Edison High School - Inventor Yearbook (Fresno, CA)

 - Class of 1958

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'S Nz r wr" " ful... fb M191 , V ' yy 1, AJ' A' L Ayjx X '61 H Hy T N5 V f jg, 'J A N' P VN Q14 M V M A155 12 ffiil fL2ff3iig K V j'nliiJ,.,l 4'QfZA- by X ef M V""'f' M,,, fL A .5 ,,.gL. 597 Mid.. , ff!! Nfgo! ll-5 " D6 My 4. Mjjyfd cv, 'XML 'ff 92 Wim W JW 'Y aj L A JLMLC7 P vw. jd W4 j wh M 56, Q! fy! 1,303 4 'T'fff f QX'N?kjgKLfijAM LQSw- Q jjjfm ww wfMW3,2 A W J al? A Mft 1 J N f f f ,A A w ff? 7 A, J li 'J,.f,.fCL 1' I Ox L , ,V AM Q5 V K J ,1 I WW N31 Mf L S01'J 1 7 cf 1 ,ll JU fx K Ax QlL,?,.1 A k f N1 L vs. iq ami' fy MX UB? I, lx V -WX Qyjyxgx V 4 A 9g 4 A W8 all f' , M jj mf L 'J f . Ag M 40 W Q XX!! f y, 'M ,f" fi A f l M V 1 1 W ff' W Q f f my ffl ,Mft Q0 ffm Q zwj Wifi MMLW L 1 if y4WJ9f'Jf M xg s .. 903 ' is 1 n ,,-. Q. ,X .A ,Kp ci' . in V A . Jw A .g tx 4 6 1, v V if :Y 'X .. .- ,ul X -- ,, 'Q L- - ' ,N V , i A Z, V15 .A f v Vs, PX 'ff f .Q ., - ff ' N "' ' vw, W JE- ' K'- . " V b -J W , .0 ,X ,. , f X, my ,,h h r. . . .. R X w K ,V -v., -A NWX, M M J .. . -mg 'V ' ' . ' - I "f A ...M - '- -,v. . , M. ff. :A , N "',6'V ' , A 'sv-,3 7 .- 'K '- Q., 4 . 1, L, , 1 ' - 1 . x . -4 1 .. . 'X hp ' .L. 'X ' ' X . Q . y 'D ' if 1 'h 5 ' ". 4 5 'f ' , I S' -v '-. Af ' N Us 1,4 'ghxnvih lex-.. x. r I K s, . A ' ,,'s. X S1 w ' ' f K 1. v ' 'i ' ,ui . xx Q . Y, . Q r . V Y - A ,P , Ni ' A f. .1 ,, Q- 5 - G M 2 f .,x , V. 'N . 14 J in .3 142' i 1 v 'N 1 5 - " 4 f X K" an W , Ay L xi ,. Y. 1 -, N w 1' -of ' "'27':45A?' fvflw' ff"xE'5ms I , ', an-. 'Irie-Wt' "of 'e 5 K' ' 'J'.'. "'1'1-K ul 9 L 'J , R' fi 5-'.f', ',.5 'gf'-r Y I, X 1 yf.i,'a,!tL x ,sifgg 1- 1- n. '.,,f.,',,ag,l Q . ,c'f'. "'f-r- 1.' 'f.' .rw "dx-'GL' ""'U' . PL 'QA r- ,v 3- u.- 'Q Mil., V , '9,,24-Af ' , - va ,H tqrgn I . K , Y, "H 'K' v fi . "fad ,4-3' . --ML 5 -Q, ,Mu ' , " .A UA , v 4 iJ,",-lg Li.,,3,rl"' ' , wg fr I. vin, 'A A ' Q ,-.. ,Mi-1" 1 X r' gf A .mn ,VF ffl f .V,Q.S,p,'A E r 15 .flgm .1 M ' f 7-fm' .- :. gf .1 , N,Qw,.' .x,- ,,, - .-' 'V .1 A 1 ' 1 ,- v' A Y wr ' ' 1 M f W wfvf. xf, F V ., .'- , ' ,. . V U r I V , Y 4, s . , , . - X, .V - , - , ' . f ,v . , X "S ' .X fo o .4 1 1 5 s , W 1 1 ,xp H E, 'Q Q, ., '7 Q . any 1 , X ' a ' s .tk x -. K a. 4-G' -.. wigx is -v . fl " fn 1' sf.. - 14. , . " YH 2... If 'X ,, z 1 'sg"" 2 ilk' 41"-'H' "' f. Vt. 5 iz, '1 1 1- I Q E 1 ' A "vw 'G . , 'I ,',, ,f , , KX f I A ' S9 Sa 'Q-55, ief-if ' Ou' QS fo V 6 fb, , ,W s , X O 'y x ',f X Ll 53 KD Q9 ' ,L C, ' 1-'IZ Im' Wei ig' 511 fix x Q I KK Y- K 1 26 XII Lf' QQ Q7 , bxfif ii frvvks CE? CD .V QI UQ f f If I jf d..,"'NU mfg! ,yi I 'I ji V 15 I f If' I. I f L W wwf, V If' P 0 JJYJ KVI' R555 II! A fy L JV o 7L A MI W2 IQSQ WW If A A QI I ,g df I MMV, IU Kiwi I 70 Q I 1 W ' 'U' VIIIMQM 1 M6 7 THOMAS A. EDISON SCHOOL OR AND SENIOR HIGH JUNI I FRESNO, CALIFORNIA gi I I Xfb, 3 fi? 5525? RAZOR , E5 E'i-fgiiex N 35 fi S an f fixi EQE SE if W ' A Q 5' He has been teaching here at Edison for twenty-four years, and he has mainly taught courses follow- ing the business field. This year, he was chosen as "Teacher of the Year" by the Fresno lion's Club. Possessing both a devotion to his work and a zeal for service, Mr. Ray Franklin has shown that he has the true spirit of teach' T ' ' mg. he guidance which he endeavors to pass on to those students who have known him, has really been helpful to them. lt is not for anyone to say specifically to which teacher this book should be dedicated, nor can one say some person has been more deserving than another, for all teachers are deserving of this honor and all have done their part, each in his own way. The intangible can never be measured. We can only attempt to general- ize - to list - those characteristics which may go toward the selection of a few from many. These character- istics, then, fall into three general categories: service, devotion, and guidance. ln selecting a dedicant, the thought of service first comes to mind. Service is one of those virtues which is hard to attain. Considerate, modest, always willing, eager, uplifting, unceasing, and above all unselfish - these things characterize service to the school, the pupils, and the community. Linked with service is the virtue of devotion, a characteristic most often seen in dedicated people. Devotion is shown in a person through his faithfulness, understanding, patience, kindness, and the willingness to help everyone in every way. Devotion is undoubtedly one virtue which we should all try to achieve on entering into our life's work. Guidance through inspiration is the last and one of the most important virtues, for the guiding of our young people today is one responsibility which faces all the teachers of this era. To guide means not only to lead through the chapters of a textbook, but to fulfill the needs of young people from the pages of the book of human experience. Truly, proper guidance is an important facet of today's schools for without it, our whole educational system would be useless. The above characteristics, and many more, are symbolic of teachers everywhere Furthermore we recog- nize these symbols here in the teaching staff at Edison and as shown through the dledicants of thlis yearbook. Therefore, we, the Inventor Staff of 1958, do gratefully, and with full acknowledgement of their devoted service and inspirational guidance, dedicate this book to Mr. Ray Franklin and Mr. Warren Moody, as a small tribute in token of our high esteem for them and for the ideals of teachers everywhere. ' 7 ff"" Having taught school at Edison since 1933, this witty and inspiring teacher has really been help- ful to those who have been fortunate enough to know him. His devotion to his work and his service to the school have shown through the various duties he has been called upon to perform. One of those behind the scenes people, who are seldom seen but always necessary, Mr. Warren Moody has proved that he has earned the honor of being a dedicant of this yearbook. it . f f 191' gisslfii-'-5.1 fl af. f mt. . s . ..ss rQ....f. 1 . . 1 4 , , MQ, ,,... i . - ...Fr - . . wr M. -, .H .-- -1 5: . . . 5 y . -Q -su 4- I s . -V,-..-. .1""' -Cx' , ' 4 i nwlfsfyu ,iifiii fmt:-.1 1 .-E41 f' - v'i.'3'1 24+ Swim" ' -1.14.49 ' :I "'J'+:t31 .14 -awww 1, ug: J., . , vpn.-n vw 4-Q sv 2 nm, . , Q ,.,-. .. in mai- 2 at mn- . V .. 1. .- 1 s - V Hvzivilsfa 5-3:21 W' so -nu, N 49 4354" if 555352 ,. I 134,444 ,Q 5. 5234+ J 4 Q? if gun ' mg flag' + T ,- ,4- 'rr . , 1 i 4 inf, NVQ' . nn "1 49 A' v A . , I ': ',J"L'i- 'wil -Lg 51.1, f MW .5 .v,4',g,l g ,nr ,nn- Mun Mun' Manu ,.. ,. 1- . .nun 1 5? iii. yfxfllfir . nu-si 'v if I nf- - V. yt" 1235 ,. ' ,., Vi A' 2.11 ' 1 I -'MIP' .1 .f 1 '1' qu' . 1,Atm,, 131 J' .H 2 1'f uuvvgf Yearbook Sponsor MR. JOHN NOLAN nuns nun Editor VICTOR TOM ASSlSlGl'1l' Editor Art Mqnqger ALIENE CHO FRAN INOUYE Tlw Inven Oi 'S i . T' I ' ' 441 'bSv'5f A A " .r ,I f" :LK a ART AND LAYOUT STAFF-L. to R.: B. Aragon, G. Takeda, M. Morales, F. lnouye, J. Sandoval. EDlTOR'S MESSAGE "A yearbook is a book of memories." With this thought in mind, we have compiled your Inventor for . l958. Utilizing both words and pictures, we have strived to make your book a memorandum of the fun and reminiscences you enioyed during the past year at Edison. We have tried as hard as possible to include everyone in the book and if we have omitted anyone, we are truly sorry. You will notice as you flip through the pages of this book, that it is printed entirely in color. This shows a marked step in the progress of the book. fi ADVERTISING STAFF-Front Raw, l. to R.: A. Lew, C. Kahle, M. Wong. Second Row: M. Motoyashi, S. Masuda, A. Saito. Third Raw: B. Smith, V. Haw, J. Saito. Fourth Row: J. Urabe, M. Motoyashi, W. Wang. Fifth Row: F. Siebert, R. Konishi, J. Overall. Back Row: B. Gill, D. Chu. wi Advertising Manager Literary Editor DON CHU DANETTE COATES . .gg Sales Manager JULlA BALDERAS Business Sponsor MR. QUESS ELLIS Assistant Art Editor l BILL ARAGON F IDENTIFICATION AND TYPING STAFF-Front Row, l. to R.: C. Wong, G. Tong, E. Wong, M. Marini, M. Balderas. Second Row: P. Jackson, D. Daniels, D. Dickson, E. Hicks, D. Lew, I know this progress will not stop here, for with your continued support and confidence in the staff, your yearbook will become bigger and better as time passes. With these things in mind, l'd like to express my sincerest gratitude to the entire staff for all their help and cooperation in making this book a success. I hope you will derive as much pleasure from this book as we had in putting it together, and may it ever serve to you as a reminder of old friends, good times and happy memories. With sincerety, THE EDITOR Assistant Advertising Manager MARLENE WONG Assistant Sales Manager WANDA HARRISON ,-.--, Wim tr' l l' tt .-fri' "' I 2E--,s X, E M,,,,,,,,,, ..... -T - . . g - 1 rcmss y Q '-Ll QCHEUULH ' if " - 1 tlliiliiii . """!' 