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 - Class of 1968

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Edison High School - Reflector Yearbook (Gary, IN) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1968 volume:

. I 'ix X -. X A ' H Tj. ,M C. 5 N X x s 1 I H . 1 . V -V HH 2 .A wi- flu 2 . f ' 2 - ' 1' X , , ' , n . x X t1 " Ex 1 l Am.f , K X, , . H z W n "- , ' N fz. . , - 1 z 5, I t 'X il 'L'f -a5.jq,,' gf, '0 5 LL.L if - 2 '- ,V 4311 ffkwf 1 ,P N. Q ','1'T'Q'5 'M' , , f 4 , . . X, , W ,ix 5,f.f1f:. ,,rQM, 5 "L,,1W+Q-QQ , U x :ff-f X. Q. , g Af , . sy, W, ,, 1 Q- , . .f1,N.,1M ,gr Inpwfmf. .. , V - y ' ' 531 :25t5ffll f '.f . f .k" 1' F L91 A i i ' flff' 4 ff R" " ' bg, A in 'kim 9' ' ,l"':- "U ' ,V 'LJ1'Hz,'j fkggff-,1,g1A:d, 17,1 --'7 - lqfyx-3i'1Vj3Sf.,' 'ni-1, .J . A 3 4 yt ' I -' 1 H ,, ,ff . V , .. VA, 31. , I , .I K ,, .M i 3 A P K M xg Q, , by o , , 1 , . ':. , ' ' A ' 5' J., I iy .1 .! 5 1 A 'N x 1 k - s 4 ,A X- My,,1l ' ' ay v Q3 .fic Q 'F Vw' -v ,fx "mfr '-f I L f I f 1 N 1 . A , , w gf, . A . e f Q M . . f r 2,3 1 -5 I x 4 - R, 'z I N. xxx 4 !1' .Y ' li ' .V 'v k Nt" . . .- x . Qin Mg ,ml , F5 NW z ,, 5 g . rj , I ' ANN' I . if ,ALM 1, K A , , A. jg , .R , 145 If , , '17 V , vswv N ' A ik A xxgsxkbx K 'N X- ,..,............... . A 'li V j A S E A D M I 0 S HIGH H SCHOOL 0 T GARY, INDIANA 2-119 M hAb Ed 120- 123 A g ph REFL E C TCR Volume 27 1968 l Dedication y '4Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time." Longfellow To Mr. Robert O. Greer, former principal of the Edison High School ffor five fruitful yearsj , we dedicate our 1967-1968 Reflector. A man of enviable skill and a contagious Warmth of personality, Mr. Greer holds the B.A. Degree from the Bluefield State College, the lVI.A. Degree fwith many additional hours toward the doctorate from the Ohio State Universityj. He also had a brilliant inilitary career, having served his nation as a Captain in the Infantry during World War II. The father of three sons, a church man, a civic leader, and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Mr. Greer has fostered many, cooperative enterprises at Edison during his administration. In addition to his administrative work, he has served in many advisory capacities to student and faculty organizations. The Reflector Staff appreciates the opportunity to honor Mr. Greer. ml li1lf11411ff1Biiffff'f' N Mr. Robert O. Greer X 4 Nancy Hrniak Crowned Football-O-Rama Quee 1 M6 33 if wt... Beginning early in August Sen- ior Linda Adams and Juniors, Nancy Hrnjak and Toni Simmons began a tic- ket-selling campaign. Our royal repre- sentative in all city games was Nancy Hrnjak. Blazer fans helped push the team forward with cheers and large turnouts at the games. Nancy Hrnjak, Queen is President of Student Council and is working on the Torch. 2 'xy H I my f. Q ' we.K.L..,.fw.:e-inrwfrwe35sfQffragsasqafrqz,-1.9M-.frinrrWE?afgggifsssafr2+If-3.1zi1Qvw+5171f2.fikQIaa62552alalQ:fitrassf.9,:1'flfi2g5fwrrQf sgrr15+f+ff-l12'f1?w'1aar - Sfrvilfztffefag aff? :iw s.ff3g..,L3fig,2.a,.41,,.,ga,rggf5EE7,33giw ,W,Qg.3,,,fi,g.g5W.rt2iEar.s3i ,..sgs455giKiWiga,,,.wQ.5ffgi,a.a ggsemyirf t.iwSl6,.5,W .W ...i.,. . ,..i. ,. ..., . ,.. ...L ,,i., , . - , i ..,. . ,. ,....,.,, .L .. :iq ,L ,K 121,y:Kf,7 5 ,piagggkgxi Mi,!f',fL.,1L,,g owl .lm M neg? Shi 1? E Qgsign ,I Skit,-g,,,HaKv4, wwf. 11,fi'f-fte.1a'Jr.ass 2 2 f' - if I .fa 'wi ,- , 1 7 A 4 W Uamgf s Wmifgzfiig, XM 5 sag? L... i ,an fmt, .. . M., iff W -fr-tm we as A f Q igisfkiff. -4 3 f E. H.S. Games , :wwf 5 ' 'ff ex : 41 5 J U-1--M-fe-Q-4 M:-3 15: f ,, .1 .fn 1- z'.fwf .se9Y.1zfw1e f 5-.mf gh.3aex25,ZZs1H,fzksgg-51,9-535, 555 I, 5,524 gn,f,:f,5-,g,g,1?fg:2 gw,m.4qg:m.zgahp,z:efg A 37L.g5.wf55?Z,efqL,..gx3:gf11. ,3?Yymw'r'M53-wzw'i:w ,.fmm1-,fmf ff glwwglxfggggkggzl WSW akamai? mg, M 3 wwmll ,X MW-wf?,.5A R"i?,ig,f?Q1'? : :WLmff5f2ffi12QLgggg2?5wg,vf:ew1i1 '4s1ff,11ei',xfiLi2f?MSfgF,M' fwgf' H Hs,ff-wwf2Mx,'sMsYg3'fsf: .5 T Q 3,w1,.,,sgwz,-:Lew zu ., 5- V X 1 tw N m,,,w,,, M1 M V, fm P' IP' 'Vx ,mm W5 .x,,Sfre1m eww, ff,.v , qvM571-11.1:nmwL,f?L 1 fy. ff m'i'55,"5'Y?525K4 if K, Y MQ Wm, ,M-Qu. ,,, W ,, W.,-K ,.,,f,, fy,-,QXm,g:x21Wfi3'1fssm,Mm lwmwlwag, G ww I Az, ,f ,ufww wwigim K' Q ,,,,.,,mL ?a:M, v: ,Q,Q,gmyy,1fwm,5x:,4,,g,':s,' sag, Li, ,egg ,gas ffm,Qfg,wm,'1f'K:we f: W - MQ, y me 1 :Z akir ' . f55vaEL?7ff arQ.+ .' 2- wi 'H' 4 , Q92 ,Y .. 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M 5 L' f y 1 ,--, ,,,f,, pf: w AJ Homecoming 1967 Homecoming 1968 Christmas Chimes ln Faith And Goodwill Directing the 1968 Christmas program were Miss Scheddell, Mr. Chilson and Mrs. Key. Con- cert Orchestra and Varsity Choir provided cheery music selections and a Christmas skit. Complete with Santa, the Christmas Season began with a lively 6'We Wish You A Merry Christmas." i s C 9 I G I1 Y ,NJ ..,. , is H -ifx -1-.1 X N: Q, ,. G. ...V waz.- T ii'-gsfh ' M, ig? Faculty Talent Show W 1 I 5 2 , H 1 3 K K2 X ,ap , mm 2 K s .1 X .1 k E Jawa... - w suiqiggefefg,vm:--mf-g,f:'9Qy,,kf .s'f:g,g:fsJf-ygg55s:1Sw.'v,5'fmiifrzfiss--,fwesmgfzrfng3'4fviA'..W-swim: awww A ,,:- we uw i?52f51fz:5QIf51fEms-5:5eSi63Gg5?fsr2zfg,-5':w,5g'f4,iig1QggzzgE?:s1fA3:g5f'xf,,5ffffw3?ffe:fSgyfsffs um5ffe:f55fSzf-gwgz-y5.vgQ:gg55iXs:?S'gr5,3g f imaf'fS?5?l5??Q?5?,u,E5f5?:'if??3g5?if QWJ5 if igggfggf'1.fggzw5ig5f54g2!QSjiQ1,-253:m,gwpffg,Qgfge54,ws1ffEmgfi?g?g,fffg5ffw is5:Q252SisE554?Kg155sm255fasmixfgsiSQ,QigsKzQrg5fggfg?gg3?gmigggEgikwfsggl , g3,fQ5g?.,1 W 51.2, WFQML-Awmf-,fm:--vim-fm,ffwwM-fsfwreseef--wr-: f is-:w 1 . . Lg s.,1fffu,32M swbsw :QQQWRQJ if my Sauk-fkwxk-YL, ,wfmwffiim--vm, ---f ww . M,,1ww,,2,mxL.,,,,,A L1,,LmEJM my . .if ..,, X . f ,,... W- .. S1 ---.rw-.mn ..., fyyhs f,V,,,,m,,2?4.W,..51.. LW. .A., ' ., 1 'F-'f5gAf:g5g.vr'Jig:-,5.4::Ae3512J:gzSl'2rg?i'9f'fz7.av1"1fV7x-2m45'7 ,Jm:afif3ffV7::.-2111wiz11--1:f,::g:?.E?T'1'H-f"k::i: f' '- -VIE-A'72z:Si::,7'? 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Qi A53 wi X Al' 5 I f - WH ...,... .... , , ,,,, V ,M ,. N WW.. . . . . , , .. WM--X Da K '1I': X 52mff,fWfW'Qiffg" MQW WM? wg-tif 4 Lf' U X Q .1 f ff Im Min. M, f,,-'.L,, . ,,. A N557 .- A V ,lil Ar, I gg hal! ,nzggbaxz I6 5?T!2as:iF 5 95:5 M Mathematics is a required subject that each student must take for at least two years. For students interested in engineering or other scientific areas, there are advanced courses in mathematics-trigonometry, solid geometry, and calculus. C I a s s 9 S E n 9 I s h f 1 I8 Our Foreign Languages are under the supervision of many qualified teachers. This year's programs include: Francais Deutsch Espanol . . YF' 5, l .gn . 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Some of the pupils pictured here could Very Well become our great business leaders of tomorrow. Under the .title of Business t e following classes are offered: Shorthand Clerical Practice Bookkeeping General Business Typing Business Law 20 7 7 fkzisxxiui - V9 U ,x 7771777-1573115 721777 77 , , 77 it, 7, X , 7, 7 7 77,fSg,,7g,, 271 475157 47755 ,7 ,.1,7 Q, ,X,1,,,, 7,7i,77,1777x1 ,, i 777. 1 ,77 7 177:77711 777 11771377 777-777-1177 , 77, 7,7777 777 , 177,7-777,7. , 1s 1a,,,1,,7i1sgsig7wsm, 7177117 1 77 7 11177, 1 1 -sg7s3g71,,7 3117717757 1777 7 723157, 7 ,7,717777ss7-17sg77 f'51775iiQ'l9 g if f ws71177,,s71- 7711771727 1m 7 157-1m7-1177 ,-,g7,ggg7fg777 57 .7 77777777 77, ,M , 7 1 X 17:vm7-1f77- 1 17- 73757,-it 7 1 7 1 7577,-7 7 7 7,g1,7,1,, - 7 7 7 7 7 - 1777177 7 117--777717777 7 7 2, 7 an X H57 7 77.71 1 if77'i7511 5 77,1727 as ,- 777 17, 7 7 77, se71ssa7711s 7,7-,M iss 427' , ,,,1 77, 77 7177777177 ,77 ,777 125 8157" R77 7 77727 177771777777 X V 777 it-77 iw -iff? -577 777 1777 77 1777771777 7711777-177, 1.73 K7 7 Nei .7 11727177 14w7g4s7'f 7g 73 77 2 55 11 K aw ff, .7,i, 5 EV Nw -2 ix x,A LLL,l , W7 www r ',-4ffwvf'4'Qv1 1352 df? ,wax 9,7 MW,PZQ37mggw5545g'fQ5g535'7fQ mg , M5511 Nm iw ,gf gum .1 f fs 1 Qigiffff fiff?Z5??5 1f 11fe1.:f, ffs-r15':1 lffiiilffgxfdrmseih-wfg'f-21.2'Sw'fe,fwmfsfvfwaiffmfwf: ivfiimfr'fPf1m2wwva:,Iwi-fvwtfs wif-ww f--wasfxf:awz'4E'f1ufsMims14Naxf,"Mvm? wwglfw "" iw ui-":'w-s,V .lf "" .TEQVIT 'l?35'A?7 ."'2iif:'- Uz:5,f1l'2, v.E'A" wr. fm .- rsfeif'-'diibi NQESLSV' 't:i?5Q f Zag? F59 Q1-ff? - 1?f'Fi?f' :??i?ff:1"'ff4T2f': f,iF25'lfV Q1'f:E'f,,1':?i3f5f72265,-is-112,-1Z?5liV1,C':?if3?IQ7i?fi?f2WiLflkfe fm 1Sfs1.x,,HQa2ffIQi?wgge4'Y..iv1:f?Qfwiwzffwmgfffffffix,gg5M25IgyasAKee15?A542'S3512A55nvlk.lwwkagaffffa, iw, www-em,,zfM:'1s2fff?fff wfeff-f:ffs--'HP'mf-wwi?Q2'f2wm,-2 mx new vw MH Q52 21 ,' .fifwm Qfnw Mm-:AMfw,,1A..l.iM ffmwkfmf. 1f1fww-Lzfsw-zkv iw Awww! wk-f15.Q?f?mgegLmaf ,63-QF6WPfgmfffvwsfa--vi f FMFSWLSSV fmfmffmaffwfk A A rfikfvffv A QMSE5 f'3W2EQ?h5'r3f'5Q'fi? ifim ff 2 -,,Q,5P22sQ2gw VLxwvuL?Lyrif'-Imeni2mYLf'i:szL'f?0'SRgi?gZ3'Q?Qg::LQrem1LYJsfe3g 7 38: Z W 1, :Miyagi se -f 2356535 -.ge ww ffxw rsir,m.'TiL..+16'3i5g5vg,1xQf mmm ,Q 1 emi fag A gk M ,I my e, 2 K- 22 wwf: A ,swf 1.521 mia 1 , AL'- imgiggggw ,35iQQe3gizzww1.1,,g,gQx .Wg WWQQQQ-U A W zwuliaiaezfessmrfff ae1f525,WffE-fwf?f15i2Awfi., krf 12E,gE5'fv'f'5i5Y iwg711f2isa:'A si Q.ff.f,f--A-,vfrfw f. vvzfwiw ,ww -Aw ,wi A -Q. W. V- Arm Mm -, wwf ,E N Social Studies is a three year require- ment. There are many different areas of studies offered from Civics-to Government classes. 