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' fA f ' ,-h, ki J y t m m ' ■T " ; K j. - - ' i J m m ' .3 " ' n3 )Sl Mvs$. N , - t s v!s.i.iJ: : Edison In The Changing Community This past year at Edison we went through various changes. The community is rapidly changing and Edison is keeping up. The various community services have helped us in many ways that are new. For instance, the Federation of Neigh- borhood Centers helped quite a bit by transporting Edison students to and from the games, on band trips, and on field trips. The Ebony Golf club raised money for the Edison basketball team. The Fresno City police force. Model Cities and various other organizations also had basketball games with the proceeds going to Edison High School. For the first time in many years it seemed the community was taking a renewed interest in the school. The possibility of closing Edison was discussed on and off campus because the enrollment was decreasing. The possi- bility of Edison becoming a vocational center was discussed hotly both for and against. Because of the disagreement about Edison ' s future, a final decision probably won ' t be made for a couple of years. With this controversy in mind, we pledge this INVENTOR to the community which will eventually resolve the future of Edison, hopefully, for the best. On the following pages we have attempted to show how the Edison students and the community work together. We managed to get only part of all tlie interaction that is possible because we have so many people thinking and start- ing new action toward building a better school and community. We sadly regret we did not have time nor space for all the community service organizations and institutions. What follows is only a brief survey. inventoR 71 Edison High School 540 East California Fresno, California 1971 -Volume 46 Above: Henry Hendricks helped James Aldredge to see tliat things got done at the Model Cities office. «;r " « : Above: James Aldredge showed one of our students, Chester Riggins, some of the paper work done at Model Cities. Below: Rosella Callahan, Lori Minis, Wanda Chalk, Rae Mims, Karen Pliillips, Lynette Smith and Ora Hilton had fun at Bass Lake camp, owned by Model Cities, while they waited for their horses. Mode! Cities Played A Large Part In The Edison Community Below: Ken Elder, Sandra Davis, and Maurice Simpson couldn ' t decide whether to enter the Fresno Service or the Model Cities door. Above: James Aldredge discussed with Kathj ' Tatum the Senior Citizen ' s Com- mittee. Below: One of the Model Cities people shows Kathy Tatum more details. Below: Lj ' on Wade and Rudy Falls couldn ' t decide whether they should or shouldn ' t enter the Fairvlew Heights children center. H ■i.: : ' -w heights ;bs center ■ii.- Il into Above: Lupe Salazai- and Mary Nunez talked to some of the kids at the Trinity St. Head Start School. Below: Rae Mims, Model Cities coordinator at Edison, discussed with one of her student counselors, Vivian Jones, her daily duties. Model Cities Projects Progressed Below: This is a vineyard that Model Cities is developing with their house moving projects. Below: This is a house being moved in by Model Cities. 9 Above: Mrs. Rae Mims explained to the kids what they needed for the field trip to Bass Lake. Below: Hopefully this house will be part of the past in the changing community. Below: Kathy Gamer, Chester Riggins, Mark Hendrtx, and Nay Heniy visit a completed house with a Model Cities Director. Above: Eugene Rabon, James Anderson, Pam Lewis, Craig Brown, Cheryl Dayton, Jennifer Williams, and Debra Morrow posed for a redevelopment picture. Redevelopment Played Its Part Community Below: Redevelopment " redid " Fresno Street. a • ! ' ' " i Ktr m Above: Lois Calhoun, Rudy Falls, James Anderson, and Lynn Wade relaxed in front ot the West Gates. Changing The Edison Redevelopment was in charge of reconstructing Fresno St. , the building of the West Gates, and they were responsible for the new bus stops. Under Redevelopment the old site of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel will become the Martin Luther King Elementary School. Below: Redevelopment was also responsible for the East Gates. Above: Eugene Rabon and Maurice Simpson posed in front of the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel site, which will soon become the Martin Luther King Elementary School. ......iOtii - ' Right: Fresno Hilton Hotel was funded by the Redevelop- ment Agency, , Young And Old Alike, Benefited From The Changi : Below: Edison staff took a tour of Redevelopment projects Redevelopment Agency ' ' IS eewr, ' ■ ' " ICIAl. AJO ove: Sandra Davis, Eugene Rabon, and Patricia Keenan took a look at the Fresno development sign. Above: Craig Brown looked over some of the duties of the playground director at the Trinity St. play- ground. )mmunity Right: Pam Lewis had some fun with the kids around the Neilson playground. • -A Below: The Senior Citizen Committee put on many breakfasts and lunches for Senior Citizens at the Hinton Center. •TBiMsaiMafc Above: Linda Givens and April Bell discussed the jewelry produced at the North Ave. Center. Below: Odis Lovell did his share by helping out some of the kids at the North Ave. Head Start School. Studen Below: Freddie Jones entered the Hinton Center to see what was going on. ;.l. WEST FRESNO IPEDfeRATlOW Qf NEIGHBORHOOD CENTERS Above: E.H.S. students as thej ' left for the field trip to Bass Lake. elped Too Below: Mrs, Lomack told Linda Givens of her plans for the Self-help Coalition Center. Left: The Federation bus driver came in contact with the students a great deal . Right: Eugene Rabon played at the Trinity St. Center playground. AJjove: District Attorney Daley told Don Shelton how hard it was to be the prosecution. Below: Public Defender M. W. Nitz explained to Don Shelton some of his duties as Public Defender and his re- lationship with people in the West Side community. Students Proved All Jobs Weren ' t Hard Work Below: Veronica Bowman and Linda McArn were pestered by a pesky photographer as they filled out job applications at the Youth Opportunity Center. , 1 . -wwrjr. .,i -AiS!fl)W - ' i ' S T 5 . -.,v;.; ' -Jiriii ' ' ■s«»iWil. Above: Melvin Jamison demonstrated how to clean a printing press. APPROP lATE HAIRCUT CLEAN SHi E LEAN TS I ?i HES PRO Left: Gloria Walker told a T. V. reporter how she felt about the Sanger- Edison exchange. N Above: The Sanger-Edison exchange turned out quite successful, it gave both white and black students a chance to mingle with each other and get to know people of a diffei ' ent race much better. Below: At Sanger, Mr. Gillen, Mr. Bergman, and Sanger High ' s principal, couldn ' t quite decide what to do with the large crowd of students. Above: Rancfy Williams posed with one of his newly found Sanger exchange friends . ifH- ' WBHF9 BK ..,• av.Sfi. Above: Lynn Wade posed witli his friends. Sanger-Edison Exchange Proved Successful Above: Dean Thomas seemed to he enjoying liimself at Sanger during the exchange. Left: Viola Johnson and Carolyn Gant told the Edison photographer how they felt about the young men at Sanger. 15 Below: View of West Fresno from the Court House Building. Above: Leslie Miles heads through the door that m£ someday lead to his future. Below: West Fresno Medical Building. ,„.