'elif Ll .Hill-Illlll ,,h X a , s E KZW l li J K. - IH .g i , LMWMU'-N ' DMZ o ,, be 2--'M--2 . - sl is X f , ..r '5 " it X Q it E R . Edison High's Principal 1 MR. NORMAN MacDONAl.D f o e TO GRADUATES AND STUDENTS: Never before as o nation have we been confronted with more things which need doing well. No previous era of living has demanded more wisdom, more loyalty, and more capability and willingness to accept responsibility, than does this one. Have you ever stopped to consider the important port teachers play in your growing-up, in shaping your ideas, interests, andconvictions? Next to your parents, no one deals more intimately than teachers with your talents and deficiencies, failures and achievements. You should look to your school with great expectation, and you should look to your teachers for wise educational training. You and your parents should insist on nothing less than the best education pos- sible. lf you insist on nothing lessethanmtheebestwyeu must be willing to pay for professional leadership and you must be willing to donate your personal effort and interest in sol.3gi,ng,syeuf4rundi'fyour school's problems. How well you will do tomorrow depends largely on how much and how often you pitch in to help improves your school. Education needs the support and guidance of all thosewhose lives are enriched by it and whose futures depend upon it. y g M ' WM M555 W if ff W- MR. CHESTER SLATE MISS LAURA CURRAN Deon of Boys Dean of Girls MRS. NANA Girls' Junior High. MR. ROBERT CLARK Boys' Junior High Counselor V7 MRS. MARY LOU MORRISGN MISS SYLVIA WONG Clerk Clerk MRS. GENEVIEVE MARTIN Registrar MRS. GLORIA MATHER Financial Secretory I 5 IR MICHAEL ARGENTINO ELLEN BENNETT NEWTON BRAMBLETT MARION BUE ELMER BURLEIGH VIRGIL BYXBE ELLIS CARRASCO MARIANO CHAVEZ PAUL CHIAMES HIRAM CHING ROBERT COR NETT 12 WALTER CREWS RUSSELL DOYLAND DELFRED EDWARDS QUESS ELLIS ""?'l'in-..-. fagslo Q2 Q, rdcifslu if to . W aid?" '57 ?'..?.,,. Q v L f 4 ' "Q Q TIM MAZZONI ROBERT MEHL 0 WILLIAM NEAL ff! HOPE OSTEN DORF -v 14 DONALD POTTS X4 I I .J it fxsigf WARREN MOODY ANNA MUELLER -1- 9 .. Y ff - 1 , .I 5 I XI I 1 54 MARJORIE O'ROURKE JOHN NOLAN ARPIE OLIVER 1? dx R. W. OSTROM LOUISE PIERCE MARY PLOG 215- A Rf' 3 - I 3- LISELOTTE M. RICHARDS MADELINE RICHARDSON RICHARD ROGERS M -dxf? .1 CYMA RUSSELL MARTY SANTIGIAN PHYLLIS SHANE PAUL SHELLY ,Tx -1-..r"'f Ap? 4- ,x....--M ,Wm ,-f- -- ,rn I -1----"3 FPC: ill- """""" ' 6 I , I' Ls .- . K rr' f'f"' E r -I I ww -H- - L-wg ul I, : 1 li , --"1" Ji K.-1 I N- - ,- Y I :E " 'J ' 'as SSS I ' I w -S ax X MADELINE SHUCK JACK TESMER JOHN TOOMASIAN EUGENE TUBBESING - ' U I RICHARD VAILLANCOUR VIRGINIA VALASIS AUDREY VERLINDE CHARLES WEBER '-"-' -...--. 1 mn vm. nn ,, mm 5:21-' 4'-9+ 4'r'.:: . 'Ss 'T... u ---1 ,.. , . C - .fm 5, i h I ' v -- ... ,f -7: , . .- ' I . 4: WILLIE WYNNE ELIZABETH YOUNGBERG FLOSSIE EMERY ANN HUNTER Q. I wav ---.. L. to R.: Mr. Arthur L. Selland, Mrs. Margaret R. Robinson, Dean James M. Malloch, Mr. George W. Turner, Mrs. Geraldine R. Wheeler. L. to R.: Dr. Edwin C. Kratt, Superintendent of Schools: Mr. Edw betta, Assistant Superintendent-Elementary Schoolsp Mr. Lawr Front Row, L. to R.: Mr. J. Foates, Mr. J. Norian, Mr. B. Nakamu saro. Back Row: Mr. N. A. MacDonald, Mr. P. Stockton, Mr. W. 16 in A. Dann, Assistant Superintendent-Secondary Schools: Mr. J. C. Trom- ence E. Toddhunter, Assistant Superintendent-Finance. - A .si 'u-qw ra, Mr. L. Genuso, Mr. H. Prinz, Mr. A. Lew, Mr. E. J. Torres, Mr. J. D. Cor' Big , . . , . . ' , . . , . . , . by Mr J Mayo Mr P Wasemuller Dr F Inada Mr L Turner Mr F. Tuck. l x I . ,U J, K I, Ae ' r 'L-F' .- lf l . l K 3 Z, i is H if A Head Cuslodian Mr. E. R. Phillips L. to R.: Mrs. E. Kohl, Mrs. M. Reinhardt, Mrs Sleilz. Front Row, l. to R.: Mr. L. Reavis, Mr. E. R. Phillips, Mr. M. Kclaslch, Mr. A. Scheidl. Buck Row: Mr. Tcylor, Mr. A. Ayer, Mr. R. Vernon, Mrs. B. Whilleoker, Mr. H. Kliewer, Mr. P. Lopopolo, Mr. L. Mozzei. I af., Q- If -ini' l 71 1 ' rs ,-f-Q4 Q- ax. -..., V Q ,.,-5' gfjfv ,. i, .gf- J' 4 W' ,P K 4. ? 4 1, f x ar Q I -..,,-M N-... ' '-.. Sx iN ,HW 1. ff 4 '- 'P-5... ,K gb:- -aw" -11--,.....J.v,.., -. Jaw,--f-, K'-emu-.....,,,,mg,...,,,,.,, Q . ' lu.,X,m U' t f-xg M ,Q .. ' ' ' ffftwfz ,, , QQ' +.w.M,.W.m-,,,qf,., ,, W"f-M 'Vs ma., "'lsvu-q.,.,,- N., Q Fall and Spring President, Hillcxrd Streets .H- la xv 5 x f - ! Xxx .Wm Ig, ,uf x 5-........ ,i....4. Fall Vice-Presidem Fall and Spring SecreIary Fall and Spring Treasurer Fall and Spring Commissioner of TOM BARFIELD DELORIS DICKSON DORIS DANIELS AIhIeIics Fallaml pning Spring Vice'PresidenI JIM SANDOVAL .wg Spring Commissioner of Health Fall Commissioner of Health and Safety and Safefy CLOIS DANSBY GENE JOHNSON CHARLES LOWE Fall and Spring Commissioner of Publicafions CHUBBY ANDREWS ' '7 23 as - I , I President JOHN OVERALL Vice President Secretory Treasurer ERNEST MARTINEZ DELORES DICKSON DORIS DANIELS IQ J" .luanila Ashley 'Q 15- 'QQ 1--, i Q5-0 David Abe Joe Ahumada Judy Aldama i if Ruth Alexander Rudy Alvidrez Mary Lou Amador Billie Ambers Eldridge Andrews Bill Aragon rev-ff-4 Julia Balderas Tommy Barfield Charlene Belcher .QW ld! 0171958 George Bell Christ Gai Geor 3' few O-'Ur isa! 65,443 ine Brown Percy Brown Roosevelt Byrd Roma Carter JT suv, ' 1,.,.,...f .... 'sv' l Cherry Aliene Cho Donald Chu Phyllis Clay Wann. 'UQ 99 Crunk Ruben DeLoCruz Doris Daniels Clois Donsby 6.5 Gilbert Belmontes IN on l Fx 5-. Adrianne Beltran Adar Brown Bonnie Brown "hs JW! 'v' 'Sf' S:-'H' t--'f Jennie Castillo Angel Clmcon George Chavez Pele Chavira t -an A-uk CIS Danelle Coales Velma Cooper Felix Correa Charlie Collen Wylens Darden if s X Shirley Davis Lupe Delgado 23 0' Delorls Dickson Hazel English 'i il f-U6 ,fun- 'Ulf QF? Rosalie Foreman Gladys Fowlks Sharon Frisch Yeuk Mong Fung A Merry Ann Giles 115.8 Bobby can ,f"'1., Christine Gutierrez Bobbie Hall Esther Holmes Sarah Huerta Frances lnouye Whelrmelda Ivey up H i -pf P-,e,,s ,Rm ,N Pauline Fernandez Alfred Flores Lupe Flores William Floyd si 1 ia-1' Adolph Garcia Anthony Garcia Moses Garcia Gene George iid Virginia Haw Charles Hilton Mary Hines Memo Holland im- Bernell Johnson Bill JOl1I'1S0f'l 1958 'll' 'Milk Earnesteen Johnson Gloria Jordan Kenny Jue Jacqueline Kalooslian ,gnu-.ay 'O' 'inn-V' Roy Konishi Andrew Land Janice Lane Elia Lopez lk A Charles Lowe Carmillita Luiano Que 'uid 25 Isabel Martinez Satoko Masuda Elzy Mathis Marva McBride 3A A A" 2 d""7' K Henry Kamimoto Mary Kamimoto Keiko Kawagoe Myser Keels 40 'CS ft -fy Q---' fx Ernest Ledesma Audrey Lew Janice Lewis 40" fb --31' -Jr Ui AX: i Sudie Madden Linda Martin Ernest Martinez Q58 4 'it -" 3 walnut NN 155. N-.. A. D. McFall Esperanza Medina Irene Medina Betty Meux 27 nf' an tus Hassan Miralavi Joe Montanez Billy Morris George Morrison C2 and -Q Ramona Ortega John Overall Robert Padilla FYGNCCS Pufino ww 'if """Y Arlene Preciado Pete Reta Leo Revis Alfonso Rivera Janie Roberson , 119 .Inf Y' Lyvx ilu fl, Q Mitsu Motoyoshi Martha Null Mercedes Ochoa Emily Ortega fic NG" 1' William Penn Theresa Pineda James Pointer Elmer Polk ov-'lv Mary Price Eddie Quarles Mary Reiter U-A 3 Sterling Roberson Charles Rocha Chester Rooters Alice Rosas Da fx! wrt le Rudolph 411'- 'lb' if lou Belle Rutledge Judith Saito Beniamin Salazar T' 'YI Q-My if H Herman Saunders Patricia Seedorf Leonard Sholars Fred Siebert 'Nl Barbara Smith Howard Smith Maxine Smith Prentis Smith IWIY- it 9-06 qgv Ol Hillard Streets Kishiko Taniguchi Hubert Tanaka to Salvador Salcido Jesse Saldana Lupe Sanchez Ruth Sanchez f-s. 415 'Hull , Q'-7 Arthur Simons Luther Simons Norma Lee Simpson Alfred Smallwood 9' f vw Q...--np it L. F Phillip Soliz Fred Stanfield John Stephens Carolyn Stewart 01,1958 Lydia Tanaka gf 1222? Vw! -nr l if gi Gif AU Benny Tapscolf Keigo Tashima Helen Taylor George Thomas so 'CY Jessie Vasquez Irene Verdugo Irene Villarreal Webster Wheeler George Whitaker Naomi Williams itat ul 32 Judith Wilson Roger Wilson Doris Winters Dennis Wong 4: 'Q A tfaix WJ! fr tv 'Ihr--' 'S P"'m 'N N 'K - Oweida Turner John Urabe Parviz Valeh Isabel Vasquez i Larry Walker Betty Wallace Takao Watanabe Walter Williams Lavell Willis Jimmie Willis r I' .74 rv- 'F' as li '17 gum' X Ronald Wong Wilfred Wong Robert Young Haruko Yumen ANY - MARCH OF DIMES CAKE SALE - L. to R.: Jo Flores, Adnell Smiih, Lupe Sanchez, Marilyn Wil Iioms. I H ..:f'3 , M -Q .'?P3'h"' x1 E575 ' : HQ? 5 A 4 . gli ij. ef we 11 .V a fs. .E . i 55 " "'w 'L V , .L,' fi ', rm i 2, ' vw V: , Ax .1 5 ,265 I A L, 9, ' 2' A ie PLL, .- g ' A L Z 1 f 3 Y M HALLELUJAH -- L. Io R.: Orulia Celoya, Leonard Sholars, ' 'I F5 . A Vi' Edward Burks, .Iuunilu MGIZCHG, Percy Brown. HARKI - L. to R.:GeraId Maier, Ernest ledesma, Tom Barfield. MAD SCIENTISTS - L. to R.: Mrs. L. Pierce, Frances lnouye, Kenneth Jue, Audrey Lew, Dennis Wong, Aliene Cho, Mr. W. Neal. - , I DRWER cm X men SCHOOL DUSTRKT Qtwslggingm msumci Assn DRIVER ECONOMY RUN WINNERS -il.. lo R.: Audrey Lew, Fred Sieberf, Percy Brown. 2 l fy df' -3 f."'i4i -4 ,l F l l . l 1 i "1 f " .Q . 2 AMEN - L. to R.: Mitchell Mouello, Bernie Woodward, Cecilia Slevqort, Edward Burks, James Pointer. THE TREBLES - l. lc R.: David Huerla, Jim SUN'-l0V0l. William Penn, Carl Richmond, lalell Willis. I-l'h!ig xx. same . eve" 'NSS ond chef . swden' 'wo X009 ' pefi-1.91 rs' SORSL ADW s - L. to R.: W. Ivey, E. Franco, M. Hodges, G. Takeda. L. to R.: V. Burgess, M. Uyeki, D. Cooies, M. Bnlderos. 36 1 e, f 559' ,. ,.. 5 K 1, A- L4 L.1o R.:M. nr Alu' fy F411 L AN D SPQING ED ITO lderos Florenlino, P. Lowe, L. Robinson, L. Munoz. L. to R.: A. Beltran, M. Morini, M. Komimoto, I. Verdugo. R: Mario 3 LA o if . 1 N - ,fri R 11' . 3 ,,P' Fronl Row, L. lo R.: D. Daniels, E. Murriela, C. Slewurl, V. Earl. Buck Row: P. Brown, C.