22 ya Social Studies ly T fix, Amt Speech 'iff Gym if2255553iifiggla'iW3F?fiQfYQKS5 :5?'1EQ?5 ??,fg"??2i??,,l'?f'4is5f5ii??3?5?'?5fSl?i?if f' 'VHWEWQQQ QMQE ' --::'2 'f":E?? a9 -"fS5"il":2i'-".5ff2i3:-:-452' "-:fa-.':ua.:Hf:k::,5e ' --:.. ::,..--- .1 .:.. . .,-. ,E,,--:EEN -H:,: E..-:lf EQESERFQQEQSWQQQW QQQ RQ RQ Health And Cl 6 2 5 . i ,-Nl: -455 -34, S x F' P' P' ',.. .Fm X ,fx V, 1968 Sayonara Prom Bids Seniors Farewell Leading the Grand March in the ball- room of Marquette Park Pavilion were Prom King and Queen Michael Guth- rie and Leslie Randall. Couples danced as music filled the air and pictures of a memorable evening were taken. Ending Sayonara night, couples dined at Vogels where the post prom took place. EE WW' K ,,,.M, iesfwgi W , ifggfwawfl QQ: ligisfgkinrawhgg: Kgyvgf. ggm,,535.,,5g,g,2ikg5?w 2fkiggggwiggsggg,gggggagkggigalgggqgggfagg wnkfzfi,egaffz-wwf-QWQQLWQWM. ,A if ,A .wwf Qgihffgmfgggmfk wg A k..f-,'p5'1X1f- warkwi- ,vim - 3 , '2f3"'5x1Wwfwff'W A ,. 1: -- R. fsfwwflxgiz 4521 Sairx-W,,gHa5P?Ki'f1 'AW If awww as W "1f:av:- f- . - wgmepif ww Mawgfi 122 1. AM. :ff 1 K, .,,, , wivvfwxku-mwfxwkwk-Aff' 1 - V QW 'DV Mgjf ' bluff-ikM1XiVvW'5E?Tiliii?Qillskviiiiwxixxwimfmmw - '.x.v.,, W' , 1' ' ',., - -w x' - fl-NH..,:Xwsmfvwf-xvX A .Q ,., 151' W: .. . mf I M' j rf: 1. dz. X M K' . , 2 5, ...,, . f- - ,f., :sf if W,5?f,!', I t ,.,, J Hb win ,WW Honor Seniors Salufaforian SOLEDAD GODINEZ Our second place honor senior, Sole- dad Godinez, a radiant ,young lady of superior academic ability, has served in many capacities at Thomas A. Edison High School. She, too, possesses envi- able qualities of amicability. Valedictorian MICHAEL GUTHRIE The valedictorian of the senior class of 1967-68, Michael Guthrie, is a well- rounded student who possesses out- standing qualities of leadership, scho- larship, and amicability. He proved himself as an athlete, a scholar, and his outstanding abilities have made him available for several top-flight scholar- ships. He also Was: l. National Merit commended candi- date, 2. National Achievement Finalist, and 3. State finalist Nationalist Society of Professional Engineers. He made the Honor roll all four years in high school. X Two Senior Honor Students DARRYL' WILLIAMS ssgfiff H sifrfggrgsfrs,gffsl-gwesrgggnffgi,wegwr-y,f.,new f,Wi,,,r.. ,,w,fA,g.f,,.,,, wg, ,gms pier' X A.. .5 ,L y , .5 ,W 5 .W .W l . ,qs .K ,gg H .LNW.g..,,,,.,Wk,.,..,i ,W Z no I . . t , as 1 29 31 21 l9liiilH ??iiii25lilllilliggrigifllllillllllllliigggfiii?'E332Filiitglliiiliilfliilgiwlswii Q . 1 Q. - wx J qi' gf 'J 4 f,:"EffQ W-PSY-iTff:5'Qs f- 'fm-q..."Qfif '?5"K':iff'7 Arr?-?Z:':5:ifL1,,,Qf?j2'3? 'ling-,ii435245:s1,f1ZgwQE"1-af Q,g2f.S5af-55355912 ff' . , ,. : - Personable and Talented, the President . . . .....a..,.,. , ,,,,. ,,,,.,,,j,,, ,gyfawwnfnilfrwuylfiwfawiis lzwwmaw 1 w Wm Cornely Beverly Edwards is our President of the National Honor Society. 30 'I A Mixture of some Great Minds M... .t,.,,ioi ...,,.... 5 E Back row: R. Means, M. Guthrie, and D. Williams. Front row Soledad Godineg and Beverly Edwards. 3 I 3l . . . Gym is Fun - 3-if-vwfuqwx v fm ff? was 32 . . . The Best of Teachers L-fv-"f-"'?"""" . . . We Hurry to Class Snqwbau v I T A 1- .. fvgwwi ,,v,.,,. M " S?g?'i59??S5J5Yw'.E-6:1w1,. ' A, ' M wwf? 5 5, ---ffaazffmfinfqgwgg . ,A 'Z-f V95-,f-iz-A 'tvfti-fr':5'Wg?'f?ilffgliifiTiilifkiifiiiqrm ,mi M vi--ff ,L ,K ' -I -wwe ,, , , - ' ' 2 F29-7 H ' 1' if ..-Vf 345ul-11-if-fat1fL1Q5-va-:ii-3:y:.LeSif1.:L?J55?:Qz56L4E:fs:fQSQglgpsseg-gifs!-5:-dffifeiifif-f 5 ,W , 'HHH ' if 11--I Mrk?--A-5ffrL'L-vifl:S5-i-T-- 2 T i --,GY 1145 TR5:fl"A:1 isif-1-P-LL-4SIZYLQTSQASRQQRQ ,., :W i 4'-A 1 l.1fg1L-Sw?-V12 S+?-:W?iMi'54'?Lf'1"S'f51:f1!v-Eirx'312252-'fflssfssgwfi-?i2:'f' .2 " X Y' , -Q' -2:1 .Lk-if if--, ki: 'iw L:-ff. 5- 'f-Lffl-VW 3-fi-I fliix? Lew 's u A '.i,s'f.L-.QL-SV,-9-,,-:fvbw?35:f1f'i'fx'sAwS' 'z 1+'Np-if' RAF, Vg-IN i5f'fT1,XNv-51 ,TQ ff? ff-259923, , ,r Q,--gqfssulqf Q 4,141 Us if, .w,.f.g , 4 2 2 '-a gsm H.1,Kqg:gfL:g:4i4:L.f,-g,fyf,--,J-Q-,,-gf-W -ff ,Liv-,:, pg, K Q- S 2 2 f ,si,1:,:-L , f 2 ff ,L S51 fffi Vi, m1r'v,FZi1'.f1f 'K 1Vi.v.".g: ggi'-l':wa:g.',iVf A Efkgf'-' "5-"F 1 L: .i2if1f"'j?J 'SSVTJ1-V , W uQ,.Ai,,., N,-,gfkig-'Si .f Fil :A iilfidl-'-13 iw Ls s Qi-u:5-4,g3i-f?.5Lf1Z,fQ.1ilgI-Q ly,-iz,-A-4f41-he-971Xf2-':-W5Vik-9-ifgrQ5Q:Q:fawi5-435212if5ws-5-es-5f36E2ff3QvsrEfg2S2v3-iifgffgiQfgfauwesswasifiggfmiwwfsame-uuigw 1f-1mask:'.-vw-1:5-lm 0 -ww,-f,1-Q-2 -q.fg-ffy,-Qs-ff- , ,L,L,.,L.,M,,:.,,:k f ,- .V M,.L-LgW:f,.g,2,i'g?f.f,,g imm: .LH ' U -f-gwzefws-Xfgfwfw-fn, nf-, Af W' H- f wwf: 2 -L -, V -V 45:59-p ::- ,-,-,: S-41,-,,-,-H, f--Unf1AaWr'w,1U-!Q:5iafw5Yf-21 'mmgwf . COACH BRAS: Football and Track COACH KOBAZ: Football, and Track Coaches X , B Eel COACH ANDERSON: Football and Basketball l COACH WYNN: Football, Basketball, and Baseball COACH SCHIPPER: Basketball and Baseball COACH NEWTON: Wrestling COACH FORSBERG: Basketball, Golf, and X-Country VARSITY WRESTLING OPP EHS Tech 15 38 Central 21 27 8 40 11 29 11 35 Point 24 23 G. Edison 6 36 17 23 22 17 22 18 21 23 13 31 Wrestling ourney 2nd Place 1st Place egional 5th Place dison Grapplers had an ex- eptional season this year ince their year of rebuild- g. Placing third in Confer- nce, Second in City, and first Sectional. The Crapplers roved a match for all con- nders. REE!! Standing: Gr W LT P. Salazar 11 4 2 1 D. Bowens 12 7 8 J. Jackson 11 5 10 1 J. Reed 12 12 5 2 L. Davilla 12 19 2 A. Badillo 10 3 7 Kneeling: R. Origel 11 16 4 J. Pimentel 11 17 2 C. Hurd 12 14 6 G. Turner 12 17 2 B. Munoz 10 15 3 Coaches Mr. Kobza Steve Gallogos fAss'tJ Mr. Newton fAss'tJ Assistants H. Lara S. Pagan A. Batsita Wrestling Kneeling: A. Montemayor, T. Salazar, W. lrizzary, M. Gutitirrez, M. Origel, J. Abrego, M. Jasal. Standzng: S. Pagan, A. Batsita, J. Jackson, K. Fields, D. Murray, O. Faras, R. Hernandez, E. Lucea, W. Fields, Coach Kobza, S. Gallegos, and Mr. Newton. ' 35 , l 36 Standing: J. Mosley, M. Cohill, T. Hughley, R. Lloyd, D. Johnson, H. Green, H. Forsberg, Coach."Kneeling: J. Jackson, ass't manager, M. Story, M. Guthrie, C. Ross, W. White, C. Wilson, L. Patterson, manager. The 1967-68 Edison Blazer basketball team proved to be the deciding factor in the three way tie in the Calumet Conference. With Lowell leading the rest of the conference and Edison by a game, the only hopes of any team was for Edison to defeat Lowell, which they did by one point. Edison still playing un- constant ball, lost the last C.C. game to Lake Central putting Edison behind the leaders in fourth place. Harold Green led the offense in most games. with a little bit of luck Basketball VARSITY BASKETBALL OPP Horace Mann 61 Tolleston 82 iiflhesterton 58 "'Griffith 74 Merrillville 51 Andrean 67 'iCrown Point 97 Emerson 65 "E, G. Edison 53 iiwirt 62 ailnortage 78 l'Highland 85 'iCalumet 61 'eLowell 72 aiLake Central 78 Hammond Morton 59 Holiday Tournament Wirt 67 Sectionals Tolleston 72 i"Calumet Conference Games Excellent ball handling proved to be the winning margin in most games. HAROLD GREEN 4'Highest Scorer" DARIS JOHNSON ROYZELL LLOYD "Most Valuable" MIKE COHILL CLEE ROSS One point can often mean the difference between victory defeat. Baskefball ls A Game of individuals . . . for the spectator . . . played by people T. HUGHLEY "Most Improved" lleelingf F- Bnwf, L- Villefeal, W- White, G- HaWkinS, S- Pa- Kneeling: L. Pennington, E. Bradford, I. Jackson, W. Kankow- Hn, R- Hernandez- Swndingf Coach Wynn, T- Hawkins, T- LCW' ski, R. Clemons, D. Murrays. Standing: Coach Wynn, M. Ewing, ndowski, C- Guthrie, U- Thomas, B- Gibsnfn, R- Watson, G- B. lVlcCrayen, R., Heredia, J. Fordam, E. Lecea, A. Rolland, and uillen, and Coach Schipper. Coach Schipper, Kneeling: A. DeLaRosa, M. Ewing, AG. Jones, R. Green, E. Burks. Standing: G. Mejia, T. Lewandowski, C. Guthrie, U. Thomas, I. Walton, V. Newbern, Coach Gordon Schipper. The Reserve team now with a year of experience has proven to be a team of surprises. They will benefit in the future from the many costly errors made in the past. We can hopefully say they will he a team of improvements. Reserve Basketball Leadership guides the team. 40 Cross Country Left to Right: J. Abrego, W. Irizarry, P. Fernandez, J. Pimentel, M. Guiterrez, Coach Howard Forsberg Merriville Calumet Lowell Wirt Highland Chesterton CROSS COUNTRY 29 Portage 42 Edison 17 Lake Central 31 Edison 24 Crown Point 22 Edison 39 E. Gary 54 Griffith 28 Edison 50 Edison 26 Conference 10th C12 Teamsj Hobart Invitational 26th Q30 Teamsj Sectional 16th Q20 Teamsj Cross Country demands physical durability to be capable of running at a steady speed for two miles. To be able to do this is a feat in itself, so the recognition these boys have earned shall not be denied. as X M bi. . X52 Sjfwx.. T Xa C43 17 1-3 M m. E E 'ly Q W... Ist row: D. Bowens, H. Durant, J. Allen, C. Damper, R. Hernendez, J. Fordham, P. Roberson, D. Mathews, K. Brough ton, J: Reed, L. Wesley. Middle row: H. Brown, G. Jones, K. Fields, W. White, J. Spann, J. Jackson, R. Grey, O. Farag lg. grtgegg E-licks. T op row: H. Johnson, D. Bradford, C. Guthrie, R. Williams, U. Thomas, G. Jamison, J. Meeks M ut r1e, . aazar. The Blazer started their 1967-68 season with great enthusiasm but finished another season depressed losing all but one of their FOOTBALL games--salvaging the single game from OPP- EHS- East Gary Edison 46-6. Frobel 21 6 East Gary 6 13 Chesterton 21 46 Lake Central 27 6 vars i Calumet 21 19 Portage 21 12 Wirt 32 0 GRIF F ITH 410 0 River Forest 19 6 Q Q 3 Lowell 40 7 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL RESERVE FOOTBALL oPP. EHS. . OPP- EHS- Frohel 2 0 F robel 14 0 Hobart 14. 