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 J ,„‘(' ' H . W‘ V" 5 ‘5L dan shadl not Smite thee (y. day, nor the moon by nicjht.She .Senior Cdda56 of dddidon Sowndhijj Sdig.li Schood dddidon, Idew fferdeg fdre dentd Volume IV1963 Jaion OuLL of C ontentd Alma Mater p. 3 Foreword p. 4 5 Years of Service Time Marches On Administration p. 6 7 p. 8 9 p. 10 11 Guidance p. 12 Memoriam Faculty p. 13 p. 14-23 T - Seniors Tribute p. 24-59 p. 60 61 We Remember p. 62-65 Sports Activities p. 66-83 p. 84 Spotlight p. 106JL Water Volume IV Dear Alma Mater; hear us as we lift our voice in song. To pay our tribute to the school we’ll love forever long. Inside the classroom, on the field, success we won’t deny. We praise thee and we’ll always honor our dear Edison High So hail Alma Mater; shine bright O’ Red and Gold. Thy precepts We’ll cherish, throughout, the many years untold. And when we join thy sons and daughters this is what we’ll sigh. We’ll e’er remember all you’ve taught us. Hail to Edison High. Words by Winston Hughes Thomas Jefferson Jr. High Music by Frederick Whitman Edison Twp. High SchoolThe candle light flickers and suddenly fades away. In the after-glow, we see shadows; then, a beam of light — upon our teachers, friends, and activities. The candle dims and the light will soon he hut a memory, a memory warm and bright — forever illuminating our minds and hearts. We perform our final act as the dim light fades; we light the next candle of life. This is the light of our tomorrows, and its radiant beam becomes the dawn of our future. Inscribed in our hearts is a common goal achieved only by our unyielding efforts to advance. In the light of these golden days are the shadows of fond memories and great anticipations. May this Talon symbolize and remind us of our striving to make the future sublime, while reflecting the brightest rays of our days at Edison Township High School.u U ecird “Years of Service” —to Mrs. Schmidt these words meant a dedication to her profession. Her name might not go down in history as a scientist, but her life, in many respects, was devoted to establishing a nucleus for future scientists. By way of inductive experiment more and more scientific knowledge was opened to the world. It would not be inappropriate to say that Mrs. Schmidt opened that way to the youth of Edison Township. In teaching science Mrs. Schmidt kept abreast of the evolution of the times. She encouraged her pupils to explore, to asks questions, and to develop their own ideas. Over a long span of years, Mrs. Schmidt, not only was dedicated to the field of science, but. she also, gave unselfishly of her time in promoting and sponsoring many activities enjoyed by the students. May the Forty Years she gave to the education of Youth be as memorable to her as they were rewarding to the Youth she served. To you — Mrs. Schmidt — We. the Student Body and Faculty, hope that in your retirement you will find a life as full and rich as the one you left at Edison Township High School. 6oj Service Friend, public servant, administrator, husband, and father. Each title denotes almost a life time of dedication and service. Yet. the lifetime which has spanned seventy years has been a full and rewarding one for our Board Secretary, John J. Anderson, who has retired from the post which he has served so well for three decades. However, this docs not mean retirement from an abiding interest in the civic affairs of Edison which began many years ago when he marched off to foreign duty in the First World War; but, rather, a retirement which means a little more time for the treasures that he holds closest — his home and family, especially his grandchildren. Mr. Anderson played a king sized role in the development and enormous growth of Edison, which, a few short years ago, was one of the smallest county districts with a truly rural atmosphere. It is tribute enough to say that his foresight, his counsel, his wisdom, and his fortitude in directing the business affairs of the Board have brought him recognition from far and wide, and he had lent a dignity to school business affairs that is unequaled or unmatched anywhere. His motto is a simple one: “The best for the children in school at a fair price that everyone can afford”. We all wish Mr. Anderson well in the days ahead. Wc hope that he will remain no stranger to the Edison schools, and that he will be as forthright and watchful as ever. We hope that God will bless Mr. and Mrs. Anderson that they may enjoy many years of good health and happiness. 7 Lincoln School Stelton MWW Bonhamtown . PiscatawayWashington Clara Barton “New times demand new measures and new men Tiie world advances, and in time outgrows The laws that in our father’s day were best And. doubtless, after us, some purer scheme Can be shaped out by wiser men than we.” Oak Tree Thomas Jefferson Junior High 9Samuel D. White President Richard W. Jago Assistant Superintendent Arthur W. Price John L. Chizmadia Thomas Me Evoy Assistant Secretary TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1%3: As you leave us today, you have our best wishes. If your course takes you to college or other schooling; if you enter military service or start to work, remember that only your determination and hard work will make possible the attainment of the goals which you have set for yourselves. We are proud of you and your many achievements at Edison High. May God bless you today and in the years ahead. y Sincerely yours, OFFICE OF THE BOARD—Mrs. E. Henderson, Miss M. Silence, Mr. J. Thomas, Miss M. Schneider. Joseph M. Ruggieri SuperintendentMiss Sutton Administrative Assistant OFFICE OF SUPERINTENDENT—Mrs. M. Keiser, Mrs. W. Madison.Helen B. Sallitt Stephen G. Achavcs Francis D’Aquila Guidance Director Angela Sansotera Guidance Secretary Harriet McGuincss Attendance Officer Anna Troger Attendance Officer m emo nam MATTHEW J. DRWAL In memory of a teacher, coach,and gentleman whose contributions to THE LIFE OF OUR SCHOOL WERE MANY AND WHOSE LOSS IS FELT BY ALL WHO HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF KNOWING HIM. “A man’s real possession is his memory; in nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor.” 13 Andrew P. Brown, Jr. Peter B. Campbell Chairman Beverly G. Breitkopf Margaret B. Clark Concctta De Caro 14Helen Bodnar Hilton Davis Eugene L. Dianno Melville V. Gaughan 16 Jon H. PotashnickPeter Kaminskas Dorothy Z. Murray I Dorothy M. Tipton G. S. Williston, Jr. Chairman Eugene W. Murray “The mathematician has reached the highest rung on the ladder of human thought ” 17'ocia John Anderson Chairman Gerald I. Bell Albert P. Klein 18 C. E. Muniz Paul A . Nuzzo James J. O’Leary Barbara M. OlmoCarol L. Robsky Francis J. Poskaitis Joan E. Sheppard “The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom.” Carol Quinn o Fred J. Riccio Frank Petrucelli M retry Robert W. Wimmer Buena Rosenbloom 19Clement J. Coleman German Chairman Helen L. Kolbay German Virginia E. Moore Latin Peter J. Pascale Latin G ree KJerman US the Pe Z rencl Thomas G. Herder French Blanche C. Lamprakos French 1 r ■ Edith Margolin French Mary K. Belcheff Spanish Donald G. Mettler Spanish Mary L. Pellizzari Spanish 20Robert L. Bunce Adeline C. Dohl Dolores D. Gioflre “Business is the salt of lifer ' udinedS Michael J. Otrok N. Robert Post Chairman Education Mary Ann Stamm Harry J. Thorscn Pauline D. White Rhody M. Jones Angela G. Riemann Russell H. Wallace Marion A. Yasenchak 21 ZMei b Mary E. Roscoe Robert M. Barnes Ellen Donahay Chairman Donald Flor Lawrence A. White Joyce A. O’Brien Louise H. Little Q e ‘tC' tm Donald S. Prayzich C) 1 wk i fey Donald W. Robinson Chairman Betty H. SinclairEdward G. Adams Robert H. Coward Constance H. Dreyer Christopher Gussis Joseph M. Gutowski Cliff Loyscn Phyllis E. McAdam Ollie E. Smith Chairman Barbara Joan Witmer 23Maureen J. Adamec "... a mind content-both crown and kingdom is .. ." Paul Adelhelm . . this is a man's invention and his hand . . ." Rodney Steven Afonso "We never know, believe me. when we have succeeded best." Susan R. Alessi . . compassion—the deepest and highest sentiment oj which the finite mind is capable . . ." Marcaret Joan Alfonso “Humour is the mistress of happiness." Mary Allen “I am ivcalthy in my friends." Patricia Ann Amity . . led by a star's dancing flame." Arthur J. Anderson “Something attempted—some- thing done." I Georce J. Anderson “His pencil was striking, rest- less, and grand." Barbara L. Apel “Where is the heart that doth not keep some fond remem- brance hidden?" Ruth Carolyn Armstrong “Her life is a wheel and all comes round right." Donald R. Asanio “A fellow of determination and uncoined constancy." 26Robert W. Bauman “For the most high cometh healing.” Ronald B. Belloff “A careless game of life, always looking cheerful.'” Myrna Susan Belowich . . she walks like a goddess, and looks like a queen . . Joan Mary Babiy . . she shall light a candle of understanding, which shall not be put out . . Henry Eugene Barham “They call him man of the world.” tA Joseph Asero “The good in man is measured by his own standards . . ” Eileen Nancy Ashton “Cookery is an art, a noble science . . Ann Balogh “... a teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops . . ” Judith Balser “Literature is the thought of thinking souls” Elaine S. Bahamonde . . fleet the time carelessly, as they did in the golden world . . John Edward Barth . . the Law: it has honored us, may we hortor it . . .” Allyson Benner . . just fill the hour—that is happiness . . ” 27E. Kathleen Berta “Music is a feeling; then, not a sound . . Rochelle Gloria Berger .. born with a gift of laugh• ter and a sense that the world is mad . . . John Dennis Bercler . . all life is an arch, to build upon . . Robert S. Bercer . . wisdom cries aloud, even in silence . . Barry F. Berman “Spirit and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings .. Irma Blanco “To style the hair is her only delight.'' Judith L. Berry “. . . touch the height of human happiness and find my wisdom there . . Michael Bobal . . a life fed by the bounty of earth and sweetened by the acts of just men ...” Michael Allen Berry . . grateful that the heart may go wheresoever it pleases Ernest Bercman “The man who looks sharply and attentively shall see fortune Leroy Bennett “In such a strait the wisest man may well be perplexed.” Mary Ann M. Borai . . all excellent things are as difficult as they are rare 28Mary Borowsky . . on her lips is the law of kindness . . Rosalind Bryant “Life is not so short that there is not time for a kindness.” Shirley Ann Burns . . a little nonsense now and then is relished by the ivisest Nancy J. Brown . . clear wit and sense sug- gest their own delivery . . ” t. . .V Wilson F. Bullivant “Who so would be a man must also be a nonconformist.” Louis Cappella . . basket-ball — a sport of men, satisfies the man . . ” Jerilynn D. Brody “Towards her career, let noth- ing hinder her” Norman Bubenheimer . . be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself » Marrie C. Campbell “The evening beam that smiles the clouds away and tints to- morrow with prophetic ray Carol Ann Bruder “Bind up those tresses-the fair multitude of hair.” Thomas R. Bullock “Skill to do comes of doing.” t Jane Ann Capellupo . . when she walks, she will lead . . ” 29Kathleen Capo “She finds a place for many a fad to-day Louise Carmella “Her radiance sparkles like bubbles in a golden vintage.” Carmelina Ann Casale . . an essential of a happy life is freedom from care . . Helen Theresa Casale . . joking and humor are pleasant and often in utility Frank N. Cataldi “For ’tis the sport to have the engineer” Frederick Vincent Cavallo . . my country is the world, my countrymen are mankind.” Stephen A. Cavico . . there is only one success to be able to spend your life in your own way . . Claudia Churchill . . enthusiasm is that temper of the mind in which the imagination and spirit are one Mary Ellen Clain “the pen is the voice of the mind.. ” Joyce Clements “Tranquility comprehends every wish I have. Ernie R. Cleworth “Tools ivere made and born were hands, every mechanic understands . . 30EX Elaine Jacquelyn Coleman . . cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows . . Harold Copperman . . the history of the indi- vidual is the individual . . ." Nicholas A. Corio . . mans capacities can never be measured . . Vincent Joseph Costantino “A happy man with a warm heart" Michael Croson “As a Greek, strong in mind and body." Marylou Cuervo . . have a heart with room for every joy . . .” Vicki Ann Couch “Tender pauses speed the overflow of gladness, ivhen words are too weak." Marguerite Joyce Criss . . content with the present what ere it may be . . Dennis Cusanelli . . it is not for nothing that we in life persue .. ." Salvatore D’Amico . . education has for its object the formation of char- acter . . ." Clyde D. Dean “. . . teas born an American; I live an American; I shall die an American . . ." David J. Deas . . may be granted the ability to aim that which is within my power . . 31Barbara Rose DeLonc . . happiness consists in the multiplicity of helpfulness .. Pat deLorenzi . .may you have all the joy that one may wish . . Joann DeLuca “Follow pleasure and pleasure ivill follow thee.” Robert B. De Matteo . . he most prevails who nobly dares . . Roanne A. Denton . . if you make souls happy now, you make them happy hence . . Warren J. DeShay, Jr. . . talent is nurtured in soli- tude, but character 'mid the tempest of the world . . ” James D. Desmond . . the shortest answer is doing . . Diane Joyce DiAntonio “A welcome to a new found friend.” Peter M. Diener . . the peace of the day with perfect contentment” Carol Ann Diciesi “Happy are those who find paradise.” Peter L. J. DiMaria . . so much is a man worth as he esteems himself . . . Barbara Ann Dippel “Painting is the intermediate somewhat between a thought and a thing” 32Lois Doll . . the sun and her dominion never set . . Kenneth C. Dombrowski “For science is .. . like virtue- its own great reward.” William E. Donnelly “. . . money brings honor, conquest, and realms . . Barbara Dunham . . with the magic of motion and the sunshine of grace . . .” Lois Mary Edwards . . life is a college; may I graduate well and earn honors Bernard R. Egan . . life is a jest, and all things show it; I thought so once, but now I know it . . .” William E. Ellison .. let a man practice the profession he knows best . . Leslie Elaine Ensor . . grace is an individual gift and kind wit a chance Patricia Ann Everly “0 happy mortal! She never fails to have a jest.’ Beatrice Ezyske “Patience is the art of hoping” Huco A. Fabiano “And he who commands the sea has great liberty.” Robert E. Fairbanks “The rising ivorld of ivaters, dark and deep.” 33Nancy A. Faucher “The whole concord of this world consists of discords.” Dorothy Feddersen “Of all noises, I think music to be the most agreeable.” Faleen Toby Fedol . . reason saw not ’til Faith sprung the light” Linda Ann Ferguson . . ’twas a beautiful mist falling down to her wrist, ’twas a thing to be braided and jeweled.” Margaret Ellen Ferik ”... a lovely lady garmented in light . . Anthony M. Ferrullo . . every man has his gifts Richard Festger “If shoot at the sun, I may hit a star.” Marie A. Figliolino . . she does not only find the jest, but the laugh loo.” Dorsey Lewis Finn, Jr. “So acts the man of worth.” Kathleen A. Fisher “Bashful sincerity, and a gen- erous heart.” Wayne Douglas Fisher . . the will of a man is his happiness . . .” 34Ann M. Fitch “True humor from the heart issuing smiles which lie far deeper” Charlene E. French “Whenever I hear French spoken, I approve.” Judith A. Gander “The loveliest things of beauty are her hair and her eyes.” Cheryl J. Folbrecht “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart . . , Dennis Lee Frey “ . . . one thing is forever good; that one thing is success yy Lucille A. Gargiulo “By happy alchemy of mind, she turns to pleasure all she finds.” Barbara Joan Forrest “I love not man the less, but Nature more.” Helen J. Fullajtar “Oh, tell a tale of the whispers of the desert winds.” Walter Charles Gates . . art is Nature made by man . . Kenneth W. Fox “Infinite in his desires for sporting under the sky.” Richard F. Gagliano . . in silence there is also worth . . ” John Gawlowski . . for though he is a wit, he is also wise . . .” 