-Donsby, D. Williams, H. lee, B. Persons, J. Willis, Mrs. Ann Hunter, Advisor. L. lo al R.: E. Murrielu, Mrs. Ann Hunler, J. Willis, B. Persons an . r, Front Row, L. to R.: D. Wong, K. Jue, T. Burfield, D. Abe, R. Palomino, W. Chandler. Second Row: B. Topscott, G, Johnson, E Martinez, J. Saldana, W. Wong. Third Row: J. Overall, B. Johnson, P. Retc. Back Row: H. Streets, W. Floyd. Front Row, L. to R.: D. Abe, Publicity Chairman, P. Reto, Sergeant-uh Arms, K. Jue, President, B. Johnson, Secretory. Bock Row, L. to R.: J. Saldona, Treasurer, D. Wong, Vice President. .JF V "H ' """"' Front Row, L. lo R.: A. Cho, R. Foreman, A. Lew, S. Mosudn. Bock Row: L. to R.: V. Haw, D. Dickson, F. Holmes. 26 Front Row, L. to R.: F. lnouye, Mrs. L. Pierce, sponsor: B. Smilh. Bock Row, L. to R.: J. Aldoma, M. Smith, J. Saiio. 1, B. Smith. PUb"C"Y . 7 F. lnouyi, Pfesiden , L 10 R.: DIRD'F:j::ar?ec:'1?:rsyi:rery S. Mosudu, Vice Presideni. Chairman: - ' Qwwica Froni Row, L. io R.: S. Johnson, W. Harrison, E. Gaines. Back Row, L to R.: S. Thomas, M. Moloyoshi, H. Vasquez, A. Soifo, Y. Alvidrez. 3 Q' L. to R.: S. Inobo, C. Kuhle, J. Jackson, S. Masudc. FALL CABINET E. Rodriguez, P. Malsumolo L. lo R.: J. Overall, Presidenf, D. Chu, Vice-Presidenl, V. How, Secretary, A. Lew, Treasurer. Fronl Row, L. lo R.: D. Abe, B. Smilh, S. Masuda, J. Sailo. Second Row: F. Inouye, A. Lew, V. Haw, R. Alvarado. Back Row: J. Saldana, E. Mar- zelle, J. Overall, K. Jue. Front Row, L. to R.: N. Malsumoto, G. Tong, W, Harrison, M. Uyeki, E. Wong. Second Row: S. Thomas, M. Moloyoshi, G. Takeda, S. Johnson. Back Row: L. Chan, A. Flores, T. Garribay. L. to R.: M. Balderas, B. Namba, V. Atkinson, G. Cho, H. Hama- SPRING CABINET nuke' L. to R.: Mr. Mariano Chavez, Sponsor, V. Haw, Treasurer, F. Inouye Secretary, V. Tom, Vice-President, D. Chu, President. Q7 Q- F. LIFE MEMBERS, Front Row, L. to R.: B. Smith, F. Inouye, S. Mosuda. Second Row: J. Balderas, A. Lew. Back Raw: K. Jue, D. Wong, D: Chu, J. Overall. L. to R.. D. Wong, M, Kamimoto, .I. Balderas, J. Domoto, M. Wong, S. Inaba, M. Caro a, S. Masuda, A.Ccmpos, A. Tanaka, D. Chu. - f 1 panialr Los Tigritos-The Little Tigers was formed to give students the opportunity to acquaint them- selves with the cultural and social aspects of the Spanish people. lt is open to both students taking Spanish and to other students of Spanish descent or with a speaking knowledge of the Spanish lan- guage. L. to R.: F. Villegas, Sgt.-at-Arms, E. Martinez, President, D. Chu Treasurer, H. Vasquez, Secretary, R. Alvidrez, Vice President. Front Row, L. to R.: Y. Alvidrez, l. Verdugo, J. Vasquez, J. Castillo, L. Espinosa, H. Vasquez, E. Diaz, J. Patterson, V. Rios, A. Beltran, A. Rosas, A. Luiano. Second Row: L. Bell, B. Hendrix, A. Fawlks, E. Hicks, M. Florentino, 'L. McDonald, M. Adams, M. Balderas, J. Balderas, F. Hathaway, R. Rodriquez, M. Aguilar, P. Martinez. Third Row, L. to R.: S. Wong, M. Corona, R. Audelo, S. Morales, L. Munoz, C. Burnley, R. Munoz, N. Sigala, J. Galvan, C. Arenas, Y. Rios, A. Galindo, C. Kahle. Back Row, L. to R.: J. Cilluffo, T. Garribay, E. Marzette, N. Greene, M. Sango, D. Brown, H. Daniels, B. Ivey, D. Chu, M. Wong, R. Alvidrez, F. Villegas, J. Saldana, E. Martinez. Although they are not usually seen around the campus in togas and tunics as the people of the language which they study, the Ad Astra Latin members stand out in the many affairs they organize or in which they take part. The unusually large membership this year made it possible to do many things and make a success of them! The annual initiation dinner lwith the final homage paid to the "gods"l, the skating parties, collec- tions for the poor, dances, and especially the final, very "Romanly Formal", Roman Banquet were some of their busy activities. Front Row, L. to R.: G. Tong, Secretary, G. Takeda, Treasurer, J. Johnson, Sr. Representative, C. Wong, Sergeant-at-Arms, R. Toshiyuki, Activity Chairman. Back Row, L. to R.: L. Chan, Jr. Representative, K. Jue, Vice President, V. Tom, President. Ad Anhui Front Row, L. to R.: J. Hashimoto, M. Yee, D. Lew, J. Domoto, S. Masuda, S. Inaba, R. Tashiyuki, G. Tong, B. Sam, M. Wong, H. Lai, G. Cho. Second Row: G. Takeda, B. Marini, J. Nakahara, H. Hamanaka, L. Chan, A. Tanaka, G. Domoto, F. Daniels, R. Chin, D. Pacheco, E. Gaines. Third Row: A. Mitchell, M. Motoyoshi, C. Shimasaki, R. Alvarado, R. Magee, A. Saito, E. Wong, C. Wang, I. Hamanaka, J. Sugiyama, H. Lee, M. Kiuchi. Back Row, K. Jue, S, Chin, K. Fairley, D. Chinn, V. Tom, W. Wong, G. Johnson, 5. Lone, S. Johnson, J. Konishi, J. Kitano. ' Vwzein L. to R.: W. Gleim, Vice-President, A. Lew, Treasurery S. Masuda, President E. Wong, Secretary. Schiller Verein meets twice a month, held parties, and participated in various school activities. High lighting the year was a dinner in the spics which the members acted as cooks and "gourmets", sampled food of several countries, particularly honoring Germany! Satoko Masuda presided during the year as president. Front Row, l. to R.: S. Madden, M. Naiera, R. Sampson, S. Masuda, A. Lew. Second Row: R. Toshiyuki, M. Motoyoshi, J. Cilluffo, J. Price, M. Wong, E. Wong. Third Row: E. Calderon, J. Beltram, D. Schafer, W. Gleim, D. Weber, J. Maier, E. Ledesma. Front Row, L. to R.: J. Saito, A. Saito, E. Wong, S. Masuda, B. Smith, A. Cho, G. Tong, R. Toshiyuki, F. lnouye. Second Row: V. How M. Price, M. Johnson, C. Ramsey, S. Thomas, A. Lew, W. Floyd, K. Jue, R. Wong. Third Row: B. Meux, M. Moloyoshi, G. Takeda, C Wong, V. McArn, J. Overall, E, Johnson, H. lee, D. Abe. Back Row: N. Williams, J. Sandoval, W. Wong, B. Johnson, D. Chu, D Wong, S. Chin, V. Tom, A. llo. The Math and Science club is one of the clubs of the school that is interested in the development of science and mathematics in our society. The members of the club try to plan at least one field trip to a point of in- terest for all members. In June we have a . dinner honoring the senior members of our group. L. to R.: J. Overall, Vice-President, F. Inouye, Treasurer, E. Wong, Secrelaryg K. Jue, President. V ws.-if' . , ve I Front Row, L. to R.: Miss Virginia Volasis, Sponsor, M. Walls, L. Kemp, C. Saunders, A. Brannon, A. Bishop, M. Smith, B. Smith, J. Castillo, L. Espinoza, E. Diaz, J. Vasquez, I. Vasquez, A. Preciado, R. Toshiyuki, S. Guerrero. Second Row: I. Perkins, H. Brinkley, O. Turner, B. Taylor, P. Lowe, A. Lowe, T. Barfield, W. Floyd, M. Balderas, Y. Alvidrez, I. Verdugo, H. Vasquez, M. Motoyoshi. Third Row: 0. Turner, A. Lowe, R. Dixon, N. Jones, W, Ivey, E. Hicks, M. Uyeki, D. Daniels, A. Saito, G. Takeda, M. Wong. Back Row: C. Cotton, L. Willis, C. Hilton, C. Andrews, A. Vincent, J. Pointer, M. Keels, D. Dickson, B. Earl, C. Chu, G. Johnson, M. Parra, J. Balderas, R. Audelo, R. Valdez, M. Wong, B. Sam. The Drama Club was started about five years ago. It was organized with the purpose to create more in- terest in drama. This year the club's activities included a successful pot- luck dinner and having make-up ses- sions for members who wanted to learn the art of applying make-up. I CABINET. Front Row. M. Smith, reporter, D. Dickson, secretory, A. Bishop, treasurer. Back Row: T. Barfield, president, D. Chu, vice-president. mx! NX T1 4 X ,vfv4x QQ-Je Y F'FlIIIllllllllllllllllllllillll Xxx-- .., t i ,,,, "2 nflilllgll LI , s ' Tr 3 'f A I -QD' , xi x il Front Row, L. to R.: Miss Nora lushbaugh, I. Contreras, C. Morris, L. Kemp, M. Smith, G. Floyd, E. Mlfrzette, J. Bailey, Mrs W. Wynne, Sponsor. Second Row: B. Hendrix, C. Clay, E. Morzette, D. Hendrix, E. Hurst, B. Null, D. odges, C. Edmundson Third Row: S. Fawlks, S. Morrison, D. Madden, R. Jones, M. Sell, A. Fawlks, E. Hicks, M. Smith. CABINET: M. Self, Secretary, E. Hicks, President, M. Smith, Treasurer, D. Hodges, Vice-President. The purposes of the Home Eccers Club, organized in 1952, are to help girls develop their culinary skills, to establish and strengthen friendships, to provide wholesome recreation, and to promote good home and family life. Membership in the club is open to any seventh, eighth, or ninth grade girl who is interested in homemaking. Some of the activities the 26 members were engaged in this past year included making tray favors for the children in the pediatric ward of the Fresno General Hospital, and managing a booth at the Carnival. The sponsors of the club are Mrs. W. Wynne, and Miss N. Lush- baugh. OFFICERS: Front Row, l. to R.: B. Wallace, Vice-President, E. Johnson, President. Back Row- M. Correa, Historian, E. Wong, Corresponding Secretary, C. Ramsey, Treasurer, lnot pictured - A. Hinoias, Secretaryl. UMM Although the Future Nurses Club was organized only two years ago, they have already become very ac- tive. Some of their activities include field trips to Pinedale, to the Sun- shine School, and the County Hos- pital. Some girls, having earned the required number of points by attend- ing meetings and writing reports, had the privilege of helping in the County Hospital for a few hours on Saturdays. This club is open to all girls through grades ten to twelve and is under the sponsorship of our school nurse, Mrs. Flossie Emery. Front Row, L. to R,: A. Saito, A. Hinoios, M. Correa, E. Johnson, C. Ramsey, E. Wong, R. Toshiyuki. Second Row: J. Reyes, M. Price, B, Woodard, l. Gudino, J. Williams, P. lowe, M. Adams, D. Garcia. Third Row: J. Roberson, J. Galvan, C. Arenas, J. Mason, R. Rodriquez, S. Thomas, V. Burgess. Back Row: J. Ortiz, H. English, G. Fowlks, B. McBride, M. Motoyoshi, E. lopez, M. Wong, M. Wong, V. McArn. Front Row, l. to R.: M.'Price, S. Masuda, S. Masuda, A. Cho, M. Wong, M. Balderas, G. Tong. Second Row: B. Hendrix, C Wong, S. Wong, J. Hashimoto, J. Patterson, B. Smith. Back Row: E. Hicks, W. Floyd, E. Johnson, V. How, G. Takeda, B Meux, N. Williams, D. Chu, E. Harzett, N. Green. .23 Z . I Env' J if I-Jul r - in ' . Wm' i4"'7ZEfg.A Q-Q, -nf ,X OFFICERS: Front Row, L. to R.: A. Cho, Treasurer, S. Masuda, President. Back Row: G. Takeda, Historian, B. Smith, Secretary, V. Haw, Vice- President. X Q by idly? Sb Color Guard: J. Mancillas, P. Chavira, Slanfield, L. Fascio. IIAII FM I Fronl Row, L. lo R.: C. Hodge, l. Harldige, R. Amador, V. Bonbosler, C. Diaz, A. Ricks, G. Beltran. Second Row: R. Allen, W. Owens E. Garvin, J. Edmundson, J. Bellran, F. Slandfield. Back Row: B. Garcia, E. Wong, T. Ferro, R. Ramirez, R. Wilson, L. Black. ' 'A' Seem! Pinion Fronl Row, L. lo R.: C. Pennywell, M. Alkinson, M. Kelly, J. Garcia, J. Vasquez, G. Wright, J. Marquez, B. Ware. Second Row. D. Sorondo, R. Trevino, S. Truiillo, J. Allerberry, J. Salazar, F. Woods, E. Sanlos, P. Chavira. Back Row: T. Cervanlez, W. Cooley P. Smilh, W. Saunders, W. Hillon, A. Williams, D. Davis. I -A? si.. :xx I Company "B" Fiui Front Row, L. to R.: R. Mora, J. Beltran, A. Lopez, F. Lacey, l. Williams, J. Wellington, E. Smith, F. Verdugo. Second Row.: M. Kend- rick, M. Martinez, C. Adams, T. Cisneros, R. Mora, P. Prince, S. Brown, A. Sanchez. Back Row: I.. Setlle, J. Galvan, M. Vega, R. Collins, C. Cabrera, J. Sims, L. Ramirez, B. Baker. l I Q, ii 1 X c 1111 fi' an u . x Camping "B" pfllfbbll Front Row, L. to R.: E. Lewis, S. Mora, J. Jones, F. Harding, J. Horton, U. Hunter, G. Ceveland, J. Ricks, C. Fernandez. Second Row: N. Brown, E. lsom, A. Banks, M. Hall, R. Greco, E. Williams, A. Johnson, F. Gomez. Back Row: L. Facia, J. Moreno, A. Hernandez, T. Perry, G. Moore, I. Jackson, V. Sims, A. Correa. L. to R.: R. Mora, J. Bone, B. Johnson, T. Garcia, J, Gillian. D ,,. .sg f. A ,X ,ix ,?a,,.': NN-ee -vt . x ,in us. Front Row, L. to R.: M. Aguirre, Y. Alvidrez, S. Lane, O. Turner, D. Coates, V. Covington, W. Streets, E. Martinez. Second Row: P Martinez, V. Atliinson, M. Miree, A. Brannum, M. Reiter, H. Streets, P. Smith, V. Amey, R. Gardner. Third Row: D. Daniels, V Slade, G. Cherry, M. Correa, P. Magee, L. Willis, E. Campbell, F. Villegas, J. Sandoval, H. Daniels. Back Row: E. Holmes, M. Kelly P. MacDonald, E. Andrews, R. Alvidrez, L. Taylor, L. Simons, W. Green, M. Keels. ACCOMPANIST Phyllis MacDonald SOLOIST Hilliard 5,,ee,S Edison's ever-popular senior choir appeared at club benefits, luncheons, and other varied pro- grams all over Fresno, also at several out-of- town shows. Innumerous small groups of acts from the choir entertained quite often, consisting of an instrumental combo, boys' vocal groups, a girls' sextet, dancers, and soloists. The highlight of the year was a variety show, given in the early spring, held quite successfully in two different places in Fresno. Front row, L. to R.: W. Penn, E. Diaz, B. Smith, W. Harrison, M. Johnson, G. Patterson, T. Pineda. Second Row: B. Morris, D. Huerta, B. Collins, A. Bishop, E. Gaines, S. Johnson, P. Neal, N. Sigala. Third Row: M. Sango ,S. Huerta, B. Ivey, P. Jackson, M. Smith, C, Luiano, M. White, C. Burnley. Back Row: A. Vinson, R. Ramirez, G. Johnson, E. Holmes, N. Williams, D. Dickson, M. Giles, J. Eisner. I 0 0 L. to R.: Doris Daniels, Secretary, Doloris Dick son, Vice-President, Rudy Alvidrez, President, Jean Eisner, Treasurer. L. to R.: Yolanda Alvidrez, Virginia Atkinson Peggy Jackson, Vivian Slade, Doris Daniels Danette Coates. If I 1 ' Q l . I , J' fl, ,lit rl L , X. A , . at it I I ffl! A . 4 . , , l J F. it J .g Q ' . , L . . ' , 4 'ti . ' ' A l ff ,f X A l ll l ', at r....i L 1.1 J Front Row, L. to R.: P. Slade, B. Garcia, F. Jones, A. Haw, R. Davis, J. Cisneroa, J. Hashimoto, D. Lewis, K. Tsuda, C. Hernandez, S. Palomino E. Rocha, J. Abbascia, L. Glenn Second Row: J. Caples, P. Turney, M. Allen, R. Hopkins, H. Burnley, T. De La Cruz, J. Luiano, E. Coleman J. Bailey, J. Pendergrass, S. lsom, B. Herrerra, D. Turner. Third Row. J. Flores, N. Moreno, J. Kitano, J. Konishi,W. Scott, J. Robbins, E. Lane, K Siebert, C. Camarena, B. Huerta, R. Moreno, P. Clay, F. Wilson, R. Johnson. Back Row: M. Garcia, V. Hudson, R. Streets, W. McDonald J.' Williams, R. Conley, . Kenny, G. Frisch, A. Mitchell, O. Haynes, E. Hicks, D. Jenkins, L. McDonald, L. Lenoir, M. Stanlield, M. Smith . agn ami - Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Bue, this fine group of approximately ninety members received a "Superior" rating at the annual Music Festival at Clovis. The purpose of having this choir is to develop personality, expression, and char- acter through music. Music has thus enriched their lives, we feel certain. M n Front Row, L. to R.: V. Casarez, A. Smith, C. Rooters, G. Mayo, M. Cuevas, M. Guerrero, F. Zavala, E. Castillo, S. Salazar, C. Arrequin, M. Orozco, N. Alderete. Second Row: C. Rivera, S. White, B. Harris, D. Dickson, M. Self, D. Bilbo, G. Taylor, L. Davis, L. Hinton, A Rivera, I. Diaz, M. Soto. Third Row: A. Hilliard, C. Salazar, B. Anderson, T. Williams, B. Kendrick, B. Hendrix, G. Morris, H. Marinez, E. De La Pena, L. Rubalcava, N. Ruiz, V. Sanchez, S. Williams. Back Row: V. Earl, E. Mayo, M. Price, W. Lyons, J. Bishop, P. Spraggms, A. Lowe, D. Jordan, C. Reiter, C. Clay, C. Faukkner, M. O'Guinn, D. Alexander. L to R.: B. Smith, Head Maiorettey A. luiana, C. luiano, B. Ivey, L. Rutledge. QZ7'-ir'W"'v t " ,T v-up SSH ll. . . . . fry -' 1':3'R?2..',, 'Q Q, .'w H- .1 . , ' ' . ' ' 'M "'-my it . Ao " ' ,'-"4 "jf-515W . k -I I ."'S'?f. ff 'Nc' ,. N., . ight, PQ, . v.',1.? 'A . . ff " n ...afiwrw ' .'rfwy.f-.'. ' '31-11-Vlfkw . '4 - - F, ' ' J 'ff ". Mfg. Y' .4418 swf' 'M "'r-. .. -.wt--nv? Front Row, l. to R.: J. Gerber, I R. Amador, A. Matsumoto , S. Kawaguchi. Back Row '.zn. . 'R 530' ,4 Qs. iqiuutx Wnllrams C Wong luiano .Faulkner 'x E ,- Fronl Row, L. lo R.:'K.:Fnir'l Row: J. Powell, J. Green, L 'S S 5 fr 'lx . eier,xK,7BelWl'ran, R. Sanchez, R. Hernandez, L. Robles, J. Cuslillo, J. Douglas, G. Norris, Back a Erflff Lung, G. Chavez, B. Salazar, G. Crunk, R. Lewis, N. Waller, A. Campos. Mr. Larry Huck Band Direclor Fronl Row, L. lo R.: R. Driver, R. Mollhews, I. Conlrercs. Second Row: G. While, P. Chandler, S. Mcsudo, C. Wong, K. Fcirley. Back Row: V. Fong, A. Rodriquez, De Los Sanlos, L. Willis, S. Smilh, F. Castillo. ...ga-Q if' ,W . .1-L, -W. l V3.1 Front Row, L. to R.: H. Turney, R. Harris, B. Wyatt, G. Damoto, R. Alvirado, l. Chon, C. Cotton, R. Chavez, wg Wong, R. Robinson, J. Saito. Back Row: G. Cho, D. Borunda, K. Richmond, D, Brown, D. Kendrick, A. larragoity, B. Penn, D. Pennywell, T. Perry, V. McGaughy, J. Mitchell. First Row, L. to R,: S. Salazar, M. Aguirre, V. Amasolion, S. Fowlkes. Second h Row: G. Domoto, R. Chinn, A. Fowlkes, D. Spencer, J. Cocola, A. Tokaoka. Bock Row: S. McDonald, R. Rameriz, G. Rodriquez, R. Streets, J. Galvin, 5, Jones, Y. Cassillcs. :Lis Y mv I N 1? Barbara Smith .. 1 Band Maiorette W if A 5 ' 2 .. A,',v'Q, , ' Q . , , . 5 ,. , ' . ' 11 K' ' N U . ,jul v K-gf au '."'- 5 1,10 ' ' 4 ' '4wN at" , ,- ' 3 ' .v L ff". :VN .n b .... '. .. "C - ' Q -of .a.,.. -L8-1:kfNf'i1laE5+nft'.v??'-qw.Q-4:f:"'?:..- a 1.2 X9 SERVICE 'E' TOY DRIVE Front Row, L. to R.: V. Haw, E. Gaines, S. Inaba, R, Foreman. Back Row: S. Johnson, W. Harrison, C. Kahle, S. Mosuda. pa' I SAFER DRIVING CONTEST WINNERS Sitting, Front: R. Toshiyuki. Sitting, Back: M. Motoyoshi, E. Wong. Standing, Front to Back: M. Marini, S. Masuda, G. Tong. STAGE CREW Front Row, L. to R.: W. Glime, E. Marzette, W. Floyd, P Reta, M. Keels. Second Row: A. Valencias, B. Aragon, A Bush. Third Row: D. Chu, D. Hunt, J. Saldana, H. Miller, I Perkins. PROJECTIONISTS l. to R.: W. Glime, A. Valeneas, E. Marzette. I I ,bf-Q QW Mft ,,.. , 4 x x ,..-v-A X"' 1 We DOLORIS DICKSON Football Carnival Queen HELEN VASQUEZ JIMMY SANDOVAL WHEIRMELDA IVEY , , gR .ing If V M DEZI WOODS ' Noi Pictured Left to Right: Irene Verdugo, Doris Daniels, Vera Burgess, Ross Toshiyuki, Maxine Smith, Gloria Takeda and Edna Gaines. iff!! 0-. Wie-NN, ' . , x Front Row-- Motoyoshi, E. Marzette, D. Wong, D. Chu, Mr. W. Neal, Sponsor. Second Row: J. Pointer, P. Reta, W. Floyd. Third Row: W. Green, B. Aragon. Fourth Row: A. Vinson, J. Overall. l " uf' I A 'gag'-annvulnv 1 -lllnrnl j.. . . ,:V. ,M ik, A gm . sg ., . Q, ' ' J :st l 5 f .. -5 it Q First Row, Top to Bottom: Miss V. Volasis sponsor, J. Sandoval, T. Barfield, B. Smith P. Jackson, R. Foreman. Second Row. V Tom, D. Chu, A. Lew, A. Cho. Third Row Mr. H. Kachadoorian, sponsor: P. Magee I. Perkins, J. Overall, J. Balderas, S. Ma suda. l-lxuum--1, Wu.. Front Row, L. to R.: J. Garcia, N. Spraggins, M. Sango, T. Long, A. Hernandez, H. Turney, N. Waller. Second Row W. Streets, R. Gardner, F. Villegas, H. Miller, A. Bush, L. Taylor. Back Row: Coach Maurice Fitzpatrick, sponsor, P. 50 liz, L. Flores, W. Williams, R. Byrd, C. Lowe, B. Johnson, T. Bdrfield. ' Bengal The lettermen's club was iust organized this year and, being a very young club, has not been in very many activities as yet. They started out their year by giving an after game dance, the only one held this year, selling concessions at the basketball and baseball games, and finally ending up with a bermuda-hop, which is rather unique in Edison history. BENGAL OFFICERS Front Row, L. to R.: F. Villegas, Sgt.