Conger. J. Harrison. V. Cavico. B. Hermsen. Second Row: B. Bachenski. R. Trumbatore, C. Hewitt. A. Bahruth. C. Hanson, J. Maycrcik. B. Hickey. P. Crossen. E. Skiba. P. Morris. Third Row: P. Sawicki. S. Burke. F. Ward. L. Bergen. L. Farkas, L. Molineaux, L. Taylor. L. Traut. G. Yates, A. Sontheimer, K. Cranden, Mrs. R. Balascak, R.N. iClub Advisor). Fourth Row: E. Whealton, L. Kruv ewski, L. Orpin, J. Baumgarten, C. Gatches. A. Morris, J. Danhurg, R. Jensen, E. Smith. A. Baron. Not Pictured: D. Granjcan, S. Borden, A. Espada, M. Hcgcdus, C. West. I). Ward. B. Satchcll. future physicians Seated. Left to Right: K. Nuber, J. Carnes. J. Miller, M. I.orini. Mrs. Dreycr. Standing. Left to Right: C. Crosson, K. Puglibach, T. Halloway, R. Faro, E. Skiba, L. Shenendof.PEP CLUB First Row, Left to Right: K. Boylan, N. Davidson, L. Hart, K. McConmick, J. Conk, J. Timko. B. Hansen, A. Bahruth, J. Navatkowski. Second Row: J. Chesnut, C. O’Neal, L. Viel, R. Gram- matica, A. Dimicko. K. Cutrona, J. Calmoncri. D. Russo, B. Godwin, S. Gold. Third Row: P. Muller. C. Gibson. L. Schcndorf. E. Chab. M. Reid, S. McCabe, L. Rackley, A. Larson, I. Tsacrios. C. Crosscn. C. Bove. Fourth Row: S. Kovach. S. Nagama. J. Brockington, K. Britz, T. Busby, L. Nagy, C. Larson, F. Delorenzo, G. Drysdale, R. Roscnof. Barbara Pasek SKATING CLUB First Row: A. Tipaldi, C. Buscaino, H. Bascaino. H. Btucaino, Miss Pijas. Ad- visor. Second Row: B. Grabowski, K. Slovcr, C. Tuminski. Third Row: K. Kelly, C. Steurman. B. Nasc, C. Boylan. Fourth Row: R. Collins, C. Anderson, L. Reilly. BOWLING CLUB First Row, Left to Right: B. Yetman, N. Mayo, S. Chanberlain, S. Jablonski, N. Stonik. C. Welch, M. McCourt. Second Row: M. Gaspart, D. Washer, G. Nelson. J. Sulliman, J. Glace, C. Lamicki, C. Morris, G. Lund. J. Williams. Third Row: J. Norton, J. Cacciola, N. Nitch, T. Calalucci, G. Bekus, L. Yost, T. Calpin, P. Cichetti, . Corrigan, Mr. Wallace, Advisor. JERSEY MEN Sitting: S. Nahama, B. Pasek, B. Smith. A. D’Amico. B. Ellemyer, M. Mcrson. Standing: R. Malkuso, B. Welch, R. Gottlieb, N. Tobiasson, J. Pctro. 116jU U 'mmpairei mm Ann Bandies LIGHT Left to Right: E. Intemann, M. Catalusci, B. Madarasz, C. Val- enti, Z. Sa.“We Witt Move 3L. Wo nh “Oh well, it was nothing — 118 “Going my way?” “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, anu tomorrow . . “Send me a surrey with the fringe on top, please.” “Step right up folks and place your bets . .to Remember Sltoucjlt .Summer Sums to 'l Uinter . . . Oh!! My Diet. “Please, please Santa Claus: All I want is a “Little” red sports “Swing, Charlie, Swing!” “Wait till she sees my next report card!” “I light the light of Love, Wahcela means Love.”“An Alligator bag, just what I always wanted!” “Gee! I hope this tiara isn’t hot!” “It’s a deal, I get a soapbox in June!” Tnd the f redent idappeard . . . ‘No, you may not cut in.” JLe aCaucfliter j Je l Uere (jiad to Sh are . . . The E.H.S. weed remover crew at work. Isn’t this the way to see a game, Bart? “Now girls, there are 2 basic rules here on the Rock!!! “What’s the matter coach?” 121Witt £cL OLou9k tL y » “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.” A stitch in time ■RcmbT3ndlsWk en OtL er yjicfLtd an d Oth er 2)u “I just opened the hood ot my Chevy and there it was.” “Maybe I should have been a bricklayer.” ‘Who’s counting calorics?” HJ-We Will eSe yyjomentd to Remember —Woo Ji9kt and oded AL umniStanding: J. Kuprick. First Row: I . Mizcnko. K. Mizcnko. G. Pastorclli, J. Garfield. C. O’Neal. Second Row: J. Ceigel, M. Hegedus. I). Brown. D. Young, 1). Intermann. J. D’Aloisio. Third Row: S. Leonard. M. Reid. S. Baran- kovich. K. Smith. C. Bognar, B. Kelly. A. Farnick, R. Samir. S. Adellierg, L. Capulo. B. Arway. First Row: D. Brown. L. Gandek, K. Mizcnko. J. Ccigcl. G. Pastorelli, C. O’Neal, B. Arway. Second Row: S. Leonard. J. Garfield, M. Reid, L. McGue, S. Barankovich, Miss Patente, Advisor. Township of Edison flag presented by Edison Chamber of Commerce to Mr. Boyle, principal of the high school. Left to Right: Thomas Hamilton, Legislator Chairman, Mrs. T. Jurissen, President of P.T.A., Mrs. Robert Holmes, Past President of P.T.A. 130 Flag was designed by Catherine Geisz, 1963.R. Angerhofer, Co-Editor ‘1M are the thoughts to memory, dear. 99 B. Pasck, Co-Editor J. Keiser, B. Johnson, P. Pavloff, Activities C. Davy, M. Warder, M. Foley, 'S' Production D. Petruzziello, Art Mrs. Sallitt, Advisor J. Lipofsky, Athletics Mr. Thorscn, Business Manager f- artiny Jhouyht — best wishes to one P. Dudics, H. Laszko, D. Kulakowski, MaryEtta Bohal, E. Gardner an d adt — your adt luiSorS. 131★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Let us weep, in our darkness, hut weep not for him! Not for him who, departing, leaves millions in tears! Not for him who has died full of honor and years! Not for him who ascended Fame’s ladder so high: From the round at the top he has stepped to the sky.” 132A Alumni Edison High School P.T.A. A. P. F. Muffler Shop Acme Super Markets Arwoy Construction Amboy Avenue Gem Wosh Ann's Luncheonotte Alinerti's Pizzeria B Boll Shoe Shop Berkley Pantry Bond Cleaners Dr. Leon Boxer, DOS Brown Realty Budd's of New Brunswick Burger King The Burns Agency Burt and Bob's Moot Morket c Cannella's Esso Service Center Cedar Hardware ond Variety Central Jorsey Fine Arts Charlie's Edison Esso Mr. Mrs. Ernest R. Cleworth Son Cold Cut Centor-Highland Park D Don’s Borber Shop David ond Co. Drug Fair-Highland Park E Edison Atlantic Edison Bonk Edison Chevron Edison Del I icatcsen Edison Fishmarkot Eddie’s Shell Station Etnold's Cleaners F First Savings Loan Association of Perth Amboy Fronk's Hoir Foshions M. Frisch Sons Hordwore (l oodterd G W. T. Grant Co. Greenbrier Restaurant George’s Gulf Gertrude’s Dance Studio Goodwin's Esso H H. P. Hershisowitz Agency Highland Park Sunoco Houso of Loveliness Hubbard ond Solomon Restauront J J. ond J. Inn C. H. Jeffery, Custom Mason General Contractor Randolph L. Johnson, Generol Contractor K Kaiser’s Flowers Kol's Kelley Dry-Woll Service Kemper Pontiac-Cadilloc, Inc. Kilmer Machinery Inc. King George Academy L Larson Mortgage Company Lion of Judea A.Z.A. Little Pigs House of Edison Little Pigs Restaurant Local 252 Teamsters Union Local 242 American Federote Workers Union Local 522 Tcomsters Union Lou's Cleaners M Joseph P. Maimonc and Son Andy Morinucci, Building Contractor McDonald's Hamburgers Middlesex Trenching, Incorp. J. Miguel Newspapers Magazines Mistrial Son Shoes Miss Ruth School of Dance N Naccaroto Bros, Excavating Nick’s Gulf Nixon Pork Pharmacy 0 Oak Hills Chevron Oak Tree Bus Service Ono-Hour Martinizing P Palidino’s Barbaro Shop Pete ond Nick R Fronk Rice Trenching Company Rolfe Bros., Building s St. Cocelia's Cafeteria Bob Somber Inc. Silvo's Shell Service Skytop Studio Star Electric Stophonville Cities Service Sunnyside Dellicatosson T Texoco Gas Station Rt. «37 Thomas Sunoco Tri-R-Bus Service, Inc. The United Democrots of Edison, Inc. V Viol's Kitchen Vulcan Basement Waterproofing Co. W Woltcrs Pharmacy Weiler Bros. Texoco Wernik’s Phormocy F. W. Woolworth Co. 154citrond A Alon Carol Mr. R. Ahr Dorothy Annis Mr. Mrs. Edward Annis Carol Annis '62 Arnold Arlene The Ackermon Family Mr. Mrs. Wm. Abbas Mr. Mrs. Arorstoin Arlene Alon Mr. Mrs. R. W. Auld Mr. Mrs. Robert Apel Barbaro Apel Lorry Sargent Mr. Mrs. Paul J. Arwoy Fomily Mr. Mrs. C. Adams Dennis Charlos Adams Mr. Mrs. A. Apiso Mr. Mrs. R. Alchvony Marcus Aurelius Donald Asanio (Newark Stote) Mr. Mrs. Thomas Andersen, Sr. Andrea Al “63'' Al Lorey "63"-"64" Mrs. K. M. Axt Mrs. F. Abt Mr. F. Abt A Friend Mr. Mrs. Wm. Arugo B Mr. Mrs. Richard Buck Ron Beebor "65" Ben and Bob Mrs. Doro Brogna Mr. Mrs. A. Burlono Mrs. Evelyn Baechino Mr. Tony Bocchino Mr. Mrs. A. Belli Children Barbara Dale Mr. Mrs. R. H. Bogh Jr. Mr. Mrs. F. Bohn Mrs. Etto Barton Mrs. Eli se Bartels Mr. Christian, Braun Mr. John Bortils Mrs. Christian Braun Woyne Braun Philip L. Benonti Borbara Bobby Mr. Mrs. David Brown Mr. Mrs. George Blake Mrs. A. Blake Mr. Henry Brown Mrs. Mr. John Bailey Ethel Barnes John Bacha Mr. Mrs. Nichoes Banos Mr. Mrs. Authur F. Bernard Bernice Richard Mrs. Rgino Brown Mr. Mrs. Boyle "Billy Nancy" "Bob Carol" "Betty Ben” Mr. Mrs. M. Busby Mr. Mrs. I. Brown "Billy Arleen" Mr. Mrs. Goo. F. Brcllee Mr. Mrs. F. Bornoth Mr. Mrs. W. Bolton Mr. Mrs. Alex Belluscio Koy Bennett Mr. Mrs. Eugene Borbely Mrs. A. C. Beekmon Mr. Mrs. Earl Boland Antoinette M. Bortta Mr. Mrs. Robert Bowden Mr. Mrs. Borland Mr. Mrs. E. Butt "Bobby Carole" Barbara Marty Mrs. P. Brown Frank Broron Mr. Mrs. W. D. Blockford The Borns Robert Bacon Fred R. Blanchard Jr. Mrs. Bacon Mr. Mrs. Blanchord Mrs. Clyde Brown Mr. Sam Budsock Mr. Mrs. Robert Budsock Mr. Mrs. A. Budsock Bon-Bon Mr. Mrs. Chorles Borm Mrs. Theodore Borowsky Mr. Mrs. L. L. Bergen Dlominie Bononno Mr. Mrs. Charles Blazas Mrs. B. Breitkopf Helen Blankenship Bob, Barbaro Diane Billy Carol Mr. Mrs. Leo G. Bridges Mr. Mrs. Boyle Mrs. Frank Bilck Mr. Mrs. George E. Bochor Mr. Mrs. George Bachor Mr. Mrs. James Bollonce Mr. Mrs. N. Barbely L. Clause Mr. Mrs. Juan Barros Mr. Mrs. Betty Bednarz Betty Ann Eddie Mr. Joseph A. Bednarz Bill Sue P. A. H. S. Mr. Mrs. J. Biondo Bobby Barbs "64" Mr. Mrs. Peter Borkowski Moe Boswell Marian Bonalsky Mr. Mrs. Clyde Boiley, Sr. Marian Bonalsky Mr. Mrs. Clyde Bailey Sr. Mr. Mrs. W. K. Bowman c Mrs. C. V. Cadmus, Sr. Mr. C. V. Cadmus, Sr. Carol Joe Mr. Mrs. George Cherry Mr. Mrs. L. Christie Mr. Mrs. Joseph Clork Miss Jane Clark H. Clausen Anthony Crosta Judy Crosto Alice Crosto Jamie Clark Mr. Mrs. Joseph Colamari Mr. Steven Csisfer Mr. Mrs. Andrew Cummings Joyce Cummings "Cossack" Mr. Mrs. G. Choban Mr. Mrs. C. Choban Susie Corey Mr. Mrs. E. Conway Mrs. P. Celeste Mr. Mrs. Ralph Caruso Miss Helen T. Casalo Helen E. Cosole John A. Casale, Sr. Eddie Costello Horry Christ Mr. Mrs. M. J. Cashin Cathy, Maria Lourie Mr. Mrs. Crooker Miss Lou Crawford Mr. Mrs. L. Collazo Lee Corter Chela Mike Componelli "Colleen and Kathleen""Corole Bobby" Mrs. M. Campion John J. Comp ion Mr. Mrs. F. Cotrono Mr. Mrs. A. Cudding Mr. Mrs. R. Cassidy Mr. Mrs. Joseph Cioallella Mr. Mrs. William Cominskey Shomus Curry Jr. Mr. Mrs. F. Campbell Walter Campbell Mr. Mrs. Shomus Curry Mar-AI Cleoners Mr. Mrs. Tony Caffaro Cloy v s Liston Bill Clouson Donald Clouson Mr. Mrs. R. W. Clouson Mr. Mrs. W. E. Clouson Mr. Mrs. Robert Clousen Mr. Mrs. John Clough Mr. Mrs. George F. Curran Cindy Richie Mrs. Wilma Coil Chucky Kathy "65" "Chri s Jay 64” Dave Cameron Dioni Colby Toni Cacciolo N. J. Cacciola Mrs. N. J. Cacciola Mr. Mrs. H. Clay Mr. Mrs. Carmine Caruso Mr. Mrs. T. Cri stello Greg Comsadis Shelia Conk D Mr. Mrs. R. J. De Nicola Mr. Mrs. Fred Dissior Mr. Mrs. Peter A. Droboch Mr. Mrs. J. Dayton Dove Dorothy Drake Elsie De Martin Mr. Mrs. David De Pinto "D” and Joe Donna "Beafie" Di Moscio Annmarie Tony Di Moscio Don Anita Mr. Mrs. John Darobos Albert C. Douglas Dorothy M. Doubles Scott Douglas Mr. Mrs. V. Di Francis Mrs. Marietta Di Giovanni Mr. Mrs. Albert DiGiovanni Mr. Mrs. Vincent D'Aloisio Mr. Mrs. Albert J. D'Aloisio Mr. Mrs. Dreyer Mr. Mrs. J. Devlin