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iElM dM IHUKSIHI S cG ' IHI S) (Q IL, ©A1Y, DM® II AH A MS HHDE RElFlIJE GTr®K AD5MI1 M n STIR ATM ® M board of school trustees Seated: Daniel Kreitzman, Vice President; Rev. N. P. Fowler, President; Mrs . Uno T. - CAE. Swlngley Hill, Treasurer. Standing: William H. Stern, Seoretary; Charles D. Lutz, Super- v rj ■A™-?. Mr. Swlngley, Carolyn Mane field. Miss E. Dardano. 0 dl IR , GRETCHEN SAXTON Spanish •Remove not the ancient land-mark, whioh thy fathers have set. Indiana University Torch Student Council VIOLA BRILEY Mathematics •The studious pursual of volume will make better citizens. N. E. Missouri State Tohrs. College Juniors Band MARY FOLEY Speeoh •A soft answer turneth away wrath. Northwestern University IFAOTILW CLARA ZEHNER Art •Whoso loveth Instruc- tion, loveth knowledge. Ball State Tohrs. College Art Institute of Chloago MARCELLA JONES Mathematics " Hear Instruction and be wise and refuse It not. Iowa State Tohrs. College ETHEL LARRABEE Auditorium •Hear counsel and receive Instruction. • Ball State Tohrs. College Dr matlo Club A. 0. A. MARTHA B. CONNOR Science •Strive not with a man without cause, if he have done thee no harm. " Indiana University Seniors Solenoe Club BESS FEATHER Music " Counsel is mine and sound wisdom; I am understanding. • University of Akron Ohio State Freshmen Girl s ' Glee Club Elementary Choir MILDRED O ' LAUOHLIN Solenoe A wise king scattereth the wicked. University of Wisconsin ELIZABETH SCHEDDELL Band •Blow, Gabriel, Blow. Illinois University Band ERNEST LADD BERT SVEIGART Social Studies ■Happy Is the man that findeth wisdom. Cornell University University of Iowa Sophomores JEAN ROSENVINKLE Library ■Knowledge oannot be valued with gold. Indiana University EDNA STANKOVICH Home Eoonomlos ■He that tllleth his land shall be satisfied with bread. " Indiana University Seventh Grade Girls ' Conference MARY JANE BERGDOLL Physical Education ■in all labour there Is profit, but the talk of the lips tendeth only to poverty. Ball State Tohrs. College G. A. A. Girls ' Conference LOVELL D. SPARKS Physical Education ■He that epareth his rod hateth his son. Butler University Basketball Baseball Cross-Country Traok Sooial Studies ■Take hold of instruc- tion, let her not go; keep her for she Is the life. ■ Indiana University Commerce ■I will render to the man according to his work. " Ball State Tohrs. College Seniors Honor Society REFLECTOR that git he re th by l abour shall increase . ■ Indiana State Tohrs. College Eighth Grade Freshmen Hi-Y Sohool Patrol SONIA LESKOV LORRAINE PEABODY English ■Reoeive my instructions and not silver, and know ' ledge rather than oholoe gold. • Loyola University Northwestern University Eighth Grade MILDRED MoGEE English ■Apply thine heart unto Instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge. • Indiana University Seventh Grade SOTO© L SEWIKBES’ POLICE HOME VISITER SCHOOL NURSE Perry Martin Helen Kindelburger Mrs. Pauline Walter JANITORS Mr. Edward Chernetzky Mrs. Fern Burns Mr. George Dillon Mr. George Wirick OFFICERS: Emery Brazil, President; Don Parry, Secretary; Carolyn Mansfield, Treasurer; Leonlel Baldwin, Vice President. 1944-1945 This unforgetable year was our first in high school. As green as we were, we adjusted ourselves to the social life which helped us in our following years In school. It was quite a shook to us poor Fresh- ies having the point system ohanged. Our real chanoe oame in giving the play, " Torn 3awyer, soared as we were, we gave a fine performance. What a year 11 ii Hearing that the Seniors were not going to let us go to the Prom became our first disap- pointment. Funny thing! Hi There were Just as many freshmen as any other class. 1945-1946 Our success in the second year began with a danoe oalled “Sadie Hawkins Day, whloh was liked by all beoause of the help it gave some girls. All our talents were really shown in the play “June Mad, a three act comedy. As a reward for all our hard work in putting the play over, we were given a spaghetti supper, with baked beans, potato salad, and cole slaw- -some thing fit for a king. To end the year up with a bang, we had a " Mixer Dance, " and gave out paper mixing bowls as favors. We felt sure that no other class had ever put on as many successes as we have. 1946- 1947 This year gave us a chance to show our originality by putting on the first " Night Club " style dance, called Balloon Bally-Hoo " or " Club Junior. " then came the chance for the boys to make themselves a name by putting on " Junior Follies, " a minstrel show. The year was climaxed by our grand and glorious Prom; all centered around " An old Dutch Garden. " The hardest part came when we wanted to get the Dutch mill out to the Pavilion, but our cunning politicians came to the rescue and gave Mr. Swingley the Job of finding a truck. He finally did, too III To walk in and see the beautifully decorated room witty tulips and Dutch cos tumes, was enough reward for our hard labor. 