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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1956 volume:

42. x 1 A-.. " "M Q, . -Q. . ti '55 rj.- n i i- 1 -. 1 f. 4 iv, jI"si.M 5.1-iw V ag :, 1 H ' ' ' ' . - ' 'mg .- ,I -- :1,p:: . f " ' ' 1 - A . .,Lag4.' ' ', 'liar-if-'f . -- 1 X af " -f-'11 ,M , . 1 -T25-js: Q ,A VIH'-'S . .,,, ',,'.4-jg, . 1. 3Ql.Ltj,,-1. I wg:-m' - 3.21:-,, V'- '3 .Q 5, ,A- ,, f .ff x 'ji --fa F7 A - .ii i qw' xv' 'L-1 , . asf v Q 'V ,,4 LE: A 4 5251 ix GPH! XX V 1 FORT EDISON .l..L "f:""': -1-' II! HI: ,--s 4 f"""I"-"'P""! Gary, Indiana "T "'T'f Z- Q ., , I '-"""'!"!"" 3:5117 Jia: ii In Memoriam COACH LOWELL D. SPARKS Edison athletic director and basketball, track and cross country coach Died Feb. 3, 1956 Freedom Shrine . -ry? 3' Q' .f-are A MQ- W' H MNT ' 4 A , N-.. , fi ...O fi H . 5 . J V l 4.5151 , . g A ' ' It was with great pride that our school accepted the first Freedom Shrine given to anyone in this area. The impressive display was presented to the school by the Gary Exchange Club in a ceremony that the whole school was assembled to see. It was largely through the efforts of Iarries Tabor, Donald R. Troxel and George W. Baxter of the Exchange Club that the shrine came to Edison. The shrine contains famous documents of importance in American history ranging from the Declaration of Independence to the United Nations Charter: the shrine is on display in the lobby of the gym. The motto and real purpose of this Freedom Shrine can be summed up in this sentence, "No boy or girl who knows and reveres these famous documents ever will become a Com- munist." C. E. Swingley, Acting Superintendent Board of Education of Gam' Public Schools School Board: Claude Allen, secretary: Chas. E. Daugherty. president: Chris N. Retscn. treasurer: Mrs. R. Morris Standlev. assistant secretary, and Ioseph Luckey. vice-president. L... awww, ga W-3 M""'3't . i IW e r IAMES PUGH, Acting Principal Graduates It has been a privilege to share the past few years with you. We have been rewarded by watching you become the fine young men and women of our graduating class of 1956. Our further reward will be in following your ac- complishments in the years to come. We have held the book of your life in our hands too long not to want to know the ensuing chapters. It is our hope that you will face your varied opportunities and respon- sibilities with confidence and courage, and that you will bring respect and honor to yourselves, your community and your high school, Gary Edison. Sincerely, Iames Pugh Acting Principal MATH and COMMERCE Miss Marcella lones Mr. Richard Peters Miss Viola Briley Mrs. Ruby Niepokoj Mrs. Geraldine Vician Miss Sonia Leskow v Guides ENGLISH and LIBRARY Mrs. Grace Ierkins Miss Marian Armstrong Mr. Eugene Weiger Mrs. Gretchen Saxton Mrs. Ianice Custer Miss Lorraine Peabody u'-r f Aa. -eos if or M, jg, 5 ATHLETICS Mr. William Brasaemle Miss Beverly Charlson Miss Ruth Adkins Mr. Lowell Sparks SCIIINCII and SOCIAL Mr. Ceolqc Criqsby Mr, Wxllxs Inman Mr. William Anderson Mrs. Martha Connor Mrs. Mildred O'I.auqhlin Mr. Wuldon McBride ART, MUSIC and SPEECH Miss Bess Feather Mrs. Miriam Downs Miss Millicent Long Miss Elizabeth Scheddell Mr. Paul Chilson Mrs. Ethel Larrabee Mrs. Mary Foley Miss Paige Ratcliil HOME ECONOMICS and INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mrs. Carolyn Griqsby Mr. Howard Forsberq Mrs. Marjorie Boyden Mr. Ioseph Poropat OFFICE STAFF Mrs Helen Marks Miss Barbara Pumroy Miss Emilia Dardano Mrs Dorothy Kelly K L N j ,, ii? .Is '55 Q it ,t . .M 0.x MAINTENANCE STAFF, Top Row: Pat Valenti Frank Smith and Andrew Hopkins. Third row Michael Mucha and Marion Roye. Second row Wells Davis and Stanley Olson. Bottom row: Mrs Iosephine Babich and Mrs. Edith Shaw. Mrs Mary Glab, home visitor. Mrs. Helen Hines, school nurse gl I U .,-.n.,,, ,M , , K U. VICTORIES in-l""" , Z.. S .SWAN S E5 SENIORS NOT PICTURED Peter Corpus Louis Gonzales Iacqueline Owens George Pappas ill'-"""' SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS Mr. George Grigsby Miss Millicent Long Nineteen hundred and fifty-two found us as eager freshmen anxious to explore the trail ahead. With Donald Barker as our leader, the first marker we left on our trail was "l-licktown Iam- boree," a regular old-fashioned square dance. The year found us exploring many trails of sports, social activities, contests and studies. Our next marker as a class was staked as we presented the Freshman Talent Show, where all talent was revealed. As sophomores. with 'Ronald Pavelka leading our journey. we once again sponsored a square dance, "Corn Cob Magic." which reaped many profits 'both financially and socially. Then came Sophomore Movie Night and a dance afterward and many plans for the trail ahead. With lim MacKeigan as our leader. we were juniors: all our plans plus our treasury were for the Iunior-Senior Prom. In pre- paration of our prom we sponsored two sock hops, in the new gym and found ourselves very busy working on different com- mlttees. IUNE ALLEN Senior Dramatics Iunior Dramatics Thespians FBLA GAA Pep Club Y-Teens Language Clubs Torch Then, on April 27. 1955, with music by Norm Care and his orchestra, the Iunior Class presented "Isle of Dreams," and Marquette Pavillion was transformed into a flower-decked is- land with swaying palms and candlelight. With our three-year journey well-marked, carefully and proudly we became full-fledged seniors. Bud Hamod was our choice for our leader, and we presented the first dance of the year. As seniors our activities were many: we were the leaders: we looked forward to our Senior Outing. Class Day, Student Teacher Day and Honors Day. Then came the traditional Convocation and Baccalaureate to remind us of the guiding light of our path and to infringe on us our duties and responsibilities as Americans. Commencement and graduation, Iune 1, 1956. finds us at the fork in the trail, with diplomas in our hands, and faith and hope in our hearts. We. the graduates of 1956, are ready to venture into the different paths of lille. CHARLOTTE BAKER FBl.Ae Secretary GAAASecretary Honor Society---Secretary Glee Club Pep Club-Secretary Y-Teens Beaker Breakers-Secretary Sophomore Class f Secretary Girls' State Alternate W Girls' Conference Delegate s it LOUIS BARANYOS Football Track Sn DAVID A. BEWICK CHUCK BASTIN E Club Hi-Y Track Basketball Baseball Football BEVERLY BIERLY "E" Club FTA Language Clubs GAA Track Orchestra A President Basketball Pep Club Baseball Student Council Football Y-Teens Cross Country YFC Solo and Ensemble Contest Girls' Conference ' YFC-Corresponding Secretary IAMES B. BLACKMAN Baseball Football PATRICIA LYNNE BROWNE FBLA--President GAA-Sporthead, Assistant treasurer Pep Club Y-Teens Spanish Club Gordon Art Contest-Second place Girls' State Delegate IZ CHARLES BIGGS GAIL BILLINGS Track FBLA C7055 COUNTY GAA- President Orchestra-President Pep Club Student Council --..,, kill ,, , V I . I is ssrl CHARLES C. BROOKS IR. CARL RAYMOND BREHMER Honor Society Site Swipers-Publicity chairman Student Council Language Clubs Rellector Torch Science Club Valparaiso Teach Latin Conference ers Conference 'xi X ,n K lk WILLIAM A. BORMAN Torch TOM BRYANT "E" Club Track Basketball Baseball Football Cross Country ROBERT L. CLARK "E" Club Track Basketball Baseball Football Cross Country 4f"f. NV' BARBARA I. COSTY Iunior Dramatics FBLA FTA Honor Society Pep Club Publicity chairman Student Council Y-Teens Language Club Vice-President Torch Exchange editor Reserve Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader Girls' State Delegate Latin Conference FTA Roundup Lake County Girls' Conference Snow Queen Attendant Valparaiso Teachers Conference CYNTHIA BUTKUS KENNETH CATHCART Iunior Dramatics Spanish Club GAA Torch Pep Club Y-Teens Latin Club n Ay! 5, BETTY ANN COAN GAA Pep Club SHARON CONRAD LOIS IANET COOPER Senior Dramatics Iunior Dramatics Thespians FBLA Pep Club Student Council Y-Teens Homecoming Queen Attendant GAA - Sporthead Pep Club ,mf T7 lx. ni ' rs. DEWAYNE LEE CULP Senior Dramatics Iunior Dramatics Thespians Student Council Track Cross Country ROSEMARIE DURANT FBLA-Vice-President GAA Glee Club Pep Club Y-Teens Language Club Torch HELEN GALLAGHER Glee Club DORIS ANNE CULP FBLA Pep Club Site Swipers .Ei MARILYN SUE FIELDS Senior Dramatics Thespians FTA GAA-Sporthead Honor Society Glee Club Orchestra-President, Vicee President Spanish Club Solo and Ensemble Contest Homecoming Queen Attendant Reserve Cheerleader Snow Queen Attendant State Cheerleaders Conference BEVERLY ANN DROHAN Iunior Dramatics FBLA , FTA-Librarian, Secretary Honor Society Pep Club-President