-at-Arms, A. Bush, President. Standing: T. Barfield, Vice-Presi- dentg C. Lowe, Comm. of Ath- letics, H, Miller, Secretary-Treas- urer. ! X " X .- f' ---vs-v--3 -- -- .. .. .. '2 4 'WV -... -v L! QUARTERBACKS H Miller D Rudolph, H. Tatum, and B. Richmond The l957 football season, which opened with the annual Football Carnival, was a very thrilling and exciting one, and in spite of a season of more losses than wins, those high- spirited tangling Tigers dis- played excellent teamwork and sportsmanship. Extra recognition goes to the following boys, who were chosen for Fresno's All City Team. Adolph Bush, Clois Dansby, Myser Keels, Chester Rooters, and Roger Wilson. Chester Rooters, who was chosen as the team's most val- uable linesman, was presented, LlNEMEN1W, Williams, C. Rooters, J. Saldana, F. Diaz, A. Williams, C. Cotton. SCORES 38 Edison .,,.,,,,,.,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,. SJM O Edison iCancelledl ,,,, Visalia l2 Edison ..,.....,,.,,.A,..,.,. Reedley l9 Edison ,.,. .,,,..s,.. C lovis O Edison ..o.,, ,,.. R oosevelt O Edison .,s.,.,,,...,.......,, Merced 6 Edison .... Fresno High School ...,....,,..,,...,...,Madera 6 Edison this year, with the Harry Cof- fee Blanket Award. Chosen as the team's most valuable back was Adolph Bush. The team's "most inspirational player" award went to Roger Palo- mino, the "most improved" was Harry Miller. Although Edison did not have a very successful season this year, Tiger Town was very proud of the fact that Edison High was one of the two teams that defeated Clovis, who took second place in the Northern Yosemite League. The score in that game was I9 to 13. CHESTER ROOTERS receiving the Hurry Coffee Blanket Award from Mr. John Voenes. -'wif-"1" If - , mfs-Y O O l3 13 6 I4 7 19 ENDS. Front Row, L. to R.: l.. Hilton, C. Cotton, B. Johnson. Back Row: C. Dansby, L. Revis, M. Keels, P.Whitaker, N. Spraggins, R. Wilson. GUARDS AND TACKLES. Front Row, L. to R.: E. Mathis, Y. Beza, G. Chavez, A. Smallwood, l.. Rose- mond, E. Garcia. Back Row: D. Hunt, R. Palomino, G. Whitaker, R. Konishi, E. Combs, E. Reiter. lNot pictured: L. Floresl. is J X Qiwwfil' X t l 1 l . 1. g. .,.i,Q2, -' Wolff . ,Ktff UO - Qifiiiw Mlm! ' ffl l Ks' i 4 Left to Right: Coach Maurice Fitzpatrick, Cop- tain Nick Waller and Couch Charles Weber. Front Row, l.. to I.: Manager W. Cooley, l. Taylor, A. Sanchez, amoto. Back low: S. Smith, N. Waller, R. Walker, B. Namba. Y as 6 HW Front Row, l. to R.: H. Turney, G. Thomas, A. Hernandez, W. Slreels, R Gardner. Back Row: P. Brown, J. Woolen, R. Henry, B. Riddlesprigger, T Barfield. Y. Yam- VS- qr s- B 159 Front Row, l. to R.: H. Fuiiwara, H. Tanaka, H. Smith, J. Urabe. Back ' Row: A. Gordon, J. Adams, M. Sango, J. Barnes, L, Whittle. Nifk wane' 'eCeiViN9 WOPIIY from Coach Charles Weber for being the most outstond Edkon Edkon Edkon Edhon Edhon Edhon Edkon Edhon SCORES ICanceIledl San Joaquin Memorial ..,.....................VisaIia ......Reedley .........Clovis ........Roosevelt ...,...................Merced .....Fresno High School ,.................Madera X ing player. Front Row, L. to R.: Manager R. Davis, D. Bownda, T. Lee. Back Row H. Polk, R. Revis, J. Garcia, P. Vasquez. 26 Q-my X xx Ie-'Y I-Q Front Row, L. to R.: I. Perkins, manager, P. Soliz, B. Topscott, C. Pickens, C. Lowe, C. Donsby, B. Johnson, H. Saldana, manager. Second Row: C. Mayo, H. Brinkley, E. Polk, E. Williams, H. Haggerty, B. Gill, C. Richmond, H. Miller, J. Mitchell, Coach John Toomosion. Hfwffy L. to R.: Coach J. Yoomasion, C. Lowe, C. Dansby, B. Topscott Polk, B. Johnson ISeniorsl. EDISON VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Edison Edison Edison .............. Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison ............ . Edison Edison Edison Edison ......,....... Edison .............. 49 80 59 6I 74 64 70 4I 59 40 63 62 67 34 6I 46 6l 68 62 57 Lemoore .......... 38 Fowler 47 Dinuba .,.......... 56 Pclrlier .... ....... 3 7 Lemoore .......... 40 Reedley ............ 52 Kingsburg ........ 47 Washington ...... 53 Roosevelt .......... 57 S.J.M.' .. ......... 39 Merced ............ 57 S.J.M. .............. 54 Madera ............ 50 Fresno .... ....... 6 2 Clovis ...,.......... 56 Roosevelt .......... 56 Merced ............ 74 Madera ............ 49 Fresno .... ....... 4 7 Clovis . ...... 48 'San Joaquin Memoriol 26 64 Edison.. ,..A ,. ,, Edison ,,,,....,,,... Edison .,.A...,,,.,A, 40 Edison... ,,,.., , .65 Edison ,s,,, ,,,, . 66 47 43 Edison ,,,,ss.,,.,... Edison .,,,..,,,A,,,, Edison .....,.,,.,,,, 39 use Edison ...,.,.,,,,,,, 45 Edison .,,.,,.,.,Y,,. 57 Edison ,,..,,,,,, ...46 Edison .,,..,.,,,..., 34 Edison ,,s.,., ,,,,,, 4 8 Edison .......,..A,s, 44 Edison ...s..i,ss,,,, 45 Edison ,.,.,,........ 53 Edison ,.,.,..,,s,,,, 39 Edison .,.....,,..... 33 'San Joaquin Memoria STARTING LINE-UP, L. to R.: Coach Paul Chiames, J. Wollen, G. John- son, C. Johnson, H. Daniels, H. Polk. NORTHERN YOSEMITE LEAGUE CHAMPIONS ll ll UNDEFEATED IN I8 GAMES ll0 League, 8 Non-Leaguel EDISON "B" BASKETBALL RECORD Lemoore ,. Fowler , . Dinuba ., , Reedley ,,,,, Selma .. Washington Roosevelt S.J.M.' .,,,, Merced .,,.. S.J.M. Madera , Fresno ...,,,, Clovis .,,,,. Roosevelt Merced .,,.. Madera ...,, Fresno Clovis , Front Row, L. to R.: E. Combs lScorekeeperI, H. Polk, B. Hicks, L. Hilton, H. Daniels, R. McNair, M. Sango, C. Jones Coach Paul Chiames, J, Johnson lCoachl, C. Johnson, R. Henry, J. Wollen, J. Green, B. Johnson. I7 lManngerl. Buck Ro .agn s"uusu Front Row, L. to R.: G, Frisch, manager, S. Jackson, K. Penn, G. Reese, S. Sanloya, C. Burks, D. Johnson, A. Haynes, manager. Buck Row G. Wright, J. Johnson, K. Fairley, B. Richmond, J. Marquez, O. Haynes, E. Deon, Coach M. Filzpalrick. - Erma., riff? xl J - NA 1' H J f J H - 1. H Jw. it 5' 'I J K 5 P Fronl Row, L. to R.. J. Silva, R. Aragon, D. Rocha, R. Barfield, A. Haynes, J. Beamon. Middle Raw. A. Marchese, S. Kamimolo, S. Flores D. Williams, C. Burks, J. Aguirre, D. Johnson. Back Row: Coach J. Toomasion, D. Baldwin, L. Cocola, D. Ruiz, J. Marquez, L. Facio, C. Herrera .8- g lt , I hh, " '31 ' Y , . J--1 f A 0.- f Q' WHS-f'2iwi""':5FiE AEHEIPFEUPE1 Q, I I fly ..n-new-1 A-akmasa-'zz V. 1 "r'25f51fp54m ll ' . ....-,,,,-., , WS .,....-...-.A........ , A 5 W ,Md ,L M -x .nn l .L X 3 1 4. K U --vc...i- M, n ., , ,,,,,,,,,..........---a-v---l- ' -A' x Ma. W ...- , , M.. Front Row, L. to R.: B, Boker, H. Kcmimoio, L. Reinhardt, F. Stanfield, W. Streets, L. C. McFcII, H. Miller, N. Sproggins. Back Row: F. Siebe A. D. Mcfoll, C. Lowe, F. Hurvodo, D. Rudolph, B, Richmond, O. Murd ock, L. Flores, manager: Couch L. Mcsini. wily ,XM 'Q LHS 10 xii' J i' J-vwuug ronf Row, L. lo R.. N, Waller, E. Combs, R. McNair, E. Gordo, H. Don ielx, T. lee, L. Taylor. Back Row: A. Sanchez, moncgevg D. Hunt, C. Rich- mond, H. Polk, J. Mitchell, J. Wollen, B. Hicks, Coach P, Chinmes. GAY ,fn A iii, 1-P! xfcmsuu , n cmson. 1 1 'Q I L N. Qi. , V --WN I 'fi w f 1' " NN. iw Q Nw H' Y ' . ' ii -2 .-El '.f- , V . v ,. 1' Qi ,ss is W 73 W4 J- n-.-R ' I ,.s.....5 .... " ..- ,- Q " O Ill: - .- 'J ,,,"'1NF+,, Q. 'f sv mi si. ,Q-.. 1. . .gd mi n Sd -wil: Fronl Row, L. lo R.: L. Revis, F. Alderele, L. Walker, L. Whittle, A. Bush, C. Hodge, Z. Kepler, W. Wingfield. Second Row: C. Donsby, E. Mathis, J. Lopez, M. Roy, C. Pickens, W. Greene. Bock Row: M. Keels lMonogerl, B. Tapscoll, J. Henry, B. Gill, G. Morrison, A, Anderson, A. Vinson, J. Amey, J. Poinfer lMoncgerl, Assislcni Coach Weber. Noi pictured-Head Couch Flelcher. wily L. to R.: D. Young, T. Herediu, J. Lopez, A. Williams, T. Long, F. Alderele, M. Rodriguez, E, Mcrzelle, 5 xrffituu. 'J an -'. ,arf 8 '41 'Y ff 'MT'-Qfkff' e ,A .. L vc I auf? 'f ap rf' Gi..- 0 mv J 1' x , . 'Cr ' 5' 'Q +V . swvv, -Q , r all I4 N - .1-I .' ,v" P , t , 'S' x if ' s inf' 'li A,i,?? Y? ' X .-Q-1 ..