„,wwtj ' Trr ' " waf M n 16 Above: Eloise Darrough, Mr. Foster, Micheal Todd, and Mr. Freeze-Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement Canne Up In The Edison Students ' Lives Left: Elmo Bradley-Edison High School Liaison. Below: Mr. Brown explained about one of the VACOP construction areas. .. ' 17 FROM CENTER Left to Right: Best Dressed: Cynthia Eddings -Reuben Cooley; Biggest Flirt: Kathy Williams- Maurice Simpson; Most Likely to Succeed: Verdis Milburn (not pictured) Bert Omi; Shortest Sen- ior: Cynthia Smith-Elmer Young; Most Talented: Xinda McArn (not shown) Raymomid WilUams; Boy- Girl of the year: Yolanda Gonzales-Terry Williams; Shyest Seniors, Veronica Smith-Ovies Collins; Most Outgoing: Daviann Bradley-Craig Brown. The Seniors of " 1 1 " Salui Left: FALL STUDENT BODY CABINET: Left to right: Cheryl Dayton-Commissioner of Activities; Verdis Milburn-Secretary; Glenn Cotton-Commissioner of Athletics; Gloria Walker-President; Keith Hendrix- Commissioner of Publications; Yolanda Gonzales- Treasurer. Not Pictured: Evelyn McCoy-Vice- President. SPRING STUDENT BODY CABINET: Standing, Left to riglit: Verdis Milburn-Secretary; Debbie Calderon -Commissioner of Elections; Rosiland Bivings-Commissioner of Activities; Yolanda Gonzales -Treasurer; Linda Givens-Commissioner of Publica- tions. Sitting, Left to right: Marcia Christian-Presi- dent; Curtis Wright-Commissioner of Athletics; and Catherine Brewer-Vice-President. FROM CENTER Right to Left: Most Popular: Pamela Mack-(not shown) Lynn Wade; Most Athletic: Barbara ■ Lacy-Randy Williams; Most Friendly: Anita Butler-Willie Haygood; Sense of Humor: Gail Wliitfield-Willard Burks; Most Attractive: Marcia Logan-Frank Williams; Best Personality: April Bell-Lydell Willis; Best Natured: Gaylan Marshall-Mark Hendrix. he Changing Community 19 Above: Senior class officers, left to right. Secretary: Cynthia Eddings; President: Lynn Wade; and Vice-president: Linda McArn. The Seniors Were on the Ball Above: Senior class sponsor Mr. Cutter W l " ». .- ' ' " i M Above: Senior class sponsor Mrs. Rea. eresa Aguirre man admires a woman not for hat she says, but wliat she Ustens ' N. R. Lucy Alvarez Thanks to my mother for helping me through school. Love is being there when he needs you. (smile) Chester Armstrong Marie Avlla lary Barrett April Bell Rosiland Divings " I want to be your follower, too. . , " Westmont College, Stanford Univer- sity, R.D.W. Carol Ti Boult " I made it " But I ' ll never go through this again, never again. My thanks to everybody who helped. Thanks C. C. harles Bradford Davlann Bradley " Temptation " The only way to get rid of Temptation is to yield to it. " Thee Populace of 71 " Linda Breedlove It was a hard struggle, but I made it. Love always (W6L) College. Catherine Brewer orman Brewer Albert Brown Willard Burks Anita Butler 21 is Calhoun Rosella Callahan May your di-eams be your only boundary. Above: Howard Earl tries his hand at conducting the band. rcia Christian voman works in the absence of a n and a man rests in the pres- ;e of a woman. BB MC Ovies Collins uben Cooley 3 true that selfish people are in- pable of loving others, but they 2 not capable of loving them- Ives either. Sylvia Corona Try for success, you ' ll make a better person of yourself. Remem- ber you have only one life to live. Thanks God. Michael Coward Referring to the year nineteen- hundred and sixty-nine, To what my sister said; " Mother we ' ve made it. " (Law School) Dorothea Crawford An error becomes a mistake when you refuse to correct it. Jered Crump Eloise Darrough Once a job has begiui, never leave it until its done, and my job has just begun. E. D. W. W. Darrell Davis ' ' t Janice Davis The Task of Destruction is infinitely easier than that of creation. The End U.S.C. Gregory Day Cheryl Dayton Joseph Diaz Joe Diaz Joe Dixon 23 bert Dixon Cornell Dodson " For who so firm cannot be se- duced " F.C.C. Electricity Cynthia Eddings Behind every successi il woman there ' s a man. Terry Cynthia Brenda Finley lie Flores Samuel Floyd ppiness is Uving the rest of your : with someone you love very oh. Leon Forest Wanda Fullbright " Wit, " Don ' t put too fine a point on your wit for fear it should get blunted. " Thee Populace of 71 " iter Gameros Esther Garcia Cathy Garner Happiness is what I want, Love is what 1 need; I ' ve got D.R. and he provides all. Felix Garza g m Linda Givens " A long trip lias ended, wMle an- other awaits to begin. " Thanks to everyone who niade it possible. L.G. J.S. David Gonzales Listen to your Father who caused your birth, and do not despise your motlier. -Prov. 23:22 Yolanda Gonzales " Remember, M.A., life holds for you one guarantee — you ' ll always have me. " Freshman Year Was an Adjustment Year The class of " 71 " as freshmen devoted efforts toward starting a new era of school spirit and school pride. Their 1968 Freshman Spirit Club was the center of the move. They led class yells and made fellow classmates feel proud to be at Edison. Dorothy Goodloe Life is full of the unexpected so never be surprised when the im- expected strikes you. Jacqueline Gordon A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the of the giver. Ernest Gray Ethel Gray Happiness is not something that you experience, it is sometlilng to remember. Charles Green 25 ' r - Edward Hall Reggie Hall Charles Harris If you don ' t succeed the first time try, try again. Senior College Prep Became a Class First row; Christine Thomas, Ethel Gray, Carolyn Boult, Veronica Smith, Gloria Walker, April Bell, Brenda Ward, Linda Givens, Joyce King, Catherine Brewer. Middle row: Cheryle Dayton, Cynthia Eddings, Gay Marshall, Dorothy Goodloe, Gloria Singleton, Audrey Simmons, Alamo Murrell, Sheila Tapsoott, Marcia Christian, Cathy WllUams, Mrs. Mims, sponsor. Third row: Laverne Lewis, Rosella Callahan, Janis Davis, Jackie Gordon, Ora Hilton, Audrey Williams, Wanda Fulbright, Robert Semien, lola Brown, Anita Butler, John LeBlanc, Yvonne Hawkins Beauty is a very handy thing to have, especially when you aren ' t handsome. P. S. I hope Charles Packard makes it. Toni Hawkins Keep a smile on your face even when it ' s hard and you will be successful in the future. Willie Haygood Bruce Haynes Pat Henderson A Money Raising Year Was The Sophomore Year As a sophomore class in 1969 the class of ' 71 showed more school spirit than any other class. This class, as you can see, had many future leaders and many de- sires for a better education. The " 71 " class gave the first really successful car wash which was lield in October of 1968. They had many dances and more car washes planned for their spring semester to help with the expenses of their prom the coming year. Mark Hendrix I have failed to gain sufficient knowledge in my academic studies, but I ' ll get it together in the end. M.H.+C.M. Austin Hill Ora Hilton Doubt whom you will but never yourself. Deborah Hodge ' Tis what I love determines how 1 love ' ...R.G. Nurse. Vickie Huff 27 Christine Jackson A woman tliat is in love is a poorly judged character. Melvin Jamison Jr. Togetherness can only be gained by unity and self -understanding to- wards your fellow man. P. S. " Love and Peace. " Linda Jenkins Fred Jones It is in gumes that inany men dis- cover their paradise. Men do not catch but are caught. Larry Jones Mary Jones Since we all learn from our mis- takes, why don ' t we make those from which we can learn most. Right Jimmy? Depriest Keenan " One of the chosen few. Unity. " )h. Patricia Keen an Junior Year, the Prom Year In their junior year they sold football programs, which made more money than at any other time. Their junior class sponsored a junior-senior prom and the class liad money made from their sopho- more year to give them a big help. As juniors they also worked on an activity known as Slave-day. Quoting their junior class president Rosiland Bivings; " We are ready to accept Edison leadership with pride given to us from the Seniors of 1970. " " Black Joyce King Beauty as we feel it is sometliing indescribable; wiiat it is or wliat it means can never be said. Vivian King God grant me wisdom to change things I can and the serenity to accept things I cannot change. Reedley College. Barbara Lacy John LeBlanc Let ' s not take all the time. Let ' s give something back, sometimes and always stay together. Above: Jeff Woods and Gay Marshall talk over some things during class. Laverne Lewis Pamela Lewis If you would be loved, love and be lovable. Reedley College. Marcia Logan If a man deceives me once, sliame on him; if twice, shame on me. C.L.G. " Thee Populace of 71 " 29 urioia Logan Sandra Logan re reckons hours for months and A person who listens at a keyhole ' s for years; and every little ab- will probably hear something about ice is an age. Love, William E. himself. i lor. Dorothy Lowe Donna Lowe omas Lima Betty Marshall od luck to all underclassmen and " What ' s good for the goose is good my friends. for the gander. " Gay Marsh all Lillian Martinez Ida McAm eally didn ' t think that I could get s far but now I know I can make arther. Joyce McClendon My aim in life is to press forward; to keep looking back is only that one is willing to accept defeat. Roosevelt McDonald One of the bad " EXPECTATIONS " Verdis Milburn It took a long time, but now I see that I ' ve only just begun. Leslie Miles Diana Minnieweather Pat Morrison Joseph Mayberry Joseph Murray Willie Myles To my brother Larry I lea e all my hard studying. Get on the ball, get an education. Slick. WilUe L. Myles Mary Nunez Thanlis to my mommy for helping me through school. Love is laiow- ing that dope is only tor dopes. Bert Omi " If even the virtuous can be saved, how much more so the wicked. " S.S. 31 Diana Ortiz The golden key to your success is your education. Thank you mom and dad. E.C.C. Business. John Packard Earlene Parker You should be more concerned about being lovely than being loved. Lawrence Raibon Look out world, here I come. Esau Redix Above: Jennifer Williams and Laverne Lewis listened to a lecture during one of their classes. Bobby Ricks Victor Salaxza " Tis education that forms the com- mon mind; just as the twigs are bent the tree ' s inclined. " Lupe Salazar Well, I ' m finally out of school after twelve long years. Good Luck to the rest of the students. 