Student Council-Treasurer Y-Teens Language Club-Treasurer Reflector--Editor-in-Chief Sophomore Class Vice-President Fire Prevention ContestvFirst place Post-Tribune Teenage Correspondent Girls' State Delegate Girls' Conference District Leader Latin Conference Secretary Chairman DAR Good Citizenship Award Valparaiso Teachers Conference CAROL IEAN EDWARDS FBLA GAA Glee Club Pep Club Student Council Y-Teens Freshman Class Vice-President Snow Queen Attendant Reflector Royalty IIMMIE LEE FOHRESTER Iunior Dramatics "E" Club Hi-Y Language Club Track Basketball Baseball Torch Football Beaker Breakers ELLEN GILL Iunior Dramatics FBLA GAA Pep Club Y-Teens Girls' Conference fi SR BOB GUMIENNY Senior Dramatics Hi-Y Thespians Site Swipers President Torch -f Production editor BUD HAMOD Hi-Y- Sergeant-at-Arms Student Council Treasurer Language Club Baseball Football Beaker Breakers Senior Class President IOE GONZALES HELEN GREGORASI-T Track FBLA Basketball Site Swipers Football Torch IEAN MAE HALE RICHARD N. HALL Y-Teens "E" Club Hi-Y Honor Society Student Council Language Club Track Basketball Baseball Football Cross Country Rellector Beaker Breakers Iunior Class Representative NORMA IEAN HAGUE FBLA GAA Honor Society Site Swipers -ffeSecretary. Vice President Torch Carnival Queen Attendant EDWARD S. HOFFERTH "E" Club Band Language Club Track Basketball Baseball Football Cross Country Beaker Breakers 15 ETHEL G. HOUSTON Site Swipers RUSSELL JAMES I OHNSTON Iunior Dramatics Honor Society Band Language Club Baseball Cross Country Beaker Breakers 16 MARY GRACE HOPKINS NANCY CHARLENE HORWELL FBLA FBLA Pep Club Pep Club Site Swipers Y Teens Y-Teens Latin Club YFC Becker Breakers DONNA LEE ISAACS LEE ARTHUR IAMIESON FBLA GAA Honor Society Pep Club Y-Teens MICHAEL KRAYNIK Iunior Dramatics Honor Society Site Swipers Spanish Club Beaker Breakers IACKIE LOCKRIDGE lunior Dramatics FBLA GAA Pep Club Reflector Asst. business manager and art editor Girls' Conference CHARLES KERSTELL CHARLOTTE KOLODZIEI "E" Club GAA Hi-Y Orchestra Vice-President Language Club Pep Club Track Student Council Basketball Y-Teens Football Cross Country CARRY LANGFIELD NELL LEATH "E" Club Reflector Queen Hi-Y Homecoming Queen Attendant Student Council Language Club Track Basketball Baseball Football Prom King Reflector Royalty lOHN H. LAAKSO "E" Club Honor Society Student Council Football Manager Boys' State SAUNDRA LOWMAN GAA Pep Club Language Club l 17 G PAT MCMAHON Iunior Dramatics GAA Pep Club Site Swipers-Vice-President Y-Teens Qpc.-rf S IOAN Mounzmo Iunior Dramatics Senior Dramatics FTA-Vice-President GAAATreasurer. Sporthead Honor Society Pep ClubfTreasurer. Secretary Student Council-- -Secretary Y-Teense-lnterclub Council Latin ClubASecretary Torch Freshman Class Secretary Senior Class Representative Alternate Varsity Cheerleader GAA Queen of Hearts Prom Queen Girls' State Delegate Y-Teens Conference Latin Club Conference Girls' Conference IAMES MACKEIGAN ROBERT MARTIN MALINKA Iunior Dramatics Hi-Y Hi-Y Basketball Student Council Baseball Track Torch-Sports editor Baseball Iunior Class Treasurer Sophomore Class Treasurer Iunior Class President Senior Class Vice-President DAVID RUSSELL MILLER Iunior Dramatics Hi-Y Track Football 'S SONDRA KAYE MISHLER FBLA FTA-Song leader GAA-Sporthead Honor Society Glee Club-Student director Pep Club Student Council Y-Teens-President Spanish Club Girls' State Alternate Girls' Conference Y-Teens Conference -EM, N I we 1 Wigs 't CAROL MENDOZA FBLA Glee Club-President Pep Club Site Swipers Student Council Y-Teens Girls' Conference EUGENE NEGRELLI "E" Club Band Track Basketball Baseball Football Captain Solo and Ensemb Reflector King le Contest 5 RICHARD A. OPPMAN Football Basketball Track Cross Country Baseball "E" Club NICK RADOE Iunior Dramatics Basketball DONNA MARIE NICKSICH NANCY IAYNE OLIVER GAA Sporthead FBLA Band Vice-President, Drum GAA major, Majorette, Section head Band YeTeens Orchestra Latin Club Pep Club Publicity chairman Solo and Ensemble Contest Site Swipers Latin Conference Student Council YFC Treasurer Language Club Reflector-W Senior editor Solo and Ensemble Contest Latin Conference "E" Club Track Basketball Football IOE PIAZZA BARBARA PUMROY GAA - Honor Society--A Treasurer Pep Club Site Swipers Language Club Torch Girls' State Alternate RONALD PAVELKA Senior Dramatics Iunior Dramatics Thespiansf-President Hi-Y--1-President Honor Society Site Swipers Student Council - President. Vice President Latin Club Reflector,--Sports editor Torch- Editor-inschief Beaker Breakers Sophomore Class President lunior Class Vice-President Senior Class Treasurer Optimist Speech Contest --First place American Legion Speech Contest Rotary Speech Contest---First place ' Elks Speech Contest Horace Mann Speech Meet Purdue Legislative Assembly FRANCES RANDAZZO FBLA -Treasurer FTA---President, Historian GAA Sporthead. Asst. Treasurer Honor Society Pep Club Vice-President Student Council Sergeant -at-Arms Y-Teens Latin Club Torch Lake County Girls' Conference Latin Conference FTA Round-up 19 ASCENCION SANCHEZ Honor Society Baseball Spanish Iunior Class Secretary ROBERT WILLIAM RANTA PAUL RICHEY "E" Club Hi-Y-Treasurer Honor Society Basketball Freshman Class Treasurer Hi-Y Band Orchestra Language Basketball Club lelL . IEANNINE SAVITSKI FTA GAA Glee Club Pep Club NYFC Torch-Activities editor Language Club KAREN KAE SPARKS Senior DramaticsAPresident Iunior Dramatics Thespians-Vice-President FTA GAA Pep Club-Treasurer Site Swipers Student Council Y-Teens Language Club FTA Hound-up Girls' Conference Purdue Legislative Assembly Z0 Gary Legislative Assembly PHYLLIS SHELBY ALLEN SMYTHE Pep Club HYY Yffeeng Pep Homecoming Queen Site Swipers Latin Club IOYCE ANN TACKETT GAA-Sporthead Honor Society--Vice-President Band-Business manager Pep Club Language Club Reilector-Activities editor Girls' Conference Latin Conference Solo and Ensemble Contest IIM WALTERS "E" Club Basketball Football -,Q 3, CHARLES VERN WEBSTER Pep Club Track Cross Country Varsity Cheerleader ROBERT PAUL TOMB PAT TRETHEWEY Hi-Y FBLA Honor Society GAA Pep Club Orchestra Site Swipers Site Swipers Beaker Breakers 3. LINDA LEA WALTERS RICHARD WEBER Senior Dramatics FBLA GAA Band Pep Club Y-Teens xl KAY WALTERS FBLA GAAA Sporthead Band President Pep Club Student Council Y-Teens YFC Secretary, Treasurer Spanish Club Snow Queen Attendant Solo and Ensemble Contest Girls' State Alternate Girls' Conference ' ROBERT H. WYLLIE "E" Club Student Council Language Club Basketball 'fManaqer Football- - Manager Senior Class Representative Z1 , oc S fir nd ' wry ,EA 4' VQ, . ,sv -Q .f I .-fk ' r I V- V .2 A K ' 122' fs in f 'QLHLX fws R391 K. Sparks S. Mishler P. McMahon N. Hague N. Horwell N. Lecth C. Butkus D. Nichsich C. Webster I. Allen I. Mc1cKeigcm AU B. Drohan. C. Butkus. D. Culp cmd K. Ayers af, I ... 'ff' M3 9 at 2 ., I. Tucker! S. M1sh1er,S.,Gcrrmen and I. Tackett Q-i"'w 'R Y-. 'G nf. D. Culp L. Iamieson B, Clark . l . B. Gumienny I. Fbrrester N. Rcdoe N. Oliver I. Laukso K. Walters I. Forrester R. Hall D. Nicksich R. Pcvelka .4 Fixx ,-as en .wi I. Negrelli C. Butkus '. 'S' f 4, . 'iffy , .-fixing f D. Bewick B. Gumienny K. Sparks .. 'Wa 'K , intl: ' . x .sQ,.-nf -1 gl i -.... - 46 :ff-f TENDERFEET I Z3 R if ,X K E i f Y! is er le i f 'I 1. at Q ' eliiigwqb TQ VS' . t 35 , ,Q . f Q, .3 A ls, ' - i . t wi YL. Sliipw at 'i X 5 Q g Sr F it vf"li' i A 1 if wb. ll' '-,., . til 'QF' " f 'f 7 iff . A f , as 'Q T 'a QT. ,. . . Y ' ' C K 5 E., .r ig 5' - ,diff B Bill Anderson Bill Bartholomew lim Bastin Carol Beno Iim Biggs Walter Bode Danny Burns Iack Carpenter Nick Christ Bert Clifford Wayne Crisman Mary Christoff- Carmen Corpus Iohn Crnokrak Randy Curtis Ruth Daras Nick Davalos Alice Del Castillo George Drescher Pat Drake Betty Eberle Ianice Eminhizer Norman Falcone Loretta Galinski Mike Gill Marlene Graham Loretta Grolla Rich Harding Garry Hernandez Iohn Holland Bill Holtz Alfred Hoppe Mary Ielke Melvin Iohnson Bill Iohnston Shirley Iones Barbara Karp Iudy Kincade Barbara Kreft Arlene Koches David Langfield Gerry Leggitt T-IES' , V 1" It I 1 , ,ft .-,. V . H far 4 V- , f"l:iQ:5 9'f21z....r nn X-wr, xx -gc'-1.1......, vt Officers: Sue Pieske. secretary: Iim Bastin, pres- ident: Randy Curtis, vice-president. A 0 um ' ' " I nu.- ' :::::::.,.:-,J-.-W.....-: . .. - nm.-..: mggy- H" .- P 2' "" -n-uv' . ,, i .2621I5!....'---ggggg,,ggg:. gggggu---9: .-.......w . ... ,, ... ....., g,.::::::: ,,,::ggl5:: .....- .......u,,y 1 gm ......, 251:12 I... WHMZIIZZI -H"-1 :IM .lip-....... , tgggrg ... ,.,,g-um... ,,3,,,,!,!---.A -.,r-w--,......