35Susan Elizabeth Gehrum . . the mildest manners and the gentlest heart . . Eileen C. Geiler “Happy am I; from care I'm free." Henry Geilinc “Silence is a virtue of the wise." Ancelina Mary Geisz . . fine art is that in ivhich the hand, the head, and the heart go together" Catherine M. Geisz . . what the sculptor is to marble, the educator is to the soul . . ” Dolores Marie Gelsomine . . nothing ever succeeds which exuberant spirits have not helped to produce . . ." Deanna May George . . the groundwork of all happiness is health . . Steve W. Gerber . . liberty of thought shows the freedom of the mind . . ." Louis G. Geresy Steven R. Glickstein Klaus H. Goedde . . learning and laughing, “. . . rides in the whirlwind, “As free as nature's first born my warm-hearted friend . . and directs the storm . . man. Lucille Grainer “The highest of distinctions is service to others." $6Gary J. Grant ‘7 love a tranquil life—better than Fame.” James T. Growney “A joke's a very serious thing.” Robert Joseph Hanas “What shall I do to be forever known, and make the age to come my own?” Patricia A. Greene • • life's a pleasant institu- tion, let us take it as it comes »» Kathleen Ann Griffiths “To live long is almost every- one's wish, but to live well is the ambition of a few” Thomas P. Gudmestad . . his face is the face of a man exceedingly glad to be living . . ” Richard H. Hanish “Woman I love, and next to woman, art.” Paulette Hanks . . the heart benevolent and kind is the one that most resembles heaven . . .” Joseph D. Grodman “His time's forever, every- where his place.” Dwain Slincer Hammond . . mathematics possesses not only truth, but supreme knowledge ...” Karen Sicne Hansen “The perception of wit is a tie of sympathy with other men.” 37Kurt Rainer Hansen . . like true sportsmen his whole delight is in the game Elizabeth M. Harvest . . she seeks the pleasure which is in life itself . . .” Sharon Haslam . . life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun ivithin us . . Eileen M. Havens ... a spontaneous joy and natural content of her heart yy Margaret Mary Hayes . . there is solace on earth for those who search for what others never see . . .” Martin Heinsdorf . . strongest minds are often those of whom the noisy world hears least . . ." Rosemary E. Heinz . . life is a little work, a little play . . Marion J. Heisler . . one who has a taste of art is like one that has another sense . . Robert John Heller . . now is the hour that wakens fond desire for the sun . . Ingrid Hepp . . we know the truth, not only by reason, but also by the heart . . Paul R. Hf.rrold • . there is as much elo- quence in the tone of voice as in his choice of words . . William E. Hodge “The heart of all Nature being everywhere music.” 38William Herrick Hofer “The music in my heart I bore. Long after it was heard no more.” Elisha Incram, Jr. . . there is not truer truth obtainable by man than comes of music . . .” Richard M. Hornak . . so much one man can do that doth both act and know » Michelle Elaine Hyduke “One never rises so high as when one is not sure where one is going” Robert Charles Holmes . . a combination rare and true, athlete, friend, and scholar, too . . John Edward Hudanish “The things that haven’i been done before, are the things to try.” Alex John Ivan • . he that climbs the tall tree has won the right to the fruit . . ” George Michael Huxta . . then take what gold could never buy—an honest mans esteem . . Marlene Ann Ivanitski “Tranquility ! thou better name than all the family of Fame!” William Joseph Horvath . . man shall awaken from his dreams and find them all to be realities . . James Hoffman . . my life is to make busi- ness a pleasure—and pleasure my business . . Ronald Howard . . what we earnestly aspire to be, that in some sense we 39 Michael J. Jacobetz . . write me as one who loves his fellowrrten . . Carol Ann Johnson . . we all live upon the hope of pleasing somebody . . .” Patricia J. Kalman . . the silence often too pure, eloquence persuades when speaking fails.” Thomas Jacobsen “A moral, sensible, and well- bred man . . .” James Philip Johnson . . and life is itself but a game at sport . . .” Jack Karabinchak . . a lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing . . Carol Ann Jaczina “The reward of duty is the power to fulfill another .” Patricia Regina Jordan “Thou art our guide, philos- opher, and friend . . ” Bernard T. Karlo “. . . a particular motive for living . . . imparling know- ledge” Richard M. Jobbins “He does all with ease so it’s natural to please. Kenneth A. Justice “Man is the measure of all things” 1 I Sandra Rae Karp “Amid two seas on one small point of land; deserving, deter- mined, and in grandeur she stands.”Donald E. Kasner “But for the security of the future, I would do everything.” Roy D. Kaufman . . travel is a part of educa- tion and experience . . Jack Kelly “ . . . dare do all that be- comes a man.” Alan F. Kertesz “What all men are really after is some form of peace.” Jeanne Ann Kirkaldy “Fame is the desire of youth Robert John Kleszics “The great busines of life is to be and to do . . .” Arlene Knapp “The gift of happiness and health are those which are most desired.” Karl J. Knudson . . wit and wisdom are born with the man.” Barbara Ann Koehler “Dear to me is the bonnie white steed . . .” Douglas Georce Kolacy “Any service he has done, is due to patient thought.” Carol Joan Kolator “A little season of love and laughter, of light, life and pleasure.” Thomas Kollien . . far and high he goes on the roads of the earth . . ” 41Ruth Marie Kovak . . sing away sorrow, cast away care . . Robert Lewis Kover . . this laborer is worthy of his hire . . .” Peter Kowalski "For hardy sports or contest bold." Karlene Kowalsky . . the heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute . . Gary Kubinak “Oh, which were best to roam or rest." Wayne Edmund Kuell . . the only competition worthy a wise man is with himself . . ” Christopher P. Kuhlthau . . only deeds give strength to life, only warmth gives it charm . . Patricia L. Kuprick . . music is said to be the speech of angels . . .” Frank Georce Kursay He’ll find a way, or make it." Ernest J. Landry, Jr. “The wit of one, and the wisdom of many . . ” 42f, iik Bill Lane “Every mans tvork shall be made manifest.” Richard Paul Lance “Good manners and soft words have brought many a difficult thing to pass.” Loretta M. Luckus . . each person is justified in her individuality . . .” Gary Lewandowski . . the wealth of mankind is the wisdom they fain . . .” Georce Locacio “toil, says a proverb, is the sire of fame . . .” Felix Albert Lucca “Excellence is an art won by- training and habituation.” Charlene Lehner . . that mutual look when hearts are sure of each other Robert A. Lillo . . hunting, I reckon, is very good . . .” Mark N. Levine .. he is a well-made man who has good determination Robert H. Leichner, Jr. . . when good luck comes to thee, take it in . . .” Mary Lindsay “The land of the heart is the land west.” Curtis Harvey Lund “ . . . the never-ending flight of future days . . .” 43Joseph John Macro . . he makes his own wel- come and levels all distinction Edward Madcf.r “The day shall try the fair adventure of tomorrow Linda Jo Mailler . . a daughter of the gods, tall and fair . . Richard Manhire . . everybody likes and respects self-made men . . ” Thomas Marsicano . . the will is free, deter- mined, and set . . . Vincent Victor Masella . . music my rampart and my only one . . Kathy T. Maurillo . . fancy light from fancy thought . . 44 Michael Malaca . . knowledge and wonder is an expression of pleasure in itself . . Michael R. Marchitto . . man is one ivorld, and hath another to attend him.” John Michael McCurdy . . man explores the uni- verse and calls the adventure science . . ”Joyce B. Merker “A sound so fine, there’s noth- ing that lives Twixl it and silence . . Jean E. McKittrick . . thoughts that come with soft footsteps guide the world James McKennon . . by labor and intense study, I gain my honor . . ” Joseph M. Messina “Man is one world—gay and carefree Joan M. McKittrick • - learn to make the most of life lose no happy day . . Elizabeth S. Megyesi . . talk happily, the world is sad enough . . Michael A. Messina . . in my own am an emperor and will defend what’s mine . . Robert J. McTague . . begin, be bold, and ven- ture to be wise . . Elizabeth Frances Meeker “Life is a school of proba- bility.” ■ Thomas McQuarrie . . the marvel of life is humor . . ” —to yourself be true . . Marlene J. Midgley . . wherever there’s a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness . . 45Michael Joseph Miles “An honest man, broadcloth without, and a warm heart ivithin . . George Leo Moken . . friend to truth, of soul sincere, in action faithful, and in honor clear . . George Montgomery . . let George do it, he is the man of the time . . Gerald Miller . . he tvho is firm in will molds the world to himself ft Nancy J. Miller . . her talents were more of the silent class . . David L. Mills . . from the very beginning, he had an idea . . Rocer A. Mondics “Music remains the only art ivherein originality may reveal itself Kathryn Louise Monroe “Laugh or not, the tears will fall, take the laughter first of all. Robert E. Monroe . . it is the thing that makes the tvorkman . . Donald H. Moses “The skill to do more than common craft . Michael C. Mraz, Jr. ‘7 am sure, care's an enemy to life..." Richard Robert Munch “Much industry and con- science make a mans char- 46Mary Ann Mutarelli “One who wishes to be the pattern of all patience.” Mary Jane Nemeth “Happiness with all wishes and ambitions achieved.” Cheryl A. O’Brien . . . we have lit upon a gentle sensitive mind . . Patricia Francis Natereli . . never idle a moment, but cheerful and thoughtful of others . . Emilie D. Nawrock “There are very few persons who pursue science with true determination.” Bruce E. Nelson . . am very fond of the company of ladies . . .” Doris Nesta “A happy way to pass a life —a pleasant thought of love Mildred S. Nocella “There’s nothing worth win- ning but the laughter and love of friends” Terrie Eileen O’Brien “There is in souls a sympathy with sounds Mariann P. Ogorzalek “Wit, now and then, struck smartly, shows a spark.” Thomas O’Leary “His limbs were cast in manly mould, for hardy sports as contest bold.” John Oliveri “Health is the second blessing that mortals are capable of.” 47Mary Lee Olsian “To catch the thrill of a happy voice, in the light of a happy eye." Edward O’Malley “Charming is as Charming does . . Karen E. O'Malley “Our hope is ever livelier than despair; our joy livelier and more abiding than our sor- rows are.” i L. Robert Oros “A friend to human race, fast by the road his ever open door Joseph A. Oros “Peace rules the day where reason rules the minds . . .” June Lee Oross “. . . taste is the feminine of genius . . .” Harry Franklin Peckham . . true wit never made us laugh . . .” Kenneth A. Pelley . . an hour for toil, a day for sport, but for a friend is life too short . . ” Judith Ann Patton . . laugh and be merry and better the world with a song Karen O’Reilly “... a silent address is the genuine eloquence of sincerity Peter A. Papp “As happy a man as any, for the whole ivorld seems to smile upon me.” Edwin Allen Perdue . . my highest goal: the painted sky . . ” 48Stephen J. Petercsak . . education is the only interest worthy of the thought- ful man . . ” Jane T. Phelan “For her Friendship, Warmth, and Mirth, there is no measure upon this earth." John Powers . . the universal does not attract us until housed in an individual . . Peggy A. Peters . . thou hast no sorrow in thy song, no winter in thy Fred Pfeiffer He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty . . ” Gary D. Pfeiffer . . of things beneath the sky- one thing would please best— endless idleness . . . Anna Grace Pidoto . . vivacity and wit make her shine in company . . Karen Poole “• • • to find the enobling relation is the task of life and art . . Eileen F. Pickett . . the beauty of the world has two edges, one of laughter and one of friendship . . George M. Prah . . persuasion tips tongue whene’re he talks . . Joan Prill . . spring has come from the south again, with soft mists in her hair . . Frank A. Promutico "... I long to tread a way none tread before . . 49Pauline E. Prusko . . there is no duty we underrate so much as the duty of being happy . . Ronald Reider “It is a comfortable feeling to know that you stand on your own ground” Joy Ann Quinlan . . but most she loves a happy human smile . . Laureen C. Reiersen . . youth is to all the glad season of life . . ” Edward R. Rivell . . the life of an adventurer, the art of the impossible . . .” Robin Reagan . . adventure is his corona, and all his wealth is wan- dering . . ” Judith Ann Reister “A happy day for the pleas- ures of youth.” Beth Ann Robinson “At the summit of quality, souls no longer turn their eyes upward, but begin to look about them” Joseph Redmond . . the wide seas and the mountains call to me . . ” L 1 Joan Ann Ricciardi . . her silence far exceeds the speech of others . . ” Lila E.'Robinson “Hast so much wit, mirth, and merry.” 50Yvonne C. Robinson “• . - the secret of the universe is personality . . .” Christine Elizabeth Romeo “There is no satisfaction inany good, without a companion.” Carol Jean Rosko “Spared and blessed by time, looking tranquil.” Susan Lee Rossi “Man is not the creature of circumstance; circumstances are the creatures of men.” Craig S. Ruddy . . twixt two unbounded seas, he stands . . .” Robert D. Ruland, Jr. “Such high-bred manners, such good-natured wit . . .” Kathryn Irene Ruth • • the soul selects her own society ...” • Thomas Philip Ruzzano “. . . and skill's a joy to any man . . Thomas A. Ryan “It is harmful to no one to be silent.” Phyllis V. Sabel . . for the hopes of life are really waking dreams . . .” Victoria V. Sadlowski “I have been sent to procure an angel to do cooking.” $1 Patkicia M. Saltarella “When you see Fair Hair, know well that she dressed it." Robert Sarik “Enjoy your dear wit and gay rhetoric” Arlene Schemick ". . . gladly would she learn and gladly will she teach . .” k Suzanne Sam marco “The magnificent spectacle of human happiness.” Diana Lee Sartain . . every joy is gain, and gain is gain, however small Richard M. Sanders .. a well experienced archer hits the mark his eye doth level at . . .” ( Joan B. Scanlon . . cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind.” Pamela Denise Schircer . . the days that make us happy make us wise . . James P. Schooley “ I pocket full of chances.” Loretta Santa Maria “See where she came, appar- elled like the spring.” I Marsha Schait . . she will play with reason and discourse . . .” Gunther Schmidt “ . . . skill and confidence are an unconquered army . . 52• XfS li’M Helen M. Scott ‘7 live for the future in the distance, and the good that I can do.” Roberta F. Sheridan I don’t know where it’s likely to go better than on this earth . . ” Marie A. Silvaney . . disguise it as you will, to right or wrong, 'tis fashion guides us still . . ” Helen V. Scott “Business tomorrow founded on the works of today.” Kathleen Joel Serenska . . nothing is little to her that feels it with great sensitivity . . .” Franklin D. Ship . . music is the universal language of mankind . . Thomas Cameron Simon . . his motto is to admire or marvel at nothing . . ” David L. Sitren . . unheeding what the world might say, following his own star . . .” Estelle M. Severino “I like the people who keep the shops — cheerful, friendly, folk.” V V Marilyn Silagy “ . . . give to the ivorld the best you have, and the best will come back to you . . JoAnn Skiba “In quiteness and confidence shall be your strength.” 53Barbara Marie Skinner . . true charity is the desire to be useful to others . . Lawrence A. Slowik . . for everything is created in the bounds of earth and sky . . Nancy Joyce Small .. she was shown a kindness and passed it on . . Patricia Ann Smith . . those having lamps will pass them on to others . . Arla G. Sonnenblick . . but all and all. I’ve hardly tasted life at all . . . ' Elaine Spangenberc . . to live and act and serve the future hour . . Peter Spangler . . there should be hours for necessities, delights and repose . . Donna Lee Specht . . the laughter of the soul is the contentment of heaven Theresa G. Sprinitis “Carefree as we sometimes glide through a quiet dream." Trudy Gail Stauch “Serenity—the perfect herald of joy ” Betty Jane Steed . . the most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed 54 Robyn Stengel . . her hair is of a good color, with locks so aptly twined.” Jo Ann Stone “• ■ • a happy life consists in the tranquil of the mind ” Mary Ann Stone “A little rule, a little sway, A sunbeam in a winter’s day.” Daniel George Story “The first and fundamental law of Nature is to seek peace and follow.” Rhoda Anne Suich “• . . adornment—pretty crys- tals of fancy . . .” David R. Suminski . . wealth is not his who has it, but his who enjoys it . . .” Marilyn J. Strollo “To know how to say what others think makes one a reformer.” Connie M. Suart . . to raise the thought and to touch the heart is to teach.” Suzanne Swanick “There was a star that danced, and under that she teas born.” Jerrilyn Anne Tagliareni “Art has thus decreed, to make some good, but others to exceed” m . v Gail Lee Summer . . twas her thinking of others made you think of her Ute K. Tech “She stands in her own light.” 55Darryl Tf.dder . . go forth to seek, for the skyline is a promise, not a bound . . .” Gloria Anne Thompson “Happiness seems made to be shared.” Jane Trecek “A friendly girl, and a willing friend” Carol Alice Teehax “There’s nothing worth the ivear of winning happiness.” Sally A. Terra Nova . . there is no greater delight than to be conscious of sincerity.” James Thomas . . no particular motive for living, except the customs and habit of it . . Richard Dale Thorpe . . on he moves, careless of blame while his own heart approves . . Arthur J. Tucker “He sees the world as one vast plain and one boundless reach of sky.” Richard Tucker . . there is in every human countenance a prophecy . . .” V. Bonnie Toth “Popularity is her virtue as a friend and companion.” Gary R. Thurston “The talent of success is noth- ing more than doing what you can do well.”- U. Lawrence Ulmer . . impartially his talents scan, just education forms the man . . 56Walentyna Usenko “Intelligence and courtesy are in her combined.” Arthur Vallely “The happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts . . ■” Lorelei M. Valovcin “Heights are made to be looked at and wondered upon.” Dianne L. Varga “Write from the mind and heart, and let the air glean after it.” Robert Donald Vignali . . he lives at ease, that freely lives . . J. Jeffery Vincent . . likes a Frenchman, easy, debonaire, and brisk . . .” Michael John Volosin . . few things are impossible to delight the skillful hand V Margaret A. Vreeland . . nothing is accidental, when the intention is so clearly evident . . .” . -M. ’ f W Carol R. Warters . . the heaven of each is but what each desires . . Thomas Weid . . every existence is an aim . . .” 