1947- 1948 Our Senior year brought about the happiest days of our four years. Dignified high school students! This year stood for more sophisticated things than Just putting on a play, giving a dinner or doing mischievous things. We, the Seniors of " 48, " finally bad to get down to business, and work out ideas for our future days. There was the ordering of caps and gowns, getting cards and invitations, working on the REFLECTOR, planning the Senior trip, and many small but important jobs to be done. In finishing up the year we gave an " April Showers " dance which was highly praised. Sometimes when we have a moment to sparer our thoughts turn to never coming back to school; and of course we try to dismiss this thought right away. For you see, although sometimes we wish it were over, in reality we love it and will miss these glorious days. JERO ALOIA RAYMOND 3. BLISS 1 . ’There is nothing better for a man then that he should eat and drink. " 3a skethall 3and " E " Club TORCH Staff FORTUNATO ANGELO, Jr. Graduated by Marines General Education Test. JAMES C. ANTON " He that walketh upright- ly welketh surely. " " E " Club Student Council Basketball Track Cross Country Beaker Breakers Ba seball TORCH Staff " Junior Pollies " LEONIEL C. BALDWIN " His eyes ere not satis- fied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hear- ing. " Baseball Basketball " E " Club Hi-Y beaker Breakers " Tom Sawyer " " June Mad " " Junior Pollies " DORCEY ELLIOTT BEST " Wisdom is before him that hath understanding. " Hl-Y Dramatic Club Baseball Beaker Breakers " The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom. " Ba sketball Baseball EMERY THOMAS BRAZIL " A good name is better than precious ointment. " Beaker Breakers TORCH Staff REFLECTOR " E " Club Basketball Student Council Hi-Y " Tom Sawyer " " June Mad " " Junior Follies " JEAN ADRAIN CARTER " A gracious woman retain- eth honor. " TORCH Staff REFLECTOR Band Beaker Breakers " Tom Sawyer " KATHERINE CHAMALES " A friend loveth at all times. " TORCH Staff Student Council G. A . A . " Tom Sawyer " JACKIE CONWAY " Her ways are of pleasant- ness and all her paths are paths of peace. " Dramatic Club CARMEN CORTEZ ■There Is treasure to be desired. G. A. A. Y-Teena T. B. Representlve TORCH Staff REFLECTOR Student Council ROBERT LAWRENCE DAVIS ■The sleep of a labouring man is sweet. Entered the Service before Graduation SHIRLEY MAE DE ST JEAN ■She wlnketh with her eye and teaches with her gars A. A. Y-Teens d une Mad Junior Follies Student Gounoll Drum Major RICHARD DUKE ■Behold how great a matter a little fire kindleth. WALTER DEAN ELLIS ■Have not I written to thee excellent things In oouncels and knowledge. " Basketball Baseball Beaker Breakers Hl-Y Student Counoil Band TORCH Staff June Mad Tom Sawyer Junior Follies E Club 80NA ALICE ERYMAN ■He that handleleth a matter wisely shall find good. " Y-Teens Student Council TORCH Staff June Mad REFLECTOR Beaker Breakers PAUL J. ESTOGK ■A wise son heareth his teachers instruction. Basketball , Mgr. Cross-Country ” Tom Sawyer E“ Club Hi-Y Beaker Breakers Band DA7EE LEE OLAS3 ■The words of a wise mar mouth are gracious ■ June Mad Tom Sawyer Junior Follies Basketball Cros s-Country Traok Student Counoll Honor Society TORCH Staff REFLECTOR y LU MILDRED RUTH OORNEY ■I gave my wisdom. ■ heart to kno% Honor Society Tom Sawyer H. 3. Chorus ELIZABETH JEAN GRAHAM ■A wholesome tongue is ' a tree of life. L Y-Teens a. a. a. Band June Mad Tom Sawyer Student Counoll T. B. Representlve Beaker Breakers TORCH Staff REFLECTOR MYRON EUGENE HANES •I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. Beaker Breakers JAMES L. HASTINGS ■A feast Is made for lau ter, but money answereth all things. " Hl-Y Dramatic Club Beaker Breakers Track Baseball Entered the 3ervlce before Graduation BARBARA M. HATHAWAY ■Good understanding glve- eth favour . G . A . A . Beaker Breakers Glee Club JANET LEE HIGGINS