-......iI . "' ' funn-nm H. ' "in nI!""' ni Jil wif!!! -" f '-":::::r'.' ' 'Ul-S22:::.:::::::t:1i'.1t f. 1. ..f.....-- ..v t '7 ufulil".-.-:..:1g,i,41hQf. , .. ,:-l..... .. . ' 'iffliii i5:::17ftixtl3iE'3 Jun ir Rich Crutsch Q Elaine Hamilton 'Q' .L f 'Q mr ryan Xia? he f - ' "" if' if' W B f :ilk ' M E ' 5: ft . 7 A ir., ., fm In at -:Ns HH' I . S H x rg 'P i . nfl , A un-.I-.ul nn-n...n , ffr:::g:1i,ESzs1Wi l Walter Bode and Wayne Vargo. Student Council representatives. and Marie Mudry, treasurer. iors AQ Q? vs L .:. s . 1 -3 v l "1 X r Ok I Ioyce MacGowan Phillip McCorkle .v L3 ri . ' s. Lal' lu!! K v Q l ' . f l 'L 4 3 J , A Al ' 1 S? if ' A5 he 7' lf? I ,' 'P -tv Marilyn Meese Ioanna Milheiser Mary Montgomery Clifford Morton Nick Nylec Bill Orban Ron Paladini Ierry Pappas Kenneth Pavelka Diana Phillips Elaine Phillips Sue Pieske Larry Ralston Larry Ranta Emil Richter Wayne Root Mary Salopek Tony Sanchez Bob Schneider Richard Schultz George Sefton Alice Shema Duane Sparks lim Stifle Laura Sweeney Shirley Sweet Sharon Szumigala Albert Tidwell Ronald Tennant Pat Thomas Donna Tomlinson Marlene Trethewey Iosephine Turner Vernon Vanderhere Wayne Vargo Io Ann Victery Florence Wheeler Bob Wiatrolik Beth Woods Pal Wright Beverly Zagrovich Larry Zudak so T L. rs X ' s lean Anderson Betty Baker r"' .1-ws . 0 as Norman Baker Sandra Ballog Larry Beishline Mary Lou Beno Officers Iulio De La Rosa treasurer Bob Shotts president Frances Wheeler secretary Dick Biggs Ioe Blackwell Richard Bland lim Borman Sharon Boyle Carolyn Brandt Beverly Bryant Armando Canales Alice Carden Bob Carr Sandra Carr Sharon Chadwick Wayne Gibson Ray Grivetti Chester Gut Richard Haber Ralph Hague Richard Hale Marsha Haller Ed Hamilton Orville Hardin Larry Heinz l oanne Cichocki Karen Helvey ' A W Iudy Colburn Dave Hernandez Z' Bonnie Corbett ' vii B. 'Ili i i sa: i Iackie Corey Eleanor Hero E Dave Dailey Ioyce Holmgren ll V 1 Q Mike Doherty Eugene Hoppe y 42 - f f , lf , X Q W , 'll ' x, 'I Iudy Dunn i ,W-yi 7 ve KX Q, is ,A 1 if Y . x ' Mary Duron Yvonne Houle Ralph Ehresman Kay Isaacs i we Tom Filipowicz Bob Iohnson ' fl. Tom Forbes , in ii,v B "" X Y 6 X . AV , ,, Gilbert Gdlvez Sandra Kazmierczak Iudy Garreau Claudia Kolodziej Taylor Gean Tim Koss A? Barry Gibson ca Ai l' 'S' .1 'Mil' cg.. Q4 .y NIV A .fx 5 ID 5 5. , 4 P, iii' lm Em. '11 xl. V l N- ,W', U .1 41'- ,t .' -. Q-1. c. - -- 1 ,.,. ., , . ,1 il-" ll. ' ' 0 ,H ' 1 ,' '-, ,.. . I 'A' lr ' I,' I'l I I fl". 'rn.,'. -"wp, t.l,,.':"-.'.: 5:-f.,-' -P Bob Savage, vice-president, and Dick Molinaro. Student Council representative. , s + Q, '9 it A V A '. . 3 U 22 " '1-' ffl X " iw A - 'it . 9 '- -Paf S. ,H X w-' l at -'ni 1 5 X 5 X an 'AA' ' 1 J A I W '13 ,D i 1 --f . '. X X ,Q ,U V: 104 V1 I I J I V ., , , -L 1' -7 f fs. Alex Kristine Ron Kusmierz Nancy Lowman Iames Loy Barbara Mannakee Howard Marshall Bill Mastric Sophie Matie Iames Moves Charles Maylield Charles Memering Pat Mendoza Duane Mishler Dave Molnar Dick Molinaro Emma Morton David Negrelli Priscilla Nichols Larry Niksch Pat Norris Shirley Orndorff Larry Orosz Alice Partridge Chuck Petro Iack Philbin Phyllis Phillipov Carol Pierson Connie Powell Iohn Pryle Fred Ramos Bob Romay Ted Rosenquist lack Ruder Tomasita Sanchez Ray Sanders Bob Savage Carol Savage Alice Schneider Dorothy Shaw Bob Shotts Doris Simpson Delores Skoczen Clarence Smythe Ianet Stanley Emily Stastny Celestino Suarez Paul Swatts loe Van Scoyk Odelia Vespo Peggy Vinson Don Walker Frances Wheeler lerry Widelski Sandra Wilding lohn Wyllie Louise Zimek Margie Zugel Q-3 12 K? N'-.1 v"' L'c,t" A q D X A. l '- r :iw V S ll Y Kg., S, -mv S N17 r 4 , t A al 1 rx.. tu -5-J' FAX , l - Xi X k i 4. '-1. ,Q C, Ik is gy u g use X 'I r 4. Q u - of Hs. ...- H Dennis Anderson Kenneth Anderson Larry Balcerak as V380 EA' . 'iw iw ln off: ., 5, 4, Es X 5 giver r 9 Q fr M7 " 'lr Q 1 ,gr 1, f X as rr if ff me lx X K . 5 r '52 Cathy Bastin i Q I,-9. , 75 Betty Beddome 9' " f J S Q y Helen Benedict 'X CK Officers: Ianet De Lauriea, secretary: lohn Caras' - fr x . 'X vice-president. James Bode - A ' Q Lonnie Brooks Brown F resh A W K rr XD' ,A 1 exXrff'i113iff?e. r S ' . Geraldine Brundridge Ianet De Lauriea 'i' ' gg iz 'C V be y V- Ioleen Burke Arthur Diaz ? A 5, N. I ' Q' ,,, Vernon Buxbaum C l ti, A 1 H M 5 , fi Oscar Canales Bill Dietz EJ. V 3 - N' . S' 2 Charles Cannon Elsa Duron at 'Q' S y 'f Darryl Capps Bill Eberle j ' CRS! - Y if N ' t A Iohn Caras Bob Edwards . , in - ' if "'- S l ' C' h k' M E1l'h I , 'C'- Q N QI, vi H, Q yvia ic oc 1 ary ic ,Z yy ,V K H9 Q, A I. X il Q - P 5 V K J Andy Chismudy Barbara Elliot TX I, .J Yi- D: K- K lr x K A 1 ' - ' X, Eleni Christ Alice Embry , Q W 41 M M N lean Coffman Freda Ferrell 5 'Q 3 - Mary Lou Collen Ioan Fischer v 4 A os' A K Alfonso Corpus Priscilla Fleming - 4 Q .1 79 Iudy Cox Pauline Fouty , V N18 ..'-T A A, ' - ' if .. 4, ' , Dennis Crago S: F k A , -ghf' wr eve rane A V , A C I I , A Ieannette Daunora Barbara F ruchtman if 1 r b -'Q-1-, -A Donna Day Sally Fry ..L i 3 Ai 4.9 A ' -i 1 it 8, ea Q if . Iulio De La Rosa Loren Fugate Y , A , ' , , Q e - X. f- D' f ' ffl r'1:if1f1fp ' , fy 5 1 if ,G ,fry r ,eff . - 5. are B gk, f. , Y 4 I X F LL' 3, I 0 ' 1.2 'f Wm? ' ' , f fs I M Y ,ga twig... " rt' 4 'zvxl rg,,,,f Tr. .. A Ash ' . Wy a Fil I I ', I Q, 'Tr' if P' ' I I 1 QF . ff Y ill q ,H M, I I l . . F V K .'ll -P Oscar Hamod. president: Angelo Marquez, Stu- dent Council representative, cmd Elizabeth Gall. treasurer. Elizabeth Gall l' -' 1 Harold Garcia . it .5 ' I 'Qu Q L , mt ' S '-9' Y x - ,, ca l s . X LL ' ve-1 JW l. -1 S 'A -A 'U' c -r v,- ' h . 'P . A vi . . H1 'x N ' 5 e ' 0 ." '!1i s,qmEsH' Q. , 3 1' OJ- v - -.3 . -4 ' .fx 37 Bill Garrett Susie Garrett Warren Gibson Dale Gough Bob Greqorash Don Guernsey Iudy Hale Tony Hamilton Dave Hammond Oscar Hamod Sharon Hanson Sara Harding Tom Harper Edith Harris Ethel Harris Charles Holland Mary Holsapple lack Hopkins Ramona Horgesheimer Karen Hummell Stanley laskulski Nancy Ienks Barbara Iohnson lackie Iohnson Paul Iohnson Bob Iudis Charles Kalina Marcia Kauffman Clara Kish Roland Klein Delores Kraynik Linda Ladd Sally Lancaster Iohn Larrabee Arlene Lcxwbaugh Ioe Leon Tom Lockridge Angelo Marquez Duane McCorlrle Walter McLaughlin Iack McMahon Tom Mills 2 'Q sr S 5 51 Lv'- 11- 3 lv X. I-X I 'X t . .ff Jr L- lg S K , s X is X .Q K A . -1 L51 Q ...- K H B '75 r 48- ' 33 -,Ax I YN 5 vs in JS: R we - I y N if , fd fl -4 'E E f .ya ge'-E 1 'G t .sd X bp. ,. 1' s ' V. . 'X x 1-2 N .Q if ' i 1 is . ,-, .., 3 lf , N if il K ' "fs ' . M ig A X 3 M ff 1, J fgls -. .rt e rg, o r t X , W 4. . 3 . . , . r... 5"f X L 5 'S I K Z ig I f,-25.3 b -Q Z . X xi 1 x s 1 Mig.. .. E' 1 Q , SR Q -. in ,,,,. ' as 'E 'R' m ,,.,,.. 5 'uv , r a 7 ' " Tiff '- 5523 ' ir '- 4 'lf of for if - f l N Tony Mirelis Dale Morse Linda Mullins Sheila Myers Norma Nardo Penny Nichols Bernard Oppman ludy Oppman Karen Orndorff Beverly Parks Laren Payne Kenny Pearman Sue Petro Clyde Phillippe Georgiana Phillips Ioe Pollock Reda Porter Iudy Power Iudy Pumroy Helen Ralston Dennis Riley Dora Roark Abagail Rodriquez Fred Rudy Fred Rumsey Mike Salopek Don Sandeiur Ioanne Sapko Suellen Schwartz Ronald Semba George Shema Ronald Shinall Sandra Sirovec Leonard Srnythe Richard Spradley Emily Stastny Charles Stokes Pat Swatts Steve Sweeney lames Tanner leanne Taulia Bill Tomb Martin Trask Mary Van Ham Ieanette Walker Pat Walker Nancy Walters Dave Weaver Sandra Webster Bonnie Wilding Yvonne Wilding. Sandra Wright Frank Yuraitis Carol Zaparucha 6. 'Q F al 4 F' " W K' l r. tg . 'Fi 'Hz J' J- " L." 'iw 4,43 'W' 'r -may kr..' r 'Q .1 X ' wr ,, Q X .Q A, X 4 .WJ ., WG, 9 2 5 f ' 3 Q : 'f Al EZ, 5, ' A ,f-JR'-7 l. W: YZ? 42 . ,Q 1 we V nf 47 al Ll'-2 r-qv XJ .x 4 .. -e411 -4 Nr ,ii i ,-og w-x .4-J K 'V or 4. in 1 w-J . A ' ,i 4 3,3 ,l ff", xv-IN X in ' ....T.. CLASS 35 Top Row: Stanley Novak, Iohn Ramirez, Terry Wilson, Richard Hummer, Millard Sandetur. Har- ry laracz, William Kendall. Steven lfanslnr, Amador Guerra and Roy Flores, Middle Row: lorry Kaminski, Robert Parks, Cavino limeniz, Allen Marshall, Charles Ionaie tis, lesse Isaacs, Robert Gra- ham, Bruce Fry, Dennis Haber. Larry Spurlock and Richard Rob- bins. Bottom Row: Karen Freeman, Gail Hurd, Wanda Fraley, Christine Kazmierczak, Ellen Iones, Carole Humonick. lanet Bochnowski, Ruby Hanson, Barbara Kaminski, Ramona Hall and Mary Charo. r A 1 CLASS 37 Top Row: Manuel Viramontez. Georqe Smith, Wallace Tanner. William Trethewey, Gary Storey. Henry Sanko, Robert Wenner- strom, David Woods and Willis Zaqrovich. Middle Row: Miss Briley, spon- sor, Mary Lopez. Barbara Wend- rowski, Iacqueline Zehme. Ronald Schultz, layson Heims, Dennis W a n a t, Thomas Zimnowoda. David Shuttleworth, Phyllis Wold- ahl, Linda Hoppe and Susan Yurkovich. Bottom Row: Mary Vasquez. Mary Walls, Wilma Turner, Bon- nie Wright, Margo Sunyog. Phyl- lis Sweet, lulie Simon, Dolores Searer, Faye Scobey, Nancy Weber and Donna Sexton. Eighth 1?.L4.v-..