Mr. Mrs. D'Onofrio Mr. Mrs. John De Stefano Mr. Mrs. Anthony De Stefano Pot Wolter Dzubon Mr. Mrs. Frank Dietz Mr. Mrs. J. Damm Jane "Patty” Duke Mrs. Jane Da Sylvo Mr. Mrs. T. W. Dowing Mrs. L. DiTosti Beartha Davis Mr. Leo Dorion George Douglass Mr. Mrs. D. Desantis Mr. Mrs. Samuel A. D'Amico Mr. Vasco Dixon Mr. Mrs. Dovi s Bobbi Dahlman Mr. Mrs. Albert DeNicola F. De Simone, Sr. Essy De Simone, Jr. Diana Butch Miss Cothy Di Gioio Doe Tony Donna Tommy "61-64" Mr. Mrs. M. Dunich Mr. Mrs. Henry Dean Mr. Mrs. Hy Dingott Mr. Mrs. R. L. Denton Mr. Mrs. Joy Dailey Don Peg Mr. Mrs. Drysdale E "Ellen Richie" Mr. Mrs. J. Endres Mr. Mrs. Robert Ellmyer Eileen Tom Mr. Mrs. Chorles Erm Mr. Mrs. Carl C. Eichert Mr. Mrs. Horry Evons Mr. Robert Evans Pot Everly ''63' Catina Esso Mr. Mrs. Frank Eberle Eileen Tom F Mr. Mrs. Earl Feder Mr. Mrs. E. Feder Mr. Mrs. Edward Furtodo Mr. Mrs. Frank Finon Mr. Richard Faccioli Frank Peggy Fran Gina "64" Mr. Mrs. Funicelli Mr. Bob Forkos Mr. Roye Fondoco Fred Kathie Mr. Mrs. W. Ferguson Mr. Gearold Ferguson Mr. Mrs. M. Freilich Mildred E. Fronzee Miss Dolores Furtado Pat Flemetakis "L. H. Ralph Fusco P. V." Mr. Mrs. A. Farkas Frank Judy Mr. Mrs. Emil Fitzke Fran Jack Mr. Mrs. Edward Fiedler Mr. Mrs. Sidney Frankel Mr. Mrs. Joe Forkos "The Flunkees" Dorsey L. Finn Jr. Gloria Farley Carol, Judy David Finkel Mr. Mrs. W. Filcrirtz Mr. Mrs. Michael Filowit Mr. Mrs. George Findro G Mr. Lorry G. Bud Gonsborg Mrs. E. Goulik Mr. Mrs. Geiger Gene Barb Ted Gierlich 156atrond Mr. Sut Gonoconti Mr. Mrs. Michael Governal© Jo Ann Governalc Lindo Sue Governalo Robert E. Lee Gyont Mr. Mrs. Robart L. Gyont Bill Grobosky Jeff Geigle Doonno George '63 Mr. Mrs. Jamos Growney Mr. Mrs. B. Gustenhovcn Rito Gustenhovon The Anthony G. Gomes Family Billy Gerlach Mr. Mrs. A. Golino Golddiggor Jack Galzier Mr. Mrs. Lowrence Girard Mr. Kenny George Christine Marie (jrammatico Philip Michaol Grammatico Jr. Mr. Mrs. Williom Gorolick Mr. Mrs. Allan Gorger Family Mrs. Margaret Giery John J. Giery Maryann Giery Mr. Mrs. J. Guido Bill J. Gambocz Mr. Mrs. Louis J. Gahr Mr. Mrs. Charles H. Goldenfarb Gront Ann Morie Mr. Mrs. J. Gallos Mr. John Gloncy Mr. Mrs. Irving Grossman Mr. Mrs. Jo© Gollaghor Mr. Mrs. 0. E. Grazicle Mr. Mrs. John Gsoll Robert Giles Mr. Mrs. A. Gardner Mr. Edwin Gordner Mr. Mrs. Williom Godwin Peg Godwin Bill Godwin H Mrs. Catherine Halato The Homolfofb Family Mr. Mrs. Hondrickson Mr. Mrs. Thomas J. Henderson Mr. Mrs. Gerald Howo Don Howksloy Mr. Mrs. Frank Hollywood Patricio Hoch Charles Hoch Mrs. Chorles Hoch Mrs. Alcxandor Hoch Aloxonder Hoch The Hal scy's Mr. Mrs. Robert 0. Hansen Mr. Mrs. Herman Hansen Mr. Mrs. H. D. Hoffman Buddy Huxta Mrs. Amos W. Horrocks Mr. Mrs. F. Hamilton Mr. Mrs. Frank Hoflor Rose Michel© Holland Theresa Hamilton Mrs. Thomas Hamilton John Himmick John Himmick Mrs. Thomos Hamilton Williom Hojer Mr. Mrs. A. G. Hawksford Sr. Mr. Mrs. J. Haggorty M. S. Haggorty Mr. Mrs. Robert Holmes Tho Hight Family Mr. Mrs. R. S. Huirth Mrs. E. T. Hondrickson Julia Holzheimer Tony Hammed Mr. Mrs. Frank Hall Mr. Mrs. John Hormson Richard Higginson Donna Hartman Mrs. R. Hartman Mrs. W. T. Hall Mr. Mrs. Walter Heck Mr. Mrs. Orrin Hunter Mr. Mrs. H. E. Horne Barbaro Horne '65 C. N. Hodley Mrs. Joseph Huether Mr. Mrs. Fronk Homan Mr. Mrs. Hubs Debby Hank Patty “64“ HoroLyn Charlie Mr. Mrs. Pete Hunt I Mr. Mrs. T. V. Irwin Mr. Robert Ingstrup Mr. Mrs. Carl M. Indrisono Eloync M. Indrisono Mr. Thomos Ippolito Joseph Vincont Insogno Jr. J Janio Butch Mr. Mrs. Andors Jonson Mr. Mrs. C. Jenson Phyllis Chris Jensen Mr. Mrs. R. E. Jonson Mr. Mrs. Willbur Jonson Jim Sue "65” Jimmy Anne Jimmy Barbara Joon Stevo John Ruth Johnny Carol Johnny Georgonne Johnny Jo-Ann Barbara Johnson “64" Mr. Mrs. Theodore Johnson Mr. Mrs. S. Jonclunos Mr. Mrs. Roborl Jones Louis Jones Judy Bobby Mr. Mrs. Theodore Jurissen Johnny Dolly Judith E. Johnson “62” Jackie Steve Mr. Mrs. Josoph Jacobotz “Jay-Joy" Mr. Mrs. D. Jensen Jack Janice Honk “64" Mrs. Anne Jacob Mr. Mrs. C. Juelsen Judy Ronnie Josoph Paul Juliano Sr. Jerry Donno “65" Joan Richie Jonot Billy Mr. Mrs. Jones Joe Dot Jackie Linda Dr. Mrs. Walter Julia Jackie Dove Janice Fronkie "65" Carol Johnson Mr. Mrs. Woltor Jankowski Sonjo Jefferson Miss James 137Pal, ond K Mr. Mrs. D. Kovoch Mr. Mrs. J. Kotler Mr. Mrs. Louis E. Kessfer Susanne Keszlcr Mrs. William W. Kigore Mr. Mrs. Peter Kody III Koren Butch Kenny Kathy Mrs. Samuel Kirtpatrick Mr. Mrs. Wm. Kovoch Vicky King Kitten Bob Joe Fran “64” Mr. Mrs. Wm. Kornish Mr. Mrs. M. Korneluk A. Korik Mr. Mrs. G. W. Kruse Mr. Mrs. Edward Killmer Mr. Mrs. Edward Koshtock Mr. Mrs. Chris Kowtna Mr. Mrs. Charles Loary Mr. Mrs. Charles O'Leory George A. Keller Mr. Mrs. George Kollor Jr. John Kish from Brunswick Lori s K ierman Mr. Mrs. T. Kalkanis Joel Kornspon Mr. William Kilburg James Kilroy Family Mr. Mrs. E. Kimsal Mr. Fred Koop Mrs. J. Konopshy Mr. Mrs. Steve Korbelok Mr. Mrs. Michael G. Kohut Mary Kohut Mr. Mrs. Tom Kolesar John Kovocs Frod Kovocs Mrs. Marge Kovocs Ron Knoebel Janet Frankie Kovocs Mrs. Elizabeth Kish Mr. Mrs. Frank Kish Mr. Mrs. John Kish Mr. Mrs. Frank Kovacs Mr. Mrs. Walter Korlo Corl Kish Mr. Mrs. Kolojoy Mr. Mrs. W. Kowalczyk Mr. Mrs. Peter Kravitz Mr. Mrs. F. Kramer Karl Betty Mr. Mrs. E. Katz Mr. Mrs. D. W. Keefer Mr. Mrs. Donold Kovach L Mr. Robert C. Lund Dr. Mrs. Irving Luftmon Lynne Johnny THE LYON BOYS Mr. Mrs. Wm. J. Lyon Cath Lynn Dee Chris Randy Lompkin Mr. Mrs. Fredrick Langenohl Lee A. Langenohl Mr. Mrs. E. La Penno Mrs. Mr. J. W. Lowler Mr. Mrs. Jomcs Le Grand Jock, Grace Danny Letinski Stonlcy J. Letinski Mrs. Stonley J. Letinski Mr. Mrs. Willard Lacey John Lac Henmoyer Fred Joan Lacik Bonnie La Frenierc Mr. Mrs. G. Lo Frenierc Coptain John H. Lambert Mr. Mrs. T. Lomouauy Chris Larson Mr. Mrs. John Leonasch Mr. Mrs. R. Lepore Mr. Mrs. L. Lepore Mr. Mrs. A. William LeVan Mr. Mrs. Marvin Levey Trustee A. B. Likely Lillian Harold Linda Dove Mr. J. Lipori Mr. Mrs. L. Lipofsky Joe Lipofsky ’64 Rosalie Lipofsky Mr. Mrs. John Litchko, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Joseph Loffa Loyal Alice Lohse Joni Barb Lombardo Mrs. Helen Lombo rdo Leonard Stanley Long Mr. Mrs. Jomes Lordi ■ u. Mrs. Charles Lorentzen Mrs. Stephen Lorincz Lou, Bill, Rick the Rest of the Clods Sheila Jerry Lowenstein BOYS Mr. Mrs. Lucca Mrs. A. V. Santo Lucia Francis Luizza Mary Luizza Mr. Mrs. C. Lund Mr. Mrs. J. Lund Mr. Mrs. Jorgen Lund M Richie Moiller '65 Mr. Mrs. S. Martino Mary Ernie, Class '63 Mike Dot, alwoys Tom Madsen Ellon Me Cardie Mr. Mrs. Louis Miller Jim Miller Mr. Mrs. Ion MacLeod Robert H. Myer Mr. Mrs. Joseph Martin Mr. Mrs. E. Meier Mrs. Mary Manning Miss Helen McCormick Alice Medvetz Mr. Mrs. John Mognier Jr. Linda Mognier Molly Louise Pauline Manley Mrs. Motayo Mr. Mrs. Corlton Morgan Jim Mannord Mr. Mrs. F. J. McMahon Mr. Mrs. Eorl L. Michael Mr. Mrs. Lou Mono Miss Rosalie Modarosz Mr. Mrs. Charles Michael Mrs. D. Moier Mr. Fred Morris Mr. Mrs. John Murray Mr. Mrs. Roger Martin Master Michael Murray A. J. Marchitto Mr. Mrs. Joseph Marchitto Barbara Metz Froncis Moncuso III Francis C. Mancuso Jr. Mr. Mrs. W. J. McKee Moxene McFarland Georqino MulLer . Mr. Mrs. A. K. McIntyre Mr. Salvatore Morono 138atrond Mario Marilyn Larry "63'’ Mrs. Thomos Mouczcwski Mr. Mrs. Edward Martowicz Mr. Mrs. John Miller Denis A. Madigan Biu Mastuson AAAAAA James Manzo Murroy Beatrice Murphy C. Montesanti Bob McToque ‘‘63" Mr. Mrs. George Minord George Morri s Melanie Morris Mrs. A. McClure John E. Molincaux Mr. E. J. Molincaux Mr. Mrs. Androw Muller Paul Muller '65 Anthony Morr, Esq. Mrs. F. Muckelmann Mrs. B. H. Muckclmonn Mr. B. H. Muckelmann Mr. Mrs. Martin J. Ira McCabo Mr. Mrs. M. Mizenko Richord Munch Mr. Mrs. J. McEvoy Mr. Mrs. Mardyks Mrs. John F. Molincaux Mr. John F. Molineoux Vincent de Paul Molineoux Mr. Mrs. Connie Morelia Carl McGhee Maryanne McCourl The McCourl Family Mr. Mrs. Kenneth E. Mothieu Marty Daryl e Mr. Mrs. R. G. Miller Mr. Mrs. A. Miller Mrs. Kothryn Maskoluk Mr. Mrs. E. A. Mackelis Col. Mrs. E. C. Miller Mr. Mrs. Thomos Morel I i Mr. Mrs. Garry V. Mouroth Amparo Marrero Lisa Morroro Mr. Mrs. John Miller Mr. Mrs. Frank Molnor Mr. John McTighe Jr. Mrs. Betty McTighe Marie Roy N Barbara Newman Mr. Mrs. A. Nichous Mr. Mrs. H. Nickel Mr. Mrs. C. A. Nippress Mr. Mrs. A. Novotih Violot Nogy Mr. Mrs. M. Norcross Mr. Mrs. Anthony Nobile Mr. Mrs. J. Nemeth Mr. Mrs. Doory Nou Mr. Mrs. Meyer Namias Joon Thomos Nogy Mr. Mrs. P. E. Neunert Mr. Mrs. E. Bruch Nelson Mrs. Amy Nash Mr. Mrs. Steve Nagy Mr. Mrs. Robert Nuber Mr. Mrs. Rolph Nelson Mr. Mrs. John Nogy The Novak's Nancy Richie “64" Mr. Mrs. Kenneth J. Nuber Mr. Mrs. Sol Nothonson Mr. Mrs. Stephen Nagy Shoron Steve Nagy Mr. William Noyes Mr. Mrs. Peter Neff 0 Mrs. Mary Ossmann Mr. John Oliphont Mrs. Jul ia Ohal Mrs. Owens Miss 0. Peterson R. Perri T. Perri Mr. Mrs. T. Perri Elaine Pogono Potty Fronky Helen M. Pollerifi Mrs. Lucille Pauling Mr. Mrs. Frank Pascuiti Sr. Ruth George Potask Mr. Mrs. Edward Philpot Mr. Mrs. S. Polkiewicz Mr. Mrs. George Potrick Mr. Mrs. M. Pukos Mr. Mrs. Robert Prang Mr. Mrs. S. Poterscok The Pavloff Family Mr. Mrs. Angelo Poladino Mr. Mrs. S. Peterman Congressman Mrs. Edword J. Patter Mrs. Stcllc Papernik Mr. Mrs. Joseph Poul Mr. Mrs. John J. Pollock Mr. Mrs. John Petz Connie Patton Mrs. Morgoret Prill Dorio L. Perlo Joseph Paul Rose Paul The Porsolts Henry Pajakowski Mr. Mrs. Edward R. Padusniak Mr. Mrs. Potrick Potterson Darland Payne Elsie Poyne Mr. Mrs. W. J. Pattern Peggy Jimmy “64" Mr. Mrs. Joseph Pastorelli Q P Helen Quackcnbush Mrs. Helen Quinlan Mr. Mrs. Page Mr. Mrs. Edword Palulis Robert V. Polasck Clara Pacqkowski p Mr. Mrs. L. J. Pastorelli P. J. Pascal Mr. Mrs. John Pushie Kori Lori Pencck La Verne Penks Mr. Mrs. John Roman 139atrond Pomelo Ann Cheryl Ann Rodzowi Mr. Mrs. Louis A. Rokzowich Mr. Mrs. John Renner, Sr. Mr. Mrs. John Renner, Jr. Mr. Mrs. C. Reid L. Charles Rcbman Mr. Mrs. M. Rosenblum Michele David Rashbaum Mary Reilly Rene Margie Elsie Rice Roy Pcachie Mr. Mrs. F. Ruggiero George Koy Rcktenwold Mr. Mrs. Harold Ryno Mr. Mrs. John Ryno Rudy Lauro Wayne Rosemon Jonice "Yeah, Yeah,” Rosemon The Robinson Family "Stew" Robertson Mr. Mrs. Anthony Rossetto Mrs. Molly Rothmon Roberta Cliffie Reutsch Mr. Mrs. G. Romoino Ronnie Pat Mr. Mrs. Harry Russell "Gronny" Raybon Carter Russell Frances Russell Mr- - i Ho|£ld Rfisk Edward Rykowski, Jr. Tho Rcktenwold Fomily Mr. Mrs. E. H. Rasmussen Mr. J. Ryno Mr. Mrs. Morris Rice Roxy Tracey Ronnie Alan Mr. Mrs. J. E. Reynolds Margie Reid Mrs. Jennie Ratliff s Adeline Scorono Mr. Mrs. Mike Simkovich Mr. Mrs. C. C. Smith Mr. Mrs. C. R. Smith Mr. Mrs. L. Saunders Margaret Sepko Koy Spanko Koy Ken Stout Mr. Mrs. W. Stock ch Mr. Mrs. J. Saleo Mrs. Julio Stumpf Mrs. Andrew Stumpf Geraldine Sico C. Clork Sheppard Trustee Ernest Singley Mr. Jo Stacy Mr. Mrs. R. Steinberg Mr. Mrs. John L. Stanko Helen Sisko Mr. Mrs. Bill Smolder Mr. Mrs. Benny Szyorto, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Edward SI isky Mr. Mrs. Shorkey Mr. Mrs. Joseph Stevenson Mr. Edward Stovens, Sr. Mrs. Mary Serra tell! Mr. Mrs. Stephen