- -o X lker, l. Whillle, P. Brown, A. Williams, L. Fone, J. Adams, M. Sango, l, Perkins. Bock Row: Fronl Row, L. to R.: M. Ramirez, J. Barnes, R. Wo G. Johnson, T. Long, B, Ncmbo, F, Flores, C. Pickens, R. Revis, Z. Kepler, J. Broggs, E. Morzelle, B. Aragon. IBN T llcll T Front Row, L. to R.: D. Young, R. Gardner, O. Haynes, A. Jackson, C. Morzetle, W. Sounders, J. Nixon. Heredio, J. Garcia, J. Romero, R. Bradley, M. Johnson, B. Harris, 'wr vi. 1 ft 3 Q -ks -fv' 1 'w 6 n us,-5 l' 451' -cl on. 5, Bock Row: H. Saldano, T. Cobrol, 3' - K' ,.. . T -qv Fronl Row, L. to R.: M. Uyeki, Si. Guerrero, M. Wong, R. Foreman, A. Lew, M. Price, H. Vasquez, M. Wong. Second Row: G. Takeda, S. Masuda, F. Inouye, M. Moloyoshi, C. Wong, G. Tong, R.' Toshiyuki, A. Saito, E. Wong, J. Saito, S. Masuda. Back Row: S. Cooley, C. Kahle, B. Miller, C. Ramsey, G. Folks, B. Smith, D. Domolo S. Inaba. SPONSOR: Mrs. Jacqueline Gamage Front Row, L. lo R.: W. Harrison, A. Brannon, M. Johnson, E. Gaines, B. Smilh, V. Burgess, B. Brown. Second Row: M. Giles, E Holmes, S. Johnson, E. Johnson, P. Lowe, S. Thomas, V. McArn, J. Williams. Back Row: J. Mason, C. Whilehead, S. Thomas, B Wyall, R. Sampson, I. Verdugo, J. Vasquez, E. Diaz, A. Lowe. i 'TIT L if . If , ' U 5' I SPONSOR: Mrs. Madeline Shuck C . Front Row, L. lo R.: A. Brannon, B. Smith, J. Williams. Back Row: D. Dickson, P. Lowe. ix X From Row: G, Cherry, D, Daniels, C, Brown, R, Sampson, Back Front Row, L. lo R.: E. Diaz, H. Vasquez. Back Row: J. Vasquez, I Row: M, Adams, Verdugo, L. Espinosa. SPONSOR-Mrs. Joan Johnston L. to R.: K. Tsudo, J. Hashimoio, J. Wong,:D. Lew, C. Wong, C. Shimascki, L. Palmers, S. Wong. Top to Bofiom: L. Rutledge, R. Fore- man, A. Lew, B. Smith. --...s L. Io R.: G. Takeda, C. Wong, H. Reyes, L. Walker, C. Romsey. L. to R.: J. leol, C. Kahle, V. Atkinson, M. Wong, M. Wong. Tlw 1 w U1 A ef " 9 'Quin' 7 0 , , S I I fd X E r ' Q v Ciamea ES? gk f f JOHNSON JIM SANDOVAL President Vice-President f 2 i 1 X 4 X r ,, J K, V . ""'- yy. J- --Q ,j k A WANDA HARRUSON SHIRLEY JOHNSON Secfefufv Treasurer Q I 1 , to R.: Mr. M advisor, M. Marini, P. McDonald, L. Robinson, P. Walker, D, Trammel, H. Felix, M. Balderas, Y. Ragsdale, H. Vasquez, Second Row: H. Minin, J. Reyes, D. Garcia, L. Rebecca, E. Marquez, A. Bishop, T. Lee, J. Williams, R. Mora, B. Wilson, L. Hilton, A. Derrick. Back Row: L. Young, M. Walls, L. Adams, C. Saunders, J. Portillo, R. Hernandez, G. Lewis, P. Neal, R. Lung, L. Reinhardt, V. McGaughy. ' ,- fs Front Row, L. lo R.: D. Silvas, E. Franco, R. Rodriquez, L. Martinez, N. Matsumoto, M. Correa, L. Robles, E. Garcia, M. Mancillas. Second Roww Mr. R. Doylond, advisor, G. Castillo, W. Quan, C. Jones, V. Dean, C. Mayo, J. Battle, V. Tilmun, D. Williams. Bock Row: A. Ito, M. Salazar, A. Bush, B. Collins, A. Vinson, A. Brannon, H, Miller, S. Thomas, T. Nakagawa, B. Wyatt. hz... . Front Row, L. to R.: M. Anderson, M. Brice, A. Pegues, C. Whitehead, L. Chappel, M. Kelley, B. Greathouxe, A. Tanguma, N Jones. Second Row: B. Ivey, K. Richmond, F. Hurtado, E. Garcia, H. Maldonado, T. Heredia, C. Rios, M. Gamino. Third Row: Mr Moody, advisor, E. Garcia, J. Green, H. lde, M. Hodges, D. Harris, B. Ward, P. Howard. Back Row: E. Sanchez, T. Segura, M Parra, S. Guerrero, D. Lopez, l. Gudino, J. Cuevas, M. Alvarez, J. Ortiz. ,I ks TToi1tnRow, L. to R.: Mr. W. Neal, advisor, Y. Rios, R. Valdez, M. Vega, A. Hinios, B. Sam, B. Coleman, R. Cuevas, R. Audelo, R. Gardeo. Second Row: O. Bankston, Z. Groves, S. Joquez, L. Whittle, J. Smith, W. Chandler, F. Horton, J. Lopez, M. Morales. Third Row: J. Mitchell, V. Jones, D. Brown, J. Mayfield, E. Campbell, B. Burton, G. Norris, V. Burgess, B. Smith. Back Row: l. Perkins, F. Villegas, C. Pickens, J. Wollen, J. Mason, W. Greene, P. Burns, O. Murdock, J. Riddlesprigger. Front Row, L. to R.: E. Combs, J. Bone, R. Palomino, J. Sandoval, M. Wong, W. Wong, J. Cilluffo, H. Lee, G. Johnson. Second Row: S. Chin, E. Gaines, Y. Alvidrez, C. Wong, G. Tong, E. Wong, F. Flores, V. Tom, Mrs. Pierce, advisor. Third Row: S. Johnson, M, Uyeki, S. Thomas, L. Allen, C. Ramsey, M. Wong, A. Saito, R. Toshiyuki. Back Row: P. Martinez, M. Motoyoshi, G. Takeda, V. McArn, R. Sampson. U L. Front Row, L. to R.: F. Alderete, R. Faustina, R. Borunda, T. Rodriquez, S. Rolerson, M. Cooley. Second Row: Mr. Afgentino, advisor, R. Miranda, A. Quinta, V. Corrales, L. Ortiz, N. Sproggins. Fourth Row: R. Konishi, E. Mathis, J. Mancillas, R. Young, B. Gill, T. Garcia, T. Garcia, A. Land. V A VIVIAN SLADE Treasurer PEGGY JACKSON Secretory wir T ig K 'MHZ 35213. w 5 I it 2 S L . I ' , A, 1 W ' ,VA1 915 RONNIE REVIS Vice-President I9 EUGENE MARZETTE 60 President ,x fr r Q as iii if x .QR Front Row, L. to R.: Mr. E. Burleigh, advisor, J, Bradford, M. Adams, C. Burnley, B. Taylor, N. Wesson, M. Rivas, S. Mora, F. Hath- away. Second Row: R. Galloway, J. Amey, L. Rosemond, M. Easley, A. Grace, G. Collins, J. Price. Y. Bela. Third Row: W. Owens, P. Reiter, W. Brown, A. Miller, J. Campise, J. Rincon, C. Fernandez, F. Gomez, A. Tanaka, R. Lewis. X-J ,.-.--I I3 X Front Row, L. to R.: A. Walker, A. Luiano, H. Williams, B. Abram, Y. Greco, Y. Torres, J. Perez, A. Cruz. Second Row: Mr. R. Frank- lin, advisor, E. Greathouse, E. Wong, E. Chavira, D. Borunda, D. Spencer, N. Sigalo, M. Trejo. Third Row: L. Walker, F. Nash, B. Moore, J. Stanfield, A. Williams, R. Grays, K. Baker, Fourth Raw. H. Polk, R. Wilson, H. Villa, C. Morgan, D. Garcia, T. Williams, C .Hodge. I-,Ol 4" Y 4. Front Row, L. to R.: P. Danis, T. Silva, R. Rodriguez, R. Aguilar, L. Munoz, G. Patterson, J. Wilkerson, B. Johnson, J. Younge, D. Hunt. Second Row: Mr. Q. Ellis, advisor, V. Maxey, J. Henry, L. Fairley, A. Simons, B. Robinson, R. McNair, H. Turney, T. Knox. Fourth Row: F. Greco, R. Camacho, L. Wheatley, E. Calderon, R. Munson, L. Alverado, F, Albiso, I. Hartdige, L. Corrales, J. Johnson, O. Ratlifi. A5 u.. mf Front Row, L. to R.: Mrs. Richardson, advisor, J. Nakashara, M. Johnson, P. Jackson, R. Matthews, J. Robles, F. Pame, G. Morinez, H. Reyes. Second Row: C. Shaw, F. Arrendondo, A. Clordy, J. Aquilar, A. Daniels, J. Borela, F. Graves. Third Row. F. Castillo, A. Alvarez, G. Gerbu, S. Colon, J. Galvon, B, Harking, C. Fone, J. Mendez. Fourth Row: T. Ferro, H. Beltram, T. Crump, W. Wingfield, B. Collins, M. Miree, B. Woodard, V. Brown, P. Logan. Front Row, L. to R.: D. Espinosa, D. Aguirre, l. Lemon, J. Domolo, C. Correa, R. Rodriquez, T. Hernandez, L. Rodriquez. Second Row: G. Walker, M. White, V. Slade, M. White, O. Prater, C. Meux, J. Williams, C. Murphy, Mr. L. Huck, advisor. Back Row: W. Streets, N. Amey, E. Thomas, S. Dial, B. Hicks, N. Madden, A. Davis, L. Black, G. Moya, A. Ochs. Front Row, L. to R.: J. Comocho, R. Dela Cruz, K. Menin, L. Lopez, L. Logan, R. Gardner, B. Pierson, L. Hilliard, F. Yomasaki, C. Wyrick. Second Row: Mr. M. Sanligian, advisory J. Henry, E. Holmes, R. Revis, H. Waller, H. Ochoa, L. Tanguma, A. Contrares, D. Flores. Third Row: M. Alvarez, E. Rios, K. Miki, W. Chong, A. Hernandez, Z. Kepler, P. Lowe, J. Adams, B. Miller. Back Row: T. Huber, W. Chinn, J. Valdez, J. Mancha, L. Woodard, L. Whittle, V. Arrington, F. Mancha. sw 5' Fronf Row, L. io I.: S. Inaba, H. Hamanaka, S. Lane, N. Greene, B. Riddlespriger, M. Corona, S. Masuda, V. Aikinson, J. Maier Second Row: G. Cha, H. Hunler, J. Chung, E. Burke, P. Magee, M. Wong, T. Garibay, Miss V. Valasis, advisor. Third Raw: A. Cam- pos, J. Casarez, N. Stahl, E. Marzelfe, J. Jan, C. Kahle, L. Chan, R. Alvarado. Fourih Row: W. Gleim, S. Smifh, B. Nambo, R Hurst, S. Chun, Y. Yamamoto, D. Weber. x mlunen nf, 1961 f""4' 7 -..-- nf- X 3- i . 1 Front Row, L. to R.: R. Colon, J. Bishop, 5. Williams, J. Young, F. Zovela, C. Washington, M. Holmes, P. Walker, G. Morris, D. Campbell, B. Chandler, I. Contreras. Second Row: H. Fujiwara, H. Ramos, D. Kerber, J. Lane, A. Salazar, D. Young, J. Barnes, C. Pennywell, O. Haynes, J. Capps, Mr. Ching, advisor. Third Row: F. Woods, R. Harris, D. Chinn, R. Chinn, R. Meigs, G. Domsto, F, Daniels, K. Fairley, T. Aragon, L. Madden. is Front Row, L. to R.: D. Jenkins, B. Palaya, R. Martinez, D. Hodge, C. Diaz, M. Naiera, D. Flores, K. Yamazaki. Second Row: R. Ramirez, A. Morris, A. Galindo, L. Lenoir, B. Kahle, K. linger, A. Gumez, R. Glavez. Third Row: G. Cho, J. Mancha, C. Morris, M. Lee, W. Lyons, A. Powllrs, J. O'Neil, G. Taylor, D. Jordan, V. Williams, J. Johnson. Back Row: A. Williams, J. Galvan, C. lsom, B. Hilton, B. Mayfield, M. Russel, W. lsom, B. Harris, N. Wright, A. Jackson. Front Row, L. to R.: B. Anderson, R. Tate, C. Gudino, E. Guerra, A. Ozuna, N, Alderete, E. Baiz, G.Cru1, R. Ruiz. Second Row: Mr. Erickson, advisor: M. Gilmore, M. Jones, B. Smith, R. Espinosa, W. Stahl, C. Herrera, J. Vasquez, F. Jaime. Third Row: H. Douglas, E. Garvin, G. Johnson, E. Thompson, B. Shintalru, D. Schlelewitz, N. Wong, F. Verdugo, W. Hillon. '13 Front Row, L. to R.: J. Hashimoto, A. Matinez, B. Hendrix, H. Rivas, D. Mendoza, V. Sanchez, L. Kemp, J. Patterson, C. Graham. Second Row: B. Earl, M. Kiuchi, J. Konishi, J. Kitano, E. Hurst, D. Henry, T. Cabral, K. Saldate, S. Trivillo, R. Vasquez. Third Row: Miss Ostendort, advisor, A. Lowe, E. Hicks, L. Williams, G. Sandell, R. Gamino, J. Marquez, L. Facia. Back Row: A. Mitchell, S. Kamimoto, J. Robison, D. Schafer, J, Nixon, l. Sykes, W. West, D. Davis. Front Row, L. to R.: T. DeLaCruz, R. Barron, R. Gonzales, J. Douglas, E. Wyatt, M. Grayson, C. Davis, S. Wong, Mrs. Plog, advisor. Second Row: A. Reyes, J. Garcia, A. Correa, E. Achoa, S. Fernandez, M. Mertinez, J. Mazzella, E. Cooper, J. Sugiyama. Third Row: D. Sorondo, M. Martinez, A. Correa, G. Stanfield, D. Wallace, N. Ruiz, L. Saldana, L. Barroso, S. Huerta, R. Alford. Back Row: J. Beltram, E. Santos, R. Trevino, J. Salazar, T. Robinson, B. Richmond, B. Ware, R. Fowler, M. Johnson. tax- 7 .. .' Front Row, L. to R.: H. Sanchez, G. Carmel, M. Aguilar, C. Rio, B. Huerta, L. McDonald, l. Diaz, A. Contreras, A. Mendoza. Second Row: Mr. M. Rogers, advisor, L. Cocola, S. Brown, C. Brock, M. Atkinson, R. Allen, J. Martinez, B. Felix. Third Row: R. Masp, D. Huerta, G. Frisch, E. Dean, W. Cooley, I. Hamanaka, L. Castillo, L. Fane. Back Row: R. Cooper, B. Summerfield, J. Braggs, J. Attor- berry, D. Banks, D. Washington, G. Bell, A. Fisher, V. Jones, P. Spraggins. . ,I 'QQ-'A -...fm 1 Front Row, L. to R.: M. Orozco, M. Ochoa, S. Ortiz, B. Stewart, H. Easter, E. Mayo, V. Lowe, M. Juarez. Second Row: Mrs. Cyma Russell, advisor, R. Oiedo, R. Romero, D. Manriquez, M. Horton, E. Thomas, E. Ashley. Back Row: M. Sanchez, B. Null, L. Palmero, V. Garcia, L. Gonzales, T. Zepeda, M. Hodges, J. Wong, B. Marini. ? ihnd Front Row, L. to R.: D. Bilbo, M. O'Guinn, B. Rundles, B. Harris, L. Glenn, M. Fulgham, E. Clayton, R. Reyes. Second Row: D. Pacheco, J. Cisneros, G. Wright, L. Prewitt, O. Noel, R. Dickson, V. Amey, Mr. J. Tesmer, advisor. Third Row: D. Gaines, D. Lew, C. Shima- saki, J. Jones, R. Larios, M. Juarez, R. Beta, H. Saldana. Fourth Row: A. Villa, A. Marchese, L. Salralo, S. Bishop, B. Baker, S. Robinson, B. Garcia, J. Gonzales, M. Hinoios. A Front Row, L. to R.: Mr. P. Shelly, M. Ferguson, E. Williams, C. Rivera, M. Garcia, L. Rubalcava, R. Davis, H. Gutierrez, R. Lopez. Second Row: R. Woodard, K. Johnson, M. Yee, J. Telesco, B. Rodriquez, M. Soto, H. Loi, R. Rodriquez, V. Bonbuster. lThird Row: A. Madden, K. Parker, L. Cotton, D. Rotliff, S. Alvarado, C. Owens, F. Taylor, M. Garcia, E. Prieto, L. Bell, H. Johnson. -M W xgri"fm WJ X if NW fy' , JV CARLOS CABRERA President CECELIA WONG Vice-President HELEN WASHINGTON Secretory Q Nfl W f .1 53?