- ...M- ,,,,.-i.,-... Grade f- ..,,, ,. 1, ...Y . .KA CLASS 34 Top Row: Billy Davis, Walter Borman, Sam Braun, Robert Bor- man. Michael Connelly, Paul Edgman. Dennis Carter, Gary Billings, Iames Bowen and Robert Biancotti. Middle Row: Barbara lean Cook. Carolyn Cooper, Lois Brooks, Eliz- abeth Brandt, Iames Eminhizer. Kenneth Crisman, Mark Drohan. Paul Drake. Phillip Cutrall, Wal- ter Gray. Linda McKinnon, Rita Castillo. Diana Bloksha and Miss Feather, sponsor. Bottom Row: Gloria Castro. Iudith Corey. Dolores Ellis, Iudith Aloia. ludy Beishline, Patricia Boyle, Sharon Cherry, Iudith Cermak. Patricia Collens, Isabel Bewick, and Geraldine Decker. . ...,.......,.-...,t.. S .eg go. '4' 'B 5 is i ' P f ,-if s ,--X ',gg'gig 1ta-5--Q, ,-. " ,,LlA' 'Q' ' Lv: s . ' . TX . .. N . '.-- .f - I- - - .els 1 i, - , ' . M . yr ,K i 1 ,. . ok- JI CLASS 36 Top Row: Ruben Vela, Rene Vela. Edward Remm, Eric Nieman, Bob Parmley, David Navarro, Harvey Merrill, Ty Mercer, Arthur Bart- holomew. Henry Rodriquez and Ken Menconi. Middle Row: Bert Robbins, Char- les Milheiser, Lucille Marks. Susan Marks. Harriet Rupert. Sandra Maves, Linda Richter, Teresa Leon, Ioe Rodriquez and Mr. Peters, sponsor. Bottom Row: Gloria Patrick. Charlene Norwich. Pearl Laven- dusky, Connie Lopez, Mardella McKinney, Elizabeth Lawrence. Sandra Rupert, Marie Corpus. Eugenia Meadows and Carolyn McCorlrle. 5 tm, ,,., NL- 3- - . N ' L , 8 pf? .W rl A r V. L,,, ,l -. .e.,i,.,, f ' lf, 3 Q My M, gym , r. y wut ., , i t f tv Q 323 :t.'f?'f'?Jftl?f'hf'H- A A V f " W -Q it i ffffr-frfiv' tw 1+ A 45? 'W 1 mi A l,. . , 'l' 6 . , .Q-.,.,',, FK , D .L , J f m! NJ 'A N Q3 'Mya' se. , B' it wt X' f . ii la, A 3 'M fwfr sf ,X ggi 13, ' 44.1 Yr. 5 -L 1-if , xt it 5 4 ..' I. - Q' 5 . t S. V of .V W ,, ,t i t 'X 11:3 . ' M Y M y , f , S , t . J. 4 ff-iff-e as L, -,yt vie: ' .rf - 5 r CLASS 31 Top Row: Iames Cannon, Loren Hanson, Chester Dunn, Ioe Bush, Larry Snell, Richard Haller, Fred Harper, lulio Torres, Ronnie Fon- cannon. Ierry Davis. Adolph Va- linski, Nick Cortez and Kenneth Buxbaum. Middle Row: David Freeman, Norman Cristea. Robert Gusman, Myrna Fuller, Santa Guerra. En- delia Garza. Margaret Graves, Kathryn Froehling, Patricia Fruch- tman, Charles Hall, Billy Her- nandez, Iimmy Hummell and Miss lones, sponsor. Bottom Row: Theresa Grutsch, Sharon Clarkson, Imogene Gard- ner, Lois Hadaller, Diana Col- burn, Sandra Hardman, Sandra Costy, Carol Fraley. Charmaine Collins, Doris Brundridge and Frieda Braun. Seventh Grade .a.s,.,..,,, ,, . P t x n ,. .. .2,.,Lr. ,,. L . .. CLASS 30 Top Row: Iohn Ference, Lewis Evans, Paul Mollick, lcmes Carey. Iohn Barnett, Kenneth Armstronq, Robert Garza. Richard Billings, David Booker, Iohn Haake. Iames Wilson and Dennis Aaron. Middle Row: Iudith Abatie. Anti- onette Caras, Beatrice Partridge, Peter Graves, Gerald Balcerak, Robert Erhresman, Kent Barnett. Elmer Braun, Richard Hausele. Kay Loy, Charlene McMahon and Miss Rosenwinkel, sponsor. Bottom Row: loan Barnett, Ioyce Cope, Robyn Bennett, Mary Gar- rett, Carol McCoy, Io Ann Bono, Virginia Bland, Marlene Bed- dome, Sue Phillips, Ethel Lopez and Carole Biqqs. CLASS 33 Top Row: George Wilson, Freddie Clark, Deone Watkins, Iohn Vaqus, George Ranta, Iim Trino- sky, Howard Tidwell, Ronald Selin, Robert Smyth, Steve Sum- mers and lose Vasquez. Middle Row: Mary Ann Storey, Sandra Waite. Kenneth Weldon. Larry Swierski, Arthur Schmidt, Kenneth Wright, Carroll Schnei- der. Tom Sobierajski. Robert Bur- roughs, Randall Hamilton, Clyde Fischer, lohn Traglio, Lynda Iohnson, ludy Alger and Rita Hol- ferth. Bottom Row: Gail Edwards, Ioan Ruder, ludy Spurlock, Sandra Wil- son. Karen Tomb, Ieanette Zimek, Margaret Titus, Lorraine Torres. Victoria Rosenberg, Sandra Rem- kus and Alice Cazillas. L1 U Y CLASS 32 Top Row: Iohn Howard, Ronald Pettet, Robert Biancotti, Harry Mendoza. Gerald Niksch, Edward Suarez, lack Holtz, Harold Iohn- son and Bob Lusco. Row Three: Karen Hardin, Victor Lopez, Edward Lacny, William Mollick. Gerald Randazzo, And- rew Richter, Kenneth Pavlo. Robert Mingey. Raymond Leon and Sandra Kaufman. Row Two: Penny Westerman. Mary Kish, Martha lelke. Patri- cia Meyers, Brenda Praxton, Rosa- lea Wiatrolik, Rosalyn Levenson. Barbara Kenison and Frances Iaskulski. Bottom Row: Mr. Kominiak. Viola Medina, Marianula Rodri- quez, Katherine Mudry. Wanda Jones, Marjorie Skoczen, Geor- gean Lissey, Isabelle Idzik, Iudith Jenks and Roberta Nichols. STRIDES N ,in -6 :ill ggi . S NA iff? W3 1 W., tm ,S X -f.. ,r Student THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the student government of Edison High School. This organization was the first club to get into the social swing at the be- ginning of the school year by sponsor- ing Homecoming Week with the other clubs of Edison. It conducts halftime ceremonies at the game, the crowning of the queen and the dance afterwards. Other Student Council responsibili- ties are planning the social calendar, 7th and 8th Grade dances, SOS Human- ity Drive, Victory Bell and four scholar- ships to the top-ranking seniors. tt: an Council COMMl'l"l'lfltS' llppe-r lr-ll, Ollrrw-r-4 fir-rr!!-rl Mr. lnmun. mpfrrrmr, slrrnrlnnq Vrcrncvs Rondozzo, f,:-rqvrrnlrrlrrrmsq Bob Wyllio, member- frt lmqs-, Ioun Molrnuro, 1-wrrvtcrryq lohn l.rmksao, viFl'prf15-.rclvrrli Bud Humod. no-rrsurrwi Duck Molrncro, judqcl, Gnd Hun Prrvf-lkcr, pre-snrlr-nt. lmll, llf-rmfls Be-th Woods, Call Billings. Kun-n Sprrrks., Chrrrlfrttr- Koloflzmj and Vrrrrrcvs Rcrnclcrzzo l.rrwe-r lr-lt, llvlll-rim, Fllxulvy Iones, Nrrnry Olrvm and Kay Wolters. B:-lfrw, firhulrrrship Bud Hrrmocl, Richard Hull, Holy Sholts and Beverly Drohun, Lowa-r rrqhl, SOS. Bcrrburu Cosly, Bob Wyllm, Clurry Lonqliuld, lim Bcrstin and lrrun Molrnrrm. Hrqht, 7th und 8th Grade Dance: De- Wuyna- Culp, flurry Lunqlifeld, Wayne Vmqo, Burlxrru Costy, Ioan Molincro cmd Curol Nlnndozcr. Uppa-r riqht, Hulvs' Secllefl: Beverly Dro- hfrn, Strrndinq' Bob Wyllio, Carl Breh, me-r, Iuhn Luukso, Nancy Oliver, Oscar Humud and Angelo Marquez. Above. Cul:-nflur: Walter Bode, Beverly Drohcxn, fiwndrcr Mishlf-r and Dick Molincro, V xv N-3' 31: I I y 1 0 1 . . if"' ,,., M w K r x N '-3' RQ. ,5 sax l x 97: lia- f V gl A Sue Pieske. Marie Mudry Treasurer Secretary Y - Teens Mconizrrissaek' Sondra Mishler. President Providing an interesting program for girls in high school is the objective of the Edison Y-Teens Club. The social activities this year included a roll call program to introduce prospective members to the club and its ideals, a slumber party at the YWCA on Dec. 19 and a sock hop on Mar. 9. To swell the treasury they sold mums for Homecoming and pencils with the basketball schedule printed on them. Freshmen - Sophomores 3 Q - Juniors - Seniors Top Bow: Ioanna Milheiser. Ruth Daras. Beverly Zagrovich,'Pat Thomas, Marie Mudry, Sondra Mishler and Alice Del Castillo. Row Two: lean Hale, Charlotte Kolodziej, Phyllis Shelby, Beth Woods. Sue Pieski. Iosephine Turner, Mary Ann Salopek and Mary Helen Montgomery. Row Three: Ioyce MacGowan, Barbara Kreft, Arlene Koches, Loretta Grolla, Nancy Horwell. Donna Nicksich and Barbara Karp. Bottom Row: Pat Browne, Florence Wheeler, Diana Phillips, Marlene Graham, Donna Rae Tomlinson. Loretta Galinski and Mrs. Peters. sponsor. Y-7' A , R Q X . X Q? Top Row: Iudy Power. lean Coffman, Sandra Brown, Bonnie Corbett, Iudy Dunn, Betty Baker. Sandra Carr, Carol Pierson. Ioanne Cichocki and Barbara Elliott. Row Two: Linda Mullins, Yvonne Houle, Claudia Kolodziej, Sharon Boyle, Beverly Bryant. Suellen Schwartz. Eleanor Hero. Iudy Oppman. Delores Skoczen and Frances Wheeler. Row Three: Phyllis Phillipov, Carol Savage. Delores Kraynik, Ianet DeLaurieal, Iqnet Stanley, Doris Simpson, Abagail Rodriquez. Karen Hummell and Reda Porter. Row Four: Alice Schneider. Sandra Balloq, Priscilla Fleming. Ioleen Burke, Geraldine Brundridge. Elsa Duron. Alice Embry. Nancy Walters. Betty Beddome and Sylvia Cichocki. Bottom Row: Iudy Cox. Sandra Sirovec. Linda Ladd, Sheila Myers, Marsha Haller. Iudy Garreau Kay Isaacs and Mrs. Peters, sponsor. Hi-Y l WN Q47 an-ni", X Q 'ar L ' i lf i lg .gl R., . 