0 East Gary 6 26 East Gary 0 7 Chesterton 26 6 Chesterton 18 6 Merillville 14 6 Calumet 0 6 Calumet 6 6 Portage 18 39 42 'Q To the Victor goes the gBELL' Y 5 Standing: Coach Bras, Mr. R. O. Greer, Mr. Bohn, Dr. Swigley, Mr. Chance, and Mr. Nabhan. Kneeling: Mike Guthrie, and Harold Langhehng Team Captains. . . . Antlclpatlng VICIOTY . Coach Bras Dictating or ders to the Team eceiving Defeat . . . G f ff ' M Track ., Ji W V Alf, K? ini . 1 L G Kneeling: D. Lewis, L. Spears, M. Brown, L. Jiles, H. Grant, A. Batista, M. Gutierrez, J. Abrego, P. Feman dez, P. Roberson. Standing: Coach Bras, M. Pennington, C. Damper, R. Grey, R. VVilliams, G. .l 01165, M- Rosa, S. Spann, W. Fields, A. Badillio, T. Elliot, K. Field, D- Mathews, J- Reed- G Student Council This year Edison's Student Council spon- sored a variety of activities. Among these Were candy sales, Homecoming dress-up days, as Well as other school projects. I Under the sponsorhip of Mr. Gordon Schip- per the money which was raised was used to award scholarships. N. Hmjak, Pres., S. Ford, Vice-Pres., C. Brown, Sec., Tres., B. Kennedy, Parlia., Mr. G. Schipper, Sponsor. Student Council Representatives are-Top row: Carlton Guthrie, Thomas Hawkins, Al Grant, Mike Guthrie. Row two: Frank Boilek, Stanley Pearson, Marcia Turner, Joe Alaniz. Row three: Phyllis Echols, Valerie Meadows, Linda Mack, Alice Fiedler. Row four: Sandy Hicks, Linda Adams, Roxie Clarke, Rosa Chacon, Anita Gonzalez, Soledad Godinez. Front row: Mr. Schip- per, Corrine Brown, Nancy Hrnjak, Willa Young, Sarah Ford, Ramona Lawbaugh, Brenda Kennedy. X' ,J -I W. Young, This year's officers of the Edison chapter consist of: Rod- ney Means fTreasurerD, Darrell Williams fVice-Presidentl, and Beverly Edwards fPresidentJ. National Honor Society Now being inducted for th zalez and Leslie Randall. at gielai ,ly U s .J-4 A 5' eir academic excellence are: Anita Gon- We have high hopes for the members of our National Honor Society. Our congrat- ulations and best wishes to each of them for continuous honorary achievements. The members of the National Honor Society are: fsittingj Beverly Ed- wards, Darrell Williams fstandingl Soledad Godinez, Linda Mack, Rodney Means, Anita Gonzalez, and Michael Guthrie. Not pictured are: Pam Rush and Leslie Randall. First row: L. Mack, L. Perez, V. Vega, M. Alatorre, G. Vega, F. Boilek, C. Pearson, K. Fields. Second row: M. L. Baturoni, M Matamoros, Y. Mayans, H. Serratto, R. Billips, M. Munoz, T. Sala- zar, N. Matamoros, A. Fiedler, J. Gomez, G. Jones. Third row: M. Whittier, S. Pawlicki, V. Boilek, G. Thomas, D. Newlin, D. Rorex M. Dominguez, B. Gibson, A. Escohedo, S. Ford, H. Coello, D Gauldin. Fourth row: C. Malinawski, T. Nodd, H. Munoz, P. 1 Bridgeman, Y. Tienda, A. Lezema, S. Olenik, D. Watson, A. Mayans A. Rodriquez, C. Garcia, E. Ducret, C. Evion, C. Chandler, W. Shu mate. Fifth row: M. Bosse, R. Green, T. Wiggins, G. Heredia, D Grey, B. Simmons, J. Brehmer, J. Lopez, R. Wettengel, R. Hernan dez, C. Lecea, D. Jovannovich, U. Thomas, W. Presley. Standing. Miss E. Schecldell, Mr. P. Chilson. Concert Orchesfra Orchestra officers are' Alice Fiedler Pres ' Grace Ve a Vice-Pres., Sharon Pawlicki, Secretaryg - v - v E Linda Mack, property manager. , Orchestra section heads are: First row: Linda Mack, Mary Alatorre, Grace Vega, Alice Fiedler, Sara Ford. Second row: Russ Wettengel, Brenda Simmons, Dra- gi Jovannovich, Mike Bosse, Kenny Fields, Willie Presley. s 1 s E - Q 3 5 1 Concert Q S Band Band officers are: Russ Wettengel, Vice-pres., Maria Dominguez, Sec'y9 Sarah Ford, Drum Major, and Draji Jovannovich, President. At left, flag squad members are: Grayling Jones, Headg Jim Lopez, Frank Boilek, Dwight Gauldin, John Brehmer, Edwin Coel- lo, Carr Pearson, and Russ Wettengel. ffifll Fi'-95 TUW5 S- F01'd- A- Escobedo, M- Dominguez- B- Gibson, J- J. Brehmer, R. Wettengel, J. Lopez, C. Guthrie, R. Middlebrooks, VCSPO- L- Stokes- D- Brown- M' Samuels- N- Matamorosv T' Salazar- J. Dominguez, R. Wilding, C. Hastings, G. Garcia, D. Gonzales, P. Second row: S. Samuels, F. Sommers, R. Pepoff, J. Mitchell, S. Lara, R, Hernandez, C. Lecea, D. Jovannovich. Fourth row: M. Bledsoe, R- Hernandez, R- YHHCZ- L- COITICY, W- C3-UO, J- -lHCkS0H- G- Santillan, H. Grant, D. Haddix, D. Lewis, Miss E. Scheddell, F. Heredia, D. Grey, B. Simmons, P. Scott, E. Lockett. Third row: J. Boilek, D, Gauldin, G. Jones, E. Coello, C. Pearson, Mr. P. Chilson. Meadows, A. Alatorre, P. Novotny, D. Gamez, M. Nash, M. Pennington, The newly founded Key Club was organized on an idea by senior students with the help of Mr. Arredondo, striving to ,achieve their goals of instilling school pride and encouraging class spirit. Eligibility in the club requires senior class mem- bership. Sffrihifs. W Officers: Stanley Pearson, Student Council Representative, Clee Ross, Social Chair- man, Britt Rodgers, Parliamentarian, Albert Grant, Treasurer, Michael Cohill, Secretary, and seated Michael Guthrie, President. Members: K. Bratton, C. Hurd, D Coleman, Mr. Arredode, Sponsor, J. Wiggins, C. McClain, C. Ross, P. Ro berson, C. Stevens, E. Cohill, L. Spears, J. Allen, W. Presley, M. Guthrie, R Williams, D. Bowens, M. Cohill, H Green, J. Wiggins, G. Jamison, C. Dam- per, A. Grant, T. Hughley, M. Betts, H. Johnson, K. Cundiff, A. Dunn, R. Lloyd, B. Sterling, B. Rodgers, D. 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The Top Twenty is a new organization at Edison this year. .These girls, under the joint sponsorship of Mrs. Colman and Mr. Arredondo have performed at the home basketball games and at pep sessions. , ,..... .,,.. 3,f,,.,1,, fa., .f,,.,,,,.v,.,,,, p Y-Teens The Y-Teens is an organi- zation under the sponsorship of Miss Bell that strives for excellence in performance of duty. 1 yljgqgr s1g,f,it'frgilfL?Qa?g?3i2,a,,a, Qigfis-g5,,.s,,,Y1m,3.azfl1,,qH ..1,,.ag,3.,a,,3El,.ci3:g5., agfwgfz - -sa, ,fi , ,iai,Sg.f.,e"'fg5,a2sgQ ,, Etta, - fa . as asf- we-if QQ ,a -aka, .fa 3 ,-,,,.,,,,,',,,, M, . , pn?-a-,ga -me ,X aa ,fa Wea-,fs it ,.gg,g2fvt 5 -32 ,gr 1 , gif, fi , r, 7 . if . -L ff .awe , ,wi .aim 319525.-4 f,,,aQs-1-ills r, r -'ma ,-L ,- -,wfsr:e? 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M, 1 P'ff3rz,3, t?rf?"i ti' , sf? zf, ,,,gggff,,i,S ,,s,,,,affae3,a,ax,,,ava,.3.fe,,,,,Qe,a,5'3f,fg,,5, , .,,v,.z,,-we ,ff.r,,,,5 ,.'f as r.., 3, ws,5,r,.,,,r,a,5.,Q,a,,i,Q,s,5, .g,f,,Q,fe, ts, sw, se, gg,5,'Yfffus,Q5' ,Emir Q, ..,.i,.. .f,s....s,,i, ,. .sw ,-, uf- ,f-f'fv,,,:w, Me:f?l4r1af?fsQ-,HWw,E"?,fffzs-,Gras es,-, Q, .. . .iw Q,--,gf,a,.w,.,., amz ,,, Q, Q fe, as ,Q ,g fm. iw, w,,5,e 'swf M ,.,, Q,.-,,.e,- 'sf ,,,g,m,,,: .-,r,,-,,,? 2 a .M a,a..,.,,,, .,..,, ,,,,-, ,.., 3 H Q 2 ., V, sp, .--a,e,.5ff 4.,,1,'s?w,,.S, 1 is W,--,s'f,',, P Q 1. .,,--,.., --,.., 53M,Qre,,gy-,,3i4.S'fas,,,,g3rf,Q,fffff,a,4:,g,.f,3f,3?,s,,Ziff, 75-'ravi i7,N'sv,",ffl?5V',A-fi.Juv, ,iWsi'fYrP,,5E,'-'I-ui, Mr--fsfi?-fs,afiwaiis,a,,wr-,e,ffffe,,,,..w,,x,'?-ma 5,rs1:ae,gf3,,s,-1'fffas,s,ffe,g,,r,,3,.,,,,-a,,,,,-gg,,s,':wwe, ,f,,g':s,,,-w,, f- -,,-s.'x,,fw,,s,g, f,-- ra, af, ,, 5'c,f5T,i'1f,5Ts s,fS71fw,,,,,,sffJ, 1. ,W w,i,,-f ew,-YW -- Sri:'155115,'f?I1Pr55'31lS5E,"tfast,-3,3-Jc::5'i?w,5g, W f' r P ' 5 Q fssz,-:4.ffs,-:W,-:f4:,e,,1, fe, 1-sez, w2,,,..K,,, ,, ff, 6 W, Q., sv' -wr--.fw,,,g. ei- 1 er- :ff,,s,,frfs,,,,-- S, f??sf,a,fi'sfw, f?lfNa,,-fwfr 1 . as - -1 ff.,,s,,g fe, ,.,.,,,,,,.,,,.,.,,,.,,.,, ,,.. .,,,,., . . .. . ..., , Q, ,, feersfsggwim,5zPe,,-wzsfa,-1w,a,fw ,?,,,,,.fe -, ,sa ,, .ses N, .ff ,,- f,, :few-,.?':y,s aa ..-,s,.,.. M,,r,e,, ,.,,, ..,,,,., - ,r,, 5,1 ,a,,,,,s'-, se .3 W 1 t -,f2,Zz,z-Te,-.Y,.,, Q- 2 w ,. ,, 2 5 ,,.. a.. ,,,.. .,,,r !Yas:i?3m,:r:i',s.:: 'f?fe,s,.x'ff,e,, 'Img 'f '15, ..,w,,,..,f,, ,W . ,a,,,.,,,,,.,5,.,,,,,.. ,,,,, 54 l . M, .Wa av re., .ei M is WM- ks, Members: Row 1, L. to R.: Diane Jackson, Corliss Colden, JoAnn Davis, Beverly Edwards, Joyce Erving, Sandra Hicks, Vivian Hawthorne. Row 2: Debra Jackson, Joyce Fentress, Sandra Kimbell, Debra Griffin, Sarah Ford, Laretta Polk. Row 3: Vivian Polk, Roxie Clark, Renee Billups, Sheila Myrick, Pamela Gibson, Diane Polk, Sharon John- son, and Phyllis Echols. Standing F.B.L.A. officers are: Ninfa Matamoros, Sec., Joyce Murley, Stud. Coun. Rep., Mrs. H. Davis Sponsor. Sitting are: Celia Pimentel, Treas., Anita Gonzales, Pres., Rosa Chacon, Reporter. FBLA To be a member of F.B.L.A. a per- son must have completed one year in a business course and at the present time should be enrolled in one. Future Business Leaders of Ameri- ca Worked on several projects this year. Two of these were the selling of candy and cookies. The money raised in these activities would be used to take a trip that would be fun and educational at the same time. A s F.B.L.A. members are: Bottom row: Mrs. H. Davis, Sponsor, N. Jones, A. Gonzales, N. Matamoros, C. Pimentel. Row two: R. Chacon, F. Maldonado, L. Adams, M. Nelson. Row three: O. KennedY, J. Murley, O. Zapata, M. Martinez. Row four: A. Escobedo, M. Badillo, M. Montemayor, E. Vasquez. Cheerleaders Griffin, Linda Adams, and LaVita Wh Marion Black and Brenda Kennedy. iii! X Corine Brown and Mattie Whittler Debra Griffin, Linda Adams, Marion Black, LaVita Whitley, Mattie Whittier, Brenda Kennedy. L. to R.: Jackie Jones, Sandra Kimbo, Valorie Meadows, Brenda Simmons, Gladys Thomas, Freda Cox. L. to R.: Linda Adams, Brenda Kennedy, Corine Brown, Debra Griffin, Mattie Whittler, LaVita Whitley, Marion Black. 