32 Robert Semi en Don Shelton Love, Peace, and Tranquillty- that ' s just what it takes. G. Daniel Silva Audrey Simmons By the yard life is hard; by the inch, life is a cinch. F.C.C., E.W. Above: Joyce King waits as Mrs. Leroy cor- rects her paper. p Maurice Simpson " «« ■ Gloria Singleton I dedicate this senior saying to my mother with my deepest love and affections. Thank you mother. R.N.,FSC,FCC. Cynthia Smith Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love; Charles Turner. Veronica Smith Life has a value only when it lias something valuable as its object. FCC 33 Rodney Spencer Allen Tanner The road was i-uff but it wasn ' t that tuff! Sheila Tapscott " Envy. " People hate those that make them feel their inferiority; therefore conceal all your learning carefully. " Thee Populace of 71 " Anthony Taylor Donna Taylor I am glad I made it. I hope that everyone can do the same. Yvonne Taylor Christine Thomas " Hey " ui:tderclassmen, To succeed is to " Keep the faith, " but you must keep on pushing. " Louise Tilford Micheal Todd Raymond Wade Gloria Walker Success isn ' t easily accomplished. But beliind every man ' s game there ' s a woman to be tamed. Love always R.C. F. -G.M.W.- J. L.M. Mary Walton ■ipr Douglass Washington Angelia Warren Love has the power of making you believe what y ou would normally treat with the deepest suspicion. Marquez, I believe! Brenda Ward What you say, I am moving on up ! F.C.C. F.S.C. s £ifj: Margaret Wesley " Money is my goal ' future. towards a good Betty White To know nothing is bad, but to liave no desire to know is worse. Marian Whitemon 35 sT Audrey Williams Belinda Williams Get ready world, I ' m on my way up, American River, F.S.C. Senior Year was a Changing Year Now they have finally made their sen- ior year. For most of them it took four years, some of them made it in three years, but they made it! This was a big year for the seniors. Picnics, ditch days, senior fun day, banquet and many other activities were held. A college preparatory class was offered to the students for two additional units toward their college education. The class was taught by Mrs. Bezzard. The seniors will make their own conclusion to this their final year by graduating and going their separate ways. Frank Williams Jennifer Williams All power to the people. Good luck in the future, underclassmen. FCC Physical Education. Kathy WilUams The repercussion wasn ' t very de- vastating. They told me tliat it wouldn ' t be, but I just had to ex- perience it. Randy Williams Terry Williams Above: Students listened and worked attentively in Mr. Prinz ' s senior math class. Jeff Woods Rick Woods Curtis Wright Freddie Yancy Love can be a very important thing to all the young ladies and men. Elmer Yoimg It ' s not that bad. Lawrence Young 37 Top Ten Seniors (1) BERT OMI The TOP TEN students are the students with the ten highest grade point averages. Averaging their grades from Freshman year to Senior year is the way placement in class is determined. These students worked long and hard to achieve this honor. (2) VERBIS MLBURN (5) THOMAS LUNA .:.- . r ' i .- (3) SHEIL. TAPSCOTT (6) JANICE DAVIS (4) YOLANDA GONZALES (8) IVLUICIA CHRISTIAN (9) BETTY WHITE (10) THERESA AGUIRRE Left: Mr. MuUins, Junior class sponsor Right: Mrs. Blueian, Junior class sponsor The Juniors Are Ready To Take Their Place As Leaders of Next Year. This year ' s Jiuiior class sold programs to help raise money for the Junior-Senior Prom. The Juniors sold programs at footlsall games andalso helped decorate the cheering section where the games were held. This is our Jun- ior year and next year we will take our big step as Seniors. To you 10th graders we say good-luck to you. Above: Right: President, Ora Jackson. Left: Secretary Treasurer, Loretta Hannah. r A. Adams C. Adams P. Allen T. Amey S, Amey J. Anderson J. Anderson V. Applewhite L, Armstrong L, Atterberiy j A. Aubrey I P. Augustus N. Baldwin ( J. Barfield L, Bennett • Above: Pam Mack seemed determined to ride her horse at Bass Lt AJjove: Michael Jackson posed while his picture was being taken by Jackie Taylor. B. Boyd V. Bowman E. Brewer B, Brown G. Brown L. Biyant F. Burton D, Calderon J. Cannon D. Caples J, Carter W. Chalk G. Chaplin H. Chartly D. Clark Juniors Participated In The Sanger Exchange Above: Alfreda Jones with her Sanger High exchange student stopped for a picture. 41 ' E. Clark E. Collins L. Conway C. Cooper J. Crump C. Daniel A. Daniels C. Davis K. Davis B. Derrick L. Dickson M. Dickson M. Dickson S. Dickson S. Dodson MHfer.:: AJjove: Ora Mae Jackson waited to get her work in Mr. Ci-aig ' s class. J. Douglas J. Dunlap D. Edding B. Ellis Above: Pam Mack and Ora Hilton waited for the bus to arrive at Bass Lake. B. Fairly J. Flores S. Floyd J. Forest H. Franco C. Frierson H. Furch P. Galloway C. Gant G. Gaines 43 G. Goff O. Graza D. Graves D. Grayson M. Greigler A. Guajardo B. Hall L, Hannah R. Hardeman L. Harris T. Harris K. Hendz ' ix E. Henly J. Henly J. Heniy Below: Jimmy Ball, Bernard Hall, Micheal Jackson asked Vickie Huff not to shine them on. • .■: i - .a. :■■•■ ' Mi Left: Rudy Falls, Pat Morrison, and Lois Calhoun help the child- ren at Fairview Heights. j N. Henry N. Jackmon M. Jackmon M. Jackson M. Jackson Iv ' i) . . y vt- " , ' ii R, Jackson T. Jackson V. Johnson A. Johnson D. Johnson L. Johnson R. Johnson W. Jolinson A. Jones C. Jones Juniors Visited The Community I S. Mitchell C. Montgomery P. Moore D. Moreau E. Moreau Left: Iva Wright, Gwen Gracia, Carolyn Bolt, attend a meeting in the counseling office. Juniors Planned And Prepared The Prom Above: Mr. Sobleman directed tlae band at the Clovis Homecoming Game. D. Morrow L. Moultrie R. Mmizo B. Packard C. Packard A. Phillips L. Price R. Rhem P, Reyes Right: Carolyn Gant showing one of her friends some pictures. L t i L. Raibon C. Rogers V. Settle R. Simon G. Sims B. Smith L. Suarez J. Tate C. Tatum C. Taylor J. Taylor S. Taylor S. Taylor D. Thomas C. Tucker Juniors Sold Football And Basketball Programs Left: Joyce Handle all ready to go when the bell rings. 4S Above: Mr. De Lemos, Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Lasslg, and Mrs. Mims return from the teacher redevelopment tour. F. White H. White E. Williams R. Williams L. Williams C. Wright C. Young f Ji nior Class Jc ( 6 M,afce-up Pictures Peter Davis Larry Dixon Dwight Elliott Rudy Falls Olga Garza James Green Diana Hunt James Jackson Johniece Jackson Micheal Johnson Joseph Moore E Stella Moreno Below: Cynthlna Price, Johnny Ward, and Alvin West finishing their lunch. Above: Casandra Davis, Lydia Daniels, Howard Furch, and Sandra Dodson sitting around after eating their lunch. Yvonne Alorrow Kenneth Oglesby Abelino Pichardo Sylvia Ramirez Willie Reese Linda Richardson Lucious Roberts Emmett Robinson Ronald Roland Randy Roseraond Cottrell Snilth Robert WiUiams 51 Above: Ronald Roland camera shy. Right: Mrs. ' G ' timing Johnetta Carter. Right: Mr. Dalva went over some work with Basil Derik. Juniors Participated In Many Activities Around The School Above: Hattie White busy typing her assignment. Below: Viola Jolinson, Marian Whitemon, Toni Hawkins, Debra Morrow, Diana-Hunt, Sherry Li-isk, Diana Grayson, and Helen Cobb getting prepared to sing. The Sophomores Added Spirit to the School Activities Too! The class of 1973 was the first new class in two years. (Before, Edison was a four year high school and there was no new class because of the change). But tliis year ' s Sophomore class added much spirit to tlie rallies, games, and other activities. The Sopliomores chose their class rings and set their sights on raising funds for next year ' s Junior and Senior Prom. Across: Pres. Mark Givens, V. Pres. Joey Alexander, (Sec. Sliirley Green, not pictured) .M l.i Above: Mr. Daniels and also Mrs. Brown both were the Sophomore Class sponsors. Left; 1971 Edison Homecoming Queen and attendants. Left above; Catherine Brewer, queen, right above; Deborah Hodge, Senior attendant, bottom left, Evelyn McCoy, Junior attendant, bottom right, Lydia Daniels, Sophomore attendant. 