4 OFFICERS: Standing: Iohn Wyllie. vice-president: Larry Beishline. secretary: Bud Hamod. sergeant- at-arms, and Ron Pavelka. president. Kneeling: Bob Ranta. treasurer, and Rich Hall. Student Council representative. I Top Row: Bob Shotts, Larry Rantcr. Bob Ranta, Iohn Crnokrak, Rich Hall, Chuck Bastin and Mike Doherty. Middle Row: Bob Gumienny. Larry Niksch, Bob Carr, Garry Langiield, Ray Grivetti, Larry Beishline and Iohn Wyllie. Bottom Row: Mr. Pugh. sponsor, Ron Pavelka. Bud Hamod, Chuck Petro, Duane Mishler and Mr. Anderson and Mr. Inman sponsors. Youth For Christ QK5 ?"'X has OFFICERS are: Beth Woods, president: Donna Tomlinson, secretary-treasurer: Bill Holtz, publicity chairman, and Mary Ann Salopek, vice-president. To start the school day off right with God, the every Friday after school. Special activities includ- Edison Youth For Christ organization instituted this ed a paper drive, a trip to Wheaton, Ill., for the Club- year a prayer meeting every morning before school A-Rama, and attendance contest with the Horace in the guidance room. They also continued meeting Mann YFC which Edison won and a quiz team. J s 5 .-V' ,- ttf li .. Top Row: Bill Holtz, Priscilla Fleming, Ioleen Burke, Mary Ann Salopek and Bill Eberle. Bottom Row: Mr, Inman. sponsor, Sandra Sirovec, Beth Woods, Donna Tomlinson, Doris Simpson and Pauline Fouty 39 FBLA w OFFICERS: Left to right: Rosemarie Durant, vice-president: Pat Browne, president: Frances Randazzo, treasurer: Shirley Iones Student Council representative, and Charlotte Baker, secretary. The Edison Future Business Leaders of America, which has just complet- ed its fifth year, is striving constantly to develop competent, aggressive business leadership and is trying to create more interest and understanding in the intel- ligent choice of business occupations. The principal activities of the year were participation in Career Day on Nov. 16, initiation of new members on Nov. 22, attendance at the state con- ference at Ball State Teachers' College on April 12 and 13 and promotion of money-making projects to purchase new equipment for the business depart- ment. ,.1....--Y., --i.,,.-,7 , , , A W ,MY-MQJMW i AW . L, l 1 B 5 ri ' Y Q1 A K ...4 , - - 5 lil' V x 5 Top Row: Carol Mendoza, Donna Rae Tomlinson. Nancy Oliver, Kay Walters, Marlene Graham, Iudy Kincade, Ioanna Milheiser, Barbara Karp and Carol Beno. Middle Row: Pat Browne, Carolyn Brandt, Pat Mendoza. Diana Phillips, Mary Ann Salopek, Shirley Sweet, Pat Thomas, Ruth Daras and Miss Leskow. Bottom Row: Rosemarie Durant, Pat Drake, Shirley Iones, Sharon Conrad, Gail Billings, Charlotte Baker. Carol Edwards, Norma Hague, Iune Allen and Marlene Trethewey. S X ff' Top Row: Carmen Corpus. Alice Del Castillo. Nancy Lowman, Karen Helvey, loyce MacGowan, Barbara Kreit, Arlene Koches, Iudy Garreau. Beverly Zagrovich, Mary Ielke, Loretta Grolla, Marsha Hcrller and Kay Isaacs. Middle Row: Georqianna Phillips, Karen Orndorft, Ioan Sapko, Shirley Orndorif, Carol Savage, Pauline Fouty, Sandra Webster, Louise Zimek. Elizabeth Gall, loanne Cichocki, Betty Beddome, Ramona Horgesheimer, Claudia Kolodziej and Mary Christotl. Bottom Row: Nancy Horwell, Donna Isaacs, Sondra Mishler, Barbara Pumroy, Beverly Drohan, Barbara Costy, Donna Nicksich. Linda Walters, Cynthia Butkus, Charlotte Kolodziej and Ioan Molinaro. 41 I z .1 -Q -sea -'D-wg 1 Q 2 3 f vs.. Lg'-S, ,1 ' iff 'V . af .W .,,-' Q -. is V X ff ! FAX' At 5 V. H - kr ' l OFFICERS: Left to right, are: Mary Ielke, secretary: DeWayne Culp, treasurer: Mike Gill, vice- president, and Karen Sparks, president. First on this years' agenda for the Edison Senior Dramatics Club was the presentation of three one- act plays entitled "You Too Can Be Charming", "Be A Little Cuckoo" and "Cupid Advertisesf' This was followed by trips to Purdue University for the Legisla- tive Assembly and to Chicago to see "Picnic." The climax came on Mar. 22 and 23 when they presented their major production, "The People vs. Maxine Lowe." Top Row: Ron Pavelka, Bob Gumienny, Bill Holtz, Mike Gill, DeWayne Culp and Ioe Van Scoyk. Middle Row: Iune Allen, Marilyn Fields. Linda Walters, Karen Sparks. Marsha Haller, Mary Ielk e, Sharon Conrad and Mrs. Larrabee, sponsor. Bottom Row: Barbara Karp, Alice Partridge, Ioan Molinaro, Alice Carden, Mary Lou Collen, Peggy Vinson and Marcia Kauffman. X .nv nv' Q, ",," 'Q Q M43 F11 to V n 5' Q a , Q . - is "v 42 be i i I 13 V. in wx' "Be A Little Cuckoo" 4 ,W-tf,v,yAf ..51v,- 'l "The Night Was Dark" "You Too Can Be Charming" E I 5 mi' fit V492 -1 vi-1 , QP Top Row: Gregory Burger Third Row: Suzanne Petro, Second Row: Pat Walker. Bottom Row: Eleni Christ. Junior Dramatics XM and Tony Hamilton. Dale Gough, Oscar Hamod, Andy Chismudy, Sandie Ballog, Iudy Oppman and Connie Powell. rv-1 9 9 CC Q 'Y fl F' m Q s E1 FD 71 Q N 5. f'D -. O N Q F' 5 :r 2. I Q F1 3. fn 32' 3 :r 1: V1 9 Q F' v-a O 5 5 u'T' Q :s Q. Z 51 5" '11 52. cu 'F Bonnie Wilding, Yvonne Wilding, Icann Sapko, Iudy Hale and Sylvia Cichocki. "AS SURE AS YOU'RE BORN" I 9 if-we U 1 I 44 4 A , W I ' 1 X 1 ,z i if S 1 I CUBIIIIUIIIC s if U 'x W L 1 E 1 1 , Q Y 1 X xg r lf'-1' 1 cmd dxction play cm important purt in dromutics. 2 x J ll if 61.5 Delores Skoczen Orchestra FIRST VIOLINS Beverly Bierly David Weaver Carmen Corpus Charlotte Kolodziej Emma Morton Claudia Kolodziej SECOND VIOLINS Magdalena Corpus Mary Vasquez Ruth Darras Louis Gonzales Marilyn Meese Linda Richter Antoinette Caras VIOLAS Celestino Suarez Kenneth Menconi Gilbert Galvez Paul Swatts CELLOS STRING BASSES lack Hopkins David Navarro FLUTES TRUMPETS Kay Walters Bob Shotts TROMBONES Fred Ramos Richard Spradley Gail Billings Ioyce Cope Mary Montgomery FRENCH HORN S Shirley Sweet Barbara Mannakee Phyllis Sweet Sandra Brown Linda Hoppe Oscar Canales Ierry Balcerak Endelia Garza Pamela Westerman Rosalea Wiatrolik Iason Heims Marilyn Fields Charles Mayfield Clyde Phillippe Bill Eberle CLARINETS Loretta Grolla Ianice Eminhizer Shirley Iones Nancy Oliver Bonnie Corbett Ieanette Walker The 1955-56 season was one of the busiest and most successful for our Edison Orchestra. Through- out the year they were seen playing for various school activities including the Christmas Concert, Honor Society induction, Music Festival, Senior Class Day program, Baccalaureate and the Com- mencement exercises. 46 In February several solos and ensembles were entered in the district contest at Crown Point and from there they went to the state contests in Indiana- polis where they brought back two first places. The season was climaxed on May ll, when the orchestra presented their second annual spring concert. Section heads: Beverly Bierly, concertmistress: luck Hopkins, bass: Shirley Sweet, Cello: Louis Gonzales, second violin, and Gil- bert Galvez, viola. -. Officers: Carmen Corpus, busi- ness manager: Ruth Darras, chairman of the orchestra fund Gail Billings, president: Char- lotte Kolodzieji, vice-president. and Marilyn Fields and Beverly Bierly, senior advisors. Cl. The orchestra's first graduating seniors are Beverly Bierly, Gail Billings, Louis Gonzales, Marilyn Fields and Charlotte Kolodziej. rw 'K fb. Q9 Otiicers of the band are Paul Richey, manager, Donna Nicksich, vice-president: Kay Walters, president, and Ioyce Tackett, business manager. Karen Helvey 3' If rl 5 U D Band Below, Flutes: Delores Skoczen, Priscilla Fleming, Donna Tomlinson. Sharon Hansen, Ioleen Burke, Iudy Cox and Barbara Elliot. Clarinets: Loretta Grolla, Ianice Eminhizer, Eddie Hamilton, William Mastric, Pauline Fouty, Louise Zimek, Elizabeth Gall, Sandra Wilding, Doris Simpson, Loren Fugate, Ioan Fischer, Dennis Crago, Gale Edwards, Linda Iohnson, Allan Marshall, Iudy Alger, Fred Clark, Ray Grivetti, Elsa Duron and Karen Richey. Bass Clarinets: Nick Davalos and Celestino Suarez. Alto Saxophones, Carmen Corpus, Karen Helvey and Dennis Anderson. Tenor Saxophones: Iohn Ramierez, Ted Rosenquist and Charles Stokes. Comets: Kay Walters, Paul Richey, Robert Shotts, Howard Marshall, Carol Pierson, Paul Iohnson, Alfonso Corpus, Larry Spurlock, Phillip Cutral, Tom Sobierajski, Iames Trinosky and Rita Hofferth. French Horns: Shirley Iones, Nancy Oliver, Bonnie Corbett, Ieanette Walker, Arlene Koches and Iudy Cermak. 3 Y .MI Section heads are, standing: Nick Davalos, bass clarinet: Richard Spradley, trombone: Donna Nicke sich. baritone: Gilbert Galvez, bass: Iohn Ramierz. tenor saxophone, and Carmen Corpus, alto saxophone. Seated are Delores Skoczen, flute: Kay Walters, cornet: Shirley Iones, French horn, and Loretta Grolla, clarinet. Trombones: Richard Spradley, Fred Ramos, William Trethewey. Robert Biancotti, Randy Hamilton and Ronald Shinall. Baritones: Donna Nicksich. Ioyce Tackett, Clyde Fischer and Robert Parks. Basses: Gilbert Galvez and Ronald Burger. Percussions: Richard Hammer. Terry Wilson, Robert Burrows. Charles Mayfield and Walter McLaughlin. Directors are Miss Scheddell and Mr. Chilson. Loretta Grolla X Donna Nicksich , , il Q, if ' X5 Q . U 'Jr ' 'I t ,A Q' . .. - l R' is " 7 es ct: 38 .N ' , X " 0 5s -. 