57Jane A. White “What ivisdom can you find that is still greater than kind- ness?” William Garfied Wert . . when a soldier is the theme, my name is not far of) - • ” Sharon Wessel “Every sound shall end in silence, but the silence never dies . . ” Judith Ann Wilkens . . music—a listener's delight.” Dennis John Winters . . the silent ivork of the man of thought enchances the earth . . .” Barbara Woods “ I happy day — a day well spent.” Madeline Ann Yaros “Of all the arts in which the wise excel, Mature's chief mas- terpiece is writing well.” Frank Yurinko . . enchanted ports, I, loo, shall touch . . ” Steven J. Zelenek . . how sweet and gracious is that fine sense which men call courtesy . . .” Mary Elizabeth White - ■ serenity—the heart, soul and the senses are together in accord . . .” John Yannacci ”... I am not in the role of the common man.” Paul Stephen Damen “Whatever he does, he does with all his might.” 58l Patricia Stephen Burke “Those move easiest who have team’d to dance.” John F. Chiavarini “Why does the wind blow upon me?” Barbara Sue Minkoff “A happy thought for every hour.” Linda Oates “The golden key to the door is friendship.” i Valerie Schoepple “Silence is greater than speech.” In Memoriam Edward Benson “The leaves of memory seemed to make a mournful rustling in the dark.' 59The Senior Class pays tribute to a friend. Dr. Hansen's fifty years of service endeared him to students, schools, and com- munity. As he moves his link of service to other township schools the class wishes him continued success, health, and happi- ness. Dr. Edward K. HansenSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Gioffre. Advisor; Robert Holme», President; Anna Grace Pidoto, Reporter: Mr. Wimmcr. Advisor; Standing, James Me Kennon, Vice President: Katherine Fisher. Treasurer; Margaret Vreeland, Secretary: George Mokcn, Activities Coordinator: We have completed four “seasons” in our life. They were seasons with much variance in weather. We saw clouds, we saw leaves, and we saw blue skies. To- gether we faced each challenge and learned from its outcome. In our Freshman year we forecast the three years ahead. We saw goals of upperclassmen we knew we would someday want. It was a season of spring during which we were growing to great heights. As Sophomores we were gradually tiping the horizon. A light was formed for us. Our abilities as high school students were tested — we knew our standing. We were “falling” into our places in life. We were more definite in our plans. Summer was our Junior Year. All happy and proud were we. We were free in thought and dreams. We were like vernal showers waiting for the sunshine. Three seasons passed and we were Seniors. A white blanket of snow led from one side of a bridge to the other side. Each day and month we took a step. We all knew the imprint would be our last link with high school. We grew nearer to the other side so quickly. Beyond this bridge was our future: no one knew his place except that the world, with outstretched arms, was there to greet each of us. And we walked off into that great, wide, wonderful world. With the years, there will be many more seasons, but the “four seasons” of our high school days will be the cherished memories of the Class of 1963. 6166A night of MEMORIES and sighs We consecrate to thee 62Mrs. Van Daan: “My beautiful fur coat that my father gave me” of? rank Anna: “I’ve got to fight things out for myself’ ‘5L Mr. Frank: “Welcome Mr. Dusscl” The DIARY of ANNE FRANK (by Goodrich Hackett) Directed by MISS CAROLYN DOLINICH THE CAST Mr. Frank George Moken Miep ......................................—................ Ingrid Hcpp Mrs. Van Daan ................................... Kathleen Scrcnska Mr. Van Daan ............................................. Richard Homak Mr . Frank Marilyn Silagy Peter Van Daan ......................................... James Me Kcnnon Margot Frank ................................................ Pat Jordan Anne Frank .................................................. Ann Fitch Mr. Kraler ................................................ Frank Kursay Mr. Dussel ............................. —................ Karl Knudson Anne’s voice ............................................. Jane Phelan Understudy to Anne Frank .................................. Marie Silvancy Alternate -------------------------------------------------- Pat KuprickTHE CAST Albert Peterson ............... Dennis Frey Rose Alvarez ............... Marilyn Silagy TEENAGERS Helen ..................... Claudia Churchill Nancy.......................Elaine Coleman Alice ......................... Ingrid Hepp Margie ..................... Deanna George Deborah Sue ................... Connie Suart Harold ......................... Jeff Vincent Karl ................... George Montgomery Haney ...................... Rodney Afonso Freddy ..................... Steve Glickstcin Arthur ...................... Jim McKcnnon Ursala Sue Mcrklc .............. Sue Swanick Kim MacAfee ................... Jane Phelan Mrs. MacAfee............................. Pat Kuprick “We’re going to be on Ed S-u-l-l-i-v-a-n Mr. MacAfee ...................... Karl Knudson Teen Trio ........................ Sue Swanick. Ingrid Hepp. Claudia Churchill Sad Girl ............................ Lois Doll Another Sad Girl ................. Lois Edwards Mae Peterson ............................... Ann Fitch Reporters ..................... John Hudanish, Steve Glickstein, Aria Sonnenblick Conrad ........................ Tom Marsicano Mayor ......................... Richard Hornak Mayor's Wife ................. Kathleen Serenska Hugo Peabody .................. Michael Bobal Randy MacAfee ................. Marie Silvaney Mrs. Merkle ....................... Joann Stone Neighbors ........ Judy Gandck. Carol Johnson. Eileen Havens. Barbara Dunham Gloria Rasputin ............ Mary Jane Nemeth T.V. Stage Manager ............ George Mokcn Charles Maude ..................... Jim CrowncyFront Row. Left to Right: J. Cutowski, coach; J. Walker, B. Catcrino, L. Valentino, S. Povalac, J. Growney, K. Welch, R. Choban. A. Hcnnan, C. HofT. S. Rusnock. L. DeBoer. Second Row: C. Cussis, coach; A. Oliveri, R. Shrincr. J. Tamahnini, P. Padlaek. J. Nemeth. B. Lane, P. Tesauro, R. Davi», M. Dambeck, I). Tedder. B. Oro», J. Johnson, B. Davi», J. O'Leary, couch. Third Row: M. Krychowccky, D. Festger, C. Ruddy, J. Karabinchak, R. Nagy, V. Chavis, 0. Alexander, W. Spikes, R. Hornak, C. Lund. Craig Ruddy 68Mike Krychowecky co-captain John Karabinchak Robert Oros 69 Gary Kubinak Curt Lund‘’Davis looks for his mark” “What ever happened to brotherly love”Building — With the loss of last year’s senior members of the team, Edison has entered a building stage with the hope of strength ening the line and gathering experience. Considering the handicap of line weakness, Edison’s record of 2-6-1 is not bad. Although losing six games, the Edison eleven tied a strong Ewing High, topped hopeful South River, and scored a very convincing 34-9 victory over St. Peter’s High. Our only candidate for the All-County team this year was co-captain Mike Krychowecky. Mike, who played left guard, attained a spot on the second string All-County team. Our two most out- standing tackles proved to be Bob Oros and Gary Kubinak. While Bob opened holes in the left side of the opponent’s line, Gary was busy anchoring the right side. Although the eleven senior members of our grid team fought with all their power and spirit, it could not be expected that this year’s record would compare to the outstanding one of the class of 1962. It is evident, though, that next year’s team will profit from the hard work of the 1963 team and go on to a winning season. Firu Row. Left to Right: M. Bacon, A. Calpin, N. Wise, C. Aqans. Second Row: Coach Adams, J. Geiger, J. Handcy, G. Zvolensk, G. Morgan. B. Williams. G. Preholka. L. Yost. W. Wioble. G. Mieczkowski. Third Row: F. Di Tomaso, 0. Kcnen, J. Hunien, M. Thrope. K. O’Malley, M. J-'- FOOTBALL Scordinsky. F. Bocchino, P. Hanley. Fourth Row: B. Barham. T. Stevens, J. Huitt, R. Carney, T. Holloway, M. Lybeck. F. Di Ricnzo, J. Brown, I). Bethea, M. Nuzzo. Fifth Row: R. Toth. E. Soporowsky, W. Smith, C. Bryant, F. Malyska.Bridgewater ..... New Brunswick ... Perth Amboy ..... South River ..... St. Peter’s ..... Ewing ........... Union ........... Linden .......... Woodbridge ..... .............. 60 .............. 20-6 .............. 33-6 .............. 615 .............. 0-34 .............. 13-13 .............. 33 -13 .............. 40-6 .............. 22-6 Capital punishment” 7273 Eagle Ambush' .... 34 SCORES Edison 14 Union Edison 16 East Brunswick . 34 30 Edison .... 16 .... 46 Edison .... 19 22 Edison .... 28 Edison .... 38 Perth Amboy 6 Front Row: W. Knapp. E. Vcrclla, D. O’Neil. W. Benner, B. Williams. Bad; Row: J. Batten, Coach: R. Cltoban, G. Steykcr, J. Rosko, J. Hanley, R. Carter, F. DiRicnzo, F. Re,Id. Trainer. With only senior, Rich Jobbins, in the lineup, the Eagle grapplers did well in staying at the .500 mark with 5 wins and 5 losses. When touranincnt results were counted, this year’s squad had reached heights never before scaled by Edison’s matmen. Leading the way was 148-lb., Paul Padlak, who took 18 straight matched before losing in the finals at Rutgers to state champion Lee Wagner from Newton H.S. Appearing before a standing-room-only crowd of 2,500, Paul came back to win his consolation bout and finish 3rd in the state. Next year Paul will be defending Region III and District VIII champion. Also returning will be Edison’s two other District VIII titlists, Steve Povalac (136 lbs.) and Ed Tomkiewicz (168 lbs.). It took outstanding opponents to oust Povalac and Tomkiewicz from the Regional Tourney: Steve losing by one point to Washington’s Kerr — the eventual state runner-up — and Ed dropping a decision to Palmer from Kackattstown. Paul, Steve and Ed also copped titles in the annual Middlesex County tournament. Consistent winners for the Eagles were Steve Froggctt (141 lbs.) and many other matmen who saw varsity action during the year. The junior varsity, led by 98 lb. Dan O’Neil and heavyweight. Rodney Carter, at each end of the lineup, finished with a 7-3 record. High points of the dual meet season were 46 • 8 rout of Woodbridge, and the exciting “near-miss” losses to District champ Piscataway and County champ Middlesex. “Tic up position ready for take down.” F'ront Row: G. Paradowski, C. Picch, S. Cirri. M. Richman. R. Stevenson, F. DiTomasso. Back Row: J. Loysen, Coach; R. Jobbins, S. Povalac, P. Padlak, E. Tomkiewicz, S. Froggctt. 0. Kenen.First Row, Left to Right: S. Pctcrsack, K. Jobhins, D. Christy, M. Bobal, G. Podolski, I). Neilson, G. Braun, M. Closso, J. Leitchncr. J. Blair. Second Row: R. Hortenstcin. B. Cover, R. Boswell, L. Tylka, B. Bowman, L. Riley, R. Dietz, L. Ulmer, C. Fessy, R. Klcssics, T. Kuypers, S. Labargc, F. Grausso. First Row, Left to Right: J. Catcnno (Captain). Second Row: C. Higgins. G. Edwards. L. Nagy. J. Russell. J. Ueigcr. M. San Angelo, R. Clorman. Third Row: J. Buggicrc. M. Thorpe. D. Hawksley, C. Dalton, R. Austin. “Will the real Tarus Bulba please stand up?” 75In only his second year of coaching, the Eagle Varsity Coach Coward organized a predominantly junior squad into a winning combination which fin- ished its regular season at 11-11. This is particularly encouraging since the Eagles travelled in fast company. The Eagles showed right from the start that they would be tough, downing Highland Park, possessor of an 18-3 regular season record, 51-17 in overtime. They then went on to take runner-up laurels in the County’s Christmas Festival Tournament. Only an outbreak of extremely close losses kept the squad from a more sensational season. This season not only marked their first winning season and first tournament honors, but also the first Alumni Contest, won by the Varsity, and first partici- pation in the State Tournament against a strong Trenton team. Led by senior captain Lou Capella and big Fred Pfeiffer the Edison squad threw scares into every opponent except powerful Woodbridge. Prospects for the squad should be better next year — led by Otis Alexander, Rich Davis, and Ron Hass. Good Luck to the 63-64 squad! VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row. Left to Right: A. Mesaros. L. Ty)k3. A. Di Nocia. R. Hass, R. Hrilz. Sec- ond Row: R. Coward (coach): J. Calamoncri. L. Capella, (Capi.); F. Pfeiffer, R. Davis. Not Pictured: 0. Alexander. R. I.ambdan. “Otis Alexander” SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL First Row. Left to Right: J. Volo- seik. W. Loftus. W. Godwin. J. Fox, J. Pfeil (man.) Second Row: C. .Muniz (coach), J. Bahring, J. Calamoncri. G. Stevens. H. Sitren. P. Rossi, H. Morgan. M. Casalino (man.). 76SCORES “Watch my toe” Edison 51 Opp. 47 58 52 55 46 39 62 65 .... 69 64 . 68 65 68 45 39 51 53 63 57 52 50 58 62 67 84 36 55 50 60 73 . 55 48 64 65 49 55 54 37 44 57 56 79 65 47 72 •Christmas Tournament ••State Tournament "Don’t hit your head O’ooooo” “Let me have a turn fellows’ FROSH BASKETBALL First Row, Left to Right: G. Nelson, T. Bennett, J. Greengartcn, J. Byron, E. Bcvilacgoa, J. Pfcil. Second Row: A. Brown, (coach); T. Roche, J. Shroba, E. Brcden, W. Ferillo, W. Saupc. 77First Row, Left to Right: M. Bagan, C. Warren, C. Davy. A. G. Pidoto, B. Dunham M. A. Stone, E. Robinson, K. Ebcrhcart, E. Coleman, J. Diegc, B. Johnson. Second Row: V. Gill. J. Letinski. N. Keene, K. Ceisz, A. Gcisz, C. Brown, C. Bobcrtz, M. Miller, K. Pcigclbck, C. Johnson. Third Row: M. Perlmutter, S. Chamberlain, C. Welsh, K. Johnson, M. Schwalje, C. Horner. L. Robinson. J. Lawler, A. Balogh. Fourth Row: G. Brown, D. Bolduc, C. Churchill, C. Summer. S. Alessi, J. Scanlon, L. Doll. S. Swanick, P. Twiss, S. Lcftkowitz. G. A. A. BASKETBALL TEAM First Row. Left to Right: V. Gill, C. Warren, Y. Robinson. F. Ebcrhart. E. Coleman, J. Dige, G. Brown. Second Row: M. Perlmutter, M. Bagan. C. Gcisz. A. Ceisz. G. Brown, C. Bohcrtz, K. Peigelbeck. Third Row: S. Lefkowitz, S. Chamberlain. K. Johnson. M. Schwalje. C. Horner. L. Robinson. I . Twiss. 78First Row, Left to Right: C. Barth, C. Warren, R. Walton, F. Eber- hardt, J. Krisc, L. Carguilo, S. Haggerty, B. Kilroy, C. Horner, M. Radzawich. Second Row: P. Twiss, A. Brook?, J. Diege, Mrs. Freeman (advisor), G. Brown, C. Brown, M. McClelland, R. Sheridan. Third Row: C. O’tNeal, B. Pasek, K. Miller, B. Radach, J. Lawler, L. Hudan- i$h, D. Borowsky, A. Balogh, C. Bednarz. Fourth Row: S. Hanzel, K. Johnson, N. Rcifke, B. Johnson, A. Mazurowski, S. Bcmath, M. Midgley, L. Craincr. C. Bobertz. Fifth Row: M. Giery, D. Rothman, C. Welch, K. Fisher, N. Stonick, R. Berger.Rough night, hey George? Front Row, Left to Right: J. Wcndkind, J. Mandeka, P. Shrodo, R. Budsock, I). Dicta, C. Moken. T. Marsicano. A. DiNicola, I). Frye, J. Lipofsky. Back Row: M. Hankus, A. Collazzo. K. Fox, D. Frey, D. Finn. J. Mchok, R. Nagy, F. Pfeiffer, P. Kudniak. M. Krychewccky, J. Johnston, P. Tesarro, Coach: Chris Gussis. “But boys, there’s only one batter.' Bottom Row, Left to Right: C. Michowski, A. Larson, B. Smith, W. Ixiftus, H. Morgan. C. Slovinsky, M. Richman, J. Dimenko, B. Knapp, H. Link. Top Row: C. Coward, Coach; C. Stevens, D. Campion, R. Kady. R. Toth, W. Wroblc, T. Martin, A. Pirchio, M. Cassolin3, R. Rynome, J. Glace.Bottom Row, Left to Right: J. Spielberg, C. Van Caldcr, D. Phillips, S. McCormack, J. Meyers, T. DeCristofaro, G. Oflenstroer, R. Florenzo, M. Mundy, J. Byron, E. Cote, J. Fox. Top Row: M. Wang, R. Kentos. T. Elliot, P. Brown. J. Shroba, J. Brown, B. Saupe, W. Ferrullo, J. Wynn, M. Nuzzo, T. Szold, S. Gandek, Mr. Coleman, Coach. Won 16 — Lost 5 1962 Varsity Baseball Record .... 6 1 7 1 .... 6 2 9 Highland Park 2 .... 6 6 .... 5 1 3 7 ... 3 6 .... 4 3 ... 2 1 ... 1 0 .... 4 3 .... 3 7 .... 1 3 5 3 ... 9 2 0 6 6 5 7 2 5 2 4 East Brunswick 1 • Stale Tournament ‘One of us should be able to hit it, 81“They said it couldn’t be done, but I’m doing it!” Front Row, Left to Right: B. William», R. Klorman, P. Hanley. C. Scwicki, F. Pekinn, A. Scdlak. J. Geiger. M. SanAngelo, J. Walker. J. Russel. I). Ekcrt. Second Row: S. LcBargc. J. Bruguier, T. Holloway, L. Usher, C. Kowtna, C. Clemens. M. Thorpe. P. Kovacs, J. Miko. J. Hanley, R. Carlucci. Trainer; F. Redd. Third Row: J. O’Leary, Coach: T. Connors. B. Vrecland, G. Austin, B. Davis, R. Carrington, I). Hawksley. B. Klcsics, S. Rusnok, J. Brockington. G. Dalton, Ft. Holmes, A. Yager, C. Prchodka. 1962 TRACK RESULTS .... 59 Westfield ... 58 40 44 24-1 3 93-1 6 33 45 69 47 76 59 Edison 49 Jerry Walker—Middlesex County 440 yard Run Champion Robert Holmes—Middlesex County Broad Jump Champion Ted Pittiglio—2nd in the Discus Throw County Championship Meet IS11 First Row, Left to Right: L. Doll. C. Churchill, B. Dunham, R. Sheridan. R. Manas. Mr. F. Poskaitis. Second Row: S. Karp, N. Domino. D. Rothman. L. Celgcilser. W. Uscnko, C. Folbrcct, C. Jaczina, L. F.nsor. Third Row: T. I'Brien, K. Johnson, J. Stone, M. Schwaljc. V. Gill, A. MacDonald, J. Clipper. Fourth Row: J. Hudanish. D. Stewart. L. Nagy. W. Schmidt. WORKSHOP 86 First Row. Left to Right: K. Norcross, S. Haggerty, H. Weiner, B. Kilroy. Second Row: L. Veil, V. Tango, $. Jablonski, M. Chrin, M. Hcgedus. Third Row: M. Bagan, C. Frazano, L. Sitrcn, S. Megyesi. M. Strollo, B. Johnson. L. Lemmons. Fourth Row: R. Dros, C. Kuhinak, W. Davis, M. Zak.First Row. Left to Right: A. Fitch. V.P.: I. Hepp, J. Phelan. C. Folbrccht. Treas.: W. Usenko, C. ShufT. M. Yaros. Second Row: K. Serenska. M. Silagy, J. Prill. M. Vrceland. Sec.; G. Moken. Pres.: J. Taglireni. J. Capellupo, F. Kursay. Mr. Kaltcnborn, Advisor. liational JJc onor ‘Congratulations Bob! Character Scholarship Leadership Service First Row, Left to Right: F. Grausso, J. Brosseau. J. Jobbins. E. Gardm-r. M. Mutarclli. C. Jaczina. C. Johnson. E. Nawrock. C. French. J. McKennon, S. Ballou. Second Row: L. Kramer. H. Weiner. B. Sclick, P. Prusko. C. O’Brien, A. Benner. B. Robinson. M. Heinsdorf. S. Karp. K. Mi .cnko. C. Brown. Third Row: G. Letinski. K. Uscnko, D. Borowsky. J. Clough. B. Pasek, D. Kulakowski. M. Campbell. B. Karle, R. Reider. K. Kowalski. L. Bcdman. Fourth Row: J. Rosko, M. Warder. R. Faro. R. Holmes, T. Simon. K. Knudscn. D. Frey. L. Ulmer, R. Luebeckc, D. McIntyre.DON'T FORGET VARSITY CLUB NITE ' ■'rch 15 — 7:30 p.m . Volleyb-'1' EDISON TOWN: r EDITORIAL STAFF wAjifitkopf, Advisor; K. Bergman. C. ReCorr, L. D EAGLE A SLOW BOAT TO CHINA: See "Lady Precious Stream" Junior Class Play—Thurs. 