G. Simon Mrs. Sequine Mr. Wm. Simpson Mrs. Louise Simms Richard S. Selznicj Mr. Mrs. Andrew Sable Mr. Mrs. S. Stephens Mr. Mrs. John Sziber Mr. Mrs. Arthur Sable Mr. Mrs. Joseph Sotko Mr. Noil Sacco Roy Shephard Sandy Andy Nancy Schreiner Mortha Smith Mr. Mrs. Schreiner Mr. Mrs. Albert Schreiner Pot Sommer Mr. Mrs. Ira D. Susswein Jone Schumann Miss Hope Schnieder Miss Karen Schnieder Mr. Mrs. K. R. Schultze Sue Schultze Mr. Mrs. Walter J. Sheridan Mrs. Lillian Smith Tony Jimmy Sonzono The Swensen Fomily Stella Mr. Mrs. James Stofer Mr. Mrs. J. Smith Nancy Jim Sanzone Mr. Mrs. A. Stawinki Mrs. A. Stowinski Mrs. Anno Senk Mr. Henry Stawinski Mrs. Konchady G. Shonoy Mrs. A. Snyder Mr. Mrs. Wallace Steinberg Richie Seldow (M. H. S.) Sandy Kippy Lisa Lorroine Singer Mr. Mrs. Fronk Simon Mr. Mrs. James Stofer Mr. Mrs. Charles Sortino Mr. Mrs. L. Silva Tho Swensen Family Stella Mr. Mrs. G. Schulta The Schaeffer Fomily Cloro M. Saunders Mr. Mrs. J. Smith Mr. Mrs. Anton Stetzko Mr. Mrs. John Simon George Siegel Fomily Mrs. M. Sarpinskas Mr. Ernest Saipinshas Mr. Mrs. A. E. Schantz Mrs. E. J. Stonik Mr. Mrs. William Shuboney Mr. Mrs. William Stonner Mr. Mrs. Edward Sokowski Mr. Mrs. William Seegcr Mrs. Kitty Schedeneck Mr. Fred Schedeneck Jane Seitz Fronk J. Seitz Mr. Mrs. John Shobel Family Mr. Mrs. H. Svenson Mr. Mrs. Edward Sherry Mr. Mrs. Robert Sinker Mr. Mrs. Fronk Scorpelli Mr. Mrs. Charlos Stevens Mr. Mrs. Ralph Starkins Kenny Steidel The Sorensen Fomily Mr. Mrs. Joseph Sodorstrom Mr. P. Schwartz Mrs. P. Schwartz Mr. George Stoncote Mrs. Florence Seno Cloro M. Saunders The Schaeffer Family Mr. Mrs. G. Schultz Mr. Mrs. Charles Sortino Mr. Mrs. L. Silva T John Tokoch Mr. Mrs. Edward Takach Mr. Mrs. Louis Trciber Mr. Mrs. George Thompson The Turner Fomily Toujous Les Beaties -yeh 140JPcitrons Mrs. Mary Turi Mr. Gezo Toth Mr. Mrs. Angolo Trnoto Mr. Mrs. G. Tote Mr. Mrs. Charles Toth Mr. Mrs. Charles J. Toth Tony Jeanne Mr. Mrs. James Tevlin Mrs. Robert Thorpe Mrs. A. Trumbatore Mr. Mrs. Emery Toth Jr. Mr. Mrs. Michael Toth Ann Trumbotorc Mr. A. Trumbatore Mr. Mrs. Joseph Tangollics Mae Tyrrell Mr. G. Toth L. H. Tyler Mr. Mrs. E. Tobias Mr. Mrs. Peter Tietchen Frank Tietchen, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Frank Tietchen Carol Dove Tudor Mr. Mrs. C. J. Tylko Timmy Maryann Mr. Mrs. Joseph Tassey Mr. Mrs. W. Torobotski Trixie Johnny Barbara Charlos Toth Mr. Mrs. P. D. Turi Tina Don Charles A. Timper Mr. Mrs. Joseph Tosouro Mr. Mrs. Terpack Mrs. Claudine Tamagnini Mr. Mrs. Anthony Tamagnini Mr. Mrs. Albert Tomagnini Mr. Mrs. C. Tlopon Mr. Mrs. R. L. Toth Mr. Mrs. Edward Tokoch Mr. Frank Tietchen, Jr. Mr. Mrs. E. Tietchen Mr. George Toylor Mrs. Madeline Toylor Tom Donna "61-64” Mr. Mrs. George E. Thompson Mrs. T. McCormick, Tingorie Mr. Mrs. Horry J. Thorsen u J. J. Umboch V The Vorgo's Marylou Vodos Mr. Mrs. Chris Veith Mr. Mrs. Arnold Viegelmann Mr. Mrs. Fronk A. Venuto Mr. Mrs. Paul Vargo Nick Voorhoos Mr. Mrs. E. Vamos Mr. Mrs. Edward Vitelli Mr. Mrs. Joseph Valocsik Mr. Louis Viel Mr. Mrs. H. Von Scoy Mr. Tony Viel Mr. Mrs. Louis Viol Mrs. M. Veisz John Vei sz George E. Vincz Mr. Mrs. Fronk Veal Mr. Mrs. John Valla Mr. Mrs. Paul Vocula Boron Gaylord Von Rylond Mr. Mrs. C. Von Nostrand H. J's Volontine's w Mr. Mrs. Stephen Weiss Buddy A. Weiss Butch A. Wei ss Fron A. Weiss Mr. Mrs. C. E. Wilcox Jr. Janet Wisniewski Mr. Mrs. Joseph Wolchko Mr. Mrs. John E. Wolski William Wyckoff Mr. Mrs. Gene Wyckoff Alice Wicknowski P.A.H.S. Harold Welch Wayne Joyce Mr. Mrs. Thomas G. Warder Mr. Mrs. John Walton Mr. Mrs. Robert Walton Mr. Mrs. Arthur Wood Jr. Family Mr. Mrs. Arthur Wood Sr. Kothi, Potti, Cliff, Wolchko Mr. Mrs. Acey West Mr. Mrs. Wendoll Born “Terry Ann West” Mr. Mrs. G. Wertman Thomas V. Westermon Mr. Mrs. C. H. Worthington Mr. Henry Worthington Mr. Mrs. Winfred Weber John Wycislak Mr. Mrs. E. Welch Mr. Mrs. E. Welch Mrs. Dorothy Willis Mr. Samuel Woods Mrs. Doris Wiss Mr. M. Wroclowski Mr. Mrs. M. Wroclowski Mr. Mrs. Woods Mr. Mrs. E. Wittmor Mr. Mrs. R. Woodward Mr. Mrs. V. Wolyok S. Wisniski Mr. Mrs. T. Walsh Mrs. Mildred Weiss Mr. Edward J. Walker Mr. Mrs. H. Weinor Cap’t. Wendell Born Mr. Mrs. John Williams Y Mr. Mrs. W. Yadusky Arlene Yaworsk Mike Yaworsk Mr. Mrs. K. Yelencsics Joyce A. Yelencsics Noncy L. Yelencsics Yancy Yost Mr. Mrs. Howard Yost Mr. Mrs. Sidney Young Frank Thomas Yuelling Mr. Mrs. F. Yuelling Mr. Mrs. J. Yonnacci Mr. Mrs. T. Yatsko z Joseph Zelenski Mr. Mrs. Zeller Mrs. Kotherine Ziegler Mrs. W. Z i mmormon Mr. Mrs. C. ZipprichSenior 2v,, ect on V A ADAMS. MAUREEN E., Business Highwoy cl Box 547, Metuchen, N. J., F.H.A. 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4. AFONSO, JACQUELINE A., Business 15 Borrk side Rood, Edison, N. J., Modern Donee 1; Ronger- ettes 2. ALEXANDER, OTIS R., 18 Girord Ave., Rohwoy, N. J., Buss. Club 2, 3; Chorus 2, 3; Hi Fi 2, 3; Dramatics 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4. AMANN, DONALD L., General 1705 Cinder Rood, Iselin, N. J. AMBROSIO, BETTY ANN., 37 Mcekor Avc., Nixon, N. J. Stud. Coun. 1; Acad. Science 1; Bond 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 2, 3. ANACKER, RONALD R., Generol 3 Bloomfield Ave., Fords, N. J. ANDERSEN, CHARLES W., College Prep. 101 Idlewild Road, Edison, N. J., Varsity Club 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Wrestling 1. ANDREJCO, DAVID A., College Prep. 25 Altomont Road, Edison, N. J., Latin Club 1, 4; Vorsity Club 1, 2; Football 2; Track 1, 2. ANGERHOFER, RICHARD A., College Prep. 3 Winthrop Rood, Edison, N. J., Acad. Science 3, 4; Wrestling 1; Radio Club 2; Rifle Club 2; Bowling Club 4; Talon 3, 4 (Editor). AUGUSTINE, ANTONIA L., Business 35 Ovington Ave., Highlond Pork, N. J. AUSTIN, ROBERT B., College Prep. 414-A Rahway Road, South Plainfield, N. J., Vorsity Club 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3. B BABIAK, LOUISE, 489 Wood Avc., Iselin, N. J. BACSKAY, STEPHEN, 146 Grandview Ave., Fords, N. J. BAGAN, MARY P., College Prep. 12 Center Street, Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 4; Stud. Coun. 3. BAILEY, JANET L., Business 36 Hillcrest Ave., Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 3. BALLOU, SUSAN J., College Prep. 225 Plainfield Ave., Nixon, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Acad. Science 3, 4; Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Rep. 4; F.T.A. 3, 4. BANASZEK, SANDRA K., College Prep. Hillsdale Road, South Plainfield, N. J., F.H.A. 2. BARANKOVIDH, SONDRA R., College Prep. 28 Spruce Street, Metuchen, N. J., Chess Club 4; Mello Tones 4. BARR, BARBARA A., College Prep. 16 Columbus Ave., Nixon, N. J. Stud. Coun. 3; Acad. Science 3; Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Modern Donee Club 2, 3. BARROS, MARY M., Business 19 Brooksidc Road, Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 1, 2. BARRUECO, LINDA M., 37 Andre Avenue, Edison, N. J. BARTH, CAROL A., Business 27 Henry Streot, Iselin, N. J., Leaders Club 3. BEARDSLEY, ROBERT W., College Prep. 66 Stony Road, Edison, N. J., Eagle 1, 2, 3, 4; Koy Club 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 4. BEBEL, CHRISTINE B., Business 18 Harman Road, Edison, N. J. BEDMAN, LINDA $., Business 33 Meeker Avenue Nixon, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Studont Council 1; Chorus 4; Eaglo 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 3; Class Rep. 1; Guid. Rep. 3. BEDNARZ, CAROL A., College 46 Albert Avenue, Metuchen, N. J., Academy of Scionce 3; Eagle 1, 3; Mos Amis 3; Leaders Club 3; Guid. Rep. 3; Class Altornoto 4; Tolon 3. BELLUSCIO, ALEXIS L., College 48 Ashley Road, Edisoh, N. J., Studont Council 1, 2, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2; Mod. Donee Club 2, 3; Class Rep. 2; Tolon 2. BERMAN, PAUL R., College 323 N. 8th Avenue, Highlond Pork, N. J., Acad. Scienco 3, 4; Dromotics 3, 4; Eagle 4; Key Club 3, 4; Class Rep. 2, 3, 4. BERNATH, SHIRLEY A., Business 352 Ploinfield Avenue, Edison, N. J., Student Council 1, 2; Bus. Club 4; F.H.A. 2, 3; G.A.A. 2; Class Rep. 3. BEST, NANCY J., General 23 Runyon Avenue, Edison, N. J., Chorus 3; Library Club 1, 4; Music Club 3, 4. BIEGEL, ANDREA J., Business 38 Dalton Place, Edison N. J., F.H.A. 1; Mod. Dance Club 1. BILCK, F. LYNNE, College 8 Morion Street, Metuchen, N. J., Chorus 1, 2, 3; Eagle 1. BIONDO, JOSEPH V., 6 Ricdcr Rood, Metuchen, N. J. BIRCH, LINDA L., 13 Adhley Rood, Edison N. J., Chorus 1; G.A.A. 2; Junior Red Cross 1. BLAKE, PAM J., 232 W. Shirley Avenue, Rahway, P. 0., N. J. BLANCHARD, DOROTHY, Business 3 B North Edison Gordons, Metuchen, N. J., Business Club 3; F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 3. BOBAL, MARY ETTA, College 3223 Pork Avenue, Metuchen, N. J., Studont Council 1; Mes Amis 3, 4; F.T.A. 3; Talon 3, 4. 142Senior directory BOBERTZ, CAROL A., 48 Richord Rood, Metuchen, N. J., Eagle 3; F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 3, 4; Bosketbal 13, 4; Leaders Club 3, 4; Future Physicians 3; Tennis Club 4. BOETTCHER, PAT A., Business 38 Ashley Road, Edison, N. J. BOKAR, JOHN, Business 56 Irving Streot, Nixon, N. J. BONALSKY, MARIAN E. 37 Calvert Avo., Metuchen, N. J., Chorus 3; G.A.A. 4; Mod. Dance Club 4; Ice Skoting Club 4. BORKOWSKI, MARYANN L., College Prep. 81 Loring Ave., Nixon, N. J., Dromo 4; F.H.A. 2, 3; Junior Red Cross 2, 3; Class Rep. 1. BOROWSKY, DOROTHY M., Business 34 Henry Street, I sol i n, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4; Leaders Club 4. BORRIE, STEPHEN D.. College Prep. 35 Richard Road, Metuchen, N. J., Wrestling 1. BOSWELL, ROGER T., College Prep. 70 Sixth Street, Fords, N. J., Varsity Club 4; Football 2; Soccer 3, 4; Wrestling 2; Class Rep. 4. BOZZAY, CAROL J., College Prep. 96 Gordon Terroce, Nixon, N. J., F.H.A. 2, 3; Eagle 4; Mes Ami s 2. BRAGINTON, EDITH, College Prep. 12- Idlewild Road, Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; Mes Amis 3, 4; Art Club 4; Servico Club 2; Choss Club 4. BRAUN, CHRISTINE P., 59 Proston Streot, Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2; Class Rep. 1, 2; Leaders' Club 4. BRAZ, ARMANDO, 48 Wilk Rd., Fords, N. J. BRAZICKI, ARLENE L., 121 Vineyard Road, Metuchen, N. J., Dromo 3; Eagle 1. BRELER, G. WILLIAM, 21 Kenmore Road, Edison, N. J., Track 1, 2. BRIDGES, ANNE L., Business 13 Meyer Road, Nixon, N. J., G.A.A. 2, 3; Mod. Dance Club 2, 3; Rongorotts 3. BROGNA, JANICE, 13 Schyler Dr., Highland Pork. N. J. BROOKS, NANCY A., College Prep. 73 Eden Avo., Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 4; Acad. Sci. 3; Chorus 3; Debate Club 2; Eagle 4; F.H.A. 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 2: Junior Red Cross 2, 3, 4; Leaders' Club 3. BROST, DIANA L., College Prep. 21 Sullimon Road, Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 4; Mod. Dance Club 4; Class Rep. 1, 2. BROWN, DENISE F., Business 74 Runyon Ave., Edison, N. J., Business Club 4; F.H.A. 3; Junior Red Cross 3. BROWN, DORIS M., College Prep. 33 Nelson Ave., Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 4; Chorus 3, 4; Mello Tones 3, 4; Latin Club 4. BROWN, GAYLESTHA B., College Prep. 4 E North Edison Gordons, Metuchen Nat. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Stud. Coun. 2; Eagle 3, 4; F.H.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Guid. Rep. 3; F.T.A. 3; Baskctboll 3, 4; Class Rep. 2, 3, 4; Service Club 2; Leaders’ Club 3, 4. BROWN, GESSIE, College Prep. 926 Ellis Parkway, Rahway, N. J., Chorus 1; F.H.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Leaders’ Club 3, 4. BROWN, FREDDA M., College Prep. 69 Homlin Road, Highland Park, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3; Dramo 3; Eagle 3; F.H.A. 1, 2; German Club 3, 4; Mod. Dance Club 2, 3; Tolon 2, 3; Class Rep. 2, 3. BROWN, WILLIAM E., College Prep. 9 A North Edison Gardens, Metuchon, N. J., Wrestling 1, 3. BRUGUIER, JOHN R., College Prep. 600 Old Post Rood, Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Count. 2, 3, 4. BRUNO, FRANK G., College Prep. 68 Oakland Ave., Nixon. N. J., Track 1; wrestling 1. BRYANT, ARTHUR, Business Grohom Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Chorus 1, 2, 3; Junior Red Cross 1, 4; Varsity Club 4; Baseball 1, 4; Bosketboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2. BUBROW, PAUL A., College Prep. 99 Prospect Ave., Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 3. BUCHANAN, DOUGLAS M., 19 Glonvillo Road, Edison, N. J., Varsity Club 4; Football 1, 4. BUDSOCK, RONALD E., College Prep. 30 Prospect Ave., Edison, N. J., Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Foot- boll 1, 2, 3, 4; Basebal I 2, 3, 4. BURNS, GEORGE D., College Prep. 24 Moryan Road, Edison N. J., Baskotball 1, 2. BURRIS, RONALD, College Prep. 468 Old Post Road, Edison, N. J., Library Club 1. BUSCEMI, GRACE A., 130 Loring Ave., Nixon, N. J. BUSSEY, CONRAD W.. College Prep. 13 Walnut Street, Edison, N. J., Band 3; Rifle Club 3. BYRON, HAROLD J., Business 85 Ashley Road, Edison, N. J. c CALABRESE, PATRICIS A. 16 Susan Place, Metuchen, N. J., F.H.A. 4; Latin Club 1, 2; Class Rep. 1; F.T.A. 1, 2; History Club 1, 2. 143Senior I rectory CALAMARI, LESLIE A., 9 Hollo Street, Fords, N. J., F.H.A. 4; Mes Amis 3, 4; Mod. Donee Club 3, 4. CAMPBELL, J., 235 Sylvondell Ave., Nixon, N. J. CARDANEO. ROBERT L., College Prep. 17 Hull Drive, Highlond Pk., N. J., Bond 1, 2, 3, 4. CARDINUTO, MARGARET M., 29 Porkcrson Rood, Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 2; Bus. Club 4; F.H.A. 1, 2; G.A.A. 2, 3; Mod. Donee Club 2, 3; Tolon 2; Class Rop. 2, 4. CARLUCCI, RONALD, 32 Coolidgo Ave., Fords, N. J., Track 1, 2, 3. CARRINGER, HANNELORS, 42 Riedcr Road, Metuchen, N. J., German Club 3. CARROLL, PATRICIA A., College Prop. 14 Foirmount Ave., Metuchen, N. J. CARSON, EDWARD R., Mixed 56 Rieder Road, Metuchen, N. J. CARTER, JAMES L., College Prep. 54 Plainfield Avo., Nixon, N. J., Radio Club 3. CARTER, RODNEY C. College Prep. 37 South Main Street, Motuchon, N. J. CASEY, MARGARET L., Business 10 Comstock Rood, Edison, N. J. CASTELLO, PAULA M., 5 Fielding Place, Metuchen, N. J., Hi Fi 1; F.H.A. 1, 2. CATERINS, BARTHOLbMEW C., Collcgo Prep. 980 Wood Ave., Rahway, N. J., Spanish Club 3; Varsity 2, 3, 4; Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Rep. 1, 2. CATERINO, JOHN, 950 Wood Ave., Rohwoy, N. J., Stud. Coun. 1; Acad. Sci. 4; Trock 3, 4. CHAMBERLAIN, SHARON L., College Prep. 26 Peoke Road, Fords, N. J., Chorus 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Tolon 3; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3; Bowling 4; Loaders’ Club 4. CHASSE, LILLIAN A., P. 0. Box 135, Edison, N. J. CHERLIN, MICHAEL, College Prep. 200 Punn Ave., Edison, N. J., Band 1, 2, 3, 4; CHERRY, KATHLEEN E., Business 78 Alexander Street, Metuchen, N. J., Dromo 3. CHINCHAR, DANIEL. Goncral 13 Normon Street, Fords, N. J. CHOBAN, RAYMOND G., College Prep. 5 Sturgis Road, Edison, N. J., Stud, Coun. 4; Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Eagle 3, 4; Key Club 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. CHRIN, MARTHA JEAN M., Collogc Prep. 8 Mortin Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Stud. Coun. 2, 3; Chorus 4; German Club 3; Closs Rop. 3; Rongorcttes. CHRISTIE, CANIEL J., College Prep. 30 Matson Rood, Edison, N. J., Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Soccer 3, 4. CHRISTOFFERSEN, JUDY A., College 24 Chandler Road, Metuchen, N. J. CIRRI, SALVATORE P.. College Prep. 177 Orongc Street, Highlond Pk, N. J., Stud. Coun. 4; Eagle 4; Vorsity Club 1, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. CLARK, BARRY, 25 Prospect Ave., Nixon. N. J. CLAUSEN, WILLIAM E., College Prop. 2739 Woodbridge Ave., Nixon, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3; Eagle 4; Spanish Club 2; F.T.A. 4. CLIPPER, GLORIA J., College Prep. 31 Windsor Road, Edison, N.J., Stud. Coun. 3; Acad. Sci. 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Mod. Dance Club 2, 3, 4. CKIYGG, JUDY A., Bussiness 9 Darrel Court, Metuchon, N. J., Nat. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Mos Amis 1, 2; Talon 3. COBB, PAMELA J., Business 5 Windsor Road, Edi son, N. J., Chorus 2; Leaders' Club 3. COIT, CHRISTINE W., Business 6 Madison Avo., Fords, N. J., Bowling 4. COLEMAN, THOMAS, College Prop. 21 Southfield Road, Metuchon, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Mes Amis 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Tolon 3, 4. COLLAZO, ARTHUR L., College Prep. 19 Coolidge Ave., Fords, N. J., Vorsity Club 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bosketboll 1, 2; Soccer 2, 3, 4. COLLETT, HOPE C., Businoss 31 Bradley Drive, Highland Pk., N. J. COLUCCI, ELIZABETH A., 75 A Wolff Ave., Fords, N. J. COMATAS, GEORGE A., College Prep. 11 Wills Road, Fords, N. J., Acod. Sci. 3. CONK, WILLIAM P., Collego Prop. 166 Winthrop road, Edison, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Chess 3. 4. CONNER, THOMAS J., Collego Prop. 3 Parsonage Rood, Metuchen, N. J., Bond 1; Debate Club 3; Track 3, 4. CONWAY, F. RICHARD, College Prep. 26 Utica Rood, Edison, N. J., Dramj : 4; Wrestling 1; Rifle Club 2. 3. COOPER. PATRICIA, Business 29 Stiles Road, Edison, N. J. COSGROVE, EDITH, Business 48 West Knollwood Rood, Edison, N. J. COSGROVE, ELLEN, Business 48 West Knollwood Road, Edison, N. J. CRISS, MARYL L., Businoss 1 Louise Road, Edison, N. J. CRISTELLO, THOMAS R., College Prep. 263 West Shirley Ave., Rohwoy, N. J. CROSTA, ANTHONY J., College Prep. 2 Woodbury Court, Iselin, N. J., Acad. Sci. 4; Eagle 4. 144Senior 2) ire dot V CUMMINGS, JUDITH C., 135 Winthrop Rood, Edison, N. J., Chorus 2; F.H.A. 2. CURRY, PATRICIA A., Business 225 Penn Avo., Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 4. CZOPEK, MARGARET A., 17 Heothcote Ave., Edison, N. J., Eagle 4; F.H.A. 3, 4. G.A.A. 3; Class Rep. 4; Loaders' Club 4. D DAILEY, JOHN J., College Prep. 15 Chandler Road, Motuchon, N. J. DALY, EILEEN N., 60 Coral Street, Fords, N. J. DAMBECK, MARTIN, College 32 Carlton Stroot, Fords, N. J., Vorsity Club 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2, 3. DAVIS, RICHARD C-, College Prop. 10 D North Edison Gardens, Metuchen, Vorsity Club 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVIS, WILLIAM A., College Prep. 26 Doyton Rood, Ediso ., N. J., Student Council 3, 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Footbu.l 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4. DAVY, CAROLE L., Collogo Prep. 43 Wildon Road, Edison, N. J., Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Book Seminar 2; Eagle 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 2, 3; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Modorn Danco 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Closs Rep. 1, 2, 3; Future toachors of America 2, 3; Tolon 3, 4. DE BOER, LAWRENCE 81 Jackson Ave., Fords, N. J. DEBOSE, WALTER V., General 17 A Bearer Street, North Edison Gardens, Metuchen, N. J. DECKEE, JOE F., College Prep. 77 Salem Street, Metuchen, N. J. DEMKO, CARL R., College Prep. Harding Avonue, R.F.D. «1 Box 335 South Plainfield, N. J., Baseball 2; Swim Club. DEMKO, STEPHEN J., College Prep. 30 Norwood Place, Nixon, N. J., Acad, of Scionce 3; Key Club 4; Track 3. DENICOLA, ALBERT J., College Prep. 44 Applo Stroot, Highland Park, N. J., Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Basoball 1, 2, 3, 4; Boskotboll 1, 2, 3; Class Rop. 3, 4. D’ERASMO, RICHARD, General 61 Schoylcr Drivo, Highland Pork DIETZ, RICHARD F., College Prep. 22 Panuonio Ave., Edison, N. J., Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 3, 4; Track 2; Wrestling 1; Closs Rep. 1, 2, 3. DITOSTI, ROY A., Collego Prop. Oliver Avo., Metuchen, N. J., Track 1, 2, 3; Rifle Club 2. DIXON, RONNIE D., Business 177 Plainfield Avenue, Edixon, N. J. DOMINO, NORENE L., 12 Moraine Road, Edison, N. J., Student Council 2, 3; Acad, of Science 4; Dramatics 3, 4; Class Rep. 4; Modern Dance Club 4. DONOVAN, LYNNE A., Business 9 Wilshire Road, Motuchon, N. J., F.H.A. 1; Modern Danco Club 4. DOUGLAS, ALBERT P., College Prep. Brook Avenuo, Metuchen, N. J., Football 2. DOWLING, PATRICIA, College 124 MacArthur Drive, Fords, N. J., Student Council 4; Acad, of Science 3, 4; Deboto Club 1, 2; Eagle 3; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Junior Rod Cross 3, 4; Library Club 1, 2, 3; Modorn Danco Club 3, 4; Class Rop. 1, 2; Talon 3. DREW, JOSEPH, General 30 Outcolt Rood, Edison, N. J., Football 1, 2; Boseball 1. DUDICS, PATRICIA J., Business 42 Montview Road, Fords, N. J., Bus. Club 3; F.H.A. 3; Talon 4. DYNOF, GERALD P., General Rahwoy Rood, South Plainfiold, N. J. E EBERHARDT, FRANCINE G., 152 Fourth Street, Fords, N. J., Stud. Coun. 1, 2; Bus. Club 1, 3; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Library Club 1, 2; Class Rep. 2; Guid. Rep. 3; Leaders' Club 3. ECKERT, DAVID J., College Prep. 96 Fourth Stroot, Fords, N. J., Band 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2. ECKHARDT, DIANE L., 41 Merker Drivo, Fords, N. J., Eagle 4; Mes Amis 3; Closs Rep. 2, 3, 4. ENTENBERG, SUSAN H., College Prep. 129 Idlewild Rood, Edison, N. J. ERNST, DONALD J., 40 Violet Place, Edison, N. J., Vorsity Club 1, 2; Wrostling 1, 2, 3, 4; Closs Rep. 1, 2, 3. F FACCIOLI, BRENDA S., 212 West Gront Ave., Rahwoy, N. J., Business Club 4. FARKAS, ALAN J., Collego Prep. 86 Jefferson Ave., Fords, N. J., Golf 4. FARKAS, SHARON G. 66 Orange Street, Highland Pk.,N. J. FARO, RICHARD S., College Prep. 19 Foirhill Rood, Highland Pk., N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 1; Eagle 3, 4; German Club 3, 4; Key Club 3, 2, 4; F.P.C. 3, 4; Class Rop. 1, 4; Guid. Rep. 3, 4. 145Senior directory FEDDERSEN, RAY C., Julius Engel Garden Build. H 1, Mctuchcn, N. J. FINAN, KATHLEEN E., Businoss 21 Ferris Rood, Edison, N. J., Bus. Club 3, 4; F.H.A. 3, 4. FIORINO, FREDERICK A., College Prep. 324 North 8th Ave., Highland PI., N. J., Radio Club 1, 2. 3, 4. FISHER, BETSY L., Business 13 LoLond Road, Metuchen, N. J. FITZGERALD, THOMAS, College Prep. 180 Plainfield Ave., Edison, N. J. FLECKENSTEIN, JOHN H., College Prep. 15 Spencer Street, Nixon, N. J., Bond 2; Radio Club 3. FOLEY, MICHELLE L. 18 Kenmore Rood, Edison, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3; F.H.A. 3,4; Tolon 3. FRYE, DAVID 36 Audubon Ave., Nixon, N. J., Stud. Coun. 4; Football 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Rep. 4. FUNK, FREDERICK H. 31 Baldwin Road, Edison, N. J., Eagle 4. G GALLO, RICHARD J. 165 Winthrop Road, Edison, N. J., Photo. Club 1; Chess 3. GARDNER, ESTELLE D., Business 7 Melville Road, Nixon, N. J., Nat. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Bus. Club 3, 4; Eogle 4; Tolon 4. GARDNER, ROGER C., College Prep. 93 Sharon Ave., Nixon, N. J. GARRISON, BEVERLY J. 33 Eardley Road, Edison, N. J. GASPARI, MARIA T. 46 Bartho Avo., Highland Pk., N. J. GASPRICH, DARLENE S., College Prep. 4 Wayne Court, Metuchen, N. J., F.H.A. 1, 2; G.A.A. 1; Mod. Dance Club 3; Spanish Club 1; Twirlers 1, 4; Class Rep. 3; Art Club 4. GENRUM, CAROLYN A. 31 Phillips Road, Edison, N. J., G.A.A. 4; German Club 3. GEIGEL, JOAN M., College Prep. 2 Pine Street, Motuchon, N. J., Chorus 4. GELGISSER, LYNN B., College Prep. 35 Oak Grove Lone, Metuchen, N. J., Stud. Coun. 3; F.H.A. 2; Mod. Donee Club 4; Rangcrettes 4; Art Club 4. GENITEMPO, KAREN A., College Prep. 209 Plainfield Road, Metuchen, N. J., Eogle 3; F.H.A. 1, 4; Art Club 4. GERB, GLENN, Generol 7 Kish Court, Fords, N. J. GIERY, MARYANN C., College Prep. 25 Center Street, Edison, N. J., Leaders' Club 3, 4; Drama. 1; Debate Club 1; F.H.A. 3; Jun. Red Cross 3, 4; F.T.A. 3; Mcs Amis 2, 3; Tolon 3; Class Rep. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 4. GILES, JANICE Route 1, Box 80a, Mctuchon, N. J. GILL, VICTORIA E., College Prop. 15 Kenlen Drive, Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 3, 4; Eagle 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Jun. Red Cross 3, 4; Mod. Dance Club 4; Tolon 3; Colorguord 4; Leoders Club 4. GIRARD, LAWRENCE C., College Prep. Ook Grove Lane, Mctuchon, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Key Cl lb 2, 3, 4. GLANZROCK, ROSE L., Business 15 Sonders Road, Edison, N. J., Bus. Club 3; F.H.A. 3; Talon 3. GOEDDE, CHRISTINE E., Collogo Prop. 17 Westminster Place, Nixon, N. J., Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Book Som. W; German Club 3, 4; Tolon 2; Class Rep. 3. GOLDENFARB, BETTY L. 93 Lee Street, Nixon, N. J. GOLINO, ROBERT L., Business I Rose Street, Highland Pk., N. J., Track 4. GRACI, JOSEPH, Genorol 6 Volost Road, Highland Pk., N. J. GRANT, BARBARA J., Business 16 Windsor Road, Edison, N. J., Chorus 1, 2. GRAUSSO, FRANK J. 500 Grove Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Nat. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Acad of Sci. 3, 4; Key Club 2; Vorsity Club 4; Soccer 3, 4. GRAY, DANIEL B. 13 Whitehall Ave., Motuchon, N. J. GRIESLER, GLORIA J., College Prop. 43 Listorio Street, Highland Pk., N. J., Acad, of Sci. 3, 4; Skat. Club 4; Photo. 2, 3; Radio Club 2, 3. GRILLO, JOYCE M. 36 Utica Road, Rohwoy, N. J., Eagle 4; F.H.A. 3; Jun. Red Cross 2. GRONBACH, STEVEN 10 Parsonage Road, Metuchen, N. J., Track 2, 3, 4. GRYGO, ROBERT 279 Woodbridge Ave., Highland Pk., N. J. GULA, MICHAEL J. II Wilshire Rood, Metuchen, N. J., Stud. Coun. 1; Key Club 2; Vorsity Club 4; Basketball 1; Soccer 1; Closs Rop. 1. GULUTZ, JO-ANN 6 Magee Road, Edison, N. J., Chorus 3; F.H.A. 4; Bowl. 4. GUSTENHOVEN, JUDY F., Colloge Prep. 33 Jackson Ave., Fords, N. J. H HAAS, RON, College Prep. 17 Hording Rood, Metuchen, N. J. HAGAN, CARYLE 73 Si I vorloke Ave., Nixon, N. J. 146Senior HAGGERTY, SUSAN C., Bos.-College 5 Monmoolh Avc., Menlo Pk., N. J., Stud. Coun. 3, 4; Acad. Sci. 4; Bos. Clob 3, (Pres. 4); Eagle 1; F.H.A. 4; Loaders Clob 4. HAMILTON, THERESA F., Bosinoss 40 Caldwoll Road, Edison, N. J., Closs Rep. 1. HANZL, SANDRA A. 42 Milton Ave., Metochon, N. J., Leaders’ Clob 3. HARTENSTEIN, BERNARD R., College Prep. 17 Moido Road, Metochen, N. J., Choros 3; Vorsity Clob 3,4; Soccer 3, 4. HASKINS, BARBARA E. 9 D North Edison Gordons, Metochen, N. J. HAUG, PAMELA J. 14 Foirfox Road, Edison, N. J. HEALD, MARLEEN L. 13 Foirfox Rood, Edison, N. J. HEGEDUS, MAIDIE R., College Prep. 205 Tingley Lane, Metochen, N. J., Stod. Coon. 3; Choros 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 3; F.N.C. 3; Tolon 3. HEINZ, FRANNIE, College Prep. 37 Storals Road, Edison, N. J., Debate Clob 4; G.A.A. 4; F.T.A. 4; Leaders Clob 3, 4; Girls Ice Skating Clob 4; Girls Bosketboll 4; Rongerettes 3, 4; So. Donee Clob 4; Eagle 4. HERANNEY, EVELYN, Bosinoss 187 Easy Street, Nixon, N. J., Eagle 4; F.H.A. 2. HERMAN, ALLEN F. 84 Parkway, Edison, N. J., Football 2, 3; Vorsity Clob 3; Baseball 1. HOCH, HOPE, Bosinoss 539 Wood Avenoe, Iselin, N. J., Business Clob 3. HODGES, MAUREEN S., Collego Prep. 12 Mercory Road, Edison, N. J. HODGETTS, STEVE E.. College Prep. 186 Loring Avenoe, Edison, N. J., Bank 1, 2, 3; Class Rep. 3; Dance Band 2. HOF, CRAIG R., College Prep. 9 Lenox Street, Edison, N. J., Photo.Clob 2; Vorsity Club 2, 3; Football 2, 3; Track 2, 4; Tolon 3. HOFFMAN, MARY, Business Dellwood Drive, Menlo Pork, N. J. HOMAN, JOHN F., General 350 Sottons Lone, Highlond Park, N. J., Football 1. HONKISZ, JOSEPH C., Business 134 Hillcrest Avenue, Edison, N. J., Baseball 3, 4. HORNER, CAROL M., Collogo Prep. 105 Waltume Avenoe, Fords, N. J., F.H.A. 3; P.M. Sorvice Clob 2; Leaders Clwb 3, 4. HOUSLER, JOHN C., General 114 Grocey Street. Edison, N. J. HOUSTON, ADELE E., Business 67 Ashley Road, Edison, N. J., Bosinoss Club 4. HRITZ, RONALD G., College Prep. 45 Roosevolt Blvd., Fords, N. J., Student Council 3; Varsity Clob 3, 4; FootbolI 2; Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Closs Rep. 2. HUDAK, FRANCINE 41 Heothcote Avenue, Metuchen, N. J., Student Council 1, 2; Eagle 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; German Club I, 2; Jon. Red Cross 3; Spanish Clob 2; Closs Rep. 1, 2, 3; Leaders Clob 3; Guidance Rep. 3; Talon 3. HUDANISH, JOAN, Business 113 4th Strcot, Fords, N. J., F.H.A. 3; P.M. Service Clob 1. HUGHES, JEAN M., Business 12 Highway Terrace, Highland Park, N. J. I INGANDELA, JOSEPH A., General 24 Fox Road, Edison, N. J. INTEMANN, DOREEN M., College Prop. 71 Elm Street, Nixon, N. J., Chorus 3, 4; Mello Tones 4; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3. IRWIN, MARGARET R., Business 47 Bradley Drive, Highlond Park, N. J., Rongerettes 3, 4. ISEMAN, LOUIS E. 32 Morse Avenoe, Nixon, N. J. J JABLONSKI, SUSANNA EL, College Prep. 11 Wiley Avenoe, Fords, N. J., Stod. Coon. 3;« F.H.A. 3, 4; Color guard 4; Bowling Club 4. JAFFE, ALAN W., College Prep. 9 Ryan Road, Highland Pk., N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Eaglo 4; Key Clob 3, 4; Soccer 4; Tolon 2; Closs Rep. 3, 4. JAMES, LOUIS B., College Prep. 2 Brox Road, Edison, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Chess Club 4. JENSEN, JUDITH L., College Prop. 10 Monaghan Road, Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 4; Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Eagle 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Basketball 4. JINOCH. FRED A., College Prep. 59 Harmon Road, Fords, N.,J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Gorman Clob 3: Key Clob 2, 3, 4 (Pres»); Class Rep. 2; F.T.A. 2, 4. JOBBINS, JUDITH E.. College Prep. 244 Old Post Road, Edison, N. J., Nat. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Talon 3; Class Rep. 3, 4; Library 3, 4. JOHNSON, BARBARA L. 6 Finley Road, Edison, N. J., Stod. Coun. 1, 3, 4; Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Chorus 3, 2; Eagle 3, 4; F.H.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 3; Leaders Club 3; Mes Amis 3, 4; Tolon 3, 4; Class Rep. 2; Tennis Clob 4; Photo. Clob 2. JOHNSON, JANE, College Prep. 54 Richard Rood, Metuchen, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Mes Amis 3, 4; Class Rep. 4. 147enior djlrectory JOHNSON, KAREN L., College Prep. 28 Montview Rood, Fords, N. J., Stud. Coon. 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 1; F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 3; Librory 2; Basketball 3; Leaders Club 3, 4. JONELUNAS, JOANN L., College Prep. 33 Radio Court, Somerset, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Eagle 4; F.H.A. 4; Mes Amis 4; F.P.A. 3, 4. JURISSEN, JADE E., College Prep. 124 Idlowild Road, Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 2; Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Eagle 3, 4; F.H.A. 2, 3; Literary Mog. 4; Closs Rep. 1. K KALAPOS, SHARRON L. 67 South Main Streot, Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 3. KAPLER, GARY L. 96 Lloyd Streot, Nixon, N. J. KAZLAU, SANDRA J. 3815 Pork Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Eagle 4; F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 3; Mod. Dance Club 4; F.P.C. 3; Rongcrottos 3, 4. KEENE, NANCY J. 22 Heathcote Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Band 1, 2; Eagle 4; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Mes Amis 2, 3; Mod. Donee Club 3, 4; Twirlers 2, 3, 4; Class Rep. 2, 3. KEISER, JEANNE M. 44 Ovington Ave., Highland Pk., N. J., Chorus 1; Mello Tones 2; F.H.A. 3, 4; Jun. Red Cross 2, 3, 4; Mes Amis 4; Tolon 3, 4; F.P.C. 3. KELLEY, RANDALL R., College Prep. 78 Winthrop Rood, Edison, N. J. KELLEY, WAYNE D., General 23 Kenmore Road, Edison, N. J. KEMMERER, SUZANNE E. 16 Lelond Road, Metuchen, N. J., F.H.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 3; Leaders Club 4. KENNEY, JAMES J. Box 18, Nixon Lane, Nixon, N. J. KENNEY, JOHN JOSEPH, Colloge Prep. Box 18, Nixon Lane, Nixon, N. J. KERMES, MICHAEL A. 61 Garden Terrace, Edison, N. J. KERR, MARK L., Co'l«9« Prep. 9 South Locust St., Metuchen, N. J. 2205 E. DeoDor, W. Covino, California KESZLER, SUSANNE, College Prep. 18 Irving St., Nixon, N. J., Book Seminar 2; Chorus 1, 2; Eagle 4; Mes Amis 4; F.H.A. 2, 3; Closs Rep. 4. KILROY, BARBARA V. 23 S. Heathcote Ave., Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 3, 4; Mod. Dance Club 4; Leaders' Club 3, 4; Jr. Class Ploy; Sr. Closs Ploy; Moscot 4. KIMBLE, BRUCE E., College Prep. 105 Old Post Rd., Edison, N. J. KIST, MELODY A. 1 Lotonia St., Highland Pk., N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Eagle Copy Editor 3, 4; Photogrophy Club 3 (Sec.). KLINE, ROBERT I. 2 Stark Place, Iselin, N. J. KLORMAN, RONALD M., College Prep. Box 403, Edison, N. J., Track 2, 3, 4. KLOUSER, THEODORE W., General 12 Winthrop Rd., Edison, N. J. KOBETITSCH, ROGERT, General 215 Oxford Rd., Rohwoy, N. J. KOHUT, BETTY JANE, Business 1710 Lincoln Hwy., Highland Pk., N. J., Business Club 4. KOTACSKA, KENNETH W., General 167 Jockson Ave., Fords, N. J. KOVACH, PAUL J. 30 Frost Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Stud. Coun. 4; Vcrsity Club 4; Soccer 4; Track 3, 4; F.T.A. 4. KOVACS, JOYCE 238 Wellington Ploce, Edison, N. J. KOVACS, KATHLEEN H., Business 2171 Woodbridge Ave., Edison, N. J., Business Club 3, 4. KOVER, KATHLEEN H., Business 42 Nelson Ave., Highland Pk., N. J. KOWTNA, CHRISTOPHER C., c l'°9« P'«P- 77-6th St., Fords, N. J., Track 2, 3. KRAEMER, ALAN W., College Prep. New Brooklyn Rd., Metuchen, N. J. KRAMER, LESLIE C., College Prep. 25 Hallo St., Fords, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Acod. Sci. 3, 4; Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Pres. 2, 3); Wrestling 1, 2; Math Teom 4; Sr. Closs Ploy. KRISE, JUDY A., Business 37 Prospect Ave., Edison, N. J., Bond 3; G.A.A. 1. KUENSELER, DONALD, Generol 33 Weldon Rd., Edison, N. J. KUKER, LESLIE J., College Prep. 10 Foirhill Rd., Highland Pk., N. J., Jr. Sr. Closs Ploy (make-up) KULAKOWSKI, DARLENE L., College Prop. 18 McEvoy Rd., Fords, N. J., Nat. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4 (Drum Majorette 4); Twirlers 3; Business Club 3, 4; Guidance Rep. 3; G.A.A. 3; Talon 3, 4. KULES, JOSEPH, College Prop. 120 Bornord Ave., Metuchen, N. J. KUPKO, JAMES J. 25 Garden St., Edison, N. J. KVORTEK, MARTHA A., Businoss 61 Hillcrest Ave., Edison, N. J. KWIETNIAK, PETER, College Prep. 27 Runyon Ave., Edison, N. J., Vorsity Club 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4. 14SSenior directory KWITTER, HENRY L., College Prep. 4 Vernon Rd., Edison, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Key Club 4; Chess Club 3. 4. L LA BARGE, EDWARD J. 29 Furley Rd., Edison, N. J., Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2; Soccer 3, 4; Indoor Track 2, 3. LABBANCZ, JOHN H., Generol 140 Morris Ave., Metuchen, N. J. LAFRENIERE, BONNIE L. 68 Runyon Ave., Edison, N. J., Business Club 4. LAMBDIN, RICHARD A., College Prep. 7 Mac Arthur Dr., Fords, N. J., Varsity Club 3; Football 3; Baseball 1; Baskotball 1, 2, 3. LAMPKIN, RANDALL W., College Prep. 87 Winthrop Rd., Edison, N. J. LANDAU, MERRIJANE, College Prep. 119 Redwood St., Edison, N. J., Chorus 1, 2. LANDRY, CAROL ANN, Business 24 Walton St., Nixon, N. J., Chorus 1, 2. LANGAN, GERALD J. 92 Crosby Ave., Highland Pk., N. J., Radio Club 3. LENNING, MARLENE B. 35 Windsor Road, Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 3. LARSEN, ALBERT W., College Prep. 18 Wilshire Rd., Metuchen N. J. LARSON, LAWRENCE P., College Prep. 38 Colton Rd., Edison, N. J., Acad. Sci. 4; Stud. Coun. 4; Dobatc Club 1, 4; Key Club 2; Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice Pres. 2, 3; Pres. 4); Baseball 2, 3, 4; Bosketboll 1; Track 1; Moth Team 3, 4; Jr. 8, Sr. Class Ploy; Class Rep. 4. LARSON, ROBERT, 26 Adele Court, Edison, N. J., Eagle 3, 4; Bosketboll 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 4; Tennis 4. LASZKO, HELENA A., Business 32 Woltuna Ave., Fords, N. J., F.H.A. 3Yi Talon A LAWLER. JOANNA B., 8 Stephenville Parkwoy, Motuchen, N. J., F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 3; Leaders' Club 3. LEFKOWITZ, SUSAN M., Col. 55 Gurley Rd., Nixon, N. J., Student Council 4; Class Rep. 1; F.H.A. 1. 2, 3; G.A.A. 3, 4. LEITNER, JOHN E., 173 Jackson Ave., Fords, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3; Varsity Club 4; Soccer 3, 4. LEMMONS, LENA, 306 Virginio Ave., Motuchen, N. J., Student Council 1, 2, 3; Business Club 3; Class Rep. 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 3. LENTO, KATHY M., Business 48 Brookhill Ave., Highland Pork, N. J. LEONARD, BARBARA T., Col. 40 Philip St., Menlo Park, N. J., Student Council 1, 2 (Sales Committee); Junior Red Cross 1, 2. LEONARD, JANE D, Col. 39 Rosewood Rd., Edison, N. J., Student Council 1, 2; Book Seminor 2; Ealge 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 2; Jr. Red Cross 3; Mes Amis 4; Class Rep. 3, 4; Talon 3, 4. LEONE, LINDA R., 145-C Grandview Ave., Fords, N. J. LERNER, SHARON L., Col. 5 Winthrop Rd., Edison, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3; Student Council 1, 2; Eagle 4; Class Rep. 3, 4; F.T.A. 3: Jr. Prom Committee; Jr. Sr. Class Ploy Committee. LETINSKI, GERALDINE A., Col. 55 Wistcrio St., Highland Pork, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4 (V.P. 4); Academy of Sci. 3; Chorus 1, 2; Eagle 3, 4; Mes Amis 2; Class Rep. 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; F.H.A. 2, 3, 4(Hist- orian 3, Projects Chr. 4); Soph. Closs Troos., Jr. Sr. Class Ploy; Talon 3. LEVINE, ROBERTA M., Col. 68 Colvcrt Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Chorus 3; F.T.A. 4; Mes Amis 1. LEVY, BARBARA D., Col. 327 Plainfield Ave., Edison, N. J., Jr. Class Play. LEVY, LINDA C, Col. 405 North 8th Ave., Highland Park, N. J., Academy of Sci. 4; F.H.A. 2; Eaglo Investment Club 4. LIKOS, ELAYNE M., Col. 28 Chandler Rd., Metuchen, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3; Student Council 3; Eagle 4; F.H.A. 2; Closs Rep 4. LILLIS, JOSEPH P., Col. 75 Garden St., Highland Park, N. J. LIMOLI, SHARON C, Col. 1801 Oak Tree Rd., Iselin, N. J., Mes Amis 3; F.T.A. 3; Closs Rep. 3. LINEEN, JANICE M., 2432 Woodbridgc Avo., Nixon, N. J., Student Council 2; Bus inoss Club 1. LIPOFSKY, JOSEPH, 3 Windsor Rd., Edison, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Student Council 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Moth Team 4; Boys' State 3; Jerseymen 4; Talon 3, 4. LONG, SHARON, Business 56 Beechwood Ave., Metuchen, N. J. LORINI, MARIE C., Col. 777 Grove Ave., Rahway, N. J., Academy of Sci. 4; Chorus 4, Eagle 4; F.H.A. 3; Closs Rep. 3, 4; Fut. Physicians’ Club 3, 4; Sr. Class Play. LOVETT, JOHN B., Business 333 Yale Ave., S. Plainfield, N.J., Football 1; Track I. LOWICH, JOSEPH J., Col. 46 Barton St., Fords, N. J., Track 2. LUCCA, MARGARET, 5 Miko Rd., Edison, N. J., Business Club 2; F.H.A. 1, 2. 149enior eJJivectory L UCKUS, GEORGE S., Gen. 1045 King George Rd., Fords, N. J. LUEBCKE, RICHARD W., Col. 14 Hording Ave., Mctuchen, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Acodemy of $ci. 3, 4; Student Council 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4. LUND. GEORGANNE G., Business 70 Sofron Ave., Fords, N. J., Eagle 1, 2; F.H.A. 4; Class Rep. 3; Bowling Club 4. LYNCH, PATRICIA A., Col. 37 Price Or., Edison, N. J., Art Club 4; Fut. Nurses Club 3. LYON, THOMAS B., 1984 Oak Tree Rd., Mctuchen, N. J. M MADISON, JANET M., Business 68 Chestnut St., Edison, N. J., Business Club 4; Eoglo 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. MAISON, ROBERT W., Col. 56 Lakeview Blvd., Nixon, N. J. MAKARCHECK, JACQUELINE E., Business 52 Albourne St., Fords, N. J., F.H.A. 4. MAKUH, ANN E., Business 98 Winthrop Rd., Edison, N. J., G.A.A. 2; Rangerettes 3, (Captain 4). MALINOWSKI. GERALDINE A., Business 23 Sims Rd., Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 3; Class Rep. 3, 4. MANNINO, PATRICIA A., 46 Ovington Ave., Highland Pork, N. J. MARCHITTO, FRANK A., Col. 41 Sharon Ave., Edison, N. J., Eagle 4. MARDYKS, HENRY L., Col. 1812 Ook Tree Road, Iselin, N. J. MARGARITONDO, SARA M., Business Duclos Lono Vale St., Edison, N. J. MARTELLO, PATRICIA A., 23 8rox Rd., Nixon, N. J. MARTIN, LOIS F., Col. 155 Hillcrest Ave., Edison, N. J., Student Council 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, 4; Guidance Rep. 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Class Ploys (Set Director). MARTINO, LUCILLE P., Business 40 Stiles Rd., Edison, N. J., Class Rep. 2. MATHIASEN, KAREN J., Business 71 MocArthur Dr., Fords, N. J., F.H.A. 1. MAZEY, DIANE, Business 75 Wilk Rd., Fords, N. J. MASUROWSKI, AUDREY L,M Business 62 Roosevelt Blvd., Fords, N. J., Business Club, 2; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 3; Class Rep. 3; Leaders’ Club 2, 3. MAURILLO, GERRY, Business 13 Ovington, Highlond Pork, N. J. MCCLELLAND, MARILYN J., Business 17 Weldon Rd., Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 3; Leaders’ Club 3. McCORMICK, JOYCE ANN, 67 Oakland Ave., Nixon, N. J. McCOURT, MARY-ANNE V., Business 35 King St., S. Ploinfiold, N. J., Bowling Club 4. MCDONALD, ARLEEN M., Business 1 Mill Road, Nixon, N. J., Student Council 3, 4; Eagle 1, 4; Mod. Dance Club 4; Rangerettes 3, 4. McFarland, carole anne.. Col. 3 Gotes Place, Highland Pork, N. J., Student Council 1, 3; 8ook Sominar 2; Eagle 1, 2, 3; F.H.A. 1, 2; Class Rep. 2. McGinnis, richard d., c©i. 40 Russell Ave., Nicon, N. J. McGUE, LORETTA J., Union Avenue, Menlo Pork, N. J., Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Mello Tonos 2, 3, 4; Mod. Dance Club 3. MclNTYRE, DIANE E., Col. 28 Jersey Ave., Menlo Pork, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Academy of Sci. 4; Chorus 3, 4; Mello Tones 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; Music Club 4. MclVER, THOMAS J., 1107A Woodbridgo Av©., Fords, N. J. McKEE, DANIAL F., Business. 462 Old Post Rd., Nixon, N. J. McKEE, PATRICIA ANN, Business 462 Old Post Rd., Nixon, N. J. MEHOK, JOHN J., Col. 18 Floronce St., Nixon, N. J., Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. MEHOK, JOSEPH, Gen. 18 Florence St., Nixon, N. J., Basoball 3. MEIER, DOROTHY M., Col. 8 Baxter Rd., Edison, N. J., Student Council 1; Business Club 1; F.H.A. 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 4; Mod. Dance Club 3, 4; Twirlers 4; Closs Rep. 2. MELLBLOM, LOUISE F., Col. 2572 Woodbridge Ave., Nixon, N. J. MERNAGH, EUGENE A., 4 Baldwin Rd., Edison, N. J. MESZAROS, ALAN S., Col. 15 Lafayette Ave., Fords, N. J., Baseball 1; Boskotboll 1, 2, 3, 4. MEYER, LYN, Col. 261 Old Post Rd. Nixon, N. J., Academy of Sci. (2nd V.P.) 3, 4; Student Council 4; Eogle 4; Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, 4; (Sec.); F.H.A. 2, 3, 4; (Trees.); G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Mes Amis 2, 3, 4; Class Rep. 3. 4. MEYERS, MARTIN G., Col. 21A Aldrich Dr., Fords, N. J., Varsity Club 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Basketball 4; Trock 4. MEZEY, CAROL. Col. 186 Jackson Ave., Fords, N. J. 150enior -Jjirectoru MICHAEL, CAROL F., 17 Eost Knollwood Rd., Edison, N. J., Bond 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHKOWSKI, LINDA V., Business 302 Hoover Ave., Fords, N. J., F.H.A. 1; Mod. Donee Club 1. MILLER, ADELINE C, Gen. 5 Hult Dr., Highland Pork, N. J. MILLER, JACQUELINE A., Col. 49 Richard Rd., Metuchen, N. J., Acodomy of Sci. 3; Student Council 2; Eagle 3; F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 3, 4; Mod. Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Leaders' Club 3, 4; Fut. Physicions' Club 3, 4 (Pres.); Jr. Sr. Class Ploys. MILLER, LARRY D., 63 Stony Rd., Edison, N. J., Footboll 1. MITCHELL, DENNIS E., Business 74 Sturgis Rd., Edison, N. J. MIZENKO, KATHLEEN M-, Col. 109 Bloomfield Ave., Fords, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Academy of Sci. 4; Student Council 3; Mello Tones 3, 4; F. H.A. 3, 4; Music Club 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Class Plays. MONROE, PHYLLIS JEAN, Col. 20 Lelond Rd., Metuchen, N. J., Student Council 1, 2, 3; G. A.A. 1, 2, 3; Mos Amis 2; Mod. Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Twirlors, 1, 2, 3; Class Rep. 3. MORAN, CAROL A., Business 140 Mineola Place, Highlond Park, N. J. MORIN, ROGER P., Col. 1 Longview Rd., Metuchen, N. J., Library Club 1; Radio Club 1. 