0 ,L A Kg. X m ' . GN vig Q35-1'-,,, K ,,g Q? .. . exif? i ltr l 49 T-7' C? Officers, lelt to right: Mary Christoti, assistant secretary: Marjorie Zugel, Betty Baker and Eleanor Hero, librarians: Carol Mendoza. president, Sue Pieske. secretary: Sondra Mishler, student director: Suellen Schwartz, librarian: Marie Mudry, vice-president. and Beth Woods, treasurer. q A ,Af Jy.fW Jr ww, ,tems 1 X17 Top Row: Sue Pieske, Shirley Iones and Helen Gallagher. Eighth Row: Io Ann Victery, Kay Isaacs, Pat Thomas and Dora Roark. Seventh Row: Suelleri Swartz, lean Anderson, Priscilla Fleming and Rosemarie Durant. Sixth Row: Sandra Ballog, Phyllis Phillipov, Betty Baker and Beth Woods. Fifth Row: Lana Spurlock, Sondra Mishler, Sharon Chadwick and Marie Mudry. Fourth Row: Judy Dunn, Eleanor Hero, Mary Christoit and Sandra Sirovec. Third Row: Carol Beno, Loretta Grolla Beverly Zagrovich and Barbara Elliot. Second Row: Priscilla Nichols, Alice Embry, Mary Lou Beno and Marilyn Fields. Bottom Row: Carol Mendoza, Karen Hummell, Margie Zuqel, Frances Wheeler and Miss Feather. 5. 1 Qlrg5'?.5 Glee Club Major Production Q I .V "Betty Coed" K, x I X Y E 5 1 o H9 'o o iF , .. - o oio -ffoiff X -' f -Sh o 1s:f,i:::f::,C I 5 5 , if, mn: l 1 . mlm 51 Top Row: David Sweet, Kenneth Kraft, Fred Lobo, Gus Mavronicles, Gerald Randazzo, lack Holtz and Anthony Greco. Third Row: John Barnett, Peter Graves, Kent Barnett, Iames Carden, Sam Baker, Stephen Lavendusky and Gilbert Navarro. Second Row: Marlene Beddome, Virginia Bland, Penny Westerman, Patricia Myers, Kathryn Mudry, Iudy Petro, Georgeann Lissey, Harlene Davis and Sharon Lacny. Bottom Row: Sondra Mishler, student director, Beatrice Patridge, Charlene McMahon, Kathleen Loy, Margaret Phillips, Iudy Bowen, Connie Fischer and Carolyn Hague. .VW- R 1-gr' 7 Af r 1.-.Q--0? 3 I. Top Row: Norman Cristea, Arthur Schmidt, George Ranta, Iohn Kratkoczki, Ronald Selin, Ronald Foncannon, Chester Dunn and Robert Pitts. Third Row: Iames Freeman, Iames Falcone, Lorraine Torres, Karen Tomb, Iudy Spurlock, Ieanette Zimek, Sandra Costy and Charles Hall. Second Row: Sharon Clarkson, Sandra Hardman, Sandra Keith, Barbara Iones, Katherine Hoskinq, Frances lonaitis and Miss Feather, sponsor. Bottom Row: Benita Tanner, Marlene Zudak, Susan Thomas, Lupe Diaz, Rita Quintero, Delores Villarruel and Alice Toledo. OFF ICERS, Top Bow: Loretta Grolla. historian: Emma Morton, parliamentarian: Mary Ann Salopek, librarian. cnd Sondra Mishler, song leader. Bottom Row: Alice Shema, secretary: Frances Bandazzo, president: Shirley Jones, vice-president, and David Molnar. treasurer. Future Teachers of America The Edison Future Teachers' of America was ed the Kiwanis Educational Clinic at Valparaiso established in and is the National University. Iunior and senior representatives also at. Education Association' tended a dinner at Marquette Park. The club had its induction of new members in 0 ' October with Miss Feather, Miss Nelson and Mrs. The PUUWIY PUIPOSS of the FTA 15 'O encourage Wagner in charge. This year the members attend- high school students to become educators. 1' 4 "ig 4. 1 Top Row: Bob Iudas, Bev Bierly, Jeannine Savitski, Beth Woods, Emma Morton, Barb Mannakee. Ieanette Walker, lean Taulia, Loretta Grolla. Mary lelke, Beverly Drohan and David Molnar. Second Bow: Miss Feather, Shirley Iones, Ruth Daras, Mary Ann Salopek. Shirley Sweet, Ioyce Holmgren, Betty Baker, Alice Shema, Elaine Phillips. Barb Karp. Ianice Eminhizer, Ianet Stanley. Margie Zuqel and Miss Nelson. Bottom Row: Mrs. Wagner, Barb Costy. Frances Randazzo, Elizabeth Gall, Sylvia Cichocki. Marilyn Fields, Sondra Mishler, Phyllis Phillopov. Sandy Ballog, Bev Bryant and Ioan Molinaro. 53 lr Torch Bob Gumienny, production manager Mrs. Ianice Custer, sponsor: Bob Wyllie. ' - business manager. and Ron Pavelka editor-in-chief. 'X' lack Ihle, Bob Malinka, sports editor, and lim Forrester. 'gr- writ' ,nw-., fl! 'V V0.5 Y X 5 91 Rosemarie Durant, Frances Randazzo and Ioan Molinaro. reporters and pro- duction staff. K, y v- f S50 S Y ,,..v if so K . egg.-.--..........., R Ieannine Savitski. activities editor: Iune Allen, features editor and Barbara Costy. exchange editor. ,fin XA n -c . 4 ' 'fa Reflector ""C-g ,W Staff fx Bev Drohan, editor-in-chief: Carl V---sykwjr Brehmer, business manager, and Mrs. Ianice Custer, sponsor. N hun.-I Ioyce Tackett and Betty Eberle, activities editors. ff' 47. 1 Ron Pavelka, sports editor and Iackie Lockridqe, assistant business mana- ger and art editor. Right: Emma Morton, underclass editor, and Nancy Oliver, senior editor. f 'ff f l ,Kai ': 5 . . ,-Q s E 'ss 1 ,X E I i 4 YQ? OFFICERS. left to right: Ianice Eminhizer. treasurer: David Molnar. publicity chairman: Bob Gumienny. president: Bob Tomb, initia- tion head: Carl Brehmer. Student Council representative: Barbara Karp. secretary: Norma Hague, vice-president, and Mr. Poropat, sponsor. Camera Club Camera Club's main project has been to con- vert the pledges into bona-fide members by teaching them the basic steps in photography -- snapping the picture right to begin with, later developing the film and finally printing or enlarging the negative into a ARRL. As in preceding years the Site Swipers have assisted the professional photographer in the taking of the 1,800 individual pictures which are used for office files and the Reflector. This not only gives the members experience with professional equipment but also "fattens" the club's treasury. .. M3 ,. finished print. ...L n I I .,r.- tg -.mg-mai f' ,, a P i ......i.... . K ' 5-me x- 19 Q Q X sx Qld Members Top Row: Bob Tomb. lack Ihle. Bob Gumienny, Carl Brehmer and David Molnar. Bottom Row: Marilyn Meese, Norma Hague. lanice Eminhizer, Barbara Karp and Nancy Oliver. 11.11, . . . . 1, .-.,, .. ,Nu-.r.......,.,,.w,:t e.o.e....,,,g,,w,,-E,-1,-fe L 1 ,, ,.AN tx 31.5. M-. 1 K ig' S S? . ., , iw e 1 Q? gf-5 ., :Rx- 35 gg, V ew Members Top Row: Ramona Horgesheimer, Sharon Boyle, Louise Zimek. Roland Klein, Ron Pavelka, Alice Del Castillo. Elizabeth Gall and Carmen Corpus, Bottom How: Iudy Kincade. Lois Cooper. Suellen Swartz, Bev Bryant. Mary Montgomery, Marsha Haller, Sandra Kazmierczak and Mary Holsapple. f '1- Slteswlper s Photos fa 5852? 11212, P .9 ,fu sl gf' . in ,. uLn.u..la. ll K? Mrs. Saxton. club sponsor, dances with honorary slave, Mr. Inman. 'ax 4 4? '27 N N Officers of the Language Club are Wayne Varqo. vice-president: Pat Thomas, secretary, and Dick Molinaro. president. Language Club N , x The Latin cmd Spanish slaves were freed at the annual Freedom Follies this year. W-f"'f 1 Latin Students FIRST YEAR STUDENTS, Top Row: Iames Maves, Bob Carr, Charles Holland. Bill Eberle, Ron Kusmierz. Iohn Wyllie, Iohn Philbin, Ray Griveiii, Paul Swaits, Iohn Orosz and Ronald Semba. Middle Row: Howard Marshall, Ierry Widelski, Larry Beishline, Bob Savage, David Weaver, Nick Nylec, Larry Niksch, Ralph Hague, Bob Shotts and Paul Richey. Bottom Row: Bill Orban. Barbara Mannakee, Ioann Chicocki. Iudy Colburn, Sandra Carr, Doris Simpson, Odelia Vespo and David Langiield. SECOND YEAR STUDENTS, Top Row: Wayne Vargo, Dick Molinaro, Iohn Pryle, Ierry Pappas, Bill Iohnsion and Iames Biggs. Middle Row: Mrs. Saxton, sponsor, Bill Bartholomew. Carl Brehmer, Ronald Tennant, Dick Hall, Garry Langiield and Wayne Root. Bottom Row: Betiy Eberle, Barbara Karp. Alice Shema, Loreiia Galinski, Pat Thomas and Nancy Oliver. Spanish Students 1 1 9- s . E S ' s z, .L -.Q 0 fs K .N A v ' " Q7 Q? 12-sr, SECOND YEAR STUDENTS, Top Row: lack lhle, Bob Malinka, lim Forrester. Mrs. Saxton. sponsor. George Drescher. Nick Davalos and Armando Canales. Bottom Row: Ianice Eminhizer. Sandie Lowman, Kay Walters. Elsa Duron, Io Turner and Alice Del Castillo. -X ,,,-Q FIRST YEAR STUDENTS, Top Row: Ioe Van Scoyk, Peter Corpus. Tom Forbes, Tony Sanchez. Gilbert Galvez, Ted Rosenquist. Dave Bewick. George Sefton. Walter Bode. Dan Bums, Iulio De La Rosa and Ray Sanders. Middle Row: Iohn Caras, Bob Wyllie, Don Sandefur. loe Gonzales, Bert Clifford, Chuck Keretell. Larry Rama. David Dailey, Barry Gibson, lim Borman. Wayne Gibson. Chester Gut, Daryl Capps, Mrs. Saxton. sponsor and Rene Cantu. Bottom Row: Marcia Kauffman. Iudy Dunn. Sharon Szumlqala. Beverly Zaqrovich, Mary Iellre. Louise Zirnek, Mary Ann Salopek. Beth Woods and Dorothy Shaw. x 61 ,sf ski ul v'x ti M -WW sid. W - 'Q ' .. ..:-'- E21 E" . .' as K g. agxtaaif-13.636 I li W 9' A s 5 fa J, -ff . A . . 1 ,, W, K 1 8, S nl---Q, I I I I V Q ' 3, I x , -3 Q I is f ' s ik WJ J 5 I Xin R1 R ff ft M4 ' Q Xl?