4 Fri. March 7 and 8 — 8 p.m. P HIGH SCHOOL THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1963 Edison Batters Rams for First Win of Season Led by the fleet running of Jerry Walker and Richie Davis, the ETHS football team broke into the win column beating South River 15-6. The Rams scored early in the game to the side of the uprights. In the fourth quarter. Bridgewater scored but it was called Back. The'starting lineup for the Eagles was: At (LE) Otis Alexander, LT) fame on Saturei Waters Stadium. The Edison scoi run by Jimmy J a 57-yard march • u — First Row, I.eft to Right: P. Twiss, K. Kowalsky, C. Davy, J. Wolski, A. Pidoto, C. Kramer, G. Marcuse, F. Fcdol, L. Kimdman, R. Numerof, C. Johnson. Second Row: C. MarFarland, J. Jurisscn, G. Brown, G. Lctcnski, M. Kist, P. Waznalis, R. Berger, T. O’Brien. R. Shcrian, B. Toth, C. Yclencsics, N. Stonik. Third Row: C. McFarland, M. Stone, §1 V- IF SHOWING OFF THE NEW ONES—Mrs. Anne Freeman, Iwirlcr coach, smiles in approval as Lieutenant Marie Campbell, Captain Mary Nemeth, and Co-Captain Barbara Dunham display their newest trophies, won in EAGLE STAFF On Sunday. November 18. the Edison High School Twirling Squad Mil Silagy, I). Rothman. Gn Bednarz,' Pn Patiloff P. Dbwling, J. Leonard, M. Radzawich, B. -Ji l u»ou. Bu Jtskinn i. o Fourth Roid: J. Brosseau, C. Paul, R. Choban,, : I Ta p ;-R. ifaty»,, :j .,:P’A;nico, L. Bcdnian, T. Calpin, A. Burlon . ., . jn .j,,. (jolinshi’s Twirling Contest. Participants came from states along the entire eastern seaboard. The twirling squad came home with four trophies. They won first h place in the full team division, and a ■' first place in the four to six member ’ 'i section in the scholastic division. The team also won second place in nov- elty twirling, and second place in the four to eight member division in scholastic twirling. For their gafcr novelty number, they twirled to the music of "Ragtime Cowboy Joe”. s ■ Participating in the contest were: • Mary Jane Nemeth, captain: Bar- bara Dunham, co-captain; Marie Campbell, lieutenant; Linda Mailler. Nancy Keene, Darlene Kulakowski. Phyllis Monroe. Elaine Pesehek, Barbara Bomeiser. Kathy Farkas. Peggy Geiber, Joyce Zeller, andSENIOR DIVISION First Row, I.rft to Right: W. Usenko. B. Forrest, C. Suart. C. Fol- brechl, S. Gchrum, C. Johnson. J. Gandek, L. Edwards. Second Row: S. Clickstein, President; R. Hornak, D. Fcstger, J. Babiy, C. Kowalsky, K. Hanson. K. Serenska. Third Row: C. French. M. Campbell, G. Cataldi, P. Vrccland, C. Churchill, G. Schmidt. M. Silagy, A. Balogh. Secretary; J. Capcllupo, Vice President: C. ShulT, J. Me Kennon, S. Rossi. Fourth Row: F. Pfeiffer. A. Geisz, C. Ccisz. A. Benner. K. Knudson, N. Brown. E. Norack, C. Jaczinc, B. Egan. J. Mandica, R. Jobbing. Fifth Row: B. Hanas. J. Hudansh, Secretary; F. Kursay. I). Frey, T. Jacobsen, R. Sanders, M. Heinsdorf, Vice-President; S. Zelenak, M. Jacobctz. H. Copperman. JUNIOR DIVISION First Row, Left to Right: S. Ballou. C. Griesler, A. Brooks, P. Waznalis. J. Jobbing, K. Uscnico, P. Davloff. Second Row: W. Nippress, C. Warren. L. Kramer. A. Spitzmiller, M. Schwaljc, P. Dowling. J. Jonclunas. J. Lipofsky. Third Row: J. Jensen. S. I.eichcner, F. Grausso, R. Angcr- hifer, L. James, E. Slagle, W. Clausen. Fourth Row: S. Dcmko. H. Kwitter, S. Smith. G. Comatas. T. Olymbios.of Sci cience Academy of Science Once a month the Academy of Science meets to inspire its members with a fuller appreciation for the ideals of science. Under the direction of Mr. Bohn, Mrs. Gross, and Mr. Moretti, the Academy claims the title of the largest and oldest club of Edison High. This is the first year in which membership was open to sophomores, thus boosting the roll to 157. The Academy of Science affords the opportunity to develop scientific knowledge to a theoretical and scientific end and fosters professional pride in the sciences. First Row, Left to Right: B. Schneider, E. Likos, B. Barr. H. Weiner. Second Row: A. Pennington, C. Letindk, J. Johnson, J. Miller, K. Ptcgclback, F. Brown, B. Johnson. Third Row: P. Berman. J. Juris- sen, R. Faro, L. Meyer, M. Kist, A. Jaffe, S. Tomalin, R. Choban. Fourth Row: B. Wetch. M. Foley, L. Girard, F. Jinoch, C. Bednardez, J. Rosko. R. Luebuke. D. Peiruzzicllo. Fifth Row: D. Moss, D. Smith. R. Nagy, T. Coleman. In many ways the Future Homemakers of America serve their school and their community. Through F.H.A. the girls learn a few of the many techniques of home- making and other valuable lessons used in adult life. “F.H.A. girls prepare for Santa Claus” First Row. Left to Right: A Brooks. K. Morgan. Second Row: R. Ragoncse. J. Brosseau. I.. Myer, S. Rossi. B. Schneider, J. Letinski. P. Evcrly. Third Row: A. Mazurowski, M. Lanning, M. Bagan. J. Hndan- ish. J. Lawler. M. Adams. C. Brown. P. Waznalins, S. Kczlcr, D. Gasprich. Mrs. Donahay (Advisor). Fourth Row: M. Hcgcdus. G. Malonowski. M. Foley. G. Navalkoski. M. Hcaly, S. Jablonski, F. El cr- hardi. M. Lindsay. J. Baily.First Row, Left to Right: P. Schirger, C. Johnson, M. McClelland, S. Frogget, D. Intcrman. L. Edwards. Second Row: P. Twiss. C. Davy, C. Horner, P. Dudics, E. Robinson, C. Mizenko. D. Brown. Third Row: K. Fincn, R. Clansrock, J. Kaiser. B. Selick, S. Lefkowilz, J. Jurison, N. Keene, C. Brown. J. Diego. Fourth Row: L. Bedman. H. Lasko, A. Spilzmillcr. C. Porsolt. B. Ambrosio, C. Pushy. M. Pearlmutter. B. Johnson, M. Radzawich. “Vive La Chevelure” ‘Wailing for Cinderella and ihc coach”First How, I.eft to Right: K. Norcross. K. Berta. P. PavlofT. M. Sila»r '. (I. Johnson. B. Toth. B. Johnson. Second Row: I.. Grainer, E. Nawrock. N. Keene. C. Yelcnscics. J. Wolski. M. Midglcy, Mrs. Lamprako . Third Row: D. Eckardt. S. Limoli. J. Johnson, M. Camphell. M. Bohal. l„ Calameri. N. Sziber. M. Gierry, S. Tomalin. Fourth Row: A. Ceisz. E. Peshck. N. Sionik. J. Rosko. C. Welch. L. Meyer. C. Bidnarz. Wed -Amid Lcs membres de Mcs Amis aiment ctudier dcs cultures dc France. Guest speakers and a visit to the French Embassy in New Lork created an active interest in France and its culture. The collection of usable toys that were sent to an orphanage in France highlighted the year’s work.First Row, Left to Right: C. Shuff, K. Uscnko, F. Brown. C. Folbrecht, W. Uscnko. Second Row: Mrs. Kolbay, H. Carringer. C. Genrum, J. Nemeth, I). Clirin, C. Cocdde. Third Row: D. Frey, F. Jinoch, R. Faro, F. Pfeiffer. R. Jobbins, M. Mcinsdorf. Die Deutsche Klasse ist highlighted by the Deutsche Klub which enables interested students to become familiar with German customs and cultural background. Sprcch- en Sic Deutsch? First Row. Left to Right: D. Gribbc, B. Demick, N. Dalby, (President). P. Sawicki (Vice-Presi- dent), Miss Kobsky (Advisor). Second Row: M. White, R. Lichowld, C. Kcktcnwald, T. Petuskcy, T. Busby (Treasurer), H. Morris (Sec- retary), P. Dowling, G. Litwin, C. Boyde.First Row, Left to Right: M. Levy, R. Faro, I). Stewart, L. Nagy, F. Jinoch, R. Lubccke, I . Berman. Second Row: B. Beardsley, J. Rosko, R. Jobbins. K. Holmes, R. Schrcibcr, A. Jaffa, B. Welsch, L. Cirado, C. Sawicki, J. Hudanisb. R. Saltur. Third Row: R. Festger. S. Petere- sak. K. Knudson, J. Smith. D. Moss, M. Warder, T. Simon, F. Pfeiffer, C. Ruddy. Mr. Wimmer. Fourth Row: F. Kursay, R. Hanas, L. Ulmer, R. Vrccland, L. Tylka. The main objective of the Key Club is service to the school and community, the development of high ideals and initiative among its members. The boys are busy operating the I.ost and Found and selling candy at basket- ball games. Along with the Student Council, the Key Club sponsored the Edison Lyceum Series in the Fall. X 2)el ate (Ldul Resolved: that the U.S. Promote a Common Market for the Western Hemisphere. First Row, Left to Right: K. Knudson, B. Hcckt. S. Karp, A. Klein (ad- vigor). Second Row: G. Mancuso. J. Reward, L. Rose. Third Row: S. Funicelli, T. Conner. 0. Kinen, R. Berber. First Row, Left to Right: S. Moskowitz. L. Kramer, C. Crieslcr. Second Row: N. Wise, R. Sinnickson. Third Row: J. Fleckenstcin, R. Sanders, L. Larson. A. Weiss, Mr. Caughan, advisor; no) pictured.First Row. Left to Right: K. Norcross, C. Johnson. C. Stuart. A. Pidoto. C. Davy. J. Wolski. L. Doll, M. Stone. N. Domino. Second Row: R. Bryant. M. Silajiy. B. Toth. D. Mill . K. Fisher. J. Scanlon. V. Robinson. Miss Benedik: Advisor. Third Row: J. McKittrick, C. Shuff. J. Candek. M. White. J. Leonard. C. French, R. Denton. A. Balogh, M. Bobal. S. Chamberlain. E. Coleman. Miss Stamm. Advisor. Fourth Row: A. Schemick. S. Alessi. C. O'Neal, B. Skinner. P. Schirger, B. Johnson. C. Brown. C. Ceisz. H. Scott. A. Ceisz. Fifth Row: J. Stone, C. Yelen- cis. N. Stonic, N. Pursey. S. Pctcrcsak. G. Kubinak. B. Austin. B. Egan, J. Caterino. and Zduture f Lydiciand CdfuL First Row, Left to Right: S. Kazlau. M. Lorini. K. Pcigelbcck. J. Miller. E. Skiba. C. Hewitt. Second Row: Mrs. Dreyer (Advisor . P. Pavloff. F. Brown. J. McKennon. J. Reiser. “No Frank' You can't amputate.” j- Jonelunas. Third Row: C. Bobcrtz, L. Molineaux. C. Bednardz. K. Baltin. R. Faro.First Row. Left to Right: S. Haggerty, B. Steed. J. Digc. K. Kovacs. B. Rice, K. Finan, R. Glanzrock, I . Dudics. Second Row: Miss Yascn- eliak (Advisor), L. Cargiulo, I . Hanks. J. Prill. G. Sullivan. R. Denton, I). Blanchards. Third Row: M. Mulurdli, E. Pickett. J. Sable. J. McKittrick, J. McKittrick, J. Brody. D. Borowsky, M. Borowsky, J. Berry, E. Cardncr. Fourth Row: B. Pasek, H. Hock. M. Adams, A. Schcmick, E. Scverino, C. Pushy. M. Hayes. C. Frazzano, P. Evcrly, L. Santa Maria, H. Scott. A. Mazurowski, Fifth Row: D. Kulakowski, J. Oros, S. Haslam. E. O'Malley, 0. Alexander, F. McTague, C. Huxta, L. Lemnios. M. Hyduke, K. O'Reilly. !3u ineAd “Testing, one, two, three, four.” junior I'fecl (LroAA First Row. Left to Right: J. Leonard. J. Kaiser, A. Brooks. A. Spilzmiller. J. Diege, M. Borkowski. Mrs. Dryer. Advisor. Second Row: P. Saltarelli. P. Dowling. J. Brosseau. A. Fitch. M. Silvancy, E. Coleman. F. Hudak. Third Row: E. Pickett. V. Gill. T. O'Brian, N. Brown. C. Petersen. S. Nipprcss. R. Denton. B. Skinner.“Choreography Committee” First Row. Left to Right: M. A. Stone. M. J. Nemeth. N. Szibcr, C. Summer, C. Suart. M. Silagy. B. Barr. P. Monroe. Second Row: E. Pcschck, L. Ensor, B. Dunham. J. Phelan. J. Scanlon. S. Swanick, L. Doll. A. C. Pidoto. Third Row: E. Spangenberg, P. Dowling. Wl.Urn a J a nee L. McCue. P. Mercer. L. Calamari. M. Vrcdand. J. Ryno. A. Balogh. D. Bolduc, E. Coleman, J. Clipper, M. Campbell, C. Davy. N. Langcnohl. N. Keene. 99(Standing) M. J. ftemelli leapt.). First Row. Left to Right: I). Kulakowski. E. Pcschck, M. Campbell (Lieut.). L. Maillcr, B. Dunham (Co-capl.). I . Monroe, N. Keene. Second Row: B. Bomcislcr, P. Geiber, J. Zeller, K. Farkas, S. Van Scoy, C. Henderson.Co-captain, L. Doll, S. Swanick, C. Summer. B. Barr. S. Ballou. K. Usenko, L. Meyer, L. Martin, M. Silagy, A. Fitch, C. Churchill. M. A. Stone. mi in min mini J. V. CHEERLEADERS J. Ryno, D. Fisher, B. Nemeth, H. Phcil, J. Newman, G. Svarrcr, C. Valla. N. Langenhol. Dear Alma Mater, Hear us as we lift our voice in song” “Fight team, fight” are the spirited words heard as the cheerleaders lead our team to a V I C T O R Y- 101“Letters received for Varsity Sports partici- pation.” “Bob Oros receiving congratulations from Mr. White.” First Row, Left to Right: F. Redd, Trainer: R. Hartcinstcin, C. Hoff. P. Padlak. J. Tamagini, D. Christie. H. Welch, R. Dietz, D. Neilson, L. Riley. Second Row: J. Gutowski (advisor), L. DeBoer, R. Hornak. B. Holmes, J. Bruguier. A. DeNicola, J. I.ipofsky, R. Choban, B. Davis, S. Rusnok. R. Osten. B. Coward (advisor). Third Row: L. Valentino, C. Lund. K. Fox. J. Crowncy, M. Bobal, J. Johnson, J. Nemeth, B. Catarino, R. Jobbins, C. Cussi (advisor). Fourth Row: D. Lambden, L. Ulmer, J. Karabinchak, D. Festgcr, J. Mandika, F. Takacs, R. Nagy, A. Olivcry, D. Frey. Fifth Row: R. Davis, S. Petersak, B. Oros, M. Krechaweky, C. Kubinak, R. Carter, 0. Alexander, L. Capella, F. Pfeiffer.CHORUS — A.M. AND P.M. First Row, Left to Right: M. White. J. Conk. Second Row: L. Williams, K. D’Aloisio, C. Crosson, B. Apcl, A. Brooks. J. Patton, E. Nawrock. Third Row: C» Hewitt, G. Bobal, N. Me Cloughan, G. Me Donald, C. Saul. D. Intemann, M. Bonowsky, G. Svarrer, B. Johnson. Fourth Row: S. Smith. R. Barankovitch, L. Molineaux. N. Best. S. Haines, R. Sattur, S. Adclberg, E. Viegelmann. Fifth Row: R. Kelly, R. Vrccland, R. Hartenstein, C. Dreier, G. Boland. HIFIS AND MELLOWTONES First Row, Left to Right: J. Gandek. J. Capcllupo, M. Sil- agy, B. Toth. R. Sheridan, (president); E. Coleman, M. Hegedus. Second Row: G. Pastorelli, J. Garfield. L. Gan- dek, C. O’Neal, E. Spangcn- berg, K. Mizcnko, S. Leonard, P. Suprick, (treas.); Miss Patente — Advisor. Third Row: J. Schulman, D. Me Intyre, P. Lotzer, C. Dreier, 0. Alexander, D. Mills, D. Frey, A. Afonso, S. Barando- vitch (librarian); L. Me Cue, (librarian). cu CHESS CLUB Seated, Left to Right: N. Brown. II. Kwittcr. R. Gallo, L. Ulmer, W. Conk. Standing: R. Bau- man, J. Rosko, H. Russell, M. Heinsdorf. 103COLOR GUARD Left to Right: S. Alcssi, J. Phelan. B. Meeker. J. Stone. P. Jordan, J. Scanlon. BAND First Row, Left to Right: D. Kulakowski. J. Clipper, D. Novak, A. Benner. Second Row: R. Mondics. M. Cherlin. S. Clickstein, K. Hansen. R. Solebello. R. Madaraz. Third Row: S. Leonard, B. Forrest, C. Michael, R. Goldberg, S. Davis, J. Finne, H. Feldman, R. Reider, R. Cardaneo. Fourth Row: W. Draut. J. Smith, C. Paysen. A. Espada, W. Kraut. J. Valocsik. D. Eckert. M. Thorpe, R. Beeber, J. Boles, K. Knudscn, T. Martin, R. Sattur. First Row, Left to Right: L. Williams, M. Hcgcrus, K. Mizcnko, 1). Me Intire. Second Row: M. Lindsey. M. Silagy, P. Kuprick, R. Sheri- dan. J. Patton. P. Vreeland. C. O’Neal. Third Row: Miss Patente, ad- visor: J. Garfield, G. Pastorelli, G. Me Dona, C. Saul, N. Best, S. Haines, ‘vu’s m R. Sattur, G. Boland, R. Afonso. Fourth Row: S. Leonard, K. D'Aloisio, L. Molineauy, S. Barankovitch, P. Vreeland, D. Frey. R. Kelly. Fifth Row: C. Drcicr. R. Hartcnstein. uiic in the First Row Left to Right: L. Kimclman, C. Valla, R. Trumbatore, E. Ambrosio. Second Row: J. St. I.eon. J. Carnes. R. Faro, G. Voorhccs. M. Hcinsdorf. Third Row: P. Spangler, H. Copperman. L. Usher, B. Holmes, T. Simon. M. Levy, J. Russell. J. Danburg, J. Hudanish, M. Van Doren, R. Carey, F. Pfeiffer. Fourth Row: R. Smith. M. Zwcig. C. Goeddc. J. Jobbins, G. Sutton. J. Geiger, K. Screnska. drum major- ette: Mr. Whitman, director.junior Office JUNIOR OFFICERS R. Faro, Pres.; J. Wolski, See.; P. Dowling, Rep.; P. Padlack, V. Pres.; F. Brown, Treas.; Miss Tipton; Mr. Wallace. Advisors. •Soph omo re Offi icerA SOPHOMORE OFFICERS C. Larson. Pres.; S. Bowman. V. Pres.; F. Bel- luscio. Sec.; Miss Toner; Mr. Madsen. Advisors. man Office FRESHMAN OFFICERS L. Bcnncche, Treas.; J. Greengarden, Pres.; E. Kiken. V. Pres.; V. Fox, See.; Mr. LaMacstra; Miss Pappalardo; Advisors. 108“Where is the mouse?” Oh, these gay and festive scenes. The halls of dazzling white.” WjarJi I could have danced all night” "The clowning touch” 109First Row, Left to Right: P. Tarlza, B. Madarasz, S. Drobach, C. Mancuso. J. Schumann, M. Merson. L. Kimmcrlc, P. Fullon. J. Conk. Second Row: C. Kramer, C. Wiley, R. Coldl)crg, B. Hansen, B. Eskinazi, B. Kiken, G. Povlich, C. Valla, K. Powers. Third Row: M. Muller, M. Werlhcr, J. Shrilli, C. Albowiez, S. Adelburg, B. Yelman, 1.. Rose. C. Jinoch, L. Hall, I- Bergen. A. Larson, K. Me Cormack. C. DeFalca. Miss Sheppard (Advisor), C. Crosson. I “Good grief. It's gone! 110(jerman First Row, Left to Right: C. Wiley, R. Recp. A. Larson. B. Zaloga, R. Eilmeyer, C. Bobal, C. Reynolds. C. Croson. Second Row: M. Lynch, W. Benner, L. Hart, E. Zvolcnsky, P. Gieber, S. Funicelli, 0. Kenen. L. Usenko. Third Row: C. Hansen, C. Mueller, J. Fazekas, L. Leise, D. Stewart, J. Miko, J. Caiamonieri, R. Sinnickson. E. Minard, M. Thorpe, T. Busby, N. Tobiasson, R. Solebcllo, J. Coleman (Advisor), C. Jinoch.I First Row. Left to Right: Miss Patente (Advisor). H. Bacchus, S. Philpot. B. Arway, C. Bennett, S. Cold, L. Ciarrone, E. Page. Second Row: L. Kimmelman, I). Young, K. Lohsc. F . White. Standing: A. Farinich, R. Sattur. P a horud cl er 5 cJlea “In your squads, Girls! First Row. Left to Right: S. Lynch. K. Walczak, L. Smith, L. Capella. J. Timko. J. Blcakncy, J. Faas, S. Makuh. IF. Goldberg. Second Row: C. Cariste. S. Slohodin, C. Cutrina, S. White, B. Sanders, Mrs. Freeman (Advisor), J. Garfield. P. Goldstein, B. Eskinozi, M. Merson, E. Smith. Third Row: L. Dellas. L. Farkas. G. Gardner. F. Balluscio. L. Uscnko. D. Bolduc, L. Ford, P. Pimbell, I . Osiccki, L. Papp, N. Moraz, C. Lauber, J. Navatkoski. 