57 Pep Club L Row 1: Freda Cox, Sandra Kimbo, Valorie Meadows, Brenda Simmons, Gladys Thomas, Jackie Jones, Mattie Whittler, Marion Black, Brenda Kennedy, Deborah Griffin, LaVita Whitley, Linda Adams, Corine Brown. Row 2: Karen Laitar, Susie Peterson, Kathleen Cooley, Lovye Adams, Phyllis Johnson, Sharon Whittaker, Ola Kennedy, Bernice Lloyd, Loretta Stokes, Debra Rembert, Pamela Gibson, Joyce Fentress, Renee Billups, Diane Jackson. Row 3: Rose Young, Annette Bland, Erma Stephens, Arlene Leland, Denice Nicks, Linda Whittler, Clee Ross, Mary Smith, David Sam- uels, Judy Miller, LaTonya Whitley. Row 4: Patricia Bolden, Maria Pimentel, Lasandra Lucio, Veronica Vela, Susan Avina, Connie Jones, Mona Steele, Ora Fleming, Tonya Williams, Osceanna Shoemaker, Donna Hoggs, La- Vera Satterwhite, Milla Nelson, Denice Shaffer. Brenda Kennedy Linda Adams, Marion Black, Ola Kennedy, Brenda Lmda Kennedy, LaVita Whitley. C Adams orine Brown 58 Math Club Left to right: Leonar Godinez, Mary Gonzalez, Evelyn Ferrell and Sharon Whittaker try their hand at figuring out this prob- lem. Hari 'C Left to right: Patricia Bolden, Mary Hernandez, Sarah Ford, Dale Hadix, Sandra Hicks work out a math problem. '-w...l E SRA Club Officers: Solidad Codinez, Vice Presi dent, Anita Gonzalez, President, Connie Mac Yeary, Sponsor, discuss the Computer Dance. ias, Student Council Representative, and Mr. 1 "N Mr. Schipper, sponsor, shows a speci- men to the Science Club Officers Sole- dad Godinez, President, Eileen Czpala, Treasurer, Howard McNair, Secretary, Andrew De La Rosa, Vice President. Science Club under ub the sponsorship of Mr. Schipper fosters scienti- fic interest in the ever-in- creasing field of Scienti- fic Development. From these young sci- entists it is hoped that fu- ture Nobel Prize Winners will emerge. 60 SCIENCE CLUB-First row: Victoria Vela, Georgene Cichoeki, Nancy Jaksieh, Robert Clemons, Czpala, Theresa Salazar, Barbara Ray, Donna Butrym. Second row: Gregory Mejia, Andrew De La Alphonso Lerma, Thomas Hawkins, Mr. C. Schipper, Sponsor, Howard McNair, Donald Bradford. Caduceus le Powell fsecretarw and Marla Rodrlquez fTreaSu,.e1.5 Shirley Thomas lights her candle during the Induction ceremon while Maria Rodriquez calls Roll for new and old members. The members are: First row-Mrs. Carmen Samuels, Sara Sote- lo, Karen Rockett, Regina Pennington, Venoica Farrell, Maria Rodriquez. Second row-Lynette Davis, Marcia Turner, Shirley Thomas, Frances Maldonado, Alice Dominquez, Gloria Navarro, Rosa Rodriquez. Third row-Barbara Roche, Rose Czapla, Mary Matamoros, Esmeralda Martinez, Evelyn Farrell, Connie Powell, Pat Bridgeman. bl Spanish Club Front row: E. Guillen, M. Hrnjak, G. Diaz, Hernandez. Back row: Miss McGinnis, A. Castro, J. Alanlz. A wh. . WK, 4' . Front row: B. Munoz, T. Betts, R. Hernandez, N. Hrnjak. Back Row: W. Fields, L. Salinas, R. Gonzales, I. Guzman, J. Spann, A. Villarruel, J. Abrego. 62 Torch M., ..W....w.. - . , ,,, ,,, u ,, z . 2 s l E m ,u K is car , p 1 QL: at ZW A , r 2,. P y , , .... Q A mill?-D ' - 2 11 4 5" fm., A ... ,M s:"'1:E km, ,I ,Q Major editors of Edison's newspaper rereading back issues of the Torch are sitting: Solidad Godinez, Doris Mullins, Nancy Hrnjak, Jo Ann Wilson. Standing: Harold Green and Michael Cohill. To increase the sales our Torch Staff, aided by reporters, worked exceptionally hard this year. As Editor-in-Chief and first page editor, Solidad Godinez assisted the other members. Co-operating with the Edi- tor were second page editor, Doris Mullins and, third page editor Nancy Hrnjak. Keeping tabs on Edison's sports events was Harold Green, -fourth page editor. Add- ing an artistic touch throughout the Torch was Mike Cohill, staff artist. As exchange editor, Jo Ann Wilson performed her duties with the utmost enthusiasm. A newspaper cannot he complete without reporters. Writ- ing copy, debating issues and interviewing faculty, administration, and students were: Brenda Kennedy, Tinnie Betts, Lavera Sat- terwhite, Clee Ross, and Melvin Betts. Miss Martha Mallard, sponsored and guided the students who revealed an interest in the exciting field of journalism. A l X x l er .. . , Staff Reporters from journalism I discussing news at E.H.S. are sitting: gfentip Kennedy, Tinnie Betts, Lavera Satterwhite, Melvin Betts, and standing ee oss. 63 Sandra Hicks, and Marcia Turner. 64 Winnin, The tem t Established to aid students understand our pre- sent worldwide problems, the World Affairs Fo- rum holds a special position at Edison. The or- ganization consists of six students, three juniors and three seniors. They are elected by the head of the Social Studies Department and the Guidance Counselors. Every third Monday Edison's Chapter meets with other Cary schools at Horace Mann to express their views and solutions to our world problems. This year Edison's topic was "Narcotics Is It A World Problem?" The organization also has many money making projects. e World Affairs Forum The officers often meet to choose a topic for open discussion. Marcia Tur- ner CPresidentJ points out a possible city in Viet Nam for open discussion as Anita Gonzalez fSec. and Treas.J, Pete Martinez CV.-Presidentl and Miss Marsh fSponsorJ cast their opinions. - .. .y One of the projects of the year was selling cards. Soledad Godinez distributes cards to Sandra Hicks and Monroe Parrott. The members of the World Affairs Club for 1967-1968 are Pete Martinez, Monroe Parrott, Anita Gonzalez. Soledad Godinez, Miss AQ Marsh, Pa n row: Mrs. Campbell, Debra Denney, Estella Martinez, Celia Pimentel, Alpha Garza, Lezama, JoAnne Robinson, Sandra Hicks, Sarah Ford, Marcia Turner, Soledad Godi- Seconcl row: Alice Wargo, Pat Lockhart, Ramona Lawbaugh, Barbara Charleston, Echols, Debra Jackson, Toni Simmons, Loretta Stokes, Elaine Schell, Barbara Roche. row: Roxy Clark, Sharon Whittaker, Sylvia Morris, Milla Nelson, Mary Lou Bateroni, Johnson, Pat Bolden, Frances Maldonado, Connie Powell. Fourth row: Greyling t 1 I 7 I 7 Q I 9 Scott Lavera Satterwhite Willa Young Celest Moore Shirley Thomas Cathy Davis, Evelyn Farell, Kenneth Field. Fifth row: Robert Pepoff, Regina Penning- Mullins, Connie Macias, Marion Rosa, Maria Martinez, Luz Reillo, Ruth Marlo, Kula. Future Teachers of America Donna Kula, Secretaryg Marcia Turner, Vice President, Miss Campbell. Top Row: Phyllis Echols, Student Council, Evelyn Farell, Treasurer: Soledad Godinez, President. Teachers At Brunswick School: Miss Campbell, --sponsor, Estella Martinez, Pat Scott, Barbara Roche, Pat Bolden. Second row: Lynette Davis, Alice Wargo, Marcia Turner, Frances Maldonado. G.A.A. OFFICERS FOR 1967-68 are standing L to R.: Willa Young, treasurer, Sarah Ford, Vice-President, Elizabeth Clain, secretary, and Ola Kennedy, President. S iff., iw 5 .nr..L G.A.A. Members from L. to R., Row 1: LaVita Whitley, Pamela Sims, Ida Hindman, Wanda Kendred, Denice Watson, Celest Moore, Pamela Smith, Kennedy, Sarah Ford, Sandra Hicks, Cassandra Cox, Ola Kennedy, and Willa Young. Row 2: Mrs. F. Hill, Sponsor, Henrietta McClain, Sharon Helena Anderson, Sylvia Morris, Lavera Satterwhite, Lynett Dent, Bernice Lloyd, Glenda Bailey, Paulette Rogers, Elizabeth McClain, Laura Salinas gina Pennington. Row 3: Kenetha Hardin, Marie Samuels, Rhonda Middlebrooks, Carolyn Malone, Theresa McClain, Clara Smith, Mary Smith Shoemaker, Pat Lockhart, Ledora Roche, Barbara Mannie, Teresa Connors, Marjorie Young. Row 4: Eunice Shell, Marcia Turner, Diane Ford, Jiles, Brenda Dowdell, Joetta Walker, Edwena Tibbs, Judy Miller, Donna Hoggs, Renee Billups, Christine Chapman, Annie Hill, Patricia 5: Barbara Walton, Phyllis Robinson, Alberta Simpson, Linda Spann, Prelonia Givens, Diane Lampkin, Milla Nelson, Denice Shaffer, Patricia Sharon Whittaker, Kathy Ross, and Loretta Stokes. 66 Fufure Homemakers of America Bottom row: Celeste Bates, Corine Brown, Joyce Ewing, Barbara Charleston. Standing: Connie Powell, Barbara Roche, Mrs. Greene, Dorothy Baljak, Geri Johnson, Elaine Spears, Marcia Turner, LaVonne Kennedy. E 1 5 ' 1 5 2 -le. ,g, ,,1f-.M f to A at 5 at - su. ' Q fiikif Q. I ll I Q -Mu " Q ' 7 ' , 4: , I I Sittin: Norma Brown Corine Brown Jackie Harvey. Standing: S , 1 Dorothy Baljak, Mrs. Greene, Sarah Jones, Joyce Erving. Sitting: LaVonne Kennedy, Jackie Harvey, Joyce Ewing, Elai Spears, Connie Powell. Standing: Dorothy Bal3ak, Mrs. Greer Sara Jones, Norma Brown. Celeste Bates, Geri Johnson, Barbara Charleston, Marcia Turner, Norma Brown, Barbara Roche, and Corine Brown. 