-W . .r,gf..'f3'5 3f gm T' i if Lg,fwf,i5in,fi fs 'yedns A Ty-1 MH- K 'Xu Fx.. v " fr :nf b 9 ,I v':4 75,7 4. V wif L -. ma L Q-wa ,cw A , ', . K . ,Q , x ' A .4 x'-'. X, , . 1 K A M ,, .- A Lf. x t. " ' mr, 'W ' '+A-N .W ...I-' -,fnw ' b -'F' 4? 2 1 I "1 F N N X, S-,545 v5gf,.f 1 rv 9' fkrffzif vs? 23.14 41- je, '. 'gf , 5- .Q iq ik ., Y ', xx f lui-:naar ' ir- Y, -,rl-A IIS" ff' .. .... A am' e-., K" 'W 'ow in 3 I J -sw,-, .. I im Q wx 'L f fu-. ,- ,. HO OR x r n ,'! '.'! ' Q ,- ,,z 3 L xg-M ,SAK-skim u fr ational Honor' Society MMM! i x I iflhf, Q S I' Wy , ,S G Aw e X C? Q7 X r K,.,fQf5-rwrf OLD MEMBERS, Top Row: Marilyn Fields, Russell Iohnston, Iohn Laakso, Carl Brehmer, Iack Ihle. Bob Tomb and Frances Ran- dazzo. Bottom Row: Ioyce Tackett, Barbara Pumroy, Charlotte Baker, Beverly Drohan, Ioan Molinaro and Barbara Costy. Y 1 l M1 l C7 NEW MEMBERS, Top Row: Ascencion Sanchez, Ronald Pavelka. Duane Sparks, William Iohnston and Wayne Varqo. Middle Row: Norma Hague, Shirley Sweet, Nick Nylec, Robert Ranta. Ianice Eminhizer and Barbara Karp. Bottom Row: Donna Isaacs, Alice Shema, Betty Eberle, Donna Tomlinson, Mary Helen Montgomery and Ioanna Milheiser. Not pictured, Richard Hall. 64 Ss Thespian Society OFFICERS, Top Row: Ron Pavelka. presidentland DeWayne Culp, Student Council representative. Bottom Row: Karen Sparks, vicerpresidentz Mrs. Lars rabee, sponsor, and Mary Ielke. sec- retary. The Thespian Society is a national honorary club devoted to the advancee ment ot dramatic arts in secondary schools. Members are chosen on the basis ot achievement in dramatics. THESPIAN SOCIETY MEMBERS ENROUTE TO THEATRE PARTY IN CHICAGO Mrs. Larrabee, sponsor, Ioan Molinaro, Bob Gumienny, Mary Ielke. Marilyn Fields, Ron Pavelka, Alice Carden. Sharon Conrad, Sharon Szumiqala, Barbara Karp, Karen Sparks and DeWayne Culp. Not pictured, Mike Gill. 65 1 'W nn' -A 1 vw--0-0-1-Wm W,,. me ., mL,A ,.z1,WYe..,, Y ,ff 1 f rn.. V ,. rw L.,, ,Y ,,,,, .iW,,-.,,,m, 1 I 1 1 e1 e 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y ff 1 T E Ni V1 I 1 L I I T -1l115-" Egg 1 V1 1 1 M... M... ...., f ..., 14111111 ....,f ' Put Drake, Loretta Grollcx, Chuck Webster, Mar Cheerleaders Reserve: Scmdy Ballog, Cathy Bcxstin cmd Ph BOYC3 LOCKEQ 'fm 5 N 'V ., 'N xl, ... T S ' 1' 0 . xx X o - X me VICTORY BELL PRESENTATION Tom Hebert, Wirt High School Student Council representative, presents the Victory Bell, which is the traveling trophy between Edison and Wirt High Schools. to Ieep Neqrelli, Edison football captain. The Victory Bell was originated in order to have good sportsmanship between the two schools. Looking on are lack Kelly, left. Wirt football representative. and Ron Pavelka, right, Edison Student Council president. ff ff club Left to right, Top Row: Bob Ranta, Larry Ranta, Phil McCorkle, Gerry Leqqitt, Norman Falcone, Taylor Gean, Iohn Crnokrak and Bob Wiatrolik. Third Row: Duane Sparks, Wayne Vargo, Richard Grutsch, Melvin Iohnson, Bill Orban. Ierry Pappas, Iim Bastin and Mr. Forsherq. sponsor. Second Row: David Langfield. Vernon Vanderhere, Lee Iamieson, Ioe Piazza, Chuck Kerstell. Iohn Laakso, Dick Molinaro and Mr. Brasaemle. sponsor. Bottom Row: Bert Clifford, Bob Clark, David Bewick, Tom Bryant, Iim Forrester, Rich Hall, Ed Hofferth and Ron Paladini. 32 -S 4 Qu 'fm 1:00 x A ' ,. ' , ' . ', ' vb 55,3 ,'5'z3f' 'X if 0 ' ' ' 1 .4-I t 3. . Q Sf , + sSmm W , 1 p PROM KING AND OUEFN ifvr 1955 Garry Lunqfield and Ioun Molincxro, with hm MucKmqcm, Iunior Class presxdent, and his date, Marie Mudry. X2 sp is .A g J L, x7 we ' nf- f fx i 43 ni "W I4 , ' ' c t 1 , ' '- 1 'Fw P i4 7 X X ,V 5 X- at I 1 ' " , u F7 4 ,. . -,V X .X v, ,Jef-f . ,N -ri 'X 5 u hr PC ,O O FH .if Semors Queen Nell Leath and King Ieep Negrelli ATTENDANTS Sophomores Sandra Kazmierczak Lanjy Beishline Iumors Pat Drake David Langiield 70 Freshmen Linda Ladd Kenny Pearman lgg in ...QS A g I i K N U Q X BATTLES Tom Bryant ' k..,. 1 E 's.,..r' af K g. I Jai' Cs.-F K K 4 Q ,v K.. Y -f'?h-srl' ,. E. ., wr G' Dave Bewick Ieep Negrelli X Chuck Bqstin 'C' Rick Oppman Bob Clark This year's Blazers, led by Captain Ieep Negrelli, had quite a good year. Their second place finish in the Calu- met Conference was blemished only by one defeat, and this to Conference Champs, Portage. Dick Hall, city scoring champ, was named to the All-Calumet Conference first team. and Bob Clark and Ioe Piazza got berths on the second team. loe Piazza Dick Hall Q s 4 Garry Langtield w 2 eiw gi 1 fga it L3 .-. -A P Ioe Gonzales Q u . if 1 W! Chuck Kerstell L2 W lx. J - AJ, ! 1 'U I, tzhthini Va.-rsit Football Top Row: Coach Brasaemle, Mike Gill, stuaent manager, Bon Paladini, Ieep Negrelli, Vernon Vanderhere, Garry Langfield, loe Piazza, Bob Clark, Bob Wiatrolik, Ierry Piazza and Coach Anderson. Middle Row: Wayne Root, Chuck Bastin, lim Bastin, Richard Harding, Dave Bewick, Nick Christ, Dick Hall, Bert Clifford, David Langtield, Gerry Leggitt. Rick Oppman and Iohn Crnokrak. Bottom Row: loe Gonzales, Chuck Kerstell, Norman Falcone, Melvin Iohnson. Dick Molinaro, Ierry Pappas, Bill Orban, Walter Bode. Phil McCorkle, Bill Anderson, Tom Bryant and Iohn Holland. Reserve Football Top Row: Coach Anderson, Coach'Brasaemle, Mike Gill, student manager, Alex Kristine, Duane Mishler, David Negrelli, Mike Salopek, Larry Beishline, Ken Anderson and jack napkins. Middle Row: Bob Shotts, Bob Carr, Don Walker, Bernard Oppman, Fred Ramos, Howard Marshall, Steve Sweeny, Frank Yuraitis, Larry Balcerak, Larry Niksch, Iames Maves, Tom Lockridge, Ioe Van Scoyk. Bud Mastric and Paul Iohnson. Bottom Row: Alfonso Corpus, Pat Norris, Iulio De La Rosa, Duane McCorkle, Bob Edwards, Oscar Canales, Angelo Marquez, Richard Spradley, Pete Mokol, Dale Morse, Ierry Widelski, Kenny Pearman, Bill Tomb, Mike Doherty, Ron Kusmierz and Ronnie Semba, A Q :fi gt - :+,gff3T1' 'CB' a 5 Er- 'T Q Q, va' w :V jf, BN v 5 9,5 "xL5? ' A 7Q'5f3?'ff??7i"Q1,1f2ifxwmw7'QLTVA'L5fd1?g?'J L'm,' 4 'ff 55:4 N if? sw, ?ggg 'Q ,, Q , if .ls 'O f 2' IQ. .1 5, 0 Q ...lg il 5, V Ev wr -4 C mf ff ' time 5 U if , , fl E. r 4 N A QAAA A F 0 Bob Rama Iohn Cmokrak it , E 1 NJ 4 ju 'ti 6 . Wwlf, g 5 Q Basketball Schedule 1955-56 ' if Q- ' for Ed OPP 4 ' ' Horace Mann 59 49 S' hi Tolleston 63 46 1 N-v Ng 5.4 Griffith 56 45 3 " . Hobart 52 35 H 4 xx Bob Malmka Portage 48 64 hm Fones , A Crown Point 64 40 Q5 - Calumet Township 67 747 Dyer 68 44 East Gary 90 70 I ,E , Emerson 71 46 Lowell 78 51 , ' Rochester 57 64 7 ' Ron pcladini Morton 57 77 Bill Orban . ' 32 4 Roosevelt 56 60 ' A Z. Merrillville 48 50 b 451.1 A 7 S 'Q Jlse 4 ff 4 5 S fri? 4 Xl ' Q , is 4 ru ' V Bob Wiatrolik 5. 5' Larry Rama Lee Iamieson 5' , 2, 2? 4 4 "" N-f , ,L . ' V . 1 K .IJ 5 nf x f-: lx lx x 4 Q K, I A 1 ' 7 Q' or 0 76 1 r X 7 R ff' ,M N .JJ L gf' Q. I ! lj ,, fl R rw 'V ' ,Fi 3 l X X T T ' f 4 , t , f s ,bg J Us f J I ...tag ' ' , . r ' I K xl ' R It ,I bf RESERVE BASKETBALL 'lop Row, Barry Citbson, Bob Savage. Larry Niksch, Norman Falcone, Nick Nylcc, Ron Tennent, Phrl lVlcCorklf- and Coach Anderson, Bottom Row: Ice Van Scoyk, Dale Morse, Larry Beishlmc, Wfryrrf- Vtrrqo, Walter Bode, Bud Nlastric and Gerry Leqqitt. 4'-, n. vt '. ' Ps- 7' . - F wr' .r 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL Top Row: Iohn Crnokrak, Larry Rnnta, Bob Ranta, Bob Wiatrolik and Coach Eorsberq. Bottom Row: lim Forrester, Lee Iamieson, Bill Orban, Bob Nlalinka and Ron Paladini. Not pictured, lerry Pappas and Duane Sparks. r lg , V gr Ti A sk. ,fr 5 VV , l , xl! L lee X30 ,, ft -fe H Q Freshman Basketball Top Row: Mike Salopek, Steve Sweeny, Steve Zubrenic, Kenny Pearman, Dale Gough, Uscar uanales and Larry Balcerak. Middle Row: Angelo Marquez, Warren Gibson, Duane McCorkle, Paul Iohnson, Don Sandeiur, Billy Dietz and Coach Brasaemle. Bottom Row: Allred Rudy, Don Guernsey, Charles Stokes, Richard Spradley, Oscar Hamod, Bill Tomb, Charles Kalina and Ronnie Semba. Sin ll l iw ,ic- gms 3 P 3-El! In 1 K. L 1 u rs,-f, X, Grade School Basketball Top Row: Robert Rado, Henry Sanko, Millard Sandeiur, Garry Storey and Mike Mokol. Middle Row: Iohn Rameirez. Gavino Iiminez, Mark Drohan, Henry Rodriguez and Roy Flores. Bottom Row: Dennis Haber, Iames Bowen, Paul Drake, Bruce Fry, Rubin Vela and 78 Coach Anderson. Sa H Qs' 'flv' mx. W T'W?Sg"'5 y gif, , I Y . 'GM ' i ng, ' Y' - af 32 LL f' Wi. 51 Q Ig 5 3 QI' AQ.. x, 3,1 xiii! If 3 ,f'f',:J ', ,N 1. ,V 'riff W lo.. wir fm' 1 x K 3, 54 s Q F mall Rv! Top Row: Pete Mokol. Melvin Iohnson. Ron Paladini, lohn Cmokrak, Bernard Oppman. Bob Wiatrohk Bob Shotts and Taylor Gean Third Row: Don Walker, Gerry Leggitt, Iim Bastin, Larry Beishline. Ierry Widelski, Richard Haber Wayne Cnsman and Ieep Neqrelli. Second Row: Iim MacKeigan. Rick Oppman. Bill Orban, Randy Curtis. Norman Falcone David Hernandez Tom Lockndge and Dick Hall. Boitom Row: Dick Molinaro. Chuck Biggs, Iim Forrester, Jerry Pappas, Tom Bryant, Bud Hamod Ed Hoiferth and Coach Anderson. 