55 Above: Everyone gathering around at the rally after school. Sophomores Added Spirit To The Rallies D. AJjerorimbe D. Abercrombe A. AJjraham S. Allen C. Ayers E. Baldwin J. Ball B. Banks V. Brown B. Bradley R. Bradley O. Bradshaw C. Brewer R. Byrd D. Caples D. Caples M. Callahan M. Carter £, Chaplin N. Chandler R. Chatman HH (At V. Chatman O. Clement M. Corona T. Crawford J. Crawford D. Crawford T. Damasco C. Daniels Y. Delgando C. Durley Above: Eddie Roberts, Chuck Monroe, Odis Lovell, and Ronnie Payne are what ' s happening at Edison. R. Earl R. Eddings S. Edwards T. Edwards A. Fuller A. Galloway D. Galvan M. Galvan G. Garcia M. Givens R. Graves M. Gray L. Green S. Green J. Gonzales Y. Hale A. Hall K. Harris J. Hairston E. Jennings A. Jones C. Howell L. Howell L. Howell W. Hopkins B. Hubbard J. Jackson P. Jackson L. Jackson L. Jefferson Above: Cynthia Hendrlx during hui- daily exercise in P.E. F, Jones J. Jones S, Kimber J. King " M. King N. King D. King K. Knight G. Laird D. Lamkin V. Le Blanc D. Levingston ' tj M. Eastman S. Matliershed V. Mason D. Maxey A. Maxwell C, Monroe M. Murphy O, Murray L. Morris C. McCoy B. McCoy S. McGray R, McNair R. McGee C. Norris H, Osoteo L. Packard K. Paggett P, Perry H. PliilUps D. Richard C. Price C. Randolph R. Reyes Sophomores Were The First New Class In Two Years v- , r ( t P. Perez M. rUcks G. Robiasoti M. Rodriguez R. Rodriguez A. Rowe Above: Where some of the students used to go when it was open. . . Jerico and now is part o£ a changing community. P. Rutledge M. Salvador D. Simon R. Sinan L. Smith R. Spearman C. Stanfleld C. Sterling Right: Daniel Lemay is showing two admirers how to throw a football . E, Stevens F. Stevenson Above: A now sculpture was added to the Court House Park. V. Stokes D. Stepson L. Thomas R. Thomas M. Triplett Q. Turk J. Tuney J. Turner A. Valverde S. Vann M. Waller E. Walter Sophomores Were Seen With Upper Classmen 61 Above: Craig Brown readied the camera as Vivian Chatman listened to Michael Jackson rap it on to her. L. Watts D. Ward J. Walton C. Westmorland F. White T. White J. Wilburn B. Williams D. Williams D. Williams P. Williams R. Williams Sophomores Participated In Major Sports J. Willis T. Woods T. Wyatt E. Wallace G. Ybarra J. Young S. Young J. Geary Lett: Myrtle Murphy, Kathy Ashley, and an unknown person were trying to figure out the time on tlie sundial. 63 Raymond Augustus destine Anderson Julia Aubrey Connie Ayers Adam Barney Diane Bojorquez - Joyce Collins Judy Cooper Zearleen Cooper Lydia Daniels Carolyn Frazier Jonathon Grimes Kathy Hall Randy Hall Above: Biology was a required class for sophomores, weren ' t very fond of it. Sophomo Pictures Lynette Smith Donna Temple Wilma Wallace 64 lake-up Michael Whitfield Rosemai-y Woods Willie Harmon Gail Henderson " Clkv . Sharlene Holmes Gussie Keenan Christine -Manning Sharon McGraj Lucy Mendoza Dewayne Moore Gerald Parks Ronnie PajTie Henrj ' Phillips Ruben Reyes Arnold Rowe Mary Simpson 65 Above: Theresa Jackson and Cheryl Daton ate lunch in Sanger. Sophomores Enjoyed New Activities At Edison Right: Bill Hopkins showed some of his master work. Anthony Packard, Ruth Graves, Lidia Daniels, Linda Howell take time out to take a picture. Right: Vivian Chatman, Larry Robinson, Augustus Maxwell, and Christine Manning were painting signs for the basketball game. (. The Adminis Qu The administration this year at Edison was a very hard working group. Even though their work was not always easy, they tackled it just the same. They tackled things such as; working out the Intra- district transfers, working with civic groups, re- organizing the boosters club, expanding the voca- tional programs and implementing the model-cities counseling programs. Above: Mr. William Gillen, Principal. Above: School Board for the Fresno City Unified School District - Mrs. Ann Leavenworth, John Toomasian, H. M. Giusburg, M. D. (President), J. E. Young, Thomas A. MacMichael. on Worked ard ear Above: Wayne Bergnian-Dean of Boys. Above: Tom Ahajanian-Director of Activities. Above: Mrs. Vivian Smith-Dean of Girls. Right: Richard Darmanian-Vice Principal. 69 Above: Marcia Christian, and Mrs. Trafican-Guidance Secretary. Above: Mr. Kuhn, and Mr. Gonzales-Counse The Counselir Secretari Studen Ta[ Below: Mrs. Mims-Model Cities Coordinator. 70 Department And Staff Helped rhrough Their Red Above: Seated, Head Secretary and Secretary to the Principal Phyllis Smith. Standing, Financial Secretary Mona Elliott. Below: Betty Parker, attendance secretary, and Davian Bradley looked over some of the attendance records. Below: Laura Ellis-Edison High School registrar. Above: Mr. Daniels and Mrs. Lassig-Art Dept. Below: Art Students seemed to be enjoying painting pictures in art class. r The Music And Art Department Enriched The Lives Of The Students Above: Mrs. Beckman and Mr. Sobleiuan- Music Ucpt. Below: Some of the band members playing a few songs. 73 Above: Girl ' s and Boy ' s P. E. Staffs: Athletic Director Leonard Masini and P. E. teacher Hal Froese. Girl ' s P. E. teachers Shirley Griffenhagen and Jean Calabrese. Required Subjeci Above: Beverly Huboard, Terri Crawford, Cremella King, and Felicia Stevenson listened attentively as they received their day ' s assignment. Below: Percy Carr, Amer. Govt, teacher, v over a few papers before class. Above: Mr. Craig, Mr. Jaschke, Mr. Smith-Social Studies. P.E. , Amer. Govt. , and U.S. History were required classes for graduation at Edison this year. Amer. Govt., required only for seniors, U.S. History., required only for juniors, and P. E. , required all 3 years, weren ' t only required subjects but also interesting ones. roved Quite Difficult Cecil Smith, U. S. History teacher, handed back a few corrected papers to Esau Radix and Jackie Taylor, Ralph Wood, woodshop teacher at Edison, left the staff right after the second semester. He was also a senior class advisor. I Industrial Arts Department Underwent Many Changes This Year Below: Mr. Sabatini explained some of the equipment to one of his students. £ - — - ■— Below: Vocational Staff- Leroy Sabatini, RalpliWood, Jim Winters, Pa ul Anderson, Robert Mehl, Steve Santillian, and Rex Anderson. Above: Mr. Swan- Business. Above: Mrs. LeRoy, Mrs. McCollister, and Mrs. Martin- Business Dept. The Business And English Department Trained Students For Jobs Below: Mrs. Rea, Mrs. Eisentrager, Mrs. Blueian, Miss. Moyle, Mr. Cutter, and Mr. Clarke- English Dept. 77 Above: Mr. Mullins, Miss Caffrey, and Mr. Snedden-Science Dept. Above: Mr. Elias looking at Alfreda Jones and Hatti Blachsher work. -Foreign Language. Edison ' s Sta Places Doing Below: Mr. Prinz helping Ricky Williams and Mary Barrett witli their work. - Senior Math. 78 Above: Marurice Finely, Anthony Taylor, Central Freison, and Edward Hall waiting for the bell to ring. ' Ound Themsleves In Many Variety Of Things Below: A few of the band and pep girls posing for the photographer. 79 Above: Left to Right: Substitute, Marie Hargrove, Rose Vartanian, Joyce Mayo. The Cooking Staff At Edison Helped To Nourish The Students Below: Some of Edison students eating a hearty lunch. The Edison Custodial Staff Helped To Keep The Campus Clean Above: 1st Row in Back; Roman Vargas. 2nd Row: Mike Kaiasich, Joe Bolden. 3rd Row: Masao Honda, John A. Peyton, Joel Smith. 4th Row: Grace Meams, Leon Talley, John F. Martinez. Left: Flo Emery-Edison High School Nurse. 