A high look and a proud heart . G. A. A. Dramatic Club H. S. Chorus Honor Soolety Student Counoll " Tom Sawyer " " June Mad " PHYLLIS JANE JORDAN " The light of her eyeB rejoioeth the soul. " G • A . A . Glee Club Dramatic Club Student Counoll Beaker Breakers ■June Mad REFLECTOR WILLIAM H. K03S " He that diligently seek- eth good procureth favoun Student Counoll Band " Tom Sawyer " : Jv JA DOLORES LUCILLE KUBACKI " A oontlnual dropping In a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike . TORCH Staff REFLECTOR G. A. A. Y-Teens WALLACE J. LAWSON " Who so keepeth this mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from trouble. " CAROLYN ANN MANSFIELD " The lips of truth shall be established forever. " MARJORIE ANN MARTIN " There is a friend that stlcketh closer than a brother. " G . A • A . Y-Teens Band TORCH Staffv fO REFLECTOR H. S. Chorus " Tom Sawyer " " June Mad " Beaker Breakers HATTIE M. MAUCK BARBARA JEAN ORNDORPT " A merry heart maketh • cheerful oountananoe. ■ Honor Sooiety G. A. A. X-Teens Student Oounoll Cheerleader •June Mad CLARA MARIE MOLINARO •The desire of the right- eous Is only good. Beaker Breakers DAN ANTHONY MORI 01 •There is no rememberanoe of former things. ■E Club Cross Country Track Basketball Baseball Beaker Breakers Student Counoll REVA LAVAUN NEELEY DONALD S. PARRY •A wise man is strong. Track Cross Country Dramatio Club Hi-Y Band Beaker Breakers Student Counoll •E Club •June Mad ■junior Pollies HELEN PERA •She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. 0. A. A. Y -Teens Toroh Staff H. 3. Chorus Beaker Breakers •June Mad EDITH E. PETERS •Pleasant words are as a honey oomb, sweet to the soul and sweet to the bones. HENRY P. NUNEZ •Every way of a man is right In his own eyes . Baseball E Club Hl-Y Beaker Breakers Basketball, Mgr. Cross-Country, Mgr. •Right ous lips are the de- light of kings. Band Student Counoll H. 3. °horus Toroh Staff REFLECTOR MERLE EDWIN QUIGLEY •Debate thy oause with thy neighbor. • Cross Country Hl-Y Basketball Baseball Student Counoll TORCH Staff •E Club Beaker Breakers ■Tom Sawyer " •June Mad " Junior Pollies MARGARET M. ROWAN ANGELO TIM VILLA " A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. " Y-Teens G . A • A • Student Council REFLECTOR TORCH Staff " Tom Sawyer " ROSALIE SAS3AN0 " Strength and honour are her clothing. " Vv G. A. A. H. S. Chorus ISABEL EMMA SHARP ■She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and her tongue is the law of kindness. G. A. A. ROBERTA EDNA VAN HORN ■A word fitly spoken is like apples oi gold in pic- tures of silver. G. A. A. Beaker Breakers Band " The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright. " Band " Tom Sawyer " " June Mad " " Junior Follies " ROY D. WHITESIDE, Jr. " He shall not be visited with evil. " Track Cross Country TORCH Staff " E " Club GEORGE WIRICK " A wise man ' s heart is at his right hand. " Dramatic Club Beaker Breakers ROBERT ANTHONY BARNACK " He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty. " Cross Country Track Baseball Basketball 4 The following, not pictured, are graduating by the G. E. D. Test: Bean, Dewey C., Jr. Kldwell, Herman L. Crider, Robert H. MoNorton, Darel, Jr. Gervals, Donald Howard Milligan, Harold Humble, Frederlok Glen Shore, Glenn Norman Scofield, Horatio, Robert Margaret Hess President Walters Mary Ann Fleming " " Vice-President Secretary Bill Anderson Treasurer Dolores Appa Shirley Bailey Robert Barkalow Ernestine Borman Harry Brown Loretta Carpenter Lillian Clifford Herminia Corpus I Donna Day Maren Eryman Betty Eatock Luccllle Oalll Anita Galll Virginia Gregory Joyce Haake Corlnne H ane s Ann Hansen Bill Hawkins Irene H U ghes Jo Anne Jones Eleanor Kaskadden Stanley Kusmlerz Joan Lancaster Barbara Leggltt Maryetta McDaniel Phyllis McKinnon Frank McKinnon Delbert Miller Ann Morigi Gena Piccolo Mary Lou Sheets Rosanna Neeley Ida Potts Barbara Sowell Iri3 Walters Vivian Orban Olive Richardson Jack Spurr Margaret Wells John Pedone Dale Schurg 3ugene Svetanoff Donna Williams Philip Phillipov Aleta Sewell Ruth Thomas m ry £ 3ft -y i x j §©MOM®RES F. Alois M. Baldwin I . Barath M . Borman J . Bowen M. Campbell J . Carden B. Carter B . Chismudy P. Curtis R. M. Doolln L. C . Drohan M . 