112First Row. Left to Right: L. Hall, R. Numerof, A. Cormasi, G. Bobal. C. Dennis. S. Bowman. R. Gottlicd. K. Nuber, P. Sheridan, K. Hettick. Second Row: C. Worthington. G. Mancuso. L. Vici, N. Yclcnsics. P. Mercer. L. Rose. J. Fisher. K. Ferguson, L. Stenner, D. Prill. G- Bennett. J. Hcranney, S. Kovatch. S. Schultze. L. Mozgay, J. Mayercik, R. Thomson. B.. Peterson. P. Loetzer. Miss McAdam (Advisor). SbJf D. earn “Not the hands, Jim, you’re sup- posed to use sandpaper.”“Look busy. He’s coming (jreat d3ooh$ s. eminur First Row, Left to Right: R. Trumcdor. K. Jinoch. C. Mancuso, A. La Maestra (Advisor). G. Bobal. Second Row: C. Minardo, A. Larson, 0. Kinnen, W. Benner. 114 First Row. Left to Right: R. Marrero. A. Hall. J. Mayer, P. Mercer. F. Sinsheimcr. J. Glace, F. Schwaljc. Second Row: J. Pitro. A. Dcmico. R. Karney. W. Hall, B. Vernon, Mr. Jacobson (Advisor).First Row. Left to Right: I. Cribb. A. May, R. Bauman, T. Gramattica. L. Smith, L. Capella. K. Dennis. Second Row: B. Selasi, P. Cans, L. Papp. N. Mraz, K. Busby. N. Yelencsics. Third Row: S. Gold, G. Bennet, R. Thomsen. B. Peterson, D. Prill. L. Viel. C. Valla. Jr. RJ C, rodd ii$I 3. M. Jt. (PM) “I think III buy my Barbie Doll’s clothes.” First Row. Left to Right: C. Valla, C. Culick. B. Eskanasi, J. Reln-ck, J. Ploskank3. Second Row: R. Nugent, N. Yclenscics, S. Drobach. J. Schu- mann. P. Hauck, J. Garfield. J. Chesmut. D. Russo, L. Schcndarf. E. Smink. Third Row: Miss Roscoc (Advisor), J. Growney, C. Wiley, C. I.itwin. P. Jones. S. Cleveland. C. Carisle, B. Melcga, L. Glehacki. Fourth Row: S. West. R. Jensen. B. Hansen, P. Tarzia. E. Navatoski, J. Mavercik, G. Paulick. B. Ter ino.QirL Sc eruice First Row, Left to Right: C. Bcnnct, P. Colby, K. Cutrona, R. Jensen. Miss Poppalardo (advisor). C. Paul, P. Hauck, C. Tucker. P. Miller. Second Row: S. White, A. Lorenz. C. Mancuso, S. Drobach. J. Garfield, S. Slobodicn. K. Newbcr. Third Row: P. Tartza, S. Kovach, S. Gold; U. Gumps, A. Burlone, L. Koelsch, J. Boleaux. 117•3ut ure First Row. Left to Right: A. Espada. I). Crandjcan, C. Boydc. E. Vieslemann. R. Trumba- lore, A. Sontheimer, Mrs. Balascak (Advisor). Second Row: A. Morris. E. Smith, Bordon, M. Hcgedus, C. Hansen. E. Whralton. E. Skiba. R. Jensen, J. Mayercik, R. Ward. n urded119121Dick Tracy is really good this week, I dreamed I was in Hawaii in If I don't get in there soon, I’ll die! “What do you mean, you’re quitting?” "If she thinks I’m moving, she’s out of her mind.”“Look, Who's Here!” “Really, it’s c-o-f-f-e-e.” Dennis Mattie Chris Galt Gary Toth“Ted visits Edison-Alumni Tea “Questions. Questions. Questions” “Joe Harvest returns to Edison- Alumni Tea” “Seniors at College Night”IU1 » “Let me entertain you.” “Are they whistling at US? “If you don’t think he’s cute, I do.” I IStephen G. Achaves ' . •ce ne5 emember «IlllffllUl 129130W. Smith, W. Hodges, J. Madden, M. Madden.U JtuUM ✓ 133135A P Able Sample Co. A. C. Transportation, Inc. Aic-Liie Industries Artie’s Luncheonette B Bam-Boo Bar-B-Que Barbara’s Sweet Shop - Edison B Sc M Lumber Co. Bell Shoe Repair Berkley Pantry Bienfang Paper Co. Inc. - Edison The Borns Mrs. Frank Busalacchi C James Caballero C Sc V Serviccnter CO Club Inc. Cold Cut Center of Edison - Kilmer Plaza Cooper’s Dairy Joe Cwiklik Dr. M. Cheung D John Dwyer’s Fireplace - Perth Amboy E Eden Marshall Hame Improvement Co. Edison Booster Club Edison Delicatessen Edison Chevron Edison City Service Station Edjson Lanes Edison Lanes'Coffee Shop Edison Piano Edison Township Teacher’s Association Esquire Diner F The Fabiano’s First Savings Sc Loan Association of Perth Amboy Ray Fondoco French's Shell Serviccnter M. Frcsch Sc Sons Hardware - Edison Branch A Alumini - 1960 Alumini — 1961 62 Ace Karen Mrs. R. F. Apel Mr. R. F. Apel Mr. Arthur Anderson Jr. Mr. Mrs. J. Amaniera Ansoff Esq. Mrs. Arthur Anderson Jr. Mr . J’ohn Allen Mr. .V- Mr . Dick Aldressy Mr. Willie Alston Frank Irene Adamec Sc Children Mr. Mrs. William Abbas Barbara At way Mr. A .Mrs. M. Augustine Mrs. IJelen Adamec Lambdas Antonias Angel Mr. A Mr . H. J. Allen Mrs. John Atanio Mr. John Axanio Frank M. Adase Mr. A Mrs. James Arnoux B Rev. R. Q. Bender Mr . Jenny Biro Mr . Mary Biro Larry Bruno Mr. Mrs. C. Brady Mr. Mrs. David Bedle Mrs. Emily Bortolon Miss Barbara Ann Bedle Mr. Mr . William Blow Mr. Sc Mr . Alexander Berta Labqnboniere Bakery Mr. Mr . Rudolph Biorklund Mr. Mr . E. W. Ballou Lou Borbuly Bill.' Lou. Rich Sc Rest of The Boys The 8to eaus Almorian Brown Mr. Mrs. Al Bradsiuet Mary Lou Berta Mr. ,V Mr . Frederick L. Berta Eugene Thomas Berta Mr. Sc Mrs. Alexander J. Berta Mr. A- Mr . W. Baker Mr . Ann Bunner Mi Gail Beutel Barbara Dale "1965” Marge Brolow Mr. Sc Mrs. Leonard L. Bergen Mr . Olga M. Bergen Mr. A Mrs. W. L . Buckhatz "Brian A Micky" Mr. A Mrs. M. Busby "Bird" Mr. A Mrs. Theodore Bomeisler, Dominic Bonanno Mr. A Mr . A. Brown Mr. A Mr . Neal Bregman Tracy Michele Berger Mr. A Mrs. Benedict Berger Mr. A Mr . We Bogle Mr. A Mrs. A. Broker Mr. A Mrs. L. J. Baumann Mr. A Mrs. Peter Borkowski "Barb" A "Jan" Babb Walter Brunner. Minnesota Mr. A Mrs. Michel Babinchak Mr . Elizabeth Beno Mr. Barnes Mr. A Mrs. Wm. Bntlingmeier Mr. A Mrs. S. Bono Mr. A Mr . Harry Bulkibvish Bernte A Rick Mr. Harold Paton Mr. A Mrs. N. Burlone Mr. A Mrs. William Bennett Mr. Robert Bank Barbara, Lind Barr Mr . Leroy Berryonon Billy and Mary Jane C Mr. A Mrs. R. Costello James Caballero Mary Costantino Mr. A Mrs. Joseph Costantino Edison Chevron Mr. A Mrs. J. A. Casale. Sr. Theresa Cutiona Grmen Cutiona Mr. Sam Chicola Carl and Trudy Mrs. N. J. Cacciola Toni Cacciola Mr. N. I. Cacciola Mrs. John Cacciola John Cacciola Jack Cacciola Carol and Bob Mr. A Mr . John Cataldo Mr. A Mr . F. Churak and Sons Mr. A Mr . Charles J. Cuff Mr. A Mrs. P. Caroella Mr. A Mrs. E. McCotkack Chick and Kathy Mr . J. Cury "Compliments of Short Round" Mr . Veronica Calpm Karen Chesney "78" boosters William F. Goodwin Mr. Sc Mrs. William Guse H Highland Park Cleaners Hilltop Liquors Hilltop Shoprite Hy-Park Superette I Ideal Construction Co. J Jacco Aluminum Products Jim’s Barber Shop K Ken's Old Post Texaco King George Academy L LAS Stores Inc. Leichner Timpson A Co. Lou’s Cleaners M M A W Sales Co. Joseph Maimone A Sons - Concrete Construction T. I. McCormack Trucking Mike's Plumbing A Heating Service Mistriel A Son Shoes Phyllis Monroe’s School of Twirling Monte Christi Corp. N Nick’s Gulf Service Station Nixon Park Pharmacy Mr. Chas. Normant 0 Oak Tree Drive In Restaurant Oak Tree Drugs Dr. H. R. Orbach Pal rond Paladino's Barber Shop Pappy’s Luncheon Frank Pfeiffer Mr. A Mrs. William Pinter Plymouth Bus Co. R Rahway Shoprite Raritan Carpet Mart Rebarber’s Pharmacy Reed’s Frank Rice Trenching Co. Rutger’s Village Bowling League Ryan’s Dairy - Bound Brook S Mr. A Mrs. Wm. R. Seeger Severino's Tailor Shop Frank's Sinclair Station Standard Systems Corp. Stately - Holmes Agency Stelton Restaurant Sterling Edison Rug A Tile Shops George Sukovich The Surprise Store The Surprise Store T Tom’s Barber Shop - Edison Top Hat Trucking Dr. E. Trachtenberg Tropical Pet Land V Vaccato’s Bakery Victory Market A Delicatessen Vine’s Food A Liquors Vineyard Village Garden Club W Walter’s Pharmacy Walter’s Sunoco Service Station Wernik's Pharmacy West Side Democratic Association W’oodbrook - Middlesex Dairies F. W. Woolworth Co. - Menlo Park Mr. and Mr . Richard Chesney The Caldwell Family Ann Campbell Jr. Carolyn B. and Jimmy J. Mr. and Mr . Cretor Don. Pat. and Mike Corrigan Mr. H. Crist Mr. and Mrs. Donald Corrigan C R. Pieters. Builder Charter Coach Inc. John Casale. Jr. Compliments of a Friend George W. Cook. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Conway Pat Colby Mr. Steve Cheke Diane Colby Robert Cataldo Mr. Gordon Cottrell Mr. and Mr . Wm. F. Cost Mr. and Mrs. Charles Casale Sally Carpenter Mr. and Mr . Ted Casper Mr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Curcio Mrs. J. Chicisano Congratulations to Diane and the Class of ”6)”. Love, Mom and Dad 0 Pat Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. DeNigris "From the Dutches” Mr. and Mrs. Davidson Mr. and Mr . Andrew Doktor Darcy Doll Mr. and Mr . Wm. Doll Andrew Dalby George Daut Dave and Phyllis Miss CarolynDolinich Dave '61 Mr. and Mrs. Dippel Mr. and Mrs. F. Dippel Mr. and Mr . Joseph DiPane Mr. and Mr . Steve Dank Mr. and Mrs. Edward Downey Mr. and Mrs. R. D'Amici "Ducky and Joan” Mrs. D. PeLuca Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Dunlop Donald Dudics Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Damico "Dave and Gloria" B. DelVecchio Mr. and Mrs. H. Dean Mabel Dorn Mr. and Mrs. G. DiGiovanm Mr. and Mr . J. DiGiovanm Mr. and Mr . W. Daugherty Mr. and Mr . J. Daily Mr. and Mrs. Frank Del.uca Mr. and Mrs. James F. DeLong Jr. Mr. Lou Deak AAC Dennis M. M. Mattie Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Drusby Jr. "D" and Joe Cathy and Patti Dudan Elizabeth G. Dunlop Mrs. Vivan Dauson Mr. and Mr . H. Daugherty E Eddie Mary-Aon Mr. and Mrs. C. Everly Mr. A Mrs. E. Everly Edison Cake Box iohn Ennis ir. A Mrs. F. Eberle Mr. A Mrs. John Enoch Mr’. A Mrs. J. Epstein Mr . Dorothy Ely Mr. and Mr . Samuel Edenzon E A L Tire Co. Eddie '60 Mr. A Mrs. Raymond L. Edge Mr. A Mrs. James Epifano Miss Michele Egan Mr. Blair Enistem Mrs. Charles End Mrs. Louise Emerson Mr. Clarence Erickson F Maureen Finan • Mrs. Corat Franklin Edward Fox Mr. Paul Fox Barbara Fox Mrs. Paul Fox Daniel Fox Mr. A Mrs. Warren E. Farley Mr. A Mr . C. Flappen A Friend Mr . Mary Fehr Mr. A Mrs. R. Franklin A Family A Friend Mr. A Mrs. George Findra Fran A Cindy Geza Fatkas Mr. Marvin French Mr. A Mrs. C. French A Friend A Friend A Friend Mrs. Anthony Ferrullo Terry Fctrogino Mr. A Mrs. Fred Frey Mr . Albert Fodar Mr. A Mrs. Farcci Daniel Frisch Samuel R. Fish Mr. A Mrs. Harry Fish E. Ferencsik Bob Fidier G Mrs. I. Grammatica Mr. J. Gellingham Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Giaquinto Jo Ann Governale Mr. Salvatore Giaquinto Mr. A Mr . Michael Governale Mr. A Mrs. George Georges A Family Mr. A Mrs. William Geisz Mrs. J. Gallagh John Glen Mr. A Mr . B. Martin Glowacz Rudolf J. Geixlinger Gerry A Tim Mr. A Mrs. Robert Gould Mr. A Mrs. L. Gulton- Linda Gundry Mr. A Mrs. L. Gardner Mr. Mrs. Ed Gruner Mr. A Mrs. Dan Gallagher Mr. A Mr . R. Geiger Mr. A Mr . Anthony Gomes Mr. Ifonk Giobleski Mr. A Mrs. Anthony Gargiulo Mr. Wm. Golden Mr. A Mrs. John J. Giery Mr. A Mrs. M. Gelgisser Barbara Gomolka Mr. A Mrs. John Gladyez Mr. A Mrs. William Goetschuis Mr. A Mrs. John Gsell Mr. A Mrs. John Griesler Mr. M. Gojanovich Mrs. A. Gojanovich Linda Gandek Mr. A Mr . Gcnzone Mr. A Mrs. Alfred Gonzalez Frank Glaus Gerry "64” Jody Di Gregory Dr. A Mrs. Charles Gandek Gary A Gloria 1959 6} Robert S. George Mr. A Mrs. Richard GrierMiss Rosalina Gottiefe Dr. Mrs. Irvine Grodman Miss Susan Grodman Mr. A Mrs. Benjamin Gcllcr O. E. Grazidc Ruth Greenfield Mr. A Mrs. William Gloff Jim George H Mr. A Mrs. R. W. Heck Mr. Sc Mrs. Walter Heck Mr. Mrs. David Hall Alice Hoffman '62 Mrs. Marge Hayrdu Mr, P. Herb Mr. Sc Mrs. George Hatt Mrs. Victor Halmlund Mr. A Mrs. Robert Hansen "Harold” Mr. Mrs. Edward Hydukc Mrs. Harsany Mr. Thomas Han Jr. Mr. Sc Mrs. J. Hughes Mr. Sc Mrs. J. Heller Sc Family Mrs. G. Herold Kathryn M. Houghton Mr. Mrs. Herman Hoopes Beverly Joyce Hortz Mr. A Mrs. George Hollingshead Mr. Sc Mrs. J. Hamilton Dr. Sc Mrs. N. L. Hamelfarb K Sc K Hardware I. W. Hamilton Mary Jane Hansen Mr. Mrs. Richard C. Hansen Sc Son Mr. A; Mrs I John C. Hansen Mr. Sc Mrs. Raymond Hunt Joseph T. Haberl Mr. Sc Mrs. R. L. Harris Mr. Sc Mrs. George Halko Mr. Mrs. Bernard Hoffman Sc Son Mr. Sc Mrs. H. G. Hawsford Mr. Sc Mrs. Thomas Henderson Sylvia Harbig Mr. Sc Mrs. C. Hafner Pete Betty Hert Mr. W. J. Hall Mrs. W. J. Hall Mr. Sc Mrs. C Haddock Mr. Bill Heusckkel Mr. Mrs. Frank Hall Mr. A Mrs. John Hazlchurst Herb Sc Lillian Philip Heaton Mr. Sc Mrs. C. James Heaton Carol Hansen Karen Hansen Ralph Hansen Mr. Sc Mrs. George Hansen Mr. Sc Mrs. Wm. Hodgetts Sir. A; Mrs. J. L. Hascall Mr. Sc Mrs. George Hart Mr. Sc Mrs. George Hustrk Mr. Sc Mrs. Haslam H. J.’s Valintincs Mr. and Mrs. Charles Isclborn Mary Istvan Carl Inarnstroa Jo Ann Sc Dieter Jo Sc D Mr. Sc Mrs. lanelunas Mr .James Jacob Jimmy and Betty Johnny and Billy Carol Ann Johnson Mr. Sc Mrs. D. Jensen Joe Sc Beverly Kapscandi John "63" and April "65” Mr. Sc Mrs. John J»rema J immy Sc Barbara Janet and Jerry '62 ovee and Johnny R Johnny and Nancy Mr. Sc Mrs. Arnold Jacobs Harry Jones Jimmy and Patti John andArlecn Mr. Sc Mrs. A. Jensen John Mr. Sc Mrs. Jorgenson Mr. Sc Mrs. j. A. Johnson "Caroline Joe” Mr. Mrs. James W. Joseph Paul Jorden Jimmy Sc Filday Joan Sc Richard Jackie Sc Linda A. McKinney Mr. J. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kuhn Bob Kubis Mrs. Mary Kedves Phyllis Konen and Joy Seeger Joseph Kovacs Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kraszewski Thomas J. Kovak Richard C. Keller Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Keller John Allen Keller, '62 Kevin, Susan, and Peggy Mr. P. Kibalker Frank Kovacs C. R. Kucharski John T. Kushan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kramer Mrs. Walter Keegan JohnF. Kennedy John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Kostrna Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klinetob Mrs. Maty Kasoer Carole Kasmer William and Stephen Kady Mr. and Mrs. Max S. Karp Mary Kursay Frank Kursay Sr. Mr. William Klein Mr. and Mrs. E. Kenneth Koycn Nancy Kay Koyen Edward M. Kisielcski Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kohet Mr. and Mrs. William Kobasz Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kcit Karla and Wayne Mr. and Mrs. T. Kalkanis Doris Kisielcski Mr. and Mrs.D. Keefer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kolator Helen Kosko Robert K. Kindle L Mr. Sc Mrs. J. Lillis Mr. Sc Mrs. George Ladaysi Leif and Maureen Lee. Joyce. Dave Margo Sc Dennis Mr. Sc Mrs. j. Levandoski Mr. Sc Mrs. W. Lucas Linda Sc Larry Mr. Sc Mrs. Walter Lamb Linda Pry 61 Ac Timmy Burdash 56 Mrs. A. Lotano Pe arl Laccfield La Verne Ar Jimmy Mr. A; Mrs.G. Lubertazza Mr. At Mrs. S. I.eiehoski Jr. Mr. Sc Mrs. A. Lidoa Mr. Ar Mrs. Frederick Langenohl Mrs. Gertrude M. Landry Miss Lee Langenohl Mrs. E. LaPeona Mrs. G. Lachcnmaycr Mr. Sc Mrs. R. A. Lounsberry Aida Lona Mr. Ar Mrs. Joseph Leonard Ar Daughter Mr. Ar Mrs. L. George George (Bill) Lachcnmaycr Howard Lillo Ethel Lillo Mr. Light Foot Stanley J. Lctinski Mrs. Stanley J. Lctinski Mr. Sc Mrs. Michael Lisi Lou Little Joe and his S-22 Kazos Club M Mr. Sc Mrs. Mcsics Mr. Ar Mrs. Joseph Maysa Maryann Sc David Mr. James Minus Mr. Ac Mrs. John Minus Mr. Al Meo Mrs. J. Mayo Mr. Ar Mrs. Richard Monus Mrs. M. Mills Mr. Sc Mrs. John Macdonald Mr. Ar Mrs. Martuscelli Mr. Ar Mrs. J. Mutarelli Mr. SC Mrs. C. Mutarelli Mr. Sc Mrs. Harold Mann Miss Rose Mutarelli Joe and Madeline jimmy Miele Mr. Sc Mrs. F. Melber John Murphy Compliments of Mitty Mickie ‘65 and Bill ‘62 Mr. A: Mrs. F. Mety Mr. Bernard Muckelraann, Jr. Mrs. Rose Mihaly Mr. Paul Mihaly Mr. Ramon Marrero Amparo Marrero Mr. Sc Mrs. Tony Mercurio Ernie Ac Theresa Matula Mr. Sc Mrs. Robert Myer Mrs. H. Miller Thomas J. McEvoy Iohn F. Molincaro !r. Ac Mrs. N. Muratore Mr. Ac Mrs. Robert McTaquc Leonard Matzura Mr. Ac Mrs. Frank Marley Mr. Ac Mrs. Joseph A. Macko Mr. A: Mrs. Frank Metz Mrs. S. Madgar Mr. Charles Michael Francis C. Mancuso Mr. Louis Mazurek Francis C. Mancuso, Jr. Mr. Ac Mrs. Joseph Matetic Mr. Ac Mrs. Farrest Monioi Mr. Mrs. R. E. Martin Mr. Sc Mrs. Malcolm Thorne Mrs. D. Meier Evelyn Middletor Mr. J. Mayo Mr. Ac Mrs. Mintchwarner Mr. Ac Mrs. Manensen Mr. Ac Mrs. H. Martensen Mr. Sc Mrs. R. Martensen Mr. A' Mrs. John R. Moroz Mr. Sc Mrs. R. L. Manxuso Harold Mouncey, Jr. Elsie R. Mayer Mr. Ac Mrs. R. Muchanic Mr. Ac Mrs. S. Migliorc Mr. Sc Mrs. Peter Metros The Mammon Gang Mr. Ac Mrs. Carlton Morgan Andrew Mateka Miss Irene Mateka Mr. Mrs. Steve Megycsi Mr. Ac Mrs. Anthony McWeeney Stanley Miozek Jim McKennon Mr. Ac Mrs. Edward Meeker Mr. Mrs. W. Mulrichill "Major" Stella Maccy Mr. A- Mrs. Charles Maxwell Phil A- Carol McKittrick Mrs. Annicc McKittrick Mr. A Mrs. Norman Melnick Russ Moran Mr. Kenneth Miluszewski Mr. Sc Mrs. Frank Miluszewski Joseph Maimone Maty Sc Ernie '65 Mrs. Richard Munch Miss Mildred Munch Mrs. B. Muckelmann Mr. John Magnier, Jr. Mrs. John Magnier, Jr. N Nixon Girl Scout Troop No.31 Anzelina Nocella Joseph J. Nocella A Nasty Little Kid Mr. Sc Mrs. A. Nemetz Mr. Sc Mrs. Edward C. Nawoock Gary A. Nagy Mr. A Mrs. Peter Neff Mo Louis W. Nagy Mrs. Violet Nagy Mr. A Mrs. M. Noack Penny Nathansen Mr. A Mrs. Albert Neaes Mr. E. J. Navatkaski Mrs. E. J. Navatkaski Miss Margaret Nagy Mr. A Mrs. R. Ncptun Miss Dorothy E. Nemeth Mr. A Mrs. John Nemeth Mr. A Mrs. Samuel Nazzaro Mr. A Mrs. August Nocella Mr. A Mrs. Joseph Nau Niederman's Shoes O Mr. A Mrs. Lester Oross Mr. A Mrs. Ernest Oross Diane Jane Oross Mrs. Michael Oross Richard R. O'Reilly Margaret B .Olsen Mrs. O'Toole Mrs. Mary Ossman Digger O'Dell Mrs. Clifford J. O'Dell Mr. A Mrs. Charles Oliveri Mr. A Mrs. James O’Brien Terric E. O'Brien Mrs. M. O'Malley Mr. A Mrs.Thomas O’Conner Mr A Mrs. John Ozell Mr. A Mrs. T. O'Malley P Mr- A Mrs. L. Palkiewicz Mr. A Mrs. L. J. Pastorelli Pat A Jimmy Mrs. A Mrs. Edward J. Patten. M. C. (Members of Congress) Mr. A Mrs. Donald Paye Mr. A Mrs. Peigolbeck Carolyn Penka Dorio Peala Pete A Sandy '62 Mrs. J. Peters Mr. A Mrs. John H. Petz, Jr. Mr. A Mrs. Joseph W. Poole Mr. A Mrs. M. Porter Mrs. Virginia E. Powers Pat. Estelle, Jean. Joan A Arlene Michael Pacillo Mr. A Mrs. G. Pepe Mr. Pechtmen Mr. A Mrs. C. Petries Mr. A Mrs. L. Polkowitz Mr. A Mrs. J. Paul Phyllis '64 Mr. A Mrs. Alfred Pavloff Miss Glennis Pavloff Mr. A Mrs. T. Pepitonc Mrs. Rose Picciullo Mr. A Mrs. Powers Mr. A Mrs. Robert Purgavie Mr. A Mrs. Petro Mr. A Mrs. Peter Palos Marie Pieters Mr. Vincent Paganolli Mr. A Mrs. John Pawloski Mr. A Mrs. Albert Pirrocco