2, 3. MORGAN, KATHLEEN J., Col. 48 Gurley Rd., Edison, N. J., Acodomy of Sci. 3; Book Seminar 2; Debate Club 1; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Rep. 1; Dramatics 3. MORLEY, GARY C, New Dover Rd., Rahway, N. J. MORRIS, ANITA JEANNE, Col. 299 Central Ave., Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1;-Library Club 1, 2, 3; Nurses Club 3, 4. MOSKOWITZ, SOPHIA S. 5 Westminister PI., Edison, N. J., Academy of Sci, 4; Student Council 2; Chorus 2; Dramatics 4; G.A.A. 2; Class Rep. 3; F.T.A. 4; Spanish Club 4; Radio Club 2, 3, 4 (Sect.); Photogrophy Club 2, 3, 4. MOSS, DOUGLAS L., Col. 60 Col vert Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Koy Club 2, 3, 4. N NAGY, JOHN RICHARD, Col. 25 Westervelt Ave., Nixon, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Boseboll 1, 2, 3, 4. NAU, ALAN W., Col. 17 Clausen Rd., Nixon, N. J., Track 1, 2. NAVATKOSKI, GLORIA J., Businoss 24 Stevens Rd., Nixon, N. J., F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Jr. Class Ploy. NEMETH, JOHN G., 11 First St., Fords, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Germon Club 3; Key Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Footboll 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2; Jr. Sr. loss Ploys, Soccer 4. NEMSON, SYLVIA, Business 4 Timothy Ct., Metuchen, N. J., Business Club 2; Dromotics 2; G.A.A. 1; Library Club 1. NERGES, ELEANOR, Col. 3 Applewood Dr., Rahwoy, N. J. NICHOLS, CAROLE L., Business 51 Chestnut St., Edison, N. J. NIECHWIADOWICZ, RICHARD J., Col. 31 Matson Rd., Nixon, N. J. NIELSEN, DANE P., Col. 48 First St., Fords, N. J., Eagle 4; Library Club 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; Soccer 3, 4; Class Rep. 1, 2. NIPPRESS, SANDRA LEE, Business 2 Dundor Rd., Metuchen, N. J. NIPPRESS, WILLIAM E., Col. 2 Dundor Rd., Metuchen, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Latin Club 2. NOBILE, JOAN M., Business 141 Lexington Ave., Highland Pork, N. J., Es gle 1; F.H.A. 4; NORCROSS, KAREN L., Col. 27 Heothcoto Avo., Motuchon, N. J., Student Council 3; F.H.A. 1; Mes Amis 3; F.T.A. 3. NORTON, JOHN M., 84 Winthrop Rd., Edison, N. J., Class Rep. 4; Radio Club 3. o O'DELL, PAUL J., Col. 19 Lelond Rd., Metuchen, N. J., Footboll 1. OLI VER, AUGUST, Col. 57 Campbell Ave., Highlond Pork, N. J., Varsity Club 3, 4; Football 3, 4. OLSEN, ALBERT, Collogo Prep. 446 Old Post Rd., Nixon, N. J. OLYMBIOS, LEFTERES M., College Prep. Tingley Lane, Metuchen, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Bowling Club 4. O'NEAL, CYNTHIA M., College Prep. 978 Grove Avo., Motuchon, N. J., Stud. Coun. 1, 2; Mello Tones 2, 3, 4; Eoglo 4; F.H.A. 4; G.A.A. 2, 3; Library Club 1; F.T.A. 2 (Pres.); Music Club 3, 4; Loaders’ Club 3; Sr. Class Play. P PADLAK, PAUL J., College Prop. 33 Woltuno Ave., Fords, N. J., Stud. Coun. 1, 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Boseboll 1, 2; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Closs Vice-Pres. 151Senior 2) tree ton. V PALEY, ROBERT 15 Mcttlors Lono, Now Brun., N. J. PALKIEWICZ, BARBARA A., Collogo Prop. 196 Loring Ave., Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 2; Closs Rop. 1. PASEK, BARBARA C., Business 50 Eordley Rd., Edison, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Business Club 3, (Vicc-Prcs. 4); G.A.A. 3; Dromotics 4; Eagle Rep. 1, 2; Skating Club 4; Jerseymen Corres. Sec. 4; Loodors’ Club (Sec. 3), 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Committoo; Jr. Closs Ploy Set Committee; Girls’ Store Alternate; Talon 3, (Prod. Edt. 4). PAVLOFF, PATRICIA E., College Prop. 320 North 8th Ave., Highland Park, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, (Sec. 4); Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Eogle 3; F.H.A. 1, 2; G.A.A. 4; Jr. Red Cross 3; Mes Amis 3, 4; Mod. Dance Club 2, 3, (Pres. 4); Closs Rep. 2, 3; Choirmon Jr. Prom Dec. Com- mittee; Tolon 3, 4. PEIGELBECK, KARLA J., College Prep. 6 Southfield Rd., Motuchon, N. J., Acod. Sci. 3, 4; F.H.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Mes Amis 3, 4; Mod. Dance Club 4; Fut. Physicions' Club 3, 4; Leaders’ Club 3, 4. PENDOLINO, LYNN M., Business 238 Old Post Rd., Edison, N. J. PENKA, LoVERNE J., Business 75 Bloomfield Ave., Fords, N. J., Stud. Coun. 2, 4; Leaders' Club 3; Sr. Closs Ploy Committee. PENNINGTON, ARLANA M. 13 Frances Rd., Motuchon, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3; F.H.A, 3. PERLMUTTER, MARLENE J., General 5 Smolley Re., Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 4; F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Tolon Rop. 2. PERRI, THOMAS J. Plainfield Rd., Motuchon, N. J. PERROTTE, IOLA R., Business 90 Gordon St., Highland Pork, N. J., Business Club. PERZI, NINA E., Business 6 Bayberry Cf., Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 2; F.T.A. 3, 4. PESCHEK, ELAINE K.. College Prep. 18 Westervelt Ave., Nixon, N. J., Chorus 4; Eagle 4; F.H.A. 1, 2; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Mes Amis 2, 3; Mod. Dance Club 2, (3 Historian), 4; Twirlers 2, 3» (Co-coptoin 4); Closs Rep. 1, 3, 4; Soph. Closs Sec. PESETSKY. JOHN G. 96 Schyuler Dr., Highland Park, N. J. PETERS, JOHN F.,Cdlcge Prep. 18 Maplewood Avo., Metuchen, N. J., Football 2; Track 1, 2. PETERSEN, CAROLE JANE, Business 94 MacArthur Dr., Fords, N. J. PETRUZZIELLO, DARYLE A. 11 S. Heothcote Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3; Stud. Coun. 1, 3; Mes Amis 4; Closs Rep. 1, 4; Sr. Class Ploy; Tolon 3, 4. PIECHOCINSKI, LINDA ANN, Business 18 Second St., Fords, N. J., Chorus 2; Dobote Club 1; F.H.A. 4; Mod. Dance Club 3. PIMBELL, CAROL ANN, Business 33 Finley Rd., Edison, N. J. PODOLSKI, GEORGE V., College Prep. 15 Estok Rd., Edison, N. J., Spanish Club 2; Soccer 3, 4; Class Rop. 3; Basketball 1, 2. POLES, PATRICIA H., Business 31 Coldwell Rd., Edison, N. J. POLON, NANCY E., Business Temple St., Menlo Park, N. J., Chorus 2, 3. PORSOLT, CAROL L., Business 26 Chestnut St., Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 1. POSNER, JOYCE D. 1986 Oak Trco Rd., Metuchen, N. J. POVALAC, STEPHEN P., College Prop. 87 Bernard Ave., Motuchen, N. J., Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Boseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. PRATKA, DIETER 18 Richmond Rd., Nixon Pork, Edison, N. J. PUSHIE, CAROL A., Business 48 Prospect Ave., Edison, N. J., Business Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; F.H.A. 1. Q QUATTROCCHI, RICHARD S.. Generol 61 Edgogrovc St., Fords, N. J., Football 2. R RADACH, BARBARA B., Business 274 Central Ave., Edison, N. J., Leaders’ Club 3. RAY, PAUL M., College Prep. 91 Bernard Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Basketball 1. RAGONESE, ROSALIE J., Business 49 Lokeview Blvd., Nixon, N. J., F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Closs Rop. 1. RANKIN, ROBERT A., College Prop. 8ox 301, Metuchen, N. J. RADZAWICH, MARYLOU, Col.-Bus. 118 Silvor Lake Avenue, Nixon, N. J., Chorus 2, Eagle 3, 4; F.H.A. 3, 4; Jr. Red Cross 3; Mes Amis 4; Tennis Club 4; Photography Club 2; Leaders’ Club 3. RECK, HAROLYN J. 38 Winthrop Rd., Edison, N. J. RcCORR, CHARLES K., College Prep. 8 Piedmont Rd., Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. u; Book Seminar 2; E Jgl« 3; Library Club 2; Varsity Club 2; Footboll 2; Class Rep. 1. 152enior -Jjireclorij REIFKE, HENRY J. 13 Grondview Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Rifle Club 3, 4. REIFKE, NANCY E. 13 Grondviow Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Chorus 3; Eagle 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; Library Club 3; Mod. Dance Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Class Rep. 3, 4; Color Guard 4. REINECKE, SHERRY J., College Prep. 14 O’Hara St., Fords, N. J., Mod. Dance Club 4; Eagle 4. RICCIARDI, JOSEPH J. 5 Woodocre Dr., Edison, N. J. RICE, BARBARA A., Business 68 Melbourne St., Nixon, N. J., Business Club 3, (Sec. 4). RILEY, LARRY D., College Prep. 121 Idlewild Rd., Edison, N. J., Jr. Red Goss 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Track 3; Wrestling 1, 2. RINKER, LYNN D., 19 Colton Rd., Edison, N. J. ROMA, THERESA, Business 4 Moryon Rd., Edison, N. J. ROSKO, JOHN R., College Prep. 4 Formhovon Ave., Iselin, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Mes Amis 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 3, 4; Tennis 4; Square Dancing 4. ROSS, WILLIAM J., College Prep. 5 Tell Place, Nixon, N. J., Acod. Sci. 4. ROSSHIRT, LAWRENCE L. 231 Wellington PI., Edison, N. J. ROTHMAN, DONNA M., College Prep. 332 North 8th Avo., Highlond Pork, N. J., Acad. Sci. 4; Stud. Coun. 1, 3; Loaders' Club 3, 4; Class Rep. 2. RUSCHE, ROBERT H., General 42 Formhovon Avo., Iselin, N. J., Vorsity Club 3, 4; Foot- ball 3, 4. RUSNOCK, STEPHEN A. 35 Seymour Avo., Highlond Park, N. J., Key Club 3; Vorsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4. RUSSELL, BETTY JANE, Colloge Prep. 17 Finley Rd., Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 4; Jr. Red Cross 1; Twirlors 1. s SABINE, LARUA S., Business 17 Albany St., Fords, N. J. SABLE, JUDITH A. 23 Altamont Rd., Nixon Park, N. J., Business Club 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 3, 1. SABO, ALLEN A., General 188 Easy St., Nixon, N. J. SALTARELLI, MICHAEL D. 36 Loring Avc., Edison, N. J. SANDORFF, DANIEL R. 41 Bloomfiold Avc., Fords, N. J. SANTA MARIA, PHYLLIS 7 David Ct., Metuchen, N. J. SARTAIN, GLADYS A., Business 7 Highway Terrace, Edison, N. J. SATTUR, RUSSELL W., Collogo Prop. 3 Boyberry Ct., Edison, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Hi Fi 2, 3; E°9l« 4; Key Club 3, 4; Mes Amis 1, 2; Photography Club I, 2; Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Music Club 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3. SAWICKI, GEORGE E.. College Prep. 15 Manor Blvd. Motuchen, N. J., Key Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3; Track I, 2, 3. SCHAAF, ROBERT M. 196 Penn Avo., Edison, N. J., Basketball 1, 2. SCHEDNECK, THEODORE F., General 28 B Garfield Park Apts., Metuchen, N. J. SCHEFFER, PAULA R., College Prep. 3893 Pork Ave., Metuchen, N. J. SCHIMMEL, ROBERT R., College Prep. 22 Peake Rd., Fords, N. J., Stud. Coun. 1; Eagle 1; Class Rep. 1. SCHNEIDER. ELIZABETH, College Prop. 89 Garden Terroce, Nixon, N. J., Acod. Sci. 3, 4; G.A.A. 4; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Mes Amis 2, 3; Jr. Class Ploy; Class Rep. 2. SCHREFFLER, SHEILA A. 7 Weldon Rd., Edison, N. J., Gorman Club 3. SCHREIBER, RUSSELL L., College Prep. 14 Froncos Rd., Metuchen, N. J., Acod. Sci. 4; Stud. Coun. 2; Eagle 4; Koy Club 2, 3, 4; Mes Amis 4; Talon 3, 4. SCHREINER, RONALD A., College Prep. Vineyord Rd., Edison, N. J., Key Club 1, 2; Vorsity Club 3, 4; Foo‘b;ll 3, 4. SCHULTZ, KAREN A., College Prop. 7 Holly Place, Edison, N. J., Eagle 4; F.T.A. 2, 3; Spanish Club 4; Sr. Class Ploy; Literory Magazine 4. SCHULTZ, KENNETH E. 4 Daniel Rd., Metuchen, N. J. SCHWALJE, MADELENE, College Prep. 194 Lafayette Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Acod. of Sci. 3, 4; Stud. Coun. 