67 Varsity Choir Boys' Choir Girls' Choir V l First row, L to R.: Mrs. Kee, K. Bratton, C. Hurd, T. Chism, T Glass, T. Jiminez, R. Mackey, G. Pickett. Second row: V. Newbern M. Betts, B. Hannon, G. Jamison, L. Spears, R. Wiggins, D. Bowens Third row: J. Mosley, J. Wiggins, W. Clayton, D. Johnson, H Johnson, T. Hugley, N. Morris. First row, L. to R.: Mrs. Kee, D. Brandon, D. Griffin, T. Simmons, L. Whitley, P. Givens, M. Navorro, L. Roche, B. Roche, D. Walters, R. Rodrequez, C. Brown, C. Pimental, B. Fleming, M. Costello, N. Brown. Second row: E. Buckman, B. Lloyd, B. Overton, C. Chapman, C. Bates, C. Brumfield, V. Seay, G. Scott, C. Ray, A. Lampkin, C. Adams, C. Holman, C. Powell, L. Adams, L. Spann, G. Bailey, D. Lewis. Third row: P. Robinson, B. Tillery, E. Martinez, M. Heintz, N. McCowan, D, Shaffer, J. Gibson, T. Connor, P. Johnson, D. McCaine, G. Jones, M. Black, M. Kendall. 68 At right, Marilyn Hrnjak shows Josephine Vespo the proper use of stage make-up as she applies shadows and highlights. "1" 43 'Wi' Thespians Mr. Lawrence Jacquith, beginning his teaching career at E.H.S., sponsors Thespians. The club is known for its past productions and its sponsoring of the talent show. This year, Thespians at- tempted to introduce more students to the theater and develop acting and stage man- aging talents. N At left, Mary Lou Baturoni, president and Marcia Q, Turner, secretary pause to reflect as new ideas were 4 ' li introduced at the meeting. f www' -A- ,Ma " At left, Alan Casillas, Diane Johnson, Sarah Ford, and Nancy Hmjak read through parts on a new script. Below, Alan Casillas, Stanley Pearson, Sandra Hicks enjoy acting out characters as they use props. gr-Q' ...- CVE First row: R. Vargas, 1. Murray, J. Rodriguez. Second row: G. Jamison, W. Presley, F. Riojas. Third row: H Brown, Mr. Whitman, and R. Castillo. The C.V.E. fCo-operative Vocational Educationj is a club which of- fers on-the-joh-training for its members. Students in this class work part of the day on jobs procured by Mr. Whitman. Adams, Linda Allen, Jerome Alsup, Janice Badillo, Maria Baltak, Dorothy Barnes, Barbara Bate, Crist Ella Baturoni, Mary Betts, Melvin Black, Marion Blythe, Wilma Boilek, Beverly Brant, James Bratton, Kenneth Brown, Corrine Brown, Howard Brown, Norma Buckman, Elenora Butrym, Jean Chacon, Rosa Cohill, Eugene Cohill, Michael Coleman, Dan Cundiff, Kenneth Czapala, Eileen Damper, Carl Davis, Nena Dominguez, Alice Dominguez, Gloria Dominguez, Maria. Dunn, Anthony Echols, Phyllis Edwards, Beverly Espinosa, Aurea Evans, Edward Ewing, Geraldine Fielder, Alice Flores, Leonor Garcia, Magdelene Garza, Leslie Gentry, Belinda Geokas, Mike Ghant, Robert Gibson, Bobby Godinez, Soledad Gonzalez, Anita Grant, Albert Gronek, Joseph Gronek, Gwendy Guillen, George Gunn, James Guthrie, Michael Harvey, Jackie Hawthorne, Vivian Heims, Floyd Hernandez, Mary Ann Hesek, Grace D. Horton, Brenda Hymes, Benny Hughley, Thomas ...xg xj '- Hurd, Cornell Jamison, Govenor J iles, Larry Jiminez, Anthony Jimenez, Micheal Johnson, Daris Johnson, Harvey Johnson, Geralclin Jones, Norma J ovanovich, Dragi Kendall, Debra Kennedy, Ola Kula, Donna Lange, Richard Lawbaugh, Juanit Lezama, Sulvia Lloyd, Royzell Lopez, Marco Lopez, Ray Macias, Connie C Ei Mack, Linda Makarowski, Ken Maldonado, Frances Malinowski, Connie Matamoros, Joe Matamoros, Maria Matthews, Brenda Mayans, Yolanda McClain, Charles McVea, Ann Mosley, Johnnie Mullins, Doris Murray, Irist Navarro, Gloria Navarro, Martha Ortiz, Thomas Pagan, Santos Parr, Marie Patterson, Leland Pawlicki, Sharon Y' . x l ,579 9, 21, A R qg!egxg,1g Pearson, Stanley Perez, Blanca Perez, Joe Perez, Maria Perez, Robert Peter, J oe Petrovic, Millie Pierson, Bruce Pimentel, Cecilia Polk, Vivian Powell, Connie Presley, Willy Pryle, Audrey Randall, Leslie Reel, Thomas Rembert, Debra Riojas, Frank Roberson, Philip Roche, Barbara Rodriguez, John Rodriguez, Maria Rodriquez, Rosa Rogers, Britt Rogers, Billy Rosa, Miriam Ross, Clee Rush, Pam Salazar, Bertha Schneider, Jimmie I Sotela, Sarah Spears, Elaine Spears, Lionel Stephens, Calip Thomas, Shirley Tienda, Yolanda Tillery, Bonita Turner, Marcia PlCfUf9 Vargas, Josephine 0 Vargas, Rigo Available Vasquez, Esperanza Zimmer, Gary Williams, Ronald Key, Matthew Vega, Grace Villarruel, Eva Wallace, Linda Wettengel, Russel Whittler, Mattie Wiggins, Jerry Wiggins, Joseph Wiggins, Ralph Williams, Darrell Wilson, Jo Ann Young, Dewayne Zaiko, Tim Senior Class Officers 'iM""f9P f':s2Qi1:r1fu -. , ...,.,,' Senior class officers for 1968 are standing: Soledad Godinez, Student Council Representative, Mrs. A. Barnes, Sponsor. gnthony Dunn, Vice-President, and Anita Gonzales, Treasurer. Seated are Bonita Tillery, Secretary and Linda Mack, Presi 61111. 79 80 When it comes to making decisions for the Junior Class, the class officers can always be relied upon to do an exceptional job. The officers are: fSittingj left-right: Nancy Hrnjak fSecretaryl, Sandy Hicks CPresidentJ, Willa Young fStudent Council Representativej. fStandingj left-right: T. lVl. Bradley Sponsorl, Anna Ray fVice-Presidentl, Sarah Ford fTreasurerl. Aaron, Duane Abrego, Jay 1 , Adame, Santana V' Adams, Lovye fi' l Alaniz, Joe ff l Alatorre, Alicia J in 5 gs iw -N? 2 rl 'S FX ei . 1 ' 1 4 'bf Wins Ks fi? f 'mf 2 ,, 3, Phgiqa ' , We-"' 4 , . .JP . 1' . . .. brig, ff' l.,.. N., -u as. S4 Y 1 -Q.. or 1 if GUY at .. K . . r Q, 5 Ness.. . I s ss Q as W. .Nk x' r A 5 . Q9 . 'QI' ia Austin, Gerald Bailey, Edward Bailey, Lynette Balboa, Gilbert Balboa, Maria Baljak, Dorothy Barham, Preston Barnes, Betty Betts, Tinnie Bledsoe, Spencer Bones, Moses Bosse, Michael Boyd, Oscar Bradford, Don Brehmer, John Broughton, Kenneth Brown, Gregory Brown, Michael Bryant, Cecil Buckman, Rosalie Butrym, Richard Cano, Angelita Caruthers, Robert Cantrell, Daniel Chankdler, Roosevelt Charleston, Barbara Chavez, James Chisom, Theodore Clarke, Roxie Cohill, Frank Cordova, Awilda Cortez, Maria Cassandra, Cox Crawford, Shirley Cuevas, Carlos W, Cuevas, Hortencia Davis, Lynette tiv B ,ytv Q i il, A A P C alll 7 Denney, Debra Diaz, Grace Dominguez, Eloy Dowdell, Clifford Eaton, William Escobedo, Alice Escobedo, Jose Evans, Jackie F arag, Omar Fentress, Joyce Fernandez, Pete Ferell, Evelyn Fields, Kenneth Floyd, Debra Ford, Sarah Fordham, John Foster, Enoch Garza, Alpha Gentry, Belinda Gibson, Pamela Glass, Tommy Golden, Corliss Gomez, Martin Gonzalez, Gloria Gooch, Willie Govea, Maria Grey, Richard Griffin, Deborah Guerra, John Guerra, Rosalinda Guillen, Elizabeth Guzman, Sue Haddix, Dale Hastings, Ruth Hawkins, Gregory Hawkins, Thomas Hernandez, Anita Hernandez, Efrain Hicks, Sandra Holcomb, Lawrenc Holmes, Shirley Howard, Estella Hrnj ak, Nancy C "" MJ 'Q' Hughes, Moses Hunter, De Velmon Jackson, Debra Jackson, Glenn Jackson, Jimmie Jackson, John Jackson, Sherryl J acquez, Paul James, Maeola James, Raymond Johnson, Albert Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Sharon Jones, Geraldine Jordan, Mary Kennedy, Brenda Kennedy, La Von Key, Johnnie Konefall, John Laitar, Beverly Lawbaugh, Romona Lecea, Carlos Lerma, Alfonso Lockhart, Patricia Lopez, Gonzalo Mac Key, Raymond Malave, Ruth Martinez, Esmerelda Martinez, Estella Martinez, Maria 1 Martinez, Pete Martir, Elsa Martir, Frank Matamoros, Ninfa Mathews, Duane Mc Clain, Elizabeth Mejia, Larry Metcalf, Veronica Michalski, Sandra Montemayor, Margaret 83 Moore, Celeste Moreno, Leo Morris, Sylvia Mullins, Albtean Munoz, Magdelina Murley, Joyce Nelson, Milla Nodd, Mathilda Origel, Robert Parrot, Monroe Pennington, Regina Pepoff, Robert Peyton, Benjamin Perez, Linda Perez, Roman Pickett, General Pimentel, John Poats, Greyling Polk, Lauretta Ray, Anna Reed, Jimmy Reillo, Luz Robinson, Gregory Robinson, Joanne Rockett, Karen Rodriguez, lose Salazar, Paul Salinas, Laura Salinas, Olga Samuels, David Sanchez, Sandra San Miguel, Homero Satterwhite, Lavera Scott, Gertrude Scott, Patricia Serratto, Henrietta Sewell, Larry Shelton, Mamie Shumate, Wilma Simmons, Toni ' 2 f' a if 'Q K, Q 'l Y Fx- X 'ill -13' its E Simpson, Claude Sims, Ralph Slone, Billy Smith, Glenda Smith, Mary Soltys, Ellen Spann, John Spencer, David Spencer, Elizabeth Story, Michael Strickland, Larry Terrett, Sherwin Toledo, Amelia Topp, Phyliss Trevino, Robert Tucker, Betty Vega, Maria Vega, Virginia Villanueva, Mario Waldrop, Paul Walton, Alma Wargo, Alice Washington, Deborah Wells, Horace Wesley, Brannon Wesley, Leedynn White, Willie Wildermuth, Marsha Wiggins, Terry Williams, Julie Wilson, Charles Wilson, Loretta Winfield, Clarice Woolsey, Kathy Woolsey, Perry Wright, Louis Yanez, Rene Young, Willa Yurkovich, George Zapata, Oralia Sophomores Sophomore officers are: Carl- toni Guthrie, V. president, Miss E. Menefee, sponsor, Valerie Meadows, pres., Alamar Ler- ma, sec., Frank Boilek, student council, LaVita Whitley, trea- SllI'6I'. r l ."" A - , r g f gf. 4' ' K 1 k i . ,ww K wgytaaqg M i so ,s t, n Q iddi r .t ' . A "N - 5 1.56 .. ' 'f ' 5 - LM , few-. x - ' fr' ' s 'GF r A -:arf sir ' ,-Q 'QL if L, L fl' " . 11 ' - 1 ' ' rf -1- . pypp A - . s 1 F Nh ,, ki, p K ,L 5, H , s E ..kL , -- -r .. at so - 2- , t .:. fm W ,r 2, ' , -rr gg get :fa 1 A --te -' , U 1, Q SH ? 1 Q , ,K . . Ei rg.. k W , , ,-ay: , 'N ' Ha. X f A ' ' ' -we was i "rv A A Q . Y - If. ,a iu A Q' t,,r . . , t all E 'W 1. " 2- - H' .ff I ' 'l - W . . if I " sz:-ss: ft iu11'gsm?!fQ . '.-- 1 me - Q-fav iz .U .1 . 'fn 1tfIf--'1.- 1-,g fa :fm .wr amz- -' M f,Q!