80 Apr. 10 Apr. 13 Apr. 17 Apr. 20 Apr. 24 Apr. 27 May l May 4 May 8 May 11 BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1956 Merrillville Portage Dyer Lowell Griffith Merrillville Portage Dyer Lowell Griffith , ,fri Track Top Row: Mike Gill, Bob Carr, Dale Morse, Larry Beishline, Ierry Widelski, Rick Oppman, Alex Kristine, Tom Forbes, Pat Swalts and Ron Kusmierz. Third Row: Vernon Vanderhere, lack Carpenter, Ron Paladini, Iim Bastin. Lee Iamieson, Bob Wiairolik, Iohn Crnokrak, Wayne Varqo, Dan Burns. Duane Sparks and Pete Mokol. Second Row: Richard Grutsch, George Sefton, Bill Garreti. Bill Orban, Chuck Kerslell, Garry Hernandez, Bernard Oppman, Harold Garcia, Barry Gibson and Coach Forsberg. Bottom Row: Bob Savage, Steve Subrenic, Iim Forrester, Ierry Pappas, Chuck Biggs, Mike Doherty, Phil McCorkle, Pat Norris, Iulio De La Rosa and Ioe Van Scoyk. f 1 , ' 4 3 aff, il, y ,I4 Q N A X A all, 'l 5, K 9 ln, if I "1 x QQ f' gl 'Wi 5 . Q I f QQ z .r r . l ir x A IJ Cross Countr Top Row: Barry Gibson, Bob Savage, Ralph Hague. Dan Burns, Iohn Pryle, Wayne Gibson and Coach Sparks. Bottom Row: Duane Sparks, Chuck Petro, Wayne Vargo, Richard Grutsch, Taylor Gean and Garry Hernandez. Girls' Athletic Associiatioin 45? 'FY hu-lg Q? 5? r SPORTHEADS, Back Row: Loretta Grolla, captain- ballg Pat Thomas, individual games, and Mary Christoff, basketball. Front Row: Shirley lones, soccer, and Lois Cooper, softball. Not pictured: Marilyn Fields, volleyball. "E" CLUB MEMBERS, Back Row: Pat Browne, Gail Billings and Marilyn Fields. Front Row: lanice Eminhizer, Iackie Lockridge and Diane Phillips. 82 KZ? -L-J.. OFFICERS, left to right: Pat Drake, treasurer: Ianice Emin- hizer, secretary: Mary Ann Salopek, vice-president: Gail Billings, president, and Pat Browne, assistant treasurer. The Girls' Athletic Association believes in fresh air and fun for their girls. To please every' one, during the year they offer a variety of Sp0riS, basketball, softball, badminton, ping- pong, captainball, volleyball and soccer. GAA sponsors their annual turn-a-bout dance, "Cupid Capers," around Valentine's Day. Early in May, GAA has their annual ban- quet where the girls who have done outstand- ing work receive their letters, stripes and other awards. This year GAA has started a club within a club, the GAA "E" Club. The only girls that are eligible for this club are the ones that earn 1,500 points by participating in the various sports offered by the club. ucv' Y gh G A Members , 3 - 3 I E ' 5 ml 4 7 1 , W., ,,. ,. 4. , . .N in.. A f J W ns ' " ' ' ' 1 2 V -- x WT C, Q 0 sa gf Q . E K K K " Q, ' in-mx st A N DMN s s I , n A- ' 9 ' l I f , 1 'w' '1' l 1, t Q if , j f' i '55 5-7 1 :Q ' ' :W-'rt W pf t ' f s' 1 . Ng 1 I ' '- . -"' ' ,xv L, ,N Y t S, X x xi P X ' I . o "x, . , 1. - B L v Q " 'Z .. l 2. T2 I A , f - vw "! K . 5 .A , K ,V i g an xy 9 Y . K xl Q ii i 8 s , ' P -Q, X ,R A . X A L Sl. V 5 . qi i '1 'D Z X 5 s 3 3 I E ' l J 2, it ' 1 f , I ia 1 is Top Row: Marilyn Fields, Lois Cooper, Betty Coan, Carol Pierson, Kay Walters, Charlotte Baker, Claudia Kolodziei, Bonnie Houle. Loretta Grolla, Mary Ielke and Ruth Daras. Middle Row: Barbara Karp, Ianice Eminhizer, Mary Ann Salopek, Diane Phillips, Pat Browne, Iackie Lockridge. Carol Savage, Arlene Koches, Bev Zaqrovich, Mary Christoll, Gail Billings and Miss Charlson, sponsor. Bottom Row: Sandra Wright, Ioanne Cichocki, Doris Simpson, Delores Skoczen, Ianet Stanley, Barbara Mannakee, Pat Drake, Shirley lones, Beth Wood and Pat Thomas. I 2 B , , ' f I 1 , ,.,...,:...,.,-,. , . .1 1 ,Mx ,.....,l-.,..., ......, M. ,L X ..T...I x W 5 'Q ,Nm - , R 1 .0 Q Q: ,M , . F x . Y , 3, E.. I f' l 5' X, " , ' . ' - . ,. ' - S 1 ' 01 I 5 s-w,,,,,,,,, ,,..,,.... f V ,,,,,,,,., h . ' -1, 4 A f ' li , , , w ,, . 1 t D t . , y ul , , 3 - - 2 5 'B si B .1 .- ',. VM . , 45 D no I 75 IJ f is .Q " 9 ' as 4 cd 4 ! " Q . 1 I , j 5 I If f V l wiv, J 4- U 5 K 'L , .J 5 ti J' x' is x 7 ' t tl, '. W V WV "" t"", f if, K ' 2 B ' A ' B f 1 1. s A , Top Row: Norma lean Nardo, Iackie Iohnson. lean Taulia, Ieannette Walker. Barbara Iohnson, Yvonne Wilding. Ianet DeLauriea, Delores Kraynik. Sandra Brown. Ieannie Kauffman, Sylvia Cichocki, Betty Beddome and Ioleen Burke Middle Row' Ethel H ' . . urns. Linda Ladd, Mary Holsapple, Linda Mullens. Edith Harris, Sheila Myers, Carol Zaparucha. Helen Ralston. Iudy Pumroy and Barbara Elliott. Bottom Row: Elsa Duron, Karen Hummell, Abagail Rodriques, Rita Porter, Karen Omdorfl, Ioanne Sapko, Georgianna Phillips. Priscilla Fleming, Sandra Sirovec, Susan Petro and Geraldine Brundridge. u""'Ttf "'f..: 1' WALSWORTH Lmwpnhua A huns by lualolnr nofmzna lu-mlm-. lo-, u. s. A. 8 3 K . 1 , i r .--p -a---T-- 'r - 5 was .Qs-f 5 . w"'7i"" 'ji 14 w.. R ..-.--..4 A.. .N sw' .--"""" 1' Y 'L ., gi X ......-------- -- x, ,-.-..----. ......-.-............-.. -..---.s......-.-V4 .L- ,........-.....J...-,- .....u.. 1 'T -I 'Mil 1 -frm' " X ex - ' S S . L if X i K F Q ' 5 " iw ., . I I H . THHAL W wx "9-rf ' 3. u. 'L s i' aff' l"k.2 'Quill I1 - Y av., 1 'J .49 , , ,Q ' WL-. mf . X,.,f5, ,Z J. 1 ' .. if N Q.. ' ' f 9 . V F J. . ,M L ,..N..,.....,.. ..- . ...A..... 1 4 ,........ .,,....J....-..--- ...-.......-, .,......N.,,A,,.,.- ,.L..,..... -.--,-NL , , , .-...J.......,. ,-...L....A,,.- Y A---- 4 - --:M:.r-- 1... 4 g-- - ullll Q "' "G-lu :zu -L fa- ' lu 1nn-. ...., ,,--- l . -- 4' 0. OFFICERS, Top Row: Bev Drohan. president: Barb Costy, publicity chairman, and Marie Mudry, treasurer. Bottom Row: Ioan Molinaro, secretary, and Pat Drake, vice-president. Pep Club entered the 1955-56 year under the in charge of the parade and poster contest. direction of Miss Armstrong, Mrs. Niepokoj and Mr. Also, as for the last two years, Pep Club has Anderson. sponsored the cheerleaders and has made money This year Pep Club cooperated with Hi-Y and for their uniforms and other expenses by selling Student Council during Homecoming Week and was green and white pompoms and megaphones. Seniors,'Top Row: Linda Walters, Gail Billings. Carol Mendoza. Sharon Conrad, Cynthia Butkus, Carol Edwards and Beverly Drohan. Third Row: Ioyce Tackett. Kay Walters, Nancy Oliver. Betty Coan. Pat Browne, Rosemarie Durant and Charlotte Kolodziej. Second Row: Nancy Horwell, Barb Costy, Charlotte Baker, Iackie Lockridge, Karen Sparks, Beverly Bierly, Ieannine Savitski and Donna Isaacs. Bottom How: Miss Armstrong, Iune Allen, Ioan Molinaro, Charles Webster, Marilyn Fields, Phyllis Shelby. Frances Randazzo and Mr. Anderson. 97 ww L 1 Iuniors. Top Row: Ioyce MacGowan. Diane Phillips. Mary Ielke, Shirley Iones. Ruth Daras and Marie Mudry. Third Row: Mary Ann Salopek, Beth Woods. Iosephine Turner, Marlene Graham. Iocnnu Milheiser. Elaine Phillips. Alice Shema and Betty Eberle. Second Row: Sue Pieske. Barb Karp. Ianice Eminhizer. Loretta Galinski. Donna Tomlinson, Shirley Sweet. Barbara Kreit and Mrs. Niepokoj. Bottom Row: Bev Zagrovich. Pat Thomas, Mary Christoll, Pat Drake, Loretta Grolla. Carol Beno and Arlene Koches. Underclassmen. Top Row: Mr. Anderson. sponsor. Georgianna Phillips. Karen Omdorfl. Emma Morton, Arlene Lawbauqh, Karen Hummell, Abagail Rodriquez. Sharon Cherry. Suellen Schwartz. Bev Bryant and Miss Armstrong. sponsor. Third Row: Judy Garreau. Shirley Orndorfl. Rita Porter, Pat Boyle. Iudy Beishline. Phyllis Phillipov. Sandy Ballog and Sandra Wright. Second Row: Cathy Bastin. Else Duron. Priscilla Fleming. Ioleen Burke. Sandra Sirovec. Geraldine Brundridge. Barbara Elliot. Kay lssacs and Sandra Kazmierczak. Bottom Row: Bonnie Houle. Claudia Kolodziej, Sharon Boyle. Mary Lou Beno. Nancy Lowman. Karen Helvey. Iudy Oppman and Marsha Haller. 'Q' " -, ..s"'fg' t ,f .1 '53, f 4f"'. , Q 3, fiiqi-f3o?.,?si,f'3 ,Rf T1fi1 g3'fm,f,.r 151553 ,,:-gag S rf 1 ' KMX-lcv-s. - Y' . ,Q If Q' ' K A ,az N -r s. qv 4' 1 iff r -gag.: , 1 . 52 'ive 4 . - x M.. H W 's " '35 ,- 1 E fi! I r 4- P -if v . . 4- " 1 ,r V '-,-,-.-J n, . 4 '..- ' -A' 'w.-,-- a v . --4,- lv-,N . -: . 1 sv 3 1 5 r ,Q - 1 7 fa , X , V." V - -, ri E , V ff- -1 AM., 1 L:- E W .. iq' fi , 15, r 1 'a ,Q - ,W :-is 4 V4 7 Q? f ,F . - ,, ki Er . is nz' ,. i-. ai I 3, VP! "Q ig: xg, -53 31 Q-x 2' 1 -J I, V: v1 H 'n f - ' ,Sf 2' we 4 . . iii E' nf 1 15 Es. ju N -,f11 ff , AV f -' s g ' M' ng- i 'A ,, 57" - L EE: L V ww , 4-new , . 4. - .. .xr .,rlf- . '59

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