81 The Black Studies dept. at Edison had only one teacher, Mr. Bill Clarke. The purpose of the class was to teach the students their basic cultural background. Mr. Clarke felt that what he taught the students would help them in later years as well as now to understand themselves and others. Above: Charles Durley and Terry Woods listened attentively as Mr. Clarke explained the Black History lesson. Black Studies And Drama Combined Their Efforts To Produce Relevant Activities The purpose of Radio and TV are speech training, vocabulary development, and apprec- iation. The events ai ' e plays, assemblies, skits, radio-television shows, panels, and film making. (See picture below) Mr. Cutter feels that providing a variety of performing experiences, (both as talent and as technical workers,) the needs for Edison students were met. «- J 3» " Sl B Above: Karen Pliillips, Randy Williams, Julia Aubrey, and other students used the library for studying purposes during class. The Math Department Proved Difficult To Some Students Left Si Below: Mr. Prinz ' s senior math class seemed difficult for all students. v-5h. Above: Karen Phillips was trying to understand her assignment the teacher assigned to her. Above: Hattie White looked like she enjoyed doing her work. The purpose of typing was to give students a basic knowledge of typing and to teach them how to type personal reports for school, letters, and job application forms. Mrs. McCoUister was help- ing students practice and develop good woi-king habits by follow- ing directions. Typing Classes Were Really Effective This Year Below: Mrs. McCoUister passed out corrected papers to Gwen Garcia, and the rest of her students. 34 Right: Linn Johnson explained to Kerry Maxey as he assembled some art work. The Art Classes Showed Many Achievements Below: Olga Garza concentrates on her art work. The purpose of art was to increase the students understanding of him- self and his world, through visual experiences and expression. The art events of the year were exhib- ition of students work at Fresno Art Center, mall exhibits, and field trips to museums. The direct- ions of this program was to have more emphasis upon drawing and painting. Mrs. Lassig felt that seK satisfaction, feeling of accomplishment, and pride, ai ' e meeting the needs of the Edison Students, 85 Varied Classes Offered Many Opportunities Below: Donna Williams seemed to be interested in the play she was reading. Above: Doris Joyner and Caren McGensey waited patiently as Mrs. Eisentr ger corrected the classes ' papers. Below: While everybody is doing their work, Jered Crump decided to take a nap. The pui ' pose of Foreign Language was to give the students an opportunity to learn, to read and speak, a foreign language. In addition, the students learned about the different cultures of Spain and Mexico. The events of the year were the formation of a Spanish Club and Latin American Club, and a trip to Wonderland in January and Cultural Day on May 4th and 5th. The directions of the program for next year will probably be to have two Spanish classes, two Spanish II classes, one Spanish HI-IV class, and one Mexican American Histoi-y class. Mr. Elias feels that he is meeting the needs of those students who are going to college, and those students who want to study about Mexican History. Lett: The 3rd period gym class listened to Miss " G " give a lecture, in a most interesting way. Below: Miss " G " found tliat it was more fun giving a lecture than listening to one. The purpose of physical education this year was to get exercise and have fun. The events of the year were volleyball, body and figure conti ' ol, basketball, modern dance, swimming, softball, physical fitness, football, gymnastics and others. This program will be somewhat the same and new areas will be offered to our girls. The gym teachers feel this class was needed for the stu- dents to help tliem get some idea of physical fitness and to have fun. Below: While the wliole class was studying their Spanish, Don Monroe found the time to watch Mr. Elias. i(c v » m Above: Ora Hilton quietly laughed at Brenda Ward bragging on herself on how good she could sew. Left: Mr. Woods and Freddie Yancy were busy trying to finish up some wood work. Below: Linda Jones was being shown how to cut out a pattern by a helper. The purpose of woodshop and welding was to teach students to work with wood and metal. Dir- ections of the program were to put advance students in tlie right classes and get more vaiied experience. The class would be most helpful because some young men miglit want to make their home or apartment really some- tliing to look at, or to help build skills for a job. Above: Donna Williams printed a picture in photography. Woodshop, Sewing, Photography And Welding All Had One Thing In Connnnon- The Use Of Our Hands Right: A cross-town student was being careful not to injure himself by wearing protection over his body and eyes, in welding a project. The pui ' pose of homemaking was to teach our young ladies, and some of the young men, to sew, cook, and follow cooldng instructions. The cooking classes were giving experience to our students for future jobs such as house- wives and chefs or cooks at some restaurant or school. The homemaking classes were getting more and more efficient for our needs. " " SiurgiBfc The Scien( Steady C Above: Miss Caffrey seemed happy, but Christine Thomas didn ' t see it that way because Chemistry was not that easy. The purpose of Biology and Chemistry was to let the students know what ' s happening in such fields as, dissecting, bacteria, and germs. They also acquired more know- ledge about Science in general. Since chemistry is required for college, most students will have to take it before they graduate. Below: Donald Graves and JCathy Williams were working together to make the work easier. 90 Right; Mr. Snedden explained to his Biology class exactly what was on the quiz. " lass Students Were rheir Job Left: Diane Bums worked her brain trying to finish her test in Chemistry. Below: Gussie Keenan and Corliss Stanfield pointed out some of the veins and vessels in the human heart. This year ' s Principles of Pub lioations class not only raised money and published a yearbook but also a newspaper. The new; paper was not only circulated around school, but it was also ii serted in tlie California Advocat a West Fresno newspaper, and circulated to more tiian 8, 000 people of the community. This year ' s sale of the yearbook dropped off drastically, hurting the chances of even having a yearbook next year. Above: Senior Staff, left to right, Pam Lewis, Jaclde Gordon, Gay Marshall, Melvin Jamison, and Eloise Darrough. This Year ' s Staff Tackled Yearbc Below: Junior Staff, left to right. Randy Rhem, Shirley Floyd, and Gary Woodard. Below, Mr. Daniels, Adv; some of the layouts. 92 Above: Sophomore Staff, left to right, Shirley Green, Rita Byrd, and Kathy Ashley. and Newspaper da Givens, Editor, looked over Right: Head photographer, Don Shelton. Below: Editor, Linda Givens; Asst. Editor, Marcia Christian, and Newspaper Editor, Rosiland Bivings. i L rf w Sports Provided Entertainment, Drama, And Excitement For Everyone Top: John Packard and Curtiss Wright look on as the referee indicates a first down. Right: Bernard Hall and Glenn Gotten try to stop a pixispective Bullard touchdown. Left: Glenn Gotten on his way to a Tiger touchdown. Above left: Jeff Douglas tries to escape Hoover pursuers. k . Above right: Quarterback James Anders 6A Above: Don Moreau and Harold Galloway put a stop to a Hoover contender. Above: Glenn Gotten tries to out jump his opponent for a pass. Right: Lawerence Young, Don Moreau, Curtiss Wright, and Bernard Hall tiy to block a field goal attempt. The Tiger offense put M r Above: Left to right: Basil Derrick, Willard Burks, Michael Jackson, Michael Dixon, Randj Rhem, Howard Furch, James Tate, Joe Wiley, Derek Johnson, Chuck Bradford, Leon Conwa3 u-ioHsa fsawfei! .