3 . Gadd E . R. Glass C. J. Gonzales B. D . Gough H . G . Graham J . E. Granatlr D. Gregorash C. Gregory H . Grutch J. Hamilton D. Hess HI eke Illett Janol Kalina 3 . C. B. D. B. Kldwell L. O ' Mera C. Sheffler D. Weeks Kolley H. Parks C. Smith R. Westbrook Massey M. Poettgen L. Sobierajski T. Wlatrolik McMahon C. Poppillo E. Stahl B. Windmiller Miller J. Prootor R. Starko M. Wiseman Molinaro H. Rardin F. Thomas Neeley L. Riley F. Vasquez Nunez J. Richards E. Vuloh Oliver J. Rogers L. Wall V. Bouoher L. Dobyns R. R. Burg W. Dravea R. G. Burghardt J. Earl R. J. Carter W. Elliot B. J. Chapman H. Elrod J. A. Chureh B. fonoannon R. 0. Corbett B. Grubeaio R. V. Corpus 8. Rale J. 0. Dailey J. Hawkins A. Jlmlnez J. Johnson M. Keeley L. Kundrat 8. Lavenduaky H. Leggltt J. Lynoh L. Pappas D. Kasaena M. MaoNell D. Molllok M. Moran I. Morigl E. Navarro C. Neeley J. Nelson B. O ' Donnel J. Orban J. Patrick Patriok Ramirez Rios Sassano Sewell Simmons J. L. B. D. 3 . Schoonover M. L. L. Soblerajekl L. Spurlook Spurlock Squibb Szumlgala Tucker Turner Vasquez Walker Walker B. V. J. P. Wickizer Wioklzer Williams Wiseman J. Abbott P. Bailey J. Barath C. Bliss D. Bliss D. Borman R. Bowen 3. Bryant 0. Carden F. Carpenter G. Clifford J. Coffman A. Collins D. Colvin A. Davison E. Diehl C. Dobyns M. Dolata J. Doolin P. Doolin J. Drohan M. Ellis 3. Gadd S. Gensert D. Hayes B. Hunt N. Janci B. Jaskulski E. Johnston V. Koss M. Kundrat G. Labs L. Ladd J . Lea ch J . Lupean E. Lynch E. Mauck R. Mauck J. Mihok T. Piccolo P. Pieske H. Savage J. Starko D. Stratton Sullivan L. Szot P. Turner H. Westphal H. Wierman J. Williams J. Wright J. Schneider R. Seitzinger D. Szymaniak R. Weber R. Williams 7 ' I ’ H (£1MDE £i • Anton L. Casillas J. Grutoh R. LeRose M. Moran T. Popillo R. Sweeney R. Ballentine 3. Chapman W. Grutch V. LeRose R. Morton K. Pritchard B. Stephen F. Barath D. Culp H. Hamode M. Makl 3. Navarro A. Pruvenik R. Van Cleif J. Baron J. Derenoln- M. Hastings B. Marx D. Negrelll J. Radoe B. Victory a. Balkely vlch E. Henry J. McCabe F. Pappas 3. Ramos J. vuich S. Brumgardner I. Dolata J. Hite P. McNeil 3. Potts B. Schuster M. Wller C . Braum D. Frazier J. Holmgren D. Metzler B. Paton A. Sefton E. .-. ' llllams F . Buda W. Fry T. Jelke. M. Miller L. Patrick D. SeltzlngerB. wyott. E. Canady J. Garapic E. Jimlnez H. Mills M. Pavich j. 3ergison R. Yasosky J. Carpenter N. Gregorash J. Lsvendusky C. Ml shier G. Pearnan D . Skubl sh C. Young C . Grolla P. Pieske T. Smith G. Zenci BASKETBALL V MJSETY I . n i MBK 1 r ' WJW First row: Henry Nunez - Mgr., Dean Ellis, Leonlel Baldwin, Dan Morigi, 111 Anderson, Paul Estock - llgr. Second row : Mr. Jef- fers - Sponsor, James Anton, Vero Alola, Jack Spurr, Emery Brazil, Jerry Walters, Coach Sparks SEASON SCORES Edison Qpp« Lowell 49 34 Merrillville 25 45 Froebel 41 29 Tolleston 37 43 Crown Point 43 30 Hobart 34 40 Portage 26 30 St. Mary ' s 35 29 Merrillville 46 51 East Gary 44 40 Dyer 45 31 Gary Roosevelt 41 42 Wheeler 52 27 Edison 0PP« Wirt 32 37 Griffith 39 63 Whiting 44 52 Gary College 45 25 Gary Roosevelt 36 39 CHRISTMAS TOURNET Horace Mann 27 •48 Gary Roosevelt 34 51 SECTIONALS Gary Roosevelt 32 39 The best In body, mind and soul Unite to make a perfect whole . First Row: Lawrence O ' Meara, Richard Jimlnez, Fhillip Curtis, Jack Spurlock, Richard Leggltt, John Gonzales, Joe Soberjeski, Donald Kalina. Second Row: Coach Sparks Stanley Kusmierz, Julius Bowen, John Pedone, Bernard Windmiller, Robert Hicks, Teddy Wiatrolik, Dale Schurg Elwood Nelson, Billy Carter, Mr. Jeffers - Sponsor. First Row: Jack Spurlock, John donzalea, Sam Morlgi, Jaok Simmons, Riohard Leggltt, and Joe Sobierajski. Seoond Row: Sponsor - Mr. Jef fers, Phillip Curtis, Leo Nelson Bill Fonoannon, Richard Jimlnez, Lawrence Wall, Bill Kun- drat, and Elwood Nelson. 610 SS Goirarw First Row : Walter Draves, Stanley Kusmierz, Sammy Morigi, Leo Nelson. Stand- ing,: Henry Nunez - Mgr. Jack Spurlock, Joe Sober- jeskl, James Anton, Mr. Sparks - Sponsor, Dan Mo- rigi, Richard Leggitt, Julius Bowen, Paul Estock- Mgr. TTIRAGK First Row : Joe Soberjeski, Jack Spurlock, Dan Morigi, Julius Bowen, Dave Glass, Richard Leggitt. 