-we ' af - 1- tue?--'ww ww . D YVI, twippp , 1 t , , L N A, r r Y ..-, ' ' . , . -1 -T , 1:-,ff .msg .X , -1.2 f e Q. 'Win --Q Qg:i1,igfzz,:1,:,1,,g:,ggg, .3,s,,s,:. wfggg mag f 1 1--1 K . gl I A J, ii .--, ,V zeal:-A 9- q - ' f an I ' 1, , , qt., s IK L ,, 5 .,,..,,.., ,tags , , QSM, . ,,., , 2:5 2.12 ' .f , , - Y 1 -- 3 9 2 -.Je ' f 1 --" ' "2 ,. ' f 1 ' 3' fl V- A :l ,... 1- ' ' ff- 1 ' . 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'Ni ,X ..,, , Garcia, Maria Garcia, Norma Garza, Sergio Alberto Gauldin, Dwight Gibson, Betty Gissendanner, Lois Givens, Prelonia Glass, Kelvin Glenn, Lester Glenn, Tommie Glotzbach, Kathy Gomez, Juan Gomez, Patricia Gonzales, Rosemary Grant, Horace Gray, Philip Gray, Robert Green, Robert Griffin, Bobby Guernsey, Peggy Guthrie, Carlton Gutierrez, Blanca Gutierrez, Daniel Gutierrez, Nemesla Gutierrez, Robert Guzman, Noel Hardaway, Walter Hardin, Kenetha Hardy, Annie Henderson, Willie Heredia, Ernesto Hernandez, Elvira Hernandez, Patricia Hernandez, Raymond Hervey, J acqueline, Hick, Vicki Hill, Annie Hoggs, Donna Holcomb, Jackie Holman, Cynthia Hyatt, Veronica Irizarry, William Itczak, Mary Ann Jackson, Diane Johnson, Rafe J akes, Rita James, John J asso, Melchor J iles, Patricia Jones, Grailing Jones, Jacqueline Kimbo, Sandra Lara, Patricia Lawson, Carol Lecea, Ermilo Lenoir, Venee Lerma, Alamar Lewandowski, Thomas Lewis, Dale Lloyd, Bernice Lockett, Elma Lopez, Alicia Lopez, Jimmy Lo ezM a delena P a g Lowry, Henry Mabin, Denise Mannie, Barbara Mannie, Lastarza Marks, Greg Martinez, John Martinez, Lourdes Martinez, Maria Martinez, Mario Martinez, Olga Martinez, Penny Martinez, Raymond Martir, Lucy May, Donald Mayfield, Darla Mayorga, Daneil McCabe, Peggy McGowan, Norma NcNair, Howard Meadows, Valerie Medina, Carmen Mejia, Gregory Meriel, Willie Miller, Judy Mitchell, Julia Moncada, Gloria Moreno, Joe Munoz, Henrietta Munoz, Rosa Murry, Dennis Myrick, Shiela Navarro, Nolan N egrete, Juliette Newbern, Victor Newlin, David Novotny, Patty Origel, Manuel Ornelas, Carol Pagan, Milagras Parrot, Bruce Passmore, Dorothy Pearson, Carr Pennington, Marvin Peterson, Doretha Petrovich, Sally Pitts, Cordell Poats, Brodrick Polk, Diane Puza, Eddie Randell, James Reed, Hanford Richmond, Janet Roberson, Hubert Robinson, Phyllis Roche, Ledora Rodriguez, Efrain gzi- si" 5 - T , , af' ,Q VNS ' 1 ,, , af' 4 . a A- as 90 ,. .W Rodriguez, Juanita Rodriguez, Maria Rodriguez, Maura Rodriguez, Rafael Rogers, Lyle Rorex, Deborah Ross, Senetha Sains, Dorothy Salazar, Theresa Samuels, Stephen Sanchez, Lucia Seay, Valencia Serna, Christine Sewell, Richard Shaffer, Denise Shoemake, Oceanna Shriver, Debbie Smith, Clara Solis, Dina Solis, Victor Soltys, Christine Sommer, Franklin Sowards, Shirley Spann, Donald Stephens, Keith Stokes, Loretta Terry, Larry Thomas, Gladys Thomas, Ulysses Tibbs, Edwana Tucker, Lutellis Valenzuela, Raquel Vargas, Linda Vasquez, Janie Vega, Dominga Vega, Rosa Villarreal, Robert Villarruel, Amelia Villarruel, Anita Viramontes, Armando Walker, J oetta Walters, Demetri Walton, Barbara Walton, Harold Werth, Sandra Wesson, Derrick J. White, William Whitley, Lavita Whittaker, Sharon Whittler, Lemuel Wilding, Richard Williams, Beverly Williams, Gary Williams, Larry Williams, Ronald Wilson, Maurice Winfield, Bemice Woolsey, Gaye Woods, Mary Young, Marjorie Freshman Cfficers Sitting: Victoria Vela, Marilyn Hrnj ak. Standing: Jocelyn Meadows, Diane Johnson, Mar- ie Samuels, Mrs. Davis. Alaniz, Ann Maria Alvarez, Carlos Andrews, Sidney Armstrong, Nathaniel Arredondo, Christina Arroya, John Atilano, Mina 9l Acosta, Robert Ahrego, Eugene Badillo, Sergio Balboa, Gloria Baldoza, Blanca Barnes, Jackie Bearden, Adam Bell, Ellis Bernard, Dennis Bernard, Edward Black, Donald Bond, Jury Bradford, Eurby Brown, Andre Brown, Darien Brown, Frank Brown, Janice Brown, Larry Brown, Mark Burks, Louis Butrym, Donna Cabrera, Ralph Calvert, James Canales, Emilio Cano, Hortencia Carneygee, James Cast, Roy Castel, Roy Castellanos, David Castro, Helen Chandler, Cherley Chandler, Ulich Chapman, Christine Chatfield, Denson Chavez, Maria Chavez, Randy Cichacki, Georgne Clark, Lawrence Coello, Herherto Coleman, Sam Colter, John Conner, Teresa Cooley, Harry Cooley, Larry Corey, Michael Costello, Mary Ellen Costillo, Rachel Cox, Freda Cox, Willie Cuevas, Vincent Damper, Walter Davis, Greg Davis, Theodore DeLeon, Benjamin De St. Jean, Cynthia De St. Jean, Mike W-..,,,3,,,,,,, ,ff 12437-1' ,... -,, C C- SEZ' , iz 1- - ,V-w,5,,,,35,, . ai - an 2' yas ,C Ear, Q ? f Q, ' CC Q C -nazi: :im seas 3' 53' x ,,,,, ,, . , - ,-frm .' ,. 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Montemayor, Armando Moore, Michael Moreno, John Mukes, Barbara Murley, James Nash, Michael Norrick, Darrell Novotny, Linda Nunez, Janette Ortiz, Gloria Ortiz, Jose Overton, Joyce Palacio, Tony Passmore, Irene Patterson, Michael Pearson, Mary Pena, Paul Perez, Stella Peterson, Rutha Pimentel, Mario Potts, Maria Prieto, Luis Ramos, Alfonso Ramos, Edward Ramos, Gregory Ramos, Ramona Ray, Barbara Ray, Catherine Reed, Wanda Reillo, Luz Richmond, J acquelyn Robinson, John Rodriguez, Aida Rodriguez, Bernard Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez, Juanita Rodriguez, Noelia Rodriguez, Theresa Rogers, Paulette Roldan, Carlos Rolland, Alex Rondo, Debra Rosa, Luis Rosa, Mario Ross, Kathy Ruckek, Warren ' Saiz, Edna Saladin, Chuck Salazar, Tony Samuels, Roslyn SanMiguel, Carlos Sanchez, Norma Santillan, Manuel Scott, Patricia Shannon, Pamela Shell, Eunice 95 Shumate, Olivia Sierra, Lupe Sierra, Rose Simmons, Brenda Simmons, Toni Sims, Ollie Sims, Pamela Smith, Bruce Smith, Edward Soltys, Edward Sotelo, Dora Spann, Linda Stephen, Larry Sterling, Colleen Strickland, Darlene Suggs, Cassandra Tellez, Estefana Thomas, Daniel Thompson, Patricia Toledo, Anita Tomlin, Terrence Torres, John Torrez, Herman Towle, Everett Trevino, Arthur Trevino, Blanca Trevino, Juanita Trevino, Norma Trevino, Richard Trimble, Larry Turner, James Vallego, Felix Vasquez, Dorothy Vela, Victoria Vespo, Josephine Villarreal Elsie Villarreal Jose Villarreal Thomas Villarreal, Angel Villarruel, Toni Villarruel, May Villa, Anthony Villasenor, Angela Walters, Christine Watson, Dean Watson, Denice Wilford, Deborah Whitney, Shirley Williams, Tonya Winfield, Henrietta Winfield, Rose Woellhart, Terrence Young, Janet Youngblood, Quincy Zapata, Olivia Zarych, Joanne an l r' K that, ,FG wif' 'if L x U N use W V' 35 -we 11 4, siiri i s 4 in ,ff ar e ,dll - H - ,M V V, Mr- W. Anderson Mrs. L. Arezina Mrs. A. Barnes Mr. M. Bates Miss E. Bell Mr. D. Black Miss T. Bradley Mr. R. Brasamle Mr. S. Brooks Mr. J. Bumpers Mrs. O. Burleson Miss M. Campbell Mr. P. Chilson Mr. W. Cooke Miss S. Crispi Mr. R. Crockett Mrs. H. Davis Mr. R. Deal Mr. J. Dolak Mr. A. Ducre Mrs. M. Farrell Mr. S. Farroh Mr. C. Fleming Mrs. M. Foley Mr. H. Foresberg Mrs. C. Gault Mr. R. Craever Mrs. G. Greene Mrs. K. Hall Mr. T. Hildreth Mr. L. Lewis Mr. J. Kobza. Mrs. M. Kee Mrs. F. Hill Mr. D. Love Mr. L. Lowe Miss M. Maclnnes Miss M. Mallard Miss A. Marsh Mr. C. Mayberry Miss E. Menefee Mr. W. McBride Mr. W. Murphy Mr. E. Newell Mr. L. Newton Mr. E. Noel Mr. L. 0 Neil Mrs. W. Osborne Miss H. Palasz Miss S. Patton Miss B. Powell Mrs. E. Reaves Mrs. C. Samuels Miss E. Scheddell Mr. G. Schipper Miss P. Scott Mr. J. Scott Mrs. Sheilds Mr. R. Smith Miss S. Speilman Miss B. Swinton Mr. P. Taylor Mr. L. Templeton Mrs. I. Turner Mr. J. Yeary Mr. J. Waesco Mr. D. Whitman Mr. W. Whittaker Miss M. Woods Mr. J. Wynne l W A New Principal Emerges Edison High got its new principal, the Mr. Otha Porter, on March l to replace Mr. Robert O. Greer. Our new principal comes to us with a rich and varied background, having served in key administrative positions at Horace Mann, Drew and Pulaski Schools. Edison expects to con- tinue in its fine tradition under the principalship of Mr. Porter, save a few renovations. Un- der his leadership we anticipate a continual upgrading of our school educational experiences and a revitalization of our school facilities. The faculty, staff, and student body welcome our new principal. Mrs. Evelyn Wallace Miss Emilia Dardano l Y Mrs. Pat Zapinski Mrs. Lorraine Frankewitz w l A sw .f JY s gyfgf. s N .gi ss 5 'ggi U' 'ii fif ,.. .,..m?fw' Q .r,::,,:: v,'- , .1 x, sts .w.f?!' -. 1ff2.f1s2swgQg?'fii .JY , X f'l5"f'55i'7m:T?5?1A554V'2mi55555?AEff?Wf5!f3?f.f9m?f52f?f9l'? WW'539Km'fQ?VTVF1' Kf255iWf5v:fI, ?iiF'fJ WYQSW K . ?,y3fJfPi' 4 Emi? 2'. ".:'fi, ' 1e4':"i232:1sg'..z'f si 555533523 illfiiflfifi 33K1f'5fffvf?i ?g?5zifiW1? 1LXE'z5?5iskif,fYw"4?,wi4iff?"7 35 Jififs' Six if? ,fd . fjwfw if- . MQf.:' .i?3'f: 79 'w:.Q1ffMi3...y -- -'JK ynrss A has .Lf-Q W 12.3-lo iilffff-'S :1eQ"'x.l9-'Nr 1"f'52g3 f'1s-nfs..-S5 151 l fix?-il . ' ffl A Y ---"f"f-:w':":T f l shim We .1 sq? Rig? 'X r g W QM ef "' D' sf iid Nazi ,g It rims r.f..f. W3 Weis fl 1 Q Q ki an an W kr X3 M mrs' -ww err . Y fs . , s u ggfggfrwigw,3v...3isg3?5. ..Q.5.gf3ysWgii:g... ,5?5.5?.,fwH ,5g, ni, .S 7 ,M ggsgrzfgg 323 . ,, ,K E p , E ,.,2s.is'3a.f9E,55.,,..,.,, LQQsgsiliE5f,g,' is Q? L.. rEdia.Jj.f, W. 'nilvifrfsii Z. f 7 ew es ww.:7-:1--wmfiffsx-w'ffLfemh1..s..f:m..::z::Gw?i..:.'ffwe M :mfs W :..,,,T' 6. W., . 