-3?fl , Q. "lg I 1 uf, 1962 LOIS HARRIS Treasurer unml-Iigk O Q A X E '. ., 90 x A U ,41, x I1 4 ,.-ye. , Front Row, L. to R.: A. Takaoka, C. Wong, J. Tong, M. Mora, S. White, E. De La Pena, J. Dudley. Second Roy: P. Maier, L.' Harris, A. lto, C. Wong, C. Law, N. Konishi, A. Matsumoto, Mr. R. Cornett, advisor. Third Row: H. Mariner, VM. Smith, T. Williams, J. Gerber, E, Hess, J. Bone, V. Casarez, J. Beltran. Back Row: R. Collins, M. Vega, C. Cabrera, G. Hernandez, D. Bowen, A. Rocha, D. Uyeki, N. Schafer, R. Murrieta, L. Constantino. . Front Row, L. to R.: P. Samaneigo, C. Rooters, B. Gunter, B. Nolan, C. Arrequim, G. Esquedaf C. White, M. Quintana. Second Row: Mr. J. Gigoux, M. Verdugo, C. Nash, S. Osibin, E. Whitaker, M. Self, L. Davis, Third Row: D. Fierro, G. Hernandez, J, Bermudez, S, Brown, D. Williams, D. Watkins, E. Coleman, E. Matthews, E. Burton. Fourth Row:X H. Galindo, J. Barroso, A. Maldonado, J. Ricks, O. Townsend, J. Sims. " A 1 1 Front Row, L. to R.: T. Nunez, E. Sullivan, G. Easter, R. Pegues, R. Corrales, M. Dareilla, G. Taylor, E. Morlette, D. Alexander. Second Row: Miss Lushbaugh, advisor, D. Veloz, P. Molina, U. Hunter, F. Moreno, L. Ramirez, R. Adolph, D. Burris, L. Daniels. Third Row: S. Mora, A. Casarez, R. Gamino, R. Gameros, J. Galloway, C. Reiter, C. Hernandez, L. Flores, H. Garcia. Back Row: M. Howard, F. Harding, C. Adams, R. Atterberry, J. Pendergrass, H. Burnley, W. Hunter, C. Meux, C. Faulkner, M. Jones, E. lee, ""9'v+ LA P7 FL. IL. tin Fronl Row, L. lo R.: M. Alaniz, A. Reyes, B. Colon, L. Orozes, J. Fauslino, E. Marzelte, E. Smilh, S. Clayburn, B. Anderson. Second Row. S. Morrison, H. Washinglon, E. Johnson, A. Hilliard, H. Harris, C. Amador, A. Gomez, Mrs. O'Rourke, advisor, Third Row: P. Prince, J. Davis, J. Chancer, D. Navarro, R, Mora, N. Jones, G. Moore, J. Galvon. Fourth Row: W. Brown, I. Williams, S. Hall, K. Harrel, J. Vinson, N. Brown, J. Seedorf, J. Baplisa, N. Marquez, T. Perry. Front Row, L. lo R.: M. Cuevas, V. Tapscoll, G. Floyd, L. Hinlon, R. Flores, D. Hill, B. Kendricks, S. Kawaguchi, L. Inaba, Miss A. Mueller, advisor. Second Row: J. Flores, J. Nakaharo, J. Yamashita, B. Lenoir, D. Madden, J. Leal, J. Luiano, T. Fuentez, D, Mar- quez. Back Row: H. Gordon, D. O'Neal, A. Banks, E. Quinta, A. Lopez, L. Alvarado, F. Fairley, J. Compise, A. Hernandez, M. Brooks, D. Larios. Fronl Row, L. lo R.: G. Miranda, R. Lopez, Y. Rocha, G. Garibay, M. Cisneros, C. Hernandez, A. Herrera, A. Herrera. Second Row: Mrs. Oliver, advisor, N. English, L. Canady, O. Lang, J. Bailey, C. Wilherspoan, B. Sigala. Third Row: R. Greco, F. Banks, M. Tale, M. Temple, C. Lord, S. Salazar, S. Casleneda, R. Cruz. Back Row: A. McArn, H. Amey, P. Mazella, C. Fuiimura, R. Sanlos, A. Ayres, D. Johnson, T. Cisneros, G. Cleveland, R. Fisher. Ki-H f l ..:! ii if it Front Row, L. to R.: Mr. R. Vaillancour, advisor, S. Turner, B. Davis, S. Villarrpal, E. Garcia, M. Gomez, B. Griffin, R. Juarez, I Jackson. Second Row: S. Amador, M. Williams, M. Gibbons, L. Wood, B. Jones, J. Horton, T. Arredondo, A. dova. Back Row S. Stevens, L. Miniares, J. Jones, R. Conley, J. Williams, F. McLaurin, E. lsom, M. Hall, F. Wright, T. Mendez R. Alderete. I Front Row, L. to R.: F. Powell, C. Beans, V. Bynum, W. Brannen, H. Williams, B. George, C. Salazar, L. Borunda. Second Row: G. Mayo, S. Meyers, V. Hudson, S. Robinson, l. Salazar, M. Stanfield, M. Price, Mrs. B. Youngberg, advisor. Third Row: T. Reyes, N. Larragoity, J. Mendoza, R. Spotser, J. Earl, L. Settle, E. Williams, J. Littlefield, T. Woods. Back Row: R. Vefdugo, J. Martinez. J. Aguirre, C. Diaz, C. Tilmon, J. White, E. Leyva, E. Palomino, F. Quintana. Front Row, L. to R.: L. Alemzadeh, S. Doi, H. Kaneichi, Y. Mizuno, R. Kate, H. Yumen, K. Taniguichi, M. Wong, J. Kaloostian. Sec- ond Row: B. Garcia, M. Alemzadeh, P. Valeh, H. Miralavi, Q. Louie, J. Fung, Mr. R. W. Ostram, advisor. Third' Row: G. Acuna, L. Mendez, F. Bermudez, K. Sera, T. Watanabe, T. Hedani, T. Hataka, N. Kimura. Back Row: R. Becerra, O. Oieda, R. Porras, A. Gar- cia, J. Romero, R. Murillo. MARVIN HOWARD Presideni I f .' TGI THELMA WILLIAMS Vice-President f. PAT MAIER Treasurer LOIS HINTON Secretory Front Row, L. to R.: M. Wellington, A. Sierra, E. Moss, B. Taylor, V. Rice, R. Rodriquez, G. Shimasaki, Mrs. Gammage, advisor. Second Raw: R. Mendoza, R. Quintana, B. Herrera, L. Rodriquez, M. Smith, H. Jaime, L. Washington, S. Santoya. Third Row: M. Bacid, B. Rooters, H. Ashley, D. Baldwin, R. Simpson, R. Jenkins, H. Herman, R. Temple, L. Hill. Back Row: H. Posas, A. Rodriquez, K. Siebert, J. Robbins, J. Wallace, R. Polk, M. Renteria, D. Lewis, M. Plotner, L. Bell, R. Riveria. HP., Q-.ci ...J Front Row, L. to R.: L. Dela Cruz, E. Marez Reyes, J. Mayberry, R. Rios. Second Row: L. Sanchez, O. Beasley, T. Garvin, L. Ratliff, M. Grayson, Mr. D. Edwards. Third Row: R. Mireles, R. Earl, O. Casarel, A. Cain, G. James, W. Scott, C. Nelson. r K-'Fxskm E A Front Row, l.. to R.: V. Amasalian, D. Santas, S. Kadani, K. Tsuda, V. Fong, J. Garcia, C. Bowen, E. Chavez. Second Row: J. Fairley, P. Georgetta, D. Madden, B. Fuston, M. Heredia, V. Apple, J. Wong, Mr. W. J. Crews. Third Row: G. White, E. Gordon, E. King, M. Turner, M. Graves, M. Larrogoity, G. Silva, S. Fowlks, M. Huck, S. Masuda. Fourth Row: F. Wilson, F. McCarter, E. De la Cruz, W. Greer, L. Williams, L. Trevina, R. Chacon, F. Verra, R. De los Santos, F. Summerfield, E. Cho. -Ai S.,- lrdleg J . 'ini ji' Front Row, L. to R.: Miss J. Martinson, advisor, H. Rubalcava, B. Williams, J. Salazar, D. Rideau, M. Mara, R. Baiz, E. Quan, M. Gutierrez. Second Raw: C. Mendoza, D. Williams, R. Madden, W. Sams, E. Wingfield, S. Flores, V. Rios, D. Amador. Third Row: H. McKimsey, J. Cocola, L. Chin, S. Miranda, R. Aragon, G. Alcarez, A. Moore, E. Moreno, E. Aguilar, M. Clark. Bock Row: D. Mar- tinez, R. Perry, E. Murillo, S. Woodard, G. Faulkner, J. Williams, B. Morris, P. Higgs. as...-suy.4 K n-Q ' ,Q - 4 .1 X V: L Front Row, L. to R.: P. McCoy, R. Trammell, R. Treio, D. Moya, G. Edmundson, M. De La Pena, O. De Los Santos, S. lsam, D. Rosales, J. Richmond. Second Row: P. Tooks, C. Aguirre, P. Turney, R. Hopkins, C. Howell, W. McDonald, P. Clay, S. Thrower, M. Aguirre. Third Raw: L. Grays, A. Mann, G. Leal, S. Wright, J. Garcia, B. Barnett, V. Leone, M. Garcia, Mr. M. Mother, advisor. Fourth Row: J. Thornburg, D. Franklin, R. Baretield, A. Haynes, R. Hampton, M. Mozzella, W. Barron, R. DeHerrera, J. Villa. 'ft . 'T Front Row, L. to R.: R. Duncan, S. Palomino, E. Rocha, D. Moh, D. Hendrix, M. Howard, L. Wiley, Mrs. L. Richards, advisor. Second Row: Y. Cassillos, M. Garcia, S. Williams, C. Stewart, N. Solis, C. Chin, P. Clark, V. Clark, J. Coples. Third Row: T. Lear, D. Wil- liams, A. Shintaku, D. Hurst, W. Scott, R. Johnson, S. Jackson, D. Williams, T. Lopez. Back Row: J. Abbascia, X. Hernandez, C. Diaz, J. Beamon, H. Jenkins, A. Rodrigues, G. Hurst, F. Stephens, D. Alavezos, C. Epperson. V .. ,, -5 1 -v 19 if f Front Row, L. lo R.: T. Rodriquez, R. Solo, F. Jones, W. Kenny, S. McDonald, L. Saldana, B. Solo, R. Vasquez. Second Row: Mr Tubbesing, advisor, T. Lopez, H. Flores, M. Grace, G. Wilson , l.. Fone, W. Earl, A. Fisher. Back Row: J. Walker, R. Corrales, J Castillo, D. Williams, A. Holland, D. Turner, H. McArn, R. Riddlesprigger, L. Ochoa. Front Row, L. lo R.: R. Ruiz, C. Wise, I. Airada, V. Orsco, T. Gudino, S. Salazar, N. Moreno, B. Johnson, Mrs. M. Shock, advisor Second Row: L. Mitchell, R. Mayberry, T. Gudina, B. Garcia, B. Beniamin, E. Harris, E. Lara, R. Slreels, I. Wingfield, P. Chandler Third Row: l. Slell, J. Creswell, C. Mendoza, S. Jones, R. Shaw, L. Navarro, C. Burks, H. Noel. Back Row: S. Lane, D. Thomas, P Slade, M. Allen, G. Davis, P. Foreman, R. Morales, R. Rivas, A. Hall, C. Norman. f fu., 1 so ' QQ fy, ' '5 X6U!y?!9,'w.ZJr7Kv EHSNWM W Alf t fi ' QWQWVM '49 fi WW QW ,.M, hd X -Q 'R "' vi A, M1175 pf ff SX ,'+f'fc'f'4'f 6446 uf' X L14 4,61 f1"'t-f ff'ff Af-ff'-M 47,0 'if ii-I 90-Jizz L M Fi g? EX K? .gi l A f fb Q? "' -- 4: A - fx f C Y P ., '-b, A K N QQ N N S: q., Xu , fu M ' X Q , f DJJ W NM WW LJ evW W W jafffffifjaf yd!! M IW V Vgfti 0 My Wim W Lx pfrff"3'6 'Qv!W Y J N J pgbdo, Meiji W V J! 1 0 Zapp! E Wm' up , uf? V ZPL ff ffwfiffff , 3 W 6ZMwAj MJ ' ! J M My 'W faq QZTZHW C2 .f Qc! Z' !V,L,!The right place to eat FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYLE -4!f'i'44'Zj J Basque Hotel ca-f-ZZ f ,M Home cooicino