Mrs. John W. Prill Mr. A Mrs. F. Picket Mrs. Anna Pctzclt Mr. A Mrs. Possalt 0 Mrs. F. Quinn R Roger and Laurecn. Forever Mr. A Mrs. Goerge Reister Mr. Rechtmen Roger A Carolann Mrs. George Reptenwald George Reptenwald Mr. A Mrs. Rogers Mr. A Mrs. Roblee Mr. A Mrs. George Rosko Mrs. John Raychel Richie A Noreen Richie A Diane Mrs. Elsie Rice Rose Rossi Rossmeyer Brothers Inc. Richie A Joan Manny Rodrigulz George Rosko Barbara Rosko Roz A Bernie Miss Connie Ricciardi Mr. A Mrs. J. Ruane Mr. George Reid Mr. A Mrs. E. A. Rasmussin Roses A Lollipops 62 Mrs. Lucille Robinson iennie Roocchio 'iss Juanila Robinson Mr. A rs. James Rossi Mr. A Mrs. Anthony Rybaczewski Mrs. Margaret Rist Rose A Ji==y ‘62 Mr. A Mrs. A. Rotolo Mr. A Mrs. George Reptenwald Mrs. Jennie Ratliff ioseph Redmond !r. A Mrs. John Roman Mr. George H. Rother Mr. A Mrs. Daniel Russo Mrs. L. Robinson Mr. A Mrs. J - K. Robinson S Mrs. Charles Srevens Bob Seitz Nancy Spino Mrs. Samuel Spenser Kirk H. Stauch '61 "The Skarcrs” Henry Szold Mr. A Mrs. Wm. Shulioney Jo-Ann A Shorty Mr. A Mrs. A. E. Schantz Mr. A Mrs. J.Schreiner Mr. A Mrs. A. Schreiner Mrs. T. H. Smith Marion V. Silence "The Chain Smoker" Mr. A Mrs. William Schedheck Mr. Harold Solowey Charles Spcasnock Mrs. Alzira Simocs Mr. A Mrs. Joseph P. Scott Mrs. Frank Schmacht Mr. A Mrs. M. Segall Mr. A Mrs. Julius Simon iane Schumann 65 liss Roberta S. Smith Mr. A Mrs. Wendell Slavick Mr. A Mrs. Wm. Szaijko Umberto F. Sinatra Martha Symonoski James A. Shuff Howard Specht Mr. A Mrs. James Salinger Eric A John Sokolowski Mr. A Mrs. William Stenner, Jr. Lynne Stenner Mr. A Mrs. Scheckler Mr. Frank Sinsheimcr Mr. A Mrs. John Siciliano Mr. A Mrs. Theo. Sprinitis Steve A Cindy Miss L. Smith Sheri A Bill Ollie E. Smith Mary Ann Stanko S.P.H.S. '62 Mr. A Mrs. John Stanko, Sr. Stephen. Catherine. Barbara, Megycsi Mr. A Mrs. F. Severino Mr. A Mrs. John Stetzko Mr. P. Spangler Mrs. P. Spangler Ronald Slavick Russel Sattui Joseph Schepisc Compliments of Mr. S.G.P. Miss Rcta Suich Mr. A Mrs. Anton Stetzko Miss Mary Stetzko Julie Ana Stetzko Mr. A Mrs. Michael Suich Mr. A Mrs. Wm. Scott Mr. Peter Smigclski Miss Minnie A. Scott Mr. A Mrs. Robert Shuff Mrs. Ann Schirger Mr. A Mrs. John Sharp Mr. A Mrs. H. G. Shuff Mr. Ben Sheppard Ftank Schirger Miss Mary Jane Saviers Mr. A Mrs. Frank L. Skinner Mrs. V. Sendziak Hedwig Steward I. F. Seminars Mr. A Mrs. William Stout Mr. Larry Sargent Mr. George Sabovick Mrs. Margaret Sarginskas Mr. Ernest Sarginskas Jim Smith Dr. A Mrs. S. Seligman T Mr. William Tewrell Mr. A Mrs. John Totin Mr. A Mrs. Santo Toro Mr. A Mrs. Donald Tamm Mr. A Mrs. lames W. Thorpe Mr. A Mrs. Nick Toth Jr. Al Toth Jim Taylor Tony A Karen Mr. A Mrs. Robert Theander 3).5 A Mrs. F. C Turner r. A Mrs. Angelo Torento Trento Fuel Oil Inc. Joe Tcsawro Ann Tcsawro L. H. Tyler Mrs. Geza Toth Louis Mr. A Mrs. Angelo Toronto The Twisses Robert Thorpe Mr. A Mrs. J. J. Teehan Mr. A Mrs. George IL.Thompsoi Mi. A Mrs. Joseph Tongolics Al Taylor Mr. A Mrs. Nick Toth III U Mr. A Mrs. Herbert J. Ulmer Mr. A Mrs. George Ulrich United States Marine Corps U.S.M.C. Navy - Memphis V Peggy Van Pelt Mr. A Mrs. N. Vroom Pete Vijello Mr. A Mrs. Anthony Vass Mr. John Volosin Mrs. John Volosin Michael Veisz Mr. A Mrs. R. Volker Mary Agnes Verduci Mr. A Mrs. Robert J. Vail Mr. A Mrs. R. Volker Mrs. Victor Volmlund Mrs. Nina B. Vincent Mr. A Mrs. D. Veglia Robert Volosin Tony Viel Mrs. Louis Viel Elsa Voswinklc Mr. A Mrs. He nry Van Scoy Mr. A Mrs. John Valovcin The Gang at Vcuazano’s Mrs. ViLasoreaus Vf Mr. Edward Walker Mrs. T. Walsh Mr. A Mrs. Thomas C. Watters Mr. A Mrs. Hugo Waynor Harriett Weiner J ames E. Walsh, Jr. Mr. A Mrs. E. WCnz Mr. A Mrs. A. Wheelhouse Mr. A Mrs. W. Clark White Mr. A Mrs. E. O. Wickherg Mr. James R. Wiggins Mrs. D. Wiggins C. C. Williams Mr. George Williams Mrs. R. Williams John Winiohi Mr. A Mrs. Carl Winslaw Letha Winters Mr. Irving Wise W’oodbridge High Football Team Mr. Samuel Woods Mr. A Mrs. Alan M. Woodward J. Wytko Mr. A Mrs. John Wolski iacouclinc Wolski c Willie and Big John Mr. Frankie R. Wood Mr. A Mrs. James Wilton Mae W'eingart Mr. Thom Weingart Mrs. Gloria White Michael Wisniewski Mr. A Mrs. Wisniewski Mr. A Mrs. J. Woodward Mr. A Mrs. E. P. Woodward Mr. A Mrs. Fred Wonnini Mr. A Mrs. Richard Wehrenger Mr. A Mrs. Woltet Y Mr. A Mrs. Kalmen Yelencsics Mr. A Mrs. J. Yelencsics Joyce A. Yelencsics Carol Yelencsics Mrs. Yanvary Miss June Young Mr. A Mr . Victor Yaros Z Mrs. George Zigre Mr. A Mrs. Ted Zohn Mr. A Mrs. M. Zahn Beth Jolane Zaviiowitz Mr. A.Mrs. S. Zclehoski, Sr. Rose C. Ziegler Mrs. G. Zimmerman Mrs. Pauline Zelinak Mr. A Mrs. C. ZipprickAdomee, Maureen J.; Bus. 82 Wildwood Avo., Fords, N. J. Business Club 3; Class Rep. 1 . . . Secretary. Adolheim, Poul G-; Gen. 19 Altomont Rd. Edison, N. J. Football 1. Alfonso, Rodney M.; Col. IS Brooksido Rd. Nixon, N. J. Student Council 5; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi Fi I, 2, 3, 4; Trock 1 . . . Music Toochor. Alessi, Susan R.; Col. 61 Second St. Fords, N. J. Student Council 1; Cheerleaders 1, 2; Eagle 3; F.M.A. 3; Sponish Club (V.P.) 1; Junior Red Cross 3; G.A.A. 3; (Sec. 4) Color Guord 3, 4 (Co-Cap) F.T.A. 5 • • • Retailing School. Alfonso, Morgoret J.; Bus. 123 Lake View Boulevord, Nixon, N. J. Class Rep. 2; Soph. Hop Decorotions (Chairman) . . . Commercial Artist. Allen, Mori; Col.. 9 MocGinnis Rd. Metuchen, N. J. . . . Nurse. Amity, Potricio A.; Bus. 29 Crosby Ave. Highland Park, N. J. . . . Modeling School. Andersen, Arthur J.; Bus. 7 Elmwood Terr. Edison, N. J. Photogrophy Club 2, 3 . . . Service Photogrophor. Anderson, George J.; Bus. 97 Idlwild Rd. Edison, N. J. Student Council 1; Bond 3; Hi Fi 1; Oebote Club 1; Class Rep. 1 . . . Actor ond Writer. Apel, Borboro L.; 8us. 18 Woyne St. Nixon, N. J. Closs Rep. I, 2 . . . Beautician. Armstrong, Ruth C.; Col. 21 Doyton Rd. Edison, N. J. Chorus 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Jr. Rod Cross, 1; Latin Club 1; Talon 3, 4; Greot Books Club 3; F.T.A. 3 . . . Teacher. Asanio, Donald R-; Col. 30 Henry St. Iselin, N. J. . . . Industrial Arts Toochor. Asero, Joseph R.; Col. S8 Bradley Dr. Highland Pork, N. J. . . . Novy. Ashton, Nancy E.; Bus. 13 Perrue Ct. Nixon, N. J. . . . Beautician. Babiy, Joan M-; Col. 61 Honlin Rd. Highlond Pork, N. J. Acodomy of Science 4, Eagle 4; Modern Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Tolon 4; Class Rep. 3, 4; Jr. Prom Invitations; Sr. Closs Ploy Programs; Miss Good Citizenship . . . College. Bologh, Anno $.; Col. 169 Vineyard Rd. Edison, N. J. Academy of Sci. 3 (Sec. 4) Chorus 3, 4; G.A.A, 3, 4; Eagle 1, 2, 3; Modern Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Sponish Club 3; Tolon 3; Closs Rep. 2. Bolsor, Judith; Col. 53 Columbus Ave. Edison, N. J. Book Seminar 2, 3; Tolon 3, 4; Closs Rep. 1 . . . Writer. Barth, John B.; Gen. 27 Henry St. Iselin, N. J. . . . Army. Boumann, Robert W.; Col. 57 Hillcrest Ave. Edison, N. J. Student Council 2; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2; Soccer 3, 4; Closs Rep. 3; . . . Pre-Medical School. Bel I off, Ronold B.; Col. 37 Suydom Ave. Highlond Pk. N. J. Basketball 1; . . . Novy. Belowich, Myrna S.; Col. Academy of Sci. 3; Tolon 3, 4; Choirmon of Decorotions Jr. Prom Apt. 7o Garfield Pk. Metuchen, N. J. . . . Fashion Illustrator. Benner, Allyson; Col. 14 Skytop Rd. Metuchen, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Bond 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2; Mello Tonos 3; Eagle 2, 3; Closs Rep. 2. Bennett, Leroy; Col. Old Post Rd. Box 297 Nixon, N. J. . . . Army. Berger, Robert S.; Col. 86 Phil Blvd. Metuchen, N. J. Radio Club 1; . . . Electronic Engineer. Berger, Rochelle G.; Col. 12 Melville Rd. Nixon, N. J. Eagle 3, 4; Closs Rep. 1, 2, 3, 4; Costume Comm. 3, 4; Music Club 4 . . . Beautician. Bergler, John D.; Col. 50 Hamlin Rd. Highlond Pk. N. J. . . . Landscape Architect. Bergman, Ernest; Col. 311 Division St. Edison, N. J. Student Council 1, 2; Bond 1, 2; Eagle 4. Berman, Barry F.; Bus. 92 MacArlhur Dr. Fords, N. J. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus I, 2, 3; Spanish Club I . . • Business Administration. Berry, Judith L.; Bus. 15 Atlmont Rd. Edison, N. J. Eogle 1; G.A.A. 3; Modern Donee Club 1; Tolon 3; Closs Rep. 2 . . . Secretary. Berry, Michoel A.; Gen. 15 Altomont Rd. Edison, N. J. . . . Trade School - Engineer. Borto, Kothleen L.; Col. 635 Grove Ave. Metuchen, N. J. Chorus 2, 3, 4; Eagle 2; Jr. Red Cross "2; Mos Amis 3, 4; Jr. ond Sr. Closs Ploys (Props) . . . Secretory. Blonco, Irmcc Gen.’ 22 Hillcurl Ave. Edison, N. J. . . . Beouticion. Bobal, Michael T.; Loi. 126 Echo Ave. Ford, N. J. Student Council 2; Sponish Club 1; Vorsity Club 3, 4; Baseboll 1, 2; Soccer 3, 4; Wrestling 1 . . . Bus. Administration. Boro), Mary Ann M.; Col. 13 Sofron Ave. Fords, N. J. Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Photog- rophy Club 1; Spanish Club 3, 4 . . . Mod. Lob-technician. Borowsky, Mary; Bus. 34 Henry St. Iselin, N. J. Bus. Club 4 ■ . . Secretory. Brody, Jerilynn D.; Bus. 39 Wilk Rd. Fords, N. J. Bus. Club; Gymnostics 4; . . . Secretary. Brown, Noncy J.; Col. 69 Hamlin Rd. Highland Pk. N. J. Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Eagle 4; G.A.A. 3; Chess Club (Sec. 4) Sponish Club 1; Tolon 3, 4; Jr. Closs Ploy (props) . . . Moth Teacher. Brudcr, Corol A.; Bus. 130 Mineila PI. Highland Pk. N. J. . . . Secretary. Bryant, Rosalind; Col. Apt. 1A Graham Avo. Metuchen, N. J. G.A.A. 1; Basketball 2; Closs Rep. 2; Dromo Club; F.T.A. 4; Oromo School. Bubonheimer, Norman; Gen. 106 Alfred St. Menlo Pk. N. J. Football; Closs Rep. . . . Electricion. Bullivont, Wilson F.; Gen. Trailer Horbor, Box 301, Metuchen, N. J. Track 1; Wres- tling 1; Weight Lifting 1 . . . Novy. Bullock, Tom R.; Gen. 47 Phoenix Ave. Fords, N. J. Trock 1 . . . Army. Burns, Shirley A.; Bus. 297 Deal PI. Rt. 1 Metuehon, N. J. Chorus 1; F.G.A. 1; G.A.A. 2; Bosketboll 1. Compbell, Marrie C-; Col. 21 Willioms Rd. Metuchen, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Book Seminar 3; Eagle 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Mes Amis 3, 4; Modern Donee Club 3, 4; Twirlors 2, 3, 4 (Lt.) Jr. Closs Ploy; Sr. Ploy . . . College. Copellupo, Jane A.; Col. 12 Stephenville Pkwy. Metuchen, N. J. N.H.S. 3, 4; Academy of Sci. 3 (1st. V.P.) 4; Student Council 2; Chorus 1, 2; Mello Tones 3, 4; Eagle 2, 3; (pg. 1 co-editor) Mes Amis 3; Pub. Choir. Jr. Ploy Sr. Ploy . . . College. Copo, Kothleen; Bus. 21 Seymour Ave. Edison, N. J. . . . Secretary. Coppollo, Louis; Col. 385 Hoover Ave. Fords, N. J. Varsity Club; Bosoboll 1, 2; Bosketboll 1, 2, 3; . . . College. Bahomonde, Bloine S.; Col. 17 Lelond Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Modern Donee Club 3, 4; Spanish Club I; Closs Rep. 1. 2, 3, 4; H.R. Treos. 3; ■ . . Busi ness School. Cormello, Louise C.; Bus. 151 Clipper Ave. Nixon, N. J. Bus. Club 4; Chorus 2 . . . Secretory. Cosale, Carmelino A.; Bus. Loring Ave. Edison, N. J. Student Council 2; Bus. Club 4. Casole, Helen T.; Bus. 8 Hull Dr. Rt. 37. Highland Pk. N. J. Bus. Club 4; Hi FI 1; G.A.A. . . . Secretary. Cataldi, Frank N.; Col. 1275 Lincoln Hwy. Highlond Pk. N. J. Catoldo, Glorlo; Col. 240 Wost Proscott Av. Rahway, N. J. Academy of Sci. 3; Bus. Club 1; F.T.A. 3 . . . Chemist. Covotlo, Fred V.; Ge... 24 Hull Dr. Highlond Pk. N. J. Cavico, Stephen A.; Col. 8 McGinnis Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Bosketboll 1; Closs Rep. I . . . Lawyer. Chiavarini, John F.; Gen. 37 Columbus Ave. Edison, N. J. . . . Navy. Churchill, Cloudla; Col. 173 Echo Ave. Fords, N. J. Acodomy of Sci. 3, 4; Student Council 1, 3, 4; Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Mod- ern Donee Club 2; Sr. Closs Ploy; S.C. (Sec. 4) . . . College. Clain, Mary Ellen T.; Bus. 173 Loring Ave. Edison, N. J. Tolon 3 - • ■ Morrioge. Clements, Joyce M.; Bus. 4 Bradley Dr. Edison, N. J. . . . Secretary. Cloworth, Ernie R.; Gen. 220 Oxford Rd. Rohwoy, N. J. Football 1 . . . Trade School. Coleman, Eloine J.; Col. R.F.D. 1 Box 305, Metuchen, N. J. Chorus 1; Mello Tones 4; Sr. Ploy; Deboto 1; Eagle 1; G.A.A. 4; Mes Amis 4; Mod- ern Donee Club 4; Bosketboll 4; Talon 4; Closs Rep. 4 . . . College. Copperman, Harold D-; Col. 15 Marker Dr. Fords, N. J. Acodemy of Sci. 3, 4; Band 3, 4; Sponish Club 2; Trock 3; Jr. Sr. Play . . . College.Corio, Nlckolos A.; Gen. Liloc St. Nixon, N. J. Football 1. Coitontino, Vincent J.; Bus. 62 Orange St. Highland Pk, N. J. . . . Businessmon. Couch, Vicki A.; Gon. 241 Roso St. Metuchen, N. J. Lotin Club 1 . . . X-Roy Tochnician. Crist, Marguerite J.; Bus. 1 Louiso Rd. Edison, N. J. Business Club 1. Croson, Michael; Coi. 1815 Ook Troo Rd. Iselin, N. J. Academy of Sci. 2; Sponish Club 2; Varsity Club 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball I; Track 1, 2, 3; Tolon 3; Booster Club 2, 3, 4 . . . Air Force. Cuervo, Morilu; Bus. 60 Plainfield Ave. Nixon, N. J. Cusonclli, Dennis; Col. 36 Homestead Rd. Metuchen, N. J. . . . Engineer. Domcn, Paul; Gen. 279 New Dover Rd. Metuchen, N. J. . . . Moehonie. D’Amico, Salvatore; Col. 50 Kimble St. Edison, N. J. Dean, Clydo M.; Gon. 464 Old Post Rd. Nixon, N. J. Footboll 1 . . . Aeronouticol School. Doos, David J.; Col. 34 Hilcrest Ave. Edison, N. J. Bosketboll I; Class Rep. 2; . . . College. DeLong, Barbara R.; Col. 1126 Normondy Rd. Rohwoy, N. J. F.N.C. 4 . . . Nurse. DeLorenzI, Pat; Col. 5 Morker Dr. Fords, N. J. 8ook Seminor 2, 3; G.A.A. 2 . . . College. DeLuco, JoAnn; Bus. Knapp Ave. Box 503, Edison, N. J. Chorus 2 . . . Office Worker. DeMotteo, Robert B.; Gen. 111 Woltumo Ave. Fords, N. J. Footboll 1, 2, 3; Bosketboll 1; Troek 2 . . . Army. Denton, Roonne A.; Bus. 274 A. Now Dover Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Bus. Club (clork 4), F. H.A. 3, 4; Photogrophy Club 1; F.T.A. 3, 4 . . . College. DeShoy, Warren J.; Gen. 10 Fayette St. Nixon, N. J. . . . Service. Desmond, Jomes D.; Col. 685 Amboy Ave., Fords, N. J. . . . College. DiAntonio, Dione J.; Bus. 112 Mundy Ave., Edison, N. J. Dienor, Potor M.; Col. 9 Suydom Ave., Edison, N. J. Digieso, Carol A.; Gen. 32 Lamor Ave., Edison, N. J. . . . Secretarial School. DiMoria, Petor J.; Gen. 33 Brook ville Rd., Edison, N. J. . . . Novy. Dippel, Borboro A.; Col. 13 South Heothcote Ave., Edison, N. J. . . . Teacher. Doll, Lois; Col. 93 Third St., Fords, N. J. Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, (co-copt. 4) G. A.A. 3, 4; Modern Donee Club 3, 4; Closs Rep. 1; Eoglo (pg. 4 co-oditor) . . . Teocher. Dombrowski, Kenneth C.; Col. 74 Albert Ave., Metuchen, N. J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Sponi sh Club 2. Donnelly, William E.; Col. 21 Compboll Ave., Highland Pork, N. J. Rodio Club I. Dunham, Borbara; Col. 20 Froncis Rd., Metuchen, N. J. Student Council 1, (Soc. 4); Eoglo 3, 4; F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 4; Modern Dance 2, 3, (Sec. 4); Twirlers 2, 3, (Co-Copt. 4) . . . Toochor. Edwards, Lois M-; Col. 12 Lorehmont Rd., Fords, N. J. Acodomy of Science 4; F.H.A. 4; Modern Donee Club 2; Closs Rep. 2, 3, 4; Sonior Class Ploy . . . College. Egon, Bernard R.; Col. 365 Grondviow Ave., Fords, N. J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Mos Amis 3; Photogrophy Club 3; Footboll 1, 2; Tolon 3; Closs Rep. 3; F.T.A. 4 . . . Colloge. Ellison, Bill E.; Gen. Box 20 Jefferson Avo., Edison, N. J. Jr. Rod Cross 4. Ensor, Leslie E.; Col. 20 Pino St., Motuchon, N. J. Student Council 3, 4; Book Seminar 3; Deboto Club 1, 3; Debate Club 4; Modern Dance Club 2, 3, (Historion 4) Tolon 3, 4; Closs Rep. 2, 3, 4; Jr. Prom Chairman . . . College. Everly, Patricio A.; Bus. 125 Winlhrop Rd., Edison, N. J. Businoss Club 4; F.H.A. 4; Modern Donco Club 1; Tolon 3 . . . Baokkeeper. Ezyske, Beatrice; Bus. 32 MocArthur Dr., Fords, N. J. . . . Legal Secrotory. Fobiono, Hugo A.; Gen. 39 Cambridge Rd. Edison, N. J. Closs Rep. 1; . . . Navy. Foirbonks, Robert E.; Gen. 12 Midwood Avo., Iselin, N. J. . . . Novy. Foucher, Noncy A.; Bus. 25 Utico Rd. Rohwoy, N. J. . . . Secretory. Feddersen, Dorothy; 8us. 12 Beech St. Nixon, N. J. . . . Beautician. Ferguson, Linda Ann; 8us. 1940 Hwy. 27 Apt. 12 Edison, N. J. Bus. Club 3 . . . Airline Stewardess. Ferik, Morga et E.; Bus. 96 Albert Ave., Metuchen, N. J. F.H.A. . . . Model. Ferrieri, Vincent; Col 98 Dorothy Avo. Motuchon, N. J. Chorus 1, 2; Dromatics 2, 3; Jr. Red Cross 1, 2; Track 3; Photogroph Club 2, 3; Radio Club 3; Sponish Club 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; . . . I.B.M. Mechanic. Ferrullo, Anthony M.; Bus. 89 Sharon Ave. Edison, N. J. . . . Bus. School. Fostgcr, Richard C.; Col. 5 Longview Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Academy of Science 4; Student Council 4; Key Club 3, 4; Sponish Club 2; Vorsity Club 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Trock 3; . . . Collogo. Figliolino, Morie A.; Bus. 20 Melbourne St. Nixon, N. J. . . . Secretary. Finn, Dorsey L.; Col. 11 Dobson Rd. Nixon, N. J. Vorsity Club 1; Boseboll 3; . . . College. Fisher, Kathleen A.; Col. 2172 Woodbridge Ave. Nixon, N. J. F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 3; Student Council 3; Closs Treas. 1, 2, 4; Closs Rep. 1, 2; F.T.A. (V.P. 3, 4) G.L.C. 4; Tolon 3, 4 . . . Teocher. Fisher, Woyne D.; Col. 59 Elliot PI. Edison, N. J. Student Council 1, 2, 3; Eoglo 4; Basketball 1; Tolon 4; Class Rep. 1, 2, 3 . . . College. Filch, Ann M.; Col. 24 Sims Rd. Edison, N. J. N.H.S. 3, 4; Aeedemy of Sci. 3; Student Council I; Cheerleoders 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Jr. Red Cross 4; Sponish Club 1, 2, 3; Jr. Sr. Play . . . Teocher. Folbreeht, Cheryl J.; Col. 49 Morkot St. Nixon, N. J. N.H.S. 3, 4; Acodomy ot Sci. 