2nd Row : Dale Schurg, Jack Spurr, Don Parry, James Anton, Mr. Jeffers - Sponsor. TE " ©miB Seated : Don Parry, Dan Morigi, James An- ton, Jack Spurlock, Richard Leggitt, Jul-. ius Bowen. Standing : Mr. Jeffers - Sponsor Emery Brazil, Dean Ellis, Merle Quigley, Jack Spurr, Bill An- derson, Coach Sparks, Jerry Walters, Leo- niel Baldwin, Paul Estock, Henry Nunez, Mr. Swingley -Sponsor. (S PURPOSE: To stimulate Interest In health. OFFICERS President : Shirley De St. Jean Vloe President: Anna Morlgl Secretary: Shirley Bailey Treasurer: Joan Massey ACTIVITIES " Hobo Jamboree " Initiation Coke Party Spring Dance Banquet Good 8portmanehlp is our aim, In life as veil as in the game. First Rov: Helen Elrod, Dorothy Patrick, Peggy Wiseman, Mary Ann Orban Joan Massey, Carmen Cortes, Second Row : Vivian Orban, Shirley Bailey Margaret Hess, Barbara Leggitt, Jo Ann Lancaster, Shirley De St Jean Helen Illet, Dolores Appa, Third Rov : Janet Richards, Ann Morlgl, Betty Graham, Donna Williams, Rosanna Neeley, Betty Sewell, Olive Richardson, Charlene Hess, Mies Bergdoll- Sponsor SPORTHEADS Joan Massey Baseball Helen lllet Captalnball Charlene Hess Basketball Betty Graham Speedball Janet Richards Volleyball RECREATIONAL SPORTS First Row J Mary Ann Orb an Shuffleboard, Olive Rich- ardson Ice and Roller Skat- ing, Donna Williams ten- nis , Rosanna " eeley Tobag- oning. Second Row : Margaret h e as IWlmmTng, Carmen Cortez Handball, Barbara Leggltt Bowling, elen Elrod Cro- quet. BAM© ACTIVITIES Cake-Walk Purdue Trip Solo Contests Spring Concert Seated : Edith Peters, Pres; Bill Koss, Vice Pres; Don Parry, Mana- ger; Paul Estock, Band -fund Comm. t tandlng ; Miss Scheddell, Director; hirley De St. Jean, Drum Major; Marjorie Martin, Majorette, Joan Massey, Majorette. We take the beat, both fast and slow We follow our chief; she ' s ”in the know ” Seated : Rosanna Neeley, Delores Negrelll, Marjorie Hann, Lois Moran, Phillip Curtis. Standing : Ray Delorl Leo Delorla, Charles Young, Don Parry, Gena Piccolo. Seated : Bill Koss, Casper Molinaro, Bob Oliver, Bill Carter, Jfeck Spurr. Standing : Jimmy McCabe, Angelo Villa, Frank Alola, Harry Brown. Hot Pictured : Ray Lynch. HORNS AND CORNET8 Seated : Paul Estock. Carol Sheffler, Blanche Neeley, Delores Appa, Lawrence Wall, Standing : Bernard Wlndmiller, Stanley Kusmierz .Eugene Stahl, Shirley De St. Jean, Joan Massey, Walter Crutch, Bill Anderson. Not Pictured : Jack Schoonover. PERCUSSION Marjorie Martin George Graham Betty Graham Ruth Thomas June Proctor CLARINETS Seated : Edith Peters, George Clifford, Virginia Corpus, Aleta Sewell, Herminia Corpus, Ann Morigi, Standing : Shirley Bailey, Marilyn Kundrat, Phyllis Me Kinnon, Richard Glass, Betty Estoek, Roberta Burge, Charlene Hess. Not Pictured: Richard Westbrook. MAMATH© (BLUB Left to Right; Loretta Carpenter, Mrs. Larrabee - Sponsor, Maren Eryman George Wirick, Margaret Hess, Donna Day, Jim Hastings, Ida Mae Potts, Don Parry, Janet Higgins, Dorcey Best, Iris Walters, Phyllis Jordan OFFICERS President: Loretta Carpenter Vice President: James L. Hastings Secretary: Jackie Conway Treasurer: George Wirick ACTIVITIES " Grandpa Goes Hunting " Dickens ' " Christmas Carol " Trip to Chicago: " Lady Windermere s Fan " " He Couldn ' t Marry Five " The power to impersonate another Makes every man your brother . (SLKC gwub PURPOSE: To develop greater appreciation, enjoyment, and skill in vocal music. OFFICERS ACTIVITIES President : Phyllis Jordan Vice President: Mary Ann Fleming Secretary: Loretta Carpenter Treasurer: Maren Eryman Christmas Broadcast Operetta " Lady Frances Valentine Program May Day Program With voices ringing in gladness. We drive out depression and sadness. First Row: Lillian Clifford, Maren Eryman, Evangeline Rios, Rosanna Neeley, Donna Williams, Olive Richardson, and Mary Grutch. Second Row: Loretta Carpenter, Jo Ann Jones, Iris Walters, Marjorie Martin, Donna Day, Mary Ann Fleming, Janet Higgins, Gena Piccolo, Phyllis Jordan, Mary Lou Sheets, Misa Feather-Sponsor. STEflMOT ©©TOOL PURPOSE: To set up standards for aotiTltl.es. OFFICERS President : Daves Lee Glass Vice President: Iris Walters Secreaary : Margaret Hess Treasurer: Bill Anderson Sergeant at Arms : Dan Morigi ACTIVITIES Concessions Primary Playground Flower Fund P. T. A. Publicity Alumni Holiday Dance I am the basis of democracy; Free discussion kills autocracy. S eated : Vivian Orban, Carmen Cortez, Joan M assey, Donna Day, Jim Anton, argaret Hess, Dave Glass, Iris Walters, Dan Morigi, Katherine Chamales, Sona Eryman, Barbara Orndorff , Margaret Rowan, Loretta Carpenter. Standing: Mr. Swingley - Sponsor, Barbara Leggitt, Edith Peters, Lorraine Walker, Betty Graham, Jo Ann Lancaster, Lawrenoe Wall, Steve Miller, Bill Koss, Emery Brazil, Bill Anderson, Don Parry, Phyllis Jordan, Dean Ellis, Merle Quigley, Janet Higgins, and Mrs. Saxton - Sponsor. UPPER LEFT - Program and Entertainment Committee . First Row: Loretta Carpenter, Donna Williams, Olive Richardson. Second