5325. A fx if li fir x 54 a f 4 3 'WYW 'xi.5,iriEZ?fwfm?K152iZxVl.i2 'WM . lssss .2 ?Jkfi?I Our housekeepers include L. to R.: Mr. Jones, Mr. Scurlock, Mr. Adamson, Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Castro, Miss Battle, Mr. Whitfield, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Wise, Mr. Roper, and Mr. Solemasson Mrs. Joan Bowron Mrs. Sharon Mokol Preparing hot lunches each day and carrying out lunchroom service are L. to R.: Mrs. Gordon, Miss Williamson, Mrs. Gamble, and Mrs Archie Terminating his service in the Cary Public Schools is Mr. Robert O. Greer. Mr. Greer has headed the administrative staff at Edison since 1963. His faithful service and top per- formance has touched the lives of many students. We are sad to see him leave but our best wishes are extended to him as he takes his new post. Mr. Ray Searle, assistant principal at Edison is constantly on the go with his varied activities. Be- To You and the Future Greetings, Blazers, I bid you, one and all, hearty greetings from a administration which follows your every achievemer with interest and pride! There are no short cuts to lif -even in school. We must believe together that each of us was brought into life for a purpose, and the purpose is improvement. Here at Edison, I have trie to lend a hand toward aiding individual and groui improvement since August, 1963. Your response ha been most rewarding. As the Reflector goes to press I leave you -to mov on to a new challenge as Assistant Superintenden' Department of Public Instruction, State of Ohio. leave with regrets, for one does not leave easily work of love. Educational growth at Thomas A. Ed son has been my work of love. However, in the words of George Bernard Shaw "Life is no brief candle for me. It is a sort of splendi- torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and want to make it burn as brightly as possible befor handing it on to future generations." It is possibl that I might be able to carry my torch to a greate number of youth in the new position. My thoughts will be with you always. May each o you have a full, rich future based on self-reliance dignity, knowledge, and worth! Sincerely, Robert O. Greer sides his endless energy, he is also known for his famous Edison home movies. Board of School Trustees, standing: Mr. Theodore F. Nering, Sec retaiyg Dr. James F. Wygantg Dr. Montagve M. Oliver. Seated : Mr Andrew D. White, Vice Presg Mr. Donald Belec, President. A ADAMS, LINDA FAYE-G.A.A. 1-43 Vice-President 43 Fabulous Miss 13 Reflector Royalty Candidate 1-23 Prom Queen Candidate 33 Homecoming Queen Candidate 43 Football-O-Rama Queen Runner up 3, 43 Varsity Choir 43 Cheerleader 2-43 Student Council 4. ALATORRE, MARY OPHELIA--Concert Orchestra. B BADILLO, MARIA-Caduceus Club 1-33 President 33 F.B.L.A. 4. BALJAK, DOROTHY-Miss Snowball Fantasy 43 F.H.A. 4, Secretary 4. BATES, CRIST ELLA-Girls' Choir 4. BATURONI, MARY LOU-Orchestra 1-43 Thespians 1-43 President 43 F.T.A. 1, 3, 43 Reflector 2-43 Student Council 4. BETTS, MELVIN-Football 1, 2, 43 Choir 3, 43 News- paper 43 Key Club 43 Radio-TV 4. BLACK, MARION RACHELLE-F.H.A. 33 Pep Club 1-43 Vice-Pres. 4g Homecoming Queen Candidate 43 Miss Delta Candidate 43 G.A.A. I-43 Prom Queen Candidate 33 Cheer- leader 2-43 Captain of Cheerleaders 43 Top Twenty Chore- ographer 4. BOWENS, DONALD-Football 1-43 Wrestling 2, 4-3 Track 23 Choir 43 Key Club 43 Concert Band 1-43 Male Quartet 43 Mr. Football Candidate 43 Prom Candidate 3. BRAN DT, JAMES BRATTON, KENNETH-Boys' Choir 23 Key Club 23 Wrestling 3. BUCKMAN, ELEANORA BURKE, BEVERLY M.-Reflector Staff 4. C CASTILLO, RUDY I04 w 4 CHACON, ROSA-Homecoming Queen Candidate 4' F .B.L.A. 43 Student Council 43 G.A.A. lg Reflector 4. 7 CHAVEZ, SAUL COHILL, EUGENE-Concert Orchestra 1-33 Key Club 4. COHILL, MICHAEL A.-Senior Boys' Club, Sec. 43 Cu- pid Capers Candidate lg Basketball 2, 3, 43 Cross Country 2, 3. COLEMAN, DAN ARVIN-Cross Country 1g Varsity Choir 33 Senior Boys' Club 43 Kaplan's Junior Jury 4. CUNDIF F , KENNETH-Football 13 Reflector Royalty Can- didate 1-23 Prom King Candidate 3g Senior Boys' Key Club 4. CZAPLA, EILEEN--Caduceus Club 13 Science Club 2, 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Concert Orchestra 1, 2. D DAVIS, NENA IRENE-Pep Club 13 Latin Club 1-23 Or- chestra 1-23 Math Club 43 Treasurer 4. DOMINGUEZ, ALICE-Caduceus Club 4. DOMINGUEZ, JESSE-Reflector 43 Band 1-4. DOMINGUEZ, MARIA-Concert Band 1-43 J.A.C. 13 Con- cert Band Secretary 43 Concert Orchestra 4. DUNN, ANTHONY G.-Concert Band 2-43 Property Man- ager 43 Language Club 33 Purdue's High School Band Day 23 Class Officer, Vice-President 4-3 Cross Country lg Nation- al Achievement Scholarship Semi-Finalist 43 Senior Key Club 43 Solo and Ensemble Contest, Sax Quartet 3. E EDWARDS, BEVERLY ANN-Y-Teens 2-43 Honor Society 3-43 President 4. F FIEDLER, ALICE M.-Concert Orchestra 1-43 Section Head 1-43 President 43 Latin Club lg Latin Conference lg Reflec- tor 43 Underclassmen Editor 43 Pep Club 1-43 Youth for Christ 1-33 Vice-President 33 Student Council 1-43 Home- coming Usherette 33 Marching Band 2. G GARCIA, MAGDALENA-Caduceus Club 3. GARZA, LESLIE-Football 1. GHANT, ROBERT L.-Football 33 Track 23 Boys' Choir 3. GIBSON, BOBBY-Basketball 13 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Language Club 33 Math Club 3. GODINEZ, SOLEDAD MARIA--F.T.A. 2-43 Treasurer 3g President 43 Science Club 2-43 President 43 Math Club 4, Vice President 43 Honor Society 3-4, Treasurer 43 World Affairs 43 Senior Class Representative 43 Torch 3-43 Editor in Chief 43 Student Council 43 Inter-City Student Council Representative 43 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Quill and Scroll 3-43 Girls' State Delegate 33 Honor Guard 3. GONZALES, ANITA-Math Club 23 Treasurer 3, President 43 Language Club 2-43 Secretary 33 F.B.L.A., President 43 Honor Society 3-43 World Affairs Forum 43 Secretary 43 Class Officer, Treasurer 43 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Girls' State Delegate 33 Student Council Representative 4. GONZALEZ, PETE-Baseball 3. GRANT, ALBERT DANIEL-Football 1-33 Basketball lg Track 1-33 Camera Club lg Student Council 43 Varsity Choir 3-43 F.B.L.A. 33 Band 1-23 Reflector Staff 43 School Disc jockey 1-43 Key Club Treasurer 4. GREEN, HAROLD-Key Club 43 Football 1-23 Basketball 23 Basketball 3-4. GUILLEN,' GEORGE-Co-Operative fMachinistJ3 Football 23 Baseball 23 President Junior Classg Reflector Royalty Candidate 23 Inter-City Student Council 3. GUTHRIE, MICHAEL-Football 1-43 Basketball 1-43 Base- ball lg Golf 23 E-Club 3, 43 Key Club 43 Reflector Royalty King 13 Prom King 33 Mr. Football 43 Mu Alpha Theta Honorary Math Societyg National Honor Society. H HARVEY, J ACQUELYN-F .H.A. 43 Treasurer 4. HAWTHORNE, VIVIAN-G.A.A. 13 Y-Teens 3, 4. HERNANDEZ, MARY ANN-Class Officer, Treasurer 33 F.H.A. 13 G.A.A. 13 Pep Club 13 Spanish Club, Secretary 43 Math Club 43 Mu Alpha Theta, President 4. HESEK, GRACE DARLENE-Pep Club 1-33 Caduceus Clul 33 Cheerleader 1-23 Reflector 2-4. HOGGS, IVAN DARRYL-Basketball 13 Cross-Country 13 Science Club 43 Key Club, President 4. HUGHLEY, THOMAS-Basketball 3-43 Key Club 43 Boys' Choir, Bar. Solo 43 Football 4. HURD, 'CORNELL--Track 23 Wrestling 2-43 Varsity Choir 3-43 Senior Boys, Key Club 4. HYMES, BENNIE-Wrestling 4. I IRIZARRY, J AMES-Track 23 Co-Operative Vocational Education, Student Council Representative 4. J JIMENEZ, ANTHONY PAUL-Choir 43 Track 23 Cross Country 4. JOHNSON, DARIS T.-Basketbali 3-4, Basketball 1.2, Track 1-23 Cross Country 1-23 Key Club 43 Pep Club 43 E-Club 43 Language Club 3. JOHNSON, HARVEY-Key Club 43 Football 43 Varsity Choir 4. JOHNSON, JERI EDWYENNE-Y-Teens 1-33 G.A.A. 1-4: F.H.A. 2-43 Thespians 3-4. JONES, LEONARD MICHAEL JOVANOVICH, DRAGI-Band 1-43 President 43 Orchestra 1-43 Student Council 43 Science Club 13 All City Band 3-4 N.I.S.B.O.V.A. 3. K KENDALL, DEBORAH JOYCE-G.A.A. 1-43 Pep Cluf 3-43 Y-Teens 33 Modern Dance 3. IC KENNEDY, OLA BELINDA-G.A.A. 1-45 President 45 Y- Teens 15 Pep Club 1-45 Treasurer 3-45 TORCH 35 Reflec- tor 45 F.B.L.A. 3-4. KULA, DONNA JEAN-Language Club 25 Caduceus Club 25 F.T.A. 1-45 Secretary 45 F.H.A. 25 G.A.A. 1. L LEZMA, SYLVIA-F.T.A. 45 Concert Orchestra 3. LLOYD, ROYZELL-Basketball 1-45 Football 25 Cross Country 3. LOPEZ, MARKO G. LOPEZ, REYNALDO-Baseball 25 Basketball 15 Football 4. M MACIAS, CONSUELO MARTHA-Math Club 3-45 Student Council Representative 45 F.T.A. MACK, LINDA SUE-G.A.A. 15 F.T.A. 1-25 F.H.A. 1-25 Pep Club 15 Concert Orchestra 1-45 Girls, State 35 Honor So- ciety 3-45 Class President 4. MAKAROWSKI, KENNETH-Basketball 1-25 Football 25 Baseball 35 E-Club 3-4. MALDONADO, FRANCES M. T.