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3; Debate Club 1, 2; G.A.A. 3; Mod. Dance Club 1; PM Service Club 2. SEETERLIN, RICHARD J. 77 Hillcrost Ave., Edison, N. J. SEICH, SHARON K. 853 Amboy Ave., Fords, N. J., Stud. Coun. 1; Twirlers 1. SEITZ, AUDREY $., Business 51 Caldwell Rd., Edison, N. J. 153Senior jbirectory SELICK, BAR8ARA D., College Prop. 41 Columbus Avo., Edison, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; F.H.A. 3; Eogle 1, 2, (3 Pg. 1 Co. Editor), (4 Editor-in Chief); Citizenship Institute Alt. SHEBEL, JOY H., Business 94 Hillcrest Ave., Edison, N. J., Phys. Ed. Show. SHEPPARD, CLIFTON CLARK, College Prep. 20 Sky top Rd., Metuchen, N. J., Stud. Coun. 4; Bond 1, 2; Trock 1, 2; Lotin Club 2. SHORTT, WILLIAM L., C©Hego Prep. 39 Kenlen Dr., Nixon, N. J. SHRODO, PAUL E. 27 Seymour Ave., Highlond Pork, N. J. SIMMS, ROBERT G. 212 West Hogol Ave., Rohwoy, N. J., Business Club 3; Eagle 1. SIMON, FRANK D. 7 Foyette St., Nixon, N. J. SINKO, JAMES R., Gonerol 55 Caldwell Rd., Edison, N. J., Football 1. SITREN, LINDA R., College Prop. 15 Mill Rd., Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 3, 4; Class Rep. 4; Rangerottes 3, 4. SKOWRONEK, MICHAEL JOHN, Gcnerol Monmouth Ave., Box 189, Menlo Park, N. J. SLAGLE, EVERETT, College Prop. 183 Loring Avo., Nixon, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Rifle Club 2, 3. SLOAN, RICHARD M. 26 Outcolt Rd., Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 2; Class Rop. 2. SMINK, JOHN A. 25 Dartmouth St., Fords, N. J., Football 1. SMITH, CYNTHIA M. 3905 Pork Avo., Motuchon, N. J., Dramatics 3. SMITH, DORIS J., Business 3 Nancy Circle, Nixon, N. J., Cl°ss Rep« 2. SMITH, JAMES L., College Prep. 144 Hillcrest Ave., Edison, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4. SMITH, JOAN F., Business 1044 Amboy Avo., Fords, N. J., Business Club 3; F.H.A. 2, 3; Mod. Dance Club 3; Closs Rep. 3. SMITH, RODGER L. 110 Fourth St., Fords, N. J., Varsity Club 4; Soccer 4. SMITH, STEVEN A., College Prep. 36 Hamlin Rd., Highlond Park, N. H., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; Library Club 1, 2; Closs Rep. 2; Chess Club 4; Stud. Coun. 2. SMITH, MARY M. Edem Ave., Edison, N. J., Chorus 1, 2. SMOYAK, JUDY, Business 46 MacArthur Dr., Fords, N. J. SNYDER, KAREN LEE, Business 26 Glenville Rd., Edison, N. J., F.H.A. 1; Class Rop. 1. SPIEWAK, ROBERT A., College Prep. 138 Winthrop Rd., Edison, N. J., Stud. Coun. 1; Rifle Club. SPI KES, WILLIAM H. 10F N. Edison Gordons, Metuchen, N. J., Football 1, 2, 3; Trock 2; Wrestling 2, 3. SPITZMILLER, ANNE C., College Prep. 6 Seymour Ave., Highlond Pork, N. J., Class Rep. 3; Pho- tography Club (1, 2 Vice-Pros.), (3, 4 Soc.); Gormon Club 3, 4; Stud. Coun. 3; Acad. Sci. 3, 4; F.H.A. 2, 3; Jr. Red Cross (] Vico-Pres.), (2, 3 Pres.), 4; County Vice-Chairman Jr. Red Cross. SPRINGER, WALTER P. 16 Ashley Rd., Edison, N. J. STEPNOWSKI, BRUCE H., College Prep. Monmouth Ave., Menlo Park, N. J. STEVENSON, ROBERT A., College Prep. 50 Woync St., Nixon, N. J., Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. STOFER, GENE J., College Prep. 2 Rogont Ct., Edison, N. J. STOKES, SHARON M.. Business Harding Ave., Box 297, R.F.D. 1. S. Plainfield, N. J. STONIK, NANCY S., College Prep. 40 Albert Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Stud. Coun. 2; Eoglo 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3; Mes Amis 3, 4; F.T.A. 3; Bowling League 4; Tolon 3. SURIANO, WILLIAM W., College Prep. 4 Apple St., Highland Pork, N. J., Mes Amis 4. SZIBER, NANCY M., College Prep. 4 Merker Dr., Fords, N. J., Stud. Coun. 2, 3; F.H.A. 4; Mes Amis 3,. 4; Mod. Danco Club 3, 4; Class Rep. 3. T TAKACS, FRANK W., College Prop. 44 Beech St., Nixon, N. J., Stud. Coun. 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Footboll 3, 4; Closs Rep. 3. TAMAGNINI, JOSEPH E., Collogo Prep. 13 Sturgis Rd., Edison, N. J., Varsity Club 3, 4; Boscboll 2; Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4. TANGO, VALERIE L., Business 9 Motson Rd., Edison, N. J., Business Club 1. TASSEY, MICHAEL J.» College Prep. 27 Sturgis Rd., Edison, N. J., Dobote Club 1, 2. TAYLOR, PATRICIA A., College Prep. 120 Michoel St., Menlo Pork, N. J., Class Rep. 1. TAYLOR, RAYMOND 62 Wayne St., Edison, N. J. TERRANOVA, RALPH, Business 25 Loring Ave., Edison, N. J.Senior J irectorij TERRANOVA, ROBERT, Business 72 Seymour Ave., Edison, N. J. TESAURO, PETER J., College Prep. R.F.D. 1, Pork Ave., S. Plainfield, N. J., Stud. Coun. 1, 2; Vorsity Club 3; Football 2, 3; Baseball 1, 3. TIETCHEN, ANN MARIE, Business Wood Ave, Menlo Pork, N. J. TOBIAS, EDWARD E., 13 Lehigh Ave., Fords, N. J., Football 1; Class Rep. 3. TOMALIN, SUSAN A., Col. 34 Williams Rd., Metuchen, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3; Student Council 3, 4; Cheerleaders 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Mes Amis 2, 3, 4; Mod. Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Class Rep. 1, 2, 4; Class Officer 1, 2; Jr. Sr. Class Plays. TOMCSIK, JOHN C., 17 Woltuno Ave., Fords, N. J. TOMKIEWICZ, EDV ARD S., Col. 105 Shermon Blvd. , Rahway, N. J., Varsity Club 2, 3; Track 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Rep. 4; Chess Club 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Squore Dancing 4. TOTH, BARBARA, Gen. 271 Hoover Ave., Fords, N. J. TOTH, JANICE M., Business 18 Normon St., Fords, N. J. TOTH, KATHY C., Business 15 Caldwoll Rd., Nixon Park, Nixon, N. J. TREIBER, ANDREA R., Gon. 47 Russell Ave., Nixon, N. J. TRINITY, SUSAN A., Business 71 Gurloy Rd., Nixon, N. J. TURANO, JOSEPH R. TUTTLE, RICHARD L., 970 Wood Ave., Rahway, N. J. TWISS, PATRICIA K., Col. 10 Kcstcr Dr., Metuchen, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Eagle 3, 4; F.H.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3; Girls Bosketball 2, 3; Leaders Club 3. TYLKA, LEONARD C., Col. 25 Third St., Fords, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Acodomy of Sci. 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Vorsity Club 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Soccer 3, 4; Golf Team 3, 4; Sr. Closs Play. u UHLIG, PETER R„ Col. 11 Noncy Circle, Nixon, N. J. USENKO, KATERYNA, Col. 50 Leslie St., Highland Pork, N. J., Not. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Acodemy of Sci. 3, 4; Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2; German Club 3, 4; Mod. Donee Club 2, 3, 4; Class Rep. 1. USHER, LOUIS, Col. 33 Walnut St., Edison, N. J., Band 1, 2, 3; Eagle 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Art Club 4. V VALENTINO, LAWRENCE 79Winthrcp Rd., Edison, N. J., Varsity Club 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3. VALOR, JOHN $., 44 Stiles Rd., Edison, N. J. VANDEURSEN, RICHARD E., Col. 8 Lohiere Ave., Edison, N. J., Acodemy of Sci. 3; Student Council 1; Eagle 3; Mes Amis 3; Photography Club 1, 2; Jr. Class Ploy; Talon 2, 3, 4. VAN HOOSE, CHARLES J., Col. 46 Glencourt Ave., Fords, N. J., Footboll 1; Class Rep. 3. VANHORN, ROBERT, 481 Plainfield Rd., Metuchen, N. J. VANNOSTRAND, CYNTHIA G.. Business 57 Lohiere Ave., Edison, N. J., Class Rep. 1. VAN PELT, MARGARET J., Col. 1002 Featherbed Lone, Rohwoy, N. J., Academy of Sci. 4; Eagle 3; Jr. Rod Cross 3; F.H.A. 2; Closs Rep. 1, 2, 3; Closs President 1. VERDUCI, BRADLEY J., Ethel Rd., Nixon, N. J. VIEGELMANN, ELLEN L., Col. 16 Morgan Dr., Highland Park, N. J., Chorus 2, 3; F.H.A. 4; Fut. Nurses’ Club 3, 4. VREELAND, ROBERT H., Col. 589 Old Post Rd., Edison, N. J., Chorus 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Football 1; Trock 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Closs Plays. w WALKER, JERRY B., 56 Taft Ave., Highland Pk., N. J., Stud. Coun. 3; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Footboll 2, 3, 4; Trock 2, 3, 4. WALSH, LYNNE B., Generol 3 Bradloy Dr., Highland Pk., N. J. WALTERS, GLENN L.. 1086 Woodbridge Ave., Fords, N. J. WALTON, ROSEMARY L., Business 8 Ten Eyck PI., Metuchen, N. J., G.A.A. 3; Leaders' Club 3. WARD, FLORENCE V., College Prep. 24 Horrigan St., Highlond Pk., N. J., Chorus 1; Fut. Nurses' Club 3, 4. WARDER, MICHAEL Y., College Prep. 5 Beech Lone, Metuchen, N. J., Nat. Honor Soc. 3,. 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Basketball 1; Golf 3, 4; Swim Team 3; Talon 3, 4. 155Senior - i recto 'Y WARREN, CANOICE K., College Prop. 13 Monoghan Rood, Edison, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Leaders’ Club 3, 4; Skot. Club 4; Swim Club 4; Class Rep. 1, 2. WASLER, DONNA M., College Prep. 44 Bartho Ave., Highland Pk., N. J., G.A.A. 2, 3; Lofin Club 1, 2; French Club 2, 3; Tennis Club 3; Mod. Dance Club 3; Basketball 1, 2. WAZNALIS, PAULINE J., 22 Stony Road, Edison, N. J., Eagle 3; F.H.A. 3; Library Club 2; Sponish Club 1, 2. WEINER, HARRIETT S., College Prep. 302 Plainfield Ave., Edison, N. J., Not, Honor Soc. 3, 4; Acad. Sci. 3; Stud. Coun. 3; Mes Amis 3. WEIS, ALFRED A., College Prop. Rahway Road, South Plainfield, N. J., Acad. Sci. 4; Radio Club 1, 2, 3; Bowling Club 4. WELCH, CAROL A., College Prep. 34 BrookfolI Road, Highland Pk., N. J., G.A.A. 3; Mes Amis 3; Class Rep. 1, 2; Leaders’ Club 3, 4; Bowl.Club 4; Rangcrcttos 3, 4. WELCH, EDWARD E., College Prep. 41 Parkerson Rood, Edison, N. J., Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Wrest. 2; Eagle 4. WELSCH. WILLIAM M., College Prep. 35 Meyer Road, Edison, N. J., Acad. Sci. 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Hist. Soc. 4. WENDLAND, JOHN J., College Prep. 70 Sturgis Road, Edison, N. J., Basoball 2, 3; Bowl. Club 4. WERNOSKI, RICHARD S., Collcgo Prop. 34 Jofferson Avo., Fords, N. J., Key Club 1; Basketball 1. WEST, JACCUELINE J., Business 39 Bradley Dr., Highland Pk., N. J., Loaders’ Club 3; Eagle; Mod. Dance Club. WILKENS, DIANE M., Business 42 Middlesex Avo., Menlo Pk., N. J. WILLIAMS, FREDERICK A., Business 355 Inman Ave., Metuchen, N. J., Vorsity Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. WILSON, WILLIAM E., College Prep. 91 Crosby Ave., Highland Pk., N. J., Chorus; Vorsity Club; Soccer. WOERNER, TODD P., 7 Lloyd St., Nixon, N. J. WOESSNER, LUCY A., Col. 13 Mercer St., Motuchon, N. J. WOJCIECHOWSKI, CHARLOTTE Maryland Ave., S. Plainfield, N. J. WOJCIK, LILLIAN J., Business 55 Bolger St., Fords, N. J WOLFF, GARY F., 56 Violet Place, Edison, N. J. WOLSKI, JACQUELINE J., Col. 155 Lexington Ave., Highland Park, N. J., Studonf Council 1, 2, 4; Eagle 3, 4; Play Commitleos 3, 4; Mes Amis 2, 3; F.T.A. 3; Closs Sec. 1, 3, 4; Talon 3, 4. WOODS, LINDA C., 63 Chestnut St., Edison, N. J. Y YAGER, ALBERT A., 112 Schuyler Dr. Highland Park, N. J., Eagle 3, 4; Trock 3. YANNACCI, LORRAINE, Business 41 Outcalt Rd., Edison, N. J. YARGER, TIMOTHY S., Col. 37 Foloy Ave., Rohway, N. J., Academy of Sci. 3; Studont Council 1; Soccer 4; Wrestling 1. YELENCSICS, CAROL A., Col. 121 So. Main St., Metuchen, N. J., Student council 1; Eagle 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 2, 3; Jr. Rod Cross 2, 3; Mos Amis (Sec. 2), 3; Class Rep. 2, 3; Talon 3, 4. YUELLING, VERONICA G-, Business 1934 Ook Tree Rd., Metuchon, N. J. YURINKO, FRANK. Col. Alfred St., Menlo Park, N. J., Student Council 1; Sponish Club 1; Football 1; Boseball 1; Wrestling 1. z ZAK, MARTIN J., 82 Jersey Ave., Menlo Pork, N. J., Student Council 4; Radio Club 2. ZEHNBAUER, JOSEPH J. 18 Monmouth ave., Menlo Pork, N. J. ZIEMBA, ANTHONY $., Col. 24 Cortlondt St., Metuchen, N. J., Spanish Club 2, 3; Track 2, 3. ZMYEWSKI, CHESTER P., 855 New Dover Rd., Rahway, N. J. SARPINSKAS, BARBARA A., Business 532 Durham Ave., Metuchen, N. J. 156toc rapliA IcLn oiuie client en td Rosemary Bridges, 1962 — School Seal Mil-Clif Studios — Progress Associates, Inc. Andrew Kudrick, Perth Amboy Evening News Photographer Ray Morrero, 1965, Peter Rossi, 1965 — Cartoons Darlene Gasprich, 1964 — Cover Design 160

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