■: " -:jLi4frt.i;i. S ;;-;iJi£s; : Above, Left to Right: Glenn Gotten, Lucias Roberts, Randy Williams, Leon Bennett, Jeff Douglas, Vincent Rameriz, James Anderson, Lawrence Young, Curtiss Wright, Anthony Daniels, Harold Galloway, Left: James Tate gets ready to pass to Randy Rhem. Edison in the running AJMve: Randj ' Williams is downed by a Hoover tackier Above: WiUard Burks and Curtiss Wright pursue a Hoover quarterback. Above: Coach Jasclike summons help for an injured player. Left: James Tate attempts to pass while being protected by Howard Furch and Leon Bennett. The Tiger defense . Above: The Edison Tiger defense in action against Fresno High School. Above: Edison player in pursuit of a Fresno High player. Above: Willard Burks stops a would be touchdown seeker. kept it there . . . L " ! ' Above, left to right: Curtiss Wright, Michael Jackson, Bernard Hall, WiUard Burks, Cordoza Tucker Glenn Gotten Chuck Bradford, Lawrence Young, Randy Williams, Lawrence Mathews, Joe Dixon, Donald Moreau. Above: Goach Glarke, Leon Conway, and Michael Dickson after an upset win over McLane. Coaches Added J Above: Head Coach Don Jaschke Above: Defensive Line Coacli Bill Clarke Above: Lawrence Young prepares to return a kickoff. Above; Randy Williams and James Anderson driving for yardage. Left: James Tate tries to escape a Bullard lineman. Winning Touch Above: James Anderson and Randy Williams on a sweep. Above: Line Coach John Mullins Above: Edison Tigei ' s in hot pursuit of a Mclane ball carrier. 103 The Edison High School 1970-7 Top Row, Left to Right: Bernard Hall, Harold Galloway, Donald Moreau, Leon Conway, Bobby Ricks, Leon Bennett, Joseph Wiley, Chuck Bi Coach Bill Clarke, MichaelJaokson, John Ward, Howard Furch, Glenn Gotten, Joe Dixon, Willard Burks, Lucias Roberts, Anthony Daniels, Vincent Rameriz, Manager Michel Bivings, Coach Lloyd Madden. 104 Varsity Football Team nes Tate, Cordoza Tucker, Lawrence Mathews, Curtiss Wright, Coach Don Jaschke, Ricky Hardeman. NUddle Row: Nick Bruno, Ricky Clarke, lliams. Coach John Mullins, Bottom Row: Jerry Jackson, Jeff Douglas, Derek Johnson, Basil Derrick, James Anderson, Lawrence Young, 105 Left: Ricky Hardeman took a hand off from Quarterback James Ajiderson. Right: Don Moreau and Leon Conway stopped a potential touchdown seeker. Left: John Packard stopped a Hoover tallcarrier in mid-air while Joe Dixon, Willard Burks, and Cordoza Tucker looked on. A Disappointing Season Did Not Weaken Hopes For Next Year ' s Title Left: Leon Bennett led the way through a pack of Patriots for James Anderson. Above: Edison shows its speed a Lhc v.luLc jcibc i ' lgurs aru c iji A licrc. 107 Above: Coach Hal Froese Above: Coach Tom Ahajanian Edison 1970J.V. Football Team VfJr .. Above: Left to Right Top Row: Jackie Haynes, Jerry Tumey, Michael Callahan, Oscar Bradshaw, Odis Lovell, Leonard Morris, Jeff Young, Teddy White. Middle Row: Merle Carter, Paul Hill, Charles Monroe, Don Abercrombie, Terry Woods, Rodney Bradllng, Eddie Roberts. Bottom Row: Jimmy Ball, Gregory Laird, Joey Alexander, Augustus Maxwell, Darrell Maxey, Mark Givens, Lawrence Jackson, Bruce Williams. 1 ■ ,■ - ■ ' u It- . Above: Joey Alexander struggles for yardage. Above: The Tigers plan their next move. Right: The ' Lil ' Tigers have another first down. Below: David Callahon, Joey Alexander and Don Abercrombie stop a Clovis ball carrier. 11V 109 Edison High School 1 970-71 Varsity Wrestling Team Above: Back row. Left to right: Eddie Roberts, Clifton Kimbrough, Herbert Cliartley, Richard Chaplin, James Jackson. Front row: Donald Stepeson, Ruben Reyes, Eddie Chavez, Ernest Gray, Coach Cecil Smith. Some people confuse " big time " T. V. wrestling with high school wrestling. Professional and amateur wrestling are not the same. There are no moves that are allowed in high school or college wrestling that will injure the opponent. For example, the extreme bending of limbs, pulling of hair, biting, choking, etc. are never allowed. A man must also wrestle an individual lus own weight. Edison had a first year wrest- ling team this year, plus a lack of man power, but still did an outstanding job. The team hopes to see more men out for the wrestling team next year. Coach Smith Above: Donald Stepeson attempts to pin an opponent. Left: Don Stepeson tries to defeat his opponent at a FSC wrestling tourn- ament. Wrestlers Demonstrated Strength, Skill, And Sportsmanship. Right: Ernest Gray wrestling in the FSC tournament. ill Tennis was an Individual Sport Left: Veteran tennis player Da ' iann Bradley followed through on a I all return. Left: Cremella King came up to the net to prepare for a ball retuni. Above: Left to right, front row: Ronnie Hodge, Viclde Huff, Barbara Lacy, Jackie Gordon, Cremella King, Daviami Bradley, Jennifer Williams, Wanda Chalk, Evelyn McCoy. Back row: Louie Edmond, Lester Hall, Chester Riggins, Melvin Jamison, Ronald Clark, Donald Clark, Robert Seraien, I arry Green, Mrs. Jean Calabrese. Netters Completed One Of The Best Seasons Ever Right: Chester Riggins warmed up for his upcoming tennis match. 113 1 970 Cross Country Team Above: Pedro Rameriz , Ellas Avila, Pete Rlcon, Ernest Gray, Lester Hall, Ruben Reyes Left: Cross country runners warm-up before the start of a race. msAi tnsr ' ?C!e:-;-v.-.., Although Small In Number, They Were Giants In Pride Left: Ruben Reyes running in A Class competition. 115 Edison High 1970-71 J.V. Basketball Team Above: Back row, left to right: Michael Grey, Cliff Montgomery, Odis Lovell, Gerald Hardeman, Oscar Bradshaw, Jackie Haynes, David Caples. Front Row: Michael Dixon, Don Abercrombie, Kenneth Harris, Merle Carter, Mark Givens. Left: Odis Lovell attempts to add more points to the score as Cliff Montgomery looks on. J.V.s Showed The Potential Of Next Year ' s Varsity Team. Above: Michael Dixon appears to be a little c amera shy. Left: Gerald Hardeman tips in another two points for the ' Lil ' Tigers. 117 Above: Terry Williams got ready to pass the Ijall to waiting Joe Moore, In 1971 Edison Took Its Third Consecutive North Yosemite League Title Above: Lawence Youiig attempted to add another two points to the scoreboard. Left: Coach Carr had a difference of opinion with the referee. Above: The Tigers got together to plan their next move. Above: Joe Moore battles with Roscoe Poindexter for the rebound. 5,000 Fans Saw Edison Stop Memorial For A Play-Off Spot Left: Happy Edison fans showed tlieir spirit after a Tiger victory over San Joaquin Memorial. 11 Edison High School 1970-7 Above: Back row. Left to right: Coach Percy Carr, Jackie Taylor, Frank Williams, Bruce Front row: Leonard Morris, Don Gra Varsity Basketball Team t7ln::Z- nr:rr„LT ' 1- " ° " -. Terr wmiams. Managers Samuel Floyd and Elmer Young. Ben McDonald, Charles Harris. 121 Edison 64 Foothill 66 Edison 60 McClymonds 64 Edison 75 Redwood 37 Edison 60 Reedley 57 Edison 58 Hoover 56 Edison 55 Memorial 93 Edison 86 Immanuel 61 Edison 69 Sierra 57 Edison 52 BuUard 66 Edison 65 Hoover 61 Edison 63 McLane 60 Edison 64 BuUard 50 Edison 71 Roosevelt 55 Edison 83 Madera 56 Edison 51 Fresno 68 Edison 64 Clovis 50 Edison 49 Hoover 73 Edison 64 Mc Lane 40 Edison 79 BuUard 73 Edison 69 Roosevelt 42 Edison 60 Madera 38 Edison 95 Clovis 59 Edison 70 Fresno 64 Edison 75 Fresno 60 Edison 74 Mt. Whitney 50 Edison 40 E. Bakersfield 44 Edison 73 Memorial 68 Edison 47 E. Bakersfield 55 Alx)ve: Ben McDonald shot for two points despite the Memorial interference. For Edison It Took Speed, Hustle, and Determination Left: Some of the Edison players itched for some of the action. Campus Life Powder Puff Football Champions Did It Above: Back row, left to right: Randy WiUianis, Jackie Gordon, Rita Carter, Gwen Garcia, Daviann Bradley, Vickie Huff, Rosiland Bivings. Middle row: Suzie Taylor, Iva Wright, Gussie Keenan, Barbara Lacy, Pat Keenan, Curtiss Wright, Willard Burks. Front row: Sheila Tapscott, Karen Pliillips, Norma Wright, Suzie Young. A Disappointing Season Did Not Discourage the Girls From Having Fun Left to right, back row: Peggy Jackson, Kathy Ashley, Diane Minnieweather, Shirley Green, Karen Pliillips. Front row: Iva Wright, Rita Byrd, Gwen Garcia, Suzie Taylor. 123 © " f?l r ' A5! i ' 3;51 C %■ - • v J 1 i i. l Class A Above: Fi ' ont row. Left to right: James Jackson, Douglas Washington, Terry Woods, Augustus Maxwell, Randy Williams, Eugene Har Eddie Roberts, Ronnie Williams. Back row: Willie Johnson, Wayne Allen, Hohnny Ward, Ricky Woods, Joe Dixon, James Anderson, Lawrenc Young, Dewayne Howell, Cardoza Tucker, Earl Jennings, Peter Rutledge, Eddie Williams, Michael Callahan. Track — A Sport of Speed and Endurance Left: Robert Semien and Ernest Gray added points for their class running the 880 yard run in the interclass track meet. ' ••■ -t ' - •■T%lVi- ' ' •• ' .TV.j ' - ji; ' : ; v jfc,- „ •-■•. l ?S !