L5 pf wine - beer - cocktails Z0 Jean 81 Mary Ph. AD 7-0422 61 Z, MQW J Nouqueret 1102 F Street J jeddg! Fresno, California 41426 525624425 r Iac' Jifcnf, fp 1 soRoEN's G1 ' THE AKI co. GO WITH THE FINEST! General Hardware 8. Gift Shop Corner Kern 8. F St. Phone AD 3-6403 Insist on Borden's Fresh Milk Ice Cream WEST FRESNO DRUG fresher because it's made right here at home Prescription Pharmacy l50l Kern Street, Corner of "F" EL - TROCADERO 1441-47 Tulare Street Fresno, California ERNY'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions - Proprietories - Sundries Ernest Yamaguchi - Fumiko Yamaguchi 1409 Kern Street Phone AD 7-3286 Phone AD 7-l558 Fresno, California Nil gin? it tx . X. ll? wifi Ulu gi X X9 . :I!NTER Xulvwwgiux i ' W KOMOTO DEPT. STORE l528-36 Kern Street Phone AD 7-6688 'W I KK The Home of German Sausage 2206 Califomia Ave. Ph. AM 6-1506 Kay's Wasemiller's iunior woman and junior miss apparel Mens - Shoes - Ladies Wear Lanz Originals Yardage Phone AM 4-9765 H27 Fulton St. 316 "C" Street Fresno, Calif. fi 4 all jk! ' , "F , PX ,l A 711 Ll ,uf ,LMT I ,f L MAJ'-L' , 4, 'Lf L1 1 Jr,- f 5.0 T 56 . ,,-177773 ff 'VOA GOOD LUCK TO THE ,EJ ,J-' ,is , 1,1-'7 I Af, ,WWW if JN J,f1"'ff Lv-T pf 1 I JJJM CLASS or '58 g LN, A ' ' L b1,,x,w"" 71 I ,7,7l,,u'-LXR M7 GENNUSLVS fiscal Phone AD 7-2379 Fresno 8K "E" Streets NATIONAL CLEANERS Congratulations AND LAUNDRY Class of Main Branch 2l65 Elm '58 "YOUR CLEANERS IS YOUR EVERYBODY'S MARKET CLOTHES BEST FRlEND" 2090 Elm Avenue Fresno, Calif. 101 Jake's Auto Body Works Complete Automotive Reconstruction Jake Mirigan 2017 San Benito Ph. AM 4-5160 Washing Lubrication I 81 T SERVICE Union 76 Gasoline 804 "F" Street Corner of lnyo Free Pick Up and Delivery Service Phone AM 4-2045 Fresno, Calif. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Oriental Dry Goods Co. Shoes and Ready-to-Wear, Notions Luggage and House Furnishings Chinese 81 American Style Foods Orders to take out Mayling Cafe 807 Fulton St. Ph. AD 3-3344 I i MW M Parisian Cleaners lnyo and "C" Sts. - Van Ness and Weldon Fruit and Clinton -- First and Ashland Phone ADams 3-4723 Fresno, California 1502 Tulare Street Phone AD 7-7421 Congratulations OKAMOTOLS Class of '58 Star Super Market meats - fruits - groceries - vegetables 745 "G" Street Phone AD 3-4643 Jewelry - Gifts Greeting Cards 917 "F" Street Fresno, Calif. Authorized Dealer for Nationally Advertised "Keepsake Diamonds" Specialize in Watch Repair ELM JEWELERS Watches - Rings - Jewelry - Diamonds 192 344 "C" St. PhLAM 6-6241 Phone AD 7-2670 920 "F" St The Kogetsu-Do Co. Ikeda Bros. Japanese Confectionery and Japan Tea Pacific Tent 8. Awning Shelburne's Stationery Everything in Canvas Supplies Office and School Equipment 2126 lnyo St. Fresno, Calif. 1931 Mariposa St. Ph. AM 8-8444 Bill's Flower Shop Frank's Service Mariposa and E Sts. PH. AD 3-9842 1417 Kern Street NORWALK STATION "We Call and Deliver" Phone AM 6-5480 Fresno, Calif. Complete Auto Service Jpczlvgill Axe E Ofna l Ogfap 0. A if TA A C 'jf 732 FULTON STREET FRESNO, CALIFORNIA I .af :Q 1 TELEPHONE AM 4-3593 S LETTERHEADS O INVOICES I ENVELOPES 0 BUSINESS CARDS ,f LABELS O WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS O HUUSE ORGANS if ' . YEARBOOKS Q cATAl.oGuEs if s If . XXX - . 0 Y V :av H l In-0-I-Sk-a A an S A . . Rex Meat Market Best Wishes to the Class of '58 Meats and Groceries ' Harold Mcsudc. . Nisei Diamond Specialist P0'k "C'Cke'S ROYAL JEWELERS Ph. AD 3-5164 1512 Tulare 911 "F" St. Ph. AM 6-1845 Royal Pharmacy Ben Nakamura Prescriptions - Sundries - Cosmetics Phone AM 6-3292 Sam S. Fuiimura 1417 Tulare 1435 Kem 51- Ph- AM 6'63 Public Accountant 34 Th at tilt t Fw lgille, Jensen 8z Pilegard Store No. 3 Law ow s 81 Hardware A FFXI Seed 2122 o lm It PhoneAM8-9221 V . l li ll l i ll A EX 1 ill? ,A wa? asheljf me Clos 0f'5 RTY AUTO 'SERVICE f' Gas-Oil--Lubrication X Complete Auto Repair Service Cor. "C" 8K Tulare Ph. AD 3-0356 The finest in beauty care for the ffl' cl A ' . . . . 1 url K, 1-VX"L7Zj discriminating vggmayi. X 44,4 LILY'S BEAUTY SALQg!d4ffjUMwy 69 ONGRATULATIONS 1023 "E" sneer ' L it L-' Wy , A X V490 I Phone AM 8-1173 ALAN ff fmt 'WV Specialists in hair shaping, styling and I THE Cl-ASS OF '58 permanent waving. U9 NII'S RESTAURANT A PAY LESS MARKET 926 "F" Street Three convenient stores to serve you: Corner "E" and Mariposa Ave. Elm and Church Fresno, California Corner Palm and Olive Ave. 104 C'HONG'S CAFE Our Specialty: Catering for large and small 2830 Tulare sneer Banquets Ph. AD 3-3642 Photographic Supplies Elmer Lew Max Sorensen X Compllmenls of flaws? FASHION CLEANERS A 1915 Tulare Street Fresno Qpdlilfg' I W jpg 465 No. Fulton sf. Ph. AD 7-2185 1' u lwiiloipwwi A if 'A Wi' Z M UMSU A NUT SHOP J fl - IUQMWW f . W yin!! l WI 1 law vmierv OF DONUTS AND 'W W ff . FRIED PIES DAILY C1 -Z 1 63 I Wholesale 81 ' J -fl, ,x CTN . Q fi- 1? fy E ? if if Joe Audelo, Sr., Prop. 11 So. ut N? E Hector Audelo, Mgr. ,,., Fresno, a UN x X Qi. Q4-'EQT A Xe Valley Donut 8. Coffee Shop - "D:-,Q Breakfast unc inner MEN'5 2326 Tulare St. L h A D Fresno, Calif. K VARSITY SHOP 1321 Fulton Street PINE CLEANERS Don't settle for less , , ge, ,he hes,-our aim Fresno 21, California Service-Satisfaction-Quolity 1955 California Ave. Ph. AD 3-1943 105 L 4. 76 1, .L ., so , ,P ', , , 1 Aft! 1 , L N f QW 1 ff TM It iw , X , K JM V. i ff y I .Fl fn Jo F 1 1 E Q .villa , ' M , ll J 1 f 1 J W , ' '-ff' Nt FREE DELWE , MW! !i' k ,J I lv A L Cateri i . Working People- Qlf ul! ll , bfi! ll fC othin for the Entire Family 004 med S eell ,Phi AD 3,24 , Department Store A X M 3 Phqyfe, 6482 1347 Kern Street M AL f . if f B s L CE yf M qw A KO C LERY ' IQ! S -A gnlyrclhieg-ltbriia-'cfiic so les ' ,JL ' PORTING G ODS-HOBBY DEPT. 691331502 Fresl o' t,, C r. "F S r t KN H5 HF, A 1 Ph. Mgfzisaa lp! , orge F I 0 I A Complete Cleaning Slice WANDA'S ANERS - 0 - A ' PRESCRlPT U Mr. and M . dward A. St.,James .v 1151 "F" St one AM 6-3175 Fresno, Calif. ' V 320 California XVEDX ll 1 FFCSHO, Calif- L 9 . V A k LaPaloma Spanish Food - ENCHILADAS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ORDERS TO TAKE OUT 312 California Ave. Ph. AD 7-2482 Fresno, California CHAS. MARISCAL U L ll ? ll 1' on at l nS I v S rf VX' , 00 QB t t r ,li We Pvw vf U' P to our L. To 's Market and Snackstand 601 California Ave. Fresno, Calif BOORAS AND PAPPAS our 3 swz Poucv 1' Quality Merchandise 1' Lowest Prices 1' Courteous Service '06 1234 "F" sneer PAUL STOCKTON Member of Advisory Board Phone AM 6-5116 - l 4 ' ' ' fall JL, BLOSSER'S 51121474452-mSrLgM1SsEQUIPn4ENT Co. n Phone AM 4-5585 MC ' c!2l67,27J?lll5r17Warner Theater BIdg.l cw 24715, ,lp ATQTETIC EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS 74fZ'fJ6P'7o . BLAC s'r0N OWI: . FRESNO'S NEWEST AND MODERN BM 24 A.M.F. lanes Automatic Pinspotters - FREE INSTRUCTIONS -- At Shaw Next to Wonderland Skating 5054 N. Blackstone Ave. Phone BA 2-3711 , f, NISEI AR R SHOP 2 '?E"..J'252 ' - 915 .-F.. sneer Vk5Q1f,6, P32Qx3C2?2 tyles shown are selected , M AQ rom our Campus and Career Shop. 'LJ ? E ggQ menf ,dzf off fc! f2fof,c2o CIRCUS Dliilfgily 360 Sfr6E"i4aJ if 473210, Calif. Fresno gzcfffd 67 Af' DANISH CREAMERY ASSO A ATION Manufacturers of BUTTER--EVAPORATED MILK-DRY MILK "Quality Famous For Over 60 Years" Plants at FRESNO RIVERDALE CHOWCHILLA Kyiv ' AQ' 11, Congratulations and Be 1 FP 1 J ' ,7 . ' 257 . - K-vw' L 4 c ci, 4, W 'TN iililx. til Eqlxl 4 f J sf Wishes 5' ff' ff Iilrxh 1 k Q . vi fi 'JJ 1, C 'K 1 cw L 1 ii 1 1 1 W 1' 1 T Q NJ of If , 1 ily" V 5 1 - , 1 1' 1 1 1 I 1 1 , 1 7 - 12 N J Wi,f JF J X!! A L40 X1 I I U iii! f I. uf ' 1 11 ,,f11ii, j fi 1 F if , gy Our Son, Freddie .2 d W Wg fm, Q UWf11fjWW,f J Mr. 8- Mrs. F. S. Sibe M M SIIIEIBIEIRTY IPUIVIIIP 87 MIACHm K 01 si, A,IfSi,'ZHf5NE 5222 MM 4111! if 'id Q1 ' ylffawhf W1 , MY WWW fhwr X wr 1 I ,J s U J 1 rf Z 7apfk X Vi KW! lfibuf Mlulbbv 1111. . kj! f,1vZQgfLV?ZyJf ,LL U N I ff ffkfx if bvfifh XYX'1gq,ET M I I uswggsig N fi SJ W X Q 'Nw Q moms i' mo mme 108 cfxff iffy Q 9 ' . G C., G20 9 C7 Q 6 uni f GPS: Q53 SX QE ir Q3 J- 'Jfz "tl, W 'Q rg 'SQ Kg 0 C7 5' Q 4. Q if f XXX XY Q3 'f '52 'V GX 3 ly SG 'Q W YV 65 2. J? QD A 2 fi If -'-sg' F,-x QQ " EL, or-CX 'L 'SX tfgi-3 1 I ,-f C7 Y M Cf' A AX ix 2k ' -QL QQ Q' XQ XX, U' ' , S QQ, 04 f ,Q E ig., 24 V I wx W s Q, in KX 'df BQ MAJ Q ffwwf pf! M7 WQZJQMK Vffffyx Xi rfiff' 'id ff ' K J. X Q fyfdlffc? W4 f W A ,, '71fcq,Q I IZ! f ' ' 'Mfg' . 0' f gtg dw!! z-6, ?eM,,,Jfz Mg I b Q'-de MQ I , Vmfmff M :cf YF of F' L X KEQBJN. MJ J will tiff? Ny ei? X 'Xb ff Reb' R? sv ffl, ' ' gf i 4 ,fjf 1 Q, 01 'pf ,fm W W , XML -in M, x A W P V f ' ' ""2i, .6 , SEQ. 2,8 6' ff, fy' WJ ,V V 'f WL I LM, f "'Y fy 'FQ 20' C WW if 1 all AJ' ,f 4 J , LL VFX 'U K ,QQ IT MJ ,Ja jiffv 1 Rfb ,ff Q, Lp' fi? 'Q-ff ff' ,, WJ ? -J wx if 'C 'iw M we ,4 p wo 2 1 ,'n,c2f' " cj Q' 2, fi? xfx 5 e ,fr V H I U CD? 4 n JV iv If Av , 'J fx 5 , X Q qw? Aijh 3 9 ' +63 158, QSLWNM X K new Q QT? 3, N M 'fs K' ' Q 3' Q fsxmfxfxu, 1 ,',1: ,fi ' X e . ' . k, 1 f vii L Jef J, lb Y I fi' J if 2 J XV gf' ff I jj 'X K v' LES!-7 ,, lv VIJ 1 v' ' X ,v0ffjQN x4Y'Mn,f' ,V W 6 X! W' Aw, , , ,A rl f .f Www V U

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Edison High School - Inventor Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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