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Eogle 3; G.A.A. 3; Germon Club 4; Modern Dance 3, 4 . . . College. Forrest, Borboro J.; Col. 20 Sims Rd. Edison, N. J. Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Student Council 2; Band 2, 3, 4; Book Sominor 2, 3; Spanish Club 3 • • . Teocher. Fox, Kenneth W.; Col. 1700 Lincoln Hwy. Highland Pork, N. J. Student Council 1; Bond 1; Vorsity Club 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bosketboll Mgr. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Attond School. Froneh, Charleno E.; Col. 72 Ashley Rd. Edison, N. J. Acodomy of Sci. 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 3; Student Council 3; F.T.A. 3, 4; Closs Rep. 3; Mes Amis 3, 4 . . . College. Frey, Dennis L.; Col. 75 Gibian St. Fords, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Academy of Sci. 4; Hi Fi 1, 2, 3, ■ Baskotboll 1, 3; Sr. Ploy; All-Stoto Chorus . . . College. Fullojtor, Helen J.; Col. 59 Wildwood Ave. Fords, N. J. . . . College. Gogliano, Riehord F.; Col. 61 Chestnut St. Edison, N. J. . . . College. Gondek, Judith A.; Col. 2151 Woodbridge Ave. Nixon. N. J. Academy of Sci. 3. 4; Student Council 3; Chorus 2; Molio Tonos 4; F.H.A. 3; Tol- on 3, 4; Closs 3; Class Play 4. Gorgiulo, Lucille, A.; Bus. 171 Whitman Avo. Motuchon, N. J. Bus. Club 3, 4 (Treos. 4); G.A.A. 3; Closs Rep. 1, 2, 4; Looders Club 4. Gates, Walter C.; Gon. 213 Hoover Ave. Fords, N. J. Dromo Club 3 • • • Commercial Artist. Gowlowski, John J.; Col. 30 Bodnarik Dr. Fords, N. J. Baskotboll 2 . . . College. Gehrum, Suson E.; Col. 31 Phillip’s Rd. Edison, N. J. Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Closs Rep. 1 . . . College. Geiler, Eileen P.; Bus. 2058 Ook Tree Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Bus. Club 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3 . . . Secretory. Geiling, Henry 74 Dartmouth St. Fords, N. J. . . . Undecided. Geisz, Angelina M.; Col. 302 Grondviow Avo. Fords, N. J. Acodemy of Sci. 4; Eogle 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Jr. Red Cross 2; Mes Amis 3, 4; Tolon 3, 4; Closs Rep. 4; F.T.A. 3, 4 . . . Teochor. Geisz, Catherine M.; Col. 302 Grondviow Avo. Fords, N. J. Acodemy of Sci. 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Tolon 4; F.T.A. 3, 4 . . . Teochor. Golsomine, Dolores M.; Col. 44 Hillcrest Ave. Edison, N. J. Student Council 3; Bond 1; Tolon 4; Class Rep. 2 • • • Bookkeeper. George, Deanna M.; Bus. 493 Plainfield Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Chorus 2, 3; Closs Ploy 4 . . ■ Secretary. Gerber, Stovo N.; Col. 6 Gurley Rd. Edison, N. J. Student Council 1; Lotin Club 1, 2; Footboll 1; Closs Rep. 1,2... College. Geresy, Louis G.; Col. 8 Motson Rd. Edison, N. J. . . . College. Glickstein, Steven R.; Col. 151 Whitmon Ave. Motuchen, N. J. Acodemy of Sci. 3 (Pres. 4); Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Eogle 1. 2; Radio Club 1, 2; Talon 2; Closs Rep. I; Closs Pros. 2, 3; Closs Ploy 3, 4 . . . Aero- nautical Engineer. Goede, Klaus H.; Gen. 17 Westminster PI. Nixon, N. J. . . . Printer.Grolner, Lucille; Col. 20 Borlow Rd. Edison, N. J. F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; Jr. Red Cross 2; Mes Amis 3, 4; Modern Donee 3; Spanish Club 3; Tolon 3, 4; Leaders Club 4; F.N.C. 4 . . . College. Gront, Gory J.; Gen. 14 Holly PI. Edison, N. J. . . . Army. Greene, Porricio A.;8us. 314 Edwords Ave. Meluchen, N. J. . . . 8eouticion. Griffiths, Kathleen A.; Bus. 26 Judith PI. Fords, N. J. Student Council 4; Bus. Club 4; Chorus I, 3; F.H.A. 3; Modern Donee 2; Spanish Club 1 . . . Legol Secretary. Grodmon, Joseph D.; Col. 14 Brookfoll Rd. Highlond Pork, N. J. . . . College. Growney, James T.; Col. 63 Ploosont Avo. Fords, N. J. Student Council 4; Sponish Club 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 3; Closs Rep. I, 3; Closs Reporter 3; Sr. Ploy . . . College. Gudmestod, Thomos P.; Gen. 1145 A Woodbridgo Ave. Fords, N. J. . . . Mortician. Gunio, Halino; Col. 86 Gibion St. Fords, N. J. . . . Music Teochor. Hammond, Dwoin $.; Col. 18 Hector Ave. Edison, N. J. Track 2 . . . Bonker. Honos, Robert J.; Col. 85 Saffron Ave. Fords, N. J. Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Student Council 3, (Pres. 4); Bond 1, 3; Dromo Club 1; German Club 4; Key Club 3, 4; Vorsity Club 3, 4; Footboll 2; Bose- boll 1; Basketball I, 2, 3; Closs Rep. I, 3; V.P. of Jr. Closs Sr. Board of Directors . . . College. Honish, Richard H.; Col. 235 Grondview Ave. Fords, N. J. Track 2 . . . Art School. Honks, Poulette F.; Bus. 152 Clipper Ave. Nixon, N. J. Bus. Club 3; F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 3 . ■ . Secrotory. Honsen, Karen S.; Col. 66 Overbrook Ave. Nixon, N. J. Acodomy of Sci. 3, 4; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Eogle 3, 4; (pg. 2 co-editor); Rod Cross 3; Spon- ish Club 2, 3; Closs Rop. 1, 2, 3; F.T.A. . . . Teocher. Honsen, Kurt R.; Col. 136 Mineolo PI. Highlond Pork, N. J. Student Council 1, 2; Eogle 1; Mes Amis 3; Boseboll 1, 2, 3; Bosketboll 1; Closs Rep. I . . . Professional Boll Player. Harvest, ElIzobelhM.; Bus. Girard Avo. Rohwoy, N. J. Chorus 1; Mello Tones 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Closs Rep. 2, 4. Hoslom, Sharon; Bus. 49 Morgan Dr. Highlond Park, N. J. Business Club 4; F.H.A. 3. Havens, Eileen M.; Col. I Chostnut St. Edison, N. J. F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 3; Tolon 3; Closs Rep. 2; Senior Closs Play . . . Business School. Hayes, Morgoret M-; Bus. 62 Hillcrest Avo. Nixon, N. J. Business Club 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4 . . . Office Work. Heinsdorf, Mortln; Col. 10 Wilshire Rd. Meluchen, N. J. Acodemy of Sci. 3, (Assn't V.P. 4); Hi Fi I; German Club 4; Radio Club 1, 2 . • • Col- lege. Heinz, Rosemary E.; Col. 37 Sturgis Rd. Edison, N. J. Modern Donee Club 2; Tolon 3; . . . Beouticion. Hoisler, Morion J.; Bus. 104 Mundy Ave. Edison, N. J. Eogle 1 . . . College. Heller, Robert J.; Col. 41 Coldwell Rood, Edison, N. J. Hi Fi 1, 2; Footboll 1; Closs Rep. 4 . . . Novol Academy. Hepp, Ingrid; Col. 20 Revere Blvd. Rohwoy, N. J. N.H.S. 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3; Book Seminar 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2; Mello Tones 3, 4; German Club 4; Mes Amis 3; Tolon 3, 4; Closs Rep. 3; Dromo Club 3; Hormonettes 3; Jr. and Sr. Closs Ploys . . College. Herrold, Pool R.; Col. 345 Plainfield Ave. Box 222, Edison, N. J. Hodge, William E.; Gen. 181 Ploinfield Ave. Edison, N. H. Hofer, William H.; Gen. 31 Combridge Ave. Edison, N. J. 8ond 1, 2; Trock 1 . . . Tool ond Dye Moking. Holmes, Robert C.; Col. 921 Inman Ave. Rohwoy, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Academy of Sci. 3; Student 1, 2, 4; Chorus 1; Key Club (V.P. 3), (Pres. 4); Sen- ior Class Pres.; Vorsity Club 2, 4; Football 2; Bosketboll 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Tolon 3, Closs Rep. Bond 1, 2, 3, 4. . . . College. Hornok, Richard M.; Col. 4 Joy St. Fords, N. J. Acodomy of Sci. 1, 2; Student Coun- cil I, 2; Vorsity Club 1; Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Bosketboll 2; Trock 3; Closs Rep. 2 • • ■ College. Horvoth, William J.; Gen. 26 Meeker Ave. Nixon, N. J. Hi Fi 1; Debate Club 1. Howard, Ronald B.; Col. S3 Violet PI. Nixon, N. J. Footboll 1,2... Collego. Hudanish, John F.; Col. 113 4th Ave. Fords, N. J. Acodemy of Sci. 3, 4; Student Council 4; Bond 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Key Club 3, 4; Biology Club 1; Sr. Class Ploy 4 . . . Marine Biologist. Huxto, George B.; Col. 268 Fleet Ave. S. Plainfield, N. J. Student Council 3; Busi- ness Club 4; Sr. Closs Ploy; Sr. Closs Trees. Hyduke, Michelle T.; Bus. 10 Bronx Rd. Edison, N. J. Business Club 3, 4 . . . Busi- ness School. Ingram, tlisho; Bus. 7B Edison Gordons, Meluchen, N. J. Footboll 1; Bosketboll 1, 2; Trock 1, 2 . . . Beouticion. Ivon, Alex J.; Col. 135 Sofron Ave. Fords, N. J. . . . College. Ivonitski. Marlene A.; Bus. 104 Joy St. Fords, N. J. . . . Secretory. Jocobetz, Michael J.; Col. 7 Thereso Court. Fords, N. J. Acodomy of Sci. 4; Radio Club 1; Sponish Club 3, 4; Rifle Club 4 . . . Industrial Arts. Jocobsen, Thomas K.; Col. 9 Rutgers St. Stelton, N. J. Acodemy of Sci. 3, 4 . . . Col- lege. Joczlno, Carol Ann; Col. 195 Washington Ave. Highlond Pork, N. J. Acodemy of Sci- ence 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; N.H.S. 4; Debote Club 4; F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 2; Sponish Club 3; Tolon Club 3; Closs Rep. 1; F.H.A. 3; Activities Council . . . Teocher. Jobbins, Richard M.; Col. 244 Old Post Rd. Nixon, N. J. Acodemy of Science 3, 4; Germon Club 4; Kev Club 3 (Sec. 4}; Vorsity Club 4; Soccer 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Engineer. Johnson, Corol; Col. 6 Finley Rd. Edison, N. J. Acodemy of Sci. 3, 4; N.H.S. 4; Book Seminor 3; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Eogle 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; F.H.A. 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 2, 3; Mes Amis 3, 4; Tolon (co-editor 4) Senior Closs Ploy; F.T.A. 4 . . . Teocher. Johnson, James P.; Col. 75 Idlewild Rd. Edison, N. J. Vorsity Club 1, 3, 4; Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Bosketboll 3 . . . College. Jordon, Patricio R.; Col. ) 434 Ploinfield Rd. Meluchen, N. J. Student Council 4; F.H.A. (Sec't. 2); Color Guord 4; Jr. Closs Ploy; Tolon 3, 4; Closs Rep. 1, 3; Looders Club 4 . . . Teochor. Justice, Kenneth A.; Col. 16 Wood Acres Dr. Iselin, N. J. Bond 1, 2 • • • College. Kolmon, Potricio J.; Col. 95 Redwood Ave. Nixon, N. J. Junior Rod Cross 2, 3 . . . College. Korobinchak, Jock; Col. 116 Woltumo Ave. Fords, N. J. Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Tolon 1; Closs Rep. 2 . . . College. Korlo, Bernord T.; Col. 32 Henry St. Iselin, N. J. N.H.S. 4 . . . College. Korp, Sondro R.; Col. 32 Ashley Rd. Nixon, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Acodomy of Sci. 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Book Seminor 2, 3; Deboto Club (V.P. 1), (Treos. 2). (V.P. 3), (Pres. 4); Tolon 2, 3, (edi- tor-in-ehief 4); Assn't. Director of Sr. Class Ploy . . . Col- lege. Kosner, Donold B.; Col. 18 Stephenvillo Pork Woy, Motuchen, N. J. Trock 2 . . . Scientist. Koufmon, Roy L.; Col. 3 Adelphi St. Fords, N. J. Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 1 . . . Dentist. Kelly, Jock F.; Bus. 53 Eden Ave. Edison, N. J. . . . Business School. Kertesz, Alan F.; Gen. Brotherhood St. Rd. 2, Box 409D, Edison, N. J. . . . Novy. Kirkoldy, Jeonnie A.; Bus. 29 Altomont Rd. Edison, N. J. . . . Beouticion. Klcszles, Robert J.; Bus. 107 Schuyler Dr. Highland Pork, N. J. Bosketboll 1; Soccer I, 2; Trock 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . IBM School. Knopp, Arlene L.; Bus. 153 Orongo St. Highland Pork, N. J. . . . Bookkeeper. Knudson, Korl J.; Col. 28 Sixth St. Fords, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Acodemy of Science 3, 4; Deboto Club 2, (Pres. 3), 4; Eogle 2, 3, 4; Key Club 4; Closs Rep. 4; Jr. Closs Ploy; Sr. Closs Ploy . . . College. Koehler, Borbora A.; Col. 96 Shermon Blvd., Edison, N. J. Bosketboll 2 - - . Dentol Assistant. Kolocy, Douglas G.; Col. 11 Bradford Rd. Meluchen, N. J. Bosketboll 1; Baseball 1 . . . Collego. Kollien, Thomos; Gen. 797 New Durham Rd. Meluchen, N. J. . . . Air Force. Kovoc, Ruth M.; Bus. 3 Dey PI. Nixon, N. J. Sponish Club 1 . . . Office Work. Kover, Robert L.; Gen. Nelson Ave. Highland Park, N. J. Soccer 3, 4 . . . Service. Kowolsky, Korlcne; Col. Jersey Ave. Menlo Pork, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Acodomy of Sci. 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Jr. Red Cross 2, 3; Sponish Club 3; F.T.A. 3 • - - College. Kowolski, Peter; Gen. 59 Stony Rd. Edison, N. J. Footboll 1, 2 . . . Novy. Krog, Suson L.; Col. 30 Boldwin Rd. Edison, N. J. Student Council 1; Business Club 4; Chorus 3; F.H.A. 1, (Pres. 2), 3; Tolon 3 . . . Teocher.Krychiwecky, Michael A.; Gen. 1004 Wood Ave. Rohwoy, N. J. Vorsity Club 3, 4; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Boseboll 3. 4 . . . College. Kubinok, Gary; Cat. 1148 Woodbridge Ave. Ford», N. J. Vorsity Club 4; Foot- boll 4; F.T.A. 4; Wrestling 1, 2 • ■ ■ Teacher. Kuell, Wayne E.; Gen. 29 Parker Rd. Rohway, N. J. Kulthou, Cri stop her P.; Col. 69 Harmon Rd. Ford», N. J. Student Council 2, 3; lr. Red Cross 4; Sponish Club 3; Book Club 2, 4 . . . X-Ray Technician. Kuprick, Potricia L.; Col. 13 Woltumo Ave. Ford», N. J. Chorus 1; Mello Tones 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1; Basketball 1, 2; Music Club 4. Kursoy, Frank G.; Col. 63 Lorson Ave. Nixon, N. J, N.H.S. 3, 4; Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Tolon 4 . . . College. Londry, Ernest J.; Col. 21 Montclair Avo. Motuchen, N. J. Mes Amis 3; Track 1 . . . College. Lane, Williom; Gen. 945 Inmon Ave. Rohway, N. J. . . . Service. Lange, Richard P.; Cal. 55 Irving $t. Nixon, N. J. . . . Teacher. Lehner, Chorlene; Bus. 42 Crescent Rd. Nixon, N. J. . . . Teacher. Leichner, Robert B.; Col. 34 Stephenville Pkwy. Metuchen, N. J. . . . College. Levine, Mark N.; Col. 30 Stony Rd. Edison, N. J. Bond 3; Chorus 1; Photogrophy Club 1; Radio Club 1 . . . College. Lewondowski, Gory; Col. 20 Porker Rd. Rahway, N. J. Radio Club 1; Football 1 . . . College. Lillo, Robert A.; Cot. 10 8errue Ct. Nixon, N. J. . . . College. Lindsay, Mary; Col. 29 Ferris Rd. Edison, N. J. Eogle 4; F.H.A. 4; G.A.A. 4; Music Club 4; F.T.A. 4 . . . Teocher. Lococlo, George; Gen. Adorns Ave. Box 61 Rt. 1, Metuchen, N. J. . . . Roofer. Lucco, Filix A.; Col. 5 Miko Rd. Edison, N. J. . . . Doctor. Luckus, Loretto M.; Bus. 1045 King George Rd. Fords, N. J. . . . Secretory. Lund, Curtis H.; Gen. 66 Elmwood Ave. Motuchen, N. J. Vorsity Club 3, 4; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Mocko, Joseph J.; Col. 15 Monmouth Ave. Menlo Park, N. J. Modger, Edword E.; Gen. 69 Evergreen Ave. Fords, N. J. . . . Marines. Moiller, Lindo J.; Bus. 43 Stiles Rd. Edison, N. J. Student Council 2; Business Club 2; Dramo Club 3; Twirlers 2, 3, 4; Closs Rep. 3; Nurses Club 4 . . . Secretory. Mologo, Michael; Col. Box 3 Wood Ave. Iselin, N. J. Aeodemy of Sci. 3, 4; Foot- boll 1; Track 2; Wrestling 2 • . • College. Moloney, Potricio A.; Bus. 43 Ashley Rd. Edison, N. J. Chorus 1; F.H.A. 3; Closs Rep. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Secretory. Monhire, Richord; Gen. 215 Washington Ave. Highland Pork, N. J. . . . Construction. Morchitto, Michool R.; Col. 54 Boltin St. Edison, N. J. Marsicono, Thomos A.; Col. 22 Michoel St. Menlo Pork, N. J. Studont Council 1, 2, 3; Boseboll; . ■ . Teacher. Mosella, Vincent V.; Bus. 56 Edgegrove St. Fords, N. J. . . - Music College. Maurillo, Kathy T.; Bus. 13 Ovington Ave. Highland Pork, N. J. . . . Work. McCurdy, Michool J.; Col. 12 David Ct. Metuchen, N. J. . . . College. McKennon, James; Col. 136 Vineyord Rd. Edison, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Key Club 4; Studont Council 2; Bond 3, 4; Eogle 3, 4; Footboll 1, 2; Boskotboll 1;Trock 1, 2; Closs Rep. 1; Soph. Class V.P.; Sen. Closs V.P.; Jr. Closs Ploy . . . College. McKittrick, Jeon E.; Col. 50 Bloomfield Ave. Fords, N. J. Business Club 4; F.H.A. 2, 3; Closs Rep. 1; F.T.A. 4 . . . Teacher. McKittrick, Joon M.; 8us. 50 Bloomfield Ave. Fords, N. J. Business Club 4; F.H.A. 2, 3 ■ Beouticion. McQuarrle, Thomas; Gen. 179 Hoover Ave. Fords, N. J. • . • College. Me Togue, Robert; Bus. 79 Schuyler Dr. Edison, N. J. Business Club 3, 4; Boseboll 1; Boskotboll 2 . ■ • Army. Meeker, Elizabeth F.; Col. 275 Control Ave. Edi son, N. J. Chorus 1, Mes Amis 1; Closs Rep. 1; Colorguord 1, 3, 4 . . . Procticol Nursing. Megyesi, Elixaboth S.; Bus. 31 Condy Ct. Edison, N. J. . . . Secretory. Melio, John W.; Bus. 24 Morse Ave. Nixon, N. J. Footboll 2 . . • Army. Marker, Joyce B.; Col. 15 Edgegrove Ave. Fords, N. J. Mello Tones 1, 2; Modern Donee Club 1; Sponish Club 1 . . . Beautician. Messino, Joseph M.; Col. 14 Lilac St. Highland Pork, N. J. Sponish Club 1; Track 2 . . . Architect. Messino, Michoel A.; Col. 146 Vineyard Rd. Edison, N. J. Key Club 3; Boskotboll 1, 2; Track 1,2... Drafting. Midgley, Morlcne J.; Col. 32 Comstock Rd. Edison, N. J. F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; Jr. Red Cross 2, 3; Mes Amis (Pros. 3) Modern Donee Club 2, 3; Tolon 3. 