Row: iris Walters, Louis Jacobs, Marjorie Martin. UPPER RIGHT - Officers : Donald Parry, President; Donna Day, Secretary; Olive Richard- son, Treasurer; Dale Schurg, Vice President. LOWER LEFT - Finance Committee : Bob Barkalow, Donna Day, Gene Svetanoff , George Wirick. LOWER RIGHT - First Row : Maren Eryman, Henry Nunez, Anita Galli, Barbara Leggitl; Lucille Galli, Vivian Orban, Ray Bliss. Second Row : Delbert Miller, Mary Ann Fleming, Darrell Kldwell, Jack Spurr, Richard Duke, pan Mcrlgi, JTo Ann Lancaster. BIEtAKl£K bkiSakems Purposes: (1) To increase our knowledge of science. (2) To learn to perfect our akills in science. (3) To give service to our community and nation. (4) To under- stand the importance of science in our lives. (5) To help carry out the program of the Science Club of America. We delve into the laws of science; To superstition we pledge deflanoe. T0JRS3TC StAFF PURPOSE: Writing and publication of school paper. Cooperation on the part of every one Makes meeting deadlines lots of fun. Upper Left : Barbara Sowell, Katherine Chamales, Merle Quigley. Upper Right : Emery Brazil, Dean Ellis. Center : Dolores Appa, Carmen Cortez, Corrlne Hanes. Lover Left : Davee Lee Class, Betty Graham. Lower Right: James Anton, Vivian Orban, Barbara Leggitt, Jo Ann Lanoaster. Ml ' Y PURPOSE: Christian fellowship for high sohool boys. First Row : Sponsors, Mr. Swingley, Mr. Ladd, Mr. Sweigart. second Row : Donald Parry, Jerry Walters, Dean Ellis, Jack Spurlock, Delbart Miller, Henry Nunez, Leoniel Baldwin, Emery Brazil, Bill Anderson. Third Row : Merle Quigley, JacK Spurr , Norman Splitgerber, Bernard Windmiller , Stanley Kusiaierz, Gene Svetanoff, Paul Estock, Johnny Pedone. OFFICERS President: Bill Anderson Vloe President: John Pedone Secretary: Paul Estook Treasurer: Emery Brazil ACTIVITIES " Snow Queen " Danoe " May Day " Danoe Hi-Y Banquet Smytzkovlch or Smith, what ' s In a name? We work together, all the same. Y- TEENS PURPOSE: To foster friendship among girls throughout the country. OFFICERS President: Betty Graham Vice President: Donna Gough Secretary: Mary Poettgen Treasurer: Irma Barath ACTIVITIES Dance at the " Y " Senior Farewell Dance Kitchen Parties A dose of friendship in this life Might cure this world of sin and strife. aeated : Helen Illet, Connie Sassano, Doris Szumigale, Betty Graham Ida Mae Potts, Jane Carter, Bonnie Squibb, Standing : Jenis Williams Marion Mollick, Betty Grubsic, Susan Tucker, Roberta Burge, Laura Spurlock, Helen Elrod, Lorraine Welker. MOM®® £©©DETfY PURPOSE: To Encourage High Standards Grades and Character are not enough; Service and Leadership demand sterner stuff. " Barbara Orndorff Janet Higgins Dave Lee Glass Pres. Vice. Pres. Seer. Mildred Gorney Treas . Mary Ann Fleming Joan Lancaster Vivian Orban Olive Richardson Rosanna Neeley 00 36 THE W I will my hair to Bob Barkalov. I will my height to Bill Anderson. jyrrt Q I will my ability to sing base to Bill Hawkins. We leave our ability to pass In Senior Phl1 llpP £j j 2? -f I will my warm reception at Edison to any new addition to the class of P AAJiAJ SlaX We leave to the Juniors Journalism. I will my dependability to Lillian Clifford. ‘ I will my position as Edltor-in-Chlef of the Torch to Vivian Orban. I will my serenity to Delores Appa and Iris Walters ' (j £? e y I will my personality to Joyce Haake and Ann Jtorlgi I leave to the Juniors of Edison School all my " A ' s . I will my C. A. A. letter to Margaret Hess. ' ' ) ' I bequeath my quietness to Jack Spurr. h I will my Job at Newberry ' s to my sister Maren. tn rv Aj I leave my Job as manager of athletics to any boy who can type. Mprlgi. 0 9 , I will my scholarship to Delbert Miller. " " 0 cuvti) vL H I will my scolastlc standing to Mary Fleming. I will my vivacity to G-ena Piccolo and Barbara Leggltt. ■ 77 4 f I bequeath my even temper to Norman Splitgerber. I leave my ability to act to Darrell Kldwell. I will my Bookkeeping home work to the Galll slsl Cru I will my acting ability to Loretta Carpenter and Ida Potts. I will my blond bombshell personality to Olive Rlchard op. I will my trombone to Eugene Svetanoff. I will my determination to Donna Williams and JqAnn Jones. pAnn Jonee.j u I bequeath my quietness to Stanley Kusmierz.. We will our long lasting friendship to J3 e t t y sj t ock an d Jih rle , Bai d.ey . 