«S 2- Without too much publicity, our track team started out with a big squad of sixty-five. With the academic and per- sonal problems it was left with forty-one people. We lost our first dual to BuUard. We were going to face the toughest meet with Fresno High. Re- gardless of our set-backs, our team was still generating steam. There were many spots to look for: Class-A Randy Williams, Eugene Harding, Ronnie Williams, and Gerald Hardeman. Class -B Mark Givens, Rick Hardeman, Mike Jackson, Doug Wasliington, Brent Reynolds, and Leornard Morris. Class -C Lawrence Jackson, Bruce Williams, and Merle Carter. Look for these men. Look for the Team to finish liigh in the up-coming Medal Meets. The tigers never say die. Above: Brent Reynolds led the pack for Edison as he crossed the finish line. Class B Above: Left to right, kneeling: Brent Reynolds, Charles Monroe, Keith Hendrix, Ricky Harding, Jimmy Bail, Joey Alexander. Standing: Mark Givens, Leonard Morris, Augustus Maxwell, Peter Davis, Elias Avila, Pedro Ramerlz, Michael Jackson, Gerald Hardeman, Darrell Maxey. 125 f ■ y W ft w ft ■• ' . ' 5 ff W ' V U U , 150 ' 7a . t ' . I { ' ' Class C Above; left to right, loieeling: Howard Uyeno, Arnold Rowe, Ocie Clements, Merle Carter, Anthony Lee, Robert Palacios. Standing: Mike King, Lawrence Jackson, Bruce Williams, Clifford Randolph, Anthony Neal. ; Ht ' -riii-r n V Edison Track Team had a Promising Season Left: Track Coach Richard Snedden and Assistant Coach Jim Rude. Size Did Not Limit Their Hopes For A Record Breaking Season ' . ' • ■ : ■- ' S;,- ;. ? ' 5 % ' -- siir:- " " ' - . ' € " - S Left: Earl Jennings attempted to earn points for Edison in the shotput during a track meet. Above: Clifton Kimbrough and Joe Dixon practiced running the 440 yard dash during practice after school. 127 The 1 970-71 Varsity Baseball Team Above: Left to right, Imck row: Harold Galloway, Oscar Bradshaw, Charles Green, Edward Hall, James Tate, Joseph Murray, Jackie Haynes, Jarris Henry, Ben McDonald. AEddle: Bruce Haynes, Anthony Taylor, Joe Wiley, Don Williams, Don Moreau, Curtiss Wright, Willard Burks. Front: Kenneth Harris, Gary Woodard, Willie Harmond, Howard Furch, Ernest Bramion, Irwin Brewer, Randy Rhem. .M Above: Bruce Haynes attempted to tag a sliding player out. 1 f ' ■ ' . : Above; T. D, Leslie got ready to pitch a strike. Power Hitting Was The Answer To Edison ' s Dreams r Above: Randy Rhem and catcher Bernard Hall took a few practice warmup pitches. Above: Bruce Haynes got ready for any balls coming lus way. t nW ii ' H iiii pi U ii ' M " ' T - " ipiMPiimiuiq ■■ " t Above: T. D. Leslie pitched one of his fastballs to the batter. 129 ;:£:9.ik: : :. iii m i i i ii iii i iii Above: Howard Furch and Bernard Hall warmed up while Irwin Brewer waited his turn. Edison Proved To Be A Threat To League Contenders Right: Coach Craig called time-out for a discussion on the mound with the players. li fa im, Above: Baseball Coaches Columbus Craig and Hall Froese. The Edison Baseball team got off to a slow start but quickly came back to sliow tlie rest of the league that Edison would not be an easy win. Curtiss Wright al- most knocked off the contender of the NYL, McLane, in a close 4-3 battle, thus proving that we could win the close ones. Curtiss pitched a no-hitter against Fresno High in a breath-taking 1-0 victory. Sharing the starting role on the mound with him is T, D. Leslie. Leslie is developing into one of the league ' s finest pitchers. Already he has a win over Clovis and a fine performance against Madera and Hoover. Besides being pitchers, T. D. and Curtiss have proved to be real threats when at the plate. Adding more power to the offense was Ernest Brannon, Willard Burks, and Bruce Haynes. The season also saw some excel- lent performances from James Tate, Don Moreau, and Randy Rhem, all of whom will be returning next year. Above: Curtiss Wright gives Howard Furch some pointers during practice. 131 -. ■■ Above: Lettergirls, Theresa Jackson, Joycelyn Forest, Marcia Christian -(Co-Head), Daviann Bradley, Yolanda Gonzales, (Head) Terri Aguirre, Shirley Floyd. Pep Squads Were The First Organizations To Get It Together ' i %t ' ; Below: Left: Deborah Hodge, Anita Butler, and Linda Jones (Head) " ■- ■ , ■ ' " ' ' - ' • ' Below Right: Tiger Mariami Whiteman Above: Sponsors: Mrs. Minis and Nickie Garvin The Pep Squad was composed of twenty-seven girls; Lettergirls, Pepgirls, Yell Leaders, Major- ettes, and a Mascot. Their jobs were to build spirit and morale for our athletic teams with showmansliip and team spirit. This year, the girls plaimed activities to help send the up-coming Pep Squad to camp. We thank you Mighty Tigerettes ! ■.- ' v • ■ ' - ' :L •• iif SMfcwJ i sV a!: i-JM ai ' : - . " ' . - Atove: Yell Ijeaders, Carolyn Gant, Loretta Hannah, Cynthia Wright, and Janice Davis (Head) Below: Left to Right: Marcia Logan (Head), Sheila Tapscott, Pepgirls: Valarie Applewhite, Angela Warren (Head), Pat Moore, Gloria Walker. Right: Latin-Amerioan Club: Front row: Estela Moreno, Pete Rincon, Mary Daniels, Lorenzo Suarez, Debbie Calderon. Second row: Denlse Mora, Anionio Rams, Sylvia Ramirez, Ruby Munoz, Lucy Mendoza, Edward Chavez. Tliird row: Mr. Elias, Felix Martinez, Jessie Aguilar, Ben Osoteo, Father Finian. Back row: EUas Avila, Edmund Fabela. Latin-American And Spanish " Got It Together " The purpose of the Latin-American Club is to bring the Mexican American students at Edison closer together. By having their own club, it is hoped tliat they will learn to work together. This year, the Spanish Club and Latin -American Club combined and it has worked out successfully well. Left: Spanish Club- Estela Moreno, Lucy Mondoza, Ruby Mimoz, Mr. Elias, and Sylvia Ramirez The Future Leaders Of Tomorrow The Future Club was formed primarily for the purpose of fellowship and the discussion of the common concerns of the students in regard to their life and their future. At their monthly meetings such tilings as college preparation, so- cial, and political problems of the community, and person- al concerns were discussed. The group participated in a liighly successful weekend retreat at Bass Lake in Novem- ber. Hopefully, tliis activity will be repeated in the Spring. Left: Future Club: Left to Right, Front row: Evelyn McCoy, Pam Mack, Standing: Sammie Kimber, Rita McCloud. Vocal Groups Sang in Many Places Above: Mixed Chorus: Front row. Left to Right: Hilyard Patterson, Ora Jackson, Diana Lowe, Marian Whlteman, Pat Carrie, Marlyn Martin, Mary Hebert, Diane Grayson, Daphne Beckman. Second row: Viola Jolinson, Joyce Jaclison, Charlene Rogers, Diane Himt, Debra Morrow, ALfra Jones, Cassandra Davis, Sharon Lusk. Back row: Larry Green, Jessie Flores, Maurice Simpson, Robert Semien, James Hairston, Jerome Bennett, Freddie Jones, Craig Brown, Eugene Raton, and Alfred Montez. 135 Lettermen ' s Club Helped Build Community Spirit ? W ' i % ' Left to right, back row: Harold Galloway, Joe Wiley, Joe Dixon, Leon Conway, Curtiss Wright, Gregory Hill, Michael Jackson, James Tate, Lucius Roberts, John Packard, Ricky Hardeman, Don Moreau, Lynn Wade. Front row: Howard Furch, Richard Chaplin, mchael Dixon, Bernard Hall, John LeBlanc, Randy Rhem, Anthony Taylor, Willard Burks, Coach Don Jaschke. Left: Lynn Wade gave Gail Henderson a ride in the snow while on the Letterman Club ' s snowtrip. Above: Coach Jaschke talks to Howard Furch about up-coming events, while Michael Dixon waits. Lettermen Also Did Services for the School Below: Howard Furch, Coach Jaschke, Larry Dixon, and Michael Dixon discuss the prices of the Lettermen ' s jackets. Black and Gold is an Edisc I J L- f - " ' Above: Black Gold Back Row: Iva Wright, Wanda Fulbright, Valerie ApplewUte, Marcia Christian, Janice Davis, Betty Wliite, Front Row: Miss CaJifery, Sheila Tapscott, Gloria Walker, Veronica Smith, Evelyn McCoy, Verdis Milburn, Linda Givens, Cheryl Dayton. Black Gold Enjoys Music Below: Some Black Gold Students enjoy music too. Below: Back Row: Cremella King, Front Row: Beverley Hubbard, Terrie Crawford, Felicia Stevenson. Service Club Above: Miss Pat Caffrey Sponsor of the Black Gold Club. Below; Vernan Slidder, our guest speaker on drugs and prisons. Above; Back Row: Janice Davis, Donald Graves. Mr. Carr introduces his basketball players at a rally. mtmm Above: Front Kow: C.S. F. Veronica Smith, Historian; Lorenzo Suarez, President; Gloria Walker, News Re- porter; Linda Givens, Vice-President; and