-Reflector 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Thespians 45 F.T.A. 2-45 Caduceus Club 4. MATAMOROS, MARIA ANTONIA--Concert Orchestra 1-45 F.T.A. 45 Caduceus Club 4. MATTHEWS, BRENDA JEAN MCCLAIN, CHARLES-Key Club 45 Basketball Manager 2-3. MCVEA, ANN ELIZABETH-Pep Club 2-45 G.A.A. 1-45 F.B.L.A. 35 Torch 35 Top Twenty 4. MEANS, RODNEY STEPHEN-Alpha Beta Club 45 Honor Society 3-4. MULLINS, DORIS JEAN-Pep Club 2-35 G.A.A. 2-45 F .H.A. 35 Torch Staff 45 Reflector Royal Candidate 35 IO6 Prom Queen Candidate 35 Homecoming Queen Candidate 45 Modern Dance 3-45 Top Twenty 45 Language Club 3. N I NAVARRO, GLORIA-F.T.A. 3-45 Pep Club 25 Caduceus l Club 4. NAVARRO, MARTHA-Orchestra 15 G.A.A.5 Pep Club 25 F.H.A. 25 F.T.A. 3-45 Girls' Choir 4. l 0 3 l OLIVER, ROBERT y ORIGEL, TONY ORTIZ, THOMAS I 4 P PAGAN, SANTOS-Baseball 2-45 Football 2-35 Track 15 Wrestling 3-4. PARR, MARIE KAY-G.A.A. 1-2. PATTERSON, LELAND-E-Club 3-45 Basketball, Manager p 3-45 Varsity Choir 3. ' PEARSON, STANLEY DAVID-Key Club 45 Stu- dent Council Representative 25 Thespians 25 World Affairs I Forum. PEREZ, BLANCA I PETER, JOSEPH-Reflector Staff 3-45 Editor-in-Chief 4. I l PETROVIC, MILICA-Caduceus Club 2-3. X l G.A.A. 35 F .H.A. 45 F.T.A. 45 Varsity Choir 45 Reflector . Staff 4. I POWELL, CONNIE-Caduceus Club 2, 45 Secretary 45 PRESLEY, WILLIE LEE-Golf 2-35 Concert Orchestra 2-45 Key Club 45 E-Club 35 Torch Staff 3. p R RANDALL, LESLIE ELLEN-National Honor Society 3-43 Prom Queen 3. REEL, TOM REMBERT, DEOBRAH J.-Pep Club 4. ROBERSON, PHILIP EUGENE-Football 1-43 E-Club 2-43 Basketball 1-23 Key Club 43 Mr. Football Candidate 43 Track 1, 2, 4. ROCHE, BARBARA ANN-Caduceus Club 43 F.T.A. 43 F .H.A. 43 Varsity Choir 1-43 Secretary 43 Reflector 4. RODRIGUEZ, SYLVIA ROSA, MIRIAM-F.T.A. 4. ROSS, CLEE H.-Key Club 43 Pep Club 43 Prom King Candidate 33 E-Club 3-4-3 Basketball 1-43 Torch Staff. S SALAZAR, BERTHA SCHNEIDER, .IIMMIE .IOE-Reflector 4. SEWELL, DEBORAH JEAN--G.A.A. 13 Pep Club 2g F.T.A. 3. SOTELO, SARAH-Caduceus Club 4g F.T.A. 4. SPEARS, LIONEL-Male Quartet 4g Boys' Choir 43 Key Club 4g Cross Country 1-33 Track 1-4. T TIENDA, YOLANDA J.-F.T.A. 33 G.A.A. 13 Orchestra 1-4. TILLERY, BONITA-G.A.A. 1-23 Varsity Choir 2-43 Torch Staff 3g Secretary of Senior Class3 Pep Club 13 Y-Teens 2. THOMAS, SHIRLEY--F.T.A. 3-43 Caduceus Club 4. TURNER, MARCIA LYNN-F.T.A. 2-43 Vice-President 43 Caduceus Club 1-43 Secretary 33 President 43 Pep Club 23 Y-Teens 1-23 F.H.A. 4g Student Council 43 World Affairs Forum 3-43 President 43 Homecoming Queen 43 Thespians 3-43 Secretary, Treasurer 43 G.A.A. 1-43 Reflector 43 As- sistant Editor-in-Chief. V VARGAS, JOSEPHINE-Prom Queen Candidate 33 G.A.A. 1-2. VASQUEZ, ESPERANZA-F.B.L.A. 4. VEGA, GRACE J.-Orchestra 1-43 Vice-President 43 F.T.A. W WASHINGTON, WILLIE-Journalism 1. WETTENGEL, RUSSELL-Concert Band 2-43 Orchestra, Concert 2-43 Vice-President 43 Student Council 4g Golf 4. WHITTLER, MATTIE-G.A.A. 1-33 Concert Orchestra 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Cheerleader 2-43 Co-Captain 4. WIGGINS, JERRY-Orchestra 1-43 Key Club 43 Wrestling 1-23 Basketball 1. WIGGINS, JOSEPH CARL-Boys' Choir 43 Key Club 4g Male Quartet. WILLIAMS, DARRELL D.-National Honor Society 43 Vice-President 43 Basketball 13 Boys' State Alternate 3. WILLIAMS, RONALD A.-Football 1-45 Track 1-43 Cap- tain 43 E-Club 1-43 Boys' Key Club 1. WILSON, JOANN-Class Vice President lg Caduceus Club 1-23 Latin Club 13 G.A.A. 3-43 Y-Teens 33 Torch 3-4. Z ZAIKO, TIMOTHY H. ZIMMER. GARY W. I0 1... 'ill x T E e .F 13 if ? L 'K MEM Qfgfgfgziig, , . A 53 Wm 2359? W fshfifgf ig? 1 ll gg 1 43 VP 5322513 L5 E ..,.: K - MM, 1:1 sg! 5 1 Ei ii 2Ja1 ,.ee sift: W5 i X -- nm 6' , .... ..., . LA ii , rg ,N , , 5 Wig' 'Mfr jJgS?gg? ik L5 gf Qgiilm EEK 'Ll QQ Xml ,T Tar EW 0Ss.' 1fi31g,' V?zX i4SiL' 4519 swf R1Qz, ,.! i ,Qi Gm QI I L .7 Q, Tm -2'-' N A AQ" W .X X , XX Y :- A my A gpfjgff QS' A 9- Wm 22- gr, f ,,, gm , .. .::, .,:: . "'f, can mfg! iii? E isfw Q M g? ii f ::-: 5E5i5,gH1.:,,!f,,,f1f1, T1 tp 1. Q 'S wt E L L 1 lI0 Teachers use phones for business use. Mrs. Samuels and helpers can mend and. tend most students. Halls come 1n three classes, loud, and nolsy or qulet and fun manageable. "...a1anda2ancla3 ..." 4 I 1 E v v 1 Y 1 w 4 IIZ f""Z' S1 'Ti xv. ,3 S wx. f ,Kgs XS . .4 Q, '5 1 ,.. mga, J, i 1 S f 2 z ' U A ,, ' 5 4. ww, 13. V' if' - 1 an 2 'Q , Q M' --ww W . W Winn, A ,iff 4 I'll arrive, I hope. Wow! Almost a basket, yeah! and what else? Yes, we'Ve got it! Whose ball I 1 II8 ,Q Aufographs NJV Q My l ffiifazfigiifm N wa JW W f Z, A X 1 3 5333533 Wiw WM .X f Qnfag 92 gffyx IMA ,QQ4 35225 Gia WQQQ Cy , ,, wwf QM? N? if Zia, ij of f9'yNx,n015 1C 4dL,fAZ 's65r,,ff'7V60.ffJQil?y Kxxbqff Q4 Saeqi?-5 - ff I. 20 MM Jifflfz,M, WW 5 WL it W fw df WMQQHM MW fl WE? Jflgf W 51 J J J Autographs ,SV Mi Tzififig x M , - 45599 V M W ff 313252 W U f EWBJTFQ Q' U ww F 225333 V W E x 37vf0Q3?'T5m,O f1Df'UjWi 6' MQ M fx wvjvifb W W df is 33,2 Jr W Ei a 52 E XX B BQ A Q33 is fifg QR fi - 2351221 QV WJ? Siiiii J E if U?jy'DCjffAufographs P 1 QD my Q3 wgwy Aff! WW? WWW wif MM MJ B Q if jofg .I to J Qu Q, Wmgjywwjfw DV 'J cndwjw' A S6 Sw Qiwfoww M QiQ3STQrSi3i 2' JW ww we Q if W, F5 :E MMMK ffm? h 1iEiiiTgiff gf f!x1'p47iiE c:iEQ?w!EQQiR15?SQ ,pf ,QQ 4 -X, 3 f ig! ,J 555353, MMWQJ BU of iff My F by 559 Muff 1? W JJ Q4 JJ Q My yr yy EX M9 My Kg Q X Q Zmbff .WL P XM Am A QMS gif F ,Y Q gf A144 W Q 0135- 5 f fgkfgigfdgd' QJj5iQ'5Qfx3 B27 , M0 gy MGM6 -Q 51D5 gif UM iff f1EQb5'g-fi uf X? ,WS Q5 Z 46 X AKXXW 255152 M M f M QE A if W KNEW W QI 47,54 if Q WW! My 44 M122 Phone 932-4580 5905 Calume+ Ave. Hammond xk5f Best Wishes to the Class of '68 Your Prom Photographer HI-Fl PHOTGCOLOR STUDIO I24 CHUCK WHEELER SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN GARY CAMERA COMPANY 6I9 Washington St. Gary, Indiana Phone 882-6032 OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR Bucket of Chicken Everything Photographic ,IMD M! fifigifijj A Z Expil Ng'-atch P A Ifj fx GUARANTEED FOR If A f :J QC ONE YEAR A1 V, jf!!! J MW Nz':i:f::,:::!izfmilaziitiz My ,fy 1 Z! , 1576! M I A J I . U J U V! IV , NE LARKIN I4 gi I O fr ,W GEI7 Durbin S'I'. ! XV! Ph. 949-3I44 Gary. Ind. V M52 P KV!! ' I .Lb ATKINS DAIRY RICH ICE CREAM 65 I 0 Broadway Gary, Indiana-46409 I5fv,QI9My,2 mf I JI bf PM VI5yWBest Wishes to the 1968 Yearbook Staff 5? R Q5 V QU' BRUNSWICK AMERICAN LEGION 'W POST 485 and BRUNSWICK AMERICAN LEGIoN AUXILIARY POST 485 IRI 5837 Wesf 5+h A Gary, lnclIana PHONE-949- 8 Cvmffijf! 5 Us I 0 RSX vb Yr? 'GWEILIIZ ...Fg2eS'fggg1s A fix V PCL ,N ex L. G. BALFCUR COMPAN?i'X vfS+f:,i3iQl 352' IQ, QSO ily nrovia Q F' JIM BELL M h C I d a 46360 Your rIng man 872-0346 26 II WM I MUNI if y READY TO GROW WITH A GROWING COMPANY? AN OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE An oppor+uni+y 'Io serve awai'I's indusirious young men and women aI' Nor'I'hern Indiana Public Service Company. As one of 'Ijhe 'Iop gas and eIecI'ric disfribufion uI'iIi+ies in Ihe Unifed S'l'aI'es, NIPSCO is consI'anIIy Iooking for new processes and merhods of efficienr operaI'ion. These in- clude aI'omic power generarion, ex+ra high voI+age Iransmission, under- ground eIecIric disI'ribu'I'ion, compuierized sysI'em planning, underground sforage of na+uraI gas, communify analyses and eIec+ronic daI'a processing. IN AN ATMOSPHERE OF GROWTH NIPSCO is one of 'Ihe highes'r-paying u+iIi'ries in Ihe S'I'a're of Indiana. Hs aHracI'ive employee benefir package-'Iui'rion refund pIan, vacaI'ions, holidays, life insurance, comprehensive medical insurance, pensions, eI'c. -provides an afmosphere for individual grow+h. FiHeen Ieading colleges and universi'I'ies are s+a'I'egicaIIy Iocafed I'hroughou'I' i'Is service area wi'I'h o'Ihers available in 'I'he grea'Ier Chicago area. Drop in. We'II be glad 'Io I'aIIc iobs wifh you. NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY 4 I Mfwg , I W Oiwjff INfQ,sf'IfjW 2 JVM c WJ UI 2 lt Finally Terminated, Our Biggest Job , W:i, ,,1,,Ll A It finally arrived-that end for which the beginning was started. All of us, including our sponsor, Mr. Whittaker, had our days and weeks of frustration in the completion of this, our 1967-68 Reflector. Now that the thousands of pictures have been properly placed, the innumer- able lines of type completed, our hearts nerve, and sinew sigh a feeling of relief. As this end is not a termination in itself, we of the Reflector Staff gratefully express our thanks to all those nice people that cooperated with us in making this part of our workasuccess. Reflector Staff, 1968 KWQKIWW JZ L 0,1 f V 2, 4 ,V X I 5 W Y v' , f I 0 , , ff Af W fy 4,4 ,ff jfiypfawfw ff 47' .I 1 'I kff My X3 I . ws. . J-5 DMU 3,V9f!,Q,2TlV!gR1iJI1VNYb, MVR Bi RQ J' JUG ,QV 'Q' gd v . 9 U gf' ix , R, ,Y fy 3 7 ' JJ ,MGD "Cl'jAJT:l M fijgq fryxgyb ' .UM jg, , mb P -' A by -fyy, Kbvxm N 'UI' jx EV!!! T J J 7 dj! I 1 KEN ', 0 XJ k SHN My Q f A. 3 M J W Www? QW' , X vi , 7521, X 03' W ' X Cf X V N Vu ,,, 0 fw ,fb v Gb ,WML PV QV Rik W ,J V . J N.. , ' 7 XJ .V 57. X. . ,I L , ,. A T fl , . 4 4, H9 df' 6 JJ if! A V51 A L 'DNN ,, , ' . 4 Qu ,x -1 1 1 , J , 74 ,f ' w 1 K , , K z .51 , , . ,J I . ' - x , 'V f :X Ax, 'Q R! Ak, N Rf' K fy U ljxvw XL ' L X, X BL V L J' x X ,Y U2 L' 1 Q' 5 -. '-1 ., V' A ' L X 1 J 3 KV I jk 1 ky' I It 0 , 1 4 , U' , 1 'A A K Ili' I ., " 7 L N Il, L i , L 1' ' , X Vx , .fv x .,f X 'iv ' , 'f K ., 1 I I mg A X jx -1 if k U 9 N v 4 r ,A L f 'Vg xjfif ' X, . in Q A XX 'Y 7 X " 71" ' f- p ' f A , X, L, xx . U 19 , . A M A 'x E Ag . ,-, li 3 ZF? m f i m kk Q f ' Q . 5 - lg 1A i - Q x f 3 . 2 'R K Mn. fx w, A v QE 'X J, mx 'QT GL Vg 5 5 1 I 'ilk r . G f f' . P 1 Q . -f .4 45' ff? ,qi .iii gg 1,5- 3 , zw 5 M Q3 --""?-H--ig F67 'fi I 'G xt Q-'I Ex ' V 4 M l 3 at 5 5 f' 5 '- v'W,.v1y :gif if gg N71 X , E 1 f Q I N. .. 'r U' H 'L , 1 1 5 , ' s H

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