4; Closs Rep. 1, 2, 3; Leaders Club 4; Future Nurses Club 4; Closs Ploy. Miles, Michoel J.; Col. Raritan Arsenol, Box 202, Nixon, N. J. Miller, Gorold; Gen. 57 Ashley Rd. Edison, N. J. Miller, Nancy J.; Bus. 5 Hull Dr. Highlond Pork, N. J. . . . Secretory. Mills, Dovid L.; Col. 270 Grondview Ave. Fords, N. J. Bond 1, 2, 3; Chorus 3, 4; Hi Fi 3, 4; Mes Amis 3; Quortet 4; F.T.A. (Pres.4) . . . Teacher. Minkoff, Borbara S.; Bus. 43 B Aldich Dr. Fords, N. J. Eogle I . . . Business Collego. Moken, George L.; Col. 21 Player Ave., Highlond Park, N. J. N.H.S. 3, (Pres. 4); Academy of Science 3, 4; Key Club 3, (Pres. 4); Vorsity Club 3, 4; Boseboll 1,2,3,4; Tolon 3; Closs Rep. 1,3; Fresh. Closs Pres.; Jr., Sr. Closs Activities Coordinator. Mondics, Roger A.; Col. 58 Borton St., Fords, N. J. Bond 1,2,3,4; Sponish Club I. . . Music Toocher. Monroe, Robert E.; Bus. 9 Chestnut St., Edison, N. J. Monroe, Kothryn L.; Bus. 9 Chestnut St., Edison, N. J. Chorus 2. . . • Secretory. Montgomery, George R.; Col. 102 5th St., Fords, N.J. Student Council 3; 8ond 1,2,3; Key Club 3,4; Tolon 3; Senior Closs Ploy...........Musical Field. Moses, Don H.; Col. 935 Footherbed Lone, Rothwoy, N. J. . . . Novy. Mroz, Michael; Bus. 72 Howord Ave., Metuchen, N. J. Footboll 1,2; Boseboll 1,2. . . . Mechanic. Munch, Richard R.; Gen. 8 Meodow Rd., Nixon, N. J. Boseboll 1,2. . . . Solesman. Mutorelli, Mory Ann; 8us. 121 Wintrop Rd., Edison, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Business Club 4; Math. Dept. (Sec.) 2,3,4. . . . Secretory. Naterili, Potricio F. 60 Miko Rd., Edison, N. J. Student Council 2,3; Business Club 3; G.A.A. 3; Modern Donee Club 2,3. Nowrock, Emilia D.; Col. 39 Sanders Rd., Edison, N.J. N.H.S. 4; Aeodemy of Science 3,4; Chorus 3,4; Mes Amis 3; Class Rep. 4. . . Journalist. Nelson, Bruce E.; Gen. 27 Morkhom Rd., Nixon, N. J. Nemeth, Mory Jone; Col. 73 Porkwoy, Nixon, N. J. Eogle 4; F.n.A. 1; G.A.A. 3, 4; Modern Donee Club 3, 4; Choregogrophy Club 4; Twirlers 1,2,3, (Copt. 4); Senior Class Ploy. . . . Beouticion. Nesto, Ooris; Gen. IS Colfox Rd., Edison, N. J. Nocello, Mildred S.; Bus. 162 Winthrop Rd., Edison, N. J. . . . Secretory. Oates, Linda; Bus. 95 Bernord Ave., Edison, N. J. . . . Secrotory. O'Brien, Cheryl A.; Col. 18 Porkerson Rd., Edison, N. J. N.H.S. 4; F.H.A. 1,2; G.A.A.; Mes Amis 2,3; Modern Donee Club 3; F.T.A. 3. . ■ • Teacher. O'Brien, Terrie E.; Col. 3843 Pork Ave., Metuchen, N. J. Student Council 4; Chorus 3; G.A.A. 2; Jr. Red Cross 4; Sponish Club 2,3; Boskotboll Z Closs Rep. 2,3; F.T.A. 3. . . . Teocher. Ogorzolek, Morionn P.; Col. 5 Lilver Lake Ave., Nixon, N. J. Hi Fi 1,2,3; Mollo Tones 3; Modern Donee Club 4. . . . Psycologist. O'Leary, Thomos; Col. 165 Lexington Ave., Highland Pork, N. J. Student Council 4; Sponish Club 4. Oliver!, John A.; Col. 67 Loring Ave., Edison, N. J. Olsion, Mory L.; Gen. 134 Lake View Blvd. Nixon, N. J. O'Molloy, Edward; Col. 41 Trenton Ave., Edison, N. J. Business Club 4; Class Rep. 1,2,4. . . . Photogrophy School. O’Malley, Koren E.; Bus. 138 HiHcrest Ave., Edison, N. J. Bosketball 2. • .Business O'Reilly, Karen; Bus. 179 Plainfield Ave., Edison, N. J. Business Club 4. . . . Morriage.Oro», Robert L.; Col. 6 Theresa Ct., Fords, N. J. Student Council 4; VorsityClub 3,4; Footboll 2,3,4. . . . College. Oioii, Joseph A.; Con. 2 Ployer Ave., Nixon, N. J. . . . Air Force. Oross, June L.; Bus. 8 Terry Ave., Menlo Pork, N. J. Business Club. . . . Beoutieion. Popp, Peter A.; Bus. 665 Amboy Ave., Fords, N. J. Student Council 3; Trock 2. . . . Service. Potion, Judith A.; Bus. 463 Wood Ave., Iselin, N. J. Chorus 2,4; Mello Tones 2,3, 4; Tolon 3,4. . . . Business School. PeckKom, Horry F.; 8us. 216 Loring Avo., Edison, N. J. Eogle 2; Closs Rep. 2; Science Club 1; . . . Mechonic. Pel ley, Kenneth A.; Gen. 94 Crosby Ave., Highland Pork, N. J. Footboll 3. . . . Service. Perdue. Edwin A.; Bus. 161 Prospect Ave., Edison, N. J. Football 1,2; Track 1,2. . . . Air Force. Peteresok, Stephen J.; Col. 108 5th St., Fords, N. J. Academy of Scionce 3; Student Council 1; Koy Club 3; Varsity Club 3,4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2 (Monoger 3); Soccer 3,4; Closs Rep. 3,4. . . College. Peters, Peggy; Bus. 73 Lloyd Ave., Nixon, N. J. Jr. Red Cross 2,3; Bosketboll 2. . . . Housewife. Pfeiffer, Fred; Col. 115 Schuyler Or., Highlond Pork, N. J. Acodemy of Scionce 3,4; Band 1,2,3,3; German Club 4; Key Club 3,4; Boseboll 1,2,3,4; Bosketboll 4. Pfeiffer, Gary D.; Bus. 15 Roger Rd., Edison, N. J. Footboll 1. . . . Air Force. Phelon, Jono T.; Col. 6 Rlchord Rd., Motuchon, N. J. N.H.S. 3,4; Acodomy of Scienco 3; Student Council I; Book Seminar 2,3; Chorus 1,2; Mello Tonos 3; Eogle 1,2; G.A.A. 3,4; Mes Amis 3,4; Modern Dance Club 3, (Troos. 4); Tolon 3,4; Closs Rep. 3,4; Hormonettes 3; Color Guard 4; Jr. Closs Ploy; Sr. Closs Ploy. . . . College. Plckott, Eileen F.; Bus. 57 Cherry St., Edison, N. J. Business Club 3,4; G.A.A. 2,3; Modern Dance Club 2,3- . . . Receptionist. Pldoto, Anno Groce; Col. 442 Ploinfleld Rd., Motuchon, N. J. Eogle 4; F.H.A. (Historion 2); G.A.A. 4; Modern Donee Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3; Tolon 3,4; Closs Rep. 1,2,3,4; Senior Closs Ploy; Senior Closs Reporter. . . . Teocher. Poole, Karen; Bus. 216 Fleet Ave., Metuchen, N. J. . . . Secretory. Proh, George M.; Bus. 9 Coolidge Avo., Fords, N. J. . . . Service. Prill, Joan; Bus. 45 Portch Rd., Edison, N. J. N.H.S. 3,4; Student Council I; Business Club3, (Pres. 4); Eogle 4; F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 3. . . . Secretary. Promulico, Fronk A.; Gen. 15 Lotonio St., Highlond Pork, N. J. Footboll. . . . Army. Prusko, Poullno E.; Bus. 30 Mercury Rd.. Edison, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Student Council 1; Modern Donee Club 3,4; Closs Rep. 4; Guidonce Rep. 4. . . Secretory. Quinlan, Joyce A.; Bus. Currier St., Box 61, Menlo Pork, N. J. . . . Morriage. Rcogon, Robin J.; Col. King St., S. Plainfield, N. J. Boseboll 2. Redmond, Joseph; Gen. 970 Wood Avenue, Rohwoy, N. J. . . . Army. Reider, Ronald; Col. 10 Ferris Rd., Edison, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Acodemy of Science 3,4; Bond 1,2,3,4; Eogle 4; Footboll 1; Soccer 3,4; Wrest- ling 2; Student Council 3,4. . . . College. Reiersen, Loureen C.; Bus. 888 Grove Ave., Rohwoy, N. J. Future Nurses Club 4. . . . Nurse. Reister, Judy A.; 8us. 9 Richmond Rd., Edison, N. J. . . . Legal Secretory. Ricciardi, Joon A.; Bus. 1855 Lincoln Hwy., Edison, N. J. Business Club 4. Ricco, Robert J.; Col. 313 Suttons Lone, Edison, N. J. Closs Rep. 3. • • • Engineer. Rivell, Edword; Col. 198 Penn Ave., Edison, N. J. Radio Club 1. Robinson, Both; Col. 22 8eoch Lone, Metuchen, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Chorus 1,2; Eogle 1,2; Tolon 4; Closs Rep. 1,2. ■ • . College. Robinson, Lilo E.; Bus. Grove Ave., RFD 1, Box 307, Metuchen, N. J. Chorus 1; F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 3. . ■ . Procticol Nurse. Robinson, Yvonne C.; Col. 895 Ellis Prky., Rohwoy, N. J. Mello Tones 3, (Sec. 4); F. H.A. 4; G.A.A. 3, (V.P. 4); Jr. Red Cross 2,3; Mes Amis 4; Bosketboll 2,4; . . . Physicol Therapist. Romeo, Christine E.; Bus. 20 Stevens Rd., Nixon, N. J. . . . Business College. Rosko, Carol J.; Bus. 832 Grove Ave., Rohwoy, N. J. . . . Beautician. Rossi, Suson L.; Col. 73 Pleosont Ave., Fords, N. J. Acodemy of Science 4; Cheerleoder 1,2; Chorus 3; F.H.A. 3,4; Modern Donee Club 2,3; Closs Rep. 2,3- • • . Nurse. Ruddy, Croig S.; Col. 32 Homestead Rd., Metuchen, N. J. Key Club 3,4; Spanish Club 1; Vorsily Club 3,4; Footboll 1,2,3,4; Track 3. . . . College. Ruland, Robert D.; Col. 13 Fairfax Rd., Edison, N. J. Boseboll 1; Troek 2; Closs Rep. 1,2. . . . Colloge. Russell, Herbert G.; Col. 3 Arlington Or., Fords, N. J. Chess Club 4. . • . College. Ruzxono, Thomos P.; Bus. 698 New Dover Rd., Rohwoy, N. J. . . . Rool Estote Agent. Ryon, Thomas A.; Col. 172 Control Ave., Edison, N. J. . . . Work. Sobel, Phyllis V.; Bus. 196 W. Hegel Ave., Rohwoy, N. J. . . . Dentol Assistant. Sadlowskl, Vlctorio; Gen. 135 Lund Ave., Metuchen, N. J. . . . Marriage. Saltarello, Potricio M.; Bus. 1244 Roriton Ave., Highlond Pork, N. J. Junior Rod Cross 4; Closs Rep. 1; Doeorotion Committee 2. . . . Beoutieion. Sammarco, Suzonne; Col. 21 Clork Ave., R.F.D. 2, Box 515A, Edison, N. J. Student Council 1; F.H.A. 1; Closs Rep. 2. . . . Business. Sanders, Rlchord; Col. 7 Roger Rd. Nixon, N. J. Acodemy of Scienco 4; Photogro- phy Club 2; Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Electronic Technician. Sonto Morio, Loretto; Bus. 18 Finley Rd. Edison, N. J. Business Club 4 . . . Secretory. Sorik, Robort; Bus. 123 Grondviow Ave. Motuchon, N. J. Sortoin, Dlano L.; Bus. 13 Wilshlre Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Junior Red Cross 3, 4 . . . Secretory. Sconlon, Joon b.; Col. 79 Riehord Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Eogle 2; F.H.A. 2, 3; G. A.A. 2, 3, 4; Modern Dance Club 2, (Treos. 3) (Vice Pros. 4); Sponish Club 3; Tolon 3, 4; Closs Rep. 2, 3, 4; Color Guard 3, (Co-Copt. 4); F.T.A. Sec. 4 . . . College. Schoit, Morsho; Col. 11 Morker Dr. Fords, N. J. Book Seminor 2; Tolon 4; Dromo Club 3 • . . College. Scemick, Arlene; Col. 71 Compboll Avo. Highland Park, N. J. Acodemy of Sci. 3; Business Club 4; F.H.A. 4 . . . Business Teacher. Schirger, Pomelo D.; Col. 148 Foy St. Fords, N. J. Academy of Science 3, 4; Book Seminar 2, 3; F.H.A. 2, 3; Sponish Club 4; Tolon 4; . . . Teocher. Schmidt, Gunther; Col. 7 Horrigon St. Highlond Pork, N. J. Acodomy of Science 3, 4; Student Council 4; Eagle 2, 3; German Club 3; Photogro- phy Club 1; Tolon 3- Schooley, Jomes P.; Gen. 11 Lafayette Ave. Fords, N. J. Football 1; Boseboll 1, 2; Track 2 . . . Service. Scott, Helen M.; Bus. 37 Edison Ave. Menlo Pork, N. J. . . . Secretory. Scott, Helen V.; Bus. Apt. 40, No. Edison Gordons, Metuchen, N. J. Bus. Club 4; Hi Fi 1; F.H.A. 4; F.T.A. 4; Librory Club 4; Bosketboll 1, 2, 3 . . . Business College. Serensko, Kathleen J.; Col. Pierson Ave. Box 553, Metuchen, N. J. N.H.S. 3, 4; Acode- my of Science 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; 8ond 1, 2, 3, 4; Eoglo 1, 2; Drum Majorette; Jr. Closs Ploy; Sr. Closs Ploy . . . College. Severino, Estelle M.; Bus. 6 Smolley Rd. Edison, N. J. Bus. Club 4 ■ . . Office Work. Sheridon, Robin; Col. 14 Florence St. Nixon, N. J. Student Council 3, (V.P. 4); Chorus 1, 2; Mello Tones 3, (Pres. 4); Music Club 3, (Pres. 4); Eogle 4; G-A.S. 4; Mes Amis 3; Tolon 3, 4; Closs Rep. 1, 2; F.T.A. 3; Closs V.P. 1, 2; Hormonettes 3, 4; Bus. Monoger of Tolon 4; Jr. Closs Ploy . . . Speech Theropist. Ship, Fronklin D.; Bus. 10 B Forbes Court, Metuchen, N. J. . . . Beoutieion. Shuff, Cheryl J.; Col. 20 Price Dr. Edison, N. J. N.H.S. 3, 4; Acodemy of Science 4; Germon Club 4; Jr. Red Cross 4; Tolon 4; . . . Teacher.Silogy, Marilyn; Col. 614 Old Poll Rd. Edison, N. J. N.H.S. 3, 4; Academy of Science 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Choro» 1, 2; Mello Tone» 3, 4; Eagle 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; Me Ami 3, 4; Modern Dance Club 3, 4; CI a » Rep. 3, 4; F.T.A. 3. 4; Jr. Clo Ploy; Sr. Clo Ploy; Prom Committee 3, 4 . . . Teocher. Silvaney, Morie A.; Bo . 35 Pleosont Ave. Ford», N. J. 8o»ine i Club 3, 4; Sr. Clot Play . . . Dres Designer. Simon, Thomos C.; Col. 75 Colvert Ave. Molochen, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Academy of Sci. 3, 4; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Germon Club 4; Soccer 3, 4; Trock 3; Talon 3; Sr. Clo » Ploy; Che»» Club 4 . . . Engineering. Sitren, Dovey L.; Col. 15 Mill Rd. Nixon, N. J. Sponish Club 2; Footboll I, 2; Bosketboll 1, 2; Trock 1, 2, 3, 4; Clo » Rep. 3 - • • Morine . Ski bo, JoAnn; But. 45 Preston St. Edison, N. J. . . . Secretory. Small, Nancy J.; Bus. 1012 Ellis Prky. Rohwoy, N. J. Librory Club (Pro . 3) . . . Work. Smith, Potricio A.; Col. 162 Redwood Ave. Highland Pork, N. J. . . . I B M Operator Sonnenboick, Aria G.; Col. 252 Control Ave. Edison, N. J. G.A.A. 3; Jr. Red Cro s 1, 2, 3, 4; Modern Donee Club 3; Spanish Club 2, 3. Sorenson, Borboro J.; Bus. 80 7th St. Ford , N. J. . . . College. Spongenberg, Eloine G-; Col. 961 Ellis Prky. Rohwoy, N. J. Acodomy of Science 3; Cho- rus 3; Mello Tones 4; Modern Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Nurse. Spongier, Peter; Col. 22 Highland Ave. Nixon, N. J. Student Council 1; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Club I, 2; Track 1; Prom Committee 4 . . . RCA Institute of Technology. Spacht, Donna L.; Bus. 14 Lee St. Jenny Ct. Nixon, N. J. . . . Office Work. Sprinitis, Theresa G.; Bus. 10 Porker Rd. Rohwoy, N. J. Business Club 3; Modern Dance Club 1 . . . Office Work. Stouch, Trudy G.; Col. Mt. Pleosant Ave. Metuchen, N. J. Book Club 2. Steed, Betty J.; Bus. 1131 Wood Ave. Rohwoy, N. J. Business Club 4 . . . Secretory. Stengel, Robyn E.; Bus. 15 Bradford Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Student Council 1 . . . Buyer. Stone, JoAnn; Col. 22 Fronees Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Student Council 1, 4; Eagle 4; F.H.A. (song leoder 2); G.A.A. 3, 4; Sr. Clo»» Ploy; Jr. Clo»» Ploy; Jtolon 3; Color Guard 4; Student Council Rep. 4 . . . Teacher. Stone. Morv Ann: Bus. 17 Stephenvilie Pkwy. Metuchen, N. J. Cheerleaders 4; Eogle 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Modern Dance Club 3, 4; Jr. Closs Ploy; Sr. Class Play; F.T.A. 4 . . . Secretory. Story, Daniel G.; Gen. 22 Rosewood Rd. Edison, N. J. . . . Air Force. Strollo, Morilyn J.; Col. 85 Sharon Ave. Edison, N. J. Student Council 3, 4; Middle- sex County Student Council Rep. 4 . . . Teacher. Sullivan, Goll; Bus. Rt. 2, Box 506 Lincoln Hwy. Edison, N. J. Business Club 3, 4 (Vice Pres. 4); Debote Club 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2; . . . Foshion Design. Suort, Connie M.; Col. 89 7th St. Fords, N. J. Academy of Science 4; Student Coun- cil 1; Chorus 3; F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; Modern Dance Club 3, 4; Sponish Club I, 2; Closs Rep. 2. 3. 4; F.T.A. 3; Jr. Clots Ploy; Sr. Clots Ploy . . . Teocher. Suich, Rhoda A.; Bus. 36 Albert Ave. Edison, N. J. F.H.A. 1 . . . Secretary. Suminski, David R.; Gen. 78 Ashley Rd. Edison, N. J. . . . Service. Summer, Gail L.; Col. 86 1st St. Fords, N. J. Cheerleader 4; Chorus 3; F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 4; Modern Dance Club 4 . . . College. Swonick, Suzanne M.; Col. 113 Fifth St. Fords, N. J. Student Council 1, 2; Cheerleader 3, (Co-Copt.) G.A.A. 3. 4; Jr. Red Cross 2, 3; Modem Dance Club 2, 3 (Bus. Man.); (Pres. 4); Sponish Club 2; Senior Closs Ploy . . . College. Toglioreni, Jerrilyn A.; Bus. 8-o Garfield Pork Homes, Metuchen, N. J. N.H.S. 3, 4; Busi- ness Club 3; Chorus 1, 2; G.A.A. 3, 4; 8otketboll 2, 3, 4; Talon 3, 4 . . . College. Teek, Ute K.; Col. 26 Winthrop Rd. Nixon, Edison, N. J. Acodomy of Science 3; Student Council 2; Tolon 4; Closs Rep. 4 . ■ . Airline Hostess. Tedder, Dorryl J.; Col. Troiler Harbor Box 301, Metuchen, N. J. Varsity Club 4; Football 4. Teehon, Corel A.; Col. 47 Walnut St. Edison, N. J. . . . Receptionist. Thomas, James; Gen. 37 Jersey Ave. Menlo Pork, N. J. Thorpe, Richard D.; Col. 13 Colton Rd. Edison, N. J. . . . Business. Thurston, Gory R.; Col. 990 Wood Ave. Rahway, N. J. . . . College. Tomon, Larry J.; Gen. 49 Form Haven Ave. I tel in, N. J. . . . Novy. Toth, Bonnie V.; Col. 20 Foyette St. Nixon, N. J. Chorus 1, 2; Mello Tones 3, 4; Eogle 3, 4; Met Amis 3, 4; Tolon 3, 4; Closs Rep. 2, 3, 4; Hormonettes 3; Jr. Closs Reporter; Sr. Clast Ploy (stoge Manager); F.T.A. Historian 4 . . . Beauty Culture. Trecek, Jone; Col. 10 Golf Rd. Metuchen, N. J. . . . Nurse. Tucker, Arthur J.; Gen. 6 Raleigh Rd. Edison, N. J. Vorsity Club 3; Soccer 3; Wrestling 3 • • • Air Force. Tucker, Richord; Col. 18 8eech Lone, Metuchen, N. J. Spanish Club 1; Closs Rep. 1; Golf Teom 4 . . . College. Ulmer, Lawrence H.; Col. 5 Nottingham Rd. Metuchen, N. J. N.H.S. 4; Acodemy of Science 3, 4 Treos.; Student Council 1; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 3, 4; Eagle 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4;-Vorsity Club 3, 4; Basketball 1; Soccer 3, 4; Troek 3; Tolon 3, 4; Chest Club (Pres.) 4 . . . Accountont. Usenko, Wolentyno; Col. SO.Leslie St. Highland Pork, N. J. N.H.S. 3, 4; Acodemy of Science 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Eagle 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; German Club 4; Modern Donee Club 3, 4 . . . College. VolUlv. Arthur; Col. 11 Runyon Ave. Edison, N. J. Librory Club 1, 2 . • . College. Valovcin, Lorelei M-; Col. 519 Wood Ave. Iselin, N. J. . . . Interior Decoroting. Vorga, Dionne L-; But. 27 Roleigh Rd. Edison, N. J. . . . Secretory. Vignolli, Robert D.; Bus. 3 Pine St. Metuchen, N. J. . . . Beautician. Vincent, Jeffrey J.; Col. 31 Southfield Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Student Council 1, 2, 4; Eagle 1, 2; Key Club 3, 4; Me» Amis; Vorsity 4; Boseboll 1; Track 3; Golf Club 4 . . . College. Vivers, William; Col. 353 Ploinfield Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Wrestling 1; Visual Aids 1. 2- Volklond, Richord; Col. 114 Ovington Ave. Nixon, N. J. Footboll 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Bosketboll 1, 2 . . . College. Volosin, Michael J.; Col. 347 Ploinfield R. Metuchen, N. J. . . . I.B.M. School. Vreelond, Morgoret A.; Col. 589 Old Post Rd. Edison, N. J. N.H.S. 3; (Sec. 4); Acodemy of Science 4; Mellotones 1, 2, 3, 4; Eogle 1, 2; (feature edi- tor) G.A.A. 3, 4; Mes Amis 3; Modern Dance Club 3, 4; Tal- on 2. Closs Rep. 1, 2, 3; Closs Sec. 4; Sr. Closs Ploy (Accomponist) Jr. Class Ploy (Student Director) . . . College. Wartert, Corel R.; Bus. 28 Elm St. Nixon, N. J. Business Club 4; Jr. Red Cross 2, 3 . . . Work. Weid, Thomos; Bus. 38 Highlond Ave. Highland Pork, N. J. . . . Army Wert, Wllllom G.; Gen. 28 Weldon Rd. Nixon, N. J. Wessd, Shoren L.; Bus. 102 Morris Ave. Metuchen, N. J. G.A.A. 3 . . . Stenogropher. White, Jane A.; Bus. 197 Jockson Ave. Ford», N. J. Bus. Club 1, 2 • . • Secretory. White, Mory E.; Col. 8 f N. Edison Gardens, Metuchen, N. J. Class Rep. 2, 4; F.T.A. 4; Guidence Aid 4 . . . Teocher. Wilkens, Judith A.; Bus. 42 Middlesex Ave. Menlo Park, N. J. F.H.A. 2 . . . Typist. Winters, John 0.; Gen. 110 Idlewild Rd. Edison, N. J. Woods, Barbara S.; Bus. 63 Chestnut St. Edison, N. J. . . . Artist. Yaros, Madeline A.; Col. 48 Jersey Ave. Menlo Pork. N. J. N.H.S. 3, 4; Acodemy of Science 3; G.A.A. 3; Tolon 3, 4; Jr. Closs Ploy (publicity); Sr. Closs Ploy . . . Beautician. Yonnacci, John; Col. 41 Outlet Rd. Metuchen, N. J. Bosketboll 1, 2 • . . Night School. Yrinko, Frank; Cal. Alfred St. Menlo Pork, N. J. Student Council . . . College. Zelenok, Steven J.; Col. 31 Rosewood Rd. Edison, N. J. Acodemy of Science 3, 4 . . . Drofting Engineer.“Jn the padt we have had a tight kick (tick eredy in the predent have a (icjht which ffamed, and in the future there wi ttke ii9kt which dhined al( over the land and dea. we ACKNOWLEDGMENT — iliOii Stwlm $tvinl — Rkkird Via Dnnn, Craip H f SrkxJ 5nl — Rmmui» BiaJfn '62 Pr r w Aamitla I®• ■ “Dk e dun 6 had not smite thee by day, nor the moon by niyht.

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