4 4 I will my ability to be drum majorette for 3 years to any Junior girl. , I will to Eleanor Kaskadden my art of making spaghetti fit for a king. C Ltory I will my athletic ability to Dale Schurg. I will my sweet disposition to Donna Day. H " - - ' yu I will my ability to pass In Bookkeeping to any Junior who dares take It. 7b I will my ability to be engaged my Senior Year to Mary Lou 3heets. I will my ability to drive a cleaner ' s truck safely to Jerry Walters. 0 I leave to Virginia Gregory and Ernestine Borman my bubbling enthuelaeum. I will my skill In Band to Rosanna Neeley and Margaret Wells. -v — . .SJZZJZ I leave my ability to phlllbuster to Frank McKinnon. I will my dimples to Irene Hughes. I will my wardrobe to Joan Lancaster and Aleta Sewell. c- $sr - I will my half-day schedule to Corlnne Hanes and Barbara Sowell. I leave my athletic ability to Maryetta McDaniel and Ann Hansen. I bequeath my ability to compose to Harry Brown. ?J " i I will my mechanical drawing Instruments to Lewis Jacobs. $ CO I bequeath the ability to sneak up on that diploma in 3 years to John Pedone. a £ %£+ % ©SUSHIS TAKE® Entry March 17, 1958 “My old home town, " I uttered in sheer delight, when I was assigned the lar- gest city in the Middlewest, Gary, Indiana, the steel center of the world. Later as I stepped heavily to runway number 7, of one of the largest airdromes in this U. S., I was amazed to discover the extent to which the city had grown, a popula- tion of six million. I deolded to start work from the west end of town. Again I was startled, for what had onoe been known as Brunswick was one of the largest shopping oenters of the state. As my plane had arrived at 6:30 P. M. I deolded to get a bite to eat and take in an early show, for I had a busy day ahead. I hailed a taxi and found, not to my surprise, Eugene Hanes behind the wheel. He must have been a mind reader for he drove me to a cozy nook specializing in Ita- lian Food. And who was to greet me at the door but Vero Alolai After my fill of spaghetti and conversation he informed me of a stage show now playing at Glass ' s Gallery; Just around the corner. I purchased my tickets from none other than Barbara Hathaway . Upon entering I found myself in a mammath theater. Timidly following the usher, " he walking on the top and I on the bottom (feet, that is) I knew it could be none other than Leonlel Baldwin . As I sunk heavily into the spongy seat, I gazed briefly over my program and found a few familiar names- - - Davee Lee Glass being the M. C. and of course Angelo Villa directing his own concerto. Looking further I found Janet Higgins doing an unforgetable interpre- tation of the sleep walking soene from Macbeth. Tired from traveling, I left the theater early but found no hotel room available because of the basketball finals being held in the Edison High School and College Gym. Stopping at a Novelty Shop run by Bob Barnack , I purchased a small atom and winged my way toward the end of town to an Auto Court suggested to me by the proprietor. Surely, this was the Atomic Age. Reaching my destination, I was greeted at the door by Shirley De . St . Jean and shown to my room, hater as I was falling gently into a long earned sleep, I was rudely awakened by the sharp shrill of untrained fingers on an Aooordion. To my amazement I found this to be in addition to an Auto ourt by day an Accordion studio by night. Entry March 18, 1958 I awoke early to begin my task. My first stop was Wallace Lawson ' s square Peal Real Estate office where I planned to learn of the business establishments on 5th Ave. Katherine Ohamales was busily taking dictation. She now had In- creased her speed to 180 words a minute. Inquiring, I was given the following list of business plaoes: Establishment Supper Club Import Export Fruit Co. Ready to Wear Clothing Engineers Architects Mortgage Company Fix it Shop Address 4840 W. 5th 4962 W. 5th 5012 W. 5th 5819 W. 5th 5016 W. 5th 6312 W. 9th Prop . Dorcey Best Clara Mollnarg Merle Quigley James Anton Isabell Sharp Emery Brazil Inoome a year 35,OffoTTKT 15,000.00 120,000.00 21,000.00 18,000.00 100.00 From here on my information was not so readily obtained. I began my canvas with a large boarding house. Owner, the former Barbara £rndorff , now happily marrledl Her star tenant was Phyllis Jordan , who was employed at Best ' s Supper Club and becoming a second Dorothy Shay. Strolling down the hall I found a newly painted sign which bore this Inscription, " Raymond Bliss . Prize Fight Promotor. Being in no mood for a fight, I skipped this door and went