Yolanda Gonzales, Secretary; Mrs. Martin, Sponsor. Back Row: Verdls Milburn, Bert Onii, Keith Hendrix, Clieryl Dayton, Sheila Tapscott and Willie Myles. C.S.F. Established " Leadership " The California Scholarship Federation is an honorary organization in which academic achieve- ment and citizenship are the requirements for membership. Memberslilp in C.S.F. helps in applying for scholarslilps for college. C. S. F. lias traditionally been an inactive organ- ization, in name only, at Edison. This year C.S.F. became active. Many activities were explored and three were carried to completion by the Fall C.S. F. under the leadership of Lorenzo Suarez. In the fall the group made and sold name labels to order for a very nominal sum. A Christmas Party was held at the sponsor ' s home before the holiday. Tliis group ended its reign by taking orders for and delivering Valentine telegrams to Edison class- mates before tliat holiday. Left: Keith Hendrick, Pat Moore, Evelyn McCoy, Bert Omi, and Linda Givens helped beautify the school by painting the trash cans. Band Director: Mr. Sobelinan Above: Left to Right, Front row: William Hopkins, Ethel Gray, Gwen Sims, Corliss Stanfield, and Clarice Jones. Second row: George Chaplin, Michael Gray, Joyce Taylor, Phillip Augustus, Peter Rutledge, and Eddie ChapUn. Third row: Randy Roseman, Herbert Chartley, Ora Murray, Jackie Gordon. Back row: Bert Omi, Clifton Kimbrough, Melvin Jamison, Ronald Eddings, and John Russel. The Band " Marched On " Above: Front Row: Verdis Milbum, Keith Hendrix, Vice-President; Linda Givens, President; Pat Moore, Sec- retary. Back Row: Mrs. Martin, Sponsor; Bert Omi, Judy Cooper, Historian; Lorenzo Suarez, (not pictured) Evelyn McCoy, Treasurer. 141 Above: Pep Club, Cremella King, I va Wright, Wanda Fulbright, Kathy Williams, Gwen Garcia, Kathy Tatum, Kathy Garner, Dorothea Crawford, Joyce McClendon, Below: Jennifer Williams, Ruth Graves, Joyce King, Nay Henry, Wanda Chalk. Pep Club Ready for Action I a V m Above: The Edison High School Pep Club was organi- zed to raise school spirit. Members in the Pep Club decorated the stadium during the football games. They painted signs for basketball and football games. They were rooters at games. They held spirit dances to raise spirit before games. Left: Our Mascot, Marion Whitemon took time out from adding pep at a game to notice Linda Breedlove and fans. .,,..- ' Ill .wc .. ... - .,fe . .. Above: Marian Jackmon, Ruth Graves, and Iva Wright discussed the vvfordings of their poster. Below: Pep Club Sponsor: Mr. Tom Ahajanian Below: Back Row: Debra Morris, Betty Marshall, Front Row: Gussie Keenan. 143 Santi ' s Inc. 1142 » ♦ TT1 » » F Street 268-9344 J c House of Records 64 5 East Mono Avenue 485-322 1 LUFTENBURG ' S 931 Fulton Mall 237-1296 EDISON FACULTY CLUB ' CONGRATUUATIONS CLASS OF 71 Leo ' s Watch Shop 1029 " E " Street 264-1511 Hallowell Chevrolet 961 Shaw Avenue Clovis 291-7711 ZALE ' S JEWELRY CO. 1014 FUl-TON MALU 268-4567 EVERYBODY ' S MARKET 2290 S. ELM AV. 264-2357 VALLEY AREA CONSTRUCTION BIG 4 SHELL 1212 FRESNO 324 FRESNO ST, 268-9634 233-0749 145 ENCO SERVICE STATION FRESNO AND C ST. 266-1922 SECURITY PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK 1060 FUL-TN MAUL. 268-0461 jg, a«h ' .. i af ALL PETE PAT ' S CLUB S. ORANGE AV. PEACOCK DEPT. STORE PARAMOUNT PEST CONTROL SERVICE 2143 MCKJNLY AV, 268-4266 237-4622 1 147 LEATHER AND LEATHERCRAFT SUPPLIES J. W. PARKLAND Manager 3235 North Cedar FRESNO, CALIFORNIA 93726 Phones (209) 229-9880 H-J SCHOOL SERVICE Darrell-Nick-Dale-Len for the finest in Class Rings, Graduation Announcements, Yearbooks, Caps Gowns, Trophies, Medals Pins 1625 East Weldon 224-1100 BOY ' S MARKET 1444 " C " Street 237-7594 1560 FULTON ST. at CALAVERAS FURNITURE " Finest Quality Furniture for Over 60 Years! " 7 tee ' Decorator Sen ice 7ree Delivery Service Hank JianaHcing Phone 237-3871 U-SAVE LIQUOR MANOR HOUSE 2196 S Elm Avenue 233-0419 V ays I2anz ORIGINALS LADYBUG 264-9765 1127 Fulton Mall SAMS RENGE PHARMACY LUGGAGE LEATHER GOODS fte-Mu-AII Shoe Sen ice 1017 Fulton Mall. Fresno. California 93721 W i Telephone: 233-0825 320 East CaUfornia IdA ill Grave ' s Liquor Store 2583 South Elm 237-1262 KOMOTO DEPARTMENT STORE 1528 Kern Street 268 -6502 149 THE AKI COMPANY 1518 Kern Street 233-6403 PAY LESS MARKET 1103 " E " Street 233-2523 J M MARKET 2972 S. Elm 237-7412 INTERSTATE Restaurant Supply Company 2018 South Van Ness Avenue 485-4880 THE BETTY SHOPPE 1147 Fulton Mall 266-9178 Congratulations ' 70 jmpm FURNITURE INTERIORS 1028 North Fulton Tower District BUD EBERWEIN Brake Service - Wheel Alignment 1821 Calaveras Street 268-6359 J C PE N N E Y CO. 959 Fulton Mall 233-3221 WH ITTEN ' S T.V I SERVICE RADIO STEREO COLOR BLACK WHITE Antenna Installation Repair Phone: 268-2860 1257 KERN FRESNO, CALIFORNIA 93706 ALFRED WENDT JEWELER 2019 FRESNO STREET TELEPHONE 233-1523 FRESNO 21, CALIFORNIA ROBERT J, SANCHEZ TEL. 237-3532 SANCHEZ-HALL MORTUARY FUNERAL DIRECTOR 1022 -B ' STREET COR, B AND TULARE FRESNO. CALIF. 93706 P R Liquor 1205 Fresno Street 233-1083 JERRY ' S TV SERVICE MOTOROLA • Sales 3c Service • V ORK AND PARTS GUARANTEED GERALD RODRIGUEZ 1532 FRESNO STREET 264-0586 FRESNO. CALIF. 9370S 151 AMERICAN TENT AWNING 2337 S, ELM AVE. 268-8996 BUILDER ' S EMPORIUM 4686 E. KINGS CANYON RD. 251-5586 FRIEDRICHSEN ' S BABY NEWS STORE 769 E. BARSTow 224-4943 VERN ' S SHOE REPAIR 1 1 60 BDWAY 233-9472 RED CARPET CAR WASH 4411 N. BLACKSTONE 227-6221 ABBEY RENTS 4488 N. BLACKSTONE 222-3077 STEVE ' S SADDLE SHOP 2801 E. VENTURA 266-9046 ATWOOD GROVE CONSTRUCTION, INC. 2845 N. MAROA ATWOOD GROVE FRESNO, CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE 224-4900 WAGMER ' S a515 N. Blackstone FRETSNO 3. CAUIFORNIA BECKER BENDIX BLAUPUNKT DELCO MOTOROLA PHiL.CO 222-1022 PENA ' S BAKERY 1016 -E ■ STREET Specializing in Mexican Pastry wedding and party cakes Phone AD 7-0367 Fresno. California PHONE (209) 485-7700 Strange Worm Farm MINNOWS Bazaar PHONE 266-6134. 6 20 UafaYETTE FRESNO. CALIFORNIA P. O. SOX Z 1 49 FRESNO, CALIFORNIA 93719 VISIT PARTY BAZAAR IN FRESNO- 1649 NO. BLACKSTONE vJESSE PUNERAL SERVICE JESSE COOLEY.JR. FUNERAL SERVICE 1830 South Fruit 268-8048 Louie Kee Market 1041 Tulare 233-7527 153 .T ' -V % JERRY ' S TAVERN 1345 FRESNO 264-2059 JOE ' S LIQUOR STORE WHITESBRIDGE AVE. PEPSI-COLA You ' ve Got a Lot to Live PEPSI ' S Got a Lot to Give K Y N Radio Lucky 13 on you r dial Jensen Auto Parts 3230 East Jensen 233-3881 Glaser Bros. 505 " N " Street 233-7288 Oriental Dry Goods Company 1027 " F " Street 237-1242 155 SHiiTS P Edison Hi-Board Representative at Gottscha k s 1139 Fulton Mall B H BSHt RUDY ' S ELM PHARMACY 2 102 ELM AV. 268-8551 HOLLY DEPT. STORE 1029 F ST. 237-1242 Rhodes 2015 East Shields 222-5111 Gardner Volkswagen 381 East Shaw 224-2200 157 Bill ' s Home and Appliance Center 333 East California 268-8192 - ' , r. - - 1 . - t - ; A J Ul, ■Al. itiii ' ] i ■uv ' . ' .v.avv .■■:—■;— . ' --— r P KEimtmmmii m mi WON DE RLAN D 5090 N. Blackstone 222-6269 1220 ON YOUR DIAL ON MERCED ST, IN FOWI ER 834-3456 158 BILL EAD ' S SHARP CARS 2259 S. ELM AVE, 237-0816 WILSON ' S MOTORCYCLES 443 BDWY. 237-0215 MIDLAND SAVING LOAN 2 150 TULARE 233-2661 PIEMONT ' S ITALIAN DELICATESSEN 616 E. OL I VE AV. 237-2038 STAR SUPER MKTS. STORE NO. 1 745 G STORE NO. 2 2624 ELM AVE. 159 1971 The Year Of Changes 1971 was a year of earthquakes in South America, India, and Ijos Angeles. Death took Whitney Young, Jimi Hendrix, and Robert Trotter. The year saw men land on the moon for the second time, the trials of Angela Davis and Virgil Lewis, and Joe Frazier settled it with Moiiammed Ali. Local elections saw four black candidates run for office. Labor saw a lettuce boycott; VACOP in Fresno; and blacks took a lead in business at all levels. The poverty and war continued, and the changing still goes on. . . 1971 Inventor Staff Above: Linda Givens, Editor of the 1971 I fVENTOR, who helped the staff accomplish wliat many thought was the impossible and who deserves a special THANK YOU! A Special Thank You Mr. Darrell Cutter Mrs. Leslie Rea Mrs. Mona Elliott! ! ! Mrs. PhyUs Smith 160 PISCHEL YEARBOOKS. WC . f y V li ,1 1 miUHAuim ' ui I ' lTT ,4 8 •••• mn III III : «T f mil ■. ,,■;-. ■ ■, Y t ' ? «» -x y A y. X . V - , »« "

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