on to the next, meet- ing Rosalie Sassano . who also happily married was contemplating opening a shoe salon with the motto " Use your H e el and Save your Sole. " Henry Nunez manager. Reva Neeley , I found working hard to save money to buy graduation presents for her numerous sisters. Being eager to complete my work I out short the conversation and oontinued on my way. My next step was a neat white house situated on the corner. Upon inquiry I found it to he the home of Mr. Davis . Would wonders ever cease????? Having obtained my information I departed, going down the walk I encountered a familiar face, which upon second glanoe I discovered to be Roy Whiteside . now an up and oomlng vaoumn cleaner salesman. Roy, being a talkative person Informed me of the where abouts of my high school buddies of whom I had not heard from for a long time. Jean Carter was a missionary in Africa. Another member of the olass abroad was Dan Morlgl , an arohologist in an expedition to Egypt. Next I learned of Carmen Cortes and Dolores Kubaoki, who maintained a fashion- able health resort on the west ooast. Cut rates for Edison AlumnlUlt Also, Jimmy Hastings , proprietor of a large boatclubl Bidding good-by to my friends I continued on my Journey. My next stop being Edison u igh Sohool and College. After a short wa.k I entered the onoe familiar portals of learning. But were they familiar?? The olass of " 48 ' s dreams had been ful filed. The buildings stretched over an area of approximately 5 square blocks. After some difficulty I found my way to the office of Mr. Swingley. Opening the door I found a most familiar scene. Hattie Mae Hauok was now private aeoretary to Mr. Swingley, and Carolln ttansfleld was seated at a large glasstop desk replacing looker keys that had been lost during the day. Soon after I en- tered, the bell rang ending the sohool day. Presently I was confronted by a large group of teachers among whom was Edith Peters , assistant director of the Edison High Sohool and College band. Mildred G-o roe y was also teaching at the old " Alma Mater. " Roberta Van Horn was in charge of the dietetic laboratory. My Job completed, I headed for the air port. In route I couldn ' t help but notioe Donald Parry 1 s faoe on the billboards advertising Pepsodent Tooth Paste. Boarding the plane I discovered the stewardess to be none other than Betty Graham . I learned that Jackie Conway and Helen Pera, both hacollv married, had moved to New York. Ploklng up the paper I had purchased before boarding the plane I leafed through and saw Dean Ellis ' s Name topping the sport page. On the society page I read Margaret Rowan 1 s column , " Maggie, the Marriage Matcher. " She had signed it Mrs . Anthony Jr. Glancing over the stock market reports, I noticed Elkart French Horn Factory shares had taken a drop for Paul Estock was now running his own factory in competition with them. On the front page I found Sona Eryman ' a name. She had been promoted to private nurse to the president. Scanning over the amusement ads, I found the most up and coming band was an all girls band made up of J6 pieces, 35 of which were drums ... leader, Mar.lorle Martin. By now the motors of the plane were throbbing heavily and the pilot was mak- ing his last check before taking off. Muoh to my surprise I found it to be Bill Kos s . Thus I learned my life was placed in capable hands, for the navigator was Richard Duke . My Job completed and my curiosity satisfied, I fastened my safety belt; we took off. Looking down, I saw only acres of huge white clouds emblems of purity and cleanliness surely, we were now over the campus of dear old Edison. Keeper of the Peace Boy ' s Club REFLECTOR STAFF Editor Emery Brazil Sales: Charlene Grolla, Norma Janci, John Mihok Mona Baldwin, Frankie Spurlock, Ethel Vuich, George Graham, Mary Ann Fleming, Stanley Kusmierz, Angelo Villa, Margaret Rowan, Betty Graham Finance : Margaret Rowan, Sona Eryman, Betty Graham, Carmen Cortez Art: Davee Lee Glass, Jim Anton Photographs Emery Brazil, Harry Brown, Phyllis and Snapshots: Jordan, Miss Leskow Brazil ' s Studio Seniors: Marjorie Martin, Harry Brown, Dolores Kubackl, Betty Graham, Carmen Cortez, Emery Brazil Couplets : Jean Carter, Mrs, Saxton Typing: Advanced Typing Class Sponsor: Miss Leskow Printing Offset: Millar Publishing Co., Chicago Binding: G. A. Pratt Co., East Chicago, AE ' n , ©®!Hi5.IPIHIS — HI I 1 — i I

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